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Full text of "Dodd's Church history of England from the commencement of the sixteenth century to the revolution in 1688"

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fiotti, Vtititioai, anH d Contfimatton 

VOL. 11. 

SaiJ or Cudiool Fcla- 





M"«i. ja Tin ■iiiicr'<-'«riloioii* t<a«Di.«iii>v% — ^tnll[^^^^ mi^huh* 

IIIKT AHI VVIlttlliOJtH (u miMH — KCCLfi^lAMICtL l?>Jl/h(TlOh»— « 

rAtuitHi-n r— LtrKAL <>f Htm mi *•(»»»— <jtp4[i vr tub aix AbrHU»^' 
nimun or riiR c4}^^1>l;4Tlu^ — iiii.l fi>K cifUKii^to^ jir miin hipiiii 

^^■AftHsMJC err TIIK l^l^ftUl^D I-LC1K14 i»r ni'llEtP* — Knitl'LlHtlKt*! 

tvAiAHT inHi>f4ni>h> — DtatoiniL or hsvjvj' — aiekvci <>i rnc iiihMurH 

TnR^efirral iliMrftfTtinii^iii wliirli kiug Henry VIII, 
k'ft )iL« peopli^, ^ave <le>iigiii;i{; meu an opportunity 
of R'ttuip et-vcral projects a-foot; wlitieiu, it ia to be 
(carL'd tliat dorocstic \"ii"n* won- thii rhicf thin^ thty 
t^ned atf aud that relitrion A\'a£ no fartbi^r concemetl, 
m it provinl strvicciitile to fhnse puqioses. Now\ 
m^ciirding to fht^ |Mditii^H of tlione day^ it waH judged to 
be tLe intercut of tht* mition to continue the breach with 
Jtotnc. TbJH waM the mo$t ^ueml uud n-cotvrd uotiou ; 
nnd, at the satne time, somtr were di!^po?;ed to push for 
& fartht^ reformation, who, coin^idirin^ that bmall 
bfL-arhes were sot>n inurle up, \^er« ri^solved ttj widen 
th<rmi iihieii thry fould not more ^ffertnally hring; tf) 
puis than by rcmo\ing fdl tho^e from the admim^trtw- 
voL. n. ^ 


[pa AT II. 

tion of affairs, wlio won.* of a reoonciling temper. The 
late kin^'N Wl will wa*, iti all a[ipparaucej uicoiisbtent 
with Kiii^U an undertaking, HowPVfrr, means wu» foim*l 
out to overcome the <liHicuity» though with Ultle credit 
to the contrivers. It i^ to be remembered, tliat kinff 
Henry VIII- was empowered, by aei of parliajnent^ to 
settle the iiuuccs«ioti, uitht-r by deed, or la>it will ;^ and, 
nceordingly, that powL^r was pxecutod by him, in his 
last will, whereby Edward, Mary, and Rlixahetii were 
appointed to reign auccp?isively : and, in ccse of a liiilurc 
of iBtiue male in any of them, the crown wa^ to devolve 
upon the house of Suffolk, with an exelusion of the 
Scottish Uiie, which, notwithstamliug, was tliL* next iu 
blood. Sixteen persons were nominated by the king to 
see his will performed, viz. Cranmer, arehliif*hnp of 
Canterbury, Tunstal, bishop of Durham. Wriothcsley, 
lord chaneellor, lord St. John, lord Rm^sell, the earl 
of Hertford, lord \i^couiit Lisle, sir Anthony Brown, 
sir WilhaiJi Pa^t*t, sir BdwHrd North, sir Kdward Mon- 
tague, justice Bromley, sir Anthmiy Denny, Hir William 
Herbert, t^ir Edward Wotton, and Dr. Wotton, dean of 
Canterbury, It h confidently reported, by good au- 
thors, that Stephen Gardiner, bishop of Winchester, was 
also oue<? named by the kin^, but craftily struck out of 
the list by Craniuer's contrivance, whoM- projects, in 
fevoiir of tlic reformation, could never have succeeded, 
hod GnrdJncr been suffered to act ; he boin^ a polttician 
of great experience, of a genius far superior to any of 
the rest, and, at the same time, well dUposed to make 
ap the breach with ihe siee of Rome.^ Care was like- 
wtw. taken to scnnrc the young king In the jmrty ; and, 
that be- might receive deep and early prejudices against 
the sec of Rome, two persons, remarkably zealous for 
the reformation, were appointed to be hi« tutors, viz. 
Dr, Cox» and Mr. Cheek. It waa ordered, by king 
Henry's will, that the aixtei-n exeeutors should govern 
the nation, by a majority of voices, during the young 
kiiijf's Eniuority, which was to cease when he arrived at 



• ststos, HcD. via c?. 

■ Fotw, it Mft 


a^ of i*iglit*vii/ The; two Imtliiig per^>ris anwii^ 
the exMrntors wcrr, WriothoJinr, lord chancellor, a fricna 
to the o\d rcliirtftt), and th^ carl of Hertford, the king's 
imde,agreut promoter of the retnrmation. Wherefore, 
to leaseD the inter««t of the chaueellor, Hertford p^^ 
v«s choaeu lonl prote<rtor ; ititd. thoiurh it was nut '- 
deagned that he should art br a 5i*piiratr |K>\vcr from 
the rest, in thin^ of moment, yet he sCraitKd im com- 
iiiiiHliQD HO far, a^ to bccoiiic a]mo>tt independent, and 
firand means to have the ch^incellor and some others 
d»cbanred, who were enemies to the reforoution ; $o 
that, ftt Last, the king's ivill wu> iit-^Vcti^l, iind nlmo«t 
entiFcly Uid aside/ By thirsr mrthnds. nil that were 
friends to the rrfortuntion were eneouni^d to speaks 
and art frtAy in its behnlf " And the Cnsp<*l!ers, aa 
they were tlien collet), pn'suming on the countenance 
of the court, oTerron the motions of the state, and veii- 
turf^ til reform without public anthimly/'* rmniiier 
and the protector, in the mean time, suffer the zealots 
to go on in this preposterous way, and compliment each 
other with privilege*^, which all tended towanb cstah- 
Kihiujr the refomiation. The protector allows Cranmer 
the liberty to reform, or idler, several tliinj<s by hi« 
private order?, before the representative* of the nntion 
had delivered their ficnsc upon them ; and Cranmer, by 
way of requital^ HJiaurcd the protector, that he ^'hould 
tnn^t with no interruption from the episcopal oitier, 
whose juri.idicEion was held from the erowii only, qaam- 
diu ^e henr /^t'MMt'rinf ; and tlie bishops, for the mo« 
part, being averse U* fi farther refoniuitiun, were^ by 
that clause, bi-x^mc um:Ics^, and almost insijniific:ant, in 
regard of all the functions bclonsiup; to their character. 
TWs is what Cranmer was well apprised of, and that it 
woidd be to no purpoij^ to attempt a refoniiationf til) 
the epiiinijMtl jtn'isdirtiun \m\% dt-rhired preruriouK, and 
the whole p<jwer lodged in the profeetor and his coun- 
cil.* Bbhop Gardiner complained loudly against the 

■ Rjtt»«,cr. 1|y BumfUti^'JI. ' DLirn<^l, IL '1, J^, lA. • Collier, it 229. 
* [CfUiina, i> fivt, rr'rniniT <" t1><^ tWlrJrc nUiMfflbcd in thr tntc rcif;fv. 

'lh*t,M hi* |H)»>jf iiivt rnmnnlfd from lilt ho;knW,»iA>vfci^TiV^ni 

KinVAHD Vl. [^»nr 

protector, far thifl illegal way of prrtf^C(^diii^, and several 
letter* passed Ijctweeii Oiein oti tlio subject ; bat Geir- 
ditiCT, heiny out of power, was not ntlended to ; lie had 
only the i^atis^faciian of ^poakhif^ \m mmd, auci eipo^iu^ 
tlicir inrtlifuls.^ 

The proteetor and his eounril harlng aconrrd tlicm- 
srlves thus far, as to power, the next thiuic they went 
upon ^"as, ways and inerin» how to ditiposc the people 
for a f^hanj^e, a^iniit the iTieetin^ of the parliament. 
M*T Firj*l, th<'y itpiKihited visitors to "msiH^ct nW et-Hesi- 
*' a.4tie3il affairs. Tlit'se visitors wi-n- nrip-h.iir hiy- 
meti, the other eeele5ia*tica. All other courts, arehi- 

irirli thti drmiw, oTtV cr^Tvii, In punuancc nf tltU ctoclnnr. Itb 5nl *U]i^ on 
Hh: imt-Kwiia vi IvlMnnt. lAHN UJ ^"lirrl »iit) iit'rr|rl a. iii'iA r'liiMiiiMictn. uuQmriji* 
iiii( turn hi cm^ivIh' lliC fM|U^(H>iih uf im:liljLiJii»^> iti iIh: ]KLiiir,4Hij| ilLirin^ ibo 
plmtwrc, of lanii»vi.'tdi:*i ; lii* «m«|ik wni ImtncdmtcTv MKm<d hy Bimrirr; 
bud It in nol riii|tni1rnfiti:lhal Jic rt^t of iIh? bjihajn ^oud J tlK^ioiK-lvr* cMm]H:l1rd 
tu sTihniH lo ih iiiikUAr citKradaIi»>n, Cmninfr** commiaflioii, wLL-li i» lIhuJ 
Kijl-fimrjr ?, I.M7, is priniM in Wilkitiu, W, 'J, cud Bum-^l, ii. uv. «J, Bou- 
firr't !jik» nor born puhlihTt<'(. but imiv ^k- >*fn hi hl» heiphlcr, T 102 —"V"-! 

' [h'roin (iimljutr'n ItlUn It n|Tp'jfctt, tliiit iis rcHiooiimxicci wttc ilmrfilciL 
tiol Qfi^iDr-L l\ic lay <:otiiidi&iLoiLi it (he biahopA, but u^Jti^t tlic vioU-iux-n jujit 

ihfmaiiiii); Tlinin^li \lw r^fijiiirt' I'hAiijfh no l<<)rihUtCivfi iiK'iUiiirv luiiJ vvt b«ii 
pnst^d, "I |ii\i|Ki»*'d| on \}iv ti'ibjuii^ ilie ft'^uriHOfi, iiwiro of ilic Lli^TUhilii'iif nf 
Ujf ^oiCTnk[iici»t, Ht^n LklniKt^ liiikilv trtpiif-ivl m irintiii^ nut '""tiK old «ii{>crvli- 
li.m " III «cvofol plHL>>ii> thptniciiiT^i tinl iftorir-i! int'tnr-ii, wliicli •'lomoil i\iv 
f'bun^lim, wfTv U'ttt down, Ami lyfiljuW ^>y tiw iriLin< L-iJilyrn^ rvpii'b-iifttiniii of 
tlv^ rimil unnvr I'ifokb, iiii'Ctli^iiTitjr tlu' ruf^l ob_)i^UoiiJiblr oplmmjk, urn* pii^i- 
Hclv nmtltili^d Ennikfig ibc ppi^plc; imi). In otiv iVTiinrkiiHlr m^lniti'i^ (tlir lent 
vrmciriol Mulmp Uiribyr. dii? piilfil (Im-lf bjid luvn i<ii»ployi-il. tj> ifvilr Ihe rell- 
gijm nf tb? ilJilF. UTiil lit injlatiii^ ibi- [inqxinnn nf On' iiiiilfllni3«' jii^inwr i| ji 
wji* in np|w»^iTi(iM di Ibi^P' pnn'^^dlnj** iTirtI (iiinMnn [iddn'^.ti'd the ]mht(4*ti»r 
H^ i'nll^'if liiH iitli-niijin Vj iW np^rit ilini wiu rifiratid : be miilinirri HUn at Uip 
•rifUTririitft ir fnnjiir ol" iIap rLnolml cm-il ; fiiid lit- impUif^J Liizi Ln a-nji'mtwr 
ihjit lu^ hAil I'.'ivivrd Ibt.' iiiijHirt^iiil irusL nf chwt }rt^vtii\n, am fvr diL- ilctlnif'' 
lion, but Tir ibr [in'tirrT»tii»ii, nf tbr Eiliumii uf [he tuunliy. " It" mv^ Wh 
*^ Tiij' Icinl tif Sl Hiiviij^ (H:i'li^w. wEjf litnl iilhr |m'.LU:lirtl uj^uuiii Uir otl nOl- 
^ril1lll rfr Miirb nOii-r*, bmi' Uirif Wd jiimliLTcii wiih ;i!iy mw (dniruiiUH ! vvuiiM 
Hifih lliry wr(r i.'i>mmhitnU'«i. In-tftcr^ii lUb niid iW' kmi,''* 'nujt-lj** full uur^ lo 
<lniw lUi' plat. itJbi:i!iki];( li Jiru tlir tloiir^ <LiiE liit' wiiO. aimI chirp ilir dttlk. In 
ltit< iiimM>uiiiiMt: liiJK< of hiiiMinL:. J^i'd, ^vliiii tlic ]iia>i'» mjLJuly vmin-ih tM fnW 
ii^T. tit pJi'ffiit tliini liibii»i« tjj lii'» . uufl imL In tlic ini?jin (iizw, m diiliirh iTii- 
sUlt' nf UiC nJiliii. fchcHtif j"nl uiHiv ^.i pmtf<tJ»r, b«l llnit Tim (nnt, hi o»*>y 
|JUrl (J'ri^jJiiJi, birt^i lali'lxrtOiJ Jcinxi (fcbirb Urui lunluiu Un: "UU), dcli»«T 
llu'WHir untn <iuj aim'itiiiTfc IiT^h aooTtlineiiniii Un: iftiM T-m I)p pui iu^vrbich 
tliftll be iiiucb Irt >\iiir boii'Mir. "UmI ih nil buut&l lueii winii And dwin." ** | 
CMiaot fuijfi:t," lie aif« ia jidi^iJlut kCU't '* yaur ^cc udd inv jnu nouT^ wulfcr 
po inncmtHui.^ TUu wIjuIc cijfifi|>i>»dcnn wJl b* fudiid in Ihu A]jp(.'adix, 
JVa L— J'.J 


J». 1.] 



vmMXjjKil > e]pUoo|mlj cA[iiLiil:tr> Scc> wt-re NtiiHTHfcWl by 
their i:i>tiimi7<»ioD.' Tfat^' WL*re providcil with thirtjr. 
nine injunctions^ which ibcy wltc to pubU^^h. and press 
npOD tht peoplf, with orders to have thcni rend once n 
quarter; to which }>urpo>^e tb^^ kingdom was divided 
itJto *ix cireiiiUv Tlie nuM rtinarkjihip arrides wt'pt^ 
*— thf ptipc's iKJWcr Wiitt Uj hr. prciichrd ilowii oiuc n 
quarter, and n sermon as often a^imt supcratitjoajt 
|»rftt-tire?i : all noiuoinplyin^ clergy v^crc to provide 
other^i thiU would coufi^rm : the pJhpel and e]nstle were 
to be read in Rn^Ush, when mas^ vrnji eelehrared: pro- 
restiWiiiH wer<^ to he hiiil u*idf, a* it wa.-* j^rt^reiulv-d, to 
avoid cii>|>utrs aljtml pri-t't^di-iiry : ^rvtral itniameiiN 
TTcrc to be removed out of the churches, viz. pictures 
ima£:ef^ &c. However, tlio cugtotn of prayintc for the 
dead ^^l^ to be continued, and was particularly enjoined 
in the following word.^: '*You shall pray for all them 
ttint l>e dejknrted oiil of this wiirld in tlit^ faith of (!hii«t« 
thftt they with u^^ nnd we with them, at the day of 
judf^tnent. may rest, both body and soul, with Abraham, 
Isfuie. nnd Jacob, in the kingdom t>f heaven."' 

■ WITkm", ir. IK l-l. 17 i Himnt. ii. Rt. iH. [Tn Ihr pftx'i-diii^f rr^jj^ri, llic 
JajtKliiiiiiri lif iht onNuHfv pMi'in^ Imi! Ix^'n *iii^|irii4Li*r1. i>nlv lEiiriLiL- ibc ih-HehI 
«#t]iE ti^^litliiiii : in llir |iiT>>riii LiinUiniT, il rtct> wiltulnitvn iiiilHhitU'lv, *" Johe-e' 
tft qvcJUuiar." myy \\h- iiiMrunii'iLU ^~ |ifnjtii.rn rt fELi-'iitUili-rii viihit, m t\i juiiti? 
Iv^miluin n irii]KriLcijdain fi^n- rlim-niTiLii" (^Vjlli. 1t. 10), Nor ^u^ tlilt ^1. 
D|^4 fulHTfliimt daUM:, r^tn l>i<fKif» nnyt riicMildtii U> prnidi. tAi:i.'|>l in bii 

W wti*«uriil|_i |-\(i~4iTki| Iti alt pi'f7«»ii*iH (111(1 Uj cvrrv |ihii.T, uiilr-u l]if %yt}vtii\ 
Bmiwtw [rn^tnu<t. (If of ilr i»riliM%lni|i, ilioiilil [mu- litfii prribL»*(> ob- 
4»Bnl(SUip(. MriEL. H.PI>,— NdTAfiii-mlix, N,i. \\). Of murir, ilit- o^il'k:l uf 
diii rviptliitiuD iii-\ l'> «iliinici< all |>i'n<ri». LliI Biifb ha nvre (liA[>owu u^ ^Trjil 
Mill <Jifi»ttr thr rcr»ciiirH rlutlfiiUT,— 7".] 

* {Fi4 (1h |ii{am'Linn% kt A]i]M-tHLiK, }i'i. HI, Tbc ftmii uf pnwvi^tjiCk 
ikdrf>W Sy t^ titilum, uuii l*ir fHtlit^rf I £n>ni liicir uiAJiJiittf la lliv liuljup <jf 
tioniixi , lEkiinK o[»i?ncd thcii t^auiniiiwoik, JD aajr g1*rii <Uoce*r, Hvf \aaiie- 
ibiUK Fikinmi'ifcd ihr hMiop* thr dcnn-^thr bodtotid Uunftct^i ol'^l ivllrifn* 
kml nffit, ail, <ii' ^lur, nf thr i^riJit iiNtriiiT iahaUtAiiffi of trndi iiEvri^Ui U> u^i|WiLr 

cntW-Ht^ Utmi li' lUKA'cr, nynv uiitlj, iiTitli inUTTL^ic^Uiru'* >u tbvv I'ltciw Ui put 
tolHTBi ftod ivquinx] frciQi tlifm a fiLctan i^nfitifiUfuniL'iii to iiL-flonn whntL'ver 
d>lin cir pfTrr|^i irkii;lit uHw valof (lie prosnit viutalii^ii. Tlic roju1 iiijncio- 
&•■■ ntwp liim flklnrrnl, b> ciir biflliiiyH Tjr ibcit fi'Voml cfitWfmli, trnii*«rv*h. 
dcvoHii l^rlWir mjinliti' ilihlriL-tv; a i^v vturk^ Iti^nn^ i)ie- liiJi of Om " h"v]i 
of Hiiotbrt," wiu [»f«nUiVi>'i, unil [^rdc-nni |j> Iv rt'itd |»itlilir'U^ on S(un1nj», t''*T 

nilr huiiHif>Bi^ iflVT i/inl bif- cJlufti mill 



YluA nqoBctiao ww obKrred at St. pEmf^ id Ltm- 
doo, «t t^ fukCTBl rites of PriAci* U kii^ ctf fYiacc^ 
who Aed, MmA T2^ l»i; ; for, **ob tbe 19lfc of inac, 
ft ififfe WW mng &r Urn, in aO the lAorchts «f Loadon. 
TIk cboir of Sc PuiTit wu Imii^ with nawnuB^ and 
no other cnrcmDiCsiioe of rtgt p , or aolcBiutf oBEtted. 
The Tcthwhop of Cftntrri^QTT (Ovebct) with agfat 
otbor bMkOpa, in Acir ricfac^ pontifical habri^ sansr • 
BMS of TvqniRD. and a snraoD was {reached bv Dr. 
Ridley, p1«^ of Rochesirr "^ l^ia miphiiMifc of 
archb'ishnp Cranmer tn the old r ^K g i oa may, prrhapa, 
appear nottinibai znyBterions to tbope, that kMik apoa 
thi^ ivhole teem of the refanMiion to hatv been o«n- 
initte<l tohha; and aoae naqr haapfa^ that efther Iw^ 
wat a notorioaa occasaooafict, or, as yrt, a straBgvr tofl 
the pietendc^ soperKtitioa and idolatry nf tlie uotSA ; 
lhoi^;h, at the same tiinr, it is b^rd tn cotieetrr bow 
the Author of tmth could permit the 'wconsaattncj in a 
.pcmn, who was denned to be the instrynciit of hia 
1^017. However, tune beon||;ht every tldnfr abont, and 
CrantniT, hj tiefiimiiig eveiy thin^ Ui vwfry body, es-fl 
tfih1L<hrd hi:« iiit£iT?t, though not his repntamMi : utid 
gained Qp(>n nuuiT unthin£iif^ per»on&, who werr not 
^^aardcd jurain^t tuob a b<')uLv-iour. ^| 

DoriuK this timr afco, t>tlicr mAtt^r^ were dftennined, ™ 
which verj' much Ktmi^bcDcd ihe party, juid faroured 
the cauw in hand, N'ot only tlir !ik\-Aniclc act wa^ 
BO^iended, bnt iievtral divine^ ivho bad brm ohligfHl la 
^ abroad, tipon occoant of their heirrodoxT, were per- 
Butted to n'tam honie : othen: thai wcnx' under confine- B 
mrttt, for sij^pe*ie<l doctrine, werr irlcascd out of prison: 
aiid (vrtain boinilif^ and injunctions, rcmtran' to the n>- 
Itj^ion of the late rcign, and to nct> of paiiianient still in fl 
fofccr were reconunended to the people^ These pro- ~ 

imlTthili jitai^tatito vilh ■ cppv, in Enjfli^ ■! thr PunfAnuv pf y^ 
Tl* la fi ip irtii , r^ Itf tW 'hk^uK VMT hr Hn in E^tiTrr^ U««or^L 

HMltovd Ar F^afbwc -ill be tead mibr Appnidtv No. n,— r 1 
■ H*yllfc as. M. [Ttat Horfiw 1^ rm«K«» Wr Wft mr«ko«l i 





cccdiog* were thoiiglit jusiifialile, upon n prcaumpiion 
that both tlic«e thiiur«, aiid a great deal more, Kould be 
rvCiGed by tlip rnsuin^ pnrliairR-nt. which met, Nov, 4, 
J547, and, coiitiniiiikg all Edward VI. s r^is^i, under 
several prorogations, went all the len^rtliK of the inini»- 
try, in fovoiir of the reformation- Kor, "though the 
pw-liameut eoTtsUted of such membere a£ disagreed 
Rmoti^ thcm^elvei^, iu rei^peet of rtilt^on, yet they 
agreed nirll enough in one coinmun pnticiple, ^hicli wa^p 
Ut sen'p the prrficnt time, and to preserve theinst-lvt^s. 
For, tliouifh a great part of the nobility, mid not a few 
of the chief gentrj' in the houne of eommou^, were cor* 
dinlly affected to the cbureh of Rome, yet were they 
willmg to ^ive way to all ^uch ikcVi and stutiJteR a^ were 
iTUide a^ini^t it^ out of a fmr of losing such chureh 
landn as thry were poawc**c<i of, if that reli^un f»huuld 
prevail, and gfit up a^ain. And, for the reat> who eitlier 
were to make, or improve their fortune*, there 13 no 
qne^tion to he made, but that they came repolved to 
further such ti n^fonnjititju, ns ^hould mo^t visibly con- 
duce to the advancement of their bcveral end^/'* 

■ Hcjlin, '1^ [Sam* pRKM^toai of tUc fMriUmfflit dtrwrr^ lo be tfnclly 
noticol 1* Amonff Ibc prfndpnl oWuWVt iho ricAijni^ "f Uxt wfonnptt, vtn 
Iki fwlrivtloa^ impoud br Iac «iuictiiicnU of tic lh(^ rciKii im tbr Evlijpmw 
opiiilariB<f ibv f^^- 'I'o msmv ttut Iini>ci3i[nrnt« nn act Kiu now bnHivht 
In Mkd fMUHd. vitb iW gwnml umit uf w t«v honwm, Bt it, aU rdihuiei 
aHMlt4iiao»<K>fiT»t jHu-of HeniyVIIL, atltrwwinaoTmtgdgmof thctivcDtT- 
flUbijf t'l<Iwiin! I II ., wcrv *bo1ubisl. The iiotuU tor X\v>-[>MHiMh.mvntntlMl[as^ 
Aad JtUt hcrcUc*, liic tUtl^iU of thr Su -Ulioto*. all lav* ouDt'Cniiinf (Imliino 
kttd niillciiaf fdigMVifiitfE hII pruljiHilioPi uf milinif.UnoMn^, ilH'! chikhmuL 
Isf fll>«ffiftam, «imI <ifpriiitiD|r, wiling, Hml r*<td.itiiii|E i^?itAtii L-]ti|:Ji>)i iuiIj- 
ficatioaA, viTT rvprtilnl- 'nir«uiiiti',0r(n|rl'ilh^ r^iiL [tmciamiitbnt Lhi^turcc 
of btt, *ut ftlto flnciillni: (hiii thf iptrtfuAl ^ii|irrijiur^ nl ihr rrcmii wu ililt 
MMffUd; the pfliaJtio. itU47hpft tii )ti Honliil, wrrv Btill n^bumil^ ;mvI <vi>r<[i, 
ViUdl ndtfht b^vpohcm wilfi fuipiii^tty jij^-ii"*! tlir- ui'xl tru-Evd ilottrim-n tif rr- 
vt^tttum, EmiDtr |lunith>ll-l»^ milv wlii'iunij^nil npiitHt thiifLinrlaincittil anicb 
ort!uMt«w>nwl(^at. I K-rt-Vfr. 12). 

2. Tltf frfV«l at llii? >U ArUi^ln Irl^ thr rrfnrmnn nt lihrrtj Vi rliwun liipir 

Sinv v^thonl dnRgcr, nr mirrriLpIion. T^fir DdTEtiiUf?<' wu i\i^i>r1y w^tk^I hy 
e cnnriiaUlail ; «nil a prLiuim. tiiinnaliii^ imm ihr KiwcT Univ-, iiniTt^l, «iilitr 
ihu ili DtBiibtfn' nti^ftil U- lUiirtil'Yl in [}iht micirnt iharp in rW V|fiit|ii.Tiri» 
fkuoifamsof Ihe cnuiiiKmh Imiiv nf iiurliKiunil. iir, nl U'uhI. llitit no ofdinftnoi^, 
Rnrtine thi ]' ii "i m 'JitlJOiM»rih*- Hirjjj, mifflit br minpifd. 

«5llonl Uirir on : 1 1!. - lt-«iiuuc4l Ihwil nf ihi biu;!'limi mi^Ttit 

W wvifcd ADd |iiLiiu;jT'*. n> inj^iiiiii r I'J a \Litmr Tiuiilr ill i\u- laic ^^ittV-L^^A^ 
Ibc |copn> mivlc b^ ibc ln-kbtcv. ljj Lt-^nKLing the [>Dbric H'lv'itv ^'X ^v mVvuV 

te A* jMM «■** tSm*\ Cmbm, 15^; Cn- 

irfF«k*«.aMll»i«lVMtiwabkli>«mMApianidMitfArhB». F«v« 

*n, h M ftiMi MoMn tt nfembw ■ ■«• lOl IV ^ w Ml u ItoM 
Thb ■» «M 4eNte4: li« Jkfi iMvr. Hm MiM W B M^ 
MnitfiUr9i^Wh««i<rifk^«H: *>!. haw l«f« mMrJ ^ iW ba«r 

«S\ a*; 91ft;> Nl tlirbai.vit 

«« h» i;<^ to Ae Afpniix. N«. V I 

V^V, *M «iMwMH ^ lW t4Al»lK 



ritltrr ti> thmw up their eommlwcms, or comply with 
the rainistrf. Wherefore, to rejicne themMlvcs out of 
the hatiils of Tlir laity, into which Cmiimflr hart he- wov, 
trayed them, ihey procured a hill to be brouj^ht '^**' 
into the hou^e, tcQEltiig tuwanl^ the n^covcry of their 
jurt!^iirtioTi: hut it whs clisrouitlezmnrecl nnrt thrown 
OQt. ''The colour for laying the bill asi<ie wa^, that the 

, \hjLl d1| juriiiiktimi, jvrliniMtii.*"! ni well an *-iiiI, *nu d«hi'«d im- 
ftiUti tlv fttukti Iti <-<mrnrEiii1j aUIl llii-i iWirinr. lu ai.ii. vm mi* 
|aw^,ifpprit&n^ iIjl^ L-ltnpern iifibv rijclil lo «lt^^l tltinr liihhi>|t>i, aiuX i(«liti|f tlm 
awiiintinL-rii ririhf Uttrt i-vo1uK)tdr irk tie kiii^- On iltr btmi- irhMniJ, tlir iti- 
■vbFuJnit j*iwrrnribrvpmiim1roaru wai of lolishi^il : nT[ iumin'>iiw«, L-iiiiiioiiA, 
min |>rOTfl.'K*ri nf ^AlitiHlmp* HnH lishn|it,*rrp orrk-red In lie wade in iht^ tiiitih' 
€fl\if iiti'^\ diiil All Tnttnninibi, inulii^ tutin tlidr nllltvt. nrrv rpi^uirTft ht Ik- 
W4l(i|, »vitb tevidftcnpftl) (lilt wUh Uu' wyiJ, nni*. Knim 0"i i»|n*nuiirti nl' 
iLoc obuw^ bamrer. xn rxi^ptiim Wrih iimjVr. m fiivuur uf nil Jm-itEiick Jiinl 
dUprsiatiiui l^naidl hy liji- Mi:tibb!Hjp iff CiuiiffULin, ^mX u\' nil i:it\UU'tn^ 
pfmrbiaikiuik lttlth(cifijr^li.-M]id lubUumiiiUiriililLtJiLN] U*t tin- a^i[vA\MjDtui oi 
m(vTmx4oA} ncli-bifitUnif rjTiiTT^. Sw Appendix, Ni> \1|. 

& Tlir|irtKrft>lijii;«i'J'|>iirUniJ]nitrr^lix'litJi; i-Witni'>,i'iillvp^.jiiHl htiKpiUila, 
frill he dw iiihjiTt urn vpniiilri'livlo: O^iw^ofUv^lJ^'UvIvr aiJil liik wdtiiciMU'*, 
uiftijrtnUw <Mtt iu4tlciN "iJij tit^rr be iJjirrJv runiurialcU- On lLc Iwi'iity- 
icTotli oiJatmtvj, IMH. CVdJinici *ddrr?wd o. Icttti (o Lu «;ifFn)C4ii^ order- 
lag dms iu fuliin; Lo iirncnt Uh: artiiai; of tiuJtllcB va Cta^amtt-^ij^ He 
nxTitinc (J lutin i^i Aih-Wnlniwlo.;. tf ml tluf bnriocof p■llm^ on iVIm-Kun. 
ilmr l^'iiL IT. i£f). Ibvcionipli ituuot aULouI vtfvct on tlic mvK iui^iivbi 
cf tlic fcCvnuciK If ibc |i(U(ixlr, l>i ljt* ('wu iiut1iLiritT,<.~0iilil aUifi^Ii Uk^l- ivrr- 
xoDDk** wIjJ mijilil not fAry nlxt reinuTr utUii% vfhtcU ^rrr vigtiiOS i.rJTc-iiri]ic 
talbcit pidj? The conotfl thi» iXiiii|fcIW i.( inUrfizrr. Tn a |ip.>Llamalitiu- 
raUiibcd on the lixth nr Ttltrufiiy, h iioliivl iLr fCkiiiluli likcLr Lo aii-f fr^^LD 
WW luunthnRMfl HlUiupL*: itdt-ikonmY^l ihv '*\itJ'W tuA jLrn>£tiiui '' ortUtm: 
" cuntlc*, irrmcljcrit Knd t^lhrr Uvnii^ii," wbii, " JwctrKliTii; lii tTicir ncri'riJ fuu- 
tuEfi." M^lil lo niT>?i]tu1c lljrir chii iiivoutiuin {.Jt '* tiic r>Ld rii^<l nL'cmt-^utnJ 
c?rrmDii*t4 ufthecburoli; and n fortudc nuT (vrwin, imdcr i^uku uf iiikj-n«i>n- 
Bxmtt to *^ (001^ cluaeTi o^trt, or inno^tc ui'v or^n, rile, at c^nnvnty. ccrm- 
nnn^t i^nl la dic» tilucdi i»f KTi^laurJ, md rj<il comnuuidcit Id W U't\ uiKlon^j, 
■I uij (initr tu (bif luffu xtT Uu' liiU' Lltl^, i^llirr dtfia tuoh w bin |>nvivijl irum^tr, 
or ibc Ari^bb^fip <tf C'inUitt^tttv liv bm muJE^viy'h diairv, bud ^miilv- ^r uTioiifd 
IbrrVafiA, c<Tintnanil to T* ftnuticil, Itft, innuvntnl, or cliii|fed (^VUi, iv, 'Jl; 
Bimirt, ti. RcL- llrs}. At (tic uinatimc. It butlftipil tJt liiiiLfotcthtdrtiviti, uf 
iU -vwi wbI, III lliv iTrt ofciir I'lxipl**, h* thv InU' lii^i;. a" injuni'linii Iih^I Jfnii 
ioiwl, rt^jiiinnf tM iniu|rcH lu tm nriiiuvvil, wliivti hiui vv^-r Wx-n Uw nljacU cf 
«v|i«nir(b>n oT i1)iutf. llw rnfrunuiO ol ifac ik-hLnj^lwa Uviuiiv Lbc 4oiitcl- [>| 
frwiutnt Jitpula i and, to piCfBPt l!irtr n-nirrontt, u [xtire dcttnUe And *oin- 
|«k!Wn«hv* i>nli'r(Fi-h ?l, IMpil hj^ fioiv puliluliic*. It ci%iiiptninr.<d rif TliPitU- 
vnUooA. Ihal h*4 nnvri amtHi^ the ]i''f>p]f\ ipilcr nf tlir ninrvnil)' <if mtririn^ 
buiDOttf • Hud cniii^Kiilii) liy ^iijiiiiitiijc i'm-h ^ihli^i]^ in \it% fiAti ilnK^ru-, In " ^tc 
f«W|!ui i!l itna^'r* rviiDn.iititi(r in ^hj *'hnfi-h «ir ilmpol hi' f<'ini>vi"(l ^m\ tiiiin 
IWT,* Tn thev. Uttwrvri. ilm the tauiii^jl wnf nut wnull* iTiAit/'nilvc la tiling 
i< InurTDOiricnt JinotlH-rinjinitatc m|iiiiTd ihiii nil vliriinU nh^iilcl Ek- ilr^tniyMJ, 
md lliftt ill llr plnIr.,fi'iid%diiH n:brT T:iliLjd>ln Ftrlrjiifiii)^ tJi tli(<m. hbiiuMln: 
■tUi|»otk« kin^Vnxt^— Wilk. ii TJ, Burttfl, ti. ^7. Rrc ViJ^ — 1'\ 



[p«ar a. 

majority of the bishops and cleriEy were stiil popishly 
ftffcclcd ; that, if power were pat into such mni's hauds, 
they might prolrahly turn it upoa those who abetted tho 
reformation.*" ^XTiere Uiis was the managc^meut, it will 
be a (liflit^iilt matter to rooreive, liow the reftjriiiftt'toii 
could be the nork of a uatioiial church. That it was a 
cotitnTaiicv of the uiitiii^lry, in ^vhich the bishops and 
clergy wort? littlu rc.{;arded, ts pretty plfiin : insomuch 
that Cranmcr fu?cms to have heeu the only prelate that 
acted with any thing of zeal upon the oerasion. " Some 
there were (viz. Ve.sey of Kxeter, Hp-ath of Worcester, 
Day of OI]ichester» (jan:lmcr of Winchestefj Tuiwtal of 
Durham, Bonner, &Cp] so etiflf in their uld opinioiid, that 
neither terror nor persitasion could prevail upon thenif 
either to give tlicir approbation of the kiug'« proceed- 
iitga, or ()tli«Twisc to advance the service. And Mnue 
there were (viz. Kitrhin of Llaudaff, Capon of Salisbury, 
and Sampson of Coventry and Litchfield, &c.) who, 
though they outwardly complied with the kind's com- 
mands, yet did it so coldly, and with sneh reluctaney, 
as laid them oi>en to the spoil, ihou^rb not to the loss, 
of tljeir bifihopries,"^ As for the inferior clergy, ihcy 
were under a gennral restraint. By an cxprefta order 
from court, " none of the eler^ were to prcocln but in 
their own cures, without the king's license. Tlie resison 
of this restraint wa«, to hinder those that opposed the 
inteiuled reformittion, fn>m spreading their opinions^ 
aiui haranguing where they pleased: whereas those nf 
the protestant sentiment mignt more at lar§:c, have the 
couutenanee of the royal authoritj', and make proBelytes 
fi£ they were able."' 

It was visible to all persons, that thew* method* tended 
towards an utter overthrow of the old religion. How- 
ever, they moved on slowly, all the beginniiig of tliis 
reign. They were willing to satiBfy the court, and, at 
die same time, find nut auch a temper^ as might not be 
ihoeking to those of the old persuasion. To this purpose^ 
a m i^ I ej' -service was performed, accordingly as people 

* CoUicT. ii.'JD(». 

' HtryLhi, igo. 

(JoJUer. It. 134- 


AHT^ r.] 

A Farther reformation. 


were disposed. Some said ma&s in Latin, a$ formerly; 
others in half IjtXm half Eiigluli ; but, ^:e]i<>ra]ly, all tht^ 
reformers, during tlii* lime, retained the word mn^M, 
allowed it to be a i^aerifice, mid ))r;iyt-d fur the dead. 
AftrrwariU, viz. March 6, IMS, a pniclatimtion was 
set forth* concerning some ecrrcmomi's to be oh- * 
serrcd at comniuiiion, which intiinatt^d, tliat, in a little 
time, care would be tnken to fix peopled minds* os to 
what related to rpliKion. In this proclamation, the kinj^ 
i» tiit.nHhtred isaynig ; *^ Wt- would nut havt? our i^ubjtvbi 
fio much to mislikc our judgment, so much to mistnist 
oiir zcal> as thoug:h we cither could not diflcrm what 
wtre to be done, cr would not do all things in due time, 
God be praised, we know both what, by his worfl* is 
mee-t to be redrev^fted, and have an fariii'i<t mind, with 
all dili^iici' aud convt^tnenl, si«'cd, to s^t forth thr same, 
&c, 'ITic king was but ten years old, in October last; 
and therefore*, to suppose him a judge in controversy 
thus early, find make him ^y he knew what wati fit to 
be done, h somewhat extraordinary/^' 

' CoIKcf. il. 940. |Td explain ihU, it ia acHwirj (o inciition »>inc circtini' 
vdich arc OiDitle^ by DoM. pELrliunpiiI hfld declared tliul iht crym-. 

muiaii nhouM, in fuiunr, ht cirimmonlT oiliriiiiiHuniil In tlio jtioplc nii'lrr Imlh 
khrA*; tint U had smd fif^tbineoTtliclau^iAjfc ta hi ui«il h\ iJi^ fm'£t.iiMl luid 

W> 7Ttf*iuo<i lilt utij liltCmlinvk of ibc adcicdI twtm. Tlkiw^ «Jtiiualriij> wrrc 
hthc tQfipHvd; and a t^oiDiitLttcc of dJvbciL* with Crrimtttr ii\ ihcit head, 
UiSfcJoJg mpnatt^ v^xh LUitrutlloiit t>dm^« up " /i vnifurm i/fitr ffr 
AAntuUltfiau the AaIv rvminuniimt in lAf Hfi^Iith fi/nffw, v^iirr bath JiintJt nf 
tn«^iiiid fnn/." K\ hn inlnvluctinn Ui thrjr JaH^rbtH, rinKtvc^r, nntl in iniiliiliim 
of tlir prfinnlinjE Hdnptcl iti Lhi^ IjlIi' n't^i* it budv ai nt^cHtifHn wili> d^^livrml 
10 «*c4i wiatilwj, lof b> o]>ml.>a lEi \nmiifr. He *iu n^niilreit btmy. 1, Wlkctboi 
the acruDcnt nf ttio alUn »fu inAlitntcd^ lo be Kcvtvt^l t.y one mm fur iU3- 
ctbfr, or tc bf nvritpd |i^ erptj mmi for EiirnKelf; 'J. VV'tic^ElirT llic rvtvivjiis; <vf 
llw vi4 acntnvni hj one ma^Ti (lid avAil imil profit Hii'itbvri '^. Wh»4 aui ibr 
ct^Utkn And larriricvof did*l in the irijut; -I WlK-n>iii LvniHiKitHi :liv mHibt^ 
CbHtft'i tofcUlulion ; *. At wbai penod »:>[iimpn!.'erf ttiP cuMtcim, llitit Uic pr1«| 
•lour fJioutd rwciTc th? facramcut ; rj. Wlttlbn II u'cre tfjiitcntcnt that ihc 
OTOtr rutton ^Ikiuld «kiLiinai< itill witliin thi« nnJni \ 7 Wliclhirr it n-4<TT mo- 
WnimU t^l prii^i sLn^iili! «lill h<' Itiniil. tjt piinff [iri:Lvv-i^ fur vmU (ir^irirrrd; 
a. WhMltfrtMi OAjit^ tinjrlit fji \w Uiip^hU >t Ihi' limpof 'ETt:i>H, In l}ii> iiiiiii>f- 
fttnAttigor tfiff pvfrflA hrlnff prnrf-nt; !>, \^'Tieihfr in t!ii< niOHh it wrrr runpc. 
BilvnltD av nich sp««h vihcpmnlptnighlumlfntAncl; |l>. And ni whni lirnr 
■hewnt m nJpnofihpimCTnfut.and tht* haii)nii^'ip'^thmunptTtr*i IviTvn. To 
thnr «|ur<<thin«llM mnnlwn rriunipfl vprHU^ aiiiwi^th. Tbivit nf CniniHT. 
HiTllinli, Kiillnj, aodCftv, wi'n- nil, cif aium^ in Hi^'fjnlHiurr^ willi ihr view" of 
lliO nJuiVMM: iboMoffiDiirlrii'lu ^Hlro1,niir1 iilIkth. wnn' U'm> iiiiilimEi iu Uuii 


tlinVAAIt VI. 



■iUKI'Tf HY JItHHY VIIJ. — aiLL C'lK ^KVlTtil TllRIt TO UrJW^RH — PftaVT!i|l>N 

loit Tnaift ifsciMHiivrfc— "jF^cnHir, punrosjv or tue *ci' \ci3LCcrtt — 
burBDCTioH OF MfeRiBiu— PL4:Nnr:H or cnunciic* — miii«cii>4L ^nonk 

IK TflKL' JLCCiLt — VIOLtVCX Of tltll HUroUMCUt —MCllOVAr O^ ALTtAfl. 

DnHtDK^ thr greater and lessm- mnnastmes, which liad 
been riiflsolvccl in king Henry VIll/s ni^, there were a 
grcftt inniiy other iiious fotindatioiis, which were in like 
inaiiuer bc^toweil \}\>on xhv kinp; but deuth prevented 
him (timi complrtiiijf dmt work, whidj Kdwiml VI,'s 
ministry wjis now tii have ihv rrrdit and (irofir nf. The,sr 
fcMitkdat 10118 were collegiatp eln^rches, |]os;>itals, free- 
chnpcK chantries, guilds. Sec, Their nnmher waa com- 
IHiU'd to he ahotit 237^. all midowcd with lands, pen- 
»Lion}^,and iiiovt'fthlegoudji, to an luiuieusc value.' When 

P]iH'i'*v, w(ri'. in TiitJMl triiloiiL^r't, ('HprT*-«rfl in '4kii}:^uiii,f'. rorifonEi-t^k' l*Mhi' ti"l«- 

67, fth), llt^iw fjif ilicse ptiifiiii were ufttrwuiils Induced to yicH \fi Uic >rnti- 
mriiU fjf their «>1loi\L^ii^ is unknoHT. Tlit wurk, tinwcrn, went ''unranT: ihc 
(LiJinuiiMi-f- iiirl rmci (loUSi'mU^il^ t*t wvrmi Bn-rtu; jokK t^fMiinor hjniiiR ud- 
• U(^t'^i|\t]|y vj»t]mvriitTi<4 t> Mtjiiki' l^l[i vpiui'iiiK of Honttif tiiui Oir othuT dJiMfii^ 
|lciil»<|UxinLCl,u- Hiw i^' — KfH).iil»nij iircMimnuNiiiii wim ai Ie'iej-iJi |iti"lmnf4], 
wtorki rir<'m{'il inU'ii'li.-U tri iiicfi ific pfrjmlLors. noil cunoiliutr^ tlji' i>|i[iFijrtuti<iii, 
<'i ^i*iU pmi'i^ It Icfi ihc iDfidti unftltcrrd. t> br miu'lt iit u»iin], in Lalin, la 
t]ii» t'lul 1-1' t]u< tirintB L>vmtDiiTiii'ifj ll tlictL mltlv^l t}i<* KnuliK)^ vxbwution, 

XM'm'^n u/ .SWf'pf HP^, iiA tlmy \Uuid in iIhj ]«n«LNtt liIiiT)7T ; mid ^Tinlliji^iriilliojr 
Ihc Pre/ar*, puiALvl ti ihi- p»»VLT, " ll* if" nul jrrrn/iwr^'^ qii<| i>rdtn.-<{ tlitilJ>tn- 
boliuii of the ucruiliKil* unJi^r bi>l]i kinrlEi, nnd wilh the? form wbJcb i* ftill 
pTVHiTv^. ThcMcnnHrnbd liroud viin lo hv ^'viioti nttbcrrtnfnrvhuil (hth Acrnc- 
ti>innl "' itnrl Hut hf^iilil nf nonriLhir n-ini^vwdM vii%n Iji Ih' mciilntUHl tm iiIJ, 
who w£rc jtlfliut lo H]>|inuu-^ \hi- hitK iJiM^- Thii [ijini <if ■■mMTimuinri *un tio^ 
hotJii^d in ilio pr^x-ljiMiAlliHj iiK^nilooi'il m lltt^ b-it, nii«i jiLtMinliril tiv III^ Vtnif'h 
audiurilr- on thr rij/liih of Miifoh, 1,Vl!4, Uunirl, ii <);i : l[pvlln, M. Sev 
Am»*i»lix. Xii. vni.-T": 

' ^'I'lm WU1 Iht- oiirulHT nf tlio r1i:ir»f ri*"i !<ml firtM'hajMiK «iiW, rtiThniit t}* 
hojtfiLuib, noU^ifi-H, uml i?iihliU ^SfuT'd, t^iH.^) Htn tymWr viill ri'inrrtilri r ilic 
ntl, Uy whkh V^rsi? i^uliiltVmii'nu in-rr pbr*'*! nt tlu' ^ll^ipnifll fifUm !nU' ^iiug- 
liitlfliil ul'itHiinit thi' ]iTn|n-rty iTnnt<-i]inirlv- In thn cii>wn. It irirHy cmpowrinl 
Himrj ill in»|N:iiin r<»imiihiMiiMT> ftfi *^iTTyiiip U tntJi vt\Wi ■ iJn"*' <fnri[iii«lr)Tipf» 
W4;n ui Lminr on iiohchiou of vLii;h wIU'^tb, diapi^K ur oihcr rouiidxiiuii^ la 

4«r. ii.l 





Ihft law pnwrfti for their difisnlulion, " the act promised, 
the estates of tbcsc foundatioiiA should be converted to 
pond and fjndlv lines, in erectmc erammar prhnoK in 
further :ni^menting the uuiver.*ilic«, and better pronsion 
for the |H>or and iwjedy. Rut these lands beinjf mosUy 
shared JLtnoiip<1 thi* mnrlif^rs ami others of f!ie rifh 
laitj% the promise in the preamble wns, in a errcjit mea- 
sure, imprficticnbfc/'^ Whon the monasteries vrerc dis- 
Rolvpd, some kind of eare waa taken for tlie 8ubsisi*>nce 
of ttie ejected monks: some were pronded with pen- 
sions^ viliieli were ^renter or lenft, aeeiinling tt» tlie ^vill* 
iii^nejt< they nbewed in re^i^ning; otiiers were pineeri 
in benefice:*, as tliey fell out, their pensions censii;^ upon 
the promotion. But as for the ehantry prieBtB, and sueb 
as RtTvcd in the hospitals, ike, ihon^h sotne few were 
taken csire of. the grejiteiit part of them wfre reduced 
to the extremities of want, as also were many thoiisanils 
of the laity who depended upon tlieta. Nor was want 

ihoaM I* uaniod iti llieif iraWnlialoB ; iui<i. until tliii fonn bod f>»ii oLnuivetl, 
llv ntiiriAiil propfirt'*!* »uM not He IdifiatJT diAliir^icd. It m liuppcMi<>[r. UmV 
vfwa llviirir ilbu, hui Tcv r>r ihrw i^vniiainiiiiii ImiUmii nucuii^i Of ^o^m^ 

ntbi'r ii--> ivtirtmi, (»ulJ h'tpr t'Mi'iLiiii |i(n]itvit(ni nl ihv ym.i-, ii i^-u Ihw vjU 
DKHhdfj. tDFiulik liiDi |A ikMTl !m ■^UiEii. Ovi tliiv iitTiniiit, Uif bill « nil uilcJ 
to m the (t^l. iT>iv (nar«l trill piv«cnUil iu Utc Jonic, on tliclrlli of Ihjct-mlvr, 
1^17. It pntpi'iril ifuE ull hntpitnW. «1iiiiilrrr<t, nnd frcF><'hjipolv nnl nfUmilf 
■rif^l <lurn>: iW Lilr rrijfri.l'i-^rJii'r vitii ,il| pniriniitii^ For jLiiEm<.Takn#«,olrit!^ 
uri! diiJh-h UhIiUiUiii) hII irinlrl-l^ruU lit-lcl |py frtii^iili''* for iht tsaittf ynr- 
^tr^ tlx-ELld (if riiiirrvrrl to ihr Un|", (i> ^f liy film i-mploml iti Uir rijiltdrf*. 
■brr nf fm^iJiiurvtoliimkH 1il thf pnymfni nf ailtliilonitl ountc* for tiioli lur^f-r 
nmLn n mijfbt leaQTfp tJH'tii, jiiiff in ibr c;rni]]>fnf?iii rtirlowmnil of Tlmnipc^ 
mlWitii flppiupilatru tn culli^4U\ tir otbcr *iii]mrr>i*ii'il <'«tultli4tiri]i-tiii. Bj 
duuncr, wnu fiirptaw tbjtt llii iinifiViriS ofijirl)! tif ihr iiii^kuh- ^vrr [ie>L IiLkIj 
ID be KHlUdLil «ii> Hftfutlj iijijuiM^cl. hul liik n^hihlHhtr vjk hpn-iIlK iniT' 
Mmm4 bt tlkc liLJjj^ riiHxuijL-i tif |]ll' umm- TIji- trJll |iaucil, ild^l tlinnLKl^ 
dm Iaff4>, ikiid nAirrminls^ hul nill^ luurr clJlfji'iiliv. ihnjii^b llu' ciiiijuiimi\. tiiid 
dae hwKciBxb, n'it(4, nmj u-iiriEiruK uf tituih (Jirrt lIkiukiihJ ehW»lJ^hlLl^EllA 
vcre Al uutc trEuufTiitil uj itir crifwii (aijlu J, I'M VI, c H), Vnnxi n dix'u- 
Nwul piinKii 1^ Slit|« IMl-lii- ii. iipiicuiL ^5 — if'l'i. iL iLp|h'4Lj>i tlmi \«iTi i>f lIid 
ibwtnra^ (Dllpifn, *ad lVrt-i:L(ii-i:li. 1ii^JM^*.■J of, Ln 15|H, writ titucil nt 
^17'. Vij, Cy,, pcj aUDciiu, Jiiil wld for i4.*JJ-n'/. fii. 7i J. Tiuni Mich of Utt 

l^^aL vu ctliLunciU irnLkiii^ ■ V^"*^ am^unl. dtriiT'l imlj ffuin n |>urtii'ii tif 

««aKtiloiL pn'iiccty, v' li<i,fn^A .'hi. 2jri. l^trt|ic\ ic. :!tfJ« n77\ 1'J^, Om 

af «Jlth». twciil>>tiri>i;iiininLEkr fcboold *cn (ouaaiAl Mid cdi1uwimI« ttdiiJciviil 




thft only hanlship tlwy labourcfl imdcr: they were ridi- 
ciiied* and publicly iueiiitcd in the stret^t^; iiisoinndti 
that the ministry* beiag ashamed to suffer porgans of 
their character to be ireuted with so mueh contempt, 
were ohligvd t" ls%\ie forth u prorlamatioii, NovemlK'r 
12, 1547, for redressing the ahuse.^ 

* [Tlie proclomiition is in Culltcr (ii. 'JUC), ojid rrJato^, ai>t In obnntrf pritito 

ftlmi", but to tbi- derij:^ pKirt^llj" " K«rtimiiJjfi ci» iJi' im- mi* r- '<\ tli,....n. 

vhcvU, »*iJ thciki' ifial if in wb<>Urii' jpuvTiu, hkr |.fii ,i>. JmiU "I imv Ni-U «r 
[^nral, * * • * ihr tln^^ highneit tftLtitli anil uiTntK^ill^ (nNnnnnitrtli ilmt □□ 
•ftrnaff-tiun. ot up|inTiiUc4?. or anroiliFr ppnon, i^liiill tm- )irr-kft>'r trir-h mtn. 
]en«v and <iTil d^nMimitr Um'initt prinU, hi jT^-r>l1in|rj i'iw]ii|; r^f ihrm, (jiLing 
violently Ihirlr vnv% Hikil tipjinji IWtni Ihnn^," V^v It fc})i»ii1j1 Sc rt^iiM-rhnlp hi 
fipf(Tnt»r« trt PfiilS'* ai^ifUHJt, t!mi llic pnwljiiiiialfln U ilntnl on ihr latli df 
.K<>^^TnT»r. inil tl«l the Inll ti>r llip nlimuUnn uf chmitiy lauri* wni not liicro- 

Tbe ilcMhudun iif Cui |irU^t.H» auirl i\\v iK'j^Uyt nf iithIiIiii^ ]irfiviKti][i Tor iheEr 

ito(l umlirr iu autborilj, urqwdilly tiuituriHiiiM w 'iiW\\\ bi U'l" niitllrr: 
mt^* HUtliorlioil W iwtltEii MIX k?uiij|>irtj<itl HLjni, uiM i-ti-jciliiitf LtL{- im^iUiil 
Jjii^im- iiC die MVcnJ c%t;0J1l^llInt!l]t^ (irr i\iv tmi'tuU'U^inv of iIil- i:j<^ijUi1 *it 
drprhinl ptRuni; aud tlicj titv rrquirtil b^ f>ri>iiil»c uimii oAtli. llmi lhi:v vill 
"oxreub? Uidi t'iniJDU»jiTii& tmLKliLUiII^ LuHnnl^ lUh iUjilim, inu^ilfTis Hiirdnu^ 
proT^stj} AiiJ i^Uit^r im'LiriiU'iiU uimL mjiiirilcr-i urvio^iitl. 'unl U'wiluLm iIk- ^Hwr 
iMuplt^, i:njiii'(TtiiN|c dtt: **\d luBhi^iimieni^" 4aIaL I» EJ, V1-. i, I IV Timi, h^ 
'tqf»nl"i llie cWay, Uica* provimons wtjc fnith-Mlj lompliril vil3^ Uitir iw 

itlWrAnnls duuIct of tit. Jitlin'* Cdilc^ic, C'lLinliiiilup, iiiililii:^; inrnlliinrd Thv'it 

rlul£lincjil««s » MtliJcvL &r rc||>hiikcti. He lold Ritminl UiJil llir iDhulliniH uf Uiu 

^linelaturo httd be«n coniruv^ppd, ildJ tlmt fur the VTi*iitL- purprj-in of iJit- oui}. 

minaioncrund thcbfnfndp.thcy hinl W(ti '^afltiiip qbrodd cncltii^tcicd |iApijiU, 

ir>«|an iJktm t'lvitufi bv ilf'.'>^ir titrrt pnMiaMi ym, tni Iknutinij tiinn inUt otrne^ 

tnVt i0 ^>MiHr Mr vhoU t^pm'nivv\iUh, far ihe rtflffnation nf ih'Mr pfntii^ru^* 

Lpud St;jiic, ii. <il), 

But l^ll■ Ki-ntml ]iurpooM of the nol wppc fui from ohl/iining iho auiic ilrictcc 

of filtciitiim- WilJi the- cXijcplioik of thi* fow foundaticiu mtvitrrncd in n ^rv- 

ttdiug Qolf, hDtlun^r 6<:<-'En« I'l hiiTc (hvii il4iri(s (<» JLct<iinpliKl] tlk- pM(cwcd 

tflli]O0fi( of llu! ]i>phlnt»ri*, Si^hutjlfl, itlruntlv in rxjaU'iK'f^ wt^rv ilmtrn^cdi 

pftupenii >v1i«vv4 tit Mijip^nvd liv <]io liotpimU and ffudilt. wcrv J«U Ut |it'rLHli | 

and tbt wliulc fiindfl <>f tbc^o vunout ciilubhiihincnu utrrv iminncjcrod uimtiii^ 

Ihe panuilct of Iho ccurt ** Vnuf jnHJcuty/' wit l*n'r, '•hulh rwpivod, by 

■Ct of piittiniiinit, pdlliu^ffii* rhtuilni'icj nutl jiiiilclfc, ffir niitHj ipMHl (vmaiiiiTiilintii. 

• • • • Itut iKivr, iminy (jpmmtrmr'W'hoiil*, mtd (imHi HidTtintilr pniiinkm 

.Sar till' jirHif, liK l^ilion, aolil, jiiiil nimlf^ iwav, u^ iIk- ^nl tliindor i>f tou axui 

■JOIV bti^s I'^ il"^ uiU-r dLci^omfoTt if Ihf^ pmir, t> ihr gnvvmri uttfinY c>r d>i* 

poopk^to Iht* irofiT miwmJJr (lrii*riit)|^H'jiiiiih rn ij^mTHiir»i,iinfl %nrv dcrnyof 

thi* iiiiivpr»iiip>i. For f«i"l\ wikr" W ivniHii(S»"l, "ji^n Ihjil lifl m jiiilhnntv 

lao\ uptiH i( ' nir,Sfyrti» wltili at fciicli mjiti^ra, timl ftlll »ii»liipon Tfnr'"llbifl.t, 

III ilhiMmticn nf Iho ntnirliy cf dipw pri«?rt]ciiiiKii, I niny inL-iitiitii thr iiwT*ini'« 

4f Ynrlt. Itmioiiromiutnut. ^iihrrniTiim tlir wulKoriii iL" inniitdiHkMiL'inti;. 

Ihfl flic hfiihpktiiU nf Si. I^HMfd, St, Nu'IhiIh^, Ifcrnffv, ftimlbiim, nrnl Fiin^qimr, 

inlucd lAgnlir^r, n Oi^iivntu^ Lif UH^dihhuluiluiuAi'^I^U 111*, \d. (Sn^ Dij^d. 


)u^d. ■ 

An*. 113 




Nnlhing was Jinw left, besides tlie glennings nf Uie 
field, Tiz. church plate, rich vefttments, mifurnishm^ 
altars, doling vtukIow?, rifliiiic libraries, tefu-iiier otf 
bras from the tombs oi thoir tiucesturs, atid di^turbiu^ 
the a£Hc« of the dead- In this mauuer it was, that 
'* luxury, <nipri";«iniK and a Imtri'd to rt^lis^iciii. had over- 
mn the higher rnnk of the people, jiucl countenanced 
the reforaiation, merely to rob the church-"' To 
complete theiic mfltters, visitnrfl were sent about, 
and, u|x>n a preleiice of rooting out p^up^^^rytUioii, mude 
tpoil of all thiii^ ihat uitghl couducL- ta support either 
learning or pu'ty. Upon this occjusiim^ a letter was sent 
fnr the pur^ujg the library at, Westminster from '* all 
saperstition^ hooks, na ini.s^al?«. len^iida, and soch like, 
and to deliver the ganiiinre of the lx>oks to sir Anthony 
Aacher- Thi^^e bock* v^*^re inuny of lln^^in plated with 
gold nnd Kilvt-r^ mid enriously etubussed. This, as far 
a.1 we nan colleet wa5 the snperstition that dratrnyed 
them. Here avarice bad a very thin His^iisc, and the 
courtiers dit^covered of what spirit they were, to a re* 

murkahle degree Merton college had almost a 

eart-Iuad of mauu)icripts carrit'd off^ itnd ihru^vu away 
to the most sc^andsdous nsvs. Tliese iHioks were writteu 
n|H>n the snhjecU of divinitj-, a-stronomy, and mathe- 
maticd, by some of the most eminent of that society, 
Baliol, iixetpr,Q«et'r'!^,nnd Lincoln coilegi^s were purged 
of a p'cut part of the f»tlLer« and «ehoolmen ; and, to 
shew the discretiuu cf some people \sh» much of tlie 
sair>e sizi* with llnnr justice, und what an aiitijiHthy 
they hod to teamed men, great heaps of tfiese books 

L lOlfl ; Sfwi'il. lOrti*. At thr Mnw tijui-. iJil- nrioiy of WclJienJl hi I'limTn^r- 
land. v»t vatiird it ii7t. I U^ \vd. (>'cw Duuil. IC'IJ), Nuk, iJir prowrtj lie- 
bnuinicio tbt hiltri »ttl ^nwiil \\M uiiiLrr k'4U^-> fii?iu lljt' 'Whu fliirl olru[iU?r 
of lurk;ui(l « iK'rtkiu <if lI, ]illimU!it hi oiii' jutriOi (dinlvtCKiAry), \nv<\wi.'\ iit 
4li nUKUGiiLiMi oitfjiinl iiii:iiiijc i.t{'i.iWit-, ill <ciil nwi Utliu, Tliia m llit' rctiim 
Amn «ljht(oil1> vt a yntMHj, laXiitd nx cin moit l^tiin 117^ 1 \i- lOiL M'V^J 
dd mlculaliiia tu tLt Vuik lKA]>iljl0, i^i'itli of jtrl v lour Um^^ thf ArnuuuU aaa, 
but iitt die jiliuidi^) uiiilrr Lil^nnl, ibrir h<»u]c] \\mv Wvii n iz^nn mviiiitr of 
Uute Ins ma iOOOf. on Anniiin. fi>r Un -lUjiporl ot ihr imrti *ii<l llif ^»-k. 111 
• cilji vhich Mi>v> witii tlir aid of v\riy rldnuUi: i^jijlri*«uc<, cnii MaincJy 



-wrrc set on fire in the nmrket-plnco Tht' public 

libmry, made up, in a frrent nKasurc, of the books ^v(sa 
l)y Angerville^ bishop of Durham, Cobhara^ biiJiop <^]fl 
Worcester, Bod Huraphrey, the irood duke of Gloucester ,^^ 
iiridrrtverit ihe same late, 'Hie hiHikn iiiuikcEl ^\ilii rnl , 
wrrc getieralty comkuined, at u vt:uture. for popery;^! 
and wbtTi^ circies» and other mntlieniaticul tigurts wrrc^^ 
found, they were looked tjpou osy eompobitiot^^ of ma^ie, ^ 

and either torn or burnt This was a PtranRe m<S 

quisitioa upon Heiise and learning; and lonks an if the^* 
ejirl of Warwick and snitic others of the visitors iritencled 
to seize the fluper.ititious foundatiojis, and reform them; 

to uothiug The nniversities languished in thui 

t^tudieti, the remftiiider of i\m rti^ti, aud were remark^' 
able for nolhin^, but sonit' tnfliMi^prrfonujLUL'ob in poetry' 
and grammar.-* And not only tlir rcfonnKra nf this reign 
butj iu general, all nf tlicm, v.ver since, have, been re-i 
proached by rmny jndieious persons as too careless and 
defieicnt in tho^e essentiitl part;? of ie^ruinir, whk'h pro- 
perly belong to the character of a divine, For» though 
school divinity, the canon hivv, &-c.^are not vviUwiut their 
trifleSj yet it cannot be denied, but that the rich ore of 
learning lies in tho^c mines; bcin^ notliingeLse but the 
doctrine of the Scriptures and fatljcrs* and the synodiad 
decrees of the prelates of the church, ranged under cer- 
tniii lieaiU, for the ea«e and benefit of thot;e who ou^htl 
to hfr ac(|uainlrd vs itb tlieni ; while the ^rnrrulity of the^ 
reformers arc. for the most part^ wrapped up in the cla^i-l 
61CA, and pedantic observations, 'ilic eUaaica, 1 own, ar&l 
n commendable study, a pood foundation in the be^iu- 
ning, and a pretty amusement by their continuance, at 
pro|.>er tinier, anil for proper persons. But it i?^ beneath 
the dignity of a divine to live always with Horave m his 
hand, to dive no farther than etytnologica, and bubble 
mankind with their »^kiI1 in the oricnbits; and, at the 
same time, represent the Lutin tongue as a trap to catch 
the foolish and the ignorant. But, to proeeed : 

In eonspqneneeof tiieactof prtHiarnent for the seizures 

' C'ollief, ii. 307. Hv citc^ Wa>il» Hi^LOuii. lib, i'iTl.Srj, lib. iHW— ^- 


xeiKL'aE QK COIJ.i:(i£S, KTC- 


»)»»'(% met Ltioiierl, ill p miiiiHtry issued out ordtTHtu j^^i; 10, 
strip the churciit-d of ttu'tr uniiecessar)' furniture;^ laa^ 
to tnc more s|>ev(ty evcoutiori of which ordcni, biiihop 
Hooper's dtK'trirK' did coiitriljuU? vt-rj' much. This divi»fi» 
tiE^ for a farther reformation, was vltj- iiuicli dia- 
p1f«3ied »t \}w wurd altar, tm well a^ inith tht^ situAliou 
of it. It WA.S duetiy through hift persiia.^ion, thnt it wiu 
removed rroiii the end vf the rlmure) to the iiiiddLL% that 
it Eoi^ht n{>pcar to be ivc) uioix- than (i tuhlc. Thid 
proved to be u very servicertbk- fdtoriLTiou, and en- 
rovirui^'d thL' fXLcuUuii of thr ortU-rs for the disinautliit|^ 
iif altars.' For a table placed in the iniddli^, Imviu^ uo 
ft^jtincbif a few oroaiitcDta would mitfifr, aiid the visitors 
took cAre to leave none, hut what were obsolulely iic- 
ecsfrory. '* Some profit was ihereiiy raUed to ihv king's 
exchequer; yet the fnr greitteul part of the prey eama 
to other hiimk: iii.^oitiiu'h. thsit r]i:tr]y prlvutL^ iji<.»n's 
parlours were hniig with altar-clnths. their lahW aiul 
1ic(i3 covered with cores, instead of carpets and cover- 
lets; aiid maiiy tnnac^ camuHiu^ cup^ of the Aarre<I 
ehaliceti, a^* once ISeUliazzar i?elehrated ]m dninkeo 
fevst in the ifaj^rtiAed vckaH^ of the temple. U was a 
wrry^ Iioiim-. and nnt wortli the- Tianiin^, i\hiMi had tint 
somewhat of thiw fiiniiture iii it, though it were only a 
fair lar^c eimhiou, made of a cope, or altar-cloth, to 
adoni their nimiow-t, or make tJicir rhairn appuir to 
bave MomewliaC in ihem of a ehair of !i<tate. Vet huw 
coiiletii|ilthle wrm iht^se tni|i]iiu&£h. in cnrnpiiriMJU of 
lli03(<? vit*l sums of mom-y whifli wcrr iiiaiU' of jewels, 
plotci aud cloth of tissue, either conveyed beyond the 
Mj«s« or sold ot home., and good htods purchased ^vith 
the money, nothing ih^ more bk*ssed to the posterity of 
them that bought them, for being pureha.'ied witli the 

• Fiknrr,tULTti-4l7, Wilkiiis, ».77. (The ctimiu'wioiirTu Ffn- iK-nnlTlrtl 
bJ lMie»~«Uc» tm^oj' tciirrt' c}]zdii:i.>^. rr t-up*. iici<cinlihif lo the nmltiliicli* of 
pnDfiCi, f* ^rry fucli chill t'ti iirriiii|M'?. uTitl ;i]tri (ni(]i n\h.-r (inminmls. hv by 


18 t:mvARi> VI. [m&t 

conform tef I treasures of «« miLiiy t*nnplc».*'' " Thi« order' 
for iindrcaaiD^ the cburchcH Tras, it sccms^ rcprcacntcd 
to t]io king (as Bumct irlfttcsthe fart) fi^ eui inoffentfivc 
expedient, and only caLliikj? for the nuperfluoiiB plaCCt 
and other ^oods ch^t lay in churches, more for pomp 
thiiii use- Hilt llxise, Vk'tio t'Tilli'd Uitrsi- Miinip* su|>cr- 
flnonsj aiid &howt^d ito slcndi-r a rr^rd for the honour 
of rcli^ou, were none of the best rcforracrs. Had these 
proplc poviiriR'd ill iht! minority of Josinli, fit; they did 
111 ihih of Eii\tiLrdVK,thfywouk1, in ad likelihood, have 
retrenched thn t-xpciicc of the Mosiaic in^^titittinii, and-fl 
served God ftt a more frugal rate. Tliry wnuhl liavft 
distlirniahed thi^ temple of moat of ttiegold piatc, carried 
off the unnecessary magnificence, and left but little 
plunder for Nebuchadnezzar/'^ 

Notwiilixtandlijg the care taken by the visitors, in 
removing these pretended siipenttitiotiK omamtTiita^, the 
council was informed* that UiGfr bad been several con- 
cealmenfi of church plate, which occasioned a new orcier 
from the king, not long before he die<i, to enquire after 
guch concealments. "This was still a new rifiins^ of 
Hiijrrhi*a, by which it appeaiTd, some wert^ resolved not 
to desii^tj till tlicy had reduced them to a primitive, 
poverty, as well as the rcfonnPi"s designed to have raiiscd 
them to a primitive purity. The king hiimielf set bis 
blind to these in^trnelloiiv; from which some have se- 
verely inferred, that he wa,* ill-principled in himself, 
when, at such an age, be joined his mithority to snrli 

Erocccdinas/"^ Mr. Kchard, willing to represent the 
iiiff in the best mainier, upon this* Kcandatous oeeasioii, 
pretends, '* he was now in his last sickness, and m weak, 

' Herltn. 1^. [Fvlirr |H1>> rii, 117] dcacHbc?] itu« teniae trS plunder nre. 
ciacly in dir ■inic vjiy, — 7\] 

' Edfaftfd, L 74>i. t^^^^ nmnh tl llt> fl&te, Vf,. nark r^iDc^loil U crrtfllii; 
bai Dr^d U mwUlru in suujkmjii^ llmt o xmnd cirrnrni^iou vtds i^ixxU 
Echard, in tatjX, Ut wliom b* nJon, vikaIui uoty of thr rrnt iUmi^Iv mt'iiTitJiu-il, 
wliicl oipraMly "Uliw tlw flwl of the enjbeMiltnnfiit, :iiii] or<U"t*'ilir oooAiuis- 
don«n lu cijquirp iiilo U iKulW, liU vii. 4\h]. bcinril, l^'j^L^v^'t, plncnit In 

AVT, tl] 



that it 19 probfiMc be furt bia hand to every thtn^ sent 
him by tbe rouncil, without anxiously eiAinining the 
coritenU of iL''' But thia is a poar apo!o^', either for the 
kju^ or niiui^itry. It is Aiinif^hat lo he. nilruired, that 
a pHiice> othenvi»e esttM-rned tj> br discerning nud fb- 
lipoQS, »kould ^re into siicnk^c and impiety, wlun 1m^ 
was npon the poiut of ioaviiiii: the; worlds iind eiWug ati 
Bccouiit of all his acdont^. The approach of deoth is a 
time when personii are most seri*ms, and most ineUnAhlc 
tn do KoncL Hut here ts ;i priiire, Liln^diiet^d Mtciilng 
every tiling, hfcht or wrcng, vf iUiout examination, isfuing 
tut sacrilejpou^ orders, luid ^-ttlin^ the crovNQ cfrntrary 
to biw, mtToly to support the caufco of the rt^formation. 
How uiihuppy wsi« tht? thte of that churchy which de< 
pended upon a dfliriinis pritn^e, h nt{i]tcmus inihi>&Iry, 
md a timeserving rbrc:)' ! — To eondnfie thia sewiire : 
tbe last order wn^ lor huniin^ and destroying all itu u, 
the public sen'iee^woks, formerly made n^^e of '**'^- 
in tiie ehnrchev, viz. mis«aU, atiriphoners, gradnaU, 
innnuids, primers, portiuusM-*. eoueheni, procesisianaU, 
fitr- ; by which in^^iiH tliesr hniiery /ealotj^^ having de- 
voured the flrah and substance of what they called super- 
stition, wvn' now ohli^red to pick tiie bones*' 

I retnit the reader to oiir bi^toriaiii^, for a more par- 
ticular accvuut of the persotis. that were employed in 
cnrryiii]!^ on tliesr malteiTi : from whence it will apjR-ar, 
that thcj' merited a* ill finm the hnnda of mm, a* of 
I many of them hciii^ condemned to die, and alK 
m a manner, of so hcnndalon? a beha^nour, that they 
were very unfit instruments to reform the world. I 
shall only metitjon Che protector, Seymour, the king's 
uncle, who, for lils .ivarice, iind sacrilr^c, waj* pniiirshtftl^ 
even in this life, with tlie loss of his hea<h *^ He, who 
had destroyed so many churches, invaded the estates of 
BO many oathedr^fl, deprived so many It^amed men of 
their in«ani^ and Hvelih<H^df did want^ or mther not de- 

1 afai<L74ft. 

* WOMm^ tV. 37- [Fur iJiin. kiwiTtrr^ llu-n* vnh ji hpn^iiil mX nf )iir1i;irni^iil 



i^^mt II. 


ainr, the beueEt of the clergy, in hw grejit«st extremity,'^ 
The tikv jii(!gDirnt fL^l upon Kir Michflirl StanhojiD, eir 
Thomafi iVrandcl^ sir Italph Vane, ajid sir Miles l^ru 
ridg€, who were become notonoua fur pliindcriiig the 
churcbeft, nnd reforming after the new method." And 
then a^nin, as for the behaviour and morals of the re- 
furtDent, in this rei^i, tliey urt- thus dfscriWl by biii^hop 
Bunict, an author dcxteron?^ «.-noii^h to disgiiW maltem 
in favour of the rc-formation, where tbty were capable 
of it- **Thc open lewihicss in which maiiy lived, wiUi- 
out ^ame or remorse, gnve ^eat occasion to their ad- 
versaries to say, they were in the ri^ht to assert jusiifi- 
r-ati«j|] by fjiitb, wiOiuut wnrlis, since fbev \^rrrr, u** to 
tvtry ^ood work* rciprobate. Thinr ^otf^ luid iuAatuible 
ecnitubliui? nttvT the |??ot1s and wealth, that had been 
dedicaTeci with ^^ood designs, though to superstitious 
uses, without applyuif;: any part of it to the promoting 
the Go8|»*"l, iW instnirtinjr rlie yonlh, nnd relitvinj^ the 
pQOTf madr fill [K-njilr nineludr, tliut it w^is for rfihbrry> 
and not for reformation, that their zeal made them so 
active, . . , Thtr irrej^ular juid immoral lives of many of 
the profei^ors of the (Soapcl gave their enemici^ great 
advantages, to say^ they ran away from confession, 
penance, faiiting^ and prayers, only lliat tliey might be 
under no reMtraint, but indulge Uiirniselvi-jt in a licen- 
tious and dissolute coun«; of life. By tticse tbiu^, that 
were but too visible lu some of the more L-mincnt among 
them, tlie people were much alienated from tliem ; and 
as much a* they were formerly prejudiced against |x>]»ery, ^ 
they ^rew to h*ive kindrr tbinigliU of il^atid Ut Inok on 
all the change;! that hiid been made, a^ de^igii8 to enrich 
some vicious courtiers, and to let in an inundation of 
vice and wickedness upon the nation "'^ 

This e^ttablisbment of the reformation, under Edward 
VI., has so ill an iispect, that it is a difficult matter lu 
reconcile it to common mnlerstanding, ^o a^ to represent 
it B£ either a religious or prudeutiaJ undertaking. Let 
m see how some of their historiond hare Dumogcd the 



>B«rliiHlta >!U7jMi,li-3iatU<^&it,ll(%n7. ' Bumcu ill 21«^ 

1«^ 217-^1 

AftT. II.] 



«tory. Dr H<'-y1ni niirl Mr, Collier, two noteil writers, 
arc accuacd, by many of their on u church, for being too 
ficvcrc in their charsrcs n^ainst both the method and 
motivee of the first r<'formcTs ; and yut, notwithstanding 
that disiadvantai^e, the account given by tlio^a authors 
is rec^ mini ended to the world, an a suftioient jiistifie-ation 
of the rcfonnntion, Xi» to what if* esHenlial Now, to 
discugn^ them^trlves from this difhcutty, and incon- 
ststcncy in divino providence, of htiviti^' God's cansc 
carried on by wicked inf>trumeDtfc, and u|Km the worst 
of moti\*ieii, they seem to distinguish three sort* of per- 
fton^, tiiiiX wtre lM!)miriiig for a reformation, in Kdward 
VI, \ r^gn, l'*irflt, the courtiers, uiuh^r the. dirn'tit^n of 
the protector ; all these, they candidly own, were highly 
guilty of ambition, avarice, and Racrile^. A second 
sort wen* thoi^* they an* pleased to rsdl gospellers, excited 
by Calvin and others, that liellowed out reformation 
from tho pulpit, without cither fear or wit. A tliird 
sort they would have to have been certain moderate 
bti^hopi* and divinea, who moved in order, and with gnMit 
decency, in the work they had undertaken- By ranp;tn|^ 
persons under these heads, they wijuld signify, tliat the 
moderate ri'formers wt re not chargeable witii the in* 
jtu(tiee.H and !4a<?rileges of the rest, that hns^ied theitiselve» 
with reforming the church. But, when the king him- 
sdf, who h head of the ehureh, concurs tii all things 
with hi34 Micrilegiotij; miuliitry ; when the vtsiton?, who 
were ap)>oiiiti*d to see justice done, made themselves 
iiotonoUK by misrrpreseiitntlons and oppression : when 
preacticrs were allowed, by authority, tn ridicule the 
sacred mysteries of religion ; when the prelates, who 
were e*itahlished by Chri-st, to rule and govern the 
church, were obliged either to be silent, or talk in ihc 
Iter of the itiiiii*trj : when all, in fine, were employed 
either in giving or executing the scandalous orners, it 
wiil be a hani tatk to find out thoae moderate rcformcra, 
who carried on the work in a legal and evangelical 
iDanner. On the other hand, eatholieg look upon the 
disadvantageous eliarHetec^ whiHi several of their ad- 
venariea give of these first reformers, to be a stroke of 

provKlenee^ to disrover the nakediieim of their cause; 
uihI that tlicir peiw were invUihly HirecUnl by Almti^lity 
<io(i ill favour of Uie old rrli^ioii, Now% that persons 
of liprurt.' aud power were couccrn<j<l in the oppressive 
methods of those xmm^ either by diroctiuff, or slaxHshly 
Giihmittiug, is apparuat, from severaJ lustanccs. The 
hisliops acceptecl of tht^ir ili^^nitiefij upon any tcrnis 
whati^ver. For, " ir nil Hie vacancies of weft, there were 
a great many of their best laiicl^ tahcu from them, and 
thoir n^viQues brouj^ht to tu low a ooiiditiou, that it 
was scsirt'e poKsibkf for them to subsist/** " Kveu Crau- 
mer waj> funed to piirt with the Ix-ttiT hiilf of the ihw- 
Bpssions of his hvc ; and Ridley, j*oou aftPi" his entry into 
Loudon, ivas forced to give away four of the best manors 
jrf hi.s *ee, in one d:iy. Tliese two were the greatest 
Arourite^ among all the bishops; of thai day."' When 
a coinm]«»^oD na« granted to rt^form the nnivemtv of 
Oxford, " the vitiiton* were w) fond of novelty, ihat they 
ridiiniled the university degrees, and discouraged the 
exercises. They called the universities a seat for Mock- 
beads, and tbe 5tew« of the whore of Babylon ; and the 
sctioote had eommouly no better name thfui the devir^ 
chapel."' Mr. Camden tells uh, that '* saerile^ous av«^ 
riee ravennnsly invaded ehiircli livings, eolleges, ehant- 
ries, hoApital^, and places dedicated to the poor, as 
thingH superstitious; ambition and emulation among the 
nobility, presumption and disobedience among the eom- 
mon people, grew so extravagant and insolent, that 
Knj^huul seemed to be in a dowu-n^ht fri'nzy."^ Tlie 
preat^hcrfi of those days, even those that wiTe ehosen to 
fill the best pulpita, observed no decorum, and appeared 
to he carried away with enthusiastic raptures, in th*?ir 
declamatione. '*Sueh a peeeancy of humour began then 
mauifej^tly to bi-enk out, that it wn< pmuheil at Paul's 
jCroMSf by one sir Stephen (for so thry uimmonly called 
ftuch trf the clergy as were under the dt'grre of doctor), 
the curate of St, Catherine's, Christ^ehureh* that it wns 


«*r. 11-1 

%EizrRE nnTO]j.Fr.F:s. rtc:. 


fit the nnmea of churobes fthould be alteredf and tlie 
uames of the dftys iu tbc w<^i!)c chui^^ ; that tiiih-d&ys 
should 1)0 kept on nuy other day^ ih^r ou Fridays and 
Satonlay^^, and the Ltiit at any cthm- time, except only 
between Shrovetide aiid Kasler. We are told aUo, by 
Jcbii Stowe, that b** }uid seen tlie Niid sir Sl/rplirii to 
leave the puli>it, nutl preach to thi- people out of a high 
f^lm, wUioh stood in the midst of the church-yard, and, 
beliiff done, lo reiuni to the eburch aeain, and, 
vui^ tht' high iiltan to euig the communion »er\'ice 
Tipon a tomb of the dead, with his face toward Uie horlb. 
To Fuch wild fancies do men grow, when oiire they 
break Uiose bonnd.H, and nogicet those rules, which wise 
antkinity ordnined, for the preservation of peace and 
order/*^ Tim ptt»*Tisfe nmy, pL'rhaps^ appear trivial, and 
below the dimity of tbr suljjet't; but, I suppose, our 
hiatomn!^ hare rccordrd it, lo t^\c as a tme idea of the 
humour of those times. Something like thin raay be 
observed in the reformers, in regard of BereraJ other 
m:iuers. For insijinee, when they were tit a «tiiud, 
alMiut the £aerifi4.'e of the masa^ one while tliey were 
di5[io»etl to retain the name^ gacrjfire aud vmsx, anil, as 
a necessary conse^juenre also, the word attar, Hooq 
after^ the>" discarded those words, as favouring supersti- 
tion. Afterwards, the altar was to be called a table; 
and^ that it mifirbt not put tbeni in mind of suf>i'r»tition, 
it was removed at somo disttmce from thir wall ; and 
again, this not being thought snfiicicnt, they plac**d it 
in the middle of the chaiteclf and, at ]a<)t, it was re- 
tomed to lis first place, where the high altar stood. 
Upon which occasion, Dr. Hugh Weston merrily said, 
^'Tlie refunnution wiis like an ape, not knowing which 
way to torn ht»; tail."^ 


• Fi«e, lli. 70. 


M EbWAKU XL L^^r 11. 


r>nfj»<cti— IK nKvcfwrtiiiK ^m> ntt|l■wxt.^-"DSM»HO< or riiR jmiEtJi 

UroN the alteratioQH that were made \i\ the di^ni^tiuc 
itf the church, a general <tUcoment appeored all over 
the imtiiiii. They saw {ilnliily that nil wiis fi^om^ to 
ruli}, uikI (hixt the system nf religion wiih iiinieil at, no 
Icfig than the revenues of the church. Many of the. no- 
bility and £r*:ntry hnd a^n^cd to take in the waste grouncls> 
which lately bclon^-d to the rdipioiis houKeit, of which 
now the)' were become pniprietors, either by purchase, 
or gifl-*^ (lom the nowii. Several dis1urbmt*e3^ Imiipent^tt 
upon thi8 occ;i>iion ; but ino^t espec iaily in Devon- 
shiru mid Norfolk, where there wns u general in- 
surrcclionp^ In Devonshire, a body of ten thoa^nu<l men 
was commanded liy Humphrey Anitidel/rho ma.* I IcImeSt 
and other neighbomiug gentlemen. They drew up *i 
uiiiiiifeslo, which coiisistea nf Jifteeii arlidej*, the chief 
whereof were ; that the »ix*article act a£?ain<(t hereby 
shoidr) be revived, and the new^ htiin^y abolished: that 
Dr, Moremau and Dr. Crispbi irij^ht be pcrmilicd to 
preaeh without molestation : that cardinal Pote'ii at- 
tainder might be reversed, he sent for over. Had be one 

' [Tbt iiuiiirrrtioiiv ill ]>cimifibiiie bud NoffvlL had Iktji |rrtv^til lij di^ 
|uTld]ic<« in Llr i:\>nntir* of VVilb*, Ku^^-v. niiiii.s Ki'nl, Gtogcc-iUr, Kbffi^ll, 
Wjiriift, K^*rt, Tli'rtTord^ LciiTsliT^ W'lijt'i'jrtcr, mirl UiiLl'Utfl, A? in ilir 
other iiulnjiff^ itic cvfti ur b^jroHlfailc ori|:i[i tA' \hr tNiiiu]l>> Uiy iu tlic n^otvilj 
i>r Dn>TiaJi»ns lltn \o« mic of wnffce, auri uc iDjiiiy inHlDb^d op the ihji^f, b^ thi? 
ciiclflearo of thamclio ttuids: but ^' liy lair ppnurjEi-Tiit, partJ>' of lionnl iDto 
niiHpUp lIirtnvil*iT, purtly >i^ krmilSi'dini, liny wtn- "iWi* ni'iTBwd" fLdwani'i 
Jittinul, ^]m 'J'tii* iii4liMT(>UiiTi u|' tlio |)ti>Ii'c'Uirf btmrii'i, mnm ivvii'oL ihv com- 
Riiilidt). ALjkFUUril Ai tbi? proccvdiiiijt i^f iht- ii]*iif^i>ni«Jjc huA dp-\mii:]ii:i) a 
urnnni^vion to mrjimc into iht'it f(fiii|ilAii}iii, uiirl ti iltMw open tiio tilin(ixir>LiH 
unolwiirci. Tin* nnaimrpr»(V"inif»ii1 th\^ fi-(»ln|ion of ihr pi^pff tho p»r- 
ludilv HIIh* (1)111 mikAiEiikf-Th riikiuilUtl tlivtrn-'i<'iitiiu'ii1;nii(|. bi * Uu ■iay*. tho 
i*oiiiilji-u at Oifonl. Urttiii, Nnrfolk, ftnd Vorli, ^t^iv ut\t\v*i ti Uil< diniurlvil 
dbtrit'i* iSiiyi^p, n \7\.\TI: F.iin.tTiVt Jf>uTnd|,,'n 'Dir intk (inrlucinLr Vie 
tlllor<l*hmMlnil»yif»(< ^nm nflnmiMi'il t*i th' Inul Cii^-y fif WilliiH, kith ii T^ud^ 
of lAuJ bH-n, A> 1i'' :LE[t^tf]iril» hi- Torfv wsh otvr»f-lhi'iifil T>y llii* j^illnnm nf 
ibif miml; ' «t»p fi^'M-^ nrri' di-ri^U'd In lyic fiiht mi'imnior ; nnil Ihr ditiih nf 
«aiiH^ tbi' i.-ii[»iijrPof aaitcT^- nul if^f irimitiMii uf \\it iiuki I'mi^pknion* »f i^n< 
ripgh*dyn, rflw tntd Iv i D l Hu d the imnqiiilhtT i^l Okc iici^liluurluKHL EdwiM'^ 

UftT, hl] 



H ton 



of tliL* privy-coitmnl : tlwt «>mr of the abbeys nilfrht be 
rebuilt, and their Uatb restored to the ancient propric- 
tora. AiiSTVcrsTvcrc disrinrtly rctnniccl to cN'cry nrtirlc; 
i,at not being to tlie satisfaftion of the party* they still 
tinned under annsJ Some of them went upon this 
notion, ibnt, diiriik|£ the kiti^'A iiiiiinnty, fhe ministry 
biul no power tw cMabli>li iit-w lawT*, ftf^fnirtiv*^ 4>f (hi? 
acts in force, in the fcrmer rei^ ; and particularly, that 
rrlijinon otiEfhl to nrinani in tht- yunir posture it wiw left 
ill, at the di-eeji^e of kinjr ileiir)^ VIII. To this it wuA 
an*iwered, in geiienil ti-rms, that it was uot age, but 
birthrighl, which Uivv^tid tlie kiii.^ wilb j>owct and pre- 
rogative. In the eoiichiskiTi, they were promised a 
pwrdoD, if tliey wonld lay down their arm8, ruid return 
to their respective pUce$ of al>f>de ; otherwise* the go- 
Temment vrouM um* fon.*e^ and protnvd i^c^uni^ them 
with the utmost severity.' But the offer vtjis rrfuTM.-d. 
They went on with the siege of Exeter, where, hanng 
lain about six wceks^ the city wa.s relieved by the royal 
army, ander the command of lord Ru^eLl and lord Grey^ 

■ (TU utklv, ^A ^e rrplf. 4m d^bomlc «^uincDl ^ni ihc pen ^ 
ihc rtiiEuiU* if tt) Stfvpc'i Cntnnvf (Appcadk, Hi;^||3J. DcfMc* iLc 
mamn mcniinnmyl in t^r U!it, Otr iniutvniU dcnuAd dv mtomlkn of ibtf 
BMW, it( ibf Kiitkut IdLiQ hrninh of ibr t'^tifdi. nf haikfi;i!*i ondfLiGVi mv^ 
fadDfiTsol' mui r«riom vcrrmUEiiv* liinl liiul hn'ii alxiliibM, and td IAm pkwt 
cuHiim of |ifaviri.c for the wuTd in ruf^^UiTT, Tliry ntiiiiEt iko EnntUb flOctl>- 
IMM |» U oaJjt4 In, ftn<l fUji]>Tii<KW4| i osf] thej pHitiiclj rdun to PMcirt U« 
*«v Hrrkv, tint, " T>«caijw IE i< hui liLr* jhrMUiutKuruc"] R«d>fOj, b«vauHv 
w ETguha ItioCrtailtb VArt uflhr mriftiirnttv, w1ii> 'Mmiii'T^Omii m^ Knifliib", 
Hill oTfOqur, uniiKdligililL^^ 'Jo tint Utlor rwiii i^'niiitifr ivj^lKa, lUrtt Uiliii 

rviy biot, X a muuu vli}' th« mu« iliuuld lurt be Mid in iMin. If a v«ol c(q 

ifliiflnnri nfrhr Kn^liiJi touffni- Vk Iru rundmif* ipjiifl im KiiKlixli fonn 

Brfn»r 1 rio*f tl'ia niif. I tianil Jt prnnJUfil !>> rnjiark tm ft fttHfC In Mr 
Skiftiit Tiinif^Ahf^EJin Hiviiij^^livm^ml ihHt ihrintiir^fvftti dptumdc'l the 
fi«n>l1 iif lN>li?, hn Am Ulkt of Ihjil |ir*l)irf\ " tTmuiMilili' inlTi^iiirir Kilh ih^ 
iu|||itnf« fif Uii.' pnpoi^y tn Kik^luid "; -iixl i))'<", ji(iiaiii'lii|c % tii'p birhiv, 
bwfllj mil III ifcai Uir insrrrr^uon »u i)h? TrtuEi of ih^^ isnhTUirb " nuriiitn 

nr««flrA tii uWn^-. tlni* iif Ili4 ** Ununnulle intrmmnr ** Bud *' FKtrtifiT« 
nrfmfiiiiilaKr '\ a<> uucc lur hcev diitooYrnvl, laiir in ihv InuielnAUou of tk» 
biitoiUn bimrit- TO 

^ rriii* tmencf wu pui foitli in * puicljumliKi, innnLD^ in diir klrift'^ njtnin, 
■od Wfnialni: Uir invuiLTiiti.iu a lijiw of bitlci tTiriitTLitpt, Uini, Ui ^ 
inC ibmn, llini HiirrL-t|-rj Lul -" tlcH^aikd fn<ni bi? |ii|.')i nuji^f hn htvt^ U> 
ooniilrt ilbcm In ibtif l^ui: auil tJuiuk' iicuumux'". TV VcwLWuviiunlk^^^A■ 



[rjimT I). 

ftuppoitetl by n boily of Germans, Lutherans, eent for 
over, |nirpt)wly In ov<>rawe the EitglUh, upon this tTitinLl 
juncture of whilili'shiii^ the refbmiution. Aftt^r n sluirp 

Aoo, tngngcmt'iit. the I)c\*oiiftliirc army was cntinrly 

*' routed, ■4000 of their men bcin^ Uilliid and takcu 

prisoiierfi. The royal ntttiy entered the city August 6, 

15'1!>, Some of the chief ofthie uiBurrection were exe- 
cut^l 111 the iieighboiirliood. Huniphrey Anuidel^ the 
fgenenil. and one or twu more, were cmKmrted to Lon- 
aoDi aud »uifereJ at Tybum. Jiuiunry 27i I5&0.' 

About tlic time of thir^ ui^urreatiou, iitiothcr, no teSB 
fonnidnbie, appc-ared in Norfolk, h(>aded by Ruben 
Kett. Tlw rt-'bfk of DcvoushirL- *'did opL-nly avouch 
the advancing of popery ; these others were only sus- ■ 
pected seerntly [to be] fomented by some papi^sts."' 
They tirat rnidevoiized July 6, J,t-19, at MouaJiold-hiJl, 

jtit riear Norwich, being ao,U0O men, thoii^h rather a 
*• rabble thsin a regular anny. It doe* not appear 
that tliey prcijKJ^cd any tliiiij^ conccrniDg rrligion. All 
they pretended was, a refommtion of the ministry, and 
pullinz flown tlie late cnclosurci*.^ It was not long 
before an army was sent down to diaperee tht^m, under 
the command of William Parr, marquis of Northampton* 
being a**iHted by a number f)f Liith^raji troops, foreijfn- 
ers. The marrpiis was repulsed with ronsirlenthle losw, 
and lord Hhefiirld loet his life ia the euga^meiit. After- 
wards, the kh^^'s army being reinforced by a body of h 

Ato. meUj under tlie command of John DutUey, earl of | 
2^- Warwick, Kett, and hL* jirojy were entirely routed, 
imd near 2000 men killed upon the spot- Kett heuig 
taken prifloncr, was i^xecutcd on a gallows, in the castle 
of Noniich, and a great niauy suffered in other places. 
This engagement happened August 37, 1549.^ ^ 

" £d«W« Journal. 6^ Strjix^ii, Append, lOS—loe; HarHiiH, 202.39ai 

' [TLrac wc^t^ the *\>*>\e iif Uitit E»rofftf*d iiSjiiiU, ti fmt; bul da tbcir 
numbcn «iii;rcwicit, Oicirticvi-^ nl^n i-kU'I^UhI, and tht^ aftonvimU W^Lntcd not 






XVW LITtftOT, PTC.— TBOOn %1t<H,QK» TO SOFPOir TUK ■EfO|.|C4tt«ll — 
CditHV«'a ckTYCVVftk— A ct^vtvuv^ ton ntmuia iuk LiTtftor— ink 
■oO»h "t cinua^ vhAirB — nit; irror ii*<ir<iu*iJTi' — tA'-x*» t««TinKHrM| 

iftAfrTlClt LAVrt^ — >tV OMDLTGtU — THE D<»i>1E OF lIOHlLIKi. 

"hilb the ounisiry proceeded do farther ihnji cere- 
lOEiyand di:*irTpliiieJn thfi^altfrnliuin^lliejiniulr, n^rrat 
'ID&iir of ihr rlrriry. tliuti^li th*-y wantml not Tjm\ bj jnip- 
l Ihu caiiMC of tin; old nli^ion, yirt thought it pm- 
ice to »t clown iti i\\net, imajriuin^, perhapbi, that toere 
^vmijE^ht be a superfiuity nnd au abuse of ceremonies, 
^P^)Uf<-uilly aotoii^ tlie ]iumilAce, nud ifpturaiiT. vort of 
jietijile. Rut liniliiig^ hy <Jt'}^rt't'.s, that tlicre was n ']<-- 
agiip ill M)TDe )xMX>i]?L. to aFtiti'k thi? (IbeipUne eatiibli^^licd 
over Hic whole church, &nd ovcu to brciik iuto tkc creed 
of their ajiL*n)Uirs, they appL^nriMl very uneasy, published 
^.several books in defence of the ancietit faith, and fre- 
^■qiieiitly ehftUrugi-d the oppusilc |Kuty to try the CAuse 
^I'by di^iputution. But '*thc court, who, it is thought, 
^Vaugbt have »>mcthing farther tJmn rWipon in v\cvi, did 
^pnot tliink it Bdvitubk* to venttiri; the cause upon dispu- 
tation, iind rely wholly upon argument. They mij^ht 
^_ be appreheusivL'^ that, unless the disagn-ement between 
^PRoine and Rutland was carried t^i a wider di^aure^ ther 
^^ hrearh might i)OwibIy be nlf>sed, atkI that such an union 
cu^ht provt^ unfhcudly to their church estates. On the 
other hand, the>' were not u»'BLLred> whether uuy fartlier 
tdteralioutt in (lodrine and wor>ihip would be well re- 

iceiveil. Tlic iniiiyrily of the prinec was a circumstance 
of dbudvantagR: anil, how far the people would bo 
pOBsivc under a new face of things, was not eaiiy to con- 
jecture. To ^tard agaiu^ the won*;, it was thouLfht fit 
to be furnished with forces to awe the oppot^ite p^Lrty, 
Uid prtfvent ihem fniru fciviti^ di^ru^hauce, And, m^ an 
anny wui^ a M-a.^Hiahli- jmivision, ilirrr w;uilrd nt)t a 
colour to raiK* iu A marriage (a^ hath been ob^rvc<t) 


EDWARo vr. 


woft filled, in the late reipn, between the yotrnfi qnecn 
of Seotliiud xiuA tlie preK<*iit kiuj^ ; but the Scou failed 
in tlieir nrlirrle«- TJie protector lunl the couuci!, there- 
fore, resolved to hrii»g them to reason. For tlii** [nir- 
pose, men were levied, a fleet equipped^ and the veterau 
troops at RoQlo^e and Calaiti embarked for England. 
The protector likewise had several re^iini*iit? of Wfd- 
Iooii£ and Genmin* iu \m pay : not ttinl he had ii better 
optiiioii of their courage, but beea«»e he might bcliero 
tnem more n^ady to t-xccute auy harsh service at home, 
if occasion rccjuired."^ 

By these fonnble methods, in eonjunction with fteverol 
other morives, capable of tvorkhig upon the infinnitiea 
(if hiuriun imtiire, the nattoTi becrtiiie inore siia(^]H ibic (jf 
the impreAftionfl, in favour of the reforroalioii ; so that, 
in n little time, the project was set a-foot of a new 
liturjEry, a new ordinal, with a eolli?tiiitin of articlR?i» 
eanonB, and homihes, which were desif^^K-d aji a standard, 
both for doctrine and discipline.' Wlierefore, in the yejir 
lii4K, the second of Rdward VT., a coinmissiuii was 
granted by tlie protector and conneil> to certrtin 
bishops and divines, to draw up a form of prayer, by 
wayoflitiirjry. The persons in commiKsionwere, thetwo 
archbishop*, the bishops of Londmi, DTu-ham, Worcester, 
Norwidi, St. AMiphV, Salisbury. Litchfield, Hereford, 
Westmiiister, and llochcstt^r- ITiose of this eommiit^ion 
among the inferior cler^ were. Dr. Cox, Dr. May, Dr. 
Taylor, Dr. Hayne^, Dr. llobcrtson, and Dr< Redman, all 

cvdA tliK ijixtk crCvniinoD I'lHyrr. 1l hoa j tJiUftiiilJua. uindc Aud piililihhrvl 
hy tlic nrcliblaluip, ^nit» tliu iJiilcli ; nitii, umlt-j lLc Litir vf " A thvrt Inttrui-rii'n 
fp C^fiilian r^Uifi'tti^fift ike iiitiiuhr pnijii of rUifitrrn iiii'l voririg jfruple". o*ll- 
Udned a fftD^Kiu «]Ki«kUi>n cf the Lord'» pniycNlJiccrrtii, tlif cuinniiuiilincDla, 
(LEitl tlii^' 1^'' lojcnimritli of 1>»|tliFiTii oud tlir oiiohnnaL Tbcre urr Hutiiii |iviiiU 
iu iLJa inritiac* Oi(tl uf- wifrtliy ttf nolioiu \^'jtlI llit^ cuIhnHc^ eliuTtli, Cmimirr 
oauuriiKC thff twu proliibitiona of fiJK Guda And iniu^fcs iu one vumouiDdiiioal; 
An ftffapvncQL, vuicb Iwih BuniDL nmi Suypc Dcknowlodfcc u> be ^' of nagmu 
Ci>naM|unii^-'' H' vpvtk* *it \u-iiMive nt, a wcnunDnt, iaauti?Jtic« the tiut; of 
fk4^)iicu1 iviife-Kitii^ vxt^rBtw* a wbli tttt Uw ngviriJ of thit diuioit p«nj|cnl)«] 
cunniiA. itiiii. cotiirm to tho f nnciplc^ ivowi'd hv biin in l}w Joto nnm, lU^ 
tiiH-tiy oM'ti- iJic divine origin of hK ioolcfi»*urti&»l j jnodkiicrti. SuvCoUkr, 
ii. 251; Suyi*'* CtunBW. liW» ni^i Bnml, li. *I7— I'J * 


*«• »»o 



d«an5, excqiting Redman, who was master of Trinity 
coll^ in Cambridire/ They preU^iidpd to work upon 
.ihc jiwui of till* four ntuiJ«»p liiliirrtu iiv.'(l in Kujfluud, 

\z., tiio^- of Suiim, Ymk. Bangor, and Lincoln. Wlirn 
work waa completed, many months parsed before 
it obtmii4*d a k^al cjtabli^hment ; during which lime, 
Duuiy of tht bishc^s and clerj^ made use of the ancient 

ture^', or ma^, in l^tin ; cithers took up the now one, 
H'liirTi wa^ well (Trfmct-iifil Ui rarry nu Mitt iiilt-rv-jtt of tlit* 
t^omiatiou* For no doctrinal point being impoMrxl 
directly by this new liturgy, this made a great many of 
die cleiTiy conform to it, who othiTwifio wt'rt: cnemim 
to th(? Tt'form^^d doctrine, and hitherto had pone no 
farther than rt'itounciug the pnpe*s supremacy. By this 
mcan» many wprr. drawn, nnthhikingly, into the snare 
that wa^ laiil for them. For by reeonciling the clergy 
to a litui^', which earried a pretty good face, and varied 
very little, oaly in eertaiu omiI^tiions, iVom the Laliu 
Ittuj^', the pill WHS swallowed with more ease. How- 
ercr, it was far from ^ving Ji genera! content. C*Rtho- 
lics made their exceptinua a^ain^t it, both as to the 
sabstance and manner. They alleged, that it was a bold 
underiakiiig, to mod^d a new the litursy of the univi-rsal 
churc-h ; thiitt the otni^siuuri were suiipe(.at^ of a design 
BguuHt the Christian sacTifiee ; tli&t it was & pieee of 
mption to affirm (a^ the act specified) that it was 
led on with tlte aid of the Holy (iho^qt- *' i>ome also 
censured tln» pron^oii of aeommon prayer, beoaus>e it 
sxdd to have been composed by one uniform eonitent' 
meni ; and vet four of the bishops who weri^ in the I'oin- 
miUee far drawing il^ protef^tecl against the bill. The-se 
were the biabops of Norwich^ Hereford, Chiehester. and 
Westminster:"^ while others were in hopes it waa only 
& temporary scheme, to bamour a set of men unreason- 

llf^Kii t>H*, *S» iriip a ilHT*rrnl li*U "t*' nutUnhutWy *nmir, — /">! 

' Cdlirr. ii '>*l, rB**i.I™ llj™-. thru »ni' fimtullici >lif«iijliriil M»biTD»»» 
whii tnil htm nil ilir r<>iiirtiLlu-E-, iiEiuii-h, iJnm- Ljr UiuUw, Duiluuu, CnfluJi^ 


EinvARD vr 

ably (lisposeH for novfr1ti4«, an, indiwd, a ^jmt nvmy 
were, who never rested, till it wa^ rcvisrd, and many 
ccremonict}, which tliey esteemed to be aiiper^titioiis* 
entirely left out. The tnitb i^, the romjrtlers of thiaj 
first common prayer were so coniplaji^iuit to the old 
Hgioii, its l» rttUiin i^cirrHl |irartHV*, wiiifh Mirnc of llirir] 
party thought to Ixr inconsistent with the purity of tin 
Go^pcK For intftmicc, the crow vra» ordered upon tha! 
head and Ijrca?^ of thoeo tlmt were baptized ; as aLs<), 
upon the forehead of those tliat received coiiHrmation. 
The oeremoiiy of anohiLltig wan, for Home time, Iw-pt up] 
ill h»pli!4io ; AM also hi extreme utictinii, if the sick jit^rsifit 
demanded it. IVayer for the de^id wtm retained na si 
part of the Bcrvict'. and the litui^ styli^l u aucrifiriall 
obktion.^ However, mott of iheso, and *!uch like cere- 
motdes und practices wero aoon after dischar^e^l, accord- 
ingly aa the refurmerrs received new li^htii;, jind a plan- 
sibkl^irn wasgiveii to the whole affiiiir. They pretendril* 
tluit only such ccrcmonici^ w(^re discharged ajs were 
visibly superstitious, that dnrkcut-d the GoE^pel, and wero fl 
cumbcr^me to religion; and that they retaiuinl such 
UA ^uaffled reli^;ion from nakedness and coiitcnipt ; there 
hiding a great <W! of difference, snid they, bctw<"en the 
^urly altire of popery, and tlie decent drrm of the re- 
formation.^ But,1o speak without passion, or prejudice, 
concerning thia point, it must be owiied, tJial, althoutrh 
ceremonies are uut thuigft of the greatest couseqneuce, 
yet (here may be buth i neon venie nee and dan^T, in 
permitting every particular church to act as they please 

iivl?i»BdJc<1, Ib^I, TU Uie pmjrf of (NrtiMvmiiJui^ 111*- lili<«iTia: of llip priort wns 

V«lhrr, wi» bc^vcli* ilni*, ainl with iSiy Hoi? Sjitrii* ami Wunli^ V"ui'liw*lV' in 
\-}-^tiSir' anii udl-U + Hc ihcte ilrr f^l^^ nmj cr^ii1im-s of Im^ciil and \vviic, ilmi 
ihPy miivp he untn <i* the' b-MMi^'nTiii blmwl nf fhy ntmi t\rrv}y \iv\in-c^ Nfiuni^ 
Jenu CbfifU- '\ Ry ilip ruM'. tl^t I^mift wufliull tmU'Trtl ii> Iv an\i:ntcnL^i 
tlii* KarniinniT vriu (i> l>r Fn-rivnE "111 Itir inE>titb,rillk^|rrtoL'k1iiii]<|ii'; nti'1 otip 

fiimilRT, niL'l jinv IiIk lu'i-'iifiiiiiitil (IihItv uf tliu fix])tiiLT. Hc^iitr?! thi' MitrUniif ^B 

a ivlnlc jniitrii'iM, wsh n'btiinvl; anil Ck bliwliiif, iinmipiiiioi'i] mi iJii^ mnrtifd 

AflT. I«.l 



apon tiivs^ occasiom. Tberu is iwtni^iitiir«R great oon- 
n^rlinn helwt^n (^ivmoiik* and artirlca of faitli ; inso* 
miich^ Uiat the fonuer are, as it were, a romiuem iipou 
the latter^ for tlie instruction of the ignorant, aud to 
kei'P xhe iay£ter>- ohv^ iii their memory.' Af2:am, roMnf 
c«rt5Q]omef« buvv beeu couHetTuted, from the e»r]i«ftt 
times of Christianity, for die pini)etiial ii&e of retigion t 
whioh, it iR to hf Mii>]iofleci, are neither ridinilom nor 
£^iiper8titious. TLc prrlcucc of rctbrming and purging 
Uie c)iurch from eertain pmctices \^ only a atratagem of 
ihe devil^ who, in all ages, hn» stirred up pretended 
xt-a]at3« tu lUUtck tht: tny»tcry^ Uiroijgh tht- <vn-tuoiiy, 
and to lop olf the brunches, only wit)i a de^t^Ti 1o kill 
the tree. Those, that have rt^fiiurd upou the late refor- 
mation, afibrd U5 a proof of thb obEer^'at^t>u, The 
church, by law e-^tablUhed, liasi not given content ia the 
matter of neremonies. The dissenters still quarrel with 
(heir iliseipliiii^^ »nd repre.Neni it <'is t'liM ufMijierstiliiii] ; 
ajid dome have not bei-n satisfied, till they have stripped 
rcU^oii of nil its Imvcs and hranchf^, upon a preti'ncc 
erf making a thorouyh retbnoatiuu, and adoring the Lord 
only in spirit and truths 

To leave UfK diicresMion, and return to the aeeouut of 
Ihe litur^T or eonnnon prayer : — it wa.s first dravkii up, 
in the year 1548, and, though frequently made uwc of» 
yet not enjoined, till a proclamation eaine forth. Jnne 
21, IbiQf ordering that no one. for the future, should, 
so nmeh a& in private, make use of any other htui)^, 
and that the sen'icp, or uixsn, in Latin, shnuld 1>p hud 
wde. Soon after, it wjia er^tahlishetl by a*^l of mo, 
parliAmcnt, cal!e<t the uiiifonnity act, with severe ''"- '*' 
peniUtics for non-compliance-' Every clergy-man not 

' rtlv^ U u ImpMUni cirn in tliih [lua^ The ducuniviit, hvrc chIIgiI ft 
rigtbvDiCMii, anj will 1o lave pit«i.^li.<il tlie act nf pA^iHuicnl, yrt\ In roUliy^ 
■ IrtMvfnm t1i« vinDL'it Id noanrT.inidvk-nfl^^Tlacai marc tliAiilUe lo^mdiAofMr 
Ibv |Mi^B|! of ihr hill. Bv t)ic latUrr, rthicli ^ru cairinl «n Uil- IStJi of Joun* 
■rt, J&IEt, i] ipmcuikViI tfiAl ihc trnv litiirKJ ►l"'uli! ciirju tiitn jfiTarmL aWtOl 
Utf fallHruie fevt ur IViit<i<niL On ilml lUv^ lln T-iiuIl Jj ^-rtitr wwi, fiir |h« 
&IH am^ Kleinalr ^rfonn^il Ln 1}il- idtlirdml <jf St, VinA'i. Diil t\u-. cIcrRTp 
lliAii|>ht lB Otcvpo U>4 pcTuiJiif^t ^fj Iiiid bfrii iitiluicLl w oanJimii l^t Uic iirovV 
4*tt*, oflli* mctt «c»t not dupiutil Ui ■luijdcm ibu anciinLL lilur^cj j \hf Idibflp, 

Ijltiri;^, from tlii> Innii " :ip]Hiiiti(i|1 in tlit* (hhiIl rtf tlir jmh^iL* nrrricv** 


32 EDWAllP VL [ 

mnJdnj^ nne (if !t, iti the dmrrh S4^rvtne, wtis^ for th« 
offcni^e^^to suffer half a ye^Lrs iinpfisouDieut, uim) forfeit 

ihr Cninm'PTi'Pmyiif wr« puhliplT rmikil nt llic liiifti nllJVt nift» cHifiniiwi^B 
Tkc priviiti'ly colcbntvd in llm dirtimi ^hn^wl^ of tbt 04iJ]cdim1. lliLd cvuhm 
of Oil! ]av wu« of vLiLjrxi% if«i(djjv r^^fiitrlt^l to tlw mudli mud U miii forthe 

turpitu of pnivwilidir il, Uiut tha \i*tlifi in i[iLi4(tinii wviBililttaH^I t<> HAimprr 

clnvt, iti lU« (mUUH, ud *^ A worn Ui tbo rovcT^ce of Uxr ^oramviion of tiie 

h-Xtci- nii'l iW )U'I flf fiDflianiriit uill W Fimiicl in Uii^ AirjHrndiit, Iii>. IX. 

1 rrmj hc« iumtion tnw olhor nfiu, wliiph TJoflil ha* Tirint«1 Rmnnp bU W- 
corAu IfiLi wliii-b lio hM nfliprutti' om^llrd in nrtHrv tIic rlnt i« for ihE^ f^iC^ 
litiou ol thrhnKmnl nlnTijirnci'^iif fhfrliiiriTh II *-iip»iwiti m M»rtK I^IW, 
inrl aTtmUn-ilwl ft^f«in« llii^ "M'ntu,ilUT"of iJirwi' n<r>nni<m« wbi^.l^ai^llir-rwilli 
Ih** tWh IfiniT*, hhtl Ij^-i-ii riircfiil ti> lltro* tuAHc ilf Ti^iwlntfl, nf fTlijnon, Tfn pw- 
ftMiUlr, h^wrvcr willldriicJy iiiihi'.Jitr* ilu' chjinnur f"*" ^"^ ^^njf. TlkP klnjr** 
AiihjfvU. it f.;iv^, li.Lv<< Ljfm " iL uiuiT {tc^rftvt j.n(l c]i-ar tlf^Zjl of ihr <^<i!('pi-i, ADct 
Inip Wi»H f»Mi>"l *", V^iLl ilii'j mi|k1ov' rlu'iT li;]!"**^^^*. I" imluiLrr llinr ji|ip(*, 
Wfc-*; ami. tiiMli'nit of fmL'jt^tiurini; ui " vin'irx'-c in yiiliir", \tfV mily " Tv> »%- 
tihfy lltf^i w-iiMLu1il]r "- TIjcm^ uhiL^tK titiiht lu' niiirslitii- WlitiifliEi^ hincc 
" ^hIIjt itbhl^iiciiir L« a iiirnji uj ^iititt'", ^ulJ, itc iW huiic llirr, uri iiJAihtiinT U> 
lljuii-; *iiiti-' it will uluiiL't " mbJutf mcuV luidira Ui ihrir wul jiiJ *|iirlt", wid 
ciiurcEuic tljt fiiipU^iJii-'ut uf iJiusr. nlm liic ^* bj E]?(Uiit|f iu the 4i^'\ jl bt ito« 
riipiL'lvd otiil urrliuiif^tH llini, ttirtu au*\ ttfirr itir Uni i\n% uf Ik1»y iii-iL L'Uauiutf. 
aW iiL'tHiMih. ii»1 ^H'i-iii11v TJi.i'iLM^^. irr i'M'[ii|iln] hy lliU m'U ftbii-TI W tmuiiil, 
ijuilci |UiiEi of 1'iiti: mid Liiiirfl^iEktLivutH Ur lU'^UjiiL fn'iii [1i:>1i-iiji}lL ^^ei llu" ViiJiT 
>kiu| NUuJtUj L|j ra-^L nf A. on ihc i-uiliti iluTt. oa ilit^ du\i. of J,L^ni, And un aU 
olb<."f (Ian ciiPirtjuiiilj Luitnri ^■►*1 ott'i'ptcil bp- ii^L-dnvi'— BuiAi wm the Tnanncr* 
in wliirli 1*1171* uuil ppi^lil inml<l W awx-iHtrrl, iu liic *3i-*ipliiic of a rdonjicii 
tlmrtli!— Stu AjjjjrndU. Nil X- 

TUl- ollicf arl, iTi which 1 luivt ftUmii.*!. wii* |pa«(i| in Marclii liVA^, It la 
cnllcil "* An Acl r<ir Ibi' Lrcpict;; i>f Ijoli^ltij? and fii»UTi^ Jnrei'* (ml it Mlatof 
prLiic][>aI]7 !» lln^ funiHTi imi] inU not W uniDctracilirc to iJiosc, nlj>:< liiiiv bnn 
4iCGiJ"b'mtit Id Iji4f ttlir foli^'iilH <if lIic rAlliohtr cltiin-li voii<l<'iniii^l Jind ri«iI(iL 
11 li'Khii \ty lumnilinir Uto iki.yU^n<^ of itu^ Lx^^rnlu. in the Uihubftri:*: at llrir 
n-litfioii* duties I siytthui, "tj help ilicir ini'mmly", i-Trtoiu d*j» Im** Iwra 
«rt iipiirt, imil ooiLMvnttt'il lo tiii^ (!(i.'rL.'i>iL-4 i>r pnivti. hIiJ to the hailing ufOoilV 
wrtMi Aiid dtff'liLTW. ili^t, A^ T^i iii-rUln or rhiifnii- mmil>ff of mch lIajs hu hon 
rtcwviilwd In liolj >ii?r]j>liih\ tc '* tlu) EijiivPiniTriL'iit Ito Ji cif thtf ^ni^ anri 4J«0 'if 
IIm ndnibor at ifnji* w Icli, dy iJh? Atithti^ly \>t (iiid^ wuni, to Iht Ulnrrtj *i 
Vbrif t'l charch, lo Iw ik'ttrmuiixl nnd ikutiLfnorJ (ifilL-rJy, ld crcry poultry, bv th' 
<iiiiiifutii>ri of Ibvnilimaiid (iiinivlitrn Ehi«ivof. ij tbcy thall judge nicnl cvpniimt 
Vt t\ifUiW m^lilttc lurtti of UoiTx |{Wy^ eiiuI \\i*- «iljfii'jilHiIi i<J Uirtr imiplv ", It 
tlic-l. jtTrrt'14'rt* Ic) tpfltlf'j- lliP dftyK which «]i;<|| hrEit'ilnrtli b<* Ui'l ho]j, EiThf AD 
wtiLoli iIli' p«ipl(? Mini] be '* ('uniinii n«jf<) Lo nbi-lLi^n ti^^iii luwIciL lioiLE^y Uboiit*'. 
Tl niLini'^ tlio ti-^tiiolt hlill r^-tAiiwil in tlic rak-iidiT of Uif C^ninnioiuPE^iTr boiA: 
U imlmnn tliur f}ir **ht ur lijiil* of t^i'' \"nnly» Oiu Kctumviiuu/iinil thi^ 
An'i'iivL^m Iff CUT \jir^,ftt Pi^iffvtnit, uf thf 1^irirkrniii>n xuA Aiiuiini;Eiiii(iii of 
tlii^ Itlnftffl Vtrirt»,nf All KfilnUsfliid of allfinlivEJ^ of Uir ApkThh, I'lorpf tlnil 
of Xt. Jtihu Aliil iirsS' riillip ami jAinrft,fJni1! Iw uhki^nnJ ju^ 6iMiU|f iUtih; nibl 
jl s|wriBjlj antiiuriiti nil nvhlrtiliuiiii. Iij<tjftj«^ mict inbtr ppmnt pofc%i«lTi; 
«pinL0]J jiin«iljf'l]iii». Ut cmimic luOj jlII uOiiili-ji ognlnit JU priviiiuri}. xn pn> 
€Vt\\ Ji^JLJiLhl Lliir' > iuLutiiEK nf iti n'l^jlJiliiJiit. aiiiJ tu c-iifgfve iLi i>1wi\'Jticc.> dtLrr 

*«T- IT.] 



& >Tftr's profits of one of hi:* benefices ; the second ofleiice 
wft« dcprirntioD, ipiv/nctOy arid iinpriKonmeat for tTrclTC 
mootlu; the lliinl offt'iKV wiis imprisonment durinc: 
lift.' Tims ihr wsuimon j^niyor stood, fniiii iis first 
CjitablUhin^, anno 13^9, till it Vfa*i rrviMnl nrid filtered 
ill tlic yo«r XboZ* It ^va.'* revised and all<;n-d jumia 
iindt^ quei.<ii Etizaherli, anno L3M); n^iti under king 
JamcB I., in 1604 ; afti<ri«ard« under kinj; Chnrles II., 
aniiii \iM&2, Si'vi-nd alu<nition*i ni^^rc made at those 
timoH, »l the in.'ft'uicc of the disncntrr?! ; and, Irisily, tlipy 
&tti^m|ited to have it revised and corrected, in the year 
It>89, hut without giicce.'^. I will give all the particu- 
hnc, Oft tliey fali in with the eoiirRe of tny hiiitory. 

The ccmtnoti praytTr heiii^ ihu^ eij^tahlifihed, the re- 
frttniers still wrmu^d a ^tiindanl for doctrine, whercbv 
tliey might apjwar^ at lea^it, to hir united in one lx-lit-f« 

Uull b* tbihui[lil ior«1 ftnd ainr?nu.<n| ", Tliit ne\ aos rqH-aldiJ iit Ih.* tt'ij^ of 
Uarj, bill w»> r«li>P(*i to Vx (UiuU* ^otfli. ni Ihf' ai'CT'mftinH of Jturi^h 1,, AikH 
nmnln* Mill ia f^rn. It wiH l>< fMii^l in iW .I[i|»-i^iIli. No. Xl 

•liiMMtd bj 1<i<hi>p Iti^ifvT [iiCn-il, anil ImLtU fiEtFif^iaUni hv VI j. TTiipr^in Ui 
nivlntiiKit <-ir Oii< F'i^Lu iif I^jIwupI ind ^hl^n, TtLt> |>n^lriCr' hnt Itcva com- 
phliiiaff of Ebi hij-h i-rny of nmrtrioo*, in*! crf liircorurvjLifnt J'tblntinn oflif 

Cr;aVil, h«tTi(ri4!li«l on tiir inrrrriuri " fnrtfif ji^.hkh] i>f Clin^i, Ui ta^r Oi* 
a: rii>l and I M<t «ViiKiidi. i» ^jn^'IIe tf^rciti [r>r n*tlrrw'\ ihiu vuticluilM 
tm cpiitlrr — " Mhv tl plriiu' y^y T>i Tw Ui iTfX't, Ji^ Trk tlnirv » llcciis;^ of tb« 
'* fimjrtly, fi»t mi- Wi r-il flf^h upon t!|p ll^ti dnp. [hmliU*'*., rny itoiDdch 
n»i Hh it liuK bivn. In <iur it ii^tTh [ ■i''>ii1[I Mut i^i ikh thiin flt'hli : Imt I 
m\ il put ti>i thii life Tlirir i» iI-h? Ltrrr? h nitr iiii[ Mi)vt, iiri<T nf iliri 
(br men ^if tlji tuviMi i^nh! nml iinrodiri ML^jrit. fllrlhi^ Iktlr L^mm^q' 
VHiJll: hpfr((ilrn)<T*UT)» kiIUiIJijIiii SiujUirl, ilmi i> 4 wmk mjil ^^irkly inin. 
dnirr^l mr ^by^t'ilir v kidijfr b> ^\.'\i fitf ^jli^i in l!i» ktuc; iiri'l doiiMIiwt w uill 
«viue 1^^ kiiiu^ uJLdjLfijtv, ju lumr, V Utut. >J4iUI uIl- [loauidu fiirlllicrly utu) 

' [Tltc iJitit. liuifccti^r. of SuiiKiiwtt ill llii' AflU'WHiu Oitolitr. ftcrm* irt liHi« 
mivnJ tlu? U-iini of xXk^v^ nlio Kri? tlJII uLUc-lml Ui ttir " uld Itiiniliii^ " 
aod In hirr ii^ifmiTil lU^in |ji lihtL fur llir n>loriLti>i; uf Ll>r tuimiil IhurRy uf 
tht cfaun^h' Tu ilikpt'l llii- tl]EL?<Li>i;. l-jJwtiiJ, at tlir »tiu^i.'>t]oii uf iln^ i'»iiEK'i1, 
■drtrctacil A Idler U) iIk' ruhltu^jftt Liivni^iji^ Uimt of tit rx^iKijiiiiqi Ihiii wna 
thiBsdf Aiiil n?t|uiniia: iIh^ui ti ■■r iJi^i nU Tkx-iIik, fxiQ^rniiic dnj irtirilirjj oflliu 
Mkknit KixKf. ¥(fv llffllfl-ilh .'irfuvftd \t\> ;mil dr^L^M-i iVSilkiijs, n. :i7, 3J^, 
Atr Httfe l1^AllC^)t Uul Um [m^i^rirr ha* viou iWuvnrri to be uiinv.uihiir, 
TW1ibli7p» vnt nuwiHiiit l^ci^i-'ftr. iLt ifcfKV t»j ubf3,||iofojflJ uhihU:i.- 

~ • IflL Um itfjCT, woa hM>a ^Ui pOHol, ly wlutli U Hiui ciuuilc'l, tlijit aiiv 
CBiuisf loiiur'cnil<T,<>VHiivuih1«li4^t hinbop, nr r^hcralbtcr, fii';£ln^ 

(0> JeflUvy.HKfc hi>vk«t «bi)uld luflfrr Ihir or rmtirMfiinniU m ilic^nw tiiiclu 
Ic. 'rVACtvinhc Amniliii Uv Appeiidlm,Na. xll.— r.] 


4PC in 

EOWARO \'l. 


To this purpose, a kind of committee of diriniBS, 
landi-r CmtimL'r'H dircx'tioii, m?n-' onlcrotl to dmw 


up a certain uumbcr uf articlvs; for, as yet, the teiteti^l 
of the old and new rplifinon were so blended bigetliej",^^ 
that they mnde one cniifuficd chaos; and though* out- 
■w&rdly, men seemed to be under the same rotation, 
they were, inwardly, under a ooiitiiitml di*Eraction, every 
one being at liberty to efirve out a crt?ed for himself : 
lliftt it is a diffieult mJittrr to determine of what |iersua» 
nion the generality of the people either liverl, or tlied, 
ID those stru^lin^ time» of the reformatioL. Whca the 
commissioners had gone througli their work, they pre- 
gented the nation ^ith a »>y£tein of reformed doctrine, 
coiituiiiiug forty-two articles ; smd it was expected, th 
all, thai were members of the reforniation, should suli- 
niit to them, as Koon as tliey had the apprc»1>ation of th' 
king and council, which they rcadiiy obtained. " It 
not altogether improbabks" *iiiy>5 Dn Hcylin^ ** but that 
thesB articles, being debated, and agreed upon by the 
niaid committee, mig:bt also pans the vote of the whotQ 
eonvoeatioa, t.liou^li we find nothing t,o timl piJi-[Hisf 
the acts thereof, wliieh cither have been lost* or wc 
never registered. Besides, it is to be obscn-ed, that th 
church of Eiii^land, for the first five yonrs of queen Eli- 
zabelh^ n^taiced these nrtiele^, mid no others, as the 
public ti'uets of the churehj in point of doctrine ; vvhich 
certainly she had not done, had they been commended 
to her by a less anthorit)' tiian a convocation."' How- 
ever, it is certain they ni?vcr had a parliamentary estab- 
iishment, ajid oaino forth only by royal authority, 
as they were forged by the committee.' Some dif- 
ftTeiiee Ih observable, between these forty-two articl 

* ETc^lIn, 123. [TtittTJt'V hamrtvj^ hwi alirwu tL&i (kty were nrrrr vcibrnliicd 
Ifl the coniiw^liflii fill. 310— 5ia>. In Willim. ihoj aw caJW ^ Anictili, da 

JuibUB in Spodo Lpndincoiii, ancii JXniiiiii miilii.. nJ inlli-ri^hm vpmiuuuin 

tniditoft rirt* coDTrnrnU, rori* aucioriUf* b htv*:ia cJiti " [**, 7tiy Tl* 
arliclcA, wlJi tht ib'vcdi] pipiiilh, vtlicn-Tii ihi5j ilifTcirrl [rum ilioae mlnplL-d lii 
nign or tllifiahi^thT iniir W n-i.-n in fSiirrut. ii. ttt<.- l}>ti^^3<<Ki; CoUicii 


AKt. tV.) 



the thirty-niiie anipW of qiteeii Kli/.jU)^tlif which 

laA oi^CHsionpcl M>inc contest nmon^ the nrformcn*. I 

lAy, pcrhnpo. have an opportimity of tnkin? notire of 

lU nuittPT, in the counic of this history, iu the mi^au 

time, I will proceed, and i^ive an n<7Coutit of some other 

»dvntic<*** niuiii* liy Ihi^e reformfi"**, 

B<rsi<lr» this n'^nbtioii. an hj duclritH-, si^vrral things 
fttill viTuitingt hA to discipline, i'or thf chnrch 
now swallowi*d lip by the iftate, and the ration 
huiU n]ion tht- <h^ortf»* of popeaand (councils, being 
fndered iiL»)gmtieflnt, by^ the nation^ withdrawing iti^elf 
tin the iii^unl Jiirisdietion, it wilh rvcgiii'^ile rluit ^^nme 
lit <if ntelmiistii'^il laws j^honld he. i->i;ililisliid, rh^t 
would answer the piirptR>cfl of the reformation. This 

*ivas thouicht of, trnin the beiriTniin^ of Eiifcland'fl direc- 
tion from the &ee of lloino. and the embryo of a de!*igii 
wtt» prepared in Henry VIII/s reign ; but that prince's 
death. ;iikI Mim*^ iliffx-nlties tlmt arose in tl»e rxMHition, 
-tetanied thr project. Thov^ timt were of Erastian 
irinripIcA judged, the civil ma^stracy was qnaliticd to 
»akc such a provision, and that it Mas making back- 
[»ard Pte[w in tin* reformation, to allow anntinnal church 
power of niiikiiij^ laws, which they refn«ed to achurch 
nations. Ilowcvt-r, Ihe hinluips iind clergy were iin- 
[williiig to appear ini^ipiificant upon \\ih occnisinn ; and, 
raiereforc. the matter was bo compromificd, that a 
" "rtain number of their body, jointly with some ' *^° 
irned men of thp laity, Rhonld compile a collection of 
iwd, for the use of the chnreli ; ami ir wa*t lo be pcr- 
innc-^l luvtirdin^ to the M-hemc laid in Henry VIII/k 
•i|H1»> whcrn it wa^ decreed, by act of pnrliumcnt, that 
TtMrtv-two commisaioners, one hnlf to be rcelc^iiu*tics» 
iLe otlier lialf laymen, were to tinish the ^aid work ifi 
Aroe yenn^ nnil, the mean while, cburcii affairs weru to 
mauiitied by ooi'jiwional lawtt,^ The. wfirding of these 

' Stat 3a»4*K4.V!- til. THif *-.tmiiiis>iini wm is-hlv! .jn ilir liithiif fV>»- 
ifj, IVtO^ tit ibr iiri^1i^c])i>j» of <~nii1rrMTrT; titr M^lmjK of Ij^iiilfm, Kly, 
lar^fMTt KtipUT;, Ihiih, Hlituor^li-r. nml l4f4^kr>(TfT; il>r (TLtlTif^ 'Icivlornf 

ni'on}it Pct.^ MinjT.Jiihn Alt'*!!!.;!!!!! hirkrriir rHTii)irld^< ; llvri.-i*(WaiWL, 




[pjkBT U*:^! 


corsiihitioufl wa^ left to a aiih-rominittrc of pi^ht prr- 
»o»s, viz, C'raiinirr, archbishop of (Canterbury, TIjomas 
Goodriok, bbbop of K\j, [)r. Oo3e, the king's almoner, fl 
Pctpr Martyr, Dr. WiUiani Mny, Dr. Rowlnnd Taylor ; ^ 
to thi'^L- \\*'rt? joiiiett Iwu Inyrrn^ii, Jtiliu Luciu;, and 
Ridmrd Goodrick. require** And then the polishing of fl 
the work was nommitt^d to t^vo polite Tfriters, sir John ^ 
Check and L)r- Haddon. The cntirQ collection was 
completed, nimo 1352, under fifty-one title?, beside* 
an nppMidis *' De Rt-gulis Juris." It wa* ndlt'd '* Refor- 
matio liCf^iini KertesiastirftTum.*' Kin^ VI. h^ip" 
peniiig tt) dit soon after, ibis iioUiIjIc Mt:hcnit* was 
knocked on the head, bcins never eonbrmcd, cither by 
parliament or convoeation ; and ilic rtformcrp, at thin 
day, are at a loss for soin<? such sort of a proviiiion, a» 
it ftppear* by the a\vkw:u"d and blundering pn>(*eedkii^H 
r>f their ^|iirihia1 conrls, where they want HLindiiij^ laws 
for their direction, 1 remit the rL-aderto the book itself, ^ 
if he is curious to be informed of purlicnlara, and shall " 
oiily mention a fow of the artieles, which, perhaps, will 
not be according to the tJiKte of every reformer. For 
inHtriJire, hy the tliird article, apostates, and mwh ha 
op])0»ecl IJhristianity in gcucrnl, were tn forfeit both life 
find estate. The eighth article annulled nmrriap^cs, 
made without the consent of parents, or guardiuua. In 
the ninth artich^ the Levitical degrees^; were explained 
with rrnuirkable sevrrity. The tenth article alhiws of 
marriaK*"* -d'tcr a divorce, in the case of adult^Ty ; rt*|H^ 
cially,thc parly injured has thi*i liberty ; thcwoman^aa^ 
adultere*^-, forfeit* her joiulnre; the liiiabaud, an adul- 
terer, is to return liis wife'w portimi, and par: with one- 
half of his fiubstinirc; and hotli parties, being ^uilty^ij 
are either to be imprisoned for hfe,or banished. Mar- 
riu^ie misbt be annalled, in all cashes where the parties 
were allowed to scpunite a*; to bed and board, viz. lU^ 
attempts of [misoniug, implii«;iljle hatred, &c. The 

Liiiilimi, ivbcmfl uiimc ha.< li«ni <»iiiilU«l hv tin? \an^. — Ti] 


,n-rcUiiy \\\tCy iccrplriy Civii, Tnlifim**, Kood. Ct»kp'., ^fay. ami Miuiicr; nnd 
Ihr limjon, JiutJL"*- BtuniU't, JtnUtv HjlIcji, tioimad, (;o«U4uJl. Moiutnnl 

4tr.lT.] A !TEW LTTURGV, F.TC- S? 

Itwenly^tiflh article debars heretics from makmg wJlK 
Also, those uwlcr acntcucsc of death, perpetual baiiish- 
Diont, perpt^tual inipn>;f)DnK-iit, stninipels, jmndara, li- 
belkTs, aitd usun-rs, an? declared U) he under the Koine 

Another thin^, tli(^ reformer* went iiimn, was tlie 
ordination of their new ministry, Diiriiif^ the first and 
•econd year of Edward VI., it does not appear that any 
alteration had been made in the uncieiit ordinal, or 
Roman ]HjntifK''al, c^cnrpting diL- oatlk of ubedif^iiee to 
the bishop of Ronif^, which h«d l>een omirted t-ver «mce 

Iking Henry VHI. assumed Mie spiritnaJ supn-mnry. It 
was jud^d couvenicnt, thertiiire, to set forth a new 
ordinal, and an net of pjirliAinent pi^r^ed to that purjione, 
January 31, J5At>. Tliebuok wsm drawn up by six 
hi«ih(ip>, aiid six olhtT^, luamt'd in the cauon law ; 
hnt the bwhopft of Wornestrr, Durham, Carlisle. We«t- 
miiiJ«ter, and Cliichestcr, dissenting from the bill, and 
not eoncurring in other nmtters relntitig to the reformn- 
tioti» were, soon after, deprived.* W^n^u this ordimd 


FlHwr, in IA7I. ADaUUnvtvfitfl cvulciiU >> icivcA i» V'iWm |ii, ^.Hi— iK^). 
I OMJ 1^ t" nhnt U iiiRitipiici] in iIjc kin^ Umt tW tliitit ^CJiIi* tn-^it^ of 
lIcraqTi ami cf die proi.-«M ti> be tdaploi] Aipaiiut l>c^Ttl(-^ TfULCT r«]^iilril miJ 
■blBnil ibdf CTTonw vrithin sixlffn *^jt, Ou;t Duahi \i- jbwltc^L, an Kniirff 

Itfuaf* *i ihe'jT iiiic<ril; ; liul if tTic^ rttijimKtl ijIrflliaiU' in their hiiLihuiii. aim 
adtdrBir<r In thf ci-n-im-* '>1' liic fliitft'li, tlicy wcri' Lbcit In Iw ildi«<T«l ia 
diF BccaJnriDiiifiptnU', t" AiiltfT <ifnih <iucL>rdinjf !■> ibc lnw. Of (-xiiiniiixiiiic*- 
tkm it pronuiiiiLfis Jint it bclunp lo the poiver cif tliv ^^^ irmnb^l l>v I'^rttl 
Id tit (wrch. lu ohjCLl ii. lo rv|-n?9B iIiok UTfult^r crimt^ w}nch vtnkt aI Uic 
ml ofniopitilrao^ rflil^on^ lUvITctu I" v*til oil Iho r>lli'nrbT fnitn llic tocift^ 
of dw (ifilMult Ic ilrprivi' btm »f Itm itajKEUitiiJij i^f linppirnMid- umi nf tlir pni. 
krtion oT IViridffivci OAfl to cowrin ina tn c^rrluitintf |tiiuLt|jinMil jiikI iIjh 
^luiin of lfe« dptHl,— Tbo commMoa ttr tlic uiffht pcntin*. Unnmf; iJw iub- 
ooonrntlHi bi In WtlkiEs (ir 4l>t Sco hIko IH Lin^ril'i rtiily lo Nir ilainoa 
IfuioUAh, DD tbt m^lun? ikf IW fuihiihTjtviit, imunU^il by un^' \nvr^ t^t ilir 
obflliMtc bctrtif (Mini, cif Kn/ viL IHH, noti')- Bitnit<rt iiiiJin'[frvH^iU1iuii *»\ 
d^flibjort, w i")i|r «ini« f<i|>iicAi l>j C'olii4T, m. :l:21l — 7'.] 

' [" ^n^niut^i B^. i:oniytrit an>1 uniFy to Ik> hitd nilbin the king*! mnjcflj'^ 
dmimom, ili* r^i|i]iAlF Us biivv onr Dinfomi fiBbmn jnrl ijiMuiipr nf Tun king 
ap4 tsonAtciBlinp nf hi^Jinpc. |inJ**l'. df^Ji'^iTiM, dt iTtinihU-ni nl iln' dum'li. Itf it 
I^MflMt coarlrl hy tlw kiii|li'h iii^ljurH., wtili iljt nHi-nT uf l!i<- Idnlv «|rinliik1 

tka AiBlbimtT'if 1liBCftnif,thitlitiii?h fcmnniiil m^Tirirr of innkUie buH toiH»rnt> 
ivg of hUkMM^ prtSCiit dcnmiu, niul iilhi.T miniHUix nf lh>< i.'iiim'lk jn hy iti, 
pitifig^ inif fix ddipr men or iIhh n'nim, If^irnril in tUnVn \\itx.\ty iW kir)>,''t 
■tlHn tti he iL|fp(4Ul«L Miii 3>«i|ru^^]| Of '■> Ifji^ iiui»l tiiiiiilfrr i>f Liciu, uliiill b? 



Thfnrv. B 

was examined, in the next enduing reigri of queen Mary» 
it ^a» (U-'clanMl to be tuaufhciviit, and iuvnlid, oss to the 
piirpcȣ4^ofeonM-erntiiic:n trm-miiiit^trr. both the bis))0}M 
and parliament hi-iii^ of that opiuicn. TLc n?aK>n^, in 
general, of its lusuffirieticy, Vftnv an ^!>ential defect, 
Ixirh HA to the matter and form of tlie e|ii-HTO|ici) mid 
wtCH-rdotal orders. There was no aninntiii^, ;\ CKtv-iiumy 
ulvvayd nmde n»e of from the eurlkst timcftt tvitbont 
vrbicli ordinatiou was doubted, und, aeeorditi^ to the 
oommoii opinuin, iiivulid. Then* ysiku no porrx^c-tiun of 
inj^ruminibs another signifieative ceremony, generally 
esteemed to be ossrntial- But, what ^ns siiU of the 
greatest moment, thiTe was no form of word^n di>eci^'ing 
the order that ^ns conferred, and piM^eulaHy, no wordSi 
or ceremony made use of, to expres,* the power of ab- 
solving, or ufferitig sai-riliw, t\>r ihf^^ htmI iw-v^tu] 
other n-AMiii!^ which I have dh»tijictiy mmtioned in 
another place, all tlie orders conferred, acconlinsc to this 
nen ordinal, were looked upon by the cathnlios, in qti<^n 
MuT*s rei^i, to be null >uid invalid. The authority of 
the ordinaJ being previously established by act of pur- 
lianentr il wan afterwards ron^rmtnl by aiuitlirr act, 
anno 1&52, whereby the common pni>"er Utely rtrrised 
received it* approbation,* 

I will roticiude ihi* article friih n word or two, con- 
c>iTntnj^ ct'rtain homilies which werr ordered to be read 
pubUely in all thr churciirs, Thi*)' ^^tv tirst denned 
to sTm instead of ^rmoujs, as it nas preCenden, to 
lUHler pn-aehci^ fn^m ntiuung into uoMraju^ualdc ex- 
corsions, and cxa?-i«?'ruins the opposite party. The 6i^t 
part of the hook of honulir^ nasi i^ximpos^d in Edward 
VI. 's rvta:n, and rontainrt) Iwrhc le*«<tu«; ih«» «4VDnd 
port cuiitaincd t^ncnty-onc le»wn&, and va» not pal>- 




-''-^— ^-^ r ' t firm 11 

Hid WBl,«»4M»e«ttn ui «i«iimp« «■ b«, m V«ff«^», 

TV irT<i«a>««/*>biAif.^Ctrftti»<W WcalViMira 


4«. rr,] 



iubrd till qui-vii Elizaliurlli'ft n.'igu.^ Sl^vithI flivines of 
ihe church <if Knglaiic) dn not look upou lliem ;u* il 
8taQ<hittt of their doctrine ; tiret, because tJiey were com- 
pased by unknown prrsoiis; and a^iiin, ihej- cannot 
allow of certain aRsi:rtion« advanced by the authors, 
viz. lilt; dc mullah in j< of tnut^t.'^, fixiu;^ tduhitry upon the 
church of Rome, :iiid llic doctriur of mihsivc obedience 
to thfi ciril govt^mmmt, " And thtWorc/* say** Ftdlrr, 
'*fl«cli uflc thc:sc homihcs an an upper garment, ffirting 
them c)o»e unto, atid casting them from tlioui, at plcii- 
sure/*' Oibeni nuiou^ the reformers iusij^t upon the 
orth(HU>3^y of liii^e hutallieA ; and, Id fhU purjvo^Cj ullej^e 
the tliirty-lifLh article of the church uf England, whieh 
dccrhircft, that the books of homihc^ do contain a g^KlIy 
ftnd wholi'sorac doctrine. Now, whether this expression 
does extcud to all, or only to part, of thos^ homilies, \b 
left to the reader J* judarmeni, 1 will proceed to ^ivl* an 
ikceoniitf \iliat duxw ftircijpicra had iu the refurmation, 
uudicr Edward VL 

' ^tht itrW*! Iloinilw*, pubLith^ in iLii n'\gi>, fbrm what ii colkd the first 
hook, TlwTtrra! rt^ir^iv»ly uf llii* Scriptvw^, nf Ihtf ni'WiT (if rin, i>f ul^n- 

a! rt«ir^iv»ly uf llii* Scriptvw^, nf Ihtf m'wrr (if rin, ' 

* i-ii'i 

1111 1 1 

tmtlQD td ihnUfH of rr%^iin. TEuj^c iniMi>^li(^i uriili<r Uiir fliiUioritr uf FliU' 

l-HilnfxIV lloiDilic* JuiT* dniilT been mto- 







r*i«KtOMKM rtiLEikovtJi.— n»pi;r4Tio:v jiTOkromu — ro«B:^tiiitircmti(TT— 

TiiK controversy in the [ate reign, concerning the 
ritTorre, havinjc brought Cmnmer, and our English re- 
formers, acqiiaintwl with several foreimi divines that had 
enihnu^eil LitUii-rdtiiMn, the |ifi>f(-cinr \\n> ]iei>tiJt<ie(l Ut 
invite them ov^r; and iiiimediately thrrre leanied men 
were senl for, viz, Peter Mojtyr. Mntiiti Biieer, 
Olid Pnuhis Ffiiriu^, all of ihem eip4*rt iiK*ik in re- 
fonuiufT; unci, though ileiiiEriiix) rfatefly to model tbe 
studies of the two uiiiveiNities. whieh «ere hi a very 
langiii>]iiug eouditiuii, yt^ they liajijH-tieil to hii^y ihfuu 
selves more than some desired, ami Inid the plan of a 
refonniition. neeordiiiff to the ZuiuclLiu and ralvinisli- 
cal ia*te, ami, hi ntaiiy respects, pn>ve<l *;uc4'e>^ful. Peicr 
)fwt)ri%iL-- |il;:red ill Oifitnl^ the nthrr two iti Cam* 
iMPiiljpf/ IVler Martyr vra» immediately niacle a rmiat] 
of Clirut-chiirch ; "with him al^o :Rttlcd his beloved 
wife Cachariue, a^ tl*e wife of Dr. Richard Cox did, 
about the »aiue lime, nith hiu), in tlie di*an's lodinU|^; 
being the firsl wihim-ii, a» it wa^ olnrr^rd, that resided 
in any collc^-, or b^ill u\ Oxford ; by wba»r examjile^ it 
ms DOC only pormittetj, that any canon besidea might 
marry, if be pleiu^> but abo a head of a colkgc, or 
ball; whrrehy other wnmen. "r idle husnives, were 
toleiatetl (if the sbhI brad ;illii>ft«^l it) to ser\-e in tbem. 
Which act <bMdc tbetr pcrmittiiur of bainlin^ rhildrvn 
to cocae ftnoag tbcm) wm» looketl u)x>n as ^ch a dam- 
jiabfe DMtter by ike catkiio^ and others too» that tlMj 

■ p^PTT^CBiwnr.iai^lg. 

- - -- - - Mm A 


tWI. tt4 li^pil, *m 74. n— r ) 

*«T- »,] 



usually *tyl4Mi ibem coticubiiie*."' At Vder Martyr's 
orrivAl ill OsfonI, the reformers wltc hiigety ciicmimgcd, 
by the fiirte f>f his kaniiiiL;. and i^oiitrDversial ahilitias. 
TTiere was, at that limt?, u noti?d divme in Oxford, Dr. 
Ridiard Smith, who vinn judged to he a fit muteli for 
him, ill all resi>eet», and who immetliatily nffrn^d to 
cngagt' Peter Martyr in ix pubhc di-'^piitation {* which 
Martyr, ot firat, deelined, preteudinshu could not accept 
of such an en^aeenK-nt, ^^ilhollt leave from the court; 
uhieh briuff aftor^^anis obtaiiivd, Dr Smith, suspecrinjr 
lie shoulH he overa^%edhy the managers, and not »,l](m«'rl 
to speak with that treednm he dntiirerl, made ix demur 
bis turn.* However, soou after, a conference was 
'm|Bed upon, wherein Dr. Tre^ham. atul others, under- 
TOk Peter Martyr. The tiubjuct of (he conference was 
CLrist'tt pfL'senee in the bU'isetl tiaerament : ** hut on 
nhieh side lW victory lay Is hard to delermine, nTilf>H 
^B the coDferenct^ wad extant. The Oxford lii^turian ob- 
Bbervett, that Treshum, Sinitli, Cht^ey, and Mur^rau ( who 
eacouiiterfd T\iih Peter Martyr) were ail uxtraonlinary 
men. And here he hnuent^ the uusmaiiagement of some 
of the refomipd diviia-s of this nmversity : that they 
vent the la^st lengths of incIiArretion and scandal ; that 
bo>tb in Uietr ^erinons and at di^putatiom^, thiry treated 
the holy my»t<-ries in a very uidx-coinin^ nionner; and 
lie the eotnmon people were encoum^^d to mnke a 
■St of the mo^t Kolmin part of r^ligiuu."' Several letters 

' Wood* Albea. Oxod. i. 130. Sec olw IVtwrni, Thrco ConTcpnoTM, 

' fKinitli loJ htvn kin^profcMoruf ilWmitT in tbc umrcrrtJIV) Mit luirl I'Oi'n 
LfdUrd (• milt*., in tto pKCod^ou yt*r. >tiui>r »dc«vi1l'i1 biiu- At^ton. 

' ^Sinrthbiiil edoI MurtvTthiKk mtnJipni iJw tumi ami lonrr^or tbi?diK|ii]Citiiiti, 
' %'nfi (iitv w,tEirn^ I"' thi' .-irr(^-:il fifthi- iiit\. tmtnH M' ihr privy ciitiitcil f»r 

LiH i^uu Iltc <h»ihululitfnvHi, <|[iin J iiiA^Jlnilihiu -juot dkxi nirfiilpu-ndo« 
in rri'itmalyt. prinrfiiircL clnm >r, ul nbi]iii tvniiii. kinio itJcm pnKHtJiiitiiin 
ipBit" (W<,mI, |fi*<. OirtD. W7), l\ H [irtT uiilifci-lr ihjil tl*i^ nppiir.lim'Jit 
CoE. «v1k>> ifriUi Ifollviri, l>uhp|i iif [.mi-trlii. tli'yi'frt, ilntn fil r,xn/*r, »tii\ 
OlItfTk, «:■* avTit rli»*T» fn'ni llf <'inirl tti i»j't «x iitnAemVtt, mn MT1 alrk!i_ 
R3unD in Itu^ mind 1^^^lJtl:l fMrfinM4^L[ini.tnf<oi> iinfujr ilHclhiiin, Ti^mrlont, 
fccl,w^ vu pmrifT, ny* dun Miinvf vmiDnvl W'\ »>iiri»'|U IliL-LlnUlciigr, 
■■tJI bp w KHirTXl that C'vi woiiM j>Pr<niTr. Vv SrIiJHirt. I. ii- '2i}C',^T.^ 



[h4»i in" 

paciiied between Barer and Peter Martyr, conoeming 
this cnnferelle^^ Bnoer was not pleased with Mjirtyr s 
\VAy of arguing; for, instead of denying only n Lornl 
pregcuce, li« seemed to reject a real prt^nce ; whlch^ 
Bueur pretends, was going loo fiir. This coufereiicc* 
which IjCKftU May 28, 1549, was variously rci>orted bjr 
thw two parties ; especially Dr. Treiihain, in tin* preface 
of hiA accouTit, tHX€6 his advrrNarii^ii with many notorious 
iiiisrepresentatians, aiid romplains, that Martyr, during 
the conference, w<^aried the a.'taembly Milh tcdiona quo- 
tatiuus from the fathers, merely out of oeteutation.' 


Avc it) digpulalkn^biUi «iro dcuiijiii' in aibtiitiii fnmilittnttufl, diattf rcDtn* 
luifim lionnullw Tvf»muiM iiidiiriLu iidtLi iniidin tacn iay»1«ri» Unotavc. 
rum luniMjn Hdn nthrunit, frrum ia^ilri" <l tvitfmwttn lultnt/in ttrermrnati 
()ii& niliopc i^urtcntFDi, quod iLiuiit, [nipulum incitjWut: ntKukiu hilniioiiu 
jikmomt. r|iiiim iil1u'tJf,cunlil('[iii,prcrLLni«dcniL]ucclliii|ji.iie viitp KrDkaiiibiu 

' [Thr mlwLinjo: of Burer's aJiJ MjiJl^i^o IcXt^n i-i Kimi hj ('oilier, ii. ^7% 
S7-I- Tnuduiiti'i (ircfittf^i^ h-Uvr Ut iIh- ivmncil ih in WtrvpcV Cn^imcr, 
Appud- 131> Suo oJwo W(H»i, HiHt. Oiuii- A>7, 'JCH— Tltii pmiiU, diMouHih^ 
<at lJii3 acouiou, won three: h WliclhcTf iu iUl' aociiun^ut of Oic (ucliariiu 
tbcfV wuun; tmniubotantialiflii of tht- tirv^d niid nino inki tbv hixty anil bloud 
of Chrifi [ Ul Wlwtlur Uu boJ^ uid Mmi>i[ .if C'tirint wen vtmaWj or turponJIji 

blood ofCbrlAl vjvrc ««i>mTuvTiUiJ]y imilod wLth IL« Urvuil uii'tvniie. OfoouBM^ 
th« tint and iconiirl wpn^ donlcd. ihc ihlrd kHcrtcd, by Mnrx^t fend hit friMMb. 
Tbo r?f(jntktr'i ur^mtiikti %tt detailed tkj Fua« (iin UIl tx, IOo — 'lO^J, in a tOM 
<if tritmi]>Ji not iiiiiinuil wtth ibat wnUr : but of tile nrplioi vHiiE oppunmunot 
M wiinl 1* 4'iiif, Thi""t nr^ eiitvriilly inmn'jojsl ; imri* it ki^mii Ihiil uTivivrord 
of ihfin huh lifi'ii pn*rTV4^!- KhIImt P.tmjh*, lioA^ipr, in hi*" Bivu-Mw^f Irn 
|litpu1iiti<iri* '■ If. II. '1 "^^. p. *<!► — -"1*0;, bjia tiFiiinilJUillv <u[ipliH ibi'ir kifc«: 
wbiJi' Vniih p i,'ir. . !:■ il.:it Mniivr WhM «> prt**!."!! hy tlip cimnlk* fiUjtiitDiiis, 
juid vf> riilisiil-n iiy flu' ■hiiiliN-itv, ih'nl C^"ii,(n Tplifvf* hun fitiTp \hi' ri«^it* <rf 
mH<n dnl'iHi, pnii^iiijf^l lit bi* iLnfijheftJ'dlj huiiiiniinri] Ui Ijniiimi, htkI tudiJrmly 
fliuriilvLiI tJm iii4-f!llTi!f (1)0 .Si'hiMii, 1. Ij 2fS(i). Pi^ihaipH ll wHI ho lboLi|;hl &i 
nflVrmniC ouortmrntUm of iliU tiiifiiu'iii, tlmt, rrf tlii-Uirw n»t*i.lfiiija<'iic*^niil foi 
dWiJMiiiiii, F'lKc nji'lii-!! iLu ar^ununiu tmij on ibc ilmt nncftemnil, juuKhnpftk- 
iiie '||T BUfbleiiU, Iwitri iln' ihirJ wPjoUy uiiiirnii'i^d. 

BiiMiliTi J]i>< iliiipiiiiiltutJ^ tlinv (itlK'i>i rLillLmol. ilitriiiir iJu.^ ni'it iiKiiitb. Tliry 
wi'Fi' belli nt r^Udt'jidpr: lljrif luriial on Oiu Miuv nultjvtt u> Ibi'if |irt^lcrt444ur 
M OxJiJid : j]Jtii« ILLv LlJul, wurc i.lilvllj naurlublc br tm: jwJtlitiu^iiy willj wliivh 
ibu idbnJiFin lUAJsktl uci ilLMJUMhiiLif iha namHrr, Ijdoit Lht--^ hod dr«ldi:d ibc 
/ii<l. of CkriAfA iiJEIiojnl pn'H^ntc in tliu butTHaDiuiit. A| tlit' v]oiF i>f ibu flrifu- 
tQvulA. Kidli'}. wlin 1ju>1 pn'4ii]i;J tJU \-M^h irtiaiirjii^ ■Idivi.Tiul Ij'u divLMun- Of 
ibr iviil pjiM-nit- lir ^id jiiiLlii(i|£: hnt lir |»LirjiouiiriHl J^tlull4l (bi' VLLnLki:u/ 
tbrulUu; tuid lit^umiiriuufil UiUi>u1j)»Cuiitiuliiin uu live dUtiiieL i£iuuiid>> :-^" (In 
uulliujjl). iiktijraih. aud tcid^ uf Iriily SihpUtii:; iLc iiitJ»I crndin U-AiinnujU* 
oT die ait<k-i|il i^LoLk fotiirnf; Uu dclliiiULru uf a Mv;r>iiUL'nL ; tlu^ nbumitiAMi; 
LcrfnT of Eutiolic-^ iLiul luielil cumic of ini ii qui ^Idiilih linn i uiiil tht.- njiul lurc 
hdkfvf tbtmUdvofuuiiiiEiU' UtWKLUikd jiiCljWi^u' '^ituiL^ii 1-U. UO)^ 




I lUl 

>Vhilc llicse disputes were carried ou, between the 
,«r^ qikI ttic cotliolic !>nrty, Ciklvtu kept a contin- 
trreepoiidetici'' with ibe fori'i*rin-r& employoii in 
id. " He lirst bc^aii U) quiirrfl with ^mo pas- 
11) the sacrpct liturgy, and, afterwarcUj never left 
fifing the Inrd protector, and prartiHng, by ftis 
agents, on tbc^ court, tlic eounti-), and the nuiventities, 
till he hod laid the first foundation of the Zuingliaii 
fifcctioii."^ Both Calviu, Bueer, and Peter Martyr had 
luany thin^ to ullr^c it^uici^l tin- tu'w liturgy, as well 
gi-ncml, aa in partienlar. By Irtttrr^ to archbishop 
rraJiraer, t'alvin " ccrtitica hiiu, that, in the pcr\icc of 
iliU church, lis then it &toofU there remaiued a whole 
mafM of popery^ wljjch did not only darken, but destroy 
^tod*a huly wor^hip/"^ And, in [vtrtindar, ihi* afurei^Hid 
Tvi^irn« iiivri^b Vitlrrly n^a>nr(i pntyrr for the di-Jid^ 
ivncAtion of ancr<Os »nd other practircw and ccremoniea 
owed of by the litur^". The opinitm the king had of 
606 forei^ refonaerp, \y\xh tlie impression they had 
upon tlie people, by their clamorous exceptions 
ij*t tiie eoiniiinji pi-ayer, at leiijctb obLijont \lw 
iuistry to have it reviMnl anil purgnl; and l)ir 
VfBA m bent iipou it, that, as sir John Check assured 
Martyr, had not the bishopfl, and other eceiesia*- 
ticfl concerned, yielded to Calvin's remonstrances, he 


'TbtfV**t MJE IVrrtvA, ill ■ pAMiicc ix^wprfully i1luqtnti%^ nf bb peculiar 
i»o, " lJif*c hf inai^U-i imiivc'i firii Uilirrnrii»,'if «i^Lli*[if lUfti^v KulMtd 
tlw 4.vrc wLich ht lucullvlli »i fumlliraud vliiliti'lidf , lu. nflrt. vnw AtitiM wc 
i^Viilu «xttvij]ij4iirrit> riT liii iir(fuuiFi4t>, i>n\y itcrv I mil my in 
thai ibc n«iUT ^Wll ItDi] liia nullKmlv, iDaje0liE\ lUtd Tcniv o( *irri|>* 
tnniulnlitotmii-ii, i" he n iiii:rtv Taiim nntl vrmitj ; Ur hi' bntli 

thvni rout cTnuvni'l<r n^^nim^ Uiui- Ul'. Uikid iJuUc, wl Utv ^cliumiin A a 
ivill piuvt >i L''i/lti|-i? i'i iki vLiL-iiL;lh tti nil ; For tibl Qm iruc nulurc vt 
i0ai ftUudfdt Hvll wiUi U:ii)tutslii»l>jiiJi?iv lUt fiLurtb Li'ud >k]inti^ 
callvil tbrto '* pijuMJ-v "^r fulJur tu-tnl nmn(j»'l, silwut IIhj lnT*-»iii* "f 
rUt iipjiv H jtE]i|ilJ^, uiicl Ui'Mih'li*.' |iu/^vIl'i1 tlLcmii; kr lIuU tlw 
Eii1l'>brf« uoiitftUTitlrtJ(/e twi> Ji-I ml iiutiiiP* iii CLiiiil, Lcilli Jio initns 
■illi UaDfubitiiiiluiliijii, ilicik K<h'Kcilpi vilh Korot- Aui^ fiiiuJLy» 

trt w»l im. l-ul ih a inif n- ini.ijriiittt»"ii in llic njti; lo will, iik;fci, foi )w> 
luHi w C'briU nvifnili^l luUi b^rixvi^ frj;K>^ llf^'^ ia uii IniunuUuniitdimi ". 

