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Full text of "Doty-Doten family in America : descendants of Edward Doty, an emigrant by the Mayflower, 1620"

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DoTY-DoTEN Family 


Descendants of Edward Doty, An Emigrant by the 
Mayflower, 1620 



The fathers sleep, but men remain 
As wise, as true, and brave as they; 

Wily count the loss and not the gain?— 
The best is that we have to-day.— Our Country. 


Published for the Author 


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In the early Autumn of 1871 I received from the late Rev. Silas Ket- 
chum, of Bristol, N. H., a circular stating that he was eolhicting records 
of the family of Doty, and desiring all of that' name to send him all the 
statistics possible, with a view to the history of the family. Ho stated 
also that his mother was Cynthia, daughter of .Kdmond, who was a son of 
Captain Barnabas Doty, who was born in Rochester, Mas&.', in 1740. 

Until that time my interest in such matters had Heei^ but slight ; but 
remembering that I had in my boyhood secured a statement from my 
grandfather, which I still preserved,- 1 sent a copy of it to Mr. Ketchum, 
saying to him that I wouid write to the other relatives for such additions 
as they could make to the record. This led to a considerable coixespond- 
ence with him, as I secured records from a number of relatives, and at my 
suggestion, but with his approval, I interviewed the various families of 
the name in New York City, Brooklyn, Newark and the vicinity. In the 
course of a few months Mr. Ketchum called upon me in New York, and 
stated that I was collecting the statistics faster than he could get them 
from any other source, and in view of his failing health and much needed 
rest from his literary labors, he suggested that I should continue the 
work, he transferring to me such papers as had already come into his 

Without much idea of what this involved I consented, and since that 
time I have collected on my own account such statistics as I could, giving 
such time to its classification as I could spare from a very busy mercantile 
life, mainly in the evenings, holidays and vacations from business. 1 find 
I have written over 5,000 letters, have received about 2.200 replies and in 
the course of my investigations have traversed the counti-y from one end 
to the other. I have searched the records of almost every county of New 
York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and more or less in all the other 
Northern States as far west as Illinois, while I have interviewed members 
of the family in almost every State of the Union. I have made many 
pleasant friends and acquaintances, have met with uniform couitesy from 
Town and County Clerks and State ofTicers everywhere, have had amusing 
adventures, and have seen more of the beautiful scenery and the quiet 
village home life of our country than I could have seen probably in any 
other way. 

I have no apologies to make for the imperfections that may be found in 
this history. I presume all genealogists have found it impo.ssible to get 
replies from any considerable number of those addressed. This failure to 
secure the desired information was at times disheartening; at others it led 
me to make long Journeys and in a personal interview obtain what I could. 


To thosi-, howover, who have furnished such records as they could, in 
mail}' cases of ^rcat value in unraveling the tangled clues of ancestry, I 
can only express my cordial thanks, and assure them that their encour- 
agement and their desire to see the history in print has kept my courage 
good and led me to presevere to that end. The Rev. Silas Ketchum, to 
whom we are indebted for the inception of this work, passed away in 1880, 
and many others who have contributed their information have not lived to 
see the work published. I hold their memory in deep respect. I cannot 
fail here to express my great sense of gratitude to Hon. William T. Davis, 
of Plyuiouth, Mass., who rendered me very valuable service in connection 
with the records and antiquities of that locality, and to the Rev. Irwin P. 
McCurdy, of Harmony Grove, Md., whose great interest and energetic 
researches have enabled him to unearth valuable records in fields that I 
had more than once trodden over. 

In the arrangement of the work I have considered each child of Edward 
Doty, the emigrant, as th6 ancestor of a distinct branch of the fundly. 
Other tlian this, I have endeavored to number the descendants consec- 

In conclusion, I commend this, with ray best wishes, to the family of 
Doty in America. 


Bkooki.yn, N. Y. , 
July, 1897. 

The ancestor of the Doty and Doten families in 
America was Edward Doty, who came with the 
Pilgrims in the Mayflower, landing at Plymouth, 
Mass., in 1620. He is described as a London youth, 
and came in the service of Stephen Hopkins. But 
little further is known of his origin or of his early 


Governor William Bradford, the second Governor of the Plymouth 
Colony, who succeeded to that office upon the death of Governor Carver 
in 1621, was himself one of the most prominent emigrants by the Mayflower. 
His History of Plymouth Plantation, which was completed in 1650, really 
comprises a diary of his life there. 

In the appendix of that history he gives a list of the " Passengers of 
the Mayflower," as follows; 

" The names of those which came over first in ye year 1620, and were 
by the blessing of God the first beginers and (in a sort) the foundjition of 
all the Plantations and Colonies in New England: and their fanilies." 

Then follows the list, in which occurs the family of Stephen Hopkins, 
as follows : 

"Mr, Steven Hopkins & Elizabeth, his wife, and 2 children caled Giles 
and Constanta, a doughter, both by a former wife ; and 2 more by this 
wife, caled Damaris & Oceanus : the last borne at Sea : and 2 servants 
caled Edward Doty and Edward Litster." 

And then he continues (writing in 1050) : 

" And seeing' it hath pleased him to give me to see thirty years 
compleated since these beginiugs : and that the great works of his provi- 
dence are to be observed, I have thought it not unworthy my paines to 
take a vein of the decreasings & increasings of these persons, and such 
change as hath pased over them & theirs, in this thirty years. It may be 
of some use to such as come after ; but however I shall reste in my owne 
benefite. I will therefore take them in order as they lye. " 

And then follows, in the same order as in the original list, each family, 
with its changes, and next the family of Stephen Hopkins, this account : 

"Edward Doty & Edward Litster, the servants of Mr. Hopkins. Lits- 
ter, after he was at liberty went to Virginia & ther dyed. JJut Edward 
Doty by a second wife hath 7. children and both he and they are living." 

The history of the Pilgrims, as stated by Governor Bradford in his 
history of Plymouth Plantation, shows that the Puritans from sundry 
towns and villages in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, and some of York- 
shire, to escape inconveniences and persecutions, removed about IGOS-ii to 
the Low Coimtries. There came also some from London and other parts. 
They settled first at Amsterdam, but in a year removed to Leyden. where 
they lived till 1G20. 

About the first of August of that year, after many delays, thoy sailed to 
Southampton, and on the t5th the Mayflower and Spe<'(lweil sailed from 
that port to the New World with 120 passengers, some of whom had luit 
just joined the company. Disasters to the Speedwell compelled a return 


of both vessels to Plymouth, where she was abandoned and some of the 
passengers gave ui) tiie voyage. IJut on the 6th of September, the May- 
flower, with the remaining 102 passengers, finally sailed, and after a 
stormy voyage of sixty-five days dropped anchor in Cape Cod harbor on 
the 11th of November following. 

Under that date Mourt's "Relation" states: 

" This day before we came to harbour, observing some not well affected 
to unity and concord, but gave some appearance of faction, it was thought 
good there should be an association and agreement, that we should com- 
bine together in one body, and to submit to such government and gover- 
nor.s as we should, by common consent, agree to make and choose, and set 
our hands to this that follows, word for word." 

Bradford, writing of the same, says it was "occasioned partly by y^ 
discontented & mutinous speeches that some of the strangers amongst 
them had let fall from them in y*^ ship. That when they came ashore they 
would use their own libertie : " etc. 
The agreement or compact is as follows : 

"In y name of God, Amen. We whose names are underwriten, the 
loyall subjects of our dread soveraigne Lord, King James, by y« grace of 
God, of Great 15ritaine, Franc, & Ireland king, defender of y'" faith. &c., 
haveing undertaken, for y*' glorie of God, and advancemente of y" Chris- 
tian faith, and honour of our king & countrie, a voyage to plant ye first 
colonie in y*^ Northerne pai-ts of Virginia, doe by these presents solemnly 
<t rautualy in y'' presence of God, and one of another, covenant & combine 
our selves togeathor into a civill body politick, for our better ordering & 
preservation & furtherance of y« ends aforesaid : and by vertue hearof to 
enacte, constitute, and frame such just & equall 1 iwes, ordinances, acts, 
constitutions, & offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meete 
& convenient for y" generall good of y*" Colonie. unto which we promise 
all due submission and obedience. 

" In witnes whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape 
('odd J'" 11. of November, in y<-' year of y** raigne of our soveraigne lord, 
King Jamea, of England, France, & Ireland j^ eighteenth, and of Scotland 
y" fiftie fourth. An" : Dom. 1G20." 

To this compact were signed the names of each male member of the 
company, and among them that of Edward Doty. 

Stephen llojikins. with his family and servants, wore among those who 
joined the i)arty of emigrants at Southampton on their arrival from Ley- 
den, lie was a taimer or leather maker by trade and the term servant 
I>robably indicates a workman or, in this case, an apprentice. 

Tliey had been residents of London, and in many ways it is shown that 
these were not considered as being of the same mind and spirit as the 
others, who were .so clo.sely knit together by their long residenoe in Ley- 
deu. It is probable that the newcomers were actuated V»y a greater spirit 
of adventure in emigrating to the New World, and that they were less ready 
to acknowledge tlie authority of the Governor of the new Colony who 
seems to have already been chosen, while it is certain that some at least 


were not in full sympathy with the religious ideas and the motives that 
guided the actions of the leaders. 

Disaffection with the general interests of the party had appear.-d during 
the voyage, sufficient to create susiiicion, and it was probably owing to 
this that the famous compact was drawn up. 

Edward Dotey was invited to sign this compact on board the Mayflower 
after its arrival in Cape Cod Harbor and from this time he was treated 
to all intents and purposes as one of the company, receiving the same 
allotment of land and stores as all other single men. From this it would 
seem as if he had at this time reached his majority, though he probui>ly 
still owed some service to Stephen Hopkins. It has been assumed, how- 
ever, inasmuch as he is spoken of as a youth, that he had now reached his 
21st year, and this is the only indication that we have of the date of his 

The Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod on the 11th of November (O. S.), 
1C20, and the first duty of the emigrants was the necessity of looking for 
a suitable place of habitation in this new country. They had bought 
"a large shalop with them out of England," but the boat had i^een so 
much bruised and shattered by the rough weather on the voyage that it 
was found it would take some days to properly repair it. Whereupon a 
few volunteered to go by land, making such discoveries as they could, 
while the shallop was being put in order. " It was conceived ther might 
be some danger in ye attempte, yet seeing them resolute, they were per- 
mited to goe, being 16. of them well armed, under ye conduct of Captain 
Standish," to whom was joined for advice and counsel William IJradford, 
Stephen Hopkins and Edward Tilley. It is probable that Edward Doty 
was one of this party. They started on the 15th November and were 
gone several days, marching along by the side of the sea. A few Indians 
whom they met ran away from them and they found some Indian corn, 
which had been buried probably for future use, which they bon.' back to 
the ship, having never seen any such before. 

After this, the shallop being ready, a party of thirty sailed to the same 
neighborhood, where it had been thought a suitable harbor might bo 
found. They discovered some deserted houses of the Indians and much 
corn and beans, which they carried away and which served them for seed 
the next spring ; but the harbor was found unsatisfactory. 

The month of November being thus spent, and "much foule weather 
falling in, the 6. of Desemr. they sent out their shallop agalne with 10. of 
their principall men & some sea men upon further di.scovery." 

The account appended is from Mourt's "Relation " (now recognized as 
a Journal by Geo. Morton, one of the pilgrims, and identical in many parts 
with Governor William Bradford's history). 

" Wednesday, the sixt of December ()G20), it was resolved our discov- 
ers should set forth, for the day before was too fowle weather, and so 
they did, though it was well ore the day ere all things could be readie. 
So ten of our men were appointed who were of themselves willing to un- 
dertake it, to wit, Captaine Standish, INIaister Carver, William Bradford, 
Edward Winsloe, John Tilley, Edward Tilley, John Houland, and throe of 



London. Richard Warren, Steeuen Hopkins, and Edward Dotte and two 
of our Soa-nit'n, John Alderton, and Thomas English, of the Ships Com- 
pany there went two of the Masters Mates, Master Clarke, and Master 
Copin. tiie Ma,ster Gunner and three Saylers." 

The narration of which discovery follows, penned by one of the Com- 
pany. (Un<loubtedly Governor William Bradford, as it is identical with 
the account in his history.) 

The party above is the famous party that .'Started out in the shallop of 
the Mayllowor on the voyage of discovery. Starting on the Gth December 
(our lOth), tht^ w(!ather being very cold and hard, and the sea rough, they 
had great dilFiculty lirst in launching the shallop and next in weather- 
ing a sandy point, now known as Long Point, inside wluch they laj-. 
Two of them were very sick and Edward Tilley nearly swooned with the 
cold. In spite of these hardships they continued, partly by sea and partly 
by land, for several days, encountering and beating off Indians, discover- 
ing their stores of corn, their habitations and graves, until after many 
dangers and hairbreadth escapes, late on P^'riday night, 8th December, in 
the storm, they found a refuge on what is now known as Clark's Island, in 
Plymouth harbor. Here they rendezvoused all day of Saturday, 9th, and 
rested Sunday. On Jloiiday, 11th December (our 21st December, " Fore- 
fathers' Day "). they sounded the harbor, found it a good harbor for the 
shipping, and sailed for the mainland, landing on Plymouth Rock. Then 
" we marched also into the Land, and found divers come fields, and little 
running brookes, a i)lace very good for scituation, so we returned to our 
Ship again with good newes to the rest of our people, which did much com- 
fort their hearts." 

In " Thatt-her's History of Plymouth," p. I>G0, it is related of this jour- 
ney : 

" Clark's Island ( Plynioutli liarboi) received its name from Clark, the 
Miuster's naate of the ^[ayllower, who first took possession of it Dec. 8, 
l(i20. There is a tradition that Edward Dotey, a young man, attempted to 
fh-st leai>on th«^ island, but was severely checked for his forwardness, that 
Clark might laud and have the honor of giving his name to the island, 
whicli it .still retains. Jly authoiity for this tradition is Mr. Joseph Lucas, 
wiiose father was great-grandson of Edward Dotey." 

A few days later the ^Iayllowerdrop])ed her anchor in Plymoutli harbor, 
and the wlu)le party, which by Bradford's account numbered 102 jiersons, 
laniled and commenced the settlement of th(; town. It is related that 
Thurwlay, the 28th of December (Jan. 19th, 1G21. by our count): 

"So in the afternoone we went to measure out the grounds, and first. 
We tooke notice iiow many Families they were, willing all single men that 
had no wives to joyne with some K'amilie as they thought lii, that so we 
might build fewer, which was done, and wo reduced them to 19 
Families." Each person was allotted half a pole in breadth and three in 
length, and lots were cast for position. (These plots were on the north 
and south siiles of what is now known as lieyden street, Plymouth.) 

In this allotment Edward Dot(\v undoubtedly uiutod with the family of 
Stephen llopUins, and eonlimied thus till the fuitli.T allotment of land in 


1624. The story of this first winter of the settlers, strangers upon this 
most inhospitable coast, overcome by sicliness and exposure, is pathetic- 
ally told by Bradford. Within two or three months one-half of their com- 
pany died, it being the depth of winter and they wanting houses and other 
comforts. They were attacked by scurvy and other diseases, caused by 
their long voyage and poor condition, so that there died sometimes two or 
three in a day. In the time of their greatest distress there were but six or 
seven sound persons to wait upon the others and perform the necessarj- 
duties for the sick. The seamen on the vessel fared almost as badly, so 
that the Mayflower was detained several months from returning. To add 
to their distress, the house which had been built as a general rendezvous 
and for the common use, and to which many of their goods had been re- 
moved, was accidentally burned on the 14th January, and increased their 

Edward Dotey unquestionably bore his part in the sufferings of this try- 
ing season, but his young and rugged constitution carried him safely 
through, and the spring found him working with his master in the fields or 
upon the houses which It was found necessary to erect and which were at 
first used largely in common by the settlers. The first direct allusion to 
him that we find in the records at this time is not a complimentary one. 
But it must be borne in mind that these, the records of the police court of 
the time, exaggerate the importance of these peccadilloes of the young. 
It is under the date of 1G21, June 18, that we find this item in " A Chron- 
ological History of New England," by Thomas Prince, M. A., a jounial 
carefully compiled from Bradford's History and the various records of 
towns and churches, and published about 1712. 

"The second offence is the first duel fought in New England, upon a 
challenge of single combat with sword and dagger between Edward Doty 
and Edward Leister, servants of Mr. Hopkins, both being wounded, the 
one in the hand, the other in the thigh, they are adjudged by the whole 
company to have their head and feet tied together, and so to be for twen- 
ty-four hours, without meat or drink ; which is begun to be inflicted, but 
within an hour, because of their great pains, at their own and their mas- 
ter's humble request, upon promise of better carriage, they are released by 
the Governor." 

The second offence this is called. The first had been m March previous, 
when John Billington, " who came onboard at London," was charged with 
" contempt of the Captain's lawful command with opprobrious speeches." 
He was adjudged to much the same punishment, but " craving pardon & 
being first offence he is forgiven." 

In these early days of the Colony these were unquestionably very grave 
offences against the peace and against the authority of the Governor, and 
were properly met with severity of punishment, the more readily perliaps as 
the offenders were in humble position and among those who had joined the 
company at London and had thus from the first been viewed with suspi- 
cion by the pilgrims from Leyden. 

But this action of our ancestor, coupled with other subsequent but less 
serious offences against the peace, and the further fact of a generally litigi- 


ous if not (}uarrelsoine nature, as devolopeil by the many actions before the 
General Court in wliich lie appears as defendant or plaintiff, seem to indi- 
cate the possession of a warmer blood and quicker temper than those by 
whom lie was surrounded, and points to otiier than English origin. 

An apprentice or servant in the family of a London tanner, probably for 
seven years before the emigration to America, there is still little to deter- 
mine the place of Edward Doty's birth. The name is a distinct one. It is 
not found in England either at the present day or among English names of 
till' time in the various works devoted to the names of families and their 
histories. It does not seem to have had any other representative in the 
early emigration. " Doughtys " and " Dottens " of English origin there 
were in that day: emigrants of these names settled in the same localities, 
but in no case is there apparent a single incident or connection that would 
indicate an origin similar to that of the Doty family. 

It may be noted here that the earliest spelling and pronunciation of the 
name seems to have been " Doty." This is thc^ spelling as given by Gov- 
ernor Bradford, while " Mourt's Relation " gives it as " Dotte." The sec- 
ond generation at Plj'mouth are frequently called " Doten," or sometimes 
"Doton" and " Dotin " — with this exception, however, that each of the 
sons who left Plymouth for points inland returned to the spelling " Doty." 
Thus .Joseph Doty at Rochester, Samuel Doty in New Jersey, and Isaac 
Doty on Long Island, each of whose descendants have retained this spell- 
ing. The other sons, Edward and John Doty at Plymouth and Thomas 
Doty on Cape Cod, were sometimes called " Doten," but then again their 
dt'seendants who have left the seacoast have almost invariably returned to 
the original " Doty." 

This leads to the belief that the spelling of the name "Doten" has 
been the result of a provincial pronunciation characteristic of the locality 
at the time, a belief which is strengthened bj" the fact that the distinctly 
English name of " Doughtj* " was at the same period in the same locality 
pronounced " Doughten," and will be found so written in the records of 
Scituate, Mass. 

Baylie, in his " Chronich's of Plymouth," voL 1, p. 26-5, says: "The 
nani'-s of Bompasse, De La Noye and Doten are unquestionably of French 
origin. The persons who originally bore them were probably admitted 
into the l^lymouth Company from amongst the French Protestants resi- 
di-nt at Li*ydi'n. Tliey liav(> be»m changed by English pronunciation and 
usage into Bumpu.s, Bump, Delano and Doty." 

However this may be as to the names and De La Noyc, we 
know that Edward Doty was not resident at Leyden and that the name 
was prol>ahly originally " Doty," rather than " Doten." 

But a study of his char.icter, from what we know of his actions, would 
furnish murh more reasonabh; ground for belief that he may have had a 
Fn-uch origin. 

Numerous suggestions have been made from various and valued soui-ces 
as to this origin, based in most cases on ingenious deductions from the 
names of French families or localities, but in the absence of more definite 



information this remains a matter of speculation entirely, iinrolieved by 
a single fact upon wliich we may base an opinion. 

It should be noted also in this connection that several facts may bo 
taken as pointing to a possible German origin of our name. A German, 
attracted by the name Doty upon a busiuess sign, declared that the name 
had been the original name of his family ; that his great grandfather was 
a Lutheran minister living about 1763 at Aultweile, about nine miles from 
Frankfort, Germany, of the name of " Dotee," and had a family there, 
which he had always understood to be of German origin. 

It is to be hoped that the researches now being made under the auspices 
of the New England Genealogical and Historical Society in London by 
Mr. Henry C. Waters may result in some clue to further and more reliable 

In the spring of 1024 the people requested the Governor to have some 
land "by continuance and not by yeaily lot as before," which request was 
granted, and to every person was given one acre of land, to them and 
theirs, as near the town as might be, that they might keep close together 
for greater defence and safety, and no more till the seven years expired 
for which all had covenanted together. The tract of land which Edward 
Doty received in this division is located by Mr William T. Davis in his 
" Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth," pages 314-31G, as having been 
located on what is now known as Watson's Hill. This land, at his death 
and the division of his estate, fell to his sou lildward Doty, who was 
drowned in Plymouth harbor 1690. After his death the shares of the 
other children were bought by his son-in-law. Justice James Warren, 
from whom title has passed to its present owners. 

This division is entered on the ' ' Records of the Colony of New Ply- 
mouth — Deeds — Vol. 1," as follows, it being the second entry in this first 
volume of deeds : 

" The falles of their grounds which came first ouer in the May-Floure, 
according as their lotes were cast — 1623." " Tliese lye one the South side 
of the brooke to the woodward opposite to the former 
John Howland 4 

Steuen Hobkixs 6 

Edward 1 

Edward 1 


Samuel Juneor 3 
these containe 16 akers besides Hobamak's ground which lyeth betweene 
Joe. Howlands & Hobkinses." 

It is quite certain from the allotment of the other plots adjoining the 
above and opposite to it to the remaining members of the original emi- 
grants, which precede or follow the above entry in the book of deeds, that 
the plot allotted to Edward Doty was one of those marked "Edward" in 
the above list, the balance of the name ou the record having been either 
accidentally torn or perhaps omitted. The other ' ' Edward " was prolmbly 
Edward List<^r, and they were allotted plots next to their master, Stephen 
Hopkins, and this is corroborated by the extract above from the " Ancient 



Liindmarks of Plymouth." It is probable that this first plot never 
Iiiussed out of tilt' possession of Edward Doty during his lifetime, though • 
ho soon reinovod olsfwhero, but at his death passed to his son Edward 
and to his chiMren, as noted. 

The next allotment of lands was in the Spring of 1627, and is noted 
thus in I'rineo's Chronology : " To make all easy, we take every head of 
a family, with every young man of age and prudence, both of th(; first 
eoniei-s, and those who have since arrived, into partnership with us. 
Every single freeman to have a single share. Each father to have leave 
to purchase a share for each of his family. Each share is allotted twenty 
acres of tillable land, besides the single acres with the gardens and home- 
steads they had before." The " single acres" referred to those allotted 
in 1(»2;} 4. No division of the live stock was made at the same time. In 
this division of " lotts " and property, made after careful consideration by 
the Governor and Council, each single man united with some head of a 
family in order that there might be as few families as possible, and 
p]dward Doty was attached to the family of John Howland. In the 
record the name is written " Edward DoUon," which is an error of the 
copyist or of the recorder, as the name of Dolton does not appear else- 
where in the records of the Colony. The entry in the Book of Deeds, 
reads : " The fourth lot fell to John Howland & his company joyned to 
him his wife 


JoiiN' Howland Juno" 
Desiue Howland 
William Wuight 
Thomas Morton Juno" 
John Alden 
Prissilla Alden 


Edward Doltox 
Edward IIoldman 
J OIL Alden 

To this lot fall one of tlie 4 heyfers came in the Jacob, Called Raghorne." 
Tlie entries in the records so far are in the handwriting of Governor 
Bradford, Imt the difTerent vohimes of records are in the handwriting of 
many different individuals besides Governor Bradford, there being that of 
Governor Edward Wiuslow and of the Secretaries of the Colony, Messrs. 
Nathaniel Souther, Nathaniel Morton, Nathaniel Clarke and Samuel 
Sprague. I-'.ach of these has not simi)ly a penmanship different from the 
others, l)ut eacii has a spelling of his own, especially of proper names. 

It must lie remembered that the Julian method of computing time, com- 
monly known as tlie "Old Style," was in use in England and its depen- 
dencies. The legal year commenced on Conception day, the 25th of- 
Mareh. The aiMition of ten days will reduce it to our present or " New 
Style." Where the months were distinguished by numbers the first month 
was Mareh, tli(> .second April, etc. 


Taking the entries chronologically as entered in the various vohmii'S of 
" Miscellaneous Records," " Court Orders," " Detjds," etc., we oblaiii the 
only account that is open to us of the life and character of this " London 

They are as follows : 

According to " an order of the Court heldth<> 2d of January in the .seav- 
enth yeare of the raine of o^" Soveraigne lord Charles, by the grace of God 
King," etc. (1G31-2), "the persons heereunder inonconed were rated for 
publike use by tbe Gov»"- Mr. Will. Bradford (and his assistants), Capt. 
Miles Standish, Joh: Alden, Joh. IIowlai)d, John Done, Stephen Hopkins, 
Will Gilson, Sam. Fuller, Senior, John Genny, Godbert Godbertson, & 
Jonathan Brewster, to be brought in by each pson as they are heere under 
written, rated in Corne at VI*^- p bushell." In thelistthat followsEdward 
Dowty is rated £01 .07ss: OOd: and this rate is about the same as those 
above named, but not so large as that of Edward Winslow, whose rate is 
£2., 05s., OOd., or that of Isaack Allerton at £3. lis. OOd. Many others 
in the list are rated lower, as 18s., los. , and some as low as 9s. This 
would seem to indicate that by this time, January, 1032, he had begun to 
accumulate some property, and that he must have been industrious, capa- 
ble and successful to have rated so high. 

In the list of ' ' The Names of the Freemen of the Incorporacon of Ply- 
moth in New England, An. 1633," appears "Edward Dowty." At a Court 
held January 1st, 1632 3, by Bradford, Governor, "An action tryed 
between John Washburne, plaintiffe, and Edw. Dowty, defendant, about 
an hog the defendant had taken wrongfully from the plaintiffe, as hee 
alledged ; but the Jewry, Rob* Heeks being foreman, fownd the plaintiffe 
faulty & acquitted the defendant. According to this verdict judgem*. pro- 
nounced ag* the plaintiffe. 

"Joseph Rogers complayned in Court of Edward Dowty for non-pform- 
anee of cov^s in a contract between them wherein six pigges of five weekes 
old were due unto the plaintiffe. The case being heard, the defendant was 
cast in four bushels of Corne. 

' ' Will Beunet complained of Edward Dowty for divers injuries vf^'^ was 
referred to the Cowncell to be ended by them." 

"The Acts of the Cowncell, Jan. 3d, 1632-3. 

" William Bennet complayned of Edw. Dowty to have d(>alt fraudulently 
wtii him about a flich of bacon he was to haue at the rate of three pounds 
of beaver, w^'^ being viewed was esteemed but at haife the value & to be 
made good in beaver or so much bacon as Robt Heekes and Francs Eaton 
should thinke meete betweene man & man. 

" The said plaintiffe having sold the defend' a pcell of boards for beaver 
demanded pmt pay. The matter being heard, it was determined that 1 he 
deft should pay him so much bacon in liand as the fores^aid Hob' and 
Francs should value to be worth three pounds of beaver, and tiie remain- 
der to be paid by the said Edw. at or before the first of Marcli next .'usuing 
to Richard Church of Plymouth aforesaid, being the assign.' of the said 



Will Ui'iiuot ; and for default of paym' upou the desire of the said Willi: 
or his assigne to haiie order to straine. 

•• Whereas the said Will had employed the serv* of the said Edward one 
raoneth in sawing of boards w"^ Edw. Shaw, it was ordered he should allow 
hira so nuu'h for his serv* as the said Edw had w^^'' wrought w^^ him, and 
not to bo p'' for a nioneth of dales, being the weather was very unseason- 
able by reason of raitie &c, 

•• At a Court hold the iivsi of April, 103:5. 

"An aocon of slander tryod between WilliamBonnet & Edward Dowty of 
New Plymouth ; the said Will being plaintiffe accused the said Edward to 
have called hira rogue, w^i' being proved by divers testimonies, the Jewry, 
Josuah Pratt being foreman, found the deff to bo guilty & amerced him in 
fifty shilling fine whereof thirty to goe to the plaintiffe and twenty to or 
soveraigne lord the King, and gauo the said Edward Dowty eight moneths 
day of paym*- " 

The above entries of the years 1032 and 1033 appear to bo in the manu- 
script on tiio record of Governor Eilward Winslow, and it will be noted 
that he uniformly spells the name Edward Dowtj'. There is no more sig- 
nificance to be given to this spelling, however, than to the names of Kob^^ 
lleekes, John Done and John Genny, representatives of the "Hicks," 
" Doane" and " Jenny " families, as well as many similar misspellings of 
names of other families in the records. 

"At a Generall Court hold 2d Jany, 1(583 -4.'' (Winslow still being 
Gov«!rnor. ) 

" It was ordered, that whereas John Smith, being in great extremity 
formerly, to bo freed of the same bound himselfe as an aprirentice to Ed- 
war<l Dowty for the torme of ten yeares, uppon the peticon of the said 
John the Court toke the matter into hearing, and finding the said Edw: 
had disbursed but little for him, freed the said John from his cov"^ of ten 
yearos bond him to make up the time he had already served the said Ed- 
ward the full terme of Hue yeares ; and at the end thereof, the said Edward 
to giuo him dowble appall, & so be froe of each other. 

■' At a Court of Assistants held 24th March 1033-4. 

•• Kdward Dowty & Josias Cooke were amerced in 6^9 VIII'^ p man for 
breaking the junico of our sover. L. the K. and whereas the s^^ Edward 
drew bloud from the said Josias, the said Edward was awarded to glue 
him 3^* i^ for the same, w*'' to be p'l w"'in one nioneth, or levied at the 
I»loasure of the govi"." 

" Edward Dowty" was again rated Jan. 2d, 1034, in the list at £00. 18**. 

" At a Court before the Gou^nor & A.ssistanco hold (he 28'!^ March 1034. 
(Princi? was now Governor.) 

" Edw. Dowtle, plaintife, havoiiig arosted Francis Sprage in an accon of 
twontie .Htorling, it is determined that the defendant Francis Sprag pay 
vnto tin' iilaintifo Vl^'and VI'' slerl. w"' charges, and also halfe a peeck of 
malt, or give him .salisfacoon for the said malt. 

It i.s futorod on tlio record : 

" 0th Jany 1034 ."i. Edward Doten and Fiiyth Clarke wore married." 


" At a Geiierall Meeting tlio 1 4th of Miuch IGIJS-O conceniiuf,' the Hey 
Grownds for Plymoth & Duxborrough. The place heereafter lueuconed 
were assigned to the severall psou-^ for their pi-nt use tlie yeare 1G3G viz : 
That Mr. Prenee, Joseph Rogers, Tho. Cushnian, & Edw. Dovvty haue 
the ground upon Jones his river, where Mr. Prenee & Mr. Allerton mowed 
last year. 

" At a Court of Assistants held 103G, Aug. 22. Peter Talbott, the late 
serv* of Edwd Dowty having a proporcon of land due unto him by the ser- 
vice of his ml' as appeareth by indenture, hath made over his right to 
James Skiffe, for & in consideracon of six bushels of corne. " 

In the transfer of this land, which was made at the Court held July G, 
1637, the above facts are recited, but the name is written ' ' Edward 

" Octo 5. 1636. Joseph Beedle & Edw. Dowty, having eutred crosse 
accons against each other, their matters being raw & impfct, were by the 
Court referred to the arbitracon of Richard Church, Josuah Prat, & 
Nicholas Snow & they to stand to such order the said arbitrators should 
sett downe." 

"The Names of the Freemen" are given again, March 7, 1G36-7, 
Bradford being now Governoi', and among them Edward Dotey. 

John Banges and Edward Dotey are this j'ear, 1G37, to have " hej' 
ground at Saggaquash." 

" 1636-7 March 7. At a Court of Assistants. Georg Clarke com- 
playnes against Edward Doty in an action vpon the case for to the damn- 
age of XII^ for a deceitful bargaine made w^i^ him for a lot of land. 
The Court ordered it by consent of both pties, that the said Edward 
Dotey shall either repay to the said George Clarke the eight pounds he 
hath receiued for the said lot in pt of payment, vpon the last day of 
Nouember next or els vpon the payment of four pounds more vnto 
the said Edward Dotey by the said George Clarke ; the same day the 
said Edward Dotey shall a<5sure the said lot of land vnto the said Georg 
Clarke and his assignes for euer." 

" 1637 Octo 2c^ Georg Clarke complaynes ags* Edward Dotey in an 
action vpon the case for denying him the liberty to hold land for the 
terme he had taken y*^ for, to the damage of XX-*^. The juiy found for 
pltiff and assessed XX* damnage and tho charges of the Court. Execu- 
con granted. " 

This matter does not seem to have ended there, for at the same session 
of the Court Kid ward Dotey was convicted of assault and battery on George 
Clarke and assessed 12d. damages and the costs of Court. And on the 
6th March following, either for the same offence or a new one, "Edward 
Dotey was fined Xs. for breaking his ma<i»'^ peace in assaulting George 
Clarke." This appears to have settled the dilTiculty, for we find no fur- 
ther mention of it, and it maybe well to note here that " George Clarke " 
was apparently not related to the family of Faith Clark whom Edward 
Doty had married. Under date of 1637, July 12th, tho following deed 
appears in the first volume of deeds recorded in the Colony. Wo enter 
it here at length, as it was one of the earliest deeds recorded, or, at 



least, of those which have been preserved. It is of interest, as showing 
that with some changes of orthography the same cumbrous forms and 
terms which existed two hundred and fifty years ago arc still in vogue 
in conveyances of real estat<^ : 

" The XII"' of July Anno Dfu 1037. Edward Dotey & Richard Derby. 
Tlie said Kdward Dotey for and in consideracon of the sume of one hund- 
red and fifty pounds of lawfull money of England to be payed in manner 
and forme following Hath freely and absolutely bargained sould allieuatod 
enfeoffed and confirm vnto the said Richard Derby his heires and assignes 
All tiiose his Messuages houses and tenements at the heigh Cliffe or Skeart 
hill together w"' the fouri; lotts of land and three other acres purchased 
of Josuah Pratt Phineas Pratt & John Shawe All which sd pmisss and 
all & singuler thapprtence vnto the said Richard Derby his heires and 
Assigns foreuer to the onely pper use & behoofe of the said Richard Derby 
and his heires & assigns foreuer. 

