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This voltLme of * Documents Illustrative of English 
Church History' has been compiled in order to meet 

a want frequently felt by students who desire to see 
for themselves the text of the more important docu- 
ments referred to in the course of their reading. 

It was obviously impossible, within a limited space^ 
to include all such documents ; but we hope that we 
have given at least the majority of those of primary 
importance which are of a later date than the Norman 
Conquest. Our meagre selection prior to that date 
is to be accounted for by the fact that our original 
scheme was to include nothing earlier than the year 
io66" but, on the suggestion of Dr. Bright^ Regius 
Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Oxford, we 
have inserted a few more ancient documents which 
are intimately connected with the great landmarks in 
our early Church history. 

In making our selection we have considered not 
only general theological students, but also those who 
may desire to acquaint themselves more fully with 
Church history at the chief constitutional epoc\\s. 





11 VII. 






XXX 1 1 J, 

XXXV1 1. 










XLV, 1455. 









_ - LV. 






raiS- The Church Clause* of Mflgnm, Carta 

1379. The UartmaiQ Act 

isBs- The Writ ^Circumspecte ■gada' 

i^S- I^<^f](^ainstical Summons to Pvlutment 

lagfi. The 'Clericia Laicoa' Bull 

1301, The Eflrons' LcKer to the Pope from Liticolii 

1307. The Sutute of Carlisle .... 

The ' Articuli Cleri ' of a. l>. 1316 

The Fir^t Statute of PremuDire 

Letter of Pope Gregory XI to Archbishop Sad 
bujy, and the Bishop of Loudon^ directing 
proceedings against WycUffe , 

Wydiffe Propoaitiona condemned at London 

Letter Patent Against the LoHants . 

The Second Statute of ProviBors . 

The Second Statute of PnemuQire . 
1394. The Lollard Conclusions . 
1401. The Act' De Ha=relica Cffmburendo* 

The Royal Writ for the Burning of Sawtre 

Remonstrance against the Legatine Powera of 
Cardinal Beaufort , . . , . 

Archbishop Bourchicr'a Commission for Reform 
ing the Clergy , ^ . . 
1533. The Pclition of the ConiTQons . 
153a. The Answer of the Ordinaries . 
153a. The Submis^on of the Ckrgy , 
153a. The Conditional Restraint of Annates 

1533. The Restraint of Appeals . 
1:534- ^c Submission of the Clergy and Restraint of 

Appeals ^ . . , . . 

1534. The Eccleafastical Appointments Act, &Cp 
'534- Act forbidding Papal Dispensations and the 

^ Payment of Peter's Pence , 
T534. The First Act of SuccessioB. 
■534. The Supremacy Pizi - . . . . 
1534. The Second Act of Succesuon . 

1534. The Treasons Act 

'534- Abjuration of Papal Supremacy by the Clergiy 
J534. Suffragan Bishops Act .... 
1534I Note on the Appointmeol ofCmmwcll as Vicar 

General - - 

1536. Act for the Dissolution of the Smaller Hotias 

teries ' ■ 











J 54 


















1536, The Hnt RAvallnjanclioat oTKefiry VIII 
Ij^ TIk: Sc<viiiJ KuJ'aI L<|JulK(^J<u i)^ llcn/> VIII 
I53(». Ad fdi Ihc DbMitution ^ tlie Orat«t MrjoM 
Utiem , _ 

1^0. Do«cl of Surrcdcler of W«ii1min>tCF Atboj' 

1541. Act«^Lb«lRtTU<ni,»ndforRc«civlnBiiibi>lti 


15*1. Act diftMtvint llic Cti«ittiir4 , 

1549L Thp Flnl Kilwjircfiiie Act n^ Ifniformliy , 

1^419, lUrnj^e dI Pritftti ItirvJittd - 

1554. Thr ^C4iiid Uwdioe Ad of Utlfunatiy 

r^^ Maqt'* FinI Pro^lvnucicn About Kclj()4ii 

t\M' Ibc iJijuRVtmcrv of M«r7 

'ii*- R<vW»l of Uic Ucrt*/ Arti , 

tS$i' Slkiy'i !t«fDiiH A« of R^pt^l . 

i^ Eliubeib'A iVotkcMdM 10 IbAid Pretcb 

'Of* A; 

i5Mk Tbf InJfkiLdiona of CUalMb . 
<)$i0.rfOiiilieib'A Siitu eimvir Ad mloctaf Anrknl 

J an^lminn. fr Cf - , . , 

'5S0- CUubeifii Act orUpiCamikljr. 
156*^ The A^^mtf'iBenU .... 

JS9> Atxklt* tai>r|]lnc Pfruliim «iul oth«r Ordfn 

fof flir Ctiiiieh . - , - 
1505, Arr Ag«mii J^tiiiit uirl S#ininarttl> 

ijttl' TLc Alt a£^iit( Kwdkijtte 

"%«. Jnnei* ProdMBMllon ka the Um of (Hp B4Qlr 
nlOimmnn Prtytr .... 

■OMl Direccium conccmiiif PrcAchcr* 

i6a^ T]i«Kin£ftl>7i:UnitUii prefiMdlp»theAElitki 
ufUcliEiun ...... 

i6«9> RtHjlhitluru on Religion prtamteiJ by a Con- 
iBflire drhti Koutf of CciPDionn 

163^^ TJif Kmc't May^iy'i D«<bnti«n lo Ui« Sub- 

»433 TVf Pfivy Couudl and tbc PAitluB tt tht 
CofliaiunioD TtAAt *t St. Grvici>iy*3 















■niiu tuM 

KiCVI- 104°- 

xcrii tA^. 

JICIX l<li4l. 

CEI- 164L 













































Neto en th« Canoi>^<J 1040 . . . . S35 

Tbt iLlfiHtrk Oalli .-,,>. 336 

Ihr Koiil AnrL Hinin^-h P«UtiOn . < . , J3^ 

The iVolsaliilJan uf 164E - . , . , ^3 
Acl for ihr Abuhiitin of the Court of JlixU 

CuiiimJviJuii . . , . . , S47 

li»jlu:lfnia ofilic HciflecfCommoniOttEfdis 

Kuatiotl Innovumnn - > 55> 

Order of ibe Lwdq cunccmia^ Ibc StM-rt«> of 

Ua Churtb ....... 553 

SdcctiDMi fjvm ibe PiEiitian and the Gnukd 

Kcinon&[j uiil« 553 

Thp K]ii;;'« Pffic-Jtmalinn on Rfll^on ^Aa 

llip CIrncfll LliubilL(*ni Acl , . . , 363 
Tlia D««KrsbDn of ib« lIouM on Churvti 

Reform ,...-,.. 565 
SdckUoiJ froTn ihc Vork, OxfonlH oiiU Kew- 

r4*rtlf Propoiillin* .... - sfij 

Tlir Scileinn l-ogiiff *.nd Cpvenxrir . _ $169 

Soluctions fmm \\tn y\|:rcCincJ4 of Ibe Pooplo , 514 

Tlic Enpijjtincnl . ^ , , , . yi^ 

SclcctJuiLk ffuin tUc liialruniCDt uf Govciii^iicjiL 5^16 

Tlip C<^RilsHon orrnrn .... 57? 

Sripfrfon from CromiAw[!"t ProrlflmBliDh - - sfe 

^rlcrfioDi Croiii tlic lluinMo l'vUli'>D uidAdticv 5^3 

Thf DerUmticn of Brad* .... 365 

Ord«r fur the Siivoy Confcr«l« . . 5^ 

Tbr Cc<ri>L>riittoo Act .<M 

Tlic rniforinity Af t , . . .400 

Tbc *tvp M«fr Arf . . , - ^ . Ahj 

Tl]« Svcond OuvcBlJclo Ad .... 6013 

Tbv 'Jr» All . 4ai. 

Th« DcfUciiLkdi of [oJuIkqucc- ^ . . €|if 

Thr mllvfRift^t■ 4l4 

TJi? JolrfaiJon Act #54 

The AclofS«ulonieitt 664 





COUNCIL AT ARLES, a.d. 314. 

Tun document, although referring stndly to the BritLah Church, 811- 
h iiacrtKA here for convenience sjikc, ll is printed by Haddan and 
Stubbs, i. 7, from Labbc, i. 1430, Labbc gcu it from ■ Corbcy MS. 
See II discussion of jIs vilIuc in H- snd 5. /. r Towards the latter 
part of the lignalurea to the Canons of Aries, and inserted junongal 
the GaJlioia Bishops, occur the following uamca : — 

Eborius, Bishop of the City of York in the province of 

Restiluius, Bishop of the Cily of London in the province 
above written. 

Adelfius, Bishop of the City Colonia Londinensium (see 
this discussed in Bright, £:arfy Engiish Church His- 
tory, p. g). 

Sacerdos, Priest ; Arminius, Deacon. 




hU IIP w" 

and ron- 
crms thv 

Utttop uid 


lib wc- 
<:ru i> ID 
wuwcr to 

TO EULO(;rUS, a-u 598. 

Tni ftillowbfioUMa ii utcii ffomn leiitr In *lilcl> Cffjtory wUb 

bj^ ?^L AiifT^^T'rt'^ uf CinifrtiLtry I lif <laif it di4c-ii»t«<f by It. and & 
(U- If ihc IctUr OCCun in Crejofy ■ Bfltilff, Vii, 3»h 

Gregory to Eitlogdis bNhop of A1cur\dr[^ . . . Now 
since: in Uie ^lmJ «Jccd« wliicl) ynu do, th^l really utowk 
which you rejoice over with othcn^ o-i well, 1 return your 
favour to yo« ord give you news not untikf. ho* that 
whilst \he peojjlt «f ihi? Eitjjiisli, i»l.iCLtl in a court of ific 
woriti, iiill remained witliout faith in the worshiij of stocks 
oikd fi(one% 1 rcsclvtd vriti) iT^c aid of yonr pr.iycr that 
I oiiglit to B«nd to H with God'i asiuiancc a inonk from 
my monRxirry UJ preach. He; by tirc^nu; givm from nic, 
waa made bishop by the bishop!* of ilc Gcmunics ((Icr 
mAniarum) and viih their cncouragcmtnt wa* brought oi 
hj<£ wiiy ic the peojje aforc*iiik! in the t'luU of tlit world; 
and now jIiuiU), wriiin^a hare icachc<l us concerning hia 
safety nnd work, how ihni both he Afid they who were sent 
with him ftTC r;idi:tnt with Eiich grc:it mlniclei amongit this 
9^;]me ]Beo|>]c, that they m^cm to imilute tht; iiowtts of this 
apoitica in the i^gna that ihcy display- Tndccd, oa the 
ftolenin i^ti of ihe l^rd't ^jAtTVlty now putt in thin tir^t 
irdiciion, nioro ih»ti ten ibouiand AngUs, ii tit finnonnced, 
were IjaplfseH by the xAme our brother and fcllow'bishop. 
And thin I have told that you inay know wlu* you do 
Among xh* \iea^\f of AJexundrta by (peeking, and what in 
fhc ends of ihr world hy fir:iyrr. For your jjmyi--rs arc in 
ibnt pbce where you ire not, whtlat your holy deeds Arc 
exhibited m tliac place where you nK, 




alto »B l^rtffOiTy't Lf9ti¥%, %\ 64. Ihvir ^Jure iitE^vtti rti ih« dQciiinvnt 
i^ 6cj, A4|fii4tin« IibH writLen tboui jg^. The UaIg ia Jncmikcd by 
Dt. BrifiUl, £: A\ t. //., iJ. S7. 

[If. Bed*.] 

11w Ftnt Qu«Ation of SL Aiieu9t;nc, biAhop of ihc 
ClHircb of Canicrbtiry : Conwmin^j h^i^hops on whai lermii 
ihejf chould live with their clcrflv? mio how mnny portion* 
•tfc the t^iflciinifK [)f the faithful 10 llie ahur lu be divklcd ? 
aikI bo# ia the bUhop to act in Iho Church ? 

Grrgorjr, I'Ojhj o( l»i« Cily oi Romt-j nnnrere t Holy 
•wt\\. In whirh no don^i yru .nrp wdl vrrird^ tcfsiifir*. anil 
pcutictilnrlj Sl Tnurs npisllc to 'liinothy. nhcrcin he 
«^n<j«flvoarv to iniirutt hiro ho* h« should behave himself 
in (h^hoiue of CkKJ, anawcrv ThU r^HftiioTi, hxi\ \x \\ Ihfr 
inj»uiin of the A|iOhto1i<: See to [>i<-«inl>e ruie-t lo bij-hopa 
ntfvfy ordamcd, thai all cmolumenLa which accrue, ^ru to 
be divHivd into Tour portte-nK ; — one for the hrshop and 
hk hoi^M'hnld, hi^^tiise of ho'tpiuhiy and cnrr^njiintneni ; 
AiKxbcr for the ilcigy; a thifd for the f ooi ; and the 
fbunh (or the lepnir of ehurehc«. But in regjird that you 
my hfother— bein^ brought op und^^r nionA«lic rules, Are 
MM to lite a[vTri from )tjur <:liT^y ir the En^i»ih Churrh, 
vhoch, by God'i* u«nuii<e. h^t^ bccr^ bicly broufthc to ihc 
fiuth — you nfc to follow that eountc of life which our 
liCirefjUtwn did in the timt^ of the primitive Chiifrh. wheti 
MtfiC of UidU ft^iJ liny tiling ihul EiC pusoeased iru lib uwi)| 
but aI] ihlntc* ^^'^ i'l common Amonx ihcm- 

11 a 



t. Con 


Uacu And 
inuvxLiil re- 
hit hop and 


Th* con- 

to be divid- 

i* to live 
wilfa hi« 


Cloi h* In 


a, Con- 

Hen April' 
dgnt ndcf 


Bat if thtTc arc an; dcrk* not received into boly otdo^ 
who cannoi h'rc contioent, thcr arc to uJcc 1r{\Ys^ ind 
receive their »Cipenda abroad ; becsuGe ve know it ii 
wriiien in the auitioriEfe? dbovp menifoned, that a dUtri' 
but^un waj» m^idc ic each of them acctxdlug to hit wants. 
Care is nUo to be tflkcn of their fflipcnds^ itnd provisioa 
to be mide, and they ;ire to be held tender cccienaiiiOLl 
rale, thai iljey may liv<* ortltfriy. aixl attend to singing of 
putEUfl, and, \yy tlie help of Cud* preserve heart. And tonevc. 
and body from aII ihnt ii unlawl'uL Hut nt for those that 
Uve in common, why nct'd wc uy anything of attigning 
ptmiiins or kct-ping li'jiiiiiality and eihibiimg mcityf 
ifiatmucb u ^1 th^t can be spotcd b to be tpci^t in piova 
and rcEigious vofk«, According to the commands of Him 
H'ho is the l^rd ind Matter of allt 'What ipnuiin* give 
in alms, Uid txriiuki ntl lhing« aic d»ii unto yi)u/ 

Au^;u5Einc*> Second Que^tiom: Wbcrcos the faith is L>nti 
and the same, are there difTeti^nt customs in diiT^icnt 
Churches? and it< onp custom of nuastDi nbsrTVcrf in (ht? 
Holy Roman ChUKh, and another in tlutt of thcGauU? 

Pope (frcgory onawers: You know, my brother, the 
cuttom of the Koman Church, in which you remember you 
wiTc hird ui*. Itui it pkMSt* mr, that if yovi have fotmd 
anything cEAer'in the Rouian [Church] or [thatj of the 
Gau]», ot any other Church, which may be more acceptable 
10 Almighty God, you carefully make choice of the fcinie, 
anJ sL-iluUausly It'Lidi thtf ChjiL-U of thir ]^rt|;lia1i. whith as 
yet LH new in the failh, whatsoever you can loxthcr ficm 
the Deveni Churclics. i'or thini^ft arc not to be loved fur 
the sake of plates, but placf* for the tike of goi>d ihtngi- 
ChDo»c, th etc fore, from ca^b Chutt-h thoK tiling;) that arc 
pioui, rclgiouH, and correct, and when yot; have, a» ii 
were, n^ade them up into one body. Jot the minds of the 
Fnglkh hr nrcusinmptl ihf*nrifi, 

Augustinc'a Third Question: I beseech yoii to inform 


mc wlut punishment must be inflicted if Pnoy one Bhall 
tnlie *n) tiling by th^rt Tfom the Church? 

Orrgoiy anfcW(*ni: Yrm may Judg"^* my Tirnthor, by the 
pcTMrn of the Ihirf, in mnnnci lie is ti> be cDirectcd 
Hot there ore tooic v\\o. havitig subsuincc, commit ihi^l'i ; 
and there ire others u-lio lranigr««if in ibis poinC 1hno»gh 
ivanl ; SVhercfor<^ it is requisite, that some be puni:^hcd by 
fific, othcn with atripcn; >omc wiih jcrtatcr Kvcrity, and 
Mcne mote mildly. Ard when greater severity is uved, 
A it to procftnl from <Jiari(y, not from ;xU4ion ; beicauHO 
ihii \i Aaxxvi tu biiti who i^ cuiit't:!)^, that lie iLiay not be 
dclivcrcJ up lt> hcL-Jirc, For it bohovc» U!» to maiiiinin 
djsd]>]inc among the fftiEhful, sft good parenu do vith chctr 
children after (he flesh, wbom tlwy [lunish with urijw* for 
their (btjltK, and yet deiign to make lbci:»e thdr heiri whom 
they chuUsc; and they pre*«v^ whnt they poanJSH for 
thoie whom they levm in nnger to pum»h. This charily 
fa; therefore, to be Itrpt In virv. nnd ii dfri^itrft the iiir;»mrc 
Oif the jiuniahTncnt, so that the mind may do nothirig 
beyoetd the rale of rcnton. You may add, that they ought 
to restore thoco things which they have stolen from ihe 
Chiiich- lltrt, nod forbid thit the Church 4hnuld receive 
iciucdue from lliooe e-irthly tbtn^ wbich it jcciiia to !caC| 
« vedc gain ooi of »orh v.iir thin^. 

A^gUttMe's Fourth Qucsiion; Wheiher two brocht-n nay 
mmy two tlstffi, wlifth urc of a fdiiiity fur rciuuvtd fium 
iheroseNe* ? 

(Wgory answers: TKia m;iy AKsurodly be done; for 
nothing i« found tn holy writ ih^it «c<-mi> to contradict IL 

Augustine's Fifih Quc^iirm i Tq wh^t degiee may the 
&i11ifal many «iEh their kindrc^d? nnd whether it ib luvrful 
ta nwn to mimy their ttcpmoiher* and tJalert-in^bw 

<;rvt;Liry iiwweta; A ccriain worldly law in the Roman 
ConiDMcinc&lth allows, ihal the son and daughter of a 

(lirft fwni 

Hirv mo- 


And dltct 
phn« ealw 



may marty 
twu iJifcrs 
iiQi near 
akin to 

Sh Con* 

with \ 
motbrr or 



be de|:re' 

mother in- 
IhW il \% 
rrjmiiiril ', 


lnw too. 

TEinmr u'ho 
|j0\« <Lrn- 

Yckc ibcm. 

broClicr and *is!cn or of rao broihew, or two siawrsi. may 
be joined in maitiniony ; but wc hnvc fcund, by cxpcrlcncv. 
thftt the olFipring of such wcdUitk wnnot thrive : and the 
Divinr l>iw forbiil* a man \vi 'uncover iIh' iwkcclncx^ of 
his tindrcd.' Hence of nctfrssily ihcy tmini be of the thirtl 
or fourth {^ncraiion of Ibe fdthful, that can be lawlully 
joined in mniritnony; for the aei^ond, which wc have 
incntioncilj n^ust iiltoj^cther ab>[alTi frnin one nnotliBrr. To 
niarry with onc'« stepmother is a hcinoUA cnmc. bi:c;]U3C 
it i% written m the Law, 'Thou shalt not uncover the 
rwlieJfH^* of thy fiihcr": now the son, indftfl. rannoi 
uiicuvcr hi& TathLTh naWdncs^ ; but In rc^niM tb^t it i» 
wrilicn, ^Thcy Aas-W He two in oi^c Jle^h,' he that pre^umet 
lo uncover the nakedness of hts stepmother, who was one 
flesh with hh Cilher, ceri:tin!y unttjvtrs th*r nakednrts of 
bin fftlbcr. It « also ptohibitcJ to many wiib a 'Jinicr-in- 
bw, becAuno by tlio former union 6hc is become the 
btoiiicrs flesh. In connexion with whfch thing al<o Juhn 
the Baptist wiLi behiMdi'd, and <^on?^umnuted witli hulj 
manyrdemH l-or, though he ww not ordered lo deny 
Christ, and tnde«d was killed for eonfcumg Christ, yet 
in reaJ""d "li^t the s.ime Jesni Chrin, our Lord, wid, ' I am 
Uie 'I'rudi/ beuiusc John was kjlled for the truth, he abo 
ahed hi» blood for Christ. Cut fonumuch a» there arc 
many in the nation of the En^liEh, who, wnilfit ihey were 
iXiW in infiddiLy, are uid to h^VE- liern jdnrrl in thi« 
execrable nutcntnony, they, when ihcy tome to the faitli, 
Are to be adjnonishcd \o absum from each other, oi^d be 
made 10 know thai thiA Is a grievntm Kin. I.ei them ft*^ 
the dreadful judgment nf (nui, leM, for the gralirirjtinn 
of their carnal appetite^ thty incLir the lonnenls of eternal 
ptinishment Yd they aro not on thic aceount lo be de- 
privpd of tbi^ tunimuniori r^f the )Ui<.Ted Body and Blood 
of the Lord, lest wc should seem to Vi>it upon Ibcm those 
ihinga which ihcy did throtigh i^oranoc, hcforc they had 


TCfcircd haptiiim. For it thib tirD« the Holy Church chu^ 
tiwn som^ tfaingft tbrough tc^X, and lolcratti ollitTi tliruuf;h 
Iciucnqr. and coninxts at *oHit lliings ihrough drnciGlion, 
'tlwrt *o &hc niay often, by ihi* forlwarancc and connivance, 
njppres: ibe ctjI which »h* <JiS3|i proves. But all IK-it CDm4-- 
lo tbc HuLh aic li> be: ailnicmi.^hecJ itot tu ptr^Jt'inic siuch 
crimcA. And if any alioll be iLuilty of them, they xrt to 
\k e>)c1uded frt^m ih^- communion oi the Bucfy jirtd Ulood 
<rf the [jir<i, although the nficncc is, Jrt tome measure, to 
Jje tderaied in ihovc whu have d<j]ie it in (((nurancc. 

Aogi^tiDC'a Sixth Qiicftion ; U'lKthcr a biUiop may be 
^Ordatoed without other bishops hcmg presenc, m cis« thert 
hf s) grcnt a rti«l;iiicir brtwccn ihrm ihAt thry rAnncrt cnsily 

<irv^ry iMnvfTa I Aa for the Church of the Ent^liah, in 
which you are as yet the only bislioi^ you can no otherwiw 
ordiEn a U^hop ih,^n in the absence of <>tlier biahops; tea 
when do bi»ho[M» come froiii GauU to be i;rc»ent as witiicsACA 
to yon in oidatniE^p :l hinhop ? Diit wc would have you, mr 
bfOlher. to OKl^in biihops in luch :i niiinner tlut the i^d 
Lisljup) may uoL be f^r asunder, itmt when ±( new buhop ia 
to be ordained, thcro be no diflicull)', but ibni other puiorv 
alM, whote pieiencc is ncccuary, may entity come together. 
I'hUH when^ by Ehe hr*Ip <?f (joiI, hiih<>|i^ Khali be so fnnHlf- 
tutcd ID pUcc» cvciywhere ncai tu one another, no oidinAlion 
of A lK«hop ii lo be pcTformcd iviihcut aMcmblinR ilircc or 
bithopc. For, even in i;pirilU3l aff^irv, wc may take 

iinple tiy the teiii|K)rsil, Ehat thu'y rn^y be wist-ly and 
ddiberJilcly conducted. It ia certain, that when marria^u 
celebrated in the wcrld, aomc married per«onit are 
ibled, that Ihoa: who have prceeded m the way oi' 
lony sIiouTd j^j-rtiike in the jtjy of the iiubtequeiit 
alftO ; why, then, at this Kpiricual ordinaticn, xvherein, 
t>y nx^Ri o' the tacrod mtnittry, mao is joined to God, 
Khould not ftiich penons he iii»cmbled at may cither rejnire 


ful wha 

IIkot ai-c 
l4 b« ek- 

6. Con- 

IDTI l^fft 


tian tiyi 

\iibd If 

but lh« 

be abwrv- 
<il if 

Sncb wii 




but If b> 

Itrcivoke 10 


Pull ^iirii). 

in the adrftncement cf the new brihop, or jointly pour forib^ 
ihcir pmyers to Almghly God for hit pr^servatLon P 

AuRiistineN Si'vcirh QncstMin : How an* »p m with 
the h[^bopft of the GMtulx jnd BrJliiin ? 

Gregory arwwers- W« grt« yoa no authority over the 
bishops ort^e Gauls, became tbo bishop of Arl** received 
the pnll in .indent tJEiics from my prcdece»i?*orH, and vfc nrc 
not 10 <tcpnvc him of the lyihority he ho* received- If \l 
ifhaSI tliercfore happen, my brolhcr, that you go over irto 
the province of iJie Gnul^H you atc to treat with the said 
bihhop of ArlcBs And if tEu.-(i? be miy fMiilLi jiinuci^ tlic 
bi»hDp9i, thcymiybc AmcniJcd; ntid ifhc^li.ill be lukewarm 
in keeping up ditcipIJnef he mu&r be corrected by your zcair 
Tu bmi we have al^} wnLtrn, thai uheTi your bu1iim« shall 
be ill Gaul, he mayalbo use all hi» cndcavoara tu aa^i^ityou, 
and restrun ATnon;; the biaho].>& all tliat ihall be opposite to 
ihc eomniiind of our Cneaior. Uui jyju shall not, ouCbide 
yniirown jurisriirtinn, havr powrf lo jnrJge the bishopfi of 
the GauU, but hy pcrnuadinfii tooihii^t;, ani] »howmjc good 
work$ for ihem to imitate, you shall reform the mindiE of 
wicked m^n (C the pursuit of holinest; for tc U wriTten in 
the I-Aw, *Whcn tliou coniest In^o the standing turn of ihy 
nei^hboun, tben thoj nmycM plu^k the c^rs with ibiiic 
hand; L'nit thou shall not move a f^^cklc unto thy n-;igh- 
bovir's ^landing corn, tmt rub the eant of coni in ibine hand 
and ent/ Tor thou ni^iyeM not upply the ak^klft uf jiidg* 
ment to that luwcM which kcth^ io hnve been coptmittcd 
to flnoiher ; but hy the love of gocxl works, thou ihatt cJear 
the l,ord"* wheat from tlw chnff of their vices, and convert 
them into the Imdy of the Cliutch by admonition and [tcrsua- 
tion, ae it wvrc talcing a bite \miXnjieniJ6\. But vrhaiHoevcr 
fs TO he <5one by authority, Riui;i he trancaeicd in conjunc- 
tion with xhc ,Tfor«-iid hiahtip of Atlp.i, test ih;tt nhimlcl [y* 
omitted, which the ancient imititution of ihc falhcrji ha* 
appoinced. Uut a&for^ll the buliopsol iJnUin,weecmmJt 


tbem all lo your caro, thtt the i^ntcflmcd may be mafia, iht n>i, 
wf^k (trcnjnh«ned by pcntiiivion, :ind ihc ptrverw ftifrecietl ■iif*rd 

^VioiDiii ?thtr answer* follcw on ijuaUunji uTiiBcvaooJiu |mnlj>] 



THUMhvmir m« rommUTiintrfl to St- AujtiiihUnr In « leucr Kliich Qol 
vrlvrd fli Ihe tame haw u Ihc pfcvloot rJnciimrfil. It«<l«, M £. i 091 
Cnforj, ^ ici. 6j, 

To th^ mrHT rc^vTTfnd an<1 holy hrfith<rr ami frllow- 
liiihofi, Aiigittiinc, Gicgi">ry, >cT\'ani tif ihe ^trv:tDt* of Clod, 
A)tho(j£h il ia certain thai ihc unspeakable: rcwurds or the 
«Mnttl kingdom ar« kope for ihnic who bboiir for Uo<l 
Atmlgbfy, tt i*, however, npr«^rity for lit ia rcriiirr ro thrm 
the bcncJIti ofboE^o^i^, ihatftxim this rci^ompcni^c tbcy niay 
be bWc to bbour moff abiindanlly in Ihc /c*il of lh*:ir 
spiritual work. And became iho new Churrh oi the Knghuh 
U brought 10 iho giiitx of Almi^chly Gotl by the hourly of 
the nmc TfOrd, And t^ youT toil, wc gmnC to you the m%c 
of the pall in the nme to ptfrform the »olpninilies of moftseK 
only, so rb>l ir *evrml phrr* you orrt^ln iwclvp [sfvcral] 
hi»hop« 10 be uti^t:t youi Auiiioilty 90 tsti a^ thai the bishop 
gf the City of London ouphi alvay* hereafter to be conse- 
crated by hi* o(pn tynod and rtc^ive the pftU of honour 
from thi*. holy ind AptwToTk- See whrrh, hy (IihI** aitihoriiy, 
I wrvc. MoruovcT wc mil thai you send a bialiup 10 York, 
«ho«i you ihtW have »ccn iit to ordain— yet only no that if 
the aasw city shall receive the word of God alon^ with the 
ndglibininTii; pbcea, j}c4}iin»elf aUo urtlain twelve biithnpa^ 

At nitlfim* 


Vr^m you 

ynii (n mn - 


Vou ttt In 

Yt>rL nfao 
it also b» 






TWflcy of 


ovi'i- ;iir, 
but fnr 
your liff 

u1h.-r thnl 

GO], jtnd enjoy the honour of metropolitan, l)«caufc if oiir life 
hit u^- jncervl, with the l^rd'& fAi'Our, to gji'c htm al«o ih^ 

r nrt- P'^'^ '^^'^ *^ *''^ '^*'^' ^^ ^ Mihjrri (i> ynur nnihoiiiy, my 
brolhcr, and ihn^ aflcr ytxir rfcfcisc he should preside qvcj 
the hiithqv he has ordained, but without being in any rik 
subject Id Iht^ KttihoE> of London. Mc>rcover, for the future, 
IcuhcrebcthisdiMmnionof hoiiour to^epti tWe bisboptof 
the Ciiy of Londonnndof Vork, that he him«clf take ihcprc- 
ted«nce who ho* t»cn first nrdamcd^ Hut whatcv^cr thcnip ore 
for ibe- wflJ of Chri*t muM he done by common counKel nrd 
'l*^'j^Jl^"jJ^hi;imuiiiuus attiuii: kt ihcm ;irriM>,t' these t«iw:ordjinily, 
\Wk. jfiio Id ilx'tn ukc ri^hi hlc'Jt^ and give cflfcct to their vicwu ivith- 
denrt '"^ ^"' any muiuat miEtmdcnt:indmg. iJiil v<5"» m>" brother, 
InanycMr*^^^' bnvc rtibjtct to you roi tjnly the bithojis yuu Drfliin^ 
\H hfli' and not solely iho»c oidamtd by the Bishop uf Voik, but 
Tm^^Yo^ as ivoU nil the pnosli of Britain, by Iht authority of our 
■rr lohr Lord Jeiot Cbhfct, so Lhni frorn tbt hpy ind life of your 
to™'" bnlinow they nmy rprcfve the- ToTm both of roTTrrt belief 
piiosiBu And of holy bfc, find fuHillinji tbe^r otlHi^c kl fAtLh ^nd 
Jl2oS t^or^is, may, vhco tile Lord willt, Atbun the kingdom of 
uniipryAiirh^^^'cn^ May Ood keep yooi wfif^ most reverend brother. 
auElionty. p.,it<| ih^ jjnd of June iu ihc rvih year of the reign of 
Mauritius Tibcriiu, the moil pioui Augu^tu*, jn the iSib 
year Aft«r the con^uUhip of ibe «anie lord, in the 4th 


Tilt followmi: clocuintiLt it « £riLn>Liitti-4i vl Dcilc, //, E- iv, 5, En 

wliidi lie ■JcHnbTA (be i:Lrt:i*i[L9UJii:« wml the tmiuiia «f ftC«undl 

In the name of our I-ord Ctod and Siivmur Jcsua Christ, 
in the pcrpelual reigr and governmem of ojr Lord Jeius 


CbriffL It ucnicd good tliot vt vheHdd come tofjetl^cr 
swcordmg to tlic pecncrtption of the venerable cnrons, lo 
tfdt td live nrrrxsary <i(T^iini nf the Chiiiih, ^Vi; arc met 
tcedhcr on thii j^tli (by of September, the fint i^idiction, 
in a |>laei> CTilItxl Hijrlford, ], I'h^ociorc. bishop oT tlie 
Chirrrhof Cantorhiiry^apinjiiltfil ihfreto. unwonhjr Ji9 T am, 
by llw Apostolic Sccv ancl our mo«l rcvcrcrid brother Bim, 
bdobop of the ICa:iI Art^''^ tofi;ethcr with oiir broUier and 
feliOv^biEhop Wiifnd, bishop of ih« nation of th* Northum- 
brims, vrho irns pmtnt l>y hi*> prr^prr Irgaiot, as aIw rnir 
bvetbrcn and fclTc^v-bibliopt^ Ptitu, biMtop of the Cvtic 
of Uic Kcntislimcn, called Rochc-iicr, Keuthcrius, bishop 
ckf the Wert Saxon*, and Wlnfrid, bishop of \\\t provinr* of 
llie l(cf(ian» *efi? |in?<en( ; ;iLid whi'Ti we were ihsi'Miblyd 
ajid had Ijkcn our piui'U plates. I Kiid ; I l>racetli you, bc' 
loi^ brctbrcr, for the fear and love of our Redeemer, that 
»i» may ^itbfclly cnier into a rominon rreaiy for the tinrere 
<ibvti^Aee «f «hflt«irvrr brcn dccncetl nnd deietmined 
br tbe ho]> and .i|ipr<n-i-d f^thci^i. I enlarged upon ihenc 
uid maay other Uiingi lendmg unio elianly^ and the prc- 
Mttation of the Liniiy of ihe CbLreb, And when I hftd 
Untih^id my *p<'e(h I -i-tkcd ihem Hngly and in order 
tcJKthcf ihcy consicnted to observe all tbiti£;!i w'hifh had 
been of old ciinonicaLly decreed b} the falhere? 1\> wlnr:b 
an our fellow-prievis answered : we aie all well agfci'il 
totiiily itiid ebccrrully to keep wbolevcr the CAiioiti of ibc 
buly fathers hare prcseribed. Whereupon I pa-M.-titly pro 
dtred the btxjk of canons, and pointed out ten parTlculira. 
wbaeb I bod marked ai beint; in a more special rnanncr 
knowrn by nie to be nece^tary for iia. and propoitcd lliai all 
would underwkc ddiftently to observe tlwm, namely -. 

I. That twc Khali jointly keep Katter IJay on the l^rd* 
nay after Uic (ourUxi^tti d;iy uf Um: moon in the llrnl 

3. 'Jliat m> bishop inr^dc the dioccac [/fTiw4ra] of 


trri canoi 

fnr their 

%. Dale o1 





3. Biahops 
i erica. 

4. Winder, 
m^ monka. 

5. Wander- 
ing clergy. 

6. TrcBl- 
men I of 
SI range 

7^ Yearly 

a Epis- 
copal pre- 

9. Sub- 
djviiion of 

j& Cor- 



another^ but be content with the government of the people 
committed to hfm. 

3. That no bEshop be allowed to oflTer any molestation to 
monasteries consecrated to God, nor to take away by 
violence anything that belongs to them. 

4. l^at the monks themselves go not from place to 
place. Chat is from one monastery to another, without the 
leave of their own abbot, but continue in that obedience 
which they promised at the time of their conversion. 

5. That no clerk, leaving his own bishop, go up and down 
at his own pleasure, nor be received wherever be cornea 
without the commendatory letters of his bishop; but if he 
be once received and refuse to return when he is desired so 
to do, both the receiver and the received shall be laid under 
an excommunication. 

6. That strange bishops and clerks be content with the 
hospitality that is freely offered them, and let not any of them 
exercise any priestly function without permission of the 
bishop in whose diocese he is known to he. 

7. Thiit a synod be assembled twice in the year. But 
because many occasions may hinder this, it was jointly 
agreed by all that once in the year it be assembled on Che 
Ursc of August at the place called CLoveshoo- 

S. That no bishop put himself before another out of an 
affectation of precedence, but that every one observe the 
time and order of his consecration. 

9. We had a conference tc^ether concerning increasing 
the number of bishops in proportion to the number of the 
faithful, but we determine nothing as to this point at 
present - 

10. As to matrimony : that none be allowed to any but 
what is lawful. Let none commit incest. Let no one 
relinquish his own wife, hut for fomicaCion, as the Gospel 
teaches. But if any shall have dismissed a wife Co whom 
he has been lawfully married, let him not be coupled to 


ilher if he nith to ht really a Chriitian, hui remain u be oTi 
or be itcvncilcd lif hia nift:^ 

After wc had Joinl[<r trcnivd upon and Jftcrmtn^ ihCM 
itnct, td the inuni thai no ic^ndalouR conEcntion should 
"be nsni hcnccffinh hy anj- of «s an'l (*»at thrrp should \vc 
00 ciMUke in the i^ublicaEioii of them, it scrmcd proper Subvcr^ii- 
ttui ef«n' ow of UB shcnild confinn them by ihc tuUcrip- i^ofl^. 
tkm of hU (ivn fund, arrnrdang mi iScy ha<t bcr^^n dclcr- tjun ofrlic 
rained. I d^cUtcd ihlft out dcliniEivc rtcntciiL:c to \tc willtcn ^"^°^- 

TitilluB the notary. Done in i\\Q. month and tndiclion 

(bovc wnii^n. MhoKMr^i tliorefor« shall attempt to flp|>oio 

d infrin^ thiu KTHnnr.r, ccinJtrmtd by our cunNmi nnd 

Bubsciiption of ciur hmd-*( .u .igiceablc to ihc dccroc:i of 

19 canoitt, Itft hini know th^c he ts lorbjdden ^ery Iun« 

of ft priest and flll tocit^iy with u«. May the Iftivin* 

tp^ncc prc?crvc i» sifc m the uniiy of the Church su long 

u wc live. 



The fbliovtiivjIJii^irnijnt uf [hr Cc^ptincil, held byTheodon At Hjifl^ld, 

At Uu» tiine Tlirudorc, bearing ihil the fakh of the 
QmKh At Coil slant) nopLe had been much di^eurlx^d hy the 
hcrcij of Kotychc*, >tid being dciirous that ihc t;hiifche* 
tlic Em^h'-ih, (ivct wbitb tie rulctl, sbfJuUl jlndc fiep fiom 
:h 4 stain, having collected aa aaicEubtaKc of leneniblc 
nuny doctors, dJliKcntly mqiiircd what 
held, ^Li^d faund an UTLinimout agrcrmcrLl 
aU \Xi the Caiholk fiiih . und tbl:i he tuck cor? to crunmit 
A s^nodil Icttef for the jjiiltxi^rtiun and retnembrancc of 
pOfilenty ; oE vrhich letter, lo wii, ih\^ is the bii^mning:^ 
In the name of otir Ixsnj and S^TioiiT Jctut ChritT, in 


ilAzicn of 





tlofl (if the 



anrr of 
(he flvc 

ftiid the 

t'oinicil of 

tbc rcj^u uf (jur imnt piou« Itxds, Egfrid king cjfihe HLim- 
briana, in the icnth year of \i\> rctgn, on ihc fifteenth day 
before Ihe Kalends of October; and Ei*n?li*d, king of ihe 
Mtrfbn^, in iht sinth >t-ar of his rtigii ; ainl AWwnif, kinji 
of the Edit Aniilcs in ihc Aovcniccmb ycAT uf liis reign ^ 
and Hlothair, king of the Rcniiithmbn, in ihc fjcvcnth year 
of his reigfi. TJxccdoie b*;ing prtiident, by the grace of 
God, an^hl^ishoji nf (ht ifeland of Hriuirn and (jf ihi- (iiy 
of CAnicrbur^i .lod other venerable men aJlting with him, 
bithopi of the i«hnd of llriuin. with the holy C>o&peU bid 
bt'fort iIk'oj, tn ihr (ilji'c whir-h is i^iTlrd by thtf J^fliHin 
name of HiilfLclJ , wc handling the aubjcci in coikctiL, li^ivc 
mode nn c^potiiton of the fighl and orthodox fnithi even jLa 
imr Incjmait Lord Jesus Christ dcUvcftd it to hifi dJKCTplc*, 
ivlio sxw liiiii [■rcsL'ni. aiiiJ heard hU disuour^L'^, :ind Av ihc 
creed of lite holy liithcta }]^ dt^livcrcd, and generally aJI 
the a**cnibl)'Ot approved docioffc of the Catholic Church^ 
i^c therefore pLou&ly and orihodoxly following Ihem, and 
niiiljirig «ur profcsiiorv according tn their divinrly inspired 
teaching, believe in iinrM>n with it, and confe» according 
10 the holy futhero. ihnt the Father and Si>a and Holy 
Chosi nrc properly :vnd truly a corsub'tiniial Trmiry m 
Unity iind Uniiy in Trinity ; i\\n\ is one (rod in dtnx ion- 
Aubstanliol Ttub^iistencics [skf'sii[tntiis\ or Persons of equal 
glory and honour/ 

And .iftor niany iliings of this Wnd that pertained to the 
(!onf4^^ion of die riglit faith, ihc holy synod also oddft this 
to ilA letter:— 

'We have received, as hoty and univemi, Hve synods of 

ihr fjJilitrs bk'^M'd *nd .ici:epublr TO Clod, thjif i\ of The 
jifi who wc^e as,seinbled al Nic;cdA|[ftin!it the utfl&t impious 
Artus and the tenets of the same ; and of 150 at Conatanti 
nople of^inat the madnv&<^ of Macedoniu>i and Eudojciuii 
,k^id the>f dogmas ; aixl of 300 in the (\rs\ Couneil of 
Ephc^us ajtAinn the moit wicked Noioriui^ ind the 

vii] Hisroav or the KyausH church 


<tc»£irH» of the Mine; and of 630 at ChaUcdon againse ceUl 
£ut|cbc« and Nirstoriuit and tbt^ir dogmas ; And agAiti of 
tbMo who were a8i>eiiibW'(l in n fitih CoimcH at Coiihunti* 
nQj>)c, in ihc umr of iLt yoimi^rr JiihiintAit^ .iKairiKi Thcti* 
dorc and the cpi»(tci of Thcudorct and Ibas and Ihcir 
dogfiiAs, a^inKl Cyril.' 

And a little after ; ' Alwwehave rec>eiv«l ihe synod ihat 
wflK hclil ill tlir riiy of Rome in iIil- time of the bl^rsscd 
I'opc Martin in (he CT^hlh JndirtioEi in Ihc niiitl: >cnr of 
ihc r«igT) of the m<Mt pjoii* Comtantmc ^. Ar»d wc glorify 
n»r TjwJ Jtrut* Chrini a» ility glorircd him, nnihcr adding 
nor AubirActiik^ ftiiyiliin^; ^nid vre JjnjLlficnLali^e >vilh lit^iil 
and mouth those ^^hom they Aiiaihcmmiecd ; <tnd tho3cAn»thi 
whom Ibcy received a'tf rci^cive, glorifyinLj Clod th* ^^^^^''trirv 
wiEhmit t»r.-^inriing, :md his only-hegottrin Son, be^uiien tif dtJCiiinc 
the Fiilhw bcfurc the wutld bcgjn, and ihc Holy <jhu»t 
proceMinj; meirabiy I'fom the Kaihor and the Son, ob ctioae 
holy :ipotilca and prophoEh and cioctora hitvc declared of 
»4itiin wc ha»-c lipolcrrn xhnve^ Anil -ill wp whn havr vnth 
Theodore made an cxpouCion of the Catholic faith liarc 
iiibacribed hcrvto>' ^ 



IImey CoLiof^ili wm bdti atClnvcihoo, whatever [heccirefi kirn' 
tlflfaliAO ff ihr pitcr may bi^ Tti<^ mn*1 iir|Mirliiiit n| nil rri-nrcl^d 
Ibck pUfc Gallic yvdf ^fl^f^^r The rclorntalion oF iibiite* Ati ibirmct 
W tbv AitA of thin Council ih ^en in William nf MjiLiiiR>hiiry, <■«'- 
/^nr. L 3. Sec IL *i]d b- iii, j6a, The JiKuuicnjigAtilBiicd t>cl(/w 
to now Ivt Sif'liij4jj primed n ttom CucUm AlS^^^k A It wiLJch. 
im bumE in thr Trr of 1^31. ^^K 

[John*on'i tr wvttni,] 

In the perpetual reign of our Lord Jesus Christ, *ho 
Oid«r< ftll things at Ihc command of the tathcri and by ihc 

■ A miBUkc for C^nBlUk 




'ftn^ daw 


Ti^m Pcfc 

yft^f pro- 

iiveiy gmc* of Uw Hol> Gh<ut The under- wriiun act* 
wprc dor»e in synod, ai the beglnnirig o^ .Sej>kTt»T>er, mAr 
ihc place i:allcd Cloveshoo : tliCTC prclaie* of tht- Oiurchc» 
of Christ, beloved orCo<i| being present, vie, — The hcnour^ 
able Archbishop Cmhbtrl ; »nd the vcr<;Ribk prclaU of the 
Chijft'b cif Rotbt?itL-r, l>uii ; 2nd the most teverviid bi*hfji» 
of Lhc Mcrciaiifi, Tutui, snd Huiut, ihiid Podiia; uid the 
most Approved prelates of tbc West (Snxonsj, Hunr«rd and 
Hcrorsld ; and thi; vcitcr^lilc pricfili Huardulf of tUe EjsI 
Ani^leiy and Et'git1[>h of lb*? Knst Susioiis. luid Mtlnrrd of 
tbc }IwJccifLnfi; abo the hortoumblc bitbopa, Alwi of the 
pioviricc ol Lirtd8cy, nnd Sioj;a of the South S.ixuriA, in the 
year of oitr I^id'* intnrn.ition 747, intlktion 15, thf 33nd 
y<-.\x "f the reifiti of Elbclbald, kirjj; \A liie MtrcMrii, who 
ytnh then prcacnt with hi» princc» and chief Tncrt [au^ha]. 
Wheel the i.'iid prelates of the cacrcd order, of divert 
provmcTs nf BriTai'n, wiih many piie^tK <if the InDfU, and nf 
tlicue of tlic eci:kMJi>Ut3] order in leMer di^niticn, met lhc 
\cncrablc Archbihhop CuLhbcrt at the place of Kynod, ond 
ihcy were wi down to ircat of, and ftcitle the unify nf iho 
Chiimh, and the s[-itr nf Chrihiinniiy, and ogrcemeni n( 
pcaee, after a devout mtitual saiutatinn, the writings of r<>pc 
Zaehary (ihe Pontiff and Apostolic l^rd, to he tencrjlcd 
thmughonr the wnrld) in iwn rhariL-r*, were in ilic frst 
filoce prnduncd, and publicly ret^Jicd, and explained tn our 
Owfi tongue, ai he himself, by hia apoBtdic authority-, 
cnjointd. In which wrihnpt ihe tamoua ponlUT Zacbary 
lulmonishe^d, in a rdniihjLr maiirH.-f, the inliabitanEs of this 
hXt: of Britain, of our stock, of eteiy laok and degree of 
quality, aiid auihortlatively chirRcd ihcnv as present Jjcforc 
him, end bsity in a loving manner entreated ihem. and 
KUEfgested Jimnng uther Ihiny* ihJt a sentence of armlbeina 
should be ccrlajniy published aj^JiinfeC tho»G thai pcraialcd 
in their pcrtinadouA malice nnd eontcmpt of all Ihis^ oc in 
them U cvidcni to tho«c who reatL 


AAcr the f«ading ihcreof, anJ the dread AdtiKiiiiiion, the 7«)1 
prclotGfi who were pronoolcd bjrGod lo be iDaai«r« 10 oihcr^ nivJitie 
bptocik ihrm^dvc^ 10 mmiiA] cihortAtiong ; And cnnEcnv ^gj^ju^y 
pbicij ilieuiKtrlv^, iuitJ their oflioe (by which others wric m Mdirn^nih 
be inainiciud in ihc vctv'\ix tif (lod) in ihc l!omili(3 of the ^Jhtr, ' 
btcftttd Father Grcgt^ry, ind in (ho cAnonicai decreet ol^ ihc 
holy father?!, £s in a lingtir mirror. 

I. And llicn, at the out^t of Ihcir decreet, they e^t^b■ T^c 
li«hMl It with auOicntic >(inctioaH that every biBJioi> bCj°j"«j||r* 
ready to dd^nd thi; pastoral chargo eniruAicd ic him. and ,, fLivi 
the laiKmical in«tit[ilionscf iheChurrh of Chfi*t (by (JimI'* bi*iiop» 
pfotcctioiiand auisLince), with his utmost endeavour, a^^inst ^itccij ia 
thcvahcpUK and wicked aMau[tB[it>at arc made upon ihcm)j "'""ij P"- 
nor be more engaged In secular affairt (which Gud fcjrind) ^iirtrntanil 
than m the xxricc d[ CIihI, by Icxucneu in living and 1^^"^- ^■^'' 
Urdificss in ttsact^ing, but be adorn^^d wiib good roaDnere^ H^inr 
with tbo virtue* ot absim^nce, with wc^rks of righteoutftcts ^i>*>''io*- 
nnd with Wrnr^d stvidies. I'ut so, ncrurding tr> rhr apcjsLlc^ 
Uicy toay be able to rcTomi ilie (wople nf God by tlicir ^_ 

taaaa^ and icutiiuel them by the preaching ot bouod ^^ 


7. h\ the fcrond {ilace. they rtmily agreed wiih an atlea- 9^ Mmmi 
totion, that they would devote thcuftseKca 10 intimate peace UJJ^*^** 
and e»>c«Te charity, everywhere amnniinl them iwrpetuallj to by all 
endBrc;andlhjt iherL-ihouldbeonecumrurdornllamunsBt^^^*^' 
all iiKTi of ctclcaJLtaLical rdigiijiii 111 wckU> in work, iii j^dg- 
mcnc {without Aatterinf; of any person), as being mitwifer* 
otf ooe Lord, and fellow letvanU in one nimi*tty ; thai 
tJiOU^ tliey Mfc fdr iliiianl in tees, yet ibey may be joined 
together in mind by one Sjnril, aeivin^ God in faith, ho|M-, 
and cfaahly, prjyin;; diligeolly for one another, thai each 
one pf them may f;tiih:i)Uy ftnish hi« mce. 

3, In ihe ihird pbcc they eiiat^tcd, that every b3shor> 3^ Bithopi 
should Cfttyycar tisit hb dioceae [/an^-*/*»"»li hy travelling ih^' _ ■ 
UifOugA i^ emt about, and rnakinft an insiJCLiigo intu it ; dii>«sta ™ 

^ <veiyyc*r. 




4. Diihv^ii 
■re TO c*' 
hvrl pH 


5. Si«ni1iir 

rlea (u be 

6 Candl- 
(|j,t?« lor 


jind that he should call to him at convenient pliccc the 
people of every ccHi<Jit»on and sen. and pbinly tcndi ihcm 
who rarely hc^ the worO of God ; forbidding chern, amon^ 
oEiicr uni, pmEan obticrvAHCc^, diviners, »orc<:tcr», au^uncs, 
omens, omuletv, charms, or all the fiUh of the wicked} And 
the errors of the Gertilc?- 

4. In the foarltj anicle of aj^i eetiieiil iLcy have determined 
that the bi*hr>pi do odmoiiiah the ahboti and nbbeues, 
wiiliin thcjr diocet«(, that Ihvy be exa:npl<^ of ^ood hfe, 
anil tiWc (Itltgeni care eHai those f^ubject to then) be regular 
in their coiivcrsalion ; yet so as thai they reoicmber to love 
their osvn fj^imMit^^ worthily in the Lord; to treat them not 
as icrvnnu but at children ; to prf>vide necessaries for ihem, 
according 10 the monaitit: way of life and 10 dicir uuiiOfil 
ability; thai the sanie abbots aiid abbesses fuEly dl-fchancc 
their truat, as to the csFales of their nionasterEes. and by all 
meant take hf^ed that ihey be not robbed of then). 

5. It wns argued in the fifth filaec, that :t {m nece-nyary 
for bishops 10 go to the monasteries (which in thcw times 
cannot be in any wi«e reformed according to the model of 
Christianity, by rfiuon of The violence of lyrannkal covet- 
oinnca), which are, we know not how, possessed by secubr 
men, not by Divine law, but by presumpmons human itiven- 
bon. Vet they [the bjshups] ought to go for the health of 
the soiilfl who dwell iherein ; and among their oiher exhorta- 
tions piovjde thai what is already in a declining aLitc be 
not further rblccd for want of the mirt^try of a priest, though 
tlieir poavewors promote thitt state «f thmga. 

6. It is ordained by tl^e sixth decree, ttiat bishops crdafn 
no monk, or clerk, to the degree of a priest, till they lirM 
makcopcn iri(|Uiry into his former life, and into his prcnent 
probity of manners and knowledge of the faith. For bow 
can he preauli sound laith, or give a knottk'di;r of iTii? 
word, or discreetly enjoin pcnfincc 10 othcra, who hos not 
catnoily bent hi« mind to thuu studies; that be may be 




h\t according to ihc apoule^ *To exhon vith sound 7^?- 

7- 'Vbcy decreed in the ven'enih article of agreement, that t. Moab 
bithop*, ^boii^ »od flbbMsCfi, should by ill means t»^"J;iti^'* 
care and diligmlj^ ji'^ovidf, that iheir fiimilin do Inccwantly t*. rtactine, 
applr their minds Xo reading, and that kr^c^wlcdgc he spread 
by th« «x>icc3 cf manf to the gaining of soiila, and to the 
prakeofiho fiiemal King. For It is Md to sar, how few, 
in thoc limes, do hcftrtil/ love nnd l.itx^ur for Kicrcd Itiwrw- 
ledge. and ue wiring to tolte jiainff in Idming: hut they 
are rrotn tf>c!ir yculfi u|> ruthcr employed in divert vamiii^^i 
and tbr nffi^~t»!ion of vnin.glor}-; ind they rather pursue 
the amustnncnla of Lhia pucacDL unstable 1ifc> thiin the 
Msiduoiu study of the Holy Scriptures. Therefore let boya 
be kept and tram^^d up in the Rchoolc, to the love or tacred 
kiKwIed^ thai being by this mean* wet! loomed, ihe/ may 
bceome in aU rc»pea» uacfui to the Chun:li of God. And 
let not the mien [rtti&rts] be <o Rrccdy of worldly hhoiir 
as to render the house of God vile for want of spiritual 

& Under Ihc eighth hcad» they admonished pricrts in- 8, Prii 
cevntly to remember to what purpoac they ate promoted Joiiow 
ibo*« other*, hy t>ivinc ordinfltion ] namely, Ihcy ibai ore »cvul»r 
CaMed 'God'a mJniUcrs and sten-ordA of the my^tc^ie^ of 
Chriflg'tAd then that St is rcLfUKCd of stewards^ that « man 
be found Culhful.' Therefore let Ihem know ttui il ifi 
neccsuiy for them, in regard to God, In duisi fmm leailiti 
bttsiness and cnU!icSiao£irfLa ihcycan, and to discharge tbcit 
duty at the alttr and in di/tne acrvic^ with tlie ulmo»i 
apfjlicniion ; thai thiry carefully prcscrvr the house- of 
prayer, and all its fumiLurc -, that tlicy spend their time in 
rcadmjtt eclcbrslion cf maibct. ard pualmody ; [and] that 
they be mindful ACcotding to tb«ir duty enjoinod ihem by 
find, in lie auifiTanti^ m ihrzr abbots and ahhpJiict, nSih dih- 
Ctnoe and fide^hty, whcnsoctrr iherc seems to be ocaujon 




let. Prinis 
■re CO 

die mcAti' 
iag t4 

11. All 
I^tm Any. 

br it, that it, in ndmnoiiJiirig, rqirehendtng, and ^hortln^ 
ihoac Mibjcct to them, that othcm, by tl;c<r tscimplc »nd 
lifo, mftT be bcttcii to the bcrvicc of Ciod. 

9. They added next undcf the ninih head, that priests 
ill places nnd diitriri* awi^-nrii tn ihtm by t!ic bishupi 
of the province^ take care lo di^chjixfc the duty of ihc 
apo&tobe cummia^ion, tn baptUinj;, teaching and visttiag; 
nr^ordjng to Uvful Tiie«, with grtai diligence, thnt they 
Enay. acxxirdiii^ to the apostle, 'be acixiuntcd worthy of 
double honour.' And let them \vf all means lake eve, 
as becDmes the minisiera of God, thiii they do not giv» 
to ihc wcubr* or monavtir*, ad eiflmplc of contcmpiihlB 
or iffickcd coiivcrMiion ; th^t is (to say no morci by 
dmnkcnncsa. Love of iilthy lucrct or obtccne ulkingf and 
th« hke. 

la In the ttfnih derrtrt-, they uiight fh,it priiMi* ithnuTJ 
learn to kaow hi>w to peiform According to the bwful rites, 
every oltkc beloi^ging to their orden. And then let Chcm 
who know Tt net, Icurn 10 construe and explain in thetr 
own umRur, the Crccrt anil laird's Prayer, ard ihp ^acrvil 
words wSith ate solemnly pronounced at the celebration 
of the Mast, and in the offiec of Baptism. Let ihcm also 
take care co learn wliac thoae sacnmenta which arc ritjbly 
performed in ihc Mass, ^ptistn, and other cecle-sinsiim) 
offices, do spiriliully signify ; lest they Ik found dumb and 
ignorant in those intercessions which they make to Uod, 
for the atonemtnl of the *a^\^ of ih<* pfr^[»le or in ihHr own 
miniiiccrial olTiLen, if tliey du itol undc^alAijd (lie meaning 
of their own words, [norj the a^crtimcnis, by whiL'h ottier*, 
through ihcm, are making proficiency to eten»*1 hfe- 

II. Thi?/ jir[>cee{lcd in lUc devtnlh triandair, that all 
priests ahouM (>crrumi c^cry baccfduul mim^irv, every- 
where, in the ^mc way and fashion, in hapUnng, t^ach^ng, 
and giving stnrctice ; nndn ivhich is of principal imponance, 
tlui their scfilimenb concerning the belief of the uicrcd 




HT* to till S 

ihr vr\Trr 
tlinply Odd 


Trifiiiy be Tijht *f>d einc«T«j and ih.n they do in ihe fir*i :rT. 
placr; tcsrh all, lliAt come [◦ tnke dire^linni^ concerning 
their own life from them, ' without faJih it is impo*siblc . 

to pkaM Cod.' And thut th&y miiti] the cr«^ mto th«m, 
dial ihey may know what lo believe and what to hop* far: 
mnd that Ihcy dclLvcr it lo aofantx, or lo tbo»e vho under- 
take for xhcx^ in baptism, and tench them carufuUy the 
renunciation of the pompt of i^c- devil, and augurita. and 
difinaiioiiA ; and aAcrttaid^ tca< h ih^in to make the citab- 

UlKcd prcrfc»MJI1R- 

la, 'ITicy added in the tvrdfih artir.Jc, thAl pncsts should 
IMH declaim in church Uke lecular \i^\i, It^it X\\ty ipoil 
w couruac the cuinpubiLion and disALitcticfti of the iiacri^ 
wordK by a dramaiic<ifttLon, hut follow the pl-iin 
song. Of holy mdody, according to Ihe cufltom of the 
Cbinich. T^ him who cannot attain to Ihrs^ limpIy read, 
pronounce and rehearse the wcrd^ a» the moment requfrct. 
And let tlicm not pri^Aumc upon what bclcnga to the 
bithOf- In ihc meantime, let prcsti net prosnmc or 
aiieitipi in any vriM: u> pt^rfortn finy of ihniiv thin^^ which 
aie peculiar to brahopf in some of the eccloiasticAl o^cd. 

t|. It it de-icnntncd by the ihirtcenih decree, that the 
holy Ce^iivaU of o^jr Toid'^ Incarnation he imiformly ob- 
served, vit — in the o!1i<e of Ba[)lism, and the cHcbtation 
of ma»ca^ in ihc manner of singing ^icrording lo ihc 
vfitten copy which wc have ffora the Koman C!!hurch. 
And thii the nativities of the s:>ii>K, throughout the circle 
of the vrliole year, be vencral^ly kept on ilic Mme day, 
nccordins to the manyioloKy of thir uid Roman Church, 
with tbeir prtjpcr ptiltuody, 

14, In thi- rourii:<^nlli pLie^ ft \% ordained, Ihai the? l-ord's 
day be celebrated by ftll, wiih due vencrjiiJoii, and wholly 
dcdicntcd 10 divine service^ And let alt abbot* And pricMa. 
on thai m£>«i ueted day, remain tn iheir mocutcnet :ind 
cbuictcb aod say Kolcmii ajaaa : and laying aside aU ex- 

13. Fertl- 

v*l» ire l> 

Tw kept in 
M, Lintfrirni 

f4_ orrfi* 

vf ihc 




IS' Th? 

houn to ba 

to b» ke|>E 

lema] bi)£)n«£s, and cectjiar mcciing« ond juumeyiogx, 
«xcfpt the du^ b«f iiMU]tenble, lei Ihem by pr('a<^lim)^ 
mttruct the Ecrvanu «u1>jcc:t t^ thcni, from the or«dc» oT 
Holy ScrtptUTc, m the rules t>f rdiRious c^nvcrution nnd 
of good living. It \% alto decreed thixt on thit day And 
ihc ^icat feaiivalH, ilie |jritsti of CVuJ do oflt'ii invite the 
people to incet in the church, to hear the word of God, 
and be often present at the sacraments of the miuscc And 
at [iieactijng of s^rmonv, 

15. Under the ^flcenlh head they have dcIeriTiLnird that 
the seven cnnonicni hours of prnycr, by day And nighi, 
be diligently obifertftd, by singing proper psalms and can- 
ticles -f and that llic miifornuty of the Lnonasiio pxjltjiudy 
be everywhere followed, and nothing he read or aung 
which IS not allowed by common u-sc; buE only what is 
derived from the atiihoricy of the Holy Scripture?* and vrhat 
the cu>t"tn of the Uotiun Chutth permilsH; that ao men 
may unanimously pmiie Cud witb one month, Zn thiti 
they also agreed that ecclesiastics and monastics should 
remember 10 cntrc:u the pity of the Hivme clrrntnity, not 
only for themselves, but for kingi, and for the «4fcty of 
Chrifitinn people, at the proper hour* of pr.tyer* 

16, 'ITiey agreed tinder the siitteenth hefld^ thai the 
fJlanie^ that is Rog;tiiotT&, tie kept vriih great reverence 
by the clergy, and nil ihc people, on ihci*c Uaya. vir. ; the 
seventh of the Kalends of May [ApnJ 25] according 
10 the rites of the Romnn Church, where this ts called The 
greater LJUny; and al^fo according to the custom of our' 
arvcestorSf on the three day& before our Lord'^ a^cenaion 
into heaven, v/iih fasting tiU nones, and celebration of 
misses, rot vith a mi^iurie of vanities as is the f;jikhuin 
of nuny, who aie cither negligent or ignoraitt^lhat i» wjth 
game*], and home races, and ^ac banqucli^ but rather 
with fear and trembling, vriih the stgn of ChrisT'i pasiion 
and of our ctcmcd redemption carried befurc them, lo- 



getber nitb the: tc\k% of juiinti^ Xjo, hII Xhc people wilh ?tl. 
befWM knees humbly cnlrcat the pardon of God for their 

17- lETXitniMtiEiiicd in thr scicrleonth pr^rcpt, ihni iho 17- llic 
bittluljj of ihc bicswd Popc Grc&oty Ji«d Ahu ihc d*y of gg c^, 
the butidl of St. Auj;U!ilinc ihc Archbishop And Confcuor gvy and 
(who b«m^ Bene 10 the Ergiish bj' ih<; siid Pope, out fAther to'iSe kefK. 
Grtpirjr, flrsE brou^*hi chtr knowledge of thi- U\\\\. [he lu^ra- 
mcnt of DaptiKm, and the notice of the hcivcnly counEi>)^ 
vbtcti H the >6th of Mny, be honourably observed by aII : 
M> thti etch day be k^i with 1 eessjiiion from bboirr, by 
ccdct«uiic$» ^uid liiufEUBliu -, and ttiit the naiac u( our 
blc«4ed fftthcr tind doctor Aujc^itLnc he always mcniioited 
in cinj^nt; ihe Lrtany after the inxxication of St. Gregory, 

rS. It W3>t consihitEed m the dghtecnilk riur;(k[tr. ibxinone iK Embcf 
^lould neglect the time* of the fasl^i that ia of the fornili, Jj^*^ '" ^ 
vevtnih And tenth month, but that the people bo mfonn^d of 
them cTcty ycsr before they begin, that to they may knf;w 
and oltwrifc ihe ecitbH*heri fatm nf the IJniverMl Chnrr.h, 
«nd tbjil oil may do it in a uniform maoner, and nuke no 
dtJterenec m tbe obBSrvanof ; but lake care to celebnte it 
(v»ordiiig 10 the rfiei of the Roman Church, of whkb vt 
hare a writica cojjy. 

19, It w» ({ivcn in charf^e in the nineteenth plnee, that ■<>< T1i« 
monks and nuna t>e humbly tubje'^t to ihtJir superior, regularly ^,^^1^"^ 
contrftmcd^ And Ir^d a i^uiri hfr umW rile, and without fuTrind 
dnsenMOHt and fimily fculn those thinitii which arc ajree- anTixiDrl- 
able to the profe«ision of their hubit; And let them not use ALoly. 
gorgeoui apparel, or such ns ux-ourt of vainglory, hke ftcou- 
tan, but a sintpk hAblt, fiiich a^ Aj*rees with thetr profesfiion. ^ . 

MX It jt enacted by the twentieth <lccnx, that biahopa by nn vi»in. 
a vtetlMiC irupeetion in their dioceseit, take core that monas- ^"^^ ^f "^ 
tnlef^ *a th*nr nam* tinporu, be honest habiTAUona of the relisiom 
ailcnt And quiet, qimI of such oa labour for God's ^t i not ^'"ff^ 
receptacles of recreative arts, of poccs, harpcri, n^ustcian^, uatuEa 


71?, and bufibons, hut habitations of those who pray, and ryad, 
and praise God. And \hi\\ ]e:ive lie mit given (o any st'f'iihf 
to rixim iiLoul t|irou;;h places whkli art iiol meant for them, 
nor lo have the run of the inner cells of a monuleryi ksl it 
any Itme they should <orry away thence tnatter for finding 
fault, if diey see tff bear anything u^heco|llin^J■ in ihc 
cIciKcr^ of a TDOnanlcry ; for such familiarity vith ky folk, 
eipccially in the monaitcrics of nuns whose disapline ii 
noi vpry stn'n [mma/ rtgn/ariter ^nivfTanfrunr], U hurlful 
and pTCJudiiiiuT ; betausc, by lliis means- cauat!i uf suspicions 
atnoriK adversaries laiitrrj<tram] or vsiokcd men not only 
ariEc, but arc in fact committed, ojid spread abroad, to the 
bad repute ciT our [nc'stnr] prDfebsion^ Let [nut] there- 
fore nunncricft be dens for unsectuly gowip, feastings^ 
drunlccnrc£5 and luicury, but habitations of tuch as hva in 
cotitinenre and sobriety, and who read and «ing pvalms; 
and id these ^petid theit time in readine iKwiks and sing- 
ing psalmst ralhf^r than in weaving and workii^^ parCi- 
colouted, vamglcriouK apparel, 
ar Affupfli *'' 't is nrdained in the iventyfiifir p]nf(%ihj« mimailirn 
dmnlion and ecdcsiastics neither follow noi afTcct the vitc tif drunticn- 
nes*, but avoid it as deadly poison, since the npoede de- 
clare*, * Drnnkafds inherii not (he kingdom of Got!-' And 
St anuthci p1af:e, 'Be not drunk with wine, in which kt 
luxury." Nor let them force others to drink intern pcrately, 
but lei their cntCTtiLinmcnls be cleanly and Robi^r, not 
hisrtiHous, nor with any mixture of deh«cics or bufTooncricii) 
Itst the reverence due to ihcir b;iljit grow intu tuntcmpt 
And be deservedly in ill-rcpuie among »ceulaia : and thai 
unless some nccessfliy infirmity compel them, Ihcy do not, 
like cuminun tipplers, indulge in dnnkings till the dnonicjtl, 
that id the third hour, be fully come. 
SsB^i^to *'' '' ^^ dee-recd in the Ivrenty -second head, thru all 
Lftmnnini- monastiri snd errlr^mstic-*, be admonished to keep them- 
Ijuenllv sclvesalftTiya prepared for the Holy Communion of Ihc Body 



iintl Blood ijf our Lord ; And thai rcctoia Uke dUigcnl cire 

il none of tho»e aiibjc<^ to ihcm kad «uch diaftoluE«i 

rotchcd liveft^i to be «4-paratcd fratn the pnrticipAtion of 
ihr alnr (their %\r\% ko rr[|i)irlng), nr be ritrrlc^ in confevirtg 
and doiaf pciuincc f^f iheir crimcL If any one be found 
•o, Ut him be 5hat|ily u-provccl- 

7y It vas added in tbe tu^nty-third place, ibat lay-boyt 
be liVcw!&e admonished to ci*nimimica(c, while tViey aju not 
ai yet Gornipkd. hoc bcm^ of Lbc lustful ^ecc ; nNo tho>G of 
a riper age, wticther unmafiicd or mamcd, who refrain frcm 
&>n, are to be exiioried lo the iniue purpoie, that they fre* 
ilucTitl; ujiiunuofcsuc, leat llicy ^row weak foi want of the 
fnluury mcnt and drinic, ^mcc oui Lord Mya, 'Except yccfit 
the 6c!«h of the Son of Man,' &c. 

94, Itwaseractedunclfn'thi" twent^fourlhhcad, ihniifftny 
aecuUr dcMiTc to ejitcr imo the service of tlic holy profra' 
tion, he should not rtcCTVLr the lun^urc bcfor*: his convcrsn- 
lion and nyoni rjuiHrtcitions (according to the prc*fTipt of 
the it^onailic mle) he clesitly irir<l, .vixirdJnp co ibenpm- 
tolieal precept, saying, *Try the spirits whether ihcy aic of 
God,' tinlees some rea£ombl<- tause plciid for his being pre- 
viously adnailted into ihe congregation, tun her, let biihops 
of chitrrhcf nnd rector* of niiiti.i Merit-:* know thai ihey 
oaght the more dilincntJy to try and examine every one 
jrhile he U in the lay hahit, before licginning mcnattic liJe^ 

ir ihey may the betier bear wiTh him, being such as they 
upon irbl found limi. if ;iftcr hrs jtJiuivtioii lie di^plc-jae« 

id prove iniraeiablc ; rtor by any means siiould Ehey lO^Iy 
expel him for any c^ijce, «o that he KcandnJouHi}' go froni 
one layman's hou6e 10 another, 10 the rL^>roAich of our 
profc»ion— unliMi the e^uae be such that it so l-LappcrLS 
A dceree of a i^^nod has dclermint-'d that he be dumtKtcd 
anathenvittred by all, in sl] plaies, unlea* he come to 


2$* Ji HAS detcrmircd under the twcrMy-fiflh head, that 



03. TJic 

birltc III- 

for the l»ij 

94. On>fi- 

dittf* for 



bishops cATning fvom Kvnocbir omf^mhling the pnou, abI>o(£, 
aitd rfiiefi [of monatiteritt and churc'hw] wiihin their dio- 
cese* and Uyini; before iLwn ihc injuncliuni of ihc sp\tifi^ 
$hftu]d jRtvc It m chfirfc that they he kcpL And if thcfc be 
anyihing which a bishop cannot reform in hm cyvn ditjccxc 
[(/iwcifl, Id him hy ti before ihi? archbi*ho]j in lynix^ 
and publiclx before all, in cmSfi to iu being irfurmcd. 

>(i. In iho Iwcniy-SLxlh ptaec. the Kntimcntn of the fathen 
concrming the pirifliflblene*« of alm^ were produced : thil 
Ihey arc nectvissij :o he donr by faiihfiil \wc\\ in oiyler tlwl 
poat sins miy ihe soonci and more fully be forgU-en by God 
1o oScnderB who do penance by alm< \ and thai the Divmo 
proteriion may be- obrninc*d by Ihrm, ihe Rime Aci^n be 
not iig^io cumjnittedi nc>r any others \\\z ihcm ; and that 
lo all who live reiigioualy, the punly of their innooencc 
being graciously preserved by (Jod, a recoraipense of things 
■tonal may be madi? Co Ehem hprrafler in heaven fn uun* 
iBeatfon of ihdr fieely djbijosinit of Ihcir tcni^Kiral ibizi^ 
here on carib. And ecttainly alma arc not to be %}str\ to 
the intent thai a man may commit any the least sint with 
tbr givnteT liberty tir ac^xiiini t.if Mie atnm ^ivfn by bim or 
by any other in hm behalf. But leE tbcm be ^I'vcn in tbc 
manner aforesaid, for a]ni» arc a name and trork of mercy \ 
IhereroK, let wKntnever desirei lo do mercy tmly to hut 
tiwn Miul. niH give alinH <iiii of his uiijuti plunder, hut rnri 
of bia own wcll-g*>ttcri substance. For if it be K<*'cn out of 
vhat i« Acquired by cruelty or viotenec, Difinc ju«t:ce » 
rather pmynkal tb-nn piicifietl 1]y it, Iwduie, acc^inlini; to 
ihc Scripiure- the atni* that arc done out of the lubbi.uicc 
of the poor flic Itke killmg the aon in the pretence of the 
father ^Eocl^s, nxiiv- ao). Nor let a man givt Afm* to ihc 
needy to the inicni that he may more freely immcrvr bini- 
ifcU in j;luttc*ny and diunkenneaa beyond all bounds, losE 
by putting God's juatine to sale be he not only more sharpZy 
hilt more speedily condemned liy IL AnJ to »iJcak gcncT- 




y. Ice noi «ry man^K aJnts be daily %\ytt\ to God with this 
Tiew, thftt they may wiih impuAiiy indul>£c th^ir t>ndi]y lu«tt ; 
for ihey girt alms in viin which are not cntinjEy iheir own 
And fret" frum any mixmic of witkcd dealing, tibu dcaire 
and hope, throttAh ihc blindness of their fancv. by ihi8 
momt to bribe ttio Hea^'enly J^idgc. tor they who act 
and ihifkk in thit m^nnrr, while they Eccm to give their onn 
(O God, di> undoubLcdly by then cnnio give thcmicho 
to the UcviL LaiUy, ibcn, let not alma be pvtjii (according 
lo the newly- invented <ionc«Lt of mcn"» own will, grown into 
A oitUnn tlu7gcTon« lo mAny) for ibr m,ikin^ uf ahATnncnt 
or ODcvnulotion of the expiatory fa.-as and other vork^ oJ 
ntiitetLon enjoined to «l man, by a pneeit of God, tor hia 
own crimes according to (he canon hw ; but raihor as an 
iocrcaftcof hi«c3Wnan)rndincnl, that the Divine wrath, wbirh 
be hu provoked by his ovn demerits, niAy the sooncf be 
appeased. And withal, the more unbwru) the thing ;l in;tn 
hju done, <he more be oii^hi to abtinSn from things that JlTC 
tewfulfAAil the greater *t\i\h he \iiis coiiuniaod. the gtcjilcr 

it of fEOcd worlc« he oujiht to yicEd to <Jod, and l^ot to 
or letten »ocnc good wcrkt by pmctidng other* tn tbcir 
tlVAd For It ift good to hi? assiduous in psAtmody, and 
0601 10 bow the knee wiih a sincere intention, «Eid daily 
logtvcaTms; yet abstTiKncc is, not to be remitted Kasiing 
OTKC imposed by the rule of the Chureh, withoui whi<!b no 
ftifiv oic fuisiven, b nut tu be remitted on account of Uicae 
ihanga. Let these and sucli Hkc be done a« additioiu, fur 
lilt mora full cxpifttion of i^m ; for it \^ nccetsory Hut the 
ie«K which drew uc willingly tinio sin by tti jncontincnee, 
being afHictrd hj Ijisling ^hfjiild hapten our patidon; for 
suchauuu exclude us Irom thckmgdom of heaven, ifchcy 
«t« iwc corrected, are 10 be expiated vith ill the pious 
•cHonn thar > man rjtn do. Fur une kno^s nn< nhai 1^0 
foUowins day may brinj^ fortli, and for hoin loi^g a time he 
iDty be In » condition to do Any good dveds for bie former 


Ti7, t^\\ ones. For He who hA4 promitcd p:irdoQ lo the Kinner 
ha^ not promi<:ed him nnorbcr diy^ 
ii7. Ofthf^ 17- Under the twcnty'-acvciilh hcaU — wticn discouralng 
bcnr^i cf |^u,.[j Qf jj^Qgg ^hQ 5jpg psalms or spiritunl eongt proftlnbly, 

ftjv^in^. or of thcftc who do ic negl^ently — pcalttiody, Ihcy s-ny, it a 
Divine work, a great lure in many ca^ca for th(^ si^uli uf iIjosc 
who Jo il in apirit and mind. But Ihcyihat sinp «ilh voice, 
without the irwafd meaning, tnay mnkc 4 aound rcRcmblitig 
somrthrng; Ihcrcforc, though a man know not the iJtin 
weirdo th;xC arc sung* yet ht- may apply the mtiriition» of his 
owri hcan to the lliitif^i which -trc at present to be asked of 
God, And fix Ihcm there to the hcsl ci his power. For the 
psjiltiiii, whith proceciitd of old through the niouth of the 
prophet from the Holy Gho!>t, Arc to be ^nrxg wuh the inward 
inlention of the hearl and a auiiable humilialion of the 
body \ to the end that by the oracles of Divine praise and Ihc 
?wir-r4meni5 of nur s-ilViTtiiin, and the humble ronfcvsion of 
sins^ or by devoutly imploring the pardon of them, they 
that loneh the ear^ of Divme piiy by praying for any valU' 
able thing, may the more deserve to he heard b^ the^r 
(leMiing nnd affccling lo di^iw near to nod> Ami to atipeafc 
Him by the m<an& which I {ti€) have before mentioned, 
especially ibeir rno^t holy ind divine service, whether they 
offer varieiy of prayers and praises to tiod in that sacred 
chfli^ting either for ihemsclvca oi for olbers, quick or dead> 
or at the end of every psalmody bow their knc« in prayer 
and wy in the LaLin, or if they have not learnt that, \t\ ihc 
Sa^LOR) * Lord have tnerv^y on him and foryivc him hU Kins, 
and convert him to do Thy will ' ; or if it be for the dead, 
' Lord» according lo the grentness of Thy mercy grant rest 
ro his sfiMl, and frir Thine inflnitc piiy vouchsafe to him the 
joys ofeicrnal light with Thy ^nu.' But let them who pray 
for thcmseK-cA have a great faith in paalmody performed 
■KTtb reverence, a« very protitAble to them, when done to 
the manner arore«aic] i^on condition that they j)cr«cvere iti 




lh« expiation of their crimen, iind not in \\\z Allowance of 
their vScm] thai it, they nu/ the sooner And idc more euily 
doi?rw to VTtvc^ ai the* graci^ of Divinr rrc^mtiliniion by 
5>nycn aiid £ntCiccftai{>oa vtliilc tlicy wuitliily aiii^ o^iiO piAji 
or ihit ibcy niay improve tn vha; tA k^^^i '^' ^^' '^^ 
nuy obE;iin whic they pioutly Aik, not v^Jth any intent that 
iBcy may, for one tnumeuU ilu evil or oiuit guud with the 
grcalcv liberty, oi rcl^x fj^lit^ie crijoinc^I foi bin, or girt the 
Ictt atint bocau«c lhc;r bcKcvc others fast or tii^g p»alm» for 
Ibem, For 1« eivry one cerminly know thai hi* very own 
deih. which has l>ccn ll;c au»c of utilawful wkknl i!e*irc*, 
ought lu be retrained from vhat ia UwfuE, and that a man 
Cbould pt;nt8h \\ now in proportion to it« guilt, if h« dcfirr 
not to bp pimishrri hrfi-;iftc-t h^ (he Etrrtirt! J'l'lsf f-rt 
binixlf first cfave the Oivinc ttenicrjcy, with s^iNininK* of 
heOirt for the restoration of htm^lf, and ttion bring as many 
Ctrranti of God ^ he can lo make Ihcir rommon prayct* to 
God for him. For if they promise or believe or aa oihfi- 
triic than has been before Kiid* they do tiot Ie9^:^en t-\v\s but 
adU siDi to sins, because by this meantt, above all tht reit, 
they prOTok« the anger of the Jndge on high. be<at]>« th^y 
dare in Mrt \\\h ju^ticr lo Kile every clay by inorcKnAtf dai- 
tcry nnd cKCdiii-c bhndiahmcnr, trhibt their bchavicur \s 

Wr vxw^X ipoat at large of ihi?, beeau«e a wuridly rich 
man of btc, dcAirlng. ih^l npecdy rcconL-ilialiou mi^ht bi^ 
graoicd him for groii sin, ailirmed by Eciicn that thai »in of 
hit, at marty aatiured him, weis so fuily expiated, that if he 
could \^vc joo yt-sf« longer, his fasting whs already paid 
by these method^of lalisfaction, rtamcly ; jn^almody, fa^tingt 
and alm!( of other?, apart from his own foAlinx* or however 
little it mfglit be. If then Divine juitiee can he appealed 
Ivy (Mhrrb, why* you foohsh lioastvrrt, ls it taid by Ihr voir*? 
of Truth ifwlf ; ' It is easier for a camel to ^ ihiutiuth the 
eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter (he kingdom of 




Ob. 01 (he 

ttricn nut! 
9pj^(irv[ of 
imnkn and 

■9. Thai 

hnunil hy 


hp-ircn/ when hf cnn wSih brihfs ptir^haw ihc iinntimhefied 
&3»Liii2« of oihcn for hi» cwn (:nm»? Oh ih;tt you might 
pcrtah fllunc, you tb&t arc dc^crvcdl^ oillcJ the gutc^ of 
Hell, ainrl who pfinu&ile [oiher^J to sin. before more ftrc 
cnsmrfd by your mi*giiiiIingtUucry, ami led iniothi.' pbguc 
of ti<A]*« clcfoa] indignAtk>n. Ixt no maa deceive hiciiAclf; 
Cod deceives non« when he says by ihe apostle ' We *hall 
atl stnnd before ihe jiidgmern seal of Chrisi,' &c, 

aS. Under ibc tweniy-i;Lgbth injuncikin they c harmed diat 
no one should admit a krger congregation ihnn he can 
maiTitain and find \n necesHaries. If any have unwarUy 
done tfiis, lc( them exnct the less work from ihem till rhcy 
cxn give dicn) food 2nd raiment suiuble to thcit liabit of 
|irofe&t»ionH And among other observances of the regulair 
lite, Jet them use the Acctisioined appnrel of those who have 
been bcfmc ihcm, whciher \\\cy arc ttcrls cr monks, And 
let them not imitAlc seculars in the f-ishtonable gartering of 
their legt^ nor in having hooda round iheir head£ After the 
fashion of the Uyman'** cloatj enntraiy to Ihe cuifltom of 
the Chofch. Likewise, thai mjni I'cilcd by the pncfct, and 
having ukcn the habit ol Ehuir hcly profession, ought not 
to go in RccuLir a[ipan?li cr in gaudy, gay cJoihc^ such as 
lay girif uxc, but take core dlwayi to keep the ^tb of 
chastity, which ihcy have received to M^nily ihcir humility 
and contempt of the world, Ic&t the hcarta of others be 
defiled hy the siigl^l uf them, uid they, by this ntmis, be 
found guilty of this defilement in the aij^ht of Gud. 

at). Under the twvniy-ninih [head) Ihcy enacted, with 
regulative decree, iht« after this synod it he nor bwful for 
dcika, monk^ or nuna to dwell any longer \n the liousea tjf 
aecuUi^ Aith iaymcn, but Uiat they go bif^k to the monofl' 
tericA where they b^d hrei Liken the habit of their sacred 
^lf^lfr_^^io[l, ffoin which they depotied of tlieii own aetoid, 
or were CApcllcd by the violence of otherft, a^ has ccnainly 
been done m many jilacen, and thit free admi&iion be not 



;nicd them on ihcir return on account of Any manner of 747. 
previoui faulL But if my of cither %cx, not being UAdcr 
a cune, but af^er Ttceiving l«ivtf nnil benedk'iior hive 
AftcrwarU> been peaL-c*bly iuliuitlcJ by otiicia into tbcir 
society And umon, and yet since ihia have ruo op and down 
ftmong the laiCy^ roving And unsettled, ihU return afor^ 
Mid ihtiK etijciined dcx-s mil rebte- Id the houif^ nhcnctf 
tbcy wdi: uuE m ic^uUr foini, but to tti^t pljcc nhi'ic. by 
Biuiuat agreement on boib »id«s, ihey ytcte duly received to 
union and fcLowship, 

30. Under ihe thlrlietli bead ;i long di*cii™oT> whr pnfv 30. A dST 
hc!y made between the piiwis of God and Ibouc of ^cw^JJ^ij, 
degree, ini^iiirm^ how Ib^y mjght, m tht- t^ualin^ condition ai'oid4n(e 
of Ibingsi, h*r en,Thled tn silence entirely jraininy, or words ^fj^'^i^^y 
akin to julLJuay^ cunntrmjig them, thcU own ron>r.Lcni.:c ^kIuia^ 
wiihin Wring them witncu that any nich tuspicion wasj"'**'"' , 
lAiie ind v;un— namely, that kingi, with their ollicers and |>(aiiioa< 
rhivf men jind many beside* of leu degref*, have per!iuaded 
tbein»clve». AJid ixic wuni lu a&KVT, (bat they not ujily ^c 
innnocTc in love and affccliQii tr^ward^ tbcm, but indeed 
grudgo thei'n the good tlungK present with a heart loo 
maleixilcmH rather than rejoice with iheni loplly, and do 
not ccjiM to invcj^h a^iainst their way cf living, with bitter 
nbuiie. I1^dr view, indeed, was that any mnn of higher 
position amd dignityn who thought or «>d such thinj^* for 
any fciaon, did *u inyst mideaeivedly, fut ihjit ibis wan 
contrary not only to the piofcKaion of their Iiabii btit to 
the teaching of cvangcltsts and apcAtic^;, which they ought 
10 proclaim to all in pencrnl, namclyn that no |jre.i{^hLT af 
peace and love to Ood and men, who were mude in the 
Ubencn of God. should ever venture for n moment locnier- 
tain in hrnuelf fuel for hatied and envy. And 1^ that Cob1iiii»] 
their Lin^imers mrght mure tprtiiinly avuw thtry were '"^" ''J**' 
free ficm ibja ab^jminable fault, both before G^ ind in.ui, irtkirtijni 
they ordained thai, for the luture, eodeaia*tics and monks ^ ci'ftctcd. 


Wi, should at the amonkal houix of pnjrer, not only for thcni- 
aclve:», but alito for kin^ and gicai men, AnU the ^ood 
caUtc of nil ChriftliiiTi people, luppliraEc ihc [)ivM-ic mercy 
Without celling, ihxx ihuy might be counted worthy lo pnt4 
Itieir life in pt^uic ajid ijiiicmcs^ undi^r ilidr guud pivico- 
tion 1 ard thnt henceforward tficy mifuht be of one soul ia 
Ciilh, hope, »rd love lowarda God, and Invc one another 
tn *urh wise th,il after ihc connc of Ihiii pjgrimcige tht-y be 
counted worlEiy to aXXsXn together the bc^ifenly country; 
find lliat the Divine mtrcy shall be mure comcrtly eniPWlod 
for thow who riiost oUen extend Ihcir pious patronage lo 
ihr ClinrrhfN (if ChriU whilst thry nrr alivr; inil that the 
Atonhg oclcbT.aion be more often performed by ihc ministry 
cf very rriAny priests of Chrmt lor their soub' rest when 
they arc dead, if, tliat is, the>' have remembered to make 
tlmiia^it'ei ttoiih) of this l>endli wlien aJi\e. 


i.l\ 787. 

7g7, Tan folloivtnf document ii « rrfort tem byih? lrfii«sG«or^ Ahd 

Thvophytacl 1? Pcpa l-l4drr4n I- U wv ungtnilly prinUd hy 1h* 
Mngd^burg C? JiLuriAlun fmin n MS. whicti lia^ddt aLnct been vcrjGod 
Tlicre L9 av icmwu ti» Oi^ubl U> aKtheiiljiily, u llic intcinil j»juw& of 
lliK Are very strunC' ^^ H, aj>ti 3. iiL ii; 4^1. 1( omm in the 
reuruna, vhl p 57v 

[Jobnacpii'v ir., compaxed wUh H. jui^j 3.] 

The We liAVC written a eapttular of ill ihc partieuUr», At,^ sC' 

MonTihc ^^^^''"^ them in order in their hcanng, who, vnth all huniblc 
■MiTffcM &! rabmi»ion and evident wiTlif»gnc*i, embradfig yojr admoni- 
thitir mi» |-y^| ^^ ^^ ^j^^i ftclvcs ptuuuaed tii idl paitiLulLiiTi tu uljey. 
Then WG dcU^xrcd to tlicni youf Icttcts to rcftili enjoining 



them lliat ihey would *ee thni ihc holy derrec^ be ob*^rwd 
both by ThcmMKn Jind thcii ?nihjct:ts. Now the*c aic llw 
littds vfhich wc producoJ to Lc oliscrvcd by thcon : 

I, Tbit the holj', mviobtc r^iib of ihc Nic^ek- Council be 
futhfiitl> .mil (irmljr bt^ltl hy all ttuLl ^rr tlrmicd in the holy 
•crvicci iJid that the phot* of every church nho are \<y 
teic^ the people be dili^omiy cxannmcd by ilie bishops every 
year in thetr 9^nodic:il a.«tcmbli^ ttmcicrtimg rhe faith : <o 
that they m;iy lacn'of hold and tcacli Lbc ipcR^LuUc: ^nd 
caihobc f^th of the six Councils which is ap}>rovi:d \>f tlic 
Holy GhoAt, and not fear co dio for it if tLicra h« oi^c^ton ; 
and th;)t ihcy nvrire .ill tiirh rticn »k ihr griicnil Cin:nciU 
have received, nnd reject n^d condcron oil thoic* licAitdy, 
whom Ihcy ha%« condccmcd. 

fl. Thai Baptism be administered according to thccanori' 
Scat biaiui««, ftnd not at any udicr time cn:c[H in grcJE 
fiectasity; lliai aU in ^cncr^l know ihc Creed And the I.nrd'» 
Pmytir; that all nho receive children &om th« font know 
that tbey sre lurciies to tht? Lord, according to lh«ir under 
takirij;, for iht' ictiounciiL^ of ^.iiaji, lii^ Muik^ jtnd ixinips* 
and fof Uic bcbcvinji; of the faith -, \\\n\ they icach them the 
l^rd^Praycraforctaidond the C'rccd, while t bey ok coining 
to ripcfnea of age; for if ihcy do not, what h proinuifd lo 
God on bclialf of thciii \\\at taiuioi apc^k ^liaLl be with 
rfcoor exacted of them* Therefore wc cnjom that this be 
ebaiged on the mcmorict of all Ihc people in general 

3, Tta their be iwci (!uun<:iU(^i:hycar;ict.L]nlini; to the 
doonkal dc>crcca, tliat the briers and (borm may be cut ofT 
from Ihc h«ans of all ofTenderK an ^parjous br^mchcc arc by 
good bivhandmen. And let every bi?ihop go rouml hi« 
dioceK once every year, orefuUy appointing; places of mcet- 
iajE at coonvcnicnt distance* ; lliAt ail niay mcci 10 hear ihc 
word <d Cfod, lest any, throu^ih the neglect of the ihcphcrd* 
%Doninily gojn^ UHtray, hv. iic^:iin« to [he bite iif ihc 
HMriog lion. Let hiui with watchfvl cure preach to and con* 


The clargy 
icadi ihe 

fjLiih urtiic 

>i> ^ejicr«l 
and 10 ^ 

The I 
nnd conda- 

Ami Lhc 

hi lilies of 
tn CHainpIt 

■nrl jn-f 

Ritbnp* to 

have tivo 


and (ofon- 

dlliTE VilLU- 


7S7, firm the flork rf)mnniiied ra hl« charf;^ ; Ic^i him arpanic ihe 

'^'fi™*'*' ^"^''''^°°N cocitc soothMycn, fonunc-lcllera, oicbamcrK 

dbc lUsu- And Ici no man aflVci lo Iced ibe flock ccmitniied to him 
JV^" far f Ithy I«crr'ft wke, hiii in hope nf an eternal rrward ; 
andckT^ and irh^t he hai frccty rcLcivcd let him ficcly give to alT. 03 
'**'™*} ih«apuBl]cprotesU(aTim. i. i), onrfasihcprqjb^iMyfcflw- 
nt'^and )eE. 9\ that Ro he may exctfl in nwnt as he does in dignity. 

ll '^V'm* ''^"'^ ^'"" '**^ "^^^^ "*"'^ ^'^^ i:wiii|:ied tj' (trAr whilst he i* Icoth- 
ing, let tiim hearken (Im. uLi}). JcrcminU also Miysijcr^ i. 17)- 
Alas for tliis lamentable lulccwormnon. M many thoughtM 
men liay- why will ye be involved in ibe love nf wrular 
thinip, ui be dJMLMycJ by ciime And cunfounded in opening 
the word eJ truth > ]f the prcUic* of the Church aru «t]eat 
Ihrougli fear, or worldly fnendihip. end Jo not reprove 
sinner^ or run nwny like false ihepberds who care not lor 
the sliecp. vben they »ec thi: wolf toming, why are they not 
more afmid of the Ktrt)^ ot Kinp» and Lurd i>( Lords ? who 
reprehends shepherds by the prophets saying (Ejielc. xiii- 5). 
l-a«iy. .ns the wairhfiil nhephrrd gunrds tht- sh«:(i against 
tbc wild beaata, w the priest of God ought to be !»u1jclIou3 
for the iJock, kst the enemy spoil, the perwH-^ittir annoy; 
le^t the mvcnmg cf the powerful disturb the lifcof the poor; 
niicctl>eproi>hetuyii(Exrk-iti. 18); fir 'The good =J]tphefd 
byclh down hii life for ihc sheep.' Endeiavour. niy fathers 
-ind brelhron, thai y« bear these tWm^ in mind, Icei u be 
MtHtnyoij,flttr>thpiihcphrrdsof Urad, * Vcfrtdj^unt-h-ei^' 
J^Hh, buL th;it yc tn4y docrvc to hear, ' Well done, ^oud and 
faithful ftervunt,' ^c. 
Cmom 4- That bitliopt Uike gr^t e^re tltil eanoni live cnnon- 

"^'""'^ ioiliy, arid tnnnks nnd mmv behave theiii»dvt3 rcBulaily, 
4nd df^i both 03 to diet and apparel, ihot there be ft diBtinctioii 
rtKiiNuiy (j^tween ctinim, monk, and teexilAr- l>et Uic monks use 
to the con. the haNt th-it the Fjilcmn dfi, ond the ranon* too, nnd not 
^'^"^^ ^anncnts djed vitl: Indiofi ajlour:i, oc vciy coatly. l}ut let 



bkhc|w, ib'jott. and ;ibl)C!!»c£ ^vt gond cxnmpk lo tbeir 787, 
sultjctti u PrtiT sxy\ (1. V, i). Then-fore wo advise lliai 
tbc syncdicnl decree* of the six gcncnl CoancHs* vitb the 
decrees of the KomAn PoniilTs, be oflcn read wiih attention, 
and tMt the atife of the Church be rcfcjnnerl according 
lo the pMiern (}n<:ril>c<] lliCTein, l!uil nu iiovcliy tic mtjo* 
duced, kti there be A sebum in the Churcb of God. 

5- That if an abbot or abbe» depart tlufi life, whieh ThaH^c- 
often happens, retigfous f^nftton of approvt'd Itfe Iw clioien mwiMric 
fron ftmon^ thenuclTcs in tlic U^rd tu uLc cure of the M:^Ia lupsrhun- 
conunitied to thcna, «ith the l^sbop'n Advice within whose 
diocoe the monaitery » tltuntc. But if luch n penon is 
not lo be fuiinO in thai convent let audt an one 1m: sent 
theoi from another, lo ^ovctn tbcm ta the Lord, tbiit tbc^ 
tnay with humility And obedience he empEoycd day and 
night m i>erforming the vow ihcj b-ivr made la C»<>d, ' having 
tllciT Wns atw4>?i girt altaut,' &c 

6. Tlttt no biiitiop presume to ordain a man priest cir C4(i4i|i~<iia 
dcflctm nnlcM he b< of approred Itre, and sutfieient for the ^^f^ 
full (Iisrhjrgc nf hii fiffirc ; .-ind In rhi'Tu rontiniic in Wi*e, 
tilk to tthicb they acre connccuicd; >o (hat n(>nc pnr^unte 
to teccive a phe«t or deaeon from the titJe tliat belong* 
to flBOther, viihoQC a reuoiul^de cti»c, *nd Ictrcrt toni* 

7> TTai all cbtitcbci hivc tbcir courbc publicly at tbcThsbaun 
canonical hour* with reverence, KmJ!r* 

S, Thai anc-iroi fwiviWgp? ronf^fr^d on rburrhn by the p„jafn^ 
Holy Roman See be f^c^rved by alb But if any havction of 
bean granted <ooUai>' lo the canonical dccrco, in comptoaec ^^^[^^ 
nth wicked men, le: i!vm b^ caiKctttd. 

9. That no eircletianic presixme 10 wl in vciet unlcA Sffwd^ 
OD aceooM of great tnfinniiy ; lor thj» ia hn'ocrisY and the ^^^ ^ 
way cf iIm Saracenc \^ra^Ulx or vagrant monlu f\ \ tberc- Kent, 
fore ihey odttte thai we hr not * whdtrd vpuldire%* Aic-, 
capoctally Mice oar Saviour aaya : 'Takchecd that )«donol 




aiUrc Tor 
mAu; tlic 

tlic brvad 


noi Bo 


■l on for the 

Tlie Juir 

rulcru And 

)iid£w III 

your juMicc before men.' From Ticncc we may sec how 
bltlc it mcaris to fasE before men but to wallow down bed* 
or borsef1e«li in ^-cr^t, iinc« oitr f^ood workt are <:omman<Iad 
10 be done in Sfrrcij ()iin we may be lewardcd by Him 
iit whfjfic iifln^c ibey arc clone, 

10. Let no minialtT of th<f flitar presume lo go and cele- 
brate mflSflwiihbnrelcp, lest hi» rtaWcdncisbcsecnandOod 
be onV-ndod- For if LlitK wns forbidden in Uie ! jw, we Icaow 
it oui^lil to be more eorcfuLly ohacrvcd in the Sacrament of 
Chriffl. Let bread be offered by the faithful, not cniitA. 
yft hnve idso fui^iddcn Ihi; rliaJit-e nr jkhl-h frir 'inrrifiring 
lo be made of OA-horn because thoy (su) are of bloods Wc 
bare tiho there nccn bishops m their Counoib judging 
secular malten, Jind vt^ forbnd ihem with the apo^folItT 
paying (1 Tim. ii. 4) j wtr bnvc alflo cntrcak-d ibat pr.iycrrs 
be utidiiounly niadc for the Chuirb of Cod, Ehat God nnd 
our Ixjrd JcjBU»t Clirii^t niay cvalt, eorrciborate and protect, 
defend and presc-rve her without spot, to the praise and 
glury of His name for tvtr JiiiU ever. Aniciin 

11. Our addrcAs to km};^ i» th»E they adminiMer their 
govemmeni with caution nnd diRerction, and ihat ihey 
judge tightcDnsly, ai; it ii wrjiu-n, " T.-rlte hold of di*cipline ' 
(I**, ii. 11). Kuriher, us we ha^e abuvt- dirccied UaUop* 
to tifjcak the word orGi>d with a Divine ftuthuhly, faithfully 
and truly, without fear or flMtcry, to kings, jjrinces, aiid sXi 
dignilit*, never ;ltdining the trutti, spaiiJi^ no nurti, con* 
demning no man unjuHtly, cutomraunicatiny none without 
couftc, and to sliow the way of salvation lo nlJ, both by word 
and eiftmplc — «o we have oIm admonished king* and 
(iriiKcs that llicy from their heart with great humility uhcy 
their biahops, because the l<in|>dom of heaven ia commiticd 
to them, and they have the power of binding and loor^ing, 
&i il is writli-n (DeuL xK\ii.). And thi? ajx^srlff elsewhere 
<Hcb. aiii. 17), Our Saviour Himaelf My^ to doctor? 
{Luke K- 16). llic lips of the priest preserve knowledge. 


pKtt] , 


for he U ihc angel of the I-ord of Hosfct If ihcw pnentt 
arc cillcii Jin^t, (bey rnnnoi he judged hy sca:hr men, as 
the ;i|MiftiIe iMjnt, ^ Far tni- Jt i« a vt-ty stujiU thing ilui 
I sliould be judged by you.* A]k> il is said by the i'Mlm)!it 
(Ps. cv, 14}, And the apoitlff say* (i Cor. vL j), Kot ai 
kUi^ arr aliovi* a11 rltjjiiiiit^i;, ^ .xrc hkhop^ in ihingH |^r- 
tainiii^ Ui God. Thcicrnio wu c-.Utori wjlh :dl rarncMnc^H) 
th^t ftll do ind««d honour the Crhurch of C^oJ, which in Ehc 
tpouM of ChTi<it ; nnd not pui on her in uimghteoufl yoke 
of M^nramtr, nor w^k pioiiil wiiU vc*iiUr pjwrr, nor op|*fiCT» 
ethers vilh liiolcncc, fit it in vri:tcJi [?«' tlciv, 4}. Ixt 
c%«fy OQC ol them consider how he cxpecu ihat hU ipoiiie 
ihould be honoured by his ^ubject^, and k-i him see in thia 
canhlr cxantptc how much [he spoiisir of ihe Kin^ c>f 
HcA^'CR ourIu 10 be reverenced^ lc*i il be wid of ilicra 
(which Clod forbid) that 'they have reigned but not by M9' 
(Hofi^ viti 4) ; but that they mny riiher desrrre to \\xvc it 
uid (I*^ UxxU. t4j-7]), ihui CiuU umy j^tiiiu tliem ihc 
eternal gloiy of the kinj;dom which it to come. And let 
kingn ha%« wiEC countcilon, fearing the l^rd, of commend- 
able nunnery thfti the people bdnf; ttistructcd and n^formed 
by the good csunplc of klngi and prineo, may improve to 

£lory And piaue ci Almighty God. 

3. That in ordaining kinoes none permit ih< vcireft 
mm in [«rvai] : hut 1ft ti"g!i Ek" hwfully 
the pric^iti and ciders of the people, not *ueh 
as avt bom In adultery or ine«st, for as m our timet, 
ftccunling to the rannns f^nne. rJin Arrive at the priesthood 
who \% of Jijiihciouii d4:Lv:c[ii, m> ndthet i:;i.i] he who is 
iwC born in bwful mirria^ be the l^onio flnomtcd, king 
of the whole kifigdom, and l^cir of the country-, vino; tlie 
profiber ki)s [Ttxn. \y. 17^ Wc have a^lmoni^hed all in 
general that with luiuilinoua voice and he;xrt they pray to 
th« LpOrd, thai He who elocEs him to the kingdom woLtld 
£!*« him the spirit of difiripline for ilie goveniing of hia 



juuk 111 de- 

ftrcnirc let 
tbf- drifnily 

print hAfld 



Til* CfHI- 

and due 
<liul<« oT 

for whnan I 
Irtnyer Ik 

to Le nude. 






rich mud 
grval in 




people ; nnd let honr>ur he paid him by all, ainre thenpoarle 
»y3 (i PcL n. JT\ Let rone be guilt^r of dctracuon 
townrds the kin^, tincc Solomon toys (F,cd- x- to)- And 
\t\ none comp-iii the death of ibc kmg bec;ti]xe he ii the 
lAiid'i uiioiotcU. ir a bjaZirjii tir any of piicaily ii<:^cc 
consul lo Auch a crime Ici him be liitjst out, u iraa Judo* 
Troiu the apo«ioJic decree. And whoc%'cT EXppravefi of such 
iacnlTfge Htull ]>eii«h in ThL* ewrr:vl fhaia of sn anathenM, 
«nd Iiciiif; a comrade ul Iud;ia ahall bi^ii in cvciLiiIni^ fire, 
Aft it i« written (Rom< i.^?)- The two eunuchs who dcsifcd 
to kill King Ah^iiur^rtii were Eun^^cd on x ^llowe [Eith, 
AjKic- xii. 3). tJliaen'e what Daviii diJ (i Siim. xiiii. 5. 7 ; 
s S0PI. 1). It h«a been proved by many esamplca vnong 
you tbat thoao who have been the a[ithc>rA of kiLlmg their 
lords have shortly rndL-tt tljtir own live* and been without 
bcncfil tif cither law. 

rj. Hiot the Kfcat and rich judgerighteously, and accept 
not the poreon ol the ncrh, nor dc«piB« the poor, nor decline 
from Tight, nor take hrih« iigainsi thr* innocrni, hiu an 
according to uuth and juMJcci »incc ihc piophct .^ay« (I^ 
Iviii. i). Aho elien-here (Lev, lux. 15^, as alno (Isa- 1. 17), 
and tx another (Lev. viti. C). The LorJ toyv in the 
Gfir^pct (Mau, vii- j), nor slinll yon by violence ukc from 
another chat ^hich belonp to him, lu it ls siid (Ex. iXh 17)^ 
tor the prophet ihreaiens tnying (lEa. Vh 8). AsoJn a prO' 
(ihct cries snying (J\, Ivv^iv. a), Keniember wliai he 
dcAcrv^c^ who cflu»c» «l liulc one to mljmiUc; bji he wlio 
receives one of these receiver Chrst. May yon deserve to 
have it taid to you ax the Judgment 'Come ye hleKied of 
My Fflthcr/ cic. 

14. l.ct fraud, Tiolcncc; and rapine be abhorred, and let 
not unjustt tributes \x imposed on the Church of Ctod, nor 
^^aier ihan those allowed by the Rom:Ln kw, and the 
LUMom of foinici eiiipL-i^^kicii^ititiLd punces^rid let ihciii 
endeavour 10 keep thbimiclvca ivhully free from thia xicc or 

wii) HtSTORY or THE ENCUSfi CHUnCii 


violence who d»irc lo fccep tfjciniclvcs io cotninunion wiih 
the Uol]p Koimti Church and ^>tcu«l Peter ihc I'nncc of 
tbe ApostkS. I'^i there bv ronccml and unnnimity t^vi-iy- 
vhcre, brtvcm kiiigi njicl bisbniM, e<:<:leiia^lici jlilO Uyiufii, 
ami al) (Jhtistun people : that ilic churche* of God may be 
«t unity m aW places, aiid Itvit ih«fc bo pOftCQ in the one 
Church, rontlnEiing in one taiih, hni^r^ iind charily^ hjifir^ 
one Head, whidi ik Chii«t. whvac mcmticr^ uughl lo hcl|] 
iHke another, and lo love vHih a mutoil c^wuy, 1x3 He Hiiii 
•elf h^& uid (John xjii. 35). 

15. All unrighiixiii^ rnarriAgp« nrr f^^rbitMrn, a« «!«n «Ltrh 
a*uc inccMuovSiMvrcliwiihihe hAndniaids of thel^Td.or 
oUief unbwful pcrMiu^ as with tho^ tlmt are too nc^r iikin, 
as Rbo vTth il^en {tv/jV^ri^ffi/] women , Arid W him who 
dootuch liiin^ be struck with ihovord ciT the Bruithcina» 
unlcsft, cofTCctii^ hiuisgir, he repent of Im wicked prctJiap- 
tion, tnd 'Correct and recbini hinuclf according 10 right bnr 
in obedicTKe to hit bishop. 

t&. Sum of hjflot* ate ffciirii^rd uf laAfiil uiheiiUiHCe, 
and wc judge thoAe bom in jidultcry or of nuns to be 
l|]«gitiavtie, V^it ve do not hc^iuttc to call a virgin who 
hu d«iYiied henHf to God, and hua jnii cm as it were ilie 
garment of the Holy M^iy, llic spoubC of Chri»t. Now 
il is RiAnifeit in heavenly rcspccU m ncll oa earthly iha! 
be wbo takes ft tpoosc fmm one more powcffuJ ihnn him- 
telf lihall not c^c^pc u(it»unithed. Therefore the a;uD>Llc 
says (1 Cor. iii. t?)^ and the same aposile say» (ICph. v. 5), 
Conatdor wliMh^r eecuLxr :nhetitanc;e bti not cut off Iron) 
««eh by ihe Scnptura when it naj* (Gat. iv. jo). But an 
adulterer may say, 'My harlot i» not a bondwoman but 
a free'; to these «c answer with apostolic authority (Rom. 
ru t6\. Therefore we have comirn;ided, in the uonls of 
ihe apf>&TTe (1 Cor. vii, a). \\vaX s^ they mnj' have Lawful 
hehu in the Ixtrd who may be aIao lieir* ol God and coheirs 
0/ Christ. Further, as it is preiciibed in the canon and 



and :}CdiT, 

Jin4 thr 
pc«cc of 







Ththrt to 
lip piril in 

I lift I y/u- 

vn^fy not 

la bo Tinr- 

iind in^B' 

he puid In 

wilh Scriji- 
twrt cfc' 
■mpl^n Bill 

in Ibc GoiptI* and in the detrcrs of ibc «pc»tlcH umice^m* 
ili(: Idvful pjjm;k{:CfJ. and the proper lime of intcrcourac 
and flbfliinGncc we prci^unic \o add nothing to tfaetc dcercofl 
(I Cor. nL 1 6), 

17. A» to paying tiihcs it is vriticn in ihe Lnw, 'The 
tenih |xirt of all thy incicatic.' S:c. ; ' ir Ihoti brir^ lliy fini- 
ImifR,' Ac. AgJiin by ihe jtroj^hci, ' iinn^ yo aU Lhc lUliC 
inii) the mcTTr'hmii^!-/ Ac^^ (\fAL III, to)- m thf* tttt,^ man 
piijs ^No mnn c^ii ju^ily give Alm% of what he poi3njcs 
unlcn he has fir-ii icparacvd unto the L/^rd what He (rorn 
Ihc bogmning directed to be paid to Him.' And on ihk 
Account It c»Den happens ihiti hv; wlio doc« noi p^y ntlies 
is himself reduecd lo n tenth port. Therefore we do 
solemnly en;uin tluit all tike ecrc tt> pay the tenth of ulL 
lliflC they po»*e**, beraiise rJuE pociHuirly bolorgs to God; 
and let (heio live and Ki^c ^Ittis oui of the nine j»rU j end 
>ve adviAc that nlma be Riven in nccrct, l^ccaunc it i» written 
(Matt. vi. >), Wi- ]iAvc also forbidden UEury, ftincc Lho 
\jmA flayi 10 David that h« idiall lie worthy (o dwell in hi> 
taherti<tc1e ^ho hai not le[:i his money upon \iiMrf. And 
Aiijftiilinc wyr^ MVho Oin have unjnn ijnin without justly 
deierved Iom?' (Aug, Serni_ S). Where there it gam there 
a )u0 ; ^lin in Iht; culTrr, losa in ihc i:oi^AticnLi:r. We 
biLVC aIao ordiined chat ritLiLiJ nieasitrc jind equal weight 
he enjoined to filli tincc Solomon sayii i.Prov, nx. 101, that 
is. buying by one nientnw and sirlling by anoihrr ; for Ood 
everywhere love^ justice, * Hia couiitcnancc bchutds the 
thini^ that is nght/ 

18, 'I'hat the vows of Chriftrtann be fuJhircd^ for by this 
mainn the ancient luliinrrhs ami prophoot plcistfd (tod- 
Al>c1 the righteous, with a faithful mmd olTercd a tow of 
hia fatlin^^ and thiA wab more aceeplablc to ('od than 
lh--il of the p:trTici<Ic, therefore God with divine fire? ron- 
iuined ihcHc iito^'pl-ible burnt oJcnnga, but despised what 
wu offered without a good mind, who bcir^ therefore 


coodcmnol irith a curse, Ocscrvrd wtaili, but the joun^cr Tflr. 
vrag cn^fiM wiEh a hj>pp>' n^an^rdom^ Kcnicmbcr Enochs 
vho paid the vqv he had tn^dc und ^rnn tr^msUtcd 
tiling in ihf IhhIj'. So ilid the riehtCTJU> Nnab. and \\e 
alow vrith seven of 'lis firnilv was delivered from the (]ood 
of the world. Wh:ii need 1 vj^y <A Ahr.iluim ivlio paid dTI 
hi« vmri and his tifht* fo MclHuscdnr the pn>»t? F[>r 
he ihumphcd over liix enemies, thcruftfre be deserved nut 
only to Adore, but ftiao to enlcrtuin wtdi h^s hi>tjpit^ity, the 
Lord in Trinicf, And ro have A «on of promiiir b}' a voman 
Uot wax nmcty yearKild. And ht? refu-ied not to Kicrlfice 
_^c aon of prcnnike, though die Lord had said, * En l^aac 

\\\ thy seed be <all«d,' &'c., yet he ceriAmly trusted 
W son «^« ir> hve. Therefore 'f;i)Eh wrought with hii; 

itki,* Ax. (Jas- ii. ti, 13I. ]ac4)h vpwed a vow ;ind 
he paid it Remember M.tnoah (Jephlhah ? ( what he did 
rlih hi* daughter, and his mcinoiy shall be tvtrlasling. 

iTid, when he paid hk vow. chnrgcd ns snyJng (Pi. 
hxn'u i\\ Solomon iUy »a>t ^Hrd. v, 4, 5), Wc ibcro- 
Ibrc beteech you that cver^' one call 10 mind nhftt he has 
vovM in proiperity or sdveniiy, lest being again involved 
tn difTicukies you tlocrvt.' 10 Kive il v.\vl : * What he |>rtv 
mi#cd lor^: a|*o he haft lied in.' * After thy hardness nnd 
impeoitcnl heart ihou treaturcjii up unto thyi^elF wmih/ kc 
fRom. ii. 5). 'Thervfofe I will Imtgh/ ^c. {Trov. I 26). 
Wc eim ghe ax inumihe tu <lod nothing bul what He first 
g»vc lia; ihcrcf^rc tlic prophet, bcm^ touched with thia, 
tiyc \i^- cxvL I3t. ir^ny one h:ii> vowed snd delayed to 
|H]F it, we are afnud thai he will not ewape wiihout wen- 
Kcancc, ai it is uid. ' It is a fcaifol thing ic fall inU the 

kd> of the hrin^ ilod' 
». That every fafihAil Christian take eiample by catholic l^'Hpri%ha' 

ri, and if any [o^'an riie remain lee :i lie plnrked up, 1,0^."'-™. 

^pised and rciettcd, for God created man fiit in comeli- luui*. vi*. 

W and a|>pearancc, but pagans, by die inspiration of the "'*^'^''*"'°* 




Aild (Luc 

Devti. tiave brought on tlK-Tia^'Ivc!i llic luuloit scan, as 
rrtj^cntius Hnyi, *Hc hns maikcd even the irtittjcci^t ground 
with unsightly epots/ Hv wcnu lo <io an injuij lo iho 
1>ord who (iL'fil^ and depraves Ins workmanship. If any 
cuic tihould undci^o Ibis blood letting for the sake of Utxt. 
he would on that aceouni reciiive great rcvAtd, Imji whoever 
d(H-3 it niii of hnihtsiiih i^t]]K^iilion does no moft: *<lvaTitr 
his i:ilvation thereby ihaii the Jews do by bodily circum' 
ciaion MitliLiut sincere ^ilh. Vi' w^ar gtiriacnls like those 
of the Genslki whom your Ifithcr* hy lKl- hulfi of God drove 
out of ihe world by arms. A wonderful nnd hoiiible diing 
to itnitate the example of those whose manners you hate, 
Vou also by a horrid cit^^tom m;iim your hcr^L^s; you sJjt 
IheiT noptnlii, fasten their r^rs togtnhcr, makt? [hetn denf, 
cnjt oiT iheir tails, and tender yoarsclves laieful in not 
keeping them sound when yoa may. Wc have heard also 
th^t when you have any cuntrovetBy taween yourieJves 
yfiu use sorcery after the manner of the Geniile*, which is 
accounted sacrilege in these times. Many of you eal bonpe- 
flesh, which is done by rone of the Ea&Tem Chrisliiins t take 
hvijd of this ICO, Endeavour that si [ your doing* be honest 
and be done in die Lord. 

«o. We have directed all in general to Oct ftccording 10 the 
prophet's word which saj-s, 'Make no larfyinR to turn unto 
:he Lord, and f lit not off frum d^y ro day ' (Heelus v. 7), 
and again (Joel iL laj. And aLCofdin^; to the Apostle 
(Jaa. Vh i6\ Icat death should find any of you uripteparcd, 
whieh Ciod forbid And receive the Euchantl according to 
the judgmtnt of the piiesls, :]nd die iriiasiutc of guilt, and 
bring foiih frulls meet foi icpcni-incc. Fora fruilfu) repen- 
tance con!^i»t9 in bcwniling nn^dccds and not coniniittini£ 
them again. But if any rnun die without repcntanrc and 
COnfeiSiuii^wUtth God forbid, piayers muM nnf hr in;tde fur 
him, for none of u» is without tin/ not even an infaEitbon^ but 
% day since ' (Job xiit 4, 5, LXX). As liic apostle wjiya, • If 



wc %xy wc have no sin/ ^c, therefore ftuice death lingem TC?. 
Dot, repent and be convcrttil that your sins may be blotted 
out, and th-it you m-iy <ii-4orvc, together wiih lh« lioSy angi:!£. 
tn enjny that liCr whirh ta iritbfujt ^-nd, through Him who 
lircth And rcignctti fur ever ind ever. 

\Vc proposed thMc dcercot, motl bbwird Pope Hadrfati, Epd&pie t 
inapuSlk Council btfore AlfwalJ the king, and f^n"«Id ™^'^'J 
archbithoi^ atid aII the lii^u>iJ9 and ^bbuU (jf tlic brhaviour 
intry, and the venilora and chief men Jind people of the ^'^ri^^n, 

And thcy.fts wc before K^id, vowed with :il] devotion byasi 
minil thai they would krrp thpm lo the utninal ui their 
rer by tbe help eA the heavenly mercy. And they con- 
their vovs by the «ign ot the Cron in my h«nd 
jn your ttcad ; at af^c-rvardu they alio did carefully, 
tb p «lylc t^uL the *iijn of ll^ htfly CrQ» to this written 
i. AlJwflld, king of the Northumbrian nation^ conftentini; The 

hav^ *iiih*rnbcd *iih the ^\gn «r thp Cm*!, m^Iiu*™ 

1, Tilheic. pceUte of ihc Chujch t\ Ilcxbam, have joy< rles. 

fully tubftcnbed with the i\^ of the Cro«. 
1, £anbald, by the gr.ico of God Arohbiiihop of the J^oly 
Churrh of York, have wuh ilic sij^n of tlic Cross sulv 
scribed to the fioui and caiholic ^junction of this 

fTKere fotlow tli? pafnva, io very Kkc tcrva, cf Biifehopi HigwjilJ of 
Li&ilbf*rjiit, Eihttbtrch of Candida Caa«, ALilulph of Htjo. Qiihcp 

To ihoc moM u^ul admor^itionn nc aho, pne^^ts and 
deacons of tlu; churcheit, and jbborii of moniit^nesr JuUgi-it, 
grrai men and nobles have canR^titcd jind «uli^rilM.'(] wiib 
OTIC m:1 and iiJonth [Two chief men and two abbots ^ign 
viih no fuKher specilicaiion |. These thln^ being con- 
cluded, uid the Mining being gtvon, we w^nt on. taking 





undaf (trfi* 
Six- 1 *'*'\ 


wjlh lift the Itfcaici of Ihc king and archWhop. that is 
MAlMrin fLiid Pyliffl, tender*, men of noie, who earned tht 
iJltk*^ witli tlH'in ro ih<* CDuricil of Xhe Mrri'ians. whrrc 
lite ^luiiuuk King OHlt. witli tlte counsdbt^ of llic bnd. 
toHe|hc:r willi Jaenlx-rl, Arehbi^hop of ihe Holy Church of 
<:«ni^rljiirj', jintl tin- re« of Ihe bUhop* of the cou*itry were 
n&«riiil>1ed The rapiLulu wttc bulh rctiil, one bycne, with 
a cltar tkiii'c in ihc pic^cnce of the Council in liilin, and 
c:vpUincd in Ihc l^cutonic tongue thai all itiighl underttund 
ihem. The>' nil wiiK uninimoiji henn And mice tliajilio^ 
iheir 4|H»il(^bip pnunued to olwj their udLniHiitions, and 
by the |)h\inc waiStA/ice to the boi ci their poKucr cbMis 
TuLty lo keep the tUluto. And rtirthcr, according lo the 
AboTc^vtinen injvmrlicn, at viHI the king aa ibe gfut i»nk 
ibc Arvhbisiiop with bb altendinb. coo^nnedinih cl>e iJfin 
of tile boly Oo» ua oixr hands m >'o«r Lonbhtp'a sicult 
Hftd aJtennKU thcf con4n»cd this prctene PH^ ^^'^ ''^ 

I. )aenbcii« oKhbiihop of ihc bolj CWch cf Cwier- 
bvry, iixn d<^<u«t)]r lubvcnbed with tte dpa of ifac bo^ 

1. Ofii, kin^ of iho UcfbuB* CT)ft»oilfcn l9 Acse 
suhices hiv« rcttdiljr wbtcribed vkk die i^b of dkc Crovs. 

1. U^btft. b4tikop of Ibf Qwrcb of UchWdl hit* nb- 
■cribtKl viah the sfa uf ibe hoir Chmi. 

I0th«f ^liWw faUDw, vtt E^nJIL b^tf^ of U» *t , skI 
UbwiMh fcihnf of UiCfU- w«k ■«« f4tHr h j fcf ^ vftoM iv«i 





01'" LICHFIKLU, A. p. eo3, 

Ticift iJocuTncrtl rrconli tbr: Itnitt irulcmcnt of tl]prAT]lrf)vrf«>-ihnit Ml 
thr mrTn>p<iJit4n <licnii>' (rf Jji:bti<7Jd. wbii^>i hi-1 lui^l for iUt«o 
yami. It ficcun m ■ lonpjtT fonn at pnnrril !>/ H- *inl S, (lii, jiov 

Tbat (rrvn h^lov ^f^nilf upon 4r> aVid^fin^rLi fiven LJi SpcJcDui, 
L 9*4' wlucti ■» lM*«d un <Ir)Uun MS-, f>M^ h. }£■ 

Glory 10 God on liigh» peJicc on eanti to men of good iirhA^M 
'c know AK i* nm*irjfju%. ihough ic swnit not ai all b^^'^ajp 
to manT *ho dwell in Ehu nation of ihc En^lbh ■mciLiO' 
that fiiirhfully lrLi*t in God, licw thnt OJft. kiiiff of ihc Mcr K'SlbJ*" 
cilov i^ lli^ ^^y^ of Jat^nbt-rt. aif^hlmhofv prf^MinfrJ Iry 
very lodircci puclJcca lo ojvidc Htid lui tii jtuntlct iLv 
honour and unity of ihc see; of our father SL Au^istinc 
ilk ihe city of Canterbury , and hovi', afttr the de*lh of the 
uid pontiff) Arr:M7ii>lii.)ii tlltirlhcid, his M]i.crv4or 1^ Ihe 
jpft of Divine sctjicc. after ^cvcrnl rc^ra^. tiAppci^cd to vi^il 
the Apottoljc thrahcld and l-co Ihti blcvit-d To^e of Ihv 
AlKHiolIc Sec, tn beh^f of many riglii:^ tjolon^ing to the 
Cfasrcho of God. Hc« among otiicr nccc^^nry nq£otiation<, 
did ftk» deckrc that Ihe partition of tbv archie[>iscopal !ft» 
had l>«ea unjustly madf : And tPio ApoitoUr Po[)e, iis loon 
a& tic licftfd And undciviood that ii y*;^ uijju»lly done, 
prc«:nily Drdcrcd an auiborilalivc precept of i>rivilcKC an 
from fiimiuir, and t&enE it into LrtUiin, and ch^iryed that an lj?o<f<-- 
mtUe rcbtiltition of honour should Imt made to llic sec of ^"[yll 
St. Angnitine «iih all the dioccKs belonging to it, accord- un}(4[ and 
irg at St- Gr*gory the apoitl* and niauer of our rniion "^y.^Ji"' 
trilled it, nnrl thai it iJioulcl in all rrspt-n* hr rr*torrti it* 
Ibc honourable Archbiihoi> Kthelherd when he returned 




Ti Accord- 

bur* irv 

» Tlii» rc- 



J I dd I mil 9 


imo his country. And Kcnulf, the piou« kinjt of Ihe 
McrcTAnt, brought it to pass. 

I. Ami in Ihe year of nirr Tord's Inrarrat^m S03, Indic- 
lioo II, Oaub« II. I, EihdIicKl, aiQli bishop, with ctll ihc 
Iwch^c bishops subject to the holy «c of the blc^cd 
AogUKlinc, in a synod which was held by ih^ apostolic 
Ijniicpis of tbc Lfjrd Pope f^i in u r.iniuus t>lacc called 
Clovcsboo, with the tinaniinotis consent of the wWc aactcd 
syncd, m ihc rvime of Almighty Cod, and of u\\ His ^Tnt$, 
and by Hi* trcmctidouK jiidgmtni, we thargr that neither 
kin^i. nor !>t.'(bops. noi princes, nor any men who abuse 
ihcir power, do ever presume 10 diminish or divide aa to tlic 
IcAit particle the honour of "St. AuguKiinc, nnd of his holy 
»ee ; but tUnt it nlw,iys rcmntn mmi folly in iril res|iecis in 
the same honourjl^lc ntaie of dignity o» it now is. by the 
consiitution of the blcastd Circgory, and by the privileges oi 
hU Apostohc succeasofn, and aa appears 10 be right by tho 
«nc:tirtns of the holy rannni:, 

*- And noft by the help of God and of the Apostolic 
Tope I'CO, 1, ttJiolherd, arcbbisliop, and olber our fellovr- 
bifthops, and all the d^gnitarie* nf our synod with us, do 
t;uanjitiGU&ly cunftrm tlie prirnni y of Ihc holy si^c with the 
standard of the cross cf Christ. And we give this in charge 
and Bik;n it with the sign of the Ctobs, thnElhearchiepieeopal 
see frnm this time forward never he in the ninnasTery of 
Lichfield, nor in any other pUce but ihc cily of C.intcrbury, 
where Christ Church is, and where ihc catholic faith first 
shone lonh m this iiland, and where holy baptism was fir*t 
<'.clcbratcd by Si. Augustine. Further al^o wc tlo by con- 
sent and bccncc of oiif Apo»ioHc ]j3rd Pope Tco forbid the 
charter sent by Pope Hadrian from the Sec of KomCi and 
rhe piill and the archiepiceopnl we In the monastery of 
Uchfield irj be [^ffiny vjklidily becjiii«c gotten aurreptiliouf^ly 
and by insincere suggestions. Therefore we ordain by 
canonical And apostolic proofs with the nunLiest Bigoi of 



ihc Heavenly Krog, ihat the primnq^ of ih« mona-ftfiy do ^^ 
rcniAm whcrr iht? holy <>oa|W!] of ChriitF vu fmr prtarhi^d 
by the holy Faihrr A;jGOU]nc \u ihc iwuvinccof tlicEt^^liab, 
and WAS CfOm thence, by Uie ffrocc of ihc Holy Spirjr, widely 
difTijiwd. But if any dare io rend Chntt'* gnrment ^nd to 
divi<Ic ihc unity of tlw iioly Clmri-h of (Iml, ti«iinry Ui ihc 
apoMfiJic precept and all oun. let him know tliat be it 
etonuJIy condemned unlcM he n^;ike due ftfttisfaction iot 
wlut lie Juts n-ickvdly done crmtrnry lo the eaiiorut 

[A vnr^Lnif li«| oT aipiAtgrk* fallfffr^^ 



Tmc ynu B55 f^pun Eo be Ihc true d&tE of ibb grant. Hie dmlc, 0Oli, 
tfavu^fUnco^ And bLiiarjcal bcadiif *^ the Chjiler ur fully >lJ>< 
rwctcid Ify 1-vd Vlbiinv, ^invwf F^rtt tmti Frrtumn. Ac p Ko. Thit 
donnTVnl mrnvn tn f***r*l dUlcfpnT fr^rm*. ft wtilch IhcrC nrt 
vanodi mumnkcrrpt And prrnifd cdpi^t. rh»y ura «ll cc^Iktvd by 
Binh in hu C^rftiUnHf/r S*Mitintttmt vuL ii, no*^ 4B3-4SJ; »cc (il*u 
fl«di!>ij and Slilbbi. >j^ OjC. TNc ImnftUtton IkErv crvrn iii nJtdv 
fnui d MS- In tlic Brili»ti UuKum. Ahtdi iLciiriai very nEiEiy wiLh 
m WilJaim ol Uiliiiebiiry. {p/jf. Km., Kolb Aerin, I. 170 

XYr. Brtf- Hni- MS. K^jt tg, D. B, f. M] 

Io the perptiufll reign of our Lord, wbilat in our ffmcs inprcm- 
[by rcuAuo *ifj tlic O^kiiies of u.iia, :iiid ajjoiljn^ of oui jcuoJ^ J^w 
ftnd aI»o the nio4t cruc) pilbxiriK ^^ dcviuiAtuijc foes, and dAU|cci>, 
nsaniEold trouble ftcta pognn and barbarouv p«op]a» nt !^!|', j. 
see ihat prHlouft l]in» are iit h:ind 10 afltii.t us even to 
dc^tnictioo, I, thcreforct Eliidnulf, ki"^ of ihc Wc»i 
SixonSi by Ihc <wjnMl of my bfs^hopsi und chief men hs.vt 
^CHiArrntd thU mholc»iom« ctmntel, ind uniform rem«)yr 
tlut to all funks hiihctin pu^stallllg nay hcrt-ijiliiry poilion 
of Uodi, wliaiicr »crvanLa and hardnmids of God serving 



fnnt) I he 
tcnih fan 
of hi* Und 
tQ ihc re- 
liifEaua b 


pnyct* i(i 


bi«hopa at 

pnytn ^^ 

be qflcrcd. 

Pliw da IP, 

jiJtd ivJi- 


God, or \xf people*, 1 have decked that the tomh hoiiM- 
»kad, or, wbcic it i» vciy aniAil, at dt cvcnti ihc tenth, 
be always given ui> in pcrpcEud francbise ; thai il be free 
and protected from all accubr icrvicea, and a!&o rojrat 
UilnHt's.gfrntcr orlops «rEai*tir>nswhic3iwp call Ul»rt<ieB, 
<and that il be free ftom All things, Tor the forgivcncM of 
Qiar touU end tins, for the venic? of Gcd al^[i«, wiihout 
mfljriiry equipment, or bridgt-buSldu^g, or foftrfiraHon of 
cj»Uc% flo that lliry ikiay ibc moic djligcnUy {Hmr f<>rili 
pmycra without ccosini: to the Lord for ti^ because wc 
thus in some titgrce relieve their service^ 

ThercafHT k pk':i«ed iVv Bihhops AlsTan of Ihe churcb 
of Sherbcime* and Swithtin of the church of WincEicsLcr, 
1o enter upon an agreement with their abhoi^ and ihc 
Hervanli of God, that ail out brethren and yistcrs do in 
fuM congr<"g!iri[>n. at e^idi HuiTi:h, every week on tho day 
of Mercury, that is W'cJnciUav, smg fifty pwlmB. and each 
priest two inassct, one for King Ethclwulf^ and another for 
hi« ctnkei; who ronscni tn Ihjs gift for the r^irwm nnd 
itiUL'ily of their fiiuhs ; for Uie Icin^ in his lifrriime, 'O Gnd 
who dost justify " i ft»r the dukca in their lifetime, 'Stretch 
forth, O Lord'^ and alter tl)ctr <Jcath, v.'paraLcl>- for the 
king when dead, in common for ihc chief men when dcod- 
And be thi» ^in ^leadf;upt]y »l^bli^hed sM i\\^ dayti of 
Chriatiauiiy qa the aUov^i IrincEiise is cstabh^ihed, to lon^ 
as the faith ei:tendK amongin ihc people of llie English. 

Now this Lb;intfr uf gifr was wnitc?n in the y«jr of the 
Lord's Incarnation 814 (jrvr iittrfjdmtiett)^ in ihe fourth 
indiciion, on th« glh da/ of November, in the dty of 
Wmcrhester, in the Chtirrh of St, Pcti^r, brforf ihr chief 
allae \ und ihh (hey did ftjr the hLinoui pf Sl Mitli^icl the 
Archani-el, ard St. Mary the i^rorioua Queen, ihe Mother 
of God, and at ihc same time of the RIcwcd Petcc^ Prmce 
of the AjHnllei, 4nd obii of our hnly Father Pope Grtgor), 
and all the KiintB^ «nd then for fuJkr a.a£Ur»>cc ICin^ 



Eiliehruir phccd thu choner up(>n the of SL I'ctcr, 
aiKl Iftp bttJio^M fcir <j(k1's f:]iih ri.vfiveU it from him, nncl 
oAcrwjLid) hail ix. lliiou;^!) ;iU thtijt-lica ill llicir iUw;cm:», 
OB is afofcsjudt 





Titiv wu a royal ^njiinctbn t>' KinjeAlliflJitmnJiiccrniiiK tin: iia^- 
ffrnl of cillm. Ii i4 «litru*vij hy l^nl Snlhnrnr^ Attaint F^tti onii 
/jcTkw, ^r. pp i3> &£., where Ili« text kA g]\«n «« l>el<iW. C/. 
Tborpt'i ^Vfitnt IniM, L i^j 199. 

[ l^ord S'lbf^tno'i tniulatior,] 

I, AtheUun, king, wirh the counsel of Wiilfhelm, STch- 
TiUboj*. AnJ of tny nthrr 1>isih[>p«, mak^ known to tiir 
iteT» It each buTK^t •'ind beseech you, in (lod'a lumc, 
and l>7 all Hit; KtinU, ard also hy my fnendehip, Xhax yc 
flrM of my 0"Ti goods render the lithc^ hnrh of the live 
MOck and of thr yr^r's orilily fniju, so a:( ificy may niott 
Rghdy be CtthcT mcicd. or tolii, or weighed out; and let 
the bi(})Ofi« Ihcn do the like tram Ihnit own ^cimlfi: and 
iTijr ealdomit'n 2nd my reevi^s Llii; Kime. And I U'lll. 
llial Ihc biaJiU|)s ;ind recvai LOinmaiid iL to all ^lio ou^hl 
lo o-bcy tlicui, tl:ft1 it ho done at the right mtm. l>ct us 
bear in mind how Jacoh the patriarch «|jolcc: ^I will offer 
Id thee tilhc* and Mt:rifit.-« of jjeatT"; and how Mohts 
spoke in God^ bw: 'Thau »liaJl not deUy lu oQcr thy 
tithes AfKl fiMfiuiu to the Lord.' It i« for ua to thtnk 
how awfully It )s dorJnrcd in ihc books: if wc wjH not 
fender the tithes lo r>nd, ihir Hr will bike fmm u^ ihc 
nine putt nben wc Icoat exiKci; and loorcovcr vc have 
tbe sill m Edition thereto. Arid 1 v-lII also that iiiy reeves 
90<k> that ihero be ^ven rhi.^ rhLirch-tcots »nd the «ouI^ 




lo St-np. 


bd paid 



0^. HcU, Ai the pbcc« 10 vrhich thry rifiliily belonjt^ und 

plough atmft yc;)rl7. on lhi« ccndition: thai they nhnll enjoy 

it flE ihc holy |ilacN who ar* willing to «evc their chutthej. 

and of Goc3 and of mc nfe iviilin^ ui Jtservi? it; bnl let 

him who vill not, forfeit ihc bounty, or aK^in turn to ri^t. 

Nov ye hcnr, toHh the kiiift, what 1 give to Cod, And what 

yc ought to fulfil unJcT the penalty of contt-mpi of tny 

Thf! icinff Authority. Aiitl <ki yt; aho fto, that ycu may grvL* to me 

Md V^ my own, whfll yc for mc may justly acquire I will not 

niiiiDi;iLDt thnt yc unjuiily anywhere acx^utrc nu^hi for nt£ ; but J will 

d«ULD£, grant t[> you your <ni"n jtwiy, on this rondftinn that ye 

yield MIC nine i and ahitW IwJili youricl^ca and iho»e vhom 

ye oui;ht io cohere a^ain&t Cod's Anger, ancl Jtgninst Xhtt 

penalty or contempt for my authority. 


OF ODO, A.D, S43. 

OiiL Tiri rollowlni: li Afirirtlitm Trom tbf- Cinoni cf Odti, an:^bhhop 

cf rpi;trrC)ury. tvlilth ivcn? published about ihe year 943, «n4 Llluft- 
tnte wmp Iciid^nrip* nf Tli^ liw. OrfnV Putrtral rhargc 11 trant- 
ktfd by Dnn H0i>k in liin JLit^j ^Mf Arcfii—Jn'/*, i- 369. 

[TV. Carton MS. V«p, A. r4,L 173: a.WUUnMflift.] 

Thatthv I, IVe charge and command iW ihe hoTy Churoh of 

S^^^ Ootl which waa at ihc fJrsl founded by the blood of Clifibl, 

opprtavJ and by the multitude of (he fnithful has been arrayed at 

ortu«d, ^ bride in white^ be not attacked by ony violence of wicked 

iitt^n; and that i: bt? nut lanful for any to im|>o^c a tax 

upon the Church of Cod, because the sons of the Church. 

that i^ the %onn of God, arc free from Jill earthly tribute in 

tf Afn- every country. Ambrose Kiy% it f/it hijiory ofthf Church*, 

' Sec tltron's Johuofi'j Gdidw, i. 351. / 



*Tli«CnthoZic Church ia free from oJl royal taitalioii,' If Mt. 
ftn^liotisn. Lindi, or .iny farms have bocn forcibly taVcn 
frum Chiislbr ^icoiilr, ^nncl hnvi- ht^et\ givm i-itbrr into ihc 
rojat cxchcxttscr or ^ giris, .-lU thc^ [i:i^l vrc clurgcio be 
revoked according lo ihc ancient right of Clu-Uiiarn. rornn^Crt- 
Crefwy wj'!, ■ If any one ahnll scrip the Cliurch of Cl>riat^ '^^" 
kt bin) be anaihcma, if be msVc noE full Gali^Aclion ' ; 
ftDd again, ' Whosoever shall attempt to plunder ^r intndc 
llie pohshes of the CbuKh of c^d by m^imo, he mu<t be 
esconiDnitnitarecl by fhp Cliurch'^ niiTnsten and become an 
utter alien from the body of CliTist.' Foi iliosc mk tiiofe 
^inff itiAA the loldicr^ who <:n]d5cd Christ, that dc^pii^c 
to obey th« rules of the ditcipllno of Her Cliurch, for the 
Cbiuch has iht ^wwer uf birdbg and Irxising, 

3. \Vc adtnoinxh the kiJig oiid princcA iind all who arc Kjnciand 
m po«« thnt they obey their nrcbbishopa and all other J'"!^b"rVhi 
bbbops U'ith great dcvotior, because 10 ihcii) ^re given the b-itiofw, 
ltcy« of the kingdom of hravcn, and ihry have the power 
of bandoig and looking* And ih-it Lhey do noE r;itc them- id \ys 
ttdvtt hJjEhly for iccubr power, for (^od rcTiistcth ihe proud, '■^■'^^ 
A& And let the king ha\« prudent counsellors, fearing 
GQ<t, over the nffair^ uf ilie kingdom, «o thac the people, 
instructed by the good eianiplc of king ca\A princes, may lohavo 
advance to the praise and plory of God, nnd rhat ihc king ^^^^' 
mAj" be the »hidd and defender of the Churchet of Godj 
to cippeevi nf«ie imjiiiitly by puwcr, to jmlgc between a man 
and hb r^eighbour without respect of pcr^1:l(^^ to be the 
protector of stiangere, orphans, and widowa, to prevent theft, and i» ^0 
to ptmiih adukonCB, not to exalt ihc wicked, to aid thc*^'*''" 
po.x wL(h .ilins ; for akiiough fi i% iicrc*s3Ty f :jr every mni* 
to keep the coismandmcnta of Christ, yet ii ix so especially 
Ibr kiogv and for all placed in high cttnte^ who shall give 
in Accooni at the day of strict c^amfnATlor)^ both for them- 

PGi and fov all v^lio ^ic object to dicm. 





tIJIV s .tu- 

Y ,1 -i -\i 


A.D. 1072. 

Till: eiLrAcl given li Willijiin of Hilmcsbury's account of the 
voiu-ltmlnii of Hie ilkpute between Ihc Archbialiopa of Canterbury und 
Yurk, i\\ hli iitat. iUtl. I 4J. 

[Trai>kl*ted from RtA\^ 5eri» edition, pfk £3-65] 

AVhilst [Thomas^ nrchbishop of York] was proceeding 
with these and simibr argmiienCs, as the necessity of 
prt^vin^ his rase and hisovrn igtiorance of antiqui% supplied 
wv;»tHnw ^y^ his elotiuence, I^mfranc put an end to the dis- 
tusiiim, milling him wilh this most waty answer: 'The 
view vm which yi>u rely needs substantiation in asserting thai 
t^^ Aii^ustine alone was granted the submission of all the 
liish^i^s K^i l^ritain« and even of those who had been conse- 
orate^l by Ihe Bishop of York, That^ would have been 
a very \\m.--i an<i trifling j^ift bestowal by the pope 00 his 
old friend, (his new Engltshnun; especially when the 
Ah.hbish<*|» \>f York consecrated non*? who~ sbould be 
subJM^t b> Augustine in his tifeticne. as there was do bishop 
th^^*' at alL For indeed the We^sed Pauliaus, the 6nt 
ftelutf of that Siimc city, was sent there, n« in the diTS 
of Au^u:^ine> but of Justus the fourth* archbishop of 
^'■antcrtHjfy. Kn^i^ histofv will E*ro»e what t say- Know- 
rr^ this, ttte suprttuc pondJs h^vi conlirmed-to the succes- 
>i.^rs o£ Au^ttstuw the sutois^ion of all tff^ bishogs of 
t^ijjj^iaihj, js the ^tt^ik'^es re^'iti:rd show, embeflisfaii^ the 
^►te^oriarT ^hcQW. J^ they cjii it, with most ornate Ian- 
^UJ^c, iiid fk*lIowTi[g It up With ^nerjus libenlity, the 
rtitvsctiLit] vfs. \^ the same ste md. patioos of the sime 
'vavv. Now JvT hoid that all the Churches of the En^ish 
>Liouid t^Mivw tiK 4i^ii.'^^'^ ^ ^^ ^itn. that piace kom. 



vrhocc fire thoy cnught ihc flnnie of faJth- For who knovs I*'!!* 

not thii the faiih of Cluiti flowird ftt>ai Kent 1<j York .ind |]^'j[ll "[i^^. 

all thic other (Churches ^i KngUrd? As fcr youT aitcrugn. 

Don tbAt St- Cirtgory could liave con^iincd, lud he wi^hcLl, 

10 Attgufttine's sueccwon? by wrirrl whai hr hnri granted to 

Au^ustlfii-s It is quite iruc and beyond dcni.iL But, pny, 

tflui prejudice docs thU fiivc to Ihc «cc of Canterbury? 

I will put a pamlkl rase: for \Then our Lord :ind S:iviotir 

said To St. Peter "Thou atl Fcit-r/' etc. He couM havcAnikty 

added, had Hcwjahcd. **flnd ih[8 aamc power I Kranl tojf;;;^;^^ 

Ihy EUCGCftflotK^ A4 it u^ the ovniislan detract; nothing niynvdi 

from the wrerencc due to P«ler'< «uoce««on. WiU yoi^'^o^" 

npiioeee these worrU and die ;jnylhing contrary? For 

uulecd It is iirpicMfd on the comcicnccs of all Cliriiii.iits 

that ihcy should Ic^ir Ins Kueccesors, even when they ihrcilen, 

00 len than Fet^r himself, and thotrkl glAdiy.ncknow[cdge 

any kind favour tbcy [ihc sacrcx^or*] l^stow. And so the 

anangexnent of .-ill Church m.iiicrs k then, and only then, 

aotbonlnlivc^ if approved by the judgment of liter's 

nioceaon, UTiat ii ilie meflning of thit bui ihc power 

Df Divinr giaue [»&*ii;d on t1tTOU}^li Jl-hus Thmt froin 

St. IVtci to hL5 ^c^Ts? So m pnraDcI kv.^c%, if yon under- 

eland ^f^c, you will form the same condu!;ion. Motvovcr, 

what holds good in the whole, holds good in thtf p^rl; bnltia gtiTid in the gteatcr holds ^lhhI hi ihc lc». Tlie 

Roman Chuich in. aa it wctc. ihc *un) of flli Churches, and 

oil Other Churches ano, an it vcr^ its parte. For as in ono 

respcrr mar U the rlast of hin individual meniTufrtj and yet 

j^ e.ich mall rcsi<ic( the pcoperty of tlie whole snati, so 

ui one way the Roman Sco i» the clfus and (um of all 

Churehn. and yet in each Chwtch there reigns tho entirety 

fW tTic wholi^ Chrislut) rAiili: i»hc ii gmitcKt of :ill i^c 

Cluiri:hes. and what ho]d» good in her aihould hold >;ood 

In the IcM, OS the powo- ot the lit^t head cl any Church 

ooniiniMS lo hN Guecesioi^ unlets there he any expieu 





ii iiul 

Aftd pcnon:tl c^cccptioa Contoqucnily, lu Gimt said tc aU 
the Roman prcUUs« vhnc lie K^id lo Peter, sn what Gt^oiy 
uid to all the auoocuon ofAugustmc, he »aid in Augu^inc. 
Tlic result is, that na Catnwfburj' u fiubject li> Kocnc, 
because ft received ilic (hirh thence, so York M subject 
10 Conlabury wlucli sMil lircaclicrs iblllier. As for your 
aJIc^tion thnt Gregoty wUhcd that Augtistino-sbouid d^-vll 
at London, it i% quite unsuppuiied. Vot how can it be 
proved ihiit he dfsrt^nnlt^d liis muster's will, And deljficraEely 
oppooed i\xt decrees? But 1 object to Vhithdmw credit from 
a [rndition aowcll supported For j^rnnt that be ^id move 
elflcn^hcre, vhax is tbit to me who am not Bi&hop of London? 
Fnr t do not tnind ut all {kivc; \\vxl tincienl tiMge a-IIows It 
not) llial you ^hIl^e the honour of primacy ividi llic London 
prcbte. If you dcftire 1o ha\-c this di»eiu«cd pc.icefuily and 
without controversy, I will not disregard the correct decision 
u far &s my right and duty tire concerned.' 




t. PfftCC- 

UNDEi^ LANFRANC, a.d. 1073. 

Turn Ciaon> arc printed in WlLEtin?, i. 363, a^ llic andioHiy nt 
Lhc aid rrflbtcr uf ibc cburch at Worccilcr. cumpArcd with Cdiiicr. 
bury MS, A- vii. d Alter x fthort Liiaioricnl prerhcr Hit? dfiEumriit 
proceed! AS folkivK. 

[Tr, WilkiJis, i- 363] 

I, BccAuK Councils had fallen out of r»hioninEnj;land 
for many ycaw paitt, wtne things were renewed whieli ar*i 
knoAvn M li^v^ hi^tn d<flined by aiicii-'nt r^anunii Iucjl 'oq it 
ttiiH ordained according to ihc fourth Council of Toledo^ and 
thoac of Milcvb ftnd Bro^a, that bishops should sit accord- 
ing to the time of their ordination, uve those who by old 
aisionn, or by the (irivileges of ih»rChun:hes, have seats by 



preccdenr«. The bid men were iiKked aljoul !ht«, ihcy 
hod seen theninclves or bad received truly and probably 
from ihcir ciders and for this answer dclny was requested 
And gnmcd \x\\ n^t dAy» So on the nctt diy Ihey slated 
urunimoniEly thAi rhr Arrhhiftho;! (if York <jught id ail at 

c riffht hand of Citttcrljury, the Riiihop of Ijondon at ilic 
Winchester next York, bui if York be awoy, London 
on the nght, WmchesEcr on the left. 

3. TUa( monks should hold thcif |>n:'|ier order by the rule 
of St. Benedict in the Dialogue of (jrcgory, and the ancient 
cuftUinD of pburcs under rule, chicNy Ihat cliildri^n and youili^ 
sboold hBVA giurdianshfp in all fhcct tmder fii tiviKim 
a&iigncd tbcm, that itll in general »^iou1d cdity lighLt by 
Q^ht aniea they have no pro;>crty allowed by the autho^ 
riUes. But if any cne be discovered^ ^t dvatli to hold any 
property witl)out^ke licr^ncc afoicbaid, and shall not a>toic 
it before deatht confessinit bf* *in with penitence and sricf, 
let not the bells be tolled for him, nor the fiavinf; Gacrihce 
be otTered for bi* absolution, nor let him be buried in the 
c«nielcry. ^ 

3. By the dccrcca of ?opcs Damaiua and \xo, and by 
the CcuncjU of SoidJCA and Ijiodiccra, whereby it is for 
bidden that biihops' sect should lie in vil^< [t'ifU's] it vi^ 
granted by n^ol favour and the Council's authority to tbc 
albscsftid three bbhops lo mif^rate from vith to dlica— Her- 
CDftUi frcm Sh^rtorne to Sftbabury, Sngand fr<»m ^cl^cy lo 
ChicheEtrr, Prtcrfrrim lirhfldl to Chrnrr. The- rj^c of 
socne who were yet in vilh or haitiictn \\aA po?ilpot^cd for 
ibc kicg'a hearing, then at war in parts beyond ihc sea. 

4- By miny decrees of the K<jtnan ponti^^and different 
aatbodiics of lixc «ocred cinoiis, thai no one should keep 
cc vrdain any deik cr monk without letters dimfs^ory, 

5. To resiMJn tbu arrogance of some iinwtfle men it nas 
enjoined by gercr^l decree that no cn« *pc!it in tht* Council^ 
«dLvcljiUio^andabboU,wiilKiui loavc fiuiu ibc mcUDpoliuLu, 


a, Uonts 
\K' ubocive 

3, Tnn*' 

rtppfice of 


4 rctCTTl 

5 Voice 

in Ihp 






7. Sktn^ny. 

a. Chnnm. 

9. JiiiJecK 
III rapitftl 

6. By th$ ijecreeft of Cregor>< ihc and ihc lje«t 
ihat none lake a wife from his own kin or thai of hi» 
ijcccfiacd vrifc. or Any he hn^ m rcbliodt wjthm ihc sc^'Ctttli 
dcprccon cither si<ic. 

7. Thjit no one buy or sell fia^rcd orders or church o(¥ice 
which apiHrrtiins It) cure vt sciuls ; fur this ciiine wa» oii^iu- 
ftlly L'timlcmrctl by !lic aposiTc Peter in ihc coac of Simon 
Magiio. atlcrwrLrds forbidden under cxcommunLCAtioii by 
the holy fmhcrf. 

S. Th:i[ ihc hones cf dcnd nnhnalfi he nol Imrr^ up &ny- 
Vihttc ta thougK to avoid dis&taci of onimaln, and that 
Horcvry, toolLiaaying, divjnniion, or any sjch troika of ihc 
DovSl he pmriked by no one; for :\\\ *urh things ihc^Kicml 
CAnons haic foiblddcn, and ihosc wlm pm^ii^c them ihcy 
hovL" excommunicated hy tJcntcnoc fiivcn, 

rj. 'Ihat by Lho Councils of EJvira and Toledo XI no 
tiifthop or abbot or any of ihc clergy should judge conccriv- 
ing a taan 10 be t'^t lc> dciUi 01 lo muEiUtior, n^ bvour 
Miih his ivuliority ihmo who «o judge. 

picrf foltowihc i^cnmircs of Ihr two ATchblaliops, LWrltC htahOT^ 

of CB"lfTbili^' j 


TO rOl'E GREGORY VIl, a,o. I07G? 


Tuk (lilc 0/ tliix letter a, itiiieiUnu Dr, FiTtmin wyu tlidl U cjiij- 
not lipcar!(rr lliBn I07C, afi It wu only in lo^jlhit WllUjtin'sGrci|ucrit 
«b*eEim from ICngbntJ bf^an ^JV^ C, Iv, 433*, 

[Tr J, A, C«h' rj/rp ^ir/. -^#^/, I^ajTfnpr* 1 3*. Icltw *.] 