' lUjUtt, To tU K^diIfT. ilL > llryll:*, 107. SM' rIio f^. 7U,WK 




[viar )•*, 


linfl lAken a iTSolntioti, thftt Uic Becnliu* power j^hould 
laaiifigc tlic nfftiiVy and see it executed-' It is not known 
who were the )»ersoTis eniplayed in tins work, since 
iiothinjf L^an be inel witii, eiiber aj> to their iiamt-^^ or 
manner of j>rvct't*t1!nj^» i^tlitr iti thi- ails of eunvoeaticMi, 
iir any nihrr rc?ronl ; only tlmt thcfnllowinp; a!l<rratIonft, 
which reilui^t'd the book in^arJy to its present fornix ui-re 
made. The unction, cxorciBinj and use of tlic white 
garment in Iwiptism, the ftnoinrinp of th(^ ^iuk, mid tho 
Ki^i of the erosw in eonnrniuihui luxd inutriniony wcra 
nhotinUrd: the form of iihsohition wait chaii]a;L^ ; th 
rommindnwnts wtrc introtluctril into the {^ommnnioji 
service ; and all tnicts of prayer for the souls of the 
riepnrted were removed* Thi? cross, abo, in the prayer 
of conseeratiou was omitted: an order was introduced 
for knt^eling at communion, with a ruhrir\ however, 
nnnexerl^ »<ignt^ing tliat it was rLOt for adoration, hut'^ 
only for decency ; and^ in place of the words, used at 
the delivery of the elements, ** T/te botiij qfottr Lord 
Jt'itm C/trhf, ^hi€h was ^h^cn Jor fbce^ prc^enw th^ 
hothj ttntf- xanl vntn everlnatin^ ^if^" and, *• 7'/*- hffHui 
of tmr LtiTtl wfi'^UK (Utrittt, wfiirh tt^tji ithfti fttr iht'f*^ 
preserve thy dotfjf ami sout unto cvt'rlaifting i{fe^' waa 
suhstitutcd the more apjiroved form of, " Take and eat 
iftis^ in ri^mfmhrancc ihnt Christ died for thee, and 
feed on him in ihtf hearty hi/ faith with tA/in/fsgivinff^*' 
and, ^' Drir/h thijt in remejiihranee^ Chrixt'it tdond ar/z* 
ahedjhr thee^ and he than^'id^^ ll is Dr, Heyhn's 
oi>iniour thai these alterations were never agreed to in 


' Sti7p*'( C'lnnmot, Append, IW. [A* n prqinmlory ilcjv Aloi, or AIkiu*. & 
Mrttsb dLvioc, nu p|a[iloiv(l tn jtro'iuop ti J-iliri irruiF&lutii^n uf iIk* book. In 
^Dbiifnrta, itn coiiU-nle wnre siibiiiili*^!, Tirhl la Hiirt^r, uthi Hft<<fw:ir<lK u» PfllcT 
MflTtyiT thf Lii^ipMi'iii*«<^f lb<' fiintif r WE>r<' ii[ipiiftMd mid '<nri<T4T'l liy thrliitlcr j 
iiid n cnuiiTiitli* nX divincii wns npjnmli'd Id n'orivi* ibiT rcjuiri, %\\A taxnt^i^ 
lh(^ toftlr tn fflnlflmiiiy w»h Ihrir \-\v\^% \\\vy\\\\ 7n; SrTjpr'j Lnrnmcr, 510^ 
3A^ Apjvnd. I<V1 ; BimK'L. ii. 14?}. Tlir FHirKTiincv of nucvA imimiulVL-raanH 
nmjrhi* MTU in rnllior. ii 21*^— *M — T] 

tUitvix iti llu' Utnrjry, ii> t|ni>t'n Kli/nltrtli'* n^jni; jrt, imrW \'ij\^ C'ljiirlnh TT., 
rhn i-cri'nii fii^' tVJi> rcsunril J^^iiiri (ihld.K fCijlliri, wb<i 1* \ifjf c\\^A. 1b. %m\ \\\» 
niTijonf of I-4lz]lbl'Ilt'^ Utur^-v. nl mriaiKC (mlh witli Uliniitlf ami wUIj ihr OiH, 
In u Mib*flfini'Ti( pigi' h:1o)Vii' kiJiT* Ciirrwily, ih-il, Oiim>:b \hv divincK hIio rr- 
TTi*d llir llmrj!^. m l,yv>, Ufl llw (HhiUitr fur nn'(ii*'iik|; l^io ti«'r*"(nn lo tJii? 
opOttrtttftlw mmuiuijicJiJili yul lli*; i^LrUiuntfnt, b i;ii[|fc»iinit^ villi '* t}iu rubric of 







coQvocotioQt which^ US far &» we ceul k^urri from rccarvlti, 

no power in Urn rGtEnif if tbcy c-vct bat at alii the 

hole affair of the ifofini?! and reformation bring man- 

ceil by a number <»t' jjirked men, uinliT the fUrerUori 

f liie protector nnd ardibUliop Cranmcn However, 

II l55:Jt the new oomiuon |iniyer was establiiilu'd by act 

f parliament, toircthtT ^vith a new ordinril ; l)ut the 

act wa^ not to connnmce till All-»>iiiiitfi (lay fDllowini^; 

fn tliat tlu*re was tlirec ouartLT^ii uf u year allowed to use 

llie iild litnr^,' Mr, CoIIkt oKs(-M'\t'*, that *' the first 

eommoti prayer book, authorized by a i^nrlinmeat in the 

:BectJnd and third years of ihia reign, ii* railed 'u vt-ry 

godly order, airrcoble to tlie word of God, and the 

Srimitivtr chuR'b, vTrj' otjniforiuble lo all ^ood pL'Opli' 
esinik^ to live In chrMiiiri etinvt^rsafioii^ and n^ost pro- 
fitable tor the cfttatr of this rrnlm,' Thus Hnoer's and 
Calvitr^ aniinadven^ion-i arr, in rffrrt, dotrlarrd frivolous, 
antl of no weight.""^ Upon tbrae ronf^icJe rations, st-venU 
emitieut divini^ of the ehureli of Kngland have atiH fol- 
lowt*d thf uld litur^, or Lijniijioik pniy<'r. n* tu all thoM" 
dtictriiiEL) points Irft out in the laU' purgati{m ; and, if 
1 am not mif^informed, have* attempted to make nnr of 
It til their little aa*cmblieii> The firfit time tlurir new 
common prayer woji read* w^a* in St, Paul's churuh, by 
bishop RtfUey, on All-«jiiuu» day, 1552. Afterward»f, 
the bt^hup^ be^can to hiy aside iheir rojH'S^ crosses, &i:,; 
the prebendaries aUo threw away their hoods, but re- 
tained their ^rplicrs; with mnny other alterations of 
the ?aine kind. 

Among fill the foreij^n divines, Martin Bucer was 
chii'fly attended to, not only npoti lu'eount of his le»rn- 
iiiK. but beetiuse he wns n mnn of tviiiprr. Wliat Ins 
llKiujL^hts were, eoiieeniin^ the present maii&^ement of 
church aliairfi, may ho gathcreil from a book he pub* 
limbed, intitled, " De Kea:in> Christi," in which he appears 
lo have projected a rctormation accordiiiff to his own 
tatte. In thJJ* book, lie c:iI1n tenths imd firftt-fruiu* a 

•iXlb^t? EliulKlb, llif^ \*i» l^riTi>, iij< Allium' J \v tliL' If lit, wire tuiiutt- t^ej 



KmrAKH v[. 


sacrilegious encroarhmcnt of tlic church of Romf i audi 
exhorts tbo yo\ui^ l<in^ to quit hn hnnrift of them* H6 
tt'Ils Iiim, \m ftnceatom maiiitaiTied rlioir cunqnt^j^ts 
ubruad) an*! yet, without these tioi|ui'^itians, found mcana 
to endaw t*1itirt*hi*s tintl hospitals at hunic ; but, naw^| 
they Imd srozt'd upon churf:h-knds, thr kSngdotii wasH 
rrdurcil to beggary ; tlicy wcxv driven from tlicir aiiciont " 
conquests I not an acre of church-latul left to beetow 
upon a fftvourite ; but, on t\w contrary, the rlerffy were 
so pillAf^ed^ U|x»n i^vtry piililir cKririLsioit, tliut they wcro 
tihlc to bWd no loii^r. He g(K^ on iu his i«cheme, aiid 
pirn ds f fir the marri^i^c of ctmsin-^trmaiis, iui nUo for 
marriage after divor<:t\ upon atvount of adultrry ; with 
several other such likp pieoes of cnsuifltry. Again, he 
k for haviii|^ adultery punished with denth, and all 
stnillin^ jM-iNQUft exooniuuuiicateJ, Thirn, \m xt"a] 
hrr-i^iiig out [if hJK proper f^there, he is for reforming fl 
fashions, as well a? faith and manners. For thia pur* " 
pofti^, he would have nierehontii tied out from importing 
triflei^, or any thing thnt tended towards the eneounu;^ | 
ment of vanity, or su]>erftuous dress; and, lo put the 
t?hitr(*li and Htiir** npiiii ihe Miriii- fool, In* wiw for having 
,aU the laws of the nation only in I'^n^h^qh. In fine, ha 
THIS for rtvivinpr the >Iokiuc ^lispeiisatiout so tar 115 to 
makfi even blasphemy, broakinp? of the sabbath, atkd 
disobedience to parents, capital crimes, " This book 
of /'Ae KtHgtlmn of Chrixt was ileilieated lo the king, 
and presented for it ne.w -year's gift- 111"' jomi^ prince^ 
it seems, was plwised with the perfornianc e ; began to 
draw a plan from some part of it, and projtvt a reft>rm- 
adon of the government/"' This was the state of the 
reformation, durinij Edward Vl.'s reign, The whole 
(tarried on by a rapaeioLin minisitry; the king, in a man- 
ner, ft child, and anex[ierieneed, tboiieh the Jiead of tbo- 
church; the coni'oeatioii silenced; the inferior clergy 
giving into any seht-'me^ to secure a liveliliood ; thft 
whole nation m the utmost distraction, in point of be- 
lief: and daily imposed ujxin by a few renegado friar*, 
who hwi U'^urpeii the litlt* of rt^urmrrx. 

Collior, li, SMh [UcffiTceuidtivtrectif tlicwork,—?'.] 







i«TiiixK«Kcr**iiU Hrmviiii^rar mi citottH ojc ti» lidt jauk okat 

Pitt aud praiw, thoufrli commonly bestowed upon tlic 
aiiforttinnU;, yet an.^ n token of merit, and of the sub- 
ject's dcr^'nimr ft bi?iU-'r talc. This scorns to havi-r bcrn 
the case of kinpr E<Uvard VL, whom, though qualified, 
Uy iLatur<!f to liavr been a subjert of paiipgyric, the cir- 
ci.mi^t»jiceA of Ills tif(* rendcHMl an object of rnoi^t men's 
pity : luid. bad not bis minority, and a di&advnnta^^^ua 
edurntiou, bocQ soim:* abuU-nK-iit to thi- iiLisoarrirtTCis of > 

[hi^ short n'iRTi, he mit^lit bu^o dcr^t-nod n iiiueh worse 
■Itarauter than what is cominouly given bt]n< Tbout^ 

[tliP basly liMirriage of king Henry VIII. with Jrme Sey- 

rimir, hi^ mother (the very day after queen Ann wus 

sheadcd), was no good omen, yet the issue of it ought 

not to Ik- ebnrg<.*abk' witb the ronfiequcnt^cs of so rnsh 

a proceeding. Ml- was boni^ or rather hurried into the 

world, October 12, 1537; for, as some of our hi.'itorianfl 

»taike nolire, the motlipr wa-* ripjied open to Siive tln» 
chUd^ or* at lea^t, Vins ^o abii?4e<L that »hc lost ber lift;. 
The feeble priuc« was iiur»ed up witli great varv, till 
Tobruary 20, 1 5^7. wb^u be wii^ t-rowncd. upon tho 
d<.'ceai^e of luK father, beiii^ littlL- more than nine yeiim 
of af^. If several biKtoriaiis (who fire but too apt to 
I^K flatter perftnnft in high Atationfi) may bf* creiliterl, t\\h 
^Kkin^ was a prodigy a±i to all natural qujilitiaUiun^ and 
^Binprofed btm^If so much, under Ids tutors, as to be 
^nastfiT of the Greek, Latin, Fn.uob, SpauiKb.aud Italian 
lanf^iiagcs, at aji age wbr'ii others eould not be judged 
capable of i-xprrsJtiiigtbefnselTeA in their motlier tongue. 
But th«n, when tbey describe him to have been a nice 
observer of p,}|itic», and a collector of the best maxims 
government, and not only thii^, but a proper jud^ 



[p*iir i 


of t)iB doctrirK.^ ruid ilisciiilimr of tlit? irlinrrh : ainct she 
tin liis private thoughts and dctcrmiimtimis upon thf!^ 
miUl.frrs, when he was scarrr fifteen yonrs of age» the 
account they give is very eiirprUine; ; and it J* aIlo^«rthcT 
iiiorLtlible, that a weak sickly youth could ever attain 
to sntAi hi^Ii iiinlters. H<>wev<.T, it is ^'iicnilly agn?^ 
he was a very PXlraDrdinfiry prrsoii, and, w ith tlie ail- 
viintfLg:^ of years and rxpcrience, might one day have 
(►Cfji the? ninn they nimie him. 

/Vs to the management of affairs durini;; liis reiiifti, ll 
kinK hud tlie niiuie, hut the miiiUtry were the sole cou- 
triviTSn There had hei^i ;t design, and a kind uf iitrree- 
fiient, in the hiti- rci^u, lietwern ScotlaTid and F-ngland, i 
ivhcrdn it waa propo^cd^ tliat pnnce Edward and ihefl 
young quet^n of Scotland should be married, or con- ^ 
Iraeled- This treaty was set a^foot hy tliose that tit- i 
vuured the reformation, hoping hereby to draw in theS 
Scots, who, as yf*tf ndh^'red firmly to the ^ee of Uonie;^ 
atid, for thifl and sonic other ptilitic reasons, Scotland i 
refused to ratify the treaty. Kin]? Henry VilL. hadfl 
alrejidy be^an to call the Scot** to an account for this^^ 
affront;:^ tJio present mini?iiry under Kdward VI, pur- 
sued tla^ ehiiri^e; nMt]^ orderirij^ ;i jinwerrul army tl>^| 
marrli Inward?! Scothind, a remarkahli; victory was 
gained at Mussrlburs^h, hy the line^lish, and several 
stnini: places takcUn However, this did not brins: thftj 
Scoti* to a compliance. They soon recovered tlieir lossies, 
and were assisted by the French, who ^ve the EngliT^h 
H diveri^Eon in Picanlvj Isik'ni^ from them Jtonlotjne, and 
other dependencies ; so as to leave nothing of the an*, 
cient conquests, cxccptiu*r Odnis, and a small territory, 
hclonginjs: to it^ In thi^ mean time, L'reat Jlisputes hap- 
pened amonp king Kdward's ministry, which proved 
fatal to some of tlie great unes, Thomas Seymour, lord 
admiral, the prntertors brother, was accused of trea- 
ftonable practices, and beheaded. Tlie protector Ed* 
ward tieymour, aoou aft<'r, came to tlie same end* by 

■ Liijg*ni.iii. ]:^'nJ,n>*— #-j;iw,;>7— r^n. 




the coDtrivance of Dmlley, duke of Northumlcrktid, 
who, by thi» means, became ma^iter of the kiriz, and of 
nil b» uflTHiix 

If any jiM^iwiit can lie formed of Kdwanl VI. 's rtjli- 
pion (which is a difficult matter, coiiAi<iering the un^t- 
tled state of churtrh affairs, durinsc hifl rci^i), h«; was 
not only a reformer, but so bi^otted in that way, tbut he 
ftppeared *^ holly tukeii up with the project. It is true, 
W Kt^Dtt'd not trM'liiied to fihed Moot] on that rurcount; 
and, thi^rt*fore, no E^aiioiiiury, but only pt^iiat, laws were 
executed upon j^uch a« stood off;^ but thtn he in repre- 
eented as itcriipultjus, to a ffre^it decree, and would not 
Kuffer bi» sister, princes-i >Iiiryj to wrx'e God in her own 
way, tlu^ugh ^lie bad a promise of it, at the (^iriperor'a 
iatrrrewaon. Nay, so Miif he was in hi:* jmrpose, that 
bis divined could not persuade him» that such a tolera- 
tion wn5 allowable, or thi* promise binding." Marl his 
tutors taken eart* to have informed him of the faith of 
bis noble ancestors, for near a thoujsand years, had not 
tills pretended xeal for the reformation been dovvIl^i^llt 
rlkikiishness, ignorance, aud bigotry, he might eatnily 
Jhave overcome his scruple, in tolerating a practice which 
the Christian world a^eed in. On the other hand, 
he VkHA eichtr ill priucipled, or, at Icajit, his zeal 
der a wrong influence, is manifest, from many un- 
iistjfialile inelhods, during his whole reign, *\hirli tire, 
ken notice of by nio^^t of the refnnnetl hiHtorians. 
bcT tell U3f, that nil things were managed by a rapo- 
ioos ministry* who stripped the ehureli of all its micitut 
T^htSt tiiKin u preleiR-e of haiiishiiig superstition; and 
that the Itirig, to his dybig day, contimied signing every 
ord^r, without thought or retlection, and that his 
last lioar^ were cmployefl in subverting the cata- 
bliflhed lawf^ of the nation, and altering the snccet^sion 

I ' nrtiy *• m^A mutiuHl nff*' IMA nmni only \hc prvfofoti of ihr (Uit'ictit 
Vm. lie » liK^: l^ut die tuiubfiB uf BijcIht atiil Vim IViia nil) ttn-w UiAl. 

\i ikr tall mill ibe imiitnluiiiUn of ■Lii:li * nrclnir qj CmimiL'^, — T] 

* ^Tbc pkrUvulort tit thb |iiu-l uf Rdnam't hislaij hUI \tt jprcu in tba i6U 

VOL. tl. & 



lu fiivour of tliP ambitious duke of Northumberland, 
who roiitinnally linzzed in Iijs mnjesty's «ir^ llmt kf the 
rrowii devolved upon princess Maiy, arrording: as it 
liad been st'ttkd iu the late rcigu. the noble projc<:t of 
the r<jformatiou would fell to nothing ; that there was 
the finme danger apurcht-'nded, if it i^boiild cotnn imo 
thi' Sfoltish line ; andiiiK> that butli pruicvss Mury und 
prinn'SK Klizahelh were dpchired illegitimate, by act of 
parhamcnt; utid then he c^riiftily su£!;js^'sted hin own 
embitiouH de^s^s, of having the crown pettlcd upon 
lady Jane Grey, of the bouse of Suffolk, to whom he 
had lufirried his son lord Dudley. This, he aaid, would 
bf II means irf eMabbshiiig the rt'fiiniudtcin, biifh Ihi? 
parties be'iu^ zealous in carrying it on. ' The kin^ being 
educated with an utter aversion to the oM religion, and 
both his want of erpericiicv, uml c^jrpornl infiimititi-, 
having biudei-ed him firom penetrating into the duke's 
designs, gave into the prnje^'t. When the ea-ie (';ime to 
he drbatal in ennueil, several of thr tiohility Khtrwe<i a 
diMike to the proposal. But, ut last, being overcome 
by tht duke's ttrgiiments, or rather by thi^ apprehension 
they bad of his power, ftjid revenf:r*'f'il t^^'iip^^'r^^'^bmitted 
to him t so tlifll the whole privy council, bein^ thirty- 
three (exeeptin^ sir Jame^ llales), a^eed to settle the 
croiTTi upon lady Jane (Irey, and an iuKtnmieut^ ilrawn 
up to that purpoaoj was siinn^d by the king. 
"* ■ Some ]>airs ( as it is reported) was taken to bring h 
archbishop Crannier, who pretended to be geropu-| 
lous in breaking into king Henry VIII.'s will and settle- 
ment frf the erown : but, as he Imd often eoneurred to 
break into the will before, and was as active as any of 
the rest, in opposing queen Mary> title^ I cannot think 
he could entertain any real temple, on that score, and 
that he ia very much obliged tu his friencU, for making 
tliat apology in his favour.^ \ft4'r llii?« Ntrur4igern was 
completed, in order to secure the refommlion, king lid- 
ward died, July 6, 1553^ len%'ing the kingdom in a kind 
of equilibrium, ^ to religion, which the ensiung reign 
easily turned in favour of the ancient belief. 

" > Gtvimn, r03' llnywirrl, [W61, pJft], 

(51 ) 



iiEfe — nEB rniExir^ t^ tux* — ^^r i^ I'unrL^invn — ^oiitjiimpi.ii],4vd 

AMI* OlttttS Kftl:c«TRE> — UtHV't I^HdVlPiK [O 1 11 1 \ODf OLL AMD «UrPOE-K 

King E*ln;ini V!. tlyiiig on the siitli of Jwly, lii.'iS, iht? 
duke of Northumberland JmmediaUly procured Jntie 
Grey, of the bouse of Suffolk, to be prodaimrd queen, 
the greatf'st part of tht* privy-CL»mcil concurriDg juj.r 
with him ; thoiiirh more cut of fear, than R^al affec- "*■ 
tion for ihe cau«e. In thf' moan time, princesn* Mary 
(who wo* rrlirrcl into Norfolk, tipon an intinwtinii. that 
she was to be seized, by Nortiimobcrland)^ writt-w to the 
lords of the council, nnd i:iss<trts her dnim ; whirh they 
did not allow of. a^ appt^aiv by a oommon iLtter, fitib- 
scribed by archbUhop Cranmcr; thcbi>iboj] of Ely, lord 
dkatu^llor ; the diik^s of Suffolk and Nortlmmlierland ; 
the rn;irr|t]f-sHn( of Winrhefttfr and NorthiiiLipfoii ; the 
rarb of jVrnndd. Shrewsbury, Huntiui:doii, Ut^dford, 
tuid Pt^mbroke; the lords Cobham, Darcy, and Rif>ht 
irir Thomas Clu'iiey, sir Robt-n Cotton, ^ir John Gfittrfi, 
sir William Pctre, sir WilUuin CVcil, sir John Check, sir 
fohn Ma^oii, sir Edwarr! North, and sir Edward JJowee.' 

* riliBi SniBHticm n v conveyed \n h hvxi, wri lien Uvllii- chi4 nf Ariuict«]« 

«il&e«Tniliilf orndfvu>l\dc(iuH ti Tcnad Uviy «l ilDildckilor, lii Utru 

bfdjtUre, uid. Invini: 4F»p[tr4:J hrK^flicr biDthvr^ tedh* hifuf mnl liicribu ibe 

|C*MiL wu Mil} cDik^-vWl. Cat lUt |iiif|iuK of * FnCRL]r]ilaic htt Itcfvn a^ Jmcw 





Soon after, the diilci* of Northumberland rmned &n army 
of 8000 men, »bii?h waj* Iq ass«?mhl(? at Nenniurki't ; 
mill, JLH the Hesign wa^ visibly t/> Ai][i|iort. llii* )nU<n.<st of fl 
the reformation, no Icsa than lady Jane's prrttmdcd titl<», " 
Ridley, bishop of Loudon, made a sermon in defence of 
tW und(Ttaki]ij£.^ On tlic- otbcr Laud, princaef^ Mnry fl 
had|^atln.'rL'd toi^L'theru coiiiidtTabk' body nf men, under ™ 
the oonducl of RatclifT, earl of Sussex, the eitrl of Rath, 
sir lliomaa WharloTi, son of lord Wliartfui, sir John 
Mordauiit, son of lord Monlaunt, sir William Urary, ^ 

of tfafjand ElUaUtbi sjiDkc of Uit intalomnt ciwd mid fL>n-ijcii cv>(iTioxiaQ» 
ofihc fonacTi ad J. baTiniJ poiTili^ out thci^jkUj^n to be ajipn^LmtW ttvm tLe 
tUftwioQ of ih popist ooiirlmlLtr] 1^^ (vmjuriii^ thp j-fiipTc to uplu^M tFi? f3^*pfl. 
Vid «uppor1 thii LitI''of lb» 3iulv J mi". A* min""!'"!' M*rj's hievlkd udlu-rrnor 
Id tlifl an^ni faitU, hr dcluilecf Uio fuMuwinif iuu-riiibiifr i"ininu]urtof an jnttT' 
TlOff holVTMsi luDucir iind lliat pHnoH*. only a few montni li^fiirqi, 

It iTki on tbr t-it-hlli <rf Npptrml'VT, in tlw piccndmg joiit, Ihal ho b&U viiHed 
Jduy U Htmidoii. fcr tiit immow, a* fK*B«uwd htj, of'* domj/ hi>i:luhrto}kfi 
]pHCv'\ H« wu FM'di-NWitb JAJT'uMlity fktid Mnduiru, wiu ro^'OKiiiWij' hj tltc 
pnawfH u ODV oTJivr fiitltfr'H rEi)L|^Uin)^, ^lul. Lihurii >1i<irt und ^'pJfiunDl *' ittn" 
tiirtuiioD, wk* TOi]ueBti>il to fciuuiu mil " illnc wUli Iht jIliiTrn ". AfWx dbittcr. 
Lh «ns n^a niliniUcd (■> lier pfi'vno?, nnrl, }iqi'iE|^ iiifumivit hvr Uu^t <mo ob- 
jcpt of hi« nril «'ii4 ilill Irt 'lo prfliimifrT, [iflr*fyd. '- if li imj^tt iilnuv Jirr", lo 
ptffit'h Ih-Tdw W mi Thf* fihllnwinK Siiiidiiy. Murj irjilinJ, bv dMinnif him to 
simIc^ thii niivwnr li^Ln^t'lf Ut* ri-pfUE^'d llir oETrr^ ix ^' t^i^ di]^ of hu ofHrv Hud 
tftlltnff": "*h^ piluti'fl tri ihe pBri*h c-hurHi. imd t•^^*\ liirii ihiT tW doon v«ilM 
be Opfli. thni hr might prMi:h,tf hi- a^iuldn tint Ihit ncittin iht norlivn woiild 


WitUy. " MjtdniJi. I tnisi ynii nitl iinl nifHiK* IndV ttttrd^ 

jMrtiT/. " ] r-miiul kll wlml jr mU ihnln wfjrtl, Tbiil iit not God'a ^riitrl 
nuw, iKut ftiih <ruil > Hujd. Lti iiky tiUmr'h iluvh". 

Ritllnf, " fiful'i i»«nl JEtJill (Hit. in all uiun; but Imlh iiwri Irnitrrr under' 
tUnA uiid pnictinrd. ill vieup ajtn tbui iii ochrn". 

3/nrv, ' Yiiu dur*t ui'l, ffir jviir r»ris U»*¥ ii> iiucbwl thni for fiod* *iinl, in 
Diir tilliFrV '\\ij\ lluiL lu'w ^"u ih. Ajid ju fm ^ur ufw IkkiIu, I ihiuik lacxl 
] lurvri rratJ any i't ibciu, iiui ct-j ^ill tU' ". 

Slit Lhtn ntldckoL lJi« rtliubat iniiomliLJn) intratUtvnl hy dx ^rniumFliI; 
dcvl«icil ibai nbv HU iiul bdiuid b^ Aubuiit tu diftdi^x tnndc iluriniE >1ii' ii^ti^ifn-' 
of hvr bru(b«r; •ml fumll; di^iiilwi-iJ iIjc: bL«bi>p wiib ltirKivjnt>, — " My Ijtfil, 
fcit yrur KriitlciLOft, lo couxc iukI tn iiir, 1 iVinuk jtm i Ijul for your uflrrtiiir bi 
pteach Wuic mc, I llmnk you never n i^bii ". 

Ai be rdirod, hfl pdhDcd tbrouiirh the fajdl H'berr be Ijud dtntd, and drunk, 
'vith nrThomu ^lirvfti^ thv i'ViXamu-tj pqtlinf-cu|i. Etui, in -in iiiKtiiiit. lie 
'mtvlleebid hiiucilf. ** Surilr *\ uid !»% '* i hnvr ilvue Aiiiiif, ] hi\i- drimk iu 
tbal ld«£f, wbcto GoJ'( viord «fl(fc'd Ijutb Intii rcfiii-'d ; wbcreas, if ] Imd fr- 
Bt^mlwttd my duty, E i^iii^Lt to huvc dejkLMcd iiiiEuciUBh-tv, nikd lo haw sUdiivi 
'Offlhcdwlorniy shorn, W'» i-"tMDoiij iignitiBllWihottW ^— ^^Tlif^i: word*", 
iMlds Uw historian, whit ha* n^nliH Ili« ttitry unor Ridley Uirmdrf " wrrr by the 
Biiid bifhcfp iLpftJiiiij with nxmii » vahvnmicy, Unit *i.mir uf i^u: bearen confr^vcd 
tlu^iT hjtir t^ vtiiiid ii[inKh( \tii Uioii hiiuti '. h'nxv, Ut 1, ix. 131. — T^] 

}»n. t] 



Bir John Skdton, air lletiry Bedingfield, Mn Jcmcgaii, 
Mr, Sulianl,&<r,»Tsho beinic 13,000 strong, and fiecming- 
Jvod to maintaiti tlu- cause to tbc la*t, it oera^ioiK'tl 
idcieii tiltiTslioii of afTuiri;. Thi' I'^r] of ,\ruudel, witL 
several of the privy-coiincil, who Im<l never any llkinf; 
to thft <luke of NortlmmhrrlaiKl's prnjV(*t, wmt off frum 
hmit and aetit thirty g^ntli^ituu to t<^iu!tT their olxdicncc 
to pritioo^ Mary : vijjoii which the dtike of Northiunbcr- 
laud diebaiidiui^htg amw, IfidyJane and tho whole j^rw 
|iarty suhmiUL-d thcnisrlvf^,* ;VA*.t this attt^mpt, '*- 
which vmf' railed thn nine days wondrT (it lasriiig no 
queen Mary contented herself witii the exern- 
le duke of Northumberland, thr priiicipal author 
cf ftH the di*itirbance/' Othprs, indeed, were al&o con- 
demni'd to dit\ h* IfuIv Jane (iri-y, with htT lutsbandi 
lord Guilford llndlt^; imd hulh suffered afterwartL^ ; 
hut it was upon a new provocation, pivcn by the duke 
Eolk^ lady Joncti father, when, rising again, nt tSic 
Wyat'fi rebellion, he at^eelerjiled tJie fate of tliose 
two nnfominate yount^ personp. For, as they already 
lay under s^tnlence of condfiniiation, for prt-iendiiiK to 
the crown, it woidd have been n wronK ^tep in politira, 
if qiicrn Mary had suffered thtm to hvc, whose father 
had rclapaed into rebellion, to support their claim/ Our 
htstorianfl take notice, that, "before this revolt, the 
queen j^eemed disposed to deal sreiuly with this lady; 
for, after she \Mts> foiiud gLiilty ctf hS^li (reason, slie had 
the liberty of the parade in the tower^ and of walking 

> OmMd, 1177. tlH; ?9T. [I thoM n^nmrk. I. Tbnt Marv^ 
itmm^tmtaMrA V> urn Irnfi Umn 3rM)i^> riii-u |l^ttrn> liv' Phncifi. i. 137); 
!L TbI iht rarl of AmmJi'l tiaii ikt loni Pa^rt wi-ro Ui» <tfLlj pmoiiH nrnt if 
tbr conndl, 1Q u^kiirfiBlrdjff it< fiihuiiiKinii. The Ivtict. of irhidi thoy wont th0 
tttirtfiL, ii lit SiryttrV rnminpr Mppr^irl. iririi. Mirj wnt procUlraffd on tb* 

' flUcblM >£oit|]itmlx;rlAnrl, iwn nthrTK, jdr Ji^tin f«ai««^ nnil tdr Tbomaii 

' [Ift opindildn ur tbia sQitrinrtit. Irl uh* ciu ihn mi^n icntlM^, Hh wp|1 m 
inoM* humuir. iniin^im rif Dr, T^iui,'*irrl, " Her (i^'-'^ K151 ho, ipnibln^ of tli» 
bdj Javir, " hnn ln-fiin' Urci *iiiit»tl, h* 11 pli^lip' ftjrih.- tuplly i:>f tlit liokiu^ of 
SuMk. Tint iiZvd^' njj>. iMdi^U Ffirlbllnt \iy Ihr nihclliirii n'f Ulp *lvYe \ hiil 
h mulJ hHirtinn Co du: Uimimf uf M»f>,tr>hL:1iBilmtrlirijLii(t Uh- ]in>WH'(]tloii« 
and rrAiicil lu riwi ^a iJic daugWl tkic? ^(uUt ui tbr fuLlici", vii, 1tLV.ii<?iv 

edit— r; 

in the q«ani'« gardi^i : hut now it wa* thcnght nece^ 
sary lo proceed to cxticinitirs, and that tt«r qnren could 
not be «afe, as long na the otht-r was living. • • • In 
her speech ftlie ownrd herself guilty ; tLOt th&t fihe had 
RTBgped at the crown, but because that she had not re- 
fuHL'd the offer/'^ Agiun, it rannut be dniird^ hut that 
thf^ qmTn gave grrat instances of rlr-mcncy and niercy, 
in rtsntrd of many others inrotvtd in the same ^lilt ; 
vix,, the rnrl of Huntingdon »nd lii& son, AinbroM' Ihid- 
ley, H4^nry Dudley, sir Ednmud Dudley, sir John Cheek, 
irir Roger Chohuuudeley, sir Edwaid Monutgue, togu- 
thiT ihi' fwelvf judges, mid siiTne ciflln- pntwij.wl 
mtn among the clerj^y, Cranmer, HidJey^nnd Or. Kdwiu 
Sandys, &c. These, with many more of an inferior 
rank. thon£:h they appt^art^d at the head of lady Jane's 
partj', were peiierounly pardoned; but »ouie of them 
still kept HI priiion, by way of eaution.^ 

It ifi hinted by some writers, that this opposition, in 
favour of lady JaJie, would have bcxn mueh strouger^ 
and eotitinaed much longer, bad not queen Mary made 
the Norfolk and Suffolk men easy m point of religion, 
with a promise, that there should he no alteration of the 
nornliip fHlal >li^hed in iht late knit's rfi^i. Rut it lit 
misrppresenting the tlic promise^ they speak of, 
wafi no more than a bare intimation, that nothing should 
■be attempted, as to religious matters, by eompukion, or 
in an illep^al way. For more than this was not in her 
power to promise, seeing she eould not divine what the 
VhiHiloiii of tlitr nation and legislative power would he 
pleoz^etl to determine, upon the occasion. '*lf they 
engaged upon condition, aiid articled with their uove- 
rciprn* their enution went too far> For either she had 
a ri^htj or she had none : if she bad none, their corres- 
poniletH^e was criminal ; if they believed she had a right, 
they ought to have run the risk of her government. 


twenty M-'tfft. When Uif lial ww ah<?»n to Mjtr^. ahr nt outc dwwierpoa 
throaffh tlic nniuc* d( fixtc^ii, and iJiuk nduved il to vlovvn- Apud Livg, 
tli. l-J2.-7"-l 




Bf^^^^i^^ l^^r withoai tertnttj and rested the event vitli 
providence/'' Now, lliJit slie went no fiirllier ni Iit-r 
BasumnceA, conceniing rc-ltgion, than wliat I have men- 
Cioned, appc&rs from the cout^nts of hor proclamatiDn, 
Aupi^t 18, J553, ineotioDcd by Dp. Tk^yliii. " She doth 
sif^fy unto aO her loviui^ i^ubjceu, ituit^ of her mottt 
gracious di^ptisttion and fjinnciifv, her higlmesM mimleth 

I not to compel any her said subjeetA thereunto, siii^h 
hinc as farther order, hy conimoii consent, may be taken 
liierein/*^ It is true the Suffollt wen petitioned, that 
there miffht be no alteration lu reliKion ; but she' made 
no prujuise: only she ^iive them '* a very hopeful au- 
itwer/' which aiootinted Ui no morep than that she would 
latttmpt uothiD^ in that wbj, but by a general coa»ent.* 

' C-iUicr, li, Ma. 

'ItiTylin, ]<>:i 
* {Amndcr* fp€*ch, apud llp^tia, I'la. [It u ptoWtlt, iMiLvrf, Umi Mbij 
nrwo ^pF^^i* promiBr on the (Uhj<vl ^ul tins ^]>c«'li mccnmiiiljlT prcvn, 
pnt miy that lirr n'rmh *m sin-TjittMi' 'tf n e-m^Xnu-Uon, fa'oumljle to the 
tMtr* Af t\v Ttinnnr*^ but iilui flml niiHi i''rnp.frtii.']irm wdi nrliiallv put rm 

Ahf7 pnnlunt. in tmtrr to itin thp tupijon of llir* ihhij)]", Iti fArl, It if 
vtcw» ukI in f}ilK moiiiipr, that AriiLrli'l hi^rr njigtHU t£i llkpm " KrlE- 
■•, lieti*1h)iu waTrpniT iiivnnitr*, "i* the Oitiiff prrtondiyt. \vr how dfidi 
Hipf>l (lijit tJiH prim-i"" Mn»j iiiirricti ntij allemtimi in it'lijj:^™ T CcTttiiilj, 





■IMM>ni ■ctTOBED— curcsiK^ or the RrroaHi:B5— odRjct AT r-Art-'s 

LVArtlHACV tBr^mUlllitl— UI^OTViK^TIOM t't lUtL knvil.HT ivoioiLir— A 
CONVOCATIOA^blt-riJrMinvVITll TMCItlCFxrnhirftb — me VOPC KOUlHATtX 

poii At am LRfjKiK~ct>nitr.bVo%itx^cK ucn^-w* pou: AVE>ii,%av— roui 

AnitttlTf IV UHfltAHp — lie 4l|40Lvr» ^Ut ttkttOV tntlH THE Cl*lVtiRK« OF 

-f»B rjiiinctj— ahu co^ftiHb tiic j^likhatiitv nr ahhii t4)i(i« — tub 
PAVAL AuriioiiiiY If, mrvTHKi^n- 

TuK obstacle of iatlv Jane's titlt* being removed^ quiipit 
Mary was crowned, Ortnber I, Ifi53, and the parliament 
met, the MU of the same month.' It was opened 
with a high maas in Latin, according to asiial 
custoin before the sebiBm, and the members of both 
houses readily concurred to make up the brr^ch, by re- 
|ieikl)ng thoye arts, which bad pa>i>st^d in the hite reign^ 






' II maal Iwrc brtoOy ikctch unraw of tht OPPUTrmeei of the latl Iwo iDOnUuL 
I. Siorf't lint jEitLictj. riu hi^mx^niinD to€v ibmtir.wni 1o Ti-«torc tlip uMipnt 

VL-iinlirji. WieIi lUm ^i^^it, hIi^' wnttP &>l}ir< riiiiiriir, rrijimim|j Ititi nilvirr;and 
bi him Mu »"t.1ii*r[<>l ui ficf*i-n'rr In ln-r piir^mM., ft* jmM^vnl^ Ihw^ht, witIi raiu 
llan« kjid to rr^nrl In no pnlilic nimtTim, iintj] iltr hitd iiriuinivl ihn (niLt-noii of 

pthhiblj. in clrfi-n*iMe til ihi* cmiHK'l Hvtl Ibi* nrfiiniUNl liiurirj »a* *Lili jipr- ^ 
Tnitu-it IE> rr-lAJEi i1» flmx- hi tho mevIec itf Llir rbuhiL, V(*t liit' iiiumj turPuXt 
iiiiidi.' tiu hrcjvl dlLrr uf Ikt rF]l|pcili, cr of Ivr dt^L^jA, TUr ritniif't «itii> imk^- 
llrfti *fciUjum di^cui^t tho Uwcl.iB tbc midei wilE pirimUj *c, ilir punlidf 
■kiwkI ; uwl tl >U- A^':«jui]h piuuvJed tu iitiTif'n.' nith Ulc nuMi^livd ipntcr' 
of wm^liip, il *tA-t i»'( n ilJjihit Ute cnncurrriii-c uf ilviL nitdHitily^ hy wlbcb lL« 

S. It VOB an iltc tlurd **t \\ta}i^t, X\utt Mati piiMidj nili^r«d l^tndon a« 
:«lLCCtk A« >lir p<iMV4l lit Lit ttpfimciiU in iIh' tiiwrr. (iimlincr. who had bccA 
dcpiitv^ uid ciMrmtitU'd U^ vuMi^^v, m die l^ic rfi>;ii> vn* tt-a, vitli Ih? oUi^r 
rtAk pfisiJiirrx kikvliiis: -hi Ihc irnro* In ilw nimr uf Utc tc*L» br |>(iMi^ttiii(«4| 
■ canif nitdftlin^ ikiiitrkM^ M11F7 limuM w tlir piirtv. J^bc tiitafd djini up, 
jgJtttifd Uimii wlltil ^i]» '^ jirihonvpi. And inj-UitlU «rlrn^l xhna tc he dU- 
elias^lEod' Two daj* lolor, UDi>n4?r r»od TuinlnH, iLc ippcii «i buhup* r>r Lin- 
dqn »iii1 r>ur1bJiniH wif rr1i<ii>ni. Oie fiiTniifr frciin ih? Xlan^ltoWn. Ibc Uttrr 
frjiii Oif Kmir'i KrtiiJ* 1 llaf of IthlrfiMier. uml Hi^lh nf Wt^rwitfr. *ha had 
^red tbr iwpn«AiiiaoDt,fth[iripd nlvi iii thr fiikr^iiivui, .if ihiit lydlaagucB^ 
, aad, iLvrtJjr jJUr, r r<nirl rxf ilrlnipii" l»iviii|f »nlfrnnly h-^tivtl ifaa prOCMd- 
io^^ Ukm ftmiti'l llimi tu thr latr- rrl|;rn, tin v ^t« *ll Tr*Trtrcd t* Uirti Tvufw- 

3. II thcw niAtktfmjLtloiit kif ilip infjnd Mliu^ almrriicd ilu^ j<u1niU7 of tb* 
nfnvwn,. OiM v«r otn It-* i^ciilmtt! to nuili- ihr hrpn, jwriapa w taOHl' 

rtT. 11.] 



in favour of the rcrfoniLuTiou; chiefly those concemiiig 
the divorce and her laaje^ty's prctcud^d illc^timacy, 
with several oIIkt* ronwruinff doctriiml mailers ; as 
tbe ourriagr of prit'?^tj^ niul Mi^ic>ut> pen^n^, coiiimu-* 
don in botli Icinih;, the litur^, the onlinal, Sec. Thts 
p&rliamcnt wa5 dU-HoIved, t\if (»tii i>f Dea'min-r. haWng 
^ne through all \Hn\m whirh obstrut-tt'd a rctinionj 
ei<!eptuig that of the sii]>reiiiucy, which was too tender 
an artide to metldic with a& yei,' However, all hoiids 

Oft lb« nolfttoe, of thcwi irht wsr oiill aUAflicd to the uicient fiitili- la 
muv pt*cn^ lb? muB *iu pulilLcl5 n.-4i1iirf<l ; in olhrts. iiiia^Rs aroir Affniji 

«vrv cvotinetnif. iu« uaftei|uc^l]y ]iriftukcJ \^ irKuliuiMil of tbr pwpfo 
^irjpr, iii- '^. BiinMCU- 'J-JU), On iIh! l^lh of ALi>fiL9% Buurut, a nuon cj" 
w coUicdni aikK VDDof tbr Mjn]i:iiiiT>1iiiiis viiflrip[>4micd hy BtJitncr ti* picuch 
•I >Sc. rnnrt (ha. Hindi>c»urFicw«» 4iKH'Uil ii^fiimQl (ho iuncn'iiioiii of dtc 
jdf^u. If r t|KiLr af pi^Jtr for tlic^ tluiul ^ «u4 ljt cE^-nountTrl ihr ^^^p^ivAlbn 
imail of B»ancr, a» liaffFikmus 9ad k1lct;ul, TIji' aUuBipij roused 
of (be ppp«laoe- " J'ull him Hoim ". cuL'lQimed d vo\vi- fpjrn thn 
** PuD him ^Ciwn'\ vat rv'^cliotd, m cvvv^ dirMUon ; while a lUiE^rr, 
At Itf piwghar fivtn ui unknown hwi'l> iiiin^i'iii>iliHl liiiu b> ocKunlt hb 
hj ntiiiiiiF mill tb« sdjoininir *<l)<xil l^t^^v', ^'t^, ''H ; Fr^?. iii. Hj. 
« owolciifil ibo precttalloiv tf lI Jl<1 not rx^-ku iW itlunrit of Muv. 
Ij «uiutinDi>ed die lord mayor ukI nltbmii-Q b<^(tm Uic mkrincil; 
tk4ni loinfbrai tJicciliXFiit tJiAl tlirywniild r>o lidd r.^t|>onub)o for thu 
^^■Mdoet^if lb«i«hiUrm md vmuli; jlikL L^onrtii' Kv rrpt'aijnt; u> ihrrii t}h< 
■MWBfiMi, wUeb (li* b*4 ^trtj mi xht ^vnUua lii^. Clhtl, " n\hc'n licr v'<^'^^v 
i.iW>ij>ii<^ !■ ilijiil ill iiiiillni 111" rctij^iiii. *it *.ht/ iiii'vrir'ili i^ralic^utlF nui |i> 
««QpcU or «tnLlaD<Jthi.*r Lumcfc (^ELfli^iivnetf,, oihprmH- ihiui (t^*!! xhiU^iLi «ho 
UWlrib} pDtt in thtit lipartcf d p4'r««jL»vi:i^ of i-\n- iruih ihiil Wic m m, tTkciniiifK 
teoppDin^ cif hit wiritp uiihiin<'in. S^finrLlv, vpnitmih.'iii<l Immril jTrtJ^duin" 
(Cmuirtl B"4A, npiul A^'ha-nldjiu, inii IT:*), Kin* i\ny\ Inter, howf«tr, a pR> 
tlflnatic* WH iviLtcl, Hpimri'itltv iril^iiiU'il Ui \\mliCj 'k i'\^t\iiiu xhtii Hrr'Umtion. 
b Ut Uw^wn liifikniM tii-r liiiT'ji^t'l* Xh-jt *he i-in ho Unj^r*' Tiuli-Omt rptiififin, 
vUck Gn And tlie votM kntrui-th iht hiii}k oi-r |inif»«l iram lit^r iijl'xnt-y '\ 
Ste Mttlit itlih. hidmL ihjil hTI htr Ilo^]1^< would unilein fnr^ilTi^ 1i: liuV«Jt 
dir" grindcth nnt U> nim;!^-! Xhtu uiFK'UiiUt. vjifi/ m/'A Itmr u /ttrlh/r imtfr, 
Jy«MDfiini «itfni. may hr rnkm^, w nhr <Jm'Uv TorhirU alT pcMuntt^ itdip 
>adUon» «fluiiiiir Ihrm. it k> lUtlnrti i!ie' fuiiiLiuiiv i>rku-r wilijn'^^ hj u^jiijf ^ thr? 
W<(bsuil iliiilith l.rf|ii:>i]r]Jii|i^kt dliit liriL^Uf'^ Slir atxj jirulinpilx ill*- |i|]1i)u 
aaknt oS kOt tratisn oi I)l»1> L}ucUJ]ij,- o>iiIruvi-TUY| pctLiii* of ilof mn^. nnil 
tftafffw the ckfgr oiul oUwn. nut si^ciully liuriiK']. lu itWtm fiurp prntfhlnff 
md c a|iw d aJi ntr *hp ^cripmif- ^n i\[r|*'iHJU, Nn- XV.— 7] 

* III Vfts firiL'iuUjr iiiUmU'iI U> iiittinur tlit^ ftiihjiN^L ni die ^iruirt'ilittri I Aud. 
tl^ ch£l virw. ■ bitl on* tnUvduittl lij Hx IqhU. b> wMcti, uiiiti'T vmv niiUjL- 
irn:, fi wiLt |trv|i«fcJ b> n'pcdl all tUt luui. iilaiini; dtbi'T Hi Etltpnriu vt Ut Uit^ 
itofiT. *ycA \itid breo pauni Lu dir )±it (mi miriii. U "n^ vuii di>i^rtrn^, 

wr. (bkt A GMliuf HiJi ciBtmi: uirn^i^ i1 > < ufpil-^ ■»■> ihv miNjihcI vf ilm 

ipruDNCjr. iftiK'b wu likrh Lv niiUuk'TT vIk h. . i - , i ilir mrnnun', II? pru- 
~ III fHMs thmfin, ftVLiiiUninl- m;UikiLJiiil ni*-> >uihU')il* pmPfjEUril, tot 

da>v; »uii, H^i ituifjun wdcuiUcJ. twoK^mi^ 1ji]1> wtrc hid bcTutv Ik 


were nl work to »;uniiauiit tliAt difllieulty, and put tlt^l 
untion iu the- ^atne stnXv it was id, before tixv fatal breach 
mudo l)v yiiy^ Ilt-nry VIII, Id tlip mcaii (im*", tl^i? ctin- 
vociuiiiii iiift, Ootolier fi, going hand in hand witii the 
tffrt houses of parliament- l>r. Hugh Wrstoii, deaii of 
\Vc-fltmini5ter» was chosen prolofintor of the k'wer housot 
and Dr. Harptfield |jr<?aohed a remarkablo ^ermoti| 
wherein hi.' luid o]>(mi ibi* mert-eimry and sluvitih coq^I 
desceiisioii of the English dtTgy, duriiip the two )al«^ 
rrigiift. 'riicu they proceeded to several pciintfl of doc- 
trine i particularly traiifiubstfintiation. The refoiTnera 
were ptTJiiitted to pkad their cause, and make what 
ob|ptTtioii« dicy pleased in defence of their innovations : 
but only two of them tboug^lit fit to open llK'ir riuutlis 
npon the orcaaion, viz, Uaddon, and Philpot, When 
the article of Christ'a natural presence was brought to 
a eonclution, only five nicmberB of the eonvoeation 
dissented from it, viz- Haddon, dean of Exeter, IVilpot, 
archdeaeou of WiucLester, PliilipM, dean of Rodiester, 
Ayhntr, arehd<?a<ron of Slow, raid Chtniey, art-'bdeacuu 
of Hereford^' As for the bishops, they scarce appeared^ 

tliJ! miF' nra1»li>«1tiiiu; tIil' l^limaey rtr tJie ifOfiHii, Ihe olhi^ rfp'-ulinff nil aei* an 

?iciu. 2! c< I And 2, Sfcinlw Lirii^nnl, vii. V.i'J). 

I sJuiiild mil), tliat two cithrr liill.^ nrrt ^iwn nftcrwiinlA in1ni<laccf1 and ati- 
ridl, wIkiw (►lij^N'l *it», 1*1 finitmi Uiii n-Mnrril wcmliip l>nm tlip Tjnlmcr of iJif 
rrr»nmTti- liy ilir IiA!, It *nfc |mi%lilrrl tliHl inv ivrvrti. iii*turliitijjr n pmidicf 
til hin M^mmii. itf ttiU'frupUiiirEi pfk^l jil Uic rrlubntliLtn (jt'ltviiif iiTvjtr> vr il^i^H 
fultma; ihv hi»L tir iiij Lirlu)-. LuuikiiLjj.irr dtfm^iur tW idian. mid Lni4[ri^ nf thl^| 
i'hnrclics. should It- iujfiri^uiiiMi, for (lit: U^nii j^f lliivi- ninmbi- R; thf urtrnd, 
ii.]\ pt'ifimv J4UIC1II Millie, li> llir JuimUr ul ttvdtu. fur Qiv jiurpow iif (ordlily 

rtJl*^r«Hf iW ji'lidiyj * i>LflUiftliiti liv Utv, niti- l?rmt'lil wjiiiiu llit-stJiiuiF fii 

Uic prviTiJticiii Liffiutvua iimliiLai- Ibrv lul^^l ^"' m'i|UJjviI by any ^nfXnv, ut 
tulicr afflcer, Ifl disrcJac; aud. if ihpy refused t* tilcy ibc ijiamJilU-, lliii) neio^ 

addon ftud ndlpoiHt'Tc iLc odIj rijfijrTUcrs, villi H|hfkerm tbiB ipccwdoiu 
When ihu hcoEW mcti on l-'riitny, the iwc-ntictL of Octaljcr« Wt>tna. iLvr prolu* 
iiutvr, iiriHiiii'w! twa piiiin fur llie »i|fnulutc ft tJii' nicinlicr^ one lawrtiup thv 
natuml jimcTKiciif niri^t in tlKMiuriUircTitt Jii^ ntUr ilcLi^iui; tlwt tlicaititJo, 
■ct teb in iho Ulo jvt^, bjid [xi>ci\cd thr? ini^ciitrn L>r ijiiit body. Tn iliae 
paprra oil prwcDt. cutrpl ibo live ]»ctsoAii racnliuBcil lit iUc tixl, iiisliuitl^ iLib- 
«nhcd' I'Uv Imirr, Ii"w«v*t, d-iimmil Tj> tUi' proprirly o!' ni^Tiinn *v)a»t bud 
nol tiw[i diMuiUMii : thvr dimiiinitt^d itn aiipcirtnuiiy of arpuui^ tbo (|tLviitJUii| 
tt^vb IumJ Lhmja propoica tc thom ; and, tv obtiuu ttiiiiii cluuii-<^ iu ui atacablj* 

4ar. ti-l 



_ki the caofic. Some of them were under eonfincment, 

aocontit of the litte ilisturbance in lady Jane's 

rase ; otliei'H ab^ioiii^ded. Sevprnl of th**m ooiifonm^d ; 

id only two i»f tlieni, vix, Tiiyl<»r nf Lliit^olri, and Hurley 

I lerefcird, mwlr tlif^ir iijt(iriinuirv^ in ibe h»ii?«r of lonts, 

fhcn the:<e e^r^iid matt<*rs wcrr debatinsr. Tha*i, the 

'ttfonnation wa^ rontmrtcd into q vm' little compass, 

nnd the whole njition quietly took np the anotent pmc- 

ti«« of their anc^nttant, as if they had met mxh im in- 


In th<^ Mxt plftee, vre are to look abroad, Low matters 
^erv. cftrricil on bctwei'ti the English nation and the nof; 
<jf Rome. Several j^reat difticultiL't occurred, which 
'di'd th*f rc-union : hut the prudent behaviour of 
tow', that wen* employed, qui<'kly overrinne tlietD. 
^venal letters passed between the queen nud liis holi- 
many whereof rehiled to cardinal Pole, who was 
h^ the chief iiLi^runicnt of this ^reat reconciliation, 
conclusion wag, that The eardioal lihould come over: 
Lt ht'j having many other concerns upou his bauds, till 
lese were completed, coubl not move, hi ihi^ mean 
time., matters were to be prepared by I'Vaneesco Ooin- 
:ndone» bis agent in Loudon, who wiut scut to reAidc 
lere, for chat purpoee/ At length, in September 16S1» 

. iheyyiiTe «fi in^ll}' inf'*nar Itntii m numhi-n and in l«>mtag, Ihcif <U- 

I in Uir dltpumiion, Thli rf r| [iiici whi^ rrfi>rn;it !4a 4 TH^lJlum.rnlliptiiihnpa; 

the hoiJH ■c^joumr.l, M «nil for d rtply, Wbm II r>liu^uM»J. ini llie 
'MfeMrtnp MonifMy. :hv prtibtin hnd hrva rrjrvtcr]. HaiMfiii. timn-foh', ti;iil 
Ajlvirr. rrfuv^l tr> riiU'ron thi* Jrhilvr iml <'liriirt ttiu. 11 Im^h, iiuLlilv^ ia 
opfii tU- tli<ii-ii<>imi- Irv tlrjrnK^. AirliuPr«iU Hudaau tiv» huth dmAii ininllic! 
uriijTwiii: E'};llijrjii «aii I'lulpiL r<tai}W»d,on ibsauw abb; wjil, fiiT fLiiir iJiryiL. 
ihr iliuuilirhU ixqitliiuul tu iiLiuitUiJa thdt o^nUto*. n^^nM tfir vhiTt- \*»\y at 
ikr caDvtuliaiL Of oouniv e^vh [oi\i^ u» ijmiilI. clntiLji-c] Ui Ih; il^Miirinith -^ 
tuA ina|:ht Aln»hiw cbfjiwi (Inr jrMiu jjijlI ImiiriLir'if huiinjj^fliilrdtkffdulnni 
j|»oppuim& bw V\-M\ lii. hV— .i^, YvT lu nd'iiutn vf tlit^ illspiiUlion in 
wUn Cnsnirr, Hiilli^, luiil l<itiiLici m-iv tuita]£f<\ M <.)]it»j(J. lu llip fuUcrvrUifT 
Ipril, It^pM, vn Uic uiuc writer, ii'i. 'My—7i. junl FrFtuu/k lUrtivA.L'. i. l S, 

IT iWPMijTtmT, licfv (>ut iiii|i<'Trc<ll> ;il}mtrt] ui. ilcvni? in bi> lEiUfO ijHr- 
lEdliocO' Tlir TiilrlliixtKv, *>1ii' li Atiiiiiuiicf>i tlicr luxvttiim uT Mitrv, 
ri*ni U R0111C vilti ^<^ljri|,-fc \t( tin: Itrdii^l i«iti»fntUoii. Tlir iionlliT, 
tlicard tu hvrtt inlu Uuri, iiinl, jiifU]illj»aniiTii>nEii|£ di« i^anlijinlB. uni' 
7r|uai«lft Tbcui urith iht jiyful liitinef- W^il]i ihc «ppioliiakiu of all 
be dim appMDkd nrdiiuil I'ale la V'™('^<1 ^ 1<V>1* U> Qw qiutik. Ihe 




lord Pttfict and sir Edward Hastings yvcrt 8€nt to Bi 

tss*. ficflti to conduct the ctirdiind over ; but the middle 
Noi. 70. (^f Nov4?iiibLT was passed before he took shipping 
at CalaU, when- kik of tliL- quecirs lotii of war x^ere 
waiting to convoy him. At Dover, he was itj^i \ty lord 
Moiitn^no and tlif biMiop of Kly, witli many others of 
the nobiUty,uiid their utteiidAtLts. Then, having L-ro»scd 
the country lo Graveseiid, the bishop of Durham and 
the rarl of Shr«'wsbury were there* ready to present hiiSH 
with the aet reversing his attjiindcr. TIil^ barge, whielll 

(^nippntr, Aud llm Liujf uf rrhiiuv; i^nve tiiui xtt}*vr (i> mit iu ill ct\.tm ti h« 
aJiuuM ilenn rA[ii-Elicult wicJumi nuiUui: in nrirMijU ilit^ My sr-r> utkd. Li hauom 
[u>, <|r|mrlLin; uii Iila oi^w luJuUin. xul liUii a num <>/ twu lUKi^tHiirt t^rijHtiF^ lo 
iJiifun till; cxpcijacsflf lis ioiiTin7(Kjynflldi,3Ui, S^- Src ApMniJi*^ Na XVTl- 
liiil ^irlr?. ill liiB iiJonBaUry al Mni^iiRfiuno, on iJir bomcis of the tiiLr nf 
CiuAEilfl. IjuJ «lrrjiil> wii^WiI Llir ilitliriilucA orOir t^iLUijiriar, Troiu Ujc duLks 
ofUic 1r^1J(*tJ \if liJiil iiTi ilfjiJre Uj aUrmk: Iml lu' htAJInlctS l^y i::[j(uiiijt the pou- 
Uff iTi llic jmshCL-iiUoa or a lioprlMs tcLcmc; unil Iil tliutjjflt UihI, l-t-fon hit 
■A*uiiirtl l]n-. diiimi-icr ti(vnsiiiy. jnC^^iiimtiinj »)LL>LLld he L^litiiitrd, jl; Ui the f«d. 
iim* auJ fii*nct*i[li>a5 af hi* i;i>uiilijincii. With xhU Hrr.TTirrrfrfrJif >i|i|j<i|iiciit 
n IrtUT lo Mnry (»M Appci^clLc, ><f, NVIJj, imd phwrinK il in lie Itiinil* of* 
tnifrtj H'EVAiit, iiJLiDoi nriir> l^aiiiiii^, [U^ il Liini, io oiiDpiiuy wtiL Gio* 
vanni FnuirrKu d>iiiiii<^i;U4rfLf^» ti |{t:iitK'niu» in tliii Huitu tif thti NuDfkr At 
HniMtljt, *»ti hi> viiv lo EnfilnTiH. Sttilin;- fmia Cmtcliiit*^ Ow tmvctlciv 
nrnvcdiu l^iDiJuDon Lhi- rij^bllMif Ali^ihI, I'l'imrngpntlKiMv lii Ihc dunu'tn of 
a KT^uiJt, CoinnK'»djiii« i^i ituit i»l u eifjrii^i't <iiijui (o w*tlf<» iLl- inyomil* iif « 
flfTi^«p<l iiiuJn- Tlioj' fuuu'i tliiil Mhiy uurTonnik'tl r>}' i-iii-inift^ And niauM n 

CmcT iTi Iu?r own oii}ntixl, wnii tiol cinilv fiOL-cuftiLk- Vt't *i-m(i ihys, thcf^ 
they TtmiLnrd uunoiiiic'rl itii^l iinkintwn^ niixing m tho cru^d, iItiiI cumfullj 
DOHnjjE wUil Uiii}^ jaUiTvd'l ; itH <'hiLiM'i' hL liiitj{1li >trrj|igljt tbt^n ta tho wikv vf a 
»cfviirtE in llip myn) tjitiiu']ioId, nninrd 1.^^, wiiL wlmiii l-ivtiuiiPiLilGLc Iilq fcit* 
Mtvtli twt-n H^quMntrrl In Italy. By tlir LitllunK^r of ihU {irnan — h« viu it 
mIiUvc (iftJirdulErof NVrTctlk — l1irt LiMuiiiL*<hi ?iivrcl idLttviiiv uilh Ihv i^iic«ii. 
PmoiniT d^ivrri-H Uw vArHii^uV* Md'T' ('iummiuliiin' moiv fnll? BxplflimrtI (be 
object (iflliHT imioiifiii : iwi\ ^Ury, lLii\iTi;3:n>Jsiiml thfrnnihtr mcndly ilit^pofii. 
Hon*. fin»ily ilwipiiU'hiMl Lcnnnmiiliilip witli a prt^Jiti' »iic>iiji|ii* u< rht "ptipt, fcu- 
fonii]ii»r him ihht- wilb n vjt'w lu rflivl a ittuiii'iliiiiion luiwfi'ri Iht hugdom 
11 nd t^iP l»>lv wi'. lilt Wit* iilnnii lii jiit^'im' tl*i' n'l^-al ul ill tckWK inimir.Hl r^t ih* 
ftneli^nl fttilb; dun. ni ihr lumtiutiuu ufluT di-vpi. "ihi- ini]i>J to Liii- ihp cm- 
rurrviKrul'tlir pm^iiir, uml llit u>9muuicviif tbL-iArdiual^ nit li'>.-]Lb>; liui tljut, ni 
tin? «Lim; tiriii\ it wuuld lu- TJivcTsnty to priK^tnl wiiL a]] |iiiMili(<i ombon, tu 
w»H niiid tJie |>c»jiidaf tcdiiij: iiBaiii*l H^mn' ^Liiuld luiit »ub*klii!, aiirl. in iha 
n«»tirtliilt. ini'hiUj L" iimctiJ Ucf piT*rij| m(;«ji;tr, jiud Ilit Luimituiiimttrnt, 
vtlilt'b nbrWH injwr calaMialiiii wilt tliu pope (lucopiiir ejilluiiwinu, iK I. Ift. 
1'. T. p, 407—410. with t\n- IrlUTu iu the Appcc^lin. Ni>, XVIEI), Pi»imiti|t 

tht'ii diMtiitocd, willi * IctUr written bj iht i\uvL-u^ in ikUiAcr iii Llial uf wMeh 
In' Imj WcH tlif tiowcrfrom IMc (tw AppDniIix. Na XI Xj, 

■fiiii IrtUT t'»]Wt»*d tbtf ilttJ'rmtnalHUJ '>f M-iry to uvuil hctwli" of iJ*i.' fiol 
fctoiiniblp n(»|>orHiiii^ fur iwUrmji llw uiciriil tuith ! il mn foUowcil br |«* 
Oilers. i^pliuniiL^ Ihv didiculUM of hvr ftlimiitm, "Uitiui; the inn*j»il>illif uf 

IT, ll-l 



rftg prepared to carry him up the river, had a lorf^ 

tivtr iTo?^ Hxed al thi- »u.-ni ; aiid mi iiifinitt* munber 

bonb^, fillrd with pcr^ciiH of all ranks, attciidf^d ivay. 

ipon him. The bishop of Winchester stood rcadj\ ^*- 

\X Whitehall -stairs, to rcecivp him as he landed ; the 

:ing WAS at t]ie ^ate, the C|ueen at the lop of the palace 

stairs, to coin|>liment liiiti npoti \i\* h:ipp^ arrivul. Aftt^r 

Iir yviis laiiflcd, and sotnt' MHirt iii>rotin(e hrtwcH'n him 

and thi^ir majeTstieT^ he wiu» conducted to thtr nrrhiepi:«- 

copal palace at Lamhctln which had bct-ti prcpartd for 

bJH repc'ptionj Not lonsj after, he paid a visit to their 

toaje^tieA. tokii);; alon^ ^\ith him F>uch lettert^ and in- 

Ktraetiofis as lie had brought from Rome. In The next 

)liirej lie to<»k hi8 m^aI in tie roancil, where he opt^ned 

power in an eloquent :^ecch, mention iii^r the bu»i- 

bc came about, with u general idea of the method 

teconcilinir the nation to the >M.'e of Rome- He was 

tDdt^l with aiiotlter spLxcrh made ijy bishop Garduier, 

ird rhaticellor, f^i^nify^in^, how willing the nation wha 

be freed from those misforhmcs they had lately lain 

idcr ; and in particular, he lamented his own fate, for 

Lviiki^ been so histrumental in promoting and abetting 

icir defectiou from the hcly see.^ 

Xinniff a ntftfiOT^Hinn <>f ihr fipnl outhorl^ in xhc j>n?Hiil narUampnl, unil 

_. nrioiE thv atriliiiB] (imuimuU Lbv iiitvrc«U both L>f rr-lii-im) nni nf bv ciniutrr, 

in iL»>iTmi>1iiij7 li* ytnnits icrn ^hi'rt mrfii^ (uv AjijhiihIii, No. XX,). Tbitt iC* 

'ii|[tt lU'c (W »vTipJ»t iH hit oiltK-*?. nftBP*rT,«ilii' re^UPiilftl him 1o pmv«jt » 

riLBrls. nbprr ^bc r«iii1'l rm>rr pamIt L^mTTunicritf wilh Ijim. Bui tli« jmJau^ 

' tiw rfiprrrf \i»A l^rru wvflk<iircl lii' hucl l>(tti imishl to wgnrd PivImu tli« 

nftlMfifl ijiv rinn|iflitfir, ni t'lnUj^ in tlic |ini]«'c'l>Hl irMrriH^ vrilli ihtr 

cttd ft* tuuunni, llirTrriE>T<% rt A\tr\ tbi- itHnt7''r t<f ^*' Hi^imJu^iirlt*!! ffnii 

imsp» by Ofd^rlnp Mm xjy mnjijn In tiiTinjiiiT- Pcilt* r^ttrr'l to Oil- 

Ml ihf 1>B0u1>p. whrniv, jiftff ilir rniirlnvjiii lir ihr ironiy of nuirTiii^ 

M»r» anil Ihir nrim-p nf Spflii», ln' win wr IrtJi^ti tKTUimi'd to p> to 

ruiH'tL P*ftir»dii(KH,l. II. I'. H p -IN^IH. S^v A|iH'Hiili,\... XXI — T ] 

■ [Qnlrlni, v. Appr-nd- ittxi — 1H>. Lrttfr l><m Invert iirnl H*«inp i/i Un- 

tofT- tn Biinifi, fcii. lire. ^,17. Thi- hill, reirTiiing Um alUtlidrr, »w pjuAr^ 4m 

* [It ras DUl iu ^r cirtnicil ikiai Lh» wirurtt^d, lint in nii uwnnljl}' vf ihv 
' I wkI cuniimiui, hiirrtiitLiiii:i| b; h n»,^n| tiii-viHicr iti IVIirtt'LiilK four lUjs 
tijc Anlial of ihc Ic^iuv. On liir Mlowtii^^ iiiDriL^iii; i\»v, 2i>). iJii- tvm 
loib urvauil tlir <Lii»lJuN vf a Ruuioii «a) put timt cjinu^il. Il tvnih Uirn 
Rvd to pmnil « pclil»-ij tit (liv kiiiizmul qumi, atknuwlt^rli^iuj;. wiili urrcir^, 
nr huto achnrnMicu jmrt^rt^lui^'n ; pnnu'ivuE I" rrpcnl vhHkivi-r Ihwi lind twtii 

£ii ciMvequcncc of tlicJT rrpcnUiniv, they im^Ul nuw br afuilinl Uvm n\l 


triiT II c- 

The 3<«h of November, St. Andrew 'it day, bein^ the 
»oT. tiiEke appointed for the revoiiciluitton in forui> tlij 
^^^ C'4inlitml appeared in ]mrli;nnrii1 ; and, Imvin^ de- 
livercil in ull the bull» and briefs relating to hir<; com- 
mUsion,^ he randt! ri loug and moving speech, touching; 
upon e\'ery tbinp that miffht be rapable of exciting them 
to s^lei for thL'ir inisriiajiasenieiitj during rhe two Uit« 
reigtiitr and Biicoiirafinng them, upon the present proa(>ect 
ofaHiiirs. He compwred KiL^Utid to the prodi^il son, 
who, having tsa^ted th<.'ir spiritiml substaucr, nud de- 
stroyed all the mouutnoDm of reli^ou erected by their 
pioui^ anciTBlors, was uow retaruinp: again to their 
fathpr'* house and cnilre of unity, the see of Rome; 
and, if heaven rpjoicwl, and thr angels were pleased, at 
one dinner's repentance, ivhat would they not be, when 
a whole kingdom lay prostrate before ihein? After- 
nardft, both houses of parliament, laureling do^n> im*d 
plored the mercy of Uod both for themselves and the " 
whole kingdom, ami rec<?iv(rd iLbHolutinu in the following 
form: " Onr Ijnrd Jesus ('hrist, whirli with his mast 
precious blood hath redeemed and wasbed \m< from all 
our »\ix» and iniquities, that he inic;ht purohiu^c unto 
himself a liflorious sptmse, without spot or wrinkle, and 
wh<.>ni the father bath appoiiiFrd heud over all hia 
church ; he. by his mercy alT^olve ynu t and we, b^| 
apostolic authority ^ivcn nnto u.s (by the most holy lora, 
popfl JuUue Ur bis viee-gerent in earth) do absolve and 
denver you, and every of you, with the whole realm and 
dominiums tliercof, from all heresy and selusm, and from 
all and every judgment, censures, and pains, for that 

tCfWHtth^l cTii»uic?t mill ailmitW IjiU) t^ braom of llv miivtnjil elm 
Tbv prvceirdiuiE* ^jf llic uL'xt tint «c:rc Uic rciuU of tU) ptttlioti, Tlit^ piu| 
.in m rrutiSvii wa* ajtoiu (Arriccl. in iJjc IoiiIa Liainlmrtuh];^, in tijr <uiiiini 
mth ibc npprohcLtion nf fiLI hut tvn pcrnnn^, irbui bi^^rrcf, 4^iiiiiliiiircl thiirj 
Oppoddon on lIip fnllc^wine^ iminimir- '' fVrciiichr dt 440 joil^ tlic tram* iw 
tntttk, (liio vuli 'ii <|ii<'Ni ikl |ii'|in|(i i*i iniiKinLTiitiif Jn bLiilfh niiiucio disLTCMttii,^ 
|*IBlo UfXTirlift, c 1'nUiu <liooivlii ^'i«<rL^ h.-nijiob Jd jciuni^itt^jtitnlttnioltiL proo- 
'in ooniMTio. di non t^vt nioi Fv>ito ]{i rilio'litiiEii i^t\ Pitpu. * - « I' 
qufeli liuc tiilln^a, «vrivni[i> \m il c<nniiu riJijwiiBO d'l tuni n^i aIetI^ couivnti- 
Tooo oiH" t>»i, il uionio i«jcu(4il<-, UKirulUicb* (i Ad* ri«n* rinniDUc ". Quiiini, 

■ Hicy will ht ioaxiA in ibc ApprndtJi. Xo. XXll- 

■■r- tr-l 



ftmse inimrred : and also, we do re&tore yon o^bi unto 
ihe unity of our mother, the lioly chureli, a* In our 
hfter^ mrtre plainly if- i^\M ii]ipr«r, in Hit- lutniir of tht' 
PMher, mid ni ihtt'Soii. iiiul of thv Holy (ShosL" This 
ftbsolutioQ bvin^r pronounccdt both houses of parlinnient 
U8VOTC4) aloud, "Amen," *■ Amen." Then rUing up. 
many of them were seen to embrace and congratiUatc 
with one anur-her, witli tearv in their eyes, fur j<»y of «o 
h^ppy a dclin-nuwK.* On Mm "id of lV«'i-mlHT, it bt-iiig 
the 6r^ Suttday of Adveut, u public siTvicf? was orr. 
performed at St. PauVa caiht^dnd, at whioh the * 
cardinal impnned the apostolic hen<.'diction« in piTiicnco 
nf their majesties, tlip lord mayor and aldermen, and 
I ehief of tht? ciiiz*^ns ; hinhop (iartiiiier, hirrl I'hanivllor, 
prwirhinp n sennoti upon th*^ ocna.Mim, vtht-rt-iu he (I«- 
clarctl publicly, that kinjr Henn- VIU., not lon^ before 

■ he diH, sliowcd R nillitimiosri to bt* rcconcilrd to the 
See of Romc'T niade soiae ovenuroti toward:* it, and 
wished it could be t-fft-ct^^d without reflecting apon hi« 
fiiiutir and di^ilv-' On ThursTbty, l>^iiig fit. d,c. 
KiohoLt*" day, both hoiuics of ronvcK^atioii lUhAf. *■ 
thdr «ub<nii<aion to the lioly ace, in a rcry public udA 
enm manner: an'l» won oftcr, ihn»c lunljafl^mion', 
presenting the thre*' ordcn* of the kinj^dom, viz. tbw 
lord Montage, the bish(»p of Ely, and %it Kdwnrd f.'am?, 
wen* diKiMKhed to Rome^ to tendir tJie nbnliencc of 
thi- whole nation. Thij» wa8 followed with a jul>ilee, 
proclaimed over the whole diarch, DctrcmlKT '24,^0 that 
tbc joy U'cami* timver«al/ 



■rOBirisl.*. lai; WOLJr lHj jlcjfa. 21a, ti^ »» Om Ayr"'^'* 
acUfu. ihiiick it^Ktff w U MtiopA. Amic A* 4Ub«l6iil*WvMiMinii 

& lfei^4>W«l»rfy«<aUMett£t,5«.XXtU.W^Hl«fc 





riitritire nitUhMMti.— dnriiL imju'^orinvi^— FBnCSKOfiiTtit *n4i««t VIIJ 
ftkr^kiitto CLGHOV— ^iKtir. hriEK ah on.utf tsftoiD — umt or riii; ftmu 
— ^fUKift D»ruTs*— -ti^'LLUft*) jtcGocsr or rn&iR rAOt^ajimvod — m 

It ie, perhaps, au instance, ^ r seldom read of in Iitetoi 
of so j^L'tirrul dffLHhou ns tWrc wan in Ht'ury VIII, "j 
ragii; uuIl'ss it was iti quceu Mary's rL-iiiii, ^liL-n the^ 
nation returned again to the religion of their anerslor^ 
and the elmn^c Wfl5 niueU more miivcrsial, Be^dci*, 
several eircunjstaiiees oeeurred in the foriii<^r case, to 
lessen the ^ur[>ri^e. King Henry contended only with 
thu »ee of Koine nbcut the aiilele of tlje ^u[iremaf.-jr| 
(being orthodov in aII other ]H>iiit!«). and that Brtie]i 
was »C3 cSLpounded^ that the generality seem not to h&vi 

vriiiliiifr tlitfiftPll of ill commiuoti. Tli<- inultcr wnt reprcsnilwl to thc|>ap«| 

the opiDioni; erf Ihp ilivinr* unH L»Hiintii*l* nT tiiiiTiM wpir inlvtj^ olid, ou the HItb 
ofOotohrr^fTi'tlliL'Thiill nHKr1r»<|Miti1iri1, Hiitliirri'jin); iWi'Hnlmul nbcnlutrEj^ond 
wiflirml. r™»"n"i\ "* lii l^l»■\»ll<*n*^, .fcriil Tmnsftr*' hi Iw pfi^i^^il |irvi>ir<wirK wht 
fur frnijirTiv ihcrjr hull i^hiiiJnnl iV^^m ilit ^Iniieli (Inillavk'iTiif, U. I ■■I r- 0, 

Tlip prrjtul hji'l iHn* rtrrivr-'l I'nr llip r^trt'Tfu.' nf tJicw pn^frrfc B^ Ihp pt 
4'tO']^ii;;H (li'iii^rilh'il in Uu- Ini, Llir iiiifinit liiiil Wni ^tlwitvi-*! fritTn ihf c-fii^un^' 
:inrl ri-K(jiml lo llir iLTiilt.vf tliL- diunlL. It hUll n-itiiinivil rn HTim^vir l1tr IhwiI 
sflnltij^ llir HiiuftnuiL.' V. Aird. jla ^ pR'tLiiiiutLi'V hU'p, ll uus n^M^IvriL In iilrkilii 
H^ttli-]iii-Jit of tiir' ii»pi.ritaijl i^ufvLicni. mprtljiiiE tii'luiuiLii'iil prih|ii-r[j'. On} 
ihc Hiiiit Jk>^ U(» jn'Hii<iii6 w^'rt' iir<-*iniu.'il m ibi' ilir>LH', Tlic llrsi, fnmi itn 
I'lt^tiH't. t-ijin''^'4'il Ju'lr nillitiK^i''"* L" ithitiiLoii till v'lmiii ui llii: iiliViMU-i.1 jHivmu' 

Midi afOumcuiCHln J> wirUd l)p iinjsl lumlmiye lo ilic Mclfuirof idtKi"^". Tli<i 
•CLOiid, rioiD the lords und cumirianv nan mure sp^ciEiL'* ll b«i>uj{bi Ujr tncm 
iliatioD vf llir kiii^E mi'l i^Ljrni iii ttjiii NiUatf; it pmjr^i hi »ui\i ilin^pnuilion* 
iLJt iTic LU'rrwiitJcA ami miitfiMtuncs trf Uh' Iiiik'a rciiiiiint ; JiitiL ll OJiidi^ild br 
itCMtfiuiC) 1 TLalfttI cutlicdrul eLurtTici, Im^pUiUi i(i]1r]j<:«H i>uil ^huuK fiiuiiilfa 

tbc pHibibiU<il ilc>-r<ivn, Imt uiittrrLb* Hiiutj^^triM llic civilLiA, ini^lit ht < Wlarcd 
ndio i ^^ TIjiil 111! ii»lilutfi>iiH U> lii-tiHkTK^ jUJ ilipiiwiionlintih ^mtfrl undi 
tlic iH:t I'f purtiurucikt, ni^it uU judicial iiruft^tr^ uimU Wfoti' thr finliniirif-t, 
bcfiifi' ilcU'ffn^M on lipped. mif-Iit bf conllrirtH ; and i.TlmliJl |ierni[i!< bn^iii^ 
auffi<7i«it ci>ii\i?viv]iDf? 'iT Diry luiiflp, Iriipmciits '>r otht^r jiropL^rtv, fLiniiuflv b^ 
lui^ug lo Ibv <tiim-h, im^til, wtl}ir>iil honipk' 'tf cimii-imo^.^ und witLoiitim- 
pwdiiawt or Iftiutdv^ tff |iri?UiiiLir of iifif u«ii(<iii1 coiilil^iI, (Uknoni, nr i^colnins- 
tiail IftsvHf riOTktiDUC lo onjoj the mnu?- Fol* Ac^cwltid ti tbtw rtqiMnU, hy 

Mr. tu,] 



txtended it to au Atiicle of fiiith, b opposition to the 
whole church ; so thai tlity tni^ht easily bii ltd aj^CruT 
ill that paitimlar, Bui, wlien queen Marj^ asepjiden 
tW thmiie, a system of rdigion. consistiiifi; of luany 
orticles, was renoimocd m an in^tiint by the wliole 
Dation. I may truly *ay, tw th^ whoh ntttion ; because 
the uumbcT of Miosi.-, callt^l rt^furiJiiT*, w;is >io vi-ry in- 
roiisidfrriblc. that they L-ouId snircr Ik- rallod t\ party; 
And would fitiU hare hcPii much less, had uot the minis- 
trf been soiucwhat cautious and slow in advancing them 
lo preferineuta/ This occnsinned Home of them to grow 

iwtnunviil puUia^Lnl oq tlir tnvntt-fnurtli of Dcccinbi'r: iii*l, « ttft iljip 1aI«T 

Vtodrann iip»Dd jinvv^l ''V iIh' Iku luniy-i^ Tlii* lull dcwr'n XU hn ncitlcod. 
ll fiot wlwrtA U> Hin' <:\t^nf.rt\a:-.i\ taivX^ '>y tlic liitiUniM (Dnl(^ap^ in U)Hf 

fILcliiaHrs «n;*iioe*. anA nrticlf*in jiriT 4f<i, puH>i lirifif Ui« IwirtiikOi _>ciir uf 

Qcnrr Vlir. iu flrn>p^l)cm M ibr ii-ifium) mJthnrif)' ri\\w ^jnxnw joiiUlT- It 

p-tficii PTfitc tbii Iwn iH'LilimiH. fiii)^ Uir kitiiovrr iukI di»|xviwlii^n rf |}ir eiirilJntI; 

hb HmK c^rry iinirU- auJ oluiiic in tbint d^niwRMtJ^in tliivU In- repulrd n 

■Qii ««ffi<:?i(Ui pin iu anr nctJiMi at Uw^t ana. Jui in;: oHcttfd Um- vxdii- 

ejvmdklinti of tin/ ijIek^i'^ oDurli iTi qur^ntifiii" nf prapmr. %^,\ the ri|fbl uf 

r W liL^lal it, hidi-pi^iKlirtt iti llji.' prrofiit ^tiiliil^p cfHTajc* ihiil adv 

1 nbn iluil] Hi:k lo iljilurl- nudi p<iftH>drir. bjr ffnHn«> ibvuo'I fnjni imj 

<tnJc««MClc«l«'»([f1, ?it.:;pr milKin llkc Fakidi or wiUidiit, nhaJl incur On- pin.iltr 

tiTiire II (bm pfoewH* ttj ttiL- tuMfi-i of buU*, Ji»|ninH[ilJr>]i"^ nii^ 

, obinii»ci[. i>r lo Iv L>Hujnoi], fnnD Hniue: it providn ttiiil nil Anvh 

nt*. in-t .'i>m:i niiiw n»ftfl^» rn-jiitluTinl i<> ihc Ttjul nudiorily, ut tu tiiff 

Wm md rutinnu ul lihv rndiii, rn^y hi jtrit hi n«(-iitLiriL, iixcil. nir'l iillcf-d, in 

■Dipl diuwbM ftad chapeKin (hoirr-ipoeliic fh*;e>M : It tuspvodft Kht uprTcili*'!! 
«f Uie fflBlEilM of mnrtmiifii. fir thr «f ncr of twt'iilT.oiir y«n ticket 411*1111111^1 
it cnni^l i](lr*i \*x rlpHjririif.fhiil rimVifii;, ulnrh t1 rihUtJiiM. xlmll 1>r onimtruDd 
(b ]«««& iV HiiifiDTUv nr pfi^ru^itiiL'^ iM'TririKi"!! ^* ^'>'' (^i*i^» in Lhr livi>[iUiTlh 
^W«f llcnrv VI tC, HtW. Ifio pirpc< wlui|] lu^c? iknci *-\\yty. mUiriiit tllitDiiutitnj i^r 
Mhni;tinmi. clic uLintaiil]iJ>n(j,pTt<4^iriiii<-mv',mii1 jitrii'iti^tknii, whu'h lu< miLc^jt 

vlAlr, id ^lih'h ilttUU'ii Ml [bill |i<in<hL, ?>ii('h v,u\ \\v>- ^\i\\\M*\ by whk'b 
[Iw n^inbuk uf lLt irnLinri »illi ilKMutUi-iMil i^Liiifrli w.ia CltiiiMy ruiiMfl jtiid I'mi- 
ArmnL A trtoy *ti \\x iuL uiirrllii-r wldi l>c*r|ii'» aiyuirji-nt tm ihr vhIMhv kucI 
citfllcktjij oi\Lc 'ij-.p('[isiLi[)U. i[muii-dlr> lIjc kUtdliiAl lu tlu.^ puoeuon of [vrlk 
ifasticd piu|icrV< «'U U- ftiLJiJii ill ibi- .\iipi'iMlijt. Nil XXV .^7^] 

' [lib riiibl lu ul**i"r Uuil ilrt- iiJHi^urft* uf yimThrin'iii svrir iiur cotifiiirc! 
tlif ipcie wtlliluliliuictFf iitclcniicijt f^>m Ujt ifl'^TrimrJi, 11v \\%r- n'^^nl i>riiia 
p«3B?4 duiin^ iLur itiuu ff LtiwuU. Uii^ fdituii law luiil t>rrti trfitirvcl t» 
Attdml AKlljunly ■ iDiK in iii:«'nlkUio; M<)Lh ilrt |ii\rwTkti*EiB, u EiiHly uf lujiinc* 
«u tla«a up iM'iicli 4, 1\V|j« >em| nrut U^ ibt^ b^sbupBi, OTdcfin^ c*v\\ 

. (kw^ Ijc mo^iCAil uuuribl LUf^tmen frum iLtir IwncRco^ nrirj u'l Jivur^ 

VOL. II. « 



[VAVI llt- 

ob>itin&te ; others took (i<*t ami wcnl iLf>roa<l, where they 
went not out of hopes of being pitied and rrlicvcd- 
Foiir or five of the reformed bishops did, indeed, appeiir 
firm and constant to their persuasion : but many others 
of them pulled off the mask, and returned to the aiicicut 

prvsumctl t> i^cmtnul utArr^Jt^i; iSrr Appendix, Sih XXVIh). TbiiV in cobif- 
qufutT of lJirt« jifotwdmi-TS ft Jorict- u iimbcruf pcrswiB ww rtcpri^xd. is oettMO- 
Wboxtuii. ttbo wiiies under lIlc lu^uiiii^d noinc of AntWnv Mannt^r. il)^A>Tt'fod 
that, of ibffle liUTnJw<i 1h-'ip1i<'*i wiihiii tbr juripnlHlioti of fantirfinrj, tlio ln- 
ciUDbcnU vS HTtvRly-llirur wc^m n-nir^vinj i aihI it' h'lh npjtiT i^iix ukiiiuiiUliml tO 
Hit oihtT diocOWL wc tliuU Imvc & total of alHsiil i>iu t'cuirlli ul l!it whiilo. StiHi 
tiu dw^vnlioti 01 th«t pf-noiu Vt* sot tbo hiirhli uuJ biinimnn' procHdnifTi 
irhiob DuniPt (ill, U.^7^ would rfvm«at it TIipt ivrro utiihiir rjwU*l " tipim 
oniiimon fAiiio ", iiuf liinuicl ■dtiltr wilJiiMii ilu* pki^i^T nf i-fipiirmij^ iHc-ir poHet- 
KVDE, T]i|t*piLc0 ol' u yoai mi) fLcvort^ to Uimii- rmd if, iritliiii UiikL pcnM. 
i^fff ohou 10 cunfom, fiv^tljuriiitf UieirlirrttviUAil putliuffjiwny tliclr wirw", 
'ivf miifbt l^otFi IbnrWnpnVn (IfanDcr, l.l^). Cii tbls pnn of thr <Mhj«<T, 
, u only nr^iT^Kin ti idil^ ihiil Hiimrl'v iliiLbcriicst irfcrviii^r di M1^■Tl^LHluH> 

h« tilnliopt A larRrr portion mvini vi bnvff Iwrn pUe«l within tht opm^ 
fi(Mi nf tbc Uw Bt tlin miomlinti of GiinhiicT ait^l tbo oilirr prvliitc>i, inni* 

luul ilrcHilv br^'N ijr'cUn] fniti tlir< n^invllvf M-r* nf t<imib)ii, WtriHuiilt'f, Vm* 
^4lhiHU<T, ^iid Wiin.''4tii'r Cmninii, nt ih^^ iflifli'r UAWvn>« *iiji in the tflwn; 
Cofi'TiUk Ixiul Vicvu t:uiiijTi'[kd Li fniTTi'iidiT liluiz-r to Vnymrr. lu formfT biijuip 
(Ktlaor. XT. 3-iO) ; iind. "f Llir iiiitn^UBt tjr jtdvoL'iitt?^ uf Uju nr'w diiclTiiin^ ulebt 
only now wtmiiurd in ["lA»c^i^nl uf Onili nv^, Thcv wcrr. HoIkhU? uf Vitk. 
Ftiiru iif St^ [>ftiid\ Dird uf (.'hi^U^i, \hm\i oV tlrifrU'M^ifLut uf I.iiitoln, 
1Too[K^r of Gli>uci'*let Oii' biul TiftTj di'prin'il ojih ul' W'un'oWil, nnrUr of 
Hereford, and llaibm iti Jtiilii jtiuL V^'Ir|^. Witb irvunl U) ibf ptiiu-H Hv vUkh 
Biirluin mit vjottcJ, U i» uitlj knuwii ibnl ibr ^r ^ns dirbiiL'd Vj I»c mcanl^by 
Ju» " dc:]Erit ikUoEi nnd rcniinv]'^ (Kymvt. xt- :f7(1), 1Vi i::tj»fl ibtf t»l]u-r*, two 
vammUooDiHcreiisiidd. One, diit«4 March \A, l.VM, wjh mMn^i^il Ij> Um 
^Uhapa cif IMnrlHulor, 0»rbimk U>TKb>ii, St Ampb, Chit^hcitcr* Jiiid l^ndafC. 
it *bttnp-d Hol):(iU^ IVmu, Uii'il, and HiijJi, wit^ ba^inj; (ontrailcii ninrrinuc* 
«uiiUiuy In' tbtir tolcmii viiwn', ii diretU'il tiit tuinniMwiKHicn, or [«it Uiic*: nf 
[Ihcvi, to cnijairj' i»jt> itiv triiU* "f «bi' iilK*uiitii>u j juid ii nulJnmrtcJ iJinn, in 
due the fei:i rtinw ■ntjkl:u-'l"fily unUiUiNih.*;*, \j, drprivo ibt oflVndcr* (f all (kdr 
CH0n<ijL4lic^ pn^l'crnicnlf.iiiLd^inmlilLtLOu, Uirnjmn t^i^ nuoh luitAblo poitnim*, 
iw Jw <>ftumiLiy oi Ihtif LTirnt inijibt rpquirc- '1 ho otliiir oimmiiHMon. duU^cl two 
dap Ifttrr^ bill dnwMl to iIj*^ ^inr pprKim4, nHiiraed a dlirirL-vil fjnuiiid. U 
^ftjiXcd thtilTiYlflf, lloopfr, Jiin! Unrkj, tin- ri*ttwti»iiig ibiw, hm! aj;tT|»tt>l diuir 
' tic*, lo bold ihrm onTydiinnir piNitl brbflvumr; ibjit^m <Jc-hanec, licwetwi, 

*llipulndiin. lb<y luul Kr-Kudjili'f^d rlii> clinrcti ty ilinr immiNnH tHchintf, 
id tlli>rmiiHif I'iMKltu'l ; tiid dial, hlin'i-. Try ibr.<^f proitTrrlLni^, Uit'v Imrl ilI orn.^ 
■wrffotirtl Oitir iinMuithlniAA. mM IWlriUd Uu- UTinrr hr wWli ifny liHJ ibHr 
nfiirot, Ibi' fommiiiluuorattticonitr<id io siiinimin iJw dclitu[iifiiti I]Vl<>rc tb«ni, 
Hid forriiwitii pnx«tl U» Anltiv tlui* rvsptttivt sprs viinl (Sw AiipcndlX, 
Sfl. XXVIL) Tl"L- ii)»itiutliun>, vimciiiiird m iJic* mmnnncntK, wpr^, of 
c^iutse. <.-oiU] wilJi, Tbf nLicii«<L ««« iuiiimlmU'ly dqiri^tili ami r-HUudbi 

Sfrfaim wcni oojiiecntcJ, W supply tJw mtiuil bUbupriri Pa 
, 420, 421, « acU CoiiBWl. ll J«L Ififri— r,] 




■4jn. iti.) 



f^th, in wbioli tliey had bitii (.HluL*flti*i] ; viz., Ililrlbyj 

King, tiufih, Kitchin, BiJcMcy, Purcfny, Bird, See; nay, 

cvtii Soory and Barlow, ^ho from tlie bc^nnina: l\ml 

dificovcred a particular inclii^ation to Ihr nfomied doc- 

I'trioe, thotight fit to conform for a while; till, nieetinfl^ 

with no pn^fi^napur., thi-y rclftiJSHl and went abroad. 

For» "S<xiry. Itilc hiNhoji of Chichc.'sirr, thoTigh ri'iociVLid 

upon Day's bt-io^ re&lorcd, went a fidl liMi^ in bin 

compliance. He made his ap^>rarancc before Bonner, 

rraouucx'd his nialrimouy, submitted to penance, and 

bad a fonual al}M)luiion, July 14, 1554. * « * Also, 

about this lime, llif-re was a botik puhlishpil in Rarlnw g 

name, in v*hieb lie retnietj* liis frtrunT iK-n*ua!si nn,"' Tn 

^■th€9e. we may join sir John Check, who, among the 

^Blftity, was a |irineipal pillar of the reformation ; yet, in 

^Bxiueen MarjV time, bein^ brought prisoner out of Flan* 

Hdv-rs, hi* zeid forsook him, and, as Mr, FulItT, t!:^pres8- 

^^ ine the matter in an apologetic strain, says, *^ hard uhh^. 

drew from hi^ mouth an ahrcnimciation of tliat truth, 

which l»e so long had profe*^ed, utid still believed.''^ 

B Bat now, let ns follow the EnLrlisli reformed chnreh 

^Pft(>rojkfl^ and take a vriw of their di^'ipUne :uul behaviour 

at Straabiirg, Frankfort, Ztirieh, Cleiieva, &e,, whither 

they retired at ditferent times, during this reign/ 

CoIKef, u. nrtfi, ' Vnllfli, lib. ?iii. 5?. 

^ia WbiuWd'i' " Kiirf Sumy of \U- TmahU-, hctfun ut rnnlfort ". 

1 bi 1A7r>, wr hii^c Uir fifllETAinic lixl *•{' ilic r^ili^. HhAfifv ; I'lpviirl, 

r, Scnij, Co'Tiliilc^and Hole. Deum. Ridnu^ d-x. Jjirirs jjjijdon, 

tforn, KlllUm Tiinirr»fii*fl Tliciriru Sumpsoik Ar^itjtac'nii . Eilmiind 

jr, John ArlmtT, llpliiri|£Uii,iii*i TtumM Youn^, Oiftm «/ ihr 

',- Eitiuujid firiikiiJ, K<fT»iTl Kiiij^, Kilwrn ^ujii^t^f, Joittiiti JuH. 

1^ PUkin^rionf ^- X-^oL .toiat Knui, GiWy, William 

inpnam. tV^illinin Vn\e. Ali>rilJu;iio, KuIjlti HmumonU ^nil Ad^uk- 

linF BruA'lbridKr. i^y I'^i-ttu a^ Sot* j tioUrt Brrtio nn'j fjiii:iJv» Sif Hhiiujih 

WKifb, Sir Kii^fuinl -Vl'irriM'ii^ Sir \iitJirjnv I'lHrk^ Sir Jiilm fhurlc. Sir t'nnrlB 

IIuimIIck tuid Sii H^rCuti'M- f H^n Pfnctv/^ ti^r^ymnt. Mrrchanti^ Arttt^om^ 

\S*rvMtnti. ^' ^/frtmii ^t-rfid : 'Ihtiiaiu l.i>itcr, Ki>tiert Huiinuil, KictiarH Ijing. 

Ifc-m, Tbmunt Tiirpm. Hiyi. IVilfnrrf, rpi'hjiif, .Tnhri Himlm^. 

Giiitl" tjili-n, Jnlni fii^iirrrjT, 1'}inr[iiih EiiTj'fi, .li-lm I'fVKlfT^ Mirh^l H-^ii*. 
iir Nuilf. lloirtJi* M*'»iiri1, ("hritlmiiiiT Ik^h'Itiiiiii. Uiimphny 
omiti I«t»n. 'nminnifKirc^kn, Itithjirif l't»jirti[nTi.T^"«iMfiH T^'jivor^ 
[TamK.t-ihn MiiHitivllirnniiiSpriiccT, John Purtliiir.^ K^ip^r Krlkyt*, 
^l^nmiKV HTmiphn^. Hrirn ^'orlraftn Tlioinai BrThtJinm, J"hii lNKii», Ed. 
VnoHl HaUiid, John MxlfliniVH TIiiiitihh Vt<\f. WiMIhiii Wi]lia]n». Ui-Jirf^ 
Ckkllt^* WilKaiu HitiiiciiLKt, IlitHir^H >^lri\]ir<I, TlinritKi Wuixl^ .fobti Slaiitorn 





Some (who» liowfrvpr, seem only to Kuv« at raDiioBi, 
at the whole number, that li^ EncLind upon accooiit 
of rcliiiricn) make tlivm :iOO, itulutliii^ j»er««i* of %S 
ranks and profL-ssumi; ; olb«rs, and aiimug thorn llrrfin' 
pleased i4j siM'll up llie lutinbcr to tfOO. The 


mromil wo have cf their behaviour is thi*. Tho» at 
FriLnkfort " gave into the <irnnau tinti French novi-Ilies, 
aud refined to a eouMderahlt' alltration upcti their out 
common prayer hook. ♦ ♦ • • Tln?y de*rlanHl npiaSl 
H Spiritual nunmreliv, ;tncl umde ehnire of two or ihw 
pastors witli eiJ-or^iiiiaH- aiU.bority/'= The CiiplUii« 
Zurich and Strnabiir^ not rchi^hing the Frankfort di«n- 
plinc. the cbureb of Geneva was conKultf d upon iht- ^m- 
trover^y ; and Calvin, bein^ Tiole masiter tbrre, adviwJ 
Kuox, Wiittingham, Gilby^ Foxp, Ode, &c, (whowert 
by much the stronger party), to oppose the Knp:li»b 
Utuixy* But thia being not a^ccd to by their advcf- 
earies, matters were compromised, and a medley semce 
waa dra\Mi up aiid made nae of, Thinx*! ri-niained in 
this pttNtnre till Dr. Cnx nunt^. over to FrHiiktort, ^vho, 
finding himself a stranger to the diseipline of what he 
thought his ovMi church, he exhort:* his countrymen to 
resume the Utur^% oreomniou prayer, as it wvis estali- 
lii^lied 10 Edward VL'h rei^n. Hut this had tic» effect, 
otily to add fuel tn the fire ; so that, at hwt, both parties 
were so exasperated, that, bad nut the maKtf*trutra of 
Frankfort (who were now head of the Kiig:liftb reformed 
chureh) interposed, they were upon the point of coming _ 
tohlovi's. Scion after, the Coxian party, finding iheui-^ 
Sf*!ves obliged lo snbmit to the medley hturgy, went 
another way to work. They " acai&e Knox lo the state- 
for no less than high treatoii aeainfit the enipcrorjB 
Hereupon, the state of Frankfort [as an imperial town, 
highJy concemed to he tender of the enqieror's honour) 
willed Knox to depart the city."* Knox retu-ed to Go-, 


WilliaiD WalLi]U,Jnw>rr 8wia,JoLii GrolTniy. Jolm «tij, Michael Gil],Jo1 
Wirt^linl, Tliinjm* ^^ l»etofll. Ivil^ini SulUm, Jolji loar. Ijiun-tit't Ken;, W 
* r.^a 'tollicf. II. 303,301, i ruller,Ub. .ik30^3K 

AT. lil-l 



and was soon after followi^d by John Foxo and 
wveral othfn*, who look Ciilviri for tlirir piitttxn in hn 

trraii^, Tliis stratflf^cm gave Dr. Cox an opportunity 

»f restoring king: Kdwards lilur^. Ur. Ucylin ficcni;* 
to fetch the origin of the IVotciitxint diaseiiters from 
tkette divi^ion^ amoti^ thc^ exilpi^ of Kmnkfort :^ but the 
dftU' of Ihfir rise ^enis tti ]je of a lunger sunditi^. 

iishop I!ooiK'rs nrfuMiip tii romply with (v.ilmn ccr«- 
monk-H.. at his consecration, and tlic p-cat power CWvin 
aod hb party bod in reforming the English hturfcy, in 
the late reign, shows that the eieeds of preshytf ry were 
90\TM in ^^^^[land before those exiW imported it ; and 
lh«t it was the nfternf)f>u proihieMou of tlie English re- 
formation. But inrfhiiiks, both pirtii^ rnnlcnd Jiliont 
antiquity with a very Ul gracL\ when they look upon 
that church, from w)iich ibey separated thcm!^elvt?8< 

In peniH'iiiij th*? account whieh Mn Echard piveB of 
queen Mai"j"s rei^i, I wa^ surprised to tind so very little 
ill him, cnnceiiiing thi^ chun-h <if theirs, that lived in 
exile. Hnt, imleed, it made tui |H>i>r am! ^candatonn a 
figure^ tliat, tbougli it was hugely his l>u»iu<:s?t to ha^'e 
taken more notice of it, yet hi' thowcd his caution and 
pradencL- in touching upon it m vpry tenderly. Dr. 
^j^iller hiis beeiMmiie i^andiil, upon tbi> occasion* He 
jiveH IIS a full acrvmnt of tlm whole imitlft, from ait 
author, that was i\u eyc-wifnciw to th(5 behaviour of 
tho^c pritnit i% e reformtTs ; and, perimjis, a larger ueeount 
their pnxHH'dings will not bof unwelcorae to The 
Icr ; ^' hi^'h I wiU deliver in Mr. Fuller's own words. 

The Engl>h exiles came first to Frankfort, June 24 ; 
on the 1 ^th of July tollov^ing, by the ^jiecial favonr 
mediation of Mr. John Glanbi'nr, one of the c^hief 
»eiiutoiv of that state, had a cbun-h tn'auUirt unto ihemj 
yet »o, a» they were to hold the same in coparceny with 
the Frt-mrh pnit4>t;tnt«i; they one tlay, and the Kri^lish 
another: and, on Sunday, alternately to choose their 
hours, ws they could best apree among themselves. The 
church vros also granted ciiein with this proviso, that 



(r^iiT III. 

thoy shoukl not iliwaeri from rlie Freiicb ih doctrine, of' 
cercmonicii, Wt tlirreby thry slicmhl miiiUter occafQon 
of otFcncc. Ob the 2ii(b of the same mouthy our Kng- 
lifth, with great joy, enttrcd their new church, and had 
two BprmoiiB preached therein, to their sinpnilar romfort- which time, they constituted iheir chiurh, choo^- 
iii^ fi iiiintTiter nT»t dcai^oiiM, fcjr a lime ; nnil, out of, 
ronforinity to the Fremrli, abrogated many Hniigs, 
formerly used by them ui the church ot'Euglaud; as- 
namely -. 

" 1. TTioy cont^uded, that thi; ansi^miic; aloud, after 
the minister, shtiuld uot be used, 

*'2- Tlie litany, surplice, and other ceremonies ]n< 
»er^'icc, and sacraments, they omitted, both a3 super* 
fluou^ and superstitious, 

" 3. lu place of the English eonfession, they UAedl 
another, jiJjud^'d by llu'in of more effectj anil fratoed 

* according to thp state ami time/ 

"4. The same ended, the people sung a psalm in 
metre, in a i>1;uti hinc. 

'*6. TliftI done, the minister prayed for assistance of 
God's ^irit, and so proceeded to the sermon- ■ 

^' (\, After ^ennun, a js^Miernl pniyer for nil states^ anrt 
particnlnrly for Cnglaufl, v^i^ 'devised,* which wa* 
ended with the Lord's prayer. 

*'7> Then followed a rehejirsal of the articles of: 
belief; which euded, the people Kuug another psalm, as 

*'H, Lastly, the mioister pronounced the hlessiiife; : 
Tkc peace of God^ ^-c, ox the like, and so Ibc people 

'* Wliat is uieunt by fnunhig their confession * accord-, 
iiig to the st^Ur and time,' I undersUmd not (miu^t our^ 
eoiife-»sinus, a5 our clothes, follow the. thMituuT^ of the 
state and place we live in t), except it be tbiH, that it j 
was made more particiiiarly, not only for Kiimere, butf 
for exile^i acknowletlging; their present banif-hmeot 
jusilv iuflieted on ihcm for their offeTice, The prayer 

* devised* al'ter sermon, according to the genuine sens©, 
of the word, seems no extcm])nrary prayer then con* 

AKT. Ol.'] 


wived hy tlip minister but a set form formerly a^eed 

Iiipuii by the ix>iign-g;irinn, Tliii* ha^t- wen true account 
of tlicir service ; conceive it only of such things wherein 
they diticrcd from the Eni^hsh Htur^, not of i^uch par- 
tiotUArs wherein thty concurred therewith ; the cause, 
ill I conceive, why do metitiQn [is made] of reading 
pndms and rhapters in tlieir coiigresrulion. These, 
certrunly, wtrc n^l tinnlled ; mid prohaliiy wrrr int^Tted 
between the coitfeasLon and sini^ing the first psalm, 

"Thus settled in their church, their next care was, 
to write letters^ dated August 1, to all the English con- 
gre^tionii at Strasburg^ Zurich, Wesel, Embdenj &c. 
ti» invite (hf.m, with all eonvenicnt *i|iped, to nunc, rmd 
join with them at Frankfort, Tlji* \s the commanion 
of siurit^, who never account them^lves peaceably pos- 
of liny happiness, until, if it be in tlicir power, 
have ako made their fellow stiffcrers partakers 
thereof. However, this their itnitiLtion found not any 
great etitcrtainment amongst the other English church- 

I colonies; all delaying, and some denying to come: but, 
especially, those of Zurieli were most refractoryj and 
showed least inclination to repair to Frankfort- 
"This occasioned several reiterated letters from 
Frankfort, ineasing and 'requiring' those of Zurich 
^K deeply to weigh thii* matter of God*s calling, and the 
H iiccesr4tty of unitini^ fbemselvcfi in one congregation, 
H L*"t none eay that Frankfort might as well come to 
^ Zurich, as Zurich to Frimkfort, because the English 
Zurichians (though not !n number) in learning mid 
(jnality eqnalled, if not (exceeded, those of Frankfort : 
^m for Frankfort waa nearer to England, and more con- 
^Pvenient for reci^ivinsr intelligence thence, and retnminpr 
it ihitlier. Br?^ide!^, ;U1 Christendom met at Frankfort 
twice a year (the vi*rnal ami autumnal mart) ; and, ^nint 
there witi more learning at Zurich, there were more 
^ft books at Frankfort, with conveniences to ndvaTicc their 
" studies. Hut chiefly, at Frankfort the congregation 
enjoyed moi^t ample privileges ; and it waa conceived it 
would much eonthiee lo ihe ci^dit and comfort of tlie 
Bnglish church, if the dispersed haudtula of their exiles 

7S MAKV. [PMtTiil. 

were fcoxind up in ctiL' sht-af, united into one conerega* W 
tion, where they mt^ht servo God in purity of jaith, and 
l»itrgrity r*f life, having both doi'triiie and discipline, 
fri-f friiiii tiny iiiixtnre of MjpersMtinii. 

"Notwithstanding thi^ llieir importunity, those ofi 
Zurich iiuido no other addresses to rruiikfoit, thmi by 
dilatory lott<.'rs,exctJ¥iiiK Tht-uwelvi^from cotnititf thither. 
Some esiw uo ub^oluti.' iii'rt'^siTy, thiit ;d) the English 
slmidd repair to one pln<v; ronceiviiitf it nitliiT safer 
to advwiturc themselves in several bottoms, and live m 
distinct colonics. (Hhcra wcrt? dUplcased with the im- 
perative &tyie of the letter from Frankfort, ' re^niring' 
thein to eome thither \ exceedint;; the bounds of counsel 
for eonvriiiencv, iiili» rdii^iriurid for t'OMM-ienti.* : yea,, 
eharKiug recusancy herein, as a &in on the souls of iho 
rcfasci's. They ]ile-aded. tlicy were idrcady peaceably 
seated, and courteously used at Zurich ; and, to go away, 
before ihey had the lea:^t injury offered them, was to 
offLT un injury to those, who m> long ;iiiil hivin^ty had 
tntertiiined rlietn. Some iuM^tedoii the iii}iti.rial point, 
how they should be maintained at Frankfort; there — 
being more required to their living theri% tha:i thcirl 
bare eoinini< thither. Hut the main was, thote of Zurich 
were resolved no v^hit to reeede from the lituriry used 
ill Eiighind^ under the reign of kinj^ Edward VI., and, 
except those of Fraiiktbit would pive them assimnnrf, 
tliat, cominfT thither* Ihvy should have tlie full and free 
u&e thereof, they utterly refused any connnuniou with 
their coiisre^ation, 

*^ Ahoui this time. Mr. John Kufjx eame fnun Geni'va,i 
and was chosen, by the congregation of Frankfort^ for] 
tht;ir constant miuifiter. Let none account it inron- 
(fnions, that, iuuoii^r «> many able and eminent Eugliflh 
clivines> a Seotehimm should be mm\f [wistor of the 
English ehureh; ceein^ Mr. Knox hi.s rquiled merit did 
natundize him, though a foreigner, for nny l'nire>iant 
coupri-^ation. M which time, also, Mr Chnmhera and 
Mr. Edinurd Griudal t^une thiiher, as agents, with a 
letter from ihi- congregation of Strmihurg. This Slrus^ 
burg, a*, iu the position thereof, it if* almost ssettted 




tha just mid-vray lH!twu:t Zurich and Frankfort, so the 
English, tlif-rtf rtsidin^, L-mbriKt^d a tnodt^'niti' bml lui^l- 
d]e expedient, hctwWt thppjitrcmitiesof thclwoforrsaid 
coDpregations. 'Hirse niaclr a motion, that thf y might 
)wve ihc subiiUiiico and <'ffect of the common prayer 
boolcT thouffh audi ceiTinoities and t.hin^ which the 
country o<mId not U'»r iiuiihi ivell hi- orniniHl. Knox 
and Whittin^luini u>ik*'d thrm, vthax. Ihi-y ni(-;int }iy 'tlic 
Hibstatici;' of the hook 5 And whilst the olh^r ivanted 
cnminidsion to dispute the point, the motion, for the 
present, came to no perfection. Howi-vlt, it g:ave oc- 
casion, thai Mr. Kno.\, anil others in Frunkfori, drew 
up, in [Jitin, a ikhitfomi, or deHrriptiou nf the liturgy, 
B?^ u>-*-d in Ku;rlnnd wuih'T Win^ VAiwitrd^ ^nid tviidi-ml 
the juuDC U) tlir judguii-nt of Mr. John Calvin in Gmcm^ 
laflBhiti Hcntcuec thereon. This U that Mr. Calvin^ 
whose care of all the churelK-v; ii^ m highly coinmeuded 
by some; and as much eeusurcd he i* hy others, as 
hoasting hims<*1f in another man's line, and meddling 
wiUi forcig;n mntter**, which did not helong nnto him. 
Take Mr. Calviu^i judgment herein, from his ol^^l letter^ 

I bearing d;ite tlie 2Uth of January following, ' tn the 
liffir^if of En*^!mtd^ I tre tfwrf are mam/ totrrabltf 

J^ttofixfi ihin^i^^ liij ih^nr icunh, I nwan, that therp i* 
iw( ihiit purity, vbirh wcri' to br draireft, Tkeatf mcrx^ 
ttiou^h thetf cnuld Mtt, at the fitAt r/nv, he amrmirtt, 
yrt, sroinff tht're tt^s no tnaniffxt imptetij^ they irere^ 

Jot a ntfiViOH^ to bt tolerated. Therefore^ it waM taw- 

Ju/ to brf^itt n'Uh snt^h rttdimenix^ or ahredtiriex ; but 
8o^ that it br/ioved fhr /i^ttrard, f^ravi', and ^zndiy mi~ 
nisters {^' Chriet, to entt-rpriztjurtfiery and to ^etjorth 
$om€thing more Jitt^d Jrom rust, and purer.' This 
Btruek such a stroke, e^jii'dally in the ooiigrrgatioo of 
Frankfurt, that f^ome therein, who fonuerty partly ap- 
prove*!, did afterwanl wholly dislike; and more, who 
formerly di^Ukcfl, diti now detest, the Knehf^h btnrgy. 

\ jn thi* case stood mutters in Frankfori, when I)r. 

' Richard Cox, with r*oine of hii* friend* out of England, 
arrived thi're. This doeior wa* a man of i\x\ high H|iirit, 
dfrpp Icannng, ui d> In m cable life, nnd of great credit 



f4tlBoii|Cst hb rnmitrymPTi : for he harl )ieen tutor unto 
Edwuni VI,, mill wt'll may tlie mirse herself be ^^ilent, 
■whilst the >vdl batu-ling of tbc babe pleads aloud for 
ber care and dHij^fuce: lus here, the piety aiid prtsg- 
naiiey of his prinL'L' ])upil added much to Dr. Cox his 
deserved reputation, lie, with others, comhiff into the 
riHif^regat'inn, MurrU l.S, disrnmjxjspd tlie model of their 
service; fir!*t,anMveniig aloml after the minister; and, 
oil tbe Sunday following, owe of bis company, without 
the con^iit and kiiowled^ of the eou^rc^tiou, jcoi up 
into the pidpit, and tlRTe read »11 tbe litany. Knox^ 
highly offended hL'rettt, in the aftt-nioonT preaching in 
biH roursp, out nf Gc^ncfiift, of Noah's nakednesa in his 

^lent, took occasion sharply to tax the authors of tiiifl 
disorder; avowing mtiny thtn^ in tlie Kn^liHh book Co 
be «iper«titioui<, impure, and imperfect; and that he 
wouhl never consent, they should be received into the 

" Here I omit mnny animosities and intermediate 
bickcrinpp, bctv*i\t the opposite parties; especially at 
one coiifen^nce, wherein l)r. Cox is charged lo come 
with bis HiartiJicial argument afj anthoriiaie^ * Ef^o toia 
hnhfrf* I ^511 liave it so. In fine, Knox's party, find- 
ing themselves outvoted by l)r, (.■ox his new recniit» 
out of frhigland, ^ot one voice on his side, which was 
louder and stronger than nil the rest ; I menu the au- 
thority of tbe Aeitate of Frankfnri, intirrposin^ on bis 

[lebalf: and Mr. Jnlin Clauberg (priniipnl procurer of 
th«r congregation, as is aforeeairi) publicly professetl^ 
that* if the reformed order of the congregation of Krank- 
fort were not therem observed, as he bad opened the 
church dour uuUj thenij sn wiiuld be shut it again. 

"*Tlie wringing of the nose' (says wise Agur, ProT. 
XXX. 33) * hringelh forth blood : so the farcing of nratU 
bringcth forth strife/ See here, the Coxian party, de- 
pressed, einbruce a straiige way lo raise themselves, and 
accuse Knox hi the state, fnr no less than high treason 
against the eaapcror, in an English book of bSs, intitledf 
* An Admonition to Christians \ first privalelv prearbed 
in Buckinghami^hire, and now puliUcly printed to the 





orld. Eight j)la«'S thrrrin wrrc hiid to his charge. 
seven last may wdl be omitted, the fitht was so 
tual to the purpose ; wherein lie called the caiiperor 
ftii enemy Uj (."hriBi, than Nero was. Straiige, 
^WHrdii spoken i^ome year» sii^ee, in another land 
hmgiii^Et?, ;i^»iiist the eiii[)pr»r« lii wlioni Kiiok thrrii 
^wcrl no natural allep:ianrr (thouiih sincr a r4i»iin1 and 
jaceidental one, by his n?moval into lui impcriul city), 
Louid, in tJiifi unhuppy juncture of time, be urged 
n^jL^^t hini, by exiles of his own rcH^on, even to no 
It^s th;tiv tltf eniismgering of his life. Tint \\\ml said 
Rfurhadof l-eahf 'Wth great wreslhugs have I wi'ewtled 
vith my j^ister, and 1 have prevailed;'— with greats 
rather than f^ood^ wrc&liingt;. Such, too often, i* the 
leas of goodpeople, that, in the beat of passion, they 
Account any play to be fuir play, which t4Mids to th« 
overturning of those with whom ihry eontend. Here- 
upon, the state of I'^mnkfort (as an imperial town, highly 
coiiccmed to be tender of the emperor's honour) willed 
Knox t<j depart the city ; who, on the 25th of March, 
to tlie (rrt'Ht j^rief of hi« friends mid followers, left the 

'^ Afti-r the departure (or rather the driving away) of 

Mr. Knox, Dr. Cox and hisadhcrcntj^ clearly carried all, 

1 4ud proceeded to tlie election of officers in their con- 

gr«gntJon. J^it first, for a flt title for htm, that was to 

take ebai^ of tht^ir kouIs; then, for u |iro]K.-r pi.*rsou 

I for that title. 
" liixhop (thou£:h fifflt in nomination) was decbned 
as improper; bci-aui^e hero he liad no iuHpcction over 
any dioce^, but only a care of a eongrejiCAtion ; on which 
very aecount, Mr. Scory (thoi^^h formerly bishop of 
(TiieheMrr), wh^n prwielier tf> the ecin^rejintioo -At 
l^inbdeu, took upon him the title of rtuper in tcnrltnL 
^ Sttpcrhicni/cn/ wai* hvvv alsio waved, its the same 
in offecl J ouly a bad Ljitin word instead of a ^od tirt^ek, 
" Miniitter uImj Vo as mi^^llked for the |>r[ncipal preacher 
(tlioiigh admitted to signify hi» as-stntants), perchance 
as a term of too much compliance with the opjiosite 



" Pnstor^ at last^ was pitrhed upon, as freest from ex- 
eepticti, most expressive of the offioe, nnd lm»t obiiox- 
iouB ta offcncc- 

"ThcTi wm* Mr. Whitehead chosen thmr pastor; 
RO, n& two minisierf!, four elders, sukI four deacons, were 
joined lo an^Ut bim. And because thih was then a« well 
»ii iiniviWity, afi a roiigivgatinn of the Knpli^li, Mr, 
Horn wan Hiosen reader oflbp Hebrew, Mr. Mi]lHii»< <i 
the Gruek. nml Mr, lYahern wtis madi- lecturer of di-| 
vinity. lu tbii^ ir-\v modelled crotitrrcfi^ation, I tind nO' 
office by iiamL- Eb^si^ned unto Dr. Cox (more honour for 
bim to nifike all, tlian to hv siny officer). uho was iircii-^^ 
ally influent i]|ftnn all, and most active (tlmtigb not in Llie^| 
doctrinal) in the prudential pnrt of church govenimeiit* ~ 

"As for the 'oppressed congre^itiou' (for m their 
oppo&ite& styled themselves) it was headed by William 
IVhiitiinrlmmj ojie (thouf^li of leT;s aniborily, yet) of afl 
mueh affi?rtjc)u to the cause as Knox himself. Thia 
party continued their dti<like of tlie litiirp>', CAlUng it 
'the grejLt Kiiglisli hnoU/ otffiuled, if seems, with the 
Inrgcness thereof Anil they afliriricd (may the report 
lie oil the reporters to avouch it) how Cru.nmer, arc 
bishoji of Caiitirlairy, did present a hook of prayer, 
humlrrd lines iimrc prrfet-t than tlic liturgy Uf^wl 
king liMward's days ; yet the samt^ could not take place^ 
because he ivas matched with so wicked a clergy in con- 
Tocalion, with other enemies. IJpiiides Miis their old i 
grndge ngaln^i rlie eoininon prayer, they wer<' f^rievedfl 
a-fresli, \\\ this clertioii of new oftirers In thih Enjrlish^^ 
eonffrepation. tlijit thrir old ofiiccr:^ were neither legally 
continued, nor lulLy di^har£;cd, nnr friend-like con^uitedH 
witli, nor fmrly asked their consent; but no notice at™ 
all taken of them. In a word, never arose there a greater 
munnuriugr*fthe{ireeiarisagai!isl the Hebrews, befjiusi* 
their x\idt*ws w*^rt^ ncgh'ikd in their daily ininistratlon^^n 
thai! here un he-art-buniinj? in the Wbittin^hamiaa^^ 
a^inst the other party, for the nttront offered to their 
old ofticertif in thit» uew eleeliou, 

" Here a moderate motion was made, that the differ- 
ence might be compnimif^ed; and referred to nrbitrator^t, 


►rt ^ 

AtT- ra>l 



rhicb ^auld be equally c)io?ten on both s'ldfrft. To thin 
"• Cox'fi piirty would, in no wise, oonscut; whether 
luae tho^ pretended aibiltTs would be no arbiters* 
rat parties, and widen the wound Ijy dre^i^ing it; or 
Woaune, being alri'ady ]n>s^esse(l of tht* power, the^ 
lid notdivft*t thpinseive^s cif tlu^ whole, to rrrcivt-lnit 
aguu, from tlic oonrU'i<y of oUkt*, Ilowrvcr, thiH 
party lost much rcpuifiliou by the refustd. For, in all 
^controvertiof?, tb&t ^id«» reeittaiit to t^ubuiit it^lf to a 
lir BrbilratLon, contrurts tlir just ^iu^pioiou, either that 
their cause i* faulty, or the inanagen* ihererof froward, 
nud of a moro*ic dispn*iition. Itk tine, aa wht*n two 
)wanns of be<*i* daily fijrlit \\\ \\v^ snmo Iiive, the wuakcait 
l^w «ii wift«, a.* to *eek tht^iuAelve* a nmv habitation ; so 
hrre, Whillin^baiu and hi« adliL'rcuti^ rcsulvf.* to depi^rt, 
id to wck Ihrir si-vtrral provldi.nicc* in another place- 
"But alail these two aides had a sad parting Wiiw. 
'he * oppressed coiiErr&g;ation' complained, tliat, instead 
of their tnh^ the)' had a r^Uey of ill words discharired 
ac them \ aiiKimrst wbieh. none ko mortal to their repu- 
tation, io( the* xvord sehisiiuitic, whereuitli thi* Covinufi 
hrandi-d llMm at their dejmrturi'. Much feuiliniR; and 
provJnir there wrus betwixt them, whether s€hisin;itir wan 
»roperly appliable to -nich, who, agreeing in floetrine^ 
lis*ented oiJyin snperflnnusoerenionies, lu conclu^iou, 
natbinfl:wa»i (^Dnrhnb^i utnong^c them, a* to f^rroement. 
^AJ^d now. no nitv ^hownlat their dqmnuri% no M-nding 
^f ?uglis, or shedding of t**ars on cithrr side; thf one 
\% as glad of thf room they left, aj^ the othrj- were 
drona of their o^ii removal. 

* If any be cnrioui* to know the names of sueh. who 
■pnrated themselves frnni this rim^reirjifiini at Frank- 
Rrrt, (111* fO'MiiiiK (al;ilo^m^ v^iIl iia|U:unt him ihtTt-with. 
'ilKamWilHnm^ip William Wbittinpham, Anthony tJilby, 
Ihristopher Goudtii^ni. TlioTnas Cole. John Fox, Tliomas 
Woodf Willinm KliiIi, Jtdm Keike, John Hilton, 
CbriRtopher Sotitbhouse. Nicholas Purfote, John Ei*cot, 
una-* finifton, William Wiillou, Li'unvijc*.- Kent, 
^11 Ilelliojjhiuji, Anihony {'nrin'. 



"Of thciiej Mr-Foxe, with a few more, went to Basil ; 
the rest seitleiJ tliemselvcs at fipiieva, where tliey were 
at) niaHt rourtemiftly rntrf^rtaiiipd. And now, who\ 
expect le^d, but that tho^e, still remaiDitig at tVatik- 
fort, as tlie Mine in opinioTi, ^hottld be &e same in 
affection, and live in brotbt^^rly love together? But 
alas! man, vvhilu lii; b man, will bt* man; and Sataii, 
the Hower of tarcM, did set a srA disHPiisSon betwixt tbenij 
whirb we come now to relate. 

" There wjw an eminent member of the congre^tion- 
in Frankfort, Mr. Aehle^ by name, one of a worshipful 
degree, and, as it ^eras, of a j^nrit (not to say i^tomach) 
no whit btTK-nih his extraitiuii. Now, (here hFippeiied 
some high words at supper, betwixt him and Mr. Horn 
(then pnstor of the congretratkin), yet so. thiit al! the 
difftrenee, by the scaaonablp inidiation of thr guesU, 
was then fleetninply eomposed. But, two days after, 
Mr. Asldey Wii>i eojivcnted Iwft^re \hf i-Ifler«^ where it 
was laid to hi^ charge, (hat, at the time anrl plric*r afonv 
&aid, tie hiid spoken word8 slanderous to them and their 
ministry, Ashley appeak'-d from tbem, as an ndversary 
part against him (and therefore no competent judget*}, 
unto the whole euu|rri'^atiuu (a>i men of estiioatioi) with 
both [larlies) to brar and fletenjiino thr dlfferenee betwixt 
them, llcreat Mr. Horn and the plders were highly 
offended, pleading, that they had reeeived nnthority 
from the whole ehurch, t<j hear and deeide sueh ea^^s, 
and were resolved not t« part with the jxiwer, 8o lep:ally 
dHegfLted unto them. And wlteri'Hs iiinny meetings 
were made of Mr. Ashley's frienda, to debate his bust* 
nesR, Mr» Horn and the elders condemned them, as 
tendinis to Kehiiim; aeeounting their own presence so 
of the ijtionun to any hnvful ii^HAHinbly, that, without it, 
fiJl eonventions were eonventieles, Yt-a, Mr. Ht^rn and 
the elder*, perceiving that .Mr. Afthley'8 friends {being 
most numerous in the congregation) would bring bin 
Icaiue to be determined hy the diffiifiive chnreh, ftilly 
and frffly forsook their minisr.ry nnd service therein, 
|irefciTuig ratiur %viUingly t*> uupostor and diselder' 

iJ. Itt,1 



themselves, than to retain the place, without the power; 
title, without the authority, due thereunto. 

" ThU cltMcrtinic f*f their duty was by others inter- 
preted a hi^li comeinpt of the cougregaiion j e^^pe* iftlly, 
when^ two days lifter, ft fulJ rhunrli inttt with au i-'uipty 
pidpit. wIuTrin lume [wtrr] ti» U-a(*h the jieojilr. Tht^ 
Aifalcyans (beius tar the major part) took oxcrptiou, 
that Horn and the clder» :^hould so ^li^htly and Buddciily 
i)uit what before tht?y had so striously and ^nteniidy 
accepted i as if their pastoral charges were like their 
cluthi^, or upi^r gnmmiitH, tn he put off iiL plcusurpj to 
cool theni>*lv<^< in every hejit of pass^ioun McMdi-s, Ou*st* 
men, being marrit^d, in a mauticr, to their ministerial 
fuui-tious, could not le^lly divorce themsclvL's, without 

lutoal cousc*ut, and tht- church's approbation thereof. 
" Soon after, the state of the coutroverwy was, 
Mr. Ashley's husinP88 being laid suside, and itnofher, of 
higher concemment, taken up in the room thereof; 

tamely, how the cougregution should proecrd nf^ainHt 
thi! pofitor and eldcrri, in cusic they wer*^ aeeu^L*d for 
mibdeiiieanoan For, hitherto no provistfrnt; were made, 
Ln the coiistiUition^ of this ehurrh, to rescuUte this ea**e, 
if rhaneing to oecur: wlietlier bw*au*e the cf>tn]iilrn^ of 
thotfc const it ut ions charitably presumed on the inte^ty 
of all such officers, or omitted the nuikin^ of any law 
ai^nsi them, in favour to themficlves (a« moHt probable 
to obtmu such plac(?s), or because no eaiionti eaii at 
once be completed, but a reserve uiu^t be left for the 
additionHof otIierH* to perfect the name. Hut not\, eight 
were appointed to regulate the manner of the proceed- 
ing of the cougregatioii againgt p^istor and eldon;, if 
Ipi'ccant, who were without, or nithcr, above, ceusure. 

[lecording to ihL- old rliseinline ; vk hich btill indamed the 

nger of Mr, Honi and his part)% — a party, much a*l- 

antagcd by Mr, ('hamijcrs siding: therewith, beoause he 

ag keeper of the ohniity conferred on, and (^ontribu- 

tions collected (or, the congrei^tion. NoWj where 

^^eth the jajrse, tUtre ^oelh the [loor. Most, in want, 

hfiere on llornV side, in hope of the larger relief. This 




made others complnm of Cimmbcra, us mi unjust stevrard 
of the churcVs in'-n^ure i too free to such as lie affected, 
and bountiful oidy of tautu?^ and ill tcTin^ to th'^^c* of a 
diiiVrt^Lt judgmtuC: iiiakiuK neithtr [oeii's ueed nor 
deserU, mtt only hiA own Miicy, the direrLioii of hiH 
'** >Ji>w hegrati their brawls to grow so loud» that thei/ 
next Tiet^hbourg overheard lliem : I meoii, the stiite of 
Fraiikfoil took uo(kv ihi."r<^^of, in thi* sliamL- of all, uud 
f^rief of all gcjod [intuj in tlir EiitfUsh niitioiu For, 
bow f^andaloiif^ was it, that exiles ot the same country, 
for the sjime eaiiiic, could not aja;rrc together ! But man 
in mUer) {ua neli a^ man in honourj hath no und«r- 
standinfC' Yea, they l^e^iin to fear, lest ciany Dutch- 
men, hitherto thnr hountiful lient-fntlon*, :shonM, for 
tht? futuri.% withdraw thnr hrTievolrnres ; ivjneinvitig, 
these cxiicB wanted no money, w ho had sueh store 
animo^itiei^ ; find> prohfihly, poverty would vnnkG thei 
more iieacenhle ninongitt tliemAelves. Their di^eord8i 
were the worse, heeanse the vernal marl al Frankfort 
did u[j)trunchr mid it wotilil lie wfUoiiir wans iind 
useful commodity, for popish merelmnts meeting there,] 
to carry over into Enelaud, iind all the world over, tl 
news of their dititraetions HtTcui>on the magisti 
of Prankfoit interposed, to arbitrate their differences 
but whether of In* [iwii ;ieef>rd, av by the secret miUcI- 
ration i>f (itlienf, i.H oneertain. Sure it i^i both pnrti* 
solt-miily disavowed any ^eret practice to procure thai 
Slime. Tht' mn£^i?itrate iTiterposcd his couuslIs mthex 
than commamU, oppeariiitf very upri.u;ht and unbiassed^ 
to either party. For, though, &t the firiit, he seemed tofl 
favfjur Horn and his complieef {nut of Uiat i^eueral 
&yiupatUy wlueh a mn^istratt^ l^eareth to all public offi- 
cers), yet, aftcrwcrd^ quitting their eau^c. he bctit (dl 
his endeavour*^ U) make a n-eoneiliAticn. By hi* edict 
it wiii- ordered, ihut the former ]>fifituni were put out of 
their functions, and made private men ; that new onettjj 
or the same asabi (if the chnreh so pleased), were to 
chosen in their rooms ; that the treasure of their congi 


t«r. iit-l 



ration sbonld be kept jomtlV} and distributed by the 
dpacnnn, tiIio, at an ap[iomti?fi tiixip, should account for 
the eame to tbc miniiitcr aitd Hdcw. And. the day after, 
^ leave was givcti them to <[evj?tc a new disripline (with 
■ conveuient £pct*d) nmouf^t tlioin^lv<'», and fender tlie 
^nuM, wheu drawn itp, lu tlt^ iiin^sTrale Tor bts rntifi- 
^nitioii. In fim% all, si-cniin^ly, \Ti*rir madr fricrtds, iii 
H token whcrpof, tlic)* (bnth partiGR) joined hands toj^cthcn 
"Soon after, fiftmi were appointed \n draw up ft 
form of new dUriptine; but thin new difldpltne occa- 
rioned new f^d^rs^ or rather, revived the old on<»». 
Tliougli sliortthi' wiw Jotjj^ liefore fully finished; 
brcaui^e »uvh as Vkvre emict^mi^d tlu'ri.'iti drew Ihe j*ht'ft« 
thereof several ways. Some would bnvc the okl disci- 
ptine fitand ntUI in fiall forre ; othtTs would liavo it only 
altered ; others, totally abolished. \VhL>n tht- discipline 
was new dran-n up, some reqntred montbii, and the most 
erat(^ niori* dayn, c>f rleliberatiOTi, heforft tliey would 
ibe it. Ill conclusion, whcna:* the whole congre- 
gation of FriLokfort consisted then but of sixty-two 
t (understand them mnKtcrs of familtt-^, bc^ide^g women, 
children, and servaJiL<) f<)rty-two sulwcribed this new 
diMTipline, and the re»t refuseiL 
"Presently Ibry prt>oenlfd to the eWtioii of new 
pastors and ministcrsp when Mr. Horn, issuiiij^ into the 
church with biti part>% cost a bundle of paper bills on 
the table^ standinir in the middle of the chureh, — a 
table, s^irelv, set there, not for the inflaming of dtsi^ords, 
h«t tlie eelebration of that sacrament^ which !«honld 
cement them all in a comfortable conuanuiou- ninsc 
bills contained tlieir refill to concur in thi^ election, 
because they eoidd not. in their consciences, allow the 
disciplbe, whereby it w^a made, ilowever, the rest 
went ou with their choice, and no one, saving Mr, 
Wilford, being fomierly of the ministry, was now again 
elected ; whereof tliis reason was rende-rcd, because they, 
with Mr Horn, had willingly relinquished their ftmo 
tioiuf, and it was hut just to take that from them, which 
tbey ca«t away from themMdve». Ik«de«, it is said that 






some of them gare it out, tlmt, if they should be rfr« 
^levied, they noiUd not accept thereof. 

"Ilittierto vfc have \\iii\ no menrioiij fi>r a long; time, 
of Dr. Cox ; atul it miiy v*^^m muck^ that the itctlvity of 
hi& 3?pirit isliould be so long coiR-calcd, which mfdtes 
fiome pn^T^uinu liim abi^eut all tb«^^ whiU\ But li!t suchfl 
know, that Dr. Cox t^ii^a^cd iu the fornier coutruvcrsy," 
ill dfefeuct-r of the liturgy wet fimJi in king EdwarcVs 
ragii, AH c^onc^eniinif Ihh .sovereign's linnonr, and the 
general interest of th<t Kng:liah church conoenied therein: 
wbereae be hitherto tjtood iivuccr, iu tbU difference 
Mr. Horn's and hi« complitH.^^, 'ji^ bcliuldin^ it of nar- 
rowi-rr t-xlwiitj and U'bs fotisequfUCL', bL-twixt partii-idiir 
persons. Whereupon, the magistrate of Fraukfort (no 
at Iciauro himself, bcvanac of the hiisine**^ of the mart,' 
to examine rlu^ nmtter} appointed him, with Dr. Sandys, 
and Richard Berty e»C|uire, as men of esiiuiation with^ 
both piirties, to hear and detcrmmt.' the dilTtTeiKe btv 
twixt them ; by ttu-iiuvverful mediation of whi^li urupire^^ 
they were persuaded intn fionie tolerable agreement, 
thoii^^h it was no belter than a ^wdliatM enre.*'^ ^ 

This behaviour of tiier*e strolliiig reformerti does ex«| 
preiiSj to the life, the properties of here-sy ; siieh disputes 
tt4 they felJ into being uiinvoiddble mnoiiK Uiot^e, that^ 
forsrtke (he eentre of nnity. Where there is nu umpireV 
to detenniiie differences, every one frame* a aystcm 
both of doctrine and diKciphne according to his owi 
taate. I insifit not upon tlie contest these Knp^li^h re-' 
formers had among themselves, eonceniiiig the use 
the snrphee, reutliTrff the lit^ny^ uiiisvtenng the iniinKtj 
aloud, the mana^meut of their common purse, wheth< 
this or that jien^oii \\h& to be made choice of to excrcidc] 
the minitiieriu] fiinetioiit or whether he wu« to he styled 
stiperintejident, miniftert or pastor; for, though thej' 
dUeovered very little «f an evangelical spirit upon iho^^e^ 
oecjuiions, yet, being of lio great consequence of them-" 
selves* they may easily be parsed over. The debates 

• FuUcj, !ih, *^2T— 3^, 

tWT. IIL] 



Btnong ihem wore nf a hightT nature. Tliet cliai^ one 
ler witli superstition, »chu4ni, and^ in many pnrti- 
cnJnrs, with a ninfiil compliance; to sny nottiinff of 
several dootriual )Kfint«. in which, ir is well known, rhejr 
atooil divided ; luid, to rfiow they were in eariif-st, they 
canii* U) an mu-n hrrncli, n-fu^rd ri>iiiniinii<nu nnd f- rerlwl 
separate cougrt^pation*. I am not couccrntd Ijovt far 
either patty ncrc capable of making good tlidr prctcn- 
eiofifi: Xhoffe that tock Calvin for T.h<'ir pattfni, are said 
to liave been e(\un\ ia number, aA well a^ lenmin|^, to 
tbeir iulTt^r«arit«. Dr, V^oXf inderd, hm) one pbuiHiliLe 
argiiinrnt, wlurh hr urgi-d ;i^ain!<t tht-m. which wnj<, the 
authority of kins^ Kdward \ L, and thv law* of the na- 
tion, whereby the liturgy, he contended for, won €6tab<- 
lisbed. But this eotiLd lie of no forre sgainst them, in 
the preiEenc mi^n, t^heii rbe Mtatnte, that mad^^ ti obli- 
gatury, wiw rrtpeale-d by n siibsi-qiit'itr ];\v% nf xht^ Mime 
autbnrity, and no le^« binding to the t^ul^jpt^t. Htrstdes, 
one of thr conditions of their ndmirtsion and t;ettlcnieTit 
in I'rankfort was, that tbty should ronfonn themselves, 
in doctrine and diiicipline, to ihe French church, whieh 
never apjiruved of kin^ Kdwanrs liturgy. Had botli 
pArtJi-?4 attt-Uftrd to the prini-ipltT* of thtr rt-formation, 
and particularly to that law in favour of it, by which 
the king is declared to be the head of the church, and 
thnt all jurisdir-tion, both civil and ecclesiastical, was 
derived from that foumaiu, it would have put an end to 
h11 their Mjiiiibblin^, C4>ri<'erning the power of tlieir pa^^ 
tor, eldfps, ^trid congre^atiuiiid church. There wa* the 
qnecn and parliament of tln^lund, the dcniier resort of 
all controvcrfiicii ; or, if tbcy were cU^poi^ed only to have 
re^nl to their local obedience, upon account of their 
preiient resideuee, the erapercjr was the proper and 
natural jnd^, in all tlieir dispute.'i. Hut the truth is, 
llicy had no nde to go by, bepiides their humour and 
passions; which appeared plainly from the eoufuiiiou 
they were in, when auy tbm^ wa« to be done, that 
oailed for authority. They neither knew who was to 
eontmand, nor \\]in i.i»ohey. nor what ineihorl to embrace 
in their public worship ; ^o that, in less than two yearn, 




they drew up fivti different forms; anri, aa they never 
cunie to any agreement durinjj their exile, so, when they 
returned Inlo England, ii|>nii the dereiise of qiie<*ii Mary, 
they Imiii^lit llifir nrangliitg teinptr iivtr witli lljrin, 
ancC to tLis day, are stiU iuveiitiiig new schemoA and 
forms cf worship, and iarv crc-ct a separate consrro^- 
lion upon very cai^y Irrms, as our iuduJeent law inakers 
have provided- As to opudons, they ttill have a larfl:er 
fiehl to range in. En^tHtid priiles henielf in the enjoy* 
meiil of liberty and property, in regard of civil right!*: 
but her spiritiini privileges are far more extensive. Hero 
the subject lies under no restraint: the Scriptures are 
htfi rule^ his g\iide, and his judsre : it is there he finds 
hiJ* creedj without any re^rd to those forms and in- 
junctionsf v^hich amhttious churchmen would impose 
upon them, ITicy have freedom of thought upon all 
occAsions; and ns for outward ceremonies, they look 
upon them no farther binding, than as t)»ey are expe- 
dients, aothori^ied and enjoined by the civil power, 
promote the good of n kirigdom. 




rjtl onttuN MAAftMoG. — Tilt mirTK 9v nAi* rmtraBS^-sMltCiMB or 

niK TftCATV— A Cl>HlirrlUCT — HIHIMU OF TlIK C" " ^ H 1 MJTPIK ■» TBOHM 
urtAt JV KtHT — HdBUCCKU— Tlli:<iUr£«J*> d?EtOII AT OmtDIMLI.— WttT 

rovMTBhAV <i*M£KTEif— Tiriiin co^NEXi4N n'Jtii rut ]i5uaucwrs— hb- 
toftiMift* fHi'MCAiru in Tin; iiKWELLiori— rcJui.ti^'trHH <>UDi:iii:o lo qoit 


Tbe aiK!ieut worship bcin.ic nr-cstabli*ilied, by the bill 
posKetl m Mary's first |mrUament, the next thiag they 
W'ent \\\H>\i WAA, to pmiieniate thf. liapiiiiiPfw : and, in 
order to thb, it was requi-sitc to put her majesty in 
mind of marryUifr* that, by hanng an heir of her ^^ 
orrn brKiy. ^he inii^hi remove thoi^e jealousies, she had 
couccivcil, k'sl those, tlmt weri.' n^^^\ the iirxl hi Mici*eiu 
sion, might brrak the achrmr shr had laid^ of u^tabU^h* 
injf the religion of ht?r aiirnstors upon a la-"ting bottom. 
Tfoec person,^ were talke^l of by the piibJio, as proi)er 
10 be joined to her in marriftpe. Courtenay, earl of 
Devonshire^ C4inlniul Ptik-, luid Plnlip. prince of Spiiiu, 
The laAt vr:Ls pitL^lii^d upon by bi>hoi> Gjintint^, ivitb tlie 
approbation of the emperor, CharlcB V./ and a treaty 
Tvas concluded on. in tbr- beerinnin^ of \^S>i. Be- j*,. 
Hdefl many national advaiilagefi arising from this '^ 
match, it ^m rightly Judged, that a powerful assistance 
from eiitliolir princis wimld put a gfop to any attempt 
in favour of llir- rcfornmtitm. With this view, iheri-fore, 

II TniHUlc- l>r^ lYiii^n], jn o|ipi)(SitEon la nlnLotii a\} our hl&tnrjiui^ 
^*lu^i«iL tWt (vnrJiucT. inilfii'l of bciiic thr dorker, rr adftvati^ ytmt^* 

nvoliMcVT ilimlud ttTHnnJii lUr ivlvjuuiptnuiil -ti' ViniTU'ibix -, lUiJ that tt vrua only 
ttbMi bit TVpMaiiDV til fhiliji Uibl nntt\y ItuK^d. tliai bo cLdihentt^^, In oojmtiau' 
Injr |L« tnate (ir maningp, to Tvndrr it low urlu?ii« lolFir mlion. Of tfn« ClWttM 
bbvciir w roily nvnile. iu u letter from linistrlt^ 'lnUirl ini tlw (Hvnfr-fint (f 
KotrdNcf* AiiiL DiMirwdt tf^ RtiumL^ hiii :iriLb,-k>fck4il»^ Im ^v*. " jmiMjii' vmi« 
O!ipi0U*«f li*i ilr^tVi^Th rill E<liJiiivi'I]iE'r Inirlrr a i^mlrnurr hi pralvfitrE fHwitr 

LliE^rrtf IV. t3-i, |l(i,n'>r^k Thi' mil inlvivnln nf Philip 4crr> Ihc rnri of 
Annddt lli'* t<ml Pk^ci^ and Rudmirr, ':oiiiptMjlLiv uf Lhr hvhtrhdliL'^T'.] 



[tAtLj MI^J 

itwBBagrt'cdf thnt.niatriinoiiy tM-iEigrontrartt*(lb<!tneea 
jphjlip and Mary, it shnuld be lawful for I'hilip to iisnirp 
the titles of all the kingdoruft and proviiiccs b<^Irni|t;iu^ 
to his wife, and ^ould nid her in the goveniment of 
those kingdom*! ; tlie privile^s and cii^toin^ thert'of 
uluvays pi-Hjitrvt'i) invioUK* ; and Uh- full and fru'i-^ distri- 
butjon of bishopries, benefices, favour^ and offices, 
always remaining rntirr to the quern : that the qurcn 
likcwiMJ should be assumed into the society of all the 
renlms, wberdn Philip either then wait, or should be 
afterwards, invp.sted: that, if *he survived PlnJii*, *i\ty 
tliousatid potiitilH per aminiii should hf iissi^iifd for biT ^ 
jmnture, us liad been fi»rmerly assigned to lady Margn- f 
ret, siatcr to Edward IV., and widow to Charles, dnkc 
of BuTjQ^ndy ; whereof forty thonsand Twjunds tihoidd 
be raised out of Spain and Arra^n, and twenty thou* 
Band piiui)fl.'< out of the Netherlands, and the pmvinre* 
thereto belonging. And, tti pnrv^-nt all future jars and. 
contentions, about thr- division of the inheritance of tho 
kin^rdoms and provinces, which either then were, or 
afttTwards should be, belonging to either, it waa farther 
a^reedj that the issue begotten by tbia inarriaffe should 
sueeeed in all the (jiieeiT^ kiii^rhiuis and doiiiininns, and 
in all the priiielpulities (if the Netherlands arnl Bur^indy, 
whereof the tmpuror did stand possessed : that Charles, 
the e!de>>t son of Philip by a foi-mcr marriage, should 
likewiiie succeed in all the kingdoms, as well of his 
&tber, wi of hiij grandmother, and of his ^ijandfatlier, m 
the emperor, both in Italy and Spain; and, by rejLson 
thereof, should stand obii^^ed for tlie payment of the 
foreioentioned forty thousand pounds: that, if by this 
matrimony no other issut? shoidd be be^jutten, hut female^ 
tLe eldest should succeed in all the provinees of the 
Nelherlands; but with thiseautioii, tliat, by the eounsel M 
and consent of her brother, Charles, she sbouki make ' 
choice of a husband, either out of England, or out of the 
Netherlaiuds : that if she m^irried from i^lsowhere, with- 
out hi« consent, she should be deprivetl of her ri^ht of 
sut^ee^sioii, and Chiirles be invented therein : but to her 
and her sisters a convenient dowry should be asai^ned, 

AST. IV,] 




Aceurdiug to the liivtm autl cti*itomt> of thL- places : that 
if ChftrW, or his fnrrrw^rs, shnuld dlr withnut iv^n*-, 
ia tliat case the hr&t-boni of tliir* marria^r, aUtioiu:li n 
female, fshouM snev^eed in all the kiti^dums beloitg^iiig 
to both these priiu'ts, ai* well of the Notherlojids as of 
Spain; Hi»l it) all Ujt* pniic'i|inlLtit.'7^of luily ; midKhuuliI 
be bomid Ut prrscrnt- itivtclfLto all tin.* laws^ pri\ilegt's, 
umttc^, and customs of each kingdom: and that 
rctm the raipcror, Philip, and his heirs, and the 
queen and her children and heirs, and between both 
their realms and dominions, eon&taiit amity, concord, 
and A ]ier|ie|jjHl iind inviolnljle 1e;L^tie ?duKild hv: con* 
tinned. Hy nn additu^nal article, it wiu; provided, that 
rhtlip ahoukl not adi-nucc any to any public office or 
fi^niity in England, but such an were natives of Kni^land, 
and the queen's subjects: that he should admit of a 
competent numijer of luifjUsh in hh household, whom 
he Aliould iise re.Hjieetfally, nnd not suffer ttiein Ut he 
injured by fortizut^n* : that he »boidd not tran?'port the 
quecu out of En^bind, but at her rijque^t ; nor any of 
the i8)Eue begotten l>y Lcr, who sliould have their educii* 
tion in the retilni, and sTiould not he suflfcrcd, hut npoii 
necessiry, or some good reasons, to gn imt of the realm; 
nor then either, biit with the consent of th*" En^lirsh : 
that the queen decea^in^ without eliildren, Philip ^holIld 
not make any claim to thi- lungdom. but i^hould leave it 
frc(dy t^ him, to whom of ri^ht it t^hould belong: that 
he should tot change any thnip lu the kws, either 
public or private*, llic imiiiunititH and eusfonis of the 
realm ; but .sliould be hmiml to confirm and keep tbem: 
that he e^hould not transport any jewels, or any part of 
the wunlruhc, nor alicuaiv any of the revenue?^ of the 
crown : that he i^boiUd pre:^[?rve our shipping, ordiianeoi 
and muiiitioti, and keep the castles, furls, and Mock 
hous<*s in good rqiair, and well maimed : lastly, that this 
match should not any way derogate from the Ica^e, 
y eonoladed between the queen and kintc of I-Vanoc ; 
tluil the peace between the Knglish and the French 
should remain firm and inviolate ; only it should be 


lawful for Pfailtp, out of ;)ther kingdoms aiid dominitHiH 
belongs to his father, the emperor, to s^tkI auis utito 
bifii, either for rcprlling iiijurkd, dt for Uikiiig revenge 
for any already received.' 

While Uiese matters were carrying oik many* that 
wtTt iinrmies to tlit- govi'nimiriit, wrrL- tuballiu^ iti »i*- 
vera! parts of the kingdom, to cxcit<! the people against 
the match. It was represented as a design to enclave 
the nation, and bring it under a foreign power; and 
underhand, tho^e, that had been lately pardoned for 
abetting lady Jane s title, were obf*er\ed tu be very biu^y. 
Others were nmre than sus|>erted of n design of pro* 
moling the luterertt of Edward Courteuay, earl of Ucvon- 
shire. and the hidy lUizabetb ; and, oa it appeared by 
the persona coneemed, their prineijml aim wa^; to sup- 
port tb<? reformation,' Their design was not to have 
risen before tlie prince of Spain's arrival ; but the fury 

***ll ctnntfl hv dvnieJ, hm tbtl Lbo n-<lJtiitioD of the tvPormcd rrlipon wat 
lb* mAUHT piinifrpnllj iunifKl,i[,iii theii nhtUion, Ihiidgli n^iUiin^ ^ul Ur« tmtob 
vitlh SfUkin ApprArrtL oit rin-. iiattuit afit; wliidi a^tjh'WL plainly hf » luxikrirht 

aCrMfliflwr <* oofLnikn. • • • ■ la >shich, - * • Latlatf 
■d Almoit tf^vrj clinplrr nf it with nitinu 4pi*wb» ■frniiul thp ^^aorik. uiS 
itirtifi^ flp tliM f H'Oplh K> n*WI H^init ^iir^m* fjillfLti. ^inkniig^ tlii^ rv«fl, iinnn 
Ihit #ipnulnn, v\t.. ' WjHl Aii\ but hl4 ilulv. vtiil tt ma-^ Uit llm iLiiTv iirill 
OtIwCL, that prcfofli llir gmprl, 1o hnvr nvn wiiti htm tot umin^-nanff rif the 
cunf. Hi« cnnv nnHJu^t. :iiiil Hvy wrrr all iniilon ihiil ujok tior pan U'lili 
him. O iiiiliUi W\m* TljitiL Hfl iiuv wiOi OihI. HDil dii>ir HurUij rnru. Ilial 
,AM Id tluil liHppy t-iiU^rpTlir !' " lli^Un, SJM, 30,^. 

i> Uio ALuuiiiUKi^'rMAn'* bniJiL llfi kiuOunB IijmI flnt UiApiml. li^r 
lun.', ihv i:uiLH->|UO»(.T ui liin JinniumlJlJn, Imd 4ubtn]Ui3;llj JnlrT>tTiU liU 

wviu« of aicn, who, bj ibo moiidcr of Arun'irl mid Puurt, pivix'Hil lNv%. 9, 

alORinDvvtboiiHm IMMtIuI of his n»al'» mmjoiur^, an J ihii* U» mf]";tt 
1 ■ p^WLRt to Ihff throsc Whin tliin plut biilcd. tmotlur t>4U dcvurj. 
_ ^ concluniin Ltf iLfl tnatj urSlb }*lulit> i'lft'ctujtllT ttirrr^l tlir linEic of nn nlli' 
Wicc wiliklJiv ptCMLil h>ivrcifi:n^ But KliiobtU;. bvrtiitcr,*** mlill iiuiimtiinl: 
irlthbcrCoiLitoniif iniffhlbFtLikileU ; i\^e fcclint^i of ihc pcuplLMmtjbt br n/iu^tl; 
ttid, vheQ lliiliji AlLiiiM nrrvv iu |]ic xprtnn, (hi-f niiffbt c-pcnlj o]i]ro«e h» 
Jftndinii, nut] prwljiiiii iHonrlpuiiy itiiil K^iUlIhtiIi kibc nfid iincrb, Ic von Qiil, 
bowwcrf ill the natUTU of Coiirtnuiy lo ppxvcd wUiWxN, vt witli tulrrpiditj, W 
fat* ohfecl Ikfor* the nppoiittril hmr^ be bad rvTCfJo<l'tliL- accut Vj O^rdiiivr; 
■lid tin oUicr ouutpimMrt, liniliiifp (h^mwrlrtvi iTUiiticd, hut unwillJiUE b> tah- 
nut. iounctltJitolir uufUrlvtl tli4' HtmiiUrd «if n^UOhoii- Si>r Dr. Ungud^t HftfM- 
liv<V bjuiidod 4>n Urn ili-ifpaiohi'i *>t Uir matiAuaiturv rti. 19(1, 1^, H& M0. 

laa— r,j 

^pTthpir Tea] wnuld aihnit of no <lrlay. Wherefore, ucvn 
^Wfls brought to court, January 'i5, 15^, tliftt mr uu, 
^uhomofi Wynt^ aii<l oiotst of tlie tf€iitr)' of Kcut were ^ 
P^Bip in ami». About the saine tiiuf*, siv Pcu-r Can^v, sir 
Ginv»"Ti Cnrviv, «r Tliomaj* Deimy^ &e., appt-arod at thi* 
iu^ail of a |Nirtj^ ni DL*vouf^)ure. Also Ktr Jaiiu*^ Croft, a 
person of great intcrejit towards the borders of Wales, 
went (iowu thitber, to cfta^e a revolt in those parts. 
Besides theee, Henry Grey, duke of Suffolk, father to 
lady Jane, thon^b he bad lately received h pardon for 
in-;iu>ii> a]iiie:irvd in nie Held ni Leiee^trn^hire niid Wiir- 
wkkshire» orm^ joined by his two brothers, lord Jobu 
Grey and lord Thomas Grey, with several other persons 
of nolo. 'Hie queen. trnvinK lately di^^banded her nrmy, 
was but indifferently provided against siirb an attack, 
vihich seemed almost jj^neral ; but, by the dilt^nce of 
the hird lieHleiiaiits in tlieir rfH])c.etive eouii|.ie-K, all tlic 
rebeU ^ere di^pereed in a few days, excepting the body 
men commanded by m Thomoa Wyat,^ who wero 
puted to bi; above two thouJ^and l amoaj^ whom were 
several persons of preut substanee and interest : atul 
ey seemed dis]K>sed to run al! hazards to keep (iff the 
^kanish slavery^ — for thiil wa* the pijpular word they 
inade u^e of, to ^ducc the common peophv mid well 
adapted to carry on designs of another tmture. Sir 
ThOToaif Wyat and his army beinc; at Rochester, on the 
59ih of January, a body of men were sent down from 
London tn atark tliein.' They weje eommanded jj*. 
by the duke of Norfolk, die earl of Anindel, and '*' 
fcr Henry Jerne^n, cnptain of the quecn*s g:uards. They 
hud alon;^ with them Alexiiudcr Brett, with ftve hundred 
men drawn out of the city of London, wliu, together 
with their cuuimander, went over to the reliels as winn 
as they eame near Rochester: for many of the citizen* 
of London were enemies to the Spanish match, and no 
great friends to the c|aeen. I1iis accident obliged the 

* ntlfT mvn hTBl on Ihclw^mj-liftlj -, but aIUcLhI ItvulmtHVU ^ (wonlv- 


Kf v 



(|ufteir» fornes to retire, and gave tlj** rebels nn o]i]>t>r 
tUJiity uf nilvHUciiig ni^arer Utiidon : »o Hiat thr first fl;ty 
of February, they cam;^ to Grceuwich and Dt^ptford, At 
thift moment the quwa iiloiic wa^ nbio to culm tbc t'ciirs* 
and confirm tbi' doubtful loyalty, of the citizcnsp Enter- 

r«B- ''^K thi? Guildliall, where ihe lord mayor had con- 
** leneil a tiieetiit^ of Ihii jirirHipnl inlmhibiiiLs i*!* 
thus*eil the a?;:<rtnbly: — '* I nm froine unto you^H 
ill mitK" own piTn*oii» to loll you that, which aln.'Q<ly yoii^^ 
ECi; and know, that b, how traitorously and rcbclliously 
a number of Kentish men have assembled thcmselres 
against botli ns and yoiL Their pretence, as they said 
at the. fii"st, was for a marriftfi;e determined for us; to 
the which, and to all the articles thereof* yc have bc«Q 
made privy. But ^nce, we have caused certiuu of our^ 
privy council Co go af<aiti unto them, and to ilemaud thdH 
eau»^e of this their rfbelliou; and it appeared then unto^' 
our saiil eouriril, llmt tlie matter of the niarriagt^ seemed^^ 
to be hilt a Sp»iii^h cloak, to cover their ]ireteiuleiiH 

[real] purposne ogaindt our rollgioii; for that they arro-" 
f;untly mid truiturously demanded to havt? [he gover- 
nance of our person, the kt^eping of tJio Tower, and tbo 
plaeiny of our eoiinsellors. 

** Now, loving subjects, what I am ye right well know, 
I am your queen, to whom, at my coronation, when 
yvm wedded to the realm and laws of the f^ame (the 
»i]>ousal rinji: whereof I have on my finger, which never 
hitherto wus^ nor hereatler Khull be, left off), you pro- 
mised ycmr »llegiiiiiee and obedience unto me. And that 
1 am tlicr right and true inheritfir of the crown of thh* 
realm of England, I take all Christendom to witness. 
My father, as ye all know, pos^scsscd the same re^l 
Htate, which now rightly is descended unto me; and to 
him always ye whewed yourselves mosr faithful and lov- 
ing fliibjectK, am) therefore I dmibt not but ye will fthew 
your»eive» likewise to me, and that ye will not suffer a 
vile traitor to Imvc the order and governance of ourfl 
pcreouT and to oeeupy our estate,— especially being so™ 
vile a traitor as Wyat is* who, most certainly, a« he liath 
ahmed mine is^iuraJit subjects, whieii be o\\ his side, so; 






ckvth he intend nnd puqiose the destruction of you, and 
spoil nryotir |roijd«. And I say to you, iii the word of 
a princr, I cfinnot tcU hnw nntumlly tlirr mnthrr loveth 
thu chiUi, for I was dc^tt tho mother of any ; but, eer- 
ily, if a prince and gavemor mny na nntnraJly atkd 
LE&tly love htr siihiects, as the mother dotli love ihe 
[lid, tlu'n, os-Hitrif yotirst^lv^M that I, l»piti^ your Incty 
and miftfresA, <\n ns mrni^ly and tcudi-rly lov*- and fa- 
vour yon. And 1, thua loving you, cannot )mt think 
that yc luf hejutily and fuithfully love mc ; and then, 1 
doubt not but we shall give tneae rebels a ehort and 
!edy overthrow, 

'* AS coiieeming the marriage, ye shnll uTtdenttatid 
'thai 1 entcrprised not tht^ doin^ fhrn'fif, without lh<? 
ndviee of all oar privy CTJuircil, who »o eousickrcd and 
weighed the gr<!at commodiliee that mii^ht ensue thereof, 
that they not only thoiic:ht it very honounihle, but ako 
expedient, both for tlie wealth of the rejdm, and also of 
yna our siihjectHS. And, a^ touching myself, I nM<ure 
you I am not wo bent to my will, rieither sn preri?*e nor 
affectionate, that eilhtT for mine own pleasure 1 would 
choose [a Imsband] wh«re I lust, or that I ain ^o desi- 
rous as needs 1 woidd have one. For God I thank him 
{to whom be the praise therefor^), I h^'ve hithertn lived 
a vii^in, and dnuht nothing hut, wllh GfidV gruee, I am 
able so to hve still. But if, a^ my progenitor? have dont? 
bc-forc, it may please Go<l that I might leave some fruit 
of my body behind me. to be your governor, I tnifit yon 
^onld not only rejoice thereat, but also, 1 know, it would 
to your great eonifort. And eertainly, if I either did 
link or know that tliii^ marriage were to the hurt of 
ly of you, ray commons, or to the impeachment of any 
or porcel of the royal stnt* of this realm of EnLfland, 
would never consent thereunto^ neither would I ever 
inrry, while [ li^ed. And, in the wonl of a (jueen, I 
rmiAc you tiiat, if it shall not probably appear to all 
le nobility and commons in the hi^h court of parlia- 
\enx, that this marnagn ^hall be for the hi^h benefit 
id commodity of the whole realm, Chen wiU I abstain 
fruvD marriaare while I live. 