" In consideracon whereof the said Richard Derby doth pmise & agree 
to jmy or cause to be payed vnto the said Edward Dotey his Execuf^ Ad- 
mi nistraf** or assigns the said sum of one hundred and fifty pounds of 
lawfull money of England as aforesaid in manner follov/ing That is to 
say Twenty pounds by Bill of f^xchange in Old England (if the said 
Edward Dotey can pcure the same here) or els in lue thereof one heiffer 
which the said Edward shall make choyceof to be valued by two different 
men to be chosen by eich pte w'i» said sume to be in pt of payment of 
the said himdrcd and fifty pounds & the residue of the said one hundred & 
fifty pounds to be payed at the returne of the said Richard Derby forth of 
old England w'' wilbe w"'ln two yeares now next ensuing (if God 

' ' Itm it is agreed vpon betwixt the said pties that the said Richard 
Derbj shall haue psent possession of all the said chief jNIessuage (except 
one inner chamber wherein the said Edward Dotey layeth his Corne) and 
of one lott & three acres of the said lands and as much more as he cann 
conveniently take in & make vse of to plant vpon. 

" Item it is also agreed vpon that the said Edward Dotey shalbe in 
possession of thother house & thother three lotts of land vntill he shalbe 
satisfyed and payd the said hundred & fifty pounds and that it shalbe 
lawfull for him to reape this crop & another crop the next yeare and 
then if the said Richard Derbj- shall not be returned forth of old England 
or haue not payd or cause to be payd & satisfyed the loO-C by tliat tyme 
yt shall bo lawfull for the said Edward Dotey to sowe the second crop 
and reape it and so a third vntil the said Richard Derby shall haue paj-d 
or cause to bo jiayd the said IHO. 

" Itm it is also agreed vpon between the said pties That the said 
Richard Derby sliall pcure one able man servant to be brought over to 
serue the .said Edward Dotey for the terme of fine six or seauen yeares 
for whose passage the said Edwai-d Dotey shall pay fiue pounds to the 
said RIehard Derby & jifornie such other covenante to the said servant as 
the .s'lid Ivlward shall agree vpon w"i twelve bushells of Indian graine at 
thend of his tenne. 


' ' Itm it is also agreed vpon betweene the said pties tliat the said 
Edward Dotey shall make vse of the two oute houses for the honseiiig of 
his Corne and cattle vntill he be payd the said 150-c w'' said houses the 
said Edward shall Keepe and leaue in as good rei)aire (as now they are) 
when he leaues them as also the dwelling house (he is to use as aforesil) 
tS: the fence vpon the lande as sufficient as now they are. 

"Itm it is lastly concluded vpon betweene the said pties that W'" 
Hodgkinson shall hold his tyme in such pte of the said lande as he 
now occupyeth for his terme w'l^ is two crops more beside this p'-sent crop 
now vpon the ground. 

"(signed) Riohakd Derby 

Edward Dotey his '~> marke" 
This deed, like many others, was signed upon the record book, It 
being apparently the original deed and not a copy. Richard Derby .signs 
his name, but Edward Doty in this, as in every other papoi- so far found, 
signs by mark only, his mark on this deed being in character similar to 

Though this deed appears properly signed upon the record, it was 
apparently afterward cancelled, or the property reconveyed to Edward 
Doty, for we find under date of " Octo. 1, 1638. At a Court of Assist- 
ants. Whereas sixtie acres of lande were graunted to Edward Dotey, 
lying at a pond neere Namassacutt Payth, vpon report that he had sould 
his house and land at Heigh Cliffe to Mr. Richard Derby, w'' bargaine is 
now relinquished, the said Edward Dotey doth also relinquish the said 
grant. And the Court hath graunted the said Edward Dotey six aeress of 
meadow there, to lye to his house at Heigh Cliffe, and all that poell of 
vpland lying before the said meddow, and to begin at the esterly end at 
the swampe, ranging vp westerly to another swampe, and to extend to 
Namascutt Path, southward, saucing that the said Edward shall allow a 
payth for carriages as shalbe thought meet to be layed forth." 

The foregoing documents, with others to follow, establish the fact that 
Edward Doty was a considerable owner of land at "Heigh Cliffe," or 
" Skeart Hfll," a locality still known by that name, being in the extreme 
north of the town, bordering on Kingston. 

Here, too, or perhaps in the adjoining plain called "Plain Dealing," he 
lived, and continued to live probably until his death, for though, as 
appears by records elsewhere and by his will, he was a large purchaser at 
Yarmouth, at Cohasset, or Dartmouth, and other places, it does not 
appear that he ever changed his residence from the High Cliff after he 
established it there, which wasproVjably as early as 163r). 

At a Court held Cth August, 1037, John Derby was granted throe score 
acres laud at Mount's Hill, and Edward Dotey to have the like there also, 
both plots subject to the approval of Mr. Edward Winslow and Mr. .lolm 

"4th Dec. 1637. Edward Dotey and Tristram Clarke his father-in-law 
are to take Josiah Winslow, Nathaniel Sowther, and Josuah Pratt and to 
view a pcell of land by Mr. John Derbies grauut at Mounts Hill, that vpon 


their report thereof to the Gounour and Assistants they may haiie i)cells 
thereof graunted thom." 

"5th February 1087-8. Fourty acrees of lands are graunted vnto 
Thurston Clarke, and a garden place lying at the Southwest end of 
Derby's Pond, on the South side of Monts Hill Chase." 

" Threescore acrees of lands are graunted vnto Edward Dotey, and a 
garden place lying at the weptorne end of Derby's pond." This was prob- 
ably tlie plot relinquished 1st October, 1638, in the record already given. 

" 2d Jan'y, 1G37-8. Edward Dotey coniplaines against John Holmes, 
gent, in an action of trespas to the danmage of XL-C. The jury found for 
the defend'it and gaue him fiue shillings damnage and the charg(;s of the 
Court because the Complt could not prove ho had sustayned any damnage 

" SSth Goto. 1()8S. Richard Derby complaines agst Edward Dotey in an 
action to the dam. of XIIIl£." 

31st Aug., 1638 (Thomas Prence still Governor), ai)pearsthe following: 
" Memorand. That whereas William Snow was lately brought ouer out 
of old England by Mr. Kicliai'd Derby and is his couenant servant for fiue 
j'eares as appeares by his indenture, beareing date the XX^'' of Februar. 
1637 (1637 8) now the said Richard Derby hath assigned ouer the said 
Willm Snow vnto Edward Dotey, to serue him the residue of the said 
terme of fiue yeares, and two yeares longer, that is to say, for the terme 
of seuen yeares from the XXtii day of October next ensuing vnto the end 
of the terme of seuen yeares next ensuinge, the said Edward pformeing 
such condicons as on his pt are to be pformed, and shall in the end of the 
said terme, pay the said William Snow on liuely cow calf of two months 
old, w"' two suits of apparell, and fynd him meate, drink & apparell dur- 
ing his terme." 

" nth Nov., 1638 Edward Dotey is bail in 40£ for Samuel Gorton of 

" (Same day). Georg Moore is allowed the line w*'' Edward Dotey, he 
carrying himself in good order as he ought to doe, and to enjoy the bar- 
gain between them." 

" 4th June, 1639. Edward Dotey, yeoman" became security in f20 for 
Richard Derby." 

" 24th Sejit., 1630. Edward Dotey, planter," sells a plot of twenty acres 
upon the High Cliff to Richard Derby for a consideration of i"22." 

" 1639 40, 3d March. John Shaw complaynes ag^t Edward Dotey in an 
action of tresp^ vpon the case to the dam. of X£. The jury fynd for the 
pltif, three pounds fifteene shillings dam. and the charges of the 
Co>ut. " 

"0th Ai)ril, 1640, Bradford Governor. At a Court, &c. A pcell tenn 
acres of rat'dilow in the long meddow by Edward Doteys is graunted to 
Mri'* Bridgitt Fuller, to be layd forth for her of that w'' lyeth next to Ed- 
ward Doteys mwldow and a pcell of vpland to yt." 

" 1st Sept., 1040. Bridgitt Fuller widow, compl. ag^t Edward Dotey in 
an ncti<m of trespas vpon the case to the dam of XXX£. The jury fynd 
for the pltiff and asscsse Illf Xs dam. A- charges of the Court, but the 



jilatiff is to pfonne her bargains to the deffiit for wiiitciriiiy her catteil." 

2d Nov. . 1(540. A grant was made of the " West Meddow called liaken- 
hame by Doteys to Edward Dotey six acres wf' vpland." Lakenhame 
was the ancient name of the present town of Carver, which adjoins Ply- 
mouth on the west. 

1st June, 1641. George Allen of Sandwich " became ptey to the action 
that Edward Dotey pfrrs ag^t William Alney of Sandwich." 

"At a townes meeting by the inhabitants of Plym. holden the 10th 
Septemb'- 1641 : 

" Thurston Clarke is graunted tenn acres of vpland at tiie head of Ed- 
ward Doteys lotte toward Mounte Hill Paytli. 

" Edward Dotey's pcell of vpland at Lakenham is graunted to be made 
vp fourty acres." 

4th January. 1641-2. At a Court, &c.: 

" Concerning the difference betwixt Edward Dotey and Thurstone 
Clarke, it is ordered by the Court, that the said Thurstone Clarke shall 
pay unto the said Edward Dotey XII bushells & 1 peck of Indian Corne, 
and XIP in money or IIII bu.shells of Indian and XI^ for charges that the 
said Edward layd forth for the said Thurstone ; and this to be payd be- 
fore the next Court, or else to haue exocucon. " 

" 1st February, 1641-2. Whereas Edward Dotey hath two cowes and a 
young steere of Thomas Symons to keepe for tyme, and that by reason 
the said Edward Dotey doth not put his catttell to a keep in the sumer 
tyme and that they use to break into mens corne, and may thereby be en- 
dangered either to be spoyled vf^^ corne, or come to some other harme, 
whereby the said Symons may be endanmaged, the Court doth order, that 
the said Edward Dotey shall take order that his cattell be safely kept by 
a keep or els if any damnage befall the said Thomas Symons by default 
thereof, that the said Edward Dotey shall make good the same to the said 
Thomas Symons." 

Ordered, "that Georg Clarke shall pay foure bushells of Indian Corne 
vnto Edward Dotey vpon the differences now depending betwixt them." 

" Concerning y" defences betwixt Mr. John Jenney and Edward Dotey" 
(Jenney having been granted an attachment for the money in the hands of 
Thurston Clarke on an execution against Edward Dotey of Mis. 6d.), the 
Court ordered that the said Jenney should pay Edward Dotey " fiue bush- 
ells & a half of Indian mchantable corne, & III'' for so much remayned 
due to the s*^ Dotey vpon the account. " 

"3d May, 1642. Concerning the differenc*^ botwi.xt Mr. John Jenney, 
Samuell Stortevaunt & Joseph Ramsden about their corne in ptnshipp, the 
Court doth order, wtii consent of all pties, that the flue bushells and a 
halfe of corne W'' Mr. Jenney should pay to the said Dotey for Thurston 
Clark, and also eight bushell w^^*^ the said Joseph Ram.^den should ]>ay 
the said Edward DotOy shalbe payd to the said John JtMuiey by the said 
Joseph, wci' said fiue bushells alid a halfe and the said VIII bushells do 
make vp the thirteeue bushells & half w'l^ Edward Dotey was to pay the 
said Samuell for his pt of the said cropp, and so the said Edward Dotey to 
be freed from any further incumbrance therein." 



7th Dof!., 1641. Edward Doteywas granted execution in a suit against 
James Luxford and in eoiinertion with Mr. Thomas Preuce attached cer- 
tain moneys lying in the hands of John Chaundler for said Luxford. 

7th May, UU2. Joshua Pratt conveys an acre of upland at the High 
Cliff to Edward Dotey. 

71 h Sept., 1G42. Edward Dotey plantor, (s bail for John llasseJl of 
Seaounoke. (Seekonk is a town now in Bristol County, Mass.) 

5th May, 1043. Edward Dotey conveys for a consideration of t'16. to 
Sti'pheii Bryan and John Shaw Jr. 40 acres of land at the High Cliff. 
("Joiin Shaw Jr. conveyed in 104.5 the twenty acres which came to him in 
this plot to Samuel Stertevaunt. ) 

6th March, 1048-4. In a controversj* hetweeii them Edward Dotey 
was ordered to pay to Mr. Hanbury " five bushells of Indian." Also, 
about the .same time he was ordered to pay " flue bushells of Indian corue 
to Mr. John Groorae for Manasseth Kemptoii's use." 

51 h March, l(i43-4. Edward Dotey plantor is bail for '' John Smyth of 
the Eele River." 

3d March, 1044-5. He becomes bail for Steven Bryan. 

1043. Edward Doty was a private in the military company of Ply- 

The following item is the first that appears on the records in the ehi- 
rogra[)hy of ^Ir. Nathaniel Morton, Secretary of the Colony, and it 
will be noted that now the name is again spelled Doty. 

" New Plimouth this 7th of December 1647. Whereas Samuell Cuth- 
Ibert complaineth against Edward Doty for y* hee the said Edward Doty 
liath wronged the said Samuell in taking away som wood from of his 
and, the Court haueing heard what can bee said on both sids the said 
Court hath ordered yt the said Edward Doty shall pay vnto the said Sam- 
uell Cuthbert 7 shill. damage and the charges of the Court." 

10th Sept. , 1049. Thurston Clarke the elder, and Faith his wife unite 
in conveying to John Dunham, a house and ten acres of upland lying on 
the highway going to Jones River, abutting upon the upper end of the lots 
of Samuel Cuthbert and Edward Doty : the deed quaintly specifles all the 
boards and shelves*, all the doors and the locks upon them in the house, 
and the fruit trees in the orchard, and shows by this time at least the in- 
troduction of these luxuries of civilization into the colony. 

■' 0th March, 104!)-50. Edward Doty complayneth against John Shaw 
Jun'r. The jury Hud for the plaintife thirty-five shillings dammage and 
thf charges of the Court the deffendant to make good the iron worke to 
tiie plaintife." 

7th Aug., 1()5U — Edward Doty was ordered to pay a bushel of Indian 
corn to each, Edward Gray and Samuell Cutbert for damage done by his 
calves and other cattle in their corn. 

This conjplet<>8 the references to Edward Doty in the " Court orders," 
and "Judicial acts " of the colony, but seems to establish the fact of his 
residence up to this time, at least (1050), at the High Cliff, or possibly at 
" Plain Dealing," which is still nearer the line of Kingston. 


It was at this time, it will be remembered, that Governor Bradford, in 
the Appendix to his history recounting the families of the original settlers, 
says that " Edward Doty by a second wife hath 7 children, and both ho 
and they are living." From other sources we know that in 10;")2 lie was 
one of the purchasers of Dartmouth, and that he made other purchases of 
lands elsewhere. 

His death occurred at Plymouth August 28, 1G05. His will is dated 
there three months earlier, and as it states him then sick it is probaljje 
that his sickness continued altogether many months. His will,'whicii is 
as follows, is signed by his mark, and the name receives a new spelling 
from the scrivener, " Dotten," this being the only occasion where it is 

" May the 20th 1655. 

" In the name of God, Amen. 

' ' Know all men by these Presents, to whom it may concerne, that I 
Edward Dotten, Sen'r of the Towne of New Plymouth, in New England, 
being sicke and yett by the mercye of God in pfect memory, and ui)on 
mature consideration doe by this my last Will and testament leave and 
bequeath my purchase land lying at Coaksett unto my sons ; my son Ed- 
ward I give a double portion, and to the rest of my sonnes equall alike, if 
they live to the age of one and twenty ; If they die before, then to bee 
p'ted among the rest, only to my wife I leave a third during her life, and 
then after to returne to my sonnes. And unto my loving wife I give and 
bequeath my house and lands and meddows within the precincts of New 
Plymouth, together with all the Chatles and movables that are my proper 
goods, onely debts and engagements to bee paid. As for my share of 
land as Punckquesett, if it come to any thing, I give unto my son Edward ; 

" This being my last Will and Testament ; 

" I Edward Dotten doe owne it for my act and deed before these my 
loveing friends, who are witnesses, and doe sett my hand to the same, the 
day and yeare above written. 

"Witnesse Edward Dotten 

"John howland >" X 

-James hurst j^i^ / / ,jij,,ke. 

" John Cooke C/y 

" William hopkins ^^ — 

" There being many names beside Coaksett, I mean all my purchase 
land according to the deed. 

" Att the generall court held the first of March 1G55. Faith, the wife of 
Edward Dotten, deceased, did give up and make over all her right and 
enterest shee had In the land of Edward Dotten at Coaksett or purchases 
adjacent, unto her children this shee did in the pr sence of the said Courte 
held att Plymouth, yf day and yeare above expressed. 

"The above written Will and Testament of Edward Dotten, deceased, 
was exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth, the fift of March, 1655, on 

the oathes of 

Mr. John howland 
Janice hur.-.t 
John Cooke 
and William hopkins. " 


The forogoing is a true copy from Plj-nioutli Colony Record of Wills. 
Vol. 2, p. U. 

"An Inventory of the Estate of Edward Dotten. latelj' deceased, taken 
this 21 of November, 1055, inhabitant of the towne of Plymouth in New 
England; and Exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth aforesaid the fift 
of March, Anno. I(in5, on the oath of Faith Dotten. 

.£. s. d. 
Imprimis, his dwelling house with his 

land adjoining - - - - 25 00 00 

It. three score acres of upland with the 
moddow adjoining it, lying in the 
woods - - , - - - 

It. the land at Clarke's Island 
It. the purchase laud lying at Coaksett 
It. a yoake of working oxen - 

It. a cow - - 

It. an heifer of year and vantage 

It. 2 calves of this year - - - . 

It. halfe a calfe of this yeare 

It. 2 fatt swine . . _ . . 

It. 4 yearling swine - - . . 

It. cart with WhtM^ls, axltree pins and 

shaklie - 

It. a plow with the iions 

It. 2 j'oakes. a dog yoake and a draught 


It. a paire of cuples . _ . . 
It. a draught chaine . - . . 

It. 2 axes att 5*< 2 sjiades att T'^ - 
It. 5 hoes att 10^ 1 pot hanger 3* - 
It. 2 pich forkes at 2^* 

a paire of tonges !« fi'i - • - 00 03 00 
It. 3 kittles - - a copper kittle and 

2 brass- kittles - - - - ^ 
It. 6 pewter dishes and a candlestieke 

It. 2 iron potts 

It. Earthen jiotts and pans 

II. a Matchlock Muskett 

It. a hay knife and 2 sy(;hes with 

nibbs & ring(;s - . - . 
It. 2 cow bells at 8« - a pound waight 4'^ 
It. a great Wheel and a little Wheel & 

a paire of cardes - . . . 

It. 3 paire of hookes and hinges 
It. 2 hammers, 2 paire of pincers and 

a drawing knife .... 
It. 2 chaires and a cradle 
It. 3 chists ...... 
























































































It. 4 wooden trayes, a wooden bowle & 
straining dish - - - . . 

It. a table and forme - - - . 

It. a lialfe bushell & halfe pecke 

It. a half hogshead, a rundlett and 

sineting trough .... 

It. 3 sickles and a hooke 

It. in Ilnnin 

It. 30 bushels of rye - - - . 

It. bed and coverings .... 

It. 10 bushels and an half of peases - 

It. 6 bushels of Wheat .... 

It. 4 score bushels of Indian corn 

It. 12 load of hay in the woods 

It. a watch bill 

It. 4 barrells of tar lying in Capt Willetts 

hands 02 

It. more in rye 7 bushels ... 01 

It. a steer of two years and the vantage 02 

It. a barrel! of tarr 00 

It. a cow hyde - . - - - 00 

04 00 

03 00 

02 00 

OG 00 

02 00 
00 00 
or, 00 
00 00 
18 06 
10 00 
00 00 
12 00 

03 00 

00 00 

04 OG 
10 00 
10 00 
07 06 

The summe 

137 19 06 

Debts owing .... 

Paied of this debt 
Witnesses William hopkins 

The marke E. T. of Ephraim Tinkham." 



The foregoing is a true copy from Plymouth Colony Record of Wills, 
Book 2, pages 15 and 16. 

If the household utensils and fanning implements in this inventory 
seem to the present generation hardly worth the mentioning in a will, it 
must be remembered that at that day chairs were a luxury, not alone in 
New England, but in the largest part of the civilized world, and that 
many conveniences which we now esteem among the necessaries of life 
were then unknown. The inventory indicates that Edward Doty was the 
possessor of a comfortable homestead, well furnished for the needs of his 

Coaksett, named in the will, is the present Dartmouth, in Bristol 
County, Mass. Punckquesett was the Indian name for the southern 
portion of the present town of Tiverton, in Rhode Island. 

It has been a matter of great interest to the writer during the many 
years spent in collecting the materials for this history, to form such idea 
of the life and character of our ancestor as was afforded by a study of the 
public records and the early histoiy of the Plymouth Colonj'. Several 
visits to the town of Plymouth, a perusal of the records there in manu- 
script, not only of the Colony, but those as well of the county and town ; 


the aid of some of its citizens who have for years made these records their 
study, and tiiereby Itecomo familiar with their various details; an inspec- 
tion of the different localities mentioned and interviews with many of the 
older residents, with their interesting relics of chinaware and furniture 
of the early days, and still more interesting traditions \yhich have found 
place in none of the printed histories; all these have aided him more or 
less. With these associations Plymouth has been, to him at least, a 
delightful place to visit. Tlie rock on which that boat load of pilgrims 
who " set out to discover" first landed ; the old "Leyden street," where 
the first houses were located; the liill where so many were buried during 
those first three months of exposure and suffering; Pilgrim Hall, with its 
relics of " the first comers," whose names are wrought in the iron that 
fences the Plymouth Kock ; the stately monument, whose graceful figures 
and tall shaft now cover probably a sjiot where Edward Doty mowed the 
grass two centuries and a half since ; aye, even the names upon some 
prominent signboards of business houses, assuming here the spelling 
" Doten " and having many worthy representatives in the town and 
vicinity, all conspire to make it full of interest. The oldest house in Ply- 
mouth is "the Doten House," though not now occupied by a family of 
the name ; the principal wharf is the Doten Wharf, and in eveiy part of 
this and the adjoining towns comfortable mansions and farms are lield by 
some of the name. 

The study of these public records and early history of the Colony, 
taken in connection with the history of the time, the lives of his associates 
and neighbors, and an inspection of the locality and its surroundings, give 
the following impression of our ancestor ; A tall and well built 
man, with a strong constitution, a frame well knit together, and arms and 
limbs evidently used to hard work, active, alert and full of life, with per- 
haps a surplus of energj^; without school education and yet with an 
active mind and that knowledge that comes quickly to a close observer 
from experience; of a kind nature and good intentions, but tenacious of 
his own to an extent at least of demanding his full rights, and obstinate 
In maintaining them. Probably when he landed, a youth, at Plymouth, 
he did not possess any of the religious feeling which actuated the leading 
spirits among the Pilgrims, but came soon to admire the infiexible honesty 
of their dealings and the industrj', integrity and morality of their lives. 
Periuips his early associations in the family of the "good John How- 
land " helped to curl> his unruly spirit. At anj' rate, from this time on 
liis life appears to iiave been circumspect, and beseems to have given his 
energies to tiie proper support of his increasing family, and with much 
thrift, to the amassing of property and lands. Many of the suits at law 
whl«."h we liave noted were evidently brought in no unfriendly spirit, 
but rather to settle by arbitration disputed claims. If our assumption 
of his birth in l.WJ is correct, he died in his fifty-sixth year, and it is 
more than probable that the exposure and hardship of the landing and 
the first Winter, which only his rugged constitution enabled him to 
with.stand, at last shortened his life. 


Governor Bradford's statement in the a[)pendix to his history, that in 
1650 " Edward Dotey by a second wife hath 7 children and both he and 
they are living," though unque3tionably correct, being written at the 
time by one familiar with all his neighbors, still furnishes us with the 
only knowledge that we have that he was twice married, and gives us no 
clue whatever to his first wife. There is no indication elsewhere in 
any records that points to this first marriage or to any issue from it. 

In that invaluable work to searchers in New England genealogical his- 
tory, the " Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New Eng- 
land," by James Savage, in four volumes, a work of immense labor and 
years of investigation into all available records, it is not surprising, in the 
midst of so much detail, that he should fall into several errors in his 
account of the descendants of Edward Doty, and these errors have been 
copied by others and have thus, to some extent, been further circulated. 
His account, found in the second volume, is as follows : 

"Dotey, Doty, Dote or Doten. Edward. Plymouth. Came in May- 
flower, 1620, a London youth in the service of Stephen Hopkins. Was 
one of signers of the solemn compact in Cape Cod harbor, Nov. 11th, and 
was with his master in the shallop that in December following discovered 
Plymouth harbor. June 18, 1621, was party In first duel in New Eng- 
land. He retrieved his character by change froni youthful folly. M. 
(probably as second wife; 6th January, 1635, Faith, daughter of Tristram 

" Children : 1. William. 2. Faith. 3. Edward. 4. John. 5. Isaac, 
b. Feb. 8, 1648. 6. Desire. 7. Thomas. 8. Joseph, b. April 30, 1651. 

"Bradford says he had 7 children living in 1650. He was, in 1852, one 
of the purchasers of Dartmouth, but removed to Yarmouth and died Aug. 
23, 1655. His will of March 20, 1654, names only his wife and Edward. 
His widow m. Mch 14, 1667, John Phillips of Duxbury & outlived him." 

Following this is a list of the descendants of Desire, Edward, John, 
Joseph and Thomas. 

While there is no mention of three other children in this list (Samuel, 
Elizabeth and Mary), there appears to be no authority whatever for the 
first two named, William and Faith, and it is evident that they are given 
in error. Possibly the name of the widow, which occurs not only in the 
Plymouth records after her husband's death but also in several local 
histories, has been mistaken for a daughter, but the name of William does 
not appear elsewhere. 

The entry on the Colony record is : 

"6th Jany, 1634-5. Edward Doten and Fayth Clarke wer maried." 

Faith Clarke was born 1610, and was at this time but sixteen years of 
age, was the daughter of Thurston Clarke and Faith, ills wife. They 
came to Plymouth from Ipswich, Suffolk, England, in 1634 in the Francis, 
he being at that time forty-four years of age. His name is sometimes 
written Tristram Clarke. Besides their daughter Faith they had two 
sons, Thurston, Jr., and Henry. They probably had no issue. Under 
date of 1st April, 1690, we find : " The selectmen of Duxborough having 
reported that two of their inhabitants, Henry Clarke and Thirston Clarke, 


by reason of their age indiscretion & weakness of understanding are 
inca|)alile of Ineir own support notwithstanding that they have an estate 
sunicient, and John Dotey of Plymouth their nephew having promised to 
take prudent care of them Is allowed to recoup himself fz'om their estate," 
under certain conditions mentioned. Thurston Clarke, the elder died at 
r)uxl)ury, Mass.. U>(>1. His widow died about l(Ui8. as appears by an 
entry in the records 1st June, 10(18. " The Court haue ordered concerning 
the di.sjiosing of the eatnte of Faith Clarke widdow, deceased, that her 
daughter Faith Dotey widdow shall haue a quarte pte," etc. 

After the death of her husband iSIrs. Faith Dotey resided at Plymouth. 
There are receipts upon the records there from the following of her child- 
ren for their share of their father's estate, these being all of her sons : 

Edward Dotey and Sarah, his wife, Oct. 16, IfiGS. 

John Douly and Elizabeth, his wife, Jan. IT, 1(!()7. 

Thomas Douty, Jan. 17, 16()8. 
■ Samuel Dotey, July 16, 16()8. 

Jo.-^eith Doten, May 30, 1672. 

Isaac Dotey, alias Doughty, July 5, 1672. 

On the 14th ^Sfarch, 1667, she married at Plymouth John Phillips, of 
Maishfield. Shurtleff's " History of Mar.shfield " says : 

" Soon after the death of his second wife Mr. John Phillips, on the 
2;Jd Feb., 1666-7, made a contract of marriage with Mrs. Faith Dotey (the 
widow of Edward Dotej'), which was consummated by marriage the 14th 
March following, By this contract i' appears that both parties had sev- 
eral children. Her family consisted of several sons, Edward, Thomas, 
John, and possibly more, and daughters Desire, Elizabeth and ^lary. 
Mrs. Faith Phillips died December, 1075. Her estate from her first 
htisband wa.s divided among her children." The contract above spoken 
of is entered on the records at Plymouth : "2d July, 1666. Ypon a 
motion of marriage betwixt John Phillips of Marshfield and Faith Dotey 
of Plymouth these i)ticulars were joyntly concluded of the abouesaid 
|)ties, as followoth." The conditions provide that the children of both 
I>arties nmiain at the disposition of their own parents : that she retains 
for her own sole use all of her own estate : and that if he died first 
she was to have a life interest in one third of his estate. It is signed 
by the contracting parties. Faith Dotey signing by her mark, and it is 
witii'ssed by her daughter, who signs plainly " Desire Dotey." 

Jolin Phillii)S was born in England 1602. He resided successively at 
Plyiuoiith, Duxbury and Marshfield. He died there July, 1677. Mrs. 
Faith Phillips resided after her second marriage at Mar.shfield, and her 
younger chiUlren removed there with her. She died December, 1675. 
The <l!iy of her death is not given, but she was buried 21st December. 
I675, ill the old cemetery at Marshfield. Mass. 

On the record there appears the following, under date of " 10th July 
1077. Whereas there is about thirty shillings of the estate of Faith 
Phillijis, deceasiHl lying the costody of John Phillii)s her husband, it is 
a'.;reed Ijy and betwei'ii the sonnes of the said Faith Phillipes and with 
theire joynt consent, that the .said sume shalbe payed vnto the daughters 


of the said Faith Phillips, viz : Desire Serinan, Elizalx'th I{ous<^ and 
Maiy Doten, in eqiiall and calilte proportions, vnlosse the two younger 
sisters shall see reason, in respect of the low condition of the eldest, to 
consider her in that respect." 

1. EDWARD DOTEY AND FAITH CLAUKE had children, all bom 
at Plymouth. 
Children : 

2. i. Edward, b. prob. I(i87. 
John, b. 16;3!)-40. 
Thomas b. prob. 1041. 
Samuel, b. prob. 1648. 
Desire, b. 1645. 
Elizabeth, b. prob. 1647. 
Isaac, b. Feb 8, 1648-9. 
Joseph, b. April 30, 1651. 
10. ix. Mary, b. prob. 1653, of whom nothing is known further than 
is shown by the settlement of her mother's estate in 1677, at which 
time she was not m. 
















•_». EDWAUI) DOTY (or DOTEN), the oldest son of Edward Doty ;iik1 
Faith Chxrke. was born at Plymouth, probably in 1037. lie was, there- 
fore, at the deatli of his father, in 1055, eighteen years of age. 

lie was a seaman bj- profession, and probably early adopted this occu- 
pation. It is not unreasonable to suppose he did so at this time, notwith- 
standing the fact that the will of his fath<!r shows he became heir and 
possessor of a double portion of the estate. The records show, too, that 
he received several grants of land between 1003 and 1008, and th(>se were 
not readily granted to men so young except they were men of some sub- 
stance or had shown some special service to the Colony, but seamen were 
frequently held to be deserving of these grants. His voyages were mostlj' 
short ones along the coast, and may have been for purposes of trade with 
the other settlements, or possibly for fishing. 

Tiie entries on the records in which his name appears are as follows : 

In 1003 he sold the land received from his father at Punkakeesott (Tiv- 
erton) to I^dward Gray. 

1002, 3il ()ctoI)er. Edward Dotey (with others) is " to bee considered 
in an accomodation of land in tiuit which Captaine Willett hath purchased 
on the north l)ounds of Rehoboth or elsewhere." This was in the bounds 
of the present town of Attleboro, Mass., and the Captain Willett was the 
Thomas Willett who went to New York City at the invitation of the Gov- 
ernor of New York, and who was the first English Mayor of that city and 
the ancestor of the Willett family of New York. 

1GG3, 30th March. Was granted " the 15th lot on l^uncatoeset neck to 
Itobert Lee and Edward Dotey." 

1()05, 7th June. He was granted by the Court one share of about thirty 
acres on the westerly side of Namasskett Uiver. This was probably 
within the bounds of the present Middleborough. 

1('.05, 10th Octo. Edward Dotey and Sarah, his wife, convey to John 
Sraitii his land at Ponagansett in Dartmouth, in exchange for a house and 
lot on North Street, Plymouth, and further consideration in monej*. This 
deed is signed as above, Edward Dotey. This plot was on the north side 
of North street, in Plymouth, commencing about fifty feet from Court 
street, and incluiled the ground on which some half-dozen modern houses 
now stand. 

At the death of Edwaid Doty these plots came into the possession of 
his soii-in law, James AVarren, who bought the shares of the various heirs 
as thry became of age. The names of the present owners, as well as the 
immediate possessors, are given by Mr. Davis in his " Ancient Land- 
marks of Plymouth," pages 172-3, etc. 


1055-G, 8th Jany. Edward Dotey was granted three acres at the Tnr- 
key Swamp. 

1667, 2d July. Liberty was granted to Edward Dotey and his brother 
John Dotey " to look out for some supplyes of land." 

1667, Octo. He was granted six acres at Swampy Meadow. 

1668. Edward Dotey was on jury. 

Same year. Edward Dotey, alas Douty, and his wife Sarah, sell to 
Francis Combs land on the West side of Nemeweskott River. 

1668-9, 31st Jany. He was granted fifty acres at Monponsett. This 
was in the present town of Halifax, Mass., northwest of Plymouth. 

1674. He is named on a bail bond, Edward Doten, seaman. 

1684. Edward Dotey alias Doten buys a plot at Plymouth. 

1684, 28th Octo. Edward Doten Sr. was on a Coroner's jury. 

1686, 6th July. Edward Dotey Sr was on jury. 

1689, June. Edward Dotey Senr. was admitted as a Freeman. 

The entire absence on the records of disputes of any nature whatsoever, 
or anything derogatory to his character, taken in connection with what is 
known of the high character borne by all his children, leads to the belief 
that he was a man of intelligence, integrity and thrift, who stood high in 
the regard of his neighbors and townsmen. 

He married, 25th February, 1662-3, Sarah Faunee, who was born at 
Plymouth about 1645, and was daughter of John Faunee and Patience his 
wife, and sister of the famous Elder Thomas Faunee. 

John Faunee came to Plymouth, 1623, in the Ann. In the same vessel 
came George Morton, the author of "Mourt'sRelacion," previously noted, 
with his wife Julian, whom he had married in 1612 at Leyden, she a 
daughter of Alexander Carpenter of Wrentham, England. With her par- 
ents came Patience Morton, born at Leyden 1615, who in 1634 married 
John Faunee. 