To nrepciry, the mofi! noble Shepherd of the Holy Chnrcli, 
UMIiijn, by the frrace of God renowned king of the Ensh'sh, 
ihwunot anddukcof ihcNunnsn^y ijrcttmgiHtLi uiniiy. UubcTtjyour 

mtad for 

»vii msronv or the exgijsh cucrch 


legate, llcly Father, cominjc lo rac in your behalf, h&dc me 10711. 

to do ft'alty to you aii<l your luccftson, and lo Hunk itciltr ^I'^nt^yriy 

in Ihf Hiiitlrr of tl»<! iimnt")' wliirh my iiii'iIet^t^sorB were wonl J^jj 

to send lo the Kotnaii OiLiich : the one point I a^tccd to^ 

Uic oihct I did not flgfcc to- I rcfui^cci to do fcfllty, nor will 

I, Iwcauie neither h^ve 1 jironiised it, nor do 1 find that 

mjr pfcdeocttOfft Jid it lo yc»Ltr |iredt.Kr*(i»unI 'Hip monry bui ili« 

for neurly three years, whiSt I waa in Gaul, lias been care- ^^^^^y 

Icnly ccllectctl ; bui nnw that J nm c^mc b^c^k lo my kin^- <ru]ipciffd 

doni, Jjy Ciod'i n^ercy, wh.1i hns lif-m rollericd is icni hy J^'^*^" *'*" 

Ibc ufoicMid Iq^tc, and ivlut ienuiiJH!(bull be di^^idbdicd, 

when opportunity scnx^ by the legale of Lanfranc our 

taiihful archbuhop. Pny for lis, :»n<l for ihe good caute of 

our rraliii, for wc have lon-d your [itti^crrjwnrs and rW^rc 

lo love you sineerely, and lo ht^ir you otJcUicntly ^jcforu oJl 




TuM. <l«l* ii quit* uateRjUn. Thr Jo™iii*nt i^ printed by WQliln* 
from B M^. t>ct(in£iric lij tim t^mn intl Cbaplnr (<r St. PaiilVf coRi' 
frared willt o^ic in tbe Linrahi KcEnlcr (llcnij|;iv> Q^. Tht text in 
Thorpe. Amritnt Laws mat iHStimtts. t 495- ^f**^ SluIiOs, S. CCSi 
h^rrct until Wilkini- 

WiUiam, by the gmcc of Cod hini; of the EnEli»h» loxF<iy*tii>- 
JL Boiiurd, and G. (it Magntfville^ and I'l-ter tic Viloinec, [^^ "|^^'^' 
-ind iH n^'lic^c nien of E»t'v, ilt'Tlfardilure and Middk-- ii»hoj>'» 
sex f;ieet;»^. Know )« and .ill my bV^c men icsidciil in '■**■ 
J^Ticlafldi thftt I have by my eommcn council, and by Ihc 
ndircc of Ihtf an^hbithop*, bfsliopt, abt^oU and chief men 
of my jdUm, dclcnuiiaHl ihat thu epiM.-o|xiI bvt be 






to Church 


mended as doi having been kept properljr nor ^tcrorrling ia 
the docnec of the «acr»l cinons throughout the realm of 
EnK^nnd, even to riy own time* Accordin^lT I commaii<l 
anti charge yoa liy roj-il nuthorily that no bijshop nor aich- 
dcnccn do hereafter hotd pleas of episcopal hwv (n the 
liuntlicd, noi biiii^ a c^tjbe lo the judgment of secular 
mcft iffhich concerns the rule of aoula- Jtut whoever shall 
be implcactcd by the cpiflCopAl hws for nny cau&? or criiDe^ 
|pf him come lo the place which the bishop shall chooio 
.LTid n.tnie foir ihiK pur^xjsc^ and iheic niL^wer for hi^ ciusc 
or crime, and not according to the Hundred but according 
to ili« oanoMtt and epiKCOpal laws, and let htm do nght to 
dt\(\ and his hithop. Itut it any one, heing lifccd iip with 
pndc, refute to come lo the hithof/s court, let htm be .sum- 
moned three several time*, and if by thifi means, even, 
he come not to obedience^ lei the authority and justice of 
ibe ling (jr sheriff be exerted ; and ht who refuse* to come 
Lo tlic bibIiu;/A juJ^mcnl shall make ^ouO the bibliop's lavr 
\tmetidadif kj^sn ffiijro/it/em] for every aunimon*. Thia 
too 1 absolutely forbid that any lihctif, reeve, or Icing'f 
miniiier, or any other laytnan, do in any wise eioncern him- 
self with the Uw» whit-h bdong to the biahop. or bring 
ftnolher man to |udi;mtrnl save in the biahoiVa court And 
let judgment be nowhere undergone but in the bi»hop*£ 
ace or Jn that plucc wliich the bialiup appjitlla fur tliiti 



Tmc«[ tbnc CdnoAi art tfekcn from Kadncrj Hut .Vain u 6. There 
1> H^ClliiiK L4 Kuiilc U4 u Iw Lkc cUCt iIa(C, 

[Tf . &iam*!i . Rvlia Sc. ii:*. p. i «. CA SiMtUn S. C B*.l 

Eadiner nay**: 'Some of ihoic novel [onw I will Ml 
dottn which he (W^Uiani) appointed lo be obacrvod. . . . 



'i. He woultt nni then nllnw any one ftctdcd in all his 
(fenimion to acknowledge a> tpcetolic the ixsntifT of the 
O17 or Konic, WTe at hii o^^■n Liidding, or by any ineans 10 
n^rciw any lri:cr from hdn if ft had not flrst b«;n shown 
to liimKir 

' }, 'Ibc |:Erimaic also of his mini, I mean tlic Arcl)bi»hop 
of Canterbury or Doroberrnio, prctklmpE over a genenl 
Coundl aa^eenbled of bixho|iK, he did not fierintt to or^ 
daia Of forbid anything »avc wlm had f;nt been ordaiiicd 
by himself aa a^^c^bfc to hie ov^n will. 

'3, He would not mifcr that any, even of hit blshopsL^ 
sliouM be allowed I0 iinple^id [lublicly, oc cxi:<>innmni(--alif; 
or contftxaii) by ary penally of ccclcsiaatical rit^ur^ any of 
hie bofoftt or mmiaCerA occusc^l ot mco»t, or Aduilcryj or any 
capital crime, tavc by his cc>mmand.' 

I. Alio 

3, M^f ftiri. 



HENRY'S LETl'ER TO ANSELM, a.d. 1100. 

lUawir hfld t>ceD crowned durinE An»]ni*s atom^. tlic lcU«r tlOO. 
which Tollow^ vu wriiLcn Ity the kinjf lu cJi|]Ui'n the rcKSOn Tor Uiia. 
Ihf ilofunmt u uflrn itiinicd tn IJIuitfallfln of in<! ftrchblShop'i con- 
tlitkdjoMl ponti^n at IIm tmc, 

Henry, by the grace of God king of the l'"n''"Ti rn h[4 An«imT» 
moit good spiriciul father Aiisclin. bisliujj fji <. ,i;ii ilmr], '^l^***"' 
(reding and demon »tration of all frJcndltncss. Know, my anrt to 
dearest fath^t that my brother I^ing William is dead, and ^^ . 
1, by God'fi wtJI, hiving l>ccn tlecied by Ehe cli-r^ and peoplt- ■" ' 

of En^nd^ :u\d already couaccmted king — aldiough owing 
U> your absence against my >vill— I, with nil the people of 
EngUtkd, require you, as out lather, that vith all speed 
)rou CDinG u> take catc of mc, your aoEi, and ibe aanic 





Money Es 

and the 


people, llic cnrc of who*c aouls hat been commiiwxi to you. 
My own iclf» indited, and \he pecple of the whole realm of 
Fngbnil I comiiK-'iul to }'inir ;:oun>i(rl aniJ Ihuin vrlio wilti 
yououghtlotalccQuntcirornie; &ndl praytltal itdtsplca^c 
ynu not I hove received the royal bIcsainK without you, 
Trom tvhom, tiart ii Ijcen posijblc, I would Irn-e ftwvdd k 
tn-Jfc kvjllin^ly lh:m from siny olhcr. Itui tht-rc wj* Mich 
ncccimy. bccatiAC enemies vtAnlcd to rise a);amst luc and 
ihc people wliich 1 ha^« lo govern, and so my barons and 
ihi* Kinic people riid not wiish it to be defiTred longer ; by 
rmton ofihi^ iWn, 1 received ic frum yuur reprL-iemativrt, 
Indeed, I ivould have ^cnC to you from my person some 
by whom I miglil also have dj*pfllrhcd money to you, 
Ijiil owing lo ihf (IriLlh nf my limthrr thr whole world 
h K) diKlLirbt-'d all round ihc realm uf Kngknd that they 
n^uld not hate been in aiiy wise able to rcjich you lafcly- 
I advise you then and enjoin you not to txjme thrviLiLih 
Ndrtiiardy, but by U'iwand, and I will have my buunib at 
Dover to uitxi you, and mouey to convey you, ^tiO yiju will 
find, by God'* bclp, means to pay off well anything you ba^xr 
borrowed. lUttcn therefore. Either, to come, leAl out 
irother tbt* Church of ('anierliury^ so long icmj»ril-tcssed 
and detolalc, should any fuithcr, for yourukc c»|)eiiencc titc 
low of sou1f(> Witness Cirard, bishop, nnd WLlljam, bisbnp- 
eleci of Wincheiicr, and William Wtrtlwjui, ard Eirl 
Hmry, and RoIkte Ftt/H^umon, and Haiinon my *ipffn.rc], 
and others^ fu well icy biahopji a» bafona. rarcwctl. 





A, u 1 102. 

TiiK fbtlewJnfE <*aoii« arc siTcn on Ihfl nuLhority ofEidmcr, Hut. 
Sou. nt. ^;. dLt . but iheti: 'a9,vta<-- wa:aiAhtiy am Ui Council) iu:UI in 

{Tr. Ladnvr, Af,, RolkScrictedabn, [>, 14*.] 

(Tlic r^rit canoi concemcd the i^mctke of simony, for 
whidi GCrmin mcmbcrB of ibc CouDcil vrcTc deprived on the 

a. Rkhops^rc 101 to uiicTeruke the nfflec [of fudge) in 
secular plca\, jird arc 10 <Jfc»> no! ns hymen, Inii a^ be 
eomci rcli^iotia pctson^ And jitc nlwaviE and cvcrywhfjc lo 
have hunttt |)cn:onii wiincs&c« of that convcrsaLion. 

3. Thai Archdf^conria be not let to faniL 

4. TLil uEvhdeucomt bedcucudi. 

fl. Thai no archtocon, [jticsI, deacon, or cnnon mmry or 
retain a wife, and that any subdcaccn who ^s iioi rt cnnon, 
having marhed af^cr profcmion of chuBtfcy, be IioLtnd by the 
MD1C nik, 

6j That A priest us long ai he kis ilhcit intercourse with 
ft wnman Jjc not laivful nor Gi;lebr3td iratw, and if he do to 
Ui.i; hjs nins^ br^ not fH-arif, 

7. That none he ordained to the aubdiaconatc, or Ixyond, 
vriihout profeseion of chastity. 

8. 'Vhai wsii of priests succeed not to their fathers' 

9' Th^l no ctcikfl At £11 be tbc agertta or proctoia of 
ftccuLar ntcn, nor be judges of blfxxi. 

10. That prtrtts go not to drinking bout8 nor drink to 

' C/. Ba!ic9 Btabi>i, Mh». t/ Sf, DuiMm, Roll* Scrk^j Prat 
p. cvuL 


I. Simcny. 

3. Kiibops. 

3. Arch" 

t. Arch* 

5 a- tMi 
bflcy ortbe 

9 13- 

drm of 




11(1 J. 




rt- Thnr ihe apparel of priests he nf one colour, and 
their uliou ns ordered [prdiHa/a\ 

1 i. That monks or clerks who haire forsaken Ihdr order 
either fclurn or be excommunicated. 

i^. Thai clerics hive lUiWe tonaurw. 

14- Tlml lithcs be only given lo churches. 

1%, That churches and prebends be not bought. 

1 6. 'Itiot tEuve be no new chapeU vriihout the biihoj/i 

17- Thai a church be noi consecrated untd things ncce»- 
anry for pricat and church be provided- 

1$. 'that abbots do not nirjke knights Im^iet], and that 
ihcy nnd skep in the inme house wiih their monks 
CACcpl when ncc-csaity prcvciitsH 

ig. That monks impose no penance on any without \ta^ 
of their abbot, and thot abbots cnnnoc give them permit- 
alon ccinceriking {\\\a, <^ve in the ase of iho^c over nhoni 
lbc> have »piittiia1 charge. 

io. That monks be not godfatherE, nor nuns god- 

31. Thnt nionka lioTd no towns [HZ/asI at farm. 

31. That monks accept no churches ^vc through the 
bishops, nnd thnC when given to them they do not so deprive 
them of their rent», that the priesti wrving ihece be in bck 
of upce^tnirie^, 

2^. llwt plighted lioth bciwecti man and woman, if 
given in secret and without uitncascs, be considered void 
when denied by cither pany. 

34, Thai ihnse weiring hair be ^o nhorn thnt pail of their 
ears be visible and their c>cs be not covered. 

i^. Tliat relaUonfi up to the aeventh degree be not 
married, nor ir married cohahiT any longer j and if nny 
one be i'^waic of this i[|i;ci^t and declare it nut, let him 
know that he is a party to the same guilt- 

fl6. That bodm ot dead people be not otnied ouUide 


their poHfih for burinl «o tbat the prie«t of the ]>ariih lose luis. 
hi« jtitt due 1hrrpfr<im. 

a;. Thil nortc in praumplijouk roitUy ulthoui cpb- »7. Bp. 
copal oiJlhority show rcvcrcrcc for Ihc boilica of dcfld f^j^ jj^j 
pec^le, or springt, oranyLhing cbe, is we have difcovere^l bod^ts^Jie. 
il lo be done. 

aB. That fiooc hcncefortl) prcsumetoctcidac that wicked vD, 
ImkEo vrhcTcby rncft were hcrelofon: wont to be sold in ^^^^^* 
Engtend like bnitc br£Et«, 

^9* Those wbn commit «odcriiy» and tlicine willingly 3^ 
aiding itiecn in Ihla, were in thi^ aamc synod condemned ^']"™''i' 
»ith strict AnotKenia, imtit b> pcnAncc and confcuicn they uimeo, 
mrrCt sh^okiiion. And a^ fnr n man drtprtrd in this rrimc, 
il HdU urdaicicd tW, if a pcf*on of n rctigioim older, he Ijc 
pfocnoted to no higher ranlc, and he deposed from any he 
hoc; but if a Uyman, that he be detinved of his bwful 
condition in all ihc rttlm of EnKL-*nU, and Dial none save a 
bitliop presume 10 sraol abaolution for ibu crime to tho5C 
vho have not imdcrtnlccn to Uvc under voKft. 

3c- II u-ai also cT<liJtned tkii the aroretnid evcommunl* 
dtiou be tcnewcd thioui^hout all ED^land oil cvex j Loid'a 

A.D. 1107. 

tK[b«1«U«oflbe]dn9r4)iir4vrf«vbr-lwrfn AnirTm JLTid Ebf Une. HOT. 
ta tt^ ititTBtirii pf |nvf+tj(tire» we ire ch^rOy ilppnmtMK on KM^tnet, 
that /ftv. IV. 9*, cm quoted below, Mallhcw <jf W««|iDiiiil«r, and 
u^fr *iil|icvUJc9| siiaplj cilc luiTi. 

{Tt. Jahnion. vODipVcU with Ewdincr, Jtolla 3crlr». tBC; i/ViOkint, 

On the Bni oi AtifCiut an ossenabZy of btflhop^, ablX)t«, Prc^Uitiin 
nobles of the realm was held stt London in the king's ^^r 

»' at B 



Lciiidnii in 


tnitc in 


Cr: Tl.t 

up loy iu' 
voliUixr ; 
{>^ Anm-lni 

no biir ifi 


p.'Llncc. And for lliree successive days*, in An»tlin\ aljstncc, 
the matter was thoroughly diacu^ccl between king and 
bi£hoj>K conccminc; church mvcMitUTCS, some argutng foi 
Ihi* ihat ihc king shtiuld perform them after the raanner 
of \m rather unil brother, not according to the injunciiijit 
ond obedience of the pope. For the pope in the sentence 
vrhich hn^d been then published, atiantimg lirm, hnd con- 
ceded homage, which Pope Urb:in liad forbidden, a; well 
OS invcstiliLTc, iLnd m thi^ vt^y had woii owr Ihc king about 
invQiilufc, as nioy ht gathered from the Icticr wc hove 
(^uoti^d abovc^ Afterw:irdis, in The presence cf Ansetm nnd 
a lafge concourse, the king agreed and ordained hence- 
forward no one ahoulO 1>c invented wjtb bishopric cr aT^baey 
in England by ihc giving of a |>a3ioral staff or the ring, by 
the king or any hy hand; An^ehn also agreeing that no 
cne elected In a prelacy should be deprived of consecration 
tT> the iMct undertaken on the ground of homage, which 
he should make to the king. After ibia decision, by the 
ndvice cl Antchn ind tho nobles of the realm, fathers 
were InsTJuHCTl by the king. w{ihf>ii: ^ny invcstittiro of 
pantoml TiiitlToi ring, to nearly nit ihc irhurchci of H^ngland 
which had been so long widowed of their ahcjjherda^ 



Thkht rinrtns crpgivrn in Kidmtr, finl. Ntv. jv. g^. rrciawfaon 
they ftTtpcftr (o liavc born quotnl b)^ later wrilc^r^ Tiit Council wu 
ticld nt Loitd^n, a/t VJhiUvulJilc^ 

I'r, t;aJiHu,/y»J, At-u, iv.iM-KoU5Scfici,p, i^ ; r/ Wilkin*, i.ilS^.l 

ObUffjitiori ^- It w-ai ordained thai priest*, deacons, nnd tubdcftconft 
of«libftcy- |jv<. i[^ ch-istity^ :ind have no vnnien in llicir iiouscT*, s;ivc 
tbo»e «cry cbscly rclaicd to thcnv ft* the holy Nieenc 
-Council defined, ^ 


3. Those prlcit^ ilcacxnN, aiid Hubdcicons, wlin after 
tlic prohibition of the Lmidon Council h-iiiv retained Ihcir 
women, or have marrinl (ith^r<, if ihcy WiBh to celebrate 
maw aHcT ttiis nhall jiut them avny froiu ihemfickr^ 
tntirdy [facrifti a/iinas\t so Uiat neither thcic enter tlicir 
bMnSp tioT llier iliejn^ nor yet kiiowingtj meet in any 
boutc ; Ror Arc such vomcn lo live on any church lerritcry, 

J, If ihcy mwM needs ^pcak with ihcm foi any honest 
reason, let ihcm speak with them outside the house wiih 
tvfo lawful witntucfi- 

4. And if ariy of th^m have hetn aceoied of breaking 
lbi> sUlute, l»y tAti or tliree liiwful wiEiicsAea, or pulilir 
report or the pail^iionen, Eic »hali pufi;:c hLm^Jcirvrith su 
wiinocccfi if d ;4^CBt> four \{ a deacon, two ii a tuhdeacon- 
And [f ihii jiurgniion fitl he »haU be ndjud^etl a brcjiker 
of the sacred decree. 

5. 1^1 those pric3l» who, dc*pi»inft God's altar and Iheir 
holy orders, prefer to live wrth womci;, he deprived of office 
and hencfico ind (lut out of the choir, after being pro- 
Douueecl inJk[miiix 

6. And if in rchdiion and cortcmpt ar^y Tcntc not the 
vonaii and presume lo celebrate ma^fi, let htm be eice^iti- 
municaied on ihc eighth day tmlcKi he i<ef[t*(e not -sxiv^ 
bdion when aemj4nil<.-cl. 

7. 1'hls aame scnienoc oomprehends all archdeacons :ind 
onohft u to leaving Iheir women, 2nd avoiding cont.icc 
rffh ihem, and the censure Incurred if they shall iranfjgrcii 
Lhc tiatuiev. 

^ All archdeacons »h«]l that they %nll not lake 
iBonq' (o eonnive At the breach of thm !>taiute, nor Vp'iII 
thty «uflfrr pn'exts, whtim tht7 know to havL- woiaen, to sing 
Kuu or to have vicaa. I>ean> T^bjJI act m like manner, 
iftil the archdeacon or dean rdusing lo sw^ir ihi* rihnli 
bw litt archdo»oonr>' or de^ner). 

9> But i^fteits who choose 10 leave their women andscur 



rj nlfrn- 




for c^a- 


lor thiisc 



who Ffl- 

Con Am- 
\\t*a for 

God and His holy aliar*, vacalins ihdr oiTicc fcrr fortjrdaja, 
shall in the meantime hove vicars, pcmincc being enjoined 
them ;tccorcIbg lo iLic triihopB difloiciion. 

io> All nioViiblcA belonging lo priests doicons ^^^ 
deacons* or canons who fall hcnccforlli, aIu^I be forfeited 
tf> the b[?ihop$, u well a^ the concubiats, with their 
effect*, ai adu]icre*st;i. 



lUC. Tjiift diaiior WAt grvnicd by St?T)hen at Ihc Iknt jT^it Cmuirafif 

hit rc^fin, l\9 provjiiflna ikrc bvad upon a pnvbui cUBrter oF 

[Tr. SiaEutv*(rf UiF Rcat*o, Cliaiitraof Libcrliw, p» J. Cf. StuLiU, 


ChHrth to 
ba Irca* 




d pro- 
_ rty 

1, Stephen, by the giace of God and the dtacnt of the 
cierpy and people elected kins ^^ ^^"^ EnfiUdi, and con- 
Bccraicd by WillLuii^ archbishop of Caoierbury and Icgiiti? 
of ihe HoTy Roman Chnrch, snd conlinned \Ty Innocent, 
pontiff of tlic Holy Roman Scc» from rcffurd and Iot« lo 
GocJ, do gnini holy Chuich to be free and confirm due 
Ki«rence to her, 1 promiie that I wtll not do nor allow 
any simony in tht^ Cliurt;h ur in churdi aiTainL I pcimlc 
and ccnrinn justice find power over ecclcr.instiCfil person* 
and x\\ dorks and their clfcctflj and the dJVlrituition of 
pccleshfiiidl poods to l>e in the hands of the hisho[is. The 
dignities of diurches conlirined by their pnTiIci;c»> and 
their cu»tom» had of ancient continuonce, I ordnm And 
grant lO remain mviclALc. All the powitfition* nnd holOingf 
nf rhnn?h(% whirh thry had on thnt (3rty when William 
[he kiI)^^ my gtnndrnthcr, w^» alive iind ilt-ad, I fc'mnt 
t« them to be free Jiiui absolute without any aii[>o,al iVoiii 
Uaimant», Uut if Ihc L'buidi ^hall henjaCter seek to t^ia 




anj of Ihe thing* ^^^^ ^ pocstccficd before tho death od ii^- 
tbc vimc king uvhich i\vt* Cliurch no longer, T rccern^ 
them itn my indtilg^ncc anil di-tprnfatioi) fnr rciior^itlon 
or for coruidcraiion. But I confirm whatever lw» been 
t^tttott^d upon ibom eincij the <leAth oJ tliift tame kin^ b^ 
the lit)mlit>' of khig9 or ihc gift of grw: men, by preeenti- 
tMHi ut acquiiition, or by nny cxchjLn([c of the faitliful. 
1 praoitic thM ! will pcTform pcact: and jiuiicc in all Peace mJ 
tilings, and teiH maintnin these for thtm as for as I CJ*"« T^'I^i^b^i 
1 rcMTTvc for myielf the forciia which William my grand- f^^^i 
fjilbcr, aikil Wiltjatu \ny uudc c3Ubli^Eii:(l aitU had All the ^v*'^ 
other* which KJn^ Herkry further added I give bnck and 
gniTU 10 the churches and the kingdom without molciiLa- 
lioci. If any bisho]) or ibl>al or uther ecclcKiailical pcjvsn Tmiaraenf- 
*hall, before hii ileith, rcttiinably devise or intend to IlJXJrlt'h' 
tfovisc hiB eocxlj, t gnnc it 10 reniam firm, iim if he bith^td, 
thjLJI be overtaken by dnth let the sune devise take p[;LC>e ^'' 
wjih ih^ advlro of iht^ Church for the heATch of hU wut 
Moreover. whiUl sec* ^hx\\ be wilhom iheir proper pastor*, Viicnn( 
Iheiic and all their p£>tie&iions I *nJl eommit to the hand"^ 
and ctutody of the clerks cm- good men of i^e Kime church, 
BMil a jastor be eanuidcally atJi^int^-d to siicrti^d I en- rmlnhj. 
tirdy Abolish all oactions, aiid injuncs. and nirslccnninj^'s' ^^'JJ'^JJ^**' 
\miuMtiin^i^\ wrongly introduced, whcUter by ihcrifb or Ac 
by any other. I will obterve, and command ;tnd ordain 10 
be obserred, the t^d l;iwi anti ancient and ju?it cmtonin 
in murders and picas and other cawcf. M\ thoc things 
i ^nt and eonhrm taving nny royftl and juRt di^ily. 
Witneifi -. W. ArehbiEhop of CanTcrbury, }{ugh ArchHihup o/tinci^ei, 
i4 Roiicn, sikI Ifcncy Tti:(hoii of \^"in[:heiter, aiid Rugcr 
Bldiop of Silbbury, and i\, Jlishop of liocoln, and Nifp:! 
Jti«hcp of ivly, And Evemrd UiAhop of Norwich, and Sirnon 
ftlihop of WofceHcr, and Bemnrrt H^^hop of St, IViviH'n, 
tfidOwca Bi&liopof Evrcuc, Rit:l>ard Bisht^pof Avratichcj, 
* Vttuuon of plcA nude in euurt 
W 2 



UBtr. Koberr Bishop of Htreford, John Bishop of Rochester, 
Alhclnulf Ui^liop of Car!^le, .iird oihcr by slenAionN^ Ac 
Ovford, in ihc ytsa 1 136 from Ihc Lord^s Incarnation, and 
the firsl of my rtign. 



laiU »n(<' 
mcnt of I tie 

\c.. in 

up And 

n h 11:11 

xrK IIGI, 

Bnitor SiUDDacAysthat the Lulln oneinol «rih«ri>Uf>w1nf:tmifU- 
t^ of the coa)it'iitjiTi:in& in probflU/ Lhc ckhci form in which llicjr 
were rvpuilvtl 1v the kinK lujJ vuiiDciucd by Ihc bohopi^id Uirctn^ 

[Tr. CqIIoil MS., ClHudliui B. s, f v«. <^ Stubbi, S- C. 137,] 

In the year 1 164 from our Lord'f; Inrarmtion, the fourth 
of the |>Doi]llcAt& of Alexander, the lemh or Henry II| 
most illu^tngus kiTig cf ihc English^ in the presence of 
llic same king, was made tliis icmembrancc or acicnow- 
Icd^ent of a cflrtnin pEirt of the t^u^tom.^, hbcrtic^, nnj 
dignities of his -int't-ilori, is of Kint; Htniy his g 
f^thff, anJof ijtfujr*, wliidi ouf^hr tobefjljservetlandbrfd in 
the rcatni< And OAvin^ to suifc^.tud disscn^ionwfliidi iiad 
laUcii place bciwc(^ri ihc clergy nnd jiistJcci^ of the lord the 
king and the harona of the rcilm, in rwpcct of eustoms 
find dt^niiics nf tlit r«hu, this rti'ugmi inn htj* madL- ht^ftifc 
tlic aTchbi^hop^ Bu;<d bialiops and clergy, and the edrl^ and 
barons and nobles of the rcnlm- And theae eamo eu£tofn» 
iccognii:ed by the ;irrhb«hofi* .ind hishops, and e^rl* and 
harnnii, And by ihose of high rank iind age in the rr^lm, 
Thoin.i\ Anrbbishop of C"UHcr]ji[ry, nnd Rofttt Aieljbishcp 
of Votk, and Clilbcrt Bishop of Ixsndon, find Henry Bishop 
oJ Winchwicr, and Nigel Bmhop of Ely, and NViiliam 
Bishop nf Norwichj and Robtrt JIIihO[) of Lincoln, -ind 
Hilary Bitliop of ChichcAttrr, and Jocclyn Bishop of Siilis- 

xxiii] nrsTOf^y nr the k^gus^h church 


buiy, nnd flicliard lii*)w|> of Chester, and BailliDlonicw "•*- 
ni«hop of Esdct, nnd Robcri Di^bop of Hcruford* and 
\y^\\(\ hkho^ of St, D*vid'ft, and Roger elect of ^\ oK<:stor, 
coiKcdir;3, ,-ind l>y word of moutli iirtdfastly promlwd on the 
»^d cf truth, 10 tlic lord iht' Uny ^nil liis hdis» aliould 
l»*^ tcpi and olttcrvcd m ^ood fauh nnd wiilioui w\ intcnl, 
ihtoc being prucni : Kobc-rl Karl of Ixir^c^lcr, Rcginild i^ iht 
Eifl of Cornirall, Confif\ Farl of HH«any, John KjiJ "f 1)1^',^^,^, 
Eu. Roger Earl t>f Cbrr. Karl Geoffrey tk: Mandcvillc. iioblnnud 
Hugh Earl of aicaler, William Kiirl of Arundel. Ka'S ''^'''"- 
roiHclc, WillJam ICarl c( I'erwa, Kichard dO Luci, Keginald 
dc St- Valoy, Roger Tligoi, Reginald dc Wan^nnr, RHia 
dc AqtiiLi. William dc Biaosc, Kichard dc Cnm^Uc, Ni^i:! 
dr Mowbray, :>imon dc Hoaucbttrrp, Humphry d-^ Uohuw, 
Maithpw dc Hereford, Walter de Maycnne. Man»cr Rlt« 
the «cwiiiJ» William Mulct, WHU;iiii tk- CcuTcy, Robert 
de l>unsuinviil?, Jw^hti de Bnlliol, WilliAin dc Unvallci, 
WiHwrn <J© Coisnct, Ccoffrey dc Vcrc, Wilhnm dc Hasiings, 
Hugh fir \rDnn-il1e, AUn de Nevrllc, Sinton ton of Pelcr, 
M'illjain MfiuUil Tbe thjtnbrrhin, John M^iidil, Julm Mar- 
»*wH, Peter <lc Mara, and many othct magnate* and nc}blcf 
cf the rearm, ai; n-cll rUrioa.1 as by. 

Kmv of tbe ncfcnonrlcdgcd euMoms .ind dlgnitw* of iheacuitiiir 
rcilm A c-celiiin pan is cdnt^iined in the present docuuient. fp^^" 
oi irhich part ihcac are the tliaptcrs :— fallow: 

f. If controt'crnjr fthall arise between laymen, or elcrgy 1, i>bpuLet 

Liimrti, C3T deryy, rt^irdlng adi^owson nnd presrntaljon " '* ***" 
diUKhc», IcC it 1>c treated or concluded in tlic court of and 
thelwd the kinp. f™"^"' 

J, cnjurchc* tK-'longing to Thf* fee of tlip brd ihe king a. Ke«ui 
dfitftoE be granicd in pcti*clmty without his tiwu iisscnt and ^"*'' " *•> 

IPanL on ktv^t 

i. Clcrka ciiecJ and accused of any matter thall, ivhcn '''**■ 
ftummoncd by thi? kiuga juHlice, tnnie ini« his ctvi> cour m^^^^'l^^^^ 
tu answer thci'C conccminR wliat ii hhall sccrn to ibt kinp'*"^>'»^(l 




iiw. eoufi thould t» aniv^wd there, and ia the diurch court 
for wItsc it iaXy^W Nefriri 4hou1i] be :in&wcrcJ lliete; )c't so 

that the kjngs justice ah.iU aentl imo the coiJii of holy 
Church lo sec in whnt way the mfltlcr is there trcntcii. 
And if the dcrk he convicted, or shaiJ confess, the Ciiurch 
must not iiny lougrr prolect him. 
4^ LcMvc 4- Archbi^ops, LUSops, and persons of the realm drc 
or«b»iiLe jjQi allowed to leave the kiH^oni vriihoui hccncc of liic 
clw^. lord the king ; nnd if \\\ty do le.ivc, the^ shall, if ihc fcmg 
so please, £ivc security IliaL neither in soln^ nor in staying, 
nor In rcturnrng, will they neek the ill or daTiictj;c of the Lord 
the t:nj; or realm, 
3- Eweooi- 5- Ki:comninrfCi»te persons arc not ro give pledge for ihe 
cnuntaLga. fyimc^ j^of to take oath, ba( only to rivl- security and 
pledge of abidinc; by the Church's judj^mcnt that they 
may he absolved, 
fi, Con- 6, L-iymen arc not to be acensed wve by proper and 

rjJJVj* legal accusers and witnesses in the ijresence of the bish(i|J, 
«x»jii4L 90 lliat the archdeacon do not loi^c hi» ri^ht nor anything 
la>»cft. ^|y^ ^^ ^j^ Ihoncen And (f the accused be such no one 
wills or dfires in accuse them, the sheriff, when rec|nesCod by 
the bishop, shall c.^utc twc:lvo Inwfiil ihe-ti from the neigh- 
bourhood [de vidncU] or the town lo .iwcar before ihc 
bi«hop that they vriil uhow the trutli in the mntter accord- 
ing to their conscience, ■ 

7. Timu. 7, No one who hMh of the Xing in cljicC, and none \ 
ttiinmupr yf ijjg demesne officers arc to be cAcominunicalcd, t\<>\ the 
(ctiHtiEA In lands of any one of them to be put under an interdicl 
chwf- urlct* first tht; lord Ihe king^ if be he in the country, (sr 
hiA jubtjciar if be be oulftldc the kii]4;0oa^ be applied 10, 
Sd order that be lufty do right lor bint ; and so thn^i ^hat 
shall appcTiain to the royal court be concluded thcrc^ and 
thnt what shall belnng to the churdi court be sient ic» [Hl* 
same to be treated tl;cTc^ 
8 1^ 8. In regard to oppcab. if they shall occurt they mu«t 




proceed from the archdeacon to the bisboji, and from the 
bHEhop to \hc :irch1]i\ho|i And if llie air^htiiiho]! fitil in 
showing ja»tir.7, they must ionic at Lut to tlic lorO the 
kirif:, bv hii command the dispute be coTicludcc^ iii the 
RTchhishoji's cotirt, lio that it must not go further withcut 
the nsatTDt of thr? lord the Icint' 

9- If X di3[>uEc shall ariK between a clcrh anrl a Uym,-in, 
or between a h>'man and a cleric, m respect of any tencmciit 
which the clerk w^ahes to bring to franlc-almoign, hut the 
btyraaji to o \xy fee, it shall be concludcti by the canftidiTa' 
lion of the kin£« chief jur^tkc on ihc award of iwcitc 
Jftwful men, nbcthei the tene:ment hdong to Grank almoign 
or Id la^r f*M, t>efore the king'* ju4:iciflT him»*-!f. And if 
tlie aw4fd \ic ItMt it b<rlutit;^ tu franL-aliuin^n, it shull \^ 
pkwkd in the church court, but if to the lay fee, unless 
both claim und^r the «.imc hishop ot baron, it sliall be 
p&CMkd in ihc Icing's cotm, Flui if both appe,it concerning 
lhi» fee to tlic fjimc bii^hcip or luiron, u ^li.ill Itr plr^i^cid 
in hxi oim court, «o that for making the award he who wait 
lint aci^, IcpW not his seittin until the matter be denied 
by ihr plci. 

iQ« If jnr one of a city, en castle, or borough, rvr a 
demesne raanor of the lord the kino, be cited by arch- 
deacon or bishop for any offence lor which he ought to 
APonter theni, and n.'ru4L* lo f;ivc aniisfaciiun at t^ic-ir ciiA- 
tjoi% it i\ well lawful to place him uelUct intoidiu ; but 
be must not be cxeomTnunicaied before the chief ofHecr 
of the lord the king of that town be applied lo, in order that 
he waj adjud)^ hhii lo conic k*t saiiifactidn. Aful if the 
kia^s officer fail in Uiis, lie shall he at the kind's men:/, 
and ihctcaftcr the biohop ihall be able to rccerain the 
actvftcd by ccdcsiaciical justice. 

It. Archbi(fio]»« bi(hn[rs =i^d all prrsnnH of t!ip malm 
■bo bold of the king in chief, have their pooetaioru from 
tbe k»d th« king as barony, and arc answerable thcruTor 



41 III E]J« 


I a Spiril- 

nf royal 

IT. Coa- 


tennjii^ In 


it, TU 

HW, Ac. 

14 The 

U LI rim. 


lo the king's jtittim and mifiitren, and fotlov and cIo tM 
royAl ri^hbi and ciuuimN and like all other Ivarorw, bAvc 
to be pfCKnt nt the EtiaU nf the court of the lord the king 
uiih the ttttuns untiL it comet to a )u<Jgnicnt of Idss of 
Uinb, or death. 

iz. When an a re lib iii 1 1 optic or bishopric U vacant, or 
any t\>\icf or pr(OT> r>f the kins^n dcrneinc, it must bo in 
hii on'n tiand, and from it he shall recitive all rcicnue^ 
und renin a« dciiieKnt'. And iffhfn thi-y route to provide 
for the ehunch, the lord the kJrg must cite the chid* 
pcnora of the chutth, fl»d the clcciif>ri inu*t take pla«« 
in the chapel of the lord ihc kinf; hlmiteir, viib tfie 
niOrL-nt of the lord the king, and lite iulrkc; uf the peTM>na. 
of the realm whom he t\\ii\\ liavc Huiiuiiocicd to do this* 
And the ptraon elcckd shrill Ihcre do hcnia^ and IcalEy 
to the lord the ting as to his Jlcgc lord for his life and limbs 
QTiit eaiilily honour, uiving hl^ ordi^r, before lie be con* 

ij, H flry of the noble* of the renlm forcibly prownt 
the archbiihop or bisEiop or archdfflicon frofn doing )iiicti<riT 
in rc^jAfd uf Mtnsdf iir hlit pro[ilr, The )oid Ihc kiii£ muac 
btinB them to justice And if pcrcliAncc any one should 
deloioc ihu lord the kjnf^ the archbishops atid bisliopfl and 
ard)d«aci>nK muat jtiJge him, so thai he ^vea sati&lacxioD 
to the IcrO the Vxw^, 

]4< Ibc goods of those who sic under forfeit of the 
king, no church or ocmctcry is to deiain agunst the king's 
jtwtici:, iKvniJsc Ihi-y fxrlonji to the? king hitn:Lclf^ wliclher 
tl^y Ik: found in:^idc chnrchci or ouuidc. 

1$. INeaa of debts due ui^der pledge of faith or vriEhout 
|i1edge of faith ate to be in the king s justice 

ifi, $00^ of vi!l(rinH jr»f/iV;)rvMj oo^hi riot to Ik* ordained 
without the abcnt of ilic loid on whose land they «pc 
knonn to have been bom. 

Nov the record of the Jifbresaid loynl cuuoms and 



digiiliic<i was made by the s3k] aichblshop* and bisbops. iittt 
ami caHs and bacons, and ihc nablcs and elder* of the t-^"*^'"'- 

!&tr>ii : unto 

rctlni,nt CUrcndon^ on the fourthdjiy before ihcPuriRcjiEian anJ icfw- 
of IheBkfiicd Mary, c%'cr Virgin, i he lord Henry the king"* ^J*=='" 
son^ viih hi* faiher the lord the king being present there, cuQiomo. 
Tlieie arc iimrtover \ivAx\y other yrewt tuMoms and di^iiJlici 
of holy Moilicr Chuith iind ihc lurd the king and Ihc 
baronv of the realm, v'hich nrc iv^t conEAined m this wriling^ 
And 1ft thcnii be s;ifL' fcr holy Chiirrb and the lord the kin^ 
uiid h)4 hdi5 and tlic b^icoiisof ilicicalm^Andbc inviolably 


INTERDICT. A,o. 1206. 

Till fi>lJo'flfinE doi-umctkl !« n frply tu (ljt BisUops of L^uiiinn. Ely, i:X)8. 
4ru] WartuEirr, b« (o iht? fibicrvincc of Dio mlprdici- IL i4 prinUd 

^Tr. Coiion HS,| Ctoop. E. L T47,] 

Innorcnt the hi^hup \rptsf^pus\ ic., to the Bishop* of Annwi* 
I-ondon, Ely, and Wurceslcr. yrt'eting and aixjakiht blew*' "^':^'^' 
inj;- Wc rc]>Iy to your inquiries, thjit wiicrcai by rcaioii of i -RajiUs- 
the iniewiici new ehrism eannot be connccratcd on Maundy ro^lclirmn. 
ThuTMlay, old mu*tt be u<*ed in the bapii^n of infnntSf and. if 
ncccwitv demand, oil must be iniitcd by hand of Ihe bishop 
ordKc|]ri«ai,^[th the chn^m, thai jC fad not. And although it. Tho 
the iriaiicum seem to be meei on the repentanec of the **"^"^'*"" 
dyi;ig, ycC. if jl tWHiol \k h:id, wl' wiiti ii^d Jt bdievrr that 
the prin£;ip!c holds Rood in liiis caac, ' believe and ihou hast 
eaten,' whun actual necdj and not conlcinpt oi rebgi^n. Ci- 
cliitle*! the .iacr;iment, -ind ihc actuaT need is expected soon »M Ihe 
to CCOM- Let ncJd:cr gu>pcl nor thurch lujuis be observed jerJi^cx 




V|£C4 \y* 
V, Drcli<*Ji' 

tfl, Admin- 

V\\. PfT- 

i^it, CrLdil- 
X, Sunday 


■ii, viflitii- 

xjii, Goud 

in ihe amiinQincd pince, nor any olhcTr thotigh Ihe peojilft 
njiKcintjlc in the Aiine;. Let relit'tuua men, who^e nionasteiict 
people have Lcoi wont lo visit for the wko of pmycr. admit 
pil^nmTi invidv^ the church for prayer, net by tho greater 
door, but bya mOTc scrrci pla*?^. 1-Ci rhun^h doon tcmnin 
ik\\A &atc At the ctjicf ftaiival of the chmch, when ihc 
patithioncra and others may ]>c admitted for prayer into 
the church witbi o^^cn doon. Let bapbttiu be cekbmtcd in 
lliL- uiiual Duinner vrfih old cbrisni dnd oil inaidc the church 
witli iilmt douMp »o lay pcraoEi being admitted save the god- 
parents; ftnd if need demand, new oil mu^t be mixed. 
Tenoncc is to b« inflicted a« well on (he ^hcil^ at the vEck ; 
f[)r in lEie mjdst nf life yias ure in de:tt)t. Thuvc who have 
confc^taed in a suiu tjr hare been convicted of fit^inc critnCi 
Arc lo be ecnt to the bi^h^p or his pcoiicntiary, and, if need 
be, ara tr> be forced to this bychureh cenKurc. FriCJiEt ma/ 
sny thur own hQUr:^ nnd (H^y[:T« in private. PHortx may 
on Sunday bless vaicr in the churchyard and nirinklcit; 
and can nmkc and dtBthhute the br<'ad when bJ*;eBed, and 
nrtnotincc fca^ti and fa&u rand pre-icli a lenuon lo the 
peijplc, A Kurn^it aftci cbildbiith m^y come: to church, 
and perform her purification ootKidc the church w^tlU. 
Pric«t£ (hail visit the ttick, and hear confoaioni^ and let 
them [lerfcjTm the cominendilion of %q\x\% in the actuTitoTned 
muiincr, but iSey sluill not (ullow the eorptcs of ihc dead, 
because tbcy wiU E\ot have church burial, Tric&U shall, on 
the day Ci the Pasflion, place the erois outside the church, 
without cciemdny, so th^ic ihtr t'=^'^<''1>"^'^ci' >i^^V lulorc it 
w tth the <:u:ituui:jry dtiVkAion, 





THE POPE, A.t>. 1213, 

nKfl vu rcnt^iml At Ldddcui, before Nichnlbo, HUbvp of Tincukum, 
on Oclobcr j, whcti tho bum^i^c here proiDUcd wm nadcred. 

[Tr. CottonUS.. NooCa. Sec SMbbf, 5. C aSi-] 

John, by Ihc j^rooe of Clod kJm; of Kn^^land, lord of 
Inland, duke of Nornurnly nnd Aquiiaintf, cwl of Anjou, 
to all Uic £ut1iful in Christ nho aiisill im^^^ci this inetit^zit 
cbutcr, ercciing. Wc nill ci to be known bjrall of you by iLia 
oor cbfttter, coEifirmcd hy our tc.if, thnc wc. having oUcndcd 
Cod and oiif mother ihc holy Chnrrh in minj^ things, and 
bein^ on lint account kjin^n lo need the Olvjrc inc^y, and 
unabi« to make any woTihf offering for the pcrfoimnnce 
of ducKilisfdeiion lo God and the Church, unleunc humlilc 
onrs^i^and oiir realmi — wo, uilling lo himihte ouridve« 
Jot Hint wlio hu^iibkd Hiuibclf foi us even lo Ueatli, b^ tLic 
inspimtion nf the Holy Spim't t:racc» under no eoinpulAioA 
of forec or of Icar, but of our good and free wiil, and by 
llie cDinmon cnnsen! of our hiirons offL-r and fredy ptani 
Ic God and His hcrly aposJea Peter inU I'aul, and the htily 
Roioan Churcli, our mother, and to our ]f>rd the Pope 
Irnoccni and hin caiholjc tiiccc*srrt, the wholo realm of 
F-ngland and the whnle imlm nf Irrbnd wkh nil iheir 
rights and appurtcoanLu, for th= rcminion of our kIhi and 
those of all cur race, na uxll quick aa dead ; and from novr 
recciriiig Uuk and lioldm^ tbe&e, ^s -x fi^udal dependanl, 
fmm God and the Koman Church, \t\ tiic [ireieruv of th« 
pnidcni man P-indulf, tubdcocoR and rimiliat of the bid 
the pope, dfJ and twcar fealty for ihcm to ihc aforcaaiJ our 
lord the Pope Innocem and hi« eathuUe Kueectton and the 


Tnaoy t>U 
uiily be 
by dWoEuEc 

4f SnBibnd 
find If^ 
lana bn 
Pop* tnao. 





ftn J pay III e 
■n Biinudl 

lervipe of 
for "CiyK 

Ibo per- 
jicEuJly of 
[be tivnv 

Jon'i the 
uaMi uf 

Tuiir lo 

ibfi pop? 


Raman Cliurc|j» aocxiniliTig to the form vrktcn bdow, an<] 
viU do licffc honugc to the same lord the Tope in hit 
prtft^ntx* if wc Bhall tw able to be pre^c^ii before him ; 
hinriing our sucoeisors and hHr* by onr irjfc, for rvrr, lliitt 
in like manner to the tupfeine poniiiT for ihc time being, 
nnd to the Koman Church, ihcy should pay fealty and 
nckno^v]€dgl:; homage wilhouC conCradiction, Moreover^ in 
l>fixif of this our [XTiwtuol obligaEimi and grant, w»? vf ill and 
c:fta1:}IJab that from the |jEoper am! ^iitcul revtJiuc* of our 
rcnln^B aforesniJ, for aJI scTvici; and custom that we should 
render for ourselves, saving in alt rcflficcts the penny of 
bleswd Vcxcr^ thi; Roman Chnrrh n-rt-ivt* looo maiti 
stciLing each year, to wit at the fcait of St- Micliacl 500 
marks, and ut H«iatcr 500 maikn ; 709 to wit lor the icalm 
of EnglamI, and 300 Tor ilie rciilm of trtflind ; solving to ut 
and our heirs, our rights^ hberttri, nnd royaUfes. All which, 
aa aforcKiLd, we willing tbcni to be perpetually ratified and 
confirnicd, btiid ounelvcs and our succcaaors not 10 contrti- 
i^ne. And if wc or any of ctu BUCCQ«sorfi shall prcsLime to 
nilcmpl this» whoever he be, utiles hff eomc lii amemlment 
aflcr due admc^niiiion, let him forfeit right lo the kingdom, 
and let thi^ <:harter of obligation and gnuit en ojr port 
remain in force (or ever, 

Ths Oath fi/ ^(ffiiy, 

1, John, by the grace of God ting of England and lord of 
Ireland, from ihih hour forward will be f^nthful Uj <1uiI and 
the bicmcd Peter and the Roman Chufth, and my lord 
thu ?o|>G Innocent and his sucecEj^ors foUowm); in caihohc 
manner J I willnoibeinrty in deed, word, cf>in;ent, oreoun- 
net, to their \ns\x\^ life or hmbct begins unjuinily im]jnAoned- 
Thcir damage, rf 1 nm a^rarc v\ it, I vill prevent, iitid will 
have removed if 1 cnn ; or else, as soon as I can, I iviLlnignify 
ir, or will (dl stjrh persons a* I shall bclrevc will rrlf Them 
certainly. Any eoun^cl they ciitrual lo me, immediately or 





I, by tbeir mcttcnger* or their letter, T witl keep secret, antl ifiia, 
^HBI conaciouftly docloic 1c 110 uiic to tiicir tb:D.if;c- The 
P^Atnmony of blc&scd I'ctet, find Apccinliy tho rcahn of Khj; 
land nitd tbc rcnlm of Ireland, J will aid 10 hold ard f^cfcnd 
; n^^imi nil mm To my- nTwUly, So hdp mc Gnd nm! ihcj^r 
' boly go^pcK ^SIlnesiA inyAclfAi ihc h^unc of ihc Kni^Lcsof v^fili th< 
Ibc Tcmpic ntJir Uo%'Cr, in the presence of iht: hid U, Arch "^y"*^/'^ 
tohop of Dublin ; llie IprJ J, Bisibop of Non^ich ; G. l^iu- uvttm. 
Pcicr, Earl of Kisct^ rvir jusiici^; W. Eail of Sali»hjry, 
our brotltcr; W» Mnrfch.ill. Eirl of Pembroke; R. Count of 
Boulogne; ^V. Karl of Warcnnc; £. Ksrl of Wmchf^ter; 
W. Karl of AninJuI; W, Earl of Kerrer*: W. Brewer; 
Peter, hu:i <jf Hcibcft; Wcitivti, wn ufGciiiM. Tlic lilh 
ty of Mfij ill ihc 1 4tli year oi our rcrfin. 


mrS FrCT.F5;TASTlCAL CHARTER. A.n. 1314. 

:i vf*f< rrUtrJn lunc a^ ttn. and (he (l»imcicn ofilic 1214, 

Qnt«r ta driarh thr dvnty, Hi it wfiLiliI I'^m, Irrrni Ehr hamnt, ll 
i*iiA niaMibd in Janmiy, uii|, and wat conflmcd b/ tlia I'ope. Sac 

[Tr, Sutuivt oftho R^ilin, Clan«n of t.ib#rtiei| p. j.] 

John, by the gmcc of God kinj; of hngl-nndi lord of Agn'*'m*Bt 
Irebind, ilnkc uf Normuniiy .mfl Af]i!i[ainr, irarl of Anjou, h^^jJ"**^ 
to ifae jircbhi«bo;>9, bistic^ii, carh, barons, kjii^htt. bailiiTn, bct>vccn 
and 10 9fl\ who shall see or hear ihcnt- letters. pTCchnp, Ijlduil*? 
Smcc by the gntce fif God. of ihe mere :ind free will of 
both parties there is full Agreement conrcming d^niagcA 
and Icax^ m the time of the interdict, between us ^d our 
venerabte faihcn Stephen, archbisho|) pf Canterbury, primaie 

an England, nnd catdinfll of the Holy Rotn.m Church 




the fnw 
dcrtiim of 

of vjcam 

I lint pet. 

RIUAlOll (ic 




And Utibopft William of Lcndon, Euttaoe of E3y, Giloi of 
Hcrtfofd. Juscdin of Bntli anti (^bwonbury, «nd Hugh of 
Lincoln — >vt- vj^ili riiM uiiEy tiJ mukc iaiiHfiLiujn 1o llicm. 
M far OS in Cod wv can, but 71U0 to ninhc sound and 
bencAcial provision for aJt Ihc Church of England for ever ; 
and SCI wlijufipvcr cufiinm has }iccn hilherro ohsc^rvi-d in 
the En^ifiti C^kUrcli, lii ciur c^wrt times savl ihwc d[ otir 
predcccason, and vhaisoc^ci light ve have cbim«l for 
ouT«c1vet hitherto in the election of Any inflates, vi> Ilivo 
oc their ovn petition, for the he:i[Th of our loul ;ind iho 
souh of «fur prtdcLuiauis and aucctsiora kin;;* cf Eng- 
land, freely of our mere and s[X)ntnncciiB will, ^ili iho 
common content of out barons, (fronted ,ind oonKtrtulcd, 
and by llli^ uur [irirwiit <:harEcr havr€:on1]rmM: that lit^nc^ 
forlh in alt ^ind »inj;uljr the diurchui ;iucl monoatcrin, 
cnthednl and conventual, of all our kingdom of England, 
tin* clcciions of all pTtUtw whataocrer, grcoicr or lew, be 
frcr ff>r rvcr, wving (o ourselves and oiir hcire rhc rnaiody 
of vajcnnt chUKhca and inociasLCTica nhJch belong to ui. 
We promi^ aho chat vc Till neither hinder nor «ulTer nor 
procure to be hindered by our minitlvrt iti.ii in all and 
itiiigubr ihr churi'hei ancl inanaHTorLi^t riifnikintd. after rbc 
prclacjci ire vacant, the c!ccior> slitiulJ, whenever ihcy will, 
freely scl a pastor over Ihcm, yet &o that leave 10 elect be 
fimt afiked of n* and our hcir<, which wc will not deny nor 
drier. And if liy c.hani:t% wlucti (knl furhid, vie should 
deny or defer, Tct the clecCon, none iho lent, proceed to 
make canonicAJ election ; and liketvi^k^, ofier ihe election i« 
concluded, let cur *iaont be di-'nianded, v/hKh in lik« 
tiiannrr urc m\\ not deny, anlcs!3 nc pui forth tome rcJ&ftOfi- 
ablc excuse and biffully prove \X, by rcasion of which ire 
sh^d i^oc eon»cnL Wherefore wc will and fnmly forhid 
that when churchc* or monastcHet arc weant, any one tti 
anything jjroL'ccd ur pn^Kutue lo jKucecd iti uH'*«^il)on 10 
tbja our ehaitcr. Uut if ^y do ever at any time proved 




m opfioncion to % let him incur ibe cune nf Almij^hty ViU. 
Gmi and our own. These being witncuc^: Tclct, bisiicp »"•<*<*'> 
of Wiocli«tcr» &c (her* follow twelve barona.) Given by mry uio^ 
the hatid of Jktaster KichAid do M^rifico, our f^harccllor, Al repi^ 
the Ni-w Tcmpli* in l^ndnn, on ;he aiu day of Novcmbrr 
in tbc 1 6th year gf our reign. 


A.I>. 121 G. 

|Tr, FHainJICfivcnin Ihc SiatuIo ofihc Rcaliri) ofaeonLcinpDDr^ 
rcfi> ib the ctulvily vf Ui« Dean mi^l CJmiiicr uf Untdn^ O"' 3uilM, 

John, by tht firacc of God king of England, lord of 
Irclind, dttke of Normandy ftnd AquitAinc, carl of Anjou, 
10 hia aTrhbis?iops, bithopi, obboU, writ, barons, ju^ifiiAnL^ 
fore*U-i3. ^ihcitfTx fvirvt^i, inififsU'rs, autl all LailirTfi and litytr 
men, jirccltng. Kricrw >c ilitit wc by God'a inapiraiion and 
for Ihe »fcly of our «ou1 and tba«c of out aneeston and 
hein. for the honcn^r c^f HcmI ^mi] tlti? trKiIt^tton cf holy 
Church and the amending uf our roilni. by lie jidvicc of 
OUT wifccmblc father* Sicpticn, .irchbUhop of Canterbury, 
prinuAic of all En^bnd, nnd cardjna) of the Holy Roman 
Cbmcli, Henry, ardiliUhoji of Dublin, Wilham uf IjunUifTi. 
Prtct of Wiochcslcr. Jowclin of Hath and Glastonbury, 
Uugh of LincoJnrU'aUcrcf Worcester, VViUiamof Coveilry, 
and Benedict of Rochester, of Misicr P^indiilf, «ubdeftroi 
and ^miliar ofihe: ];>tJ ibc Vo\fC. a( Hmt^ric tmr binthcr, 
Haster of the Kriighta of the Temple irk Engioiid; and cf 
the noble men, WiniAm Marshal tlarl of Pemljroke, Witlinin 
F^rl of Sali«lnir/, \Viilcam E:irl of Wiircinre, William Rirl of 
Antndcl. Abti of Gallowa>-« ctm^ttabb of ScotEaiidt W.-urcn 
KWt ol UeiaJdr Hubt^; de Uur^h, ^leward of Poitou, Peter 



4llJ pVT' 

The klnt^ 

■fill lay in 





UJid parti- 


all irto 
men ikb 

SlEAtC^I Id 

tJte acqucl. 

FjuHcrberc, Hugh Nctillc, Mntlhow FituHerbcrt, Thomas 
KasMJ^c, Alan IJa^scI, PhiM]> dc Albiny, RoIhti tie Roi^pelayt 
John Marshal, John l^'iUHugh, iiii<I other our faiihrul 
men :— 

T. Have In ihc first place gmnird to Gcd, ii^d confirmed 
Ijy lJi[> out pic^ciil Lliailcf, for Ls aud our lictra iur c»irr, ihc Church of Enii^laiid be free, and tiAVC her r>i;hlit 
intiictT ^>i<i her liberties uninjured^ and so wc w^It it lo 
be olwpfvcd, wlirrh nppcnrs from the fact thai ftcctlom <jf 
f^lci-imnt vrhfdi ifi coll^uk^td to lie of thief tiinmctit flmldie 
more rccc&ary for the Church of Enghntl, wc have by our 
mere and EponlnT^couH Kill, before the b^^inmog ot tho 
diwrotd beiwecn us nn<) our boTons, granted and conftrmed 
b/ our charter, and Ivnv bnd it (^mfiniinl l>y the lofd The 
Pope JnnoccDi 1(1^ wlikh mc will both ohicno And will 
that \\ be observed m flood laiih by our h«irt for ever, Wc 
ha\'e -ikrt gnmcd to nil free men of our rtilm for ut nnd 
«ur heirs fur ever, all the liljcrliiri inenliimcd bulow, la lia%-e 
and to hold for them Jind thcji hcira of us and our hcir». 

[Bl v-tiv lEfcr to scculdr mullai. Sec Slubbv, S, C pp. •91-30^'] 

Fin of H^nn- 



63. Whererore wc will and fnuly tonimand ibat tlie 
English Church be free, and ilial the men in our realm 
have and bold fill the afore^id liberties, lights, nnd grants, 
well rind in pc.icc, freely nnd quieUy, fully and wholly, lo 
ihemselviLt find their \\\t\T% of ui^ and our heirs in all Ihingtt 
and ]:ilaccs for ever, u is afore:(aid< Moreover an oath haa 
been Inkcn, as well On our side aa on iJiat ol the barons, 
hy mutLiil that all these ihin^a aforc^id «h,ill be obeerved wJih good 
faiEb and uiiliouE evil disposition. The aforesaid -ind m^ny 
oihcfs lci*Ht witness, (liven liy our hand in th« me^idow 
which b called Rtmnymcdc bt^twcL^n Windsor and Staines, 
on the filleenth day of June Jn the seventeenth year of 
our nfign. 



f/ft cA^HAbKu/ tfTMrtO'. Mr^fflit/f^CiTMnn/p^^uHi^ff. A'D, JUST' 



7 E&WaRD It STAT. K- 

Thb fcPf In g MononaiA A*i hMaivf Ijknr m tgii>. tl ta th« flrvi 1970 
Act whidi clfoJ^ with pttjpcrtj' pven la #cclc«(titii^ ^nom. Il 
r«<Tivt<] jbddAlHin or m^'liti^Btion up v«fictu9 lubiequvrt aHU^oitflt lb* 
ao«l iinp9rt«rit S«ing tiK Actv of J391 : 7 A & Wi]|L«tn lit, cav> 37 > 
^Goorsc II, tap, ^fi-. aimJ sGtOT^c IV, ai|i, itr.\. 

]yw. SUluU* cf tbc Kntcn, i. Jf ,] 

The kinfi to his JtietLC«J> of the Bcrch^ ^cctinK< Where l^^^M 
of Ul« tc wii pf<nid«l, ihaf religiou* men should not en(*/ J^Ji^qI^' 
Inio the fcc?i of «iiy willioul tkciiLi; uiiij wilt uf Llic chief ]i»ri)>1rc>ul<] 

lorda. of whom :ho»c fees he holJcr immediately-, *r»d jj^'^'.ijj^'jij^, 
oMvithvUntling, religiouf men hare cn[er«d ju welF into outliccncc 
thcif own fee^ » tntu The f<-t*i of urlier men, :i[i[irfjpmiing 
utd bujing U>cni, und bomctiino iccciv^n^ tiicm cf the 
gift of OC'>cr>t wlierchy the icrviccs that are <liic Ironi »udi Tlib ^ro 
ta«. «wJ which At the befpnring were provided fof dcfcnc* ^J^ 
of (lie mlm, are wrongfully withdrawn, arul tJic chief Inn3:t 
lose Uicrr ^jchutA cf Ihc same : 

Wc tbctcupon, 10 the profit <y\ our rcatm, intending lo Ordahir^ 
pTOYide Cfrnveniem Tcnvd> by the advirr of out prebtet, J„" "J^n 
cailj, laruni^ ;ind nlher our iul>jccti, beirLf^ of our rounril, hr alinn- 
\mie provided, cvtabliabed, and ordtiined, th*nt no ptrrion. Ill,*^^^^^^ 
idigioua or olher, «hat»o9ver h« b«, pretuivie to buy or it*l! vpixi p^a 
Miy land* or trmripms, or to rerrive them under »h^^^'|^ 
colour of gil^ or letixc, or any olh«i title, whuiaocvei it 



rnalti' for 
GVBtiuit of 
entry itytn 

Chitf lorJ 
nn burl na 


Ijou of lIic 


be, oi by any ether fraft or device Appropriate them to 
himself, UTtdcr pain of rorrdture of the Aamc, wherfby tucH 
lahiU or trneirrntq may in !iny xwUc romf ir^To jnortniAiit. 

U'c have fiovidcd nIsL>» lliai if airj pci^on, jdkgtous Oir 
other, do presume either by craft or device to ciTend againtl 
(his itniuie. ii Kliolt be lawful to u* and other chio-f lordt 
of the fee iiiimeiliaie^ ri> tenter into the land «o alienateil, 
within ^ year from the E»inc of the aticxiation, and to hold it 
in fee and inhcrilanc«. 

And if <hc rhicf lord immediAie be negtigent, and will 
noi eHter intc* such fet? within the year, then I'l shaH be 
hwfii] to the next ehicf lord imrnedi^te of the Mine fee 
to enter into the eame land wiUiin half a ytnr next follow- 
ing, and to bold it a^ iit aforesAid ; and so every lord 
nnmcdiatc may enter jnio j^uch Eand, if ihc ncnt lord be 
neKliKcnt in cnterinG into the same fee* as la aforeaaid. 

And if all the chief lords of such fees, heinR of full age, 
wiThin t1>o four ^\% and not mijin'ifonecl, be it^ghgent or 
alick in lliib bclmtf fur uiie ye»r. wc. iiiiiticdiutely after the 
year aceoTOpltfihcd, Crom the lime ll^t such purctiaves^ 
gifU, or approprinttons happen to be tnade^ shall take nieh 
hnd* and fcnemems irio our hand, and «ha11 infeolTothcn 
therein by certain acn/ices to be done tu us fur the dcfenrc 
of ouf rcnlm ; saving to the chief forda of tho aame feo 
their vards and GcheaTc, and other »?rvicet thcrvfof due 
and arcustonief!. 

And therefore wc command you, that you cause the afove* 
said btatulf to he read before you, and from henceforth 
to be kepi firmly and olwerved. Wimee the king at We^t- 
minuter, the 15th day of Novcn^bcr, the 7th year of his 





TiU auUieirilia* tOT ihb writ tto % CftttOft *rtd two HaflelM MSi, iM^ 
Colt^ Clud. D. li, l ■4^^ Harlp 3fj and Ctf^. Thr Cntt»n MS ia 
Uidcncd ^i^mimtiKr pfr wntbliif. All three differ hi pumlk uf JcIaH. 
Tlic foUoitftsR: trtt^tivtt is oxJc from tlic (u[Ut«l Icjlu ai primal 
In ihw 9MHwtK <rf Ihe Ri«aLm, i. loj, with sunip ubo of the viirtou* 
rfmilingfe thrfr fivi-n. 

[Tr StMtOLa of ih« n«Klm, l lai.^ 

Itic king to aucb and such judges, i^rcclitig. Sec iliMTTif Wnij'* 
yt •« cifcuinapectly m th« aiaWfi toui^hmg the B^=hop J',^^[|[^'*^^ 
of Norwkh ar<I hit clergy, in not punishmg th^m if th<^y iiffrct 
«hdl hold picas in ihc Court ChriMiiin concerning t'l^'*^ jp^u^i 
things i»hich are racfcly »pm1tjal, to wit : - conrctning cot- nuEtcrt. 
recttons which pfcbtcs infijci for deadly sin, to *it, for 
fi>iTn'calion, adulTcfy, and such Itke^ for whfrh. somotimM 
corporHl puni^linic^iti is inilJcted, ajij iiotnctknca pccuniaiy, 
ctpccialtr iTa frcenun be convicted offtuch ihin^s. 

7h*/ fi^ffnMf is /itf wn'/. aid, afifiarrnfJj, « diiHft^ 

nttfmiitfii /* Iht iting. mvM Ai'x dflitEVrr i^rrtfi, 

Al^o if d prelate ^tnpo.ic 3i penalty for not enclotmg Qiirr?'*? 
i churchy^nl, leaving ibe chiireh uncovered of wilhouL ^^^^"":^'" 
proper omAfitent, \n whidi catcs ro other a prniniary rimivh- 
fiDr tail be infliclcd^ 

yards ^ 

A]?H> if d rccior dcmind the ^CBtcr or iKc Icner litlte, ** **> 
provided tbe fouitb part of »ny thijrch be not demanded. ufTcrinjpi; 

Al>o if 1 redor dmund a mortuary In placea (vfacre uiomQr 
S nkoituary haa b«n USuilTy given. tMri« : 

Also if A prcIfUc of Jiny church demand a pensii^n from " '"r*""' 
the rector ttt diie to him:— ;iU such drnuindt »c to be ' 

made in the ecclemovlJcnl cuun. 




a* to 

M derkf 



fourt ■H'i 
whrn ■« I 

Ho pn)- 
hlbllloii In 

■cvc In 

Iran 1 1 fa in 


llttic in 
rc*pcci of 


■ad |}ccu- 

but not la 
OL^rv of 
violence tu 

Conccmiiig byjng violent hands on aclcrL and in case ^; 
dcfamattont it has been gmntcd formerly ituit pleaa Ihi 
may be held in the Court Chrinian, provided money he not 
demanded; but protcL-dlngR may her tnkcn for corrcciitiu of 
the sin; and likewiiic for breach of faitk In all thcae cue* 
the eocleEiuifltical judge bsi& to tike cugnueane^ the kmg'* 
prohibition notwith&uindiiig, a.lihoug^ it be put lonmrd. 

Wherefore Uy men generally obtain a (irofiibhion for tithe*, 
oblations, mortuftnc!>, Tcdcmptinn^i of penances, la/bs 
violent hftndi: on a clerk or n Uy brotherp ind in CAte oT 
dcf^imaiion, in vhkh ciisea proceedings ?tre taken 10 evac^ 
canun jud p u 1 1 i ^^li uicn i. 

The Iwd the king made amvct to ihe*« articles, that 
fn l\\\w% obvc-mlons, oblations, and morTuaries, when pn> 
ccctlin^*! arc taken, as is aforcaaiU. there ia no place for 
prohibition^ And if a cletk or rchgioiie pcrgon fihflll sell 
for money to any one his tithes itorcd in the bum, or being 
elaewhtrrc, and l)e impleadL'd in the Coww rhiiiiian, tbc 
royal piobifaition ha^ plac;, for by rcoion of ^alca, spiritual 
tlungt arc temporal, and ih«n tith^ pass into chatiels^ 

Also if dispute n rise concerning the right of tirhet, having 
lis oTJgin in (he ligbt of pationage, and the (Quantity of 
thc^e tithes exceeds the fomib part of the church, the 
king'» prohibition has place^ 

Also if a prcbic impose pecuniHTy penalty on any one 
for sin* and demand ihe money, the kmg's piohibitioil 
has place^ if the money is exacted before prelatev^ 

AUoifany one sball lay violent handton a clerk, am end « 
irnist he made for a brL^ch of ilic pciicc Of tht" lo^d the 
king, before the king. And for excommunication hefk>rc the 
bithop; and if corporal penalty ht impoied vthkh^ il 
the defendant win, he may redeem by gMng onnney to 
the prcbte O) pcibon ijijcuedj uciLha b such cases ia Lhcrc 
pkce for prohibition. 



In <lc£jiniAiion9 of frccn^cn let the prcbicA correct, the ISW, 
kino's pTobtbition nolwithKtantiiiia, AJlhoiich it be tendered' "■" ^^ ^^■ 


vm Ut Digmtty cTi Twr, App. J. pp. 0* «^. S« SmLla. S. C. ^ (84. 

Edwsftl, &I.-., 10 the vcnrublr Ffllhcr in Chrii^l, Rnhrri, WftRhir 
hy the »aic grace archbishop of C^ntcibury, pricnaic "f j"'*'*'^^ 
all bn^Und, groebng. Whcrvai;. by reason ot certain dilb dupiich, 
chIe ilbJn coficrming u« and niir kirgdom, and you ^d 
ihc otbrr prelates d ihc wHir Kingdom, wliicli wc do noi 
dcurc should be dispAlchcd wiihoiit your^ind their prcMncc 
we wi*h to hold our i'arlmm?nt iind 10 hold conference *1« yo" &• 
and dHruR^ion with ytm on those matTcrH; we command J'Ji!J^|'^'' 
foil, cnjoimritA >'OU btiictly by the fmlti dJiU luvo whereby mcoitu Ik 
you arc bound lo 111, ihal you be with u* « Wvstroinalcr ^*_ *" 
on th« fir>l day ot Augiut next to come, or ctt all events 
within the ihtrd day followinj; ai the Utest, lo discuw vith 
la concerning the uid m^Uerp, and to |;lvc >our advice. 
And this )^u ifaall in no wL«e omit. Witness ouf^eU At cbo 
Wlute Monastery, the « 3rd day of Jtiiie, 
f SiaiUr IctUr* nrt djr«t*d to th# Arrhbi>LhAf> cf Votit, th« olter 

These trfcovraii tn in iddiljon t« himiL^ Uitcjk to tljc«4rbp huojiA, 

The king to tho v^cmMp Father In Chrisi, Robert, by J""""^* 
ibc mate pncc aidibt^jiop of CAnicrbury, priniAtc uf n]] n-it»Ln-i 
A* taw moat righteous, *stat>lishcd by **^""°o'* 

EngUsd, greeting. 



and you 
flW*IC of 

•r* lore 


incv. ihr prudent foresii^t of I10I7 priooB, en}oint And 

ihni Hh*t ifTcct* oil ibMiM be apptov^d b]r all, 11 ia in 
wiw, &fi IS moil deaf, (hai common danger* may he met' 
by Tirmc^Iics rakcn in r<jminnn, V<4i nrt^ cloiilitle^ wdl 
Aw^c, ALid it IK row, wc bdicre, spread abroAd tbroucb 
iHe ndui- fill the <X3untnM gF ih« world, how that ih« King ol Francs 
,^j^*J'*haf ireocherojtly ai5<I tuntptitiously dccdvod 115 in rrgird 
to ouf Und of OucoDy by wickedly withholding it fiom us. 
And no", not comcnt wiih ihc treachery and w 
aforoaidt he tuu, in order to attack our rculm, coJect^dj 
A very \sjgt tttt and X numerout retinue of «oldffr^, with 
whom he liab jtlrcndx in^-aded oui klngdonn and tlic in* 
hubitanu of ihc wmc, nnd proposes 10 blot out entirely 
from ihc carlb the English ConRue, if his power correspond 
to ibc jbomHiahlc dotign or the sin he haii ronrckvcd, 
which God Avcrl; because weapons foreseen do the 1c«*i 
injur*, and your interest, 3^ that of nil other yotar fellow- 
lU- ciEi/ens rn the re^lm, is at «tak« herein, we <«nirn;ind you 

cjl^xy i"? "^ ^^ ^^^ '^^^' ^"^^ ^'^*^ whcicby you aic bound ti> ub. firmly 
W«iiBJn- a^joinin^, ilini on the Send*/ next after the Fcaat of 
* St. Martin in the winter next 10 coirie, you be preaent ill 

pvrHin at Westminster^ forewarning [/^(7*iift*rVf*JVj[ the prior 
and clijplcr of your church* the anihcJcatona, md all the 
clerjET o^ your dioocac, causing that lhe»e a-ime prior and 
archdeacona, in their cwn penoni;, and the iaid chapter by 
one, and the Mine dc^y by two fit pr(M^t>f», having fulE and 
aulHcient authoricy &oni t!ic etiapter and clergy (hemsclvcat 
be prw^nt with you, by all means, then and ihero 10 dmcutts, 
in orAorXo ordatn, and do with 11s and the other prebics and noblei 
and other inbabitani^ of our realm, in what manner wc are 
to meet 64ich perib and evils devised. Witnew the king 
at Wengham, the 30th day of Scpiember. 

^SlmiliT lrt[^n ir« i11rvirf<d MDMni KnitcnOtA to rtie AnhbUhop oT 
Voi^ Hud the biihapk I «Im>4 ainittinB the f:lAu*e JvrwwamiHg. ItC 1« 

miily cfivn kbboU and oih<n.] 





Tbe fudowins Bull vm ikfutdtj> Pop« Hc^nirac* VIII in f 096, and 
pvblrthis!. K> br u tavcrrriftd Ej^glanil, by Archbi»hnp Wincliclac/, 
■a Ja^HHTi rB97> lt> abject w (4 >lop lh« carrying on nf wits 
■o lancvl} •! Uie vaiJBUK vf tlifT Uciiy. Ab t wiu«tuentc uT ll, llw 
deriy, in iao7. rri\tfe«0 to smut an aicl ic» Eilwinl I, whn thtrrvirpon 
OatliLttwl them,Mn(l i^iffid 11k trmnoriUMrt of Iht iff ol CMnlrilniiy. 
Ev*«tU4tty k coin^rOini» wm mxfr. Airhhtibnp Wjiicli^ktj pronb- 
ing to cbuin (nc»iiry frcm the clftfcy if tlic krn^ wauM canfarm Ch* 

bat hVtct ralunuiy itiuU. 

[Tr./WdWvJ,p, «:!«>] 

Bonifarc Rjihop, 9«rvjuii uf tlir M.-rvanL<( of God, Tor ihvt 
pcTpdoAl tncmor/ of the mattci- Tliit laymen liavc been 
Tet]F hostile to cicrka nniiqaii^ rclnies, which too th<.- cupo- 
rCflocca of tbe pf«>i(fnt tinrn niamfciftfy dccbic, whiUi not 
rOfitont tfiih (h^ir own bouruls llicy ilrivr for the rrtrhitTflr-n 
And loMc the rcin« for things unlawful Nor do ihcy pru- 
denUy coiuidcr how powci over gUtIcb ot eccleaiasiical 
penoiM or goodft \& forbidden them ; thry impose heavy 
biirdcna on the |»rdAie9 of the churclic-i and ccrlcsiA»iicat 
penona rcRoUr und Kcohr, and tax them. And impose cqV 
lc£tion«: ihr^Y ^^^ct and demand from th« %x^*! the half, 
tjlhe; or iwrniirlh, or any oiher t>ortion or propnrtmn of 
iJicir icveiiuca 01 ^ood^i «nd hi niJiny wa>'* tlicy c^My to 
bnnx them uiider sbvcry, und mbjccc ihcm id ihcir AUiho 
ncy, Atid, aft wc udly relate, kome prelates of the chiLrcttet 
mm] ectit^iju?fi]t^l |it?m:>m, abrmed u'hun? there ihould lie 
«o daim, seeking LRJcai^rrit f>cacc, fearing oiort lo oiTend 
tbe tcmpond mjijaty than the eternal^ AcquiCAtX in such 
■buses, not ko mtifh nuhly n« improvidirntly, AtII^r>ti1y or 
liocnce of the ApiBlolic 8ei^ iml liuiviiii; hvv%\ uhuinrd 
Wc therefore ^csiious of prevcntins <ueh wicltcd actioni, 
do, wtth Apo$tchc Authority deettf^ tiiih the advice ol our 



htvlng d^ 
useii Ac. 



and Ihtf ir 




juy Or 

■ (low "iirh 


tlic Adiiir. 
rank Ihcy 



■JF all 


All iicqu] - 
riwrnr* nn 
the pfiH of 

tjc« will in- 

brethren, that vhiisoevei prHar^ and ecclesiastical pcrsoas 
religi^u* or accul*r, of wha(:^ocvc[ orders cofitliiioii «r 
fttaDtlJng, sboU pay or promise or agite \.o jiay to liy por^ 
toiw collectiont or limes for ih^ Tiit»c, twrntinh, rn hun- 
drcdtli of ificj I3IVEI rcilUi ur |;ood»j ar lho»c of llic chLirchcs, 
or any other portion, proportion, or <iuaniity of the Mine 
tents ^^ K*>™i*i at thcit own estimate or value, urder the 
rinme of aid, loan, relteT, «uh»idy. oi gift, oi 1»y any otiiei 
titlt^ iiumnci, or pretext dcn^Andcd* wiiLioui the authoritr of 
the )^nic Rcc- 

And ;iUo tfhi^lsocver tfmperore, kings, or princes d«lte*, 
e^irl:^, or Imtoiix, ^vrcr^t, uipuinJi, or of[]cLa.Lk, oi Jcctorit 
by whatsoever nuncs tbcy flrc reputed, of cities, cutlc*, 
or any pbccKvhaUoevcr, wheresoever ^iiualc, and all othen 
of «hu[M>cvt'i f;Lnt, prt-eminence or siale, who shall imjxwe, 
ciatt, ui receive the tbinga uiDtesiid, oi arrcsl, Kite, or 
presume to oteupj- lhia|0 anywhere deposdcd in holy 
biiildings:, or to eommand them to he arretted, seitcd, or 
OL'cupied, ur itteivc ihem wlien mi-upied, st^i^etl [»r arrtwied, 
and also nW who knowin^ljr ;(ive aid, eouaacl. or favour, 
openly or seeretJy, tn the thicks aloreaaid, by this «9tnc 
*hoitld infur temenee of eircornmunir,irion- Univcrsiiiet, 
too, which tnay hiivc been to htome in these nuittcio, we 
suhject to eeclcsiaatical interdict. 

The ptcUtea and eecteBi;t«iicAl persona above mentfoned 
wp wrictljf rnninjjinti, in virtue of thHr nbpftirnrf^ and 
uiidci pnin of depoititioii, that they iTi no wine acquiesce in 
AU^h thin^Li withoot express hcence of the said t»^ And 
that they pay nothing under pretext of any oblig^uton, pro- 
mise, ;*nd acknowledgmeni what^oevet. mitde so far, or in 
procrci» hcrciofore, and before such cofuititution, prohibit 
tion, or order eonae to their notice^ atid that the seculars 
aforeratd do not In anv wi?ie rcccivo il, and \t they do pay, 
or the afofe^id iclvlvc* let ibcm fall under aeittcu«x of 
CKCOioniuni cation by the very deed. 



?r, Itx no cr\t be flbsoKed from tlie aforir^id 
Mntcnccs of cxcoiimmnicaiicn* and interdict, save *t ihc 
tiKtmcot oi clcnlh, without fluihortty flnd ipedAl licence of 
Ibe Apostolic See, inasmuch u it is p:irt of our imcntlort thxt 
Midi a Icrrible abune of Mrcubi puwfrta -litJtiM nuE in any- 
iHm poA) under diedimuljition, «ny privitciicfl whabocvcr 
nDtwnhuandirigi in whAtsocvcr icnniSf form!; ct modc«t o* 
Utangemtiml orwrirdw, (.Hjntedwl to einjitfrorsy king* and the 
Othcn AfcifOaiU; a^iini^t i^hkh prctniai::a aforciaid nc will 
ib»l aiid be j(iven by no one, And by no pcnons In uf\y 

Ld it ihifii bt; bwrul Ici n(;ne at plII iu infrint'c thin |mgc 
of out oondtitution, pruliibiiior. or crdcr, ttx to f;uit]^y il by 
jMy ta«h aetempl ^ and li ary one prct^umc lo attempt Una, 
let bim know that he nill incur the indignaEion of Almighty 
God, and of hi» hleitited aptjstle^ Peter uiid Va\i\. 

Given at Rome in Sl I'cter':! on the 24Lii of ycbriioiy iu 
tlw MCond ycat cf our P^mtificatc. 

*iiich •fii- 
true* IB 
not to be 


«]ir<'i4l li. 
c«nce< rhftC 
tile Jifutc 
tiiA) b? 

Ka otiir h 

diiq fait- 



ran IVsfllCm VIIIh 3n i Bull diied June 37, lapg, rldimfti Scot- IflOI. 
Jlnd Ai A ncf ul Komr. forbiddinfE til war J (ct nioleal i\\e Kc^U- TIl« 
k^if 4clinOwlhig*d JU rvi-eipl, anil rvarfirmArf Ihf |>rjut'[>k iliflt 4uch 
m^cnaod mui( be twd before ParJijimcnU I'hia wa> donr aI L'ticofn, 
b lioi. H<i Ihe barunt <Ji«w u(f (In: fullcwini; 'C|»ly (v Ihc pDije. 

[Tr. Ovitinal 4t PuMif R-Turrt Ofllrt, In irt* CEiapitr tloui« 

To the mo*t holy ftithcf in Chrint, the lord Ronif*ce, by P^'^ 
Divuuf Providence buprenic ponuM ot tlio Holy Roman u,urt:li 
Oiurth, hi< dc^vkui snx\s (then folEnwihr nnmc-B Of 104 eurli I'^u^Hy 
and Utrorajdcvouilykiu his blessed fccu The holy Rornun t»Mt in^. 


DOCUMIM'S iLlVSlHATiVi:: OF THE [xxxiij 

l«mia of 




««Dcd tho 
of Kome, 

baE uril> of 

K«rdjcJ Ehc 



mother Churchy by whose minimty ihe Othol^c lahh Is 
governed, jimccciJs in her acl», u wc firmly Udievc end 
holi^ wlih :vLLch Qi.iiut? deliberation that ihc can prcpidiGC 
noM. but only, like a t^^ntlcr nioih«r, preserve unharmed Ihe 
right) of individuAlK, no 1c<g in oihcrfl rluin in herself How 
ft ^cnci^ P&rliaiucnt h^vlni; hccn summoned hy our mov; 
serene lord KdwArd* by the grace of Cod the illuMriDus 
king of England, at Lincoln ; our «ame lord caufted certun 
L^tien ji{?(Hiu]iC!, whidi he had r(^c>eivcd, writien on your 
behalf, utjon ceitaio matters tOMchin^ lite condition and 
estate of the kio^dom of Scotland^ to be putdUhed and 
gravely expounded to us ; whidi bemg heard ind diligently 
cxmjtidcreJ, mt, have heard Lnattcra ihetein contAitictl a» 
well A^tuntiilnng to our feelings AS before unheard of^ For 
wc know, mott holy lather, and it f« notorious \tt the pArti 
of England, and not unknown in «om(? oihers, thai, frooi 
the Gr^t foundation of the realm of Cngland, the kings of 
that realm, as wtll in the limes of the Brilons, as of the 
English \AngJi>rtim\ have had Ihc superior and direct Over- 
lordtthip of ihe re,nlm of Scorhnd, and h^ve been, at succes- 
Mvc liinc:^, in po^ieSHion even as it were of the au^ctainty 
and dlrert lurd^hip of the said reulm of Scotland. Ncuh^r 
at any tirn« did tibe said realm^ in iis temporaliti«, pertain, 
nor doe* ii pertain by any manner' of right, lo ihe Cl^urch 
aboveuid, Vca, more, the laid realm of Scodand |^pcr- 
tamtfd) to the progenitors of our aforwaid Ii>Td, king* of 
England, and vat thdr Acf of old tfme. Nehher also were 
the kings of the Scots, and the tCAlni, isiibordinaie nor woni 
lo be subject to others, but to the kings of England. 

Neither did the kmgs of EngJnnd answer, nor ought 
ihcy ui snswLT. tonci-rnirig ihtir riglit* in the aforesaid 
kingdom, or other their temporalities, befoie any judge, 
ccdeiiaxtical or secular, hy reaiion o( the free preeminence of 
thee^lati? ofilidr xi^yA dignity and tustoin, imbmkenly pre- 
served aE all timca. Wherefore* having held discourse, and 




diligent dclilicmtii^ bcine bad concctDitrg tlic things in your 
9ud letter) coniamcd, tht comfnon conscncin^ ajxd unAiii- 
ttMMK agrocment of sdl And tm^ul^u hiR hccn, iS| and for the 
ftih»r. Cod willing will be iif;ii[r;jsl1)- ti^isrtxcd : — llmt *mr 
afcFciaid lord the king, for the rights of his kingdom of 
Scotlnnd or other hifi lentpotahcieft, ftliiU in no vriae ftiuwcr 
judidally before jon, nor undergo judjmpm in any maiur 
vhaCsocvcr. ncir brin^ mLo doubtful qiicsiioning his righin 
■ibrcsiid. Ncillver »ha]l he acnd into your j>rcscnce proc- 
lorv cr nuncios for thai purpo^«, eipem^lly where Ui« pro- 
miffl shOiitTd manifciily t^ml fo The dKh<"ri*Hjn of ihc right 
of ibc Cfonti of ihc kiriKdom of Hjigkud, arid of the lojfll 
dj^nicr. arid the notorious aubvcriion of Ihc estate of the 
ttuie kingdom, and alio 10 (he prejudice of liberties eut- 
conn, iTid |di<.-rnal \aw% Eu (\w ob^c-ftMncc and dcfnxe 
wliertof we are boitnd by ihc due pcrfoim&nce of cuj cith 
tak<n. and nbich we "lU mnint:iin with all our power and 
»iU defend with all our «re»gih, by <;od'4 help, 

NcTlbcr do wi: ixriLiiil, nor in flii) way witl wc pi^rnnl, qa 
vc neither can nor ought, ihnt oiir aforementioned lord the 
king, even if he iboald with it^ ibould do, or in in^ wist 
aiceni|i4 iTie TKemixt^i m> uriuvuul, undutiful, |irejui.]ECi;if, and 
Otbcmiac unbcani of, Wbcrcforc wc ret'crently ^nd buinbly 
implore your hoUncat Ijcni^nly to permit ibe f-^mc our lord 
the king iwbo anion{{ other print!?* of the whole w^tld 
proves InmwHf Catholic und detuied lu the Churth cjf 
Rome) peacefully to poasebi hi^ riuhtu, liberties, cu^iomi, 
itid U«^ without dimmuEion or mcjuictud^ and thit hs 
tm^ lake the lame unltnpaired^ 

In witnci« whereof we have put otir ocalft lo tbc^ pto* 
•entH, at ttcb for ourselves as for llic whole coEnmonalty of 
the mid kingdom of England. 

Given M LjucoId, ti Fcbiuary, a^ei. 1301. 


Hem* Hie 

]>Diti nff« 
•Dd for 111* 

mada far 

rL4^hL4 iu- 



tb the lilii« 

rtslni, dT 

4ibii)idi in 
Uic trLKi- 

L rairgniR 
I hOdM« 
I " 








35 KDWAKD 1, STAT. 1. 

ThI9 Act, directed AKriin^t tlic abuK^t f>r \y*[\al pfltfDCL4j-c^ 
pA<fHr<d Ai thr PcrliAmrnl held it Carti>>lF in i-^t. licace ilio tune tgr 

or late it C3mc ro tbc knowledge of our lord the king, 
by ihc g^icvou^ complaint of ihc honourable persons lords, 
mid other noblemen of \\\^ re&tni, tlt^i \vherir-u nionoe- 
Irrirs, prim-irs and oiher religious houses were fnunded ift 
tho honour arid f^bry of God, and ihe advjiicirntcnt of ibe 
holy Church. b> Ihc king ami his progenitors, and by ihe 
anid noblernen and Ihctr anc^itors, and a very great portion 
ui UndH juid tt^nemetus li^ie been %W^r\ by theni to ihe taid 
moROKLcricKr priorict, ;Lnd houses. And ihc religion* n^cn 
cervmg Uod in them, to the intent that clerks and laymen 
might be admitted in tuch monasteries, priories^ and reli' 
gioUH huunrii, ucLtirdin]; lo ihrir AUf^cienl nbiftty, and that 
sick and feeble n^n mi|^hi be maintained, ho?tpiE.ility, «]«]&' 
giving cu^d other ehAnt:tb]e deeds mif;ht be done, and that 
in them prayers mi'j^ht lie an^d for Ihe ^oulv of the said 
fvuiiflcTH and ibcir liciiti ; 

The abbola, priori, and K<^crnor« of the tiaid houses, 
and certain alient their «upeTiorE, &« the abbots and prion 
Cluniar, Cistercian, rreinonstratensunf and of the order 
of St- Augu&linc Ar\t\ St< Ccnedictp and m^n/ muie of other 
religioTi and order, hnvc at their own pleasures »et divers 
unwonted, heavy, and intolerable ralbges, pnymentt, and 
impositions upon ei'cry t>f the Mid nmnjistErics *iiul houses 
in bubjcction unto them in England. Ireland. Scotland and 
Walcii, without the privity of our lord the king and hift 
nobility, eontnry 10 the Uwk jind cuslcmit of llir realm. 


And thereby Ihe rumber of reJigiou* penoni, ara! olh« 
ttCnainU m ttic uid hau»» and fcligioub p1ac«, arc 
oppressed by lucb talhRcs, pnymcrts. and irapostiionst the 
sctvice of God is diminUhcd^ alms arc noi given to the 
pfKiT. ihc sJrk and ft*^blc, the lic^Ilhs cjf the living ;ind iht 
soiila of the dcfti arc jniscrably defrauded, and hospitality, 
abnsgivirg, and otficr ^odly doeda do cmsc ; and eo that 
which in tim*fi past w»9t chiriubly given if> ^ndly hacv, nnd 
to tlic im^rcjKc <if t!ic sen Ice of <vud» i^ hqw conveclcd 1<J 
in evil end. 

By pennisuon whereof ihere growit great fttAndal to the 
people, and Infinite low find dwlu-rit»nc^ an? litriocnwir 
lo the fctjndcis of ihc iiuid houBcs and thcif hcir^, unless 
speedy and »uflieicnt ictncdy be provided lo rcdrea ao 
inany and gnevoux detrimenti, 

Wlterefore our ^ifur^'sjid lord thi? kinf^, rr>n!iid(.'ring lliAt 
ilwuldbevctypicjudicuJ toliim oiid hii people ifhc!(hculd 
iLAf longer »iilfcr ao great loaac) and injuries lo paaa un- 
noticed, and Ihercforo being willing lo fnaininin And defend 
the tnnnxcrficK, priories, and oilirr rrlj^ifnii hntisr^ rreclrd 
in hit kingdom, and in ail hndsaiibjcctto his dominion, and 
from henceforth to proiide suflioiont remedy to reform 
flwh oppr<'Won«. a* he is bound, by Ihc advice of hi« 
VAilt, l^icrA, K^^^L mm, and olh<-r nnblrfi nf hih kingdom 
in bi3 rartiament holden at Wesiminacer, in ihc liveand' 
Cbirttfth y«ar of hsv reif^n, has ordnined and enuctud \ 

Tlui no ahhf^r, prior, nia«er, warden; or olIh^t religion? 
perK>R, of wlijtsoc^cr CL>iidilion, state* or rc1ij;ton he be, 
being tinder the king'n power or jurisdiction. «hnll by himself, 
or by nserehaots or c»then, secretly or openly, by any device 
or ui^Ano, esrry or send, or by any means nwne lo be «enr, 
asy ux Iinpobcd by die ftbbot&, piiors, masters or warden* of 
rdvious hoxjse^ their supcriort, oi a^Acucd amongfit them- 
selncf, out of hti Icingdcm and his domtnion^ under the name 
U rent, tallage, or any kind of iiiifuiilioji, ur otherwise by 


irAry to 

[.OKI tl> 


glvtn for 


to in iJl- 


Lu tcincdy 
tKii an 

fdllowa 1 

in inoixLS- 

ill the 

lltjn tiliull 
lend uo 


■ nprrifan 




Nor re <w.t 

No tiCLpoiJ' 
Eji>n> tu be 

ih« bcadi 
ol Btl«l1 

on itic 

houAd to 

to Ihtri, 


rovinily nf 
tbe com- 
iDDii ec«l df 

iii;if of cxchan^Ct mittiu! ulr, or oilier coninci hoTiocvcr 
ii ttiaj be icfincd; nfiUrn atudl they depart into any other 
coQDtij for viviiiiion, or upon any orhcr coloi^r, \vf ttiAt 
Rieam, tairry the ^oivlti n^ iht-lx mons^rfTirt nnrl hn(jRf*« 
out €f the kingdom intl dominitin ^oioak!^ And if any 
Ahail prctitmc to offend this present «tatv1e, he shall be 
1,-rtevouKly punished acccrding to th« quAhiy of lui offence; 
.ii\i\ jicccirdin^ lo hx^ cortltrrnpL kA ifie kinjj's prohlbilion. M 

Moicovcr, our ftforcuid lord the klnjc tiihlbiu tU ■nd^ 
ftinftular abbolfi, fihon;, mavters and govemofn of reU- 
gioui hoiae* and pbf**, being afifn*. lo whcwe authorJiy, 
suhjc-tiijcin, utiil ubi^diciLLc iIjc houifc^ of tlitr Hiiiu: urUcn 
in his kingijotn and dominion be »ubjcctt thni thoy do not J 
at any lime ticrcaflcr impoiiC, or by %T\y mcjtn!; a»esfi, Any 
UlbgM, paj'tncni.i, chrtrgt^, or other burdTm whattoever, 
cpnn ilic mgnLi^lcricA, pTiijricx, oi t>lher relitjiouss hnusiicx in 
subjcclion to then^, u ia aforeuid, And that under forfeiture 
of dM thnl they have or can lorTciL 

And funher our lord ihe ltin|; ba* ordaJni^d *nd c«ab- 
liahed. ibai the abholi of the ofdeis Ci-^tcrcinn And 
fremonKtrstcnmn, and other religious orderi. whose scfll 
lias hereiofore b*<n lued to remain only itt the cuSitody of 
th^ abbol, and not of the ronveni, ftliall hcm^L-r hiive 
« common seal* And that iholl rcmab irt the custody of ib< ■ 
prior of the monastery or house, and four of the mD«t 
worthy and diiscteel men of ihc convent of tbe aame house, 
to he bid ui> iu tafc keeping utidcr lliu" privy Wiil of llie 
abbot of the same house ; »o th^t the abbot or prior, who 
governs the house, shall be able, of bim&elf, lo cvubliih 
noihirjR, though heretofore it ha* been otherwise uced. 
And if it happen hereafter, that vruinjs^ of obligations^ 
docaiJonB. purdiasea, sautes* alicnaiions, or oC any other C0l»- 
lracl8> be seated v^ith any other teal than taxch eoEnmon 
qrni, krpc as iv ^foTcsiid, they shall be adjudged niid and 
of no force in law. 





Gut it 13 not the n^caning d[ our lord the king to exclude i£«T- 
lh« abtxjli, priori wid other religious sllens, bv the ordin- "^"^'' '"'"''■ 
ftncP4 anri «a!u(c^ aforctaidj from txccatiiigltiGir olnc« of p^.j,^jj^y^ 
vUiiatioTi in tiis kmj£<lcim jn<l dominion ; but ihr)^ may vUic h<^u>ci 
at their pleasure, by themaeUts or othcrSj the moruuncric* ™,"?,^p* 
andoUicr places m his Icm^^Jori antl domtnion in?:uhjKfion '^nr.-x m 
umo thcnn, acrording to U'K' duty of ihcir ofKre, in tho*e ^ti^ytXtt? 
tbin^ cnly ihat belong lo regular ol)servanc<^ and ll*c <J»«'pl'"e. 
disc3;>1inc of their order. 

I'rovided. thai ihcy which »haU execute tbi« office ofB^Mb-w 
visiiAtloTK fihaJl rarry, or liiiisi.- ut hv eirri^ otir of hi» *J,''^5J'^^ 
kiogdora And doiutnion, nunc of ibc goods or thiri;;^ of^",f4i<r 
such moiia.iieTieSf prioric.'*, and hou^Ot ^vitig onJy ^^^j^ptrty 
reasonable and competeac charjjei^ tmr^wiOt 

And though tlic publication and open notice of Oi^ ordiii' ^ ^""^ 
anoca aod ^talJtca aforcaaad wa^ ata>'ed in lu^pco^e I'o^pient in^' 
cctUoD cAU^ca hinoc the taU I'adiAmcnt, holder at Ourhale r"bi4«hinfE 
OQ lb« ociaTc of St- flibry, m the hvc-and-thirlicih year of nj^Ve* 
llw reign of thcr s^tut^ Ktn^ Kiiward. to the- iiiiciiE ilu-y- might 
proceed with greater deliberation and advice ; our lord the 
king, afict tAX conference and debate hod with hia carls, 
baroRc, noblrfi, and other grc-ii men of hi* kingdom, tourh- 
ipg tl^e picini>t'\ by tUcir whole eonsent atxd agrcemcnL 
haa ordained a^iuJ enacted, that the ordinances and statute* 
aforesaid, vndcr the manner, frjrm, and condilione ator^ 
said, from the first da^ of May mrw. en^iinji shall be To be 
iiivialflbly observed fuj ever, and that ihc oncndcra of iheai ^^^^^ 
fthftU b^ puatahcd, aa isafoieaciid. n»t. 





QunnoK hHvInK ■riten with (^iCAriJ lo the ^rniit of tho rvbthv 

iurimJicttod^ of the npiriiiiiL a^il irmporAl DCturla, thtf followinff 
jiulliii(i[)i(ivc aii>vreift vr^ic Kivcn by Ulc kini: Hi Yijik, T'w. a^, 
if> Pilw. II, A n (316. Thin dofiimfiiT ww erniiiilrtcdM a conconliff 
twlwron lh» Chn»rh and ^tnl** on ihe qncalion* (frv<Jtftd- 5r* 
Stabbfl, Cdfui. //»/. ii, ^4, 

[Tr SUIutea «f 111* k*»lm, i. t7i>] 




IS QlflrKy 

Churth, i>r 

«l l.incotit 


t. If « pro- 


but when 

The king Icj all to whom, &-t%. yr^fliriB. Know yc; thai 
whcfcaa of late in ihc limes of our progcrrilort f^niLCilf 
kings of Engbrid, in djvcrs tlicif I'nHiomcnin, And likoms* 
ofCcr that we had underE!4ki?n thr povrrnancp of mjr realm, 
in v\ii Parliaments, niiny ^initio comaining ilivcm griev- 
ances, commitlGci, u was asserted in the same, a^met the 
Etjglish Church. Ihe pTcbTes and cTergy, were prnpotindcd 
by the prelate and ricrks of our reaTm ; .intl fimhcr, grrai 
msioTLcc WAS made that convenient remedy might be pro- 
vided therein: and of late in our Parliament holden at 
Lincoln, th^ ninili year of our letgn, we caused ihe article* 
und^^rwritlrnj wijIi rrn.iln nnsweTs made to 5«mc «f ihem 
hciclofnrc. CO be rehearsed before our council, And cflDKcd _ 
ccrtam answers 10 be corrected; and 10 the resiclve of Ihe H 
article* tinilfiwiiftfn, nnswETt were made hy oh nrd our 
tutmtil; of which said ariidc*, with the answers \o the 
same, the lenor? here ensue: ■ 

First, laymen purchtise pro!iibilTon£ ^neraTly upon titbes, 
obventionsv iibhitEons, morlihaTies, rt'dt'm|>lTi.>n of pL'Twnct, 
fi(j[cni laying bands on clerk or convctsLTSt and in cases 
of dofamaiion ; in whic^h c^ses proceeding is had to enjoin 
atnonical pcnanoe. The king ansuren 10 ihis aittcle, that 
in lithf^, oblaliorjif cbventiona, uiurtuiiiicfs, when tlity arc 
firopoundcd under thcK naTnc^ Ihc kinfi'n prohibition 
ha£ no place, even if for the long withliotdmg of the«e 



ibcy tonie to a pccantify Kdtlrmcin of (he wmc. Bui if 
« clcfk or ft religious man ictU hi.i t]thcn« bcinp i^nihered in 
hit »«rH, or oib«rwifle, U) any man for money, if iht money 
br <lrinanf!H hrf^ro S spiritual )udg«, (h^ prohihitJon shaill 
lie; fof by i}ic »lIc llic >piriluat ^uirdii uil- iiiAdc ttniponJ, 
And the tithc« turned into chaltcln. 

Alio a ditpiiic jtritic upr»D the riglit of ifiheft> having 
iU origin in the ti%Ut of pairon.^^c. and iht qiuiiMUy of 
lh« SDDOc tithn conict to the fourth p.trt of the Kooda of the 
church, tbt king's prohEbtcion has pbcc> if thi« cause comt 
twTaiT A Judge ipirirtral. Abo if i prelair; enj^^in a pecU' 
iMtJT pctiADCc to k xaan for his o^cncc and u be dciii.'xnded, 
the kinfifs prchibftion han p)jicc- But if picl-tEcs ci^join 
pcfumcev corponTj ard they which be to punuhjrd will 
rtdeem, upon thpir own ancoril, Nuch iwnancref by ntuit?^, 
if money be defcandcd bcfcn^ a judge spiritual, tEic kiiig'a 
prohibitjon fias no plicc. 

MotroTer^ if any Uy violeai hands on a dcrlc, the nrnendt 
far the peuitE Itfokm shall br bc^fott; i\k king, and for 
excocD mum cation before the ^^rclate, (hat penance corporal 
may be enjomcd ; which if the oflcnder will ictleem of lits 
own good wJI, by givinf^ mnney to the prelate, cir la the 
psttf gricTcd, it uin be required {refieU) bdbic the prcbte, 
and tbc km^'i prohibjiion ihal) not lie. 

In dcttniflikonfl xli^o, prelates tX\iW correct in the manner 
abovesud. iheking^|:rolnbitionnoiwi:hKiAnding»tirttmj()Jn' 
\tig A penance corponiiU which if the ofTcndcc will redeem, 
the prelate loay Ire^ty rvceiv« the money, thou^i th« king's 
prohibition be tendered 

[fpr Af «^r« HV Wh w/fa« Nt, XXIX:\ 

AlfO If iny t^rf^CTE o^i his %oil & rew mill, and aAeruard^ 
tbc pti^un of I he pUcc dcniJiiLdi Lillie fui the uiue> 
the kind's prohibition issues in thja form : * Quia de molen- 
diso till hAclentiK dieeunae non fucrunt toluiie, prohi- 



iltbn atrnx' 

Fourth purl. 


corporal 01' 

3, Laytna 


4. rrt<1*|r-< 
ctirreci for 



S Hit pnv 


liLhr in 
d* minded 




6 Whf<ni 

Lc com- 

bciih in a 

■ni] r^m- 
pwil court. 


8. Pnvi. 

IpfiP At 

the king't 
thai] (w 
bj ilic;r 


bcBiufl, &c CI scntciiiiam cxcommunicsuioius, ai quam hac 
occAKione prroniulgavcritit rtfvofreti* omnino/ The imwer: 
Tn tuch <^si^ tilt* kiii^'i pjuliibiliuii never lssulxI hf the 
king'j jtBacnt, who aiK> dccrcci timt such £ball never At aajt 
Lime mu«. 

AUi> if any raiifio or mnttPt, the knowledge nheicof Le* 
bnga to a court spiiitual, And iha\\ be ^UM^vzVf dCECf^ 
mined before a spiritual judge, and fu^is inio A judgment, 
And iliall not be tuipendcd by nn appc»l, and afkervard*, 
if ii]K3n llic ibtiiir (liLii^ a ([ucsrlUm \s> moved bdute a \<m- 
por:il judgo Ijclwecn the lamc parties, and it be proved by 
wiUiesM^ or in^lninienti, »uch an exception ^11 not bo 
Adnntticd In a lemporal courL 'I'hc anrt'er: When ih^ 
iinme rue if dcbaird bcrfoic lud^c^ >iiin'lijal or tcm|XAil (is 
cboTC appcan upon the ca>c i>f laying \iolcnI hai)d» on 
a cleric) (hey uiy, Uial rolwithAtflnding the tpiTituaJ judg- 
mmi, ibe king's ccuit shall diicu^-v ih^ banie matter as iho^ 
|)aity aball think cxpeJjcrit fur ljjiii»>etr 1 

Also ihc king's letter i£ directed to ordJnATic» that hare 
involved those that be in subjection to ihem in the sentence m 
uf 4f<t'twn muni lotion, that iHcy should u&uil thtiii by ;i i?cr*f 
tainday.ur clicthat they thould appear, and shovi nheicr:)rc 
they tiavG eTEcommuAJcatcd them. The anRi^er; The king 
decrees, that hereafter i^o mrh letters «ha1l he suJTc-red to 
U^\\i% cicrpt in t^^ii? whtTf^ it. ^^ rcnintl ihiit the king's libert/ 
is prejudiced by die excominvnicalion. 

Alio barona ol the king's Kxcbequet — claiming by tl^ei 
privilege that lh«y ought io make nn^w^ to no complaint 
out nf the JWnc pbcc — cticnd tlie A^inic^ privilcrgc: to clerks 
aLidint; there, called to ordcra or to residence, and inhibit 
ordinonti that by no means or for any cauw, *o long ai 
Ihry bf in the Ex<:bequer or in the king's senior. *hA]] 
they cail tbcm lo judgment The Qn»wcr ; It pleases our 
lord the kin;?, that such elcrks oa attend in hut aerrioev if 
they o/r«nd, thrall be corrected by their ordinirics, like a» 



ochd; but »o lon^ u they are occupied nboui the EmtIic- 
qocr, ibcy ahiil] not be bound to k«cp rcaidciice m their 
eborvhn. Here \X ia thus addt^d anew l>y ihu kiag's 
cwindl ■ The king am! his jiuccMots, time out nf mfmU have 
lued that clcrki, who ;irc employed in his itervicc; during^ 
such tune ^^ lh£ry d.rt' in t^rvicL-. vhaU net b« <x>mpcllcd to 
kc«}> rciidcn^c ll their bpnellc^s^ and such ihinj^K a« be 
thouKbt ficcnsii)' f^r ihc king ^ind the mminoniv eolith, 
o\s^\ ROi to be uid to be prejudicial to the liberty ot' 
Um Cbnrcb. 

Also ih^ Wng;* officer, as shrnTTs and mh**rn, t^rtirr 
ioto ibc fn-'A ul" llie Chuich to take diMfCf^ea, aiid they 
■cuBctitnes take the rc<tor'4 beasts in the kinf^'s highvay, 
wbitie ihuy have nothing but the land belonging to the 
Church. '!>]<; aruutr-. Ttie k[n^'s pleasure is, that from 
heocefotih »uch di^ticuea thall neither he taken in the 
kkn^A bi);hway, nor in the fees wherewith churcbci in 
timefi pent have been endowed ; neverihelefit he wilU thai 
disueuA lie taken in (KJuteiniDns nevrty purchased by 
oocicsiaatic^ persons. 

Alto where aome, flying to the chtircli, abjure tho land, 
aiCOOcdiDf lo tho custom of the realm, and Ir/nicn, or their 
maaies, do pursue tlicm, and thty :ire uktn fioni the 
knc's highway, and are hADged or beheaded, and vrhibL 
they be in the church are kqit in the churchyard hy 
anned men, and lometinkc^ in the fhiirrh, so MrviiiJy, 
that they umuoi dei^it ftom ibc hallowed ground to 
relieve nature, and arc not ttuffeTcd lo have neeenaries 
brock^ht to them for their hving, 'Ihe aniwot: ITjey lh« 
abjure die bnd. fto long a^t lliey be on the roninii.»n way^ 
i/e in tiic kinji:'& peace, nur ou^ht they to be dinurbed by 
aar man; and irhcn they be in the chureh, their keeper* 
ought D04 to abide in the churchyard, «ci:qTt n^cesfityor 
peril uT CKapc bu rvttuiie tt- And su lon^ a» they be in 
the churdx the? ahatl noi be compelled to flee a«uyT but 

H a 


Ihc klar'm 

bouiiil lo 

»Iiat] Ii4l 

bo ljik.4n in 

u-ay< nor 
In Uie 


lA They 

>iiff Ihr 
rcjlm »iull 


bo in tlifl 
rhElr1^^ , or 



ft. Rdr 

iii»ll no I 

wnh prn- 


ntrd, AFT 

not pilvi- 

13. The 
ticn of m 

bcLOTici 10 


ihcf sihaEl have nec«wi«B fbr lh«ir living, iiul may go focth' 
I0 r^lievfr n-imre. And ahc kmg'H fik^un- 1^ tlill rol^ivn 
being ajifjcliiiiittw wlioiaocvcf lliey wlUt mny oriifcM llim 
olTcnco to p»wi» i buc let ihc ccnfcsaon beware lol »i»icb^ 

Alwi it IK prnytrl Ehiit uljt Imil llii^ king, and (be gnat 
men of itic realm, ilo not t:lmrf^c rcb^'iuus houM>, or ^pinliul 
|>onons r^r corrOfliCA, pensions, or provisions io rdigioua 
hoiiscs, and other pUfx^fi or ihe Churr.h, or wiih taking up 
horses [niniQc-irTs, whereby such Ifouacs ate iEnpoveiifdied, 
and Uod'^ service la diminished. And, by rcAsoit uT lucli, 
ehAr]>««^ priesu and olLter minitCcn of th? Churcli, d^puUid' 
In divinr temrp, art? oftentimes euiniielled m dcparr ^rom 
the placcJs aforciaiJ. The inswer : The kin^^'t pleasure upoj 
the contcniH in the petiiion is thnit fn^m hencduilli Ihcj 
fLhall not be unduly chatg«d- And if the contrary be donej 
by peat men 4»t o!hri\ ilicy sh-ill bavc remedy afier itiO' 
fbnn ^ the ^taluics nude \n the time of King ICdw^iil, 
fither (0 the king ih.ic now U, And hke remedy shaU l^ej 
xnnctc forrortodios iind p^^nsion* ovimrtcd by rompijKton, 
*hereijf nu uK-ntimi %\ m^ide in Uie MAti-ilrs- 

Also \i any pcraonn of ihe kinic^ tenure he ciMcd before 
thvir ordinaries ^ut of the j^aiish where they continue, and 
li^ty be «viromnmnfc:iie(l fur their manfreai tonfumncy. and. 
aflei foity da}» A wiil ^cra forlli tu lAkc tliem. OJcy prcLeud 
ihcirprivilc}^ that they ou^hl noi to he elied out of the town 
and parkb where their dwelling it, and «o the king's vrit for' 
laking the same Iv denied. The an*twcr; It wan never yt^i 
denied, not *hall be hereafter. 

Also it is prayed (hat ^piriiu^l persons— whom our lord 
the king prctcnw to t>encAcCf^ (if the Church, if the bi&hop 
w'xW not admit tlinn, cither fnr larJc of learning rir for other 
cause rtjisonablc — may not be under the ciaminaticin of 
lay pcrsoTiG in Ihe «'«seb .iforeKaid, %s- it i« at iht» time, m 
fact, aciempltH!, enntmry in the (kerecK ranonieal ; bnt that 



they muy me far rtmt&f to the xpiritiut jiiflge, lo whom of Ul^, 
ri^ht it bclonga. 'Hic ana«a : Of ilic &bliE> oT a pftnon 
pveacntcd lo a bcncllce ot the Church* the rumination 
briotigi to a Kpmiufll judge; arid so ii lias been uied here- 
loTorc, 4T]d kImH 1>c hereafler. 

Alio tf any <ligntLy l>c va«nt where election is lo be m. Tbcr< 
[n»jC| II iji prayed \\tM Ihc ck^ctor* c»ay Oecly mnke '^**"" Jj^^ ^^^ 
electicin without fear of any icmpnni iiflwcr^ and this aU cjon t* 
|ira>'cn and oi^ficuionji »hail in thi« bduU cu^lk. '''^CQn"ic 
answer; They fihaJI be TrecJy mode according lo ihe form Chwrch. 
of bUtutct and ordinant^cfi. 

AUi^ though a rferk ooghi not to be judged befnrr is^ Adctk 
a temporal judge, nor BDylhiiiK done j^ainut hicn tbat ib^churvh 
COOCCmt life or member; ne*'ctthclci» temporal jud^n lur Muov 
cause eicrk* ileeing to ih< ehuroh, nnd per^dventure c<»n- !!^mJ^[lU 
fcning their o/Tcnces. (o Abjure the realm, and for the t<> Abjure 
same caxitc stdtnti their fib]utationa» aliiiough hereupon 
they cannot be their judKc*, nnd so power ia irroni^rulEy 
\ijt^wf4] given to lay pertons lo put lo de-ith such cicrki, 
If ihex cliaiice U) be tanad ykithiii iltc rcilm iiHei ibeir 
flbjuntion. The ^irclatca and clerfiy desire tfucb remedy to 
be provided hetc\xiy that Ihc immuimy or prtvilc^e of Ehc 
Cliarch and spiiilu.1l jierton^t tnny he nved ind unbrolccn. 
Tbc amvrct: A ckfk fleeing to tbe cbuich for feluny, to 
obtain the privilejce or the Cfiurch, if he Jiflirm himself to 
tie a elerlc, «haU not be compelled to abjure the icalm; 
but yielding biinielfta thr kw o( thr rrAlm^ ^)m\\ t^njoy the 
prirSeice of the Church, according lo tbe jaudabtc custom 
of the rtaim heretofore t^ocd. 

AUo notwithsi.inding that a eonftttinn made before him ifl Thf 
that » not huM judge thereof, is not lufficieiU whcietin ^f tiiA ** 
peoccM may bo a«mided, or renienec gj^cn; yet some Churth 
temporal judge* wtlh re^pcel to elcrke -w^mj in this behalf ^p^J^^'^t- 
are nm nT iheir jutnidK-ium— ronfrwing liefnne thero ihcir tike onHn- 
heinous oflcnee*, audi m thefts, robl>eiie«, or mmden, ^**"^^W*^ 

DOCVM£f>rrS illustrative of TH£ t"xiv 

1^1*- admit them ta an icciucttion ij:3inftt otbcra; wliicb tucb 
ffcJiTifiri*'^'^^' cflll an appcd |d//f//*rw]. and do not, after ibc 
jifl&tDn promises, duEt^er thom, fto conk«eifk|-, aecuaing, or making 
appeal, ia ihdr prrUiir*, alihoiigh ihey [the Jtidgw] bt 
tufiicicntlir required ihcicin* albeit the> Ciiftnoi bcjud^ied 
or condemned before them by ihcir ovn confcsjiion wiEhouc 
btc-iking the Church"* privilege. The aniwer; The prirtlege 
of the Church ^SaII not be d«ri:ed to one appealing* when 
summoned in due (vnn. os a clerk, by hi» ordinvy. 

We — [IrairitTg ii) |ircrvkk fat the tlnte of the English 
Church, and for the traTiquillitr and qvict of the prcbtcs 
and cier^ Atorc«aid, so far aa v^e in.i^ lawfully do^ to th« 
honour of Cod. ar^d cmcndalinn af the Chureh, prcia|^^B 
and clerg/ of the same, r^iifymg, cnufinnin^, and Appravl^P 
all nnd c^-ciy of the Articles aforwaid. with all and evciy of 
the answers m-idc and contcimcd in the (atiie— do grant 
and fx>iiim:ind them to be kcpl firmly, And observed far 
cvcri willing and ^raiUmc fur ua und our heu\ that the 
aforcaaid prvlolcs and cEcrg>, ond their ^ucccason, shftll 
luc, ckccuict and practise for ever the juri;idLCtion of the 
Chureh in the pfemiues after the tenor of the .irwwer* 
a^>rc^aid, nithout Iet> tiiolestation. or vexation cf us cr of 
our heirs, or of any of our olhccra whosoever they be. 
Witness The kmg ai Vofk^ the 14th day of November, in the 
tet^th of ihc! reign of King F^ivard, the sun of King 

By the Icing hiiriAelf and the Councfl. 

[7li0 fim StiKitc of FVmninni wu pjuaJ in 1351 : » It 11 ro^ 
«It<-] id tlio »rcLd iitatutc. vtUr fait, No. XXXIX, it n nnt priDi«d 




A^ 13S3. 

27 EnWARD in. 9TAT. h 

1% ^DftCtaitnl of a Scalutc of Pn^tJHTV in ij^i {vUt antt^ p t^j, 
MOirt ](v1c4ny hPrtTttiUtnl * Suiuie of rrfcraiunii*. tliL5 Inutr jlnmJ 
34 |n>T««itinfE '**in>u<-hmMii nivin, r-v w^MtyMytm nf^ ;LirAi1irtiori, Jml 
tf th« lonn«r ainnrJ it Jefendmg pjlfonm* P*r4tnn]riirr miliei II 
EreMOD ic itppcAt l4 the pope 4i:aini^ ihv kirig, A t«cond Act of 
Pnucaunitc waa pjascd in 1^95 \tiJt^vi». No- JCL]. 

Our lord ihc Llrg, by the a»3ciit And prayer of ihc gr<at 
incn, and the common« of htR rc^itni of Kngland, at hr« 
great council holdtfn at Weitminster on Monday next aHer 
ilic fea»l o( Si. MiiLllicw ilit apc3?itlf. llic lweiii>-?-evcin!i year 
i4 hi* reign of Enj^ljtnd, And of France tbe fourlccnth, in 
ADncndment of hit caid realm, and tnaimenftncc of the lawi 
2nd uugo, his ordained and established the^ ihingn under 

l-trtt, bccatise it is al^ovcn to our lord the king, by the 
grlct'otit and clamorous coinpliiAls <A the groAt men and 
eommonii afrirruid, hnw ih:it divers 4if ihc propUt he, ;tnd 
have bcea drawn out of the realm to ana^ci for thingi, 
iirtierf>ol the co^muince pcriairf to the king'v court; and 
aUo that the judgmcnu given in the «3mc eoun be im* 
pcacbcd in another cotirl, in prcjiidint' and iliKhcrison of 
<iurlon] the kini;, and of hb crown, and of all the people 
«f hjc laid realm, wd to the undoing and deaiructioik of thi; 
commrm law of ihr Kiu\f realm ac all timrt ii%rd- 

Whcreupcn. good deliberation being had with the great 
ncn and others of his laid councili it ie aeeeoted uid 


luftv* been 
lulled out 
Uf Wit 
mlm 10 


in rh« 


iiid Dial 

ar« cUc 
where ivoc 


DocvM£yrs /iiuaTrwr/yi: or jhe [xxxv 

f^Ung out 
nalm, or 



rforc tbe 

rjklrt in 


For d«4ii]L 

Jii two 

■arc of th« 

wld Ave 
lavrry. hai 


nccordcd t>y our luid the king, and ihe gi^ai nicn and 
corTimo[W afor^sjiid, ilijii all \hv p^oplf of the kui^^'s a\\c^ 
gianc:c> of whai soever condiUouUicy be, whkh^^laUdfawany 
out of ihc rca!ra in pJca, whereof the TOnfiirancc pcftoinn lo 
theking'scourt, or cf things whereof judgmeniv b« £^ven in 
llickJiig';* tdurt, ur wIiIlL du^uciji miyulliei to Jfi, tu dcfcai 
or impcftdi the judjc^cnt) )c^^cn in the kinf^'s couil, flbaJI 
have a day, witliin the Hpooe of two monthi, hy warning to 
be made to them in ihe ^ilace wlicre the jjosatfiion* be, 
which ate in ticbak, or othctwise where ilicy hive Undi or 
other pu3Bc3»ioos> by the sheriJf» or other the kind's minia- 
lcr«, to appear hefote the king and hi* couneil, of in Lu« 
rhanecry, or before the king'% jimircs in his plncesi r>f ilie 
one bench or tlie oilier, or before oiljcr the kin^;'!! }uslicct 
whjch to the same ihull be deputed, to answer in Ihdr 
proper peiaons to the king, of the contempt done in thi« 

And if they come not at itie said day in theli proper 
persons to be at the bw, they, their procurators, auomcya, 
exeeutort, notaries, and tnaintainer^ shall from that day 
forlli be put thJt uf \\\ti kind's proieclion, and lh«ir tiinJH. 
goodi, and chattels foifeiicd to the kmjc. and Iheir bodica, 
nhcrcKoevet they may be found, shall be ukcn 2nd ini- 
priioni^d, and ransomed at the kint*"i will : And upon the 
34Uie a writ tktiall be made li> lake tlicm, by Iheir bodies, 
&nd to »ci^^ Ihcir land*, fioods, iMid po&de.!tAiona, into the 
king's hands ; and if it be returned that they be not Ibund, 
they shall be put in eiiigirnt, aiuj uutl;iwed. 

Trovided always, tliat ai what time die/ tome before tlicy 
be outlawed, and wilt yi<-Jd ibcmncNetn co the ktng'4 prison 
10 be justified by the law, and to rer^eive ihar whieh the 
a)uit thill awoid in this behalf, that they shall be rhcrcto 
received ; the forrcilrirc of hnd^ £oods» oind diatLeb abiding 
in lorcc, if they do not yield ihcmpcivcs wilhin the wod two 
months, as is afoo^id. 

xxxvO WSTOR y OF r//£ £.\'GUSH CHURCH 



AGAINST WVCIJFIE, a.i>. 1377- 

«»U»j'BA> *57T, •(»iii*e W'jrcUffc I <nd uppckm \v eontain the taaeisw 
«f tfac vibdv aLttvbtr. Another of (he Btrjct tiiu (his one, iud 
tflracia UiM if WydifFe tfliinul U: uininJ. a trnblic wnt iliuiild b« 
psMod ai Oiiford and elscAjicnt, nucninQniDE him la appur at Kame 
^HMlia itm? mrtnth^ tA antwrr Inr fhr prr>pn<iirir>nt nh;i^r1nrt En^ and 
f««tve ftvpl«nce^ A Liurd )vU«r dirvctt itioa la w>m Ilia kia^ 
I, hit «o«f| thv qocflD, intf ikll tlin nob[f« anrl toiiaaFllon of 
Ike kiB^orth«inoiiaity«nd puUiJcii1<i4iiKfrDr W^cJi/Va luiitcs.tad 
to require ibciQ Lu lead all bcJp lu |>jcvcnL liJcK crrun fri>]ii pra- 

LTr. Sudbury's lU^itttr. T 45 b i cf. WilUni, Ui u^'\ 

Gitttfry, lniho[\ 3e]v;i»t uf rhe acrviiiiii of OotI, lo mir 
WRcrftbIc brethren ihc Archbishop of Canterbury and iKe 
Bitfaop of l^ndon, greeting and ;ipo&1olic blccnin^. '{"be 
IV^Im of England, so ijlurious fur il.^i power, and the aliun- 
dance of lift fcsourcGSk but more e^oiious for tbe piety uf fnnu«nce. 
liilb, an4 radijint for ii» r^own in the sacred page* ira« 
wont to pitMltJoe men fjiftcd will^ the iruc knotvLcdge of the 
Holjr Scri|JtUEtf», [jf profound ripenrw. f^imous for ibeir<lc- 
votioD|CfaiiupLon>ofthc orthodox faith«Mho used to instruct 
not only their omn but otlicr peoples in tho tru«tt Icsaoru, 
dtrecting Ihenn into ilie path of the J,ord'« commondrncncG \ 
and 13 ve infer from Ihc irauh of ihe cvcnu of ckl. the 
pr«late9 of llic md kioi^dom *cl on the wmchtcwer of ihcir 
lobcttudc iindcrt;ikmjL( their own w^t^h with c^rnrct care, 
didool luftcr any cnurio nrixeilui iniglir inftitt :hciT shccji, 
but iT urea did >pni^ up Irom the aowmg of the EnctLvy Qt 

ancp tJiiii- 
Ctjdi, holy 



ha« now 

■nd hrr 

fill Ell, 

■■KuinitL [lie 
crron of 


lia? MR' 

Uicy 4rc 

*iid onfihT 
lo be 
J Lacked 
by the 



nmn, they ToTthwitb plucked them up, ai^ so the pure gmin 
grew comimintly, tncct lo be sicred i^ tlie Lord's j^rncrp 
Btie nU« il now h rlrnr ihnt in this sHf^ame realm, wsit^ful 
by office but carclcnf Ihrough negligence, lUcy do not com- 
pAAK the city, whitsl enemies center imo it to prey or chfi 
mrwt prcrioiiB tre^isure of men's soul*; whose sly entiies 
and o|>cJi ALiacVs are nalcd Jd Ronit^ Uiough at a distance 
so far removed, l>cfotc r»isiftQce is made to them in Eng- 
lanJ. We have heard forsot^th vith much ^ief by the 
fnljmaticin of many credibTe persons that John Wycliffi:; 
rfrcturDfthu chLtii^li uf LuUcrno:lh in the dioLt^sc of Linujliit 
proTcsflor oTihc sucrcd page— would he were not «l master of 
errors !— is tafd to have rashly broken forth irjto mjcH dctnt- 
abl^ matJni's; tli^l hv doc^ ncii fear Lo a;«ert, pmfeis, and 
puhtkly prodjiiin in the aJorcsaid realm, cerLiia piopofiiious 
and eonclusionst crroncotis and IaIm:. and diftconknt with 
ihe r^trh, whkh ^ndonvoiir to subvert and wiMkon the 
nubility of thermirrrhimh (.infJ nf which some, -ilbnt with 
certain change of terms, appear lo breathe the perverse 
opimons antS the unlcs^med dextrine or MatsiIius of I'adim 
and John of Jitndun, of c:f>ndemned memory, who«e booV 
W3» rcpiobatcd and condemned by Pope John XX]] of 
happy memory, our |:iedeecE^r) Enalevolently infecting 
with them some of the fa^thftil in Christ, and causing 
Chem lo swerve from the Cacholic fnith, vriihoui whieh i^ no 

No*r for these cnor^ fto started, they not having been 
extirpated, or at all evenli no oppomlion which we know of 
hnving t>een oflertd, but your eyes ironniving nt ihdr proja- 
gationur LolcntCion, youandAomcofthcpTcUlesoFF.nfiknd, 
when you ought lo be pillars of the Church and vigil;Liit 
defenders of the wid faith, for thai you |»a« ilirm by » 
neglJ^Enlly wUb a ccrUiu connivance, ought to be covered 
with due sliAnie, to be full of compunction, and to feel the 
(ting ol your own coniiciences. Wherefore wc— being un* 




«i!Ung* lu in <^u1y bound, that an evil ao pcmiciotis (whict) 
unl«si CLil 0% or pulled up lij' ihc too1«. might, whic^h Ciod 
fofliicl. insiniiiiie itself tnJo ihe *ou3s rif very mjny lo their 
destruction by iiifjiul poiaon^ shuuldpiocccd under covcrof 
diKi^tmuUiion— ccmmi^ion and cotntnand you, our brethren, 
byapoitolic wrtlingB,thfltjllftcrrer-eivinglhcpfescnK, y(jii,ar 
une of you, %hidl necrctly inform ymirstlvc* «f the isscttion 
OflbeaaLd [Jtoposiiions and condLiijum. a copy of which vre 
«end you encloat^d undor our bull ; and if you find ic so Iri 
be, you shall rndi'avonr to have the Aforesaid John arrested 
liy cjur a«ihoHfy, ami conimitted to prison, and refidve 
bis conf«uion touching the a^mc propositions or conclu- 
iionSp And liiat confe^aion, and whatsoever the A^id John 
*ha!l fttJiic or write upon the allegrnion and proof of thu 
suite prDprisitinriK and roiLclu^lons and evrrylliing you ds 
in ihc premises, you shall close up lindcr your own sciiU 
and disdcoc to none, nnd send to us b>' a trusty mffstienffCc. 
And you *hall keep the siid John rn prUon \vinfti/it] under 
&afc custody until you tcccivc further coE&iu^ndA from us 
in Chu mnticT. rcximining fill gftin^nycrs by ccolesiafttieal 
centure without appv-il ; ;ind for this, calling m, tf need be, 
ibe h*rTp of l!ie seeubr arm: notwrrhstandiny the Bull of 
Bohi^cc VIII. our predecessor, oj hnppy inciuory, whcreiti 
it ia provided 'that no one be summoned to judgment 
OUtcide hi* eity or dioeete, a:tve in certain special ca^e», 
and in llioat not bcyund ane day's journey fiuin the limit 
of bi* dkoccK,' or ' ch&c no Judges delegated ^om the 
Apottoiie Sec prcKumc to summoEi any persons beyond 
one day'*i journey from the limit of their diocese* and 
concerning iwu day^' juumey. in a, Kcneral council, and 
exemptions, and other privileges, eonsiitutions, and apo& 
lolie letten to the Preaehert, the Minorites^ the Hermits 
ofSL AugiistJue. arwl of St. Mriry of Mount Carmd, and to 
any other* of tbc McndicauE^, or to aciy other orders in4 
pUeeSf or to ipeci.-il peraonfl, or ic any chapters and convents 


and Tv- 

lltd jftntie 
nil ciomih 
tion not' 
Willi iland' 
ifikt, Fiijw. 


1877- 9fiheKamc,)[«n«m)orGped&1, of whjtUoeTCT tenon they may 
be. :ind alstf \\\e ^tatuln jintl i-tisn^inb uf llit mnc orilf r« anU 

slioitlU in any wise t>c hindered or pottponcdj even if full 
ftnd cxprctt mention ouj^ht to be made in our Iclterc of 
ihcm ami ihdr cMtirc tenors and woiU by wuftl ; or i^ to ihe 
afurcsaiU John, ur to any liihcra, in toin^iion oc individuilly, 
indulgence hu beoi jfrajkicd by the mud nee, thai ibcy 
rannoi be penonally arrcslcd m intcrdicicd cir suspended 
cir exttoTniiiuniciiinJ liy jpmtuUc Ictlcia not milcLn^ lull Jind 
expKag mention and word for ivord of ftucli indulgence. 
(Ji^cn ai Komc, m Tjtii, M^iria Maggiorc, ihe n Ih [before] 
UnlrnciK nf Jun? [:hc >3nd day of Mayj, in the veveoili 
yc^ jToui PontiTiaite. 



I8A3. Th% lulliiwiEiK (uoptuiEKHi* wEic dnwii u|> uiiJcr Ihe dU'cctiaD oT 

Arrliblfthop Counnpy, ax^\^ rnftdpmr»f!il ti> thp Convm-ation r*f Canjcr* 
bury in > tr$«ion held it iSlflc^tfriJirt. in Miy 1381, nil cf ihcy hhrf 

of civU iqU ouiun taw- TUcy occur in Faitc. Zi* a^^-aBw (RbIIi 

[Tr. RoTls delist- / i^>> (iTlnKd from Counnej^s Rtg^rrr,^ 
JIfntkai ititt€{ufwm refu^Hanf A? the Chunks 

\ t. HcTv- I- That in tlic i^^^eiamcnt of the alUr Ihe m.ttcrtal 6ub- 
■ic»AUcK«J stance of bread And wine rcmflina after comccmnon, t. 
ihs Uto«. Tn<it accidcni3 remain nut wilttoui a Mmjett m ine Mine 
iaLTamtnln 3. That Christ 1* not in the Sacmmcnt of the 
oltiir e^Beniially. Iruly, nnd feally. in Hi« own cc^rpotal pre- 
<eftC<k 4 'HiflE if Mshoj) Df priai be in mciriA] gjn he 


ornnat ordiin, coiiMcnte, or tNipilii:^, 5, Thu if it niAti \tm. 
be properly TtpcnLani nil pulward confcviion \s soperflttotti 
him. fi. To jif^rih n^Miamly time i\ •ra* nol 

TTwit God crtighl to ohcy ihc Devil. 8, if tlie pope he "^^J^" 
an aban4|one<l r>T evil nran. and bo a member of the Uevil> «diccramK 
he not pow<i over iho fjuhful o* Chriw gmntcd him hy Jj'*' ^"P' 
anyt uvc prrhaji^ ^y CAc^ir 9. That nflet Urban VI no 
one b 10 be rcfcnrdcd 09 iiope, bui we muat live like ihe 
Greeks under ctur own Uus. 10. 'I^o uioft that it ic con- 
trary 111 Holy Srri[iliire thsi errlfilflstirtil men vhAriid have 

jErrtme^ufi rt>/trlusi<mi tYj^j^rtauf if> Ih Ckunh't 

\ r Tli^t nu jrrdaLc ouglil to CKcoinEnunitatc any unlcu fi-it 
he fir*t Wnows thAthciHexcommiinioaledby God. i^That ^I'J^^ - 
if he exi^ommuTiicatei he 1* thereby ;t hcfclie or cxeommu- roncfniBB 
nicaiL'. tj. Thai 4 prduic tx< onmmnitaUiig a tli^rlc *'^"*|"^i™"" 
has appealed 10 ihc kin^ and ibc council of the rcilm i» 
thereby a iraitor to Ckid, kin^, And realm, 14- Thai Ihote 
vha cease to prvncbor b«j iheWordof God nr theGnspel 
prcftchcd on accuuiit of the cJccu[D[iiUT^i(;Lrion uf men ^rc 
ncccmmLthicaie, and on the day of judgment will he held 
tmJtort to Cod, 15. Toaucrt ihni il \% lavfuUoanydcaeon ^^-^^ 
or prkal lo prvath tbc M^nnl nf God wtihoiic (he aiithuciLy ^^^ ^y 
of the Apoiiolie Sec. or a c^tbohc bi-sbop, or aotiic otttcf lojum- 
[AUlhonty] cuilidcnil}' *««, 16. lo assert Thai no one b fp^"^* 
Civil lord, Zitihop, or prettie «hil<- he k in nnortnl sirt. ni^liEtur 
17, Tlut icniporal fords c*in ai ihrtr will Like awaj tern J^^qJ^ 
poial goods Irom eccteiiiaKlics habitually iirfut. or thai the r-fieclMi- 
pdbUc nvy at iheirwill corroct sinful lordt li Tlut fi<he« "**"^ 
are i«irc alntt, anit zhai pnri)Lhtr>nrn> ryx^ withhold ihem fnr 
the sina of tbeir curilo, and iXTrifcT Lhem at pkawrc on 
o(b»tB. 19. Tteit special pvayeri recCrieted to one per^ovi 




by prelates or rclif^iouK do no more avail the suae person^ 
oiher thing* lieing tt^ual, rlian general pray^rt. lo. That 
ihc vciy fui of a m<iii entering anr private religion nuke^ 
him more foolish and until lor performing Uod'v eomrcaiHl' 
menL at. That holy mm endowing private rc-tlgtonft, as 
n^-U uf po6&cA>ioLicri aA of DKjridicaiUs, 1)aie ftmiicti in «o 
frtaj^' ^"^ cmlawins- ii- That the rcfisiou* hvinfi in private rclijtioiu 
aie net o£ the Chmiian rdigiua aj. 'I'hat fnam arc tK>un<i 
10 gel Ifirir living Iry tile hlKiur of Ehcir hataU itnJ not by 
tncndic^ncy. 24- That he wlio gtvci Aims to fnan Of 
fi pTCochirkg friat is cxcommunimtc, 4nd he who tikcj 

(N.B. Archbishop CourtJtcy'a /?(yti/*r proceed* baftur ■ rcry Icpf 

pfuCEsi HKuin!'*! hrn-llcA, uIJrcKcii Lw (Itc Biftboti of L<»i)i]trf} : (/^ 




\%^. I,rm>a ptunl k^iml th4 Lc^llnnii vron. a\ the reqin^tl of Areh- 

bithap Cottflficy. i»aucJ l>y the kicift m July. iaBj, which Jcilci? Ap- 
plied to lUc pjovilict cjf C^rilrTbiiry, The arctilu^i^jFiJ r<Flltiiv\-d thi» 
op with ft fi rival p^ Irtfrr tn Ha inlTniKKnK- tn DiTrinhrr, ijSi, Elic 
Icricn imltux wrrt ronlirm^d ind «a(«nr)cd (« itie pro^nt^ oi* York 
in tbfl form given belov^ 

[Tr Pti. nolU t Rich. U. pt L bl 7-I 

CoDMrn- The king bo alt to whom, ike, gnreiing. Knoir yc that 

hurthit whcrcjs Ifllcly ihc venerable Father Williatw, avchbibliop of 

tariAJji Cnr»iorbur>', primate of nil England, mrarmed uft by his 

pcrmna pftUion. rxhibiHTd Ki un, ihal \fi> tnany cDHclunon* «»' 

prcucUinft ^ , 1 - , II.. 

nfTflir^vr ihr Irary to Mcrcd dotiinnc; and notonouilv rcauundmg tc Ihc 

Ch^''^^ aubvcraion ol the CiithoUc biEh and the Hoiy Chmch^tid 

hi» prcrtinoev in divers places within ihr pTovincie nfrinruid, 



hare befci openly and pii1>flcly, jc\ <)aninab];, prcncbcd, cf 
vbt'cti condufiions aonic were hy sentence, and wt^olcaotncty, 
deel>rcd land] condemned ^5 ticresicSj but others as errors* 
by ihe ChuTch, good ind niiiitiT« dclitieraiioTt hHrg Hrst 
bad themm \\y tlie coniinon eounsd of ilic arLLbisliup him- 
self, And of TCi^- miny of his sufTro^^nns, doclora cf ihcology, 
and oihcr elck^ le;imcd in the Hdy Scrnpturcft. Whcrc' 
upon «c— suppUration being madt to ik by ihe umr Arch- 
biihop, tbdl me would deign <u ^tietLh futlh tEic aim vf out 
royaJ power for tbe due rt^traim and puni&hment of thoac 
vlio wjlh an obstinAlo mind should henceforth wish lo 
pvc^h <iT maintain the cnnduiiion* flfotcEi Id— luring movrd 
by iJcaX for ihc C^lholic faith, of vhlch we lu^ and wuh to 
be defenders in all tMnpi A^ wc arc bound, being unwilling 
in any wi«e to tolerate luch heretics or etfors springing up, 
have within the limit of our |iout'L'f grnnied suihoTtt/ and 
Uc^ncc by our ktlcrs patent lo the archbishop afufc^aid 
And hifl .su/Traj^nSt t^^ arrest all and Kii;j;ubr tho-'te who 
cbouU wiAh secretly or openly ta preach cr maintain the 
sfomaid eoncluut^ns iiu eutidciTinedt wtLemvcr tbt^y may Ik 
(bund, and commit Uicnu at plca^tc, to their own prisons 
or [to Ihe prisons! of o(herft, to be kept in the same until 
they repent nf ihe wickcdnciw cjf iheir crroru and hcpeires, or 
(until] it be oElieiwiie provided, coticciiiing audi anoted 
penona by ii> or cnir counsel- ^Vc now, fic^m xeal for the 
«ime fajih, wiUrrg to provide for Ibe refltraiiiE and dii9 
pnntthmeni of nfl ihone wlin would prfrh.inrr preadi tr 
UMtntain henceforth ihc aforesiid conclu^^ion^ or my others 
w!utJOCver containiug heresy or error within the province of 
Vovk, do grartt and commit hke authoniy and licence to 
tlie \«iK-rab1c Father AleianJur, archbt^hop of York, and 
etch of hM aiifTrvjpuis UiiouflSjODt their diocese^ by the 
tenor of the presents, specially commandin]!; Ilicrcupon and 
enjcfning all and »ingulai our lieg<^ minisien and suhjecu, 
o( vbaCsHM-vcv caiate or tOJiditiou tlicy uia> tie. who atie held 



UM^ to til by faitb ftnd nllcjiianfe, that the/ do not fevour, 
counvel, or aid in any manner Ihc maintatn«n or |iT^(1i(?rH 
of Auch Gonclutiott*! flc> condciniic<l. or ihcir tiouactioldsw 
under foriVkuPc of fill thinpi which ran he forfeited in \\\xi 
event, but obcf, br obedient lo, and mtendcnt upon th^ 
jtforcnumed Arclibi?thup cf VtiEk unci lii» ^unhtfiani oiid 
miniaLcrB in tlur occutioi: of Llic preticms ; ftO lluil, witlioiA 
diMliirbnnc^, due ^^A opeai puMication may be irutcic n^ninKt 
sac'b coTidiifiJorn and iheJr mainiainen, in order ihnt iJie 
defence of Ihe Catho)Jc fiitli mAy be better olabJittied. 
In wiin^sa vrlicrcof ^. W{me«3 the hin^: ai WcsCnainue^ 
on the Slh ol December. 



A, n in90. 

13 Richard IT, stat. fi, 

of GruviFfcfiLr (Jh.ix r?t7,- who procLtrril »n ■ilniinimi frcim Tt^ 
Lanonni IV. A rprnanatnnrr ^miist \l\f. prncTlr-c 1i licArd of m Fh* 
ypar 1343 , WjUJn|t;h;iTii. i. 054-^501. In 1351 & lUlnir wit m>d' 
foibiddEiig the pmclrce. In 1390 Ih4 fdllawing Atl vrjit pumd, 
vrlilch r«cil«». in full, (he 9t4L<j(f uf iB^i, *nrl conUint iddtiioDll 

UhG and th« Duke of I-Aiiasi«rH ta rcpe*! this vuiuic wu r^coed 
bjr Par1iiiin«nr jSiiihM. Canal ffut. ii- ^: IH, 9*4^ 

[Tr, SLaCuEM of tfaa Uatlm, H. 69.] 

FIftctof Item, vrhercaB the nobte King Kdnard, grandfather of 
ibeSlUnic out lord the king thai now i*. at hix rariiainent hfstdfn At 
■fli% r:>f 94^ Weainiinsict on the Dctavc of ll;e rurific^aiut) of out lady. 
Ed*, in, jh^j fivc-and- twentieth ^car of hi* rciitn, enured to be re- 
hearsed the KUiute matie at Carlisle m ihc time of Kinif 
l^dn-ird, itaa of King Henry, toudiJo); Uie ouitc of the 




Holy Cti<jrch of EnjEl.ind ; [be ^id ^ndllitlicr of ilic kintE 
ibAt nov is, by the aucni <if ihc jticflt men of hi?i rcJilm, 
being in the ttme I'arliamenL hoiden tht^ «tid fheuid^ 
ttt«nilcth yf^ft lo th? honour of Ood arKi nf Holy Chuirh, 
«nd of ill hit icjilni. did oidatii uiid ctLaUi^b, ibat ihc free 
cIcdioRft l4> archbi^hofincs, bi^hopricfi, and all other 
digmtiei and Lcnelicei eleclivu in Engiond, nhouEd hold 
rnnn thciict' forth in llit? mann«-r a*i they WL-nr ^r^nti<d hy Itia 
prc^nil^r\ imJ by the JinLC*tlur» of other tordA^ founders; 
and thai a]l prclatct nnd other people of Holy (Church, 
vhicb had advowion* of any bcnt-ficcs of thu gift of the 
Ling, ut uf \\ih piu^e[iL|i7i<», ur uf utiles IcirOl <lild duiiora. 
idicukj frcclT ^^^^^ thck Cullaiions and prcacntUKnta ; .^nd 
thereupon a ceitain puniitiitteni w^ ordatncd in the mmc 
mttttc f<iT these who acirepc any benefice or dij^nity con* 
tnijKithc »aidaUti;teniadc >it ^VnimmAtcr the luid tnenty- 
litifa ycjir, as is .lEbroaid ; which ^Uiutc our lord the 'kin^, 
hjtt caused to be retailed in this prcaeni Parhtmeni ax the 
trqiv^a nf his Commnr* in ihp «mr P.iiHamrnt, ihe tenor 
wbcicof i» »uth ail herciarter fnllnHrv ; 

Wheren^ of bte m the l^cirJjnment of lidvtard of good 
mefuory, king of England, grai^df^ther of our lord the king 
that now is, in ilic tw^niy-flfih year of hia reign, hnldt^n at 
Cirliftlc, ibc pctiiioo heard, put before the »aid Kmndfathcf 
am! his cotjncil in the %xx6 Parhitnent hy the eonmionalty 
of the uid re Aim, containing: That wbere:iKthe Hoty Chjrch 

of £n|;tund n^ui fottndi'd \ /tmtidt] in tlic i-sl^ile uf pu'l^cy, 
wiUuii the realm of I^n^Und^ by tho inid >;rariiirn:bc;r and 
hi* proseniton, and the cjrk, bcirons, and otht-r nobles of 
bii uid realiti. and iherr ancL'i^or?^, to infonii them and Chi* 
people of the Iaw of Gud. and Ui make hu^piutlitica. ainih. 
And oiber workE oi' chnntyt in the pbcvA where tho chiirrbct 
Were founded [findtti^/own^ti], for ihc *otjU of the founders. 
Iheii beirv, and all Christiarm; aiiid urtuiJn poracuions, ai 
«cU ID fee*, knda, rents, as in fldvowbons, which extend to 



Jlecitfll of 

Orticin fliid 

|ill I'pkJvO of 






LU \lCilK' 

on ilicni^ 


4 great vituc, uerc joiignrtl Uy the »id founders f/k^mAw^t 
10 ihc v^^At^^ ^f^ ^l^^'^ people of ihc HcjIj' Cimrch of lh« 
said re-iliii, to Runuin ihe «iin« charge, :ind cipocially of ih« 
pmRTsiinTiit which Hitie nsnigncd Uj afl:h^^i*ihc>|l*, lrbliup«. ab- 
hoti, [irion, iclf^ioui. And all other people of Holy Cturch. 
by ihti V\ngii of the ^id realm, «ar|3, baroiift, And other ^ciE 
men of his reitim; ih^ same kingti^ cnrlu, bftmt1!^ and oihtrr 
nr)T>lc9i, n!« lor<J« An<l advowees, Imvc had ^nd ought (u hftvc 
the custody of .'iuch voidoncca. and the preicntnients and 
Ihe collaiioni of the l^^n^fices beiHg of such prcl3C(««. J 
Ar^d rhc*inid king:* in TimcR past wnrr wnnr rn have Ihc 
grcAtCfll pKit of ihcir council, for the nafc-guord of ihc rcdtm, 
when they hod need, of such prelates and clvrki to ad' 
canced ; ihe pupe of Eome, accroaching \accn^l^Mt\ to 
him tht «cignori« of snch poescsiions and hcneficxs* docs 
give and grjiU llic same benefices lo ftlicns, who never dwelt 
m ECfigland, and lo c^rdinalR, vhf> could not dwell here^ and 
10 orhcts at well aliens at denizens, as if he had been jialrcii 
or advowee of ihc siiUl dl^nilie*^ and btrneficc^ iii he wiH 
not of n^ht by the law of Un^lnrd; whereby if thc^e should 
be «ua«iod, thcra would scarcely be any hencficc within 
a ithofi lime m tht tiid realm, hut th.ii ii *hould he in the 
hands cf aliens and denizen!! by virtue of auth provjsioos, 
ogainA the v-^qA will an<i dinpoAition of the founders of the 
sam* b^ncAceJi ; and so the elections of archhishops, biahops, 
and olher relit'ic^us should fail, nnd the aXnts, lioa pi la lilies. 
and other worka of charily, which should be ^onc in the 
said placea, should be withdrawn, the snid gratidfaihcr, and 
oEher by-patrcnf, in the time of «nch voidancc^ should low 
thcjr prcsenlmeniv the said coundl should pemti, and goods 
without nurnber should be carried out of the realm, to Iho 
annulhng of the cfiuic of ihe Holy Churrh of P.ngland, and 
ditherlscm rif ihe said grantlfather, and ihe imt^, linrurw, 
and other noble* of the said realm, and in offence i;iid dc- 
ctruction of the laws and Hghls of his r^altnj and to the 




great damige of his jieoj>!c, and in ^ulirctvion of nil the 
etftttc oT oil bia »id renlm. uid ag&inat Ui« good diapo«itlon 
and will of ih^ firtt fourdcfv, hy the A&^«ni or ih« &arlA, 
bsuivist. and ulhcr iioUca, uid of all llic; a.Lid ct^minunjlty, 
MX ibcir iriHiant rcrt^Gst, the danin^c and K't^^ncc^i afore- 
n>d 6dng conindvrcd in ibic «:tJd full I'arttAmcnti i1 vraA 
proHded, nrdtioed, and «[alj]i*hed, thai itc raid opprp*. 
ao<i3, grievdncra, and iL;tnra^c?i iti ilic same ivutm front 
henceforth should noi be aufTcrcd in Any munncr. 

And now ii i$ shoHTi to otJf lord the king in this pro«erti 
rarliflmeiit holden at Wirstm Ulster, nn tlit Octatr of ihe 
rurificaiion of Our Ividy, the tivc-and-twcntieth ^or of 
hiA reigti of Enfbnd^ jind the twelfth ol Kriince, by eIi9 
ricvouK compTatnt nf nil ihc ccimmfini* of hU realm, th.ii iho 
ricvBiicct and niihT-hJi-f^ oforcxiid do d>i:ly ^ihiJijnd, M (he 
jercatcr d^ma£C and dcMruction of all the rw^tm of Bn^hnd. 
more tliao ever were before, vif. that now anew our hgly 
rather the pope, by procurement of derkt^ m\A other»U«, h;ii 
ictcnred. and duc^ daily reserve 10 hJA collation generdly and 
Cificcully, ai well ,trc:hhi»hoprici» tMshopfic*. nbbcr>i And 
priories, ai oil other dignitkef and other benclico of Kngland, 
which an; of the advnwion of pt^ciple of Holy Church, and 
gives the Mine aswdl to aliens as lo denuciia, and takei 
of all fruch benoHces the flt»t-frijits and many other profii«, 
and a grcni pan of the treasure of the wld reJilm ia oimed 
awjy and disjirndrd out of ihr ri'ilm, by the pHrrhsirrs of 
ViKh gracics aforesaid ; and alio bjAuch priry Tc^ervacions 
many clerkft, advanced >n thiti realm by their true pilronB, 
khich h4v* p«aceab1y bolden their advajicementi by long 
liOMt are suddenly put out -, whercJiivon ihe s.iid Commons 
hgrc pnyed our wid lord the king, that since the 'i^ht 
of Ihe crown of Eni;land, and (he bw of the uid realm 
i«>Drh, (hat upon ihe miftchtcftand d^imn^es whirh happen 
to Ilia realm, he oujj^M, and [» Ixjund by hi^ ojth. with 
Ibc Accord of hi^ people in hia PitrliiEmcnt thereof, to make 
• I ■ 


ngaititt It 
In Partla- 

tnenl of 

The pope 


scrvM the 

lo himAclf. 


111'' rjittn 
and mi' 

ttiLi prc- 

witi lid- 

of U>c 

they wvrt 

and pr*' 

Wlirre the 

[fO(Jc pro- 
x'jOe> "Jie 



rcm«!y and bw^ fui ilic rcniovifig of tlic miM^liIeTs artd 
(hma^ci vrhich ihE;rcor ensue, Uiac it may plcaK; him to - 
ordnm remedy thorclur 

Our loTrt ihf king scHng ihe miscliEeft and dAmo^cs 
hcforc nicntii^ricii, Af^d bnvm^ rci;uid tu tJic uid ^Utuie 
made in the lime of his said j^randfolhcr, and lo ihc covic» 
(unuLiht-d in iZic; same; w\mc}\ suttite holds &tway« iu 
foKL\ and was never rlefi-ali^d, Te[>e:ilt'd. nor nirnultffd in 
JUiy poini. and iiL»omu<:li as be i^ buund by lu> uath 
tf> cauie the ume to be kepi ai lh« bw of his rcalaa, 
though th.1t l>y sufferance and negligcnee il ha* been 
eiiHX' zi1teiJJ[jLcd Lg ihe iuntiaty j ^lao h.iring n-garil ta 
the ^cvoua complainlt injidc 1o him by his pcc»ple in 
dlven; hit Parhjinentft boldcn heretofor^r vrilLin^ to ordain 
rcmiL-dy Ua \\\e grc:tl djim:im3 and rnisrhiefs which have 
hajj|x:tm], And dudy du Jtappen Ui the <!hur(J] of ]vn;(bnd 
hy the oaid eaust ; by the afiseni of all the gieal men and 
liie c<*n-HiionaIiy of Ihs aoid realm, to the honour o\ Ood, 
flnd pmfli of Jh*" said Chnrrh of F.^i?l.^^il, nnd nf al 
h;» realm, hdn ordered and established j that the fice 
eleeiM>nft ol irchbibhopK, hibhopt, and oil oth«r dij;niEio and 
benefices eleriivt tn tngliiiid, shall hold from licncidcrth 
in the mannri a:^ they h^ere grjnLcd hy the king't pioj^enw 
tors, ond the anec^or? of oiher lord^ founders. 