And now, good Hubje<?tfi, pluck up your liearts, am 
like true men, Htand fast fi^ust tliene rebels, boUi oi 
enemies hikI youn*, and fear them r^ot; for, I fljy*un^ yon? 
I fear tbem notLing ut dl. And 1 will lenve witb you 
my lord Howard and my lord Trcusurt-T* who t^hall b^^ 
atssigtauU with ibe mayor, for your dtTtncv," — With tbi" 
asHuratifi- sbt* uuilted tht* hall : the acclaimitions of tlitf 
people fciUowta her, aj^ she jwissed ; and, in the courw.' 
of n few houm. .nhe found herself (surrounded by an adding 
tioDol forcp nf more tlinu twenty thousand men.^ ^ 

ftiB, The next day, the rebels prooeerled to Sontfa> 
*- WRrk ; but were slopped at London bridge. Thei 
reimihuul in Soiifliwjirk iwo (btys and a Ijjdt":^ hut 
Ut^utcnant of the Towrr threatening to tire the ISorou 
VV.B. about their cars, they left that po&t, and inarched 
**' KingHtou-upou-Tbamea; where, findinc: the hridg:e 
broken down, thej' immedmtely repaired it, and, obllf;- 
iiigthefuret!* ihatgiutrded it io retire, ibey passed over,^ 
and ndvniicred ;is far a^ Brt-ntforil, almost b(*fore tlt^[ 
court could hnve aiiy notice of it In tJie mr*an time, 
the queen, on the firat of February, had published a par- 
don for all that had taken ui> amis, exreptinir sirThomajB 
Wyat, and about four or five more; upon whieli many 
of tlie rebels liad already returned to their i"ej<pei*liv<» 
Fii. hom&«. With diminished forces, therefore, on the 
'' 7th of February, sir Thomas VVynt entered the 
^burbii of London, with a deaii^i to have penetrated 
the city through Ludgate : but returning back to^M 

> HolltTi*li«ljT, iCi, 17: FcociL^. LV- [I'lf^^lt^' iJiytllnl Mury iMivcFvd 
\jfrr iprtvli io aaily. tlint " >Ihi Hvnii'd tj hn'v \nTk^<-\]\ vtnittvi] il wiOidiiI^h 
liook - rlirTvl>e1li>, allmliiii^ I" iW oilnuit:^ nuA rc^iULiiVn, nliiL-h ^ht i^lif^H 

lUQ prriiculit jicrlLiflmii). bJiunu ipNi iLiiniiirc I^Mi-U nr ilt^liiliuiiA ix; vd Itn u 
ireMlnU, uttiiiiiiir* rt |iruilrft^j»]ti limtn Hclipiimii »iiiit, ci niiiiiil iiiiiirnitu^llupm 
OguotL'niM Snw c1 Lxlcfitcr Uintn ^rm^MitlU, (iniiJilJi lrm|iirri> |iiiiH-Emttjmi. 
guiu«, vi.iiiiLwm»U > et ptpiLluiii buun \i^\i eI ail U^inpUK JiLrMuiiiiviJutji umtu^mf 
confiriittiti. Api»rvpmi"i«iU' rvm Imic iirhj jdio Wtiuiii rirKilii, cum tui 
iLOTUndo n filiwtTtiinIrt (jr^i-n' udu (icHiKU-T^'nl, titiii nitcm u- rrriiH-irx ne lu 
quidem ulluin limi>rii sifiiijiin mihitii.iioii tumciipiis uimirum, quani D«i ftvtM 

■ [Durfli^ iW "laj, iWy I'Uhifli'iI tJtmliimr'i. rpiscopiU pnW*, loruitff ihv 
looki ftlid (lin)rs«"*l f*>nuiiHi*'U inch ha* en? wills li» liliimiv. ■■ ilkm m^n xninlil 
luire icnv ui» U> tbc knee* iu Lcdv^t vi buob, cut ou[, ud uuonn under feci "■ 

4ir. iT,j 



ward* Cliarinff-CTOSS, he icas opposed nt Temple- Bar by 
the qtieniV anny : and, after a *jinall skinnUh, surren- 
dOM hiiB«df tn'sir Maiiricp Berkdry,' 

Tbus «ided Wyat\* atWnpi; wherein, fcovn the be- 
SJunioff, not above forty perstnis los^t their lives. After- 
wards, isevera! of ihe wbek were brought to jii^iiee, 
li>rd f>ailfonl Dudley and huly Jau«, foniirrly oon- 
demned for elaitniiig the crown, were lielieaded, Febru- 
trj 12 : tht' dtikc nf Snffrtlk was hchrftdecl, IVhniary 23; 
«r Thomas Wvat, April II ; and lord Tliomae Gny, 
April 27. About fifty more inferior persons suffered m 
oujer plncc^; the rest were pardoned and di*cliargv*t 
by her majesty's laovi ^nieloiis cleiiieury : tin* chief 
whereof -were 'riioiniDt Cohhaiii, CSforge Cobbam, sir 
William Cotdmiii, Hugh Booth, ThomiLi* Vane, sir Robert 
Rmklone, sir George Harper, Ed^surd Wyat, E(h%unl 
Pore, George Moot, Ctilhbert Vaufihim, two C Vlpepners, 
^ sir Jaines CnifV, with several tjthers^ nil pfi-finus otfor- 
ttioc and gretit interest. Ah for prinreas Elizabeth iind 
Edward Courtcnay, carl of Devonshire, whom the rebels 
seemed to have their eye upon, they were eonfined m^«. 
to the Tower by way of eauiiou; bot aftenvanhitli*- ^J;^ 
^Hiar^^l: vet ho ka Io be uudcr iiD^iieetiun,' Many i». 
^Believed, that pritiet-ss Kli/^beth wiw m l1ie »eerct of tliij^ 
^Kn£inracy\ and Wyat once confessed us mueh ; though, 
^Ht bjs death, he softened his information, and would 
^^rcuse neither of them ; at least, a« to that riahig in 
whiirh he wai* ooncnriied. His words are Uiuh recorded 
by Stowe : — '' ' Arjcl where it is Ktidand noised abrnad, 
thftt 1 should necuae the lady EU/abeth aiid the lord 
Conrteiiay, it is not so, good people ; for I assure yon, 
^■l^itlier tliey iM>r any other now yonder, in hold, wia 
^^rivy of tny n-Miig, before I began, aa I have deehired 
^Bd leas to the queen s couneil, and that is most tmc* 
^■hen said Dr. Weston, at those woriU, ' Mark this, my, 

■ Stinw.*HO— «2K 

* Stow^ 091—^^23; ndUmti, ^v, l^^2d; Siti|>c.UI, M— 9^ [Foriou. 
10 UkC cbaivc oronirUj, i>fcfi mil Kj vtoil "I gur Fii^UiiUtu ■gaiiut Muj. 

vd &^«rr. ii- iSl—^'M^T.] 




masbers, lie anith that that whioli he hath flhcwH to 
council in wriiing of tbcm. is true :" — and ^a^ without 
more talk, sir Thomas Wyat tamed him, and put off 
gown."' This answer is very ec|mvocai, aiid doea not 
ftfv the imrties (Voiii iK'iiii^ m^fpmiiilrd wilh nthtr iiKiii^, 
which hiLppriied about the same time ; and naintly, tliat 
of the duke of Suffolk, who was chared with word^g 
lipokcn at hb table, a» if a hundred men ncrc able to 9^| 
the cTTown upon the earl of Devoiubire s head, ft wae ' 
also more tiian susjx-i^ted, that what were left of the re- 
formed hiftlurpH and divines wer<^ :in hn%y in fomenting 
Wyat^4 reljelltoiL, as they had been in oppojiing the 
qui^cn'g title to advance hidy Jane. *' Stowe reports, that 
Poyuet, bishop of \Viuehe*UirT was in Wyat's array, and 
encouraged the enterprise ; but thai, when he perceived 

Wyat v,i\s likely to miscarry, taking leave of hu 

frietids, with promise to pray for tlieir success, hr em- 
barked for Germany/^ 
Tbc^e titormift bciiig blown OTCTf Philip landed 

' Slrtv^r A^, [Tl i* the mn^rl nf |>r- Lli^pTrJ aa thit jiiK«(jr. I- Thai 
|iani« in iiiihUihi nrieht noi lure bcm prlry ui Wpi'i Mug, hroiDK ho 
wwxpecwtj. nx y^erS^hflutv (Jipanptnniffd timr: 3, Thai ibc lilrarc of WjM, 
whfT rfrluMft; rlui^l 1>t WtnTjiri inili «ii v^jLtitiHiiUiin, aim miik] tt i& acknifv- 
ladgnni l3ut b* htd not npiikni UikiMj (^^ l«r, note). Tlvi l-niuhM^ fa 
hMt w prf*T n* dw de^i^QM %it tln^ L:aiii^ai«n cabika be douMMt by nay ocv, 
win) luu aliendoJ lo iJit rvjiUiitT j^r^Liivd httirv the l'OIIIK-U. rn uj ttif facia 
dvttUod In RowrA 4«|4tchn b> tlic inipTTUl i:uu[t. Sit Uoi^anl, tH. lAI, 

tbc rffiinmT> nwir in f»»in>i-"*'l''[irc «itli llir itTitLs ihut unc i»/ t|» fini kCHt 
Mifar ihe dcfm viil |iiiiii*buiFni of ilv inaiLricutk «>*» i-J U»iic it pnxUflkaikm 
Ebl ^ Ldiiiinluic t-\iii^iinruiof 4U fcud^EOtn^ Tlus iniUuawut bc^nn ti^ ittU 
llkg. iLllI a muTtJludi: nF « tJ] <tispciB«d po^DDs, tpag from tho punQtt of jtiitin 

tbnr prrvjnt wcrMuii^IiUiUt rt»pli>ynt in H.-*Ucriuu Oir Mi*ia uT llicir BDttkwu* 
ductriot uitt 1ri*d i^noi-mliL^ti aiuod^ tlir ijifcai'i mbjrvl>: l1 d«lAml ihnt, 
hf Adt Mtrcl pmcliitN Ukiry h&il not only tinhoJ Uw We fcWIB^a "■ t^jtkui 
God Mod k«t «!■« ". but ««¥ Mill f anrrd in pn>f«giilitifr Aat vrdkiifii* DO- 
liitan on^Kif ur pcvftlr; mirl it rnnduonJ, lirrchirr. hyonffrineUul Hllfum^ 

cvff cdQilic 0r ctitkdiliuQ, oinikt innchtnu, and Mtiwils to itflUKOt ftafcaM^ 
tev^ ^uld, under pnin of faTfi^iuiK Hid faapriwnmenU «^H ■AdjnUtte 
iMlm, vtdna ifacmHof tni«(j-foiirdkppcanvnft«nie^^ilbiisi^,tQj. Foxf 
^ifei' :ft|) v»j<i) tbUnvw in oonMqn«Dc* 4t ftli pfvcluMtoN^ ftM IMirMitrtyr, 
j>4n i Ijwo, aud tbrtt frionAt, iti* cma p riM to }mrr fW gwritiy. n^v 
fcwwf <i , iwdttnturiiy dcpfcrtrd aunt mKmM Mot^ 1itm9\VniDmtt^^i\\'S 
BvtM«,lLa3J; HcjbnJiHL— 7*.] 

Alt. It ] 



Southampton. July 20, 15M, and the qiicfm meetiug 
Jkiin, at Winchester, they were marriert in the ca- iptr 
thcdrni tlitre, on St. Janieft's davt hy Hi*li«]i Gar- ^ 
diner. Tliift mardi ^a-^ jjutgc^d to be t«) adviuitaKeoiis 
Ui EnKlaudf tJint liuth iioui»e« of pariiainiMit weul rvadily 
iBtu it : aiiil it i» pLiin fnmi the- articlf^, that it roiilcl 
not be any ft-ar of Spajti.^i slavery, but of what iliey 
called PopUh slavery, that induced ^o many to opiK>»e 
it. Mr. Collier reports^ from Stowe, that the ]an^ " ini^ 
porw^d a vi^t limss of treasure **, whi<.'h wbw; ''ean-ii'd to 
dip tou'tr ill ti^euly cHrt>^ rjtch tif them ladf^ti with 
twciitv-sevcn c\i*^t* <}( i^iIvit bullion, each chest heiiig 
a yard aad four inrhcfl long;."^ The diHaffefrted party 
(ad it was a popular topic upon the occasion) gave ont* 
that tliU treasnire wa_* to he employed, in ordiT to bribe 
members of pfirlj^ijiLerit-, ^]ven they v^ent upon the >;a- 
pmtuicy and other ilifficult iirlich-Sj yet undeterinhied. 
A report vras nlsn ;«pri'^d abniad, that (lardincr and h)rd 
Paget proposed, in council, to have princess Klizabcth 
cut off. a4 a meant^ to secure the C'alholie sueeession. 
Tbi«t indeed, had been a politic *iTroke, the idea whereof, 

Tbap», wa^ eherijdied by <iueeji Klizabeth, when «he 
tk off Mary, qnren of Scot&, to setmre the Prolestjint 

ilercst; only there \» this difference, — the tjneen of 
^ta watJ a soverci*^i independent prineens, and, had 
Blie been a suv,jp^|^ stood an clear of Babington's plot, 
l>rine-ess liliziibeth did of Wyat'm iTbelUou. If cpieen 

laryV miniwtef^ asf repro%eable for winning in thought, 

rbiit a henvy char^ inuj^t be ugain^t qnerti FliiUibetb 
'and her ministry^ who put the like, nay, a nnich more 
mcked rtrataf^^m in execution r Some are pleased to 
ipecidate, that kiiiij Philip and the majority of the 
'cuuneil were averse to (jardiner's projMJsa!, upon a 
politic? \ievi, an well a.s i»ut of nafiiral rlemeney : for, 
besides the hoi>e* of ifssue from their present inajeaties, 
,queen Mary being only thirty-eight, and Philip twenty- 
" ive, yean? of a^e, they ihou|!;ht it more adnsablc to 

vrw * tvratj cti^ laduii ttlth Pinrlr-iK:v<:ii cl>C)bi*'. P- lU^.—T?] 




hazard princow Elizabeth's incUnatinns for the Catholic 
interest, tlian, by cutting her off, mnkt^ vmy for the 
Scottu>h line, who, heiii^ aln&ytt in leo^ie with Fnuice, 
would render that natimi too powerftil, and weigh down 
tilt scak^s ill fjivoiir of uii ctiriii^. Howvver, 1 nouM 
not have the rendtrr depend too much upon ttiesc ra^| 
portSt conccruiiig this cutting off of prince&s Eliscalwth^ 
tor which, vcrj* prubably, there was no belter .pounds* 
than the malice of queen Mary's enemies, who, upon 
every occasion, laboureil to asperse her relgaJ 

' [Tltitchafro ■KWSHt OhrdiiKT trpfiuti" iu xhr iWuUr cirFo^c, wbo, apoa 
QO bellBT Mutiiarilj- th*ii a rulWul«iJ» U-ur-«y. Iimt iiwrru iluiin wninml vw 
ACtiudlj lifCiMii fur iht pxocutii^a of EliiaWtJi, htuI ibcu Tioi the iM-ldncH V> 
inicT lAil It iHwl hniTlifitk pK^iitrdbj '* tht Moody buliop'V " UUdcelJ!i*t 
•ajB llvU |]ivMt diacipW of Ubo rrivRRition, tpnkili^ of GAraifiirr, ^ htpHord ao 
npptiittiilDljr, ibal t'^iLifluid hiith « nii||;li^ cauw to |riv<r ltdink» Id Utf l,onl 
UttnTotv * f * k t npcc^ly nr ihftt Ar Add fit^Ar fu Acrr hmifht 
fo p«A^ t^ MHri'vu^ *•* m^ff f urn fAaf iwr iK Kof» w&iWietci dAnocr tt 
ifW or^kaih, UllI (b« hv tn. it did, u iloitlf. proo«ni Iicsi ttic Uoodj biibcj^ 
■>4o Ml f Ar MW tlv*fi/ Ap^, ■/ tl W f nH^Jw. *toh w<li«»» *— f< tibt. bt* 
lu^TKB twiOiT in the lunr, a wnl cud* dnm fnND WCm ef iW MHncif^ for 
hff r tx'viElidii. bI iV <Mif fffi-Mfnnwnf Ihsl vOy W iuc-hr^tR anLH tl^t-tmlv LKnbJu* 
ftnd frftOkfr of that flitcimv vbc^ iv ^A«^r» ld ihki o«t« dij. bul ^lDll|t:h1 Uik 
«iioU r<«tm iott> vofnl rain, bid not thr Lcrd'f iih« |[rBc4aiu couiuc). ikroagb 
Mr-BridgvB, Am tbr liAilMUt, ntrnmji tn laM* to tkeaiKni. «rtjli>d hnof 
tW nuiuv, *nd pmrfll*^ AfhItiTphriX hliudjr (trnc«'*<ms 4MIJ. — Ami jvt H 
b*s tvm piMvrd, (luLi ihc pnUic, «ia li Itfw ehm ^ «riilh «peh i«fVfl»«tt for 
hAood, u «D bit« rooricd tothriitldapc!dteDt<ipKiciuliijraMdlBaliig»w^ 
naL udLmfvh tolheqacH^tnddgMlcaijhnawlndmdulKif thtfouDdV 
faliw»iwwtii»efhU «w >lgtfidaii>,»«>ttiwBw,lheiwTiBm.»holwir 
*HHd b«lB<v ifaM liMn. ud Sit 4vA ti ■ hM ib> v«^ otbcnte hBTv fava 

«r life UE«4k ttd of lb ffVMiM c4 Ua evome^ MCKdfd ta FOMtaf 1^ 
l a Uu p w iitrf bcT. *baw <faA W b m wrtcd » U»t htnw gi iwf iri Qif. Fur 

Ikr ffMf W lUk tk li^cr vfll dp «ril to CdMy t IW doffM^A d Ik ^t«*. 

««. r.] 



■srttMiiitkt ^■»KCCTKD.^-raovor«Tio<(9«i¥H"r rnMAftT^-Pi,ornrTHitnrK- 

Of wut t^tittt.uvK* — ini toLHtii, >iKi bjL« int. rioi-i(U Tt tir ttv^oai- 
jna ro ULiithE* i>F ^E>E«l^v^l.4n9 A'^Aimiv )J£JIK>T iLr^mii — Pi;ri- 

Tlvna 1>f THE BCrollltUI— tllE COl'tCll, tTILtllMltAtl* A Ctl>l^l/t>iO<l 

■lArit'itii or THK •ovjiRNif ^^r— ^"'iium <•( "THU •ifrfcHP,H^ — io>j:<'>i 

blAHVHCMT — tilt tAlttOUC tlHIItrp* MtrUMi: Tf) EltfOftf-G 7lir. ItMIVKP 

Nbau t\Ta yi^ars of qtici'ii Mary's rriffii wcro jinstfe'd, 
tfid nothing waji attempted, that lookeil liku prrsecu- 
tion fnr coiiscknre s«ke. " Many of the reforim^d, who 
neither oiitrjigi-d the |>;ipi!itH, nor appeared f[)r the 
Jaiic, had tithiT the liiR-rty to ^ heyotid sea, or, 
if the)' happened to he seized. lA'crc di^mb^d witliout 
muoh <Uffi<ridty, ni rlwir frkndh' intcrotj^ton/' IIow- 
r»TT, '* it muKt h<* coiiff^i^i'd thiit ca^tTat-s* of tt'inp*-r, 
and injiidirioua avrrsion, carrii*d wime of the rcfonni'd 
to prartirc* by no mcariA defensihle."' Both at home 
Um abroad th*^y gaix many iii^ancc^ of their uneasy^ 
fertiotiit, and rebellions dkpofrdtion. William Thomoj^ 
CKquirt?, wlwj had hci-u clerk of the council in th*^ lute 
TTigtif mid out" of Wyat'tj ailherents, was <*xccat*'d for 
attempting to arisasfinatc, or ftdviHtng others to a5fta>v>ii- 
Hate, the queen, " At his execution he justifitfl his trca- 
un, and tJud, he died for his eountry."^ Tlio qneen's 
preacher wafl shot at, in thi? pidpit, at St- Paui'tt cross. 
One Feihenaoiie vra* put upon personattn^ kin^ Kd- 
*Rnl VI., and g^ivin^ a dihturhaiicc to tike (pii-ni^s Ut!i\ 
iather Peto and Fatber Ebtou, t^vo of the qne<*n'* ehap- 
Iflins, ^ere inoblK^d, and pelted with stones, a* they 
talked ill the Atn^et*;. Itohert M^^idrniii shaved a do^'s 
ht^d, in eontempt, and to deride eeelewia^lieal tonsure. 
A eat wsfl hung np in ( 'ht- 34i>idf, with ti wafer in hef 
]Ki¥r^, Ui ridicule the hie-sweil Mieniment. \\]m\ it was 
preronicd thnt the queen noA nith child, and public 

VOL. U. 




(rAiir lit. 

pruyiT* w eiv orflered upon tliat ocr^Lsiou, st-veml of thr 
r«form*'i> wlio lived ui IjOTkIod, ami excrcl'^cd their rr- 
Itgion privately, iudccd, for the cjaccn, though 
after another inauucT, For, one parsou Koac. and tnaiiy 
honest cdtizetiB, as John Foxc is plcoi^i^cl to etyle them, 
inserted this elaUBt* iu tbcir public pniyer ; '' That O 
uouhl viiher turn the qutreii s heart from Uluhtlry, < 
shnrU-n hi^ tlay-s/' Wiii^n^npnii, about thirty of tl 
zealots, with ihfir loader, parson \\ot^\ wtTc imprwoued; 
and, tiotwithi^tandiuiE the Lciauu^Tiej^ of their crime, 
they were comforted by it letter from bishop Hooper 
gofferintf sautts/ This fonn of pmycr seems to have h 
a gfiit-nd praoiiee; as appears frmii an acl of |«irUi 
mcnt DKtde u]ioii the occnfiion, which declared it to 
tn*Jwon,' They hUo uuuW use of pretended revelations 
and divine inspirations, to promote th<* interi^rit of their 
cauEie. For, " thL' 15th of Jidy, Elizabeth Croft, a wench 
about the age of eii^hteen years, stood anon a siL-afTold, 
at Paur» cross, all tlie sermon lime; nhere she con- 
fcifKcd^ that »bc, bein^ tiiovctl by divers Itnvd pcmotis 
thereunto, bad, upon the i4th of March last before post, 
eounterfeited etrlaiii bpt-eehem, itL the wall of a houiie 
without vVldcrH^ate of London, through the which 
people of the wholc^ f?ity were isouderfully molested, 
that all men might hear the voice, but not see her |>er 
sou. Some »Mid it was au angel, itnd a voice from bt^ven ; 
some the Holy tJhoBt* &e. Tliis was called ' the Spirit 
in the Waff.* ^he hud hnn whistUu^f in a stnuige whbttle 
made for the purpose, wliich wa** given her by one 
Drakes, servant to &ir Anthony NeviL Then were tlie 



tTx^ outm^'i liriv fniiiliniicHil. mflv hv midcd thnt of |-1>>ivcr, nu apo^QoU monk of 
Kly, wJin, I'lu^rnj: St M*rpin-t'i rhutrh. (it Wf4liniiHtn', dtintip Ow tirat *1 
lltf {'dniLniiiiiiiiri. iLltitcki-il nni' n\ \lnr lociiximil pfifiU with » knFfr. ^ml tvriiiuity 
wftiiMili'it tjirn iMiTpf, Etl. '!\1). Fur f»n oJT'-iiri', n*i«-vr »-■* <'mili-nit»«! io C " 
Kiiltr, Itiitin^ prfvioutly. " fnr the imiiv t**rriMi' L'xmiipli^ "", linil hiv r»ght hiii 
uiit oil irritT L'itiTk-i1 Kmtk, (q jtrphirnlugio, tvui. ]Hl). i)o»CT'« "* irurti 
i|«in*' ii, nf oJiirn"* Ti'ljii*'*! hx Vr^i.\ lii, ITfli — 'ifX% — 7'] 

* Slal- I uml *£ V\\\\ I'l \\\\t. t'i\\> \\ fBj ilm \i\K\ <li>n*p in ih^ncl, b' 
IllVM pKiTlJlM, lliiLl nny ]>fTSiiii4. ^ilrt^juli^ r'mrnnitij^l ttir iliu (?fl(iiiv>, tnight^ |i^ 
tapimdn^lhi^^T HTTiJW, nridsnhmUl]!!): tlinn^rlvi-t m 111** ijiirfiiV [rj(>h% 
acmninuuiiloiiofi[ii."«ipitLil piiiii^lnneD:, (or niij other |ien«kyf si i£» 
lion uT the courL—r.j 

4n. Til 



divers companions, one immftrl Myles, clerk of St. Bo- 
tolpb's without Aldersgate, a player, a weaver, Hill, 
clfrk of Sl LroiiarJ's, in Foster L^iic. im<i utht-r, con- 
'frdcratr with her, vrhidi, putting thcmsdvc* among the 
preft?, look upon tJtcra to interpret what the spirit said, 
expre^in? certuin ^editioUH words a,c:ainst the rjueen, 
the prince of fSpnin, the ma^'^f confession. Sic."' This 
iiistultiiiji^ of the t|in.-en"n tvliginn (whi<'h %vrtJ4 then the 
church hy law i^tablisheAi) was followwl hy several 
attempts and practices atrainat the civil government. 
Udal, Throckmorton, Pcckham, sir Anthony Kingston, 
&c,, laid a desig^n to rob the treasmy, in order ^An. 
to raiiie a rehellion, Clelier, or Cleobury, with the i^afi 

itliri^ [Jncfihi^p ikv-t appfai'ed at the Lead of an in- jptr 
iurrectton in Norfolk ; and, about the same timt?, F«a. 
PU1U17, Asht^n^ and others, practised with the French 
king, to make an invasion ; whicli was attempted not 
long after, when Stafford and a Raufc «f fugitives ^mu 
landed in Yorkshire, and^eizcd Sciirborougb ra^ile,^ ^*^'*' 
It waA alnrj thought by niiuiy, that the Iot<a of Calai^t 
might, in a great mco^fure. be uUributud to certain l^ng* 
lifth reformers abroad, who took that way to be iTveiiged 
of the spleen, and king of Spain. For, indeed, they left 
no !iCone untunied to embroil the nation ; especially 
iUii^f. of the Geni^iu fiietiiai. v^hu were, by fnuch* the 
stronger parly of tht' refurnicd Kngli^'h church. Knox 
oad Goodman were so oi>cn, as not oidy to attack the 
qaecu'« title.but to ur^e the argnuneut ui^iinst nil woman- 
kindj as to any right or eiipaeity of governing. Nor 
^vvere the rest much better employed. ** Sneh of the 

■ Bimiruf^. 301. :^in. 3»T Rcp. a« ; StPwo, (1215; (»3^, ri3o. *ni ■ Sirype, 
£.330; rhiloixiLef. 7(1'. Ht^liii. 'j:^.-J:jif. ^^^-^'Jh [Tlini EtiubE^tb mi» JmpU- 
ctfn) iu DuiJlvjV vtiu>ijii[fu.'> It. itiujej, ttdori.' tlie y\"\ »iu ripr, Hi.-iLni. iIil' 

^^^Enpwd tn advifc hPi/nbctti. u to Ibi- piurw wliich it mmld ho pru^Unt U> 
^Bftilapt '' EtMJcI'ml r:rEW'\ nj> lie, " i|iir Mnd-iair I^liMlrtli iu fv ntaae 
^^v«a aortc Ju nwtidc, |ii>iif riurcjirruiUc cc i|»c iiVcititft ■- vnt rr rcnnl Imil (,'h*lri, 

^BlnUettf n lonurr ■ In W^c ". Stitiil^ v. 2il9. — T.\ 


English, as had rftired to Gmjova, employed thom^^Ii 
ill stetlui^ cmt ii new LniiLsIdLtkm of the Bible, in the Enif- 
lish lort^iic, wlnrli aftenvarcU they pubtislied, with c^r- 
tain marginal noTc.=i upon it» most of Clicui protital>le for 
tht uinlcrstaiulinir of the text? but so, that Koine were 
hcteroiiox in point o( doptrliie, soni« clan^croii^ and fic- 
ditioiis ill rcff r(.<ticL- to tlie ^nvil iiiii^istrutL-, mi<l Komc as 
scaiuliiloTiM ni ri's]»"rt of episcopal government"^ Aeain^ 
a kiiiflof rcnionstrancf^ancl libel wa'iflpnt over intr* Ki^- 
lainl, *LS it imported, ii* tiic name of the <^xile3 abroad. 
'* They endeavour to alarm the nobility, by {>re@entitigiL 
prostJecl of loRlnjf their nbbey-lnnds ; and, to make- the 
tbuigiT mort' furmidable, Uiey pmwigc the loss of their 
libertii^;*' '^ 

" These, it must be owned, were very unjustifiable 

f'lllilW i'fit'Jittt tt/ml 'ij thr Tntjnjii't : ihiit tt\' iU>itihimM iHMri«M"l t't 1h* ■ 

fKfj/ Tiini/ htp/iilh!, b^ Givi'i lav. Ac liii^hn/ftl ni'l mnvliil • V/fierttH it lifrfiirrd 
Ihf roan- ff atl thit pifim-i miitrif *p t^UffifJit'I, onrt fMe intly ifo^f to rfvtrttt/ thi' 
luvif liLiiin, flriH'VH^ l-ViK, Tltr ItcHili u h vmU>iiI iiK'vntivp In rrhdlimi. 
Wlli1t1Tlplln.m^ Ilif fi'lli-ft-liihoniYTiif KiifH, wnilr ihr pn-fmi<', nml Ki-Tlii', *n- 
ntbcr of iltc niiitvjLii cxllt'^, npp<;iidf!i1 in 1i. Llii' fnlEiTwiu^ mitncAl kiiTitiiiiLij of 

lliLTp rl^lit nilp Kultvrrtril, imA mivir ^11 Oii^jr liiw, 
Whripir ^mW li'iw lr> ifrnpif llii* tnilli will iJiw toll, 

" ftrlwllifiii IK ill, W rp*[*l in n<il lo 

\Vlimi riu;|it rtiJi' rfiihfiinj in flniif I" that foLTn 
Whn flfAiL liiii liy niin iijj^iiut rij;Hi i*> rdgn, 
Nfil iHUBdag vrhnt prrtth, wt aho a^inll |}i«* gtiiii. 

** A public trcttl VFutohiil, «>)il ti<i liir lUiCTru^il, 
Mofv mwi lo hii Tii[t>(l, thhu rutii over lutn. 

" A mnrvdloup iniulii<«(, ifwp n-ill behold, 

WhiiL iii^liK hIuiM ikuuni nH«. b« wr lJ?L7Tnv1c» Bold; 
And yel, xvlicu f»m Blnivry llnur rritiut" wiuiM lljrm free, 
Dd ctick tr> thfir fuiv, t,o toll b1a«v> uj >ii< ^\ 


Od wlii-hSirriM: femarks. diM "such trwliuif uf UitijiuTindtJ, in iiiH'?lioti, 
mill (if 111 III n9i(j]itULm^iiriulLnK^ii^fn»]i«:4Jrii]l frUcJi'Iiltc Wk-mLtci^, [jr bwk* 
' Colll.r, ii- an^. 


L»r. T-l 



»aI1ri«. Wlmt ov:)ii1il he. irmiv |imv»ktng to tbe court, 
than to see the quecn':^ honour aa]>cr?iC(l, th^r religion 
lUHultcfl, their prciichcrs shot flt, iti th<r pulpit, and a 
lewd iiHpofitiirc playt*<l lujniiifit ih^; povi-nimeiit ? Had 
ihp reformed been more smooth and iuoffensive in their 
Whuviuiir, tuul the etniiieTiC rlergy of tliat party imh- 
lifthed aii;ihhocTeric^e of muOi nnwnrrantahle mfthuciK, it 
]« poi«?qljk-, soiQi? miiy »iiy, they nit^ht have inrt witli 
ffctiUcr u^c, and previ^ntt'd the ptr^i^ution from flum* 
inff out."' But ** th« povcnior^ of the ohurch exa^pe- 
rau-d by thes*^ provocations, and (he queeti charging 
Wyjtl'rt rehi'llion i*n the pnitestant partv, she agrved on 
the reviving M>ine jinoietit statutes nuwle in the tiiii*^ of 
RichEird IL. Ili.ruy IV., luid Hcni-y V„ fur the severe 
punishment of oh:>tLuate heretics, even lo death itself."* 
Vet thu point wjLs a lon^ time dehated, before they came 
to a resolurioiu It is eommonly said, thdt the etnperor^ 
ktiig Philip, rardiiial Pole, and Uip fiueeii horself, weiv 
for lenity i and, a* stic arted orhrrwise, it is believed she 
was overruU'd hy Gnrdiii* r, Hcnrifr, nnrt other leading 
men of the eouneil, who, btiiij< better aoqnulnted with 
the violetit temper of ^mc of the reformers imd how 
apt they would hf to takp all njjportnnities of risiTii^ 
agnini^t the- goverTimeut, in defennr of their n-ligiou, 
jndgf-d there was no other way of putting a stop to their 
attempts, than hy terrifyinff the party by ?-ome instances 
ofjustiee; whicli, &% it u?juaJly happens, defj^euenites into 
something like cruelty: ns it seems to be the prc-aent 
ease, when the pi?rseeulinn tell upon n number of poor 
illiterate wretehe?, who threw away their lives more like 
cidhu>ia£t£i, tliAu upon any rational ronriction.' 

■JliOMff Uic lucDibvofif tltc cotnu'ir Lii.'ftE(\' it 1*0^ Gualt^f ilcUnuiiird to n^hirllu 
Mity in N*nrmVT, If-ft*. l)ji' il<vm"n i>f Ohim-, id Cttmr *Tf i^jlmt niiu- 
uU^bf^Mv llh^ mirviJ^ andf in il few iIji>h, ilui nrltLnicd tlic r>IJi'wiiiK 
" TljucLiuu {■amihintjit M licf(|i«x wc iliiitlLUi i( oii^IlI 1u U time 
oj^nio^ luaU Tcntiii^ . in thr miMiitiKliilt, t> J«i jiiilici w iitJi. lo., Iiy 
Inoftlui;, w\ilOi1 '^c^m Ut HntUr i\i wMi[At} , iiiiij die itfl 9^ tji hr ntod. lluil tlic 
|ic<f Ir ■rirh' nf iii.Tkvi%if Oioii Ta^ti tv Kn c<iiiif(-fiii>iiL niilmiil jii^t fvn^Ei^uii, 
Mlidvtrt thpr itlibll lulb (tri4j:iitUTiil Htn IfuOi^ titid IruAure lo <lii iJir !iUi, .^uil, 
tvf<«nkT Mditln LDudidi, I auuJJ «1>Ji aunt lo Tiv Ijuml, wilbDoi winv uf tbn 


DuriLg the debate coDccrninft; the revival of tJic afoi 
said luw¥, several books ^ere published for and ogain>4 
perseculioo for coiisrk'ui'e suku; ^hcmti wxtv bandied 
the eonveiiictiL't- ilikI nt'cessity of puttiii^ snvh law^ in 
ejn-riilioii, u|w)n the prrspiit Jiinrture of affainij willi 
what coiilri be allcg<*(l agaiii»t such pi^occr-dinga, Agsunat 
persecution on the score of religion it was alleged, That, 

TL« paper* ivtiiil conUm* tkii reply. i» in CoUlcr (U. 071, 973) and Eunvi 
(B, Rcc. 3&1E), undeoTTiincnfn with an infliuction lo ^ flidiulutc conmivina 
to 1>1L ivilb mv Ir^ ntilinrtl>dritM^nf fomr^jfT, Tl liwi hfcn tliini^^lt that di« 
dote, tliu* dintuictly nuirlird-,«i>iilil<lu|TivTr tliRconrcnmli^^ti, Ih'Iwc^u IVIowd 
G*rdincri In }]iliiio(c\ iix:vrU), fauusBUcli lU Poleliml wirli-ml^ ui>t ytl amvr^ 
Bat Ibo orffUrnviit detailed by ibcbiitoriaii U««|nrculr uud lo hflvr ocvmnod 
«/W Ilia raritil ofihv htJiTnte4i^-nin<llicRdM,in1bi»folToKiiij; UiVfintirr', *ftd, 
CMUWUPlt^t Eiftrr Ibi' iimial <if (li|i tv^tfi t uid tbou^h mudi nf it ii tflaif^ 
dwiM>a no bv ibir iiiMijLnjJiloTt anii^ «riiPT, vut«thii< u^iTit^iurh diwiiMioulPM 
|diM, I* dMncitj (UHrtod both bi UumH (If. ^TN), uid Htylin n2l7>. 

The mdri liitK tnn in the- Ic^ thai ibc nututes* to vkwh i Iid^ jutl ro- m 
fotirdpWrrt' l1i# ihrrvvU. pifr^d in Ot* nipnx ef Riobircl II , llrnrr JV., lui^fl 
Uemjr V., flnr >iipEiTC«nna tb« h«inT of ttii* li^irird* is^r thu }fi<L i. r^l^' 
ISQj Ub lh* ti«Ahh i>f lVoiiinh«r» Ik Nil fnr (ItHrivmnl wkv hroiiffM iatotbo 
oomn>nni: 1)in« dMT« Uu-r. U wm <^jrnM u]i t» Vac lnrrU; and, od the 
iiri)l*Oliilt ofthp<ii]iH> mnnlh, Ttu-at p4f<icdH]thi>ucahudcii|inp voice (JoonuU 
orConinnni. i Zttin E^M*. i 477. 'f 7H) Bni if ihi% jptfutart kbs raknlnUd in 
■Iftnn \hr fin^i Uidynrihri n-fflrtiM*, ii wn* itiiHlilr fn dMmpUii*Rntf>iir nf ihove 
VinnirTi»i4 pntu'lii'r^ whn. flit T!irioiif rliflrvn^ li«4l ilnsd* hftfn cviminrtlM In 

CHML Fram ibdT «11». thry iidilrptft'd th** k1n(T, lhf"iiii«Ti, »nd I** tun* 
isn of prrlbuDriit In oiu< pT'iiI^'iu. tijf'v cjimplntnorl tluii. " c<nttnETT (/■ ail 
liw» nf jimlice, (*<iuiiy, urid riit^i", ib^v lunl bwn iuipniajnM, tiUmHptvd, und 
dablDM: ihcj dirriikjiil'vl ui W ftirthsMili hi^id jii ilinrowTi ilnr'Tnv : nm) ihtj 
COgBgcd tn ahnh tbnl Otf U^ul-^s fur uliji-ii ilu-v tivtc krni)vil Hh hrKiio, «vn^ 
la leilit'. \\x only ■* Irue ii<i-iriiiTi jf t'lm^l■> i-jjUhjIii t'burtb '* (Fi*xr, til- AT), 
In & trcoiid {vLiIjoDi (l»'ii Umuunur l^miiif ettii ixiorr l»|(L Thrj caLIciI nn 

caonani«>.iiiir]>nJiiit: iljr ^i^iilv Tibituto iif ilii^ W t^n ivlj^ny: ibfii dnKitmird 

" dicHndHb 9[ipf[>(iticiLk^ M^\i lAm H:niii. Mbii^li, try tJir jxipbL pmuil.mvpu 
OVUdenn. bod U-^u i>Uf<iI iHt^iti. in conitmpi of God'i wohI, nil lio»c[i. uhL 
nil tilt iTnly (■biy^t'ii lfK|Ltii> ill llir Mr«*H bihlr " ibpy cha/fttd ibr i|itfxii wltl|| 

vitb iDOndn<uix heresy and idolatiy^ and c«amiitline «ctJL iif "- rvibbrrv ana] 
«rultj. vdcr^ u in Turiccy wvrc Mr*vf uttd*: finalG, ilitv dcnnndivl' i<> T« 
Iwu^ia publw, whoffv iV; c(mtinuc>d, ** ifirc bo nol abk IktI^i Ui imtir uid 
a||TV?a,li7 lb*aiAolicaadaini>nlcji1ni]r« df ChrinV lnirrrLi^tf>n,lIic ctniTcb 
MOBJlka and KfiiCf, vt (bftb in Ibcraon iaaanut kin^c Edkntxl'i dAih. *nd 
■Ih) bo dviDow and npravr. br Ow tamtF outlioritioii, ib« Mrvictf nun trC fortb, 
tSn«« hi* dfpaitiiw, thmi wr olfn mir bodiM, ntbcr lo b« immodiiiti^ly Tyurnrd, 
oralw lo mffrr wlutthWffir oilu<r p^iifitlniHl tlminrful i1<iilb. that it hIuJI fOcHO 
tbe Unjt and qumi^ nu^nU la ji|t|iiiiui " (Mr3WK ^^nniUFf, Appcn*!, 3W), 

Tbr vioMkrr >>f llLM^addfm««uiioC«JcuUl«l W intillify iLoDdTocttlMot 
h«*rniy. Yn l]i(> ^liry nrpmprwVjr ormfonnnff Itie rnivvtl «utul« ctlU ««0' 
<ioii«d W hr ifi^lulftl in thrnjuurU If Oip Nti*^, ifcwdrng to i1h> TVpR«Mi- 




God bemo: the only jtid^e of cfnificieiiw, the mairl&trftto 
had iio junjidirtioii ihere, si) as to fort^e ulwdieiine : that 
faith beting u ^iA (jf(ioti,aiultU'-iietnlingso!rly ujiutihun, 
T\\\y hIiouM any one pivleuil to jKiiiUh another, Ix-caiise 
God had uot btjtilowcd tiiut ja^t uptm him ? that it would 
bi! irratioiml to porHtM?utc and punUh a person, hei;nui;e 
he was sutijt'ct to boiuu ct>r|*oral clefec*t, or had lejjs wit 
tliiiu hts ne'ii^hlionr : llmt the wi^apmis nF rhriHtians were 
not VAnud, but spiritual ; tliiit ftrg\uni*n(s, exhurUtioiisi;* 
praytTa, and good hte. ^crc more ^uituUt.' to th« ^spel 
than tire und fogj^ut : that m it wur imposi>ihlt7 to compi'l 
thx Bssentt ^o the attempt was both irrsitional and tyrnn- 
nical : aiid tlmt ^uch u procpcdiiig might make men 


iMllfRv [Ikiii till? pnuL-r ufllic \iiw wu ulliiuiLlrlv kl lc»!tt u^ilii<it ituin (B""!^''- 

1l «ia%. ^iruhMltlVn (lie iiiIni)|H'niti' i'-itiuliicl «if Krihi-, hii'IiUdiumI in i3ii- ti<xE. 
Ifail iiiiiiinliiiLt'1^ |riiivuki:(l Ltii- lln-l fMiKii^Ckikn iJtmuiLhlfiiUuu, UN Qirjuttluf 
the ^fotrnaacMK^ Ou iln' i.'vpiijiip uf lU'w-jmrS Jiiy, UiJii itfuriiiL^ ^^llJi Ui* 
cviiiMiiiLfrii:^ 41 ni UMiidicfjilL-Ll: nil ibc (^c]j^_\'i.'ih'^]]lli of ibr taniL- nn'iilli, a i^iiiii- 
lujuouii. wilL ftarilmvr ul iln IicaJ-h uaa opi^iiej furlln.' tfiul cf ihv lUd pii- 
Hoxn' Eijfbt \wi/ntii'i •auk lumu^'Lt l>ctV>rL' iJjr ciriiiU tliKij4'( unci IViTAr. lite 

KiulV ^kttiiiiU'n. nrLi>i itf All H«11itw!« ki lAiirluii. T^jlitr, cvt'U'i ur n«il1i-'v iii 
SufTofL. 4.ijii Inu i'\\ttii> utuivA CoiiliuitltT ikEjiil CiJciit. Of dirw> Cutiluj>iW, 
h1i4< «■«( n (iiuon of Well a. pnuiiiilfxl vc r«nEiL. I'roiiit rpi|U»it<l and nbt&iiiftl 
a dcUr otwn iiinnilis Icrr^ir wnt frtrjiiii<lr''i MitUnni itja). owl ihr rmiiamini! 
fitf, luiuiif Kfin*-!] l-j i-iiWriK" Ut iljc iJminurfl <■!' lUr citurcli t'l" Utnnt, wcrt 
lt[«l tMiiiiiiiiiLiiWE^M!, mi J Lbnj iltlivi^fcil !■> ibr cm il iim^ixt'^tCf in dc luirnl 
(Po^r, iii, I'^i; SiT^pt. ii\. -JO^. 'JCKJ}, On tliciiimli lifting fiOWinff Tnoiilh. ax 
odtCTs vrrv ■rnlciicul in n HimUnr inannrr. by lltmntr: but, Uic n<M jKy, 
AlfhonK^ ill Ciidtr-?, ■ i^puiieh friiir« cnnl4i.u>( ti> l^ir kiii^'« u-^cn<lAl tliu 
pBipiU BH't ill Hit w ycnix vf thr vcmrl, lim^ll* I'litnlt'iiiiii'il ih'^i^ iiiliuTmiii and 
uacfar*ili>" ^»fn't»Tliu(r"- l"ff ft hii»jhl-h(, Ui« *|iiril of iiiTol<inn»* <i«iiie(l 1i> 
^a«iL Tiiv CKf'CLjtioit urUic firuoni?ia Wiis iuiipvriileii ^ uli furllu^r pnKociitiani 
ill com isf tioK*v weft flno»tvd i tior wm it imlil *>rjn' "f tbc rxtcHi^'^ tni'n- 
liifnfii iu Uir int^hii'l iij^Hin pn»vitJ[|<([ th^ mitrrrof ^iitrniiiiriiLt lUiil, hI the ctkI 
nf tivii ttpfU ^Mjir/'h <ii)» Ibr liri-n of ii4>r«rniUini M(>nt rt^Jtindb^d (fVtu-, Ul- UM; 
Stnj*-, iil.'iOl*; HtimL-Lu. iiMJ. 

To the ■trocitfi ■h»tL piifcUecI, iLlluiion will Qltf^rwririli l>r ini>i)F. Tn d^'t.iiT 
Item would be 1 ffftnlimn tj|*k: ttdnm*! vo«|ii ^^nibirr. iln.- iif^itt ofk-tu, nl 
llw rrrilal. NiiFTiit' it. ibiii-lbrr'. In kjv, lbji[ Uif [H'rH^'ririiiii *-iiiii]riiii'i1 ut ^K' 
uuCit 1^0 ittsiili ui \THry- M liiiifh. Iixlivi!, \i ninmtiiMFT &Tiki||'ii«ioh ttf rfhitty 

dlMffKied. Si?w i^oinrnbiitoij* wm." isitut'ii. hi-w lj[irborilirt *ir?ri' cimt'li"<l,iHii 
t miCKdnriil of inHirrij nan i-TttK'il. ubirb.oii-Ti li iUr JmluiKr iif ibntrini. 
lflrif%cHiii)rt| V rrpiiiHl wUlumi triirmr l*w of ibv iinrjiri&»f<k(>iiH nifty br 
vvn io Ihii .^pjn'inli*. Nil. XWll I, —7".] 




hypocrites, and ilamn them; but nt'vcr would inakt* them 
bclieitrs. It wiw ucUIhiI, ili;*t Ht. Fan! dwiares, H'e font 
it not ovrr yimr J'nif-h.^ tluit tln^ giisiicl imjaoum^va 
against pIuckitiK ^^P turea from amoii^ the ^ood com* 
till the last day, (but it was to bu doLc by the Imnds of 
thf' EUi^eb^: in tit^^ that none wcrit l\ir |)«^n^vctition, but 
auch a» wtTt m ptmtr; and that, commonly, it was no- 
tbliig bvit n-vriiiie, mid some t€inpnr;J cDnsiiii-nition, 
tluit jiniinpterl tliero to it- For perfteinitiot^ ii. wixs vA- 
Icgcd: That the church uf God not bL-ing an iuvisible 
commimtty^ but a vit-ibk- sooiciy of men, con?^istni^ o£^ 
au|ifrit>nj and inferior!;, there oufrhi to bt» »ome ex]] 
di*?nt to restmui refractory members, in pomt of beha-' 
viour : tlml;. though the civil ina^stratn could not Haini 
uny jurisdictioii in ^i^iritnal mutters, hy the strength of 
hid charrictcr, yet tlie ccclesiostical luimster bad w power 
from Christ, to insfieet, udvisi\ correct, punish, &e,; 
otiierwise God hml provided worse for the peace of his 
church, than for that of the dvil gnverumeut. Hence 
they inferred, that, thougli ernirs a^ faith wtre 
only pimi-slkablc by Uod, or by hia cburoh, with f^pirittiid 
ccui^ures, yot, as they affccttHl society, and biflucnccd 
mankind, in order to tli^turb the peaec of the civil or 
ecelesiastierd govenitnf^Dt, they fpU under the eoj^utzanec 
of both the mas:if'"tnieifs : that many years' 4_'xpt-neneQ J 
liiLfl convinced tlic world, that heresy wa>« an inuncdiate ^ 
disposition towards rebellion, and that an insurrection 
on account of religion was much more formidable, thau 
when persons rose in defence of titles and eivi] riglits, _ 
there being no obt^linuey ci|Lml to ihnt whlrh wa^ roolcdd 
in religion : thnt- though the ron*ricncc could not Im 
comp<^1led« yet nicthocls niitcht he made use of to remove 
prejudices, anti oblige jieo]jic to mnke use of rnjch means 
US (lirij;t Imd established, to inforni the world, rtTid pre- 
*ervo iIr' |)t-acc of \m church ; and that both (hrtnib* and 
puniKlimtMitA were ndvisablL- in Kuch r^a^cs,— enimall^fl 
when the trovemmrnt was m danger, hv unlaw'fiif as-srm- 
blief?j oikI doctiim-s of a )>cniiciou9 tendency. 

■i Opt L33. 







«rKlcftvoured to enforce their an^amonts, by ^^ome in- 
nanei-s of llie old hn, wlnrn.' perilous wen? puiiUhed 
witli death, nnt nnlr for idolnlry, hut rvpii fm- flmir 
Mrhinmatimt t>pliavi[>ur. They aUo alJr-^ed the aulhnrity 
of Ht. AwgnMiii, who, thoujrh he wni* once of opinion^ 
that the Uw of Chriwt did not favour persecution, upon 
Accoutit of errors a^rmiist ftiith, yet he uftcrward altered 
Iiis sonliuieut, and judgi-tl the pciieticr to be botli hiv^i'ul 
am) adviftahic, in certain rasps. 

It ifi suHiricnt to havr mentioned these general heads, 
whidi nre disicns^ed^at large by divines. Now, nhL-ther 
the lepslntxire, in queen Mary's reiflrn> acted prudently 
ill n'viTiniE the MinKuIniiry Inws, nml nhi'ther they hnd 
A strfbeient pn>voraticm aird inditremi^Tt to put them in 
c:Kecntion, depends alto^ther upon the rirrnmatanrpii of 
tho^ timi^ii: and particularly, on the behaviour of the 
persons who had rendererl themselves obnoxion?*. That 
U»e queen was in cUily apprehen>ion of heinfr disturbed 
in Iter tttle, by the reforiTM-t) |mrty, is very fipiwirent:' 
and it i:* no lr\.^ rr^rtmn. thaT tht- ptr^rvxiUau^ vvhir^h fol- 
lowed* Ma* one of the exjicdients she ma<lc use of to se- 
cnrc herself. It would bo an endle^B labour to examine 
the jKirtii^ular bt*havioiir of every i>erAon» that suffered 
u\H}U i\ii^ oi.'CJi^ioi]. Ill t)ie 1;io^r;ipliiL^ part of tliitf 
work, I Irnre given an tux'ount of tbv five rvfortnvd] 

die hnprrbl diTilowloiH. ihin viriU' to tfK'ir mjiiu-r. " Pj^I. hvn k% l'r«> 
linqfen. inntrr k* i^liiiiTrtuT (■[ 1i^ r^lLnlioiiim; hiiim fi'JvIk la diw ifcinnV^ 

c i<va lit 111 iEilc ilum% U'fjnuc ilumJj. h uouh^illdiU ilc |iuni^ Ift i^tiitlot '|iiid 

!« b»vH uDr viBkIc mclu, IcIJnnriiU Sifr, c^uo ixnifl 
apniHi Mil* Ltuii <TT(t|]i]i:. * > • « 

Lc ^Eki <lc^ lit nlii^i^it r|]ii fill rli-l'qUtij 4U (lemicf hhom 

nrdk- rnlcliU Ueii, i{tu U tuul^/ait tn favour fU MtJn^ J 

i> r«ir*«iiDii 




[tAtt III. 

bishops thai ysert brought ta justice;, and have omitU!d 
nothing materiid coiicrrniiif; tlii>in. ^ As toihe T&t Uiat 
iiiidf^rwriitthi^^ftinc (atr, I fihall only take noting of tiiein 
iu ^'lu^mL Dr. H^^yiin says ; '^ 'Hie martyr's, in all parta 
of tlio liin;£doni, amoiiiUed to the tiuiober of tvro hun- 
drtnl and *evf nTy-i^ve!i per*on>;, of ali *jort» and ^cxi's. 
But, more |mrlR-ular1y, tberi- arv fitiid to Imvr ix-Tisbwl 
in tht^tr danirs. tivr IhsIiojm^, twrnty*oiir divini's, eight 
gmUlemen, cnghly4mir artificers, one hundred htmband- 
men, ser^'ants, aiid labourers, twentj'-six wives, twenty 
widows, nine virffinR, two hoy&i, and two infants/' Kn- 
tbcT Pt'r^nn», wTlo hniii taken a gn<.it dejil of paini^ lo^ 
lookiik^ iiilu tilt* iiiirlieiilurs nf llit>, <ir(H>unt> hus %ii\t\ ^40^ 
murh conccniing the numbLT, apitiicirtis, and bchnvioiir 
of tbcHc pretciidL^d martyrs, that any one, that will but 
givc^ himself thc^ trouble to pcruRC v-bnt he has published, 
in relation to that affair, will he obliged to own, that a 
great ahttteiDtiU is to be niadu,^ He b»^ rnude it ap* 
pear, tliat many of them ctit^l for trrji^un ; others main* 
lAined opinions inconsistt^iit with the dot^rinc of iiwM 
reformed ehnrch in Kn^^Und. Some wtTc natoriously" 
sootulalou^ and mckt*d persons; others di&traeted, and 
no belter rlian enthusiasts. In a word, he bait made it 
appear, tlml John Fo\e, the origioal eouipiler of tUom 
reeonU, h^is failed against triitb, in a vnst number of 
particidars. and nuidi^ iumj^df stispcctcd in iiinny more; 
in so mufh, thai a lenrned protistaot divine fiaj"S of 
him, that where John Foxe produces records, be may 
be erediretl ; but as to other relations, he is of very 
slerider autlairily/ However, the hloudy reip^ of ipiei^ii 

' [fmsm^r, Hwprr, Utdlrr, UitinicT. ind F»n*r.— y.] 

' Hof lin« 'JS'J. flit* wlHi, " Sixtj^-foiiT dicik, in thoae fiiriuiii linic», «<n9 
innBOlcd lot tJinr ImUi. vbrn^tr cn^Ti ni-iVKLippi<d,fiitK'i] prricbcd in priuttg 
Iwc^vo baTwl in ilri it i; kill's ^''"■^ innnv mnrr lit in pa[»ii*ilv, oomlFiniiv^, wUicb 

imUMieo f^ c umi tliuilvlh, M^tut uMi-ic>t<i pm^fmnrnt hfi}iriii (mi tJ^ tvmfm* 
''o/r/vrvhfp nijVMa^i " (l>iM \ Thru It it nitli ill [orlln, ilui urv- 
CUlion i» fliily rtifn n-pn^bmohlr, wb-n (litrrirH ij^iii'^T thcinwlim' WauM 

ArviM 9/ sJffonm/r mjVMa^i " (l>iM t Thru It It nitli ill [orlln, ilui 

CUtion i« fniljr llim nrpivbrnnhlr, wtirn tlirrrtrH ai^im^T thcinvtirrt ' ^('aiiMJH 

tiw mtlmlLrv, >tr ihr mm1ia|i(Uth nf Kli9;Hl4ti^n'i;L:ri hntv KulTwirtFi'd L> HirjrHit'kS 

* rin hlnTlirrr C~ni»vn3iuu of rii^iiiiri, 10b. 11. and IU. — T.\ H 


af Lhc btni Hid wanmM rir hn Aihuirrr^ run liudiifiMbfrpnt«air htov^bMi 





Mar)' is Ihi^ nunw's limgtui^- ta nil prott-stanl children, 
ftiid an article they an^ ratcfuUy instrurtrd in. frnni !h«ir 
cradle. Not only thow? ihnt were active in ttuit perMc- 
:utiou, bat the whole cniholic chtirch is charf;^ with 
prt>ceeriinffi»-* lliey were the jjroreedjngs of the 
Ltive power of Euj^lujd ; ami that power uIuul- is 
aaswerabks if any Uiing vftm done ainiKK. I darcr not 
.presume to call thr Ruprcmc couH of judicaturfl to ar- 
\U Thiifl much 1 dare venture to advance in their 
: if persecution upon account of conscience is s 
iue to be allow*^d of; if the ie^^latnre jmigi^d it 
pni{>er U> revive the uiicleut liiw)^ in ihut eni^e ; if Severn] 
insbopf^, r1en^> and others, wcrr heL-t^tnt- delincpipnbs 
by disobtyins mid dcscrtinpc the communion of that 
church, iu w hicli they were baptized and educated, and, 
tfler b^ing reconciled, relapsed o^ain into the error* 

ia''healil)onie4BJK!lMml,Wt«VTtrTnrtrn'Tr(>rffi<r7'' fMnrWnWMdiJl.iM). 
mtaCkn plMIV llw ■•Bie wtilcr saj». " Thr tU^m in \-<yjLe'f ^tnnjTtAaiq an 
Afvd. labc uAittiriiuiiuitrljr l>Flirtixt. Hut lii.iH'it, Imf -'<^^ "- ^tH ert- 

brdltf irrtlitr, j>rthji|4 micIi " tnt" uiiulil K»ri:rJ,t oIli.i, :... /luiij: itT 

llv piimlrr An<l irlunctci oflhr RlAtfvn, certftlu l( K l^l ix^ o^ifa- 
rdto4vUwliaiiDr. m|BllknlTeiouiRm0T«ibclnbiii5,Cir i !" 
I lo tlifliv jnocodia^ Tlit«[iuuntofn«J rktMi«bu>u - >r ■ c 

i1 1>; ABr panuJ ilriJuitJiii*- Wtn'lbr-nUk|ruif Ibulldllua liv fttwHt, 
oiijbl jiAvc kt ranmiitp llu,' irKriC> uf nu'K iiiitiviitual wtr: fiul nhra. tSiiX 
iEU«<ftl«tf crvjf fLvublTLil i>ro()j«LLiimlitcLiiiiDr« ^fiiirbLfut ti^ o f in't fniT 
tvoliiiadjrd tlOl rKmJDi, ifo ckd «t1)r Uini nilli Imijirf fj^iu tliv IrWl- 
~ fttCr. And t< thmUiil tW mcb tbiDjEt luit fusani «Aaj. — T.] 

•LvkU We bvUftfvd iMiK lu ■ nwfc iuiiohlcf iL*inr. " ll w," i«>» Ije, 

dc BtvtOicVvuvariArrnFfflT/rAifi^D^ilw^fil. 3l!J); ftnd jrrt, onli ft &iv 

hrlWl.hDftrkiH>«Flal|rotKkU'* M fbnrlseii bv^ioprfcA, ibc rnAJicmtr- 


ftMB jmi U the oUmtkm «r Mr. 'VjUnl * IV trvtli/' piy:^ hv, " prno* U 
V^fc t the f rindplc cf tit|c«tiijo. ■brflvr w* Inik locailoliK* or pinUvunij^ 
vnkDMm. In this tapt«t, Gudincr ud Edo«, Pd* and Cdvlik 
lEKabttL« itand pndj mu&b on ibr Mane Kfonnd '- Hdnfd ai 
trift** ojuna to b<» ncaUMUbJ. I tm, p«faipit Mtnatk thai Mr. Shann 
bu biclf 4WcaTctv4 wImI «rm •tfccT wiMcf to* bdr« UMblo k> 4«1ficl, 

Ui;,4Wf That Ptt)*v» Mt«Mlfg«atlH«f M"MM via b« 
arkMM^ t ImC IhU h$ wu mwmltr wrcnc In it, ■ ■• BMtoia «* 
» fine u4 onh cooimiHlim ikMwBi* fartcnr. i— <J vidkiB Ui rll 11111. 
n> not tIcMd KmUl ibr lua jnr at bU kfr. Wiikimi. tr. m. 174^-T.] 



[Past iiL 


they liarf renounced ; — wherr this was the case, rould 
there ever be a greater provocation, or belter grounds 
to pill such Iftvvs in exoculioii r All ihnt seem* ^>arti- 
eular, in queen Mary's rei^ii, wa« an excess in the inan- 
HLT^ eilber in puni«hti^ loo inuny, or, mny be, now inidfl 
lliMi, improper prrsons; a uiismaimfijcnu'ut; thost- only 
seem anftwcmblc for, who wne imrardmtely coneerucd 
to see the law execntcfL Bishop Bonner is chiefly men- 
tioned, for havin)^ a hard in the rifforoiis execution?; of 
this rL*if<n. I will uot say ]\m\ far zi*al for ivli^ion, 
warmth of tt'inpi?ir, or some other less rommrjidahh* cir- 
cinnstanrcft mip:ht induce him to dislin^nr'h himself^ 
upon the occaj»ion. There is neither prmJcnoc uqt charity 
iu prjing too nearly into men's intentions. It mny bo 
said, in his* behalf, that, London hein^ the staf^ where 
most of the ofFemlen* were to injike their np|]earan**e, it 
is ii thing n<it to be wondered flT., if wcr find the bisho[i 
of that ftcc more active than any of the rest, in seeing h 
iht: IftWA cNccutcd: and it must be attributed to hisV 
biing bishop of Loudon, (ifitt^ true what I leylin affirms) 
that he alone broujj;ht two hundred to tlie stake. As 
for clher |iHii.?^ iif llie kiii^dotii, grf^iit inodt^nitioti uns*^ 
u5«d. For ^*iii all the province of York, I find none 
brought unto the stake, but George Marsh of Chester,,] 
condemned thcr<;tiJ by bbhop Cotes ; and not much mora 
to have been done in the four Welsh diocesefi, in which, 
besides the burning of bi>^h[ip Farrar, at raenimrthen^ 
by hishop Morgan, aiid of Kawlins and Whtlt^, at C-ar- 
diff, by bi?ln»p Kitehin, no extraordinary cruelty M:ems- 
to hove been acted. In tlie dioceaea of Wells, Exeter* 
Peterboronfrh, and Lincoln, though ihl^ la^ is tl 
f^reatist ifi thi^ ktni^iloia, I find n^entiju but of one a* 
pieep, of two in Kly, and of no more tbau three n-piece^ 
nt Bristol and SiUisbury. In those of t>xnn, Oloeester J 
Worcester, and Hereford, I find none at alL"^ And» 
i)ideed> the generality of the bishops were persons vi 
f^reat compassion, and no friends to perseeation ; and^S 
if any rrnehy was !ibonni, it wafi by somt^ It-nding men 

ms 'J 


Hujlb, tVK 227. 


ftt coiirt, and upon such persons bs remarkably misbe- 
haved themselves, in insulting the religion then by law 
established. What can be said in their justification (if 
regard be had to the cause for which they suffered) is 
not my present purpose to determine. It is certain, 
the reformers abroad had but a very indifferent opinion 
of their behaviour ; since the Lutherans called the Eng- 
lish, who suffered for reli^on, the devil's martyrs.' 

* rUbi rodferantur quidun, marUres Ad^Iicoh esse mortyres diabolL Me- 
knctk in epiiL Octob. H, apud HeyUii, 2^.-7'.] 



(put 1 11^ 


(jiji>4cteR t/t -MAir.— iiKM vitiTvt^-^iiiii rrrEx^t of tm% naoTftKit— ^tiii 

CC|lltAt<<l^|l£HCK A?i(l KI'VniMlClK — HlfK In l'hH>^EC-VrVn HY If Hit KfOrUBB 
DTE*. ^ 

Tiioucn queen Mary's memory be odious to the \iil^r^ 
SLiid ijfiioruut, v/lu} vhurf^t" Ikt ]»emninlly wttli all iboc^e 
Boemiiig hardships' tilt" rt'foruitTftSuffiTrerhiuderlitTmgn^B 
yet her very cncniiirs, who have calmly, and without jitp* 
ju<ii(rc, considered all pEirticulara, have been obh^ed to 
confess, that &htr was a princesH in nil respects worthy of 
that high station, in which providenc^e had placet! her 
As to her ]»irsonj she was nt'iiher handboiut^ nor re- 
markable for any roqiond dirfcrt. ller fmtiires werc^ 
not nnlike those of her father, king lleniy VIII., witJi" 
an allay of softness becoming her sex- As to the inward 
pt'rft'Clions of her mind, she wonted nothing that might 
reeomuieud her, either in a re!igiou», or a poljfic capa- 
inty. " It may he affiro»L-d without punej£:yric, that the 

?|Uccn's private lifr wfi.s all ahiti^ strirt and nnblcai inched. 
t must oe. said, that religion had the ovcr-halanec ; the 
other world wns uppermost with her ; and t^hc valued 
her conseienee above her crov^Ti. '^ • • • Hiati^hewafi 
not of a vindictive implacable spirit, may be inferred^ 
from her |mnloTiirig iiiiiat of the ^i*;it rrit^i in Nurthuin-fl 
herland's rehcllion- Hhe wa^ well-fiimishwl with reso- 
lutioii, and. 1 may soy. with martial vigour, when occa- 
Rion called for it>EB appctn^ by her behaviour on Wyat'e 
ini*nrreetion."" " A priueess never suflieiontly to be 
eoianifuded of all itu'n, fur )u^v |'i(»us and ivliginus de- 
meanoiir* lier commiseration t^iwards th? piour, and her 
munificence^ iind libendity tuwiirtls the nobility and 
churchmen/** " She was u woman of a strict and se^-erc 

• ColHer, ii- -Hic. • {.'{iitulm in Ktninoi, ii. 

AIT- T1.1 



Bfe, who allowed lieiT*elf few of the diversions MonKini? 
t4)roiirl8; wjwirdiisfjml wlher devolioKs, Sr. • • • ghe 
mtirh cndravoured to t*ipiatc, and mtore the *4SLm!eges 
ofthctAV'o la-st rei^ii*."* *' 8be bat<rd to cquivot^te in 
hfT own religion, and alwjiye inn w/tttt ahe it/fa, wiUi- 
out diiifieinbling her judioaeiit, or practice, for fear, or 
flattery. • • ♦ • She htui heen a worthy i>ririoe<^, had 
m» liltl** cnifUy ht^f-u rloiie itmirT her, as wa^ don<r Ay 
her,"* III a wonl. she Kttiitds clear from tno&t of those 
censures imd &£i>VTf4itin^. which some of our HOTrreigiia, 
both before and aft^T her, eould never wipe off. Her 
fneiid.'i have uo oecaKion to puzzle their braids in Timkiuji^ 
apologia* for any liunreoiintnhte and inysireriuiis actious 
ofTwrr rcipn. All wnsdoneojic^niy. itnd hy Ihr din^etion 
of the leKi'lativc power, She ^vc no ambi^oiis re- 
plies* when qucj^tionod about her relierion ; lay iiiider no 
licion of fomenting and eiieonmsrinir re))eU ; nmused 
[iftOt the neiuhiKiuring princes with sham treaties of 
marriai^- Sliea^si^led not rebeUalimad to rrKe^^iti^t 
OiiTir hnvfitl !*over'"i^H: Mie entfrtairmi not favourites 

her court, to the rtr^kiu^ of her honour and reputa- 
lOD. She hatt a dvie re^ird to rt'Iit^nn. and made the 
cburrh the principal otijeet of her cnre; retitoririj; to 
h«-r all her rights, and providing for her fntun- «'curity. 
ISlie de.lttined [iol rhimOi di^Ttiliirs in her bauda^ for her 
nwti €^\)nvrnience: nor made a prey of the revenues of 
t\w. clergy, by lopping epi!>copal sees, and e^icbaagin^ 
their tnanorH for otliere, which bore no proportion. Her 
vbole study wait to iiiake KitUfarrion for the depreda- 
lioui* and Siici'ile^*'S of ihe former reigns, an<l avert the 
^iid^iatinu of l»eaveii, v^Xxkh ftiill threatens wt upon that 

Two thin^, in ffcnerul, cont^urred to fix this noble 
LoesB in the best of resolutions, — her father's impiety. 


tTkUilnJ 110 bi'T bj tljc oiliiT p»r|» of Iht i-xituIuvL " A Imrmi womb, mirl nn 
iiutli»d;(louli"%Tr[E. if vv iiiArUlir?ti IVluml. UfeB(»cia] tiftitntlvio of Uw 
Atadgb^oa imr; >b<nc nritfii vh*" mc-mnfiiMf^ fcri ncircc «Qj ibing, bnidn 


113 MAAV- f»BTiH. 

and her tnothrr s virtue. The exorbitancy of (he oti^l 
made vice rietestalile tf) li^r : ihe otli**r waa a coiiUimal 
indiiCLMnent to iill proodiicsa. While ht'r luoEiicr lived, 
she ya\Jti A sharer, iuducd, of Iilt ^orruw^ : but, ut that 
tiiD«, they did tiot 60 imincdiiticly affect hiT, lu* afler- 
wards, whtn sbt- beguu to feel the whole weight of her 
father's rpfiriitraetit. He that had born iloftn so tnuiy 
p:m'erfii! rneinips brfiire him, who were oven'nine ejtUei 
by his craft, or cruc-lty, was bafiifd by fl girl, ^^ho hi\ 
uothJiij;^ but virtue, to mnko an QpposUioti. Mauy nXr-l 
tempts, of all kliid^, were niade to sliake her ooiistancj': 
but she ?iti11 hehi out (thuugli with all the duty and 
rcsprct of a eliild tn a ]mreut, as far as the ease wnuld 
allow of), aiid, at la?t» gained so much upon him, as to 
be admitted into the sucofstion, iiolwUhstauding the 
pretended gpiinougiie«?; of her birth ; for which proceectrj 
iiig ^ve eauuut well aeeouiit, uiilesj; by believin^^ that] 
the king w;w doubtful of liis proncd infers, am) began toi 
relent^ and make 8ouie kind of sati^action tn her jnjun 
mother.* I iwf-.ti not mention what trials qnecn 
luidcnveiit, while she wo3 prineess, bi Edward VI/« 
li^giL Several rising happened : some upon a rcli^ous^ 
Heeount, others in defence of properly. Tlie pritieesv 
iiiuuaged with eautlonr upon all these oc(*si>ious : aiid 
notwithstanding that several of her eiLemies were i»-. 
diistrioiis to brin^ her iii as a party, lier prudent bcho- 

■ [It U cnir, fhot. Air untio time, Mary nrniinunl ui hnrc ibc nn^aet oTIifff 
Albef* la Ji'tlmcc of litr moibL-r'n himtmr, untl vf her ova tcWi^oa : bm Ii ii 
f^uiUy iniL-. tliiiL ibo iiliijiiau-lv ^uIlvlt■]l'tt'll liuQi* iuitt pur(1juM.-iL Ijtir nvoiid- 
IbltluEi. hy FiUtiTn-riliiii;: Iji »W iJutt lir- in^iiiuil, On tU' ilnkili of Snuv tttJcjii, 
alu' iJ|iplM-il tft CriimvrJI, *«<i tiiu'iiuli Imii itliuiiii'il in-Ji'imipiji lt^ [ijh-ii ■ mr- 
mt|wniilmL't willi nriiij. Hcl Micis riinviLM-ii \n-i ti-'li^'ii li<r ln'i im*l olihii-, 
iim-7, "fti'ini (o Mitiuiit Mlliiiui u-*€r»t. JHUimcil the firiki^LU'^^nrutf fjilJiri^ 
In ivjitf. bi (li-^j^LU'liuil ■ df|iubiIiinj,toKait 'm Itt^r ax IJiiJiAilcnuuiiid Ur rnjgtra 
h^t iiji^aViiv Ui (Yrkuu iii'dclcft, nlik'Ei lie liuil piLpumL lli'ifoHiuKs onu fair 
ctfnei'ii^iici' Jilikr r^TnItril Cti\tu lin- Li^k; I>ii1 ihr rt-|frmi'bi^ i>f C*n>iijnrll (folk* 

rrcciti'il i unJ tbu> lu-M^mltilKf"* t^'^l 'be vins hound lo obiA Jir InH* and 
DirlintLQijff of tl'f Ikini*. ibiit Ilni^ vne ^*t]ic supn^nic licut) m earili. umlciC 
Cbrifil. uf Jif i'lni]\1i i^f llHi,'bHnI," jJiil Uini Uic mnmin^ ** Irtntcri hl» in;ij«tjr 
*ad her m<itJi<^> ibr ljil<^ ptiiir<'K» JoiAHpi^T, wii*, hy 0'»Vrt Iua uhI jun;i*» la*, 
SiKKrtU"tifc nii<l imljm'l'Li].'^ 'Hh' ilciiujii En ^'ivr u]f tln^ uitiiii^ <>f Iut f^TiiirT 
idtiwns «i'i^l I" J^^f'birc tlic inuK-> «f licr irichcnt flubniiuion, rta» lUl UiU >Le 

It* tl,7 



riour di!>a|>poiiit«!d them. All bntids weir at work, to 
make Iter iH)iifonii In the new ijturrh, they were t^lab*- 
lulling* The ki»g, the mim^tr}', niid the deriry attndccrd 
her by turns; and ^hf cutcrtiihied them \\ith proper 
rcpliL^. Shi* eiidenvoiircd to iimki' the kiii^ ^eui^ible, 
that be hud ueitber yviiThf vx\ivnt.-in^, nor, &£ yi^t, ati- 
tbority. Kiiffieii-iit tij utu-r tlit; religinti at hiK nnirpstoni. 
She f^okf^ still morr freely to the miniptry, and taxed 
them with dantroying hrr fethcr'e will, and breakmg 
tbrouGrh several ant^ of parliament, whereby the religion 
of her father luid his aneestfir* was ennfirmed. As for 
liit^ bisliijpM nttil 4'leiiey, who^uvethe[ii*Hve> the trouble 
to vi»t ber xi\Km the Nime acrouut, slie hjul little to »ay 
to tbem ; oTily irave Ihem to tiiideretaiid. us thr reader 
will recoUert, thal^ a year or two before, they were of a 
diSeretit o^nnion, as to relifnoii; itnd she did not know 
new 1ii;ht*i they had reeeived sinee, or by what 
lority they prearhed up their innovations. In vmi- 
clusiou, &he dignified both to tlie king and the re^t of 
.them, tbat she wtu^ at ci point a.s to ber religion ; ntid 
idcuth wa^ more welcome to ber, than life, upon the 
ternu^ they pro{K>sed, ^Vbat iiso^* vhe met with, tin* 
renminih'j part f>f her brother's rei^n, is fully related by 
lour hi?^toriaiiH. who tell U8. that she wn> a prisoner at 
large, removed from plnee to place as the ndnistry di- 
rected- Her old .servants were tnmeri off and oontiiicci, 
her chaplatm impriiioiied. fmd proseented for eaying 
yixiv^ I ihmi^h, m the eioperorV iiil^rcc«xiou, that liberty 
\ad \>tfnr\\ iilldweil to her, and her fuDiily. Hut now it 
[^ recalled upon a pretence of some abuses." 

leen Mary's behaviour, after she came to the crown, 
answerable to her relij^ous, and promii^iiig educa- 
tion. Nothiujs; was done in a huiT}\ After she had 
diHchai;ged tliose fnnn Iheir ei>iirnieiiien1, who were im- 
^pfisDRcd for recusancy, during her brother's reign, and 
^Komscd all sueb cict^ to be repealed, wbieh were mcon- 
^■MMk^th the ancient belief of tlie tiatiou, ^e gradu- 

lk« App«BiluL.No. XXX.,m]l br loaud tko wiiolecormpODdeuoDBud pfOcM- 
ag*t in lb* mitliTTv Xtrvf irfvrFMl lo^ — T,\ 


ally prof^ccdwl to the ^and point of the ^uprccaacyi 
vrhich beiiifj pot over, IcaatT matters were easily udjustodf 
and U]e rhur.i-h rcstorL'd to htr riehts, as far as oimim- 
ettiOces would mrmit. Cardinal Hole was indemnifie<l 
by the quemi's lettner, to exercise his legatiite ihjwrt; 
yrrt f-o, as to leave the ancient tav^s of praemtitiire iu th^ 
Ml forco,^ She generi>usly i^ave up all the obbcy-lands 
in po»8e««ion of Che crown, as also the first-fruits, 
and unproprmtioiij;, whieh her father had ?^t■ized, 
u]Kiu his defection from the see of Rome.' It was, hi 


■ [Tlir writ i84ucil fi>r Uiib |>ur|K«i; la iti Wilkius, i«. W, nud 8uypc,tiL. 

137.— r.] 

■ ["Hiih iiirfi^nic hud lfa(rlnxfi ct^Hlrnii^lnltiHy Mftrj. Willi ftoint" di lUciiUj 
nbt' hucl ]iri'*ifclkd mi I'liillp lf> lu&t'iu to it. Jiiml, » «irtj pu lit iinuilli (»f Munji, 
kod pnJiKiKil il f<<r iJic ad«pli»D <»t'lii'T ciriLEicil. Tht ipcccb, xn hIiii-'Ij kLi: ilr- 
dotVil Wr imv^jlJoii 111 llir: ImihtLtci jiniL ntiutr 'iLlitrs, li ilill riUiil, flcd 
desvivii M li; rcrufriltU.iiA ij-il iIIuiIttjUoli IfoiJi uf licr i:bu.r4rtiT um! i>r Iirr alnli- 
liOL " V<iTi nn: hen? of our ooumi!,** aiiiJ aUn. " [ind «o Iwvi? wJtcil y^u ti» W 
cMitlal iJit1i> iih^ bi Ihc: iiiLii'nt. y^" TniKhl ln^ia »f mc mv VdiiHutnit'c, tuvl lln; rew- 
lu^o vf inynUnH^conecrninff iXn.^ Inudrt an^ poi^KnUHu^v well uT monutciicAk 
lU nf ntlwrohuroW^haUmTKT, Tkiiiii; ttim pniMHtly in mj pcnsmion. 

^ FJmU ] ''i> rcriiMLtlrrt lIihI tX»: nuul liiru!* Wf n: laLcfi nwnr fnun thi* cbuicJnt 
nfoTrTaid, ia liiiti^ i^f ivLlif^iti ; eiekI ilut l>j uriljiwfiil uicuin, >iniJi w Arc <;4Utxuj 
both to tbo law of Gml, nnd of llr L^huiA -. fbr Iho whloL miuc, idj mnKknoC 
doth not 0atf<Br nv? it* HvtiLin tlwni ; mnd, Cltcrvfons 1 here rspmd^ SofbMv 
atlwr to olnini, af Ui iwtalit the Aiitl \inuh fi^r miriA, ^iiL, wtlh oJl mr hmit, 
Endy ud wtUixj^ly, wiLlioul iLtl piiL-tn^n itt condibuii, U<?«i', fliul Wfnrp'cSorl, 1 
do tftifKodof « nnd rc'htujiijiih the oiid linrti aini p>jH«nonE, cr inhcTitAinx* 
vb»1«nft<^; and ilo n-^uniuvi^ihi* mwvj vc'Hh (im mmd nnd jiiirii<i»«, iL^Lt^tucli] 
Qrdn and <l jAixwit ji^n iluri-r}!' fnav Ik- ulcrii.nh HliitLl i<>ii>i It^t likiag ti oar 
most hoir Inra, tbr po]if, or i?1t? Vln li-^nl^^ Ihc lorrf cirdjiuil, to iJm hoooaf of 
God, anJ wrnlili i^fdiiit out i^alm, 

'*AiidjilVri vini iniiy nliJHt'r to wv H.ofjiJi^ Ouii. mnAli]rrtTi|f iliniiuui of mj 
Liiiicilniii, :iju1 llir 'll^Tiily rlu'rv»f, u:y i-ravtn Eiii^ti^ri^E r^ijiint be bononobty 
msiiUnlTifd unA funilihlicii wtOimit tJic poiBf*^(cnn hfiirncH(l,j»'tii<iiwitJj*lBndiiig 

Oir atiJd ]i^y>K.->aijjiib 1 utU'iI) ivlu-it- Ivrt' I^J liold Ed\<T timt Kun anil Ii1]i> v ni^d 
ffivF nici^l U-Ktty ibiLijU b» ALuiii-tii.v Ciml. wbidi liiitli pvtu nic- tn hmLltiLnd 
lilu-'Hiki,' ifiiiidt*!* Htili iii> leu i^i'ud uircclimi Ui i\i\n hvhuU^ iJntn 1 jini idtwU. 

*' W|itrL'll)rL% I i:!uu]fp iiud coinratiinl thui uiy tluniiM-llur i wilh vrhnn\ I h*T» 
iVTircmd En V iiiLiifi iu ifii* nioUfi tvforOt aiji3 yoti fnikr. to-uiormw bf^^lhtr do 
f-M'tl lf> iiiV tiKHt ivtriTJicI tor<i li'Litb-. .md i1i> sii^iify lo lijm thv prrriiiM^k in 
my natiir, niiii 1Si^<^ yimt uHc-iiJniKi; ii|iliti liiin. tut i},i: tivtf: full <[tcUmtJ(ii] of 
ihv ftUIc of ray kitiKdom. aud of ;he FoioMid |»(jnnjrtHjnv juxiordijij^ly u jou 
yimrFidm do uudrf^tmid Uto luiitur, nnd t:au iafonii liSm iu iJir Baiiio" (Fujto, 

Wlicit pnTlitvuETLt nnscmMod in Ovlolivr. a Idll. bt AiJtliorJxc ihc lumudcr ^ 

lUc property in quffltion. wfw: laid Iipfon? it> jiiid, niU r coti^drmblr oppo^tiwi lu 
tJkc ^"Huiihoii, wji", :*! li'Hi^tl*, psiwod by tbr lw> houoci. By it, it»r pitynml of 
IfiitLuiuid IJrptfruiU wjui itlHili^litid ; uJl rvtb»rii<K. iinpropriution*^ titlit^fl, s^hc 
UmEN, snd utlH-T ^uclcaitutJcnl pouf-tiUinift laaUA in thi: croirn* ilncc ^i« iwvn- 





like manner, propoacd iu parliamcni, that nil lay-iinpro- 
priacion^ should be nwtorcd to tlit^ cliurcli- But this 
H'jis_o)iixificri hoth hy the iiohility and gnitry, who were 
not only iKTiniU^nL to enjoy thrm, but ahio confirmed in 
the pus^ssioii of the nbhey-landft,^ However, that the 
church loj^hi recover herself from the depivdatiun^ of 
the hiKt two n'i,ic]i»!». und !i?4sitiue her aiieient eoiULtentuiec, 
the act^ whieh hud eonfirmal the idirnalion of these 
laiicl!s had also suspended the statute of mortmain for 
the space of twtnty-onc ycorfi ; that such, aa were re- 
lij;it>U3ly disposed^ mi^ht hnve an opportunity of erecting 
piou? foutidationti. The queen had already t^hown her 
i&ubjuct>; a goud example, by rt?atoring what whe was 

!■ ite tfrifiuLl ifM?^11}^m(llHIt. •nts ^liu^rd it\ tiiu cliipcittLl ot (Ii4.-nirjiiml, In Ifo hy 
lim ctdploy^l m ttjc kUj^cutat^on of tni^ll ]ivmf;s m ttic^ cjEUiiU^imnire of 
■ttitfticri, uid in proriding cxhi>n(i<iiit fnr pK^r m-UiUnt in the iiniicrsilin 
fSttiC I uij 3 ]'bil.^ Mxr u, 4)- An njiuual nvt^iuu afuot 1<i54 tlun I'SJitOOt. 

Ofpravkioa* and iiitvPDuDi of Uicicx^ Wihmi,]'^ t^. 17^^ 177. — T.} 

' \Xtodd ta OAt tJae 4niJy vritcr. who lu« cnvinmiuljr fuppaard ilui Muy «n- 

ilMMQiiiil b» f ftnt & wD«n) rartonbfin of •twlfauuti^ pR)p«rtj. OrkJiix* mt 

fiirt li^t. Pnlr^'i vnrrh, in nn#Af Mt Itrftim, mn^ ufqn w fnvavx ihiiniitimi t^^ 

EJQi HHjfKlJLk irili'llitP'l'Uin i'b Ti' hftm'in«sc iiiItioLi]Vilrr[i,<liliVJ,Hti:'ii/rfru« 

pii*» ^i fc^»f j^irai/i fc^rtiiFTirm 'rti/Bf, t*** irinsi(fi iion imoit. i)tioriiii) inii(f- 

In rAfliATn^ni/i n^intrnM" ^ Itiit tlifii. br iirnnt'diiiTrJ^ iu1d«, ihAi. Tir thm 

"ad u » iiirA^iur fLnni^ ('ompTiin^ tmuri jiiiG<il,rt i7um hm iU plfr 

lUe r^ IrK^it^H lit jxHi.rUfri I'r^ii limits Irihiiri fh'4iii)i hi mifit-rj'irvi dnrnu 

kkriiiAimiit ihH nviUilDH, tATidciik irrClii ^If^, ^i itufi H :tlti-ni n^m^. 

qai U hodlr lirrum n\:lul)tiJL£" {rulk KiisL t. A^). In juioUitr IciUt. Iw 

kp Iku bis bopr Lad Imru rral]/<.-d in ilit.' i^'oiiitui^ii^; ninl, fuiij(c<|Ut]illT. ihi' 

a«jini<OAvil 1iy l^kiTrriKii* wx^ AiLfjrUil tfj Oir (iirr Iiii|i>if>i, "TriJuL"! 

fit Infenon pjiil]Hiiir:ii1J (Initio n^i iuiUuu t^l ili^ rt^Luui ilr hnula ^■i•^l]a\s^*^Jt^^t. 

nUkrin tiibiubrruMl', vl fjiminqtiuiu tiiipriiohltu'' difWa. iitquv tu ipAo dif, 
eidao ill? It. Dim nor Dia^ii c4UJlrriliF>[ii\ fu'Illui f^icml mXrx piuB buiuinm, tl 
N» qoi 1IL1UU3 liiiic <uu««- fnvrri^ uik'tvuHjir, uiiuni n-^ mnho iiinjurvi "uI1Vh< 
Khituci pDrtf iiT^riitn r>t. iiUiilijiic mul niii ut paflunirrumni lUimlUtLtir, <i\moiI 
j e mMM iJiin rcKLtm ill trA> Ijiit dcvft^lt'* (fhid. Crtr). 'Thv itruim^ wIiok cdij- 
uttnspoc VMDConHiT. ULuat liai€ t«n thr Lewoc* of thr |>r»[miT 

Ak to Ibe Msumicrvf lU aM^tj-lniidp la tho pi t i m l buMcrTi. iliin rrriuinAtrtl 
lattboll. puhUsbcd Iti Vmi\ n\m the ikAxnlinrr Jiilj«aiiil i-utmuH^il Uj tcidu? 
iLr Blictniticni fiirmcT^ iaik£-tioTic<l ljy dm li^iTHic- Id raftlitj, tli<: 1>il]1 <lid not 
nblC tif Uii> ^uatr^. Pbkv honcior. applied tn Uitmoi lUid, whfD piriiwMlit 
■HBBbkd, h? was able to prddu^r Mmlljor iii>vLniTTiiiut, nhcdftJl; QOttptinE 
Eai^ilid fbom Uio «SroU of any incli fuvi^ibiion- *' jk.- balU, r|;iB hojuft ivjpl 
hooft McWMtiicKL tb fjtiiL HUiL<tItabii Tui'ricalLuiic iinmiimiiiu (-kciipuuiliiF, iicnp- 
(BpwL PaIL r. UL It vtof rtftd at liiv op(!UiUg of padluncDt Colli-' 




possessed of In pursuanrc wlicrrof. Pr. Fivlieiilmm, 
nean of St. PnuVrt, was madr abbnt nf \Vp*itiiMiister, and 
took posacsfiion of it, having cnllcfl together fourtcedfl 
inonkn of his order; and l>i"- WeRtun, denn of Wi^at-^ 
minister, wilh the prebends, was otherwisf prnvjded for 
Tht* BIiLck-friiirSj or [)miiii]ir'i;tji)«^ wtrr nweltleil ui^l 
SmithfivTld ; thp oliwcmiTit frittrs at Gn'Pnwirh ; tlie^n 
Dridgittins ot Sion-bouse ; the Carthu^^aiii^ at Sheen, , 
near Richmond, Also the HospitnUerSt or KnightB o^H 
Jeni«Jcm, had several parts of their lands rpstored to^ 
theuij uudei" sir Johit Tr*'sham, who was appointed lord 
prior^ bill who, dying irnnieilialHly iiHer, wan siioctvil 
by air Richard Shelley* the kwt grand prior.' 

Ill tlic last ytar of (|aetii Mury^a reign, a war 

happening hi^rween Spain Qiid Frauce* and kiuf^ 
Fhili^*»; presence being required in his own dominions, 
h(^ was assisted by sojne frhoiee English regiments, at 
the reiiiai-kablc ^ii^txiry li« ohtiined over the Freiirh, ut 

St, QuintiiVs.' About this time, he was informed, 

'^^' that the French had laid a desi^i to Burprt^e Colniia, 

and took care to give queen Mary and h«r ministry 


iLmicil llif huairiut Hi tlii: ^Kvi^y, Hlntli Mury ii-i-AtJilillklH-il, iliuI riicliii4i<il wirh 
owjj vKiitiLbL- flli'^liu. '2-'^^- Ii< wlik Oil* ou]y mm uf \ivs fimutlntioiis, which 

Oil iTic'-auImlvi (if WfrLniiiinUTt 1 iInhiM hirt' iriiiHrl. UL iWt t'ivkrnbjiBl^^| 

yntt nrnj^^iiiElfil •itilxit, irul f^j life, fiui imW fur tlj^ri^yixn. JU^-<mijiiK Uf Uii' [^iii^^l 
torn of Ojc llaliun (unrenla; and. ilia; ihe nuHiUrr of luciil* OAJuM^ialcd wilh 
bim, UioUjfEi t^Qfrulfy bUIti] Ui htiTr bi^Qii do iDorr than founrrii. tisA, m 
rcntUj, "J^i^iltlc llmt iiuinlK-r, fict: li Icirrr fnmi VmiW to Bcvmlcll". in lliQ, 
Af»|N-ikJU (Sti- XXXI,}, frmii wbirli it will jiUi np^Kiir^ Ihil Toli: iiiumlc^l lOj 
«ilji1>1i9h. uuiuii;; tJjf Eu/f^Ub cominunLtln, rJit wotv nuairrv diwIplUc i§i vmna] 
<iL'tL(i fornKti bimnffl, 

Tlicn' ih uiHiltiiT I'niiil «Si>'li tkn^^^r^^-H notice iti tbU |>tiHVH On the lii'noitt' 
lUti (if Sioii l1miH4>, iuuUt Hmry Vllt,, tlin ninlim lunl hiii^^M ilh vl^Iiiih id 
the lnjWFin of ibeir re«n«li»u fumibciir Uuu id tlm li^llrrwinjr nnpi, lli*^ hud 
UMTTjblffl, ikiitlcT iLf [Junction ^f Cuth^riiio Pjilnicr, aaa of Uioii budv* jiiiJ bnd 
iwtiwd t>a lioLiiiv of tlip "rirtu" imkT, M FlDn'lcrt lliTctbcy wtnj 
tbund bv Pfjfvi » )iu r<.liinii-«l Uj hluj^Jiiint 'llinit vxinlcuor "'ii' iiki^iicii^iii^kl hj 
him to w qiicfn ; mid thci oTil^r llir Uivir ro«htril»lihlni]i<nt niw Mim nlV-riMTinf. 
Od ditiiTirtiTiil.Cutbf^nnc I'j.lEnpiwnd fIci'U-J uIiIjcu, AvfLfUikluf tbir ''I'mv^la 
■tkil fhriii^w i>f ihi* Nirni of Jiim, MS- bfionpnir lo thuarl of MinmhUurr. 

* KoUimh. Iv. K7— «Q. 

A«l. TV.^ 



timely notice of it; oflfuriiig, at tbi- fiame time, to rein- 
force tlie garrison 1>y :i ^ietaclimcnt from his Siniiiish 
army* Bat this beiii^ cither refused, or neglecLfttI, otid 
BO supply actit from En^hud, Caluis, after ttevi-n days 
j*i. K thai ibt' Fn-iK'h hiL(i luia before it, wiia pvcu up 
1***- to tlic duke of GuJfio ; lord Weiilwartli the go- 
rcmor^ aiid fifty more «f the garrison hcitig made )iri- 
of war.^ Thift spot of ;^mid was the last that 
oil the continent, of all the liO^Ush conquer 
We lufcrt been iiiaeters of it above three 
luiitlred year*, ever since Edward III.'s reign. Thus it 
ift3£, tbat lliL- glory of Eijgluu<l expired v\iOi the uM re- 
ligion ; atid tbir riches drawn fniin the abbey 'Innd^, with 
a design oE making new ccnqm^ts, coidd not maintain 
<»nr ancient rightia. All was consumed and diflj>ersed» 
«t home, and Calais tlirown away, as tlie lai^ stake, by 
the Ireaehery, as it wa* reported, of (^rtain reformed 
Kiiglii*b eAiW, wht) hiWtruit'd (be. rivmrli, hnw lo bi-eomc 
nastcTft of iL Uut to let this pa^Ks, only tts a report ; 
it certainly was in queen Elii^ibeth"?^ power lo have re- 
covered it ^ain, ]im\ tbi; not injilcriously uccejitcd of a 
snm of money in lieu thereof, &nd, by making an alliamre 
with Frrniri', to tiecui'e her title in Knglaud, quitted lier 
claim entiiT'ly to it. 
I cannotf upon the present occasion, pass over in 
ICC a remarkable reflection, made by an l^nEfh!^ 
leman, at ilie jiurreiideriiig of thifi town. Being 
lied upon from the Malk, by a French officer, at their 
le|)Girture, and asked, by way of drrision, whi?n tliey 
id<^igned to \isit Prance agninr the English gentlemmi 
^ihixh " when your bids are greater than onrs." Tcm- 
rpcnU fiUccciiSj however, is no proof of a nation *s being 
more in favour i^iih the Alnnghly- In the lauguagc of 
[the Scripture^*, it i» oftt'ii tlie conlniry. Yet so far the 
olinenation may be allowed, that the loss of temporal 
dominions, and tlie lass of the true faith do often concur. 
AJnea was overrun by the.' Vnndalp, in pumshment of 
tveral sdiismti in their church, especially that remark- 


able oiie^ (u'l^iLsiknirti hy tLc Donntistt;, A«iii wius gta- 
(liially ^iiljclurd by tht* Sanitciis and llic Turks, iitreonl- 
ingly as II1L7 atlvanccci in their separation tVotn the 
universal churcli, I could mention several otlier jmrts 
of the world, M'bieh have been treated in the same 
manner for their disohedii^net?, and brin^ down the re- 
Hoctiou to families, and pnvatt' in-rsuns, wlaiwe l«;jii|>oral 
TnisfortuiieH and rniii have been tlie ronsequr^Tiec of 
ficrtin^ the rhurch of God, But I loavL- tht* rest to every 
man s private consideratiun ; and eoiielude with obsor^"- 
iiip^, that, when thi^ns was a fair pro!;pect of settling] 
England in the religion of their smee^tor^, and the inha- 
bitants were eome wii.lnn sight of the land of jinmiiM!, 
providence interposed, and made tliem wiisible, they 
were unfit for the blesftins. For» after a short roi^ni of 
five yearsj four months, and eleven days, queen Mary 
was cut off, November \7, 1558, ageJ 43, to make wayd 
for a rtueeessnr, who, fur a while, was in sus|)ense ; but 
at last found it convenient to strike in ^ith the re- 
formers, for the more security of her title. 




rLP^iKUAfion f.AT^tii.i-Hrn. — r.ut-^hytu i^»:ti.A*^* iiGnitzuF a catIIouc^ 
aitn u iTKOMi lit 4(H)fi Tail ncfoii-iiKn nn^hiiii' — (HHiTAnria corvnuci 
or TOE rofi:- AHPic^uotJA r«a<i;cmKav oi titc ati:t!N — *nK rniiMA uit 
COOKitL— ttcEfi.HE ron &i>VA<icr<ia lur rtcroiiw^Troh - rfLocLirnjinoiT 
kOAihicT i"rn<Ft<iTii:ih«— Pi"noii( H^rU"!: ti> «tiriT at tjic cukon^rjurv^ 
ujt«Hi:rH cun^htii hv txittriionpi:— *he lAktH riiJ^ o^tn — aovnuM- 

mLlcRLlD — riBiT IBUfl* RE^TOHiri TO Tift CncnrH — OATTf OP mjl-nHHAOT 

— oiciLUii LiiiAiir niivt^tiv— TJiK co4v»c*T[«m roMtiCM^i it — *t'r or 
cHiri>ii«iirv — Eir'tiii'Mrh ihJtih'"j'in7i*— oil. 4i*i>iiriiT< Ah ccf:LCNi4ktt> 
c*T. cQHiiittiaM — coin-iirtKHrii o^ tttur^icm — ciTiiouc eiH»WT*»it» 

No sooner was princess Elizabeth pn>claiaied mzx 
queen, huT. tlie Hiicf [lersons, IioUj in rtiunU uiul ^'"- '7* 
state, made a public acknowlerigincol of h«r ri^ht and 
tilie. " At Hi^Ii^ato, four miles from the L-ity, she wn* 
all ihe biwhops then liviiiji; ; who presciited tht^in- 
befori- h**r upon Ihrir Icm-cs, iti U-^tiiiioiiy of tht-ir 
loynltj' iiiLcl affiTtloii to Iirr."' Now, as slic harl all 
along conformed to the church of Romfr, during the late 
rae^n, thprc was reason to bcUovc she actc<l sincerely, 
and would continue the work begun by her predecessor/ 


* \Vatm Maiy, aa Utr Amih-hnl, nr^rri licr flI*UT tn <l»liiir h<*r t™J vjiH- 
tnenli on thr «uh|r<'t nf irtifflun. iTil- Uiiln " pnjctt Grci Uiat Ull- iMtrtli rnj}rhl 
iiptn and iwalluw Turi up iilivi-. If ilic utrL* Qui a tnii- Ituiiiaii intlKilii-^ (MSk. 

(iA hii[:U'l1(.'UI. wli'']i vEju H>ir ii]iiHi ntlu-i JimilJTh niniu'tijiichnnrjiiiird 1'y mru- 

ibt (^UCTU, licr tiller, ^liimlii iwiiu Ui luii*: Jiu; douhL *if bi-r wlij^iou. nu'l would 
IlicETiipoi] nuiLr prvl«iid[jii]i, and nwev' ihi^ bbi: wji u catltolio'* l^iKluiuu^a 




[riftf J*- 

Slie Imd, mdi'^d, il very liaziirdinii^ game to jilay, at Hm' 
Srst actring out ; and those, that arc djKpofliKl to excuse 
licr fo^m(^^ life from hy|)ocrisy, must ovniy shp laboured 
under great perplexity, m to llie present situation of her 
affairs. A considernble party, who were enemiei* to the 
i>l(l ri.-U^inii^hatl cutarjiWd Llieinselvtw uitdtT oct^onal 
roofonnity, during qut*eu Mary's rtigii. These seized 
tlic jtiiicturt\ un<l jilicni her mih such atp:umcntfi atfwcre 
capable boUi to augment her fcar5> aud tempt her an- 
bition. She was net ignorant that the act of her iU&- 
gitimary wa* wtiU in fc»vre ai^ainM h»?r, that her i laini, 
liy vtrhie of lier fullirr'-t ivilK ^^a2i somewiisii. pre<^ariiKL% 
atkd that there were other pretenders, ^vho wanted 
neither power iior plausible ])rt*tC"iiee,s to put her title to 
thf test, [d pju-lieular, it war; su^ested, tliat Uie «cfl 
of Rome would certainly stand by thLnr decree in favour 
of iniei^n Catherine's marriage : whieli hehig ineuiisisteut 
with her claim, »he coakl e\pect [io favntir from that 
quarter* and. by consequence, ahe was obliged to aup- 
porl herh'elf hy somi: odicr interest.* They cxagf^i^rated 
whul Henry IL, kin^ of Fniuee, had lately done, by 
unleriiip the arms of England to be quartered with those 
of Seoulmd, ii\Ktn the marriage of liis hon Francis witli 
Mary tttuart; nhieli Uiey pr^^tended was a dirert qncs- 
tioning of her majesty's title. To this Uiey added, by 
way of ftdviee, that she hnrl no other way left to 6t*cure 
herself, than hy >ri*uing up the reformatioDj which had 
»l\]\ many wetl-niishers in England, aud woidd meet 
ivnth powerfiU assistance from abroad/ These coiisi- 

* ^ SUc ittc* full wvll. dot bcf kvMnadko, ■ml ilic po|T'> tQptcamKj cvnld 
nal iWDd bwctber ; up) tkul sic nid tM pOi^blj luamteTn lie Obr, nidboyt 

* Cuid. i 30. [HftHii Uuxn (CKcilLu) prinni UG* dMg*« turn u^ruavi 
'ftftc«llium» ai cttui (nfioMn) bkiluGCRf m cdlpvmu ruminfu pobtfcr fcnnu- 
lioidnM I noa ^nbd UU fdifkovn ttUuA mt^pnpnt vqnrrt, jcil «o4 ir* im 
■MffiaftiB ir AiAtvJmAi «noamkl fliAMi_pciM>& hft^tna t^Matti, s bo 
mtMic«ar» * ■ * ■ Sf4 noilf k« CMuw Mquv Bv*«w aAnnaxv, «■* 
pribv pokbk Tcciav ut rcliirkc&i hmm H tf^pitt «]|m) pennBKn^ d« 
Ok r«wd» Rmwt ifiaTiterr vf IcMm Mi^intaMK, «^ decntti ■■!» 

[>CllviWaaakoBmnvBik«n«M*,tMwiimikp«iD», rso^aa. .\im4tfn. 
troiD wtwiw* wJ*i L »C ^vm witter m gmim*! ■»>■* *ute Uia <ijwip«irf*i, 
*iiUiilmfv,«iaa<M«"il'bd0f>atf.V,Sf7K 1 mmy tM 1h«t il ihN kb- 


-ations workfd so upon htr majesty, as to hare the 
desired effect. Yet f^hc thought it not conveniait to 
de4*lar^ herwif, till she had secured a atPong:pr party, 

€d tliKposed s<?venil ^eat m€« to bec-oiiie sf niceable 
her, when tnatti^rH came to be debated iii a parlio- 
■utArj" way> Me-;in1im*", Au^ ]nah;i^d in Mich a nian- 
ntT, Bs not to deprive t-ithtr party of iiupcs. Several 
drcumstanec^ made thoi^c vt the tild reli^on judge 
fav-oumbly of her. Sht- had liithiTto confonned ro that 
UiKef : she both heard divine sL*nic*.' after iht- llonii^lt 
fnauner, ami wa> often eonfe.s«ierL '' She i»*i-fi)riiieil the 
nhseqnies of her sister, qnetn Mary, with !i«'>Ieam and 
AumpUious preparations iu the church of Westminster^ 
bid, shortly iifter, of Clmrl*^ V. ideo/'" And, when the 
TOnvoealion nii't by her ordcra, Juuuary 2/, 1559, it 
was opLTied with a higli inass, aerordiug to ancient 
ajRtom/ Hut then, on the ether hand, she gave more 
tlioii presumirtivc »i^ii^ r^Mit she would prove a friend 
to the reformers. She permitted the reformed divines 

Kreuim home from exile, smA rek'ii*ed thoi^e, that were 
pri^>u ufKjn aeeuuiit of their novel duelrim\ She 
refiised bishop Bonner to kiss her hand, and Dr. Cox, a 

;r v«a not liktly (rr he dimini^Ejtd hj Hit ImDrudeoL tuid IriiU^iiif <i^i"liict 
ibc fiD|vl tnurt. Unc of (fao tijTit 4cts of Kliial«UL wu, to announce' Ih-T 
t» dw ilifft'mil Kmnii^iw af Kumpr- AiiiiHic ihfsf, Paul IV,. who 
ixi:iirit<] ^L r^t^r*]* tWt, wu ijitI umitti'il, (rjtri>r, the rvfldcL^t nmUiuv- 
(rut R'»iii\ MDJ jn^trujiifd Id w^it on tlit |>o]itJir, lo HC(|iuiirii I'uu vrilL llu^ 
igCO vliicb Itftd <Kcu/rcit ii) the digLi&li G^iVfTPniE^iit, and to a»Lirr blin, ol 
^3m vuytf tor, of thv ilrtormirutiixi »r Uu- ncir (jij«n Ir offtpi cio tioIcdcc |o the 
caoMHnot* oT Iht Mihji't^*, Hill l-'iiul, mlh a mind iit fiin cnlVchliil hy o^, 
Aod dJalartcd by prtjudjn-, b4id alrcitdy lictv&L-d Ui tJjn i»U'c^-'hHl nii^'i'Mlioii* or 
iho FiEiidb *>knuu<1or lie fqdied wl, M n biictATd, Kliuil^u'll] wm^ iEi4-jk)iiiblc 
of «Wv«rdtnf; U- Ibr Lvni^^f) cmwn; tbnl, hy Uhwuding thp throiio without kta 
aa«l>»u. <hr hjid TTKiiJu-'l Ili>ihulh'>riiy(irih(tapvirtotio mc , Imt IhJil, Dcn-rthb- 
bw^tf ftbt w<nd<l c>3i:u]jl ID tithmtt b-ruiC iti;d livrcUlttu ti> Lit jiid^fmiTUli hn 
VH Mil douDui at nlfwUtig to faef u bfli4^< ^r LndulfcunettlLcjuvUL'4'^ltlKMiwiii 
dpvild >JIdv. liLliEaiti^h, u night fca^v hnn ^tjinTtc^l, ii»Unik oplcrvd <- Avno 
1^ irtttm. lUfanciurt, ii Ub. tiv. o. «, |i. a:^ ; ^irf^; Annal L 31(; H^^lui, 

■ Cte»i- 2I>, .»2 nVTillo, Trtilinp i>f WificbciilFr, pffSirlii^l tbr %t'nnnn vt Ibp 
fSDfvU a< Uktj, AuAvAi Linmf diiii'k aflcrwATiU ordtir^ lo bi* i-iitirtni'd t» [ii< 
liinnc^ Ai iJie t^ntu, in whir^j lir< lt;id (pitki^n or M^n cinrl iltr TiTonni^H. w#r* 
thi* umiiBdwifc (if llv rhaiv-r on ^vhuli lir »»■'« im rintini'Tjl , T vil] ^tc tome 

Itxl* rVniU llf wfini'iL iu Liji; ApnviiiLiA, Nu, >lXXI1--*7'.] 




zealous reformer^ wa^ ordered to preach upon the mi 
it^ of Ijctr first ]mr1iiiincnt.' This vtf^ n kind of incoii' 
flistpnoy of behaviour, but a iicccssiir}" piece of num- 
agemciit among the politiciati5» who nt^rc all this while _ 
priTately labouring to carry ou the int4>rcBt of thcf 
reformation ; aiid no less usefiil, to impose upon the 
Hiricerity of tlie other (inrty, wbu otherwise might have 
bceu more sedolons in oppni*ing thenK And, indeed, 
tliey WLTc MO fiir imposed upon, that the quetn 8uff«.*rv(i 
kin^ Philip of Spain to apply to the tee of Uomi- for a 
difipensation, upon the proKp(?cl of a marrias*^, as Ecbanl 
reports,^ Mr. Collier farther tells us, thtit " she tbuu^rht 
it niosl: adviseahle to iutfiriiiix papUts and prottrstaiits 
at the boards that, by this means, neither party mt^kt 
despair of her favour, and the balance would be beM 
kept ill her owii liands/' Yet, at the &ame time, '' ghe 
selected a kind of cabinet council from some few of the 

firote^tant parly : and with tbe*eshe eoneertt^l measures 
i:)r retrieving tlie rcfomiation. But this was to be done 
with g^reat precaution and gradual advances/'^ The per- 


■ €(>Llicr, ii. 411; (UtlLn,?T4, 970. 

* Ki:IiiinJ, i, 7K!>, (T1il4 i( not orjFEVtt, 'VhtX Khtuhoik diit rit^t, in th« 
iniUni^o, KJKi l*liiiip'» proposul, i* ocrtain - lliul he fivtn A|ijihvil l^* Kora« 
n di'^iidittoii. ic piMi>ul>)y xnw\ hul itiithv lock TLi^tUii mlh Uic t^ovciimu^ 
Of pi'nnip«i«n I'l'lhe qiiem'i, irr Kt fm fnnn IviijitJM' f:irt,th;il lln- mi«m nMngofd 
tir licr iLir uKimaielj M't^ftin^ tii^ otTi-ruLLiii^thjJl, iii fji<xt]r>i| in tlw utw d^pw 
orolTtiiiij Irtimnli Zior, n* llniry VIII hat] iVy\>il to^ikrili C;Li|]4<rii:ie, ta aomil 
[if ifiirh n 'liKpriiKiilUin miiiM Iw ti EirknnvlrNt^i' btT irwii ilLcfritinmcy- *" p0^ 
ipi-tii liiiJiiKTiiniU murriirMiiiiMm i-t 4liK]b-irmMunL<- mnimiwitflci, ima poiH* lum 
ji^niMri'Hf m-^pBam liyiintlu nupiiik njiUin i^w " (r*md. i 'lfi\. — I mny lui'T. in 
tliU riljir*', Oicit, thoupb llirn?cuii Iv na doiilit of tbr- araljipillj uf Kli?,ii?i-*i1i'* 
I'onaurL y*^i kouic^ of iJic iiisUiEtci'?. iiu.-riUi>iir74l in ilir- wtL dCt'Urrt'iJ, jia tJiir 
fi^ultr v,l([ \iCKVXtl\y not', rt"mv limt' hEIl'T »Ik' bfid Iniil nsitXe fitr (liAffiilif, — T",] 

* CuUli-'f. ii- 4l>i>. t.'1'hi* vtiu. Kli!A)ilK'Lli"» ii^tJiL"! uf aaikiiritj. Duitnff the 
liitj? ivl^rit, Ocll, tvliJAu Mjvict* bail Imai n:jni4'il h) M«rj, I^Hrl *^lil»imil tLe 
i]ou£d([i<t^ of licr i'niKU aiv\. ou the occrsaiaii of ilic liUU^r* »»h liihl&iiUy ip. 
puiutnl BFvnlAn . Wiifj liit nMintanci', iJitr rjucHii uuh' pr<ii'<H!ilc<l Ui EVmii 1irr 
cOonciL J-nHii tbf iu|i.[m:™ nf Mjirj »he M^krU'd llip mual powciftd, niHrlUci 
(Vofft lbcir<il>kliU(^^«orULi.-irLn[Tui3icc; and ta tlifni 4ililv(l djzlii uttii^ni. whmc 
hnii'cs Ltiid dlnwiv finTcd tlirlr ritl44i]LmoDl lo Iter |M?r>ij|i, tir wlti^m- i^unriidii 
wilt the mifcuity W11* Ji nuilii'init *(jui'lir-r fur tlKir priiiclplri. T\x lh>t wrj^ 
Jill aittiLilicK I tlicy wor(f HobUi, ar-^lilibUnp of ^'t^rb^ iJio luaniuc^ tjf \Via-J 
*.'Lt«U'i, tl»c cath of Anibdv], h'bwwBbuij, Dcrbu, ui^d I'ruihrfltt, Uie Inrdi. 
ClInlAbj tad ilu«ar*l of KHiajrliani, xir Thi'tnn* {.'Ai'^avv, nir WilLUm I^MJV, ms 
Jtiha BtUMii, nir RiuljArtL SnukviUc, und drx^tur Xioholiu W<>it(^ii. daai oi C&n- 
lc»l>urj. lliif olJifti* wcK' prolTf^nni* ; Ihcy v/nv, lUv ii;irr <»r IteJforcl, H'illiui) 
I'm/, fliwu aftoJ rwloted tt bii tillr of miri^ueid tJ' NtinliampU'n, eif WiLIUiu 

AMT- t-] 




iinn«, to whom thw grand spcret waa rommitt^nl, were, 
Parker, Bill, May, Cox, Griiutal, Whitehead, and I^- 
loofCtoii, wfidrr the direction of sir Tliotna* Smith. The 
modeUiL^ of the parlJuiueiU wa^ to be the care of Parr, 
marqiu>i»ft of Nortliumpcou, the e-arl of B«*(Ifurd, the lord 
John Gri'T, and rhi* <*nrl of Prtnhrokv ; mid no nth^-r to 
be let into the Hocrcl. The queen was satisfied that 
Qonc of the bit^hoi)^ woald concur ynth her; and she 
doubted, how fiir ehe could confide in the genendity of 
the temporal lorda. Now the method, theae manugerg 
foUovFt-d, w<i3« to n-niovi^ »11 vieh he:i(U of houses in the 
Vao univCTui til's, Ji?i tniirht conveiiientiy bt- dom-^ without 
civinjs: too much siurpit ion ; to purge the privy council 
by degreee; not to oo too ca^y in trustinjj thoBe, that 
came over to their party; neither to run down, nor to 
encourage llie ina^ with fon\ar(:Uieiiji and t^eemin^ ;?eal; 
connive al Ihi^ liht^rt.y rffurnters tonk, thoii^li ihe 
vrs a^iijfit them were ^tiU in force; and finaily to 
provide that no one should he pcruuttid to preach with- 
out the quoen^s cxpreBi^ licetisc.^ 

fCecil, Tliumu P>itt, ¥A^ntt\ Rogvn, kmhnm Okt^ Ffwxji* Kjia1l«<,ud 
wk^W Ba.(*An (Otmd. i 'Jfi, 7T>. Iht *iV.M c«hintl i^nidfitwl tS XnribBrDp- 
, JMie^, l'*tiihri>li«% ihr laid Jnhn Grey, ind CML — T.] 
' [To eortcct tbc InntcotuiEi of Ihii piiMnjrcJl u twcmai^ tacuppl^VCnDO 

luTf bn^ limvii n|i hy inrlluiniah Smith, «ii4 pU^vd in Ih^liinilptm Opni. 

bt hiin niihmiElj'd 1.1 llu' tjiuvm, I1 tkiwnn Vj utMlinft tJiA ilnnKiTi Irittri 

pndtmdcTl fram unj Aiunipt Ui jiIut Uir nU^nn, n laic\y rv-cnniilU^nl hi 

cnQDijy. Ahnva, tbc anger of Komi?. iJip fiuvrr of Fmni^c, aiiiI. pf rluipi, 

lAcivnr AlUHircl ti lli''niintvtWCird]lpr^TI wbo vntulTi ^luhimlj iiikUt tlw 
hit 4iMint f iiJ I hH<I ^'^'" ■lbirtnrri4 liy nm prtumt gimeumnii. dii- ]>^Hlio|ii, Hici 
', the RjHt^tmj, 4iid tilt prapli^. viiuld bo ailti:TMi Iji tlio cluuii^% ami, 
t, tin ku opvLaiUiku lu Uk pitfuuir^ To itcjI trxlrrual cloij^'fis. it totfiilil 
cumL t<r mukr pivcc irilli Fmiitr, tn i-xcitp n'1i^iiu>i disKiiuvbB noioiig 
nitgnl9> iLU'l to AniiiTil tlic diTitviiii ■tmulji fiiinLiLi^ EkiiiiKie Uw Snrb^ Tu 
Ifac ioci'Ui'Uiieiux^ i'^ iLHiti^Iif' ir^UUittr, u iiKi^ifii: ]dui of jmiciTdhiu 
ht anenu^. I^rt Uitiim* lliclrfi^ii:, fv adfj|ilcJ, I. to dl^ihrdil tlm 

_ of^ i>p^«ilr pony, b^ vniiiimvic: into tkir c<mducW4wI biioi^iiig thoa, 
fowbloi ■Ait&iQ Ihn iTiu:h of tho Uw; 'i. tg iniJiiiiiLktc tlio bid>ap)and olcrnr* 
br fvoMCotiooM iinilrr the pCTiu] lnw-^nntl purticn Wljr l>j mfoioiiip: th«tib&tuUa 
m prrviuttsC} 9^. Vi *ajictwdc tJjr prcxiil iMf^tlnlcit hj tin: npiKiiiiUncnl uf 
" neaAfT im niUi/aKCH ^nd Tuiknj^i hi jcan ", 10 rcinfortr ihv itiilitiM 
oCocs of klKFfrn fidelity, and to Tcmo^ nil diucnlnitcil jiorueu ttnt 
^jlW9of avlkoritj* wliclbir in ibr iiijirrtntim rtr rli^fwbrnv Thcw mmBorM 
«aa1it fltou&ll<r upca Ibv wvj fur tifr AiJnpliiMi of thv n^fimiuiJ wiirnhip. In 
1W iBAB linr, 1 ovminituo or ditiBtv, lu bi' i,n>iii|k)»uU iif E'lfrktri hHu 5Uy« 



[nai tvfl 

These proceedings gave tlio bishops a strong sasjii- 
ciou, Uiat the queen would prove no frioml to the old 
reli^on : ;ukI, m it i^ re|>ortcd, Hrehbiii^hop lieatli d^^, 
parti L'uliirly frit tnif hrr (li^asitiuiip;, whcii, fiuymg 
mass in her prcscnct% shn chct^ked him for f Irrating 
host/ This mid seTcrol other occurrences, which wc 

€JeaLj. VMednd^ Grindnl. noil fntinfrt^n, ihmild aunmfilA M Kif 

wnrd VT. Birt <hj.* mi3 iTili^Mtimn tif ifjn iriiiftirrjidH rJmnld lip »tmltoiii1y ft>n- 
vt^ili'il, iiiiiiE [Jill ir|h'iiiiiu Iff ^ijirlbmnii. '|\i I'MiiHliiitr tVir i-n I Einl !(->(, tlir i[uoFti 
i]ili;h( liUn Ijo [ii-nniuccl x<i auvui] ntastt in rrH^imriUn' tijr n'linnirrh, ihc i[ii^l4 

limui'aiii]!] ill uiiilU^n of ii'Iiifiuii »h'>ii]rl,liiiAri'L'r,Tic pulilislird: inil ini pmoiia, 
<iii.7|il iXw uiariEiirnorNLirlimjuirioji, xXk \-M\b nt btrlfurd ujir] [^lEtlirnb^ mH 
lilt- lui^l Ji'liii Of:y. hWilM Irr tumU- iKiiuikiiilrHl witli Uiin pEji^j, ujitil siiL^ltdPIt 
lift il 4i|]iruM W ^rnj|HT Ili vguiitiunLUilc it lu l}m hhlrlr L.i»uihri]- Stuh iAa<i.|liQ^H 
■cbt^int^. mjporii^tl, uii iJiH Mvtuaiuu, l»j HTljiibtUi, uiid *fti?rwftfcis cftfiJH iiju>^^| 
ctTvii. ll mtl Auflu'itiitN fiLuIuEZi iJir imlEifTor Uiir " ^L^iTl^^ inlCAi^wd, ns 
iXiild Bup. tu IWkn, bitf. Dill! UjL-ir cDiij|piiLiiu[i9« attd tiilU <iltlK stmc Uinc^ 
(-(jTETct liH jiJi>tUlr lU to Uki ptirticuTtr tliily ut^it:ra-<] ttr Noithmciptuu, ajid do, 
<itli['i (iirjLjlrt'iH itflW nrp^l muiidl. ^rv. Apffi-inlix, SV XXX 1 1 1. 

Till" rv4ilci will huv*: rctji;i'kril llmt itiu' imii ctf Uic pUn, ii '* tloW. n» ifr* 
wci> collril. ftiii, lo iMue an witici akjUh^I rtlipioui innif^uiQQfc Vt<i lli'i* n uro- 
tcxt 7U3 tooD atV:r ntlordcil, bv lJi< iiD]VLtiFiit rcnl nf tlu.' rcfuitnvn, vi^ouciW 
Ifttinie nil tSic i|»cH-Ti'H n(ta<'hiiK-iit t> ih' iiriv fU^ariiKi, hii»lrni.-4 t<> proniil^M 
fbnr imiiiiuuitj Ami n^Hli^Tr tljc ilidcanWd Itlitrifv ot^ Ril<Min1 \'\. AJ Uicj wcnr 
t^MMHIl'^N'^l^^^'-'^^^ <^l^fi'^* f iLiUitci.- fr4M|iiubl]y cii^ucd. The prL»l> vmv 
VRUmi fiernhftiB i\iii\ 111111^4 wen irfuco'l; unA Uic ancient icnSvc, jikto- 
Tuptitd, f>r Tinninlifid IV^n tlu' fliutrlii"^ ws" rrphu>r.i'l, iu tu^fptban cue iiislaa«t 
ylUi the n'riiniii'fl ^vumlilp jBurtirl, ii, ^^0; Slrypi', Amirtl. i' II, 4H, ftS], 
II ntlcr pnrlctiL-r uf ft^'fc^Hini; livht i|i>iur Jf r>» I'Ui vtiln^llj ( I )wr, 97} iuufiri n pRwk^ 
miLtian, mlculuf&l \o eicilf tliv lao^l sfnout ELLuim in \hf mUiii of Iho cI^T]|T. 
It rciHlcd thi' dlU j|j;^inBt wlncliil praffs**'*] to hodirH^td l it forhndclht c IwCT 
li> dtilivcr, Uk' [n^mU' ti» a III II i[, niiv K-'nnfmi ^Tdtlipr ibMrmM rlKonuriMi ■nj, 
^vhilHt tl pvntiiUtHl lhi» ^«Hjfr[ jiexI I'fiiiitii', (Im I-^ei I'lhiiititHmltri^iilM, |h«f \/>r^\ 
^iiuyiT, llic tTi^t'd, ui»I Ibe litanVj l<> bt rttiU'd in iCujf lnLj il (jflL-wil ihn otlivr 

Enrifl uf Uif cliiirch t^Tviec [o romaiu iiinilu'ivcl, only '* uutil ooniiultiilbon mtglil 
c bud m |iLLHtn]Doiit. bj lirr mrji-itj Juirl lit'T tlin*^ c>tiil<<( nf tlit- rmlm* 
(SlmHv \iniiil '. Ajipnul -i; WiltinH, iv. IMU), It wan rliit bi'rt riHpn»bi"n, , 
V'W'{)> tti<*n< limn jiiiv lliiiiff i<Ihv, ctji«nM 1iii^«yi>i4 nfUitf c)Llbo1it£ to the n»l in-^H 
IrntlLitje of Uii' idvin-mmtin.— 7',) ^B 

' Cnnnl-33; llcj-lln, "277. [Conliniil .Mien, inhia " Amwpr In Engrliih J"*- 
tlce" (Alf, tt!G wrTT irM^ltytio (\imnl \. A(t). Hiy( llvn h vvivi 0^]vt}i<yriK\ bivbtp 
ofliailitU'. wJn» nt'i'iiyid me urh'rimt Tjn1rv;iif iIh-Ikw^ Tlw iTiKbnji, Iiawj^rr^^™ 
fefbetnl Ui iihi'j \}\f. riiunilHb', niiil KlivjilH'tb^ m'. MHm kh i]w ^ihjh^I *xk vu<\vAt^^ 
TOntt Willi li« BlU-iidnnK iini! nultirfl ilicHinpi^l. ^" 

"Tlrtu night I tTUiK' hoine liilc fnixn I-ondnn- n.nd, for nPW»,jcni nhnll under- 
CtvBil thai, ^(cslcrdiiy. bcinp LliriMmii>kd]L;. tlw i|uttitV iu^|ntir rrpuirtd lo tier 
vnat cltisrU vitb bir nobler nud UAlv^. ifi LuiOi bit'ii Ai\'U»LniiK.^I iii ^urh lii|rh 
f^-'ULt; jiiid ibp iK^rctiviiT)- ^Irinbt^j* pri'imiiiiK luiUHvlf in ru^ixf, nil in Ibv iild 
fonu, »hir Inrm'J llium uutil llu^ K^i^p*^! i^mx Aunv- am\ wbirt tJI 


J1 Uk Fni|>l«^l 

IX. 1,1 



tokens of hor dislike to the old retigioii, (ipciied the 
eyes of dial jiarty ; so that, when tlip (jue-eii ctanft iis7. 
to be crowned, Jaiiitary H. all the bishojie re--'** '*■ 
iiiscd to perform the ceremony, excqning Dr. Ogle- 
tborpet bishop of Oirlisk\' It is remurkable, th^t 8he 
took the uKukl oath for inaiiituiuiiif^ tint fiJth of the 
cViunrh of Romr, and, in nil partH of the r^-remony, coii- 
formrd to thfi fmcitml ritM, And n^in, some have 
admired, tlutt ^hc iicver intimated »ny dr&irc of hcing 
crowned by Borlow, Sonry, cr CV)verdale, who were re- 
formed bisliopg, and within eall to have jierformed the 
cereiiuHiv- ** It i» )>os!«Lble i\w old fvTiti mj{c;ht sit eu3<y 
mioiigh upon her mind, ami hrr eotiM?i«?neu give her 
icaTc to humour the jmicinre."^ ^omi* prrttud, that 
she would not apply hui"yclf to the reformed hi^^hops 
upon thift occasion, b^canse their process beimr not yet 
revi**ed, thpy wer? noi let^ally fpialifii^d. Hut thbi is all 

Icoiij«.i«rc. ThiTc npiie;iis to \if. uiily a lustoni, not a 
kidfctfd rorbft li> haif uiri>ml,Hn^irL[iniri>i itu> alit itiNliiiki], ilir-, witli hc^ nobk^., 
ivmntnl fiipdn iram flic pIcbpi and l}\f ma«, uiilo hn pnvv chftinTn-rH whloll 
«L» tuiuiijne aaXa dWcB**. Utr W. FlLs^willtnm. imiid Ell^ Orlg^ LriL iL 
■ [Alflnnnl bj the pmtliirmtion. tnvniinned tn n prwrnliutf iiiru-, tSu' hiKlioirt 
tpp^ In tuTV ooTiHLiluil. IK Vi tin- pm|>rifty rif tfiPthljnL; hi titrMiinrnhlMii, It 
mwk pnihabl^ llj-ir Ilir ^iJi-^-n wnnlii nYiiii^ In hi- nrki>tTilJ\l : It vta Mirtidii tliMl, 
If tbr 4Yni«nii"'I iis uku tlic *Fjilh, lilif nmjkl nfu-miml* violnto llmT piiFl. i>f iU 

Ibg j rf w e, UBuiinmi^ly jiuri-f il. tluiL llit prtut<3 cuulJ tiut cmi-K'iviitLuuFJv Imil 
In ihe tTTvnnmv lIh- ^;iiH'tiui) i>f Jicir [iir^rtjtv; tii>t hjlm U wiib>iiL amtiLJrrhUa 
iblfii.'iilvj dmi 0^!rLliij||fi: h>jii ji li'tj^lj miluinl UrnlrAJuLuii hihtulU^aifLirti, uid 
oAcfctLc 44 Uic M>lLiajii( « , Alli-u, i^irttilJiiir uf IFtuib luiJ tln^ uUii-^r li^ilicijn, hjh^ 
," WInM Quuiaffv and rciiiUJiccfurciiuLritldf Gud'a jrUiciou. v,-^^ ^uv'1l Ni th<iu], 
hWhI itK^UIlf ill IIjI' hjiiiJ rtrL-1i1»iF>Wnt tint hrVKiitliilj.iL^hfiuuc lii^ iialli'iuy, 
■tfduiKd til Antimt HI tkimil IW <|(iirMV itin|i'nl)r lliiU i"m Ia ; ■ * ■ Aiid *o 
M kll the irvtvfLljt 1>i»lhr|M r'^l'ii!^ Uk 4iiir, iLiitU, niUi muvli mJutlic* iJ>< 
tkiQcd the biibop of Cfljliilc. ilif Jaftiior idifl<i?i of all Xitu rc»L lo dp jial func- 
• Tlir talur *hj tJicy diuM nol tlLini, iiol o.iuld \ic adduced hy 
Rh oi aiiihtFrily, l*» iiircjii licf, wn^ foi iLni Un7 b*Hl cTiJro* pn>lift- 
mmJ arifiLnii^iilJi Ui ihniht, lh»l kKi mrjuii nllicT ikH ti [jilii: iJir i?iiL1j, iir 

&L^ in t^«ir ommiLlioij. for mmatciniiwt oT bolv oLurdi'n \a**^ Wmour*. 
Pi aRhI ptit iirjcns ■>»■! otikf ilutirn <Eu(? lo crrrr' nlalc, iis in tko tioir and 
uaiul Uiiu EvlwAnl Uiv [ritiifivu.rr. TLif^ diiubM, oltd, Int ahtf«bouH fe- 
me, m J)c 11)1^ Uiuc uF her AEU-fc* I'll- JiLilcmfi dlvinfi connnonj i>f unctiOTj" 3c& 

' Colbrf, u.4l<jL 




law, for qualifying a hi-ihop txt officiate at the coroui 
tioa.^ Besides, I don't find thai either the qu«eu, 
ihofit' she eii>[)loyed ut thU time, were fi[il to be «cru-' 
uulous ill (jlw(-r'vitig the. forirutlities of law. It is W(;ll^^i 
if their iriencb can bring them off with credit, ct<>i^| 
whore honour, conscience, and the common rightfl of^ 
mankind are concerned. And, not to mention other 
matters^, there wob nothing in it very conformable eithei^| 
to thecoinmoo rii^Iit^nf itmokind, thehiws of the nation/^ 
or the iKitnre nnrl in.'ititntiL^n of (Christ s fhnrch, to have 
the clertry and biahops silenced, and not attended to, in 
th:^ business of relii^ion, and committed to prison fotH 
inm^ting uixin a right, they might c]iiin\ jure dirirtOt^^ 
Neither were these refonaerst very scrupidou^ in <)oiii]( 
jiistiet; to the pexijile of Kii^, in regiird to tbtir civil 
rights, if we look into tht inamter of their jimceetliiig 
with the parlictmeut. '"Such lords mid g^ciitlcmcn, as 
had the maimgement of elections in their several conn- 
ties» retained stich men for members of the hons« of 
commons, ax they conceived most likely to comply ^ith^l 
their intentions for n rffornmliun,"^ Tlicsr wer\- to be™ 
the people's representatives; if they may he so cnUedf 
where the court-cabal nmnn^tMl the return of the mem- 
bers, and picked out a set of men proper for their par- 
pose: as if religion, and men's confidences, were under 
the fiaine direi^iion ^vilh the tnuk* uf the iiiition, nnd th& 
|>artieuhir views of de-si^hig mf^n. Hence, '' the pnpi 
murmured that more of the protectants were chosen, of 
set purpose, both out of the comities, iind boroughs; 
and that the duke of Norfolk^ and caxi of Arundel, 
amongst the nobility most potent, for their turn and 
ho[>e, neggrd voices, as al^o C^eeil had done/** Tliose 
two nobleraen were cftpable of swaying tlic houae o. 

' riliii ttift fereAoCthli«uitdmivMiKiiHi, tlisii, if ilii^ntird ft*MU, th^ c^^imnnit^i 
in all probnUH^, woiJd bir* bMn dMiJivil iuvEjiii hy Ute pcui>lL.<. — /",] 

* Cam'l. >V.i. [Tbc Iruth i<. tfanl thp cLN-tiont wc^p^dl<1llJ^]lLTlrl|rl.^)l■Tllle gn-i 

1:iM mi)FTi»M^iit liTlli-rv If) rlif ililTiTr>»r -ili^'rilTH, I'lmfiiiiiinjr lUti iircAi]duljttM.riTiCi 

namt*i|'.frtriliet«ni>ii5lit,ilif<>*'- Nrn^jic. ATitinl.r-iriidnrondon Pnprn.i.yi. — 7*.] 



lords; but unthinkbij^ly complioientcd the queen witli 
their inten-st, without foa'tit'i-intr thf consequences, 
Tlie duke nf Xorfolk carnlcfisly left the issue to proxies, 
who were obsequious to the eourl meajiiires, The enri 
of /Vnindcl, though entirely in the interc&t of the old 
rclip^ioii, vcm \\\ hoiws of marrying the queen ; and, upon 
this vit'xv, becsune ht*r humble siTvunt in n ca«e^ where 
callautry ought to have no iilart-.' Se^rnd other things 
ocrnrrcd to make way for the reformation. The rhief 
of the catholics, being eraftdy removed from places of 
tTQdt, were rendered nnservieeable at the elections. 
One half of llie epi-^copjil sees ]>eiiig vacant, and the 
hbhopsin bemguiidt-r op]>r(ssioTi, iheri^ wanted «o many 
ivices to MipfXirt thr iiHrn'jtt of tlir tM rdii^ion. A^ain^ 
the clamour, and apprehension of the church land^ being 
vrestcd out of the hands of the loity (which wa5 indui^ 
triously spread abroad nt that lime), and the fear the 
nation wo^ in, lest the cjueen f^hould \iv disturbed in her 
litlt" from Swjtiand, nijwle every thln^ look tinproniittiu^ 
on the eatholir party. 

The perhnmcut met, Jauuary 23, 1559^ and was to 
determine all mstti^ns in t;uspetise« espeeially what re- 
garded the fate of the new and old relitfion. It was 
opened with a speech nuide? by Mr Franci'* ItiKOU, who 
liBil lately Hn|ierst-dh4) nrehbiMii^p He»th, u« kjrd j^. 
keeper. He firwt dwelt much iipnn eeneral!s. tiilked '*■ 
much of mo^krarion, and sif^niticd u ^rcat aversion to 
divisions about relt£>ion. But he quickly ^ave them to 
nnder^tajid, at the close of Ins haruiijf uc, that every thino: 
wag to lie rarrif^d on in favour of llie rKforiii!itic>n ; and 
die arts, that paj^sed in this parharnent, iii;ule it a)ipcar, 
hmv diligent they had bcoii in preparinpr matteps iu the 
cabinet. In the first place, *' tiicre passed an att fih. 
for reeogni>iiu^ the queen'* just title to the crown, ^ 
hut without any act for the vdidlly of her mother'^ 
marriage, on which her title most depended : for which 

lUl, 44i> Time twv WDlennjr tbui Ni^rr^ill mi^ mflutiitxrl bj rmuliiichl 
n*t Crt pcipt, wUtt lout hniliiCiOd tu umiil \it'n n di'^iJruHJliuii lu innirr n ii< jjr 





neglect most men condemned the new loni keeper, 
whose judgment she relied, especially iu poiut of Iaw| 
in whom it could iiol hut he louked oil Bis a ^rwit inco-' 
ptaiicy, to hL' Uss earcfid of htr own, »nd \u.'t mother's 
li:nionr, than thc! minister!! of the late queen Mary h»il 
ha'n of her's-"' Mr. Kehfird, and aome othr-is prek'iid 
to give reasons, why an aet in favour of her h^gitimiicy 
was not n<JoessAry; \1z. because being nniver^lly ao^ 
knowled^ed by the jmrliunrnt. And erovvned ils ((necn, 
thisfartjmrgwl off ;ill other drfrrtsjuid dis(itiidifi«iti«ns. 
Again, they say, the act of recognition expres?^C!i hftJ 
being Uncally descended from the royal blood. Hut tliia^ 
iR far from amounting to a dt't'Iarjition of her leeittmncy. 
If 1 may l>e permitted to throw in my conjectures, per- 
hjips the rraitj lawyer had a mind to mnti:}^*^ a ri^siTve, 
ill «ise ariy **upmor power eoiild makr gorxl their rlnhn : 
or^ may be, it vra» a providential omission, that honour 
and justice mij^ht be done to the memoi7 of the injun 
qneen (Catherine, 

Hefore the grantl cause of the supremacy came lo 
debutJ"<l in parlianieotj it was ushered in liy sevcnd pn* 
viou:* acts : among the real was that» >vhich restored 
M*n. the first fruits to thc cro\vn ; for which several 
•^- plausible reason?- were alleged, espeeially the pre- 
sent nwessities of the povenimeiil, and low condition of 
thc pxche(juer."^ Wlieii the supremacv hill wiw hronj^ht 
in, it was c}p}xiscd by all thc bishops excepting one^^ 
C6pccia]Iy» arclibiehop Heath made an elaborate speecllfl 
(if it wn^ really hi*} ai^ainst it, wherein he handled the 
controversy with a (neat <lejil of learning, accuracy, and 
strength of arj^uiuent. He wa» seconded by Anthony 
Bnmii, lord viscount Montague, and ag^n by Mr, At 


Binvn't ^«ch Iff JQ D'Kwffi, 11, I 


AIJ lliM JjifilhiiiB piv&cijt vi>i4si| lot lljiii bill, Ihiil. — 7*-] 
I'.Ui. t\ I- rrUtro V 
all vo1(<r| in ifici mlnoniv, il 
' TAl firatt Ibcri' wir*? |nwfnl,nrt!»o^t*iriluiilily, oulvtljo arcliLh Ij'jp or Votk, 
\t binhniih (if tjriiili>n. Wini'laHlvr, \V{ 

f^ccibrntiAia, ull voKtd in ific minority, ikifiuitat iFii^ Hill- 

' TAl firatt ibcri' wir*? |nwfnl,nrt!»o^t*iriluiilily 
(]]« ItiKhnph (if tjriiili>n, Wiiii'laHlvr, Wfht^ij^tiT, LjimlaS. C^v~?^1n-. iuKf<pcr, 
ClH^lvr, 4iiil Cur1t»tr« iiud K<^kL-iihLirTL, hIUa ni \\ vh.lm\u\U?r. AflfrAHnlvi, tb« 
1iiiibr)|i of Elv, w}ui bflcl nUimccI (nmi Iha ^iEibiu<y, s^bh xildad 1o Ibo numbir. 
'I'hcy ■!!, witlioiii encpptiwt, ngormulj opjiwtJ tht Ull. U'Evci, 2S; Si 
AunoX. i. as, 51", K', rn —/'.J 





, ill the houM of commous, who made it Appear, 
was contrary to (he hiibtrttj avowed priiici(Tk'a 
of the reformi'n;, thut saii^iiiary law* should be pressed 
upon Ihe cathnlirs. '' ' I d<'sin', said he, it mny bt' rv- 
meAnher^t thai people, who su(T< r for rpfiisiiig tbis oath, 
are not to be considered &s common malrfacf urs, tbicTc^ 
tnd murderere. They don't ofteud from wiel^d inten- 
tion, mid raftlioc prepf'iiM^, No, tt is coascneticc, nnd 

tcl iiK^aniiie, v\hiclL imik«-« thj/m clu^h i^Uh ibe law, 
don*t df^ry. but they may bt- tin>takcu ; btit, >vlicn tliis 

(pens, the case ih still harder: for» if we let the 
penalty lonsc upon them niidir auch mi!*]»rrs\KL<ion, wc 
Dor recollection, and desitroy both body and soul/ Thcro 
'WIf another sj»eech of r member of the luwer hout;eH, in 
uittwtrr to this* last ineiilionrtl. U nas made by one 
IcBmcd in the law, but does not a-em to discntaiigle tiie 
tflSC. His arguments are ^omc of them wide of the 
fne&tioti, and, where hi^ re-'iKoiifi are strnnsrest, they 

[foticlude but for au oath of allt-giauee. He pretends 
tQ oath touc^hes no t^piritual thing* hut only bind^ the 
rtubject to reci^nzc. the soverrignty in hi^ prirur. But 
ibis is a p^iit mistake, ns the reader may perceive by 
"the form: for here Ihi; subject swears two things, m 
rhich reli^on is maiorially eouci'med ; firs t, that the 
[queenV highness Ls the tinlv supreme covenior of this 
ivalin, in all spirilnal or reelesiasthvd lluiij^ or causes; 
Jtnd secondly, (hat no foreign prchite or potentate has, 
tOr ought to have, any juri!*<Uction or authority, ecclesi- 
»tieal or spirttnaU within this reahn. Now no pcrsan, 
rho heliei'e» the wtpta tlie priueipal of unity, and the 
liritual brad of tlie catholic chitrrh, can ]>os*<ibly take 
lhi» oath, with a good ronscicnce. Um not\\itb,srrtnding 
the error of this persuasion, if the papal supremacy is 
thus re*itrained to malters purely spiritual, thosL\ who 
maintain ii, have room enough for iheir ftllegiiinee, and 
may be lu^al »ubjed>t to tlitir priucc,"' And this eon- 

'ColIitT«li< -i^^^ fStiTpTTviTUnluurr iionrtJ^iVT ill tli'iUklHi'C, I. DiwH hjifid* of 
dc bill fonb«iufumai\,i™ith"ru| either <lrt*TiUTif( iiirn'dh-olpiriKitrnjnrify- 
Ut|- ib« f«rio<l ■! ubich il pa»tNt. 1l oiipDutcii m the lnwer Iflit^ist, htirfr it ytA% 
*iriic^M''A litlUpaTQultiiuuniritixl powiT.i;lidTDfdb5 onylvfdi^ pnirDlaU ia 


stmction of die oath Heem» to be favaured bjr ^intf' 
altt-nitioTj. or at kaat by the softening tenn of rhiefl 
governor, instead of A^wrf, as tliJs at^t xsus jilcu&cd to 
style qiieeu BUzobeUi. U is this quali&cutioa of Uio 

tKi^ Tralnif anil for t^jp uatli to It talpii fi^r BpiiituiJ iuirl u-niponil offiom'*. 
WiUi tills lilli'. il w** Wui:]jt U» tliL' Itmls ini Uit lwcuU-!'n«nli uf Fcbfiiaij: 
on iJii^ ri^^lilntilU of Uir ArLlowiiJir iiioutli, u ujj«l ruciLTrii.'u. in hti xiili^kW fi>nn, 
to Uui i\Ji]iiimii»: IK'W i:UitH« ttuir iLtU'iHunlKdiMi-il hy trnjli (if tlif Iv(j limun-; 
anil It WM not utilil the iwi?iii)-iiJiLiii of Ajiril ilul it riniiHy |>iL)Acit iD'EnOt 
jLpuO Stijjit, i. AW— (M)- Ic ■•ay m'^- ^ItIhI " Ati iitt fjr mturiiit to O^e cruwQ 
ihi? u»i:U'ijt juii-iilivijiiii 0TiTl]ir HUiU- ct'dr»iiAtii:»] miJ tpihlJiLuud oboUilun^ 
vll fufv^pi |M>wcr rcpiiKiumL i" tli(^ ^iuik ", Iti I'lmltrriutlj' with ilA tillc, U br^Hfl 
ty nyoxXixiiii Ott «likiiitc> iiowrd ia U^liiU: »ti:ii, ia fmuur of Lie aucfint cetoL 
opd rtiiiing such of ilio act*, poMcd uwlrrt XXcmtj Vlll. ojid EilA-iril VT, 
inilitAtcd fuputul lliu aupTTinnuy of ihr |>ii|>Ph It ctioclicd thai iltr juhsdidJoQ 

offwiy forcigu lf"*"J* P'Jli'"^'!''^ 'J' i'f"-!'***- '"tl"'^ ^n^ n'diD^ »boHld iJicu 
forih cduw uid be AUirprcMcd; iJifit liic nulLnniy uctiHm^ (vr Ui<? vimUtJon 
■piritunl pcraoaii and diu (>oiTvc|iikii af irrom. Wn':HCEi, tuiil uhuiicfi, iJioiitd 
ntDcScd to tIic urown; niid (bjil iht pr>n'(T<)f'ncraifiin£ thu aullianty. by d 
|;tip1f* to h(^ apfk^nlfd utkUt Oii.* iruiit hi^I, Hhuiild n.'nj&iLi to ihc i|uhii uhI licr 
■uoct^nuint li>T iH<v(ir, It r^inltor tiiTl>iiilL> nuy omt to ituiJubLJn, tJthtT hv vorilH or 

hutiiiiiir tu Solute tbU cIhul^v, tltoiili-X I<it ibc liM dllviiot, milfiT (urfiiitur* or all 
tool oad pcttorm] nropnlj; for the »i?coiid. Ibcht itc jh'ubJIi** -il ft premoolx*; 
nAd for um thirdi V adji^dtri<il lo diMilbiii < tmiUir: untl iiprDiidod," for b^AcV 
t>hHTVAtii»]i Hiid ifiniiiU'iniTirj*" at tbi^ prMnUi*", lliitt -dt pcrtonr rihc^m lo t^kv 
nnt^n, or diffptvi la Ibi^ UTtivvrvSli^k^ lU duT^Qman tiUml to Ih< pminittod loaBT 
tpirilitnl Uvi)ig,or ilroudy in pouiaiukon ol bcnilicua, all jLiil^N,iii^iiili«.lM>ta<ia 
mfntor offiofTt rrN^mnup ihr wrif,^ of tLt itfovd. nil Inyniou tuln^ out Iiivi^ dCfl 
ibi-iT bi»<K <^ ■^"■i^tf Ix'i'i'^lfi' ^' tJ"' frni^Un iir fnttmui^ iri(r> ttic H-rvievot tUH 
qiuvTi, iliould, "II \^(ti)i of di^jim \iUim n!u\ iiii.>;«jtiiri|y» tuV^ Oil oH(h. d^lanng 
ha ID be- the only uiiprfior g;rt*fnti*r riflhc n-ulni^ as vdl iu Mnrttml lltmw im 
trmponil, rrTLoniidni^ tkW V^ni^ ivHrcLnACtoiLl nixibftrllT wiUnii lifir itmniEiiiniA, 
tnd i^rmnUhin Ui dt^ftrml i11 jiiTiutuiliin. p^m^r, rir |ir>.-rniiTicncf,f/r>iHiA^ nrht- 
1(ii)}({ii^ b» lier, or imili-d iMii\ nnuvxvil lo tfif hniti^n^l ervvn. — lE it r>mt ffnm 
tbh, M mil 111 ttfiiii tlir wluili' ciinr nf i^u' J4>v« tliiit i-^if FJiipr^'niiii'V wnt i-rjii- 
utmfilnud. nni sa m right Inhrrrnt In thr <^m^Ti. hiiT h»< h gmu ^ipri^uly Tnailc^ 
hy tliL' ujitfaoiltv urihr ItvUluanr^ Sot tbi^ ntHtiifc. in the AppmidJ 
Sfj. XXXIV. "^ 

'/, 'J'liir [HTHniin. wlimi.? urtruitiriil^ jti.^[i$l thK bit] bate fitrn ]imrnnt, «t 
H»iUi. uriYbihh»]i iif VvrVs ?4r:"L MhIiimi of <.']jr»b'r. nud Fi-4^k?:iiluiiii. kbbol 
VVuliuIiEsU-r (Srr AiipiidiJi. Nu, XXXV,(: iLr mnivlm* of bml MonrHiriiF ill 
Alliuwiii imutlonttl iii ll«' U'^U avltt siiuXtn un m *UffLTi'iil nnyihloii, }\y l] 
uiU lo wWb I him- jufll itftirtj, thf ubligjiirtii of tdlxiK iJii- uuLb W4« limited' 
Iu llic cfj]>f^T^ Uirrv d<ht-rJU-i1 : buu at tlii' i.-»d of llncv ^imd. U uoa fouiid CbU 
tbr oljjci-t c]f ilin i;i**iTiiiiit(jl b>T"l,io h jiirat nitninre, fnik-J; lluil fir ctuivb 
were ijvcry whtn.' dfticm-d; mid llmt, iltluMmli ihr ijturn, in » *|«'fiiil mbui 
liou, bud cndinvnurrd lo ijuiJif* tbr »*nlujt uf luv *'iili--«ii*livjil jixuNb^liuu {*. 
Airprtidjx, S(i. XXXVl.), ^vi tbf: iijoilcni doi'Ujuc of Hir. auptniKH^ fk.i> ii 
rcimti'd by liiL' liulk f>r iJk (ictipU', h »vm^ to Liv* iinick Uu: niinuUr iLnt 1 
boldnr*, rtitb wb^h tin' oillntWi ooDiitmcd l<j aworl d)i.< -pinluul uuibority 
tJiQ Uocnan iccj vDuldoiriT 4 pbtiiubbi pn^Lixl i\ij ntuii'lint; itii.' oprmlioii 
tJip «laiuic, nnd winpdilbiff iJl ihtwun ^V1tlll>ut rAt^iilioii, l-i IaLv ibc oaI 
Witb thu» Mirw^> tbc^rcfoic. a new U)1 wnt btn>diiticd, m>;u ulUt liic i»peuLns 




oatli. I suppose, that has made several reformers pre- 
Giimc ^till to nuiintfiiti a espintual iiulcpeudciioy, or hcnd- 
lip, in their cUtlt)". nhieb t» tlic (luctriiie of j*uiiie of 
tke eph^copal pjirty, limiof pn^sbytcrintiti, t-speciully those 
of tJw* kirk of Scotland : fmoi whciia? ihey iiiftr, that 

HuhaU In FAA^, Til thr iNimTnons, \t n« mtttpri In ihr mnrr liTu>ni1 *)tl\M> 
ilwiv inil. uinjin^ iilb^n, ^v \Eltiivin, nc'Tiii. m Xhf nri^v^t ii}Uii\t:t\ M iu |)m 
dfTKiiiTicrri il, 3H jsilr Liliili^'J , ti^ ilH u'viTJly, to wmLr'n llii' imlif^ti, U niiii 
1bi> vAiVi-rtiilrt, anil Ut niAl' hvporrlU's nr ri'ln'la uf tTn* ]imji|f. Fn thn lartft, 
lh» H«dBRt M inUjnLr oppo*«f ji. In an Hoipipni iuid hnprr*\iie jiidrru, li 
IV nut blKliiUiJiiottH til' -ulii, ici CiiiiiDKi die iriitk ur fjiJ^idiuuil of iTir n'ft^TTiiE^d 
trtrinr* Tiny iiiiiciil ^xf tiijlil <jr wMrij:: llirv minlil bi- MlnUry <fr MlirrwiNe: 
It wn^ rf iii-4T><PAiy Uf lni^ivliiLt' Htn^iiiKi iiivrpb: Ihui Imjt I'n'Ptt^fl itnllii'r ImiiMir 
Itor disuijtviJiT la liio i^-jlin T \Vh« U Jiiht Ui fi-ltL-r tlHtir iiiiitrK 1^ t.yniirtii/.« 
«ti'r itiTJi i:uuKii:Dtt!9^ lUkJ ti) iiiiniK^I tJiFEii, uiiiLi^F pain uf draiJi, bi iivnkr bi 
iLu jtf cvUUi], wUith, in tlidr tti-aiu. tUr.*)' WtLtitLl ti> bLMltiulilTiiir L^^kk tJ 
1r dtlu4ioii cf tha fbuduuL-nial ^irLicU- of tJi>i )iroU?LUiit rf>ni|, Hv diL' irry 
Itfl parltuunL it Wl lirr« kDlcriLnly <iii)if(TNii[-iI, J^y jmrlmriJtiiU.Hiul ri>iiiii-ilB, 
'ttxl Uir KtKiJWiL oTcliriiLciicliriii itt\ H]£Vi. '\t lifl ha^u jtiMt-'tLi^iiiljr JciiicJ, (>iuiit 
libit il vriv inic, nldiaiifjli ivulWii^ty jiK(UI1»1 K "*;« ti»i:rt iio rooin hx IifuU- 
Miut lucti bp at onop conatr^kiiknl 1o nlliirii il 4» iiiiilouliU'd, oriil, in ilo 
«f Ihoir pwti oiijvictjtxih, make <J<"1 iLf iviiticM H' tlirir HpF — \xl iJidr 
Ivr^nfc (if till' pTTiri|iaitr, m *r}ii<1j ifiry Atn: iiJhiiinjc, Nn nivi af 

<1f«Ui. Tliry mrifbl pruf oltc n;n>LiJik.-F , llioy irjuhi t\r\^f the <fillwhoA 
Kfcc^OA; liui Vt tliciD hr aniut?-! dinUb* *o dmn^, Ihcy vcic only ItJiJiu^; 
Btfnu«1rei t« tbi* ilivi^rna of tbfti.^ " «ti4> looted to inu mtehlT and of powcir, 
kt the omEHT-tTi'm^ ijHtil^ uriil ruin 'tf tbir Iioumb of nohle niiJ UDofcDt mon ". 

W ,^p|k^kd>x, .\ci.xxxvn. 

But tW fiviiwnt* ftnd lUi: ri><Hi of it* opp<'nPiiCt *vefc BlUf uimijiilinff 
kf^itft B Mil, G>r wbcn- 1mrf>cLriiv rrcn Vtvii i^ cnrap^lk^il ti'pJca^^iLi nn puciisf, 
tofh h^ tbt iiEiiii(-iitK «ir Iliv i'i>m(i>j-DB* huu«, u ILpv uijnli [lotJiiiicr ibiir|i 
>y«jnKl pnpiitJi" (;t]itJi1 ^Vriij;!it, i- "HCy. AlWf 111111^^1 it<*EttuiHiiS tliKnit^ru 
'inji* iniA at teiiffth iiirrkrd, Vhc trrm^iin] \n^n wtn. nuifiiKl. lumplcrl Horn 

blirfdtuiv: but nil inciiitM-n nf IhL iimi<.i^ ^1 ''■iijiriti>iiii knd of the mnt ul' o^urt, 
18 hMTi^t"** Htlnim^t^ TL>it.ini-4,iii<l Brtirmliii^viiTh. iCl wh" Emd oftiiv ul thtf 
rbuidi OP tfcf kiuMMcnl nmrt*, i-it)u<r(1iinnjt tFir |>nu'ii1^ nr Ihv IukT Ibri'ii n-ttcii*t 
Ul vbA ilmilii r?fuv to cohli>nn U> Uiv i^UblbLrd uor^iiiLp, ^f iJioiittl openly 
CDCuInitD Ifa^ rrfFMinnipi of thi* nevr cliTirvli, or thcitild crli^lnntr, 4>t htnt ollirit 
sbbniF. jiny jiriiaU'ifVHt, nrrr hilili<j1 io tljc nntnlirr of thu^p. cm whniii t1ie> 
Bblii;n<v>n m uIiiti^ t\u* anth *3^ impriHt^d To InwyvTih. ^^'linLilmrKlffv, nnj 
WithWw irf tlic Soujifof L'oiminoiti.,hir%viiiA IT r^mld brlnl*l*^■l! litif fiiHr; iim!. 
In tbrir c«B\ a refual wu loHuwrd iin?v ljy tJir prnnltlis of n ppmiiHiirr- To 
i&lBW ordrtvJ Ul \\i' tcniUTvil jl Fit'Lvrud Iiiiu.-: a tei'tmA tlTliuI htu nil- 
be ui act 'rrirTU9DU:<-iU'l thr olTutiiLr, oJ] ccrijvitilcjji, wu oouilFUmnl 
n ilirsLlli rti'ivriliiiuilj. Hint <> I'Wr. 1'. I- 
T nut uJd lli^ Mr, Wii/fn, hi Ijim /,nit Ui jiiAiify I^k-at t.-|infLjiu^tt>, trtvt* to 
rmiiT " iiitMiM>u> fTwJiiUiJiin " pitwi'ii " thii ^r ". *l Rumi- *!, }2t\ iiutcj, Tbo 
'vailhUk«»",UllKy iiircolltd. uiv fur loo iibMird tu iinpuuu oij luiy ii^ialMu 
■nm. IiiiWivtutmtly of tliif. hdwcitr. llir pitun. in mULEi tJiry nfr Mid to 
irt bocn ItipitiiilLoil fnini ViniJiit*, i> iIhI^L A|im 13. in Uir/o^oKinvvy*^'- ^vc 
;Slijpr, Anual i 412,-7:] 



the title of governor imports no morp-, thnn a subjcctioa 
of the ercle^iastical power tf> iheir prince, in all the out- 
ward (haiei* uf a i^ulij<"C"t -, wliidi in eflV'ct uppf^an; to be 
no tiiorc thiiTi II rlvil iillefciatu'c. Now, (Li» is h friendly 
systrai to tim ciLthoUc cnusr, if tbtsc gentlemen arai 
good intirrprclers of the law. But then the query will] 
he, how th€ civil power or mn^i&trato can claim nUo-j 
pianee in its full extension, without renderiiifr the ^p\J 
rilnal iKJwt-r iu^i^iiticiiut: seeing, that the executioil' 
of tln^ laltpr de]>ends upon outward aelions; 

While tlic parliament was taken up id completing 
the supremacy net, a .select number of persons were pre- 
paring iL bin for re-estabUshinR the common prayer, and 
rifdueing tn^tt^rg to the same form, thev were in, durine 
tiie reigii of Edward Vl. : for, as yet, the legislators hutf^ 
gone no farther rlmn Heurj- Vlll.'sseheini^, which i-liiefly " 
regarded the supremacy. The i»crsous employed to 
revise and correct the l>ook of common-prayer (thia 
beioi; the second time it was reformed, since it waK first _ 
set forth) were Parker, Whitehead, Grindal, Cox, FiUfl 
kington. May, Bill, Guest, and sir Tlinma.s Smith ; none 
of the bishops, deans, or heftcL* of the iiiiiverMties being 
odvisod ^ith, concerning thi^ work> "The most con-fl 
siderable nl(er(ili<m, says Echard, waw, that the express 
declaration, made agaitist the eoqioral proence, in the 
second Ixjok set out by king EdwartI, wm now left out; ■ 
that none might be driven out. of the communion of the 
church n^ion that account: therefore, the matter was 
left undeierminedj as a speculative point, in which the 
people were at tlieir liberty."' When this bill was pro- 

Iio*i.'d» tl mK witli a *cerieml ojiposllii^i fumi fdl the 
ushojis, the ciuivocation» and niiiny of tlie tempoml 
lorcU. Scot, bishop of Chester, made a rcaolute speech 
agiunnt it. IIu clmllenfccd the ^orld to produce one 
single instance, where the bishops were not consulted 
Bikd attended to, in a controveniy of that nature. He 
was Meeoudeil byablH»t Ferkenham, who made it app* 
"that these reformei'3 Honied in their opinion, quitted 

jir>isc iht Ulurgj. l»ui ma afkrHurda «Udcil u» tlic luuuuiUM. Slnpc, Annal. 

rtf . «.] 



Itheir fir»t pbiiv nnd te^Rik^cI u]x>]i thent^elves ; and yi^t 
ah^jtyH ])relt*iLilHl to piLlilUli ;iimI ilnn'ee iioltilji^, ttiii iIr* 
pinci'n; word of (iod."' The convocatiou, whirb wa-i 
tbca sitting, and taking thtu^ iuto cou»iclcnitbn, aa 
ihey were deljatiii^ in pariiami-nt, not only dissented to 
this act coiicpminj? the couimou-praycT, but drew i])> 
and aigiipd ft del' Ja ratio] I, and ]trofDssion of tlie (catholic 
Airtriii*-, wbirh U IHt to j^ostrrity as a 8Tanding jirotif, 
thai tbe refortnation was entirely a contrivniict; of the 
laity, rrclamante ctfrc* Even several of the t<!iDpornl 
lord* were averse to tlii^ new liturgy; iifimcly, "the 
marquiK of Wiiichestt-r, ibt- wirl of Sbrt-wsbury, the 
viiLCfiitnt Moiilagiif, thf birds Morh-y, StiifFord, Ihidley, 

» Wharton, Uirb, and North, dissrntcd.*'-^ lint this op- 
position wa-s unavailirjg;. After a fruitlesjt rttrugK'*^. the 
UlL was read a third tinier and passed by a majority h 
of three.* 

> C«ilbcr, ii «)6l ^;cmi4, AnnjLl. {. T5— 77, Tb« sptvobn will b* found iu 
Ar AmnilU, Ho. XX\V J!L 

' [tVih intnimaM oftnMnoil m pforMdan of tliclr bolitf in lite rml p»jilmiw, 
Umi»iii».uu<teliDiD, l3i<e uctificc of Iho ituh. ind iLv tuprriiiBCj' uf \\\t pvj^C} 
10 vhict Hie udM n lin'tamiion UuU, tn all nintu?r« n-huti£ in fiitti) to 
tLc «iiiiiniilnti>n <if tlu- uu'TUimdu, tDd <j> llw (LiKijifiuc* of Hvf phuich. Uw 
I Mton* ci#mm««ion«tl Ijj (bo Holv Sjiirif « THiiwviivri'l lJ^P<i>idutinrri^Tji <if jiu!^. 
nKVMj ft^radinir t^M AppniiiU, Na. \X\1X.) \\ huji prtkruUvl uiOliOhiilmt 
fl#|Dtdv,oci lb* flm of Uu?h^ on 1h«1f[i:h uf ihcinvaLt luoutli, ihc Ni^liop of 
Lmdui tnfbmcd 0i« mcmlifn whii bul (ipwl it. iIiaI it <<ipy Lnd lii'^'n lot' 
urnHM to «aHi nf llip imitctniliM, niul dniE nil ihi* iirliHn I'ontiiimM in H, 

• (tyEwn. ildri. '. Mm l l'!.li*. v "^ l\ wa* mlled " An Art fof tTjf- uiii- 
fmnltjr *tf pwmirinij ii™*« ftml irr^icv ii» iln' dMinli.Jind ndmini^frjilimi nf iImj 

iroU"' lljLiinif iWTuirrl thi- m-\, [uiv^nl iu llir fimt *mr <ff i^i' IhIu 

far AvibnUlicin nf llir n I <] linn^ Irt W rind ;iiJil itf iHi i-rtivl, aI 

9 Im a* rrganM "ibr ^ i . n < jIliu : l iLioel jf tlir wu^niujiiuLv r^Lb. uiid 
", ctniUJuol Til ^iv \'\"^V .i\i\i.i\M\iv\ \fy imilimLiPzii, ici tbf^ tlfUi unci 
ftubjBDMr Ivin-tfil VI . U piiK.vL'dr<I lu i^iim-1 ujLiu fnnii mid tiflt'r tW iia. 
iMCf nfl^t Jidjii iIjc Iwi'lini Linl ni^LiJiii;. t-wxy iMJni^tjr tiliitiilil 1»r Iviiiiil Ui 
prrfurm llic imSUi: femccof llir uliutvL " iit mii II "ulr i .md fiiriii, >» » mcu' 
iiiaml ill llic vti^l book, m pHiLliorizF'i bj i-Tilsmn' nr, m ' ti, -a\'\ itUh htkI >t\lh 

n&n of kiaj; Kdn^rl V[,, vrjth nnr ikltcT.i'i • ^ "• • \\--- I ' '- <l i I. --•>i\» to 

beBMi],<iti r*r(7 ^uu'ifliy in tbf ycjir, •nd Un. fn-iui "i 'ii. \ ^ <.<•< y.-l mid 
concctnl, uiJ two K3ttcnM7 unl^ iclilcd in llic dclli'ti* "L lin -i' DMiiml U» iJic 
GDaiAliliiMDt?^ And nano<4iicr, or oibcrwiK". If n In ikIji -u < kixri^Jiiii pri?- 
MMcd li> tiolvia iKii low, hr «iu to In ptinUlitd, lor cLi; |jf>l vfTtnLv^ bf Jic 
fttfeillireii one ynfa rrr>iji4 of faifl living, uid imprtoiuncFt for aix imnilhe: 
f>T tbo fioconit r>fl|inor, Itj (li-^'nYitliuii ind impppnmncmt iox twrli* luontliS; lUid 
Crir Haft lliini, in addltJon to dr|^«iiliuni by itnprtwnnnnLt for tlm tcnri of bit 



TTic rcfonoatiou being advanci'd thus far^ as to these 
^nerfll mattt-n?, a motlioil xvm proposed, how to inanoj^ 
partirulara; to which puriiose, thi! queen e^ts forth her 
ill} unctions, which were either drawn up, or rctouchL-d 
by Ceeil, u man nf iiin^nlar rraft and 7^^]^ The rom- 
j^is., mis.Mouers appointed lo put them in execution, Tscre 
^*^ Francis, curl of Shrewsbury, Edminid, earl of Derby, 
Thomas, carl of Northumherland, Williiim, lord Everi, 
sir Henry Porcry, ts\t Thoinn* Gurgrave, ^ir Jame« Croft*, 
sir Henry Gati>. Edwin Samiys. n.I>„ Henry Hcrvey, 
LL.I>., Richard IJowciij (Jeorg:*^ llroivn, Itichard King- 
smale, and Christopher Esoot, eftqrs. Now, "among 
these, there wns never o clergj-man excepting Sandys* 
imle^ Harvey doctor in law was in orders, which i* 
^mewhut unlikt^ly. • • • ♦ Thi^Mr ri>Tiinii«sioner« 
W(TV not tied to tlir nih's of ecrlwii^tirai conrls ; their 
jurisdiction was unconfinc-d nnd pivramount. • • • • 
They had no authority, but what they recciTctl frcHn 
ihe queen, who wa? without question a hiy person, 
and by consequence could makt- out no claim <o luiy 
riharc of the Miccnlila] rlianuTH-r, nor prudnce aiiy 

MOttl.fiir ih^ ftm I mnif n-Kijun, ^tuKng tih«^r iDoaltA; «Bd tir Ih* avicvibJ, 
Avi^uif hU- iVrwnt, i^wukTnp in drrvgitiou ot Uir vrv^re thun wmUlihtfii, 
IF to mffet Atip loT thr Itnl i.n<l tnviirK ffitfrliarr uul ImprtsaiBflil dotiig 
for ibt third, oltnint ; hikI hii j ubv mniitiup, niikrut *■*■*— JJ* v%jtmat^ u 
ftttrtA ti i^ prtfbmuniT \u tW (Jiuitfc, on all S«ft^^ and hcilid^ti^ m^ 
cvcijnictk omiMtMi. nitiyccud lio a IneaC C«thc pfve^ la br Inird fin fab 
di9^k4totbvun(if lbepaar(SevApDaMlix,ND.Xl.L I ^buvU 
1^ utmtioa BUfcil bf ihr Ml la hue bcm laiik !■ ifcc IJUnr. cod- 
■— „ jq 1h» wp ri arf w rf 1^ ^or^ - /'r» fAr , f y w^ ^df HJtvp g/jj— »■ 

a fUppEcAliDD, tlwt ifar qanb nkisht W <* rtmyfll m rJ h 4Ar Crw avrvliijpij^ 

Vicil ii» iW adulBfaflmlDa of Ibc «KBa«tii, na^ ia pm&i;, dx arnDB <if ilie 
it»o finvu oT B J— g ft fatf u4 w e w i buokk. iDca«iii»rd ia a pmedlng 
gf M*)- Tbf ctbcT 1viatHa^ «Mfc «vrt «aiiapoiiaitt, aajr bo tmm la 

>'U\>IUi.k AM. U ffvooal, Ihif aord -Ub tkn* N*£<b«d br B4. 