Their son Thomas Faunee, who was the worthy Elder of the church, 
was Town Clerk from 1685 to 1723. During this time the town records 
were generally entered by him, and it is to be noted that although the 
name appears in 1674 and in 1684 written " Doten," that in 1686 and 1689 
he enters his brother-in-law's name always " Dotey," and continues to 
write it so during his term of office. 

It seems probable, from this connection with the Faunee and other 
leading families, that Edward Dotey and his wife Sarah were devout 
Christians, carefully bringing up their family to good habits and the prac- 
tice of the virtues. It is related that in a storm on the 8th Feb., 1689-90. 
Edward Dotey, with his son John and Elkanah Watson, another resident 
of Plymouth, were drowned in Plymouth harbor, or, perhaps more prop- 
erly, by the wreck of their vessel in attempting to enter the harbor. 

On the 18th March following, "Sarah Dotey relict widdow of Edward 
Dotey late of Plimouth deceased," made oath to an inventory of the estate, 
to which her brother-in-law, " John Doten," and son-in-law, James War- 
ren, were witnesses. The widow continued to live in Plymouth until 
1693, whereon the 26th April of that year she married John Buck, of 
Scituate, Mass. He had come with his brother James in the Diligent 



in 1638 and settled first at Hinghani, but removed, 1650, to Scituate. He 
married for his llrst wife Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel llolbrook of 
Weymouth, by whom he had ten children. 

It is probable that at her second marriage jNIrs. Bu(;k removed to Scit- 
uate, where her death occurred 27th June, 1095. 

Shortly after tliis, at Plymouth, on the 9th July, 1695, " Thomas f 
faunce and John Dotey," both of Plymouth, and their uncles, were ap- 
pointed by the Court guardians of the minor children, Samuel, Benjamin 
and Mercy. Thoy could scarcely have had better guardians or better 
training than they received from their guardianship. 

On the 3d December, 1696, an agreement is entered upon the records 
made between James Warren and Sarah liis wife, Martha Doty, Tobias 
Oiikman and Elizabeth, his wife, and Thomas Faunce and John Dotej-, 
guardians of Samuel, Benjamin and Mercy Dotey, " being all the heirs of 
Edward Dotey deceased," for the distribution of his estate. The whole 
estate, or at least the whole real estate in Plymouth, by purchase from 
all the heirs, subsequently passed into the possession of James Warren. 

When Thomas Faunce became town clerk, in 1685, he soon opened a 
book for the registry of births, marriages and deaths. These had occa- 
sionally been entered in the earlier records, but not so fully as was now 
attempted by the new clerk. The families of his relatives by blood or 
marriage are entered very fully, the births of all the living members being 
given, though dating back much earlier. 

One of the earliest records in this register is given thus: 

" The children of P> Doty Senior and Sarah his wife — 

11. i. Edwakd, born t20th May, 1664. 

12. ii. Sauah, born 9th day June, 1666. 

13. iii. JouN, born 4th day of August, 1668. 

14. iv. Maky, ) Twin.s, born 9th day of July, 1771. 
1.). V. Maktiia, ) J ^> 

16. vi. Elizabeth, born 22d Dec, 1673 ; m. before 1696 Tobias Oak- 
man, as appears bj' the partition deed quoted above. No other 
refer<ni<-e to them aj^pears on the records at Plymouth, and it is 
probable that thc^j' removed soon elsewhere. 

17. vii. Patience, born 7th July, 1676. 

18. viij. Mekcy, b. 6th Febuawarv, 1678. Shee dyed the last day 
of November, 1682. 

19. ix. Samikl, born 17th May, 1681. 

20. X. Mkhoy, born 23d September, 1684. 

21. -xi. Bkn.tamin, born 30th May, 16S9. 

Of these, besides the first '' Mercj'," death is given on the record, 
Edward, tlie oldest son, died probably betwi^an 1690, at which date his 
father is still called Senior, and 169(), when the agreement between all the 
living heirs shows that he had died and without i-ssue. John was drowned 
in the harbor with his father Feb. 8, 1689 90, and Patience died Feb. 
26, 1690 1. 

12. SAltAlI DOTY, the eldest dau. of Edward Doty and Sarah Faunce, 
was b. at Plymouth,, June 9, 1666. She m. there June 21, 1687, 
James Warren, b. also at Plymouth, Nov. 7, 1665, the youngest sou of 
Nathaniel Warren and Sai-ah Walker, his wife, and grandson of Richard 


















Warren, who came in the Mayflower 1(520. They were the ancestors of a 
noble and illustrious line of patriots. 

James Warren was a man of great influence and wealth and a Justice 
of the Peace at Plymouth. He is frequently called Captain James War- 
ren on the records. He was a man of enterprise and judgment, and 
became a very large landholder in the town and vicinity. He bought the 
eiatire real estate of Edward Doty, his father-in-law, as the heirs became 
of age or removed from the town. His name is identified with the history 
of Plymouth by his various transactions and public-spirited improvements 
in the building of the town, and by coimection with the distinguishoil 
families of the vicinity. 

The children of James Warren and Sarah, his wife, are entered upon the 
records at Plymouth, as follows : 
Children : 

John, b. Nov. 37, 1688 ; d. March 1, 1689. 

Edward, b. Sept. 14, 1690; d. Feb. 38, 1691. 

Sakah, b. May 37, 1692. 

Alys (Alice;, b. Sept. 3, 1695: m. I'eleg Ford. 

Patiexce, b. Jan. 13. 1697-8 ; m. Joseph Stacy. 

James, b. April 14. 1700. 

Hope, b. Aug. 3, 1702. 

Mercy, b. March 21, 1704-5: m. 1762, as his second wife, 
Sylvanus Bramhall, of Plymouth, Mass. 

30. "ix. Mary, b. Jan. 14, 1707: not m. : d. Feb. 4, 1795. 

31. X. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 17, 1710-11; ni.,lst, Thomas Murdock ; 

m., 3nd, Thompson. She probably had no children, as her 

property was devised to her nephew, Benjamin Bramhall, son of h«r 
sister Mercy. 

14. MARY DOTY, dau. ot Edward Doty and Saiah Faunce, his wife, 
was b. at Plymouth, July 9, 1671. She m. there Dec. 21, 1699, Joseph 
Allyn, who was b. at Barnstable, Mass., April 7, 1671, and son of Lieu- 
tenant Samuel Allyn and Hannah, daughter of Rev. Thomas W alley. 
Lieutenant Samuel Allyn was a son of Thomas Allyn, one of the earliest 
settlers of Barnstable. 

Joseph Allyn and his wife lived for several years at Plymouth, but 
removed about 1705 to Wethersfield, Ct., where they subsequently 
resided. Though the house in which they resided at Plymouth was not 
built by him and was occupied by him only durmg the three years between 
his marriage and his departure to Weatherstteid, it was known for manj- 
years, in fact as long as the house existed, as the "Allyn House," which 
designation, Davis declares, was due alone to its association with this 
distinguished family. 

Members of the Allyn family were early at Hartford, Windsor, Middle- 
ton, Wethersfleld and other towns in that vicinity in Connecticut, cer- 
tainly as early as 1693-4 and possibly before that. The family has always 
been prominent and influential and has left its impress on each town. 
Hotels, public halls, blocks of buildings and other improvements bear 
testimony to the public spirit of those who have borne the name. By the 
records at Wethersfleld it appears that "'Joseph Allin of Plimouth, 
marriner, bought lands at Wethersfleld of Nicholas Moorecock and Amy 


his wife of Boston in Massachusetts, 7th Sept., in the third year of Our 
Sov. tjueoii Anne (1704 i." Tiii.s is recorded Feb. 5, 1704-5. showing the 
probable date of removal from Plymouth, as his daughter Hannah is 
stated on the record to have been boru at \Vethersfleld, JMay 17, 1705. 

Letters of administration on the estate of Captain Joseph Allyn, late of 
Wethersfield. were granted to Nathaniel Stillman, April G, 1742. Early 
in 1744 all the heirs agreed to and signed a settlement, which was 
ordered to be kept on file in the Probate Office. A careful search in 
the office at Hartford, Ct., failed to discover this paper, nor did the 
records at Wethersfield. or furtlK^r inquiries there, give any further infor- 
mation as to the de-scendauts. Nathaniel Stillman, of Wethersfield, was 
his son-in-law, having married his daughter Sarah. Captain Joseph 
AUyn's farm and residence at Wethersfield were at a beautiful spot on the 
baidvs of the Connecticut River, connnanding an extensive view. It is 
probalile that even after locating here he followed, for a time at least, his 
profession of mariner, the Connecticut River having early become the seat 
of an extensive trade to the Bai'badoes and East Indies: and communica- 
tions must have been frequent, not only with his Virother in-law, Captain 
Samuel Doty, at Sayln-ook, but also with those who remained at the old 
homesteads at Plymouth. 

Children : 
32. i. Ei.i/.AHKTH, b. Plymouth. 1700. 
38. ii. >Jai;y. b. Plymouth, 1702. 

34. iii. Hannah, b. Wethersfield, May 17, 1705. 

35. iv. Samx-el, b. Wethersfield. Feb. 24. l70f)-7. 

36. v. Sauam, b. Wetliersfi(>l(l, Aug. 17, 1708; m., as his second 
wife, Nathaniel Stillman of Wethersfield. they had 7 children. 

37. vi Majhiia, b. AVethersfield, Oct. 22. 1710. 

15. MARTHA DOTY, dau. of Kdward Doty and Sarah Faunce, 
was twin .sister of Mary and b. at Plymouth, Mass., July 9, 1671. She 
m. there Dec. 23, 1696. her cousin, Thomas Morton, b. also at Plymouth 
1667. son of Ephraim Morton and Ann Cooper, and grandson of 
George Morton, one of the early emigrants, who was the author of 
" Mourt's Relacion," quoted before. Thomas Morton and Martha, his 
wife, lived in Plymouth. 

Children : 

38. i. TnoMAS, b. Plymouth, Feb. 12, 1700. 

39. ii. LiDiAii, b. Plymouth, Nov. 15, 1702: m. there Benjamin 
Barllett. b. Plymouth, 1()99, son Jo.seph Bartlett and Lydia 

40. iii. Lkmuei,, b. Plymouth, Oct. 21, 1704: d. young. 

41. iv. Sarah, b. Plymouth, July 6, 1706. 

42. V. Natmaniei.. b. Plymouth, Oct. 2, 1710. 

43. vi. Mai;y. b. Plymouth, Aug. 30, 1712. 

11>. SAMUEI. DOTT, .sou of Edward Doty and Sarah Faunce, b. Ply 
mouth,, May 17, 1681 ; m. Saybrook, Ct.. Dec. 3, 1706, Anne Buck- 
ingham, b. Saybrook, Ct., Aug. 2, 1687, dau. Rev. Thomas Buckingham 
and Esther Hosmer, dau. Thomas Hosmer, of Hartford. He d. Saybrook, 
Ct., Jan. 26, 1750: she d. Saybrook, Ct., Dec. 16. 1745. 

CajitJiin Sanmel Doty lost his father in 1690. In 1695 the estate 
was settled, and his uncles, Thomas Faunce and John Doty were 


appointed guardians of the youngest children, Samuel, Mercy and Ben- 
jamin. He early adopted the profession of his father and uncle and 
became a mariner. In 1705, as appears by deed at Plymouth, he sold all 
his property there to his brother-in-law. Captain James Warren. This 
property consisted of four or five different plots of many acres each at 
various places, and included that received from his father as well as his 
own purchases. In this deed lie is described as "mariner of Connecticut." 
He probably removed to Saybrook, Ct., as early as 1703 ; he married there 
1700 and in 1708 purchased the home lot and dwelling at Saybrook Point, 
in which he afterward lived. This purchase was made for £00. 

From this time he continually purchased property at Saybrook, as 
appears from deeds on record there, and became a considerable land- 
holder. He traded with the Barbadoes, West Indies, and other foreign 
ports, and in 1715 he is described in deeds as merchant. 

From the Connecticut Colonial Records it appears that at a meeting of 
the Governor and his Council, held Aug. 26, 1710, it was ordered that four 
certain vessels should be impressed for service in the exjiedition against 
Nova Scotia, one of these being a new sloop called the Six Friends, of 
about fifty-five tons, belonging to Mr. Samuel Dotey, of Saybrook, which 
cost (as appears by his account on file) in building and fitting £450. In 
case of loss he to be paid full value, and there was allowed to Mr. Samuel 
Doty, master of the sloop Six Friends, and his men, toward wages 
£lh, 10s. 

"Meeting of Council. Nov. 8, 1710. Ordered, that the transports now in 
the harbour of New London under the command of Capt. Dotee and Bur- 
roughs do deliver to the Commissary what stores &c belong to this Colony 
they have on board." And again : " Octo. 1727. This Assembly do estab- 
lish and confirm Mr. Samuel Doughty of Seybrook to be Captain of the 
Company or trainband in the old Society in the town of Seybrook afore- 
said, and order that he be commissioned accordingly." 

In the second book of Saybrook records: "Entered y^ July 28*'' 1724. 
The marks Capt Samuel Dotey puts on his cattle is an half cross on the 
under side of near ear, and a hole in the same ear. " 

In 1732 and 1737 Mr. Samuel Dotey was a deputy, or representative, 
from Saybrook to the General Assembly of Connecticut. 

In 1880 the writer visited Saybrook, Ct. , and met there, Sept. 7th, Mr. 
Horace Stillman, a descendant of Captain Samuel Doty. iMr. Stillmaii, 
at that time eighty-seven years of age but still a man of active habits, 
pointed out the site on Saybrook Point on which Captain Samuel Doty 
built and where he died. Mr. Horace Stillman had himself lived in the 
house, which had then been somewhat enlarged ; but some years since, 
while he was away, the house being very old had been pulled down, and 
unfortunately all the old papers and documents had been destroyed. Oil 
paintings of Captain Doty and his daughter, in a very dilapidated state, 
were preserved, but all else was lost. Captain Doty owned considerable 
land on Saybrook Point and had also a cooper shop there, where the 
manufacture of barrels was carried on. 


The portraits reftMn^d to above, rcnoviited and renewed, are now in the 
possesion of Rev. AVililam D'Orville Doty, of Rochester, N. Y. The one 
represents a fine, portly gentleman in the costume of the time, holding in 
his hand a letter, which is directed to " rhillp Thomas, merchant, Barba- 
does." An open window shows a bark nnder full sail, and is evidently 
intended to .--how his profession or business. The other portrait is that of 
]\Irs. Margeria Parker Doty, the wife of his son Samuel. 

Mrs. Annie Buckingham Doty, wife of Caj)tain Samuel Doty, was the 
ninth and youngest child of Rev. Thomas Buckingham and Esther llos- 
mer, hi.swife, who was the daughter of Thomas llosmer, of Hartford, Ct. 

Rev. Thomas Buckingham was of Welsh parentage, was ordained 
minister at Baybrook, Ct. , 1670, and continued to preach until his death, 
April 1, 1709, aged nearly sixty-three years. He was one of the found, rs 
of Vale College: was a "fellow" there from 1700 until his death, and a 
strong supporter of the college both at Saybrook and New Haven. He 
was one of the leaders of the clergy and the strict Puritans of his time, 
and one of tiie Moderators of the famous Synod which formed the eele- 
brated SayV)rook Platform in 1708. 

Captain Samuel Dot}' and his wife are buried side by side in the old 
Saybrook burying ground. The gravestones of red sandstone are still 
in a fair state of preservation and bear the following inscriptions : 

" Here lies Interrd the remains of Capt. SanmelDoty, who departed 
this life .January y<* tiQ A. D. 1750 in y« 70^11 year of his age." 

" Here lies luterr'i the body of Mrs Ann Dotj", wife of Capt. Samuel 
Doty who Dec'i Decendjr Kjf'i 1745 in ye .59 of her age " 

And on the footstones : "Capt Samuel Doty ." " Mrs Ann Doty" 

Xear these were two othei- graves, side by side, with stones and inscrip- 
tions as follows : 

" Here lies interrd the body of Mr Samuel Doty who departed this life 
December y"^" l(i 1751 in y 89 j'cuir of his age." On footstone : " ilr 
Samuel Doty." 

" Here lies Interr'' the body of Mrs Ann Doty who departed this lil'i' 
August y 20"' 175^^, ill y 21^* year of ln>rage." On footstone : ".Mrs 
Ann Doty." 

These are the graves of Samuel, the son of Captain Samuel Doty, and 
Ann, the daugiier of the former, who, though not married, b(iars the title 
"Mrs." in accordance with the cxistom of the time. Captain Doty was 
a man of im|)ortance and of eonsidiMable property. Besides that at Say- 
brook Point he owned a large farm at Deep River, Ct., which he conveyed 
by gift to his son Samuel in 17;58. He was a man of great probity, and a 
consistent member of the lirst Congregational Church of Saybrook, in the 
annals of which are many references to his family. The town records are 
also well preserved, bul do not contain the detailed records of families as 
fully as those of Plymouth; tiie records are now deposited with I he town 
clerk at Deej) River, Ct., which svas a part of the old town. 

Saybrook Point, where Ca[)tain Samuel Doty had his residence, has lost 
mucji of its old iiii|)ortaiice. Lying at the mouth of the Connecticut 
River, it was one of the ejirliest .settlements in the State, a fort having 


been built thoro in 1G35. By llie early part of the next century it had 
become a busy trading port, and numerous vessels plied between the 
town and the West Indies, and this trade supplied the inhabitants of 
the Point with their occupation for many years. Captain Samuel Doty 
was the leading merchant of the Point at this time of its greatest r'l'os- 
peiity. After he had retired from active sea life, he dispatched 
his vessels to the various ports of the West India islands, while he super- 
intended on shore his cooper shop and other investments more or less 
directly connected with his main business. 

The beautiful, quiet and restful village now called Old Sayl>rook lies 
several miles above the Point; its broad roads, tall elms and comfortable 
looking mansions show it to have been a home of wealth and culture 
rather than of trade. Here, in a frame building of one story and eighty 
feet in length, was established, in 1701, the college which seventeen years 
later was removed to New Haven and called Yale College. The Rev. 
Thomas Buckingham was one of its founders and most earnest supporters. 
As the minister of the first church at Saybrook he became, in 1708, one 
of the most active members of the Synod that adopted the " Saybrook 
Platform " as the confession of faith for the college and the churches of 
the colony. 

Captain Samuel Doty, his son-in-law, was a strong adherent and 
sympathizer. His training and surroundings at Plymouth had tended 
toward an exemplary life. He was a man of strong character and earnest 
purpose, and this, combined with his spirit of thrift and adventure, caused 
him speedily to assume a place of influence in the community. 

At no time after his departure from Plymouth is his name spelled 
"Doten." Almost invariably the deeds and other pai)ers upon the 
records at Saybrook are signed or written " Doty," and this is the form 
that has been adopted by all his descendants without exception, as well as 
by those of his brother Benjamin, who followed him to Saybrook and was 
the ancestor of a large family there. Their posterity being the only 
descendants in the male line of Edward Doty 2d, of Plymouth, it follows 
that the name of Doten has no standing in this branch. Captain Samuel 
Doty and Anne, his wife, had children. 

Children : 

44. i. Sahah, b. Saybrook, Nov. 18, 1708. 

45. ii. Samuei,, b. Saybrook, June 17, 1712. 

20. MERCY DOTY, the tenth child and youngest daughter of Edward 
Doty and Sarah Faunce, was born at Plymouth, Mass., Sept. 23, 1684. 
Left an orphan at the age of eleven years, she probably lived with one of 
her uncle guardians at Plymouth until her brothers Samuel and Benjamin 
established their home at Saybrook, Ct., when she followed them, taking 
up her residence there. She married, Nov. 13, 1713, at Saybrook, Daniel 
Pratt, who was born there Jan. 13, 1(580-1, and was a son of John Pratt 
and Mary Andrews. 

Pratts were numerous in the early settlements of New England, and 
several different families of that name settled early at Saybrook or in the 
vicinitv. An excellent genealogy of the family has been published— "The 


Pratt Famll}-," by Rev. F. W. Chapman, A. M., Hartford, 18G4— from 
which many quotations have already been made in the preceding pages, 
and from which the following record has substantially been taken. 

John Pratt, of Saylirook, is styled in the Town Records "John Pratt 
(Taylor) " to distinguish him from another John with whom he was aeon- 
temporary and who bears the title " John Pratt (Smith)." 

It is not known who was his father nor from whence he came. One of 
his sons, as appears from a deed of land on record, removed to South- 
ampton, on Long Island, and it is possible that the father may have lived 
there before coming to Saybrook, though there is no proof to warrant this 
assertion, lie married, Aug. 10, 167G, Mary Andrews, by whom he had 
six children, of whom Daniel was the only son who remained in Saybrook 
and had a family. 

Daniel Pratt and Mercy his wife lived and died at Saybrook, Ct. 


46. i. ]\Ieroy, b. Saybrook, July 27, 1715. 

47. iv. Daniel, b. Saybrook, July 12, 1716. 

48. iii. Patience, b. Saybrook, Feb. 7, 1718; m. Samuel Clark of 

49. iv. Ei-NicE, b. Saybrook. Nov. 13, 1721. 

50. V. EnwAUD, b. Saybrook. Nov. 28, 1723. 

51. vi. CiBELL fSvbil), b. Saybrook. Dec. 10, 1725. 

52. vii. Ethan, b.'Saybrook.^March 13, 1730. 

21. BENJA.MIX DOTY, son Edward Doty and Sarah Fauiu-e: b. 
Plymouth, Mass., May 30, 1089; m. Saybrook, Ct., Oct. 2, 1716, Hester 
Bemen, b. Saybrook, Ct., dau. Samuel Beracn and Hester Buckingham. 

From the records of Plymouth, Mass., we learn that July 2, 1710. 
" Benjamin Dotey of Plymouth sells his share of the estate of his father 
to James Warren " (his brother-in-law). It was probably about this time 
that he removed to Saybrook, Ct. , where he afterwards resided, and 
where his brother, Samuel Doty, had pi-eceded him. We find no further 
record of him till his marriage in 171G. Samuel Bemen, or Beamond, as 
the name is sometimes written, the father of his wife, died at Saybrook, 
November, 1747, aged eighty and upwards. He was born at Sayltrook 
and was a son of William Beamond, who came to Saybrook in the ship 
Elizabeth from London 1635, aged at that time twenty-seven years, and 
married there, 1643, Lydia, daughter of Nicholas Danforth. 

Hester Buckingham, wife of Samuel Bemen, was born also at Saybrook, 
and was the oldest daughter of Rev. Thomas Buckingham, the first min- 
ister of the Congregational Church at Saybrook. She was a sister of the 
Aime Buckingham who married Samuel Doty. 

Benjamin Doty was a farmer. His farm, still called the "Doty farm," 
is situatetl about three miles from the village of Saybrook, and the site of 
the old homestead is easily found by the ruined cellar, the large orchard 
adjoining the spacious yard, and the spring at the foot of the garden. 
Three generations of this branch of the Doty family held the place. Sev- 
eral old tan vats in the vicinity seem to indicate that he was a tanner by 
trade. Tradition says that Mrs. Hester Doty was a woman of strong 
mind and superior education. 


By the record of Saybrook deeds, now on file at Deep River, Ct., we 
find, under the date 1731-2, Samuel Beaman gives to his daughter Hester 
and Benjamin Doty a lot in Saybrook. 

1744, May 25, is entered a cattlemark as follows: "The marks that 
Benjamin Doty puts on his cattle is a swallow-tail or notches on the top 
of y«^ near ear." 

Under date 17.'52, Benjamin Doty and Hester Doty, his wife, Samuel 
Shipman and Sarah, his wife, Hester Doty second, Edward Doty and 
Temperance Doty, being children of said Benjamin Doty, unite in selling 
2^ acres at Saybrook to Kichard Lord. 

And in 1762, Sept. 12, as appears by the records of the church at Say- 
brook, " Esther Doty, Benjamin's wife, was admitted to communion." 

By this it would seem that Mrs. Hester Doty certainly, and Benjamin 
Doty probably, lived till after 1762, but there is no record nor tradition to 
show the dates of their deaths, while the quiet and peaceful farm life they 
led accounts for the absence of any further entries. 

It is true that among the descendants of this family there has l)ecn a 
tradition that this Benjanun Doty married Esther Danforth. There is 
nothing to support that tradition. The records show very plainly the mar- 
riage at the date above given to Hester Bemen, and the subsequent deeds 
confirm it. The deed of 1752 included all their living children who were 
then of lawful age, and this is again confirmed by the dates of birth of 
these childrert as given upon the church records or by their descendants. 
The only foundation that is apparent for the tradition of " Esther Dan- 
forth" is the descent from the emigrant, Nicholas Danforth. 

Two further items found on the records of the church at Saybrook have 
produced further confu.sion. They are as follows : 

" Benja™ , the son of Benjamin Doty, dyed Sept 1, 1738 aged 37." 

"1752. Octo 14. Benjamin Doty Jr and Martha his wife owned the 


The will of Thomas Jones, of Saybrook, Ct., dated March 11), 1771, 
mentions a davxghter, Martha Doty, and her -son, Edward Doty. 

These items are inconsistent with the record as here given, and, unless 
they are errors in the church books, are explicable only on the theory of 
there being another Benjamin Doty residing at Saybrook. The title 
Junior, as given at that time, did not necessarily infer that the person 
bearing it was the son of the other Benjamin. Its significance was "the 
younger," and it was frequently used to distinguish two of a name, even 
though not closely related. It will be noticed that Benja'" , the son of 
Benjamin Doty, who died Sept. 1, 173S, aged 37, must have been born 
1701, and the father probably thirty years earlier, or about 1670, at which 
date, nor till 1080, was there any Benjamin Doty in existence of whom 
there is any knowledge. Again, the second entry shows that Benjamin 
Doty, Jr. , who was living with his wife Martha in 1752, cannot refer to 
either Benjamin in the first entry, and the conclusion is unavoidable, after 
a close study, that both items are clerical errors in the church records. 

Children : 

53. i. Hester, b. Saybrook, Ct., Aug. 11, 1717. She was not m. 
She lived at Saybrook, and her d. is entered on the record of the 



First Church, " 1705 July 3— Ivsthor Doty, agod 77, of I'litrid 
fovcr." I?ut little more is known of her. Another entry, made t>e- 
tweiii 1780 iuid 1740, shows that Anne Doty and p]sther Doty 
"owned the Covenant." 

M. ii. An.nk (or Anna ), b. Savbrook. June 5, 1720 : not m.: d. there 
Oct. 24. 1742 

.').'). ill. William, b. Saybrook, July IS, 1723; not ni.: d. there Nov. 
0, 1742. 

5rt. iv. Edwauo, b Saybrook, 172G. 

57. V. Sakah, b. Sayln-ook, prob. 1729. 

.'5S. vi. Temi'ekanck, b. Saybrook, prob. 1730-2. 

r>9. vii. Maktma, b. Saybrook, prob. 173o: ni. Dennison, 

prob. James Dennison, and they lived at Lyme, Ct. From the 
records of New London, Ct.: "1793. March 11. The Court ap- 
points William DiMiuison, of Lyme, guardian to Doty Dennison, a 
minor, son of James Dennison, late of Lyme, deceased, on the 
minor's own choice." 

60. viii. ."Mkkcy, b. Saybrook, i)ro1). 1738: m. there prob. 17r)8 
her cousin, Samuel Doty, .son Sanniel Doty and Margeria I'arker : 
for children see his record (No. 110). 

Gl. ix. I\L\i:y, b. Saybrook. ])rob. 1740; not m.: lived with her 
niece, Elishaba Kirtland, at Saybrook. They joined their jtroperly 
and lived for many years together. She died April or May, 1S2'.), 
agod 88 years. Her will, made July 20, 1824, and proved May, 
1829, leaves all her estate to her niece, Elishaba Kirtland. 

62. X. Benjamin, b. Saybrook, July 28, 1742. 

24. SARAM WARREN, dau. James Warren and Sarah Doty, b. Ph'- 
mouth, Mass., May 27, 1(;92 ; m. , 1st, about 1710, Charles Little, b. 
Marshfield, Mass., 1685, son of Isaac Little and Bethiah, his wife. After 
his d. she in. 2Md, in 1728, Nicholas Sever, b. in Roxbury, Mass, 1680, 
son of Caleb Sever and Sarah Ingoldsl)y. Both husbands were prominent 
and wealthy men. She d. before 17.~)7. 
Bv her first husband she had children : 
>)3. i. Sauaii (Little), b. Plymouth, 1711. 
64. ii. Bethiah rLittle), b. IMymouth, 1715. 
(i.~). iii. Charles (Little), b. Plvmouth, 1717. 
<i6. iv. LnoY (Little), b. Plymouth, 1719. 

67. V. Sauaii (Little), b. P'lvmoulh, 1721. 

68. vi. Cii.ujLEs (Little), b. Plymouth, 1723. 
By her second husband she had: 

69. vil. John (Sever), b. Kingston, Mass. : m. Judith Cooper. 

70. viii. Jame.s (Sever), b. Kingston, I^Iass. 

71. ix. William (Sever) b. Kingston, Macs., who lived at Kingston, 
Mass., and ra. in 1755 his cousin, Sarah Warren (No. 74). 

27. JAMES W ARISEN, son James Warren and Sarah Doty, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., April 14, 1700, was, like his father, a very large land- 
holder, a distinguished and prominent citizen and a Justice of the Peace, 
lie m. in 1724 Penelope Winslow, b. 1704, at Marshfield, Mass., dau. Isaac 
WiiiBlow and Sarah Wensley. She was a great granddaughter of Edward 
Winslow, who was a passenger by the ^layflower in 1620, and was one of 
the early Governors of the Plymouth Colony. 

Children : 

72. i. James, b. Plymouth, 1726; m. Mercy Otis (No. SI). 
Ho was the General James Warren of the Revolution. See her 

73. ii. Ann, b. Plymouth, 1728. 



74. lii. Sakah, b. Plymouth, 1730; m. William Sever (No. 71). 

75. iv. WiNSLOw, Plymouth, 1733. 

76. V. JosiAH, b. Plymouth, 1736. 

2S. HOPE WAKREN, dau. James Warren and 8arah Doty, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Aug. 2, 1702; m. there Nathaniel Thomas, b. Plymouth, 
Mass., 1695, son of Nathaniel Thomas and Mary Appleton. She d. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., May 3, 1728; hem., 2nd, Hannah Robinson. 


77. i. Nathaniel, b. Plymouth, 1724; d. early. 

78. ii. Nathaniel (2nd), b. Plymouth, 1727: d. early. 

38. ]MARY ALLYN (or Allyne, as the name is sometimes written), b. 
in the Allyne House at Plymouth, Mass., 1702: m. Wetherslield, Ct., 
Jame Otis, Colonel and Jugde, b. Barnstable, Mass., June 14, 1702, eon 
Hon. John Otis and Mercy Bacon. 

Savage, in his "Dictionary of New England Genealogy," says of .Mrs. 
Mary Otis: " She was a woman of very superior character. A good 
portrait of her in the costume of that time was in the possession of her 
grandson, Hon. Harrison Gray Otis, of Boston," and is probably now 
■with the " Gray Collection " in the Museum of Fine Arts at Boston, or in 
the State House. 

The following account of Colonel James Otis and. his descendants is 
condensed from an excellent history of the family in the " New England 
Genealogical Register," vol. 2, July, 1848. 

James Otis rose to be a man of great distinction and influence, of 
superior genius, but more indebted to the native energy of his mind than 
to a regular education for the acquirements he possessed. He was dis- 
tinguished for his knowledge of the law, and ardently engaged in 
asserting the rights of the Colonies. He was elected to the Provincial 
Legislature in 1758, and made Speaker of the House in 1700. In 1763 
he was appointed Judge of Probate for Barnstable County, and a year 
later Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. In this year, 1764, 
he was also chosen one of His Majesty's Council, but was not allowed to 
sit at the Council Board until 1770, owing to his opposition to the measures 
of government. During the first year of the Revolution he still sat at the 
Council Board, of which body he was president and the oldest member. 
From 1760 to 1775 he served on committees of tlio Legislature which re- 
ported many of the most remarkable and masterly stati* papers of this 
period, and his name is frequently mentioned as a compeer with Adims, 
Quincy and Hancock 

He died Nov. 9, 1778, having lived long enough to see the prospective 
success of his country in tlie struggle for freedom. His portrait is in the 
old State House, Boston. 

Children : 

79. i. James, b. Barnstable, Mass., Fel). 5, 1724-5. 

80. ii. Joseph, b. Barnstable, March 6, 1725-6 : m., 1st. 
Rebecca Sturgis; m. , 2nd, Maria Walter, lie was a member of 
the Legislature and Brigadier-General of the INIilitia, and was ap- 
pointed by Washington, Collector of Customs for the district of 
Barnstable. He d. 1810. 


81. iii. :Mei:cy, b. Banistablo, Sept. 14, 1728. 

82. iv. Maky. b. Barnstable, Sept. t), 1730: in. .Jolui Gray. 

83. V. lI.vNN.Mi. b. liarn.stable. July 31, 1732. 

84. vi. Natuaniei., b. Barnstable, July 9, 1734: d. Jan. 13, 

85 vii. Maktiia, b. Barnstable, Oct. 9, 173G; d. Nov. 25, 

86. viii. AruuAiL. b. Barnstable, June 80, 1738; d. .lulv 30, 

87. ix. Elizabeth, b. Barnstable. Sept. 1, 1739. 

88. X. Samcki. Ali.ynk, b. Barnstable. Nov. 24, 1740: m., 
1st, Elizabeth, tlie only dau. of lion. Harrison Gray; after iier d. 
he ra., 2nd, Mary, widow of Kdward Gray and dau. Isaac Smith, 
lie held various oiru^es of prominence in the State, and was first 
Secretary of tlie United States Senates, a position which he held 
for thirty years. Their portraits are in the old State House, Bos- 
ton. He d. Washington. D. C, April 22, 1814. 

89. xi. Sakaii. b. Barnstable, April 11, 1742; d. May 5, 1742. 

90. xii. Natiia.n-iel, b. Barnstable, April 9, 1743 : d. April .30, 

91. xiii. A dau., who d. early. 

38. THO.MAS MORTON, son Thomas Morton and Martha Dotey, b. 
Plymouth, Mas.s., Feb. 12, 1700; m. there, 1726, Hannah Nelson, b. prob. 
1707, prob. dau. Stamuel Nelson and Bathsheba Nichols. 

Children : 

92. i. Batusiieba, b Plymouth, 1727 : ni. John Klckard. 

93. ii. ]Maktiia, b. Plymouth, 1730; m. Silas Morton. 

41. SAKAH MORTON.' dau. Thomas ]\rorton and Martha Dotey, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., July G, 1700: m. there, 1737, Joseph Bartlett. b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., 1704, son Robert Bartlett and Sarah Bartlett. 