A&d (hat air prebics nnd other pt^ople of Holy Churchy 
*Nrh have advf>wi,f<ns of .iny benefice* or the kli>^4 gift, oi 
of .tny of hiji piogcnitoi^, or of other Tor db And donoi^^to 
do divine service, and other chatges thereof ordained, shall 
hav« their cctlulioni and presentments fre«ly to the same, 
in rhe nuuLner as [hey were enfeoffed hy thdr dcMiorx And 
in caK that rcicnatton, collation, or provision be nude by 
th« coun of Rotne, to any archbishopric, bishopric dig- 
nity, or other benofiee, In dliturUanre of ihe fr** eleccions, 
coJblionK or procnutiotift jJojcicimed. tliut, at tlie »tinie 
ticae of Ihe voidonce, ax sach reservations^ collations, and 



proraion-j ought to Ukt cfTcct* our lord the km^ ;ind hi» >3W 
hcifB Hhall have and enjoy, for ihe *ame time, Ihe cxjJbtiooB 
to (he :iKMiihhn|rrjrK, hithoprirs^ and other dk^ni'tici dci> 
tivi;, ^vhrch Ijc of his advowjion, ^uch oa his pioKcniCors 
bad before thai free elcTCtion wcti Rrnnie<l ; seeing Dial iba 
Cilmion wai5 fir^f gr-interl hy ihc king's progrnitnrs mion 
1 rcrlnia forio and turtdiEiuii, a» lo demand licence of ihc 
kinj; to choc.ic, and Af»r the election to have hid roynl 
A£Aeni, and not in other manner^ Wftich conditions not 
being kf|>r, tIio iIlu)^ ou^ht by r«i3on to roKJn to iu lirst 

And if flny such rcscrvntionj provision, or eolbi^on be Solnc4tc» 
made of any house of relTgion of tlie king't a d vow so n, in ^'^|^^,^*' 
fJiMi-hlMrnif of fiL'e r[cclirjri, our lovi'idyn lend ihc ltin|t, r^-lijEimin 
and hJ5 heirs, aIiaII hive, for that time, the collation to fiivc [^^^"^^^J^ 
ihit dr]piity 10 n convenient peraon. And in ojue that colla- ficcH ofihc 
lion, rcscfvaimn, or provrvion be made l>y the court '^fj^fth™" 
Ki^iiit lo amy tlmnh, prcbi^nd, or oiher Ijcjiefitt, rthit^li is ckruy. 
ofthcadvowHon of people of Holy Church, whereof the \.\r^% 
ijs ndTOwe? paramount immcdl^tei thai at the Kamc lime 
of Ihe voidiincc. at wliieh time ihe eoHaiion, rrsffrvatJon, or 
provision caught tu Eukc elTcct aa is ifbttaaid, the Vm^ mid 
his heirs fihall th«recf have the preaentntion or cotlation 
for that lime — and «o front time to time, nheniocver such 
ptfijiip €if Holy Church shall lit? diumtbeil of tiidr prcsciil- 
irenb or collaiions liy such rcscniition'j, ec^llations, or pro- 
vieiontt AS is aforesaid, tinving to Ihcnn th« right of their h«vIdx 
advowsim* and their preicntme-niJt, whctt no eollnrion or JT***'" 
provision l>y the Caurt of Home i> made thereof, or where pfD^iwon 
|hJ»t the satd people of HoJy Chorrh dhall or will, to ihc T *^^''^ 
tame bcnchcef> prctent or make eaiUtton; and that their thfmndvca 
pri3tnieeK nT>iy t-njoy ihe cflect cjf tlieir cpllaiion* or presf^nt- P"""'"^*- 
Ricnt», AiLd in the a^inc manner every other lutd, of what 
condLiion he be, ^hall have the collations or pTescntmenia 
CO Ihc honiet of religion which are of hia advowKon, and 




P* f tally fcr 



oih«r b«n«fic« of Holy diurth which pertain lo Ihe 
ume hoiMcs. And if sucli advmirecs do not preaeiit to 
au(h bcDcGcc? within the halPycar after audi voitUnccai 
nor the biHhop r>t' th? place give the unie by lapu of 
(imc wiihin s monih nfio-r hatr n yi'Sir, ihni ihtn the king 
shall have ilicrcof ihc pictcnLniciitK nud collations, as he 
has of others cf his c^n idvovr^on dc^meane^ 

Aiid in cnsc thnt the preiwntws o/ the king— cr ihn 
ppcwniws of i*lhtr piilrtui^ uf Holy Chunb, or of thcii 
advowee*, or they lo whom ihc kin^ or luch pationi or 
Jidvonccn aforesaid, have given licncticcs pcftaimnf; to their 
pmcnimcnt* or ootbcionv — be diiturhed by tuch provisori, 
so lh:il ihey may not luve possession i>f mji:1i bendlceu by 
vEttuc of the ^ CSC 11 1 men l3 or oollations to them nindci or 
th;4i Ebcy which are m posteAAion of Kuch benefices be im- 
peached nixin ihoir ftaid po(eeji«ion)t by such provi^on, 
then the uid proviKori, their pmcumtorx. C3(eciiloi>» and 
notrincs, shall be att.-ichcd by their bodies, and brou^lit in to 
answer ; und it itey be convicted, they ehall abide in prtsol^ 
u'lthodi biding lf( to mainpptK- or hail, oriUbctwisrriclivcfrH, 
til! they bnvc m;idc fine \nd r«nAnni tn the king al his will, 
and .lEUisficdon to the patty that ihall fird himself j^rieved, 
And nerertbelGis before that thi-y be delivered, ibcy slMli 
make f^tl renunciation, and find sunicient »UTCiy ihat they 
will not ailcmpl such tblngi 'n\ time lo come, noi sue any 
process by thcmsclvesT nor hy mhcrt, a^aini^t any man in 
the said court of Itotiie, nor in any part ehewhere, for amy 
audi impiiHJrimunis ux rununcialiuiis, nur any otlier thing 
depending: ^f them. And in t^nic th.a such provjaors, 
procuiAUirft, executor*, or notaries be not found, that the 
exigent shall run ngainsl them by due procrts, and rhat 
writs shjll g(» forth to take their bodies whttc^er tbey 
be bund, as well at the king's suitj as at the luit of 
ih< party. 

And :hat tn the meantime the Itin^ shall have the proHEs 




of fiuch b^cfi<:cc %o ocnipicd by fturh protieorx, ncqit 1HU'> 
abljcyH, pnoricj, and <Khcr h<jux»» ^hich have t:Qllc!gc3 or ^''^ pi'*>^^* 
coRTcnlA, and in «vch boiiA;i the colleger or convents shall while- 
have tli« protiu ; wivirtg always 10 our Jotd th^ bn^ sind to 
lU oth(?T lordK, thdr nlH ri^^ 

.^itd ibifiiutuic »halt hold good as veil ai to rcscmitions, l>»\x tti 
coIlaiionA, »n<! f^^c^vi^ion^ made ond granted in time* j>aM ^Muic'Irt 
against all ihem vbifh have not y«t obtained coq^oral Edw. IJlT 
IKittrwiiin of the i>cnc/irc* KrA(ilr<l to them by tbc mdic ^j^^^^ 
icvn^ationi, collations, and prnviaicii^ a> ag^in^t all others x>^<^\t\' 
in time 10 t'timv. And (hit statot* oogbt to hold pbc« and "'*"'^" 
10 begin wi the wiicJ orravr- 

Oiu lord ibc king that »ow is wiLb the aucnl of tlic great Tm «l] 
men of hb rciln, being in ibU prc^ot P.vH^metii, haa or ^",f^p 
dained ai^ ectablidied, that for atl ntchbthoprm, 1>i4hop- a> jan, 
ric%, and other dignities and hctiefioet elective, and all other [^^ ^^^^ - 
benelkcii of Hul}' Cliuri:b, which bcg4.n to be loid in tJccd iintuiv 
the lwcnt)-ninih daj' of January, ibi," tlirrtCTCOtb yca.T of the i„ij(^j^' 
reign of our Lwd Kmg Kichard that nov \^ oe after, ortxiu, 
vhirh (ihalt be mid in rimt* 10 roiur* wirhin the n-xiltn of 
E^iE^land* the mtid statute, made ibe iLiid tivctity 5fth yc^tr, 
aball be firmly held for ever, ond put in due eacc^jiion 
frorn time to time in all manner of points. And \f any do lUnnii' 
accept a benefice cf Holy Chuich contnuy \o this Klatuie, ^^ ^|^^ 
and Lhat duly jiroved. and be beyond the ko, he aliall ubidt iic(c|}i 
exiled antl bumslied out ot ttw realm for ever, !ind hi8 landh ***^'*J'*'*' 
and tenements, good^ :\nd rhniieU thatl he foT-(dtrri to xhr m iht« 
kinx i and if he be »ilhin the realm, he ilwU be alio exile*! ■^**'^^"^' 
and banikhedt as is afgrcaaid, and ihall 'mcar ihc Bflmc for- 
feiture, and take hia way, to that he be out of the realm 
within six weeks next after sjch acceputLon, And tf any Thf 
receive uny *uch ^non banished coroinjt fronn beyond ihc [J,"" 'Ij'fiji, 
tea, or bcin^ within the realm ofccr the said dx weeks, having r«iavDn, 
knowlt-dgff thereof, he shali be iT»o exiled and l»an^*l>*<** SlJ^^^J^or 
and incur !»udi fuifeiturc ais 1:1 jifuroiiidn And thiit their i^ndsLx 




giv*n df£ 


ItcnaJiy of 
Aeme lo 



bvfarv the 

procurmon, notaries cucttulor^ And tUKimonctv have the 
pnin and forfeiture aforctiud. 

I'rovided nt^vcrtlirk'sii. nil Ihey for vrTiciin iTic pop^i 
or his ^rcdcco'tori. have provided any archbisliopric, 
bLshoprii:, at other ttigziiiyf or ntber bcne^ccs of HoJy 
Church* of Ihe patronage of ptfopic of Holy Church, in 
rLip<;tl of any vurUante titfoic Ihc aaiJ (wtnij-nimh day 
of |.iniwiry. antJ Ihcicof were in actual po^kmiod before 
the laEne twcncj-iiirilh iki)\ shaU have and enjoy the »aid 
Archbifhoprifs, bishoprics, chgniiie** and oUtec Ijerwfices 
t> Cflcyd bly for thcir lives, iioluithitandin^ ihe sUlatcs and 
ordinance;? aforcajid. And if the kinK ^^^ by Ic^ier, or in 
other nianTLcr, to the court of Rome, at the entreaty of any 
persuii, ur if any uihtr lend tir we to flic same amri, wlicrc- 
by anytliing !» done contrary to tins ^tatucc, touching any 
archbishopric, bishopric, dignity, or other bcnclico of Holy 
Church niEhin the «aid reaJin, If be that makct «uch 
mniinn nr Kiiii be a prc-larc nf Holy Cbiirrh. he Khflll pay to 
the king the value of his temporAbiCT for cnc year ; and if he 
be a leinponi lord, he shall pay to the king the value of hi* 
Und^ and pofsc^Mons not moveable for one year ; and if h* 
he another person tjf a more TU«an estate, bc»t^a]l juy to 
the king the value of the bcncAcc for wbicb »uit ia nude, 
and Shalt be iit^prisoned for one ycnr. 

And it is ihp iniont of this 4tacui^, that of all digniife^ 
and bcncn<c« of Holy Church, yAiwAi Avie void iq deed the 
*aid twentyninib day of January, whieh are %\\<^y or to 
which it U provided by the apo«iolie (see) before the Aame 
twenty-ninth day, that Itiey to whoni nudi giAs or pfovisiona 
be made, niay freely, of b\i<\\ fjifla and inovt^ioi^ vjc cxctrn- 
tion viihout oifence of thu) staititc. Provided aIw^v^ tbat 
of no dignity or bonefice which wai fiill the laid twenty- 
ninth day of Januar>, »lull any riijin, beiauw of any coIJjf- 
tMNV gil^ re*«mtion, and provision, or oclKt srace of the 
ftpottottc [«ccl not c^t^cvted before the »aid tvrenty^ninih 



xxxix] itiSlVHY OF THE tWGUSH tHVm.H 


dny, trie iher«or execution, upon the pniiu and forfcitarcs 
ccnt.'kKieil in ilii& pTLsent sutiite. 

AUo, It ifl ofdjmcd and c!(l-iMi>ticd, llut if <^ny nun 
bntiff or scad wtthin the realm, c»r Ihc king's powc^rT a.ny 
curmn<in4« ftecifences, or eKcomm4inic»tion«, agafn«c an;^ 
rr^uiii of hIiuI i:ijiiditii^i >oevcr lie be. foi llic l^uiw of 
Lkin^ motion, .vsjcnt, or cjLccutiQn of the -<aid Siaiutc of 
Provifionif he tbalJ be i^iken, j-rrtBttfOr And put in prison, and 
fOirfvit ilJ hiM l.mdK and Emirmenls, goods Atid chattels for 
ever, and incui the paiii of life oiid of member. And if any 
l^ickte roflkc catcrution cf siieh aummonsj sentences, or 
cxeoxnmunic Aliens il^^i hU tc^Enponliies be i;tkcri and abide 
in ilic kini^*i Ii^iiuUh lill due reclieaa and correclion tie there- 
of node. And if jiny per»on of Ica* e>tAtc ihAn a prcUtG, 
of what conditionibocver he ]^e, makesuchexecution, hCshiLl 
he takm, arretted, and put in prison, un<l have tinpninn- 
merit* iind make fine «nd ranAciui at the discretion cf ibc 
council of our uiid lord tlu: kmg. 


«ri> pffMn 
upon Lhc 


pcnulo^ of 


[JS* A'itx't Writ dire^tiftfi /rwfamaiian of tAe SfalttH^ 

The King to xhc Sheriff of Kenr, greeting. We command 
you, 5fTnly enjoining, ihal withoui ileUy you oium: to he read 
find on our bciiaJf pubhtly proclaimed and to be lirmly 
kept and obtiT\(.^d Aeeordinii; to the form of the satutct 
and orilinnnrfs nfrtfi^Mid, c-prtnin vuiutc* and onliniim^ess 
by UK. with the .-k^.^cnt of Ihc noblc:i and i=omnionAJt>' of 
our realm of England, made in our \t\v.X I'arUanieril holden 
pt WestmtnMeT, wh^h we send you xmdrr our greai w,il 
m open foiin, within youi county, in places where it nihiy 
be moM expcdicnL And Lhid under instant peril you ftholJ 
in no vriae ouut. \V](ne«« lh« king st VVcKtminEter the 
flfteenth day of Xjiy. 'i^hr like writN were dinx:tctl to the 
MAcral khcrifl* thioughout England* 



A. IX ]39i. 


Tlir C"rn* 

dtuBl miikc 

con term- 
ably there- 


IS RccltARO 11, CAP. &, 

Amu (b* fini A<t of Pmrnunirc of 1353 (9nff, Ns, XXXVr^ 
tJO A(!t WKi |uAed. i» itl6!5t canflnnliic iJie Sul<il« of Pro^iaon ' onle, 
Ph i«a. M'"!! biijigini RLiiton in iht papnl coufti nithin tlic Act «f 
Pnemuiiitc. Tlic fi^llowiuli Atl, pii»cii in l^ij^- uui^UCcJ iLe pieviub* 

[TV. StitutMorth'' Rtalni, ii 8^1 

TtcHi, whereas the Cummoiu of llic rcAho in this prciici^t 
Pnrliamrnt have showed 10 our rcdoubublc lord the king, 
gTk'VDuslj' complaining, ibai whcnsw the said our lord the 
king. diiU uTI hii liL'i-e ^uiplc^ ongUi ut right, And uf tilJ 
time wore w<>iU, lo fuc in the kin^'ft courl, to recover llicit 
pTc&cntincntJi 10 churches, prcbunds, and othor bcncCicos of 
Holy Church, lo ilie vrhifh they had right to present, the 
Cugiiu-JUHC of p]c3, of whidi picscmmcnl bcluiigs oul) Ki 
the king'A court of the old n^hi of hie crown, used and 
approTCd in the linic of all hU pTogontlors kmg! of Eng 
land - and whrn judginmt shall Ije yivcn in the same cmiir 
upon such a pica and prcicnimcnt, the arch]>i?jhop9, birihopn, 
and Oih^T spiritual persons which ha^'e institution to such 
bcnciicc Within their jurisdiction, are bound, and havo 
n».idc cvccuiion of sudi judgment* hy ibc kh^s commjind' 
mcnt by all the lime aforesaid ivithout interruption ifor 
another lay pn-non cannot makt »uch extfcutton), and a\%o 
are bound nf righl 10 riake evecmion fif many other of rhc 
king'» coiiinundincitts. (jf wbiijli xigbt the crown of nn^IanJ 
has been peaceably ^eixcd, 05^ well in the time of our said 




lord th« king Ihat now i«, as in the time of all bU progc- 
nitorfi (ill thts tl:iy : 

Dm now Df kte di^'cn proccuca arc m^tdc by the ht^lj 
father the pope, and cciL^itrci of cicommutiicaifDn ujion 
certain I>iiht>p» of En^bnd, bccnuse ihey have made eircy- 
tiuii of bULh iumin:mdi]|i!iJl!i, lu ttic^ upcn (lialicrifiuit (jf llie 
aaid ctown and dc^iruciioji of our foid lord the king, hU 
tow, And all hia rcnlmi if remedy be noi pimidcd. 

And jUso it it «id, and a common cbmour m made^ thnt 
Ute uid tioly fai!ier the: (opc h;i» oidaincd and pur^JO^cd 
(o liaLiu^ntc sonK |>rf bics of (lie umc rcaljii« »omc out of 
■ the realm, and tome from one bifihopric to anoEhor 
vrithui i!ir s^mc rc-Jt1m, wfthcnn tlic king*% asKt-nl and know- 
ledge, And Kithout the ^isiicnt of ilie prcl;]tci which w fthnll 
be Inin&latcd, which i:Tclaiea be njucli profitnblc and ncces- 
iary to our uid lord ih« king, and to all hie ro.ilm; by 
which trannbtion^, ff lhey4hoiJt<l brf surTert^dp lln.- siaTuiei 
of ihc rualni woti)d be dcftated and made niid; And \\\s> 
soid Ucfc »n^{e9 of hi« council, vitSoul hia nuKni, and 
agninKt Ht will, cntricd au-ay and gotten out of his reaJm^ 
and ihe suhst-irtv and irrasufr ot ihc rt-nlm shnll In- (-amcd 
awaxi and so the realm be deMitutc a» well of tountil a* of 
sub«-t.i&ce, to the Anal destruction of the tnimc realm \ and 
to the rrown of Enjlnndr vhirh has het-n *o f/oc at all 
tunes, th;il it hu htrcii in no r-arthly fuliji^lJon , hut im- 
aiedkiicl^' subject to <!od m 4.11 thing? touching the royally 
of tlw Htni« crown, stnd to none oiher, should b« Hubmittcd 
TO tht* pnpe, and tht* laws nnd uintnn^ of ihe rfMlm by him 
defc^Eed and avoided ;tt hi:^ ^ill, to the perpetual deAtnicCion 
of the ■KrvcTt'igrtiy of our lord the khg, his crown, and his 
royally, and of alJ hU realni, ^vhich God defeDdn 

And moieoter, \\\v Commorni afoiortid wy. thai the raW 
things *o attempted arc clearly againM the kjiig"* crown and 
his royalty, uied and ap^jrui^^d ffoni the time of all his pro 
genJlor^; whrrefoTf' they and ,i1l the Urge rommons of tlit- 

ttic kJnt's 

TJic pi^pe 
luA Jjicly 

ni<sl«d for 


■en ten CIA, 

Tbr pr>[je 

their or 
tUi; kijurx. 


Lliceil and 


the r&ilm 
d*«LitLitd of 


Hiid fniikT^ 

of England 
— lubjecl 
(inlj" la 
tublect bvt 


The CiMJiH 

qaaivl Lhc 
kjnif in dc- 




^ And rva 

lIlU |J|C- 


of I ho 

Tree, •■ 
thay were 

an J pfr 

frhin be 

vidf* "lie 

hinir fihaJl 

remedy and law, Tor the removing of the mltchidir and 
danij>;;i.'H which ilicrool' unauc, tliat It iikay ptcA6r Nni lu 
or^aitt fcnicdy ihcrc/or. 

Our lard ih« king, sitfeing the miachicfs cind dams]^ 
before mentioned, and havh^g regard to the «aid tkiatm^ 
[imJc iu Ihc lime uf his aaid |:rftj]i]litthc'i, and lo \Uc c-kJhc^ 
cGntxiincd in the umc ; which KLniuic h^di aliva^^ its 
toTCVf and v.-a% never cleUatcd, r^cdlvd, nor unnulltd in 
an}' [Xiiiit, n[Kl insiiiimih a.^ h« in l>uiirid l>y his oaih 
to CdUHC lite s:luic lu be kept aa the law of U\t realm, 
though th:it by siaJTcrancc and ncgCigcix'c it hna hcc^n 
fiince attempted Lo the conir^y ; also t);]vin{; reg;ird to 
Ihc; grJevouit cximi]l;unlEi uiude to him Uy hjs i>i?i>p]e iii 
divtrra hia railiatticiUt hotdci^ hcrelofore, willing lo ord.iin 
remedy fot the gicAt dAmigcft and i;ii&chLcf« nJiich have 
haj^pencd, ;iiid daily da hnppen to the Church of Enghrd 
by llic uid oLj^ ; by tin: oa^cEiE of all ihe ^Jt^it men and 
the commontliy of the said tcaUiu lo the honuiir of 'Cod, 
Olid pruhl of ll^c said Church ol Kiigbrd> and of a(| 
hlft realm, has ordered and rsinhlUhcd ■ thai the tree 
tlvi^hny of aic|ibi5>hcp\ bi.^hop-^ and all other dis^iitic^ and 
bcneftcL'i elective in blngbnd, ahull hold froui hcnccf c>rl li 
in the manner as ihey wefe gramed by the Uings puigcni- 
tor^ and tbc ancctttors of timber lords, foundrn^. 

And ibai all prelate* and other pcoi>le of Holy CHurchi 
which haYc advowsor* of any bvneficw of Ehs ktog's^dti or 
of any of his prcgenilor», or of oihcf lord* And dotiars, to 
do divine ^civiec. aod oihci cbarijic^ ibeicof cidaincd^ nh^tll 
have tbcir collations and presentments freely to the Kimc, 
in ihc manner a» they were eiifeo(Ttd t>y ihcit donors- And 
in cascthni r«?iL-rvatton. tialUtioa '"r jirovisit'H Ijl* nindc by 
[be eourt of Rome, lo any orchbishopnc, biihapnc, dig- 
nity, or other benefice, in dislurbanco ol llie free electiontt, 
coi1atior!i. or presentations aforenamed, fhat, at ihi^ snme 
lime of the voidttnc^4S »ucLi re&ctvatjons, colladona, and 




pioviKions ovighi IQ rjkr eJTcci, otir lord ilic Vinjc and Iiu 

h«in shall have and cnjcy* fof ihc same time, ihc colhtions 

lo the nrdibifliopricti, bishopHc^ and other di^n^tics eleC' 

rivr, whlrh III* of hi* rtdvt'W'*Ofi, ^urh »t his pidgcniinrt 

had fjc-forc tlvat fiet clcvLzun w.ih ^lAntqiL ; ftccing tliAl ibc 

dcctioTi wan f^nt gnkmcd ^y tlic Vm^tt progcmtom upon 

a rcri^im form and condition, ai to dimiantl licence of lh*i 

king lo choj>it.', an*l afler Ihe rli^ciion to knvc bir^ ro^'^l 

aucnt, 4ind not in oiliur majincr. Which coniJittoD« not 

being kept, the thing oii^hi by rcnion uj revolt lo itfi first 


Ami if uny suth rcBrrvaiiun, pirmsion, or colbiioii be 3oiftc*3i-3 

mode of any houAc of fchgion or the V>nf(t n drowaon . in ^^^'J^*' 

diKiurbanoc of free election, our lanvcrci;^ lord the km;^ irligiouA 

And hi* he\T%, ih^H h^ri-, for thai (im^, the toUation to glv»^ tftVcnfr"^ 

ihUdigmEy to ^ convcnicnE pciMin^ And in r.Mc tluit cotlu^ Acc^cfiliv 

tjon, rcicrvatton^ or provision be made by ihc court ^^"f^h™" 

Rome to any chtAich, prcbc»id, or othoT bcnciic*, which i^clvrior. 

of thrafHnwtonof ppfiplrnf Hnly Chiirrh, whereof the king 

is advowee iiaritmount immedj.ilc, that .it the »me time 

of the voidoJicc, nt vrhich time the ccibtinn, reservnticn, or 

proniion ought to uke crVct a» it aforesaid, thi- khg ^T\d 

hh bcii^ kIuII thcrrof liavc the pcetcniAiion or colbiirin 

for dint timc^-jvnd 90 from titne to time^ whensoever luch 

people of Holy Chu't^lt shall be disturbed of their present- 

mrnu or rolinifoni hy mrh reRenntion^, follflilon*, or pro- 

vi»ion«. A* is dforcuLid- Sjivih^ ttj ihcm Llic tiahx of ibcir Suvitt^ 

odvowtons and their prcscntmcntiif when ro collniion or "'*^" 

,-..,, ^ - - . , . there LB n« 

provision by the Court of Rome is mude thereof, or where pmvaion 

I thflt iho wid people of Holy Chiirrh shall or wHI. to (lie "^.^ ^^'"^ 

I Mnne benefice?, present or n^aKC collation ; and thtft thciT in^mirlvri 

I p. 

prebemees may enjoy the cflccl of tbcir cotlationft or presenE- |if«cni 
naentt. And in tht «jTie mnnner ex-fTy other lord, of what 
condition he bc^ ahjil hdve ihc i^ullaiions oi picMenlnit^iiLft 
to the houAcs cf religion which arc of hit advowscn, and 

Penally I'ji 

■iiu« by 




TKfl king 


other bencncGS of Holy Church which pctuin to the 
Mme housed- And if «uoh advowees do itol prcMul to 
Riirh hcnriV^ wirhin the l^alf-^'oir aftt^r *uth vofdances. 
npc ihc bt^hop uf itic place );ivc llic njicic by lap^t of 
timv within a imonih ivfior half « ycor, ibai then the kinK 
ihall ha** thereof the pfotcmmenlt ;ind collations, as he 
has o^otthfrs uf hi*( uwn iidvotv^iuri d(?me?tne^. 

And in c^ae that the presentcea of the king— or the 
ptGAcnEecfi of oihu p^lrons of Holy Churb, or of their 
aJvowee*. cr they lo whom ihe kinp, or *iieh patrons or 
mivuvpcei aftire^id, hijve given birnrfift^.s prrimmng to tbdi 
prc»cnin)enCft or coll.ilions — be disturbed by »uch proviflon, 
»o that ihvy KPAy nut have po6BO»Kion of sueh benc'fi(« by 
VTtiuc cf ihe |irfT«entnient^ or coUnilorm to ih«ni nvule. Or 
thai they which Are iri posxe^sioEi oi hUcEi txDrfiecJA be im^ 
pCAched upon their stid poMCJsions by »uch provisos, 
then the laid provi«on^ their procumTors, c\ecutoni, and 
noiLine^, lihnll be attached by their buijiei, nnd brought in to 
;inswcr ; and if they be uonvictcJ, tJicy shall abide ii\ prison 
without bcin^c let in mainprise or bail, orotlier^iacdclivcrcdt 
till they have made fine and ransom to the ktng nt hi£ wUlj 
and s^iLsfji^cion iti Ihe \yi.j\y rhaf %bn|l feel him?u.*lf grieved. 
And ncvcribclcw bcfvrc ibiil Ihcy be delivered, tlic) fthall 
cniilcc full TcnunciAiion, and find sultJcicnt surety that they 
wil! rot attempt such things in tinie to come, nor tuc any 
pnx-'e^s by iheniaetves, not \rf mhera, against any man in 
the «Aid court of Home, nor in tsvf part cbcwhcre, for any 
SLich ^mpriaorkmenis or ri^niinciaiians nor any other thing 
dejicndirg of them. And in cme *urh provisory, 
procunitoi\ executors, cr notaries be not found, ihflt ihe 
exigent shall run o^'ainiit them by due procesi, and ihat 
vmiB flhcill go forth to take \\\^\i bodJe« whurever they 
be found^ ss well at the king^s iniil, a« at the »uft of 
the party. 

And ihftt in Ihe meantime the kin^ shall have the profits 


cf »uch bcncAcci «o occupied by such provjson. cxccpl 
•bbcyE, prionct, and other houi9«, «hich have cpllcg«« or 
convent*, and in itutrh hnu<(e>( \hv tivsWcgti or ci^nvti'nti Mhall 
have llir pji^AlA ; u\tjq^ dttaya lu oui lord Uic kiof;, uud U) 
«U oibcr lords, their old r\^X. 

Aodthusutuicthal] Iwld good as well it to re^&rvationu, 
colhtiojjs, ami |htijvisii)ii» iiiJiIc anU gnritrd ii\ limes past 
againM aU ihcni w1ie},1i liavc tioi yet uEhahicU tor[x)ral 
potactsion of ihc bcnc^rc^ granted \o them by Ihc wti\c 
rcKoraCiioni, ci^t[:iiion«, and prnvisions, n* flipiinsr nil other* 
in time lo ctime. And i\\h «uvutc cughl to bold pbcc and 
to bc^in At ihc said octavc- 

Omt lord the kmg that noiv is, with the anent oT the great 
mrn of hi'i realm, being in iMr jirrwHT Pftrlliimrfir, has nr- 
diiincd Anil otAbUtbciI, ihaL for aII archljisho^jrici^ bi!bho|>- 
^ic^ and other di£niti«3 and bcncticci elective, and all otim 
t>eneficcs of Holy Churi^h, vhich began to be void in deed 
rhc tweniy-nimli day \if January, the Ihtrleenrh year of iht 
reign of ou; trjid Klii^ Rii^luid l]i;it nuw ib« ai &ftu. fu 
vhich sh.ill be void in time to ccmc iTithih ihc rcdm of 
England, the said ilAtutcy mode the taid tweniy-fifth yvoj, 
fihAll \ic lirmly hdtl for ever, and put in rlur eitp<:jlioii 
U*jm lime to time in all manner of puinc*. And if any do 
jtccciA A benefice of Holy Church contrary to this ht^tuic, 
and that <!uly ]3rovcd, ;in<I bt? beyond the 4ca, htf ihall abide 
rxik'd and liunialml out uf tlit* rmlni fur ever, mid hin luiida 
and tencmcni*. goods And tbiitklH shall be forfeited to the 
kiog^ and \i he b« viihin th« rtutm, ha thall be alto exiled 
and tictniiihrd, ax i« ufort^ctid, nnfl ili^ll ini.-nr the same for' 
feiiurc, and lake hii *ity, w ihat he be out of the iCidm 
vnthm &ix weekit next after siich ACCCptAlionn And if «ry 
reeeivc any inch person bjiniiihed coming from beyond ihc 
sica, or bein^ within tbr rc^^Im nfiei ihruiid \\n werk«» having 
knowkdgc thereof, !k shall he also exiled and banlahcd, 
incur »uch lorleuuru at is aloreaaid. And ibat ttitfii 

the pTQflU 

Da,td At 
KtCFdEr B5 

lien rc- 

t*» ccini' 


*tjM after 
ag Jui. 

Ihfi i«id 


rui^nt uf 
tho«G who 








Sivlnr of 

whfMH thu 
|Ei^^n iJIK- 


[tonally or 
4umir it 

A^at void 

procura[on, nnuficf, ei^cdion^ and mmmonen have Xhc 
piin tUtd fntfeitLirc oicrcn^id 

I'rovidctl ncrcnhclcMi that tM tScy for whom the pope* 
or his [irodoceHtoTS, b«ve provided any Arclibi^Jiophc, 
hiKho[jrii:, en* othrr rligniiy, or mhrr hcnrlicm cf Holy 
(liuTch, of the patrorugc of people of Eloly Chufch, in 
liaptu of nny voidanco before llic said twenty ninth day 
of J^intmry, and [hereof were in pofl*c*iiion before 
ihc Mime iHcniyninih Jay, f>haU luive nnU enjoy ihc Mid 
ji)c]^bi!tbopTi;:i, |ji-ihoprics» dignities, and other hencficci 
pca<:eably for Clieir hve^, notwiLhal^ndirg the sLilutcs and 
ordinsncrs aforrsjiid And ii ihr kmg ncnrl by Ictier, or 'n 
Dihct iiunncr, to ihe cour; of Rome, »t ilie cJitreAiy of tny 
person, or if Any otlicr send or sue to tbv same court, vrbcrc- 
by nnyitiitig it done cODlrnty to this titJiturVi touching n:iy 
an'hbJi(,hopric« bUhopTH^ dignity, or other IxtkHcl' of Huty 
Church wiiliin ihc Aaid re^ltn. if he iliAt nulc» »ueh 
irtoiLon or siiii be a prelate of Holy Church, he slmU pay to 
the kint( the vaIu? oif hU tcinpor^kJtict for one year ; and if he 
\yc n tciitporsLl Iciid, lie %halt jxiy to the king the i^uc of lii» 
Unds and posset^iont not moveable for one year ; and \i he 
be another penon of a more nicin e«taie, he tJi.ilL pny to 
ihe king the value of the benefice iat which %w\i ii mode, 
and shall be imptnoned for one year. 

And U i« the intent of thi« anatuic, thai c^ ali di|miiics 
arul benelWes of Holy Church, ■rhifh were votd in deed Ute 
Kiid twcmy^nintb day %d Jantiary, drhkb are ghtti^ or t<» 
which it ia provided by the apo^olk [sec] before the Mnac 
twcnty-nantk flay^ thai they to wt>orn Miclk ^ifia or proi-ttiont 
be uuKle, niay free-fy, of luch gifto aikd provitkim, «de execu- 
tion witbovt cfencc of tbb statute. Provnled alwap^ that 
of no di^nily or bcne^ce vtuch «rai fulJ die iaid tvcctMy- 
fkimb day of JaiUMry, tfioJI any nun, became of any coUa- 
tkn. gift, tCKr¥«tiun» aud itruviMvo. uc otfier ifmoe of i^ 
■pofliolic [*ocJi tkOt eaeetited before tbe amI twenty-niath 



dajt Auc thereof ciiccuiion, vipon the paift« and iozUxxwnA 

Abo. it U ocdjinrd ;ind c-tUMubcd, that if nny man 
brin^ ur »:th1 wiihin lUc rcaliii, or the kin^» power, any 
summons, wm^nccK, or cscommuincfliioj^*, iignmut *njr 
|)rT«in, cif wh.ii I'nmliiinn *rir\vf In: hrv for thr- r-iuw of 
niAking moticii, xiacnt, or cxccmicn of the lAid .Statute cf 
ProvJBOrt, he shuiU Iw uken, Lirrtalccl, and put iix prison, atid 
forfeit atl his land& and tenements goodf And ch.stt^k for 
evcr, ;ind inrui ilic^ ;miii tif life ond of ini^nihcc. Add if any 
prcbte make execution of Mich summons ^ntciicc^ oi 
exccminur>ication«, th.-it his uiiiporaUti-« be Ukcn rmct abidu 
In ihp tirg*!! hands, illl dnr- Tcrfrcsn nind rorrfcHon !>e there- 
of TEiodc And if ;Lny person of leas caUtc than a prcbtc, 
of wbatconiiitionaoover he lx.% make such oiecutioti, hciholl 
b<" taken, Arrested* and pin in piisfin, and have rmprison- 
ment, and in^kc fine and ranMim at Uic di^crclion of the 
couqceI of our sati lord the king. 


any pM^oii 

upon lh« 
Statu ic af 

pi-r>t|Ty (if 
M prrlfiite 


[TJu Xiftgs Writ dirtffing prccfomathn of tht StctKU.\ 


The Kin^ to the ShetiS" of Kent, greeting. We comniAnd 
, finniy enjoining. Th;il will^our dcJiiy yon raiist to lie rKid 
on oui bcluilf publicly prud«imcd and to be linrty 
kept And ohtencd According to the form of the statutes 
and orcTinincet aforeuiid, certain vtAiutes and orLtin»ncca 
by Uii^ v^jth the ;i5*ic:nt of the iicjblcti aiiit coturncmally of 
our TOilm of Kn^land, made in our Innt PArli.inicm holdcn 
nt \Vcstiiiin^ter, which we *imd you vndcr our great «cfll 
m open forin, within your cciunTy. in pheea where it may 
be most e^pcdtcRL And ihi» under JnMAnt pctil you bhall 
in no vrUc omtu Witnci:^ the king at We:<tmtn;iEeT the 
fkftctnih djy of May^ Th^ hke writ?, vrete dire<:ied to the 
kcvceaL ^HirilTA tliiciughouL England 




t»n that 



in IcTAfi') 


mijil mtVe 

I'uiLlurni - 
ah}y Ihtix- 


IC R]CM/\ltP II, CAl*, £. 

AtTt* th* flriit Art of Pc«mLinlrc erf 135:3 infltf, Kn, XXXl^, 
Mn Art WM paHTiJ. ii» igGj, conlinnipg thr Sumtip r.i Prnvltnit ,«iflr, 
p. leo^ tuftf), IfiiofEiiig t4^Un b tti« l^pnl couith wiililn the Act of 
PfRnauitc, The foUewin^ Acl, |v*«Gi] in >393» AinpliAi:Jtlic|jiE«iuui 
Act of Pmuudire. 

Item, whereas the Commons of the realm in lUh prc^^nt 
Farliamt^ni hnve shciwi^U 10 our redoubiable lord ihv Icings 
^ri^voubly i.ort»^]]jiiiii]g, ihjit wlicruii ihc Kxtd <jLir lurd li;r 
kmg. And ftll his licgc i>coplc. ought of right, ind of ljM 
time vrvTf. wont, to »iue in ihc king's Cfhurt, lo recowr Ihcir 
pnrscniinenti to churv^he*, pw*>cnd*, a:id oibcr beriditci of 
Hul>' Climch, lo the whkh ihcy lud right tn preterit, rhe 
coRniCrinoc of pliMi of vhfch prc^nlmcnt bcLocj^ only to 
the king'K ootirc of the old right oi his crowrv, tlscd ahd 
npprovrft 10 the time of all hJv prngcnitiirt kings of Kng- 
bnd ^ and wlicti iudgpac:it Aha^l be ^vcn in lEic bamc mutt 
upon such a plea and ptcivntmcnEf tho archbishops, biahopa, 
nnd other spintiinl perKort& which hoie institution 10 gtich 
bcnrficc wiihjji Uicir jurbdirtlonT nie bound, And havr 
made CKCcution of sucb judgmcnU by the king'i command- 
mi^ot by all xht lime aforee^iU without inU>rtiiption tlor 
anoihcT hy portoii rannoi make wiirh oiornirEon). and also 
ntc l)Ound of righi to niokc cjiurution of man^r Other of the 
king*» Gomtnandmcnts, of which fi^ht tJio ctw^n of E^ngbrid 
ha» been pesceabty t«ii<d, a« ^vell in ttw tune <rf our uid 




CKfiSMn ^trliapi of dtt^udt bcdsif tht% bnc nsadtf y y- 
twn ^audi ooonmbm^ to the opea dblmsoa «if tike 
Mid dvMft ud dta racri OB of oar tM lord the kii^ te 
la*, And ftll fck nata, ttttmvdf be doi prorfaM. 

And «lio ix b sad, tad « coM i og daraowr b node, that TW 
tbe n>d hokf C&tba the pope hts ordM<4 mud pmptwed ^^^ 
to bambte soow |)rdbte» of the mM rvaloi, tome out ortMhtfM 
iht tnltK ■ad ■Oftw fr«* «w bbhoprtc lo **>*>*» JJ^SS?* 
nilltia ibc &UOC iCAlm, vuboot ihc king's uKnt ukI know^ their, or 
k^g%«iK!ihibort the a«cm<rflbc pwfapci^ which jothaU^^ 
be traniliivd, vhith pTeUi«« be mixfi pcorf&tabte uid bc«v«- 
nrjr u> mr ttid lord ihe king, and to &11 Me reslm ; bjr 
vhicb taiabtiona, tf Uicr aboiUd be auflcred. Xht %\atxn<% SMhinu* 
of the rethn iro«ld be defeftled ud nude void ; mnd hi* p|^ ^ 
iSKl Utip: tagn of kU touncl. wuhoot hi% ^McnX, andi^jiM^ 
iL^in^ hn will, rsrficd iway »f»<l goiifti out of hi* mlm, JflLJ?j!re( 
artd ilkc ujbiUncc and Ircwrc of ihc icjlm ^lutt be cjirT^cd 1 1— iluuT 
mi07, ind so die re^lm be dcMitute as well of council oa of TZ^T^Sk*' 
nb«taftCT^ to the Tirul deaiTVction of the ume rtalin ; and the <tou'd 
so ibe CTOnn of Eoj^lAnd, ^hkh has hero *« fre* ai ill '^"^Jfi!^ 
limes, that it ha» hccn in r»o c-uihly lubjcciiun, bul im- i^niyo 
mcdmtclr f^bjcct to (aod in nD ibinj;! trmcbinj; ll>c royMty ^?^" 
of the fame crovn^ onri ta none other, sboutd be «ijbnitiE«d iiie |iopa 
to ihc JK^JH-', and the hua imi Mittutn uf llic tmlni !*> hitii 
defeated and avoiUcd ax hrii will. li> llic t^ctpciiukl ilotruction 
of the sovGictgntjr of our lord the kihg, hw crown, «nd b4> 
foya^rj-, and of .ill hi* realm, which r»otl di.-re(id- 

And morctnvi, the Onniiiana aforesaid »air» that the uid Tlir Cnm^ 
thirds -nt attempted are dearly againsi iho ki«g"tt crown nnd JJ[Ji^\^ 
,JiM fojnUI)', uwd and approved Irooa the time of alt ^i» pro *niit th« 
tjlton; wbcrclnn- ih«-i' anti a!l llie Itcge commoiM of ihe '^' ^ ^^' 



ISOS^ ttaiiit; lealin will slund willi uut iraid lord llic kintv ^lO liiit 
ifhl"*'*^* snrd crown ond hi* rcrtaliVi >^i l^ic rjscs afor^'^id, nnd in ■ 
^^^ all other cajpcs aiLcmplcd agam^t him^ h» crown, and liu ^ 
fuyaliy in all point't, lo live and to di>, 
■ndprij' Aid iimtcc*cr thi.-v pTuy llic king, and rcmaiic him by 
hlmtj way of juiticc, Ihat he would cx-iminc dl ihc lordh in ihe 
IWlfancnt PArlio-incnt, At veil «piriiii3l at. Icmporal, Mvcnity, and ctl 
howic jjij, (-^tatrs i>r ihc pjrli:iim-rt, how thry ihitik nf the cxt\f% 
murpflijCTi akJrcaaid, wmch be so oixnly against the King'* cttiwu. And 
in dcragniior ol his ro^aUy, and how ihcy will stind m the 
same ««ic* H-ith our lord the king, in upholding ihe rights 
uf die Kiid cicrWEi and royalty. 
Animcrvf Whf>rcu(ion the Lotd« temporal ^ demanded, hnve an- 
thft Lord* fiwcrcd evciy one by himicir ihnt the <^mc* flfoeetnid arc 
ihffy will flcarly in deT(i^;il]un of tliu kings crown, und iif his royally, 
luppuri „^ ji ^j ^,^,11 it„own, and has been fur a loni; time known, 
find ll»!it (Key a^iU be with the tame crown and royalty in 
thnt? catei stpwiilly, Bn<l In a.11 other rajte* which shitll be 
ftttcmplfd against ihc »tinic crjHti ajid roynlly in all pcints 
with all their powcr- 
Thp Lur<[a And morcovcT it was demanded of the Lord): npiriLLtAl | 
ih«r'wiU '^^^''- '**^'^B' ''"'^ '''f pr™-'jrj:nr« «f oUier* luring absf-nt, ' 
iiciilicr their advice and will in ^ili thcw cas^ ; which lord^ ihat it 
dffBv ih"' to 4!iy, the orchbishopft, bi8hoi>B, and odier j-rrelateH— being 
popeK in the GAid I'^rliamf^nt tt^vernlly examined making pfolvata- 

rarcwifflu- '''^"* '**■*' '^ '* ""' '^*^'' '"'"^ '° ^^^'^^ "^"^ affiiiii (bat our 
nioK* or holy father the pope may not cKCormnunicjic hinhopa, nor 
tmn^brtc. i^jjj |jj_ ,„3^ ij^jjj^ Irm^Lliition Of pitlatts afttr the law of Holy 
Miuiiwj Chiirfh— nnswered and sAfd, that if any excontior'i of pro- ■ 
^t 1^ - ccssc* mitdc in the king's coUTCaft bcfoic wercmftdctbyany, 
4i:uM»i llic and ecnturc* of exconnmunLcationa be made a^in»t any 
*^°* * . bnhop* of England, or ariy other of the kmf;^B lit^e peuplci 
dignity. for that they luLve tnndc L-x(^-lJt]0^ of Micb romruamhTK-)i» ; 

4nd llutt ifany c^iccutionv of inch tun&Uiii 

any prckitcfi or the tame realn^ which 


Aiion» be made of I 
I prelatcfi be vciy I 


profitable and n rrriHn r to our said lonl the Idn^ and to 
bb aaMl fcabn, or that tbc ugv people of bb cpunciU wAh 
om hk« Aucol, and a^irul hn rilt, he rcmcrcd and tarrxd 
oui ufihc rcjim. Bi thai xhc ini^KUnrc and treauiic of llie 
rcahn nay be cunaifmod.-^thAt Uic same is a^insl the kin^ 
and 1ii« <n>«i^ a» U i( conuuacd in the petition bclor* 

Add likcwbc iTic miic procuralon; every one by tunitclf 
examined upon the taid inatctn, bnve amwcrcd and taid in 
ihc r> Af amlforiheirtordt, m the did b^ibops Jinve «aid 
and an%wcied and iboG tlic said Lordn :i|nritiia] will and 
oti^bt to be Willi the kmR in tbctc d^ci in lawfully nvun- 
taininp hU erown, and ui ail other ea^e^ touching hit crown 
a»d hi* nfvaliy, <is they -ire hound by their fll^egi4nlv ; 

Whcrcvpon our said lord the king, by the aftacnt nforc- 
said, and at the request of hin sijd Connnontt, bofl oidaincd 
and e^Cablixhc'd, ibat if nn^ purchase or pursue, or r^n^e to 
be purchased or pur^ued^ in ihc conn of Kuojc, orcl*e*ltcre, 
any nuch tranalatioru. proceuc% ind sentences of cxcom- 
mnnicitKsn. bulls, inKlrumcntti, or any other thini^s <vl»iio 
frvi^r. wtkLctk loneh nitr Ir>r<1 liie king. ngni^^T h)m. hj4 riowiv 
and Ixia ro>-a!CyH or hjit rv-tdiii, as la f\foieiiai6t Jir<1 thi;) i^hich 
bring [ihc uniej irilbm the realm, or receive thcln^ or 
m-ike thrrcof notification, or any oilitr execution whiRsD- 
evcr within the aanie realm or willn'm, that iliey, ihcir 
notaricftt procumtort, uk.iintainers, abettc^n. favourers, and 
couniellors, ahalt be ptjt out of the king't protection, and 
llitii bniU and lenemcnu, goodu and rfwrrrk, forfe«<?d tn 
our lufd ilic kinft i and ibal lliey l.'c atuclicd by llicir bodie», 
if they m^v be found, And broiijE^t l>«lore tiK* k^ng and hit 
countil there to answer Eo the cases aforofcaSd. or iltal procc« 
be tuade a^Jinj^l ihem by Pttfnmm'rf facta^, in niJiniu-r at K 
it ordjincd m other ?lLlIuLc^ tiuiiit^minK pcoviaora, and olhcis 
who 4ue, m any other court, in dcrugiiion of llie toyally 
ofour lijrd the king 


prKlon <X 

luiftwfir far 
ihrit iinn- 
r4|4Jk lili 





Ui tlir (OdN 

Iw pro 

at^iii^t by 




THE IjOM,ARD conclusions. A,r>. 1391. 


mined All 

now pari" 
ferrcil ■« 

4iid DOl 


TKur pancloiiohft ak lAld la haw bc^n prrt*fil«d In full fiafh*' 
Ifii>n1 by the LotlArdi In « litlU >>oc<ti nbnui (hit y»r 1394 ; ihcy an 
priitlcd in the Kftuuti ZiBtnti"n*rii . in Ihc MnaiEcr of the RclJn 
Series, <ni3 Ciuian Bliirlcy. ihc cdjti>r. jifirr ojlUiiun «f llic cinlEnR 
icxiB or iTir- ConchisionH, (IrJHrilw t^cin u* id x^LUr pl4(v^ i;rjLtLtel- 
1l£jb]p [Fife. Z\x tiirorl. p, luliX Foic Itai Iranflnlrrl thelD in blA 
Acf4 Onff Mi}r>i4mf*iU. kn. vt^, fr^m a iL<niiV'^ ii"t <iiffCil3r(^. 

[Tr, FotfKtiti Zu^Hiotntttt RulU Scriea, pp. ^fii^-^jit^^ C/- VTilkinh, 
Li. asiO 

I. TTiat wlien the fliMrcli uf Eii^laml T>(?};uri In go riiud 
ofter leinpomlJu>5, like its great Hep mother tlic Rotiupi 
Chirrcbj and chuTchM werv oulhorired by nppTO|inaMGn in 
ilivrm plMtFH, Ikilli, \vy[iv^ anddinrity lic^Jiri U* fl<.r from onr 
Ctiurch, bcc.nusc pntlc, with lEt doleful proccny of mort:il 
tins, dfttmcd this imdcr title of truTh, Thia rondution 15 
^vnem.}, and jM-^ivcd liy exptfritnce, cuitlom, and manner or 
foiiliiiin. an y:>u ihiill uflt^ntmda hear. 

1. Thfll tjut usual pricalbixid wVich l>ccaii tr Romt, 
pretended to be c>f povcr more lolty Ihnn Ihc AngclSi i« not 
rli;3t prfetihivx] which ChrUt nrcbinc-d fiir Hu npottlrjc. 
ITiii concliiaion ia (>ruvcJ bctatjat i\\c Uoman prietihood fa 
bestowed with it\p\%, nlcs, and |>ontifiajl b1ojtiin|;H, of stun]! 
nrtuc, noivhcrp t-xctnpHrrcd in WdXf SrT^pture. h^vauw (he 
b<»ihnii\ (irdinal nnd \\\tr. New Tcsi^rirnt Kmnrlj agT*^, 
and ^c Ginnot *cc that the Holy Spirit, by reason of any 
BUch «ignH, ooiifers the gift, lor He and nil Hk L-vL'eilcnl 
gifw onnot ponflist in any o^c with morral siw. A coroU 
Inr^ to thfa is Itiot it fa a grievous play for wim: men to see 
hishops trifle Aith the Holy Spirit in the bestowal cf orders, 
bec,iuBe they give the tontmc in outw^ni flpwtiafft in the 



docbon <k Attttduist iaco the Cbaci^ to giT« cotovr co 

^ Tbtt the ka of amiDaEe enjoiacd topriota. i^ikh 
vnfinfordiiDcd R>thcpBciodicco^«o«e^bnDp vodonr 
Into aB the HoJf Oraet^ boi «e cscuse o urfcelw* by tbc 
BUe bcraoic the de^^^^ taj% dm «e sbottkl mt ipc nti o n 
it, tuocicb raspednL fffmi aod CipcncBCC proi'c uUs 
coikUumq: tca^wi, be tj ww thtgood Jfwgof 
iRUSt hive a nanm] oodet or vone ; gugiiawog. 
the voTct pmof ijf wd) mea b that the; fiad ddi^ la 
voEBco, ««1 vhcB tfaoa b**c prorcd iDdi a smo ntrk him 
well, b«canM be ii oae otf tban. A gotoIIkt Bo tim iilhtt 
|Hmre rri^gnna and the ongimton or bqpnning <d thb biq 
would be ftpedftU^r woitby of bong decked, but God of 
Hi* power wkb tt^rd to •ccntt m wndf opts TtogcuKo 
in Hiti Cbortii, 

4. That the prctmdfd nAndeoTthettoviKntof bftid 
dfttc5 &I1 Dca but A fewi 10 idobxr;, bcc»ue ifac^ thlidL ibu 
the Body of Qimt Bfaidi b oevct A«ar ''^''^ beateo coold 
bf pei«<er of the |ne*fa word be enclosed «ieDtially in 
a htHr bread ahfth llicj ^h.^ the proplc^ bui God pnot 
that ther mifhc be willing to bcLcrc iriui the etanfielio] 
doctof tt^v in hk Tmlogu* \rt. ?>, that the bt«JNi of the 
dtar It habttoUlT ihe Bud^ of Chrm. for wc lake ti that in 
thb w^r aay Ciitbfial ittao and wooaa can br God** law 
perforo the McnaicM of that bttvad without onjr soch 
tttincle. A final oorcUaty k Ihot although the Body of 
Chrax haa been grao^td etcrrol fjf. ihc »cr>kc oT Corpus 
ChHsti, fawiHtltcd hy Brother Ihotitu [Aiiuinuj, b nM true 
but U fktiiioas' and iiilJ of tobe mifaicle&. ll it no 
wonder ; ttecause* Brother Tbomi, at thai lime hokUng 
with the pope, would have been «iltui( 10 parfono a nntaclc 




S. Ejior^ 

Linn of 
I inatcrUI 

6 Nf> mjiTi 




with n htn\ i-gg; ant3 wc- know wcJI Mi*r any f;il5phood 
opciily prwchtsi turns lo the Uisgracc of Uim who is always 
Ituc nJid w)thou( ufiy defect, 

5. Thai cJtorciBmB and blessing* performed over 1^'ine, 
bread, waLci and oil, ?uh, wax, and inccn^c, itie sioncf of 
the a!Uir. and church walls, ovci dothrng, mitrc> cros». and 
pilgrims" fttavofi, afc iha gtiiumo peHormancc ol neCTi>- 
Tiianoy rathc^r ttian nf starred ihmlngy, Thu (".ondiiidDn u 
proved M follown, 1}ccair»c by iiuth exorcimna creatures aic 
honoured as bcm^ «f ln^Iicr viriuc than ihcy arc in (heir 
nM'n nnUire, and wr do not \cc any rhangc m :iiiy cre^Lure 
which is ao cxi>rciu;d, mvc by false f^ilh uhirh is tht- 
principal charoctcriaiic of the Dcvil't art A corollary : cKai 
if ihc booit oi e\OfCij<ing holy water, read m chun^lit wcrv 
rtitin-ly tntslworthy we ihinfc truly Ihat the holy wafer ti^ed 
in church icould be the be»c medicine for all kiricl:^ of 
illnesdCB— aorei, for inntance ; whereas we experience the 
contrary clay by dfly. 

fi. Tliai king and blsliop in one |3erson, prelar* and judge 
in teaipoial c^ubea, curate and officer in ACiaLlar office, puts 
siny kin^om beyond j:ood ruk-. This eoncluaion is clearly 
proved bcousc the temporal and ipintunl arc iwo h.^lvc* of 
the entire Holy C!hiitch, And 10 he wlm hni applied him- 
self to one should not meddle wilh the other, ka no one 
etn serve Ivo maaicr^, It fceros (ti:tt henna phroditv or 
Ambidexter would be ^ood n-imeE for lurh men of double 
eviatc A corollary it thai we* the pnK:untoTs of Gcd in 
thia behalf, do petition before Parliament nil curates, 
as well superior as Lnfuncr. be fully ofcuiM^d and should 
nmipy thrmfirlicR wuh their own chnr^e and no nther. 

7. Thai ipeciaT pnyers for the aoliU of the dead offcicd 
in otir Church, prefcrrLn^ one hefarc another in nan^e, are 
a t'al*e fmindation of alms, and for thai reason all houiet 
of alms in Cnglitod havr lurcn wrongly founded, TIiU con' 
» b iJdovcd by ;wo reason* : the one ia that meritorious 


pmycT, nnd of ixiy cHcct, ouglu to be a vrotk proceeding 
^m deep crhariiy, and (wrfect ehAriiy Invri; cnii no one, 
for "TlwJi: shrih Ir^r tliy nL-ighboixr ws ihjtdf/ Am! so \l 
is clear to \15 tbat the gift of Ccmpoiol good bestowed <ju 
the pncvihood uiut houte± ol alms itt a spucuJ incentive to 
private prayer which t» not far from *iimoTiy, For nnrMhet* 
rciiKon \> Eh^ii xpccLiI prjycrr mode fnr nicn condemned U 
v«ry displeasing to Crod, And attiiough it be doubtful, it 
ia probnljk* to i^itilifttL Christian peopEff ihjit Totinden of a 
home of alms have for th^ir poiionmis cndowniem patscd 
ovci for ihc most jwft to the bfOnd load. The corollary ii i 
effectual prnjcr springing from perfect love would in Gcnenl 
embrace all whom God a'0u1<J have saved, and would do 
awjty wTlh llm[ wetl-iviLtrrL wjiy or mcid Kind iae in T^pet 1^1 
pmycr» made for the posscv^bnar)' mcnJIcAnis »nd other 
hifod priesU, who iirc a people of great burden tD the whole 
realm, l:ept m idlenefis : for ii heiR been pnned in one book, 
whit'h iJie king had, tlut a hundred houMs afalm^ would 
suffice in all the rcatm, and from this would rather accrue 
pOfisiUc prolic to i1l<: temporal eaiate, 

S. Thai pilgrimigts, pnyen, arid offerings marie to blinti 

cni»»eA or folaK iind lo deaf [m.iKe:« of wood or nirine, mv 

prctiy well akin to idnktr^ and far from alm^ and although 

time be forbtd<Jen and imaginary, a book of c^rror Co the Lay 

folk, miiti ihi; riiAionuiry imagr of [he Trimly ik tiper^ially 

Jibommable^ Thl« conclution God clearly piovcs, bidding 

oUru to be done to the needy man bcC4Uj;e they are the 

image of Cod, and more Like than wood or iCoite ; for God 

did noi uy, 'let u» nuke uood or atone in our hkcne^ and 

image/ but man ; bccnutc ihc Aiipmnc honour which clerka 

cail /alrio appertains to the Clodhcad only ; and the lower 

honour whEch elerk*! call d:tfia apjiertain-k to man and angel 

■ and to no inferior crcalure- A corolLuy is that ilie vrrvic^ 

I of tbe crosSf performed twice in any )<ar in our church, is 

I full of idotatry, for if tbu thoald^ so daight tbe naiU and 

L ■ 

A hundred 



6, PJIicriin- 
jiiE?k an J 




^ Aunru 

UM. bncc he m> htglily honoured ; then vould the lips of Judas 
be rcUcs indeed if any were able to possess them. But wc 
aiblc yoii, pilgrim, lo \t\\ ui when yr>u odet t<i ibt boncK of 
saints placed In x >hrjnc in any 9pct, whether you rcitevo 
the »Lm who la ia jfjy, cr thai alnistioufta which is to well 
endowed and for whirh ntcn have hern rannni^cd^ Ciod 
knows how. Aj>d lo spc^k more plainly, A faiLhi'ul Christian 
supposes that ihc wounds of that noble man, whom men 
cAli St 'rhomnif, were not a case of martyrdom- 

9. Thnt auTiculir confession which it &uid 10 l)c so ncccs- 
bary 10 the bjdvAiion of a niAn, with it« pretended powcf of 
^u(Libcn^ab«olutionj exahs the drro^iice of priests and ^wca tbena 
opportunity of other *e<:rei eollfx;uie» u-hich we will not 
speuVtjf; for huih luids ;iiid IaUtc!> attctt thiil, fur f(;ar of 
their confcs4or». :hey d^ie nci »pc«l( the truLh- And aC the 
lime of confe*sif>n there is a rendy ocoision for a^ig^^^^O'^ 
that 15 for ' wooing/ and ether scrrct trndcrstandings le;iding 
to nionul »ini>. Tliey thE^iu^el^e?^ s^y thai ihey aie God'a 
rc|.Trescritativcs lo jmlge of every sin, lo pirdon and cleanse 
wlionisoever ihcy pltfase. Theywiy ihai they ha^-e the k«y8 
of heavc^n and of hell, and ean evcommunioAt^ ind blcfii^ 
bind and loose, at their will* s^ much ^q that foi n drink, 
or twtlvc |n^nc<,\ they will i*A\ Xht blcainji of heaven with 
charter and c]o«e w^rr^^nl ncalcd with the cornmon «caL 
This cnncUisJoEi is »ic» nniorimi* ihar ii nerdu not nny profjf- 
II h a. corollary ihjt the pope of Rome, who ha* given 
himaclf out as tieamrer of the whole Church, hivms in 
change that worthy j^wel of Christ's passion togvrlier with 
the merits of all viintj in heaven, whereby he graiiti pre' 
tended indul^nCG from pcnahy and guilt, is a ircuurer 
ainiost devoid of elmrity, in that he can set free all that 
am pdwnera in hell ni his wfU, and e.iuie that they should 
ncTcr come to th^t pUce, But in ihi^ -tny Chriwjan can 
well see there is mULh secret foJacbood bidden awjiiy in ouf 



tou T!at nMMhuglHe* in wdi^ «r bf pretended h« of t>U. 
jiBticie fur a umponJ caMt^ wiihoat spit^uftl retcUiton, it ^^yf, * 

cxpKnlj <»nouT CO the Nev TtvunxaU. wkkh ittdccd i« tbc f^wSrv 
liw of unce Kod loU of nwrcia. This amdniion u cpcn^ Tc»m«pL 

proved by the exampie* of Chriti'* piettdiing iten on 
e*rtl^ for be ^vedaRjr tui|;bt m povi lu knc liia ciKi»ics^ and 
to »bcm (hem pk^t Mid bM to *tey Ihcm- The rcuoa u 
this, that for the mod poit, vh<o nwn fight, ;iftcr the firvt 
liknr. chvUr n broken. And Hbo^vr din vilhoui chaiiiy 
goca the uni^ roftd to hdl< And beyond ihj« «c know 
well that M> ckTgytEun can by Scnpcunt or liwfat reason 
muiE Uk ponahfcicnt of dcith fof one vorUl tin and aoc 
for lootbcT ; hojl ihr- Iaw iiF mcfrcy, vliich U tJie New Tc9ta< 
mcDt, probibits a11 manner of ntansUu^htcri for in ihc 
Gocpeh *It ma uid tuHo theca of old tmw^'l'hou aliaJt not 
Uli' I'he coroUiry k ihoc it it indeed robbery of poor folk 
whni kirds get indul^rices ffnin puni^hmrnt and £t]i!t for 
those ThoaJd their onn^ to killaChrutian pcopk in diMJint 
lands for temporal gain, jwii a*wtf loo have wen eoldierft 
«ho run Into hrxihe^ndom to grr them n n:imr for the 
slaughter of men ; much moic Oo chcy deserve til itutnka 
from the Kin^ of Peoee, for t>y our humiUiy ard i>ai)cnce 
vni thefojih mLiltiplie<l, and Chrifit Jeiui liat^sand Ehreateiu 
men who ftghi and kill, uhen He »iys: 'He whu sniiiea 
vtiih ihc jirord ^h.iH pcrifch by ihc sword,' 

1 1. Ttut the TO# of continence nuide in oar Church by n. Vaw* 
Tomen »ho at« ftail and imperf«:t in nature, it (be caujie ^^i^*"^'*? 
of urfQ^g in Ihc );ruvcM hiniiblr aiMn [jutnible to buiiiun wecnm 
notori^ bccauiCT nlthon^ti the killing of nhnrii^'c children '"'^ ^ ""■ 
before they arc bapti^^d ard the destruction of n:iiute by 
dmgK arc vile.sint. yet conneiiun with Ehem^ulves or brute 
beasia or any crCiilufc not having fife aurp^uttci them in 
fch:;fnfs* ift luch an CJitcut ar. ihfll they should be punished 
vuth ibe poini of hell The corollary u that, vidowis And 
1 take tlK veii «rd tlie rin^ being delii:ately fed, tre 
K t 




1304. could with thm they were i;iven in Enarrtagc, because vc 
c^mnot etcu»c iheni from secret bins. 

Unnc- \2^ Thai the abundance of iinneresMrj >trit pr;iniAcd hi 
ahoaliJ "^' realm nourifphci much sin in vraMt* profiiKion, and ^»- 

tt- i;msc. 'Vhxs, experience and reoEon prove in Bome mcaiuff, 
becflirse njjliijv is sufficient for a man's iioresiiTy uitli fi'v 
IMS. The (urollAi}- \^ tliataitiLv St. Piiut^uyb -. 'bjiving food 
and raiment, let im be therewith contcnC it seems to us that 
goldsmiths and annouren nnd ali kinds of arts ncl necessary 
for * man, ai-cording tu the aptjs[!e» shtnik] I )v. dtsifoytd for 
the increase of virtue; bccjnUsc although ih»c two said 
art* were excecdinj^ly ncccsaary in the old law, the New 
TeuurnenL nbuHshei Ihem and m:iny othvn 

Tlinc cuii' This is oLir embassy, which Christ hij bidden us fullit, 
dunijii* ^pfy necessary for this tunc for several rcosorw. And 
lummiry allln3irgh these matters -ire hriefly nnicd hprt- thi-y an.- how- 
only. ^^gj ^g| f(j^|j ^j j-jj-gj. -ji antJlhcr buok, and incuiy others 

bcsidcfl.fltlcngtbinourownlangtusc. and we wish that thc^e 
wcri^ acci^iaibli? to all ChrUt)an people* We ask God then 
of His supri^mc Rootlncss lo reform our Churchy as being 
entirely out of joint, to the pcrfccinesa of it& first beginning, 

[f^x^i truKslatwH t^ tome ^Qn$tmpf>rary verui atidtd 

to tht forfgoing diKHmfnt^\ 

ConcLud- The Englibh nation diJLh lanicni of ihcac vile men their 

Which Paul doth plainly signify hy idols to l>egin- 
But Gdiaxiies full uigraLc from sinful Siriion sjjruii^, 
lliia to defend, though pricAiv in oamCi make bulwarks 

ji^rcat and stron^^. 
Ye priticM, therefore, whom 10 rule the iieople Cod haih 

With justice' »word, why *cc yc not this cvi! srcfll dc' 




A.1>. MOl. 

3 HENaV IV. CAT. 16, 

Ln-nM Patdct ifBltiK Wit: Lnltflrd.i hid Iwrn htn^d in t}/Ba ind 
tjB^ {vud>a»'/. Nn- XXXVlllj, bul the fdJnwme A<:t wjui iTir ftrlic^i 
■Up uVcn by Pftrltofiifnl ic 4*ii>pnH L^lUrdy. Thr Acl wti ex 
pjndcd by a llctity V, f%U1r i. cnp, 7, bnil rcpentril bya^>| Henry VllI^ 
tftp. L4 H J ti]w«ii| VI. ta^, jii. iGVLvcd b> ( A a Phklip ^ikJ M^ry, 
c&[h a {A'*'- No< LXXni;«[iniJ repealed by 1 £(ifiibcili, (fe|i. i (jMitf, 
NaUCXIX , tfLclit^Chiitlci II. rip. p. 

p"r. StRtiitei frf ihc ReKlm, ii. IW5.J 

Whcra"ts it is showed to out sovereign lord the king on 
^behalf of the prelate* and Ckrgy of hii realm of Englirid 
in thk prcwrit PaTlbmcnt, ihflt altliough t!ie CniMic 
faitht fountlcd upon CbrinE, and by \V\% jipottlcs a^d the 
Hoty Lhurth iuHicicnily dotcrmmedj declared, and up 
provF-d, h.m been hitherto by good and holy And nioit 
noble prt^eniior* of tuir stivenHgn lord the kh^ in thr sakl 
realm, amongit alt the rc;xim» of the world, mo,-vi devoutly 

iervcd, and liw English Church by hi» Mid moit noble 
^^)r(^i*iiirois ;ind *ncr"*lor*i, 10 ihi" fifinonr of Hod and of 
the whole Tc^ilm aforesaid. InudJibly endowed, and in her 
riRbts ard liberties susUmt-d. vitiiout that thai ihe Mine 
feiih or the «id Churrh w^s bun cr ynovoiisly oppressed, or 
Hac ditiurt)cd by any jicrvcnc ducJirtnc W wicked, herdicsd, 
or cfTont<iu& opinionsi : 

V«t neverthelf^Ha dtvfnt lal«- and perver&c people of 
a certain new teci, dHiniria]>1y thinking of the faith of the 
Mic^rarncnts qI the Church and the authority of the Mine, 
and, ogainctt the Uw of Uod xtxd of the Church, nsurping th<; 
oflW of preiH'htiTg^ do perver^ly and mnlicioutly, in divers 



fniih ob- 
itarvAd by 

richts Biicl 
libcrtirtfl ai 

ui^JicId by 

The IdiM 
ilDCLiine cf 
a now MCL 




liCl. pbcci within ttic BZLi<i rMlic, under the coIolit of disfiembled 

holiness, jiroach and teach m ihcsc day*, iipcnisr and jirivily, 

divem npw drxlrincs nnd wicked, hctcticnl, and c»fonCTii» 

Opinions, contrary lo the fiamc iaiih and blessed dctcnnina- 

tiontt q\ the Holy Church, 

■in* Anrt of sTirh sect nnd wJrkcH doctrine and opinions, they 

BDTMiJ tliJa ^*^^^ unlawful conventicles iind ctinfeder-icic** ihey tiuld 

and (^Kcrciiie schools, th^ make and write books, they do 

wtckedly instruct and inform people, xy\6, it much as they 

mny, ociie nnij Mir [lir-ni tn inliiu>n and ifisunff Citin, 

and niAlcc j£rc«( Atnfc 4T)d division amone tlic people, and 

do daily perpetrate and cormnrt other enorr^lticA horrible 

10 be he.ird* tn subversion of th^ said Catholic ra[ih and 

docinnc of tbc Hoty Chumh, h diminiiikin (»f God*s lionour. 

And also m dc^lniction of ihc e^intc, Hghis, and titrcrtics 

of the «jnd English Church; by which sect and wicked 

and fnlfie presarhin^, doctrines^ and opinions of the said 

fdbe JiiiJ peivcrsc people, not only the gtcatc^l pLvtl of 

louls, but oho many more other huris^ slanders, nnd perils, 

vhich God forbid, might come to this realm, unlew it be 

llic more plenirfully nrd speedily hd^ird by the king^t 

inajcsty in ibia behalf, OAmtly : 

Wl>> \\\c Whereat the dioceunt of cho iAid realm cannot by Ihctr 

biihopa. l»y jurisdim'on spiritual, without aid of the aaid royal majr^ty, 

■pifiTitHi sdtHtiL'iilly L-urictt llwr siiJ fiilw.- and pervenic |>co]ilt, nor 

tunMtu'- rcirnin llicir malice, becauiic the said falw and ptrvcne 

not, <vith- People go from dioccfte to dioecRCt and wtll not appear 

out the btfarcf the wid diuL-eiaoft* but the wime diocessina -ind ihdr 

fejflii-ic-nti^ jutiAdictJOD spirtlual, and the keys of tbc dimcb, wiiEi the 

"V"''*^ ccnutjrc* of the »amc, do utterly disregard and dcspiao, and 

ID they continue and exercine ihcir wirlced preachings and 

docinnea, from day Lo day. to the ultcr de^lruaion ut all 

order and rule of rif^ht And rc^ison. 

The pre- Upon which novdlie* and eKceiicv aboi^ rehearsed, the 

cletsyand PTt^l^^k Olid cltrgy afurtruid. otid alito tlie Comtnonii <]f the 



>ai(J realm being in tlie snnw Pirifament, have prayed 
our aovcrtign loud the kinf;, tliai hi« loyd liiglincvt would 
voucha-ifc in (he ^lid Parlumcnl to provide « convcnicni 
remedy; ihc i^imc out sovereign lord the king — gjociou^ly 
oiEMidrring ths? jircmisci, and aUi> the bu<kibk ite|xi af hm 
said moat noble progcxiilor^ and Bncrflton»t for \\xc cons^vs' 
lion of the said Catholic ^itli, ftnd &iJ&Lcnt.icion of God'fi 
honour, and !ilsf> the (nffjtuard of ihc- c-«rair?, rights and 
]ibctti» of ihc wid ETighTtli Church, lo die pmi^e of God, 
And mcril of otr said ^orcrfij;rL lord the kiii& and pro*- 
pcniy- and honour d aU hi8 wid f^-iln\ nnd for th< 
curhrwing of such d>!i^rnaionn, Hivnions, hiirt.*, idnndrriit 
and pciiifl, in time lo com^ and ttuu ihis wicked «ecl, 
preaching*, doctrines^ and opmiom thouJd from hcnei^forth 
ctaie and be utterly deiitroycd--by the att^ent or \hv estaEea 
and oiher diwTW^E men of the realm, heiiig fn the aald 
Patliaitie^it, hftB granted, suhli^hcd* and ordained from 
hcnccfonh linnly lo he observed: Thai none within ihc 
taid realm, or any other df>mmion», fubjeci to hii royal 
tfiajnity. i^reauine to ptuachi openly or [trivily, wilhoul the 
licence of iKl' dioeeuin of the same place T\t)s\ rc<iuircd and 
obtained— curat ca in their o«n chuTchej^^and [x:rson&. hitherto 
privileged^ and other* of the r^nort law gmriiptl, only rtcept- 
And that none, from henceforth, preach, hold, teach, or 
fnBtruct anything, o|>cn1y or privily, or make or wrjlc any 
book contrary to the tJithotic: fflith or dcEerminAlion i>l the 
Holy rhiifrh,nnr Thar any of »Hch sen and wicked dixirineR 
and opinions siiall make any conventicles, or in any wise hold 
Oir cMerci&e ochools. And al^o that none from henceforili in 
^ny *'i*.e favoiii wch ptenchCT, or nwkcr of any such and 
the like conveniicles, or holding or exercising schools, or 
making or wming tuch books, or bo leaching, informing. 
or cKcuing ihc pooplc^ nor them, nor any of thfim, maintain 
or in any wise ^uitttfn- 

And that all and singular having such booki or any 

1 401. 

pmy ihe 

IjruvidE a 

Hie ktriB 

and PariiA- 

tilbU un- 
{ireadiinf . 
Except by 
i^nict in 
ihcir crwii 

NoDc to 

prciich «r 

4i;ainBE the 
lalih, ar 

ifpiniiL it- 
All hnvine 





and nnt 

fnjc. 14 be 
And jiro- 

Penan > 

^ully cnn- 

En><]i> or 

wrilings of «iich wklMd doctrine and opinioni, «bat] really. 
w-fth efTcci, delfver, or cauae to Lie ddivtred, all such lK*ok» 
and wfiliNp lo l!ic <iiocc5an of ibc wroc pljicc witliifi 
fottydayi; from the lime of the proclatnaiioH of Ibis ordi- 
nance and statuie. And if anj person or pereons, of 
wlialaucvcr IcLtidi ctit:ilc, ur cLJLidilioii he ot thc'y bd Trorci 
licnccfoflh do or atlcmpc ngnin»i the royal ordinance 
and statute afores^tid, in the prcmitci or in any of them, cr 
4urh btiok\ in form afon^^nid, do nut deliver, Llien thu 
diocC:a;tit of the anmc plate, in hia diocese, such pcr^ii or 
persons, in thi» behalf dcCkmcd or evidently stif^pccicd, and 
every of ihcm, may, by ihc authority of the ^aid ordinance 
and stAtutcr, cause co be arrested, and undrr saf<^ cur^ttiUy in 
hia priisonb to be declined, till he or thejvof the aitkle^ Uid 
10 him or them in this behalf, canonieally purfte him or 
themseWea, or else Gueh niekcd ftce^ pre.iehJng«, doctrines^ 
and heretical and erroneous opiniontt abjure, according 
ae the lows of the Chureh do require; so that the Mid 
diocesan^ by hmi»elf or hia coniniLAKU'ie«, do openly and 
jiidic-ially i^mceed agumM such persons so aricstcd and 
remaining under hi> ^fc custody to all effect of the law, 
and determine that same bu^intBe. ^K'^crditi^ lo the canon leal 
decrees, wTihin ihree months after the said wrest, ^:iy lawful 
impediment (^cuing. 

Andif any pcT3on, in any case aborc expre^^ed, be, before 
the dioce^ari of the pbce, or bis ci>niini£s;irie^> eanonically 
eonviewd, then ihe same dto^e^nn may cause to be kepL in 
his piiion the ^aid person so convKted uccordiiiji lo ihc 
manner of hi» default^ and after the quality of the offenee, 
according and as long as to hit dineretLon itluJI fij^eni c^tpe- 
dient, and morc^iivi^r put the ^irne per^^n to pjiy a pecuniary 
line to the lord the kint;, except u\ caacs where he, accord- 
ing to the canonical decree, oiiRht to be left to the jccular 
ronri, flcrord^ngasiheiaTTierine th.ill *ecnironipctcnr [oiho 
dioccur^ for ihc DiAniKi and quality of d)c olTencc. in wlucli 



case the 9axa< diocoan shall be bouitd lo certify the kng 
of ib« nine line in his excfae<|u«r by hii ktUiB patent 
fvntnl with hn «en] m ihr riTcd ifuit mch Aik', b^ ibc king's 
authority, nmj be required and levied to his u»c of iht 
goods of the taoK perion so convicted 

And if any p^n^n trillion the «id KAlm and dominion*, 
upon the ft;ijd wkkcd prcAchmgs, docirmvs, o[)inicin% school*, 
And hcfciical Jird crroncnu^ infomuiigns, or any of thcnct, be. 
before the d[0<:ci;in of the sunc pUcc, or his commitsaneSf 
convicted by ^ntenc?; >nd ihe loiiie wicked sein. preJirhinj^ 
dtH:Uincs ftJid 0|)inniii^. ^Lhools :iiid inforiiiaiioiih, du icfiifiC 
duly to abjure, or by the dioccsnn of ihc same place, or hii 
commtEiariet, after abjutucion made by the umc |>crKon, 
br jinmuunccd fel4t»«l, w timt m.-t'otiiing xn the hcl) 
canons be uu(;!ii to be kft lo tiic icculiu court* whcicuiion 
trcdtnce ahflll be givon to the dioccaan of the flftme place, 
or 10 hifl ccmmiftAdr^es in this bchatf— then th« sheriff of 
the rotmiy of ibc «ame pbcr, and ihe oinynr and ^heriiTor 
,<iheri/ri, or nuyor and bailiffs of the city, town, or borough of 
the cume county neixrest lothe sume diocesan or the said 
rommttvirlei, ihnll hepcr^onall) present ta preferring of tuch 
Acnicncc\ whi;(i thc^y. by tbt s.ime dioi^ci^^n nr Ins ronai^ia- 
saric^ shal) be required: and ihcy ^ball receive the un^ fiLT- 
tom and every of tht;ni. after such 4i-ntence promuJf-aLcd, jrtd 
them, before ihe ^jL^Lipte, in a lii'gh |)I;ir.v [fiv»>fCif//J<.siiJbt tube 
burnt, thdl such punitthiuent tiidy stiikc (CAr tu tlieiniiid^uf 
others, whereby no aucli wicked doctrine And bcrciicnl and 
crroneouf opinion;;, nor their authors and favourers in the 
said realm and dominions, against ilie Catholic faith, Cbriiiian 
Uw, and detcitni nation ef t!xc Holy Church be suntiincd 
{wlitch Cod forbid}, or in Any wi^e euJfercd- In winch all 
And singulv the premtiet concerning the Midordinanor and 
tnimr, ;he ^hrtiffs. mnyors, and laililTn of the «id cnuntiei, 
eities, borauj(h». and towns shall be aitcrdirg. aidinj^;, and 
Mp{>orting, 10 tho said diocesan and hit coinini&taries. 



mim BO 
burn LhoH 
by the 
nt nurii 
of i^fva\n% 


IriK tnio iL 





dcnincfl Ln 
A pro- 




SAWTRF-, A. a 1401. 

Wnrm Ihc Bill /vy/irvr'i'n'WHibcrurc I^rlicinchE. and jppArcntly 

S^wirr- On rcbruitry u l>c wai dr^iDJcd by [l^»l AncoiUy. «uiJ on 
Februnry «A Ihr fnJlnwinf royiii writ hjd l»i]«d lor hl« cjccculicn- 

{Tr, CcH KoJJ, 3 Hen. IV, pt. i. in.6.] 

The ling ti> lijc mayor and sliyriJTs of London^ greetiDg. 
^Vh^:mL8 the vcncriiblc fa(hcr Thomas^ orcbbbliop of Canter- 
biiry^ primntc of all Enf^la-nd, and \cpt\^. of rhc Apr^fttdic 
See, ytilh ih* ooniit'f*! and assent and arivJoe of hi* fellow- 
btKbops \co-cpisa^r^m\ and sufFrngan brc;htcn [an/ratmm 
sttffri^r^onim\ and afcw of all the clcrpy of his provinrp, 
in hw pTOviticial council Ai^tmbled, ihe order of his right 
m ihi* fCBpccI icquiicJ Imvinn been duly observed in all 
particitlAr^ hna by hi.i dcAnilivc scnlcnrc pronounced nnd 
declDted William Sawtrc, formerly chaploin who wb* con- 
demned fur hefe»iy, and who afori'lime abjured, in form of 
law, unti baA [now] telapacd unto the aforc»^id bCTcay — to 
be a mfxnifcfht heretic, .ind decreed that he i^hoitld be de- 
graded, and fcr Ihat cause has jictiially [rtaUffr] degr.ided 
h\\\\ Uiiwt all liiii pONtion and clciiULl piivikge, and has 
decreed that the sumc William be left to ihe Accubr 
court, and hai netuaTIjr left bJm aeeording to the hki-ft 
uid eanoriiCAl ULneti[>nf eiinoied \\\ that lithrdC ami Holy 
Mother Church haA noihrng fuithcr to do m the prcmisca; 
We therefore — «Cft1ouii for justice and x chcrithcr of 
the Catholic lahh, u'illing tr) mamrarn and def^^iid Holy 
Churth, and the i\^\\U and liberties of Ihc VLinc, And K\3 
e]ttLrf>ate radi'^JiIly aueh heresies and errors from owr kin^- 
dom of England, 3S mueh as iti us lies, and to puniih vith 



oindign dioali^crncnt berclio m> ccnvLLtcd, iikI considcrLn^ 
that sucti litrcti<^ ao convicted and condoiuncd in tfao form 
aforc«.itd oi^gbE to ^>t bumc in ttie flamc«, according to \xvr 
Hivinr nnd hum,ia, inH thccanunicul itinlituics cuMomaiy in 
that behalf — a» icccLiEly as yt aic abk, firaily cnjoin£ng» 
commani you thai Iho afoicsaid WiEJiAm, bc-ing m your 
cofctody. hr rommurpri to Ihr fire in :iny pubHc and fipcn 
place, wiihin the liberty of the dly aforcKiid. by rc»on t)f 
the premises, and thai you ciu&e him to b* aciuaJiy(nM/*jirp| 
burnt in the wm* fire, in doic$iQtion of siirh crime, and to 
thp manifr« rirampir of oihrrChmiiflns : and ihkjtmih-nll 
in no ni5c omit under instant peril. Witnc^ ouracLf at 
VVcaimmHt^ th« 9&th day ot tVbruary. 
By Ihc king hlcnulf snd ihc council in Pirliiincnt 


Is to be 

buml ift 
Any public 
Apen |ar«« 

jn iin rv' 




Till follDnr'nj; dnfumtnl, icff rririK (a mn ohjteClon tfcVen aEAtjitf the 

^unHi<HHf>. iil p, 7J«i. UlxiUi AiKcrnul [f>«rk> vf ccnuinenru. r.f . 
(hr r^ntnp of (he clvrk Kit ihr c^iunril. Fo^t^r i^blninvd li Iroin ta old 
book in Uie poMAtiou of « osrCkib Muter Bowyer. 

[Tr. Font ajabtrvc ] 

In the nunic of God, Amen. By the pmicni ptiblJc 
iniUumcnt let it dC'^rl^ appear lo aII that in the ^var of our 
Lord i4iJt-9, in lh? icvcnlh indiction, in the ponlificftte of 
our holy ^her in Christ nnd lofd, The lord Martin, Sfc.. 
I, Richdid 0)vdry\ procl[>r, and under pniaorint con- 
mbaion of ihc most Chmtifin prince thciord Henry, byihe 

^ MqniiDn-d«tfT*rkofc«uici] in 1403. Vide ^M dnJ Or^'nofuu 


It If hard 

«ud wiih 
iho Privy 




thm no 
1 flat* 

OJJIlt lift' 

Axkcd tnw 

the diitni- 

lisf of 

irivji at 
Vi% i% here- 

^acc or God king of England arid France, tind lord of 
Ireland, my supreme lord, with tho asscm alto «nd Advice 
of (be ilkiMrioLis and piiiss;jrit jirinrfr Humphry, dwkc of 
Gloucester, call of PcmUiokc, proiccior and defender of the 
kingdom of En^l;jnd and t^c Knf^iish Churcli, cind the 
lesi. my Jortl!* cf his highness' royal roiincjl, and <lo»ng his 
counsrL and representing him in lhr& Ifrh^lf, do declare^ 
dlcge, and set forth in ihcnc writings, Ihac the inid most 
Christian prince, my supreme lQrd» and his most renowned 
ancestors, kings of the said kingctoiii of England, as well hf 
special privilege as by laud»iblc and lawfLtlly prescribed 
Guslom, peaeelully and without let observed from time to 
lime, of which the memory of man r).Hinerli nr>t to the 
conCniry* were and ,irc suflicJcnily endowed and lawfully 
protected that no Ic^itc of the Apostolic Sec ought to come 
initi their kingdom oE Engbnd or otlier their lands and 
dotniiifons, save ai the bidding, asking, retjut^si, rnvltarion, 
Of CTiticaiy of llic khig t>f England for ihc time bciitg. 
And the Aid ntOKt ChrTiition prince, my supreme lord, and 
!]]!£ renowned ance^ftortH kingi uf England, h;ive been and are 
ii) posiVAsion uf ibc rigtil und privilege and eusioui ajbiesud 
wcthooi any intcrrupiior through all Ihc whole lime afore- 
said, peacefully und quietly, the Roman ponLifTs throughout 
all the time aroresaid knuwlng all and singular the pifemiscf, 
sulTering and coiiscnliny Co the same as well silently as 
cxprc^ly. and without any manner of possession as of ri^ht 
or fact of Heniling £ticH legate, as is afore^id, into the 
kirgdom cJ England, or any other hi> lands ami dntniniiins, 
^ve at the bidding oskinjj. rcquat, and enticaly of the 
Vn\g of Bngtsrid for the time bcin^ ; and because ihc moiX 
reverei^d father ir» Chiisf and Dortor of Uiviniiy, Henry^ by 
ihe er;ice of Cod priest of St. Eus^cljiux, c^irdhial of tlic 
Iloiy Roman See, aimertinf; that ho iii legale, baa. after 
the manner of a legate, ueing the insignia of apo§loJtc 
dignity, without bidding, aiking, request, invitation, or 



14 T 

enircaty of the most ChffeEian lord our hing sforcMiti], N34. 
oauAlly entered llic renowned kfUfidom of England^lhcrc- ^y pf"' 
fore I openly protcil, nnd by public commisKion m iheac (,—,„„ 
nrjtings xntl on K'tirilf of the above itnd all lh« itib)eci« of 
ihc ftiiuic mir lufil itiL- kiii^. tiiai Jt ]la^ itui been jind la not 
the inu:mLon of the afcrc-named tiio»i ChriAttan prince, my 
*uprcnic lord, and the itaid my lord* of the council, lo taiiTy 
by3Uthoriiy<irap[)roi-e, to tht (feru^Liliun of ihe laws, rij^hts, 
ca»toni», tibcrtic^ and pnvitcf^ci uf the said our lord ihc 
kin^ and the kingdom, the cnlmiicc of «urh the nrd mott 
reverend father jw legale imo Engbjid^ or in any wise at all nor nuit 
to admit or rccognj^ the same ai legale tjf tlic Apcfttolic ^"^^^^^ 
Sec in En^hnd, eonir&ry 10 the laAj% riKhEs, cuatom«t liber trtE.norliJi 
ties, shd privileges aforesfiid, O' any wmc to coiuent to the *^.^ ^^. 
exeirifu.- of his legatmn or \\%y other or anything done or lo 
be done, attempted or to [jc aitcinpicd, bj the lame aa 
I^tiC of the ApuMolic Sec contraiy to the prttDiwa, th« 
U»*, rightt, cusifims, I)b«tt1«s. and priviIc^eB, hut mthcr 10 
diueni, ojid the tiid our lord the kinj; don m> diitvnt 
and the Hid my lords of ttic council disaciit by the 
presents^ Ore. 

[a,d- 14^4. r^r im/iorfarti aHti UtigtSy tfiAuif of C^urtA frnj^"' 
laniuA ara 6y tJii I 'nivfraty »/ Oxfinii to iht kiiiji writ la JOHftd in 



Tjiii FLjnVTDlHlon «« »wi)«<L by Abp. hourcliirr in thr y^r folTcnv- 
jfk|[ hii iippumtinrtit lo ihip primacy, 

niomai. by Divine prrmivtion. At., vj our bdtjvcd in 
Christ, Master David Blodwcll, Ojr commi»ary^cncraJ for 





have fo' - 


»omc of ihe 

of rion- 
1ct» llvmi^. 

hj the 


tod CUTCL 

Cantccbjrn/^ gri:ning and 1)4.-nedtclioQ^ Th<; CDrutanl nnd 
noi*y cljtnioui of awny, and public repOft> and liic notorldjr 
of ihtf f;ict «prcjiding it, iC has itow biely reached our cars, 
not wilhouL j^li^vous hUterness of hcirt, there are 
Ktmc wilhin our diocese of Cantcrbur/p Uddcr the prorc^won 
of monastic cbecrvancc, wl^o have ^t poAtcaaion of ptnsb 
church«« and thdr perpetu:U vicmgec, und«t pretext of 
otrtain prt^li^Tultfit .iiHMitilJi: IcllrrrSi iind liztving scumrd und 
difC^rdcd their regular liibit. or ut 4II cvciue cxintrary to the 
manner of their ivligion, abandon ihc fiomc secretly under 
■ecukr gArb, «miti- cif vhcim ALfift vtcjar 9 h.ib^i of incontLS- 
tent lu;ibi(in> iiiid gi> ^Ixjul rashly und pri^uniptuoui«ly, like 
8cx:ular pric«t«, in no wl&c fearing; the aentcnccs of cxcom- 
municACicn md irreguUriEy pa^jscd in that bdiall .'Lgjtinfit 
Kuch, Ifut damnably tnnimn^ ^mX ronrrnnm^ tlirm do Ehii4 
incur and contraci Uk-eu; und dml there arc some i^ecuTar 
rector* andvicare loo^ who do ngt keep or pcifbrm residence 
in fheir benefices of this sort or hotpiiality^ but neglecting 
and (corning tlit cures of snub (o whkli (hi-v art- bound, 
like vo^jiboiid^and protbgaica rujt about iIjiuu^Ij the king- 
dom and apply themiielvcs to worldly i^n, to re/cllings 
nioreovc^r^ to drtnlcing bouiv, ni^d to wick^ adullenei and 
fornication^ artd lir?tides, «|jend their time on nil maimer [>f 
vicca. and vmatc the property, goods, fruiu, ftnd revcnucb 
of their benefices of this sort, and vainly and useksnly 
ror«unie Ihem on forliidden and [>rurane objcttK; the 
(.'bancel!! of llicir cbtiicbea, tbeir hiJUM:s>, Loo, axid building*! 
of ihdr benefices of this sort they actually leave done, 
notortoualy suffering theit trouble and cnottnoujt dtiOt^ as 
regards watls, n>uf*, &t,, wiilmut rt|>!iir, whiUi ihry let oui 
to bymcn, without OLtr licence or that of our oflicialap rightly 
rcquirt^d in this bchulf, the fruti-i of the benci'jcca of this 
sort, nrd l«t ihcm to fnrm, ^nd do tiqi ax all df«tribtitt 
giniongst ih<.'ir poor a miuliEr or indi:L-d any ihare of such 
fiuit«. And there are priests, too, act vrithin the some our 




diocese. %ontc ttijjj^dying the [i^e of crvntes and liolding IUAl 
curcof »oukoLhcis kccpi^if: anniual rcMTvalxbcEnsstnm^ert'T^vrc^ 
qtliC* ot»cart 4Dd unknown, and not brutgng vilh them P«iii,io<v 
conuncndacofyor itnimotinX Icittn t$ to tbcir connraitioo v^ ■">" 
or unlen, Sovkc mcjnwcr tif them are ignomnt and nn< ^^ 
leamod, oiulciUcil cr almua! dcslitotc of )ctlcT». holding Uccom or 
cura o4 iouli w;ihm e he unie our dioceu-, not without grave ^~ 
peril ftod ^cii drngi-T to %aaU ; Kmic morcoret Ihcre am, 
nibjccu and lieges cf our dioceac of Cantcrbuty. driven on 
bf Mrme dark and obalinott error ogaiiut God and lh«'^*''*' 
Church, «ho i«fti«t and deny 10 pay Uxbti of tlwir woodts jUTia'tbhU 
ire^S anri ffig^tnls, and hillm, ftllr^ing m drfrfirc uf ihu<^ii Ll*p«i 
their crroi, ancient ciJ3lc>m, or more irulj ditarjjible corrup- ^ '*™'' 
lioii, foe whil ic not titbcd, or what Ib given M bthc being 
le&i than tithe, c&nnoi b« hvld byAttyeuuom ai all. There 
are uioitover certain of both %cxcs, m^rti and ffi>mcn, who 
winder about from dJoccM to djoccbc. and bcU)3(G ihcn)- 
ftdTcs to our tAid diooe«e, and contrary to the prohibitLon Tnn^h 
cC Divkie law, and the enacimcnt* of ihe n^^red cjnortH, irnKinci; 
indulge in crimiiul and iduUcfuui iricciLuufM: ; >vlii]«it 
oihcft, in like manner, men ^rd wotnci!. under >ct> ill 
conddered and miuakcn tntluence, contnct mnrrbgc cbn- ti;i«t>' aii<l 
destinely ; whi-rcc it comes to past thai all sufficient F^^J^miKt 
Ruling in thia bchaK and thiu marrying txr^tioncc under ivuiiuta, 
the influence of a s|iirit of oonDrodiction, a.nd by the pro- 
ctJFerTkent of lotne enemy, ihey repudiate tuch contract 
aUbt/j);l] tivtfullx rolid. )ei l^ickin^; profirr ptoor of &uLh 
lAwfulncM, und hapten Co second ^'owt when they cannot 
lawfully, and conincE tllidt concubinage, and procreate 
laiurd and adiillerinc children of the Ame- Further, in aji^ En^eeu* 
making wilCa, Uie ume thini^ oflcn lujipcn-t, provided ^O ^J^^fSk.*^ 
wiincfiMa have ttignc^d the same, ao that rt corner to p*w 
that ihe«e tame art ollen, through wane of proof, wickedly 
alteretl, nnniillrd, u^t fi^ide, or mAdi- void. ^Vhence Jl 
follows, of courM:, Lhal veiy ouny ctiniei ore daily CMDr 


documEaXts illustrative of the [xlvj 


The cvj]» 



mittcd by our i^oopb, (O tho contcnipt of God and 
rclisicn^ thcdlftnil)'4>f tbcdcTfCT i* dispnccd; tbc hcahh of 
louls if dan^croudy iieglecicd ; the hope of the poor laiiv ] 
vhllst ihe duty of fMTed boHpii^ility is abandurred by 
ccdcBtii^liL% aiiiun^l wliuin t>pc.via)1y it t^u^^liL Lu flourish; 
dcctty nnd nJI manfic^r of rum attack churcb bLiiT<jinKs; 
church goodt are VAiiily :tnd uselessly spoiled and ivaiited ; 
priests urtlrf^iriKfil. uiiLitighl, unlcnuwri, and tiTirrtu^nind. 
md oflcnttiLica vithtjul oiUcis. oi siLiapcndcd frgtii fulfilUDg 
their ort^cTfi, do by prcfiumptiioualy admioislcrjnp racrn- 
inenl* and s-ocrnraentali, bring the fioule of our subject* O 
Euiii aiid captivity ; niaxLy illicit ami crimiriiil L-micubiriu^v-s* 
fornications, and adultcrtc^ arc encouraged ainc>n^3t our 
peof>1e; declarations of f:t]ccc(«)on are 4Ct ftsid*} \ and th« Inst 
will* of Teitacon! are very often wkkccilyiiei aidde^ and made 
Toid. Wherefore wch drsinng wflli nhnt tUliRrncc wc can 
to atop 50 miiny and i;rcat dnnsera. efanl you, in whow 
Addliy and activity V(> have oonfidence tn the I^rd, full 
pnwrr dnly tn correrl and Ttform snrh dpfrcis, rrhnen, and 
c3iCGac!i« ao^d [we k>^^< y^^l the apoai^itcs., if you find any, to 
bt ])unishi?d by arrest of their bodies, a* wt^ll ats by impriflon 
iocnT,and others, mo r«ovor, failing tn the premium or any of 
ib^- ]jrcmiMr« or notoiiou»tly tnJnicd wilb any di«K^^^i ^ '^ 
a« wc arc coftcemcd, nccoidinjc to the demands of law, lo be 
Bs well admonubed or caused to be admcnixbcd by our 
authoiity ; that uliatevcr of either let, bnth men and women, 
vrihh lo CuiiLiaLt iei^itiiu^c, oi d;avr u^ te^luHit^nts or their 
Use wlIU, should, an tbc^ wi^h and hrjpc nucb marriages and 
wills to have the effects due and desired, contract *uch mar- 
ihgL'i. to wit in the pn^i^nrt^ id* iwo |.i(?r^n<t at l^asi, whilst m 
thc> diaiv up [iuc:h ]a^l willb and have thvin vead llirougb or f 
recited in the prct<-n<e of their curate or tnu represent ativei 
and two or thx^x tvitneviet. GJV4*n at l^mbeih the t^On 
day of May it) llic ycur of vui Loid I45S «1^ ilic iin»t 
oui translation. 




riir iwcusii Oivaui u^ 



Txia docHmcnl li prini^ij by FiouJch itiitoty t\/ Eitx^mti^, \. soft. II! 
UJiUcrtliE ibte i%m, Tlir FctiiJQH irvHy cuiiuiutrtj frum die Cuurt, 
Hh b proved by the iux ihu [heretic, omoncil Che State I'liprrs., ftiur 
ciwrrfiftl ilnfl* M ic. \hr [■nfr»*L"tiftii* in (hrw hmnj ijriii^nlly iQ the 
hnntlurnhng m [honnoi Criniwell. whu hivl iMen nldH tn Ihe I'nvy 
Council in tyy ^Ihimd. CalvodAr S. P. Il<nry V11I. v, vii.), 

[Tiaiucr. %. P. Hrnrj VIII. v. No. lOtO U-4')-l 

7> the Kinfi cur Smervijpt L&ri. 

In mrtsT bumblf wi^c 'ihow unto your excellent lifghnciJB Aiieniran 
and your mosi pfutJcn; ivisdoiti, your fiiitliful, lovin*:, and jl^^'^n, 
most humble and obedient subjects the Comitions in iliJAauttorttic 
your preBent ruriinmenc asHenibJed. Where of lalt, ai well *"' ^'j^J? 
ill rough nc» fam^iatical find i.-tror)i.'OU!i oiiinioiis, ^mtvn tiy aiFn^^n in 
occaiion of frxiitic, seditious, and ovcrrbft'anly fmmcd J^J*|*^" *^ 
bookti comi^ilcd, iniprititcd, publiT^hcd, and mode into tb^picnion en 
FnKhth ion(;ue, cuniriry aitd n^jmM ihi> very trnc Caiholir **ji^ 
And Cbriittixtn fMilh, u« oIao by thr; cxiiriuc diiil unctiJiriublc 
sind SLtb^tUuiCb, which hJivt herulofurc bud ai^d >et have tli« 
cuiiiiinAiJon in and u[kiii tlio uid errors and hi^rcTli^l 
opinions ; much dkscord, VMmncc, ond delate h:k* risen, 
and more and more dnilf U lilce to inf:fcASc and eji«uo 
amongst the univenal sort or your ^aid siib)e<:iA, » itell 
spjiitual and lc]itp<jfaL Cftcb d^Jiii^t the ullier, m iiiuaL uici- 
chariublc manner, to the flroitt in<lui(,'tJiEion, vexation, 
Olid breach of your peace unthin this your most Cad^ohc 
rcihn t 

' Tbe>iHfia«/ihUdoeiim«nt ani confuwcA "la \»W»mv 



1 ««■ 

^^11 '3 I. ■.'(]! 

pcwrr of 

lion 10 




fl. The 

And delays 
til the 

The «pccifti particular fcricfs whereof which mor*l princi- 
prt]lyconccrrnyouf4flid Common* and bjiubjc^^u, unci which 
arc, an lliey umJpuhiciUy ^uppusf, tliu vt-ty chief fuuiiUiris, 
occssiona. and cauAca tliac datty brcc<i, fovicr, and ttoori^h 
Aitd mamum ihc f^Aid »cditiouft HLClionA :ind deadly hatred, 
^Tid mtisi [incKiriuhle pari-i:ikingH eiihcr pn ami snrt of 
sAid subjects Apiirilii^ und tcmpofal ag^vL the otbcT. bcrc- 
oAcr tfoUowingty do cft^uc ;- 

I. Ftr^t, where ihc prcbtc* and spirftuaJ ordinaries of ihis 
your iTiDHi cxc^dltnt rtahii of Engbnd. mn! liic dcrj^y uC Ibf 
same, have in fhcircoavtKaticna hcreioforc made and caused 
CO be made, Aiid also daily do mn^e, many diirerfi fcshionfi 
i)f bvpi, conRiimiron*, and nnlinunrr*, wiihouf your know- 
ledge Qt mo»( (tfyal Ji3%c]iL, and wiiiiout the axacnt irid 
convcntofanyof your lay aubjccta; untolhc which Uiwsyour 
naid laj' mhjorU have no(only hCTc«if<^Tc .ind dsiily be con> 
Mtainrtl 10 nhry at well ir thrir hor?irspoodi,nm1 jio^isruions, 
but alao bt compelled 1q incur daily into the ceninr« of 
the Mme, and be conUnually put to imi>ortal>lc chrirj^ 
and cxpcn«f«, again Rl silt equiiy, hghi, and j^ood r^nicirnfc. 
And yel your R.iid hLtmhlc subjects nor their p^edecc^^or^ 
could ever be pri>7 to the said Iowa ; nor any of the noid 
Jawt have b««n declared unto them in the Engliah tongtie^ 
or oihprwt*e pnliliabrd, hy knnwWgp whcrerrf thry might 
have cschct^cd ihc penalties, dangers, or ceoturca of the 
tame; which laws -ic) made your «aid mo«t humble and 
obedtertt aubjects, under the aupponation of your tnaj^try, 
nppow to l>e noi only ui ihe dlirjinution and dcrg^^iior: of 
your imperial jumdiction and prcroRativc royalj but alwto 
the great prejudice, inquietalionf and damage of your viid 

II. Also now vsheie of IhIc iherc ha* been dcvfacd by the 
moM reverend ftlther in Cod, William, ntchbishop oE Caniwr- 
t>ury,ihat in the courta which he calls his couru of the Archcn 
A/TrJAudiencc;!£hall be but only ten proclorsfit hi» deputiuon, 



XLVi] mSTORY or THE £XCUSt/ cnvRUi 

vhich be ewom to preserve and proi^tc Ihc only juriBdrclion l&Sl 
of the Kwd courts ; by rcnon whereof, if ftny of your by suli- 
jccb ^Duld hftTc xcy bwful oiiiic ng;iiTLKi tltc jitdgci of the 
mid couru, or any doctors or proctora uf the same, or Any of 
ibeir friends oi adherents, Lhcycan nor may iti.iny wr^chavc 
imliffercnt ajunNd; mid ^Iko -ill r:;»ixM di^pmditig in any 
of the »kI courts nuy> by tiic curfedeiocy of the said few 
proctors, be in auch wi&e tracEed Ami ddaycd. n» your lub- 
j«ix «utng m the sam«- thafl be pui to impiirtAblc cb.irgi.^ 
coats, and ciipciixc. And in c^c (ii^t any tniltct tbcrc being 
preferred should louch your crovrn, regal juriaJjftion, nrd 
prerogative roy»i, yci the tamc! «hnll not bo diiicloscd by 
any of the oid pmrin!^ fnr frnr of Insi nf ihrir office^;. 
Wherefore youi uid most obedient subjects, under the 
protediOD of your mnjcsEy, tiii^rposc that your hi^hncM 
should have the nomination of tome convemcnt number 
of prtxiofi^ to \x nl«;iys Aiicrkdani m the SAJd Courts i:>f 
Ibc Airbes And Audience, ihcie to be sworn u well to the 
prefennent of your juriadicliort and prercgaiive royal ai 
1o the expedition of all the eau^< of your lay subjects 
repairing and suing to llic bamc. 

in. And «hcre afso many of your laid moat^ humble 3, TrIvliI 
«nd obedient suliiecti!, antl KpenaUy ihoie thai be of *^e J"^^*^'^ 
fioorest ?jort, vithin this your xvaUw, ht daily crHivtntc<l piomMtd 
ftnd called before the siid spirihml ordinaric*, their corn- *!J",^'*^ _ 
mtssancs and tubstitutcs, tx cffUta\ sometimes^ at theKC4jnMib« 
pleasure of the said ctiHnsries and sulMtiMies, for malice ^^^ '*"* 
without anf cau»c \ and boiuciinies^at the only prnmoLiuii prople. 
Atid accuacmcnt of their sammoncn and appariipr^ being 
very light and indiwreet p^nons, without any UwfuL cause 
of accusation or credible fame [itljvl^ agairihi ihem, and 
irjthout any pfcscntnicni in ihc visitation — be inquictcd, 
disturb^df vexed, Irouhled, and put to eace»iv« ind im- 
portable chaiges for them to Uear, and many tunes he 
suapcndtd and cxLL>inmujitOAlc fu[ binail light cauaca 

L a 



IPItl* *i|i'Hi IliM KUly rPHifirfltQ nf the pmctora of the adver- 
NiHI»'«(i(m(l»> itMilt^r tlip fHiiiipd mdaI which every proctor 
Ih« in \\\n ht>P|ilHtf J v/hemiH the ]iarly suipended and ex- 
^ I hihuiuuh hlt>il iiunv lintrN never had any warning ; and 

yy^ ti\m\ \w Nhrtli Up nUm\\v\\, If tt be out of court, he 
«hrill ln» i'liiniffllwl Kw \f*y X\y hin awn jwoctor twenty pence, 
b« \\\\^ \^\\vi'\\\\ whu h U Mi^ttinHt \\\\\\ unotber twenty pence, 
M\\\ \ViW\\\ \v\\\v \\i thp M'rilv. t*«iil« a iwi>.7 reward that 
\\w \\\\\$^ *hrtU Iww. (t» \\W |t»Wt tnniMVtnshing of )-our said 

\ > H>v- ^\ , \^>s^ WHM MKt W^^vH h^^t^k »m1 i»bed(«flt suhjccts 

v'^l^^»^?s.>U^ **^^^* ^Kv'wwiw* (t^wx'fvl *«>» >»K' SltTs*! *ind e»?ess«e fees 

^..^^V ^Uvtt s*\ *^^' **^fc >4«iAW sx^WH. w^i s|^-ttlhr m ti»e sud 

V\g,«^^v4 ^W \K^ JlMA*JBK**tiPi '«Ntw Aer obf fee 

v^vsu v.\ ^l^w,^ M>4 v^*»tjN(*.x : *** m(TT fc«^ INCOME 
>N(H ^■*V *s^*JK ^^ VV ;vs!«wft ^fiot^vfi^ : iff ^'■er' 
-^^NKy^sv ^ VfV*KtK vsiis«K^n^f4X ^^hilii«^ «i«L 4entD<srL=. 

U^V- ^^ H-'*^ S«<;><S. ^^*% >«0W i^'^HA^AK -^«nv:CilV lOCnC T^TC: c 

iLvO wsTO^y or th£ enqush chuuch 


paid the uid inimH nf fnonfy^ mhWh «3f^r3in^ntE «tiJ dcm- 
mcntabyour nid mo%i humble iiiid obedient T(i)bjcc|I under 
ItiG i^rotcclit^ of your hii;hnctv4^ do sup^uM: and itiiok oui:ht 
lo bcinmobt fevcrGn<l,fliaiJLab]c, and godly wise ffccly miriii*- 
lercd umo ihcm ai aII rtmc» m|uhiic^ wiihrxii «lenia! nr 
cuclioti of any manner aucns of money to be demanded or 
aik«l fur tilt! Euimi*. 

VI, And alfio whpfc, Sn the Rpnritiisil coun cf the wid pre- 
kUa AndoidinBncrA, bcr limitfid jind iippointcci ro nianyju(jg«| 
ACnbei^appamor^nummdncrs.iL ppniLscn. end other intni«1cr» 
Icr the approbaiion ol icstArnvnta. which covetrng ^ ruiidi 
(heir own jinvarc Inrrc*, and tflmfartinn of [hp apjirriirH 
of the sud pn:bics nrul ordinsric*. ihfU when Any of your 
mkI loving :tubjccti do repair to any of the :aid courts for 
th« probxtt- of jLiiy lestamcrits, they do m Huch wiee make 
koig delays, or cxcc»hivc1y ute of ilicm »o br^ fees and 
rcmrdt forthc .iamc>Ai i» imponahk for them to bcar^dircctly 
a^ain^t all justici;, bw. cqLtiiy,Ai-LdjjUodeonbci«ru:ja. \Vher«- 
fiorcyooruidmoBi hnmhlrjinlnhpdirnrwihj^rudnihrrcforr, 
under your tti^idous correcijoii and «U[>porijtioi>, suppose 
it were icry nccpestnry ibAt the «ijd ordiivuies, in the dcpuia- 
Uon fA ttiTch jud^'A, iJiould b« bound to appoint and a»tign 
^t]<:h<li»cr(M-l/>;ruvoiJs'and hr^ncst jirrMjns having iuilSrit-rt 
IcAmin}!;, wit, diacrction, and undcmandinjEt ar^d aho hcinjE 
endued wilh such epiritjaJ promolion, ttipt-nd, and tsibry, 
31 Xhty^ bt'ing judges in chclr viid coicri^, miglit and may 
Jiiittj^lci^.lo L'VL'iy pcj?]un rqtaiiiEijji to the tame, JuAtice,vrJthoiiI 
taking any rnanncr fee or reward for any manner ncnterrae 
or judgment to be given Lcfore theiti- 

VII. And a.U\y wlirrc^as divers ^liintual pernors being 
potacnlcd u well by your hishncis and by other patrona 
within thi« your realm to divert benefice cr other 
«fiitiitm] priminciomif the Kitd cirElin;iric'X :ind their inintA^ 
Icra do not only take of ihcm, for their Ictlcn of institu- 
tion and induction, many great and lai^ tutra of money 


6, IVlajii 
di><J fcrs in 
probaU ol 


A lid (iHvjilc 

inrinti At 



■ton ul ill- 
fitPU lu 

by ofdln- 

9 TlicTx- 


nuitiber cif 

Docimsyrs illustrath'e of tub [xlvi 

■nd rewards ; but al«o do pact ukd oovcnuil wiih same, 
Uking Kure bonds for ih«ic tadcnmiljr co UMvet^ to the uud 
oHiruin^-i, (he firttftmifi of the tafd bmrAm aArr ihfir 
JiuiiEuLion, so A* thcj, iKins oiKC prcKOtcd or procnotcd 
aA 14 BJbnmd, be by the Mid ordiBiriei Toy unclhahubJy 
handled, to iluir rto LtUe hfDdnn^ vid iittpoverii^merit. 
vrhkii jouf uid Bub]c€t« suppow not only to be againsi all 
law^ riKht, uid GDod contcicncci but olw to be fimoax, 
and ooolnny 1o ttu; lavs of God 

VIII. And aiio trhirreas the nid tpiritnil oidEnan^s do 
daily Gonrci Jird ic'vc tundfy bctLcficev imto certab yuuri); 
folka, CAllin^ [hem their nephcvri or kinsfolk, bciOR in thdr 
minority 1 lid wltfim sg«^, itoi ipi nor able lo tvrve tbcctireol 
anjF HudibinicraK.'; whrreliy the viiU unJinarei cici kinfp <uid 
dcUin the fruiU and pro5u of the same Lcncfico in their 
own hands, and thereby nccmnuLiTc to thcrmsclvcs right 
gTKir find krgi' iiim% of money and yr^fly prDAli;^ lo the 
niustpi'iniduiiActAmpkiif uUyouEKiid laysubjecu; andw) 
the cured nndoi her i>romoti{?ns jftvcn unlc auch infants be only 
employed to the cnricttmg ot the said ordinnnosi And the 
incir vlly u>ub of your penpfc and smhjms, which should 
be Uuj£ht in the parishes ^ivcu fis ^roTcwiId, for kck of ^ood 
curatct, do pcrifih wiiJioui doctrmc ur any Koad leaching. 

IX- And aljMj iffbrrc n great number of hoJj' days which 
now at this present lime with iftty amflll dcvntitm, l*e solcm' 
niecd and kept ihrouf^hout thii your realm— upL>n the vrhich 
niany greats abominabJc, and cxccrabte i'iet<,td^c -tnd wjinton 
spnra, Iw usee! and j^h cm jn-fl— which hnly iby*. ifii may 
aland willi your graciODv pkafmre, and specially a^uch \% bU in 
QkO harvest, niight, by your nia)e«Eri liy the advice or your 
mo*t honounbie couhc il, prcl:i:cs and m*djnarics. be mnrie 
fewer in numlici ; and those that shall hereafter be ocddincd 
to sund and ountinuc might and may be tSc more dcvoud/t 
roligiouftly, and revcrentty observed, to the kud of AUnighiy 
God, and Ic tbe incrcue of your high hvnuur and fume. 






X, And funhcmiore wh^n.' i\vs s^<t f^piritual ordiiiaricfi, 
Iheit CQinuaiMarics and ^iiUiitutc^ soiDCtiinct for tkcir oim 
pkdsurc^ sometimes by ihc sinitict procumnent of other 
KptiniH penonc, use tG iriak« out proceta a^airru iljven of 
}ruur wiid subjecu, ;tfid ULeie;t>>' »jili|k'I tltcut ki a(i|x-itr 
before thaosclvci^ (o answer ui certain do) And pUcc toauch 
3rtic:lc»H on by ihcm shall be, of oftice ifore thcinicltvx. then 
pro|wiHHi, nnd Oiat sxretly nnd not in o|itn |Ja<:es; and 
forthwjdi upun Lhcir appcamice, viiiiOLit oiubc or anj 
dctbimtibn then m^ide or bhowtd. commit and K-nd them to 
wud, where thcj^ rcmAin wiihout bail or mainprioe, «ome- 
timo for [half] x yt^ixt. umn^timc: li whole ytar jtinl luure, 
bcforo they may in any wj4C know either the caxuc of their 
impmonnicntonhcnanicof ihcir occuficr; andfirrtlly,ftft«r 
their gTMt cosis and chafgcs and vxpcnsn ihcretn, whi^n all 
13 cxnDiincd and nolhinK (^i^ he proved nBainul ibcmi huE 
they cluoiiy innocent for any fdult or crime that can be laid 
unto thvm m xYlxx part, be Bt^l ^gam at larg« without any 
rroompenoc or amcrntk in [hat h4.-hA]f to be lowanjf; thc^m 

XI. And alto if pcrca» tipoti the faid procea* and 
ai^^icarancc any party bcj u|>on the nid matter, r^usc, or 
cxaininalign tjiuu^ht forward and n.^nic<!, cUher as juity or 
witness, and then, upon the proof and trial thereof, noi 
abU 10 prorc and verify liib vaid accusation or (Alimony, 
BgntAKt the jiarty so acrmrri, in Iw inio, thru \hv prniim so 
cauaches^ily accused lk for the mont part wjihoui any remedy 
for his char^'L's and wrongful texation, to be towards biiu 
adjudged and recovcrixl. 

XII- AIm) n[Kjn tlur cx:iminaiifin of thr viid nrrusaiion, 
if hereby be ordinarily laid unto the charge of the p-ilty so 
accused, then the a^Lid ordinaricut or their minicur^^ to 
put in them such (tihlle iftTcrro.^torirs, rcncrtnmp rhp high 
myvtciick ol our faith, aa are able quickly 10 tiap a pimple, 
unkamod, or yet a well-wiU^ byn^on uithout leamm^, and 


to Vp«- 

tiuid KX- 

nnd iin- 


%i. Failun 

rrmcdy (n 



and tcha- 



lldtiuM Cui 





U^^ bring them by i;ucb ftiniiilcr intrwiiirEion fioon to hi« own 
confusioq^ And forihwiih, if thtrc chance any herc»jr to be, 
by flucli Eiibtte policy, by hin confcswd In word« and yet 
never rommlitrd ror Thought in dtrd, then pur thr^y, without 
further f^ivcmr, ihc laid pcMon cjthcr lo make his purgation, 
and so !bcrt'(n' to luic hii honesty and orcdcnct- for ever, 
Ot elw, M BOtrc iimple «iEty «oii1 prectAdy standing to the 
cleat tcsitmonyof hifi own wdlVnown ciiinsdcncc, radici ihan 
to confcis hiK innocent tmth. (o abide the extremity in that 
hchalf, jnd «oiit utterly destroyed. And (fit foilune the^d 
pnny lio nmificU tn deny the ^iid .icruimtinn, and so put 
hill Adrenuricft to prove the »mc umruly, forged, and 
imagined ^^tn^t \\\i^\. then, fi>r the mo^l prt, t\x*:h vitnvsEef 
f a* be brought iVirth for the s*ime, hr ih^y hut twn in runihcr, 
ncTCT «o sore defnmed, of little tiuth or acdencc, advcr- 
3Mi» or enemies to the ]ArLy, yei they tihall he atlovcd and 
enabled cnly h>y discretion of the aid ordinariet, iJiiJir com- 
mi*sarie* (jt luln^ilviiev ; anJ iIktc, t»iwin ^iuffiricnt r-iutr, lo 
pifXccd to judKmeuU lo deliver the party to irxuicd cither 
to the ver:ular h^nd^ after ahjumtiun, without remedy, and 
fifore, if he ttibmil himself, lo compel him, when best hap- 
|ieneih. Id iti.ikc Ills [lurgntion and bear 2 fo^oi, lo hi« 
extttinc shAflK sind undoing. 
CM' In corm deration whereof, most gracioi:* noverelgrt lord— 

tirfpniiion jijij fomnnuth xi [here is at dii* prL-^eni: lime, and by 
lolaeiHntS a few >e:ii^ pa»t hj& heen, outrageous videncc on the 
rt*oit^* one part, and much default and lack of patient sulTeranee, 
recrcdiot' <:hai'ity, and good will on (he oTher poft—A rnairellous dts- 
Jjr '*™^'' ortltr of rhe godly (|uiel, \^acc. and tmnfiUfUiiy l!i.U this 
your realri heretofore ever hitherto hnn t>cen in, through 
your politic wiadom, in mo^t honourable fame and catholic 
fttilh inviohbly [iresen/t.'d ; it may djerc-rofe, most benign 
vuvertij^Ei loid, like youi caccllcnt goodnm ibt Ihc tender 
•nd i^nivcnially indiJTerent zeal, benign love, ^nd fuvoLtr 
thai ycur highi^ss bcflrcth towards both the raid psnies, 






ihc &ai<l anidn (if tlic^r »hdll be by your munt clcu «iiil 
iwrfect ju<i^icnt choufE^l nriy inttntmcni* or CAusca of Uid 
mid vifiar>ce and disorder, or Eho*c and all other occufons 
**li;ilso(;viT actuutiicd \ry yojr liiyhne^t tu make umanla 
the uLkd faciK^n^] <Jccp]y and wci^hlily, after yt^uf nc<:u^ 
icmcd v^\i and manner, searched, vci^hcd, and considcrodt 
gntcifMisly lo jDraiidt? (all vtolcnr^ on hoih «iile>( atri^rly and 
clcArly sci ipait) aoihc 5W:1] nccc^Si^iry dnd K-hovcfut reme- 
dies U rnay cir^cUinlly reconcile and hrin^ in pcrpeiunl 
itnfly }»iir viid luhjccti, spiritual and lcm;>oral; and far 
llkC cbiablisEiiMi^ llicrLof. lo itiiikc and uiilairi. uti Ixitii lidcs 
such nxf^ix Iftw^ it^ainRl the brcftkcrs, !ranjij{TC-'iSor% and 
offtrnd^rt at *hall be loO htsiy, dangerou*, and weigltiy 
ioi ificni ut Jifiy uf tlierni lu l^tar, ^ufTirr. and »ii>i(uiii. 

WhcrcuDlo youi said Connuon* moai hvmbly, hcarnly, 
and entirely bcRt^erh your gra^e, a;; the only head, to^xrcigi 
Ion!, proEMUir, and defender of hoih the tud panics, in 
wtiuiD am! by whrirn llic only and sole rcdn-v, n^fcEmiaLion, 
ftod remedy herein Jibadlutelv relets and r^J^niains. By 
occasion whereof all your fiaid Clommona m iheir cor- 
tcic^cr surely acemini ihat, bexirlc the mftrvellmit fervenr 
Icvc tliat yovir liighiic»» ^hctU tticrcby and (nV) t^ngcrider in 
Iheir hearts to^ardit your |;rac<:, you ^^h&W do the movt 
princely fe^t, and Khow the m™i honmirahic and Htnhtflhlo 
preccdcm and mirrtJi tliat ever did aovcieign lord upon 
hi> subjects; and thc-ru>\ilhal merit and de^rvc of our 
merrtful Lord (lernal bliKc, whoKc gnodn««s gr^nt yoixt 
iriaiE in mnsi ijridiy, jjrinrrly, and honoumhie estate long to 
reign, pros|Pcr, and contrnue a& ihc Aovcrei^n lord over &I1 
yoQT GOid most humble «nd obedicat subjects* 

dnr« with 
Ihr pf tl- 
llon WtU 









'Xhk biahopa' nrwwtr lo Ihir fnrflgcin^ pctiriun » h'rv printnd rmin 
A fDUtcApom? copy unonaii i^c S~^t« fa^ivn WilLtrM nii. 7501 
prinM A t-^rkioji niih (nal&fiiil mtueiioJin, Convccition Ixin^ infonncd 
tfve lliJA urii^cr ifid n<i( ^^^ vtiif«crjun, drew up il icruiifj (Wilkinv. 
'!■' IJ^). inaJnuininH th« fofiirtfr poiltlwi. bit nffor^ivc. In dcfcTTiiir lo 
thektna. not lupuliJtA »Qani henceforth witlioui hU comtert c;:S, P. 

Hrn VI ]l V iitin , Th'«r ilraft* putf ol t riirrlirr 'nmproiitlrv vLill 
ofTerccJ bj tonxwiLtian, Ihejr *r« prtiHotl and diaciiwird id the 
AppcDiiiK lo AUffbuiy^i /7f^A<^ ttnd Prii^'git ^ Cvwvtatfei^ 334. 

tTranicf. 5. P. Htnry VJIL if- Ko. toi6 (sj,) 

Afr^^ nur mo!tt huniMt wi&r, wiih our uitHi IxiuniTGn duly 
of honour and rcurcncc to your excellent niajciEy, endued 
with GckJ Willi incumimrablc wi&dom and goodntw. ?lcaw 
It thr- wimc (*i undi?f»lfind we^ yoiir orator* and dilly 
boLiiidcn iicdcnicn die oriiiii^utcih ba>c read and pcnucd 
a ccrtaitt supplkation which the C^jc^imons of youi ^nioe s 
moKt honourable Pftrliuncm now aKt^mbled have alTered 
op UI110 your hE^hiicm, And !iy your gracc'« conini^ndmein 
delivered 10 u^ to RHftkc Answer ihcreunlOi And aa the 
Citnc hcu tcrvtd and pcrmitied. we have, according ttj your 
bighnfrii'ccommiindmeni, madetherf-umothifrnntwerrollaw- 
ing, tMrBcediin}; your jc'^^^c'fr titdjrfcrcrjt bcni^Eiity );r.tciuiuly 
10 hear the Kimc- Fimi, where in iho said Eiuppliciition it 
u; induced, at Ibr ai preface, ihat much difc&rd, variaiittr. 
and del^ati? lui^ iiAen airtongsi yuur ^r^ce^^ subjects, tjiiritujJ 
and icm|>oral, and more j;nd more daily ia liLc io incrca^ 
And entuc, to Itie great unqujctneifs and breach or yuiir 
peace within ths» your graw'a most Catholic icnlm, n* wc-ll 
lliiough new huUASlkal «nd crroncoun opinions gmwn hy 
occasion of seditious and overlhw:iri Immed bookti com 




piled, imprinted, and niaOe m Englt^lt coni^uc in the piiit« 1581 
bc>ond tKc Kn, coniifiiy And ngainsi the ticiy true CaIIioIic 
and Climtian fajth, ^ x\sa L>y Ibc uncharitnbltf Uebavjour 
and ficaling of dtwr? oTdlnnfi"^, thdr rfirnmii*tiriCT and 
Bub39tiiutL<&> iu ibc common And Qficn vciiaibn of your 
fence's sidid stLbjcciJi in the spiritual cotitt^ and dio by 
olKer e^-il 1-xampks and mcTiutH.-^ of ^ptrlttial ptKORS. 

To this we. your ^lid oraiorA and dally bounden bcdef^ 
men the ordinaries, aii«vrcT, Aamnng yotir majc»tv thftt in 
our hearts and conscience there is no tuch discord^ debalv, 
wiance, or br^arh of peice on our part »^i\ir\^t mirr brethren 
in (rfid ^iiid gUtntly diildrcii, your hubjtxUi) as th induced in 
lbi3 prcCocc^ but our daily pnycr i« and ithAll be that all 
unity, concord, and pcftcc may incrente among your i^ricc** 
iruL- and f;iiihfiiL iiul>)rci«^ our mid ghosily Lrtiildien, whom, 
God be our nuneu« we lore, have Icved, and ihall love 
ever with hearty a^f ^^tion ; nevct intending any hurt or 
harm towards any o( them in sout or body; smd never 
fiTtrrpriuctl .inyihing Against them of rrmjiile, icicitiiin, t>r 
duplc^urc; but only have, o? we dare surety affino, nich 
oU chanty, exercised Utc spiruual junnjiction of the Church, but only 
*■ «e ar* bound of duty, upon f cnam evil-di'iposcd persons ^^ *"" \ 
jnfecicd and niicrly corrupt wilh thr |ic»lJlent [niijpon ofpnpirrly < 
heresy ; ond to have had pence with *uch. had Iwen ngainst M™"***- 
the ^^pcl of our Saviour OTLKl*wtien;m ^v sailh, JW^r ^ni 
tnirt/rr ^itffm tfti j^taMam. Whcrcfor^j f^nc^HsmLirh as wi? 
perceive and know righi yt-cW \h.\i ihcic be ok wclhditpoaed 
and as wcU con^icnced men of your grace's Commons, in 
110 unall number aisembled, as *^tt vre know at any Mmi^ 
in Piitian>cnl ; and with that (onsii.]cr bow on our pa:t 
there is Ki^cn no such occasion why the wbclc number of 
the KptrituaLity and clergy should be thus noted unio your 
highn««s omrttmp ami leaHng the ronj^nurc* of rien, 
«hi<h though ihc}- be prohabTc and in many^b kiiowlcdKC 
evident, yet ihoy may und do «omctEmc err; we huml>Ung 




iLiBTCO : 

**f canon* 
pritfu'll*: lol 

1b w— the 

ttire And 
. _ _n foft' 

uur hearts to Ciod and rcniittirig the judgment of t^iix our 
inqui«titlLon lo Him, and inisimg. » HU Scrrptur^ lench^th 
nil, r^jal if Wf Iiivc? Hmi fl^iove all. fimm'tt ft>-ii/vnti*ttrjtur in 
^nvffit vfc *li^ll endeavour ouisdvo lo lictbtc uiilti youi 
hif;hni>A the innoccncy of uii your poor orntnrs, nn fiir on 
ihc iniih of God'i word antl learning of the Chutch with 
the sincerity of our avu nnd tl^eds will m^iint^in the ^aruf, 
wiib iht» dcLcTmination nod puipuM: niJi to cuiour, by 
wtirdiy [xu] tcnfionj) or nwny's wit, uny our doing* or pro- 
n^edingk but lo refer IhP tnilh to be defended hy God and 
your liiglincsa, iti wiiu?i: viiiue. IcarninK- and Ctirbljuii icli- 
(Cion vc never cart doubt. 

And vhcrc, after ih« general prefACe of the raid fiuppli' 
L-alion, your j^nicc** f !oTnmnni dc*ctnd to tpci^ial parttcnlaT 
Rricf*, and fiiit rcpwrl thiU the clergy of this youc ri:alrH, 
homj^yoHT highncs*'ii&ubj«tsJntl>eiTtonvocaiiona, byihem 
hoLden witl^in ihJH your rc^Tm hnve made and daity make 
divris Hiction^t fif law* ronrrfatng temporal thmg^ and 
aOBic of them he repugnant lo the hwj» ,-ind statutes of 
your realtn, not having nr>r rptjuirm}; your nioMl ruyal aspect 
ti) ihe XAme Iaivi do by thrm madr, neither nny a^^rt cr 
Knowlcdi:c of your lay subjects is had to ihc same, neither 
to them pubhvhcd and known in ihair mother tonj;uc, 
nlbcit diveTE and suT^dry of ihc taid laws exti^nd, in cenam 
oLiKc^i, to your cicrllenC p£-r>on, youi iiheriy aiid pr^Tv^fl" 
ttvc royal, and to ihc imcrdiciion of your lands and pos- 
tOSfiiom, and nn J^kowise to the good^ :ind pcsse^sionu of 
your lay iiibjms^ declaring ihe infringer* of [horn, so hy 
[hem made, rot only to incur Into (he terrihle censures 
of caconiDiuni cation, but also ihc dctcstabk crime and sin 
of hcteiy, hy Ihe which divers of your moil humble and 
oi>cdien[ Uy object] be L>rrku^1it into ihisambigurtyr wliciher 
ihcy may do and execute your laws according lo your juris- 
diction royal of this realm, for dr<'ad of the ^amc cert^urcs 
and luimt comprised (n the nid law^ %u Ity them made in 



th«ir oonvocations* 1o th« great trouble and mqucetation USl 
of your ^aitl humlilcf and olM^JiJrril by fttibjpds, lo Ihc im- 
pcactiJiicni of yuur jurudiclion ftrd prctu^^livc royaL To 
this Article wc luy thai fonumuch on wc repute And ukc 
our authority cf malcin^; of 3a«i lo It groimded upon tho 
SciijHurc of <fuii aiid Ilw driciiiaiiictiuu of Holy Cbuivti, 
which moM aI»o be a nilc and »quirc (riir> to uy tSc jii«iice 
and fighteountCA of all Livn, at weir tpirituni as leinporAl, 
wc verily tru« Ihiil in HUi.'h law»i as liavtr been rKifJf b)^ 
itf or by our prcdccc^iAUiB. the adimc bctng ftlnccrcly inlet- 
ptct^d, and after the good meaning of the makers, there 
^lall be found nothing contained in th^m but lucli a« ma/ 
be wdl justified by tlie siid rule aud nimre (i/t)' And if 
it aluU otherwise a])pcflr, oa iE ia cur duly, whctcunlo wc 
ihaH idwAVi tnost dih;centJy fipply our«clvcfi, to reform our 
uffliniiTif en to nrwri c (tmmtinion and to torform our KtatuTi-* 
and liH% *ncl iIkjsc of our picdctesiora. tu llie dclcnuiiia- 
tion of ScripLuic and Holy Chufch, »u wc hope in Cod. 
find chalj daily pny (or Ihc lutmc, that your highncw will, 
if lliere ajijicir (viusc mhy, with ih«r inTtcur of ytmr pcoplt^, 
tei&per your graces bw* ac<.oi4iingly \ whereby ahali cjivue 
a mofct sure and pcrlvot eonjunction arid ag^<^lTlCl^t, aa 
Gori being /fl^/i ijm^/irn'i to agrer and ronjom the feflnie. 

And 09^ concerning ihe rcf^uirinK of your highness't rayjil Ak 
Assent to the aulhorwing of ouch laws ox have been by our thrT"iwn» 
pMdiKWAorB, or flhall b« inad« by ua, in such points andtathekint:« 
ftniclri Bii Wi* hjjvp by gond ;iiithnriiy to rule and order hy J|l*' ^'*"' 
provJAion^ and Uw3 ; we, knowing your higbneu't wi.sdoin, mined; 
virtue, and learning* nothing doubt but thnt £he umcper- 
celveth hovr the- graniirtg thioreunto depend«>lh not upon 
our mil and libi.-ny» and ibjit we, your ino^t humble sub)eci«, 
may not submit the execution of our chaTgca nnd duty, 
certainly pretcnbcd by God, to youi highnwi's a&^ent; 
nUhoiigh, of very deed, the vime fs most Mrorrhy for your 
^^fcsE princely and excellent v;Ttuc«, not only lo give yotir 


biit th« 
opinion \% 

The kifif 

will ftnil 
iIj^l llie 

<.-nauru i]o 
Tin I in) lire 
Inn jiTvi-n- 

ri>yal fivaect, but nlso ti> devl&e ind command whii we 
fbould. for gciod order and maiutcn, by 6Utuu<b ajid latrt, 
provide in the Chorcli. Nc\crt})clcaf<t con^idcriTiic wc mny 
not ^o, nor in nuch sort restrain the doin^ d our olfccc in 
ihe feeding and rnling of ChrUr's people, yooi grace'-i ^itb- 
jcctt, wc — iiti;»i liumbly dc^iiin^ you; ^rjicc, ab tlic ttunz 
hA4 don« bcnctororc. so from henceforth to stiovr fo\st 
gmoe*i mind ind opinion unto \i% aIuU your highnes»'t 
wisdom «h.ill tliink cun^i'mortt. whii Zi wc ^TiaII iikjit f^kully 
Kcu und follow, if it ^all pWsc Cud to nixpitc ua w> to 
do— with nil submiasion ind homilily, beseech the sure, 
foUowmg ihc mtcpi of yaur nioit ncblt pffo^cnTtors, and 
conftiniubly to your ourn acta* to muinUiti onci deft^ud such 
hvra And Qrdinimccs u wc, according to our coiljng and by 
ihc anibority of iJod, fihalL, for Hifi hoiiour, ninlic ti^ the 
cdifi«iton of virtue and the maintaining of Chnut* faith, 
whcTcnf your 1iJKhn»>i ik dcfmdcr in rumct aii<l hoK liccn 
hitherto in deed, a special protector. 

Futthermoro, in the sanu^ tirst artit^lc, where your laf 
suhjfrin ^y thai Minrlry of l\\v ^i\\^ bv^i mrnd, in rrrinfn 
cauie^ to your eKccllettt ()cnoa your liberty ai^d preiog<i> 
live royal, and to tha interdiction of yoiir londa and poa- 
tevtionK : 

To ihifl >Titir !i3td niMnTt, i»y, in nni^wcr to ihir fi>rn^(.i 
iTtide HA viibmillcd, that having the trying ard ciaminins 
of the inwv in:id« in thfi Church, by us or uur pr«deced«ara, 
TO til* Jii*i and *iT^ipht rtilr of God'* Jaw— whirh givmh 
uicdAUtc of power, prc:oi£Jtivc» ifid AUihority Lo all cm- 
peroTii king^ princes, and potcntatcft. and all othcr—we 
have such ettimation, and ha^-e conceived such opinion of 
your highncvi*3 ^oodntAE aitd virtue, lliat whaiftocvcr any 
person^ not ao well learned a» your Krtcc ia, will prvicnd 
unEo the same, whereby wc, jraur most humbJe subjects, 
mi^t be brought into your grare's displeaiiurr And int^igna- 
tiou, bubiiiiitinK tliai w« should by usurpation and pre- 


mnption CKWnd our lave to yoor inoct nobl« penon. 
prtrogativf, jnd r&klm, yrt (he famir youi highiii-s^ Win|i 
fio hJfbly IcJLincd will, of your own mc«( bcKinicQuti j^ood' 
MM, Ebcilcly dLr^hoTf^c and ddii^cf ur> ^ont thai contention— 
(he nuitfr whcTt^jfnot wtrlf underfunded \t hatcfiil — when 
il §lull appeai: dmi no iiulIi bws be made by us, nor* as faj 
■» wt perceive ond remember, by our prcdcoc*ton neither, 
oor finally no lane, ai we verily trurit. but (uch u he ifood, 
nliulrsoiDe. ind coriv^Tik^nE und iiift in >k^ Ivy chir Kord 
of Hod a.nd the ddcmiinAlion of Christ's Olhokic Church^ 

Foflhcrmorc, ihcrc be pined, wrlh mention of your 
^ce'i pcrton, other griel^ tbii Jfkewi^ some of l^e «ald 
lav« extend Ui Ibe ^o(;d» ^d pcnMsbiund uf your Mid Uy 
cabjocia, dccUiiiHC the trvn^KrCMors noc only to toll inbo 
the terrible oenniici of excocrnnvrucation, but alic tu the 
deievl;ihl[f t-rfine of l»erv»y. 'I'o iliis ite, yout gtare"* laid 
oratur^ mi^vrer ihiii wc iL'inember no »ui:bi And yci it 
then be iny atach, it u but •ccordinK to the commori law 
of the Churchy and aUo tc your graee'i tavi, which deter- 
mine and decree Uiat ever/ ijeisun. npijiiu:!! ur temtitinil. 
GOndonned of hereby shall forfeit lus mcr^cablcs or iron^ovc 
ablet to your highncfn, or to Lhc lord « or tomf>orft] 
xh%\ by ]flw hflih riflhi to thtm. Other ?;utute* we remember 
ncix that toucbetb the tLa^ of itieir loniU or guuda. If 
iberc be, i£ood it were ih;tt they were brx>uKhi forth to be 
wcighod And pondered accordingly as al>ove. 

Itetii, where ttiey vty ilral fm fear of ihp Mid juiin* antl 
oenaure» comprised in the laws, divers of your lay 
aiibjeeis be brou^^hl mio (his ambiguity, whether they rnn)- 
do «nd eiieeuic ymu gryi€c\ bwt, according u> your junV 
d^clion royal (>f thin your realtn: 

To thut vuur Tiaid omior^ .'inewer and «av, that they be 
•orty thai ihey, bcm^ youi moa hUTnl>le subjocW in heart, 
shoiltd be nnri^ to Uti \vt or impediment to the enenrrirm 
of your grace'* laws- I'^or n« your aoid oimtori 4re, have 


Ihry do 

not f onfli- 
or ckcoph- 

'he UwBoT 

lln; dctjty 
]mv< no 
df^irr to 
vwitli their 



MM- been, aud ever inlcnd Uj be of that humble rc^crcnl mind 
toward your gTacc'« higbtma, ind of thai chftriuble afTec- 
lion lowatd our ghottlj- diildrcc, your lay people nnd tiub* 
Jetts, thnt. in I3UI ctinM-it-ntc- >ve ndlliei yet liaw jjiwca lo 
your wonhipful Commons Any ju^l cauk ao to ndc us, 
neither during our Iivcg mlctid to make any impoAch merit 
oihcrwiiie: than b>' our mo« hicmblc *uit iitKo your higli- 
Jiraii, iind giving advitc and louuk:! or tItHitrinc to yuur lay 
eubjcctit to cuLiiiLdcr the right and juatici.^ of Huch maitcn 
As^ in the making or exccutinjt, might Appcnr to he ir> the 
grcnt prejuJic:e uf lln- liberties ot Christ'* Church ; but 
lather to endure and auatuin ^jLLlicntly. ;^m ac dct the bAiuci 
And it we he ol^crwinc a Icit than thun, or £L» Tninmia^ 
of God's word in ibc fcrdinp and nilfnfl ol your grace'* 
people in spiritx^al food, doclrittc, and correction, accortl- 
ing 10 the deicrtnination of Christ's Catholic Church, your 
highness fhsll find no dilt^cuUy oi our reformalion. 

Tli?ni, 11 taiirhini? itir srmnrl princi[>ul article nT ihe snid 
suppliciitionj where ibcy say that divers :ind many your 
gmcea obijdienl tiubji:ct£, nnd enp^LaJly they that be Of 
KftHTEhe ^^^ poorest sort, be dalJy cnllod bpforrr ti*;, the npeda] 

ordiniriu ordinaries of coiDciitssfficf^ arid suh^liiuit^ fx r^^^'^ — iconic- 

offidfl/i '''"^ ^^ ^^^ pleasure of ua. tiie said ordinaries or commis- 

*|H>loRy sjiries and iubstitute^ for displeaturc, witliout Jtiy probable 

w biTcrF<i ^-^mjp^ jjiyJ sometime at the only pmmction nf our <iiim- 

tiiB fjrcn niuner^, being bght and indiicieet persons, without any 
ftftv''w?i<h f^'^'i'ti^* '""'^^" *^'^^ proved Qgamsi Ihetn, and ^vlthout any 
hut PCI'- pre^entiut-nc [n the visitation or lawful accusation : 

To thi« wc, your graec*« viid orator^j do answer nnd fi;iy, 
And ^tyx wc moat htiinbly desire your highncaa by your 
high wEndoru ^nd k:krnirg to contiider, that ulbeit, in th« 
ortlerinj^ of Chiist'fc people, your grace's subjects Q^. t>f 
])ifl ^pcci.-ll g4?odncx» oSMJilcth liis Chmch, and itispircch by 
Ibe Holy Chosi, as wc verily injci, such wholesome rules 
And bxws as tend to the wealth of His clccr folic, the increivse 



i%iiy\y not 
thEfin ilujIC 
by All, 

xLvii] msTonv OF the engush cuurcu 


and Augmcnuiion of Hia faith, hcnour, and gJory — yd, upon 
consideration to m,-in unltnan^, Hji; inlimtc visdom Ipavcch 
anJ jjerniiirrlb mi^n Ui w^ilk in their in^rmily ami fmiUy- 
Sothat wc cannot nof will, arrosanlly presume of oimclre*. 
at thougli, being Hi name ^pirFivial men, wa wore -tlso all, 
in all ciLTT .-irtK and rloings rliMn ;ind void fmm nil lrmpi>r:il 
aJccikim and canuliiy of this tvorld, in that the LtWK of 
the Church nude fr>r apiiiiua] and ghostly purpose be not 
snmctimcK applied to worldly micnt; nhjrh wc ougtit and 
do bmcnl (aji ijcconiE-Eh utk vccy M>rc. NcvcrlhclcM. inai- 
nuch u the evil acts and dccdii of men he the more 
deftJuJtK dl those particular nK-n* and not of the whole 
order of the clergy, nor of Thr law:i whoWomfEy hy thrni 
niade, our rei^uoit -kriH petition »ihal] hc^ wjlh aII humilEiy 
and rercrcnce, that all laws well made be not therefore 
called evil, becauKu at all limes, nnd by all men, they be not 
wed oifcLteU, anil that in such clcf^tili:^ as Hl^all appear, 
such df^tiibution aiay be uActi as St. Paul spcakclh of: «/ 
umnftfis^e onus suttm f>0riety and remedy to cxhihit to 
reform the offendcrt; unto the which your highneii ihail 
per<:cive «k ijrtut low;ir<][ii:!U in yuui scLid onilurs ju €iin be 
required upon dcc]ar.itiun of the pariicubr^ and special 
ftttielct vn that behalf. And other ani^wcr thnn thi», cannot 
be rawle in the name of your whole clergy, con^ideTini; that. 
in many of the parlicu Unties wliich be jllq^ed oa dcfaulu, 
if the whole dcn^y should confers or deny them, they be 
not aL tnic nr all faUc gcncrallj \t\ the whole; for though 
in muftis efrnj/imas omnrt, ax St. James ?uilli, yei nut fff 
fiwrai^^ offcndimus omntii and the whole number can 
neitluT jittliE'y nor ecndcmn particular acts to them un- 
knovn but thus, He th.-;i talleih a man fx o^m for «jr- 
nsction of lin docth Kell- He tha: callcth men for pleasure 
andvcxation docth evil, Summoncr^ should be honut 
men. Uihcy ofToid \r% their office, they should be ptinished. 
Tn [inwe firxL the ftamc, JKdiirc men be called, it is niH 



1 6a 



hw onl J 
bcvn ut«4 
Tot lofc 

necessary. He that b called acccrdiiiB to the bwf r^ ^¥^ 
or otherwise cannot compUin. He that is oifacrwiM or- 
dered should tjAve, by redscn, convenif^ni rccwnpcrce ond 
so forth ; Ihat thai is well to be allofl-cd. nnd roisdcmeanuut. 
when it appcarcib, tcpiovcd 

Item, where Ihey say in the sam^ amde that uiion th«ir 
appf.irance fx t^pao at the only jtlcnsMrp of \is The said 
ordinaries (>r eommisfiaiics arul their iuhsliLules, ihcy be 

cuiToJyin committed to prinon withcut bail or mainpriEC, and there 
men, dtid they he, some half a y«ar or more* before they come to 

not ifi any ^^^.yj (leltv<;rar>c:v ; To fhi» your *^i\\ Of.ilors answer wc ukc 
iTttun^t. t)o jHrrbcn bcfoic conviction bui for sure cusiody. only of 
f^ such OS be suipcctcd of heresy, in which crime, thanked 

^^ ' be God, there has fallen no auchnoLibl^ persona^. In our 

time, or of such qualiiitis ns bath given ocuision of any 
sinister suspicion to be conceived of malice or hftticd to his 
person other than the heinousr^ci^ of that crime dcscrvcth. 
Truih it is that cerlnin aposTiti^s, frbn, monks, Lewd priefts, 
bankrupt mcn^hanl^, ij^alxinda, and IlwU idle fdlutvi of 
corrttpt inicnt, hnvc embraced the at>0T]iinablc and erro- 
neous opinions lately sprung in Germany, and by them 
some KrJiiCwt in simplicity and ignorance. Against these, 
if jusikc h*s been exercised accoidiiig to the b*r» of the 
Oiurch, and conformably lo the laws of this realm, wc be 
without blame- If we have been too sbcic and rcmisfi, ne 
shall gladly do our ttuiy from htncefailh- If iiny man hath 
been under pretence of this [cnrac] ponicuUrly offended, 
it \vcrc piiy to sulTer any iTian wronged -, and thu& it ought 
to be, and oiherwi?;e we cannot aniiwcr, no nisin't speciai 
case bring declared in the said petition. 
NunuD Item, where ihcy aay further that they so appearing ix 

^mmd^^^ be constrained to nn*wer to many subtle queetLons 
Into and interrogaioncfi, by thr which n simple, unlearned, or 

Snaerow ^^*^ * wcil-wiltcd layman widiuut leainingj stimeiime lai^and 
luLB- commonly may be, trapped and LndLiccd to the peril of open 







penanrc. I0 their thnme^ ordxe toredenn (he«mepaiartce^ 
for nionn'* » ia cominonly u»cd : To lliis your said oratorii 
Aiuwcr, wc »hoi)ld not use subtlety, for wc should do .ill 
thingfi pUmty artd openly j and it we do oihcrwuc, itc do 
amiis. Wi- noghi not tr> nftk qiiirKtionRi hut after the djm- 
cities of ihc n»n. Christ hAth defended f li> Irue doctrine 
And fiilh m His Catholic Churcli from all suUkty, and bo 
pmc-rvcd gccd men in the (Aire, Aft ihcy hnvc not (tklci^&d 
be Ciod) bmt vc«cd, inquirtcd, or troubled in ChnM'« 
Church therefor, ind evil men fall in dar^scr by their own 
«u1>l1ct/ ; for itmojig all oih^r roatlvn protffSUd before (lod, 
wc rriiher have knowr, read, or h^flrd of any one man 
damiL£cd, hurt, or prejudiced by apiritual jurudiccion in 
thi« behalf, reiiher in this realm nor any other, but only 
by hig own ilctctts Sach i« the goodn<«i of God in main- 
l^lning \he cdu«e cf His Caihntic faJTli. 

Item, where ihcy My Ihiii ibcy be compelled to do open 
penance, or else lo redeem ihc same for money: To this 
your«aJrIoniloriin«u'cr ; a* for penance, [itjronsiiteth in thp 
ubiire of u jud^c who uughl, wllhout afTeciiori, enjoin Auuli 
penance u might prolit for correction of Ihc fault. Whc:^c 
fore wc dLtallow that juc!flc'« doinf;, who ukclh money for 
ptnanee, fur lucre or advanugt?, not rtfgnnlmg the rcfurmn' 
tion of »Jo Aft he ought be 6o\ but when open penance 
may »ocnetimc work in certain per^ns moic hurt liian 
goodt it i« commendAblc and allowable in th;it case to 
punish hf Ibe pur%e and prcwri-ct the f^inie of ilic parly; 
forcaednEC alway the money be cunvcited it uiut fit'in 4t 
tiitmpsyrtam ; and thusi we think q{ the thmj^^ and thai the 
oAenders herein should \yc p!ini*hed- 

Iicm, where they cumplain thit twu wilnesoejs be ad- 
mitted, bo they nevor ao defamed, of httlc truth and 
credence, advcraarica or snGinicc to the partiev, yet in 
ituny c,iu!ic» Ihey may lie i^lloweal by the diHrrelinni: of 
the said ordinotica, their commiaMrics or subfttitutea, to put 

u a 


but u ftt 
IB ibcy 
know no 
40 c hat 




kfl in «r' 
Uin CiU<« 




it hAI nl' 
wii^n been 


If if A'frr 

Ibc party Accused or derajiicd* of office, lo open penance^ 
and then to redemption for money, so ihjil every of your 
^iibjecu, upon the onty will and plcrasure of t^e ortltn-iries, 
Uicir aimtHisHirica and aubilimies, wUlioul any atcubcr, 
proved f^mc, or present nicit, is* or nioy be, inl'iinicd, vexed, 
and troubled, tc the peril of their tivcs, their »hime(, cosi^ 
and PKiH^n^e* t 

'I'o tliii your wid omtcjrs answer, Ihc Go^jicl of Christ 
icachcth us to bcbcvc two witJKBSLS ; and as the ciiuse is» 
so th& jud^ must esteem the c^ualiili^s of the witncsn^ and 
in hercsv no rxccjrtion \% neresMiy Ic* br ccmiidcrcd if 
ihcir talc be likely l which htitb been highly provided, lc« 
hereli<?s, without jeopardy, might else plnnl their hcrcpie* in 
lewd :ind light persons, tind, taking excrplion tci thr wftiTCM. 
take bcJJncas in continue their folly. Iliis m the utit>ctul 
law of {."hriaicndom and hath universally done good. Of 
any injury done 10 any man thereby, no know not* 

Item, when* they say ihnr fr is roi intended by Ihpm to 
take awAy from us our ainhority lo correct and puoiah do, 
&Dd eBpwjoily the deteetable crime ol hereiy : 

To this your taJd orators answer^ in the persecution {tie) of 
heielics we rq^rd oui duty and office wlicreiinlo wc be 
called, and if Cod would discLirgc U5 thereof, or cense that 
pkigue universal — as by your might/hand) and directing fhe 
hearts of princes, rLni^ specifllly of your highnew (land and 
Ih^inks be unto Him^, His goodness dolh commence and 
begin to do— wc should and shall have great caum: to reio^ce, 
ft$ being our auihoKty therein cot^ily, dAngeroi^ts, full of 
trouble and bjaine**, without any fruit, pleasure, or cotn- 
modtty worldly, btit ft coniimml eonflict and vexation, with 
pertinacity, wilfulncts, folly, and ignorance, whereupon fol- 
loweTh their bodily and gbnstly desmidion, 10 out grent 
*onow anci UiiicmaiiouH 

Item, where they desire that* by the assent of your high- 
nem, if the law* heretofore fuade he not auflicient for the 



rcfircwng cf hcrcay, thAt mtire dreadful and terrible may 
be nude- Fo thi^ your s%\A nraiors antwer, Ihit in un- 
doublnlly a mnre rh^irituhlc unjucAl ihan {t^s wc trual) 
QCCUJO-iy, CDTi>idcrins thit by ibt aid of your hij-hncas, 
the pamft of your gr^c:e'a «tAtut06 alroAdy made, Irc'cty ok^- 
nitrdj yoiJT rfalm may be, in *hnTt time, rlcnn purged from 
ihc fuw Am^Ll drc£« lliat do remain^ if any do [cmmnn 

llt'tn, whcrtaa ihey dciirc dwnc rwmonabie dccbnticn 
mjiy be kjiowri id your people bow ihey may (tf they ^'ill) 
flvoid the prril of hciir^yr To Ibis your »atd omiors ard 
bcdcsmcE) kiy ^nd nni^wcr, that thcie c^n be no better 
declamlioa known th^in is altcjidy by our Suvictir Chribt. 
the Apostle*, and the dott-fminniion of rbe Chiirrh, which 
if iht}" keep ihcy »iball «H»t fail t.lcjtly to cm licw hc/csy. 

Item, where they desire that some chariublc fashion nmy 
be dcvificd by yuur most cicccllvnt wisdom for tbe calling 
of any your subjects before them, tkii it shall nut ^iiiind in 
lb« only will ^iiil pleasure cjf lb;; uidinnacts ul tbeii owil 
iina||;inniion, without lawful nccusuion, proved fame by 
honest witneu, pretentincrnt in thr visitation, or other Uwful 
preseniitieiit at-^curdir^ 10 your Uwn, or by such vdicr 
chortable mcAim .is shall be thought by your most cxocl- 
knt wjsdom mcasiiriLblc ir ihae b^haU for the quietness 
of' your Ruhjpcii : To this your uajd orators answer, that 
> licLlcr provjijon cinnot lie devised ihan U already deviwd 
by the clergy, in our opinion ; a.nd if any default apficar Jn 
tbo exccutLori, It i^\i\\\ b« arnendcd upon the deelatation of 
ihe panimlam and (he mme pivivcd. 