■■ntVl.m l^ri ^— -t^ T^:-.---» ^-f^,^ 11, i,j^,f„ 

ippnrbfi al fJ AM O* ^acvn. vuh a ricv to MBd h^ tba ca- 

a^J aumct tbrai uibr ivfianwl norvbip, mnU nffrr tl i jaiaitamil 

[^yriatinjrs" "W w ^ taiMtgf Aala^f n tiw B ^ u kto n aaia T* pnr^ntSis the 

Iff ii Um aa J bw in aiqp aad bbon^d miwcuifca i md hlruivUt, 

iban oflrnd ibnK inawfiiktb cwMai la adsaa ihv r ric^r buzuvt. 



warrant from our Sa\iour for the exeroise of the 
ke^'8."^ However J the commi«i*knien* ftbovo men- 
ttotiL-ti took ujHHi tlivni llic iniiili'lliii^ of thi- reformzu 
Hon, as to all its bratich<-s : bepnuin^ wIlli rlu- 
bishops and (li^i&cd clcrp;y, who vrcvi: deprived by tht-ir 
Ruttiority. Imleed, the bishops wt^a* pcnnittoci to be 
benrd, us to what they could say in defence of the old 
^irltgiou; and a rfttiferencre was held, March 31, mah- 
15^9 : but then the method was juried to be iin- ^^- 
feir. Sir Fmiicis Bucon, a lAy-mau, w^ls to sit in the 
chair os umpire. The articles to be debated were aJso 
chotieti by him» viz, prayer Lu au imkuottTi tonprue, the 
authority of a natioiifil ('hurch m een.'monies,aud wLcThtT 
thi^ uiHAA wuA a (iiopitiatoiy sarrifice, IVii nf ihi-^ie 
int.'* were M^arre a mattc^r of nontest.^ and tht third 
not very proper to be heard, befort- other thuif^fi were 
tret dettrmijK'd, Watson, bishop of Liucohi, and 
White, bishop of Winehtwter, look thi' liberty to declare 
agaiDfit the iiJL-thod cf the eoiifert^nce : for which they both fined and committetj, Thry broke up, he* 
Cftkise"it was beneath their character to go through 
a disputation of thiB kind, where Bacon, a mere lay- 
maiij wai to i>\t as judge/'* 

' CVllfpr, li^ 13-^ fillip commiF^tin n m Burori (li. Rcc 3l^i and U dfUcd 
JancQ'l, }M9. Hj i1, nuy iwti ril' thv twRimisniviim Lkn* ETiipirwcrrd to Ti^itwid 
rcCpna aU mUii^nkl mut i'lJjrr iljiifcltiHf trt vn<|uin' iiilo Lljr ikitlj, Uiinijiiirtiind 

lodoa Afid tl>c<nnpclcnt, lo tnotrlut<' ami mdiiol In v.\c*q\ bc^ncGece^ lo convene 
ijTOdii 10 rsm-irv, b lacl, vwry i^vin vt <7f<0l■rlill^ticlJ jurinilkanitL »^»\ to 
prriom txfwy rpi'^iiial uiul «iiotr([LiljiI fiiiivtxni, uttiti^L Um at urdiriatiiii, mu- 

> l^lo cxjrluiiUon of ihi^ DtHJd trli^owhcrc ray^. Ujat, *^ compamtiTc]^ ipoik' 
imff, tboae maTb^rn i^f diKi^rplm* v«ulrt K^nrct^ bi' rTltinnfti u nitjpct of conlention, 
lift tiaWt whi-n iv^FnJ oimtaJ irtirW nl r^iih Kyn^ lirtl Ut b« iliiruqn^d "■ 

Micvd- I- Frrnn tW mflitnrr. in ivbldi tbi^&iiirirtiimr'r- ii Ititmrlm-f'il. il nnmM 

■ttmtirin tfi iVr* diliv, lic'wi'i I'l'^ wiU i^Tn'v UjhI it lihili ]>]m-i^ fthiiEHr Ihrt^- irirtuibM 

9. Ti vM iliirlTiR ilif >UdiiF{or|«Tl)ninf!m«nndw}il1iLtlicivnqunilJon«i»ftiu! 
KiprmtcT BUd Ac lltiirp wtn? »liH iiinlrr dlM'uioJHH, lltnl ihr tifiJibWwp uf 
Vnrt rrcrAiDd ui onli-r mint ihr uutru lo ukx^l u leHArn iiumbrr uf onthulio 
dTium^ ^hi* *h"n\'\ iir'j't hii ngmil niLtit^JVi uf j'lTirrimTh in tlir piSrifjr iihiir'li Ht 
irnlniiit^icr, *nd iIi<ti< iIIksju ilit Uinc puijiE^ tiicuLiuikrcl ilk iiiL- U^xi. Tlie 
~ rc» mrrc sdccUil 1>y iTtt ij uccn, (rr bj hei coniii.'il . Jtitcgij wu ap* 


T*0* iV FAlGEft — Off DTHEH P^OTCtTifcr > UU|0»*— ** U 01 TT OF Tim 4CT 

— TMt riricT itrHM to Tiit MtmiVEa normiMi^— orr»inhiL rn»- 
— 4)iE i»mJ&» ji HAiLiiiEEi cLr.m*tj — ibe rtiiiiif'ii]!ix 4hii<:lu »ji&it4 

The catholic bishops, having made a fruitlr-^ opposition 
in favour of their reli^on, were soon after put to the 
test of the new oath of Hnpreuiacy. " It was re- 


fu»Of] by all the bi>liop^, excepting Kitchen of l^n- 

lk« (lifpubuii>a 11101114 bt cooJiictni la wriUnj^ thxx l^ T>nKcoAiii|:» on ou^ 
of AflihrMqanticiu Aeald bc<|iaMii h7 ibc caibcittt^ adJ Ibai, «bca iLc*e 
W caqJLvM Ow unounU of ibvit bttief. tUf ■^vmanM i^«M lUlc tMr 
OTTLCioQc in rr]xlT. Oo tfaaajmstod d^tlfcctbunpoaaoC (hr t<ra wtinmri. 
On ODF Hd#,v«vfUig«4lh*biibmBrWiiMtail«r, lja«Iii. J ic^kfirl J, ('■^y*, 
CbwMr. <nih tb* dMton C^la^ Us^piMd, aod CW^lwv ; m the oibf r, 
iStoiy, ibe 4i#]irt<«d lufliof cf CUcbaMn, Cck. Uovn, Avlowf. U hitfUMi. 
Criiiti;!]. r;tM«|,nMl Jtvel. AfUT*c«MdMBar,Col(vo(i thr-fin vf tlw«mlW- 
bi'V -^inmi'iKaJ th« lllMttaiBaa vith an aattitfipsnafou* di^^ntrw, in 4rfbiKV 
ofirkit AncKTLilangQafeagribccbaTvh: hevutbUovad ta Uum^aa 1W oUtKr 
ftt^r. «)ii\fivimaHTitimi|«prr,ruiiitBiDf^ik«ikCt«ari9«raTviMinlarll^ 
.laiLahui il>r bWtiip rUtmnI tbr rifhi nf nph.Aff vtntnld ibu llv othfP 
'I^b^iSmm iBiul W pmic»[iKljr rirTwtnl; vmt. biUi aannlfr topmnwd ta tlv «»- 
' lit at ilhc ni^i inntlD|r, thr mnfrmwc vat af1]oun#d (a tha finllimiiiijf 
. When Maud*; ifnTTil, Uu r'*^''''^ '^ l» M> ilwAvilraiiiM 
Ibrjr vtnr »iMBnLdruitiiiijnLif pcniUis. In cftbeL KB tlinwlan ui 
■nsniEnJiirniK' ^vj fint atlruiiud (v nffy in tfar anruuif itu of tbHt ■d' 
un Uk- prrrcdinit lUj, but rnir uinnikJ: ibc) Itei <lrMir<d ibit die 

Cf nii^ n»iDkrEw« die dbrmdou «f ikc jkud^ (i^tti, liiii vmi* 
»U iLrit n:iiMDtlniKn^ B«Dii« atvacnd b; HaDUiu; k* iW (irdriH 
'Ihccoo&dl^ aud abrn,aL koicUk, br l^iuid tbnn iCBonvd bi abidr bv tbck 



in tbcbduWWhwbmicliibarvdctfmtEd nctenctvd Ibo^oigM of n- 
iiPcuL <4rn ojouuMed l» Utf uwvri oft tbc tiHi>Bii^ Momiaff, tbe outer 
■■X AipauniBtt:i«v«TMa>d.aBd tiou(ii,iiiibd[t ami recManacn^ to pitmnt 
|tt*aii«3iwduJj^«feMtbao«iiint,u>«iliadncMflbauU brja^^ 10 

> IbMiilnm, In lb* ttw«a Ob*, la 1&B eftiai fi« LaAdoQ «toi WevtodbMCTi 
■nd T'f m'*7'* pj -'"'-'—*—- Tt^cbT^iTnimJ OB ibw^liPiniiABCPt 
U-^tbd««Ml«BMc-miiDitir-l^aiBi4l^«tu«ni^Di4^Hac4n*. ^^'bea lb* 
bad nkttA in Ubaun, aud ialimidatioB aaa aa Ijugji pcvaeMiy, 






dafF, whnm Camdfin calls tltc t^nlamity nf his fice."' The 
comniissioners }>rnre<*(led m their deprivation ; niid they 
were accordingly displaced before Deceral>er, 1 539, and 
by ih'ts nifjiiiK iiiiidc (>liiHixi<iEi> Ui l.lie petudly of T.lie 
law : for, rtrfusing the oath tlK- iir*t tmi*; Wiw depriva- 
tion J the tiocond time, wos a premuiiiro, viz. forfuiture 
of goods and chnttcU. and itnpnsoniccnt during the 
king's ple^isun*; th<^ third r(?f(j>^al waji bigh-treason>^ 
Their fete was various, acci)rdingly as they met with 
friends at court. Some lived under strict coiiftnt-ment; 
others were priAoiiera nt larger ; and I Hud that thrtt of 
them vrent abroad, viz, Scot of Wicstpr, Pate of Wor- 
cester, and Goldwell of St, Asaph." It was judjiod & 
necessary piece of uolicyj not to proL'et'd u^ain>^t them 
to the utmost seventies of the act ; which would have 
exai^ratccL n pnrty, whom they cnd<'avourcd to gain 
over to them by milder methodjt. It will not be im- 


linn vinv iIuih iIu'IiiiihU — ttit ]n9liu|t of Liclj^k^til iuil' llinithuinl niiirkri* iif 
If 250f.itr CIh>u-t Ihu IniTtilrvil ritnrL>. ilucU^r ('i^Lr lUe liuiiilrE-rl iimrks 
. .. n«tKtru-U l0^^aiiJiiui:Unt'lu"il4i:> totiy intaka fSirm, .\tiiial, i.HT — 1)fls 
Dururt, iL Itiv, 313 — i*Ij^ — Siiiirli-n<, wliuia ftillowed ly LMuAen ajul UiJlicrf, 
UVDIUJU loi 0>t iiii|>riMiiiEnciil "i W'uKht^^ii'i ujitE Ijiiicolu. \\y u^iii^ Ujut tlicy 
tbvnlisiMil U vic«imi]Uiik-4LU LUfJiWtli ll>^ SVLimi, >l:l<X IVH): fiut t'liKr, ivW 
^rtml> dw wlirjli' pnK^t-iliu^s '**''^ w-mli) re rtniul}' nut liiivr tunilL^it liuA vit- 

3. From (bit account of tlit' ('iiLrc.-rTtK'f% il n tviilciit ihal tiiP worda. ttblcb 
I^kl dtiT« friijn L'oUitr. dn mrt hn«ij:ii llu^ imT ciutv (if iUi jhfupt tcrmiimtiun. 
I UftjBl itrlii tliiat tlirj iirr mmhU Ii> omt4.-> » iriiiiiiiiL|; ilm'rtW t\ir nicr^c (ir^lmt 
CollwJ Jim luitiMlN vX|iri^>»^Ll. }{<■ ui\:i^ ui WL (IiilI Lite |>rdiil('H i(}>jii'iin'J 
** eamdotm ol Uv til t-muf '\ ilmt ihiy rj<ihi|^hl, bv " tnAta|r ud «vni£»L ", u> 
KTCOk tfmfi«olT(« frqiin ttip <lii(^ifL< i4 u ^k'^cul. nriil llurt, anQOii^Bt other " jirtv 
tciicn", pit fiirtartt fnr tJii* ]^urptiiHC', wiix tJiiMiicliifnitycf hiiMii^^a thci^lopcul 
ilineuiBivu uii'Ii-t tlib |frvtiilcni.-v timl 4>ontrat of u l«TUinn, d^llitrV mJ jiMi-r- 
Uuiia UonctDr, it u much ojkpuH«l lo ltcfac1,uf UuddVcrToTieuuiupinion. — 7\^ 

' CaIIwv. ti HI". " Otil»r ono !«il(ir ^""'""ninl himwlf t> the ffucon^ com- 
nandi^iuirl wnn ^■iili»iLi*rl in tiit nliu't, vi/., Atitlkoiiy KtU'hni. iiliiu ihiiKUiif 

bcA MM fftr Ibfiftt aiitt irqnkirf] tiiom lo liikt ln«Uint nu'jk4urf« for ** <>x|niFiiiii|f 
■Jl acUniUUd iDjvnvtiti'Kii irlolnfryof ikv vhun'h nf Kimic ', Me-liUi, in Ujc 
nmiBTif hit hrvthmi, rr^miiHWl Ikt j^r ilir- n'rriii rK>r»iu-il irttion i^f the oouiktry 
Ui lb* ImIt mv' 1>iLl \\ir\ n'|lUl^l Ilml ^/^ i-'mlrmt. wjit uiiTi llic r>rv1 »f hmvi-u. 
nitt Midi thr prijir of Ki^xrir, tlijil n cmMiimr iiimU' liy oru* f-uhiT luicl un jnhtt'tT to 
hlftd Rumbrr in ^iibircllon lo im Eimiipfd nniliiirlt^ ; jviiil tlml »bo miial. feirintT 
nf penun. tfaut »lii]ii]il prrnLiiiir m ilefi'iid tlir imiuliitribllciLnii. jis tliv iri^riiv 
dfOm. btrvrlX, and livr ^uarawia. HhiirtlitL'^kf t}ii.< KoinLbli FuiL^TTl — H(l.-^7j 

' fTkn l%* riiblBlcR. Tlir |j(:imUj, iiuili-r Oji' nri ol' l^^9, huh ili^prWiiLLinL 
ftnd IncitptcUf ciiljr. Sec pK^^t TKl, ihitr, huU', — T.) 

' (A niDft: lunkuluruwuntorUiLM >ubivmiuit imttiiiFiit wHI (>«r foitnrt iir 
tbr lAOKinpliit:^! j>iH nf lLi« work, ^-c qUj Stt>I'c. AiiitRl i. M2 — 1><A, 1>ifi; 
»a4 liapiid, lil, .17H, uotc '— r] 

4R. li-l 


Tu tim lift of the deprived birihops I mi^t join miochcr 
of the inferior clei^y, who willingly underwent tfae lof^s 

UiwUUi! tn Tl Tbr ftllnrr vM iniil H thv rlnrivalion of IIi*iinr Man, w)u> 
Bit lurcfvNlnl )ij TliduTiih SliLiilry, hi llfr Piifl of lAM^ or ihv fvgjiiniiig nf 

TI* dcpnniiion of the Cjiliclii? i^iibofM wut^ of ™uiw, folUwi'd Iit <hc ip- 

CBUamt adH roikmmtnn of ihr nt-w pfdatat. Of Thrir. Dr, MatitiFH I'ar- 
,oaw chnpUii) u> Aiili^c fVilrtii, drill vl^nvnrdb fI^mhi i>f ljiitMlD,1iJid ^Wtih' 
ban *rtfrl»^l in rtll It* i*r <»f t JitiurUiir/. But Ur ttJiJi uMiihihl*' \'f tlir 'lifff- 
cddM <^ ifacCimr; hr inmiiuhUil hU tivin uiLiUJiiitUintH fnr llit irfUcr; iiiiil, 
ktttaaij tXx muDilih. Uii^ ruiitAEli^ iif iliu miLji«tfrT^ mul liii' ivmiiiuiiilib uf ttic 
fMm, WIT lu vBia viDptEiynl. up ili«li! iJjp (xin-njincj nitli vtiti:h It cvfuM^d ui 
■Dirpt iJh.' durvv tButntt. ii. RiVh 330— >')30}. Al Imi^li. liLiWL'wr. hi; mu 
f«luclujitl^ iuilricnl ti' ytflil; mi^i a cijiiuv UVslin- bjiiiiiu Ivra i^^^rd tv thv 
dai^iT, Ihr ilnui, *iLh Toai uf Uk tBiwii^-ttjv ulLici^ td'nin! If illnul-* 
uhnriUr-l i>u tlif tLivL «f AutfiiM, l^k!^ AUil inuijiMouhK l-Uh-Ici! Miie (» Hic 
TKBDt fnmocjr |!4lJ]r|H^a Tvlfr, 31^^:5). On Uil^ iujiJj uf \ht rolliAUkif 
anaiki « ctmrnuHti'ii waa iuuvd C>r hit L-vnenniliou, iL wiu ii(lilrrv> tJ> 
TdmmI, Wiap of Diirlin»«. 1l."irpr of Bnlli itnl WiIK, rimli' -^'f fVU^jl^w- 
Itu^ KiuljCii iif UiULtlLifr. iiiui llt^titavr kiieL Sk^ii^. wl^o h;n\ l<mi ilr^iHi'i?L) 
aaMT Matt, ^nd. in ihc nnlraurtikU nrrc limpl* dL-rn'imiMUi.) 1ie»Em>pi iKjincr. 
%T, All). Of tbrwi TuiiiEaK ilaiimf, and FiKlr appinr to have leUiscA^he 
tfior. Mid ft«n' wiin after 'IrprirccJ, Alout Uif bedc prfiori, tbv hiilHm^ v( 
EuUi ijui £1r tbiittfd n i-iLuiiHT fnU^i Jiad, m liio odwo lyuJ altc««hr bees 

lb Imt iMHnd four bUhopi lo oonBrm tiic dec tion of Uic new bfininte, n^id 
IW drpntwbcm uf lb* »11;olm prtUtn biid li'ft bat onu vitbiu uv bugdoni 
iW cftUiolic Mtd tbe itforfriiid untiiui] hn'i «tiku b«ni abvUsbvd bj pftdk- 
Mnt, acd Ibc Ivitiiliilaru had nuituiit lo nulmtiliiU anolhcr fbnn, undtr 
t4atb be migbt b« oomwBUrd- CectJ oon-hulid L-'nrlier do Ihe Ribjcct, and 
■etitcri rrmi him ifi DTiivtvr, nbicli, licwevtf. UJ't eIiv dlfficulbn untoudwd 
(llljpv'B JVk'f, -K^), The motur nit thi.'Ti mbiDLltp-l tip Ihp cotiKidiTjLlion <tf 
• CKtouji Durulvr «1 L^aiumiHtt i H «>i>i dniiird ttint thi' qiimi, hy virlut* nThi-r 
CdclWinrtiol Kuprmiikfj, wuld uppLj vrory i1«Jkl'I ; »■■!, on tbv <ixtli "t itv 
tmW, JmcffFiv. ft ucond camiaUilaa, dnvQ up in (uui'ijruitl^ nitlj this dc- 
ImUDMion, mfi i«tii^r] hj^ the (timhu. I'hj? pnmin^«ioiim. uuTUod in Ihiv 
itotniiiwiit. •«>*, Kir<luii of I.ltuiiliiff; B*r1™*r, Ibr dqmn'd bkbup df Bnih, 

mI Hixl^Vin^ [VinniTlv NiilTni^n r^ IViIfnrrl. who liit^l birlh Uii inti^nili-El 

hmfilnic to Uir ('fltJinlk^ p^flittftai]; Si-orj ami tUH"i>nln!.', tlif d^pri^nl h^hop* 

of CMtttHif E ind Kffftrr, nfirtv ccitmc«niDDii had htt-rt pi'Ttimnc^ nroanlLiii;^ to 

tW ordlfAl of Kd«iinl A'] ; Jcahn. imlhigaii of Thrtfoni. jituI Patv, T>iAbn[> of 

Owan. in IrtlAml (BpniX, \y ."VW), By mmr tiK^tr* uith wbidi wf iin- (in, 

vi|BijJitnL KiMirii. EIhIc, and iJic ii(inViijf',i]L iif 'nttrifnril <'iMi[iiv4^] li> Ik' rx- 

ruu ; Hsd t^a: dikty lu^ iii|/ diux drvnh n1 uii ilic nmiiiajii): tiiir, Uii:^ (IdhC 

(Drr, tf) (Doftmird tbc dcctiun of tlji' iii-» pfundU-. Hiid tljiii (Di'l'- 17) pro. 

cT«d«l Id nilJwTmir liiu]» hflrr iJit^ ftmu proL-nlNN] iii Xlm rvipx i>S Edwnrd. 

llarr di*^ laUT. I'lirltr. ihia artUbinbop. i.-uiiilniit.-d the ulritjvii of two vS bib 

*«B i^riiwniE'iK nifitottr and Siiirt, mlo tttn- «p|Hiint(.'d Ui Uii' fH'^'^ cf i'lii- 

UmtcT itiicE Uvfcfufd ; ;md ibnt. n'lvi ibdr LLuiiijini'i.-. bJi^tt'iinl b> iiJtitiJiti Aiid 

fw^mitg llir vtrnil uhIieWa hUo bml lictu ftvln:Ui1 U> till ttii^ulbf-t btrvl^jprici- 

&i ikb |irutc:r4lioii id llir primotc atill iiiuLLuta tif hf i »ubjrLt vl'fi'citiP- 

■mj, %\k- n^'ier v\\l r^nL, p^riiaji^, bt di^iilrawd Ui ?«' I>cidil'5 sLiiiiiiiAEt *ff llic 

fcflTdUiCEn ciii^iJuml bj t^Ai piirtt, jn mipimri uf Unit dillVn-ol lic^*. lljvy 

tiU bctmuid iu tbv A^jpcndix, Si\. XLII. — jT/j 



of their dignities atiil revemips. Tlic n^aiW will nuvt 
witli one, at the end of this volume, whereby it vrUl ap- 
pL^iir. ill how rtitferciit ii inamiep tha eboiige was cm- 
bract'd in ibis reigiu lo whut it was in tbe two former 
of Heury Mil, and Edwnrd VL' It oanuot be denie 
but that then? was a surprising t'ompbiiMun-t- iind iJiin 
ness, amoiii? tli«' ecrltsiajitics, nniler th^^t■■ two princr^ 
Tbe gcneralitj- of tht-ra submitt(*d to tlic will of on arbU 
trarj' and tjTannical king : but, as tbey were under a 
coiitirmnl restraint, and tht? ronveni*?iices of life were an 
ovvr-bidiiiiire to futurity, it was ralher a eorruption in 
murtds, llimi an t-rrtir in fiiitli, ibat OL'C";t*iniiwl tbrir 
defection. That this wa» their caM.-, apjjears from seve- 
ral circuuistantcs, which attended the* change, viz, the 
ujuvillin^iea^ they showed in complying ; the ambiguous 
title of head of the church ; the fq)eedy return of most 
of tJie bi&h[>i>^ in t!ie siicceedhig reigji nf Kdwaid VI,; 
while tht^ infrridr clergy, ftir thr Eiiust part, wcrr viCBn 
of Bray, conforming more for bread, than out of prin- 
riplc. But what chiefly demonstrated tlie dii^poE^ition 
of the nation, wae the general profeKf^ioii of the catholic 
religion, when queen Mary ascended the throne. There 
was, indeed, an mecnisiderablt^ timiiber of tli*? reformer!*, 
who diKsenti-d during her reign, and, g<»ing abroad, 
settled at Strosburg, Frankfort, Geneva, Zurich, Kc. 
But then, as to the number of those that opposed the 
refonnalion, the tirnt of queen Klizabcthj according to 
tht' calculation of Caiadcu and Hcylin, there were four- 
teen bishops, twflve deans, twelve aiehdeaerms, six 
abbotf^ and abbcwscs, fifteen heads of houses of the uni- 
versities, fifty prebendaries, and eighty rectors;"'' which, 
tbey eay, was a very small number, when compared with 
tbe whole body of eeelesiastics, *' But then, we are to 
know withal, that many who were cordially affected to 
the interest of the church of Ilomc, dispensed with tlirm- 
8olvc£ in these outward confonnities, wliich some of 

trtnty ilnclon m hcvfrul rJU'iiUii-ii." Hi- Eilfiii ('i>iit|iiUrN; On^ Jiir^i'lncoD* pII 




MB are saici to do, upon a hope of eeeiuj; the like re- 
ilution by tlie death of the quenii, as Itail b^^fore 
Lp|)ene«] by the iJi-jilh (»rkiiig Kawan!/*^ And "itwiw 
jKrotigly believed, that the jTrenteiGt part eomplied a^aliiAt 
rir consciences, ftrnl would have* ht^tu rciitJy for aat>th(^^ 
xaniy if the qut-t-u had did while that rncc of incum- 
beiit^ lircd-'*^ It is uot to be? doubtudt but that the re- 
fonnatioii, srt on foot by c|jeezi lili/afu.'thj was r*>]itrAry 
to the inclinations of alUlLegnveriLing part of tlti^ clergy, 
or, at leasts of a great majority ; and thiil they prole^^ttd 
jgomst it. The bi^op^ were idl deprived, and impri- 
B>Ded, on that aec-ount. The convocation met, a« the 
n!^der has >^'t'ii, and sub^Tibt'd to a profession of fidtli, 
dircrily ccwitrary to the refornird dortrine. C»reaL 
iHimberA of the most eminent clersrj'mpti went abrorul ; 
ind there was ocnree nny nniversity, eithfr in Flanders* 
France, or Italy, but one or niuve nufzht be found in 
them, l*esidwt othen*, that were entertained a» profej^sore 
«f divinilv iM f<»n'i^Ti (niuiii^ftTies, A great inany^ in- 
ifccd» still r<!nmiritd in Knglamlf and conformed for 
&vrhik\ ID hopes that the queen wonld relent, and thin^ 
come about ntrain. But their hopes vAniKhinC' they for- 
sook their benetiees, and followed their CLiuntry men over 
seas. There wa.^ not a provitiee tliron^h nil Kn^luml, 
where several of inin-n Mnry'** eh'rK:y did not rrsidt.-, and 
were commonly wilU-d the old priests. They served an 
chaplains in privnn* famihcs. Their names and places 
of rertidenee I have frequently met witli, in the manu- 
script)^ I perused in composinf^this work- Airuin, several 
ealholii? elergymen fotind hui<h friends, :ls 1o he per- 
mitt«<l to enjny sineirure:*, without being disUirbea by 
Otttha and otht-r iujiinctioiLS. 

ThU nou-comptiariee of to many of the clcr^ left tho 
irformers improvided with teachers, and persons proper 
for that funetioti: lu so much that Collier says, "that, 
apoii the ratholif^ clergy throwing up their preferment, 
itfae necessities of the church required the admitting of 

ifcrSn, wr. 

■ Bdknnl, 1 791. 



[tM»r IT. 

some toechanica into orders/*' The strcnffth of the 
party* that opposed tlie refbrmation, tippear< ^till more 
froDi ihtf ULomuiit which the prolt*-atimt writer* give of 
tho desertion, tliat hjijipciu'd lu uiir utiiviTHitiex, ntid 
Anarcity of peraons sumarntly qualified to instruct the 
people. " It muflt be knomi/' saith Anthony Wood, 
" that, in the be^nniug of the rei^ of (juplhi Elizabeth, 
the university of" Oxford was so empty, affer the ealfao- 
lie^ had left it, upon the altemlioii of religinri, thai thero 
wiL* very seldom it sermon preatrln^i in the «niven*ity 
church c!nUud St- Mm\" And, in ouother phtcc, he 
addd. " there was not oue then [nu. 1561] in that so- 
ciety [of Mertou collef^e], that could^ or would, preach _ 
any public sermon in the eolk-^- turn; sueh was thef 
scarcity of thp-ologisls, not only in thnt hoiiiio, but gene- 
rally throughout the university."^ The samp Oxford, 
historian also ^:ivc9 us BC^'cml ptirticulars of this grandj 
di.*feetion. He nameK twenty-two persons of note, 
ejec'tLtl oul of Nl'w college oiiiy ; wvirnoulofSt- Johu'l 
college ; and great numbers out of tlie colleges of St^l 
Mary Mogdiden. Lincolu. and Trinity; so that the nm- 
vtrr^Jty seemed to be entirely destroyed. He tells uft, 
moreover, tJiat the persons left wer« few, and so illite^ 
rate, that an order eame out far every one to eon over^ 
tln^ bibU\ and le^^Mjus, bein^ uruible to read i hem dis- 
tinctly otherwise : that a like order eame out for liberty 
to make use of the TOmmon-prayer in the Latin tongtie, 
there bein(f some danger of losing that lan^mi^c in the 
uniTersily: and that Thomas t^ainpoii, and Dr. Hum- 
phrey, and perlmpfi a third, named Andrew King^millf 
were the only persons that eould preach with any rei>u- 
tation. Now these pn^achers bein^ nil puritans, theJ5 
'filled the university with Colviniscieal notices.'* T 


■doptBd iti (rt|i«r>i|iiMiKv Elf iliih ili-fivtWi. \i ^m proisohril. in mnna mbtviun, ta 

< Wooit AlJiru, (UuiL i un. Iil>. 

■ Ami'], Otlihi. 2H.'l, ^41, -JMA. MIp add*, Um, aSttf SMnEMOB<i <_ _ 
HmTi|i1in7 wot froLiHiitlj utwiil, lliatBonnoni uf riir nrorfriJiottlnM Irf^^ i 




draul&te couilitjon of Oxron] ii;, in lik4- manner, taken 
Qoticc itf by Jfiwcl, Pjtrkcr, and others- " Our univer- 
sitica," saith JrwTl, "arc in n mo&t lamentable condi- 
tion : • • • there arc not above two in Oxford of our 
»entimentA."* Arclibishop Parker tells the qo£!en, ''there 
were turf two oitii uWf or witling fu n'jid iht* kdy Mar- 
garet s IcctiirL-; ami, lliou^h they had ii grritt maiiy 
prrachcr^, yet bft was nfraiH severs] of them were but 
slenderly furnished for that employment/"' !t nppears 
from iheae accomitft, that, whatever the^e might be a-s 
tQ the number in the whole, most of the eler^ of eha- 
raeter, «[*)« aceount cil1>t-r iif morals or of learnings 
iUkhI 6rm in the iNrlief nf thf* old rrltETion.' 
Bat, to leave this point«aj« bcin^c Huflicicntly attested, 
vrill proceed, a!id let the reader kntjw in what manner 
tlie e]jj>^e(>pal spps were reformed, upon the ejeefion of 
tJie old ineumbentA- There ia no need to ohiten'e, that 
liberty aiift griiii wire iinf the leju^f ihinpt, Tht^ refftrTTi- 
ers hati in view. The latter appcnred visibly upon the 
present occofiiou. Those, that have computed the time 
from the deprivation of the old bishops, till the admis- 
sion of the new, have informed uk, that the inlervril was 
a plejitiful Iwuvt-*! for phindfriiig tiie ehureh. For, hy 
iif* f>pportunity, tlnf tpirrn and her iniinn^rB kept thtr 
venues in their hand^ some a year, some a year and 
\ and ftomc almost two ycare. The pretence wa**» 
queen had beeti empowered, by act of parliament, 
to exchange se\'er:J ]*arsonap:es impropriate for msuion* 
beloii^ng to the epiHeiijml sees;' by which meatiH, she 

CQD<toUlJ^ rJtUimd, uiJ llinL LiJi unv 4c^wun< no pnvrbvr niihkjD|r Li* Appra^ 
anccvRuuiil Tuvfrmi-i. dicUi-li hlii^rilT nf iJic lOiiiUy. drcom-Uil in thr ouufiVA 

Aoicc in a difO'DTw, nhk Ji (hurt rnninciicra. " Airiviuj; ul thr inmint nf Ht. 
VvT'fvin t^t ?<U»iij *tiii,T {Iho |ii]I|H< n:i4 of nt^firlt nlw-fr I wry &Uni|, [ ttaTO 
bruBiM fixi K^iTniT laiLuit^, Ttitki'iJ i^i ifir «i*l:u <if t'luirly, umx/LiUjr vintftr^'cd for 
UrflikloitrLa of \hr cburvi, tiu^ hiqirn>hh uflhi; ipHtfUiid Iho fthocl vWJowa of 
•d«»«ft." Ibid. 7"0 

^ (Apa'l Cotlirr.ii. i^'i. J>-wpr» Irlur, fiuvmrr, ii iwtpd UiLjr ^ 14A0, 
xvnv VN«lJn brGii(ir i\w Uriimutitin or (feuoiuI «f lh*i ciilholio intmwn. — 7"- J 

' {Vat oji UaUi(l^« uf ilic utiftiltLEipncfffc, wiUi nbfcb ll>o pconle p^nffmllj fin- 
■ Ibv new docinnvis. i3» a Ictlit in the Apmadu, No, XLVI.— 7"! 
9UIL of llcQbti, iv AHl ; (.44li<^ i>. 4Ji, 4^. 


drew great advaikta^es from the e<)iiivftlent, which w 
not SCI nioely proportioiietl, bnt thv diiiroh bex^-^me 
confiidcn'Hblc loarr l>y the fxfhange : and thr whole affair 
being diicfly by the oiaiiagtmrnt of Itiy-couiinUr^ioncrfi, 
they did nol forget themsclvcfi ui>on so favourable an 
occasion. " If this Uiiage had been practised iipou ttie 
qutfeu's wanl.K a*^ tliey fell : had tliere hf^eii a bill broii^hi 
ill, to give the crown imvst of tljf manors of the teni)K)nil 
lorda, when they happened to die, mid k-ave tbeir heir 
a minor ; had t^ueh a bill bei^u brought Ju, we UL-ed not 
question its liuvitif^ been thrown cHit at the iin^t reading;* 
For why should u iniiior be ousted of his inheritance, 
without any faults of Ins am^i^stors, or l»is own? If, 
when he sued ont hia livcryj the beet part of his estate 
bad been tletaineri ; if lie harl been foreed u]H>n on un- 
equivalent exchange, and had nothing but a poor re 
mainder of his birth-right left him ; had thii« been tl 
jHiint, the (jnestion is. whether he wouldnntlmvc^ though 
the crown had over-rated the troublf^ of lieing a gnar 
dian, and taken loo mncli for protection ? To tell hi 
his estate is legally conveyed away, and his right Trans-^ 
ftrred by act of iwrlianient, wonid scarcely nuike him 
easy. Such an answer ji^ve-s little relief. It only eliucbeft 
the nLiKfortuiir^f aTid lenv&s the man without remedy. 
And therefore, peradventure, his thoughts mi^ht be so 
nnjtinous, as to fancy he had hard measure. * • • As tofl 
the parallel, I shall ouiy obsen e that the patrimony of the" 
church is settled upon suecessiou^ and hni* the force of 
the Ntrunp:ei«t entail. Not to menlion that the lioly re*^ 
yenucA were given, to maintain the honour and interest" 
of religion, and are vested, as it were, in the diviuc 
majesty. To which may be added, that the queen had 
lately sworn to maintain the rights of the ehureb, a^_ 
her coronation. It mfty be observed farther, tliat on^f 
rcjnarkahle eonsidenilion for granting the monasteries 
to king Henry VUL was not thought neceffwry to thia^ 
bill. For the 31»t of Henry VHI, c. 13, fict^ forth it^ 
the preamble, that the religious liou^^es had been freely 
surrendered into the king's hand>i<, without any manner 
of force, coaction, or compulsion. But here no such 


kIT. IL] 



itary »urr«idt'r is allv^cc]. On ibp contran% the 
jishops declared their di&likc of such an exchange, n*- 
lonstrated loudly against the bill, mid charged the 
lienatioti with no lesw than sacrilege."* 
Tills pillagmg of hishopricii was a iini^luiig wtrnke, 
Ijmii nmch occasion, we ainy ohserve huw grmliifilly 
i€ reformers proccccJed, iu their uttacka JigiiiuE^t the 
Skiinrh vi Roino, und, 111 iiuiny respects, iij^nint^t reliction 
general. Henry VIH. (vvhobL'^jui the attack with ru- 
rinng the old controvorsy between En[<lEiDd mul Rome, 
)ncennng appcaN in matters of rli.seijdine} lays chhn 
to ail imle[icjuieacy, even iu n\attei:s of faith: and the 
Bee of Komc is deprived of ftll thoae perquisites and 
ullowanoe*!, which were jiidfferi eoiiventent towards siip- 
|v>ning tbt^ iligniry of him, who was ?niprcnic pastor of 
God'* rhurch, viz, annates, pi^vr-pencr, antl other Ix-no- 
volencts, which the monaroh« of Rnghmfl had ercr 
bestowed upon the holy see, for the pui-poae uicntionci). 
Then, baxnng banished the pope's aiithority, he fidU 
upon his opm clergy at home, and declares himself to be 
the fountain of all their power and jnris<iiet'uin, lioth 
temporal and spiritual; and that nW thr-ir »ynodical 
sanctions and decrees, concin-ninff errors, abuses. &c.. 
Were void, and of no aeeount, without his cnncnrrcnce 
and approl^ation. By this step, the ehureh was swal- 
lowed up in the state, and the whole aJfair of religion 
jibti'i'd njinn the nante fnof with ruiilt'. iiial iiianiifarturi^K, 
Aftcn,var(L^> by seizure ot the iibbty-lanti;*, impropriated 
tithes, collceea, hospitals, chapels. &c,. he drove his sup- 
posed enemies from their ene.impmctit, and deprived 
them of sub*islerw.e. Edward VI. still made farther 
kances- Be*iides eompleting the work his father 
left nniinishedT as to the sei/.tne nf colleges, bos- 
itals, &c., he strips all thf^ CJithetlral.-* and parochial 
lurches of their plate, and rich ornaments ; orders n 
lew litanry> and new ariieles of religion to be drawn up, 
ihieh wa^ never beard of or pni!;tised in the nation; 
id, (hal the (-Icrg)" might be rendered incapable of ob- 

< (-olljrr ,11. 430, 4^«. 437, 




stmctiiiff the designs uf llie rniirtj as bis fathtT hi 
depriven tliebisht>ps of iheir |K)wer, so he enslaves their 
persons, and obliges them to hold tlicir sees, only gttnin^^ 
i/iu «f' brnr gt'^erinf. And now, lastly, queen Eliza^^ 
beth puivuo*! thi« uoblo scheme of reformiug, by depriv- ~ 
iug the bif^hoprics of iniiuy of their fairL*st manors, i]|K»ii 
the prt'tencfi of allowing an eqnivaleiit out of impropri- 
ated tithes; a method both then, and ever since, com- 
plained of by their own clergy. For, besides the ancient 
claim the chyrch had to tithes, "the miRchief that has 
acrnied to the church of Englaud hy appropriJilions, 
and the scanrlitl (aays Or. Nicholson) of our rehjrrnation 
in continuitif^ the sacrilege by our many impropriated 
titbet^ntthis flay, iww ell Irerttod of byWillium Kennet^ond 
several other learned writers of the protectant party/'" 
I cannot tell whether the j>upremc yovernins party, from 
1641 to IfifiO, may be biiTioiired with die title of ms 
formcn*. If so, they bnialied Henry Vlll/s project very 
completely, by seizing the laude belonging to bishops, 
deatif?, chapters, &e., and might have elinched the whole 
affiiir of reforming^ if, in imitation of their brethren, in 
llothind and other places, they had striiipetl the jwru- 
chial dcTgy of all their tithes, mid only allowed them a 
ftnbBisteuee, by way of contribution. This would liavc 
been an effectu?d way of taming the eceleaiastical body, 
made them wholly dependent, mid Ku^ceptible of any 
impre^^ion. It would then he \i\ their choice, either to 
starve, or to embrace any cived, whicli the civil ]M)wrr 
woulH be pleiiMcd to impose upon them. I may, perhap8» 
mistake the iDtcnticn of the lay-reformers s but 1 am 
ronfidenl, I Imvt- not misreported matter of fact, 1 
have oidy rpitoiniKcd the account ^iven by their own 
antlior.4 ; and leave the reader to jndge, whether the 
comment be j^uitable to their intentions,^ 

Antir|iiHi'"< H^a). ftnil Kir H. SjidTviaTi's Uiiw rn-Eilitw, " Dv mm icmcnuidi* 

• [H-siilifi \\x iwo niU fur tu'biii^-iiiK bUUops' tjuirU. niiil rosUnftir ip tlw 
PTiwH thfl U'liOis anil fuftl fmil» mminlcK'J I7 Mnrj-, 11 tlnwK fur con^iyiiiu; t> 
THf qnwn all \\»- l*'"l* a*iJ p*imw?i,-ji» of dn^ nliuioii* lifiiiKi'* fouutUd'by b40* 

Jktl^ J J.] 



hrr f 


The Qxtccn haritig cftiricci things on thus far, the ca- 
lics b^an to think their cftnae wo« irretrievable, 
awvvur, some encl*MVoiirs were innrle l>y the see af 
line, t<> he nion- SifLlnfii-d <»f tlit* tnnh of those reports, 
hirh were daily hmught fruin En^hutd. At Ivast, hU 
oliiic^ as tho comuitin fnthcr of the church, thought it 
his duty to give hw majesty a proper ndmonition. He, 
who then tat in St, Peter's chair, wna Pint* IV., a prelate 
of grisit worihj and one who was tiatumlly disposed lo 
obh§;e her inajesiy. sis well as ihf. vvfioli- ETi^Hsh ii;itioti. 
Wherefore, about May I5ft0, he srnt his nuncio lu i^j^j 
fiir OS Flanders, with orders to pn»s over into Kng- m*t 
Iftud, Olid exhort the qiiL^eu to return hack into the 
boeom of the Catholic church. And, the more to eu- 
her, the person sent was Vineentins Paqmlia, one 
c had formerly been ae<)uainted nith xu Etii^land, in 
rr »i9tcrs rrien* This de^i^i hciu^ imported to the 
tieen and coimcil, they entered into u consultation 
lit it, whether it would be proper to Eidmit of the 
%\\ ; and the nejonive bcinif rc^olvt^d upou, the ntmeio 
occt^dE'd no faither than O^diiis. Ileyliu and Burnet 
po»iti>x(b\it without mentioning the channel of their 
teJIi^nec) that Pfirp^lia hud in c(jminii**ion to assure 
e queen, that liis hohue^ would eontirm tbo cuinnion- 
yer book, allow of couimuition in both kiniW, and 
•Ian* l)er U^iliimiey, in cjisc she would reliLX as to 
cr prcten5]cn5. Rut Cauiden, better iufornied, tells 
, this was only a report spread among the people.^ In 
the year \'A>\, the said pope Pius l\\ '* renewed 
his attempt to K^'" the queen, gave her an invita- 
tion> with other Pnites^tiint [Hrinees, to the comicil of 
rent, and di>patehed idibol Martiiipngo intit England, 
ilh letters of a very smooth contents. Auiongtitother 
thingfi, he acquainted her, that, if she would please to 
d cither hishops^ or ambaf^sadorB to the council, ho 

In, ^i Burntl, U, 3»T; Cfund. 73, 73 ; Stiypir, Aitrml. l. ^T, 23^ 
^WUKit iJuJ» tJial tLi? iLMj- rif'in iimitiir tu tit? at u liW 
iaUirApiKiiilix, NV'XtAlL— TO 

•T rv. B 



t48 ELl'/./iBhlTH- [jtAtiT 

dill not question giving thmi such »LtiftfFu?tiait ox nii^ht 
opcm the Tray to a farthi^r accoumiodation," But this 
mesecDgcr alflo vva^ refused entrance' 

All bopei^, tbvrefoiT»of all accoiDmodation bein^r pre- 
cluded, several of the reformers, in imitation of tbdr 
jir^'^Iwt^ssors iti IM^vard VI.V reign, Wgnii to ilcmon- 
stniU' thfir zeal ag»iiL'<t tiie jwor remaiiw of th*^ old; 
religion, in a very irreligioita and luihumaii nianticr, 
" They defalked fill such imaj^i-s of Christ and hi« 
cmosl1««, all piuntin^^ ivliich rt.-urL'Kfntt-d any history 
oi the holy bihlp, as thi-)' flviina in any witidovrs t^'M 
their churches i>r chaptOs. They prorredcd also to 
the breaking dowa of all coats of arms, to thr tcer- 
inj^olf of all the bra^i^eH on the tombs and monumentfi 
of the dead» in which the ti^res of tliemtielvea, their 
wive,< or children, Uieir ancestors, or tlieir anus, had 
bcH-n reserved to posterity. And bein^ given to un- 
derstand, that bdls had been baptized in the times 
of Popery, and tlial even the churches themselves 
had been abuM^d to superstition and idolatry, their z^ 
transported tbrm in Jinc to sell the belU, to lorn 
the steepips into dovceotea, and to rob the rhnrctit^ 
of those abcrtsof luud. with which they were covered/'' 
1560 '^^^ ^'■"*"t ^ proclumation soon after came out, to 
S"fT, put a stop to these mobbish doin^ : neither is it 
like^ood n-avDiiinp;, to cb«rg'e iiny church, or ^o- 
venimcnt, with such kind of proceedings- Bnt, when 
personn of the first tigiu'c and chantcter mingle tliera- 
eelves with the crowd, when bishops, deans, &c., are 
found to be deeply concerned, the reformation wants an 
eloquent apologist to wipe off tlic aApersion, and recon- 
riie flueb instances* of zeat with tlie »|)irit of religion, 
licsidea. I dout find, but that tlie c[ucen wa» of a 
different opinion from her btshopF and elerpry, as well in 
these pilla^iii^, as in oilier points ivlatiuR to doctrine 
and discipline ; whereof 1 might product- several in- 

' Coni«.it-4T^; PinJSiiyirt-, AnnuT i I Cj. S.v \jk|F(n,lU, No XJA'III 




kltatire«, Particularlvj "h hrr priratL* cLajwl, ** the ultar 
[wttsj famished witji rich plate, two fair gilt randle* 
Itickswith tapcm m them, atKlama^i^y cruritix ofnlvrr 
b themic)^ thereof: which Iii^t remained there for some 
yparp, till it was broken in pieces by Pfltdi, the fool (no 
wis^r man (liLnujC to uwU-rtakc svuh u dt?*|»cratt' *irr\-ice) , 
*l the solicitation of Sir Fmntni^ Kiiolle^, th« r^ncen's 
near kinsman by the (.*arj""s," Agnin, " when onr of ]icr 
chaptaittb (^Vltxandcr NowcU dean of St. Faid's) had 
Fpoke lets reverently, in a sermon preached before her, 
flf the siifo of the cross, she called aloud to him from 
ler clo^4;L windiivi', nnDnuLiuliiig liiiiL tu reljrt! from ilml 
idlydigrc««ion, nnd to n-tnni unto lu» text."' Upun 
'end other occastonfi she showed '*»he had honour- 
dc tientimont*^ of the use of the cross, of the blei^sed 
I, and otb<?r saints; aud never mentioned them 
;itbout rctfard, and reverence/"^ In tine, she was so 
^fixed in this jiradire, Uiiit nil Paikera ''learning and 
zetiX conid not persuade her to pwrt with the crwcihx and 
lighted tapers in hrr own closet. She thought, 'tis likely, 
ml tbe ar^uiuf; a;caiiij-t iIil* use, from the abuse, wn» 
lort of uu exact reasoning."* But then, uk to another 
lint of discipline, whliJi regarded her clergj', she 
lad no opinion either of their method, or rondnct. 
ibe did not well approve of murried bialiopa, and was 
■fiir from bein^ ple:ised ^sith the behaviour of her new 
clergy; which f-he siffnitiL'd, when,ni the year I56l,»he 
went a progretis into Essex and Suffolk. '* It ^^eenis (he 
fipirc and behaviour of the cler^' did not pleasr her : 
■he did not find them everywhorc so conformable in 

Keir habit, so perfect in their office, nor so discreet in 
eir management, as she expected. She was particu- 
rly disconcerted, at seeing tbeir wives in cathe- ^t^,^^ 
AtvIt^ and eoIh-^'-s, She issued out an (jnler, lliere- avo. 
fmr«, to forbid ail hcadfi^ and members of any college, **' 
or catbrdi*al churrh. within the n*nlm, having their 
wive?, or any other woiaan within the precinct of sneh 
places. The penalty was forfeiting all ecclesiasticid pru- 

U^fcrt, 900, 

• tnii^r.a4i% 

CuUitfT. \l 43a. 



[PA«T n-_ 

inotioDS bclon^$^ to any cuthc-dral, or collejpate churcb. 
Secretary Cecil «imt tbis unacceptable order to arcb- 
l>i shop Parker Aiitl, K> E^xplaiii liims<*lf t\w better to 
Parker's satUfantloii, be toki him, io a letter, that the 
queen fttood atroiigly difiaffiectpd to matriinoiiy in thi 
clerj^y : tbat> bad it not been for Homcthin^ of cnrriag6' 
and dexterity m liimstlf, she bad nbt^olutely forbiddeo^ 
churcbmcii tliat state: that be was glitd to compoui 
with her inajeslVt and propose this expedient, to prevent 
bPT goin^ farther/' Parkrr,a» it apprarK by his ariMvirr 
to Cecil, was not able to diprcst this regulation. It wir- 
prised him so much, that " it is plain, the archbishop 
was apprehensive, the queen had ?ome intenlionB of re- 
turning popery upon them," He partieularly took nolief 
to Cw'il, tliRt hv uiKhTslJKjd, she hnd Ibrciiteiiwl itie 
clergy ^itli other injunrtion?^. no less detrinicntui tn the 
cause of the refonaation ; but she would tind a strong 
party, thnl would opi>ose her. As for his own particular, 
he said, he hod created himself enemies on all aides ; he 
was at a ^taiid, how to proceed^ and wished himself out 
of the world. ^ 

The reformation bring advanced thus for, the mana- 
gers wereatill at a loss, upon two aceount3. The acts 
already pasBcd hadfluffiriently incapacitated those of the 
old relierion : but stiti a remedy was wanting, to unite 
the retiirmers amoiiifst theruselves, and to protect this 
new church agiunst the clamuurs of a turbulent party, 
who pushed at a farther reformation. The bible aloue 

■ CvTfitrJi, 472.473, [Stryiff's Parkrr, TOO— lOfii, In i-uiirirtioM nilli Ihp 
wtijri;! i"f Rli Willi: ill"* iivi*r»inii l-t n uiiuiicj I'lergy, *it J^Jiij Udj^hcUha, who 

bWiiJi^ (CirXri) liiwtinUiL'd DLi| Ilia uuurijinu. j tt i|U«ii lilliiufclitlli wifuM iii>( difc 
aeinbli: Wr iluliLt^of it , fur, wlicnuH it plirAMtl btioflfit tu iviul- to bi^liui^Mc. io 
i^iCM^t uf \}vr fuTinir b> liiui LIi^lI Larl Ik.tii htt maOifib v\tiiji\taii. 1>?mir im« 
almic tlic rpt jjiiHllv fcH-LiiL nl Iht jnniiHK fTviii litJioc. tlir urtljbi'i^ijp nad 
hU nifL^ hcifiu; Uit;tUicr, *lic icttfc him >iTy hi^ci^nl thuulb, wilii i^mtriniiH 411^ 
In>noum}flc tcnnKAiid Oim lA«kin|r on iijviijr, * iitidjuu,' miHv »!ic— ^ -Vm^M 
I lany not cdl jnu, jsnd jl/ufrru 1 niu a^liAtrii:c] I0 i:aJ1 tou ^ so 1 knon ool 
wlittt to mil rtiu,— but Yct I (hi ibiiiik *«u*'^ [Niit-ir Antiiiuu;, if lit), Aa Ike 
Mtbjrt-l mnj ht: intcr^Htiiiu tv ihi\tnx, w]l<i iiri' Hrrimt^inhd to i^^iiiIoniA the cp&- 
I14CJ ol" thc^ calbuliii L'Eciu^, I irjll nilnu^ii Rfi^tLrtli^H inju notion, tik|,-<llh^r mik] 
ft Ictlfr fniin ui Jnlm Xlaion in Cwif, wiiticii only lin> diiyn luttT. Tln?y witil 

bv fouud in Ibo Appendix, Xo. XL1X.— T] 

< tif . ill 


did not nnswcr thtir niclri in procurmff an unity; „ 

every man \ytLA at liberty to give it a turn in ftvour of 
bias own humour aud nhimsie^, and eeveral divinpii of 
6intre, who had been documented at Cleneva, in Kdward 
Vl/s reign, ibuly <>i}iihiteil riiuijiLiinlii HgHiiuHt tht^ir 
ceremouieii aiid ehurrh economy. Tn ^lard thera- 
idves a^Ui^C luconvcniciice!*. it v^il» thought proper 
to have eertAin artieivs drawn up, to he a stoiKlurd of 
iloctriue ; and that all pcr^nt^^ who enjoyed Lcck*&iafl- 
lica] prcffniivut^ should be obUged to bubscribe and 
assent to T,l*fm, Several Injutiet.i<iiih were likewise piih- 
liabed relating to ceremonifs and outwjird prnetice*. 
To this purpose, a cuuvoratiou mit at St. Paid*3» Loudon, 
January 1:2, 15^. wh«'U the famous thiriy*nine arrieleif 
wtr4? proiHJS4*d aud sipprovx^d of> They wert' published, 
sayw Ilcylia, parily Imit the refciniien; mi^bl "have a 
I'ODJitant rule among themselves, by which all private 
pen^>ns were to frame thtar judgment/'^ ITiis convoca- 

Ac nme ortitlw *bicli had tccn drawn up. in lie reitfn of lidwaH V|, Til* 
H-tannbons, ui 1 hHTvaltTfiilj itjtrmntcd. null he Kfn in ]5uiuit (Ji.Jtoc. I1N>— 

IbiBir mcmbrTK of ttjc twii bottftcn are t>riiitc^l hj hirrw (.itiniil. L 427, 
Pulkr, vbn bfincktiy lUlcn batb the n»turo anil ilhc oVjcct of the alkim- 
lk« nrMi (vdr.bA^ left mnn femuALnfikrlicbof tlir A<ci>iitniorlniln(( prin- 
ciple of iKc tii^liBlk Rfonucn. '' Some". Lc 9ut». ** Lu^v unjit^tl^ t<i3LC<l tbo 
c mU Kifl t T ^ taf loo muoti fuvmir, cMlriiili^^i in dulr Inrn-v ixprcviiniifu dr^iti 
■kroufch tbc OiiU'xinii^ of Ulchl.- nilii'IcH » • • ■ • CbiUrfii'i 

lip to their f{M>B£3itiL Thus Lite 4rtii?1c4 of llijn Kofifliflj pn>lfaUiDt cljun'b, 
dm mfimejr iliErKif, titcy ihou^lit ji^wd U dmw up in ^cneml U^rtn*. lorrHi*- 
t pntpriEj ffiultl i;riiw up. In (ii) t\n' minf' I ini^ntj, ilv.'<H.' \vi\y inrii 
kdrallj nmlLtcim-T tliitt ilLHtwdLTJi in jiiiltfriiuntH wouM iLhA^oldj^Mf 
ppdi ill tbecnureh. kml t/vn lollj 14> unrrUurvh niky, jind drive thLrm otf from 
A«lnlwtH«] cynnniumon^ l>ir fuch p«UT iJifTciriLfo^ : wbich mnijt thrta p«ii 
(Im in oomprvhmqvT wnnl^ In Inlti- in nll.u^m^rlilTiTiiif.'tii iltp T»niitrm-«« 
Ite Ndl, V lh(> t«in«r rrliirimi" (1, iX. 7^J). Thik, bciurvir, whk Imt nil. 

[bl Aflort! nn mvlnai; it'tKnt. Uut ui^b olUcrt u iliftVrcitl pn'K.'f?** vm Iji ho 

BrfviTtijiti^li ; Hhil il]r> mrn^ vrlm IlhiI Jt-nmrnii-r!, iiml, [M^rh^Litx, iikIiiivjI^ ihp 
ifltaHt nf Thr 1^14 n't>rn. wKtr nirw iIlc fi:irMiiN4it Tj> |inii-l>iiiTL Uml fi-ry InUil*'- 
itiiv, wlj^^li, Tfth*-!! iiin-cii-fl ftp*^Ti>'i rlinriwivfji, ilir]* Timl »^ l^njilly mil no 
i)4lir ffliulannril. Siiyjir luu puMi:ibMl u pnprr. I'LirircU'c], if lui wriiu^n. Iif 
ibtehii|i l^rlrT. 1l ombiiuK n vimmnry r)f llic ii:»lli:rK tn 1if ilimuv^ni in 
jifwenl wtuvrt"jni<ni r atiil, liHvinif >i|jn«l t^iil. " rpiijiiti /mirli* art Ui Im 
n foith >imI juilJuirijtiilt OJt i^MiUuuiiiR Iriii^ ilcK'lrlttii ^\ imnmiitwiy pTixa^i^h 



[PJ>T IV. 



tion al^o took into conaiilcrfition the pn-sciit di^ipliue 
of their church ; wherein they not onlj' uwl with op)>o- 
silion from some of the mem^HTs, but wert* alarmed with 
A {petition from the obovemeiitionwi Puritanical party. 
The ]ietiriiHi was handed hy iin les<% a man ttian Dr. 
Nowtl. dwin of St. l*nurs, and prolocutor, who also 
voted to have th;; t^oiittnts complied with, Thefte gen* 
ticmen, it 6ci!td>4, di>»in^d to be hi>ard for a farther reform 
inattOE; and ]>articu]arly insisted, thiit sovt^ral prartic** 
and rereiuiniie^ might l>e nholislied^ which (hirkeord the 
light of the sosprl, namely, hapli^m hy women* the 
croA9 in haptt^m, kneeling at comninnion, festival!! in 
honour of »aint^, copes, 9iir]iUces,e:owiis, capfl, S:c,^ The 
personftj who afterward* iiiood np for these amend- 
irieniK, were ehiefly Purkhurwt, lji*ho]>nf NorwlHi, ■ 
Pilkiiip:tun. bishop nf Durham, Sjimjison, <lcan off 
Christ -church. Nowt^l, dean of St, Paul's* Whittinirham, 
dean of Durham, Humphreys, prei^ident of Magdalen 
Colleen, and John Foxe, with n fireat many more of the 
inferior elerpy. They were supported by the queeiis 
(£;rimt fuvuurite, the earl of Leicester, who wus alwa>ii 

lo *u(rff<'»t " tbtit who»««Mr »bdl pMUU, dofUrv, *ril#. or «[N?ak imr llirag 
ia ilprr^u"^"^'!^- 'Iqir-iniifT, ar dMpinTig; of llic uid book jof u^ii-W), or utj 
ilfK'tniiit ttKirmi oiuiliunL-il, laiii H- t)^rr«or IriwfkiM^ c^jiivitl^ bplnrv inj 

nl«b(^ ti ii iippolbriti t'oT Uiotf, ihai nlltfiiJ htkI ijiwiif a^puiniii the >uak 
I'ntnniiiii jmivr. wt U'wi^ itt tlip Arki jrjir of tlio i|ij«-ii'v mi^i<cLjr'( rvigD^ 
llitii now JH- tlijii lA iJi nj.hfi ilmH, fnr ilir flr^i itJiViicr, t'Tti'\i nur liundrfd 
nuirkL, Tnr llu^ ft<i-i>iiil uttfJicv turn Unmirj-il iimrU^Hiiil^ for Llip Oiinl (ilTen<i«, 
dU liU iriHi'U aikI 1 lutii^lft. iLiiil AttJkll htilfrr imprlu^nE'irnt iliirjii|:c lilW " ( AnnuL 
1. ni;. ;ilr'), TM> hji% i»»uiTilJT adopied hy Ujc hvm lioiLhi% mij, vitli a blttnL 
fur tljf puuiiliiUL-iitt Lo iht Ufijvr- II w;i« aU^f nL-vnaiyaiiM WTlll t 
WL'r^r^il <.Uu»i\ |'fi>|>u^iik,'< (.bJiL " il';iN> {^irsoa nbiuld ilr.'tiy.> criiuiiiwtlj. 
puMicK ut ifEi>Lil('l)i. \'y ivrititiK nr ^}H'jiliiiu, uiiif nrlu'li^ iif itjH'lrmK ivjtiliiiDHi 
ip ilir ttM U>t>L, uii<l bi- iliL'riHfr Uwfullv ttrn^iuUil In^fun- lu^ lftiUiiilq, HJid 

vbtUikJih.']} iian^l in iLt »DiJK\lir ^Illlu1cl bt- -" llbiiL JU ; W lliiua, t«,34l]- 

'Vhv bc'llrr lixliiit', at ibc jiTuiitiitr ul' iIjc council. lioUL'ttrr. prrvailnl aGVint 
thi; inlu\\.-r\iiii:c tit l\u- dmti'hLm:n, 'I1u' pji>|H»HLt H'.m liluiliiildv k1 iwitii; ihc 
Gcni^tiin rrfLimK^n coniiiiUE-i] LnndntiLrW . nitil tb« cvtbolik:* aiti- »dU Id^tv l>v 
purmjcfl rtoly hythf Urromof ibciitl^jfiupicmHiy. Sic Ai^|iciidi>, So. L, — T.) 

nii>»l of itiJ-'iii t'xiL'a lIutiii^,' Ibc Utc Mc". 1 1 ww^ pirtcutrd l.j tijf IwMi hi>iuc« 
on |}io tbiilftfn(!» nf Ktbi uun^ und, uIUt ji biiit;iMi(l nuf^n <MibV\ni«vut Iia£|& 
rcJMlC'i liT n iiiiij^ntj ol\Hiiy oiie. Tbc |iu|K-tH t^^jilinif »kli tlwr iiiuno ("f thfi 
•ubhintiiLj^f [M-rtim, mill tlio tuLn unon Ibu Ji^iiiimi, tuny trc Moa in Sutw, 
Aniud. i. 334— :KW^7:| 




to watH off the l)U)w, wliffii t-l»«fy were tlire!»lrni^1 
iUi tbe late injnnctiom aiicl act of untformity. So 
{Mjworfvil ft frk'iid, ami their number nutl clinrnrttT not 
b<NageontcinptibK\ by desrccti eut'ouraiicd tbcmKo fer, 
«s not only to ijt'p:Iect, but to despwe, and utterly lay 
iide, sipveml |irarliee*i eiijoiufd by the niysil order. 
Aft ha]>pe]ied in most of those i>Hri?*hes whi^re the 
luritaua were pastors ; whereof there was no small 
mtnber In t'^rttcukr, tht-y took down the nltiir 
|8tep6 : removi'd the eomtnunioii table to the middle of 
iL" chinicel; omitted the prainiee of godihthc?rs, aiid 
\%e of iho cross in baptism ; and hud no rt^gnrd Uy the 
it of Ijent, or fea.-its in honour of tlje saintsJ The 
*n, in the mean time, though she wa^ displeased 
m-iih tiieir prooeedinpj, yet i\a8 eautious in the execu- 
tion t>f her injuiietion;;; and th^^r party offending wah 
too furmidwble to be siuiiDioned to ti prent-nd eoniph- 
ance. She contented hrrsrlf with having; her injunc- 
tions executed, now and then, in certain plarca ; espe- 
cially Mbere the biahop of the riioce.He happened to be 
zealou? for promntinpT ihe esiiiblifthed dif^eipline. Tlie 
Smt retuarkuble attempt, th:it xva^ made, was upon ^,^^ 
thr idiT^y of ihi* dineest* of l^jndon^ alxiut thv year Mn. 
I5t30; when^brinp^sunimonedtoRuhmit lotheroyal ^ " 
injunrtions and act of unit"onnity,nineortcn of tlicra re- 
iifn^i^ to nppear, sixty one promised to eonform, and 
'thirty-#eve& perecoptortly refti^ed to ^lUbinit.^ Afrer- 

■ fFfr *D account of the Ui<nAiwlSon>, hero ollude'I tu, »o Sirjpt*« Poikor, 

ftf tbv MUlnrtvnj tiarnMl fin tbv tu>ijcL>l nfti:i<- vliMicdl ImIkii Xhe LugliiJi divim* 

hug (hr V** ot ihv wsrfhvie, tLppvt. mikI aijiiJirv i^'Ap^ oud llitwi of G«nvtA 

tnir it— 7] 

t»lm«'iPflriu^r. ?1S- Mrype-nGrinrtiil, 104; CoUbr. ii, ^^fi. Ilpforc tlrt*. 

'hawwtf. TlumphtfT^ mti'\ Samynon bad bpcD Kuminiiinpd licTore the c^'cleiiittlii'iil 

'Niofaniihnifrt, nnJ, on lUcjv Mii^iil tn xinpt Thr hiifni firwrihril iTiilipiiiJuin'^ 

I^SoBi, kul bivii nmiitiilTuT ta pritoci. Ssiiitjihiiri. m Vtr h|hviji1 d^^rrr oFlIw 

qii«wrn, iMK tli^priiiil : ln^l KnmpUn-v. vtu-r h hIiutt mikriEiL>mi'n[ ^n Ijmilon, 

MoiK litlutV' been Fnt/>rv^'l lohia ptr^idmi'v ot Wa^iAnlt-a ^-oWc^f, nhcrr.Al llin 

ad «tffomp jrarv he Kn« ^i \i-naUi \p(\Meft\ lo ctnifonn |Slrjpr\ Pnrki^r. IM, 

iM^i. I maj tAA. ihxt Mr, Sjiiimi^^ Imt ilrKi-rtmt ibr tTiM^Wdin^ Hi^imi Hj/e 

Uiwimi^^lvtiy.luivi witirAU- iihur\ ami iih twu <liiTiiii-l lf:iii«u.litni*i tKHi, 

Rditf. HIi4-4ll — I?^)iitifi1].<i:j^, Ahlitflil Hltniliiiii ixi Int iiiiLhnriij, Nf>m\ 

■QlSanitljBllbtoMbUhirifti^ ami TimfmphtTithprul'mtf IjiiI vf oiicvvcll — T.] 



{f AtT VU.\ 

wards, the rtformtra broke into parties, ancU by degi 
into flcparatts congelations ; whicli the wisdom of the 
nntion nmild never yet put a stop to. Sr> bard u malt*T 
it i!*, to iiiiii€ those, lliat are sqiarale<l from the ct'Utre^ 
of i:!rr1rH»L!«tirnl uiiiciii, ^M 

The mctboils Uikx n EliXcibrth made use of, after* 
wardti, to sccuro tin.' rtformatiou in gdiRTiJ, were nitcy- 
gether politic ; and very often Htood in nci-'d of on able 
apolo^st. The story of her life gives an account, ihat 
me was prnvirled with a *vet of miiiijitei-^, is host- iiunilies 
bnng raised and enriched l>y tiie plunder of church. 
lancU, tJiey had an iintiit^diate iutt-rest in suppoi-tinjE: hcr» 
to carry on thc^ (luiirnl w itli thm sco of Rome : that these 
miuii^tcn?, bfin^ as rcmarkuhlc! for thi^ir want of reliffion, 
ab they wtrc famed for pohtics, stuck at nothing t^o 
carry their point, and not only risked thrir own private 
rppiitiktion^ bnt frequently exponfrd the nation's, and 
tlieir mititrcss^s honour, to become masters of their pro- 
ject. They put her upon fomenting dissensions and 
civil ware in Scotland. France, and the Low Countries, 
that Catholic powers, imviug their bauds full at home, 
ini^ht nut turn llieir thonghts towards supporting the' 
UJtcrcflt of the old religion in Kn^land.^ Upon the ^amc 
view, f*he amused several CAthoUr princes with treatiea 
of marriage, who were willing to overlook the common 
cause of religion, upon the prospect of %tt lulvuiiliL^emu 
nn alliance. Fmin hence, she proeeeded to secure the 
reformation by the strong barrier of penal and saiigui- 
nary lawf* ; making it capital, to be ordained, and to 
exercise spiritual functions after the ancient maimer, us 
also to be concerned hi reconciling, or to be reconciled^ 
to the faith of our ancestors. Se\'eral plolf* and contri- 
vances were nia«le use of, to draw some, desperate per- 
sons into a snare. These plots were fomented by cmis- 
tiariesof the ministry, who pretended to be of the parly, 
and, beiii^ pardoned for nutking a discovery, the other 
poor ^vreUdies >sere sacrificed: imd, v\hat was chiefly] 
intended by such practices, the whole body of Catlioll 

Ht^ pBpT 1-J3. uote ■, uaiCL 


became odious. It was a plausible pretence to draw 
money from them, and keep alive the aversioQj the com- 
mon people had conceived agmnst the see of Rome. 
Lastly, to provide for the future state of the reforma- 
tion, they laid the axe to the root ; and, to the scandal 
and astonishment of all the nations in Europe^ contrived 
to have Mary, queen of Scots, brought to the block ; 
who b^ng a zealous Cathohc, and next heir to the 
crown, her life was judged to be inconsistent with the 
well-being of the reformation. 



[m«t rr^ 


iKce— ruEV Lua EtTA»Li»rii> at Bovtv — PouricAL DEiuvct or riaiti 
mxrwiih — THKV AHF roMvttLKa to qitlt faA^uct — ami iitntiA to 
•npr^HiHKim av THE EhuLJuu <'OLLBREt AKHn^ii — rn(;i4i>«Tir>T< i^P nooxi 
CO} tTQi:— IT r« (irffHnvED ti> hhbmith— allurj ihvitru rn urturh-^UT' 
CGrLiNi:* THH orrHn— thf rtiti-EiaB FLi>iiii(««KB^pr»u«sDAtiov OF Tan 
■fiVLiKn (uLtKvr in HnitD: — E«au«N notnTAi.— nrLL T«AViriiHiitmt 

ir* PHnHMirT TO TIIK rO[.l ffflt— pJst»>J<ir>V ■KTW*!;'* TMI- iTHTlRWTt 
AKTI THK PRFAinf NT^4Pn>|!«T«k'?ll OpAJIrHlllT tlF-rTUD^'HEMBVait A? 
TTJE flOflPITAl. l]Efl«)i: TO itlXIK^nPn TtfElli PkOPFlTV— lliki^l'IT4l, AVft 

COt.[,>^bE utiJliED — PiiLt np pnii *jriArn^^ p|ltt^F^HEn— nrHES r(iM-hr»K* — 
VALi^DOi.tiv — SEVI1.LI:— ST. oMKBt— ArtFN"* viKCur/Tinjv <ir TIU VIJII-H 

N41IIK»— 'HEH£I>ICTTV1^ rO>dVEftt tT KHLi^trM. ^M 

It Sa-'i fnnnf^rly Wm observed, that, during the roign 
of quci^ii Mary, care was taken to collect t(J|ictlier some 
of both sexes, who had made relierious vows, and sur- 
vived the d[!^ast<>rs of the two fore^oiiiff rt'i^s. Par- 
tieiilarly, the Henedietines, CarthuHians, Brigettins, and 
Frftiieisraiift had formed llieinselves into small cnmniii- 
nilics, and taken up their residence at Wcfltminster,* 
Sheen, J^ion-bouse, Greenwich, &c. ; but now, upon' 
queen Eiizabelb's: restoring the refontiatioii. They were 
obliged to brenk up. quit their habitations, Kiid subn^itl 
to the ^ine fair with tltc bishops and ch-rgy, who rev" 
fused to comply with the court meaAitrcft. Some of 
them were cantoned abroad, in convcnTii bclon^inp to 
their order ; other^i foand mennft to suhftist tojsether in 
conimiinity. In the fir»t plaee, ttie C'artliuaian», when 
ririve-ri fn>m Sheen, retired la Bruges, under the ooii- 
diirt of ihdr prior, Maurice Chnuncey. Here they 
lived in great peace, till the tumulta were rni^^cd by the 
Huiifnenots in Flanders : but, soon after, the mob himng 
pillaged many churches and reli^iout houfie??, and com- 
mitted onheard-of barbarities at Antwerp, and otherS 
pUi'es, the same diwustcr hcfcl Bruges, tn 1571^: and 
the Dngtiah C'arlhnMans were oblie:ed to leave the town. 
They were permitted to take with them those few effects 

4IIT. 111.) 



they huitl «avi-cl from tht^ i>luncl<.-rei% ; tmd diirctcil tlicir 
rourwr towards Doiiay, as Itophi^ it would he. a secure 
place of refui^e. But, to their great dif^appointincnt, 
Ihcy found Uoimy under the sair.<^ confuwon ; aud a 
«r was spread amoiiK the inhahitantji, by the Hu- 
j^QPliots* rouirivaiice, thul tLt' Kfi^l'^h hud a di'sigii 
npoii thr town. Tli>i», by an urdrr from thr p;oviTiior 
and maeistratcs, aftrr two hours nUowcd them for 
rcfrcshmoiil, tiicy wcrr ohli^cd to depart. This hap* 
pened in May, 1678, They attempted afterwards to 
»elt]e lit the Freach dominioit^ : but rhiii^ nor ani^wf^r- 
uif^f they took tip their rc-»tdt-iLee hi Lotjvaiii ; ull, Uiv 
diHtiirbancrs at Bru^K bring appc^as^crl, thv^y weri* in- 
Titcd to return thither. IMcanlinM.\ n more convenient 
house bein^ purchased and prepared for them at Nieu» 
port, they diRpo^ed of what they had at Bruges, and 
settled at Nieii|>()rt, where they Rlill remain, supponed 
by nil ununal pension, i-hnrge*! bj Hie ituwu of Sp^uu 
on certain estates in tJic Nethe^rUuds/ 

The Brigrttin nuns having obtnint'd a i^affooiiduct 
from the fpieen, by the means of the duke of Feria, 
the Spanifih ambaiiiiador, twenty nuns, with their abbeiiHr 
Ojitheriiie l^dme^, tnmsphinted ibeiuselvt^it into Zealand, 
Vkhcrclhey n-inain»-d ii wbilr, with their confessor, fti- 
ther (Ingh Hubert, But^ finding the aituatiou to be 
very iinwholcHomr, and exposed to pirater?, they removed 
loaplaeeof better eonvenieucee, near Antwerp, nhertiit 
they were .issisted by Dr. Sanders. Tliey resided there 
ill 15rit 'Uid some lime after. Their next removal was 
into Noniiandy, where tliey remained ftnly, iu* it were, 
in ihcir pa»i&^e towards Lisbon, where thL7 met with 
gre«t civilitiee, through the duke of Feria's interest,' 

bne InnfrrrvU iiiu«t of tLU fuiMH£o (r^itn tbc Wa of djouTicfir. Tm Sponfn 
ftttfipn amounted to i^L-ltr bundnd doriiu per DbJiuoit uud nw uriKiTidUT 

>i about tJjo rni t^iH* ^W«rUuDgUn, Ciilut Xlurt. tfi, 7).— iVrbips itii 

tiuuiliu^, llint DuI.J liininrlf i^iHv had a Tif>liaii vl Jaiiiin^ Lbi^ luminm- 
It w lu iJifl liAUM< ni Nirii|Hirl, iti fm^t, xhtt lio urulc liU lH>L}k iittitlviL 
Hcret fijlie^of the Kniftikb J<^'«uili" LeittT iraw lir, W-timm io Miltu^, 



[f tlT IV« ^H 

This religious family still flourishes in tlie aforesaifl city- 
Tlies^e an^ the only two religious orrferfl that have con- 
tiuuod th(^ir fluorefifAion : otiicrs were iiictirpornt^^l into 
^cspccti^*^5 foreign communities, whi:re tlicy wuited tlic 
time of divitie providene^, to form themselves into sepa- 
rate aDfl inclL-pL'ndent Lodies. 

Meantime, the cntholic clergy, that lived in exile, 
were contriving hovr to perpetnale tlieir succession, 

croHTt of IwcItc liundrvd florins pn nunum, ^ontrd at tbc vaat titpc, oi ibnt 
lo ilif CartljusiAUi {U^^^i^^jrton, CnUE, Mut. U. 7)' — Jt IS neotmuj to add^ 

ink'. Oil U^iiviijir Em^']uiii)| tii Iij£l>) |)h.' iiiMU:T» iir«L rt'tircil U) tlidr oM aiaylum, 
«i DctiiM'ud, vftii^rc, in a j>ort]on of Uie ii]Ofia«u-ryf »a:st^i]4'il lo their acpamto 
■ccommoLLiticin, tticy oonlinuci], for about ibor Twrs, lo follow llic nigulauoci' 
of ibt-ir innCiliile- ft wiit iJi L^l| tliut tbcy rrniotitl lo n hr>um'. 1>n^wc4| on 
IhtfiD W iJjv -luclitftj* of l^irma, in Zirit /i^', lln' tnpilJil *'t /cnhiinl t but tho 
uuw!j(>k)«jiiitriata uf tliQ hilLuitiifri hHun mliiviiii^lLixl tliciii titKin-k tuiiTlJwr ictml ■ 
ftud, in Ii'i7. ttrouflh the in*.[jiiirii:ftUiIuv ul Ur, Smuk'^s, ifu'v luiTLilmtnl a new 
MfMcucc* enlksl MHUj^hnii. obcut ninu milet fn^ni Aulutrp. Ui^rxr tJif^ n^- 
TEUuncd iicorJ^ lifc p'lLn^ Thv nnno^uDcr^K lionovcr* to uhioh tltov vi-tv vt- 
jKiwd, [It lL<ng11» '^fnw ibnn into Uip cilvr ibcnfp. ikflcr a fcv eiii>ii11ik» Uii'y tt- 
IQDVffd lr» .VUu'Win; ImllhiM tt^u linvjiij; T>Miti |jih*ii by tlii? prtmr nl nrinj-^ 
4nnnp Xlw wiin in Ihuidiirh, tliuy vau- i'vutwDtttl, :ii tiii* omi ol 4i^eii j'^jm-^ lo 
feeic Ml mjluiii tlip*Iiyic. Alfef a aliojl dail-erflUuti, Uitj wnolnil ta praoitd 
10 Koucn, wUrrr. in Iji'.-t. Ihry nrrivtM) tome Hint? jEuriTifi; tJie jrnr LfSW. Bj iho 
inbuNtntiti thpv wi'Ti' ho*pTtili!y rpivnwl Tiii* hbirnlilj of llii- dix&p nf 
Miiycmip pruuilnl l]nmi wifb a brniw, (Imt nf ibe cJti/i*TwriiJiblF<l Thrtii »n i^irrt 
A L'htin'h ' Hli dlLowttllci; H'ug voleil In Tb<Jiri 1i_\ tin* piirliHiiiCTiL tfiiulditiiiii to tb« 
peiiaion wliioli ibey alrmdj rooi-ivi'ii Iflim Spiiin ■ wiil,Tat liiurU^Ti vftin^ iho 
ritCiTii (x'lierf'il Ihul the teitn of llitir tt'nnilerlnff^ bjid expired, But lite? »1m- 
bliTLliiiii.'iil fif Hpurj' IV. on Ihe thnme of FftiiicT w,ii Iht^ flRn^l ^"'f btioiIht re- 
nun^, luji'uerl with thr ilivtriH^'Fi of ^lie linitf, F^^Ki^r, iJip ™iifrwir iif the 
miiiK, hull xmrled bimstJJ iniu Lhr MiK. ibhl. Ui ohfy m" biT»'li<'iil imiicr, vu 
til hi'iniy ibr I'uLiM' of ipli|(lDTi. TIiIh uptnioh hr hjid publii^fy at'^nnl : itr hud 
dnlnTeihbjitlioib hlmulfjuid ihcrflmmunUT would niUKT<|nUlhe™iinlry. than 
jli'ld ^iiliiiilvloii |j) llrniy » Jintl he IjiuI uMlnliHiily eDderiviiiirfMl, hy Lk f xfur- 
tutuint uiid bin wnlio^. lostiiuuSaU' tlie TfiitUiui.-v uf lid.' iubjibiUuiU li> tlie mto 
tiftlie iirw -nivrftitT)!- 'Then- protL-L-JtiijrB <.'iiiil<l Wflnrlj far] ti ulindi *im|Hi3iui 
tu tlic IrnuM', (if ttuidi KuBUT aths lIii; iwjkrii»>vledire(l ijuiiaur. "JLj^ imiliumL'nl 
inytiti by »JTbi|[imtij|^ tljr ei.1Iiimjliiit, hllbritu iitudr firr lUx^piiurL, il vu ap- 
ort-'bi'iiJi^d lluit ir^ciiJi iiiL'ithiiri's iiiiKUl nin^ixhly follow ; uiu, lo rai.*i[V lie 
claEi};[i-i, lU well ib tj uvoid A^hiii (Jjn di'rrriL^d lltt tiiiiit of bubiiiinifiUt Ibr^ wiD- 
inunily at ojitt rT?4rlvFi| ti ivLire lo Li&lmii. On litxHl^rritlar, M*nh 2l», 1AM, 
Ihey Itrfl K^Funi, luul, <ni tbc foHi.i«ijiir Mou^iHt^ntrivJ M lUinr- Vtva w«^ 
l^hnmi^, bud i'lA|m'ii-1i*:l'r(i^ tbt-y coulil <ili1^iii n venM-l U? ri>ii>cy ihvia to l\if- 
liiuitl. Allr^iijlij, 4 FlntiEhli iiJi-ii^WiUimii up^hilil-iI m Lht luLTOour. and wa« 
cn«ngcd, on the fifth of M^t, ihey flually cmWrked; ami, liftpf ■ i>ft»*cD <rf 
fileen i^iyi. Iniided uifelv in Lisl'OD. — Tbr^e pmticiLbkrs ntr io,b(E] lf<>irL u MH> 
pMoniciiif; to Ibc enil uf Shiew-liunr, eElilled, ^' An Aci'ount i>f llir Trivt'Iii, 
'duicrn, \ut>r thr mill's of Si^'Ht frvrn iheir lir^C loivih^ l^it|rhv^d lo tlteir 
*fl,tfi']iinil in I-yM>]j *\ Tht '* Aciounl" in writEuu by n incmber of the lioutoi 
llic prufiio; by Fnlbci rcrwiix — 7'.] 



LSI. lit.] 



id Siqiply their country >vitb p&storSt as the old Mnruia 
pric«t» dropped oft". \h\ that hud the first ftolicmc that 
way, was WiUifLin Allen, a diviuv of (Kfordt and a dig- 
nitary in quetu Marys rtigii; who, afa-r a residence in 
naiiders of Abtnit twu years, uiidertuok a juuniey to 
Rome, ill coiiipjiiiy vritli Id^ohl ma?(ter, Morgan Philips, 
and Or. Jolin Vcudcvillc* royal professor of the caiioii 
law in thir univorsiiy of Doimy. An nccidfntal di»»- 
course, they tad upon the road^ was the firat rise of the 
English college at Donay, smd, by degrees, of all the 
(ilher colli^f^ and iniijinniiiilit-.^, \\hir1i Iiavf sitii'i' fur- 
nishrd BnglaTid with tni^siunurs. Dr. Vt-udeville ujis 
mcntiouiuj^ u projcLl for tlic relief of aUves out of 
Barbory ; v^hich tcave Mr, Alhm an opporttiiiity to de- 
plore the fate of Ids own eonntry, ^Ahich, m a liiilu 
time, would fall into a mueh greater slavery, eajiecially 
after the dereasf. of tlit- Hin'icnt non-4"cinfoririin^ priests 
of i^ueen Miiry's n-igii i therL* hciii^ no prospect of sue- 
irt, to preserve the poor remains of riiU^on that 
.Qieapcdtbe general defection; iiif^iuimtinu;, at the 
'lime, that it would be of sluK^dur sftvice to th<5 
rimrch, if some persouTi of zeal would employ their 
purne and lalxmrs in that way. Hr. Venilevillr M'rrned 
to rcli^ the proposal, which left a dtcp imprcssiou 
behind it, and ript^ned by degrees till circumstances 
occurred to brinfi: it m perfection. Some time after, 
Mr. Allen, bein^ returned to I-ouvain, where he had 
Tirvvjimslj resideil, reeeivfd ati invitafton from l>r- 
Vriidtrvilltf to cotnr over to Doiiay, and finish hi> aca- 
demical dL'frrec^ with an a^^snrancc of being his frieud 
and assistant upon all occasions. This tiintation being 
wilUndy accepted of^ Mr. Allen, now settled at Douay, 
had an opportunity of reuewins the oh! j»roject for con* 
tinning the MifC('^:«iun of the catholie eler^y in Eng- 
land ; luid frequrnt conferences being held upon the 
subject, he undertook the matter, in the year I5CH, 
He innted the remains of Oxford and <.'amhridee» who 
hitherto had been scattered in jieveral universities of 
Praiire and i-lniKlers, ihnt, forming ii small comuiunity. 
they tni^fat, by their joint labours^ give a lit-^inning to 



,lMa» i». 

the uiidenakiiijt. They pitclied upon the nniverdty 
af Douiiy for llirir place of rcsiilfUCL*, whi-rc Mot^a 
rhilips^ formerly tutor to Mr, AUcn, and provost of 
Uric! rollrs:^, laid down the tirst sHtn of luoucy to- 
wardft purt^hasine a house; :lii(1 the first persons, wbo 
put fbemse Ives under !Mr- Allpn"scoijdiirl^i\ere Ki(^hard 
Bmtowe> Kdward KiMdoii, Jo}iu Mur^^lml^ iohn Whit*, 
Ji^n.*my Collier, itiul Pliilip Riiyr-i.iF»1imi ; thvt two last 
bcinff IlciDifth divines, who wcrc' willing to employ tlicir 
labour and interest in the undertaking. These were 
soon after followed hy those eminent men, Scapleton, 
Wubb, IJaily, and oiJimw, who, bein^ iiiterni[itt^d in their 
sliuties ul. hoiiiej raint' to roinplrte tht^r uiradt^niiea] 
decree* iii thtr uiiivennty of Doiuiy- 

l)r Vendevillt', in the mean timr, had recommended 
the design to all he thought would be iiiclinahlr to fa- 
vour it," He prevailed with the three rich monasteries 
of Si. Vedsislus, in Arras, Mart^hlcniie, and Aiiehienoe, 
to eontrilnite largely towards tlie estalilinhinml an<l sup- 
port of tlic great number of pncstd and students that 
daily cnmc in ; while, in a little tinie, the* college was so 
cacreased, that, the numberof those, that depended upon 
it, amounted to near one hundred and tifty persoUK^ 
wliert'iif eiglit tir nini" were eminriil tloi*tors of ili- 
vinity- But a mfiintcnanrc by rontribntioui« being Tcry 
precarious, and the occasion of much trouble to the 
managers, the president. Dr. Allen, waa advised to 
make his applieminn to the bishop of Home for a 
farther Mippfy. Hisi iindt^rtakirig had been ahfady ap- 
plauded by the hfily ^er, and pope Piu^ V-» by a kind 
letter, had eiteouragcd bim to go on: wherefore, uikju 
the general hopes of mucccas, ho undeitook a journey to- 
wards Italy, well recommended by a common letter from 
the tmiversity of Dooay, and tlie joint coneurrence of 
thenei^bhctiinTi^ abbolH. This juuriicy ysiis performed, 
fin. li>7^, the third yeiir of tbc pontificate of Cre-g:ory 
Xlil- His holiness being made acquainted with the 
state of the colleije, and foreseeing; how strong a sup- 
^tl it was likely to prove to th» Catliolic cause, gave 

• S«e Arp«ii<|iK, No. LI. * 

r. ttL) 



ortlem thAt an alloivAnce of 100 Roman rrownEi fttioiild 

bf paid montkly, for its subsistence, out of the treaii^ury 

'Hfuhe holvfice/ This WttsftftL-nvnrtl^aiigmL-nlcd to an 

Lual peuGionof H^WO croviiis, which is c(jiitmucd to 

day, nnd is the only certain revenue, whereby the 

subsists, ex(^eptin|i; n few ntnall renX^ n\i»ei\ hy 

mtmagementp ttml MJtnt^ privuTr hi-iit:fjif:UuiL<;, r^crtrcu 

to be mentioned as a part; they being very inconiiide*' 

Vablc, &nd tiiibjpct to so many cafliuiltics. 

Before tliee« mattern were well completed, a storm 

fsa gntfaerinir, which mow threatened this new c«tab1iBh* 

it-nl with wilvT ruin- Anhveqj, ri* I havir already had 

rcrmion to mt'iitioii, had lately hct^n pijl^iged liy the 

t>op»lace, and ftcvera! other towns nnderwpnt the ^^amc 

fiktc. Tlie intuihiUntdof DomiVp apprelundiiij; thr like 

trcalmenr, hati ihcir fears incrLaacd tVoui so great a 

Aumbtn* of »trangi>rs, that resided arnon^ them: for» 

^hongh the governor of the town, with the chief of the 

xmi^AtrateH mi<\ univerNily, werr^ very well satislifd with 

"Vihe befaariour of the Englifili, yet the common people 

cr^iild not be perimaded, hut that several spies came over 

*irom England, upon the pretence of studying, that 

^^voijld take tlieir opportunity to put the town in a com- 

^Mnijttwn. Upon the«e ^unniscf;, the [governor and ref^tor 

^Kftf the muversilv were obliged freout'iuly to visit the 

«rollcge, and, at tli*" sitme liiiif, se^trch for HmiM> tiikiiiga 

3ist of the name^ both of all the Eri^ti^h in the coltef^% 

^«idof thosL" that sojourned in thr town, with an oath to 

^Bive quietly and peaceably. Thi^ c^uicteft the popiUoce 

^^or some time. Hut, upon every rumour of disturbance*, 

that happe[i4-d in aiiy jiart of the Netherlaml*, the ma- 

Anko pnMCa, lAT.V, cum In miniriOHim noTftviHurt i^itUi't^^ikiri, v\ n\H[ni in 
r. luumiu et ^bIidui puniirri. Gn^driu^ Xfll., nl ilc rr [inUrr^^tAlLi* 

ltd «1^U i)itiiii|iirL|riu[u iiirnMrui" mrrU ini«t ** {rnul Mnrt. ft. "]*— 
rlw »ja tli*l Iht KTuid wHh rniulr kI Uh' *pM'ul ffnirriil/ uf Mi.-ft'UTiajiti", 

VOL. U. . H 





jjfiKtrates repeated tbmr ttearcliin^, aiid made the Knglidi 
very uneasy. They laboured under Uift*e difficult itv, tlie 
^vak'^t part of 1577; during which time, Dr. Mien 
Tvas looking about, how to redeem Iii^ coUi^gi? from tbid 
perplexity. He proporicd to the seniors of the house, 
ivbether it would uot l)(? couv^ulent to remove t^^ some 
utUtr lowii. Louvaiu yam t\w pUcv- ilu-y hm\ m their 
eye ; hut thin bt^iug a town irx[)o#ed to Lhtf siitnt^ incon- 
vcmcnei?^^ tht v concluded to withdraw tbcrmftdve^ out 
of tht^ SpEUiifili dominions. Accordingly, fi^nta were 
diepatcbed to Rheims, where they were kindly receivi 
by tlie family of the Guises* who promised them a $vixl\ 
mcnt and protwiion. 

A raiuour was now ^rcad, tbat certain f^trangei 
lately arrived in the town fvom En^Iainl^ had a dc?*i^ 
to tuisassiuflli: i)r. jVUcu ; u|)0» which, he wjw advii^cd 
to abbcut himself from the college, which ho did for a 
while ; talcin.^ that f>pportunity to prepare matters for 
their removtd. About the beginning of JJj78» u;K>n tlw 
arrival uf a new guvirniorprjirewiLs taken b<7timt« to iiiifl 
form bim of what had pii^scd, in relation to thp En^ifH^h, 
and (not coming from a friendly haiKl) to make hini 
jealo\i& of their beliaviour. This occasioned another vuiu 
February lo, 16"**' A list of iheir naiiu^^ was jciveii up 
to him ; tbt'ir age^^, abilities, how tbuy i^ub^iistod, with 
several other pafticularK, were diligently iiic[aired atler. 
This scrutiny was laadtr, not only in Uie r^dleiKOj but 
among £dl the English in the town, where there were 4 
grcAt many lodfc^^r^* uud several whole fumiUcti» 'Hiiljl 
aecond attack friplitiniid away a K^'^'sit many indepmdeut^ 
persons. Somt? ventured to return into l-ngliuidj from 
wlu'iK'e they had been lately driven ; others went iuto 
the French dominions ; and not a frw tow.irds Rome. 
The govrmor appeared satisfied with this last Tisit, and 
promif^ed to ude biBeiideavour, tolay thejcalouay of the 
townsmen: hut, though the rector oftbe^iniversity was 
disposed to assist the college, to hie power, yet, upon a 
n-Kolution tiikLMi some* dayix hefori* by the mi^iMlrate?^, 
he was obliged to acrpiaint them, Fehrimry 19, that it 
would be prudence to thin the college, by sending a^^f 

IT. Ill J 




t tvrenty of Uie dtudetitB, and that a compliance was 
'Hie order appeared very unrea-ionabte lo tbe 
of the l'qIIcj;!', tnii^Milt-riiLg the vhhI cliitr^M and 
FenieiiceH timt atlriidrtl it : whcrrforc (Ury made 
draiur, A»d alleged tbdr rcawiiiA, viz,, that already 
c coUt'gc liad been searciied, a lint of namea triktaii, 
and the ui^uul uatli of peace and fcood beltaviuur admi- 
iiiAt4>red : that the t^tiid^uu wltc uiifil frjr armit, and in- 
ca|>able of ^vidk any disturbance : that micb a removal 
Icould iiul be nmde, willmiit ronhultlng Im h^ilincsi^ and 
thf* kin^ of Spain, by nhoMj orders ihey had obtained 
tn estabbshnient : that no tact, t^rndin^ towards srriition, 
bad born allc^cdr much Ic^'i made out, against them: 
ihftt, in fine, it was the greatetit hardship and m}u«tjoo 
koa^uabK', to 1je KfKTifioeil Ui th(^ fcarM and jt- aloimh-^ 
of an unruly mob. Tlionpth thrat* rwusons prevailed 
t\Mtn tjie midrrstandinjE;* of the mEunstrate!^. yrt they did 
Aot tally with tlie arcumstancrs the town lay under; 
d, if oppressing a few poor exiles, who were not in a 
capacity of jutiifyin^ tht mBi^lvi*, either by forcv, or by 
,w, would make UiinjO^ easy, they »;eemed willing to 
ur«ue the niHiiod, and remove the i>eoph^'H jealousies 
I any iBttr. Wherefoi^, March 13, ir»7K, tlicy prrsfl 
he order, and insist upon having the number ahove- 
lentioued ^ent out of the town. Un the other hand, 
he ricuiors of the rolle^o refiise to comply, Tft'o day« 
aft«r, viz-, Mart'h H, the rector of the university ac- 
quaiiittfd Dr Suphton, Dr. Ely, Dr. WrJKht, Dr. Briu- 
towe, and otlRTH, who managed the affairs in Ur. Allen h 
aWne^, with a fre-sh order iVoni the inn^istratejt, for all 
the Etiglvh to leavi: the to%vn» excepting priests, pro- 
fcitforG, wometi, children, and Kuch m were incapable of 
beoring amifl/ Soon after, there wiui a general meeting 
f the governor, mngintrat^H, nnd rector, lo wliich the 
voj^IikIl were m!mi udinitird. The guvernor spoke vt-ry 
juch in favour of the rollrge, alirjeing the insigiuficancy 
their number, and their peaccfid behaviour. The 
r aaid several things to the fiamc purpose. Upon 

' tkc vhppcadii, Xo. LllL 





wliiob, March "iO, the year above-mentioned, it 
ugreiMl, tim: XU^ Kii^lish sbaiild reiuuiti in lii*^ ton-n^i 
provided tbirv <)itl not ^how tlif im^L-lves too publicly id 
ihestrpRtfi, wtich might roTitinucthr jpalonsy, thp fx)m- 
mon people had conceived of them. But this resolution 
not being relished by the towiismen, the very next day, 
March 21 , another order came from the mn^F^trate^, that 
all the* English slioukl Icslvl- the town in twenty^-four 
lioiirs^ or j^hoiild bi^ conipelled to it by force, Tiif day 
following, MaiTh 'i2, about eleven oVlock in the fore-^ 
noon, a beadle went through every street, {)ubli»hing tbd| 
ordi^r for their departiin^^ before five o'cicck in ihe after- 
noon, the next day, Thouj^h this romoval, as ii wa« at- 
tended with such eireutntitatices of reproach, was vei 
diHiigreeable to the Rnirli?*h, yet it was nothing, 
what tliey expected in tht- main : for l>r, Allen, appi 
bending Uic fate of his college, bad, for near a ycafi 
before, been preparing for a remnval. I)r, Webb, ac- 
cording to order, went out of the town imincdiately,^ 
^-)th several profeSBOrs and studetit^. They arrived ntfl 
lUu'ima, March 27^ I ^7^- The rest followed by decrees, 
excepting two or three persons, that were permitted to 
remain in the houi*e, whieh they kept posseftnion of, for 
fifteen years. tJll tlie college returned ngain to DounyJ 

Many conjccturos have been made, concerning the. 
occasion ofthisHttlc revolution; wherein our historian*, 
l>eing irtraoi^ers to the affair, ha\e vci-y much deviated' 
from truth, espt'iriidly Mr. ('aitidefi, who tells us, thai 
He quese.ns, governor of the Low Countries, hnd, at the 
iiiterceflflion of WiUon, the EnErlit^b ambassador, 
moved ihe earl of Westmoreland, and other English, ouj 
of the Netherlaud provinces of the Spaniards, and had 
dissolved the En^liwh semiuiiry nt Doiiay^' So far as 
rumours and conjectures may contribute, Mr. Camden 
may be supported in the acconnt he givea of Doua] 


f-lRT. If t.] 



co)1«'-ge. But fact i8 plainly i^raiiiKt liim, from the ori- 
ginal rfiM)rd!& ill my bonds; ivhtcli mention not the re- 
moval, as the effect of any afrrccmcnt between Kli£nb4!^t)i 
■nd the rourt of KpaiiL Indeed, the report went, that 
tlic Etij^lbh Agent (Ud move for their removal; and not 
only for that, hut for having I>r, Allen, and ^ume others, 
delivi?rcd up to queen Kliwihcth. hy way of prL-limtn;ihe» 
'to a tr<!aty. But if this 'wa5 propoKefl, if, w».s not iit- 
tciided to, much le?fl cxenited. Thoi^e. that ha^ti 
searched into rlie bottom of tlie affair. U-l! u^, that all 
the dtemrbancc wti*^ occasional by th<? HuRuenois, who, 
out of hatred to reli^oii, or for the hope?; of i>hin<ier, 
lay privati-ly in rht' tnwiij and inntilled such notions into 
the common people, tis if the J'^ngUnli, that resided 
amonett thorn, wtre in the French interest, and had a 
desi^i to deliver up tlit towu,^ Thia was the perplexed 
state of the poor GngUah Catholics in exile i represented 
ai home as traitors correspondini^ with Spain, and, by 
a 9tranK<^ inntiiNt^Eenryi foioiiitjiit^ ^\ the Frrn(.*h to 
betray the 8]mnianl». But ifi this tliey stand in need of 
no other justification, than what appeared from the rir- 
enmstflLcea of iheir renuival from Douay. For both the 
governor and the mo^i4trate«, beinff fully tAtiefied of 
their iniiotrvnoe, Kavt- them a t^rlifieate of their pood 
behnvionr at their departure ; and by a eomraon letter, 
dat^ Novpinber 13, ITj^fl, invited ihem to return, even 
'before they were half ^rttlcri in Kheims. Ur. Allen 
^' fiecmed willing to accept of the iiivitutiom but the pope 
odvbed him to wfiit for a better f>^u£on, till the people 
had recollected themselves, and were convinced by ex- 

' rilul Ozab^. liDVi ci or, nae the rc«l iotli^tor rf ihtm protYvdin^ a 
poHLidj ■Buried b) I'rivni?!. ^'Cuin, uilc nanit* jiliu Ltiiniu nj^ihlj <||jatu<rr, 
iflBMUU Ancl'Tuni rfii)jii1ii'<inini Mtii^nuinin In diiuio DuiKriui, rrj^OQW 

mmnl umi »E>cniauilBJiiiL'ik1iUii» AnKlii^iiDir lna]tilU1il1^ ut t0lhc<1ii.'t; tTiililucri-n. 
lur (qiuyl t^uxlna <lui»L Eii>n lj«t»il], rTt^nn^ s^viirf i*tn fit'cipirm. iiriinuiu ui 
a*r tnaifugRUL* d BBpaniDrum r^p .idilKtjj*, dniidn tlLnri m nT«pAJiJrit fnii- 
l>>iii» IT nonlraB ciMtiflimi <---'- ^ipiJii uiniu'*! jLci-'tJtiiUil , HHjtjL' piirni)ic» tiva 
IdDic^ post, lutDiiTtn^infr |4m iini^ci^u fi.-Ji- jKifiiilu LU'lf^Ki^ l- n\it^tlr I>ujiv^ii«l 

Diin^l^iihut rU't^itBiu, i^iLuti ii1i<|ui'l iccrrlinTit ('iimTiicrdi mirr iJi(raiiuu» tu- 

U*t Bcccuc fuiictt iiwrrpnirc," PJuluj-jiwr, flft, Sfl,^?",] 


pcrience iu> well of the bjiislice donr. as of thft damage, 
X\\i'.y lhemm:lvos uai^tainvfl by aiich rash proceedings." 

1 m^ast now follow thfl college to Rhcims, The tmi- 
vemty wn* ver\' well pleaised with the addition of bo 
Utaiiy learned men: hut hrri.- a^aiii the preaideiit wna 
ted by rni attrtnpt from England ; for tiiieen HIi/A- 
1)eth, iningining thit it wa.** by the queen of Seotf<* iiite* 
rest (then n prisoner iu En^laud) with the Guisian 
!fiimily, that the oiulod mot witli so kind a reception at 
Hh(nms, questioned her about it, and used some mcaiiF, 
by h*rr fljiiba^sador at Paris, to pnl n stop to tlieir svl- 
llement^ But her ilesiji^ii [irovMl inefTeftrnd : anil, iu a 
Ettle time, the college flourL^hed so much, that tlie diary 
girca an account of two hundred pcnions entertained 
citlier within the house, or in ludgrinps depending upon 
it/ Yet this increase was attended with ^rcat iacou- 
reidences especially a* to subsistinjr ; the pension from 
^Bcme not answering their expanses. However, Ihey 
rnhhed on for a wlnle by the geiieroHityof the house of 
Guise, and throi^h the intercession of Mary, quern of 


' [Tbt Rhdcru Oiarj for IJiTfl ^tiil lOKi, n MS, Splonpinff tn i\ia t>*ftii «n1 

Chk|ilifr, (hm inciiUonH tli\% nulo^rL ^'ln iLi|i£rlLirc iiMmumK^ liiiciri, illii^l 

prut jKwirrtnum, qnml lh)iu\'iii ?ii*j^fiirniN*i» iMiIinlini^mi liri, ™ii ncs blcrii 

Trbi^nr^nlTT ivvrhMiriirLl, rt iftiiMt riL^piims jnrn litiri r-n^Un' ilr< ri'illlu Nano 

■iitrin hiti|Eii'nCU relixiliinii bujiL»W crit LCtJtluiiL Dm, <>|>l. niiii.. rl, |K>tt iHiira, 

vuMliiAiinir ilvialuir lumtr^'n vlto jriiui ii^ iHurutJ [hihinj« jfriiUktt n^-nt i|iti'Kl iiwi 

Tn!lrriiim>. Ciiin tiiiin iiiLlI ahuiuii Hlo U'liuuiiiiiiii jLiluiTnimt, ili^ujiln m 

fluiiI^UusUB lij^uirKAfi^ iniVv mm priiin rxM' lulifrAniluiEj, y\ithsi\ uit^ot ciuvt 

iwiir^lnit: u1ii v\ itii-^Mtiliik-iii cumm kiiuiii ht tJDbix tuiJK'riujjiil-k vi i&ngiiUrrjn 

pnul^^ntifini in fitluiii fimtpiilrDdtt. {uy-'ili JrtliUAviL THttu ritJui jiuiiuh jam 

tnl fTt wiij>Hliv ciuu nuiil interim iM tutuni, ^rcr^ttT cxi:Li(uiittiuiu IaiviIiiiii 

tiriim Pjmninm tt niimitinTtmn iTfiiwIinr tnHi»-cf6, hot ltiii[H>rt. lUi ^iiUmIh ^l 

i<iM]iJrt Ki:»iri(Alif< <:i^ni:Uiti", ul^liirtii^na (jinJliiiirininloTi'iiUhuj, |ilurluiM iijiin 

tUti UiiJLtail (nL'H'HJ i^iii^TUft iiiBiclM in tuiiim ii'jU-iIhIcui nmiflU ik-tcjic^ul" 

(pa^c t). fat Uio IrtlimjiiioJ ^ Ac injupfimtpt, nnd fnf 4 IcIIit Tnim Allm 111 

1 riiilc«iili.-H iluZiniikif nnrithtT iiiriinii^'ii, t> tifUU nt LvuvjlIh. nrv ili(i Amiriiilix, 

N» I.V,— PcrlinpB I mijrht londd. thot I Iiavh ^^mHf^fTf d tJii* m<>n' iltinilrd 

atoiUQE of thi' firtiTidnltcri, Diid iLibifi^ucnl roraotfoi jf Ucunr cullcffv. ftvm tlir 

life of Cftrliiihl AUm, wIhtp U'>'ll dnniunllj plowd lu l>i'iddS |ii-Lnclpd mw 

IhotiET I* the JJouBt Wtnrt, Hlmb, in his iime^ <*-^tih (o Jidto Iw^n |H<rfvvL At 

prCMaat wllh Ibc cnp<^pli<ni ot thu «niill Khmiisb i»(*Tli'm, (u wliicb I Imivv juftt 

nfrnfd, nnd Jihkliiwidcnlli (iplrmg* ii> it, nnnt of tlic *uiiit<, prcvio»aio ihm 

raman,— TO 

» [0*Ui«C"rtePtnM«orildtwrmnjJiidg5rnimtli[*fftrt, ihBi,«itiiiHY n* ibe 
tirniT-MCOiHl ftf July, IVO, ihrrc werr mj In* Ihan niw hundred nnd twelve 
cMTiclon in Uie hoaW| 1m1^ ltj« inWDben mldenl la fli« lowii,uid iudc^pvn 

lAT. IIL-l 



Scotland, who, though detaiQed in pri«mi, was not un- 
mindful of thr ^'iii-nd CAUfic of n;lt^LOU.' 

Soon nftcr. a mctlind vras tlimiglit on, to rase tht? 
touM of tlieir ohargTj aft-cr another iimnner; whirli wa», 
erect a coUc^ nt ltami\ to the i^amc cud und pur- 
r, and supply it mth gcholar* from thia nt Uhcima,' 


~ eOBncilkllB Jc(auU'MnDf[V,**qu»dbu|iu collogii ijiuui pc<lapoj;Ium 

_ CMiiton moiilb^ hnd hmtt M9 to •vti'l iHfiily 11^ itiidciitB tu tliu 
caUHifdiwI Cillm at RoiTtUt nnd to fliApntch Uiiftf-Arti iiTii*'U 4ii lh« 
U niidcia. Sit dcQvoiu, Aba, u4 thtM tubdoaociut, bad Wn untEiidiiil 
diD Minv pfftod ( and tlM offdiMlou in ubdioion, from ihividi ot lLc 
UmUi««« unm daily mcR^iiiig. RtuMuu niuy. I, ^» ^^ «;. — T.J 
[_llOUg;h1. fi4>M>rvr, tin I4 Ti^fnlifinrtt llutt, nu-ly in L MM), nn ftddiban of uny 
» faA»U> wu mkdf U ihf rop*ft»hiiformi^r|wn>^tKb«nn«Diftn/J)i 
id 11m% In J&bii4iTa ICRS^ be niMwUHt ■ bm*, <lRiriftlr nvjftniiiwndiTiii Uie 
of tho«dlh7«tothtcbiLniTnflholddiAiL (S«A|.p«idix, Wfl-LVl). 
It or liiii iLfipcai. fou^ili^ iTiOi tb« fsmect «Lr^oitn1iimi of A\iea And 
tmi tlir lETunt <>l ^11 niiMiftl pfiiibn« fron l^ilip thr wiiil of N|«iU, 
'tw*OtAuiUid rmn-ni (('■til M«rl- "7) 'niit. hitivnvi'r, ain nrll ih u prf^iom 
«f iciitiPm liiiriiltvd ^ntnTiii tnr ttr tP'\ifi<t oT i1j^ fltkW^ xhUt \\\\hAn*n 
In tbr rvra'>v*l <>( Vi- W'onliln^tmi, In IdM- Dotjav Dinry, i- soa, -jaj. — r.J 
■ f ijAdd. fDllDiritiff ilir rrmrpil lorfliinUi 1ui> claicd the fMin^ltitlim of (he 
(Ml tfoH^ U R«Ti>p fiwn tbo «iippraHimi of Ihr bn«piin). whU'h lii^ tmw 
lodnrTibi*. Thi* it «ti fnvt. Tbr ■timdon (fitlic pnjip, On-tfiifj 
ttX.. Wl Infifij lirm tiimnl \t> Thf iTlHiilWi nf Fiitrlonrl Ilwm <Hf*:r»tril i'> 
l»T Df^ <)i»Pii l^-*!"*, nfti-nrirrl* lii*ihFiii r^ f !iiv>f»ui, i!iii| tbr ?frcticm of ■ 
pkiiai^ ill lb* KiiRiJiii i--ipiul, till Lbr ii|L]4i]ioii iif Kiif^lUU rli'rjr^irn'Ti, mlulit 
r W pntducltrr of llu (FTFLm-ti p»il ; ind,mTi>nlhiply. «u[if tv>ri*j» ixi ihr rli-luily 
]bf Wl I'Mr^i nrrr opi-ncd, ii borly <ff rxlln, nJimiy n^Ulnit in liip ctlT, wan 
ImllDnl, ind thr Miprrinlt^iiJ'.'iirr td i}il< fMa1r1i<ilLEiiL']]i, wii plu'rd In thfl 
mdi EiT Di.^ MiLiritf? Ckiwuk. b|ht bid jubi AUtuinL^d ur tht- winltusLip uf 
kK«p>ll>l' Tills iniiM havi' '"cnt in ISTS, Sunn nfV-fn^inh, bnwi'vri, tJitf 
nf |vnn iilliiif Tor ihc ttrrniJiunkry fjF ibc limtUiiUou, ly nuliminif It whli 
KRJOuri'tiii uf Ibc btiB'pllAl, «4> Kitffp^lcfl : itnil, in Utc fnItuMiiL); ycivj^ Hut 

[iiruildKlWi uf lLf C4r]]c);r If uf iuui:h JiDiiujUiiito, 1 fiill ml^uiD iLt pUBBCfi* 
l^finni (fe Vitiution. in wbirTi il i^ Af^™tnL 

''Qiiii»bi> Mi]ti>i0|>a itlrr^irit^ XIM.\ c^nitniicruido Ir dqibmbilE tcU^iiv, 

librfn. fflilHic^ffJ ^^nicrr ill n^^ELsiicn^ Oiloumn, fbe^ n amnrrtBrc fr4 <[iicl 

"i jiciwdl ihtAtti i ^rini <id1n unu cirdmtn, iroTci^lr cowi urchbc tttjiti> 

ta Rr^iu on vukinano di jEiomiii di quvlU iin£itiii«. • • • * « 

dal cnoK ftpottL^icc* drL wminD pubirt il pn>\i'bi oonniclvti, ^i djrtio 

Ilia nir open, n>n cwctif . »tett (K mo ordinr ic(.TVDti in klctilio 

tLCiMfir« dc &. PttlMi quti ipovnni Ai qncTla lLninut« rlif, ditito* 

htt llf«rn, ^l liio:itmr>]i4 pf-mti n fcc^ndnrr 1c vtttr idrr <\c\ p\o ^v^nCttv* 

Evdmitdi ijiitl innpn, ^ nniinnr fnplcw (I T^^pri*- *pfdrtlo, , , , Tr^olttio ildl 

'tiiMnJ* ^br idVtn rm il ^arnlm ■iir(ril4}li^, MimriKm (^linKT^t'ii, Y^Wp i1 X.pHdtg 

lb* all* ■& lnL ififrpititt' wtjn^-llt Tiati^ i povuni (jfv'Hi^li", \i'- [Act. ViKit, 

173% 1T1P( iitV i. MS, tn «hir Knj^, O'tK At Itoiiir).— U b cndcnt ttvim nil tbU 



Iw piinciii 

There wae in Rome a flmall conimuTijt)', called the En* 
gliiih hospital, which hod been buUt and CDcbivcd by the 
^^ of our nation, in the time of the Saxon hcptarchyt 
llcfiy for the entt-rtaiumi-ut of pil|^rimt^ and travellers, 
^ho eoiistantly visited that city out of devotion. It 
catititiufd mider \\\\% ivgidntiiin, till llm rei^ uf king 
Hi^nry Vin,,nhrii, the rupturt-- happening betwcf*n Eng- 
land and the sec of Romi% scvcrid persons, both lajiinen 
ATid ecclcsiagtics, who fled out of linpland, were enter- 
tained there, fts to lodging, <iiet. and other oonveniencc*- 
In the beginning of f|neen K)i7nheih*ft reign, Sir Edward 
Came, funnerly ;ig<'nt til Rniin^ for king Henry VIH.j 
ill the cause of the divorce, was naade maatcrj or cnstos, 
of the hospital ; and, abont the time that Dr. Allen re- 
moved his college from Douny to Rheiin^ it was in the 
^8sesmn of Dr.Thonms Goldwell, bishop of St. AsapVft, 
whoj with about ttight or nine of queen Mary s pnestSj 
nud two or three lay persoiiT^, nimlp up that emnmn- 
nityJ About the flame time, pope Gregory XIIL, at the 

**iUThIl>1ir<l, TiflL n* OocJci jaij*. lo n^iif ve ihjii jt iLliHm^, liul fur Ck^ tfxpnm 
p1lryn])u^ (if prn^iiliiig' iuldilimial luppliri foi i\\v PJufflJiJi niiKiion^ — 7'.] 

' [In ^hi^ ^I'onnn ti( dir |-'iip:l!>li ImopitJil it Rcpinr, 1\h{*\ ba^ follcrBul IVily^ 
d^ir. n.irii^lIrM, S|H!1iii>iii. iiuil Ilii-' iiI1li-t liJhliTriiiTih vkhit b^ti' t.j>o1pii of U ' il 
Tjv iiin»rTn:l, 1inivi-vr[» iit iili'iuiHt v\^rf iniillciiIjiT- l". TIh' rhlnliliMhititiiil, 
Jilml xu llv (JTDF erf Lbi' liqjuiLh). VLnx Htv f^nxiiu clIioiiI, ot hn^iiul, t»ir 
ica [ilTwrimv Itnys eictitu *i> Liii); Tiw, in 7-i7. iincl »« »Uii*Uil lifycwil 
Tiber, Ifatiiii: Ihxu in'wr limnt-cl, miil rniju<TjlI;i liiMimvJ hvtLL-«io> 
kiiccof ^^r. It ^-n^ \il li'ii|fll» *T'iMi*Wcil. Iii 1204. liiiiwrul TIL tnLii>vrviTcd 
1u rrvt'iMfi:^ to Oir lirtlliii'U nU^dicii Li llir dimtb i>f S^mU Mjirin in ?^Hxia; 
Aiitt (1(1 ill Mile wm ihcQ niieil Oj« iTrarul nmnjiii Wjiit/il nf SjieiIu :^j>irilir 
{Bullar. lom^ L CvubL «i nmoc, ]Jl,« nuJ SouUi^vrll'i oflffiniiL] ^IS. m my 

a. Tlic- timtilalloiif or mhal cf iliv Juliilncj, in 19(i0 and 13^, tfaronfcd 
Itoiiif with tl»ton itud ]TJ]|criib> from o^cij mrt nf iIjis ChriBEiDn wtitlf]* 
TUc l^uelirJi Ti^w frit ibr li>it0 fif tJiw DntJottaf hntpStol: U> npnl; it Jubn 
BbephfivLa tiirErlirnt of Lmufcm, pitrtliciicil ^r^rml hmue» En the vw di IkTon* 
KTmlfj, ill lliij tii'iiiiiy of tlio l^m«ii l-'iiTUi'^Cf iLitrl^ lirivin^; touvcrlcd \htta iato 
ftn cifnUihLitaciil for ttir iccrpiiun 4if iiilKTimf ami tmrrlkra. under Uv nlnn 
6HC L>C tiii- lUtwcd Trinity mid St Tbomim. bpi^Lmt\ with btx irifo, thv ial 

firinlciidoiit nf Ihir mm iiLktiiiLlinii lOri^miL dri'dt in Uic .itrhiroa of 

. m, iiid *iinfl ]y(t"J, Lassttiti Aflh Pi'fi)inHft\r"), 'l\l\^ wm atiuut tJic j«Cq 
3dB; J^ JSJf'f^ iiTiolJk-r bHpiul^ Jip|ir')pnnk''l 1o iliefaiiii« nurpnacc^ wad founiicdi 
ifll Vlt>lrH Tbinnip" firilmj^alii'iwurH* bi^bifpol (.''UidiLhUT^iiKd dLltcnn IV 
Srfit r1o<Tuutr*l I'l ^l^ lutinitiid* mid nni! ticiiELfr^il iiinir the dilireli fd San Cabv- 
j|oiwuilmtt*vfc: but, In vrnsiiiiiccil ^^^w«Uercfllihbfthin»&liD 


«iT- inl 



instigation of Dr. Allen, but chiefly of Dr. Lewis, an>h- 
deacoQ of Cainbray, ihnutrht proper to make some ultrr- 
iiion, ai^ to th^. Mne. of thU house ; wliirh wojg, to make it 
Ltcolk-fTi* for (lir i^^luivU.ion of Kn^liuli rlurCTttiPO. And 
Bcrordingty. aftcnvards.riz.,9 CaJcnd. Maij, I'j/O, ,^„^ 
obtiincd an cstablishmrnt, by an exprrsti bull of April 
UiTgory XIIIm bis bolivK^as addrnt; vory plra- **" 
Itif^ly to the old renu:, m thai by oomputntiuii the ^liole 
fTcariy revenue' nmoimtud to 1500A «tLT)ttig; asufficii^nt 
IJiind, as it Vfos thought, for iht' niHiiiUiiiiiii^ of sixty 
TniOTi!!.^ Dr. I^rvris, who had the cliief inaiii-igement of 

Vtt ili MiHi^rmln ^Lfli, iTinpH S, F-Jm, a?2. v- T|; Jiiiil. fur iht next flfljr 

\r*t ilic but|'iUi] iif Si- 'niiiEim* ti'ctu* (» Slhit ■•n'-ii rnrnnli^il il?i hu nbji'd vf 

iL nnpoTtUbV. I: w;L>diiiUm l1;c tlUpuU^ lirci^rrii lli-nij VII!, uml llir 

■cc iImI il lntliri;iu] bi diiliuiL M iIil h Ih^iu oiKKiit-ciL iu rojitinm 

iOJiJjr failed: ibc iiip^lir?i, HfiJdi H hvi hi^XniXry leivhc/i fmiN Eii^lAikrl, 

«J| Ulc t&iJirin uKTiiiU-n wcrt lJmiI. In lljul \rrfj-, |h»|w IVjI MI., 

» la pfMcrre llic 1io>|>lU1 f<>i llic t'ni;:1(i1i itulion, imli'ml tUv tm^nnl 

B& be fllW up, mid fcnumittcd thf wnr(ieniliiiiti>c«.nLinil Pole fOs-i-ciWc 

' Igleti. dtito lAH^ J.ils iv. p. XT*)), Siill tlir iiuiitution ruDliuiicrl to 

Ett^k |}jc nvUimliuii '>f n^]J|£i(itL untkr AIioit fjulcil to rc%i*^c lU foi> 

; »Bd, *L ittt Htccvkuiri uf ElUfiipdlL it ^md vi fnr cfimfd toiiiinncr itv 

jBritiakl |>tiivi»c«, iu lo ilimtoit « iipcv^l) diuuLuliLin. [l wuri n1>oiit ttkijt ixrvrl 

[IWI^ Uui Sf Edwftid ramp wfl* ncnninLittii vurdcn ; hut* iii ihc f<jllo»Ui>r 

ifi t^e DpiMHi'mfnl 'Kfln Trroktfd ; C'iLrtK\ friT touic unknown «iii*r, van Fl< 

" thv hvrpiuli ""d, Hi tin* rtnl iif ■ fi-vf tfwr*, died in Jlomi' jHwd, tS*. 

Mift PpttpiB. Nil. Vl). Ih l&4il, ])r, {.I^jMim'II, Ijiihnp of Si. Avifh'K, 

fiM«(er- Hit hq^ lufirrnvli'd, in It'ffT, hy ^iilv-iiM Titvlttr : Thiiiini 

Bk4 Hrnrv Hfuthii* f(ht1t>ni]d M d^MiTrui intennlr; kniL nimeEirm' m 

ia7H, >ftanoo Hmixk, Ihc lait wariltiiH *^:i*- •p]xniik<l (M*^. iu lite 

CoJL)- ^onh niiK till- )iti]iLtj«M» rf the Kni>titti IkiMpitilj «TivU tlicolun- 

•MBlicncd in th* UM, dx-t |>1jmi. — A,] 

' ['tfc* 1>nll i«i]l ^11 luuud III (ill' \mh-niliK, >i>, |,Vli. It niJii (Ulf4 Apfil 

SS, 1fi90: biiU for rviuanf nltioEi viill ikj-jH-aT in u TiiE»u<c|iii-itt tviU, vtiu aM 

fiibll»b(iT umtl th^ ivtntv-fourOi ol lioctruiirr in itvr UAhmi^')^ ^fav 'Hip 

jDU£t«giTia il. iy itatmg ibc i»o(jt<« jind ulijoi^l u| t]iu ui-u ImiLiiiiition. Hv 

it«rrd l]|i> duTtiii d Ku^Wrl "ii thk* MI^dIkiei cf tKo lioly rf' bf- hm 

flriirj; tnivi yt'r\tt-iiti*tn in tinnr rmn (■iiuntry, to urk intrtTtkMlon 

lAfk cnilinl; nnil Ik- tA)^ dri^miEn-il ^■ iLxhinl Ihr-m in Tlnit \ta\y pirr. 

ptTTTidc Irr thrm ilir inrflnt at (-4'I»I']iIii>ii,eiil<1 lliii'c In ijujihfr tlifin fut 

\uata nil hnpnitiut dutv o( iniiKiuDcm;^ iltir Irniht of nli^ori lo <briT 

" conmi^mrtk H'hh thf* Tirw. Oirn^forr. Iip <T«r» n poUrsrr in tin- htn. 

Sl ThtifrMt. whfvriii Hilt livt rl^ii filU K>njf3iib ttuilnifM *Juil1 br coii- 

iiiati; Ifiiiiruf 1^ in Hhni'trr nf^y ti'iid Ut Ti ibirh T't iIim rxi-n^itf nf ll]E^ mii-TtU 

r For Oidl reridmrc, ho ^^tn thfni thr ho*iiil^l and tW} ciFmii;uf»u* 

UlbelM OctMtr^cil bv lin^hiiphin^. orltrthnn of ihni e»1ji^>]itliim'ul; 

■nvaonodBtiCiiiL wiil Hij^iidti. xhv <.')iari:b nf cliv Bk'iiHrdTriuii? Jind St, 

Nn >nTiUal n-rninn nf *>\ HvnivtwiX c-f"*n»(j a»rl whnw-^ti priTpcrtT^ in 

MHk Hinl vtint i-iMcuaiiiH, ilir im'TiilifiM fif ilir hc^^iilAl 1m«c liitliciLo 

Al ibc uvic tiit^f In; ('iriii]ili^ tlictii rrom tbi; ^,iuiriil f'f al\ UXco., 


tnAT I*. 

this new e^bihliiihTnert, prooured ron^idemble bent^Mv 
tuJTm torrnnlji fumiUirc nnd othfT cotivetiir^iic«i«, and 
roiitrihutpd very largely out of bis owti siil)sfanct- fl 

Now, for the better tnanagcmciit of Uiis nursery, hd" 
employed two Jeftuit^, oue m a procarftlor, the other as 
II prefect ; who, beiiifc iT^iHnns, niid w^^ll acf|nninted 
nitb tbv riiHtoiiiti uud ItLD^uiuce of the pliKv^ wtti^^ at 
that juncture, hugely iieeessary. But the«.% aj« well as 
thp wrhoUus, wcrr nndcr the nircelion of l>r, Maurice 
Clciiock, bishop elect, in queen Mary's reigii, who was 
appointed rector, or chief president, by the [lope, of» 
more immediately, by the oartliiial protector/ WTien 
Dr. Cleaoek had eujoyed this dignity about a jear» he 
waii nbligcd to ffurrnnder it to an Italian .Femjit, ona 
fathrr Pan!, who beramc rertnr:* aod, not long after^H 
thi^ ^U^ j^overmncut of the college fell into the hands o^l 
tbu English Jesuits ; and so it continue* at preiwnt. In- 


plrir'*^ ilium iiikU'T h^N imTi litim^ilinlv niii1rr»[. nml, liiivinif invrtt^i thnii 
nil rhr fni\nrfl<H*>f n imlrfrftli^, »[»j>r?irits f In- i-nnllnnl M"!nnn> :is tlw pn>livtiir^ 
llimu^h wbrisr InirrrFiiilmi whjiirTpr dilflnilflr* tljcv inflT fncmiiitpr (*ul| W 
u<^L]5ic<l Itj Tvtia^c iullutuic, ut iit w}ki)l HLi^i;^'!ktic>ti. this hull «u bnwil, 
lln-rr 19 tinMlimiTtJil^JiT iv^ruf?- In lliB nvw cif the VinfLniLiiD, ftlnmlviD- 
li'iicif icu llii! [HJ|ici '■■ luercJjr witil la liAir iiru^l "rol 4tiiiKi).'1i(i dA vmmu^ 
Mi!ruiiL-"{iMS. uimir, art. L); biil U \i tint liij^HiuiMc (lint t.iWiH. Hml, jKrtfai|iv 
iLpjui-li U'w-1. Dr. AU™, jiuvjii tln' (lr*t insliujCL', Imvi' iiUf[HiW thr uiftUfT 
IdiImii jwutin'-*! LiiiEiht ^> nilil. ltiiit> At U^>ft iTiii'cl. titt reul^ *jC \ht- h<Pt^i^^^ 
ftmOtlJiml !■» H<H} i:Mi^'i^»« whk'h, Vrilh ilip jiArlitinun] ^raiii ^(atrd lu llic hi]^^| 
Itan ID tlw ot^ i^AUbhuWcnt «» rutiUMl i)ii>i»Ti]r nE 7-}t^* crrtUA. ot nllic^H 
montban I>?ti0/. irrrllni;. A* il prt^nl* ntokmlflj t'l^frorl t»<lJon of ihj? «t>- 
nomroftlic bifljiiljil, 1 will Bu!jji>i» aft^py <>fitJniccoiinl-;oll fui tlirynr l&Tfl, 

' fHu*, lU' fl*n ** rtll lluil foll'iftn. nil the fubjc-l of tljc TtonirLD Collier, Ek 
(iffcu bj Diidd, io tlie fomipr p<iili«ui * muln ibi liToof Dr, Hfinnk. LEIai ~ 

in Uiiu jiIju-c n fomftwlini <Iiirifniit " Urfgiiry X!I1,", Ut w 
ptniHl nfltT tli^ |ip>mul]Ciitkjii iil i^ic hult, ^* UkLifcirij^ iip^>D Dr t«wv 
di W I'fonM* r m lUta ytrX . tjtir^ him Ihr fihrrtif f« nmhr rfioict of ^ j/rtndttit! 
And Ur, Jdnuric*' ClMiwliwcn Vtp r<'n"t> pilcliwl ujum." 'IltrTCadcf, IwnnnTT, 
bui ftlvMidj fcvn thai ( 1t<iifH'b''< npf-rnTitiinnif tvAR prcvlmii to die il&tc of tfic 
buili and ftrvn Allm'* iHlcr, whlHi will nllfnvar'K (h* tcfnrvd to, it ib c-r{^mt 
tlidt l-rtt-m, Ihnnith cwrudolj enn^iltpd rm thr (iibjciTT, ni»uW not linrr liaj tbc 
nnmliuiti™ of tttD prrddml lii h wdTnijufnf nnii?. [ vhnM luiic ooctiMOa tO 
thcyt Ihtl CIrnrtiik't nl^1^^^u^^y hfid irnnlruiLtil, hctati- ibc fmll iru dnwD up, 

JJoddiddir. ^' 111" iijlli^-fi wja fitmislinl, ill flrit, (Viim Khiimn, during (Uc 
JMfc of Or KWon. nnJ ^lU wii-i^f*"!". Hr, TWn.'U ; hm. nrrrr^^iinli^ u i-minavir 
t^haai iH'ini: f'laude^ l-y lln' Joii'T*, rat St. l>iiir] w«*iHr1* ii«mKv<l fK^ra 
lhniir(iif**rj, whpm'c Lbt> ohII mil lucb jouUu *i iljvj tlitnk'prtJitT f«a ilat 

» (JhbwimipitjilHS AtTiWBt[ was tbv finl Ji:auii rwioi, — i:] 

UIJID.U ^'Uijvsv, n 
iv(1e. lElAMeoiii^H 
irs tpmUof uf ^B 
T l«wi»|Qball» 




ileed, it was still to sen'c aa a nareery for the dei^y ; 
but ypl the Jesuits reaped u ilauhle advauta^'^ hy thl^ 
rhnnf^e. Tlir jqiunns of llii-ir nnler hail a TiiaiTilf nance, 
ami opporbmity of improving tlitmselves, by bnng matjc 
itors to thcr clfirgy, and qtta^i profrssors. Agkiu, it 
le a kind of nnn^ry to their order i for wsj often 
lOM, that were desiffiietl for the clerfry, before they had 
leted rheir stadte!<, were hirolled amon^ the Je- 
flut wlint c*hiefly woft re.gnrded as an aclvattta^ 
tn thfiir wicicty wa^, to be mastrrs and maruigrra nf the. 
_lcveQues belonging to the college- Now, the occasion 
Htf Dr. C]ctiock> r(?^noi*n] vras thi?, as I have faithfally 
^nnnii it out of the original letters of Dr. Allen, Dn 
^Tiems, Dr. Haddock, Dr. Clenijck, &t\ There had been 
frequent contests betwiM*n Dr. Clenock, the president, 

K[d the two Italian ,Ie^iiit-s who were employed x< pni- 
irator and prefect; whieh, by dejrrccs, were fomented 
to B partj" qnarrcl anionic the seholars. The debate 
first ran tpnn two heads t fir^t, the hnuse beiny; (sriirin 
^T desiirnetl for the entertainment of Kngluih travellent, 
ibhop GtjUiwell, with iwvfral other* of our nation, h:>tJi 
ricstA BnH InyTntm, had their nniirtinnils and mnintc- 
icc there, evt^ mcc they Irtt England, the first of 
leen Elizabeth* This they claimed, as on andent 
:ht ; the houfie and old res enuci^ hein^ pureliiised by 
If Saxoii kings, for ihat piirpose^ and supported by 
leir sueeesHors uvcr sinee, tUl the reformation/ Now, 
IP two Italian Jpsnits wnrr for overthrowing this efitah* 
^hintiit. niHjn a pretence, that the additional revenues 
pope Gregory XIII., hy whom the hospital was 
ted into a oolletje, were a sufficient pround to turn 
ie whole ineome iuto anothcT channel : and, in eon^'- 
lencp of till!*, they were for having hitihop tloldwell 
ii the rest removed fi'om their A]iartinentA. This 

MtBUUnl ■■ *'liMvoUmp", vr nlgribH. vho, hy the ■utLiU«,oaal(i dnEm « 
HDinHnKv mlj Sec three, i^r ciffnt (Uf «> iK'ntrcJitie to ihe rLnfjidci lb wWli 
mnc^lnit vrrr uItujIK jiuviriuirU Li iln' bi>>j^tii1 lut miiln]tl>TTthRiii tad 

!1 o! 


projf^ct was xeftloiiMy opposed by Dr. Cleiiock, bb beii 
contrary to the original intent of the ff«indcni> Wh' 
this dehttte was (^oming on in private, it was Dttciid 
with iiiiothpi', wherein the scholars were divided, aa 
made* punier. Some of them quarrelled with tlie pr«8f- 
dt^nt'^ cuu(1iii-t and iiiiitjji^tnLeiil^ and, upon L'vrry iKrc^ 
•ion, showed a disgust to him. The clisgiiAt grew up 
into inurmurin^, and murmnringn into open n)inphiint«; 
which at Inst profinoed a petition, offered to ht* hrjlincsB, 
Gi^ued by Shenvin, Array, Oore, and Hiiddock, the 
chii'f of thf inul-eont«?nt». Meniitjuii-, Moronc, the car- 
dinal protectur, beiug mnde atquanitrd with the aff: 
the four petitioners were threatenefi with exjiulsi 
But, before that rmild be concbided on, a ^e-oiid pe 
tion was drawn up niraiuRt tlie present ncl mini titration 
the house, and sipied by a ]ar\iv majority of the stu- 
dents. The principal beads of the accusation were, that 
the president^ Clemirk, was not. (jualified for the place; 
that llitt two JeTSiiit^ the preset and ]>roour*il^)r, were 
maltreated ; and, wlmt wad tlic capital grierancc, that 
the WtUJimen were, upon all occasions, preferred to the 
English. Great pains were taken, to compose these 
differences; and the protector seemed resolved th 
those, that would not obey the president, should be e 
peiled. To prevent Miis, thirty-three of the schohitpi, 
Englishmcti, voluntarily left the collc^-; rc«>lving to 
return to l)ouay and Uheimfi, or to Entrlajid. ITiey 
ren^ained two days in Rome, after their desertion ; 
during which time, tlie Jes^uits not only took care to 
fnrui»;h tliein witli \iehui1s UulifiTi^, nm\ other uecnun- 
rit«, but abo inUTcedcd with lus holi]ie?s in their behalf; 
and it was concluded^ that they ?*hould all return to the 
college, with an at^urancc of bein^ macle eo^y, in a little 
time, a» to Dr. Clenock. Meanwhile, several schemes 
were proposed, and Dr. Allen, presiitleni of Rlieiuib- col- 
lt*ge, e^onf^uhed uikjii the uiaHer. One of the proposals 
wa5, that Dr, Clenock should be continued custosj or , 
governor of the hot^pital only, with the ancient rents <^M 
^00 crowns per anmun< bclong:ing to it,' As for a pr^^ 

[Hjiildack^ Icitcr, >vli^vU wtli (tacrnnrilk be icTtncd ti, H j& oalj tkni^ 


tar. <ri.1 



dent» ; te havini: been the ehief jiromotcr, mid a «iin^u- 

ndent, some of the etudeiits meiktionei] Dr. Morvtoti, 
oilierx Dr.Bemnrd. Dr.Lewis wag for«etictIn^to Rbeims 
for Dr> Bristowt*, who had im L-stahlisht'd reputation for 
tlir maiLagemcnt of a (rolh-gr. Ixflh as tii learning aiul 
discipline : but, as a great majority of the Eiiglii^ 01 
Kome wei^ de^iiroiis lo Imve a Jesuit made rector, one 
of iliat order iuiniediatt^y was inKUillcd. Tbcst' ])ro- 
€C«<lingK were very diKple^isiuji^ to Dr. Lewis, nnd seve- 
ra] of (111" anLnLiit tlt-rgy, ^^hu rpmoiutrated agaiiirt 
th^m ; alleging, that this was dpstroying tlje origiEinl iri- 
fticxition of the community, be&irfe-s the interest and rt" 
patution of the ivhole body. They wrote to Dr Allen, 
desiring he woidd concur with them, to have things 
turwjd iato tiicir aitcitnt channel. His answer was, as 
I find in one of liis tetters, that he was sorry Dr. Lewis 

►y thr 
id a. tn 

kr bcticfuctor towards thuC et^Uiblishmcnt ; that, at the 
same time, ho thout^ht the Jesuits were very capable of 
the Qndertakiti|f, bein&f famed for their method in the 
education of yuuih : tJiat, conftideriu^, another chiuigu 
would disoblige ;l ^rt:af maiiys be a tokrri of levity, and 
rerive several odious controvcraic^s, for these rca-soiis, 
ke fidrised hii^ brethren of the ancient cler^- to sit 
dowu quiet, and let matlerd go on, as tliey were ordered. 

fre have ever rince been frequent remonstraiiees 
!l ihis hftt^rogenrous education of the ck-rgy, and 

ly inconvcnicucra allrpcd, a* flowing from it i espt?- 
Ily an hereditary, and often a Hcanrialoii?, faehon 
Lciugthosej who ought to be nnitcd in the same mte- 
reftt. For, though charity ought to overlook snob con- 
oderatioDdj yet tlic geiu-rul rulc:^ of ^ood economy will 

pemut perHOns of diffen-nl iatcrrsts to make up one 
id the Aame body : and many think it prudence, to 

up j^nch a source of contc^t^.^ 
About this time, or soon after, otherprojccts were act 

fCloLwkj f»l It, it«Lll T>r, it l\w Iraun, flvc hiiiiJrcil cri>nn>ia-yMf, clou; 
omir irpuMrj". Tlir " Bm-tuiit fvnu*', a> dii- rcfldw »iT| n-JUtin!>f r, wrre 

T. drnoct, uiiil fKfiii tlif Icllcn cf Ij;wu. llaJrIocL, nud A]]cit« ulikh^ 
vnli tva ocbrt jBf en /rum thv archivin at ihc cuUc^, vnU \k tawaHi \^ 



[r»iiT IT. 



Oil foot for erecting coUegt^t^ at ViUladolid, SexUle^ and 
St, 0mm. Tbey owe llitir rbe to tlie leal aiid imlujlry 

the ApptiuUi, Nu. L.IX. 8i>niD rcin&ilK hawcf«r, «rc buv uocomij. 

the BluiU-uti were iu nolunl poscuaoQ riulli of Utc hmpiu) and ^iM fropctiy, 
timt lL( Jc^uiU prgpiKHi to txpi^l (iddwcl] and Uiv othvt lirctbBm bow tk« 
a|iartiDi>]i1a, uiirl thftt CUdoqL'i upprMitli^ii |ii tEiJt pTDCCodin^ wbk on^ (uoir of 
lui iuDDiHftJ IJmn th« pMriEluijt>)iij>, Tliiii U by do nvann contvL Tbiri d» 
Kolwlnn, in wliUtioa U* Hv* 4tJi^lii>ti»icnt awr SL l\ujt\ vn/nt p«rtait|*4 V> 
(Kjcujij a pai'tiou ofibe c-oLlcijv, rmdthikt. to UL-coniadiU! ili^ra^ nxcf lliu cl^f^ 
Ida* ^^» Tvmov«l ffom Llicrr li^'lpnniH oni pcn^onnl \m 1b« loim, It ct^riAln ; 
buithitlboJenuUti>ughtihi^t^pu]>io» ofniiy hdrt oflhtf bfelfanm, iv ihtti 
>ttidiiit4 pott«»ed iDora Uiu> h iPuipDrtrj rvsJ^iT^aiH* uiiJiiii thv houic. tl^viv 

Ihe nry nuHilLCDiLbk Atilhartly of ih« |irtitimd«d iiatoakcal tv fli-ncHtlc : Cw wH^ 
])t tiptiinJic'Uil L; tbc Iwt jMMibU cTiLituoc, tlw dote cf Uic l*ul], tnuttiintnf 
ibc Tvntt anil prapcTty of thr hntJilUil lo ttr iia« <«llt'g«. Ilmt ilUtrai3Mi% 

l*n of liudilwk iiinl Jj'wi*, wliipli ijhinIt iif ih" irrimval *>f rirtiwk Mslrewlf 
<li?U<r;miii-i1 (^t^, wrm urilti^Ei i<ii Eltf iiitiEh aikI imiIIi of Uh^ |irvr(iUTi|; mniith; 
jind ft u *-\i-iii, thi-^n-fort , tliJit tTia rllifhufr- FM'tuivn ihi- ttn^loiju dim] the titmI. 
rif-nl lirtil tiTminiiriii, my, iJiti (he Inltpr hJid hum iif [n»lly ricpiMi, noi only 
^wturi' Ihif wrvuhtn ai iiic. n^w (*tUil)li4lniitii[ w(*rv ijui lit pownton of Hhff 
Ihiiplinl, Fiiil nlbfi hrlhrr ntiy mmturr^ fiml Ivim l:ikiii, lo IriLnfrr its pr^pcrt^ 
l^m tho oii^iiol iivni-HL Nrr ii Hiin all. Whi<Ti tlin hull vnut ilni^n tqi, 
an oj>j<<iinlifln tn in nTtiiTininvi wuh itriHiftliiilnly ntihK?, Tlii* riutiU of ihe 
hi'tpilMl tt^rr' sikA^Tlfil: llifi ftwuflrdilp *if (hir bmhii>n wfts plr^jlrnf; tnd, fur 
i»nri' rliiiTi »>i^ljij^-n inomljs, Oir dijipliiii- 1 1 iiTinun] in nfTrrn iufiwbAiI iMlut* 
nTiiH^ltftlir^vUU'iDiidlliD Tijjujdal^i <hi lIl< j^ i.tiMf, X\ lecfflli, n coaipmnibn wu 
I'fli'i'ird. Tlit.< ]ji«pit:i9. mbk'»i.1 iifWii]^ ^mijiivuLfl, was uiiUi^il wiE^i ihcculUvr, 
Mi^l.oii xhv IwnHv-fmirlli «f n<ri'ii;fnT, IflWi\ iJie liuH *iiji priMi-^bprf, anrt 3i* 
iitililfLUt«i undrt Uji! Ji^uiL lucu^t. RiuifTc^l fnmi Llir ihUiMl^liiTti'iii. ntt^t Su 
PviFffij 10 iLi^ir iii^w rcelilcikt^^ '' Nun rlniiiM; |K!n> It driui bidh jiuUiratJ, 
iilip n 01 2* DisM.'ii}lnt dfll spjjui'utf iLiL»i:>, I5M0. jj CAnumi' <kH* iiAUivlu t\ 
fl^.■enl i laccrdati dilln TLpfidnlc cd i>*k;>iziif ^ujiprc^H^ • * « * |j^ ^ 
riudvttiii Kif'i'Ui/ ^'W Hr-nU \'U" dViKm «lla iiuuvd ibiiilminue, jVj, «ai dcrou 

vtntbiiiiiiL TiimtiL vi>!Kniiiifiit& dtlU cK S^ Toujritiihi iJiv^i Tafliiiiv vLt. uniM- 
intntv Agli dlli l^ii T rtnditc dtUo ipcdoje c4 oipUJo. rrnnr In |iiiMiniiij lUla 
fj dlniton ddP en-iti (a^llf^iju. v] iuroini iltn-Bi, npll' iudltiiTu nionw, UuforiU 
dolfr eiA"( -Ii ^- PEcEfO^ vd mcTiiciki, in ijiinliTA ill otuiLDi, i i:iiiqu«nVL yluvul 
]iiflr*ii4:lii^ ulla pr»('iiiea di ri^i'Xiai);- Simifijunfi^ imiir protunUort' Jnl coiriliiMl* 
Mvruupf e dci Vl*. (-qIi,, t kithttU' HxWnnn'mi}, pr^itimnu tolcimo 
Klnmoento Hi nlil/rwiHitnr Iv oinUt piciTdoUJc. * di iMirfnirai iiclT lugliiltrtTa. 
id Kirififi dip'Uii tfiTitu fttlci ^laitiliork" (Arl, VibiI. ili anv. aT%,{.). T\mt tht 
]iC0)>il'Ll "[iJ< UQtitid witli Uic ci>IJut(t, ] icutiiiir fixitu iho bicl, tluil thcr« it tiiU 
pCMtfTtti, in UiP B^.'Kivr( <if thti IhIUt, a pn[n*r dritiid in l^i-il,aiid «ai 
1Hi4k<« " dtflli wlU'iftiiii ritvviiii no] (?oll*prij, lol tiloln df [iipi«io. dmio ' 
_^6( i#rfr Mpdflif af rpjirf^iii, i>i j-jytK -;^^i7 tjtlia ti, Giv^fvio A Hi."— (] 

1 htiotild add. Ibul llio ijolli, ickLHitluiivd in ihf ]irc<.iediiir extmcc, a« lia 
l.n*n talon br thr ■indenii on ihp da\ of Uwir udmiiiioti, «iu llmt pn»cr«,,^ 
ill Ilii> buUof fiiijuililimi' nnjunm-nilj.Miiro'i ciaiiTUriii ^lut. Pror, Aiw.dT), 
Uifll Jl ii-ai tuWciiinjllVHrtrFfiJidjiil ihrisii^rptilion ol lutJii'r l'iTioiir,u h mlU^. 

2. IknW* ii-'i'Minr «f thf p!u>[rpt* iiTid TinmnutioH ol iluf ilinpuie, t>f|ntt« 
CloDixIc vnd Uto iliuEcLi^ ho* lOiiicUmn Ijcvu vvudtiannl, not col^ u jmkj»] 

COLLTCCii:^ FO\.N|>i:t> AHKOAflH 


of Robert P^reons a Je«uit» who hat! such inti-rttt at ti\f^ 
mrt of Spoiti. gs to prociire rcspcctivo pcmioiis for 
wir sub^st^nce, They were all deeis:ue(l for the cdu- 
jliou of young cierf^^men ; the Engliiih Jceuiir^, lu yet, 
»t being famit^tl into » distiuot body, or proviDGial 

It aKn m diitumot I ymi not <ialU(. Inmm^, tlwl lh« IclUm of Ll-iHs. 

iddi><dk,«a^ Allen hntc Urn imtiufiu'^; mud fnRD Ihnci it tviilciillr jipp^rr, 

thnl iht prHidcBl, who had Iffca originally appoiuki], ii; cmptotitJcii in tlio 

Wioc, or. al lc»rt,lolhroiiinion,ofDr, Allen. wiuuHi|XUiIifiC4| fin llic »i|liiiU\?u ; 

tbal lot xliiuaiitjnliiTU oirttoJ the conipliimtt of it W^v lajyoiitr uf ihi> 

uUvt** nboftc (lito^iitoiif HiiH jit Irnjctit VHJi(AU<f Ui ruLa of open ninrtlicin - 

ILaI tAO »rftvcit (liii^ af tiii; diMfl^Ud woi^ tu kIU-t iXw (toTcniincnt of iW 

lUff;*, (A rvnuTi <^]L-iiach| ud dImg ibc iiuiuc undi-r ili« dirti-titm <rf tlu' 

itts ^ 4. Uuit^ R (u!fLii£ to mlimn l<> the dctifion of the f Kit«b;>r, auil uri- 

IK iu tbnr opwfiibon lo ihp tjuKHihfd nuUioHt^of ibv presldcHt. iWy 

M<iltnd, l«lh h^ iLo pmUvlPi juid tJuj pt^t, U) lnkT« tbo obUagic < &. Uib£ 

JcMfiu,vbft «*><■ tmu^oT lh» ol>jKC And h«d ocHUUnt}; wnsdcd tba 

~^ oT iha toi^coty, lion i>pailf ftrcclftfuud thotr fUcndihip Jttf thw ^wb^l 

^bcd filled ibcpul^dU of Kirroe wUb appcala lii Ihdr iHihaJT: fi. Ihiit tbv 

of the a»d«^i Ibough he Imd prtibu^]^' Ciuiid ii ac^muT to " Torlild 

^ prirkUljr «niplu^ dw inRuMti'V ofhtx frivuilis tucoml^ntthp pwnlation m 

Mtrtiff: 7, UiAt tli« JMiilt or thMA pRHVOrlmyH tliv rri-'Eil mtd Inntiyj^h 4if 

d&MiAtud, Ibp rrrauTnl of Hr. Cl»nAck> tnd llj« aii^hnjitnivjilot -x Jr*iiil« 

. ftliwr JJphctia>Ai[uiftn, Vi 4DCtcod him : Iwlly, Ihftt kUen, llrbL>4«, itnd 

'tfttcvltfadjogmemhctKif KbcLin*, i^hilc ihc^- condviDQod the pni»crliTig« of 

Miivili. iliLI m0i«4 in tlia cIiiidi^l- tlmt had bwD ■u'vompliiliriJ ; ihut 

r finivdcu i1 U Uflt rMlia^lJ'iii i>L' tli>ir flnl H^id vnnrH^fl dmn^; ;jji(1 ituit 

r vnUinsIf f(»K<>l tJi« "butifrli^un mid KUodAlous nLcmu", by whiuh iha 

IvtkD Dad bMP rSVrtiTil^ in thit niitttfTTtplKtiori of tbe tdnuitagvi, MU«t- 

(koui iKm >«aIu[1 ulmU M Uitf futlifTi. iVith Uit oireptiun nf ttkcnip* 

Comultmlbxi wtlli Alkfli, vhlch U citdcntH a nkifllikc, i ihink Ibal Oinu 

«tU not Iw fban4 to differ maiVAallj from tht tufiUooc of Dodd'i 

'.% HhI the intCT«4, miUiirnUfd hv llii* mrrubriB of Ih? uKMcly lu lliff prr^ 
p( of lb« ceholHrf, mx^iM 44t1i t1i« Hu^t nf IhHr hJiviri)^ idlLrnnliili n<^ 
tikO gortftiinHit (tf ihv i-iillrjEi^ tmt iiiK|cr*U'd tlit^ tin^LVOiirahlc Infrr- 
F, that Iwf wi*Tv urrvlly *MU»vimnTiff i'> hinimt tbr pFfVnlllTig diHorcl. hi 
[mdti moTU tflTiH-liiidZy U n-aU/e iheir lUTkUillaat ikalrhi UfKW ihv p<U)i1isti. 
Lktvl Tj rtprl thf« iiYiiKiEiriTiH Kiftuji, Mor^t ^^'^ i>UiL*ni Barf* nwmil llmt 
[^ ttudfUl^ nir ooi)im;iiii1''[l by clit ifOiiF to mlri* liilJi <«'pjiniti' HjijLrliiinitJLt 
Inl Mtb« tn wniing and uudor tin- iiVlfj£«il»ii iif m ouUi, t> ti^iilf) hts iiii- 
[UmicI widw< M D> th« rvtiirr i^ivftmiiii-iil nf Ihi- IujLih-; ihut the rvxult i>f UlIb 
wnti iiiuniinuiiit «)Lprii-^hn In fmotLifrf the b>cittj ; bui IhaL nctcr.. 
'ibftnsL, It wj» (nJt rniiU ibp df ^irrt cif tlu? ttliiTurn liad lifrn eiiCjrutl t'Jf iJip 
ifiUtiiP InJuneUoniflf U^e pmiijfl'. Oiul tit? ciiiaul ^oidd coiiwuL t? ho 
^il Uif^ p[vt|4Ki'd cluLTgv- Hurt? is rumiEi, iuJtvil* in ijutstitKi dit^ luci'imy 
dhH inUUiiu'nu f ludiLtrik hiiijti.'ir, uiic uf iIh' ihuul-i vMntvEiicil, cAun-wlji 
thMt, lunlftg Ihyii iinWid Ui " Ki^i' llirMmita-b of wmu irf ibric uwii 
mm." their «iin1nl ih^w vt Modifii atid Ik^ruiuO. Iac kctular U^r;^- 
for ilic rluTkr 4»f thr jHnniiT. IV wuil- fmi, uiiJi dit uiuiwim uf un> 
U mtnimmd In t piUliun finiii ibc siiirbriiti. '.biib I bait iiinrtlrdiu 
tmilix iXo. IJ<_); jm<t thixich. fnru iJial ilicuiuml, il i* tlmi Umt tlity 
lltpliod ti lUrlllMiiJ llie apj>oJiitJiJ4-EiL ui iJir fixllit tn, i/ cAc Ultrf " t^ufit 



coiTiiTmnity, nor hnviiitr any c(j1I(*'zo for th^ir odurattotit 
only tljo^p, where they wtre infipfflorf; ovor the clergy ; 
and from thence they were commonly BUppUed with 
novices, Tli*: rtjlh^trt* nt Vallfidolid was mnipleteil, in 
May, I'lflO, when Thomas Stilliu^oii, D.U,. was vent 
thither from Rhcims, with acvenil scholars, viz., Henry 
Floyd, deacon, John Blacktan. and John Bfiswell, £- 
vines, John Fisher, and Thomas Lovelaci?.' In I59U, 

] liAVL- ulrcwlj nfcnvd, tmiaul of oad^uig tbr icTuuil of die ^cpml, or tlie 
VDminuidE of tbc popcw IDCfef^ ictliuhtn ttul (Li* ijifilinol Muivuc hoU nuiilLnrd 
LblnflufPce. ns pnrtitiiiilr Aujn:T?tc<1 1^ tlit^ uliciUib fApiK-mtix, Sa LlX.l» 

iLiiil UT- ifjBl licluul rnurrrl^i llic ifialWr willi \Tcr(^iJt[uiJiL> ('^ arriLcii>(^c U tur- 

jiici:it|jccivL^i) cl»i|^. na tLc piLtt ^f tlii? 3i?i:lcl]ri tc oliUlu tbc rocloiiLiii t{ ibe 
collcgr. The iTJiJt aocL'pUDtc orUiiit itfTici' i< pirftctlj ci>iJi|]iLtit'lL- wiiti tlie 
lioni'Bt, tliuiidL ciTliiitLly iW mmm', •imjwfl prcviiMi^E; t^nii U> Ibo <lbaffc<tc4 
Btadvilt'4. Hml lUt Jtaiilti jLH^kicil to litt ^vcniiiiriil ipf iLc bifUK* tiiCTt' l) QO 

t1iiitiUi?irn>putuUL>D Luid Uicir bi^nit-u wjtiM linvc enabled iKuik loobuia 
It, Tn Ibc fint iiiriliin<:c , nor tun wt ^tl|lpc9clfl{lt ihp lapse nfonljr k Ib« lociuilu 
voalil BO fur have nltftc^il thoir W<7v>ts ntirl iiiHuoncfit iJicir fwl^ut;!, oj lo 
induce tlidn k> M^iik now, Iv nttjlko iukI fmuil, wluil, hnt u nb^^n Huvd 
Wfi)rr, ttjfy mtflil luivu altAiiii^J im an lu^iiounihlu U'SIliiji>iij' t> ^}nar inrnti^ 

4- Of thv jiikiciitAii^,thudiMnUioiiri, LiLirl ihtr c^iimpkinU, fiJIiidfd td bj OedAf 
OM thi' caiiUH|iivnL'torthi^ jiiraijuutiicnt, 1 <lknll k-itfalW hfivo oocMitnj lomaL 
]u Ili« inc^n ITiuc, Tt wiU be lul^eient fo obfrcrvc^ iTiaI, u thcnus^ii now li^ 
pik irniD^Td, u> itn trritAticig ofl'mlK «T»ght nutunlly tn lubailc - that periMu;, 
cij^jjo'l in Oiv Kami' ui»rk^ Kb»uM bi> tiiiitisl in UtftaoD* vpirit^ and that 
i^IhiuIeI tmuif t\i tilt' fiTurH oi thv wuJ[it«hA«i i>C tbv piUC> (inlj' Vt pruiradf 
^IliM^iuiilly itgijiiini cl]<r r«iliii|jii aad tbe dluuUra of tlie ruUin. Itlalrj j 
m^ tIk' fuiJu, fluiE v-i> became aniwenble for Uie ^elinqaeiK^iM, of cur , . . . , 
entort! 11 11 b; Ik proinpL ntnl lirjri4.'fl ctiiiilfiEiiintiiiri oi tlivir mikd^'di, ibol wa 
p Hive 'III nu'Ivi'i HimifliU'lirfirl hj llirir nam|»lf , niiri «lflhlinb Xh^ imegiUV of 
i)Mi' 4m 1 1 I'i^rtK Wi4 >in> i» jit'lffr'of urlEoiu Ky Ibi^ir fi/iluT vul irTul^'iicj-, not 
\t^ ibe ni?i!lHenul rcliLEliiii, In M<-h ibctt ituTbun iriny hinoil to aurwlm, i*ex- 
foL-ilfkTi 1« nci Theprivll^Ke of any onLer of mm : flnn Lf bjslikfy, o^kntnnplaliitf 
tlH^etnili of mrlleT ilrDef^ enndemitu ihv mcri'iafbiiiriilb of toTrie. lhejMuaa«fit 
ot' oihoni. iMiil tbe fiuiltiof JilF. ll U umt fur tlie purjwiitr of reviving the dkapuU*^ 
rr flnilHlUTin^f tb^f rwoHwiidn*. niHjv j>a« ; but vilely wiili n vitwlo potaioni 
ifviM' iTMth. wliMi I'iit'b k1iiili]<3 Ih' xnlitiiUhUH Ur hvoUI,— IVrb^prt Llie tnvrtiuD of 
ltu< fiilbrnJntf muAiWi^ U ibii- u\ iiiudi Vi Lbr iiinnon i>f PmJa, hh lii t1u< nieriu 
of Hii'K lo vliDiii III} oITlkIl-:^, lie Itu:* unl itJirn-i|timLfy Iny^ji HuLfjftKl widi 
riJliiity uiid iujiinlier uiv^itls ilic Jeaiuti : >tL ipffiriup tn <hi? oplnlonn of far* 
dliuil A]b-D« uiid udiln-^iiiLf »k tiivuit»vr uf iJu- lueirty. lie Biyii, unhaiuirini^ly, 
** I liiij *(r fni fpiui dinVrJiij; frtjui tliul^urtbvdi^rKyiiiflji.tliut I u^nx wlOi tiini. 
In ftU Lc My* hi ymjrvoi^jiiK'Mibitioii, ^it^ [hril fvur i>r<It'r um reuurbibly ur- 
flvcable tollM-'uuivof r^Uifuui^ tluilyiriL itlhmnii'il v^-'iih pCTHitu ufj^ul ieKub 
end Ininbg; tliAt notii: wvic blotter ituitliikJ fur l^i: riLiu:^itimi iifyoulli : tlut 
IhfrflcfjTT WiTT, ill a jittilJtiiW iimimcr, oblij^cJ ui j-Wn ilinr iiRttlludt, fuc 
loiJt MBti^liiijf tlnni upmt wvcnJ ijcvivtioiift i mjd tlia; Di, AUrii ftn» ti:rj wnU 
f<micn%>*IiirM*Sc K"iinm t'cilJrirr n.,^ [t[;irtil ulifIct Uit-gx^vcrjiiutirtiif p«r«ii» 
■< jroiir *jrilcf." Aii"Iei|£J f^" ''l'- ^J«**- 1'-'*- — ^hJ 

* ril ii a miJUjiU 111 M.t-(io*c ibul ihc [:dUi;j:« of Villailulid wu eucupbTl**! aE 
tone. TheiUiUiTlWilBicorFrtnccliad »TH|relwl tpfitilivt IViktm ihc 

|BT. Ull 



Sq>tcni>>pr J7» ten more sturienta set out from Rhmmfi 
lowunU VhUhiIiOuI, viz., ri>nr <Wi'oius Tln^iniw GriM-n, 

KdoiuniJ trrn'aMcr, Tiioniaj* l'i<'r|>oint,* iiD'l Wflltrr Owpn; 
iio six studc^i'lfi ill |>Iiilosj]>by, viz„ John Worthinertnn, 
obcrt Dniry, Jiihn Tliomptou, Matthoiv R^diiiLrlieid,' 
mucb K^mp, ami Jtihii Iteiinet. Aifaiii, September 
2!>, the y^ar nbove inenLioiiet], ten more begiui llieir 
jourm^y to tht- kaiiI ]>]i4ri% viz., AVilliain JiihTiMkij« iiiid 
jGcoree llolhersiiK ciiviurs, llojrrr Pik'ork, and Thomas 
iwdcn. Hugii llod^^it, Johu Parsons, Griffith Thomas, 

<irp*OTidn>fC fer tlici faliLr^ vuppTy of Ihr Kr^^tlntt ntt^irin, in cone the 

jmrctt tU Rm^iDB •diuul't rlmmv l-r W iLiumEtrnL Willi lM< v-ioi'. he 

wriHffn 1u ilnclM Allcot fmni Kamo ; iUf niaEiirr *\\f |Tri>fNHn(t Vi Cw xlxi- 

1 mnd A* tbrc« ttiMoru» HaT»L Jtl-iptnin. and II<^nrll, ^vr* «1vi4fd l-i 

toSuin. mrl mnkr, nr uvk. h MttlrrnFiit m Hiul r-i^untfy. Ii «u tli'? 

intn^nf Mir, I^H1) K^ Hitrnd oflhi* iruiTtlh. 1^117 hit^l I.inift<d «( L'«runiiirti 

jJUt TDin* itifbniHiAi njid Iifik^Oi iirr]ti--i EhruilEHit mirl mi- 

id ViUTiiJjIiA llcTOllwrr ji*put™u I Ij- mil with t*i» Eri|i]ia!i-iiin, Iltrrirr 

tU a^J Jollll Ult(tir4ll4l. A-ho VCTC (>LlMUT|l[f tLc^f |l]Ut(lC< III ifac lOVTl, 11)4 

tbcm wpr* inTtnit^rc^ U a *nmll UiiTpfit- whiili thi-y )iifi*!, iii ilip rirjnilj of 

* of tb* prTfri|ijl ifi'i\ii*'UFit^ Viit iai\:f liuT*, t]ivy dntiiiiiril lii ffr-rn-'iit 

piitifii' v->iiH»U' fiiif iTi'ir fimOfi uvH* i^ndiullv rillini", tlicSr ri>«ftt ufimfi. 