Children : 

94. i. Sakaii, b. Plymouth, 1737; m. John Bartlett. 

95. ii. JosEiMi, b. Plymouth, 1738. 
90. iii. Thomas, b. Plymouth, 1742. 

97. iv. JosiAH, b. Plymouth, 1744. 

98. V. Maijtiia, b. Plymouth, 1747. 

99. vi. Hannah, b. Plymouth, 1749; m. Daniel Hosea. 

42. NATHANIEL MORTON, son Thomas Morton and Martha Dotey. 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 2, 1710: m. there Mary Shaw. 

Child : 

1(»0. i. - Maky, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1734. 

4:{. .M.Vin' MORTON, dau. Thomas Morton and Martha Dotey, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 30, 1712; m. there, 1732, John Nelson, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., 1712, son Samuel Nelson and Bathsheba Nichols. 

Mauy, b. Plymouth, 1733. 
Lydia, b Plymouth, 1734. 
Hannah, b. Plymouth, 1737. 
Samuel, b. Plymouth, 1739. 
Thomas, b. Plymouth. 1741. 
John. b. Plymouth, 1748. 

44. SARAH DOTY, dau. Captain Sanmel Doty and Anne Bucking- 
ham, b. Say brook. Ct., Nov. 18, 1708: m. Wethersfield, Ct., Aug. 29, 


•n : 













1727, Bejamin Stillman, b. Wethersfield, Ct., July 29, 1705, son George 
Stillman and his wife Kebecca. 

The record at Wethersfield says : " ^Tr. Benjamin Stillman and Sarah, 
ye daughter of Capt. Samuel Doty of Say-Brook wore married on August 
ye 29tii 1727 by y® Rev<^i Mr. Azariah Mather, Minister." 

Wethersfield was one of the early settlements of Connecticut and for 
many years was a flourishing and important town, with a considerable 
foreign as well as domestic trade. It has lost its earlj- importance and has 
to-day but few traces of its early settlers, whose descendants have emi- 
grated to other parts of the country. The town records give but scant 
information of the Stillman family, otlier than that in those days, 1 730 to 
1750, Benjamin Stillman was a man of prominence and influence in the town 
and a considerable owner of real estate there. 

They resided at AVethersfield, Ct. She d. there Oct. 4, 1732. He m., 
2nd, Katherine Chauncey, dau. Rev. Nathaniel Chauncey, of Durham, 
Ct. ; she d. June 12, 1736, and he m. , 3rd, Dec. 15, 1737, Ann Pierson, 
of Wethersfield. By her he had two chil. : 
i. Pierson, bap. Sept. 29, 1738. 
ii. AsnBEL, bap. July 24, 1741. 

Children : 

107. i. George, b. Wethersfield, Ct., Nov. 24, 1729. 

108. ii. Samuei., b. Wethersfield, Nov. 28, 1731. 

45. SAMUEL DOTY, son Captain Samuel Doty and Anne Bucking- 
ham, b. Saybrook, Ct., June 17, 1712: m. there April 3, 1733, Margeria 
Parker, b. Saybrook, Ct, July 14, 1708, dau. John Parker, Jr , and Mary 
Jones, dau. Lieutenant Samuel Jones. He d. Deep River, JVIiddlesex 
Co., Ct., Dec. 16, 1751, and is buried with his dau. Ann in the old 
Saybrook burying ground, near his parents. She d. prob. early in 1785, 
also at Deep River, 

Samuel Doty graduated from Yale College in 1733. He received by 
deed of gift from his father in 1738 a farm at Deep River, where he subse- 
quently lived. The house he built is still standing and in good condition, 
and was partly occupied in 1880 by his great granddaughter, ^liss Ann 
Lord. Miss Lord still had in her possession a string of gold beads that 
belonged to Mrs. Margeria Parker Doty, and had shortly before parted 
with a fine portrait in oil'of her, it now being possessed by Mrs. Julia N. 
D. Harvey, of Saybrook, Ct., and being almost a duplicate of that owned 
by her brother. Rev. William D'Orville Doty, of Rochester, N. Y. By 
the records of the First (Jhurch at Saybrook, it appears that " Margeria, 
widow of Mr. Samuel Doty, was admitted to the communion Nov. 27, 

Administration of the estate of the widow Margery Doty, late of Say- 
brook, was granted to Samuel Doty (her son) of Saybrook, and his in- 
ventory of her estate was approved June 6, 1785. The estate included 
seven acres of land, silver plate, etc.. and was valued at 34 £. Deep River 
was part of Saybrook. The administrator, Samuel Doty, sold above land 

Children : 

109. i. Sakah, b. Saybrook, Ct., Dec. 20, 1733. 


no. II. SAMirEL. b. Saybrook, 17;3G. 

111. iii. Ann, b. Saylnook. IT^H; not m.: d. Saylaook, Aug. 
28, 1758. Tradition reports that Ann Doty d. qiiite suddenly 
in the night after eating a supper of clams. She was in her twenty- 
first year and greatly Ixdovi'd. She is buried next to her father in 
the Vmrying ground at Old Saybrook. 

112. iv. John, b. Saybrook,; bap. ^laroh 7, 1742. He was a 
KevoUitionarj- soldier and is said to have died on the prison ship 
Jersey, in New York harbor. lie was not ni. 

Hi. MKiiCY PH.VTT, duu. of Daniel Pratt and Merey Doty, 1). Say- 
brook, Ct., July 37, 1715: ni. iMarch 17, 1748, Elias Tully. 
Children : 

113. i. S.VMUEL, b. May 17, 1750. 

114. ii. Er.iAS, b. Julv 30, 1752. 

115. iii. Mkucy, b. April 14, 1755: d. Aug. 2G, 1775. 
110. iv. KuNicK, b. Aug. 5, 1758. 

47. DANIEL PRATT, oldest son of Daniel Pratt and Mercy Doty, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., July 12, 171G; ni. there, Deborah Pratt, dau. of Dan- 
iel Pratt and Sarah Chalker, his wife. It is not known that she was re- 
lated to him, as there were several families of Pratts at Saybrook. 
Children : 

Daniel, m. Marj- Kirtland. 

Mekov, ra. Abn(>r Kirtland. 

Jonathan, m. ]'>etsy Fordham. 

Ednice, b. April 15"^ 1755. 

Dehokaii, l)ap. Nov., 1750: m. a Fuller. 

Abijaii, m. a Shipman. 

Ethan, ni. a Skeiles. 

Patience, m. Silas Fordham. 

Syiul, m. Nathan Southworth. 

51. SYBIL PRATT, dau. Daniel Pratt andlVIercy Doty. b. Saybrook, 
Ct., Dec. 10, 1725 ; m. there Nov. 27, 1757, Lieut. Philip Kirtland. They 
lived at Saybrook. 

Children : 

126. i. Sybil, b. Oct. 1, 1758. 

127. ii. Philip, b. Jan. 3. 17(51 : d. Jan. 8, 1705. 

128. iii. Nathan, b. Jan. 14, 1768. 

52. ETHAN PRATT, youngest son and child of Daniel Pratt and 
Mercy Doty, b. Saybrook, Ct., March 13, 1730: m. there July 17, 1755. 
Ellhala Kirtland. The name of but one child is given on the record, 
and they may then have removed. 

Child : 

129. i. Ethan, b. March 22, 1757. 

56. EDWARD DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Hester Bemen, b. Say- 
brook, Ct., 172G. 

He was married three times, but the name of his first wife, wlio was tlie 
mother of his children, is not known. He married second, after 1707. a 
widow Dennison, and married third, late in life, Elizabeth Gladding, but 
had no children by either of these 

In his j'outh he was engaged in the Indian Wars, and was for a time a 
captive to tlie Indians. His sufferings at this time affected his mind, and 




















in later years he was at times partially deranged, and when in that condi- 
tion he delighted to perforin Indian feats for the ainusomcnt of his grand- 
children. He was adnutted as Freedman of SayV)rook 1708, and his cattle 
mark is entered there Jan. 18, 1770. lie was a Revolutionary soldier 
also, but no record has been preserved of his regiment or of his services. 
After the Revolution he removed to Stephentown, N. Y., where he died 
March IB. 1806. 

Children by first wife : 

130. i. Anna, b. Saybrook, Ct., 1752; bap. Jan. 13, HOB. 

131. ii. William, b. July 23, 17.'54. 

132. ill. Sarah, b. 1756 ; 'bap. Aug. 29. 1756. 

By tradition she is reported to have m. a man of wealth, posi- 
tion and influence on Long Island. Rut as appears in the church 
records at Saybrook, she m. there, Nov. 24, 1784, Thomas More- 
house of Somers, Ct. 

133. iv. Tempekance, b. Saybrook, 1760: bap. May 4, 1760. 
The family tradition reports that she m. a Sheflield, and lived in 
New York City. 

134. v. Edwakd, b. Saj^brook, 17H4: bap. May 27, 1764. 

135. vi. LroiNDA, b. Saybrook, 1766; bap. Aug. 8, 1766. She is 

reported to have m. Owen, and to have lived at Rensse- 

laerville, N. Y. 

57. SARAH DOTY, dau. Benjamin Doty and Hester Bemen, b. Say- 
brook, Ct., prob. 1729; m. there Samuel Shipraan. 1745. Samuel Shipman 
and Sarah, his wife, owned the Covenant. — Saybrook First Church 

Children : 

13G. i. Esther, b. Saybrook ; bap. March 2, 1746. 

137. ii. Sarah, b. Saybrook ; bap. Jan 10, 1748. 

138. iii. Samuel, b. Saybrook ; bap. Aug., 1750. 

139. iv. Hannah, b. Saybrook ; Nov. 10, 1755. 

140. V. Nathaniel, b. Saybrook; bap. April 8, 1759. 

141. vi. Joshua, b. Saybrook; bap. Aug. 4, 1705. 

142. vii. Joshua (2d), b. Saybrook: bap. May 24. 1767. 

143. viii. Orphana, b. Saybrook; bap. jime 17, 1770. 

58. TEMPERANCE DOTY, dau. Benjamin Doty and Hester Bemen, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., prob. 1 730-1732 ; m. there, as his third wife, Nathaniel Kirt- 
land, b. prob. Saybrook, Dec. 11,1719, son Nathaniel Kirtland and his 
second wife. Phebe DeWolf. The Kirtlands were among the earliest 
settlers at Saybrook. Nathaniel Kirtland was m, three times : he was a 
farmer and resided at Saybrook : lioth d. there. 

Bv his second wife he had three children: 

i. Phebe, b. 1746: m. Benjamin Doty (No. 62), brother of 
Temperance Doty. 

ii. Elizabeth, m. John Bull. 

iii. Abigail, m. Samuel Dennison. 


144. i. Hester, b. Saybrook. 

145. ii. Anna, b. Saybrook. 

146. iii. Elishaba, b. Saybrook: was not m. She joined her 
propel ty with that of her aunt, Mary or Jloliy Doty, and they liuilt 
a house between Essex and Saybrook, wiiere they lived to- 
gether till the d. of Mary Doty, in April, 1829. The property 
then descended bv the will of her aunt to Miss Kirtland, ami she 


lived alone iu the house until her d. whicli occurred at a ripe old 

147. iv. Tk.mpeijanoe, b. Sayhrook. By tradition in the family 
she ni. a Pratt, but neither his Christian name nor any fuither 
details of her family are known. There were many families of 
Pratts at Saybrook, and vicinity, but though their history 
has been well rec^orded in the Genealogy of the Pratt Family, it is 
not clear who it was that m. Temperance Kirtland. 

148. V. Reynold, b. Sajbrook. 
141). vi. Htepuen, b. Saybrook. 

(>•_*. HENJAMIN DOTY, son of Benjamin Doty and Hester Hemen, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., July 38, 1742; bap. Aug. 21, 1743, as appears on the 
records of the First Church at Saybrook, Ct. ; m. prob. about 17(iG, 
Phebe Kirtland, b. Saybrook, Ct., 174(5, dau. of Nathaniel Kirtland by his 
second v ife. 

Benjamin Doty was a soldier in tlie Revolutionary War. He served as 
a private iu Captain Martin Kirtland's Saj'brook company in Colonel 
Era.stus Wolcott's regiment, the Nineteenth Regiment of Connecticut 
ndlitia, and was in .service iu New London, Ct., Feb. 38, 1777. He sub- 
sequently was granted pension for this service. 

His grandson, Rev. William D'Orville Doty writes: 

" He resided at the old Doty homestead and carried on farming, tanning 
and the nianufac ure of shoes. He and his wife were members of the 
Congregational Society of Saybrook. They resided there until after the 
birth of all their children, and iu 1797 sold the homestead and started for 
a new home at New Durham, Greene County, N. Y., in the Catskill 
jMountains, where their son Benjamin had preceeded them. The jour- 
ney was made by sloop from Saybrook to Catskill Landins^' on the 
Hudson River, two weeks being consumed bj' the trip. Here the family 
were met by their son Benjamin and Mr. Daniel Coe with horses and oxen 
to transport them and their goods to New Durham. The roads were 
newly made, being cut through the dense forest with an axe only, and 
with the youngest children carried on the loads of furniture and the others 
trudging on foot by their side the journey of twenty-four miles con 
sumed three days, when the party arrived toward evening at Mr. Coe's 
house. Here the wagons were left and the almost exhausted travelers 
started on foot upon the last mile over a "follow" that was but just 
cleared of trees, leaving the ground covered with logs and broken 
branches, brush and briers. It was late at night when they arrived at 
their final destination, but the warm welcome and bountiful repast which 
greeted them soon changed their sorrow to joy. The old log house gradual ly 
gave way to a better tenement, the schoolhouse and church made their 
appearance, and the parents lived to see the wilderness turned into a 
prosperous settlement." 

As appears on an old Bible record, Benjamin Doty d. March 12, 183G, 
aged eighty-three years seven months and fifteen days. Mrs. Phebe Doty 
d. Jan. IG, 18UG, aged fifty-nine, and they are both buried at Durhani. 
N. Y. 

Children : 

loO. i. PiiEBE, b. Saybrook, Ct., about 17G7. 


151. ii. Rebecca, b. Saybrook, 17G9 ; bap. .lulv KJ, ITC!) ; m. 
there Nov. 38, 1796, Willijun Ingiaham f.Sdj ; shed. May 2H, 1797, 

_ and he m. her sister lle.stor. (She was buried in tiie old cemetery 
at Saybrooli l*oint, where her tombstone still stands in good pres- 

152. iii. BEN.rAMiN, b. Saybrook, 1771; bap. May 19, 1771. 

153. iv. Elizaheth, b. Saybrook, March 22, 1773; ban. May 23 

154. V. Hesteh, b. Saybrook, Sept. 7, 1777 : bap. Oct. 2(], 1777. 

155. vi. Nathaniel Kiktland, b. Saybrook, Oct. .cl, 1779: bap. 
Jan. IG, 1780. 

156. vii. Eunice, b. Saybrook, April 19, 1781 ; bap. Jan. 16, 1782. 

157. viii. A child, who d. Oct. 4, 1784, aged one year (as appears on 
Saybrook Church Records). 

158. ix. Amelia, b. Saybrook, March 11, 1786; bap. May 14, 1786. 

159. X. Alvan, b. Saybrook, Jan. 18, 1789: bap. March 15, 1789. 

160. xi. William, b. Saybrook, May 13, 1791 ; bap. July 8, 1791. 
And possibly another who d. young, it having been reported that 
there were children, Washington and Edward, who d. in infancy. 

79. JAMES OTIS, son of James Otis and Mary Allyne, b, Barnstable, 
Mass., Feb. 5, 1724-5; m., Bo.ston, Mas.s., 1755, Ruth Cunningham, b. 

James Otis, well known as " The Patriot," was the orator of the times 
preceding the Revolution, and one of the earliest and boldest asserters 
of the great principles which led to our national existence. He gradu- 
ated at Harvard College, 1743, began practice of the law at Plymouth, 
Mass., but soon after settled in Boston He was appointed Advocate 
General at the Court of Admiralty, and very soon distinguished himself 
by pleading against the " WMts of Assistance," a government measure 
which had provoked great opposition. His argument and oration are said 
to have electrified his audience, and it has been well said that then and 
there the child of Independence was born. President John Adams in 
later years wrote : " I do say, in the most solemn manner, that Mr. Otis' 
oration against writs of assistance breathed into this nation the breath 
of life." 

His effort secured him a commanding popularity with the friends of 
their country, and the terror and vengeance of Its enemies. In ^lay. 1761, 
he was chosen to represent Boston in the Legislature, where his elo- 
quence, wit and force of argument gave him great influence. 

Before the year 1770 no American, Dr. Benjamin Franklin only ex- 
cepted, was so well known in the other Colonies and England. The cause 
of American Independence was identified abroad with his name, and it 
was thought, foolishly enough, that if he was taken away the cause 
would perish. 

In 1770 he was attacked by a royalist named Robinson, cruelly beaten, 
his head cut open, and he was picked up bleeding and faint, a spectacle 
of ruin. His wounds, though not mortal, had destroyed his reason and 
left him but the wreck of what he once had been. The great man was 
no longer feared by his enemies— the enemies of liberty— but lived a 
melancholy monument to his friends for several years. He was struck 
by lightning while standing at the door of a house in Andover, Mass., 


May 23, 1TS8, and instantly killed, a form of death wliirh he had fre- 
qufntly prayed for. 

Uiifoi-tiniately his speeches were not reeordrd. his papers have all per- 
ished, and he having been out off before the Revolution actually com- 
menced, his name is connected with none of the great public documents 
that are familiar to our nation. Ho published a number of pamphlets on 
political and literary subjects, for besides his legal and jjolitical Ivnowl- 
edge he was a complete master of classhal literature. 

Tudor, his liiograi)her, has sumiin'd up his merits in the following 
extract : 

"In fine, he was a man of powerful genius and ardent temper, with wit 
and humor that never failed. As an orator, he was bold, argumentative, 
impetuous and commaTiding, with an eloquence that made his own excite- 
ment irresistibly contagious. As a lawyer, his knowledge and ability 
placed him at the head of his profession. As a scholar, he was rich in 
acquisition and governed by a classic taste. As a statesman and civilian 
he was sound and just in his views. As a patriot, he resisted all allure- 
ments that might we.iken the cause of that countrj- to which he devoted 
his life, and for which he sacrificed it. The futiu-e historian of the United 
States, in considering the foundation of American independenc<', will 
find that one of the cornerston»>s must be inscribed with the name of 
James Otis." 

llis portrait is in the old State House Boston. A sketch of his life 
may be found in " Sparks' American Biography," vol. 2 of second series, 
and a more elaborate account in " Tht; f>ife of James Otis." by Wm. 
Tudor. His widow, who survived him, died Nov. 15, 1789. She was the 
daughter of a Boston merchant, verj' beautiful, and possessed of a dowry 
considered in tlio-e times very large. At her death it was divided be- 
tween her daugliters. 


KM. i. James, b. 1755: "ntered th'> navy as a midshipman, but d. 

at weiity-one years of age. 
Itt2. ii. l.i.iz.vuKTii. m. Ciptain Brown, an officer in the English 

103. iii. Mai'.y, m. BiMijandn, .son of General Lincoln, of tlu> Uevo- 
lutionary army. 

SI. MERCY OTIS, dan. Jam< s Otis and Mary AUyne, b. Barn- 
stable, Mass. , Sept. 14.1728; m. 1751, her cousin James Warren (No. 72), 
b. Plymouth, i\Iass. , 172G. son .James Warren and Penelope Winslow. 

Thf'y were very prominent in t e history of the times. In 1757 he was 
appointed HiL'h Sheriff, a po-sition which he held until the Revolution. 
In 1773 he propo.sed the establishment of committees of correspondence, 
and after the death of General Joseph Warren at the battle of Bunker 
Hill, he wa^ appointed President of the Piovincial Congress. In 1775, 
when the army was in Cambridge, Mass. , he was made Paymaster- Gen- 
eral, and afterwards Major-Geueral f the militia. After the adoption of 
the consitution of his Slate, he was for two years Speaker of the House of 
Representativi's and was offered the position of Secretary of the Navy by 
President Washington, which he declined. 


Mrs. Mercy Warren is best known as the historian of the Rtivolution. 
8he had an activ(3 and pow(!rfuI inind and took a part in politics, holding 
correspondence with some of the active statesmen of the times. Her 
brother, James, being for many years the chief leader and adviser in all 
the councils of the opposition, and her husband being earnestly engaged 
in the same cause, she could not fail to become acquainted with the prin- 
ciples and occurrences of the period, in which her disposition and training 
led her to be deeply interested. She wrote, during the war, several 
satirical poetical pieces which are full of patriotic feeling and heroic sen- 
timents. Her history of the Revolutionary War is an excellent work of 
its kind, and was published in three volumes (8 vo.) in 1800. Itslmws 
great research and sound judgment, and her descriptions of the various 
battles have been highly esteemed. She held a free pen and was perhaps 
too suspicious of aristocratic feelings, which caused a sharp correspond- 
ence between her and John Adams, whose portrait she had drawn. This 
correspondence has recently been published by the Massachusetts Histori- 
cal Society. The matter was amicably settled and notes of courtesy 

Her writings show great ability and her poetry has been nmeh admired. 
The house in which she wrote is still standing in Plymouth, at the corner 
of North and Main streets, and is known as the " Warren House." She 
died there in the Autumn of 1814, aged eighty-six. 

General Warren died in 1808, also at Plymouth, and both arc buried in 
the family plot on Burial Hill. 

Children : 

164. i. James, b. 1757. 

165. ii. WissLow, b. 1759. 

166. iii. Chakles, b. 1762 ; d. in Spain. 

167. iv. Henry, b. 1764. 

168. V. Geokge, b. 1766 ; removed to Maine. 

108- SAMUEL STILLMAN, son Benjamin Stillman and Sarah Doty, 
b. Wethersfield, Ct., Nov. 28, 1731. He was a mariner, a master of a 

vessel, and d. St. Vincent, West Indies, 1772. 

Children : 

169. i. Samuel. 

170. ii. Rebeooa. 

171. iii. Sakaii, bap. Sept. 23, 1759. 

172. iv. Susanna. 

173. V. Hannah. 

109. SARAH DOTY, dau. Samuel Doty and Margeria Parker, b. Say- 
brook, Ct., Dec. 20, 1733 ; m. Deep River, Ct., Elijah Lord, b. Saybrook, 
Sept. 27, 1728, son Andrew Lord and Hester Buckingham. H.' was a 
farmer at Deep River; was a Revolutionary soldier, captain in the 
army. He d. Deep River, June 11, 1814 ; she d. there, Oct. 23, 1825. 

Her birth is given by the family as January 2, 1733, but the date given 
above, as well as that of her parents' marriage, is taken from Saybrook 
records, and more probably is correct. The difference between old style and 
new style would account for the date of the mouth, but the year on the 
record is almost positively correct. The baptisms of the children are 


entered on the records of tlie First Church at Saybrook, thus : 1758, Maj'' 

28, Elijah, son of Elijah Lord ; 17(52, December, Doty, son of 

Elijah Lord 
Children : 

174. i. Elijah, b. Deep River, Ct, May 22, 1758: notm.; d. Nov., 
177(5. 1I<' was a Kevolutionarj' soldier and d. while in prison in 
New York ('ity. 

175. ii. Asa, b. Deep River, June 29, 1700. 

176. iii. Doty, b. Deep River, Oct. 23. 17(52; ra. Mary Chap- 
man ; he d. April 25, 1814 ; no children. His widow m. his cousin, 
Andrew Lord. The will of Doty Lord, made April Ct, 1814, and 
proved .July 5, 1814, gives: 1. iftlOO to the Second Church of Say- 
brook; a. $100 to his brother, Asa ; 8. .foOO to Mary Marietta 
Chapman ; 4. to my beloved wife Mary, two-thirds of remainder ; 
5. to my nephew. Elijah Lord r2d), one-third of remainder. His 
wife and Richard Elj' are app linted executors. 

177. iv. Jedeoiaii, b. D<'(>p River, July 7, 1705 ; m. Rebecca 
Williams. He d. March 28, ISIO. 

178. V. John, b. D'^ep River; Feb. 13, 17(57 ; m. Olleiidyne Owen. 
He lived Durham, N. Y. 

179. vi. Ben.tamin, b. Deep River, Nov. 21, 1773. 

180. vii. Joseph, b. Deep River, June 9, 1770: d. Nov. 7, 1770. 

110. SAMUEL DOTY, son of Samuel Doty and Margeria Parker, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., 1730; ni. there prob. 1758, his cousin, Mercy Doty (No. 
60), b. Saybrook, prob. 1738, dau. Benjamin Doty and Hester Bemen. 

Samuel Doty was born in that part of Saybrook now known as Deep 
River and probably lived, after his father's death, with his mother till 
his marriage to his cousin in 1758. He was a earpenter and millwright by 
trade, and after his marriage continued to reside at Deep Rivei', probably 
near his mother's farm. At the breaking out of hostilities in the Revolu- 
tionary War he at once enlisted in the Continental array, as did also his 
brother John, and his brother-in-law, Elijah Ward, and later, several of 
his sons. Tradition .states that he served throughout the war faithfully 
and with credit. 

The record shows that he enlisted May 8, 1775, as a sergeant in the 
company of Captain .John Ely, of Saybrook, of Colonel Samuel Ilolden 
Parson's regiment — the Sixth Regiment Connecticut Continental Infantry 
— and served at the siege of Boston, and until honorably discharged by- 
expiration of enlistment, Dec. 18, 1775. He enlisted again as a private, 
June 15, 1770, for one year in Captain Lathrop Allen's company of Colonel 
Samuel Elmore's regiment — Coimeclicut Continental Infantry — and 
marched with it in Jul}', 1770, and joined the Northern army, and on Aug. 
25, 1770, marched into Tryon County. N. Y., and was stationed at Fort 
Dayton, German Flats, until discharged by expiration of enlistment. In 
1780 he was ensign in the Seventh Regiment Connecticut militia, under 
Colonel W^illiam W^orthington, of Saybrook, and was detached April, 1780, 
and appointed ensign of Captain Jacob Whitmore's company, of Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel Commanding Bezaliel Beebe's regiment, Connecticut State 
detached militia and was in United States .service until Oct. 17, 1780. He 
probably served to the close of the war, 17S3, as ensign of Captain James 
Smith's company, in Colonel M. Mead's regiment Connecticut militia. 


At the conclusion of the war he returned to Deep River, but his mother 
died soon after and her estate having become much impaired during the 
absence of her sons at the war. he decided, about 178G, to remove to 
Stephentown, Rensselaer County, N. Y. , where several of his sons and 
other relatives had already preceded him. Here he followed his trade for 
a time, and also had charge of a grist mill. He also lived at Nassau 
and at Brainard, in the same county, but later removed to Albany County, 
N. Y., where he resided at Westerlo, and probably also at Berne. In 
1810 he was residing with his son, Ethan, at Rensselaervillt^ Albany 
County, N. Y., as appears by a power-of-attorney, filed at Saybrook, au- 
thorizing his son to collect all unsettled claims there. After this they 
resided with their son, Ethan, and both died quite aged, in Albany County, 
N. Y., the exact date and place not being determined. 

Captain Samuel Doty, as well as all of his sons, was of tall stature and 
powerful frame. He was a good workman, and a man of excellent 
character, a kind neighbor and a loved parent. Mrs. Mercy Doty was an 
exceedingly active and energetic woman, of great intelligence, probity 
and strength of character ; a worthy wife and a devoted mother. 

Children : 

181. i. Samuel, b. Saybrook, Ct., prob. 1759. He was a Revolu- 
tionary soldier. After the war removed to Stephentown, N. Y., 
where he m. and d. 1793, leaving no issue. The record shows that 
he enlisted Jan. 27, 1777, "for the war," in Captain William 
Richard's company of First Regiment Connecticut Continental In- 
fantry, under Colonel Jedediah Huntington, and was appointed 
corporal Sept. 1, 1780. He .served at battles of Germantown, 
Valley Forge and Monmouth, and continuously with the army of 
General Washington until 1781, and then with General Lafayette at 
the battle of Green Spring, Va., and at the Sit>ge of Yorktown. In 
Nov., 1781, he was returned to the Highlands of the Hudson and 
honoral)ly discharged Nov. 3, 1773. He became a pensioner, giving 
his residence as New York State. 

John, b. Saybrook, Oct. 2G, 1761. 

Anna, b. Saybrook, about 1763. 

Danforth, b. Saybrook, IMarch 24, 1767. 

Warken, b. Saybrook, April 23, 1768. 

Sarah, b. Saybrook about 1771. 

AY iLLiAM, b. Saybrook, July 18, 1774. 

Ethan Allen, b. Saybrook, Aug. 18, 1776. 

George Washington, b. Saybrook, July 4, 1782. 

Meroy, b. Saybrook ; d. Albany County, N. Y., at eighteen 

130- ANNA DOTY, dau. Edward Doty and his first wife, b. Say- 
brook, Ct., 1752; bap. March 13, 1753 ; m. William Bartholomew ; prob. 
lived Westbrook, Ct. She may possibly have m. first Abiel Lord, Jr., of 
Saybrook. On the recoi d of the First Church of Saybrook appears— 1776, 
July 7, Abiel Lord, Jr., m. Anne Doty, both of Saybrook : 1777, May 25, 
Orphana, dau. Abiel Lord, Jr., and Anne, his wife, was bap. 

Children : „ , , tt j * «- .i i 

191 i Patty (or Martha), m., first. Seldon Haydon, of ^^ estbrook, 
m., second, Joel Piatt, of Westbrook; had one dau. by second 





















192. ii. Poi.LY (or Mary), Patly and Polly weio twins ; in., Amasa 
Buckingham, of Essex, Cl. 

103. iii. Anna, notm.; d., Wcstbrook. 

104. iv. Hakvf.y. 

105. V. AniKi.. 

131. WirjJAM DOTY, son Edward DoLy and his first wife, b. Say- 
brook, Ct., July 38, 17o4: ra. there, October 20, 1782, Ruth Holmes, b. 
Saybrook, April 2o, 1762, dau. Rev. Stephen Holmes, a Presbyterian 
minister of Saybrook. 

William Doty was a (luartermaster in tlie Revohitionary army and 
served throughout the war, at the conclusion of which he returned to Say- 
brook and married as above. The records at Deep River, Ct. , contain 
this item : " William Doty and wife, Ruth, were received into the Cov- 
nant, Aug. IT, 1783, and the same day their daughter Sally was bap- 
tised." Soon after this they removed to Stephentown, Rensselaer County, 
N. Y. , and settled upon a farm in that part of the town known as West 
Stei)hentown. Some years later his father, Edward Dot.y, removed there 
and lived with them. 

William Doty was a man of ability and became a substantial farmer. 
He was a devote and consistent church member, and was known through- 
out the town as Deacon William Doty, to distinguish him from his rela- 
tive. Captain William Doty of the same town. 

Mrs. Doty died at Stephentow-n, M. Y., April 2(), 18;J1. He removed 
about 1835 to Rome, N. Y., where his S(ui lulward had preceded him 
and died at Blossvale, N. Y. , August 22, 1830, at the age of eighty-five 

Children : 

IOC. i. Sally, b. Saybrpok, Ct., July 10, 1783. She n<-ver m., but 
lived with her parents at Stephentown, N. V., till 1885, then re- 
moved with her father and brother Kdward first to Home and later 
to Blossvale, N. Y. .where she d. December 21, 1867. Her early 
life was devoted largely to the carc^ of her V) rot hers and sisters, and 
the care of her father occujiied her later years. 

MAiniiA. b Stephentown, .March 23, 1785. 
Stki'MKN iloLMKs, 1). Stfjihcntown, Feb. 18, 1788. 
William, b. Stei)hentown, Vvh. 2. H'-O. 
Ei^ASTHs, b. Ste[ihento\vn, Jan. 5, 1701. 
Halsky, b. Stephentown, April 15, 1703. 
Ruth, b. Stephentown, Feb. 25. 1705: not m. : she d. 
Stephentown, July 20. 1824, of con.'-umpti<m. 

203. viii. EuwAiU), b. Stei hentown, March 0, 1707. 

204. ix. Mklknna Dk Guass, b. Stephentown, June 1. 1700: she 
was not m. and was a school eacher: she d. Nassau, N. Y., Feb. 
10. 1S71 : she was a woman of culture and was successful in her 

205. X. LuoY Holmes, b. Stephentown, iMarch 10. 1 01. 

206 xi. Sklinda, b. Stephentown. Sept. 11, 1808; notra.; shed, of 
consumption at Stephentown, Aug. 14, 1828. 

134. EDWARD DOTY, son of Edward Doty, bap. at Saybrook, Ct., 
May 27, 1764: m., Saybrook, Dec. 25, 1701, Rebecca Willard: they joined 
covenant at First Church, Saybrook, Dec. 20,1792: he d. 1706 Freehold, 














N. Y. , or perhaps East Uurhatu, N. Y., where he is buried ; he was a 
Children : 

i. A daughter who d. infancy. 

207. ii. A dau. m., , Southorland, a physician who inherited the 

handsome property accummulatt'd by lier father. Deep River, Ct., 
Church Records, Dec. 29, 17i»2. Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Doty', 
2nd, was bap. 

13S. SAMUEL SHIP.MAN, son of Samuel Shipman and Sarah Doty, 
ni. Saybrook, Ct. , a wife, Hannah. 
Child : 

20s. i. Hannah, bap. April 24, 1774, and the parents "owned the 
Covenant " same day. 

144. HESTER KIRTLAND, dau. Nathaniel Kirtland and Temperance 
Doty, b. Saybrook, Ct.; m. there Feb. 14, 1788, John Pratt, b. Aug. 25, 
1763, son Asa Pratt and Abigail Dennison : he was a farmer and lived at 
Essex, Ct.: he d. Dec. 19, 1827. She d. Nov. 24, 1849. 

Children : 

209. i. Fanny, b. Saybrook, June 4, 1790. 

210. ii. Linus, b. Saybrook, March 18, 1792 ; he was a dentist 
New York City. 

211. iii. Edwin, b. Saybrook, March 6. 1794; d. Sept. 16, 182.'). 

212. iv. Almira., b. Saybrook, March 16, 1797. 

213. V. Eli AS, b. Saybrook, Feb. 1, 1801. 

214. vi. Emmelink, b. Essex, Aug. 21, 1805. 

145. ANNA KIRTLAND, dau. Nathaniel Kirtland and Temperance 
Doty, b. Saybrook, Ct. ; m. there Feb. 10, 1793, Hezckiah Pratt, b. Essex, 
Ct., 1763, son Hezekiah Pratt and Abigail Pratt; he was a farmer and 
lived Essex. 

Children : 

213. i. Charles, b. Essex, Nov., 1793. 

216. ii. Anna, b. Essex, Feb. 1, 1795. 

217. iii. Theresa, b. Essex, Sept. 24, 1797. 