Item, wlicfc they say that your grace's subjects be origm- 
aUy accited to Appear oijt of the dioct'^c that they dwell in, 
tnA many iime< i>e suspended and cxeommiinicdied for 
iniall ami li^hl cau»L-« upun ;hc only ccnlf^eatc devised 
by ibc proctors, N:e., arid that aUo your aid moit humble 
and otx-djent fubjecU Ittid themselves gnov«U wLlh the 
great And eccc&sive fera Liken in the spirttual eoutis, &'C ; 


No new 
lU (a 
htresy ar? 



in berc»y 

rlr;n(, i.riil 
nny mi*' 

iliall be- 
ll Jiinidcd 

feaiiKuuoh ' 

and tiCC^ 
irvc fee*. 

llic Afch- 

biHhcjp in 





utrfttl 10 

1A«. To ihi* article — for because \\ concerneih niofii specinllx 

hi* c*urt», ij^^ spiritual comis of mc («'A itic Arclibisljt>p of Cinttrbunr 
— piLMKcti V'^"^ (r^*^^ ^^ ^"^^^^^'"^ thai about twelve mionthR 
\yai6\. I rufonued cc^rUm things objected here; and row. 
wilhin [ht'Hc Icii wH^ki J rcftjinicij many uthtr things in 
my Aflid lUuTia, a» it is I suppose nut unknown unio xour 
ATAc^fl Commonfi ; and «ome of Ihc fees of the ottiocra in 
my courts I have brought rlowr (o halvri, »omc lo the third 
pail, and somtr wbiilly ukea aw^y and cxtincicd ; iind yet 
i1 la objected as though J had taken no manner gf rcfonnct- 
tinn th«T<nn. Neverthdc^ 1 vill not ceaae yet; but m 
jnifh ihing* an I shall ice your grace's CommoriK m-ist 
oflcndcd, I m\\X set some rcdicss accordingly, sou ] trust 
your ^oe'» worahipful Cominon* will be contented m that 
behalf. And I, your grace's moti humble chaplain tl>c 
said Archbisho]! ;>r Cintcrlitjry, entirely beseech jrotir grace 
to consider what hij^h acmcci the doctors of civil [bwj, 
nhich have been brought up and luid their cxpcKcncc and 
pranioc In my aaici poor routti, Ivave done to your guw 
and youi ^fjicc's niobt noble proj^citLtor^ Lonccriiiii^ ticaiic^r 
truce-i, eonfcderationEi, and lcfl£uc», drawn, dcvkscd. and con- 
cluded vnth outward princes; and how th:iE, without fiuch 
learned men \\i civil taw, your itiOHC nobk gmoe »nd your 
proiicmior* could n'^il have been so honourably ajid so con- 
veniently Krved in that behall, as at all ttmcs jou .ind they 
have been, which thing perci<e^ when such learned men 
in civil law &ball TdLl vfltljjn this yuui rcaliti, will 4pp<atr 
more evident than icdolh now. The decay whereof j^ricvcih 
me to fcresee and remember^ not so greatly for any cause 
concerning specially the plensurc or profii of myself, being 
a nun spcni^ ^nd at ihe point to dcpf^rt thia world, ami 
having no iwnny of any advantn^ge by n^y said conns, but 
principally for the good love and zc:d thai I bear to the 
bonouf of your UKjat nciblc E^rai^e and of thiii your realm, 
chat it EKtay continue in as high cSEicnfttion in outwiird 




iM, bjr ibc honourable eeri^jcc oT ksmod men In ewW 
Ittv. bcJrs unbusodorfs »fccr my dcAlb, OJ ft haih a1 atl 
tiinw hithccto; of which ioamed men luvinf; good cxpe 
rtonc€. your grace sljall not fail 10 have gorxl choice, when 
dmc Uiull icquirc, if tlic doctoik of nij coitrt, Uic Archcfi 
Daay be cntcTiaincd ihcrCf af ihcy have been in lifncs past, 
beiog there for a s««£on pntctiiing and pruiiaring tlvSEn- 
fttfvos 10 be al)le 10 ilo youi gmce acrcpiabk- service wlier 
your pace shall call ihcni and comumnd ihcm. And .ilbcic 
there if, by the lusfcnl of the l^rds temponl and the 
Commoits of your Parliament, an Act parted Thereupon 
ilicndyt the miLicr dqjcndiii^ uAjic >hjui inajc&ty by way 

supplicatLon o/Tcrcd ujj untL> your hi^hncsiTt by your sAid 
Commons \ yet, foroEinuch as wc, your gract'i most humble 
chaplaina, the &nhhiaTiopH of (Canterbury and Vork, be 
atcaitly boundcn by oaih 10 be iiitcrccsson for the rigliE 
of our churches, «rd fortuinntcti ae the Bpirituol prelates 
of thecleTfcyt being of your grace's ParHameni, ccnsentcd 
not xo ihc tnid Act, fbr divc^ri ^^reat cauaei moving thrir 
conscience*, vc, your c^^cc^s »a]d cliaplaintk in our most 
humble trianntfr Hhow unto your t)ighnc«s that it hath apf»or' 
taincd 10 ihe anrhbkhopB of Cantertiury and York, the 
rigbi of their Uiurehci for the ipac? of four hundred years 

thereabouts, to have spiritual jciriMiiciicn over oil them 
gnce'< subject* diceiiin^ viihin thor pfovmcc^ and 
to haTo fluihoHiy lo mil them before ihem by ritntion, not 

y in apiiiiual cau^ci devolved to them by fray of appeal, 

t a!&o hy way of qticrimony ami comphmt ; which nght 
and privilege periairieth not only to the perfoni of iho uid 
arcbbifHbop«, bin also to the diiinitic^ and the prc-emineneca 

their churches. Insomuch af when the archbishop of 
eilfaer oE Xht tee« dieih, the taid privit^^i.^ do not only 
ivniain to his ^uccuwir (1>y vhich br is nnmed Lc^afus 
Mi/W\ but a!»o^ in the mean time of rocatton, the lame 
privilegt reetdh id the churches of Qtntcrbury and York, 


ri]« Heent 


or the 

in iin'tp- 



rif^ti of 

hiiry an4 



y^^- and is cuccuicd 1>y ihe pHor, dean, and chAiitcni of tlic aid 
churches : and 50 the said Att is directly againrtt the liberty 
and priviE«g«s uf the cliurche^ of Cirit«rbury and York, law- 
fiilly |irit5cribcd by ^o tong limr as is aforcitftid ; and whnr 
duigcra be to them which »ludy Aiid labour to move and 
induct any pcnson^ to brtak or t-ilce as^'iiy tlic LbeiueB and 
privileges of the Clmrch, whoso wlU read the gericml 
Councils of Chii>itendom and holy cinons of thr fathcfi^ of 
the Ocholic CliUTch ordained in that bchdf, ahalE iioon 
perceive, as well 1^ though they were htre expressed. And 
furiher we think vtrily our churches, to whom thr infd 
privileges weic gianied, ciin give no cause why the pope 
him&clf ^ivhoHc predeceoors granted that pnvilcj;e) or any 
other (ihe honoitr of your grace ever etcept) may Justly 
tftke away the ^an^c privilege^ kq lawfully jirc^cribcd, frum 
our churches though wc had greatly offended, abusinis the 
SEiid privileges ; but where, m our pcnionii, vre trust vc have 
given no c^iuse why 10 lose that pnvilejje, vre mott entirely 
and lou&t liumbly bcTiCCcli your grkicc ihLil^ of your stu|lc^ 
abtmdant goodness ard absolute power, it may please the 
*ame to set such an order arid direction m thii hthalf as ve 
may enjoy the privileges of our churelie^ lawfully prL-scribed 
and adn>iilcd bo long aa before, by the consent of your moat 
noble Rrace^ your progenitors, the icmporal loff^a and spiri- 
tual prelates, and all [he Comcnon^t, both -(pirLlLml and 
temporal, of Eh)!> yi^ur k^^^c'^ realiu. 

Item, where they say that the c^cculDrI be put 10 travel 
to for pUees out of the ihire ihey dwell ia: 
tommi^fird To this wc, ^ouf ^untr's *iiiid uratots, answer that iht-rehc 
10 ffo iin- x^tffi^ £0 {^ called, unlcA* it be by Oiy lord of Canterbury by 
diiunco. \irtuc of hm prerogative,, approved by a statute lately by 
them {aa much ?» in Ihcrr^ is) paNsed. And a% tciuchtng 
inferior oidiiuiJcs liavlnjc antplc and large jun^k-tiun*^ unU 
diocescfi, there b^ in every shire for the mont part appointed 
and remaining, eetuiu eommis&ariev, olficjab, or sabitiiutcs 

CaDCut on 
afc not aa 
■ iuIb 



for the npc^ftioit or IciiAm^ncs ind other c:iiibeii, rrcerpt it 
be so that the pattjc!i ttictnadvi^ Hill come fuithd fur the 
OTmo couAc, or that the binhop or his officer docs vometbie 
upon cnn^idcraijon^tor that the icsiximcnt conuirtcth majiy 
aiul gftai lc^«i« or lurh nthrr— riors oill iht excrmtirt 
bcJorc them nhcrc they he ; nbich ihcf ni^y do, by the 
common rule of the Iuwb of the Church, wuEiin ^ny pari of 
ihoi* dioceses, 

Item, where ihey complnm thai ihcrc i» txurttd and 
denmiidcd in divert pArinhcrt of this your realms other 
manner ol tithes than haEh been accottomed lo be paid 
this hundred yeart jaiil, and in t^oriie p^ni tttlWvt ymir r^lm 
there ii cxActcd 4iouMe uthci>, thnti ib to siy, ilLiccpciicc 
« twopence halfpenny, for one iicre, over and bciidc the 
tlth« for the increase of the cattle ih:tt pcutarclh the 

Tothia we, your Kiacc*! said otatorx, an;swct tiut lilhcs 
beinf due by GodS law, be so <lii}y paid ^thanked be Ood) 
by all good men, as Ehcrc needeth not any cxaeiioii or 
(lein^ind in the inust |urts «( llna your gi^ites realm. A* 
for doubJe iiihcvi [they] cannot be miLLnLuincd due fox one 
incrva&ej whether it be in any pbcc UE^duly ciaotctSoi no^ 
in lart, we know not. This wc know in learnmg, that 
a bundled ycar«» nor tcvcn huiidted, of noit-puynieni ma/ 
Dot debar the right of God's Liw, The manner of payint:nt 
and pcTt^n i^nto whom to pay may be, in limOt alierod, bat 
the duty t-innnt, hy nny menni be tnten aiTTiy. 

Item, where they My tliil wheic any mortuary ia dtic, 
flcmctimc curaie^f before they wUl dconand it, wlU bring 
citation fnr it, and then will not receive ihc moriiiArLeB 
tiU be [sk) may have such co^ts oa he hays he ha.*t hud out 
for the >uit of the ume, where, tndircJ, if be would have 
chariubly f^nt demanded it, he needed not to have eued 
tfbr the same, fnr it should bavo been (laid with good will : 

To ihia we, your aaid onlors, aniiwcr th«t these curates 


the UrhcB. 

l!iay ere 

duB by 
IfOff 'n Inw 
and llic 

DOt lipfeC. 

cufilit ritit 
ta lit >u«I 
far before 

iLinity uf 




1S33. Ihds ofTcnding* if ihey vere known, ought to be punUhtrd ; 
bill who th\\y ilorlh, wc know not. 
Fjllrrin Ucm, where they say that if ory .ipiriturtl person liaa 
uM«'intur- ^^'"i'***' '^« poft6e«*ion ol any profit foi the lime of ihifiy 
flcient fir fftriy j'nars, Hlhrit iiiirh prfifli hfgan somcti'me by tjArc- 
rici^cd ^^^- »omclimc by dcvoijc>n, yd it is wiid thftl iht: said 
Effort prc^nption makuth a good title in the Uw iL^iInit any Ity 
^^^e**" r^^of^i '"1^**:^ things be uwd lo the imporiflbta charg« of 
your subjects : 

To ihitt wc, your nid orjiton, Answer that uuc )l ja Lhii 
the lime o1 Lhirtyor forty ycarA nxoketh a lawful prescription 
by th^ law uwd ,irid approved throughout all Christendom ; 
but whcLlior, by the icasou of the azutit^, Litiy ijn[HJiUblc 
cboTfics be put upon your lubjccia, wc know not. but surely 
tmet the contrary ; cthervifie we cannot dcterminntely 
answi-T, t'let'pi the speciflhy wero dtsrloied 

Item, whtic ihcy say that diven spiritual peisuns — being 
induciton prewnicd, ns wclJ by your hi^hncs^ as by other patrons 
hiiv* h^*ii within thi* your realm, to divctJi benefices and other spiritual 
prtmuniona— wr^ ihc «iid ordinaries at^d onr minlslcrs, do not 
only lake of them, for their Icttcm of institutions and indiio- 
tion^ inanv gvcat and brgc buats of moricy and reward, &c. -. 
To this we, yotJT 4AJd ominrt, answer ih^Ll ihii: if. a pAnrnibr 
abuM^H and he that taketh icnaid^ dijcth ciiit well; and if 
any penny be exacted above the accustomed rate udoally 
T«ceivedi and after a convenient proportion, it is not well 
done; but in taking the atrtostoniCTi fees for thp «v1ing, 
writing, and registering ty{ the Iclicr*^ which i& vtiy modc- 
ralc, wc cannot think it reputed as any oETcnce ; neither 
have not heard any priota, by out day*, complain of any 
excess therein. 

Item, nhcre they say in the same article that such » be 
preftcnted to bentfices, aa aforesaid, be long delayed, without 
vaudiitfiM nMionahlr <Tiii*c, To the intent that we, the ordinnHef^ may 
*i^o \\]x^pi\. ^^^ ^^^ p^£( ^f ^|j^ benefice during the vacation, unless 

f»a for 






ihey will pttcE atid convtni with us by iFnipuraf bonda, after 
idi fialiLon And condition as kc wilE. whereof some boniU 
■ConLDn thai we, th« otdinan^s, xhoulii have ri-^rt of ihc proltl 
of Clw uud bencliccK after Uidr iruticuiion, to that they, 
ang "(w-p prpitnred nt iinnntHt'd ai i^ ufiULTaw!, I>c liy ua, 
ic »id ofdmarKfl, soaiclimc uncliaritably handicd. ncrt only 
to the hurt oi tbe lAy patrons, but aUo to the hmdrancc and 
iirpavcriEhm^rkt of tVieir clerk* liy thcrn presented, whieJi 
mr uid ftuhjccU huppos^e iitjl uiily tu be agaJnitt right and 
comacienoc^ but alac wcmotb to be simony and eun< 
iraiy Co the la«rfi of God ' 

To fhli; vc, your gnre'it hitmhle nntor\ do uy ihai 
delay vriihcut reAtt^n^le <sM!.t, and for a luccature 
ipueratjTe?] intent, its doie«tabIc in bpinitial men, and ihe 
docn cannot eschew punishment, ihcaame bcmg proved; 
Ihii otherwise a cTdiky is somciinies expedient lo examine 
tbc clerk, and sonnetinic^ nccuiury Trhcr? ihe title ts in 
wranee. AU other bftrfcainn and eovenantft, being contrary 
to the law, ought to he ptiniihed, at the quality it or the 
ulTciiLe, mure iir leu, a^ sintuny ui inoidinate covctouMiesa* 
ititb ooDilrKO pLiin» flecordinKly ; but in fhctt partieuloj and 
ppcciaj detaLLlti the whole elergy cannot give no more 
rial aiuwer than this. 
Item, wheie they aay that wc give benefioea to our 
^DOpfccwi and liiiifll(j)k, bem^in younK&ficorir^nta, whereby 
ibccure i£ not nutittantjaUy looked untc^ nor the panibionert 
taught ^% :hey should he : Tn tiiu we. your humble or4t[3ni, 
say thAC that ibing which jb not bwful in orhcn iH in 
fpihtual nien tncro detcaiablc. Benefices should bo dis- 
po«ed not tft-vuJum rjritem il tansttintm trj ti^ndum 
meritA, And where this is a d«:fauU it ia not auihoiifcd by 
the ckr^-y ua good^ but rcprovod; wlicrcfore. m thi^ iho 
cl«fg>' IS HOC to be blamed, hut the default (a^ it may 
apptart bill tn ii^tnicular men, and not to be anhveted unco 
otherwise by tbe whole dergy. 



trnn of 
and young 
people fi 
r]r>E Wfong 
if Mie 

be uHd iar 



ft I* 

U^ m^mm^ 1^-11 g| of 

' ^ Mi4 OTMon aMPcrthM tf A 

Pt^fl iffijAi, M k not well, bai to 

liH 1 ' ^ ' >«*• th# nnw; oibvnviM. if iibc 

dfir' . < . I . .1 ^iirjj |(|t Diiil uiv 4if the tome partict, 

Af HjlHllHl (W llM ftWi(tl#fi»n«* trf 1>»o Chufch and God» 

I I itlUHHl oiMi^iif jHiiir |itfn;i|r «>f rhi^ jurii^ or 

\\* titii H* lihii \\%%\\ II iiia> lie Liduwc^J- 
' < t tlt^ «AV IImI Wwi \\M\\ a K'^-^< rumbct of 
piT^Ji t^m t1 \\s\% x^^^xw tiinf, Htilt vcfy 3ituU 
\*w, btlvMt^UMl 4t(0 hf^it ihntughoul diia yuw 

xLvit) JiJSToay of the EiVOLisu churcn 

wtIL thmk ihnt, forwtb abu«e, they should be tik^ atmy. 
Iwi lathLT ih^ aliiwc lo Ik: unirrnlcd and rrfoTiriL-J. An^l 
05 touching the hi>\y daj'x in harvcsl, there be in Aiiȣii>t 
bvt Saint I^tircncc, the Assumption of our Iftctsed l^dj, 
Saint B-irJhoIomew, and in Sepl^niber th(* Nai]vtly<jr our 
Lady, ihc EAaltatiua of [lie CrtJ^a^ and Saiiii Matilicw the 
Apostle, before which d&yi harrcM \% commoTily ended. 
And to lake avay any of thctCn we mppoi«, no nan v ill be 
contenti^ii, wreinj^ thil ihey be of so grpai Amk|uily, and 
JnooTpomied in the bw, ;tnd of (hcni that be m> falg^ in the 
favour of Cod, by whoew intercession and mcons we nviy 
ibe betlC!r obiiin Hfit Ihvour lowirifi u« in His b«nefiu, 
v^iich is apctJULlly tu be re^aided in the li^rveil timt^. 

Item, where they loy ihal divert and mnry »pir[1ufil 
p#T*DP>, not contented with the convcnit^iu livmgK and pro- 
iDOCionit of ihe C'burth, clnily intmmit and encrcise rhem- 
Mhcft In aenular ofrii:ei ^nd locini*, a» atcvordv tcccivcis, 
atiditora, bailiiTs^ ^nd other temporal oTticca, withdriwinf; 
IfacRiselve^ ftotu the good, contcntpbtive tile thjit they havie 
proleteted into Uie service of Gml, not only tn thr riamaa*- 
butmlaotrjtbc pcrilctu e:iaR]E>lc of your loving ind obedient 
Mbjcct*; To thi^vre, your taidbodc»nicn and or&(on» Answer 
that heneftred men mity lawfulJy be «tew^d« and rcrcivefs 
to thdi own In^hopi, on it crvidenlly apE^cafcth in the Uw» 
«J" tSo Church ; and vie, by the ^^A lows, ought \o ha,\c no 
other. And a« tor pncfU to be AUdi(»r» and baililTft, we 
kiMiw nonesiirh. 

And where, fiDiIly. ihcy, in the conclusion of their sufipli- 
cation, do repeat and uy that forasmuch u tlicrc i» £t tbis 
pretettt limit, and by a few years pskSE hath been, much 
Qiisdcmeanfjijr and violetirc utKin the one port, ai>d tnudi 
dc^ult*ivdUck of paiiencCt sufferance, c;haT)ty. and good wiU 
on the oth«r part, |and] a initrveLJoufi discord of the quiet 
■nd godly praee flnd imnrimJIiry, thai ihi* youv imllu luith 
heretofore been in.eiet hitherto^ through your politic wi^om, 


mrnt of 

fA^C-t Lie 








nirt Iff 
Ir ItH niH 

mJitff til 

in mo«t honourabk tune jukJ catholic &itb, vivioUbfr P*^ 
•prvfNJ : 

To llw Aral |ari ihfrroi, ax louching Hurh dtvmd 2& » 
if|Wit<4 •■^ Blin the mndcmtduiour which ii imputed Xo 
Uf ind ouf doTii£*, vc truit «c have iiifBciently antwcred 
1o ih« ttine u above, humbly beicecMng ^ur gF3c«, cf 
yirur ntovl dccdlml f^oodnoi, io to«tccni and wcigfi ihc 
|ircml>e«, u well our inch an^et a% the conicnU of \.htxr 
■upplicaiion, a« tholl be thought gnod and ctpeiljcni by 
your lii'KhncM** wiKlom. Fmthenncjrc we Asceriiin your 
gmoc u touclikiig (lie liulcricc which they aocm lo lay 
to OUT ehnrK^, albeit diicts of ihc cIcrRy of this your r<flTm 
hive Hindry time* b«en ij^oualy handled, aikJ with much 
viut^nve cnlruiied by crrUin ilfdtv|JU9txl a.nd ii^iliiidits 
fwrKMift uf tbu lay fee, ao injured in tticir own pci»oiis, 
'thrown doitn in iho hcnnci in thu open street At mid day, 
fwii hetv. wlfhin your ciiy and fluewhcrc, to Ihc gTcat 
vrriniorh, rvtiuki*, and dinjuir^lncn of the drrgy and miniv 
Unof God^tCliuirh wiihin this your realm, the grcit danger 
of touli of the tajd nii»doct«, and (tcnlouA example of your 
nld >tihi)pnK Yrc vr think verily, and dn affirm the uimc; 
Uiflt nn vfnEei»re h^th lieen xa used on oitr Iwh^f mwomls 
your Mid lay »ut>>cctt in any case ; unlcaa they do esteem 
thb» to he vioIen<« that we do comnionly uie, at well for 
ihr h<Mlih of tlitir «oiiU an for ihr diti'hargo of ouf <kili««, 
in takintu cxaisniniAfL and puniKhina of heretics acoonfinf 
to the law ; wlierdn w« doubt not but that your graoe and 
dttets of your ffrate^a sobjeot do right well perrerve and 
undcmaBd what ebaritable dcoieanoor Bpd cmmty wc 
liave uacd wi^ tuch as have been before u» fb« the mmt 
'Onau of hcrety, and what meant wc hare devned and 
Modied for favour and fairguatd specially of theij 40uk; 
and that n> cbaiiubty (as God be our }udge) and withotii 
all tfokBCe as wc could posnbly dm>& In cxecQiio» 
wbcfcoC and ate of ocfaet tbe tawt of tlie Cbureb te 




rqjrcstion of Kin nncl rdonn:itiaii uf mJiLrvtm, il ItaUt been 
to our KTtat comfort that >oui giauc oniS niOAt CKocllcQt 
highncM hath hcrcm. of youi bcnigtt goodnctj^ ngHiAtcd and 
Aided t», the &iid ordinAnM And minUicn of GodV Chiirirh, 
in ibii hdinlf for the- gn^t cta] aud entire Invc nhic^h yirnr 
grace btarctb toGod, UUChurch, and His nimi9tcra;spcci£i!!ir 
m the ddciKC of HiA tAJih, whofGOf j'cur grace onl/ ftnd 
RiDst troTthJly Amon^tt aU Chri^tiAn princcA bcATCth the 
title And rumc. 

And 03 to their finAl petition and conctuaion we, your 

gMC«'s «aid mc£C humble bvdestncn, in <iut most Icwty 

wi*c btsecch your grace's inajesiy-"in case there lie nny 

such niarveUoua discord and grudge Amongst your subjects 

u is reported in the said ftuppticotion — all the premifiet 

considered And tendered by yoiir g;reAt politic wiadom 

lo repie&a tlie ralidoeta and &uch a^ be the occasion of 

the uid niAivclloiii discord, and to reconcile and bring lo 

perpetuAl unity your snid subjects. For in this behalf we, 

your gnt-'e'i said orators and humble btdc-smen, protest in 

our tonsci^ucts tbii w« find, in our behalf, no such giudge 

nor difrpIcAJiurc towAtdA your Uy atibjcot^ ui;r gboatly 

children, as above. We therefore^ your most humbJe bedes- 

men and orators, hesoech your grace** highness— upon ilie 

tender ccail and entire love whith your grate doih bear to 

Chriifs faith and to die laws of Hia Church, specially in 

this your graces own realm— of your Accustomtd and 

parable goodness unto tis your said bedesmen, 

contmuc our cbief protcccor> defender, and Aider in 

And for the cjiccution of our office otid duty, ApeciAlly 

uching repression of heresy, reformation of lin, and due 

liatrioui aiid urdci in the premj^ves uf all your grace's 

nbjects, spiritual and temporal, which (no doubt ihctcof) 

L ihAU be raucl) to the pleasure of God^ great comfort 

I BO ntan/s ttouU, qtuetiteta And unity uf nil yotir whole 

I fcaliB, and. a» vrc ihiiik l^:nly. tnoat principally lo the grc«t 


They uk 

in E-Arrytnf 
DUL ihf Ir 



IU>> comfort of your grace's majesty, which wc beseech lowly 
upon our kaccn, *n entirely ah we can, 10 he the author of 
oiuty, charity, and coniniic! »« nbuve, for whose prc!*irrva- 
lion wc do and shall continually pray \<> Almighty Ood 
long 10 reign and prosper in mo$C honocimbie «aut« to Hi£ 



1539, Bir (bt following rfrtCiimeBf. nRrHd M b^ ConvocftliAB «B Mij 19, 

[5S«. *nd hnnd'^d to «h» kioft r>n iho follr-wlnii d*y, ihc plrF-ey ««d« 
their sabjoiiaiaii I<^ Uic kind's dccnAnclt The trantcripl bclovr ii tikn 
Ihmi A repiUiW ccnJftcd i;op> from ihc Kti^iLcr of CoDvociibn. 

which copy u new prcicrvrd diiwnffii tlic Stifle ?ap«», A CLic^tcm- 
portry draft of Ihr prrcpdrnj, wuh •omrr vrrbal d^ftVjtrncc^ and im 

Hcii'VLlLv. i«3 El»;. ItA nnnipriiil tlilfi^rcncc ia ihe omiuion af 
\\tc wopd i*«i', Itn prccim relation lo ih* one brrc printfd n tiM 
(f ijjEc UcuT' PtciuukiiMv Ll'C utic HCTcrd lu b.T Cunvi>uil]ij| 1 it 1[e4U 
CivfTn brlow. The worda coziulni^d in square brackrQ jrr iliosv in 
which I031 i- dilTetn fnhti Hip li»icr tfif ifiJ:^ ii, : lh"« diffrr*nrffc are 
Cn^n in the foCftnclvt Muny verl>iil i-liU^rencn wi)J b« aaa«r4 
b«lvrc«(i both ihrnc 'nrma h«rc fpvcn fihff ttiitT pHnFoJ bv Collier tit, 
g7p «od uUicr mllivniica who (ju^tc him; UL> bui> la Cotiou 918, 
Cli3Qp. Fp ri. fd.gC. 

[S. P, Henry Vlll. IT, rf«.io«atO 

Tlie dtiiii> Wc your moil humble Bubjccta, daily orators and bcdci- 

coiifidciiM *"*" ^'^ )'°^' ctergy of England, ha\^;ng our speci<tJ trust and 

in xhf ling Confidence in yoLir most eic^clleni wisdom, your princely 

^J!?" gi«x3nc>s .and fci>cni 7-eal lu [he pioniolion of Gc^ds lioiiour 

nnd Christian rdrgton. ;ind Jilso m yuur karmn^, far eie<cd- 

fflg, in our judgment, the Teaming oT ftll other kingt anrj 

prinrt^ thnt wr^ h-ive rend afr;iml doulUJng norhin^ hut Thai 

the siiLiic i\\\[\ Eittll continue iuid duly incrcatK: in joiu 

majesty — 


First, do offer and promLic^, in mehtf stmri^iiU here anto 1IUI3. 
your liighnttit, •lUbtniititig otiraclvtfA niost humbly to the *' ^*f ** 
MiMe, thjit We wr^ ncvi'i frum ht-nttfurth [enjici '), put \t\ n^^v 
uc 't proRTulet, or cxccutCi ftny [new canons or coiutiiullons <->n'^"« 
prfk^incial, or any oito ikw ordinAncrc, pmvmcrjil or ni^ ^jn^c-i 
i^fiodal'j, Jn our Convocation [or synod ^] in tim« coming, tictj^^wnd 
wliitli ConvtM^lion in, alwjp X^s \^f^\\ and iMust L>f. i^on. 
a»c[»bilcd only by youi hii^hncis' comniArtdmcot of wni, 
unlc^ yo^r St^hncts by your royal lucnl shnU licence ufl 
to [isicmMc our Cncivocntion, anfJ'J to m-ite, promiilgrr, ^H 

and vxi.-i:iili; [such lajnstiliEtion^t ;im1 <jrdi[mnLc:<i iia ^liill ^H 
be RiAdc in '] the umc \ ind th<rclo girc your ^ r>yaL aascnl ^H 
And authoiit^. 

Secondly^ ihnc whrrpM divcn [i>fihi**] ronftlitutioni, [or- (a) To 
dinancev ',] and canons, pruvmcial (uritynodal ^^] which luvc ^^^^^^^ 
been heretofore cnoclcd, be thoiif-ht lo be notonly much pre- cmiOTiiiioii 
Judiciul to your prerog;ktii'e rcyaJ, but iJto ov*;rmuch oneroLii uij^*^*^'^ 
(oyour hi^Snr'*'iubjcr(s[yrnir<lrrgy4Corw3id JB wimentod, on cMmlj- 
iTit tiiAy stand *o with your hishncM' plcftsujc, thai '*j il he [(^"J^p. 
commETted eo the cxamin^ition and judgnicnc |of your proved hv 
gnce, flnd ^'] of Ihiriy-two pvr^on*t, whereof ^tvt^n to be of f^^ 
the upper and nether hou^e of tb^ teinixirAlty, and oiher ^^ 

sixteen of the clergy, all to be d)03cn and Appointed by ^H 

your Tmoit nol>!e grace'']. So thai^ finally, whichsoever of ^H 

the ftkJd n:pn\tiIuEion!L. [nrdinnneci, ur ennont, pnwinml or ^^J 

bynodal ^*,] shdl be thuu^ht aii4i deit'imined by [your graco n 

nnd by " | the niosl pnri of the sjijd ihirty-two pcraons [not to ^^ 

«Und vilhGod'ilAWEnndlhe hwt of yoiir realm, ihcume'*] ^H 

'^10 he >bcugated and [Liken itway by your grace and the ^H 

■ fm(tin0 In inrniplt ^Utfc, dtiin* t^r yrt. * Add. or to cn«t ^H 

' ouioius c<»mtilEiiiDiia 01 ordlimnc^c prurincult vr by «tiy vChcf ^^H 

na^Lc wlialwevcr th«y iu«y be uUcd, ^H 

' Om, ' Qm, * Om, 1 Add. IIML ^| 

" Om ' Om, " Om. " Om, " Om, ^1 

^ Add worthy. ^H 




10 Rom; 
for Br«l- 

fnjlt* of 

cicrf-y; and »ich or tbcm » shall be Ken by your gnut^. 
jirid by the mofit part of ih« ftsud thin; -two jicnon^ co stand 
Witt] Oud'fc bin^ and die Iaw« of yoiu rcaln^ lo ^nnd In 
fall slicngth and jJOwcTt your gnurc^s moat roy^tl a>»cnt and 
aiuthorily ^ ( once impvtr^te jUid lutly given to Ihe ttani& 


A. n. n32. 

23 Hlnrv VIII. cap. 20. 

TVttL f^yn"*"' nf B»i(iM?». or fl/Bl-fniil». <:*. one jour's profli of 
spiritual Lvi^iiri. lo liit- pope bAt! drnOy been llii: tutjfil t>r Icco- 
liUon : thrir payinrni ish by lb<! fr^lbiMine Art. irondiuonatly rp< 
vlninod. Thin rwvinint tr»t mqclp atKDUjtr in W^f fnlJnwm^ yMT 
{^ff, No, Liri. The rrcord hnoi^vn ni tttir ^d/f7r ^fr/mW^/jiiK — 
■ survey ui viluiliuu of all c^clniu^Eitut UciicIieb tln^nuJiouL EiiM^niJ 
Jtnil WjIc»— IB tlir rrtufii compiled l>y llrnry V I li'a difnrllon iJier 
the Jibtolute reilTAintof Iheie ppymcntt tu Rome Im! brmrnjifird ; 
hpfnrr ihnt rrnupklflimn Ihpy hM hrrn ctktilBlp^l ijpon Ehr laiutioo ^ 
FopD 5ii;Eii?]EU JV. 4.D. 11^1 iBcc HirJ'ii HutMeJi to ih* Puhfjlt 
Pffvitlt. p^. ttjo ADtt loO)^ Tlira Act VMS pbdcit in Ui4 Dcukm of 
Fm liKiUciil, Jaia.-lllLi, l^3a. 

[TrsDiCT Suiuto aflhv Rcklm, iit. 385.] 

Kcifi»niut:h as it ii well perceived, by lorg-apprcved 
ex|jenoncc-i thai great and M)cstim;ibtc wjm of money hAve 
hrru duly runvrycd oat nf iIiU rt^ilm, to ihe impovrnth- 
mcnL of the wunc ^ And apcdally such sumi of moRCy ai 

^ flimulidd, t)ie frame lo bo «iL«rwar<]i t^kci] aviy by ycur aiMl 
DobU Knee KriJ ibc ckiKyi ^id lo bo tboJlLc n of 00 tt*Kc nor 
VLrtuigtb' Thirdlyn thit mil other of tlii:smU C4?n»tiluLuti> JiJiiJ cutOBI 
bc\Dg ^lewH LLiJ lEipiulMtc by clic sdld Ihmy^lMo persons. v;hich by 
thf ifirai pjtrl n( Ilir^r Jnd^cntl do *LiA<l W»h Gadu Liw and yoilf 
higlioest, (d Tl4nd \n full ilr«rLgth ud pciwrr.yniir^rr'iRiniil rciyal 



ihc pupc'a holincnf, hU preilcccaion, and the Cofirt of tGSL 
Komc, by long iimc h-ivc hcrcioforc tflkcn of nl! ai)d 
tmgnbr ihotc Kpiriiual pt^noiui whirh hnvc hrcn n.imcd, 
diH:lci1« pmtcrted, dt |x»Iu];]1a1 10 be? arr-hlH'xho;H or 
bishopi within ihts realm of England, under iht lillc of 
annaloSi otherwise Cil led l^rtt-fniitH : which annates or rint- 
fruiti^ licrctiiforc h.irc Iwwn taken of every archhishoptk, 
or bisliopiic wiihm tliU ic;t]ni, by rcstoini of the pope's 
bulls, for confitmationi, c[o<tjr>ns, admt^iJon^, posiulationa, 
prov]nci[)«, i:otbiion«, diff^iOfiMiorm, irtstituEiont, inisUlkiiions, 
in^Tslituiic^ orders, tialy licnciIiitUmif [ulK or utlier lliiiigi 
requisite and neccssarY 10 ihc altaiJiing of tho»G tliclr pro- 
motiorifii And h.ivc been compcNcd 10 pay, before ihey could 
Ittain (hr wmr, grr^it sumi; of mnnry, lirforr they mighl 
receive any pjtit of the fiuiU <i\ Ibc idid archbifthopric, or 
biBhoprJc, whcreunto they were n&mcd, elected, fircicnicd. 
Of postubfed; by occiision wh^roor, net only the ircaaufe'Hie 
of ihii ri^lm luji bern grratly rnnvcycii out <»f tlii' ume, ||*t,ctiyiin>- 
but nho it bnppcricd m.iry limes, by oet.iNion of death, pmsmhwl 
unto such artliimhupi, and bishops, u> newly promoted, 
m-iilrb two or tlifw ye-ir? aflei hta or rbeir f*onsecrjri<jr. 
lh:H bi* or tbcir ffierds^ by whom he or ihey ha^c ht'Cri ■nJtlic 
holpen lo fid%'Anc« and moke payment of the »«]d anruEc^ ||,'^ „,^ 
or rtnl-fruiCft, havv been tlKreby utterly undone and im- trxoi^l 
jwvcnshKl: ,„i„^. 

And for bc^niLK the »aid innate^ bAvc rincn, ^rrowii. and IncreiM 
incrensed, by an uncharitable custom, grounded upon no jji^^, 
jttst or good ticJc, and the |)aym«nts thereor obtAiticd by 
Tc>tfatni of hiiT^s until Oie same aonaic5, or ftrst-fnifc^ h;tvc 
been paid, or aUTcty mado for the lamc -, wbtch dccl.arc3 
the Aard payments to be exacted, and taken by comtr^nl, 
a^imM all equity and justice: 

The noblemen, therefore, of the realm, and the wific* Mgc, Circuit' 
politic Commons of the E^ame, auembled in ihitf Present "^^^/? 
Parliament, considering^ ih.ii rlw Ctinn of Rome ceases not k<J to tJii* 





Vllpn V[] 

U4llJ III 

God AO^ 

CO— on* 



(o lAx, takc^ and exact the wid ^taX sums of money, under 
the iLtic of 4in.iuic!> ot firal-frufli* u is afbraaid, to the great 
dftmngf of the sAid pr«icLt«i& and ihi« ro&lra ; which annaict* 
cir tlrsi-fruiiii, nrrn* Ant ^nlTcnc-d lo hr- inlc^n w\\\\\i\ ihr «ftme 
rcaln'u for the only dcfc(i<:c of C(tiiiii:in people nc^iin^t ihc 
ijiRdels. ord now tticy E>c cbimed and demanded a» mere 
duly, only for lucre, aj^^ainiit all rr^hl and ctinM-tencif : iiuo- 
inucti ituit \\ ia evidently kt^owrt, tlut thirrc hiii jKisted out 
of thi4 icalm unto the C^urt of Rome, tince the Koond 
jxiar of the rei^ of^ the most uobJc prmcc dL faoiouft 
incinoTy, King Henry VII, unto iJm prciem i«nej undir 
ttic HLiine of unoiiie!). ui iiiBt'l'iuil^ imid for ihc cK|>e- 
dition of bulla of jirehbi&hopne»i »nd buhoprica, the sum 
nf eight hundred thouutnd duratt, amouming in sterling 
money, nt \\\v Wit, tn eight icnn? ihuuvnrd |>ouTid4« t>»idei 
other great and intolerable audis wliidi bai-c yc«i]> been 
conveyed to th« said Court of Rohm, by many otber ««y« 
and mcstns, to the groat Inipovcrishmcnt of tbit realm : 

Andithrti ihnt onr o^ uivereign the kin^ and all bb 
noiural xuhjects^ as ndl (ptriiuo) as lenpocaL he as 
obedientt devwitt cathotic, and hitmbE* children uf Uod 
and Holy Church, as any people be within any realn 
diHsiened ; jtA ihe uid eiaciions of atinaics or fim-fruiu* 
be M intolcnblc and impotubk to this rcahn, that it 
» eonsiderod and declnrcd, by the wbok bodty of this 
rtolm now r^prewnted by oil th« nuMfi of thr som^ 
osKoabled in tlvi prtKnt PstlioincRt, ihot the kiaf"* h^b- 
ncn befcfo Ahni|Ehty Cod is booixit as by ibe duly of 
a guod Christian pHr>cie, for the conservatiixi and pr««vrv»- 
tioQ of the good euoie and connDon«ea)th of ihi& hb rcalm^ 
to <lo all that in hion is to ob¥iatc^ fCprcvit and Pcdrcn the 
tokI Abtiw* and exftctKns of Minatcs or Ikst-bttits ? and 
Uvone that di>r«cs prriolei of this itaJv be ao« En 
dlxeaic age. anil in odao dcbitiiies of their bodies, oo thai 
of hkeiibood bodilr death io ihon time shaO otf uksy sQcoccd 





unio ibcm ; by rc«iwn vlicrcof great vumii of money shall 
shortly afWr their deaths be convened unto the Ccart of 
Komei for \\\e Linr«jUonab)c and uDch:iriial>lo P^usw ahov«- 
sflid, tn the* riant^K^% I'rrjicdirr, anrl iiii|vivprish- 
nicnt of ihLi icdlm, if speedy nrmedy be noL in due time 
provided \ 

l\ 11 tbcrcTorc ordained. estnbHshed, and macifd, by 
aiilhoFity of this i^reftcnt P^rliauicrit, thai ihc unlawful 
payments of annaici. or first 'fruit?(, And all manner contn^ 
tMIknit for the »m«, f^ any archbishopric or bwh<^|)ric» 
or for any bulh beftisftor to be chfaincd from tht Court of 
Rome, to m foi Lhc Jifuif%aid (furpcute mid intent. ^baU from 
hcrnxforlh utictly ccanc, tind no such hcfcaficr in be pdid 
for any irchbiihopric, or bisho[jric, within Ihja realm» other 
or otbi^rwise than hoieaftcrf in this presem At'l i* (Teelawd ; 
iinil that i\i^ nidnncr pcisr^n ciot pcinuns hcic^fter to be 
named, elected, prcAcmcd, or postulated to any aKb- 
bttbopdc^ or bithojirLCf within thU tcx\u^^ Kh:i]l pay ihc taid 
Annaic»,or5ni'friiJLs for lheiaidan:hlmlK)prit',iJr hi-shiJiifJc, 
nor any other manner of auni or sami of money, pensionH 
or annuaics Icr the Ramcr, or for any other Uke esnctton, cr 
came, upon pain to fowfeic to oiir «aid sovcrc-ign l™d lhc 
Ling, his heir» And .succmiurs. all maitner his goods and 
challelA for ever, ^nd atl the ccmporal bnjs and pciaeesKionft 
of th<* tninc archbifthoprirjOr hifihopnc-,durirg the tirne that 
\\4* or ihry which »hal! nffenri, rnntmry to this prcscm Act, 
slull hjvc, poiiicAt. or enjoy llic archbishopric, oi l^^hopric, 
vh.t*ivlor he «hall ao oflcnd contrary to the form Aforrsaid. 

And hinhcrmorc it ik ^nacirri, by authority qI ihk present 
P^ulUmcn;. that every iJcrsoii heic;iftcr TLiciif^d and pre- 
Bcnicd to ih* Court of Kotnc hylhc king, or any of hi» 
lMir« or EucccKson, lo be bishop of any see or diocese 
Tithtn lliK rralm brri^aftrr. shall be letted, deferred, or 
delayed at the Court of Rome 5orn any such biAhopric. 
wlicTtunEO he shall bo flo pro»ented, by means of tc^Craim 


nihcr thiti 

flared 111 

Power to 
ftr%hop* tr» 
III £ri|;Iiif]d 
■t Kon« 
frocn Old 
cuu4ioa t« 




An wh' 




of bulb apoftolic, And other thiogi nqmatc to the same ; 
or tball be denied at the Court of Rome, upon tmifiuil 
suit mid^. <-iriy rtk^nnt^pr btilh K<iuiHit4^ for iriy of thr c^niars 
AlovcTuid, o en iiKti pcnon or pcnona »o pacscricd nuj bct 
ondshull be, cofitecfated here in Kngknd bftheordibisbop, 
in whofe protince the uiM bishopric aluTI \jt:^ lo ahraf ftwt 
tlv sjLiae person shall be named snd pccAcntod by the king 

for tbc tinw bcbv ^ <^ **i^^ trcbbubop; 

And tTany pcnons bMii( named ind pveficn ted, u is afore- 
laid, to any vchbuhopric of thn realm, nuking convenient 
sukU ^ b afoECMkL »lult liap(jcii tu be IcttctL dcfoi«d, 
dcbyed, or otbcmM dUtvrbed from the medc archbuhopnc^ 
for belt of pACl, bulk, or other things to him fef:|oisite^ to be 
obuinctl in the Court of Roane m thai helulC tli^t tlicn e«evy 
sudi pcnoD named and prcbcnied to l>c anjibtabop nay 
be, dfid ihall Ih, conflocmDCd ind mvestcd, tfbir p>«9MMtkn 
made, as u aJorecud, b|r '^ o^hcr tvo blahofis wfabln ihia 
mlaip vbom ibe kjng'« bighncs^ or any of bis heirs or 
succcaKin, kiags of EngkaiMlL for the time bein^ will aaaifii 
and dipfiomi fiyr tba aane, accoKkng aiKl m Wkjo nunner « 
divcTb oibcr arrhltttbops and hitbofv how been beretofesr, 
in andent time, bjr atndiy tbc king 5 most nobk pra^ensmfat 
mad^ cofliseeiated, and torcfied within ihi* italn : 

And thAi c\tTy arrhb>i«hop and bishop hcreaAet, being 
nanK«l ind jwo^cnccil hj che king'i higbncvt, bis hni^ or 
siKiccatson^ kinga of £nglai»d« and being con&coatcd and 
mi-esEed, 9A 16 afaitwad^ ifaal bt ivtalM •ooonlingly, and 
sliall be arcefiud. taken, wpiiMd, usrd, and obeyed, tt an 
tfdibislMJ|) at bbbop of tbc digoity, sec; or gilacv wbercMUo 
licaosikaQ bfi naaicd, pnxnted. and oofuecoted, icqnires; 
and m other Kke prttaM «f ttiai ptonncti. aec, or itiooese, 
have been uaed. accept«iL taken, and obcrcd^ «hkb faaiv 
bad, and obtained coaD|dcicty, ikcir bttlb. and otbcr ihinpi 
reqinsite ia thnt behalf frani the Court of Rone. And 
abo ahan fbDy and entirely hrve and enjor an the ipinta- 




aliticf and tcmpomlitks of the Goid ArchbTHhopTic or 
biahoprjc, in u Ittrge. :tmp1e» Jin<l benolid^il manner, a8 nny 
of hi& or thf'ir preJirri^srtrh had And cnjti^rd in thr uiVI 
Archbishopric or t^ishopric AAluf^ing and yielding ut>lo tlie 
king our sfjvereifin lord, and It* his heire or tuccesson, 
kingt of EngUntl. lU 1^^^c\\ duties, rights, :ind tr>tcro^(s, a; 
before tlit< time had brcn AcciifiLpnicd 1o be [mid for nri) 
vtich arrhbi:(hopnG or hinhoprit^, Acc^ordmf: lo the ancient 
bws :ind cuitums ^ this rcalnit and tlie^''a frerUfpUi\« 
And to ibe iolciil our laid holy fidiei the pop^. and UlC 
lift of Romci ahal] not think that ihc pains and kboun 
Uken, nnd herc^rtrr Eo be Liken, about the wrilinf^ tealing, 
otitaiiimg. utiJ ullu^r but[rii*?LM:» lUsLdinrd. aiid hrrcafler lo 
be utfttaincd. hy the oITi(.<» of [lie uld Court of Romcv for 
Mid obout the expedition of any biills hercarter to be ob- 
tained or had for any f^urh sirch bishopric or bLshopnc, ihall 
be imfmunenledf or tliall not be ivITidently and condignlf 
icco m pcnwd in ttut bcEkalf ; and for their more rcndy 
expedition to be h:id tberen^ ; ii i^ therefore emoted by the 
mndiariiy ufj>rnuid, ihar ctvry spiritual pervin of xh\% TnUni> 
bercafter Eo be named. pie»enied, ot po»tubtei], to ai^y 
archbishopric or biithupnc of this rca!m, (hall and may 
lawftilly pay for the writing find obtainmg of his or their 
»aid Imtbf at ihc Ccnri of R^imc;, Jind riiiealing ihe vedic 
with lead, to be had without payment of any annates, or 
ftrat-fmiu, or other charge or eactJOB by bim or them to ht 
iMde, yielded, or paid inr ihe tttre, ftw pounds sterling, 
lor and after the latc <^ the dear and nhole yearly value 
otf evciy handled poundt sterling, a1>ovc all charges of any 
flttcb vehbf«tioprie oe bifihoi^nc, or other money, to lh« 
rakie of the uid five pounds for (he dear yenrty lalue 
of cvcty buodjod pounds of every such archbbhoptii; o« 
buhcpric And not abo^«, nor to any other wise^ anything 
in tbia prevmi Art beioie ■ititcD notwithauoding. 


jiL] duUt), 

made Am- 
of Rnmr 



And fonumoch iis the IcTD^'it higheco, uid thii hfa Higb 
TicPtflift^ Cowrt of Pxrlbun«-ni, noithcr b*v«, nor do inteod to u*e in 
wiilmtf t« ^^'^ ^^ ^'^y othci Kkc canu', Any manner of fiirprDity or 
t«» ex violence before senile ccuitcsy and friendly wstys Jird 
without meintt liTHi approved and atlcmptvd, imd wiihour a vcfy 
uj[ciit grcjH nr^ni miiw nnd orrsnion given to the ronirary, but 
lirin^ijiftlly rovctjntt lo dttbunhcn ihi* rotlm of the Mid 
hivr ivtm- ftrc^ cxaciioni, ind inlolcrjtbic charges of unnoica, and Af»i- 
mincdUiL* ffUiL*, have thcrdoic thouglit convenient to commit ih< 
die kin;, if l^fUil ordor and drl^rminahon of the prcmiaa, in $.\\ iti£njp^ 

pnaiblflCa u,^jq ^\^^ \\\\g\ IiiiliOCi*. ^ So lIlSl if Jl IllHy SCUlll lO llli 


ttwiibthc hi{;h nisdom, and mont pnjocnt ditu^rcEion, meet lo more 

Coufivf the pojie** holineit, ind the Court of Eome. amiably, 

fUgne for , . . i , , ■ - ^ ^ 

•iiiuia. dmntflltly. una redHJiiJiily, tii (umiKjund, cither tu cKlinct 

And moke froatrAic the payincnift of the Mid annatra. or 
tint-fruiifl, or clso, by some friendly, lovmg, ;ind tclemble 
com|x^xitinn, in modemc the KXttxc, in such vise .in may b« 
by tUiit h\% tt^ltii cofdly Ifrunc^ and suatainei] : thni thrn those 
vays and ccn^KMltions once ukcn, concluded, «nd agreed, 
bctWMn th« pope'a hohrtE^^ii and the- king a highness, ahalL 
smnd in ttrrngih, foncc- and cfTrci of taw, inviolably to be 

Thff kln^ And it i» alio fufther ordained, «ind enacted by the 
bcfuffr ihe »i*^'^*^'''*y <Jf "^>t present Parliament, that the kins'* '^'R** 
DGXi l^j- nejis »i iiny time, or limeSj on ihis side the ^L'ast of Easter, 
d*cUr«\r ^^ic^ '^l^'^^l ^ in tl)e year of oui Ijjid God, one thoutiaiLtl 
thli »>LHtl fiviff hundred ind three- and thirty, or at t:ay lime on this 
VI niti. ^**^^ ^'^^ begmning of the neifl Parliament, by hU Ictlcra 
Iiaient under hi» gient leal, lo be made, and to lie eniemS 
of recoid in the roll of lln» present Parl[;4mcit, may and 
ihaU have fuU power and hbcrty (o declare, by the said 
letterji [latL-Til. whether ihat ihe premwi% or any part, f:buftc, 
or mattei thereof, i\\ix\\ be obMrvcd. obeyed, e:ieL'iitt^d, pt^- 
formed, ;ind take pbce and eflcct, oa on act arkd ataiuLc of 
this jiretcnt Pnrl^amcnr, or rot ; so tiiat if hi* highncsSj by his 



fflid Idler* patent, before Iho cxpimtion of the icrnns <ibo\c 
lTmrl«I, ihctcliy dr> dccbrc bi* pl^nsure lo he, th^t the |jre- 
niiiCi. or any piii, cUiist ot nsaiirr ilicrcof, shall not he put 
m occutidn. obacrvciii coiiirtucd, itor obcvcil--in thflt oiiv 
all the K3)(] prciniRCS] or vLuch pud, cbusc, fir matter thcrccf, 
a« ihet king'n highncu so xli:i1] rt^usi^r dii^-itlinii, or nor raiify. 
sh«U %tAnd ^nd be; from hcnt^cfurib utterly vuid aiul of noric 
eOM. Aod in ca0O that tbc king's bigbDcaa, before the 
eKpinitOD of the i^rna afore preHx^d, do declara by his iaid 
letters pateitE, his pleasure find deicninnaiioii to lit, Ehai 
ibe said prcmiK«i rir c%'cr> clause* sctiiciKc, and pftit ibcicof, 
that is to 4^7, the whole, or :;uch port thereof aa the kitig'A 
bighneftf fio skill ni!:rm, arct^iiT. SitxiS raiify, sfi^ill in aU poinc^ 
itAnd. Tctnfijri, ^bidr, udJ be put in ;]ur Hitil ^Tectual 
execution, accordinx to the purport, termor, cfTcet, und ituc 
meaning of ihn i:amc ; and to flund a.nd lie from henceforth 
for ever after, n« firm, tze^dtiiKt, ord ovAibblc in the Um, u 
though the Kiine hi;d been fully And perfectly eiuMlihed, 
enacted, tnd confirtncd, to be in every part thereof, iiu' 
VDMA\Wi\fi fvhoLIy, and entirely executed, tn like maTtn^r, 
fonn, .md rfl^eei, ax other AetA Jind kmc; ihr ivhich he 
fttlTy and deteiminately madep oidamed, and enacted In this 
present Pirliaintnt 

And if that npoM the ^foresaid reasonable, amicable, and 
rhan'uhlr w-iy* ;iiid means, by ihr king's hipjine** (o be 
ciipctimentcd, moved, or compounded, or otherwise ^x^ 
proved, it ^hall nnd mjiy cippear, or be «ocn unto \\\s, 
gmee, that thlii rci»1nY *haU be mnnnufllly himlentd nrwl 
dMTjtetl with ihi,^. njid udi other intolerable eiactiunii and 
denftnd«« as heretofore it hath been ; and that thetcupoii, 
tor continuance of the «amc, our Mid holy faiht-r the pope, 
or any of bin »uc£icsson, or the Court of Kciuic. will, or do. 
or CAUK to be done at any dme hereafter, no as \» ^il^vt- 
rehear^ed, unjublly. uncharitably, and iinrcavonably. vex, 
tnriuirt, molest, trouble, or grieve our said noveiei^ lord, 



]r mmu of 
(Ion Ui\, 

And llje 

fDmiJfy hy 




■halt cDfl- 

And Iht 

Al., hhJLlJ 

his hein or «uc3C«ssora, kjngs o( England, or iny of his or 
their Hpintua) or by tubjcco, or thi% bt« realm, by cECOm- 
iDUJiicatkin, cx4:i:rfninfn(!rmrni, mtmlicdnn, or !>/ arty othrr 
process, ccnaurd, compuUorie^ ways or mcens ; 

D« It OTLict^ by ih« Atfihoriiy Aforesaid, that the kiof^'tt 
hjgbnps^ hli hj^irs and sucnrKsora^ ^i^rgs of EngUndt sind 
oil hJK KpiiitUfl] attd ]a> aiibjccls of the »[nc\ without any 
flcrupli^ of conscit^notr, jhnll and may lavtfully, lo the honour 
of Aln^tghty Uod^ the increase and coniinuancc of virtue 
And ^/ood djunple wltWtn thb rcalai. the wd crjisiirc», 
cKComriiuiuciUon?, intcrdictioni, compulnorics. or ttty of 
them noti»iEhtt:md;ng, mmi^tcr, or ciuse lo bi; Tumittcrcd, 
llirougliout thjt Slid restm, nnd nil ri(h<*F the dc^miniont or 
lceTitr>rJCA belonging or apperlaiDrng ihcrcunto. all and «11 
manner of aacramcrin, sacramcriUiK ccrcmonin. cr other 
<IiTine £«t^-ice of Hafy Church, or ajiy oUter lUng or thingB 
nccrsMiry for ib^ hi^alih i>/ (he ioul of mankiiul, m^ iliey 
hcrctoTgrc ai any lime or times have been viiluou^ly uMd 
or accuslumed lo do wjihin the mmt ; And ihat no manner 
such ccn«ur^ ei&coniniiirii cation^ irtrcrdictiona, or any other 
piooa» or coinpti]bc>fLCb, sbaU bo by a;)y of the ifivltCca, or 
other aipiritija] fathers of xha rc^on, nor by any of their 
mlnihterv or buhvtimtcii. be (;Vrr nt any vtn^ or timo ]ie;rcjift«r 
publ[)ihed, cjiecvtcd. nor divulged* not vuflTcrcd Eo he piib< 
1ishcd« executed, or divulecd in any tnanncr of vri«c. 

lie It remeinbur^d Ihat on tho ^ih day of July, in th« 
ajth year of chc r^ipi of King Henry, ilie same lord the 
king, by hii Icttcri patent, icdlcd under hit jcrcui hcul, iLiiiried 
And confirmed the alou^^md Act, and ^vc to that Act hia 
iO)'al a&senu 

L] iusroRY OF WE EaSgush awncti 



31 HirNRr VHI, cii-. 12. 

Ttti* Act^wliPEb cmbodic* llic Le|:>l priticjplc of llic rrformstM^i 
undirr ticnfy Vlll, u tlie l>lqicJiui^aii Act l^vM. Nu. LIUj >cu 
fcnJi itie crclniittirkl prtncipir— wu puavd lit Fvfanury. i^SlX H 
wai r^protM Ef>' Nir>'i c^npnJ Ad of rrpnl l/«f. No. LXXVJi. 
ibhirh tt-\tfffil wa« tn tim r«p«4l#d bjr 1 Klif>b«lh, rjp, r (^i»f. 
So. L3CXLX,. 

[Tntwrr. SUtuIrt of t\\r Rrafrn, iiL 40^.] 

Where by drnn vundij old ;iuthciiiic blhiatic* auid 
chronicle:^ it b aiaitifcidr dccbied dtid expiCMcd, that tbii 
fcaJm or Engftuid b on ot&pirc, and to httth been Mxcpted 
Ir the work^ govtmcd by om »upreni« head and king, 
having tlirdi^iWi)' aiul n>)^ r*uir of the ifn]ji'nAl mnin *>( 
tbc UB>c, unto whom a hod^ politic, comiiflct of «ll mmi 
ifld (kgrees of f>«opk^ drt'idcd m tcrfni, and hy iurp<4 of 
•pittaaivy ami temporally, be botmden and ou^i to bear, 
ncit u» God. 4 IUI1W3I and baniblc obcdacncc ; tie lidfig 
also inttkiite and fumislied. by the soodncM and ufictancc 
of AlUighty God, «ilh pleiury, vbele, aod entire povcr, pre- 
e 4nl p cj af ^ ' , auihoriry. |itcrogatl«« and )umdirtion, to rmdrf 
and yield }«Kioc aMl final detctnaination to all tuanncr of 
Uk, pw ad cn ts, or subiccts wiihift ihia \m realm, in ■& cauie«, 
■naen, drtetei, aod contemiofia, happening 10 oca», in- 
■lim , or be^ wiihus the thnits tbcrpif, wiihacit reatiwnC, 
or piov<oeaboa to any Ibvcijpi (innco or poccataAca vit ibe 
vorid ^ tJie body vpitihul vhcrof havi^ pov^, vtica any 
CKKof the fav dhrtae bappmetl to come m qntaliow, a 
if apMMl1caEQins,tfacn k nu drcbred, bcerpntol, and 
Aaiirfi by that part ol ibe uad body politic alkA the 
t pir irttlr y, nov bdif Mnlly calkd tin EiV^ Cborth, 


(lower anij 


DocvM£:xrs illustrative of the [l 


Torta of 
meal uf 

made la 
llmr iVflt 
ntciu of 
Kome or 



which Alwrryi; h;tih been reputed, ami also round or thnt koti, 
that both for krovlrd^e, iniei^TTiy, an J luflTicif^nty of ntirnbcr, 
il Wh been fL[tta)i» ihou^l^t, And ts alKi M ttiiii hour, BuiTicicni 
and meet of itself, wilhoiit (he irUTmc<JtHinR of any exterior 
p:;ricin or pcri;oni| to dccUre and dctecmincull such doubifii 
AfiU lo adminiittr :iU Kuch [ifTicc^ aiiJ duties, ax tp thdr 
tr}om^ B|>iriU;ul doth Ap^frrUun; for the due uduiiiiUuntion 
whereof, and lo keep llicm from comiplion and sinister 
affcciton, the king* most noble progenitors, and ihp nnip' 
ocaors of the nohlea of ihi> realni, havt; su^ciendy endowed 
the said Church, both with honour and poraewtions; and 
the tawft temporal, for trial of property of Undif and gooda, 
anrt fur thr rnnsprvation *>f ihc people cif ibiv tr,ilm in unity 
and E>cace. without ra^-in or spoil, »*aa and yd la ad' 
mini^itcrcd, adjudged* and cxccu(C(i by ftundry judges And 
mini&ters of (he oih?r pari of the wid body politie, called 
(he C[.'ni|xjr3liy ; and hy\[)\ llirir autho^icich .ind JLiri^iciioiu 
do conjoin together ii^ the due admin iiiration ofjuuieG, the 
one to help the other. 

And «herea« the king, hii most noble progenitors, arrd 
the nobility And Civinmotih of Lhi;i sAtid leahn, ui tlitt-iH and 
lundry PArliamcnti, a» well in the time of Kinic r#dwnrd I, 
Edward III, Kichard U, Henry IV, and other, noble 
kjiigi o^ \)\h rtinlm, mAdi? Miinilry ordJn:mcn, Inw^ lUtuttH, 
and provj»ion» for the entire uid 6urc cunscrvatiun of 
Ihe prcroj;auvc«f hbcrticn, And prc-cniinencea of the »aid 
imperial crown of thit realm, and of ih-e jurisdlctioti 
tjiirilual jtiid Lcnij)oral uf tlie fsdiiitr, \\j kcc^t il ftLiin llir 
ftnnoynnct fts well of the »cc of Ron3e> m front the 
authority of other foreign potentate^ attempting the dinn- 
nutkm or vioLalum Ihtrt'of. a\ urrrn, And frtim rimt? to 
time, ofl any auch annoyiincc or attempt inij;hl be known 
or npied. 

And notvriihtianding the laid good statutes and ordin- 
ani:e) luade in the tinie of the king^s [nont noble progenia 



tort, in prcsETvalion of ihe aijlhohiy ind prer-jgauvc of the IWS. 
said imjHTrinl rrnwn, is ii atoresi^d ; yet nevathcka* since ^ "*'!' 
the mnking of the mhI jwhI suuitc* and t^fdinflnc**! dlvere vidcii for 
and BU»idf7 mconvcniciKc* nnd d^ngere. not proiukd for *^"|^ 
fitainly by the ^xid former a^t^, ^rumrrii. and ordmancta» irisccity 
have arbeii jnd sjiniiig tjy icasuii g£ appdlft ftvicd out of tins ^PP^^ ** 
reftltn to ihc ace of Rome, in Cftu*«i t^siarfwuiary* causi-a of 
mruriinonf and divorces, right of tilti«s, obUtiuns and oU- 
vcfilioiiv. not only (i> die great jn[;ii(ruiiion,vcxa:ion, trouble 
coot and charges of llic king's highnt?;*. and many of ii\^ 
ftubJ«ctHandreM<i^nts in this hi» rwilm, but aUo lo ilic Ijrcal Thoc 
<l<?lay Jind \ifX to (ho »me ard *pcedy deitrminalion of ihe j'^jj^^ 
said cjusrs, for w> much as the parlies appcalinfi to ihc said j™ti». 
Court ol Home niusl <t'Hiinonly do iho *amc for the dcUy 
of ji)£iice. 

An<l fomsniiirh as llur Ricai disianrc of way la »o for otJt Infonvc 
of this realm, la that ihc ncccssofy pTOcf», rior the tnic ,j|,^j ^^j 
knowledge of ih* tause^oti potiier there be so well known. pc»b by 
nor the wiin«ii!* th<TP m wdl rxambtd, as withiri th>^ duton* 
rcAlm, 80 that ihc panics f^nvvcd by mentis of th< sard 
appeals T»c n^oi^i timcii wiihoul remedy ; 

In <:oii«idcrralion whereof the king's highne^ his noWci All niM 
*nd Commons, cortsi^'cnntt; iKc j^cal cnonnities, dnng<^n, ^^,^1^^ 
fon|^ d*-lays an<i hurtt, that aa well to his highnefis, as to his iplriinftl 
suid i»dilr>,*iihji:i:l*.':ummuns.und ttsidonisof this his rcnlm, ["oJJ^ J|j|jc 
Co the said <^Uftc» ic«tanicrtt^-Lr>; causes i>f mttttitnoity and doto^ 
divorc«fti lilhc*. otiLitions and obvcntion^ do doily c(V(Uei Jj," kinrt 
doe^ ch<:Trf«fc Uy hin rnyal awr^nt. and by the assent of the cnwrin, 
lords -ipiritual nnd temporal, and \\w romimms, in this "*^^™ 
^present Pafliamtnt astcmblcd^ and by authority of the ftptdii 

19, enact, mtahlhh, and ordain, that all cauBcs tettn^ 
nicntary, cnuwa of mairiinony and divorcrt, nyhls oftilh^s 
oblutions and obvcnilonH (ihc knowledge whcrwif hy Ihe 
goodness of E^rincta of this realm, and by the laws and 
ruvtoms oi the same, appcruincth lo ihe epiniual juiU- 




jftc., Dot- 

Icpcn pro 

tphc cflcct 

t^kliort of ihi.% realm) Already Cfimmcncci. m()vcd, depend^ 
ing, being, happening, or hcrc:ilicr vomin^ in conlcnlion, 
dfbjilc, or <nie?iior wiihin ihis rcatm, or withir any rhc 
kjng^s domiiitrjns, or marchcK of the same, or dstcwhere^ 
whether they ciMiccrn the king our aovcreiEo lord. hi» heiia 
and BuccesKore, or a.ny other suttjeciH or rvKiiJenta wtthin the 
same, of what degree soever ihey he, sholl be frcm hrnrP' 
forth hcjLfd, examined, discusned, filearly, hnnlly, and 
dcfinilivciy ixdjudgcd and <lclurmin«d vrithin thu kuip^ 
Juritdicii'jn and nutliorjty, and rot elsewhere, in surh 
rouri^ sfiiriUial and tcmponkl of the tainc, ns the nmurcs 
conditiouji, and qoaliiics of the uu^t and nutters aforeuid 
in contention, or hcreafkr hoppening in contention, *hnll 
reqTJire, without h*vih^ stw^ fcsjiefi to nny custom, ti*ie, or 
suAcnnce, in hindnince, lei, or jrrcjudicc of the samcv or CO 
any other ihirtg u«d or »ulTercd lo the conirary thereof 
tiy any other nianrier oFpeTson or persons in any manner of 
wJse; any foreign inhibition*, appcaU, ientence*» lumnwn^ 
cilaiioLis, Huapt^iisions, mterdictionu, ticonmi imitation s, ic- 
sIiaiotA, judjfmentB, or any other proccHs or impedimenta, of 
what natures, name!;, qimhtte^, or eondJCiona kicvct they bC| 
from the lee of Rome, or xviy other foreign cotin* oi j^otcn- 
latca of the world, or from and out of tb'b realm, or uiy 
other the k>n;E;'s dominiona, or marchca of the saniCi to Ihc 
sea of Rome, or to any other foreign eourt« or potentates, 
to the let or impediment therecf in any wise notwiihsiundJng, 
And thai it shall bc bwful to the king our iovcrcien lord, 
and to his heirs and sueceuore, and to all other sobjccTs 
or reiiidents within ihi* realm, or within any the king's 
dominion-% or maidio of the »iue— nut withstanding th^t 
hcrcjiE'tcr it should happen any excommcn^nicnt^ cxcommu- 
niratinnfl, inicrdK lions, ciiaiionE, or any othtr ccOKUfc*, or 
foreign procevi latJi (^f any ouivarU parts, lu bc ruliuiiiile, 
provul^cd. ducUtcd, or put in dccution witbiM this »id 
realm, or in any other ploec or pUcci, lor any of the caiuet 

l] history of TH£ ESGUSH aWRCH 


before rchcancd, m prejudice, dcrcgftiion, or ccmcempt of i^^- 
Ihrs said Ml, and the very true meaning and eje^-'UTion 
llicret>f'-iiwy and ahall neveiihclcsit i» well pursue, cwcuic, 
have, nnd enjoy the cfTccUi pruljt», ticncHtt, and romuiodiirvs 
cjf all such proc^cttci, tcnicncct, judgmental and dctcrmina- 
litjiis done, err tLeitiiftei tu be dtiiie, in any Df the aoid 
courts sriritual or temporal. a» the c*«8 shtU rciauifC. wilH- 
in the Ltrnits, power find authonty of ihiE the king't f^id 
realm, and dominions Ami mnrch*?! tif ili^? funien uiid rliose 
onl>-, and none other lu lake plJ^c, and to be fiimly observed 
and obeyed within the v.h[iK\ 

A« also, that all the liprrilual prclMef^, pjuton, miniiten, n<TRyfo 
Ami criiraits wi'lhin tlib realm, and the dmniuiuna of ilie "|^i'j-*^|j 
lUmc, shall and rnajr u&e, inimatcr. cxceutc and do, ur cause ■Jminiaicr 
10 be uwdi tnjni&tcrcd, G^ccuU:d and dene, all nacrAmcntf^, "ThTIu^ 
sarramentaU, divine services, and all other thmgs wtihin \hc jfi^m ar ihe 
Mid fcalin and dominion*, umo all the ^ulijcxu of ihc ^amc, —{JiIT^nd- 
as catholic iind Chriiitian men ought to do ; any former cit4' m^ any 
Ijom, procesiet. inliibiiions, sufip^nsions, mt<*rdiction«, e* ufBUiMn. 
CCnYimiinLratir)n4, or appeftlf*^ for or touching the causes itfore' »rin (mm 
viidi fiom or lo the sec of RoL^kt;, oc any otIiCT foreign princi: 
or foreign eotrti, to the let or Gomr^r>' thereof m any vriae 

And if any of the Mid spiritual person*, hy thr orfaj^ion Pnnaltyfrtr 
of tTiC uid fulniinatmn* of any of the wmc inlcidiclions. ^J^"* ^ 
centurcA, inhibitions, excommunicottons, appualn, Euapcn- 
ftioiw, ftommons^ or other foreign citations for the causes 
bcforcJ^aLd, or foi any of them, tlo at any iiine hercaricr 
refuse to minJEttcr, or cause to be ministered, the said ucra- 
menu and «aeram«nut», and other divine Venice), in fotm 
as \% afrrr^aid, Khali for every luch time or time£ that they 
cr any cf them do reludc so lo do, or cauac to be done, liavc 
one v&us ^mpriGonmcnt, and to make Ane and ronwm nt 
the kinf[*a plcniiurc. 

And It ia tuTthci endi^tcd by tZic authority aiorcwiid, that 

ifitcfditi _ 
at BUtpan^ fl 
%ififi (mm H 





Ary lit- 

to ppo<^iinr 

ti;f|i ruling 

wilt lii«-ur 

Slilijtr* of 
njr« uid 

if any pcroon or pcrfJonK inhnhicing or resident wiEhir thJi 
realm, or within nny of the king's mid ilominioni, or marche* 
of the same, or ^ny olher fJtnon or ijcniotw, cf what estate, 
coiidttion, or dtrt;rec hocvcr he or they be, ai any tjine here* 
af^cr, for or in any Ihe causes aforesaid, do ailempt, move^ 
purchase, iir procure, frotii or lo ihe sec of Rome, or from or 
to isiy other foreign court or courut out of thi« rcdim, any 
manrier foici^^n procugu, inhibit lonK, appeals^ sentences, 
summons, cttailoiiR, susponsions, inicrdictiors, excoraran- 
njc^Lions, reslraiTLts, or judgmcnu, of what nalurc, kind, 
or quality soever they bL', or execute any of the umc 
procesE, or do Any net or acts to the let, impediment, 
hindmnce, or dcTogaiion of any proccM, senrencc, judg- 
mcnl, or determination hai niade, done, or hereafter 
to be had, done, or made, in any courts of thia realm, 
or the khg'i anid donuniona, or marthefi of the same, for 
any of the caiisifs aforc^id. coniiury tu thfr uxit meaning of 
this jiicsent \kx, and the e?ieciition of tUe unie, that then 
every sueh person or pcrsons'so doin^, and their fautors, 
comroflen, abetton, procurer*, execulurs, and cojjn»ellon» 
and every oT (hem, bein^ convict of the 4ame, for every 
such default shall incur and run in the ^imc paina, pciialUG«i 
and forfeituies, ordained and provided hy the Statute of 
Provision and Prtemunire, made in llie sinieen^h year of 
the reign of ihe right noMe piince King Ritliaid U, 
agJiinsE such as aitem[H, procure, or make provision to the 
ace of K<ime, oi elsewhere, for any thing or thingi, lo the 
derogation, or cnmrar)' to ihe prerogative or juried ictfon of 
the crown and digniiy of tlits reatra- 

And farthennorc, in eschewing ihe said great Cftonnitios> 
inquielatjons, delays, charges, and expenie* herc;ii'ier to he 
sust-iincd in [mrsuing of MH^h icppe^ils, and foreign process, 
for and concerning the causes aforesaid, or any of them, do 
llicrefoTC by authority afofc&aitl, ordain and enaet, that in 
ttjch caies where heretofore any of the king's subject* or 




Tc»idcnts have uacd lo pursue^ luovoke, or procutc anx appeal 
to the sec of Kftmc, and in All other coses of api>ca]!i, in or 
for any of the cauKci; aforesaid, they may and ihall Trofd 
hcnci'fmlh Likt?, h;ivc^, arid ti^f ibt-ir zij^peaU within this 
realm, and ivj\ ct^cwhcic, in m:imief atiU furni ^a hcicnftcr 
ensuctb, and not olhcmii^c; that ia to say, first from Ihe 
arrhrfcaron, ar his offiuiiil, if tht matujr w c^iiie be iheie 
begun, lo ihc hiUiujp ilii>?L-wri of tlic Mid w«, if in cast any 
cf the panics he i^rlcvcc]. And in Eil(c vise if it be eom- 
nicnccd beforrtf the bishop diocesan, orhi»comon<«ry» from 

ihr bi'ihj^p Jio( i;tm, or lirs cumniiviary, wilhin lHVetTi diiys 
ncxi ensuing itic juJgineiit mi be^teJiLc LliL-ti^uf ihcic ^ttcu, 
to the Ardibishop of the province of Canterbury, if it be 
wjihinhk province ; and if it be wiihxn the province of Vorfc, 
ihi'ii lo ihf ^\n hbishtip r>f York ; iintl so TikewLse to nil ofhtr 
arthbishuj.iA \i\ uLhci ilic liin^'i dutninimia. 4!i tiie c^uc by 
ofder of iubtice bhaU reii^iK ; and there to be <IcfiiiJ lively 
and firully ordered, <jccrccd, ^nci adjudged, according to 
ju-stite; wilhcjui a.ny Qthrr iipj^rllitinn or prorocauon to any 
other pcnon ot persons, court or courts. 

And if the mailer or contention for any of the causes 
Aforesaid be or ^hall be commE-ac^d, by any of the king's 
subjects i>r ri^sklci-ri^ before ihc archdeacon of any arch- 
bishop, or hia com miaury, then the party giteved shall or 
may lake his appe:ii within fifteen days no;l after judRmcnl 
or sentence thcrL- givi-n, to Ihc Conn of the An*hi?i. nr 
audience, of Cli£ uime archliiihnp or architisho[)« ; and from 
the said C<iurt of ihc Arches cr audience, within 6fccen days 
then n«xt en»umg afttfr judgment or sentence there gl^^en^ 
to Ihc archbifchi.ip cf \\\v^ i^mc pnivinn.-, thru- to br dcfi- 
nilitely and Hn-illy d(;icrnuned, wichnm any other or further 
process or appeal theretipon to be had or sued. 

And ii » further enacted by ihe aulliority aforesaid, that 
all and every fit^tlcr. rausi-, aitd rontention nuw (5c|icndin^, 
cr ihal hereafter shall be commenced by any cf the kinj£'» 


\v- what 


madv with- 
in ntL«a 




Aoj Hi- 

kn int«r* 
dirt, or 

Siaiittn cj 


wlthkn tho 

if Aj\j pcKotk £>r pcTMnt inhabiting or resident within thif 
rciJm. or within any of llu^kittg*!iKi]d(lotDiniQn«, or marches 
of the »itic* or aiij ottkcr pcnoii or penoQ»« uTwhai cauic, 
fondiliwi, ot <lcgrcc »ocvcr he ov they be. at Any linac here* 
after. Tor or in any the ciu»k aforcutd, do ailcmpc, move, 
)iur(.huc, or pnjtuee, frum or toihcKcr nf Rome, or from «r 
1o anj C4hcr foreign court or cotirta out of this realm* any 
nunncr foreign ptoceu, inhibitioriB appeali, sentence*, 
ftummons, dtaiioni, «u];|}en<ionii, inicrdictionft, eieonnnu- 
nicationn, rcilrainUi oi judgmcnU, of what rutLite, kind, 
or quatity soever they be, or ciiecutc any of the »mc 
proceb4, or do any jtci or acts to tiie let, impediment, 
bfrdTAncc, nf (ler*ng;irion of any process, sentcncpj judg- 
fncni, oi dctcimJn:iu~on hiid. ninde. done, or hereAficr 
to be had. done, or made, in any courts of this rcoinik, 
or the tmfi't Mid dominions or march*» of the same, for 
any of the cauie*i aforrHuid, contrary eo ih<^ true mtranin^ of 
thi» preKiii Act, and (Jie eiecution of tiie Asmc, that then 
every »urh penon or pcnons so doing, and their fauton, 
comforEer^ iil>cltor». procurert, eJieemor*, and eouniellore, 
and every cif ttit-m, being euavict of llic same. Ua every 
such dcfiiull ahal] incur and run xw the ^attic pain«, pcnalticA, 
and forfeiture*, ordained and provided by the Sutiitc of 
ProviriAO and Ptttmnniie, m:idr^ in th^ mtccnth year of 
the reign of the rf^jhl nt^hlc prince Kine Kich;ird II, 
Against such oa attempt, procure, or nialce provision to the 
eee of Kome, or elscwhcfc, for any ihmg or things, to the 
derogatfon, or j^ntriry to the jirerogaiJve or jrjnsihttiiin of 
the cTovrn and dignity of tliifi reahii. 

And furthermore, in cechewirg the said grcnt enormities, 
inquieiLilion^ delays, eharges, and enjiertBes hereafter to bo 
sustained in pui^iuing of »uch apjiejli^ and furcign piocc», 
for and concerning the causes aforesaid, ot any of them, ^o 
therefore t^y authority aforesLiiO. ordain and enact, that in 
such ci^s^s vhere herdofore any of the king's subjects or 


L] msTORY or ma e^scush church 


rcfcidcmshiLvo used to purauc, provoke, or procure any .appeal 
w> the *ce of Rrmic. and in all olhcr cawn of Appeals, in or 
Ibt anjr iif ihc ijiuoj^ jforr&iiid, ihcy tiuiy Jiid ihjU from 
benccforih take luvc, and uic thdr Appeals witbiii iliis 
roa)m, And aoi el»whcrV| tn madEiLf and form a^ hcrcftfttit 
cn«iinh, and no< othcrwiMr; i\\itx iii to imy, firtt from tlic 
archdcuxin, or hu otTicul, If the matltf Qt otUAC be thcit 
bc^uii, 10 k\k bnhup diocvuin of ihc Mid acc, if m cue atiy 
of the jifinici; be grieved. And in like vise if it be com- 
tnenccd iicforc the bishop dioconn, orhncoinmiuMy. from 
the bishop dioccMn^ or hb commiaury, withiD fifteen days 
ne*t en&uing ihe judgment or ^nicnoe thereof iher* giT«l, 
to the ArrhW^hop of \\\^ province of Cantprbnty, if it be 
nuhln hiK pn^vifKc ; .'ind if n \'*t wiihin ihc jiiotincc of York, 
then to the An:hbi»h^ of Vork ; and ^o likewise to all other 
ircbbiihopK in other the kin^'» dominiofu:, as \\\c i:nw by 
order of juMife ihnll require; ard there to bt definitively 
dnd liiiaily ordttt-d, decn^ed, and adjudged, ^LccordJnjj io 
ju«(icc. without any other jippcllatjon or provocaiioti to any 
other person or pertonA, court or court a- 

And if the nurirr or eontenilon for any of the cnutn 
afofe?aid be or ^hoU be ajiiiTucnced, by any of the kiti^s 
subject* or reaidcnO, before the orchdcocon of any arch- 
bishop, or Nt commiEaary, then ili« pcirty grieved «hft1l or 
niAv ukr his appeal within Aftrrn tln)s nr^i after jiidf^mcnt 
or sentence there (iicn. t» the Court of the Arches, or 
audi«nc«, cf the s«mc archbishop or arcbbiihops ; amd from 
the «id Court of llw Arcbc* or audience, within ftftern day* 
then neit enduing after Judgnicni or tcniencc thnc ^vcn, 
to the arcbbithop of the same province, there to 1>c defi- 
njlivcly and finally determined, vithout any ctEicr or further 
procAa or a|;pml thercMpon lo be hud or sued. 

And ii JA fuEihcr enacted by the authority aforcujd, thai 
idl and every m^itter, causc, and contention now dcpcndinff^ 
or thjt btreofter ahall be commenced by any of the kini{'« 


whfjrn And 

Ln what 

ouf hi Eo be 
made wlib' 
in nncGD 


fflfC 411 

ju^bbithop H 



tobc dc- 
liy htm 

Tht pre- 

AppCA). Ill 

tlir klik£. 

]k> lu the 
Hui]«<- of 
( nnvnrd- 
Uon for 

tiihjrcL« or rc^idcnK lor nny of (he cfius^s flforrtaid, before 
Jiny of the uMi aichbi^^op, ihj.1 ihcrn Oie iA\iic mnttrr c^r 
matters, conicaiion cr contcniiona, sho-li be before ihu same 
AxchbL&hop where the aai<l muiter^ c^iuu, or prrx^etd ihiti tw 
BO rnmnirnnfd, dcftnillvcly dciirrrrtincdj 6ecrct:r\, or ad' 
jiidjtcU, without ftHK oihcr epiicAl. prc^ocidon, w any other 
foreign process out of ibti reatm, to be sued to the let cr 
derogatior of the said judgnn^nt, lentencf , or decree, other- 
irJKe than is \>y ihi^ An limiteii and fippointod; uving 
ftlway* the prerogative of the Archbialiop and Church of 
CJanterbury, in ail the foT»ijd va&& of appeals, to him and 
to h\s vu<^«K4ors. to be tued wUhSn Ihri rLMlm, ir «ucli aind 
like wiiKM tbcy luvc bccii atLuatumcd and uAcd to have 

And in cAim any auj«e, matter, or eontentinn, no« depend- 
iTi|; fur thff ciii^es beforr mlif^unf^if. or ;]ny ot xhem, i\T i1l;iI 
bcrtaftcr aliail ttjtne in cocitcirliuii for an) of the iunic 
Ciuic«, in Any of the foresaid court*, which hxn^ doca, shall, 
or may touch the king, hr« hetrfi or succeaiiorE, kin^ of Ehifi 
itjhn; liwt in al! and every such die or oscs the |>aiiy 
^ricvcdt as before is buid. ihall ot itray appuil front any t>f 
the »aid courts of this aaid realm, svheri; Llie eatd matter, 
now being in ^onf^^nIiDn, cr hereafier sh.iU come in con* 
tention, tuucihing the king, hi:i hciis^ or succeiaois (a^ is 
aforesaid) ^liall liappen to be ventilnled, commenced ot 
begun, lo tha tpirimaL prebtcs and oEher abbots and phora 
of The irpprr House, as^icmbled and convocatc \ty xhe kind's 
iviit in the Convocatioi] being, or next ciL^uing, within the 
province or provioveu where the same matter of contention 
n or shall be begun ; ao that «\«ry «ur:h appeal be taken by 
(lie party grieved within flficen days nrxt after the Judg- 
ment or tentcnce ihcrcupon ji'^cn ot to be given ; and that 
whatsoever be done, or shall be done andalbrmcd, deter 
mtnrd, dei*re«l, and adjudged by the forewid prelate*, 
abbtjt&,and prion of the Upper Houac of tlkc uid Convoca- 



lion, M \\ aforcald, sppertatning. t^onrerning^ or iH^lOTgirig IbSl 
lo llie kin^ bis bcir?, and socccMora, in «ny of tlitse fofc- 
«ud causes of appcfll>t 3h«II stAtid And be uko for n final 
dccTM, stntonoe, judgni«ttt, definition, nnd dctcrmtriAticn, 
and ihc !Uimc nuiicr, vo dctcrininal, ncvrr Jtfier lo rmne m 
ijuestion and debate, to be exo^mincd in uiy other court or 

And 1* il shall happen any peraori or pcfton^ hcjcaficr to rcnultyfor 
pimoc or [irovokc any aj>fiCAl comrary to ihc tiTtct of this [jj^i^^' 
i^ct, or refuse to obey, execute, and obacn'c atl things com- Aa 
pr^s«l wiihm iht- same, concerning the said api>tfalfc, provo- 
ratifins, and oiher foreign ]>foc«NO« to be voed oot of iWs 
rGAt»D, for any tUc cauAc» afoicMid. tliitt then c^cry >uch 
ficrvon or persona »o doinic icfLiitinjf, oroiTending contrarf 
lo the uu< m«iniiig of this Act, thcii procurers, fauture, 
advocates, counsellcm. and ;vbettor<, and every cJ rhem, 
$haM incur into tlie |xiins. fo[feiture», and jicnallics ordained 
and provided tn the »aij statute made in tlie »«iii aiiteCDth 
ytsa of King Richard 11, and with like proccu tg be made ' 
against t!ie !uid offrndct^H ^ i^ the name i»ttilc mniLc m 
tbc »id siitccnth year more plainly appears. 




2ft HrsBv VllI, c!AP- Ifl. 

TM» tCatutc, nnil tlir lipoid tcrwinE-, Kos. Lit And LlU. paixd la 1^44^ 
1534' wcr« ill icrx4ltiJ try 1 A a Philip and Hxry. r4p. fl \fowI. 
Ko, tJCXVl), d(U) were revigcd by i Oaabcth, <*p. i Kf*a\ No. 

[TiuKF. 3t»ur«< of tlu halai, UL 4A0 ] 

Wbert the tine"* hwmhlc .ind obMll^t ttbjects, ihe Rerkal of 
dei^iy uf Uiisi reaJm cif En^^Und, have rrot only acknow- *"*'"'*^- 




by cldrcy 
tbHl Con- 

WJtitliLJEI Ik 


Writ onJf - 


brtn prv' 

M^inl (A 
kick^V pro- 

and laws 

f« con- 
of Ehe&c t»^ 
■ com- 
Riittr< of 


\c6^cd £iccx>rcling Eo ihe irmh, Itut ih« oonvo«aUon« of Uw 
mnc clergy is, alvtn>» ha£ been, an') ought to be uccn- 
blcd only by ihc king) writ, Iml alyo subinitiing ibccn*cfpa 
to the ktng'A maJtHL^t 1iav« promiiftfd f> vrr^ s^^ndctii^ 
that ihey «lll nev«r from hcrv^forth prexuinc to atlempc. 
iillcgc, claim, or put iji urc, (ji cii.itl, proinultic, (jr cxci:ule 
Ally new CAnon,^ conMituiionN ordjiutncc provinci^. or 
ctli^r, or by whatsoever other n^imc thtjy nhnll t>c r^ltc«i, 
iji llie CtnivDcalion. iinToa ihi^ kJiig':i miui rovAl cun^^nt nnd 
licence may t£> iLcm be liail. io iiYxkc. proaml^c. juid 
execute (he same ; An<i his mAJcaly do give his moftt 
ray;ii aitcnt And auttiority in ihftt bch^iir: 

And wliLTe %i\\trs cimititLilion^t, unllnaticeii, tinil canons, 
piotintijil or ByncxJal, whkli Ucrclofure liavt' been CD&ctcdt 
and be ihouflu nol only to bv much prejudicial to the 
king'a prcrrogntive rcyrtl, and repugnAnt to the Uvta and 
i^iaLulcsi of this rtMliifc. Ih« also ovcimuch oncTtJU* to liis 
liighnc»a ind hi» su^jccU ; ihc ^lid clc^^y h:ife ttia^i humbly 
beKouf-[u the king's highness, that the said ccnttilutjonv 
and c^noni m^ty lie tummitted to the ciaTninntion and 
judgjiicni of his highness, AniJ uf livo-,tnd-ll)iity iK.-nun» 
of the king's suhjctls. whereof sixteen lo be of ihe upper 
and nether house of the i^rliimcnE of the temporally^ 
and the oiher Aixteen to be of The clergy of ihii re^m; 
and alt Lhc »:iid iwo^Lnil-lMrty pfrauiis lu he diu^iir and 
appumicd b^ tliC kiiijp^'B mAJcaty ; and that £Uch of Uie said 
eoiifrti[ution8 and canons, as shall be thought and deter- 
mint^d by ihr said (w*i-and-diiriy persons, or the more pan 
of ihciLi, nijrlhy (.» be aEjiogaLcd ^uA annulled, >;bal| bo 
abolis tied and made ofno vduc oxicordingly ; and such ether 
of the »amo conaiUUEion& and canont, as by the said tno^ 
«nd-(hkny, or ihr more- p^ii of ihc^n^ ^htill b^ apprnved to 
ftand with the laws of Cod. and consonant to (be taws of 
thi£ realm, shall stand in tbcir full strength atid power, lite 
king'K nio«t loyal obieni fjrst had and obtained to the saine^ 

Be 11 ilierefor« note enacted by Authoncy of this prcient IM^. 

Parliamcnr, accordini; lo the saiJ siibmLMionaad ixri tion of T'^*'''"^" 

' ** ' ihall not 

ihc wJd dcr^y. ihai ircy, nor any of Ihcm, from hcncciorlh cima 

tthoM preitfme m aticmpt, allege, claim of pul in arc any *"^^.'^«' 

coniliLmionv or ordinanoes, provincial or «yncdal, or inyuMnt, 

oUici L4I111USI ^ nor bIuiIL cnd^i, proniulf^e. or cxecuU; tuiy 

such canona, conaDCuiiont, or ordjtmncc provincial, b^ 

whalaorvcf name or tunics they may be called, in their 

convi^caricnx in time ooming iurhith aTway ^halL htr ;iN4f(-m< Convfv:B' 

bled by autho(iiy of the kin^'a ml), unless ibc saoic tletgy [J^JI^f"*" 

may hfivc the kmjt'a mosl royal nwcnl and licence to mflkc, tcmbtcd 

pron-iuJgc, and execute such canons^ conrtitutiont, urid ^^^i^^"'' 

cifdinancei, pnivincial or synodul, upt>n puin of citiy cine 

of the Mid clergy doing oonlrary to tins Act. and being 

thereof convici, to »ullcr imprisonment, And make tine nt 

the king"* will 

And (c.iusmuch a* such canons, consliiutions, »nd ordm- Sliorlncai 

Ancc, AS htrcCofore have beon mftde by the clergy of tlua pr^"7udc» 

rcfllcn, cannot now at the onaion of this present i^rliament, ?oD>ldeTV- 

by reMon of shortnew of tSmo-, be viewcfl, eitamined^ xn6 ^^^^ ^ 

clcitimincd by the kinit'i highneu, and thiny-tAro pcj^uii^ «<tfm' 

to be chosen and fippointcd acccrdhp to the petition of the Jil^Jl^^S*^ 

tofcj clergy tn lorm iibove rehc^^^TStxl : b<; it therefore cnnded m ibv 

by auihority AroresAid, lli^t the kiny** highnws ^hatl f^**<^ i'wILjd 

power and authority to nominate tnd Jt^ign^ «t hi> pIcA&urc, i 

the said two artd-thiny personn of hfs subjects, whereof (jg^ of 

fixtMn to be of the cler^. nnd vixtr^en to be of the lem- commillee 

puraihy of the upper and ncilia huuac uf ihe ruiliameni ; £1*^! 

and if any of the iaid Iwo-nnd'thiriy person* so chosen canont 

shall I»ppen ID die btlore their full determination, then hi* |i^oii,ii^,i 

highnesii ((i ncjininjtc other itum lime lo rime of ihe uiid "r von- 

iwo houfici of die Parlianjcni, to supply the number of the r"JJciii"L 

wic! tiroand-tliiriy ; and that the same twoand thirty, by 

hi* hJghne«« bo lo be named, shall have power and au1ho< 

rity to vicift, »c£n:h, aliJ cjuuninc the aaid ctnonOk ton^litu- 


10 be KXC- 

tnry ft 
kin^r'* pre- 

tv Rone i 
llltll be 


»a Mm 


tionfi, and or^irancic^ |Trovinc:aI ind synodal, heretororc 
made, uiid lutli or tlif m dia tbe kiag'i tiighnc^A and the Kiid 
two-inj -thirty, ot the mere pott otf Lhcm, tbjLll deem and 
Adjudge voitiiy lo be <^ontinued, kept, and obeyed, dull be 
from thmrcfonh kr|]t. <il>cyrH, and timtiied within this 
rejlm, w that the kiiii;'^ moit royal osiem under hia grctt 
seal be 6nE bad to the same ; ud the reaidue of the und 
canon^t, coiiiliLuiionf, or ordtnance provinciaf, nhieh the 
Lirig'^ hi^hrte^s and ihe said tv'i>3nd-lhirty (xrviis wr ibc 
more pull cJ ihcm, aha!] not approve, or deem ar>d jodge 
north) to be abolished, abrogate, and made frjt^Cnite, «hall 
from thenct»foflh be void and of nont* oTort, at^rj revcr he 
put ill irxccuiioii nilhtn [hiii leilin. Piovidcd aliray, thni 
DO canons, const it ittioiu, or ordinance ihaU be made or put 
in exceution vithin this rcoJm by authority or the convt)ca> 
lion of the flfrgy, whkb shall be crjutrariani or rtjjuynant 
to the kind's ptero^che toyat, or t)ie eubtoins, htw^ or 
aUtutCH of thia reailm; Anything conUmcd in ihi« Act to 
iho oomrary hereof notwithstanding, 

And hp ii fiiTthcr enacied by amboriiy aforesaid, that 
from the fcant of EaMer, which shall be in the yz'a.r of our 
Lord Cod [534, no manner of appeals i^hall be had, pn>- 
voked, or made out of this rcnlm^ or cnn nf any of ihe 
kiEig'^ dominions, to ihr Iti>boi> of Ronie^ nor tu the ace of 
Rome, '\T\ any causes or mattcn happening to be in conten- 
lion, and having their eommencement or be^inr^in^ in Any 
of the eciirti uithin ihiii rralm, nr within any chr kln^'t 
doiniDiuns, of wlmi nature, condii ion, 01 quality noevct they 
be of; but that all mannerof appeals, of what nature or eon< 
dilion soever they be of, or what eiute or matter soever they 
conccrtt, «l\all be made and hjMl by rht- [wriii'S grieved, or 
having cause of appeal, aftcy such maniicr, form, and con- 
dition, as is hmited Tor appeals to be had and pro^'coted 
vithfn this realm in causes of matrimony, i^thes^ oblations 
and obveniiona, by A ftatuic thereof made and established 






fn-iin (lie 

(o Chan- 

luinoH by 
i?rini ma- 
ll (I dcn 

ttnce thE Sq^nnfng uf thi« pmcni rarlinTTtnl, and arcord- 
in( 10 tlio form anJ ciTttt of ibc witl ?iJJtutc ; any uui^, 
ctntocn, pfcu:nptTon, or BJiy lliing of thijj^ to the coni£ai> 
hereof tiocvjlhstindmg. 

AnH fnr brfc ctf" ju*fif^ it or in m- fhp roum of ih«r 
archtnvhopa of this realm, or in any the kings dominion*, 
It shatl be bvlul to Itic parties grieved to appoftl to th« 
kin;^« mnj^v m ihe king's Coitri of rhanr*ry; and thai 
apnii every such nppc^, i c(jmiii{N%ic>[) »l;.i]l be tlirccted 
under the great ircat to such persons as sho)l be named 
by UiL* Icings highn«iiA, Ivs hern or saccnfore, hkc a« in 
rsTS^ nf nppriil frnnn thr admira]** ronn, [o Scar and di'ft- 
niiivcly dcieriumc witli ,kppenls */id the <^uk« concerning 
the wune^ ^ tiicb eommitaioticn!, bo by the king'» hi£h' 
ft«ti. bis bein or stiooestorKf to b« nim.ed or aiipointed, 
Ahall Mve full [loirer and auclioriiy lo hrjir diid defimrivHy 
determine cvciy such Appeal villi ttic oaubca aiid all lin^tini- 
•cuiccs conccmii^K the fttmc: and that auch judfrncnt 
and lenience, as the taid commiKioner* shall make and 
detrL*e. in and upirn any nuch, ib;ill lie t'^od arid 
cfTcctual, and al»o definitive i and no funher appeal* lo 
be Imd or made Jronn the wid commUMoncn fcr the 

And if any |>rrton nr prri^on*, nt any tinje after the wid Prnaltj of 
feast of Ea&ter, provoke or 4ue any manner of appeals "^^^l^riiwft^ 
«^i rviture or condition suever they be of, lo the taid Uc(« 
Binhop nf Romr, nr to thr iw*e of Romr, nr do procure or J^^I??: **^ 
execute any iminncr of proccw from the sec of Rome, or Hiiy pro- 
by dkiilhonty thereof, to the diToraMon or let of the due""*''™' 
CSEceution of thi* Aa, oi contrary to the *anie, that Iheu 
ciery such ixniton or fiersonx «o doing, tlteir aiderf, coun- 
scllofa, and abcllnn, shall incur and run into the dangctu^ 
paina, and penalties contained and hmitcd in the Act of 
Pmvbiion and Prpmimire made iit rhe ^ixlccnih year of ihe 
king') moat noble progenitor, King Richard Il^agnintt audi 




ixf shhoNu 

HunK new 

lu t": mnidc 


Ac., coa- 
in fierce. 

AS sue (o t)ic Court of Rotilc ;tgainst (he tinges cfown £iid 
prerogative roynl, 

I'rovidc^d always, thai all nwnner of provocations and 
appeals h^r^Afler io be had, made, or tak^n from cbc juriv' 
diciton of any Abbolf, ^riur«, 3.n J othet heads and guvernurs 
of monA£lcnc», abbeys, priorica, and oihci housca And 
pbccc exempt, in fiui± cases as ihcy were wont or might 
afore the making oFlhis Act, by re-ason of grants or liberliei 
of aucli places c^CinpL lo have or make imoicdiatcl)' an/ 
appeal or provocation to the Btshop of Rome, oihcrw-isc 
tailed pope, or to iht stie of Rome, that tn all ihesc cases 
every per^uii and pcr^oEis* having cau^c of appeal tn jirtivo- 
cation, shall ard may take and make iheir appeals and 
provocation* immediately to the king's majesty of this 
realm, into the Court of Crhancery, in like manner and fcnm 
u they u»cd afaic to do to ihc ace of Rome ; which apjicnl^ 
and provocations so made* shrill be dcEinitivcly delcrmmed 
by aurhority of the king's commission^ in such manner and 
furm a^ in Ihia Act b above mentioned ; so iliai no artrh- 
liiafiop or biahop of this realm shall ir^tcrmit or meddle 
wtlh any such appcali;, oihcrwwe or in any other mannar 
than ibcy might have done afore the making of [his Act ; 
anything in this Act to Uie contAry thereof tiotwithv 

HrovTded aIho, thnt «och canons, com: Itiut ions; onJin- 
anm, and synwlids pnivincial T}eLngalreitdym^ic[e,whkhbe 
not contrariant or rcpu^^nant to the laws, fjlatLites. and cua- 
loms of this realm, nor to the damage or hurt of (his king's 
pTcrognrive royal, shall mnrc %tU\ be used and ticroied SU 
they were afure the making at this Act^ till such time as 
they be viewed, icnrchcd, or otherwise ordcrtd and deter 
mined by the wid Iwo^nd-thirty persons, or the more part 
of ihrm, according to the tenor, fonn, and effect of this 
present Acl. 

h] history of TH£ IXGUSH CIWUCH 




:HR ecclesiastic at. APPOTNTNfRKTS ACT-- 
SIVE ACT, A. a 1534- 

25 Hamav VIII, CAP. 20. 

Skm mtroductioq (o prencliiig JocuBcnC, nd <OBipftfC wilh Nck 
XLIX. 11)^ Ad wu pui«4l in 1554, and wu repc^lrd 40 Ikr 
A» it raUtfd tci rfii"CopMl rieclian — by [h( Adcf i EdM-ird Vt,cKp.3, 

UMt Art w»i rrpr.-ilrd t»y r Mary, «Ut a, o^l a E/wf, No. UCXIII), 

I an d ttEV<r f*-enacrpd- 

^^B [Ttubt, SUEDlviodht lUnlni, 111, (63,) 

^^B Where ftince the bcgirtnlng of this preeeni rfirlinmentyfor Rcfiuiof 

^^Tpprrasiim of the cxariion af ;innArrf; and rtT^t-ffuiu cf arch- "*«^Aci tor 
biihojirics nnd M«1iopncs cf Lhi^ roilin wTOiiKfuEEy Likcu by tiinnnal nr. 
the Bishop of Rome otht-nvisc called the popc^ nnd the sec "*"'^^ °^ 
of Rome, It IS ordained and ettabbjihcd by an Act, among ip,J, ^t,. 
oiher things that the p»iymeniB of the annates or i^rst frji'ii^ yi iy\ 
and oJ] manner contributions of the sirne. for any fttic:h 
archtixbopric or bishopric, or for any bulk ic be obumcd 
from die see of Kome, 10 or for the said purpO!(« or intent, 
aboQld uticilj LCaac and no mi.U lo \k |uid for any :tri:h- 
biihopric or hii^hoprt^ within thi> rcitlm, <ilhcrw[^o Ehjin in 
ih« iani« Act is sxprtutdi and thiit no manner of pcrton 
or pcnon* 10 be named, elected, pr«cnJed, or fioslubl^d to 
aft J nTchbiihopric or hisliopric wlthm this rcalni, should paj 
the iaid annates or firttfniiu, nor any other manner of mm 
or <um« of mc^ney, p<m8ion« of anmiitiei for the tune, or 
for Any other like ooction or caubt> upon |juin to fi^eic 10 
our aovercign lord the Icinj:, his han and succcaaofK all 



\fM. manner hi? f;ood> and chalieb ffx crer, and all tbe tem- 
poral Idtidtt and pOtt«etiionA ol the «aid nrchblihoprir or 
hUhoprJc during clit* ifme fliai hr or tbry ih:ii sJii>uU3 offcr-nd 
conirary lo ihc (Jiid Act. should liflic, posucsj^. and enjoy ihc 
aid archlii^hopHc or bi5ho[iric_ And it is further cTiictiid, 
that ir any peraun n:iined or pr^iionied to cht? icc of Rome 
bj the king's h)ghnc«^, or tiia hcJr^ and AuctxM^om, 10 be 
hwh(>p of an) *cc or diocMc witlifn ihii realm, xhoitld 
ha|>[icn to be lec, delayed, or deferred at the i«e of Rome 
from any »urh bishofiric vchereunto he ihuiitd be *o pre- 
wntcd, b)' meuna tjf tesiraint of bullh uF tlic^^iJ BMiop of 
Rome, otbctiwisc tailed ibc pope, and other thinj^ requisite 
to the umc, or shotiM be denied at the Bee of Rome, upoa 
cnnvenieni itrit mnde, fur awj bulls nfrjuiiiie for any !iuch 
cause, ihat ihcn every pcnon so prc^cnlcd miylit or should 
be conaecnted here in England by the archbishop in whose 
province ihe NJd bishopric *hall be: *;ci ^itwiij-E, thai ihc 
tnme prr«m «hoiilH hr nnnicd and (ircsrnred ]>y ihe king 
for the lime being to ihe »id Archbinhop- And if itny 
ptfiaon bcinfi and presented as js befctre said, to 
any archbishopric of this realm, making convenient siitt, ai 
h alorctnid. shooW hai>pen to be lei, delayed, deferred, 
or othcrwitie dixLorbcd from the uid arehliithoi^ric, for Uck 
of pall, bullt>or other lhing& to him requii^ite to be obtained 
ai the see of Rmne, that rhvn every -fucb pervmi so named 
and piesiciileO to the aiL^hbibliup, u:i;jilit and hhuulJ brr tua- 
aecraied ind invcMed, after prc^entalion nmdc a» i^ afore- 
Mudr by any other two l:>i«ho[M wttliin thL& realm, whom the 
king's highnen, ut any his hejr!* or succesvini, kinj;^ of 
Crig)and, voLild appoint and aaaign for the Mme, according 
and after like manner as divfii* arcbbiftbops and bishops 
have been hert^iofore In ancient time by foundry the Vvnfg% 
muni noble pntgcnicora nuiden dm^ecrated. and invented 
vrithin this n:nlm. And it is further enacted by the aaid 
Aet, Chat every aFchbishop and bi«hnp, being named and 





presented hy tbe Lin|;'» hif;bneMv li» heira and mcoc&aors 
kingi of EnfilArxl. and bcin^ com«cnued and Ln^enicd, as 
ii afbreuid, i^oiild he insralM accordingly, flind should he 
accepted, Ukcn ard reputed^ irx^d nnri ohe^nl m an xrth- 
bibhop or bifihop <jf the dfgfiitr, see, or pUcc whcrcunto he 
thiJJ be <o natitod, pr«^ntud, .ind cx^nBecraCcd. and aji oCbeir 
Itkc prcUrrt of ihat province, wc» or diocese have been 
used, .iccqKcd, :aken, and fjijcycdn whirh have Imd and 
obuined completely ihcir hxiXU and other thm^^ rcquinte 
in Lh:it be^ulf (roin the i^v ol Rome, and atao should lully 
and entire^)' ha** jind enjoy all the sfiintiialtiw and irm- 
poTaltict of the »id trchbi&htfpric oi bJ»bopric, \n Ait bricc 
ample, and bcnefrcial rnnnncr, rL9 ai^y cf hi» or their prcde- 
oectoit hod or enjoyed in the %x\d archbuboprk or bishopric, 
■uiufying and yie1d[ng unEo Ihe king'i hrgTine^it. and to h£« 
licin ocd fiuc<xftftur;h ^Ll ^utb duiJcA, iif;liU, and inicrota a> 
bcforclime have been accustomcJ to be pAid for ar^-f «ijcU 
flrehbtthopric or hUhopric. aeeordlng ro ihc ancient lawfi 
nnd ruiluniK of ihiK realm nnd ihc klng'ti prerof^tivtr loyjil, 
as in the said Act amortg^t oibcr things b more at large 

Ar)d Albeit tbe nfd Bi^bop of Rome, otherwise ealted the Thr pripcn 
pope, ha8 been inlbimed and certified of the enVciual f^™^^^" 
oontcntu of Ihc loid Ael^ lo the intent ihnt by aoinc gentle tlii* Act* 
ways the t^id exoctioni mighC have been redre»«ed and p]!i^^^a 
rtfotmed, yei neverthelew ihe tfiid Biahop i>f Rome hirheno reurca^ 
luiA itiadc no aiia>4ci of hia mind ibcreiri tu the LingS high- 
fiess, nor dcviwxi nor rcriuircd any rcnaonablc ways to and 
with otir (aid toverc^n lord for the lame : 

Wherefore hfx most ruyal mnJCTJy of his mo^t cxceJtcn! tfiereforc 
l^oodne^a. for die we-^iUb and profit of ibiBhia rcalin and auL- fo'^ 
jcctv of th^ liftmcT ha^ net only put hiji most ^cioim and >*>v B^ar*- 
royaJ aoeni to the ^iforciaid Ace, but aljiohai tatiAcd ood !||^^^j^ 
omfirvied the s^Lttie, iind eteiy cbuae and ailicie therein 
OOfklAAcd. aa by his Icitcri patent under his great seal 




■hfill bt 

lo Home 
for llie 

dignitv of 
an arcs- 
bi«hop or 

iiALr4 nr 
firm- fni ill 
b«p>Jd io 



pnrollcfl in the P;iTli;LTnenl roll of ihi» present Pirliam*;nt. 
more Hi Uirsc i» a^iiloincd. 

And TonLvmuch as in Lhc viid Ad ii is noi plcunly ord 
c^CTiiiirly eKpTCised in vtxat mstnn^r and fashion flrchbLtbojw 
ami hishn]?'i[ lit elericd, ptesL-nieA mvcslird, nnd con- 
^ccatcd nithin rhis rcdm, ani in jtlL other the king's 
domimoi>»; t>c it now ibercforc etittc(*d by the king our 
sovereign lord, by ihe assoni of ihe Lords spiritual and 
Wmporal, and the Coninans, in this piL-scnl rarliaciient 
EUscntblcd, and by ihc nulborTy nf tlic umc, lb£t the Mid 
Acl and everything therein conUmcd shall be and BUnd )n 
sirenglh, virtue, and effti^t ; fvrept only, that no person of 
pciatftm JJciL'Ltftcr bhsiW be pic^c-ntcd, nominaicd, or com- 
nicndcd to tlic said flishop of Komc, Dthcnvi» oiUed the 
pope, or to Ihe see of Rome, to or for the dignity or ottc« 
of any iirrhbishop ut liKhtjp wjihiri this r«^atin, or in any 
otlier tiic king's tluminiuna, nor shall scjiU tier procure 
there for any manner of biilU bnefs, palls, or other thii^ ■ 
requisite for an archbishop 01 bifihop, nof shall pay any 
sums of monpy for ^innutos, firni-fruiLt mir oihcrwiM-, for 
expedition of any such bulla, bricf\ or polls ; but that by 
the authority ol thia Acl. auch prcsicntmg, nominating or 
commending to the «ni<I Kkiihop of Komc, or to tho «ce of 
Romc^ and such hulls briefs, p.ills, annates, fiisl-frutis 
ftnd every other 5uni) of money heretofore limited, aecua- 
tomcd, or u&ed to be paid at the said cee of Rome, for 
ITOCuration or eipcditiori of any surh bulls, briefs *^^ 
|iuI]h, oi other itiing coTiLcimng the umic, »hal] utterly 
cease and no longer be uacd wiihin thi* realm, or within 
any the Uin^i domirtion:;; anything ccniained in the ftold 
Art aforcmtntioneil, or any tiir, ruslurn, or ^resi'fi[Jliou to 
the commry thereof tiolwilhata riding. 

And furdicrmort; be it ordatncd and cMohlished by the 
auihoriiy aforesaid, that at every avoidance of evL'ry arch- 
buhopric or liiKhojirL: within this ituliu, or in ^ny other 



ihp liing'* dominiunsv 'l>*^ king our wjvercign lord, \vs heir* 
ami suci:cM<jra. irtiy j;ra»t l(> the prior and convent, or ibc 
ikfin and <'ha|>tC' of ilic czitbcdral chtirdics or Riun&sicriofl 
wh«T6 the tec of %Mc{\ archbishopric or bi«hopnc thall 
h&ppcn to be \'o{J, a lictiic« under ilie (jf*^ **^l ^» ^j'^ 
old time has bv<cn accu8Eomvd» to proceed to cicclion of 
wi archbishop or h^hop of the nee «o b«in^ void, with 
a letitT mistivp. rontairting ihc name of (he pervon which 
ibcy »haU elect and chnow : bjr virtue of wliich licence tbt 
said dean and chapiter, or pTi:>r And cctrivciit^ to whom i^fxf 
such liecr^cc and tc((cri4 mi«4LVc ftliaU be direi:icd, ^h.iU »iih 
id] speed and ri-lrriiy m due form rieri ami chrHue the 
Sftid perv>n njsmcd in the Ktid letters mbatve, to the di^^ 
nity and ofhce of Ih? irchbi^hui^rLC or budliufnc f^o btring 
void, nnd none other. 

And if ibcy do ddcr or delay ihcir election alwve twelve 
dAy> nc:il after auch licence and letters miMJve to them 
delivered, that then for every *ueh default the kings hii^h- 
res^ hJ4 lieir^ :ind iuccet4oT!&, Mt their libi^rt)' and j^K-akitre 
«Lij&ll aominutt and ^e^rnt, Ly Lhdr Icilera patent under 
ihcir gjt»X Mil, «u«-h * person to the said otTicc And diflnity 
to being void, « ihcy shall think able and convenient for 
tlie ame- 

Arid tb^nt every &uch nnininalion and presentment to l>c 
tnode by the kin^'n hij,'hncTt!t, liiA hcira and aticccsion, if it 
be lo ihe oifire and dignity ol a bishop, shall be made to 
the archbishop Jiml mnrijpnlitan of the provinrt* whcrp the 
•ee of the same bishopric is void, if the see cf the inud 
archbiiibopnc be then fjl], nnd no: void ; and if h be TOid, 
ihcn 10 be mad^ to ^uch archbuhop or mccropoljtan i* iihin 
ihiA Tc«lni, or in any the k\n^% dominiona, 3« »haU please 
the Vvr^^'s highncM, his hdn or sueeeuora; And if any 
%ix<:h nomir^tion or pre^enimert fthail happen lo be made 
ft>r defAuIr of *nrh olecrinn ro ihe dignity nr office of any 
Archbishop, llien the V.\u%\ bi£hncs»H bi£ beir^ and succcs- 

be cIccTKl 

by pHur* 
■nJ con- 
sent* ^r 

uil lliE 

ilon only. 

In dcfflLill 
f f tiH:}i 
ahull jLp' 
point hy 

To wlmiti 

bibh^pq or 
hi*Sri]w, in 

ami <r43ijfc- 


tlicir <>ffii'c 
Hi Id w fully 


bbitiiifi of 

iwt deul- 
ing or nM 

numcd by 


ceremonies, srd ^ll othi^r }\)\\\^ rcqji&ji^ for the same, 
wkhnut «mnK, pTocunn^, Oil obUinlnK ATiy bLill^, bricfi, or 
(iiher ihingii M tb« taid mg of Romc^ cr b)' tlic authority 
thereof it> aeiy bohnlf. 

Aikd be il fuElber enacted by auiburJty afoii^adid, thai 
ever/ person nnd person* bcinj; hcrcnflcr chosen, elected, 
naminaic, prettnicd, invested, and coniccmtcd Co the dig* 
nity or [>Il^i:t' of any irrhbishtip or bishop wdihin this re:]]m, 
or wttlun any olbcr the kin|;'s duminiona. according to the 
form, tenor, And effect of ihm present Aci« and tiling their 
ccmpornlticK out of the king's h:tndfi, hii* hcini or ctJccet' 
■i(>f5, as hji< Ticen urcustomrd, 3n<l m.itina u tur|Kjrji oolli 
lo ttic kini^^A hit'hnciN and to none other, in form a» is 
a^roro rehearBcdp shall nr>d n^ay from hi^ncclorth be thron- 
ijcd or iniUnlTedf i« the case Khali reqinre, and Khali have 
and take [hcii only rcsLHutinn out of ihc king's h;iad\ 
of all the poKteasions And profits spiritual and temponi], 
bijlonging to the «id archbishopric or bishopric whcrounto 
they «hfltl be «<> eleeted or presented, and shall he obeyed 
in all nuiirtcr cf ihiEij^ti, aixonJing to the nonu^ tillCi 
dcffCC i and dix^^ity thi^t tbc>' shAlE be so chosen or pre 
lented unto, and do and c^ccmc m uvcry thing nnd things 
touc:hing the s^iine, as any nrcbbishop ur bishop of this 
realm, without offending Ihc ;»rcrogaiivc royal of the trown 
and tlic Inwe nnd customs of this realm, might at finy time 
heretofore da 

And be it further enacted by the authurily oftireftuid, 
that tf the prior and convent of any monjutcry^ or dcoo 
and diapter of uiy cathedroLl church, whire the see of ftny 
.^rctihithop or biithcip U within any of the Vx^^t dominion^ 
after Midi Ifoencc n« i» afore tebcATKil, sliall lie delivered 
to them, proceed not to election, and ii|j;nify the some 
according to the tenor of this Act, within the ei;ace of 
twenty iby* next after ludi brennc thall rntnc To their 
hands; or cUc if any archbiahop cr bishop, within i^^y 



ibe kvng'f domEnJont, art«r any >m:h dection, nominulcn. 
Of prciicnUiion shall be signifif^ unto i?i^iii by ilic kin^s 
klicm ixiici»i, shall itfMic, and io not coartim, itivcsl« ind 
ooaiccratt; with all due drton-ii^unoe a« ik aforesaid, cveiy 
such person a* *hjin be tf> eltctcd, nominate, or prcMoied, 
und to tbE:i]> bj^iJLj'iul aa ia ubu^-c mculic^ncd, witliui iwcntf 
davA uiM After the ki[t>:S Iciccjd pattiit of auch ij^njlica< 
tioa cr jircftcntdtioa shflll come to their hands ; or cIkc if 
any of tlwiTi, c^r any uthc^r ^lerton or personi, admii, inafn- 
UitV alkjw, obey- do or cKCCEUe any ccusmcs cicuramu- 
mcfliiont, in:crdiaioti», Lntijbition&, or any other procc» or 
QCtr of whit TUlurcr n:inie, ot quality ioevt^r it bc^ to the 
oonuuiy, or Icl of due excctitiim of lhi« Act; ttiut theii 
cvrry \ft\*ix and jAirlicular pcniun uf his convent, and c\ciy 
d*an »ftd jxinicular pfraon of ihc ch<»pici, and ever/ arch- 
biihofi and bifthop, and all other prr»ons, no olTcnding and 
doing oootraTy 10 this Act, L>r any [mn ihcieof, ind llicil 
ludcn, coun&ellon, ^nd ahcttcra, !khaU nin into the d^gcn, 
poinfl, atvi pcnctlticv of the Statute of the I'rcniiiion nnd 
Frxmunir^, mode in ih<r livc-ond-twcntjcih year of ihct 
Tcigji uf Kin^ E^dwi/d [|[, and In ttic Hniccnlli year of 
King L^ichard 11. 




THE TAVMEN'r 01" llClXltS TENCE, A.a 1531. 

2G Hi:s<RV VIU, cap- 21. 

Sn tnlrodactwi ra docntnant No^ Lt, 

tTrtLdHT, SutoErs oF Uie R«Um, lU. 4^4'] 

M'mi humbly he.seething your nmst njyul imijrily, your Prtjrci af 
otKdicfii and fjiiihful subjcctA, Uic Cooinioiia of ttis your ^'^J^"^" 
prcM^nt parliament aucnblod, by your ono«l dread com- a^LinM 





and coiJBC' 
en IP J » 

<h(Mr rtflirr 
as lawfully 

olher artb- 
^kliup or 

tJi« tmlm. 

not ekci- 
iuft VI uul 
cnling % 

luiiif!^ by 

<!cn?moniev^ anJ aII othi.*r things n^E^iitaite for the Mtn' 
wdhoui sumi£, procuiini^ or obuimiig nny bulU. bncfiv or 
other lhing« nt titc said ffcc of RotiiCi or by the ;iuihonE;f, 
thereof tn any btlialf. 

AiiJ Ijc it I'uulitr eimcicd by iiulhuitty aforCMitl, tb 
every person ainii persons bcin^ hereafter cbo&cn, cJcct 
nominitCi prcsent4?d, invested, and caw^t^nr-TTXcd 1o the dig- 
nity or offitc of rtny ntchMshnp or bi-.hop within tbis ri-a 
or vrithin a:iy other the king^s dcJininiona, According tO I 
fonn. tenor, and elToct of this present Act, and luing 
tompornltie^ out of lUe kmg's hands, his hdrs oi 
i^cir^ nK hns hrrn acruKtninri^, Jind making a cor|Kiial uat 
to the king's blgSnc-M^ and to no(i< other, in form aa 
tilbro rtilieunt^d, ftlioJt and may from lienectorlb be t 
ized or in^ui1lt.<d» as the ease shall require, And i^halL hxvc 
Btid ukc their only rc^ii'iution out of ihc kin^'* ban 
of aI] the po3SC5aior)5 and proLit» spirLiua] And terti 
beloHRmft 'l<^ the sttid archbiEihopric or bUhojni vvli.r^unio 
tht^y shall be ^o dieted or pr^enlfd, and ^ti ili !<■ ■iliryi'd 
in all iua,Tuivi of thinp, aceurdiiiK tv tbc n&mcj 
decree, and dignity thai they ih.ill he so rhcwen or 
ftcnicd unio, and do and execute m every tbinj^ .ind than 
tourhing th*? fi-ime, as any nrtihbishop or bishop of i\\\% 
rc^lm, Hit)ioui offending the picrogativt toyal of itic crow 
and the bwa and cuALoms of this tl£::^\ix\t might at anjr 
berototbro do^ 

And he it fiinhrr eTn:iried by tbe loihority ofo 
that if the prior and convent of any monAstcry. ot 
and chjifUcr of t^r^y aitbedral church, where the M^ of an? 
orthbisliop or lji»ho[> is within any ot the king'R dwninion 
aftirr tueli lio^nefr as ifl afore rehearsed, sbftU be deli 
ID them, i]rocx;ed not to election, and li^nify tbc 
nccordirii Ic tbc tenor uf this Act, within ibe ipAC* 
twenty dnys nv'%1 afcr turh Mf^nee thall romr xa 
baikda^ or cl^c if any arehbiihop or bi^hop^ inil 


fyt MJ 



thp king's doniiniorifi. ithct any inch HL-ciIon, tiomtnation, *^- 
or prcbcnLiLion :iUAl\ be iigiitfjcd utlo ihcin Ijy the kin^'ft 
Icitcn patent, ihall icfuac, an<] Jo not ccvnliim, iiive«i, and 
cx)nftiH:nE(! with all <1(ie rircumqUnc? fl« 1^ arorcciidt every 
9ijdi [Hfnscia as nhall l>r sj Htrr«l, nnminawj, or prcscnicd, 
ao<j lo them sigoificd as \% aboix; mcniioncd. within twenty 
di\-« rcxi alter ili« king'v Irtieiv patent of Buch ftigmlici- 
tir>n or pre^ntfltion (hall come to their hAncts; or cUc if 
any of lIicnL, of ;it]>~ other icniDii or persons, udinit, iiu-in* 
CAin, allow, obey, do or cxcctice ony ccnaure^, cxuominu- 
niciibns^ intcrdiciiocifl, mhibitions, or any oih«r procxu or 
act, of what naiurr, nnmi?-, or qiiaHtT %nrvrr it be, to the 
ooniTAn^ or let of due cxecutioJi of ilm Act; that then 
cvtrry prior and piriJCLilir person of his convent, and every 
dwrt) and panicnbr p<Tion of th* ch,iptcr, and every arch- 
bi«ht>}>jind bi&hr}|i, and all oiTie-r personA, so oIT^nding and 
doi/iK conliJiy to thtb Ai:L. or an> poit thereof, and thcil 
aiders, counM^llor** and abetters, shall run into the dangers^ 
pains* and penalties of tbc Statute of the rrovition and 
Pnrxnnnirf, rnnde in ihc fivtsind'twirnliT^lli year of llic 
rapi of King Edward UIj aod tn tbc uitceiktb >cv of 
Kiag Richard II. 


ACT roRninniNG rAPAi. nisrENSAXioNS and 


2£ Hkhkv VITl, car. 21. 

Srx intmdLtrtian la document Ho fX 

[Tonvr, Sututcs oCthe Re*liD, Hi, 41^] 

Uoftt bumbly btscedung your most royal majesty, )rcxir rMjr«r of 
obe<^ient and ^thful «ubjects, the Commons of thu your [p^^Jl""' 
prc^nr Farltammt aatemblcd, by yo«r iDoit dicvi c^n^ ^v^Aea. 





tbAl \hl% 

r«Alm fa 
Free l^n 

LD not 

urlOun tJir 

mandmcnCT tbit wher« your stibjecU of this your realm, and 
of othr^r cotiiilnn ;iml (lci;iintonii. being uniJcr your oltciH*' 
Alice, by iiidiiy y^iixs paal Imvl- bccii, jUid yet be greatly 
decayed and im^^'crishcd, by tiirh mtolcmble cxactJonB or 
great tumit of money as Ki^-e been eldimed and uken, and ■ 
yet t^imtinuilly \it tlaimtt! to lie ukcn nut tjf iljia yuor 
realm, and uihct yuur Mtd i^ufitzica md Juminions by ihc 
Bishop of Komc. CAllod the pope, s^nd ihc ecc of Rome, u 
well in pcnHton>, ccnwii, Pcter'(>cnce, prooitrttions, fruit*, 
%\%\XsU^t iMiivlsAmif, pndciprdiliotunfbulUrcitaitlibj-thuiidcs.j 
and bi^hopHci, and for delc!;^c:ics, and rc^ripu in ctttMS 
ol contentions and ajipcAltf, Jurisdictions Icgatine, and alto 
for dUpt^-n^rJoii^ lirencpv, fnnilrjcfi, granifi, rrl.i3:.iiimi% 
vriis cjllcd fiefindf vahfe. rrhahilil.ition^, sboliuon^ amd 
Other tnlinitc sorti of bulU, br^ef», and instruments of 
tundiy naturcfL, nomct, and kindjc, in fjreat niimtierv hereto* 
fore jmc-ciKird and ubtnJnird oiherwisf Ibnn by the lawT^ 
UuJuIIl- usl>, uni LiLaiuiiia uf Llii^ [e:h[iii ^bojld be pcr- 
miKcd, the specialities vbercof be over \qt\^, larj;o in 
number, and tcdiomt here particubrly to be inserted; 
wheri^iii the 6]!(ht)p of Rcicne ifaresitit has nut been only 
lo be bbiiK'd for bi^t usurpaLion in the preniiac^ but «bu 
for hifl abufiing and beguiling your aubiccts, |irc(ending and 
persuading tr> ihem th:il he has fult power to dtiipcnise mih 
all hiiHiuTi laws, nsr^, ,im! nisioms nf all rmtmjs, in flll c:^U!tei 
which be called tpmiuaU nhich matter h^ been luttrped 
and practised by him and bi^ prvdecetttom by nian^ yearVi 
In gfcni derngaiion of your iniiwrinil ctcwn and aulhoriCy 
royal, cutilr^icj to rigbl and eciui-ientic : 

For where thi» your graoe'i realm rcf0(;niemg no ^uperiof! 
under God, bui only your gmce, ha* been and it Ire* 
from riitSjeriion lo Any man's lam, hi^t only lo K]i:h MJ 
have lieen devised, made, and prdajn^rd within ihis realm, 
for the wcdltb ol Ihe iani«, or to iiich other aa, by frufTer^^j 
ance of your gracp and your progrniicirK, ihr peoplp of th^ 



your realm h:ivc taken il ihcir free libcJty, by thdr o^ii 11934. 
consent to be u^cd amofLfiit tlicm, mid have bo^nd thcm- 
BelT«fl \>Y !or^ u&e and cuiiom (o the oUc-rvancc of ibc nam^, 
nor fis 10 iIk oS^crvflnci' of thi? lakv? of anj' iVirri^ii prinr p, 
potcnUlc, or prdjlc, bul a,^ lo tbc accu^tLmmcd d.nd ancient 
laws Cff this realm, origiDiiily cstabhtheid as law& cif the 
fftnne, by xhe laid tufT^nno;, consonu, arid cuttoni^ nnd 
none <jlli<.TA ISO : 

It »Uind» ihcfcforc villi natural cqutiy and £ood reason, Ihe p«w«r 
ITuu in all cLnd every iuch bwt human tnadu wicbin ^^^ ^Vpiirliir 
tr.*:ilin, ur induced ioto thi& realm by ibe ^id ^u^LVAnc?. mt^riiio 
tuiiwriits, y.nd uubtULii, yom iu)al tiiajnly, ^rid yout luids ^JS^'^,^ 
•piritoftl and temporal, and Commons, rcprctcnitDjE lhcor»Dul 
whole KCate of youT te^tm, in thtii your mc^si lliRh Conrt 0*^1,^^™' 
Farliatncni, h,ivc /ull poftt-r and ^luthoriiy, not only 10 A\^ ibia f*»lai. 
pen^c, but aImi to auttionxc MJmc dcci i>eT9jjn »t pcrvjni 
Co dispense vriih thgse, and all oCber human bw5 of thi» 
youf t«alm, a,nd vrJib every one or (hem, aa the quality of 
ihc persiin* and m-incr lihall nvjiiirp; anil al*o ihe said 
bws, and cvciy of tlicni, 10 ;tbT^iic, annul, amplify, or 
dimmish, as it ahfiU be seen tinio your majesty, and the 
nobler And CommonK of your rerilm present in your Parlia- 
ment, moTt ;ind convenient for tbu wcaltb of your lealni, aa 
by divGD ^<iod and wholc^oncic Acu of P^Lrlioments, made 
and established as wcU in your time, as in the time of your 
mem noble prcgenitort. il may plainly and evidently jj^pirif ; 

AtmI Ijfcauwr llmt it b no* in IIicm; djyb picaeriL seen, RtmrH/ 
ihat the atatc, dignity, tuperioniy, reputation, and cuthorily **l«'lfi>'- 
of the «aid rmpcnal cronn of thi« realm, by ibe long suffer- 
ance V)S the Nud nnreasonnbie and um:li;iniali?e iriurjjalioni 
and e^actiuna pnKtibcd in the tiuics uf your moi»t noblo 
pvo^ieuiiore, U raiicb and sore decayed and diniiniAhedt 
and the people cf thi« realm thereby tmpavcriAhed, and to 
or u-onr be likt tu coniinuc, if remedy be not ihdtifor 
atiortLy prcpvidcd ; 




pPBCP, Of 

uitirr im- 
to R«mfi 

Ko prrson 

— y<ig oj 

»ulijm — 
for any 
lion Of 

It may ther«fbrG pLouc }'oiir niost noble niajctty. for tha 
honour of Almigbtjr God, an<J For iTie Et^nder love, £«al, And 
n^cciiim iImi yc bcjr, ftnd nlway^ Iuvl- bome^ to tlic tfcslth 
of Ihli >oor rcAlm «nd »iikjea* of lite »ainc roraomuch u 
ycuT majcstv '^ fiirpTcme head of the Church of EtiffUndt 
A» the jitcUtc* and cl<?rgy of your realm, reprtfs^tjng tbe 
tkiid Cluirchp in Iheir nynodit and LunvcHsilioitH hu^e tecQ^ 
nifcd, in whoiti cunitiatcili full power and authoni), apOQ 
all Kuch Ia^mi nft have been made and ui«cd Vithin thU 
realm. 10 ordain and enirt, by ih* anient of 3toiir lorilt 
spifitunl ttrd ietn]j[>rji], atid the CtJinmEiiia in thi» >uur |]Te- 
sent r«Tltamcnt o^icmbkd, and by auihoriiy of \\\t «anu^ 
tilU DO p(T«cn or pcreon^ of lhi» your rc.ilm, or of Itnjf 
ocher your dnmrnions shidl frnm hrnixf{inh pjy any pcn- 
»ona, ceiuci, potiions, Pctcr-pcncc or uny other itnpoailinnit, 
to the use of Che said bi»liop, or the see of Rome, Ifkc u 
hereloforc tlit-'y t>ave uied, by usuqj.ntioii ol the latd Bishop 
of Rome and hi* |>redec*"S«(?ts, and sulTrrflnec of your bigli- 
ncWb &nO v^ui itiosi nobtc pio^ciihorA, (o do; bol thjii cU 
Mcb pcnii;>n5, c<n?<cA, portions and Pcict-pente, which tbe 
nid Bishop of Rome, otherwist; c^iUcd iher pope, bai hetcio- 
fofe tattti and perceived, or cutisi^d lo be i^iken and per- 
cdved to his Mat, and his chamlicn wliirii he catb 
ftfmetohCt by u&urpftlion and KufTorarce, ns is sbovc^nidi 
vhhin tbifl your realm, or any orhet your domininns, kH^lU 
from he^ncefiirtti clearly lUii-tuM!, und ncvrr llUlre^ be kvicdp 
taken, perceived, nor paid to any peT!ion or persons in any 
manner of nise; any const dui con, use, ph.*scriptiori, or 
cuwom to the conirary thereof noEwUliRtsnding. 

Arid be it further enacted by the Aulhorily aforesaid, that 
neither yoLtf highness, your hein nor succcfiion, Lin;;s of 
lhi« redm, nor any your lubjecu of this rcjlm. nor of any 
other yonr dominion*, ahali from henc^forib iiie :n thr «id 
Biftbop of Koine, called ihc pope, or to the see of Rome, or 
to any pcrnon or pcriong having ce pretending any authcv 




i^y hj the some, for lioencd^ dfspcnutioru, c^mpotitiDnv, 
fiiroUieK, grant!, mcripiK, dtrie^rcifi, ot any oiIict iniflru- 
ment!( or vnliiigt, of wbac kinti lUtnc. nature, cjt quulil; 
tocvcr tlicy be of, for ui^ ctkutc or nutter, i\yt tlic vtbidi 
any tt^nco, diKpon«allon, compotilion, farAdty, grant, re- 
srtiiic, dptcgncy, in«irumrnr, oi lah^T urriiiny, heretofore 
bu Ixcn uwd at)d Actruslomcci to be hstd «nd ubUJncdal 
the sec f>f Home, or bv auth-irilv thereof, or of any prclait 
of t?i[« realm j ttor lor any mannri of other liccwet, diRpen- 
lAtions, compositions, ticulucs. RiAnts, icAcriplx, dcicgadd, 
or onjr other inxtrunncntsi or wrilingi that in catiaca of ncco- 
Mlyrany lowftilly be gfanttd wittioul offending o( \\xe Holy 
Si.ri(?CLire« and lawi of God : 

Uul tli;it fioui liniufLrrth c^tiy iucti liccw.t, dispcnsjilion, 
<ompi>Mtion, fscnlty, arant, rescript, dclccAcy, inKtrumcnli 
and other wTi:inja[ afore named and inenLioncd, nooccuiry 
lor yoni hrghneis your hcirx or xuce^-uon, and your and 
llietr [Kijpic and xuLijecUi, upon tbe dtic cuinin^iituni of 
Ihc catisca and qualiciea of the persons proiiurin^ Bucli di^ 
penMtKinfi, lLccnc:ci,CoirLpo8)tJ()nR, facUl!]C£,grante, rcf-enpt*, 
iMegnetCK, Inscrutnrnbc, or oihrr WTiling«, shnlJ be granird, 
had> and obtained, from Eime to limCr witliin lltu your italrn, 
ind odier your doniini<'jnS| and not elfttwlicret in manner 
and form follriwing, and none oihofwi&e ; tliat Ifl to tay : 
, Thr ArrlihKhcjp r»f fanrfrtniry for [he lime beings and 
lifi siii:cc«ori^ sliall have po'rcr and authority, (rom lime to 
lime, by their dii^ letionif to give, grant, and di^po^e, Ijy an 
Inotnin^eitt under the wa\ of the ^id arch[>tslrop, unto your 
majesty, and to your heira and sueccssors; kingi of thia 
realm, na well all manner nuch 1icen{:e»i dktpensations, com' 
positiont, MctiLliej, grants rc&cnpu, del^gadcf, lotnimcnts 
and all Dlbef ururn^*^ ^*^' cauies not bdng lontrary or 
rciic|in4nc to tlie Holy Siiiptum and lawH of God, as Imtc* 
tcforc has becrt used and acctiatoniod to be liad and 
obuined by your hi^hnesv, or any your most noble |>to- 



All «neh 
ifi Tx? had 
willilrt tlic 
real da. 

tfjc Arch 

i^my [u 
(nnl du' 
loth* bi Of, 



ulioi) ph«ll 
be gnnied 

IuukI Ui 

g^iton^ or any of your or thoit eubjecU, aI Hit »0C of 
Rome, or iiny pcnww ot pcnions by auihoriiy of thp wm« ; 
and all olh^r licences <lJ!t|Kns<tL;oii7(, faculiic^, r'itin]iir>ilii>rM, 
grania, rcacripta, delegacies* instruments, and ether wnitngs, 
m, for, and upon all such causos and maitera jii shall be 
eunverirnr nnri npres^ary to he h:fc(l, for ihe honour ond 
surely of your higlmeas, )<iiir liei,'^ And Kiiecr^i'its And ibc 
wealth and pro6t of this your realm ; so that [he rnid arch- 
bjsbopr Of any of his fiucoNxi>r«» in no minnr^r wia« »hull 
gram any dis]jL'nsaiion, licfiicc rcscripi, or any oihrr 
wrillnK ciforc ichcarscd, for nuy cause or malice rcpugiiAol 
to the lav or Almighty God. 

Be ft »Hty enacted by nuihority afcr^ard, ihAC Ih^ laid 
aiclibiahop and ]iib aticce^sLji s, dftei |;ooj diiU diLc camina- 
tion, by them hjid^ of [He cause* and qualities of ihc pcr- 
iont procuriiig fur lioencei, di«pen«ationa, eompuiTtions, 
f]ueultie±, dfltgacie*, rirscripl*. in^irurriL-nii, or othiT wnting*, 
shall hate full (lOAcr and authority by tht:iJibc1vo, en by 
their suthcicnL and suhstarlial comnii&Mry or deputy^ by 
Iheir diicrelions, from lime lo litne, lo gr^nl and dispose, 
by an inaUutiicnt nndci ihc name and f(C4] of the said 
MihbJ»hop, as well Kir any of your suE>jeuis, oa \o llic 
tubjceu Oif your heirs ond Kuecessor^, nil manner licence 
dinpeiwalfcjn*, fonrlrios, compotitions, delcgatie*, rMCTipts, 
instruments, ur other writmgSp kft ^xvy such cause or matter, 
wlicrcof heretofore auch iiecncc*, dibpcnsaiions, compoai- 
lhon», facuhie«r delegseiei^ reiicripis, inEirumentn.orvminga, 
hav^ hrrn flrriTsioiiird In he had nt rhe src nf Rnmc, or by 
Authcjnly thereof, or of any prelate of ihi^ realm. 

And that tl^o said aichbiahop and \\\t coonmistaTy shaH 
not grant any other hcence, dtspenkitloRt eompoi^tion, 
fatiulty, ^r^ting, or iniSlrunicnT, in ijljsc« unworn and not 
accustomed to be had nr obtained At the Court cf Ronie^ 
nor by any authorUy tbercol, nor by nny prebte ol IbJ* 
rcfllrn. until your grace, your hdrs or succrj^sorR, or youi 



or Ebeir council ihall Am be advcnii&ed ihervor ^d dfCer- IC^ 
mine whether «uch licrnrcc^ disjx-nuitkira, comjiosi lions, 
fdcuIiicA, ^x oibcr wntingt. in such cftUK» unwoiil and not 
«ccuM<pmcd to be dispensed vlDeqI or obtained, nhnll ccm- 
iDonly |)as!t » or her di^tpc^nvuEioni, f^ituUJc^ or oifaer writii^gt, 
ihalL. ui ni^ ljkjji [uiii] LliaL llici;iaiilur»<if uvlt; HULh liter lcc. 
diapcnvtiiont or wrjting, in such camc-s tinwonv, contrary lo 
Ibis Ael, «hall make fine ftt the vill and plcaf^ure of your 
gnicev your hdr* nnd hhcccikdpis ; and if it he thoughr and *iifppi by 
detcniiiiicd b> your gmccn your Icir* or smtcMum, ''f'lon'^i,^ 
youi or their cuunctl, that cii^pcnsutLonEi, faculties, Ucenccai il^c vd 
or other vntJngc, tn uiy such cattw unwont, fth^LI psss,*"""™" 
Ihm The i^id aivhbi«hn(> or hi« cimniUnry. Living licence 
of youi hi^hiieu, your heirs or «ucce«»ra foi the a.itnc. by 
your or their bill ^iMigned, »haU dispense vitb them acccnj- 

Providnl always, tlint no manner of diitpcniaiions, licence*, KInifa 
focuhici. or oihcr testriptn or writinKa hereafter to be J""""?*' 
HirDRtcd to any pcraon or pcnona, by virtue or ciiJlnorLty of tinirril. In 
ihis Act, by the ewd archbishop ot h« committofy bdng=™*^""» 
ofvitrb importnnrff, ihni rhe ttix of ihc nt|icililkjn Ihtn^uf jrvh- 
at Rome extcEidcci to the sum of 4/- or iibove, *baU in |:'""*P'* 
%xj wiM be put in execviLOn, till the same bccncc, dis- iL,>nuii 
penuiion, ftcohy, r^scripi, or other writing, of what nnm^ ^"^ '^'^ilLu 
in nature T-ocier \\ he of^ be fiiM ronfumed by joui high- 
neu, your hcirr or successor), kings of this realm, under tlic 
l^rcot &e;il, and enrolled in your chancery a\ a roll, by 
n clert irt hr appointed for ihe ■^nj'*; anfi thiil this Act 
^mII be a »LilTti ieni tvarmnt lo the Chancellor cf KnF;lAnd 
lov the tinic bcir^f;, or to him whom your grace, your heirt 
or sticceuiors; shall depute 10 be keeper of Ilie groait seal, 
ID conllrin in your nfliiu-, yo^ir hdr* or smtccsjorn, ihe afore- 
said wiitiiifi^h ;^ihi^ ui>dcr the »ATd archbishop's k^I. by 
letters patent in due form thereof to be mAxJe under your 
gr«3t veal, remitn'nj; an well the said writing under the 




WhnI <tH 

inty be 
Kit Piled 

I hrnuLtoiL 

VltEllf of 

any oi itic 

■hull bo 

of fof(« in 


nrdibithop^scal, u tlie uid ccin£nnaiion under Ihe grcaJ 
wmI, to ihc paiiiea rrom lime lo time procuring for the 
aamc ; 

And ihM oil »U'sb lirtnccv, di«p*"Mtion3, l»cuhtc«v and] 
olhtir rcKcripU and writifigt, for the eitp«litiott of ibe which 
the suitl Uxe* to he iKiid 4t Rome wrrc uiulirr 4/, which 
he niaUcm of no f^rcat imprjitancc, ahall pa»:i only by the 
firchbiahop'a aoali ana thnll not of nnjr ncctfliity be con- 
firmed by ihc great t^lj LnTcuihc pro^ritrcFEOf fiuc^Ilceitt^, 
f^LCLilLj, or dikpcnvi.ition dcrtiic in lutvc them ku cocifKnictl ; 
in which co^ie ihey ^h^U pay for the said p^reat acal^ to tbc 
UAC cf yci^r highness your heirs and «ucc(r4iorfi, y. ucriing^ 
and not ahiovc, f>vi-r and 1^)o«{i]rt mirh xat as «ha11 b« 
hcic^ificr limited for the itiAkiiic vrriling, rcgUccrJnZt cc^> 
firming ;ind vnrUUng of £uch licences, confinnaLionft, uid 
writings under the oAJd tax of 4^. 

And that <-vory stirli lirirncp, (iKpcnsatlOD, compo^^'Eion. 
tiCLthy, ictcript, ind yiitma, of whM n&iuc or nature bCc^cr 
it bo, for such causes as the ux was wont to be 4/- oc 
above. Ki grnnied by thc^ arctibt&hop, and r^onfirmcd under 
the ^icdt ii:u\, Add all oihcr liLL-iict->, di^iJcnA^iiiorti. facuU 
1i?j, rescripts and wrLtinRs^ hereafter lo be i^ranlcd by the 
:ircbbisJ^op by vmue and ^luthoriiy of thm Act, wh^^cunco 
thv ffcnl ieal ift nor limii*^d of iwt'M^ity to he put lo» tsy 
rcaaon tlmt t1)C Un of tlierji ia under 4/, sliall be aeccplcd, 
approved, nlJowcd, and nclmiitcd }:ood and cn>cR]al in the ^ 
Jaw, m all placet, cotirli, and juriidietionA, At wcU spirtiofti H 
us tem^xiridp within ihU ruahti, ajul dscwhtre? wilhin youe 
dominioLiB, £ind a» UcncfKioJ to the }icr3on5 obtamlng the 
ifimc, 4Li thcry should bftvo been i| they had h(-<^n oMained^ ■ 
with all tliingi fcijiiisitc. of ihe *cc of Rome, or of any 
other petauii hy Authority thereof, vrithotjt nny revocailon 
or rcpoul hcrcaficr to be h^id of any such Ucencci, dispcrtM- 
tionA, ficuhici, rescripts, or writings. oJ what naiure soever 
they be. 

Liii] if/sTopy or THE e^vgusii cftvucn 


And that nil children procreated after solcmttiDition of 
AKf aianiagff to be lud E>r done by virtue or «t)cb licenevft 
or <Jik[M^ni:iiion\ sTuill b« ndmmcd, Tr|)iiifd, ^ind ciken 
)ct[itiiiuilc ill 3\\ ojuttv as well st^inluil as tcniimTul, and in 
■U other plaocA, aM inhcril iHc inhcrjtnf^cc of tlicir f>.ircnLA 
and tmceitort within this yc'ur rc^lm, ami aU other your 
dominions nee ording to llir ]au-« and cuMoim of thr samr : 
•nd all ici) to be don<^, had, or c^ccuicd accordij^ to ihc 
tenor of inch Uci?nrc«, diKpensaitons* haihieA, trniing«, or 
otbrr nutnimerti^, fo be m^^le cr gnmted by autliority of 
llib Acip slult Ik; firm* jiermancfiit. and rvnuin in force; 
Any forci^ri luvr^i, coriitKUtLonat ficcrccs cunon% dccrct^K 
inhibittonE, utc, cukioto. prcscnplion, or any otUor fixing had, 
or lineo/ipr lo Lie inside Uj ihcfontriiy notviihiiE.indin^. 

And bt ii funfjcr enacted, thut ihe uid RnitLikhop and 
hia siicceison nhall hire pc^Aer nnd authority to ordain, 
make, and ^onutiiutv a ck-rt. which ihull write and regiAter 
^vcry M;ch lirmre, dUppnaadnn, fefiilty, writing, or oih^ 
in,\tmmcnl to be grARCcd by tUc Mid archbifthup, ^rid bliall 
find parchment, vox, Jind diken Jocei convenient for the 
«anne, iod ttutll take for hl« p^kiru suf^h cums of money ai 
■hall be h^reAftvr %i\ thi« pfCf^mt A<C to him limited in Tint 
bebnif for the umc ; and thnt likewise yo\ir j^racci >ciuj 
heirs and sQcce«»or<> ibull by your letters patcni, under 
your f^reat icaI. ordain, dcpmef, AT\i\ contiitate one cutlidrnt 
clci^i bein^ Itemed iirllic lo^iteuf chedLincviy. ivhii h \\\;x\\ 
almiy* be nitcndnni upon the lord chancellor, or the lord 
keeper of Ihc grc^t Kot, Ibr the time being, and fihjtll make, 
vrite, and enfol the confirmjxiiont of all tuch licenew, 
diALpcm.'itions, inatrumenl^ and other writint^ » ^ail Ik; 
thither bro^ight under the ofchbiAhop's »ral, there to be 
eoniirnied and enrolled ; and «h;ill ako entitle in h^ boolu, 
anil t-nrisl of recoril, Mxch ntlicr writintpi n i^hnll ihiiher bo 
brou;;;hi under the oiclibisbop's «cn], not to be confirmed, 
Inking Ibr bis paina >ueh reasonable sums of money aB 



vircufr of 



(Eqm and 





_ ... irm* 
tinn of an 

or blibop. 

If |iricn 

ami f An- 



Hon ihdl 

ThrpB nan 
Lkj br 


i>o», by liis l^iiprs paieni undrr his ^tM. 9ffa\, iliall rromf- 
iiatc «nd prc^nt lUth person* £t» they will dr»po><ic lo have 
Ihe said otiice and digr^try of archbifthopnc heinjc vojdt to 
one >uch archbishop %nd two such biiihopx, or tUt to Touf 
such biabt^iH within ihia n-iilm, or in any uf tlit king'* 
dominions, na shall be assigned by our aaid sovereign lord, 
1ii« heirs or successor}. 

And he ir fiinher enadw^ by ih^ Anthority aforwald, that 
uhcnauicvcT any siith piesciitmtrm ni iiuuiiniLlioti sliiiU be 
nude by ihc king'a highnc$s, his heirs or succcnaora, by 
virtue and uuihonty of this Act, and according to Ihc letiof 
of the samp ; (bat ihen every arcl^bishop and hiiht^, lo 
whose hands any such presentment and nomination ?haU 
be directed, shall with all speed and celerity inveat and 
consecrate ihe person nominate and presented hy rhe king** 
highness, his hdrs oi sticccsson, lo the ofTinr and dignity 
that uLicb person shAll be so prevented untc, and give and 
ut^ to him poll, and all other benedictions^ ccfcmonie?, and 
things requisite for the lame, without string, procuring^ or 
olnaiiiinfc' liaeafter xwy IjuIU i>r (jllicr ihinjji ;il tlic hw: of 
R<jinc» for itny ftuch office cr dignity in any belialt 

And if the said dcnn and chapter, or pnor and con^«nT, 
flfl(?f such lirrtice and letter* misiive lo them directed, 
wllhin the »4id iwdve d^ys do elect and dwoae the snid 
person mentioned in ttic satd letters mjbEivc. according to 
th« request of the k»n^s hf^hnesfi, his heira or «ucco£iors, 
thereof to hr made by the said letters mi^lve in that 
behalf, then their election bhalT Mani gcod and cITcetual 
to all mtenit. 

And that the person *o elecitd, nftcr certiftcation made 
of Ihc Mmc clccEJon under the romnion and convctil ^ea) 
of the electors, to the km^s htghrieaa, his heirs or succc^- 
«orb, «h.ill be leputi^d and taken by the name of lord 
elected of the sAid dignity and office that he sliall be elected 




Ahd then rmiking «uch oath ind tt^\iy only to tbe king'* 
majesty, Ei»» heirs and successors ^^ ^^^^^ ^(' A|i|ioii)i<'d for 
the uimc. llic kinic^ highnci*, by hix IcEtcrv patent under 
his ^rcftt seal, shall signify the mid cicciion, if it be to (he 
digiiiiy of a t^ithopt lo the arclibiihop and rnetropoLlUn of 
die pii]\i^H.i: where iIjc sec uf lUe i:ij(t Lialioprk vra^ vciid, 
if thcHecof the said ruchbiAhop be full nnt) not ^^oid ; and 
if IE be roid, then to any other archbishop within thift 
rdlm, or in nny cHh^r ihe kinj^t durninfuni ; requiring and 
eomimniiiLii; hui.Ii jai.hbislioi.s \v whom any buch 3i^nifi<:A- 
tion «haJ] he inAdCt lo f:o]ilirni the laid election, and to 
invcsC and contecmic the laid pcrvon so elected to th« 
olFme and dignity thai htf Is ckcttd iintr\ and to give aind 
Ubc to him a[) 4uch bcn<diction«H ceremonies^ &nd other 
things r^ikiisttc for the umc, without ;tny fuinff, pToeurin^, 
or obtaining any bnlU, letters, or nihcr ihirigt from the fl«e 
of Rome for x\\c same \n any t>chalf. And if the i*ciK»n !»c 
elected to the office And dignity of an archhi^ihop, luxord* 
inj;iothe t«norof this Act, then after such election certilicd 
ic the l(ing'4 highneu in form Aforesaid, the ume p^r^on 
tiO elected tu the uffice &nd di^niiy of an ajcl)biblj(j(] yX\a\\ 
be reputed and taken lord elect to tbc uJd Cl^cc and diff- 
nity of archblthopt wheveunlo he shall be so elected; 
and lh«n aHcr he haK mad« f^uch o.ilh and ft^alty only to 
the king^s n)AJeM)'i hia hcjia a[]d fruccca&ura. la aba!! be 
Knited for the snfnc^ the king')* highncssi by his Icitcn 
patent ttndf^T hU great seal, shall sTgnify the said eleaion 
tL> otkc aiehliibhop and two oUicr bibbopv or elx; to four 
bishops withir) this realm, oi within ajiy odicr the kind's 
dominions, to be aligned by the V^x\f,\ highneES, his heir* 
or mieceKons, requiring and commanding the siaid irch- 
bisbop and birthopts with aJI ^^cA dnd celerity, lo eonrircu 
tbc Iftid election, And to rnvt-it nnd consecrate the aaid 
penon so elected id the of!ii::c ftnd dignity ihit he is elected 
ttnto^ and to give and usc^ to him such |ul], henrdictionVt 


H« ih*ti 

wliiLi shalJ 
there up VII 
(■gniiy hi* 

rrrlfrm ft, 





binhopfl. vo 

c Iff Ted. 


u lawfully 

oJKcr arch' 
tJi« rfAlm^ 

Penally U\t 
not elrcT' 
ii»C ui tJUt 

mlmg A 

iiEtJii<>f] by 

c^rcmoniCK, >nd clU Qtht?r Ihingt requiu'i^ for the txmt, 

wilhoui ^mn);, i^rocuri^ig, or oluiniiig an)' bijMs, bricTs, cr 
oihor ihin^ ai the said ecc cE Konic. ur by iho amhonEy 
thereof in any bchilf. 