:v |MV4immlaii^ifrl - iiii*J l^^T^vfT m lonj^ttj eiwrnp^l It'll iriDfMfru tlini)- 

Ifi Htc o^iiniy nf II liriift^jli"Tn'h'V>t*nviri in ilir mwn. iTii llrrii AK»nio Ae 

iQiilBfffm. F*^ihf<* nuiTi^fH ihr-v iTi'n.- MipjH^nwl J^j tht H*N-nlltj nf t^i* p*T- 

Aili^ir^ Viuutt fnttMT iVrmwn arri»*tl in tlif SjiatiTili ripitiiT. Mr 

'■nri. «lth r^i: 1 Irt-iii llic lioiiiiE^^ nf llir Lliu:ii[^b ui* ^f^JH "^r Kniiii'i)( 

Ttni^Wfirtl, uiil i»lb'iv IK'W lu.*Uni*>4 t» n^Ilm* in, nwt**!(lrv tin flnl i-att 

W tn TT-irrivc l]jf< vhulm^ fiMiii ilitHrMltiiiic] tni^jmruirnt Imti^nir. ^MrL llirr 

MltHTTo WTUfiflt Foj [h> fUTiw^r* he liiiril ifii.' Ijr;uw. wJiii'h MlurwiLraB 

LOW tlw o^Uifcr: li<^ Oit-n Jti^irunrd nu injidiiiMLnl tln-Ai in llit aluJtriiK 

Tir it\* 1 IhhIt III riilit* tn clirir t^Jit'iiiiuviit, aJiil, tfcfitrv MMimHiiiju, hnil lImt 

tlhf.ii-lf«n t- *tK llic ai-^H l|L^tlutti1.1IJ ju^uiur ibc f^irmi uf a icvuUi nulrUilj- 

\lc hjuij nfUi hp|iuli] ((-il IJ^thf [ ('[xilidiiij. n mi-oilii^i vt ikv tix'U-Lj, lo 

uTfii^l rctilur .^t \]n TH.'cuiiitrii; iffOii' l^ilEdvinj- yem (l^'Ci). bir ww 

tiY ihr iiiniiifii.-r'iii;* nf IV<'ii Atr<mi<i itr Qiiimhik^, 1*i j'urrbnie Ibr toiifVi 

liMil tillit i\-t Ifvn tilled- Tl)c l4iiiMjiit-> vtiTt- mm dtcrrd mill riilifKci) : 

c»ja^Enl"i*ilu«* flij**^ in: *vj<Uiii iLc course uf u few munUi*, rt iHTiriJUuiit 

1%^^], tliiicli Ffncti? liail «ti]icibc<J, vm« vtll^-j l^y tLc S|ihini9]j cri<wit upon 

ii.41i-*:r--^TIut urc'iiinl, wljiili, 't» "imr |HiJiib O'lifm"', anU in "ibirf ojr» 

:U,llia( t^yitrc I Tti'l- Pnjv, Anjf- I '»« — I jii|, is ukni frtnn Tbr MS- Atiiiiil" 

ihr <oniyr, w rilCfji Ij lllariirtn, <pfic of tUc fift ihrn.' jtiiJcui.*, wini no* U'- 

b/Ti>}; 1*1 ibc Rci TliwiiiL^ Sl]'?r!nimo,of l^ip WJUoft^H in Tj'fct't^liif*- (*crfc*p» 

urtfUl t^ *M tittt lltnilffln mr«K^ DO iQoitlmn <\t Ih. h[i1I]ijf:t>fi ^ i\uA^ \t>- 

iifZ-'f ' ,T.hH-^ 7„*fl rVriV; aijil (liiii rm(»-r w»t1 (.Veil, tljii CofiaCT 

]tWi^' < ^fH^TLi J'mnv, Jiil lanf^ jiiL^TitiM^ t" hl» AiV'Ljn^ji-ici Om 

-r - '^ - ... l'jfft>ii>'» dffi^nl ax V'allnduhd ip.7.]. iLi bull uf fon- 

! I |.i III liio Aj>j4'iiJi,v No. IAI-— j'l 

.4 :. 1 J-'r ' T , f- hlji-kfaii, p, ]0h— r] 

^(Calk-I &ViA^.vi r^ ItloL'kruii. Ibid — rj 

VOL, II. ^ 

Rifrharti Garth, John Scot, and Nif^hoUii Ashton.' Thi 
yearly revenue of thU college, as 1 find it apon record, b 
IW». anioiinted to 4,0tH> crowns, well nnd con^tautli 
paid by the Kin^ of Spain/ 

There were also two »itnall coinmuiiitR'^ of clcr^' 
tahlisliefl at Scvillr and Madrid : hnt thrir revrnues 
being very precarious, they have never made any ex- 
traordinary appearance,* As for the college at StH 
Omcrs, which was esuhlished in l5?M,it has alwnyB 
been in greui rt'pute, and nnich esteemed for wA\ 
^tmnding their Htudeuts in clasftii* learning ; vrhi^reliyH 
they wrrc fitted for higher slnrlic* in the other roUi^ji, 
whither, in the hcginning, commonly fifteen or sixteen 
were sent yearly** 

■ [Bnirlcs tliMc, Bi^hAid Blunt, RichjiTd I>udl«j, and JoniM Vmin^i 

tricatt, innn Htymrr, fhaman SiJaniiv, H4'iiiy Roki*. %mA VvU^r Ainhlm. jiriv^tit 
roiD Kbnmsbjcl. at Ow hf^tLJlinir cftlip TroT) eutfjvd the collf^. Ilie oiv. 
e'tial itiiileiilA liiuf prvviuu^W Iiltii jomnl liy Wilbbin CiiUin Hfiil I'mTu^i 
>fl*iilil» prifiTB, fmni Li*(ion (Olnolf MS, h, ttj. About the iAoi^ jifri 
Iktbci Ccmfikrio, tlic fim rector, was rocoUe^i to Madrid by Ih? ]dng ■ ffttb 
pnlio iIl' GufTUCvn nni uppmnioi] to oiocrod himi and Titbcr Bk^turil nihbo 

' [Bliu'LlJin. wbn V nrvroant uJift uritri-ii iihoitt ThH jaar IfltA, unvH ttiftt 
ii(m*Urt, «'liW by kln(7 Pliillpon thfi i^dllfpr, wfinflbuiinflTti^TfchimnTril i^w 
(p. \iy. i!ir ^^^^lllllTlpf *\i ihc rrvrrnirmiKLihrn^fon^bnvr lH*c*n mwdr up 1>JI 
c<inirib(JikinH(iViiieii(]1'iliij.Ufiiin.titiii otljiTH (Spc Biift>iH.:i.'X), iV^I|. Amryn 
Apm^, T imhj- iiimliiiii Hon irjiTKim" Siintiu^ntJ' <!p M^ruU'^'a. biiSoy of Ja^ 
wSn, fur >4'vi^r)J ii^r^, Allownl h [■niMiiiEi of our ilnhiikiml rri«if(iH fur uii'Mipj. 
cf thv i^JU'k''^ ^SiriEjylmnt MSS, \v^•. A- ili, '-f.fl. A vriiiUr hutu uu MfWmtudi 
btoutJttJinl It it hy Gjvju Jf Qllllo^■:*. atiLMjihop i>f Tuludo- Qliii.'kf. IS. — Tj' 

' [Ttir c>;lJri>r nX SL<«i]tt wiJi rtiuutlL^d iu EAl>C, Aud pliuitfil under tLo BU|ipr- 
IjjUjihIciu'i' "fiBlhtT FinHi'iM Ptnilu. llit flni fptlor (Morp. \^9). VtJ -in mti> 
TnlJiiic ^'LU'i, iU'Kiiitiii|f JUi^ritpEi niid i"[Oifr*^.H'<' Aiipnidi*. Sip, I^II. — 71] 

* (An Aut^untuf tbb fiJiifiiltiliEiii iiiuj Tji- nu^i jii Muic (101— HliS). |i wm 
4t fint lolcaded for the ivoer\t:i\ni vi itu\y Aixtnii vuulJit, for whtr^c support (lie 
iJDCof Srwn uu'irrtcx'lc to allow a laonilily jreuiioii of one huji<Ired ind sii^ 
ducUs. Thi* *uni y*A ATtfrnarda fmcir)VM!il ; udJ die uuiulxi of ntuilerrU «i4 
then IC> b( rcKu]iitcd I17 ijir dinuretiun uf llii.' filLrn <il Uji; aiKit^ty, Vi wLom the 

Morn, tW belli AUch and 1>r^ Donvi iliu^»prav<il of tlii» (MbttilUlimciJt^ ^Alttno 
Amtam Cardtiiali, et BckOOtlo. piVHidi Ditaccno, eidq oinflcilmt L'^k: umuiDptBld 
111 CTO^MotO domiEiIlium ■ nlid tmha ui crlcrnlain juvriitntciQ rl ^iiSiiiilU vtr^ 
btfltor, ct iiiuui Uu> aon CKi^urntniluin, K'd cvr^iifKicluin H'-TiuutLriiim (p. 162.'^ 

BnldM tlic rjUtbliAluDtrlN hoc mcatidDdH, 1 may utitifc JxnJEjifi, whl 
Dodd hM omiiu-d. It ivu oUcd Ibc lUaidvsxc of the EuB^lLib oWgy 
St, LuawTi in tL« EtdghboDTbcod or ScviOC' In lM7,ihv En^iial m^rDbuD 
Mdd«Dt In lb* tnm, foniHHL Ibvcnaelvf* iatu ■ coarmtuniitji nniUi Uitt patrop 
>n of Kt G^kJt^, nndf luitiiip 'tliUiiii'^t a t^ut i^f liii'L rrnni Lli4« duke of M^ 
4l]iiu SiitoniD, iTtvliil H uliitfrli, withalmuMi ndjmiiiTi^, hr Ihc bcQe<ftt itid 
acci«umodal\un of tbv^f cuunuynicn. T>t t>\i}'\>otl Uic fouiidji,Uan, tba twv vor*' 


IT, tuO 



'llic first moiiiuitcry of Eiiglisb uuiis was erected at 
Bru^ebtin the year 1598, by tin.* zeal liod induHtry of 
Mrs. Jane Berkley, and lady Mjirj- Pt-rcy. The fir^twaa 
djiijgl)tt!r of>ir Joliii Ht-rkley, uf tleversEoii, hi Glouce^ 
temhire ; tlie aeroTul wii» daiigliter to the. earl of Nor* 
tbumbcrlaiid. Mrs, Berkley had been a professed iimi 
(rfthc BcQodictmi; order, in the city of ilbcim^, und was 
permitted to leave her mcnafiU-ry, npou the tuvitatian of 
lady Mary Percy, who, jointly ^ith several other yoiuiR 
, ladirstt were t<j fotmd a moimstery in BriLsseLs. Tbt-ir 

^^HHtof Enslind uift Sptin s^rrreJ to uiign in it thr pnxlucr of a ilt^tr^ to 1>o 
^^^^^■oi >J1 BiiiElnli tiJipurtAlluo* ; a ctrtAtJj miiiiU'r uf Rui^linh rliaplnuia no 
^^IpKmpI (»ofleutr tii tlic cbsKht Uid, fiTTmorc tlnn ^riculy jrwlliC vviU' 
hw$ cOBlbutd ti CTjoj thf •dtwito^ of t uapru] und nnunrLhiu^ oIjlMl>Ii' 
VmL But the vol wiib EnifluAil, and thpcunHC'qn* iil iJix-uf of cuiaiacrcCkat 
lautbvftctedlbDfrMptTityuriliiMiihlitbtioti, In l'f1>J,lJiuiniiiDbonajBVfiiUcd 
lobibnvte <» i^ futxiru Ok!' Aficr e»mc o>u&u]UUi>d, It wu aAcoil to liU^ 
n]vG tW fmtfmU^ ; ui>|, od the tnci^y-iLititli cf Aiiril, tOUl, * docl WBi Jrava 
^ by whiub tbc iTki-rob«iits nmr^^rrii ihv f l]»*c. lattdK, &nd OtLer pto- 
■CTlf , bvlcnpng ti> ih* mtaMiMltmthl, |i> tliv KilitJihIi wtibr vltrey for wrr, 
liirt 4in4(«cl It 1o W Uhkrd ua & rvniJ^fnoc tttt tucb itumbvr o( ctUjirHicn jm tlw 
fadtu vrvvld tuv]iort; ordered oil k-acuiicift io ho tlll^Ni iiji hj * Uiv cftlhaUa 

"b, Avpimiaml rftV «h-u4t ijf J^tuH fill iJi? liiTjj.' bfing, in tlio pTo- 

ADilunHia*tu m^t «^ iL»iU>r; liiiE tji^rihllt iiTipvuW Hint nriUtrr " the 

_riil, iwirnHj ftlli^ riJij(uiujJ ofil^r, ilniufj^ hv riTtitc i>f thii juruilic- 

<vr vVhvi^uA, iirirfikrt any flj^lit to ilie ohiiT^d nrnlWiMt Hf St, Otmjre, «r 

r ililnjf tc il, ml onlr lo dothi-mn good wdtlc, out of dmrliy. I^r llic btllicr 

IcSliHi of th^ IeCd Dnd iphhI infliiurfxiif |]ii< Pfn-miiij^ and etmpliuoi. vlitcb, 

:l(9fftb of timp. might rmiiU* iti liif ui^il hniiu'' i^lS oopy in thi' piMnccioD 

.Jlb« Btr Right R»-v. I)r Pr.jntJ'rj- At tbr rnjijim ut Pi'p«iiiPi, llitt ((r:int »Jki 

IftliiHiliMiilji mriflnrii>i1 hy tlir itukt'of Mi'dlnit AJdouiiL. mut lb<' ranhiitUjirch' 

tip nf^vMVi imA n hoAj of ruin ti'*s dniwn up, hindmff thr i-iiH|iljiinA m 

,uid foTwurH on [hrirjiiiiitii>\>flii3r<Vrv;i]ieupMjiilTigm>rn Oip Hij|l»drtt<i 

u> 111? Bngliili iniNHiiiii. n^. nt hUjrm- 

clinLDjf t^ir* Hiv?aai uf t^i[4C Inhtlti^tUius 1 vuiitiot furln-Hi jutilioK tbn fiil- 

Ig pivu|;t. fhritttn by IbrJf ftrtt pruJL-cicr, in rxplu^iJiIiiJii lud drfi'itkT tit 

irnhjrx'L*. * TbU", »yi AlU'ii, " ia a d«ii ul-<, iIjuI ilie |n-i*.ni>.. A»Uld» 

3t; lint, tit dr^w ili%i:rH j<iulJi»f whu iiiv\i ivi ihni vii(i*pCLt-Eicv tivL:d in Ibv 

r Couuuins fioiii Kitc« wrenJ, tuid 'olunUiy ataJf tn ti im^rr lafhl iiii-iIkieI 

[tfnil cou^v: o' uuimuoD cunfriFQi^ aai\ public 0x«ici>c. Id bp iiuisiieiI Eiv cJ^c^ii 

^~~erion* «|>puUiiUuvnt. raliirr tJuiEi Uic^t own cbvicT , ituit tticy mi^lil br moic 

lu«cn? utfdi «ibfLl/Tt *^^i''ii ^l »>1iauld plcatcfti'il nitririfulij turrHu.x Uttrn 

SecunJ];, iWljtiafc the time of out uWliiti^tiiriit niii-UlV imW4t> 

out, rittitr bj uf-c. hnpriM^tLmpntt or otltT miHTLt*, tbr ddi^r urt of 

ivd cAthclici. boUi ut Lomcnnd nbroarl^ it irjt liiou^^bt i nftt^iury duty 

l^orteiitj If pronrlr f^rr n pf rprtiiiil jsn d mad fupidr of LfiLbolic^ □iiruiJi', 

«Jcr|^ n'ltnin^' niin1niAljQ|f IiliI ibul Uiiicq mrf oppt^rtunitin* vuulil 

Mac («rfV lar? >U4r, wirr ibc^ iat oft'), wl^i tlvt riiigbL tulfi u<lvt(iuu^ lt>r 

undtrliikintc wascompletcrd in aver^ little tjme,»]KlM] 
HcrklL-j- yVQA consecrated tlw first abbes*, Nov, 4, 151 
by MnttbiitJi Hoven, arolibiisbo|> of Mvclilin, and. imine- 
diiitply after, several youii^ kilics w cru dotht'd with the 
habit of tUe urJer, viz,, lady Mary Pf^rey, tlie firet pro- 
jiiisenif ll>rpMflWi>Iininit ; Hrinilhy and fJcrtrode Ariiii- 
dcll, daughters of !sii"Jiihii AruiKk:U,nf Laiiheni, in Coni- 
wall : Aune CansKeld, daughter of Thomas Can^^field, 
Esq., of Roberts-Hall, in Lnnoanhire; Frances Gavin, 


FCiliLblum. TlitTiilr, ilicir pur|hJH nv^ foi ibclrbrttcr ^njl^liiQ^ of luoet .. 

Ill lliccLii ATorc^iJ. mid funii'uiiliiihljicii]^ tJir aJvcriwrj uit Utcnin, ta^aw 
into tliifl «ill<irc Uii WaI wjjji iiiil uf Kll^£lnIlt\ llmt wtru ftllicr c»l!br>litl j btiit. 
or lic^rkitjHiifMitinrcxiii'L ^'iLii^allan Ihiiit tu^ ihifv 'l^^/iS in ntlici of tin.' unirrc- 
341JV1, t>T iImI Lii scruple of tfiiibcitnci^ to take the «iU uf ibc i^ucva s lUf iti 
til fAii^*) rx-o]caiii4t>L.>ikJ (wiihvh ifixvc uh itit<crv not only i'iil}ii>lios but aU>cn 
«f liAlh Oii: u[iivt«nilk4. ivlwrv it lh Hjt^viuIU i.'Kiu<tc[l, iuilI toitnirntiL-lib thu 
«clcucr^<vf muLtiy UiLkl ar^ia purt pruU'xliiiiU}, <^T tfiii-t tiiUliL- ti-t Hr fomil to 
inininln, iL* tli^ b« ii* i" diicntxjUi'^s, or Ltjiit ntn; dvubtful «litUii<f of ifco 
l«w r*li^bui were IniL', Ummnmrw^iiXfU *|so from ixll i^iru <if tlitwullfthwe 
;ti:l(IiJ u> nijiuy joiilh*, wbicli, liutio^ Ilii^JT whole lUkdliiU UkiuinLr in c-riImpIjo 
vfilttvct bin:, prove no k^ HT^ictMibE* Tor tlidi coantntJuUk thv i^tbcn. 

" T1icip)Dii:Lt (^jtiitTrm-n't tftiiit t|icri:4l]3r)iifvnimiji pnn>?&<« lU oiifLxmnt 
[Oil! bi* lltAuki>il tot il, lb* tiii^o fur Xhm il kivl^eIi (T^irv<diiiji Lnpt oflu'ltiT Uqh 
ti ftK< rHtli»lir lulli, net! maiiv idicnfur? oicT to lu VJtboul tlie imrrnt*' cvt^ 
wilt, lind H*n]clEini<f niurb i^piinkt tfjt^r ttilU; wiio, ihotigt t^icr^ couM l« vo%«- 
t«ilto bate llbMi <:htMrr'ii lirUi-r !>n>kit;hi iiji iJiun tlipt cjih 1<c oI lioiut, ^H. fof 
li«r«>f jb»lt»-iiiiroriUi» worM. wlu^rt'iii tiu-v 1im mur^ iiiUupflrvl tKmi thnr wiiil, 
OH'y fi'fmt jflvn li» ulipibi-in any n-IliTai a\\ (fcur winn-tijm-h JuqHii^iiiir iIh'jj 
iiAtuiml tlTi;^'lE(in)> anil (rcK] IaLiui llir cuiY <?f ilt<-^r Acat plpil|j;iv, htliI kivrivih 
ItHMn flrt« for tltdrooiiiilty. Aiid Ikrt'iiiLnr une (dlrjjp ttjuld luit l<c iiidii^if-Ltt 
f(iT*rt prfnc nM^riMtfuTl ■mrli, :u in m»I, ilnr^-ruit' Um trmnl llie lii'Jin uf ibc 

IM»|ri''A rii)1iiievh Imrri'i cltJil olJirr ulhir in tE<mK', l1i:il>ii i1ti.'«r twn i'irtk;,i-^ tirit^ht 
»r iiM>M* pli'dlifLi] iiur^t-hc'A fui iLi: {iLiitt'lj irfuur 4Uiuii;ry, miil JuiiiUy uorL 
lilllil'l- flff th- li iiflU of Lbi MlUf- 

" Tlic E^r^t infrnilcd mii] tji'itl ci;^rbun fruit iIirriMf. 1>dri]j: lo avr lo nm 
wuli, AS iwtouly wi'uVt «n J tror 1iujL\ in \'v\.h iiii- KxAlr^tt vt in oihi^i mIluhU m 
, UjL'w purta, rviii'diiJit iiAirm 'ui l1i« i-ahil\ tml al\ i>t1ii-r> iJimI, id i!Jm ik irJNib uiid 
MiiHriiN tjiive m!<-i)«ur >hfJI It, I'luutibt U]j in llniu^ ih^riiiij llic fH;hihtu. The 
KvmMl :NJt] ["uitlitr frULloF UiD ruM ii>]Ie:/i:) 1% U> ilotflLiI uuu iu a\\ v^uK* uf 
iuimrii-iici: uid LOutro^iTtii;^* nuiL uiTttx^I :q them A^dl auddviiic lir lie piiM*, 
tiui ill Uiw (U>?i <|'txiiillr, wtirJJ 1^17 iHii liiok fi'i im wurldl) [biuour. loErCi 
pKfciiurijl, *" [fi(Miiij|JUu (Jii'icby^ biiC uiukiifiiM ctjirj^jrin, ittH^riiu^, I'cm^atujn, 
>GAiiliiii;h: iTiilj by iitujcrs illilI mktlJJic to iimLf mbiviA^k/n I'm tmt ivtulnlii 
fiiiuirl* kI bonif ; anH b» ft*]»<i)tiire iuli> l^ngljiuJ, llitK' to str^r ibcrn, whtHC 
lidLilr (roJ iLdll bruL'h I'l^bliuiT '-^rlntUJ'l i:'rTMri>itsiiiiji to prcfET tolvntiou bcfdrt 
»i>f Mt J turiiinuJiti** ; imii b* iiiiuiiXcr uiit^ linn* nil mv mnKtitfl Hrcfwmij fbr 
llt^ lilV mid f^mv*-- uf tbi^ir aoiJji^ Ami Jut liii^y l4i«c Umtr ^'ulv hy Uii' power of 
piit>lI«(i4Ht. in:)jirita&l, r^LlLmiUad piw.4.fibU iu»j]tEcr,aijJ ijit wilLriciU, tumii^bv 
vt ifturbLr ci'iiL.'i'uiti'i Lbiy Luv^ iI^Ttr* il. ut the ii[-k>Dt]i.t ■md uibcr boly mi9 
did. in Ibc ptimiLiit^bunrli^ (jf Inivi*. «i^kbiii(:s rjj«l'ii>:s Ptnlit ul tljc porta, 
ptriSt iutJ'i^>u-a, ptiilfii'n tlrt^buiTl, pi-fiEn L>rMpk<iii'm'riii'v, ^nUol rblM-brtU. 
Smir. rfflLi- iAIhx, ttxm of Liiitiui; lLi'^/ JfiiUl-. Itiift foT ki.i.[jLUliMM|; tl^i' 4 

J/^fJ>>jy ft>j r ''M"b«b sfcniinAcuB^'iV- 'W,- f \ 

tat- II 1-1 



daughter of Thomas Gaviu, Esq., of Norriugton in Wilt- 
ehire ; Elizabeth Southcote, daughter of John Southcote, 
of Essex, Esq.; Winifred Thompson, daughter of John 
Thompson, of Broaflwell, in Oxfordshire, Esq.; Margaret 
Smith, Elizabeth Tichbouruej &c,, who were all professed, 
on the same day, iu the year 1 600, with great ceremony, 
in the presence of duke Albertus, and the princess Isa* 
bella, governors of the Low Countries. Their rules were 
drawn up, according to the model of the Benedictine 
order, by an assembly of bishops, abbots, and divines, 
and approved of, at Rome, in the year 1612,^ 

^ [Tbe followin^r list of Ihe rcligtoua 

in this house is taken rrora a MS. nolc 

of IXr J J^H, 1>elau^iij; to the Di'jq mid Cbu|iter, — 7\] 


AuDV In^leby, 

ob, uiao. 

June Berkley, 

□b. ItKK 

Benedictfl Hanbcry, 

ob. HWl, 

MitTj PiTty, 

oh. 1042, 

Martlet Curzon, 

ob. HiSH, 

AuiiL-A Leulbal, 
Aleiiiii BTiuicbdrt, 

oh. llJiL 

Cutlifrine Puston, 

oh. 1(M0. 

ub. 16^2. 

E]iza1>uth Koki;wooi1f 

ob. I6il. 

Uuy Vdvaaaur, 

WinerreU TreshaiD, 

ob. ItVM. 


Christinn Love], 

ob. LI^U. 

Don>l}jT Arundell, 
Oertrude Animii^llT 

oK lfl!3- 

Mury CuveliUf 
Hilda KusaeU, 

ob. HiWL 

Anne Cnnftlicld, 

ob. Ifill. 

Martha Duliaou, 

Elisabelli .SoutLcotc, 

ob. um. 

Teresa Hyde, 
Mnry Philips, 
Colmnt>a Gage, 

Wiuifreil Tbomp60D| 

ub. lli]:». 

ob. I0o4, 

Mar^^urrt SmilTi, 

Ob. IUI3. 

ob. liHl, 

FnDL-es Gavin, 

Clam James, 

ob. 16W. 

Kliiaheth Tiehbouraf, 

Teresa Gaft:e, 

ob. lti.>4. 

Mai? Wol&OD, 

ob. 1030. 

Etheldred Smith, 

ob. 1066. 

Uibula Hennea^^r 

ob, IS3rf. 

Dorotliy MaimocL, 
Maiy Keinpc, 

uh. l1i5A. 

Apullouia Waldprave, 

ub, 1830, 

ob. Hi57. 

Constance PeDrviidovk, 

Placid EL Brooke, 

oh. 1 020. 

LuuT Pcrshiil, 
Mnna Unycot, 

ob. I(U8. 

Cotheiiiie lUiid, 

oh. 10S3. 

Mary Winlcr, 

oh. 1(1.10, 

Aj^Hllia Wisemau, 

oh, 1*117. 

PhtUppa Gavau, 

ob. 1059. 

ttrlTH ClITZOn, 

ob. una. 

Frauces Goodior, 

Biirliara T^^, 

ob. 1047. 

Eliiahoth Nenl, 


An^attfAta Mor^n, 

ob. 1046. 

Mary H unlock. 

Helena DolnnaD, 

oh. H[5S. 

Mary SpHia, 
Klavea iJtEi^Ialo, 

Marj G:i|:f<.\ 

oh. 1014. 

Mary PeiLTsuHf 

oh. 1052, 

Viviaiin YarTey, 

oh, 1051, 

Polcnlia llvuctin, 

oh. |(M0. 

Briclp.1 Drayeot, 

oh. 1034. 

SclLolutttica Sinitb, 

oh. IIHW. 

Matilda Ireton, 

oh. lOTO. 

Mvkbiiia L'unplwUf 

ChrisUan l^ans, 

oh. XiUa. 

GiTtni<le Blount, 

Mary EveTs, 

oh. 1095. 

Anue FuaLtr, 

Kruntts J'uslon, 

ob. }{ib± 

T)<m>Uiv Blundi'll, 
Mb^riliilt'ii SiiiiUj, 


Thcodit^ia ^Vuldijravr, 

oK itViO. 

Milfoil alen StTOi'ti 

Mnflba CullViTil, 

ob, HUM. 

^ehukuktiua Byrou, 

Crdlia Asibiuu, 

ob. n>40. 


X^ l,~{R*/4rr^ to atpa^f 4.) 
C^niit^t bkkop 9fWiHchitter, ta the Pnttector.^ Fth, ^8, ISit. 

htmj it plove your greicc to undiffttniid. Umt I hvrc noted tuicfl 

iltil* In vty Icinl of SL UavkJ'a Mirrnorti whkh I hv»d unto you liont- 

whciy!bf ic drrlnrr unio j-on «iinfl part whni I Ihink; for U^p 

%lioIc I cofinot c;(pr», Sumcwbut 1 bEiaII cticuiabcr yuu with njj 

bfttilini^i but lie lioEii <ni?mnl)errd »i>(n« fricriLJA more witli Eiia lAiUng- 

Aud, aIw I my lordt thii i» n piU'Ou* case, thii, having k> much buwi. 

ntVM IV jF httvev tlir*e iuttanl djwinlt^n iliuulil Lr utdviJ uitU> iWiu, lo 

tlie e^urafc <»r vuch a* would thif tv^lm aii^ way* evil. 1-^or tlu* U tlio 

thipj; thuj vovitd dtvirer villi hctjw Ifit^rvby to diturdtr (bi> rvalm, b^iiig 

tHTW ft iLrtip nith^r lo icp&Ir that, ubii-li »r><>liTtli n-^nljoch iIluii 1q 

mftkc fcAy new buUdiaf:*. ttiich tlicy pretend. Cjuirt. trfinqulttity. unitj. 

Mid coDoord fthiU trtttinUiTi uKJinatii^iii Thu contrary may animate tb6 

«li*«oy la lUtPinpl rJiitl, wlitrh vvkiA iirvfF liimiglit ^m. \r1itelj fr<id firUil 

"Hierc wu Dcrrr attempt of dlccnuion mode in Ltiglotid, but upco 

colour ordit(<<tTd St bnitif ^ and vul=i E>« to iMii tluvt luintl lL if nij 

Invd of 8l DavidX ur ludi olbrrs* Uave ihii\t \iejn\ immliort'd with 

uj onr piftlfofm, I vrould imh they wen; c«iiimftnded> between 

I TltV k*fd pmWIOT T^Tnrtjwl vmn iitii;!^ tr kinjr tlftwtr^l VI. ^ nriil iJw ^VAiid 
piiaailir or iJii' rvrrtnimtiiiii in VIvaI rcnffii 1W«tdf« Oii* divjufi juNllor' wMi'h 
panowd bim fur bin tuht«w% tw ftii> n^llc^, flnt. try lilt liroch^!' rJitiiiiA», loid 
«dnki0i]i nbo hod nurtUd Cdlbamic Prtt, ibo Tt^l wili? ol kiii^ llcriry VITI , 
ud »ff«lB by Diidlry, p*rt itTW^Twir'fc ITi* l>nilkipr vn< hvku-tti\M. M.iMi H. 
tUf*. upiitL trrv KlriirliT imnf*: htit Dmilry nttTrairH' liiinn :<iii1 bruiifhT hlin in 
4t ttkick TtrV iw(i Nimif-nfiU ur*' Oiiik i]ikni:U-nr.^d. I'hi? »ilm^ntl h^tl a 
iHthl** (»"wir»nip> Wis pnitft'l, sirtrul. aiid lifrcp- Thn prau'crflr wn* mild, 
iHuM^v r*iy la br uorktd upon. Thr AitmLml cDunrd thr Itobllli). lJi«* pniui'toi 
4v |««fit«; and hath anrhinrinly utih «)ic(>f«, tUnb hni\ Thtii lT'^iI iit^Ti* IimiL 
Mrgm qojlito Urn jiiduul. i^nLlmtU^ knjk iiptm ii h« iitrmihiHU'itl ivtih 
flwiBe HVThbDincr, and pnt^^uubi iliiuk ii Jio aiivmiiH^T iii Hh-It cauk, loh^rc 
ban rmmed by micIi n miTkinuj- 

VOt. U- ^ 



[no. I. 

Uili And tht kiJig* maJDRljA Ujli a^^ to draw th« plot diligoiitlff to hcv 
tfiG «toDM, 4i^ thn (And, And rhop Ibp diAlIc, In llic fiFiAnu^nKbtt^ iiniM| 
or Ijutldtnp ; uad. when llit' kiij^j'i juuji-^ty cometli to full age, to prcBiflit 
their labours to UUn ; ^ml. In tln^ tncjin liiurg iiul tu dwlurb ihetWi'or 
Iho TOilfti, wlippcof your grauoU proiccior; but that )'ou mny, mi^vcry 
pftrt nf rtdig^iiHt. Uwa, IjiejiLi. uud iJtuvi-B (xahif^liruLircoulslEi i\x ^t'^uji^ 
deliver tiku snnic unto oar Aovcn^ij^n lord, cbccordiuK unttf llic trunt J0^| 
hv pul itiT tvliicb »Iia11 bti much to your honour, bad a* all honoat mev 
wish and il^ire. To which UwlrriL ti^vH, tlii.^r(> vai^ be nothing ao doI- 
>OTjic tnd conirariouit as trouble 4nd diKjuict, wherein your gnwc iball 
hn tpccially iroublod. lu on whose ahouldcrs all \h\: wcijiht liath ; and 
whH£<Of.i'4T lihull htjtfHd Alliixk, by t\iv fjiulu fif nrhi'r*^ *h^'A \w Jm|iTifnl 
to yuur jEraur. jia dofrr thcii:of. or wruitirkg fL^ri^i^lit In inuf. to wlLhutAiid 
llic lamc Aird atbcit tluU you micid uot tD be fauby in ojlhcr, yet, if 
the 4rir«oC b« nnt 1o :h«» roalm a« it v«re ro be wifchf<d, iht> prince^ 
Ihoupfli he were of age, ahoutd be excused, and Clicpcpfeinont bmr ihv 
blumc. And tliiu U thu JuMJdty of proemiitvaoc and aulliuriLy, ^nd 
«p(LCially in Uii« tvntm^ u aiorin make ni«Tiiion ; which UiouLd not rit^ 
roun^^^ ycnj, for you ui.-'^d four noiUuig wiiLciul, jrijiiint bt* n-«?rr^ at 
home ; cuLil nt homt^ if the bt^ginning be rc^Uli^d. the intended felljnujT 
UiaiJy be interrupted- Hut, if my hrcjlfurr of SL Uavid's muj, lik< « 
rhAmpinn, with hJi dwnnl lii litt hjinil, nink^^ i^citry fnr rhf* rvjit, ihr dooff^ 
of licence opened^ tUvrf ish«.]\ Iii4>n; by lolly tlrust in ^«ich luni> thftaB 
your graon would wi>h. Tbus, u^ I tlxinic. 1 ^vrit4' homi-ly lo yourgratf^, 
bccnu«t' yon were ciiniirEit I i^liould wribr, wherein I oinvider only I4i 
hdvt ail tilings w«lii &ud becaiuK >our giucc ip the protet^ltir. ui^d ohi«f 
diroolor of tiio realm, to presmt unto your wihdom wimf, my folty l*fH 
1 haTP been oAentiaiei bhtnu^d fnr reuririf^ ovenniich, and yet t hav^| 
hul an iukliu^* that tliry, that bo binnieil mt-, fi^anril cvea lu luadi a* I* 
Bvioi; in tbr BtuU; Lhat >'oq bi^ in, It Ahall be ever or>uLiTiendablo to foro- 
ic« the wont. In quiet ye be ilrong : in trouble yo be gr^utly weak, 
und brm^ ^oursL'tf ui d]U]^i.'r uf cum iNul. wb'ii ^urtitA bi'. Iln-rewjth 
one X<> ftCiULfKi: the other: whereas in ecncord thi^y bc both youi^ In ob 
honcatt revcrentt lovely fi-or to do th«ir duly, which I doubt not youT 
wiKthiiii t'lin niituih-r- 4\iid rimfilihT aIao how mrwome nny other out- 
ward ene^rnhf t mij^hl be* in the time of the minority of our >overei|rn 
lord. 1 told th4.M'mp&rr>r'« oouncij, Ehiii our bU' tovereigu lord didB 
imieh fnr the t^mppron tn r-ntrr wur with him, Jind to put hin rraim, If^" 
hi» old days, in Oie adveutopp of fortunf*, whether he ahould en;oy it or 
no \ for tfiut U th« fiatim> af uiir, Aed homo tmiv the conleuinud and 
a1^4Tl have had ilie upjier b^md, AihI wlirn ye iulmlnlsrfr Ihp reatm 
fur anptbor, it mvtv a uiarvcLluu^ quiatiuit uf liiiu, thut thtiJi 

c]jjoy thfl ■ 



fNlm, tO*flj> WfaflA xnfttnt ynn. In tlir* llmr of ndmtnUirntSon, toftrlTen* 
tilt roj n^tilim ? Why look jt not rathcti tor iho time of my minnrity* 
U^ pcACo, whtLlsocvifT it w^r«t which » bell«T Itian the bvBt war, as 
loOM mf n luivti wrUlan? f know you hnTo KUthoHty mfflcUnC, o-nd 
vudom plenty ; aud jrct, bcUg «iil*Tpd t'> writt-. 1 forget, for iJip liuivv 
wint fc b^t (uid comnauna with you, u I ^«'c^D taJhin^ ol BrUHcU with 
jon. ilevUlngoCtfac wcrid m Inr^ And, if I trcrt* >ttarii to Hny whtti 
dink of tlir «tate of iht world, I wiMilit. ior a titnc, let 8co{> b« Scota^ 
with dc«pdirto have thrin> unku it were by ood4|ii(«[i| ; which &baL1 bo 
g«oiDf «oierpri«e Tor oiir ynmig rniuter, vht^n h»^ ooin>'th lo n^Eri. And, 
io iJie aww) liioe. prepare hhu aioncj for it. ftt>d net ihi: n^jn in m 
vdttt nhieh it hoih nvvd of. And. for a itAy. if lli« cmpf^ixr woulii 
tItSer tiM kin|^ of llie Riinmn* dnughf'^, su* Uf did. tSit with Imn, in iinr 
UsUtV minority, n« hfr liid niih ii* tii hii. wlicifbj all ihiit Imtli chanciMl 
•Dio him. And, by thi* ollianor, ytnir ^Btiniution ihall incmuc, anit 
ttnr aover^gti lonf* 4iirHy not a little ]ticiN»A«# and In* ftiigini>nt«>d. Vut 
at Fntncv (i vw*t lu' ttkpn fur 4 i'ulr\ tht^y bi" »ik wonfori. dvy c^rinot 
^ v«U. longpr iLaji thry 9c« huw tliey may bir 0CO»r,UDil, if lbi<y ilo not. 
U«TD i» All th^ wiE (hit [ havi^, whioh 1 o(li»r unio yr>D, upon ttdi otco* 
ikm or writing, nnd tlxtdi [tr^y (tod to put iriti) yuur ndnJ. timt which 
lUl be for the boC a» I trust ht? mEI ; and, \n thir mmn tim(^ to cxiin- 
gqilll thit barbarous oomontinn at Immi^ which coit fiort'^ only to df> 
bun, and no good- I had fuhioncil a lirtcer ui mutL^r Rtdlij, which I 
Mad imlo yoor gimco,aiid rucrumbtr vvu with thcMic uii^la^idid/ uri* 
tnf^ engCntWivdof lJn»f<>ndnc*Ht which Iht i^H worth thi>n>mhii^j and 
to it EvAv &k9 TOn (o luw ihcm. Korn hEivinff bajird Ihui vhi<^h yo havo 
add nnio )i]i% und olbiTwiw hrurd And Krti whut you dix [ iluU ^o uiv 
vipjr my wit in otlirr inatlerv i and now ^iicli da hare fonil cnti.*rpHx(« 
ifttll «M^ Ibat I Utifrd not th^if foEliu, vrUich they colled God't word. 
Bnti fbr hu tinw, tht- king out Hturrrvign Uml, thul ilrud ih, ami, tiher 
Ui tknTt ^u bnvc done much lo ^ our honour and rrpuUtion i honno- 
tver mj thall Im htrt^ fiot onnU'nli*^ : which mmcuntentatiou huth \njvn 
u Innd in Mimf\ oa Ihi-y havr htintt nut, and withrd Uiul tluy mi^'ht, 
o^llkout bftfnoh of his law*, kill aw , nhich into tup a tofcpn of a ninp- 
rdloiti fury, *bidi hath Ln^n oauii^ why 1 Min^lid, bi>Lht(>^4<)]&rt hvnuo 
and to dofrari th<» lonnrr, and pray u> Giid rn nrdfT all thinp for ihit 
b*»l, ■ith prMcrraifon <jf o*ir sovm-i^n lortl, and inctcMc of your 
grace « boMjur, At my hontA in .Sonthwarkt lhi> htAt of l-\-bniary. 

Your grucna liumUTn iHndunaa, 


Gan^itff A* Dr. Ridl^, ^nthtfd in Ihc ptactdin^ 

Mwlpr U idle J, 

Aftrr right fccorly common ilntiorrA, it chanoe^ nip, upon \WiTnr*d*y 
but pantr to bt prLSont atir'our scmiort in the fyiurt, Micrcin 1 hcoj-d ^^ou 
cnnflrin Iho dfkctrine in r^liglon^ Hi>t fonli tiy onrUt^ tovi^ivign liirdandfl 
tnwtCf r» wb(Hc? soul God pi&rdon, ntlmimSAliiiig ymir itudirncc* that jov^ 
wiilil spfriiklly tTOvuil \\\ xht confulAtron of tht^ BUhr>p of Kofn«'i pr^ 
Ipnrferi Binbority in gnvfrnm^'Tit aiijl ui^urpi^d pfiwpr, and lo pnrdon^ 
wWrvhy tip Imth nbuMn! hinwrlf in hcavrn ami ponh: tt)x\ch tuo.^ 
mntt^n ! note to be plairt* and hcr« without controveny. In liio otho^H 
two yt BT>ftkc <jf. touching imng« and pprpmontpfl, and as ye tauchod 
\U ipf'riJiIiy for ImTy uTitiTi'i ilrivi* Jiwny iWiU, for thui yc dn*larvd 
youTwIf Alwayydeeiroun to ^vl forth thi- mi-rtf Irtitti. with ^'at ■Jnir? i>f 
vnlty, jiH yc profcucd, not t'xtondbiK any yonr oAfi^vrrotionfl b^^yondw 
ymir krj(iwh>rlg^» \n\t nlvnyf arhlin^ ^\\ft\% Hkif wnrdi {aKfttrat ^rou AfM^^ 
r^e/) anJ {if any mnn cuvlti nhciv you fiirfhrr. yiru uvuftt hpar him)^ 
wheiyhi yo were mticH lo he cnmrnondodf — u|wh thf*c <^nfiid(»raticinB, 
and for the dfHire I haw In unity * I hnvc thought myself hound to ooin- 
fiiuutoal^ lo joiL l)i»t wlri'.'U I have reuJ iit tlie [uaEU.T uf in]ti(c;«« uud 
holy wntrr; to tho intnnt you inny by yourwlfconaidfir it* andHawoJ^h, 
brfore Ihnt ye viil vpt^ak in tho«v two poinN. n# yf< may (n*tninirgyouf^| 
tiwn priiirtpCfH) nfltrni mill, ilmt ymi witiiM afHrm. nnd itiay, indr^^l, l)e 
niRrnicfi and mftintninrd ; vh^rrin 1 have scr-M other forget thpra»clvp«, 
Ftni, I Wnit un(i:t vfni iK-rrwith, ithii^ih \ nm *txr& ynu hav^ Tfttd, llial 
IIiiM^bltLfi wrilMth of Jcnagiv: \h]irrf]>y apfh^iirrlh, tlint Imaui^ ha^v. htxu 
cf fiTCPi nntiquity in Christ's church ; and to eay wn may not ha 
imag^A and rail Ihom idoh, vbcn th^y rrpiVftDnC Thriti and bin uint^' 
it nvi^rK^Jw fi|iirii4)ui to unter inhi yinir Itanitd hmil. wUaiHJcvrr the 
unlnmird wmM tattlf). For you knov, tic t^xt of Iho old law, S*m 
fadti lit/i Bfictptilp, fofbiddefh no more imagpi dov, thaa ivnothpr icxt 
ftirlijddclh lo nil ]iiiddi[i}^< : and, if oTPttin be mnifitii tmrnrfh to tbe 
b«1lyt th«rc can hn no cmxne why thrry pIiouU), of thf rn^flvcp, Ur impuie 
to Ihc eye i vliervio yo cjuj my mm;h mow. And then, when wc liav« 
loia^i Ui call ibeirt if/rj/x, h a like fault tn fond foTly, a^t if & man wouht 
CftU r^'m a tyrant, and tlitn bring in cild vrrilcra to prove, liiat tyr^imua 
ri^ifipd oricf> a king, likc! as fMvm ^ii^uitit^d oiitc an imngC' But. like 
aa lifiannus wt»^, by ronflPnt nf mm, nppmprlatp to KignifV an uiurp^r 
of that dignity, irnd an untrur ktag^ v> hath idotam been hkf^ ic^ ap- 
propriftic to Bignily a falAC tvpruttuaUUivu aud ft fobc imogci iaaomuchj 

B^ I.] 



m Ikm? vfoa « sulifuin aiJathL*iualt£aituii of ikU tLinsc lliat «i>uld lull an 
lEDi^ AJi iilal ; u) be wore worthy lo t>c bani^J, tlmt would <iUl tlio 
iiog our tiiAifT (Godtarc him}, our iru« jii«| krng, a lynrit t and yut, 
la talk, be mif;bl ibi*H Uint • ijruit ugnif^iid toniEltuir^ ■ Liug- But 
^ptceli b r«|canJcd ki his pmcut^gnifioatiuD, wbicht t di>ubt iiGtty« 
am «HiiMJ«r rigiil Wr 

I wrily ibiiik, liMl fcr thcr hAviJig uF i^agvi ye will uy enoij|(h ; and] 
thai abo, wbcn wt bavi> tbom, wv sfiuuLJ not diiqnBC tbciti in ip(??cb, 
lo call Uivm icl<iU, no d^ptw^ ibcm uich <lw(i4, to Enangli* tU^ni, i>r cut 
Ihvfiii ; liuL, ml tlif l«a*t. >ufli.<r Ehcm lo itniid uclnrn : whc rein I.i^hrr, 
Ibat pulled awAj all oUier rc^rd tc thom,aEn>ve Btoutlyi and obtained 
(aa I haTtt weQ is diran of tha churchca id Cnrmsuiy of iae reforma- 
Bion) i)mt ihpy HhoiiH avihry do, abuHJ atilL 

All tlbc uiaLivr to bv rcw/Ml ca, «xcca« In woraliippin^, wbumn lb« 
ahorcb of Komt^ bAth been wry prv€is«» [ind >p<^ciaJlyGT«fr*Jry,vHtiAf( 
EfdtNw Af«ui7. iffhit^h U currtiuiit-d De Centtrrtf. JiiV. S> ■?- t^T' V 
TcUowtLb : 

** Pfrlalom ad noa fu<^rat, cjuud, iticoniidunito iitlo Fiitccn«UEit sancttK 
rum iuflgini*** tub tino (juubi i<Kciiuiioi^o, ni- AtTfirHri clfbnlrH^^nE* i-vui- 
fiepnti; d qiiideiu (|U» i-m adoran vctuluc* omnmo Wdaiiiu^ fi^^ 
fiaao vcro rt^prcht^ndimu*. Die fratcr* d quu fuolmn Eoctrdutu ali> 
qoaAdo audilum ttt, qucHl f«ci«Ei I* Aliiid f^t paim pioturnm A4Li>rar«^ 
^imltp^r jiJctLir.i' bihloHam* quid Ml odtinicidmii addUci^rv. Noiui^uud 
l<ffn!ibat Mnptura, hoc idiolU pnustat pielura CL^rni^Diibufti quia in 
ipid cftjam igaor4.nti>« vident <]uLd u^txi tif\if^nt; kn ip^ li>giiiiL qui 
littmu n«iduDt : UHiir ri ptn.*L-Jpiit? gi^iiiibu* pm Itttionc pii^iuru raC 
lltnia ii ttfrbMidi-i) AtioratJ<>n ; arjd tbm, in tfj^a tynoiio, waa doclarod 
what manner of odutmtou u forlnddi-n, thai U lo cay, godly atlomuoo to 
il, Ix^n^ a ciuiLutv, ui ia coiiEaijitHl iu U)e L'[ia|jter ?d, ycnfrnbiin /ma- 
yiiwjk in lb« saoic db>titiclion, in tlitji nijic: " VvQc^rabilo* intasmcn 
CbfUfumi non dooa appullautj uiK|ur atrvLunt i^ia* ut dim* iiuquu vp^ni 
^lllii pcuit^lil br tk, niH]it(i alj iuh rxpi^ctiinL fulLinim jtididum ; ftcd ^ 
t&cBoriom et retfordatiorji'tn priniilivorum vcncraaiur caj. ct adomat* 
lod Di^ti H-rvLunttii oullu divioo, nee alic-ui cKiaUiM%" 

By which doiVlRff«aU tdiklairy h plainly r-xHiidr-d in fvidciil vordji; 
K» aa w cwiDOl »ayi that the woirhippipg of inioi^u bad its btcinnintE 
hy popcrr, for Urfg<*ry Vorhnrl it^ unlt^i^ w* ^liall eail tlmt sytiod 
popnyi b»<«UAe thi^m wrt^ ut many Uihluipi. And yi>t, tliprfi h for- 
Udden ruttHi iHviHtit^ and af rorth vitb our afomaid doclrinc by wtiivh, 
«C may creep bvforv tLiv orotw on GomL IVid^y, s^btmii wo \\ix\x: the 
ina^orthe cradJ^t In boncmr. andnw' it in n wonhipful pUt^^r, Andui 
eiily kmk on it, and concoive ibat it eiguiilvil^, a> wo kncd and 


creep Wrore it, <tvhiUt It lEcili thor«, And wliLljit llmt romcrabntneo is 
UfiroiM ; with which troM. ni>viTihplM^ tho wxloii, when ht goeth for 
tL ixin»i.% will HoL be arraij lo Ul- homclj, and hold it uuiltr li« fc'o*!* 
whiUt ht ilrinkrlh a fi<}1 of nlr ; n pojue of hrirnrlirir>di liiftt mlicUl be 
Jwft> but jfll ir dpplftretli ihat he ntcpniod no diHmi^ ta the image. 
Hilt rvct s]ui!E- I wzL!f bunii u puur [r&rialjtoijvr, & tuyiuiLa, ^ttmt be* *o 
boldtftl a «hifl (if ho wen? ftbu (*hurc?hW[trUcn),Uk icTl to the Lmcoflha; 
chaitrh at Iriigtii, adJ hi» oaji in th^ in>>;(ritiiiiL<, Via silver orOM OQ 
Eiufpr MoDiUy* ihjil wn^ Rfi-i-jird utieo un (ioikI I'ridAy. In tpf-dslUji 
thprc haiv bcc'n apt'cinL abuaci i but ^c^ncmllyi imoi^ hnvu hr*n taken* 
for imRgN, with nn ofltpf in tigmfy z Urt\y r^m^mhrftnco ut' Christ and' 
his MlhM. Anil lu tltc- ipmiriil iif »|Hi*ch, iiltiTr^il by a \]yAv \m»^t^, nxid, 
rcprcscpliog to the umlir^T irj<lin^',b> th^ si'iispof hraHnp, fioJly maltcqj 
JutU ttir up tliii niin^i, i^iil iiii'ri;!Utlh tti^ body, to oijnitiint m oiituAi 
gc9inrr. nf wonhiprul refj^ard lu thAt Miurid : un cTikth thn nlyrct of thtti 
iinage> hy thr hl^ht. wnrk like rfl^'Ct in iiiaiii within ftad irilhoul, whf-rrin 
ifl Tcrily wonliijiped that we undtntand, atjd ynl rcv4r*'.nn(!iindworihip 
a.lHO ihi^w^l to (hat, wlK^rehj- we Atlflifi thttt under»tfti>iliri^% anil u lo v*fl 
in tliiT jilacc ufftii inHtTMtic^itt ; vo aj» it hnlii mi worship I'fiucif, but f#- 
maineth m hi» nnture of ilone or tinibor, iilvorT eoppcr, or poUJ; but 
wfien >1 Si in ull^rCp anil wnrkr-rh a ^odty r^mtf^rnbranr** iTi th Ny rrjirv- 
■milation of Ehc thiuK »i£iu5nj unto u», Ilicn v« u^e i| itar^ht;>falli' and 
boiiciurublyN Otf niikny du Ehe ptio*t ftt luunT whom they lUtlc iV|*aRi oil 
tlif!<ky tifirr. Andn nn'thinkcth r"vi>r, rhut, likflfls it is nn over groM 
i?rrot to laki? ait iumgt fVji Ciod, ur to worsldp it with godly bunuor, no 
to gmiil that W(i may not havi* mmt^-n i)l ChnM* tmd thuit wo may do no 
wjirship bt'forr them, op not iwp thrm wnrthipfuily, ii jn inexplicablit,™ 
For it in ouci kind ot AtirHhip to piace tlji'iu wui'ihipl'uUy ; ao as. If S.H 
man pUf^o an imagA in tko churt^h. or hrinj^ it alhtut hiji nk^ck,aitaU luud 
to dfj rlie tfti*g<^ o* lln^ oro'w.aiirl thf tidj(Jii*of' ihu order of St. George^ 
tli'm ifi »i>mo plv<^i^ of worship, A^id if v^v uu}' aoi uualL'niu thr iuiagr* 
of Christ and hU tnintdt when WG have thc^ (lor liiat wph! villainy)^ 
nnrnt^glecT. tli^m (rtrihat wflm to hn\i' ilit-m wifliout Uit). wMeh acre 
incoiiTL-nicnt (qaU nrc antard. nee uric ^»ivifnittn Jit fruAttn), ve TttnM 
hav« thfrm in eetinution and rcputatioD> nhich u not wuhoiii fionie 
honour and worship; and, at ih« U'aal, m tbt* p(aoo wUtr wo conv^ 
nicntly xiie Uil'Iii* U ui Uie durrli, aft whnm thi-y flutte its, rallivr thAQ' 
wcihf^m. And, bccaMMi Oicir stir vice id wotHhipful. tliey be *q rpi;ard(:4^ 
iceordingly^ for that lima of Hwicis and tltvrefiir^ tliey bo tiallcd ivh^! 
r«fi(7« irwffvrWfl. and be wunhiprnUy firdrml. Iwforv whom wi> knm^l,.' 
and bow. and ccniw . not at that the imoRi^ bo* but aL thai tjju iuiu^u# 
•ignlfy, which, iaoiir kueuiiug, bowingj utd ccnalng, wc knowledge ui] 





^Diltfntaiid AJtd miiJ 'm lli&t fwhbu ^if uotitrad-v riling, wlimviii is 
VE^^wd up a gmoicaAar of bcqUqccii sud^lcbly opcacd. willi onn 
jttiLd«n Might, to him ihAi liAih bLH>r» v^iereLJ^d \n r*-af\ing of thtf-ui. 
cd, me AcciDcllik ftEictr tiu: ftith of Ciiri«t rccntvrd &ail known, ami 
glklj pur^'J fn>iA Tii7n.-ticih if, by cliancei iIktu wltu offered a 
, oiifafT to n''Uln painting nr graving, iml forlM'ar vrirng i tir, 
cLoufiog vrltlufi. (o rudn-'U" both tlje^othvf j[ifU; itivould LxTivpraijilrni, 
•ctinsBif fiiaiiu^ uvn> Ukkco awaiTi ^c coM tiftvi; no pnnijng. And, 
th«nfo«v, Lhoy tiuU pnti* to iniioli ilii- troTtW of yaa/acifi Ititi tcnifUtf^ 
evar, aittbiukctli, tticy euaJriim iirintiHl buuha. Uik urijrbul wlu'nMtr is 
<»rgmviliS to nt4J!ir m^vfrnyi /f/fpurtfrn. ^VJ Aoc "rf /vrivKutH, el $HHt 
tdMtffif#i puiani ^im^fium ;- and th^r«ron^, now it I* £ngl:jJicd, Thou 
#idiV UdZf no ^rrimi iimi^fg, IttI tJti'fi irirrihip tktm ; wliij>h,'I hvar, i* 
UGtoly urUtcQ in elm ncu chnix^i, J know nuL i\ip namct buL noi fftr 
frecn tli« OJil Jwrr, But ti>lhu mattct of iinagu«> whorvin I hnvt di^ 
courwd ax ihrpi-, I tliliil, if j:t> tx^nVider (ju I dunbt not Um tlitxi jv uil]} 
the doctiinc *vt furth by our luti: Mivrrcign lonl. jc tlmlU in thac matter, 
•06 the truth aK furtb, hy buch as iiuJ ihat (^Diumittttl unto tUvna uodor 
Ua klglirmii; amongst nltont t unt m^l^ nor va4 I P^^*}' nnin It, until it 
ma* done A»d j«U the chvac in the book fur dinCLUiaun ^t tkt Lortli 
ftlKl owr Lord, bat^i mad* saan/ think otJnirw)ni>. JEut I toko our Lord 
t» viltiBM I waa nut : and that dcclaratkin of oar 1-^ni wai li'ti high- 
new'a owo devlcu, f^^ m i for lie niw th« futid rtijjIbEiiug o? (Jtr Lord 
diffoviTvd in »p(woh [^tiJUtc] wlioin our Lord hnd CDngrt>ga(«. And 
thb I add, livt, giring niilhoniy en thit Uocik, I Aiiould ^ftfm m vount 

Nuir vill I B^ioflk Botdcwhiit of holy water, whfrcin 1 *«ad unto yw 
ihaMtbohnpicrinttwVlh bonk of lli« lliAlory Tripartik, where Ma^ 
tttilm^ tiin bialmp, bndi? Ki^nttLui. bJn iU-a<xi|i, tu l-iuL abruud yiMiru by 
him firat liJlow«tl| trbL-rrwiih to dritv nvaj' ihc divjj , and It » nnUd, 
how tW duvti coiiid r>ni ubido ttiti iirtu;^ of tlio tratcr* hut vHuiahnd 
awny. And. for my purEn it vrnu'tti ilir hiittiry may hiT mm: for vra 
bcOMurcd bj Strnptiifu, iLiatp in the uumv of God, iho church iaablt 
ml atrnng to cn«i nut diivila* necordinfx to tbc go«pi-l, /m nomhif mm 
rfraAKM rjici*ni, ^tot. : mi hji, if tin- uJUrr vi\'iy avaj, I'j inily t-alling lki 
the name of God tJul uia»kry iiiaj be wrou/hti and ihc virtua of tho 
effect bdng only atlnhuifd to the tiaincor God, tli^i (|iL»^»tion ihould be 
mly, Wti«tln.-r tln^ rn-UUm! rjf wntt-r nijiy hi,\\c ttxr n^li:t to f utittr}' tlio 
^ffrdoT lliB liuLinr** of the invnculiuii of (Juda n&mi- P And ftrvt. in 
Cbri«t, the tkirt of his f^armr ijt W such am oHit^c] in minjatfir htalth to 
tl|V woman, and «piUl¥ ihliI riay in th<» Minil, and ^I- Ft^ti-r'tt itliiidowi 
and 8u Piura handkr-tvheri. AiilI, Imving old slorin, iacrcnt home 



[«& 1^ 

Ihc spcoJ&LgiftofcuratjbDrUiiuistprcil by tho kio^ of 1Eii» rvolin, goI of 
UtOir ovn ■tr^rnftlh, but by invoiviion nf tha naoii* at GjxI. hatfi ben 
utrs) to be (Ibtrtliuti-'i in linp dC gold aad »ih«r- /ud I tliink etfn> 
tualiy thctYin* Ihc nifrlal Imtik only nn ofHi^c. cuid the dtrcn^h U in tlic 
TAfnc of G(Ht» u'bvri'iii all u wrougbF' Ami KlitiriiH put liU MAfTin \\k** 
ufTu:!*. ALdt^liy llic whulechurcli Jui^htnul jjuti^AU-r lu Uko oJfjCC, to 
convey Abroad th« iavocAtton of (^tid'a name?, ihcn id no Scripture to 
the coTJiraryi bul lli#*e u Scripture* how olht-f inrcrior <r««tHf*« h»vB 
bivn [iroiiioud inljkc: dJjfnlty.iiiid mucEi SrrlpLuir tiow iratirhAth brcn 
ui<^d ID like and f^rc^Atrr Bcrvicc. And ttic story I Hiid aoto you 
ibvweih, how wntpr linch ti^ir^n ilamI jn llj() •ir^rvlci?. In <IH\« awaj^ 
dt^vlli- 111 wliirK mutirr, if any *hn.{\ imy, he bfUcvT^Lli not tlic stury* 
And lie it not bound to believe ii* bcin^ nu Scripture, chil mun it not to 
b« rwuonnd witb, for th« vlffiCC nf llko kinga craiiLp rmgfl- And y«C, For 
mch cffeti u tbey bave wniufflit. whun I was in France, ! Imv«- bt?en 
niypdf mifdi ]io^ii>Lir^di and of jdl »cirt« intrciUod to bnvc llictu, with 
olTor of tu niudi for thoiu, as thoy wcrcdouMu worth. Some will ta.y, 
wbiit art nngv to l»oly WKr^r ? I^arry tltn» 1 nay : If llie nittal of gcild 
und silver m»v do norvicc. lo carrr obroud tlic tim-catmn of ibo ciiMur of 
(lod dTcctiudly for onu purfiotp, water may alio lorvc to corrj- abmad 
tU» invorAtlort nf ihfi nnme nf (ii>r|, tthcn^wiTh fn 'lrlv» ftway d^vilii. 
Hereto ulH bcuid» l^'<n» valet arymnrniuta <j yoi^e ad ttte. Bul the 
itory Bsith, tbo vat«r did that t«r\ica i and otlu^r etran^rv say, and if- 
flniL hy riprriciiH', ihr kinj^'* mF\insry'ii ringfl have done the servtw. 
Aad our lute numt4?r conlinufd, all fus lift, ihc i-urciM.- of that giA «f 
(jitd^ and uM'd iniv<'r and gold io do lijat mtvlc^* to carry abroad the 
■ln<ngth of (hp iTtvut^ation uf the numi? of God by bim ; ard ht luod it 
ainon^ u» tliat Nt^rvi'd hitn in itf vtben iie had tliorougbly Litard and seen 
what mipht be taiJ in thfr tnaltrr ; and yot hf liml no Hr^nptorv 0«p<i- 
ornlly frjr ft, l}iai Hjmko of rin^ of lilver or gold, no more tbiin Ufi>r the 
R^liifK mioiiU'rrd a little tvfkiiv yv IhbI prt'd^litd. And, aa our young 
»over«ipn lord Imtb rec*ii-cd ibmi rpvpwnlly, so. I Irurt, ho nhall Iw ad- 
Vprthl^d, n^ nt^flfifiil yfnti/itn Dii irt r/<in^J rrjrrifrtiiti'rn, but roHow ht< 
'ffttlicr therein; obo, not ddiLbtiii^ hut GuJ ttJll linhr fiitii, m be hath 
Ii4«nt Ida failic, imd othtr, hiet pro|:<t]Uore, kinff> of ihU rriftlm, to 
irhote di^tiy OofJ ndtlotb tbiii pr^rogniiif, av h# iloth »hi> to inf«dor 
mlninlrntor hiacihuub. irj Ihp efiVct <hf Ibelr priijrr, whr'M i( plfuuriTi 
hiiu. A maa wiKbl lind wimc joiiUglnj|:, porcaAir, thai ^otild say, 'ho* ^J 
wnrlilly. vHy^ vitty bifJiop^ hav« inveigled fimpla kin^ h«r«tofor^ ^M 
id| Ut conflnu thf ir bltwjrif^ti. Imvf< a\oa drvivnl hmv kin;.'* vhonUf hloM 
.ftnd«oauthanly t«j niniiiluiu whcwtnith failed ! " Aud I lia>Tbad |i 

ll i>bj«n-lf it lo cii**, (hat I uicd t> priivff ou* picw) of my argnmout ever 





bjfrkiag; uirtwn 1 n«Ma«l thu*: tfyc MllovnoUiinj^bvit ScnpLur^ 
wlolvy ]V to ilir kingBiin^? But llitry btiaJIciwfcl; rrynMiair^hal 'a 
to Wftllovtrd bf«[<ln Scripture, Andanolbcr: If inui^bc farhLdtJcni 
mhy (loth th« ktiig utar Se C>i*orgr on hi* brtiut ? But ho uMrt-tU St. 
GtOtj^ on Til« br«wc; rttfir \iun\tf-v h>' uoe frtrb^ildt-n. If miIuu he not lo be? 
vnmluppedi why kcrp ve Si- trt!ijn»c"s fcusl? But wc k«^i*p 8t,Gp«rg*5ii 
r<aaCi'f^&<- Af)(l ilMhi« mbtt^fif Ikdy wftUf * If the AtrvTigth of tlio 
in vocation of tlit* iLAincof GtHl In ttr]vu nuay ilrvll:! cftanot be ditiiribuliid 
bj wfttrr* uhj can ii br distnbutctl in aHtcr. to tlrivr away dw'ivin. and 
th«i d*ngtTOibi (tiu-f^o »f thvi t'.Lili[))i; (>vil j" HLitUif»rng« hnUovcHl b^ 1h« 
WAj c-hiirch m«y iki lui: ^n ihf^ wicrr hallnvcd by tlin nhurfih ntay (Kj 
like vcmMt HiCBt wen »rc ArgumvulA in bU limct niiil, 1 trvml, bv 
■Im y«ti and mky brrconvfviii'nlly Li^^d to rnidi fti would never moke an 
Hid ai lalkt but rdk^ u|i wvry thing ih» fhrir vtull ^iglit rurnui pi^mv 
Intv; vhvre^ iac(hoii^EiL» j-o »p«kv «^rcturtll>, vhm y« mmJ; Mui 
muft rvcoivc tb« detormmation of the porUcLilnr cburcb. nni! obo/, 
where God » 1«w n-piigiwth iir>t vrxprintly. And in tlii* vflrrt, to dh«« 
iWKf devjH. that pray^rr and iwucotiou vf ttit- t^ijuidi tuny du >L. Scrip- 
tare malntiunctli evidently; and tbc mmc Scripiurc doth niithomc ua 
to to pnyi a<id onCDLirftf^th u< to it^ !^o an, il' iri diKrhu^on of hah 
iralrT. wit aciiibulr jill L^iv vtTi'oL Id lliv lu>lino«i which procf'^dclh from 
God by invocaiian of the church, and take vaicr only for a Bcr^rant, to 
cmtry ibrctad hutint-w, tb(*ro vtit l>e no «iip«nitit;<in, i>hvre mi^ rt-gurd 
only |inyffr, whitdi 8uriptureuulbnrt»**ih' Ami if vt^ »ha1l tuy ihul thir 
vatcr <-4DnotdD i>uGh wrvi«e, m<! ibull bn coQ*bcfd,^ Ln that it doth a 
lEreAtrr irrvi^ ba ciuf baptiiim, by ltod'« spc-cjjhl orJinunou: >o u vo 
nnnoi mjt that vau>r rannnt, r>r !■ nr>t apt tn dn thU Jirrrliv, Onlyr 
die »Uy ■«. to hnvc & precise plncc in the New T»tuncDl to Bmjt Um 
mill Uiu* in tl»» Hurvico, m wu do in hol\ waidr; — which, meithmkcth. 
Medftfi no4, whirff! all it ordtircd to be well uiwl tiy lu ; and wlien the 
ivholecharch a^rvcd usMiafmcb an uws or any (urticulur church, or Uio 
«omraon miniit^^rof ttinnd, by th« gwiroUm ordered for it. tho tbinf; to 
be vt^d, purged, Iherv cnr bi* but alendeT niatttfr to iniprove tliai ru»- 
tooit wtjiTriu G<id is only bixiuurvd, Afid iLo pnotcr uf hi^ nvwt Mt 
fortli, wbcrcuoio aU tbinsi bow and jtivf placf^i ail natural operation set 
apftrt itnd f^bid^, Atid *bt'n any m^n haib Henij'd that vftt*T tnny \\n 
wr^icif* luxaii"? Script^iri.' a|>jhiiiiU'lb tt nut. Uint * hn-af^p* d'ivciU 
away much of tiic rat wtiich the charx*h nicth, and cspoHally our 
«nfBp riogfL. For, if woter may not Aerve lo carry abroftd ihe HtWrU 
or God'a l^ntor, obtalntd by uivocutloa iVoin God. by the conuooD 





pr^yor of Ihft ohurchihcw can the metal of «il^ro^ orgoM oany abroul 
ihe rlTtct urttie king* liivocatioii iu Ih^ tramp HngH? Whk-L ia»finr^. 
of roa»iiiiin|c ot' horniHcm Cbriitt luwd wLlh the Jt^w*, vhtn he md. Si 
fife Iff iS^tUctnib fjicw ttmwontOtjUif rmfri in /fvi>rjUiunt.^ Ai)4, fif j, by 
nur own priHtJpP™, wr«houH hr fnrnj^ii tn flay thai our cnirnp rittgn ba 
vupcj>tllioa (wlx^e tnitlicDforcctliUADDtau to tfo), itwcrcamArveJIoua 
pmiiflkm^nl. Si t^ci nwint {a* CHtM aulh), pet^ttitutn nun A« 
nita ," ied ttidraitt ; nad lliin rr<ulrn hnili Ipanting in ir. And you A 
portion ibereufi acconlini; ^vhiiruiii^u I Jtiubl nut but yuu v^iU wcugli 
tbiH niQttirr, aoa aJ jtepuiarpm IrnfrnaiH, tfd aHificii Mfateram, J mcAJi 
that Ariifliy-r| wbk'b ir-adif tik tKi- (!tmr4;Ei uur mathrr (a* je fuJI wril div 
oldtini U)t ojkI ordered our mi^llicr to pre uouii^Iitiiriit untr> ub. In 
which pointt flpcokbffot' thi' eburcK although yc tcuf^hcd on unJ;na%vii. 
rhio iw. Ami knnvn in God tfifily, yvXy*^ iV-cUrfd !b<^ i.ihi'*ti i>f iIuiC 
fn tlic pcrniiteil «Uurch, wliicb Oi^d ordcrvlb m«u Lo cumpluiji 
linlA, ftii{1 lo bear af^ain - wbcrc-ia the &baurdity w lak*?n u«ny of thraa 
IhM u<j»td bavi* (hi ^liurcli kn^wn, but evvry Tiituj bi')ii-n* *fc hv wer« 
iiLwurdlj tnii|^ht lilnuiilf. nbcn^upun folIjtwH]| tlic iitd pnttt-rb, ^i ^iv 
mvru ivKuvi'T* li'i tftat fe itiU t whicb Ufar from tltf unitj. yr 90 CflF- 
ficfltly wLvLvd for. vhi^rf^-f (um^bougbt} yb »rJd pridr i» the IHU «4 it 
la UnrioulirHlly ; whirh fnidtGod Emirnd. aticI gi^c you grari> fa lo 
■ftriiioa your ivord>» cu yc may a^rtf^ ^ith tbcm in >]]cccb> with ivbom 
y« b« iDcUoed tn igr«a tn opinion s tof tJiM ie tbo ft'ay to rvJi^vo the 
wijrldt AndnlLHtit thvrv hath bren briH'^cii yim and mn nn ffliTilllftrltj", 
but, ooDtmriitiiF, ii iLUlrduiSprrciiR'nt^^vliiFh I did uul bidi.- i't\jta you), 
yot« PoncidCTLnj{ ttic fervent zrd yc profi^iicd, Lo tt-Hi-h Vctor't truo dao» 
1^inl^ that iti to siuy. Cliri-it's trur <l(H<tHfjr. whrn^iinto ye tUouftht. lb« 
dovtf i]i(?i <»f Jj(:B|;f« u»d bdy wau^r to putmnay tlv^iU a^^rt-nt not, J have 
williituly apant tbifl tiiac, to communLcalo mi1'> you my f<Aly {if ii bo 
ibilyj jtlaJTily m tl i*: wbvri.ijpnn ye may Uttvv oociutl>ej tlir more nib- 
«taiilially, fully, aoil jibdoly. Co opvn thew: iiiiUkrs for lli«TvliL-f uf audi 
be &lkn from tlio truths and confinuaiion uf tho«c ihftt rcedvc And 
llov kt ; vtlmri^li it hjiili biu-n pvpr niiLrli o^ininrniited, to )iav« luch 
tv lii»ii>ri(9 of endlti ftud thu conliitua] nx of tin* churtb, raibvr 
»h«w how A IhiMiy; ccMiiiUfd fiua tbe bcft'inniri!;, a> holy w&kf and 
bat* doDH, [ami] tnay be vnll vi^, ihan lo follcv iho ligbtr 
«Mdi «(<X|ttcar«. ttbicb i» ctvt m/ mnuin. lo mock aod impruvfr UiBl to 
And yft aftic, I couw to Marcetluss thai madv b cross in 
itdD hia tl«Pcofi «a»t it abroad e-Nm/id* at tths iA«r 
bdljr *Dt«r wrrr uted. 1 duubl aot hut thi^re b« many 
11005 l^H^^''^'' '^'^ luany at ivbcLH^ prayt:r God fur* 
i ii vill «GV^ ^^^ prayt-r hai-o faith vkI ecoJ, ai 






Ei|d|Iju«, mnil werv ta Jminjua t4i clrivu tLt^ drvl] out uf iIjf Ecmpin of 
thdr body and h>u1. aa Efjiiitinn tmi of tlic l^mplc of Jnyitrr. So as, 
if bolf wc tt^rv voaplftl vilh hol^- vaicv. ihorv vhould bi? tuoni plenty 
of hdlieMci xhtkii llu-n? b : but^ a» ineti ^i- invfaiit* in lh«tr tivinf^H vo <lir3r 
canoot mbidc lo linvc t»y Uiiii£ clFi^i^iuaUi' boljr, not «o muf^li aa bmuJ 
•■4 wat*T> fcftfing Iwl thvy Bhuuld takv tvay biu Irom ii>. wbich wo 
love to dcAlly vrlT. Ntfvf <.'Af'iii/u firecafa diiuii, wltii >i|inuklrth his 
UomI by bb imniitc-r.i, w lie hath teuf^ht bia ipoui^^ ihc churcb, in 
wbtob ibovw tiiini'tt'>n b« ortlvrfdi wb«mn ' Rianj- nuys luiikctli not 

KUlo jotf. DO iDure I Denied n^l in tbc rrsi, la respect of joa ; buC, 
mttAODglilt fA ooTijurvd Ail men, in your sanauii, lo mj wtaal tbi!y 
1lKjfif;ht to JDU. /e/ tjHod ktttte mihi rrpuwtU rpitioUat, ^taam taai 

Your loving friond, 

STiriiiv WiMoimTiL 

- MiuiPr VftijfEbnn, nfirr my ri^bt bmrty mmnii^Jiibtioii* : In my Ivt 
letlcn to ray lord protector, idtC<>il^~iiJg. ncofirding to xW ^nc-r&l com- 
mttAclvCDA by IcUen ^vtn ti> lil juM^cr* of jifucc Ibn Htaic of Uixt Mtq, 
I if«cbiml, ju I finppni^ trur, the ihiir to bi> in ^ood order, f|uii'L and 
ODVtfbnnUy; Tor 1 had n»t tbiiD bi-nnl uf ^ny altpmliuii in tliiB fhin-, 
wbkb tbciAid Uttcn urcoiuinnudiiKnKJiH fi>rbicl. Now, of lAtrTt within 
lli«M tvri> lUr*, I ttAVfr lifOTclof a ffrfjit nnd dclcslaklo (if it bt* truo (hai 
U Cnld^Do) tnnovnibiti. xa llir towtj cif PtirEJiiiuiith) vbrir the jma^u uf 
Christ Afld h» HJnla tiQvi; bix'n itinnl (-(jrirrrtiptuuithly |nilti'd down, nnd 
•|i4t«hi|lj ^Andtod. il^rvin. ! tbouf^ht ^ouil both lo nritc to yoii» nnd 
tbv RiAjror, tbf king* mjijnly'N <^}\\ef miniiTerv, u v^eil to know tbfi 
tntb, ai 10 CDiiMiTl wiUi you for tlic n^fcinnotion of it ; to iKc inti^nt [ 
ttftf bo ttuja to diiwbarffo my duty, and dudiarf^ it. indevd, both to 
Ood am] Iho king'ft nlajr^ly, nniJT wlictin ] uru bf r^ a|ipi>lnt^l Ui Tiavo 
irviv, a»i1 cfif« lo rcIEr^L*^ mirh oa bo br any wayi foflcOt and pmcrrc 
Uh» rcfU UkAt aiund, frorn like dan|;er. 

TftUtt ft (l^lWnan. with uhom [ hnvo haf\ nrqttflinlanoe, and whom 
I know to be v»i>c« and ralcrm xo hnvu more knowledge, wIhToih. and 
fStfKTClio^. tlum to allow- any auoh enunthtivs ; and, tberefon^i I do morif 
wWinBly C'X^'uM witli you li«rvin, with ivqLicut, tripndij to know of 
JOK IIk very tnith In ibr? matter. wb{> bf; the docra. and the drrntu^ 
ftwec* of tt ; and wtic-ther yo tliLok thu miiikx so far gono with tho 
■ktdlltuiJe, and vbeihtr tb^ rrproof And disproving ot th« deed tnight, 



u-iUiout ft r*rtli«r dADger, be f^nterpriK^d m the pulpit or ooti iaiD(bD^ 
(fiE Riay M bf^ to unnd oun iMthrr fur cimt purfiiMC, iiptm Sunday uv\i 
cotmitiK* 1 'woM u^ prcachini;, on !t should not \x occNuion of an^r 
further Ut\U, vfi^rv a f^lty » lic^ur ', and tv n iiiviltitudi?. pcnmadcd 
(n (hr opinion cif dralmi^Lion uf inrngps. I vould ntvrr pn**p|i> For { 
f^cnpturc vill^tii tia) vro aliould ciiAt no pr^ciuiui stonf^s brfoiv hog» 
Suoh » ba mf«ctod with tbnt opiDLon^ Ihcy bt^ hogi. uid worA« 
hogii [if Ihttv Ix? any grUBwr Ih*h>i>i IhHn ho}^ Ih'), Hnd Iulvv Wl-d nf«r 
PO ttkcDi lUidt in EnjcWd, ihcry nrc cal3rd lA^Ufird^i, who, dcnjiiig 
iina);<4, thought Ihorcwithfll the crafti of painting unJ graviug to 
l^iK-TnLly feuperfluciiiH Htid nau^iit> ami AgAi^ii<i Gnd'rt Iav4> 

Ilk GmiAuy. 9uc:)t (u maintumtrd ihnt (ipimon of dnlroying iroAgct^ 
wcro aouoLintcd tho tln^^t <.«U£it oui hy Luthc^r, uf trr lie hud luun^ all hit 
brewings In Chrlata rvllgt^n, nnri an iok*n iw liogV nu'dt ; fnr ili< r*- 
pTOJifof whom Luther wrote a book npucijill/. arid I hafc, niOt itdnc 
eye*] s«on tbe ifnu^ei eULndiiif; in all lihurcht?*, whvrc LuthiT uiu had io 
flilimaiion, Tor tti<? deECmciion oF iiring^n conUmpth an i>ni(4r|]h»4 I'l 
■utivert retigi<>iJ. and tUe oUt« uf Ux wt>rld with It. and i^poi^iaUj ihc 
pobility, who, by imtigca, eet forth and sprc^ abroad, to be rend of all 
p^pkc» Lltfiir ljfij>agi?,piir«ntag^, withr^tn^iubrafirC' ortlnfir^lnitfatidicta; 
itnd ifjK ptimuivmLl curric;!]] ui>t oik hh hrvust tlir Uii^m iijunf% mium 
iu ifuch \viU:n at ft f^-w cuh »i>cUt but Huch tu all uau nad, h« they ncrec 
•o rudo : being gi^at known ktu^m, m imngu of llLree lions and ih 
fluxtuni de lu«% mid uth^r bi^uHb huldini^ thfiK.' urxns. And hr tlmtcnn 
not tfiid tilt: pcnptnrc, wrtil>-(i iiboiil the kiu);V i[t¥«t ital, yet ho Ufui 
Toad £t. G(!orgo on honrbuck on thoonc side, nnd the king editing in h 
m^MTy on lh>< ulher hide, bnd n-'iidclh vo niurli vrritlcn iu lho»?4riiagef, 
u. if he be nn hopc»t man, Eic n'ill pul off \i\» cup. .And, aithou^h, 
the vtia] w«r9 broLvo by ^'Ijuncv, liu would and mii^ht innk«^ ■ oandic of 
it^ Tct hp wmdd nor. br notpd to linve brr^k^^n ihp (kpnl fiir that piirp<>*«, 
or 1o call it n piece of M'ax only, vhiht it continu«th whole. And if, by 
ruviUnj^ of (tti>ekii and tioni-«v I'l whjdi itmtLtr iina^*« bu grMreoi the 
lu-iting nf the truth ui !h^ Tvnd of nil nion idinll ho ivinr^imnrd, how atiail 
(fudi H-rili;ig (luiitiniu- id houuur, lu U cuiupriaed in douts and plicW 
wh«T«<if (uid wh«irfui>nn our hooUh bi^ iiLOikif such as fcvr cem «kiU of^ 
Mnd not th(7 huncltiHlth pan of the- rofllm ? And if vf, a ff>v cluit oui 
read. U^oaudu ne reud in emu nort of Irlti^CN »o privilq^rd aa thn^ luv* 
mnny rt^lichi. »hall pull qhaj' Itic^ boi>U of the n-nU And w^d hate oor 
Utten oalj in tvtimation, and blind all tbcnu shaU not thtry hav« jnat 
nuw tu luialiuM vthut IB mcBnl? And, iftht cum Eh- n truth, and \t it 
bo true that Chriat juHbred, why may wc iiul have a wntin^ thereof 
fucb ac 4t] cftu read, Lhai i« t4» vay, lui imager? If thiji opinion 

■an- ' 

1 vhoidd^l 




J»*rlj ini«AC« iW Uot\<n\t i!u<i by Cloit'* law amofi^- »iicl* luigbt continue ; 

>at,tuforthf biag'tstaiidurcJ>>hiftb4Dncn, Ml Ani3d,[tbQy]»hoald hardly 
mtiiRip ill tlivir <lu« rvTHreiJt't', Urr ffiir of I^llurtlH* i^utatryi which 

'ftcjin^h^r Hpon Scripture bmftly, ndi tin\y cintnily. The Scriptun? n> 
f><OTHbft]neiin^Cft,iuiiiiicof atocU aiid itonm, and » it doth riloo Dien, 
tndc off «a1i and Ixitiim. 

Mliefi L^ nDperorV rooncy v^u ahc^vcd lo Chriaf, ^rhcr^In wn* the 
iBBg^of Ibe emporori CliriM oonl-'iTiiit-il not thut iniagev calling it an 
Unl, nor nolpd that mrncj In hv npninsl (Jod's In^f, jH*nni«f h h^d an 
iDkftge on it, ju though it vf^rc agdni^t the precept of <^od, 7'Aou a/tatt 
kmr* nv jnvrm tma^f; btil Uiig;ht ihom griod OlvilUy, ii) o«llifig it tho 

flnporer'* iimiftr, aird bbd ibi'in um.' the moni-f, u it uiu ordcrrcd to be 
OK*!. IB ho fight luc. 

Th«Tc if no ■cfipturc that ri.'f»r(i\eth truth, niid nil Krripti^n.'n'provi^th 
fUtohofnl- Fa1«it vriild^i, fulti- iHrfiLfi. foJjpui £iii«^«^, And CvAwi men. nU 
he oanght. to he cotjicmntd und tlcHpiscd. Aa for paper, ink. porch- 
nwot, fftonnVj WOOdf bon<«. A- H, of tli« HtniK^ry hand, Aud A^ ll> (jf thd 
mmtMTX hmd, li ktrrr nr C^rrnmny fttKhli^in, or of unj oiIht funn, the;^ 

alt of ouc cBtimBtinn. and umy bc^ of niiin LucliniDg 1o tbtf d«vili iij*c4 
blwhood, i>r Applymcf \a God'a fcrnctoaa calhnfE, ua^d to ut foriA 
'Iralb- It U n temhlr matter to ihlnk. i\ii\t Ihit faUr npirifiii oonci?iv«d 
against iinagm shuiild trouble ciiiy tuaii? htuiJ : A[^d vudi iu9 I hate 
kao>vri vcxi'cl vilti UiAt dftvil (on J hfivij ki^uwii ikiiho) bo fjowrtliuhwi 
vondroiuily obttinait in it ; ond if fhey enn find one that can *pfH 
Latin, tu ht-lp forth tlidr uiulurao, tiit^y lie tiiiirL' ubdumte ttiuii eier 
vera di« Jcfrv, and »landor wliatioeYcr iv ntid to them fur tk^ir nlief. 
Of thi* ten 1 know them la be ; and, iherdbfc, if 1 wint there vcr* 
WKUj tit tbat *ort i^ith yju, I wuiiid nut JrrhaJe tiiem by preachmi; 
villiout fniL hut labour for rcfoniiatton to tuy ii^rd prolf ctor. Hut, if 
yn thooght thnro might be other way* uMd tint to good lifect* I uould 
Mlow your mlvipc, find pnti;erd w^th yoii And fhr niA^ort with hath 
y*Dr bclp*. ta do that may lie In me, to the redrc« cf tto matter; vhicJi 
I isfca (0 bo *ueh an i>r]ri4r]>riiT< Jigairmt C hriil'i rulj^jiot^ as llicn- <.<iiDnot 
bA n gnmitffr by man I'leogitntr. wUti the tli^vd a iiiati^tinr, audn nt tbia 
'tioic. xnuth hurirul to the common esbiLci lu ye con oi' your irisdom 
: ithoui I ItMirtily Jt^alra aitd pray to «end me atiewr» by thU 
r, uy ihetp my IrUrr* : tn ihi^ inti^ni, I muf im* myarlf, in sending 

a inviteher (hither, or writing to the jcird protfctor, niithf ejuc *ha]l 
'tcqoin.* aeeordiniEly. And thmi fari* you U«irlily well, i'rom my houae 
atWo1msy,ilic thin) dny nf Mny, 1^7. 

fiteph. WuiL 

M*rT my hvariy (nnumendBtifins. ! rrri'ivirilt of hu-. two Ictti^nt 
lordj'hip, (be one encloatd hi a ktlcr of Master Vaii|;liaii» to vag 
dinicind to hid], lh« oth^r dirvcu^d *tr!ii|Ebl uuio lu. vody «» 
jpritli^ii, vhrrt'Tij wp do jtrrM'tve hov vhriifnt you 
in* »houM hi: Iiftd. Hic wliidi niiuil vf yuunt *> vrc 
hiffhiy «ti?cm urid nJlov'r prouHHliai; iVom odc tlmt ^vould qutoEiiHar h> 
w ivoitid likn^iHi-- wihIu lli»U yon »}iot)L(l b^kv girid li'.-n| llmt UK) triiicll 
frnr of innovation or tji»1tkrha:^4'[? i]olli Mpt <^jiLi»t< boll; of tb^^m lo bc- 
Meuit tiiucH, in mi \mv% Ijc IIkll cnotli *' Enrmttn, rntmni" vrln-n ihtn 
hf nnnc, caini'th not only iliartiTlHuicp. hut Jionicfim™ n ini**^iMig iir rf- 
bfllion to be made ; and he thiit« for fmr of »ickitC9i to come, tAkclii 
luiudrieifdly a f>t;rgatLOJJi Bunicttiiivit iiiutLvUj liiijjKi'ir nick iiult^. Wu 
[>erc»ir« tiy tlio HFtifl yoitr klli?n, ilint lioinoixb/^r fkic^tii pxnil wordii luivs 
beeij brougJkt [u your var** than ihtrc wu cauiK? wliy ; orjd those fodig 
vrliith vcrc pumsimb]?. bi* aLrc^y by lilm r<^JrraL 

For thv iijntu>r (■I' imji^t^ iin orili>r uat tiiLcn. In Ibo latP Lisig 
ftmoii* mmiciry, our iitivrr»*igri lord* iliy*. Whrji ibt iibu-Kxl jniag 
(yet lurking in flmuu pJocts by nr^li^mcf: u^ tU-nii who vbouli], ci« 
Iha t^t>», bflvi» lotkkvd utilo tha Mmt^) bo nov aboUilt^d. I«t not that b* 
n iikRttiT of tbc nbolidtiing Dfittl imu^i;9. Tliougb TL'toiiB ami ndnkvrrni 
U.' pujiiabed. dlL men bft nut thtiti. Tjjuu|;b ibu im(i^>:«> ^thkk did 
adidd mto Gc<i'i> gUrry. hta lakcD awny, wo may Tiot fJiinlc ty atid byt. 
id) nuinncr of iiiijijj;t'4 to hv tlntruyf-d. Yet nfTvr uur advrcti bt^tt^-r ic 
wcrr, for a tiinc^ lo ^buliidi Uicm all* th^n* for iJiot lt>c drful ioui^if^ tlio 
klti)CM loi^inji ^ubjccti, btiin^ raitlifLiI and true lu tiw kin^'i nuijccly, 
ibould h« put lo vDHnacc und duturbanct^. With f^uiciniw the mftguM 
traDn itnd rulan bLdU keep tbf^iii wfU in ordi-r. wboiu (Miutentiuufl 
pradif?r» mi^ht irriuir- and provi>kc lo diwrdcr aiid airifi^t So it (iiusc 
b* piy>viil<<il tfiat thi? kii}g'* iiuiji<«ty'i irnogw, ami*, und t-an-igiUt iliould 
bo hoDounHl and wni>thip|iird| Ahvr the decent ortUrr and iuvvurS^m of 
Human biVF> and cerrnumj»; and, ncvinthclt-v, tlmt other image*, con- 
tmry to («od's onlinnTii!C4 and liiw^, »hi>uld not \m! iumU* parluktrs of 
that rt'vcrpnt'e, iidonittiiEi, and iiivnmtiiio, u'hich (fjrhiddrn by God) 
ahouLd dcro^E'^ ^^* honour, and be occaiion to accumulaiv (iod's wrath 
upon ttii Where thuy be tak^n for a rvni(finbran<M?i ^t itiakelh no grvat 
mflltet thoi^h ifi(>y 4tAnii t>t\\\ in ibt* rliuTrh nr mnrknt^i^u^df follow j Tig 
ll^r Ul«' kbij^ of r.kiikou> inuniory hh coiiTinid dnd ord^-r; )ct more ^cn* 
lJcn«ft wa> ahowcd to thoM buok^ of iiuap^, Ihan lo the truu vitt 







unfrigiml Uiolui nf fiuil'i wi>nl, bgtli being Abuiwd, thi? onr viith WnT- 
Ury, Ibp ctlkc-r vrlili ctMUrntJoii. The »cHptiiri? vria ttmovt^d, for n 
Ihne, fnnn n^rtAio jicrtont^ niul nlmn^l frcim all : the imqg<!s W0r» WW 
■(ill tu tbi^m* who did lUmL «1jtine tbrutk llir Uimg being yK Hoiivd fraai 
fhenk, wkleh should Unch tltc luc- Whcrvforr, it may a\\ptnT urito ui 
DwM, ittort dili^-ipnl l»Nil tf) b« 1ai«ii that lh(^ abuvxl f^p^t;^^ be nol 
iLiiMfl tf^a'a.^tlii* nd«'Aiil4jf^ r>r Aixno prlr^U^ iii[n|jlirir]r of lAjiiii*Uk 
uid f:rtat intlinatirm of rnani naiure to iifolntry, pi^iny cati»r ehrrrUj- 

Tliej- lliAt conivinn iniii^i'a, biH^aiiMi lhi> tnutl-T tliDt tbcy iirt^ niiuk' of 
bbat vHe, u iitcirkiL nijcl timicfl, may ULr«'t»r cWpiv printing In paf r, 
b«etiiBC tht suk hath pitcb in il* and the paper \b mjbJc of dd tii|£x. 
And fcf th«T bo Wolh mhkr, il >nif[hl be ivtt^oiird tvliy a. man »lioold bft 
mmv A^ri«^*fl thM nn ittizi^o of vi(ioi)h thouf^h it Hfir of St, Annr, av 
Su Mar^ant, should b« 1jun».-il« iIihh fit? ivill thji ibcr biUv, Hhi-ttta 
tbo ondooblcd word ofUod » oompri>«l,*Iioiild ha lorn In piciMi*, 
Wnwd, or macif ibliIc of. Nor du up now »peak orfnTM? bibln, nor 
Un goBprlB. buE o( iJiu tfry tmo jr'^iic-L I'JtTivT iti Latin, Grrrk, or 
EDifbuh, ^hl^h Tc sns tvory day done, and »onntimr ctionuaridrd, br^ 
ccaic the IraruJ&Irir JitplMtoib UA : afid jH ht'nfn no man L-^cUiinoth 
«f a tnriblv aiid dvitvUbk fkisi ^ttn(^- Dut, lee vuc image, iiiher fur 
tge Anii bccauM il b woTfn-cai^n, or because it hath brr-u rrKilUbly 
tboaed, be bnrat or alxdiihed, bj and by toiti? uwn are ld »)Lcoi;iling 
iig«^ fu Ihoiij^ nol ft HtocW or a ftniii!, hni n Inio faint of 11e»h and 
b<*0, *boalil be roft intn the lin^, wbkb were a ticti-^tahh and a tvrribla 
rigbt- Wo cannot »•**' but (h^t iini^^ muy hv ouiint<?d niarvcHoiu 
biH>k«, to vhom wr bmi' knr4'b'd, whom we hdvr Uuifii. npoi> whom wo 
bare tubbed our btvula and handkcr^hitfcs unto ^vhom we have ilfihu^d 
ttadlM^ of whom wp havo otked panlon nnd holp,— ^rhjoh thing hath 
triilam b<wa «»ii dudc tu ihr gwpi'l uf (!oil. or lhi^ vrry tftur blljlfl. 
For vrbu kikM'tli iKat bnt the |n'i(?l nt the uiUfiHr ul a fi^utitod picture, ur 
in Kiedi a ceremanj? Or vUo kncrloth unto ii, i>r Mitlc^tb a cjindlc 
bHoin^ It ? Aod yet, Lt M^th or lii.-«ri?th, 3« weU a* the imafpt nr pie* 
turn oilber of St. Ji^lin, or our Lndy. or ChrUl. 

Ihdttd, imtifle* be greail btlen ; yet as bif* at ihey be, wc iiavci wen 
nmj vhlcfi hflT* ivtd thpm nmln. And hi>Hlct> thi^y he w likely to be 
read aiuiH, that Ood hirawlf. fr^aring tlif J<w* to become evil readers of 
lt«B grnermlly did forl^id Ui^ni. Nor Ih any gT4«t marvdl though, in 
rMitlfig of ibpin. thf. Iny prrpir are- jnnny (im» derived, vrh^n tah^ 
lonJKliip. as Ai^jnu^ih. hath not tfuLy read n riii»l trno, and a irn»c 
OonunoD Imnge. Your InnUliip haih foitnd out, in the Un|?'i ht^hnna' 
gnat teal, Stficin^on hom-bnek. wbieh th^ gmvctr DfVfT mad« \n it, 
fiiirdie arakrcvrr sealed with it; and LhtB jjiiGriplion in not vcfy liltki 




anil, If U vera, it cauld nut iwcipe your lordfthlpa c;r«d. Afllli«in- 
M'.riplloii tr»liiict]ii the kiiigw image la oij holh Uic wdci : on tlic me 
Mci tu ill war, the chief reptein ; on tlic ttthr^r Mc, aa in pMM* tho 
lifgo BOTtrvi^ f in harnou, n-iih hia awonl dra^vn, to dcl'cnij hu fml>- 
jrfiU; in hb rubm. ni thf; Ki^at of jiuUc^i*. with hbiot^ptitv rigliinillf to 
rule %nd gororn tlifnii as hr, vlitjoii both in poihce tnd vftTi wv nckcow- 
]edgi> ouf mort natural and chi«f(Ut hniul, niUr, aod govortior. If it 
v/fiv St. G4<f»rgi^t rtiy lanl, uht-rr a hi* rjivur unit ilrut^oji ? AniL whj 
»lould tlic iiiscriprion ronud otoiit tdl on unirulli. jimI not A^nN^ U> tlM 
image? Yet it U colled »Qme6ii]« to, or thl^ rudv nnd^gnoriuit people^ 
but f](it b; aii<L bf , ifial, that ik couiriicmly <-a1M 41), in dniij*- itunL 
And Hmne liare ihoaghl that, by Wkf. dcccWtng a^ your Iord»bip hrrcin 
Appcarctb Eo hayt bouu dc't'OEVvd, tijc ioiapc ut~ llt.'Licr'ophoD, or i'«TMMMi| 
voA tnnnwi fir^i nnd appoituod ta hn Sf, Gi'nrgi', nnd nf PolipphPiBii^ 
of Hcrculoh or of some otlicr C'eloMni, to be St. Chrti>topLcr, bcuuie 
nutht'riticiil hittciriad hav«i not fully pri>v>>d tJjvtr two iiv&t. But Uioto 
br iii'UH'L'mit to be triir*, nr ncil Uiic, cither tbiiv inTi?nTf:il upon aoina 
dfvice^ or rinJi^ ufa trut fict ur bi»lurv ; mid ^vltetlicr il wen true 
not, it iniLki'lh no jfrtal nutter. 

It mrc hardly ilonp, indcn'J, my lanl, If that you, ond a, few wh 
VAn ivuiJ, tfiuulO ttiki- ay^ay frum thtf tiuluLinjL'J ujuhitadi^ Uiti^ir toil 
of Lhclr inia]{?ii: but it vern more hardly done, if that you, or & fo 
vrhicfa can r^ud. id ttnif or tvi> latiguagM (n» Gr^^ek or I^tin). the u<? 
of God. 4JjJ ItJifr: had t1iciv-by lOAUy tvYnh Alitl prlvltc^a, ptuuld \m 
tkway iht? Englliih bo4>k4 from ttio rest, whiolt only uudorntiinit Knp^Hslip 
nnd would hnvronly your Ictt^n oTGrt*n)i and l^^tLn in ottimatkon, 
bind all tbciEit which und^fataud i^ot thtHc Itiiijcuagi^ (Voiu the knoir- 
tud^G ofGud'a word- Aod, indnodt my lordi hy youmyiiig, tlicy lia 
juti orirjuiion to luvjivrt *\\at ia mvnnt. 

What yu(i lui^n l>y tiur iiiiagei, and HxIm.' Iijioj^ca, It tn nut ku 
to purceivc If tJicy bo only (ahe imogeo, which have nothing that ihty 
ropreitni (a* St- Paul writ^ih, ' ,7h irht in i\t>tkimg\ bwaiut* thero i« 
no iiLL^h G»d)t and, thcmfon-* the croA* i^an bc^ uo fii]«t,- iiaa^^\ bvtutietf 
it i« tructbot Christ uo^m^d upon it, tiiL^n tht; inmF^c of the^un otid tlic 
moon w«rt» no IdoU; for m^h thii^gi ihcrr hn tvu thi^ann and tlio mooiir 
uid thi^y were in the iuwgi; thfn >u repncsciited, iupuhitiuK and mrviit 
dflUk rrprrwTit tlj^m. AxA thn imago of Nmua und Cunu, uid { 
iODM vrit^) the imDgi't of aU t>i(' lw*jlve Ldion^a GlmIh (oi thoy qo] 
thftm) irera tU<? imafic* of onci; livjuij jnm. Aod il uiigbt he suid tl^ot 
the image uf God Ihu 1 athcT liutK rjo sueJi lyto^ niwc, llpo, (nid d Ioti^ 
p«y boonl, >*itb * furred lobc, nor nvrr had, na they v^niv and paint 
hbii to hatr- But, if that bo a false image and au idt^l, which \a other* 



»o, I, J 







wue wcnhlpp^ and acoL'ptcd than it ought (o be. u tht bnucn aot' 
f«Dt, b^pg a tru« iinigo uttJ ivpiv«inuUtion of Chri^^t^ hy nbxtuti woa 
mndi* an Idol, It iiuy Im ffiuuj^ht. iii iipk^ puAt. ukI prnul venture now 
ul thii tiu^e. iu K'lEiv plniva. lb«* imj)>i;t.-s iiul oa\y of St. Joliri ui St. Auuc^ 
but oFiMir Lady and (,'hri^Ii tM^ fnW inia^t^ anil iiloU* rcprcK'nrtitjc 1o 
fotdliih, blind, ant! IgnciroQC nivni hrarLi nml ihmighti tiiut, trhicli iru 
uot m iLemi uiii Lbry vui^lit atil X\t bu niudr for- Tlitr wliicli v(mv« by 
jou, nif Jor^i, to have bocm ri-'cuov^id sooni^r, and tf^foro Iltiit thn oii|>- 
t^ tbi-n* «)iou]d havv ncvd ru lint*.' dune U. But, jf ^our lonlihlp be 
ibcL in sucti itiaUrra, hi; tZmt it'ijii^iYth faUi^ iuja^trv, ajii k\t>]a iLbuwd. 
ilotb notatiklnjc worthy t>( blumc, 

CtiritC v»\\*h\ n»i ttiM miifLT*^, tiAv^iiig CnvMr'i imago in il,nn iriol, when 
Ic Mu (lmhI til lawful liM^ HTjJ Uf jiny tlio dm- triltuiii u hhnl. Hut wlioii 
A inttt dotb uot lur tbuu- ima^t'di |-mvi!fi irj muncfi lo do hi* neighbour 
good, wad Xhii cuiiiinonwi'uhli 4M>rvif'<^ St. I'^ul, CbrJttH dWiploi (*[dlc!d 
tbtt GOTviaiLWMitp unJ i!m; M:rviN|[ mtd hwah^r id EJoIm. Sii tlmL ^vcn 
in noDCj roAjr be idoLAtry, if we mnkt^ tw> niuL'h of tlii>!>o Imnfjcst whicb 
CJir^t li^r« doUi Doi rtipr«h«nd. TluirA bn docno «o tiektJBh, and «o 
fnjuful nniT ymy*. hJjd ho t^iiik-r sLuniutlicd, ihiLi Uir-y c-mi ^tbldf* iki old 
ibuprs tu be rt^rvrruf^lt but lliJnk 4'vrry nrroriiiation tu bi- a cftpito^ cn- 
Ivrpriiic^ o^uitat &1I rvljgioD arid good Order; u ilicrc be, on xbif con- 
jidf, sonitf tixt raHli* yho. Iiftiiii^ ito citiiNidenttiuTr ulmt l« to be 
llong wUI «ct upon every thin^, Tiie njagJBtr«t«*t duty i« 
ViwUl tbc#(% H, in a mcanj to vtv and provide that old dotinic mIiquM 
not ukc fiinber i»r Jup^t^r ruciL in ihr- euruutnnwf'ultl], iK^itlnT aiintnt 
trmr ovvrctJuu tlic »ccn and trird iruth. nor lun^ ubuet^, fur dw a^ and 
tpoice of time only, eiHl to tnflvivd i and yt:i all tbcec with quk-tni^BB and 
gefillMiMii, ai^d viirmtii nil fvtuTfnilnnilf It iii>i'f^ jioMLbli*^ To lie M^fiirmrd. 
Ti> tliL' wbich jour lordthtpi a* a nion to wlioui God Liikth Kivcn etcut 
cfuiklilicfl of yriU liMuiiJi]^, ixud pomui0ts>ni cuuld brin^ ^rcoL li^lp Jinil 
fartb«r8Jic^, if it wrro your plisuun^, uUh gri>at tliATiLa of mc^n, and r«-^ 
wut\ ft (lod I eIic tthicb tXnng a our iuJI dt^iirL* vul puqHMu. siid our 
Uorty and diiily prayer to Crod, tJiai, in tin^ kin^'a rii«^vty'M liEtu-» wlio«« 
BU^sttya rvign God pm«T*u,Gdl AbusowUhwiadom rcformtHl, Chriht'n 
friiglon, ftitb|;ood luid poll tiL- order of tbe i?L?cDnuirjtteiLldj. witbout auj 
fonteol^OD A'kd strife oiuonjz the Luijz'k md^ji^vtJS mij^lit tlourisli atid d;uly 
«naniU0. And ihU to jour lordnJiip's ktter, wiit u> iiiMtPr Vnu^luui 
of Portimoutb. 



llHI. t ^ 




to undontAn^. I havr Ktn, or ktr, tiro bootn ly^L fixtli In Eh^IIaIii Itj 
Boic, very iHTTiiuiouVi tulitiutiHi and tlanijcrciii. And allH-tt ihat y^^r 
Entu} nfi'ili'lli iit>£ iiiifiv ii(jv*-rlmciit4^nl tii [hil irihllfir, y^l I Ztrn w bold 
tulruuUi: jour groci? witli my ]<:ttcr}t, for mini; ovn CH)imiiiji)ilj, vtwrtu 
iFLtb to salLBfy nuno own ouirj^icncc, to writc^ tuad uy. na bGO<mictl] ia« 
In Mioh mftU^rr^ which I d^i^lr^ yrmrgrnri' fo ti\kp in ^mwI piirt- Fon*!! 
grli-vrlU nic not a lUtlc, to dec, *<> tttan nili-r my laf wtrri i)^]t i^ttl uud 
muter* diNith, a boole apn^Biii Abi¥>ad, more ta hi* dubonour (if ft 
princ«'a Imnour »ifty ho hy vil« inforior «iibj«cc« impMc^hi-J). tbuti pn^ 
r(fHM>iJ t-nciiilo Imvr ^]iin^»!Eir[l, Eo ijoIj^. a vomnn C» havf Miflirixl imdvr 
him (m a martyr, and the woman thcrcwUh ta be. by ]liJr'«ovnrWIiJft- 
tion (a« Jlo t^aUoth It], «o unt fortli and pftiriti^ifT im ^ha uppcmvih to be. 
und tfl hn«j^t<^[| to lif', n Sji<-mmrritJiry. nnd, hy ihr U\n, wnrThy {Ax^ho 
■ufTcrcd) th? pains of dcntb. Such liLc t^iingq hare, by atr^lh, in oLir 
Iftt'' «ov«ietgu lord'fi <lnyia, gooe abroad, u ihey iJo now : and, oa f am 
wont, in siich nuip*. tn «pf4ik, 1 k^p my wnnt to vrit» m your ^c« 
nuw, 111 wh^iw h;ujJa I kuo# the stAtc of tb^ rt>alm to U.-, fur ihc tJTni% ^^ 
113 gov(!rniucni, And to *hom, for rcsppcta of old nrv^nftintanf-o, [ -wiah ^| 
ilII f^Hcily. In Ihwr mnttrr* of rt^ligion I hnve ht-cn long I'v^rciwii, 
&nd htnc ^banLa be lu (tok!) lived ho lon^;;. oa 1 buvr st^t'a iLmi Ibi> 
mighty triod ; ond IjcaidcA that I have karpcd tn writtL^Ei booLn nf un- 
thoHty, I hftVii pcrpcitpd by boots written without i\iWJv>rity, as by 
niiiater Bole. Joy, juid otbi^r, ^ud rsj^ttially a/f Dalu nwe\\i uow, tliat 
Scriptimdotli. by abuACi itcrvice to llkc right hand ajid ihc left atones; 
ioionilichi ntf &t ona timu, Bafa priiist-th Lutht^r, und Ffi.-ttL-th hU death 
Ibttb in Eii^UfJi, with coiniiii<rMUtJori n» nf n auint: nlikh LtttJjrrr 
(whataocTcr lio wfta olhcrwiftc) stontly nfbrined tJic ptc*rncc^ ri^fdly of 
ClirintR natural body iil tfii* &iiorainC'iit of the altar And yot llolci tbo 
noblp Hfrk, would have Ann A&ki<w. blai<phtmniifJy dr^nytng ih^ pnv 
«rticc of Christ's natiLral body, to ht taken for a Mint aUo- So ah Hdv* 
iuunt« niAy vfiry in heaven, jf they oJiadoc not by the way i whii^h tniftlkt 
Riifflrn U\ dUprnvG the nmn'i cmltt, tf thwarting lAlk vt^rc not motv de- 
wired (ff mtkuy, ibiiii ihu truth mdnrd : which tnitb wm »np|>o»nl to 
Lavii bixin, hriiii m writing ami oiterciHtr, well cslablbhed, lonp before 
our lati.' lord's dpALh ; nnd Rule nitd hjq fldhcrentA, in tht-ir mndntw, 
pluuty rt-]irDVf d and cond^rnincd. I caiinol forget, your gmce told toe, 
you wouEd «nfl^r no tnnovAtiiia; and, ind\,rdi if you deliver thij realm 
to dip king, ateighieGn j'l'Ars of ugi\ n* the kin^^ |iJ4 father, whose WOul 
God aioml, kfl it, as I trust you i^hali, the act i-i »a hunoumlBEr and goml, 
tB It wore jiiXy to trouble it with any bnovaljoo ; which nt-ri^ & cbafjc 
to your t^rat'c more than aerdvd^ being Alri^ady burthcncd lif^avily. And 
albeit iti the ooiiiilloji wealth every m&n tiatb IiIa |mrt, yet, eu God hftth 




it W9t^ yoan aJcidc. Krery mun liAtli hia «y« dircotnl unto yoU| 
ith here aiiJ aliraiul: yrtii <tTiall ttmdrtiir tnen'* doing*, \f tliny 1i<> iloriei 
rhtdl 19 ouc incuiuLEiwlily of hjg!i rulr. Ami, fur my j:]urC lu^^idirs my 
'duty to the km)f'A iiiAJtiHty^ ttnJ ^lu r<!ali». 1 would that youi piu^ti ia 
[vham. line* your jfi^vrrumRnt, 1 h^wtt dnind murh gnntloiKti and ha< 
Iskfcualj, bail aa nuich hoDOVr. with ffvoil oucciv, m cvlt any had ; &uit 
fprty to Cjtxlt lli»t men woulJ lot yourpjnict' ^lom'T^H*! etiikr ih** n-almi 
Ihe time of your povcmmnnl, ic tjmat Among oiirjidvfH; whor*by wo 
[itnf bo thtf uion uJile Ui raisi furtigu trtiubhs nvHicb your k"^*^- ^^^^ 
Illy forc«c^C- Ccrioin prmliim, fTltyfinif ntid pnaf^ht tri, iniikc ft 
iQcWint'Til^ fu llidugh wc Lqcw not yd how lo bu jititifiodH nor wl^joE 
wi; Ahotild havr. And if iheagiretiK-ut in ri-hgtcJiT, iriEiilr ia 
tivw oF onr blc KivrTcifc<> Ujrd, be cf no force in tht^ir ju^i^uicnlt 
rbftt iHUblkhm^nt couM Any n«v «grei>ai«fit Iiavo? Aud t>vi<ry incdv 
duty b noiKiaic b^ any rc:i]iii; And, whi>rK rvnrv man ^ill Iw rirLitiT, 
iaujt ac«d»bc] uncirrtainly. And cne thing b morvdlom. tfiat, al 
Hune tJm^lc b taught thjkl all men be iJorgf at the wlf «umt) time, 
ilmccft every niui vtould be bi-Hi^voil ; anil itinong^t ihnm. ha^tr, vtht-n 
hb unlrutb ftppoarrth cvid<^i;tly, in »ttliu^ forth the t.-X[imijmtion of Ana 
itke^, whicli b ult«rly njbrepoiicd I beiecch your pnie* to partlon 
babbUni; vlth ynu. But I hi^ rny (att? nuvi'm^Tk loril aiid aiiistcT 
,by«uch •iiQpIc pcr»oj)ft» rcligioa ueaultvd, ilic itului (ruiibledi 
ptfoocabJc oaen diiu^itiiHnd, witli onnohtuii ^ivrn ui ont-rikii^ Ui [n>int 
i4yv that, nrt«*r WyctitHr 4 itrjizigi? Tmchingin thn ■ac-riLmrntii of 
rvtla cbarch biib vvi^ otlx-r. ib b fiuully luriird uiiio ui^ to mahat 
•course a*. For other fruit ciitriot Ul.]c> trbchiiij^ have, nm the 
lleaHitiig of iiith oifi'.'r, a« ^o af>oul to truublf iltL- hg]-04<nii-nt 'itabluhofl 
^licrv^ In wliich metier, 1 date not di^lrv your ^r-iix- ^ptcblly tu look 
Jtef]iedlJyuiiloii,1(;al 1 should Ei^cm to note in yaii» that TrhiHi ht^cormth 
not. And I Lno^v thai, yrmr grac4i boirjg otKvTwxai' uvcttpf^d* thtvo 
{ftlcpi may rrorp iu^ on k hath him hc-nTLofurr. Siiniriiuii- \L may hta 
jWrdforyouri^or to hud outj or pulL out» the root ol'Utb na«JEhttncMi 
jbut y«t 1 am so bold to vr\ta of thtuft, of mlno own Hloninclu wim hat^ 
OHHJ, for {liichjirirv cif tny^Hf, lo >uy and wrJtP, in ilnin and \ii:tri\ 
I tfc<m0it miij^lit do ^ovd for ruliofi^r the mallcrt n^mlltinjf the f Cht 
tlw dibpoiiiioQ of Goi), uhohaiJj vrougUc wond^tx ui ilwu^ njattct>, 
thfy vKtv lir»C Mioired) und ^Ivim uw ^udi kiitivlL-dgr jjid o\|]iTi- 
ia Ibeoira^ I ijiij^ht to tiLkc tlinin (a> tlicy br) for conupiioii arul 
itrvih; I mean knowItdf-L* and tipcrioncv of thi'm that Uf. Mf( 
limrrsr tii itilfH-L nidi ii;iiriiiti, at ihey eunuut fi^N-uk, and rqiort triiLy. in 
ic mattcrx- Tlic pretence i> of the vpirit uiid ulJ b for Uie doth, 


unmr^n, and inirat, wUb 1U>orty of fiRnil n»cl itui^ur. a (llsiolulion utd 
diairpatioQ of all t^stnti-ai cl^&n contr&riuiu to tlie pUoe God hftth 
callo^t your ^iTtti^t* unta; far It tpnrlMlli aW Ut cnnfuaEon and (UKirdoTi^H 

Ic htitlt ^-1 forth a prayt^r for tbv dubi: Johu i>r SEUoiiy, wliorratt 
duke rcinituth to God'fi judgmimt, tu be vlicwcd Iitiv in tbi> wurld. 
till- juBltitm uf tiis cuuBF (^ifm^erniiTg ri;li|{L^tj : Jiftil d^'^ri'lli Godi if Kit 
cntii^r; be not good, tit unlrr hini to hv; ukr?:Ti« And to be ipoilcd of Mi 
honour aitd poB^e^iionA. witli mrniy lucli piy %vords wltcreby td Mtnpt 
Ood. Sliicff wliiHi prvyci, Uiv dukv &b in devil UkennaMBJl ihm ivoild 
viih^ und attEic tipacoriiUUkio);, n* the ac^oouot in nui'le. sucfa BtraugO' 
ncn m tliL> BiiiJt au tvo pa>* U tiL<ro, ns huth iiijt Ih<<'Ij ai'on. Tli^f f>ap- 
ppnri] hoth together. ThU wn knnw. and lip hotli niarvrlloaa : but 
wiieihcr the one ^»crtr a tokrn. OTcIcrcJ to coucui v/itk tJiL- utiier, God 
LiLOw^tii, »uA man tannol <li>liiiL^ Many orinimonn'c<allJid hav« coi»- 
tiriuM n'filjoui th^ hUhnp oT nomc't jiivLuJicEicni : ImjE vitliinil Ttiie rp* 
liKioiii and nhli luf^li opiiilnns ass Gi!nuaTi> luainl^unc-d , no '-tlaU- Iiaib 
cnnliniiL>di tn tho circuit of the world, to ue knovn, eincij ChriBt c&mo. 
For ttw» Tiipkf ami Tartani government is, as ii wrrr, a rGniiniml war j 
and tlicy npliuld ihcir rulu, witli »ubdub|$ of nt^bility by tirt? onU s^ovd. 
Gi.^n[iniiyT *^^^ *^^^f n^:^ rcligiOD. couM ucvrr have bIixkI. thoitgh tbiH 
cnipL^ror had lot tb^tn aLono. For, if il be pcreuail^d, its uudcmtand''^ 
iij|; of Oi;d'^ law lo bt' at large iu ^iiuieii and cljildrvi^ ubcj^^by Liiuy 
may havo tlic rule fff tliat and ilii^ii God'n Inv must be tbc rule of nil, 
ia not livn^by Iho rulv of aJL brought into their honda ? Tlio«^ of nom* 
will b« i.'allpd wjir.y rna^ourt: but th^y be indeed tniUj'8 childrm ; aad 
no u a\{ Ibc elof]ucnch which some (to dispraise mc) say 1 hnTc, ^Hint- 
koevertbvy «iy of mc : fur tnilh U. of itseir, in a ri|;ht lavjining maita 
montti. nujre f liifjueiit, rb^n forged miittei« can wlrhvnidy briiij^ farih. 

What rhymcfl be *el fort li I o deprave the Lent! And bow fond' 
(tiaviiig vonrgmce'ft honour) and Twlisb I Ajitl yat diti pcoplo pay 
fnimr'V for tbt^ni ; and they can M^rve fnr nothing, buttu li^arn ibf [x^fiple 
to raih and to cauBc- »ueh) aA used to make proviBLon lor fir^lj u^aicut 
ijcnt (ft^artnic nov in l^ni to bo w Mck, ai Uio rhymo purportcrtli^ and 
hki' tn die bidt-eil). U\ forbonr tn make thriraoeustonir-il provjnioii for 
tbfr next yvar. And Uicrtlu nhall it coiuv, if tbe uoninitJiJ ciict bo not 
certain. For tbo tiabmon^or ^Wi ncvor Jtopo to have good ulc, H'h«n 
tlie biiTcli^r may. witli tirth, ontfi4^e him. And fish i* thjit gr^t trea* 
tiure of tliia ri^abu, urjd food iuuttJtuablc, Atid thmr guod Ai^niii I ^'ivt^ 
althoQiib 1 lovo it not myself; for Mtdi &9 love not ^sh [ibmild never- 
tlioJvHE coiitnieud it to mhor, to ihc intc<nl, tlie titsh, by fbeni forbom 
might Ixt, ftguch «j»lovt- It only, the niim< plenty. Tln! public dtfaini- 
tioUr iuid iilfllttg vtlih Lent, tft a luarvclWus niottci to thcai that would 

woold ^ 




ciil of thlt realm; for tlierc U noEhing more coiiiaicndffj uulo 
Cbritliiii nt«ti, in hoifi Oio ohnrcho^ of iha Gr<n'U and Ijiiin*^ 
''Ami Jjpwt i]^ if all mc-n \ic ipni liars. Iti tin- king our UHe Huvr- 
vd^ luvdtdajBi this tnuttcr wtt.> Qui thus fpuktii of And I thiiiL ouf 
MiMtiiM would wivb WG had no l^nt. fLvcry couDiry halfi hi* pucaiiur 
ErtdinuioD to i>&ughtint?4H: Eufjlmiil aiiJ Gt'ntiMrrj unlg tlii> belly ; t!m 
one ii liquor, iIjc otiic r in mcab : lltly Ut vntiily and pIcn^urcM diviWf 
Asd let VI Enpliib bdlj Imre a r^rtlicr lujvuncviavnt, hud uuthing cna 
■Ittf U> Whon 1 van piiri'iiyor far ilie ftpn«| whikt an oxclnntafJon wta 
tlu'n; fft* jour gmcR iificwcd luv) of the bi?iljoir» foiling-day. at lTiL<y 
culled \V «diw«d&y , lUid *' WiufjLtmtcr, Wiiiobivtcri gnnd meroy fur your 
[viiwl I hrabrpw ymtr hpnri fnr ymir wnirr." Wha not that snng, a1* 
.tfiou^lft it ttiu iii f'purt. a niKuJflcalian how Icrulli wcrt be lo lure Uicir 
nfltrnincJ, or thcLr a'^ciuluiiicd fare: ikUiloiJ, utite« it were in c:^- 
DMWMity. 1 hear My, that L^nt b thu« Rpoki^n nf hy Jmeph xnd 
;, irlth oihiTni^w [ttA<^hei%3 (wliojii I kuc>w iiof), a> our of ChriHt'H 
Bundcs. which (Vod ordaiiped Dot tuau to imitAtv and follow ; at which 
■biDgt alt thu world wUI laugh. For Clinstian u^jcil hnvtt Chnnt for 
•uunplr ia iJl thirign; brrth lo uw ihii Witrld as hf» dul, nnly fnrnn- 
itj ; tnd to contvmu ttic world as ho did* aiid^ in cane to rcfuM iti 
rukd^hooia thiT vdiJ death, OS h^ did tha doath of thi^ craa; whi^h 
flbfagR bfl did, liki' Ji muvtvr n^Ht juTftTt ^ fcir hi> wili viry (lud, mid w« 
BioM eudcftvour otir»e!^'c«, in the ljhi; of liir< i^iH^s to fulluw thai he did i 
sot lo fttAt Cofty daj<>, A» C'hrUl did, without moat; for we tw but pran- 
tlcva, lUid carry aboni ii nimfmd i^rrnje-, llint iriust havi? ^titair. dally nv 
jarzUuti with fuud. Out y^U wii? tlinr iR'vtr uij> diat Mtid. hnv^. Thvn^ 
Ibrr, wc th^uJd do nothing, bcnnuse vc cannot do al\. and taku Christ's 
[.fc*<foraiuiraolL-oiiIy ? And vol all ilmt follow Chritf indy, 1)ipy work 
•iaSij iniraclt^t in »uUluirig antl ci'iifofLuiiig, by Ood'i gracr, their »cn* 
ippctitB, aad huEobly obe^rlrtg ti>thc wJlL of Gi>.li wluch no n\aa 
himMlf do; and Christ promised, that his true B{irvanii should 
thcT workji tlinl lie <[id. and gr<Nil^r worki obo. Whcrt^fortit It hi a 
lIctidcTinuUcrto Bay,Lt.«[ilwa5 0iie orChri»L'»mir«cle>t for no it wa» to 
lOTO bitf i^n^mii?*, ftin! iprrUlly lho«' ihal upoorgrd and b^iblMsI him ; 
tihtrb may not be (if tbut iLllcjriiti'iM huth jtluLt} taii[^lit ClirjAtiuii lur^ii 
foUow, becauM) it wm umirttcli;,a«tlk4y mipfht lay ; Itwc^remoretolc- 
to forgot LoEtt. at. ^<t^^ EcUoth of a pr^^tiii the mouTitaiii*, ihut 
ool hnw tlie yi'ur vi^Jit about; ULd, when Ujc wvMljcr opi.'iipd. aud 
ttc WTnt abroad, atid jiur(yi\'<'d hi* neighbour? were EownnU l*i»liii Sun- 
day, li^ d^riMxl ati excuse to hifparisli, andhado thi-mprL*paro thL-rc»rori}; 
for, indcpfl^thi* yrar had -«kfMi'whai 4lrp]H:'d him, but hu would fa'-hlon 
. 1^ DUilIci tOi a* tlicy »houfd bi:JL> ^oon ai EnMer m the mt ; and thu^ 
Lddlke|tt0 over LgdI, with raucJilcii» slander, thoJitu tt^iit Ibmdoc- 

tnoci thftt L«Til AJWOQCvf ChriBt'ti niinxcloB, unci tht^rcfow nut lo 
fmiULlf'il of im: for ullhntrRh U viia, Intlrr^l, a ^psd mfrftolff {Ibt 
Climt't doj^i^ W(;ri^). jrr^ w it iii^t u grcaU-r [uliiuJe, iior morv agiuiat 
man'a natunr, (Jian to lovo ilicni tliot laboured and wciv 1»uj to lakiO 
aivajtho natarotlifcof hi* tnanhood- fur, u ihc^ nature of man d««ircth 
rrliL'r. feU (lutii it aljljur dntructitjij, ur hurt In n ill and diuirr?. ciiui 
fullow Clinnt in all ihmpij in execution, Ihcy coitnoi: for vo hovp 
bnttlc vuHcUt uid GuO giviilj LtK gifts to muai lui ho iu*L'th cxpnlicot for 
htt c\mni^ ; stf iw iti<-rt cftiiiiiH he^l tlte lame wfi<^» tJit'y viMi, ah ChriA, 
did wltr^Q he woulii, but m God ^ttall iMnk proliuUlc far ilic cditlcjUka 
oftlie Hook jLuemblnl. Gregory Na^^.briKeu npnkvtli of voiiio, thai vn« 
tpr]irl]icd tu Imttati^ Climl'i faM abovti ihdr, vrbow iiriiii»i|^nlo 
t^alhadutb ijotidlow: not rvquiiioiz ofall ia<^n w toUo; for that i« ari 
4<Ktroinlty : neyct asemling tlio niAtt«<f,a» our nvw i»L^hi>oiiiicn ilcilmi 
(.'lirbiivi tiK^ii Blitiiiy tec Chriiifi £n>-i alunr, lu n niimdr. Wbidi 
inauucrof BoIdtioiL 1 Lcard a |;u(ji Tctlow mjikr.irhm it ww ttdd him. be 
might not roTcogo bjmsolff and nhon he wa« *tmckcn on e1i4T one w, ho 
nliould pal furth the other; [ am, ipiolh li<<. a mEir, 1 aiu not tiotl; if 
Chn»t, bviii^ God, dij^cr, Uv iijej^IiU 4Uutb lit.'. ifitliiLd pkusL^d hJiu, liuva 
dotiu olhcrwLHU And w, whvn ii hatli h<vn dlip:!!, iliat Christ fa« 
forty Jay*, hcmi^ht (<iuoihhL')have<"flipn, if hchadliiL Tliea*^ trill ingt-' 
ia Hport mij^ht Im drawu to ^mte api-iJL'li, if Cliristiaii aivti tthuuld rrftute 
to follow ChriM in niimckn. Tor all \m liftf va* inimrEc--*. antt hU lov^ 
that ic our bodpc, tnoit uiinioultitii of all, lo die for hU caotniM- 

I lji-»ee<^h ycjurfj;ni^tf U.* fiurdiju uits for I aiti like oni? of the cotumtm 
boiwr« tiiati vbc^n I nm in my t4Uc>thlnk I ^ho1dd have hWrty to ninkc 
on omi; and »|)4*cmlly vritifig to jour f^ra^t, viilh uhum, 1 uccount I 
may be hold ^— nwuring yoa* LliaL k i^ioLiiedeth of a xeai tovfxnU joOp 
W whom I nbh ^cll. wIiok intcnt> atthoupb it he such Da it vu^ht to be. 
tod n» it pLeft0i>d yon tn ttUav mc it wa^. yet an> pucli thingd dprmd 
nhrrkail, (rhrrcof the pvil wUlemof tht- realm will lakt iioura^e. and mtdsc 
ocixiuiit (although it he nronj^J tliat all >;oi'lli t^u uhixU. If aay moa 
Ijnd Hitbfir fondly or inditcrccdf EpokeA of Lent, to vugtieve it to bff tta 
inipnrtahlo burden, T uruuhl wi*tli Imh reftirinaLiou -. for 1 1tave not le»mi«] 
tliut all mi;n arc bound Lu kor-p tiK' Lent in lUo form rocmc'd. Dot xh'm 
1 rockon, that no ChrUtian man caay contemn tho form received, being ■ 
£ijeh • dc^voiit anil profitable iitLitaLioiL of Christ, to Gt?li-bratr^ hk Hut ; 
ajid, in that tJme,aodi u havr l>cvn in tlic rc*t of thcyi.-^r wL>rIdly. to 
pn^paro tljrniAAlvcs to eomci as tJicy thould conic, to the feast of Eootcr, 
whereof $t. Cbryvontonke npeakeih eicpr^y- And^ for nioidiog con- 
tempt* & lict!iise. tmly obtained of the superior, scrveth ; and so I heard 
lU« hlnpainfljmly our cwvc03Ji;:n lord dcckrc, wh«n your grricf- wiuiprc- 
cent. Ami, thvrelorc> he JiinuMlf vias vt<r/ bcrupulous in |f rautiug of , 







lic>CD««fti dmI (ucIccIatc tliat himsL^lf coutcniikcU not tlio fosl, he wah ol 
tteige to li*ve (ft* yriKrgrnw lenowi>tlO Ilifl 1-flfii rlif-Hbii^y pr<^panJiL*4 
if k hftd been foi hijasclf; and ihr like lEcrmf, I hear nuy^ juur ^ rnrtr 
iMlb or^red for tliu kin^'e nn^wty thutnow 10; \^-hidi (4E''coth oot iriib 
«fftiio jjrvQching in tliit nuttor, no tho rhynira nH ftbrvaii. Lt^nt b^ 
anoag Chriiitlin mm, a i^odly fiutU U> ^n^ttUn inriL lf> fnrWiir ; anil, to 
JSoi^uieI, both pxUf uuJ fitttitii.', f«iicN a> without confiuiion vc cAnnoL 
(torbnr, ait ilm 4-xpr<ricinr^ Rbftll fihrw, If U Iwt nvir atU'iitptvdr uliioh Gud 
fuibhl- And yft I^al u tiudwl b rli^ftie. mid ^trpliirji .Sutrkflnli, bo- 
4|Oc«tlied, uot lo itits iIxjukIi ni) riiinir be iii'>ti.'ij ; \tlicrotith, for titint 
4WO put, 1 cannot be angry, for that ii ia mUigat^d Uy Um'ir JoiidnWA. 
But i troulU dmire of (itid lu liave ihe Hlic^iJ^tlj of ihin rienlni lat^rfiutHf 
with rrpurtof at^uiicunJ, wlilch dotU qucDch tohuy vflia dcvki^und imagj- 
notioiiL And,if oUmcn be ItanrnaitUuovIo my uadtiretmitJlnit *Uun|i*ol^' 
Pu1i1iiFm-i1» inHhtiik \\a\v, und such [il'w men h» b«* m?« Mum, ihould |h? 
UMstablivrnxlaiid dc^lCAled, and nouiticlithumorcdjuigcrou* lUtliuybif 
new. Tli&l, wbii^-b irt ludf and l-'nuicn ti a matter of romba!, b nnw 
found in Ui- impN.prinf-* fo ihll mf^n. Gwl gT«ni the irnlb lo be dvittrpA 
<if alt mi^ii trul). BaU ut one ukrrd. wlion Uc! »aw aa uld phlltnopliur 
duputo wilb another, vrhat they talhcd on ? nnd it wai- tkarvcTi^, how 
ihe oU man vtm rMHciiHing vhat wm vlriiir ? ii wnM ri^pti^d) if Il)« old 
ffiHi feldUputvof virtue. wUi^n will In? nair-Jt? Su ^t mn^ UTMiId in our 
R^itm ; if it« t»« ^frtat^anrhiii^ for itj when ohuLJ wi^ bcgia to put it in 
«3EMttlioa? Iironld inalci^flu end of m)' Lvtti<rs and cannot; vhcrein I 
Acooant myvclf fuuhv : and, thongh ] may firr* u vvorjr tnan fuay, yvi f 
lie octi for 1 «ay ua 1 think, forvomuob ■• I have unid, and furihrt lliknk» 
T««rgvaoe hath n<> troublo troublMORM but Ihis maltor oi' rolij-Ion, uji- 
vatfnniibly Ijmught in. tu Uir dirDimntlnn nf our latf* Koveivlgn f^nt'« 
urbt, iloLoj^ and lawfi.' 1 Wwcch tour gmcc take my mc^ciinRaDd 
wordi in f^ocitl part, miil panlon my holdncA*, wLirh ^rowvth uf Lbo 
bdiiihanTy I tuivf lirretofun* hud uilli yuur grru?f>, whic^h I 4'annol rnr^rt. 
And thuvs t^nforclnjc mjKlf lu ^n end, bIjuII pray to Almighty God to 
prcflefve your gi^co in much felicity, vitli incroojio of honour, and 
achieving of your htArtHtltsirv-. At Wtnchcj^tiT, the 2liiCof May. 

a w. 

■ Thi' ufi^l jMiiat |m'j*»i\l hy CiirJbiiT m.-niiut the proltctor, CniDni(i(, •nd 
ibcfcnof EdwATil V'|.'» iNiiiui>;y wu-stfiot Uicy hul *:\iv>gM^ tha n-tiuimi Aliih 
ll«y h»4 Bolrmnly ot^nr^l to ni the funatttvuiti, ami rmticulmlr Llir H^ili-Tn n( 
4oetrinc mntuuod in thclx>ol& cnlk^U A mivMii^^ rruatfi'^n lYif VhrUli'inMtMn, 
vlutHi Gafdinur Inkcv notini c1' iii » h^lpr ti urcLliihnp CmiLmc-^r, in iLicw 
«wd*: " And Oiirrel<>ni, JLft^-'r ynur |,'rm.ii< hMh li>ur ^mrt oiiiUDuuHr livc^t in 
igvmncnt of tlut d^cIiiin^T Ltiuh-r *»n UtU- i>ivi<h:ijcii lorl, iiuvr, rui Hiuliknily 
afttr lri« droth, to v nl*- lo mc tlint litJ^ 1ii^hi^i=d wiifl ' jn'Jac«l/ it iK, I iu«nro 
a«^ otnmgti spcwb/ — J^lrj-ft"; (.'Mumcr, Aj'praci, 71 


Si>a0rut to GurJintr. fitay ^, 1547- 

[KuxutTi. 1, ix. M^l 

Your IctU'T* Ofll^id the oric-ftiid-twcoticlEi d^y (>f Mny* ft» conwruiBg, 
two book« Ei4'w iL't forth by dq« Bdc, und cortaiD Mrmani prcftchrd 
hrns Hi^rr, Vp-ith cuiivtnieui »|)W[L iltrivertd unto uHh And, lik«? u b 
yuur Ivttm to £t]wATd VAUj£hAn« tti Pi^mmoutli, «o in tliMt- lo u«, wc 
porccivc that you huvt- ti vijjilont nnU dLllgcDt cj*, and very fauful of, 
innovatiniL ; wliioh, a« \i CAunoi Iw blamed^ {imcprding uf <in** uhioli ia 
dc^irouft of <^u]rtj [^oDii ordnr, and CL>ntii;u(LTicc of ihc godly 4tAic of lliU 
rc&liiit 10 <^'t.« <lo Tunrvid UiJit ao tuoUj no far off, and aa pUunlyt you oaA 
lipnr tfW nnd «Ry of ho nmny ilifngti ilonti lirn^ \thlc'h, Indrf'ilt wp ttrlDff, 
hrn? and attendant upon the unic, cannot y(.-t be; mlvcrti^cd of. The 
itorid l^ev«r niM «0 tjuit^E. nt «o iiiiitfd, tjiit Hint, pnvily or openly, 
llman thrro whloh you write? ofn fhrinirn, plnynr*, u/id prvnclicru, woidd 
Kt furtb viriucvrlmt rjf their uwo ii^adjti ^liitli tlic jua^i^tnilea vtKXvt 
uriaw&r«s of: and tboy vhich nlroad^ be banished, and liavj^ fonakoiii 
t}iP rcnlm, rm wifFrring tlir la*l piini*hment, be brrlilpsi Co wt forth IliHr 
tnilidi and djiTi^ tiai^ clicir txiLTUiu tlcti^ce ur iiUfrty uf apeakiiijj:, oa uuL 
of Uir liarida or rub nf corrcctioii, cither Ui^coopm? thty be K*>'"*o w. 
bccaiwo they be hid^ T]i4?re havu foolivh and imughfj rhym^ and 
bijukfl W^u uiaiJc cUiJ &et forth, of the uhk'li. uf< eI jiif|H*]tr<^:h| yuu haviL 
ftcon ujoro ihan wc; and yi^t to our knowUd^fO i<>0 many bii t>QU|clit± 
but ycit, afW our roiDd, it it too «orv and too {jruvlly donu, to Iny alt 
itboeo to our charg«^ and Ui aak. oh U uem account uf um uf th«?ni all. 
Id tbc moat t-xect cruelty and tymnny of the bliho^} of Itomr, ret I^a»- 
^uUl. aa v« hear vuy, wriuifh \\\h mind, unil rttiny tEiiica a|i;nijul tJii» 
blNlinp'n fyraiiriy, and Bomethiii- tour-liitili o^Tirr j^n^fil ]>rliiei-j|, whltdh 
thiagi for the most p^U lie Uoih safely ; not thut thr Ubhop allowi^tii 
iquiir^ rhymos and vorvo^, spfcjady agaioAt hjmhctff btit becauH^ hm 
cnrmoF iiuid^li tltc authur. vhoni til}ir?r hr knou-f^th noi. or h^tlb not. 
Ifj the \txiK king'f days uf famouA imi]|i>ry, who wiii> boLh a k-arD«d« 
vwv <u^d politio prihcci, and a dibgent tuiecutor of hi* tatvs, and vlicc 
your tr>rdHhi|j vah inunt dili^ut in the aumr, y-'t, an ytnir lurUnhlp ilw-If 
writr^th (and it in too niaulfciit, to be unknovrn), there y/ttv that tvnitc 
■uch lewd rhjniv* aiii.1 pLayii a* yiiu ipoak of* and torui; agaiiait tba^f 
kifjgV prciec**tlingft, who wprn yri unpunlahod, hflrBnuf ihi^y wpre iia* ^^ 
known tiv uajotton. And, when m-k do wei^b iho mallct^, we do vury 
much mariTL V'Jiy IhiJ, uhoul Jaok-orLunt'f lou'd hallud, und cvrtaJn 
(uiit wa» r«portt?i1 nntoti^) godly Kr-rmcns which be ^vil in yi^m k-ttera 




joiQvd tof^cihcr, ymt be »■> cftmr^L whi^n Against Dr. Sniit}i« book,* 
being a nuQ loaiUL^iJ in (ho dairtont anij »cnplur<'t wliirli niuilo oo ploin 
a^Intf th^ kin^'t ]it|ihn4>i«' aiilhoHfy, nnd for tlir ruriLrrnftrY^ rf iNa 
buliop of FloDU?'* unirprd pnncri ^our loniAlup ocithcr wroti? nur Nud 
U17 tJiiij|^> Aiiit, oa it afi|>carL«d^ yov be bu ori^rjr with liis rotrnatulion 
(wfcirfi fnuilly. without ffJir, dfcnd, compuUioUf or ImprifDummL nnly 
witJi learaiiii: and trutli fiTcrcDiDL-, he ca.iix auXo), tbat yuu cuinoC nbido 
bU b«|*irkaiiiii, ftttlioii^L having 1h<i vory wnrdd of AcripEuiy ; — oxevpt* 
pcr^venturc, yaa thick tbit tlic t^yicg of David, nfifltr /u^mn pjflnf/dj-, 
ntnaut be >uti.'r^n1i'd. rrery ami' U u ^ar* wlik-N |juu*ui'\i:r ymir knvl* 
ih«p lakctli it at plcojiurvt it appcixrcih onto u:i then «r him token but 
^It, to dwUin> itiD ifif^rntily of a irifinj and Iho inith or Cod and hia 
■Ofid. And tti' UTV itol alilf: to n^v^n f^u clerkly vt\i\\ ^ou, and yi^t we 
bftvc heard «rf (he aubtilc dittVrtnce oT lying, and Idling of a lie, or. a* it 
11 iu TjiUn C!aili*J, m^uttri, and ttmTi/furiJim ilu-^rt: Ijiit 1I' your lord-hip 
bu lodlh ti> U: roniitrd ni£ndii.c. whldi, lii^liLt'. \\v hntU luit-rjjmii-d n 
Ihr, or a Jying miui, ind think it a matter of CDisbai, lie w deceived 
b Uie intOTprHalion, anri it U niatltT for dvikH in di*piitP <jI : [olillj 
wp would hftvr wi*hril your kirdship t*i havi» writti'n *if;»iiiict his bcH>k 
lidbT^ or ixnr with lU if joii thick that to be Urrendcd. which the 

rtbor hitnfi^li' rvfiMMh lo aver. 
Tour lonkhip writcrih nafDcrtly for Lent whifh we p> not «boDt to 
putaii'iy. no luuru than, whcL Dr. Stnith vrtutt- ao tarnistly that uvt^ry 
man nhcnibl \jc obodiciit 10 tlia tuHhv]>«, IEil^ muj'ialrutea, by and by, 
w*nl ahoiit to bring kinfci, and prinen, and oThor ijnd«<r tbfir tut»|#e- 
tioA- Writen wrilt thAt fikiiLai^r ujy li>rJ, oLid pri-'ac^hi'ni pn^ocb wimt 
GBthev likctii ihfiin, or whnt (.joti pulti^th in ih<'jr hcad^. It U uut by 
by don« that u «pakcQ. Thv pcuph^ buyeth Ihoflc fooliih bolloila 
sf Jack'O^Ltiit: su buuj^Tit lliry. in Uuich piutl, parduus, Hiid carulii, 
titid Jtu-kiia Hood'Atalra. AH be not ^'i»c men* and tlic fooliiph^r Alhini; 
lo M>rdc (ollhough uat to ch« liior« port) it is the mure |>ltuia[Lt and 
: and prraUvrnture ufthcr «f nnon» ch<ire is, and tiidred tJirre \*^(\i 
btt true that wc have hcardj. otbetviac apokcn and reportinl to you, 
it wda of i\\t! proac'horf Ih^'Tc^ and tlu-n fkpoLon or m^ant^ Li'iit 
lalnptb utill, my lifiii, and kitutl, (iuU wdiJTEg, iiLl the? king'* highiicaftt 
Quv 4idt-ive ftud Uio rc»idkJc of hl^ |j:rd»iB council, take obotJ^er 
icr* although Aom^ light and levd nnu do bury it iti ivntirjgj mv\i\i 
ibr kkng'a mi^ty rrtaamtth beijd (if Ujti I'hurc-hp olzhitugh. through 
lirier W4ya» and by enbtile iii<an>t »oi}]<^ traitors buvc gune about, aad 

' (D» PiifDAlL lEonuuu PontiJiein, The nuthov vtaa Dr Richnrd Smitit, of 
9Wi«A«GvoualttiUlKfvunilinlhcbii>|iftaphica] port ariliunrorli^^iTO^ . , 



dwLjr do, U) nhuflC! die king'^ mnjmivV siipniiiiacf, And bhng in 
bii4lin|) of |toino*]i tynmny. ivllli olhtr >upi*nttl Lit i[j nird iii<iliLtiy. On 
both wdfN i^rvaX iioed » to bi? tukt^Uj atJil^ 00 yuur lurdinlilp wrJt<rUi, we 
■10 wt ID > painful room, to ruform nil ligljtiioM tLiid tv«-diaeMt to tiit 
wlilfh wn Hn cfideyivciur "urmJf, tn ihi? Ijcm-i (if nnr pnwrr;— althoogfc 
not 30 cruelly iLnd Gcrci'ly as m>tul<( ptradvi^nttin.', \r(jul<l wiah, t^ oat 
*iO ICKXt^lj't lltat tliora luti'dcth such cztclamiitioiiH cir grmt fcnr to btt. 
Wv do btudy to iJo uU llitog* ^ili.'iii]i>'mlely, mitl with r|uit!t unci pNal 
<mIt!T: wid we vouM winli notliirjg mora IhAii jour lordBbip to be V 
rciitJy to 1)10 mrormntion of the onn on of tho otbor, tlial ndthrr fliiyinr- 
Etitmn, ]ifnlatry,or jKtjmciy ftlmuiil lie hrttii^Pit in, nor tf;*liir}i*f. norcon- 
taupl of yorrcj orilcr xo ho iiiAiutniiiL-d. Tlicy Lutii tzkt bi|;iDtjitii> at 
amall things and inctvoiip by lif'-lc and littlt^ at unaware*. Ami qdct 
may tu we^l 1i4^ hrfiti^n wifh J^Aloimy n* nrglig^ni^', vifh TOO iTtui^h frar 
U too much patirncc. No wayi ^voteh\ lliui rtlicn onu 3» over lig^i^ 
cATcd the oa(T iniyr and titaf on the other side. lUmourr, by stpaot 
And tiin«B, fincresue naturally, and, by thni time ilioy ctitue at you, 
ttppcorctli. tliry bu doubltd ijid Ireblird. Wvdo j>ori7ci\c your dJH] 
eye lovordi ua, end wo will wish (and trufil you have) your 
ftdthfuJ t<i na. Our nioat heariy and coDliniial jiruyer to God is, |o 
h^vn tliii rcnlni h> tlii- tliif-^N highnoii^, ut Ui« gmnir'ri ngii by you wriUirnr 
ratlicr utoru ITuurishmg in men, poaacsaiotiB, wc^nlth* Icomins- wtMloni* 
nnd God^B roli^Lon and t\ociTttiQ. if il wert! pouible, and <>i>dV vtUt than 
^1^ found H^ Aud tJiJiL Ik our whoh> jurvut nnd <4]ii'nuir<\ to thn whirh 
wo refuse no mnu's lidp^ aa knoweUi God, in whom nc bid you hc&rtily 

Gardiii*f to Samers'^L Juru H, I5i7- 
[rotc.ihid. ao,] 

Aft4»r my most humbly commendatinra to your good gnooi 
thf rrtum of niy movant MiLssir with your grar**'* Irttcny OMirVrMng 
to Biich my IcttcfB, wherein [ AigiuAud the rubbing of my Bi-crptnrj, 1 
raad tho sauua glodlvr om, by the coniecta of tho inatlir, I hat\ cauM »o 
tQ d»; urhich wiLi «i]oh a riotiifortiitir^, as I dr^eaipd tMi^iily tho fri-t of 
thu |j;roat innokL-l. having hv^ti nt^ufitoinrd itii^rtunlo in llit Liugt, my 
Intc nvoroign lord's doya, vltirh foAhion of writing his highncsa (Go4^| 
|MtnEoTL I1U wTul) vuUrtl wkft/h^^ whieh was not oil the rnoit plcatanl^^ 
unlti toe. ftt all ihuf* ; yvU wUt^u I buw in iny doinj^ wu uu iiuit, and 
floULctliu^, by th(^ o«7caatou thereof* the. inaltor ani^tidcd, I waA notso 
i.<fy as iitwuvi to nrvL'rti- my argnuR-nt, km^ vu tliiiT IjIi. offbin wiuit well, 
did [ i.-tu tiuubk' lUyM'lf wbi-tliLT \its luiulu uiu & mzluIuii ur not* And 
viica tucli, eu were pnvy to hu lettcra directed unto mc, vcrc afraid I- 



IimI htxtt in lijgli (UipkflMrG [for tbo lcrni» of Die ictu-n wundc^l «o)i 

J0l I tni»lf fi>Sinxl it nothmf^ at &EL 1 ntcfnicd liim.iu lit* yna. a «i«Q 

priacr; juui, whaiAovvn liv wruli? ur >iakl fur tliL- |jn3»rut, lie wuulda 

iftflTi e^wdir tlic laaltcr at wUclj' 04 any vaan, and nniiiicr barl, Dcrr 

iMmilly ifi«favour him, thai h:kd Imwd bgld with htm- whereof J tnrvc 

fbraprool; tiruu itnui i-naLd Un m^ hurl, during IiIa ur*'. Ami uliiiji 

L« gftvc 1119 ihc biihopnc cf Wiachc^tcTi he ooiii he had often tquannl 

vilb DM^ but Lu lovvd fiii* ii^vL'r tbo wor*i>, and, for a toten tlifrpof, 

} niB th« hith')[ir1c. And aarn, vlmn hri hrul hp<rn viOir'mcnt wttU 

ip the pftscnoc aftlie c^t) of WiEtjhir4^. and uw iiii^ ciuuiA^dl witb 

be took n< apatt intu lim iMHl-^lianibur, aiiti conilWtvtl ni«T &nd uaid^ 

01 hii d]ji]ik-a«ur« uu ncii tn nujcdi lo im? lu I did Ukn it. I>ut lio 

Iked the moUcn ami h« duibl w*m buldly dirrct Iiib B)K7i;di to nii^ 

lo lk« Mil of Wiltrthirc ; andf from tli^t divf forvAnJ, lio voiild not 

t »ne oQt of cniirnffp, but. if nay iinplrmani word* jinttinJ from hiin, 

they did vomctiiut^i I fuldird Jtcni up iu lUc matU^r; irhicb Liiidf^rni 

V s IJltiL<: fur I vvAJt K^iorb'd unt> hinif that 1 iiIr:ioi>cd not, imt woi 

ibbom ; Aiiil 111? hnd ociiuiiiL-U'lud urrfo nic uoiinin ttti-nV ^rtU- iinluro 

{a» be caLtxl \l]r llibl ^vipL ai vycty uf hia Munla ; uiid tiietliuu^ht Ihiit 

pif uatorr woa u fccntlco^ thcini, for I wo^i Borry vrhc^n he wiu moved t 

»bot rt*Cp I kjtow, wfien the dupl^HAUiv wam not jriftly |{ri>]indi*d in 

nu^p I tiad ui> <^auM; lu Ukc l]j(fugkiif uiir wHa I, at ony tiiiu- hi oil in^ 

lifcv viooont^mt or Krud^ag. at any ihjnfc doao by bimi 1 thank GoJ 


And, iherefoiv, Immii;; lhii4 linifjjj;lit ti|i, auil kivtng finit rvnd your 

ftittOft gi^ntlc li:Ctfnt Fugnifyipg the d<?vkr of a pnicUinntion to 

'§a^ OiW rumour*/ and rooiiiiig Mn' Huniu pruularnatiun, iThit!b my 

Ki-i^ni bmught witli him, I rnoiJ, with thfl more quiet, your giMcr*'* 

ervat hTtu^m, and woutd hsiv IaiiI clicm i^p without l\irLJii.T Armwi^r, 

*crc 11. n-?L tJuil, jMJrcdR'i my m doing mi|;lit bo midLak<:n : for glum 

lilftDOe mny have another coniirnrticn Ibnii frank nfHioch, whrm a man 

nay apoki mt I rvckou I uiay tritb your gr^ctr; u^m cuuHdi^ncu 

whcrcoC I am bold to write tliua muoli, for my ileotaratioti touc?)dng 

yonr gr^rrc'% Ictton of llii^ '/tth oF May. that, haw rcirnnit torvi-r my 

ItUent be tuktu in feiirin^' au^ inuuvaliuUp 1 iirilbtT invunily ft^ar it, 

i«th«r ehcv any doDkonHiratiniiT in mine outward docd#, to the world 

here* or, m commotJictitJun, tlmt T hxir iC to be done by Authority, tint 

iu lOTCtflf m&ul t|jt! fuiLioura ^Liid yiKiii tutr^prist^ willi cuiilitierici: iu 

^m for iL 

' pViliitp inllii'i Uiu itrddjiitiuU'iiti U'l Llir irlrMTVjtiji-i' [iriH<'iit) or i^uil Irir lW 
|irn?titii>a uf fanlur iiLuviiuiiiin*v Tl)!? tufrih-r h^l^ iiubliohi'vl in Jtuiuiiryf tltc 
Wt hi Fcbiiuuy. i04a,21^7\) I 




tlje Inith And yirur gmt^o'^ wlfldnm. For, If I fontifrd It itid<M^, vitlt 
pnninuiicm h Khtmld cuuji- ti> |iuwi, E iliould Ilutv ucnaU limt !» wHil- in 
ill but 1 fcAr ntLtrc, iinK^iiil, (Ik* trouble Uiat nii^ht ante liy I^ght l.>ol<l- 
tiffw of iiilktTr Jtnd ihe cumber of such mntun ^vht]i^B other ouiwnr4- 
jiffiiln ijtcii]jy )our gmt^t's miiidi tlmn tlit elTt^U by yuur itiiv4?iiuut 
that haili bi'cii tnlkoil of obrDAiL: and yot* in tlK^ writing, I t)o »rM.-ak a* 
tha matter U^il4» conliEiLiing nuiio old ntaiinri' to be oamctt, vhieb, M 
vuitie miffi Imve ilihpr»Ui.'d. 4»«iiit(ii- liuw ixjuimeitd^ it; biid, llierrfcmv 
in 9k ^C^iod Uonejit nintlcr, 1 follow rckthcr mine ovn iitclin*lior>, Uiut br 
toko ttjo paJtjft to B|ieak, af butter vould cot melt in my mcnitli t whvro* 
with ] iH^rcdvi! yijjir gr«cc U iiijt inlMciiiitvru, for the ivMcli I iiio<& 
hnnibly thunk yoii> 

Andy Mnt, as concerning PortBinODth, I v-rot« to tlio captain and 
niAynr^ln ihf thing, as I Uad lTifcirTiin:ln]]> ami liy mm of f^nr^li^nn^: mil 
yet I iii»pvndcd my credit ill] [ hud heard from ihrbfc, a» by my It^tlftr 
appc^rollj \ and, oi 1 wiu loaib lo havu It »0i «o wui 1 lootli Id bL'IiHrie it. 
And, Eo «hew Ihu I f'^ftrad no innnvnTion iiy nuUioriij', nc rrgardrd JUiy 
nich ddii^r, I vtcwi iTiiliii^r niyicir amU In trimcluMon. viu in lucb 
ibmSUarity with the (<aplain, tKat> o.hcr ho had shovoJ me nil tht^ i^'cnik 
cnUirli^niiitint Ihzit he coidi!, ho dpi^fcrvd m^ to mnLe on ttithortfttion to 
Idii mt-n, Oi tliry ilifod liHiidAumrly vrllli i\it^\r wi-apon*, whrrrvilh ility 
hftd ftboircd n vlikc ffata : ^hich J did, mid dt^parted ia amity with thtf 
«np(;uri uiJ auklitf r^ and all tJio tottn; th« captain t^Oliiig me plajniy, 
he VLU imEhing emended Mith any thing I IjuiI »ud in my sermon, oe 
WM thcirc c^iL3« wiiy ho should. But the vtsry act, indcH'd, in dcfWny 
Ihc imagei, had do suoh ground oi muter eaptnJD pretended; for 1 
adwd ftpecially for lucli ta lind dljiiK^d thuw ttiiuges, nnd no ■^auEt eoM 
]k shewed; for thai I cu<(iiJr4'd fur 0)H-i>iy. Aad the imntic of Su 
John the cvnn^fcluii fitnndinff in the clianccl. by ill** high uitoTt «-atf 
pnlb^it rhuvRj rhrid a iftl^li? of nlnhitAifr brok>>n» and, in Ji, an imag^t nf 
Chr»t crudGt:d sci cuntrni]itnuiuiy lmndliT<l, a^ >% ru in nij tt<4irt Corribb^ ^M 
—to li«%'c the one eye bared out, «nd the mde piorecKl i vhoravitJi lucM ^1 
vprp vondn>nidy cfti>nd4>d, for h la a vpry pi^npnitton Iwy^nd thn sr^ 
awd ut tliul fcinn vhrnr the pcnon eancot be apprehended. A&d I ^M 
take >i>iL<]i an uvt to bo \iTy ibndcrun*, and, i-Hkrniinjc the opinioD of ^ 
brraktng ImAjcm ut nnlavftd to be bod, vrry dutgermM^ void of nil 
Ltvuing and truth, urute. h^t my foBhiuu, to the c^puii;, which 
lottcra \ porocivc C'> haitr come to your ji^racc'fi bands- 1 nus not very 
curious in th^ wriling uf them ^ fur to me trulli gcetii out pluiuly und 
niundly J jmd> speakiu); uf the kia^*a rcmI, I uurtrd Ibc con^iiuicj lau- 
fpuf^c 1 urm broujcht up in, after the old vert. When as, 1 cot^ccl of a 
good wlII^ iIlc pvopltf taking St Gtor|rc for u patroD ot tho reolui ttnder 



Jin. I.) 



jIu'iL, tu riitrriiae IIh- i^ituiiaiiuci cif lljitir prlifOL' auil BUVL-fvif^n lo:'i|, 
tAllril djrir kinj; on bor^ubuck, in the i^al of nrnwi* -V/, Qenrtje ftm 
h/>n*back, mj knowlftdgn wju not comipL I know it ivprojcnlpth th4 
Lini*: ami y^t my sprtM'h camr furth* Aflir lh«r riinimdii lnnguagi% 
triieni" I Iruflt iei uouif ottVuct'. For, ln-*Mi*» li^amtrg, I. by f xp<-ritfur^ 
liAfe bnovn Iho prBHTmtnnncn of a kin^^ botb in w«r qdcT poww; and 
yvi, if ! haJ ntKt my li-tl*ir fltmulil haw r^onicii to yttur grari'*« band*, 
to be ann*rri^d, llifo E wouM Imve Ihtu morr i-w*cli"> In my aju'CcU, 
thui to pro occavKin of k> Jon^ oti br^umcnt therein. As for SL 
G**rge htin*i»lf, 1 hsivf flt^Hi i>prrMfm i>f liim< an hf^f'fitmiih mo: and 
have rcftd oLito ofTtcUeroiilKJiii in lUiruvr, (i> tljry oill Lmu iIk' r«ihrr 
oftaka; — bat I will Uave ihaC matter. AnJ, as for boots, let Latin 
Gr«^k lyinliriuts »» lorr^ ft« iT ttialE pTeuHv Gotl ; I run cliuovt jiukI 
of tliriLj. What ftrrvicii tlioAr Ir-tU^n liavc^ ilono r:ip<>r{'nc!(T haiJa 
I, and rrlipion hstb fro|ltlnu4^d in thc-rn fil^cf^n hundred t^an ] 
I^Qi !ui tor ih« Kn^lJHh tongiiH, iiAoir hnih nm corxtinii^d in ima fomi of 
ntidf^ritanilinK Iv" Jmndrpd jron: mnd, v-iihuui Goil'i^ wnrk, and •ppclal 
mii*clr9» it bIiilII hardly contiauo K-lig^on long, whra it canaot fut 
h ititif : and, w hkiAniA't^ your graO«'i mind ia now in Itio niattur, 1 know 
nil that, having' llir }*<tvi>mini<iJt nf the ri'iilni, your grncc will lur tbo 
gift of policy. whJdi i» the gift of God, 

And Ofcn i« nov, at lhl« time, bijthops bo fmlniintid, by a «pcc4i 
poli^. Id pt^^Aph only in thar fnthiHlral rbtirchn (thr Ukr wbrtvnf tintli' 
HOC been knoAJi iu my (hutf), «o, upon a^noLhiT occasion, your grnri; 
fEuy, pfrcoiCj think ci]icdicu1 to nstmin (furthor thnn tlic puHianioDt 
tath already ^onv) the oonmion rpnrlin^ of tho irripiurc. da U nav 
mmiDedlhc bi»bo[>»'lilH:rLy uf pit^chlitj;. AttfurtJie bnuvn w^rpetit, 
H did QOt, in ctl DOGn'tf lan|*ua;;c, rrprcacfit ChHal; and> if 1 had wrilEon 
loanoth^r thnn ynur graon, I mighi h^v^ finrl tF]i> liku niatE(<r of argu- 
kipot. ibaA VBfh token oi^initt mc, of 6l Citrorgf on honirbAck ; for 
GnigOTj Ns£iiLn£f-nr chivf dtviiio in the Gruok church, calk-th the Acr- 
'P«f]^« d<«th ihc figxiTf of thr dt^th orChrUt, hnt not th^ a^riiefit to bo 
Iht? figurir of Ctiriflt; acid yt-t, vheii I had done all my uri^rnnf^nt, I 
tvotild roiolT«f a* ia rcMlvcd ntth nio, in tbo upL-ech of 8i, GooTge dq. 
Loncbat^k, that Ihp comuion >p«!<*h is othcwxaCf and m it in, in najing 
d tobeo trut^figurcof ChrlHt. ■ • • • • 

your grace ukidi when I w Irut at your hoii«u with tho Frrnch 
imSajitJor, ye wi«lie<L, Iiim wv\ nto Uigi-'thor diBputiog* to mo whctj nn 
¥ou[d mnkc ^ri rnd. t^vyn ao it in in iheai» Duir.[«r>t, wiieri they tiiniv in 
10^ Argnnaciit ; for a by -thing (us St- George on hofM^bork} whi-ti it 
■Ntppd m«, or <pc<Aikuig of thn bntEuu serpent folloiving n 4|>c«ch not' 

thnrau^hljr dimucnl, nhall be flcdulon <ii n digrrwiou all oiil ot pnr- 
jiooe. And. Uierefore, via it n g? i-ni gift of Oad. Lliat our laU? Mxerrjyn 
Inrd (God rnil Ikb aaal) Mil tEi<rnii matUrtt in quiet: who had honrtl all 
iht-tc Tvruon* tuuoLin^ JiungO) which bo now rcbcancd id your ffncc'a 
li.'t<ervi auJ. Iiiniu^ o»t;u luy lurd ufCELiitf-rburT uiril tiil- prtwrut uiII 
J;ini id'tnc in hid poiaoc, that thi^jcoll otlior^ini: New HaUt linutHni (J 
iiiaTI«r ai l«ngth, And iti«cu<w>d uUh my loni of Cmitvrbuiy tli« undci 
(Ltiindin^ of (>oiI v PfJiuitiairdini'ii I to thi^ Jirvn* f»i> ah all L^ii> tUtIk 
Christendom cuuld not umuid it. Aod whemu one had dcnjrd 
iniAg« of Ihf Trinity to he had, tiv roAMon* an h«i lotiHii^d m jour gmoe"* 
Icttm, [ hcird hi» bIghuTss nnHwer lo tlinin, at iiitDthrir umi'. Aiid 
wht!fi ho h^ liimei^ir nficciully cutnmDndcil divcn imn^iDs lo be iibo* 
lifihod, y«t [as God knowctti) ^o both ordcnd^ and liinudlput in cxkil- 
licrn, the kiiwliiifc' and crecpJtij; hviari'. tJwT inut^i? ui the tirosfs aii J <3iail>- 
IUkmII «^r«cincnc iti lliat truth tLrou};h all tbia rc-aJm, wh«raby ftll ftvSM- 
m£Qti to the oontnry be lutoilcd ut onco. 1 would nbh imafcr* lumt^j 
ttH th<7 Ixiok, of his liLi^hirfsi k'( furrh, dutli jinr^LcribL-t Hnd no othpn 
1 kn4>w your j;racii oulj t(Tritj>U:tIi nic wjtii iixch ii:a:ioa> (u othrr 
unt:t yoiif and 1 am not fully at liberty, filthaqgh T am bold enough! 
[dnd iLDniu uiU thriik too botd). ti» iiTiiwer sum* lliiii^ M I wouhl 
ftuutlior matJ, (uiiiL* tijujj. bdiie »o nmcU luri^nor to your i;nici: OM f 
am; but mcthinketh St. Pnid's si>lutioti, duhog the Ling's majoedyli 
minufity, should terve Instead of nil, — ntm tattm couMuttudiAom flottM 
kjibetiix^^- — uc Lave no aiicb custom in \he church. 