218. iv. Eunice, b. Essex, 1800 ; d. 1802. 

219. V. Eunice, 2nd, b. Essex, June 26, 1803. 

220. vi. Charlotte, b. Essex, April, 1809. 

148. REYNOLD KIRTLAND, son Nathaniel Kirtland and Temper- 
ance Doty, b. Saybrook, Ct. ; m. there Oct. 25, 1798, Piercy Pratt, b. 
Saybrook, Aug. 7, 1781, dau. Asa Pratt and Abigail Deiiniaon : he 
was a farmer at Deep River, Ct., and was known generally as Ensign Rey- 
nold Kirtland. He may have served in the War of 1812, but more prob- 
ably in the militia. Late in life they removed to Brldgewater, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., where he d. March 24, 1840. 

Children : 

221. i. Nancy P., b. Deep River, Sept. Ki, 1799. 

222. ii. Temperance, b. Deep River, May 23, 1801. 

223. iii. Elishaba, b. Deep River, March 19, 1803. 

224. iv. Reynold, b. Deep River, April 22, 1805. 

225. V. John, b. Deep River, Sept. 16, 1807. 
826. vi. Ambrose, b Deep River, Dec. 2, 1809. 

227. vii. Eli AS E., b. Deep River, Sept. 12. 1812. 

228. viii. Stephen, b. Deep River, Oct. 23, 1813. 


229. Ix. Edwin- A., b. Deep Uiver, .lune 27, 1S17. 

230. X. William Doty, Deep River, Oet. 2, 1819. 
%-Sl. xi. EiNicK H., b. Deep River, Oct. 21, 1821. 

232. xii. iMii.TON, b. Deep River, Oct. 27, 1824. 

111). STEPHEN KIRTLAND, son Nathaniel Kirtland and Temper- 
ance Doty, b. Saybrook, Ct. ; m. there Nov. 10, 1791, Abigail Pratt, b. 
Saybrook, Dec. 8, 1773, dau. Asa Pratt and Abigail Dennison. 

lie, lilce his brother, was a farmer at Deep River, Ct., and, lilce liim, 
bore the title of Ensign. He, too, removed to Bridgewater, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., where he d. 

Children : 

233. i. Epnice, b. Deep River, Oct. 3, 1792: m. Fermer Bush. 

234. ii. Ann, b. Deep River, Oct. 10, 1794. 

235. iii. Abigaii,, b. Deep River, Oct. 1(5, 1798; ra. Rev. Horatio 

23(i. iv. M\UTHA, b. Deep River : m. Dec. 7, 1807, William Lewis. 

237. V. Mauy, b. Deep River : not m. : d. Sept. 17, 1841. 

238. vi. Asa, b. Deep River, Feb. 23, 1803. 

239. vii. Natiianiei,. I). Deep River, Nov. 3. 1804. 

240. viii. Jennktte, 1). Deep River, July 14, 1810; m. Oct. .O, 1.S30, 
Rev. Charles B. Smith. She d. June 10, 1842. 

loO. PHEBE DOTY, dau. Benjamin Doty and Phebe Kirtland, b. Say- 
brook. Ct., about 17(i7; m. Icliabod Spencer of Durham, N. Y. 
Children : 

241. i. Ski-oen, m. and family. 

242. ii. Pmebe, d. young. 

243. iii. Hannah, not m. 

152. BENJAMIN DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Phebe Kirtland, b. 
Saybrook. Ct., 1771; bap. May 19, 1771: m., Westbrook, Ct., April 07, 
1793, Temperance Bushnell, b. Westbrook. 

He was a farmer at Saybrook, but shortly after his marriage emi- 
grated to Durham, Greene County, N. Y., at that time a wilderness. Here 
he set to work to clear a farm, and in 1797 was joined by his father and 
family. Ho was well calculated to be a pioneer, being of strong frame 
and energetic temperament. Unfortunately, while in the prime of life, and 
in the midst of labors from which he could ill be spared, probably about 
180G, he was killed, being crushed to death by a load of wood while at 
work clearing the wilderness. The settlement being in its infancy no 
record is extant of the date of his death, nor is there any tombstone to 
mark his grave. His widow removed to Western New York with her son, 
Benjamin Doty, and died abont 1836, probably in Allegany County, N. Y. 

Children : 

244. i. Temperance, b. Saybrook, Ct. , 1794. The church records 
at Deep River, Ct., contain this entry. "'Aug. 17, 1794. Temper- 
ance, dauchter of Henjamin Doty bajiti.sed. .and the parents joined 

the Covenant the same day." She ni., Durham, N. Y. , Van 

Louven. and lived there, but they are reported to have had no chil. 

24.5. ii. Edwahd. 

24(). iii. Jekusiia, m. Isaac Rowers. They lived Prattsville, Greene 

Co., N. Y., where she d., leaving four chil. 
247. iv. Ben.iamin, b. Durham, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1804. 


153. ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. Benjamin Doty and Phebe Kirtland, 
b. Saj'brook, Ct., March 22, 1773 ; m. there Nov. 7, 1793, Richard Chap- 
man, b. Westbrook, Ct, March 22, 1772, son Deacon Caleb Chapman and 
lineal descendant of Robert Chapmac, the first swttler at Saybrook. He 
was a farmer and lived at Westbroolc. He d. there Oct. 4, 1850 ; she d. 
Saybrook, May 17, ISfil. 

Children : 

248. i. RicnAKD, b. Westbrook, Jan. 8, 17!*"); not m. ; a supe- 
rior man of sound judgment and good education ; d. Westbrook, 
Sept. 18, 1862. 

249. ii. Rebecca, b. Westbrook, Nov. 23. 179fi. 

250. iii. IIenky, b. Westbrook, Feb. (i. 1799; d. Aug. 19, 1824. 

251. iv Eunice, b. Westbrook, June 23, 1801 : d. June 7, 1800. 

252. V Elizabkth, b. Westbrook, Feb. 20, 1804. 

258. vi. LiNAs, b. Westbrook, Feb 9, 1807; d. July 15, 1810. 

254. vii. Ezra, b. Westbrook, Oct 22, 1809; d. July 15, 1810. 

255. viii. Linas Ezra, b. Westbrook, Jan. 15, 1813. 

256. ix. Sylvia, b. Westbrook, Feb. 27, 1810. 

151. HESTER DOTY, dau. Benjamin Doty and Phebe Kirtland, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., Sept. 7, 1777; m. there March 25, 1798, as his second 
wife, William Ingraham (8). As noted (under No. 151), he m., first, Say- 
brook, Nov. 28, 1796, her sister Rebecca Doty, who d. May 23, 1797. 
Directly after his second m. he removed to Durham, N. Y., where he d. 
He was a farmer. She d. there, June 6, 1854. 

Children : 

257. i. Rebecca Doty, b. Windham, N. Y., July 3. 1799 ; m. 
Durham, N. Y. , Oct. 20, 1825, John Sutton. He was a farmer. 
They lived at Conesville, Five chil. 

258. ii. John, b. Durham. N. Y., Oct. 22, 1801; m. Cairo. N. Y., 

Sarah Reed. He was a physician. She m. , 2nd, Bennett, and 

lived New York City. She was editress of "The Advocate and 
Guardian," of New York, and one of the founders of the Home for 
the Friendless, New York City. 

259. iii. Horace William, b. Durham, Sept. 26, 1803. 

260. iv. Ezra, b. Durham, Dec. 12, 1805. 
^61. V. Benjamin, b. Durham, Jan. 16, 1808. 

262. vi. Eunice, b. Durham, March 8, 1810: d. March 22, 1832: 
she m., Durham, John O. Downing. They had 1 son. 

268. vii. Daniel, b. Durham, Feb. 29, 1815: m. at Durham, Harriet 
Finch, dau. Wells Finch. Lives Durham: no chil. 

264. viii. Parnell, b. Durham, Nov. 27, 1816: d. July 3, 1832. 

265. ix. Elizabeth Chapman, b. Durham, May 28, 1820: m. 
Broome Centre, Schoharie Co., May 15, 1850, Edward Layman. 
They live Minnesota and have 2 daus. 

266. X. Erastus Cole, b. Durham, Dec. 80, 1822; d. Aug. 26, 

155. NATHANIEL KIRTLAND DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and 
Phebe Kirtland, b. Saybrook, Ct., Oct. 27, 1779; m , 1st, Durham, N. Y., 
Jan., 1802, Nancy Norton, b. Durham, Sept.. 1781, dau. Benjamin Nor- 
ton and Rachel,, his wife. She d. Attica, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1823. He m., 
2nd, Attica, May 15, 1848, Annie Loomis, b. Windham, Ct., Oct. 20. 1781, 
dau. of George Loomis and Anne, his wife. She was a sister of Timothy 
and George Loomis, pioneers of the Holland purchase, in Western New 












York, lie d. AtUca, Marcli 27, 1854. llewas a fanner. Shed. Attica, 
May y. iSoG. 
Children, all by liis wife : 

KiuTLAND, b. Durham, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1803. 

Nanoy IIauuikt, b. Durham, May 15, 1800. 

Ei.izA, b Dutliam, April IS, ISIO. 

I.EONiDAS, b. Durham, July 1, 1812. 

Kacuaki., b. Durham, Sept. 10, 1810. 

i:)<}. EUNICE DOTY, dau. IJeujanun Doty and Phebe Kirtland, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., April 19„ 1781; m. Durham, N. Y. , April 29, 1802, John 
Newell, b. Southington, Ct., April 19, 1781, son Captain John Newell 
and Sybil Audrus. Captain John Newell was a Revolutionary soldier 
and a descendant of Thomas Newell, one of the first settlers of Farming- 
ton, Ct., about 1040. Seethe " Newell Genealogy, Thomas Newell and 
His Descendants," by Mrs. Mary A. Newell Hall, Southington, Ct., 1878. 

John Newell removed with his parents to Durham, N. Y., about 1791, 
where he married in 1802 and resided till about 1810, at which time he 
removed to Bennington, N. Y., where he subsequently lived. He was a 
farmer, a man of education, thrift and ability, gi-eatly respected for his 
worth and integrity. Mrs. Eunice Newell died Bennington, Oct. 19, 1819, 
shortly after the birth of her son William. He probably married a sec. 
end wife, and had other children. He died Bennington, March 20, 1831. 

Children : 

272. i. Seth, b. Durhaiu, N. Y., March 9, 1804. 

273. ii. Ai.viN, b. Durham, Jan. 25, 1800. 

274. iii. AzitA, b. Duihaiu, Marcli 20, 1808: m. Bennington, N. Y., 
June, 1833, Mehitable lirainard. He was a farmer and lived at 
Corfu, Genesee Co., N. Y.; no chil. 

iv. A daughter, b. Durham, 1810; d. a few days after. 

275. V. Sylvia, b. Bennington, Feb. 1, 1812: d. there Ajuil, 1833; 
not m. 

270. vi. PiiiLO. b. Bennington, April 20, 1814 ; was a sea captain. 

He d. Franklin, St. Mary's County, La., July 0, 1847; Left two 

children, who lived New Haven, Ct. 
277. vii. Fmkhk, b. Bennington, Aug. 9, 1810. 

276. viii. Wii.i.iam Doty, b. Bennington, Aug. 18, 1819. 

158. AMELIA DOTY, dau. Benjamin Doty and Phebe Kirtland, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., March 11, 1780; m. Durham, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1804, Erastus 
Day, b. Southingtim, Ct. , Oct. 1, 1775, son of Thomas Stanley Day and 
Ruth Newell. He was a farmer at Durham, N. V., to which town their 
parents had removed about 1797, and one of the founders of and for thirty- 
four years deacon of the Congregational Church there. He d. there May 
15. 1803. She d. Catskill, N. Y., April 10, 1871. 
Children : 

TiioMA.s Stanley, b. Durham, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1805. 

Ei'.ASTrs William, b. Durham, April 9, 1807. 

Caulos CuKTis, b. Durham, June 14, 1809. 

I'uiLo, b. Durham, Aug. 10, 1811 : d. Oct. 27, 1812. 

Nkwell, b. Durham, April 15, 1814. 

PiiiLo (2d) b. Durham, July 1, 1810; d. Sept. 11, 1818. 

Almiua, b. Durham, Oct. 2(), 1818. 
viii. Julia, b. Durham, Dec. 30, 1820. 

















287. ix. Elizuk, b. Durham, July 27, 1828: d. Nov. 22, 1843. 

288. X. (Jakoi,ine, b. Durham, Sept. 7, 1826; d. Jan. 2, 1844. 

15J). ALVAN DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Phebe Kirtland, b. Say- 
brook, Ct, Jan. 18, 1789; m. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Nov. 11. 
1807; Melinda Virgil, b. April 12, 178'.). They lived at Durham. N. Y., 
and removed, 1835, to Michigan. He d. liai.sin, Mich., Dec. 3, 1800. Self 
taught, Intel igent and exemplary, he lived to become a prosperous farmer, 
respected and loved by all who knew him. 

Children : 

289. i. David, b. Durham, N Y., Nov. 24, 1809. 

290. ii. Phebe, b. Durham, Aug. 8, 1811. 

291. iii. Henry, b. Durham, July 9, 1815: not m.: d. at Kai.sin, 
Lenawee Co., Mich., June 22, 1851. He was a blacksmith and a 
farmer at Cambridge, Lenawee Co., Mich., and at Raisin : a man 
of strong mind and firm principles, who d. greatly loved and re- 
spected by all who knew him. 

292. iv. Seth Newei.l, b. Durham, April 2, 1817. 

293. V. AMELIA, b. Durham, May 9, 1819. 

294. vi. Betsey, b. Durham, May 28, 1831. 

295. vii. Malinda Jeannette, b. Durham, Feb. 21, 1820. 

296. viii. A., b. Durham, Nov. 28, 1828; d. June 20, 1831. 
297- ix. William Evans, b. Durham, Dec 17, 1830. 

298. X. Eunice Ingraham, b. Durham, May 11, 1833. 

160. WILLIAM DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Phebe Kirtland, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., May 13, 1791; m. 1st, UurhamN. Y., Sept. 23, 1812, Julia 
Newell, b. there, March 9, 1793, dau. Capt. John Newell and Sybi^ 
Andrus and sister of John Newell, who m. her husband's sister, Eunice 
Doty. For Capt. John Newell's ancestry see record No. 156. Sybil And- 
rus was a dau. of Ichabod Andrus and Abigail Potter of Saybrook. Mrs. 
Julia Doty d. Windham Centre, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1852. He m. 2nd, West- 
brook, Ct., Nov. 26, 1854, Mrs. Catharine Post Stannard, b. Saybrook, 
Ct. , about 1792, dau. Capt. Jedediah Post of Saybrook. She was living 
Westbrook, 1879. He d. Windham Centre, N. Y., March 20, 1879. 

The following "In Memoriam " is taken from the Windham, N. Y. 
Journal of March 27, 1879: 

"On Thursday of last week Captain William Doty, one of our oldest 
inhabitants, die<l at the residence of his son in this village at the advanced 
age of nearly eighty-eight years. 

" The following incidents of his life have been furnished us and we have 
no doubt they will be of interest to our readers, many of whom have en- 
Joyed a long acquaintance with the deceased. 

" He was born May 13, 1791, in the second year of Washington's Admini- 
stration, at the old Doty homestead in Saybrook, Ct. He was the 
youngest of a large family of children, and in the year 1798, at the early 
age of seven, he came with his father to Durham, N. Y. At that time 
the country was unsettled and in many places a dense wilderness through 
which they cut their way in their Journey to the place which had been 
selected for a future home. 

" A log house and a log barn were soon erected and they commenced life 
as pioneers of a new country. The site of these log buildings is the 


presont rosideiu'e of Mr. Cunniii^'ham, at West Diirliaiu. Here ho resided 
with his father until he arrived at the age of fifteen, when his lime was 
given him, and in the course of a year or two he retvirned to Essex, Cl, 
where he learned the blacksmith trade with his uncle, Mr. Pratt, and com- 
menced the study of vocal music with a Mr. Oilman. At the age of 
twenty-one he came back to Durham and married Julia, daughter of 
Captain John Newell. In December, 1828, at the solicitation of Henry 
Osborn and Orrin Kobinson, who were appointed a committee for that 
purpose by the people of this village, he sett ed here, where he conducted 
the business of blaeksmithiug for many years. At the same time he con- 
tinued teaching and leading sacred music, to which a large portion of his 
time was given from the yt^ar 1809 to 1854. 

"This work was not confined to Windham, but his services as a singing 
teacher were sought and obtained by the people of the whole surrounding 
ountry. He taught at nearly all the towns of Greene, Schoharie and 
Albany Counties with great success and popularity. 

"After he came here he worshipped at the old church, two and a half 
miles west of this village, until the new church was built at the village in 
1834, he being one of the fifty-four who separated from the old chuch for 
the purpose of forming the new. He lead the music at the dedication of 
the new church and continued to led the choir for a large number of 
year-s. He also led the nmsic at the dedication of the Methodist church 
in this village. 

" His wife died in the winter of 1853, and in the fall of 1854 he married 
Mrs. Catharine Post Stannard, who is still living with her own children 
at We.stbrook, Ct. , at about the age of eighty-seven. 

" In the year 1823 he was commi.s,sioiiod by Governor Yates as an ensign 
in the Forty-ninth Kegiment of State Infantry, serving as such until the 
following year, when he received a commission from the same source, as 
lieutenant, and in 1825 he was promoted to the captaincy in the same 
regiment, receiving his commission from De Witt Clinton, who was then 
Governor of the State. In this capacity he served for a number of years. 
This regiment was then commanded by Colonel Piatt Adams, who is now 
over ninety, and still living, as we are informed, in New Y'ork City, in the 
possession of all his faculties. Captain Doty's last services as a music 
teacher, as our readers will well remember, were the conducting of an old 
folks' concert in this village, and at Durham, about eleven years ago, 
when he was near seventy-seven years of age. 

" His life was a complete and a successful one, and his feeble and famil- 
iar form will be missed for a long time by our people. His funeral was 
attended at the Presbjterian church in this village on Sunday last, the 
pastor. Rev. Mr. McCarthy ofliciating. In the course of his remarks he 
said : 

" ' It is seldom we are called to layout of sight one so venerable in years 
and whose presence on earth had been such a blessing to the community. 
Like a true patriarch, he died in the arms of his children and is laid by 
them to rest with his kindred. " Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full 
age, like as a shock of corn cometh in, in his season." 


" ' Soon after his conneotion with this church, he was ordained to the 
office of ruling elder, in which he was an example to the flock. Though 
a man of great natural modesty, he was a l(3ader in every laudable enter- 
prise in his community. As a music teacher he had few, if any, equals 
in all this region of country. Always affable and kind, he possessed the 
rare faculty of eliciting from his pupils both reverence and love, and 
many who were trained by him will receive the sad tidings of the death 
of their singing teacher with unaffected grief. 

His integrity, energy and prudence, his interest in the welfare of so- 
ciety, combined to make him one of the most valued citizens of his county. 
Whether we view him as a neighbor, as a friend, as a Christian, or as an 
officer in the Church of Christ, he was a model. 

'" One of our venerable townsmen remarked to me the other evening : 
"There is not a man that can say aught against Captain Doty." With- 
out an enemy in the world, yet he was a man of strong character and 
decided views. 

" ' Few men leave behind them such a blameless record, and it takes a 
long lifetime to build up such a character. He has left to you the rich 
heritage of a good name, "which is above all price." 

" Rev. (). B. Hitchcock, being present, said of the early history of the 
church building in which the services were held : 

" ' At the opposite end of the church, " over against " the pulpit, the 
central figure in the singers' gallery, was a man, like his associates, of 
Puritan origin, like them in many respects, in others unlike them all. 
The work to which he was divinely called, the office of praise to which 
the Master summoned him, required this — required that there should be 
in his constitution an element of almost feminine delicacy and sensibility 
to fit him for his work. Only so could he have been the leader that he 
was in the service of song. A certain grave humility, a certain rever- 
ential and subdued manner, a calm, deliberate expression, gave to that 
service its appropriate chararcter. His leadership could scarcely have 
been more impersonal if he had been a disembodied spirit. It had never 
happened to me to hear just such another voice as Captain Doty's when at 
its best. It fitted so perfectly the text of the hymn, so perfectly adapting 
itself to time and place. It was a haunting voice, like the chiming of the 
bells of Shandon, which followed the wanderer across land and sea. 
Those years of constant service were not to him, or to others, without a 
large reward. The peculiar gift entrusted to his keeping was full well 
employed. How many weary, care-laden souls has it cheered and com- 
forted, and in his turn he received a blessing to himself. The sermon 
might be unedifying, hissongof praise was not. The sermon might bring 
no comfort, the voice of praise brought healing on its wings. 

" ' The congregation, as he had known it, was all but gone, his brethern 
in the church were mostly in their graves, and in his own home, where his 
earthly life was centered, he had suffered much from death and loss. lie 
felt the loneliness of life that outlives its fellows. 

" ' His had become a pathetic figure upon the street. Later bereave, 
ments finished the work, completed the discipline of his life. The Ma.ster's 


voice said, " It is enough." His life went to its setting as sets the 
morning star, that goes not down l)ehind the darkened west, but melts 
away into the light of heaven. Even while we speak these words as our 

" Servant of God, well done 
Rest from they loved employ," 
his ear has caught the music of the skies, the singer has resumed his 
song. ' 

" Before the remains were taken from the church, the Rev. D'Orville 
Doty, pastor of Chi'ist's Church, Rochester, N. Y., son of the deceased, 
impressively recited the 'committal service.' " 

William Doty had children all by his first wife, Julia Newell, 
(^.ildren : 

^!»9. i. Amelia, 1). Durhuni, N. Y., Aug. ;J0, 1813; d. Durham, 
Oct. 20, 1813. 

300. ii. Sylvia Newell, b. Cairo, N. Y., Nov. ir>. 1814; d. Wind- 
ham Centre, N. Y., June 10, 1832. 

301. iii. Julia Newell, b. Durham, ^lay 11, 181T. 

302. iv. Gi'KDON lIu.NTiNGTON, b. Durliam, March 11, 1820. 

303. v. Alfhbd Woktminoton, b. Durham, Nov. 26, 1822. 

304. vi. Makie Antoinette, b. Durham, July 12, 1825. 

305. vii. William D'Ouville, b. Windham Centre, Dec. 28, 1834. 

169. SAMUAL STILLMAN, son Samuel Stillman, was a Revolution- 
ary soldier and was wounded at the battle on Groton Heights. 

301). i. Emily. 

307. ii. Sami:el. 

308. iii. Rekkcca. 

309. iv. IIoraoe, b. 1703 : ho lived at Saybrook Point, (Jt , where 
he was for many years Collector of Revenue. 

310. V. Bknja.min. 

175. ASA LORD, son Elizah Lord and Sarah Doty, b. Deep River, 
Ct, June 29, 17()0 ; m. Sarah Reecher Smith. lied. Sept. 20, 1855. He 
was a Revolutionary soldier. 


311. i. Laiha, m. ; lived Linden, Genesee Co., N. Y'. 

179. BENJAMIN LORD, eon Elijah Lord and Sarah Doty, b. Deep 
River, Ct, Nov. 21, 1773; ra. there Feb. 3, 1799, Dorcas Tooker, b. Oct. 
4, 1777. She d. Deep River, Dec. 8, 1865. He d. there Feb. 20, 1844. 

Children : 

312. i William Rioiiakd, b. Deep River, April 3, 1800: m Say- 
brook, Feb. 6, 1823, Cynthia Southworth. He d. Oct. 10, 1838. ' 

313. ii. Sally, b. Deep River, Ajnil 20, 1801: d. Oct. 13, 1S43. 

314. iii. Ann, b. Deep River, Nov. 3, 1803; lived in the ohl home- 
stead of her great-grandfather Doty, at Deep River, and d there 
Dec. 10, 1880. 

315. iv. LuoY, b. Deep River. Nov. 5, 1806 ; d. April 11, 1808. 

316. V. Geoiwe Ben.iamin, b. Deep River, Feb. 16, 1818: d. Oct. 
6, 1843. 

182. JOHN DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Mercy Doty, b. Saybrook, 
Ct., Oct. 28, 1761 : m., Ist, Stephentown, N. Y., May 22, 178.";, Eunice 
Adams, b. 1765. Her sister, Sally Adams, m. his brother, Danforth Doty. 
Mrs. Eunice Doty d. Stephentown, Aug. 3, 1813. He m., 2nd, at Stephen- 



town, April oO, 1814, Mary Hinckley, b Feb. 2(>, 17/5, ihiu. 

She d. Stephentown, Jan. 11, \8^,:i. 

The records show that the he enlisted as a private about June, ITTii, in 
Captain Godfrey Stanley's Company, of Colonel Fisher Gay's Keginient, 
Connecticut Volnnteer Infantry, raised to reinforce General WashiiiKton 
In New York City. He served at the Brooklyn lines just before and dur- 
ing the battle of Long Island, Aug 27, 1770, and in retreat from New 
York City, Sept. 15, 177G, and with the main army in the battle of White 
Plains, Oct., 177G, and was honorably discharged by reason of e.xpiration 
of enlistment, Dec. 25, 1776. Subsequently served as private in Cajjtain 
Nathaniel Wales' company of Second Connecticut State Hegiment In- 
fantry of detached militia, under Lieutenant Colonel Bezaliel Beebe, from 
April, 1780, until honorably discharged Oct. 17, 1780. 

He was a severe, austere man, tall and of large frame, dignified in ap- 
pearance and greatly rdspected for his ability, his strict honesty and gen- 
eral piety. He was a deacon in the Presbyterian churc'h and was gener- 
ally known as Deacon John Doty. He was a farmer and owned a con-'-^id- 
erable and valuable farm at Stephentown, N. Y., which is still in posses- 
sion of his descendants. He died there Nov. 26, 1840. 

Children by his first wife: 

317. i. Jonathan, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1786: d. there 
March 22, 1806, not m. 

318. ii. Eunice, b. Stephentown, Feb. !), 1790. 

319. iii. Ll'oynia, b. Stephentown, Oct. 3, 171)3: m. her cousin, 
Danforth Doty (No. 184). 

320. iv. Samuel, b. Stephentown. May 10, 1705. 

321. V. Calvin P.. b. Stephentown, Feb. 5, 17!)7 : m. there a wife, 
Amanda. They removed to West Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. , 
where they lived from 1834 to 1854. They had but one child, a 
dau., who m. David P. Tomlin.son. 

322. vi. James Harvey, b. Stephentown, Sept. 14,1800: d. there 
Nov. 20. 1812. 

183. ANNA DOTY, dau. Samuel Doty and Mercy Doty. b. Saybrook, 
Ct., about 1763; m., 1st, Stephentown, N. Y., about 1707, Thurston Carr, 
b. Rhode Island, 1756. He d. Stephentown, 1812. She m., 2nd, Sle[>hen- 
town, Aug., 1814, Niles Bentley of New Lebanon, N. Y., where they re- 
moved and resided till 1819, when they removed to Sweden, Monroe 
Co., N. Y., where they both d. 1823. 

Children by her first husband : 

323. i. Mekoy (Carr), b. Stephentown, June 27, 1799. 

324. ii. Betsey (Carr), b. Stephentown. Oct. 12, 1800. 

325. iii. Anna (Carr), b. Stephentown, March 19, 1802. 

184:. DANFORTH DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Mercy Doty, b. Say- 
brook, Ct., March 24, 1767; m. Stephentown, N. Y., 1791, Sally Adams, 

b. 1773. 

His father, uncles and elder brothers, having alieady enlisted in the 
Revolutionary Array, he. in April, 1780, being at that time but thirteen 
years of age, enlisted as a private in Captain Abner Sraitli's company of 
Second Regiment Foot Continental Line of Connecticut, Colonel Beebe, 
and served till December of the same year, for which service he subse- 
quently drew a pension. Returning to Saybrook he learned the trade of 

















a carpenter, but soon after lie removed witii lils fldtT brothers to Sie|)hen 
town, N. Y., where, as above recorded, he married Sally Adams, wliose 
sister Eunice iiad married .several years before his brother, John Doty. 
Several years later they removed to the town of Norway, Herkimer 
Co., N. Y., iind later to Adams Centre, Jefferson Co., N. Y. , where he died 
March 24, 1842. His wife survived him and died at the residence of her 
son Roland, at Home, Oneida Co., N. Y., August, ISHS. She was born 
and married on the same day of the month, but that is unknown. 
Clilldrou -. 

Danfohth, b. Stephentown, Ajiril 7, 17Str). 




•Ko.w, m. David Joy, of Russia, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 
Roi.ANU Seahs, b. Norwaj-, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Nov. 2(i, 

Wii.i.iAM, b. Norway. He was not m. : d. Buffalo, N. Y. 

185. WARREN DOTY, son of Samuel Doty and .Mercy Doty. b. Say- 
brook, Ct. , April 23, 17G8; m. Stephentown, N. Y. , Sarah Wood, b. 
Cherry Valley, N. Y., May 13, 1772. He was a farmer and an eariy set- 
tler of Martinsburgh. Lewis Co., N. Y. He d. 1807, Martinsburgh, but 
is buried in adjoining town of Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y. Shi> d. Spaf- 
ford. Onondaga Co., N. Y., Julv 31, 1SG2. 

Ciiildren : 

333. i. Reihkn. b. Lowville, X. V., Nov. 5. 1792. 

334. ii. Diana, b. Lowville, Sept. 3, 1794. 

335. iii. Silas, b. Lowville, Sept. 13, 1790; d. Lowville, 1807, six 
weeks previous to his father's death. 

33G. iv. Wii.LAHD, b. Lowville. N. Y.. Julv 4. 1798. 

337. V. Mkhcy, b. Richfield, Otsego Co., iS\ Y., Nov. 8, 180G. 

1S(J. SARAH DOTY, dau. Samuel Doty and Mercy Doty, b. Say- 
brook, Ct. , about 1771; m.. 1st, Stephentown, N. Y., Reuben Congar. 
They removed to Berne, N. Y., where he d. and she m., 2nd, Deliver- 
ance Smith. They both d. Bm-ne. 
Children by her first husband : 

33s. i. James (Cougar), who lived Berne, Albiiny Co., N. Y., and 
later Franklin, Delaware Co., N.Y. 

339. ii. Ei.iZA (Cougar), b. at Berne: m. there Alexander Hun- 
gerford and they removed to Lewis Co.. or Jefferson Co., N. Y. 
Mrs. Sarah Doty Congar had also an adopted child known as 

340. iii. LiiAHOu Dorv. b. Stephentown, 1797. 

Is7. WILLIAM DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Mercy Doty, b. Say- 
brook. Ct., July 18, 1774; m. Albany Co.. N. Y., June 3, 179."). Sarah 
Rosekrans. b. Albany Co., N. Y.. Sept. IG, 177G. 

They resided at Borne and Westerlo in Albany Co.. N. Y. till 1814. 
when they removed to Stephentown, N. Y. He served in the war of 1812 
as cajttain of a corapanj* in Albany Co. , but did not see active service, 
and died Stephentown, Aug. 2G, 1817. His widow survived him for many 
years and died at the residence of her daughter, Richfield, N. Y., Jan. 
31, 18G3. 
Chiidr.Mi : 

341. i. Ci.Ai:issA, b. Westerlo, Albany Co, N. Y., April 11,1796; 




















m. Stephentown, N.Y. , July ISIG, Joseph iShelden, Jr..b. Stephen- 
town, 1794, son Jo.seph Shtdden and Jemima, his wife. lie served 
as lieutenant in the War of 1812, but died a few mouths aft<'r his 
marriage, Oct. 31, 1816. She survived him for many years, liv- 
ing at Stephentown. She was an expert tailoress and her cheer- 
ful disposition, her quick intelligence and energetic handiwork 
made her a welcome visitor throughout the town. She d. March 
12, 1843, and is buried beside her husband in the Baptist Burying 
Ground, at Stephentown. 

Phebe, b. Westerlo, N. Y. , March 6. 1798. 

Alanson, b. Rensselaerville, April 11, 1800. 

Samuel Koseoranz, b. Itensselaerville, Dec. 18, 1802. 

William, b. Rensselaerville, June 20. 1805. 

Francis Taylor, b. Westerlo, Oct. 6, 1807. 

Sarah Ann, b. Westerlo, Dec. 10, 1809. 

Leonard, b. Westerlo. March 2, 1812. 

Elizabeth Chase, b. Stephentown, Nov. 22, 1814. 

Joseph Shelden, b. Stephentown, Dec. 9, 1816. 

18S. ETHAN ALLEN DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Mercy Doty, b. 
Saybrook, Ct., Aug. 18, 1776: m. Westerlo, Albany Co., N. Y'., Jan. 9, 
1801, Keturah Long Tompkins, b. Dutchess Co., N. Y., May 30, 1782, 
dau. Elijah Tompkins and Barbara Church. 

Mrs. Doty's parents removed from Dutchess County, N. Y'., to Coey- 
mans, Albany County, N. Y' , while that region was still almost a wilder- 
ness. Her father was uncle of Daniel D. Tompkins, who was later 
Governor of the State of New Y'ork and Vice-President of the United 
States. The Tompkins family are said to have descended from John 
Tompkins, who came from the north of Ireland to the Plymouth Colony 
in its early settlement. The "Church" family also came from the Ply- 
mouth Colony to Dutchess County, N. Y. Mrs. Doty was a very intelli- 
gent and active woman, devoted to her husband and children. 

Mr. Doty's father had already engaged in the Revolutionary War be- 
fore the birth of his son, who was named after the patriot who had but 
just made one of the earliest and most brilliant successes of the war by 
the capture of the fortress at Ticonderoga with its garrison, and whose 
fame was already dear to all Connecticut patriots. 

Mr. Doty was bred a carpenter by trade, and removed with his parents, 
at the close of the war, at first to Stephentown, Rensselaer County, N. Y'., 
and later to Albany County. In 1810, he was living at Rensselaerville, 
Albany County, N. Y^, and removed from there to Nassau and again to 
Brainard, both in Rensselaer County. Later he engaged in the hotel busi- 
ness, and in 1821 kept a tavern well-known as the "Checkered Shed," on 
the Schenectady turnpike, two miles from Albany, and a few years later, 
in 1827, he kept a tavern about four miles from the city on the same 
road. He was an intelligent man, fairly educated for his time, but not 
successful in financial or business pursuits. About 1840 he removed to 
New York City and afterward resided with his son, and died at Brooklyn, 
N. Y"., April 4, 1861. His widow died two months later, June 19, 1861. 

3.^1. i. Lyman Tompkins, b. Albany Co.. N. Y., July 26, 1807. 
352. ii. Warren Samuel, b. Rensselaerville, May 6, 1810. 

,14 THE DO'l'Y-DO'l'KN FAMII.V. 