Anil hit ji fiinljct rnarirH by mitbofiTy nlbrefbakl, thiil 
every pctaon and pcnona being hercaftd choacn, elected, 
nominate, preticntcil, mvcstcd, and conaccratcd to ihe dig- 
nJly or oi^cc of an^ archbishop or biehop within ihU realm, 
or within atij oi^icr [he kin^'k Hoininiun^, .iccording to the 
form, tenor, and effect of thin present Act* and suing their 
Lempomltiist o\i\. of th« kinj^'s hands* hie h<;iri or tucce4- 
sriffi;, as h.i* hr^ii iirrimtomr'l, and mnking a rorpnral naiti 
to the kinu's hij£bnc?js, .itkd to none oitier, in form is is 
afore rchcjmcd, ihall and may from hcncejonh be thrcn- 
lied or instalktJ. an the gi!w utiall require, and «ha1l have 
and lake ihnr ontjr rifsiicuiiorL uui of the king's hAiids, 
of all tl^ i^otsca^ioiis and prcjfitn »puitual and temporal, 
bclonjfini! to the uid archbishopnc ct bishopric vhcrcunta 
they »hDli be 50 ctecicd or prcacnCed, and »haU I)c obeyed 
in jii mn-jtirjer uf thini^* ot^curding \\> the imint. titk", 
degree, and dignity that they fihall be j»o dioHCn ox prC' 
Acnied unti\ and d^j and execute in evory thin^ and thii^» 
tonrhing ihp ^iue, as any archbishop or bishop of this 
rtahi), wjihout ofleiidlng the [prerogative royal of the crown 
and the lawa and customs of thiit realm, might at any limo 
heretofore do. 

And be it ftirihcr enarti^i hy the aniHority flfnresflid, 
that if ihc priof nnd ci^uvciu of at^y motmstery, or dcjii 
and chapt^ of any Githcdral church, ^vhcre the aee of any 
orchbithop or bi*liop is within any of the kifign dominion*, 
aftLT »ur-h litt-nee as 11 afore rehearsed, shall be delivered 
to them, proceed not to election, and signily ibc tunc 
according to the tenor of this Act, withm the space of 
twenty day« next after «uch licence ^hjiTl come to their 
luunift ; » clac if any oichUi^hop or bi»hop» wjtbin any 


the tiing*! dominicnt, after any su^h eUcTton, nomtnaiion, 
or pvetcntaliuQ ahall be visnificil untu ilicm hy tbe kirt^'> 
ICOCn pftlcni, slull rofu?iv, and d^j not cooJimii inrcftl. An4 
consecrate vilh all due circumsuncc aft it alomatd, cv^rf 
mdi |itr«nn <ia ihali he ko clrrml, nominATc, or fdrsprwd^ 
Nfid to tbf m flxgniijcd as 14 abcic mentioned, within twenty 
da^B iiCAt aiter Ih« kinj^s Ifitcn patent of such signifiok- 
tioA or pr««f-n[dtfor aliall corner to their handa; or al»o tf 
Ofij of thcEHi or xxiy »ih(;r jK'rKiii or prr^oniv admil, iiiain- 
tiin, allow, obe?, do or execute Awy turnaurcs. t^xcommu* 
nicxtioiu, mterdicLJorifl, inhibiuom^ or ainy other proccs« or 
»a, of wtwc nmiffj niimc, or quality !Oever tt br, co the 
conirao', or Ici cf due eiccuiioo of this Act; that then 
cvoy prior and porticuiiiT person of hia conveot, and over/ 
deatt *tid partlcLilu ptivofi of the chapter, and every udv 
luihop and biaho]i, md all othrr ptraon^^ su cAVnding aod 
doicg contiiiry to ibiv Act. or any part thereof* and their 
■ddcrvi counbcllora, and Abcturs, shall run into tJic dani^crs, 
|»in«, And pcn^Aliiof of the Statute of the Ptoviiion and 
Pncmunirr, iniidr in thr flve^mi] 'twentieth yeat uf tlie 
reign of Kin$ Edward III, and in the siilecnth yeai of 
King Richard IL 





25 HtNjiir Vm, CAK 21. 

[Tmntcr. Satuin of ilje Realin, |i| t6«.] 

Most humblj l3e*ccchiriR ycjur most royal majc^ly, your Praycrof 
obedient and faithful subjeeta, the Commons of this j'our „"^, *^ 
pretent Parhairent a»»einbltfd, t>y }-our mo&t dread com- 4«wrui 



4l Jtunc 


tltAC (Ills 

milEii It 
frva from 

ui OW 

wiibiii ilw 


aiandmirnt, ;hjtl where your »ubjei;(.s of \hh your rcsilcu, and 
of ctbcr oountricti &nd dominionii, being under ywir obci»- 
Jince^ by many ywn pa$t have bcen< and yoi be greatly 
dwuyed flnd lmpovfri»hed, t>y *iLh fniolorahlc A'xncnoTvi nf 
threat iunis of money aa Iva^u been cbi:iicd and ukcn, and 
yet continually be clnimcd lo be uhcn out of ihiiE your 
renim, and oihci your taid countries and dommtonj, by iho 
Biahni^ ur Rome. cilk-J thi^ popt\ und the lee of Home, a« 
well in pcniionSp ccnwa, relci-pcncc, prutui,-itiou4» fruity 
fiuitfi for ptovi>iona.*nd cxpcdilions of bi»IU forarchbi*bopri« 
and bTshti;>ri«, and (or dclesacjcs, and rescripts m cmtes 
tif t-Hnirniitmfi and iippcals, jutiwiictioni li:^itiHc, atid also 
for dUpcnaacions, licence^ faculties, granl^ rclox&cioiUi 
wnu calked ^riitift vaUre, ^Kabiliiations, sbotniont> ftnd 
othrr Infinite son? of bull'*, briefs, and instrumcni* of 
laundry tiaiure»j names, nrd VM^, in grostt nLtmlwrs hereto 
fore practiced and obtained oihcrwjsc Ihan by the laflfs; 
laudable? lut^, and ciL^^tomn of this rc^^m should be pcf- 
miTted, the Kpeoialtiec nbereor be over long, laTg« In 
nujLibci, and tcdivus Jicn: (arllcuUrly to be mailed; _ 
wherein the Bishop of Rome *forc»oid has not been onlyfl 
to be blamed for his UKurpali^n in the premises, Lul also 
for hiii alnwing and bcguilmg yoirT tubjcets, pretending and 
persuading to tlieni that he hoa full fiowcr to diapcnM with 
al) huinan lawii, u»c), and euHtoma of ulI reafniv, in all axtuo 
whicb l30 called tpiniiial, ^vtn<:h maiter baj been usurped 
and prarii^rd liy him and hk predrrpwort tiy many y^aix 
in fcTcat derogation of your imi>crial crown and auiboricy ^ 
royal, contrary to nght snd c<in«cioitcc ; f 

For whpre this jonr grafcS realm recngnidng no luperifir 
under G\jd, l>ut cnly yciur t'r;Li:c box been aird la Jicc 
front lubjeriion to any man^s law?, but only to BQch u 
bave been ileiited, madei and ordained ^kthm thiii rc^.tlm, 
for ihr wralrh of the samr, or en «n:h rjihrr X'i, liy 
ance of your grace and your pfogenilon, the petjpk of 



of thitffl 




your FMlm have uken At iheir free lihcny, hy ihdr ot«n 
GOtDCttt to t>c u«cil ainoiifti thcin, iind havL: bQUn<] them- 
sdTwby long use andcuiiom to the djacrvancc of ihc jornv, 
Dot HA CO tlitf ohKtrrvanctr of the Liwtt ol Ac^y lorcign pnnrir, 
pnirni-itp, or prrLiic, hiiT an :n ihr jrni^tnmfJ nnd ,iniii'nt 

miic> by the said AuUvmncc, coiUh:aU, and cusiom, and 
Dune o(hcrwiif> : 

Jt stands iherrfcre wiih naiural ei]Liiiy and good reason, Tlie [»»»« 
ttul in ail and c^cry auch hw» huriiin ni>'^c iirJtUm l^i'{^^ Pftriu!^ 
realm, or induced into this realm by ihc ia\A tulTerancc, id^mio 
I cor9<!nl«. and cuittom, your ropl maJMty, and your I'^Ttl* JJ^^^^^^^i, 
I bpiriliiiil aijd ieii]|JoraI, ami C'oiJiiiiutia, icprcicnLiny Uit'*ir oirnul 
whole autc of yourrcjiltn, in thja your moai High Court of l^*^™" 
Foiliamcnl, have fiill power and authority, not only to di»- iin* raim. 
pcnxr, hat ahn in auihoHir lomc clcci pcrwjn or prrAoiK 
Xo dif^rnst; with those, JiJ^d aU oihcr hunuin bw^ of ihis 
3P0ur realm, and with every one of them, oj the quality of 
tht f^traoriE and niaitcr shall require; and also the Kiiil 
IflVR^ and cv^ry of rhrrn, lo Abrogate*^ nnntil. nniphfy^ or 
diminish, ns it shfiU be seen unto y^wx majei^ty, and the 
nobica and L'ornmons of yojr realm present in your Tarlia' 
monr» me^i and convenient tor ihe wealth of your realtn, a* 
hy <Uver^ i^tiod and wholnonie Aas of Parliaments, made- 
and cHtablished as vrcU in your time, oa in tlic time of your 
muet noble ptogenitort, it may plainly and evidently appear : 

And bc^catine thai it it now in lhi-!ie dnyi pictt'nt st^en^ R«neii^ 
ihat die it\Ai<, di;;nity, tupt'iiuiiiy, icpuE:i[iun, and uulhuiily '^•'^drof. 
of the Kftid imperial crown of thJA rcJiliit. by the lonji sufcr- 
Anee of the «aid unrc-aftonablc and aneharilablc usurpation* 
and ffit3[:iitjns practised in Ih*? timet of your most nobl^ 
pTOf;cjntui3, a much and bc^re decayed and dintini^hc^d^ 
and the people of tliJu iCJilm dicrcby impoverished, and «o 
or worie be hke lo continue, irrcmcdy be not therefor 
chonly jirovided : 

r 3 


U^ It may thcrcfnic picnic your most noble nujci^y^ for the 

un^°ic"^ **<"*^">^ "^f Almighty <;otI, and for Ihc lender lore, tc*l, and 
pence, or Alt«ction ihul ye bear, Bnd iilwaya havi; borne lo t]>e ncalth 
o[h»r"Ti ^^ (^j^ ^^^^^ rwlm ond ^iihjwN of the unirK-, fom«mnr-h as 
[o Uoir^L- your m,tjc-^iy u buprcine hc«d of Ihc Oiuicb of ivi^^Und^ fl 
fBibjJUcn, ^ ,jj^ prclrttcs find clergy of your rc»ixn» TCprcaeniinic the " 
ftiid Chufch, in thdrtynods and conrocaiionit hj^vu recog- 
rizt^l, in whom corKJviMh full [wnver ;ind aiifhf^riiy, u|Kni 
tX\ ftuch Uive as fauvc bt^cn made and mctJ within Uu» 
realm* to ordiin And cnnct, by the absent of your lonk 
cpiritjal and ic-mporjl, and the Commons in th;* ymir pre- 
Jtcni Parliament aMcnibled, nnd by authority uf ihc vjmc^ 
tbat no pcracn or pcreonft of this your realm, oc of ftoy 
other your dominionii shall from hcnccforih pay jrty T>crv 
fiioAflj c^nBC:4j pr>nion];r Pei^r<pcnrc f>r ;;ny other impctiiiofifi^ 
to the iLsc of the ^aid bishop, or the see of Rome, like as 
licretoforc tbey have used, by UAuii^iition of ihc laid Riahop 
ol Rome and lii* predecesaors, and sufferance of youj bi^h 
ness, rrnd yoirr mosi rioble progenitor!), to rto ; bov (hat all 
auclt periKiuLt^t <xiiM:a, purtiuiib a[:d Pcicr-pcii<.Cr wbtcti tbo 
said Bishop of Rome, otbcrwiac called i]ic pope, has hereto- 
fore taken and pcreeivcd, or cauwd to be uktn and pcr- 
ceivrrd to his uie, and htM chnmbtrrs whkh he rath 
apu^iohc. by tisurpalion and aufTcrance, as is abovttatdt 
within this your realm, or finy other youf dommionst sbfiU 
from henccfonh clearfy iurccasc, and never more be levied, 
takrn, penrcivfil, nor pid to yny petmm (jr persons in any 
manner of niie ^ any con^itituticin, u%e, preicTipcion, or 
custom to the conlrnry ihercuf not with aianding. 
No ppnon And be il fitrther enneied by Ihe authority aforeAfiid, that 
iuh"'-^^ ncithrr yoi»r highness, your heirs nor suctcwcjnL, kui^^A of 
ihjtll »m: this rccilm, nor Jiny your tubjcrla nf thist realm, nor of any 
dlip"ni4 ^I^CT your dominions, rJiall from henceforib sae to the uid 
tinn «r Bifibop of Rottie, rjUled the pope, or to the see of Rome, or 
^*'*" to Miy peisuu or paaous biivini^ or pretending Jiny auth> 






riiy liy the soinc, for liocnccsk djEgpcnmlions, coinpoutions, 
fecultica^ K^nts rcvcfiptt, (idc^cicv, or ary oilier insira- 
iDCntt or wmirgs of whni kind^ name, namrc, or quality 
soerer diey \it of, for any cause or mnttrr, Air (he nhich 
uiy licence, diipcnrtAlion« con^poiitton, ficalTy, Erailt. re- 
ftchpt^ dclcBiicyi irsUumtnt, or olh-r vrritmg, hcrelofotc 
tiu been u^i.^d and accunomc^ to bf h^il and obuinni at 
ibc wc of Rome, or by auihoritv ilicifrif, or of any jtrdiitc 
of (bL!i TCilm ; nof for any mAoncj of other licence^ diApcR' 
ntton^H rx>mpovilionf, faculties, (;rantt, rescnptK, deltgacici, 
or any other insiruQients or wrtiingi thAt In cames of nccn- 
stty may Uiwful3y be gr^iiteil witbouL oiTcii(li[Jg of the Holy 
Scripture and laws of Cod : 

But thjil frcio henceforth every ctich licence, dttpenftnlioa^ 
compoiition, faculty, gnnr, retcript, delegacy, jnxtrumenE, 
and other writing afore named ami nictiiic^ticd, ncccAaary 
for your hi^biicsi, jo^r heir9 or (juccctiiorj, and ifour and 
tlKir people and sut>]ect8^ upon ihe due CNnmmitiOni of 
the rau«(^ mri qii^tliEim nf ihr ppTHjns proriiTing Mich Aiu 
peoutickOft, bccncet, composiiron^. fdctillJeit, grint^, rcKripUt 
detvgaciv^ iniirumtriU, or other wrltnga, shall be gr^intcd, 
had, and obtained, from lime \o lime, uJthIn thi« yotir realm, 
and other youi don^inlonH, ard noi chewhcrc, fn maniici 
and f<;irm fnliowine, nnd nootr oihcTwi»c ; th^t is lo SAy ; 
* The Ari^hbitliojj of dnictbuiy for the time bcioR, and 
his ftiMV^^iOTS. ihiili have power and authority, from time to 
lime, by ibeir Jiki^icliuna, lo ^tvc!, grunt. an<I di'ipo^ie, by an 
irwlruQicnt under tlic scftl of the soid a^thbi^bop, unto your 
nmjc^ity, and to your heirs and xuceci^-tf^ kmgx of thw 
realm, a« wtfll all munnr^r auc-h Unrneejt, dixi>enmion^ com- 
po«ilii>ns fiicultin, ^ranu, rc»c-ripca, delc^cicsp iiislrumcnia, 
mkd *ll other whimgfl, for oiu£«« not \x\tkg contrary or 
repugnant to the Holy Scriplureii and laws of God, as hcre- 
toT^re tiaj» bcE^n u%cd und atrusttoined lo ht h^^ sjxA 
obutncd hy your highness, or Any your roost noble pro- 

All nucti 
1(1 Lie had 
vnlhiji thr 

the Ai ch- 
bi*hop of 

hiify w 
trmt di^ 




«i<1 la the 

K* licence 

nl inn thai I 
f* RTtnfrd 
(vmcd lu 
be hftdaC 

genilora, or any of ^our or ihoir aubJccEs, at the c^ of 
RoiDc, or Arty pcrot^n or perfonfi by auchoriiy of ih« simc ; 
and all other ticxncc^r rli^pi^nutiDnM, fjnilnVs, n-imftiHitioiTt, 
]E;rants, rcacnpb, dc1cga<ic3, inAtnimcnts, and other writings, 
m, Tor, and i^pon aU such Cjtut«fi .ind matlerrt ns ahall be 
ronvptiir^nl .inri nrrniimry lo be harf, for thf* honour and 
surely of yoor hJghnuA, youi hcini ojuj aucccmoik, nud the 
wealth and profit of this your realm ; po Ihtit the naid arch- 
btehopi or Any of hii tucce&i^orB, m no manner wia^ shall 
grant any dispc-nuiioit, Uccnc«v rescript, or %xi^ other 
wnting afore rcbc-it^cd for oiny cAuae ct mailer reijuenant 
to Ihc law i>f Almifility God. 

Be \x aIko enncied by «uthorEty aforeuid, that the ttid 
ardibihhop And bi» hi laxwtors, after ^ociJ 4nJ due cx^niru- 
tion, by ihcm hod, of the causes and qu^ihtic:* of the pe^ 
iont procuring lor licence*, dinpensaiionE, t'ompontions, 
faculties, delegate [(-4, rescripts. tnbtruiUL-nt^^ or oilit-r Mrrtingi^ 
khuU liAYC full puwcr Hiid authority by lltenihdTCfi, or bgr 
their :>u^cient and »ul>r>Unti.'^l commfKWiry or dcpitiy, by 
rheir diicfi^lions, from liin* to time, m giant and dispose 
by an inMruiJicnl luidci the n^iiiie ^nd aeul of tlic said 
archbishop, aa vcU to any cf your subjects^ at to the 
lubjects of your hcirf^ and succcuori^ aII marncf licencef, 
dispcniafijio'i. niriLliies, cornpotitionH^ ilrli'i^cieir rFicH|>ts, 
tn^tlUInel1ta, or oihu ivrjtit]|;>t, for iiny Auch cziuae or iiutCcr, 
ivbcrcof heretofore audi licences, diapcnaationa. compoai- 
i ions, fjicuIlEcfir dt' legacies, re«(^rpli, in«irunicntH, or writing*, 
have been arciiMomed t<] he hnd at ihr sr*^ of Rome, or by 
authority thereof, or of any prelate of this tualm. 

And that the srtid archbiahop and his commissary ihixfl 
not grant any other Ikcnre, dJipcnwuon, fo»iirt>>H»on, 
faLulty. ^riim^^ of ioKtiument^ in uiuaca unwoiiL and tic-t 
ac^u^tonicd to be had or obtained at the Court of Rome. 
nor by any authority thereof, nor by any prcbla ol tkiB 
rrahn, until your grace, your hein or succciMini, nr yoiit 




or their council ihsU firft be ndv^ttied ihcreofn and deter- i£34, 
mine whether such licences, cliapetiiaibna, ajHipa^ition^ 
facuUic^i or other wntingi, in uuch cuu^ca unvvont and nol 
acdislocnod U> be diKpcnaod withnl or olH>iincd, ^h^lt cr}Teif 
monlypnstjistitliM'ctKpmiiition!!, fjiriLllJr^ nir other wriiirgi^ 
ah»ll, or no, upon pain thai the grAntots of every such liceturc, 
ditpentoxion. or writing, in such causes unwonT, contr:iry to 
thi« Act, &ha^) mnk^ fine x\ the will and p]e^^uff of your 
grace, >«ur ht-irt and euccetsoni ; nnd if it be thought nnd ficvpi V 
dclcrmircd by your gnicCi your heir* or succe^oniT Of fv,*^^^f?he 
your or their eoundl, thnt dispciiitntion^i Tacultie^, licences, Iijuj^ukI 
or other writings, in any such ca«»* unflfon!, shall psis 
then the ti^itl arctibiihop yr hia CJUiinis^iiiry. Iiaving licence 
of youi hi^hnc«», your heirs or sticccaaora for the snmc, by 
your or ihcir bill Ats^f^cd, th^U dJepcn^c viih ihcm accord- 

Piovided atirayii, thai nomnnnci of ijiijpcn^atianvt licences, Kiti|f< 
focuhicv or oilier rcucripls or Trriimtpi hereafter to he ^''""'*"^'' 
grnnied lo any person or perst>nii, by virtue or auinonty of ,|ujr*d, Jn 
Ibis Act. by the Miid archbishop or his TOramls^ary being ?^.^"*'"» 
of ituch ini^iOTimicc. tli^l the liu of the expedition thcicof nnh- 
»\ Rome extended to the sum of ^L or ebove, chaJl in |'''i^np'* 
finy wific lie put in execution, till Ihe ame bcenc^, dis- tivn^nTi 
penuliiin, fiifuliy, rwrrijit, or othrr writing, of wlwil nsiinc''' P^'*"* - 
m nature soever u be of, be fiiM tonfuiTicd by your hiifih- 
iicsf,yout heirs or tucccMoeK, kings of this reolm^ under the 
grest ical, and enrolled in your chancery in a mil, by 
a clerk tt) be ^ipiiuLnkd for the vinic; and llmt tbih Act 
ahall be a suHidcnt warrant !-> ibe Cliiinrcllor of Kn^hnd 
for the time bctn^, or Xq hini whom your gr^cc, jour heirs 
or succetMin^ shall dejjute to be keeiwr of the gnat *ealp 
to carxttitx In your itame, your heir* or succcsjots, the aforo- 
5oid wntiri;:», pa^aed under the Kiid nrchbithop's !;cfll, by 
letti-m patent in due form thereof to be made tinder your 
great aealn reinilting sk well the wid writing under the 



Wlmt hH;,- 


%iicU cnn- 

virluo «f 


good unit 
nf forro m 

ArdiUuhop^ seal, as the fiftid confirmation un<!cr t1)C grcDt 
tc.l1, Lo ihe panics from time to time procuring for the 

And ihat all tu^h licences dwpciiMtior\ faculttdi oad 
oitLCT if^tcri^ti iind wnlingSr for the cupctliiioik of the which 
the ^'d taxet 10 be paid at Rome were uiuler 4/, which 
be iiiattctfe uf no pcAi int|joftaricc', ^liull pass only by itic 
ftrclibi»hcp^ »cal, ajiS »hali not of any HCixiiity be cofi- 
firmed by the great ftcalj unlcntticproctircns of suchlcccficc, 
Cd£Ulty, or f1if(|ieni:ttion di^ire Ici h:ive thtrm ito confirmfd ; ^m 
in which caac they fth^U pay for tl^ biud j^r&ii acut, tu ihc ^ 
U«c of your hislincss your hdn and snccc»>ofs, 5J. alcrlmi;, 
and not above, over and bi:stdeK Euch tan u Khali be 
bcrcuficr liittiicil for [he iiaking, vrriiing^ rc;gi>terlng, ojit* 
firming aad cnrUIini; of «uc]l hcciictK. CijrtflimiEicne, and 
writings under the fia^d t.11 cf 4/. 

And thit every well licence, dwpcns-it ion, compofition, 
f-iculty, rescript, icul wruing. i^f v?iat rnmc or rtjiture socvct 
it be, for Ttucli ciLuac» ^ lUc iix xat wont to be 4/- or 
above, to granted by Ihc archbitbop. and contirmeiJ undec 
ihe t^ciit seal J am) ;ill othrf lirrnrr*;, di*prn sat inns, facul- 
ties rocnpni, and wrLtinyi hejcificr to be gtonicd b> ihc 
archbittlsop by virtue and authority of this Act, wbcreimto 
the great seal is nor l^mjicjd of necetbiiy to be put us ^ 
reason tliat the tax of them is undt^r 4^., thiW be accepted, 
approved, allowed, and admitted good ind cfTfctiJal 11:1 tbe 
law, in ulJ pl^cto. courts and junsdicbons, cis well »piririiai 
as icmpnr.^l, wirhin ihis rcMtm, and eUewhcre within your 
dortiinioiiA, and m bcncfKijJ \o the perEortb obLaijiin^ the 
»tne» Ai they should have bcr.n if they hod hcci^ cil>lAincdi 
with aJJ thing* reqiti^ite, of the woe of Rome, or of any 
otLjcr pctujn by ajthuriiy thcrt^of, without any iFvot^iion 
or repeal hctcaftci to be bad of nny auch hccficc^ dispci^aa* 
lion^ locuttiijs, rescripts, or writings of what nature aoevcr 
I hey be. 

uill HISTORY or ni£ ESGUSH CnVROi 


Aod that aII childrtn procicuicci ahct aolcmaiiiaiicu] of 
mny mjOTiof^ct to be had or dene by viituc of loch liconcc* 
w dUpenoiions i^nll br admiircd, rcpoicd, find ukcn 
legiiiniaie iri all ciitiit*. 04 veU K|nriiujil » icmporal, and in 
All oihcr phco», nnd inhcnt \\\e iniicriUncc of lltcir parcnu 
And anccUon niEhin thm yo^j rc4ilm, and all oih^r your 
d<Kninicin«, accordirg to the Liwk and cunomfi or (he snmc ; 
and dl fici» i*» \i^ dune, hid, or cxcoilcd according lo the 
lon<»r of ttirh ticvncci, diapcnyilictni, faculbcs wriiingSf or 
Other intiruni<nts *o be made or granted bj auibority of 
IbiK Arf, iUhiU lir fimi, prrtnanrTii, .ind rrtn:tin in forrr; 
MKf forciifn Liw% conatituiions, dccrec\ cinons drcrctalx, 
inbltlU0l^4, Ui«,cui1ij4ti, iirt-si.T)ption,(frany other thm^' h^d, 
or brrraftcr io hr m:i<lc in \\\e 4^imrr:iry notwiEhM^nnding. 

And lie il funhrr cnaacd, that ihe eaid archiji^hop and 
hb ftjccc$>on thftll have povcr and AUthcriiv 10 ord-iLii, 
nuke, and conttitiilc a clerk, nhir.h fdiall wnce and rc^t&lcr 
CTCTT Bixh lit'encf, drvpffiiatiozt, facuUy, uiiiioj, or other 
tmifuincni t(j hi- gjaiiicd by the ^akl aithbi^hup. iind shrill 
&nd parchmcnl, ^ost, and Mlkcn laces convcjiicnt for the 
ume, and thall fake lor hiA p;iinst tuch itumn of inon«t as 
ihail he hercafttr m rhis pr«enl An to him limited in ihAl 
bdijlf for the tame; and lliat likcwbe jout gritccr, ynur 
IheiES and wccc«fion9, f^tmll by your lott^rs patent, under 
yiwr graic icnl, urtlAin, d<^[imr^ nnd consiiime one sufficient 
ckrk, being leiimed inlhcr course uf Itic r:h:uicrry, n^hirh «ihtill 
a]wayft be Attendant vpon the lord chanceUor* or the lord 
ifCpvr of the great u^l, for Ihv tune bt^int'. and chall m^ike, 
write, ind cnfol ihe mnli mutt ions of all inch Ikcnc^ 
dApcnutioni, imlTUnterilx and fJlhcr HriEinjjs a« tdudl bQ 
tbitbcr brotiglit under ihc archbialiop's seal, there to be 
COnHnned and enrolled ; and %U^\\\ aUo entitle in ht« booki, 
and rtiml of rrcord, wvch mhrr wnim^ ns ^fitxll ihitlier be 
brouj^liC (Utdcr the archc>i5hQp'0 tical, not to be confirmed^ 
taking for hit pama ^ucb rcJt«oiiabto saro« of money oa 


Uun alWr 

viKii« eC 
bcM l*ali»- 

liun of 

Imn* anil 
kiitE^f (un- 
ill uiaUoui- 




RrclEftI of 

in ft<v Ttff 


To Arofd 

hcrrnfrcr by ihiu Art ro him shnll bt \vm\\tA for the inmc ; 
and thai an well the a^iid clcik appuintcd by the stid irch- 
bjtihop, ju (he s^id tlcrk to be appoinivd by your bisHncw, 
your hcin or Euccfs-^ore, thAlL eubecnbe Ueir nanncA lo 
rvrxy %\ic\\ Ifrrnrc, ^Ii^pfns.iiion, hrnlty, nr aihrr nrniing 
thai ^Wl come to thcJr hand» to h>c written, matic, panted, 
fiubd, confirmed, rcgiMcrcd, tind enrolled by autbontf of 
ihiB Act, in forai a* is before reheaned. 

And foraamui.h »s ihc charg» of obiafitrng ihc «aid 
licences, dispensations, f;iculiic», anfl other rcacriptft Of 
writings arorcnamcd, at the Couit of Rome, by the lontt 
and exch:]Mgt^, ATid in ronilucting of (ociriers, and waglrig 
tulicLtms [o auc fur any hlicIi Ikciiccb, dittpcnbAlJUii% ficul- 
liea> msirumcnt», and other rc3(?ri]ii9 or Wfitinfis, hatx been 
grievov« ai^d exc«tii-c lo your people, and many ticnet greater 
*um\ have bcc-n dcniamkr) for ihe Kpecdy exi^fdiTion in 
the Omrt of Rome, ihnti be oiprcT&ncd in tlic old tax limited 
10 be pcud for the Mid eiipcdiiicnHf vhercby ydur people 
hive been brought to an unc:cnainty upon the pyment for 
exfwrdiibns of simh things, ;ind by re:iMm tlicrrnf havr bren 
conatmincd to pay more than tlicy were wont to do, to the 
great inipovcrithing of this rcilm, a« is aforetiAid: and 
f^mclimes the speeding <if Mich lU^ppn^anons^ faculties, 
liccncBf, and olbci ^ritingf at Rome \v^3, been ho lon^ 
deferred, that the purticA labouring for the Mme have su^ 
tered gnat incommodiiict and Xf^aa for lack ol quick &pQed, 
whirh hcFftifter may \w had within \\\U yuur rf,ilm, m the 
£rcat contmodiiy of your people whcrctij the ch.-Lrgcs ol 
milking cxchangCH, condurtin^ of councrs, and aohcitor^ 
for Ui« loid di«pcn»1(ons shall be ribalcd, and your people 
lo mut^h idicved and cahcd; lo the iinent i\\iii all ambi- 
Ruity, and uncertainty of payment* for di^pensationa, fncill* 
ttc^ licence^H and other rescriplfc and w:itmt;£, may be 
taken Jtway, that no fraud or ricnnion shall h*T notdttM 
upuQ youi people, b> such oSiccn aa shall be appotnied 




bf (his Act, to take pafns in sjseedEng such diaper sat Ions, 
fjculticK nfid lic^ncca, but that your people mny be nirc 
and cetuin vrhat tt)cy he Appoinicd to paj for the umc : 

B« it «niicted b^ ttili ^ri-iiefii Pirliurn^nt, ind by ihc^ 
■ulhority of the humiTp lliAt tlicrc !»tjAE] Lc tivu biJulu ilTinii 
■ad imhIc of one tenor, in vh(<h :f^uUJ be eontAircd ibc 
tAxes of aLI euttomablc dispcntations, factiltiefi, liceocct, and 
QiherwTiringi wont to he »jjpd ni Rome» which bookt, and 
every le«f of lijoae bc»t>k3. and boili si Jcs of ocry Icif, *lrall 
he subscribed by the Archhi§hop of Canterbury, the Lotd 
Chancclk>r of Kngbnd, the I^rti Tren«urcr of England^ and 
ihc! \wa Hnrf jimirt"?k nf b«tli benights f<ic thi? lin^e being ; 
to Uie nhirrh books ^11 suitora for diapcnMiiona^ l^^cu):ic:9, 
lioenccSi ind other writu)g« aror6 r«he2r«cd, fh^lL hai'o 
recourRc If ihpy re^i^iirc it ; And one of the nid bonki lihalL 
remain in Ibe handK qf hini which shall be ^ppomtcii tti be 
registrar And scribe of llic naid diApi: nations, f;kt:uUicif and 
licences, under Ehe uiid Archbiishcp of CanUrbuTy, in ToFtn 
at U Mbrt'did ; Jind the oth^r book shnll remnin with the 
cleik of tlic (hdntcry. vrhicb by joor ^lace, yt^ur hciT« or 
*aecCMor»t shall be apjioiiitcd, U is before rc-hcnrscd ; ^liirh 
clerk of the chancery «h:ilt alfo entitle, and note [jarttculorly 
ine! d:iily, in bin bufik ordji tried for Liukt pur[iose, the 
mirnbcT And qoAliLy of the db(Jcn±otionH) f.^culhc:), licences, 
«Qd other rcacnpis and vtiLmgo, whicli KhaH be »>e:tlc(l only 
with the &cil of ihc tnid archbishop, and alto which shall be 
tenltd with rhc *;iid *i-al, and tuTifirmed wilh tbc grcjit srjl, 
in fbfm ns is before siiid, Ihnc aU fi:iud and conccdnient in 
thtt bchalfmay be avoided. 

And lie it en:ict<?d by rhin prt'irni r^rlianieril, and by ih^ 
authority of tlie &iimc, [hul no uun «oing for dispeiLaatton&, 
facti](j«s, hcenccs, or other rescripts Of wrjimtra^ which were 
went to be tpcd at Rome, shall pay any more iot thejr di^ 
pesKxtionit, iii:enaea, or resi^ripts, titan sluU be cunLained, 
lucd* And limited in the b^id dijplicaic booki of taxes, oolj 


flxcd nim 
of (my IB via 
arc olitb' 
IjMhcil ud 
pill (in 

The ff*^ 

foi diipta- 

r» cult in, 







Dow ihe 

U« fur 
t-vcry 4i»- 

■Arul fy, or 
iviitttiK uf 

compotiiionv CKtvjited, of which, \w'!i\^ arbfrrarr, no ehx 
be niodci wlictcfwe llic tax ihcteof sli;iU be tct and limiii 
by tliG diKietion of Uic i^)d Archbishop of Cinicrbury, int 
the 1^t6 Chancdlof of Kngland, or the ]oid k«cpcr of thi 
great ^c^l for the time Wing ; 

Aj^d that such A3 shdi cKict or rcccirc of »iir sttitor 
for any diflpcnention, faculty, or licence, thnn fthaJI be 
tAincd fn ihic ctid bnolct nf tavM, nhAll forieit tcci ttn»t ai 
itttjcb a^ he KliafI to cxtoriiocutidy cjiart ant] icccivc; ll 
one hair of Ihc which forfeiture to be to the u^tcof yourgcncc^ 
yotir hutn or fiucce«&t>rs, and cli« clher half ih^r«of to be to 
HK-h c»r jour nubjpcu as will %vc fnr The same by firilon, bill, 
or pl.iint in any of your gvic^'s courts, whcrcEn ihedd'cRdinc 
tball havt notic essoin nor prolcction allowedj oeithcr sholl^ 
be adniiltcd 10 wage hitf bw, ^| 

Dl- fl also <:iiacre(J by iTvi^ Parliimem, aiii Jtutbority 
of (he Mmc, tlui tlie lu or sum appointed to be paid far 
every Mieh dJFpcnaation, licence, fnculty, irtatrumcnr, rcarript, 
or other writing to be ^inced by Authority of ihiR Aei, shall 
l>e einiJUiyctl and ordered, as hereificr t-nsurt; tlut i« 10 
any ; if the tax extend to 4/. or tbovc, \iy rcn-wm whereof 
Che dispensation, licence, (icully, rescript or wrilmg, vrhidi 
*haJl pasi by the «^id aicbbi^bop's seal, must be conArtned 
by the aii]icii5JiQu of ihir i^cjtt ^c.if, then ihc <>aid lAX soi 
extcndma to V' <^ above, shall be divided into tbrec p^ts^ 
whereof two shall be perceived by the iAxd dcrk of the 
chftnrtt^; to b^ af»poiiited a* \i aforesaid, to fbe vw of joup 
hij;hncs\ youi hcin and bUC(.tMi:i[), .iiid to Ibe utic of tbe,^ 
lord chancellor, or the keeper of the groit »cal for the tiro*- 
beinff. and to the use of the uid eler^, in such wi^e at here* 
■ffer^h^illbedeeliripd; And iTiat Che third pjirl ^h.ill bo CJilum 
by the ta\d clerk of the Archbi»bop, to ilic uac of l)ic ume 
itrehbishop and hii commi&^ry, and hii Mid clerk and 
re^EiftraT, fn «uch wire aft hereafter ih:i]] be ort1.'][ned «nd 
ItiiiLlcd by thit Act ; thiit i» to EAy, lUe auid twu p^irta bhdll 




dirtied in foui paris^ oT t^liich ifrcv parts shall Ix* i&u. 
Tdlccn lo \\\c only tt>c of hitthncK^ your hcira aiid 
KUcr«tEor% and itvt \o\it\h i^irt thsll be divided in three 
]>aTl«, whcrt<if the Chaiwclbr oT England, or lord keeper of 
Uic K^cuv M^l fm iht; imic l-Kriiij;, tilmTl hate Iwo |juru. ditj 
Uic mid clerk r>f the Hianccty tho third p«rt fur hi» {Xuns, 
Ifsvcl, and lfthour« th,it he it Limttcd to wriic and do by 
rirtne of this Act; and the said third jart of ihc whole lax 
appointed to the aaid o-rLzhbiiliopp aiid hits olificL-rap «» la 
flforcft^i^d, ihiiil Li; dmdcd into three pnifts whereof ihc 
aichbttbop fiiAlL have to U\% ute two pirtK, and hU oUictftv 
Khali hare the third [uit ihercof; uf irhich ihird |xirt lu be 
divided into two pfiru, tbu said dcrk or reifi^irar, which 
shill 6nid |>iiT«h]iienu vtiUL, Aod iillc. und ihall device and 
ttHte the Mid dt^pcnsationf, lldencec, faculties, n>«ctiptc, cr 
oihor wrhir^s and Te|:J^tvr the same, shjdl huve for hi^ said 
labour, andfiiirrccGiiinxjind repay Lr£ of the niinsof mojicy 
ihCLt shall come to his bar^ds for diftpeiuottions^ factiliici, 
licences, Hid OEhSfr teicn^ris ai'ori'ttiTd, ih^ owe moii^iy ih^r^ 
of, and iJ^e CDlumi^J£uy of [lie mlU Jiiclihbihup ai^puiuted tu 
ACfll tlic aaid diHpcrteations, faculticj, licences, and oihcr 
rucr:ptK, fiLiLI ha^^e the other jiarL 

And if the ux htt under 4/ and not under for., thpn Howif the 
the add liu alull be divided into iLiree pons* oi is aft^rcNiid, \^^^^ ^ 
vhcroof the kinft'fl hiftbric^Si hi» hcir« atid succc^aarf, ttiaJl ^nd net 
have two partt Uiereot, ababng y. 41I, which «hall be lo (he *'^*' **' 
uid dcik of tie chancery fur aubicribiJi^, tnliiHiigp luiU eu- 
rottir^ the taid diapcnsAiion% li;.cncf:», t'^cuLtJCi, reaciipts, 
■ad Cither vrhtm^s a/otcfaid, and tcccivLng of the kings 
Rionry (o taicd ; nnd the Archbishop nnd his ofllicer* shall 
luTc li^ thlid p;itt> vhLch third pait shall be djtidcd mio 
tiro parti whereof the archbibhop filiall have iho one cr^tl^cLy 
to hiTU&cIf, hit ficrtbe and commiKiary vhalt have the other 
part rhrreor, equilly 10 be divided aii^ouj^^t them for Lheir 
hnd pains in that behalf- 



IClkc tax 

If Uic tjix 

Iv nndrr 

••iiii not 
uaJcr AM. 



iftD af tiic 

And if the tux be under 40/. and no( under 96;. S^., iba 
nm^ux thnil be rlfvidt^ into two pom, vrhereof Itic omc 
ixiit ;tli;ill be 1v yoxxt ^racc, your Wiia and sucoctsor*, 
dcdncting (hereof u- for the clerk of the chonccfv for hk 
pai^is, fls » iforeuid; and the other part fhiiU be to tbe 
jiaid ancbbii^hop and hii LjfTicieia, which olhcr pari ntuUl be 
divided into Iwli pnrtA. ivhcrcof the orchbishop AbkU htvc 
the onc» and die cominifftiry find scribe shall have the olhcff, 
equfiHy diTided --km<>ngst them. 

And if :he tx% be undo 361, 8^- ;uid not under 90&, 
mmc ab;ill be divided into two parta, whereof ToarKVice^ 
your hfirs And succcuors, it\ii\ have the one part entirely. 
ahfliJnif »- thereof tu the aid derk of the Lh:mcer>; anil 
the arcbbiihop and hia olBctis nhall hare the other pari, 
and the tsnine other pari shctti be dtvidcd into three partly 
uhcrcof Ihc :iichl)iiihcfi thai! hdvr one, bit commifrury ths 
secofid, ^irid blfc KcrihcorrcKtstiAr theihtrd; and incAsc the 
lax be under tQs. the same shall be perceived to the u«e of 
tlie «aid commissary, clerk of the »aid nrchbishop, and clerk. 
cf the cluincery, ro be equally divided atnon^c them 
tbeii piiitis attd labours by tbcm to be suAUmc<l, by i»;1 
lity of (bis Act, as .ifoTCMld 

Provided always chat thii Aet shall not be prejudicial to 
the Archbi*Tiop of York, or to any bi&bop or prehte of ihit 
rc^din i but ibni they niay lawfully, notwjthatAridijif- ihia 
Acii djipcnw in all ni-ics m which they were wont lo dl*- 
pcn(c by the common law or custom of this reilm aJorc ^ 
the making of thb AcL H 

Provided also, itui be Jl enacted by the authf>rily afore- 
Boid, tb£it if it happen the sec of tlio archbishopiic of Om- 
torbury to be void, that then alt such manner of lieenctts, 
dispersalionSt faculties insLrnmentSr rescitpls, ;ind othcr^ 
wfitinfiSf »bicb inn>' be granted by virtue and ^lUthcrity cf 1 
Ibis Act, tiball, during the I'acatjon of the tame ice, be hnd^ 
done, and granted under rhr name and seal of the- guardUit 




of ihe ^JrStuatti«s of the ntid Archbiahopric for ihc time 
bcinjt, acrnrdjng t<^ l^c tenor and fi^rm of thus Art, and shall 
beof like forcct value, xndcirc*:t.a& if they had been eiantcd 
tiader the name and «cal of the arthbiahup lor the tiii^e 

And be it furlbtjr ci]£u:ted, tliat If the afort^id Afch- 
bishop of Cintcibuo' for tbc time bcins, or the uitj 
guordLiiti of ihc spi ritual tics fot the time biding, heroifteT 
r^fuv or ileny to j^riiiir any licence, tUtpenEtaTior:?*, fnfritltiifit, 
inatiumcnU, or oihcE wtitiiigs., whicii iLicy bo autlioriW lo 
do by virtue and authority of thia Act, in such manner ond 
foftn OS la afore for»ier;ibtrtd, to any pcnon or pcrsoris thnt 
ought, of n i^nnd, Just, and rr,iton,ihlf? rausc. to have the 
sure, by rcuon vhlicieofihrK present Act, hy their ^vll^uhcw. 
negligence, or dcfaulL should take no cffcci -, (hen llic Cb*n 
cellor of England, oi the lord Seee/^er of the grcAt cenf for 
the lime bf^inj^, upon any L'oio]jlaiiU thereof Pia(!c, tili»11 
^rcct tlic kmg'b wtiL tu the said sichbiahop or (uaTdian 
denpn^ or rcfunnic to $[rant unch licence?, dispensotiooK, 
faeulC'vv, or other writing*, cnjoLnhig hhn by the u.ird writ, 
upon a ccrEain paiJi iheieni to be tiuiiied by ilic dibcrcticn 
of the laid chancellor or keeper of the srcai scili tluit he 
fthall in due f<^riii ^rkt such hecrce, di^pcnnation, fueulty, 
or other writing, aceording lo the requMi of the prc>ctir[?rs 
of ihe same, or else signify unto your highnrw, your lidrs 
or sucecMOTB. in the Court of Chancery, at a certain day, fof 
vhat ocEMSion or QiXV^Q lie rerus<;<l and dcmod to grant tt^eh 
liccnrrv fani^Hri^ nr difipcnsahons 

And if it ihall a|Ji>eAr to the »aid chaticctlor i.n loid 
keeper of the great seal, upon auch certificate, that the cauae 
of rcfuul or denial of granting tuch lic^ncea, faculty, Of diit- 
penwiinn w« icJisonahk', Juftt, and good, that (hen |ic] m> 
being proved by due search and examination of the Mid 
chancellor or lord keeper of the: great leaJ, to be admitted 
Uid allowed, 



biehnp *4 

bury, Of 

of ctiv 




vtSC ihill 

the grant- 
In; or 
campvl thr 

^Any: lb 
iba txm- 




ir utile r- 
wi-e- lliB 
kmg't writ 



X theH 

Tlie kinf 

Lu CIH" 
pawvr tvro 

III cuv^ of 


And if it slulL appear i]|>on the said ccrtiScutc, that 
nid iTch^hop or gu^udian of the s^irit^ultlef for tlie 
hr-mg, of «' it fulness in conirmirrng iho <hie ntircutinn of this 
Act, nji]i(>ijt A ju«( and rcaaon^blc c:ausc; rcfjud or denied 
to f^tmi £U<:h licence, faculty, or di»pcn»lir>n, ihju then your 
higlmta, jour heira w succ^Korj^ being thereof informed, 
%!krt due exjmiiiaiion had, tfiat audi licence^ fncuities, «3r 
dupcnaaciona may be ^i^inicd viiliijitt oflcnt^ing tbe Holy 
Sci(pture« And hws of Ocd, shnll have power nrtd nuEhomy 
in ^Tryiurh cat^, for <he dcfxuli^ nf^lij^enee, und. wtlfuU 
ntM or tile ^aul at[:hlii*!»jp or guatiliaii, to send ytmr wfit of 
injunction under your greut J4ea], out of yoijr Jtaid Court of 
Chancery, eomniiruting the arclibi»()op or guardian Ihit eo 
shall deEif^ or refuse lo^mtucblieenfY, fjactiliy, nrdiApcnsA- 
tion, la muke ^tufTicieni ^tixiw ibercof, accijtiling tt) the lenor 
and eflcct of this Act, by a ccrtAin (Eav* nnd under a certain 
pain in the UJd writ to be conUmed, and to ht liaiiced )j/f 
yoiit highnc^, your heln or «uerc0orh, khi^ of Ihjs reabiL 

And if ttic biud Mi.tLbiAhi>ti ot ^uurdijin, Jiftci die leL-cipt 
of the HiicI writ, rcfi^r-c or deny to jcraTil «uch liccncca, 
faeuliiet, or diKpencttionti u sbnU be enjoined him by virtue ■ 
of the Kaid writ and ihuw and |>rovt! Itfrjrrr ynur nmjtnty, 
your heirs or sqcccsaoia, no juM of rcAbon-ibk cause wJiy he 
fihctild da &D^ then the said archbifihoj) or guardian llial 
so iliall refuse to put tliis Act in execution ic^^ording ic the 
said writ of i(ijunc:tiun, sliall nufTcr, lose, and [o/feil to your 
hi^hncsa, your betrs and succcniors, tuch [jain and penalty 
as slvdl bo limited &ud oxprcsBod in Iho said writ of \sn- 

Aud over that, it «hd] be lawful to your lilghncxs, your 
hcir^ and auctc3&orSf for every euch default and wilfulncn 
of the mid archbiihop or gunrdian for the litiie beiagj to 
give puwtr an<3 amhnricy, |jy fJimmission under yonr gre»c 
seal, to fruch Lno spifitu;il prelates or pijf^ona to be nAnae<] 
by youi higbnc«E, your hciis or successors, a^ will do and 


grant such Itcences Ijiculiies^ ind diBpenutions, rcrtiied or 
ilcnic<l tn be grained hf the uid archSishop or ^uardkn in 
conicmpcof iKii Act- 

And be ii further «nacled hy oxtihority ofortisoid, thai the 
two ipinlurtl prebtet or penons. to whom in such c^oi^ 

ij^Lch cumiulALOii ^hall bctJiicttcd. sttiallhjvcvKJ^vcraud 
authoriljr to f^rant every such licence, facultyi diipcotatJon, 
tnnnimct^Ct and other writirgfi, u^ refused to be granted by 
the Kijd arthijiihoji t>r gviardinn ffir the lime being, by bh 
infUunieiil under their tt&Lla, taking like fccA ^md dutr^ica 
for the umc a« i» before rchearted, nnd i^c>t above, under 
the painfi aiorc rTmcml>ctcd, And that every siith licence, 
IkcuUy, and dis^>ens;;l.ioti %o ^Eanu^il fur :iiiy c^iei ur imuier», 
whercanio any eofi^rmntion imdci ihc kmg^i k'^cae t^chI it 
ippomced by thi» Aet, to be had in miinner and furm abov^ 
decbrciL ^b;i1l be li;id imd ubtjined uti^urdin^ly^ And luch 
licences ^nd ctjnfitin^Lliuns alall be had tux like fe«a 4tnd 
durgea &« they ^rc iborc 5pccilicd. ^nd not above, under the 
patn£ stbove mentioned. And that every fluch liccnec, faculty, 
dbjurivaEmn, ^ind oihrr wriiing. (o lie gmnti^l li> the siid 
prcktes or pcmoiis to be 43«fgncd by the kin^'^ hi^hncn^ 
b» bem ajid lurcc^aura* ne ta fllore^aid, shall be oi n« good 
value, nrengih And offiMrt, and su tiencficinl ;ind prafitnble 
to ibe ]> pri>ci^ring t1ic antnc, ak if (hey had been 
inade,gninted,ar>dobuiLned under the najDe andscsd oi iho 
nid archbishop. 

Provided always, that thk Art, nor any ihfng or things 
therein conLiiincd, sZiall be hefc^ftcf Inte-rpicted or cx- 
poundcdj that your jtrnce. your nobte* and subjects^ intend, 
by the same, to deehne or vary from the congregation of 
Chrisi'a Church in ^ny Ibm^ concerning the very Articles of 
the Catholic faith of Chif&undom* or in any other thini^i 
declared, by Holy Scripture and the word <^l Uod, nccc««ary 
fOfT your and their £iTvation«^ but unty to make an ordinance 
\yg policial ncceasary and (Atnvenieiit 10 K'pieo* vice, and for 

rcfuul by 
ilw^ ari'h- 

Ak tij il»' 
Gnnttd by 


rciilin do 
not Enc4ii 

\i> v*ry 
from th« 
filth of 




or monnit- 

F BCCPpti 

hy mm. 

rtom Lhc 

mid nol tj 
Lliv pope. 

Kone *h«J1 

Etout of 
upland to 
or mticmt 

Slltll In hr 

in LbiT 

Tl>)> Act 
■hjiU Ltol 


good conaervaiion of ihiit realm in pence, unityn and tranquil' 
Jit>, from Tsvin and a]X)il. ^muirig mticih ihe old ancient 
customs of thii rcilm in ihai behalf ; noi miniKnt: lu *cck 
for any relief, succollts, ox remedies for any worldly U^in^ 
and h[jm*T> \av.'i. in any eauie of necenliy, but, within tbi« 
realm, At [he hands of your hi^bneiiit, yuur lieirt md mic* 
cc^ort, kinK» of thi» realm, which have m\d ought 10 ha>c ^n 
imperial power and authority in the lame, and not ol^liged. 
In Aiiy worldly caut!i4?s, to any othtr superior. 

Provided alvTAv, that the mid Archbirahop of Canterbury* 
or any other person or persons, shall have no power or ati- 
ihority by reason of ihit A<^t, to vitit or vex any mon^tcn^s, 
abbey*, priorici. o^iltgi:!*, hiHpJtal*, houie.s oi othu-r plo^'cs 
rdigioua, whicli be orwcre exempt, before the making of this 
Aa, anytliin^ m thia Act to the eomrary thereof notwitb' 
siafiding ; but that redress, vi*iiaiion, and ccnfinnanon 
sbdU be Imd by th^r kings hi^hnes^, \m heirs and successors, 
by eommLSfiton under the great sta}, to be directed to wicU 
persons us shall be appointed requisite for the saine^ in such 
tnonastnrrcs, colleges, hospitals, prioriesH bouses,, ^nd placCft 
religioU!^ e^CT^ipt; so IhAi no visitation nnr conliriiuition 
shall from Iticnccforih be had nor made, in or at any stich 
TAORUteries^ coLlegec, hoapiuJs, prioTJei, houses, and placcx 
reli^us f^cmpi, by the said Itishop of Rome, iinr by any of 
his authority, nor by any out of the king's dominions; nor 
that any person^ tchgioua or other, resident in Liny the king's 
dominions, nhall from hrnrrforih depart our of ihe kir^s 
dominJojtb to or for any vJMUitian, congregiEion, or di^setiibl/ 
for rclt^ion, but that all such v:!iiiationSi congregation*, and 
as4eTnb[)eft shall be wiihm Ehe kmg's domimora. 

Provided alrio, ib^t this present Atit, or anything therein 
contained^ or any licence i>r (iispcnaation hcrcaficr to be 
mad« by virtuif and authortty therec^f, shall not «ittend to ihc 
re|)nt or derogaii[Hi of ihc late Act, made since [he hrglnnmg 
of the present Parliament, for KiorniAtio;) of pluraliu'c!) uf 





l)«3ieflcTs, And for non-Ksi<Jcrnceft of s;)fritU3l pertoni upon i&M. 
Uicir digniiica or benefices, nor lu anylliing coitldiucd or pi«'*Kiit* 
mcntxrncd m the swd Acl ; nor iK-il thi* Act» n&t Any- urc^f^c. 
Ihmg lo b« d<)nc by authority- thcrccf, ihall not be Ukcn, 
ctiJuuiidcd. or iiiLcrprttcd Ui £iv<^ lictrnre tii any iwrsim 
or i>crsi>n» lo have arjy more number of licncticrt ihan is 
lim;U.^ in ihc Miid .Vcl ; ^rid tbnE ihc sjimc Act for plumtilic* 
and non-retidtfnrci of hcncfK^w, and rvcryihing therein 
CfjnUiMcd, ^ball »urd ^cxk] and ctTcctu^t in all mioiiit, 
jLCKorJiDi: ro ihc- true fui^nLn^ thereof; anything in ihi» 
pTttftcnt Act, or any lictncc or djspon^lion to be hnd by 
OLtlboniy ihrrw^f, in ary wjw nf>twirhft:anrtlng. 

And be it ftmhcr enacted by ouihoricy dtforesJiid, thai If Penally 
any ixrrton or pcraons, suljjeet or resident wiihin IhU realm, ^^^^ 
or ivitbm any ol' ih« kin^'H dommions. at 4ny lim( heri>arter K^mcjiny 
*uc to li^c "xicrt of Rome, ur tin.- see of Rome, or to any j''*'"*' 
pcnon claiming (o have hw authority by the umc. fortrm, &c, 
any Jicmoc, faculty, dispcnsauan, or other tiling or Ihini;* -*'^'"'"^" 
contrary to ihi^ Afl, or pirt in eMeeuiion any licence, faculty, pri>i'CH 
or ditpcnAAtJon, oi any ullicr lliiiig or ibJn^i licrt^l^cr tti U? '''^"" 
obtained from Komc, or the sec of Rom?, or from any ckim^ 
ing authority by the samCj for any of the cau^ios ahovo- 
meniioned in ihis Act, i>r for any oilier ctuus thai m^iy be 
granlcd by anlbority of tbj» Ai;C, or utleinpt or do any thin^ 
or thinp contrary to ibti j\ct, or mAinLnn, allow, admit, or 
obey any wanner of centurei, cxnommunK-fllir^ns, mter- 
dictiun^ or any othrtr ijtocpm fr»im Romt\ of what narnr cir 
nature soever it be, lo the derogation or let of the exctrution 
of this \c\, or of any thijt^ or things to Ex: done by rcaS'OQ 
of the iu]d Xc-x. ■ thai ihcn every such person or |>cnif>ns \o 
dning, oiTcndinK, and licing thereof convicted^ their aLdci«a 
couiiMllortt, 4Lnd atietlors. shall incur and run into the pain, 
lois, aikI penalty comprised and ipei.-UW m the itaid Act 
of Prcn'ision and Hr^^imuninr, nnade \n the siitornrh )i?ni of 
your iDo»i noble progeniiot, King Richard 11, a^Atnst 





&«>Inj: far 
gmits and 


I ici Kortif . 

I nor d««pt 

i tJOB or 

uftlU to ibc 


»uch aa sue 10 the court of Rome, a^afnu your cn>vn 
and dignity royal. 

rniviJL-d alvray, thai ibU Act, or anything therein ooq- 
tAiaod* thall not faciuafcer be taken nor cjtpounJrd to the 
dero^tbn or lAkiiijf avray of any graitisor confinmitioiu of] 
any Ubcrlie*, priviU'^c*, ot juris^HciJon of any monitteries, 
atilM:y?(, priories, at cjllicr liouHt'?i or pliu:^* exrinpC. nhic-li 
hcicLvfoTC tlic nmkinj^ ciT ihia Act bare been obuiinccl at the 
sec of Rome, or hy atlhotiEy ihereofj but ihji cveiy *uch 
gntit and ronftrmiitiori thall Ijcof ili*"»ann-'v--i!u*^,f[ir»>», and 
eflba a» thi^x ^^^ before tlic nuikin^ uf lliift Act. ixnd a^ if 
tbrs Act Iw3 never been made. 

Provided dlvra^s, that the abbow, priors, And oiher chief 
nilct'! and govrrnor^i of nurh mfiTiflstnrtcs, ahhr}S, prioritit. 
AEid otticr hoLJ»» and places exempt, shail not hereafter pay 
any pcnrtion, portion, or other ccnae to the see of Rome ; 
nor admit t»r aeeept arty viuiaiian, nor nny confirnutiofi 
ri;jm OT by the s.-»id vte of Koine, ot hy nmhoriiy iJicnv/, of 
ur fo) iny ix'r^un to Lrc deLted* jj^iuicd, oe presented to be 
ticcicja of any nueh monaderics^ afibey.i, priories, ptAccA, or 
house* exempt, nor slinll make any cori>oral oalh to the 
IlKhq> of Konie, othervriae rallied :lie popi.-, iijion ihe piitift 
limited in tbi« Act ; butlhat every Auchvt^iiBitJOD, and confir- 
mation offiuch beads elect— in snysuch monuLcrie^ abbeys, 
prioriciB, hnuie*, or placet exempt, vhert after ibeif elertion 
they were boLimlcn to Imvc and obtain uny LOnfjintation of 
their election, or of Ibc person named, prewi^tcd, or elected 
— fihail be from henceforth bad, made, and done within thU 
realm. fli and wiihin every 5Uclinbbey>^mLiiiJ5tcri4??,piiofie!^ 
and other houses and pkcra c\empt, by ^udi person and 
persons ttn &hali he a^ipointed, by puthcnLy of the kirig'a 
rommiK^ion, from lime to lime, as the case *h:in require^ 
and not by the sec of Roaie, nur by auilioiiiy ibticuf ; Sitxy* 
thing in tbia nut proi/iso aix>vc spocified to the contrary 
thereof noEwithsunding. 



^^^rrovidevl AlwayH, that tn such monn*^^rEc4, i1^)ey&. prfoties^ 
^ and h(^UHacx(^mpt, where aficid« lion, prcicntauon, or tiomi- 
naiion of thcjr hiads,no cuch confiriiiaiLOT) ift rcquiutcin be 
hid, nor hac been uted to be ioktn by rcttcn of tuch f>rivi' 
Icgn as ibcy have itotiteining llic aiune, Ihiit JH trerj- autb 
monutcric). abhcys. pnorics, aiid pkicci cicmpt. ihcy shall 
L not be boundcn to obtain, bav^t cr take any confifmfttion 
fof the wmc wiihiti thU rwira, by nmlviriry of ibi« Ace, but 
use Ihcir pruilcgc^ llietcin a» Ihcy luvc ^m\^ bcfuTc lh« 
moltms of ihU Act ^ anything in ihis Act, or any lh« 
pn>\itLE>ns nesLt above rcbcar^cd^ to tho contrary thereof not- 

Provided al50> »rd be u cmicied, thrit (hi* Act, or --iny 

. Ihmg or things, word or word* iherujn. or in llic preamble 

1 tbereoi mentioned or conTainal, ia not intended or meant, 

nr>r shall b? expounded nor iiirctpreiod, th-ii any dfji^ft-nsa- 

uons, licences, or con ft nidations for nmrriagcb, grjinicd to 

OJij the hinfc'i sul^jcrtn bom under hi« ohel»ttncc!, tX any 

time before the twelfth day of March in t!ie year of our 

-Ijiieil Ciod I533t *hall be avJ|>ai:ed, or cif any Ectits value, 

^Hcrcn^th, force or ciTcct, than they were at the aaid twilfch 

^^B}r of March; nor that thu Act, or nn^'Lhirg (herein con- 

Hblned, thrill not extend to the derogation, ^tppairing. or 

imnuUing of any liceti(X», diipeiisitiom, CDrifirmntfona, 

faculties or indulgences, at any time before (he *aid twelfth 

day of March m the year of out Ixrd C:od, i^^^ had or 

nhralnrd ni thp mrc nf Bomr, nt by auihorfty thnrnf, lo 

or for any %iibjc:ct» horn m this realm, or in any the king's 

dominrons, or to cr for the hospital of the l*rior of bL John 

of Jerusalem in Rngland, or any cnrnmnndnrt or member* 

ihneof, or to or for any other cjthcdiul churches hotipitals 

monasterU^^ abbeys, pricrien, colleges, tonvcntnoJ churches, 

hial ehurchra, chapolii, fratornit;cc, brotherhooda, or 

\c% polii^e viihin this rr;^lm, or in any ntbrr the king's 

inioQ:i; but that every auch licence, dikpcnsaiion, con- 


^^Avinf for 
lerf r», *r , 

whrre no 

kooe Ik 

unJ Jiv 









tElC llftHll ni 
LUk» frill rn 
9hHl1 not 
be put tn 


fifmatlDn, faf^uliy, ind intJuF^cncc RrnnUd before the aid 
Iwctfth ciay of Mnrchi to nny tucb iubj<<ct, or to ihe said 
ho»piul of the Prior of SL John of Jerusalem in Etii^Uiid, 
comH«indfrc» or mtmbcri thcrcor, ur lo any olJicr cjihcdral 
Chur»:h, ho*piUl, mt>na8t*iry» abhcy, priory, college, church 
convrntml, parorhinf rhiirrh, rhrtprl, fraiprnily, hruihet^J 
hixjcli or body politic, ol' tQ ilicir prcdeceji«o» cr anootors 
witliin thi» rcAlm, t>r in ^ny other the Icmg'a dominions. 
«hill be of ihe kmeiiu force, airengili, \.tli;e and clTcct, And 
ina>' l>c fti^ii) limi* TO liuiL- (tut in cueciiiion al all tirnn 
hcrc^Lflc^ t)/ and to tlicm IliU wiU luc and have the Kunct 
OA Ihcy miRht h»vc bt^t^n btfore tht making ol ihw Ac-i, wid 
0^ jr EliJii Act had nev4^r been had nor madi.- ; anything tn 
tbe aiiid At:t t<j the coiiuary beicof noiwiihat^tnJuig- 

Providcd ftl*ftys» ibnl t^uch lirciicci* diapcnsaiioni, con- 
liriiiations, oc l^cuLlict heretofore obujned at tlte ittt of 
Rome*^ or \yy nuthoHiy thereof, contrary |i> thjf tfxpren pn>vi- 
hiomiorUic bwi ;ind»Litiitu uf tliia realm her ciofcrc made, ^ 
ilull not M any time hcrc.nftcr be Ji^cd or put iri cxecolion f 
m an) cos<*f to (ho dcrog-iLion, or contrary to the mid laws 
and «,itiit<*t nf thi* rpaltn, omi the ptDvittioEH of ibe Kurc ; 
jnylhing in Ibis proviso to the contTury tlicrcof notwisb^ 

And be it onaci^^d by Authority of this present Parlinm^ti 
that the Vitkg our sovctc:ign lorcJ, by the advkc of hJ4 
ho»ouiTtUc council^ shall have power and authority fromj 
time to time, for the ordorlng, r^rem, and Tcformation ol 
aU manner of indulgences and privitegp*i thereof within thi« 
reiilm. oi willun any tlie kJng's dominious, hereiofore ob- 
tained Jl tlic sec of Rome, or by authority tlK-ruuf, and of 
the obuiicfi of <udi imluly^nrtss and piivlJegos ihareof, as 
tball aeein ^(Xid, wholcsoiiie, and rva^onable foi the honour 
of God and wt^l of hU people; and thai aach order 
and rcdrcM oa shall be token by hi« bi^hneu in Ihut 
bebitll^ *hall be obsen^ed arjd J^rmly kepi npofi \\\^ pains 



Imited in ihii Act (or i\it cfTrntltng of the conienia of 

Lc same. 
Provided filway, and be it cna<tcd by authoritir of tUi« 
pmert PirlUmeni, thil thU pfct«nt Act, or any thing or 
lhi[H"?i tlicn^in L-unUint-d, shall uai brgiti tn ukcrrtctt nor 
be put m cuccutiuQ till tbc fcasl cf the N4iiniy of St, John 
BJiptUl next comtn^ c:iccj>| the king's^ niajcftEy, on thig side 
ihp Slid fcutl^ by hu IcHtfs pairn! unrlcr his htwe ical, to 
be enrolled m ilic I'jjliauicrd ml) of this picacnt ParlinmcnE, 
do dccbrc and express, thai it is h^s ptcoaurc that it ^liall 
begin 4(^d t4ke elfcct M any time Afore the fisid Ic^isA ; and if 
bis Itighnt^u ba^JiX-'H HJ If) do, :bcn, im met] bidy ufkr 
6uch liecliinitEun of his pleasure by his iiid Icucra patent 
tn foms 4icrci^rd, th;fc «iid Act Ahall bv^in and be put m 
eicciidon afore the said fca^t, according to his said plca^uro 
!w to be dcrUred by hi* wiij kticrs patent; nr>tbiii^ ii 
this proriito (o tbc conirary hereof notwithst.iiidmK. 

And be it further enacted by authority aforcs^tid, that the 
king's maje^iy at nU times on tbii vi^^ the taid fenit ih.ill 
hjLVC full powei and aLitbutily. by bi^IcLtLTs puleiil uadcri 
hist great seal, to be enrolled in the Pailiimcnc roll of this 
procnt FarlLament, to abrog^Lte, annul, and utterly repeal 
and iii£ikc void [his Ai:l and i?vi.'ry thing and things ihrnfin 
contained, or el« as much and »ucti pjut thereof aa ahall be 
declared and limtted on this »ide the uoid feaut by his aaid 
tetierv patent to be void and repealed^ and thai all tueh 
nqjcid and 4nnulliiig hj to he made in form aforr^.iid by 
hia lii>:bnci» on thii aide the said h^t. ^holl tie aj»^<jodand 
eficctufll oa though it hjid been done and had by authority 
cf Parliament ; any thing or things contained m iHls jMMent 
Act to the contrary hereof notwithntandin^; and if no auch 
repeal be bad or made by the kmg'a majesty on thjs BJd< 
Ui« taid fe:!!!, in form ^ ic afore rehearsed, that then the 
Mid Act, tx as mnrh and mirh (hereof ok nhall not be 
vcpciklcd on Ihia »idc the said feaat. ahall immediately after 


Date ofthiiP 


\ rng to 
uiuul ibb 


lui. the ftsid faun (tand firm, gooti, and «IT^aal, Ami from 
llicni-cfDith btf put in iluc acoiiion According lo ihc icnor 
ihcnraf ; Anything in lhi» Ad or in any the proriviooi o Axc- 
said 10 thfl cootraiy h«r€ol notivuhfttnndin£. 


«* HMiRV VIIl, CAP. 22. 

l&JL TimkAci wulk*FaMortha>^«OlM U L|V)«f ccdcsimkall 

iDcjiCiDAcd W4B pftKrlbed : but Idlers p*.\ca\ vrc» oauinl cuirfAinlnc 
A farm tniJ xiifiotRlfnt A niniaiutluri, 

[Tnin«cr St«tmca«f the Rulm, iiL 47 1«) 

In their moat humble; wise tshown unto your nujesij 
your nioti humble and obcdicnl tubjecis^ the lords 5pini\ial 
pn'vijcr^r *"<* tpmfmfji] nnd the Common* fn (his prcseni PArlucnem 
*™''^'' assembled, thai nmce il is the nniurAl Indinaiion oT every 
man, gbdly and wiElLngly to provide for the surtly of both 
his btle and lurccMion, iilthmi^h it touch onlf his ptivtt* 
cause; wc thcicrore, ujosl lij^hifLiI And dreadful Aovercign 
lord, rcckcr ouridvet much mc>rc hound to bciccch and 
imioi^t vour highn«« i,nUhough we dovihi not of your 
prnccly htart and witdom, mixed with a natun! aiTcciion 
tn ihc Kame) lo fufirsec iind piOYidc fur Ihc iwrfcci sttfcty 
of both you, and of your mosl Lawful mcccA&ion ard heini, 
upon which dependcch all our joy and wealth, in whom 
fllfto IK united and knll the only mere true inheritance and 
lille of Ihli rcjlm, without any contradiction ; 
Thr AM- Wherefore wc your aaid mo^t humlilc and obedient 5ub* 
^'^'J*5' *^'. jecls, m thii prciteni Parlianicnc astcmblcd, railing to oiii 
tnU^iQ Tcmrmbram^ she great dxvbiuna s^hidi in limes p.isT hflve 






be«n in \hn realm, by r»M}n of several titles prcUridcd ta 
tht imperial crown of the umr, which sr;nietiine\ nn<l fcr 
llic niLot |>art cniufcl, by occavon uf amlji^uity and tloutrti, 
U'icn not »o perfectly (JtcbrcJi but that men ii>ii;hl> upon 
frownrd intent*, «^pou^ld them lo every innn's binittcr 
apj>L*c«lc nnd afliirtion^ nftcr ihdf wnsr, ranimry iti ihr 
*ight Ic^aliiy of the iiic:cc»ion amJ posLctily of llic lawful 
kings and crnpcrora of ihw realm: whereof hnlh enaued 
great cffuftion and difsiructlon of man's blood, su ^vell of a 
gTc«i nuniheT of the ncble?, as of othir the subjects, and 
c»pcciMiy inScnior} in ihc iahic , And (he grcaicat occjuton 
iheitof hath been because no perfect and subsUmtift] pro 
vision by law hath been made with n this realm of \\t£\f^ 
when cloubla and queMwnh biivc been inofccd and proponetl, 
of the ccmini) \r\6 lefijlity of ihc iiuccc«ion and pwicrity 
of the crown ; by tcaumi whereof thu Biiihop of Komc, and 
*ec a|»oiiolic, contrary tt> the great and inviohblc grants of 
jurikdiuionv given by God LinmnJiacely to einpercin, ktnipi 
and prinert, in sticccnion to iheir hciri, has premmed, in 
lifB<« past, 10 invest who should pteanc Ihem, to infieni in 
other mcnV kingiloniK and <lo(nirlnnfi, nhiVh thing mt, 
your cnovt hun:b]e mibjeos, boLh ^pir^tiul and temykomlj 
do mo*i abhor and detCfit ; and sometimea other forcif^n 
prrnecf and poteniBWS of *yndry degteo, minding rather 
dp^enii^on and dii^roid in f^ominuc m the realrn^ to the 
filter denotation thereof, than clunty. erguity, or uiu'ly, Ikivc 
many tttnefl supported wrorp title*, whcrcbv they might the 
more eavTyand facilely -ispire I-'j the 5up^n(>niy of the same ; 
ibr eoniinusniv and HulTerance whereof dei'ply cortHidered 
Hnd pondercdt were too dnngeroitt and periloua to be euf- 
ferrd any longer wrthin th]« realm, and too much contrary 
to the miity. peace, and l:an<jUiHity ofthe»atne» lieing greatly 
ie|Jruacbflble and dishonourable to the wholt^ iculm : 

In conwdcratJon whcrcfjf. your said moM humble wid 
obedient subjects, the noblei and Cctrtmons of tine t^xim, 


the (ftwrij 

and 1^4 


tAVBC «/ 





IIlc tnar- 

ttK- IriiiB 
■nd Kaihe- 




ISti. calljns fiinhef tc their rcmcmbnncc that the good uni1]r», 
pt^c« ATiJ wcilth of this realm, And ilie vLiccvvsion of th« 
sahjccLh of che »iniCt mosi cspccUUf ami i^rijx iimltj iibove, 
all ^rorldly ihin%% contiiu and rc^ts in the ccruiply and 
surety of ihe procrcolion and pfji^tenly of yoLir highncsi^ in 
vthow most royal person, it tbU prc^nc line. H no mawner 
ofdoubl nor qllt^liorl; do thcicforc mmi hniutily IcMCcli fl 
your hiKh(iC-M, ihjit it itiJiy plcinc your majcaty, that it may " 
b<* enacted by your highnei&, with the assent of the lord* 
Hpirilu^il and iL-ciipor^Ll. and (ht? CommonSp m Ihii lament 
PAilJaiikciit a£iciit1>kd. And by ihc aulhoriiy of ihc ulehq 
thai the Tnarriafcc heretofore solemnized bct>^ccn your 
hjghnesi and (he Lndy K-ilhi?rinef bi-ing before* lawful wift 
lo Vritmc AiLliur, yuur ddtr brulhiT, which by him was 
carnjilly known, as doc& duly .^p[icai by aufikicnc proof iii 
a lawful procejii had and made hefoie 1 homas, by lh« 
tuffcrance of tiod, now arrhhishnp of Cantcibury and 
ULebopoliun and priniatc of all thJN renlm, fthall Eirv ^7 
authority of tbis present Pailiamvnip dctinitivcly, dearly, and 
ahfidutcly declared, decnned, and ''4<^jud^ed to bi? against 
ihr bvri of AtmiKhty God, anfl atso a<:c^pied> rc[*»ic<t, and 
t^kcn of no value nur ciTect, but utterly void and annulled, 
and the Atparnlion thereof, made by the said archbishop, 
«hal] be good And to all intents and piirpo<e»; 
any Ikcncc; disi^ensiiion, oi any Qiher ac.i or acts going 
afofe, or ensuing the $ame. or tc the coniian^ Lhcfeof, in any 
wise notwithfltaridiikg ; and tltul every bueh licence, diApen- 
_^^ icaiioiij arr nr aces, rhmfdj or things hprciofon^ h;id, made^ 

'^^riiice df.Hic. ornj iiedonciu the couiriiry UiL'teuf, hh-ilHie vi^dand 
of iione cfTcet ; and that the said l^dy Kathcrinc shall be 
from henceforth called and rcpuied only dowager to Prince 
Arthur, ai^d noc queen of ihi« R.'ahn : and ihaE the lawful 
matrimoiiy had and tiLjIcnrniHecd between youi lii^LiticM ajid 
your mOEst deoi and cniircly beloved vrilv Queen Anne, ^haU 
be esiab!Iih£?d, and lakcn for undoubilul, true; sincere, and 




perfect ever hocaflci, according to Ihc just juUgmcm of Uic 
said Thomas, nrchhiahop of C.tntcrhtn), mciroj^olUan nnd 
]>^im^rf^ of all this rrnlm, whoie gronndK of judgmcnl h.ivc 
been cxsnliiuicJ, as wdl by ilii; nrliole dc^rgy nf thiit malm 
in bolh the Con vena lions, a:i(I [»v both the unlvcTMlics 
ihcrcoi, a£ by the imivcfHttiff^ of tlolognA, I'aduJ, Pnns 
Ortmiu, Toirbuit^ Anjnu^ and divers others and SilfiO by 
the prK^tt viititip uf [ii;uiy righE exccllriit well-lr^nicd 
men; •^tiich grounda ao c^nlirmcU, and ji]dj;nn:nl of the 
Wild afrhbishop enijing the fcimc, togciher wirh yaiir mar- 
mgf: si}|emni7rd iiciww.-n ymir highness am] your fvtid 
btrfulwifc Queen Anne^wc yourxaidiuhjccu, botf15piniu.1l 
and temporal, do puK-ly, plainly, conKtontl)', and Armty 
ace^pr, approve, and t^Wty for good and cunnonrtnt to llie 
hwn of Almighty God, vithoui error or dcfauh, moM 
humbly beseeching your niA)csty, thic it my be ao c»tib- 
!i(hed for ever by your most gmctoun And roy^L assent 

And furrhcfniore, tince many in conveniences have falten, 
aH *ell wjthin This realm ns in oihcrs, by rejuun of mafty- 
ing wiihin dcgrccti of niArriat;c prvhibitcd by God's lawn, 
thfll ti to say, tlie eon to mnrry th« mother, or the vUp 
moth^, the brother ihe wsier, the father his son's dAitglitcr, 
Of biK daughtcr'K djii^ltlei, or the 9ion to ini^iry the d.iughlef 
of bis &llicr procrcflie and bc-m by his itcpn^cthcr, or the 
ipon 10 marry hizi aunt, bomg hiv fiitl^er'a or iiTOther'it tmtt^ 
or Id marry his <inr]e''f^ wife, or ihe father to marr)' hU ton's 
wife, or d^c brother to in.tri> bis brolhci'^ wifci ui ^ny man 
to marry his wife's doUj^hier, or hjr- wife's son'» dttLj^htcr, or 
bis vife's daughctt'f daugtitur or hit wife's lisicr; which 
mairijit^es. jilihuiigh rbvy tw i^lainly proliibtlfd iind detested 
by tbc Liwft of Cod, yet ncvcrthele^t At ftonie liiiLo ihcy have 
proceeded under colour^ oi dispcniJiCions by noun's povcr, 
which is but usurped, and of r^ghl ought not Co be gmntod, 
admJllcd, nr^r jtlhivred ; for no tn^n, of wli:it mate, degree, 
or condition soever he be, hi5 power bo dispense «ith 


The miir- 
ihpJI hf 

taken aa 
Kuvd uiid 
10 Cod fl 

Kci-ittJ 1^1 

that Imvp 

Mitn tin A 
nu power 



within ih? 

by the 
Chiiffh oF 

bf 1 J K^odt 
ijtd chil- 
dr«n boriL 

of niich 

art ilfpipu- 


WltbJEl xht 


by the 

c;od'« tmn, 01 oJI tb« clergy ^ this T^olm in lh« uid Con* 
vucitions, and the nioit pan of aW \\w f^moti^ univcr&iti^ 
of Oiriiicndofi^ &n4 wc aho, do ni^Tm fuid tliJnL 

Be it tbcrcrorc enacted by autficriiy afoTesAid, that M> 
perton or pinion*, suhject* or re*)der»Es of thit realm, or 
in any joui UoiMintutih, of wl^al c^l^lu. dcBt^e, ur dij^nny 
SOCVLT llicy be, hball from henceforth rnnrry wi:hin l^ic uid 
degrees nfone rcbears^cd, what pretence soever tball be made 
\Q iht ooninr}" tbtreof 

And in ciac any peirion or pcncins. of ^lut CfitalCrdiBiii^, 
dc^e, or comtjtioit soever ihcf be, has been hcrciororc 
married within this reolm, or in xny the \\n^s, dotnink>CM^ 
wiihin any llie dcgii^es atHJve expreitscd, and by uny the 
aruhbi^hopat bishopa, or iiLiniatcrtf of the Church of England, 
be separated from the bcindn of such unlawful niAnJAge, 
that every «nch «eparaiion thai! hi- gnnd, liwrLil^ flrtn, and h 
|icrmjncnt for ever, <im] not by airy powrr, amhorfl/, or fl 
nteam to he revoked or undone hereafter, and thii ihc 
children proc^edmg and procreaied under noch untavru] 
inArri-igr, shn1l noi be lawful nor Icgirimate; any foretgn 
law»t liccncte^, disE)cn?utIoni. or other ibmg or things ID 
ihc conlrarj- thereof notvrith»EnndinS' 

Artd 111 t%'i*c there be any person or peraon* within Ihia 
jca\i\\ or in Any the l(irig'« dominions, already m.irricd 
nilhin any the wid decrees above specified, and noi yet 
separated ftova the bonda cf liuch unUvfu! mnrrio^c, thai 
Then every such person so unlkufully married sh^^IJ b« 
sciuuaie by the de(^niiivc scmcnce and jud^mcnia of tbc 
archbUhop^ bishopri, end oiber mini^rcr* of Ihc Chwch of 
England^ And in other your dominions, wiihin (he hmitfi of 
their juriadiciions and auihoriiics and hy none otht^r povter fl 
or authority; and that all fccnicncca and jvidj;i;Lcii1a given 
and to he given by any archbishop, bishop, or other minister 
of Uw Church of England, or in other ihc kirg's dominions, 
wiihijj ihe limits oi Ihdr jumdJLlioiis and lULhoiiLicbi zihall 


uv] HisroKY or the encush chcrch 


be fl^niiive* firm. go(x1, and efTectual, to atl inlents* and 
be obatTvcd and oLc>rd* Ktifaout »uing any iJTOhocdiioM, 
appeals, probibitionii, cr otbcr process Ucm the Court or 
Rome, 10 Ibc d^og;Ltion thertfoff or eonEnry to tiie Act 
nude »iiicc the beginning "f lliis ptcacnt!i.irTipnL for 
reitniint of sacb prvvocuiions, jippcaljji jrruhibiiiun^ and 
other processes. 

And aUn br it cn^cifd Ivy nuilioncy aforccnM, thnt oil 
the ib»Me bad and pit>ci('.7lcd, 01 hcrcAHcrr lu be had And 
procreated, bctwct-n your bigbnCiS and your ^id iTioat dear 
and entirely bdoved wj(c CJuccn Anne, «luili be your XxvtMl 
diiklren, and ]tt mhrtiublr, nnci inhrrii, nrrording i<i th« 
courftc of mhcriuncc Jind Un^ of this rcilm, the impcnat 
crown oFlhc«.nme, wiih alldienrtit?^ honoun, pre cmmcnocs. 
prcro^iivcc, ftiiihoritiet. And Jarisdk-tfonfi 10 the time 
annciicil or bclonginj^p in n» brge and irnpk' manner as 
your hii^hnc^ ^t thi^ present time ha the ^amc o-i king 
of thifl i^ilm ; Uie inhcrLionci; Eheieof to be and remain lo 
your ^M rhildrcn and right heirs Ln manner and Toriu at 
facrcj/lcr »ha]1 be dcLl^icd, dut b to %ay : 

Vint llic bbird imperial c^rovr, juid oiher ibc prcmtsca, 
ttbaJl be to ycur najcity, and to your hcirv or your body 
lAwFiiIIy brj;utt(.-n, thai in ic tay: lu tbff ^nt non of your 
body* between yaur bi;:LiT]c:ti and your uid lawful vifCi 
Queen Anne, bcKOticn, .ind to the heirs of the body of Ihe 
uuvie (ini ton lawfully begotien, and for default of such 
htnih, ilicu lo tlic wcuud son of >ouf budy and vf tlic btjjy 
of the uid Queen Anne begotten, and to the beir^ of the 
body of the laid second eon lawfully be^itcn, and so to 
every son of your body nnd of Ihe body at the ^id Queen 
Anoe beirottcu. and tu the hcira of die body of every micb 
son begotten, according to the eourflc of inheritance in ihat 
behalf; and if it tlaU happen your \-mi dear and entirely 
betot'cd wife Queen Anne lu dei:cuc without 'vume male 
of tbc body of >our highnesi to be begotten (wjiicli Cod 


Appeal to 
Rointf for- 

All th<> 


Cdia:i «f 

the cT^'^n 
Undt «e. 



I&04, defend), then the aarnc impcrlAl crovvn, and all oil^r the 
prcnilAOR, lA be tr> your majoily, :tt i^; aforraniil, ^and 10 the 
son and heir imie: of ^x^ur body Ijiwfuilj l)cgoltcn, dnd ta 
the hcin of the body cf the aamc ^on And heir male UwfbUy- 
begotTcn : jind for dcfbutl of fiuch i^sue, then to your second 
%t\j\ or your hoily Jnwfidly bcgoirrn, and in fhr hrir* of thr 
hcidy of ilii; uinic i^crond ^,^i\^ Uwrully hc^Lfiscn. .tid ko Irotn 
gon end heir male to »on and heir miLlc, and Co the bcin of 
the &evend liodiet ol cv^^y such son and hev maTe to tie 
hcgotiert, accordfi^ to the course of irbcriiance. in like 
nuMic' srd form a* t« above Kiid 

And for default of t^uch ions of your body beitciitcn, and 
cf Hrniy ^^ ^*^ ht-Jtsof tliy wveral btidiet of every *(jeb sons lawfully 
oud AiHic begulleii, Lh^t [lien llje aaJil iiii|tcrU1 ciowii. and oihrr Lfie 
thflntoVhc premises. »hall be 10 Ihc isftuc female ^letwcci* your majesty 
Princ«ic and your laid most dcor and entirely beloved wife, Queen 
Anne, befjotien, ihar iu ta *ay ■ first to thr rIdcKt iwue female* 
which is the \iu\y VA\Ti\\K\\ now piint:c»^t ai*d Ici ihr hHre 
of her body lawfully begotten, and for default of such i»suet 
tlt«n to the second H«ue leniiile, and to the heir*! ct hei 
hudy lawfully ^x*g^ftrn, and <o fmm iMue fem-ilf m ^wue 
ffUiALc, And to tlie \vMi> of their bodiett one lifter anocher^ 
by counts of inheritance, oceording to their ajcen, us the 
crovn of England Ymas boon acaipioniedr and ought Lo go, 
In cases wl>ere [hctc be hdr* femnlc'i lo ihe same ; and for 
default of wdi ls*uc then the sajd iniiicrjal cionn, and all 
other the premises, ihall be in the rtght heirs of your 
highnesi for exrr. 

And l>c if fmlbei tiiaeltd by indborily arurcsiiid, Ikit on 

mudBimcd ^'*^* ^^*^^ ^^^ '"""'^ ^^^' ^^ ^'^^ ^^^ comiMg, proclamation 
ilirnughotii thalJ be made m all KhircJi wilhin this realm, 1^ the tenor 
KnBUtid, ^^^, ^,nnienK of ihi* Arr. 

lAtLP male 



Thi!* ^t\ 

Thff pen- 
uhv (ut 
injuty to 
Ihc luftff. 

And if any ^JCtsun or tHJMJns, of »vbai estate, dignity, nr 
condition aoevcr they be, ftubjed or KSidcnt within this 
realm, or eUevhere vrtttiin any the Idng'H dominions, ifter 



the uid fir»t day or May, by writing or impiinfjn^ or by IftOI. 
anrc;ctcrior ad of tlotd, maliHontly procure or do, or cnuie tfm'irWnj 
to Ur |iroL'ijrc.*J of done, nny Ihin^ or things lo the |»eTii thttiowo, 
of yoUf aiuM iciyal pcrbUHp i»r lualkiously give uu^I(;ti by ^^ »jinJcr 
^*htir>K, prim, deed, or act, trhcrcby your hiehnesa miRht niBmnen 
be dtilEirbed ot interrupted of the ttown of this realm, ot 
Sy writing, piiiir, deod. or .nT, ijrm-ure or do. ur cause to tic 
procured or done, any \\m\^ ^r thinL,*^ to the prcjudicei 
flarder, dixturEiancc, or dcro^tion oF the ^^td lawful nialri- 
inony»o1trmn]/e<l hfirtttn yoitr tii-ij«iy and Ihe uid Queen 
Anne, or Uj ilic peril, sbiidti, ur Uislicriiun of any the 
issucA and hcJrd cf your lti|;hneM, bcbg limited by this Act 
to inherit and to t>e mliciicah^e 19 the crown oi tbJE Tcalm, 
in such forni ;is is aforcviid, vhrre-ltj' jiny xiieb i«itin or 
heire cf >x»ur hi^hnci) might be destio^cd, disiurlted, or 
mtcmipled in bo<dy or tJtie of inheritance to the erown of 
ihi« rcfltm, At^ to thc^in h Umited m Ltiis Act in form uhovr: 
rebranrd ; Ihni ihrn r\Try viirh [x-rson nm] jK-r^ori^i of 
what cautc. dc£icc> or condition ihcy be of, subject or 
resident within thit» rcaimr nnd their aidcn, counsellors, 
nuintainen, ard atwttors, ;ird every of them, for ev^ry 
luch offence thall be adjudj^ed hi ^i^ trailo rs, and every sULh 
offence shall be ndjodjted bigh trcEuorii and the ofTcridcra 
and their ^iOen, coun&cllpr^, maini^iEicr^H and abcltonr, and 
ctety of ihfjii, \^*l{^^'g lawfully conviciod of siich offenre by 
pincntmcni, vcrdiet. eonfeasiont or procc^i, acLOrdhig to 
ihc customs and lows of ihia realm, «linl[^iiffcrjMms_^_ 
detuh, a* in caiies of liif;h treanon ; and Eh:il also every ituch 
o/lrndeT, Tieuig corivi<.'k'd a^i i-tiifurc^itJil, nliall kit^e and furfcil 
U> your hiKhncM, and to your hciifr, kjCK^ of lhi» realm, all 
such manon, lands:, tenements, Tcnt«, annuities, and here^ 
diiamentii, ufutli lliey hail iri i>uv(^sbfort hk owrrrx^ <m uvre 
tolc fedced of l/y or in any li^ht. utic, or mc^na, or ^ny 
other person or pcnona had to their use, of any ciiifitc of 
inheritance, «t U« day of tuch treasons And o(lcnce« by U^em 




PrtuUy for 

or tpcvik- 

□f IJIF 

conimilted and done ; find shalJ aUo lofte iind forivil lo 
your htghness ^^d ro ^oiir mid hctn, » ttdt nil intoncr 
9iidi cxULci uf freehold aikI inict»t» for 'itsa% aflaiuU and 
mus. 03 aXi rhcir t;Qud». chuUcb, and 4lcbt^ wEikh ihcy hjid 
At ilic limv ol convjction or atuindcr ol any such oiFence ; 
SHvmg always Kt «!7ery pcrnon And pmont, nnd boftfr« 
poliiic, [O tlicii bcira, A^^igiiJt, xad aticccsson, and cvco' <jf 
them, other than ^tich persons us sball be »o convictt^dt Aod 
Iheir hetrg ai^d sucL'^^oit, and all other clnimlng to tlicv 
up>€S, all tirirh ri];Ut, lille, ii8(r> Initrri'^t, poitc^^iorv con- 
dition, rcnU, TccA, oEBcc«, annuiiic^, and commons, wliich 
thcv or any of them ^\\a\\ happen to have in, to, or upon 
any such in;inors, bnJ*, tenemems rents aniiufciei; or 
liciffdit^iinunui. that aliall &o happen lo be lost and f^rfcUcd by 
rciuon of aLt^indcr for i^ny the trcuons and ofTcnce^i Ahovc 
r^carscd, at any time before the »a^d trouoiu and oflencec 

And lie it further enacted liy authority aJompidr 1^>^ ^' 
any pcrsun or pcr3Qn\ iftcr the said Jirnt dayof Iby, bf 
an}' u'or<J[i, Without vriiing, or jiny oKicrior deed or aei, 
nvihf {r)iis,1y :tnd fibtnii.iTHy thjiU puhliiih, divulgr, nr lUlcr 
Ally thinK ^^ things to the pcrrit of your htghnctSir or to the 
Alondcr or prejudice of thi- B;tid motrimony sokmnocd 
between your highiicss and tho iwA (jucen AnnCr or Co the 
abnder or disherison of tlic i«M^c and ht?ir^ of your bod/ 
begotten and 10 he begotten of the wid Queen Annc» or 
fliiy other your bwftiL heirt, which &hall be inheritable to 
thecronn of lhi» realm, as Is before limited by thl« Act; 
llmt then every ^uch oCTciiie &ba|l U: taken and adJMdgcvt 
for ruispribioi^^ftrutsc^i ; and ihnt every pcr«on and pcr- 
Eoni, of what estate, degree* or condition Aoevcr chey be, 
snbjrct or reiidcnt wiihin tbi* rtLilm, or in nny iht king'c 
dominions ot doini^ mid oHcnding, and being ilicrcof Uw- 
fuUy convicted b> |>ftKnirncrjl, verdict, procwfl, or confcs- 
Sion, shall viiffer impdionment of their bodies at the king's 





wilt, and %hai[ \o%c at, ivcll all ihcir goodK* chnttcU, aru^ dcbte, ISH. 
MSMl tuich ini Fruit rrrid vM^Tri of fr<?phrild Drforye-rLi^ vhi^b 
any such ofTenilc:! aliill liive of or 111 any luntls, rents, or 
hcrcdimTiicnTs vhiiKtn^ »t Ihc ttmc of conviction 4nd 
Atinindcr of such o^cnc^Cn 

And [ic it ulsi> cnaricd \\y the; autbi>rity aforctsul. that no Oflrrnrf^n 
pcnoo nor person* ofTcnding in any ofthcUciiaonnand mia- '?J^-™ 
prifiions conLtm^d a»cI limited by thin Act, shall in nny *ttie tiic pnvi' 
have or enjoy tht' privilos'^ =i"d immimiTy of any mnTinrr of '**!.'*' 
nnctuarics ttithin this rmlcit. or cbtuwhcic within aiiy of 
the king's dominiora, but ^hnll utterly lose And be excluded 
of the uni« ; any nee* (^iiRTonn, gram, prcacriptton, eorttinnJit- 
tion, iir Any olhet ihing or ihin^ 10 the cnntniry ihrruif in 
any wise notwithaUnciitiB- 

And be it albO enacted by authority aforcaaiid, thftt if ycrnr WTio»lidl 
mijc^iy 'ihould happen lo decease before any snch youT i^tuc '**[^_*^''^' 
and heir nialc which ihoiild inhriit Uir crown of thj» Tc;i1m, m^nt of 
ahali he of bis age of eighteen yean, or before inch >oui f''^'^'^* 
ia^uc and hf-ir f^innle which eliould inherit the crown of during 
ihi« rr-ilm, lihMl he marrirvl, nrhr of tht^igr of 4iitec*n year*, "Tih^^l!?' 
which Aln^ii;E)ly Goil defend, that ihen your »aid iwuc and ihaalti dk, 
heir male to the craving so being wiihin the »id age of 
eighteen yeirs, or your ^\d is^ue -'tnd heir female to the 
crown, unmarrii-'d. or witliin the said ajtc of sijrtecn y«iT% 
ihftll be and remain unto »uch time ia Huch il^u» jnd 
heirs Hhatl coir:e 10 Uieir E»id vevemj agvs afore hmitcd, 
It nnd in the goveraanre of rhelr h.iiutjI mothpr, ihe living, _ 
witli huih oihcrs, counselloia uf your tT,\\u\ j^» ye»ur mtijesty 
in your lifetime ihall depute and assign by your wiU, or 
otherwise, for the same, without contrvhccion of any person 
or peisons to the conirwy ihercof. 

And if any person and pcr^ns by writing, or tttC fi or PcnAliyrfn 
deed or act, iirocure or do^ or caute W be procured or done jj'*'"^^^«* 
any ihing or thirg; to the let or diMurbance of the tame; ttmn^ 
iliat lltcn cvtrry &ucb oA«ncc stial) be Iiigh tfoutoji, tad ilic '""*' 





to perform 

i«iiU of 

trifPH to 

oircndcrit b«tng ihereoT convicted, fthal) BufTcr web poo 
cf dCAth and Iosms of inhrnianei^ frccholdA, inumtt 
ycan< goods C^allck an:t d^bl]^ in KUch manitcr and 
u 15 above specified in cam of trcftxin afore oncnlioncd. 

And for the mere sun: c^iabhshm^nt of the Buccnuon 
ynitt mn« myal majratjr, m-Jifiling to the? Icnnr and fbrm 
of thifl Att, be il further cnancd by auilvoHcr aforcMid. 
tbK fts well Ail Ihc ncbl<A of your realm (pinLUAl and tciD- 
pond, ft! nil other your mbjecti now living and tieing, 
that hereafttrt ihill I>c, al dicir full a^esn by the comin 
meat of your m:t]faty or of your heirs ^^ aX\ times h 
from time lo lime, when it ihAll pLeue your bighnesc or 
your hem lo appoint, abjill aiulc a curpond oslli in the 
prc«cn<x of your highness or your t»:ir«, or before such othoi 
OS your m«jcfity or your heira vrill depute for the tAnie, thai 
they «hiill truly, limply, am! tomt^intjy, without fraud or 
yutlc, L>hM;rvc, fulfil, uuinUin, defend, juid Iccp^ to tbclr 
c\:nni/ig, nit. *nd uttcnaiost of their l)Ower^ the whole effects 
and CMitenti of ihtr; fnaient Act. And that all moAncr 
your fUhJccTFt, M wf!in tplnuial as temporaJ, fluing livery, 
resiitJiioni, or ousttr it mmn out of Lbe haiub of your 
highneu or of your bcit^H or doing any fealty to your hi^ 
ncM or to your beiri, by reason of tenure of Ihetr Undt, 
shall swear a }iVe corivir^l o;tlh. thnt they and i-vrry of 
then), wilhout fiaud or £uUc to their cunning, wit, and 
ottcrmctflt of their pnivers, shall truly, itrmly, and conMattly 
obierve, fulfil, matntain, ^lef^nd, :tnd keep the eflecu and 
cxinlcnts eoiiLAiiied ui»d apccifird in thib Act, or in Kny pan 
tlicrcofi «rd thai ihcy, nor .any of tbeni, iJi-nll hereafter 
have any liveries, ^uitir U maim, or restitution out of your 
handSj nor out of the hand« of your hein, till thoy ktve 
nude tlie smd coriKiral oath in form above rehearsed. 

And if any pcrtiun or pcrvons, hcirkg comnmndcd 
fluthonCy of this Act to take tho said oaih afore linijtedi 
obitinalely refute that to do, in mntrtnpt of ihtt Art, <h 




thco every stucli person bo doing* to be Ukcn and accepted 1&94. 
for oficivdcr in mi»phMOt> of hi^^i trcaaon ; and thai every 
such refuvil ■thull t« dtft^med ind ;]djudged miifiHMuc of 
tii^li ticaai^i) ; und tlit cjfTcndcf lljciiiti Lu ^ulTci luch piira * 
uid icnprinonincnl, Io3ac» and forfcilurcs^ and ftbo lose 
pmilei^c* of Kinctuano, in like oanner And form ai i> 
abow mrnlii>n(\J Toq llw tnupriiiion^ of trf^aKOrw afor^ limited 
by thb AtL 

Frcvidod alwu^f^ thai lh« Article m 1hi» Act contnjncd Uarruffu 
coriceming prohibitions of mjurutge* wilhin the ^^^^^*^^ 
afoit: meiitiodcd in \\\\% Att. hh:d1 always Iw laken, inte> 
prcicd, and Okpourtdcd of hiiuM vawtas-^c^ where mamngca 
wen solcmmud And eamal kiiovvkdgo wa« had' 



26 Hkniiv Vm, CAr I. i 

Tm* AH vaa pBucd m November. 13^ : il w rvpeftT«d by HSJt 
Haty^fl Hcond Ad of rcpcj) C^iuJ, Noh LXXVT, which repeal wu 
ronflrmfd tj 1 FJJubrtb, csfi, > \j»a,t. Sii. LXXIX), h nhoLtli) be 
B^ttd thAi Lti« My*n^ glaii tf In rh« ^iitpmiiBton ol tTi« Ckrfj of a.9' 
153a ;dii», No, JCLVJIE) ii «Iroji]>ed in Ihit Art. 

Albeit the king'i fnajesty j^Totlyand righttully is and dught Thefcfcufto 
10 be the siipreme head of the CK*irch cf Kngliind, and sn J,"^"^' 
il recofnticd by the clcrjty of thijt realm in (heir Cnnrora- ilir Churxb 
lions, yet nevcrthclcw for corroborfjlion and fonftrmafion tf.j'lJl*™^ 
tliereof, and for Jncrcue of virtue in Christ's religion r«ugniit<r 
wilhin this realm of England, and to icpresB and e^t^rp all I^uob'*^*" 
enor*v hcieaicx, and otlicr enornniticA ai^ nbuKs hcfcioforc 
need in tlie ume ; be it enacted by auihortiy of this pre- 
sent Parliament, iUxi the king oui sovereign lord, bis hdn 

R 1 



ut Ihd Mid 







and Bucccsaons kings or thin realm, fihill b« cakcfi, ftcc«pte4 
and rtpured the only supreme hend in tanh of the OinTcb 
of England, CAlled Ans^ttanti Eaiesia : un4 ihall lave and 
CT\]of, annexed and united to the impctul ctown of thi» 
realm, a« well ihc iiilc ind Riylc tticrcof, ^ all honoun, 
(liijnilic^s, |if*-etnmenrra, jursctklicins, pnvilr^ts.auUioririA, 
Immunities, profits, and comtnoditics to the Mid di^itj of 
BUprvniQ head of the same Church bolonging and appertnaa- 
Ing ; and ih.ii our lard soiJcrcign lord, his hcirt und suooc^ 
sors, king* of this rcain, shall liavc fiitl [inwci unci aiahorltjr 
ffom time to lime to vi.^ii, repress, fc^tcas reform, order, 
correct, restrain, and amend all luch errors, hercMcs, ibUMs^ 
offences, ronrempti. and enotmitiea, whanoeTer they bev 
uhii-hby JLny ni.tiincr bpirllu^l authoiit; or jurttdictioii ou^fat 
or may lavrfully he reformed, rcprc^t^^cd, ordered. rctlrcvccL 
corrected, restrained, or amended^ most to the pleasjre of 
Almiyhry God, the intTea-se of viin»" iti C1iri<fl'ft re1igior\ 
«nd for the coriiicrvaLion of the peace, unily. and tnin(;uil]it]P 
of this realm ; any uaa^cci custom, foreign \ayt^ foreign authc^ 
ricy, presciiption, or any other thing or thin^ to the conlrarf 
hcteiff nulwiiliitaiHling. 



Rcdul of 

the fnmcf 
Act af 




56 HtJ»»V VIII, CAP, t. 
Tirtii rnurprvutlon ^r ihrr prcvtoas Act af SufMSton (dMB^ Ko.^ 
It w« ropetled by »B Hcnty VIM. tap 7, 

Wh«r& at the last «eA8[on of this present PE^rliAnwn!, ii 
the Aci then made for the csmblTihmrni nf rhe turefiajfoif j 
of the heirs of the kmg^s litgbncn iji the imperial ctova' 



of ihis reialm, it is conUineilr amon^ orher Ihtng^ Thai last. 
Jill and sin^ulai ilic kiii^'a »ul>jcctis a« well tlic nobles 
spiritual ajid tcn^i^onl a» other, should make and tnk« 
» corporal oalh^ whensoever it «hou1d please the ktng't 
maje.'tiy, or bjs hciia, tu a]»pi»]iit, tliul ihey sliuuUl trul/. 
firaily, and coniiUiilly, w^tlicui fr^ud or guile, obatrrc, fulfil, 
mamtain, defend, And Icecp, ic their eunniri;, wit, And utter- 
tnoti of their power*, the whck* efTryts and ronienis of the 
uld Aa, 0.1 in the aumc Act, ainuni; othci ll^in^^t. mure 
plainly :ip[3eareth- 

And &i the <]3>' ot the last prorogslion ot X\\U pr^cnt Oafhtitkcii 
PsTlinmpnraii wHI ih<* Tiohlrs spiriinal and Jrtnnnnila*n[hrr ^J' P*tlb- 
ihc Ccmmons of tbi» present rarliament then u?cmb]cd in 
the high liouse of I'crliotnent, moat bvingly accepted and 
cook such OAih as then war deviled in wHling for vmin- 
tcnancc and defence of ihc sflid Art, and mearH anrl in- 
tended kX that time ibat erciy uthcr the king's subjects 
^ould be bound to acc4-pt .tnd t&k« the eanic, upon th« 
pains eontJitncd in Fhe Raid Ari^ iUc irnnr nf vhirh njitb 
hacxTter cnaucth; 

'Yciball iwcorto bear faith, truths and obedience alonely Fdim uf 
to the king* majeiCy, and to hi* heirs of his body of hit "^ 
ino«l d«3r And entirely beloved Livrfijl wife QiTtfffn Ann^ 
begotten and lo be begottcti, and furilicr (o the bctm of 
cur said aovcreign lonJ acocrdinfl to tbo brr>TULLon in tho 
sutnte mode for surety of bis lucceision in the crown of 
tbli realm, mtntitrnt-U and cotUained, and ni»t to any other 
wUhin thia rcaJm, nor foreign autfiuritv ur potcniAtc^ and 
in eA*c any oaih bo made, or hOR been mode, by you, lo any 
person or persons, that then yt- [iirc] lo repute the i:ime aa 
vain and annihilate; iind lliai. to your cunninf;, wiu and 
DttcnnOJit of your power, vithoul jz:ii)le, fraud, or oihetundue 
Lna, you Rhallobiicrvc, keep, maintain, and defend the«>^d 

:t of Succession, and all ilie whole electa anil contents 

^reof, and all Oliver AetA find ittaluicantode in confirtnalkn^ 




ihoulfl be 
Liktb by 



uiIl And 

Hfnch aI) 

or foil euculioD oTthe ueqc, or of an/tli mg therein c^uincd ; 
and thi$ j^ bhall do againBl all manner of pcnonv, ofwJuA 
0^(c, (iignicy, degree, or condtnon boevcr they be, and iA 
P17 wiKC? dt> cr ailempt, nor Hi your power snfTrr ic hr done 
or attcnnplcd, directly or indirectly, any thing or thins* 
pnvily or nparily to iho kl, hirdrante, dnmoge, or dcro- 
gniion ihcrenr, or nr' »ny pan of Ehc uTne, by any riiAnnct of 
tnaiia, oi for any mutmrr of pretence; so help yuu God, 
lU saiats, aod the hoJy Evangel iKta.' 

And fonumudi as tc i^ lonvemcnt lor the surv mmn 
[^nanrr Ard di'-fence of the »mf Art th-tt the ft»id oath 
ahould not only he authoriKed by putlionly of PAfli&nicnt, 
but also he interpr^ed and expounded by the whole a.iAi:nt 
of this pr««en[ Pnrh.imenr, ihii it wu meanE and intended 
by the king^ majesty, the l^rd^ and Commons of the 
PailJfifocnt, at the utd d^y of the said Usl prorogation, that 
every 6LiljJer-t should be boundcn to Inlcc iho eomo oath, 
according to the tenor and cfTcet thereof, upon the pairiB 
And (>c»aUlcf contained in the !>aid Kw i 

Therefore be it cnnclcd by authority of thfs present 
Psritamert that the inid oath above rehefnied that] bo 
[nirrpteiL'J^ eKpounded, reputed, aecepl^d. and adjudged 
the very oaili that the kin|f» highneaa, the Lords apintuot and 
lemporaT, and the Commnns of (hi« prc«cnt Parliament 
meant nnd infi*nded that every fcuhjcet of ihifi realm (hou!d 
be obligi^l and iHiuiiden to take ani) Ae4:e|)t, fcir main- 
tenance and dcf^^ricc of the BLimc Act, upon the paiiu eon* 
tamed in the said Aei, and that every ot the Icing's subjects, 
upon the siid piinx, ihall be obliged to accept and ukc tlie 
Slid oath. 

And be it further enacted by authority aforofaid that the 
commissioners that hereafter shall he appointed to receive 
such oath or thi? king** subjects, or two of then at tho lea*!, 
»hall have power and atitliotiiy to certify ttuo tlie kiog'n 
Bench, by irritinj; under their sca1», every tefustal that hero- 




aAtr shall be made aforv them <tf tfac ttme oalh by any ]U4, 
person or persons coming bcfar^ (hem to late (he fiflme 
ORlh; an<] ihai every ^ucb ccnifiuitc lo tic nutic by such A cerUfi- 
cornraissEoncn, a» a Aforesftid, ahull be token u ^t^ong and ^i^^^ 
a£ av:ilkible in the law u an iriclj<:Lfn4!nt ol twelve m«ni'>ti*w 
r.iA'futly fotrnd of fh* wid rofuwl ; so thai ilv^ person and ]J[,''j^^',j5^ 
pcrKon»» j^in«t ttliom any such cedJ^oitc ahaU be nude, mtnibyA 
^tiail be compelled to insicrt ihcfcumo aa if Ihcy wcre^*"'' 
indicted ; and tlui «uch proo«av, judgmcni, eiccution, and 
<rvery other (hing «hn1] be liad, used, And n^irii»[urr;d, of 
uid upon every auch <:eititicaEc a^abat lEjc ofTcndcri^ 4> if 
they hibd been lawfully indJcEcd of auch oJTcnces by the 
du« couTM aod crd^r of the common Liws of thii realm- 



30 HbJifty Vrn, CAP. 13. 

Tma Aft wat pDvnl In rhp NovrmbfrM]oni>rrs34: It reoiaiacil IBMu 
■ifion the SlAluU Book lill 1863 ,SUt- Law kdv. Art laOj). 

[TriMcr Stantnof the Kulia, fH^ geftj 

Foracmucb as il N tncvit nccMury, both for common Ndcrjititj- 
poliry anil duty of nuUjt^U, above all Ihin^i to prohibit, '*|J?'^'., 
provide,rcitrain, andcxiiiKtflllnunTicr ofshjuncrulitindcra, olthcUing 
perils, or imminent danger cr dangers, which fiii^ht gruw, ""** 
happen, or rtw (o thcit sovereign lord the king, ihe queen, 
or their heir*, whkb when they be hc3rd> wen, or under- 
flood, cannot be but odibic, and al:to abhorred of all those 
aorts that be true a.nd losing Kubject^ if in any point they 
may df», nr shall loiKh the king, hi4 qnren, their heir* or 
»uccc&>ora, i^pvi which dcpcndclh the whole uiiit)^ and 





tinJvcrvtil o/itaX of thJK n-alm, without piovidiris whc*r«fore 
too great a actipc of iiiuca-'ign;ib1c libcEty ahould be givca 
CO all ouikcrcd and Irjiloroub hcorta, wjltcr? and workers <A 
the iAinc ; And aho Ihe Icmg'i Jovmg subijects shoirld not 
derLiJr tiUTn their sovereign lofd now beting, whkh imui 
them ha« been, And is most entirely both beloved tind 
CKtOcmed, their undoubted sintcnty and truth. 

Be i\ therefore enacted by the assent ntid consent Of otfr 
K»^itf|£n lurd [hf king, and the Lords &piriiu^ and tempo 
and Commons in thin present Parliament ouc 
and by lh« n^uthOMty ol tli? samet lliat j1 ^ny pereon' 
ptfson*. flfr^T thp first day nf Kchrnary nrxr coming, do 
maliciously wi^h, will, or «ic»irc, by words ci writiniC' cv fc^ 
craft imcginc, invent, practise, or attempt any bodily 
to be done or oomnntied to the king's muit royal 
ibf qiiLfn's or [licir hdrs apparent, or id dt-privL- ibc 
Miy 01' l];cMi of thcii di|;iiity, tide, cr name of their 
GStatcft, or slanderously and n^abciousty publr^h and pro- 
noun<:e, by exprew wriring or words, tbic Uie Icing our 
sovcrcij^n lord ihuuid be Jieiclic, schi?iinaLic» tyrjiil. iiifidcl 
or csurficr of the crown, or rebclliously do detain, keep, or 
withhold from our said sovereign lord, his heirs or Kueecs- 
a(>rs, :itiy of bi» or their e.istle*, fortresses, forfalie**, or 
hold* wilhLii thia realm, or in any other the kir^"* dominions 
or marchcsii or TebcUjou£ty detain, keep, or withhold from 
the king^t Kiid highnetff hit heirs or f^uecessors, any of bii 
or their xhip^> ijidnurice«, urtillery, or other nmnJiiuna or 
fortiflcstionsorvrjir, and do not bmubly render acid ^ive up 
to our %M sovereign lord, his hcjrs or successors, or to Vtxch 
pCTftons AS *hall be deputed by tbcm, ^nch asiJes^ fofircmie*, 
fdrtalicei; htilJa, ships, tJtdnanccs, artillery, and other 
munittoni and forti^catioris of wur> rcbelhou^ly kept or 
dciained, withm six days neit af^tcr they shfill be com- 
mnndt^d Ijy our suiil sovereign lord, \m heir% or jtuccesituntf 
by open proclamaEion under the |;rcat ical -. 



Thil then every tuch pcpwrn and perrons *f> offending in 
any llic prcini^e^ after the WJd Gmt day of l<)jiuarx> ihcir 
&idcn. <x>uiiMllorfl, corsci^terH, And fttxriion, bt^tn^ (hereof 
lawfully convicted according to ihc bw« and customs of thi« 
fc-^lm, ihall ht iu\]KX(\gKt\ irafiorsH iirnl lliJt every such 
cflcncc in any the prcmiao, Xhs\ shall be commitied or 
done alicr the »-ijd 1ir«t doy of February, shall be rcpoied, 
actcpied, and adjudged H%h iPKi*on, nrid the oiTi-ndpnt 
llicrcin and ihcjr ^tidera, ::cjtrM:nicn, i^DUti^elli/r^ ^itid aliet- 
tora, bcin^ bwfully convicti;d of anyAUoh ulU^nce a& la afore- 
said, Ahall have and suMcr such patrift of death and other 
pt-nallJr£, aii U hmilcd and acniklcime:) m rfiiust of high 

And k) the intent that all trcaitons sliould be the more 
dread, bat4-d and detested to bo done \yj any ^non or 
persons, find jIao bL^cjtisc k is a groat boldness unci an 
Occiiion to iU-di»paaod peraoi^% U> ndvcmurc ^nd ctnbr^cc 
tfaeir mahcious intents and cntctpriics^ vhich all true 
fubjertE ought lo study to e*ohew ; be it ther«fori* enacted 
by i3m; audiority afoicsLiid, tlml uo:ie offc-titkr in any 
kind^ of hinh troASona vhAl^c^cr they be, their aiders 
contenteriF, cotinf^cllen, not ahcitoni, i^bull E>c admitted to 
have the benefit or privilege cf any manntr of sancmary, 
considering that iimrrcm of trcJaon» toucb io nigh both the 
•urety of the kmj; our sovereign lords )>cnon, and bia heiis 
and succetsoTG. 

And over that, be it enacted by authority aforruid, that 
if any of tlic kind's subjects, dcniecns or other, do commit 
or praclue out of the llmJEv of this rcitnt, in any outward 
parti, any tudi offence*, whirh by this Act atf made, or 
beicioi'orc have been made Uca&on. lliat then audi treasioiu, 
vhfttioever they be, or whcrctocvcr Ehe^ ihAll h.'tppcn no tci 
he done or tommiited, Kb,ill be inquired and prctcntvd \vf 
tbt oatiiA of twelve jeood and hiwful men, upon good and 
probable evidence and wiincu, in such ^hirc and county of 


Nu Vibtvl 
Eo have 


for inqiiir> 
ai tu 
\xy niii- 




lnwry of 
•uch p»T' 



lM» iralm, and bfrforf ^uch penmnf u il »hall please rbe 
kinK*> hijthnov to appnirit by conamioion urd^r bi» great 
teal, IQ like manner and form as Ircason^ cODimitlcd vilhiD 
this renfm have b«en u«ed to be inquired of ind prctcnicd ; 
Rnd lh:it ujtjrj cverj mdiiltiiciit and prcufnimrni ffurnd 
Dod mndc of £nr £uch ircAboTis.Andccrtilicd into the Km^'v 
Bench, like ptoccts and other drcum»tATice shall bo thvtS 
hud :ind made :i^i[Hi the ofTcndcr*, at if the same ttcflKcrt^ 
90 pccacntcci, Iiad been lHi^^rf^t])r ftjund to be 4k>j«: and 
comtmtud vrilhkn the limits of thia rcalm^ And that oU 
procca of outlawry hereafter lo be ntAde and had withtft 
ihW rcuTm ngair^M utiy nfTcndr-ni m irratnTi, being r«sldcm 
or inhabited out of iJic limits of this realm, or in nny of the 
parti ol beyond tho »», at the tJtne ol the outlawry pm 
nouneed ;ag;ain^t ibcm, ihflll be as good and Ai cfleeiuAl ift' 
the hw tt: alt itiWuw jnil^ as if sikJi oHVodt^rs 
been roidcnt and dncllLnj^ vLihfn thi-i rcfilm «l the hmc 
Buch proc^i Awarded, and outiavrry pronounced. 

And be it futilirrtri^irtL-dbyauthoriry .ifnrr^ijH. ihai evi 
oflbndcr and olfcndcra. bcmg hereafter tavtuU^ coniitctal] 
of any manner of high tre-'iio^tt, by preientmeut, confcjiioo, 
verdict or proE:ct£ of oinlawry, according to th« du« coone 
and cu!tt<jn] i]f ihc ctmmiun U>vs nf thi» rcalnit ifhall km 
and forfeit to the king'^ highness, hiif heirs and succcsMmt 
nil »i]rh landfi, te^nements, And bcrrdiumcnt£, which tuij 
HudiolTender orofTenderit Aball kjve of any extatc o^inh«ri^ 
ance in uac or po^HCi&bn, by any rights title, or mcani 
within this rc^ilm ol KngUi^d, or eUewh«tc> vptbin any 
of the hing'ft dnmimonG^ ^i the time of any such treaioii 
comEnitLctt, or any time after; saving lo every person 
^nd persons, their hcjra and micce^ors (other thin tlw 
ofTcndt^ri in any tre»<ontt, their bdrs and succestors, nod 
such prrvin ^nd prrenns as r!alm to nny their iiscs), alt 
tuch riuhtSt titles, interests* poAACXAions, leases, rcnttt 
and other profits^ wbedi they shall have at the day c 


mining lAvch tm^ons, or any hirte afore, in 93 lar£e and lUl. 
oicpk cdDnnci u if thij Aci hod never been bad nor 


CLERGY. *.u. 153L 

Oh Minh .If) lh« CoptOf4tioa of C*ni<rt]ijiy <onitdcr*d Uic qim 

tliui vf tlir ]]HM>1 mipreitmry, 4Ad rcfrilcil it by a cleiikive iimjoiiLj, 
ThcConvocicianofVdirkdid^iJSMillh*: innticr on Miy ^indsubuquvbi 
day*. Tft* f jmhrHi"* *1m*mn It iljt^-il Mjiy o.antl tli^ Oiforcl Ji(h«07, 
Thd kjA^ * p»duniiion 'afcoldhinf the lubrpoLf pawcf or<b« pope ' 

(Tr,WakUi9»iL7<^>wboquo|eirrom the RrfiUlicr oTCcovociilQnM 

On tbc JMt day of March, in the prcscocc of the most 
fC^crcnd Ralph ?4Xi;inj ehc ctcrk of th^ crown in ihc 
rhanr.ery of the Uirtl ihr king, in ttic namr of Ihr s;iiH trn^i, 
pre^nted A royal urit for juntincniing CoiivocAtion and 
proro^tng it to Ihc fourth <Jiiy of November following^ And 
lk/t«rwarda wa4 exhibited 1 writing by Wjlliam Saye, tiOUry 
publtc, concerning ihe answer of iht- t*iwt't Huiisc 10 iJic 
qucition, vul 'Whether l[ic Rocnjn pontiff has any frcticr 
juTiHliction bestowed on him by Cod in the Holy Scnptuitv 
tn ihfs realm of FngUmd, thnn any other foreign [f£terrtirs\ 
biahop?' NoL"h 34, iJoubUu! 1, aye* 4- 

[Tr J**np I-ee, fo!. sa ■ ^ Wilhln*, iji ^Sa] 

By virtue of n royai writ this tynod, conv^ed 00 Ihe 
fUttcuth diy o( Mjy, »>ait to Uic lord llic king, by lEie 
* We tmvv UJled lo tn«« ihc oriftniL— Cd», 


biiFj Con- 


tfaat tho 
pO]ie ^n■ 

voce lion of 

Yui k. It 




lOfti, arcblAi]LO[>'3 ccrlificaie, ihe sentence <if thctr dcciiicm 
etivjugta Af^Qit the pope's auprctndcy: 'To the moat illuatriout 
^^t';^"'and MwUfnt pnnce iDd lord, Uie lord H«ttry VJJl, bj 
ihc grace of Hod fc(ng of Kngl^ind and Frjuife^ dcCcndtr 
of the fjiitli, jdd loiil of LtUiid, EdwArti by Divioc 
permi^Jon archlji^hop of Vork, primate of Ent^nd, uid 
laeiropoliian, greeting. He ntake known at^id d^liue to 
yotir ro>3l hi^i^ess, by ihc tenor of the present*^ that 
when, according to the inand&tc of your royal rnajcMy, the 
foJIowing conclusion vim. propated m ttie ptcsencc of tbc 
•ubmitEtd. prelate* and clergy of the province of York, gathered 
logclhcr in Uic »ucd ijiicwl of the piovintc Oi Coiivocatioo 
of ihc prchlCJi and clergy of ihc some province of York, 
held in Ihe Chapter Houvc of Ihc metropaht^n ehufch of 
York, on the fiftli day of May, in the present year of our 
Lord t5j4> Juid ojiilinuol from dity to day; "Tliot the 
Dihhop of Rome huB not, m Scripture, iny greater juri5- 
dic^don in the kingdom of England than ^^y other lorcign 
bialmit" And when fuTlhrr, on lirhalf of the prfiiidentg 
deputed by yot) in the %anie synod, the said prelates uid 
clergy were a^ked ani^ demindL'd ti> confirm and endorse 
dut opinion by ihcir content, \f ihey thought Oi )udged it 
Gon&onant to the Initb and not repugnani to the Holy 
nd «Ar«i* ScriptLtrc» ; at length the said prelittf^ and clerj^ of the 
ShcT"'* P'^^*"^*^^ ^' M^i^ aforesaid, after careful discussion had in 
thai (h< thfii Iwhalf, and mjiinre deliheration, unantmou^ly snd con- 
'"^? cordintly, with no disicoiicjit, affirmed the conclusion ibo 

no K("^aLer 

pow«ij&c- mentioned to li4ve h<:en and to be tiuc, and concordut 

conbenlcd to ihe fame. Which atl and vingul-ir we noEify 

to your highncis by ihe icnoT of the present*. In k-siimony 

of which, all and lingular, wc have cau^d our «ca1 Eo be 

a6i>i(^d to the preienU. Given in our oittle of Cawood, the 

norond A:ky of June, in the year of our Lord 1534, md 

thiid of our consecffilion.' 






SUFFRAGAN BlSUOrs ACT. a- a 1534. 
20 Hewry VIIJ. cap, H. 

TiinAtl. pwcdlnlhr November wwion oTr^^, worepeilpJ bj 1551 
I A 9 Vh^ip «iir1 M.-iry. cmp. 6 \j>ml. No. LXXVIj, ind wu revived 
bf t Kiuateiri <^Hp. r ^/wuf, No. LXMX>. 

['rruuer, Sliitut«« at lh« Realm, (fl, 509.] 

AIlnril timt wiiw: ihe bcginniiij; cf lln* presciii rjrtia< Pnvlilao 
mcril gcod <Lnd honourable ordinances and siatuics 1*'^^ "'^^'^t, 
btctx made and CKUblLtbcd for clcclionE, presentations, ctecvoD, 
conitcrationK, and invenTrng of jirt'hbi*ho|w and bi*iliopa**j" ™ 
of Ibis iculm, find in all oibcr ibc king'a Uc^uiinrons, with but im 
«U ceremonies oppertaining unto the same, aa by sundry F'^"^"" 
Gtattttei Ihcffof made more at large u spcifird ; yet never tuiTnc4n< 
ihrlr^t ro pmvision hilticuji )uw burn mridc for JivilTiyg;jn!i, 
which have been accustomed to be had nithin Ibis realm 
for the mote iptrMy adminijitriiion ol ibc eacramcnu, and 
other good, wholcsonifn and ticvom things and landaWc 
Otrcmonies to ibc incrrasc of fSotl'n honour, and fnr the 
cocnmodity of good and devout people. Be it thcf cforc To«nm 
ciutcied byauthoriljrof this [ireftent I'arlumtnt, that iht town* ^"^^^t* 
of Thrtfcrd, Ip'iwirh^ Pnlrhmrr, Dover, t'Uildford, *^ourh" rlicblshop* 
ampion, Tiunton. ShaftCTibuiy. Molton, Mjrl!xjrousb, Dcd- '**'^'*'^'*' 
ford, Leicester, Ulouce^iter, Shrewaburf, Bri^ital, Penrilh^ 
Bridgeaat^r, Nofttngham, Cnnth^im, Hull, Huntingdon, 
Cambridge, and ihc io«i^^ of Fcrib and Brrwirt, [St, 
and occ«pt«d for &et!i oF bishops luflrogan 10 he made in 
thr* realm, ar>d In Wales, and rhe bi«hopv of iueh Keen shall 
bccallcdituflVAf^nsofthibiealiii. Andihai every urdibuhop 


* 'Si Gcmialni In ComiviU'lnLerUjiFd In Dr[E^jEa1. 



'I44W pro- 

arc la be 


two arch- 

tg tijc pro- 
vince ill 
which (be 
town, fi-um 
whieli Thi" 
Ukct Jiis 

jtnd bivhup of thiH re^Im. anO of Walci. an<l clkorliac 
within th« ttn);'^ dciiiinion^^ being disponed lo have anf 
fiiifTr^gan. vhall And may. at thHr liherti^, name and ckct, 
that IS l« Kiy. rvriy of ihcm for thdr peculiar Lluirrac, two 
lioncivE and dbcrcct spiritual pcr»ona> being learned, and of 
good con venation, and tho«* two persons^ m) by them to bt 
nAmrd» *ilinll prc^^^n: <o rh^ king's hijhn*^*, by Th^ir vTJTMTf 
under thrir scaIii. making humble icqucirtio hUni;ijc9j£y logtvc 
to one such of the mid two pcnons, $s iholl pleo^ his ma jcstr, 
»cch title, name. »iyJe, and dignity of btthop of such of *e 
»o^ nixive ^{lodAed as ihr kirig\ hfghTiru sUaW ibinic n»i«l 
convcniccti for the fame; And thai ibc kin^s majesty, u 
every such prcncntation, ihatl hmx; full poivcr and authori 
to give to one of thfnt two persons, so to hift highneift to 
prcwnted, the style, title, and name of a bishop of siich 
the bcci afoTcsjLJd, a» lo hi^ majctly »hEdl he thought 
convenient and evpedieni, «o it he vritbin the ftnfn« provviee 
whereof the hishtip that dftM name him U. And thit every 
such penHin Ui whum the liin^'s higtmi^s aliull give any auch 
Aylc and title of any of the accv aforenamed, shall be called 
And artcr *Hch tide, lityle, and rnrnp lo pivrn an i* afor^- 
s,iid, ihc king's majesty ^h,3ll present every such perwa. by 
his Icitcra patent LtndcT his j^reat fttfll, to ihc ArchbiaUop oJ 
Canicrbuty, if the Icwn whereof he has hia tiric he within 
the provinre nf P^mrrbiiry, nnd likrwisr In fhf Arrhbishnp 
ofVork, if the town whereof he ha* hw title he within the 
province of Vork, signifying and declaring by the same 
lettets patent the name of (he penon pre*eni«!, and th 
style and title of dignity of the bishtipnt: whcreunio h 
vhaU he noniinntcd, rcquinOK the 3>amc archbiahop, to who 
»ueh letter* patent (hall be directed, lo eonbecraie the <ti 
persnn so rominaied and presented to the sanic nnine, titl 
«Tyle. and dipiiEy of bishopn that he Miall he nonLinatcd Jt 
presented unto, and to give bina all auch creaiiona, bcncdi 

Lix) hjs/ony or THE English church 


tjoru, and oeremonie*. *t to llic degree and office of & bishop 
ftuifE^fjan thall be itttuiMtc 

And \%t U aJio enacted by 4Ut>inrit>' aforcuid, ihnt oil 
4«j every s-uch peraon untt p4*ri'>n!& ni rhall be naminatcd^ 
HcfiJ^H, pri**rrt£vl, ani ror km- rated, a* Is afore reheiined^ 
»liall be Liken, accepted, and fepuicd, in all decreet and 
ptnee^ acoordinE <o the atyLe, title, nAmc, and dignity ibal 
be ih^n be »o preeented UAto, and hive fuch capoeity, pon>er 
And audwrftj, honour, preeminence And rriiiiiaiion, in a« 
\u$fi and Ample manner, in and conccmtni: the execution 
of flueti eoEnmi^ifon, A!t by any of ihc said archbishops ^ 
biftbop^ ifiTt>in Their diooese shall be (pven to ibe said 
KufTfai^iith, a!» tu hLi^Ta^ri» uf tJii» rtrvlin heteturorc Imi been 
laied and accuMomcd. 

And be tt further cnacicd 1^ authority aforesaid, tha! 
every art'hljiiho]! of fhi< rcnlm, tn whori any (he king"* 
IctLcr^i putrEilH m ihc ir-^yci, ^fiKo rrht^neil, shall he dirvciril, 
having; no lawful LiDpedirncnt« sKall pcfform and uccompliab 
ihe crifcls and contemn ol thi» A<t within llie l^me of three 
monihs nrxr aftrr vifh Irnira piirnr ^hall mm*?- lo their 
hands: any usages, cusloms, foreign Iaws. priviEejes. prt- 
KcriptionK. or other thing or things heretofore utcd, hod, or 
dontr to l^e contrary hereof notolEhviandrng. 

Provided alva^s i^Mi m> »uch siifTMgiinH, Mrhich ihatl lie 
made and oon^craicd by virtue and aothofiiy of this Act. 
fthaEl t^ikeor peroci^e any manner af prolila of ihc places 
and sec4 wherifof th^)' ihull bc^ nam^^d^ nor use. bave. or 
dcciitc MEiy j(Jii>idiL[Lon ui qjiiLU^Ml jxjwtr or dutboiily 
ultbir; ibeir aiiid aeca, nor within any dJoccsc or place of 
tliis reilm, or clr.cwhcre within the king't dominions, but 
only such pruEits, jutKclicIiun, iH>wer» and auifioriiy » vhafl 
be licenced Ai\f\ liuiiied to ihcni to take. dt>. aiid execulc by 
any archbishop or bfahop of thi™ realm, withtn ihcir dtoce^sc 
10 whom ibey t\kx\\ t>e suJfnigini, hy tbe;r eommiKion 
under their sesb. 


■0 nomi' 

hluU Imvc 





tian af 

tu lie wiih- 

(□ tlircc 
tDonth* of 

ih* klAfS 

incril inif 

tion af 

to he h^ 



or what 
riiy iiid 



for pxct*^- 



have (vm 

wiih ciirc 
t« Bup|>0n 

And Th;Lt fvcry flroJ^hinhofi and hichop of tbis rt^m, fte 
their own pcculi,-Lr L3i(x:c-ic, may and »f;:;]l give lucb coninto- 
aion or commiitjoiu to crcry ^uch bi»ht>p talfnj^aa as vhall 
be «o coniccmtcd by Authority or thte Act^ s,t hoii bnn 
nmmomcrf for siilTrflg;ins TiorctofoTp lo hnvp, nr rliw sirh 
coniinitiion as by iHcm &yial1 he iIioi^kIiI icqui»ic, rcMon- 
ablc, Jtnd convcniL'tit ; and that no such suJTrAgftn ^hall ujte 
any junsdiclion ocdiraiiy or episcopal power, otherwi*e, nor 
\o\y^tt iJEiie, thftn ahall be limited by surb comiRJuion lo 
biiu [o be ^tvcn M is AfoiCJUtid^ upon jutin to incur into i\K 
pam:^, loaivc!^ forfdliircii, and pcoaUics mentioned in Uie 
Statute of Pfovisiona, made in the sixteenth year of 
RkharJ IL 

Provided alvnys. thtt t1^ biiho[> ilial sh»il] Rominate 
cuffrDgiLn to the ktnf;;'« hi^hnci^ii, or the lufiragan himself that 
•ihall 1h? nf»minn[^^ tball [irovide two t1i^h'JJ]4 or <»Lt]Tra^tu 
to oinKcntc bim, will) the atcbbiittiop, and tibali bear tbcir 
TCddonAbfe coals; provided al^, ifi^C Eht; rcsicicnrc of him 
that ihx\i be BUlfrag^tn over the dio^rtc v-'hetv he iboil hive 
rnirmiRiiinn, sJiall sprvc him for his rcsictncc, ok sufSrip»il]f 
oil if he were rcaidcnt upon any ether hi* benefice - any A 
facrctofurc nuidc to Ihc contrary noiwilb standing. 

Be fE further enucto*!, thai all nufih m]frr:t^nii av s 
hrreaftcf cxcrciwIhcolTitxTS afcirt-Mid, liy the commission 
the bUhtip, for the bctlcT mainlennncc of his dignity, mif 
have two bt^nolicc^^ with cure; any formes Ad made to t 
coQirary notwithstanding. 

I Uie 



A commi*M£)n— n-hi("h from intcrmil evidenrc may he' 
dated sa prior to the middle of December, 15^4— was 


issued to Ciuniircll, Chief Sccrciniy, Johti Trqiun- 
wdl» LL.IX, prmcipil jud^c cf the Admiralty, and TbomaK 
Hcdyll, Arcbcicacun cf London ard CovrLw^l), to maJcL- 
a gcncidj vbiuiiun ii^ cliuithva ajid tiiujiiulciio. Iii ji docu- 
QXuit dared only'ji January/ but probably bcIonRmR to 
ihc y^ar 1 53^-5, Cnirawell it addre«<^d n» ■ Chitf Seta-iaiy 
and MuMiTof ihe RuUh,* anJ is itirccred, by tifniM<lf, lo maki* 
a simtbr inr^uiry. These two ducumcnta arc otini At the 
Public Rcecrd Office tSutc Papert, Henry VIJ], vol. 8, 
Nc* 73 and 7s\ In a copy of a draft t^ommi anion— not 
coniGmjfOimy — at tlic British Muiicurti (Coltun. Cleop, F, u. 
131} lo a similaf effect aa thefcr^^ing, Crumn-ell is stytcd 
VJcar-Gen«ril : thU %t<ms lo be tha authority generally 
quoted for &Uti[i)^ that Crmnwd] held the uf[ii;f of V(c;kr- 





MONASTERIES, A.i>. Ifi36. 

27 1!E^RV VIII, CAP. S8. 

Pasuakkt n«( Fcbninry 4, E5)&, i( ro«is-4d a digi^di of Itie t&lQ. 
report of Lhc DQitutH vi*iLura, mid *ooq *flct imsKd l*»c firalAcl 
*>f Siipp«»»iQn, OoitJuc ftith lUe laser moniHlofie?*, and i:wcriiiK, 

(Tnnitt. Statute* <ir the RcaIbi, f*"- aTSl 

Forwmix'h nt luanifcrt tin, vicJou«, carnal and abomiQ' Evil iibi* 
«blG UvinK ia daily tiued :ind fommUrt'd among the link "^^'o" 
and <maH abbey*, pnoncs, and odia rclieiou* house* ofik*. 
monks, canons, and nun*, where the confcrcgaiion of such 
tcli^iotis pcTKint k under the number of iwetv^ pcnoni, 
wlwreby the Rovcinoin of hulIl idiKbua huu^i-i, a^id ilieii 
coinenit spoil, destroy, coiaumc, and utterly waitCi as wdl 





ihciV thutchrs mcnfL^turie^p pfioflcf, pimdi^ftl houses, fkrim, 
giungc^ land^, tcricnicdla, and licrcdiUmcnu, sa the oim- 
tnenlfi of Ibeii churches, and their j^oodi and chittcU, to the 
hrgh dUpleasuie of Almighty God, slander of good religion, 
and li> thcr ^rtr^l iiiraijiy uf ttic kjii^*>i lit^hnod 4md tbc 
roilm, if tcdTcss should not be h:id thereof And albeit tltM 
many conlinual visitations hath btcn herutofort had, by the 
S[xuc of two hmidred years ard Tiion-, for art honi?st and 
charitable r<;fi>EmaUon of aucS utithrifEy, <aTn«], in-od laboaiin- 
ahlc hving, yet nevertheless little or none amcndmcDt it 
httTwrto had, but Ihtir vicious living ihamelesilj* increases 
and aLi^;incJib, and b> a cu£5cd cuatoni au> nA)tt\l aod b* 
fe^Lcd, that a great niuttitudo cf ihc rclijicioua persona in such 
small hciLses do rtlher choase to rove abroad in ipocoij, 
than to conforni ihemsetves to the ohservation of good 
rclieion ; to that wjtboui such «null bousca be uUcrly mip> 
prG««cd, and the religious pcraonB thctcin committed tO|^eM 
and hanouf^ible monaiteties of religion in thiK realm, where 
llicy iiiuy he tornpeltrd to live Teligiously, fur refurmiiion nf 
their Iivc9, Llicrc <:^Doi else be no rcfCTtDaLiom in this 

Tlii« Act 

to BUp- 

will lo fjili 



bch.ilf : 

In eomiidcraikonvhereofj the king"* ino»it royal majeity 
bdng supreme head on earth, imder God. of ihc Ch 
of Hnghmd, dfiily flndin^- and deviling th« increase, ad* 
vancement, and exaltation of true do^-'irine and virtoe in 
the CTld Church, to the only glrry and honour of God, and 
tlic Lotal CAiiipin}^ and dcbtuicEiuiL of \kc and tiin, luiving 
kni:)vrlcdgc thai the prcm^seshctrucr, ai well by the accounts 
of hifi late visitations^ as by sundry credible iofonnationi, 
<:onsideiin^ nUo that iIivlts and ^rei^ KAemn mona»Acrieft 
of this realm, wbetciri (llianks be to Cod) religion i* right 
well kept and observed, he destitute of sjch full nomben of 
rehgious persons, as they ought and may keep — has rhou^it 
^ood that jn ^lalii dccUraiion ahould be made of Lh 
premises, as well to the Lords spiiitual and temporai, as 



other his lotTng itihject^ the Common^ in thii pre««ni iksa. 

ParliaTncBl «i^»&cmbkd : wbcicupon the said Loidi and ^°*^c>t< 

QommoMt ^Y ^ K'cai dclibcmtidn, finally b«: rcvoKcd, thnx mitni^r 

tt is and (halt be much more lo (he picture of Almighiy nionu- 

God, «TiU fbr tlic horuJtir of thU hin realm, that tbir jxines- applied 14 

sjons of auch biuall religious housck* now being ai^cat, spoiled, ^^1*" 

and vm^tcd for iiicrc:i&c nnd nuintcnnncc of «m, should Ijc >„nibrLf)y 

uacd and coni^erttd to Iwticr ucci, and tlie unthrifty rciitlou* 

rdtgioiM pcuoni, %o ^pcndut^ the vmc, to bcr cunipcllcd l^rfforrn 

10 reform theit lives 1 and thereupon most huflibly desire *^=*f '™*'" 

th« kitig'ft highncM that it n^ay be enacted by authority of 

this present r^rliammt, ihal his inajnwy ihall hav*? and 

enjoy 10 him tud to his hcir» for ever, all and sin^ulaf ludi All muidh- 

roonasicric^, pnoric^), and other rciigjous houftct o1 nionk^, |^^^]^*^^ 

canoiu, and ixuns^ of w|uil kiniis or div^nitit's of habits, af wiiii-h 

raJcc, or ordcrt wievci they be tnllcd or named, wbith hn\e ^n,^^jji'| ,p 

net in kndi, tenements, rent}, titlief, portions, and other Ali^trjtv/, 

her«djtai3i«nls, above the clear yearly value of two hunclrtd f^''"'"**"*^ 

pounds- And in like mflnnor thalT havr and enjoy nil ihr the kmf. 

lite* and circuity of every iiich rcli^ioiu houses, and all ajid 

nngular the manors, gronj^ea, nieates, lands, tenements, 

rents rcvcrnonji, scrvircs tithes, pcnsions^porilon^.rhurohcr, 

chajteb, aOvow^onK. pitticmajcet, ^innuitii.^ liivhl^, eniiicSf 

ciMuUiionti, ai^d other hcrcdiumcnc» appcnaininf; or helong- 

itig to every buch znuna&tvry, priory, or other religious 

house, not having, as u .ifofc^iild, ahovo the said ctoar 

ycaily value of two hundred pounds, in s.i large ^uid am\'\c 

manner as the abhom, priori, abbesses, pri[>rcs£cs, or other 

goventorE of «uch monasteries^ priories, and other religious 

icft now havc^ or ought 10 have the sjinc in ihr.* right af 

}iOti$e«. And that also his highness shall have to him rbp Hn^ 

and to his heir* nil and lingular such monasteries, abbeys. ?''■" *!'*' 

nnd prmnrj, wluirh at any lime withm onr year neti hcfore djool*- 

ihc making of thi» Act have been uiTcn and gcantcd lo his ^^f**^ 
. .1 * i . . wnifh, 

ma)e>ty by any abbot, prior, abhesa, or pfLorc«s, under their wiUi^ji ujic 

» 9 



IfiOft. convent m-aIa, ch lliat oiherwite, have been luppretted or 
'^bclorc divtolved, and nil and lingulir tht? mAnoTHn InndVi 
ihiiAoi, ^<^**' rents, ictviccs. (cvcrsjons, Uthci, pcosioiis, portKww, 
*"JJ**n churchci, chapclfl, advowsons, pflironflgc*, n^hLs, entries, 
liidi,iir condition^] and .ill oilier interceU nt^d hercdiumcnis to the^ 
^■t h*T* sjitne nnmH-sicrii:?<, abbq^s, and jjrioric?** or w jjiy of tlieui V 
rl»wp- i>n>crUimin^ or bc3c^'ingi lo have «tid to hold sU utd 
pfTMtd. fitfigubr the pTCtnises, with nil Iheir righli;, proHU. juri*- 
dittkons and rommoditieii, imio the king's majoiy, and to 
How Eobehwhcin and u^ig^a forever, to do and mc tlicrcwittibband 
viiiiiEu>ed. i|5(ir(„^,j| wills, to the pleasure or Almighty God,ond totbe w 
honour and protit ol ihU rcaLm, ^ 

LCfiiui«»«f '^Tiil it in ordained and cnflcfril by the authority afnre«ai(^ 
SIkT*"*^ Ih-it all and every person iind peraona, and txxlici politic, 
Undi 14 wbicti now hflvc, or hi^Tcaftcr bhall have, jiny IcUetf potcEit of 
enjoy lALQc the kina's hiahncw, of ary of the sii^s^rrda. manors, laniJc 

«9 fully ■> " ' _' , , , , 

Hih«1u« iCTienK'nis rcms, rcvcrstons services, tunes, pennons^ por- 

f^****~ lions, churches, chapels, advoiv^ons, patronage^ tiilies (jk\ 

enthcjEf conditions, interests, or oihei herodit:trul■nc^ which 

appen.ilncd to any monasteries abbey*, or prinrir-i here(«- 

foie ^iven or umntcd lo llic Wi\^^ btghncs^, or otbeiwiaflH 

aupprciscd or duraolved, or which appertain to any the^ 

Tnoniiterie«T abbeys, pnorie*. or other religious houses that 

shail be ^ujjprraw^) or drntalvrd by ALitbority of ihm Act. 

ahall have aiid enjoy ibc said i^itcs, cireuttf^ manors, land^, 

tenement^ iciits, reversions, services, tithes, pension}^ 

tions, churches, cbnpeK advowsons. pntronagcs. tilhw ( 

entries. cocidiiloi^A, inieicst^, luid all oLlicf licrcditJtracri 

contained and specified in Ihcir letters patent now hctng 

thereof nuidc, and tf> be ci>nuiincd and expresied in any 

leiiLT* iKiii-nt hertrifler lu Ia- myJ;^. according lo itic Eenor, 

purport, and effect of ftny fluch Icticr^ p,ttent; and 

alno have ail sueh aetiona, suits, entries and remedies 

all imenti and purposes, for any Thir>g Jtnd things eoniAi 

iu uiy 6uch lcttGE» paicni now made, or to be concaiiied 



Lxil imroRY OF the English church 


anv auch Ictlcn hcccafccr to be made; in like I'mnncr, fociu, 

and GOisditionf as the Abbots, pnors, ubbcnuiT priorcuc^, 
or oilier rhtef guvt^murH of any rFlJi;J(iu<i huum vhitli hiid 
Ihc Hamc; uii^hi oi ougbl lo Iiavl- lud, if ilKy lud uot Uucn 
suppressed or di^olvcd. 

Saving to every penon and pcnan«f Attd fiodiefi politic, 
tlieir liHM und sucLW(or<i (tiilicr than the ahlKJit, iitjon, 
abbcMO, priotcMc*. md oilier chief stncmon of the said 
wligioufl bouRCs fpccilicd in thL« Act^ and tbc ccnvcnti of 
the same, and ihcir sLirrsHtois, and surh as jirctend to be 
fbundets, p;itcut»i, i^r dotiuM of nuch rcrli^icjU!! bouKcv^ or of 
aiij bnda, tenemc^u, or hcrcdiumcnts belonging to ibc 
ftAinc, and thcif heirsi and hUcccfiRorfi), all vuch rigtit. title, 
int<:rest, |Huv?nion, le4?Mis ftir yi^ars, rrniJt. servic*^, aimuilitj, 
commoiu^ fees; olViccs. liberties and Uviiit;», pcaaionr^* por- 
tton^ corrodkA, ftynodios, proxicSi sEtd all otbor prol^is, &a 
ihey or any of :lwm hA^v:, oiiglit, or migbi have bod, in 
or to nny ilic i^Jiid nionAMf^ricii, nh1>cyi^ pnorirt, or oihcr 
rclJsiC'U^ houses, or in or to any nunors, kndh icncmccits, 
icma, revemons tiih««» pensionft. poniona^ or other herediEa- 
nvniit apprn.iJning or bplnngmg^ or ihsi ajipt^tflipcd to my 
of Ebe KLid nionutcricit, ^^rioiicsv or ntbcr icligicus huutci, 
AS if tbe »nic mork;utcric4, pnories. or other religious bouEics 
h^ not t>«eA fluppre«fi«d hy thli Ad, but bad coniinaed in 
iJicIr essential bodice nnd »ijjfcs that ibcy novr b^ err 
were in. 

Provided always and be it enacted^ tbat fbrasmucb as 
diren of tbe chief ^oveTr>ort of *i.K'h religioui hou»c«, deter- 
mining ibc uttt'i «|:>oit dnd dc«tUu<liuTi of ihcir bou*c^ anc] 
drcftdin|Etbc«ippr^e»iinaihcicof, for the inaintenancc of their 
detcntibie lit^. have lately rrnuduk^tly and cninily tiude 
feolTint-nis. tstati'S jjift'i, gr;jnis i»nd kiLscs. under lh<*ii con- 
vcni ^^^s, iii SLL^civd recoveries of IhciT injknon. Uiid^ tcnc- 
mcnir!., AJ^d hercdLUtmcnts in fee simple, fee tail, for term 
of bfe or lues, or for )*:a\s, or i:b3r£cd tbe wne with renu 


A win; 

of iho 

laniU. Ac. 
from llitf 

T'fir* in 

lolveJ ; 

but frudd- 

■aces <rf 

itj-ll be 







Swn m 



prion. U-t., 

vlncv Jan. 

from II)? 

or corrcdJcs, 1o the ^cit dcoiy And dinttnution of 
home*; ttiAt nil such cral^^ and fetudulcnt recovc 
feo^mcntc, estXei, gitb, granu, and \ai9t%^ and every 
thciri. mwl^ by any of the said chief gowmora of 
icIJKitju* houses, wider ihcii couvcnl swiU, within one year 
next before the making of thj^ Act. shall be utterly void 
and of none^CTect; provided ilwaya^ ihat %\\v\\ person and 
pcTSOiis as have leiie* f<jr term of life w year*, whercupoa 
11 reserved the old renU And sctvicca Aceu!ilomcii. and ftuch 
flK have any oflicv, Ut% and corrodiet that haw been occoi' 
tomed or u««d in sueh rclfg^ous hoaics, or have bought any 
)iv«jy gr Living in any »uch houtica. shall have find enjoy 
their inid le;L';cs, othccs, fees, eorrodific, liberties li%«ric^ 
oTlivingt, a«if llii£ Act hid never been mnde- 

And It ifl aho eniirted. by authority aforesaid* that 
kirig'b highness shall liavc and enjoy to his own proper 
flLI (he ornanicnU, jewels. Rood*, cliattds, and dchte. wW 
apperuint^d to any of the chief govemoT« of the taid 
murt;i?itE;(iL-s <}r r:;tigiuu» hou*(U), in the ri^lU of tht^ir loid 
mon^istericH oi houses, at the first day of Mfireh m Uk 
year of our Ijsrd Gad '535, or nny (mic smec, wheresoever, 
and to whose posscsdon soever Ihcy shall come or he found, 
c^BCiciit only ^uch bcraMs, grain, and wooj^, and such c 
Ijke chMieb ^nd revenues, as have beet) sold in the 
frKt day of March or since, for ihc ncce«ary or fmso 
nqHrnsei; or chargn of any of the >ul<1 nicriia%tc:iic^ 

Provided always, that sueh of th« said chief govern 
which have been elocicd or mnde Abboc^ piior, abbttt^ 
priorev of any of tfie bfitd lelii^ious houses since lh« 
day of Janunry, which was In the year of our Loid 
1534, and by rcaion Uierecf be bounden to |>ay the 
fmlw to the king'* bighne«, at dnys 10 com^, linitied 
their bond^nrndcfor ihcmrne. that in every tuchhousie 
chief governor, and the vurctic^ of every of them^ shall 



chnrljp dUch^irjCcd bj^a^thority of Ilki« Act,ngixmAl tbc king's 
bJghnc^it, and all nihcr pcnon*, for the payment of Kurh 
9UnD3 uf money as they sUnd IhiuiiiI(q io pay f»r tbcir 9Atd 
lirst-fruiU, or for any piirt Ehcrcpr 

And f*>r3smuch aa the clear yearly value of all ilie snid 
monaKtcrld, frinrirs, anrl other rcligioas hoiisd in rhia 
realm, is ccrliliccl into the kitig'si ci(:ltcqucr, amongst i1ic 
books of the ycaHy valuations ofall the spjhtual ptHg^sBicmB 
of this roatiM, imongi^t nhioh thall and rmay appear ihi' 
ccruiniy and number o( such «na1l and Utile lelfgkms 
houses* as have not, in hnd.<i, tencmenis,i rents, ttthea, 
portions, and otli«r hercditamcnU, abov^^ tl^e ftaid cte^r 
yearly r^ihic of t»0 Imndmri pound:*; be it therefore 
enacted by aurliorily aforcN^iid. chat the king's hlghnca^ 
shall have and enjoy, accordrn^ to thi^ Act, the actual and 
leal poiitc^ion of all andstnguljirKLichoionisienet, pnones, 
and other reli^i'^iiH huuae^. a^ thiU apfivar \ty Hk said cerli- 
Hcatc jciiiainjjtg n\ the kirig'» cac^he(|uci, not to ha\« in 
lar^d^ toicmcntti, rents, tilhcs, ponionT^f and oTher heiedita 
menis, abwc the vaid clear yearly value of two hundred 
pounds, HJ ihaE bia Lii^btLe^ may hu-rully ^ive. ^raiU, aud 
diffjojc them, or any of thcni, at hia will ;ind pleasure, lo 
thpc honour of God, and the wealth of thia realm, without 
Itiither in^uia^cfon or oflke to bt had or found for tJ^c 

In con«idc7ation of vhich ptcmiae* to be had lo hi^ hi^b 
neit, and t(» his heirs, at if. aforcKaid, his majesty t« plenwd 
and cunlenled, o( his mcjsi tuteUcnt i^harity, lo provide In 
crcrj chief hc^d ind guvemor of every 9Ueh relii;ioa5 house, 
during their lives ^uch yeaity pensions and hcnefices a« for 
their degrees and rjimhtiet shall he reaRonnhle and eon- 
rcnicitt ; wherein hin highncai will have must tender respect 
10 tuch of the said chief Rovemomaa well nnd tiuly ecnscrve 
and keep the goodt und ornaments of their houiei to the 
utv uf Ilia maje^jy. without »poil, vraste; or LUibcfuling ttm 



ihAl! luvi- 
Lhr ftciual 


iVe, by 

ur he db- 

ipLJC^ to 
tyc of A Icai 

value ihiin 

iTAdc r«fl- 

rinutt af 


hvill have 
ri:tricct for 

en'xli and 
Svi liin uu. 




ib«n or d^ 



«b]c wilh 
111* ooUfc- 
ni>ii <Ff 
icjiihi of 


vwirti re* 

»p«t TO 
rStmr^ of 

tog (H»/p 
'rnnt^d 10 

tile icji^g 

Eanc; ^nd also hie majesty vnLI ordain ftnd provide 
ihc convcnEft of every tiich rcljgious hotJ4c (hill have their 
Gipacitidf if thuy wJll, to live hoitc^lly and ^iituously 
Abroad* and tome convenient ch^iy disposed to thcQ 
towards Ibctr living, or cUo ^\\al\ bo committed 1o such 
honoumlilr jjrrai fnnrfl^u^rir*i of this rcslm whcTrin gOOd 
rclilp'ion ia ob^crvod. ak Khali be Uniitcd by his hitctirtcu, 
there 10 live rerli^outly during their lives ; and it id ordiincd 
by the authiority afotv^said^ that the chief govetnoit owl 
convents of siuli lionour^ble great monasteries filial] tak<^ aad 
accept into their house*, from liinc lo time, such number of 
the penionf of the said convents as ahiill be assigned a 
appoirtlfd by thj? king'i highne^i, and keepth^ni religiously, 
(luiiii^ llicEi livcA. AJLhtn Lhcir Kiid muniisii^iics in like 
mnrircr and fnrni n« the convents of such great monoAtcrtc* 
bv ordered and kept. 

provided always, that oil atchhishopft, bishop*, and oihw,. 
pcnions vt\\ich ht cr ahall \ic chnigrjhh. to and far llt« 
collection of the tenth, granted and goin^ out of th« 
spiritual poKtcmionii of this realm, sh.ill be dLflcbargcd And 
;iit]uitted [jf anil fcir Mith parti and poftinns rf thr Raid 
tenth whcrCttUh ibe ijid houses of rcUgicjn, supfHcucd 
and dissolved by ihh Act, vat charged or chargeable 
the kin^« highneu, evcq^t of tueh tmrnit of money thereof^ 
as they or any ^ thcin liavc or shixll have received for th 
aaid tcnili, of llic cljicf novemora of auch rcli. 