Whvii our sovGrcii;u lord cuiiicth to tii» pvifcot ag« (which God 
grant}, I doubt not but God will r^vt^al thnt, wUdk *Uall be nttceottiry 
for tbe governing of \\\a people Id rt-li^ioit : and. if any tliiiig »ha]) ba 
douc. in ihc rnoaa tim^ (oa I think tLurv shall j)ot), by your |crac4-'a dU 
ruction, he may, wlii<ii hci conii^ib fo age, unVf iu thn rr^i. a% \ honr aa^^ 
hi; flai<] now, nf Ijitr, ronri'ming imx-tMioiit tbav "^ l^i" fathiTri timiv' 
ineD wen wont to foUow proceefiiou : upon which luv in^ualy's saying^i 
till proOMsion (og 1 Ii4>ard) wxt w(?ll furniehQt) nCtcrwonls, by yi 
gnot'a con^inauilmE^rit: whic-h fiiHn»:h butb put me iu rtineiubj 
llta^irELebishoiisajidotlitTof tbi' cki^v should nj^rc^P to Any ollcrfttioa 
ifirfrlipon, tn the coudQuinutioti of nuy tlnng ut forth by hU raUior, 
wben^by his fiihcr might h^ tioehI to huvc vruutrd km^wlnl^t, or favour 
lo tljD truth, what bv nould any 1 cuuuut Ldl, but \ni ii\\y}it iwe a niar^ 
vdlouit npnoch) oad, for tho cxi»^ilcncy of hit vpiritt it wcrr? like fan 
voulilt kJid. having Aojuvt a <^auiiu Hgainat biHbujis ua liv mighl haw, i| 
were kJ be fi'iired Ik' Auuld. Ajid wbetj h*^ bud Bpukcu* IIku he luifcbl* 
\j ^to Jaw», do niorr than any of our M>rt would gladly aulfcr, at iJje«c 
iUy«, For, u tbc olkf^atiou uf hi£ authority^ tX'pr«evntod by your 




tktXi bo thoti an^w«retl (as jyrur gTA<?o now ivHMh uttto itip), tlmt your 
pwrt* nnly il(<«lrrth inifhr a^^rfimMng rx> GoiL'ia Kcrijiturr, anil It uiny t>e 
tbcu aaiJ. wc bialiopis wlicit wr have our H>Tcrn|cii lord and hrad in 
Diinority, wti roahioii tho innt!«r oi wo lunt: And tl^en noino youcif^ mai:, 
that would havr a {ilcoc of tli*- biahrip*' lnndn» shall uny^ " tho hpjwlljr 
biiJiupi liiLVt.' ;ilvap dope m\ und wZicii tlicy cju no luu^fcr tBuimluiii 
Via of tfafir ploiuur«4 <»f ruLo &nd «upf rioHty, tlivn Uu^y Ubv anothor 
mVi and ]<^t iJint ^<t^ umK fnr ihp tlnip tlmy Ix* hc>rr\ flpmid up thil tb^ 
kati^ • ■ « ^\i\j ftiamun et hilramns^ mis nwricmur." And if wc> 
»li«ll a.lLq((^ far our dcfrnci^ Ihc »trcTipi;th of GolIh triilli, and llic plftin- 
aeu of KenptL]^l^, Trith t^n- ward of tho Lonl nnd many ga^ Unn», anJ 
•«y. wc urr^cijjivjr i i ij I r, vi ripturo, bUcU un t-xi'L'tLi^nl juilgrutiit, :u llii< 
lUbg'a tuAJCTiEy in like i»> liftvi', wdl nctct credit u^ in ic* nur lif uhuM^d by 
to^ ft Tun uHucir. And thU in c ivorldly, politic toaudr^mtioti, and at 
bcme : fir tin* rmtiu nbroiid f n the world will be more nbiriiLfmiifi, tliari 
ihi* U lUn^ceroiA And* (ftiidtin^ tbc l>iidkop of Itonie, tlii? doio^» in thJa 
■Vtthn hith«rti> h&lh ncvor duno him bu inuoli dwpLwiftjrt', jir» tin* iJu^ra- 
llan In rpJIgJon. dnrirg tlip king'fi mAJME^'s minority, tbnuUl vrvn for 
hi* purpovr : for \xt: nonlr^Ui not wlu la brat into othrr princn' nmi 
Hut, wliciv liu 3AtUiijrily is abulialiinl, l\\*ixtt, nt twcry change of govdr- 
non, «&a[l Iw cl^nngr in if UgLon, nnd thnl, v Mch Iinth hwt\ nmonLfiE u* 
faj ft whole cottit'iit cf'tobliaJicd. bIj^IIi by titv prf^tuncL- uf auuLhi^r uodtir* 
[ilftnding in tvoripturv, ittn»f;ht bo bruuglit in f|iicAtion i for Ihry will givo 
ll onoEh^r nntm* boi n jime*iioji» bow atlffly toi^vrr wn wilt nfflrm ithnr- 
vtfcv nnd oil it<jutl'» woid. And hurc itabciulJ be murb uoiedt ilmt my 
lord of Cnfiterbury, being i\\v higli bkAlLO|) uf tbt^ rL'alm, biu;hly in favour 
vitii hw Uio soTorcign lord, and my lord of Ourbam, n man of nnown^id 
faiDR ill lismiJig andf^mvity, butb ]>liI by Eiii.iiu Iriut lot tbi?ir rouriw.-'l 
tint order of Ibc icftliii, vboukl »o noon fiirgci tbrir oU knuwlc^l^ in 
[ficnptnre, *cl forib by tito Icing'ii mojuiy'B book, and ckdviu> to invoifih 
■ach iQKtl^frof alttntioDi all which tliiagvbw (1 know w^H) by your 
\d them ron«idcrcd ; and. tlmrr-fort!! It is to nic incredible tbal 
ly such tbing flUould be indeed^ witb offset. wlinlMOt^vor the liglit- 
of Cftik fJihll hprvnd ftbroiid, tvhieb your gmct bktl>, by proHuniit- 
jtrall fttftjcd. But, if you bod nottJind tbe world talked ao foj^t lu 
dulf 1 iiKurc your gnici> 1 would u«v4t fettr it, ais mun fi^ar 
lEngvUicy like not, mib>M I asw it in ^T^rurion ; for of (his Aort I nm, 
4^*1, Id ftU thloKi 1 ihiuk should do! bi; done in r^ o^^in, I fojir Lhi>iii rmt* 
vkcrawitb to trouble tno <!tbcrwi»c, than to lake bcrd. if 1 eon, and to 
Ihft hftftd gOiremofa (an no» i'> yoitr grnro) uhew my mind: — ftnd aiifh 
rirpdVaiOc hfttli cvnry man of me, tiut hatb (^iiinmLn<id wiihni^ Jn»neh 
mfttkM^ Andi therefore, albeit your ^racc writcth vrboly. ibai over- 




mucTi Ti^ar ifoth 1nirl,flncl £rc<>lf?niletfi wtneiime tTiat vliich vji4 not 
tended, jct it needs aot to m^ ^ Tor [ Litre learned llint 1<Mon alrtftdf^ 
and vould A gi^Qt inuiny mur^ haJ^ wtnoli, iDikv<l, «houJd h& grvat itaj. 
Ami rhiiH 1 mlk uilh your ppicv homfHy. with miilrJpllcntinn of ipiv>rJi 
imprrtlin^ntandnotnccraffiry, hs thuugli I mctiot to tfcntj yon w great a 
|>Q<-k«ttiLH I r«crtv«4l from yon. 

OncT liiErig. neauB&ry lu ai]*«'[?r yaur fmfv in. im, tourJiiog ynui 
nurvcli liLiw I know Kuoiif^r tbln^ Troru ihfiiCL'i than your |:racr di 
thftro; :\liic?ti ari«<!tb not upon any dc'iirt} of knowledge on my huh 
{for evil tTiiriv;^ bi? nvf<r «doii k[iDwri). fior iipan any uluclcnnt of yonr 
gfanrcB Wliotf tlii.Te» v/h%> l«. awl is iiuti'il, v«ry TJ^iluiitt u yuui graoo'o 
dmrge rvqnitrth, 3ut thui it if, even at it voi. whoo I vm in kobw 
litLl^ aiilborily. tfiJ^y. ili^t v'i-ri> Tbo vv'\\ iIiht* )ti «uoH matten, woukl 
Wdfi tliviH frvm in»;; M* now they Iinvir hftniilt^d il oUjiTwiMft — fpr,«».^ 
for Jiick-o-Lciit'» EDfflish ToaEnmcnt, it vm optnly sold in Wlnchalce^H 
martpf, bofnrf I wrou- »ntn your pnu^p af ir ■ and a* fur Ba1i*< boult. ^^ 
collini Fiiii-iiitttwH ttfJlunr Ankr^u-'i; t/tartytthiit. iJn'y wprt^ Lti thn*p p^rM 
ComniDD, Bomi: «lth L^nvu uiif;luvd« where master Pu^t voo apokcd of^ 
and lonit' ^vitfi k-uvo» glnccl. i^i^il I call tlii>ni common, Ix'ciiivi* 1 nw, 
nl (Tic \t^H*-U tour of th<-[u. Aa Titr BolirV liook, tonr.hing iTip dcAlh uf 
Luiljcr, wbrrtin *tiu the Jake of Saxony's jtmyrr (wliertof I wrote), 
it wu«i brought <Ifiwti into Ehh oountry by an hon^l gi>ntliiniftn^ to whom 
it mut (u 1 rrmpMihi-r bn told nte) gin^ii nt I,iindcin fui aif^^ nnd hi 
had it a grrat whlli^,cTC I vrot« to yoor i;rac(. I had not thou nrcpir^' 
the knhjt>iiio(i for prciiohin^, vhcrrof nion Apnkc oihcrwi^o than thti^ 
kn^A ^ imdn in Ili« mt^An litnr?. Or Sniilh rvOEUiieJ, whii^h a prirrt af 
tbis towu (vlio lo iiit:ii7 own mouth bojinlcrd himself Ui bi? yo^ir grdcev 
ohaplun, but I tidicvcij it not) broUf^Jil down with «pocdr and niadjk 
by-nitnn!! to Ihhve it brinigbt lo my kihtiwlnrli^', whir.^h I knw br^UIn, 
—for tijcy lind, trj Aod by. filkd oil llir country brrcnboiiU of IaI^ of 
mc And wbcn I «au' Dr. ^nnth» r<-cunIution bogin with rmnt^ A^m9 
inimrlti.rf «n 4>iig1hb^d. and soch n n^^w hi;riJUry, rn hi- vroiitd mnke oil 
lliv doctorn of itic church IJan with IninM^lf, knowing ubnt opiEiiotui 
weri.' nbtood, itvnUirOL'J iiH' ^> *vrik »nto rowrp^c'c for tl^t fouc of my 
4ionLcipncn: giving thiitjiitlgtut'tit or Smith, tliat 1 neither lilti^d hia Trat^ 
tatioa v/ittiitti!tpn vfrttlet, nor yet his rolraotation, mid vms glad of mj 
fomier judgment that I ncvur htid familiarity with blm. 1 saw liim do^ 
that 1 wot, thvtH- Miii>r y^Hrh, niir talked vi[h him tJiOfp seven yoUPi, W 
curious an I Am nnUd in the comimonnc^hh> Add vvbereMS) iu \m Uk 
vntt'rn vfjiliet, ho wan nomad to way, ' biK|irj|»Pj in tbi»r<Qlm mny mukt 
lavi", 1 IkfLV^ ttitnru thai tmdd, nt thnt wnrd. vi« kIiuoM be ibctL dbv*; 
sud witf, by And by, «orry thot nvcr he lud i^ littcn at iljt; Mcramvnt oF« 



alt mt» ^rt fimftf uhioh i« a niu.rvillouB worJ^ ns it sounUciL in our 
tuiigiH% whmi wc? KIT A man wrf tvrif r to ha\fi a iLiet' En h'n home. 
than ft liv, Ad(| the iJrpranng ofnuin'* natarc, in tlmi tort, U not Uii- 
•Ctting oulortlicaulhortly of t>JC ^>cn])Luro ; for, nlhtii ikt authority 
iii ihe -Scripltiiv (IrprnJoth not upon man, jcl tho mjnlHtratton of tho 
, which U V rttiii^ (ku<l »j;uakiLi^ u pxcrcist-d. irid IjntU l>orn, Trom 
tN^ginnrng, ddivcrcdr through mnn t haiiily kiid tuu^Jit by tunn* 
moHtii, tthlrh men th< StTipture tuUoiL boly men, nnd tIjaE is wontmry 
to Ilio. And. Ilu'irf^rrv. 5u AujcluIin, hi IiU (juuti i'r jjieadaria, inith. 
f>tanir AcNii^ mfvjt^a j- w^ii[|iclh Outnin homo ycccti/ta. If Siuitii lift J oolv 
vrklpn of bfb>i<ip'« tttffi^ fuid liivn said 'le Iiai] (tiavhig ^our bonoorj li«d 
Ivuilly, or. to mki^utr.i tlic mniliT, juid U*- hud rttvil Uy l^-tiorant<^, thftt 
hoil Lccn dotic ituly and buniMy ; for he ital accktth foi much company 
Li lying, «« hA did, It^th «uiutl humility, for he uodd Ikid« liiuut'lf by 
thn niimWr. Acid ilmh muoli. dk lurching SniUh, ul^ irUum, nr LU bouk, 
IjU l^e uiL» in trouble. I never hcarii Iniklnff. 

But to IIk> niatti'r t ^^tljIit tjt'i I hav« told your gmoo Imw I came to 
fct]n«lcdj{ii< ot thi'in, very wftrrHy \n time, 1ml in ih« ihiug over quii^Uy ■ 
■nd ncrcr hid toy «ich bought in my Jifc, u i dcnJcd to your getkCVt 
10 be worthily chkrg^rtl vilh tiji'iii, hy tlji-m, I fni'an, thjil iiiuy hi-rcaltcr 
chofgc; f<ir J knnw no tuHi yi?i in tbin world, nml I novcr woa b mi&e 
(fiiDjiMi to mad, iin to write to yuur grace iti that surt^ When all thln|;ii 
bft wv^TIb J hart! iijai^y cauH« to rv^jt^ico ; but whijrv ttii[]|^ vnrt: i>thor> 
v|ft« (ojL I tTLiit Ihoy vhflll not), 1 tinvp nothing io do, to osk any at^coixntS 
E trtut 1 slittll ntver forgL'l nijK-U so mucli. 1 tlionk tiinl, I am i-vfii 
>* voll luimcil t>> livd iji tlio jducu of cbniJtincC) fto 1 wui^ in ihu place 
oTdovction, in our lato lovvivign lortl't life ; a&d. for my ijuiiitncaA hn 
thiB t^tate, J m^Hjuiit mysdf U> havi- u i^ti^til trrmiutv nf your groai^'a 
rule and authority, and, Un-trfori^ v/'i\\ Hor^tiip aud liortour it othtn-win*, 
thaa to nte «ucU nionner of pruumption to oak any acH^ount. Ari<i I 
know your gncv CAmiut »tay these nmlltn so BiiUfJeTjly ; mid I t^tti^ia 
il 4 ^rcat raailcr that iltin^E* l>o tUycd hitherto thu« : but jf thhi^B huj 
cncrptucd td the rumour* purporled, your ^mcc miflht have lietn wi- 
cumbtrrKl mon? (n tite vwfruliun of your ijoml <Jtt(T]iiiMution. Now, 
Ihtaks be to God, your ^moc got-th well ftbotit to nUiy iu As for luy- 
»7ir, I know miner inworij dotcrminntion, to do, u 1 may, my duty to 
Goil A^d the wfirld, anit lia^e >io eiiiLhf' en couiplairt of ihe unjverHat di«* 
pmlflon of t]i4?m in my dioci^L-. I know but on^i wii) t>f i|iiii-t« to koi^p 
and follon «i>ch kws and ordtrra in religion* aa our [ate aavcreigD loni 
lifeUi \ef\ with U4; which, by hit life, A* ihr- bithopi Hud clergy »ttJ4 wau 
llw n^ trutli. >o f »E?viir riiad yet. or lu-artl any thing iihy to tv^crve 
VOIjp II. <: 




from 1% nor think U ozpcilicnt itt caII nny one ihln^ In dcnilit, diiri 
thflt Iting's miyarty'B minority, whcr&hy td impiiir tl* »frrngt!i or 
accnnl citablisEji^tl. Wliicli I writt^. not rDiBlruatlzig your ^nce {m llie 
Cfjntrarv). t>ut d-'cbrini; mysrlf, ami wbMii^ xhr Aanic mind t^ olhtr 
nbouE you, tit I FTuvC t[iL*y Tinvis for wliiL^li I mliatl pray tc GoiT, whd 
jjruipt?ri?iJ our Uu^ sOvereij^iL lunJ i[) iha.1 tvhvMlou, oh \tv have m^i^ei ei- 
porScncCi ftncl, by your ^nw^'* foirviffht, and jioUtic KovcrDmcntk ahoU 
i&nti ihc liLr prcvpcfitf to our •ovcKtgn lorJ thai now U; vthtjttia I^ 
«1iall ilii Tiiy |]Hit, aaa«utje<A nio«t boumlfn mnny na^h Uii-fi-iinriiL TI 
■end tinlo yonr grace herewith lay dUcu»«ion of luy lord of St. Dflvi<r» 
Purg&tion. wWixirj I valk fOiTit>t«KM moro ai ^^f<r(y, ihan vritioj; lo 
your grArp ; and ytt 1 fjiWe mjM'Jf Klu'rty i-noin^h, vrMti a n^FrrenC mind, 
DCVcTtricIo*, (0 L«ep me within my bouud-i -. which if I, cit Any liine, 
«xcoudt I trust your gmoc vlH boai' with tat\ oSltjr jour ikOvUfl«rQi4 
gnodTifw; for vhose prosporiiy T ilml) (ujntinuvlly pray, with mrj^juic 
of honour* 

At WiccL<«tor, t]i» «iitii of Juno. 

Ko. II<— {fi<ArW ^t» at fHiyc &}. 
Procfamtiion for ike Iftfubitha */ all J>V4cim^ 
[Fulkf, l viL3fWi.3 
WhcTOMv of late, hy n-a^nn of r^rtnin <'Oi>tn>vCTiious and tcdiiioi 
preAclierv, iht- king's roaji?l_v, ini>vi;i| of ti^ndvr £c<iil uiid luve» vrhicti 
hath for the quiet c>f hU aubjccta. by thi? advice of ihc ]ord prolci 
tnd oth«r 1ii« higlLOMt'* couniril. hath, by proelftmilion, inhibited oat 
coRininrdt-d, ihtl no nianner uf jx^rarkn* rxfrpl auoh bji i»9» lit'fiiTted b^ 
hJ5 hi^hntsf, tlur lord proti^lor, or by tbn brchbuhnp of Cftnlevburyt 
ihoLiM tnkr* vipnn Uni lo pn-af h in any opi-n ftiii1i?nre, upon pain in llie 
wakl pnwiomniion r<>ni*dm"J; aiid i>iutt upon h'jpr? and iissiinint?^, that 
those, being ctoHii and elnrt men, fthoulJ preach and act forth o«kly Uifl 
thn jHOpIti »i]ch IhingH, aa «hou1d bo to God* honour, iind the? boDeSt of 
the kin^'i mjyj'sly"* tubjecti; yi^ tievertlu'lrn. hla highncM ia aulv^r* 
tistMl. thai CCTlain uf tli? Mid iirtroclii'ni fh> lioeuwd, nut reganiicig hUf^h 
good admonition* aA liuth been, by the said tnni protector, nod the rv^l 
of th« eoniinfl on hn m^rtty'ft behalf, by leCtfm. or cthentise, airttt 
unto them, hath abused the nid authority uf prrucltiug. und bchand 
th«nur-lvn irrevf-rnotly and vritiiout good nnler in the said preaching!, 
cionErary to fweh gond InitnicdoiiR and adtf^riLit^rTients tu were giv^a 
QQto them, thereby much ecnleution aud di»i>rdL'r uiighl rise and 
entu? in tbi* hit nir^^ttyV r#alm t W hcrvfure, hi^ highness, mindisg to 
M« very thortJy oner unifomx unler throughout xh\A hia realm, nod In 



potABOHlbOill oontroTVTvict iardipioti, ao fftt u God fthnll gtvo gntca 
(Ibr wbidi cau«r. At tiiii timi-i L^eruiiii biiliujj* and iiaUbEr ti-jirntil men. 
hj hb htghDOM » coiiininnJmoTiU Ari^ oi^rign^t^Ui:], hatJi, l>y tliu adric« 
albrasAJd, thovjc^tt flow), ollhoujch (^ortnm and o^uiy of ih« «aid 
jirmrhpn, so Iwlorv liofDM-d, Imve In'tiuTVil ilu'itiwlf vrry dlAcrn'tfy 
Uid wMy, ftiid to ttr honoitf of Gixl, mid Iv bielm<w> cotiti^nlntiuii, 
iH« At tfaii prc*;aU <iJid until uiph lirnc that tht-' uid order iholl be act 
furth f^'-iii^nilly tlimu^flioui Kk tiMtjv^ty'^ rL-oJiii, lo iiililMt, aud by ihi-je 
yttacniA doili Inliibit. jEcncnllj an ndl the juld prroclienk to Uvfurfi 
licv-nnd, M alJ murnvroTprrMicaitwhottoev^r tJiiry be, to prencih in open 
Audircirf', in th'> piiTftli, nr nrbrnrbu^, by Rnr Aoiigtii mlour or (mwi, lo 
the: ditobryiriK tif tlil> coutmnndniPiit ; to the intraU that tlttr ^hulu 
^^^y- '^ ^>* BKitii tfpacu] iui|:ht i^^ply iliviii«(dr lo pntycr to Abni|*]j|y 
God, for Ilia b«a«r urbtoviti^ of the uid nimt R<id[y ifiE<*ni nnd pur- 
paM ; 004 ifoubdlig. but tJiAl oIau lii.i luviu^; subjtMrld, in tlitr mt^i eIiiij^ 
t'JL Dc«upT UicmMlfto ijit4's hom>ttr> wiUi ^nt pniyiT in tiir churchi 
Bftd psii^nt tirnrinfl^ of tbn |co^ly bomllicK. hrrptofofv «pi forth by hit 
UghncHi injunctiotH unio t}]E^iu. ajij k? cudf^i-uur tbL-nuplf. that ihry 
vmj be the moTf- rtudy, >vitb Uioiiki'u] obtiiicricr, to rtrfrrivp a masK 
^MtoC g^ly- ii^d uniform order, to be had ihrjiifzhoul all lik luti J uahnt 
uid liomiaionii. And thL<t^iufi^ bttiU Mllkd nil hiN loving [if11iTit]> and 
BiiaiitrrB, US virll juttlixa of |>MC«> AS mftyoM, BlicHlta, boilidJi. con* 
iCabl4«, <>T i^ij other liU olfiecn. cf tvhnt eit^tc-^ dof*ive. or roitdhirxi 
tottvw lh<ry br, lo be uttenilaint upon this procbmntiorj )i.nd (lammnnd- 
Kunti luul to Mv tiv bfriDi^ere or birukcni tliureuf lo be jmpruonedi 
■Ad bia bkffliuew, or the bird pmUctot's ^ntc.^, or bij) niajcjil^'it coimril, 
tob« rrrlilieij Thereof imniediAit'ly, H4 tht-y tender hb in«jc«lVB pUit- 
fon:, and will unavcr to like ccntriuy «t ibeir jieiiL 

hymctiont i^ated Ity Edward Vi. in 1C4T» lo all kU tubj^cU, lu ttvU 
o/lh*tUrj^e» of thf tatty. 

Tbe LinE'a moft royal icajnt}. by tlit- ftdvictr ufbt* ino^t dvur ufidc-> 
Ibfl 4ake or Soincni?t, lord protestor of oli bin rcdm*, dominionMt ^nd 
MlJMTta, andgovi>rndrof hi« ino>4»tjHt |WrHOa,and nvidat; of bii mott 
leoorablc council, jnta)dJ(i|r tbu advuncfiiK'Hl of lliv trua liuuuur of 
AWifihiy <Jod, the supprcwiuii oP idolatry nnd ■upcr>lition througiiout 
oU luM n>almflsnd dominion n, and in piuiLt Irup n-]i^on, to tho ovtirpo* 
tion of all by}>ocmy, enormities, luid abiiAr-H, a^ to lil* tluly apper- 
tUQctf]. dotli miniotcr to bis lov-iji£ inbjccta tbc*c godly iiijuitctiortj 

c a 



[no. til.. 


hereafter foIWing; wlierofkf part were given unto Ihera Jifrflnrcirr, \tf 
lUn nutlioiity of hU moit dr-ar brlovi^U Tatln'r, htrig Urnrj the cijshtha 
of moFtt ramouH iiionior^, kad pan iltc aaw mmrttcTcd an<l girrn by hft 
ri]HJi*4rj : ftll uhhicti injiLFicIioiiH liifi hif-lmeH^ willerli &nil umiiiijiridr'th hbl 
|i>vir^ vubjccUi by bb suprL-mc ALuFiorUy, irliodjcntly U> rtc^rtvc. ftad 
trul; to observe »n4 kvep, evory man in their otticcti. dcpvee, and v^niM^ 
fl» they w&Il nvEud h» disp1^sur(>, and rhe pjiLnt in the immr Injiinrclnnt 
hereaPler eiprcsHed. 

Tbe finl id, ihat nil dvniiB, archdc-aconfS T>unhOn«. vician, luid otfier 
pflOlMtutieal pt-rsc^ns. itlinti fkithfiiMy lcctr>p unci obwrrc, und, lu far u in 
(hem may lie, elialt uiuAe Vj br k(^pt aiid ulMt^riTil of uLlirrr. &1I nud ?iit^ 
(^Urlawii And nlntulca* mudi^, om noil Tor ttii> fibdutiinf; anil eibrpation 
of llje binhiiip of Home hiH prvt^ntcd aad uiurpcd powvr ami jiiriuISetioiiv 
M for the i!BUbIi»]kni«nt And cuLliiiiidtiuN oftl^e kiiigv authority, JuH«- 
diotion, atid •upremac^ of the church of Enfilainl and Ireland- Atifl 
Fbrtbertni^re, All iveWnxilc-fll penonit, hnviiig run> or «i>iiIh, filmll, tA 1I19 
uttctinLiitt of ihrtr wit, knowledge, and li-aruing, purrly, ^iaGen^y. and'fl 
without any colour or di»inialatioTii il<<c1are, manifest, tmd opca, four 
litQCtt 6i'ory year at the leait, in tbeir iermoue and uth«r ooltaiions tli«t 
the bi8ha|) of Ronie'H usitrped (M^wer and jitnHdicrinii. havtug nif mu- 
bli»hnienL nor ground by thr taw» of Go<U wits of most juM c^aiikcs 
tafcen away and aholiHlii^d; i^ad tlint, therefore* no inannur of olWivnot 
nr JsiLhJrTtini^ wUhLn liU [ihpwf] renlmit and dominions, U diirr iitiin 
bini ; and that the kings pcwcri wlihin hi» realms And dominionfti i* ibo 
high«»t power iind(>r Gcd, to whom all men. Ailhin thi* Mta« rraJnu Ukd 
dominlonfl. by GodV Inw*. awe most !oya1ty and ob(dlen(-», aforA aa4 
above all other jxjwera intl putonlalcs i^i e*rlh. 

Hcfid(-H thi»T to llic ititi^nt tlmt jiII 4iipor»tition and hyporri*ry, crept 
into divrn, men* hcnn*, may vanith nwny. fhcy Hhnll noi tet foriJi nr 
V%Ut\ luiy iniiigf*Sk TT-lii^, ur uLiruu'leK for arjy nupendtjuu or 1utrt«-, uor 
alluru titc pcofdi-, by any irilicomnntfl, 10 thf piljfriiikagr of any Jiajiti oc 
image; but rrprovinii* the »iime. rhpy fhi.ll tvaeh that all goodaew^ 
luwUhi aiid i^-nitt, ou^lit to W both a^Ked aud l(H>ked fur only ufOudj. 
M of the very nuthor and ^ivcr of ihc kamc. and of nonci other. 

Ilem, thjtl they, ihe pcrvi^trift abovA r^ hennt>d, «hall make, or caiuo to 
bff iiimle. id ihe)rrhtir<'hr«, niiiL rvcry otliitr citrf- i\\vy havi\ onf Arrmon^ 
every <)uartcr of thf. feur at the Icail, therein tbey ihaU purely an^ 
•iDo«n-ly dt*e1ojt* tho word of Cod; and, ia the vntiic, «xUort their 
heaivn tn ihi" wnrl* of f^iiih, mercy, and rhnr^ty. npfoially pn^ftrrilk'c! 
and ci^nmjoivdrci in Scriirture ; &rid tliat worts, deTiMrd by oien*i fan* 
tatiH, bpBidvB SeKplniv, as wandanng Co pdgnmaget, olTenng of moficji" 
(randle*, nr lnp<*ri« or rttlics, ur l^migri^ or kWing and lieking of th« 





««u«w Jinking upon bfAiLv, or «uch like tup^nttlilon, hnv^ not only no 
prouaiw of rvwanJ, w ScripturLS tor doing ijf thcnj, bul, coiiirariwuc, 
grctt tbrcaUi ftuil makdiction* «l' God, f>r thut they t/v tiling (e^ndin^ 
to idolaity aod cuperttUioii, whiehn of a\\ otlirr olfi-nn^t, God ALiuiglity 
doth uiott dcudt uid iibhor» Fur Lhat tbc niiDi; litioiiiiAh mvai hbi lioutjur 
and glory. 

[u>iii, tKsti iiucb iiiukg(4 tui thivy krmvr, in on; of tbcir cures, to be, or 
t« liftTc bn?a» abuwd hilIi pilgiiuizLgc, or uHb'liig of aoy thing modi: 
thcrcQiitAf or »LaII be licn^Ckficr cciiicd unto^ tlic)^ (und noutr othtr {iri- 
vit« pi'rtori*) (ball, for Ihi* avoiding <tt thai uiuit dutuiabk ofit^ncc uf 
jilolttlrj. fjrtliitflJL Like d^jiti^, ur uiu»t: tu Lv uLru duwu, nud d»|ruy 
thnHiiQf?; and jilukll MullVr, fiom hrncforcU. no Uirchca nor caihIIc*, 
tip»n or iinago* of nai, to b« *it% ufoni &ny iinag« o' piuturo, but only 
two Ughu ujjtjfk th4< hi^li All;irr lii^fore Uie Mcnrnvut, wLtJc-li, for tbL* 
v'lEiiiGctttioa that Cbrl*t 'a iUr. very true liubt of tljc world, lite; fJuill 
iaftr to ra&ftiD tttOI : ftdmODittntii^ Iheir jtariahioni^rt, that imuf^s u-rvc 
fbr DO cillirr purposo but to bi- a Tvnirnilirinf^t\ wJtprohy nL»it mA; \>f 
slmoDtobcd of the holy lives and convcrtadon of them that tim MJd 
kn^M do r0pp««i>nt; «Kicb iniiLg(>ii it' tbvy do abuH« for any oIUt ^n- 
tontfelhcjcauimitldiiliLiTy in thruinic% totbegrrut daagiTrortbdrwiiU. 

Item* thftt t^i-ry liotiday, thiouf^Uout tbt; yeftr. when ttt^y bait uo 
ttTpaoo, Ibry shall, initncdiatcLy ahcr tlio Gofipiil^ openly and plainly 
raeil* to tlit-ir jjarithionem, in Itip pulpit, Ib(^ ttilfr Jv'itUfr, tltp Cniia, 
and the Tvo Cuuiiruuidiut^uLit, in l^Tj^Uobi to llic; intent the pi'<j|>hT mny 
icuro Uuj Mimo by heart i i^^horLiciK all purvnip und houM:hotdcrs to teach 
tb*lr children nnd servanti tli^; mmc, v they ara bound by tiic* law of 
Gud> Uid in cuuacit^iJCf > lo du. 

liaaij Uint they khall charge fatlitni and muthcrs, tna^tero and &*>• 
TCnoTi, lo bMtuv their rhildivn aod wrvantb, even frum thoir «hild* 
hvcd, citbfr to Ir-uridng or wimu lioirml t-vercHe, urcuputlon, or huh- 
iaiidry ; eibortini; end eouiMcllinc, ami* b) all ihv way* and DLcunsthcy 
may, w wtLI in tbi^ir M?riitOTiH r^nd ooilutiunii, at LiLlkf>rwi»v, pt-f^uaUkng 
their Huid f4Atlini> mid mutlji-iK, niJu>ii<rH and t/tbtr goverticin. iUli|fejitty 
to provide and foredvi that thu youth be, in no manner or wbc, bruuj^lit 
up ia i<lli'n(«**, Umt, M any tin\b afliirward, For bf k of Boxntf KTui\ oceu> 
pSLtionr '^^ ni.hi^r huiirj-t ninm^ tn livi> hy, iht-y he ilrlviji tci full U> 
ht^^ixi^, sifaljng, ur fiunie othiT unthnfLii^cu : forAAniucii u* wu niihy 
daily M0| tJiroujib sl^th aod i^bTneu^ divtjrv lolLani mim faS), toniu to 
Ixflgin^ ami some lo theft Jind mnrdcr; whit'h, aficr 1>ron|:ht to cul^i. 
Butj and iuii«ry> do blmui^ llicir |>uieitt»» frk-nda* and i^ovcmDrrs wbidi 
fuflcf iham to bo brought up to idJy in th<:ir yontli^ whuns if thi^y htuX 
hem wA\ brouglit up it\ leariTin^ winm ^ikkI mi^rtijNitliFnt or cnul, tltity 






would [tKiintr Tutor* of Ihdrown hmmcMrl) tuiw profited luircll Iheia- 

of til F cum mo(^ Aral lIi. 

Al«o, iljat the DOid pAr»on«v vican, uirl other cumtTA, fthftll dilij^a 
l^ravide that lh« tncmtnt-nu b« duly and rcv«r«iilly miDE«t«r«d io tb 
IsnriKhrt, /\iid if at atiy timi? ii hiLj)]H.'n ihi7in» in auy of the vwea ri 
Jirevftrd ia ili4^ vtatutc* of Uiia ro*lm, or of r|>cGi«I llcfciisf fprcn bj llie 
king c mnjwt;, lo be &biii?Tit from ihcir bcncUccu^ tlwy ihall leave thvfrfl 
cure, nol U>tt nidpflJid iml/ftn)*-!! pr-TMiri, Imt M mt hoivM, irHUIrtmiif, 
aiid expert curncr. that cun, hy hii ablUc)', lr«ch thr rude fi»d uDlcanind 
of their pure wliotnonie duflnno, mul tviSuvi- tbttn to ihc ri^^ «niy 
thv do ^rr: vhLrli wUI alan t-irntM» IlietP injuiirilnni, nnd do tliolr <1utf ^ 
othirr^vjM. lU they ftre bouud to do in cvi^ry brhair wid, accnrdinglj* I 
Difty bnd v^ll profit ihv<lr our« no I««b with f^ood example of livin^H Ihan 
vltfi ttif rlprLnrtillnii of thr won! nf God,— nr i>Ihp iltt^lr Inrk and dt^Aiilt 
dhaU Iw imputed unto thrmip who nhaU vETnitly afinwcr for iJh; HiDc,fl 
if ihoy do otiicrwiflf- And nlwayi^ k*l them »^ti, that |}vithcr ll^py uor 
ihfli Ciirati'* do ij'i'lc nofr thHr o»t» prnfli, prnmotion. or mlvnnugiT, 
than tlLrproUt oflht? houU they have uudi^r thi-ir care, or thr glorv of God* 
Ai^, tliftt xhty »hnl] provide, wUhJii thn.>i> iiioriihf fie\l aftfrr tlib vi«i- 
taliou, ono tcok of tk*! whole Bible of the )hrg«l volume^ in Engluli: 
ind, witliin oiiu (velvir uioulJia nfxi oTttt llie >iiiid vibi(a[ion. Uje Puv- 
phruia of Erbniiis, oUo in Englialij upatx the GoaprU; atkd the »<mo 
Mt up in *omt coiivcDieot pince, vithin the uiid church thai xhej bivfl 
eure oC vhr-renj their }inrihlii4fncnt Tnay iMf»C r(jTTiTnodLf)us1y rcwrt iiato 
the »j»r, »])d rvad tlii^ nnmo: l)m cimigrs of which LooLpi fihall W rttft* 
blj borut' bcLWH'ii the jmrvon nnd nppropri^Ury, cmd puirtiiotiert &fbm* 
»iii. tliai ia to «»}', llic onu lt«tr liy tln.^ imrxoir or jin^priftttry, and thii 
Othtr bftir by the patUhioucr*. And ihcy »ha1l dUooura^ no lUia 
(nuibori^i'd nnd lio4>nJi«U lh<>ri>to] fr<im iht^ rcodiug auj part of tli# 
bild^, i^ithfT In IwitJti nr In KnyUiLh ■ hin ihnll milifr [^omfnTt «nd At-> 
bort every petvon to rt^d the ume. as the very lively wonl of God, and 
Ibe •|>^c1ilI f<K>d of uiaji4 w»iil. lliat ttil ehriiftian pcrftoDo nrr bound to 
enkbraet^, bclirvr. and follow^ if they took to be Mived; ffhoroby they 
muy the Ijcttirr iiioir their duti« to (jod» to their iutereigu lord ilie 
kauj:,eLnd ilioir ii4if:fd>ouri— tii-'r jjently and charitably csdiorttng tbc«i, 
AAil, In bb ntAjc^Aiy'ft name, atmitl; cbnrging uml t^oniriiAndtiig cbcm, 
tbiLti in the rrAdJiig tbt^rtnir, no miui to rr^uoii or CDUt<-ud, but i|ai<E|ly to 
hcjw tkc reader. 

AIm, ibe Kuid «cclMta«tieal ptrruir* iha1l is no viae, at aoy onlbuTuI 
iinket tier for in;j olber iMttve tbau fur their hoiml pr^et^ssHy. hiMint or 
iTAort to imy lavcra* or ale-houMi. And, alW tljcir diuucr 0rMippcr» 





ihrj shall iiot ^\rb iUtmwXvvs to ^Iriiikirjg; or rmt* epf^rrdlnf^ titcir timft 
idly, bj <tjiy or by nifi\tt. at difv, «an]». or uiblcA, playing, or &[i>' other 
imlAwlul gaind; but, at uti liimiv [&« thvy vh^ill havt> tniur«j, ibry Bboll 
ImLrajiil n'tui BOiiiirH'libl of bcrl^ ScrliJluir. or "IihII occupy tliem-ielvn 
witb POinc- othi^r hoiicht cxcrciai? : and tlmt tbrj olwaj'n do ibc ihiii^ 
HUch nppt'num to iiorioity, w'ltU t^tn\vnvttur tn profit the coriLinon yn*aA; 
Vkring ulwuy* in ntUul, llml thry oujirlit lo r^Kci'l til aihat In finHiy vf 
ItTc, and aIjcioUI be aa ciikmptc to the people to Uve well nnd chihllnnW, 

Ittm, that Iht^y tl\^\\, in I'ontV^c-^ionfc. cvory Lentr exAuiine i^v^ry perv 
aon ibftt rrocneib tu cfinft^h'ioii to theiu* wlietJter llicy can recite ihe 
articloi of Uwir Foitht the /^n/^/' yothrf aud tho ToD ComniiLi]drn«iit>, 
in KrkgliKli, And lirAr ttiPin mv th^? flunr pArfifubrl^; ^hrroin jf Ib4>y 
be; nikC prrfi-cE, t]iKj nhall dttilari- theti tlii&i tfter)- I'ELriiiiuii jii^nun ought 
to Ldow th«r Miid ttiin|Lr« L^foni di<-y shoidd n^^oivc llti; blc«i:d vacra- 
msnt of tbo altAT, and ndiiKtnuh them to Icnrij the mid ttiin^ mor« 
perfectJjri or eln? Ihey ua^liL nut tu [^tmume tu cuiuu tu God's buard, 
vilLoat ft pcrft^ci ktiowh'dKi' nnd will to obncrvc tliC v^ma -. anil if tbcy 
do, it is 1o the groat p^rll of their soult, and abo to tbo worldJy rebuke^ 
tJiAt they ini^ht inenr hervuEHtf by iht^ Mame. 

Alfo, that thtry tihnlE admit no cnaa 1o preach nithin ony their cure*, 
but luch [u blxtill appear unto them to ha suffieioutly [io«n»«d Uniri^iiatOi 
by tUv kh\^\ uiiyesty, lfi« lonl proti.rtor'a gpftc^i. tlio aii^ld»l»lM>j» «f Clan- 
tcrbiirf, th*? archbishop of York hi hia province, cr tiki: biiliop of lie 
diovvAe I mid flucb ii4 v-haU bo livi^nHed ih«y sLiidi g\aid\f r«C4Lvo, to do- 
fluw tIip w*Hd ofGcn!, ifcitbciit nny n^bUtaiirr* or inrtrmlieiUm, 

AIao, if iij?j have heretofore declared to ihcir poriiJiionera any ihing 
Iath0«xtc1brjg ortteXutig forth arpilgnniagps, riliov^or iinugtv, or %hb> 
Inf Af candles, kiwingn LiuWUkg> di-ekhig of ihr «Amo images, or an j 
•neb •upcr»tiliaii, they ah^ii nov openly* before the; f>amc. lecont and 
rcprovQ tbu luuno i sht-wmg tliem {ttt, th(: traih h) that they did Hw 
ttmp tipon no grmtnd (if St^npturr, but woru Ird and P4^dnpl»d by a ooni- 
moEj «rrnr atid abuse, erept into the church through the vulfenua! and 
avuincc of^kch im Mt piofii by the s^anic, 

AIui, if r>iey de, or Bhall, know i\uy man viihin their parith or elto- 
ithrn^. ihjit jh ji It^Ler t^f the word cf God to be nrud id Euglltsb. or 
unccn^ly preached, or of tho execution of these thi^ kin^V nu^CAty* Ld- 
JuDriifin«, rtr a fnulnr »f ih» hinhop nf Rnmj^'fl preif nAMl pou'er, now by 
the tap* ofthi^ rrtihn jiLsLly nzjeeted. extirpated, and taken a^uj utLerly. 
th«y ahaK detect anci pr«»Tent \\i« Kun^ to ilm king or hU counciti or lo 
ihcJiiAtW nf |»fAr(- n<>it adjoining. 

Abot that tbe paiwn, vicar, or cunC«, Wtd puifthiau«» of every p«> 
fi»h wiUiiu Uiia rvuhji^ Jiajl, kJi Uidr diuidiaft V*^ 


book or rrRiplrr whcTCio \hf.j ahiill wnle the flay anil jtnr of *}very 
wi^Jiling, chriHE4'ning, and burial* mfitk- ^^itliin thr-ir pariOi^ for tiiflr 
lim<<i. tud Ao ri<iry nuin uicmdlrjg thi^m Uki-wiu': 4111I ibmnn »liaU 
write cvoiy periorj's name Ihat ihill be so wwWod, ctiHsUncd. or bariod. 
And, for lh«» HtfA k*«»pirig of tiir Mtni^ brink, th« fiorihli tliA^I b# bound 
tn pnJVldp, of tht»ir commori rhjirjTf*, nqe njrr fMiffi-r, wItIi two Xackn 
and L«y»i wlicrci^f ■ini.': to rt^nmin xr'itW l]i« ptirKini vicar, ur curate* anJ 
tLi> otticr vith the VTCLrdcinfl ot every pnrixk chi;r<'t] or c^itpi^lt nJicrdB 
Oic Mill hfiok filrnll hr Itiid up: which honk they kKaII, rvcn' Suncbj. 
UlLv furllit Vtd* Lii lliF pniBCDCc of Ihr^ said waniriia, i>r uiie of fhriiii 
write and record in ihti «nmn all the >viM]diti^, chmtrnic^ and burioU, 
ixinvlp tlic uhoir we^^k heforr: and that dorip* in lifty up thp book in Ih^ 
Mid t'tdTer^ ub afon^ And for every tiiTie lliai ifri- *»aiiii^ nlinll btr ooift' 
tv<l, tlir punr, thai aball bo In ihc faalt Ilicrocif. iihnU rorftil lo ihc Nud 
ehrir^h l)inro «}iLUfng» and four pence, lo be ernptoyml to t1i» poor vant'H 
t>OA i^ftlmt parUli. 

l^;rU)ermarr, bf^ftimc l)ic tfoofi* of tht cTiurch arc called the f?Mib 
oTlh* poor, and. at ihcfft^ day*, nothing: ie l(*«« teen thno ibi^ poor (o btt 
aiuialDKl wUTj t}ie fame, ull jiarHfins vimn. |M<iMtitr>aHe», prplkradAdn, 
And olli^ bcncAcfd men witLin thi* deanery, or f-Ucwhcrd iholl dwtri* 
butc hert^iftcr aoiofii; l}ii<rrpcwr parithionerB, or other iritmbiUni* Uiera, 
in thp pre»mwi oTthc rhurchwardi^nji, f»r iomn oilirr honrmt liiro oftlw 
pftrisbt tbe xh part of tbc? fVuiu and meDuc» of tijrir said bciietic«ift 
|«*t tfi0v b^ vortlitlr noiAd of ingrMitudr, whicb, n#««i>in|j* ho many 
parn to themcrlit^ eantiot Toiiehufe (a ImfOH thr* lL pnrtiitn ibeffvol 
ainonf the poor peuplr of dwt paru1i> Omt ia bo fruitful aod profiuU* 
nolo ihcm. 

And, la Ihe inl^nl that b-anird mim may hrrrnftr^r ripnn^ the morva 
li>r tbff tr\rcutiuii of ibc priMui»4*ai tvrry^ parson, vicar, cktk. or Wa^ 
ficcd man^ witiim lliu deanery, hnvini; y^i^f to dispc-nd. iu bcncfiecA 
and othOT promotion* of iFi^ churoH. at v?^ vhHll^rve tnoipK#nt «aMb&* 
rtioo to one Mholar ; and. for »o many fK mort a» h« may di»pcnd, to ao 
ty fcliolar* more ihall he givp like exhibilioDr to the uiiieeruly i>f 
Ottofd or CamhHdf^. or unma gnouaar-cchwd ; vbkh, aftftr ifaay hat^ 
fimtilcd in guul Irarniti^, mmy be partocrii of tbfur patron'a cun and 
ebup% aa wti\ \n prmehing, a« ofhertri^p, iti lira tiMution of tbeit 
ofRrefv or may (wbeD nent iihall be) odierwbe praAt llin oommon 
villi tberr counnrl and awdoin. 

Aboi 0ml the propricUries. panons, I'iear*. tud derli>, havlnj^ 
diarehtH, ehuprU. oriiiaiMionv «iihiii xU\i ik-ajiery, ahall boiow yearly 
banafkr upon t)je »ainc inanidoik* or cbaacvU uf ibrir diui^bors twin 
ift decay, thie fifUi p^Kof that tbcir benefices, tilt tl»ey b? fully i^auredi 





n#tli« ftamc, K rcpairf^d, iiholl dwAf* keep ixnA nuuntoin in j;w>^ 

of Uio yi*ar, rear] (hL^o iilj unctiutip ^vea unto tbtrD) openly and ddibe- 
ntpljt Spforr nil thplr pnrUhlnnprA, to flio int^nf. tliatboth tli^y may lie 
the betu^r idmnnivhed of lliclr dutj, tnd tlu.'Ir Mid p«mliioiiur« (Ijo 
more moved to FnUow ilic same for their piirt. 

Abo, foruiDiJCh Mij by a Iaw vitUliliviiid, i^very man I« boond lo pay 
lili tithr*, no man *Tjn]l. hy rolciur of dutj rritiltti-il by tb^lr raniriit t\tf^ 
tuio thtir ti1h<H, and bu rcdub and m^uiCc one vmnf; wUh another, or 
bff bia own Jnrlgr, bill shftll tnilv pHT tli<- nam^t HA hi* bnth hp»in accUH- 
IddnsIb In thriT pnmoni. ^iciint, itnd numtn. williout nuy imtr4iiit or 
dltnloutSon ; mid ^urlt Iftrk and default u fhr; can J08t1y 6n<l in dirir 
ptnon* and cunici, lo call for ivfonnaticiin thereof at their ordjnaricft' 
anil olh«r »uj>e; ion' Imudrs uho. upon curripUluL arid duvprouriljt^runr* 
ftbaU Tcform tlic lamr accord irif^ly. 

Abo, that no prmon iha.\\. from h«nf^c?rarlh» aXUrr or ehtngo tho order 
and manntrr rif any r«4lirif*-dAy IhuC i>i ti'ommaiideil. or of nmrnrnn- 
prayer, or dlrlnc M^rvicv, oLfionvi^c than U *p^ill(^d in tlic^i^ injuno 
tknui until Kucb time ac tUe muic thill be otbtmittt' orddred and trnn»- 
jNWd by ifiv king'x EtuttiMnty, 

AbOf that every panton, vlrar, curat'', chantry >pric»t« and ilipcndiary, 
bwftg nnder ttif iVgro« of a baoUr-lor of divinity^ chftil provide- «iid bava 
of bh own, viibln ihrro montlk^ afUr Ihln vivtmiinn. tlie new Tntimeni ' 
botb in Latin and in English, with the paraphrase Mpon the same of 
Er*amu«, and diligently atudy thi- tAtii^ conf^rrring ttm one v>itii the 
nthpr^ Ami llir bishops ontl other onliniirii**, by thmiselvpf ur tlieir 
oSecn* in their avn^^di and visitations, ^hall ttamitiL' the said ccdriias- 
ttld p#fiH>nci, hov thoy have protittd in tbi^ t(udy of holy $eriptar<^. 

,Alsot in the timv of high ma», vitliin cT#ry thurchi be thai aaitb or 
'lemftih Ihtf «auj<; sball rusJ, or chuik; to be rfttd, ihc rj'btlc and ^u»|Mst 
of Ibnt mofa m EEij^lUk and nnt in Latin, in the pulpit, or in much ron- 
wnipnt ptcurrr a* ihe piM^fle mar huzr ibr name. Af>d| erery Sunday and 
Jloiliday, thi^y sfitill plainly and distinctly »ad, or cauM to be rrad, one 
choptfT of the Ticw Te&Uuncnt In Kngliali, in tho vaid ptaor. at matinsi 
iiiun«(IUlHf aiVr lli« IfiHimt; ami, nt i-vi^n unng. nFlfr Mn^nifail, on^ 
cfaapler of tbc <ild Tfttanicnl. And, to the intrnt L}ii: prcnii>r» may W 
more conTcniendy done, the king'd majcoty'e pleasure », that, when nine 
|«MOM abould be tf^ in ihf i^bitrr^h, tbrf^ of Ihj'm adioll hi> iunlffi^ 
nod Irft out. iA iiIe tiic rejtpondi ; and, at cren >on]{-timc, tiic Tn^ndi, 
vith aJt the memoricfl ^r4>mmr«ir?riifion«^ahaU be IHktdT for tJiat Emrpoir, 
ALo, Ijeesuie thoM per«0Ds^ «hicb be ri ■ 



pitf In iltifftir, by til 

\.tl iintl iilMIIh of lliA <WSI, \rTiQ 

ihvii iiLtt»i l>iJ--<>'t ami fvpednlly with llii-ju dmt Inck tbn kno^lrJcr. fur« 
p<?mui»iofJ, nml dU-;idfuat Mi^frthat ihvy xaay butnaclc paritik«» of the 
graat Ami irAnlti* nifrc'yr wFifrh Alntijflify (j<y\, of hU moat hoijiitiful 
ItuudrjfM Aiitl mrre libcmlily, Vp'itZiouL our Jr.'irrvin^, Imtli ofTi^ri^l fr«rlf 
to all ponon* Ukit put UH<ir lull tru»t ituii cuutiJ^^iiu^ in liim, therefore 
thnt llik damimblr vier of ciMpnir may be clcirly tAke-n nway, nnd Ana 
Mitf and BtpaJftwl fio(w surety ctmceivtd of oil tJieir pariftliiuiicrnL, bclnj^ 
in any ikrif:cr, ttify jitiail lo.irn, ofid have lll^vay0 in a rL'n4iii<.va, such 
comfortBblp piiM'CTi nnU wni^nrpa of Spripnirc, la ilo Bct fort J» the m<»rcyf 
bvDcflta^ and goodurru uf Almighty God tuwiiidd oil petritent and be- 
hv^TBg pOTiocM, that tli<^y may, ftt all tmitvi (when nfcnwity t\ia.\l roffiiire), 
promptly eomfor! Ilit-rr floct wiili llie lively word <jf God, iviiivh i* tba 
uuly slay uf tuaii'» voiiM^teuce. 

^tuo, to Avoid alJ RontcDiion and stHfO) which hcrcloforc hotK rincri 
ftmon^ tlio king's mDJcsty'a aiibj«cU. in sundry ptacu of hu iv,x1iiii ftnJ 
iJoniiijiuiis, by reasoit uf fond ('ourteny and chidlejj^JLig uf placet m 
proceuton, and obo thai lliey luny Uic more quietly hcai that ^Itich b 
Boid oT BUDg to their edilying, they tImU not, from heDccfurth, in iay 
pariih dutrcTi. At 8tiy tiine, ubi> Any jirur^Hiii>iJ ftbout the <-huroh. or 
clii^rdi-ynn3, or other |jlnci.\ buU iiuLiitdiAldy before Mfth hiam, Ujo 
pn»tJ« witli other of itje chcur, »b«ll kD«ct in the midit of the chufdi, 
mid 4Lf>g ur H:>y» iiUirdy sni) dirtrinotlvi l\«^ litAny wFJi-h U iwt forth in 
£ng1Uh, with all ihv 9uflVag<'«i fullowiiig. And nanrr other proc4VhiurJ or 
litany lo b^ hod or uicd, but the said Utnny in Enj^h^h, iuldia|i{ notbirtg 
tfiereio, hnr as Jhe Licg't gratf iii&.\{ hfr^adttr appnlni: And, In cailie* 
drat or coib^lAie churcbo. the same dhill be douc ia »uch ploco a» 
our coninii«faiiei», in our vi&ituliDn, shnll appoint. And| tn xLt^ time of 
the bfanyf or tlie muss, of the 6cnnon, Rnd when tlt^ prlr«t rfwit^h tlw 
Scripture to the poriihiuncn, no mnnntr of prnfin*. nithuut a juhL anil 
ur^nt O-OUAO) »hull disport oni uf the (ihurdi i and all niij;;iii^ and knoUius 
of bf'll* fthnll lip iTtlPrly forhornr, at thai ttmp, ncrpt one brll, to oOlft- 
vcnieDt timCt to be ruu^ or Luolb-d bi'forc the mctruon. 

A\m, like en thu pruplc bo cumnionly occupied, tho xvork-day, with 
bodily labour for thtir bodily Bustauanoa, to wm the hotidnvT at ih« 
brgijjuLit^. gudly iiiBtitultil ami urdmued* lliat tin? pcuplc iltoutd. 
jAl day, it}^t- ihcmtuAft* wholly lo Gtjib And wbrri^aj, in our timOa 
God i> mure otfended than plcosnl, moro difihouourtd than hooourad, 
upon the hulidnv. b^cuuvv of idlrjji'«s prldtfi, JruukttLiiuBai quarrc^lljiis 
sod br«wling» which ore most ujted tn such day*, people ocvcrllidoa* 
pfnutadfngiheiiiMlvt^itkijllir-jei^Fly to honour Crod on tbal day, ifllitiy 
hear mAu mn^ aervicc. tl^uu^Jj tht^y uTidcnitunJ iiulhiug tu ibdr edify 


lb, 111-^ 



log, t^CT«fbre ^1 llie kind's imhtii\ ntxd loring Bukjccb vHalL from 
WncvfMTlh, c«l0bnio ud k««p Ihirir holiday aooonliug to God'a bolf 
ttfll n&U p1>->iart^ thml u^ in linarlnE the Wonl nrGml rr^d and mii^hi, 
ID putitiG and pif«al« pnjnerN ici LiiowkHlging Hiar oflciion lo frud. 
tnd amcfKlmctit or Ihc Hnrui^ In iv^onnlm^ ihnir »<iNi> otiarilatly lo 
llu-tr nvi{;libiiuni, whtn di^ptoaAtire liftth btvri, lu uftj!ji tinm ri.ftiviDg 
iLc c^miimaion of ihc rtry body wiil bloo4 of CJirinCi io vi«it)j]|;; of lli« 
f9^ and iiok, in uatng all b^btrntvi and fi*>dW coni'vrvatioii, Vtrta 
DatvltlifttitndJng. nil pardons vloan, anil ourai^ fclihU 1'>n4<h and doplnre 
«BUt Ihcir pari»h]Qncn. tljixlllu^y nw)'* v^iIl atafc and ifuii-t l^L^ni*l:j|.'ncc• 
m tito time of lurv«t, iLibour upon the holy and f'aiiv^al dayo, and sava 
llut 1htng,wMch Gmi ItHlh iHitT And if, forflny*crnpnU>ii[y or grudge 
of RktMcicncc. nifQ klinidd ]iu]>i-r>lJitnudv alwLiiii Cnmi wi>rkln^ npon 
Ibotc dftfa. tiiat Uh^ llii:y nliDutd f^ricrously oticnd mid dUpIcaac God. 
Abo, forwimwh tu variance nod contfltitiran i« a ildng vhich moat 
4bp1e«Aetfa Cod, and h □it»t t^dntrar) ii> chti bli^ucd coniEiiunJoii of tba 
lod5 tad blood or<>(ir Saviour Llirist, curatcH shali in nu wiio admit to 
lb» vocfriving tJiaroof ftiijr of Uiair euro and fiock, nho halh maticiotitly 
uid upenly cuiFlrudi-d with bi« iii^igbbi}ur. uii1i-v the nuap d^i first 
difluilably and openly i^cntLcilo liiniJi<lf a|;ain, rcinjiliiii; nti rancour and 
xdiCC, nliai*of!\'Br coDtrovcriT IlqUi bi^cn bclnccD them: anil ocvtr* 
Ael j M , tliftrjust (ilW Diid rightii they nmy clidritabty pruH.-(.mtt-> iH-'fura 
iDcb OB havQ autLority to lii^ar tijv miikx. 

AIbo, lli&t every d^^aii. orplid'NU^ODt mojatar of collt^fcintc chiirciiT 

maiU.-r of hunpllnl. nnil prvbnidiiry liT'ing jtrUsC, ahidl pn-aArb by hrm* 

idf iienuujJly liticr fvery yew, ul ttitf Icaat, villier iu the yilma vUvn 

^fe J>t U iTitituled, or in Bomc church ivbrrt; lie hath juriadiodon, or clao 

^^Vhioh ii 10 the t-tid plficr apjrrupriuui <ir united. 

^H AIm. titit ihfiT nhidl iitBlnkcl aud Itiidi in thtif irunf?, that t\v man 
^nofE^t obstinately and malicbiuty to break and vJolali! Uic laudable 
^■MrMftOaiM of tb« efiorob, by tlic kitt^ eitmmtunh-il tu \>n vbHTvei!, and 
•a j«t not abrognti^d : jirrd, itn ihfi othft Hidr, ih^L wbiHiii'vi^r dolti uti- 
pcfatitraiuly abuse tbcm, doth lh<? muic to the K^<^nt pi^^t oad danger of 
kk aovU ItfalUt t — u, in t<autint' lioly w»Mir vpott ha b»d, upon iotogea, 
and ii]>Mi df«d thln^ ; or hforiiig alviiLr him hnly hrnnd, or 8t ildm'a 
Govpd ; or mnUng of croun of wnrxl upon TiUn ^undayi ip time of 
tug of tha panioo; or k€«piu^ of pnvaLo hulidayJ^ as bakars, 
•mltlu, i^Aemaker*. and tnch oihcr da; or nngin^ iif hnly 
.; or bU«Hiig nilb the liuly candk-. to tht? mteiit tli«r«by lij bv di»- 
;«d of tins bunion of uriij £jr lo drivn avay do*Us, or to put away 
la and fnt]tiu!f«; nr in putting trt»T nnd f^unltdrncu of licahh and 
iTalion in the suuc cctcmoni™, itbcn they bu only ordolnnd, inxtU 
and madi-, to put na i/i tvnatmbmncc of tUc bund&U 'aV^ViV ■«% 

bavo received by ChrUt t — arid, ir h^ ubo tbciii for any oth^r pui 
he grievously ofTemliftli GrJ- 

AIao, that they ahall tflkc awnT. utUrrljr i'Ktinct, ;&rid dt^troy, 
fibrinoF, roviTJrig of ?ihrit)fi8, nit Ubl*^, oundlcstifka* triniilc* ftr rolk 
wnx, |]iciur«^ pnhitlng^ and all otli^r xnonnnirut* i>r ftigiitd miracN 
pitgriouigPAi idolairyi &ad super^tltiun ^ so tlat ibtr^ remain ni>riic;nitir 
of llki> same In wallSf glaHs-uindow«. or tftaewhetPi within ihcir cfaurche* 
liT boUBPs: And iWy flhall txhort aJI their pnrihIilorierH k> ilo fhf» lik^^H 
villiin thtir nrvpiTil }if>Hi>«8; And tbai ibc cliurchrtnoicnji, at Uio conP^l 
mon chargtf of the poriflhioncra in every church, jLhH pruvidv & comr-ly 
nnd lioncFit [>u1])il> to bv stt iii n eonvfntent p1oi<v wlthiji tbv muziv, far 
till? pETacliing of God'n won)- 

Abo, ihfj «bnll prEkviilc ond havt» whliin iKre^ moDllifl oHcr iJjU i^u- 
tatjfjn, a itrong <<bosl airli a liole jc tlii? upper part tlicrrof, to b« pro^ 
vtJud ftt llm cuHt ftud cliHr|,'« uf (li« pariNh, liaviii^ ihnv Lvyty whnTof 
nnc hhall remain in tltc cu;itody of thn parson, virnr, trr currtU', and tht 
otbtsr two in lll4^ Guitody oC tbv ohuivhwardon*, or airy olhvr tu<o houMt 
men. to bebppoinied liy tbe paribh rroui year i« year; which di^st you 
ahnll »et «iid fjutrn nt^r unto tIjfT Idcli nltAft to the inlmi tJic 
parUhionen ihould put into it their oblaLion and alms lor tbcir poor 
Tipiglitinun. And th<> pftrtinn, \irar, nr oiinifeH *^at1 dillgenily, tmm 
time to timet iind specially when men make Uic^r L^atamenU, coJI upon, 
cKhortt and move ttieir neighlKiun to confer and give* u tlR-y may vitli 
sparp» lo ilic Mid chrst; declariDg untn Jhem, wliertfLS hcrtlofone ihey 
liaie been diligent tu bestow ium:li dubst4ince, t>thfirwi[ie ili^n God com* 
nmndcd» upon pArdona, pil^rinitigea, IrenUlu, decking- of ir»ag««, o\\vt' 
sttg nf eandlrs. ^^^ing to frinrA, nnfJ upon other lik? blind dr!VoilonBi, 
Ibuy ou|;hti at this time, iu hi^ much tiiure nady to hpl]> tJie poor and 
I3e<3dy, knowing tUat to rdicvi^ tbo ponr 14 n trufi v^oivhippin^ cf (ilxI, 
rerfuirvd eArT;eHtly upnt) pnin (if everliulin^ damntit'iont unci That,ako^ 
^haJBuevLT in ^iveu for diGir eun^futi in ^iveu to Cliriat Inuat-lfi and mi 
b accepted of him. that Ikc will mercifully rrward the ffiiuc vrith ever- 
]&<i1in|^ nr« : the whioh iLltn-i und devotion of llie people thi' ke(>|ien of 
tlio keyn «had. »t ihnt* (^nnvrui^nt, take out fif thi* chenl, and dl»lHbuto 
the some in the prcfiencc of their whole pariah, or nU of tijGm,tobctruTy 
and raithfully delivered to Iheir most needy uc^Tgh(>our< ; and, if they bo 
pmvLileil for, then Ur the reparniiori c»f the highu-ays ntit adjoining. 
And ti\tQ the monej, vhich meth orfcateEnitie}. gni1d««and oUtt^r sitoeL^j^ 
of the ehurch (exoept l>y tho kirig'« tnojo«ty'» aullioritj it b« othurwitt^H 
nppninlpd), ■hull hv [mi intn ihe snid J?h(^st, and enavrrtrd In the hii\4^^ 
U9C4 and ul»o the ri:jitB and lur^da, the prolit ul' eotdc. and moaey given 
or bj^qn<iatlir-d to thr linding of torche.^ ligl'^ lopcnt, and laJnp><, nhaU 
tjc ennvrrtrd to the amd iiv. inviug that it fibaTE be Uufnl for tlitmi to 





of the «4]<1 prof til iif>OTi xhfi n^jmntxlon of Th« oliureli. if 
(mLl ni^vd rv<|iiirt. biitfl vi'Tivita» thr pftrUh 1» very poor, aoii uiH nble 
jMIlctwUo to repair iho &ame> 

Add. Tor u mucli am prl^eU bf« public m'm'itien of tb« church, and, 
till* ItoIkJnyfa. <ji^gtU li> ii[ri>l> lIii^iuH^Ivts 1o the cominoii hiljiiInlH* 
of ihc nhole parjflh, th<j shall col be boaod to go to nonicn 
riDg 111 chiM'lk^, eu^pL in lime of iUngei\>iu vi(ikii«cfi, ntiil not tu ftrtcJi 
If corw brfiira It be brougtit to thi^ dmruhyorJ : uiiil \C tht; wurnaji Ih> 
or tfae conu brou|;ht to tliv cliurcb, tiit: pripsl shall do hb dutj ac- 
OOrdipgljt ^ vi»iimg tho woiaoiit nnd burying thi> <l«fLd pcrtton. 

AlvOataATiiid iht'. drWuUhU- uii oi' fiaxutiy, bt^causFbuybgaiidnrDIng 

of bfliMGcrA u» execrable before God, thcivforu oil such ^jerAOtiB aa buy 

bttnofiov* or o^mc to then by frmid or dr^ctil. shall bo dopnt-iHl of 

leli benrfiiwf, and bf made unablr.', m any luiie aftpfi io reeciVL- nny 

rr apiHlual proniotioD : und auch aa do lell 1}i«m^ oti by uiiy uolucLrt 

boalow Ukcm for Uwir own gatr; anU protilp alioU lotc ttc right and 

of pafroriagt* Juid jirwurDir'nt, Tor thai ivvvt and tliv gift tlicrtof, 

lliat vacalicfd, «hiL[| appcrUitn to ibe klij^'a iiiAJ<»i). 

Also, b<H*aiide, throu}:h laelcof preachc^n ia many plao« oftho kinjc'a 

Inu and domlntnnitt thi^ pi>oplfi coriiliur^ in ignt.irHiire aod blimlnewt, 

II parMDi, vican« ind cur^tc« Kliall rca^l in ihi^ rlmi clic^ every Sijn<Iay, 

of tbc hai&ili^B, wbieh arc, auii shall bo^ lut Eorlh for thu s<tmc pur- 

bj th^ Ling's aiithoriiy, En aiich wrt OA thay alull he appointpd 

do> ill tlu^ pn'f^u!v of thn ranm. 

^Uao, ^Ucrnu maoy iniiiscrvcl pcr*oni do, at thU day, unchantably 
and abuAo prteaiR and niiQiHE<ira of the ctmrct, bi>i^au]ii> totaa 
(hai iijg inmll liianmig) Imvp. of lou^ liinr, favLiiiri-d fandiii 
ler tbou God's truth, jrU foraficmch aa tlieir office and fuuctioo ia 
i(9d «r God^ ihc king J* nuajosty mlJoth and cbargi'th all hia lo\io^ 
ll^CClM^ tbai. frDni hi^nrcToribp Ibry iliall uh- ihcm chiiriiahly nr^d rp*rr< 
itljt for tUcLr i>ffic« and aduilniBtratigu aak«* and capeeially ouch tx 

lUr tn Iho ««ttirg forth of God h holy word. 

AIbi, that all taannrr of p^'noui. «-hith unJentund not thi* T^atln 

eball praj upon none other primer^ but upiin that which vita 

\j tct forth in En^lvli* by the authority of king Henry the ci^htb, 

fiunow miMSorj: And that no iMPbvnof youth »liallt««cb any other 

av the Mjd priuiifr. And uU th(f«v "Ideli have kituwled^e of tlie 

ktin ton|^c« fthail pray upon none other Latin primer* hut npon that 

ich u likawiai) set forth by the *aid uulhohly i And that aU ^p-aoca, 

be Mht at dinner and anppvr, »hal] Ln- alMAyii AJiid hj the Bngllah 

pa^oc; And thai none other fcivamor Ahall he. lau^hti ta any vchool or 

lar pluci? vithio Xh* king'» reulnif and doiainions, but only that which 

.Ml ibnb by tlv^ Mid anthoricy. 




Item, thai nil phaniry prinU bbalt MprcLiu> tli^nwMrr* iti 
yoiiili to Ftstii ariJ «ntc, JUiii brlnfe' Lliem up iu ^ovJ mmiieTs. and 

Item, uhcQ nnj" icrmon or homily iholl be had^ llio pHcno uid boDift 
thall Ih' uniittetl. ^^ 

Y(iij»1iAl]pniyfortLcu'lio]ecoiigroga.tUHi of Chriat*Bchiireli,iiid«qk*- 
cljUly for lliiB Churdi uf Eii^Uml uud TrelMiiii ; u-fiei^iiiiflnt, I comfQan^^ 
t(j your devout prnycn the ktag'^ miMl cio-cllciit mf^ettjn supreme I'fA^I 
irami'dbtDly uiiiJvr Uoil, of rhc< fpirituuhy and Uidpordlty of Ibo hud* 
churcb : mid for qiicvu Ciirlir-i-lnc. do^ii^er, urid uliiu for my Udy Mftry. 
And my lodj db^abtttk, Ibc king's aiitcrs- 

^cGondly, you *\\iK\\. pray (Dr Ibc lord prcitf?0tor> )*tau7, witb all ibc 
re4l r>f tb^ klngV mnjmiyi roiiiirll ; tax ;dl tli<» lordt of tJiiii rvfdni^ uid 
for llic cici'gy aocL comniotis uf tbc mhic: bc^ci^abrng Aluti^htv God Ut 
give every of thom, in bif ti<igrrie| |;rtiCii to ueu tbciiitdvca in inob wbOi 
ttji may Ut to GtHl'fi glory, tbi? klngB honour. And the wmI of lbi« re«bn. 

lliirdt^. >'i? bIjdII ptay for all tiitim, thnt U- driNutrd {iul »f (bit btirld 
in the f^ilh of Chrifll, tfiaC tbcy v-itb ui. and vc vitb tliE*m, bt tli^ d^f 
of juiJgniont, may ri^t^ hi\l\\ b(>df and ioul, with Abraham, lMJu^ uid 
JniHib, in tUiT kiEi^Uoiii of hca^fTn. ^h 

All wliich un^ular it]jii[i<.<tioii» Lbc Line'« tufyrffty mlnUlcmh unto hi^| 
cl^t^y^ iLitd their aiiccpaaar^ nnd lo all bkd Eoving JuibjofTtJS Rinitly choi^ 
ing Jrnd cojumauding ilicm to obit-rve luid ki-np thownio, upon pain af.j 
depHvOitinii.sciiucstrationorrruibi or brnHk'CB, ausponBion, excomouM 
ca^ofj. ofid jU47b oltter ooi^rclurit u tJj ordinaries^ or othfir having 
Hiaslicdl jurJadii:tt<>iJ, v bi>rTi bit iiuiji-'dl)' bmh ippninlct^ for tht due 
culionoftho 3a]Ae,»JM be aernL ctiitvrijioNt:*-<i:b)irpnt' utid coi 
iog tbom lOHeetbcve jnjuuotionc obscrvc;d and kopiof all pt^rdon^i boLvf ' 
tindtr XUiAr jnr&Hiiicimn, oa Eh^y Mrjtl iitLHucr to hii tniycvty fut tlic coo- 
Irmy : Ai»d Iiia moje»i}'a plrai-urci t>t Ib^L tvi-ry ju-tLic<! of jhsiop (bi?iiig 
rc()uirnd) aboil osfiat the' DrdiDariu, and «TCTy of tlicxn, for tk.' duo oxo* 
cution of Ibe 8aid IrjuDCtioiu. 

No< IV,— fK*/>rMrf M a* poyp ej 

Ctfr^jit^ ^0 Sofn^r^tff <m thf UtmiUUt, and Eratmuit PttrapKr^u^ 
fVL 14, 1547. 

[SirypEi> Crtnmer, *ppfnd. W- Foiw. ii I It. ©J 

Aflct my mtut hiimbb^ roTnmffndntlonft untn y^ur pood lord«bip, 
liMLrty tbaiiks tJint it haib pEnutd >ou to br content to hur from me} 
wboreio nov I bavo libertj to wht« at lan^u to you. 1 cuuiot find 




Wtf. gi-rtlinii«A in mj bi>*ly, to sipecK) to i[iuc}i time u 1 wuuliJi luuS, 
tIier<fonrvt I hhtiU now dc»Jtv your fmcc lo take in good jiari, though I 
g)itk«T my mnlWr in brief iecicoc'L'*. 

Tht- iDJiinrlioiiv in itiiM Id^l riHiuiiui] rimlniii a rdiiiiunuilEiii-iil (« AM 
UU|ihL uid IcfLmt'd. two booki;— 'One oriLomiliu^ that mupt betftUfl^ti 
«DoEh<^r tit Enumni'^ PmphruKU, tU%i tli<? ]iHo«ti mxitx Wm. 

Ttir4V lioi^L>i *tiiv?- tmtf agnlnAi Aii<itlLi>t illrM^lly. Tht* Tvook ofLhe 
HomillH tcAchclli fnilli lo cxcluJc charity, in tlic offiec of juatificatlon : 
Eittimuf'A J^Dr^plmAi* UiA<'hctl-i laith tu have oliant^ joiiifnl ivllh hiru tn 

Tbc bookof IliMnilim kocticth liov men nwyaimr; the IVuplircuii 
Uach«tlk tliu contrary vary esitrenMly- Th« book of HoniiliM tMicbetti 
bov ■objeriA ovr iri1itLl« to thrlr prtnrr, nnil ohctlii^ntr vrry wi^ll ■ the 
book oftbc Tiiniplii^LM.-, iu a ^W^e apou St TAuf. vidtutJr, and againat 
aA tratli^ after it hatli »pokcrj of tlutlc* tu btij^tliio prnCi-4, knitt^^tJi Uio 
nutter up untruly ; thai lirtvi^rn ihr c^hriAiiiui men nt Hoinc% to whom 
Iw vnltrlJit wbieli is a losuii lo all. tJieiv i^ioultL bi- no debt, or rigliE, 
but Bkuti^ol rlmrit^i nbicb ift ci mnrvriloiiM niAtti^r. Tlic: l>i)<>k of IfomU 
Em in mnorLcr pUc^ opcacth tho GoipcL one trny; tbe r^niphraiv 
dpeutAb it cleAU cuutniry. Tbe umlter la uot ^rt-ut. but bruiuutf tbtte 

Nov, to oonflidcr corh of the afomaid book*. Tbi; book of HomU 
Bh, In tbr tf^rnron of palvntifui, IrBrhrlli thj? dmn (?t>ntrary lo tbf< (U>c- 
i; vnlabliAb'Tcl by tlio act of purbajnnjt; pvun u contr&rj an C" ^^' 
drth"] ii coalmry to ["enolndelb'j j for tlie*o be tijo woril» of the 
e OftAblUhfil by parliament; whcf*'^ in » certain jiUp**, fnith rinili 
exrladr. Ttie dodiHne of ilii- putliuuiL-nt xjn^uki^th bow ibiy bu 
jouied in JLiAE^Cb^on I the Homilio *pcak Ibo virtur-» to be proont in 
lb* nam ju«|tfiMi, ai>d Ilow faith exf Itidfc them in tbe ofl^oo of juitlfi* 
tatkui I wblcb can utwr hv pruvtril^ and bi> iu Uie ineau time, uoiurftry 

Tbe book of llomitnt b^tb, in tha homity of iiLlvAtioii» bow rvmiaiOQ 
of ijna b taken, aeci^pted, Attil nlbwed iif Ooil for ntir perfHTl JustHJca- 
ttea: tbfl doctrine of tbo pnrliami-uE tcrii;bH}i ju3tiit(-«[i« tor ibe fiiU 
ncM «mI pctf?etion tborcof, to bnvo more ptais. than rcroiuion of uini, 
M in the mne nppenrctli. And. thougb reiui^ioti of aim be a jiudtlfioa- 
UoUi Tiri ii a not a full and pcrfei;!. 
TKc book of HonkiLc^ numbprcth the hollowmg of bread, polmii, 
d ca;jdl« ounong p&pi*tioBJ aupentitionfl and abutH>« i the doetrln» of 
e parliaoneni willeib tliern to Lw: rc'vtTRTiLly ujunl; ftuil km lEo IIht Jti- 
clioru nov not forth ; which madG ma think the printer might thrust 
In Aft boiuOy of his own device^ 




TJtv book cif IIomilieA liatli wurils otSi. CUrynwUivi aWi^vA unuuLj, 
aiiil Aot Jkitcr iiUf b a part, jl> ml^lit rftca]>p by ovcr-iif^UU but of pvT' 
liow, u culfiitg that fuLilh, wl]i(7li Cbrv*o«ti>rii crtlk'tti bop«; ntid, b 
pWp of ONC m-nlfnnp, piittHh wiothfr, v.birh Rtioulil ln'ttFr tcxvv Uw 
puqioM of thv maker qV tlic lloiiiiiic^. Now, if one >A'D(iJd rtttoorj *ilii 
iiic» that Ubryiaoitom mnAQt LiiiSf I ivould (Irrny it bim, u I may. But 
T inny aifinu^ tbai riirynonumi mllb nuU It » bui a ili'fiiniation of ilie 
ttuth : audi iiaJuT fuch a pririce't tiuniCi ua our euvvrc'i|;ti lunl i^ tiUoMt 
lODguCf m tbU Ml pure iitnoccncy* hath not been ijcfilcii irjth ftnj q^ 
tnilb, I vsure ytiv, I ihiuif^bl thc-rv vufi not bo grtftt hoi^tL* in HumilJflP 
but Ukpy ntl|clit tiQtc torrirt:! iW prjritiiijr, cvc» r<jr tliuL o^iljr «iii»<. 
Trutb U jibEc? to iiminriirj itM^If, and Dtnlcth no help of mitroe aUo0ft* 
tionv. li uprvi^ only for c^npink'ii to talci> tilvnnEHg^: aII ivMcli [Lf, 
^DtrnAn^] u«c to br ouriooA to knnu wlial tbry qia}' rri>roifc. And i^w 
all the eyes uiiiJ van* of the uurld he tumLnl towurds uh : and na Ukoy 
hhftll Itnvn caiiu* In tnik bonnursbly af yaiir vAlinninrM tn tbi* warv^ «A 
llLfy ImIK <]lbLirtti«i; of tbut, tbEkt is tlaoc iu yuiir aluirjtor. if any ihluf 
be amiss. 

Now. I UialJ «ho\v your ^rac^e whnt niithor Enumuft i*. to bo, bj jioine 
ami HjifciaE rdiurnuitdmrjiu hud in tredit ia thl» ti'ittiij. If h« be ti> br 
bclii!vpd, \hc do*>xn!io of <fiif\f faith Jwt{ficfA,iA n vcrj-poi^orip And lu 
^ritotb by i<xpr«Mi t«rni«f arui call^Ili thiq anolbor pc^Ijtaa, to <l«ey 
piminiinnint in jiurgaioiy after llii* lift: utid an<iT.hrr poi*nti, to ilfroy 
the iavifL'ation ofMJntfs utjd worvUipiii^ of thciui aud this be c&Uetha 
poUon, to say* *'tre need no latiilflclory v-orkt, for tlmt wwtf to mi^ 
truHt CbnHi/' ErAainii!*, jn ahuthrr jilAr'e. ctmf^'^n^^^ the stxEe of the 
church in the bcginmng, and now, he ci>hr.bidrdii ihnt« ifSu JVul were 
ikljvc at this day, be uoiitd rjut improve [/. e. djuallow] the prcoonl >tMi 
of the cliiireJt, but cry out ofmeuB fitultjf. This » Er&ijiiiii'* judgmont 
io bi» latter day*. 

Hi4 work, tho Parafibnufs, U'hieh nbould be authorized io the rcaJtrii 
which hi> wrote idiovf* mx and iwrnry ynr^ agi>, whi^n hU pon wu 
franton (the matter is ao hnided, 09 being abroad in lhi> rcajiu). were 
able to minitfler oeeu&ion lo cvd men, to Jtubvorti wjlb reiigioo, |iu 
policy anil cr^ler of Ibe rcAli[L. 

Thwe bo Ihti gcuur*] »ord% dip iittciing witt^n-Qfto voup gruM*, in 
the; place you occupy^ vcrc a f^rent fault, itfi1i;v« ) would dbew you Rood 
ground and tnilh, why Ui My »t>: anil, tht-ri^forr^ I nm glftd I do ratbct 
vrritt' to you, tbkin to hate <^omi* ^rid »phke with you> becuiw mr word* 
ia nuuilicr niigUt Hy away; whtrcui wrillcd wordd romdu lo ifv 

Tint, w Gopccming the policy aad »tatc of thr- ivalm, wbt^resoe 

"o- IV,] APPENDIX. xlix 

£rumiu might tftke an bc4!aaioD to speak hu pleasure of priacea, he 
pajeth home, u rouadlj, aa biahopd h&ve been of fate touched in pleas, 
And Huch places of Scripture as we have used to allege for the state of 
princes, he wresEeth and wiadeth them bo, as, if Ihe people read them, 
Bitd bdieved him, they would atlerwards small r^^rd that qllegatioD of 
them : and, If Erusmus did truly, and that the Scripture bound him so 
to 9»ft it were more tolerable (for truth must have place) : but, when 
rl is done in some place utitruly, and Id some place wantonty, to checL 
dut estimate, it can be no good doctrine among people, that should 
obey. And this book of Faraphrasla is not like the other cxpofitioas 
of Scripture, where the author Ap«akelh in his own person ; for Eras- 
mus taketh upon him the evangelista' persons and Christ s person, and 
enterpriseth to fit up Christ s tale and his vords : as, for example^ where 
the Gospel reheaneth Christ's speech, when he aaid, " Give to lEie em- 
peror, that is the emperorB" (by which apeech we gather, and truly 
gather, that Christ confessed the emperor to have a duty], Erasmus 
vrites it with an JF, after this M>rt,*^ IF ifure be any thirty due to Ihem:" 
which condition Christ put n<it to tt, but spate plainly, ^^ G'we to Cesar 
Uu iXinfft wAiVA are Cesar's, and unto God the things thai are God's." 
Aim] I write the very words of the Paraphra^ia, &a they be La English ; 
(at I bare the book with me ; and so shall no man pay, that I mbreport 
the book. The words be these: — '*Rendfr, there/ore, unto Cesar, if 
mmy tkingt appertain uato Cesar ; butyjirst of all^ render unto God the 
ikiuys that appertain vnto God: meaning thai it is no hurt unto godii- 
tuu, if a man, being dedicate unto God, do give tribute ttnto a profane 
prince^ although he ought it not." TLiese be the words in the book or- 
dered to be set forth: wherein what needeth Erasmus to bring in doubt 
the duty, when God putteth no doubt at all ? It were too long to write 
to your grace every fnuH ; this one I put for example, where Erasmus 
doth corrupt Christ's words, with a condition, which Christ spake not. 
The other places of railings would encumber your grace overmuch ; 
bnt, aa I write, your grace shall find true, that whatsoever might be 
■poke to defame prince;^' government, is not left unspokeU' Bishops 
be more gently handled, Erasmus makt-th them very kiogs of the 
Goflpel, and caileth the true kin^ of the worid profune king.^. Bi^ope 
have the sword, he Kaith, of God given^ that ia to mjt the Go:«pcU 
Profane princes, as be caileth them, have a sword committed unto them, 
and by Homer, he salth, be called ** pastors of the people/" This n»at- 
ter is within the compass of the PaniphtB^i!4, if it be not left out; with 
a commendation also of Thomas Becket of Canterbury, in e^communU 
eating the king of the realm, that then was, by implication, for the 
manor of Oifordf which the ting, as he rehearseth, then with'irld. It 
VOL. 11. ^ 



ic&y tC| the trnnatdtor fi-ould ba^'c idt tfau out; but Lropniiit'a pen, ii 
lJ)0«e dnya, wim vor/ light, 

dcbi, or nght^bul cWity; it h a mam-UouB mttter towards the du 
lutinn of \ave« and duij£<ii: aitd tlit*r4-in L^ratMniu doTfi vmraiv Cioda 
SrripWrn. nrd milh nol Inir, Thut far U thr <]**cirlnr jirmlHoiw flir 
common policy: ni;t«thf^lt», if Le hntJ oaid trat^ kt the trutli prcnj]; 
but ilio triiili (?4 not vo. ^ 

At imirhing ivJifiion in t!ii* >\'ork nf Pampliniiia, it h *a v^ntonl^l 
(I b(^H?<-cli yuuf grace tiute iiiy vorda), and theiwilli uiitniTy heuidbd. 
tui, If ^(^ itiotild UB(] lo rpiiH itf Ihrro ihoutd ctmur a marvclloufl c^onfu- 
ttioiik Swnr iif><.-(.<ialiripf ] trill not^, but duI alF. Th<r siu'nimpQt of tb« 
«1Ur i» vAuCoiily tttlki-d of by Ijim. ihnU at \}it^ wtiiliJ ut iii>w, Uiu rroiiii^ 
4)f him were Lh« vbolnnubvcnioo. Ercumud, in lii> latti^r daya^ Lm^j 
for ilie Har-ranifrt of ih^ ftllitr «poki^n ik n^vfrpnfly. nrkil u^ a* mu< 
fur i-onftniLAlirtn af iC, im utay hr. ami <tm-iIl oiil of ibnii, lliAt vutiU 
lake Jiiiu othorvisc ; but this in the c-nd, ^htxt ai^e lind It^mpetctl him^i 

fn thU PftTflphnmla, whirh Uf vmTi> in hid vaninn ngp, thn word«Ai 
tfrittft Vivrv nldo li> MtbvriT, if jE ^vrrr |)fii«ijblr> fu Cliriht m\tli, tlje eh 
If Ihii I'araphnuin f^o nhnmr), proplc ^hall be Icartird lo call Ujc 
tn^pt of the Altar *' h<>ly hrcfid," tujcl *< n fi,iii1iioI/' v,t wliitth ni-vr ntme 
nnny wMl itinrvrl ■ nnd ih^y fw vurinn wnrcii, npnkr^ of Krvmun wltl^^ 
out nrcM»ltyH fl 

By thii (1ootriri(< of tht? I*ari;phni"i«, vho^nevor had dono ftvsy hif 
wife-. f[ir ml vQWtry, might mnrry aquin. By the Paniphnubi, all men^ 
may iiiUTry, bis]ivi» and imratn: v^licrriu ErcamiU Itwk hin plnwHirc t^M 
iiitdi-ivbind St Pntilt »>• ihoiipli hn thoidd d<NH(inb(j, of what ijualitj 
|irii-hU' viviH ihciiilil Ih*; wherHn hf^forr^l binii<rlf t fcr St, Pftcd knev, 
that, ir a bisliup vr ]>rirat wrrc OiiCL' intirriril. Ids wifv nninl pa» vil 
all her faidt>, and it iirould bo too laic lo tell what aho should b« j fof | 
ortiF^rwiti- ibnn <hc U, the will not h^, neilhor fur 5t- Pou), nor 
I'ctc-r ; aikd. if bibLo|it had dml privllt^-. diut thfy mi^'hl diuigi- 
Ihi^y found auch one, am ErojimUii amth Ku I'aul wauld havo Ihrm, thoif] 
ntiti> would h^ wonderfully cnvitMl. But St. Paul did not ipr^ok Uk 
of bSftbiipw' uivi'H; HiLil M} tlifri'In ltL'< doilt viol^ni.'j' (o ilie S(<ripiu] 
undtmblcilly. VVhefeforc* J write *om«v|*al merrily, to •hew tlw 
surdity Af iha thing. 

By the rnr»iphr[i«lB, iho keeping ofa connibtnp 1a eAlIrd bnt a tight 
fault i ttnd that vrre ^ood lur Lancuhlre. And Hr4«nufl brlngcrtJi it^ 
«o prciUily, tli^L a ii\\q.f at a i^ouRlrVf if ht\ bu hiiiKvlf llio ncrvant 
ariuiee iir ambilic)n,»lMndd ntit browkr with bis hrothrr, hopftine, bi^ifi^i 
ovtrcnmc by tti-akiicea of fl«Bh, ho uavth & cuncubiuc. Even Otojt it 

■Hi i¥.] APPKNTIIX )i 

tolltfl book tkUkNouUl f-i> forcli. And vlifin to ba*c acon- 
oabiiie, U U oitTid « Iie^Iie Innk. mrihlDk^ if ihn irioEd ctin rrtiA^ ix maj 
strre w«Q, li^htlf tu pf^rviiulr hct i uiid yet, if Uic man dolh &I, orri- 
eom< by Uio vmIcuch of h» HiuUj, a* ihv book leraivUi it, U mode 
m■fUf^^ vfi^mii Knimii^ ipi-akrTh nvj^r lij,-lilly. fo rjill il ft liglit fault, 
Aim! Uic ImntJ'iEOT in Eri^lttli ^mrlrii itpFi'Hi nhrn he' lurued it lhu»; 
tlmi a mao. o*«r«or&c viih the waknca of hU fl»h. should d«ire a 
mt«lllli^1^ 1 am bohl wUii h'\a grfti^e« lo jfiiii hL*n* EnumiitK lifjbttiOMi 
villi (be ilbcrdifln of tb« tran^MJTT^ If to kir^p s t^miuubirie shaU by 
uUroT-kty be okll^ a tt^lil fAuit, tlic muUitudo of them may mt.Vt the 
fmih hMTT, 

By ilic doiTEfinr oj^ the Fimphni»iK vrrrj uiau iiintt cume lo the 
ll(Fh prick of vtrttic. ^r to b« I'ttrcnidy nmrslii: whit^li dtlTvrrtfi (^ 
from llie CAAfrhiDg of Ihc Honuli'**, and from thii truth nlio. The Fain- 
fthnuU molivfh iliw trulj :— " Miiiv ^e'^^'I^^u* i' >* lo i^^ *o>" il*o Go»- 
^* ukc; which dcntfa, though il »hu|I bo violfiit and Bor(% Trtiltball 
roi rome bHorv the day. WhePria«ver It comoth, k shalL not ooijie 
vicbout lhi> pmnLh-nfr r>r(;Dil-'' Ami by ihk it cu&ii-Ui ui \ma^ Oiat 
ityt codniTOur to aroid II, t« csnnoU TUip fa llta doctrine which if it 
tr^r* Utei for truth, niigtit ^ngnndt^r tikt^^obniinafy in iaaiiy« a* il hath 
of Intp [n Bonip. Krvmiu teu*|i4-tk liun? fiirthtTr than lit- tmtti warrant 
by SciiptuTp. 

Tbi^ ParapHra^iiti in onotbcr plaop, doth clearly violntv the tcit, and 
oniruly handlD \u in a mEiiirr of lithpi, which your pracv dmlrt^ih, a* 
appmrctb by th^ injHiicLiuEis^ ti> havi- truly i>aid: vUrTcm. if Et:i»raiu 
hul aaid truth, let iniih prfrtil ; but whin lie harnllr^rh it uairuly, )t ia 
pity it ibould b« tuifoivd. 

Tinii Jiavi< I hpft' m-ko)i4?<l ytmr ^ncv mttma tpv^htl fault** that bo 
EfttHDUa'a ouii fault*, with rt t^rfll iiumljt-r. that 1 liuvr nut ip*ikvn ot 
And fartb«r vour i^mcp i^all undor*tanil, tbat ho, uhk^h Imih takra 
Ibe tiibciutit to tniii*]ai^ KrAuiiiiH into Eugliih, hath olVnikiJ Aomctiintti, 
m ajiprarrtli plainly, by iKnorancr. and Mmetimn of pun'O'*'- ^ P"* '°> 
Utt«eoti1,ajtdohnT]go, a« h« thought beat t vrh«r«with I will out i-iiriiia- 
b«r ynur frardr but aMuin-you it U lo; and thpiwin 1 will grant to your 
paoefe tbat, for every lie that I makt unto yaor grace, "Ct ou on hati- 
dr«d pound lioe on my hmd -, and lot mc lie b«tw likn a bvggar. unm 
my wi*nu« jiay. My worda rpoialn b writing, atid Iw anninitt me 
nalk^r of recordi and >o I yield to hare me chafi^i^d, v thr Hifthop of 
Lom4<ta hm with oHr^ng the faraa of hU bUhopriO! widcb malur 1 do 
moMabfr, mh*^ I wt«|c thia. 

And now I htw wtittca U> yuut gruoe upon what foundatiw* ""5 '^o^- 
fciftWtf la gnjOMltd, 1 dialJ iraly declatc niiio yon ih« iiiwii« «r uy 

[t from i\e l>(>ffln«inf;« I tivwr ln-anl uf ibc esrcuti»ti of thf 
KliMtSotit till yaur grna- wofi dcparUti ftorn J.onflon noHliward ; nod, 
u the boobi ftnvecl abroarli by liberty of tht^ prinUn thej cane 10 
my Iiiijjd4, 1 iK^vcr nti-ftt ntiilt I liniJ peruBi-iJ (Iitini A» ii>uu tu I ba4 
ftnutd ciTttihi Faultai I nrotf; 1o ihi: coititoll, truntin;;, upAii luch caitiff 
advcrtitcttR^nt n^i J mHil4<. ibr-y wuultl ir^unliriiMitly hnir K'TiI fur in'', 
nmii tipijii kmtw)i'i]gp tii no tviclfrit uiHilyrnn inHrlkun^bt T luiil to *Un«, 
btivc htAld liil your f;rao<:*]i return. 1 aqw a dfTir-niiinnlioa t<i do oJi 
thiuga iunldt-nlvi ul orjv tim<<: wb4TL-iirit'> iil1lifiii|^h your (p-at^o D{;rc«c), 
yi'l, uf yijiir vls'iuKi, I roiyrcfunti je iin^l riuli^r !iavr hml ii infTjT 
vhUes your retunii if you had not bcvn ptrnscd (nnd tbat woH 
** prw.HJ " I nmi>il in ynur gratia Ir-ftiTK lu m4>, ^^t*n'ir| yot) mvi1» 
you vfrTc " jin^rcl iiii iHtili si(ki,"J — VToiJioHR^t »r, liy hrlnfflTip mynelf 
to moil eUffiup d^m^r Ui your abisence. j coM bavp MniJ tbb mnltcrB 
tK?Eiiit.*4 my [Inly ('> C^nd, and to my Huveri'ign lunl, [ bndt^iiufi aUnyotir 
grnrti't pl<**«Lrr; of whnm 1 Imvp ibU firm npinlou, ihni wilUr^j' ftnd 
wiltiugly your Rtncr will neither Weak ilie act of parlianimt^ hot rom- 
mand boolu t^ l>o lK»aght vtith nuihoriiy, thui cont&iii ai^rh <Jf>MriBA 
ftA ihwo boftk* tlo^ Tbus r mKinMirwl, !n your pmw'ii ab^miw; 
wbuiTtDi aliliuuf.'^h 1 hftil rr?munbniuc4? uf your ^ra(v.-> yc^t I itiadc not 
your Grace my f<mniJatifin, hut God chioHy (uaGud knowrlh)* vritlitiM 
prob^rvntion ot* our Ijti^ uivrrrlffn Innl'a hotiourihftt di^nrl U, and tlM 
*pciifitj of our ftovtft'ifjii lunl tlial no* is. 

I#('t nn man hi' oflf'ndril ii-iUt Ihc vi!hcnicncy of my vrrltlnf; \ for I 
M'rnto tvith a ^viiulu heart, nnd. if 1 4*ould Itavf ivritCrti it ^'ilhtht blood 
oi' luy lii^arr, I wuuM liuvt doiiL' it. tu [luve dime ]*uud, kt sLuyiug the 
ttilnji till it liorl b:^cn niorc ninliircly di^rjtrii, and ILII youf fcnacc*! taXk 
return. I li.iuohvd the aet of parliatiiput tictjy. but At truly n* «T«r usa 
ouy iliiij|; "|jitkerE ul'; Am\ J tn^wt ^cpL iu(.m>' hilti'rly limn I ilid, for a 
<Ot>C^Ll Ebal troubled my bead, nhich never jinked tny lips nor nhidi 
not^iar cotno oul of uiy pen. — I wril t^H tx ynur gn<^#, Aiid you r«quuif 
it. Noiv> vlivilicr tli<- king mjiy cimuunnd JtgflinM aii 8Ct of |EftrL!Anient« 
Aud ^hat dancer tlti^y nkuy {'nW in. that breeik n \^w wiih Uic kinf;^««oQ- 
Hfitj J d&r« tay uo niAn, alivv nl ibu da)', }iatli had more vAi>«ri«u», 
whni ihi* Jndg^ and Iftvy^nt bnvr 4Aid, than I. Pir«I, I hati et[ipripni>0 
in mine old loaatrr* ihr lortl mrdinali who obtained his \egitey by our 
Uto tv^Trtign iurtt> ri'i^ucott ul KumiT: and, in Idf sij-hlaad bDOwlmlgep 
fK?rnpinl ihff lamr wUh his Inr trmsit. nnd macM bornr bcfon* hiiJi, 
OUiiy ycvs^ yH» bocauur it ntu Agaimt tW lawi of the rpalm* the 
!{«« couoludtd ih« oH^net^ of ih*" prinniunirfi- which couHu«i<pii I 
RVty, ttftd tAkr Tt for n Inw cf tlir n^nliii, b(>raufp thp lnivy#rN W 
jut my iTttHtn digrj»tcd it not. The lawyer), for con£nnalioa of 




lA j«.| An>£Nuix- Ibj 

B thdr tloLu^, br^jught in a Ktac *tf the Lord Tiptoat. m I rtriiieru!ji-r. ■ 
juilv uiviti^ri. ILa yr^* ctmtn-vWijr lo tlu' kiii^i v\\a, bc!tMUs^. in txi:t'u* 
uui of ihr ti»K'ii mnuniujcm* he hvX ntT* rnl*^d ilif Uiw* nf thv rvu^m. h% 

B *ulf«ivtl OD Tuwcr-hilL Tti«j brauiEhl iu txamptu ofmvi; jud^rH, ihia 
iud Anf* Mt va lL<:tr JititrlH in likti i;a»l% fir duLii^ a;;;Lii}5| ihc \lw of 
tto rMlm by ihiT Un^'t cnmTnnniln^rm ■ ntd tln^n vom bmu^^hl in ttiD 
judfes' OftUi* HOC lo UOf viy pmcrxt <jr judfJEiiK^nt. fur auy cMhitihiiU* 
fBCnl fV«u ihe Lin)r'« lai^t-rty: aufi utjv ArUduni^ulnBC nir brd oardiiiAl 
Mi^lhAtb« had ftrnntcd injuntptiotjt to stay tht» ciimntitu I a ^k, a n't, 
vpuQ (luLi <jir«sv>miL, Ma^iiu C.lturtu wu?> apukt'ii i>f. and h wtu tujIp a 
frvAl niatlcf, itic? »lnv of ll>R coniniixi Inw. And this 1 l«inic<l in lliat 
W«. SitliJ^c« ihfll thne, UMng of ,tli« counted, ivhti) mai:y prtjoUniQ' 
liuiw wi-nt (h'viittfd jj^Aiiihl tin? iMrcierfHiil tif ci>rruat*uch fimcnstlift 
Uuvffrcioor* should bv |HLni:iiii!d> thcjud^^ tvould ari^>«tir, ii im|£UL nut 
b«> by lUv t&wn: wlu'rvi)]tu(i t'lLif^f^d thv imt vi praHainalioiif> in tittf 
pOMlnp C»f St ^ilcli art itiHny IiSerMl u'tinEH wen^ 4pr>kt-n. hiid a pUin |iro- 
Kibci that, bv aaihority o|' th« del (<fT proclbmations niithiu]!; tdiould be 
■Uii« ooAtrary Id lid act <^i jiurliariL^jt, or oujuiiKjti lai^'. When the 

^^fctaimp uf F.\Hrr, nnil hU cJiHTiPi'Uor wttv, hy onn hudy, hpciniiht in n 

^broHaunirc (vthkh maftcr my l^rnJ privy acoI caDnal foriccO,! rvuoacd 
vilik ihe JorO A»dkyt thva ohauci'llur, vo fair avt Jiv b«4K iiic huhl my 
pr^ecit forfpur <»f tDicnn^ into a pnciminiro my^Hf ; whi-rvu|K>n I staid^ 
but cvticludi^l, it ^L^MiL'd to iitr atrafi^-i- that a luaTj. HUthurJAcd by ttic 
kitig (as AQM the kiik^'tf m;ijiMty Jjuth taicLti ufKJii him the fupn^macyt 
«rMry bbhop U 4uch a oni^) rnuld UU in a fim-nmiifcri>. A^t [ had 
niuuiinl thrT nmtu-f orii-p. i« the purliiimi'm houjic'. when- vm fnc niHn^i^h 
%iELout dan^TTa and ihurc tlh<^ lord Audliy. Ihtu chunccllor, tv Batmly 
Dte Cami1uLrlytti«ciUiiw E w*i in *oma s,ccrc\t atttmation, ju lia thnn krntw, 
"thou art d guud rdliiw. biHho[>." <tu(jih hi?. v\i\ch v<u ihi? niunuor (if 
ha fanalUr *p«tch, "luuk tlio act uf ^upLviuacyi iiiid chrri^ ilx: Llni:^> 
doini^ be rc«lnkin<!d to Apiriluol jiiriBdictii>n ; and, in aiioiiic^r act. it i« 
profidnl* tlml nu ipirihinl bw nball have pbi*i\ L^utitritry it> a *.-*jij\tuoii 
knr cr act of parliamMit. And lliis m-rc ziut (i|uodi ht)« y^m. Whirps 
vuuld cftUr ia with tlici kin^f and. Ij>' rnranH of hm mipriiuacy, ordor 
Ihc loitf M yc tinted ; buc wu u'tit firovidt^ ijuuth hi', thut Mm pra^iTiu* 
tire bIiaII «v«r Iuli|: uver yoar hr-udsaiid no Ht' laynjrii aliAll La^ »uiv to 
fnjoy our Litlif^ritAnet^ by liic camnioii Ian*, and ocU of parliaiut'Ut." Ji 
knot yet fTtU iwn ytant :igrij «fiioi>> in n oaie i^fJcwL'tiit 1 wa> t'jiiii. uirh 

E) (*Hij>vr»r'tt JtintHm^tlur, mu\ ni'tvi, in tiif: i-mpi^nor'ib <iiuit, |l> di^lVnd 
J niauiGBin, bi ci'itiznaiidiumt. tiiDi the kiij;;Ei of tin* rt-alm ni^ru nut 
aw Ib^anlt^ or ftit'ir l-tWk : at>d, ihi^rtrforp, 1h»' jcivi'lLrr, Alllioii^h hi> 
had th< kiii|[* bill binned* yci U wouJd not bt- utkmtd in llit kii'|;« 



court, hpcauic it ««» not <'bintniul occordiofc to the ]av4; in whiek 
mntur t wit Xfty mni-h trutitilmL l->tn iJiii timr tvelvc-mofithi wheft 
J WW ID cuminiuioti with my lonJ gnnt UMVilrr. ami ihr i^ of SoBth^ 
fimptm, for nltcrjtif; thr cnurt of anKio<^itAlion». ihrro vAa my lord 
Moutflpuo, and oThvp of Oif king* li'*rn#<l ooiinHI, nf whom, bj oo<j«- 
>Ioii iif tliul iiiudcr, I 1eiirri--rl wIjkC llin kifi^ Uii^lit di>i cv^irtrtrj 1u 48 
ufi of pjn-Uanu^nt. and tvlinf ilaupcr it wrm lu tJitiii tiiac mcddlod a|taiiMi 
tlt« oct^ It kH frcfllt in m^mrry, ,"1^1 thpy c^n i«tl wh^ih^r t wid tnai 
or n»i and, ihcrcforrt lH.-i])R IcarniHl id w DoUiblc cnnnii, I wn>t«. III 
your f^ELcif abdorioc, to tlw ^^uiinril llt^rcin, oj I liad Icarrrcd by hear^ 
krrg tlii> i^ommonu spcnk, nhneii judgmfntA rule ihoMt inaiipn, hovrKi«v«v^ 
my nsaoD cou di^cjtt thcni : and m> wmte to the (mudciI ; vhlrii mj 
nriUii^A I fft«bionrd m, ru« I tru«ied nir lord would liovu «bu<l till yout' 
grm«c'» ivturn- And iTiui L hnvc tl^Urod ta your gnkco tlia purpoM 4if 
Uiy writing lo ttif cuundt hi? vthentrtit; whic^h iiL'verLhoU^Di ] t-utitiDunl 
with all huniElity to abide thii order of aatliority, uid k-arti nil other 
obcdicnoL-s for tliorcunto 1 hjivc ever had oa jt^nt rcgnrd at any maa 
in thJH rrj&liri : ntul an uiy viirrt U " vna unln* httatmSt" to I Ulvra 
your j^race I prac't^e it tlicinjugbly in my dcf^l?. 

When my lord* Roni lixil for mc-, I came to thcro with nA Kmch opntd 
AM T iiiif^lilt will) my hlpttcet hii<] brixciin thruvT full of tiouk^, to furnuh 
uiy fuiiiK'f tllf^KiUuiift. I w«A Jj^«rt] vt;rj ^dl and grijilj, mid an 
thou|;lit i shewctl nmltcr that Eibould hnvv rinfVE^d; for 1 ^hcwnl the 
two honkft lo \w i^niKmry, ab E hnvr wrhteii li^fnre ; whi^fvwtth tiiey 
>aid they ntrc attt tnovrd, widinff how thrrlr cfinacjcnec agn^d not withj 
mine, lining' iiiariy |;r>od wortlp» to bring mv to autdi ootiforniUy, u» theff 
would hnvr hnd ida at. ^'tipri-iipon, knowing Ihnt I know, ] e'>uli| Mf-, 
rrlcPt. butt after 1 bad brtn a little bcntde from tlioTu, and vas rnlunii 
ibey oiitrrf<I a pRxinc ordor with tuc, oitbur to rectivc prwdsoly 
inJunelioniH or to rvruMc; in whieh ejuao tboy bad fttrlbAr to uiy to m^^ 
wldirtf^ that ycjur f^iULV whs privy to tlmi wil* iIoutt ilnrr^ thai (hiy. My 
WMwcr vfRitf that I wuhi reocivo the irjjunctioii^i u far ua God'^ taw 
ancL ih« king's would binU me; and bccauBc ] iiaw tb«y gr4w to aiicli 
prednvfiHOh and rHmmbrriny how, hI^it h ^mkI xuri, Tht-y had ranvtd 
me lo be aocompnnjid hcfdrc wiih nia^d-r M iLijL-fit'kh Lii^ikiuf; uiuur^ 
tion<, *hal would be Iho end if J would nr>t yield f I would not, thcre- 
Ibn^, li^vL* nrifL|iokrri, tliiLL I Ihouglit Tid<^lit uvoid what followed- I 
told thrm there were three wetk« of df^lay to the rondn^ cif Ibo vibiton^ 
b> nk«. In eIjii iik<^aottMi>, I olTtTpd ti) ^u vy UafonJt to ubidc the 
ciiiciion therr; wbJrh uifrrwa* out allownl- I lUnin^d rMcm ti>gi>ia' 
my lioiue ai London, vid to bavr Iranird men aprak with mo ticrat 
ivbjch waA not aceopCeU. 1 rntorcd then i\n- alliifAtion of th« Ivovpcl 
of the Krvuni, thai i^ald ht Auidd oot do a tbing, and yt^t did it ; aed co 

no. IV,] 




I tfld Lt ni]f:b1 be thai, iJlhovitb I ibcn ftud imy, a* my conAciouco 
««rv«d nwv j«t I tnip-li: pcrvow chnnjo. atnl wu a nian that miphi bn 
trfupU-iJ ; buU tai ui} cuiisL'ictJtt waa tlivu, lui^llruu^lil (Jodn law uijtl T^i- 
ktiifc'* letted IDC i iknd. upon knc\wj< J^c of Uicir plnb<iirL.-t. that I miut 
to the i'b«U I tol^ mv lo^J*. I tfioufitt il Uanl. \inU:t* thcro v^an ■ 
pvaUTf matter, lit a^'ImL uk U» prittiii* fur ili-rlurtii^ UTorvliainl uhai I 
minded to dc>, b<:f>>rc aDy (IjIdjc had hoi-a by oxr nciudij' donct, (■> rnibt 
tJi« rkiiatioD, uliv Jjhd >l] the iitc'ikji tiaio ij> Lbiuk on thu nrnttrri And 
Nptftnt m^ Wlh^rviino th(» Aiti^u'cr wiim Aijcb, rk dbplesw*>il ni# not in- 
virdlj 90 nmdi. but 1 bavt? irdl dif-c»tcd ii. nnd (k* nil miy Ui; ncll) 
m« ftOt irbftt bvoom^lh of my hwiy^ 1 (Jvpurluii um i^mt'lly Jrum Ibiriu, 
tt^rtpr mu) dbJ.Rnd bATr uniluivd villi ju Lltd^ fcriidgr hfT(>> and havp 
Icttmed thU lc*9ou Id tine uorld. ta^Tcr to luoW bttckw«xU» on Sl< I'oul 
nltb, n-or n^im^uibtir tliai i« pn^t. 1 wlLL DftVi^r gmd^o or cui&|)Uiii ol 
notbing f(r>r in^^kt 

As fur the nujkLt<^. Ij bave Bt»'|i bouka ri^futiiin'ridcd to tliC redin in 
tb# bin)Ei« name, bj your fttiu^H diroclion, w>^ lornirtii v<*ry wi>i|chty, 
and your f^ttc not lo Ziavi? bcrii veil bandied in H. AIL \}\v uotid 
kiKTWcth tbt Lirj{;s iji^liiiiru biLUBuir iLiietr uul dirn: UjuIus uiid, lliirrr* 
br^ sodvLOiE COS be cMorihcd unto him. Your irtacc Lalli bci;ij, io your 
bcroftso of honour, to occupied, u all men know, your {(racf^ bnd uo 
Inrane TaurwJriu jirrun^ thrae bookn; Awi yel hv iht? Iwuka lu I li^vi* 
wfiUeti. 1 lemc th«i rut to your (ZTiiotv If 1 llmt ti^U \\it cvuucil la^ 
mind of (hcDi tbal havn done «o lar ontiu, fani imprijto[ird,J Ix^nnw 
whru J knov »o mitrb, I nil] nut yrt idlow Ibrin, I thbli friim b<i^ce* 
furlb LLie more rr^ard tlif' \i'i>»<Mi of lui i>bl AUibaModoi, tluit bmk' iitr, 
iH evil lidlDjc* iro liooLG to my master iv-foot, bud tend only ^uod tiding 
bjr poit;^^ iJiifl vitJi ih« vorld wbirh ngreeib not uitli niy nuturv. fl» 
JlaMcr Wallvp >aitb. Ufion Triihij hut pa^U m> liJid iif Cantrxbary 
tent for me lo tlic dean of l^nul'* boiuc, whiiJicr 1 uvut njth rtouio gojt- 
(Dg oftJi? world. VUotv I fecund niy Lonl of Cnntorbury, nccnnipauioi 
flilh tiie biidiop »f Ro<^bi>li^r, Muitttr DiM'tor Cax. ouU Maitrr Ain:; 
and I «wi broD|;bt Uiithor by tbtr hieLop of Lrionlu. Ubai rt^port my 
kpd tif CanlierbMTv bath matb* thprmf T cannoi Irli. M)' Lonl of Can- 
arrimry vaa In hand with hU Hondly of 8dvaijuji ; but jHJtIiUig hvard, 
or «air I. to hltc mj cCfnaciruco in aiprooin)! to bini) but lu.iird nlial 
ihoublJiMllj cotitirmmnkD luini^owti c^iiidtTicc. I uiaiIl^ offor t'> yUld 
to tium iu ibju Houiil^i, if Ihey (x>uld bbuw mv duy old ulIU'i, ibal 
wroi0 bow faJili c^iclndod charitr In the o^cc of j tucification. It b 
ogBiail Scripture'* pjctm trordf, and to luvivv from Scriptures viiliout 
any onL* doufor to ]viit\ lo il. U4'iv ^or^- WJiorv H<:ripEtJii?^ and dinrU'r* 
in&li my lord of CanirTbuiy would fall to ^ric^tmg* and overcome mc 
ani oalb:d the »opbt»lcr, by sophiatry^ Wlirii 1 IwArti my lord* 


argument, 1 dcnictJ it, and «ould fminr anno othur doclunlJaii ; («r 
kiv]i that ajiiuTT tWl M>mv oihrr thnn werti thrrv (h* prrsn}!; nj 
tioii wiirrruEitip, vthva \ Or-fWi' it. vlmll irinkt: hU Uir nvl cif tbc in«lNr-' 
trry ^t<<ak| du<] mr iot^ not lo hko hu ftrf;umi?nt »t qJL On« ot^Biait 
I ooiild nor atonti,— rrirmiipa^^aiii in iUh fl(*i*i, Mj liircl t\f C^niprhurj 
<chttT];ri3 nir, tlinl I like (JUlltingt uri]c>d> I lio U nifw-ir; nliiT^uri am oat 
l*ulll}-. I wan never aullior of any one lliin^, ciihcr spinruaj or Icn- 
I tfmnk God fnt \i. ] Am hW chhrgoil, liinc all ih^ ivAlm hkuli 
&irci] tht^o Hoiu[li« nilUaut cuninulicLioni save I : ivIicrtanUi 1 
Twor, J tkirik lln>y huvc* ntit T*!tfl llml I liitvp n.*"!, it* tln'»* t>0i>k4. W 
Iim^i hi.-nj <icini> I caiincit ult. nov 1 am kfpi u I f^mut knovr. th 
I wouU, ^hrti I woi abroad. I ucver nougbt to kuow oiorv Uioa 
bmii^Eil li^ dniiiLon fuiuc : for Lhth pliixll 1jc found li-iiu, I (itivcr odviMii 
uny rtiuii lo uljcct any thing u^EiitiM Thi^tc buokv, — uu otil* man, out my 
cLmi'liLMifb A kiM^iuHu of itijjii', biJirfii^i'U in tuy diortx'i uud hot uit- 
ir^arncd, oanic ti> mc^ nnd totd mc how Itc kt-jini a kwd l\-Uo# lAy li»t 
I would not ruGfjvv tlip if^urjulioniii '* und, air " ((juuih bej " J rol>4ik«il 
lilm, and rrvilnj liim. nuii <tM jnu woiiW on pwidily riTcJ^rii [ihrw] 
any iu«n." J triM lilm Lhiil* In «i> Myinc, he did very ivelL^ VpQti luy 
coming up, a oha|dnin of tnino, a doctor of ditiuity, told me, ho xritol 
nH't^Wt tlu- hjjmR'IimiM qidHlv^ mid tiiy m>tliiri|c- I Nilil Iltiii it «b[>uld 
|h; uell ilctne- If I li>id Uirrird iJi m\; d!(JU'iH\ irnfi> iiiJtrt had ftpokeit 
but mpctf I v'OLiid kuvc lofl my iiii> for Jt ; nor 1 think tliiriv kaUi ll<* 
i»ov, Tliifc matu<r \vat ta try n liiKimp, «h#ilirT hi> cAr^th more fiiT 
the tTutk, or IiIm own rcAt^ What exampir* JLaT1^ J vcrn in ih 
roftlitli how fri'dy mvn h^tvo «[tid their ounfldoDce DffEtinvt our Jubo 
■ororvign lard's ilrienulnfltkon, nnd ngninut ih« ace of parhaTxivni T llr. 
CruVt a HR-uii man, prc^uditid ii|;iiiii»t om lull-' toverej^n tttnlt dclcnitl*^ 
patiobrtf And kow daintily lio wa« handled, U> rilieve hin coriHcii^npe t If^ 
ymr graen woiild liav^ ihii roi* a proci-di^nl, thiit trhniAo^virr liia kinga 
(^tiuueiJ. for tin? Linit? t'f a prlnt'eV iriiuL>rity, aliull Mjjd in bt i^rtoui^nl^^ 
niuHt riT>cd» bv received wlihont aUejcaiicin, of vhitt «trr-ii2i)i im tiie 
of pArliii^niciit Jigutti^t the bithop of Roinu ? Thv kings iimj«ty, vlufi 
Jie coiiittli to kN aj^e, Aid look Ifi Li" lnjld To Oo aa niui-b ullti bit Mil 
jccti, aji kU coiiadi did in hii mlnoi'ity ; uhi icof the coiuicillorA nioy 
tkei!] w(iury- I'rtieedoniii be dangL-rdui \ for I havo lectj it oluioAt for 
mil.', lliwr wlmumrvnf Imf li bj-i-n liijce iUiUVm ni^y tht^n, vTthotJt r|imiiuii, 
bc^ dour [i^LD. !□ our late aoTcrdflfa lord'* limr, I liavciterin tke n>uncil 
inueJi iwtoitifd, ^ken iJjtj Ltn^ would liAve dont auuionLni a)*JiiDdt an, 
Oi'-t nf parlUnirnt. It vfl> rnadi- ihpn n givar, mati«r. The Iftrd Cri^uiaj 
well iiad once put in the klngtt our lAtc >ovrrtisn Jord'ik, head, io tftko 
uj>urj hini to Imvif JiivwilL iiiitT jiLiOMirA reptnli^d \or a lIl^K ; for that, lio 
»id, wu lobif a 44-ry king; imd Thrmijion I waa ealleU lor, ai Ifuinptoo. 




lurti And* mUi« luitl CrcKimdl v/aa vi.-ry stout, " eotntf on* iiiv lord of 
Wbirh#*iU»r.' ifimtti ho itftr tUat rnnpf»ri hfl h»A [that] w^mruiwvrr ho 
tiiked vilh lur, hv knrw ever ni mticli bi^ I 'tirrrk or LotiD> and all). 
''BMVnjr tbe LfUfi; hcrv ((|iiorli lii.-> ^ but p\H'ak plumly nnd directly, And 
tlrfnb nulf mflD: Ic nrii ihai fijiioth Tip), ili«r p1i>at^rli tTio Ling, a l«v ? 
IImtc ynnot iWrc, iii ttir civi( Uti^ (quiilh hv) ijuud /tfinciffi phc^jit^nnd 
iofortli (qiirth ho)? | havr aomvwhot forfiolU'n it nun/ 1 vioott «lil I, 
ftibd wnnJormi In my mind (a whnr <*nnrlnfl+nn tHt shonlrl li^Tid. Thr king 
etv me iiiubiu^. juuI, uiib eariLi^ft ^'i-ntletii^s uitd, *' iiimwir him wUetlii^r 
^kll b« M> nr DO." I woLiM not nnnvrcr n\y lonJ Cr<iiTi>r<U) t>iit <tr'ljvi?n'(l 
^injr fp«c«li lo th^ tmg» and told hini. 1 Imd n<iuJ. itiiJccd. of kin;;!, Ihctt 
bul Uieir wir ttlway?! rrrrivi-il fur n kw, bul, I tuld him, the furm uf 
U* rrifn, lo makf* tlir Inw* hi* will, va^ more «urr artel quicl, " oiiH l>y 

tthtf f orm of j^ovi.TDnK'iii yp bi^ ritabluhtHJ (quolh J)» oijJ it t« ngrrc- 
Mf wiih [ho iiaiun* of your pwjjlo. Jf yo lii^pln & now ntHjrni-r of 
|»ltcy. how it wilt frami? no man enn tell ; tmd how this frnmclh yn can 
l*LI I ai»d [Jj would novof lulviHH your gruco lo Uav** a ctrtfliu for hm 
lUMVTtAln.* nir kinjc nimni M» Imck. nnd li'rt rho mciTlrr nftrn tJU rhfl 
Wd Cn^m^fll lumtiJ ihr ml iu thr p^i) afori' tompnny, vlivn hr wu 
Onpy with mo. and otiaqri^d mr, lu though 1 had pliiyc-<J his pari. Thin 
tale H tnir, niiJ ttni without |mr[ii>Hi< to Ih> rviCLfiiiliPird. hti\r T hdvu 
Iwro tcmJ Ui ftucl fro in IMk hind of mailer. Thii" I Imvc ^hf^vrd 
yonr gtfif^ tho yrh^h mutter, wtih many more vonU llion I intoridcd in 
tha catry of my leEtrr; nml mnto nnw nn r^d, rnfon^rd by irriirinMi 
of oiy body^ fed with clooc* nirt rsltjcr thfin luvat, which my Bti^mucb dc- 
^rctli eoi 1 yet 1 muAt riay luimnwhni in lh<^ matter of ortty/aitftf itbcrcin 
ffij lord of Canr^rbiiry vo niur^h InivflilHhr 

Finf* it i> »ur\\ ht^ ^hiill never {iruve ihML he would sAy in lliattudUer- 
Itut* to make on end of il, nttif^r I am a very fool Ui mlnf? own onci^iff 

■ vteeh may «uily be, or I «e« Bii oet^aiion j<it'cii to your f^aco, to mnko 
ifuoh a true dft^^TminMion in It, u m^y (xr horjouruMe ti> your t'raoe, 
dw COnli^catioQ of 1.II tho world, the pTTAcn'allt>n of lh{? kin^*it honour 
tint dead W, vrlhout |>rj?jud)e« of th^ doc of pnrtiamrnt, witljout dcp}* 
giitoii to my Wd id'I'Hni^-rliuryH honour, wifhont diminutvmof th«re* 
putedoT) of the council, and nithout any sWy lo Ihr binhop <;f Wlci- 
okvfileri wliJHi i), [in^ mvtio mi>]i's cincrt'it, 1hi? f^Tt^lrel matter of ttll 
that jpi bo riphofirHcd. ^nd. in gond f^lih, I woiilit I wrrn nut, no all 
imre wdl. Your gracci doing in Scdtlnnd U nnU to my juif^ujenl, 
'tELOre CO your i;meeV honour, tlmn thiv would be, M^liiab God gnuit» mid 
'yovrgnr^ muf^h hrmoiir and fclidty- 

At tho Flirt, the \\t nf Oclobrr. 

YourGncr'f* hombk bciidmaii, 



*^ Proctamali^n tt^einvi lh< uxf 0/ irrepcrmi f^fffHoyo htenrJa 
SucfamtnL iMe.^'!, 1547' 

[Wi]Ll^l^ir. la.] 

Wltcrcu tlic king* iLiglinrM haHi, o! late, vlth tiic a^cni aticl 
M-nt of tb<! lifrtU 5|iiiicuaJ arid tcuporuJj aud tlic uummotii!' in tliu p^rli** 
mi>nt \iM ihj> ft^kirth cJay of Novt^Tiitwr. in the flnl \rarof Iijsmw4 ^nu 
clous rei^n. inmlv li gni^d au'l goitly net amJ E!>tAlu[f nyaiTut lit(i*i^ «ko 
daconUmrJidcfipiBT^ or, wilb unsL-cnily niid ungodly lAords, (leptwctOnd 
revil« the fioly kArrampnt of Ihr bniti^ and blood of aar I-onl, conunoulj 
cnWtd '*U]i? .SdiTmnttLt uf Lli« Aluir:" uud tin- said vmuuuti? hnUi miMt 
jirudccitlj di'darcdt Irj ttU tliv vunls nucj U'nii* ni which Scni'tun 
Gpoikcili 4>f ii, frhu IE lindoubtcdiy to bo ncccplod, biilievcd, Ubc-n, and 
ipukvu b; and of Lhv B^id Nicrmm^uU ytU U^u nuluUhaULudit^t'* 'd* 
Mi^Viij U mlvriiLH'd.UiaL^ijiui,' i>riii»Mibj«ct«.not contcnUd Htt^inuclL 
wonb and lonnfl iw Sf^npturc dotli declare thereof, tiur u-Jili thai <ii>c* 
tnne which thn Holy <ili<hit. Iiy the r-vn[igi>1]>iU tivd tit. Puuli buth iaugh(. 
WS do not cvaae to uiuve ixictrtiUou» and »u|>cr£luci^» t|u««tioQ» of 
Mid holy Sacnun«nl, and -Supper af the Lord i entering nubly into 
fllMUtting of iti^ hij;h rnyvtirry itivn^f: and gu u1k>u1, in tlieir wniMidfl 
or Ulk», aiTOjfftnLly to difflnv thu uittifwr. tiAUirr-. fkuJiJun. ««;». ikimk- 
faility, or koipui^ibilliy of thoso atnttcnt which (neither moke to udificA- h 
tlon, nnr GotI h^th by hia holy u<tid ofwiiod : ^| 

Which pcnojiBi dot oonlcutcd rrvcrt^DLly lUjd with obcdlcDt fjuib lo 
ftOMpt that tho lAid Momniuuti accordiug to thv Wtyiog ot St. i'ml)^ 
"thtbnttd hilhcoomnninion/or pnruLing, I'of th«body of th^ ''^'^tH 
llie vine," tUtwiw. "the pii'takiDgof ttjr Uooduf ChmL" hy ihnuonb 
Il»titnt4^d Aiul ti^LLj>ht (if Chrifti ojhJ ibal tht biKly and bloud uC Jau 
ChHfit lA there; iffhieh U ciur comfi^rt, tliAnlugmDg, lovo-totbtn of 
CliriHfa \uve tuwurdi to, luid vf uun, as his nitniliFrs witliin oiurwli^ 
*i>arT-h and otrtvr unrcvorcntly vUctbcr the b<kdy And blocjd AfarvsaHl m 
thiMv mlly or Bgufativinly, luoally or cjiraunucripily, nnd huvit;jf <|uaji- 
tiiy mid ]ciiiainf^44. nr liij[ rnubf^iujtldly and by *ulHtaiAiL- only, or dif __ 
but ta « figure auil uiunuiT of ep^akiDg ; wbctbcr hU blcMf^d body b«'l 
(haiv, hP4d> tcg^ nrmt, tnnt« nrid nalU, or nuy otiwr wart, thnpt** and 
minapr. naked or clDtliin.!: vhvtlicr he U bruk^rn ttr i^lirtvnl, or Uv tt 
dwajH whole ; whetlirr the bread tlicrc rciJkaineth as wc *ccv or how bf^ 
dcpavtciL ; wfictlier \\\e M"-*S bi^ tJuTc Jilone, aud Uk^ blood, or part, or 
L-ac!h Ju <itlu^> ur lit ihv one Lolli. in tliv tAlit^r but cmly bbiul ; and what 
blood; thai only wbicbdid flow out of the ftid<t or that which rcokainc^l, 




(■vitb ot^crnich jrrovorvnt. lupcrrtiuoaft, wnA curioiu qumtlonfli vliich. 
low. and u-!ii4U bilJ bf wlinc nicjiniy oitcl In whrX farm, may bring into 
Umih vbicti of huiiun iLnd corrupt curiosTty hath duire to tcarcb out 
ttith nj»Eono^ a* UaiIi IljiI tn tlin jiitLmlo and liotUiiiiiow tl'^tth uf the 
vifldcnn ftvl glory of G<k(t. ind lo th<* uhieh nur liiiTnnrt imbrriUty can- 

Iftot aUaiD : 4n(l> lLt'rf.'rijrvr> ul^-Liiuei lini^i'lii tlic hiuic to ifacir cnrn uud 
ACbon dtHCnictioo, by vontoitioii and nrroigant r«HlLn<i«a, which simple 
And rhrlfitjait affWrtiuii* iwrrt-nMy rct'civing And (ihrrlinntly hrtirvtng, 
withoDi furllvr ^earcli. uLrlli uik\ iuiv^tii tu luuht |;ri:ul cx^mrorl ami 

IForrerom>4iir)n wh^^renf, And to ilie intent that further contention, 
luniult, vid iiiitnllon, mifiljt nut rihi: ruiioti^ tfm IdngW aubjeou, (Jiu 
lini;'> hifrUnuM, bj the acl*ii?<? of tho lord proE^-ctor, Aiid otla-r hE« 
im«<ly*« ooiieicIIt Hinitly wiJli>(h ami coiiinuiidbth, that no manner 
ftt%ao from licncrlbrih do, in any wUe, coat<-ntlr>iiA]j and 0{wnl j^ nr^pjei 
fifpcrtei reoaon, pmcht or trnch, aHirmioic ajtj more t^nns of the MLd 
hlMMid MCrsmctnir than ho «tpr»Hi-]y taught in Lh« Itoly Scrifdvro, and 
lai^nitioiird in ihc fornaid not; nar deny nmii? which Up therein nnn- 
UiBcd and nicntic<ncdi until tvch tini« ai th« kiri^*A m;\JF9ty, by tie 
■dvin> of hU Highri»««'ii connoil and thc> okirgy of Ihiii rvahn, »hill dts 
flnc. dprinrr, and h*t furih no oppn dcirtrtfii: ihrrr'or and nhat tcrmi 

»ijtd words amy justly tr spuke^ti tlivrcby, utEtpr tlimi be cKpri^uly in th# 
Setipturo eonrainod in the aol br:fore r«hi^ftrs«d. 

In th<» mMiiThilr, the kiifl* hi^hnMi'a pl^tunrp la, by the ad*io« 
»f<)tTaaid, that fViTy hia loving suhjcct* :ihall ik^vuutJy nnd M'VtTetilJy 
aflinn aud t*ko that hidy brrnd to bu ChriAt'tf budy, mid thil cup lo be 
tbft cup of bifl hdly htnod, nccortliDg U> the purport aint t^fl't'ct of tliu 
bnljScriptUfv.cuuuiinediii thcatt bcruri- ripn- wi!ci, and arcommi)dftt« 
ibcoiMlf rnihcr ta Ulc the «nmr Hacrammt worthily, thdui ruhly to 
^-CDttr into the ducuMicg of Uic iii>,'h mysicrj' thereof. 
^V YH tb» t^in^'" h]gliifi«A tniriiii'th not ht^rrby to let or atop Iho Ign'^ 
rant and wlKifii* to bam, n-vrri-nliy ur pri**tcly to denmnri of thoiio 
whom he thinkt-th knoweth raon? the further in^triiet^on aijil loaohing 

I in th^idiiil hli-KHHl hAt-rHTiii^U ; «) thnt thtr wmtf bu not iloae With OOi^ 
ttniioiw nor in op<^n aitdicncr. with a coiikiumy ^Hthured tojfctlu^r about 
CbMDi iM»f With lunmlt! nor ijolh prohibit ony ninn hrrcby likewise »o 
^n^tlly. drvoiatiy» «nd rpvrrtnfly to ti-ai^h or in*irtict the weak and ura- 
Icunml. according to the mure tjdcikl and lr,arri!ii^ |^ive» to him of (tod: 
hit only, that fill ooii((.'tJtion,«trifu, tind CnmuU, aad irrevriYntum niigkt 
le avoHlrd, and in oprn nudicncr nnd ]>ri-ftf'hing nr>thing taught, bat 
^hacJi irjny hair tht^ Ltily ScHpLurt for Hnrraul; 

Upon pain liial who»orvor eLall oiwnlr. with coiil<«tion or tumult, 

xad In ft enmpnny Riith?T^I fii^ther, t-ilher iu vliunrlitm, tdthot 
DinrkcU. ar cUi^wIktc, ccntmrF to the fcrriii taid cfTi^t of liiU 
lion, litftjinl aiwl tnaintain, or irrworcnUy and p^Dtrntinuilr 4ontta\d 
my mnn, titif uf thn quntinm brrnn> ivheftrvd^ «>E[h^F on iha one fun 
orcflhf otbtrr, oroD)' euch like* or do oihcrwi** rotk, ci^»u-fun, 
dcB|)i«i>< lhe»id «^ram«Ht, by tjaWing il an itlol, or olhcr nvctt vjb' 
namn, shntl incur the kln}{'K liigh indignaiinn. nml anlfer ImprisAnrnfo^ 
or to bu olbi-mijie prk'voii«]y pucisljcd nX h\a uiiiji-3t)'3 wUl 4ud plcuura 
<^iviii|; Turthor In Aulhorily tn tkit JusEicca of pi^ac*:* w^Uiia cfra 
Aliiri4 vlicrL- iSi-y dwelt, (ciapirrr h»-nil and likt; Jill nnth an i-umrntioiJidj 
«nil tuiuuUuoiitly. villi coiupanic* or roui* OMrn^bli^ii ntruut Uirm* dt»j 
dupuic« arj;ui.\ or rt>a«on» or MiHy nuLiiilftin, or upt'cly proocli Biid lU^fii 
rh<> f|iii^rrriri4 h^PriTr rphiPArAml, or nny nf rlijim. <tr AtiHi tlk^, i^icher 
th(i Q[in |iarl or the other, and to commit iIlc «aq;c Io prison, uiiuJ lui 
time :iM tilt* kmgii iniijotfv'p pLi'UJiiiru biirem bo knovi^at and Ihat tlit 
IminnliHiJMf dr> wTllfy fit** aawt- or nanw^of thp pnrty so iirtirfNng^und 
of tliruj hIiu vpfi; tlivtc oi thr- ^jijc Uum pn:.%ciil. making; Ihi' txiuioj 
lUh'nilily, to ihii kui^'n lil>;Uic-«ii'H council; wi]liii|; uud cuDiinundiii^ it«j 
mid jmtic^'Ar with fit! diligcnor io ixfcuiu ihr prL'miH»T nrv[>nling ul 
iJic purpfjrti cfl'i^cu und true uiuixiirif; of llii? aomc, aud Uicir [jiu>l tjuundj 
duti<^ d» lliry U'lhdrr hin hiifhmwtf wjli &nil pkteuKi ftndwitl auiwtrj 
to the contmry upon their pcnL 

R^pnaldtii Cardinalh Poiun ad Ccn/etiarmm Impfimtt/riM. 

^i^rtl, 6, 1347- 

[QuSrini. L«M40 
R?u?r«nd@ pater in ChHsto* ssiluuiin- Cum non Rtni> mngn^ voliip>j 
(ale aud'iitsu lUpi^HonUiu diiziEjuti Cu^ureiun uiojoAlut^ini ftL^vcnuIniit- 
riTtiifl orjitonm Aiij-lin: in;c<.'iliMr, idqut' |ir»>pkT novnijia ri.-t* rel i^'ionifl;, 
ot &mpin qufi'don: dt^crtfln, suthoritutn ituprmii concitii in j^ii^lia inutt-^— 
fluctA (H coiiflmiAUi: ebii vdi-'lHiiii C'lbmrcui. pni mii giit^UiU^ qtmisH 
dJgtidiu ainnntu pri:icijiF cnlfiolico rt«^ririrr oett^uililT njiointt' c^iUhv tall ' 
iu cAiLxA !t^tJiort.atioiip, nd r^iJiiTii luA aponit^ (>*s.pc incitatup, Innivn, ouiu 
Tion i|[unrArr<ni iclum o|)tiriiiiTn TvvvniiiJm pnriTfiiratU Cii» in rebus 
litpuults i|UFii] libtiiliBSiitJu ui?i[i;o> Juiii Tridt-nii uiid vnrinus Mim i?ie* 
porluA, ftimul i^t iutHligcrtni i-am nuon mnnon^ oonlV'aiiMti apud CwMi- 
n^ni HiTii^i, fucJIf* mihi pL<rf«iJLd4.'bjim iinri drrniii^r- ^r^rTMiom** n^vrrrndin 
pJitvriLitulLH luu', wi ijwdjii quoiftif hue ni ii? <.'U[»>iliu]u auuui hjti^r|iu- 
«ui)Ac; <]uiD rm f^cic^ ut hoc tempore ad rr-vrrrndani pntorriitMlrni tuam 
ceribereni, priinuinT nt ilLi ^ruiulitrt^r f|unJ luriti pirridii- LiHieium «uum 
vxerv4.'t, iti'hidir etliiui piu nu'Ji ^iiili jruitt' j^r^tiu u^n.<iu : iit'c I'lilm ud 
|nc non nt^^nopcrr pcrtinLTc^judici^ qulcipiMl pro rcligiuuc uoMacrv«[hlilj 




llud proiQUlRttruEit ; <fuoi) (lAiuni inoffki CiEHim oulhoriloli tUxtd ciam- 
>Uli« nill>i pcptuHcIiHi. r^uAiit i]j4oruiti TolijnUtiv ijiii ffi. rnii<]iiuiii it^^a 

tnprrmi rr}iiv(l)i» clv^iuciii ;|namifririii'iiij f)U|Jtjli 4liiiinrj» »tatucrd£iL iUc 
^lon miioiw, vl Ulorum impvlum ivpredium vidLiniuB <]iil Moriuneiito- 
rum ftvenkMieni m<^[E>»tur, *u< pii-i aniimim atMitum <hp iinn duhJtf\ 
n AltcHA* tvH? illvruiii cvn«liltuii <iti[H>ijmjl, irJ ijuod ffu^err jam I'tcpc?* 

^ ftillil risri onplrfiflfii. Ill rinn illii di* oornm •«!« I'X pumlitiont', ijuec jp«ii 
MIcifMiiiA, niilii niiMirriitin, lid^'lur, vtrl Mrnplu vi-l vi'ibia ciTiifi^rviiit pro 
iDi-d CTga pttmrn «t ccctniaiii pii'luEr-^ an^orc cdtm orj^n nuinELim ^ulit- 
10m. oi]nv|ttald ift|>^EPiiE:iiKi'n, iml fniHint- qLi^itl TiL-ufnoconiniku<tircv 
nrc nicm Ulcnu ompprr vfiltjIwrnL lamin )Lupvri<iribii)i iLiebus rlatiit 

PViitiicaMtiKritnuUu»aiJi1ii»ciim lUis aflcndi, aaltf^mprrlJtcrmet nLiiiti(>«, 
W C|D)llcin primiL ipoct-* vnlUt^ prMintmni ; t.eii (run mof^id mi*ouiu conti- 

nbitt ftuilociATtt, lioc ininiis ttriiaia iadiriftbaiUi ul oblftil occuli^nry 
<|iMnivi« 9LiiU« d mn mallilm axopEftti, uipirr, iji^^ri i-ii ra rjuiiJ «p^rur(<rn 
fhiPtAs niH> balvpn-in pm^tfr niniH tpiriTi t% pnrr ohUiA ^i r^oiifcjtrA Ad 

tttfl^miEra rtdilituruui Clirialuj^ Dcus jfici^. promiaU. rmlquiiiii vi:r^ 
^eC»Mini inaitnic f»iill&«t »vorA rfipri^ht-iiJiiorir mihl i^i nmicUtum, 
■tttim anamiiin rt ii|irm alifjunni cryii. at- trnipitA fiino df^mi'im intitiinkfn 
judicavi ctiiri tllin nt^ctidi i]c tirriim n-Jililu ad NmiUlciUp i^mt In ttlx'' 
di<7itii ccclnicc con^UcU. Itn^pjo duttn i-x wth doniiDljd» timiiliunbua 
Daafntiin od \l\ot, cnin m^iridnlii <-{ titcrij dc Ikilf^ jpifi rvcit»;^, inUt, 
f^ulbn* (tm'Cvpi Ul* uuitL i»Lit; tnkrjfiin.'til, t^> i-rt'tidaui pattrtdtnifTn 
Tulram tnco nomiiic iavJArn^iitT ni<|uc: ojik* opo, ui Hvriliu^ minJaEa c%* 
•|(il pMWrit, itt<rn.'»r«r, Iiitvrim u( pjum C-vwrii aDimum piii <l fnj- 
ipwntlbiM liurlnrioidhiiit iii vtMuX n-Uginnid fti^tire, el UnrjuHiii grni^tv 
MUD alk|uani tHuilam riffurc. vt^lit, rcvcn-udam patrrnltalj^m tuaii^ inldi 
rngo'i M Ul 4Livin» hoiuiAh <k'l iatTC]n<.'iituni nsiiKJuis prvcibu^ tUgiinrt 
niiiM^iiJiiii dnkPAin. Vuliutt m Chr[*lo ri.-ircrvitdA pailthUhn Iua. Jtoiiuc^ 
fib* id* Aprili*. huxlvii. 

' [)Ir. StuLiKU 'Tnjiitr in\.2''Z) JL-rict Cij iJih |iii«Mif:(\ nncl lIiua tbitriliu h: 
i-* fltf ufCM llie t'"nft**or to cmiu ibe iiiiml i-f l'«<it in ilir tjhim of n-lj|jr^nii. 



No. Vl—(Rrfirrfd Ia afpsffe^) 

Jtt Ac\ it iche atpajf aii pvnitirc L^u'^ matia a^i*ti fA/ Marri^ft 
a/ Printit, 

Although It wore n^l ODiy bciUT for the r»t[n)nticrfi of prints, 
other miaiiun in thv diutcli of God, ta livo chaile, voli^ &iicl 4^parau 
from llie ooiiijinny iif wuni4.-T], uml tlu- bumJ of tnurriu^i.', Ifut aUo there* 
i> tUr)^ niiic)jt the bfrlEcr iitd^nd lc> Uir; adnkinijlmtioa of tfiQ f;oip«l| 
iuhI bu Itu ii)tncuT<.Hl jitJ truuMtnJ nitlk t\>v vhiiq^ of hoi^t^liold, bdng 
frve,BUil uiiliurdfiifil fri>m tli« csre &nil co»l of Rntlln^ wtTc And duU 
dirn; Anii CWt it vtctt muAl lo br wUhcti Utat th«r wuuld vriLlinjclTt^ 
Olid <ir llkvinvLvtVn cudcavcuir IhomBtlvi^H ii> u pvrpvtuiJ chauiily, aad^| 
■h^Uninrff fVnni ihp ^wpof womfln ; yd. foTimni uf.h wi thi- i!nnir»rj Liatli 
mthcf Ikcu iccitt and »(ich undt^anncM of livingt and other ^rtat incuu- 
v<ink'ncc«. not meet to be rchottroc*], buvo followed of flomprlicd chu- 
tity, fjHd of sitcli iau'ft 4s liavo prohibirrvl rhnH' (lueh pt^r<on») the gndlf 
(JHC of iiiArria)^^., it Here bcttiT, aa<l rilhor tu be dulT<;rcd iu the i;aiU' 
monvrfutUii iJiut l]ti>ect whlcli oodd not conUint hboutd, «llir 
coiirtAid of ScriptLire* live vx holy marriage, than fcignodlj nbusci vi 
vronu^ t^iickniiUy. (lutwnril thuaLitj'. or ftiiigle lire. 

Be it thcnrorc i-iiuctrd» by our sovi^njip^ lunt, tlii^. Lin|{, w!th the i^ 
acQtof the lordiii[NrklUAl tnd tompornl, nnd cbuoomiDOui in ihlt p 
Hput jiurLihiiLL'jit Uhwitiblvd. »iid ti} xhy ftuiljority uf thu t4uiii% l}mt 
ROd every lavr mid litttK ponittvr^ cAnon*. ci>n>tLtutIoiMt mid ordinuice% 
bttretofgrc made by nuthoniy cf mnti oulyt \rhjoh do prohibit or forbid 
iiiJtrriagi? to afjy ecc Wapiti e&l or Hpiritiiftl |ien»OT), or fwr«ona,<»r i*h&l«»- 
tatf, <Mjndiliont or do^rcc thry bd or by hhat ilmdio or namo* uxicr 
tlkoy bo o^lcd, wkiiob by Uod'a bivr may la^Tf1]I[y marry, in a\\ and c%cTy 
ArrJrlft, branrb, nitd A4>ni«^nf»', <v>hr^ndng mily xht- prolubition fnr ch« 
ruATrJtigv of the pcrnJii* BfofL-Aaid. »1iilU bi^ ulli.Tly luiJ. ami uf r>ou« 
etluot; and ibut Eili manptfr of f<?dViUri^«i paitiff, aud pcnaltios, oritoHi 
nr artlohK, wbioli were in \\\& tiaid ln\v> ooi^tainiid, fttid of tli« MIIM 
folluw. c<furcfiLmg llLcpraliLbJtioii for iht^ iitnrrm^fu of thcpoxwHM 4fo 
■nidt b« dotrly And utterly voidi frustraici tuid of none dR^C to 
IntPnfA, oon«truclkOn^ and purposed, m wtll concern lug marH 
hercLoforc iniuJe, by rniy of tbt pcrlesiotUcal or ii[iuiiiml pcnwrw 
afon'^jdi as itUo *iich vhich b«Tral\cr »huil be duly and Lawftitly bodh 
<w]ffbral£<d, and modfl, botvixt Ihe pcrvonat V'liicl^ by thi> 1aw« of (Jod**; 
may lawfully many< 

Provided alway»> and be it enacted, by the authority aforuald, tti 




iKUiwt, or aoy tiling tlwrajn conmincd, ihall not extond to givi* tuiy 
lilrcrrtf to any jjt^rauii t» umriy. wJtItuui aakiug in th« diurtli* or iriLli* 
oai doj ocrcmony bcinir ftppi>ifit<^ by th^ onlcrr prfMnlx?d, and *crt 
fcrth in ttie book inltEled, 1^^ Afojt ffthf Cvmmtt Prny/fr. ond AJmi- 
mUtntii<rm o/theSarriitnrTttt,^r:-,Ai\^tUUn^ Hbove [ii«nliiini^i, U> ihv COD* 
Inuy, in [myvi«r notwiihsUndinj;. 

pMvldad tWn, And be it ^TW^neil, by tli« Autliority «rorMild, that ihSa 
VU^iruiythliijf llii-riin mnLilmil, hliHll ixrt I'xtnud V> alur, rlmii):^ 
fnukri rcpralt or olhcrwLAc to liuDTinul anr ilrcrrp. jutlgmrnt, xtitcf)C€« 
trdivQce*, harfilotorv hail or maiU^ : hut tJdi aII aud (rv(>ry fiuoh du- 
«n«, jud|riiiL-nt,>vnEi*Dn*, ami iIJTflm-, inhull rrniAJn, ami hrnf »nrli Ukn 
lDm\ riTcct, atrtngtbf arid drgnrt?* to all iiic^ntev con struct! ot^i* and pur* 
p4H^ lu 1h?y were ID, bcfoiv Iho makipj^ or thin ai:t>and na tlioii^fi tItU 
u-l Jiad u«rer lw«fn liad, ne made; ih'v an, r)r any thing thcri'ili can- 
iMaeJ to (be coiilmiyiin any wiet iioLttitb«Ui<](Ljn|;. 

No, ML—ffit/rrrn/ h *it pngr 9J 

fin Act for th* Ef^ittm ttf Biskopi. 

Fow^rnuoli as th*? clrcllrr^ of iuT]ibuhi>[n an^l biftjinyis, br tTir deaw 
init ('haptrnit ^vitliiii Lbu k'w^'* vwt^Vfly'n ri^alriPi of bi»|:luiii| an<l IrflftOdlf 
Mtfaia preMmt llmr^ bn tw woLI to the long dMay. an to thr grnat coat 
>ad dinif^ of Miivh (XTunnA u Ilic kirif^'ii majnty jflvi^th airy arrli' 
biihcrprioii or^uhopric imto ; tiiitlt whcrciu iLc luid cloctiom br* in very 
d*Ml. Tio akciimu. hut only, by a vrnt of tonyt 4'aitiff, havi> ci>lourVt 
ihodattSk or prttPTiPc* of eii^tnioni ; ■rrvhiR, Hinprthf I*-**, to no pnrpov^ 
aad •mninfE abo dvrofpLlrirVi ond prejudicial to the kintc's prorogatti-e 
Myall t^ vhcim tvn\'j c^rp^rlaim-lh tho f^oltntion nnd gift of atl arch- 
bJihopri(% and biiFiiiprirps uixl MifTragan binhnju, uiihJti biv highiien' 
aud rvaltLii of EnifUud and Inland, WaW and uthn* biti do^jintoni 
■>d mwohoi; for a il^n rofomulicin h4Yrm>f, bit it, thopcforo, cnactod by 
ftift Mng'a hlj(ha«UL, niih tin' n»riit nf th<< Ionia vpiricuni and cnnponTt 
aad tlie oonimoDn. in tlii« prrKiit parliauient aiMM'ni.Med^ and by aiitlif^ 
rity of ihc «ame, thatt from bmcflfoHh, no mmge tTeMfin he jtrarttod, 
Bor de«tion of any arf<hl>iMlirrp, or biihop, by lh« dtnn and chaptar 
WNle; but tliot tljc kilt); miiy, by lii* Itatrr* (ittenU* at all tintn, wIiitd 
ny ftnbhialiopTic. or biflhopHc, i* vend, e^onfor the utnc to any pmon 
utioin th« kiog «ba1l think miwu Tha which fiollation, «o by the king'i 
lctri*m fMtrnu luidc^and di^hvf^ml ta lliu fii-non to nhoni tli*? kingahklL 
confer the t^anic oi^hbishoprit^, or biBtioprii?, ot ;o Itiv fluflicieat proctor 
and altoraey, thntl atltnd, lo all Inuiiu, connrucEtonn, and puvpu««a, in 




A* maeh and tlic vrutic dFcct, iu> dtoi^^li c^t/i^/^ iTerlire hod been pvn^ 
Ihtf HfiolLon duly iiiail^.*, MitU the kiiqc (■j>tjHrtncHl. And thtn'upon Ihi 
Miid ponori, tn whom tli« «&iil HrL'l]bii(!ii>]inCr IntihoprlCr or mOVagf- 
■faip is «Q tonfcrr«l, cotlati^d, or givrn, maj be co[i»ocrttcd, and »ae lUv 
hvtftjf or ovslitr U mattu, iind *lo oibor ll»ri^ OkS w'<'li JU if iiw Mid 
f»ri<nioni« nml i.'lpi'iiom find horw liniip nn<l mflil**. 

Pvuvi(]<Nl iklwavB, Aiid be it enacted Ijif the ftultiority afDrMttiida iJttt 
every ftiicti pcrtoii ta whcim any ooLJation and |(ifc of any urahbittJioprii^ 
buliupric, ur vii^'mgiinthip. slmll Si< ^ivrn. '»r oollulnl 1>y tilt? kin^^ bit 
lii-Irs ur nuovf'MOrai nlmll imy. dui Aud yivld tu all aud (vrrj prrvoOi 
oil cuch fen, intQr«*U, and duticii, u of old tiiuo havo b(-£P accuitoJtwd 
to be du»t:<^ nny tiling, in this vt* or in niij other, to Ujo cxnilru^ 
Jirrt^of. in Any iu'v^v, \\iil\\\\\\^\ax\^\\\^» j 

And vhcj^wi tlir^ arclibisliGpA, anci bifiha|i^ and other ^pirilmd p<4^4 
Hontt \i\ ilii^ iv^Jiliii, <Jo u^t to mukr nml n*Hijc1 out ihj^lr ^jinimon^ riu- 
tioriA, and otbiT proix-^, !n Lhi.-ir v\\\t w^uwk and j;i f>uc^i fu^m «iid 
riwnucr w wa* umJ iit tl»t- tunc ol" the usurped paw^T of ih« h^^hop of 
RmiH", t*orilr;Lrj 1^ tL*- r>?rm und <>rib'r c>f tUo (umroon*, arid prvx'i'** of 
Lht' oiirmuTj Ihw u»td m tliia rcuhn (Hceing tbnt all niitburiiy o/jurte< 
diction, *pirtlunl nnd U-jnpiirnl, \* dofivcd and deducted Jtom the Idnft) 
nijj<4ty, an duprcmi? hood of tlioM cliurobud aiid rr^lnu of England dbAJ 
Ir^lnnd, nrn\ iio jiibeK- str Icnnu U-rlgf d by ibri rl^rgy of ch«> Mild pprIvih] 
tliAt oil couiU ccckiiiutical, Hithin tl^c Miid two rralnu, be kept bj no 
Other pc>W(ir or AiitbonLV} <:itHLT iLirvi^n, or vithin tli? ri'^lrn* but tij 
thu miiKorliy of hi* niosi cxei-llt-nC majfary, — bu it tlnTrfom furtlwr 
UiAL'l^^d. bj tht? auLlioHty ufuitiaLfL tltal a)] ^ujiunouA *»ij ciuuioiif^ OV 
Other proe^JH cccb^unntirnlt tti oli rsiuL«i ntitj Cdn)»(iit of inHtAncvt iH'lwitt 
party and parly, aiid all (^aiuM of tvirrccilun. and all f-ai:HrB uf buciardr, 
or bi^irjy» or inquiry <ft j»r« fmirvnat^§, prubatt^^ vi' tnUmi-iiU, uhI 
rommb#ionfl orMJiTiiaiMmtL>>ii* of [i('r>oh> JvceouJ. oijd olL nri]iitttAikCO 
fif and upon ai^oouutd iriade by tht tutcutun. ailmiiiiitiTalurta or coU 
lrctcj[Ti of |;uud9 ufmiy dtnd |ji.']>hjn, bi-. Tivul ihi! iji>L duy of July imt 
fodnvtipff, niad<^ in the citunc, and ntih lJ;e Htylc of Ihe Linji[, a* it U la 
writH, ori|^nal or judioiul, it thf t-ominou Uw: and lh>l lht< tftlf tber*o1 
be in tlio naih<* of tht* fLrcbhUhop. or bUhop, iiv iitlivr bavbg r-oo^twA**: 
ticnl jurudiction, mho linth the iromimuion, and grant of the authori^, 
pocMJLxtioil, ironj<'dintrly from thi* kiiigV fughuoim ; and that h is com- 
nilMary, ri^HuT, rir nLilikrHuin rx^rvl^n^ juriiibrtWi iindir hbii^ nh^il 
put hia nunc in tbc citntioa> or prooos^ ahnt the U^U, » 

FurLbi^rtnorK, bfi it «nacf«i, by tiic aulhL>rjty afor^vaid, that all 
maniU'r cd ptTAnn or p<'r*on», whf) bav** tbi- riiTeiio of c<'rl«ii»tirid 
jurifldictioa* shall bate, fruin tbu Gral day of July bcft>rGc^prcM 




thvir Muib of oftl^, OiO Linf;* hi)-hr]c»' ar[UB, drccnily Mt, witb ccrlaui 
,,tlivft£^lpn imiJcr Uto »rmd, for tEti.> knoivlodga of tlic clioccAf j uml »hal] 
au vlbor »^al of jurisdiotiun, but wUertiii LU miye*t}- s ami* l>e 
«nBn««nj upon pain, lh»t, if ftnj jK^non t>)iall u*c cccWioatical jurU* 

IihditMi (afUff lliv day boforo r]tprc»cd) in tim rvitlm ^1' l^n^Eiuxl, 
Waici, or olhiT h'm ihitiiirlonM, tir Ti-rnUiKe*. ftTii] not m-tiiJ tir ihuLi.' cul 
llic ciUtuDt or prrx^^-u, in ific king* namt^, or uic ouy «cal <if junHflit^ 
tion, otli«r (ha.Ti bvloru liiuitucl, every #ur?li ciHct^dcr vholJ incur olid run 
In tfan hinga mAjnty'i dUpkjuiitrr nnrl indignation, Jin<1 i<alllnr iinprii^tin- 
mcolt nt hU lighncai' vilj and jiIi^a^^utc, 

pKiTidodr thAt 1)0 inor«s i?or otliur t«w bv Ukon, or p&id, for tiM 
inL >^ wniLUg of nny (rlTnllonb, or oihi?r pri>rf4]i, ilmn vriu liprt^uiforv 

Ppovfdvd cd*c, nnd b« it i*nnct«<d, by Uio nulhority iUbr<'hnjd^ tfiat Oie 
nnrhbishop of Canterbarr. Tor the iimf brln^. thivll uic' hU own vul, 
and in liS* own naimr. in aII fiK^ultic? and diBprn-atiuni}, ai^cordiiif; tu ihn 
Utmr of an >ct thereof mail^; and tliaL iht'sjiid arclib^hhopH and bi-^hopa 
•h)JI mikF>, RdmlT, orrl^r, ami n-f-jnii llicir olianrplbn, uHinuU, L-om- 
bUMrlns ddviii!aic». (>ru^'luns iLml Mtlii^r tlit'ir utTii^irfi. niirjUlci>, nod 
BLibttkulM, and commissions of autfingnD b^ohcp*, in thcjr o^^n iinniu*, 
nnrlpr UtiAir nuTk Bp^dn, in 4iiHi inani^fr And form ftn tb«>^ Kaw hriri-to- 
forc uncd ; itnd »balL ct^rtify lo tbi^ court of tonilij lbi.-;r cintificultfi under 
t^cir oun tiiLiriM tind #<;abi, oa bi.TutoJoriJ tWy Itavv i^mdj uiid uocording 

flo tfatf itfttuUT, Ln tliat vRMt madu and provid^^d; nnd liki^tvUc aLilII nudi* 
colbiljon*, pmcctnticruft RilW ifJi^tnlioun, and iudm:li<Hjji ot bi-jioQci^ 
l?tt«n of ord<r(Or Jimbeori^^, uodor Ibtir ovii naiiita and otaU. ju Ihcy 
InvD borvtoforc nccualomcd; amy Ibing in tbia ncl cuutiinvd lo t^M 
CMimrj iiotvp'itjisuindiiig. 

tProvldtffI iJit'ttTAi and be it f!aACt«d, by the auttorily ftfbreudd* that 
M priMSew bcroifior to be mad>?, or ft^^nrdcd b^ luiy ccc1(uias6oftL p«^ 
■on, or p«rr>on«t for Ih^ trial 4jf any [>1<'a, or \i\v\i9, or inafUT <l('pc^ rifling, 

• «r t^vflt borvaAcr *Ji(dl di-pvud^ iu any of tie kirtg'n courts of rm^oid at 
ttic commoD UW| nttd lunitcd. by tbc law» and cu*iotaA of tliiji rcdnit 
to Ihi- tfiirtnal oiiuru, to try Ihi^ Mutit*. ihul lhi> oirdlif^uti- rrf tbi- -cuinr^ 
nA«£ tliif uiaL tbcnx>r. *bdl1 be mndv In lJjc kiiij^V jiau^c. fc;r ihc lijiic 
bvin^. uid witb tbo iiLyitr of tliu luiuu kin^, und undur tbc *vtU of the 
|i«bop> |[niv«id with thn LJng'a nrms wiili tlir itniTit> of iFie bi>ihi>f), or 
^ritynl ofllc«r, bnioff ^ ^i^ '<'^^<^ ^f the buu^l' piucm and ctrtiQuttt, 
■nd to cvcty of tlii'nk 

VOL. n. 