1S9. GEOUGI-: WASHINGTON DOTY, son SaniueJ Doty and Mercy 
Doty, b. Stcjihi'iitown. N. Y., or nion? probably at Saybrook, Ct., Jvily 4 
1782; in. Norway, Herkimer Co., N. Y , isO'.l, Mary Kngllsh, b. London. 
Eng. , Dec. 1"), 17.*^2, dau. Robert English, lie was a farmer; he d. Salis- 
bury Centre, Herkimer Co., N. Y. , Dec. 25, 1851). Shed. Norway, June 
1, lS,-)0. 

Ciiildren : 

853. i. Geoijgk Washington, b. Norway, N. Y., 1811. 

354. ii. HouArio Gates, b. Norway, Feb. 1, 1813; drowned at 
Manhattan (?) Ohio, Jan. 14, 1«40. 

355. iii. Fkkdkkick, b. Norway, Feb. 15, 1818: d. 
35(i. iv. Ai.K.XANDKK II., b. Norway, June 18, 1820. 

357. V. Wahke.n, b. Norway; m. tiieie, Mary Carpenter, b. Norway, 
She (i. Rochester, Racine Co., Minn. He lives there. They had 
1 child. 

358. vi. Ro.xY Adeline, b. Norway, Dec. 1, 1826: d. there, Nov. 1, 

359. vii. Samiei., b. Norway, March 18, 1828. 

1517. MARTHA DOTY, dau. William Doty and Ruth Holmes, b. 
Sti'phentown, ReiiPsdaer ( o., N. Y., March 23, 1785; m. there, Oct. 
19, 1811, Harvey Wells, b. New Lebanon, Columbia Co., N. Y., Jan. 
3, 178S, son Eleazer Wells. They lived New LeJjanon, until 1835, when 
she removed with her brother Edward to Blossvale, Oneida Co., N. Y'., 
where she d. Aug. fi, 1851. He d. prob. New Lebanon. 
Children : 

300. i. EiiASTis Edwin, b. New Lebanon, ^March 27, 1813. 
3t>l. ii. WiM.iAM Alimionse, b. New Lebanon, Nov. H, 1814. 

302. iii. Saiiaii Mahia, b. New Ijebanon, April 30, 1810; not m. 

303. iv. Jri.iA Elvika, b. New^ Lebanon, Feb. 15, 1820. 

3(54. V. CiiAKLEs Augustus, b. New Lebanon, Sept. 11, 1S21; d. 

there Sept. 18, 1820. 
305. vi. Ei.EA/EK Fem.ows, b. New Lebanon, July 3, 1823 : d. there 

Jan. 3, 1824. 
300. vii. Cahoi.ine Faazxhevu. b. New Lebanon, Feb, 23, 1825. 

1J)S. STEPHEN HOLMES DOTV. son of William Doty and Ruth 
Holmes, b. Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Feb. 13, 1787; m. 
Berne, Albany Co., N. Y., Dec. 18, 1808, Phebe Nelson, b. Rerne, 
Aug. !l, 1780, dau. Roger Nelson. He was a farmer and d. Berne, Jan. 2, 
1S48. She d. Ballston, Saratoga Co., N. Y., July 4, 1859. 

Chililrcii : 

307. i. Li.iiiu, b. P.erne, N. Y'.. Sept , 20, 1809. 

30S. ii. A son, b. Herne. Se[)t. 24, ISU ; d. Sept. 29, 1811. 

3()9. iii. Ikenk. b. IScrms Jan. 8, 1S13. 

370. iv. Ei.mina, b. 15erne, March 15, 1815: not m. ; d. Berne, Aug. 
25, 1857. 

371. V. Ei.viN. b. ]}crno, Jan. 8, 1817; killed bv a horso, Oct. 15, 

372. vi. Wii.i.iAM Henuv, b. Berne, .Ian. 10, 1819. 

373. vii. EinvAKD, b. B.'rne, Nov. 15, 1820. 

374. viii., b. Bern(\ March 21, 1824. 

375. ix. Diana, b. Berne. Feb. 25. 1S20 ; m. Aug. 27, 1853, 
Charles l{o>s. They live Ballston. Saratoga Co., N. Y'. 

370. X., b. P.erne. June 0, 1828 ; d. Nov. 5, 1S28. 

377. xi. Lafayette, b. Berne. May 7, 1830. Was in United States 


service, prob. Quartermastei's Department, and was last heard 
from at Silver City, New Mexico. 

199. WILLIAM DOTY, son William Doty and Ruth Holmes, b. 
Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. , Feb. 2, 1785); m. prob. there, Dec, 
1819, Sally Ward. 'Ihey removed to Trenton, N. J., and he is reported 
to have been found dead, prob. inurderc'd. 

C hildren : 

878. i. Daniel, said to have d. in the War of the Rebellion. 

379. ii. Edward, d. 

380. iii. WiLLiA.M, supposed to be living in the vicinity of Trenton, 
N. J. 

381. iv. A dan. 

382. V. A dau . 

200. ERASTUS DOTY, son William Doty and Ruth Holmes, b. 
Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Jan. h, 1791 ; m. there, Dec. 3, 
1814, Mrs. Susannah Holden Larkiu, b. Templeton, Mass., Mch. 22, 
1782, dau. Holden and his wife, widow of Lj,rliin. 

He was lame from an accident received in childhood, so that he went 
from his boyhood on crutches. He taught school at twenty years of age, 
and was then a man of deep thought and study, and being of a serious 
nature, and disposed to it by his early home training, he soon turned his 
thoughts to the ministry. He was ordained in 1815, and at once com- 
menced to preach the gospel. He labored at Nassau, Stephentown and 
other localities in Rensselaer County, N. Y., and 1820 was settled as 
pastor in Williamstown, Mass., and a year later at Chatham, Columbia 
County, N. Y. In 1822 he settled at Colebrook, where he afterwards re- 
sided . In 1835 he founded the Baptist church at Quaker Hill, Waterford, 
New London, Ct. He gave nearly fifty years of his life to the ministry, 
was well known throughout the State of Connecticut, and greatly respected 
for his learning and piety. He died at Colebrook, Ct., June 13, 18G4. 
Mrs. Doty died at Colebrook, February 17, 1856. 

Children : 

383. i. Ekastus, b. Sand Lake, Rensselaer Co., N.Y., Oct. 6, 1815. 
He represented Litchfield Co. in the Legislature, 1845-6, and d. at 
Colebrook, Ct., Oct. 31, 1854. 

384. ii. Sei.ina Phelps, b. Sand Lake, Nov. 12, 1817. She 
taught school for 20 years, commencing at 17 years. She m., 
Colebrook, Aug. 24, 185V), Alvin Hall, b. TyrinLrham, Berk- 
shire Co., Mass . June 11, 1817, son Thomas Hall and Abigail, his 
wife. They live Colebrook, 

385. iii. Mart Axn, b. Williamstown, Berkshire Co., Mass., June 5, 

201. HALSEY DUTY, sou William Doty and Ruth Holmes, b. West 
Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N.Y., April 15, 1793; m. there Nov. 5, 
1819, Deborah Coleman, b. there, Jan. 3, 1800, dau. of Roland Coleman 
and Deborah Holden. She d. West Stephentown, March 27, 1883; he d. 
there, Feb. 24, 18-17. He was a farmer, greatly respected for his probity. 

Children : 

386. i. Jase Eliza, b. West Stephentown, Feb. 2, 1819. 

387. ii. SuKHEXiA. b. West Stephentown. Jan 8. 1821. 

388. iii. George Wasijingto-v, b. West Stephentown. Jan. 21, 1823; 


asil. iv. Ci.iNTOx De Witt. b. West Stepheiitown, .July 10, 1827. 

not III.; d. tlK'Iv, <»ct. U), 1S70. 
3!)0. V. Andkkw lI.x.MiLToN, b. West Stcplu'iitowii, June 20, 18;n. 
3SH. vi. Wii.i.iA.M KmviN, b. Wesl Stephenlowii, March 2!), 1H34 ; 

not ni. ; d. Mairli 21, 1805. lie was a promising youth, but died 

just as lie reached his 21st year, greatly regretted. 
31)2. vii. Edwin Kka.'^tus, b. West Steplieiitown, June 7, 184! ; d. 

A|>ril 10, 1840. 

20;j. EDWARD DOTY, son William Doty and liuth Holmes, b. 
Stepheiitowii, Kon.sschier Co., N. Y,, March 9, 17!)7; m., Ist, Rome, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., April 1, 1840. Eliza Brigham, b. Vienna, Oneida Co., 
N. Y., Aug. 2!), 1808. .She d. Blossvale, Oneida Co., N. Y., March 30, 
ISnc. lie m., 2nd, Williumstown, Oswego Co., N. Y., Dec. 8, 1857, Mrs. 
Julia Ann Deveraux Onderdonk, b. Nassau, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., June 

4, 1815, dau. Deveraux and widow of lienry Onderdonk. lie d. 

Blo.ssvale, i\Iay 9, 1871. 

An obituary noticp published at the time of his death gives the follow- 
ing items: "Mr. Edward Doty departed this life at his residence in the 
town of Rome, Onedia County, N. Y., May 9th, 1871, aged seventy-four 
years and two months. He had been a great sufferer in body for a long 
time. For the past two years he was confined to the house, seeking some 
position in which he might rest, but without .success. He was born in 
Rensselaer County, N. Y"., and lived there for over forty years, and moved 
from there to the valley of Fish Creek, in the town of Rome, where he 
died. He was a man who read and thought much. Even within the past 
year we have found it edifying and instructive to converse with him. He 
was eminently a pious man, a great lover of libertj' and equal rights for 
the whole race of man. He gave one son to the cause of liberty in the 
late conflict — the Rebellion. Formerly a member of the Presbyterian 
Church, latterly his church relation was with the Wesleyans. He served 
this church .as a class leader for a number of years. He leaves a wife and 
one daughter and many friends who feel that they have lost much in his 
departure, but we believe that it is a gain to him. May his mantle fall 
upon the .son-in-law who will f^till keeps guard over the household bereft." 

Children Ity first wife : 

393. i. Nkwki.i, IjiiKiUAM. b. Blossvale, Oneida Co.. N. Y.,Aug. 
18. 1S41. 

394. ii. Amanda Ruth, b. Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y., April 28, 1845. 

*20.>. LUCY HOL.MES DOTY, dau. William Doty and Ruth Holmes, b. 
Stepentown, N. Y., March 10, 1801 ; m. there F.'b. 27, 1829, as his -nd wife, 
Beinhard Uline, son Bernhard Uline and Anna Maria Wei.s, b. Sand Lake, 
N. Y., Dec. 1(>. 1 ;78. He m., 1st, 1801, Sarah Cl.ipp, who d. in 1828. By 
her lu" had four sons. H<i d. Sand Lake, April 13, 1858. She d. there 
Aug. 1(!, 1852. He was a farmer. 

Children : 

395. i. Stki-iikn II., b. Sand Lak.-. Dec. 15, 1829. 
39(;. ii. Ski.inda M., b. >aiid Lake, Feb. 19, 1831. 

397. iii. SaI'.aii Ann, b. Sand Lake, April 15, 1833. 

398. iv. Sakha L., b. Sand I>ake, April 9. lN3(i. 

399. v. Soi.Y.MA L., Sand Lake, Feb. 4, 1840. 


245. EDWARD DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Temperance Bushnell, 
m., Ist, prob. Durham, N. Y.; Esther Finch, m., 2nd, prob. Le Roy, N. 
Y., Mrs. Pamela Button. 

He was a farmer and removed from Durham to LeRoj', N. Y., but after 
that accounts conflict. From one branch of the family the report '.-omes 
that tlie parents and children have all died, and, it is supposed, without 
further descendants . Another report is to the effect that Edward Doty 
and family removed from Le Roy, N. Y., to the West, to Illinois or Mich- 
igan. Still another report comes that about 1874 they were living at 
Portage, N. Y. No corroboration of either report has been received. 

Children, prob. by first wife : 















Linus Fellows. 

247. BENJAMIN DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Temperance Bush- 
nell, b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Oct. 32, 1804; m. Granger, 

Allegany Co., N. Y., Dec. 11, 1832, Achsah Mila Holiday, b. Leroy, 
Genesee Co., N. Y., 1808, dau. Enoch Holiday and Penelope IIol- 
comb. They removed, 1886, from Western New York to Napoleon, 
Jackson Co., Mich., and again Nov. , 1852, to Greenbush (P. O. St. Johns), 
Clinton Co., Mich., at that time a wilderness. He d. there July 17, 1866. 
She d. Feb. 29, 1884. 

His was an active and useful life. He was an invalid for four years 
before his death from palsy. 

Children : 
405. i. Bex-jamin, b. Granger, N. Y., Dec. 3, 1833. 
40(1. ii. Enoch, b. Granger, April 30. 1836. 

407. iii. Don Alonzo, b. Napoleon, Mich., June 1, 1841. 

408. iv. Franklin Artemus, b. Napoleon, Oct. 29, 1844. 

409. V. Cornelius, b. Napoleon, April 21, 1847. 

249. REBECCA CHAPMAN, dau. Richard Chapman and Elizabeth 
Doty, b. Westbrook, Ct., Nov. 23, 1796; m. May 23, 1822, Mathew 
Curtis Boughton of Durham, N. Y. They lived Cedar Rapids, la. 

Children : 

410. i. Caroline Francis, b. May 23, 1823. 

411. ii. Benjamin Franklin, b. Jan. 30, 1825; m. and lives Fort 
Scott, Kan. No chil. 

412. iii. Catharine Elizabeth, b. March HI, 1827 ; d. July 11, 1844. 

413. iv. Joan Vilet, b. Feb. U, 1830; m. Nov. 27, 1852, Willard 
Searles: they have 3 chil.; live Cedar Rapids, la. 

414. V. Richard Henry, b. July 10, 1832. Local Editor of a daily 
paper, Kansas City, Mo. ; d. 1863. 

415. vi. ZiNA Lay Ingraham, b. Oct. 23, 1836; d. March 31, 1844. 

416. vii. JuDSON L. , b. May 14, 1839 ; enlisted in war, served through- 
out, was at Fort Donelson, Pittsburg Landing, Siege of Vicksburg, 
etc., imprisoned 8 months at the south, and d. at Memphis, Feb. 
25, 1865, from disease contracted in prison, holding Captain's 

252. ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, dau. Richard Chapman and Elizabeth 
Doty, b. Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Ct, Feb. 26, 1804 ; m. New Haven. 


Ct., Sept. 1832, Ediiiuuil Mursli, son Miles Marsh of Iladlynie, New 
London Co. , Ct. 
Children : 

417. i. II.\z.\nn, b. Sept. 1836: shipmaster. 

418. ii. (Jkktkidk Evangki.a, b. March, 18:37; m. Chas. Wan-. 
Live Hartford. Ct. ; have 2 dau.s. 

41J». iil. Ei.EANoK ?:li/ahktii, b. Sept., 1838: d. Feb., 183!). 

420. iv. Zeu.niaii, b. Sept., 1841; m. Chas. Gilison, Hart- 
ford, Ct. : have 1 son. 

421. v. Ei.KANOK Ei.izaheth (2nd), b. April, 1843; li. Au«. Ki, 1851. 

422. vi. Wii.i.iAM Doty. b. Jan., 1843: he eidistcd at the opening 
of the War of the liebellion, in the Fourteenth Regiment Con- 
nocticut Volunteers, and served with great gallantry in the war. 
participating in the battles of Autielani. Frederii-ksburg and 
('hancellorsville, Va. He was killed at the battle of Gettysburg, 
Pa., July 3, 18C3. 

255. LINAS EZRA CHAPMAN, son Richard Chapman and Elizabeth 
Doty, b. Westbrook, Middlesex County, Ct., Jan. 15, 1813; m. there 
Sept. 22, 1839, Nora Jones, dau. Benjamin Jones. 


423. i. Carlos HENitv, b. Westbrook, Ct., July 28, 1840: m. 
Carrie Post. He served through the war, is now a farmer at 

424. ii. Linus Stanley, b. Westbrook, April 2.1843; m. Jessie 
Lee. He .served through the war, was wounded at Gettysburg. 

425. iii. Louisa, b. Westbrook, May 1!), 1848; d. there March 27, 

250. SYLVIA CHAPMAN, dau. Richard Chapman and Elizabeth 
Doty, b. Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Ct., Feb. 27, 1816: m. there Feb. 

22, 1837, Christopher Bushnell. He is a shipmaster and farmer. They 
lived Westbrook. 

Children • 

426. i. Angelina Elizabeth, b. Westbrook, Ct, Sept. 2. 1838 : m. 
Francis Harvey, of Saybrook, Ct. He is a farmer and teacher. 
She d. July 10, 1873, leaving 2 chil. 

427. ii. Eliza Benedict, b. Westbrook, Aug. 25. 1840: m. Dr. 
Moore. Live Omaha, Douglass Co., Neb. Have 2 chil. 

428. iii. Catiiahine, b. Westbrook, Feb. 7, 1843: m. 
Frederick DeWolf of Westbrook. They have 2 chil.; live Shcl- 
bina, Minn. 

429. iv. Wilmer Addi.son, b. AYestbrook, Feb. 14, 1846; not m. 
in 1878. He is a mechanic in Westbrook. 

259. HORACE WILLIAM INGRAHAM, .son William Ingraham and 
Hester Doty, b. Durham. N. Y. . Sept. 26. 1803; m. let, Durham, Nov. 

23, 1826, Chloe Finch, b. Durham. He m. 2nd, Durham. March 13, 
18(!5, Thankful ^lorse, dau. Elihu Morse, b. Durham. They lived Hun- 
ter, Greene Co.. N. ^'.: he was a faiincr. 

Children • 

430. i. CiiLOE, m. Parinalee : they have 2 chil. 

431. ii. Sylvia Doty, m Daniel Burgher: no chil. 

432. iii. LrcKETiA, teacher. Sandwich Islands. 

433. iv. Mauy, not m. 

434. V. Eunk E, m. Lane. 

435. vi. ZiNA Lay, m. and has 1 child. 


260. EZRA IJSGRAHAM, son William Ingrahain and Hester Doty, b. 
Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Dec. 13. 1805; ra. there Feb. 7, 182S, Char- 
lotte Newell, dau. Seth Newell; he d. Feb. G, 1861. 

Children : 

43(). i. Helen, d. ; not m. 

437. ii. Catharine, m. Douglass Thorp. They live Conesville, 
N. Y. 

261. BENJAMIN INGRAHAM, .son William Tngraham and lle.ster 
Doty, b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Jan. Ki, 1808; m. there Feb. 13, 
1832, Hannah Morrill, b. New Yorli City. 

Children : 

438. i. Erastds, m. 

439. ii. Joseph, not m. 

440. iii Eliza, m., first, Romeyn Bascom ; m., second, Bul- 


267. KIRTLAND DOTY, son Nathaniel Kirtland Doty and Nancy 
Norton, b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Nov. 27. 1803; m. Bennington. 
Wyoming Co., N. Y., Oct. 10, 1824, Amanda Warriner, b. Bennington, 
June 25, 1810, dau. Benjamin Warriner and Rachael Tolles. She d. 
Alexander, Genesee County, N. Y., April \1, 1855. He was a farmer 
and lived Attica, N. Y., where he d. Oct. 20, 1882. 

Children : 

441. i. Phebe Sophia, b. Aug. 9, 1825; d. Jan. 9, 1837. 

442. ii. Benjamin Franklin, b. May 17, 1827. 

443. iii. James Gilford, b. April 14, 1829. 

444. iv. Alvin Norton, b. Feb. 28, 1831 ; d. Aug. 13, 1877. 

445. V. Sylvia Newell, b. March 6, 1833. 

446. vi. Henry Leonidas, b. Jan. 29, 1835. 

447. vii. Helen Frances, b. Jan. 18, 1838; d. April 18, 1839. 

448. viii. Mary Rachel, b. Jan. 28, 1841; not m.; lives Attica, N. Y. 

449. ix. Frank Kirtland, b. May 31, 1843: not m. ; lives Attica, 
N. Y. 

450. X. Emma Ermina, b. Dec. 7, 1849. 

268. NANCY HARRIET DOTY, dau. Nathaniel Kirtland Doty and 
Nancy Norton, b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., May 15, 1806; m. Ben- 
nington, Wyoming Co. , N . Y. , Apl. 8, 1824, James Sibley Tolles, b. Orwell, 
Addison Co., Vt, Sept. 19, 1800, sou John Tolles and Katharine Sibley. 
They were from Connecticut. John Tolles, b. Canaan, Litchfield Co., 
Ct., May 16, 1770, and his wife at Sutton, Ct., July 9, 1774. They re- 
moved to Orwell, Vt., where they were married, and subsequently to Ben- 
nington. Mrs. Nancy Tolles d. Bennington, Nov. 15, 1844, after which 
he m., 2nd, there, Jan. 25, 1846, Almeda Lamenda Hamilton, b. Boro- 
dino, Onondaga Co., N. Y., April 20, 182(), and d. Bennington, Dec. 29, 
1853. Hem., 3rd, Bennington, Dec. 6, 1854, Mrs. Susan Joslyn Brower, 
b. Wyoming Valley, Pa., Sept. 6, 1819, and who is still living at Ben- 
nington. Post Ofnoe address, Attica, N. Y. He was a millwright and 
farmer and d. Bennington, March 16, 1885. 

Tlie following extract is taken from the Attica, N. Y., "News" of 

March 19, 1885 : 


"On Monday, March 16, 1885, ther« passed away from among us one 


who, by reason of lon^ rt'sideiico, wide acquaintance, and lioiioraltle 
character, deserves more than passing notice. 

" James S. Tolles was born in Orwell, Vt., September 1!>, ISOO. He was 
the eldest son of .John Tolles, who was the first settler in the town of 
Bennington, having moved into that town in February, 1S03, bringing 
with him his family, consisting of his wife and two children, the youngest, 
James S., then three years old. From that time till the day of his death 
he continued to reside in close proximity to the .spot upon which was 
built the little log cabin which was the home of his childhood. Without 
the advantages of schooling in youth, we find him a school teacher while 
yet a young man, having acquired, under circumstances most di.sconrag- 
ing, an education far in advance of his day. Possessing more than 
ordinary' ability, nothing but the loss of hearing, which calamity came 
upon him while yet a young man, prevented him Irom being called to 
positions of honor and trust. He was a man of clear convictions and 
sterling integrity, and his counsel and advice was often sought after by 
neigfhbors and friends. 

" He possessed a warm and .sympathizing heart, ready to respontl 
liberally to any call made upon him. Mr. Tolles first married, April 8, 
1824, Nancy Harriet Doty, sister of Kirtland Doty, lately deceased, and 
Leonidas Doty, Esq., of Buffalo, by whom he had niuf children. She died 
November 15, 1844. In 1846 he married Almeda L. Hamilton, who died 
in 1853. They had one son who died in February of the same year. He 
was again married to Mrs. Susan Brower in December, 1854. who sur- 
vives him. There was one child born to them, who died June liJ, 18li'2. 
Of eleven children born to him, eight died in childhood. One son, Ralph 
N., was killed in tiie War of the Rebellion, and his eldest son, George H. 
Tolles of Buffalo, N. Y., died a few years ago, leaving a son, Frank J. 
Tolles, grandson of the subject of this sketch. Only one child survives 
him, Mrs. Kate T. Norton, wife of A. L. Norton, now of Bi-nnington. 

"Although called upon in the mysterious w.ays of Provicience thus to fol- 
low a large family to the grave, and to often pass under the rod of afllic- 
tion, ho was never known to repine nor to doubt the goodness and lov(> of 
his Heavenly Father. For more than half a century he was a member of 
thf Presbyterian Church of this place, from which he was borne to burial 
in Fore-st Hill Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon. Tenderly and lovingly 
the aged patriarch was laid away to rest, in the conlident and assured 
hope of a blessed resurrection. Thus another link which binds the pres- 
ent generation with the past is sundered." 

Children by first wife : 
451. i. Nancy Anne, b. Bennington, N.Y., March 3, 1835; d. Dec. 

21, 1831. 
452 ii. George HEi!.sonEi.L, b. Bennington, May 1. 1827. 

453. iii. Nathaniki., b. Bennington, May 3, 1830: d. Nov. 15, 1831. 

454. iv. Natiianiei, Haf.vey, b. Bennington, Sept. 7, 1832; d. Sept. 
20, 1835. 

455. v. Sarah liAonEi,, b. Bennington, Nov. 28, 1834; d. Nov. 24, 

450. vi. Ralph Norton, b. Bennington, Jan. 4, 1837 : wounded near 


Newmarket, Shenandoah Co., Va., in the War of the IlehellioM and 
d.May 9, 18()3. 

457. vii. Haruief Anne, b. Bennington, April 2(5, 1839 ; d. Dec. 14, 

458. viii. Nanoy Katheiiine, b. Bennington, Nov. 19, 1841. 

459. ix. Emma Amanda, I). Bennington, June 27, 1S44: d. Nov. 29, 

By his second wife James had one child : 

James Arden, b. Bennington, Jan. 8, 1847 : d. Feb. 15, 
And by his ihii-d wife : 

Oahkiet Marianne, b. Bennington, March 18, IS.^O ; d. June 
13, 1862. 

26J). ELIZA DOTY, dau. Nathaniel Kirtland Doty and Nancy Norton, 

b. Durham, N. Y., April. 18, 1810: m. Attica, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1831, Hos- 
well Tolles, b. Bennington, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1804, son John Tolles and 
Katharine Sibley. lie d. Raymond, Racine Co., Wis , April 14, 1878. 
She d. Attica, Dec. 10, 1854. 
Children : 

402. i. Charles Putnam, b. Bennington, Feb. 27, 1833 : d. Dec. 26, 

46;i ii. Ellen Eliza, b. Bennington, Oct. 26, 18:;i5 : d. Dec. 25, 1836. 

464 iii. Ellen Diantiia, b. Altica, Nov. 2, 1837. 

465. iv. Edward Doty, b. IJennington, Feb. 20, 1841. 

270. LEONID AS DOTY', son Nathaniel Kirtland Doty and Nancy 
Norton, b. Durham, N. Y., July 1, 1812; m. Attica, N. Y. .April 21, 
1845, Lydia Selina Holbrooke, b. Windsor, Mass., Aug. 22, 1826, dau. 
Daniel Owen Holbrooke and Mary Ann Dutton, and granddaughter of 
Gen. Amos Holbrooke of Berkshire Co., Mass., of Revolutionary fame, 
who m., 17()4, Lydia Owen, dau. of Gov. Owen of Gloucester, R. I. See 
Morse Genealogy, " Memorial of the Morses" by Rev. Abner Morse, A. 
M., Boston, 1850. 

Leonidas Doty was born July Isf, 1812, on a small farm owned by his 
father, and situated about two miles west of the village of Prink (now 
Durham), Greene Countv, N. Y . Here he lived with his parents until he 
was nine years, when his father sold the little farm and moved to what 
was called the Holland Purchase, two miles west of the village of Attica 
in Genesee County, N. Y. Mr. Doty's memory of that " moving" is veiy 
vivid, and the story is interesting enough to be inserted here. 

No Pullman palace car attached to a sixty-miles-an-hour express train 
took them, it was simply one large lumber wagon, filled with household 
goods and a few farming implements of the primitive pattern, and 
a one horse wagon, in which were bestowed the mother and children, both 
wagons covered with white canvas, the fust drawn by two yokes of oxen 
headed by one of their horses, while the other horse was duly harnessed 
and attached to the family wagon. These made up the little procession 
which was soon to start for the far off, the •' Great West." 

Although comparatively few years had been passed on that little place 
in the Catskill Mountains, still, when the time came for them to leave, 
the last meal was eaten witli a peculiar sensation of sadness, and the eyes 
of the older ones were seen to be swimming in tears as the choking word 


of command came from the father to "go! " The first few hours were 
passed in silence. The older brother. Kirtland, a manlj^ boy of sixteen 
years, trudged on before driving the oxen headed by the hoist*, while the 
father followed closely in the rear, having an ey<; out to the welfare of the 
train . 

Our little "Leon," at that age, wasakeeii observer of cverytiiiug which 
took place. He remembers seeing the dear old mountains .slowly and 
gradually fade away in the east, as they pursued their toil.some journey 
to the unknown " West," and when they came in sight of Skaueateles 
Lake, the first great body of water his eyes had ever rested upon, sur- 
prise took entire possession of the lad, who had never before looked upon 
anything larger than the running brook which merrily leaped over the 
rocks and down the mountain side. But Cayuga Lake presented to him 
another wonder, and this was a bridge on-o mile long, which spanned the 
outlet, and as they rolled over thi.s astonishing piece of engine<Ting*the 
journey was shortened to the older ones by listening to the exclamations 
of the younger. The ([uestions of the boy were listened to with patience, 
and by the time the bridge was passed there was added to the youth's 
mind a large portion of valuable information. Uneventful was the 
journey until they had passed Batavia, when all at once they found them- 
selves " stuck in the mud," but they were released from their annoying 
condition by the friendly services of some neighboring farmers, who 
brought several yokes of oxen to their help. Finally, after a wearisome 
journey of thirty days, they arrived at their newlj- found home. A log 
house with a mock hospitality received the family under its shelter. A 
" dutch back " furnished a large fireplace, while a few long and uneven 
sticks, thicklj' plastered with mud, mads up the rude chimney. A door at 
either end of this cabin had been used by the familj^ who had previously 
lived there for dragging to its place the great back log, so necessary for 
keeping the fire, in those days almost destitute of lucifer matches. The 
house was full of wide cracks between the logs, which the boys filled up 
with mud. This, together with a bright fire on the hearth, gave comfort 
and tlie best of ventilation. This log house was their home for a year, at 
the expiration of whit^h time a very good frame house had been erected, 
the comfort of the family being thereby greatly increased. 

Soon after the household had arrived at their home the father bought 
a pig, and, as he supposed, had him safely housed in a stout pen, but the 
very first night the family were awakened by a great noise and a vocifer- 
ous squealing. The father and elder son rose hurriedly to invt>stigate the 
situation and to their amazement found that the pig had disapi)earod. 
Following the cries of the poor piggy they soon discovered him in the 
clutches of a liear. The enemj' was put to flight, and the i)ig restoreil to 
his pen. 

The new farm consisted of a very few acres only partly "cleared," but 
during the first year they had twenty acres ready for seed. They were, 
however, obliged to go twenty-five miles for the seed wheat, and then pay 
$3. 00 per bushel for it. It was sown in the Autum, and carefully watched 
through the long and cold winter ; the crop proved to be a good one ; thej 


cut it with sickles and soon had it ready for the market, but, to their 
great disappointment, it brought only thirty-one cents per bushel, and 
that, too, in " barter." At this time one bushel of wheat would buy one 
pound of tobacco. 

For eight years the market was low and the family had a struggle 
tp live. In the midst of it all the death of the wife and mother, who was 
the mainstay of the family, brought great grief upon them. After this 
trial they managed as best they could to carry on the household until the 
father married again. 

The new mother proved to be an excellent woman and fulfilled her 
arduous duties to the admiration and comfort of them all. It must be 
remembered that at this time they spun and wove the cloth for their 
garments, cut and made them after their own " fashion plates," and their 
shoes were also the work of their own hands. The educational advan- 
tages of the country at that day were rather jnimitive and hence limited, 
but the children were all blessed with what was called a " good common 
school education." 

When the youth reached his twentieth year, the farm being small and 
the father able to make simply his living, the boy determined that, with 
his father's consent, he would go away from home and endeavor to make 
his own living. He therefore went to Attica and engaged to work for 
the owner of the mills at $12.50 per month with board. The young man, 
with that spirit of fairness and justice which has characterized his whole 
carreer bargained to give his father $00 for his time until he should 
become of age. He remained at this post of labor more than two years. 
He then rented a farm adjoining his father's and worked that one year. 
At the end of this time, the spring of 1835, he found himself without a 
penny of debt and the happy possessor of $500. 

A trip to Michigan convinced him that there was no money in buying a 
farm which was nothing but a forest, so he returned to Attica, and with- 
out any knowledge of the business bought out a small grocery store and 
swung out his sign. His business grew to such an extent, and was so 
profitable, that he remained there twenty years. 

At the end of this time, 1850, he began the banking business in Attica. 
Dean Richmond, a man of wealth and notoriety, was associated with Mr. 
Doty, and the capital of the bank was $50,000. In 1800 Mr. Doty bought 
out Mr. Richmond, and moved the bank to Batavia. This proved to be a 
very wise thing, for it was now the beginning of the War of the Rebellion, 
and money being in great demand his discounts were largely multiplied, 
and his success was somewhat phenomenal. 

The bank was owned by Mr. Doty, who associated with him Mr. John 
Ward. At one time he also owned a one-half interest in the First 
National Bank at that place, but in 1880 he sold his interest at a premium 
of fifty-four per cent. As a general thing Mr. Doty always remained at 
home and was absorbingly devoted to his business. The only vacations he 
ever took were an extended trip in Europe, taking with him his family, 
and another through the West and South of our own country. The im- 


pression which these two jurrieye made upon him was to make liim all the 
more proud of his own native land. 

In the course of his long life he made an ample fortune, and to his 
praise it can be said, he did not keep it all. He bestowed many and valu- 
able gifts of money upon his own fandly and the families of his brothers 
and sisters, in all amounting to over a fiuarter million of dollars. At the 
birth of every grandchild he made a present of a thousand dollars, which 
he invested in mortga^'es and kept the accrued interest well invested. 
He was accustomed to say, he did this to show them what ^1,000 will 
earn in tweutj'-one years if " kept without spending." 

In 1876, Mr. Doty bought an elegant residence on Delaware avenue, in 
Buffalo, where he thereafter resided. He was an active vesti-yman in 
Trinity Church and a generous supporter of the services. Though he 
lived to be over seventj'-five years of age he was an active and energetic 
business man, and in hi.s palatial residence enjoyed the abundant wealth 
which was the honest fruit of a, self-sacrificing, econondcal and use- 
ful life. He died at Buffalo. N. Y., April 21, 1888. 

Children : 

460. i. Ar.icE Haukiet, b. Batavia, Genesee Co., N. Y., Jan. 'S\, 

467. ii. FhOKENCE Ei.iza, b. Batavia, April 28, 1849. 

271. RACHEL DOTY, dau. Nathaniel Kirtland Doty and Nancy Nor- 
ton, b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Sept. 10, 1816; m. there, Jan., 
1833, Francis Dyer Wilcox, b Rossie, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., May, 
1819, son of Dyer Wilcox. She d. Jan. 29, 1870. He d. Iowa, April, 1874. 

Children : 

4()8. i. Ei.iZAHETii A., b Nov. 23, 1S41 ; d. Nov. 23, 1847. 
409. ii. Em/abetu, (2d) b. Nov. 30, 1847. 

272. SETH NEWELL, son John Newell and Eunice Doty, b. Dur- 
ham, Greene Co., N. Y., March 9, 1804; m. Sheldon, Wyoming Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 12, 1828, Abigail Hardcastle, b. Canandaigua, Ontario 
Co., N. Y., Aug 4, 1805. He is a farmer. They live Flushing, Genesee 
Co., Mich. 