Providcd alxn, that where the rlrrgy of ihr provfnctt 
of Cftntcihury stand and be indebted to the kins^s hijeli- 
ncss in great suma (if money* remaining yet vnpaid, of the 
ri»t of a hundred thousand pounds granted and given to 
bts grant m theii ConvofiUion, to«arcls the paymenc 
whereof the »aid religious houics ahould have been cort< 
tribmory if they hud not been suppressed by this Act 
Sind aUo «onie of ihc govctnorK of the uLd religious houvcf 





have been colledon for Icvpn;; of the «iid debt, and liave 
received Uieret^ gitrtt Bum* of mooej' yei remaining in 
thuir hands; tlic- km^*s most rt))^1 majt^sty iii ^ilcascd and 
contenicd to dcOucCi obfltc, tclcaic. aikJ defalk, to the ^d 
clcrfcy, of the laid reit yet unpaid, as well such fume of 
money ai any the cliief govemon of such religiouft houses 
Tiavr rL'ctrUeOf nnd nut paid, :ib su rrmcli money M^ t'\irry 
of the said religious houaca, »uppicbscd by this Act, vrcic 
rated and loiccd to pfiy in any one year, to and for the 
pnyment of ihr? uid hvmftrtd vhociund ponnd^t: ;tnd :i!so 
tlie kind's majesty i^ ^leaitc^d uekI <:onteEiLe(l. thiit il be 
enacted by authority aforesaid* that his highness ihall 
Afttisify, content, and pay all and fitn^ilar nuch just and true 
ifclHs wluiih iitc- (iwing l<i any |>rrHm or jienoiis Eiy tlic 
cluef governors of any the said rcUgioua huuKs. in 0:4 lai^c 
And ample manner as the said chief govcmora titiould or 
ought to h^te doner if this A^^t ha.d never been made : 
Provided a}way, that the king's highnc-u, ai any ilrnc 
cr the making of this Act, may at \d% pleasure cidain 
and declare, by his letl«nt patent under hiit great seal, that 
such of the ^idt n^ligious hnnscs whirh hii% hlgf>no4^ >^haJt 
iiot be disponed to have sLjpprfssed nor dtu^oltcd hy 
Jivihority of this Act, nhall stiU comiinue, remain, and be 
in the same body corporate, and in the said eatential estate, 
(Ituiliiy, and condition, ak well m po»^-«sion6 as othcrwUe^ 
AS they ntrc afore the nuking of this Act, without any 
stipprcidion or dissolution thereof, or of any part of the 
some, by authority of ThivAcr,^^} that every 4uch ordinance 
■nd dri.briitioiT. %n to be iiijide Iry tFie kiri^S hi^hiicH^, sliotl 
be good ind cfTcctual to the chief i^vcrnors of such rcU- 
giouft houfiCK ttbich hlv majeiCy viU not have suppressed, 
And to tliL'tr miecevitors, accoriiing to the trrncr^ arul pur- 
IKiru of the letters patent thereof to be Jiiadc -, aiij tliiti^ 
or things contained in this Act to the conimry hereof aw- 



Tlii: kinc 

will (4> 

the dcblA 

11 n ill*' 
toJvcd tny 


DocvME^rrs jllustrative or the [lxi- 


for die 
■dorgy «f 
"i* pro- 


■tmiJiii to 
Ihftt for 


Ill Act 




Prcn'Lded alsOp that wh(T« the cJergy of the proving of 
York stand nnd lie tndcbicd to ilic LJng'a hi^liocu in gre«l 
siutni of money ytX unpaid, of the rcit of >ucfa aisnt of 
mancy which wore gratiEtd by ihem lo his f^mce id their 
ConvnmTifin, towards ihe fnymrnt whcrfof fhc religtoiK 
houso ihAt stboll be suppressed 2nd dissolved by tbb AUt 
bdnff within the Mmt; province, should ho*c been con- 
tributory if they had noE bc^^n disiolvcd, and al»o come 
of ihc goTcinois of the Ktid (cltgioua bouses wtiliin 1I19 
Mid pfo^Jncct that shjiU be supprcaicd by this Aci, baft 
be«n eotlccti;rE for levying of part of the M^d mins of 
money granted tr> ihc king'^ highiien » is aforeaid, and 
iiavc ccLtajn turns tbcrcor in ihcjj bands yet untuid, llie 
kini^t majctty ii; plcrtscd and contented to deduct. Abaui, 
rel«:iK.\ and defalk, to the said clergy of the uid pro^inc^ 
ofYork, of tile re»l of ihcir Haid debt yet unjJiiid, ait wtt! 
ftucU of the ttitd ftuinft of luoncyi A3 Any chief govcrtioTs 
of Ufiy religious liouscs within ttic s.imc province, th^t abftU 
be tu[>f>resiited by this Act^ have collL-ctcd ind not pAid, fte 
Ko much nionrry m( every of the ^kl rc^ligiaux Kouipk, ^iip- 
pressed by this Act, were rated and taxed to pay in Any 
one yi:o,r, toward:^ Ihi; payment of Ihc said frunu of moiiej 
gnmtcd to the king's highnps*. 

Piovidcd aIwav^ Itmt LhJs Aciy or Any ibin^ or thin^ 
therein contained, jJialJ noi extend, nor be prcjudicia] to 
any .nbbots or priori of f^ny mon.'i«ttiric« or pn^nes, beinji 
certified into the king's cxchefiUi^ xa h.ivc* in posseuioiu 
and profit* spiritual and temporal above the clc*f ytatly 
value of two hundred pour^dn, for or concerning such e<lli 
of tehgioui houses iippcfi^iiriing or belonging; to their 
i]ionasterie» or pnorics, in which cells the priors or other • 
chief governors thereof Ijc under the olxdicncc of ihc 
abbotft or prior* to whom mch cells belony, aa the monks 
or r^inona of the conwnis of ihe-lr mona»Eefie« or pfiorics, 
and cannot sue nor be »\jGd, by the Si^ws of \\\ii i^n\^ 





in or b3r thcit ovn proper nanrici, for the potsMiif^ns ot 
otiMT thtngi appcnnining to Eucb cd.]ft thereof thry b« 
prion or ^overnon, but must mi€ nnd he ?;uc?d in inJ 
by ihc oaiucs of llic abbota or priom lo whom ihcy be 
obcdicnoen, find to whom such cdia belong, A&d aTw 
be prion or govicrnon; d^tii-a. and rcmovcftble from timfi 
to timu, and amoimtaTi!* of i\\ti ^ifit-i of Kurh ci'Jh, «t 
the Oul> plciaurc and will of the abboU or prbr* lo whom 
mch cclU belong; but Lhat every ttich ccH sKatl be and 
remain imdtKolvctl m the fcimc CKtatc, qtinhtj^, and rcTi- 
dilion, 01 if thin Ac:i Tmil ntrvcr bcc^n m-i<]r; anything in 
this Act to the contrary licrcof notwith^tandins, 

Snving alwnyf, and rcservmg milo every person and 
pcTTJons, bi'ino lnim*1rrR, iwtmnu, or rinnom of .iny abhry*, 
priories, or olhcr religious hnUM:«, that thaXX be Kupprcavcd 
b)' this Act. ilioir heira and sutcemo:^, all euch PKht, tick, 
tntcrtn, potscssfon* renis. annuitJe<, feet* oEUcvti, leasof, 
rommnnn, ami nit nthrr firr»fl[t «h.ii<iripvrr, wMrh any of 
them have, or should have hud, wiibout frnnd or covin, 
by any manner of mcanr, oihtTwi!;c! than by reason oe 
orcanon of The diwoluii^)Ti of iha uid abbeys, pnoTiei, 
or olhcT rdigtoupi liou»es in. io, or \\\iiyt\ any the siiid 
«ibbcy3» priories or other rcliKious houses, whereof tJicy be 
Ibiinden, patrons, or donori, or in, to, or upon any the 
lands, tenements, or other hercditamenli 3ipjv.-nflining or 
belonging io ihc ^aine. in like mariner, form, and cundilion 
ai other persons .^nd bodies |>ohtic be saved by this Act, 
u ifl afore rcheariicd, and an if the nid abhc^^i, prioricG, 
or other n^bgious hou*c» h-id not htcx\ strpprcsH^ and 
d)33olvcd by ihia Act. but hud cnnlimicd siill in their 
essential bodicn and ^italcn n» they be now in; anytbinj; 
tn this Act lo ihe roairary hereof notwiihitauding. 

And hr it funhn- t^narifd, rwrbined, and eti^blUhrd by 
authority aforesaid, thai all and singulJ^' perKins, bodice 

Lilic; and eorpomte, to wliom the king^s niajcfity, bii; heirs 


f i«hli of 




to kiccp up 
and liiii^ 

bandry u 


pi: ICC 9h«]| 
*otl punitb 


or fturre0oi%, hcrcaf^c-r Khali give, gmnt, let, cr ^iCfcX 
any xilc ix precinct, wiih the houxea thereupon biul 
together Willi the dcmcanes of any monoHieries, priorfo, 
Diher rehgiouii hounce, ih^i chall be diwoli'cd or given 
to the king'R highnt-A 1>j' Uih Act. ^md ihc bvir:Ct Kuaxston, 
executors, and OMignii of every ^uch pcroon, body politic 
And corporaie, chfill t>e boifrid by authority of thit Acc^ 
under the pcnsliicsi hercafti^r enming, to keep^ or cauu 
<□ Iw kept, on hQimt coDtitiud house and lioatchdd in 
the Mune site or precinct, and to occupy yc^rfy us much of 
the lamft domeiLnes in ploughing and tillage of huabuidiy, 
ihnr \% 10 iuiy» ;ik mtirh nf ihr luiit dmitMirK whirh hath 
been commonly mcd to be kept in tillage by ihc go\xmoti; 
abbots, or pnots ol thi: ^acrtc houses, monaatcnca, or pnohet^ 
or by iheir farmer or fftrmerft occapyin^ the «amc nithEik 
the time nf twctity ywra ncJil lieforr thi* Art. 

And if any pcnon or pcr?on:i, bodies politic or corpoiiACi 
that bhall be buuriden by thia Act, do not keep on honem 
hoiJ4irlioId hiKh^iidry and tllhgOi in irtAnnrr and form >i 
va ufufC!taid, thai then tjc of tlicy so o/Tcadinfi ihall forfett 
to the king's hif^hncis for every month u> ofTendinjc six 
pound^A thirteen il-ullings and fourpencc, 10 be recovered to 
his UM £n any of bin courts of record. 

And over ihai it is enacted by Jiiitharity aforttuda t 
all jusliocs oE pcaccf in every ihirc where any tuch o 
chflll be committe<l or done, concrtry to the true meaiufig 
and intent (jf this picstni AlU sbLill, in t-vvry iiuorter on 
gcncrul scMion« wiUiin the limits of their cornnnissi 
inrftiirc of the ]}rctnjsc», ami thall have full povcf 
auihoHty to heiir and dtiermjne the same, imtl lu tax and 
oiiscii tio lcs» fine for every the wi^d offence*, tli;in ]» afore 
limucd for the uomc oUence^, and the estreats Ibcr^f to 
be made and certified into the king'i exchequec; ftceordiDg 
and at sudi linie and furrn as other eMreats uf fines, uauca^ 
and nmcrcjcinicnts Arc made by the same justices. 





HENRV Vm, A.D. 133«, 

iRtt in;ujiclfOh3 were lUUeO by the kiirK in thr luoimer at 15^ 
ni*>nly alter \\iv puoinc of div Tcii Ailitlci try Convuc^lJqo. 
Wfiulhciky 1 Clifuiiiclr. p, 55) layi <jf tlicm tlmt " Ihu wiia llrt flrtt 
401 ^f piirv tiiprvmnfy linnr by Ihr binff, lor iri nil Thai hA<1 |;r-nr 
bvAorc he hid >fted with ihff cuncurrence of Coiiv^cilivn/ I'hcy U4 
aIbd 10 b» noltd «a tho Anl of tl^o Tudoi lnjuai-ti<in>^ 

(TnoBcr, Cnn(ner*» ftctiatcf. foL 97 h»'\ 

In the name of God. Amen. Tn the year of our Tx^rd 
Cod i5Jl^i And of tlic moat noble rcigti of our AOfcrci|j*Ti 
lord Hcniy VUI, king of ICiiplAiidand ofFrnncc, thciwcnt^- 

efghlh year, and Ihe dny of , I^ Thomjis Crumwcii, 

ktiigfit, Lofd Ciumucll. krcptT of Uit' \ff\\-\ autl uf ulii ^aid 
•OTcrciKn lord the king, and vicegerent unio die wnic, for 
srwl concemmg all his jtint&dkiinn eccLciuuiiical within thi» 
realm, viaiiing by die kin^^t highnFtK*!( siiprFfin? authoriiy 

ccclwirtitka) tficpcoplcanci tki^' tjf Una deanery of L> 

mT trusty commuwiry ra1^'lu1lv deputed and ccnsliitited 

fi>r this part, have to ihe glory of Almighty God, to the king** 
1^ hfjnuLir, tbe public wual of tliiH hia n^ahii, uml 
of virtue in the same, aF>pomicd and ziaaiencd ihcac 
injunctioiu ensuins, lo be kept and otucrved of ibe dean, 
parsonCf iicir^ curatHf and vtipendUHrH r^^ident or having 
cure of loulb, or any other »]jiiitu4l jidniiruaiiatiou withhi 
thii dfiincry, under the patni^ hereafter limited and ap' 

The fini iii, thiit lIic dean, ^wninnK, riorK, and fiihm 
having cure of touh ^ywhcrc within this deanery, shall 



Ihvw: li 


in lUl with 

cur* or 
AOiiliin (he 

TJaJLrd : 

t- Thf 
cloniy K" 



tc»M. raitlifully keep and observe^ end u Inr ju in them cnay Ik 

""l^iI" ^^'^'^ ^""^ ^"^ *^ oWrved and kept of oih^, all 

' )&ingu1nr Inws suit} SiiMMrs of This rc^lni nyndc Tor ih^aboTfaT 

ing and cxtirpuciDn of the Dishup of Rome t p^cu^scd And' 
usurped power anil jurisjujtion wiEhm ihis realm, and for 
iharoyal i^E^ (T^E^bll^hrkicni and cotiflrmation cf the k&ngfs suthonty - 
■.ipi^macy, ^JJ^] jurisdiction wiijiin the jamCj aji of ihc siiprcnic hcid ^M 
the Church of ICnabnd, and ^hall lo ihc uUcrmost of their 
wit, knowledge, and learning, purely, smccrcly, and wUliout ■ 
any colour or dEstiniuIaiion dccLir^« maiiift^it, and open IbrS 
the ipjoc of one fiu-irtci of ti yc:)r now nc;tl cn&uiikg, oticc 
■ndto every Sunday, and after that at the Icostnritc twice every 
proacS Quarter, in their lermon* and other collatLons, iliat the-fl 
lopr'i rtiMiujj of Roiiif's J6LM pt'il jxjwri and jut isdklitii), havitig no ^ 
c^iahli.thmcnt nor ^ound by the Invr of God, wiu of most 
jtiU caus:^!; taken nw.iy and ahotiiiht^d ; and therefore they 
ov/t; unio hitn mi manner of chcdioritv or Huhjt'abn, and _ 
that llic king'v jiowcr id withta bi^ duiuiiiLon the ht^hcttV 
power and jiiotenialc under Cod, to whom all men within 
the same dominion by Uod't commandment owe mo«1 
loyalty and o^iedience, afore and ahovc all oihci (Juwcrs and 
potcntdlc?i in eaith, 
•. 11i« Tcii Item, wh<TeaH certain Ariiclea ncrc laicfy devised and put 
Ariicletvc j-^p^j, j^^ ^^^ king"* hi^hncs*"i authority, and fondcKOendcd 
jil«innihy u^mn hy the |irt^latc!s and cleigy of this his realm, m <^onn^J 
lo'thcif^ eaiion, whereof pari axe nccowry to be holdcn and bcUcvud 
pcopi*. for our ftali'^tion, and the other pan do concern and touch 
erTtain laudahlc ceremonies, riits, and iiAa^rii of tht Chun^h 
meet and contciiicnt to be kept and used for a decent and 
A politic order in the same ; the said dean, jtar^ons, vjcara, Aad^ 
other curates shall ^a open and det-larr in iheirsaidscrroontf' 
And other colblions the 5aid Artidc» unto tliein that be 
under their cure, that they may plainly know and diaoon 
which ot them be ncceftsaty to be believed and ohtorved 
for tlieir salvation ; 4nd whJUi be tiot ncee»iuy, but imly do 



ooriccm ihc decent nnd politic order of ilic raid Church. 
nccordini! to such comnundmcnt and adirtonition m has 
l>e*n given unio ihem hcrctofarc by auihoriiy of the tinj"B 
highncM in that behalf. 

Morcovcf, that they ^bnli dccUtc unio all »uch ass be 
coder their cure the Articlcji likcwin: dc«i:.ed, put forth, 
and auihuriied cf late fur and oonecTning the abrogation of 
i:ertjin siiiKvrtuou* hoi) (Jays, aocofJinj; to ihc ctTcci and 
purport of ihc same Articles, and persuade their [torishicmcn 
to beep and obturve llie «anjc inviolabl)', ai things hohJy 
provided, decroj?d, and c^rahlishcd hy common rnirirnc and 
public aulhoiity for the veil, commodity, and pioliC of all 
tbb Kftlm. 

B«ald» this to the intent that atl lupentEtion and 
hjpocrisjr, crept into divert nicn'a hearty may vanish anay, 
IhcT afaoll not act forth or c^tol any inia^ca, rclicK, or tniiacJcs 
for any ttjpcrstition or lucre, nor allure the people by any 
enlicementa to the pilgiimagi* of any wmt, othcrwisi? than 
is pcrmittt^ in the Artidc^ Ulcly ^juI forth b>' llif authority 
of the kiti|;*d mojc^ly and cx^ndcaccr^dcd upon \f^ the prclfitca 
And clcr^j^ ol thi« hit realm m Convocation, as though it 
were proper or [icculiar to that saint lo give thii commodity 
or tbat, aecing all goodocu^ health, and ^vm^c ought to be 
both »kcd ui^d looked kir only of C<jd, as of the very 
Authcir of the same, and of none other, for mthovit Him that 
r-annot be given; but they nlmll exhort R9I well their 
pansfaioncra a^ other pilgrimii, that thej' do rather apply 
tbWMdTea lo the kc<fiptag of God'« i:ominandnicnis and 
fclfilling of His workt of chanty, pcisunding them that they 
aluU plca.*ve (rod uioic hy the true cxcrciriing of their bodily 
bkbour, trav:Lil, or occupation, and providing for their 
£ami1ie«t ihan i1 ihcy vcnl ahmic lo the said pilgrimages; 
and thiit it ^haEI |inifit inori: tliclr m\J^''% heallli, H ihcy do 
bc«low ihAl on the |>oor and needy, wh;cb chcy would hav« 
betfoved upon the said iaiafjctt or relics. 


3, Them 

(QEni Ai to 
h«ly 44yi 

nt to ba 

4- they 
«rE to Tor- 


nia And 




are 1o pro- 


■nd T#n 

AAd 10 tn- 


lion ft Fid 
Wrlf^nr of 

the >uuiiK, 

DOCCMEyrs hlvstrative of the [lxu 

Alio in the simc their Ecrraoris And other colbbons, th»1 
p.tnortf, vicartj and other ctiTitcii nbovcuiid thall diMgemljr 
adniontNh the filheTn Jii^cl m^ilhcn, iiiaMcn and gnicmois 
of ycjulh, being wilhia their eure, to Iciich or cause to be 
taught \he:\z ehjklren and scrvanti^ even Iron^ ihetr inianey, 
ihftr * P,iirt ncislcr/ the Arndei nf rrtir fmth, unci the Ten 
CanimanOmcnCA in cheti niuthcr tongue -, and llie sme 
taught, shall mose the said youth oft U) repeat and tm<kf- 
Gtand ; and to the inicni thts majr be the more oaailjr dcRM; 
the said cur;it<vs shall In iheir sermons deliheraiely 
plfLiitly rcciie oft the ^id ' Pater nostcr/ the Articles o! 
liUh, and l|ie Ttn Cunimandaicnis, one clau&e or Aiticltf 
day, nnd .inoihCT^ anoiher day, illl rhe vhole b^ taught and 
leiknied hy htile , And shill deli^^er the umc in writing or 
£ihow where printed books eonuiring the mnc irc to be 
tcld, to tht-m th:ii ean rend or trjll desire th« same; and 
thereto lh:tr ihe ^-.i\tl fsithen and inothen. msist^n aw 
£overnoj(( do Lesiow tlieir ehildicn uid bcivjinta, even Tr 
their ehildhood, cither to leamin^, or to sonic Other hoi 
encTtiie, occupation, or husbandry, exhorting, coun«ellin| 
and by ull tJie traya and meoira l!iey riuy, as we^tt in ihdr 
«aid Acnnons and coltations* «l3 other ^rjiy^ pci^uading the 
said fathers, n^others, n)jx«tcrs«i anci other ^^ovemorfc, hoing 
under th[?ir cure nnd charije, diligr-mly K^ provide and 
foresee that the mid youth tic in nu minnct wise krpt or 
brou^hE uj> in idleness, leat at any time iflcrmird they be 
driven, for lack of »omc mystery or occupation to live by, 
to fnill lu begging, stej-linji, or sejtiieoihcr untljrirnnfs^; for- 
asmucb u we may daily tee through sloth and idlencsi 
divers men fall, eomc to beggmg and Sk>me to theft 
nnd miirdiT, which -tfter, hroiighi ro cLilamity and m[«ety, 
imputed gre^t p4)rt tbcECuf to Llke:r friends atid govcmorv^ 
whieh suJTercd them to bc brought up 5o idly in 
youth; wlicTC if they h-id been weTl eduentcd and broaj 
tip in &ouie i;«xkI Ltcratufe, occupation, or tnyttery, ihf 








i,3ciij lif-^rnur of tme exgusr cjwnai 


iJioulci, btmg rulers of ihcir own family, have jiio/licd s» 
well thcni.-;clvcs, as divcra other pcnon*, to the gn^l com- 
modily and ornament of tbc common weaL 

Al4o» iJuE ihe snid partons, vicnrv :inci other curates shall 
4lilii;ciUly jjruvide iliai SucrirucHl anti iiCJiimeriUla he duly 
and rcrercnOy nimUkrcd in their parishes; and if M any 
lime it happen them oJhw in any of the eases exprcsaoci in 
the ciait]te« of ihvs r**lm, or of special Hrence given by ihe 
kin^s rnnjcfiy, to be ahvcnt from tlieir bcmrficts, they ^mM 
leave their cure*, not to a rude and unlearned person, but to 
an honest, wdl Itnrncd, and ex[K.-rt cuatt', that m.iy teach 
the nide and tinlcirrcd of their cure whrile^omc dnnrinc, 
and reduce then: to llic n^llit way tlinl docrr; andalvrAyslct 
them ace that neither they nor their vican do seek mere 
th«ir ovo proTit, promottont or advantage, than the profit of 
the «HiU that ihey have under their cure, or the glory of God. 

AbcK the »iid dean, partona, vicaia. curalcsi, arxd oilier 
pHctta stall in no viae, at any tmlA^fu! time, nor for any 
other catiftc than lor their honest ncccaity, haunt or retort 
to any mvr-rn* or ,^Tehnnse*H and after their dinner or supper 
tlwy shall not give thcmacivc^ to drinking oi riot, spending 
their time idly, by day or hy ni^ht, at tables or (iird- playing, 
or any other unlawJut game; bttt u such timet as they ih.ill 
have auch leisure ihcy shall read or hear somewhat of 1 loly 
Scripture, or *hall occupy themselves with some other 
bonc4C eaerciiie, and that they always do thone things which 
appertain to good congnrence and honesty, with profit of 
the cmnnionwcal liaviiij; always in mind that they ought 
to «acel all other in purity of life, and should he CKiniple to 
•n other to lire veil and ChnKtionly. 

Furthcrroore, bcdune the ^oodi of the f!hurdi arc called 
the gf»Lb of the poor, artd at these daya nothiog ii Icsa 
Men than the poor to be *uitained with the same, all pa^- 
Boos, vicars^ pensionariei, prehendaiie«, and other beneAi'ed 
ncn wlihtn thiM deanery, not beinjf resident ujiun their 


ft. Thfly 
ATP 10 pro- 
vide fur 


not lo 

lilll in IfiV^ 
hi Uir 


fM tn |« 

8- Non- 
liidc? Arc 

le be rend J 
To Ki\Q 





9' Clergy 

nr4nit %tt 


-. <e- 

I fniilful ^ 

V^n thai I 
tllcLD EJr 

JO. Tlif 
dtrfi> u« 

cood all 
llont >r ft 

bcncficcs, which may disrcntl yearly twenty paiindk or ahcme 
vrLlhin thix deanery or dacwherc, ahall dbttibotc hereof^ 
yearly amongsl their pour pamhtoner^, ot other inluliiunU 
Uiete, In the presence of the ^htirrh wardens or aoiuc otiic 
honest men dC tlit iiaiiitlit ilic fortlcih p^n of U^< fiui 
find rcvc-iucs of their said bcrcftcc*, Idl ihcy be worthily 
noted ^f ingratitude, which, ro^-rviM{;[tomcmy ports to them 
U'!v«| cinnnt votjchvift ti> tmpart \hv fortieth iwrritin ther<^ 
of amar^sl the |i(kjt ticuiilc uf xVoA poriatv t^&t b ao Tniilful 
Jiiid proHlabIt unto thcrci. 

And to the inCct^t \\yM IcSTncd men may hereafter 
the more for the csmiiiDn €\i tht? premiscSj cTcry 
vicar, c)cr)(, of bcnclkcd man ivithin ihis deanery, hanng 
ycaiJy to di^pcnd^ in benefices and other promoEJODS ol the 
Cliutch, an hundri^d poundsi, «halL give eonnpeient exhibihm 
10 one scholar, nnd for a« many hundred pounds more n 
be riiay diapcnd, lo m> n^any scholars more »ha]l give like 
exhibition in the Uni^crstiy of O\ford or Ombridge, oc 
»onit gmmmar school^ which, after they have proAtcd in 
gdotl Idrning, in.iy be pnrTncra nf ihcir patro«*% cure and 
chargCt OS well in preaching as othcrt<i%c in the execution of 
their offices, or ni«y» when need alxiU bc> otherwise profit the 
commonwealth villi thoir couiucl and wtsdom. 

hh^, that all pai«)n^ vicars, and clerks, havii^ chtirchra. 
chaixris, or man»ioii:i within this deanery, ttholl bcMo^' 
yearly beieafcer npoci the Ktme maniione or chanc^ at 
their churches, hpfufr fn drrny, ihp fifth part of iheir ben 
ficci, till tlicy be fully Tcpaircd. and the umc, so repair 
fthall always keep nnd maintain in good tttalc. 

All which and «mgular Injunctionfi shall Ix* invloUb 
observed of lh< said dean, parKm\ vicars, <tjraie», *iCi| 
dialled. And other clerks and beneficed men, under the pari 
of fuspen^ion und w^[i:i^tr4tion of thir frvnEt or Iheir bcr 
fitre^, untii they have done il^cir diiiy nccurdinij tu 





HENRV vin. A.U laas. 

Tntst. ittcend Injuottloji* wtrc <lr«wr up by CmmwdTp unrJ ivait 103S^ 
by litm IQ QlBner In a IclEct iJulcd fic[>tciiilrcr 30, [153^]^ Oi\ 
Odobtr Ti 'oEIowinf Cnnnpf iuu«il, 10 tlie Arr1ii1»coTi« of Ihc 
|vwlD«, 0r their njliciblp^ a mpdalo ff^r Lhnr piiblicahnn 1. WiLliint, 
iiL a37> W>lkinB hu pnoteel (hen under Ihic >C4r 1536 i^lbid Ili5>> 

[Tfunift, Cmnirtpr'* RpfiaLrr, fuU aij b.] 

In the name of Gcni. Amen, By the authority and com- Cmm- 
taJnlon oTthe mon uxeclleni Prince Hcnrj-, l>y the gnic«of "j^j 
G«l king of Engbnd am! uf l-'mncf, dtfrtnder (jf iJic failli. 
lord of Ireland, zmd in orih *!U)nvrne hc^id under ChrUt <if 
Ihc Church of En^^Iand^ J, Thoma?, lor^ CrumwcU^ lord 
privysttl, vice^rcmio the kmg"a sa^d highness for all hig 
juriadiLiions rrrlesinstirnl wiihiu ibis Tefllm, tin for the nd- 
vanccuicnt of Ihe true honuur of Almighty trod, incrc^iic of 
vintie, and dfuchargc of ihc kiiijj;'H majcjily, give and cxIiiUil 

uiuo you thcw injun<?tions lolbwing, to he kopt, 

4)b!ieTwd, and fnlJillrd upon ih^ paijis hi*rr^ftcr declared. 

Ktrat that ygu ihall truly observe and IteepallandsiiigjUr ^- Confif' 
Ihc king's highrefiss injunetions given unto you hcrt-'Eofore prrr^inj 
In my r;imc hy his ^^raccV nuthoriiy, not only upon the pafns inJiKic^ 
llicrcin eitfrro'^scd. hui aKo in your dtrfjiult wuw after this 
second monition continued, upon furthcrr rMjntBhinent to U« 
tiraitly cvtcndt'd to^vards you by the king'fc highncss'c arbi- 
inment or his vlregprrrl aTores-nid. 

flcm. that you ahall provide on ihl^sidetlicfcAM of Ewtfl v- Tli^^ 
nut coming, cne bcjoli of the vrholc Bible of the largnl [i'^^'H^l'^* 
volume, in English, ^ind tlic aame aet up In some conventcni »p iri 
plat'e wiihin the ^l^d rhuK h thai you have ture of. wh^rrea^ ^'^"'^''^ 
your f)ari«hioiien may mo»t comniodiou^ tctoil U» Ocv; 


3. Bible 

rcsrjrp^ to 
be pro^ 


4. ItcftiilBr 

In 111* 

the Cbri*' 
lUa firch. 

«tme. and read [t; ihc charge* of which book fib>II 
raicably borne between you, the [mrann, and ihc |vari«1iii 
oiorcntdi that is to say, tlic one half by you, fiiul the otbcr 
half by Eheni. 

Hem, thai j^ou sTiflll discourage no man privily or apettSy 
troiti ihc ic^uling or heaiia^ iji the ulJ Bible, but blull CC' 
prc^ly provoke, slir, ond cohort cieo' person to rcjd tbc 
(anne,»that which i£ thevcry livdy word of Uod, that tivof 
Chriftlian man i^ L^outid to i-mTiract^ be^lkve. :uid fiillow, >f 
he look lo be saved; admtJiuahing them rLCvctthele::^^ to 
avcrid all conicniion and altercation therein, and to tjsc an 
honest Rohriety m the mquifiiiion of the true ten&c of tJs 
fiance, and refer the ei^pIicjiiiEin of obK-ure |iku!s to men 
higher judfc'mcnl in ScrirJluic. 

item, that you ah^ll every Sunday and holy day Ihrouj 
ihc yefir operly and pljiinly tcclCc to your pari^ioncnc twii 
or thfico togeihrr, or irfujici, if tM^ rL"(iiiire, one parlldtf' 
or sentence uf the * Talcr ntjstei ' or Creed, in Eoitli^h. to 
the intent they inEiy k-arn the craine by heart, and so froan 
day to day 10 give them (ine Ultc ics*;on or lenience of the 
bante, till thf7 Ivnvc le.iTnE.<d (he whole *Patcr nuiter' nnd 
Creed, in English, by rote; and ax they Ix; uughl cveiy 
sentence of the sriine by rote, you iihall expound and declare 
the undcr*itanding of the same unto them, exhoviing all 
parents and householders to icncb d:eii diildicu and ixt< 
vants the same, as they arc bound in conscience to do, a^ 
that done, ycu sliall declare unto them the Ten Commani 
menEti, one l>y one, every Suiidity and holy day, tfU they 
IDccwiac perfect in the same. 

Item, that you Khali in confcuions every Lent exami 
every pcrton that comet to confeitinn to you. wl^ether 
can recite the Aitiejes af oor faith and ihc ' Paief noiter^l 
in English, and heat them uy the tame. lunicuLnly 
wherein if they he not perfect, you shati declare to the 
thai every Cbiixtian person ought to Icnoiv the same bt 


tbcy thoM receive Ihe bluted Sctcntmcnt of the altar, and 
rnooiUi them to team the same more perrvttly by tho 
ncu jear follo^irig, or l-Isc hkc as tht-y ought not to 
prcrnnc to comt to Cod's b(KLr<l vitJiouE pcrfcci kiio^flcdte 
ol the tamt ; and if they do, it 'ja to the Rrcat pc^ril of tbdr 
fOdls: Ml you tihall declare unio them, that you loolc for 
otbcT injuiH holm frum the IcingS bi^hiirw hy ili:ir Ieiirv to 
sUy And TC|>cl lEl such fioni God'^ boaid, as »ba]I be found 
ignorant in the premij^es ; whereot you do tliu« admonish 
ihi^m, to the intent thfry *&|utul<] h»th ti^t-hcnr lTir peril of 
theii KJUls, and abo the wtirldly fcbaki: thut tlitry iiiij^hL 
incur her^icr by ilic same. 

Irem, that you sb.i]l makct or oftu«c to be fnad^ in ihe laid 
diurcli, and every oihrr cure you hnvc, nnv. Kerttion every 
quarter of the ycAr at the Icust, whcicin yoa shall purely and 
fiioccrcly decbrc the tvry goapcl of ChrifFt, and in ihc aamc 
exhort ynur hearers to tho worts of chanty, mercy, jird 
l^ith, upccLilly pfr-irril>rt1 ,inH rnimniiniWI in SrnjiCiircT and 
not to repose their ^t affiance in any other worlu 
denied hymen's phanuiies beside Scripture ; as in wander- 
ing to pilgrinxigcfl, ofltTirg of money, randies, or l;ipcn to 
invi|[cs Gt relics, or kiHirig or licking thi? sam^, Haying over 
^ number of beJids, rot understood or mmdcd on, or in 
frucb'ttke iuper^jtionH for the doin^ wherccf you not only 
Iut<.' no jirouii^e of ri^wnrd in Strnpiure, but r.ontruriwiit;, 
^rval tiireai^ and m^Ii^dtctimis ufGud, a:» things tending to 
idobtry and hupcrHiiion, yrhkh of all other ofTcncc^ Cod 
Alnighiy dor:b most detest and abhor, for tliat the Kime 
difnifiishes iiio?it Htt Eiunour ittid ^U^ry, 

Item, (hat audi fcigricd unugcs uh you know in any of 
your curc4 to be «o abubcd vttb pilgrimages or t>fr<.Tingf of 
an%tbirts made Thcrpunto. ynu ?hill for avoiding that most 
iktc^uble otTt^itcc ijf iilobiry fnrthwiih rake down and 
dcby, and shall KufTcr from henceforth no eaj^dlcs, Upcra. 
or inugcfi of wax to be >oi afor« uny image or picture, but 


6 Si.-ffp< 

Rinnii 10 tnj 

Htilicn 10 
bf dlm- 

7, Imoffo, 

Xc, CO be 

tiwiiji w](h 
ccrimn tx- 

4nJ In- 


ittg ihvir 
ate Afid 

9, D«l/ 


ID, CIrrgy 
lu r<ciinl 



only the light ihai oommonly goctK aciocs iKe church 
the rood bfr, !ho light hprorc ihc Sarramcm rf ih« 
siuJ the y^^\i\ aliQut thr' Kcjuiltlirv, whicth for 1^o atlor 
of ihc church nnd divine ftcTvicc you »hall auffcr to r 
still adfnonishing jfour parmhioncrt that images serve t 
none other purpose but is to be boolcn of unlearned mefi 
tlijl (iiiiLiot biuw Wiers, wlierc-lty thr^ iiiiylil bt- otht-r«rj(e 
admonished of the hvc» aitd convcn^liori of ihcm ilut the 
■Aid irnagec do represent; which imfigev, if they ibuso Un 
any niht'r tnteni than for sLich rerttcniliranccf^ they eoaraoll 
idolatry in the sinie to the gicai d;ini;c^r of tlicir tioul* : 
therefore the king's highncts, Rniriously tcndctmg the 
of hiK auhjccts' ^uU, hit m p>rt ;ilre3dy, lod more 
hcrraftcr travail for the Aiholf.ihJnK uf sudi im^firs " mfi 
be occasion of ^o great an oflVncc to (^od« and to grcu 
a dnni^cr to the souls of hia loving fiubjccti. 

Item, thiat all mi kucH bcr^-ficct^ or cutce as you ha' 
ttht^reupoit yoLi tw not yntiisrlf n^idcnr, yoL) shstW appor 
sucb ^urdic^i in youi 5tcad, as both can by their ability, 
will nUo prrTm|»ly execute theae Injunctions and do 
duty; otheraiie tliat you are bonnd \r\ tvery behalf accord- 
ingly, and may ptofjl llieit cure no le** w«I> good exampl 
of living, than with declaration of the vord of God; or t^ 
their lack nnd default* «haU he imputed unto yau. 
shall fttiaJTly answer for ibt.' winif, if they dofithcrwitc. 

IteniT that you uliall admit no tuan lo jireach ^iibin an 
your bcneliccH or cures, but such as shall apf^car unto 
to be su]1i<:ierttly licenced thereunto hy the Ling's high 
or hSs ^cc'« authority, t)y the Arrhbishoii of Cioterburyi 
nr the bishop of tliiH dioceac; and »uch an shall he so 
lioenKd you shall gladly receive to declare the word 4if 
God, vilhoiit any reiiiBUiiice or contradiction, 

^l^*m, if you have heretofore derbred ro your f nrthlonen 
anything lo the extolling or setting fonh of jjil^in: 
feigned relics, cr images, or any auch supentition, you 



now openly, Afore tbe came, iccain :uul reprove the same, 
ihowjng t1iem» n«i \\\ti [niih h, thai you did ilie s^kiiie upoft rio 
pottud of Scri]>lLirc, bul a« one bcine led and Acducccl Ly a 
cominon error and Ahuic crept into the Churchy thr^ju^h the 
rufleraoce »nd avarice of such as fcU profit by ihe sam^. 

Ilcm, if you do "i nIwII kitow ;iiiy iimri vxiLliiri ytiur txtrisli, 
or clacwhcrc, iliac la a letter of Lhc >vord of Cod lo be rcAd 
in EngJish, cr i^inccrdy prcinchcd, or of lhc cKccution of 
Ihcte Tnjuncciont, or n fhiitor of the Itithop of Rom«'« 
pretended power, rcjw ly the Ia« at thix realm JLi^Lly 
rejected end cxtirpcd, you bhidl detect and preM:nt the 
nme to the king'« highnet^, or l^is honourable couacil,4v 
to hit vloegcrcrt nfnrcsaid, or ihc jiwiirc rtf pctiT neKi 

hem, that ycu, and every parson, vicAf. or ctarate within 
Ibiii diocese, thaU for every church keep one boot or 
roister, (therein ye ^liail wriie the day and year of citry 
wedding, christening, an<] tmryitig ni:ide ivithiji your pirisli 
for your time, and ao every m;ui auccccdin^ you likcrritiu ; 
and also tliere intoft uv«;ry por»or^'a nanie tlul ehall be ao 
wedded, chrislf-ncd. or hnrird ; and for lhc wife keeping of 
the umc book. :he \^^t'^*:^\ hliaU tic bound w provide of 
ihcircommca chari^<» cnc aure cofTer with tiro locki and 
keyi^ whtrfeof the one cu remain wjtd ycu, and Uie other 
with the wardens ni t'vtry siith puriih, wlierein the *:ud 
book abdll be laid up ; nliicli buok you idiall every Sunday 
taltc forth, and tiv liic presence of the aafd waidcn^ or one 
of them, wnie £nd record in the K.inic all the weddingii^ 
chrvtleningi. and bur^-in^s made ibc whtile wptk lieforc^ 
and tliat done, to by up the book in the uid uiHer ta 
before ; and for c^^ery time that the laine shall be omitted, 
the pAiEy Ihai «h:i11 }>e in the <-.\\At ihrrf^of shall forfeit to the 
sjidi:huri;hihiet'ihillingi anjfuuiptnte, lu he eiiT^riuycd on 
the rcparaaion of the saioc church. 

Xtctt^, that you fthnlL once every quancr of a yetr read thc«c 

wlio ai^Il' 
>tdiiJ lhc 
th«M III' 
\u \it p*e- 


ta be kept 

CL parish 


13- Tli**o 
BJid xiw 


ton* to 
hm rvad 

I0 bfl paid, 
anij clergy 

nfctt l^cir 
<]nty tci be 
Import vd. 



15- Clcrty 
■f Q nol to 
■Iter ftuti 

or trrviccH 

■« prr*- 


f«. Ka«]]- 
Inf Af 
■ Atw" to 
be ibiii- 

IT Of 

and tlw other former Injunctions giv^n tiino you by ihflH 
authority of ilic king's brglmc*s. cpail> Aftd dclibcraldf 
bcfocc nlL your |>ariKhic>nci^, lo the inicr^t thjit both you tau/ 
be the better admoniKhed of your dct)-, An<l your ntid 
p^irixbiojier^ the iiicire Jituled to en»iic tlic same (or tlkeir 

Item, forasmuch a:t by a kn^ efiiDblitihed, ev^ty man 
bound to pay hifl tj|he«, no man shatl, by colour of dut] 
oQ^iii<-d by their curates detain their iitbef, nnd ao rcdub 
one wronc wiib *nolhcr, or be his own jirdiic . hut ihill 
Inily pay the mme, au has been accuatomedT to their par- 
aona and cumicv, without any reiit:iint or diminution ; ud 
nuclx Im-ic or dcfuijlt :ib Ihcy tii:i juhtly fiwd in tlicJr parvpn*. 
and curaicf, lo cnll for rcforn^ntion thereof OX their ordi 
nric^' nnd other :.U]jer)OiK' handE, who upon conipbints and 
due proof tliereof shall rrfbrm the same acmrclingly, ^ 

Item, tluit no pninon shall from henceforth ^tei or <:hangcH 
the order and manner of any faaling dny Ihitt is comniandcd 
and mdictcd by the CInirch, nor ol .iny firayer or divine &er> 
TiC(?, k ^pprlftcrt in the wid 1 n Jn naions, untl 
buch Ij'mc a^ the same s]i;^M be so ordered dnd tuii»] 
by the Itinfi'* biRhrcM'* authority, the cvc--^ «f such «Ai 
whose holy da}^ be abrogatod oi>ly excupted, which ih^l 
detlartfd bencefanh to be ro faatitig <\^y^\ excepted aj 
the commemoration of Tliotnai fickkct, aometinic Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, which thai! be clean omittcdi and] 
instead thereof Ihq ferial set\icc wed. 

litm, That the Wnrllinf; of the 'Avpt' after wrvfr^'l 
And rerlnta other times, which han been brought id nnd' 
bcRun by the pretence of the ttishop of Roiiic*« pardon, 
henceforth Ike left and omilted, lesE the people do hereafter 
ifUM 10 have pardon for the spying ibcir *Avcs' between 
ihc wid knelling, as ihcy have dciic in tiuKs jkim. 

Item, where in timev |ia&C n\en have ii£Cd in divera pJaecft 
ii> their proccuions to fclr>g Ora /r^ Afj/Vr 10 so ir^iny 




lUit iliej had no tJnie to &iiig the good sufTragci foliowinE, ^^^ 
as /feiw ni»Stt Dami^f, flini IJ/>era ntii Domine, it mu^t be l"-*"* 
taught and prtntbcd Ijritpf it wrfc to omil 0*t» /rtJ 
wrfiV, and lo sing Ihe (Jtlicr suffragwt 

All which and virgukr liiTtjcictions I minister unto you, T\v^ pre* 
and to your succeators, by the IcirKS highness'* authority to ^^p^",^^" 
m« commiiTod in this pan, which I ctiarge and command i^t^ 
you by the wme aiithoriCy lo observe and ktris iii^jn |min °''"'^* 
of deprivation, «equc3tnLllon of the fruit*, or such other 
coercion as [to] the king's highness, or hie vicegerent for the 
tinu; lieing, sKaL) be «een convt-nient^ 



31 HeNKV \"1I!, cak li 

lunhcr ftupprcHtEinft 4r fumntlen had Uli«n plA?« ; ihrac #en- 
CQfcrciJ. ai Ih^i <loH 4f lli« H«uiin in *^^. by tUc ft^lowbf AcE, 
whicli \«>Ud aU <noP4aiic properly in tlic kin^ 

[Tranvcr, 5la(utf« of Iht Kufm, ifa, 733,] 

Where divem and tundry abbots, priors, ahbesse*, prior- 
csaes^ and oLlier etcl^^iaatJiL-Al giivrrnurt ueiiI ^ovcratrsat^ of 
diTcra monafftcrics, Abbacies, ptiorica, nunncTio, collq-cs, 
bogpitab, houses of fruirR, and ether rcliKiouK and ccclc 
«>3ttJc:tl house* and pbnc^ withirt this oiir so%fcrergn lord the 
king's realm of Kn^'laiid irul WuL<^, ijf ihcit uwn fm and 
volunurY mind?, pood wilb and awoniif, without cen^amt, 
coaction, or compi.tIuon ot any manner orpcrKOn or pereong, 
eion^ ihc toi\r\\\ d.iy of KchrnaTj-, ihr iwcnty-icvcnth jcnr rf 
the reign ol our noir most dread sovereign lord, by the due 

ol cTiWA 
hivf, >jnce 

Hm. vin, 


cd tlicir 





order and coune of the common bwa of this hi» rdlm Of 

F.nghnd, And by ihcir auAcjent vrtiiingt or n^co^dt under 

ihcir cc^nvcoi and common scab, have scvrraOy given, 

panted, and by Ihc aamc their ntiiiiiga severally cofifimcd 

all ih«jr ^jd moiustfiriee, abbACies* pnones, nunneries, i»l- 

legCii, hritpicil.t, honscs ^( frbn, and other religious pdi) 

ccdesiutical houscN jind ptnccA, ftml all Ihcir sites« ciVcuict. 

and precincts d the name, und all and sin^br their mJtr>oa, 

)ord!flii|ic, granj-ec, rtLcoaet, landi, lenemcnui, meodowt, pu- 

iurc4, tenis. revenions, service*, wootH titbev. i^cniion^ 

poiiiofkA. cliuichcs, diapclf, ndvowtons* pati«na|;e\ ^iniuii- 

tiCA, riKhti, entricj;^ condition::, commons Icds, coiira> lib^ 

tjci, ]iTLvi]<^gc?s. nnd fnndiitci; pppcrtEtinrng or in an^wlit 

I)cUi»iyin|^ to any iutii muiualL-ry, abbutj, lifit'iyt ^"TWiery, 

college. Iiospitul, liou^ or frlare, and ctber tdigiom araJ 

eccletktsticfll bouses and ptocoi, or lo any of them, by 

whaiAoev^r name or ri-ifj)or:iiion ihcy or any of ih<fTii were 

ihon rminril or tnllpd, jm! r^f what urtlcr. bflbii, religion, or 

Other kind or quality :ioc\«r they or any of ihcm tlieii wen: 

reputed, kno*vn, or taken \ to have and to hold all the said 

niona*[tftie*,abbaricsp'tcirie<i, minrrrios, roflej^ei, ImpiLalB, 

bou&esof fria's^^^^ o:hcr R^li)£[»U!( and ccclc^iavtipai houwi 

and places, sites, circuits, predncta, manon, lands* tcofr 

ments;, meodowi, paBtur««, rents, re^'erkionf, services, and all 

other the preiuisfs, to oor ^riid ^overfiyn lordn In* hd™ nnd 

sna^etooss for ever, nnd ihc »:imc their ^id nionasicrics 

nbbacieK priories, nunneries, collets, hoitpitols, homes of 

frton, and other relSgions and eccle^lLUiic^tl hou«c« and 

plocei, *it», tirtuits, pieciiicu, manoTpi, bidsbijjs, ^rangei; 

mcuca, bfide, cencmcniK, nicodoir^ pasturc«, rcnta^ rcver- 

AJona, services, and other the |)remij(ci, voluntarily, at is 

aforetaEd, have renounced, \^\ and foraakcn, and ei^cry of 

Hwm ban renounced. Icfi, ind foriaVcii, 

Such He it ihetcforc enaclcd by tlie kins ^^^ sovereign lord, 

and the l-ords vpirituni and temporal, and (he Ccmmons, in 



this |irc5et>t l^rliament assemble, niiU by authority of ihc tOS^r 
MOK, Ibat Ihc kirj;: our sovocJgQ lord shall hft¥«, hold, ^^l^ 
pofiie»t and enjoy to htm, \\\% hcin and ftuccesson for ever, aowAnk 
all and iinguhr«jch late monatterio.abbacie*. priories, nun- JJj"*^^'^ 
nciicA, collcgi^H 1iU!iprub, hiiJ-iitrs of fciunh. :L:id dCind rtli- 
giovig and ccclcaiantical Itouso nnd |?1acM, of what kindit, 
natures, quditJoti or dwcrailics of hftbit*. raid, profttwion*, 
or nrden they, or any c>f thcni, wrre named. Icnourn, &t 
called, which iincc the lafd fourch tby cf FcbrLiarir. the 
twciny^ffventh ytfoi of the rcipi of our Mid sovcfcjgn lord, 
have been dis«olve<l. fiupprea^ed, renounced, rclinquithcd, 
forfeited, given up. or by any other mean roTTK- :o his high* 
nc33 ; snd by the same Authority. Ai^d in like mAnncTH nhaU 
liavo, hold, pcH»s« and enjoy all the silcs, circuits, pre- 
rinctt, manorj. (ordftiipf, [^rangein meves. landa. tcncmentB, 
mcadowK, postures, renis^ rrver^iooft, lerviccs. woods, tithes, 
penaiOR!!, portions, paraonagcft appropriated. vicaTDgca. 
ohurehet, diajwht, advowsons. notnination*. patronages, 
Annuities, riglui, irlereKU, entries, condiciont, commons, 
Icets, coum, liberli*^ jitirilcgc«. franchive^ and oilier wh;it' 
soever hercdicamcnci, which appertained or bclon^d to 
ih© said late monnAtchct, abUidcs, priories, nunncricfi, coU 
lejcc*. hospitals, liotitei: of friar*, and ottiet religious or 
occle$iAiticd bousc?i .nud ]il.ii:tt, or to .iny of them, in u 
lArgo and am]jlc manner and form ai the bie abbots, 
|irion, abb^tiev, prLorc&Het, and other «ceLeii3«cial go\^ei^ 
now and sovcrnnvfi of svich bte aionaite-rie*, abliacjei, 
jT»orie<, iiLinnerici, colleges, hospiuls, houses of friars, and 
religious and ecclcsiasticil hoiisca and plaoca, had, 
icld, or ocrupied, or of right ought to have had. holden, or 
occtipicd. inihciishuoftheir«aic1 bie moiuticrie&.abbadc3. 

lorie«, nuitncries, colleges. hwpJeala, houso of frittM, or 

ibci nrligious or «cdesiastical hou^e^ or piseec, at th9 

of the said dbwr^lmion, sTipprvMion, reovtincing, re- 

iqnlshin^. fbrleitin^r. giving up, or by any olhCT manner of 




Th« pus- 

All Dlhn- 

tUill be 

mc^n coming of ihrr tainc ir* ilic king^» Itij^hncM dncc tli 
fmirih day of rcbTUfliy obovc specified* 

And it H fUTthcr cnacit^d by the auihority afoitfi^iid, that 
noi r>Tf]y nil ttie wid late monaticrie^.abhadci, priorie*, our*- 
liCiics, colleges, hospitals, houses of friats, ;ind ullitr reli- 
gious and ccclcaiflAiicAl house* and pbccs. sitci^ circuiti^ 
IirccinctE, manors, lord^hipi, granges, nie-%c£> ]and»T 
merit*, jne-iiiows. pnvlnres. rents, rt-vcrsiorii, scfvicct, 
all other the premiao, forthwith, immcdiAtdyp ord pre* 
AL^ntlyi bulal:^ alloLhcrmonostencs^abbncici. pricrics^nu 
ncncs, colleges, ho^piula, housts oJ Ifiare, and all 
TdigiotK ^nd ccclMiasticnl houwi and placrps, mhii^h hcR> 
arter ihall happen to 1^ diaio^^-cd, ,>iuppre»Md. rcnotinccd. 
reljnijuished, forr^iud, given up, or by ary olh^ QiMB 
conii? unto the king's highness; and :il*oall thcsiiC4,circuf18, 
prc-cincu, nunor^p lordships, t^rnngct, mcisc^. liu^ds tc 
incnt*. mcadowa, paj^tiircs. rent*. rGveraion»> scmcc** woodi^ 
tithci:, pension:, pojtions, panionagcs npproprJatc. vic;ira^<c 
churches, chapels, advowions, nomination*, patrcnuges, al^ 
nuiije^ nghb. inte^re^u. crtricA, ctinditiuna. coiiunuiLa. I4:et3^ 
courts, liberties, privileges, iranchiACti. a.nd other heredita- 
ment* vhatfiocvci Ihcy be, bdongmg or appcflaming to the 
mine or any of iKcm, whensoever and Sf: soon as they shall 
lie ditAolvcd. >up])rc3.tcd. tciiounccdp rclinquithcd, fotfdted, 
givcnup. orbyanyothCTHKancomo tntotheking'ahishnea, 
filiall tie vested, dcerncd, and adjudged by authoniy of this 
present P.irliamcni. m the vrtj aciunl and rr.-d i^ekm And 
pOACHion of the king out sovereign lord, hit hcirx And suc- 
cesjTiOfTi for ever, in the state and condition z% they now be } 
anU IS though all theuidlatotnonascerio}, abbjicics» prioriffi, 
nunnetiei, colleges, hos]>ttala, houses of frlan, and Other 
religious and ecclcsi^Atical houiea and placet so dixsolvcdt 
suppressed, renounced, relinquiahed, fcifetted, given up^ or 
come Eo tlie kjng'ii highness, as Is aforenald, ha r\^q Ehe ftoid 
monaijlciic^ -ibbades. prioiic«, nujincrics* eolk-gei. hoopi- 



Ult, houses of friant, and other religious and caleiiaMicjil 
hoiu^ aiid placec, vhich hereafter rfiall hnpp«ii lo be dis- 
4o3i't4, iiPpprcssed, t^^rounccd. rclinrinishrd, forfeited, giver 
up> or coLuc mno the king's liighneu, siicA, ^iraiils pro- 
cmct«, manorn, loidr.hiiis, granges, bnd^, tenements, and 
other ihe picmi<ei, whatioever they be, and every «f ihem, 
were in thi^ present Art Especially and partrcuLiH)r reheaned, 
nanicd, Jind cAprc^^cd by c^iprcss words, ii^nicSr liOcs. Jind 
faculties, and in tlietr nmircs. kind«, aud qudUicS' 

And be Tt also enacted by authority aToreiaid, ih:3t all 
the raid blc monastenits, abijucin^, prirmr*, nunut^ri:?*, 
collc^e^ ho^pitab, hou^s of friATS, and other fclJgiouH and 
ecdetastieal houses and places, which being dissolvcdr 
4iipprcsied» rcrounced, iclinquishcd, given iip, or romc to 
the kini^'s hi^hnE-^s Ly any iiiiinner of tci^niu as is nfoiefttid) 
And all the inanon, lordfthip^, £i:ii)];cs, lands, tcncuierLts, 
and other the prcmvAet (exeepE cuch thereof t.% be eume lo 
the kings band* hy atuiiider or itEaincIen of treason), and 
2II the ^aid nmimitaici, JibbaLica, prioric*, otinnerL-H, 
colleges, hoipitAls, houses of frian, end other religious and 
ocelc£i3j;tieal houtet or [jlaceit, which hereafter fih:tll happen 
to be diittnJvtfd. Mippresstd, rentnint-wT, fctimpiiitht'tl, ffir 
fei'tcd, %i'>it:u up, or eomc unto th^^ king 'a hi^lincu, and at! 
xh/c manoTA, lordsbtps, gian^cs, land», tenenicncc, muidows, 
pafiiut«s, «nw, reversiottB, service*, woods, lithcs. portions, 
pcniHnnK, panonaj;e« apprnpriair, vic^ragrt, churchett, 
chapels, advowii(in?i, non^inations, patronages, annuities, 
rightly interettn, entries, conditiont;, comniors, leetft» courts, 
hb^rtieSf pritfilcgCB. franrlii&es, and other hcrcdlt^tncnt*, 
vhatsoever Ihcy hr, l>clt>n|;iiig to the Mmc, or If* any of 
thctn (except ^urh thereof vrhkh ihall hap}>cn to come to 
the king's bighneii by attainder or attainders of ireatonj, 
ftball be in the order, survey, and govem.ince of our *a(d 
wicicign lord tlic 'kiw^^ court of augmcntationji of tlic 
revenues of hifi crown, and of Ihe chancellor, of!icer«, and 


All RioriB*' 
lir lanrli 
ihAll be 
»JLhMi ttic 
■tirvcjr of 
tho court 
of i^i^inifn- 

MIL'U «Ji 

come \^f 


A EtncFftt 



inmiKcre of Lhc sitiiic; and all lite nirm^ ittun, rcvvnuo^ 
And piofils co»)injf and Krowin^ or lhc prcnii»cs. jnd every 
part thereof (except bcfe>re vxccpccd), «lul] be cprdered, 
nken, :u]d received for the king'i utu by Ihe «aid chooKlkv, 
tniniiftrra, aiiJ officers of ilitr iaiiic tourt, in Sfucb airi lile 
rminrcT and forin as the nicnulcrics, priories, bJU>, 
circuits, manors, t^rangcs, mcifrf:f, laad«, tenements, rceu 
reversions, *eniccii, tiihe*, pcn»inns isortion*, ad^xiwusifi, 
paUonagu^, ligbtji, cnlriei, canditioll^, and olhcr hcrirdiU- 
monU, late appcrtoiring or bclonginj; unto the moivuterici 
abbacies, prioriest or ctlipr religious lieiisos bie \r$ 
nuthoriiy of Parlidmrni supprr-tvcit, arc ordered, i;iirvcycd, 
and governed. Saving to all and creiy pcnon otnd persons 
ard bodies potiLic, and tticir hcira and eucc<<6Gort. and tt< 
hdrt nnd siicccwors ofall and cve^ of them— oihet than ifcc 
»jd l.iie :i1jbol:^, prfors, abbcsKs, prioit:^M>> and otber 
cccIcsusEJoil f^ovcmon and ffovcmcuc?^ of the »&id Ulc 
fuonacitene«, at^badtfi^ prioiie«, nunDUie*, colleger, hcw- 
piinls, houi^es of friary and oiher religious nnd ^ccL^^uticid 
houscfi and places, and their succcuoo and lhc bjtxewwa 
of every of Ihem, and «uch as prcEcnd to be foujidcrv, 
patrons, or donors cf lucb inooaaienev, abbacivs, priorict, 
nuiuietics, colJtge^^ ho^;>iidT», homes of friar\ ind orher 
codeMOHtical hojsc* find places, or of any uunorv, 
roessuajECt, lands, tenements, or other hefcditamcnts 
belonging to the nice, cr to vxf of them, their \mt% 
and aocvcMony ajid the hciis and mil-itmois or rvcry surh 
bunder, patron, or donor, nnd 1\\q now ablxftt. piiofs, 
abbesses, priomsex. and oiher ceclcnnsiical govtmor^ and 
govcmCTiVi af such monasttrriei, al>1)aeie«, priorie*, nun- 
neries, colleges, lio»pitaK hoii»e3 of frlon, and olher 
rdigious &i>d eecUsautical bouses uid plson, vbx:h here* 
ftAer «hall happen to be disiolved, mppresKd, renounced, 
rcUmjuiabedt forferled, ^tven up, or (XHnr to iho king's 
hl^bncM. and aucb u pretend lo be founders, (uirvna, or 

MSTOJtr r>A r/fi: encush church 


donofs of such n^on^^lcrics aU^cIe^, irriories, nunneries IU9. 
collceca, hospitals, haunci of U\m%, and other cccloiaMlatl 
hou«ca and places, or of any manors, mcMuagcs, land*, 
tenements, or other hiTeditii^ients tu the snrnr li(f]r)n|;ir]^, 
<ff lo any cf tlieni, their heirs and succcssoi^, and die lieirs 
nnd *uccc^or» of every of dicm— oil such right, title, claim, F.^ftptlon 
intereHf possession, rcnu, charges, annuitict, [cabcb, 'ii^iiiii^rii'^1 " 
offices^ fe«, liveries and living*, ponions, pensbni^ corro- 
dic3. tonmionf, synods, proxies, and other profits which 
Ihcy or any of them have, claim, cughi, may^cr iniEht have 
had in or to the premise or Co ftny part or parcel thereof^ 
in ludi'like m.inni^r, form, .ind i^ondiifor, to nil imrms, 
FCSpccEi, construe Lionb, .ind purpoact, a^t if this Act had 
livr«i been had nortnadij ; rcnti Bcrvicet, rents seek, and all 
other Knicet :jnd »uit& only crvcept. 

Provided always, urid be rt ciiucl«d by niithL>rily afore* Lmich. 
said, that if any Ijlc abbu. priui, iJiiorcia, abbes*, uc tilhcr j^vVti^ 
ccclcsioxcical governor or Kovcrncu abovcMid, within one tbboi», 
y€ox next before the dissolution, iupprcs«ion, '^'>^"^*^' ^^^^'11, 
tni^ rrlinr^utshirg, forfriiinfl, giving up, or tominp to the property, 
kings higluie?fl. of his lute monastery, abbacy, priory, l^^ij'"f°i1J 
fiimncry, college, hospital^ Iicuhc of friar^i or other religious dw^iu- 
or eeclesbfitica) house or place, has made any lease or^'^'iV ***** 
grr:ni undrr his rfiinrni nt rnminon w^l, nr otherwise, for 
term of life or for term of«, of the ^ite, circuit, and 
piectnet of his said late monostcrv. abbacy, priory, nun- 
ncry, eoUege, hc^piul, home of (nara, or other rchgiovs or 
ccrlesiaKtical house cr plan*, or of any ^Jort thereof, or of 
any manors. nicMuagi^i^, gfn^Kc*, Inndji, tenements, parxon- 
ngcs appro^^nate, tithes, i-ien^ion^ portions, or other heredity- 
l» which Ijclonged or appertained to his wid late 
artery, ^bbac), priory, ncjnnciy, eo1)ej^e> lio^piul, 
houac of friars, or other rcli||ioaa or ccdc:(ia9tical houae ot 
jilacc, which manors, messuaget. j^r^ingci, Unds. lenements, 
.ia^t» ;LppTopriite, iJthes, peiibiont, (^rituns^u^ uOhict 






licicJiUmcnu wcic not Iwforc tlie acitiic Icisc comcmnil; 
uacd tt> be »ec nor Itt to Uam, bui kept and tcrarvcd in die 
tn^knuKtncc, itllagc» oi occupniion of ihc tiid govtmor or 
ilfivcrnr^n. for ibc ni:»intcniiice of hnspiulitf and good 
liousc-kecping, or within one year as is abcrvcnid. luf 
made any Ivaic or grant for term ol lile. or for lena of 
years, ofany manors, nieswiages, lands, I cncm i? nu, mefldORl^ 
jt-iMijrc-s. woods, par«onAgci imj]ri}[>n:iic. ljlhc& i^eti&ion^ 
portiodi, churches chapcfs, or other hcrcdiUiucnU, nhat- 
>o«verthcy tKMvhcreof, or in tlaewhich* any estate or inictctt 
for term of WU. year or yrar^, nt the tfine of the nuhing of 
jiiy sucli j^aai or Icftsc, llicn had ib being cr conliinunac; 
end then v-iia not detertnintsdt finished or cifpircd ov witbbi 
the time ot one year, ai itt abovesaid. ha£ made ftny kftst 
or graiiL for t^iu <ir Wte. or for teim t>f jvath, of any ntti>orv. 
mcrituagci. hiids. tcneiuei^bi. mc^dow^H lUMLoretL. woodi 
pamonagc-^ appropnaic, tuhcit^ pcn^ion^H portioiu, churcho, 
chapelK, or other hcrcdjiamcnie, vrhnitiocver U^ey be, upon 
thr nhirh Irai^rs nnd i^nrt :hc^ iiMial nfid old rents and 
farmA. aeciutomcd to he yielded and reserved by the »pace 
of twenty yeont next before the bnt djvy of thia present 
rarlLament. is and be noi thereupon reserved and holden, 
or if a[iy siicli governor or govcrnesa has madi? ^ny bar^n 
or tale of hJa viooda within one >'Cflr aa t« afore hinitcd. 
which tvood« he yet growing and standing ; that then all and 
every luch lease, grant, borgaia and sale of wood or woods 
s}iall be uiLcil>' void artd of none c/TccL 
And it » also enacted by the authority afbroo-ld, tliat al. 
^fn^'^ii'c '"«5*»en"* fi"«*> and rccoveriei had. made, arknowEed^ 
propffny or lufTered by any governor «r governess, trilhout the king's 
'^J^^ licence under hia great «al. williiri one year n«t before the 
_ riiliiit one dissolution, TCnoundnjt rdinquUhing. forfeitiii£, giving iif^ 
Slial^-"*' ^^ eomini; unlo the kingi highnca, cf hja said monastery, 
ilonn i«bc abbacy, prtury. iitinncr}-. cuUci;o, haoHijiral. house <4 JhatS; 
or ether religious or ecclesiastical house or |ilace, or Aftf 







mnnoiT, menses Jan^s. icnpiiicnts^ or oiber hercditametiEs 16Wl 
whjisQcvi^r tht^y be, whith the sjkI Uic ahUotn prior, ahl>eis, 
priorci»H and other ccclciinstJCAl governors and i^orcmcs-ics, 
o: any of ihein, or any of their predece^cir^, had or htfld.ot Ihe 
gift, grnm, or confirms lion of our said sovereign lord, or of 
Any of bifc ht^lmc»>'» pio^ciiflor^. or of the whk h Dioti.^aU'^ic:^!, 
abbacies, priorici nunneries, colleges, ho^pito-I^, hoti^^ uf 
friars, or olhct rctigious or ecd^usticol houses or place* 
our »:iii] sovereign Inrd wx% founder or pjimn. fjr whiili 
manoia. incuziCH, lands, teiK]ii<:nL«, or oliict hereditament:* 
were of the arcient or o!<I foundation or posecaaion of 
the Slid Utc ntonasierif;^, iibliacies, prioneb, nunneries, 
rollpgM, ho'ipitakf houses nf frfar4<. or cihcr rHIgtoi* or 
ecclesiastical houses or plsccs. sliall be utterly void ond of 
none cflcct. 

And It is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that Icisix 
ff any abbot, prior nbhc*^ prioress, or other cccldi.iitical ™J[j,Jj, J^ 
j-ovfrnor ur t^uvt-mtw nf any monastery, ahb;iL7, p^it^^y, ufiaonn*- 
tiunncry, college, hoapical, house of friar*, or other religiouB be ,"*" 
or cocle&i.inncnl house or plaee, which hereafter ^hall linppcn pruned 
to he dintolvcd, 8uppresB«d, renounced, rclinritiished, foT-^^td 
fcitcd, given up^ ^r cotnc to ibe king's bighnew within one 
year next bcfoie ihcflrrtdfly of ll1i^pIescnt rarli.imenr, have 
made, or hereafter do make, any Icnijc or ^nt under his 
convent or ctmimon »eal, or otherwise, for term of yeara, or 
lif« or livcv <ff Mic siltr, umnt, and |jrecim-| of \\\h sAid 
inoiu»lcry, Abbacy, priory, nunnery, college. boHittal. bouse 
orfriart, or other reli^ioun or ecclcsiO'itieal house or place, 
or of any part thereof, or of any manor*, meiKLinj^, 1atid-H» 
tenenit;ii1s. parson^ij^ ap|>ropriatc, tilhcs, jica->iim.iH portiurw, 
or other heredilamcnti belonging or appertaining to hii 
said monastery, abbacy, prior}", nunnery, college, ho*pilfl.l, 
liousc of friarn. or f«her reHgioiui or ccx^leiiastical hou^e or 
pUcc vhich manor>, tnLM^ei. erangCN linda, icncmenls, 
poTMiMget .'([tpioiirtate, titbo, p^:nalor1^, v^'Liot^i, &Tt(i u\Wa 



ifiSe, Ikcrcdiumcni^, ^vhnt^ocvcr ttiey be, wcic not, before tbc 
iimt Ifi^e, commonly used lo be set nor let lo fftrm, bnl 
kept and reserved in Ihc manur-ince, tillage, or occttp*iien 
nf ihe xiitl j^i^tmtir ur gtivcrnii-vt, for the maiiitcttsnix; nf 
hospiUlil>' 4nd good hou»ckccpin{;H or now be in ibc 
ma^iurancc* tilLigi.\ o-t 0(^cupat)i>ii of lh« uid governor or 
govcmCTs, foi ihc maintenance of JiospitaUTy and ^ood 
hoii^C'k ceding, or wiihin oim yoar ncul before th<r Sw dif j 
of ihiji present Parlumcnt, ha^ m«de. or hereafter «h«ll 
make, any len«c or {front for lerm of life, ov lor term of 
year*, cf any m.inoris, mea<t--s, lancls, leneinentif. ti^eadom, 
patUires, wuuds, par*nnuge» up^jruprmlL-. hX\v^ pciisiunsn 
portiotw, churclsca. chapels, or olhcr herodiEamcnt^ what- 
soever the^ be, wlif^Tcof, mid in the irhich, iny cfiCAU ot 
intereKi for it-rm of life, or ywr*, at the time of the 
making af nny turh j^csnt or Ic^ac, then hatl ibi bcin)E ^1 
contmuoncef or hcTuifkr TthnU have ib being or Gomlat]- 
iince. arkd then not determined, ImiitKcd, or expired, or 
ni the rinif nf nny siirh leav to Jv mndr shnll rot b< 
delcmntncd, r^nf&hcd, or expired* or witliirk one yc^E 
before the first day of xh\5 present ParlinmcnL has tnt 
hereafter »iiall make, any lease or grant for term of 
Of for lerm of yt-ir», of any manor*, tnes«iiii^es land^ 
tcncmc/iti. mcadowA, paslurcs. nood«t pflfsoragtA appro- 
priflie, lilhefi, pensions, pornon*i churches, chnpclft.or othct 
hcrcdiiamcnu, whatiocvcr they bc^ ui^n which leases and 
gr^inu the ii^u^T ;in(l olil renii and Hiroi't accuTLtotunl ici be 
yielded and rcscn'cd by the apncc of Ivrcnly ycirs nexl 
bcforo (he aaid fiiat day of this present PArh.iment. b cv 
be not or hcicaftcr shall not be thereupon referred and 
yielded, or if any such govcinof oi guverncss of any such 
tnonn^tery, nblxicy^ pnory, nunnery, college, l^ospiiAl, houic 
of friam, nr other rch.xioua or cccle^iaKticnl bouse or pbc^ 
tt'hicli hereafter shall happen to he diwolved, tupprected,' 
tenuunced. rehmjuinhL'd, fuifeitcd, ^iven U|J, or t:Oiiuc lo d>c 



ktn^ highrmt wfihin one year ii?vi hcforr ilic finE day of 1530, 
ihix lament rartiainctit, liu nude, or licicnftci !ibaU nt;Lkc, 
ftujr bnre^ir) at 3;ilc ot bis wood:}, whtch wouch be >cl 
gronriA^ ;trid sEanilm^ ; LZiai tJicn aLI nnd ever)' sudi kaw, 
grnil, tufgafn, ,inrt *;.^k' of vooij or wtioils shall he uitcfly 
fotti anij of none ctfccL 

And it is aI«o croctcd by tlu^ authority aforciaid, that all Feoffs 
Icofiioncfitft, tines, and rccowrics h-itl, made, kiiowIcd^L;cd, or T'^^L^'j'^' 
suflcrcd wi'thm one yenr nvn Loforc tht* (ir^r d:iy of ibis 4^1 rehgioiK 
prcKDl Parliament, or hcicaftcE tu Ic had. made, Jt'Wtt- J^"*" ^° 
lodged, or sulTcied by any ^uvcriior or ^-ov^rncu of any pirruird tu 
nnon»»l«ty. abbacy, priory, iiLmncry, coilcg-j, bospiial, houso ^'^ *""'^' 
of ffinn. or other rcIigioLi'i or crclrsiantiral hoiH*' of plnrc, 
which hcicaficr slull Ijappcn lo be di«olvcJ, suppici^, 
renounced, rchnquiihcdi Ji^rfcitcd, given up, or coroc 10 Uie 
kinn;'s br^bncs^t without the kinc^'t Licence under liij: ^vM 
seal, of any manors, mcaies, land*, icneTiicn:*, or uther 
bcrediCainentit, uhatuicver thu-y bi:^ wlucb the taid cblMits, 
priors. abbcwiM, |>riorc5iCi. and oiber ecclesiastical ^ovemofii 
»d g;ovcn)es4D«i witich tiercafler nhaU happen lo be du- 
sohvdp R[jipTr\«rd, rclincjuisbed, forlc-iird, givc^ u{\ cr 
come ufiti> the kin^s's hightieA*. as i> ^iforcsBid, or ati> of 
Uicm, or any of iheir prcdeccsftors hod or held, or have and 
hold, or the gifi^ graiii^ or eonfirni&tJon of our said sovereign 
lord, or of any of his liigbne»i'« llro^c^^iloni, or of th^ which 
nion.-ihtcTJcs, Abbacies piioncA, nunneries colle^CA, ho^ 
pitalsi, bour-c? of friar!;^ or other reliftiout acid ccclcsiasiticnl 
faoinefl and places our uid sovereign lord ii founder or 
poiran, or which nianom, meases, lands, it^ncmeiut, or otiier 
hcrcditAmcnu were or be of die ancient or old foiindatioii 
or poAMMion of the i-'^id monafiterici:, abbacies, prionoSi 
nunneries, eolleg?;, hotpjialfi, houtes of friant, or other 
fdit^ious or etxletiuMical houTtcs or places 5kili be utterly 
Toid and of none cfToct. 

I^rovidcd ilway, and be it coAcied by authority Aforctaidf 
II a 

I vlU 

vviVMicyrS jLLVurnATsyE Of' the [uuv 

Uit^ that tfan)^nbbcit^ priov^flbbMi, or prioven, or fflHfT governor 
P«vi*af*ror ^vcmrst .tbovcuidr willwn one year next l>cfo«c ihc 
term of ^^ ^^Y ^^ thi5 pmcnt l^Iiamcnt; or if any lite abbot, 
ytan. pnor, ^ibbess, jirioress, or aher late governor or goremccs 
ahrifcs:!!*!, within one yesir nevT hpl"crc nny ^uch d^fisOlinrioit, 
supijrv'iiioil, itiioujiL-in^, tt'linquialiirig. foifciliiii;. giving up, 
or coming to ihc kiiig'i highness of !hc picn)iK»> or of^nAy 
parcel Ihcncof, a£ is. nFor^snid, Havo m3<Jc any<leniiM^ Ium, 
or graiii to any iwraon or pertons for itrm of yctux, of any 
nionon, mcjiAcs, londi, tencinciK^, |unoxuige» appraprak> 
lithci» pennons, porl(oni*, or otbqr Itcrcditantcoia aiorcsnid, 
which person or pcrKonn, flt the imw c( ttio said ficmiw, 
IcflTif, m tjrin(, hml aTid held ihrvinir in fimi for In-m erf 
year? thcti tioE c-ipired ; that then the wid pcrv^n or pcrMMO, 
to vfhoni iiny auth dcmiKc, lease, orgmrl h:ia been m) made, 
tli.ill have and hold ihc same for ihe term of iwtri>''Onc 
yrar^ only from [lii- limo of ihc nmVing of ihc *aid demise, 
loiae, or grarc if to many ycdn be by ihc ?Amc dcmuc, 
lease, or grant ^pceifiedt limited, and e^p^eK&cd, or cIk Um 
io [rijiny yc:ir« at in lueh demi»ie, Ic^kc^ or gratnt be 
expr&ised, %n that the old rrnt be thenTU|xin reserved, otiil 
so thul the aamclejaecr Icakcia exceed mn twcmy'Oncyemt; 
this Act or aiiylhini; therein ronuiincd to the contranr 
lijofor Provided nlfio. and he- it *^r^Jined by ihc authority nfore- 
terrn^rilfo *^^^» '^^^ '' ^"> ^bboL piiof, nLbcbA, ptiuici*. Of Otliff laiC 
. otUvm. governor or govcmenit. v^ithin one ycfir next before ftiiy*uch 
^^_ diiJMlution. suppression, renouncing, rclmquLkhipg, forfeh- 

^^H ing, giving up, or rommg unro the kmg's M^^hnt'tft of the 

^H premises, or any parcel thereof, on ia aforesiiid. have node 

^^1 any demise. Ica^, or ^rant to any pcriion or pwrsoiu, for 

^^1 term of Ufe or Itvei, cf any manon;, meajieK^ luidft, tenc<- 

^^1 menbt, ;t;irMin;t^s iipprripriate, tichr^, [K-n^ioru, portimiftr or 

^^P other hcftditamcnt^t a(i>rc:siid, ivhlch person ur inrnonx 

^^1 or any of thcin» At Ihc time of the siid demise, lea&c, or 



granl. had and held th« same for temi of life or lives, or tiff IStOk 
term of yeart then nol eip[ie<3 ; Uiat tlieii the said person 
or persons, lo whom any huch lease or grant has Uccti so 
made. »ha.l] have and hold ihc »anK for tcnii of their life or 
Uvea, so that the old rent be ilicrcupoTi rcRcrvcd, this Act ot 
any otht^r thing ihcrcin corimincd to the rcmtmry thereof 
noiwiUi standing. 

froidcd also, and be it enacted by the authority afore- ProvfeofoT 
jaid, that all and singular leaws and firanti, made by copy ]*^y"^*! 
lo any peraon cir ptrtuna. of any of (he said messuages, by t'fj[>yi,F 
Luids. lCDCiELent\ i)arsurui|iL-s appropnuic, tilhoi, pcnvions, '°'^" '*^'- 
portions, or olher hcrcdiUimcnta aforesaid, for term of life 
or \\yet, which by the citRiom of ihe country hath httn used 
10 he derrtiiied, let, or gunrcd by <:ojiy of courV roll, \\vjX\ 
bcgochl and cfTectual in the bw, no ih^it llic M rent be 
reserved hy and upon every such lease and Icaaei : this Act 
oir anything therem contained to ihe contrary in any wise 

Piotided ittw.iy, ^iid Lett fuitbcr enacted by ihcaudioiity Lnsct 
aforesaid, ihat s\\ Ica^ca heretofore roadc of any of the pre- jj[j^,^ 
iRtfCB by authority of our sovereign lord Ibe kin^tV court of rolled io 
augmentations of ihc rcvcnnc* of hi* trown, and all mrh J^j ^,^"1'^ 
leoaes, fcofTmcuLN ixu\\ wiiod-^le?^ made by the aaid mvnuiiuM 
yovernora and ROvernc»cs, or any of them, under ihcir ^'^J j'j."^^'*"'* 
con^'cni KenK, or itndcf rhe convent or common «eaL of any ^ood. 
of ihem, wiihln rmr yeir rei.i hcfoie the di^sohition. supprr*- 
»ion. loiouncinj^. jclin^:iui«hrng, foifcJiing, givinji: up. or 
eoming 10 the kind's hi;;line$3 of the &.^id monofterieit, 
abbade», prioriE.-«H nunneries, colleger hotpitaU, hcu&ei of 
frtJTSi, or other r^ligiouii or ecclf^^i^istJcil hoii*ie* or place*, 
wluch &jld lea&es, grants, feoirtntrris, and (vood-talu have 
been cxnrnmed. enrolled, dc^rrced, or afl^niod m out said 
ioverejgn lord the Vi^^s. court of nugmentaiionn, and the 
ileeree of the name pur in nriling, ^e^ilcd wilhthpsral of ilip 
said cotJTt of augmentations, sliall be f;ood and effectual 




rrlipf frff 
lliw who 
*|ja»v iruT> 
_ UJ 
nohey Tor 

' the hfud 




according to the snnc decree ; any clatjsc or .\ct hcrciofbic 
in tliiK ppcKciit Act to Ihc contrary notvrithiundinK, ^| 

rrovitl<.'d alfl'.iy, *nfl be it nlsj> TuftlieT viioeied b7 Ibfi^ 
autliurity Libuvcstidj tl^l if nn> pcriDii oi pcrKiPS !v»« 
justly flnd Irulv, wiihfjLH Trnud or covin, parid or girm any 
sum or «uinii of money to any of the s:iid Jaic g<3vcfnoifi 
end govcmc«es for the bcfg-iiti ond lale of nny wood% 
Ucins ijt Er'>*i"K i^' "^ up^Ji: any mjnoni, Iar*Ji» tCDCTDctitJ 
OT hereditonicDb which ap^naincd or bcbngod to 
Kiid late monulcriei, nbbftcicfl, priorlft, nunn^iics, volii 
hotpinlfi, hotrtc* of frfnr?, ar oihrr rHlgfoiis or criHrsJmtifaT 
plsuccst or unto any of them, which bftrjsain and ule by 
Atiihority of tin's Act vt made void and of none cGbci, And 
by me3:iK thereof the king's liighnea« may have and take the 
commcxliTy and jjTulir of such ^^u1)El«flo baf^incdand sold; 
th;it then ihe cliancclJor and ^xhti oiJiccis of our sud 
sovereign lotd the king's court ol atrgnientACionp, or three 
ol them, wlicTGOf the rhancellor for the time being ab^ll btt 
one, of our viid «o\r'Tr<ign \un\ the king's crr-isiirir TirnKiinlai( 
in the tieasuty of the ^amc court, ahall s^itiify iod rccooi-^ 
pciue every such person or [Wrsoru such smii of 
or other recompenw;, aa the tame chancellor and officer*, 
ihrte of thtni, whffeof the Mid chancellor shall be 
shall think meet and cooTcnienL And if any other person 
or person!! r^halE happen to take profit and eommodjty, by, 
rc-iion of avoiding of such wood latet by auihoriCy of Ihi 
At!, thai ihtn evtry pcrsuH and iier^uriA, nhich may ori 
!il-ui|] take auch proDl* ahilL be ordered fur ^alis^a<.tion to 
nude to the parties ihat shall hnppen to be grieved by Ihh 
Aci, byihcftnid chancellor and other ol^icen of the 


]*rovided also, nnd be it further enacted by Ihe author^ 
ftforcA^idr \\\'M tC\\ and cx'i^ry p<*iSLin and penontii their heii 
and B«i^'i, whirh linro thr* old fmirth dny of I'ebruaiy, 
by licence pardon, confirmation, rclcue, asicot, or i:oiu«nE 

icer*, criH 
lie onej^ 

wvj niSTORY or the ENGusn ciWRcn 


of our eaid sowrcfgn loid ihc king, umlcr hi:t great seal lAUe. 
hcrcloforc given, had or made, or hereafEcr to be had or^i'h^^'O 
made, hftwc oliuijieti oi puTchasetl b/ il^d«tltu^c, fine, fcuff- licence, 
mcnt, ictovcry or oLbcrwiAc, of the baid late abbots, pnort, 
abb»&a, i^rtoTcnicti or other fio^'crnora or jKivcmcsscs of 
any «uch monatleriet^ abbacies;, (>riorics- nunnctict, coU 
legL'^f, liuspJEils^ huuar!! uf frJart, ur other rpligiout or 
GOClcviuticAl houjca or places, uny tnvTmlcncs, priories, 
eoDoglfti^ ho«pJia]3. manors, lantifl, tenements* moakdo^ve, 
]xi«ttiTie«, woodfi, churchct, chapcliB, partonagcs, itihcs. pt-r- 
»iun^ (lortbns, tjr pthcr hcrtNlJtatncnitK. s^ltall h;ive and enjoy 
the same, according to such wdcingi and a»urances. as 
ar« thereof, before the first diy of this present ^arliain«at, 
or hercnftcr s\m\\\ be had or made; 

Saving to nil tuid every peraon and person^ nind bodies A lAviiij; 
politic ibcir hcrrs and aucccasori, and to the hcira and ^\^^^^x 
aococawm of ci'cry of them (other Ihnn the taid lale «t^cn, 
abbots, abbwtcs. priors, prJore£fe«, and other governois "^""^"j^^^ 
and govcrtievies. anil tlicir sui^cessora, and the sutLCMora tif htforr ihc 
cvcty of them, and aucH a« pretciiU tt> be foundcra, p^Lfoni» pj^h^^^ 
Of donors of the aaid monu-stencB. abbacies, prioric«, nun- 

riCB, colleges* hoapiuls. and other religious or ccdciia*- 
1 Housed ur |]hccK, or any of them, or of any manors, 
Tneuuasc}, Und-Hn tcncmcnt.i. or otht^r heredlranicnbt laic 
bdongin^c \*> ihe same, or to any of tbcni, and their heirs 
and sncceMora, and the heirs and sncrp-ssoni of eyciy 
biich founder, patron, or donor), all such right, titk, 
interest, poueision, rents* annuities, commoditi^u. oMicca, 
fee(, UvericK and livings^ portions, pensions, rorrodicfl, 
■yiK>d%. fETOxiei, nnd ulher [trofitii. «]iich chcy or any of 
ihcm have, ought or might Iwvc h-id^ in or to any of the 
said monasteries, abbacies, pnorics, colleges, hcspiialai 
inanc4^ land*, tencmcnls, tents, ser\'ii:e4. reversion*, lithefs 
pensions, ponionK, or oiliei herediiauicitb. ai any time 
before any ancb purcbaae, indenturca, fincSi feoffhienls, 




liOii of Clf 


<h«acrJ Mid 

FtfS, i. 



^cco^^e^ic«, or other hivfuT mo:^ii hciwpcri Any sjch ptnJt 
li^itl ur mutle, AS lA jtbciVL'tiul ; ihr^ A(l or AftyEhUig 
contained to ihc coniwity notwJtbstAndlng. 

And where bur said sovcraiKn lord, unoc Che fourth <byi 
Fehtuaiy, ihe ia\i<l iw^ntyncventh ycjif of the »ign or our 
S2\d soverrign lard, h:i% ohlmnt^tl and pun^havrrl, m vdl 
by exdiange^i as hy gi^, bargains, fines, fcoffnnents, re- 
coveries, deeds enrolled, and oihenviec, of divers and stundry 
jienons. many sundry and dtvere honoun, cdsllec manori, 
lands. tenemfrrU*, uicndowv pflfilurc*. wootls. fcntK. rri*f- 
iwnA. icn'iccit and other hcrciiil amenta and has not only 
paid divcti and niindty great Tiumsi of oioney for ihc sumci 
bui aUo hai given and granied for ihe same, unio direa ^ 
div) Aumlry [Jtriijtjnap divcni »nd iwndjy nunurv, kndSrfl 
tenements, und hcrcdiiamenlfi. and Cfihcr rccomjjcnw*. in " 
and for full KAtiafaclion of all Hudi lionour«, oaMles, ntanorit 
Inndt, tcncmcnifi, rente, rcvcrnion)!, ficrviccn, and oilier bift ■ 
hfrrcditamcnts, hy hU hJgVincr^s obc.iiticd or had, u U above- 
w6, he it llicrcforc enacted hy the authority ofbrtsaid, 
that our i^id fiovcreijitn lord ihc kingj hi^ bein and meet*' 
nori, *haU hare, hold, portewr. and enjoy alt siiefi lionoun, 
caMle», miinors, l^inds. t^nt*[iitrm>y und uilier hirreditAmenu, 
at ht'» lii|;bncba^ ^iricc ihc Mid Ibtirth day of February, the 
Ivcnty-wvcntb year ahovcanid, has obtained and had bf ^ 
way of exchange, hari^am, pttrchaw, or otlier (vhatnocver I 
mcnn at mrunt, aL-£'[tnlmg iti ihc Inn; meniiing nnd intc^it 
of hit highuci«*ft bargain, exchange, or purchase: inisrecital, 
misnaming or non recital, or not naming ol die *aid honouTv, 
easde*, manor*, hnd«, tenements, and nrhcr her^ditamenEi, 
rompriscd or mentioned ir) the har^inK or nriiiDgs nude 
hciwccn ihc k\Tig% hUghncM and any nihcr pflfty or patties. 
or of the town( cr cocintiec vrhere the A^aid honotirv, cutles, 
manors, lundt. Tt^nrmi-nu, nnd Titrediunit^nl^ lie :ind Le, 
i»r ;iiiy itilicr inallcr ui rauac wLalsucvcr it tc, in any wise 





Saving to all and ci-cty pcti;oii int\ pt-rjiomi and to their IM^ 
hctra. bodies politic and coqporiite. and io their succdion, itf^****^ 
And to cvicry of them (other than tuch pcrjon end pervont, riKlit uf pII 
and ihfir heirs, and (heir wiv«. and ihp wive* of ever}' of '*f'V^' '"'* 
UiL'Ri. bodicb jjoliiic and coipofiLlc, ond ilicir succc^ora, ^cir^rK 
and every of IhcrHf of whom ibc kixiEK highncw l^o^ iHrir»»pin 
obuincd by dcchnngc, gtii* l> line, leonmctit. re- 
covcfv. deed enrolled or ctlitrwiiic?. any surh honours, 
cutlet, maiiQiv, iaod^H tcncmenCs, and othci licieditament:! 
fti»iL£DTC»id). dl Auch ngitt. tide, ufic. imercst, possession, 
renu, eharges. annuiiie^, comirodmcR, kcs, and oihvr 
pronii (njTWi ficrvjccs and rmrs wrrk finly r^ircpl) which 
they or ai^y of dicm ki^c, Ltii^ln cr ovght to have h*id, in 
or to the premises hq obumcd and had. or m or lo any 
parcel tbereof. if Diift A^l had never been l^d nor niade ; 
thi« present Act cir aiiyihiii^ ihcrcin cunuiinttl to the con- 
U3iy notniihManding. 

And where a tias pleaded the kind's highncsi* of hiil^cdldi 
abundant grace and goodness, as wdl upon divert and J,J'' jJJ^j 
sundry rorsid^raTionfi bi^ mnjc sty spprinlly runvlnp, as also Erantnl 
OlJicrwifCj lo hflve bir^Jtrcd, sold, cbanecd. or ffivcn and IJI"^"^*^^ 
Rranied by hm spec's several letters p,^tcnt, indcnlurcflj p.-^fjcuy. 
or oihtr wncingfi, n well under hh highneiA greit seal, a* 
under the seal of hi* hi^hiK'^'i^ Huchy of IjinoLAter, and 
the acal of the office of the augmcniationji of hin crovn, 
unto divert and tundr>' of hU losing and obtrdienC subject:^ 
dmrt and *imdry honoun, (^ntllcs, mnnor<, inonaittTitH, 
ahliuties, piiuiit^ kinds, tcnt^tiicms rtul*, rcverMCJiis, 
MTvicCN parsonajccs nppiopriate* advon^ionA, Jiberiia, tithcfi 
oblation^t pottiorui^ pci^tioni:, franahUei, privjlcgeiif liher* 
tits lttc\ and other btrcditamcnli, commndities, and iirofitfi^ 
In fee i^Jiuple, fee tail, ftri ceim of life, or for term of years, 
for avojdijig of which ^ald letters patent, and t>f the con- 
tents of the ti\m€, diverf, sutidry, and many ambiguities, 
doubts 3i^d queKtiont Tnigbt hercifirr arise, he movrd and 




stirred, A» well for misrcoLinl or ncn-recftal, fts for divert 
other rr.^ticrfi, iliiit^^, or catiscf to be atlfgcd, objcdcd^ or 
invi^ntcd agaifutc the jmd letters patent, ns also lor Luck of 
llndmg of Qitccs or inqubitions, whereby the title ol hi* 
highncts therein ougT^c to have been found, before the 
mokmg of the ^aitie Ictttm iJatLtLC, nr for mitrecilal or noft- 
redUl of leasee &« wcU of record oa not of record, or for 
Jaclc cf the ccrtrtinty of tlw vnUics, or by roBOif of paifr 
naming of ihc honoitrR, ^^itilet, infli;or«, inonAEic^e«, abha- 
dci, prioricK, landj;, tcncmcniH, and other hcrcdJLimctaU 
COmimscd and mentioned within the umc letten i>a1cCLE, 
Ot of the towns and counties u'h«ro the sanie honoun, 
,Mlf\ miinois, monPstcrScs, abb-irie^ priorie*^ Innd^, tcne^ 
'■nents, rents, ahA other hcicdiuiiicots lie and Iw, as for 
divcn anci Mmi3ry other siiKKc»lLons And »urmi«et, which 
hereafter might happeri to bi; mov^cd, furtniGcd, nrvd pro- 
cured against iho sfltnc letter* patent, albc-it the wnrd< in 
elTcct contained in thevttd tetter* [uitent be acxarding tu 
the true intcnc oncl meaning of hia most royal flujesty : 

He it therefore cnacied by the authority of this prtHBt 
pATlJameni, that sh well all and every the safd letters 
pAtcTtt, indenlLtres, .ind uthcr writing, nnd every of them, 
under the seal or »eal> ahovtMid, or of any ot them, nude 
or gnnted by the km^'ji highnvA lince the surd fourth day 
of Frbniary, ihe viid (wt-nty-wfveiith year of hi* most noWc 
icijen, iL» all and sinj'ular other htb j^'Xc^s letters pAitiit, 
indcnturcA, or oEhct v^mini^ to be had, made, or firontcd 
to any person or per*oii« within thrtfc yean neici after the 
iHnTking of thia |>re3eiit Act, of any hunoun, ca*ilio4, manors 
monutcriea, albnciof, priories* nuniicriea, collcse^ boi- 
pitaJ«, hoiiscs of friars or of other rch^ious or codcuattJcal 
hou«e< or places, titct, circuLis, prccinets, lnrvd«, tencaunt^. 
lWiM?n^gr». rith«, jjtnsinnsH porrinns, ailvcjwiont, oomino* 
tioHB, and all other hereditaments and povftcisiotu, of wtoE 
kJiKl» raturv, or qu^hty tocvcr Ihey he, or by ivbatKW* 

mfy'roay of the lwousn chckch 


nnmc or namct the/ or nny of ibctn be named, known, or 
reputed, ^IiaH sund :triij Ixr ^ood> c^c^UuiJ, and aiaJLihlc in 
the lav of ihi'n fcalm, 10 all reTpCcU, purpoicf, co(t:ilruc- 
tFort!, and intents, against bis majeslyn hi& hetrs and ttucces- 
9on, wiThom unf otlier lioence. di«|^ en nation, or tolerance 
of the king's bf;jlintMi, \m liciia ainj succtft&ozfi. or of any 
oihcr pcnon or petions ntintaon'cr they be, for Any ihing 
or things oonuincd, or hcrc^icr (o be contnined, in any »ucli 
leitera patent, indentures, or cihcr writings ; any raiiitr, 
coruIiJeraiioDp or Ihing material tc; the contiaiy in ^ny wim 
notwithsiondinK : 

Saving 10 aU and tinguliiu^ pctsonM, bodic« politic and 
corpomrc, thcfr bdrs nnd siirpc^or^, sind the hHr* flml 
MK'OCisors of every of ibeiti (otbrr UiAn bin hi^hne-s^ Hik 
hcir« and )fiicrasor». and ihc lard ^vemors and ^ovcr 
nofticv, and therr tuece&iicn, donors^, fouridcrftH and jiatrcn^ 
afor4.'noined, and their hein »ind <ucc(^ji*oTs, and all other 
IHfnuni dAiming in their rights or to tlidr u%e, or in the 
Hgbt or Co the ubt: of :iny of them) &1I surh ri^ht. litle, 
dsini, itittKSt. posseuion, reversion, reitiAindcr, otticcs* 
nnnuitie-«, renis, rh]irf;es, and rommonf, vhieh rht-yornny 
of thciD bAvc. ought or might have had. in of to any i>f 
the said honours, castles, manors, monasteries, abbaciis^ 
priodcf, ^ands. lenemontf. :tnd other heT«dit»]iicm«. in the 
said Iclii^rii |)airiii mad^*. or hcicaflt'r to be JWAs\t:, rom- 
priwd at any time before the milking of the said or such 
lelten |>alenT ; this Aec or anything therem conUincd Eo 
contrary notwiib standing. 

And nhere divctn ^nd sundry Abbots, prior!:* abbesiei, 
priorcmefl. and other cccleaiaAtieal governors and cover- 
ne»«M cf ihe ».tid hc« monafiterict, abbacici;^ prtoricfi, 
nunnrrin, eollegn, ho^iialSr houns of friirs^ and othet 
rdi^iouji and e^ctc^HiaMiral houwi and ph^tCN, ha^c bad^ 
^ooKUcd, and enjoyed divcis and sundry par^onagci appro- 
priated. titbef, pcnijc>na, aiid portion?, and alao w«rc 



or 01 Um 

ill Ihd 


BifcuroJ by 

(hit ;lie 

and olli«r 


pnmMri'^TS il.LVSTRATrVK OF THE [ui 

1&3&, nctiuiiLcd nniJ c1^r-har)[cd of .tmj kvt the payment en poy^' 
pi^pntie* nicnli of tiLlicfl, lo be paid out or for their »id mocuutcrtctf^ 
abbacict. priories, nunneries, coltf^j^ei, boipiul^, boioe* 
friari. and other religtons and crrlrcinsiictil house* ami', 
Ijilaccs. niAsiL^r^, [iic&au^£ci> 1and»> ic^icmcou, nnd bcrtdju- 
Thc king mcnts : be d ihcicf^rc enacted l}y the authority alxiTcsaid. 
*ndhi> t{)[U OS wef[ the king our sovereign lord, his heirt and 
^1, «i]cre<k$i]n, ns all nnd every such petitoh and [)er\on\ tlie:E 

mpiidiEtr jj^i^ 2jjj aawtiifc, which hAvc. or bcrcJil^r hbiill lia^«, an 
khAllriu'Dy ^^^<'tfit<^'^^^' abbaeies, pr^onei:, ntinncnr». colleges, not' 
iiicrtmt piul*, houKC* of friars, or other ectletiarticnl houM« « 
pl!ict?«, iiic«. Circuity, piecmc^ts of tlie suitie, or of any m 
them, oi any manors. me^uaf;:c^. piirsCiiAgcs appropriate. 
trUics, peosione;, portions, or cither heiediumenis, wb^uociV ^ 
they be, which belonged or ftppctiaincd. or whieh nCMrS 
l>c1<Hig or »i^»pcit<iin Linio the ^tiiM Trkonastcries. abbacies 
piiorici, nunneries, col]egcs> ho^piiaU. houses of friary ul 
other rchgious and ecdesmttical hcu«cii or places, or nniP 
any cf them, shall have, hottT, rei:iin, tceexi, and enjoy^tf 
wetl tlie »aid paTac>n;it'c& afp[i>pii^Le. tiihes, p^nsitinf, anl 
pcttions of tlic taid monasteries, a^bodc?!. priovica, nmn^ 
nonet, colleges, hofipilab, h^3;ct of fri^s, and other rt- J 
IfgiouB and ecdeibiitical hoiiiei and jibfrei, «ite«. drcait«.l 
precincts, manur?^ mciaC?. Uridn, IcJieniettt^ ind tnhtt ~ 
hereiJi lament*, wtosocver ihcy be. and cvci>' of them. 
aecording lo their cttate^ and tiilcss dit^hargcd and *^ 
quilt^ of payTTipnt cif Itthc*. i%s frei'ly. ami m .i»i Inrfljp and 
ample marincu oa the aaid bcc abbot^H priory ablKr^c^. 
pHorease*, and otlier ecclesiastical govcrnoni and kovct* 
nei&^ or any cf them, liad, held, rcv^pied, possosted, tm^ 
reiaineJ, or enjoyed ibc t^Okc, or any jurcct thereof, ai the 
day» of thdr diuolmion, aupprvasion, renouncing, ichV 
quiihing, forfeiting, ^ving up, or cuming to Lhe kin)^« hljti* 
ne*s of *ijE*h nion-istrtiCT, abhacie^ prioricii, nTinneriec. cd- 
lqee\ hospiulsr hoii»e« of frions, or other religious or coie-- 

iJtiv] HiSTOXy Of THE E!^USi9 CiWRCIi 


<*«kal hoiMtt or [ilaow, «t nt ihc i!a>- of th« di«lutbii, iwr 
*»ipprift«*<oii, rvnoiincine, rclintjvUliin^ B^vinj wp. or coittinfl 
l« Hic Icmg'tt highce^tt of ony of ilieni ; thi* Aci ot nny- 
ihinji ihrrc^n cont;itn«d to ihc contrary nntwiihsUiniing. 

Saving lo iIk- kiay h liii;lu>caa, liift hcin on*! iiKce«Of»< »ll J*"*"- 
and a![ manner of rvnb, sfrvict*, and other <l»tie». whaiW' j.^;,,/^ 
ever they be. Oft if this Act had never bcon hsid r»JT niodc. ihe Wi»t. 
And (>e it further ennctiM!! bjr aultiority cjf Wxxt t^rcwni ^^"^ 
Partiiuncni, ih^t suth <rf the saitl Sntc moMrtcric*. nbliofi^^^ pumpt 
prioriM, tiutiTicrics, college*. hOBpilaU, houwa of f'*fl"^ ""^> 'i"mvii.t4 
otJiCT nriigioiu und ccclecionicttl hotuc* a'«l platc»H and oil ^^^'^X* 
ctiurchn anJ dui-eU :o them cr ony of ihtm 1>e1ontont(, *i"i» «' il»« 
»*nch before ihc ctiau^liition, »iipprcaion, rcnoiinring, rr ^,JJ" ' 
InqoKbing. forldur^^ fiving U|>. Of coming onu» th« kin^'a tj« Atihii> 
uerc ffV(n;>«e4l IVom iho vlaitaiion or Ti«iUtiiun«, |^^, ^''' 
■Jl juradktion of ihc ordintrr or otdinonci, vriihin j>"*>4^ 
dioc«to tbey wre nituato or set thftll ffom li«nic«1oflh *^1;i^,|^ 
h: vithbi the jumdktioQ and vUtailon oC tbc rmlifurf ^rr tpHlAVy 
vdinmcA vnliiji nfwoc dioocic they or uiy of theia be ^^^"^ 
mad vet, or villus tbe )tir«dklioi> and niitMkni Um^ 
pcnoci or pffiOM m by tht \img% hdg^ifUM klioll 
or ■jipvDud ; thift Aci or sny oika CMMHUbwi, 
«ff Jsriidktioii to the cooUuy nntrithtfitwli^t 
vtav bitov cUi tiftie te Iim pktttcd Cke kiii«f * A »«««f 
- tbe roMfaMinw »d bomblt pctMloo of dv ^li^d 

Difcc of KorfoOL to ghclm u^^ lU^M. 

^ boeacc bf httgraotf's w«td, vtiboitt Mof 


D0cvm:xrs illvstrative of the i\:at 


t[(liU in 

j>i:nsfoir8, anntritfos. icniE, sult«, «crvict£. reversions, le- 
malndcrA. nT*d nit olhcr thins* ''ihkh w<rc ihc hcrcdio- 
ni&nte or the posicaioni; of thv snid laic monattcry, wfacro^ 
90ev«T lh«]r Uy or w«re viihin the realm of Englnod; 
and jji like tti»e our sjM aovcrciyn lord j;a»t lite Iitc:u3f by 
hia ipraccH vord, unro ihc rigtil tn>«ouiflblc Ccorac^ Lw4 
CobhAni, to puTc^hofiC and receive to him and to hh hcira for 
ever, of the }Mc master and breihreti fif the foll^e or 
chAiitiy or CobhaJii. iii tlie coitrtty of Kent, tkw bdn; 
iittcrl>dis?olvcd, ihcsitoof the lamc college or cbintry.uid 
nlland lingular their hcrcditamcnlt and ix^taesiioQE, mveU 
tt-mixinl .IS (M*rlt'%iasticBl, whtrc^oever ilwy l*y or nwe 
vrithin Ihc ruAlin of I^ngland; be it tlLorefore ctuct 
the uuthoniy of tlu» present I'^ihamcnt, th&t cho Act 4 
vritCcn. or anything therein c\»Ttained, Khnll not be Ja any 
vi^c prcjudiirinl or lu^rtful to the ^^iVl duke nnd I,ord Gol)- 
ham, or to cither of ibcm, or to the hcin or oni^ia d 
cither of ihcm, but that iho iramc duke and l^ocd Cobbtm, 
and other of them lundrtly, and the hein and a^ugns of 
either of thenif kIuII uihI iimy tuive, hutd, it^tiin, and enjof 
the prcraiacs l>y them aitndrily vurchaicd or received, 
flccordii^g to the purports ^nd efTccta of Bjcft ovrdcncn, 
writing*, nnd ronvcyanccfl^ as ihcy or any of them ^undnly 
have c-LLi^cd to be devised nnd mndc t(j than, or totfacir 
u»cj, for the wmc -. 

Savinp; alway, and rc.'vctvin(c to :tl] and »mgular pcnons 
and bodiM politic, nnd to their heir* and succetaon (oihef 
th;tn llie Mid bic uhb^L and i:[jr»t:fit and ihdt ftuccestAon, 
and the Mid Late niaatcr and brethren And ihcif aucccBacm, 
oad to the founders of the lume monjxitcry, or of the 81^ 
college or chantry, and the heirfi of either cf thcni, and tU 
dnncrft, granloi«, or augnicnlnrn uf them ur citbcr cif thcrn, 
am! tbc hcln aod ossxfiat of citlicr of thcuiV all rach 
rightf tiil«6. poa4e<sKXi*, renta, ctrvicoi; fcttft.olhcvftH arLiwi- 
rid. coTTOdictk Uvchc^ 1c»c«> ind all other thejr sBcli 


inlCftciiv profit>t and conDmoditiec, au thqr or nny of them 
luid. fJiould, or ou^hl lo Ivwc, of< :o, or in any of ibc pre- 
miscs xundrily purdio^icd or received by Ihc uid Luc (IrV) 
duke or Lord Cobhain, if thii^ prtiteni Act had atver been 
Kail cr madr; anything in ihc Kiimc Act lo the conttnry 
bciQ£ itt an> vri«c not^iUiiUinding, 




« Hhxrv vrri, CAP. H. 

TMii Act, inlroduffpd fcylb* Duloe «f N«rfaLl(« wta, p*ia«d ^Ajun^ ISi^Q, 


[Trftii>cr< SuiuUf ur Lh< Rctlm, Mi. tj^O 

Where the king"* niosi cxcclknt majesty is, by Ccd'« law, Kfci^ai of 
SUprrTTc hwd immrdiato-ly imdrr Him of ihk whole Chitrch ^^tt- ' 
And congr^alLon cf En^tarid. inicikdiJig ilic con^crvAlion of fi^Bc^. 
the nine Chtirch md conftrcf^tion m n true, «inoerc, and 
untfcfin docihnc of Chrislt rdigi[>n, calling also xo bit 
bicued and moac gmciout rrmrn^bL'iiiri* nn uril ihc gic4t 
and quiet asiunmcc. pro^pcrou^ incrc^tse, and other innu 
mcTflbic MiirtmDdEtica. whieb hiivc ever c^i-iticd, romc, and 
follovpcd, of eonc^ord, agreemcnE, =ind umiy in oinnimis. ^it 
■Inj the munifbld perils daTijcm, nnd iiiconicnicncci whirh Tx^ af 
have berctolbrc, in many place* and regiftnt. gpownf sprung, ^pinittm. 
and arinen, of ibe divcnJlit^f of minds and opinion*, e^pe- 
cblly of mAitert of Chri^cian rcbjtion, and ihcrtforc dcsiiina 
that aiicb i anity migbt and vbould be chnntably wialv- 
lishod m all liiingB louchins and coticernmg the wtiic, at ihc 
*ii»ic, lo bom^ c^Lkhliihcd, might rliicfly be to the honour 
of Alniighiy a«c1, the viiy Aullior and Fountain of all tTiie 
unity and sincere concord, cmd comequcnily redound to tlic 




Tike Wlnfp 
lo jircmuic 


1*1 Tl lament 
and Co»' 


of prlritA. 


fusion < 

conrn^otiKcalth of this hia Itighticfls'a imoki nohie rcAlm, and 
of at] hii roving subj^c^ And other rcsidentK ind Jnfubst' 
ants nf nr in the %ame ; bos ihcrcforc c^tuhnl and roim* 
manded thi^ his no^t Jli^li Court nf r^irlj.imcnt, for »jndry 
and many itr^'ini causes and conaidtTauom, to be at this 
time lunimoii^d, arul a^iO a *iyflod and Coi^vocntion of all 
ilie archbishops bi?ihop&, and other Tcarneit men of ihc 
clci^y o( ibis hrs realm* to be in lit:c i:nniincT a«scn)blcd- 

And fomsmuch n in the f^id Parlmmci^ti synod, and 
ConvocAtion, iherc were certain AiItcIl-*, insiEiCK. and c|fie$- 
lnm^ ptoponeil and set ftnih touching Chrintuiri religioii, 
that ii to say: 

FinL, whether in the most bk-gsed Sacrami^nt of %be 
altar rcmalncih, after the conscCT-iilon, ihc ^tibf^ianoc «f 
l>rcii(.l .ind winL', i*i iTO. 

Secondly, vi'bclficr il be nccnr^ry by CoU^s law that dU 
men »J)ould he ccmmuniraic vrwh both kinds, or no. 

Thiidly, whether pricstf. th:it U to tay, men dedkate 
to Gild liy (trietttliood, m^y, by the hw of CrLjd, niarry aJkcr, 

Ot UUj 

rourthly» whrtlicr vow oE chasiity or widowhood, made 
10 God advlaedly by man or woniati, he. by Ihc law of God, 
to be observed, or no. 

Fifthly, whether private mnssca stand with rbe bv of] 
God« and be to he u£od and continued in the Church and 
congregation of Enplind, as thing* whereby good CbricEiim 
[Hf{}|'Tc: ui:ty iinil do reuvive both gc^dly ironNobtion and 
wholesome bcncfiti, ur no. 

(Sixthly, ivhoihcr aurieulor confession i;^ necef«ary to be 
Trt.ihicd, continued, used, and frefinemed in ihc Church, 
or no. 

The king"* roost royal ni>jc»ty. most prudently pondering 
and eonsitlcrinn, that by occosion of vnriahlc and stindiy' 
oiiiriion* and judgments of ihe iniU Articki. ^rvat di%cvrd 
and vuihnu: biu anbuu ti^ ulII ainoiig?iL the clci^y of tliitij 



hifi reaJm. » amongst a gr«it number of vulgar i^topfc, Im 
loYuig aubjccii of the fitmc, and tKlng in a fiil] hope and 
trust that a full ord perfect resolution of the uid Articltii 
should mak« a perfect coocurd and unity gpnemlly anioiig^t 
flill Uis Uivin^ auU oLirdJcni :ful)jttiA. uf luj^ uiuat i^Lrllvni 
icoodncaa, r»ot onZ^ commanded that ilic luid Articles should 
dcJibcratcly and advucdiy, by \i\% »id archbi«hopE, bi«bop«, 
and (Jtht^r Irarii^d rn<?n of hiH cti^rgy. be dt^ljiiled, urgu«l, 
aad rcAscncd. Aiid tLcir 0[>iniutis tlictcin U> be understood. 
declared, and hno^rrt. bui also most graciou«ly vouchsafed, 
in bis own princely person, to descend and come into bU 
laid Higli Ojtirtfif I'-jrliunieiil ;ind coiim:il,and tht^rt?, like 4 
pffin^e of mosr hi^h pru<]cncc and v^o kiis kaming. opened 
4tnd dccEarwl many thing* o( high Icarntng and ^rcat knew- 
Inlge, tonching the i^id Artk'IeK, maiten, and qoeiiiions, fur 
A unity tij t]i- had \\\ the uuic ; whereupon, af^er a ^re^t 
and long, dehl>erate, and advised disputation and conwLta- 
lion, had and niade cojicermng the said ArtiJoi, as velJ by 
ihf ronsrnt nf thr Icing's highiir«, a* by ihi^ a^u'nr of f^ir 
lords »piii:ual and ttrnpora], ;ind other learned uicn of hL& 
ckTRy in their Convolution, and by the consent of the 
Commons in this |:iT(scnc I'arliament ass^mliled. it vra£ and 
k Anally resolved, act(irtk-d, jliu) agreed in manner and form 
followinic, thai is lo Kiy : 

First, that in ihti njoit btesKed Sacrament of the almr, by 
the strength and offlo*ry of Chnat'i mSghty word (i^ being 
frpoken by the- pneat^, iii present really, undei the To^ul uf 
httad and wine, the naEuml body and blood of our Saviour 
jMQi Christ, conceived of the Virgin Mary ; and that after 
the fortsecnktion ihr-it; rcEnaiiicih no iubsiance of bn^od or 
wtnc, nor any other aubiiancc bnt the subatancc of Chrial, 
(k>d and man^ 

Stolidly, that communion tn both kindt is not necei- 
■lury ad 3ti/vfem. by llic Uw of Gud^ to all pcmwns ; snd 
that it u to be believed, and rot doubted of, but that in the 





the ktnif. 


fl«h, under ihc form nf hroid, it the vciy blood ; and with 
the blood, under the form of wine, U the very ftoli ; aa 
well opoit, oa ihouj;!) ihcy wen: both together 

Jhiidly, thnt priciit after the crdcr oJ priesthood »■ 
rrivrd, :i^ aTofr^ may not mairy, hy ihr Inw nf Gtn!- 

Fourlhly. ihnt vvwii of clinsliiy or widowfiood, L>y tnaa or 
woman rnndc to Cod ad^^ftcdly, ouKht to be obwrv^ bjr 
th^ law (if (kxl ; jind thai il prompts chc-in rrom othcf 
lihcrtJcA of Chmtian people, whldi vithoul tliat tlic>' mi^bl 

Fifthly, ihnt il ifi meet and nceesory that priiite tnuiei 
be cL>ntiiiued£xml;idmittcil inthiK the king'^ Biigli^li Omrdi 
and convocation, a^ whereby good Chn»tian people, oeder- 
ing thcmAeWefl occordrnKtyi do receive both jtodly ncid 
gocidly eonsnlations and benefits ; and il vt agreeiible abo 
lo (rtKJ's law, 

Sixthly, that nun'ciiUr confeMJon b expedient and necct- 
eary to bo retained and continued, u&ed and frequented in . 
thi* Chnrrh nf (;od. 

Fgf the which niuht godly Mudy, imin. and Irtvuiloftu^ 
nla;e^ty, end determination and rcsolutinn of the preniii^Sy 
bs moat humble and obedient sitbjcctf, the l^id« Kpttitu^ 
snd temporal. snd the Commorifi, in thiK j^rvieni ?irliamcfit 
Assembled, not only render and uivc unit^ hb higbne^i tJidr 
most high and hcfitty IhankK, xrvX think thcrasclvci motf 
bound to pray for the long eontinuance of his grace's molt 
rtjyfd e^ljjte> but also bcin^ dcMtous th:it bin muxl godly 
ciilcrprisc may be well occompliahcd. arid bicught to a full 
end and perfection, and fio c&ubfished that the «amc mi^ht 
be to the honour of God, and after, to the common quiet, 
tinity. ind concord to be hud in t!ic whole body of this- 
reabn for ever, most humbly beseech hia royjil majesty, that 
the retiolution and determination above wricicn of the taid 
Articles nmy be cbCablnbed, luid perpetu;Llly perfbcied. hj 
authority of ihis preacnt Pailiomcnc ; 




It ii ttiervfore ordiined and enacted by the kin^ our 
fovcrcigri lord, the l^ftrdi spiritual and l<m^pora1, and i\\c 
Con*n>ons, In iln's present P^iliani^nt aucmbkdi and by the 
AUtliOTity or th« Mmc, itutt if nny (>ciion or pcrvona vitbin 
Ihk r«alm Gf England, or my other tbc king's dominionf, 
after the Iwdftli day uf July ncxi coliiiti^ |jy voril, tfHling, 
im^jrintiniE. ciphering, oi in any oihcr wise do publish, 
prnch, tcoctr, eexv, oAirni, declare, dispute, nrguc, or h<^]d 
any njnnion^ thjit in the ItlevMd SoftrAm^riL of the allar^ 
under form iA 1>icad and wine (aAcr the consecration 
lli«fcof)s there is not prcf<nt Tc.illy the natural body and 
blood of our S;tviour Jctu Christ conceived of the Vit^rn 
Mary, or that ixfUs the siid consecutitm (here rciti^iiit-'lli 
any substance of btend or wine, or any other lubsiance. 
hut the Aubatancc of Chritit, <jad And Tnon, or after the 
linic abovptajd jmhliih, prruch, tcirh, lay. ,nflirm, iltrhrc, 
diipuie, iirguc, m \v.M opinit^n that in the Dcili, under 
form of bread, la not the very Uood of Christ ; or that 
with the blood, undc*r torn) of wine, is not the very fletJi 
of Chrirt, nn woll .ipn as thnuf;h rhry wprp hoih togrthrr; 
or by any of ihe n^cwns abovcKAidi or otherwise, preach, 
ie«ch, declare, oraffirno the aaid Sacrament to be of other 
bulnULtice iKin la ahovefsid : or by any in«ana eonicmn, 
deprave, <\f dr«pi?ic the said ble«M-d SAcrami^iit : iluit (hen 
every fliich person und penonv ao offcndi^ig. their aidcra, 
eomforterK, counsellor^ coneeritcrs, and abeuon therein, 
being ilitteurconvitied in Afnn underwntten, by ihc atjthi> 
rity abovcanid. ihall be deemed and Adjudged hetcticfi 
And that every )uch ofTcnr^ shall be adjudged tnanifest 
heresy, and lh;it every such offender and ofiWider! i.hall 
therefor have snd ^uHer jud^^menl, execution, pA,in, and 
paina of death by wny of burning, without any abjuration, 
elcrgy, or tanctuaty to be ihcrrfor permitted, had, allowed, 
admiiEed, or snlTercdi tovX nbtj ?ihjill tUetefur forfeit and 
loac to the king*3 hi^bnes»H his heirs and auccCMor^, all his 

X a 

■n»e J^ini 
Article. lU 

inff hvruy 
koil irf ■- 
fan. Ii 10 Ik 


And co»- 
rltulirjn of 




■jid rnoin 
iipnn Trial 

W-vx in- 
v«lve ■ 
4«ih with 

or llicir honours* nunof*, cmI]c!s \a\\A%, tcncmCQEi, 
rti'cisions. ^crviccE, poi»xf«Lon^ and an othcfr hie or thi 
hprr(litam«nT<(, goudv urd chdt!L*K, it^rms and frc^holds;^ 
wluUocvcr tlicy be. nbicl^ awy ^utb ofrciiOt'i ur ulTfndcj 
«hnLi h-ib'o M ihc tiimc of arty such o^cncc or nffcnccs com- 
tnitEcd or donc^ or at any liinc a^er, as in casev of higl 

And fuTtlicrmurc be it enacted, by rhc ftulhonly of thifl 
prcicnl Pirtmmcni, that M an/ pcr^cn or penon«, after ihej 
uttl twclflfi day of July, jnvach tn any Kcrmon or cullalii 
0[iCiLly iikidc Lu ific king's people, vir icacli in any ujinLncii 
9chc>ol or to other cohf^Tcgatfon of people* or \^c\t\fi callcdl 
before cuch jud^'i^i and according to titch forn^ of tht; lawi 
ui kipnaflci hIuiII Lie de<t^jred, tlu oLbLtimTcly niriTni, upltold,' 
maJniAjn, or defend that the commurtion of the ^aJd bloi^ 
Sae^rament in both kinds ^^^^ i^ lo f^y, in form of bread' 
and aS*o of wine, is ni^ces^ary for the hndth of m;in** loul 
Ui be eitcn oi uiirti^ieredt or uuj^lit ur ^ould be tS^ven 
eDLinistcrcd to any peri^on in boili kit>ds or thnt ft js n< 
ury w to be received or taken by any ptfrion other tftui 
by prieita bein^ :i1 Mua und corucH^raling tht* aeune; 
ihti any man, aAcr llic order of priesthood rcecii'ed as 
aforesaid, iruy marry or may contract mairinioTiy, of Ihtil 
any nun or ^K<imaii uh:<:1i ndvi'tMly hn^i vuvred or |irof<pi«ed, 
or aIiuU v<jw oi prufe^a. elia^tily cjr widowhood, niay marry or 
may cciitTkict matrimony, or thai private luna^eii be not bturful 
or not l^nrtnble. or nhnnld nrii hf> eclchmtfd, had, nc4 Uffd 
in tht» reahn. iioi be nol: agrcciiblc to tlic Uws of God ; or 
that uurieubr confcaaion xa not estpodicnt and ntxeasary Hifl 
t>e Totain<?d and ronimticd, Uf^^d and frcqaeried, itn th9^^^ 
Church of C>od \ or if any pnc:<i. itflt^r the ^aid twelfth dny 
of July, or any other niai> or woman which odvncdly has 
vowed, or aflc^r the said day adviaedly do vow chastity ot 
widowhood, do nrtiintly marry or mntrari mnrrimrny w 
any person: that then all and every person and persons 


uiring, ur defending, or ni&king nuuiugc or raatroct of 
Tnathmony, u it above »p«cifKd, be and aball bu, by 
Authoriiy Above wtilIco, do?ni«d and idjudgc<] a fclofi and 
Tcloni; and ih-it cwjy offrndue in tbr s,imr, brinp ibnrfnr 
duly convicted or altainlcd by ihc laws undcnnittcn, fhall 
ih«rcfor surfL-r pams ol death, as in ca««s ol felony, v'lthoui 
*ny bcnHir of clprfly or privilcgf^ nf (Church or «uiciuary to 
\u\Ti or her to be allowed in ttutt lidiAlf, and ihjtil forfdt «I1 
hi& OT fcer lands and ^ooclri, u in <:n»c& of Iclon>% and thut 
it fihail be bu^ful to tin; pniror or patront of any mnnncr ol 
limcficc wliifh any surli offrndrr n( ihf? timr nf hiV viid 
conviction or attainder had. to prcaciil oiic other incumbcnl 
[hereunto, a« it ilie tuxm« pc-rti>n to convicted cr attainted 
had hcpn hodity dccoaKcd^ 

Ai?*o \x \\ cnartrd by ihc aulbortty afonsudj ibat if any 
pcTAOTi Of persons, ftftcr the *nid twelfth day of Julj, by 
wordr vriting, printing;, ciphering, or othcrwiae thiin m 
above rebonrved, publish, declare, or liold opinion ihAt the 
uJd comtiiunjuii of tbc bloacd Sa<iamc]ii lu both kitjd^ 
aforesaid it nocc^sflry for the health of nian's »ou1 to be 
giren or miniiticnfd in both kinde;, and so ought or should 
be given and niioiatcrod to »ny jicnori. or ouj^hi oi ■thouUl 
be ftn in both kinds received or t-ikcfi by any pcTM>n other 
than by priests beinp at Ma^s Jtnd coniiccriitinK the same ak 
is a/ore§aid, or that any man after The order of prietthood 
rceci^cd fA \h afoic&iidr nmy tnaii> or may make conLiaLt 
of matrimony I or that any man or wotvinr? which advjacclly 
has made cr ihaLl malte a vou- to God of chastity or widow- 
Hood, ma> n^atry or may make tonrract of matrimony, or 
that private ma^^«e« be not I.kwfu! or not laudable, or should 
not be ocicbmted, had, nor LKed, nor be agreeoble to the 
twf of God» ur thai auricolar ronfe^vion is not expedienc 
iJCCcMtAry to be rctin'ncO ^iv\ cuniiaued, uxd and fre* 
Led, io the Church of God \ every person, bcinj^ for 

Any otiicr 


*>i Anide* 

\i vl m 
vdIv?* Rh- 
fnliirT inr 
the l\n\ 
anti the 
pchnliy uS 
lr!on^ lor 




<if lafttier 

every such oHencc duly coni^cicd cr fittainicd by the 1aw« 
underwritten, «hnl] forfric ami Intc to the king, our sovereign 
Irjrd, fill biK gondx and clialicU f<ir cv^r, and abu the ptuGts 
of a[l his tizida. iccKmcnti, annuLlto, feci* atid (pflka 
durmg his lile, und all hi4 bi'n«ticeB and spititiul pi 
tions aha 11 be iircil^vrifd, ^ind nliso lihall luAVriinpitiitni 
of his body at the will aniJ pleasure of ouf aid icnt^rciga 
lord the king ; and if my such perv)n or ptr«>n»^ hcui^ Doce 
«jnvlcted of any the oTfene^^ memioncd in thiBanick u» 
tbovctaid, do nftcrwArds cfl^oonH olTcnd in ariy of the ttmc. 
And be thereof aocuied^ indlcicd, or presented and con- 
victed a^in by the authority of tho laws undorvmticnj that 
then every such person and penoni 40 being twir« coo* 
viLled jiiiil aitaiuled of the Mtd uirenee\ (n nrmiy of ihem. 
&h-^]! be adjudged a fcloi^ and fclon^v and shall itulTcr judft 
mcnt, execution, and paint of death, lof^ ani^ Ibtfciluro of 
bndx and gootli, at in cuei cffelnny, without \r^' privilege 
of clergy or wnctuury iu he; in »My wiac |]craiitteil. adiTkitted, 
or allowed in thai bchali. 

iJG it further etiacted by the AUlhorny abovctaid, that if 
.-iny prrson^ which i< or hiub been a pn>«i, before thU pn?4ent 
rarllameijt 01 during Ehe Eltne of aui^itin of the iiaEnc hi» 
iTjArritU and has made amy contract of mntrimonr wiih 
any woman, or ihiE any man or woman, wlnc^i before the 
making of rhih An advi<irdly h»\ \nwri1 rlmiiiiy or widow- 
hood, before this prwcW Parliament or duTiii^ the session of 
the :=amc has married or contracted malmnony with any 
[:«raon^ that then every ^nrh marriage and conina of 
mattfmony shall be uilL*rly void Rnd of none cfl'ecE^ and 
tl)at ihc ordinaries, within whoric di<xcic or jurisdiction UiC 
person or pertons vo married or contracted fs or be rcfirdent 
or nliidiny;, ilull ftoni lime to tEmr make ^i^paruiion aiKl 
divorces of the said marTiai:cs and contracis^ 

And fjrhcT it is ennctcd by the authority abovcaaid, that 
Uaiiy man, which i« or hat been priesi aic i« aforesifLid, atany 



time ftarv atii! afLer the uid tweFflli duy of Jul}- ncil comini;, 
do Gimilly kwp of use any woman to whom he ia or has 
bcffn nurrtctl» or wiih whom he has coniracicd rnatriaioiiy, 
or openly he convcriiAni [or] \ce\) o>mp;iny jind rAmiliarity 
with any inch woman Ic the evil cumplc cf other persons, 
erfry fiiitii carn^ use. copulatjon, open convijrsation^ kttp 
Ing of company, and HiKniliarity be and cMll bo deemed 
and iiijud^d fdony us well sgainfiC the ni:in -ift the woman. 
Bod that every such pcTKrn so offcndij^K fihall be inquired 
of, tried, purished, suffer tou, and fbifeit alJ and every thing 
and things, a« uiher fi!tona made and 4ec1«Ted by ihi& Koi, 
and OS in c^&e of fclLiiiy an izg aforeuud. 

And be IE fuithcr enacted by authority .iSovcsatid, that 
if xm perron or pcr^onfi at any time hcrcafier contemn or 
coniempluouiily refuse, deny, or ihstain 10 be confetsed ar 
ibt time commonly accu:itoiijed wjihia tluB rcaUo &ad 
Church of Engfand, or contemn or conteniptuoualy rcfuM. 
deny, or ib«tatn to receive the holy and blesifcd ^acr^ment 
fihovrtitid ni tht' timr ramimmty used aud nmjsionicil for 
the Mine, thnt then every such o^ccidcr. being ihcccof tiuly 
cionviet«d oraEtamted by ihe bvK undarwratuii, eluU Buffer 
«oeh JmprMonmcni and make ^uch line and ran%nin lo ihc 
ktBg out a^vcrcijsn lord arid \ujk hein. as by hix liighneu or 
by bit or their coun^^il, shAilL I)V ordered and adjudged in 
thai behklf, And if any Eiicb ofTenderor ofTcndore, at any 
ilmf or rimes afVer ihc laitl ronvinlon or aitRJndcr so h£d, 
do cftaoonA contemn or coniempluously lefuise. deny, or 
nbfltoin lo be conre»ed or to be cocnmun?frate in manner 
and form above written, and 1^ thereof duly coni'ktfd ot 
jUtoinivJ by the lawii unikTwrittcii* due rhrn every such 
ofenoc ahiJI be dccnted and adjudged felony, and the 
offender or offenders thcreui >haU »ufier palm of desth, and 
lose and forfeit all h)« ind their goode^ lands, and t^aentenia 
u in ca±ca of felony. 

And for fuU and effectual execution of ibe prcnuAd 



1(1 ihlH 



pcnitlty (if 


isa« before d<rvi*ed, onbined. and enaciKl by this Aci, b* ll 

Spcfial furltiCT criJiclcJ Uy the •lilhorily of XhA prcscM PortJi^; 

»mmti^." iiicfK. iliai imnicdiflicl^ after Ihc said iwcifih <liy of Julj 
hbnio( ncM coming sundry commi«vicin« »hciU be mnde from time' 
lo'^i^'^ to lime mtn cvety ahirc of lUin tealm aud Wjk-a, and in aud] 
ifiotituteiJ, to ;uch other pUocs vitKin the kiiii;'a dommiotiH &« alidJI 
pleaK hiA nuL|ctC7 to be dtrccied lo Itie arctibifthop 
bishop of the diocc*e, and to hi* rhancctlor or convnK* 
%Suy, and to vuh uthcr [lenoiu as ihall lie lumcd by bis 
hifihncsSj w by »uch other lu his miij«iy at bia plcft^arc 
HhnW app^jiut to name the Kanic, which arehbUhop or 
Ushop, bis rjtanrrllor nr (^omminsary, and Esther pmi>n« so 
lo be nAmcd. or three of tbcm a tbc leaat, whereof tfw 
orehbithop or bishop or his chancellor or coutmiiasry to b« 
one, ihnU holij and keep tbcir wniiions within Ehe limiu of 
their coin mis?, ion, four several times of ilicycar, Ji t^ic le^M, 
or oAcacr if ibcy ^h^li think it cxpedk-nt by llicir discre- 
tion*, and Ahall have power and nuLhoricy by virtue of ttut 
Act and their laid commission, an wcU to take inforrnition 
and aci-ijs:Ltic)n by the oailis ;md dcpusi lions iff two abfc 
2nd lawful pcrionH at the ka»t, 13 to iri^juirc by ihc oatha 
of twelve men of all and lingular Lhc heresies, felockicfti 
contompEt, and other offrnres above writer, comnaittod. 
dr'iic, or prqictntcd wiihiti the linnlB vf cbcii coincolaaioii- 
And thai every auoh ACCU%aEion and information containing 
the maittvr, names Hurriatnes, and dwclling-ptacc* of ilic 
ofTeridp", and the <lay, ymr, pbc-c, and amnty whrn znd 
wliL-rcin their oflcncca were committed, shall be of ati good 
force and c^ect in the law as tf the matter therein c^onlAjncd 
had bt*Q presented by the verdict of tw^lVl^ men. 
Gf*i*nl Ami nevertheless It is further cnacird, thai every of the 

cpifctop*! jj^^ archbishop* and bishops, and every of llmr chancellory 
tcriil h>- commisaries* arehdcacoiiB, and other ordinaries, bAving any 
^*JJT*^** ppnilij^r err Ics^a sural Jurisdinion within thiit realm, 


Of in 

nud, Wdci, or m my other tbc king's dominions, shall hare fiiU 



power an<l authority, byTinui:rof (his Act, V well ki mquirv l*»ft. 
in thc-^r vifitatiors and Mny« [«ynod<?| a% there and cUe- 
whrip within Ihcii JunwlirtmniL, at any nihcr lime or jilnrr, 
to ukc occtiKiciont and infbrmAliana, as i^ Aforc:»id, oF 
the b«reaitf», IcTcniea* concfrnpiii. and ofTences Abov«mcn« 
ii«nMp done, car>mtt(ed, or pcrprtmced nItStti the Ttmit^ 
of ihcir ]uri»dicuoi) and Atuhonilrs and that <-^^cr7 &uGh 
ociaiHitioiV inromiAtion, nnd prcicncmcni w mIcco or had 
as i% aforwaid shall he L>f as giiud force? and effect at if 
ibe nutlM l^creEn ooniaiiied had bcrn prenentrd before 
the juMicrst of iicjtx in their usaionb. Auil aHo that 
ju»ticc9 of pence in their scsnim^ «nd every stcvard, uridcr- 
jrtcward^ nnd dtpoty cf [the] steward of any Icct or la*day, 
tn ihcir \rxt or lawday, sImLI hi\\c like [itiwer and autho 
rity. hy rirtuc of this Acti Co trijuiic b^ the uatha of Iwclrc 
lawful men of all arid £tncu)ar the heresies, fcloniet^ And 
cot)tcmpt«i and other offences above written, done, per- 
pttnted, or fommitfcd within ihrlimiunf thrirctitnmti?(iorw 
djid auihoritic-*^. 

And it IB also enadrd by the aLiihority aforesaidf chat every ^ttciLiaou 
fueh person or perwnt afore whom any presentment, in'*^™^'^" 
loTinaiion, or acctijiaiinn JtrnW he made and taken xs is afoit- w(n«a«. 
said, shall examine the accaicrs what other wilnc^cs were 
l>y and present at the time of doing and commiiiint; of the 
o0enee wheri*of the infornMlion, accuse ritin, or presentment 
•ihiili be iii^dc, and how iiiany othi-rA ihun lIil- atvuhcr^ 
haiY knowledge thereof, and fihall have power and anihority 
to bind by rccogTi^itmee 10 be taken afore thcm^ at well 
Ibe uid aeeuMTs aa all such other perauni whom thr aame 
Acetjaan aha)] declare 10 have IcnowlcdKe of the offcncca by 
them presented or informed, every of them, in hve pounds 
to the king our snverrign brd, to apjM^ar Ufffcms the eom- 
tninionent, afore wbuin tlie olTender ur olTenders shall he 
tried, at the day of the trial of sueh o(^3k1ci«. And that all 
dnd fiingular tndiecmentit, prctenirncnu, accusationG, informa- 






tion», and rcro^i sauces taken and had an it aforcntd 
within ive-nty d^yA next after tli« taking oT tb« same, thall 

\tc rnlifii^l in i^Uir foTm, by wiiLfng itpon parchment^ tiy the 
tilctr or takers thereof* under hia or their 3caK unlo any 
one oF the tiud conimitatoncr!± to be appointed cu is oTorti- 
uid. wiilitn liie limiu of whose c^mmiation the hcres]*% 
fclomcrs contrmptH, And o(Ct^t\cc^ wtu-reor any «tL<^1i pr«««iC- 
tncni. indictment, mforniatjun^ or afcuMtioD slutll be u 
ot hnd, OK js above written, ^^U be conimiltcd, done^ 
]>erijetratcd. And if nry j>enon or pt^noni which hereafter 
ahall bjii^pvQ in Like jji/ Midi d(.'CU?ution, in formal ion, 
presentment, or rcco^ni'^nccs f^a i» nbovc^iid, do make 
default of the certificate thereof, contrary to the form above 
rt-htiirxtfd, thai then every pcrjttjn :inil |>er?HmB so t>ir«rndiiig 
ti!iull fuifcit lo our aovcren;i: lord the kin^ ftw cvc:y *U<h 
detault ten pounds. 

And it 18 further enacted by the authodcy abovesaid, that 
the Kiid rnmmiiiiinnen^ if three of ibrm at the ItMEt, lu fa 
aforcMid, by virtue of ibi-i Acl ^rd their cnmmi»ioti sb 
have full power and authority to make like process ogai 
every penon and persons indicted, presented, or acf^uted, in 
form afl is above rememhcr^, as \s nsed sl^A ncoisio 
in case of felony, and thAE, a» well within the hniiis of tli 
commitMon as into all other ihircs and plnect of the realm, 
Walec, and other rlif* king't ilominiurL^H as ^v\{ within 
lilicHtti :■!> wiiliuut, and the Hiuie j.iE<Aeas [u be: ^ooil a 
cfTcciuol in the Ifl* *a in cAft<:^ of fclt>ny; find, upOft 
appearance of nny of the orr^nder«T «hall have full po 
and a(uhorit)', by virtue of this Act and the Kiid i.'Onniiift' 
nion, Lo heir and determine iho foic&aid heretic*, fclonie^r 
contempts, and other ofTcnc^a according (o the laws of thii, 
re^lnri and the «^ect« of this Act. 

And it is fllst^ r^nacird hy the authority iKs^'eoid, that 
CT^ryof the ^\A rommiasionct^ upon Ai\y such aocusatiOD, 
prc^ntmenL, or information, ^lali endeavour himself elFect- 

;hin h 





uoH;, nichoul aflcction, drc^d* or cottupiion, to ftpfrclicnd 
mid tnkc Ibc ofTijnder* ; and lAer ihe apftfrhcntion or any 
such oUTcndcr or oncn<tcr« ahaJL liavc tvM pEmcr and aulho 
rily to commil ihcm to irord, ftnd that the saJd ccmmii^ 
sioEMirs, or i-^o of ihcm ai the l^asi, xhall have iuW (fowcr 
aiid autlumty to let ;iny |KTtun or pcrtotisv vi accuatd ur 
prcaentcd, upon »iillicient surciict by their di^crLlioni^ 10 
bnil for thrir ippcarjinco, to be tried Accordir^ to the tenor, 
form, ind ctTcct of tliis Aci^ 

Atid funhn it is cnacicii by auihorJty abovcuid, thai if 
any penon or pcr^oos which hcre-ailcr shall be named 
oikI aligned to be L^oinniiiULonvr or cornmiaionen, as i& 
abov««aid, b^ arcuied^ Endlrtcd, or pr««emcd of or ^r :^TVf 
the oflTctice* aboic written. thAt llicn a\\ And cvrry such 
GoounJanoncr or commisBioftcrs, so accused, indicted, and 
preaentAd, shall he examined, [mt to nntwcr, and tried of 
snu! upon any mch f^lTence a^curding to the itnor and 
dlcct of this AUl bcfoie such atlicr penmn or pcison» u 
it ihAll plcn»c the V\Tift% ht|;hnc» to nan^c, osAiKn, and 
appoint by hit grace's commiuioa to hear and deteimine 
ihr aame. 

And it 19 further enacted by aulhority abovewd, tliat no 
person or persons whicli at nny time beraftfter ehall be 
accused, indited, or pTc^cnied, *> l< abovesaid, shnll 1>c 
admitlrd to i\\r challcinjc lif any pfrHBon or peninns^ which 
ahall be empanelled for the trial of hia or their offence for 
any matter or caiise other tlian for malice or enititty, whicli 
rhflllenge «h0l1 forihirtih b^ tded in hko manner as other 
challcngics be u«cd to Ix tried in ca«c« of felony. 

And it is further enacted hy the avithoniy abovewd, tint 
all foreign pl^ai iHible by the country, which at any time 
hereafter ^IiaU h^ pleaded by Ltity |K.-rson or |>naum hcre- 
■Aer to be arraigned or piit lo amnicr upon any actir&aiion, 
indictment, or pn-aenimcni, t>f or for any the offences above 
^lecilted, or of or for any of them, shall be tn«l before the 



Ttisbi or 


lion a to 




' Ihc Mftl- 

Oalli iQ be 

lakdfi b^ 


tame commistioneni afore whom «uch ponon or 

sh-iH U- iirr,ii^iu'ii \i\ pul to answer, nrd by ihc jjror« thar 
shall try the said oITc^icc or ofTcr^cc^ without Any furtbc^H 
Ttapice or dday. ■ 

Anrl II n fiinher ennriM hy ilip suthorSiy 3bo\'efnid, ihai 
all mayoEK, slicrilTs, Mcw.irds, IjaililTs cf hbcitici. g;iolef\ 
and other ol^ccn and n^inislcrs, of whal tiatnc, dcftrcc* or 
eondiLicn loevvr they b&« and every of them, slmll from 
tiinc^ lo time imly AJid dHlgenily rercive- and serve ull anij 
All manner the pioccn, precept*, And coirmciTidnicnta tO' 
thtrin or any c>r ihem, by Ihc snid oammissionura or tmy ol 
ihem. xo he macle, given, or direeted, rourlilng or roocei 
iiL£ the premises or jny parcel tliciccif. and »hatl aUo^ fr 
lime to tunc, be obedient and attendant unto the sai4 coi 
misiionera (or the lime being for the due execution of Ibii 
prricni Acl, or of anything ihercin coniained. 

And it i» «l»o enacted that every peiaon which ahall 
numed lo bo comniiaiioner m the said eotnmi>aion, iitoj 
ihnt he ha« know'le^e tberec^f, ihalt vlTectuaUy pat hii 
dilLj£eiti:^ and dticndunce in aikd about the cAceution uf 
said conimJriSiicknf and hcfotr he ahnll take upon him Ihc 
execmionoftheiamccommiKsiun, vhall lake a corporal oath 
ht^roTe The lend duiiuetlor %>i tCiij:>1arid T^r the tin^t being, 
or before him or thcfii to whom the Sniid lord thjnccllur 
*hall direct the king'^ wrjl of Uedtmus ffptisiJtim to ulw 
the isame, the tenor of which oaih hereafter ensues. *Y«fl 
shall :iwei:Lr ihdL yCi to yum Lmmiii^, wit, and jjuwcr, MioU 
truly and indifferently execute the fiiithority to you ^ivcn by 
the king'A committion, made for coneciion of h?rcitc9 
flnd oilier offerdeT* mentioned in the larne €x»mmii»tor\i 
mdioui any favuur. aOettLoii. curruptron« dtead. or nialici 
to be borne to any person or persons, a:; God you help 
and all coini*.^ And m caKe that any of the laid persons 
named tu bit commiftfioners refuNe to lake ihe itald (lath, or 
wjllirgly absent or cloignc biinaclf from the taking of 

i,xvi fffsroay or rtm ENGU^it aw/^c/r 

said oath, then every luch person so cActidinK. *Tid the 
aanic offence otrmted and certified into Xhv king's exch«- 
quef hy iHe snid lord rhanix^lUir, or by liiin or ihem «n 
whouL arty ^uch hvril of Dtdimm jn^afaUm^ » [« afurc^aid, 
shall be directed, shal! forfeit and ]a?ic to our aid ftovctciffn 
lord Che king, for every tiflie »o offending, fi\t marks of 
lawful iiioney. 

And it is «J«0 enacted by ihe authority atsovcAAid, ihat 
the said comtnuiionen and every of ihem Khali, from time 
to time, \\a\t; full [xiwer und aurhoriry, hy virtue of Ihts Act^ 
to ukc inlu liib ut llicir Wt^i'iJinjj; [urj puitJtesstuii uti und ull 
manner of )>ooks which l>c and ha\c bccii» or hcrcaJtcr 
iihnll be, tet forth, read, or decbred witliin thift realm, or 
otliL'i Ihi? king's doininion4» wherein is or be uonl^infcl or 
coinpti»cd any cLiuac, ankle, matter, or ^ulcncc rcpu|£naiit 
or conirarj' lo tho Icnor, Ibrm, or oflbct of thia presort Act. 
OT any of the nrtidet f^onuined in the iiime. And the 
Kiiil cunimiaHEonen, ur three trf them at the leait, in bum 
or othcTwiM dcstray the said hooltA, oi any part of Them, a* 
umo tb*: mid ccjmmcKw oners, or tinto three of them at the 
lea»t» iball btr tliouj^LiL expcdiciit by tlir^ii diH:ietLon«. 

And il is al^n enacted by lHcfin(horJtyaljo*ewid, that every 
panon, vjor, cuiate, or porivh priest of every pari^ church 
within this realm, or olher the kfni^Bi doniintonjt. nr hit or 
tbcir deputy, upon ihc. Sunday next after the firfat day cf Sep- 
tember neKt ensuing, nnd so from thcnecfcirth once in every 
quan<T of the year at the le:i«T, «hall upi^nly, plainly. Jird 
diatinclly rc^d diU present Act in the paibli cliuiib wliere 
be is pcriKin, vicar, curate, ^rith priest, or deputy, unto 
his or their panshionera then aK««mbled together to heir 
divine service; and tliat OTiy such parwijn. virar, curate, or 
pariah priest making; default f>f reading thiti Ael, contmry to 
the form aforeuLidi shall forfeit unto cur uid B;>verciga lord, 

f h<«hnr«andsUCCcs8ors, for every stwh defaull, forty shiUiugs 




Ai\f\ etc- 




lu be tKti 

Tvvl in 



IfiSD, Saving 1o all and lingular penun and pcfsons^ bodies pob 

The peial- tic and toqwrate, theii liPLn and sLicc»vot4, axi<1 to the firii|fl 
«M*i toi>c ^'^ sncccMon of evcrr of ihctn, otl^ct all and siti^utif^ 
FndAridul such pfirson and pcnonst ihat »ha1l be hcrcnfin convicted 
^' or attainted of or for nny the ofTcncci or contempt* above 

^ciricii. ihtir hcTrrs and Ku<:tcra(in^ am] ibc hdrx sin^I sor- 
ccsooraci' every ufihcni* all such ri^bu litlc. claim, intcnsw 
entry, poRftCssion, rcnt«, rtfvcT8ion», fco8» annuUica, comniOAS 
liave, ex then at the time of the ui'd caiivlction or allaindcr 
hid. shalt have, oF, in, or to any honour;, casttcs. lord»htp% 
manorc, lands, tenctncnls, tihortkh frnnchiscc, advoivvonii 
and nlhrr hrrrriiMmrmii whirh aity snrb pmnn nr inrrwwi*, 
beinir »o convicted ar attainted an iii aforeiAid. had. or were 
entitled to have, al the lime of Ihcir offence or otTcnocs com' 
mittJ^d, or a( any hme after, and tE\at In as ample manner. 
form, and condnioti, \o all interns, consuuciions. and pntv^ 
pQAe),a« ifihiA An h^d never been had nor made; anylliingfl 
eonrained in this Aec to the contrary in any wi*c notvjih- 
ftiandin}^. Pmvidtfd atwayi thai the lordi shall not have fwr 
claim any esdieaiii of any uffeuder i^r ufTenilcr^ that shall 
he jtidKcd to be burned by authority of thts Act. 

Be it nUn further cnncled hy the authority aforesaid, not 
^rving advintagc or detnTiieni to any article afun- reheanvd. 
thai if any nian which is oi liaa been priest, or hcn--Aner »I«U 
"'^ ''•'*■ be. ol *iiy lime after the wid iwclfth day of July, do carntlly 
use and accusinm any woman, or kocp her at hia eoticubtfic, 
as by trying for her beard, maintaimng hn wtfh ntrfiey, 
array, or any other gi^ or means to the evil eutmpli 
other pcrwn^; that then every such offender, being 


tea our- 
tiacr of 

In thilB 

duly <*onv»Cted oi attainted by the laws menlioned 
Act, shall fLirfcit and lof^c all hi^ ;^Qod% arul chitltcU, beti^ 
ficc», prebends. anU other ipirttunl promotions and dignities. 
and ako nhnll have and luffcr imprisonment of his body 
at the king'i will and (Jea»urc; and that every of the «« 




hctv-Bctft, pr^hcndx, and oihrr pronioti£)n« an6 ilignitict 
thaSi be to 2II inic^iU and |>uiput» uttc!ily loid, an if ihc 
said offrndtir Wjid rcji^<d of permuted And if any «ucli 
oflcndCT or olfenden, aX any trmc lUer tJi« saii convictiDn 
or aitmndcr, cfisfinn^ rommrr, <1n, nr prrprrr^iTr thf *ald 
oflbnccs or any of them nc\l afore rchumrdi and he 
thereof duly convicted cr ntuintcd by the bws albrcMidi 
Hut then all and even- nuch oHencc and oJTencw (hall lie 
dct!(iicd and adjudged felony, and tbe offender or nn«^»dvr« 
therein (hall Hufci patns of deaths And loac ind forfeit all 
his and ihcir giK>ds, land:t, and icncmcnij;, n^ in ^^uicfl of 
felony, widioot having any benefit of clurg)' or »anc:mary. 

Aud be it fuittii;! tnj^.ied by tbi.- juiburil> rifuruaid, lliat 
tlirac women wtih wbom all or ^in^uhr of cbc forced 
pritAtt ahaXl in any of the forejuid ways ha^Y to do with, or 
carnally know, an ia afuiesald, vhaU iuvc like puntkhrnent 
aa Ibc ;>Tieat4- 

And becauic dispuutions and doubts mit'bt [icrhapa rise 
bereifter upon thes^ word» tn this Act, ibat ti to i^y : ad- 
riscdly made to Gtxl, }w \t ibrrrfnrr pmvjdrH and cnAried 
hy authority nforcuid that tbc^e wgrds in the Act, ibAt It 
to »y; adviiedlf made to Cad for vowa of chnatity 01 
widovhood, «b^]l he only taken, expounded, and inter- 
pretcd to bind .lucb penpon ht (icriionft and none other 
(savinf! prteiLf), to and by the umc which at the time of 
any of thoir so vowing, beinf- tberuto admitieU. wt-re or ihall 
be of the a^ of iwrnty-ooe year* or above, and tben did or 
do cniucni. submit ibcriiaclvci, or couddcend to the biime. 
and continue or irontinued in ol>scrvation of it any while 
after, unless any such person or peneni do or an duty 
proTG any unlawful eoen ion cir cojnpiiKron dune to theoi, 
or anr of them, for m^itinc of Any such vow. 



wviH vi 


or 111* «^ 



ABBBV, A.t>. 1540. 

LJ34a. I'mh docamffnt w inaofUd bnv in rirdfr Ia khow t^« tami of 

•urr* ruler 
la lilt liintt; 
of ttie 


^r TroDi P. R. O^Aci^CEiUtian OlTirr, Dfril nf Surcvnctar fl6d] 

To nil ibc fflithful in Cltriat \o vhom the i>Tcacnt 
rharicr shall come, William, by Divine pCTniittion abbot 
of tiK- munnsti^y of St. Ptfter, Wciiminitcr, in the county 
of Middlesex* and llic carivci;t ot ih« miqc I'bcc, greeting; 
know yc ihfll wo, iLc atorc/iamcd abtjol and convent b>' our 
unanimoufi aiin:nt and content and free will. ha\« given, 
gunlt*<l ami hy (hii our prcw-nt rhanrr rnnfirmcH tn oar 
Tno?t cxccUcnl piincc and btd, the lord llc;)ty Vlll, by 
\\\v grace ol God kin^- o( England and Knm«;, ddcndcv 
of the faJih, lord of Ireland, and wpreme head, on carih^of 
the English Churcb> all (^ui inona^[cry afoK?viid, And ihc 
church, cloister, site, unbd, circuit, and prcctnct cF the umc 
mon^vicry, as veil xt all and singuUr our lordidiipi, manon^, 
hundredii, grange*, messuages, land*, lenemeilK, meadow^^ 
iiiaralie^ feedings, fia&tuica, woods, |jark». warrcru, cowi 
wnsics, funce and heath landSn waters, frshenei^ rci 
reversions, services, annuiiiei, fee famift, churchet, chapelt, 
TfLiones, vicAragcs, advow*ons, donations, pTcscntaLictis. 
lights of pditronctec of churclic*, chapels, chantricft, and 
hoftpitils, pension*, portions, tiihes, obbtions. knights' fee*, 
euhcais, reliefs, courts ket, views of franlpledg*. fiiin, 
Diaikcu, and other rights, jurisdicLion^* frani:hi«o. Ubcrlic^r, 
privileges, possussicne, and bercditoracnts whatsoever, 



veil «ptniual as u;mpor:il. of vkha!Ho«ver kind, nature, or L^iO, 
son [hey tic, or by mhsAsx\cvt!t na»]» ihry be callctl. 
known, or rcco^"^'-^' s*l»jatc. V""(- or Jjt-in£, na *dl m ih« *nn*a*lep« 
couoiitf* of Middlesex, Hertford, Eiacv, Cambridge, IJncoln, ^^^ 
Norfolk, Suffotk, Bcrk«, Ovfoid, Bi:tks, Bedford, KeiiT, und in 
SuTdcx. Suffc>. SomcrwL Dcrw:c. Somhantpion, Wilt*, and ^°"'^'^' 
C^loucciicr, ta\d in ihe citf of London, oa dicvhcrc where- 
soever within the Icingdom of EngUind and in Wares^ and 
l^ic iiiari:1us of ihe vinie. AnJ dlfto All drid all irMiint-r of 
omAiDcnU of the church* jcH<b» s^>od>. ^ItcK Jind dcht» 
wtmcsocvcr, which tn Ti;;hi or by rcflson, or picicxi of our 
uid iDonatttry, or in any clhcr manner wu havt ni ou^ht 
lo ha»c, hold, diiiL cnjoj, all liic afuicsaid nJoim&lCTy, and 
oil amd singular the Aforesaid lordkhip^. lu.-inorn, Innd^, rcnU» 
revenuea, services, rcctoricK, vicamgnt, churthct, chnpck, 
g!Oodi.thjttL'[ii,,-ind other x!l and singuhirthc preniijtei alrovc 
spcctiicd, with ,ill ihc^ir ;ijipurtcnaiTccv, lo the ufiircrumcd our 
lord the fang, hi* htirs and succcjaor* for ever. And wc, "j^ 
Uidciftd, tlie aiorc^tid ;iht>ot and convent, and our «u<-(^ti^bOTK, v-amJiLy- 
w3l WAinuir and \iy thr i^noiprtrs df-fcnd nil ihc afurt-wiri 
moroitcty, and all the aforcnid lordihipi. manon, lands, 
tencmcnta, and cdicr all and siiif^ubr the prciriiEfC« above 
«pe<iAvd wiih their ^ppuricmncrt, to our Aforesaid lord ih« 
ktn^ \n*- heirs .ind uLti ■ vt)ior>) a^ini^l all men for cvrr. In 
witncu whereof wc have; set our common ^cal to thiA our 
pre«ent cbArter. Uonc tn our Oiapt^r Hou^c the sixteenth f^iiyl 
dijr of JaiMtaij' in thr thiny-flrst year nf the reign of ihc \^^ 
*ud DOW loid, Kjn£ licniy VIU, 

Jan> t& 

The sigojiturcb of the Abbot, William liosion, the prior, 
DiocLyiiUfl UaJyon«, and Lwenty-three monkai follow. 




uriirj in rr* 
Ijaion ■ncl 
to Cod and 
marc by 
I <lff mviicv 


bv kf pE 

but by Tear. 