No. Vni—(ltfffrr«ii to oi page \2.) 
Ptociamatitfii, and Order ofCtrmiaanioH. March fl, l<%IJ^. 

EdvTftrd, Uy 1b« gmou of OoJ, kiiif* of Hrigknil, Frauo«,uiil IrHta^j^ 
dff(*nilnr of iho ftiith, nn^ of Un' nfmrHj (if r.iifclnrid «ml IrHnnd 
corlii the Biipr<!iDe licail, to all aa<l dirigulur our Loving fiubjrcta, grtttt^' 
ifl^ For BO tnao^i liH, in our lii^li oourl of pUTLLnniont, Ut«ly holdon tt 
^Vofltmlniiiu.^ it viu Uy n^ itkli ilic fvin^nL «r tlir* li^nli ipirilnnl atid h 
iriitpuriLl, uiiiJ coiitcijc>i>9 tlitiv A»»ti[ibli;(l^ tiiofrl iTinlly auJ iif;iV(.'ably lof 
Chrifllft holy mnCitutiikn, onctcud, tliat ihQ inoat UkiscNil aacrnnii^nt of thA 
buiiy uiiiJ bloLiJ of our f^nvlour C^irint vfiuulrl, frum llti>TKTf<irCli,t>o co(n« 
roonly lit^ iiiiuitiCerc4 uuto bll |iei>ud« wiihiit ui»r rmliu 
KiikIuliI and Ireland, iind ollit^r our doiuimoQ>« unticr baili kind*, tliat u 
llXN/t ofbr^&d and wln^ (fitrfpr ntfO^*4ity nTlttrwHi* rM]iiir^)> l«»V Any 

fVnoylng and tl^vUing e sundry W8} b> lilinM^lf, tti tUis uw of thto 
CDOft blu-icd Hicrnmrnt of unity, tha% mif^lit thcri^by utisc aay uit«, 
■oeiidy ADcl uitgudly divtrviry : our pleanur? l». Iky ihe advice of ouff; 
mriht ili'^r aiicks l(]^ Di^ki? of SomernH, ^'tivniior of imr prrhuii, ajiiIi 
pralcctor of all our n?alnu, domininn^i, atkJ aul^c<-t9i and other of our 
privy council, that tijo taid bki«<-d «(M?raniC(it he iTiLiiitit^nid unt» our 
prxipln only after such fomi imd numn^T. an lirfTiiftcn liy "ur niillioriry, 
with the odTiop Wore mentiotii-df is net forth and dttlartd; willing 
ovpry amiT, vith du« revoreaoft and chrialinEi Wiaviour, to coia^ to thi« 
hnty Mf-'mm^nu ami nvul b|n»rd mmmiinmn. tr«t, by ihv. unnonhjr 
nrreiviij^ of ho higJi ]ujs[,cn:.'B« tUey br^cuiiie [;uiLLy uf tlm Litrdj aiiiI 
tkload of thci l^rd, aud ko «il and drmk tUo^r own djirrmatjon : hut 
ratlier diHgr>ntly Eryin^ thi<fn»'We3, lliat Ihi-y may vu i^imii- to Oii* holy 
tAblcof CbH^uantiBobepurtuKi-iftof thiilioly cuiimjuuit^cii thiLi thvyraajp 
dvcli >a Cbriflt. end have Chr»«t dwelling in tticm i and aloa v/'iih rack 
olMslienfe and eonfoniiily 10 receive lliiu our ordinuiirc-, »nd tiio«1 gutUf 
dirwtloii, (bat wtf may Irt ejjcimr»ged« fitfm tiiiio tu tiiijc^ furtbcr ti|r 
travfj for Hip Tt-rir^iiation, and Ai^llinif forth of «Dch tfodly order** 9$- 
may hv (novt to inKYt ^"lorj, tht* 4'dd'yjug uf our >ubj»vt>, ami fur thm 
aLlvtkn(-i!mnnt <jf ii'ui^ rt'lEjjiion^ 

WLicb thiijp wti (by the help of God) most uarneaily intend U> bring ,J 
to «tfveE : vllling all oiir loving lubjocU, ju \Ut^ muan limv, 4d «Uy and, 
(|idri thomai'lviTi with ihU our dirivt'ttjn, a* mon I'onkin to fiiUnw out 
authority (according tu tbe bounden duty of fLibject^), nnd not rntci^, 
priflinf^ to T^in aforv, und ito, by Uieir raatiaesftt b^ooine thi.* i^riMilott hiii^{ 
derertoffliirh thlngn, u ihry more arrugnntly than godty voidd fipoio 

■■10. inr.] 



(bjr Lhifir u«rii prirak' auLliurity) jiLtot bully to wft forn&rd. W«t vouTd 
not hQv<? our subjecU no muph to ininliki; our jnrlj-mciit, po mucli W 
tnntrutl our ler^l, m lliougit v« i-tthor cuuld not ducdrn what vora 
to be dcjn*^ or wduM not do all lUinjpi m Un« tirnf^H (^iml be pmiwrf^l 
we kaov both vhat by bit worJ U mrct Co be rfsdrcMrd. auiJ liuve anj 
eim««l riind. Iiy tlif a<tvki> i^t'i^iir iiioifl d<>>r und«t aoii oilier of our 
prlTf vnuncil, uilb nil dili^p-un- «jiil p(>nvc"tii*>nt it|H^I w to spl fortJi th* 

nunc, OS it may mul »lan<] witli Uud'9 j^tory, aod rdtfjii^s '>■<' (juk't- 
liOM f>4 ouf pvopio 1 whicb tv» doiihl not, bat all uur i>bc(lif?at and WriDf; 
mbjerta iriL) qciintly and rvtPTrntly lorry Tnr. 

Gtxl nre the Kkg. 

rA* Oi'tUr 9fthfS Communiott. 

Fwnh '*' punott, i-iraff or curat f, thf wf.rl Sunif^ty ot Wy ttay.or,at 
tht Un*tt on*' day hr/ore he shall I'tiuiii fir thrfnnt'iiisniint.i./inftjffrr u't't/t^ 
hf frr hit jmrhhun^rt, t'r thaxc 't-Hich tff frftnut, ihal fhty prfpftrpihcm* 
9ifpe* ihr^plo, laying /*> iherA open and ptainfjf as ktftn/trr/oUotr^tthf or 
tncli iikr^ 

*Drtir fricndi* ord you ispijcmlly. upon whoio souli I bnvo cureond 

clisn?e> upva day next, J du luiuiid, by (lod'h gnice, lu uHer lo idl 

iOcKft u *ball be lEirrfi K'^^'b' *^i>pt>«icd« lUir iiio»i coniforULblc MicrAiiicat 
oTtlie body and blood of CliriBt, to bt taUri of ihcm m tbo rcmoiu- 
Iwioe oftjH moBl rrutlfu) uud gbriuui iihajoti ; by tbt width [luwton, 
«o JMvc obUin<-d rcnibmivn cf our tin*, uid bu iiiadr pnrtakcrv of the 
kioKdota of liMvcEi ■ vhervofwo be OHUtcd cmd Qflooruinod, if vc come 
In tbe haLiI Mirram^TLi ujr.h hearry reptini»nfi> fnr oi^r nftV'nr'iv', M^drut 
Cutii in Ood'a m«rcy, and cttmetl mind* to obcj God'* will, and to of- 
Tvnd no moru. WljE-Tcroro our duty iv, to vttmv to tlioeu lioly my«l(-ric* 
»Iih mn*l htany thiinki. 10 ht? giten En Almlgbiy God for bin mflniis 
*icTcy and bciidJtit gtvcu ind bt*tuwi'd uiioii ua, Ida tiuwurtliy scr- 
tantvv for wboni be bath not ardy given hi» body to di?a£it, mi<4 H^od hitf 
bloodr bill ftlio dolh Toii'^hinfot bi a ^ftrramoEkt nnd myntvryt lo gtvc us 
|bw aaid body «nd blmhl njiiritualjy it> fi-rd and dmk u|jmu Tlic nbith 
hHCnuamt? bein;; bo divine nod buly a thing, and 40 cciiirorUblL- tu tb«nt 
wbiob roct'ivD u vortbtjy, and bo dangerous to tht^m tbaE wdl prcti^mo 
bD lakv. ibc Kiuie uEiwortljity* my duty it!, tu tAljort yuu, in the tav-aa 
J, (o CDHfiidrr tliu txi'i^atoc?* of ihr (hin^, and to search and cxo- 
fotir ova conicicm^oB, and that net lightly, nor afti?r tbc miuinor 
iblon iritb God : but \a tlivy wbk'li !(Fi4jnId uoini* lu u luost 
fodtj uid Lravtnly banquet i not toc4>in« but in tlic marriage jtarmcnt 
rcqulrtd of God in (cripCurc, that you may, 10 mud} &■ Jkth in you, 



TliC v^yn and mAM 

bn faun*! worthy Ut come to tuch o tflblf^. 

•* FinE. Tlinl you U- truly rrpcrulant of jour funocr cril Uff!, ujil that 
]fou conrcas, lAiOi an tinTd^cd hiart, to Alnitghty God, your udr and 
unktii^n4-tuT')war'U hit Mt^4-tfy,cDinmiitu<] Gitli<>rbv mil, word, or il«cd, 
inflfinily or ignomuciv H»4tlmt, nilh i^iuunl fio^tu^ iiiliI k'^rp.^uu ln-vsU 
you^ offpnoce, an<I rcr|ui™ of AlniiKUtj' <>o^i uktov and pftTii<»n. praoiia- 
ing Eo h(in« from iFjq boitcm of your lLear(*,L|iti amendment of your for* 
taer MTt* Anil.ountjng^t all otEtrni, I am t'ommattiJt-d of Got), i^jHviftllf 
to rnovo oii<l c^livrt you lo rucuDciU yourirlvcs to your iidgLbuur% 
vhom TOU hnvp. attifndt^t\, or ivlio havj> ol1oni|i;<<t you, putliii^ out nt yoiiTi 
tit^arbi all hatr«l And Jiiulicc ngaitj^t ihcm. and to be in \asv «iiO choritf 
wUli u\] tlic worM, and to fuTgive other, u you tvould tficit Gotj »boul4. 
foff^ivG yon, Andn if lUere be noj of jou» vboso con»cienco u troubled 
mud grirvrd at any lhfHg» InrLmi; couifiiri or c-ounsnl, let liitu cmne to 
mo, ur to »omi' otli^r diacrvcl and li^ariKtl |iri['»tt lai'^Jit in tliv Uw of 
God, aad confoM arid open hi« sin and ^nirf acerotly. tliat he may ns- 
ocive Fiuvh g]iO!>ity cpuiinrl. iidvi^'e* and romforu thai hii ct^UHnciiri- maf 
he nVivyvtl, and (hat uf ua,a0 s [iiiiiisltr LifGod aiiJ of tl^fr clior^b, he 
vnAy TotMiivc comfort and absolution, io the ftiiti&factiOQ of his mind, tad 
■ivoidinii? of nil tcrupk' nnl ■liiithTriitTKi'pi: rT^i|ittriilg iiii^h ^h Ahull Lj« 
'MUGcd wLib u pMjt^ruT coiifi'Mioi), imt to Ik; oflVndcd with thcni ihildo 
1UC, to their furthr^r datintyinf:. the aurioalar and B<^L'ret oonli?ttJUTi to tho 
privtfl, nor ttOHp dkc, wliLHi x\\\t\k ta-otirM or fonvpnl^nr. for rh«> quiet- ^ 
nc» of tlicir nwn consciences, pnrticulaily to open tlicir iina to tZioH 
priceti to t>c oHrndvd with thrm which uro MitiA^pd with ili*^\r hunible 
66TlfMil01l to God, and the ^rncml eonfrfiiiion Io tlif i^huroh ; buU in all 
thmc things, til fuUoH and ket^p tliv rule of chadty, and trvcry uum 
be Mi^Bfied ivith lii:4 own OOnscLt-nCf, notjudprift nthct tnvn^ mind« 
40101 ^heftfoa he Intth no tvarmnl of God'» word for Uie »flnnv" 

The fimr" cf Ikmiiif/urnivn itkiifl f/e tiNmfrii'tffitj \tftfr that ihf prieti 
hiptBti/ hafk rrefiii<eii thr tucramenl, u'i/hoiit the varying aj nrr^ itther ^ 
fj7« or <ivni0Hy id thr ind» {nntil otkfr <trttfrt tlmtl A* pravidfiit} 7^^ 
bvf, nw tirrf/ffi'rr uK'ittHt/ th^ yrlt-xt hrtSh iffmi^ teifh tkf tiimimni ttf 
thf ii*>dfj, tif jmpitr-ir, &fr»», ttnc/ eoitJ<i^rata to mufh hj U-'Ui -i*riv /A* 
p99ptt, to it ahali yet eontinut nfitfi ttj}^ fhf tt^-mf inaanfranHjbrnijMV 
that hf xhiitf (ihut rtfit ittns^rrtstv thf tii'j'jpit chofirr, trr ttitmr/air mmd 
Ctmetnient cup or cupa faU of tciaf, icith inmt ti*a/.f>/' put vato it ; itiu^a 
thai d«^y n*>{ <irfii/i \t ujt iiti hwit^l/, hat tako t'lH' ojity supj <tF ti/natyklf 
Uarn thr rfit ajton the altar ftircrett. ami turn (u fh^m thai arr disposed 
to hepai'ta^m '>f (he coiAmnnwn, attj thali thn4 rjthcrt thj^m, at fit- 




D««rijr btfo«td in tbc Lonl. yc uuaii»^ to his holy vonimuDiou muitt 
eoni^tj whfli Sl Taul «rli«th tj> thi' C^trlnrliLartAi how hi> nxhortpili all 
:pcr«on]i diligcDttj to irj Ami e>L<mJnr- tUi'ru«cl vr*. nr rti:r [licy (irouiiitf 
looU ortliis brnul, and driuk of ihiBCifp: for> as Ihc? briiclit U j^rcnt, 
tf, witli a truly portllt^nt hwwt and lively f^titli, w<? rvot-iwi* Lliit lioly 
IfiairramiTQl (for Elkrii vfr. ipiiitunlly ml lUf HimIi i>rClirihL« aiiil driiiL tii* 
Vood ; dien trc dwull in Chriitt &Litl ULnit in ud ; we be wqAq one irilh 
Cbriat, ftnd C^iri^t vilh lu), hi Ia th^ rlang#r gr^t, if we r<-ci>iv« the 
e wmorUiily : tm thtu we bei^cjme guilfy of thp liody und bUmd ijf 
CfariaiiOiLr Saviour; w<! rat and dnriL our oad damnation, beCA^isf wo 
make no ditT^ renor of lIk^ Lonl'i hailj ; wc tindlo God'f wrnt!i over u« ; 
n pntrukr liim Eo I'llKUfr u» witlj itivf tH diw.'^ura, and iiimiry Ititid-i nf 
rallt. Judjcr. therefore, yourMrlvTA, liftrt^in'ii, (Imt }'c be uutjudj^ud 
tho Lord, Let your rrtind ba without c|o*irv! lo ain t Trpcni jrou truly 
r jtjnr Man pn«E; Elavk art a^mwt and tivHy failh In ChriFd, our 
.T^ur: be tn perfect cljarlty willt all mcii. M itliaL] yc bo iiict-t |>a^ 
of th«ec holy iityj^t<<riiHp But, alMva all thin>^ you niu^t |;tvo 
HHvC hUTnble and liniriy tliankii to (>rH). thp Fftlhrr, thr Son, Jind Ih? 
Holy GhoBi, for the rwlcmptoa of iJie world by tlie death Aiid pa»ion 
of our Snviour, ChriRl, both God ard muriT wlio du.\ JiLimbk JiiTii«ul( 
etpn to the drub i][)on llir (To«», for uu mWraNv ih^nm, Ij^riff lu 
daiiuev aad titc sEiadirw of dnth, thuL he tuJKlit inakr up thir childrra 
•IGodt oodovalt unCocTcrljulin^ Uf^, And, to thurnd that wc atioald 
■Iway* mmfmibrr the e^rerditig lov« of riir maat'*r, nnd only ^tavlour^ 
onia Cl^tbl, tliut dyiugfor us, oiid thi? bnuinn-ithlu bciietlu, whidjpby 
b* prrciou« blood ihffldinir. he hatb ubtniiiol to un^ li« hath Itl^ la 
Ihcsta boly myireriefl, oj a pledge af hi> love, nad a remem- 
ee of tlie Mttu'. hU own lilewed body and prr.-irioufL bloody for u* 
ftplntuolly to for-d upon, to our cmtli^ji* roiufort and conflohitJoa. To 
bim, therft'ore, with Ilie tathc<r, and the Holy CihodJl, let ue give, oh we 
are luoM Ivmnd^r, continual itimikn, nubiuittriig ount'lves wholly tt> ItU 
|i>1y vill and plcuurr, and ^tud^Ing to nervr hint, \n Irw holinctaand 
rii^btenLunrsf, nil thu diiys of our tifo- Amra." 

TTW-fl rJu priftf nAitH xtiy tti thmi wMrk h* rpady in trtkt the tnrrnmeritt 

" If aiij iixan linv En- nn ojH-n blo^pBjt'nii'r, aduItt^rtTi Ui malice, or 

cnvyi Of aay olhir notable enmi:, and bo not truly iorry therfiforc, and 

m^tEy m^ndivl in ]ctivf> iUp «Amf> vlrcM. or ihHt ilotb ttut trust hirnitlf 

bn rernQcili^d to Almighty (jod. and iu cOuirity »ith all llii^ wurMi 

t him yH 0whi1t< bewail hia bieiis and not come to thia holy tab[(!> le»t, 

Ibr latin^ of ihi* nioct hlMnod brrorl, ilir d^vd --fiEiT mUi hioi, m 

did into Judu% to fullH in liiiii ult iuii|iiUy, and to Ijrlji)^ hbii to di;* 

rtructjon, both of |iod^ and *oul." 




Jtrttr tht printifmil jitiuMt mrhih. tii t^ if *r*y miit milt ttithiimw 
hitmtif: and if hr yprcfifraay lu tu th^ thtn iet him t^rnmuHf atifh ina 
priviit/, at ronrfnumt irinuif^ and »vt lehtthtr /tt fin, with yiiad ^Tilor- 
tatwn^ bring him fofrnee: itiu^ a/Iff a Htih fume^fhe jinssi iK^U Mf : 

** You, tJwt do triilj and fnnirsll^: n^pcnt ton of your Bin*, and fjf* 
fcmcCB.commitlcd 1o Almighty Gnil, And bt> in ln\t> pnd cliknty uiiili 
junr iieJi*]iLourH. mid iijitnd to iuad « nrw lifp, nnd hi-anilj Iti fnllov 
tfjc ci>riiiniL(KlmcnU of Got), oiid lii ^k Truin IjcnccfuKb in liiv liUx 
ways, dpttu' n«ir, and late tlkii holy Kicrmnput lo your uomfort ; tntk% 
jour Iruuklih- cunfcNHicin m Almigfity (iml, hiul I'j U\n holy Hiurtrhjieiv H 
gathered toother In hli name, meekly kneeling upon yotir Ilqccs," ^b 

Thitn tha/t a i/fvonti c<m/ft$ion bt nad^. in fht nam* cf M tt^oH, 
th/it art vtitrdfd to tferinr the h"fif nmnHnntim^ fith^r hf nof of fA/ft, 
vr pUe by one of ihc lainuterat or bjf i/ie ji/iftt kimirtf, t^U Jt7i4tiiMy 
htipifjltf vjn>n tAfif JtH00M^ 

"Almighty God, Fnthpr of our Lrrd J^sos ChriBl* mnlrr of til 
thin^. judge- of nil m«P» wc ackjioKk-dge nnd bt-'MuU uur [jiaalfuld uns 
mid wickodT)r«9i nlikdi wc, frum litoe to littic, mi>*t grkvvuiijy haru com' 
ini(li?d, by thought, word, and det^, agniiNt thy tlivinri m4i|e«ty ; pro* 
Tcking m«t justly Uiy irruth nnd IcidlgnatlDa ugniant uk, W» do tar- 
neally rcpont, find be lic^arttlv sorry f()r the^e our niiidoings. Thr rvxaom* 
brnncc of tlinu is grievous nntii uc^, thn burlh«>n of them U intoUmbU: 
tare mi-rcy upuu hh, iia%e iHerry ii|ion ii*, tiimt rourtlPil faihrr : for thf 
*Dn« our l^rd Jeaus Cliriat'a finkt^, furicivi^ us oU thut is piut> aud gnnt 
thckt wp umy ever hiTreuner servo and pl«ifto thi'c, in ncwnw* of llfl*, 
Co till* fmiiour nrid i^lory uf thy nrmir, thrmi|;h Jma* Chrint our liOrd.' 

Thrn ahiili iJu priat Mand ttp^ and furuin^ Aim to lAe peitpU^ Mjf 


"Our hipfticd T,ord,who hathlt^ft }mwt^r to hii rhurch tojil»*ijlTt-|)mi* 
tent Bintier* from tlidr ntiik, and to rv^Lorr Lo thf grace of t^it: lirAviridy 
Faith«r 9ui?[i as truly bclicvu to Chrlat. huvc mcroy upon ynu^ pardon 
and ddlver ynu frniu nil tint, <'cinltrni nivl 4Tn>Mgrlir?ii yoi) In All good* 
neao. nnd brirjE you to i^vcrlnalJu^ life." 

Then ahaii the prhtt riand up, antt, furnift^ Aim Ivwarti thf pe^plr, 
tay thut : 

" Ilt^r «fuit 4'omrorldlttn worda our SiLi'loiir ClirtMtmiCh to &II th&t 
truly turn to hiin:— 

"' Comt* unto mo nil iluii travul, and \ie ho*vy ladun, and I shall ro* 
fn^U you- So n<H] likvn) thr world, Thni he ^v» Wm niily begotten 
Son, to ttte end, tlint all that bdii-vc in him ahoiild not perish, but Imro 
life cvctrhiHling.' 

" Hi'ir nlM wlint St. Paul with ;— 

IKI. *tlKl 




" ' This I> a tnuT uiyiTig, arjd wnnhy of nil inrn in be fimhniofd luij 
rwrHtt«I| Ibat Ji-9U« ClirUt c^mv into tl^i^ itorld to mvc ainDei%' 

" H«Ar alio what Sl Jotm utitb : 

*"\Timy nmii «idi we huvc an ailviK'ati- wilfi tlie FatTiLT, Jciiu ChrUE, 
the riic'i^'^u'^: lie it ia rhat obuihoil jf^roco Tor oui »i[i»/ " 

7%f« iJU// iMt pnnt kafti dowa, anA tai/, in ihe taiaitf 4if fiU th^^n 

" Wc <lo not pruumc to cmtux to thix, th^ Ubie (O intfrciru! Lord)* 
trutting in CHIT mtri nf;^(vutiifj]iw, but in thy monif'gLd and ijrcat mtr- 
dm. Wr l>p nril wi^rtfij h> mtirh jia 10 gaifif<r up thtr cnimbi under 
thjr toblf? ; buL ihou art Uiu untitc Ix^rJ, ^vlii^st' jjiujurl)- i» ulwu^s lu 
baiY nitre)'. Oruit u*. lh(*n.<torti, grutiuuti Lunli iO to «at tlic RrMli of 
thy di^af Son, Jnut r^iri^. nnd vn ilrinL h\t hiooti, in iltf-M lioly niya* 
(ctiSA, thai i*t* iiiay (rontiiiuatly ilwcil hi liim. aiii lit in ii*: tliot our 
■isfQl bodin) may bf mado ctoan by hii* body, and our pouU ira^hed 
thrtMigh hij m«!£t ptvcicui hlood, Amm/' 

I'Am zhvit ihf jrrniff rMf, '^ pBopU nfUf rrvrrrnlfy ktUfUn^, and tha 
fric^ilMail tJtiiffr the vor/HMnnion, /tt^l h the iniiiiAirrt, if any hn iher^ 
prvtfHif that Iht^ tmttf hf r^ady ta Iiplp tftt priett, anft afltr, to ihff 
pflMr. Jnd when A« tfvlU tirfrrtr ihe nacmmgnC 0/ Ihe body of CMatf 
Ar UmU my to £tery cut /hfte teorA* foliou'intj • 

*'n^ body of our Jxird Jv^mv Chr'wtt vihwU wu g^veu tbr th««, prc»> 
icTvi- iJij IxaJy mtut i^vvrliAtlng hf«,' 

^mJ tAe prifftf,dftiivnit^ tkr iaeramentv/ fhe Ihod. and giving ciwry 
9t* itr dr\nk, i-mrf tmJ mt mrvf, thnit t/tb r 

" iTir hlood of riur I-nni Ji^au* ThriBi, which wan *hn<J for Ibw*^ pp^ 
tart thy «Dul uniu cvcrlaittJD^ lit'cp'* 

if Jh^r* ba a lirriront or nlhfr priftif ih^H thatt kf fcUow with th§ 
ehaiif^. and. ai the fFirtl minntterfJh the breads %p ift^ill kn. fitr mnrt 
f^rJition. ruiniiirr thf n-int, in fvrm brfvrt writlfut. Ttif-jt ihnU tk4 
prittf, farni*^ him io l/w pt*opU, frt the pt^ipU drptifl with ihu frVwtwj." 

"^The ptficc of Gtid, whlt'li |imi«i>Lh all liudrnftandiitg, )tc^^ ruur 
b«Ute and tuiuds m thv knowli^d^o uiid loto of Uodj and of liii» ijiiUi 
Jonu Cbriati our Lord." 

To ^kirk thfp^itpU tkiiU nr/tnrr^ 

" Anir.n " 

Noie, llnit Uio broiidi (hat Bhall be consvorat^d* nhUl bo 9ach as hcfVV' 
kjiara Imtii briT Acruhlom^d- AiLfl fVAry iif llu^ ruhid <'uTiic«<rTatcd 
bread* ftball hts broken Ui two piturs at the leut, or iiiorr, by tbv? dW 
«f«boii of tbo miniHtrrr jind po di»tribotod. Ami mon niu^t nvt Ibinh 
1b0 ro be* Trccti'r<d in pun, than in ihf wholo^ but in i-acL of ihc-m iho 
irboJo body of vur Suvjvur Jfsna Cliri*t. 




Note, thfttif hckil^iodtanci;. lUiUthi; wiuciialiowcdftXidcoiiBCCnijtfd 
iloth not ttutBup, or bo nuoii^ti fur thvni that i)o take th« c^mmnnkint 
llm \tHf*-U nfivr tlie fiotcufi orchalkv bi^nrifitjril.nuiy ^ a|[ua to the 
4luri and n^TcrcnUy und dcvooil^ prepare and conaeondjo iDOtlicr, iw4 
•n Uii^lfiirilH or iiiiirt' likt>uiiii\ tK^innjiig at llii>>"> vordii, *^ titurVi mtiWo, 
jmjrf^panM iirH^rjijn ffir/,"" miJ rmlln^ nl tUrtiP word*, '"^mi prv votria ci 
pra tnulti* ffftmdetitr irt rcmUticnfta ptceatcmia;" Aud vltliout ViJ 
devotion Gt LifX'mi; up. 

No. l\—{Jt^tim<l tv af pi^ 33.) 

^ jf<( 0/ Um/ormittf ofServkt. uHii AdiiUnitiratha e/the Sacram^ttit^ 

Ihriruff/wnt thr Ueatm. 

[Stalluidn Ed. VI.C.1.] 

Whuiv, (jf Inn^ tirnn. thrrr hnilt hi'rn Jiail, 1h ihU rvniiii of Kn^l^iil 
and in W'oIcb, Uivt^n ionm of common prayer, commuriljr called the 
«(^rvicft of th« charc}i, tliat tn to nayf Uio tmc of Saruni, of Yorkf of 
Bnngnr, unci nf Lincoln ; nnrl. hcviitn: iJic tnmr. nou^ i>f L-iir. muc^ti mum 
divtin ttud BiinUrj furms and fuAliiciifi have bttii uacd lu iIjc C4lJH?dreJ 
ftnil porifcli churo|i»« of Kngland iind Wntt'^, a« w^U couDf^rnLn^ lh« 
□mtitiK or luorniiig pn\ycr, and Tho ovon^iotig. u.f ei]if> concerning tbo 
hi>l} miliar lujj^tjiu i-oiiJi[i^id;r c»lk'tJ llit! luai^, wtlh djvcn md »iuijdr; 
ritca and ocrpmonio* ronocrtiiti^ iho uitnc, ntnl in llic ndinini:»iroti£*a of 
oiliK mirnrnpnu of tlii^ chnrrli : And, a>i ih^^ dn^nt nml i^i^rutoM at ^^ 
the said ntcn and ccrcicDJiiai in ntlicr lorm Uibq of lotr yoon ll>*y^| 
Iwvo biwii tiMdt WL-ro plr^Mnl th<'r4.4\yidL, so rtlitTi not uaing llie Mtno 
rit«ii and ec pcmonirji. worn ihprtby prrnlly ofFiinded : And^ alMt |fc« 
kiliKa nu^e«ty, wtlli tltc advice uf hla tnoitt cutiivly bdiivrd uncle, tho^^ 
lord protector, and ^Ih^r of hm InpUnriw' council, Utith hi^rot^fforv diven ^^ 
iimci iLuayrd to itny itinovaiioni, or ncv rito, conccrninii; llio pn^mjMii^ 
m tlir Kuin.' hudi tK)l Jmd mdi |;ouii butct-ju an liin liE^hniw rvijiiirrd 
ID that lirliulf; whcrinj[H.iii hiK lij^finon«i by (bv ntuvC jirudutit advice 
ftfoivaatdp being plnucd to brnr with tlic fmiliy and wrjiLnM« of hU 
aubJL-(;tjf, Ui timt brimlf, r>r hiH grf'Hi cIciui'iK'y bHlh niit lHH<ri onfy (-on- ^H 
tr^nt tc fthnUun from purti»haici]t of diOHO (liut httvi: olfanJud iti tliiU be- iH 
half (for Ibut hii higUiu-ci ijkL-tJi* that tlicy did it of a good xrrd), but 
aTifOi ti> thii intf nf, a iiuifiirni, iioinr^ and jj;rH|ly nrJt'r ■<h(mM hr hul ron* 
crruin^r the pn^mitm, hath oppointcd the arch lii a I tip ^f Curjterhurv. nud 
ocrtain of\\ni inunt h'arn«-d Mtd drionvt bisJiop^ niid L>thcr li^arncd inra i 
of lTii< rwilm, 10 cnnMdor ami pnndor tho \yrfn\\att\ und thorrupon, 
havirrg a* ivr^ll eye (LdU reafwct to the moat tinccrc arid purr ('lirWtiarj 
religion Inu^bl by tlia SL-npluro,fl« to the twiigo* in Ihc primlliyc cburcb, 





nw utit niftkc one conw^iiLrni and inivt OTdcfi rilct mid fjubjnn, 
oTcomiiLoii tad op**; prij^r, nitiL rkdminivlnt^on af Lhf yacrumcntHi to 
b^ hail witl qumI In hfi maJHty'^ rralm of Kn^l^mcl. and in Wain ; ihi' 
iHiiclu 4it (his tunt. ^ f^t nit/ pf ihr tivfy Ghi^t, vii\h onr utiirDmi 
ttl>n4-niriit, Ia of Ujmi condudf^r^, *rt forth, and ddivrrod Li> hJA fai^h- 
nruL, ta hU gwnt ronifnn anJ qmrtnrtN nf mird, in a bonk iniitlnli 
" 7^ Book of Vomtnti /Vn^fr, ami Aifminht ration t>f fhr SacramrrtU, 
Smd eth^r Hitei and CtrevioPiet "X iha Churfh^ sflff the Vu of tf^e 
Ck»rth i[f Epgi'iPii :" Vt'hfin>fiitCf t\w \ftitU jpirimil afiiI Ti>nil>oml, :irid 
the coiuinorut iii lliU piTMmt parliament »v«icinbUd, coiiAiilrrjir^ u- n^l 
the raoit godly travel of tho kin^'i liif^hnc^Hi of thu tnrd protcL<tori and of 
oth^r hU yghriMA'B ominj'd, {n ^rhtrlnj; and rnll^ptlng rhr* hniil arch* 
bUbopu bUhi3p4. nud IfarntMl mrn tui^i'tiivu'. a.i llie titHllv prji^rn-p crtlcnk, 
ritcv vi4 cermiiotjua in thr Kaid l^cx^k iitontiorttdT uuJ ihc coaijdcrutioDfl 
<if alUiHTTg thna^ Ehlngt vhlHi he n1ti*rDd> and mufning thnur ihmga 
vfcicli be r?ca3iinl. in ihr nAtd book, and id&tv ihe Imitour uf Ood. luit^ 
ftTMt <luirtJi(m vrhich, by the f^nkc^ of U^xt, nUnll cnHUO npoii tlii: one 
vhI tinifonn rilv BJid ord#>T, Jn incli common prayer, niid nlii, and 
ttttfu urn^iiiummit ttf W lucd tLitf;Li^lji>tU Eip^luml, and iu Wak's. al 
CalnU, »nd the morolinacf thcnatnc,dof;ivotohifl hi^hnou mont hearty 
and lo«ly ihankt for t^^ t-ATTt^j und hunildy prny, ihui \t may W or* 
doinin) HJid i^iiactrd by h'w mujr-'tty. wkEi tliroMir^nt iif the h^nlt ojtil 
common*, in tWa prcKUt puriiumcut aMombJod, &nd by tho authority of 
tbo Mm«. tli&t all OTid nhijviil/ir pi^rson atuf pcncjic^ Ihat l-an-o otfc^ndcU 
concerning l.lie pn*m!biK, oliirr (Imn hurh prr>i{iii iiiu\ pcrpftrh ux now bi^ 
remiLin in wrtnl, in the 'J'owrr of London, or in the Hcri* may be 
ic<l thervofi and Uint all nnd Aing;tdAT minL«t'>rT, it; nr>y [>athL<Jral 
paTkb chard), or [Jther platrn within this rrJilm of EiiRlanil, Wfll*?s, 
dJoi** vid the mArcbot of tht- vnaic, or oth^r the king a doniiEiIanis 
AiU, from bnd alter the kmt of Pcntccont next coming, bi> boundon lo 
ttf iml nw Ific malirjA, ^wnnioii;^ cclebnition of The l.ordV Snpper, 
CcranMnly called ihr. moM, and Administration of each the »aoramrjilA» 
Hid all their common nnd opon praycT, in viich order and form lu it 
nmtionvd in ihv sinir UkiL, nnd none oLrit>r, nr iitlKTwiiti^, Atid »\\hAI 
Aaft the Minr be to |£odly nnd good, that lliey jcii'c occatlon to 
CVBVy benW and ocinforiiiuhlt< muti tnoitt wilLin|*lv t^ vnibraco them, yet, 
Imi nny obatinnlr prnon, who vdlin^^ty ivoidd dintiirh ut gotWy order 
lod ijuict in tills realm, should go uupunishctl, that it may also he or- 
diuttd and onnctrd, by the authority afon^Miid, thoT, i( any cnannijr of 
.■aivon, wtrr, or either whatsovver niinislr^r, ihAi mighr nr ihould ulng, 
'Or wy oaiuntau pmyer lueiitioiitd iu ihv sNitd hook, or uiiniatcT titc m* 
,«ram&nl«, •hall, aXUi thti Miid feoHt of IVntix^out nvit corniiiif, refine to 



(^o- i%. 

UM* llir* ka[i1 fTonimnn jirayeri or to nilnrater (lie harrsinenu, lit aticK cm* 
llicilrali or pArUli cKurcb, or fptht^r ^liff a^ Ue should tuc, or Eniokilrr 
the «tuikC| in muh iirfk'r and f'onu «i tlity be tuL^ntiontHl juitJ Mt fofth 
In the wUil honk^ nr nlioll uat, vilfVilly nnd ohAtlnar^ly nunillEig In 
Ihc laLuv. any othci ritv, ci^rcmodTi ordcTi foroi, or moJincr of nUMt 
opunly ur jjrivily, <ir inAtinH, ^von-HOiig, fMJTninUtnLtiiiii of Xho Baorftr. 
mpDts or other oprn pniynt. thnii \% mrmittntrd an(\ mtI fonh 
tbe wd bock, ur bIjuI] pn-!U.'h, d«c]ari^, or tficuk auy iLing in ll<e 
goUoii or <l<'firavins ai' tEu? Bald hook^ oT of any thin^ therein co«itfiiE 
or CifaTiy part thcrer^f mirl nlrdll l>r< ttier(H>r Inwfully c<L»yioi<'d iu^sit 
Ing to tlio W> tif thi» ira1»i, by verdict of twelve iiK^n, or by hih o^ 
confcBioji. or Vy the noloriuuiB uvidc^ai^i* of Ilia fuct, nbaU loto umI fo 
f^il ti> tlif' kli^gA Mghrt<>iu, Ilia Up\?% nnd A^irt^fji^oni. fnr hU And ofTi^iK 
tlic proflL of aikclk one cf lit» iplrituol bcncfic^^a or pronioUona* u it iKaJI' 
plMM the ktagB iiLghnc-AB Vt tua^a ur appoint, ooioii)^ iinil arising in 
<inff whnTf year ni*\i after hiA conviclioii ; ani] nlhn, tlml thf* s^mp ptr* 
Km «i> convicted *\ia\\. for tin; sjiuli^ uHtiJcep ^ufiVr iiiipnaunniciil by iIm 
Vpuco of air mootlia, uithuitt biii or iiuiii^]>mi^; uudj if anyau^ih pcnoi% 
oncv coiivint of any ^uch olf&rkcN> ronc^rning tlm preoiLwet-, rIiilIIj afttt 
bii Antt runvicdan, cfUuons unVud, and be tliorccif Ju Tirm nfonvaid 
lAvvfolEy couvict, that thun llit: a[Liii« pmon idiall. for liia-t^ouj otlciioa 
htilfcr impriAOUment by tlie upaco of oni} wbolv ycar> and abo ahall 
tJiDn?A>re be deprived, ipm/aeto, nf ol) lib ipitilDfll prumuiianB* an^H 
that it dtiall he Wful to all pntroni^ donors irrantc<^ oPdland bid^Ut 
tho itaino ipirituul prDtiiotigas. to pn^icnt to ibo tame any otlier aE»L« 
drrt, b llkr |[iAmier and f^jriri an tliou^li tfii- pHrTy ?<o oflVnding vprt 
dead; and drat, if any anch pcn>on or pcnKJ(]»s ofUr Ir- bhoM br^ i«ice 
(convicted in form afcroaaidt thrill ofland agnicni lULy of thr prcmisM UiS 
lliird time, and ulinl] Ijp lliwriiof Iri form afDrvnakl lawfidly <;onv]ct, thrtt 
the pcraon. %o ofiVadinj; aud c^mvlcti^d t1J^' tbtid Umt. ^Eiall HufTtr iia* 
prison mont during Jhis Jif«. And if tlic pt^reoni that uholl oHond and bft 
*'iTHVV!t in form nforf^iuid fnnrflnilng pny nf rhf prpml-i**, tliall not btt 
brncficcd. nor have an; ^tpintual prv>motian» tEirn die *aiii(' fivr^urj, lO 
O^cndjn^ and tjoiivici, nhalt, tbr t\w linit oHi^nci*, pufFcr impriftonnicot 
dumg lix months wilhmit lioU or mampritw ; and if any 4ui:-li person, 
not having any spiritual promotion, aftt^r hU first conviction, idmll efU 
«oou> offend in any Ihin^ f^onccrniTi); the prcmi^v^i, und nliatl in form 
afoivNjiid hi' ilirri^r>f LimfuUy fivivirrivd, itiuf rh«n tho cnnic por^n ahaU^ 
Tor ItU hctHiinl ^jfTcijct^. »v^lfcr taipi-Uoiiiuvnt duno^ hJs life^ 

Aad U is ardajned and rnoctod by the authority abovtsftidt 
if any peraon or pf^rHonA vv hamnrvnr, nftj-r rJto «uirl fcait of Fqd 
next fximingi iltolL in any interlude*, play^t miji|{«, rliymt^jtf or bv 



.. IIC-I 



aajr o(h«r opcc vonls. dcdorc or npnk an^r Ifiinf; in thf! dcn^pdion« 
ifepniTih^f or dvapbicg of tb« Mme boot, or or ilut thing ibvroin 
<*oncmJtinl. or of unj |iftrt ihrrrnr* or thnW. liy »ppa fart> tlM^d, nr 
bj open tlamkningBi eompcj, ur caun?, or oth^TitiArr procum or 
OMiloteia «»jr piir«>n, vicar, nr nth^r mmUtdrr in aiij* cnthoiniJ, oar 
parUi f4iurclit «r chnprl, or in cury oEhitr pWi\ to itinif ir my nny «oin- 
niun AD(i tjpm prayer* or to mluEciter any Ba(rrum<.'Mt, utb?r<rLart or in 
Wf otltpr Uiuinrr or form, iLan U Rkr<ntiaii£<d in tJi^ *4iid bonk, or th«l[| 
bj uiy oftlte i^id niFaii», unlawfialty intcmipt or li.-r any ^anon, viur, 
or nlJier luiuiatifri in &uy ral!iti<Ira]> oi' parlblj chuTt'li* cliajjtJ. or ouy 
Mkn" plAoc^ lo ung or uy common and <^pcn pmycr» or to minister tbe 
M«rAfD«?nfft. or aity oril^^iii, in tacU niJirmcr Ami rorni, n« j« menilonM 
in flip vt'id Ixiok, — Un-n ev^ry |>cnii~iii, briii}£ ilicrcuf lii»Ai11y coiivEctnii 
in form AboY«MiiJ,BhnlJ toffdi to the kinp, uur «oror«i^ lord, hu huin 
vul mocmon, for ih« Hrvl iifT«inf4» t#ri pnuudfi i nitd tf any^ puruin nr 
pcriflMi lH*itj^ uT)i:i? ciijtticti-d i>f any *uch oJTiTncc. dUuoua (rlTcticl 
agniDti any ofthc prtmisL-f^ arid bliiiil in fi>nii aPufrwiid bo thrruof l&w- 
fally conrict, ttiAt tiM>n tlia Mimo porvon. 4o ol^rnding and ooDvtct, ahaU> 
fnr ihc irctmd oShn^t, forfeit Ui ttm ItiJijj, uur iiuvemgii lord, hin heuu 
tod Micce-BOE>, Iwrrity pouud^ ; unil if utiy pi^nKin, aftfr he m form 
alor— aid «JiftII have bi>oii Iwic^o vonvK^t of any oficncc coni^crnlrig any 
of th* pronlnv, thnM ofl^iid & third liiii^, nnd be Ihrrrof in fonn bbnvr> 
ttid kvrfiilly iou^ict, ihal then every pm'suui ao olFi'iidin^ and tJOiivlcLr 
iftlltfor hiA tliird olfi^nr^r-* fi^rfiT'it to our kfivi '1x1^11 kinl, l.lio kiiif;^ [dl hia 
Uld HinrU'li. unci nhnll ■off^.T intprEiiciTitnrnr during IiIk lil'r; nnd 
'«uy p<^ivou or jiet-iuiiis iIulI. for bit fint ufivnoo uoutri-rnlug the pre- 
«ball be conrict In form aforunicJ, do not pay (lie w\iir to he paid 
Tlr1ii« of hilt oon fiction, tn vnrh rmiini'r ami form lu the tn-tue ought 
be paid, wilhiu ii\ vivvl^ iif>l tiflcr hltt funvlvduii, that thcji cuvty 
^noa >o conTTct^ and not »o Fayins tlio ftanio. jihall, for iJiir lanjo of* 
■ow, in<l«od of tbv ttkirl tt^n jioiindif, auifcr impriionincnt by thn qtut'o 
Tllirw inonTlis withouE lutit or niHlnpiihi': rind ir uny |>i'r*on or puf« 
insi that, for hU »f cond offcnct^ <x)ncrrning lUr- prcMtthC«, rihftlt be con- 
ia form afomaid, do not puy tliu cam to he paid by virtue of hk 
tion, in luoh manner And form as 1I1& Ham» onglit to 1v> pnld, 
tin v/vtUa ntit oiU^t Ilia saJd coovjction, ihat dicn ei'ery pomrm 
n convicted, and imt ao |>»ying tlie cotho, tthill, for the ttarjic insiiid 
nflVnoe* ifiitnd of ibc wdd iviviiy poiinils, aiifftr liziprlsonmpnt daring 
lix ItiODlbiii* wiUiuui ball or inainptUL-- 

Atrd it i» ortlainc<l and cnactodr by tl>u ftnthortty uforcsuidt that all 

[Bnd every ju>(tiM4 of oyt»r mid dnnrmiticf, or juHlit'u oi n»i«>, dtmll 

r« fall power aiid uutijutity, in crcry af tttdr opim and ifmtnd »f»- 



ftloD«^ to oit<}Uinr, htvir, and dctcrmino all and all manner of 

thai fthnll bp ^^immitin] or i^oap, oontrar)- to «ny trtidc «»i»UiinHl la 

cIm?i jiren'ut dJ:l. ni[]im (]i{? Umit* of ihc coziiim»iou to ibmii din.-ok<I. 

and to make j^rocc^'s for the i^xi^c^ution of thi' fianjo, aa they may do 

aguiiiNt any )ioiNciri> being i^nJiot^^ bt-ron; them of tivaptt*, or U»> 

fully c»tivictoJ thi:icor> ^- 

FrovirlcH always, and be it rnncti^ by tlic authority ofor^Mid, ll)^| 

tU Ud eTpt^ nrcli]it<jhop nti<i bMho|? «lin1l <»r io«y, at nil timt? und tiin?*^ 

athU llbrrly ajjil (ilfiwun^, join aud ft>«^ieiAU' hiutiti'ir, tiy vlrtiii.- of (hi* 

act, to thi? 9ahi ju(itjt't» of oy«r and dctcrmii3cT| or to the Mud jiMicef 

ofnfiikizo. al f'V^rv of iho i^id opvn Hod ^ci^^ral scvwiona tci b« boldvp ia 

any pljirr ullhtii his dtoofar, for, hihI Io Oji^ i^n^ikiiry, hi-ariug, mni] tl^ 

Ivrmmhi^ of the olTcricos afornold. ^H 

Provided Alu^a^Mf tJtnt A *h.\\\ ht* ]a.vhA to wty man, that uudcrvlaQcl^V 

rth ihr Grrck, l^tin, ninl Hehrntr tnnguo^ or othvr Ktrango (on|pif\ to 

fny* and hove tlie said prayers, lirrrtofore specified, of motiua and nr-n- 

mngt in Lalin, or Any Auoh otiior iot>^uo (tny'm^^ lhi> MkOK privately)* 

m ihty do tinderftnnd t and. Tor lh» further encourof^ng of kartibig U\ 

the toQSue^. b the uiii^rtrsitii?* of Coinhridgv oitd OxfanJ, to utc ut6 

<'jitft:hv tri th<^]r coinm-vi anil opita prayer, in their chnpcla (bctog no 

parish cburohv^)) or olTi^r plaice* of pmyc^r. tbt' itiatirit, ovcn-ooa^, 

btauy, aitd all otlitr pniyiTt (llje holy cuuiiauaiout tiuuiutuuly callrtl 

UtD mow, cxccpi^-d), jtTc*e-rihcd \o the »tkicl hook, in Grtck, LiLtin, or 

Hebrew, aay tiling iti thlv pn*<t(<TiT ael to thf< {'untrary nutunthiitaiithog, 

ProvkEcd aluo, thai il aIiaII Uf\ Uuful fi^ir all mri^ as well lo churciiM, 

chapels, omtoric^ or ijthrr plaices, to hk uppuly any pulma or prayer 

laLcpn oitt of th« bibltf, i^t any due lim^, not Iniling or omLiiiog ihoretij 

ihti «er\'Ice, iir any part thi-riiif. nii-ittiuiiicj la ihf. >x\*i book^ 

l^^ov^id<^d also, an-i hv it caact4:d, bv lh<-' iiut^junty [Llorccuidt thmt tlic 
books, ronci^rntng thf uid Rrr^ii^M, ihaUn at Ib^ eoAt and chargM of, 
tlie porUhinuers of every \ttiT\ah taai imlieilral church, be attaiiml 
icoturu bi^forc' ihf ffsuii of KntecoAt n<^it following; and Uinc nil out 
pormbcfl and cathedral ehurchn. or other pbu-c*. where iUl* sttid book* 
alinJl be attained and goit4>fi iM^fuiv tln^ »aid Tea*' of B-nifconl, shadft 
wilhitt tlirco vrnclu itc\t aficr the uid booki lo attaiord and jcottin}, nao^ 
tJnj vaid vfirtjoe, urtd ]>ijt the aaiui- in ur(\ aecKirdiug to Ihit aet. 

And l>i^ it fnrther loardd. by tlir mitU4>rl[y arurt-Hwd, that no }wniin 
or prrtona kliall be nt aay titnv hcrrafVi iJitpt-acbixf. or olJivritiw luu* 
ImImI. <»r or for aay of the olFonoo* above mentioned, hereafter to 
onmmltlpcl or ilaDe, rnnimry in tliU net. itnle^h lii> or they, bo r>fri-ndmi*f 
1m llictfcof indicted, at the great ijent^ral Kwion*. lo bv holdi-u 

i«. tx-1 




MkT of Ihc juBttcoii of flyer and lititi*!^!!!!!*^, or juwtiocfl of nwizc, ncKt 
Bft^r^v iiffi'HCc, rniumiltrfl nr done rrinimry m lhr> Kmnr of ihiHaot- 

Pmtid^iJ bIwut», &nil be it onftLiuexl uid F!>ncic<]| by ihc aulliorJtj 
ftforciMid, thM oil And AinKular Ionia nf tho yiurh&nnciit, for the wud 
nffiMi(?f« nlidVf- ifii-TitiiiTi»l, tliAll Ik- trird by t^irir prr>n. 

Pro^'i-Sr^d ubo. Will he it urtiaiurd iind i-itiictcd, by tlir autliority aforp- 
«Knl, that th« mayor of London, and all tltc mayonn baililfd. uid oLhor 
lead vfficent i>f aII ftml Ain^utar Htit?i, bi)mu}^fi«^ urid trtuni <<uqN?mte 
wiIUd thb ivalm, Walc^. Cftlai*. and t^c miifi^ht^ uf ilir »aiu*r< tu tlie 
Vliioh juMiOn oFuBiivi do uot oomniLonly repair, bhall have fall pnwcr 
tnj Authority, hf TlmiA nf tidn act. to pnfjuir^, hfAr, ami dflermini* ibc 
offencra aboTc vodd, and crrry of them yrarly, \rttluu IKln^ii day^ af^irr 

||h« f«ftjil of l-^ii-r* niid Sl Mirliai I thi; iLn^liari^^l, it) like m^nat^r uid 
Ibfin as jii»iip(^ of n««iu! uicJ oyrr and ^li-tprmintfr may do. 
PrwidL-d a|wajr», mid be? it ord&incil and vuitciciU by the LuthoHty 
tforewid, IhU all nrd vin;^ii[ar arfJLbtp4liop nnd binbajM, and cv^ry of 
0t«ir cliancclWi, fommjcimrin. Arvtidc^Dcon^* and o:h«r or<tfcniiri(<«i, 
baving OUT jm:uUiir 4;(^cle5iiuiiL-al jtLriddj<!LiurL,>liul] buvf< full powt^anil 
Authority, by virtu< of tbit fictt oh well to fnijuirc iu thrlr viAJtationsi 
synods, and «tM'wbcrv within tboir juriidicTtion, as, at nny other timo 
uid ptaer^r, tu Uki< tM'mamntt and ^nrotiiiJir'uriH uf nil and crvtry thtf 
ihiof* abvTO mcnlifin^, done. i:i»iLmiilcd, or pt-rpptrult.', vriHiht the 
jfanhi of their jnrinlictioQ nmi authority ; and to fmninb tbo *taae by 
MCDTninimTGution, *v«|ni.'tlnitJon, or deprivation, and othrr 
rM, in Lth<; fonii ha LcnHoforfl hath bt^eii uatd in liko 
by Uie Idnj;'* wckain^tioal luwk 
Pra*tded duayt, and li^ ii vnAcri^il, ilmi wliutfOtvrr ptnon, irTfL-nd- 
Ln tbf prcnii**^^ «hall, for the ^iit ofTi^ncr. rtunvi? punihluiLrut uf 
•idiDafy. ba^in^ a trotinioiiial lhi>r(ol' under ibc mid ordinary'* 
f AaS not, for tho tntne ot1<?ncf, <>fUo4kn4 hp cnnvlnrtd bpfom llio 
juilicc* ; and liLvwIfc, n'crivinjf. for the Mid Jli'xl oflvnce, pnEii-ihnn^^C 
hf iht jostioc*, be sbolt not, for tho aatnu uflcnro, vftaoona reorivi* piin- 
llfcaMnt of IbA ordinary ; any thing eoQlaiitf^il tn tliU Act lo tho conirarjr 


[Wilkiiu,iT. M.] 

AfUr hearty comTnfndaibnii. hnviug very rr«iJhlc nntico thnt within 

Ihal* your catJiodml churchy tbf^rc bt a» yri tW ajHjaUiu* lUim. &iid L>ur 

Wy'» wav, and oLh«r mueoa of aaoh peculiar uamoH. nndur tho dcfonco 

ud OOniLDatinn of '* our Indj s eonamuDiun." and <■ Thi? ii])usl1t?' ram* 




cnunlon/' uwd In priiiilL'. oltapi'li^ nnd oOipr remou^ pUcaof the 
and QCit in tliu cbELimt:], i^untrarvto the kin^'a ni&jcvly'd proM>«diD^tKi 
wMao bv'ivg, tW i\w nii4aai>, <lb]>li?A4{r)g i^i God : for ilw plocp, Paula, 
In Pxnmplr. nnt iiili^iMblc ; for rhr fniid»<-xi »f ihr namr. n iiccim to thi 
rrvcrcE4c of t|i«^ cummuniun of tltr Lord'i body^uml blooil i vTg lor tlie 
Atiigmnntation of God'i Itoaoor %nJ glory, and thci coHfionaiiiw of bt> 
DU^tuiy s Unib «iid llie avuldiir^ tif luurtiiui, havii ttiuugbt gouil lu uill 
ftiiil contmuul yon, thai, frufu hcnc^foilli, iw melt loa^M'.i in tltU luWK 
aw be ia ^our (JLUixifi aiiv Jonc^r u«cd, but that tin? tioly b]i.^*pd oan> 
iijunii'ij, uiTunlin^ IH rh*? Her. of i>;*itiHtJirnti tuMninifciiml l; ':: u 
altar uf Uiir <^]iurcL,a.rjd m no^tlicr pltKTs of iJiu miili.'. aik) vji.i> -in :.:^^^ 
timo, a» 5otiT Jtijth hiahci wcri) tront to bo uot^d i except tome nuiobcr 
<if pwjple dniira (for thv\r necrwury hiiKinpt*) to Iiavp a j'r>fnmiin1on in 
the murruiiK \ ^ud yvt tlie tame to bo cxci^utod at ihc cbanct^L at tiio 
Ji)t;h aXUxTf na it i> appointed in tUv bouk of ih<j pubiit* ntvioo, vrilhoiut 
ennifile, or rligrv^tion from fhn fi>mmon ordrr; ni^d Kf-ri-ln jou thall 
not only nuti^fy mu' rxpouULtiuik of vuur [xiniWiuUy io all lavful ihlug** 
but alao aioid thr murmur uC'^uEiiIry, tUiLl bo TJii]riw4li jiwtly ott'ijndetli 
andao wp hid jour lordt>h^j> lifJirtLly fnrcwdL 

Fn^iu Richiiiniid, tliu '2'Vlh of Jaiic, l!ti^. 

Vdiu Lovjriff fricndcif 

E> Soi^KHlKT, 
W, fiAI*i JiJUJt, 

IL Eicii.CiiAxa 

W. UftCJU 

No, X,— lRfffrrfi/i fv lit pa^f^^y 
-frt ^m foh/Ainir J^f'tllntntr from Fhth t« tm/, nn(/ WA*/ WWll ffoMT. 

ISlHL 2 mill 3 EA. V\. i\ lO.J 
Allioit the kinf^'w Aitl^jriM^ now hnviiijr a tiiorv jtisrH^ct and clcftT li^ht 
uf the goApvl, unci true Murd ofGLHl, tbriugli the infitiiti? nicny and 
demviic^ of Aliiij^lity God. by ibv Jmt^dn of tbt kin^ a lui^ntyp «iid 
Ids luoAt coblo fntJkcf, of fiuuous nicniory, proninl^to, «hcirc<i, dccloivd, 
and np<^n'^l, nnd tbi^reby p«ic«iving, ll)»t iiTir> dav, or ojk' kind of OJMt 
of itAL-Lf, ii luit njorc holy. tDorc purv., or uii^n^ nU^nn timri ftiintlitrr; far 
tliab all duy9 and ull muutii b«] of their uaturei of one ec^ual pnritj^^l 
clvajineu, nnd hoUnets, and ihjLt all mon thonfd by iTtt-iii In'e to tbo 

glory of (iod, andp ut nil tiuio. niuj fur uil im-ub^ filvr- tbunl* uiiUi bini i 

of wbkJi nn'Ol* none can dcfib eliHaliim men. or makr ihcni unrlcai 
at any timo. to wtioin all intuti bi.' hvfn] and piiro, ho that they be bot' 
iicr-d in di^kubedit'nur OT vlc«; ynt* foJttJ^tuuL'li ju dlvcTA of ihf kin^#] 
Butji^CU. lutnini: thoir knowk^dpt theruJn to aatidfy tbeir prnaoaUiyj 




whomw till!; nhdiiM Uirrrby Inrrraw En virtue, hjivp. nf hCi^ ffm«,tnr>ni 
tltAA in times p&jU broken And conlnaiii^ 9>uc:]i ab»tini!iicc. vhich hath 
bMn U4«il in llii4 rtuLlni, u|ii>)i tiv Fri<byv, uii<l haturcktyv, thu vmbcr- 
it^^JApL, sod oihfr clnrs, <vnnTT;oQlj hrII*^ vIgLU. nnd In ihn tJm(« nom- 
nrcmly called Lviit, ahiJ otlit^r accuriotoisl tiiiU9t<-'th« kind's mi^ntj^, 
coiMidoriiw ^<^ '^'^*^ ^^^^ fi<jd\y abAlliiencc in & mean to viritics dnd to 
nbdiM* incn'c IxhIlm tn chinr tAiil and F|iir]L ; and conridcrnng iLm lli&t 
fidwrvi vid inf'[i usinf; lli« tntlv of living liy iLshin^ iu this brau uuiy 
Itwrcbr ibe isthi^r btt net <nt work, nncl tUal, hj cntin^ oT tiah, much 
A?4h «halL be «avvd and mcrra«rd) nml n]40 fi^r ith«T« oihtT t^u^jilvm* 
liMB niiJ cujiiujix]iLit« uF (Iilh i^jIiii, dnllt onifttiL fii^<I cuacU wiUl llie 
««cDl of ihr. IdnU vpiritital aurl temporal, and tho rommuna in ihis 
prM«nt pnrliam^nt »u«mE>i<-(t, ami by t\tl^ mitlioniy of lb« ume, that 
■3 iD»niii^ of ftiA[iJi«K hitts corihtiiiiLioEiH, tmd ilxi^4'A, foiiirrEiing any 
ttAUMrr of f«^aj;, or nbatincnoc from &117 kinds t>t' meciU, hcrctcf:fri! in 
^vfltia pmIri madi) or ii«<<(I, «lintl, fmin the tlrkF d^jr of May n^nt «nin^n^» 
^Hdw eKaif fciriN' nm] nErf n^ih, ami lir- \nid lUid 4if mmf^ rlfrt^t. 
^B And aUo, tliat no pciwin or pencra, of v-hut »Utc, degree, or con* 
^BBitii>ti Jk9 or thojr be, ^hall. at any (imc nftvr tlir lirtl day of MAy> in 
^■ib* y«4r nf onr T^rd otip ibmnand flvi^ himdrpd and Torly-nlnn, vill- 
in^ and vittin^ly oaI ony manner of firah, after whuL dinner of kind 
or BOrt it aball he ordL-r^d, droi^«<^l»or ii>^» upon any hmtu^, ftr Sa-tut^ 
Atft tft lh# ffmbrKng-dnyE, at on nny dny in tht' tiiruf enntmonly c;i[|imI 
IdflUl* nor on any »uch other day asi e^ or Ahull be, at nny tiniR hernaflcri 
consionly aocvptcd and reputed m n tinh day, ^vithin IMa TLNxlm <if 
Efi^luid, whar«it it bath Xnsnx commonly ust^d for to ent tiih, nnd not 
flmh, upon pain thai every petaun. ealitig any niiLnuer i»f tie-di* ui>u[t 
uijr of the MU'l day» <ir CimeA prfdiibhcd by thi.t net* hliall forfrit, for the 
id 6nt oifcnop. ton vbilliii|(i, of ]:iufiiT money of En^lnad. ond aba 
il^ irnprismnmeal by th*^ Hf}aci' nf rxtk diiy«, ^id* ilnrmf lb** Mtho of 
OF tier «Aid nnprinonment, a1»iaiLi from cautiR any manner of Ae»h. 
And if any p^non* hW^t he ahfill b« Inulully ounvict of uny olTi^nco 
itnry to ibbi a«t. duUi f'lb^dirijA fdrc^ml c^iriinLr^ to thii act. and Im* 
if la** fully e.jnvict. llmt iJien, every person* w oflruding the second 
le, iballi Cur hu veoonJ ollt^iivv, furf^U ttvonty thdlin^a, of bwful 
lon^v ai Kiig:]aiid, and nUnhuttVr fmprUnnmnni by the spnce of twenty 
day*, and, durint; the time of lii»or her soad impri^orinipnt. absuin ffom 
toting any manner of dwb; mid »i> liko pum atid itupruonmi-nl, as often 
ho or nh^ afWronrdii «han olffind. 

And fuftbirnnont, it ii ordnin^d ttnd enacted, by the: authority afbr^* 

thiLt juKtieo* of fraol-d<ilivory, ami ju'-liorj4 of pcactf in all and a in - 

«iunti<% cities,»raie, And other plocm ivithin thii 



rcTolm of Cni^hnd. and other the k\tt%n domiman*, ■hall hvrt full power 
Anil Authority «i fTtcjiilr^, li^ar, Aiiil {fHt^rmirKH all and all iiidnner ^f- 
fi^noi'A. Uial sha!l be romn jilted or dojii? ci>rktrary to thU acU in tike 
injLnnL^r and funii u they may vnquir^^, )ti-iir, and (IcTt^rniint? nay Irc^ 
pH>u riT otfirr frU^^Qi^e fig^n^t tUp ^'itig'n pi>acf, cnifimitlAcI or clonic itilttia 
llio limiU or pUce V here Uicy ihiMt nhall he juAtJc;:^ of jcool-dellvcrr, 
jiutictw oV ^ttxivi AJiil the moioty of cvtiy Huch forfvituiv shalL b4| 
mtTfAtttd into the court of i3iehr<[uer» In like miuinpr und Tarm. m Uni 
fur any Irisiivt, ur olhtr uffuiee, cuDmiitt^d d^'aiubt the kiii|;a \xwMt 
ought or rkhciuhi Lj t)*ir<'jiti.'cj ; arid thu othf^r moii^l)' of the wid forfvi- 
lure shflH be to Wm that wiU hhc Tor the innu% by hill, phiitii, mforiuAi-j 
tiuD. or othc:rirltM.% hi any uC ihc hiu|;'9 courts uF record, ia »hicb| 
cuioin, protection, or wo^er of law hJioII bo allowed. 

Provided nlvvny*, und br i[ oriluitied and i.'nactri!, hy Iht^ KUlhoHCj 
an^reajiiJii ihul thi?t uet, oi Auy Lhiuf; Llitmu euulahii^t al^oU not in auy 
viiD CKtend to any pcreon or pcnon* that hcrcUtl'ore htth, or hcreiifkr 
Khali hJivr>obtitiru-rl, any IJcrnni- of urtr vo^er^I^i lord, ili? king, hi« hHrt 
or meci-BADr^ ; nor to any |>eraai) being m great age. and in delnlity and 
weokne^b thereby ; nor to any por^on beiii^ ^kk, or notably hurl^ with- 
ont frnnd or covin, iludng ihe time of his or h<?r snid iickness; nor to 
&Jiy wonitiu. being »ilb diiUi, or lying in child-bed, for cuting of Mtel 
one kind of flcbh as bhe tsliull have proat lust unto ; nor to aay pcnaa^ 
being in prison for nny other otfener, than for any olfi^nee eoncrajy 
to this act; neither to auy tJmi la, orhi-reafti^r thnll \)e, the kings lilglvl 
nefu's lientcnaiilt deputy, or eaptahi of any hJa itLajraiy'i arm)i hold, or 
forircBi ; but the snme tlj^msc^Evoi may oat licth, and licenrw and permit 
(lieir aoldjtnt to do the s&nif:. Jii ibiieb piuhLlnLcd, upou the wmit anil 
]a<JL of olher k&nd of vjctiial : neither jihall \l extend to SL Laurence* 
even, St. MarkVday, or any utbenlBy, or even, being abTOgnlei noilhef! 
touiy fluch u» herphtfort- hn^r uhifvhitij ikiiy licenbe. iu due rorm,of tbi 
irchbbbop of Canicrhury. 

And further, bt it cuaetoil, by aotliurily aforesaid, ilmt all Arclu| 
bbhopBi btHhopH, Jkfrhdraeoiifi. juni thf'ir (jfficerH. or ihe olhcern of anj 
of Ihcinia «hnLI have pnwer to caquirv of the o^indera In tJie preuiisni 

And pTMerit tho fdimi.' to tmeb, fi\iTu tiiiiO io tirnv, as, by virtut^ of iht^l 
set, httvr ituthority lo hcnr mid dptcrpiinn the name. ^ 

k or 


lVovti.lvd ulviayf, and be it f-tinet^d, ihut oo nianucr of pcrfon, or 
penon«^ ba imp'nehed, mL)le*tk'd, ct Iroubh'd^ or AhuW hicnr any poiiii 
tjejjadty, or forfi^iiurf. fur any ofli-iiei". mnlrury to tlie ani before 
boarwdi cornmiUedt or done, ear<-fit he or lliey bb aceuscd* conit^nl 
or iodJeiiHl of and for llic taid oflcuee, atx^t/rilinn if* the ti^nt^r 4>f thu 
llAlU(^wil3iiiithr«eiuuiithh next after llieeonitiriiiing of ilie taid oSoicvk 






No- Xl.—(Re/wr€d /n at pagf 33pJ 
^11 Avt/«r tfw keeping uf Hui^dajfs aad Ftutin^hiyt* 

\Suv. A^uiilrt K.I vr,f, :i,J 

FoLMiuucli itfi U til triRiv, mon h«t not nn mindrul lo kud kud praioo 
fiod* AO PMitf 10 rMUTi and bnir (lod't lioljr wurd, &n(l u coine lo tliA 
tiolf coaiiDunion, utd oFhrr ImicJuMi- rtt(T«, wlilcli vi^ lo bo oWrved ia 
»vwy CJineliaii <on)<rc|^tii>n. on tiicir boundtn duty doth rwjuire, thore-f 
taw. tn ci\Xi m^Ei tit tvintrmhrt^nni fir llirtr ilnrv, iiTid T/i 1ii'l|t itif-ir inflr* 
lail^Tt it bfttli biM^n ubuliwmtrly pitiviUrd, tlmt iLfk^ ninfuld boumn 
c«vtAi& 1iiii«« ftiid duy appolotod. vlicroia the Ciirutiuntf BttoiilJ ccim) 
from aH othrr kiml <tf Uboiim. itrid ahniiM appTy th^imu'lvMi nnly and 
wboUj unto lliu fdon^aid holy HorLi. pmpftly prrtunluj; unti> the truti 
f«U^Oi>; tlial is 10 bpor, t<> knnii and Co 7Tmt'nil>eT, Abni^hij CrmrA 
gTRMt bcncflu, bin TTinn1f>ld nirrri<'e. hi^ iTKibtininlilo grnHoua ^aoAn^nAf 
lo ptenl«>U4(r |>i>ijrvcl ujioii uti bf« nratuivi, nuil Mfif of lilt itifitiiti' and 
tuifpr^oLlc piodiirth. V'ilbixil nny nifLn's dvirH- und, »i n.TTirinbmncc 
hnvaf, lorrndcr unti> bim mobt \x\^U and Luarty thcmkii, oil^i pmyors 
ud Mi|rpficttliu(i*^ fur llm relief uf all uur doily iiret-ftiiitiH : uid beuiiiw 
thnc be tbc cKiL-r ]tnd ptitictpid ^nrkn wbi^rein rriori i« coAimftndtfd to 
viocBlkip (tod. ao(i do properly pt-rloiu unto tUo tirvt inblOi tboreforVi w 
lllBw vorhit ariT hiilf I nL»Lmiriini>nty,arii] hIim> niny wr-ll b^-, cuilli^ Gml* 
terrwr^ *o llic Uiiii^ njiptiinlcl tprcifltly fi>ribi: Mmi^ trr cnllr^ boly 
4^ ; niM for Ibr mntk-r rtnd iintun-. citlK^r cr the tioiu or day, nnr Uft 
■fif fif (hr KiUntf' flskr* wbnqf mr^inorii^i nrf li:tit fin t^iivt> dnyn (fnr so 
aA di^ «ad 1iin« con&idcri^ ore Cind's (rri^alurirA, and all of liki? hull* 
fin*), but for tJio natvn> and condition of Uioi« |?odly and hotr works, 
•hffTwlfli r»nl^' f^iwl k en ln^hnnoiuvfi. nnd rhp mngrpgntioii cd Ijc rilU 
fi«!, nlit-rcunto sut^h (im*^* jrid Jayiian?»ain'tiftf*c| nnd bflIlo»-L'd; Ibut m 
to Hfty, Ac^mtitd fV««i all profono uh«, and dfiilcLilt'd ntid apprunml, 
not unlD uiy «.int, or i^rMitiin*, bttt flnlr iirtn find, and hU inir ^vr>n^l^l|>• 
NtrCt«r in il to bt- tbou^Lu lliul lIktt ui any nrUln time ur dcAnitft 
BOinbor of day* fin»cribc<1 m holy !SoripMirf' ; biittbrtt tito n|)pointmi<ut, 
bpth cf tbt^ timct and i1»u uf' ilir trnmbcr of tli^ day*, ii h.*f^i by th? 
autlmdty of Gudi word, lo tbe liberty umirbtt'9 church, i>> \k drier* 
milted and iiMisn<-d orderly in irvcry country, I>y ifee <li*er*tion of tlio 
nilCT* and ininiHi^rt tlwTt'r'f, a« tlit-y »hftll judg* njcsf p^wllcnt to Uw 
Intfi MttiMif forth of GcKtH ^li^r}'. aful i|ii> i^liflchliort of t|)tir pi'oplc 
He ic tb«fW<>rr cnoiOTrJ. bv thr kir>tr. our »OTcroi^ lord, *itU the iMcnt 
fif tb^ tordt apintual aikd i.^fujmriL anrl tli4> ^^ommon* in tlriJi pn^ent 
loriintarnt ovcinbl^d. and Ity Uic uutbority of tliD muic. tlint all tlin 
vol- II. / 


«la;». hervafl«r niEnition^d, itlmll hv k«pt, and cnmiiinnd«l lo be kept* 
holytluytt, amil none othf^r; thai k to My, «ll Siiinlaji in iJic joir. U>e 
<J&}'R of the firftit of till? circumciaion ol" our Lord Jcouk {.'ttr'nU of il»* 
Gpipbanyi ol' llio parlfifiAtioii of tfie ItlM^rl A'trg;Ln^ of Sf . ?hlAithiiu iho 
apovtt'^, of thn nnnunpijiiion ai the llI«arHl Vlrpin, rf St, Mark Uic eran- 
llvlUt* of St» rhilip aad Jtcob titv opuptJcS) of the aaccnfliuii of <mr Lord 
JcfiUB LhrnifOf the i)alivit}'<if St. Jnlm Bap(if<^ of &L r«tnrl)if upotllr. 
of St' Jamu tilt? a|i(»tk-. uf St. Itnrlijoltjtiivw ilie Dpoiili-, uf Si. Mot- 
tlt€v thr apotttle, of St Afichovl iLe archnngel. of St Luko the fr«a> 
f«liit, of Sl Simon and Jude the ipoatlvfi, of All laiaU, of St. Andrew 
die apuHtlf^t of 8l- Tlhimax tin- ajai^tlr, of llie natjviiy n( mir Irfird, df 
Si. Stephon iKf: martyr, of St Jolin Hit «vangcli>l< of th« llolf loao* 
ccotd, Monday and TiK^dJiy in t#u»ilJ*r-wevlc, and Monday and TnMdtjr 
Iti WhlT#iiik-w<s^k;nnd ihut nonp oilier (Uy (bull bckopt.nnd rnmmnnd^ 
toljc krpl. Iiolydjiy. or to ubatiijo iram lawful bodily Labour. 

And it iv aJHO cnncEpd, by Iho anlbunty uf^roiiaidf that every 
or day nnt ffoing birfon- uny of The afurntiiid day* of the fpa«t> of 
oativiiy of our Lord, of EajiUt. of ihi' ancc'iiaioii of our Lvrdi TViilocori^' 
atid tlit^ fJurLtication and ili(^ aiinun<^iatJon of ihtt nfon^nid Bki 
Virgin, of All-Snintf, ntid of aU tlif* taid fca^ti of the apoitb<« (oUwr 
than of !^t. Juliu the (.-varj^ctinU wul Philip aud Jucub). stiall btf faMcd, 
aorl coEiiitia(id<:d In he kept atid obtterved^ and that iioar. oUicr even, or 
day, Ehall bv oomiTutfjrh'il I'l Iih fa^rt^d. 

AiiJ il i>* L*nnvt(^. by llit? Aullioiitj iibovc^oid. Uint it ahull bi; lawful 
to cJl nrchbijihopii and buliopa» in tbdr diocescp, and to all other bnting 
Cf^rJi'i^iaulii^l <tT iipiriiual jiirUdiciton. to cnquirv of ev^ry ])«r«on ihat 
fiUaU ofi'iriid in tLt pTviuia». aud lo {>um»h fvery noclk otFi-ndrr. by llv 
COBi>arL-« of tli(T church, aod to onjom liim, or them, such prnance 05 
riioll be to tha vpintual jiii3gr> by bin dttcrvtiGn, thought n]'>«i nnd con-j 

Provided alvt'aya. thai thta act, or any tliinjt Uit^roin conlaincdi 
tiot <*Ktrnd t<i iiHrii^arf fir Mkf avyy lUv alittiiit-tit^c fmm flcsb, m ljmt^\ 
Qt an Fridajfi, and Saturdays or any othtrr day. wtikdi ui alrrudy 
fioinlcd BO to be kvpt, by virta<.- of an acl made and provldii^d, ic tb« 
lliinl jfar of the reign of onr «ovf reign loril ibe kiog'i mijctty, that 
now b; staving only ihmr rvrni. or day*, wbrn-rd'tbf hidydny ni?\t fot- 
lowiDf; ia abro^trd by thia Btulutv \ tuiy thing above mrnttoiicd to ttrt^ 
contrttT}', in any wlh- nmviihstnndlni;. ^| 

Proridvd uhw, und k h toucttrJ, bj ihp nuilinriiy nfornnld, that wb^ft, 
find 10 ol^m at. it tlioll cliaac-i^T nny oftlii- xuid frnslj (iht^crcri* wbrm* 
of b», by ihU AtatLit^, eoniniainlrd to hv obicrv<<d. and k(ipt fofritni^'dny} 
Ui fklJ upon the Mooday. Uiat Uieii, aa it haili olwayi brm hrretoffl 

«o. %tu] 



MIT ftuob rcfutt or boljdaj.auil nut ihv S\.nnl»,y. *hutJ ljf Lijmmiiritlpd tn 
btt futed, Tar lli« even of anr ouch fcoit. or Ijolyday: any tKIoj^ i» chij 
■tetule bofliM mrationed, or (l«o]Hr(<d to Eht* cor;mry, In anj wjim, not- 

Fn>«idtd always, mnJ it in t^iini^tpd, by tho ftuthoHtj firori*ti>id, that it 
•hAll belawfVil tn nvpry hii&hAnitmBn> lulviurpr flih«nnaii, ftad eo all 
and cvvry otliL-r jitrTwnj nad (jtriOHt. ufvliat »rat«,(lvh*^ri!e.«rcouclili(jn 
he or tiicy be, u|ioa llic- lidvdnyn nftirrAuid, iJi harvcU, or at anv otiwr 
Unif* fin (he T«ar. nlion nvf^cMity fhaU rFf|uir<-. to bl^nttr. rldt, fitli. or 
■otk any kind uC #orL ut Iheir fm''H'iII ami \t\vwmns ; liuy thjiij,' ta 
tltH Kct Id thr contrary in Any vi*c nottvitJistanclinfC- 

Prctvidt*d al^'Aya. and bv rt t-ruu^tfil, by Xhi* aiithcirity afL>r««aii.lp Ihot 
h »tiall W Uttftil to ihi> kni|^lLiH i>f |lii> n^^lji. luiriimiJiljLi' onW iif rUo 
f^ancYi and tn every of llicm, ta keep and celebrate ■olemnty the fvn*t 
i>f iKpir order. fon»iifiHly palled " St, Gt^nrg**"* ]'>fu«i," y<*arly. iwm 
hennr^OTth, ihp ittiTkiy'Sc-^iinU, tv^ir-nly-lMrd, nnd IWiTily-fmirili diyn of 
April, and ai siinb otifcr limeaad timeai u yearly slmll b<^ thuu^lLt ^on- 
Ton]«nt by Ulp klD|f'* bif^hriMt, ld< bt*irH, and tucefluori, and ih« najd 
Lighta of thu «iid honcfumblu urdf-r. cir uiiy ot lliem mivr bt-irig, cir 
lo bv; any ttiui>e in iJilt oct. heretofore incntioDcd lo tliccon- 

No, X{l.—(RrffrrrJ fo at julyc H3>J 

An Art fi^r abBlithiiy rtn'f jmff'v^ ati*'i^ Jti-na lioota and tma//ra- 

[StaLSHiKt4Ed, VI. <l10.] 

WhtTotf iht! kinj^'i uHut e^ut^llouL nii^i'ily lmdi« oriati.% i>ct fuilh ajid 
ttlAblialtc^ by aulbority of imHiainctit* uti imirorm, qajcl, and s;pd\f 
ftnJcr of eonun'trj awl vyvii \*rAyfT, \n a book iniitlfltl, Tfif Ihok of 
Ctfmrrvin fVri^r, uud At!minUtrtfiiin of I fir Saciatatnts, ajid Mir Hittn 
€mJ Ctrcmoniftt afUr the Chvrah <'/ t^pfjUntf, W hv iwcd a»il nbierved 
b thtfnld cbureh of EnjclnniJ.agrceAble ir> the order of the primUive 
urcL, mueb mure i^onifortabk untu hia loving »ubjccl»i lIhq olher 
jvcniiy of itcr^icn, aa ht^ri^toforc of Ions time huth been luc^J; b(-JM|{ 
thv aaid boob ordniae<l nothing to be rvnd, bnl tU» very jiurr wi^rrl 
or whicli U vvidt^tiLly grounded ti[ntn Lbc saoicj anil, ii^ tbo 
; lliinj£* eorrujtc, nnlrue, vain, ai^d nupf^rBtilioiUi and, at it v/er^ & 
fK|wntioo to lupcntitiuii ; tihidi, for \UM ihfv be not eulM Uh ))iit 
itO^ to rvmaiii (iinl^fari-iJ, ilu not only ifire uctapiozi lo »uch pvr* 
pcrM>u, a» do impiiKn the order, and |SoJly luoaniag of ib^ kiog'a 
md bookof t'ommoijpr^yur, toeoHtiiiu^lrathtirolil ai'pusiojmd KupvT. 



[no* w- 

stitloQi MttU^ but ikbH> mimntor j^roai '>rra]uion tatlivcnitf of opinioru, 
ritM] OAremoniiH. rind K-rvirm: br^ it ThcrcforF i<nnrtrJ by fh« k'tvg nur 
■ov<em|;iJ lord, thn lunls ii{rirituAL aud Inupurot* Bnti tlii^ cueuiijuij?!, b 
UuB pttveat parliament niuoiiilrlcdf t^tat oil Itook* colled ODliphoncnt 
mtoalo* fE'^ilu^ prai^ntioDblii, muntiaU. I«gcndf, pin, prirtiiirtri, pri* 
lOL-ni. in LttiJrj uud English, cuiitlii^ns J4iuniul», utiliiiaik.vr Dtlmr bvuLt. 
or writidfrfl whalnorvcr, JifiMtor<>rfi unctt f>r nrv'irt^ of tUt^ clmrch, iml- 
tbtt or prinU'd, in tht? Eiij^lifh or Latin ton^ut. uthcr thou tnfih u vHhII 
be wl fnrOi \ty ihe klng'u imijiutiy, *JiuLI Fi*** by Autlmrity of tlifn prvM^dt 
ftp|» plcnily JLnJ uttcrlf abolJulicd, <-ailinjriit»hcil, anii foTliiiJclpn for ever 
to 1>v iHetl, t>r k^-pt Lii thJ« rtnJrDj or elai^wlicrvr within niiy tliu king'* 

And be U further c nict«(T, by tTio nutlioritj nfornipfd. Ibitt if sny 
pcinan, or ponioiii. of nhal <^>ituti>, Hr-^t^. or oonditSon fa«V«r be, alMih 

UiL-j bi!, budk'H pcJiiic, lit cnrpomtp, ilmt uov/ httvi\ ar hurfnttpr nWI 
ImvCt Lo hirs Ijcr, or tJicir ciutudvi tuiy thfi btiokis or mitlngs of tho 
forti ftfbnMuid, or any imnifcB of hioeiOi limber, nbboiitfr, or oorUi, 
jgrawTir (arvnl. ur puiirlud, uliidi Tii^retofon^ Uiive Win Uki'n out of iuiy 
rcliui'clit or clini^fli or yet «LAud id any cliui^cit or diupcL unil da uuC, 
before tlic Ijiftt day of June n«xt fmiuing. dcfaco ami dwtroy, or ottti* 
tu bi' d«fu<<(-rl, :ind iliwlroyrd, (iif laTnr- mi^»^L^ and nvry uf thom, «hI 
ddivrr. ur t^tt*a to Ljf< iJclKi^ivd, u\\ jiiid i^vrry tlio ■mmi- books to llie 
rnayon builiti, <'OTiHtAbks or o^Ltrdi^wnrdcnft of tho t<'wn wbcn? inch 
hookfc Ehr-n thai! \n\ Uj he by lli^m drlivf^tvd ii\fit opt^nly. tiil^ttn ihrvv 
montiiB next folldwing, aHer the mid drlivcry. to ttic archbjhliop, bithiip, 
clmiiotfllof, i>r (^oiiiwiMary <rf Ihw pttjjn] dioocBc (to the intL'ttl, tht' odd 
nrclibinhop, bi*hop, rtiiiri«>l|iir. tn- eamm\f^n\ and rv.iry (jf f hem, caii«« 
ihcrn, juuut'didtFijr aftrr, dihcr to be o|wuly burnt* or oilicTwiM? dcfuocii 
aiul dfntroyisl)» whsiH. fur eti-ry »"cb book, or hoo\is, wilUnply rcbuno] 
in hi*, Wr, or ibcir band*, or cii*loUy. wiiiim ihis rflalm, oriilHi.'whr-r4f 
'wilbiii briy \l\v kiu^'s di^nnniurin* iuid mil di'Uvured, ui h oforraald. nflrr 
Iho >aid Iwt day of Jane, and K- tlnivof lawfully comict, forfeit «h3 
lo** lo tb* ling, onr tovinnrigri lord, for ibc fim otft-ncen Un ohiJlingR, 
nnd, for thti nccoiul oHi-nn-, nhftll finfril HPid lc>*«' f'^fi'iL' tkcreuf Uufblly 
ccrvict) fonr pound*. aaU^ for the third offence, ntall mifler iuipriBcn- 
tnt*nt nt Un* Linf^V nail 

A[iii bi^ ii fiirfhrr rnnnifd, by tbi? ftothariiy aforwaid, thiU ?f nny 
mayor*, builifls, t^onvCabL^, or church' warden*, dn ni»U within ibne 
tnnnt-lit afbrr nrcripr i)f tlw fcitiiiM bi^nkt, dtdJvr^r, or oau»c to bu dciIivcrcdT 
Auch troiikx m tiy ihrni nrpiTUinl, to tin* nrthhlHlui}!, bUbop, rhauedlor* 
or comminary of their diocme; vid if tho Mid hrcMib.ljiip, lli^lK^ 
ehatiodJAf, or ««aiials«iT, do not, within forty dap aTtcr tlic ncwpc 






nii^li lifKikft, birm, ilrfnm. nnd dMlrov, or «Hune en hp lium«], dtK 
Qf Jcstrcjyedt tlit lamf: l>coLs nod every of t1inii> tliat tlieu tliiy, 
d ^'v^rj of titrm m) ofjcndinj;, «batL Jfwu &ti{| foH't'lt to our Mvcrciifn 
. tlir tlri|t. twEng tbf<ntfif UvvfuUy conrlct, Torl^' pontKlv ; the oii« 
Tof oU wldcb forickum khall be to nny of tbr kiiiRK tul/fi^cu iltat 
»LK] for Ike •nines '» t^iy ^^f (ho ki»j-'« cvvri* »f rv^corJ, by bill, 
Action oTilrbt, ar infomijitioD; in tvblch nctiorti no (srojn, pro> 
ftcUoE)* vfi^r of Uwt or oX.U<:t dvUy >bal| btf bUowcd. 
' And^ fcr bctlp(T <ixr<'utiaT> of tho Mud act, be ii cnactcdi by tho autlio- 
Atj rAwmiM, lliiitu W4'll ji]4iir(-4 of nixlM- in tlii.HJr (ircnitu, &>ijiiitic«« 
itf t n t t within cli« lIinitA i>f ilirif coututiwion Ll tJio K't^nf-rd Kaaioii*, 
ib&Ll barn futi povi.*r nud nutbority to enquire of the otluncca bforcaaid, 
pad to h*ftr and df tprniino thtr «aiti«- in tvich fOron, u tb(^- may do in 
lUwT met liic cvuns. 

> iVoriiM oLmiiftt, Uutt Ihitf act* or a^iy ihini; tlitrrvin coDt[Uiicdv iboll 
iDt nctmd to fttiy tma^o, nr plrtnri^, Hot nr ^nvm itpon any 1oinb> in 
toy eburch, chnprl, or ohurfli-yanl, aaly fcr n moijumiqil uf any lli^g; 
fioocgDohlftaan.or i>i\\vT doul ihtm^Di tvhicli )inEli not bi-c-Li comnionly 
CfinCed Bud biken for 4 sunt : bui tJiat nU «ucli pjctunw nnd imag«fl 
buy tfUud. uiil euniiuur iu liliv itiniint^r aud furtij, tu if ibUnrthnd 
Ifrrcr liccn hod nor niad«, any thing in tbi« act to tJiu contrary ia any 
MiM Dotu-itlutatjdJCj;. 

I Prattdird also, and bf^ U onsui^teLl, by lhi> nutliority afi>n<Haid, thnt any 

^erfon* or perponf, may mm. kvc:i>, IjAvr, and it- tain any j>riiiiL-r»i w tlio 

iLiif^h or Lolia tongue, ut forUi by the Intn king, of taRicu>< memory, 

king Hrt»ry VUf.,"! that ifin n^nfinrio*** of ittrowitioii. or firayer to 

Itinu. in the »amc prinkpr*. bo bLotU^il. or clkiarly put out of tin; suiiev 

y Uiiup m tbiB ncrt to tJic oonlmy DotwttbktaiHliaj;. 

No. %iJl'—(Rlf<Tri^'i fv at payt' 3Sflrirf 45.J 

k Act/irr tht V^i/onniry ttfServitt, and AilmimttraiiOTi 0/ Sacra- 
tnentt ihrvutfhtmt tht lUvtm, 
[Stal. ijq^iNlKil. VI. 11. I.} 

Wlwrd lh«r9 haUi bi>«n a very godly ordi^rt ««l fortii by th« autboKty 
'pnribuneni, fnr t^nmrnrin pmyrr and adinhdatnitlrtn of uLrratnnnE*, fA 
Tie Uftd in Ihc mother tongue irithin this church of England, [urn^nablc 
to thewonJ <d God and (b^ pnniiitivi] ehurcli, vniry (iomlnrtAlil« to nit 
good pMtplf dfvTring to livr in Clirittian i^onv(>ria(ion» and mnit profit' 
■hlo t^ifte tttMv of this rralm» uyxiTi tlit.' wldcli (bv nM.-rt?yt far^jur, and 
UenJD^ of Almigliiy God h in nontLo ao readily oiid p]cntc'Ou»ly 
po1lr^d, OH by romrnun jimyrfn* ilni- utiiig trf tht? imicnimtiitn. and ol^^n 




pnacf linf; of t\\n goflptrl, vitJi Ili« iJovuiiun of llie htann ; and yHr ihii 

Dolniilialaiiclitij;. i ^rrm niimlir-r of pnoplpin dhfTfl |>4ir1fl of thift rrAlni, 
fallciwiug Ujeir uKrii Htisuulilyt and living ciiliu-r witlioul knoulcslge or 
duo f«ftr »r Gi>di dc, wilfully .antl <l«nicably bisfor* Almicht^ Cod, a1^ fl 
4tatn nnd refuse t(i ciime lo ihoir faroeliial eJiurcho*, and oiher pUwi. 
whL?ri? cumtiiuEi prayrr, aihiiiiiiAtruiiuii vt iliv lUii-niniL'iiU, ^Liid ^rracKjuiJ 
oFiIjo word of Go<i i« lutcd tipon SundA^n^ uid ottirr days orduncd to 

For refomjalion hiTWpf, be U i^nfinli-J \ty ilipklitg, i>urfto*erpign Inrd, 
whh iIjc ftajcut of the lonis and conjmona in thb pre»cnl parliflmcnl »- 
■ctTibltrd, ariri by Uio aiLilmriij of t^e cfluit!, iliat, froTH and aft-T ib« 
itflM of All-fAintA, next coming, all end every prnoD ai>d prnoni In* 
lUtlnj; rrxMn this realm, or &ny othrr ths king*' maj««tyV donii&iooih 
diligviitly ai}<\ failhiuMy (having no lawfut or f«A*onabla txeiiMlo 
b^ fthM-nt) rndrnvcnir LUcriiM'h'cs to rcHii't ui ihtir (Mtlsli tliurth or 
chapi?! JkccLintonHd^ or, upon r^uooimbl^ IcE ihcrcidt to *onic uiuai ptaco 
^vhrTo rommon prayer, and auc^Fi tcrvicc of God Bbol] bu lu^d in Mich 
liim- nf \t't. upr^Ti fviry SimUtij, uml otiirr ilayv orJaini'il and ti4«d ta 
he Lrpt d« bolitJu^fl ; ami thvii A»d llicrc lo ubldt orderly and Mobf-rlyt 
during the time of the oommon prijcr, prt^ncbttif^^ or oiher Mirvjwj of 
God Ihere U> hf um^d ami iriifiiHttrHil, iipiin pntii of pLinUbnifiit by Uiff 
Li.'nHuie>t c*f tdr ^Iiurcb. 

And) for tbc doc cxoi-ulioT] bcrL'Ljf, thu kind's monl FKCcHent niaj^flT, 
th« lorift iprnporali nhd nil the rommnriH jn thin prrfiint jiarllanLtnt nam 
»«inb1eKl, dolb. in Crod'a namr, rjirne^dy rrquirc and charj^ u\\ tbo 
arcbbibhope, biehops niid ol.htr ortbDurii'f^ timt tbvj ebull endt^avouf 
tli^rtEht>1v^ Ttfl tli4> nltrrmf>iAl id ihrir tiini&lrdgf-t. rhat thfr dun Biid tni^ 
enLL-oullon f.tirrcof may bv bjid throu^hnut Ibi^lr dioet3<'ii auJ ebargvVb 
u tbvy will jinswtT bt^foro UoiJ for ku(1i tviU and pU^u^'*, wbcrvwith 
^'Almighly God may jually puniih hia people for Drglcctmg ihia good 
and wlicilejumt luw. 

And, fnr lljelr aulliorlty In tbbi bcbalf, he it further likowUc cnnded 
by tha auihcirity aforcHiLd, th>t nil and •iiJ^ilnr tlie Mnke &rclibiiiiopt» 
bhhopVi and fill lUbcr clinr iifl^cfra exercUingecrb-iiuftrlcnl JiinMliiiion. 
a* >vrll to pbce fxmiptp a* net exempt, niilim tliH^ diocuca, *ljnll liave 
full pow^r und antlioHry by thi« uct> Co rvfonii, eorr^ct, aod puaith. 1^. 
cenvuri'R of i Uy. ehiirr-lu od\ and fimgular persociA. v hLrb kHoII niK-nil In 
any ilioir jurindJciloiis or diocMCi, after ibe mid fcasl of All-uinU ncrt 
ConiLDgt agniiiHE tlii> act Jirid statute ; any utFicr law, italut^ pnviU'gVj 
libcTiy, or pravitinn hrreloforc mnJr, hail, or jiuff^^rcd tu tlitr ciu 

And because (h«K liaf li H>en. in ibe u«e and ei4>KU« of thfr 


>0. SJtlO 






nid common Mrvicc. in Itic cliiirc}i livretororc lot forlli, d'wen Joubu 
for the ftebioD aiwi manner of the mhiiiinilioi; of the ■«jnc, mtW by 
tiki riiHrudcy of ih^ iiiiniM^r, anil mU(Ak«>rA, thflii of any GlhiT worthy 
aute, thcrefotVi u veil for the more pluln and cnoatrmt rvplauAlion 
itif^ncof. ftM fL-»f !h<i more fT*rf(."clion of thP miU urdtr of oomtiion acr- 
vii^e, iti immf plftrrt whcrr It in orrHuary li> maki* ihfl «tm0 prAyi<r (iTnl 
fashion of KrvJcr inorv c^aniiau aiid ^it to itir I'liriaL^oit pcoplt? tn ttm 
Ifu^ honeurb^ aT Almii^hty iioti, ih<i kin;;'* Bio«l i*)ECi*llcnt mnjcsty, 
vith thrr Assoot of tht! lordi utd oomtnob*. in thli prc«?nt pftHiamcnt 
CB^eiablciJ. Aiid hj ihr autlionty of Uie wiui?> haih irnu-ii^d the nforftnul 
onlcr of coniinon »cr*ipp, inlitk'd, " 7'/** iioitk of Cammoa Prtxyrr" to 
b« f^Uhftjtly »nd godly jwruiit-d, oxphifi4<d, ind mAi!f< fully pvirt^ct: und, 
bj the aforcmld nuthoritj. hotli unai^rd, and jmuL-d \u*tJ <-xpl&h;<'i] iml 
pcrfeoUdi lo t3kia pTACDt fttAtutc ; Adding, aUo> a form and manner of 
mjiktB^ nnd iviniipr rating of nrnhbfci<hi>p4. hinhopt, pri4>HtJi, tnd d«tooiUp 
to he of the likf force, ftnlliority^ urid valar-. a» the uune likn forTUhl 
bookt inlitlcd, ** The Hook iff Citmvwn t'r/iy^f^ wu b«foro, Ufjd to bO 
MCflptMl. itW^tved, UBod. tti>d cstocmcci^ in like tort and mmimT, nnrl 
with die Mime ckunr* of jjruviMona aud tii^rptiiHi's tu uU iutcnt*, tiin- 
ttmctioiM, uid p^rpoacKt m by tlic acI of p&rliAmf'iitt aia<k En tlio 
Mcood y#br of the Icinf^t mc^rtty'i wign, wu ordaitrt^tl, lltnitedp ex- 
prmspd, and ap[>oiitri-(l fi^ir Ihv tinifinidty i^f si^rviret a^id iiiiiiiiiiUrru* 
tiou of iJitf sacmniiMit^ tljmiitchout lKo frnlm ; upon Nucb »iMi7r>il pftinv, 
«• in Iho Mid bet or pnrlianictit ii a^preucd : And the &iud formcT Act 
fo iiand In full forcv ftud Btrrn^^th, to ull Mitci»T?i :ind ronstrurttoriSi anil 
to lie&pplied. (inctinrrd. And put ill urcp !<! dctd for tlic <-jiiuUi«]]iiig <jf 
iLc book of eonunou prayer, nuw p^plnincd.niKl hereunto uanrxodrUid 
ikn rlip uld form nf niJikLng nf art'libinhnpi, biihupi, iir prUvti uid 
«le«oonni hrn'UtJto annexed, mi it niui for the Ibrmcr book. 

And, by thn Authority aforcwaid, it ia now furthiT rnaetHi, that, if 
any mannt-r pvnon, or jwrAotiM, ijihuliitbg aird brtii|^ wiihici ih!* it-nlm, 
ur uiy uihcr the kititz* mtije^ly s dominionv, ihall, after tiie »aid feast of 
AJ-<ftiDt», williu^^ly and itiitingly he«r and bv pr»H(?ni at any otlier 
or furiTj of c^nmmoii prarrr, or AdinlnikLriitiuii %ii llie urmineTitSk 
\u% »r inLni:iter> in thp clmrchva, or of any otlier ri^liU etmtaiiKrd 
in tltc book anrX'tod t> liii» net, than ia m^ntiDiicd and act forth in tlia 
•aid honk, or rhnt io contrary mttr furm of mndrj provWmifl and e»- 
ccf>tion» coatatned in Jip aforirMiiiJ riTrmi.T atatuLtr, and ahall lie tlif roof 
ocnmetedt aeL^ordmff to th^ lawn ofthii realm, before the juvtiLViofa*- 
df*,jaBtie<u of oyer and di-lmmnvr. juiricM uf XhtXr Mationa, 
or any of thrci, by ttie verdict oE Ivclvc men, or by hia or their owa 
oonftttrion, or oUtcrviKv he or tboy iholl, for tikc* fint oAi'iiop, luffrr 



fmpritnnnwiit for uv nioiiUu, without ball* «r nuinpmn ; and, for Ik* 
wcoud f(li*»ci.', trciui: liki^wLv? ciiuvktcd tui Uobuve said, imprboiUMBt 
ror<jnc whole year; anil for liiii thirJ otlcnoOi in lihci mumv, impri- 
loumcfjt lUiriu^ 1ii« or ihdr Vivt*. AuJ. fur the mora knowlcilp; to bo 
^i>vjj lii-tLijC mill t>tlU!i' utrM!i'vjiii[jii i>r lli» ln«, 1»i? it rowrltdr \'y tJic 
Autiiority aforcuid, that oU and JiEi^Iar curates ^hnli, upon one Sundftv 
i*v^ry <[uarl(*r of thv j'eap, during tint- wliuU- j<«rp n*.*tl lljllowilig the 
fifriMiJi] fnmL tif All^atiirji (i»-A[, roirjiir^', rrnil diin prfvvtit ftct in the 
ohurotii ot the timv of Uic mo»t 4!iarmli]y; and likcwinc oocc in cTcrf 
ytMir foirov'jrgi nt the swiio tXnm, dodnrioj^ u^itu Ujo ]>eop1«, br the aii- 
tliofity of ihe Scrlptim^ how tlir morry aatl ^<nidNrju- of fiiid baih, En 
atl iipT«i bi.-pu ehuwii to hid pL^opIc, in Uidr ucccnitioa. ti^ad citrctDilio^ 
by mcoT^b of htisuly and ftkilhftd pnyar^ m&di> to Ahuigbly tiodj cfpft^ 
Ciuir> yrhere ^ttiti»liT bv gutlitrt^d tuguiher. with uuv fuiih and tnifid, Ut 
olfrr up ttivir htiart^ hy }]rayt^r> as the beat nacrificc* ItiAt tJirivtuui mva 
can yield, 

No. XIV— rR*/--/Tfrf/*» rtf ;-<ijtf 5LJ 

QuTM Mary't Lel/er to thr JjitHv irfi/w Counril^im M« ffrrcfuir {[f) 
bri^thcr, Edteurd VL July J). 1M3, 
[roXfuUt. II.] 
We p«et jou well, and have received »uro advcrtwnicDt. that o«r 
doarwt brother, tku king> our lato »ovtirvt^Ei Icrtl^ in dftparlcd to Goffa 
mercy; which nf?w«, how vr4>rfu1 they lir unto our lipurl, ht uiilj 
kuDU'ttlii to wlioan will nnil pUiiuiurc: wi^ mubt, auid ilo. hiuitbly aubttt 
oa nsd uvT ^ilte. thjl^ in tJiU »o Laacfitablv a <alu), thut if to wit, now 
ftftrr hU mnjpflhr'i [Irpcirtum and dtnth, fonc^'mifiij On- crtiwu luid 
giiV'^rnani^L' of this mdui of Llri^Und. ^tith dir Lith' of Franut't and all 
tJiiu^ tLi.-ri.'unto b<.'Ion^ik(;> wliut hatfi hoi'n ihrnviiUd bv of't of parfi^ 
incnt, and tiitr tffitnmont and \^i viW of cur drartai fulhtr, l>«itlM other 
cimiimstuiMiv arlvnndni; our right you know; tiiv nwhn, iuid th« ^| 
wltok' wrirld kjiuwf.'th ; tin' tti\U and imofd* appi-ar, by the nutliorfty 
of tho kiiij;i oqr said father. aifJ the king our taid brot]jVr,an<1 (JK-Bub- 
JivtA (tf tliii* rt-fthti : ni» ilmt wit vniUy inml, tltiit Ihorf^ !■ uo ^ooil tritu 
»ubJcoC* that is, can, or wotdd prcirnd to bi? igncmiit tiivrtof. And, of 
our |rjirt, vo liatv of cuFM-lv(tB ciiu»(>iJ, an<l a« God thaJJ aid and 
nuvogthrn nn, aliall cauapj nnr right .inci liili* In thLt bc^Ualf |o hr- \tv,h- 
IbJiixl and proclaimed accordingly. Aud athcit ihia 9oiici|;Jiij amatlu 
ECtnDOtli fltranf^u, that, our Kiid Lirothor dying upon Thunulay at njghl 
iHbt pfi&t, u« liltJirrtn Imd no kuuwlol^t fruni yon thtrtol', yvX vie ron* 


viVl xjtO 



^■AriPr j^uT «4«ilo(nw am\ pTiMlmr*«i to lip 4arrh, thnf, hnving pftsooru 
^■■■u>n(34 rou debntciL iKintU^ntil, nnd will ivrJjcSurd tltii ]>ir«^nt cft»r, 
^^irttb <tur nl4t«> yuxir owa AfjtU'i tJic tiommaiiuvnUhT iind nU our 
hottoun, vfe tfhnll aail mny caanpivi> gr#«c liopo ftml trusl. witli mu(!li 
M«miC« in joor luynlljt nutl K-mn-: aui!, il^crefofp, for l!iv liiuv. 
iBlorpret uid IdIdo Lliin^ rjot Ic tUi^ woni, and thut y>.« will (UU nobler 
mrn] wwk ilie b»u N(-'vi*nfcrii '«», ww am not igDarant oT your eon- 
>oltatic>iiN tc uudu lla* proviuoui lilUu for inir prcrvtmcDt ; nor of llio 
f^roftl bjuid* Mi^ pTOvUiotiA forcible, wh^^rcwith yc lie ftj^omtiEcd «nd 
prvparMl ; by «ho«i, and to ulmt 1.-111J, God aud vou knon- ; and imturc 
ciwout but fvAr toiuG rvil. Dut In.* Jl. UiuL bwixiv cutuidL'iuliou puliUi^* 
or mha/ttOvrcr IhutR cUq. Iioth moved you thereto, jd doulit tau not, 
mj lordif biiA t(v cnn tAkj> ail Ui««e yo\ir duiiigv id j^^ioloiu pnrt; bdug 
alsa ri^lit ready 10 rrriiilt* and fully iMinlon IhfT Mtim^ nr^ii iJjui frF't^l^ In 
OmIMw bWwbhvd Ofid vcijfrtnncc apiintit ull Uivsc. ihat can, or vitl. ill' 
ttod llif- lumc ; iTvittJig xUa nuuivdly, you will xx\i» and nrrv^^ic thb 
gnu^c aitd lirtue in guud jnri, v a)t|iirUiur(Ji, aud (Il^iL wt? ^]ledl nu( in; 
OoTorctd to UM lie MTvici.- of utlior OLir tji^e Mubjcct« nud frieudv; 
vbid^ in thij our jii*t and ri^lit cilus^, God (in whom our wbole oHi- 
anoe b) idudi avnd u». WliL-rrfurt% my lurdu, qc iiK|ulr« yuu, lui 
cfMrgo yom. ikud <:Tcry of you. Uuit of your ollrKitLncci wlilch you o^ro 
tt God and d*. odlI Io nono oth«r, for our buooDr, and tho iurcty of 
uitr person ouly, you einijluy yourwIvi^H; And foril^wtth upmi rvrvlpt 
Woofi CiUM our figlit onct tLll(? 10 the crown uid povi^rniucni uf tbia 
twain lii^ bft proQloiDiod in vur tiity of Londou, and olixc-r plae». t^ to 

ilcrvof, m vur *vt} itun u m ji:ia. And thl> cur letter, nguud villi 
our lumdt •bull be your sudiciont wurraut in tbia bi-lialC 

IGiT^n vmd^r onr «lgn#i, nf our mnnor nf K«nn(ng-]iaI1, July 9^ ISS$* 
^«tf«r ^Mff Vmutcil to iha Quteut Letter, July bl, 166^, 
tFooo^tii. IS.] 
Wft kirt fT«tfiv*i! your letters, ibo 9tli of tbiBiuimut, ilecUring your 
ppoMd lido, uiUi^h yi>ii juilgvf your«vlf lo lane to tiHi JinfH-rlid crown 
M llik rrdlui, and nil thr dcimtnuinft tlicminiA tu^longbig. For nnnwr 
wbereof. tii* is to Advertise? you^ lljAUtWoomudiiifl ant tnvcreigit lady, 
Qswm Jaito, U, a^^r Ihv dmth of our ffover^'ii^ lord, Fd^vunl VI. (u 
prinea of mcMC noble memoty). itivntml, and poueved ivitji ilic jii»t 
and rigbt tide iu tA« iuiixrrud <rov<u uf tliin nraloi, nut rjuly by gvud 
ovdor of old Ancient law* oC dki« rcdni, but olfto by our lute *avorcign 




lonl'a lolb>ri paCi-nte, m^od with his own hAQd, arxj trolocl with 
gntHt sen) of Englnml, tn piwnfv or thtt ma>l part of tlic nnbli^, pol 
icllon.jnilgo. wilh (liters otIuT* gravp aud sjige pcisonagi^*. &w«[itmj 
anJ MtiWriUng ttif Mtme, wc EikUAt, l1jiTt'ri>r-c, on of m<>fil bouiKl dutf 
and allrgianct, Ms^nl uiiFo lior taid ^or, imd lo none orU^r, ev^r^t 
«buiiM (i4]jiii;li failbM j>utrjecu cuuiiui) fiiEl i[]Cu grlvvou* and no-^ 
Lflblc cnonnilico. Whcrdt^roi vc can no Irsi do, but for the quietS 
ioth of ttio ri.'ddtii, ftntl yi>ii hdnu* Icj advprtivp ^'^oDh Ihnl. fomunAioli u 
tlir (tlvon^T. ma>]c belueen cliri yn^. of l^tcxis mt^morj* king Ilroii^ 
VI]I>, and the Udf Catbariar. fO"'' mothc^r, vu nco^Asuy to be bud, 
both by Uid cvi>rlajitiTig 1a^v« of Gwl, nnd also by the ^^frWiAstinl ]ai»^« 
niid \\y llLf moAl |uirc of ifu- noble and leArne^l iimvenidrA of ChriHtrdi^^ 
dam> And coniirnxrd nl*o b^ tlie sandrf acts of parliamcnta reinaiuiDg 
ydt in their forces nnd tlifirvby }'0i; Jufitt^' luade dldgilimatet and uii-^_ 
h(^ritiihl<! lo thn cniwn iirj|H<ria1 of thin ivAlm* nnd the ndt^ 4nd dumi^^^ 
D!on»i and po5:icM]uiis of the shmrf, you ivUli uprn jubC conoidrrnticia 
horooff Mid J^f divoN othGi* rai]j?(^a, liivful to h<t uWcgcd for tho ititae, 
and for the jiut hifmnlaMre of the right line, and g'xlly order takt^n by 
ibe \uUi kiu^ our Ki^i^mjcit lord, Liog Edward VT», uuJ ngii'vd upva 
bf Iha noble* ind great personages iforeuiid, Guri:«aBi;» by any prrtt^niw, 
lo iwv and mol^t any of our Hov^f^ign lady, qiii>i'n Jnnf^ hT kiiHjrfti 
froiii ihcir true fftith and allegiance duL' ujito her £iar< i njAunoje luu. 
that, if you will, fur reape^^ti »heiv your^i^^f quiet and ubodicnt (04 yot 
OLigtil)^ yon ihad jlnd ns nil, ami several, ready lo do you any tvrriee, 
tbal wt- vitU duty may, and glad, with yuur quietncm lo prc^rt^r tbt 
coniuou stale rif this n^aEio^ whcroin you may bu oUiorwiae gncvoaf 
to itfl, 10 yoiin^lf, rucI to ili«>n ; And thus we hid you ntnnl Jic^rtily voft^H 
[0 fore. From the Totter of London, in tJiii moth of July, l.^JS. ^| 
Your lodysJiip A friendf. ahowing yourself an obo-li^'Dt subject* 


MAiigu&9d or WtNCf&Trn. Darct* 
Jorv UBoroRD. 
Will, Nohtmamptow. 
Tjio. El. v. CuAMCELLon, 
No nm uu n K n t. A n n, 




TllOtl. CUBNCV. 

II. CorTow> 
Joim Oateji. 


William CtnL. 


John Ma»o?'. 
Edwakd Xohth, 




Xo. W\-'(Rrf4rrrii ii> at page 5TJ 

Moijfi^Tst SYoclatnatian aloat Hftigivrh Av^uet 18. 1*W3, 

[W^kifiA, it. Ad] 

TIm quren'* fiigbni^Wt ^^W rouirniborlng what ^^^at ln(^ol)vcnIfFnoo 

cbnjiMV hai^« gMwn to th» lirr rt'tilin, in thries piL-il, llirouffti the 

iTCniiy^ i>r upjuionv iu qunlJuit of riHigiorii arid lifarin^ «l§a thott noir 

hl^iT *itJi«»oi* ilir txf iniiinjc of her moat f^mcioua rripn, ific tamo 

itiojit to Agftin muoh k'tIv^cI, ihrnugh ctruin rMlmi* nnil iKirnit* 

■p^Eb and ruuiuura, apredJ bj tvoiiiv rvll-(l&jipn»ed prnlOTl^ lulli tliaiijjilit 

food lf> jci*"^ tounikr>tani[ to aJI htr ]i!|-hn»s' niotit loving nubjcctflhcr 

moit (^nicioufl pirruurc, m manner fifiilr^wing. 

PJwl, her iii^e^iTy Winp pn>*(-nt^y, t>y ihir only (ixhiiji^a* f»f ChhI. 
Eticd ifi bcr juit pOHc^ion of thf impiTial urown of iJiict rvulm, tiad 
thw iloniinioo* ihE<ivunEo h<>1firtglng« pannot now hide thai rr>Ugj«n, 
fhTch G»>i) hiiil f.hi> work! iLiiowrlh »hcr liath trer pn>fcuL-il| froTn licr 
icy hitherto; which Uf Iicr uiur«^4ty in ruinilcd to otnrrvi; orJtl iiiAiir- 
uio for l)ar««ir, bf God'ii ^ntco, duniifc h^r time, «a ikith her highncM 
laucfi tlesirfi flnii vutilil be ^lad, tin? sihiiit* witv uf idl litr Htibjiwla 
quirlTy ond clftriubly t-iiErrbiiurd. 

•' And 50! (he (loth ti^Dify lo al] Ikt rtiigvity'i loving lubjccta, tboT, of 
W iuo«t graciouH diHjHUllJon aiiil olci»<^(JCy, ht-f hJgbrjfHH uiindKh not 
to compel viy her »Aid Kibjrdi ihcrcu 010, until mcb iinic<u fiinher 

konlcr, by poiDTnori (usmt* mAy bo Inkca thvroin ; forlnddiirg, nwvrtha- 
>««, ill hi.^ tribjt-rrs of all i1i*grtys At their perils to muvi- st-diEloiiri^ 
or Mir ur]i|uli:liiv«» \tt her people, by iJilerrupttng the Iaw^ of Lhi» realm, 
tftcF tfidr branna and farituii?4j but ijuii^tly lo ooTLtinuo lor (he timts Idi 
(U taefoiv 1« uiiil) fiirtlt'>r onler ntny \i& tnkpitt and f.herefiir** vlll^ih 

■ And itrailJy cbfiTgcth aQdcomiaandrth all htr good [oviuff nttjcrla to 
lire togelJier in quJeC tort, and ciirJAti&n ehjirity, loavin^ tl)oe« nev'- 
^nd ikriliiih umii of papht and heretit, and luch tike, ciiid applying 
their whol<; (ATcv fitiidy. and ttavall, to live h\ the frhr of Gutl, FXi^rciB- 
tc^ lb«ir convorrtfiona In itucii charitublo And fcodly doing, qj^ their 
^h Sfm VDajr ind««l «Kpre» x\\ts gri<Ht litmgi^r and thint of God'i glory, 
^^ whicla. try nbli talk and wunld. miuiy Im^v iin^Cf^iidud : auJ> in hu dLuii^, 
they *hall bc»t pli^o^i; God, oncl live without danger of Ibr lawni, and 
iMUDtain tho Iranfjuinity ut Ihr rrtulm ; vL^rtHtf it h(.Thi^*hn«f ihali b« 
moot glad, ^%, if any mau xlmll fKxhIy pn-KtjuiH lu iimki? any Buttemhlitw 
of poople. or, oX wj public ajwmblica, or i>therwiiie, »ha1l go about to 
itif tlio pce^ple to JitortliT or disquivFt Khi* ruindetJi, aoeordin^ to hpr 
4^lj, lo >r«? lh<^ -AiiM TiiMt aeverdy rvfonncd and puui«hedf according 
t» Ijor highae»a'» Uitib 

AnJ> rurlhrrnukTf^ rorjumiiiHi ai* it a veil knawn that pao^tkiQ 
Mu! rumaura hmc been nounAheil and ButiTilAinri in thU roUm, by 
aublloty nnil nioitioo of vome erjl-dvponcd ponoiUj whicli t^^ u] 
iheni, w-lthoiit Mifflrknt anihnrity, lr> jir>-aeh And lo \awtpTfi xhr. vonJ 
of Godi After Hiclc own l>r£Jn*. in clturcKc? nnd other plnccni b4itb 
public iLDil priviiti*, ufiJ oIao by plujing oC tcituHudov, ami |>r>ixUog of^^ 
fnUf- Tt^nd hnokit nntl btilSmta, rbyninA, and otbpr Irvil irmtUi^ in tlM^| 
Knglbb tongue. oi>iiLiUikiji^ doctrine? m matlcr* now iu qualii>u. and^ 
<tOlitrovCT»k« tourliiiii; ifxi bi^'h poititd uuU mnt(*rifip in chiiHiiut^ ivli* 
gion; wbich bi^okv; Imllntlfl* rhi,iii*"Ji. nnd irrAli«rsv nrtf rbirdiy bv- 
lirlntirrs aiij AUtivu^rft ^it uut to kiIc to hnt gibe's tubjccto, of an ci 
xool for lucre, and covfitoimncw uf riU> j^^un; h^r hij^hncM IfaorofiQ 
Btmitly i:bu;g<-tFj lutd oouTmnndc^h aX\ and every uf bcr slid <iibjiy*ti, 
ivImbutvtjT ftlutUt CLUJiJiliufj, ur dt'j^rtt tht'y br^> Ujiil nonu uf ibi-m |n^ 
mim:^. fronj bcnccfortb, to prcAch, or, by w&y of rcadiDj; in churcbc^^f 
Dcid otbLT pulfltc or priviti* pfnpw, cutvpl in u'hooU of the iitiivt*T<i(f,"^^ 
to ljil<T|tri^t nr u^dcTl luiy ^[-riitrttrt-H, nr Kuy iiuiiLnni ttf jxilnu af iloo 
trine, conccraiiij^ tvlipoa: neither alao to priut any botik^ inauiv. 
LsJInd, rbyriie, iubjiEudt, |>n>OL<Wi or tri'4ktiK<<, nor U> play any ijtU'iiadffb 
oxci'pt t]i4-y Ijavc her gracr'i Hpivinl Ikrtniri' ht wrLliji|E fbr lltv MmCk 
upoa pAiD to incur bor liigbuf^tn' iudignation and JLoplL'Uur^ 

CivoD at our iTiiunor of RichniuntI, ibc oi^hlccnth day uf Au^iut, in 
Uie Ant y^r vf our moil iMxwpfruuB Mga* 

No. XVI,— fftr/#rr#rf ^ a^ f oj* 6aj 
In name del Ptinte/tf GiaUo UL «/ Care/. /t?y, /VA>. ,*i^. 6, 1565. 
LQuUim.iv, I0i>.] 
Cnm«^ .1 rju^fiii gmrni n'lnimn Ia niririt^ dl qni>l gSovnn^^ cTie en 4diil 
niftbj Hi' d'lEj^liilLcriA. N- Sig- pcn^Q iJi non mikiir-on; ilvgof |>09eal 
JiJif^i'MEiT cEie f)uol rcgiio avt'tfw do tonirtrxi dl& vera fedi? otttolii 
dulln iguolc Ti) cavrio per Vunpirtjl, f prcit^rvia di lU^iihcOj e di gOTi 
Hani In qu«etti col ctNuiglio v hcordo dl V. £j, Htvt^rvndiwiiiin, 
oHci oncora fi^ it parcro dl tutU la confcrr|fa»ioEii.< tlelfi r^A-eroaduddoii 
VC ilUiili'iwimi «igiio'i rftnliiinli ■ mI ft\Vk% iiii r^rdinn, cho io gli* oo aori- 
vttti ib^riiMiiiirntri c comifc « tnoQaJ);. di CArpcnlntH ube i^Aprdluft 
brovpi uhc Niru ulligato oon Ja pnu^kntu, j] quale »i inaiKU cowe suj 
abODduniJ- nnnir r-be nciji buiJ|;iii. m^ioc-be V, S. KiT^a. ttl muHtrktii 
ftui iiifunnau di qiK-Uo, cbi; »i i^ra dolibLTAlcr qui iirinni. Mrnirp i-br? 



r- %cm 

h|«ri BlimclifVTunn all' n«p«dit1ot^ com^inrAi* on ooni«fA dt Prftn(!ifl> «oa 
t^rrbo ddln muUluinft del Ktaio di i|i]r] rrgiici d'lnt^liiitrrni, liovi- la 
^llinoni D. MoTiA «ni rtnU Acckiiiaia« 4' ricrvntn r<^fEianr n n'cni in po«- 
A0VO eon CDFJAvnso univni^atn di tuUi, la qual Dova pono d cu& Boati« 
lAilme tuico iiEli-uri^xm, L'he ni profiLW- in lurriiniv t< ff<ce Hubtlo in r]ijel 
a)MU«iii)Ai(ititBnk'rljr(im[UL:lrt<i>nt'rc^aiiout di^ lYvori-ncliuimJ c^d ULua- 
triMtmi cifcnori cordmali. c propose «hc dod li oaoorren. vFtpcdiantt* pjjl 
pn-^rituiri'-u, [i^ on niHt^'ion* ti|H-rHii7ii di frulti, rrh« di orfftru V. 8. 
lllnMrtk^lmii I' rofuiYiiMr^iim Ug^iiLo n '\ifMiv Tv^l»^^, «11' ftU^runtWimo 
tiDpcTatorv\ cd ai frctmllaniuimOfCfinnlmfnlc atuttc li^parti bd quofl 
nm dMlinirv conting4^n>L I.a [irO|ii>MH di nun S»MtiE^ tt\ Apprnvau t 
ricrvulA ilu lutli. ijuii |>1aum H iiirmiU coitMjlnlinnr:- $1 nttcndi; aJI* Cf> 
pcditiorjc d<ilv boric Mir? 1!acolti. fv i|uali Hirauiio lanlo amfl?, ifuanlo 
TKii di qud tapirmo fAtf, o ai poinmno arnrvBrprp uproncln rlir* V. S, 
fllattriiiuiu c nnrtvadi»irEia vorri ; c •iiiiilinrTDtc Hi ultcndi^ a1l*(«pLPdi* 
Ikoie de lifvvi pfr oiiuchtfiuno de'printnpl topradr?ttir o si nkandaronnn 
per i*n e^mTio^R rifi»4f> sib via di Gonnanin, tftncndo ^hn V. S, illui- 
triHiiirui e rvrcrvoil'miina torr;i fan.- il frrinio mn^rvtBu v t^^AUH\xiio von 
k bdmbU C«*ar<^ ItiUrilo^ p(-r ainittar tmip'>, r par^o a »ua Brnti- 
luifiii*, o a quMi «gDori illamiHiTiii c tpvctcndiuimi, He, mtjz^ oli-uDa 
filntimie. tK* \t itpL'diM'Ji il avu i^mlJllniciTiiit mn rtiUl>< Miidi <.'iintaJitf» c 
milltt In ivui fot^JUL, itccio chc rlU poona i/into piiJi prfj»ro mcttrni tn 
conifiuco, per compimmto it pcriuCtjune di un opera tnnto divinn e mi* 
nirnluaii. <wino di (jiM •! n^piita. L« |>{ac«H adurifjiir dl pT|^li!Vn? rpirxlK 
bti^'ft Bll«f ramirntr-, per wrvizln dl Dif^ brnufieio JHla |uUrin pua, e 
OMkBcntMSft uni^rKilc d\ nin SnnCitat c dH S, colf^KiOt (? di lutto c]Uc»Ul 
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No. XVJl— ('ff/A'Tftf to fflf pflj?^ fiOJ 

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Hrnsci. UWntft Scxtillw, 1.5.S5. 





No, XVlIt— (Rf//fTflf to at pagtf m-) 
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oMOo C«mnicitilijii«, campricro no*iro, con Jcilcn; vottre, c i^cl ciird> 
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datOww di qud resuo. pirr b boU dj»oi»lioac di nuc-U Itrffina, c^ 'm 

YOL. n. 8 




Jri POTMi«lfTniloi c i)r If I <1e]ii?n{li*iifl(i tiittn VrtfVttD dl qur^fta bona open* 
li dovc»c ^rcbTc prima, per ogm via. bgcgnvi c<l ^rtf^di iflpirla 
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olio, «o D? rivcD^hiuo, ai^'giuiigeaimu, fid tucdcviDJo coii^iMorio di 


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all' attra tcK&tionc voitnL. U kgaticinc Jclla pocr., eomo vecJrotc nel bn»« 
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(ic i pcccall delkdimtiOEiitd Toncra in \iarlc pur^ti, c ijurlli duu prln- 
oipi ^ voitiiMro porgere lorec-chie) moUilicaro li loro cori, c fiLrii co- 
DOftoere dl itiaDta cnljia» in niiiiitcindr^ t^ <jO[unNl.ti'iido, Imvomnno ila 
nodir conUt U d'l del jn^n jriuditio, c fnrvi hawr I'Luaora iltll' una q 
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fliOB« di «Mr cattolicii cd aver Dio avantl ||L ocdil, iJOi^dJiaciiD c^om- 
ctmix <JiG IJ propno intcrMtu gli u«curi b vivto, ehc nou \«doDi> In 
(alamitl, t roiinn drlln povom olTliilnniLA, p dflk fL-it^, <> n^Iigmiii? 
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oUll TCkciddr«Qimc,c(lc~cor|>i, ciio, o^i lii>ra»Ai pcrdoaoaccntiD«ra, 
cmij^li&iK. SiimihA ^ummanim »!, eho^ t^oa <]ii&]»tvoglia colon*, Hiu 
ifji piioii^ inrtLrr^i in viajfEio. v coiitinuorlo, a noj ^itr^rrUir LiHriiTiL- 
SfttDCc W! nnn per tiltro, pnvM- t\ oUr fcnoo logliv rtrputAlione a adi, 1*4 
alia remta i»o«tr^ « Vaocronotf > gli h«nilirt, n MhS«nifttioi» ncD aolo a 
qnrUl dlitfchlUnrm, ma fHuiTiA, e iJi tattf* \c pnni ilrtin rlLrlBTEcinlli : 
nwMto COM ccrtOt chc bl daano mauo luno I ujtro, quimto u iiano lon^ 
Unii < >i atiflhiio o coimc^liano con riidio piu (orvoro, dili^nsa, 
Ibi^Uig^iLSJt, «d artionr, Dhn nfin fixnno i cuiaUH. Ma bbr>giui bsTirr 
I^TTCTtriiH drtia di mprOt di lujn rulnorc, a un mcdptinm tf^mpn, 
U rcffina. c U canta dL^lb ^rli^tun(^, ptr troppa Trrtu. Kt <iiip-«lo bwiri 
|«r dirvi qu^ tia I'opiaiOTii* noNtra, • d^l i^gro ooMvgio, LamukIo il raito 
illB|ilMdt pniHpnzii, dourinj^ rd isppripim tokItb, nd olll bvvM, fd 
W ffW iiia cnii che potrctc haver, hora p«r hora, da i]Uf:l rcf^o, megU<» di 
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iletibfTBtionff' Ni}i prrgblomn Diii cbc m'l^rptra Et lun ^rnrli nlla r^i^ina, 
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fimJe dcccplorum, 

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fi^|]|«tn« sd llibcmiD. pi^lUrrmo quuEclie apeiiit^iitp (m a Dici 
r4) €b« oi roDMftori la rcftiaa, 4t non «i fara <^aa ilkclta. SubJIo 
ehe il Coitin»pndoii* eo nft parlo, rcTipoudcmiuo, che havcrebbo da cHvr 
ntfitio dri U'ffQlci ; tiunudu |>i?rij voi iir ftn^t^ ric:hii-»li7, dii^ ulimmtnlr 
non ac ct ha da parJon.% iii^ Imrcto dn iiKMimn? di tApcrlA, cft*nndo *Uto 
dvtto al C<iimn^adt>nc» noa ftdo in tv^x^iOj taa in confcwkoii«- Dit- 




1/ Mfidntinift tti Mftlptipiti. Oetotinr 13, 1553- 

ijbR 115.] 

DiltfCto fill uotieu uJulem- Iliccvcmmo le ji»ita letlcre dcir tiltii 
del jiiwaatot dati! in IVento, insUtnc ooii la copia dclU l^tuini di moo-i 
^lunur Hpiirlrn, per le qiLnIi senfJuimr} qiifillft MtnWtitPTTJt H'nTilnir), dtS 
t»i ptMStt iiiiiiiagiikar moggtorc; v(^dcndi> chc Dlu bcncdctlo inapinu a 
COrrobora» c confirniu, t.-^iil f^iDruo^ ptii qui^Ttix d^ntii c cuitu>]k<k rvpra- 
Noil <lal cunto noilro, non manoarrmu di pivgar Die, '^bo 1p pon^t i 
gntln dl potcr luctlerr in caccutbni? la pin inviitc luo, v, per rjuaCo ^| 
«lfttt4ji vol ao[i9LM)ao <Il tutlu il collcpo iiotlro, ordinarcuio It riufiplii^- 
liuni putiblicn. coa ^ ffiLiUlno, wcondo il rocordo voKtro. IntAiiio po- 
itrtP. u?|^iiitnn? It vijij^^iu ulks^TziJUrnlr', t^ini Iji iM^nnJiticine di Dii) t 
noflitra, DtLtum Rouiic xii, OctuU Mt^LtiL 

Ref/ina Maria R/tgiualtio CunltnaH /V/u. Ot:tob. Id 1553- 

[Qiilfiriijv iaj>.] 

Optimo Sobrino Pole, in CUrlalo otHerruidifBime. Ar^ccpi li 
tiia», ipinn liLiiia i^iriLlinrlii mllti n^ddidil. rx i|iitl>nii int£fUi>xi jiorptfrunm 
opltinum voJuntatcm crga hoc regnuui* patriam tuun nimiriim. cl crsa 
Lvgilimcm b«radi<«, cunt ■uminA t^tilin^ flignif^calioncr ot> ^a qti» ptMW^ 
rnnt diviiKc i-lcim-iuitt! Ouniipuieiitis Dti in cHtcmii'ndA im4 vrgA m« 
vi^rut juBtlMJMOi ii;liui(ii4no iiiist-rtcordiii, pru])LL-r tjuam nic tiLii ctiuQ 
Hon panim di^bi^n: Mntio^ cum inonita arni^ritiai-iir^ii prLi:t(.TL*a in Littrifl 
nddidL-rifU Qnod li imLlurii ii.iiurn- vitic^iiium inirr nou iniorOf<l«nti, 
quod ccfrtc iiiiiximuiit iutcTCcdil, Ujneni rel nua Jmi: dc i:auu, iuuxIetiu 
libi dobcroni Rnktiofi, quod mv tun cxnnjitcr monuuriH « atquu t.-|co dabo 
vpcram, pre viribui, ut niouili* Iuek uii«fif-JDin, <|uippo cum n«rqu« 
ui»i|uam Tucrimi vec sltij* ut^^i- (ul UIvinBP mi«-ri(^un)iDr con^o) 
iini)iiAui Tulum nim^ rnEholIciv adbormtionla id tuU lit«ru cootcoUft 
ftdvc»:iriu> Quod ■ctinift hd mcain obcdiontiam, el di>l>ilani obMrv 
4^8 hj)iiriHntn TbriHiL i^t nuvln^ni diviQam luam i^thollcnra 
>llcftin rcclcaiimt, liftrum Mternruiii Utur poterit tc con 
dozens : » ^Jtuiin potent rxplunarc quanta sic animi mci molmtia, 
tare& <|iai^d imn [ro4«Liii aniini iiiti <i.'ntvikfijm] in hae iv prorvfis pnipl^ 
cere: Eicd cumprlniuni daUni^ ^rit fucultda aiii cirri Li^!« JLiiiuii mcd Er(<n 
dlvinam ddtum oxpliraiidtc, obodicntio^f quid tcntiam, CAcquendtf 
toism t** [rrimnm ^pt IJt.>nw (*t>rliarefT]. Quod (pwtnt *d ooixmaiiun^m, 
Idsm nunciui ommo ptanc cxplicoii' puU'rit, ijiuIll^ilii.' ulia. nnibui 
ilhan IdeiMi voLui} oum mirittci-, UuLDiputciitJo Dei miscricixdiA 





iddim rnCurum, ut livo oomitiA omniA *ratuta nbro^^ontj undo omnium 
(^Umlrnhim hiiJimrMi regnt ««^minA {viiIlitTjknint. S|H«m nub«m futumm, 
ut drlktoriim iciiiain i hnnimj poTitllicU Hcmrntla cpbliu^atjt fcui le 
TO^, Ut, ni(o DOiniurit Lvniiiliiuv f^r^tiai) ogrw pro suu miiltipUci in mc 
honiratff^t ui \n i>Aj|t'ni p^raULtt t?I^Tnonti;V, oninem<]ti(4 pntti^mtorum 
mmuuvorum obliTJunEm couccdnU flupc ]>Eitiir rrmltliv. tp^. [io»lijlft- 

lonis nttn irritt* futunr op^ri luA, (juanda Untum bti](!VolciitJa:, <t 

itri »: Ubi cuiuniiriitJiittat litjcrnj fdcio *crilHTijiJi. We«liiiotuuierio, vi. 

I No. XX.— fff*/i^rif i" li' pui/f m^) 

Marin R^iaft ^^lia Haglnaldi/ VarJinaii Pitto, C^ff,S8> 1553> 
L [QuiriDhit. iin.l 

' VbMsrioribui nOHtri* liicrU intclUxisii quo In «Ulu roc iKwtm: fuflrJatt 
Irrupupt i|uii liti^nL- ikqIhc <.-tui?n:t tfiinU cF qiiiLiija uccasiuiribiu tnata, 
InnHiiuRi tn f^'odltjni »ii»pcndcninuit ^ odco cnim doWjcatio tiia piiMictL 
ttl iusp<'ttu, c't aofim litibditit i^diuiia, vi mufunor nt^mui, licet ^tmU 
ilrmiiiHtniiiL^ plii3 imiJu'lii'M i[TMrn fli^\i)ir fnvt^t unuLuru-t. Fiiide tnli- 
. joouiiun uobiB prinial cumitioruiti ijnhcturuiu ci ihca'pluruiii ftL*ne^ «t 
In qujbiw pbu diilicultatid fit circii auctoritaicm «cUw apoi- 
midfn ctrcil vena rfli^onit t^Tilium; wk<u ftjivit vu^gpstinnibus 
icnftlt aubditoruiJi aiiinii a puutillcr^ Skjuidcru phinufl ordo 
lilJortifUr (fui conailiariiK ct cpL*copb cuiiAiai* cxiHliiuavc^rat coiivul- 
tU omoin ilalutA per parlEiiiicntuin ctliln li iHupofc, *t pnulo >nli' 
l^uAKi pnrUiiiMLiun pmnundari-t «iij)f r iniiLrimuuiu beri^nuuiiiirtj rt|;jiju.% 
Bum nortfB, piic tiicoiorixi dufuncEn. aiinullnrcntafi obt^nn-nlnr, 
ct pcTOMirvnlUT ; futanti^ l»ac vi4 en, iju» iftra impiia votU contri rtli- 
lionMiir Pl dbll m^Lrlmniiii t^glfimalioni'm oon»iiin1u niiiit, piiMc tV' 
tfVlmii. Cum M-T't hicti drlilicrntio Bt-iuudo uidiiii coinitiiirunk. <|iii 
picbci* constat, itin^^ttiiKct, ftutini »iirpirAtiM 'tfl hmc propuEii in gratianj 
intHicUr M «aproml mplti* fH?ck*[K^ tilultu« corouH* jvgixn »nnt'\im, 
It, pDtnuicm pmiiitiHf in rf^uu uu4iro rcdintcftraremiii, 
|Ufi «x(^cutioDl viam pnipnrijnus ci apunroniuB i uUo()uia 
rifail diltcultatifl Urn circa jmnnllBlioncm rtnltiloruni, fi mfttrimoTjU 
'Jiivdicti apprubntjciiuiii, uiidivt-miimH. Itai^Lm vcirmur nc, p^rtinoci^j 
qu4iEL deMdvrvrniUf^ iii^htant ct un;ctibt, ut tituium suprcmi opili« 
ndttMoe conunucmuB et iiMuiimitiiiH : i]Uod *\ flni, bnb^ f|urj(T rLvpon< 
dMm rt f!X«ii«tin, uMn^ir, lue nfiniiHr imrrcMnm vtlcrem ii-ti£btiL-ui> !a 
tusmv eductam etcuutriloin, Jnc4 vdlcpctvcrcrnro luquo ad ultimum 




vEEffi ftplritum ; tioa nlbU contra conHf^ipnliam powe f^onivntlrp ; lltuli 
llfom DOQ conTcnirf} i^ e dbtinctas pfii<>5titt<!«» di};nitAtc«. tt ofTleia; 
Kf{iBm i ftXcurdoU' &cdT>^T^; oorpUA polil^^um nihil oaanuano h&brM^_ 
ciJTti i>fHrBiJ]i.4iioo', SflvTim nntTnim ROniLldfininfliciii, cul nihil mlrifW (Vin-^f 
wnM ijLiAm uU* tUtilud, aut tiiuli luus; vKp»ccre ncm ab illiv, iit,fi 
nliitd impdmri uou [jonAit, «ij«|)tn<laiit tv} nliquott t«npii« oa, qun bOM 
picmnjitionem , ticmImi roriMitpniliP nrlvfTurkUim, cymiyniimi, itoMc 
hiiitfl ft'iitpiilrRtEuii rcniiMKum inmiiri poA»lt, Qm^d «l nuMram bnne 
lam jusUni pi^titionoin noi^lvXi^iriuC, btCiiLto quid lu^mt ant quid coiwlit' 

cofiFtcIi^nEbun nh cntiti injuria rt scnipLilu viudiutm ct cxiiuoin, irt 4|llji1J 

«c£|ucnduni in Iiib proci^lia ttiiiAtn. 

Almd t«t qitiid magU nna an^iti (fum cnim c^nlinaliv Dandinut ad^ 
una (jurniiam ex m'a. qutiu liJuiu vi mLliEiuin |inL->Jiraliati dqmtujw^ 
cxiatjiuanti CE^ qun &d abAolLilionom ^it/TAkin rt^n&iirarum ecclcu4iti* 
cnnim, qufttn |rat«lMunuii a pontifi^^c, pi?rtinF:ir, tulo tibi cr>a«T«di pona, 
(itatiQi nl Rornnm advedtf in pikl>1lc<) consl«loria, «t nxim, i>ub|ianlt: 
utquc lam Gdc1lt(*r iic^rclum tontiTmit, ut omtor noikr, i^tii o^it Vflii^ 
tlin, nobb pTrnJRtiniu r<>fr<^tinm, muitorum rcktu» dtieriptcrit H fUCprM- 
■prit t r^uod *1 cnmititii inntttut^rit, olittirtadorn vitirm fore tupcr 6ieiit 
iibm^'Blioijf* vtututumui. tl Ittiili A»*Lumptii>ur' Item ^TuLLsBiiuaini uobb 
fcppru, si hoc focium tnm pnrfiduni detcirrii, ct nw oorum, <\Mm Ronw ^ 
M in oonp)l4U>Kn rvlnlUr nerlifire« fw^rlii, quid inde cir «(«quiitumm •■^S 
monuf rl«. ct quid fticWniluni mox eonsulut^riA : ijbi enim cunlidenla- 
«iiTi« ioquiniuri ijl juvm, ft TJOAtri n-fmi BmbUImc-ntuin prninorcftt; dm 
^Ttlm hi« pHi offtniifl tibt Addic-iinrf» r(kddf>«. 1!«n« taIc, rercraidMine, 
4iucin Dcua cciJMirvcL Londiui. xxvIlL Qctntj. mumii,' 

£(iif» J?jf^^nz, JVor. ISr 1553. 
JatcllciimuA CO qum Mcriptc ct nunttopcr to concrtdita tunt. 
fttiidii), f]iiA pietaM, qu&que aJf^oti^ue ergn pelif^iooibm, orgsi ro^umn 
ci]£a luiUiam. at ni» sU: i^ujlni »otkcturi> ct uiili'i, et (ijiLinduA fima 
logAtioDn in ha« partes, ti modo teropuj^ rcruoi noatiarum iiuu publi- 
cfirtim titm pHvotamm ttnciu, sabditoninKpe [jtwtrurum animi iacoa- 
«Uiltci| foI^iU iluctrijiLi cl mtcrprvUiliotiiliiJs pcnuAHJ^ vt A rvcU vchucU 

^ [It ia ■« wall tA ramark tJut, in a Lmtor doted nn the I3th of tLa UI«vin|E 
I)V(WDb*ti and sddr*MVil i» \Un% popt JuLlua oalc^aaljr iwumtid btv tbitpo 
audi tiaacuTv, ok aba b«iv cuuiiruirw uf, had bc!v» ptnicUntcd. Ai>ud Qaihol. 

JTO. mx.] 



tU Mbal, pftt'^rfrnULr. Y«ri'tm, e\m Dtc iDtum n«c opportuDum ad- 
fcntum tuLim in boc r«gii«ini ptwi^dmrn^ tjub poli^ Jm:iua t*t pc^riculi 
plcnom, Trrcimguo tte polifB tuv ^Iv iniidJcntur, quini miiDrrc Jc^atj 
fbagl aliiftm ct fer^nt, tanl^in abtdt ul vrl mirtoriUUiji aut ubaLlicnUEun 
delMUcil cccIdaIu: ot mJJ apuUolIcn alot op[rtfilmUiH it ri^rii^iiJtiiH, ut 
son fKMMmolloriiu c«e>ratenUai;^<luiua mclitia ait tmim tnaaJtan 
FCfUnrRh, ti comiDinjonid cxccutionbin ad alicjuot diet aiupi-nUi, qudnii 

»kM oocAiiofift rP|Enuiri nmlra-upie r«^» turbLit^ potiit*, t\itAiu \tn\t\ntvvr*9i 
Don 4tii6d noo rorti grftiistiiu^it liiut conAi)CG(ii»(no>tiRnim mcain fif^A t* 
toluDtftt^ot C'l virictritattrm, ifiiw indio magiH;, tatA piu uihciist ut nos* 
tnniui rcxiui) n-cvirdntinnf pt aoTHiiHUnn. nii|>r-ii;T], Jint ijni^d nliud 
J«ridcToni> out prectr, aut ma^iH cammcndaLatia liabcain. (lUJ^m at 
*idi3rn \tvK rvf^Qum tioatrmu tT[Lnc|Liilluni, hjurcAitiud racuunit sc^di 

(nposlfklir^ nhf^ifln*, dt omni hchi»iii8ti» tiiipidono ivpiir^nMrn; »vd 
<|UmJ Quu tanluni (liificilr. ivrdm impavlbilc tidtsm Jurv* ut lioc pulo* 
liMiDlc> plonti n't inUf^Kkm rutiiui pk-tiUi rvligiujvt <!rdi?«io>it!<r{i«uciorita« 
vlmikl povfntt »d 'inrkJ lIIo jj^rtumr^nlo «pui «il> quod iniJld poMtt h[DC 
ftd tm nul qiifttiLor TnpnHP«, nt mmni ninailium iratit. Audlt^s n 
anntio, omnia siatuta fucU ;cnjporc Edw^rdi rv^a, bona- incmrridei 

VBVCWmlH. rriij^iuiiM<{iir! Fiilliini rr«ijtiiliim in Put vldtii) ici rjun ruit ti'rri* 

fpnt mortis Ilt'iirici rrgld* pLtfi»miu' rTCordAtioniA, patrU Hourly r^uod 

B Doa aia* cootODliono, diaputatlanfi acH* et ■ummo labors fidolium few- 

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IciEilimam cl Tcrmn, f)i]od ticri non patuit, nivi ct tacitv nuotoritDli^nli 

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el Mntwilld conttrinatdHA decUiTEUiim; Mc^ua ilm iiotArii IIIbiii ilJegil 

Rialionifl, faUo lucriptam. drktmn cssr, r^i^UD mrmLDisti titcrie nd iia- 

pcntonna, t^uuntm «x«mplar trariaiiiiMJBli- PffDli-ri'n atidin, parlnm^n- 

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L^OK Utihd prorDgari non ponutit: rt muliA ulia vptxrialitt ■; uie hiiio 
POtat&Oi tutifuaiti fldell* conimUi,— Sootorum factLODCi. prnotiqunf, i^t 
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qviiiki igiMrl, qui 1^1 litDrrrdrU nurM pnobfint (*l ao* tton fallil *?iplcin^ 
loram fldci ec rrlatio), nt utAtum priF-nr^ntrni) rcriBlUi itiiMtH raUijurm, 
.«abditoruibia|5tiulftolwtiujitiwiuia, difHcutUitt:«4u««j(pcaduA. ctfusidcrc^ 

et ifiilfJ Htatumdiim ccnauloAt quid ia uobta dt^aidrrc*. quid Rtri poMit, 
indico; omni Erniiti fttui:li/>, Jilif^enliH, «4 op«r^ cKcqucmur quod pom' 
moduiii «l tutUEiL nC'litM ri^^noijucr no»tro in et t'Omiliuni iionlnim eiiati- 
MUvcrisi ct cum htto duo nnt nbHolqu, nrmp^ relE^ionSii cuItiiA,t4 
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rQuar. Dciic valt^ niucm Dtfiu cpnivrvtst. LcMidini \v. NAverubrii 


R^glmuL Card. Pafai Mnrttr ftegin/r JfnffHif, Thv. J, 155$, 
[IbidJr. 11^0 

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(T Si, A>»pli\ iliD' tij^iriirljiiuii t'" i'" tL> liiQt '^v diu vfiidliuJ hit vTm'nttil in 
*"fMlim liJpnirt (Tiifca, B \k 17C*— J7ij), aud bave becii prinim Tiy Bunii-t 
- 327). 'ni*7 i'mjUUU, hoflt^rtt, iioihiwjr uiuic djuit an iiyuJit.-iHiH U> pnM -fli 
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Irjrr^ (fivinA d[<ltC'LC Cum nrr^ addil, Btiu sexiti uon convriiire lituluni 
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muciic^ cat, ut populum doetrinL Tmbuiit. Quiiil iri hiam npuitoliu riA 
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Quid ergu? Mi^toji tMlrv, cum hicc iuad1(^rlt, cof^novorit H d 
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DiQiogiK r Dcccmbrift, mdliii. 

No. XXI— (J?H-/i-rr''rf /o at j\tig«^l.) 
Im n^wa *Ul l^tnUJiea Oiuhc JIL at CardutaU Poio* Ofhtu S&i 1553. 
fQuitiDJ, W. l|A,1 
NVI iiracridfrre tiin^niri ili V- S. nr MTtrifili^tma Rd IlluntrbaJma, par« « 
i«B ttft^lii come ^ B^iuprc p&rvo, chn id dcbboiio havcre irr^ con»id«ni* 
lioni, una d«ll^ honijn? t< Mrvitio di Dio bpnt-detio, I'altm di nijjuULr«, 
quBiito per itiii tX im\ la nieniu ell qifelJA pliflfllma rcgitin, lu (uiift cTie^ 
COD volerU not adJLilaT<-, Don la <];»ajulb*(mo, e ponBoimo moggiur 




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difnoolfA dpIIo QMe tTetln rfligiohi? p ne meJi^KJniei Queeia feru 
;^deratioaft 1ft lucB luttA nclla i1(^]ibprft|ionc ili V. S. rcvrrrmdluiiUA cd 
^flLmirUiinu, corac a qiicillu cbu non U tnanca pnidonvik picta. c ciibrit^. 
5i »pr*rn, ** (irti pt'f ^'irio, ''ht% feminntlo U r»'gin^» il jjifdr- in»l l»^njHV 
nJet aCL'OCikOilrrA ijjduljiULuiiciUC(UpirIruiLkT;aicomr ftnvor>,iUU'tUn> 
CCLikto. f! puo liabitnn^ clic, so u[lu vokisc occomndurc il splriluakv doh 
terM\t\.t€t W tfmpnrwto. pfiimUlm f^nrren* riAufm^io In I'ltno » VniUu, 
I-'iiivitiuiiuo imiirmtorG ]ja fatio ilirv d f^iift nniiliU il'huit-r inandAlo ft 
V> l^« illuitriEuiiim :■ rvwrciidiuirQA, a TotIil ft^rnuirc dof c tlla m trovnvi. 

portarc iirrjiluilitin a ijLirira liitjinx^u. ronif tl ti'iiijif^ii^Uri- i-d |1 ow- 
Eainarc, n o<tlu npcrli, potrcbbc partarc aIcutjuItpo fuvurc* Non pare 
aricorn il iua m.i'^fit A^ Kihr tl noiiLi^ dolla lof^vcinc di^lb paoe boHtt, mpFnilo 
ftii' rlnjirimo ViniiTpntji rhr. sm fiitt* pi*r rj>j»^rln iIpII* pdtni. Ndu 
vorcbbc Biin BiLtitBt^ cLir 1'. t!. tcvtrt'ti^isaima cU ilh]atriiHni& ^t? TacciB' 
Li««i fin c^i^ *i v4^dcA«n mnggior lumO) pfrriiii abliunj^e di G«M'r@ ridotift 
uno ric dnr ponlit o 41 liuiarla andtrf' rlipui luiinnri. run pencolo dl 
il tuCto Tiic^umUlIu ill (jticl rfirrio^ Ci di HtrnrrlHi c tioii ilarc audi- 
Mli dare uDCOHioni' alii mnljgni di rftlurtnjarc siui mni^std. che nou 
pnftf", *j at pixnav pocii dclln rrdiittjone di qiipl ivgno atla uoift 
ed aiJL![[ua ri^llt^iojin ; ticlli ciuall dui arliculi, cniue II pari-' C9jii;r 
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pofD ippreuo il moitdd, 81VL bfiiritiirlini? v tanto pcrvujua dcllu buona 
otDtfl di kutt Kiui'sltl. clic cir^f uliii imij ?iE ^uHaa cLiiin- hi nbbracciari: ^ 
11 Buo coiuiicUo, come crcdcivbbc ohc »i pctcftc comnictlcrc jfrand ^M 
urrorvi ipmrrlo hi fLt^^aKc ii conirurio : chit ^ quiuito mi O(?<!orro di dirv 
pM' Ilk (ir^-hCuLCK viMliusijjEiinruirt'VfiNrojjdUtiiuiaed illuhLriwiuiu. Duluiii 
ItcHntc, 3ixiiii.Octob> udmii. 

No. X\lL—f Rr/fn-reif fn al fiifff 6%) 
Biifio InetiMtfTta Ctirdinaih Poli l^tfaiu Au^utl d, 1523- 

dill* rpiHrftpiis ?M>rTUft KWoruiti Di-i, dilfi'lo fliio Itrf^inaMot 
M«w in CVniedtn ditLcenocoidJunli. Pulu iitjuciipito, od diarittlmai 
in ChrtBto filiutn, MDri&m. Aogliu? rcginam illivtrcin, ct univoraum 
Arigliif? rtf num. iiohlru* et 8pu9l(itk';i- tv^dU legatu df< liil^n.', uiluLt^^ <i 
Bpoitolicbiu bcucdictioDcni. Si ul!o unqimm tempore licuit* nunc 7C*rti; 
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Gcicbruc* Qiiiti cnim tdlud diccniu»i ijuiuu dcxlcrniu Dojuini Ijhuc 
tam iaopiuatfliu roruiti cvavoreivncui rc^tuict ut tTun^DtiBaiiaura Angliic 


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rmf|iir uul iiriiini, er deiiidfr Etlwurdi, v^u* niti» lac^t^moni*, in pattimo 
ct bvrcditAfio fffToro Gorrubunilum iiti]ut riruiatutnt ineuiu^uiiu btituui 
rvpentA dcvcncriU ul ad niTJcrtum ovilc, atqiic *ui coolcsiar patliolicii: 
pu ivvooiri faoLliii* pouo vidoatur. Pr^ft^ctri hoc iittiit uliud est 
An muliitio diMt^rj.* oxcvl^u DerLMicLDntim vM lupi Jidicti) Ivdwanla, 
'AdfibdailliDEtAectAlcribuif quin^riinihDbrOAd.qm aretrin.qui c«rrcUuE:i, 
i ctsMinn ohtioi.'bant, rvgnutn nlicuS fx tiwk f>fctk M'vrTH (v>\oiot^ 
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HnUa Facuttaitm Xiitrao'-iiin/tTiarum Car4inaiii Poll, Ats^, 5, 1553. 
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di-[id<i uUv dl (|UZL ta rtum i* mu«a bcuissimn; esl c i^i^ntr-jwi In Tacoltt 
coil upinioiio. ch« poBoa ooor upodieoU ooq crrcar alUo coolo di dctti 
belli, o donar &o. Anjil ii«lk ttODgN^tliOD* nofiim li vob do' Uiecdogi, 
at dei Iq^iti, i*t dt^' nlcH. fanao d' afcorda. chr ti fUtt atimar^ tiona 
ATcJmw ^m rrJrmj'fivm rmptitvrwu^ Bia luolto pifi Itoilu 11 fatiu per b 
ricupvrabooo d' na rcjtno iaicro, o por la *alttb« cti Uatc oniint-s dira 
chc qiitnio tioii i^ alj-^narr, ma «olanictile ^ nn rimpmir V a!irnato, Et 
ptrro, C0mc lio df tus a hoc pMt clic V. S. rcrcfmdwDra iu (|untu pu- 
Uift «iBMW tneii tcrii^^Eon, pti«bc 1& bcioi|Eiii1i e potenlia di Dio, dus 
vuol ham hUu qufil nrgnn. irovard uteo modo di rktoirar, a »ud tciup«, 
tc cbicM d«r bcfti tcniporaU cW Laupo pcriuhx tU Nurntibiv. uubl*.^ 

>0u »t».l 



No. XXV^IUffrrtd to at pa^t fiA.J 

An Act rtpt^Uny ait AriUltt <tnd Prvi*iuoH^ tn^<U *i^aiwtt the Sfe ApOK- 
iaUc of Rf^me, i%itc^ tht fiivntidth f/eiir of Kiti^ iiear^ VilL, vhiI for 
ike nfMiichintrU itf *tU Spiritual and KcvletdasUatl Ptuneuionx a,Hd 
lttr*dUtinnnt» canetytd to iht t^iiif, 

tSuL 1 mill 2 rbU. el UaJ. C. H.] 
W1i«r«Uv linco th« twvnli^tb ymr of khjj Rpnry VTTI., of famoiii 
memory, faJivt nolo jour tu^ctiy. out mi»i nfttnnil iiovcid^ii, aud jjiil* 
eimu Udy uid ffuccn* much fatso ami T!rrunL^ou« dot^Eiine balh hccn 
mriitfhi, pri'drhr*!, ftiiJ wrtriiMi^ pariJy by divftrs thr* ncimnil Wrn auljrr'iB 
of ihii rrolm. ond piirdj', bdni; linm^^'lvt in bulti^i from 9iiiiii!ry oiLrr 
foreign countri'.^i, liu^li ln^cii lowu and ipr<^l Ahrood uiilim ibtj Buint; 
hfTttutan mhcrmfj At. ncM ihn ipirirunliy n* I'nr (Pinp<im!ty of yc^ur high- 
Dc»' noliuA and docniiuom Imvo aucrvi?d from tlic c*bedienco of ilie tw 
%p09^iolM!r utd d^dincd frtim tlii: mxiiy of Cbrinl'i church, and hj liave 
eo&tinvcd, uQttt luob lim» il« yoiu iDaJMry biding tim raittMl up by G4>d, 
tinl sci b the seal n>ynl uvt-r un aud tliL-n by bis diviiit- nnd ^rut;ioua 
pTDVidcfivc knit in fnaniogc w-tl ibc most noble and viruious prince, Uioi 

■ birig. onr inri*ivign Icrd, your bciibnud, ibi.' pnjw^B Lolhu'iLs and tb« «•• 
ipotiolic «i?nt ttibi^r iinm y\nir iii]ijf-'<d<-K (iih unto prrw^rm uikdnflliidj anj 
by Gods fiCrffdn^t* preserved frcm the common infccticm nforcsoid)* and 

>iir>t<i r)>i! ivholo r^alnt, Lfao ni(.v»t r^vi^rond failirr in God, ihv lord mrdiuU 
P<|^^ Iffpih: <k^ l4Un% Uf cidl uit tioiiK' njifniri Inin iljr n't^ht iv^y, friviQ 
wlicDC^ nc bavc a]] tbii lo[iu; wbilc ivandr^rcd ntid simycd abroiLd ; and 
M^ flftfT tundry loiLg and gncvouu pla^noi nnd enlckntmiiii, nntiinj by tlio 
goodnoa o{ <T(id our uwii tiiiois. Lilvc knnwlEtdf^-d tht sunm unici fhfr 
■aid moM iTvcivnd fntbcr, nnd by bitn bavc been, nnd iirc, ihr miJicrr at 
ihc cimtomplolioij of your lofljciiina, received and embmocd into (ho ontty 
anj hoKnn of Chrinrn church, ind, upon our himibln AulimiEuum und 

Iproniiie. ntAd« for a doclarauon of our rcpentanct^, (o rq>ca] and obroj^I^ 
^«L aoU and tta(ul«B a* bad b«on made- in parlfarixnl, iiitii>« lliv laid 
tvHnil^ih yritr fif tht* baid hin^ tlfnry VHT., agaicisi ibi^ Mipri'mmry nf 
the WM apeMatk, ta in our Bobmi^siou exhibited to ibc laid u\iin rcTc- 
rvn^ EalfafT in tiod, by your moji^tk^a, ap|>eun'th ; Lbi< iriior whcTfof 

»«ntni>th :^ 
Wc ifae lords f^iHtual and li*inpomJ»and the comfnona aucmbled in 
Ifcis pmonl pariiaraont, nrpimenlinf; ibc whole body of the tcidni of 
KngTfUid^ and the diiminirmv it^ (1i4.< tnnit:*, in tbv nnmv of ounH-lvn partr- 
colarly. otid alnu of tbc said bi>dy uui^rrvdlj, in ihn otir aupplicaJtun 
[^iinckd io your n»joft)«tp wkh moit Jiumblc *uJr, liiat ii may, by your 




r inlQrcf«iIiMi nnd nipan, be exhibited to thn tnaal rcrotcnd ThILcv in 

Gocl, i]w liinl rurtlirmT Po\*r. Ir^aie. wm Kfvdiilly liiilirr froiri fHir hmoc 

toly luthcr, the popo JoUai thi^ ililrd, aii<l tlic it-v n^ioMolic of Rome, do 

i<lcd4r« ouritflvvs iiijy torry aud rt|iGn1tuiI cf Uie scLl«ii nucl diaotwdvcDCVr 

eommhletl In thU mtilm nnii riomminnt nfrrri'tiiii], a^inii the ttJd Mr 

a|](iaU>lic, ctLhcr 1>)- moLiiig, agrvcing. or c\»uEing any Intvi, ordinaftMiw 

<tw 90nW9Ji^tn*fi^U li^iiiist thv tuprviDmry ol l}ju enid «ati, or ollicrviu 

ddng iM* upeokiii^ lIiai niigliL impugn ilie uucv? ; ciiToi-ing ounvlvu, aud 

piumiaiiit! ^y tl^i* our suppLJc^tJonr tliatt for ft token anJ kriowUii^ oTj 

OUT wd r<rptatanccp tro be, and ihdl bo Alvays, ready* under otid wli^ 

thi^ AuUmricii-'i of yiiuf uiuj^.-ktii's. {t> iti<- titicrmuii o( our |Kiw«m, to 3o 

lliot aboil Lie iu u«, for ihc ftbro^kiii and Kp«a1iii{^ of the ttucl Iaha ao4 

orditi«»ca in this proAcnt parimincm, u wfiJ for oundi^tv, u for Uw' 

rbola body wbc.m wi^ rrpmwnt- \A'h^rTup->f», wt mow LaoaMy i1r«n*' 

your uiJijrttici. u pcfwdiAgc* UvdrfiUiJ tii ejJTi^Ucl' uf bia Uiily louvdft 

lliL- uiil Kc. tt-hjch jiavCTtlieJon God by h'n prorj<lcncc lioih mad* Mit? 

joci to y<tu, <o 19 uri fonb UiU out mmt hnmbl* unit, tlul we majrobuii 

.fr»ni tbc Mc apwlulic. by tlie Mud imut rvicnriid f«iJ)i-r. ita mrtl 

^krJy ugen<nll^> Abfioliiiion, rwlouci ond ducban^c from cJI danger 

■ucb cpn&mr and tcoEcnccs, M by the lairt of ib« chnrclj va bv ftUM] 

iiiin; mad ibui ttc ninyr as cbildrca n|iHiianL W recr ivud iiiUi ibe boaom 

■oul tlDiiy of CHri^c'n fbiircli, «i> ax thU Qobl« fcdm, nith oU Um mcor 

dictTor, may in ibb unity «nd jK-rfcrt obedience 1o ibe we BpoMolic, 

ini) popck lur tbo liui« bciu^, ttm: Gvd and ymir lUj^cOns to ifae for- 

thersACC And adrmaceaimt of hi* honour and flory. Wc are, at tb« 

;vht«nsaion of your imgvsuft, Vy tb« uilioiity of our koJ/ &ibcr, pcft 

Ftdtu iIm durd, amI of the mo ^Mttfiolii:. «mi>lI(i1. dacku^, wmd (k^ 

'Vcrol from exctuamunicotiotiB, inicnlitioii*. uid oilMr«eo«uns irtloiiM 

Ikid, «bkb hove bin^Esd orer ov hoftdi br o«v >ud ilc£ialu, na<o dtt 

tiBM of tbe *ul1 scbiaiu uimtaqiDvd in oar upfdimion ; ihc whkh ii«M 

md Uvii tnri^ic ocd v« 4o aU dvdvrt vecogiiise. ud gM«a I7 lU> 

, 14 be only itaw ibo tttvttliMb yt«r of the rviga of yovr noM noU* 

lubfr. Loiif ilcory \111. It bmj Dtnr Ixlgo yo«T naj«u^, iL«i for db« 

^ACeonptiilMikeEl of our promise, nMde in l^ Mi4 aunibnttm, thai is, ts 

all Uw ud atftiuiM modo enainrj l» Um mid ■mweiMHj aikd ne 

Ik, dunsf tbe wl ■obdu.lW wLidi U M be fendcntoocl^ >lao> 

twnCictk ycAT of tbo t«tfn of tbe H«d U«3 Hcwy YIIL. and m tW 

fiU lord k^e ilot]i «M«p< and nvo^in the ttan^ 

When, in tbc fuliaiunii hqpim ami iKddai ■■ ITriimimu ui tfat 
(■rcnly-^myw of ik mgft oi '*" ^- ^-g, irf ipti IWmh nnuiMj, 
kins Htttry VUt.»uBeart««ft then and ihrreBmia a^wM pI«t«UckB<f 
liir ukuig of ^araia by ifirilMl uou, ud fer 

Tta. xxr^') 




Tihich acl* amcmf* othir Ibingi, it >Tn« ordatfi^d mid L'inncCrd, ibat, if 
or [leruini, ai any limfl nft^r Jir finii Any of April, iti tba 
OUT I-urd GoJ one tljciiMnd 5vc huniliccl and ihhrty, ooiurnrj (o 
ike Mtmc nclt aUoul4 pmtuii: and olirani^ iii Oi^: m>Vi-l o\ Jtomv cir clflv* 
lierVi Aiij^ ]ici»i>ce or Jietirtt^a^ iimon, lolrrMioi^, nr ilispmutij^n, to 
treciv* Hid uk*^ nny morv bL-iivAcL'» ahh curc« thoii wai liuitEvci aiu^ up- 
iyoJDlcd by ihc a&nic net ; or chr. at an^ time aflcr ibc said dnyt nhnuld 
|rai In pxt-cntiiin any such ]ic?oni?c, infrrnEJoTt. or dtftprniniion Wt^ni ilinl 
time nliUiiTiuJ. taiitrafj Cu llii? b&Jtl act ilmt ilirti cvtxy HU^li jir.-rio(i nr 
ptreoua, so, after llac «atil diy. Auitiic tot UimM^f, or rccctvin^ nnJ taking 
lucb bencace by force of luch licmce or liconc«, unioti^ tokraiion, or 
dji^mraiicjn, tlitit is to tay, tbp ahtiil' ymtfii or pFraoni only, anil tin 
oihtt. AbouTfi. fur <vci> Kuch dcfuull, iucur lUi: djihj^iT, jtiuit. and p^'itilty 
of tvcnty poiindi ttcrhiig, and iliould a.\nv lone tha whole pruEiEi of every 
Bueh bftitffin or buuif^ci-A, an lie rncvm^ih or ta.kotb by fonru of uiiy ktich 
licm^c or ljcmce«, union* io]cratioQ» or drspcntiaLioii : Ar\d vbcrc iil>o> 
in ihc toid acI, it vim orlikiavd Hnd r^tiactvif] Lbii, if titiy ponon or per* 
tans did pTtkcurc nr jfMmn, ni ibo rnun of Rjimn. or rlirwherr, uTiy ninn- 
nrr of lictacc or diApvn&Ditoti to bo noti-rfiijcnt »l tbtir digniiit:*, pro- 
bt-nd, or U'TivHrtn, c;i>ruriLry to tlio taid net, thiti th^n <ti^ry HU(rh pcrHan 
arp^rfa>TiR, pumiig in ^'iiruiioii nny »ucb '1rtp(<o<LaiEoii ttr brtntt far bim- 
Bclf, ficiEU lIlc uid laral Jay of April, in Lbtf Bui^ jcut uf Otir Lord Gixli oiifl 
UioiiUTtd tjvr; bniidrcd and ibirty, vfaoald run and incor tbc penalty^ 
dvnngr, and pnifi of twrmy poiinrU nferlJTut for rvcry time lo doing, tn bo 
fmfc:i(in] 2Lhd ircovvivd as W the AAid uct is dcclun'd; mid y^l aucb 
Ifcmce or diApouiiacion »o proctirvd, or ta hv |iu1 in <^ccoEtt)n> to Iw roid 
knd of Dortc cfTccl. □« by iho lomc oft more plmnly it doch nnd may 

00 it pnaclcd by tbc ir(tlbi>riry ^^f ibivi prcMiit p.-irlianiciit, <}iaE av nuicb 
only O'f Ihft uiid act, im oonorrneih Ihc ortif^lci and clauicE afDrvinvd, atid 
tl] and i^vcrry (he wnrdit and KLiiteiiPtrB cuTirnJiipd in t\w %mt\ art, coTicern* 
10^ (b« aftid articletv nml diiiijini< and i?rrr_v nf tlic^m. iball from bcnccfortb 
bo rapcaled, annuJkd, revoked, (initihilnrcd, and uiiprly mado void fi>r 
frvf't nny tbing fin the uid iu:l to |b» contrary in any itiar miLwiiliiLLHtid* 

And wber« alio, at tb« itnioa of tbo tnma phrUamtinL, bo)d«ti upon 
pitiTo^BiiuH JM ibe twrniy-iliird year <if iIil' reit^j (»f ili'? Mid kic king 
Hcnrj VUI-, one act was mndr, iniiiukd, 7'Ai« A/^t ihaf n/*prrson iihaJt 
ts ciM inti ^ th-* Dtocpit vhw* h4 et tft$ flweihlh, tj^c^t in terfain 

Atsd «Ucre oIao. at tbc wid parlimncnt, in the Bcuion hoIJen at Wc«t- 
toin^lcr apoa prorogation, in ihi iw«D(y-toiirtb yoar of ih« itugn 4)f llio 



anid klc kiTif; Ilf-nry Vni.,onc«c( wju u)ad<:>lhjiia|ip<ulA In ittch Cmm, 
OS hnUi bcjMi uqvd io bo pumtLtd ta Hw Kcc or KctHfl, «huuld D<H from 
)ic:iCFr(krt]] tir Itiid or uird, W wifhin this mdm ; 

And ivherr nX^t, al ilic faid purl lament, boldm ai Wa£ii)i[i»:cT io ibc 
twenty 'first ytrxr ofthtj resign of tho saiJ latr kinf^ ifcury VilL. and Qiviv 
Goniinucd hy dJv^'n |nviriiyniickna tjniil iIia fiiiinji<Hn||j iIh^ t^r April in thn 
hvciilj -aev<T[uli ;i;aT i^fliU ic»]r>- one iii'C vll« tumfb' c^iiicctuJij^ mtnuDU 
ofpa^mcnU of ontiiLlr^ %nj lirbt-L'ruiU of oraZibiBli optic* and buEiapnct 
U> llto IM* or Rom*' 7 

And wliurc> at n kbsiuu tjf xhc hniJ jjarliocicui. bi^Wcu in ibc iwroly* 
Q(lli ytHir xjC ibc rt.«i|{ij of Lhu Mtd IntQ IcidK- ib'rrv Aoa nNo i>nL* ftcl mada* 
iniiiiLlcd, 7%* Submittitm of ttie Cter/jy i& Ihe King's MaftUy: 

And UMC otber M-f, iiiLJtLifcrd. An Ai^t r^itrainiH^ the mid Paytnentt t^ 
Animifx I'r Finf'frtiift ta the liiah-op vf Jiftme ; aud it/ ikf /tUctitf miU 
coHttetftihff of thf Arckhahopf ond liithopt within thit rtafm : ^| 

And 4jne utliL-r ml was (bcu iiud tljrr« uituJc, luiilultrd, A^Act cvi^ ^^ 
ctminy fAf ^jvttrrfilitin of tht Kiny't auhjetiM froi^ Ej-attif^n* nsjt fm- 
pMiifoni, &p/oM that Ttme pttitl tft th' Sef />/ Komf^ nnd for Aarruj 
Lir^tii-et a/tfl DinptitJirithiut within Mm Rfufm, ii-ithftU f}fin^ fn,rikrT /tft 

Be Jl onvlod by the auitioricj of l\m pnwnt parb&nicTit, tLal 
■evml aciA mado for tW rvstmtn nf pnymf-nu 0/ ih^^ uiid ftTiniii^t anil 
firM-rniiiJ. fiod oil oUicr liic uid ncta^ mode in ihc wd Incniy-fciurth anl' 
iwvntjr CIth y«uTv of t}i« rvi^ of itio n^d lalu kin^, pud every orUiein> 
Vid all nnd tiory briuich, ariiclf. matifr, and fUfniniMi fn tbam, all 
evei; of ilipti}. cutiuuui'd, ^ImJJ. b_v auLborUv af iliii prcacnl |karliamcn% 
Ihm bcnc<'fanb Kn uiU'rJy iriid, nuidoir^iairaWj atkd rtpnakd, to idl in' 
umu< con»iTuaiDt«, ind pnrpospfl. 