Children : 

470. i PiiH.o Jefferson, b. Bennington, Wvoming Co., N. V., 
Aug. m. 1829. 

471. ii. John Dyer, b. Beniungton, June 28, 1831. 

472. iii. Francis Bradley, b. Sheldon, N. Y'., De3. 15, 1834: d. 
July 8, 1849. 

473. iv. Sei n HARTWEi.r,, b. Sheldon, July 9. 1837; he is a farmer. 

474. V. Phehe Lorktte, b. Sheldon, Sept. 15. 1839; m., 1st, C lay- 
ton, Lenawee Co., Mich , Aug. 13, 1862, George W. Ottaway, who 
d. Oct. 11, 1862. She m., 2nd, there, July 2. 1867, Christopher C. 
Calkins. She d. Jan 19, 1869. 

475. vi. Le.miel Casti.e, b. Sheldon, Sept. 10, 1841. 

476. vii. Wii.i.iA.M DoTV, b. Sheldon, Dec. 15, 1S43. 

477. vili. Atta Hinman, b. Clayton. Lenawee Co., Mich, April 10, 
1846 ; d. May 13, 1848. 

478. ix. Hekman Francis, b. Clayton, Jan. 25. 1850. 

273. ALVIN NEWELL, son John Newell and Eunice Doty, b. Dur- 
ham, Greene Co., N. Y., Jan. 25, 1806; m. Bethany, Genesee Co., N. Y. , 


April 30, 1833, Hannah B. Sill of Connecticut, llewas a liigl/lj' ref^pected 
citizen, and held many offices in church and town. By occupation a hor- 
ticulturist. They lived Corfu, Genesee Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

479. i. Sylvia Antionette, b. Bennington, N.Y.. March 18, 1834; 
m. Corfu, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1857, 11 arley Jones. He is a merchant 
at Kinderhook, Branch County, Mich. 

480. ii. Cornelia Adelaide, b. Bennington, June 28, 1830. 

481. iii. Sakaii ISill, b. Bennington, Mov. 17, 1838; m. Corfu, N. 
Y., March 8, 1860, Lester Wcbbc. Ho is a manufacturer of agri- 
cultural implements, at Fairport, Monroe Co., N. V. 

277. PHEBE NEWELL, dau. John Newell and Eunice Doty. b. Ben- 
nington, Wyoming Co., N. Y. , Aug. 9, 1816; m. Corfu, Genesee Co., 
N. Y., April 3, 1835, Alanson Niles, b. Riga, Monroe Co., N. Y., March 
19, 1816. He ^is a farmer and justice of peace at Flushing, Genesee 
Co., Mich. 


482. i. Myeon Alanson, b. Darien, Genesee Co., N. Y., March 
28, 1836; d. Flushing, Mich., Jan. 28, 1858. 

483. ii. Franklin Adolpiius, b. Darien. April 4, 1888. 

484. iii. Aeza Newell, b. Pembrook, Genesee Co., N. Y., April 
23, 1840. 

485. iv. Harlan Page, b. Clayton, Lenawee Co., Mich., Aug. 26, 

278. WILLIAM DOTY NEWELL, son John Newell and Eunice 
Doty, b. Bennington, Wyoming Co., N. Y., Aug. 18, 1819; m. Flushing, 
Genesee Co., Mich., Sept. 20, 1841, Ernestine E. Per.sons, b.Dec. 19, 1819. 
He d. Flushing, Mich., April 19, 1846. He was a farmer. 


486. i. Francis Chandler, b. Flushing, Mich., 1842; d. Oct. 2 , 

487. ii. Eunice Doty, b. Flushing, July 15, 1846; m. April 24, 
1866, Daniel E. Calkins, b. Alabama, Genesee Co., N. Y., Jan. 19, 
1841. No chil. in 1874. 

279. THOMAS STANLEY DAY, son Era.stus Day and Amelia 
Doty, b. Durham Co., N. Y., Sept. 26, 1805; m. there July 5, 1834, Lucy 
A. Gilbert. They live Horseheads, Chemung Co., N. Y. 


488. i. Elizue Carlos, b. May 5, 1835; m. Oct., 1873, Nellie 
Tolles, dau. of Wilson ToUes of Mich. -They have 5 chil. Live 
Horseheads, N. Y. 

489. ii. Margaret Luoy, b. Aug. 27, 1839; d. June 10, 1840. 

280. EKASTUS WILLIAM DAY, son Erastus Day and Amelia Doty, 
b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., April 9, 1807; m. there Jan. 13, 1831, 
Indiana Tolles. He d. Durham, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1843. She lives Oneonta, 
N. Y., with her dau. 
Children : 

490. i. Carlos M., b. Durham, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1833; went West 
1853; prob. d. Kansas: prob. not ni. 

491. ii. Philemon Rockwell, b. Elmira, Chemung Co., N. Y. ,Jan. 
11, 1838. 

493. iii. Sylvia Doty, b. Elmira, Oct. 8, 1842 ; m. Seymour Scott. 

76 THE 1)0TV-1)0TP]N FAMILY. 

Tie is a lawyer, f()riiierly at Hrooklvri. X. V., now lives Oneonta, 
Th«'y have 2 chil. 

2S1 CAIILOS CURllSS DAY, son Eiastus Day and Amelia Doty, 
b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., June 14, 1809; m.. West Avon, Ct., Sept. 
20, 1834. Lavilla Woodruff, b. there April 7, 1813, dau. Titus Woodruff 
and Lua Allen. lie d. West Avon Ct., Aug. 13, 1883, having been struck 
by lightning; while sitting on the porch of his house. .She lives Lawrence- 
ville, Tioga Co., Pa. 

The following obituary notice, published at the time; of his death, gives 
some account of his character and life : 

"The death of Deacon C. C. Day, of Avon, Ct., the father of Mrs. Dr. 
L. Darling, Jr., of this place, was terribly startling and heartrending to 
his own immediate family, and to the community in which he hail so long 
lived and labored, lie was deacon of the Congregational Church, and for 
thirty years had been the strv)ng arm upon which that society rested, and 
they feel keenly and sensibly the loss. 

"Mr. Day was a pure, Christian gentleman, a kind neighbor, and the 
sorrow evinced by all classes as they stood around his grave was touch- 
ing to those who witnessed these sad and mournful rites. His death was 
instantaneous, liaving been paralyzed l)y being in the circuit of three 
sejiarate divisions of the tremendous bolt that struck the lightning rod, 
and when it reached the point whore the insulator was not intact it left 
the rod and went into the building in three separate places, but the fhdd 
seemed to concentrate in the well room and porch on the back of the 

" He was on the porch and entering the well room where he was over- 
powered by this subtle and mysterious fluid. He met his death instan- 
taneously and without pain. 

" And this translation to the arms of the Saviour he loved and devoutlj' 
served for many years was in keeping with his Christian life. 

" Mr. Day was a man of wealth and inlluence, and he used both in the 
upbuilding of the Church and the cause of Christ, that to hira seemed the 
only great cause worth laboring for. He was as strict in all matters of 
busim^ss as in his everyday life, and he died with his business all clo.sed 
up. Spiritually he was jeady at any moment for any cross he might be 
called upon to bear, and was prepared to go as his Lord and Master might 
direct. In temporal matters his business was all arranged and was en- 
tirely free from anything that would require litigation. 

" He made his will and arranged his business so that no matter how 
quickly he passed away he was prepared.' 

" Mr. Day left an only daughter, the wife of Dv. Lewis Darling of this 
place. He had two .sons, Carlos E. and William D. Day, now in business 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

" These, with the wii lowed wife, constitute the members of the bereaved 
family, and to them he left his estate by will, to be eciually divided among 


Children : 

493. i. Roger Stanley, b. Avon, Ct., April 27, 1838; d. June 9, 

494. ii Julia Lavilla, b. Avon, Aug. 5, 1844. 

495. ill. Caklos Erasths. b. Avon, April 14, 1847: not ni. He is a 
druggist at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

496. iv. William Doty. b. Avon, Aug. 19, 1850; notni. He and his 
brother comprise the firm of Day Brothers, diugists, Ralph avenue 
and Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

497. V. Arland F., b. Avon, Nov. 21, 1851, d. Feb. 1, 1858. 

283. NEWELL, DAY, son Erastus Day and Amelia Doty, b. Dur- 
ham, Greene Co., N. Y., April 15, 1814; m. Nov. 5, 1835, Mary Ann 
Scoville. She lives Durham. 

Children : 

498. i. Adaline Bathsheba, b. Durham, Dec. 9, 1887. m. Cones- 
ville, Schoharie Co., N. Y.. Jan., 1857, Jason Brainard. Live 
Conesville, or Manorkill, N. Y. 

499. ii. Caroline Amelia, b. Durham, Aug. 0, 1845; m. there Sept., 
1864, Kramer Rives. She d. Nov. 15, 1865. 

285. ALMIRA DAY, dau. Erastus Day and Amelia Doty, b. Durham, 
Greene Co., N. Y., Oct. 26, 1818; m. there Oct. 25, 1844, Dr. James 
Jewell, b. West Durham, Greene Co. , N. Y., son Rev. James Jewell and 
Mary Clark. He was a practicing physician at Catskill, Greene Co., 
N. Y., and d. there May 15, 1884. She d. Moran, Kan., Dec. 22, 1884. 

The following facts are taken from a memorial notice published at his 
death : 

"Dr. James Jewell, who died Thursday morning, May 15, 1884, at the 
residence of his sonin-law. H. L. Bassett, Catskill, N. Y., was born in 
West Durham, December 6, 1818. His father was the Rev. James Jewell, 
pastor of the Congregational Church of West Durham. Dr. Jewell 
received an academic education at Jefferson Academy. He studied med- 
icine with Dr. King of Cairo, N. Y., and attended lectures at Albany, 
N. Y., and at Castleton, Vt., at which latter college he graduated in 1844. 
The son of a country clergyman, it' is needless to say that he made his 
way to an education along the difficult path of self-support. 

" Working on a farm till he attained his majority, he afterward taught 
school to maintain himself until he should be qualified to enter his cho.sen 

'• He was married July 25, 1844, to Almira, eldest daughter of Deacon 
Erastus Day of Conesville, and began the practice of medicine in Ply- 
mouth, Chenango County, N. Y., where he remained two years. Thence 
he removed to Wellsbuig, Chemung County, where he practiced his pro- 
fession fourteen years. In the Spring of 18G0 he came to Catskill. Here 
he spent the last twenty-four years of his life. For about forty-four years 
he was an active and useful Christian. He was an eld r in the Presby- 
terian Church of Wellsburgh, and for several years superintended the 
Sabbath school of the Reformed Church in Catskill. A wife, daughter 
and three sons are left to mourn the loss of a kind husband and wise and 
loving father. During the time passed in Catskill. nearly a quarter of a 
century, he had, by diligence and skill, acquired quite an extensive prac- 

78 'J'lK DOl"^ -DOTEN FAMILV. 

tico. He was a close student, never relaxinj^ his studies, no matter how 
exacting his duties, and the result was shown by the success with which 
he coinl)atted the various diseases which flesh is heir to. 

"As a citizen he took a lively interest in all matters of local improve- 
ment, and, in the highest sense, was devoted to the interest of the coun- 
try. His gospel, that which controlled his life, was the doing of good to 
others, and this was done in th(! sinii)lest and most unostentatious man- 
ner. To this he added the dignity of Christian manhood and exemplifu'd 
its rule by living the Christian life. The memory of that consistt-nt life, 
as well as of his words of counsel and of cheer given to many when most 
needed, Avill not soon fade. 

"That he was truly a Christian physician was manifested by. one 
touching fact. Among those constituting the congregation at his funeral 
were many whose circumstances are such that they could be presi'ut only 
by a sacrifice of time which could iu)t fail to be felt. 

" Among other duties laid upon him during several years was that of 
attending excxminations at the Free School. In recognition of his faith- 
fulness to this duty the teachers and pupils of the school united in pre- 
paring a most beautiful floral tribute. 

" Though an invalid for many years he performed all his duties until 
within three months of his death, and it was sad to see how, one l)y one, 
he was compelled to give them up. Late in April he w^-nt to Philadelphia, 
there to consult eminent physicians. But they could give no hope, and 
after a short time he returned home, only to enter upon his rest. 

" The funeral services, held in the Reformed Church, of which he was 
a member, were conducted by Kufus Clarke, I). IX , of Albany, assisted 
by George A. Howard, D. D., of the Presbyterian Church, and the llev. 
Edmund Lewis, of the M. E. Church. Dr. Clarke, though a stranger to 
Dr. .Jewell, spoke most kindly and appropriatelj\ Those who assisted 
him had long been personal friends of the deceased. Many of the friends 
of the one who had fallen asleep gathered to pay to him the last direct 
tribute of respect. 

" The rcmiains were Ituried at West Durham on Sabbath afternoon by 
the side of his parents" )>o(li(!s. wiiii-h have rested in that quiet cemetery 
\'ov about sixty years. 

" Resolutions of respect to his memory were adopted by the Medical 
Society of Greene County, N. Y., at their meeting in Catskill. N. V.. June 
10. 1884." 

Mrs. Jewell was the worthy daiighter of worthy parents and every way 
fitted to be the wife of such a husband. Her life was quir't and unobtru- 
sive, yet her influence was felt by a large circle of friends and relatives. 

Children : 

'>{)0. i. James Euash s, b. Plvmouth, Chenango Co , N. V., Dec. 
2G, 184(). 

501. ii. M.VHV Amki.ia, b. Wellsburg, Chemung Co., N. Y., May 
13, 1851. 

502. iii. Stanley Day, b. Wellsburg, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1853: not m. 
He was (1885; a minist,(!r; was pastor of the Presbyterian Church 


at Big Flats, Chemung Co., N. Y. 

503. iv. Anson, b. VVellsburg, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1856. 

286. JULIA DAY, dau. Erastus Day and Amelia Doty, b. Durham, 
Greene Co., N. Y., Dec. 30, 1820: m. there March 11, 1844, Dr. Ebene- 
zer L. logersoll. She lives at CatsUill. Greene Co., N. Y. Hod. there. 

Children, b. Catskill: 

504. i. Theouoke, b. Oct. 3, 1846 : d. July 19, 1851. 

505. ii. Hiram Day, b. June 3, 1849. He is a lawyer, formerly at 
Catskill, now in New York City, 25 Nassau St. ; m. Gussie Rose 
of Delhi, Delaware Co. . N. Y. 

506. iii. Theodoka J., b. Sept. 2, 1852; m. Dec. 24, 18T2, William P. 
McLaury, M. D. ; he was principal of Catskill Free Academy. 

507. iv. Addie E., b. Nov. 17, 1855 ; not m. ; lives New Yoik City. 

508. V. Minnie A., b. Dee. 24, 1858 ; d. April 14, 1861. 

509. vi. Leonard A., b. April 16, 1802 : d. Sept. 20, 1863. 

510. vii. Susie Gertrude, b. July 11, 1864 : not lu.; lives New York 

289. DAVID' DOTY, son of Alvau Doty and Melinda Virgil, b. 
Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Nov. 24, 1809 : m. 1st, Gilboa. Schoharie 
Co., N. Y., Jan. 8, 1835, Susan White, b. Rensselaerville. Albany Co., 
K Y., prob. 1818, dau. James White. 

They removed to Michigan, 1835, and soon after settled at Cambridge 
in Lenawee County, of that State. He was a carpenter and farmer. Mrs. 
Susan Doty, d. Cambridge, _ Mich.. June 15, 1839. He m., 2nd, at 
Gilboa, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1842, Mrs. Catharine Maria Barllo Whit leck, b. 
Gilboa, Schoharie Co., N. Y. , Nov. 5, 1815, dau. of Samuel Bartle and 
Cornelia Soules and widow of Andrew I. Whitbeck, all of Gilboa, N. Y. 

They lived at Cambridge, Mich., till 1856, he holding many offices of 
trust in the township, such as treasurer, supervisor and justice of the 
peace. They then removed to East Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., where 
they now reside. He has a sawmill there, and is justice of the peace. 

Children by 1st wife : 

511. i. Alvan, b. Cambridge, Mich., Jan. 20, 1836; d. July 5, 

512. ii. James Alvan, b. Cambridge, Nov. 29, 1838; d. May 1, 1855. 
Child by 2nd wife : 

513. iii. Samuel Baetle, b. East Durham, Greene Co.. N. Y., Sept. 
3, 1844. He is a merchant at Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y. ; not m. 

290. PHEBE DOTY, dau. Alvan Doty and Melinda Virgil, b. Durham, 
Greene Co., N. Y.. Aug. 8, 1811 : m. there Feb. 2, 1831, Eli Chatfield, 
b. Windham, Greene Co., N. Y., May 10,' 1808, son Josiah Chatfield 
of Oxford, Ct. and Olive Tuttle of Litchiield, Ct. They removed, 1833, 
to Raisin, Lenawee Co., Mich., then a wilderness, where he d. June 3, 
1866. He was carpenter and farmer. His widow lives in easy circum- 
stances on the farm. Her address is Tecumseh, Lenawee Co., Mich. 

Children : 

514. i. Willis, b. Sept. 25, 1832 ; d. March 24, 1846. 

515. ii. Willis i2d), b. March 9, 1848 ; not m. 1878. 

516. iii. George Edward, b. Feb. 13, 1851 ; d. Aug. 18, 1854. 

517. iv. Mary Josephine, b. May 16, 1856. All live Tecumseh, 


2J>2. SETII NEWELL DOTY, son Alvan Doty and Malinda Virgil, b. 
Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., April 2, 1817. He removed with his parents 
to Michigan, and m.. Lenawee Co., Mich., Dec. 1, 1840. Mary Jordan, b. 
Dec. IS, 181S, dan. Elijah Jordan and Betsey Brezee. They lived at 
Brooklyn and Lansing. Mlt*h. lie was a farmer, tavern-keeper and ma- 
son. His wife d. at Lansing, Ingham Co.. Mirh., May 13, IHAl. He 
then went to California and Washington Territory. He was admitted 
to the Har, and chosen Territorial Judge. He returned, 18C5, to Michi- 
gan, and, 18()9, removed to Columbus. Colorado Co., Tex., where he d. of 
yellow fever, Nov. T. 1873. after a very evmtful life. 
Children : 
518. 1. Frances Maijy. b. Brooklvn. Jackson Co.. ^yiich.. March 

IT, 1843. 
.Ol!*. ii. Edwakd Jordan, b. Brooklyn, June 17, 1847. Is living in 
Sedgwick, llaivey Co., Kan. 

2{>3. A:MELIA doty, dau. Alvan Doty and MeUnda Virgil, b. Dur- 
ham, Greene Co., N. V., ]\Iay 9, 1819; m. Itaisln, Lenawee Co., ]\Iich., 
Oct. 7, 1850, Charles Kellogg Stedman, b. Berlin, Hartford Co., Ct., Sept. 
34, 1820, son Charles Stedman and Elizabeth Kellogg. Charles K. Sted- 
man m., 1st, Jan. 1, 1842, Sarah Gaylord of Newington, Ct.; tliey lived 
Meriden, New Haven Co., Ct. , but removed April, 184G, to Windham, 
Greene Co., N. Y. They had one child, George Potter, b. Wlndam, Nov. 
15, 1846; now m. and living Chicago, Cook Co., 111. Mrs. Sarah Sted- 
man d. shortly after this, and he m., 2nd (as above), Oct. 7, 1850, Amelia 

She removed with her parents, 1835, to Raisin, Lenawee Co. , Mich. , 
where she became a teacher ; nd united with the church. Since her mar- 
riage, in 1850, they have lived at Windham, Greene Co. , N. Y., whi re 
he is a much respected citizen, an elder oif the Tresbyterian Church there, 
superintendent of the Sunday school, etc., and by occupation a manufac- 
turer of and dealer in harness, carriage trimmings, etc. 

Child : 

520. i. Melinda Vihoil, b. Windham, Greene Co., N. Y., April 28, 

294. BETSEY DOTY, dau. Alvan Doty and Melinda Virgil, b. Dur- 
ham, Greene Co., N. Y., May 28, 1821 : m. Lenawee Co., Mich., Feb. 22, 
1844, Dwight Rogers, b. Hardwick, Worcester Co., Mass., Feb. 5, 1818, 
son Obediah Rogers and Lydia Reed. Lydia Reed was dau. Samuel 
Reed and Matilda Doty of Bridgewater, Plj-mouth Co., Mass. He is a 
farmei, and lives Palmyra, Lenawee Co.. Mich. 


521. i. Jesse Appi.eton, b. Palmyra. Mi<;h., Nov. 8, j845. 

522. ii. MiLLAKD FiLMORK, b. Palmyra. Dec. 30, 1848; d. there, Oct. 
20, 1851. 

523. iii. Eliza Jane, b. Palmyra, Oct. 31, 1851; not m. 18S5. 

524. iv. Nellie Marie, b. Palmyra, June 3, 1858; d. there, Feb. 4, 

525. v. Nellie Doty. b. I'almyra, Jan. 25, 1861; not m. 1885. 

526. vi. Wir.LiAM Dwioiir. b. Palmyra. Aug. 6, 1N64: not m. 1885. 


295. MELINDA JEANNETTE DOTY, dau. Alan Doty and Melinda 
Virgil, b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Feb. 21, 1826; ni., 1st. Raisin, 
Lenawee Co., Mich., Jan. 1, 1847, George Albright: they lived Pittsfield, 
Washtenaw Co., Mich., where he d. Jan. 1, 1859. She m., 2nd, Itaiein, 
Mich., 1866, Milo Raymond: they live South Haven, Van BurenCo., Mich. 

Children by first husband: 

527. i. Amelia (Albright), b. Pittsfleld, Mich., March, 1848: m. 
Feb., 1865: Henry Chatfield. They have 2 cliil. 

528. ii. llENKY r Albright), b. Pittsfleld, 1854: d. June, 1859. 

529. iii. Effie C. (Albright), b. Pittsfleld, June, 1856. 

2J>7. WILLIAM EVANS DOTY', son A Ivan Doty and Melinda Virgil, 
b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., Dec. 17, 1830. Removed with his parents 
to Michigan and m., Lenawee Co., Mich., April 16, 1856, Caroline Ray- 
mond. He is a farmer and lives at Holoway, Lenawee Co., Mich. 

Children, b. Raisin, Lenawee Co., Mich.: 

530. i. Hattie Virgii., b. Feb. 10, 1857. 

531. ii. Henry R., b. Jan. 27, 1859: d. Sept. 8, 1861. 

532. iii. Cakkik L. , b. June 9, 1863. 

533. iv. William A., b. Jan. 19, 1868: d. Dec. 17, 1873. 

534. V. Stanley E., b. July 27, 1870. 

535. vi. Sakaii M., b. Sept., 17, 1872. 

299. EUNICE INGRAHAM DOTY, dau. Alvan Doty and Melinda 
Virgil, b. Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., May 11, 1833. Removed with her 
parents to Raisin, Lenawee Co., Mich., and m. there, Sept. 28, 1858, 
George H. McKee, b. Hunter, Greene Co., N. Y., 1831. They removed 
to Wimlham, Greene Co., N. Y., where they they reside. 

Children, b. Windham: 

536. i. Charles Hekwood, b. Oct. 16, 1859. 

537. ii. Frances Kittie, b. Feb. 26, 1863. 

538. Hi. Grace Amelia, b. Aug. 2, 1867. 

539. iv. Minnie Bell, b. Dec. 30, 1870. 

301 JULIA NEWELL DOTY, dau. William Doty and Julia Newell, 
b. Durham, N Y., May 11, 1818 ; m , 1st, Windham, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1838, 
Burrit Osborn Stone, b. there, Dec. 12, 1816, son Abijah Stone and Ala- 
thea Osborn.. Burrit Osborn Stone was the son of Capt. Abijah Stone, 
who came from Framingham, Mass., to Windham, N. Y''. , and ra. there 
Alathea, dau. Deacon Nathan Osborn, formerly of Connecticut, and one 
of the earliest settlers of Windham. Burrit O Stone was a farmer at 
Windham, and developing a talent for business became a leather manu- 
facturer at Williamstown, N. Y. , and at Camden, N. Y. Subsequently re- 
turned to Windham, where he d. May 11, 1859. She m. , 2nd, S.aj'brook, 
Ct., IMavch 24, 1868, SamuelEly Harvey, b. Hadlyme, Ct., Feb. 16, 1807, 
.son Samuel Harvey and Marsylvia Ely. Samuel Ely Harvey was an 
active busiusss man, an exemplaiy Christian and a man of influence, who 
held several offices of tru t and honor in his town and church. He lived 
Saybrook, where he d. ^lay 24, 1874. She lived, 1885, Saybrook. 

Child by first husband : 

540. i. Burrit Stephen (Stone), b. Windham, June 3, 1849. 

302. GURDON HUNTINGTON DOTY, son William Doty and Julia 



Newel), b. Durham, N. V., March 11, 1S20: iii. Windham, N. Y., Ajail 
28, 1842, 3Iary Robinson, b. thi're Oct. 2!), 1822, dau. Eli Palmer Robin- 
sou and Mary Saxtou. They re.-<iile Windham Centre, N. Y. 

]SIi-s. Doty is a sister of lion. Lucius Kobiuson, formerly Comjitroller 
and Governor of New York State. 

Mr. Doty, like his father, became a blacksmitii, and has carried on a 
prosperous business at Windham Centre, N. Y., for many years. lie is a 
man of intelligence and influeuce, greatly respected in that commuuiiy. 
Like his father, too, he has devoted much time to the study and practice 
of church music, and in commemoration of his fifty years of service as 
member and leader of the choir of the Presbyterian Church of Windham, 
January 20, 188.5, ho was prtisented with a gold watch by the people of the 
church and village. In the course of an address made at this presenta- 
tion by Rev. Benjamin Parsons, pastor of the chun-h, he paid the follow- 
ing fitting tribute to Mr. Doty's services and character: 

" Let mo assure you that our people most profoundly appreciate your 
long-continued and invariable fidelity in the discharge of your duties as a 
citizen, and your courtesy, patience, promptness and perseverance as a 
member of the choir for twenty years as its leader, as well as the countless 
acts of kindness which constitute the service which for fifty years, and 
without other remuneration than your own consciousness of well-doing, 
yo'i have rendered in their behalf. When death has entered any of our 
dwellings you, whatever and however pressing your employments at the 
time, have at once dropped them and devoted your time and your musical 
talents to the work of ministering for the consolation of the bereaved and 
afflicted. I am glad to bear witness to our high appreciation of your 
ready co-operation in every good word and work, and your gentleness, 
patience, promptitude and assiduity, and your kindness in the church and 
the outside community are among the choicest things which lie treasured 
up in our memory." 

Mr. and Mrs. Doty celebrated their golden wedding in 1892, of which 
the following pleasant report appeared in the ■Journal" of Windham. N. 
Y'., May T), 18!)3: 

"Tlie fiftieth anniversary of tiie marriage of Mr. and Jlrs. G. II. 
Doty was celebrated at their hou-^e in Windham, on the 28th ult. 
About thirty guests Avere present, nearly all relatives of the host and 
hostess. Their four children, an unbroken circle, with three grandchil- 
dren, wore all together at the old homestead on the occasion, viz. : Mrs. 
J. H. McKce, Mr. and :Mrs. C. C. Peck. Messrs. L. li. and W. A. Doty 
and wives, Masters Lucius and Percival Doty and Miss Alice Doty McKee. 
llev. J. II. McKee and son Harry were necessarily absent. There were 
also present the two sisters and only remaining lirother of Mr. Doty. Mrs. 
J. N. D. Ilarvey, of Brooklyn. Mrs. G. W. I'otter and husband, and Rev. 
Wm. D'Orville Doty, D. D., Rector of Christ Church, Rochester, with his 
daughter Marion. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sted- 
man, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Newell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bagley, Mr. and 
Mrs. Charles Brockett and daughter Edna, and Miss Katharine Edwards, 
of Catskill. The Rev. C. C. Thorne. the honored pa.stor of Mr. and Mrs. 


Doty, was present, and added murh to tlie enjoyment of the occasion by 
well-chosen remarks following the collation, which was spread at the 
good old-fashioned hour of eight, to imitate the proceedings at the wed- 
ding feast fifty years ago. Mr. Thorne called the attention of those 
present to the fact that it was during the administration of William Henry 
Harrison that this couple were married, and that the grandson, Benjamin 
Harrison, was now occupying the Presidential chair. His remarks were 
followed by the reading of a poem by Mrs. C. C. Peck. 

" Letters of regret and congratulation were read by Hon. C. C. Peck; 
one from Miss Kitty Van Dyck. daugliter of the clergyman who officiated 
at the marriage, one from Burrit S. Stone, E.sq., of Brooklyn, and one 
from Miss Nellie Robinson, daughter of the late Governor Lucius Robin- 
son. The serious illness of his wife detained Colonel D. C. Robinson 
and his sister at home. 

" Rev. William D'Orville Doty then spoke of the marriage of his brother, 
of the guests present on that occasion and their appearance in his boyish 
eyes as, seated on a little stool in the corner, he reviewed them. He 
spoke warmly and affectionately of Captain Eli P. Robinson and wife, 
father and mother of the bride, and Captain William Doty and wife, the 
parents of the groom. At the close of his remarks he pronounced the 
nuptial benediction over the long-wedded pair. 

"Many valuable gifts were presented and sent by absent friends with ex- 
pressions of warm and kindly feeling. Roses and carnations were sent 
from a distance, together with a spray of orange blossoms for the bride 
of fifty years. 

" After a pleasant evening of social intercourse the company sang to 
the tune of Gratitude, 'My God, how endless is Thy love,' etc. Rev. 
Mr. Doty then read appropriate passages of scripture, and Rev. Mr. 
Thorne offered prayer, after which all joined in the Doxology, ' Praise 
God.' etc." 


Hark, the joyous peal of bells; 

On the air it falls and swells, 

At the closing of the day — 

The golden bells of Memory. 

Half a century ago. 

Pealed out the rhythmic flow 

Of the merry wedding bells: 

And the wizard, Memory, holds 

Back the curtain, and unfolds 

Pictures to our backward view 

Of eighteen hundred forty-two. 
The square front room of the Captain's home, 

Aglow with candlelight: 
By twilight's gloom the guests have come— 

The scene is gay and bright. 
The bride. O, she was fair to see 

In her silken robe of gray 
With a satin sti-ipe, and coat sleeves tight — 

Too fair to give away. 
O, she was little and sweet of face. 
And her dress was trimmed with white blonde lace. 

84 TllK DOTY-DOTKN FAM11>^'. 

The groom, ahick I wore solemn ItlaeU, 

But of manly beauty there was no lack. 

Up ro.s<> the lieverend Van Dyck — 
The world has seldom seen liis like: 
l?rielly but strongly he tied the knot 
That never loosen<'d a single jot 

Through the ebb and flow of years. 

The light of smiles, the fall of tears; 

Through worse or better, .sickness, health, 

Prosperity, or lack of wealth. 

As this dear pair draw near old age, 
The close of Life's short pilgrimage. 
May golden rays light up the way 
That leadeth to the closing day. 
]May Life's calm evening give them rest. 
And children's children call them blest: 
And when the allotted years have rolled. 
Their glad feet tread the streets of gold. 

Ml. i. Rosalie, b. Windham. N. Y., Nov. 30, 18411 

542. ii. Lucius Kobin.son, b. Windham, Dec. 27, 184G. 

543. iii. Maky Alice, b. Windham, Aug. 12, 1848 ; d. there Feb. 
14, 1849. 

544. iv. Jui.iA Alice, b. Windliam, Dec. 12. 1850: m. Windham 
Centre, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1872, Cicero C. Peck. b. Jewett, Greem; Co.. 
N. Y., Jan. 25, 1840, son Levi Peck and Mary Coe. He is a lawyer. 
They i-eside Windham Centre. No chil. 

545. V. William Ai:thur. b. Windhan, Oct. 15, 1852, m. there 
June 5, 1878, Sarah Alida Lewis, b. Ashland, Greene Co., N. 
Y.. Oct. 20, 1854, .lau. James T). W. Lewis and Julia A. Steele. 
They live Albany, N. Y. He was a clerk in the New York State 
Comptroller's office. No chil. 

:{03 ALFRED WORTIIINGTOX DOTY, .son William Doty and Julia 
Newell, b. Durham, Greene Co.. N. V., Nov. 26, 1822: m., Mechanics- 
ville, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Dec. 20, 1848, Emeline G. Dwight, b. there 
JaiL 23, 1827, dan. I>yman Dwight and Rebecca Watson. 

He was a prominent and very su(!cessful dentist in New York City, 
where he resided for many years, but now lives at Windham. Greene 
Co., N. Y. 


540. i. WiiKKi.KK KiiiTLAND, b. Nov. 19. 1849. 

547. 11. Loiise, b. April 9, 1851 : d. Nov. 23, 1855. 

548. iii. Sakaii UKnEcoA. b. Jan. 24, 18(52 : d. Mechanicsville, Sara- 
toga Co., N. Y. Oct. 30.1878. 

549. iv. Ai.FKEi) D'OuviLLK, b. Dec. 10. 18()0. 

:{04. MAIUE ANTIONETTE DOTY, dau. William Doty and Julia 
Newell, b. Duiham, Greene Co., N. Y., July 12, 1825 : m. Windham. 
Greene Co., N. Y., Dec. 14, 1843, George Washington Potter, b. Livings- 
tonville. Albany Co., N. Y.. Oct. 15. 1319, son Samuel Potter, Jr., and 
Lavinia Rider. They live Windham Centre, N. Y. He is a merchant. 

Chilli : 

550. i. Jti.iA Adelaide, b. Windham Centre, N. Y.. Feb. 13, 1848. 

:{(>."•. WILLIAM D'ORVILLE DOTY, son William Doty and Julia 
Newell, b. Windham Centre, Greene Co., N. Y., Dec. 28, 1834; m. 


Boston, Mass., June 10, 1869, Sarah Elizabeth Haskell, b. MarV)lehead, 
Essex Co., Mass., Sept. 3, 1H51, dau. William Thomas Haskell and 
Sarah Elizabeth Girdler. 

Originally intending to follow a bu^-iness career, his early edueation 
was obtained in the schools and academies of the neighborhood. While 
engaged as a bookkeeper in a commission house in New York City he be- 
came personally interested in religion and in the Episcopal Church, and 
received the rite of confirmation at the hands of the Bishop of New York, 
Dr. Horatio Potter, in the Chunih of St. John Baptist, of whicih the Rev. 
C. R. Duffle, D. D., was rector. At the instigation of a very dear friend, 
the Rev. Gordon M. Bradley, then rector of Christ Church, Quincy, Nor- 
folk County, Mass., he determined to enter upon a course of study for the 
sacred ministry. 