By their 


IN BOTH KINDS, ad. 1547, 

1 Edward V1« cap. L 

Ik Koiv«^btr. 1517. Convoeirlion had Bgir^^d v>oii r^omiavni 
under both kincLn; llic kUlutc which fuJ]ow«d mttde thin act of 

Cuiiyut^iLivii ttie law <>( lUc Uml. It wu bupplcmriilcO by a pro- 

the gucKion of ih*! Fmcnc? in the tucharlit 

[Truiicr. StAtulc* of tlio KsBlia, tv. k] 

Thekin|('B moil cxci;Utntinaj(.-ity,mmdmg the gt 

anJ t^rJor uf hiv niusl luvir^j^ lulijtrlH lo Ite rn mcut periiHir 
unity and Cuiicoiil in all tUiti^s. and in cspccml in like uue 
f«uh arid rcJiKion of Ccd, and wishing the aamc to be 
broLij^ht lo ]iifi« with all clcmencj'And mcrcy-on hu h^b- 
ncu'?i ^xLTi uiwaiiU itii^iii, 01 hiK ii)(»r jfrincely ««rmiiy ind 
majesty hu airtady dcclaccd by evident proofa, to the 
itiicri thni hU ftiofrt loving subject?;, pruvokfd by dcmoiey 
and gondn^tt of thdt prinrc nnd Icing, shAll «tiidv, mh4f 
for {*j\x xhxu far feai, lo do :hcir dutJcin ftrsi \i> jMniL^hi; 
Liod, and itien lo hia hiRhncis and the commontfrcolth, 
TKHirinhmg concord and Jore amongst thetn«e]ve»; yHi 
ronwbrs )ind p<Trr.rivM iIi^e \vi a n-iuliimdc all Hp not on 
ihjl soTl. ihaE rr^AOn and the knovkdgc of ihcir diiljn can 
move them Irom ollcncc, but many *hich had nted have 
flomc bridlo ol feaf, and thai ihc same he men niou<<paten' 
liim^i am] nrni^aTil for the mcist parU oi d^c must Tihiul and 
if^fiorant : by the ne^ins of which tort of men, many ihinp 
well And godly inKtitutud, and to the edihcaiion ol many, be 
pcrvrrtrd and nhiinod, niiri mmcd lo iJw^ir own and oihen^ 
l^eAt lofa and hindrance, and aomclime to extrenic defrlfi 




lion, rh& which does appeal in nothing more or loorrn \ ifiiT. 
than in tnaEtcn of religion, and in the great and high ^»p<^i:i'.]iy 
mysteries thereof. a% in the most comforbiMc Sacrament of Jl,",J*^''" 
ibc body and biood of our S^viotiT Jesus ChrUt, commonly -Sjn-ram'-fit 
cmHtd the Siicfainent uf thr alur. ami, in Scnpture, the^^^* 
vuppcrand table of the Lcrd. the communionand partaking 
of the t>ociy and bbod of Christ, I 

Which Sacramcni wa* in*timtcd of no [ee* author than of Tl^t Sn«l' 
Dur Saviour* botli God aiid mjin, wiicn, at His but supper, J||^"^'^ "^ 
amonj^st His Aposttes. He did take the bread into Hta holy SKcnmvut 
hAndi^, and did uy ^ *Takc3rou;]nd cnl, ihims My bndy vhjch 
is given and broken for yiiu.' And iiiking ii|] the ihulice rjr 
cap, did sire thiEikJi, and uy: 'This b My blood of the New 
'rcbtameni, whith le shed lor you* and for many, for the 
rcmiuinn of tJm," that whcnwirvcr wc ahould do ihe vamr, 
*c should do it in the rcmcmhMn(c <>f Him, and in declare 
and set forth His death and moit jclotioun pouion, until 
Hia eoming. Uf the which br«ud whoacwver eatcih. or of 
th* whirh ojp whcsoever drinkeih, nnwonhily, entih .ind 
drmkeih condemnation aiid judgment 1c l)imic1f> makii'i^ no 
^ffcrcnce of the lord's body ; the instilution of whieh 
Sacrament being ortliined by Chmi. js ia before>uJd. aT\d 
the said trordfl ^jjokcn of it hrre 1>Worc rehcaiwd, hi'tn^ of 
eternal* [nfilliblc. and jndoubied truth. 

Vet tile sft^d ^crnment (all thLn notwithfltandinp) hasRc»1edby 
been of late mLirvi^Uouslv abuied by mjth manner of men ^'"^*'" 
ticfotc ;cheai^ix], who of wiL-kedneHn or ebe of igni^iance 7^,4.^^^^ 
and vGttnl of IcuTnifTfl:. for ccTtsin abuses heretofoTC committed ofiEic 
of cone, in misuning thereof, hflvirfi condcrnncd in their 'i'"*^ ™ 
beam and speech \\\c vrholc thing, and ct^ntompitioiuly ttiHkpd 
ikpnvcd, dcspincd. or reviled the s:imc moit holy and ^^' 
blttted Sacranicnt, ftnd not only diiputed and reaioned 
unrevcf^mly and ungodly of that nuxt hiyh rry^tery, hut 
also* in LheJr setniors* i^rcai-liingSv readini^s, lecluit^ coiiiniu* 
ni^tionit, argumcnr;, uilks, rhymes, aongs^ p]«y>» or jests, 

V 3 






najnc Ljr c^ll i\ by such vile ami unseemly wdkK as 
Ctiriiiiinn care do abl^or ir> heir rchconcrd 

F'or rcforrn:iiJon ivhf:rcof, be it cnuc<i<d by the 
higbiifi*, with tho -issoni of tho Lnrds spiTitnaJ stnA tpin 
und ul' tile Common!!* in ilii>i prcf^cnt PaTlinmcj^l utcrablc^ 
find by the AUttiurity of Ihe fiaiuv. Uui wHauimvct person or 
jicisrni^, fmm and aficr the flr\l itay of M^y next coming 
ahaH dqjrjvCf dcspist-, or ainU'nm ihc wid moM bkocd 
Sftcrarocnt, In contempt thciccf. Iiy Jiny corticmptuMif wi>kU, 
or by Viy words of depraving dc«pifciiig, or revilioj;, or 
whiiC perton nr pcrinnu shaJl prfvivdly, in any other wisr, 
coutcnm, Respite, cr rcvilc the *aid most hlcsicd Sacr^mcni. 
contrary to the effects and d«claruion abov«wid ; th:it thtn 
ho or th^y shall feuflTcr imprifiomiient i>f hi& or their bodies, 
and \v\'.\\c I'lno nnd mnsonk At the- kind's vvHI .ind plca^klfif- 

And for fuU and cfTcclunl execution of llic pt-cn-Li»c:i before 
devised, ordained, and enacted by thiti Act. Ije it fTjirthenDare 
«nacti^d by the auchoriiy of this |>itAent I'arlbincn^ ttui irri- 
njcdiMcIy after ihc fitslday cjf May next i:tniiin^, iLo jiLHlkci 
of pcrtcCiOrthrccof thcmat the least, nhcrcof oncofihcmto 
be of the ^itontmt in ei^^fy shire of this rcnlnv and Wales, and 
all oth^i p]ac» within i\\c kmg'i dominions hhall k^iv full 
yo'ttt anii aulhorily b^ virtue of this Act, Ak well tu Like 
informntion aiid acre: lUi.i Eton by the <»EhE and dcpoiiitionK of 
cwoxtble, honcW, and lawful persons, at the least, and aficr 
»uch ottuiaiioM or infurtuatio^j au had. to inituire by the 
o^xhh of twcltv men, m every of their four ^lUnirtcr Kcssiona 
yearly to be holdcn, of all and singtilar such accuutions or 
informations ttj be had or made of any of the offcnoei 
^ibovcutid. to he ccmmitted or dofte after Ihc ^^id fiiat diy 
of May, wuhin the Irmitft of their comniission ; and ttuu 
upon every mieh aeeuiiatfon and mrormaiion, the olfender 
and oflTenderi sliiiU be Jntimrtd of, and indicted beJtJrr Ills; 
said iu4iice> of iK-jiee, or three of thew at the least, as is 
alofc»aid, of the nard comemptit and offenceid* by the verdict 



of twelve honf«1 arid indlffrrc-nt men, if the iriotrer of the \VM. 
uid ncci^^tion and infurmiiliun »haU necm 1o llic aai<l jiuy 
fiood and true. 

An<J iC i£ ako further eiiacifd by ihe authority Aforesnidi Accukcn, 
that rhp w^d justices of pc-nff, or thri*r of Them at ihe Icnst, *^\i^^^ 
2x is aforesaid, before whom any 5Uch pics^cnttncnEt infoima- iv be 
lion, and accusation shall be cindc or taken as is aforesaid, ^^^r tt 
chal] cumlnc th£^ ^iccuscrs, wh.i[ othrr wiirie^sc? were by ^f innlol 
and present ai ihc tone of doinj; ami rnruniitting of the " 
offence, vhcrcof the inforination, accuiation, and present- 
ment ahaU be made, and how many others than the ace usen: \ 
hflW knowledge thereof, and *holl have full (lowrer ard 
authority b> ihcir diKittton^ to bind, by rccogniMncc to he 
taken before thctn, a^ well the aoid accLisers, as all such 
other pcracinji whom thi- vaid aceueers ^hall declare to hai« 
kitovledge of the oITl-tii. t-s by thttii [trcseined and infornied, 
every of ibcin in live pounds to the Viw^t to appcjtr before 
the ttid justices of peace, before whom the olTender or 
offenders *hall be tried, at the day of the trial and deliver- 
accr of such iiflc'iulert. 

And it i» fiirthcr enacted hy the authority aforcjuld, that Whi« 
the taid ja^ticcs of pcice, c-i three of lhen» at the leasl, as it SJ^lThl 
aboveiaid, by vircue of thjt Act, shall have full power and awwdrd 
authority to njake piutcis against e>ery |>craon and penon* fJJ^" ^ 
4C indicted, by tv^o fafiias and on eKi^ent, and by ^/uit/ mdicicd. 
mt/a^atMUit ^ well within theHtnitfi of ihcir commiHtion, aj 
into all olhrr shiii-s and |Jaces of ihi*j inlm, Wales and 
other the kinii's dominions, as well within hljcitic* as with- 
out, and the R^nc process to be good and effectual tn the 
law to aU inii'nt^j ronMnirtiont^ and parpoict, and tipon JuwiCCTrif 
the appearintc trf any of the ijfiendcr*. shall have full jiowcr ScicmiJlv 
and authority bv virtue of tbiij Act. and tF^e cummiKtion ofcrffcacBft, 
peaec« to detcnninc the corlcmptv and cn<inc«fi T^lorcj^aid 
actording to the Uvn tt( tha rralm and the? p|^c?aiK of ihiK 
Act; and that the aaid ju»ticca of peace, or thiee of thcni 




Wbcrc Ihc 

commit t«ii» 

thB EriftJ. 


sucb ip- 

No Initlrt. 

DTCfil 10 be 

huhIc *nct 





iniy «ll 

Al the leut, M i« abovcsftid, shail hnve fuU povcf amI 
tutborilf lo kt any such peraorj or j^ntfin*, id indirteJ, 
upon au^kcicnt luzcLics. itj tlicjr clLacicLluni^ lt> Wl lur 
t^icir appci[r«ncc lo be tried, According; to ihc ICnor, rono, 
ard effect of thi* AcL 

?ri>viilcd uJivay)., nnd be it crutLiciV that the idid jiifiiic 
of peace, or three of ihem at the }caat, a1 their qi 
sessions, where ar\y odendcr or oiTcnden shall be or ttLmd' 
imUcicd of xt\y of the contempt* or offences abovesaid, *hall 
dire;:! and aw^rd une wr;L, in the king's name; tcj the bishop 
of Ihc <Jiocx^ac where the aaid offence or uffcnoca be supposed 
lo be commiticd or doEic* ivilluig ind requLnog the s3m1 
lifKha|} Uj Iw in his <iwn (lerson, or t>y hiK clianeellor, or 
otlicr hid iLiflicient deputy learned, ai tlie quarter seft^ioma in 
the Hoid county lo be holJeii, when nnd where the Mid 
offender fihalJ he arrnigncd and tried, ft[ipoinhng to them in 
the liaid wit: the day .ind jtkice ri the tnid jtroigiitncTit ; 
which writ ahali be of this farni : ^ Jiex ^f- £jt-w^/a JL 
saiuUm^ Fnttifimui h(>i ^uod tu^ Ca»ftJJariut /nr/, vtf 
ahus dffiutatui tuui uijidfnttw /mdinu^ iftii ftim /uftki&rih 
n^trU titi fiatem in tomikiiu rvtistm Ji. ir/men'amiam MHf 
naUf apud D< t^H dk^ad lasiotcm Hostmrn^ad tntic tt (Mfm 
tiHtndaffi ad dandum ^nfiJivm et ndvisamtnittm fttdrmjntr»' 
dofiii nttslHi ad pacem^ su/*tr arraitamcntum et deiUitr^ 
fxt?ntm offtHdiKlium contra J*>t mam Statuti amtXrnsHtis jotrth 
safKft/m tairommluM ^'inrii* 

Provided always, and he it cnJined by ih^aoihority afore^J 
S4td. that rio penon or pcnons %\i^\\ be indicted of any ol^| 
the eontemptfl or offenL^es abov^rsu^d, but onty of such con- 
tempts or oOWnce^ aa ehAil be don« or perpetrated within 
thrive months nL^a after the Jiaid offenec or oflTcnccs 80 
niitted or done- 

Aod lie it further enacted by ih* authority aforesaid, 
in all trials, for any such offcndcrq, before The «afd Jmtioes 
an is afoicMLdi the person of ircrtons being coi»phtncd un 


, thatV 

Lxviij insroRV or the English churcn 


and irmitcncd, >haT1 be idnnitEcd tc puifc or try hla or ihdr 
huooenqrt fc^ o^ nrhany or more wicncssc* in number, ard of 
U good honwij and cpcdent^c. as llic wiinciiw be which 

Aadforaimuch fla it is more imracftbJci both lo the fir* l insli- 
tution or tht iiniil Saertiment of the mC4t iircciovjs body ind 
bluuJ of our Suviour Je*»js Chrht, uriJ aLiu murc^ cunforni- 
abic lolhc common use and prdcticc bolh of Lbc A]}Ubtlc!t ±\x<\ 
of the primitive Church, by the space of 500 ycnn and more 
af^yrC!hriiit"»a*cen«aTi,thiitlhcsauiblet«dS--icr3mpnt thntild 
Ix: mill iitc ted tu all <'hri?itian pL'cjpIc uiitlct Iwiih the kimis 
of bre&d nnd wine, tlian under the form of bread onl^i and 
a]«o it ifi more agreeable Eo ihe lini in^Eiiutiun of Chri%t, 
aitd Eij llie usage of tlie Apu^dcs iuul the pri.Hiit*vc Church, 
that the people hcirift present ihoiild receive the wmc wiih 
th« prieit, than that the priest «hL>uld receive \\ alone; 
therefore be it enacted by our said sovereign lord the king, 
with die canseut of the l-jor da spiritual and icmpoml, and the 
CommDn^ in thin present ParlmmctiC naacinbicd, and \>f the 
luthonty of the finjite, that the said tncit bIcsAed SACranicnt 
be heTrnfTei rnmmonly dHivertyl -ind tninmcrw! tintn ihe 
people vrthin the (^hurdi of Bnglund and Ircknd, and 
Other the kinj^'s dominions, under both tlic kindB, that ift to 
wy, of bfcad iind winCi eurpt nefVS*iiy OTherwiRc rej^uire : 

And uL\t> that Ihe pricKL which rth^ll minister the ume, 
»hall, at the leait one day before, oihort all pctsonb vrhich 
sbah be pment bbewibe to rc^rt .ind prepare ihcinealvea 
to reeri»*(r the wme. 

And ^hen the ^y prrlixrd rrjinei^, After n Rodly e^horLv 
tio« bj the miniflicr mode {vrhcTcin shall bv fiirthcr expreued 
cbe bmefic tixid comfort protiiited to them which worthily 
receive the said hnly Sn. r.inicm, and [thr] danger and iiidig- 
iiatLi>o of God ihiuitcned to ihcm which iholl presume to 
receive the same unworthily, to the tnd thai every run may 
try and eianiinc his own convirnrc- hrforc he ^hall receive 

im their 


[o be ad» 
ill both 





The print 
to cilicn 
Ihe people 
10 KtJtfive 

TliF *^L"ni- 

dciticl lo 

Uvr khill 



DorrmK^iTS lUMSTH^r/yK of thk [lxvi 


Thr uuf* 



die ftnmc). the uid miniKlcr slidl not, Kiihoui Uw^l t^xnc^ 
deny the vimc lo cry person Ihat will devoutly and humbly 
iSfitrc It ; any bw, itatutc. ordinance, or rustoin contraty 
ihcTcirnin ir uny wlitr nniwiihftunding ; niK owlrtnning 
hereby the iiNigc of Any Church out of the kingfs iDAjuly'* 


ACI DibSOLViNG THE CHANrKlES; vp. 1617. 
1 Edward VI, cap. li. | 

Lc«i*tATioh witli rctbH 14 «h*ntric* bc^n in iheycAr tsi^; the 
wir vphh Fnni^c (^^Jting for monetary fiiftpbn, «ft \*a 1,53 Jfcn. VJJI. 

xcrcrufly uibijipplkd. unit t^e^in^ ihcm rn i.tjv khif Tlii- tJu? Icrm ofhitj 

lltr rnmmiiiKlDrt?ri wrrr appoinTrri In irii]i]lrr intn rhr pnrvf«««^«i 

of vhiiiitne*» but il »b(.in« tluubtFiil (i »iiy wrre iclually hupf 

(ill 1517 1 when the Icflloivmg Aci vtu poHcd.itie prcvfou* A<t havuig 


t^TiVftScr Suutcfi <if tbp Ruin. rv. •4,] 1 

1'h« king's meat loving BubJccU, the Lards fpiricuaT and 
lemporsl, and th« Cotnmont, in ihU pr^4ont Patliamcni 
ftncmblcda ojnf^iJcrinje thnt .1 ^cr^l ^uri of ittipcriiiijon am) 
crror» in ChrL'^tJan rclrgion has been brought into tUtt~ 
minds and estiraahoriK ul inen, by rvn^on of the i^notft 
of ihdr very true anii p<?rfcrr ;;il\',irinTi rhfoiigh ilie di^JLth 
J(.>|]H Clipihl. Jiiil by ticrviMug ;ird phiintiAing turn iipiriio 
cf purfaciiiojy Aiid mj»c» suti^Actory, to be done for then) 
which l>e departed, the which <ioctrinc :ind vain optmon 
by rmhmg more IS miiintiiint'd and tr[}hi"ili.lcn. tti«n l>y th 
ubu»e \ii UcTilab, diiittric^, and oltier proviHiona iiLkdc fi 
the c:>ntinunncc of the Mtd bbndncn and igrtonincc; An 
further convidering and tinder^taniling, ih:it i\\t alteratio 



cbin^c. and nmc-ndmrn< of the sanic. und convciting to 
good and j^odly uki, as in erecting of srammar sMrJ^ooU 
lo thtf educaiitjn of youth tn virtue and godlinesfl, Ihts 
fiinhcr augironiing of the Uiiv*nUi«, and belter prori*io« 
for :hc i^ooT n\Mi nccOy, caiinin, in ihia prciciu Pailiaiiiciii. 
be provided and conveniently done, nor eannot nor ojj^l 
lo hax^ any other manner person to be committed, than to 
Uki- king'a highneaiv irlioae maj»u>\ with And by ll^e advJE^e 
of hi* hi'chncn'i most prudent council, cfin ^nd will nioit 
widely and bcnctieijillr, both for the honour ol i'lOcl ind 
the weit\ of this hw nujesty"* re-iUn, order, alter, convert, 
uiid disijoae liie lajnc. 

And calling further to tbcir rcmcmbmnce, that in the 
PafKflnnciii holden at Wcatmmstct the «evcEi and thirtieth 
jreu of the reign ofourble sovereign lord King Henry VIIJ, 
father to our most dre-id »nd naliiraJ sovereign lord thf 
king that now r^ it was ordained, enacted, and eslabliAhcd 
aniui^git oiht-r things, t>k;it all and singular eollegea, free 
rhapels rhanffles, hospitiiU, frfltprnitfe*, broihcrboods, 
guildf, At\d othei promoiioni mentioned in the sjiid former 
Act, bad or mode lo have continuance in perpetuity for 
ever, and (lien being, or that had or ought lo be contributory 
or ckun^tublc lo tlic payment of the Tirst-fruits and tenihi; 
Accotdins lo the law« nnd statutes in that bchalJ had aod 
vmxde, by 4.-hot n^imcj -itirnamc, degree, or corporation ihcry 
or Alt)' of ilietn were founded, ordained, etcabbihed, erected, 
nan)cd. l^EIcUp ur biu^n, and aXl and iitiigLilar tUe tnin^iion 
hou»C9, maoora, orchards, pardon », Tanda, icnenienta, 
pijuturet, woodE, v,iCcn> rcntSi reverftionnj ncrviccfli com- 
mons, tilJies, pensions, [Kirtinn^s. rhurfhc*, chapel*, advovr- 
<HTii}, nomiiiaELoni, patronugCFt, annuiues, ri^^btv, intene^tu^ 
CBtricfl. conditions, Iccta, courts, liberties, privileges, frnn- 
chiHCR, and other hereditameniR whalEocvcr, then apper 
raining or lieloaging, or tbnt rliri apprrtjiin or belong, or 
were assigned or appointed to any such college, free chapel. 


Their po* 

■ticuld be 
givf n to 
ihr hinff to 
lie dcvQitil 

Rrcini of 

,*1 lUa. 





naruMEi^TS jllvstrath'E of the (lxvui 


chantry, hospiisl, fraiomity, l^othcfhikod, fuild, sttpendTary 
pricat, or other the said promotion^ or lo flny of ihcni, or 
accepted* known* cr ulccn a» patt, pjircci, or mcnib«f of 
thrm or of any of ihvm, and id the taid alleges. chantriM, 
free <liA|>cib, Ito^piljilii, fialcrnitica, Lrulhcrfiuuil), guiltlx 
tlipcndiary pricsis, or oihcf promolion*, or \o nnj oftbcni 
unilc<l or annexed, which between the foanh day of Febnuty 
in ihe Mrveniind'iweniieth year tit !he ^aJtl larc king'* rdgn, 
and ibc five^nd-tffcnlicih day of Uccciiilwr in ll'-c thirty- 
»evonth of his gr«co^ t<yp\ by reason of jtny cnuy, 
expuUion^ t>a^^ii, >;»]«, feoHineni, (inc, recovery, lcn««, or 
oilier tdnvcyanc'c llicrcuf n\^i\c. •w\:rv. HiwHilvt-d, ik-e<:nnined> 
or relinquished by itoy of the w^ys, mcana, or conveyances 
mentioned in the said Act, or oiherwue, other tJiAn sudi 
of Ehem u itirn were in itic pomcciion of the ciid bee Icittg, 
or that were granted or n»Uted by hi* liccnc:c ngrcemeilC, 
consent, or Icilcn paient to any pcrion or penioni, or ihcn 
had Uwr lawfully obtained or recovered by any person by 
^ny former riyht or Ullc, wilhoui fraiTrf or rntfn, o« by the 
king's licecici:. shijuld fioiii thenceforth, hy aulhoriiy of 
the same former Aci, be adjudf^cd 4^nd deemed, find ftl*0 
be in the very aciu;J and real pobaei&dion and seitin of ibe 
flaid hit kinf^ and of hia htrirs and succc&sari for evrr^ in 
03 luge and aj[i[>1c nionncr na the KAid prictU, winlenot 
Tnaslcrs, n)ini«ier&, governors, rulei^ or other incumbcfitt, 
or any of them, or the patroniy donors, or founders of any 
of ihftn, at any time sinte iht hjiid fuuithduy of FeUiULry in 
ihc twenty acvcnth year aforcwid, had cc^cupicd or enjoyed; 
or th<jn liad oceupied or enjoyed the lame, and as though 
all -7nd ?ingubr the nid L-ollt*ge*, chaniric^ hu»jiitalt, free 
duipeU, I'ral^rnitiei, biulhcihuuU^, f;u]ld«» &nd other llic 
said promotions and the *aid manor*, hndii, tenemenu* 
hereditaments, and oihcr' the pren]i«c« whauoever they b^ 
and cvt<ry of them, b;id been in the taid former Act 
>pccially» partLculivly. And certainly rchcantcd, named, and 



cxprrBcd by ciprcsri wortSc, namct^ siirnamct, corporaiioiu, 
titles iri^ fji^ultiu. 4nc] in their natuial kind?^ ^nd ^ualllics ^ 
Uh: »A]d cntri^^, cxpuUiontk Uii^ainti, silc», Tine?, fcuffnicnt^ 
recoveries, or other aKtLirajii:c aii<I conveyance wlijiuocver 
lhc> wcri?, had *ir rnadf? [cirqit brfnrc, \x\ the former Act, 
excepted) Id the ixonUjiiy cioiwiliuUn^iEig. 

Ard nfhcrc £l]40 il wu enacted and j^nintcd lo the uid 
lAte kiBg, by ihe uJd fornr^^r Act^ ihAi the Rim? Jnte Un^ 
during tiU DaIufaI life, mj^ht muki; auil ilirt-a hts com- 
mioion and oomuistioni under hix great jicnl. to enter iDto 
StU and singuliir Auch and aa many c^iantne^, fret; chApeJA, 
ho«picals» €Xf,\\rgt5% and orhcr the promociDn^ nenrionrd in 
tile sud fom^cr Act, 4nd int^j oU and ainKuJaf tuch iRangrs^ 
monsicKU, housef, miriUu, lands, tenements, ponurei, woods, 
wsurg, TttiAA, reveniont, Korviccv, potntOKioni, and other 
herrdirameiu^ «liaisiH.-v(^r, ur intu any pun or |)arccl ilitrfeuf. 
in Lhc nAiEiCi &ciaii)» und ixjs3C!»«]on of atl ttie hcrcdiiaiucnti 
anneiccd, united, bclonxiniI> or nppcrlaininK lo any etuuitry, 
hottpiui, free chapel, cotlcgf. fntemity, brotherhcjctd, guild, 
t>r uihcf llic KiiU promotiiitih, tir h'Jiereuf nny priott, provuiia, 
fOvcrD0r«« rtilcr»4 or other i/itumbentu of ibem ur of any of 
tHem, by wlwt name, *ufoanie, d^ree, title, or eorporation 
ihty ind t-very cf tUem or ;iny of them were found«l, 
csGCted, ordained. e%ubli>hedp rtamcd, caited, ut known, 
Chtn hid or cnjovcd, or ihnl hcre^lci should huve or enjoy, 
10 the caid chantnc^ hotpitai^, ftce chapels, colleges, iraier< 
nttin, bmibrrfioo<U, i;uiUU, nod nthtr the laJd primiDiioni 
that then wurc char^;cablc to the paytucni of the first-fruits 
«fld (cnths, and aU coDcgea thai worv cliai^c^abk or nc>l 
chargeable to the «[d p-iymcnt nf rhe fimi-fruTM: anci renih« 
aa b aforesaid, ur to any of them, atk :ilii?u]d be noined, 
cvpraaedt and appc*mttrd in tbc- tRime commiaaion or 
COmmidonit, and to ncvj.^ and titke the f^anu chantnas, 
iKapilaK colteyes. free chnpHs, fr;ileruJEiea, l^rullierhcxKli^ 
guildik and other the >aid promotional manors lunda. tcnc- 



firaa ta 
Ihcffby l« 
tnicf upoi* 
Uii(]» (jf 


1C47. nients. and oihcr the premises m^ntbnfd in the did Cooi' 
mititon ta commi^jions and in every of thciTi, and every 
part, paroel, and member of the uroen into the king's possci- 
sfon ftnd hand«, to hAve and to hold the vanie to th^ said 
laic ktng and to Ms hdrs and ^ut-cimuift firi cvi't ; at by 
Ihc ^id fonnci Act, amonj(«l other thin|!:3, more aX bi^ 
appear! ; 
! flian- Ir iH now oriUined and *nart*fd by the king our fioverffgll 
d"ihcif" '^'"^* '*'*^ ^''* ^"f"' "'^ ^bc Lords and Cainniua» in thi* 
M«i- prencnt Kirliamcnl aswmblcd, and by the authority of th* 
inriu"" ***r^** '^^=^' ^" marmci of collcfjct, free chapeU, and choo' 
wirdVJ- tries, Iiavlng liccn cr in ftic within five yean neat Ijefore 
tlic fmt day of thia present Parlianietit (which were 
ftctiial and real poFi«eK«icHi of ih« laid late Inn^, nor m 
nctuni and real poxteoion of the king our «o^-erdgn lord 
tJiat now is. nor e:vccptcd in tWtuid former Act In Jbnn 
abovesaid* olher itian nuth oij-b) iht biig'i commiuiona ui 
form hereafter menHoned sK:!)! T>e ullcrird. tranapofl^d, W 
changed), and all mjinnn<, l.indi, Irnomcnrv, n^nU. tiih«t, 
penuona, portions, and othci hereditament! and thingt 
above mentioned, hclongmg to them or any ol then, and 
ftUoalL manon:. lat^ds, tenements, rtnu, nnd oiho- hercdit*' 
mciLtx und ihlngi alxnc [iicntluncd, by any manner of 
assutanct, conveyance, will, deviM:, or otherwise had, made, 
tunercd. know]ed|;ed or declared, given, a^ii^ed^ limited 
nr fippoinird, lu the finding of any prie«l, to have QOil- 
tinLi^ticc For evcr^ and wherewith or whereby zxij priest was 
fusUmed, maintiuned, or found within hvo yeora next before 
the firat day of this present Pnrliamcnt ^whirh were nor ia 
iliL M[ual j.nd rcnl pc»i>e%ston of the n^id Inlc kin^, nor 
in the actual and real poaaeflAion of our boveTi:ij;n lord tbe 
king lli^t nout h). and also dW anniinl ix-nu, promts, and 
frmolumrnrji, .nt any rrmp wilhin five yi3n nni Ix^ore the 
beginning of this preient Paxljament. employed, (Mud« or 
b«ttowcd toward oi lor the maintennne^ luppottation, or 

ucviii] JUSTORY or THE ESCUSif CIlURai 


finding of any stipendiary prioat> iiUcnded by any Act IWT. 
or writing to have oontinurtnce for *iv^, fhnll, by ibe 
-lUthon'iy nf :h*v prrspnt P^iTliarurm. immr<Jwidy after ihc 
fcul of ICastcr next o:inimE, be adjudged and dccmcdi and 
af&o htf^ in the very ;L<:tu:kl and real [70k>.u«iciu und B«isin of 
the king our sovereigTJ lord, and Tiis heir* and ftiin'Cfisor^ for 
ever* «itl)QUl any oH^cc or other inquihitfiin thereof to be 
had eir found, nnd in ns larpc and ample manner and form 
aitbe pncsb, warden:!, matters, ministcrb, governorf. rulcti, 
or other Jnctjmbi?iit8 of ih^ni or any of them* >i nny lime 
tnthiii five years not before: the bcKinning of tliii pr^ftcm 
1'a.TJtainenlT had, occupied, ot enjoyed, cjr now Iiiib, ociiu 
p^4?fi or enjoyi the same, and 14 though oil and ^ingtrlar 
the ftM^r^eA, free cli»|>clii, i^liaiiLnck, ^li[lcn(]f^, iflliuieiii nf 
prie)t3, and the uid manori, landa, tenements, heredJla 
menls, and other tlie preuiiics wbaUn^ver they be, and 
evtry of :h<?in, wen? in this pf«<&enT Act «»peeiaUy, |)arlicularly, 
and uenaiuly ivhc^jised, iMmed, a[ul cjiprcaacd by cuprtu 
words, namcfi. %urnantc«, corpor^Llicni^ titles, and focuLiics, 
and in iheir r:inEurei, kinds, and qtia)itie«. 

And over iluit, be il uidaincd and cnaclet) hy the authority ?o wfth 
of thia present I'arlmmciit, tliat vrhcic tj\y itittnurs, hnds, [^fj^J**^ 
tenements, itthcs, pensior^ portions rcntf, pro^ta* or oihor for ihc 
heradtianient>s ^Y s"y manner of acsumnec, conveyance, ""^"^7?' 
«flj, devise, or otherwise, il any tinic hen:tofore hM\^ made, prirwi* f^f 
sulTcrcd, Itnortlcdt^, or declared, were fiivcn, a^si^ncd, or J','^'"*''^'' 
appointed, Co or for the niairicnarLce, lustcntaiion, or finding 
nf oue priME, nr di^cts prftyir*, fiir term of ct-nain yoirt yet 
conlEDWnil. and th;it any ptie^t hii« been maintAioed, 
Btuiaincd, or found with the t^uiic, or with the iev4:nii(;4 or 
profit! thereof, wichin five jrani lost pnst, ihnt the kinp, from 
the said Icsat of Boater next coming, ^hall lia>c and enjo7j 
In every bcl^alf, tor and durinj^ a1) auch time to come, ev< 
cuch ind Ulce things, tencmeniK, heredLtamcntt, profits, 
cmoZvinenl!!, u tlie |jrie»t or ]iric4» ought ur should btve 

■J* or 

from ^ 




but icvfff- 


cxpil> of 
the Icna. 


Lflfrdi. the 
v;hijtly for 
ia king. 

had for or toward liia or their maintetuuKe. siuienancc, ta 
findm^, ^id for n<> longer or further linic, nor for ftny cth«r 
piofiT, idvmt.-ig^, or commodity ihercof to bc talwti. 

rtovidcd always, aiid ii ia urdaincd and enacted by tbc 
authority of thta present Paitmmcnt, thai when nnd u 
sopn ELS the time auigncd for the maini*;nancc, AittcntAliocv 
PI (lading of lUv |iricM ui |jii»la htiall he t^x^irrd a^xt nirii 
that then it shdJI be lawful (o every pcrton and pcnKuia, 
to whom any manors, lands, tencmetiis. litheu. portknu^ 
pciulont, rcnu, and other licrcditnmcnts. ot any of ihcm. 
should have bclorgcd or appcruincd if the uid Conner 
Act and thid Act hud never biwn had or rvide, to enter 
into^ lakv, pffc^ivc. hii^-e, and enjoy (hr same, ivlthoui any 
maiJEicr of hvcr>, Ouster k main^ pclitioii, or ottici ttuil 
to he made to the kin^r, in like manner, form^ ;ind condition* 
to all irients, contitruction:;, and purponUf a« though the h 
mid fonnr-r Arl and ihi<t Att had never been had of imde^ f 
and ail ihuu;^!] the kin^ h^ never had any seisin or |)oue»- 
«ion thereof; Arylhing in the said former Act, or jd ihifl 
Act, to the conEntry in ony wise not with standing. 

And be it nrdained :ind enartcd by ihe anthoritr nt ihi« 
picscnl i^arliauicnU lluc ihc king our sovereign lord, his 
heirs and vucccstors, Irom the said iesaX of Easter ticvt 
cominp, *hflU have, hold, percvive, and enjoy, for ever. aU 
bfidi, tenements. rcntN, bmA oihei hereditament)) which iyf 
any manner of aaaurAncc. conveyance, will, wilU derise or 
oihirrwiM, ai any time hcrciolOTG had, made, fluFeied, 
knnwlixlgrd or decljired, were given, Assigned, or appoint^ 
lo £o or lo he employed wholly to the iinding or main- 
tcnonce of any onniveieary or obit, or other like tbin^t 
intent, or purpose, or of any liglil or lamp tn any church 
or chajicl, lo hsi^e continuance foi ever, which has been 
kept or mamt^tjncd within live ycar^ next hcfoic the said 
fim day o^ \h\& preeeT^t I'artianveni. 

And also Th^ii where hm |Kiti of the tssncs or rcrenuc^ 




of Any manoK, lancbir tcnnrtfitts TfTita^ or oUier hercdiEn* IS<7. 

n)«n:3 hoa, by anj of the w.1y^ or mciim ibovcsaid, bocn ^'**2?* 

giicn. A&si^Encd, orappomicd Lo bo Eic^toAcd oe employed i^^^^ ,1^, 

to the finding or maintenance of any anniversary or obit, fwri-i"u(» 

or "ihcf like (hinf^, imcrif, nr piiqirnsr^ or nf Jiny hghl oc ,„ ,^, 

Iflmp in any chuith or chapel, and to hnvc continuance for devowd 

^VZT, thm tlien i>ur -did acvcrd^n lord Ibc king nhnll, from 

ihfr laid fctivt of Baner iie>t coming, for ever, hat^e. itercei^c-, 

anrf cnj[>y every Mirh sums of monej", thjt, (n si^y one year 

wjthm five years nc^ before ihe hnx dxy of this present 

Parhiiment, ha* titen expended and beiiowed about the 

finding or maintenance of any s«ch annivertflr)' or obfl, or 

other Like \hxt:\g. intent, or ijui|x<be. or of JLiiy Ij^-lt or Um£K 

to bim, his bcm and successors for ever, aj: a rent cbaq^ to 

be |ttid T^Arly at the featti of St Michael the Archangel 

and the Annunciation of Our Ijtdy Si, Mary the Virgin, by 

even portions, in the king'^ court of the AU|;rii<:JUAtiuii» and 

revenue* of his crown, or in &ny other court or courts, as 

the king herealer «hAl] appoint- And that it fihftll be Vow<:f 

lawful lo oLir viid Hjvereit'ti kffil the king, bis hrirs and [JjB(fJ|"jn'fJ^ 

mKiTCSSOrs, for non-payment of any such sum or sum* of ilip icnC 

mcKiGy, to ditlrain in the said manor*, Innd^ and icnenicnis, ^^f^^ 

or the iuue« and revenues whi^renf <he «tid anniversary or ihtrcot 

objc. or other like lIxJiiK. ctr uny such tight *>t lamjj, wis 

found, sufaiained, or mainlaincd. And that for luck of 

<ut¥ici«nt difctrcis^. in or upon »ny of the premises whertof 

any of the wiVI yearly n^m*i nr inmti of mnnry ^hniilH he 

paid, by ihe sp-ice of «nc n^onib next after that any cf 

the c^id nrnia should be paid, and l>e not \m^ within the 

mid month; thai ihen it thrill be lawful lo and for our 

soTcicisn lord the kln^. hi*i heir» and successors, by virtue 

of thm praent Act, to enter inco^ and to have and posscas 

at much oi the bnda, tenement*^ and lieredi laments^ whereof 

tile Aid rtmt or rrnts should he levied or paid, a* the rent 

oc rents that should be levied or paid out of the miiuc doea 




Burn ibf 
Umpt, or 

CiKl to Ihr 

Tmin fof 
ibr mnnry 

or «}iil) amount ur r^me to rn yeatly vafu^, and itie sim 
land^ iciiccticnt), iind hcrcditan tenth EO hold and kccp» and 
to haty; to our ftaid sovereign lord ihc kinfti his hcirt aitd 
OBign} for e^-cr, or for «uch eitattf ai our tover^t^ lont 
llic kiny, liK ht'Tts ur !*ut-€c»uini, bati, or oughl Uj lave I 
of or in (he Mid rcnl or rcnU. 

And it » atto ordained And enacted by ttie ouihority 
lhi« prfupnt P.-irlum^-nr, Thai our sotrrffign lord *hc kin 
yhAX, fnoiii the ^jid fcj^t of t^lcr ficxt comiii);, tia\«; per- 
ceive, and cnjuy all and sin^ulur auch h\Xir\^ of moncyi 
profttft, <oniD)oditTCfi, and emoltimcniSt vhich, bj* virtue otf 
any manner of assurance, ronvpyatirc, rLrmjicftiiinn, wiL 
devise^ or oihcrwisc. heretofore hare been given, aan^cd, 
liniit«dj or appointed \o have continuance lor ever, whocta 
In suiy one year vitbin five yean next hefone ihe bogii»nin| 
of this |ire^rni lUrliamcni, liavc been i^fd, U"MontJ, or 
employed by any manner f>f corporation*, ^iM», U^ 
niti»> compuinicr!, or Mtow^hipA, or mystonrf, or critfi^ 
Any or rhcm, being \t\ KngUnd, "A'alcs. and ottier tlie klng^ 
dotriinionis or by the innblcnit wardens, i^ovcfuoix or Otlier 
otfiocTi or niiniatcrs^ or by ihc master, warden, ijovcmor, 
or other o^cr or mintster of themr or any oE them, toward 
or about the (irttling. mainren.ince, or MiMlenUlion of jm 
prieil or [^lcsLi, of any ai;ni^cnary or ol.iit. lampL li 
or li^htt, or other like thing as i^ aforesaid, Eo our sai' 
tovcrei|cn lord the king« h\% hein and »uecc«soK fdY 
til be [Mid yt-arly as a ront-t-bjrgc ot Ihtf fcsMs of S-ii the Archan^i:! and the Annunciation of Our L^di^' 
by even poriion^i in ihe kin;i'« court of ihc au^cntAtionv 
and revenue* of his trrown, or in any other conn or courr 
03 the kms heieafier ^hall appoinL 

And tlinE it aliall be lawful to our eaid Aovtrci^ri lord 
the king, hit heint &nd xuccct«orVf for non-payment of an/ 
tutrh lum or aLunnt of money, profit, couutiotlfty or emcd 
mcnt, or foi rM>&-|uiyincDt of any of ibcm, to diotrain in 



&J1 tlie manoTJi, bndi And Icncmenu of every audi cnfta, 
corporaiJojis, gnilds, rniierntliea, compnnicsr oi fcLtovKhip* 
of mytlcrJct or crafu, of any of thctn, by whom, or by 
Uic nuiMera, wanltns. govrrnors, or otiic: (T^icc^ti or miriiV 
IC». or muter, vrardcr^ governor or niinjstcr, of ihc which 
uvf «uth Bum or ituinB of nnoncy, ^toUX, eornmoduy, or 
emoZftnnciil have or hau bocn paitl, bcsrowcrf, or tmiiloyed ; 
iiid that all jTit) cvitry of tlw viul Kuin> of mortcy, giroliU, 
commodaie^, And cnioIum<nt:i ihall from the fcavi of Easter 
next coin^n^, withoui nny manner of mquinition ca office 
to he had nr foimrt, h?* judged and dciemcd lo be in the 
actual und ical pcKKcs^ion of out siid sovereign lord the 
bng. in hke manner and form io jfl intents, conslruciions^ 
and purpo*e% m if ihe wme had heea |iaiiicularly and 
iipcciiilly nicnlioned in this [iie^^nl AcL 

And furthermore be it oTdnmr<i And enacted by the 

aulhonty aroreuid, Ihnt the king our aovcrcign lord shAlk, 

fiioni ihfl ^id fon*t cf E^tter f»e»t coming, have and enjoy 

to him, iiif, heif^ i.\\<\ BU(;L;eMors fui ever, ull rraU'nrttieK, 

brotherhood^ and jniildi, beiiiK vithin the rcilm ^f En^and 

and Wale*, And other the king"* dominion* ; and a(l manor*, 

bndftttenemenis^-tjidifthifr herHliiamenti ^>(.-lon^ingioThein 

er any of ihcm- othct diAn such corporulioris, guilds, fra- 

temitiet, companie*, and fellowships of mystetic« or crafts, 

and dm ninnort, bntl*, ieo*rmenf*» and other hetcditamcnt* 

pcrtiming to the bAid t.ui].'uiutiunv guiiUx, ri^TrrnLtiu. cutn- 

ptnics, and fellowRhipfr of n:y«tericH or cnf^e above men' 

tjoned— and ihil] by virtue ol ihle Act be Judged and 

dwmeil in the artnal and real ptKiMftton erf our said (ove- 

rdgn lord the kJnj:. his beiri and succc^wni, fmm ihc said 

fcutof Kamerncxt cotnm;!;, for e^er, without any inquisition 

or office Uicrcof to be had or found. 

And abo be it oid^incd ami marttd In- ih** aiJihf^rhy 
aToresaKi.ihflt our said sovereign lord the king.hi»hdis and 
lUTCCsooT*, 41 hl» and iheir wiU atid pleacure, may direct 





fictoJi. And 

CLVon tc 

kioiicn ta 



irrtii'd in 



1E4T. hU and Ihcir oommlfslon and <:ommU«ffln* under the 

and tliat the ^mc commit--! Joel cm, f>r two of them »t tb« 
iaaai, shall Imte 1u[J powtrr and iiutlioniy by virtue of thii 
Art, and of the vitd rnmi»»uilrtT», as well co ftHtnry ftU and 
sjngulp-ir hy coipoialLon^, guilds (rdiCfnilLc», companici^ acd 
FtfUowstijps of mystcrtca or craft* incorporalet and evay of 
Ih^iV jis all <ilh«r Ui^ taicl frat«niJLies, Uroih«thooda, And 
guilds wiihin ilic timitsof chcir cotitinisMon ti> ilicm directed, 
and aU the cvtdciiccf, compcaitiont, books of account^ and 
other wtiEirga of every of them, to the intent Ihertby to 
know vih^x monty jind other ilttiig*^ was p^iifl or W^covcd 
Lj ihe liiidiii^ oi itiaiiitcnance of any piic^l of pricfU, annr 
vcnary or obit, or other Itkc thinic, light or bmp, by them ^ 
or any of them ; » also lo inquire, veurcl), and try by all ■ 
sucli wnyi am! means as lo thtri) sh.ill be ihsu^lit tnctn 
and cvnvciucnt, what manors, Luidb, tct^cmcnts, rcnta oad 
Other hcrcditnmcnts, prorit«, conninodLties, ctnolutncnt*, •nd 
other ihingn, he given, limited, or apjioinicd to our fiakl 
wvcrcitjn lifH ihr king by This Atl. wUhiii the limiw t)f , 
Ibeir comniMion, fl 

Andabo that the stinc eommissioncrf, or two of ihcni' 
flt the Icau, by virtue of ihiK Act and of the eommiwioit 
to llLCTn directed, shall have full power atid authority to 
ouSi' *^ " ^*'Sf>. and *hnll appoint (in every such place where guild, 
havff b4|'t fraternity. [or| the pricet or incumbent of any chantry in 4tM, 
"^n"*f the (Jrsi day nf ihii; ptrnpnt Parlirtnii-m, by iht- fntindniion 
Luf ordinance or Lhe first institution tlicrcof, shuuM or ouftht 
K»rtwli?'*^ have kept a grammar school or a prcochcr. and so Iku» 
crrlwiiry done ^Hice ti^e feast oi St. Michael the Archangel Lme paat) 
uL ^ ID ^"^s* icncmcnis, and other hcrcdiumtiiits of cvejj such 
be ikvDtc J chantry, guild, and frattirnity to remain and continue in 
mpU*'"*** Bucciwwon to a schoolnioitcr or preacher tor ever, Vor and^ 
vliooi, toward the beeping of a ^ranimar school or jireaching. an^H 
for such £odly imcnb and puipoaca. and in »udi manner 






And form, aj the «asnc coinmi»sion<n» or Vko of them At 
tbe ]«jLit, ihotl aKHign or appolrt 

Anrf ahrt 10 fnaltc and ord;iin a vicar to luve perpcfHii^ 
lor cvci m cv^iy pariah chiitch. lit fiiM Jay of ihi^ rrc*ciit 
PafUamcui, beinRa colkge, free chopcl, or chantry, or ap 
pfOimateJ. iinnexcd, cr united X<* any colftfg*^, free chapel, 
or cbanu}'. ihai bhall come to (h« kind's hands 1)/ vtrrue 
of this Ace, and to endow every guch vicir suAicicnily, 
havixig rcsipcct to hi« cur« and charge j the same vodavr^ 
ttsjtnx lo be to ev^ry such victr, and to his succpfisots for 
ci«r, niilmuL uiiy other ll<xrTicc or grant of tJ^C king* the 
bishop, or other officers <jf the dioccnc 

And alio the caid commisiiottcTC, or two cif them at the 
leabt, bhatl hjivfr iiutfiuriiy hy force of Ihit Act, (u £i*(<<j);n 
in tvay treat town or p^irf^l), where ibcy shall ihiiik ncGC»' 
safy to have more priceta one, for the rninrgtcnnc of 
ihe sar^jtmcnis v^ithin the ^xjwc tcwn or piirish, landt nnd 
lenetncntifi bdanginj{ to any dmntry, dia|K^I, or sii^vmlkTy 
priest, being within the wmc town or parish the first djy 
oj th'g prcieni FaiLL^imcnt, to be to wch person and pcrtons 
« the aid commis^ionen, nr two of ihcm ai the IrruE, shall 
aaaiffn or appoint li} coniitiue in ^ucceuian fi^r ever, fcir and 
tO«jirii» the sufficient finding nnd moinlcnance of one or 
mote priests within cli^ same town or parish, as by the snld 
tf^mmUdnnrrs or two of rhcm, shall Tw Ifmuj^ht nerr»»iary 
or convcnicnc ; and a» veil io mnkc ordinance? and nilet 
the ser%'ice, user, and demeanour o( every sticli 
and tdioohnaiter, as ls nforesald, to be Appointed, 
fts aUo by whit name or names he and tlicy shall from 
hcnccTorlh be numcd and oilicd. 

And alto that the said commisstoaers, or two of them 
ait the least, stiall have rnll fjower aitd authoiicy, by virtne 
of diis Act and of the said eominissioD to thcitk dircclcd, 
to asi\^ eg vdJ to every dean, master, warden, prm^oat, 
and otbei incumbent and minister of ;iny of the laid 


«rtd for 

the endow- 
mpnl of d 


In pApii- 

Iniidi vf 

■ tUW«4l IIJ 




anatrA to 


«G., ihfell 
be con- 


itaaancv n( 


colkg^a^ free chapels, or chantrie*, being wjtbiri chc Jifnitt^ 
or their coniiDiebion, wtiidi bGrc«ft«f shall be difsolvcd oc 
clri^rniinril hy vimir of ilik Act, na to rvriy «tlf>ciu1birf 
piicst and oihcr pric»l whose SolAry the kmg shall be 
cnlitrcti oaio by Ihia Act, aa to every ItfUow and poor 
p^Ron having jea.Tly relief oui of ^x\y of ihc said rolleyci^j 
irec ch«(>d8> or cliaiUrjCTi, beinft wirhin (he liiniu of Cht 
commuhion. such Bcvcnl ^cnily annuilicA, |>cn:^]oiis» oir oiher' 
rceoinpcn»» during their acvcr:il livui, as Iq th<j sime con»-^ 
nil*«orteK» fw iwo of ihem. (hall be thoughT mcci ai 

And over that, ihc uid commiwoncr«, or two of Ihcm M 
the 1cA%c, Kb:il] bnvc full power and authority, by virtue of 

thJK Au and of zhe cr>iiiniisiion tu ihiriii t3if(.n.-:ed, (u im^uire^ 
and tiy lj> »uch w;tyb and means a5 ihcy aliall thir^k meetf 
And convenient, what money, prorit, and bcncSt iny poor 
person or p^noiu by ^inijc of Any convey^ircc, KEtuancci, 
CDirprriilinn, will, dcviKc^ or otherwise bervtofare lud cv 
made, intended or meant to have <:oniinuancc for ctct. hid 
tti «£ijuye(I within fKe yoars nc^i helorff the beginning <A 
ihiH ^r-4rni P^rliimrnt, cuJt of ^xt^ colk^ge, free f^hnpct, 
chuniiy, uii<l other the premises, giteii. lioiitcd, or appt^iLitt 
to ihc king by vhm Ad, being within the hxms of their coi 
mJiMon ; and ihcreiipon Ic make axiignmr^nti and ordert 
!«iH h manner nciH form us a3l and Mn^ubr such uid monvy^j 
])icli[, and Gommodiiy shttll be pajd to \iooi people for ever.. 
accoiciinR to audi taid a^Eurant^ compydiion, will, devi»c^ 
or other thing had or inad<- furthrwimr ; ami rn^uigiand 
n}i[iomt laniJ>i tcn^mcnfir or oiber hcTediumcnii, |Mireel 
the premi»c«, for the maintenance and curitmuancc of the' 
fiBnie for ever; and alio lo appoint to frateirnne*. brotber^j 
faoudi. nnd guiltla, lands, U'nemcntv and hcrcditameni 
paiu:l (jf the pjeini.iOt towards and fur the maimcnftncv 
of piers, jeuics, wailt* or bantv a^iiut (ho rages of the 
Rcit havent, and rreeki. 



And ChU ftO and ongular Annuiden, pcn»oriiit and oih«f 
recomjieniir*! he hair-^cirly pai<t ta the pcnjoni to 
wljoni llif same oughl to be paid, by tlie lung's rem^tf 
for the time bcir^, of bta binda commonly cilicd the vup- 
preiwd londK, or otbcr hu reveaucA, lying in the county 
Of diy whr(r nii^h eoIlrRr, frep rhajirlj Of ch-iniry, or 
othei tlie preiiijsea, given, hmiteci. oi ap^Kjitited to the kicf 
b)f this Act, the firbt dfiy od this present I'arliatticni were or 
remained, wUhour uny lt*c or rcwaid ihcreforc i« br paW, 
ibe 5nl jiAymeni Uj hrgin at the fcisl of St Midiad the 
Arcbangcl next coming ; and th^ii every sucb rccciTer, upon 
lu( Bccuuni, >haM ha\*e full and du« sHowance of ii\ such 
flimirJtiCfs pensions, and other r?compensL't: hf him pAid* by 
virtue of any luch a^si^mcnt (o be m^^lc by ihc uiid cam- 
miuionerrif ot two *A them at the least. 

And it II ordained and enacted by the authority cf this 
prrM*nf ParhnEtirni, ihil tht* iflid romminiom^rK, and every 
of ibcMv tluiL ikJull take upon him ibc exet^uiio:) uf any of 
the uid commiftiton*, shnll be hounds ns he will :insvrci 
before God, to cxccure the commission to him and other 
diretm!, brnc^dally lowardi the dpims mAHprs, wardens, 
provgnts, and other iiicumbeiux and mini^Ects ufore^nud, And 
tovonld the |>oor peoplCi cunccrning the wiid aubi^nicnls, 
&nd ftlfco toward the msiinicnance of piera. jetii*8. wall*, 
md hanki a^pinit the rngBs of the ftcs, hftvenSj and 

And that all manner of aaiignmtntB and ordmanoes to Iw 
the raid rnminls^onern, i:>r ivfo of th?nn nx the lo-isi. 
jfjcd Lmclcf thrif uraU. or the fir-alt^ of iao of them 
ft! the least, into the kmfc'* court of the aufpnenution* and 
rei^ntict of hiB crovrn, or to inyothercoiirt or coun^by the 
ktn(;'« majesty rn he nin<1c^ nr asi^igned, diaCI h^ virriK' of rhiH 
Act, and oflhc >aid commi^ionA, he ju good mid elTc^lual tn 
Ihff lawj to all intenti, comlructroM, and piirposea, bb though 
ihc umr had been assign^ And ordained by Aurhortry of 





tnd lor tii« 

Anc« of Ha- 


fUTVC of 




Ko Annuity 


more lliOTi 



A pcnAJon 
'lali f rue 

motion 10 
. bcucr 



litis fniucni Pdrliamciit, by cjijireas and Apt vrur^, 
nn<l BcntvnCM. 

Provided filbo, ififlt itufh ^nuUI«fl, pensioni, or 
rrt^miiriiKcs ihat llic mid fnmmissloiiera, orfli^oT' 
^hall ouign or appoint to be paid yearly to Any auch dean, 
maai«r, w^'itdcn, govctnor. or other inconibent, l^llow, or 
rainUtor, ^^\\ noi extend tf> any more clfr^ir yearly viloe 
ttuti AUch dc^irt, iiia»ter, wuitlcn. provost, govcrnoi, oi other ^ 
mcumbt-nt, fcUov, or minialcr, or hi» prcdccc34or. lawfully " 
iiad or enjoyed in money, nic»!, drirlr, Ijvery, or allowAnc? 
(if ihp same yraily, wilhin fivr years next before the begin- 
ning of ibis present rv^jli'amcnt 

Provided al&o. i\\^K \i any of the said masftra. wctrdcnvfl 
provobt*, governors, oT nth^rincumbtrnt?, fellows, o: minisicrj, 
nbfill At any time IteiejifteT during Ills life he promoU^U by the 
kii^g to any benefice or other Apiritua] promotion, being of 
a better dear yearly value ihan hcs itaid &ni>iii:y or peniioo 
or other reconipcnse ^hall bt^ of; thai then the annuity, 
|>eniiiun. ot other recompense lliat >\ny such Uc^n. iiustcr,^ 
warden, j^ovcrnor, provu!it, or other incumbent, icIJow, [or] V 
minister thnt ihaU be «» promoted shall h;ive, (hail inmo- 
dbit^ly ^t?r such promotior) \\a^. cease aiid ulleHy 
let- mine. 

Arid be it ordained -tnd enacted hy the authority of this 
present Porb'-imeni, ibie ili« iiuid coinmiKiioners. or two x£ 
Ibcrn at the Icail, lu whom any coiniiii&sioii by v in tie or 
niuna uf thi» Act bhall be directed and dcbvcrcJ. ahall be 
bou^d, upon the forfeiture, every of them of x hundrtd 
jioundv iitmnVr ce^t^fi^^ate under Ihuir ieali, or the seatt 
of two of thein At the IcAst. Into ibe saiil i:ourt of ihc 
augmcntntiona and revenues of the king't crown^ or into Any 
other ccMin, a* ia aforesaid, wiEhln one year next after Xht 
coiLii;iifrtiioa to IhcTit directed, of nil manois* lands, tenc* 
mcnta, rent». tithca, portionn, peni^ion^, herediutnci^t:;, And 
recompenses, by the same comiikl^^ioners or iwo oi' t 



osai^neJ or a;)poinlf d 10 any of ihc tiK^ micntfl, or purposes 1^' 
above mentioned. 

And fii*o be k onJimed and enacted by the atithortty of Tho Irioff 
liiis pii'ient PaTliiriiciU. duit uur auvciviKii loiU ilic 'iJ"^*"^^""* 
aluli have and cri|ov all tvch goods, chartds. jcwch. pl^tc, i>uu, dtc^ 
cmflmcnu^ and other moveables, as were, or be, (he common ^' "*^'y 
goodi of every mcU colI<;ge, (Jiantry, free cha|W. or a!J[ien- *tc. 
<ltary pricsl. bclonsiiig oi annexed to (he furnituic or Kivicc 
of (heir acvcral Jound^tLon«, or abused ot any ot the said 
c«tporaiion« in ihe Abuser afore^ii, the property whereof 
was not at[ere<1 noi changrtl E>cfc)r<c the cit;bLli d;ty uT 
December in the of our i-ard God i S47' 

And It IS albo ordained otid enacted by the auiliority ThedcAx* 
of this prcffc^ni J^arllamcni, ihut all such dcbu and liumfl J'^aii i^*^ 
of money, n^ ou^ht or ^houfdn wflEKiut fraud oi cxivin. here- ^^'^ b> 
after be pflid of Ihc money or good* of any (rf the uid "*' 
COUege*, due or payable by reason of any eonlrjcl, special^, 
or promise l)ad or made before \h^ isiime eighth day. (ihall 
tntly aitd fully be ii^iid by tltc (rca^^Ltrcr of llic kii^s co<irt 
of the augmentalioit!^ and revenues of hiK crown, or by the 
treasurer or receiver of any other ooun io Mfhich any of the 
premises shnlt Ue ajipoirued, of llic kirrg"* titviMire, Ijeing 
in hia OI thcjr handi, with oa convenient apccd as ihc Mine 
may he paid. 

provided al*ayi, and be it ordaired ancl enacted by the EiHpf>oni> 
jiuUiohly afureinid, iliat this AiU "i ii^iy srttcle. tkusn or "'j^^J" 
matter contamcd in the aame, aktll not in any wiic oIcihI ^<.. oue of 
to any colle^ hoKfel, or hall being within cither of Ilie * ' 
Unim^itiei of Canibnd-;^ and Ovford ; nor lo any chantry 
fouTidcii in aT»y of the eL>lkBC5j hotteh. or halls bcirii^ in ihc 
santo Univcr«ilic& ; nor to the free chapel of St Cecirgc Ihc 
Uanyr, titoaie in (he caslle oi Winder ; nor to the college 
calletl 5L Mary's Cl>1I<^c of Winchester beside Winthctter, 
of the foundation of Bishop Wykd vim ^ norlo Ihc collcj^c of 
Blon ; nor to the parish chorch commonly called the Cliap«l 






tncB m 

rvDti, tec, 
Ac., or 


in Llic Sea m Ncwi^ji. wdhin ihc iilc of Ely. in llic county 
Cambridge; nor co Aci)- manors, lEindA^ tcncmcnUr or 
ditoiocntt CO ihcni or any of ihem iwrt^min^ m belonging 
nur Id any rliajxrl tiui<Jo or ordaircfi foi the ea^e of 

chapel uliefifunio iif> Doru Unds or tuncincnts than the 
chtirf'liynrd or a litllv lioutie or closv dot^ bi^lori); or perUin ; 
not to any ntihpclril ■.luir':li or college wlit^fr a t)iftlmE»^ 
9CC i>, viihln tlii» icAlin of Engbnd or WalcK nor lo tbc 
manors^ ]and«, tencmcnCK, or olh«t hcrcditamenu of Any oJ 
thima^ other lo iuch chantrio^, obiii, %tt<«, and Umpi, 
or Any of drcn;, aa ill any litui; vhJLhin Swc. yrais iii^xt bcfurti 
the ttCKinriinjc of this present PArllttmcnt bAvc been hAdij 
UKed, cr ituintaincd vithin ih« Add cdihcdrAl churchcCj orl 
wldn^n :iny uf Lhem. or rtt \\\c kiuei, rrvrnues or profits of 
any of the Mid callicdrul i-huichci, to which chintricsv ohiu. 
lights ^"<^ lampb it LD enacted by ilie autbodty aforesaid 
that ihfi Act ihull extendi 

And II ix cmhinril and nn^rlrdhy ihr AiirhoriTyAl^onceaJd^J 
that our sovereign lord the king, at any time during bis llfe^ 
(frhich God long prcJiervv), may at liia will and pleasure alier^ 
and change \\\i nimc or namc«of all and singular chaQtri«<^i 
andlliefoundatjon^of ibe v-tjne, \x\i\^ inany ofthecollegiat 
hoaccls. or hall> of Any of the xiid universities, aecordintM 
to his godly wi^dorn shall he thouf;ht meet and convenient ■ 

Saving tti all and every p<^^?on and pt^noni, b^iifi poliiicf 
ajid coi^raic, ihcii hciib <liii1 buLuc^^ib, and the Iicli^ and 
succeworsofcvery of them —other than the masCcra.^^^ardciU^ 
ministers, governors, rulers, pnest», mcumbcnu, lellowa, and 
br«thii;^n of (he said cojlrgs, chartrirs, freer chaj^-hi, and 
other the prcmiacitt^i^cn, liinited, or aiipoiotcd to die Icing by ^ 
this Act, and the fiuoc&s£orfi of them and every of them, andfl 
oih«r than tu^h as be or pretend to he fuunden. p^ili^ins, or 
dunoL^t uf die preiiiiacs oi ajiy of them, ur of any p^l or 
parcel [hereof, and the heirs, succcs?tors, andauignu of 





m any of ihem, and tyihfrr than such as Iw or wcr* ffO/Tetrs. 
xtoivciccsy cogiiucei^ grjjiieei, oe devisee* nf uiy of ibe 
pr«oii3Cs to 9t for nny of ibc uacs, purpoati. ct mtcnLi Above 
incnhone<l, or to lh« use of any ol the sud ;:ijllcg^s, fre« 
chAptl«, chantHes, or othei th^ preinteef, given, limfted, or 
appointed by lliis Act to(lic kmg, ur lo ihc iniiriU lo citif^loy 
the rents or prnfiu thereof En the use of the montcr^, rulcri, 
IncumLifnts^ or ministers cf Ihcm or any of Ihtni, and olhfr 
lluin turh person and ftenons and hodieb [lotlllc and Cfir- 
porAtCi ihcir Iicira. lUtcc-aiturJt. mJiiaai^iia, a&<:!atiiior prclcnd 
to bAve e8l«tc> nKlit. tiltc, mtcrcsL, u»c, |>ossc£sion, or con< 
ditiOD of, >n, or to tbe prcmisicB or jmy pan or parcel ihereof, 
by R!tf>tun of any fcaffincnt, 5nc; barigaiti, und 94le, at bj 
4ny cllicr ways, mcanH, or corvcyante to them made of any 
•ttate of inheritance, without the saad late king'K Jicence, 
BSBCnt, consent, or ngreemcni, and wiihoui the lief nee, ASaeni. 
oe Jigreemeni cjf ilic ling'i. nui^ty diAt ntiw f*, by any of ilie 
said dc^na, iri^Atcn, vardcni, miniater}. govcmots* rulers. 
pneatfl, OT ineumbcntfi, or by the founders, donors, or patrons 
of them 01 oi any of them— *U such righr. Title, claim, poa- 
kcsiioR, interr&c. renis, armiiitie^, eommoililict, commons 
officcfl, fee,s, Ic4se3« liveHci. livingi* pemiona, portions. dcbl», 
4luii«a. and other profira, which tliey Or iny of them l:twf^)|]y 
have, nr of nghi ought 10 hnve, or might have had> in, of, or 
to any of the premises, or in, of, or l(j any part or parcel 
dicreuf, in such like manntfr, iurm, iind eondiEicn, to all 
iotemt, respects, con &trua ions, and purposes. <i£ il thii Act 
lud nevef Ijern fa^d or made, and ak iIiolil^]:! the (aid 
chatitriett, colleges, and oilier the said promotions had still 
cofitjnuvd and remained in Iheir full h^in^ ; and saving to 
All and every patron, donor, fnnind^i, or governor of ar»y 
such college, fhantiy. ficc ebapcl, stipcndi^iy prieit^, And 
other the premises, given, bmited, or appoinEcd to the kio^ 
by thLh Act, and the donor, feoHbr, and gii^r ol the aforenJd 
lands, lencmeoE^, 01 licreditanicnts, to them or any of thj?ni, 




iljvcr? of 

may clAlm 



Ac. linJc 
thall br 
undcf Itv 


or to -nny usn or purpoitc* licfcrc mcntkincd, all such rcRia 
8crvtcuft> rents veck, rcnt'Cfaariics, 6»5, ftnnoitks, prowls* and 
Office ; and ali«o nil l^aof^s for urin of life, livci, and ycora, 
whett'iifion the arrtisiomccl rrnl, or mnrr, H rt'wTvrd, jit ihry 
or ftny of ihcm hvrftUly hod, perceived. And cnjc>)'cd in, oau 
QF of Arty of the fiaid promoliont:, or out Of any of the ttid 
land^, tentmrnTs, or herediiiLmcnU, before the flrtr day of 

And over that, it t> ordained and cnartcd by tht tuthoHQr 
of thi» pTct^nt J>aTlianient, that st\] and every perMs and 
perion* being (n hfe, wliirh hnvc or ha* for arj aum of 
money to him or ihcm paid, bar^jiiiicd or »old any inaaors, 
land^T icncmenEs, or other hereditamcnU oToreriaid, where- 
unto the king our sovcfcgn lord ift entilled by virtue of ihi* 
Act, sh.tll repay to Mtch [irrson a» to lioujj;ht jiiiy of ibe said 
inAnoii, lands, icncrticnts, or other |14^^c<]iranlenU, ur to his 
CKCCuioft orrLtsiftnit, upon a rcquc^i ihercfor made* or wuhtti 
three monibi :hen next eiuuing the same re<)ue(t, at mjch 
monr^y as he or they lui^civi^d fur the &ale of anyiliinv tn by 
him or them told; arid for non-payment tbcieofnichpcrv^n 
and pectins as purchased or bovigbl th« uid linda, ten^ 
memt, and ether ihc [ircmiir*, or any petrel thereof, and 
their eicL-uEoia and ailmini^tr^uom, Khali be eivabled by ihc 
auihorrty of Ibis pioficnt I'jrliamcnt lo sue and maintain on 
action of dobE at (he common lav of [hts reuhji^ agajnsi such 
pcnon or prr*mw an vo hnr^iinrd nr sold lo him nr rhom, 
or (o their Ee^tator, any of the pTcniiscs bclon^iaj; to iTiy 
collcffe; chantry, freo ehopd^ or other protnoucn spiritual; 
in vhich action ol d<.'bt no etsoifi, ptoiectjon, or wage* of 
law shiill be aiJtiiined oi ;*1]a«rd. 

And be it furihcr enacted by the authority nforcMid, 
that all and every of the oaid cliantries, coUegct, and frc« 
chapels. and otbi^r the pn^nriK**^. giv^n, lim^fed* or a|^}Ointed 
to [lie kiii^ by ibiA AlI, ^nlI al) the uiaiiAion houscj. inAnuiEv, 
land», lencntcnla^ possessions^ ^"^ bcreUiiamcnt^ and other 



the prtmises, wlwtWKri-cr ilify bt, given, limited, and' 
^^pouitcd to the king by thb Act, and every pan and 
pared of them, which by nuihonty niid vmiic of this Acr 
be vetted. Adjudged, and dccn^cd, or ilull be in the 
kin[£> DiujcKiy'i pcM«e»>ic)n aiid Imrdii, cir which llic king 
shall be entitled unto by virtue of this Act, &bAll be iti the 
order, fe^irvcy, nnti govctnancc ol our sovwciKn loid ihc 
Idng'i court of the? augmcniAiioriE ^ind revenues! of hl« 
ooiTD. or in audi utiier court as the kinj{ at any lime 
hcreaAer shall oieign, name, or appoint, ard so tiliall and 
m*/ I^C gTfinttd, Id, and set to taim by The cbancclior, 
officvrs, nnd minuins of ib-^ same cmiti, ur of any nihrr 
court 90 to be appointed, in such manner and form o^ other 
moncTt. bndo, end lencmci^ts ap|K)mtod to the same- court 
of au^iientaiiocis ard rcvcmici» ol his ^rnce's erown, or 
other court so to be appoinicd, are lo be grnnctd or let: 
and tliAt alt fnrm«> lisuc^, revenues, and profits eomiajt 
and growing of the inme premises, and of every port 
thereof. sh:it] be fnken And received to t!ie kin^i use, by 
lilt: Ciffitern and luJJibtcr^ of tlie sjijitc tourl cr eourU, ill 
nich mariner and form oa is used And had of other ntanors, 
landi, and lencmcnit, and of the iKtuea, revcnue--^^ nnd proEits 
of the Ktme, cunimiiiL^d lo the order, nilr, survey, iind 
gorernance of the aaid eouit cf the augmenlationa and 
revenues of the kiti^'s erown» or any other court so to b« 
appointed ; any Act, naitiic, ordinance, custom, or use 
here^-ifure luidp mode, ia iiiied to the coniiary iiotwitli- 

And ic is further enacted by the authorrly aforeMiid that 
if any of ihe iaid matters, wardens, minitien, nilen, gover- 
aots, pricats, incumbents, or owners of any audi e^llefje. 
ehantry, free chapel, or any cf ih« prcmisea piven. limikd 
or appointed to the king by this Act. or of nny of them, 
ihcc the threc-^ind twtniieih day tif NmiemJicr in ihr 
iliiLty-acvcnUi year of the x^\^\ of the said bic king, have 

mon of' 





m^rff by 

[|lC [OVO^ 

rriit, tbxTr 
be roJd 


Ac-, vrtn 


ftp-. nrV 
UDll*d to 

the ufd 


mode any lean? under h» or ihdr common teal or other^l 
wiflc, Toir term of years, life* or llvct, of iheir uid college^ 
chantries, free chjpcla. or of other the lamc prcmiscB or 
ol .iny pan thereof, or ot any iiuncrt, lar>d&, tcnctnenU, 
pout'KftiiinK, C4 fimrH^tATneniJi whniiiocicr ihey h<^ ID thcin 
or to any of them united or Annexed. bclongi'iK ^^ appe^ 
Uinin^. upon the which Icfiac?^ Ihc uiunl un4 old rcnla and 
fnrmc -tccuslonked lo ^»c yielded And reserved, or more, by 
llic *pnce of iwcntj ycara next bcfoic the n^id llwec-and-j 
twejiiicth dd/ of November, not reserved and yicldi 
shall ht uttoily void and of no«i« eflToct, and that ali ocbcr] 
1ea«e§ And grants heretofore rnad^ of any of the premitM 
gncn, limited, or appointed lo ihc king by this Act, shall be 
as good, avatlflbk, and dfectuaJ in the lav, to all intent)* 
construction*, vid pur|»l«^!& u if this Act had never been 
had or made; anything in this Att, or any other Ai 
hcrclofoic had or made, to tlie contrary thereof in any vii 

Provided alwayi:, land be it further ordained and enacted 
by iJie aullionly afuteNiid, that thi» Act in anything ibrrdn 
contained ehall not extend to any manora, lands, lencmenb. 
posMstion^ or heredt (amenta, which ihe said naaaier** 
inrdens, mir^rsrcrs. ch^niry priesls, mcumbcntt, or otbtf 
the uid ^cvcmois, otTiccrs, ministers, or nilen of il 
preminei or of any of ihcm. ho^ e>r i^. or hereafter 
have, or be posbcssLNJ or beised of, in fee simple, fee 
general or iipecial, for term of lifr, rerni nf year6, or oti 
wise, lo hi* or ihdr ohti proper jsc», by inheritancje 
purchiic, and not being ai any time united or annexed 
hi& Of ttieir taid cotlegcs, Iree cbapt-lfi, cbanirit^, or otbi 
the prcmisoH given, limited, or uppoinied lo the king bfl 
ihia Act; not sIiaZI extend to Any nunon, l.tnd», lencmcnEiv 
poKietsiona, rents, annuities, and yearly pension or pentioni, 
or to any yearly mm or num^ of money, being nol united 
ur jiarcci of any of the &aid colle^ca and other the [inzinJ: 


vxviii] HISTORY OF TtfE ENGUSii UiUIiCfl 


aforc^iaid, or of ary of tbcm, hercloForc gir^n or gmtvted by 
the tuid btf king* or given or grapnicd, or hcrt^ftor 10 be 
gtvm or graritpri hy thr IJnfc our iovrrcign Inrd^ Iti any af 
the :Mi<) <lc«uiv m-utcr^i) wardcDv mim^ktcr^, chantr)' pricn[\ 
tncxtmt«n1s, govemora. or rulvn Ctl Ih* pTtnUbOa or of any 
of them, for term of life nnly, iinrlcr hiH grear «cat of 
England, or under the ml of the c:Qun of ihc .-iu|rnicnU- 
ibom And revenue* nf ihc kinp'i crown, or any other of ihc 
king^E teals of any of hi-i courts ; anything contained in Ihis 
Act 10 the contrary in &ny wise iiotHritlisLandift^ 

Provided aIw a XA, and be ic enacted by ihc authority iLfore- 
•Bid, that ju wcil nil and every (Utron. donor, founder, and 
pver of *ny of ihe »aid promotion* or premise*, or gWer, 
donor, cir fmtfoi of any ili«ir bndi, unemenls. posvruiun*!, 
ov other hcicditamciiL)* m i[\ and cverj person and peT3on», 
bodice politic and corporate, ^vhioh boforc the maiemji of 
(bit Act Uwfolly vithout ^Aud or eovtn had or enjoyed 
any mannrr nf rent nr atljer yenrly pmfiU tn he uken, 
perceived, or had of my chanUica, collcgei, free dapcis, cr 
other the i^remEbcs givon, Itmtted^ or ai>pomied to ihe king 
bj this Act, or out of nny manors, lands, lenrmenia, or 
olbcT pcii«e«4iont of ihem or any of tliein, iih-ill have ind 
enjoy the same in Irke manner &nd form u thoy ihould 
and ought to have done, if the said college*, chantries, free 
ciivpoK And othrr lU^ prrmisrc jjivc^n, !imit(<fl, or afi]viinied 
to the king by this Act. had »till remained and continued in 
tf/f and full bcmR ; anything in this Act mentioned to the 
contrary in any wise notwiTJHinnding. 

Provided «!»?, and be it enacted by the amhoriiy afore- 
aud, ll^t if any Mich ijcrvcmor, ruler, warden, master, incum- 
bent^ minitter, or other, having any of the sAid spiritual 
proanotioni, or incumljencie^ have or «li;i]] coTujioiind for 
lire liiM'fiuita of ai^y buch spiritual prcinotio»s. .iCLurdiji;^ 
to the lawi and ftotutca of this realm, and Ehc dxyt of pay- 
niflnt of any part thereof not expired before the fint day of 


Stc. but 
Croriti-fl by 


F.dw VI 
in toy 
dcona, Ac. 

h^i] real VI 
prcTfiE oil I 

or Any 



d;c .h>rmM 

for t["f- 

fruii* "ccJ 

bA^'iiK of 



IW7, this PaTlinm«nt. ihat all 

10 Us be due and 

uut uf Uec 

into the 
TO be c<m- 

Grini* of 
fhr [irr- 

by lltnrj 

mAdfr. or E« 

or by 

■ball «t*nd 

IS oT money 
|>aya])le since ihr? s:iM fir^t d.iy of ilii* Psilmment 
cca»c ind be not paid, aakcd, or demanded; any 1 
recognitance, nurcty, or othur thing hdd or ttvtdc to the 
contrary rotwiihscanding. ^ 

Piuvidcd Always, anO be ii tnat-ted by the suthoriij V 
nforctnid, ihnt aH ivch rents, KrvJcca, issues* proJits* lod 
other *um* of money p:iynblc out of or lor iiny of the pr#" 
m;!te», or any fjf iImtiti, in ilie kjn£s conn tif hi* Ktfli<qucr, 
^}i;lII continue und be continually 4rd>airly1cued.diaqted, 
or pnid 111 the Mine court* )'n such nmancr and form 
u heretofore: h:i]; been uiird; ftny law, cuiuoni, \it\\lj o1 
jiOMCMitin in ibi? king'* highneK, or othrr ibtriR tn tbc 
contrary nclvfiihitandir»gH and aa though the wiid pron^otions, 
manor). InndtL tenements, ard oLhcr the premises bftd itM 
come to the king's hnndi or possewioa 

And be ri fynhcr enjif ted by the amItoTity aforesaid, tl 
all And cvtry letters patent mode by ihc said Utc King 
HeriT}' VIU, or by tlw kirg't mflje^ly that now iii, of here 
after t'l be- m^de by hi« hrghni^w, to any penon or persons, 
or to any aichbi^ibup ur bishui^ of any uf the auid coltege%. 
chftntrieif free chapcla, or other the prcn■liw^ or aiiy part 
or parcel oF them, or of any hndtt, tenements, or hero-; 
<!itaiitfnis belonging or appertaining', cr ihnt elk! belong! 
or appertain V> Lhcffl or to any of tiiein, and all fines, gifb, 
(Cranio, fcorfmcn;:!, rceoverJes. and nil other a^suratcc^ and 
eonveyaneci thereof had or made |jy ihc a«tcni, coniicnt, or, 
licence umltr iKe great seal of England, uf ibc «id late' 
King Menry V1I1, or of the king'st niajcTiiy thai now n, %o\ 
dry peison or persons, bodies pohtic or eorpomte, by any 
eh,^n^Ty pricit^ master, warden, minister, nilcr, ^orernor, or 
Ctbei bating any of the si^iid promotions, of any of the nld 
colleger chantrica, free chapels, or other llie premise*, or 
any of them, or of ^ny part, parcel, or member of the sat 
«baU btAnd and be in tiieir foKXA and efle^ia, and ^hall 




good artd effectual in ih« law for such pswirt ftrd intcr^KOc IA*7, 
gtvcn^ ^.tTkicJ^ limileil^ or appointed in nny of Ihc gifts, ^H 

gmncsH auuTdiioc$, or cojucyanccs tht^rcof had or made. ^| 

aecordir>^ to their |}i3rport£, form, and niaucr, and accortling ^| 

to iV^ if\\f inif?m and mrjnin^ of thi> «mf a^^iiTBnrrs. ^H 

and «h;i]| be by authoiity of lliia Act good, perfect^ and ^H 

avAilaUe. oa well Against (he king, his ticiTB ind auccotaon, ^M 

4a agnin^ ihe ^-lid rh.iniry fihetta. wardens, macten;, nil^re, ^| 

govcjnori, aiu! other liavm^F any of the »aid prcim[:>tion5, ^H 

and their auecc^Mri and the aueccason of every of them, ^| 

M atoo agamKt tho lounderB, donors, sinJ palrurr^ of iho ^| 

tomr, and ihi* oTdinary nf them pnd nf cvrry of thrin. flnd ^H 

the hein and nueef-^^ors of every of them ; any U'v, Nlotute, ^| 

ordinaneef or other Umig to the coatiniy iheceof notwxiii- ^H 

itinding. HI 

And wlitriT dlven and tiindry M^hopAr ^^ns, «Kli-Thrrc>t«vr 
deAf:or^a. itcabuicrs, prcbendaiie*, chantry prieacs, mafticn, ^"^„m, 
provoAt9, rutcr^ fc^vcmora of any de.ineiies, ftrchdcaconricA, gmixu^ 
ircasurenhTpa, prebend*, free thapcl«, chflniric*^ or colleges JJJ^TjJi^ 
*i;hin this tenhn cjf Etigl;md and uther iht^ king's nujealy'a pcrtyoihe 
dominiums or any of the pfltronn, foundera, duTiors of ani^ Cn**i; i 
of the biJihoprics, lrciksurcr«hip^ dcarene«, clijntrcKr fKc 
chopob, fJT oTht-T the said npiriiuul promoiions, fif their 
viriuntary wJlU or minU^, fur diveta ^ood und rcn^unab]e ^H 

causes and con^iderncions. by deed oi dcccJB enrolled, or by ^| 

other wriciiifls or eonieyar^ecs. heretofore given and granted ^| 

Id Lhc Inte king uf fmnoux nicmoiy, Henry VIIT, hie king ^H 

of En;;liind, and io his hem, or to our sovereign lord the ^| 

kiAg :Li:it now ih, and 10 hia hcirr, divert of their deaneries, H 

flrehdcactJiiriei, ircasurefthfp*. prcljcncl*, chapeTs, chantiin, ^^ 

and colki;e:i. ur any other ecetcaiutical oi epitilual pro- ^| 

motions la&t bctorc rcnKnibcred; and ill or Goroe pAit of ^| 

the inanorA^ bnds, tcncmcnu, lithci, pensions^ anntjitics, ^| 

I rentA, rcvemiunK, iind viber revenut^, hetcJiuincola. poastfs- ^| 

I mtfa$, cmolumenu, and profit* to t)ic aAOic bishopric^ ^| 






chan1h«t, coll«g«t. and olhcr hke promoticinA. bn^cfict^, 
offices, and drgnicic*, <.w to any of ihctn belonjin^ njipti- 
uiMJiijc. united, otfU^nes^cd, or which I he iftid bishops, d(AJi«. 
ardidcAConjt, ircaiiUTCTri, rhnntrj pricitti, nuiJitcrs, prorosiu, 
ruler*, got^erncmy and other cccletmrtical or tpirilual officert 
or ininlstnii, or iny of the s.'kid flatron^ ^lonon, or founilen. 
01 any oftlicm. had or enjoyed in the fij;hi. or by rcuon 
of 4ny <i\ the mme pTi>mniiont, otfirc*, or dignities, Be 
ii crui'^rd by fhc authority aforetaid, Ihac all and every 
giflx and gmnu hEa'ti^roir nud? to iEjc s^iid late Linj^atiil 
to his hcirs> or to our Bovcrcign lord the king that ro« 
U and to hia ficirs by any archbithop, bUhoj^ d<4n. arch- 
dt-amn, iicasurcr, prebendary, masitr. iiruvort^ gov«Tn<ir, or 
other the sidd ctdcaiaitical or ipititi^al [jcnon or pervoot* 
or by any p.itrons, donor, ot founder of any of the «:d 
deaneries, chantneB. or other of the vtid Bp)htiul or 
cnrlciMfttii^! prnmoiiam:, or of all nr any of ihr miif>ora, 
Uodi, (cnemenU. tithcft, reniss revenion), penaions, porljoin 
annuities, or other hcrvditam«n1a, r«venxieB] emolumcntt, 
profit»H or mmmodUleg to any of the f^ld benrnces, office^ 
prchcnd^, pron^oiionK, <^r di^iities hciiriKiitg, appertflinlng, 
tiniied, or annexed, or which arty of the Amc archbithop^ 
Uihop«, dt:ini. archdeacon*, tr«L«UTei^ naastert, provoM^ 
prebendaries, rulent, govt-rnors, oITimt*, ot mininK'Fs, ptatroof^ 
founders, or donors, had or enjoyed or have or etijuy, or 
ought to hflvc «r enjoy \r\ the ri'aht, or by Tcason or menna 
of any of the same promolion*, oflicei, or dignities, stull tm 
goofi and efleLTual in the law to afl intenin and purposes; 
ofuving lo all dnd cveiy perfion and persona and bodies 
politic and corporate, their hc^ra. «ucccuon, and Maigittt 
and to tht^ hein, %\\tr^^an. Jind nmign^ of every of th«aii 
jollier tikiui tlie arclibiHliops, biahopA, Ue^ins, an:}idesM^)flia, 
tiCAburcrf, prebendaries, rulers Jtovcmor^i wardens, provoatii 
givcri and grantort of any of the premUeir ^^ their facirv^ 

Lxvm) iasroHY of ike esgush cub^ai 


BUcices4ora» jind ustgns. and other itun *udi ecclcfiavticAt i^^- 
or spiritual person. Icxlics politic or cdrfjoratc. as are, or 
pretend to bc^ founders. tJonon, pairon>. or ordinaries of the 
pfenii»«a, or any ol Ihcm), all av^h rj^-hla, titles, micrcvta, 
Clfllra«, enlrl^, rents, pcv^rsion^ rpniAlndcn, fees officei^ 
umvjtio, Unds, icnemcntf, hatditumcnti, profiU, com- 
niodttiu, and cmolumcnK u they or any cf them have or 
should or ou^ht 10 I1AV0 had* of, in, or lo ih^ prcn^lsct next 
above nicniiont'tl or ariy juiit thereof, as if lliiv A^:t had ncwT 
been had or mndc ; ariylhinE in this Act 10 the contrary in 
&ny WI3C notwithtJtandjn^. 

Prniidcd always '^■■" '^** Art, or anything ihercm rein- SATnsf 

lained> shall not in any wi*c c^ilend lo niakc sood 01 cfiix- 1"*^"- 

Bjt es or 

tual any %\k, RT^nt* htr^in. sale, or alienation made liy arty viur«£a 
parton or vicar of thctr {virton:i^e« or vitarage*. or of any l»)"ilM»r 
part or parrel [hereof, oi of anything lotliemur any of iJicri vi.-in 
bcJonRtng or apj>t; naming. ""^^^ 

Provided aUo, i^xi thii; Act, or Anything th«rcJn cori' Savins for 
ukicd, >hdll nol iij ^iiy avjm: c^klend to liindn or pLcjuttite i-^l^ 
George Broolt, knight, Lord Cobbom, his heirs or a^^i^d^ rcnpcctgr 
Ua or concerning the Ule college of Cobhnm in tlw county S?!^^ 
of Keni, or the manor*, lands, fcnemenis, or poisesHuinn ^^' 
thereof; anything obove mentioned lo the conitary in dny 
wite noivithntanding. 

Provided ahun and be ti eauied by the authority afore- ThuA^i 
aaid, diat tlii;* i»ie*cnl Act, nt>r anyihinj; llierT^tn tontflined, 'i^„j^^ 
shaU in any wise CKEend or be prejudicial or hurtful toccrpotv 
the general corporaiion of any diy^ boiough, or to*n within ^^^* °'l.^ 
ihta rcAlm. or any oihci the kirie's doiuiJtions, nor ahoU 
extend to any ihe landfi or h^reditanientfi of them or any of 
lliern ; anything hrrvin Lonuirked [othe contrary in any wi«c 
not with ^C Jnd i n]^ 

Provided also^ and he it enacted by the autTiortty afore- Collfco. 

ttaid, that all such of the taid colletre*, irec chapeU, chan- ** --^'"J''* 
. . , . , , / ' "^'* Ouch* 

Uicib or other the ^cLuJ9c?t, Lcnig iippoimcd and ^ivcn looilaa- 


DVCVMEMS iLLU^TiiATiy£ OF TH£ [uivii 

nti^r. CO 
be wldifa 
Ui? aurire7 

vr I'lm itiy 

borough in 


Aillurc of 

pCtK them 

th« lung's hlghn««B by Iho fluthoriiy of ihl4 Ace, as b«| 
wiiliin the Ducliy nf Ijn&istrr, antl a1t nixmn^ bi 
lencrncnts. And hcrc^iumcnt.i pcTt^iirtin^ or bcloogins iQ- 
Ihe tamt coll«e«f, free chaiicrb, and chu>tries, Almtl alter ih« 
said f«Asi of Ka«r«r nexi coming, be vithln ihe surrey sikd 
ujilci uf llii: cuiul t>f [he Dii(.ljy of UtLiCA»lcr, in sudi vnDA- 
ncr .ind fofm ji,^oihcr tSc|ircni]ics be aan^picd or appointtd 
by authority ol Ihu Act to be in the Buncy dxid order of Uw 
court of the augineiUliurti anJ tevenucA of llie kdi^ 
crow;^. or oLbcT court by the kinfc lobe luigncd; «ndtKit«ll 
commia^ioriA that hcrcaitcr ^holl be awarded by virtue uid 
force of tbi« Act concerning such coll«gec, f^ee clupcl^ 
dmnuiA, and utticr Uic jircmbu as be vtithiii ihe Bijil 
Ducby of LanCAsUT, >haU be nvrfirdcd un^cr the SJCAl seal 
of Kngland, and KhaJl b<; cenificfl inEo lii<; time court of the 
Biichy of Laneailer ; inyibing abavesaid H\ the contrary u 
any wiic nutViitbMarjdinj;. 

Provided always, and be \\ enacted by the authority &fori 
vai(3, tPiAt thji Acl^ nur anyifLing ihon-in C43nraJned, fth&il 
eitcrid to tbe cullc^c or Uuiiitry uf AttleWou^b in Uw' 
county of Nivfolk, wbi^h the said htc King Henry VIU 
jzarc to Robert ble Earl of Susen and to \\m hein; btit 
tbnr Henry ncrw Kirl of Sus^ex^ son and heJt lo the laid 
hie ciiil, biH licm aikd auigns, shAll and may by lUd 
anthontv of this Act have ard enjoy the ^ald coIEckc And 
chantry, and all man<jri, lands, tenements* advow»o«i<, 
lirlics, f»ensiorj*, ixiriiuns, aiiU oihci hercdiiaiiieiiti \lveto 
unto belonpng or avpcttaininif ; anytbine in thi» .\ct lo the^ 
contrary in any ^v'lsc noiwithsiandrnji- ^ 

Provide*! alwayi, and by the anihority aforwjtd h^ ft 
enacted, ihnt the king's majesty, at any time when it slioll 
seem to him good, may give authority to ceriaiti bia gratt^ 
commi(«icriorft 10 liter the nature and condition of alt man 
nrrof obtK^ an wri! within the Univctaitics of r.-imhTidgt 
and Oxford, as In any other place within ibis bis gnti 





T«a1m of Rnj(lAr(i and Walc>, bcmg rol auppre»etl nor LCiT 
annibUn»«d liy vtrtup of thi* prcicm Act, and ihc ss«iie 
obiisMJ ilicicti I'j diajw-'st' lo a tjctu-r use, as Id the relief td* 
«omc poor men, bcinj^ AludcnU^ or clhcrrtisc 

ProvLdrdaleOf^d he Ltcnaci«d by the authority aforesaid, N» 
thni tl than not he bwful Uj nny jwrson nr prr^nns, bodies **j*^^ 
polilk DT CDcporabe, by rcoaun uf aiif rcmiimdcr, likc, or ofuiTy 
condition, tu enter jnto, daim, or challcnuf any knds, tcnc- ^""''f*'*"* 
iDtnU, or hcrccu^imrntf;, Inf (he non-domg, nni nAmii^, or Acdin^ of 
noik-fvAding of any Mich prirsi or prir-*w or [rfiur folk* ^it i( '^^'?|,*' 
iforeuJd, obit, annivciaary. lighl, or lamp from hcnccfnrUi ju,' 
10 Xtt founded c>r done \ uiyLbing hen?in contained to Uie 
coniriry In any wi^t ncHnhhllflndfng. 

Proviflrd ;ilways. th^l (nciihE-f] tbis An, nof snytlung Thtt 
ihcrcm coniaJncd, >hat] in any wise extend lo any lands, "["^ly? 
IcnemcnU, poE«c«Gioo», or hcreditannemK whaunever, that no cv^y 
any maslpr, clean, prebendary, wjr^fen, or chnntiy, or nny ^|^ ^*'"' 
stipendiuiy pricw uf any cullej:c. Liuiiify, prebend, frjiernity, 
guild, or any other corporations* have or hold of any pcraon 
or pciniona by 1^opy of eoutt roU, or at wiil nccofding to ibc 
ruKlom of ariy m;tnor «r manon ; nor give or nmni any eopy- 
hold kndft lo the king^a higbjicw ; xn6 aUu provided Eb4t llie 
king'fl hi|;bneAft, hia hcin or nic<>eM(.in, shall not in any wise 
haw, hold, enjoy, or lake, by virtne of ibifl Act, or any 
article therein mnuiined. any mannrr nf copyhdd hnds, 
tc^emeno, pna:ie»iona, or bcrcdiEamcnln. 'whatsoever ibty 
b«; bot Chat atl and every ol the caid pariotia and tncijni- ^'■■"■>^ 
bents !ili(ill bavtf, bold, and rnjfiy the same during thc^ii \i^,^^^ ,|,^]| 
lives, Umarda their pcnJiion and yearly living, paying liicu j^"'^^?"^*^ 
KBU u>d doing their cuatcJin^ nnd ««rvicc« thereof dvio and ij/e 
accuaCoved ; anything in ihi« Act to the contrary noc^tli- towvda 

_._ ». their 

aUiubng, pefljkini 

^Otidod that this Act iball not cslfnd to any lands, Tlii* Ait 
1«iMni^t«, or heT«drUuneTitB a««jgrted, appoinEod. or int«ndod "p|.|^^ 
far the finding and msinir^nanrr of any cbantfy prie^ of tin^a 

A A> 




IhKn ui^ 

fore 37 

nd churrc- 

*c-. con- 

fitiptindi^ry prie*t, which by my fbrmcr right and good title, 
williouL Tt^ikI ut covin, w^rt! lawfully Tfcovrrtd frctn the 
posaciaioii of ^ity budi i:liuituy pncit of aiipcrdriry pnol 
bcrorc the lint day of October in the said thirty sevcinifa 
ye;tr cf 1h« reign of the «3.i<l bt« King Ht-nry VIII; wbidi 
Lunch, tcntriiiciil?!^ and litxt^Jiiuiii4rnta w^jc nut (:|]dr);cJ &or 
cU<irj(c^blc iij ibc )>d>[ncot \Ax\\c pcrp^cliul tcmH; anythJi 
in thill Act to tli« contmry hereof riDlivithBtAiidiiiA^ 

ProvicM 4lway*, and be il en:icteJ by the autliotJEvafc 
taiti, tbdt all Arid nin^Ur granla, licences. oODfiiiiudioiii^ 
ind letters \v.\X{:x\\ whicli otji late novcrciien lord Rinfc 
Henry Vlli, or our KOFcrcign lorJ tl>c kirg that nov ij^ 
have? madt* un(!cr the great 9scd vi England ti> any |%nKm 
or [jcnmiw, bodiea politit or curporilc, of *ny collq^, 
chap^ri, or (.hantry new being in eit€ or aUndJng, or nov 
DOt bctng m^fjf or not standing, or of any londBhipK. noanorcM 
lunda, LcJiL-mrnth, and hcjrcdiuincnLA ^inncxcd, uiiilcdt be- 
longing, or ajipciLimLng lo any college, chapel, or chattily 
iXi^'K being m esse oi sUnding, or now not h*?ing in Mivor 
noL ^lAiLdtiig, or of any oih^r thing or ihings mpniloned cr 
ejiprrsbcd in thi» All. ^nd hM Jind every matter and lltini 
jyiehlioncdf exprcK^, or contained in any such grant, 
licence, conrtnnii.tiunf or letten patent^ ithi\\i From henoefdftli 
be d«?e[iied. cAk^ii, expoundoJ.ijnd adjudged good andclHec- 
lual in the bvr, according to the words, 5cntcncc>h mcanlog^ 
inlenld. lorni. and eLJvct& of tbu «Amt) grants, Uoencct, coo^ 
tlnrai£on^,and Ifttcrvpaicni, tnnh inlrntf^, conKininion!, 
purpose) js if thifi Act, and the ^aid Act mode in the 
ihjrty-scvcnih year of the aaid late Kin;; Henry VIII, had 
never been lud nor made: and that ibift Art, or the *aid 
Act made tn the haid thirty- seventh year of Itie teign of^ 
our said late scvcrcign lord King Honry Vl)]« or anf 
clflusc, JiriKlc, senience, or <Jthcr Ihing ihcrem contained, 
«lull not ntend lo any collegeii^ chnprls, chantries^ or olhi^ 
thing 01 things mentioned in this Act, now being in 

tivm] iusTony or the enough church 


sUnding. or nonr not bdng in esse or not .stAndin;;. or to Ltiy 

rtkamcnm flnnctf^:!, imfrwl^ hpforging, ot jippcfCiiinrng to 
flfij college, chii]jct. chdnlry. or oUict ititii^ iiiciiiioiicd In 
this Act, now hcinK in tsse or ntanding, cr now not being in 
ftif or noi sEandingr or to any othtr ihing or things men- 
tioned or f?x|jresied In thi« Aim, whicFi any person or |jrr' 
von*, bodies politic or corporate, have hnd or obtnincd by 
the ais«iE.licc!nc*, confirmation, Rrant. orleticKpat«itofth« 
KiJd \nie king, or uf the km^\ in;tjeKly tHiie now t^ nor <ihall 
diviid tij Jity iit^nors Undi^j tciieiiii'tiLv revenues, jjusseb- 
suonRt hcrcdiiamcnr^, or Other lliLn^ oc things mentioned, 
cupretsed, or t-Qnuiined in any such licence, confirmfltion, 
gram, or li'iTors |i,iienT ■ \ntl lliai ewry such perion and 
pcno«iH. bi>LjicK politic and corpotJitc. ilicii bcjr&, succcs- 
SOT?, and uMigof, ftnd the h?i», successors, and aaaigna 
of every of iht'm, shall have, hold, and enJAy Jill and every 
the «mr ratlq^c^s, i-hapet«. clmntries, manors, lands, icnp- 
enentt, revenues, poncaiiona.and hcrcditamcnb, and ol\ nod 
every other thing and things whatsoever eo by them had 
Ct obtained by tli*? oKKcm, liotuce, confirmation, gram, or 
letCCTft patent of the uiid late king, or of the kuig't majesty 
that now is, aecording to the words, aentcnc», form, effect, 
ineviin^ and intc-ni of the ume lirences. conHrmations, 
grant>i. nnrl l^rtrrs |i.itenr ; this Art, nr thr said Art made in 
the ^id ihiity Kevcnth year of the reign of the liaid late 
King Henry VIII, or any clause, ariide, sentence, matier, 
or lliii»S mentioned, ptprwsed, or contained in any of the 
nme Acts to the contrary thereof in any wise noLwith* 





Ibrnu. of 

r4i>'c; ill 



d & 1 Edwaild VI, CAF. 1. 


Tirr foll^wini; Arf was pi^nr^rf January «i. rs^ct Tb» %n\ 
■diuont of lb« Prajcr-book were «ublj»h«ii bj Iba Act* 
U«v-r4 VI, ca|j. e I/mT^ tlo. LXXI)^ i Ltl»bdth, tip. % (Jt^ 
Nt> LXXX; ; A rrcftamiLJon of Jamcf 1 (^v< No. LXXXIX; ; nd 
tv M Cliiirlc* lU C4|j, 4 < ^<^>t. Nu, CXVlt}- H'Ah iIjc L^wt^Jhic 
Aeu vrerTt ot <Qvnt, tnctudcd in Uv>'s but Act at rrpHl 
No, LXIinj. 

LTHnwr ^uum of thf R«lm, rv. 37. 






Ifc of 


rh#ch in- 
or new 

Where of lon^ irine ih^e hu bt^en hid in llii« realm 
EnKl^iuJ ftnd ill WjIca ilivcta fotiiih ^rf Luiumtjtt plainer, 
commonly rdHcd tbe ncrvicc of tKc Church; ibal u U> UlJ^ 
ih^ \J^ of Saruni, of York, of Bangor, and of LircoTn ; fiad 
t>i'*Liilcb tlic tiaiii? [iijw tjf lute iiturh inore iliven itnd sundry 
r^rres and fa&hioris Ilavc Lcca used in Ljic cAihcOral 
parish churches of England and Walcj^ ju well conccnitj 
the Maitn* or Morning Prayer and Ihe Evt-ruiong, u 
(tjnccfnit)|: (lie Hul^C<}niiiiuiiiorT,i.uiniiiu[ily€.3Uecl the Mack, 
with divert and i»undry rilc-s And ccrciiionJc» concerning the 
tamt. and in the admtniitration of other micnrMnu of the 
<!hiTn:h : 4nid uh ttii^ ducts and t^xetuton tif the uid ricet^ 
and ccrcjuonio, in other form than vi Ulc ycutk the; hAvcM 
been used, were pka^cd thcrcsvntli, lio other, not using ttic 
same rircs and rcremonics, were thereby greatly olTendcd. 

And ;iI1jei< the king'i majesty, wiih llic advice of hi» mi 
criiifcly beloved xindc the lord proicntor and other of liii 
highnes^'s council, has heretofore diven timet ctCfiyad lo< 
«tay innovaiioEui or new rJLett cuiiccrnitig the pretnbei ; yA 




the lume hu not had nich good iiicce«i u hi« highticn 
required iit thai bchiilf: 

Whereupon his hrghncwi by ihc moal pruderit advice 
Aforetaid, being plcAMd Ko bear vt%\\\ the fniiKy and v«ak- 
ncitt; of bin ntibjmru fn lliAt Tjchdif. r>f his gru^i rltmcrrcy 
Imk not t>ccn only oontent to abxcain frorn punithnicnt of 
those ihtx hive ofTcridtxi in tlut bcl^alf. Ict that hii hi^hntu 
tflkfth th^c thej did It of %. good ical : hut aIkj iu the 
intent A iirti&rfin qiilc I nnd ^odiy onltr should l>c con- 
oernins the premiicj, has appointed the Archbiihop ot' 
Canterbufy, ind certain of the n^tial learni^d and diswcel 
W^hopi, and oth*T lparn<^d men of (hi« rcRlm. to con^kdor 
and ponder tbc prcuiiao; and thereupon haviikj^ oa ndl 
eye and respect to the most sincere And pure Christian 
religion taugtu by the 5cri^ur«, as to iht iuag«s in the 
immitive Churrh, ihwald draw and mjike one convenienr 
and nacct onler. rite, and f-iiliioii of crjinnioii and opeti 
prayer and Adminibttation of the MeramentA, to be bad And 
i»cd in his nujcfity'fi realm of Engtand and in Wales ; the 
which at IhiK lime, by tbc aid of tlie Huly (iliut, with nnc 
uniform agreement is of thccn concluded, act forth, and 
delivered to his lii^bnc««t to hi* great comfort and ()uici- 
rtc^ of mind, m a hook entitled. The Book nf the Common 
Fmycr and Admini^^tratiijn of tbc SactAmenta. ajid other 
Kites and ('crcmonieii of the Church, after the use of the 
Church of Lngiand ; 

Wlierefore ihr I^ords fipiriniai and trmpnml, and the 
Common^ in ihh present l^arl iam cot aaiem bled, conaidcr 
lug ai w<II the m<yiK godly travatl of the kind's bi^inesA^ of 
the lor4 protector, and nf ocher his highne^t'< eoimril^ in 
^atbcrmg And collecting the said atchbisliop, bishops, and 
Icfimcd men together. a% the godly pmycr«. orders rites, 
and ceremonies in the snid book mentioned, and the eon 
niririrationn of alttring ihouc thin^* which be allrrcd «mi 
retaimng tbox things which be retained in the taid book, 


Tlic kiji|E< 
cooloit to 



tilt \jtv 

(n draw up 

form nrrtc 

Tti*if COft 


the Mme : 
pr«/> thkt 

b ta ttje 

than itiuac 
nuw *t Ebfl 
Tnw" iir 



t)« pir- 

the UM 

through ati I 
tlic rcftlm- 


Any fi«l 

■niT nrhrr 
rJiu Lnd 

to Ihr ui« 

but a]H> ihc honour of God md greti quJctncu, «litd] by 
the grace of Gnd shall crf,uc upon the one amJ unifom 
rite and order in tuch common pray^^ and ritei and 
pKti-rncil (reremtifiini In be used ihtuughoul Enj-laiid and in 
W3lc>. at CitjiiA 4nd tl^G niarclic^ of the uvnc, do pveuk 
hif: hLghnefit TnoEt hearty ind I [>wly thanks for the same; 
ami humbly jimy. itiAt tl ma^ be? oixl^ined and «iacted 
by hi» mjijc>ty. with tlic Afticnt of iht: Lofda and Cocnnioas 
in Ukis present Parliament assembled, and hf the ftutboiitjr 
of the t^mr. that all and lingular pfrnan and penoni ifcat 
have €ii^nJcd contriniini the picmiara, olhcr iliaij wiJi j 
pcnojt and persons as now be nnd icirutta in nnrO in theV 
TowfiT of London, or in the Fkct, may be pardoned thereof; 
ami thut all ami singiibr niinUlcn in any cathrdml ce 
pariah tTiurtli wr oiher place willun lliJs leaUn of England, 
Walei. Calais, and the maichcs of the same, or otlicr ibe 
king's dominions thatl. (ri:*m and Afttr the fe^si of Pent*- 
rN>sl n[*vt cfiminp, be hnund I0 «ay and use rhr Mating) 
l-Wcnson^. celebration of ihc LordSSuppcr, commonly laDed 
the Ma«4, and udmtribtNitio^i cf eacb of the ucnunenta, 
find nil ihcir common and oprn prny^r, in soch order ukd 
fonn da ii mentioned fn the &jjd boolt, and none oilier ot. 

And nlbeu that the s.'iino be so godly and good, that 
give otjcaiinn to eveiy honest and 1 onfnrmable man iBi 
willingly to embrace them, yei lent Any ohMinotc poftOQ 
who willingly wotjld disturb so godty order and quiet in iJiilB 
rr.ilm nhrjidd not go unpunished, ih^T it mny a1^ M^h 
orddincd and enacted by the authprlly aforcMiid, liial if »tf 
manner of pnr^n, vicar, or other wlulnocvcr minister, 
t>\i^\ or should sing or say common prayer mentioned i 
the said hoolt. nr minister the MCtunent*. fHhaU afit^ th 
>aid feast of Pentecost next coming refuse to uie the taki^ 
common prayers, or to miniMer the uicramema in ituch 
rAthcflml or fieriih ehiirch or other placet ta> he should 





or mirbtcf llic umc. in sucb oidcr and furm as they be 
ncntioned «nd set forth Jrt Ihc «nid book ; Of (hall uu» 
wilfully and ob<siinaidy vundmg in ihe lamef any oih« 
rile ccrrtiinny, crdirr^ furtH, iJr iiuimL-r tif Maa openly ui 
pnvily, or Matins, Evcnsunj;, adiiituistrauon of the sncra- 
nnvnU, or och?r open pnycr tl^an U nicnljoncd and set foith 
in the saul lioofc (open pnyL-r in and throughom thii Actj 
a mcani tii^tt prtycr HLLich ti for other tii cuiue unlu or 
hcttr either in comjnon churches cr private; d^apcts or 
oniorics fommoily called ihe scrviee of the Church) ; or 
th-ill prracli, dcclnrc, or spcafc ^njlhing in ;be dcro|;acinn 
or depriving of the s^Lid book, or anylbing therein con- 
tamed, or of any port thereof; and &tia]l be thereof Ja«lidly 
convf<^cd according to the laws of this rcJilm, by verdict of 
iwrivc tne\\ or by bU own tonfession, or hy ihe (ir:JtorioUs 
evidence of the fict;— sbnli Icsc nnd forfeit to Ibc king"*! 
hi^hn««;ff Uk hoLri nnd SLCcesson, for hiB firtt oHenee, ibe 
pro5c of mirh fine of hk ftpfriEiinl heni^flce^ or promotions 
u il ihjill picitc the JLJiifi's highncm to SAi\g\\ or apjjoiiH, 
commi; and anting in one wJiold year next aflcr his con- 
viction: und abd that the «flfne pcrvnn *o convicted fihnll 
for ibe rtime filTrlirc suffer imprLsoirnertl liy tbc sjiiice of 
tix monthSt without bail or mainpmc ; and \^ my aucIj 
person onoe convicted of any offence concerning the 
|>rrnii4r;(, *bflll afrer hiH first conviction again olTcnd and 
be thereof in form aforc^^vd lawfully cuuviued, thai then 
the uaiTie pcrion shall for hi* sceond ofTcnce BiiHcr 
imprUnnnnrnT by the spare of one whole year, and also 
ahaU therefore 1>c deprived ifiia /acio of all hit tptiiiual 
promotions; and ihat it shall He lawful to all putrons, 
cionori. and grantife« of all and singular the iiame spiritual 
promotions (o prestni to the 5ame any oihtr able clerk, 
in h'Vc tnanner and form ns lhc>iieb the party so offemling 
^ffCre dead I and ihat if any such person or persons, after 
lie shall be iwin» ronvicted in form xToreKaid, shall olTend 


ivr tning 
any other 

iituEiiiel ift 


riifTar u 
toltf w* 1 

fof Ui* 

Cor Ihc 



for ihc 


lor i|w«k* 

the uJd 

iiimk in 

9on(i. or 


ogutnit any of the pfftmitci the Ihird lime, and shAll btV 
Ihercof in font) aforeftaid kwFuLty coiiTkic^ that then tlie 
person af> ofTciiding and convicE<^l tbc tliitd lime alall^ 
BU^cr imprisonment dtinng tiis life. I 

And if the person Ihal thaX\ offend and be eonvictcd in 
fbrtii afuic^tiijd coiicifiTiiiiK any uf tbe prifiubc^i* »tiall mit bi- 
beneficed nor have any ipjtitufl] promotion, ihat then Uie _ 
same feniCin go offending and convicicd situiU lor the hnt^ 
tiffirnfre aufftr imprisunmenC during sii momhjs without bail ■ 
or mainprijx: and tf Any auth pcni>n not having an; 
tpirieufll promotion, Aflcr his ^nl convieiion shall aptn 
offi'tid \r\ anjthing ronrcininj^ ihe promises^ and ihall in 
foniL ^ifufr^iid he iheicijf Uvvfijlly coovicted. thai \.\vcn djc 
fiime pcTT^on sWL fbr his second oQcncc su^cr impriun- — 
mcnt during his life. fl 

And \X i& onl.iiMtfd nrri rn.'K.'ttd hy Ihff ;i]Jthciriiy abovfr 
aaid, lliat if any pcisun or pErt^vus wii4laocver, at^er the uid 
featt of Pentecost neict coming, stwIJ in tny inicrlodc^. 
jilayi;, ion^i^ rhymoe, or by ether open wordc ^wsJvi 
^xx\k ;ir)yiTiiiig in ilit drropijon. cli-[jriwng, or di 
of Ihc same hook or of anything tlicrcm contained, or aoy 
^\\ Ihctcof \ or «hal] by open fact, deed, or by open Ihieot- 
eningR, compel cr *",nii^e, or otherwise procure or ntainuin 
any parson, vj^itr. eri (>ihcr Jiiini»lcr in iiny ealhedral or 
pciH^h churchy or m cuiyehapcl ct other place, lo aing or 
say any common and open prayer, or lo niiniftior *ny ncn- 
mcnt oihcrwisr (ir in »ny nth/r mariner nr fnrni than f:l 
mentioned In the said book ; or ihal by aciy of the Mid. 
means .ihall unlawfully interrupt or let any p^inwn, vicar, or 
oLhtfT m mitten tn Any [:athedntl cr parish church, chapdjOr 
any cjiliet place, to sing or say coDimun and open ptaycT. 
or to mini»Icr the lacrameniA, or any of ihcm. in any mjcb 
manner and form at is mentioned in the t^aiU book \ that 
then every person being thereof lawfully corvined in form 
abovcaaid. shdl forfeit to the king our soTctcign Lord, liia 




and succeiHon, for i1i« flrsi o^enco itn {iouikIa. 
if any pcraon or perftoiu. btinjE once convicted of onjr 
afpiin oQcnd OfjainsE any of the premise*) and 
aforwaid Iw iln^reuf lawfully convicted, Ihat 
ihc-n tht; ^int; perwiiis »j ulTcndiji^ anEi cuiivicleU hIihII fur 
the second ojTt^ncc Ibrfcil to the king our sovereign lord, hfi 
bcJr« and soccCfiftctrA, iwcnty |Hvundii ; and if any pr^ripoii after 
he, irt form afcirtsaidf *hall have Jjccn twice convicted of any 
ofT^iicr ix}DccTEurg my of tlic prcuiacs. aliill ufTcnd ilie tliiid 
titnc,ftn<l bo thcrcofiflfc^mabov««Aidl3l^vfutly convicted, chat 
thcnevcrypcr».oni;oolfcnthnjtandconvictcdthoUfor hiithjt(i 
oflVnc^ forfeit tfj (jur sovereign Uirtl the kiua all his gnnd» 
And chailcl:^. and ihall lulTcr itnpiiionroent during hia life i 
an|I if any persun or [it-rijon^ Ihat for hii Tirtt ollcncc con- 
ctfmMig the prenii&c« ^halJ lic convicted in form aforctotd, do 
not pay the sum 10 l>c paid by virtue ofhis conviction, in 
wicfa mftnricr and form a» Ihc aarnc ouKhc ir> he paid, within 
«ix week) ncKE a^cr \tx% conviclicn, that th?n every pctaoit 
(o convicted, and «o not jiaying ihe aame, shill for ihe same 
Tint ufTcnte, ziiatcad of the ^aid ten ^uuEjJa, avifR-r iinptiituu- 
mcQt hy the 3|>acc ci three months without bad or cvtin' 
|iri/f- And if any person or pcrs<0^, thnt for hm ftccond 
oAcncc concerning tiic pwniics shall be cfmvirtcd 10 form 
aforcuiid, d<i not pay the Aum to be paid Ijy virtue of his 
conviction, in aoch monncr and form » ihc aamc ought to 
b« pojd, ivithin Kix wveLfi ncM after hie GaiJ AOcontJ convie> 
lion, that ihcn evi^ry prmon ^o convinrd, and not so 
luying the vainc, ahall for the ramc Kccond QfTcncc, instcnd 
of the aaiJ iwtnty j^ounds, aufTcr impriaonment during six 
montha vjthoiii hai] or numpri^e. 

And It ifr utdainE:d ^iid L-iiacu-d by the authoriiy aforesaid, 
that oil and every ju*licc» of ^v^ krv^ fermincrt or }iii- 
tiie^ of AKii^, vliali luve full power and authority in every 
^ ihelr open and gencnl scsstunt to inquire, hear, and dc- 
tine lU and at] manner of oITcncca lliat aludl be cum- 






far dHjflill 
In iJjiynirLit 
Qf llac9, 

rjivr And 
under Ifak 





fn«y, BE 


nit wilh 


,And tfr 


!■» only 

puln or 

ukcn thJl 


mfttefl M done conmnr lo any attjcle contained in 
present A<x. wiihin the tiirltK of tlic conmiMtion lo i 
<lirccLed. and to nuke jjioccm for the c^tcciition of ihe 
fnme, as Uiey may do a^in»l any penon beinfi indicud 
bf^fore tli«ni of tretpau, or lawAill)^ convitfed thereof. 

Provided ji1wa)fi, nod be it nmctcd by the aut 
ttfi^c^aid, thai all And c^X'iy archhljihop and bidiop ilkilt 
may it all lime and timc« -it hit liberty ind pl<aiure i^in 
and oMoriate himM^I^ by vinuc of tbiii Ad, ti> th« saki 
juftliccs of criw and Urmintr^ or to the Aoid iiibiices of 
fljuirc, at every of Ihc «iJd open and Kcncr»l sewion& 10 be 
holdcn in any place within hj« droceKCr for and lo tW 
inf)uiry, tii^in'n^, and detenuining tif the oflencev ofarmaid. 

Provided always, vhai iL «ha]l be hwriil lo an) n»n lliJit 
itndentflndi; tbi> Greelc, l^trn, and Hebrew ton^iic, or 
oihci fitrflng^ longus. to s^y And h:ive the said praym^ 
bcrcloforc specified, of Matjnsi and Evensong in l^In, or 
any such other tongue, saying the same privately, at they 
do understand* 

And fnr th^ fiirtlior (encouraging of IcnrnTng In xht 
tonftuc* in the Univei*itie* of Cambridge nnd Oifcid, to 
u» and exertri&e in their common and open pnyer in their 
ehapels (bting no piriih churtht:*) or other places ol 
prayer, ibc MiEins, Rverisong, 1Jt:iny. ar^d a11 other prayen 
(the ))oly Communion, commonly tfllled ihe VIas^, ex' 
cepied)prcicribed in the itnid book, ptcficri bed' in Creek, 
Latin, or Hebrew; anything in thi* present Act to 
c:onlnirv not withfi tending. 

Provided Alto, that it bh&ll be lawful for all men, a» vt 
in cburchcA, chapeh, oratories, or other pbccfi| to uec openly 
any panim or prayer taken out of the Bible, at any due 
time, not letting or omitting thereby the ?ieivice or any iiarl 
therr^of mentionL^d in the !tiid book. 

Provided also, and be it en-ii ted by the anthoriiy jiore- 

1 Tbe ivord 'pretcrEbcd' b bcrt evidently r?pciiicd lu Eficr, 




faid, that the boak« conocming the raid services shall at ihf? 
coat! And diargca of (he porisliioreia of every |»iibb otid 
ctthcdnl churdi be ftluircJ and goLicri before th« feor^t ot 
I'flntcoofil noxt folloniiig, or b«lc>rc- and that nil such 
p«rJKh nnd mihrilnl chiir[rhe«, or oihct pL-irei: vhcrc ihe 
uid btjnk^ shall be attained and gotten before the Mid 
feast of PcnltcoBi, shall wiiliin rhrce w«dt» iKJit aftcT the 
Mid bookv vo aliained and gocien use ihe said »crvire, ^d 
[>yi ihe MfTiL' \i\ ttre art^onJJng tc chis Act. 

Ami be it fuTthcT enacted by ihc nuihodty aforesaid, that 
no person or persons nliali be Ai any limt hvie^'vl^cr n" 
fieochvd cr otherwise iiiolcited of or for any of The offenct* 
jibove uirntioiuxl, hcTeaflcr to be auumitied or livoccon- 
iroiy to this Acl» ijnics* he or ihcy so oHcnd^nc be thereof 
indicted at the next j^ner;il sessJonB to be huldcn before 
any *och juwicm of tryer and ttrmimr, c/t jt^itEcei ijf aisiz4^ 
neat after any offence coinmiil«d or done contrary to the 
tcaor of this Aei> 

Provided always, and be it ordained and cnactod by the 
aulharity afnri^-iid, lliut all and lingular lords in tiir Parlia- 
ment, for the third otTencc above mcnii^ncd, shall he tried 
Ijy iHciT f;ccri, 

t'rovidcd also, and be « ordained and enacted by the 
authority af<ire»jidr that the Mayt^rof lx>ndijn» and all oihcr 
majors, bailiffs, and other head oflicer» of all and »ingulji 
dUeSr boro»^lis, and towns corporate mJiin this rtalm^ 
Wairt, CataiK, and the marches of ihe same, to the nhtch 
juiliccf of a^^i/c do u\j\ corajLion1> jcitqIt, f,\\\\\\ bavc full 
power and authority by viitLie of this Act to inquire, bear, 
and deiemiine the offences abovcsaid, and every of them 
yearly* uritliiTk fift^L^n days ailef the ft^at of l-^ifttL^r and 
St. Mjchacl the Arehari£cl. in like manner and rorin as 
jnsltces of assUe and (y\'£r and terminer may do. 

ProTid^d jilwayH^ and br it ord,iineJ and enacted by the 
authciity aforeuld, tlmi all aiid b^iLi^ulai wcltbiithotis and 

\V>ieii ilie 
Ml whttft« 

Mrilibd «r 

of cffcp- 

Pcen la br 
tFicil (br 
n xhyA 
otfmi-r by 

offictn ef 
Lilian dec, 

tiui mm- 

vibtLT^ by 

powtr as 


[he I 


■nd pimi^li 
uniler ihU 

The Hin« 



liiL' tlie 



b]flhop«, and crcr? of their r.h&nccllor9, conuniltth*** Atdl- 
drarons, and other orctinnriM, having any peculiar ecdedu- 
ii[*a] jutindirtion, shjill ll,^Tr full ptjwtt and ntiihoHij" liy 
virtue of this Act, u Hcll to inquire in their visitalicoK 
tyuotU^ and cli&ewhen; within Iheir jursdiction, [or] sx ftny 
u[lict tiinc^ or pbi^-^ in vxktt auzuutlitins ami iikfoiuntions ot 
ill dnd cvco' the thingn ah^fne incritioncd, done, eoruiultted, 
or perpcinttcdi wilhiri the hmiU of ihcir junsdictioii Aod 
authority, and to punish the same by ftdmocitiian, eicoifr- 
munirjitioiT, Mrqurstt^tum, iir dcptiv;iticinf md Lather ccnMim 
and process, tn like fonn u heretofore ba» been UKd in like 
oiict by the kirg'4 vcdeniaKtical laws, 

Pmvided nlvays, and be it enartrd, ihat trhunocntr 
prf.ioii offi^miing in the frciiii&c-<( shil) far ihe iirxt ofTcooc 
rtctivc punishment c^ the ordinary, havirg a le^timoniaJ 
ihcrcot under ih^said ordlnat/Bftetil, shall not for the lame 
offence Aftiin be Kijmniontrd before the tuUicet; and 
lilccniic receiving foi the said fim offence pum»hnkc]it by 
the justices, be ^tudl noi for the some olFencc »Bm 
TtccWt^ pnnlnhnirni nf ihc ordinary ; ar^ythlng coniained in 
tt^jis Act CO the coniiaiy nolvvitli^tanding* 


2 & 3 Edwaru VI, CAP. 21. 

Ccnvociinoif. In Dec^mb^. 1347, hid nnctieHitd tb* mii 
prieais. Tlfc fudu^iuft AcL wii» pa»c4 At iliv bpKitLuitii: of 1340* 
it W13 repultd by Moryi first rcpnlin^ nuii^tc CAwA Nu. LXXltl), 
but QMlikr mohl allirr ftrlrt»Ei<inc;il rn»(lmcnu Of tlie Ull^F part 4f 
Mcnfj VIU'h rngn jtuI of th^ n^fih nf Fclwaivl VI it wd^ r*ol r*- 





the ■croud ufhcrlnjunt^tlcvii bf isso. The provl^kini of Edwanl Vl'* 
Act Wfiy m»ilf pcrprtiioJ by f Jnmr' Ih raji. 05, ?rc. 50 An Ad 
]t^rjm*r:itnjf pne«u' rhildrrn wm pttfoj m 1^5* U '^ ^ Kdw- VI, 

[Tnnvr- fiuiutH of the Rcftlni, 1v^ pe. i- p. 67.I 

AUIiou^h it vi;rc »ot only b^^ttcr fur ilic Citiriiatiui] uf 
prJcsU) And oUiCT minUtcrs in the Chuich of Cod, 10 live 
chftStCi, Tfolci and separate from ttic company of women and 
ihc bond of mnn-iagt, bur iilio lhcn*y iliey might the lieurr 
iolend lo \\\t adnunislnlion of ihc gospel and be Icas 
iacncHticd and troubled witfi the cht^rnc of household, hciriK 
fircc ind unburdened Trom lh« care and coiit of linding wife 
And children, and thai it wr^c most to !k? w>ihr<l thai ilicy 
would willin^^ly mid uf llicir *icEv» aidcavuur ilicniiclvea 
10 a pfrpctuai dioflttly itrd abstinence ttoin ihe u« of 

Y^ forumuch a.'t the ronrnry hat rather been Krcn. and 
saeh uncleanncw of living, and other great inct>nvcmcncc^ 
not meet tu be n^heureed, huve foJlovred of compelled 
chasttiy, and of ftuch liws as Kavc prohibiTed tho^e (such 
pcrwMw) ihe goitly use of maiii-iKc; it weie belter jvid 
ntber to be auBered in the commonwealth. tbAt tho:ie 
«ttch coutd not eontatn, thoulds nltet the counsel of 
SchptuTC, live in holy mfirria^e. than feignedly abuse with 
iPOnc enormity oniward cMttity or single life: 

Be it therefore enacted by our aovercifin lord the kins, 
with the As^ni of the l^rdft fpiriiu^l and tetTiporal. iind i)ie 
Commons in ihis present P^ili^ment ubbcmbk^d. and by the 
authority of the ume, that oil and c\eTy law and lawR 
positive, canoiia. conaCttutiont, and oidinitnees hereCoFore 
made by ihe amhcrity oC man only, which du pruhiblE or 
forbid mArrifigc to any ccclctiojitical or apirituA) |icr£on or 
penoos, cf what esiate. condition, or degiee they be, or by 
vrhai name or n^me^ «;r>ever rh«'y be rnlled. which by God's 
\xn may Uwfully miiiy, in ali And every aitjclc, brautnb and 



tif ttrr fiit 
III 4 pnn[< 

buL not 

AU pMllJK 

Itwi pr9- 
the !□«' 
Tidier uf 





lo be 

wfiUenc^err ocmrcrnlng cnly the prohibition for ihtf inAirtAgv 
of ihc pciauria adbrc^Aid, ihall Ik; utterly void and of none 
cficct; and Ihat all Tniniicr of furfcituics. pain», pcrultics; 
criuiar or aciioni; which were in the ^td Uv^i conuioed, af>d 
die Mmt? cKi! rulbw, conri^mmg thr pTohihiiion for ib«H 
marria^^* of the ptraons dforci;iid. be clcndf and tilicilT 
void, Iru&tratc, aiid of none cJrcct, to all intents construe 
tioni, and pur[x]Rc-«, as wi^ll canccrninj; mamA^ci hcretoROfC 
nude by any of ttie ecclaiutical ot Kpiiiciul )ieniun« afore' 
ttaid. itt AhQ such which hcreftftor uliall be duly &nd b«ful)y 
bfld. celebrated^ And made, betwixt the persons whtch by Jhtt 
bvfs of Hnil irij) bwfullj mjrtj. 

Provided alway> and be it enacted by the authority jkfon!- H 
s^id, iMt thia Act, or anyihir)^ therein contamcd. »hall not 
inr«rmall/ evrend xa give ;iny liberty ta any penon lo marry witltout 
cokbniitd. ^[j„^ ifi i[,c diunJi, or without iiiiy olikcr ccicmory bcin^^ 
appointed by the ordcrr pitschbcd and set fotih in Ehe book 
entitled, The JJook ol Common frayor i^'^^^ AdminiitCmtioa 
of Ihc Saffamtnis, ;tny[!iing aliove mrnEioncd to the cOn- 
tiory in any wise not wr lb standing. 

FrON'idtd al£0. and be it «iiaci«^ by the authority afon- 
satd. thai thi& Acl^ or anythii^g Ihrrejn contained, shall not 
expend loahcr, change, revoke, lepcal, oi otl^erwjse to dis- 
annul any decreet judj^nient, scnl^ce* or divorce hercloJbfC 
had or made, but that all and every such decree^ jud^nncnt^ 
firntencc, ami divorce iihaU remain and he til mdi like Torce, 
eJTcct* strcngih, and dcgiec, lo all intcnt», construc^tioQA, 
and purposes, a» they wen; in before the making of thti 
Act, and i% chough this Act had nt^ver been had nut made ^ 
thiaAct. ui anrthin^ ilierciu contained to ihc coniiary, in 
any wiic iiotwittttLaiidLDg* 






UNIFORMITY. a.i». J5«. 

6 & Ki]WMU> Vr CAP. L 

&n iiiEriKluccicm. dniV. ^to> LX13C. 
[Tniucr. Snurifi of itie K»lm) W. pt Ih p. 130.] 

Where llieic h&b been a tcry i^txily oidcr set (otih by 
the ftuthotity of l^nliamcnt, for comriion pmycr and admin 
Utration of (he »acfjm<*nt» to be ii»e<3 ir IJw mothtT longut 
within th<^ Oiurrh of FCngljindf ugri^L-^tl'iTr ti> 1I1*.' wortl tjf (rcc! 
and Lhe pntiiiijvc Cburch. very 4:oinforiAblc to all ^ovd 
people dcaiTtng to live in ChnstiaiL convenation, and moti 
prcifiiahl<? 10 ihr cti.ite? of thui it^lm. upon rtic whiVli the 
mpTxry. favcmr, and bJt^Lrsing of AlmigliLy <S"[I b in mi wise 
99 rcftdily and T'letiltounlv pouTcd as by common pmyciB. 
due tifiing of the sacmncnEi^, aiid often [>Tcachmg nf [^he] 
gOfiprl. uich tlie cicvolton of the hditrcrv: 

And yet tiiTi ^umitb^un^li^B, a gii^l number of people 
ia 6vu:n p^irts of tlin realm, following then own AoniuaLit^H 
and living mhcr nithmu knonlcd^ or due fdr of God. do 
vrilfully and dnmnably bcfurtr Alniii^hty tSnd nb«;iin and 
refuse to come to their p^riili churthea anti other ptac<;s 
iriwe common prayer^ ndminj»tritlion of Ihe vjxvanients, 
and preaching of thv wtird of r-nd, is nard upon ihc 
Sundays, And cither d>i_vt uribincd to be holy dayv. 

For refonnuliun hercoft be it cnact^^d by the king our 
tQverctgn lord, with ch4?3&s(*rl of the ]^rd( and Commons 
In thiR present PjrluLmcni 4.tscmhlrci, and hy the authority 
of the »nic, that from and after the fcaat of All tNiinu next 
eomtng. all and every ptitHon and pertfone inhabiting within 
thin rcaTm, or an^ other ih? kirg*4 mnjmy'c dominions, ahnll 


Rvtiul of 
lh( object* 

Aft of rnl. 


n«Jtt No, 



All penon* 

and hoi/ 



VOCU/m^'J^ iLLVSTliAliVJi OF THE [i^xi 



wiih ihc 

dac enccn- 




IB 14 the 

diligently and foiibl^tlly (h.iving no bwliil oi rcauonable 
cxcioc to be ibncntl ciidcivt;uf ihrm«c1vc» \o TCHon io 
their pariili chiircb or ch^iicl acciiatomed. ot upoii rcuon- 
ahl« kt ilicrooi', tr> aoii^o ubital pbc4 where cpfiinioa prar«i 
and Nurh i^rvinc; of Gnd ^HaII be iiflccl in mich ilmc of lc<. 
111:^011 every Sunday, and olhci dAVi ordained and Uicd 10 
be kept as holy days, nnd then and lh«rv to abide ordcxlT 
and (obcTly during Ihc limi^ of the common pniy*T, ptcftch' 
ingi, ur other kcrvicc of God dicrc tn be u^darid minlfi?rcdt 
upon pflin of punTblimcni Iry the coiuurva of the Chureh, 

And for the due cKccij^ion hereof, the Icing's kkmI eKtl-^ 
leni m^jr«ty, the Ij^rdc trmpcini], nnri n\^ (hf? Co«nanofit 
in this prcicnC jParlJainent] onemblcd, do in God'» lUiuc 
o^rriL^uly rt;qujrc and chariic dti the JirelibiahoiM, batli< 
and other ordinaries ihAT ihey Rh:iil crdcavouf tfit m e cl tM^ 
IO thu uciennoiii <jf ibctr knowledge, ihat chc due and rrue 
execution thereof may be had throughout their diocc«ct and 
ch^xrgra, AS Ihoy will anbwcr btflore Dod lor aueh evils and 
plagues whtrrwilh Ahrif^hty God may Jii^stly punKh Hif^| 
people for neglecting ihit |;cod and whokhoiiLe bn. V 

And for thcjr :iuthoiuy in tbi« behalf, be it further like- 
«i^ enacted by the auEhnnry aforesaid, that all and tingolir 
the stn^c .iidibishops b^iop^, and nil tiih<j ihdr ofhoca 
cxcrciflinic eeclcnioAti^ jurisdictioo. oa neil m plj^cc cicmpt 
OS not ejceaipi* within their djoceses. Khali have full power 
and suchority by ihis Aci lo rrform, rorrcri, and punitdi by 
cerkhurc» of the Cburch. all and singulai peivoD* nhfdi iihaU 
o^cnd, within any their jurisdictions or diocesfis, niter the 
tnjd rcojfE of All Saints neit coming, og^inu thii Act iind 
tiacirte; any oilier Ltw. htaiiiK-. privilc^^e, liWrty, or pruvition 
heretofcr« madc^ had, or suJIcrod to the contrary noLMith< 

And T)f?eAii«r there hav arisen fn th« ii«f and c-xefcite 
the ofore^id common service in the diurch, herctotforr 
forth, djvcr» doubts for the fjuhion and manner of the 

ion M 




tttiniftntioR ^rwcnc. nOtcr by ihc cnrMiir of ibc minitticr. 
and TTiiKtiJcen, than of cnf other worthy caute; 

Therefoire, as well Toiinemorcphin and Tuarifeit ctplan:^' 
tlon Itcrcuf. jAh for the more pafcciioii of itic ^d order of 
COfAmon service, in some pUices where it is ncccrjory lo 
make the larnc praycts and fathicii of service; mwc eirr>c«l 
and fit ic iitir trhmlun |V(i|it(r to ItHf tru^ honourm^ of 
Aknj^hiy Cod, the kirs'a inott cxcclkrt majesty, with the 
■sicni of the Lords and Commote?; \n thifi present Pirhamcni 
uwinbled. and by tb« authority ur \\\t tiTne^ hiK cttiseU 
tbe afuECMi^d order of c:uminuii senite, entitled. The BluIe 
of CoRimon Prayer, to be ^ithfiilly and K^'dly perused, 
explained^ and m;Ldc fully perfect, and by the aforetaid 
authority hai nnreitxl anrj joineit il. so irijibiri^d cmd 
pcrfcciedL to lliu prcacnt aiAtute . adding dlso ii fcna and 
naanncr of making and cor^accr^ttng nrchb^f^hops. bishops, 
pfic«i!, and drtcons, lo he of hlto fcrce, awihoriiy, jnd value 
u the wme like furcs.tiid Uii»k» eniidtd. The Bcjak of 
Common Txaycr. waj before, and lo be accepted, received, 
uwd, and efleenied m like sort and nuinner, eind with U^e 
ume rbuvfi of provUiDinii and dtcepiions, U^ ;ill imc^nrc, 
coatttuclioiu, and pun^oso, as by the Aet of Tail Lament 
nude lA ihe second y^aa of the kinf^'s maJeeiy'B r^rign vrtu 
ordajned and limited, etpretsed snd appointed Ua the 
nntformity of servici? ond fldmini^imtion cif ihr xicranicnia 
tbroughout tiic reAlm, upon luch several paina oa lii die 
Cfttd Act of f jirliamcnt is e«prc(Bcd 

And the did former Arr to «und in full force arid 
riiength, to ill iiilvnts and conHiruct ions, and to be applied, 
prsetiacd. and put in ure. to and for Ihc eeunbtinhinjc of the 
Book of Common Traycr, now ciplnined ;ind henrunlo 
aanexcd, and aho ilir uiid form cf nuking; of arclibiahops, 
bisJiopv. pR<»b. and dcieons hereunto Annexed, ua it waa 
for the former book. 

And liy the authority afnre^iil it i» Jiuw further cnacced, 


7 he l<'^nk 

Pmypr i» 


plamnij, to 

a furni of 
lion of 




tUind m 
full l«rce- 



I for t»elrit> 

Any btlicr 
fonn or 

Thin Af I tn 
be rrad 
and «Ji* 


that if any inarncr of perton or penons inhabiting 
bt'tng irithin iliii rcilni, or any olft«r Uu; king^ft maJMiiy 
dvriiiiiiLJiia* hhull aflL-i ihc iaid fi-vi^l (^' All SitiiiCA ft^illitittly- 
and Tfiuingly hcJir .iid he present -it aay othct nunncr or 
form of common prayer, of administration of (he sncnunenti, 
of mating «f miriticni in the duirthes. oi trf any <i(Iict riles 
cuiiuiiied in Ihc book atinocii to tliiit Act, Uian is mcniioaod 
ond scl forth in the ^Ajd book, or is contrity to the form 
of (undry provinirtnii and cM-eptEon* contained in iht row> 
Mid ftumcr *uintc, and slull he ibctcof convicted ;uxi(JpJin( 
IQ the bw^of thi:in:alnii before (hc)Li4li(rc»of AMjre. JiWliecv 
of i'yfr And Urniintr, jt;si)<:<:« ot pence Ml ihoir ecsiionV 
or any of them, hy thr vcrrhcl lif twtlvc men. or by hi* 
Ihcif own confe^siuii or otherwise, shall for tlic fifbL oflencc 
KUiTer imprisonment for sj\ mohih^, ^>'tih<>tii bjiil ov main 
prixe ; Ami for the second ufTcnec', being likewiiio conv 
as is alx]Ve?i.-iitl, iiiipri(i(;niiii-nt for rme whole ^e.ii ; nnd fi 
the third ofTcMce iti li^e nianner^ imprUonment during bitH, 
or their \\\c^^ 

And for ihe more kno»rle<Ig^ to be given hereof, an 
lie! t<T ubseTva lion of lhi>( hiiv.bc it cn^cicd bv the Jiuthortty 
aforeWd, that all mid nii^K^br cumtc? ihjill upon ock 
Sunday every quarter of theye^ir during onevhole tear nctf 
fdlowing the f<ireii2iid feanr of All SaJnis nojit coniittg, nod 
tliik ]jn.-^eitl Act in t]jc iihorch at the lime of ihc moai 
Udcmbly, and Ikewinc cnee in every yeor fo[]':iviin$c ; at ibe 
same limc? deelarinj^ unto the people, by the authority of ttM 
Srripiare, how the nieri-yai:d gi-iOLlncaa of God hits in all 
Bget been tihnu'cd 10 iiia f^eople ui thctr nccc»itic> aad 
cstromiiiec, by mcana of hcariy mid fiiithfol proycxa made 
to Almfghty Cod, etperioUy where peujjle be (gathered 
ifjgeihtT with <irie faith antl min<l, la offer Up their licjirti by 
pra>cr. a3 the best aocrificca thai Chnstmn nwn can ^ 




REL1G10^^, jldl 1553. 

UahY iLXi:4i.vt1rd io \hf. llr^rit July ^. i^sj- Tlir pro<UmAti<iTi 
which folliivw wm iiulsliilied AiijiunE ift A dtan uf iliii pJUclnuiA- 
lion «hr* ai iht IhiNlo Ww^rd ("fflop ;S. P. l^trm. \toiy. i, Ni». 7J, 
whitb cotilmint ibDny v^rhnl c)i(r»rffnc*« ; th* twti mupii raitennl ant 

I indirvlcd in llie foiH-noics. Hi« i|iitGn wm crowdtd October t, and 

^l^rUamont mci fojr riaja tiMr. 

^^f [TrtRKT Bonvwr'i fCfgmtir, I. 4oa-l 

1 The queen's highness well tememtxTing whai gr^Ml iii' 
convcmrncc and dangers Imvc grown U> this bet high- 
Qcn^s realm m limca past ihrLPtigh tlic d;\^triity of opinrons 
in questions or religion, md hearing altto ttutt now of late, 
unr« Iht beginning or ber moAt ^niciouit rrign, ihc ^nint 
curilcnlionb be a^dit^ mu(.b renewed, di[ougb ceiLiirj hhc 
&nd uiiiruc reports and rumours vpread by lomc lifibt and 
cvtl-djfipcscd per«on«, h^ ihoughc good to do to under- 
stand 111 all ber WigUriirtx'4 moir loving and obedienr stiT>- 
jectft her nio»t graciou» plciuurc in mAiuicr uid form 

First, her majwty bring prc*er^lly by the only goodnem of 
C™l leuled in ber jusi |Hi^Mtraion of the impcrul trown 
of ihh r^ni» and other dominiona tbirrtiinlo be]on|;Ln|;. 
eaimoi now hido' that tcbgion. whjch Gcd and the world 
Vncm \hff htm rvrr prcifr'-sipd fiom her Infnnry hitheilii; 
■ hjch ju lier m^ijeMy i^ minded lo obieivc ixnil mnmuin 
for hcrwlf by Clod's grace during fcicr lmic» *o doth her 
li]gbTi««< much de^tm and would be glad ', the same were 
of«l} hmiibjcri)* (jthirrly and chariubly t^mtburcd. 

' Tilt »lmft niry" f 'ihftl wLich Cod iif*d the W^Hd know h<w the 
ud her &ther of famoin mcBior^i her p^ad&Lhcr aadKllhtirproffCfi^ 
Ion. kihiES of thifl icj^rm, wiih otl thctf tulvjecti, hfl^v ercr lii^d lAe 


Ihp ^ villi 
of pu4r (nil 

1 lial : 

I, Th* 

qneen it. 
tvixti licr 
to be. of 



■t pmfnt, 


id (on- 

^tenlian arc 



LOCtWBJ^rs iLLusmATiyE or the [umu 




And yet she drjth aignily unto all her tnajf^ty'ft bv 
fitibjccts, (h^t or her nno8t gracious disposition and ckmcnqr^ 
lirr highnr-Kh minds nnt to roin|K-l iiny bi^r i.A\A Kubjectx 
themintg. unro njcb time aa further order, by commoci 
a*«crl. may Ije uken thtrem ' ; loitidding iievenhel«fi« 
atl her 4ub]cci> of at! cIcgrciM. at ihcir pfrils. lo nunt 
scdilions or «ii imquicincw in her people, tj> inicmipliiig 
the lavi of thit redra aficr their brains uid luick^ but 
quLCtly to continue for the time till (as b«4bre f« t^ 
Ibrther ordtr may be Ukm; and ihercfonc vJTIs tod 
aLr^itly oEuir^^^ and (.ommandi all her uid good lorin 
subjccis lo hvc logcthcr in quiei aorl and Christian chaniy^ 
leaving ihose aew-fourkd devilUh ternn« oT pnpUi or herfifC; 
and kulIi 1]Kl\ aikd ap^ilyini^ ihcir wl^ole cdic, Kiudy, aaI! 
travail to live in die fear of God, exercising their con 
tionfi in such charitable and godly doing, Oi their lives nu; 
indeed eitpreM ihji gre:ii hunger and thirsr of Gud'sjl 
und holy word, wlikh by r^h ulk diicl woids (uany bivc pic^ 
tended ; rknd in )o doing as Ihcy fhnll beat please God oad 
live without dangers of ihelftw»H and mointninlheiranqmlUty 
nf the rc;ilTnr nhereuf hei highncMt sliul) bt^ must gbd, 
if any nun alkali rashly ptc&uuic to make any asscinbl 
of pco|)lC| cr At any public aatembli^s or otherwise shall 
flbotic to fiiir the people \<i disorder or distjuiel, ilie mind^ 
otcotcling lo her Uuiy, lo fccc the wine nioftl severely lO- 
formed Jind punished, aceording to her highncss'a biv^ 

Cbriiifvn princet. both Irvljr fntlovruijf, ihemselvc*. *nd nuunljiinii 
IhE^i lulycvU iu Cliriat'i trmr rcJinlijiJ. uid cudcJ llicir Uvea llieiciB,] 
|il» a« lifT m^e^iy, hy <^t^<i'^ tnctt. is mindnd cu ci^ervr ^ad vj 
bin (hd umc r~ur hrr iimr. m nil Chruliiui prlftui ou^hi io<1o; 
lllierrJure watiM be ^Iail,~ ^C- 

^ The ^r^n runs : * to break fry 1aw« of flii't miil«. ticrct^orfl] 
Rintfc aiid yfl ftAriiJijifi lil fuiiccuutciiuii)c GWa irivk'C hi uliunjHdh 
bill (0 prntiit All men thfii will eq usp—by her sufFcEiiive, in qiijrinaii 
unU lUfh Timp u ftirLlicr ardcf ih&ll Tw lakrn tlicrcin -llie mtvMx 
Of UaiJ; ■e'^Hble |« GAd't ward »nd the pnnrkii^ Cbarch/ 



And ftirthermore. romimtich alto u% it \% well knovn Ihut 
scditiom tjA h\tt rumoar) h«vc bceix noumhccit and 
mAintniDcd in thn rcAJ«n by the auMlcTf and malice oi 
toQW Avil-iliBpow'd pcnons, which take ufon them, «rJthou£ 
uilEicienl jiuthuriEy, lu picuic!] and iTJttrrpict ilie wurd ui God 
&ftct- tbcir otrn btnin m churches atid otti^r phoca. both 
puhlic itnd private, and aI(o by playing of intcrJudcn, and 
printing of Cilie fond bDokt and balbt^K, rhyme*, and oiher 
lewd tr&itbci in ibt Englioti Longue, conccrnjoi; doctrine in 
mattcn row in question and controversy touching the 
bigh f^omts and myttcricfi of QtriAtian religion, which books, 
billads, thymes 3iid ticdiin^t aw ehirfly by thr firinicrs and 
Ualionc» 9ct out to sale to bcr grVLcc'a subjects, of an evil 
vtaL for lucre, and coveloitt of vile Ram; her highneM 
chcrrfcffO ^iiahly <rh,ir^cs and comnunde all and every of 
her u^d ^[ibjcru. of whjiNocvcr scare, condilJW, or decree 
tbcy be that none of them prcnumc from henccfartb 1o 
preach, or by way of rt-adJMg in churches or other public 
or privati* plarr^. esrrppr in thr Jirhonls of the Univcr^ifty, to 
intccpcci cr icnch any Scriptuici oi any manner points 
of doctrine concerning reli^on \ neither also to prmt any 
book, matter, ballad, rhyme, inicrlLido, proccB^. or ireat[se» 
[|0r lo play any inicilucle, excqit ihL7 have hc-r grnce^f 
apcciol UccQcc in writing for the same, upon pain to mct^t 
htt- hifhnetti'f indignaiton and duplt-nsure. And her high 
itcMi^ooftirtlirr cirnldy chjirge^anrl commands aTt and ^very 
bcf Mtid subjects, thai none of them of their own private 
authority do pn^ume to punish or to ttite agoimt any 
offender in the caiHcs abovetaid, or jiny other onender in 
words and deeds in rhu laic rebcUlon cximmtt:rd or donv 
by the Duke of Korthumberland or hia accomplice*, or 
to seitt any <if theix goodit, or violently to uie any such 
offerd^rby «rikIngoi trnprUnnint; ot Threatpnlngth* «ine; 
but wholly 10 leacrve the punishment of all itith ofTuJidcjs 
unto her highness and public authority, whereof her majesly 


% If' 


and MKi" 



mem of 

or releb it 





mull an 
tlic law 

vfiW if 

r rerun ty 

by Ihc 

IfifiS, Tninds to 5cc due puni^mcnt According Co the order of tier 
htghneuV \Si'M>. N«i^rtheWi, as her highncu mindi not 
horrVij' lo rr^tram and rlisroutagi^ any of J^cr toiint^ ■^ulijeris 
to give from time lo ifmc Uue infnrmatioti 4£Jim«l aii> such 
ofTeniEcrs in ihe causeft abovtujiid unto her grace or her 
roonril, for rhc punishmem of evtry *iTch ofl'efider, accord- 
ing lo L)ie i^lTcrt of hci lni2;!incAs'« bv« provided in ihat part ; 
M> her snid hi^hncAK exhorts And Mmilly rhaTf^CA her said 
flLihjecbfi lo observe her comnuindment riTtd pkomre in 
every p.iTt »frirei.iid, aa ihey will avoid hrr highnoE'a nid 
mdigriuiiun ittid iiioal grievous dKi'Ieuturc. The iieventy 
and ri^oLir whereof, as her highncKi %\\a\\ be mo^t flotrytd 
have cau«F Il> piit ihe same in execution, lo doct she utterly 
deiErmine iiol lo[inniit sucli unLiwful and rrrhellioiis doingK 
of her aithjccta, whereof niay cosuc the danger of ber royal 
vatAte, (<3 rennin ui^punithcd; but to gcc her said laws 
touching (heifc jjoirtU to he thoroughly «iecutecj, which 
CAtruinilicb nlic Crutu oil ber nid luring tuhjpcn wCH 
forcace^ dread, and avoid; ^leeordinglv her ^id hi^hncft 
Gtra^y charging and con^n-utnduig ^\\ niiiyon, «Kcri^ 
jiMlirca of pcane-. hiflifft, ronMable^ anri ^11 oih^r publte 
ofliccr^ and minUler> dili(;;en[|y Eo see to tbi: obsrrving And 
eaccoting of hi:r said command men is and plcaaurc, and to 
apprehend nil lUfh ai ahall viMingly oifi^n') in thi% partj 
Corimiitlin^ the Kum? tci the ncJii gnol, ihrre ro remain 
without I>ail or tnainprLie. till u{x>n certifcdtc made to licr 
highneftfi oi her privy conticd of Iheir names and doingM, 
and upon cvaminatinn hsd of their nlTfnros, 4ome further 
order aball be laten for their |itmbjhrncnl to the euimjile 
of cthcniH according to the cfl«ct and tenor of ihc laws 
aforevaJ<J> Given at our manor of Kichmuod* the tMiIi 
day of Au^al^ In the Hr^E year of our rao^t prosperous 
rdgn, God rave the Queen. 






1 Mary, ftatvtk 2, cap. 2. 

*»Y*» tirvt Act or TCpral wi* imnn-d in the aiitiiinn of 1553 
ftbejitltrrf ninfr A^i nMKYming the C^iLirrh poHed in the ftigfi 
or Cdwvd V[, 'Hiit Aci iv<|jw| th« status fwo bI iEio dvdlh nF 
KfiDry Vin LB 1347- '^''c »tttti^t fH9cf ]^»9 v»9 rvAiorcdb^ M try's 

Ho. LXXVI :. 


[TrniKT SutuLaa afihe Rc&Im, iv, pt, L p. a«a.] 

^^B Forasmuch as b^ diven and sevenL Aa« hereafter 
^^Bentioned, u veil rhe Jivirt ijcrvire ind gncKl u<lTnini«- 
^^mtion of tiic ucraiiiciita, j.i diver* oihcr maltum of relitsiun, 
t which we nnd ou: rorcfalhcf* fotmd rn thra Chutth of 
I Englnfid, to us left by ihcauThorityof ihcOtholic Church, 
I In? \x%ti\y ;ih(.-ri^d and in some part uken frcini us ^nil '"^ 
' place (hereof new ihtngs lrndf:riTcd and sci forlh by ihc >ftid 
A<is. such asfl fcwol smgubriiy hnvc of Ihcmftdvfi dt-viscd, 
whereof has cnuicd amongiii us, in vcryiihon rime, numhcrt 
oTdhrcne and «tinngc tipinioTU and divcntiticK of «;t:b. and 
tbcreby jrown great un<iuictnti4» and much diacord, lo the 
I disturbance of the commonwcMlh oi Itiis realTii, and 
very slitirx time like lo grow lo exn-eme fK^riJ nnd iTUrt 
fuaton of the »me. unlc^ »omc remedy be in ihai 
behalf provided, which thing all true, loving, and obedient 
^ihjpots oitffhi and are boimd to Foresee and prrn/ide, to 
the uttcrtncat uf their power- In cQnsidrr^tLttjn whcrcf>fr 
be it enndcd and e:iEabli^hed by the qucvn*jt highne^, the 
l^rdA Hpinlual nrd tcmpor.^l, and Xha Conimons in this 
■anie procnt r^iHiamctit jjKKemhlfd, ^nd by ihe authority 
of the same, that an Act made in the rAitianicut begun nX 

Rrcd^t in- 
ill th^ 


of uplniijn 

Rppr*! of 






C- t, \ilJ< 




V!,*", I. 