And be it fuitLrr mactrd by ihc autliorily of llib prrsmt iHulianorat, 
ibot all Li}d rrcry ilirat^ ftcu fnllon-ini:, tlmi a to My, one act mode al the 
acation of the said pnrliflm<^rii. tiotd<rn upon proropulion al W««(aiinalarp 
ill lie ivtTtiiy-sixlli jL-ar of xUc rriKu of ilir AJd Uip king Hphtj VIIl^ 
Bntitukd, Am JW amcamiu^ thf Ktuft //i^Afvn to hr WKprrmf iltttd t/f 
ik^ CAvrdh nf f H^iifrirf, nm^ /d /tAn Antherify t9 n/crta and r^rtt$ 
«lf fmtrt. iftrrni^t, ami Abn^t im the *^mt : 

And ovro otli«r act, mado in iha «UBe tc«noa of tbc MmB parHamraU 
fntfiulc'cf, ^a AH for Somimuti^A trnd C9n$9crttSion ^Su/ffo^aai teitkim 

Atidortt 0tbtf^ac^mM]cillUlnl1rentr-wvnkthv€aro^tbclviguafl)lf 
Mdd kir king Henry YUI., intituled. Am Act wAirr^y the Kimf aifwtf 
Aan iVvrr/a m^mmmit tkirtf^tnTFtmnti o/hix CUryy mnd Laitf,/ot 
4U mtkirnf ^S^dm^tic^ Uw» ; 


And ahacnx^othfT iri, in>;ii> it tSf> jrar^iitmrtir halilm M WrsinTlTivErrj 
m the iniKiity-tiglilh year of tlic reign of the swd laic tinj; H^nr}- VIII,, 
jDOitnJcd, Ah Jet ^xt'^^uiaMng Iha Authtinttf 9/ the liiuhop e<t kom^i 
ft And one oihar net madp In i!i4> «Hmi> pailiamrni. intimlod. An Art for 
Mtf lUUiuf itfsacJi, <JB then fiad tiblairied prrteiitied Licen<et ttad DiK' 

■, And alto ■!] iliai porE o( tlic act, mode in thv kaid EWfrnl/'tlglitJi yt*&r 
W tb« *ui kinff. Intituled, Ait Act for ihf F^ttUi^Avtent n/ tht Sttccct- 
ti^m 9/ tk* Imprritil CWirn tff iht fUalm, ibat <:oncvrEi«(ii a probibjEion 
to many widim ibi- drgrr*™ r^rrniAil hi thf =nH nci J 

AnU also otK oLbcr ocl. nmdc at tie pdiliuncnt hoMcn at Wcvimin- 
>t«r, ID the thiriy-iint ywr o( (htf niga ttS t^j« kcliJ lat« king lleiiry Vlll^ 
iEiljt]j(e<f, An Act aiithorUiH'j lAt^ h'int/'e Uighntn to mrtA* Bithops *j 
A" Lrifera PaUnts: 

And one othvr acE, nnattf^ tii (Lo HCMSton of iho tamo parliamcnti bt^m 
in tlio loiij ibLLiy*Gr>i ycnr, hciTden upon pnjrogiliuM rke rhiriy-tvcund 
year «r ths mgD uf die AniJ kiJig Ilt^itry V11I-, intituled, Aa Act con- 
<tmin^ S'rt-conir*>otA 0/ Meirriaiffs, atui tf>itcMng i^grtct 0/ Cotuati- 
fuiHit^f ; 

And one i^lbcr iliE. mud« in lhi5 pailiuTitni hoEd«n At Wc»En>in»lci^ iu 
llw tlitrly-Jjfth ycnj ol'tho rcifi^ii of the said btc kijig ilflnry Vlll.. itiU- 
tulffd, ^« Afl /or tit* Riti/itatiim '>/ Ifir hutfft Majtit^'t Siy/', — shall 
twDOclordi bv rcpi-alLTLl. iiiJkd^j fruhii'arr, voidi nnd of none tffvcl. 

And irhcfD alsoi at tbc aaid paTlJuncnt holdcn at WcsUninAtcr, in tJ^o 
ihiriV'Iirtli j'vni' of 0>4^ mign rf the vnid laiti king Hvnry VIll , one olIiit 
■CL vu luudt;. iuLlutrd, vfn '^r/ mmft^rnintj the |\s^ahll^hJ!ln\t v_t' tht 
Sm«'tmon v/ ihe ntnl A'ln^ in ihc Ivpfrial Crown of ihij I^caim, tn the 

vhidi nci, ikttc It a form of a corpatiii ooUj dcvUcd And iwi fi>rili^ thu 
fi^ry Aulju't uf llna riaditi sbouM be bimtiJ lo Uikc, n^-niusL ibe powur. 
uiihorily, ulJ jnrj»Ji<duu uf die au; uf Rvitii:, E3c iL cmit^tcd by ihc 
loihonty of iht prcicm par-liamtnU ihtt u nkikcb of the laid act u 
loucbtf^b i\w said oAih agairiKi lIk* <iuprt^ni;icy. und uJI hhiIim llii^i\'ii|>nn 
baJ» node, and given, bWU be frvui hcnccfuiih utterly muH, repealed, 
i&d of oooo effect. 

Add tib«riv abo, onu ortitir acl u^h made in (b^ lliirty*i«Tmib y«Qr nf 
ibc lejgci of tLtf Miid lu-Ur kiiL^ iluury VIII.. iulitukd. An Act that Doc' 
t^rs 0/ i}i4 Ctvil LdLTf /ifirut utarrieJ, myfht fj^ercuto fjaclestaUhtii Jurii' 
dhtimtt Bv it I'niicic'd by ibo uutliuriry of this pn>Mt<iU ptirli turnout, iboi 
lb* uiii %xx ItLCl b«ftff« Monuoocd, ileuI elII ind Gfvr>' Tjr«iit;It, aniclr, i^d- 
kflOCianitDhtlcrcotitikincdititbc lame, Ahall froia bcnceforih bercpcjikd, 
sjod ottCTly midc vurd, aud orn^nc oHocrL 

& And JiVtTK oni; cilLa a*;! niut made at ibi' parLkmeut al WmiiainAU^r, 
K VOL. II. i 



[w^ %9W, 


ill i1t0 Grit /Mr of llo rcIgn ofkiii^ Ed««n) VI.. iDlimlctl, 4n Atif^ 

vhich Aft, aniaiiK^l t>i!i4fr iJuiif^, thvn arv euniainnl rrrijuu pTOfUoni; 

pAina. |ivimUi(^, And foifcituiiM, for And «gaitul •nch a* iboDJd. by opnt 

prtftcbtnj^, express Vfotdt, Kjinifi, writins, priotn;;. ovcri'<lrvd>or wit 

affirm OT tel forth rhaf ilk<> ling of tbU mlia. for ilw lim? hetng, b iia^ 

or aiiglii Eiul tu be. tiu[)ii:i[tv liioJ ill mtb iff ibc cbuirbi* of nugUad 

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iht tftine act bil before rclicancd at Idiho ui coninincd, and m^f apptWi 

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niocy. ftnd oU and every bronchi article, irord», and Kntcac« tn the samt, 

touniin^ or l«Tidm^ lo tha dfirn^uon (if ihv tiiprvinuey of iho pope's 

h(i1mn». ur ihv ttti.- uf Rome, and oil paim, pi-niilUciL, and fiNltiltfAi 

made a^aiusi ihcnii tliot ^hixild by aiiy int-uift »t foith and cMel the 

«aid iiipremacy, %hal\ hv fnjrn hoacofoitb uttoHy void and of ncnocAkl 

Anil bi- JE funbL'r ennirk'd by ilit^ auihority Affirrtnid, ll^st all ebunr^ 

•cttlvt^CL-a, and hrucIoA i^fRVcry oilier lUlute or ocl of parliAnktiif* Ubds 

rillicrnoc the saiii li^'cntictti year of thc' rvi^ of binit Henry VlIK, «Rniwl 

Uio ftupreme iniboriiy of the pop<^'i holincM, or Kt bpoiiolic of Romt, 

or coHiniuInt uoy olhcr mnlltrj uftlie luuit* vlTtct only, (bat U repealed b 

luiy f<i the ilntuL#< nforifMkid, ihoil be ai«i, by nutliority Lwreofr Iron 

h?neefonh utiiriy tnii and of hotk- ^fTecU ^| 

And wbciv wt?. yotir m^Tct hainljle 8iibjeGtB> tTip InnU f^plrituid Dod^' 

temporal, and r^immrviH In tiLis prcicDt parliamcrt oMrmbkd. have 

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*^ Wui the lurUa Apiritual and tcmfjitrol, nnd tlit^ eoaunoDH In tldi 

preset parliaiTiriit af«otnbktr, rvprrBcnting the whole body of thi* 

n^\u^t rodutad and re(!iiv*)d, by your ni^cnt^co^ iii1c<ro?Mlo»j to ibt 

unity of Tbriint^ eburch.aud tin- olwdl^ncf of tliP tPf npniohr at Rome 

oiad the pope's holincM ^oct^rning the •oni^ maLe raosl homblc vml 

unio your timj<'-ili(«j co \)i> lifci^vviic mcnn* and inierccworh ibftt lA 

rceniiflni of «ontriilinn. hntrrd, f^ri^tgi-, pi^«pioion, and iroublo, boili 

tiutwArUlyaod inv-ardly hi u»i?n'« coDwbrjcc«i which m!|!hcarUr- ainoufrrt ' 

111 by roasoD of dHobedtonoe, mayt by authority of tJic popc'« hoUoc«] 

and by ministration of tha snme unin ui by tbv nio4t rnv^n-iid father in 

iiodt tlif lord cardiiiAl Ptih\ by JiHprntuiJciu, lolrmtion. nr pcrmiiooiii 

respectively, ait UiooaHahiiU rc^juirc, h(:sbuli0h«daNdlAkeiia*By- vui 

by auiliorky mtlllrlrnt. thpfti? ^rticloA fvlloving, sjid g^n-^raUy aU otbai«|[fl 

«-ben Uiy OCtaiiioii *hAll rvqtiiit^ may be provldml for and nonRmicJ, 

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tir*t| Thai oJJ biilic^prlcs c^liciiml ohurdiw. IkOipital*, <ollcj;cfi 
M^hooli, 8d4 othtTfuch founJaticu*, now oontlniilng, hmuIp by tiiiburitf 
of p«rlU(neiit, or otlivrwjiie L-^uibliiLnl. utjtonj'iu^ to tlic- tarcW «f tli» 
lairi ol Uiin rcaltiiT>itlic)icc tlic kLjseu. may !>c coutirmcd, aodcontiuucd 
for e»«r. 

^ffhUaiit, CQ^a^lionit apirilttaiU^ or vhich might bo mwk vwi prefix 
iifr/iHJ^wAfuiu piri^/iorf* Aooirrr'j'i' jvtliii^, or for anj oili*^ i"in«fl pra- 
yUilnl by iK^ 4^ni]ri« only, may Iw 4uiii1lrincilf and diildrrn burn iif 
llkMe mftrrioga dcctan?d leglilniBtci >o a* thcwc nurrioge* were inidft' 
acoordLitg to tJj(' lAWi cf ttto ndlui, fvr tliu tLin« bffn^, &nd b« not^ 
dlrcc^dy ngainni Iht ittwn iif Gnil, nor in nurh ciur u ilu? icv Apn«to1ia 
lulli nul UAi?d to i1e»]k-iih; wilJjaL 

" TliAl iottiiuiioritt <ii Ih'ik^Cluw, tfid oll\fr promotioD* ecdMiuticAlj 
(uil iJifiK-ntnliDOft tatda nrrording lo ihp form or the BcC of fariuuntnt, 
m&j Ira Jikrvriic cutilimid. 

** TtMl all Judicial pruciva, wmk htUvrc «ny ordinaric* of Ihiii TCftlm, 
or before any drkgoie* upon bny cppcali, Di*(Mivling to th^ urdcr uf iha 
U,wt of the rt'^iiii mny bi' likt^rbu r^lillfJ aud ctiHlirtutU. 

^ Abd fluully, ^liorc orrbiin &cit uud atntutci^ bavc bocn madOf la 
tk0 liiM of thi: lahi tchUni, cancnmin^ liiu lftad« nnd licTcditamtfiiLt of 
BTclibbhopric* ami biihuiirici^ tht *upprrBLou urid dTniulutiun uf uio« 
luuteticTt abbcy». privrica, f:hutjtr;u. t:i>lhr)-(9, bud all otim iht: go«^l 
ftnil i)liiU«Ji of rclli^tciiM hoiH<^ , tnn-v ihv whirli liiuf, th« ti^bt and 
ilomitiian of n*niiin linUx und bcmdlumrjitE, ^cuhIh .in<1 cliaUrtK, 
bdu.iging tu iho saiiK^. bir dii[Hrnii?d ^bro^ and catTU? id ihc hand* and 
pOweuioD* ai divrrj and snEidry ppraoM, whoj by gift, pur^bnars tir 
chM^Vi and Othfir [no;in«, according lo the ord^r of ibo Uv* and lUtuU* 
of ihb realm for Hu' Ltiii^^ bring, liarf ch<? nmn : for thi? uioidJng cif all 
iCrupk*! Uiat lui^iht ^wv/ by any tbv ciccvtouB ofuivsaidi or by any 
other wayfi or lufoai vhaUoevnr, il may pUaiu your niAJo#ticN to b% 
inierpiTMorm and mcdijitun i« tlir uid mott reverend Cattitr, nrLlinal 
Pole. Uiat all auL'li cauwrsAiid ijuarrtb. ba by pretence of thtr baid bHiwuIt 
tif by any oUicr oocamou or mftan nbauoovcr. inij[h1 be moved by the 
pope* boCctns, or ««> upo«tciI]t-, or by any othi<r jiiriHltc^tioii lyTtlctia** 
tied uiy be uLtorJj riiiiuvud and lakeu awayt tiii ubilII ptnuuilm^m^ 
tnfliciciii aoiiTvywir^ cf the «aid landj< and hcroditAmcntji, fE^odi 
diaiiefci mt u afor^^aidt by Utv ooramoa law*, aeU, and atatutua ol 
nilM^ SMSf* tt-ilhvui tr-ruplf of iimtt'irnct, ftijoy thum ^hhoiii iriijtrach- 
B«atot iT^nblc, by prriaicc of aoy fvacnl council, cllllon^ or «cclc«i* 
^ irtiiMl lav^ aiKl clear frctn all daogvt* of ibc eciwurvi of tlio churcb-" 
H Airf OQlJi0nn«bly Lereuuio, ihe buliD|b» and dei-gy of Um province 




cf Canterbury htne procatcd to your mAJciLtio a »uppticiitl<iii, in thi» 

tenour that fjUuwolh i 

" No8 fpivinpi rl clrnifi CnnLiiarlfrnUt pmvIncEtie In bnn Kynmlo, mora 
noMro lolilOp Jum ra^m pailiamcntum cclcbraLur, congre^tj* cura omni 
dcbUihutciljtntu Hi ruvvr«oUjl «xpoiiimus majoslAiibuB f(7»rriN, [|urKl,Lctt 
tcdMbirum, quibui in (?pUcopfi4,d«fiiiiCH, an:bidtacDiii>s, rf^cinrcfl, vicoriot, 

prrofraLi Bimius, ct niiLmaiuin* i\]\x Dobia ci ciific iioslra; AubjecUe t\xnu 

ft AAruTidrni bonorum, juiisdic Lion urn, ct jttriun), ex Bocrurum eanooum 

buna, juTUdittiono.eljura, id pernUiioao LujiLbrtgui pnvUrJlu AcLUtnalc 
dcpoi^iu «l &nit»saj omni siuclio, vl tolu iioslm viribua rccupcmrvt tit oil 
jirittmiim tft'dpiinnim jus reviwnre, jnrls remodiia nui dr-lwpcmu* ; nibil' 
uminEiB [aitii^ii, liubico jirKis jifi ijfi!^ supi.T bac tp nmturu cuusiliii ef 
dclLbcrniioiii;, irgcnu;; fnkmur, noa opUioc' coi^nosciTc (|uum Im^: bcnorum 
ecclemiticorum diilicilii. et quui impOTiibilifi, esset rccuptrntio, propter 
DJubiplitcib di pt'iKi liiexLrL'dbilirs BUper bib hubiLoH cui)1(ui:lu«t CI dj«pO- 
piliani:^; ft qtiud» u ca icnlarplur, cjiiice cC tranquillitiu rogni facile 
pfirturbarciuri vt unJtai L-oHcitn Catbciiic^, ijuu jam, pi<tul«, tri uuiboH- 
lute tiiAJi.->[A(um vriirorum, lioc in tv^xio iiiiroducia ««t, citm maxiniA 
difficuluxLc 5uum dcbiium pro^cumm ct flncm KirUri poawi: icJco iio» 
boniinr, <:t ijuieivin publlciuii privutii coiuiauiiiiuiibuir^ «1 Aoliiteni loi 
sniijiiLrtirij |]n-iii>MLi CbrUli »;LTk|juinf< ri^driiipUiruTn U'TivniH boniH unifpO' 
ncni<^», ct novt qucc Qoiim. icd qiiic <T»ii Cbriiu t.uni ^ajcrcntci, ma- 
jc«(atH vcsLruH «iijxc' mgaiuuB^ vijqMt? bumibicr flUppIkaciiUFi, ut rifVi^nn- 
dl44Lnin in Clirhlo pAtrt, domiim RpgitiAldn cnrdiri;Ali \*it\n, ai\ ipHitit «>t 
unifcrsiLiu hoc AngU*!: rfgiium ftaiictixbimi DoiitiiiL jJOMlJ'i^ domiuj JuUJ 
pipv lILi vt ApOHtolicHi fiodift du ]ator« IcgutOj boo nomine noiirO 
EnalniiJirff ei apud «um mfer(;9d^rv digiipnliir, ll^ in bU hmiU pcolfhlAfl- 
tl£^i», in parte* vel in loU>» arti/rii* 3iio,Jftj:Sa fiieuitttttp ^llri ah eoittm 
tanvtistiiitf/ tt^mino n^Uro j/ap/i cfittcetitti^, t'orundpm bonorum Jc-lputo- 
ribiu eUrgt^ndtii. n rrlmftiidlfi, piihtlrum tonum pn^'u^>, pafem «c 
liantjuilliiAleni diMidiiB L't perlurba(iutiibn». uli]ur iinimarum uTuteu 
bottb tr^rn^nis pnvfcriv, Ki untepoiierc vdit. Nos cnim iti omnibusi 
qun.- o-b ipso UgaiQ ct«tiLtn nt ordinala drcjt hnec bcina fitorinf, i>t itnnc, 
prout ex luric. vt is conim, cooHi^n&mii ntniruni prvAHTjimiiB ; itna ^fibun, 
ut i« prrcmisftiB a« tJtIBoileiu, Aut rcatrictum rtddcro non vcbi, inajcfktatM 
vcitra^ n«tro nomine mim liorULri «iE ro^re <li^'nu»buntELr. Inaujx-r 
uityetilflLibuEi veatrb »upplitamiuv nU jim miA piflnip. i'ffli-r'n^ dignrniur 
ut ra, ipko; lid JnriedtcCiouem aoslrmn, ct Ubcrtat«m rccMaaticaiu 
pertincnE, tine quilitu debt turn nottri pagtonib« othoii, «tcur»animftruin 
uobts (?mlk1niMcc^ 03i<^rceri^ nan pofaumut, anbiSf miperiorum tc?ntporum 
iqjticut nLlata* rcetiluuitut ; ut ta uubb vt cccluliC pnpctuu illstfi^ ct 

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«t Uherrjiifni '>rrlfvi»E[('Am mnnnt. »u (]Ui>vif modn iniEirMtiniiE, nbm* 

babeiit««t m^eftUc^a vmtniA, pro lui fiinjfiilAri in ipmm [)rum fiipuiir% 
froqao piuJtlji c;t iiiugEiibus ob i|wiuB Dei bouiutc auc^t^ptia bL^nrQduw 
ft«c<flvtatibua«tinooiiiEUOclu l»uju8«ui ro^i ccclcd&rum, moximc ctiram 
animxriini ti«beiitit»m« niin(|iiain dcf lUunu euc ; icd, praiitopui fiirHt, 
rQn«iLkan)&, aU|ur prDVULinu." 

FoTAvmucb 00 ill*: biu<1 inoat r?vi-r<;Di] fatlicri the lord 1«ira1«i at tbo 
bilfnMMMQ ^r^our msj^linaf haib, ^ FA/ outhorit^ nf Ihr tK opttstaHc^ 
tmgkintUf rtitptSMid fn //«? matters tppcijtrti in Ihr said frrcnii sttppU* 
foAVjM, OS 111 tiie Mid iQlbora of ^Jvpi^ioALiuu is coutain^ti itioro &t IflfgCt 

ItrgiJiEkUlus, mi«crntionf< ilivinl S^m(<E4t- ^furiu* iti Co>iineilin Shtirla 
ccclc»tiii <ti4i:unufl enidJu&liB, Po\un nuuctijMtus, ml «rtT^m»i- 
:ptua ct Mariam AnsUo: f<nc9i hdri dcfcnvorcSf ct unnrnam 
Anglic rvgnum, un^tuiimi liomiiii nMtK pnptv ct icdi* apo«tolicu? dv 
lnl«re legaluiii eJMleiEi tt4.'rei]iti0]U]l9 Pliiljpiio f.'t \fariw rt'^itji;!! mIuUtui 
in Di>uii[io icrapitfiTiani. Cum »(iprcmuiii ooTktUmni btiuo ri^i^ij pftrlii- 
mcntum nunoupuIuDi, innjc^ilutibus t'^irii p?r tuoi supplioM liboUoft 
cipUftuiHifeiE, ifiii^t) ^lenijdo&immu AHiiMTUittr, hj liitr rtgiio aIIAh vigrnte, 
<luo<i niiDG Dei DUKric^nlla, ct majc*Utum vc^lrftrum picUklc cxtinctuni 
luthotiUUc i|i»ui) parliouunci, noonulh <'pia<^opatuiH divUi, ct €x hin 
tft inr«riuri^ rrvlmut! in CnthedmLn rtrrlir, ci sflmlLr. nti^nc bns- 
pitalia fundntt. eiitl'(iuij plurimo: iliB|}riiMiL]uiifEir ^^ bi^rieficioruiu proTi- 
tianct* foclo! Fucrudlj tut iiiulta; pcr#o<»v, quilius pt^rsuwium fu^rat, jurU 
canomd dlipoAiiiDnn hoo in rc^^r^o Amplia^ locum non liatti^rft, micr *«, 
tu gmJibuB cxjiJEUui^uinitatiB veil alHriitAtu clcjun^ pnitiibitu, rt oliln iin|HSi 
dlnicnlij cftnonici* Aihi ot^liintibust niDtrinioiiin per r^rbn ite pru^tBtl 
cODtrasECninlt ct uiulti uatut juilit^iani, ft proMwui tarn ici primis quam 
in iilt^unbiiFi iliMnutLii, ^h^ht Tflnniipiritiiallbu'i rl trdniniHcis, corairi 
jnilidbLift Cain or<ttjmriii^ [|uhiu i^rlcgtilie.qui aulUuHldtD IjllchIj procedc- 
baut, liJibiEitCt nerval, an lupcr ci* ctiem >ciitcnti»: \attc nt promiilgato 
fu«runt, ct bona eneldiiulit^ipordWcncui-juiiilcin rrpni ppnonDB n^rn- 
plla, Ft appttljtiJiUi fufruut: qu;^! i|iiEdri[i, lirtt rv im-mrum nkncimim 
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ifuo Quoe luntt rcvocarcntiu-, pubUrm pax» ct qeirii univcTHi regoi tur- 
Sirvcur, el ina«iiiin cciittiiHMt oriretur, pne^erTiTii h1 iJii*l<iruiTi (lononmi 
poiK*Kirr# inolcAlArc^rjlor* <i prrTlcrr-ft Tn*i'*t*tibii* ^rairi* hiimJlikr 
«upplicAVcHiii^ ut apud noi intcrc-cdL'-rD dij^ontur, uc prvrnjutirum 
rvtfuiu ItniiiiaU «t itnliilitaii, et rIiui ' ' 



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dfindc. ikc rflittuua jfruviacin: C&itluarlvaMia ul<;ru»t Uituni fero corpiM 
c?c]c«iiuticoi'um rcffoi rcprib^CDUM, od quo« hwa hanor\xra c«cl»La^ti' 
copiifu onatii ninsimp perfinH, oKpMuPiint, quAd lia?r biynn nd jui e^l^ 
lJuruni rt^vucAi'L nun |)OWuiil« cjuiii pax uiiiversalH ct i[\i\vs LujdS rVK»^ 
turb«tiir, tt cuMn fldd. bU]u« unitntin occJo#Ik> jam lot hominuru con- 
tvniu }iot in K'gno ]i]troduc?tas ill inaKiinuni p«rici]lum uddtioatuf* H 
proi>tcri^» i[iKl ifiirxp^f ■tupjiIinavpHtjU iit ajuitl tii>* inlerwdere v^Unt, 
ut ill lii> hoiui ccclcNoaticJs poH^Autibu* rolm:£kiidi»t rcittrioti ti difE- 
oilrB«Muno]k>mufl, mftjitui«fe aiitem x^v«tnis ad ijuuh maitinie <pi>oui 
prAvidvre. ni rf^rniim. ip»Ti^m fmlralAil rp^lmlni rt ctuM! t'ominlmtini. 
in fiocr, cl tnvDqiulLitatc consrrv^tur, hii HupplicMmmbua rC pMulitiU 
cogailiii 01 matUN^ oontididi^tw, Judiravirrintt «a uiTiniaT vl iihixim^ ilJft 
qiisp In hnnnnim eccl^siiuirtToruni rau^A pptiintur prtft ^iinA fldf^i, pt pro 
pac* publicfl, per nos di-bere Bine uUi diUtiouc ponctdi, et, 4jiicm«dmo- 
dutn ro^Atn luenint, «piid i\os iiiU^rcoili-rtv 4i|;na(i]i fui>riiit, pruut in 
lappllrAtlonlhii* per idem siipremiim f^o^iclliimi, rl pplnropoAt at H^mm 
pnrfatunu luajntdtibus trsiria porrectift* Dl^pin Iti librlb inl(in?n*ionU, 
per cDaJcin in^ic^tau* viulma nobis simul oum aiiis supplication i bus 
•nhibit^ UtliVH app^irpt : idrirpo nm, qitl nrl tiin)^«f4tl'^ ^"Mtna, #t hoc 
ikoblUuimum vr^Lruui nr^num k »inpl{»tinn dniiiino nwtru Julio p*1ii 
III., ipsiuft cl flcdie upoatolicn dc latciv lof^^ inii»i #ktinai, ut rrfniuui 
liitddf tfjund Jjtm difi ab codccife CfliftnllciD unitftfo «i-]ianiriini fu«t*|, 
UtQi rl trdeiLET ClirJeiti, cjujuiut in Unit Tlrraiio rvcnianLNmrmui^ rt Ut 
ca omnia, qutn od paurn:* nt rraTiquilJitntrni hujua r^ni pcrtirerenti 
omni BluJio pro^uronrTnus p«tifDam JJri twnignilstA* H mEkjeaUtunt 
irsttuniin ]jii!la(i\ pvr aulliutitaiciu rjiivdrni Hiiu^tLHLnil iJuinini noalri 
pHpuci GujU" vices tiic HUMJiicnuift, rrconcilia1ii> jam luctii t«I, ut pafn. 
(?t U«zi<^uilU(at] rcgui proffau coniulamus itL(|ua ut unitAi ooclnio?, c% 
ip;A mIhh uitmAmtii pr^iluvi Chrintt MnguEiit- iviNnnplmruni dqM^ndtCs 
\mx in rcK^*' j^^n^ tntroducUt corroborctur. ot Mlva ifcrniairnit n:6m 
iitHu«[Uo rui iitabilitkt«m in i>i] muLicno oontiHtofCt u\ lioiuin c«cl«Miia' 
tWinnii biiiitfiiim [KjiHAt-atkt^rtljiiH rnuET^iu nutln infi'rKturi quoniintit ca 
l^^cani, tot f^l torn fimvia Lcttimnnia niibii fidctii foricint, e^t inJt|««EAtUTu 
vwtraruiTn iut4*nw««iOi qutv ]iro unitutu t.<GcJfvin\ ct Hdu Apovtoiion) 
autborilnTf^ lh>p in n^^nn JntiaiimmlA, tam hfmito^^ fit um piA «UtkOn> 
tva%U uAiUi qiuuu par cAlt aiiilioniAtciu apud iioa itJibmtt), rl utuQivcrMua 
Iicjo rtgntioi « >diinpo»toliow niatcrnani rt^rv tniluLj'entiam, «t cboritateni 
fivpi VI ajjfiHUiCAt, ri m ipiA n^pi>rUtiir, — qiioftpiinqup, ad qiiix infra 
(icripta pT^rtfiictitt a quibuArls exconintunicahonibuH lU^pcnAioiuEius vl 
lulerdTtlMs fliiiaquo vocl««iadticia t«fitf'DtiiB. cinvurij, ct pccuisr 4jurt^ 
vol ab homin« qiiavU occnuiofio vi^i ctuKl Iftli^ ti qulbiu quomodotibet 


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^^M tolled per UUtm »»ilir-ljmiiiii iltjutiiti ii(jalri> dvuiitii Julii [lafmr HI, tiohtt 

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^H »til»1<a pormDiteaTit, illitc^nc iiiifTvloUoi' firniUatid rol>ur adjicimuii ; iUL, 

^H fAdn: ab omnibns ccnuointiir- r-'l mm omnibua et Mntculi* prnonia 
^H trf*ni prijMlicti* qiiw. in aliriao oonwn(:ijiiii(utii, vvl affinLlatiE FfrndUi 
^^^ «liam rniltijilinr. rel rognHTionU hpiHrnalis &i>ii jiiiLUnr- hriiji*«tnr.(|i 
^^K Jui4ldtt finpnfKmcnin dc juiv po>itiiti inLroduetl*. rt in <fuiUuk nauctis- 
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^^ vsl ijfnrtmnr^T ile fecio conirmwriml, i:f. alfqim hnpwiiiin'iitonJiD 

IprA:i]iiiMorur)i »i}]i o1jBtiknl^« m eontm mali'tmonlln, ftic contractu. Ilbtfru 
ct licite rrmnncrc k^u 1U4 dc nuvo contrahfm*. poulnt. mjicncorditcr id 
Domion dU|>«tiiainu« i prol^m iii&ceptftm, «e sik?[>ipieiKlaiiu U'Frittm&in 
dPt^mpDWt Un tniJiiitt iiC, qui ftcif;Eiler ct mulkiofHi' ron1ni\priiitt A 
fcttratii c3(«ominikmcatjani9, ci ab hn^«lus spu BUcrilcRii rcatu. abiolu* 
Itoni^m a aud ordiouridi vd <*urato, qiiibu« iJ facLenJi facultaEnti c^doq* 
liltriLiFi. fiMin»*anL Ac omne* pcnl^fiiftslkas. icculRrr*. hpu triiorumvil 
Ndlniim rc-guUrrt pcffOHAs, qtim aUquM imprlntnint dispfmnlionr^ 
t6Hc<^Mlfl^ca, f;raticu. ct indulta, Ijtni tirrJLtit.*^, 4[Urim bcncHcia ci^clcii- 
ftiifkt, icu rUa4 fLplrkimlpn mairHiva, prir^trii)^ niitborirntf mpt^mifatif 
TCcWa' An^llrniim. Iter! nullitcr i^l dc fat^to obiinucrlnl, ct, luj cor 
ntcTWE, crclntD uriJtali ratiluim rur>rint. In kuIp firdimbm rtbfrncHcii* 
per T>o« IptOK. rii^ii n nnlEfl ajI Id itj>purM<is mUrrircknliT^ir rvcqiionliM. 
praal JAm niiill^r n^t^i'phi: fiLrrunit vi-cum auptf hi3 opportune In Dmii&rio 
di*p<Tij^niiii> Ac omna proocnu^ in quibuflvJs iDstintiii coram qui- 
buiritf judinbiHj turn rtrdinnrUa, quiim dringnhty riUun \it\cln. fupvt 
irniV^Jh Aplriliinlibim hnbltoji rt fonnaicAi rt st'iitt-ntiot. t<ii\tfr luh 
k1», licet nnllllcr ct dc hetOt quoad DulHfatoni n dvrcrtu jarbUic 
Ibni* prftfatw tHiiti'im inAiirgvnlfm, iAnatnu«J1lo*qur M flint AiKhiwhil^ 
apMlfiUcA rnnflrmnraiw : At iftd^Hwrit hnjm regni pFrvimi^^aif tj»aryja 
matitts bona ecclniuttica, ff.r ifujtcartjtt^ ^nntri^rfti, *rn tifvh otitrma, f>fi 
iktrehf^f,jam drvrnrrtnt, itfetpi* frnurn'Mr, r^ii t^iam tfntotttf rnn/m tt 
qitosrtcnqne /runttrs ej- vini/fpi boith, ticti indcbitr perc^piut, in t{r(itm 
retriitliiRVB. ft rthj^mat : rohnletf ac df^^rnenfrt, f/u6d ittarum inn^- 
rwm fice!fmitilcnnim» tnm mfilifitim ijudm itamobilr^ita, ytJiUfAfrPt pr^* 
fati nan ponitit^ in prr^enti, nrc in pv»frrum, «» ffr cttiteiUitrum grins. 
rttfiutn. rvl pronncTttHum dttpesifiortet, neit per dtcreittUt S^maHoram 

exxxvt AWEvnix. ^ho. «xt, 

pojtliJli-u«i rpiifcfoJt.tCH per atiatti tfuttmcua/fve ^tt^vram ccetfvtuii^mn, 
in diatia ^nwj ittv aorunfUm p^^af9tKinf,mofpiitan, inqiitrtitri, v»I jttrtur- 
Atfrj ■ ntn ^Jt aiUpia rfiitJtttrif, vel panun fprUni/ifitiriP, prrtjiter httjuMmpdi 
JtUntion^m, aeti aoa ftstUittfotuntt irroyan, vei iaft/yi ; tf sic pfr fvo*- 
etfitat' jiiiti'nx fit /luiti/im^ji (aulif'ttii *it, fjitii aitii, uittff judi^auih tl ijt- 
tfrtjirftandi facaltaie el vuthoritatr) judicari. rf deftniridrbriex tt qate* 
fuid wciit atfcutati «^di^<ri(^ irriltim *^t tnttnc J'vre iIcctrnimHt^ mm 
pkafaiiJiifua pr^inimt defociibua, ri ^tutttst-ii tipo$toUcii af in prtftnn' 
twtibus ef st/runhfiiiH' cimrifiiif ftHfU, itpfi'iairbHJit vef ffeHfraHbirtctmfti* 
tuthtitbiti el vrdirtfilhitibui, uttcrUque laittfiiriU i/uif/uicitaftie^ Ad' 
xnoQcmiu UmcOt cum tlii-itb cpisogpbtuum, d QrE>ciLo cathtdidiuB) 
ecr]f?iiaruizi «i]»t ili^ iiii^i(iril>UH cauEtet cjueb ftumuiu jiuitlillci flunt n^rr- 
vnUt. rt^cu irt^ lilt u til esai; ad ^uacn 4UUCtituU;iU| e\ ah idi\ »iL]ip]icLU^r puatU' 
laijdum* ut hicc coTitirjiiari?» bpu Jc novo foceiv^ digiK^LuT. Et licci 
omiLCJi ta ini>Ul» eccWdrum iialislinr.rt! ch, qui cas tenerit, reloiaTp- 
nmuf, CM tnmen A<l[ni>nito3 fuec volumua, ut, untu oculoa liaWotcs ili< 
vtfii jiidicii ireverilaTeni ^^t^nlra Baflhuiarf^rii^ regeiii 3ab)'loiii», quj VMS 
AHini, i;<iM A w. fed k piiLrei e Eem|itu Jibl;itH, w ynthuva usub I'urivettitf 
tfrjL propriiA c^f^cWii^, ai oKtAnt, vel allisi rcatltUAuL Jk^Unlc-f cliam, et 
per v»ctruiuUfricorUi{B JefiuClinatiobtntarJteacosoiiiu^, qua& h:et;ro» 
iSHgiti till antulH »iid? iioit umiimn iriiuieriiuret. Iluc nuilem eHirtacir, ui 
KX bouia ecdtsia^ticirs i]iii.x!i]jr li», i^u^l'^ ratiunc pcnocLutuuiUj ci Wc^- 
fttuum, populi miniittroruiii austciitatLoni fucrint tpGcialilcr dc-aUnatk, 
*vu aMih rAihedn^hua, CI aIIis^ qun* nunc cxtaati inrcnuribui cccletibj 
cacun atumarum cteiceiitiljus, iU jnovjduutor. ut i^aruut luiBlurvN ptjr* 
tonvs, <!t vicarii, commadi^ ct honc'AlVi JuiUi ctimni quftlimti^iu ct i^ecttum, 
siidU-ntArl pouint, vi t^iirmn atiiiiianiiTi laiidubitifcr UK^rceri^, «t cnora 
incumbcnijft congru^ BLi^jtorltLfc. Dalum Lnuibvllt. jirupn LuudiimitLi 
Wjut<ni. DiacriN-t anno iiaEiv, Uom. \55^-, nono colc^nd* Januar. pj>titlJi- 
CAti'ia aAiiolii^irLLi in Chrlsto Pathnt^^t Domini uoidri domini Julii divini 
provjdcjiiii^ pap. Ill- imno qultito. 


Wei llic B&id lordft ipirituot tand lvii>poral, and Hie cummoDf in thb 
pre:»e[jL iMrlbrncQt aftw^mbl^d, rendi^Hri^ most liuntble thnnks ta 5'oiir 
majratii^ by wbtuic intciccMmn and mcAiiH we Imvc oblAintd t!ie %M 
disp«i]sotioDB of Iho pojni'6 bobitma, br thts said mo^l reverend father En 
God, bifl Irf^Ic, moKf. humbly h&vceb tlie aarn^, that I1 nmy bi> <jrd£uncd 
AS folluvTctli ; 

And Uiurdbrc bo it enacted by the outhGrily of this prrannt parlia- 
ment, that all and ^iagular Article and <?1atjie» ooniatntHl in ihc uuil 
diapCDMliuni osivcU touchJLjg llie i!:<tab]i>hnientof ljkhri[irjCM Hud o«(]i^ 
dfoi cUiircWi OS abo ihn cuzitinuatiou of inuriagcs in degrees proiiir 



bitM! by tbc oanona oftlic ohureb, tll1^ liigitiniottOTi of cihilclrcn, and tlia 
rttirteaMon nf |trni^«'c^ nnd fif «rnffTi«« In mnti*rfl fprlrnlmfWI, tniiclu 
\tf, tlw inraliility of them. For want of jumiUction. and thn irrtlilutlonft 
and rrTtitutiont oF and in bvncificoM tnd prnmoUoim ecdv^iiutical, 
dispell Kit inn* nnd gisrro gUen by siic^h nrdrr, ni llir puliUn ]nu> cif ihtf 
realm tljcn ni^proicii. tad dt ether ibingA bf-fori? coDtnmcd in thr aaid 
IflteiV-Of ^i^P<^"t^ciii (»^i»l^ i^inain, uDd bo ropuud and taki:n« (o &U 
IfltBlilffid coDAiriK-tiont in the tnwfi of ihi^ rralm. Itiwfid. good, and 
dlbctuAl, lo be uUegL-U auU pkaJeJ in oil cuurta tccItsiaaLic^d mitl ti^to- 
pont, for pood mid duUioiDnl nmlUTf, nitiicr for thfl plamttfl' <»r dciViHdanI, 
vrllhout ntif nlli^gniiorr or iitkjc^f-tion lo kr mikdE< j^iititt tbt* vulidii^ of 
tfaem« by prfti^tjci' of my pc-uural coui]<.'il> dLQurit or deciee to tlie coi^ 
Uftry lu^di?, or Lo be made in tliat behuU'. 

And whrrunii diver* and aundry late inDT:B£terie»« prioruv. conimiLii* 
dt^Lee,Eiuuuerj(9ndtiikneri(>. prclwndsiculli'gc^, huspittkUt Imu^i^* uf fnarvip 
cfu^titric^, ami olb^r rcli^ouA and ecclcsicisLtcal hoiiaeA a^idptacca* and tho 
tnftnori, grmiges, tnt'(^uu^«, land*. k'ncnienlB^reotoriestilbe*. pensions, 
|KirtJon>», YtcJkm^f^s. ohtirditu. clmjK'ls ailvouvmiH, TirjminHttonA> |ijitn>n- 
•gies, annuUics^ rcQl^trcversiotis^Bcrviccn, and nthnr pna«ci»onft nnd here- 
ditAmcDtstothouiid Jutr- mi>r)A4terie«, prlorici, narmcriv9|<!OTiiniuriLlmi?s, 
datnfrii'»» clmrktrirt, prebemk, liutiu.-! of friun. cttllt'gfs, tio^pilak, and 
Qthvr reli};ioun and t^dv^nsllcit] fai>u«e» And places, and suadry orcb- 
biihopnce and bi^hopricsv wiUiin this realm, biU ftpportalning and be- 
longing, catiie tt^ wt-\[ to tIiv li^imU und pcisi^Hiori of the saiti kln^ of 
fuQiouB iiuiujorj^t Hcnry^ VUK IuOilt untu }'our mAJcsly, uur said tiuvt> 
reign Lxdj^ by iliuolutioni ^Wi. grant* surrondor, attainder^ or otherwise^ 
as alio tn the hand^ Jirid pt^Me^sion of divt^r^ and sundry other penonA^ 
Biid bodi^ |ii>litic ^nd curpuraii^, by f.un(Iry lueiiiia* (^unvtjancu^ and 
DssuroQccsi occordJii^ to the order of tbc ia^^aand statutes of ihU roalm: 
And wbere aleo divers manorfl, Innd*^ toncmentt, and htirodiiamoacar 
|>Arrcl of tlie pijHte3ision& cf ardd^iidiiipricv And Ui^hoprin^ nud nmny 
and sundry late dtaiJitiE^, colk-gcSf chantries, reeloric^, prebenda, frco 
cbapebi, ^i^ildiiT and frat^rniLi^, tnntioTv, homLr-s, grBUgtw^ tandii, t^u^* 
Dif ijf>S i^aiif itcivice^ and i>thur ec<:U'A]HMMral pi>Mr7«ionfi and heredlu^ 
tDtnt^t goods and clmttcia to the said arclibiahoprici, bishoprica, deonc- 
TiMi (rolli:f*c«, ehuntrie*, Ireo oli^jwl^f roe1urit«, ^uildti] and E'rutt-'milica, 
Inl^ appprmtntng And hclonginfE, or appoLnifd ii> nnd for thi^ Ending of 
pridta* oblti, lishUi or other liitc purpoac. came as veil to tho liandu 
and poumion of the ivaid late i>obl<; tiit^, Edward VI., brother unto 
your mnjpslj", our miverelgn latly, by tlir vlnue nf an aet of parhamcpt 
Ibemjf iiiadr, or utbtrAur, on lUo to the hand* and puMcuion nf divcrv 
and ftundr/ olhor p«r»ou»j imd bodiot poUtio and corp«rotO; by Auodry 



l»0, IVT. 

flfihb rvalm: a grrnt number- of which ntlit Inin motinMj'HfA prlortct, 

trlc«, tree cliapclis guildis (uid fmtcrniti«fl. and tho fiitnorst g:nng«i, 

purtiuj]?L, v[cara|;«#, cliurclitf^, cW|rvU) ulvovMinis notDlUA|ion«> pativ* 
a«p)«i annukica^ oad EicT^iiitamcnti, ^-oodi a.nd chntteii to the vid mO' 
[auteriw.prioritfi.nLmnGri^con»nindoHo&, ^i?iLn^rip^OaLl«^t«,ho^ 

iB>i lVeachAi>e]a. guilila, irzUiTih\n. anJ othor tcclmlutkA] hoDiM 
tfGtilMHliopric4« and liiflliupTirsd btloDf;infC» a» veil for ^rrcftl niPM of 
fflontfj 1* for oth«r gof^d nrid rctuansLblfl raii4i^« and oomid oration* , liavf 
bfl^fl tOPT^yvd uid oMurvil to dlvont tltr- anljj(>rtit imd Uidlu )ioHUc oTH 
thU realm, oa veil by tlip »aiii ting, Itrnrf VJII., the Mid kins Ed* 
u'Sitt VJ-, and by yoirr Itkglineni, our >ov<>rpi|>ri lady, jtod Jolittly liy both 
yciur iiin|i^tin, >■ q]ki> 9»y divrts Uii' nwnt^rit nf lJt(> ankl cr^rlmiaMiril 
poMcsdotii, whidi wid convryancta and &uunuict3 by their nuodry 
kiUrr* yutvtii*, Mid othrr vrivini^, mofo pUiitt^ dfi and may afrpnrt 
Fnrnttimrli Dji Ilm uid mniE trri'rr'iitl fhth(^^ hntli alito, hy thft ttld difr 
pciitdlbriA, Tt moved and taken uwatj ali mailer iij imj^eachmtnt^ /nmU^ 
and ttartfifr, vhioh by ocoaaiun of any f*(-u«nJ couiioil, amoiii ft d» 
VfM aacltfflinAtcnJ. might louoh find dlujtilnt th^: poHiiMhorv of •uoh 
gonda inavctilibi laniia, trn«mi-nUp |MiuirHK}|i*, atiiJ b<7T«<Mtamprri4, m 
wrie of late brinnging to any of liic >ald archbiflboprio, bjahopricit 
inoOMU^riM, prioriiit, [kuni:]«.rt<u, cumnkatkdorEvfr doontrtM, poIIp^o, 
rh»ntrir*. prebcnit*, rvcturira, htnpilulK. Iioimri of frinn. or ol^wr rrfi- 
^ioui and tnclvaUatk'al liuuai^B and iilaotri, uf whnt naiurv, ntatc^ kind* 
or quality »£f v«r lhi>y Ixr i j'iiL />>/■ M**/ M* liftf i»/ ntf Atikft. jDr>«ti«MJ*«^ 
tjid kfvfditamtHts In lbl> your niajaattra' rotvim and domfnloiMr ii 
gronndi-d U\ ihr hu^ ^UEuU'ii, and i^uHToiiut of Ihn fiiimf\ ard by ymr 
high jiimdicliQn, autlionty royal and crrown ImiKTinl. fuiil in jfMir 
P0ur/^ ifafy io U* imfUnd'ti, t>fttrmi^ trtr/i, ttrnl jurl'jn/, and ttffttf oiktf* 
viif : and rindrntntidJrK, ibnt ilir h]ioIc% fidl. nnd tnrul Rmolnuii In* 
t«n(a, inijit^i and drtcrmination of your moft rxoeUriit majfiti<« boa 
UiM ali and vvory (K'rviin And pviwuns bodiM ipeMiit^ ani coqionCe, 
Ihclr haiTWy BuccfSiOfK, and aidfrrm* imd nvpiy of Ih^tn, fthall J^drv, kt^, 
nlom, and tmjai/* *Ui uW *t^tnf ih^tr *atalrt, rights^ p amuw ona, ud 
loltroate, that thvy> and irvory <if Ihitn now tiuve, or bvr^iiFW ahill 
bwpik of aud In all and ovory ilio niaiioiv, grangvA^ taoutia^aa, land^ 
UtacnwU. lilbcst. ptumflnv poriiuni, advnvmnit tioiiiinatiurii. patron* 
igOii annuitioh nrnt** rvversioTiA. Mrvlc(.<s, bundTYda, wapoittakni 1eI»cv- 
Um, francitilMa, tint othvr tl^o pocacwionn And lii>r<>ditMTn«nU of th» Mid 
monaiurit*. abbvyi, prlorio*, nnnnoHna, cntnmaadcrim, deanrries, ^ttU 

>!«, xtti 



AgM, ehurclica, chapck. nrchbinlioprk* ntid biiliopricji, find oth«r tvU- 
^m iiLfJ prHnluitLral ht>UM^ ur ^[aL^ea, i>r uf imy of t>icni tvjthin ttiu 
reftlin, or th^ d^mlruou^ <il' ihi- iinmc* by <iicli Uvi nmt «UtulM as vpm 
in tone before tlio Bni daj' of thu prctvnt parliomotil, utd by OC!b«r 
lavpful conTMince 111 tiiein tZiereof iiiJiJei 

ThU it loay Lw «D«c(«<t, Iry ifit oulhurlty uf tiile jirppffiit paTlSammU 
tbftt it wfli your iiiiijciity.oiiriiavtTnnj^Ti lady, your l)<^ir« aiiiI Aiir^i^rvicrs, 
and ulta n\i and •vory oilier ptrBoti and p«n»n«, bwiki polllk and ooff- 
pumtE. tliEir hdn. Kuccraeot^ and amI^iij^, nuw tidving, or dmt firre- 
ttfl<>r 4h(ktl ]lav^ hold, nr <tijoy any of the ntlc* of the ««id Uce inoiiM- 
t^ric«p ond other ihv rvligioui nr i^oi^lnHifuticnl hoiiiu or pUc». mid all 
Ibe said (iifiiivrb, |;nL»|;:vti iiiusaungnt^ Uitds* teiitr(ii«DtiK lillitrii, ptnilonn. 
Vortion>i globr^ lands. odvonAoiiit aommntinni, pfltrodn^Mt nnnuUic*, 
irnU, PcTvrvion*, ■{?rrj«». Iiiindivli» wapentake, lib<^rti». fmnchiici;, 
liidlib) i^»mmiidilir?>ai[J utlir^i' tin.- jiiHwniuiii utjd hi-mlkniTiEiiEX nf thf-. 
nid lute mouivitrnn, nbbfrjt, prioriuH, ovnti«ri(i»T commatdcric*, de&ne- 
rC««, Oo1l«p?«, pr^boiidA, hOfipUfllF, hnufva of i'fnr*. rotitorSrAr vJORrafret, 
ohfliitriftfl, chnrvh«» rhnpoN. arf!hbi*hopric<. bithorprlfti. and oibcr rolU 
j?iuui and rrclniiuriLCdl lioion and plfic«?s or any at Ihrin. uf what 
iiamir, naluns *>t kind 9[>ov«r they b(>f 4hall have, hoUi poiMWr rv^taio, 
l4«|i. and ^njnvt all nnd eytry tbft iMld «tlM, maiiorn, gr-anifra, mri»n- 
Rfrrik lanHo, Iturtapii Lfi^ |ji)Hrf.5U>n% pFiifil». tvinini>J!tii-t| and ulhcr hr^ 
rediiamentHj afrorrlinjr 1o tiioli int«T?«t4 nud oMatrn a* llify and evny 
of ttipm now ha*rc or hold, or honeflTEAr shall hav» or hold, ot and in th# 
mnF, by tht* due unlrrnrjd coTitneor I In? lav* and ttntiitr* cf lliUra^lm, 
vhieh now be, ur 'ti-rc iitandidj ifi for<^r 1h f<'n^ ihe Rr^t dflv of (hi« pr*- 
Mnt partiamcni, in maiirji-r and forni at i\ivr >1imi[d h^w done, if 1bi« 
act hiul npvpr bt^>a hud. ii«* tn»<h>^ iNih iiri, or Htir Itung t}jF<rdn cun- 
tidijed to llie couErnry, in any ttzir Tjotwiihutititdinf^: 

S«ving in you, our NoctriHgn lady, yuur hi^ir^ and auivcttori. and 
*rvrf of ihvm, mid to all ihi<1 i^vi-ry othj-r pi'rwui and pfrton*, #iiljectj 
of tMaTtaJm, and bodk-f politic and corporate, and ro tMr h«Irn and 
Mcocwor*. and to tht> lidr< and BiiC(?i'*«OTv vT all and evt^f of litem 
<^i>Lhvr than Kifoh, utrhoin H^ht, tli^ or InTPrt^i !h hntindiHl or Inlc^n 
«ith}i , undunr- ar rxliu^^t, by any ncl of parliamonl lirrctofoTv nvulr, «r 
oiherwiie) all tnch nirht* title, daim, pnvH'tfion, intenvtA, rcnbi, an* 
nuitio«t ecmmirwIitiM, <^oinnion:t, fifHoH. fiwv, Ipu^c^ lU^^vii^t, livin^^ 
pvnftinn^. porlion^^ drbti> dntic», >nd other prrrfiU. uIikjIl thi-y. <ir any 
'ttm, lawfully Kave. nr of righl ought to havi;, or miphl have hadj 
ii; Of to any of tho promivAA, nr in. of, or to any part or paraal 
a»f. in ikuc^ likrr aiaunrri and Ibnu. and (MjTiditJoii to all iiiteniai rv 

aptfcb, eoiMtnicdoQ^ %n<l pitrpoac*^ u if ttii «(t b*(J mvcr been tudi 

Aitd (lint It niAy bu further enaoti-J, hj the tnthoritjr ftforvsetd, 1 
&U timl evtry artidei clacsc* »cntcnco. ftud prvvlso, copUun«d or upecJM 
in tviy aiTtoractaof parlJatncnt. ciinci^rmjijit or iixichin^ tlio ■amrBaec. 
or rnnvpyjutre of am^ {}i& mf(1 iDoniut(.<rtt4, pHorici^ [»iDii«)iCf> <!0Q)* 
mandciio. dranci ics iirc:briiJ0, collrp??^ cUkuliin. liuBjriLaK liuuon uF 
irmrv. rr^^jtork'^, vicarn^>cd» churchcst chapcU. archbbbopric*. bUfropncip 
and othOT rtliginii* ttnd aoolo*iidwl»^ttl luxwfti and pl*w», or any of ifcwu, 
or ftiiy uite concerfiing ujjv itifkmirh, landh, Ivnt^mvnlA, |ir<jflis rtid^inhh 
diticst IttrcditumcnU, ot other (he tltintcs before 9p«ciEicd| to Uic jud 
king H^nry VlUj or kiu;^ Edwird VJ., or either of tijetn, or uij- ofbir I 
jkflrv)n nr pppson*, nr liorly prrfSilc, or crrpciTRip, and ^vpry if (h*m, anrt 
all and ovrr;f nriliitg, deed, and inilrumrinli conceming Uic asmruice 
of any the sam^, s^all sland, runiam, and bu in M good forc:L% tfiNt, 
arid Afn^ng(ti, anil «hn[| hn plpad^l, nnd rsk^a lulvnntif^n of, eajU^ \n- 
i^:it#, conMnirli(in«, and jinqjobra. m (he »aaic ithuuldi cuiKlit, <jr coulJ 
have bccu, by tbc law and statutes of tbu rcoliu. in c«*o tJus prtfcnt 
act had ncvf^r bcai bad, ni^ made;. ^^ 

And ibut all foi>irini'iitH>flri4'H,flum<iid^r«, fcirfuitur^ iH*urvic««, co^H 
vcyAi^(ji:'A. t^tutT'Ji, AJkd [iiti^n^u, tn aciy \\tiu: convrjed, hadt or made to 
ourHud ktc flovorcign lord, kinR llcnTy VIII., or to ourtaki bk «*♦• 
rerfpi lord, king Edwar^l Vi-, or Htbor of lliem, or ta any oihpr p««n 
ur pernuiHj bodies politic, or toi po*uti"» or to any <if itic^m. by Artd ot 
dcccK act or acla of parliament, or othr^rnuci uf aay the aitcs manors 
landi, EtDom^rU, poBs^tsroui, proliti^ commodiEit«, or Jioivdltaxn«Dta, ol 
anjr the k^d arcJibUliitiiHi-H. liUlmpncM. Ulc inonnjitrrlt's pHorir^ i>uaa»< 
ri«*i commandcrioj^ deaneries, liou9» of Tnart, coIIcrb* cliuncric^ ho^ 
pitaUt pn^brnds^ I'lvu-ohiprK or of any irtaTinrb, laudn, i#n4.>mpnt*< r^ 
vcwiotiB, wrv'it^i^ty, tithes peniions, porrimi*. anniiiiii^ nr of *ny tttht-r 
liercdi lament* of| by. or from any ee^IcaUitical or i^pirltaiil paraoa OT 
pOTvons, or by or from any spirilonl or cii*c1<»ia«tioal oor|>oraUoD, ot 
body [lolilii^, ihull be aA good and availnble in tlio law, lo ntl int^ni«t 
crii]8trnctiiifi«, aikd pur|xise«> aa ihcy ;vere by the lawn aod utalulo of^' 
this realm, ^tandiof; in fon<e, before tho tiret day of tbia profit pariia* 
mont: anil ibat tbi> samt* may and Hhall lie pl^nrtpd, oll^^M. and takvn 
ajlvanta^i" of. in audi atjrt. and (o ^ncb eifect, 0:1 tUry aliouldt could, nr^ 
might have becoi by tbe la^n and statutt^ of tliia rcalnt aEaadLn^ii^^ 
forofs before tbe enid lirai day of this prvaerit parliamant : and that A^| 
and pvpry cbiusc?, and itrtirU- *jf suving, conbunt-d in alt ajid rvpry Ihiv 
aald acl5 And tlclutr^, akoll stand, rciaaiu, and br in ancli fon^c, »(roA£^h ■ 
and ctlocC, aa il^cy \yeta buforu tijc >aid tnt day of Uua pifMODt pftriift* 




mftat; uiy lliio^ cuulAiiied iii (his prratiil aoLi to tlie contmrf, ft) ony 
viae noiwith»tan<}iri^. 

And that it may be i» lik^ manner enacted, hy authority aforetaM, 
iLat wJiofwevcfr shall, hy any praci^H, nbtuim-Ll out i>f ntiy i-cdi^iMtictal 
court, wlihtn thi« rrftliii, w H'lilionti or by prctenci! of any spintual jii- 
riMjiction. or othcrviit, contrary to tht lawi of tliU Tt'tlni, inqujt^t or 
mi^ttC any {wnou tir i>er»onv» ur borly ^oliiir, for any ntnnum, laiidi, 
Vnrment*, ltore(liUia«nU, or tMug* abovo >p''^^*^*^=^' ^^otilrary to the 
uorda, scatcnoM, ati<l mcamn^ of thU ncl, shiUI Incur tUe daiigvr of tU« 
nrF of fin»mimlrn. mutp ihp At«ti^f>nih ypftrof kln^ TtLrhard IL, ami ihall 
tcr and iacur ibc rorfcilurc:! a;id p^ui canliiincd in tbcNUnc. 

^idKlailwayf^ that it bUuIL anJ may be UwfuL to any jienoii or 
body polictr; nnj rorpomU', to kiii* in any cornpttJTnt {Tcli'tJnt- 
apirLtuuL cvorl, ^tillliJl tUia realLU. fur itlliu* ri^tiU* unU dutlthi 
ItiaL Ihoy, or any of tlicni aIioII j>rt1ciid tD bAV« of, or out of orjy tht^ 
utd manon, tincl«. trncmciilfl.nnd otltrr ihf prvminn^and to havr full 
and pejfirct ttiui-iJy for thi? uiiu^, in tiu'h vmimt-T ami lonH, na llipy^ or 
any of tUem i»i^ht, or ou^Fii i/y have ctoac, or had by the la-nn 4nd ito- 
iQtvs of tiiifl rvalm, bcforv tl^n making of tliU act> and m tliough tlii« act 
had nct^r bven Lad» or L[iadt\ 

Aad ihfit h may br; fuilhcr providi^d and rnnctcd, by the authority 
afoMMud, Thaif albeit the liiLc ar ityk of Ati[>n!Limcyi or supKirm head 
of t^ nhunrfi of England, ami of Irrlanil, or oiihrr of theni,iieTer VM, 
DC Gottld be justly or lawfull) uUrlbuti^d ttr a<'kriiiwIi-dfi<iJ lo any kiu^ 
Uld »OTcr«ign ^^ovL-rtor of thi:^ rt'aliu, nor hi any wIac could or might 
righlfblty^jufitly, or luwfnlly. by any hin<^ orjovercign governor of thia 
rvolin, br daiiiieLf, elmlkiigrd. or uu'd> yvt. formmurh il4 iIia wM IIcIr 
and a<ylc> Kllimce the third day «f Norernber, in llio twcntj Viilh 3reiir 
of Chordgti of tlio Mid king H*inry VUT, U^^Lh born liotd, and w men- 
tjoDal and mntaincd in divtm nnd mindry vriit, Irtim pai^nlA, rocordi, 
t-xci&pUlicaiionB, cuurl-roliA, cbarlvni, daciU, inftraiiMiibb cvideDcei^ 
books, O'Jd writing, it hhnlJ b<-lAivftiJt nh well to and for your niajt^stio^, 
and yoar, our loivrrign Imly *> brirt and nupppjiopa, a* (n and for evpry 
alhrr ptitinEi ahJ ]>enoOfi, and budiei politic unO coqiomtL', at all time 
ttad 6nica bcr«afUr, to have, rctotJi, and k&Kjt thu suld wribs lctt«ja 
pat«nti, rsoordd^ oxdivpUBcationK, ^ourt-rollc, otianvrfl^ doCMk, in^tra- 
(in-jils, rvjdt^Eiifi!!. biiokif, and wriiingH; and tJa-in tu %hfw, f\hibii, tuw, 
lijlo^'i cuid |dcad« in oil tiuica and plac^.'^ r(:x|ui»lte or ntiffdful, uritbout 
lay ilani^cr, frcually, l<w, farfciiturf^^ trouble, vi;xation, or kiDptachojcnt 
for Ihfi aaniL^ anything in l]ii:i Mt, or in any act, or acti, tu the cou- 
Uuy dWRof* ID iuy «uo botirllbalaadiu^. 




Aud whana ycur hlfibni^ia, lOTf niifii lady, tince yoiar comtvg to lb 
cmwn of ihk Tfalrn, i.>r ftood un J ChriBtian coit«di>nce omiutd U> «itt* 
the taid *l>li! of •ujmiiiiacy» Hpt-<:ifiutl \u tiat^ie.t made in tlw puiboNdL 
liolduu ut ^^'«tmin«t<^^. by pmroffBtioi), in the tncnty-tiflh year gT ifci 
reign or jour IaU latlivr, king Hpiiry VJIL, m w«tl in gifU, grftit^ 
IctUn p^uuits &> in oummlvtums and other wriiingv Mttd nbo oihtf 
Jmic t» tlvir wriliji^a doD<- th« Aamci us well iti jour time, u before; 
4inrl rondiuuch eil riotuitiiAtacdiDg «dj Uw m^dv coDOvniiiig lh« i««j 
i&tyle iif sn|iivmRcv, ii wa« in il>e fren c-bolof^ lilwn^, find pltwuNoT 
tho king of liiu mint, ninl of yr>ar lii^TmcM* uliclJirr you would 0«h 
prcu the Mtiic in the taid *Lylc or not: ^| 

Bp it thvn^f'or* (Jt^darcd and enabled , by thr- authority ofthU pttacflt 
IMjhsment, thnc nil grart** ]viltn pab>Qf«, ciinnmlui^tit, ifidiuCAcBbj 
record*, and iffrtthi^ unsdti in jruur, our »o>«rvIpi UiLj* uuiie,<vii 
Xhe name cf yoiira, sovorci^ii lord and Indy, or any others vrhcfcui iht 
anid vl}'li> of m^i^nney it rvmiliKl, h, and fthail Iv, lo til tniMitt tnd 
pnr|Hj>ak Ugood uidrlTrctuiLl, naifthcttainchad tKccri) Uicrcinr^prtaafd:. 
nnd nsdy he retained, krpl. p!f«ilcd, and allrpcd uithout any dMgct, 
pain, pcAaUy, or fortuitunv Co oiii-iie lo any penou, or p«raoni, vt b«dy 
ptdjtir, Tor or ('uncenkliig ihi- omWitui of the ■nme aijrl^. or a&y pvt 
(liertfofi in any audi writing ; and that no prrwni shall be ivpaaelMiL 
raoicot^l, or dftmaitit'd for, or by rrasoit of, oiiy tuch ominioo, 

kiid vh«iv» tr an art of pcirlbmrnt* mndc iJner thr aald nmty-fifth 
of ifcnry \UL. it wa!« enacted. That all biillt. di»|Kai«aiitNaft, aikI 
wrilingtt «tiiob wore, iivforo that lime, obt^inci] from the aeo dT Koaacs 
idunld hn void, atiolUhed, and ^iilngituli^d, nith a c Lauati ■ovnUtaleM^ 
Uiol the malti^r of them, bv ^IrLur of ^eltm |mtrnU fVoip th^ klog Chco 
b»ing, tthouhi and iriij^ht ho ulle|rnJ, pk^adiil, and allawrd, aa if tlw mb* 
bad not bven so aUjlmh^d nnd Dxiingiu«hrdt lomininch u Ihe taJd aai 
ii h«Te beforo, aniun^'tt o\hvi\ rvpndcd, und iix^ile vuid ; 

Be it thi-rofurc tTMieled, hy the autiiorily of tlii* pr^xni (MirlJan>eat, 
tlut all buLk, liitpL-ntaiioni. and pnvil4-|fi?iL, ohUinvd beron; tht *ai^^ 
twenty-fillh ytnr, i>r txt nuy lime aithvitotj, or ^vbiuU abaU hcrcaftfr V^| 
ohtaini.-d vf Lin- ai.^^ nC JComt, not cantoimng malter cattttury, or prijv 
di^iaJ, tothc authoDt). Uif^iiity. or prec'riiin«D«e royals or ioiparial, ol 
tijt? Nitlnii or III tliiT luuh of ihiM rh^nini tiow bi-iug in forov, and mt ia 
itjit pnrliDtncnL npcalcd, may be put in execution, uaed, and altr^ed 
in any court wahin l\wi reiilni» or vltuw^nTt-i wh«ihcr tin.* Htuc fwnaia 
y«l whole, or can Ajipfuf to bn\f bun rAnrellnl^Jn at itvaLlHLie and 
vIluUuiLi luAunvf! to all lAUnlJiaudpufpoiev^a* tithv uid uottiad irt 
hcdi bad or made ; any objeotion or prctoooa of oxtisjiuiahiDcnij 




oviceUiog ^r tfac Btid hulK diapcnsaljons, or privilqtnt or ttairotfarr 
muUfT nr oniM, bj tho pr«lcno« a( \U9 1at« or thia rciJia whatsoevprt 
li uif vl» notB'icbitftnrUng. 

I And sbcnoB bydU»o1utjr>n of tnonutcritv, \nd other Trligioiu Ziou»»i 
Hrt4lo pvrith Rhurchra nud rliafuth* whioh went bcfom c!i«mf C from Iha 
jurbuBriinc afth^ nr?1ihiilm}». nnd tlihop of thf? ilinrrflc, nnil, liyBpc^al 
nBBptiuii atid privilrgv- FiuJU Rutni;. vctc unJcr ihr guvcnmirtil anJ 
ordor of tiic abboUand prion of Uioa» roll^inui hojit^; wliidi laid 
chDT«IiM^ Itj oolcrur of llic miJ ciccmpticnt. be now, of ■ppriii) ^rniit 

•ad juHMliotioin of Umporal, ami layrnrn, v bn fan no niofv tvjoy that 
MipE«ntaoj over tboM partJouUr vburchtF^ tban the kiii}^ migbt uver lti« 
y,lvbolc rc&lin: 

Bo il Uicrcfi>rv enacted* thai all arcbbudiopn and bivJiop* In tbcir 
r, ind all ot1]«r tpjritual ptrvwi aitd penoim having juri»d>GtiOD, 
id thplr fniciWr* ami uH^<Ptm> Anil w> luy i^'noii ur p<'nii>Eis. m wery 
cbitrrb, and plncf! villim ibc: prociact of the Nune> bcinif exempts or not 
ravrnptf may tVccly, and wiihijul imptHlimcnt, trtecutu tliolr ■piritual 
Jttrtidiotion, in kII \iG\ni* «nd anio]««, &a tliougb uo auob Picmptioa or 
gnml bul <¥ci been mode. 

Provided alna^^, itnd bo il vnActcd, tbat Xhu aol cxLond tiol to tfik« 
t*iv, or diimnlAilt, tb< pnviL<>gi>t of tb« univcntitLfH of CHnilindgtt ami 
Obfofd. ut llir prtiili'jica or jirorofENttvn ffninlid Ijtrvlofore in tbc 
divrcbc* of ^^c■tnlil]a14fr and Wladior. nc the tovrcr of London, ne 
pKjudkial 10 Miif'ti tt^iipond lortl* and |XkiweuKir«» iu iliU ttalnx, ^ b}' 
flnclr-Til cunlniEi harr frijiiynl piv>l>a(i^ of iHt^tincnla of lliair titnAnu, or 

And for«j.Tniicb a», afUir Lhla rmonciliAtion (uid uaily of thb oo]j|» 
iralin lo ibi? body nf ChruL^i uliurcti. it U lo t>r iniKtisI, tlini, by the 
ibundoAOc of God'a aivtKj and t;mc?. tkvutiojj pbalL iiitrreui^ und gn^iv 
in itho b^ftrt* ijf nnany tlio nuliiticiA of tbis n^Jcn, ^iviLh dMiro to eiv« 
apd btsUtw th{?iT worldly puftruiuiM for ibi< rau«^jtbttn^ of aiin«, 
pniycr.aiid cxomplnof ^^il ViSa in Lbio realm, tutbc ktcut^ »udi ggdiy 
tootiooa and purfiMHH tiJii^ubl tt^r Advanced: 

Bft it Umvforc cnactul, by nutbority of ihii pmoot parliaraont, that 
h aboil he iuvtfu] lo »vub.iuHlLatl be vrijotd uf iinj numun, Undi. trn«- 
ncoU. p«r*octgca, tltbsa, pcwoon, portioti^ or dbtr bcredilunj^nl^ 
wh»l$ttvttr, in fcf aimpio, in ponftiBtoii, rcvonion, or ramamdi^rT \n ihoit 
^bvm rigbtar iiot Iwing ccpy-fauld, ntny thi<rruf itutiu.' frolflnonUp gtanbi, 
^^BT any olbtir aa«unfti]c«e> vr by bi» luat n ill aiiJ tcitauicuU in writing 
tu/ bequMth, and gW9 id foo «iujpk, «lt and ovory ibc AaiJ nuuiora, 
lands, ten^mciiu. pataoEUigcA. lithe^t pcniionti porUonit or oth<?r h^tt* 



diUinmt4« tu any KTiIrituat hody potitlr, or (*/)rparat^ in tills Ti^almn or 

dominions of the lanu-, now virctnJ, ur fuuuiied. ur LtinvilW tu Lnj 

Lsrcotcclf or l'oHndc<li without aitj Itcciici^ of ronrtniiLin tljcruin lo be ab- 

BtftinedfOrnny wnlofnf/ ifufnttfttmnii'm, tt> \k nici\ out fur tlio aahu?; tlta 

I ftc(» tlr hrrit att mnuiim ttwrtH'tm rrvA ptnimirln, ur aiij otlipr act, ur 

*(atiito borcloforc had, or made, lu any m j?c riotwithalmidinjE. 

^nving t4> Itic lords of llie f«e ^1 rcnt-sBrviccst An*-, or going out of 
Any of tltc Muid Xasnh, iaoGaivnn, or hereiliiatneiiU, *o to t« uiiiorliseil, 
a> i» tLlbresald. 

Provirkid nlwayi^ ihtx ihtft clause of this acF, for giving lh» liberty of^ 
□r for t\ic «norIJEi[Lg of Ihads, ur teiLi-meD(». bliftll rontiniif; fiirr, and 
duriug, th? 0pacc of twenty y^ra next, end inuucdicLtvly fuUowing> anil 
uo longflr. 

And ff*Tn^much aa we, j'OHr mnji^fityV Immhln and ohpjliffil tnbjfclii, 
iJip Igrdi ^iiinCual and tenjporal* and commonki ia this prt^sent parUo- 
klD«iit tHHnubkd, adthur by th« muldng, or doUvering of cither iha 
*iip[>liiiiiTlfm* ftforeiaid, nor by iiny dauKc, artit^lc, or sentence llicrHjf, 
or of any olbtr dauHc, article, or MSitoncc of tlils or any other ^Lalutt^. 
or any of Uic prcarabltB of ijif ainiit, n^odft or Eiffrecd upon m Ihifl tct- 
t\an of thift pri-»^nt prluim^nr, by miy tnacini^i- of Li)trrpret4LLiun, c(m> 
stTLictioij, LinplirAiiQii, nr otljcrwiM^ iutcud tu iji;ru|;al«i impair, of 
dimiaiah ony of the prerogative*^ libcrli«f| frauohUi'*, prd^cinUoiioot, or 
Jomdictioim of vHur rtown iiii[K<rUI of tiiU rmlm, aticl crthnr tho doml^ 
ii]on> to till: taint' tHdongin^; w« lio moHt Luiiibly Ucsnrdi your iiuq»- 
tjrvt tliut it may be Jircliired and orJaiiit'dr eukI be it ciiuctod und dr> 
clort^d^ by iLiitiioniy of thU jirO£<^(it jmiliiXiiKint, that n«ith(ir thti niAkiiigT 
c^xhibitLuff. or inaerling in tliis present statuif,or in thr pn^amblr nfihr 
wmc, of the supplication, gi proniiftr afofcsoidt or dtlicr of thciu» cor 
any other Uiiii^j or thinj^i, worcia, ^nc^nccu, cEauB(>% or *rticlo<i m tbu 
prrnniblfc, nr body of xhv atta sforwiaid, «Jioll be <^nfllrupdH ikndcrilDnd, 
or ctpoUEidct] lo diTogate* dinuni»h, nr take n^vay uoy t^M liberties. 
piivi1eg(is prtrogDlLvosj ^re-cmincn*^^ authoritivs or jnriodiotiiMMj or 
any part or parwl thereof, vbioh wi^re in your imprrinl rrfjwn nf th^ 
rc4iliiii or did belong to your s&»\ iiuperiol crovnt ttit' tut^ntictti yenr of 
Che reign of your, the quecn'd tn^jeaty's, most nohk^ futlior^ oi' nny <>f 
your moBt tiobh? progeniiorfl, beibre the end iwcntictb year ; and the 
pope'i holJiicfiA and si-h npnitclic to he rrsiorcd. aeiJ Lu hasv und i-i^uy 
audi authority, pre-cmincnoe^ &,m\ juri^dlctiDEi, us liis lioliu^N u^i^tl and 
•xcrcised, or might lawtuUy have u*til ttnd tXi^rtiSCd, by Authority of 
bU lUprrntnTy, the Mid iwentletli y«ar of the n^igo of tht< kiitg, your 
failiw, Aviihixj this your ruuhn uf Eiiglaiid, urfd other jour dotainionB, 
t*-it/tout dimiavtitin or culATgcmcnl of the some, nud uuitv oihcri und 


tik idit.] 





to hff In ih(3 um*} «uli^, fnr pnicf^ of tiiW^ jiiiTiUbmrini orcrlmoH, lud 
cxrcution of ctnuum of tlic cliun^lj, willi knowlcdjEc of caaitf* Ixtutig-, 
itig lo the Efainc^aitdaflUu^iii IboHr poinU^ni th<r cuuiljumUjction wast 

IVqvmJcO alvAjs anJ be il cDticted b^ the authont; ofun^viiitli that, 
and upofi t'vory »uch gift unii dvvi»c, lo be madi* to aucb spiritual 
eorpomiiont nnd ptrsoini a* is nfonafcid, llic cionor, iVoffop. or ilevUor 
iJirivcf, may nrwiVF lu Jiidi aud liia ljpirs« ibr t\¥r, a tenure 'lajrattie 
«/«T«jfA/, <ir n Uniiiv hy divine rifrvicc, ftiid to linic oil roniMllt* ood 
ATiioba fur acid upon iho Miid Kifti, fttid Jcviacs, und unurn, b Uko 

n^jJiiTT uiid fortu, njt wmb uwd befute thf »lutuLcr uf W»tJ]iiiJiilrr iJiini. 
commonly (^alZrd QaU enijfU'rfA itr/ttrum ; tlic unid hUittiU\ iir «riy Iftw 
^r oufitQiii now bL-mg> io ilie r'^iirurv* in Etny ttiito notwtthvlanding. 

ProvMi^d alwAj-*, ami Ih» it ruui-^d, OmL kII :tnj| •■vtry jji^rjotr And 
ptnfttt*, ADd bMhfji politic and corpoiktlr, wliinli rutw havr;, av licrcAfUrr 
thai! hari*, any ^ddlu of [olieritunev. iVcchold, lonn. or iiil^rL^it of. In, 
tn to Any ponton, pftTudon, Litht^a. gli^lM^-lAiuU, iir nrhftr nrrti^qjfMiiirAl or 
irilnal profit, whiclit by Utiei occ and Icttrm ordJspruialioo rnhcArrcd 
Ui« Hfiiu, be {renmEl4*d, and lulTercd (o ri'iitain ftiid «oiitiiiLm m Uy- 
*« jHJtHcnuions chaLI und m»y hnvf IEIlp n-iTii-dy (or th^ n-^vivnry of 
c uiiic» iiitd every pari tbt^rL^uf. as they, vid rvtvy aC (hcui, might 
had, boforu ttkO ^rtt day of lli» prt^cnt pariUrncut ; nnv thiuj; in 
vet conuitiBiir 10 tSif* cuitimry, b any wiiif EiotwUhfllunding. 

\ficn atnt^trnmff ihi AUp^af'mn of Church^tiiadt^ and Caritiaat 
Pt/le't DirjifnKi/ian in Fatutif of ifie pr^ient hfSMrjai/n. TA« QitnliiM 

A* there in no need of argiintcnis to eocvmcc the reoderi that the 
luiU Afii! giirtflmtf thi' ^lii^rch wvxt^ ji nmtfi imtuciinf^rtl totht- pret^fMlnl 
Tnrmulan. »o niitTuL uritrm nf tliat puny, rightly dlocruug that 
rttptirnl t:on«td(.'radon» >-ire apt tu prevail vtry uiuch up^n iiianlLiucJ* 
lAvi- p-Tujiyt tiffin imliihEriiwH In alarming i\\o nntjon whh ih« fnin of 
LluiioUf wheni\Tc-r iJii^iv watauy appi?ar>ince of mukiiig up ib^ breach 
Lwicen iJie two churchi^i Jl must be onned, freat dilHoiiltic* wcra 
on botli H^dtiA, wli^n thfl mailer came to bu dobaCt^d, in (|u<ton 
Fary** r^Jfn, All r.aropr hml hirn ju^i^iUIIxhI. by w noioriuujt a 
dcftreilalioii upon the i:aodA dnd pn>pcr1y of the church ; «nd tJic pec of 
JluittO invubtd >cry much upon entiBiractiou- Un the othiT bond, the 
^OMS v«» dtfinollibcd. tind \\\t\ Inndt hAiL aln^july puj<»pd 10 hn many 
It pn>pri(Tton, by );ift, piircbfuie, ejictioiiGe. ui^d id iier convey aticca. 
VOL. II. k 



iJi&t juHtJCtT &fM M\l hi" dantt lo tlje churchy V'ilhuut t>ppn^inR 
nunAgmuy thoimndi, tljat w^rc not imiardUtGl} coNccnH.-«l m tbc 
Moril>»g«t T\itn wsa aImi cinoUier ciint;(lunil)On. vfh'ich pkodcd vvrr 
mnrh In fAvniir of thr pmcnil pttursiHir^ A ^At |:iftTt of rho natioo 
v-an stilt adrcrae to ta\ occomnioLiiuifii] ; and thoM% Uia( ni^rv btUcr 
<J)Tiiii>»itU, u«rfi nnt sa mi^t^, at tt> b^ itillirip to vUir^v by the rccdo- 
rilktlon. Sn, it tvas urctuiur)- lo iHindmcrnLl in lliHr witakn««iw and 
nukeaonw ftbatciimit iu tlir di«^ijiHm- arjd ri^LLi orthp i^IiutvIi^ Tlw 
ttnpBfOr pleaftpid hard for a djcpcrmmlttirit ami ubluitirJ a ^ciicnJ proBiac 
fVom hli hdiiiBf, ihhl thr pnrw-tit pomnunft ahmilit itt* madi- cmj in 
thc-tr drcunutauoEt, la iiunmujcc uf Uiii, canlinnl Pnlu hud fbl] poirer 
and iaHtPiOiJon*, by t«v#ml biilK to confirei ihv pmcQt powcttur* in 
thL^ir nfrht i^nd a diirnitionary power nfdwpt^nHjng both a# lo noTfoblo 
nnd iir]zii»vt-aljle gvudit, Otjt butt Eh.'dii duir Mnmh ?4, 1554. frcim pexpit 
JuliuA in>, wherein, rrnm a fircnoii» iTiBtrumtat, of AugvA 6, in the pre* 
OOdinir y4>Ar,tb(i pontiff rc'^^itrilhc folLoviiifr wonUi «■ Ao Dum panoMD 
rlliui iHiiioruiu rrt1m(mEici}nim(ri'4tiEutUj}riii<ii llbii*tpcdir»*ldMUii^ 
immobUibu?! per i.*"* indebltc d^-lcnti*) »uper frucUbu* lUftlc pcrccplU^ 
oc hotm mDbilihiih rnnemnptif, conconinndi, (rt ttikn<ii^i*adi ; »c cw 
de<i(ip^r llhi^mnd^, ac t]Wtaud\" ^ej Tno otiirr hnllh rcinisici clAutt* 
ofthr «mr iin|i(iri: the one, June 2fi. i*WK thi; lulirr JutP ^J(, 1554. 
In the latti^r art- tliL'VO word* ; " At thy ov/n aHiitmnruti bj^ oar 
ftulhority. wo p^c th«o full power of trmiing;* agri>eirj^ tnnvvUog, 
and {^iitnpuriudri)|C wrili wltnlever pu-um^un or dctuirKTu of rfrMnoiAl 
giHJils, fl* wrll movfflMrt a* iiiimovrable. In Ihe mM k'nigdum. for whom 
tho paid moat icrcne quM-n itiult intcrecdv ; and wt^ ^vo. nice full and 
ft*!? »pofttoli(^iinlhi>ritj, by Ihfi tjTionr '>f tlifHri |ire«r-ntt, and ufGcrtuiEi 
knovfrdjfei tc dUpenM vitb thciD* that fh^y may frlAiii ihv Mid gOotU 
wiriiotii arty HCrupl** for fhi.' fiitiiF*-,"' AfterwjirtU, wbon ^arctiQBl Wi§ 
rftme nv^r iniri Fn^'i'^i] ^o <'ir<'ijff' bU rnmmuuinnA, lhi>lr ini^MlfMit 
kinfc l^ilip and «iuc4^/i Mary, vrpr« addicsocd both by the pArUai»r«l. 
nmf dergy in convocation, Ihal Vlii'y would intvrCtfde witii tliv ordiMi 
to ctlftppTi»p with tlir prpft'Ht piihtcflmr* nf Hiumb lando. Arrnrding lo 
ihr poivtT aud itit^t/uctious ht- hud rrcrivrd frum the tt-c uf ItcLioo: and 
the curUiiial puhlinhed the diA^>f<n^Ati(>nt d^iX^d at Lambcthi Dtxtmbcf 
Si, ]555. bfiing ihi- fllth yi^r of papt\ Julius^ 111,, ^Oier«4D ui tbo M* 
lowing: clause: " Wilting a:id dtcmujup, tiint tbr nfiin-ihald pL^»t*i>inon 
of tfiri Mwid ccelrfio^Lical fiond» tjiovonble and iiniucv<;ablc» mny Dot. tA 
yn$VM, or for tho faturc, by tb^ diipooiion of g^^^tul or prorincial 
coimdlv. iir by Uie ddTviil i?piBttr» uf Roniajj bishitjtf, or by Any othnr 

> Sk \< TSiil, mnw. 

' St^ p- rxx- aniiL 




#crl<sfAMf/^4l tftninrp. \v Tnol-^tffxl. ilitqiiloud, or clirturl>«d in tbe uud 
goodtfi. or the poucMion of tliciii/ &c-* 

'i'hu vu ttn iutIicntL« an Oddunuioc cf iltij abbry-laTidg, &c, to tlui 
pmonc posinHirK ita (lift cR«e wtu ca]i;4hic of; viprciolly, ivhon it nas 
niifiedb; ihe miimiir civil [jovh'F. ^th \t ]MX]t\ii'tm\ \nimeAiiAv\y upon 

(thd oaHmdb commmion. For, th? tjtlc to iIjow lands iiriiHUtcii a 
mhnl proppfty, whffivin ih? clv^l pnwOT H^imccl «omo rij^litj ftnd 
scknovlnlgnicntSp U|juiii novfmnt at rnumLitjiiriH. lii-rM'rjic1](.irt«H ia^- (m 
ttu mcnlioneil dn J insiiC^^cl a\H}ii by (Ik- iiarlUnjcnl lUvu iiiitiitf:).itttu» 
rnjuUil^ ta itmRgtboa ftiul tnakn gci«! thu «otjvi<t«jici> hy their concur- 
mce, liiJU thrrc might be i^ii L^uluur ln-tvafUT tti dUlurh ilu^ ]ir«^i-rit 
poncMortf cither in foro eodrBiaslico. or »tcuWU Acf^rdin^ly, tu 
J«auiiry, 1555, kvu rnaf^lrd in parUamtvu ilit^c idkVy'l&ndt ahnuld 
b^ ounfiimod lo Iht? [in%riii po>iw<F(t>rf, rliat ihr bjthn||>i thomid not 

IiAi^ofrt llirni. sni] tijrwt nEithiT llit? blsliDp uf Romc^ nor unj oibtff 
fptrJtu)] pcrvon, iilionid disturb them tu iXuir poMtririonB. No>Vt 
dtrtngh, after Ihi*. then- wa* no otctijr^n i^f an vxprrtt Ml l>om hi« 
hoZinr«s li* cmifliiLi vhJiL wu^ ihinc* yi^L upon tbf' dt.'(i«i«L' of pupa 

IJuJiua ill,, ind of hra tmorcuior, Mnrcrllus (uha ^ot but a \'rw ^vi-rkfi), 
pchpv Pnul IV, utM ploawd lo frrant n Sull rr> T}mt purptsi?. For. 
October ^i 15^J* thrfir t^onJi nrr n'cHiitli-d iu t^iL'jminml i>f ihi^ houte 
tToomiDoa*; "After whi^h, wns rcnJ d bull of the poptV liolinru, 
funflrtntng ib^ dnkign of u\y Inrd r!iinltnAl Po\p, ti^dching ihr- iiuuTRnc« 
of aTjl*t'Y'lftad«.'*' Tln' likr? cutiflruiation nc mi-ct wilb in I>ti|,'<!iibtfl 
Moiia3(ir'>Ti» vhort' popii I'uul IV,, by & "pt't^iul bull, rotitirma ibcabbcr- 
Itnds III pOMHtion of Sir Wtllmm Potiv- A claudo m ihk> bi;t] ruiiti 
thwii *^ And aftrrwanls our brlc>v,-d ton Itr'KJiuild, iIi^itMin of St. Mni^ 
la Ccvmedint calleiJ cardinal Polr, our and t\K aforrAftid scf'j h-gatc dc 
lai#re tn Kn^lnnd, bfliriLr autborii4>d for that pitrpotcs trjtii sLiHiui<*Dt 
powrr by the lriti?rn of thr aniii urc, iw ■pprcir* in hb f^ommlBidon ; and 
tkTtcTWtnbi v« grmiiallj, under a crrtaiu mode and fonit llitrcin rx- 
preiMdj bavr a[>p^>vcd aud ooiifinni^d liir> Hidi^ pftA. vxrhan^r, anil 
gmnti, tnadfi Im ruid by [her ; nuil nildeiT id Ibem drrnglh nf auurancp, 
99 an <iur ttlterB. madti tlipr^iipoii> 10 »uid lufira' fully to ht cuntained." 
Ac> Tbii bull Mill furihtr alloivi of cardinal I'olc ■ p<iwj^r, nnd of the 
aUenttioiit i-nVt^lt-d by him^ in t>ir I'oltnwing worrl* ; " And ne flo, by 
aportolfi^t «i;tljoriiy, pci'iH-IHAlIy approve ami oijJifjnu dll thiupi f!UN- 
kincid in, and frjllioving from, tfac aforHOid letter* of the oTorcflaid 

■ Set p^ vxrxT. DUlr. {Tbc tmUi Ii, tlutt, bcEida tbc bulb j nit mcntJoTifld, 
It, at tbc rr^dir Kill rcmeiuber, Lid iuliK<|iiniOy oblnineii kiioUiti uiid idoiv 
if* fOBiJf,— r.] 




[no^ XXi 

Re$fiaMt oardmul; ftnd to Ibeio do odd thts stKngth of Q pcrpctoill 
&nd invbolnhlf- flrmnru, supplying .ill anil iln^ilir dpfivrti of Iaw or Ta^! 
Ji(<ci!94ury to b(T irxpn^utdt if by citctnci? usiy happen to iiitcrvi-iir ii 
tfitm ; and dr>cri:rir]j; iht^ta to bi^ lavjohUly c^ml'liKlud, without 
scruple of ponBeipoci"," ko.' 

BiyUI<*K thi^itr umlcniublr? n^cunls in iri^iiElrtnatiuEi of the ^ihbry^uii 
iv the iirtwrnt po^MMurv, liijitoriaii*, liotli at thoK ttmoA, And aiact, g;ii 
tio Aamt: oocoiinL Luduvicui BcocatcJIi) utin piiblifhf^d cardinal Foloi] 
UffTt and WEU liin Fif(:n.-tary in Eviiglftinl. ^lii^n ll»' tiluUt u-^ in ik-baBBb 
ttttrr he litd ic:ito1]cd tin; GardinalV icni. in pcnuadltie ()iiccm Maery lo 
ghc up the church -lander ttrin-tl by hvr Hiihur^ und *tilL in lh<f poBCMi4i> 

poDtiflcc. itkblt dr^ rdiquia Innis (|uJrrii i^i^m pOMim mullj poMidebuiU 
Md libL-nJiu omuibuFL rvTiuijiiJi id a^i<rv iiiir>tl quinf^ui: vullot.^ A 
i^irthpr prnrkfor i.hiA mnru^r npprnn In ihn ypar l.l.'ifi, wh^n rnrdlM) 
Pok iiud the clergy mci in an a*embly, and drc* up ccrUuD dccrc«i 
for thi' rLd'oriitiiliuu of thir ohuTcl), Th<i Xt-nth ftrticlo forbad* llic 
uUt^nnring of (^hurrh-landA fur thv futan-. but cxprcftlj idhiv* i>f ciich 
allvnutiiin*. as WCTe fonaerly umdc ; additi^'> tliat Ibcy were made by 
lltc autJicirity oP ihc h(^' of Itonii* i '* Kxclptanlur ah hift [jit]1«d on, qm 
dc bonis, aDtc Ab &i*clE9iis ablj(ii«. jnm Api)»to1ic:'i aui^loriULti^ concja 
'^' Wt ba\(^ tlie iWJiic actuunt Troiii pruUrstaiiL biBloiiam of ooT 
country: "The rvvcnueV Niys Mr. Camdrn, '* UikL-n liy king 
try VI IT, and Kdwarrt VI, ^ fmni nlibcyfi, I'olMg)-*^ bUhoprio*, frc^, 
irnrf: coiiflrnii^d to the ipietu und die preae^it poim^ujonii.''' Dr- H(^tiO> 
nya the same ; *' Pope Juliua iasKL^Lh a deoroc, accoinp«Dicd wiib 
riw^(i«, vhiHi niight wem to itkIucv liim ro it, for cunfiniiLMg all *ui 
lanilH nil tin- prf^cnt accupuiil^*"' 

Hire nv huvc^ jili tliut vutt hv Ai.-i\Wvd, or, icidccd. thai the <:au«e 
tiapablii of, for the Hccurity uCthc proacnt pQwowit*. 'Vh« public 
and ptuu? urchun:h tiud »Utle, tia ^ri iiiii uiri-nii^it ; tUr Authnhty of th# 
vc^' of Ronn*; the petition ot a. wholt^ imttonal cliurclj; the coHinal 
IpgalJ?'* fult power ami notnul itUpt^n put lion ; and ih« roncurn^ncc of the 
legiblaiivt- ]»miir : m> thai Hiurcli ljL[jd» Affi Md by a strongpr tilJf^ 
than any man's private propi'rty fr inheritance- And yet, wme ofou 
[protftianl wril^rs hnvp hePT\ so uidu^ErJou^, m nut only to inAinostt^ 
but positlrcly Loa^pflt^rt. tliiiL the whole u'oa only iiju^g[«amt ci>Dtriva>r« 

' Wmtin^jr, I2A- 

■ Inimiliii^U in AnniLls uf E^liz. rCimLilen^ hnwner, u Kpe^Ung of the ooi 
finnntion gnutcd hy ih'^nvivryvitUainrm.^T] 
* Pn-f. tw Hiti f>rRefiifiii. *i- 

10, nn*.] 



bclVTv« llip carcUniil nnd lb<r lu^t; of Home, to quir^t mm\ tmndt^ for 
llic pnncDl ; {Liiit tliat room vtett Btitl IcA for a nautnptiun, upoa a 
propur occaj<i(}Ti : pArtioiiltfly, upon k^ng Jamc^A 1 1/« ftccewi^ou tu Ihi* 
cratto, »fr *-n* tikcn (o propiij^ale tbiB btHtf. For, Sir William 
CovrutrVk id a li'lLt^t lu Dr> Guiuttt prptvinJe to Jufurui liiiu* llmt 
Cftrdiiinl I'olc had »ccr4-t irulructiona 1o mauni^n the oifnir ao, lu if Ihorc 

KiA no rrat iJrjdgu uf conflrtiiiiig ihe ut^bfy-lAiidi lo thi? prooar poi- 
Morv. TJiU Icltrrr wtu publulitJ iti 4lu. Luuiloa. I^&.^ ; together 
t|& Ino bulU (lirccti'cl lu cardinal Poll!* and xcvcmL kttrnt ; Ihc whole 
Baaking fiirc «h«etL' It vnu nniwrnxl bj Natliutiicl Jobuilon^ MJ>-, 
^mf>J onler i>f Lini; JauLt!B ![, in a booL litLilltti, ^^'Sau/'arjctf tf/* ^bhey 
^PL4ffd*i Ai^ LoniL dvo. I68T. Dr. JolmAton* bock va* replied lo ly a 
liook tntill^il, Ahbrtj fimi ftfhfr t'hwt-h Laattt, not ytt astsried to *uch 
I'tturfiorA rtt nifi C<UfudU.f; diibcfttvLl to rli*^ Nnbllify aikI Gi'iirr^ uf 

rtlut Hdi^oD, ID oQc sheet, 4to. Lend. \C^h, l^m. by John WUlii. I 
Bm QCHF io tnkty r^tif'^ of whni i^ m^unlly al^^ agninxl ii\a Uhurancv 
of dbbfj^-bnd* Ui iltr i^rrnnt [niMr-uihrA. 

Objcoliuti I. NotliiiiK t!i (uorv fVcquccitly met with. »ino]i|- Cmbolio 

^d^tIlP«, than iliAt tK^ UiidauTid^od" ort^i^oliiirch &ro (iod'i pTOpoity, 
Ki<i, by cu[iM^|a[mn£', mrajinhlr uf licinif aljriwuid by a»y tiiirPoiL iiuwer. 
f«ri ibou^b (raD»rpn'ing church-landi from cnc pJou» ust- eo niiothcr 
nay bi^ aJtuuahLi?, vrlK-in it in doLut by a jirnptr autliority, yet ui bli(<»a- 
tion lo fpciilu u«!« U dircplly pnntnuy to ihe dotior'-i Nitt'iJiiuii, ami 
ilctrim«nlal to tijc vumtuuu l-lliul- of rvli|;ioTJY wbk^h U tfUfifX/rtoi by 
•ueh tfl4ib]iBbiacnt4 : bcsi<ti'& incurrmj; tho jcmlt of larrUof^i', u'likh 
eoikiut* tn putting lbinp& to a {^n^fHiii.' und tccuUr tiw, u-ldtrft ia^«iv trt 
P|Mirt Pvr lliu tiJtiiitn|jrit<^ HTvlt^ir uf God. I'puu ttiU cuDnidt'mltmi. lliir 
letter? ilqU decreed l>I' nil the aneiect popes xind counciln thrcatm at! 
)0*v Willi 4<»i, uitd olhi^r i^buroh (.'inisum, thul iDVHde 
h( righu {itl\\v cliUEvb. b) ulhrnkting dirtr liLUiL*, &c. 
Aiuwcr. All crcfttcd bcirj|E« are Cj^V property, by the title of crcA- 
I, praaervttion, Uq. \\v Iilu t|jo Biiprt-ino ilondiiion <jv«r bDCh mnn'« 
tune and Ufn: jel thm|;c« uii- uiidi-r Htirh ■ iiiaiin)c<'[ue»L, lEial boili 
one nnti tlic other may be dl^posnl til", alienated, or dtalroyed, whtn 
||}<im:^ (hat truhkppomted lo i:iko cur& ijIGocI'i property^ tiiid it ri(«OM- 
«ary in prorrcd in rbnt mnrini^r. IndoAct, thA Inndi^ and ^nndu tifiht^ 
cbureli maj, ta a more ptciLlJar nuimicr. br colled (iod':> proptriVp be* 
nusd <d' tlii^ u«o tlK'y are put Uu but etdl thtry uri' ui^ler their mau- 
^ignnwtilr who are licpnted by God to prviid^ In ip^htnnl mfttlcn. It 
^ to tbcKTi lu Uic lirvt place, to proooutiec upon articles of Taith, 

[Itb printed kn Uie Ilurlrl^n Mihcelluny, vfU 3d»— 370 — 71] 




and Ui« tt-Tm% uf chiirrb uumaiuiiloD, >tjJ, fit ibv same llioc, upon tht 
ludft ODd goods of i\\y^ church. ncoonljiiE; to the iiaCurc of t-hp couUmI 
tad agnreuient Iiiftv'-Ni xhv t'litircti nnd tfie fivJL powtTt who v^ry <Af% 
upun Qij Alir^iiatioUrOu^lit to bi; cuu»uLli^d, urjd lo concur, upou occouut 
oi'ccttiiiii rij(ht« niid claims, ihoy rc*crvc lo thnntclvc*, in ttko f^nsti 
th^y TTink« to thi' Hmr^h, Nuw, wliL^n iliorv &ppnra lo b« a*j QrgvnC 
iit*ut«a]ty ufalk'Hiiliu^ Uic Itiirda urtd ^^umle of tht* t:hvrclj« himJ all pcc- 
Mn> coDccracd do concur, thin l^ tmt HL^ivifiic Uod a propcrtT-. but eatocml* 
iDg lh» tru«t repMCd in Ihcin, for the j^iubUc |;i>od of church and viaU- 
TMh lift». lwi?n ih<t ppari.k'c in all Hg.'H, whtii, lipno mvrra! ]jrf*slRg 
occuionfii |HOD> ^onaticinjt havt^ not only brtn tmnArcrr^tl frotn one 
order 1u anotlipr, ^ut even RGularizc^d and ctinfirmcd Ui lA^-proprictorv 
Nny. sm^rwl iTMfiU havp hp^n nomftinifn n^clr«l rifuvn, fur rlir rf-llefcf 
tbt poor; whicli nEill bcjin hardpf upon ihc dlnii« property, thui tBfl 
tfeixun^ of ftbbt^y- lands. HittEury BHbrda inf iriaiiy iTiabuicm of tlib hind 
fif alifnaiiont- Spvfml Thrlflriftn prinri^a hm-n hfin wwnnlml Willi 
churcfi'Iflnd*! lor uLTvirt* ptrfitnui'd in dtfetiw- lJ^^tl^Hio[^ ai^inat 
Gotha, anil other burbaroi^n iiutkiriSp "I'lic Knightt Tcnkplan taaj 
tufiniionf li upon thin orviviifin. Tlie c\uvf of Ihrir Inndf, ind^rtl. 
tmiijjrrrrr^d to unotliifr rrli)ciouA ordiT, vii. the lloapitatlrnk vr Kui^b 
of Si. Jobti of JcruMlcin; y*jt Komt^ pnrt, ft» •tvtml of Ihcir dwclTinic 
houtcB, IhiJ lonar and Middin Tempi*', kc^. id Londuu. w^it* IxmiovM 
upon Uyiurii. Tbc^ like liajTpi^ned to tbr urder, cdttrd FrBttt^ Crticjfcrir 
ncd lo Ili<:mn()nfl of St, Grr^zoi^ of Al)^, in the Voa«lua tcrritorks; 
thu brdv of tbn Inter boing bnLowod upon the r«pubU«, tn carry on 
tbiT itar Lk^iLrnut the Ttirk- Tlit: bull ^rantrd by Clrrn'mt VIL to car* 
dlnal Wobry, for tlko drmollAliing of forty monjutcKi^ io order to 
found two col1«^(>s, btu a relAlion lo iJie vaniv ivialter For. ihoogh It 
WM not properly <i^ij1arLidi)g I In? rirvrnui-H of i1i(^ rburrh, yet* froin the 
vi)rd3 and clrcuiiidt&nc« of the bull^ il mtiy b* gfitbcri'd, that ewcb * 
right might be cl^im^d. Again* wlial ara tho uxoi and many by- 
w^vkis impijsil ii]Miti diurrb-land*, whidi hnvi? been riulinnary iti «U 
b^ii and narioti*, when thir civil power flot^d in nt^ed of aucL A»iatAncv? 
Tbcai?. and cncb bL« in^tAOL^ed, arc a plain oommt^nl upon Iho decrtto* 
of piipf?i Jind juide^nt t^oundl*, prnhibicing ibr aUeiiaEioEi of tbo InndB 
and ^ood« of l(i« church; rJ£,» ttheii it vu done u>itboiut ihv concur 
mneci of thoar, tbat ^crc guardian* of Ehd rijiihu and Lbcrti«« of iba 
rhiirrh. Jl ih iioJ r^^qniAitts ut prrKiil, to i*itier itiEo tJio variouj db* 
puU'«. that iiavc Ijtrn rtud inikv bo ntiniJ upon ihin ma1terr> Several 
latiuni hare beer mad>j by Ijjc tec of Rome; otbcra by nalioual oAd 
iclal roimeiN, and evi>n by fb<- i*eenT«r ]")«er, with thi> co^pur- 
rcnce cf ibn prcUtn tif ihc church. And it i* ^iilTiciVrjt* lu i1 



»«». 31XV.) 



nC, Bn ulpp off iliir ftiprtioD of »acrjleg«>, thnl nil Iti^ poveiv 
«OAC<Tmcil were cutt^cnting. 

O^'cL IL Thu urliok* utfiiir, uj' cardinul I'oIl-'b oonlinDiii]' abb(ry- 
landji lo thff pmu'ni pou^uan, wn« art aiid inanagAmoTit; Ihn liialiop of 
lii^iue all ilic! nfblh- r^^^Uiiikiii^ u^'umkt iL And ]*ulr'» bulb Hurc ren- 
ilijtvd im-^vctual uiiil iQ4i[;i^iti(N(itt, by aalvoB and dau»^ urrtvorvo. 

licLg Uiu n->lLtutti>n of al>lji<y'Iun<ljt ; hni. Jil IjmL tl^n m?i; of Rmjw 

prfvftiUd upon, tu pvo i;iirJiuid Pule full power oF (iiaperuing with 

itu* jiTTHTil poMHtMorv; u it up|H>£r« lij tUti bidlif (Jirt'tUul Ui liirU] tor 

ihnX [mrpuw. A» tv IIil* prr^tf-ndi-d uilvn, hiuti-il ut in ihr- ball ikU'iL 

Jufic £ft| 1554| iffh«nio il i« f*jil| i/iVF Wffd mc^nfd /'Aj vidfrtiar t^n^ 

uijfmiiit jt u CO more than x Fortn of norJi, commonly maiit^ uko of in 

ill ErMCruciioiM gkcn by the vev i>r Kume ; ami w*s htenWy i^ompUcd 

vilb, in the prctcnt caic> For, u Jolin Fox obAVrvcVi awiCDgera werv 

^^qqUuvaIIv ««ut bvlvivn Ln^liuid Hnd iComc, to rnt^iliUto thi« matCar: 

tawr cloc^ Il a}i|iiTAr, lltat |ro|M- Jiiliux III, I'vir dr-fiLUfti^l iqiiiri il, Iml^on 

the CDCtrsry> raEiiicd nbat the canlinal liad <loni: ; And tfic prc*cni poo* 

nmfW* rnjoyMl, ull riuwiii Mary't n.'if;ii, tbo (■hurcli^kirjils ucixjrdiii^l^r 

Aa it vriM ogri'i^l on by ib« ftii|ir<^'mn pownrs rivll mifl MrEr&iiudf^a!. Jiu 

that tlirrc i* not the kui appcnnutcc of auv jiti^KlinK- '^'^ ^^^ cardiunlV 

l^orif or of Aoy otbvr t'onucrtiid in tbi- otfikiri ftutbcuuu <luo(b» oad 

BMltcr of futi pUitDly cvidunring ihc conlnfy,' 

Ol^txt. III. CoAiijiAl Vuh. in Hic uJo*v <it hU i]Ibpfiu«itIoa. cohort* 
tlu* prascnl po»o«t<irs of ubbcv-lnndt, &c., tu btrwurc <jf Bol"liuXiCor'* 
fiito^wbouu puTiifcU^d fur di.'Tui'Jin[; Ibo wor^l vv>Mif|^ ^vlm'h tii« lutlier 
luil takcA fram ibe pcojibr of ficid, wbt^n h« plmidirrcHi ihe tt^ii^ic of 
JoruMkoik By a jest nj^plicaiiou of tbia rjiAini^lv, it Ji^jrH-nrAH tbat ibo 
«antit}Ar* iMt-potttauon ri»d naty ^\<inipt Urn jin>fiflnt posMa»or( frxii thn 
prnnllitv of eIji.' kiit\ u'^d iTiai (h<-y ttiU lay uniler liit »l)Li|^ution of m- 
lituliocT ftt to coDfcieiicr. 

A&iwcr. C«rUui«l I'ob'* cixhortation. upon tbi* occaiion, vj* v*ry 
MttOtfiable. Bvkbisi-rV fati' va» u prniHT i^:uiinpl«, to \x act befofc 
ibc prrMiil poa»cw<n of the laad» juid poodd of tbo church. For, 
Ikoii^li they migbt not Ejjt^oudvcd hnvc btvn authors of tb^ «arrilege» 
and br piniubU'. ra m oooxvimre, by nimiu uf a dbttfcnMlioit, yt-t 
■nek bn* oAen bt^n tli« mvtbod uf djimc pro* Identic, tiiat children 
hM"a bMB ttnforlbniito for tbdr porvnta' iniqmtict; ^nil God, In d«t«a" 

■ (In i«ali^, iKil to vnfintbii CL« mbn^ powrr*. nirtfcrivd t-u Uic Ic^M* by 
A* iaam&viil allodnt la, in nnliiul Mnranr'^ Teili*r (ljuU> 41l^[, Willi wbat^U 
UoU fffp M r * Vi hiPr- Ixcti tmAi'.[UUnin). .ruliiti bad *"'u"J ^lOkaiFU, - «» 
■ ■ ', to inli^ wIi>[fv«T mr«9Ut44 Pole might find i\ hcvvh*^ ,„ 
BaadnpL rAllatiL-iuo, ii i2f-— 7*.) 



mtioii of noToiiniin crime*, h»t tnwic innttrfnt pntt^llj Ur] the « 
of Itih rcAcatmcnt, Now, to prevent sucU miaforlunci, the cArdinol pai 
|. iIlc prLtviit |Hiw4(>b«an in mtrid of fV4iorLftg, cia of dority, ^lac ttr«;f 
V#iv fini nhllgixl ti>. In siritiiti^v »{ jastiiv- 

Objci^L IV. QuccQ Maj-y wna Hlv from Idiaking ihc cj^rdiDAl* <lb- 

lUtnh thr lundji und |ni(>tlBi iifLlir uhuirJi, nud. 4ci?on)ingly, nvtoffvl vhu 
WL'tv m pciMr»ju[i of the crovn- 

/\ijHv<!r^ It Jacji not appo&r, IhU die <{U*xn had coDcdral «ftj- 
4cni|)U% c-onctTiiiiigllie vAliiiit) i>rthi^HlhpnBiLlti>r)>niiln-gBr(l«lothcrL 
On the cuntriiriri ^hc Ajtrcfid with the mc of Ui>Luf> suJ ihd jrarliiuirat 
ID dlloirinii U' Ab to hvr own fiArCicalur, she mi^ht bo pcrnubdrdf iJut 
the anmr dtlf^niUim did iLot rfrnir. vhlrti nbitinrtw] h geDCnl redkv- 
tiuLi. Howctrr, hlir did not r»lorc; all chiircU-Laudfi in pomwoii of 
tkc crown ; b»t only *uoh, u «h«< might di«««i hcnpir of( vilfaout detri- 
ment to jirivuti- TTifn's propiiny. 

Ohjpf L V, Till! AlalulL' or iHortmnin was nuapcndttd for twenly ycnm 
with u dL'di^it, Oiiil tlv cliuioh mif^ht ri'cnviir h^rriglititi wbich iadi' 
fticily imporltv that ihf tv wu it ctaign, otic tlmo or other, of pAM^ng an 
'ul of muiuption. 

Atjjiwct. It ifl vny unlikdy, thnt the? porliatncnt, thU pawl 
vtAtLitc fur iht} tatpwuivti of t^« not ftf unirtiimtrir rouTd hftvo Uqr 
view; Llitfir ijJk-n.-»t ^u# tiH> much OODcVnud. Muny uf llu'tr cAlatra 
\kFrK ciiltrcly abbcy-lojidfl, JlowvcTt it wu looked upon, ita ■ piccv of 
juKticCt tl^ut ]>oi>p1e nhuidd ho loft at tfji-ir lilKTty, lo l>o<low what Ihcy 
llionglil fa to jiifKiii iLM?t (nt lumtC foi a Irrm), \d onlor tn ivp^r the 

brcach> tJiat bad bccji made in the rightB of the cbnrch. 

Direct. VI > Pietro Soa^ in hU Hitiary of ikt VoKt^rit «/ TVtntt 
givv« Jin ec'Ci^iitti, lliut when the F-nglUTi oiulNUMidorA w<-ri: iic-jit t4j Room^ 
■nno J^Ji todiakca ii'ndc-toFllic natitm* ffubmiBsion to pvpc Paul IV., 
hi* liohiivm wft* xiutch djppW&Bitl, tb^t tho djurch-tand* uvm* not V^ 
Ktaml ; duit It woA lint in Itu puwfr ro ruify lucli a (lUpeinvtinn ; tbu 
llv&reii vouid cli&stiA« ihv Mcrilopr, nith a hlricC cliorge to luform t^ 
i|iicvn of lii^ *i*ntimrots upon tlic moltrrr.' 

An«wiTs 1*0 uij roiliiEig of thi» aitt^irv'n fidi-lilj (who, upon oihtf; 
ocoft*ion*s liB* Wi) AiilRcSrnlly cunvlcl^l of mbnpmcDtAtkai)* if 
/protvf^ds Ihjit I'niil IV, vai CO IxMit upon ibc mtontiou ornhtMy'lnndc, 
■■ to Jiitnid ibi- ili^pi-itiiHtioh, hr (nirif nuticin pthin inalliT of fftct i ?\- 
prcM biilU, nnd btlfia of tiir i*i*\ po^w being ciklaot, vbcrcby \k ctM- 
fln&> uhttt tuirdJuvt 1^3lo Jiad dtkoo ja tHi aflair. Uo««vier« Ibun niBch 






> Satit, Ilk n. p. 401, «d, liMP. 


*o. «»o Aprrsnix. _ tUii 

any htr owned; IhnEt a» |jojip Paul IV, uue aJway» ttispMi'di by rorxm^r 
l^mdjEw, to quorrcJ nilb the rurdmnJ* tui6 Imd of laic ^vtrncd lijs m*Gnt> 
nwftt n Tir, a* lo il^priv^ hiii), r&r a uliUr, of lii« Ir^tin'? power, to it 
i« |rn}b«1il». VmS^IUfiiin^AliiiiihclfMiiiirwliAT H»riitly» »tlc1 rhur^e bim 
f'tth bciftfc tiM ^"7 *<> fTf^atinj; tfar aromnid dUpcnutioD, Hut thtvc 
too b«li>g ftftvmnrda rpconcilcitr »n<i <iftriliiiHl l\ile ivtIorvLl (o lin k^u- 
linc puwfir, lu^ mt-t vith no t^jrthrr ri|}|^(ifll(jon. Ni^Irlir-r coiiM |HipiT 
PauI IV, «o for Ibiigct himTir. u (o »fty. il wm not m hit pon^^i- lo con- 
Htm «iich dbpAciHtiom an hv litniHoll' hid ^tunlly ^uitvd, Liy a buUi 
rrmfirvniaiE ihe nhliry-ltiniU, an m hnvt inrn. tn >Er WiTUvn P^ltv.i 

0(ij«^Ct. V I L Dr, Burnt-tin \i\o ilhhr^oftkf Hcfctrmaliau, ('nKll^c,$\ ^ 
pvodticM a tiull of i^'pa I'ailI IV., whorebv he r«B»niw ^l rliufdi'lftnclv 
in till- finfttminn nf Inrmt-n. 

AuBwi^. Tliia bull liv no ivlnl3c>it lo Eit^lflud, ^ut vn^y tv thi^kilig* 
dun of Naplo<s and t^m^ ofhrr plaf?^*. biiUmginj; tn ilic kii>j[ of Spuiri | 
vbrr^ the He cf Kfhfni: i>r<>lr-[>i k'tl in ln}{h <'Euirii>(H bui}i a^ l» vpJrttimliB 
Aud Iriiipunils; miJ wIkti' llir rvf(iC(|lic>ii uf cliurclt-kudA wus nut a^ 
tended viilh Ihc Miv^ diHiculticd, u lo Ea^aniL !$o that Ivnffbnd wo« 
Hot affi'i^inl ttv nny TkiillH fjf ilmt nikiiiiv,' 

OI»j«:n. Vlll. i'opc t'rbaa Vtll.. !>> a bull, bcgmumg Phrttata, ^o. 
ftni] dnicd I Idud Julii, lf>^3, an< PonlLtic:ata] I0» uCutdly itivcutB ttw 
HtM^mli lUt'tdlcilJi monlu vlth lUo rigliU, nnd claims nf niii« oathiuln] 
cli(ircbir>,bf8lcl» *i:vvrslollLfrdEgi]i[ic£. TELiBtnill nDtiinlynigiiiflr*, tliot 
UkCiw orKumr Mill prvlondt^l iv apowrrof ditestingthepirsr^iit pouff«- 

^B * (<Hi#»Dt tvn TVniArkisrff im^rwnry in ihii plB<r. \. At thir pmorl nf Chit 

^■Mervifw. P*iil htA hrm rTkkWtxxt hiil firr rrHVf atiiI ituil'l not, iSm-nim. " of 

^^^tCt "i liKte di^tU'^ ilir iMnhniil i>f U\i L«^-ur]iii' ^niElnmU. 'J'tt^i ihjirivtktUm 

V^liot; nttue In 1^5^ J. }\t ihU n'JLHDii, Un- rm>iii-Jliftll.»n, Hail fciilthi'iiuent r^ 

ttiontfiDiL ufiJitrleguiaepumir, t"nliioh IMd rrlom, mn hiiw iin LYFUiK-iioii 

^tb tliT< |irrwiiL i|Ufsdnn- ^ Tlie tm] au^Wft Ui >onvi''H ^Vtrr h di In' fiiinid 

tiL |\iii]\(Tuii dit'iFiml cif ijir IniiPdU'tJMi. Id i U'tUT, 4nii''ri I" Pliiliit qiiil 

^^ Mftr?. mhkU i> jinwrvrd ty Qiiirim, liiMh'*«'riT«'a iiol only tlit' |ij;ilii'uUrB vfUm 

^^^ilvnlew, butauo hih onn fullEti^i.; jinil hj ru rmiii hmuuAUt miy dinpinv- 

^^MMtkoi <if tho ic*|r&tf*f i:ojtt«aka», Utr vipii^dlj luitlit^ what hAn Ikth tkiut', mid 

»pnl0 uf Ijjc piwrc^dJJii:? n( ttjc Irv'^ic^ iu kiruis of |iii< hij^bt-sl diliiiinliuo,, 

" Uuudiiut A(l li'viiliiici mhiitii ixirdinnlim I\ilu(ii nUiiieU nihil in i^jui hoiiarciil|,1 

tfl tuuinioduui, «d ktuitiliiiuUuTni, mvi^ut' Uin- k \tihs*^ iivtyuv it uoMtLic vX' 

cu||:SlHiicOnr<iTi<[Uf pournt -juiil lunU- iUiLi>tiflnli ju- piubrlAli, UiniLr<qi)e crifn 

■■^ cnc Ttrkslur " TUi* a n nviffiutnt MUWVT tO tliv lemMki of ^ii Janic* 
HiwIidkiiJi {ii. ^.^* Vfmtc), wha hua «md«c«nd«iL o^t only ID ivpnt d>c rtory, 
hul 4]aD l» aidcn iht iiriEity, of ihc VcuAlmn liuliOJ'ilUL Sec ^0, XX 11 1, nl' 
dn> Apptndit— TT] 

• fT*» nfuirtn' nil mii.-4»iiir»-, hpflrrtT, on tbc inhji.'ftj \^'i\r tbtoi»iwl Qnutbcr 
halt vitprrvff^ly i-XE^f-piini; Cn- tiTl(«iA«|JaU pmpi^rlj m> Lntfkukri frrnn th« «>«*(_ 
nlHiii r't ihrbnlJ in -|U«t^uT^UiLmm, r. (3J. tl wii>i.iJt lidl^ whH). tht- mulct 
ftdB irootoftt, fc-i r»a"J in pJTllunw'Ul, in tkicWr, l^'t^ — i' J 




mn, but uldo uppoiira to bo da uxprcM revocation oTocirdinal P 

AiiHWvr. ir iUc uiuaJ OitulKjn of tlie Btc uf Hqudc, id thin^ uf thm. 
kind. Uid doL ptumi in r«voiir or ijie btiU mula ihcntiou of, sonic 
MTU might be apt to tbink, it wuia tiirrtptiiiotiily obtiuncd, if not. 
Ihr^d piecr* but,!**- Ibot as you \*iLl> I mtttwitli tii^virrd, wbu bddlf*^ 
affiroi that it i» not ftiiLlnicbLic, but c^jtcuiijiilj iJifuctivc, im tu the rrqui- 
«it«aof ttichaniaaituiEicDt; andcun be? of no value, \ti/*>ro^ccI*ti9stica, 
w to wbat rf^ninJH t'Oirh'^iUAlirAl juri^ijlrliuri and I'liury^h-lauiils, in ibtt 
kiug^c^m of Kiit'l*"'!" The TY»on> for tliL^ iy<?(^rlion ^rr laid doiriap in 
tk pa^icr, vriticn by a LturnciJ divinv, ili the k quc«t of the po|i«'» nuodo 
In PnrtB, wliUi bHng Enfariih.d nftjiu Udl>aiid 9t]rprr!«d ai th« oonieDl* 
of lI, di^^ircd tbk* gcnlli^umn to make tome rcmarkdi upon it. Tiw lub* 
fltanc-Q oV what co^ioorns our pr^ent p»rpf}«ii wm, ihM the nint- catbo' 
<|nk[ diiirrhM, nnd nllkcr dlgnilir^, mnniionnt) in tb^ hull Pi^tAdtlOf Aid 
orI]£in*]ly bdong to die clergy ; or v^htch tluy were divi^icd hy mi 
of our kinj^j wjtb t^m concurrunoo of ibu »l- of Rome, ujioii thv pi 
ttmci^ormdl-odminbtriEtiiiik; tbnt. upim ihp brrAch vlth tbf-chnrcb 
|t<nni% m tlic ivi^iia ni' JTt^ur)- Vjjj, uj]i| ICdwird Vl^ tho ]li?nnllcui 
monks being ciipelli^dj iUn lofJtU and Jurisdiction of the ntbresftid 
dnlftt &f., v*»rc besEowed upou ihir ctpwd. by vircuv of t}m law* tin 
ntbrCn) for thiit piir|iufie : tliaU ^Junuy ih<? nuld rti(fn» of Hrtiry VHI 
mid Edward VI^ tlii; ckt^y vtttG rvMorcd to ti»ir onduat jutudictioi 
though part or the bui^B wu ditiribaiinl nmoTig tbu nobibty, !uid otJi 
Iny-prujirJL'luri, who u1jUini.-d tlii-rn ty jjifli »iklv, und oibr^r ronvrvaniHa: 
UiaL upon « rc-uuioti oflhr HnifLi^b ULkLiuxj l<i ibt^ diurch uf Iloaic, in 
quoen Mttry'i rui^n, tiK* uhcnnlion of churcb-laniU, dunng the tu o Ulo 
teigntt, wts alhiv^rd of; ihv hiy^^Kmewort i^uMfiniit-d in their titlf*; 
Mid lltc cl;:ri;y'^ rif^ht to (he cntbcdraU and nth<;r diiciijtif* fxprmlj 
meDLioDvd, aiiU-^icorr lo, by Iho oonourreucv ofiill the puriicd <?oar<fiied 
(vix. Iht* btillit imd aiichcnm^ hitm cf pniJC .Tullua Hi. mul pnpp Pxdl 
IV.; c*rdinol Pol^ 3 iuBlructiuns, and actual dispensation, by virtue 
fain UgnlLMc power ; the conacni nud ajiproljatjon <>( both houtoa 
porivufutind. Aihd of tlic vupreiiLL' tr^iTutivf pciwrr. whii?h rontirEnrd kII 
thcific jjrrio rdJTi^-s bii' ft hlatiittr furlhAtpiii'pi>Bc} ; tbutaii tglabbabnicat. 
thui guarded, cannot be mbrc-rivU by onj purticidar decree or bull 4|Ql 
tbo biMmp uf nonic, nbldj ukeh mi notice of ilie rlAims nf th4< pjir^M 
concerned, vliich Ml remain in attti't i^iwt tUl their jiittilr^a vt 
tccalEi-d by a pt^^Mjr, i-*\mA to tbtit by ^I'hich they were ^rancid ; In fiuft, 
thfltt n/Trmrihng in itu-Mjtrrof the canon law (HJid tfit- (iKEurr of iho 
thing itself acciiis to r«|uire it), tfverr in»trijmnit of ru^^jcation uu^ht^ 
loexpntttnQilFpcci/y lh«ngli(«, po^ron, and priviLegee that arc rcrofc^d* 

ISO, V XV.] 



Nmr, thft Bull Piantatfi brh^ a\]mt iipnTi thr pivswnt aulfjpcl, aail 
UU&s no notice of thr bull*, dbp^naationi, act* of pftflianicnt, Icc^ 

IvifK \t eui bnv« no fmct^ in that n*garii1. SrvrrJit olhrr rrTiinrk<» uri* 
oadc bf Hm leumrd prrtuu. Lf ndin^ Ivuraftls thr fsuiuf- i^miioxr't Oli^ to 
itaw CkftI it luniiDt be adiuJUcd na tm outljn^lLc ijjjtrtimeDt in tJH! 
jnT«i?nt c^ntr of iH^lt-fUMlriral jafi*ilLt-lii>ri. rlniriml by the 11i-iii.'iiic[in 
liif>iikH Hiici' (|ijcrti Marj"» r*lpH. Kow* (f iKc contr\ivtr*j coft^tniing 

tALt)«y'1uiilii b Vo be tioLcrrpJncd by the BuIL I'tuitfatUf tlic l^cbcdictit)* 
liBrfl vo better » rUrn Ti> fk^m, Ch«Ti Ihcj littV4< to juriidiotioQ ; nny 
miKli kwk if tlicaiw^hc* may he mliiniU-il ji»i^'^» iu clit cwc, MT<-i[»a 
tliat. ir) kill); JfiDkn II.'b rtigti, thoy made n public! disclum of thom. I 
h>Tit by mJHAt<*rmon, jircnrhi^d bi>rnri> thv kirtg uml <|iK'i^r] in tlitl r«ign, 
bj Ph^lii» KIli>t unc of tliot onlcr. toon jxftrr coriHfrralrfl bUlioji nnil 
TiMniu aipoat'>liu(U^ w\w, in iJio imiiiu of the whole coDgrc?i;aticii of 
RnitllcJi Bcnr^dkiln monk4, mnUra n pirblic dLW?tKtm or jiJl ihp IadcIa 
br}nDgiug to iU Thh i* funlur njiiOrniinl by ilcj t*»liincmy uf Dr. 
KsUhEiiucI Jobnston, In hi» book toncvniing the asauniict! of abbey* 
kiiEUto thv |ipd«*iH poMVftort; whi>roin fpiipi^ 'J0*2) nn* tho follcwing 
|nrti«ulan : " I li&fQ tten U uialvr lIjp hauil irt' thi> rE-vt^rtiiid ^upurlur uf 
tdl tbf: Enpliab DcncdjcEini, that Hic. ^upf riijn uf the Bt'nnlictinA ofTcr Iq 
give it uodCT ilii'ir buncJH ikrit] tenUy and ipritim proU«tiiti[>i], liint thi^y 
have nu right, urn vM-t litiirid lo Iny any Haim^ ro ihe p04»o«HLon» 
^HbrrDrrlj bdon^njc to thrlr oixlrr h<^R'V' &c. 

^P <Jbjt«L IX- In tLt your ltftS» October •flj, the pope ordorcd hU 

H&viioiei Fjihiiw (who vu BftnrwAnU Al<*t*nd^r VIT) to enter ft potput 

^^aiiut tlie trc«ty of MiinstfM' uud Oiii]ihMr|:lj, t]|H»n ju'cmint of the 

t)OD-rcMitiitian ot churc*h Lumis iu (.icrniEiny, whioh, during the wbra iii 

tlM3s« jartjii hnd bi^ft Arlxpd by the ljilt}'» toil tlill puMieft^rl, hy th« 

■Liitbcnuu «»]}tdftdy- 
I Answer- Ah tho M'.e of Komt never ^h willingly into nay project 
tor nlienntiDg or wculflrisinp th'* binds iM-longmg Ut Iht* clmrchn nn tho 

I lout bb hultueis eouLl du> ujiuii tiie oci^a^Lan mnnELJutd. y-a* tij tJiLvr & 
protnlOffainM it, What dirheiiltiuB might occur in Tuoifiu^ ro^^tilutiL^n, 
]m not |iftrtjejil»rty ipvciH'.'^l ■ but it U probobli*, they might not bo lO 
KnrifjuUtf, lu iIiuhlj iu Eu^IuiiiJ ; which utlgbt ort^nuoii t}ie net uf Uume 
|« Us more prewjii}; for *ome bind uf rc»liLuiioo- Howcvtr^ the 
irtilbnaa* rvmaiTting in quivl pokeK^niua afitu-wanK ^^<^ th[»t« ibut 
■!<■« converted, lurvi-r liPing iiWiytil (o wfi^mh K a fwl mirtieioni to 
nltay the »crupk't of Ihv procnt po*»p»orj. 

(Jbjtct X. 8f\*ral eniholit'* iu Eugland do «till Bcniph- aI pup- 
^B chwin^ anil <iccupyi[ig churchdJLniU; Ujc niiMiuiu^i^ ^rpuTilly Hdvbii 
^B the pooMwon tn (jivl* brge dni« ou that occoutLt; u&d \V u ^iMAtW^ 




[no. \7 

by Sir Henry Sp<r]raaa> in kin book De non TfnwrandU Etdftii*, Lk«l 
tticr puvmnon of abtM-y'lourlii hsyo biH>ii unfortuniCU} «T«r tUDCfl ibc fint^l 

AnfWCT. I ili> not tind timt «4lho|icfl IJc under 4ay tcruplcv od tW 
U(<eoiji>l ; norduo* th*t ndric^i givou b_v mtuttim^n ntfonJ gr\>und loranjr 
hiiitIi (^onjfiRturr, Thr^y unly pmpuM? olmit. u a mcnru Ui ii*i>ki) ihdn 
bctFcJiur; iniAfortuiir^, wbrrrrby Providtrno^ a obverrcd to punish 
cl]ildr<^tit tor Lhn #kn« of thctr farcfntbcre. And it n ofian UiU aocouat, 
timt Sir Hrnry Spr^lmnut and sfve-nl other prdtfttAiit vritim, havo 
takufti i^oIuB to publiali to lli« vkorld tins «\il rHVcto uF «o [lutoriDUi a 
diTifrrxlalian of churt'li-ljuidfi; and neveml proiMtanU atiU own, tJifflt 
nifKipy (^An never be worve laid oul, Miau in 6ucli kind of purrhajvs., ^| 

OLij^cL XL Nolxvilhr^lAiJtliLg Ihf Alibfy-laiiila Imvt- bciii coufinuitl 
to tiif prt'icDt fHi^GSfiOi'fir by lUc icveral diepcimationo, a<^ij, and ajt^c^- 
nn^nfu ftliov^inKfitioni^il, tho *v(' of Rome arlll layn eiAlm to ft povvff of 
TptociiEic^it ; nnd tijc preaeiit pa»c«sor» ftTc Dot M.csurc, If die pop9 1b 
dispoauU ut uiiy liiiiu to niuhu uir* of Uh payttr. 

Amwer- The? icc of Hame Tnyji qo nthp-r dftim Ic ili^ Innd^ &Dd 
l^uods of ihe ciiurc:IiH tli^Lu Ub it U ^lipuluted by llu' diuuiiunnd roiiiiili*rv 
uf Biicli pious rfltubliBlimi^tJla, wtm ooEninoiity rvH-rvts cvrtuiri rif;ht« 4Jjd 
prtvllttgoa to iliviiiB^lv^d^ wbidi cannot be dj>p«cd or wUhouE thfof 
Ctwutirrnrii^t! ; lo ibil uo iLtit'iiJitlurj I'uii atjitjd yuod, diUr ia Utv ur' 
Coiiti^Jtiha, witlitiut tho codhcijI of all tli^^ pnrLk'i^ concern <;iL Aa fothe 
prncnt ca>u>, thtj opprcJirtiifiioci of xn net of ruumptton^ by Uio volt ^ 
HLtthorJly uf tficL wv of Rvini*, is u ^n>u(idl*-M mirtuiBtr, pur^Ksdy m> H 
VOQLed to obftlniol lliR retum of Lhoi>r riAliuftH. lIiilI have dnerkd tli« 
church. Abbcy-knds, by- i genc-n] agnrcmctit of the luprcnno pow^n, 
civil And <ici;1<9!iHllt-4]t are beeome the privab- pruperty of tlie pmtnit 
potocwon; and there i» infinitely lea^ duplet of LbeLr Ijviug disLiitbi^li 
tliitn of A pi'r«o)i« bsfio^ stripjH^d of liie put(^rn&l ijihtnlocec, by tts^ 
bracing litr coniminiioa of Ibn cliEirch of Homv. 

So. XXVL—(R^/rmii to af pajfc m,) 

A <-of\ii f>f a fjftfrTf triJh jtrtirtrr tfut Jr m lltp Qiti^-nt JfAjfrty finto 
tji* iii^hof of IjUhifi'tt, und ty kim nn/i htg ofjii-cn, til her ^fmitjut 
foaimamimfni, /w hv put in ipamfi/ f-V'--*'vli'm irifh cff'cft in thr ttMt 

C41 titp tenoiiT iinit fonn 0/ Ihe samr. 

SutT ty tht QuafJt's MtijeKlif'f! cotJunaFuifarnl, in Ut/ iittmrh etf Mnrthf 
Anno Pmri- 1553. 

rUurqel. ii. ftevtrnlB. 2J!f,] 
R| the Ouii'L, I 

Uiiihl itjrercoi! fiuW in tW, T-ijiJa iruAty and irrll-bclo* 

. Ard ^vhcrciu b*fr<loI<ir*:j tn Iho time of tJjc 


rcisii of m 

ttO. ITVI.^ 



noil d«fttmt bmthcFr, king ^^Inartl thti Sixllt (vboBc n>ul Ooil prirdonji 
ditim uf>iabt(? ^riimu. oicrpsH.'*. atid fjmfK wiili divc^rs binds nf h<q%. 
Mrt, umony, niltouiry, inil otljtT t'TiuTmiUi:A, bare Km conmiitlr-d wkhin 
ibu itor rtdm, nnJ oiher <^iit dominioni; tlic name cctniinuitj^ yot' 
Ijfrh^rlc in like dinordcr. tinco tbr Winning ^f our rfign, withciuf nny 
coinvtii>n or n^fonuHiicJij at all ; anJ lIic jn'ciplr?, bulb o( tbv Liitj and 
dvT^, vid cbiclly of lh« cIci^Vt bavo boon given to much biolcncc, uid 
imgddljr nh, ;^mtly (o tlit diNiiTcHHtiru of Alruigbly Goil^a^d vtrymticb 
to our regrvi ocd cvil ccniciilaiion* nn<l lo iKi: cio Hub «1anO(-t of uibcr 

IOhBtmn Toa]ni9, m6, in a miiuncr, (i> llio aubrti^^oii und d?ar dcrvfing 
v>f tbk our rni^m : And rrmflmbninji; our dtiiy ui Alnni^bty Cifiil tik W, 
ta forr»t> 01 mucb &i in i» may be, that a!) rirluc and jCi>d[y bring 
ilioulil be vmbmrvd, lloiiriHb, anil tiirh^ii^it, tihd liiufuwirb nh", iLiil nil 
fiep find ungodly behfci-ioUT nhould be uilprly binisJicd njid j»u away, or, 
«I (be kut wiH, yu iiJi^'b Jia niigbt be, iu bndW and kvpl under, ibat 
^cvdSiottU And hoTii4ty niii^hl Uinf ibc ovit hjind : UndrrnittiTidiri^ bv wry 
-OvdlUc repDtE and piiUio rumr, id onr rii> iinill bmvinoB Bud discom- 
tbru iliot. williiij yuur diocvTii: iiriJ jiiniidiiliozrb, u »idl not <.'xt.-mpkil, u 
In rxcnnptcd plfLecH. ibc like disorder and evil bebttvionr halh hctn dono 
wid uti^; like 11 Im u> ronliitufi irnd inrm-K:'. uiiTeu fJu^ priiviftfon bf bitd 
mjod t»a.dti ki ii-fiiriii tbiT ynittn (wbicti rninrklly, in rciy dmd, wc do mind 
juid inicnd)i to tlic tiltcnn^t all tlm vinyv we can pimBiblc, iTUHlitjg q( 
^■G<hI'» fiinbonnfp and b<lp m Tbiu behalf; Fnr ibcMc camcs, nnd oihtr 
^Hpoofti ji^ti ciiiuiidi-mtii-tiii, ua moving, wi; scad iinui yoa txTinln ariiclm of 
^pvacb ipNid moiicir, nil, among i> ibi(jfi;Bi b<i nio»t BpvctuI and tiL^cua- 
varv Id bir nov put m v]C««unon by you and your uHicvm, I'^Ennding lu 

I ike c»d tij us dair?dp and tfac lururinuiiuii ururuaid; wbernn yc iliall 
^ cbargod iriib our «pc>ci«] consuinndmrTit^, l>y ibc<v our loLtorn, U} die 
inunt yon and your officer* may ibc more oamcvUy attd boldly proceed 
tlivrrunto, wilboiic fear of uriy pn;i^itin|tll(jn} h> be nulifd iiri your [Kirt, 
or djanycr to hr. mcurrcd of any »uch oitr lai*), oa, by your dalui^ of 
ihol ia in ihc utid oriiVkv <on(H^»i<d, mighl uny wJAi^ i^m-iv yon, tfbjil- 
tnf*r?r lir Uin^ti^ui^d tn aii) hurb ciui^; aitd. ibi-n^r<in^ wn unudy vhnj^ 

I and conDTno&d you, aad yt>ur taid. officcrtj lt» procL'cd to iho extcuiion of 
the Biiid Eiruclin, wilitoue kII tract and dr-luy, nayvvriM nnsuvr lo Oj« 
ronmry. Gircn utidnr anr nlgutuul our jinloce of Wi'stniiitKtrr, dm 
dih day of Marcli, iho fir»i y«ar of our ivign- 
U TUtl every biibop and bU oiljccn, ffilh all otlicr having cede*. 
nBMifttl jinisdiction, iIiiIIh uilb all vjii-liI and di]i|^ncff, uml ut^ manner 
uiri nyt Iti tbt^ti potaifdv, |iui in f^eeution all Micb L-ATioiik and cccId* 




Kioiiicol luilt kiMMbfli In iLkj x\m^ or King tUnry VTtl., mod vilhin 
Uiii r«dm <rf KngUnil, incl ihfi domtmoTit. <*( llw miw^ noi bdog dina 
and <:x}iK-»<]/ c<»ntiAry Id the hwniuiil 3tattitr« ofxhh nthn. 

3. Item, ibai no bt>ih<}pT "f 'i^W }^i* uffie^n, ^ otlMV pcnon afornAld* 
hcTpafUrr, in Any nf tlii^ii' crrli^jiulicol wiiun^ in {iTVceu, or vUmi 
UUft-judJciftl <Lct>, do UBO to put iu tLii cIhuk or wntmec, rrf*d hhH^ 

3h lli.>nir ihni net Milio^. tir Any liin ofliotn. or oiJifr ponon */ofciwd, 
dd liFTFAfler ^xuct iir d^'mnnd. lit ihc adniiidinn nT any pv^rvdi lo any 
t'CulnJMlicol promkrlion. «rd(?rt> or ofEce, utiy oculi luuchin^ lli« prinucy. 
or tucocvioDi as <jf Into, in fdn you^ pa«u*d. bitb Ixsen ucewlcimd 
nod Livd. 

4 lifni, ib&t ev^ry Wiop, and bis oflkcra. n^tli all otJicr penou 
mCdm&id, hur« a vigikni oyv. a&d um ipMia] dili^fcucc tn4 rondgbt, 
thni no prradn )n* nihiiilleil or rrf^ivi'd iir any r(^lr»iaiLicaI fonrtioQ. 
lx:iL«rici?.or uflicc, Ih„-jti|£ a *acrftmrPULry» irifvclcd or drfunrd iiilli any 
noLabItt kind of iu-rciy, ot otlicr fjrcni cTim« ; and ttiat ili* nid hkhop 
do iiiay. B\n\ ruiiHir Lo Ik: KiJtjrnli n% much uk l)r*lb in liim. llint Imidlct*. 
And ccclfijostical promutiatjfi. do itul ni>t4bly decay, or \ik^ hindnaca, 
by pn«fin£^ or vonliTiniiig of ■mrofltonoblt' Eefloi>B- 

^. lii^m, tlifli uvtry buliup, ami all aiher pffjLon!i nropunui. do dili- 
gently imtcl ior the rtfpncsMTi^ of liorraitu And notable criai<»» ««pc<iiilly 
ill the cW^y, *Juty com^otrnK atid pinijitbinkt 'Hp sjiti;*, 

6, Tlrni) iLni rvfiy bivliiip, nud all ollic-r pmani aXornmiA, do 1ik»- 
wi»c iratid r<>r the condfiinnii^s and rcprcftnio^ of cunupl and uauithty 
DpiAioDK, u^ilawful booki, bnlLailii. and oUjct pmiicioiu (ind kortiul dc- 
¥wvii, eii^tiidrrlTig luiTrvd auiting iJ»v pr<]pb\ and diiu^nrd Ainnngii ih« 
fyB^^spAlliat Khodm(ull^r^pr?[u:)lcl1, riE^J t4-m'bu9> do rxi^^mw and 
ItttMJrettMt mid duLEu«. vilboui uwdiiu^, pnnfjhinSp i>r Htiing foTtb 
Miy r^ril corrupt dotrinnp; aud tbuU doing ihr conimry, ihoy mny bp^hy 
ibo bitbi^tp and hh »aid oEliccrii punubhi^Ll mid removed* 

7. Iicin, ibai I'vtiybtibojirLnil alt (he ciL]]i!r pcnoni ofort'widTT^rootcding i^ 
»um(iinfi1y» jlhJ \h'iili iilJ ivb<riiy trnd iptrcd, may und vhalldeprtvr^or dr* -^^ 
dare dcprJv^, and udovp, acc^uidiuf; lo ibt-ir Icuniii]^ aLd dncrclioa. all ^^^ 
«ach penoni from tlitiir bvTidii^M and ti^biioaiiciU protnolionH, ivho,<oB- ^^^H 
inuy Ui ilm sLut« uf itiL-tr ortbx, ncd ibo Imidhblr^ tuhlom nf l!ie (htunhi ^ *■ 
bai^ Biuniid And u^iid women oa ibcir wivei, or rdiunvitc noinbly and. 
idandfroutly dl^^end or aUi»cd thnnuiclvos, ti«r]ij#vtc<nrg abo, durini 
the Mid fnocMJ, the frutia uud purfiia cf ilin uid IwnrficoB, and ercM- 
aatiul promotionK. 

H, lu-m, ibm ilic *aid bUbop, nrnl nil olber pcniJfn ufnrcsnid, di> ui 
more li'uily and tk-iuiniy wilh *ai;h m Ijovo mimed, vr\io%c wir«» 

to, %%rL] 



dr!*i1, ih^n vilh ollipr, ulintp ivompn do y^f ivmiln io ltA^ An4i likiw 
viw swli pric4U », nilh conwnl of lliinj witGH, ur woiiiifii, uji^^nlyr 

»in (liv pr«wiin of the biahcip, do profv'H to nbaiain, W W n%cA tLc iui>tc 
IbTi3iini1il J' ; in which kui<', nft'T pfnant'*^ wfliTjutvlIy i\ctnp, tli^ hiwliop^oe* 
etm, and tdmil Lht^m ngnin t<i ihnr foniiijr uilmrnifitnilioii, » it Lc nut 
Id tlwcuiio pliKF; iippAinl]Ti0ih<?m Kodi a portion lo liv« upon, to bo 
p«id ovi *>f lijpii bL'[kv(]ce. nhcrvLif iht-y be drprivcd. bv iiincrrtioii <X ilift 
Ukid buliopf or hb oJiiccm, »> iIjcv ^hiUI iliiiik mny l>o s|>nrr?(l of tbc sqiJ 

9. ItfftTi. tluu tvtry blaliDp, ainl bU iitrtauiis nfurr-iaid. da tarcitrr. ihnE 
tliGjr MiflVf not any rvltKiom mt\n, bavirt; noUmnly profi^urd choMlltyi La 

tntic nrith hiB woiuaii, or wifr ; but ihn[ nil tu^h p^jf^onit, uricr dopri^ 

OQG rrom III* wid vomoni nnd due puDiibmcnt i>Uicrivi«i: lalcn Tot llto 

10. fuiii, t)i:iI frvty biitbop. nnd ttW olbrr {xTwnK ornrrJinid, do tx)m 
order and dirctllonn vsi:h the pombioncTa of cvrrr bcuclrcc. where fri«ta 
do want. I') rtpur to ih« fi«xi pflriBh for divina Mrvico; or to uppoml* 
lor % nmrrnimt ilmr, tiil oOjft Ih^iilt pmviiiun may bo iiiJidti. uuc ruratr; 

a/irmii vin^&MffH in divrrh pikrinlaFti ; and (o alio I lu ibo Mtid 
far hj> kbouT, rorid portion or lIju btticficc thiLl be to iri'vclb. 

11. llMn.ilintAU and nil niufiiivr of prur^v»bii» of tlm i-]jLircb bo 
Ircqupntcd, and cotiliitucili oflfir tbc; old urdcr of tlio dmixh. In 
Lliii Ton;icut\ 

13. Tum. ihfti all nach ho1idji_v« nrtiL r«itiii^ day« bt' obtLr;rv«il and 
It, 49 vu obacfvifd Jiiid kipL in iLc Jolc Uinouf kiug Iltiiiry tiie 


J3w Ttrm, that ImidMhli- nnd hniiPHi rorrmfinl™, vMrh wfm wnnr fn bo 
U>n)t frcf^ucnUKlp nod oWivcd* in the dtiii^lj. be altto bcL~c>iflrr Tiv 
<|ibcntrd, uwd. itnri diHt^rtoil. 

14. Item, ibfti cbililrcn be chrintennd by the prieai. iind eonfirtned by 
VJm bUbupB> as b^^rftrifoti.' batb bti» 4U:cu>iiuii]L-^ und uatd. 

Ifi. Iimt. toiichiim lueh pcr<oui as wer^s hi?r«tofiJre prornoted to any 
^kftjen. "ft^r 1^** nt"* 'lon ia\i\ fnihion nf orJnK <^ansii1*'ring ilipy wfTo 
not ordered in v«r/ deed, tbo bi»|jgp of [be dJocesoi finding othcrTuo 
snfficleocy and ability m ibow nu'ii, rnay aitifiply tbftl tbiiip wbieb 
^TADl^tl In ihrm brff>re,a»d ttit-ii, itenn-diii^ u> bis liiiicjciiot], ailuiit ibt'iii 
to tain titer. 

16. lleUi lluLL by th« hiihop of tlic dioceie^ an urufonn dcx^irinv ba 

■t fonli by homilicK, or orhrru iw, for div gi>iid iniiruclioti nud teaching 

of oil people; and l^mt the Mid biibopH and otbor pirrwiiH aforosoid, d(» 



compel ihii pAtifthJoticn to utrao %o ihoii' sevonJ oliu»lic*, and theft d«- 

17. ICciDt llmt ihcy txannnc nil achonl'ii^wtcr* &uil icoclicn of chil* 
drcn, and, l^iiJm^ Llt^m totpvct in anyway*, lo rcmm'v ihvni, and 
|l|h4<« cjirhnlir min Jci :}iHr roomit. villi n itimrJnT rnro maud mem u> io- 
tlTUCt Llicir ihildrrap %a oi they may be Mo to fin^Hcr itkr |)Tit»t ai the 
mBMi ud4 Ml Ijdp ih^^ prtcMt to muM vi lirLtlj h<;<Trk uccuhukuoJ. 

16. fli'Tn.lhnt the mid bfihop. nnd lUI pcrwnst ^forajiid, havn mdi n> 
I, n.'9pi:<:L dtJil cousiJi-TJilioii *>( and for iho actririt; fitrllt of tJu pr«- 
iiK*, Willi nil Mnd of viritio. ^odly hvmp. and i^ood txninplc. »ilb f»- 
pivttin^ ]i)>ii.i Ainl kirptn^ imrli!' r>rvti-r ai^d unrhriniianiitMi. JUlb^y.Bnii 
crm of Oicni may be *i.'crt li> rntoiif ibc roitiUitiiJi^ of irur rcbjfioii; «i)^ 
nlso 10 mubv ^n hcmoat aci^mini and rucLuuiug of tiicir olEco and cane, ui 
lb(? bonoiir ot GitJ, imr goi^d nmlcnuitmn, and ihc pndic of diU nahit, 
md domi&icJikB t^f ibir sanir* 

NV XXVn.-fRf/Jrnrrf ^y tff /'^^y* COO 

^'vjM/rtUFJi'a y c?r Mf deprivation ami punUhinmt iifi^^iaiA hakttfit. 

AUrvh a, IS5^ 

RasiciB, Dei graiin. &c , piit^diltcliH eL fiiUdibu-i toniiluiriu Kuii, Su^ 
pbunu WiDiuiik'Eiai cpiKupu, nuoiDio suo An^liu; cnnGcIbmvi c( CuUl- 
burw DunciliucjiM t^'pincnpo, nccnoa rL-vcrvndii i-i dilocii^ vhi id Cbri«l4>, 
Edxnundo Londoiit^iiii «|il«t:Dpo, Unhrno Aunvt^nl ^piirnpn, Goot^a 

Qtiia " orftuit oriimi i-rtivm taato vunspfintiut m ntcrfmrn hab*S, fV«i«f* 
^i wf*^t majiir kabfttir^' i*v i]iiciniam rvrtli oi in^itbltniin intEimnnii*, 
um\ cuuj fitcLt iiuloricULc i^l fnmd public^ rcfcicnie, bicukmcr iuutLIc^x)- 
nma ct mihmf(?flLr o>tnpL'firaus, Hobcrlam mt:bip[>iicopuin Kbgruta. 
Koberiuin M<<Ei«vi;ntea, Jufinncm Cciirfniftn,*! Ptudnni Bniilali4-m<ro, 
cpJKoiJtJA, Aui cvric' pi-0 totibus h giii-'ut;), Del oL aiiiniui»m suaruiD »»< 
lutU immrniDivat vidcJc itp^vtA ct cnornkm dudiim comEuiHtJiKO ct }>orp»- 
inui»L> Hcji-b'rn A\i[Hv prppiiui, r!, initr ^-miera. quod doInit^T corii* ot mftgni 
cum mnuriiudiij? aniaiui i;<«(nr ]>rofcninus]iiiMi cApfi'»i?ijiUh juxifcuionrm 
cutiEAiij^ U(p»i4v, ritcp oE Ic^Umir ciaiBHantf cum ttuibjidATn ukulicnbo* 
miptini df fiicfn, fum do jurf- h^T) dHhri^nr, in D<*i (.■or»l<^Tnp(nni . i-l Euii- 
lUJirum BuiLTum pecciil^iii miiiijft-»luin. duciiun iit ^ttw^ uuiniimi orditiuia» 
turn di;rii:oruin c\\\t.ii\ latcorump AcandiLlum, dcirjquc cwicroruni omtiiiioi 
Cbmti Jidtliiim pcrrMoU^yWiimiim rxfmplttiu, c^utnLxitut, «t cum illii 
Uiijquuui i;uui usioiiliua ccrbnbiTiiaM ; 

Nc igiUr Uniuic qcijIub rf uinin^al impimiLum, oti mnllM fllioi perils 
iiai ia raijitim, vobjpicnpiv jtiatseciiam iroinmitrimiift tl flaiB4unvir 


mi. xirii.^ 


UnAf vot ncTiTiw, tai Ire* tnlli^ni vcctrrmi, <\W' prrcfrnloi liUru ci^mmia- 
liuiTftlKi duKitrmt r3in|uiMjJaJi>diulii3 firdjiqim'o])uai Eburucfi.Kpiicciptiin 

faorii cl \ori% vi.-stTr^, mil Huiti irtLifini. nrhUrio i^U^^iidU <i aiuignnTJ<EJft, 
Jid c(iUi[raii'ridDiii curuui V4i1>i«, m;u llibu» vi^Atii'iiu. vocella uuL i-iiriLi'i focU 
&tjti, TOccntaui rocari faciiuit ircj vcAtiDm. ku nalu-ni, ai its vobiB Aut 
iribui vi^iiri^m fiifcntur, eoidtMn iLrclii«pi«ci>pum et epitcapta ynxtdicUth 
aiTenik nul trrn vfNirl^iTi urltf^nc, vt oegoLifi ITIit surnnitinF r( dp plnnn, 
ftinc dIIo iUN?pLlu ct Ej^t4 iudictit (?xpo»Lio ct dcd&roto. si prt Rtimmii' 
rl&m «xaT]itnuLon(irn #t dfai^uuinnnni ni^gotti p4>r tc» huI Irci vutrdm 
ilmdivin, vnndrm jirv1tii^piM:o|Mtn] ct «piici>pO]i prmdlfuw nic ci>Tilm\LfiLKv 
out f«ciMt <i>iistilcnt, rusdcm n di^iituti'iii!! 4iitH |irtcJicttB, cum subjuri- 
bui el pcriincncttH tiiuvcnit, omnimodo nmcivuiiii», dcprivcti*, oi porp«liio 
cu^uJtrLi<i, tn-l i:n v^xtrArti sic mimvcatiL. di;^>Eivc;iiu ci |ji.-itKilui^ imiJu* 
dnnr, piEniifiiiinm ^alatnn^rn cl con^mam pro mudu cufpic, vcrilm hoc 
IriiiTn ^^((nim, nrtiifrio im[ir>rn.'odftMi. #»laHflm injnngi>nh% rrt»t'm*iup m 
\jncA'Ktis^'^^avaTKt\u incidcniibu^.cmcrgcuLibiu, aniicxU, ciconnnxiAqiu- 
buKlimfpio fncicnlt^, rpiti: m'fi(.'HB:vrU fiioitnl vol (jurtmoJoUhnt opportiiun : 
Ad qtm omnin r-l ciTigiila roriprtdiu fxpodicridn, ct HnianAn, Noa, Um 
auttoriutc EiLwtii quiui abHulutA^^'^ iinfro inocuccriAiiuc acii^n* 
ti^ DoetfUp voH« cl tnbufl voHtrQin potgiialnm ol aucbintnUTRi at? liccn* 
linm rnnwcliiniiii ci impprfinmt j>rr prn-wnU'n, cum r^iijanJibpl coereimiiii 
ct cmli^'alioiiiB Kvpriialcr vt puEcBlniv ; in cuulmtiiiuj roclvatiW n<>]i oh* 
AUniibiJ* qmbahcumrptc. In cujaft roi, be. Totu Kc;;]n£, npiid Woi- 
tnoiioMLorrum, Jc^imu urtio di« Martii. 

CommUKt&it fvr d^ciariny c*rtuin Bithttfric* i-oid. Iltari:k 15, ICG^- 

Mftr^, bj ilic gi'iicc ofGfid, £u:. t\> ilic rigliij? rwri^iiilc rullii^m in Odd, 
cuf rifilil iruBiic and tifibio n-dbplovij coaTiKlbra, Stcphinc huRM^pc 
of Winc]n*arfT, niTr chmirHvJIor of EngUnd, CutJibf ri biiMopjUj of l>u- 
fcaniG, Edint^Tid bQ>«u]ipt' of f luudi^ii. ItLib^rrt bu&^ippc of Bl Awphc, 
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^ Comwtiitirmjor pivctetfivif u^aintl Ilrrtiict^ f\h. B, 1^7, 
[Rot. Pitt. .1 nnd 4 Phil, et Mnr p 9, in rUnn,] 

Philip Bud Mflfy, by ihc [^mp of God, tin^ unci c|aepn of EngUnd, 
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CbolmiHjdrly, Kin|uira ; WiUinin Cuokt, Tlioinaa >lama, J«hti Slqtv, 
aad John Vau>;]iiin, ductoraof law, i^rcttmi^^ 

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