Vidt DtKJ- 


fl ft 3 £rlw, 

VI. c St. 


Wpirminiler the fourth day of November in the firar jeor 
of ibc rtJgD of llic Ejilc KiciG Kdnard VI, snd l^tn ihcnce 
Cpontirucd to the twcnty-fourtli d^r '^'^ December ihcn next 
eniuing, thAt is to %xfj in th« tint icciiioTi of the tame 
PiiTtJmiient, encitkil, An Acta^;iin3(t auth Pcraan^ hx ihuuld 
irrcvfpcntlir ^peak against ilic Sacrnractit of ihc Body ood 
Illood of Chri&t» commonly (ullcd the f^icnni^nt of the 
Ahnr, and for the- receiving thcrofif in lioth binds ; and aUo 
oae utiicr Act in Ihc ume scctioo. wliich is eniillcd, An 
Aet for the Ekciion of Bishops '^^^ "^^^ Sc*'(la and !>t]rliei 
they nnd other tpiritual l'«fBonfl c^trcLnn^ JuhbdKlion 
cec]c<Ai;iMiral lihrnld usr; and .-(Ikq onr ether Act made 
in one other le^tion cf the aaid rarliament holdeo iipon 
prorogation at Wcfitminstor tbc fourth day of Koivcmbcr 
in the tijcond yeat of the wign of the laid btp King 
Edvrard VI. and there cootinui^d and kept to ihr fuuitecnth 
day of March in the third ycxj of the «id late kin^'i reign. 
entitl«d.An Act forthc Uniformity olSorricc and Admrnisifa 
lian of the Sajcrameni« ihroughcnt tho Ki^alni ; frulalsoofi* 
othei Act made in tlicse^^ion U^I before [named], whachil 
mFiiIed, An Aet to take away all positive Laws made ogMnil 
the Marriageof PriesiH ; and alio one other Act nude in one 
other scv^ion of tlic «aiii Pjiflianicni holden upnn pro^o^- 
tion at VVcitaiinaLcr the fourth day of Novcntbcr in the 
third yecr of the rcL[<n of the said Jale King Hdward VI, and 
iherr rontlnurd and lecpt to the first dny nf Pchmnry in lh< 
fourth ycjir of hi» tcien, cnliilcd, An Act for the aboU^nf 
and putting away of diven Books and Imajje^ . aivdaUoone 
other Act made in \ht lame t«svLon bit before mentiOMC], 
cuiiEk'd, An Act tikadt* for the ordering of the cccloilutkaJ 
Miriij»ici9 ; and nlKr one other Act made in one other acttiott 
of the aaid f'arhan^cnt hoLdcn uj>on prorogation at Wcit* 
rnincter the tvrenly-third day of Jnoimry in llie fifth year of 
tlic icit;n of the aaid Ltc Ringf Edward VI. and thcf« con* 
tiaucd and kept till the fifteenth day ol April m ihe aU:& 





|ft of ihc n.i^iJ btc king, entitled, An Act for 
'oi ComciCin I'rayer and the Admmulriition of 
;5 ; anrl nnr otht-t Ac? niAdr tn ihr tame hu 
led, An Aci fnr tbc Rcciimg of Ifoly Day» and 
M ; nnd one other Act tnadt: in the scvion last 
tirE]«d, An Act mnde Tor the UKlantion of a 
made fof ihc M.nrriogc of Pricii* nnd for the 
lAtion of their Chi Idicn ; and every cbusci ncnlcncc, 
I, arEidc, and anlctcs mcntiocied, exprt-tsed, or ccn- 
m the said lUtLitet and evi?ry of tticiti iIiaII tw 
hvi:Lcrfuifb uituily repc^cd. ^uid, armihilAtcd, Arid oJ 
tone effects to nIE purfxisCH, e^onitructionjE, and intcrtbi; 
Euiy thing or things contained or specified in the tt^iid 
KatiKe^ or any of (hem lo ihe contrary In any wise noi- 

And t>c it further enacted by the authority dforcraid, iJiat 
all tuch divine service and admir^utration of mLTamenU as 
wi^re Tiunt cuiiiiiionlx uiied in tlic rciilin of Enj^Und in llic ln^t 
year of the relen of our late flovcrcij^n lord King Henry VIll 
«h;LlJ E>e, from and alter the twentieth day of Ucccmbcr in 
thU present year of our IjirdGo(] 1553, uied^ind frequented 
thrcuifhou: Ujc nhuk n:alm of Entfbnd and all utiicr ihc 
<|ucen'» majcMy's dommiunfi ; and thai no other kind 
nor order of divine Kervice nor admtni«traltoo of taera- 
racniii hr-p aficr thr said iwrnticth dny of Drorml^cr, iiipd or 
minisiercd in any other manner, form, or degree within the 
said u^m of Engl^nd^ or other the t^uvcn^i dOLUin^oni, 
than was mott oommonty ()«rd, mlnJstcred, and frequented 
In the viiil Inst ycnr of the rei^n of the ^i^ Lite King 
Henry Vnr 

And be it furthtrr tnacled by the authortty aforttaid. that 
nn person ^hall bi^ inipfachcd or mrxTf-u«d In bixl)' or goods 
for uaing lierctufurc, or until Ibe uid twcnlietti day of 
Dcccinbcr^ the divine lervioe mcntiotied in the said Acts 
or any of them^ nor for Ihe onng of the old divine service 

5 & & Edw. 
VI, c I, 

mnil Tio. 

n^ 3- 

Mrvt<e to 
br ua«d 
ftfUt Pre; 

A> LlJ \»A 

yt€i of 
Men, VIll. 

f A use A 
vr Lbc old 
Mfvitf* tin 
Act enroM 
into fftfCF, 

36o DOCUMENTS ItXlfSTJiATn'E OF THf [utxm 

JM8 snd sdmmiftlmtion of iJicranientsi. in audi manner anU fcrni 

&» «rai u;icd m the Churcli at Kngloiid before lh€ makiAg 
cf Any of the saui Acis. 


r. A! 

cinnnn not 

[jiiihuy to 
klylc Iiiui- 
>cir 'fj{ja 
auifni if at' 

3. N<i mill 

of Hcle- 

4- No 
laric* la be 



TiinE InjunrtJoru were lent by tbc qutffln lo Uiv biahup*. »oi>m 
iwijcil b> « letter dirctliiiK t^itif tnfcrteiflcfii bMrioe d-tlo March 4. 
ISM Vi/Tih r«innl to ihc crlibdi-jr 4jf ihr drrty- Bufic* li«J iPiiti' 
pufcd ihc nctJtiii prcicrtbnt in thr li^Junrrioji*. unfl this may sucicie 
iTiAl D^ Xh*" Ari^hhimhop M (. itnirrhury -kak m pn«fin. Ronnrr ii iff' 
■pontibU fvr the ci>iD|xi«itLOii of lh« document, 

[TtinMr. Soniifr's Ktgiatt. X. 340 V] 

I. Thftc every Mithup and his officcrrt, with nil othct 
hAvin^ ccclcnifiAlicAl juHxdicli'on, shii]l with All »pccd nn<l 
diligence, and nlJ manner of way? 10 them poeaiblef put jfi 
ciiec?iition all *iirh ranona and cylCiLi^TicflT laws hereto- 
fi>ic Lii lIic tinic of Kiii^ Henry VJII uard wjihm tfifa 
realm of Knjclnnd, and the dc»mmion» of the i^amei^ nrtt bdn^ 
dircd and cxpreuly conimy to the bwi and liuiiilca of ihit 

?. Item, that no liihup, or any hh officer, of other 
pcnon aloreaaid, hereafter m uny of tlicir ocek^iuiiticftl 
writings in proccsKr or other cxtrA'judieial act«r do ovc to put 
in ihui clause tjr ^e1lle^kcc ; " He^a an^tvrtfaSe fiiUifus* 

3. Item, IbAt no bishop, or uny his oHiecrs. or other 
person >ifore9iaid, do herea^er eiact or demand in the iidmift- 
Kion of ;tny pt!r3un tc any eccle^injiticnl promotion, order, or 
onic:e, an) oatli tuucliint; ihc primacy or aurxcuion, as of 
laic, in few yCiinf patit, hab been aceuston^cd and u^ed. 

4. Item, that every bitihop and hiK olficen^, nith all other 
fiersotift aforciiiid, have a vigilant eye, and use ^[xsda] itlli* 
gencG &nd foresight, that no penon be adniiltcc) or received 



to any crclctifLnioLl function, bcnc^cc, or o^cc, bcin^t a 1S54. 
ucnunentnry, inlccied or dcfaened with any noUibie kind J^* ^"^"^ 
of lier^y or otli^r gr^t crimen ; and that the «Aiu iii^nop ^ raAdt. 
do aUy, and c^uac (u Ih: clayed. At mucli as licib in him. 
' that bcncliccx an^ ci^clciimiica] pronioiion^s do noi notably 
decay, or tak« tiindmnccr by putirg or ccnnrrnirig of 
unnaflonable Icaws, 

fl. Ilcni, lliAl every bisboil, and aII oihcr pctaons Afore- S- CierU 
nid, do diligently travail fcr ihc rcprctAinft of heresic* and ^^^^^ "^' 
noUblc CTtmcs, specially in ibc clergy, duly corr<?tiing und curorrcd. 
puiiiiiliiii^ ilie is^atv. 

6. Itcn^, ihac every bi»hop» and ill other pcnons nfor^ & t\li 
lAid, df> UlcL-wisc Lravail lor Ihc condcnining and reprcwing hcmni- 
(>f torruiii and naitghiy opinii:>nis, unlawful bucilw. ludbdt, jjupbcJ, 
4.nd Other pcrnicioii»i!ind hurtful devitCT,cngtndaintt hatred 
among ihc peoj*!t'. and diacord amanj; (he same ; and ihai 
i<;hoolm.i«*jrft, pceac herb, and tca^'hcr* do cxerci*ie and use 
iliciT ofiirpji and dmim withont Ipnrhfng, prcachirnj, of set- 
ting forib any cvi] or curmpt doctrine ; and ihol. doing die 
contrary, thty mny h^f^ by the binhop and \n& said oHiccrs, 
punlUied and rvmo^'fd 

7. licm, thai «cry biAboii. am! all ihe oihcr persons J^Warrftd 
oforcaaid. proceeding lummnrily, ind wilb all ccleriry *nd f^'J^ 
vpeedp may and (ball deprive, or declare dcprivedn and '"(^ved 
nmovi*. arrnrdmi^ ic> thf-ir learning and di»»trPfiion. all iirch 
persons from tbcir benefices and ccclnia^lical piomoltonb, 
who^ eontrary to (ho ^late of tbvir ordi-r and the laudable 
euftlom of the Church, have nvjmcd and used women as 
their wives, or otherwise nolably and &]anderoufj]y duordefej 
or abuied thcmsi^lvea ; sequcBlcrin^ also, dutinf; the uid 
proctM, the fruits and profiis of the saJd bcneJicee antl eccle- 
shi'ilica] prtj motion a. 

8. Item, that the »id biebop. and all other persons afore 8. CJeriuT 
fiaid, do use more ienity and deniency with Buch as have "'''j*™'<Jj'*" 
married, wl>oa: wives be dead, than with oibcr^. *lio*cf scpiiiie" 



wills iX\t 

vi{e\ can- 
Hint, ta l>r 


9. Mamvd 
phrttt of 
■ *owe<l 
pcnont ' 

priiau to 

TI. Il«- 

VlvhI of 
Lilin pro- 

^a, Ht.!y 

rg, Ccie- 

tnoiiiu to 
bo «- 


women do ytt remain in life : and lik«»ii« such pricvts 
a«, ivitli llie cont>«nis of iliur wi\^-h or woinrrtH ctpenl) in the 
prMcncfof [he bisbci'. do profess to abttui:). lo Ix- UKd ibe 
more fatx>ufabl}' : tn nhich case, nfEci pcninrc cfTcctiuilly 
done, the bitthop, accorJing to bis discretion and witdoni, 
may, upo^i juvi Luiisidctatioji, receive iiiiJ aJinit tlitiii ajptin 
lo thcli Ibrincr adniutj^tratioi). »o it be riot in the s&mc 
place; appoimir>K them such x ponitin to lire upon, to be 
paid out vt ihcif henefirt, wKereof Ihcy tie deprived, by d\^ 
cniion of Uic naid bi^c^j, ui hk otKccrs. aa ihc/ ^ail ibiok 
may be fipttrcd of ihc iwid boncficc- 

9. Iieic, \hat every bishop, and a]] pertonft afofc«iid, do 
fuicbtc UmC lhc7 suircr rii>t uiiy rdigiutix iiun, hAring 
»o1cinnTy profcf^cd chaMity. to ciintinuc »ilh his vousao oc 
wi^ ; hut Ihac all Rucii pcrsong, after dci>nv:Lbon of thcJl 
benefice or ecclesiastical promoiioii, be nlso divorced evuy 
one frocn hh Kiid wom-in, and due pum»hineni cithcrwfbc 
iflken for the offence tbctcin, 

ic. Iccm Ihat every bishop, ittid all other pettoiu afore- 
uid, dn tftlcr ordrr and directicLT^ with the ]iMKhicv\M?n <A 
cvcrr benefice, where priests do nant, lo repair ta ihc ncxi 
piinsh ior olivine svrvici; ; or to appoint for a convenient 
limCf u\\ o^hcr bcuer provision may be mad«, one curate 
lo nenc aitemU tiiei^ut in divers pnrfKbc^i and lo Allot to 
ihe said curate for bis labour son^c portioa of the benefice 
that h« ao tervcs. 

ri- lirm, that all ,ind all manner nf prorcislone of tbt 
Church be u^cd, fK*]Ucntcd< and continued ftflc the old 
order of the Church, in the Ljitin conpue. 

It. Item, cl^t all fmch holy d.iy!( and faulting d;iytt be 
i>b»(^rved and kept, as was ob«eivcd And kept In die latiii 
time of King Hcnfy VlIT 

15, Item. Ihat the laudable nr^d honest ceremonjes which 
were wont ro he tuM^ frcritirTitcd, flnd ob^'*rv<*rt in the 
Cbuicht bc^Uo hcrcafici frequented, used, and observed' 



Lxxiv] HrsToar of the engush churcu 

!4. Item, that ehildrvn be thrtKiened by the prie*t, and 
confirmed b^ ihc bt&hops, as hcrctc>rorc bath been accufr 

15- Item, touching sucb p«nonK vs were heretofore pro- 
hkjIvJ Io any uiUenb;.^fti.-r itic new win anil fciahiim ufoiilcr, 
conhidcfinji Oiey wttc rot ordered in very deed, the bishop 
of the diocese lindiDff othrrvisc suttjeieney ind ability in 
iho«« men, may supply tbnt ihin^ which wanted in them 
before i and then, aixuirdinj; to his dincretior^ admit thciu 
to m in iil el- 
l's, hem^ tlulf by the binhop ol the diocese, si uniform 
tloctiine be set fonli Ijy homilies, or tJihcfwJw. (ur the good 
LrtaMpction und icnchinK of nil people; and that iho siiid 
PUHDp, and other pcnoni; afor(^K,-iid, do eotnpcl the parish- 
ioncn 10 come 10 their several churches and there devoutly 
to hcnr ditine service, ft* of reajion ihcy ou^ht. 

ij. Item, that thtyeniimincalitchtjfjlinaitcrs and tcachera 
of ohildten. :fnd finding ihcm *t»fc^MN'l in anywise, ic remove 
Uierti. and pljxc Catholic men in their ruO[iL2% ttith a spcciiil 
commandment to iniEruct cherr children, %<t oi they may he 
able to anivrer rhe pr^^n at ih? Muis, :ind 10 help the prictl 
U> Ma^s ^^ hA^ been ^'Leciitloinci]. 

it. Item, that the said bishop, and aU other the persons 
nfofesaid, have sucli regard, retpect, and coniidention of and 
for ihe «aiin^ forth of the preini&ea with all kind of virltie, 
godly hvin£, and 200d csuniple, with fepre»!*inji aUu Ai)d 
keepirg under of vice and unibriftineti, u they and c^cty of 
them may Ix? seen 10 fa^onr the r(?«iTiition of true religion ; 
ftnd aIko to m^kc an honest account nnd rcckotiin^ of their 
office And cure to the hi^nour of God. oi^r good contentatjon, 
and the prolSt of thi« realm and donuniociii of the s^mcv 


14 C^dn- 
Icriiiir i.nit 

f cicncy in 

to lit 


lim tci hr 
And «Ueli' 


17, Siift- 

ami rhjl> 
drpQ 10 hr 

I a Virtue 

Is £11? CD' 





1 9l 3 PirtLtP AHD Makt, cap. S. 






RflTiv»l of 
5 Rk 11. 

9 Hrti, IV, 
Clip. 15, 

• K«D. V, 

PAHi-(AMt?rT md on Nvveaiber la. J554, jlhiJ, by Ih* follovrinc 

AcTt tcvivfil Ihc Icltrm ^uilciit ^f i.^Q^t aiiJ llic AcU of Ilc-nrj IV 

*nd Ilcnry V acaliiit lipfctki. wlthnu; mffnUoninj Uidt rcpetl by 

Hrnr/ V [ 1 1 and I- rlwjini V I, 

(TiBfuKT. SlHtulo uf iIjc RcbUi, jv. pi. L p. HM.^ 

For the nchcwiriK 9J\^ .ivi^jdinj£ of ciTor» a»d hercski, 
whitrh :>r laic hflvc ritcHj urown, and mvtch mcrro^d viihin 
lhi» PtaJm, for llmt the crdiriJirit'i huve wani^ authority %t> 
prutecd apixiiht Ihrac iliai wctc iufcticii llierci^'ilb : be it 
thcrvAsrc ordAmcd und enaclcd hy authority of clib prcwcf 
PaHifttncdt^ that the siatutc ni;ide m ihc iifth year ol Ibe 
reigK i>f King RHurd 11, riiin-LiriitiB Ua- jirrnsiing aid 
afi|iri:Eicti^ioii uf c:rii>JiCLnJb Jtnd hcrcLtidl prca<:hcT3» ind one 
oihcr 8I.1IUIC nude m the acci^nd year of the rcif^n of King, 
Hcniy TV, roncprning the reiwes-Hina i.if hcrr-tiM and puntih- 
njcnt qI hcicliu, and x^^o one ulEicr :)Uliite mack- in ibc 
second yt'ir of chc tcizn of Kii^g Henry V, concerning; the 
aupprr^sionof hcrciiyand Lollatdy,;ii]de\'cryiLrticIc^bidiieli. 
Jind lirnicnci; cnnULinL-d in llic tnimc iUrcc several Aci^ 
am] every of them, iKliLI from the Iweniicth day of Januuy 
ncut cominjc he revived, and tic in full farci?, Ktrcnjftl^ md 
effect 1(1 all intent*, ton*tn;<^tion», and purposes for ever. 





1 & 2 I'HILIP jUiD MaXV, C\r, 8, 

Th« Art VM pMMd.ippMvniJ;. hrforr tnt* ^^n^t. of tbf j'rir 1551. 
It iibr»liih«ct rifttrvD AdMM^HenrjF Vlll FvUrin; In tlIl^ CTinrvli, and 


Wbcrau ajnr*r Ihe tw*nTictli year of Kln(( Henry VIII 
iamoua tnajiuiy, fiitliu ujiio )vo: ttujmy our niou 
lutanl ftovcrclgn and gtucioui lAdy and cjuccn, much bbc 
*nd erronccufi d^iCLnne Jua becrn lau^hl, pri^chvd, anil 
vrillcn, [urily hy dirm thf naiuml-tjom sulvjcda of thi« 
mlm. and partly being brcuftht iu UjiIict froui buTidry oilier 
rod<ci^ counlricst h&fl 6ccn tcnwi luid spread abroad 
■itliiii the nrct t 

By rtOAUti vticrrof, u wdl (lie ^pirilually V lli« tnn[)o 
raJly of youf Kji;lincu'» r«alnu &nd dominiORfl tiavc >wcrvcd 
Jrom lli« obedience of th« Sec Apostolic, and declined from 
tbtf itnHy of Oiriiri Cliurrh. ^nd m havi? cfiniinit^d, until 
Buch tiiii« iu )xnj( Euajcaty tnrin^ fust uiacd lijj by God, and 
Mt fa Ihc SCSI rgyAl over us ai<^ t'icn b> HU Div^iiu and 
gnciouE provKiencc knii 11^ n^omogc with i\\c u.-*M rtoblc 
and viitucrui |irincx? Ehi? king uur wvciel^n ILrd yLiur hus' 
bond, ihc popc'^ bolmcu aad the Sec ApoAolic ^ni hithc^^ 
auto youf dmjciucs (a» unto penons ui^dcfilcd, md by 
Ood^ goodncflt pmcrvod from Ehc coimnion infection aforc< 
fiid) and eo ihc irlii>Ic: icoltn* lUc mott reverend father in 
Godj Ihi; lord Cardinal i'oTt:, Ic^aEc a*^ Lctt<r<, to call ij» liomc 
a^rn into the TighE way from whence we have alt ibis long 
■bile WAftd^ci and strayed nUniud ; 




tiri'c JO 

1'hc r«Tni 

liQLtril nrt, 
an llic 

Ihc papv 

?ul4 u 



lfiS4. Ami wc, aficr Aundr^' \o\-\^ »nd gncvom pb^^uca and 
Tbeimjcn calamities, seeding by Xhc goodtiesi of God our onn tffron, 
■^inihED ^^v*^ ackn<iiv}fi1jj;^ii ihf s»me uritu the laUt m<]Kl n-venfnd 
ihoRs^man f^iihci, and bv him luvc bccji And are ibc uibt-f al ilw 
PicmJnror conicmplaiion oE your mfijc^tici< rcrcihcd And cnibnocd 
«!«=«' wr fnio ilie unily and bo^om of Chrisi'* Churcb, and upon our 
fiuml)Jc ^ubm^MLion and prufiiise iniidf tor a dml.mtifin 
of our rcpcnuticc. tj rcpc^J dind jbtc^utc ^ucti .^cl« jind 
Klatutcs Aft lind been nifidc in I'arLiamcnt »mcc the (Aid 


tventidh year of ihc »id King Henry Vllt, against ibe 
iFUfrtriiiacy uf ibc Sw.- A[)iftloIiL; aa in tnj* Mibinisaiun tu* 
hibitcd to the baid most reverend fachcr in God by your 
majcAtici^ appeirK : the Icncr wlicrcct entiu^t : 

\Vc ihc Ivjfd* spiritual at»d tcn]|M>ral, and ihc Commoint, 

WJ^^^ asiscmbled in thia present iV]iament, rcpK'«niing the Kholc 

<juct^aio l>^^ ^' t^C realm cf tln(;[and, and the dominions o^ the 

rikpm^c- time, in the name of our selves mnicularlv, and nUo oTthc 

io tlie ^id body uutversally, \n this our Mipplieaiicin ilirccte-d to 

u»jrai *y^^up maic*tic8, with most humble suit, tlial ic may by your 

graces' intercession and mean he exhibited to the rooil 

reverend father in Ood, the lard Cardinal Pole, le^ie. firm 

specLilly hither ftom our mosi holy Either Uic Tope }^A\\\s \\i 

and liie ^ot: Apontolic of Rome, d[> declare ouncbo 

very Korry and repentant of the schUm and d£sol)^ienr:e 

eomiiuilcd in thU iiiriZm and durninion-^ jjfort<i^Jd aj^iniit 

Ihe *aid Sec ApoMolic, eilhcr by making, agrecinji. or eae- 

cutin^ any lawii^ oxdinancet, or oomnxfindment^ againat the 

supremacy of ihe Haid **«, or otherwiw Uoiny or vpcokin^ 

ihat inighT impu^ the &ame : o/feriri^ aurietves anti ^r> 

mising by this out xupp1icjLlion> time for a token and know^ 

ledge of our fjitd repentance we be :ind (hall be always 

ready, under and with the authoritiei of your majfUiex* to 

the uiUrmost uf uur ]x>wer», lu do UuiL shall lie in ms fot 

the abrqention nnd rct>ca]mt of the baid lov^ftandordinanoca 

in Ibit pfcRcnt Parlianaent] as kcII for oursclvci u for the 




vliole body whom wc rcprfstm : whf^reiipon ne most 
htimbly dcstrc yojr majcsites, as |)cr«onjgfs undcfiled in 
the ofTcQcc <>i this body lowords tbc said ^c, which never- 
tbcle«s Cod by Hit providence his madi; subject to you, 
to »cl forth ihis ouf most humhlr suit, ihni wc may obinin 
from the Sec Apoiitolict by the itAid moil tcvcrcnd fiilbci, as 
well particul^irty and generaJly, •bsotuiioa, rele^^e, and dis- 
charge from nil danger of mich cciiiiurc^ and Kcnienfcs, a& 
hy the Livrs of itic Cliurch wc be fallen into; und lliat vrt 
nuy ^ children repentant be received into ihc boiom and 
unity of Chmt't Church, lo ju :hi& noble reaJm, n-iEh aJl the 
mermhrrs thcrc'of^ may in iht*i imiry and prrfect obedience 
to the Sec Apr»*tolic ftnd pope* fot the time bcinj;, *cfve 
God And your majer^tie^ tu the furtherance and advonce 
m^nt of His honour and glory. We are at the interceiftion 
uf your CTujc^ties, by file atilbofity of our holy fattier Pope 
Julius III and uf ihc Sec Apostolic, aisoitcd, Uis(.har);cd, 
and delivered ftom etcommunications, intcrdiclions, and 
other censures ecclctlanical, which have hanged over our 
htadti for tiur said drfaulU sitiLc ihi: limi? of the «id v:hi*m 
mentioned in our stipplir^ion ; :t may row hke your tnajev- 
tieS} that for the accoinpILBbmcrkt of our promise made in 
the luid supphc^tion, that is, to repeal all bws and staiui^ 
made contnity to the »Aid sLLpicmacy and Sec Apostolic, 
during: the ^id aehiam, tbc which h to be understood aincc 
tho twentieth year of ihe xcxgw of tl:ie said late King Henry 
\nn, and ID the MJd kird legate doe^ or^Cfpc and renignize 
the nme. 

Where in the l^iiament begun and holdcn at West 
minfjtcr in th« iweniy-fir^i yeor of the reign of the late king 
ofmo»t famous memory, King Henry VIII, one Act was then 
ud there made ofiain^l pluralities of hcnciiccs, for taking of 
tonoM by tpintual men and for no n- residence, in the ifvhich 
Aci, arnongsi other thing), it w^i ordained and enaeied, that 
[f any pcnon or pcitona, at any time after the fuvit day of Atmil 

ce a 


tkon ^r tha 

rcftlfti fjum 
alT pupal 

Hay CI tu 

Jif ltiii|[ 
■tid qucvn 
to r^fdt 

Lilj; itiu-i 

a<t Hen* 

PoL'tiana of 




in lh<T yoftr of oiir f^ord GchJ 1530, n>ntrary toi1i««unt M, 
Sihnukl procure and obuin at (he Coun<if Rome, ocduwhefc^ 
any bccntt or liccTicc«« union, ioler;icion« ot dispciiMtion lo 
receive and Ukc any mGrc bi^nerhors with cure ihiti vat 
\vm\\rd and nppoinTed by ihe nm^ Act. or «1«c ti snj^ ilm< 
^tcr ihc Rtu'd day should put in cxci^utton &i\y »uch licGncc« 
tolemtion, or difjicnsiicion bdbrc that time obtaiocd con- 
ttar^' CO lli« said Act, iliat then every rnjch peraon or penof^t 
ao after the Mid day suiTig for hini^f, or receiving and 
ukinj[ mch benefice by force of frudi licence or licences, 
union, tolcraiioti, or dijipcnntion, that i« ta ny, the same 
penoh or penont only, and no oilier, should for er^ty sueh 
default incjf the d:irL4;er» pKii], aitd penalty of livcnly poundi 
Kcrling, find jhoiild nUo lost the whole pfolSh of ercry 
ftucb bcnc^cc or benctirctT as he receiver or takfi hy 
ferec of any aoeh lifMire or liceneei^ union, lolrratirnv or 
di»p?n!ial(Gn : and where aho in the Koid Act \\ wa« o^ 
dainod and enacted, tliat if :iny person or pcraons did 
procure or obtain at the Court of Rome, ox clicwhere, any 
manner nf licmrp or disprnraticm tu be nun-raidenl at 
their dignities, prchcnd, or bcncfcca. conlniry to Ihe uid 
Act. that ihen ciery auch person or peTfton8 putiin^ in 
cxocution onv vuch cfUpenvticn or llerncc for himidf^ from 
ihe wtd fliTit day of Apn^ in the uid y^^tx of our Lord God 
1530, thould run and inctii the penalty, dainai;e, and 
pj3in of twenty poundft aterliog for every time fto doinf^ 
to be fOTfeilErd arid recovered a* bj- the»flirt Art 1* dcrlimL 
aiid yet iuth hccn^c or dispciiMlion »o procured, or to be 
pi^t in eicnition, 10 he void and of none effect, aa hf the 
aomc Act mtTre plainly it does and may appcaT, Be it 
enuiled by chr authority of tbifi jircsent Pnrliamein, thai us 
nudk only of the aaid Act as concerns the articles nod 
dausct aforcuiid, nnd ali and every ihe vords nnd sentences 
comalned in the loid Aei, oonrerning ihe *iaiil iiriidnt and 
dauaea, and crciy of Uicm. ahall from hcncefoijtti be f^ 




pealed. :iniiu1lc(i, revoked, anniliikted, «nd uUcily tmdt 
void for t\^ ; anythmn m tht dud Act lo the coturvy in 
anf vriiae notwiihtUTKling. 

And where alau at llw Kuictn of ihc 4*mc Pjuliiment 
boldcn upoii prorcjeation iri the tvcntythird ^ccr of ihc 
rtign ol* the said Lite Kmg Henry Vlll, onr Ad entitled. 
The Act ihnt n» [icrtr>n ihuM he cited uut of the d>ou:» vthcn 
he ur she direllcth, cxcepi in ceitain ca^ca i 

And where a]»o at ih« sud l^rliamenC, in the scnfcn 
holdcn 3[ \VesiEnir»irr upon proro|tAlion m Ihr t^reniy-rniirth 
year of thi? reign of the snid blc Ring Henry VIJI, uneAa 
wu midc. that ;tppejils in such cases as bAVC been tiscd to 
be iiuRued to the see ^ Rome Hhould not from hcrkcdorih 
be hsrf nor itv*ri, hiir wiihJn this realm ; 

And whcfe aUn at the taid Parliaracnl holder) aC We:it- 
milliter in the tiventyfirai ' year of the icigr* of the *aid htc 
King Henry VIU. and iher« continued by dtven prort^ga- 
tion^ irniil ihe fuurieentli \lay of AjtiI in the lwcniy'«CTenih 
yeas of hi» rcifn, one Act wu mode concerning ratrainb of 
payments of annaLes and (imi fruits of areh bishoprics and 
biihoprirs to the see of Koitic : 

And ttliL-re al a icutoii of the SAid FatlmtnciiL holdco lii 
ihc 5 vc-and twentieth year of the rci^ of the laid laic kiojc 
tbere wa» aUo one Act made* entitled, The 9ut>miSiion of 
the clerjfy ro Ihc klTif;"* ma)r»Ty ; 

And one other Act, entitled, one n^ct reatraininc the »aid 
payments of annates or ^r$t fruits lo the Bishop of Rome, 
and of ihe Heeting And eumeemtin^ of Archhubop and 
tbhopa wiiliin ihib lUidiEi; 

And one other j\ctTvas then and there made, enlfilcd. An 
Act concerning the evonenlicn of the kmg'i tubjecis from 
exactions ajtd inif)0>tiltori*i bL-fure th:ir liine [iiird lo iheKeeof 
Rome, And for having liocnccs and di»pGnutions within tliia 
rcihn, without suing fuithcr for ihc sani& 


cLl^tion cut 
of ills 



KoITpP, hA 

Ho, L; 

ihr coii- 
■tmnt of 

men I So- 

tbc sutt- 

the Cl«r|7t 

n«ni Mo. 

tific rc- 
vtrsint af 
wic! consC' 


rn^m Ho. 

lucnls to 
Kome add 




tt^V Hivn- 
iDf nt Nc. 




The lE!n«r» 


No, LV I 

t»A Pocu- 
nnfil No. 
I IX: 

for miMnc 
titvJ liLWi ; 

ln( tFin 

rrlfow of 
tho» wko 

Be it ci^rtficd by th^ authority of thti: prcficnc PorUitnont, 
th:i1 f hf iiLid i^vtrral Act» rnndt^ fur Ihe rcitTaint uf pxyioenca 
of tt^ AiiM aimutcti AnJ firsL-fiuiL^, and all Qlbo Uic »*d 
Act* made m ihc a.iid t^vctiCylounJi ^t^eJ twcn(y-fif[h y«ra 
ol Uie rctgn of the s^iid htc Icmgn and every of t\\Qtu, and aJ 
and every Uranth, article, matt^^r, and it-nicnce in them and 
crcry of tbcm contained, shall bcbyautliority of this present 
PdrlfamcnE from henceforth iittcrly void, ruade fru£lTat«, and 
repealed to all Jmenit, f^nfitniciions, and piirpoGeft- 

And he il farther cmiaed by the auihotity of thit 
present i^arliiimcnli that all und every theac Aets following 
thai is Eo say, one hex ina<ie at the wnron cf tlw laid 
?.iHfamrn[ hnldcn upon prorognikm at Wmtminsier in rhr 
twenty .lislh ycai of the icign of the wid bic Kina 
Henry VIU, enttlled. An Act concerning the kin^s hi^h- 
nv** to bo iiwpfcme hwd of the Church of Knglnnd, and \t> 
haveamhority to reform and led rts* all eJ^o^s^ licrcsies. and 
abuse* in the :vamc; 

And one other Aet made in the same seadcn of the ftwac 
l^rlf-iment, entitled, An Act for nomination and eonveen- 
lion uf AulTfL^i^^^n^ vithiii ihi^ realn); 

And one other Act made in the twenty' >eren:h year 
of the reign of the vaid late King Henry VUl, ^ntitled^ An 
Act wf«reljy ihe king ihould have jiower to nonjhiaie thirty^ 
two pcnon* of ht» clergy and lay fee for Ihc making of 
ecdesiav-tieal Ian a. 

And alto one other Act made at ihe Parliament holden 
at VVe^tiuiiiHler Id the cii^ht -and' twentieth year of (ho ndgn 
of Ihc said laTc King Henry VIII. entidcd, An Act cxtiiv 
piishing the authority of the Jiiihop of Rome ; 

And :vlso one other Act made in the *ame Partininent, en- 
lidcd, An Act for thi: rekaae of audi asi then hod obtJiirkcd 
pretended liccnoca ^iid d^r^pcn^tion^ from Ihc tee of Rome; 

And -ilto all that pari of the Act made in the laid eight' 
andlweaiielh year uf the Mid ktjjj^, entitled, An Au foi ilie 






CTlflliliAhmrm of ibe vuccchIoii of ihc irnpcnal cnjwn of ihc 
rcAlm, thai concerns a prohibition ic mitrry within ihc P> 
dcgraet «xprctzi«d in Uie said Act ; ^„a - 

And also one othrr Ari n)fldf at ihe ParTrameni IwTden »hAe( i« 
«l Wcsiiiiitistcr in tlic oiic-fttitl-lliinicth ycjr of tlic ^':\^%\ w'?)^ 
of the said blc Kinj; Henry VIII, {^titlcd^ An *Kct author byMtfra 
i^fng Uie ting'i liighncsa to niakt bishops by hi* ktu-rs p*^"'' • 

And one other An m.tdc \v\ the Kuion of Ibc aAmcMAiri 
Parliament, begun in the tiid one - and - thirtieth yesWr I^^J,^' 
huldrn upon jiroro^aiiun the twrHiiid-thtrtioth year of the rontruu 
rctgn of ihc Mid Kmi; Hcni> VlII, enUtlcd. Aii An con- ^.^J^ 
ccminjc pfc-conlf^tcti oi maninKcis ard louchinj; dcsrcc* of 
consunguiniiy ; 

And 4)De otlii^r Act in;ide in ih^ ParlMmt^nt botd<^n -it kmJiii 
i Wcslminalcr in ibc ihirty'rifth year of the reign of the said „iifJi^^ 
■ ^)|lc King Henry VIIl, I'ntitlcd, Art Act for tbc medication ihcUn^'* 
P~'if the Icing's nLijcfiiy's urylci shall hcnrdorth be repealed, *^ ^' 
I mfldr fnwtr;iic, void, and tjf none effect. 

And where also ,it the said Parlimncnt holden .il Wcm- Rcpul of 
nftin&ter in the live ^nd'ihirti*;th yv^t ol ihc rmgn of the said ,Li'^' 
laie King H4?Tiry VIM, fine nrher Arr vas nvidc, entitled, a«u4«i 
An Ai;i txmrc-ming the cstabliAhnient of iht sncrMsion of tlie *^^ 
sdd kint; in the imperial crovrTi of this rcalni ; in the which uxacy. 
Act there U a form of a corporal oath devised i^rui set forth, 
ihflt fvrry *y»il)]ert of ilii^ realm ulicmld *>*■ bound to Uite, 
Jt^JkinM the povpei, auihoiicy, 2nd jari^diction of tlie Ate of 
Rome: be it enacted by the outhonry of thiA prci^nt ?«^ 
lijiment, that so mucli of the said Aot a.i luuche* the said 
mUl against the supTemacy, and all oath?* ihi>reu|xin hnd, 
nudci and %\>XT\, afui]] be from henceforth uttaly void, 
repealed, and of none effect- 

And where also one <ither Art was made in the tevcn'And- Rcp«! of 
(liijticlh yt^ of tlic tci^n of ilic ^sd Ule King Kcury VlII, ^^,„ 
entitled, An Act Uiat doctors of the civil Uw, being married, morriod 



AtuXort <ti 
cMlUiv to 

ijnl jnng' 

Ecpcftl of 
?h ptru 
Ltura of 

{inpxl ■■■- 

A iteiif rn' 

re(*flT of 


niJgUt cxcrciw errlc*iastit*.iT juiisHklioa: lie K cnaclcd by 
the authoriiy of thj» prcivcEii rarliflnicnl, that Ihc Mid 
Acl la^ before mcnliuned, and ali and every bnncb, 
aniclf. scntpncc, an:l mmtoT rontjiinprf (n ihr nanieH nlvill 
riciii licn<cfL:jiih be repealed and uiicrly nude void and ol 
none effect I 

Arid wliere one frther Act w>f made ivt ttir? Ii»l seisvon o/ 
ihc PArliHnienr holdt-n di WcsEiuin^c^r iii llic (iiul tfjii of Ihc 
reign of King Edward VI, colilled, An A^ for Uic rcpcd 
or cerUin fiUtui<« ^onccmin;; treasons, rdooties* &'c; in 
the which Acv, itrtong^t oitirr Ihingt. tbere is cohiaJnvd 
[jcrUiin jjn>\iuoin. \nL,\Yt. (M^naUicS) ujtd fuffcitur [.':»» for and 
a«t^n»l tuch a» «houtd by open prcncHin^s, Ciprcsii words, 
KAvrngfi, wnim^, ^timing, overt deed or act, niBrm or wt 
forth Th:ii the king of ThiN lealm for ihcf Irmr T>eing ih not 
or Liu^hl not to be tbe supren^e head in CJiilh of (he 
Churches of Enj^tand and Ireland* nor of any of then^or 
ihM Ibe Riihoj> of Tlome, or any othrr pcrsor or penrrtc 
nliiE^L tli:jn the Kin^ iif F.n^lijnd for the time being, \% nr 
ought (o be supreme head of thenme Ourche^ or ^utyof 
ihom, a&in the vime Act Lut before rch«areed_more at large 
\% rrincAlncd and may »ppoaT : ben enactnj hyihcauihoriiy 
«f lIiik prcient PaHiaruent, iluit these clauses before re- 
bcnnpcd, ^nd other of the Mid Act cgnccrning tbc sapre- 
macy, and at] and every branch, article, words, and ventenee 
in ihe tame, smmding or (ending to thr dL*r.->g»iion of tbe 
sujjicniacy jf ihe |K>pc'a holincu or the sec of Kome, 
and an pkinx, pcnallic«, and forfeitures made against Uic« 
th-it thoLild by any menns net forth and extol the snid 
«[i|>TtMnAoy, shall be from henceforth iJLl<^r1y void and of 
iiuiLC cfTecC. 

And be lE further enaeted by the auihoriiy afi 
that ulL cIliukcat iicntencc«f and atTick« of L-vcr>' oEher 
nr Act cf F^irltampnt, mailc sini'c the said Iweniirth ye«r 
of the Kign of King Henry VllI, af^ainst the supreme 




f ftaimeH 


AUtbofiiy of the pope^i hdiocM or See Apofttolic of Honi«. 
or coftuinmg any other matLCT of the Mtne cITcct on)y, \\\*X 
it repeated in iny of lh« ht'itulCR ^aforccaid, ihflll tw flisa by 
autbunty ht-reuf from bcnccfctth iiitrrly void^ fitiTiratc, Jiad 

And where ve yoar most htinnbl^ >ubJ«ctB, lh« Ixrdt 
tptriiiiAl and fpmponJ, and Commons, ir thi^ pmcni Pa:- 
tiuiicnC iHicmMccl, h^ivc cxititiitetl to your [tiijciiicK unr 
other ^upfiliciEitontn form foIlLDwing; We the Lords spimuat 
ijid c«mponl, and the CotnEnons, in thic present tatlu- 
meni n«Krmhtrd, rrjrrsrntlng ihr whnlr body oE' this riT^m, 
pcdaccd and recci\'td by )our Etiajcsiic*' interccuion lo the 
unity of Chri«t'« Church, And the obedience or ihc Sec 
ApoiToLic of Roire, and thv pope's holioetts governing the 
uunc, malic nnwit hitjniile «uic uiMo your innjc^ties tu t>e 
hkcm»cmciini anil intcrcCMori, thnl all occaimns ofconlcn- 
lioi^ hatred, grudi^ suspicion, and troublCt both outwardly 
and inwnrJJy in men'i conicientu, vrhich might >ri«P 
atooii^^t Uft by jtuMJii tff di*vubedJCiite> may by :iijlhociiy of 
the pope's hr^Einc^ 4nd by RiLniaLrAtion of the umc unto 
ui by the mott TcvcTL^nd inthcr in God Ibc lord C^rdiruU 
Pol*", by ditppiuaiicn, t^lct^iiun, oi pcrmiuiaa fttpectivdy, 
aa tbc ciK bhill icquirr, be abolbhed and taken away, 
And by auil>oriry autlkient these articlca following, and 
pfnemll/ all others, when ocrasior Rhsll lO reqiiiic, miy 
be jjTovkicd far und rnnfinnrd : 

l-irat, lliat 2\\ bishoprics, iijthedral chupchc*, hospiiaU, 
c«tJ4g«a, Khooli, And other ftuch foundations now con 
itmilng, nvide by authority of Parliameiif, or othenFiite 
nUbtiMicrd Arrording lo the ^rtJci of ihc lawft oflhis renlni, 
aimx this achijim, may be conlbmcd and continued for 

Item, that marring^ made ifi/ra grajfus fr^kiMtas etm- 
tMi^ptiititatiit ttj^^i/tifis. tv^rtafi'jm's sptritaalis. (ir vhfrh 
Toiftbl be made vord fritter tm^imtAeum fiiM^ /tpfti^' 


ihiii ilic 

m«y be 


kIii»u ' 



DOafMi:\T^ rLLVSTRATiVE OF THE [mxiril 

re. may 

al*0 iluiS- 


of ocd^ 

En- tiitii 

in tfilt, 


iatis, jniir'tiit, or for sny oihci came i>rDbibiti:d by t 
cartons only, may be cniifirmc<l, and chilrfrcn bocn of lh<»* 
rnnrrdgcs d«cLlfcd IcgitJmiiiei «o m thoMe n^;1TTi;lgn were 
marir adcinrdtng to Ihr Ibws of rhc tcnlm for rhc timr Itelng, 
and be not directly .if:n(TUt the Inw» of God^ nor in such case 
A& thff See ApoHlolic has no! used to diipense withnL 

That inftliiuiionft of benefices, and other pTonirnlons 
ccclcsiawica], nnddispciTifltion* ninde .-ict onltrK to ihc foriu 
of the Acl of rnfli^incnl, nuiy he likewise conflniicd. 

Thai all judiciiii proce^c* m^dc before any ordinaii** 
of lbi« realm, or befoie any delrgaif'S upon any sppe^K 
ac^'Oidiiij^ tu the Older of ihc Taws of the rcftlnx niay be 
likcivUc rAltlicd And ror^lirmod- 

And finally, wliere certain Acu and lUUitet haw b«n 
niaittf ii Llie lime of ihe kkie schisfn, concerning ihe lands 
and bercdiiamciita of archbifthopricft «nd Uahoprics. tbc 
«uppnes.tion and diiitoliition of monasteries, nbb«yfit pnorieSt 
chan:nc«, colleges, And lU o:ber the poodi and chatieU of 
relifiimrathcnitrs; sinorche whirh ftme ihc right iind dDtninion 
of ecrtJiin kntk antl hcxcdiiamcnta, gouda, and cbatttb^ 
belonging 10 the same, b& clisj^rscd abroad, and como to 
the hftndc and poucHtinnn of divers and E&itndry penAna, «ha 
by gift, jjurch^me, exchange, and otl;er meant, ncrur^Iing to 
the order of ihc luw» and slalutirn of this rciilm for the time 
bdn^ Tia«^ <he vimo: lor Iho avoiding all scruple* th:tc 
might grow by Any ihr orm^^onit afore^id, or by any ruber 
wayft or raean» wbat^ocver, i1 may pleaac your ntaje^iics to 
be inlercc^ioni urid tuudiatorft Eo Uie sajd most reverend 
father Cardinal Pole, thai all nxtrh niiifieR and qtiarroU, iZ 
by |iri:lL'rki:ic: of the uid Khinni^ or by any olher ocraRion or 
mean whatsoever, mi^hi he moved by the popc^» holiness 
or Sec Apoetohe, or by any other jimsdiction cccleiiasiical, 
may he onerly rmnvcd and r^itcrn aw:iy ; sn at all persons 
luiving auPicicrLt conveyance of the Mid bnda and hereditii- 
luents, goudft, and chalieU a« it aforesaid, by the comrnoA.' 




U«r«4 ActA. or ataiutct of ihia rcftlm, may, without ftCruplB of IBU, 
COOBCicncc, cnjo^ them wilhoiii iin[>rAclimcni or irouble by 
pretence of ftny general Cound!, C3nnn\ or ecdGiiiUlJcil 
bwx, tnd clcax from all dangcis of llic ccaftarcs of iha 

And conform*bly hercunJo. fh^ bishops and rltrgy of the 9nr^ of 
pn/nnac of Catnlcfljury iLivc iJicsciilcd lo your '^^j^'li^ IiI^JJ5v 
O fupplicfttion in tt)i> tenor thai folksvs : 

We Uic biahftp* nnd clergy of the province of Canierbury, 
a-aembtcd in ihl.i synod ici our m.'Lu^ii7iiied lu^iiiiici whi^t 
ibe Ptflifttncnt of the kirucdora it bcin^ hcl<f4 wjih all due 
humility and rcrctcr^cc, «how to your nmjeciicfi that although 
wei^byiheappoiDimemrofsicTT^l r;inttns. ^uivi? be^Ti np|v>Jnl«l 
ddcndcia and keepers vi Ehc churches lu vrlijch, us hxiho[a^ 
dean*, irGbde^teons, r«cton, and vicxm, «ie have been prc- 
farrod, and of ihc kouU which ate luhjccl to ur atid to our 
fflrr, nfid iif thr gi^nU, j[:risdiri3iin5, and lights of the i^ime, 
Wld moreover ou^ht to strjvc, by every cndcjirour ind with 
411 Otfr Gtr^n^h, to iccovcr and recall to the aijetent right of 
Ther^hurrhcsthpgofKK jfjriiifhVTiatu, at»d ri^hu of ihc *amc, 
iKfi^nl and lott in ihc btc pcmkiLJiu »chLim of thin king- 
dom : VcC, nCTerthdotft, mature eonatderAtion nnd debl^erap 
tJon being Ant had Sy tiis upon lhi« mailer, we frerly t^onf^^ci 
miTwIvf^ 10 know Vpi-II [»nv dinrH:ulr and iilmiKl impoiMlilt? 
vould be the leeovery ofccclcai&ttical [XttQcssi^nEi. on account 
of the mafiy and fllmou inevtiicr^ibte eonir^cu and dn^pocaU 
made [hereof, and thftt should It be allempted, Ihe prjicennd 
tnnquillily of the realm wotild be easily dihtuibed, and ihc 
unity of the Catholic Chutch — which now^ by the piety and 
Authority of miiji-^ties i^ '^^ tlii^ kingdoin introduced — 
wuuUL with the greatest difliculty, be able tu obtain its due 
prcffTCfis and ond ; 

baimi] Id 
defend Ilic 

ha loil 

ycl. fcft<!T*-' 
due Je- 




IW. ^^ Hba^oKf prHcrridg the pabUr fctod «nl pwe to 

riT/'riinv pfivvteadrsauvr.And tbchcakhofi»nAa)r>o«brcdea&ed 

br »M praeiow BIdod o4 ChH«« to cMfaIr bcnete, Kwl BMk- 

kig lUM ihoie thngi which uv oun bot vtoidi are Jefiif 

ChriM'% iwtkrttlj bci«Tcb jour tn:a)BtiFr\ 2i)d bumbljr »^ 

F*vh pikitc tlicni thai i^qr voiild deign* m uur lUttke, M> ffOBQCM 

l|!!'b^ir"^ ih«M Ihin^ 10 the nuMt fCftftnd Uthtr iq CIvisi, the lofd 



14 <tLK*J tV 


k>rd, ihc lofd Jjliu« III, the pojic* Aod cf ihc ApwtcJic 
Imw, to tbcm and lo lhii» whole kingdom of Hn^land, and 
to Interned* wllh him thai in enlarging or rclcahing th«tc ^ 
r^rlnlimiirjl fp€M\\^ in ]>iiiT or In whole* lo ihi? drl^iinm of fl 
the liine ffOod«< ai hit di«creLioi% according to chc powers 
fcmnled to him by the nme our most hiAy lord the pope, 
Ji« would h« wilting to place firft and lo prefer piihlK good 
to privaie, pcjire and tnni:[tjfUJl)r to c]iMen^ioi» and dis- 
ttirhiiiccis and ttK health or soula to c^iihly bcnclita ; for 
v« proinUe our conienl mnlUhmf^ ifhieh,ooncemiiig these 
pwdi, thill Itc pitabtiihc'd and ordarn^ \yj (he sam^ legnite 
fmm iiov» fruiii ihcii. unO un the contrary ; jrul murcuvct 
llui fcnir rnniMltci. in cur namc^ will dctjcn to urRc and 
oak hton not to >ho» bimseif exacting or covetoot m the 

Uorc^tf. vc bc»ecdi jroiu raajctfica cfaau of yoar pie^, 
jvu would (kij;n to eflbei that thotc thingi which pertain 
to our juried rctkui and ectksvsiical liberty, without wbicb 
we an nut abb to cscfcue tbe rigbl at our paatonl ottoe 
>it~^Har>d the uucv of «ouh to na <o«imklcii Hdty be vcAiorod to 
M, Ibc tiun «f Conner titn«« being rcmorrd, and that tbost 
iMn^ may mdttfv oaic aiOd aiiin)pure<d 10 tta and 10 ^ht 
^mA i/k Cbt«vh fof cvtt. lod Ihai iB l&«n «hich Like away ov in any 
1^,1^^ «vo ifBV«^ tb» oov «cdcfM»l fabcttyaad jn h a di ctMt 
^^liwflvMK Mwy be n! peilr4 i»thftfcottoor uf Codt»dof fjur w i | i itiu , 
^^B awl to ilie spnitinJ and nn^icnl CMiaidily and bofek af 



Wc abo, btvtng the cicrtain hope that >'our niajeiiics, <A 
yoijr ^IngiiUr picT/ lowarils God H^n^f^lf, and for ihe manjr 
AWil v^Iriordliury brii^fiu received from ihc gixidrcjA of 
tbe same Gcd, will never Jail \xt. but, u need ahaJI he^. Hill 
coiuult ar^d provide tor the n<*ces8iiiC4 and tTOuti^«« of Che 
ehtjrrhn of thit ihcir kingdom, which havci abmc all clhc, 
the catc of soub. 

Fonuniich as the snJd mo^t m^crcnd ftithrr ihc Inrd 
k^te, at the interceuion of your imij»tic», hoj hj xhz 
ancbohty of the See ApoAtoUo ftuWcientljr diepeiwed %vt Uie 
maiTCrTL «pc^l^rd fn (he ^%i6 «rveni] sitpplff^tior^ aj> m hh 
said kilcris of diftpcnulion is conuUcd niorc ac brgc . Lhc 
tenor vrheroof ensues; 

Begjnaldi by divine commitcratiam dcflcon of the holy 
Roimm Church of Stn Mary rn Co»medin, called CardinuJ 
Pole, legate df ItiifrecA our roort holy lord tho pope and 
of (be ApofrloUc Sec, to tlic nio>l scrcr^c Philip and htary, 
aovcrcisiv) cf Knj^lnnd, dcicndcta of Che faith, and to the 
whole kLuj^dom of Kngbnd— to the came moAt serene 
loi^^f^i^Ms Pliili|iand M^ry. rtcmal giie^'tiiig \s\ the Ij^ird. 

VVhcrou the Auprcnic couficil of thi» kingdom, ciUcd 
the Parliament, Havc net forth to your mnjctttics, by their 
humble petinoni. lh:ji h>y the n^o^t pernicious 4chi«m lately 
exiilinG ill lliis le-iUrn, Mhiuh i^ now. by the mcicy of God 
ajid the piety of your majcrtic*. cvtinKuishcd, some bishop 
rica wcfc by the aui horicy of the minTt- i*-jrliament divided, 
and from lEusc some inferior churdies erc<:icd into <nthc- 
and FfChijola and hospitals wac founded; and alio 
ly dispositions aod provi^ionK of bencfleea w«r« madei 
and many pcrton*. who werr- indiinrd in twlirvr ihar di^ 
penuiiuiiD uf ^.luiun bw lutd not iny longci authority in 


And quttn. 
hxt givrji 

tifin at 



of rlikprn. 
UlEllifl ; 



I*p rrritir* 

tLon uf 

Pdf Jiuur Eit 
OK Er> ihJtiMk 




/rr cvr^ dt f^rascftii, vithin the degrees of corisintfuiiitlj 
or aninJcy of right probibiivd, and other oinonjCAl impedi- 
mc^ni^ tiind^nn^ thrm, and man) otlier Jvidicial acrt ftnd 
processes* OS well of tir^l a» of la«t in^Uiicc. wci'c iutd Aiid 
ptonouncc^d u|}on spiritual and ccclcsiostfcol mottcrf, before 
judges, as wdl oTdinariei as clelegLit«&, who proccfeded 
upon by autlvKity^ ^nd tciTlcsiauical gooda were vritifd ^d 
occupied by dtvi^rs persons of ihc wine ic«1na ; which umt 
tbingf, atihough by the auihottty of the lacrcd canons they 
could be declared of »;o irfTeti, yei, if they were recalled to 
uriullier faUic iLuu itmt in vvhii:!) tbcy jiow Mie, Uie publie 
pcAcc and r[tiictudc afthc whole realm vtoold be <lt»turbc4i 
and ihc grexEevt confusion would flri^e, cfi|X!Cifltly if the 
|K>>0(^!iaGr!t of the t^'\A good« were moloued : ;ind ihcrcfore 
they [tbc ParllanicEilJ lidvc litiiubly besought yuui majesties 
th&t you would deign to inUrtedc with us, that, of apostolic 
benciicencc, we would be WLiimg to pro^nde Ibi the co»- 
fmting nnd rsinbli&hing of ihi? martyrs prf^mkrrd. snd Ali90 
for the pcjicc and <iuieines« of this realm -. 

And whereas the bishops loo« and the rest of the dergy 
of x\\t dtoccse of Canterbitry, repre^ei^ting alniust the whole 
Convncji' liodyof eoi'k>i-»*(ii'*cjf ihc tirjini, whom thiiimAlier of ecclt' 
aiA^ltoil soodM chiefly offecia, have «ct forth ihni these ^oodt 
cannot be recalled to the right of the churches uvc by 
<li!tturhmg the universal pi^:ice and quieineM of thii rea.lm, 
Uiid by (ilacircK iu ihe uiinu^l peril the <.uuae of the faith and 
of ^hc unity of ihe Church, now, with the full consent of all. 
introduced into this kingdom : and thcrelore they theot- 
aelv« have hkewise made siipjiliration [to your m.'kjeuiet] 
tllut you wuuld be wiliing to mtcjccdf; with J& t^ati in the 
matter of thc6G ccciesiAstic^l goodJi, wc should tiot be stub^ 
bom and unyielding as to reletting thena to their puttte^tors : 
And i\\ii\ yuui tnajeitiir^, ti^ Hbuin in puriicuLu it betungb 
to i>rovidG Llmt the realm committed to your power, directioili 

JIlJ Alio 

rhff peli- 
Mon of thr 

Lion of 




i-xxvi] msTORY OF THE ENGUSN cmmcif 


JUkd care, should be preserved in t^eace and tiaitquillily, 
after due recogridon ond mature conddcntioc of thcac ftLi|> 
plkatiooa uid requesu, should acjjudg^ liuc 7A\ thee«, a^d 
in panlruW thosr dctnandc mfldc in nrK|tcrt of rcrlrsi^Krind 
goods, may» for the sake of the fLifth »nd ihc public peace, 
be ddly granted by us^ without any Jeby, jind ahotjid vouch- 
*afc. aa rei^jiicswd, to intercede with uii, as ajipean In ihe 
tupjjUraibn*! ^ir&tenltd to yciui majc^tie^ by the ximc 
suptcmc coun<:iL, and liy the bbhopa and clergy Aforesaid, 
and u in the libel of intcrc^uKm exhibited by Uft to your 
nme majriiies rnorr fuHy appcrari — 

Therefore we, who to your nujesiics and lo your most 
noble realm have been, by our mort holy lo'd, th* t'ope 
JuhUif HI, s*Trt kgate ifr Liitert of him and of the A^muolir 
StCp that we mi^ht kcoqcIIc to Ctod and the Church of 
Christ ard llfi vlcai on curh ihi^ rc^lm, now for long 
CCpJiAtcd from the unity of the Catholic l^hurch, and that 
by all diligence we ihould procure all ihow* ihingt vrhich 
helun^ to the jj^aiie utid EniMquBlliL^ of lUiit rc^Iin. alter that, 
by the blesBin>; uf Cud and the piety of your iDa|c«tfc3t by 
authority ci the «aine our mofii hol^ lord the t'opc, whoffi 
we here reprewnt, the rec:f>nd!jm(on h-is now been made, 
that wc should pTovide for the peace and tranquillity of the 
rtfilm aforesaid, irid thfiC ihi^ unity of the Church— upon 
which depi'ndg the safi'iy of (o many sq\x\%. rcdcemod by the 
prcdoiiit blood of Chmt — now In ibiv kingdom imroUu(%d, 
diould be confirmed and rcm:iin sure. 

AVhcrcflt so many and so important testimoniec cause 
ua to bdieve that \hc ittaliili^y cf bulh tlie^f dqx^rids dtiafly 
on this, that no molcaiaiion be ofTcrcd lo the pouctoora of 
these goods, in their posac^tion of ihem, and 
that The intcrccision of your maJCTlies. who hjve to *tii- 
dicxj?jly and iiiuu.tly bliouiiii for ihe unity of ilic Church 
and ihc restoration of the authority of the Apoetohc Sec in 
thitt kirigdonn, should hav«, with u«, the authority which ]» 


K«. Tieint 


iDf ihfi 
nf prffieiV' 

in IE Ihc 
filUun jn 

ing toihe 




frcm nil 

tJCBil p«m>j 

the crcc- 
tiun of 




Gonvcnicott and thai line wltolc kingdom ihould icoogBixc^^l 
and indocd cxpcrtcncc, the Imly inA[crna1 incLulgcnoc and 
Imp <>f ihr Ajjofclolic Sec tinrardii il*clf, h^— aHmlTirg and 
suFcring to be ab4iolrc<)« ttbomsDCVcr to *hoin tfic thitigi 
wtihin wiicitfri bdong. from wliat»o«veT eodeucuiKal »«n- 
lonrcs rcnsTjTcs, and poin^ of citromTnunirfltlon, suspension. 
and interdict |jtuAcd ui' ri^hi, or by lufin. for any occa»on or 
cauitc, b)' whcmnocvcr or in whatsoever maoticr tbcy maf 
be bound, in order lo gain tb« ^fTeci ol thrrig prcwnU, at All 
eiitfiis by Aposrul^c aurhonty, by Idlers of our mosE holy 
lofd. ihc lord Tope Julius lU* t^raolcd to u«, and which 
wc e»ctitc m thk bcliAlf, by tenor or the prc&ents do di^ 
peiiM lt»I All nnd ifngulir ertctions or calhedral churchet. 
founds lioi II of liO!t|ji[al>i and hi:Uix>]s. \\\ }\n: turn: of Lli«r kie 
>chLiiii, althoui^h actually ret in\:alid]y undcrtAkcn, mny re- 
main &mi md evttblifihecl in that fUik m which they now 
jwe, and we *pply ti> ibcm ihe iircngib of ;ipoiiolic coalir' 
liiuliun; M) lliat iiol by tlui nulliuiity wliitb before [ibcj 
had^ but l>\ itmt wbicb wc now jcraM l^icrn, ihcy may be 
bcid by a[l to h^\K been catricd out ; And IljaII and Kingulij 
pcnonK of ibe realm jforesBid ubo niay luive, knonvingly of ^| 
ignomntly, actually uontrictcd uaMiiagts in nny decree of^^ 
con£aiigumity or ^tf^iniiy, cv^w a double one, or despite any 
Impedin^cnt of flpiriuuil kinship, fvt \hc yxtx dcm«m]it of' 
|itjbbr_ opinion, ihejie bcin^ introduced of ponitiic law, and 
on wbicb our most holy lord iSo pope *aa wont to |;rajit 
dispene.ilions *f mcicitully, in :he Lord, do grant di*- 
penftfltioni^. thm, not withstanding the imptdimpni.t Aiax^- 
nid, [»uch pcrKona] mny ficcly ^\\d iaivfuUy remain in tbcit 
nurru^ci so conlncicd, or may contmct them nfreitv l^&ti- 
nating their ofT^pring, bom or to be bom; yet in tuch wite 
thai tho«e uho h.itt: ninrricd knowmKl> and malicriouily 
should obtain abaclLiiion from aentcnct of CKconamuntCA- 
tion and t^u^it of incc^j^t or Mcrilcgc, from their ordinary Of 
ctirate; tu vhom wr ^nt iiuifcr to do Uiia. 




-And ftti ccclcAm^ticftl, fccubr, or rcliKiou) pcnonn, of >^*- 
wbatsocvcr order** »'ho. although ijivah<Jly, yet aciuuUy may J^^ ^^^ 
have ubt;iined any Tn;ii«tt. dispenKitions, gram*, gifts, arul rvcpiv* 
tnOul^ciKck, as well uidcrs u CLilaij^tita^l UcncHLL'^ oj uny liritv 
lf>irilu«J inaitcn, by pretended aiuthorEty of ihc supremacy L^j^a^jcd 
oir the Enttl \ih Church, and who have rcnimcd, at heart, lo "l^"^ *?; , 
Ibe unity of the- mfurrd rhuith, (»c will mt-'rciruliy rcct'i^c 
en tbcir vida> jind bcticrjcc:*. by uuractf or by ihoac deputed 
by w for thit purpoac, a« already iruny have been received, 
»nd Willi ihcn% on Thit hchflK, «e nill ripponiinely diiprnie 
in ihe I^otd^ And we make k'^lid iUI pEix:cuefi \muX icid ^ndwAt 
made, in whatsoever instances, before whaUocvcr iudKc«, u ^m^ 

wtU onJman« as dcJ?^;il«« and lay. upon spifititu] TnaiE«» i*n*nitti 
and thr srntcriw* prornnnrcd upon Ihcm, a!lb«ugb iJCtfeteJ !^^^^ 
invalidly yet .iciiully. we intend \x\ re^peci of tbcir invji- tic«l 
lidity merely ariiing from the afcrea&id dcUult of jurisdic- 
tion, and confifin lh«e and tho« by apostolic authority j 
,veg penon (jf thi^ kriL^dom to whoso bjind^ cccle- 
"j^OOdi^by wti£Uocvcr cotitiact 01 tiilc diorgcd or 
jcoltcn, may now have ec^mc, and they bate held ond do 
hold ihcm, we entirely wmit and restore all and whattcct^r 
frbits jim'eived frum tb^ ^vtme goud^, albtil UJiduly: wc^^will 
willing and dtcrecinjc tb4iL ihe afureuld potscawT* of tbc^^^^^'^ 
vaid creJcjuisHt^l Kood^ flJ well movcubk m immoveable, fc^iwii*- 
fholl not be, in the prtfient m in the future, nioleited, div uyct^^'J^," 
ieted, or disiiiH)ed in the si^kX guudii or in ibc posan>sion Ucvrec (0 
thcai, citbt;r by the dispo*jlio*» of cfUJneiJs, genera] or J^,^^ 
provincial, or decretal letter* of Roman poatifTSi or a.ny Mtl'itttiid- 
ecdetiaKtic^l rrnnurc whatKicvcr, ntji that any ecLk&uisticul '*• 
cenaute or pain, on account of the detention ot non-rcsiitu- 
liotl of the same, be impoK^d or injected on them, and that 
it Ifi 10 be to adjudged and detennined by all judges and 
auditors whomsicvcf'-takrEi^ from (hem <vCTy kind ofaOpow^r 
&iCTi3iyandauthority of ollicrwiacadjtjdging and interpreting; ^-^i^J^' 
uid wiutsoevei ftball happen to be attempted 0Lherwi»e, wc aiban^u« 







V*t flonflr 


fiuiu ihs 


IjoMcn of 

pei-tcil to 


For Ibr 

decree In be nuU and void, nolnithsLanding tfic afomaril 
(I<I«:-its i^nd wh^tKWvet apoHiolic conatitutiorifr And ordtre, 
sind rhotic ctifiblithcd in provknrtat and fiynodil coundls, 
irhifihcr spccjal ur gi-nensl^ and nihrr Lhin^ lo ihc ctmtrary 

Xcvciihclc*^ w« admoniEih that, uinco Ihff division of 
biiTio|irtcii and ihe erection of trEih^ml chiirchc* belong 
lo tht grtalcr ciiuacs ivhtch we received Ui llic most hii:U 
poniilT* rcccuntD muat be liad to hi» holincM* und ^^om htm 
ii miin be humbly HupplirAicd ibat he vjll d<Hgn to confirm 
(hem, nr rrrntp (hrm ant*- And lUhough wt h-irif rdraM<d 
all moveable goods of the cburchci, without diitnittion, (o 
tboKewhoboldtbem.ntiverihfrt^as wevmbthttti to bcadmoA' 
ishedt that— l^nvin^ before their eye« Ihc severity of llivino 
jj,iclf;menc AgainM ]tL^]Ab;t£/;iT, kingof n.ibylon.who roavcncd 
to profane u»e4 the holy veK:(cU Which had been uLcn £ron 
theTempLCt not by hjnuelf, btit by bis father — ihey cbould 
restore ttiote [good*] to th^fr proprr ohiiTv^hcs^ ifthoy exiit. 
ur [ootlien. A!>o cxhorlint iird bcscccbing, lij ihc boncSi 
cf mercy of Jesus Chrtnt, all thote livhom this nmticr ccrccrrit, 
that, not being »Uog«ther anmindful c^f iheir vtlvAiion, they 
Till atlcflftelTertthti:: ili^iom of ercfe^ui^llcal^oods — »|)r- 
dallythoK which, inrctpcUd'puiaonAitesivndvican^c^hAvc 
beta specially d^^slmcd for the fiup]>oTC of the mirircfsof Ehc 
p«ople, w out of other dihedril and other letter churches 
which now cid'ii, Mipplying the tu:c uf wjub— such pru\i«itni 
may be made, iboi their p»ton, pvauns. and vicarfl maybe 
flLiUbly&nd honourably mAintAined according lo their quality 
and etuie, and may be able laudably 10 enerciie ihecure of 
Miuls, and duly U) nipiKTTt tlie durgca incunibcm [on them]. 
GivcnatLnmbcth, ncii l^ndrjn, in thedioceacof^'inchciVier, 
fiitheyearortheNMivityonhe1.ord, ■554,lhe^4thofIJ«cftm- 
l>eT, In :hrflfrhyrar of thr |MmTificj>ir (if :hcirnKi holy father 
And kird in Chiiu> Julius III, by Divine rrovidcncc pope. 
Kbcinald Cardinal 1'olx, Lbc/ts. 







\^c the raid Ixrrdi npjtiinal and tcmponl, &nd Commorxs Pnyci nt 
in thia prcsui'it ?atlicLm«nt at»tfmbl<d, rendcrint; moit ^^^, l-""d< 
humble rhinlc* to your maJfNTiJs, hy «?h*^i*o imcf<'M*1nn CnmmariPi. 
and nicana wc Lavcobuhcd tlic ^id Uis^ns-xtiori erf ^k 
pcpc'« holiiic$\ by tbc »»d ntott rercrcnd fjnihcr in i.\o^ 
faCt legate, tnoit humbly booech the nmt;* that it may b« 
ordtrnM as follows : 

And thctcfcjTc be it enacted by tlie auihoriiy of thi* Cardlui 
pPC9<nl Parliflincrl* that nil and liinexilar nrtif Ic* and dflu»« Mwiior " 
contained in the taid d iipensAE ion, a» wdl tuucfaiqi the confirmod 
e^tiMiihrocnt of arcihliUhoprics and cathedral diuniiu?*, jys |JjJJ^^[ 
alao the coatirmaiion of marriages, in dc^rccA prohibited 
by thconon» of thcChiircli. the Icgitimatioci of children, 
and the tatifiraiion of ptoccK»t-s, and of wmenoc* in matters 
ecclcxia^liral, tourlting ihc mvniuluy of ihcm for want of 
)un»diction, and the inttitutioti:! and dcstituttorts cf and in 
beaeiice« and promotions ecclefiiafiticat, diapentationt and 
grflf¥» given by such ord<*r as ihe pnbllr laws of ihe re^lm 
ihcn approved, and ntl other thirt>:» before contained '\u the 
said tetters of dtsipcmutioD. nhati remain and he reputed and 
taken to ail inter^U and constructions in the laws of th]j( 
rt^^lm, lawfuF, goixl, and rtTeciual, to bt? alleged AncI |i1ejidi-d 
in all cruris ciclc^iaMicnl and temporal, for fiood and tuH)- 
cient iraticr, cither for the plaintiff or defendant, without any 
allegation or objection l^ be mndt? aj^amit th^ v^lirJiiy of 
lliem, b/ pnflence of aiiy genci^l Luuntil, tjanun, ^\ deuce 
to the coQUary made or to be made, in tluit bchoJf. 

And whereas divera and sundry late monaslcrie$» prioriea, RrciuT or 
command erie*, numerie*, deaneries, pTebendi, coIlegeiL, J*'^^"'^?"*' 
hiupiiaU* houses of frrai», ctiantric», and othci rcligioua and Hrnry\'in 
flcdcjiaitical housM and places and the manors, (tran^jct. **/^^*'j* 
aftaasnages. Lands, tenemenic, rectories, tithc«, penaiovtv, p»p«rt7, 
poniona, vicarage*, chniches, diapeh, arivowmn*, nomina- ^^^^^ 

lid J 




R?HuI of 
tivn at 

tfml |ir4> 
prrfy hy 
Hd^vard VI 

tn inrli- 

tbns, p;&iroruigC3,>nnuiuci, rents, mrruons, Krrioa, and 
Olhtr poiBCUiOM and hcrcilitomencs to (tie ftaid Into 
monftttcricn, prionM* niti^ncrtci. commflndertcs, dcarwH<a, 
clunirii^, jirrberds, hmises nf ffbnij cnllcErt, huKpiuiN, and 
other rcligioua and ccflcsiistical houso and phcc^ and Id 
«undry aKhbT£tiQ|iric£and bi^hopncs withm tltiKronlm, latB 
ippcrtAining and belonging, cimc* as vdl to thr hnnilt >nd 
poi^anEtJon ftfthe ^nicl king of famous mcTiKJiy. Hcciiy V]]l, 
father unto your majesty, our said -MivcrciKn bUy, by diuolu- 
tion, ^rt, gnm, &unerd«r, attatndrr^ or oihcrvtse, a« JiUo to 
the hands and jKHsrwion nfdfvcrsnnd s[iMt!ty ochrrjirnwin* 
ftnd bodies politic and oarpQtatc, by sundry mcanv, convey- 
ftnc«s, and ;i^uranci»f according to die order of the lam 
And statures of thfs realm, h 

And where al»o dtvcT^ nmnors lands, tcnrmenrs, and ^| 
hcrcdirdmcnts, pArccl of the poa^csaion^ of arch]>i»1kopnc« 
and btuhopricc, and many and sundry late dtfancTitfft,co1]«giei^ 
fhimriw, rectorial, prebends, frte chapels, goild* and 
fr^lcinitic*, nmnoj*. haufn:i, grtiagcs. lamli, icncincuus 
TcnTs, services, ond oiIkt ecclcaiaetio^il poMca^iona and 
tiisTiDpricAf deantriei, colleger, chaniriei, fre(* chapelt^ 
rccturic?!, i;ui]'i>(, and fraicrnitic!!, late appertaining and 
belonging, (jr appointed to and for tl)c finding of pricsu^ 
obitv, hghCK^ or other like purpose, came ss well to the 
handa and pus^essioa uf the late noMc king^ EdwanI VI, 
brother unio your nwijc^ity [oui] Aoverci^-n lady, by virtue of 
an Act of FarUament thereol made, or otherwise, as also to 
the hands and po^aeMion of divers and sundry orher pcr^om 
and budin politic and cotponttc, Ly lundty mean*, convey- 
ance!, and Ofliunincifs, according to ihc order of the hmt cf 
thia Tcfttm ; a gresti number of which said late monafter^M, 
priurie^ nnimericj;, cxi(nniandi-rie3, deaneries rolh-^i'S, hrw* 
picab, prebends^ chaiiTiiof. free chapels* guilds, and Jratcrni- 
ties, and the maiorii, granges;, mcftiu:igcs, la&dSj t«niQienCi» 




ronU|rcvcnions,scn-Jcf«, tithcA, pcnuoni^ portion:], vicnrA^, USl. 
churchy chapelt, aLdvowiuni, nomination, |]nirDn;ige«, 
annuities ^uiil hereof] rumrnis. goods And clL^Urfl.^, lu tlic lAtd 
monasteries, priorict, nurincric), coiiun^tndonc», d^ATicricA, 
college^ hoaptLili, ch^nlrict, free cZi^ipclE^ guilds, frutcrniticD, 
and otber ecclcsfasncal hoiwcn, ar[:Ubistir)|Tfti:», anil bishaprics 
bdon^ng, as well for great sunin of money, iut for other good 
and rco&onablc cqub^s ond const dcrniionsi have bccnff»n' 
reycd -ind assured 10 dtver« the litihjirafi and bodies politic 
of ihii realm, as well by the kiH King IFcniy V111,tbc: said 
King Ed^Tird VI. end W your tii^hncM our sovereign Indy, 
and join(l)' Ijy both your m.ijcsCJC^?, ^ aUo by divert Iho 
nvnerip of ihp said etcleitia'aira! |ic>iac^*iiins ; whirh ^aid 
conTcyoncca and aa^urancc^, by their sundry Icttcri patcnl, 
«iid other nrilmgE more plainly do and may apyicar : 

FnraKnuifh a% the !citd nnHt reverend ffliher hag also by Tlirlct;!^' 
ibc said dispcHMtioiis icmovcd and laktn away at) niatitr of *■"* '"^^ 

impeachment, trouble, und danger, which by ocxasion of any (fdngiT nf 
gtnoTBl council^ crinon, or d^ree ccclesLaglical. might touch t^ip^acb- 
nnd f!ii!r|uiT-t the imssrAnicn* of wic:h floods movc.ibh^ lands, 1,^1^ i^ „y 
tenements, paMCjaions, iind hcroditamcnte as were of late *^l""rcb 
belonging 10 any of Ihe Raid archbishoprics, bishoprics, 
monflKtcricfi, pri^Hcs nimncrriM, ^^onrnianderics, deanerfci^ 
Icgrs, chautriea, prcbczida, rcctoiici, hospital^ hoiisfs of 
or other reLi^ou^i And ccck-^iaEitioai houjics and places, 
Ol whac tiaiurc, name, kind, or qualuy «oovef they be of; 
ycc for thai the lillc i>f all lamls, posfct-wif^ns, and hcTpdira-"nt»iMiii(r 
mcnl*, in this your majcitio' realm and duanniana^ h lil: kilfr 
grounded in the lawf, sEatutoa, nnd cuaiomb of the »nic; dum Ls 
nnd by your hiph juntdii^tion, authority royal, and cro»n Jf?*^' "* 
im|>criji, and m your courts ody, to be impleaded, onlcred, courta 
tried, and judged, and none oilienviec; and unduntandirtg *'"''■ 
that tho whole, lullt and most graciout iniontG, mind, and Tho king 
determinaiioti vX yuur most oiccllcnr mujextieK br, thai all h^^^^' 
and every penoD and pci^ona^ bodies politic and corporate, tint 




hQliTcfi of 

by kw. 

Title oTthn 
Crnwr ta 


ihcir hcirn* *ucce«»on. anil aiii^nn, and every of them, »liaU 
bare, k«ei>, retain, ind tnjoy all ant) cvcty thcii catatcs, 
rightSi posacaaioni, and intcrc-^ts tha,( Ihcy, ar^<l every of 
ibem, ADW hAvc, or herenftcr thaU have, of and in all and 
every ihtr mAnr^n, grange\ mt^ittuiigcv, bod:^ tencmcnU^ 
tithc), pcn:iion9> portions, advowauna, nominatkma. paUon- 
sg^a, anrnjilica, rcni«, rcveraione, services, hundrcdsi wopcn^ 
iakc«^ liht-nirs, frflnchiscv flrnl rtthw rhc powststiont and 
licrcdiutiicnt* of the uid niotLUU:ric\ abbcp, priories^ 
iiunncTicep ci>iBm£tDdcrieij doartenes, colkecit, prcbcndti 
|]OU80« of friari, hos|>il;U&, fhontHct, rcciorics, vicjifsjci. 
ohiiTrhpA, rh,i[Ji"K an:liljidi»i»tii?i, bi^huprio, and oUirr rc- 
ligiotii or «cdc3ia)Ci<alhou«c»and placca, oiofony ofUicv, 
within th^3 rc»lm or th« dominioni of the aamci hj *adi 
U^vs ^T\^ «Eaiutc9 At were tn force before the tmt day oT ihji 
pruf^rnt ParlJjnient, and liy other kwful convcyjjice* to 
tiicm thereof made : 

Ibat it mciy be ihcreroru enact*d by the autboniy of thu 
pTeaeni FarlidmeniH iliAt a« well your niAJeify, Aoverei^ 
Lidy. your licira and 3ucxcm(je9i and ^tUo all hjid ciciy EJthct 
person and pcrvonii, bodies polilk and corftonttc, tbcir beiM^ 
ttuccctsors, ind ati^igni, now havings or that h«rcaflcT thai! 
hav<^, hold, or mjoy any of the aiies of ihe rakl \oxe 
1Ilonaalc^ic^ aitd other the rclicioua or ccclcatJutlcal hoiuci 
or pla«3, arid ^11 the ».itd inAiior^, k^atikcs, oicaMJaifca, 
land«, lcncm«nu, litbcfi, pcnsionc, portions, glebe land^ 
arivowiinni, nominaiion*, pL^irunaj^ei. -innuilit?!, rcnb^ rtrver- 
SLOA», service?, hundieds, wipcntakcSi libcrtieap rnuiefaiMS, 
profib, commoditiea, and other the Txr8»c««ion« and hcrv- 
ditamenifi of ihe said late riionaitrticiL, ahlieyi, prioric<, 
ntjnnerica, oommanJcrJCSp deAnen'c*. cotJegesL prebends, 
hospitak hou8c« of fhan, rcetoriea, viefirafiec, clunErM. 
clitirchefi. ehajjel*. archbiihojirics^ bishopric*, and other 
nrh'^imit md eL-L-[esij.ilicfll liouse?! and plicck. \yi uf ;iny af 
then, of wbai name, nature, or kiad voei'er ibcy be; ahaU 




hjif^ bold, pofsest, rcuin, kr«|^ and t-njo/ %W and every 
the Aid 5JLc«, m^non, cniagcjk ncwiugc*. Ua'K icnc- 
m«nu, potMUions, prol^tK, commodities, ind other hcrettcU- 
mcnu, according to tuch itii«fe«t4 and euare* » rhey, and 
cvcrjtif ilieru. iiuw Imc or tiold. ot bcrcaTicr bludl ttavc or 
hold, oi and in Ihc tame, by ihc due order iind course of 
ih« lawi and suiuits or \\u% r^lm. which nm be, or were 
annding in force, brfurt iht Tir*! day of ihis (imeni Farii^ 
ment. ia manner and fonvt as lUcy ahould have done if tbb 
Act had ncvcf htcn had nor made \ this Act or Anything 
hcreia coniatriod to ihe contnry in any wiic ootwitti- 

£ATinfi to you, our said wvercisn lady, your hein ood 
n, aikd «vcry of th«m, and to all and «very olhttr 
prnom and pcrfiom f^ubjcctt of ihU rc^]m, ;ind hodirt pcTidc 
and corptjratc. And tij tticir heirs imi «ULi:c:isgrtk And lo 
ihc Hears and »uc<csion of alt and cTcry of ihcm (other Uun 
web whoM nghi, liile, or iDlere«l i« bounded or taken >^"D^ 
iMulooe, orexunriby any A<( ofl'iiflLitment l^eretofbn made 
or oibcrwiK], all audi right, t(Uc, claim, posacaskiiw intertsl^ 
rents annuiticfl, coromodiEics commortA, officcA* feet, leasee 
lirvrict, living pemiont, i^ortions dct)iSt diitici. and oltkor 
(irofilSt vihkh dicy or any uf them lu»c lawfully, c^r i^f n^hl 
ouf bt to have, or ctight have bod, in, of, or to any of tho 
pKfiifU^ or In, of, or to any put or parcel thefcof, in such 
like mnnrrr rtnd form nnd rnndition, to all mtrnis re^pi^^ti, 
cooitrticiioni, And purpo»c3^ aa if thi» Act hod riGvcr t>ccii 
fmd nor mud«. 

.^d ihai It nriAy be f^rtlier en-iried by the luihority afore- 
tluit a\\ Jnd Kwty jriK Ic, cUum:, tenicnce, and proviso 
coniAincd or apcci^cd in any Act or Act* of FDrluuncnt 
4mieetning or loit'^hinj; llie auiirancv or conveyanc** of any 
the wid mnruu^Lciic^t. priorif^ fiLnncrira, coiimunJt?rie<t, 
dcincnn« picbcnds, coUcgcs^ diantrictv huapiuK ljuubC!» uf 
lectOTLUi, viUKJgcs, cburdics, chapel*, ardibuhoprtcs 



SaiI rkjG iIjb 
ttiln dI 




Vui^ or 4IL 

the ftosiir- 
ftncc of 







afid Eiishojvica, uid olhcr rcliaiioav and cfclcaiAsticB] houics 
and pbccjt, or any or thein, or in anf wise concerning uiy 
mnnon, Undv^ lenenivnU, jiroft*, i^onwnoditirfy lirralita- 
wcnlhi til oilier the itiing^ Lttfurc apccincd to tlic Mid King 
Henry VllI, or King Edward VI, <it ctlhcr of thcra, cr 
anj' other ptrson or persons* or Lody politic oc corpoiate 
nnd tniery of ihi^m, irrd afl and evt.'ty ivriting, doo:d, and 
inbtrumcnt tonceining ih? a&AUToncc of any ihc Mmcb shiJL 
jund, rcnmint ind be tn as good force^ cHect, and ctxenctli, 
find shalL be pleaded and uken ndvintagc or, to all in- 
lent*, ctiiisiruttiunH. aukd purpuscii. 4J llic sairn? should, 
iriiifht^ cr c^juld have been, by the laws nnd st.'ituics of thij 
TCAlm, in ca«o thti^ prcficnt Act had never been had nor 

And that all fcoITincntit flnci, siirrendcrs, forrckurc^ 
oaauiancvft, con^'cymocn, estates, and interests in any toc 
eonvcyed, liad, or mode lo our «aid late sovereign lord 
King Hmry VTIT, cr to nur Raid laie sovfrrign Tcnl King 
VI. intf ill Edward VT or cither of ihcni, or to any otijcr jjcrson or 
*^f' .ptfraontij t>odicii pohtic or corporate, or to any ol ihem, by 
Church ' deed or deedi^ Act or Acts of pAilfament or mhervrfsCi of 
'*'"**■ any the shc\ mantira, lanrls, ii^ncmtniSj possejibniH proiitK, 
commodities, or hereditaments of any the £ archbishop- 
rics^ biKhopnca, lati^ mon^istenes, prione«, nunneries, com- 
mandofle^ii dr^anerles, houif^ ri friars colleges, chaniries, 
hoipiuls, prebends, free cliapels> cr of any nuinor^, Und^ 
tenements, re%-ersioni, services^ tirhe?^ pensions, poriions, 
nnnuilie*, or of any other liereditamenis, of, hy, or from 
any ecclealajtlcal or tiplTitual pc-r«on or j^reors or l)y ur 
from any spjntual or ccclc^iailical corporation or body 
politic^ ^'^ ^ ^ ffood and avaiUbk in the ^^f, to all 
intent*, coniitrutiions, and pur|>cHe«, oa they were by the 
lanh and sututcs of tills tcRJm tUitding in fotcc bcfuic chc 
fitA day of thji prctcnt Parliamcni ^ and that the ^u]nc may 
nnd »haU be plMdi^ alleged, and taken advantage cf In 

lAvn of 

l^ Htary 




such 30it ami to such elTirct u thcj should, coti1<l, ur might l&U. 
hax'C bccrt by tJil' bws And sUtules of this rciilm st-tn<iing 
m force before the said first day of thi* pmcnt PnTllJiincTit \ 
and iVt^t pW and i-V(;ry riauxe ami nntde of Kiivmg, (^n* 
Utncd in all and every the said Acts ajid siotuUe, shidl 
aland, rcmjim, and tw in such force, slrcn^hr and «ir<ci AS 
ihcy wpTc before the said firsj day nf thU prr^eni Parliament j 
anything contained in this pmcnt Act tu the c^ntniry in 
any wi>c notwithsuading. 

And thai ir riiL^y be tn Iltce manner enacted by authority Pernityfor 
nforriaid, :hnr whosntvrt shall by any nrof'r-vt obl^inrd '"^'f^'^'i 
out of any ecclesiastical court niLhin tbii realm or vilhout, *t.>\\ in 
or by prttcnce of any spiriLuid jurisdiction or othL-rwisi-, ^J'J^^IJJ^ 
contfSTy li> rh"]- lavfs of ihi^ rf.ilrn, disquiet or mnlcm any Jdnds 
person cr pcrnms or body |>ohcic> for any oT ihc said 
manorf, lands, icncmcnta. hcrcditamcntii cr things above 
specified, contrary lo thu words, scntcntts, and nicaning of 
thi* Act, yhaFi fnrur ihv dan^rr of rhr Act of Pnt^inurire, 
oiadi; the MAtccnih yeas of Krn>: Richaid II, and nliull 
suffer and incLir the forrcilurca i^nd pains contained Jn the 

Prmidcd aln-ay, that it 4haTI and may be lawful to any ProviBrK 
pcnon or persons, body poluic and corporaie. to sue in ^JJi^*'' 
any competent ecdasioatical or ];j)iTiiual court within thit 
renlm, for n'thcs, righls, and duM'ei thai they or any of them 
nliall prttijnd lo have of cr uul of any tiic Kiid niaiicfft, 
Iand», (cncincms, and other the pTcmiscs, and to luiv^c full 
and |>crfcci remedy for ihc some, tn such manner and form 
as ihryt or any of client, might or ought lo havt^ done or 
had by tlic lavs and AbitutCB of th^s lealm, before th€ 
making of this Act, and aa though this Act had never been 
had or mndr. 

Ami that it may Iw further prcvidcd and enat:ied by tlie TlJciiiUof 
autlKfrity aforesaid, that albeit the title «r >tyJe of wprc- *^^ly\ 
macy, or supreme head of the Church of England and of tl>«iJ«b 



never juai 

ur U*fL|l( 
i^iall hoi 

valirlity nl 
meiils III 

Hur bTuII 



Ircland, nf either of thcna, never wu, nor could be J^iMly 
ur Lawfully attribm«d or acknowledged to tiny kini; or 
fiOi'CTeign ^oveffiur \jt ilii;* n^lm, nor in any wiv ruuld or 
might ritthtfulJy, ju&tly, ot lawfully* lj> jujy kiii^ ur suvcrcJgii 
governor of thin rcilm, be cklmcd, challenged, or uted; 
y«i forasmuch a» ih« laid title and iiylc. iiinrc the third 
day uf Kcjvtmber ici ilit Iwruiy-sixtli year uf ihe rrign of ^| 
!hc uid itiii^ Henry VIIL ha* bccti uwd, and as men- " 
tionrd and roriiaincd in divert and tumlry wrilh, Ictlcn 
paitni, Tcoiid*, esempiifiralioni, roiirr^rollii, chan^TP, riecds. 
iiitilruniciiia, evidences, buului, juid w^iiiugs; it ahall tie ^ 
la^K'ful OS well to and for your tnajcities and your sovereign fl 
lady's heiri and £ticce«iH>r4> an tti and for every other penon 
auU [M.'(jnj[ia. BJiil IxAJieii puliUu and tujiKiiaie, al ull time 
uid ilmc» hcrcafteri to h^vc, reuln. and keep the said iriib, 
letters patent, refordK, cxcmpliEicitionK, court roIU, ctiancn, 
deiMtjt^ iti*trumfmi, cvidmecs, book* and nriimg», and 
tbeia to abuw, r),hL)>it. use. allege and (]k;id, in all tinit^ 
snd places rcqujaitu or needlul, wilhout any danger, 
[wiulty, lou, foricicure, trouble, vexation, or impeachment 
ftjr the siimr; anything in rhtji An, or in any ot\\^r Art 
or Acta to the f:ur;iriUy Uicreuf, in any Fiac not<viLl> 

And wbfrre y<MJr highncas, iiotf[*re^gn lady, fcince your 
cominH lo the cro»n of thU rcilui, of a good and Cbrislian 
conscience, omitted to vrrite the uid .style of auprcmacy, 
eptcifjed in ono Act* mado tti the Parliamtm hoidt^n at 
^VcsimtinMer by pronn^inn in the rhmy-h/th year of the 
reign of jonr Ulc faihcr King Ilcniy Vlll, ^ well m jiftt, 
grant*, letters patent, aa in coinmiaaions and other writinjfi, 
and alto others have, in their writing*, done the KLoie, aswdl 
hi y^iir llnie a« before: ^nd forasmuch as ni>twiihs[^n<lLnj; 
any bw made conccming the Vtid »tyle of 4U|jfc;M,Li„y. it 
vas in the free choice, liberty, and pleasure of the king of 
tiiia fcalm, and of your highntsi, nheiher you vrould expreai 



th« earae tn the ^id style or not : lie it therefore declared 
and enarted by the aurhority of Ihit present farliameni, 
that jU gr^nia, Irttcfs patcni, cummjuiuny mdktmcnU. 
■ccords. and wrLtin^ made in your our sovcrcijfn Ud^^ 
nafn«, or in the names c4 youT soverei^ lord in4 lody^ 
or any othrr whrn'in ihr said style of luprrmicy is tJinittf-i], 
» and >hAll be 10 all imcnt.i atid purpo^ici u f;:c>o(i and 
effectual lui if the siame had baen tl;ercin cxpri^^cd, and 
may be deumcd, kept, pleaded, and alleged, wtlhout siny 
danger, pain, jicn-illy, or forrciUiic 10 cmuc lu any pctstun 
or peiaofia or body politic, for or concerning the um^^euoti 
of the ume ttyle^ or any pan theitot, in any <ach wriling;ȣ 
and ihat no pfr*rtn nor prntnnii ^hall be imjirJirhrfl, 
molctlcd, or cUnuiificd foi or by reason of any ^uch 

And where, \r% an Act of Forliirment miide since the Mid 
twenrLf^th yirar ti{ King Hr^ry VIll, all bu]t!t, disjwnsiliuns 
and wriiinipi. which vcic befuie iliat liii^c obtained fiuin 
the »GC of Rome, should be void, abolished, and cxiin- 
guislied, wiihadaitfic, ncvcrthdcri, that the matter cfthcni^ 
by virtue of leltcn luilFnt fmm Lhe kini^ then btlng, should 
and mfj-ht bt alleged, pleaded, ind ulluwcJ. aa if the Mtnc 
had not been fio abolished or cxtin^ijibhed i forasmuch as 
the wid Art fs hcrrbrfore, amongtl others, fcpcfllcd and 
made Yoid : Be it thecefcrc rrt;LcIed \yf aiitbority of iX\'\s 
prcfiCnt rarliamctiF. that all bulli. di^pensat'una, and 
privileges ohiamed bdoto the uaid twentieth year, or at 
any tftnc *inrr, or whirh shall hprpafter he ohinincd of the 
MC of Rome, not ronitLtniiig matter ciinifary or prcjcidirLiI 
to the authority, dignity, or pre-eminence royal or imperial 
of thf realm, or to tho bwt or this refLim now being io 
f6n:e. and not in this PArliannent repealci:!, may be put 
in execution. UKcd, and alleged in t^ny court within thii 
realm or el&ewhcre, whether the same remain yet whole, 
or cjtn appear 10 have been cancelled, in ai available and 


Rvpnl of 
At-l void. 


Sixti buUt 

pidjr be put 
in Qu<ii- 
TTrai. if nnr 
ioX\w ro3'»l 

Irtf ar (lie 





spsilnn of. 


V(f.' , fnr* 


And Hv 


clTcctual niftnncr, to alt inlcnis And purposes, ft« if the «ikl 
Ace had ncvpf hccn had or made; any ohjeciion hy pre- 
icntc of caungjishtncnl or cancelling uf ibe Mid bulh, 
dispensations* cr pri^ikircs, or of any other ti>A(tcr or cauac, 
by ihc pretence nf the laws of thU realm wluucevcr, in any 
wisr notwithsiantJing, 

And whereas ljy diasoEution of monutcHcs and other 
religious housc^, ccnoin par;sh churches and ctrnpclv which 
were brfore exempt from ihe jutisdictron of the art-hhuh^p 
(fiVi and bishops of llicdioceic, nndby sjiectal exempliQn und 
privilege from Rome were under the government and order 
of ihc abbots and ptiora of those rctJ£;)003 hounos, which 
said ehurchps, tiy cobtir of the said etempcions, hr now 
of special grant from King Henry and King Edward, under 
the rule and ^ovorniEicnl and Jun8di<:t:oa of temporal and 
lay men, who can no more vw]^*y that supremacy over ihoae 
paninular rhiirrhc* tlian t!ic ting niijjbl over ibc wliolc 
realm : Be it therefore enacted* that aII archbi^hopK and 
bishops in fheir dioceses, md ail other npiritual person uid 
person* having JiirisdlcJion, and ihclr minUiers and officer^ 
aiid no Uy pcrwn <a pcisoiLt, in every churuh and plauc 
wiihin ihc precinct of the same, being exempt or no4 
exempt, mtiy freely, and without impediment, tiuecute 
ihrir «<piriiu!i] jnrfsdlction in »\\ (xiinEs and anid<f», aa 
though CLO »ueh exemption or grant had never ijk) been 

Frovided alway, and be it enaeted. That this Arr cxtcntl 
nul to lAkc away or diminish the privileges of the ani^xt- 
liticA of Cambridge iind Oxford, nor the privilegca or 
prerogatives granL^d heretofore lo Ihe churrhc* of Wcfl» 
inin^Eer and Windsor, nor the Tower of J^mion, nor 
prejudicial to such temporal lords and po^sv^^oncn in 
this realm, as by anciont custom have enjoyed proluie 
of tcstamcm? of ihcir tcnimx or oihtrrs. 

And forurnuch as aflcr this reconciliation and umty of 





thu noble reilin to ihe body orChn^l's Churchy ix is to be 
iruivlcd lliai by ihc abjndancc of God** mercy iind gtarc 
dt^vDtioci shall increase and gjov jn ihc hearts of many 
subject* oi ihiB realm, wjlh desire to fiivc and bellow 
Ihdt worldly pnsscsairrns for rh<* lesnsciuiling of alni», 
prayer, and cxjlju^Ic of £lxx1 life in lUi^i ic«djii, tc ihc 
intent audi godly motioni and purposes thould be r4- 
vnrccd : Be \\ therefore enacted by luttiority of idea [irai-nt 
ParlunKrtt, ihat il T^hill be lawful lo >uch 8S shall be scitcd 
of iny manors, land», ttncmciits, tiitiKonagcs^ tilhes, pcn- 
ftiong, (toftion*;, o? olber hercditimt^nls v^haisocvCT^ in fee 
fiJnipIr-, in poHCsslon, reversion or remainder, in their oun 
rights^ not bdnji cop>'lioId, may Ltic:rcof make fcolTnienu, 
gnint&T ot A'ly otht^r assurances, oi by h» lost will and 
Ce«tament m wr«iny may bequeath and give in fee simpte 
all and every ibe ujd umnon, lands, itiii^iiienU, pur^on- 
BfEc», tithe*, pciiaioui, portions, or other iLcreciitaniculA. to 
any tpiniu;!! bod^ i>cJitifi or corporate in this Kiilm, or 
dominions of the umc^ now erected or founded, or hero- 
after to be cmctei] or Tnunded, witbotit any lirencr of 
mortmain Ihcreio to be obtained, or any writ of aj ^in}J 
damrmn to be sued out tor Ihe same; tho Act J* Urru 
ad ifiani/m mortuam nan f'ftnrrtdis^ or any other Act or 
Statute bcretc^rure had ur nijdc, in any wise iiot^nihstand' 
mg \ sxvifig to the torJa of the fee uJI rents [and] services 
due or going out of any of the satd landK, tenements, otf 
hcrediUiutittv ao io Ix- amoriiKed u vs aforesaid. 

Provided alvrayv, that tbi» elau>c of this Act for giving 
the liberty of or for the amortttuiif of lands or tencn^onte, 
%\\i\\\ continue for and during the ^p-ire of tvency year* 
next and iDimcdiaJcly foUo^ting. aud nu longer. 

And fonumuch na vti^ your majc«ty's humble and obedient 
iQbjecu, the Icrdv spiritua] and temporal, and Commons. 
in ihis prcivnt Pailmmcttf jRaenitjled, ntither by the making 
or dclivecinjc of eillicx tbc Auppiieationa aforcwkl, nor by 

hajKd for 




<if tliP 
Iff Him pic 


fniindrd OT 





power lo 
<h« Urm of 


■UtuEc U 
lu be prt- 

th« Itbt-r- 



ill 0Q Hen. 


In aa Hm. 



any cImuic, article, or Bcntcnrt? iliercof, or of any oihcr 
clousc, article, or sentence of thi$ or Any other smiulc or 
Any of ili« pr^ambleA of the sime, made or agreed upon 
in thk *cMion of tWs prp*cni Pnrli.imerjt, hyAnyDAitDer 
of inlcrprctJLtioR. con&truciJDn. iiiiplrcaLion or oihcn^i&c. 
intend to dcro^tc, impair, or diminish Any of the prcioffi- 
live*, liberti«, francbiced, preeminencta, or juriidictions o( 
}our crowit im|>erL^I of lliis n-ultii. ari<] ether vlie dominions 
1o the same belonging ; wc do n^oet luimbly bcAccch youi 
■najettiet, that it may be declared and ordained, And be H 
eriacied and declared by autbority of this prescrt PwJia- 
mctit, i\\ax tjcitbcr iZi^t m^in^, exbibiling, or InsK^rtitig in 
thit present staluEc* or an the prcamblcft of the umc. of 
the fiuppUcAiiont or promise cforetAid or either of them, 
nor any oiber ihing or things, word*, lenkneet. daa^et, 
cr ATtldo an the iitcaniblct or body of the Acts afore- 
said, ftball be conMrucd. andeniood. or exponnded to 
derogilCi dJminiiib, or take aw.iy nny Itberlies^ pnvileges, 
jiTcruj-^ativei, (ire eminmccii, amhuriiies, nr jurindiaiimt, nr 
any pott or parcel thereof, which were in your imperial 
erown of this realm, or did belong to your laid impcrioJ 
crrtwn, Ihe cwrntipth year of the reign of your*, the queen'* 
innjrtlj'* ino*l noble father, <ir any other of youi roo« 
noble proRenitors, before the Mid iwenticih year; and the 
popc'ft holineit and Se« Apo^tolte lo be restoredt and to 
have and enjoy iinrh authority, pre-eminence, and juH<^ 
diction a« biK hoIincM used and exercised, or might Ufrfulty 
bave uicd and exercised, by authcrtty of bifl eupremacy, 
die «aid lAcntieth year of the reign of the Icing, your father, 
wltliin \\\h )T:*uf re^lrn of England and other your do- 
mbioni, witliout diminution or cnlargenicnC of the samCi 
and none other; and the eodesiactreal jurisdictions of the 
archbishop, bishops, and ordlnArin to be in the aame 
state fur procns of suiu, pui)L»bmc;it of <:rirLics, and CJiecii- 
lion of eeBsurei of the Church, with knowledge of 


causes H 




hrlorging to th« nme, aad u brge ta th«M po^fit* M thr 
vaid jtimdMTtioin ir» the sjtid (stnticih ycar- 

Proridcd ali*A)7^ nnd be it caxclcd hj ihc auihoruy AJl nan'i 
Aloresaid, that in iMid upon trtry »«ch gift* and *^*^''*^** ^^^['^**' 
to b? nutde to «uch tptriEuxl corpomions or pcrMnt » isb«iikfr*»k- 
«fortuiU, the tlonttn fco/Tor, or dcii^or tbcico^ may reserve J^???^! 
to hint, and bU hctrt for ever, a ccnufc in froDkAlmoignc; Qmi^ 
or a t^ntiie by divine »er\-ict, and to have all remtdiet tnd JJ^JJJjJ 
aciioai Cor and w\ny\\ Ili« vllJ ^ifts or devisri and icnurn^ itAadiim- 
in lik< mattacr and furrn as i^aa used before ihc itatute 
o( WismiiiAtcr the third, con^mofily called Quia tmf'hfts 
irrranrm ; Ilie laid itaiuie or any law or custom now being 
lo iJic tontrary in any wnae iicnwitlisLiiidtii& 

Provided always, aod be it enacted, thni alf and every The 
petBon and pcrsoni, bodicfi pohtie dr^d corporate, which ■^"'"^5' '"^ 
now hive ar hrmfter ihAll have any eti.ite of inheritance, any pm- 
freehold, Icrm or inicral, of, in, or to any (lonii^n, pension, ■i'>n^*"""« 
tithes, f^lcbc lands, or other CccloiMical or spiritual profit Ua4%. Ac 
which by ihi* Act, and letters of dt«pcnuition rehciried in 
the ume, he iicTmittrf! nnd unfrrrri to rctnaJn and rominue 
in layrocn's po9Kaiviott», ;^iaI1 And may have like remedy 
for the recovery of the -iJinie, and every part tl^ereof, at they 
and every of them might have had before the i\ni day of 
tint [jroicnt P^Iinmerit ; nriylhiit^ In ihih Aci coiU^incd 
to the contrary in any vise notvithKlonding. 





In can- 

of lrr«u- 

ip^ 4iid 
mm miry 
ti'iirl>r>g Ifi 



All. both 

lii)r and 
*r« b<jrcb> 


And CdQ- 

in Olid 




Tnv following pntrlamjilioii wu ImupiI b]r the quMn U War* 

Wiijiiler. DtepHibcf 07, (558, and bia rrfrrrnra to the TriU^iliQn ol 
r«l^£iou» «<hTnony ptndiriij: ih? fomifitilloji o' livr nltftidut |i(iLiey 
which appeared in the Supt<n>acy and Ujiifartnity Af U of di« Ibllavr- 

[TiAOhLir- H> Dyhuu* CutttvLloii <jf PrtidtEOiilbiU) a.xi, [616, f. :^3 

Bj itjc Queen. 
The queen's mnjetEy undcTstanding thai ihctc Iw ccriotn 
pdiotiK fiavjng in umc^ past the o^kc of ministry Jn llic 
Church* which now do imrposc ro use thdr foraicr office in 
prcachiDg and minifitry, and parity have ailcmpU-d tho 
snmCj n^srmbling Kpccially !ti Fhc rlry of T^ndntt. in sundry 
placet. gTG^t nuinher of [iccplci ithcicupon ri^clh Among 
the common iort not only mifruitful disp^itc in matters of 
religion, but aIko comciiiion and occAhion lo breik common fl 
quiet, liaih thcrrtfoK', ainurrfin); lo llic jiutlirhrily com' 
mitted lo her hi^'hncsi for Ihc quiet governance of alt tnannei 
ht^r subjects. thoij|^hc ix nec^a&ary to charge and comoiuid, 
like ^% hcrrhy hrr highnci^i^ doth rhiirgc and command, ^ 
2II manner of bcr »ubjccu> as well ihof>c thai be uikd Bo fl 
miniAry in the Lhurch u all others, that th^ do forbear 
Ef> prvach, or leach, or to k^vc audience to an^ manner of 
docirinc or prenching other Umn lo Ibc Ho^pcls and 
Epjstlc», commonly called the Goipel and Epislle of the 
day, and to the Fen tJommandmenls in the vulgar Xotif^'' 
wilhout et|io»[cior or afldiiicm of ^ny mann^. Mf> 
niCiLrtiii^ to Ll' a^'plted aud added ; or to lOC f 
manna of public pra)«r, rite, or co^emony rn t 



bui thai whirh i* already ii*ed ar^d by law receiwd j or Ibe 
common Liun/ used at this p^c^cn1 in hct majc^ty'a own 
chapel, and ihe Lord's I'rftyvr, and the Creed in English; 
until consulution mjiy be had. hy Parliflmciil, by her 
majr*tyand )\cv ihrtx citaics of ihis realm, fur ihr tottr 
conciliation and accL>rd of luch causes, as at thia present 
ar« moved in mature and cirn<iuorkJC<ft cl rcli^ion- 

'Ihc iru« ndvnnc^nncni whereof ici Ihc due honour M 
Almighly Gcd, thcincrcBM^of virtue and godlincsT^, wilhuni* 
iytmI cbofity and conoonl amongst her people, her inaje»l> 
mcBG dcfiirvUi, and meanerh clTectuaUy, by ftll mnnncr of 
mtflnc jxK^ihTc, lO pronitr nnd \t\ rrtlorc id lhi% her mlm, 
VTbercttnlo as her iii;ijc-^ly inntandy tequicclh all her good, 
faithful, and loving; tubjvcu lo hv a&E«nling and iidin^ wtlh 
doc obedience, to if any *hall disobcdienily ntc ihcm- 
Klve» W Ihc brrarh hcrctif, ^ler majesty ho[h must ind 
win ICC the aamc duly punished, boch for the quality of the 
oOisnce* and fiir ciiimpl* to all other* nefileciing her 
WiftjCTty'a 40 reasonable romi«and(oenL Given at her hi^h- 
nc»'s paltcc of Wcaiiiunstei ihc twcn[y-«cvcnth day cf 
December, the fvni year of her cna}csty*s reign. 

God »vc the queen. 



Jijimcnt \s 

id ranee* 
incfli of 
itad will 
piin(«h ftil 
wtio o^ 


TKttt |njtiih:tj<3at, vrliicH wouM kpp»r to Kavv been Jnrwn up by 
tb« miacr««f di< IVij'fi-^^Httk. ivccc puMiihed by the qiiom in Ab 
«Miy pan of i^^ Then biuli \% ilie serlci of [njunctiom published 
luidcr KiJW4nl Vi ta 154% Tbvjr follow that terlea for the «iul 


T 'rdiMfdiM UkattiOfH Af 1^7 any be aedi ia Car^IWdTft 




CV1I1 ^1 

VJl(r«' Ilk' 

>rc 10 be 

Ihv^uccn 1 

V. Air 

Ti«I pf r- 
v>ni to 

fffTnl m- 

[ji^l ukur- 

[ort frooi t to v5h Th? mure imv^Dtum cli»itc* tc indicated in 
QOtOL Ttte number In lite iruircin rcfm IdUic ruiinpomJliic 
C^ph inlh* Edwor<Hnp<J<vument. The lnj'3nct>rniB nf K.itiftanl, whirJi 
htv« be«H dfoppctj tnlirtl^i *« Nob- 6, cuncrniiii^ Lhe oecupaHofl i^ 
chjldrtn ■n'l s^n'itnls ; f. coii<«min^ lh« abMncr of flvrcy from Lbdir 
citTea; i^ concerning the rfcanution of crrt>nc(TU4 l^hcKing iiboilt 

CDnocriilJietr]?pri:ifhinGcfdiei]JtirLM; 51. concpminrtltlt vlaitmion. 

or thp ]\fi%^t\ tvlivo then If ■ i«nn»iv TNo*v nhicfc lollovr the bnl 
sS. «rf chiefly new. 

(TVanicr- frnm rnnumpnrary print at Urtltfh Mi;>i«liiii, $155- ji^ 14 ('1-1 

The queen's most royd majeily, by the advice of ber 
mo*t bonoTjraWtf ctjuncil, initfiiding th<^ adi',inconenT of Ib^ 
liuc tiunoui of AljiLJ^lily itud. thi^ *tjp)jit?i»jcrn uF iiupct- 
>lilion ihroufihotjt aII bcr hj^f Lnc»K'> rcialmt and dominions, 
vid lo plAni true religion to the extirpation of otl hypocrisy, 
enoiinities, *ntl 9bu«c« (as to her duty appcrtaincili}, dolb 
minialer unlo htr loving mhjccis llicsc gcHlly liijunrtioiw 
hereafter following All which Injunctions Ikt hL);hncu 
willcth nnd comm*nde[h hef loving i^ubjects obcdicnUy to 
rcT-t^ivr, nntl inily to observe and krrp, evm Tnan m ihtir 
oflrcei. degrees, and 5l4;es, ,11 ihc} will avdfd her higliucw's 
displcfisure, and pains of the same hcrc.iftcr cxprcwcd. 

J. The Mm 1% ihar all deans, archdraron*. paraonfl, 
vica:?^ -tnd n11 oiher ecc]esi;tiiii[:a1 per^onm sli.ill f^ijlhfiilly 
keep and observe, and as far as in them may lit, shall fauitc 
to be ubHi>rvt'd iind kept of other, all diid «rngd:ir Litva and 
statutes made [I'oi thr rrstriring to thf* rrown, rhp indent 
JLiD^diction over the fltntc ecdesix^ticAl, ind abotj^hinj; of 
all foreign power, repugnant to the Mine '). And further- 
more, all eccleiiaBiical penona having eufie of «ouU thall, 

' U ivcUlor ihe ib«])*ibtiic ind vitlrpAtEon of Lhelttiliop of RuoK. 
Iifft prcirjiiM iiTid tihiR-pr J pcauvr iind jitrAEtirltop, j'ih^lli'*'niEdlill(h- 
Ulell iind cfinKFUiAlion of (lie klnit'i luthonfy, |urik0ictruu, mud 
■uprtma^ of Clw Cburcfa of Cng land and Irfl^ad. 

LX3tvi«] liisTonv OF THE ENGUSU awnui 



10 th« ultcrmoit of Ihcir vrit, kn<iivkdf;c, ^nd Icimin^. 
puroTy [iknd ' ] aincerelj, and uithout arif (colour or tltttimu- 

at ibc leul. in ihcir sermons aikd oihcr collAiionfl, Lhit 
f^ll usurped and rorcff^n power'] having; no ctUbliKhmcDl 
nor ground by llie liw of God, [is, for'] nio*t jmt cjiusft; 
uhcii ftttjy Mfiil ^ilKilrMiciJ : diid iliut tViL'[i'A.irc eiej iiMniicr Tif 
obedience (nnd 'j tiubjcction wiibin [bcr~| bifjhncu^i realms 
and (lommions in due: unco |afty ijucb furfign poiver*| 
And ihiit the [ijuepn'j'] power -urilbm |ln'r'l rciilm^ and 
doniEiiions lb the- hi^hcbl poMCr undcx God. 10 w^hom all 
fncA, wJlbin the anmc rcalniM anU dominion:!, by C)od'« laws, 
owe Dioit lo}'A9ty ;ind (ibedicncc, afore and sbove All otli«f 
puwera anil iJUtL-iiLiits in earlh. 

EI. I}»Jdi:s (Ilia. 10 the mtcnr*tbAt ill auiicrstilion Jind 
hypocr;K\' o'cpt into divcn: roeii* heiinn may vsniRb swav* 
ihey thaU noi «et finrih or c\tol (the dignJiy of] nny 
>ina^s. relks. or miracles ; [but, drcUrin^ tlic abuse of 
Ihc samcMthcy thall teach that all Koodncu, hcftlth. and 
grace oughi lo be both uk«d and looked for only of God, 
aa tif i1;c very Auihur iuid Giver uf ilie Kti^icf, inid uf nriiii; 

III. Item, ihftt they, the ptrsons ftbore rehearsed. «lin1l 
[prearh "] in tliHr rbnrrhcs, nnd every other rtire they have, 
one scimun every [month"] of the year at ihclciTJtt, wheicin 
ihcy ihaU pua'ly and sin^rcrcly declare ihc word of God. 
and in the Kame cxbon ihcir hcarcni Eo tho workK 01 faiih, 
[as '"] inerej' and thaniy e?*]ie(:ially ptrsfrihcd and i-om- 
mandcd In Scripture; and thixt [the"] works devised by 


rclif *, Ac, 
tioi \D bo 

3, Ucplhly 
ID Fif 


iiuii Je- 

' Ojo. 

* 4II> Ot 

' or- ' tiiini 



fnr vny lupmririon or lunv ; ik<ir vllur^ lh« ^«>plo by any 
piTgrJiugo of ipy unl or ioiAgo; bat, npravuif 

** 04](« or eiiuc Li> be oiAiie. 



r. es 




pnn'^Ii. or 

tlwre tt no 

Ac-, to be 

man's fanUisics, t)CTidc» Scripture (u wonderinK [of'l pil- 
gnniflgci, (ftcUing up of candle* M praying upon btfad*, or 
aut']] likt superHiiliuti). h&w. nut only no |iroimM.' of r4:wanl 
In Scripbuic (or doing vf Umn. bui coDl/iriwisc ^cac 
thmtc&ing> and moJcdicliom of God, for that ih^ | hciriK ') 
thiflgi tending to Idolatry md &up«Tatition, Vphjch of all 
cjcinT oiTcnrr* Herd Almighij' doih most di?(«t and alihor, 
fur lliat the siinc: muAt diiiiiniith Hia 1i(7r;uui and ^lory, 

IV, Item, thjil ilicy, the persons above rehearsed, shall 
prcnch tn Thi'ir own perton^, once in every quanef of the 
ytar ai ilw IcnsL oni? wtmon. U-ing tiL-enifd capccialJjr 
thcrcunbo, ai iti specified hereafter ; or cUc shall icdd ^tomc 
homily proscribed 1o bs used by the queen's amhonty 
pvrry Siindny ai (he Icatr, hijIpm *om<' (irhrr prcnrhcr 
auffidc^illy liccnied, aa htircaftcr, chance tu cume ta ihe 
pari&la for ihe ramc purpovc of preaching *. 

V, lieiii, that every hoty^day through the year, when 
ihry ha\c no wrmon. They shall imnicdiairly nflT the 
Go«pc1 openly ^uA plainly recite 1o Iheir pJirJUtJonera in 
the pulpit the Pater no&ter, the Creed, and (he Ten Com 
n>And[n(-nifi^ in Knglish, to the Intent that the people may 
Icim the same by hcfla; exhorting all parcnis and 1iou:sc 
holders to teach their children and acnanls the Mrac, lu 
they are bound by the law of U od ^ind eoncetence to do *- 


» 10, 

' oETcrIng of raon«y, OBndln «r Ciptn t» r«Uev, ar lindCH) or 
kiuing 4Bd tickip^ of the tHtCi 

' Xhli Ijjjurietton ls now. und in Ihn ptac« of one whLrli rvqutred 
tfie rcmov&t o/ all iiiuffi. ind the uprn ar CAndln uiuAlly k«[ befora 
th^n^ but tiprvvtly bllaAf-d 'two |tgh(t upmi thp ht^h hittr bcrorv 
the tncmRKnl, wliichr far the HLgnifmliaii ihat Cbritt ii chd vtriy 
true Kfbt oflhi world, Lb«y ihall luflri [o rcTiaia sUlL' Ii App^jiq 
bawrvrr frotn die Injiinctjona i>f i«,49 ;>to ^^ und ihr BiiUt^uciiL 
]njLinijtEDni of BHIidp Ri<llcy. cssci ,Ifa- %\ that Che pcnniJAiua ttad 
ill rh* ni»fitJin* litf«D ivilhdrawn. 



& VL Ako, that lh«y thAll provide witbin thrte monthft 
ii«3a After thi« vtitiuijon \a\ chc rSAr^cs uf the juiristi '], one- 
book f>f the whole Bihl? of ihc lirgctt volume in F-n^^i^^ * 
Slid wiihin out? Iwtlvc Tnonfht next after the xaid visitation, 
ihe H;ir:)phrns» of l^ra^mu^ al^o in English upcTn the 
Gofppclr irid tliu hflinc aci up m sunic cuiivcnivnl ijluu: 
within the ttid church that ihcy hnvc cure of^ vrhcfcas 
ih«tr jionvhioncrt may moit cominodioculf retort miiotb« 
laRie. aru! rct^l lh« s^imr, [orit oif the Tti-ae of tcmmun 
icnicG ']. The <:Tiar]j;<« of |ihc Paraph nuca *] «hAll be [bjr 
the panon or propnctiry And pariAhionerA borne by equal 
portion^*]; and ihey shiU dUrpurage no man* from iX\t 
reading of any pari ofthcBiMe. tithc^ririLsEin ctui l^nglisli, 
bat shftU rather* exhort every pcnon tg icid (he inmc with 
}:re:it hi^niihly nnd reverence, oi> ihc ver^' lively wcrd of 
Giitt, am! ihi? csjicdiil food uf man'* soul^ which nil Chrisiian 
pci»on» ale huunJ to ctnbracc. believe, and follow, if they 
look la he ttved : whereby ITiev nuiv the bctlor know Iht'ir 
djtits to God, to their soverfign [lady the iy]ecri\] and 
ihrir heiglibonr; rver gently ajhI rhoriuhly cihnriing 
thenn, and in [hcr^ majesty'^ name stmilly charging tnd 
conunflnding them, that in the reading; thereof, no niJin 10 
reaton cr contend, bi^t <)iiietly to ihe reiK^et- 

5, VII- Also, ihe nid crele«i^ jwrwiTiiS sh.ill in no wJiif 
at any imbwfLil time* nor for any oihet cause, than for 
their hnnc^it ncceniities, haurl cr resort to Any tiivema ot 
alehouies. Ar\6 aftet thtir (meat*\] they shall noi giie 
theuiaelves lu drjukfn^ oi fioi. ^pcndin^ ihcii time idly by 
day [and'] by ni^ht at dice, cdrds* or tables phying. or 

plTfi^^rn to 
^ acl ai>, 

bt cn- 


r AW pvr' 
tJiift to 
Itad e4' 

■ Oio ' tvbich bdolfv. 

■ ntal^ly borne 1ir1w«eB the pAnon tn<l nppr«^rtcT>iy <n4 
pAriaJiji^BcrB aforewd. that E> t« wiy th« one half. by liitf panao er 
(iiuprictuT. jmil tU? i^lhcf liulf by (lie p«iubkiuefik 

' ftuthO/1<cd uid Il^nsi-il ttiereuiH ' oonilon aad. 

■ Innl tht fcin^- * l"i^ ' dinner or ivpper • tt. 




ED be duly 


10 R*!4ii»- 
fn tu krpi 

an/ other imUvful gaai«; but at all timec, ^ iboy thall 
bivi^ kiwifv, Ihry <(fijil ?it>ir or rifad sunvfvrhac of Holy 
Stnptufc, ur »luU ixciipy ihci^i^ctres wilh same olbct 
honest (&lu<iy. Of'] cxcrciric; and that t Key al trap do the 
thin^ tthich app^nain to hun<ri^y, an<l endeavour to proHi 
tile cDiamtniweiiUIt ; liAviiri; Hlwjysi in mind tint they aught 
to cKcd all other in purity oHlfc, cind should be [caafnt>lcft*] 
to the people to live vrcll and (Ihtisiunly. 

Vtll. Abo, tbal their ihall admit no nvsn to preach 
wiittin any th^fr cur^ but su^h a» shiU appeiu unto them 
to be suHicicnily licciucd ihcrcunto by the [queen's mijesiy, 
or'] the Archbitbop of Cimerbury or the Archbietiop ^ 
Vork^ in [dill cr their provintcM',] or by the biithop of the 
diocese, [or by ttic cjocco'i majcstyS visilors *]» And mdi 
a» itiAll be BO licensed, t>iey thnU j^lndly rt'ceavc to decJaic 
the «ord cf God at ronvcriifiit time*, wirhoal -iny refiistanoc 
or GOO Itadic Lion. [And ttut no other be Auffeied to (ucjich 
out of his own cure or porjflh, than auch a» shoU be licensed, 
A% is above <xpr«88cd \\ 

IX. Altin^ if they dp nr Khali knnw any man viihin ihdr 
pjit&li or el«:wherc, that is a letter of the nord of God b> 
be ruad in bngliahn or atntTrdy preached or of the execu- 
tion of theae Ibc [qacen't'] ni:ijc6ty'fi [njunriicne^or Afoulor 
of [any iiwjfiwd and foreign*) power, imw hy \\\c Uws cf 
tht» i^m justly rejected And token anay, they s,hA\\ detect 
and pveKTl the same to the {i^ue^n's majesityp or to hor'J 
eocndl, [or to ttie ordin.'^ry \\ or to the Ju^fce of peace 
neat luSjuining. 

X- AUo. that the pflmon, rtcar, or curate, and pirishioncra ; 
of every lanth within thw realm, thall in their churches 
:md chapeiB keqi one book or re^isio, wherein they nhall 




^ Off. " an vxADip|«. 

■ kiiiKQ DOiicsty tlic lord protector^* icrace. * ka piuvince. 

' k1ui£'B> ' tlLc BiBliup uf Rumc'a prtitoacd. 

' kin; or. 



write Che dny Jind y«AT of evtzy wedding, chri«terin{;, L(^u, 
111 boffal made witbifi tVeir |urikli for thttii iiiuc. iind s^^ 
iCLan iuccc;:dmg tticm likewise: anJ alau ilKrcii) 
ehall mitt evtry ftcraon'B narn^ iixM 4hnll be ao vcddcd^ 
chrki^noij. And buhcd. And for thr liaft! ^nt'iiing of th:? 
same bcok, llic p^iifth »bjtll be hound to i>njvidc of th«ir 
comroon charj^cfi one »ure cofl>r, with two lotkc and L«yfl, 
vfbei^of tb« one lo remain wrth the panon, vicar, or cumie, 
and the othi.T witb the vrardcTi^ of every parifph cEiijn:h or 
chftpel, wherein Ux ftuid book nball be Lud M\i. \WHr^\-\ 
bot>k ihey shatJ every Sunday take forth, and in the pre- 
Kcnoc rjf ihr mJd wardctii, nr one of ihrrn, urlte and tcuird 
in the wmc all ihc wtJdin^^, chnatcninii;*, *nd buriftla. 
made the whole neck hclore ; and that done, to lay up the 
book in the Kaitl coffer is befotc and fat t^vcry time that 
the same alutll be omitted, llic party thm shftll be in the 
fault thereof shnU fnr^to Ihe amd church 5r> 41/., to be 
em|Jlciyed (ihc one half] to the poor nien*K lioi of that 
parish, [the other tialf toward}^ the icpairlnj^; tjf ibe church ). 

XL rtirthcTmorCf because the ^ooda of the Church arc ii-lDCum- 
CAl]«d tile goodi of the l>oor, and at these day% nothing ts ^j^^ ,^ ^i^,. 
Ic9» ftecii, ihftri thf* (luur lu be vu^I.^in^rd wich ihti utiie; all \>^**i ^n 
>|)iir*ons, v^cara, penftionariCfti ptcbcndaricb, and vllicr bene- ^^^^htir' " 
ficed men within thia deanery, roc bem^c rcsidcni upon b«Qeficf> 
lh«lr bent!lrces, which may dispend yc-arly ^ol. cr above, 
either wiihJu lljis dc^ancry, or diewhere, sliall disLribulc 
hereoftcr amon^ their p^^r pariahioncra, or otiier inhatu- 
laniH there, in the preseneo of the chnrehwardertt, or 
some oil^rf bonei^t mnn %y( the pnnsh, the fortieth jurt ol 
the fruila and rci-crmca of [heir said [benefice ' ;| lc«t thcy 
be worthily noted 0< irigrntitjde, which reserving so many 
pajla to lhciTi!u.»lve*j eannot vouehtife to impart the fottieth 
portion thereof among the [hxit people of that p;trEab. il»at 
is M fitful and profitable unto them. 




ill rhit 

to bt pnf' 
fiidiriil 1o 
the Kbtr 


in ao Kcjis 




uiy cIau^ ailicic, or sentence ihcreof, or of any olhct 
cbuflc. articlcr or sentence oif thit or anr other statute, or 
ixny or ihe preuirbk'& of the same, irmde ot igi««d upon 
in this flpfldon of ihk pri'sirnt Pnrlbmonf, hv nny nvtnnrr 
of ialcrprcUiion. consiruciionn iinplicAlLOD or otbcrnbc. 
intend to dcroj^atc, impair^ or diminish any of the prcrofj^a- 
ttvcu. LbertLU, franchises, pre-eminencei, or jurisdictions of 
your crown imptrbl of ihEs tealm^ jind other the donitnlona 
to the umc belonging ; wc do most humbly bcKcch ycxit 
mnjcRticK, that it may be declared and ordained, and be il 
erucced ind declared by authority of this present Parliat* 
nirni, thai o^Llbcr Itic makinj^, cjihibttiiLg. or insfCiLiiif; ja 
thift present stslucCi or in the prcntnblcs of the ntnc, of 
the «upplJcntion( or promise aforesaid or eitticr of tben, 
nor any oilitr thing or things, wordi, leniences, cIauics, 
or articles in Ihe prcjlmb]c^ or t>od>' of the Acia afore- 
said, ahull be consirjcd, unclcrfttood, or eiipounded to 
derogate, diminish, or Ulte aw;^y any Libenictj pnHleges, 
prcrr>gAtive«, pre-eminences, ainhnriiiei. cir jurisdiciitms, or 
any part or parcel thereof, which were in jour imperial 
erovA of this realm, or did belot^^ to your eaid impcna] 
crown, the cweniiclh year of the reign of youn, ihe <|oeen'E 
majesty's mosL noble faihcr, oi any other of yow tttQ9t 
noble pro^cnitora, before the said twenticLh year; and the 
pope's holiness and Sec Apoaiohc to be rcilored^ and to 
hnve find enjoy such authority, pre-cminrrjcc, and jurii- 
diction a« his holiness U9cd and CKerciaed, or might lawfully 
have used end exercised, by authority of hia aupronnaey, 
the said tvreniieth year of the reign of the In'ng, yotir farher, 
wirliiri thin your realm of England and olhci your do- 
minLOn^ without diminution or cnlarp:n]ent of the ^mc, 
and none oUier; ond the ecclesiastical juriadtccionf of the 
archbishops, bishops, and ordimifie* tn he in the same 
state (iM pruci-ib of tuits. punJsbnient of crimes, and chccu- 
tion of censures of the Church, with knowledge of catJEcs 


tjcxvi] HiSrORY OF THE SXCr.JSff CHVnCH 


bclon^iiL); to the umc, arid ss Urge tn these poiiux as the 
Mtd jurudiciion iroi the Mid twci^dczh year. 

Frovi^Jtfd alwa^i, and be it enacted b}- the authority 
AforpM[d, (hat in and ufon every mich gifts and detf'ifli?*i 
10 be niidc tr> buih Tijjiriluat corponiions o( jicr^ons a» U 
oXofv«.iid, the donor. Icoffifrr, ot dev)»or thereof itiav rc^cfvc 
to htm. and \m heir» for ever, a tenure in frinkalmoigne, 
or a tenure bjr ditfnf Mrrvict-, and to hflvc all rcmcdiM and 
iclioiu Tor and upoti the ^diU ^ifu oi doiaci and Icniirci, 
in like manner and form as was lucd before the ttatute 
of Wcitminiier the third, comuionly called Qvin emprarts 
krruram ; llic ituid sUiliitc ur uiiy law w injatuiu nt>« being 
to ihc comrory in iiny tfi^c noiwithsundinK- 

Provided alwayi^ aid be it enacted, that all and every 
person and peraons, bodies polilfc and corporate, which 
novr have ur hcrcal^r shall have }xt\j estate of inheritance, 
freehold, term or interest, of, in, Or to flny portion, pension, 
tiUie«, glebe ian(3s, or oiher ecctcfttaflical or spjntual profit 
which hy ibis Aci, and Inrrts of diiqii^ntntinn ri'ht^rsrd in 
the Kxmc be permitted and mlfeied to tcmnin and continue 
m bymeti'« pout^monb. shdl and muy have like remedy 
for the rerovcty of (be ftimo, and every pan ihcrcnf, flEtliey 
and every of ihem mii-ht have had before the 5rsi day of 
this prc3L-nt Parliameni ; anything in thia A(.t contained 
10 the contraij in s^r^y wise rotvithbtandinj;. 



bf In iV«ak- 
tbc vbiurc 



r4m«dy Far 
recovefy of 
■ny pctw 



DOcVMRrrrs rLLVsm^riVE of the [lxxvui 

1£G1>^ in any pariUi churdi Ml ftity time use any ptocnsion ubout 
ihc church or diurchyartl, or oih^ piacc ; but immodiildy 
before {the ifrnc of coniniunton of the S3crQme]1C^] the 
pricsis with liihpr «f the quirts sfuitl knt-tl iv\ the tijidsi uf 
the chuich, and ling ot tir pbinly and ciiitincEly the Ltlany^. 
whjch tjf &et (orld tn Enf^hsli, wtlli aJi the «ufTrugv« following, 
to the kn[«nt the? people may hear and answer; ttnd nonr 
vihci procc%K>]i <^^r ttuny Lo he Eiail or va-a^ h\xx ibc wid 
Utfttiy in EngHah, adding nothing thereto, hut ^t [it ti now 
appointed'!. And in cathedrtil or coll«giate churches the 
fame ^halt be done Jn giirh pl.irrs, ^j\A in such ton, :js mjr 
cummisiioiicrs inoui vi^itAtion shall ippoinl. And in the 
lime of the Litany, of the [common pm}*r\] of llit sermctii 
«nd wh«n the priest read^th theScripiufetoiheparieMoTicrfl, 
no manner of per«on«, wjihoui a Jiisi anti ijjgcni ciu^c> shall 
(uae any vrillcijifi in thc<^hurchi no/ ^hall *J dcpnrt out of the 
church; ftnd ail ringing and Icnollmg of bellfi sh^M he utterly 
forbcrre at that time, exci^pf one bell at convenient time to 
be luii^ oi knullcd he/oie ttic' acrmun. [But yet fuj icta^ii- 
JDg of the pcmnibulition of the circmts of partAhci, they 
shall orwc m the year at the time accustomed, vith the 
curate and KuhsFanti^Ll men of the |]nri>(h, walk ilxjuv their 
p^trnhca. ah llicy were ii<xuAlcjmcJ> and ;it llicir icium to the 
church, make ch«ir common prayers ^] 
19. llciff*- XIX- Provided, that ihu cutate in their said common 
'hT* **A^ perambuhtiona, used lictetofute tix the days uf logaliuiw, at 
certain convenient placci bh:ill Adinoniah the pccplc to give 
ihanU to God* in the boholdmg ol Uod's bcncAu, for the 
jncTCtiutP and abundance of His fniilfi upon the fare ct the 
e-aitli. with the saying of the rojrd I'wlni, * Hoitilk aninKt 
wtf^,* &c. At which lime altfo the aame nnniAtcr Uiall 
inculcate thow or such sentences; 'Cufucd ho he, which 

* 9kir commiBM'ic* I^i «ur v[»iuii'»ii bIiaU ippolnt^ 



tntwblirth the bfRiid^iind dole*! orhiit nnghbour' Or^uch 
Other order of piaycrfi 9A sliall be hcicjftcr iippoinled \ 

X.V Item', ainhc[riuecri'**J tatlhful and Jcving siil>jcci8 
ihall from henceforth ceklvnite and Icecp thdr holy day 
ftocotilii)^ i(j GuU'a ' will AiiJ plciiaure ; lli;it i^, in hearing 
dtc word of God rc:id And uusht* in private and put>]ic 
prayer*, in knowicdfting chtir offcTicct to Uod, ornj Aiticnd- 
menl of the KuiKT, in n^t^on^rliTig thf^ziiirflvri tharltably tn 
iticir lie ^^hbokicN where dibplcnsurc hath been. In ol^nlirncx 
teicfivtiig the commtinion of the very Body and Ulood of 
Chritt. in vUiicng of ihc poor and sick, ufiing all i^bcrncss 
um! Hudly cunvi^riiiliifii, V'tt notuithsUmhnt;, al] p^non^, 
Tican, uid curELiei t»hail leach and ;^cclarc unto their 
pamhioaon, that thuy may wilh a safe uid quii^i eonsetence, 
after ihdr common pmycr in the lirriL" of harve-tiJ, labour 
upurt Lhc holy and fotival days, uod mvc ihui thlitg whioh 
Uod htth icnt^ and if for any Krupulotity or fcrudicc of 
coiisc)cn<:£-, n^en b^ould biii^etttitioufily Jibitain from wnrkin^ 
upon ihfiie days, that ihcii ihry Jihoiild grievously offend and 
diaplckuc God. 
2^_ XX], Also, forasmnuch as variiinoe and ennicnuor [s a 
thing thai most di<p]eAB«s God, and i« mcRt conirary to the 
blcsuL'd commumou of the llody and Blood of out Saviour 
Chriat, curatct shall in no wise admil to the receiving 
thereof any of thdr cure Jind flock, [which bo openly known 

' New. 

• f.L* VI iii4<-k, ■ r i(f- ■« fbe pprtpfe be cuiBRi^rtly uccupucd tho 
wor-k-day, t^ith bodily bbuur, Icr lliair badily ■uEl»ifti>ic, to wab ihc 
li«Ly fiflj at rhe i^nt becifrnin^ gi^I^y iaililutcJ «nd onkinct}, diil 
the pesjJe ahduld thit day nivc tticniHilicv wtiollj lo God.. Aucl 
Whcrcu In om- EiiDC. Cud li more ofTcnJcd thiia pJcifitd. mrirc 
dit^onourrd thnn hnnniirril iii^oti tlir hr>ly diy. tK«iiic of idlcnn«, 
pnde, flnmli^fiiirt*, qtiArrrdUni; ftiid bTawling. which ant b»mt uled 
in tuc-h diyn^ pH»pl* nnrcnhriM* {b*r«iia<Jinfl llicni«rr</vt ■uSdcaOy 
bo hanoar Cod on UuE dpy. tf Iheyhcar Mju* and icmcc, ctiULi^iA 
th«y uD<l«i«Ui]d ut^hinR uj ihUr «difyU( ; tljcnfarc-" 

' kiim'i- ' hoJy, 


00^ Sun- 
day to be 



Ar , noi tO' 
bo ad' 
iDiUcd ti> 
J luly Cum* 



D<X:UMtSTS tLLVSTRATiyS OF Th£ [lxxvui 


3a. Church 

he tfwuht 
lu olthfA- 



Ac, In bf 

«^. A pill- 

10 hvc in nrn nctorioufl viEhotii repcnuncc, or'] who h^ilh 
mjliclod&ty jLtiil njicnly ctmtcndcd viiLh hi» nci^liliour, 
unlcw the same tiu fitrt chnrilably and oj>cnly ret^oncKc 
himtdr agam, rcmuimg aU runouur and iiiAlice, wiiaUoovcr 
comrovcrsy hath tirrn hrtwo'-n thrnn, Ard ncvcnhHeiw, 
ihcir JList lillc* ^Eid righu thc)r may chariubly proK^atc 
before such as havu AUChointy io hear the nroc - 

XXn. Alao^ thai ihe^ «ha1l instruct and leach in tlicir 
cures, that no man ought obidirutldyAnd maliciously (ubicab 
and vioUlc tlic budablc ceremonies of the Church, [cotfn- ^ 
mandcd by jiubhc authority lo be observc?d *j. fl 

XXIII, Ai^,thai th^y 6hn1[ ulf^ nwoy, mierly exiinctr 99. 
:iiid dnlKny dll fclitiiic^, covciin£» of nhitnc^, a.11 tables 
c-indlc^lickii, inndniK, AEid rolls of wan, pictures, pAtniinsS] 
and all cibcr monuine-ntv of feigned futraclei^ pjIgriiiiAgt^ 
Jdobiry, and bU[)crsiilfon, so ibat ihcK rfmain no nicuinty 
of the Mmc ID walk (bft) windows, or clac«1icrc williin 
their (l>uFch<n and hoiiHCA ; (prc^crvmK ncvcrclixrlct*, of 
Tcpairing both the w^lh And gbn windowi ';] and they«haJ) 
cxhuTt iiXi UlcIi iJurJ^LiujLcratodu ibcLikc vtilUiutbcirtievcr^ 

XXIV. And (hit tha chUTcliwELrdcns, at the common ai 

' Oni. 

* Etl. VI iidi^A. 'bj the LiniE cQTillQtQdTd lu be obicn-rdt iLhU u 
yd not Jil>rv£airil, Ami un ihc mlitrr vide ibit whunvrvcr dijih 
»ii|>rrmil1loiiiily nhim'* Ih^ni, dATh rh' ^pnif lo t^r fffflt pi-rki an^ 
danger of hi» lOiiri licaJlb : m in I'Btlinff holy vntifr ii|ion In* btJ, 
Upon iiiuiRi4»*ad clht^ dt^d thiae«|Orbearknfi tbout lnoi bdy brc4d, 
or St, John^t Qotptl, or nukinf of croua of wi»d upon T^ldl 
StiALUy^ Li> lime vf icHdJfiv uf idc rnxiiuji. ijr kccpinK of piiyUc liuly 
diyt^ «■ bakrT?^ hirwrr*. tmlituL 4hD4rfnaic4r». nuC ^(1i nihrv dr»; or 
Tingijie of holy hcWn ; or bLeiftJjif vnit Uie ha?y oifidk!, IQ tljt IntMiT 
tlicrrhij' 10 t« dkwbuxM of thr bntritn of vin, or •» dnw aiAny 
dciiliif or t« puL avuy drumk and ph4nU^«t4 or in pulling IniK and 
mtfidcrELc ot hc«lTti «Dd mIvaiIqu in ibc Moie <crcJiioiiirt, when 
ihty be only ordained. In«ttiilnl» and uitfJv, Iq put ti» in mnrm- 
brariTE d' tli( hRnelU* which vc htivi^ rtccixttl by OiriiL And if he 
u» Them *or «y utbrr pnr]toie, he gfrtvoaily ofl^nd(*th Unci," 



cbtfgc of the pari»hion<rf, in every church shall provftic 
h. conMly And hon«st pulpit, u^ be %c\ in a oaiivcniont place 
vUbtn The f^ime, [and to be ibere seemly kqiC^} for ihe 

.'JO. XXV, AlflOi thc> fhsll provide ami have vriiHm ihree 
month* afE^r i\n% vuiuuion, a vtrong client with a bole in th^ 
U|i|itT jian ihcTtt^r tu Ijif pruvitlLil 4l ibe cost arid di-jrt;c of 
the parbb, Im^ iii^ ihrcc kc>^ wbcrci^f one i\M remain m ilic 
ouficody of the parson, vicAr, or curate, and the tithcr twi> in 
thL- cattftily of (he churchwardens, or any othtr two h'jneHi 
men, \o be apptrintcd by the [luri^h from year lo yc*r; 
whidi ehcst you sball aci A.nd T^siCTi [in a moat convenient 
pUce*1 to the intent tho pahfihtoncrs should pot into it 
iheir nhbEions and alm» fnr ihrir poor npiBbhoun;, And 
the patson, ricar, and curaie shall dilit;ciitly frDtii lime to 
time, and especially when men make their test^iincnirv c^U 
upon^ exhort, and move their neighbours to eonrer and give, 
■s they may tn^\ spfirc, u.i the uifd dre^r : decliring unio 
them, vrheieai heretofore they have been dliigcnt lo bestow 
much substance othennae than God commanded, ttpon 
pardcnt. pilgrimages, trenlal*, decking of imaHe*, offcring 
of (andln, S^^"'K '^ friaris and u[k)ii utbrr fikc [»lhid 
dc\f)tionA, they oi^lit at this lime to be much more rejdy 
to hulp the poor and needy ; knowing that to relieve the 
poor is a true wor4hip|>!ng of God, refjuirrJ earnesMy upon 
paizi of cvciliutinii; d^imiidLion ; and tb^t itlsu whiilAucvcr is 
fElvcn for ihcir coinrori, is ^ivcn lo Christ Him^clfj and so 
» accepted of Him, that He will mercifolly reward the fiime 
irilh eveitaating life. The which alms and dc;votian uf 
the people the keepers of ihe key& shall At times con- 
venient take cut of the chcKl, and dUtributc the sajne in the 
preiencv of the whole parinh, or ifx of ihem, \o be traly and 
fUlhfully delivered to their most needy ner^hbcurs ; and if 

> 10 b« vel in ■ ronvtriipii plAce wiiliia Ibe une. 
' anrunbo Lbo hifh alUr. 


*5' Aft 
aim (hAE 

(jJicd, iiiiil 
fllmn I4 be 


tobc Mf 



DOCUME!^TS tllL'STRATtyE OF THE [lxkviii 

■6. CoTi' 

IJI^D. ihcy bo provided for, ih«ri to Ihc rcpjiralion oF liighwAys next 
ndjoirinjt [or to the ponr pmplL- nf *iich pw«lii:ii nHl^^ n* 
AhallbciliOLi^ilii beat toilic said kctpcrsof Uickcy»']- And 
also Ehc money which rise of rmcrnicics. K^"'^^- ^^^ other 
itDckt of the Cliurch (except by the [f^u*vn"s1 majetty^ 
aulhtirity it be olbctwiM; appointed) ^iliatl be put in the aaid 
cliot. and concerted 10 the sftid uk ; and aIm ibc rcnu of 
Inndu, the prolic of r-aLtlCf and money given or br(]Uc:ilh?d 
[t« obii* nnd dirget, and ^] lo the finding of torcrhf*. lighi*, 
tapci>, and lampa, s.haX\ be converted tu Ibc wid u>c ; aavin^ 
IhAt ti aJiall be lawful for them lo bestow pait ot' the Mid 
prolitE upon the r^^paralicn cf ihe liJtLd churchy if great nMd 
TMiuir:-, nnd whtn^at the pjrisij la vciy piini^ and not able 
otherwise lo repair the iianic. 

XXVI, Also, To avoid the detestable am of Mnaony, bt-39. 
cauBc buying and *ci)ing of benefice* h rwcrablebcfr^ir God, 
tbetcfore all sui b |ieiTJon*, as buy any beacriccK, or romc 
10 ihcm by fraud or deceit, shall be deprived of itucb Ixnc- ■ 
lieeSf and be inade unable ni any tune aft^r to rei^ctvc any 
oih^r spiritual prf^mnnon ; and sin'b a* do sHI ihrm, or by 
any (.olouT do bcitow ilicni fci tbcii ovn ifain and profit, 
t^bciU lone their right and title of potron-ii^c 2nd pi^cnt' 
nient lur that liine, iind the giJl thereof fiir thai vncniton 
ihail appi-Ttain lo the ('iiKx-n\ '] m.ije^ly, 

XXV[[, Also, bcraujic through Ltck of preachers in mmy 33^ 
pjACcaoftbc I^EUcen's'l realmtt and dommionfl the pOOpl6 
continue in ignorjnoe and bUndno*s, sH pflrions, viraris and 
curmes vbali rr^d in then elmrcho every Sundny one of the 
Hoinilica, which nrc and shall he »ei forth for the wme pur* 
po&c by the (qneen't'] authority, in such ^^rt, a« they 
ihall b(^ apiwim^^d to dn in the i^refacp of the same. 

XXVIIl, Iicin, Dvhcrca* many indiscreet persons do nt 54. 
this day uncharitably contemn and abuse pr»eels anil nunift- 
reapepi for tcfs of tilt C[iurt:h, because some of rhcm (hnving small 

thff rltriry, , „ .... 

a^. Honi 
lies to be 






1eimiri^> hnv? of lon^ time fAtrourcd fond pb^tntftsiM rather i^^v. 
thanGod't itulh , >-cl fotaxiniich sa> ilicir ofUcL- ant! funaiun 
» ;ippoiiUod ol Clod. th< Iquet-ri'j*] tnajmiy wjllclh and 
itgcth all [hef*] loving Rubjcfift, tlwt from henceforth 

■ihey »h*ll iinr ihrm rhaniahly and rcvfrmtly for (hrit ntBcc 
And miniitfntion ukc« nnd especially soch u labour in the 
sotting forth of Uod'H Zioly word. 

XXIX \ Itrm, although thcrr he no prohibition by ihijog. n«^> 
irotd of Go<L nor any cmmplc of ihc f>Tiiitilivc Cbuich. but ,tn^^« fl 
ihnt the- pnc^b and minietcn of the Church may l«wfuUj, uig the 
.I6r th« avoidjng of fornication, have an bon^i and w^ IIm^f-*^ 

[wifp, and ih.1t for Ihr wuir piirposr thr* wmc wa»i by Arl of clergy. 
tltinncrnl In the line of <>ui dear EiroLher Kliij£ KdHArd V| 

r^nade lawful, whcreupoci a fifeat number of the ctcfgy of 
thU realm were ih^n invnod, jind 4r> yei : yd 
because there h4Lh gioivji offence, and some tlnndei t;> the 

tChutch \yj bck of discreet and sober behaviour in m^ny 
inini«rer4 of the Chorch, both In choottng of Iheir wives 
nnd mdt*rrt\"T living wjih thrm, the remedy whcrcnf is 
necessary lo be sought . it in thought, therefore, very ncccs* 
BOfy IhtLt Dominner of priest or dcncon shall hetenticr take to 
hts vife any mnnner cf woman wiihouc the advice and alio** 
ancc first hod upon ^ood exannri^lion by the binbop of (he 
same diocese, and two jusiiccs of the pcicc of the wnic sbiie, 
dwelling; ne^t to the pkce where the bime woman hath made 
hrr mGsx flbod<? before h<T nurrLige ; ncr irfiliout lh« 
Stood will of the pa[enu of tlie Mid wuuian, if she have any 
livinR, or two of the rcit of her kinafolki, ot, for lack 
of knoBledge of «icb, of her master or mistfrtu, whew <he 
K-rvL-th, And bdbre he shall be contrarit'tl in :iny pince, 
he Bball make a good and certain proof thereof to the 
tnini^tor. or to the eongreg^Eion p^embEed for ihai purpote, 

' kms*>. ' hi*. 

' Prom tlib point tlie liijuititiam arccitUcf acw, or rc-cuditnicnU 
of niilaini imd rcculatJorq ]at«r ihin 1547. 



30 The 

dcJKV 10 
t« Oto- 

lUS. which ehjill be upon some holy da^, vhere divcra may be 
present. And if any fthall do oibenriAC, ihnt Uicn ihey ihilt 
Doi be iiermjlted lu mini%tcr cither ihc woni nr ihrr wf-ra- 
mcnta of the Church, nor ihall be capable ^>f any ccclcsiu- 
liL'At bei)<iticc- And (or thi^ inAnnci or maniagct of Any 
bishops, ihp samp %hj*ll hp Allowed and approved by the 
metropolitan of the piovincc* luid aUij hy Kiicb comrals- 
sioMn 04 ibe queen's naAJcsty shall thcrcjntf> nppolnu 
And irary master or dean, or ^ny h«ad ofany college, ^liilt 
]Hjrpoie to niAfry, ihe fiame sh.1l] not be allowed, but by 
sucii to vhoLii [he >i»IutiQn of the »nie dotli properly 
belong, who s^hail m any vise provide that the some lend rwt 
to Tbe limdruico of lhe[T houie. 

XXX- Item, her mj)cKiy being deaiious to hare tVic pre- 
lacy and clergy of this leatm to be had as well in outward 
reverence, u otliervp'lw rtgarded ^cr the worihmew of tlicir 
apparelled. miniitrlM, and ihinVing il iiecessi^ry lu fiavt' ihem known to 
ihc people In nU pUc» and uwmblica, both in ilie c}iijn:b 
and withoui, and thereby to receive the honour find eitiima- 
lionduetothe if>«d at messengers and mmivien of Almighty 
Qixl, wilb and tonmuirLdt ilmt all arehbibhoiii uod bhhopa, 
and all other that be oaUcd or adiiiiitod \t> preaching or 
fniniitry of ihc (ocraEncntt, or th;it be ndTnitled mio any 
TOcation eceleiiartital, or into any society of letming in 
nlher of the univciMlietv or elsewhere, »haU use and wear 
such ficcmly habila. Garments, and Mjch aquatc cftps ha were 
most commonEy and orderly received m the latter year 
of the rei^n "' King Edward VI ; nnl ihcreliy meaning 
to attiil>ute any h^line» 01 special wo^bincM to the taid 
garmenti, but at St. Paul writelh : Omni.i tUitniir et jtrun- 
dum erdintm fiiif^t. 1 Qtit. 14 enp. 
%\. HcTF&y XXXl. hem, that no man ihall wilfully and olntjnately 
rtoMo^bc ^^^^^^ or maintain any heresies, error*, or fahc doctrine, 
jKdin conuary to ihc faith of Chrwi and HiB Holy Spirit 

imnfrd. XXXII. Item, that no jierions nhall uxe charms, «or- 



crr^>«, cnchnntracnEs, wilclicnifi« 90Olh«^|-ing. or ^t\j «urh- 

likc dctilish dcvicct nor *hall rcwrt ax »ny ijmc TO lUc same ^ 

for counicl or help. 4c„ f<„, 

XXX'III Irem, thai no p^nori ihall, neglecting liieir ^""^"^J^ 
own pLuisli chuixb, tvsorl iv any utLcr ilmrdi in limt ofmn^rsTn 
common prayer or prcachinx^ except \\ be by the occwkin Ji"<^""' 
of lomc exUAordinary tcrmon in some {VAni^h of the iamc pArith 

XXXIV. Ttcni, thai no innhol<Iers or alehouae-kecpers 3* N* 
4hat] use <o KN meat or dnnk m iHl' time of common ij, i^^^^f 
prayer, prtichmg, reading of the Homiliet or Scriplurct. puhUc 

XXXV. Iicm, thai no pptsfins Veep in iheir huusfs ;inj nj.'i^i^rx 
Abuncd images, Ubica. ptccures, paimings. and other nionu^ ^e-» noi ec 
menE« of feigred miracles, piignnnges, idolair)^ and privaicly 

XXXVI. Itcm^ that no-trmn «hal] witUr^y let or disturb ^^ ?icpch- 
the preacher in time oF hi» sermon, or let cr discourage ^S^] '" 
ftny cume or rniniat^r to sfng or uy Itie d^ne serrjoe lurbcDil. 
now Kct fcvih ; nnr mnek or ]at At the miniOf^TK of fitieh 

XXXVII. Item, tbit no man ih&ll talk or mson of the a? R^aK 
Hoty Seript^rei rashly or oomenttoUAly, nor maintain any '^^1^^^ 
fake dorlrintr oi crmr^ biiC (hall (oinitiunc of the mame, rodjiilLfrn. 
whi^n occasion ia gi^cn, rcvcfcncly, humbly, and tn the fear 

of God, for his cornfort and letter understanding. 

XXWTTI, liJ'nj, rh-ir nr", ivnman, or rhiM *hnll'h^ sb. Or. 
otherwise ijccupicd In llic lime of the scr\'i*:c, than in quid j,^t,'^i[^„ 
attentlancc to hear, mark, and untleTetu.nd that jh reu<j, dmrcL 
prearhr-d, and minigtcred. 

XXXrX. [tern, ihai cvt^ry schoolirunster and IC5ir-hcr tlmlt 39* ^ '*"■ 
teach the Gmmmar act forth by King Henry VIII of noble j-rimcf. 
memory, and contmucd tn the time of King Edward VI, 
and ni*n(' \i\Uvu ^^ T^^j,. 

XL. Ite