In 1859, after due preparation, he entered Kenj^on College, Gambler, 
Knox County, Ohio, where he was graduated B. A. in 1862. In October 
of the same year he became a candidate for holy orders in the diocese of 
New York, and was matriculated as a student of the General Theological 
Seminary. Here he passed the Junior year, but in consequence of ill 
health he accepted a position as lay assistant to the Rev. William Stevens 
Perry, rector of St. Stephen's Church, Portland, Me. 

With Mr. Perry he continued his course of preparation for orders, 
availing himself of the opportunity of prosecuting his studies in Exegesis 
and Hebrew with the Rev. Thomas Mather Smith, D. I)., for many years 
professor in the Theological Seminary of Ohio, who was at that time an 
inmate of the household of Mr. Perry, his son-in-law. While in Portland 
Mr. Doty received his M. A. from his Alma Mater, and on occasion of a 
visit to Lennoxville, Canada East, he received the same degree, causa, 
honoru from Bishops' College, the church university of Lower Canada. 
Having been transferred from the diocese of New York to that of ]\Ias- 
sachusetts, Mr. Doty completed his studies for orders under the direction 
of the Rev. John Singleton Copley Greene, M. A., M. D., rector of Grace 
Church, Newton, Mass., to whom he rendered assistance in parochial 

On the 20th of June, 1864, he was admitted to the Holy Order of 
Deacons by the Rt. Rev. Mantou Eastburn, D. D., LL. D., at Grace 
Church, Newton, Mass., the Rev. William Stevens Perry (afterward 
Bishop of Iowa) preaching the sermon. He immediately became assist- 
ant minister to the Rev. Mr. Greene at Newton, where he remained until 
Sept. 1, 1864, when he accepted a call to become assistant minister of 
St. Paul's Church, Boston, the Rev. Dr. William R. Nicholson, rector. 
While thus engaged opportunity was afforded him to attend the theo 
logical lectures of the celebrated Edward A. Park, D. D., LL. D., at the 
Andover Seminary. On the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, Jan. 25, 
1866, Mr. Doty was admitted to the priesthood by the Bishop of Massa- 
chusetts, Dr., Eastburn, his old friend, the Rev. Gordon M. Bradley, 
preaching the sermon. 

On Christmas day, 1867, he assumed the rectorship of a new mission, 
All Saints'. Brooklyn, L. I., to which he had been called. In this field of 

80 'I'HK ])0TV-1)0'1KN FAMILY. 

labor Mr. Doty built a church iiud gathered a large aud attached congre- 
gation, and remained at his post, though again and again called to larger 
and more remunerative positions. Family reasons at length required a 
removal to a more healthy location, and on Easter day, 1871, Mr. Doty 
entered upon the rectoiship of St. Paul's Church, Waterloo, in the diocese 
of Central New York. After a nuuistry of singular success, in which the 
parish enjoyed unexampled prosperity, a chapel was built, several mis- 
sionary points were opened, endowments were secun d and large classes 
presented for confirmation. 

On the first Sunday in Advent, 1877. j\[r. Doty began his work as 
rector of Christ Church, Rochester, in the diocese of Western New York, 
in which position he has displayed the same energy, success and devo- 
tion which have characterized his previous rectorates. Here he has freed 
the parish from a burdensome debt, and has attached to himself and to 
the church a large and constantly increasing congregation. Mr. Doty 
has been a deputy from the diocese of Western New York to the General 
Convention in 1880 and 1883 and for five years was the editor of the 
diocesan newspaper. In June, 1884, he received tlie degree of doctor in 
divinity from Griswold College, Davenport, Iowa. 

This sketch of the Rev. Dr. Doty's life would be incomplete without the 
addition of the following well-deserved testimonials, which, though pri- 
marily referring to his rectorate at Waterloo, are equally aj)propriate, as 
indicating his whole nnnistry and his standing as a Christian nuin and 

At a meeting of the rector, warden and vestry of St. Paul's Church, 
Waterloo, held Nov. 20, 1877, the following communication was received 
froiu the rector : 

St. Paul's Pakism Rectokv. 
Waterloo, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1877. 
To the Wardens and Vestry of St. Paul's Church : 

Dear Bhetiiuen — It is with intense pain that I liereby offer you my 
resignation of the rectorship of St. Paul's, Waterloo, to take effect after 
the services on St. Andrew's day next. In parting from you, my dear 
brethren, and from the parish you so faithfully serve, I would most grate- 
fully record my thanks for the generous and never-varying kindnesses 
poured upon me and mine during my happy rectorship of nearly seven 
years. Never has a pastor been more highly favored than myself, and it 
is a matter of great satisfaction to me that, in looking over this period, I 
cannot recall a moment when there has been even so much as a misunder- 
standing between my beloved people and myself. All has been peace, 
harmony and love, and I do assure you that nothing but a solemn and 
imperative sense of duty could ever move me to reliiKiuish my j)resent 
united and beloved parish. 

St. Paul's, Waterloo, will always hold a strong place in my affections, 
and will ever be coimected with the holiest associations of my nunisterial 


May the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Sou and the IIolj- 
Ghost be amongst you and remain with you always. 
Sincierely and devotedly yours, 

William D'Okville Doty. 

After which, on motion of Judge liadley, the following preamble and 
resolutions were adopteil : 

Whereas, our rector, the Rev. Wm. D'Orville Doty, has presented his 
resignation of tht* rectorship of this parish; therefore 

Resolved, That we, the wardens and vestry of St. Paul's Church, 
Waterloo, N. Y., on behalf of the parish, do receive and accept said 
resignation, not from choice, but as we would any other afflicted chastise- 
nrent beyond our control, bowing in Christian faith to the Great Head of 
the Church, " whose ways are not our ways," but who always d 'cs right. 

Residved, That while we profoundly' regret our loss, we are comforted 
in knowing that he goes to a thriving, beautiful city, with an apprecia- 
tive population, where he can have a larger sphere for exerting his active 
energies, and where he and his beloved family can embrace greater 
opportunities of social enjoyment and be beloved by more, but not better, 
than here, trusting that his new wardens and vestiy may be as harmonious 
and happy with their new rector as we have been with our old one, and 
that when duty shall call him elsewhere his departure will be as deeply 
and universally regretted there as it now is here. 

Resolved, That we congratulate the parish of Christ Church, Rochester, 
in securing the services of one so discreet, so learned, so devotnd to his 
high calling, and so accomplished in all the duties and relations of his 
profession, in the church and elsewhere, one always a christian gentle- 
men, and ever reafly to meet his wardens and vestry more than half way 
in every good work. 

Resolved, That these resolutions be entered on our records, and a cer- 
tified copy be delivered to Mr. Doty. 

[Extract from Waterloo Observer, Nov. 21, 1877.1 
The Rev. W. D'Orville Doty has accepted a call to Christ C^hurch, 
Rochester, and assumes the duties of his new position on Sunday, the 2nd 
of December next. 

Upon the high festival of Easter, now nearly seven years ago, Mr. Doty 
bef'ame the rector of St. Paul's Church, Waterloo, entering upon his 
duties, as successor to one, who, dearly b'doved by his people, left a parish 
that felt a sense of great loss in his departure. In the vigor of early man- 
hood, earnest, enthusiastic, with heart and mind fully consecrated to his 
great work, the new rector began his labors, and in a space of time incred- 
ibly brief, won for himself the highest esteem and Brrdent affection of his 
flock. The love so soon and happily gained time has only served to make 
more deep and lasting. Courteous and charitable, with a spirit quick to 
comprehend the public weal and ever ready to give his time and talents 
generouslj^ towards its promotion, his influence spread far beyond the 
limits of his own congregation, and he obtained, and has ever preserved, 



the thorough respect and regard of the entire community, and now that, 
called by an imperative sense of duly to another sphere of labor and 
usefulness, he is about to sever the connection so long and happily exist- 
ing as rector between him and his parish, and, as a citizen, between him 
and the community in which he is so greatly esteemed, we cannot forbear 
to extend to him our heartfelt wishes for his future well being, and the 
assurance of the universal regret felt at his departure. 

[From The Church Press, May 21, 1887.] 
On the first Sunday in Advent, 1877, the Rev. W. Doty commenced hie 
labors as the rector of Christ Church, Rochester, in the of 
Western New York. Several times he has been a delegate of this diocese 
to the general convention, and for five years was the [editor of the diocesan 
church paper. In June, 1884, he received the degree of doctor in divinity 
from Griswold College, Ohio. Dr. Doty posseses great energy of character, 
unusual executive ability and practical common sense, and wherever he 
has labored church growth has followed his rise and earnest ministrations. 
His ability as an efficient rector, his earnest and untiring labors, his be- 
nevolent disposition and sincerity of manner, have caused him to be much 
Vjeloved by the parishes to whom he has ministered. 

The Rev. Dr. Doty's interest for the temporal and spiritual welfare of 
the young has induced many to seek his counsel anrj to follow his advice, 
and for his paternal interest in their welfare they ardently love him. No 
young clergyman who becomes his assistant can fail to be greatly bene- 
fitted by learning from his example how to wisely perform parochial 
duties and prevent parish difficulties; for when called to be the rector of 
a parish he will know how to avoid a course of parochial administration 
that would hinder his usefulness, however brilliant as a preacher, if des- 
titute of tact or of common sense. Dr. Doty is a sound churchman, and 
without deviating from "the old paths" respecting ceremonial, adopts 
what will add to the solemnity and impressiveness of luiblic worship, and 
deepen devotion in the worshippers in Jehovah's Holy Temple. His sur- 
pliced choir is a model of the demeanor that should characterize those 
who lead the praise offered to the Triune God during the other services 
of public worship. Dr. Doty is a good reader and an impressive preacher. 
He does not " whine the prayers," nor vocally obscure the lessons, nor 
preach as if his audience were up in the roof of the church, nor down in 
its basement: but by a natural common-sense tone he causes his hearers 
to realize that ho is preaching directly to those before him. The attend- 
ance at the Lenten services were larger than ever before, and the congre- 
gations have become so large that the vestry contemplate the enlargement 
of the present edifice, or the erection of a new church. 


551. i. Em/abeth Haskki.l, b. Brooklyn, L. I., July 30, 1870: m. 
at Church, Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1895, Hon. Edward 
Philip Coyne, County Juilge and Surrogate of Livingston Co., N.Y. 

552. ii. WiLLi.\M D'Okville, Ju., b. Waterloo, N. Y., Aug. 13, 

553. iii. RioHAHD Gihdi.ek, b. Waterloo. Sept. 11, 1874; d. there, 
June 13, 1870. 


554. iv. Edward Newkll, b. Waterloo, Oct. 21, 1875; d. Roches- 
ter, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1878. 

555. V. Maueli.e IIa-sket.!., b. Rochester, May 28, 1877. 

556. vi. Makiox Biio()K.s, b. Rochester, Feb. 18, 18bO. 

557. vii. Leonidas, (2iidj, Rochester, Aug. 19, 1883. 

318. EUNICE DOTY, dau. John Doty and Eunice Adams, b. Stephen- 
town, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1790, m. there Feb. 7, 1808, Stephen Shelden Kit- 
tell, b. Stephentown, Nov. 19, 1787. 

He was a man of prominence in his .section, a justice of the peace for 
many years, in which position he was distinguished for his ability and in- 
tegrity. He voted on sixty-three successive elect. on days, was a man of 
commanding stature and enjoyed good health almost to the day of his 
death, which occurred in his eighty-fourth year, at the old homestead of 
her father at Stephentown, January, 1871. She died there April 22, 1856. 


558. i. Ednioe, b. Stephentown, Nov. 27, 1808. 

559. ii. Er.MiRA, b. Stephentown, June 23, 1810. 

560. Hi. Ann, b. Stephentown, Nov. 9, 1813. 

561. iv. Louisa L., b. Stephentown, Nov. 5, 1816. 

562. v. Stephen fc^^ELDEX, b. Stephentown, July 27, 1825. 

320. SAMUEL DOTY, son John Doty and Eunice Adams, b. Stephen- 
town, N. Y., May 10, 1795; m., Ist, 1815, Polly Sanford, only dau. David 
Sanford. Mrs. Polly Doty, d. Manchester, Mich., 1859. He m., 2nd, there, 
Oct. 23, 1860, Ann Jennet M. Martin, b. 1803. She d. Manchester, June 
15, 1865. He m., 3rd, there, Feb. 14, 1866, Polly A. Linsley, b. 1812. 
She d. Manchester, Aug. 23, 1869. He d. Tecumseh, Mich., at the resi- 
dence of his son, Alvinza Samuel Doty, Sept. 3, 1878. He was a con- 
sistent and liberal member of the M. E. Church, in which he held the 
offices of steward and trustee for thirty-eight years, and materially aided 
to build the first M. E. Churches at Ann Arbor and Manchester. 

Soon after marriage settled at Norway, Herkimer Co., N. Y. Clothier 
by trade. Removed, 1824, to Lockport, N. Y., where he bought a farm 
and resided till 1833, then removed to Ann Arbor, Mich., where he en- 
gaged in manufacturing cloth. Was elected, 1837, member of State Leg- 
islature of Michigan, and 1839 removed again to Manchester, Washtenaw 
County, Mich., where he engaged in manufacturing and mercantile busi- 
ness. In lb50 had a shock of apoplexy and retired from business. 


563. i. Caroline Louisa, b. Norway, July 4, 1817. 

564. ii. Eunice Maria, b. Norway, Oct. 4, 1818. 

565. ill. John, b. Norway, May 10, 1823: d. Brockport, N. Y., Sept. 
18, 1824. 

566. ivf George Washington, b. T.ockport, Nov. 24, 1825. 

567. V. Horatio Nelson, b. Lockport, Feb. 5, 1827; m., Ann Arbor, 
Washtenaw Co., Mich., Nov. 18, 1856, Isadore Bisbee, b. there, 
Feb. 14, 1837, dau. Isaac Bi bee and Amanda Fox. No chil., 1881. 
He is a merchant East Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Mich. 

568. vi. Alvinza Samuel, b. Lockport, June 18. 1828. 

569. vii. Harriet SopiiKONiA, b. Lockport, Junt^ 24, 1831 :m. Leman 
Barnes. He was a Methodist preacher Lexington, Sanilac Co.. 
Mich.; now an invalid residing Adrian, Lenawee Co., Mich. 

Co., N. 


















323. MERCY CAIIH. dau. Thurston Carr and Anna Doty, b. Sthe|)en- 
town, Kensselaor Co., N. Y., June 17, 17'J0: in., Now Lebanon, Co- 
lumbia Co.." N. Y., Feb. 2, 1817, John Horlon, b. there, Mareh, 17'J4. 
They removed the next year after their m. to Boston, Erie Co,, N. Y., 
where she d. 1838. He was living, 1871, Edin, Erie Co., N, Y. 

Children, b. Erie Co., N. Y. : 

570. i. John A., b. Nov. 2i), 1817; d. Apl. lU, 1847. 

571. ii. ^[ekcv Ann, b. June 15, 1819. 
573. iii. Wii.i.i.^M H., b. March 18, 1821; resides at Springvllle, Erie 

"" Y. 

Jacoh v.. b. Jan. 22, 1823. 

llKNKY C, b. Feb. 5, 1825: d. Nov. 16, 1851. 

Edwin A., b. Nov. 8. 1827. 

Annls, b. Oet. 14, 1829. 

LoHEN/(. 1.., b. Jan. 3, 1831. 

Sahaji M., b. Nov. 14, 1832: d. March 30, 1851. 

Lafavettk, b. July 11, 1834: d. March 21, 1851. 

Ika v., b. July 28, 1838. He was a soldier in the War of 
the liebellion, enlisted in the 116th Regt, N. Y. Vols. Was 
wounded at the skirmish at Plain Store, Va., May 21, 1863, and d. 
from the effects of tlie wound July 12, 1803. 

32-1:. BETSEY CABK, dau. Tluirston Carr and Anna Doty, b. Stephen- 
town, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Oct. 12, '800; m. there Dec. 28, 1816, 
Truman Horton, b. New Lebanon, Columbia Co.. N. Y., May 29, 1796. 
They removed, 1818, to Boston, Erie Co., N. Y., where he d. Oct. 
20, 1869, and where she was living 1871. 

Children, b. Boston, Erie Co., N. Y. : 

581. i. TnuKSTON F., b. July 12, 1818. He is a mniister of the 
Gospel and resides Perrvsl)nrg. Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 

582. ii. HiHA.M K., b. Feb. 14. 1820; lives Boston, N. Y. 
Ei.i/a a., b. Dec. 15. 1822. 
Saiska A, b. May 5, 1825; d. May 2, 1820. 
Sahka a., b. May 19, 1827; d. March 31, 1859. 
Spknokr C, b. June 29, 1830. 
Thomas J., b. May 0, 1833: d. Feb. 21, 1800. 
Maky L.. b. Nov. 7, 1835. 
Nathan J., b. July 25, 1841. Served three years in the 

War of the Rebellion in the IKith Regiment, N. Y. Vols. : was 
wounded Sept. 9, 1804, at battle of Fisher's Hill. 
590. X. A.scENATH E., b. Sept. 5, 1S44. 

32r>. ANNA CARR, dau. Thurston Carr and Anna Doty, b. Stephen- 
town, Rensiselaer Co., N. Y., March 19. 1802: m. New Lebanon, (Colum- 
bia Co., N. Y., Nov., 1817, Ira Woodward, b. there March 12, 1795. 
They removed to Concord, Erie County, N. Y., where ho d. 1863; she 
d. April 20, 1809. 

Ei.izA Ann, b. Nov. 8, 1819; d. May 28, 1870. 

OuDELiA, b. Sept. 11, 1821: d. Aug. 5, 1837. 

Benedict C, b. Aug. 21, 1823: d. April 17, 1852. 

A.MANDA M., b. June 20. 1825: d. Oct. 23, 1841. 

Wii.i.iAM L., b. Dec. 25, 1827. 

FuF.DERioK- F., b. Aug. 8, 1830: d. Oct. 27, 1850. 

Amhuose K., b. Aug. 9, 1835. 

Nelson V. B.. b. Sept. 27, 1837: d. May 30, 1872. 

Ira C, b. May 3, 1847, He lives Boston, Erie Co., N. Y. 


































326. DANFORTII DOTY, son Daoforth Doty and Sally Adams, b. 
Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., April 7, 1795 ; m. Norway, Her- 
kimer Co., N. Y., 1819, his cousin, Lucynia Doty, b. Stephentown, Oct. 
3, 1793, dau. John Doty and Enniee Adams. They removed to Adancs 
Centie, Jei3ferson Co., N. Y., where he d. Aug. 27, 1859; she d. there, 
May 5, 1870. * 

Child : 

600. i. Emily Jane. b. Norway, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1820. 

327. SUPHKONIA DOTY, dau. Danforth Doty and Sally Adams ; m. 
Norway, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Levi Brainard ; neither is living. 

Children : 

601. i. William A. ; m. ; lived formerly Rome, N. Y., but now 
Chicago, 111. 

602. ii. Haekiet L. ; m. Marcus L. Kenyon ; he d. She lived for- 
metly Rome, N. Y., but now in California. 

608. iii. RoxT ; m. W. V. R. Smith. They lived formerly Allegany 
City, Pa., but now Brooklyn, N. Y., where he is a member of the 
firm of Arbuckle Bros., and resides 81 Pierrepont st. 

328. HENRY' DOTY% son Danforth Doty and Sally Adams ; m. Nor- 
way, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Lucretia Holdridge. She lived after he d. 
Clintonville, Waupaca Co., Wis. 

Children : 
004. i. Chatjnoey, b. Norway; m. ; lives in one of the Dakotas. 

605. ii. Henry Harrison, b. Norway, Sept. 14, 1824;^. London, 
England, March 28, 1868, Mrs. Emma Crozier Bohn, b. Oxford, 
England ; no chil. Being of an adventuresome disj^osition, he 
early left home, and, eng^iging in business, traveled throughout the 
country. In the early days of the California emigiation he pro- 
ceeded there, and after a while to Peru, South America, where he 
made himself so useful to the government of the country that he 
was made a captain in the Peruvian navy. He was a gentleman 
of fine address and culture, and having made an invention which 
greatly improved the lights of lighthouses, he proceeded to Lon- 
don, England, and succeeded in having his invention adopted by 
all great nations. For many years he resided at London, Eng- 
land, where he d. about 1888. 

606. iii. Giles Selden, b. Norway; m. Maggie Ness of York, Pa.; 3 
chil. They live Clintonville, Waupaca Co., Wis. 

607. iv. Harriet Angeline, b. Norway, Feb. 13, 1828. 

608. V. Luoretia, m. Baker; she d. 1853; no chil. He i.s a 

lawyer, Weyauwega, Waupaca Co., Wis. 

609. vi. Charles, m. ; they have one child and live Clintonville. 

610. vii. Lydia, b. Norway; m. Cadwell; no chil; she lived 

Chicago, 111. A lady of remarkable energy and executive abil- 
ity. For many years she maintained, at Chicago, an art gal- 
lery, where, in connection with a photographic business, she col- 
lected the best works of local and other artists and placed them 
on exhibition. Her health failing so that she was obliged to leave 
the city for a time, she engaged, on her return, in a manufac- 
turing business, which she successfully conducted. 

611. viii. Orlando Marci's, m. and lives Clintonville. 

612. ix. Francis Eugenia, m. Clinton, and lives Clintonville. 

613. X. Sarah, m. Frank Guernsey, and lives Clintonville. 

329. AURINDA DOTY, dau. Danforth Doty and Sally Adams; b. 
Norway, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Nov. 12, 1797; m. there, March ^2, 1821, 


wSilvanus Western Ferris, b. Norway, June 80, 17!)!). She d. Sept. 10, 
ISnS: he <1. Sept. 30, 1887. 

(514. i. Caroline Ei.iz.x, b. March 24. 1822. 
615. ii. Okkin C, b. Aug. 2!), lH2r): lives Galesburg. 111. 
;*!)a iii. Chaki.ks Jackson, b. May 3, 1831; lives \Va Keeney, Trego 

Co., Kan. 
61(>. iv. Delia Avrinda, b. March 7, 1843. 

3:n. KOI.AND SEARS DOTY, .son Danforth Doty and Sally 
Adauis. b. Norway, Herkimer Co.. N. Y., Nov. 20. 1808; m. 1st, Sept. 12, 
1832, Rome, N. Y.. Cynthia Mudge, b. Rome, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1808, dau. 
of Nathaniel Mudge and Charlotte Browuell. She d. New York City, 
April 12. 1871. They lived Rome, N. Y'., where he was a pro.sperou8 
merchant, then removed to New Y'ork City. He m. 2nd, Rome. N. 
Y., Dec. 2, 1872, Mrs. Eliza Allen Conistock. b. Floyd, Oneida Co., 
N. Y., April 10, 1815, dau. William Allen and Dorcas Chase, widow of 
Elon Comstock, who d. March 10, 18G4. to whom she was m. Dec. 20, 
1835. They live Oneida. N. Y. 


(517. i. Helen Maiua. b. Rome. N. Y., Aug. 3, 1832. 

618. ii. Roland Seaks, b. Rome, Oct. 31, 1840. 

619. iii. JiLiA Lawton, b. Rome, Sept. 30, 1842: not ul ; lives New 
York City. 

620. iv. Charles Edmund, b. Rome. July 16, 1846. 

621. V. Samuel William, b. Rome, July 3, 1848. 

333. REUBEN DOTY', son Warren Doty and Sarah Wood, b. Low- 
ville, N. Y., Nov. 5. 1792: d. Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y., about 1874. 

333a i. William, b. Oxford. 

334. DIANA DOTY, dau. Warren Doty and Sarah Wood, b. Lowvill*, 
N. Y., Sept. 8. 1794: m. there Aug. 13, 1809, Abel S. Rice. They lived 
Lowville. Sh(! d. there May 1. 1845. 


622. i. Soi-ni:o.\iA A., b. Lowvill.\ Sept. 27, 1810. 

623. ii. Wn.i.AUD Martin, b. Lowville. April 30. 1817. 

624. iii. .Iames Harvey, b. Lowville, Aug. 8, 1821. 

625. iv. Clarissa M., b. Lowville: m. Chester Shumway. She lives Martingsburg, N. Y. lied, there Aug. 1. 1895. 

626. v. Charles S., b. Lowville: lives there. 

33<;. WILLARD DOTY, son Warren Doty and Sarah Wood, b 
Lowville, Lewis Co.. N. Y., July 4, 1798: m. Spafford. Onondaga Co., N. 
Y., Dec. 11, 1817, Achsah liacon, b. Saratoga Co., N. Y., Oct. 8, 1796, 
dau. Amos Bacon and Abigail Cady. He was a farmer at Spafford, N.Y'., 
and d. March, 1882. She d. Spafford, Nov. 5, 1862. 


627. i. Abigail, b. Spafford, N. Y., Dec, 11. 1818. 

628. ii. Warren, b. Jefferson Co., N. Y^, Jan. 21. 1821. 

629. iii. Seymour, b. Jefferson Co., Apl. 3, 1823: m. Spafford, N. 
Y., Oct. 10.. 1852, Emily Isdel, b. Saratoga Co., N. Y., Jan. 15, 
1828, dau. Andrew Isdel and Marv Harris. He was a farmer at 
Spafford: he d. Sept. 10, 1862: she d. April 10. 1864. No chil. 

630. iv. Caroline, b. Lewis Co., N. Y., Aug. 7, 1825. 


631. V. Emeline, b. Lewis Co., Dec. 12, 1827: not m: d. Oct. 24, 
1862, at Spafford. 

632. vi. Wii.LAKD, b. Lewis Co., March 16, 1830: d. Sept. m, 1846. 

633. vii. OiU'ANiA. b. lewis Co., March 26, 1834: m. Spafford. Feb. 
15, 1866, James Hill, b. Scott, Cortland Co., >;. Y., June 19, 1828, 
son Alexander Hill and Ann Kingon. 

337. MERCY DOTY, dau. Warren Doty and Sarah Wood, b. Kich- 
field, Otsego Co., N. Y., Nov. 8, 1806; m. Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 8, 1831, Ebenezer Martin, b. Western, Oneida Co., N. Y., Feb. 26, 
1807, son Ebenezer Martin and Sarah C apron. They reside Charles City, 

Children : 

634. i. LuciNA, b. Leroy, Genesee Co., N. Y., April 27, 1833: m. 
Joseph Landon, Berlin, Wis. 

635. ii. Alcina, b. Pamelia, Jefferson Co., N. Y., March 27, 1835; 
m. E. Mulkey, Salmon City, Idaho. 

636. iii. WiLLARD, b. Philadelphia, Jeffer.son Co., N. Y., May 15, 
1838; d. Buffalo. iN. Y., March 15, 1844. 

637. iv. Sakah, b. Martinsburgh, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1839; d. Steuben, 
Oneida Co., Jmw 21, 1842. 

638. V. MiLTOX, b. Steuben, Oneida Co., N. Y., June 9, 1841; lives 
Charles City, la. 

639. vi. Warren Doty, b. Verona, N. Y.. Feb. 2, 1843. 

640. vii. Palmyra, b. Huron, Erie Co., O., Oct. 24, 1845; m. L. D. 
Soper, lives Charles City, la. 

641. viii. Caroline, b. Utica, DaneCo., Wis., July 22, 1849: d. there, 
Aug. 1, 1850. 

340. ICHABOD DOTY, adopted son of Reuben Congar and Sarah 
Doty, b. Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., 1797 : m. there Sybil Jones, 
b. Stephentown, Sept 7, 1812' They removed to Middlefleld, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

643. i. Benjamin, d. at 30 years ; not m. 

643. ii. Sarah, d. at 6 years. 

644. iii. Damerius, b. Sept., 1835: lives Stephentown. 

645. iv. William, a soldier in the War of the Rebellion and was 
killed there, aged 28. 

646. V. .A.LFRED, b. Oct. 17, 1840 ; lives in Iowa ; has 2 chil. 

647. vi. Albert, b. (also) Oct. 17, 1840 ; lives at Mayfield, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y. 

648. vii. Hiram, d. at 1 year 7 months. 

342 PHEBE doty, dau. William Doty and Sarah Rosekrans. b. 
Westerlo, Albany Co., N. Y., March 6, 1798, m. Stephentown, Rensselaer 
Co., N. Y., Feb. 24, 1819, Anthony Thomas, b. Berlin, Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y., July 31, 1796, son Peleg George Thomas and Abigail Shaw. She 
d. Plainfield, Otsego Co., N. Y., April 19, 1852. He d. there, Sept. 6, 


649. i. Abigail Deitte, b. Exeter, Otsego Co.. N. Y., Aug. 14, 
1820, m. Plainfield, Otsego Co., N. Y., March 26. 1845. Albert P. 
Huntley, b. Exeter. Otsego Co., N. Y.. Nov. 20, 1810. They have 
no chil. They reside West Exeter, Otsego Co., N. Y. He is a 
cousin of Loring Huntley, who m. her si.ster, and of Is^aac 
Huntley, who m. her aunt Sarah Ann Doty. They are all farmers. 


(i50. ii. Ci.Ain.ssA Bai.soha. 1>. Exeter. .Inn. 2(). 1822. 

Gi)'. iii. PKi,E(i GE«>i{(iE. 1). I'liiiiilield. Feb. 21. 1824. 

052. iv. .Iim.N MiTNCJo, b. PlainlioM. Mareli ii), 182(5. 

6r)3. V. IlENiiY Uowi.ANi). b. Pl.aiiili.'ld. Fob. ',, 1828. 

054. vi. Wii.i.iAM Leonaui), b. FlaiiifK']il. May 7, 1830; in. there. 

Nov. l:{. 1859. Anna Maria Wood. b. Wiiifield, Herkimer Co., N. 

Y.. July 11. 1837. He is a farmer. They live West Exeter, Ot- 

sft,'oCo., N. Y. No chil. 
655. vii. Calvis Hintley, b. Plainrield, A])ril 15. 1884. 
65(). viii. Ii:a, b. naiiifield. Oct. 12. 183(5. 

657. ix. OsoAK Jones, b. Plainfield. Feb. 15, 1839; d. Winfield, 
Herkimer Co.. N. Y.. Julv !, 1850. 

658. X. Bex.ia.min b. Plainfield. N. Y., Dec 13. 1842. He 
enlisled in the War of tlio Rebellion Aug 22. 18(51. as i)rivate in Co. 
C, 44th Hegt.. N. Y. Vols., at Albany, N. Y. He was jiromoted 
corporal .Ian. 25. 18()2. and .'^ergeant iMay 21. 1802: 2d Lieut.. Aug. 4. 
1802, and 1st Liciut., Dec. 27, 1H()2. Hi' was mortally wounded at 
the battle of Gettysburg, Pa.. July 1, 1803, and d. in hospital. His 
remains wore removed to Plainflidd, Otsego Co., N. Y., and buried 

:U'i. ALANSON DOTY, son Williaui Doty and Sarah Kosekrans. b. 
Rensselaerville, Albany Co.. N. Y.. April 11, 1800; m., Ist, Royalton, 
Niagara Co., N. Y., March 30. 1822. Thirza Kelcy, b. Barrington, JJristol 
Co.. R. I., Jan. 11, 1801, dau. David Kelcy and I'hebo, liis wife. She d. 
Northfleld, Mich., May 13, 1850. He m. 2d. Yonngstown, Mahoning Co., 
O., May 18, 1800. Hester Maltby. b. Gorham. Ontario Co.. N. Y., April 
15, 1821, dau. William Maltby and Rachel, his wife. He d. Northlleld, 
Washtenaw Co., ftHch.. Jan. 23. 1800. HiD widow was living, 1878, at 
Olathe, Johnson Co.. Kan. 

Alanson Doty is desc^ribed to have been, like all his brothers, of tall 
stature and heavy frame. He was a farmer and removed from Ni.agara 
County, N. Y., about 1832, to Michigan, where he afterward resided, in 
Washtenaw County, at ftist in the town of I'ittsfield, latcu- in Ann Arbor, 
and thi'n in Northlleld, where he died. He was of genial disi)ositiou and in 
comfortable circumstances, leading a pure and upright life, and greatly 
respected for his many amiable qualities. 

An obituarj' notice published at the time of his death says: " Alanson 
Doty died at the residence of his son, in Northfleld. January 23d. 1800. 
aged sixty-five years and eight months. Mr. Doty was one of the early 
settlers of Michigan, and was widelj' and well known. He came to this 
State in the fall of 1832. and, with the exception of a few of his later 
years, has resided here. His character as a citizen, neighbor, friend, and, 
above all, as a Christian, needs no eulogy. In this community he has been 
well known for years; in business relations as an honorable and consis- 
tent gentleman, one whose dealings with his fellow-men were ever con- 
scientious and upright; in his social life as kind, genal and affectionate, 
respected by his acquaintmces. loved by his friends and revered by his 
family. His illness was typhoid fever, was protracted and full of suffering, 
yet throughout it all he showed the utmost patience and trust. 

" It was reserved for the mouths of his life to intensify and fully 
reveal the strength and steadfastness of his Christian faith. Through 


much of trial in a long and varied life it had been an anchor and a shield 
to him, and as the end drew near his suffering was relieved, his pain and 
weariness soothed by the glorious certainty it gave him of rest and 
reward in ' that house not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens.' " 
Children by his first wife: 

659. i. Jane Eliza, b. Lockport, Niagara Co., N. Y., Jan. 24, 

660. ii. William, b. Royalton, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1824. 

661. iii. Sally Ann, b. Royalton, Feb. 13, 1827; m. Ann Arbor, 
Washtenaw Co., Mich., Nov. 23, 1844, John W. Thompson, b. 
Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Feb. 22, 1821, son Isaac D. 
Thompson and Orpha, his wife. They resided at Ann Arbor, 
Mich., where she d. June 13, 1846. No chil. 

662. iv. Alanson Theron, b. Pittsfield, Washtenaw Co., Mich., 
July 1, 1834. 

663. V. LuoY LoKETTE, b. Pittsfield, Aug. 22, 1836; m. Northfield. 
Washtenaw Co., Mich., Jan. 28, 1857, ElauiT. Worden, b. Roches- 
ter, Monroe Co., N. Y., Dec. 2, 1827, son Weed H. Worden and 
Hannah, his wife. She d. Salem, Washtenaw Co., Mich., Sept. 10, 
1859. No chil. He was a farmer Northfield. 

664. vi. Thikza, b. Ann Arbor, May 10, 1889; d. April 11, 1841. 

344. SAMUEL ROSECRANZ DOTY, son William Doty and Sarah 
Rosekrans, b. Rensselaerville, Albany Co., N. Y., Dec. 18, 1802 ; m. 1st, 
Royalton, Niagara Co., N. Y., Dee. 20, 1S28, Almira Kingsbury, b. Seneca 
Co., N. Y., Nov. 26, 1810, dau. Isaac Kingsbury and Polly Judson. Isaac 
Kingsbury was born at Canaan, Ct. , and was a grandson of Capt. Isaac 
Lawrence. Mrs. Almira Doty d. Royalton, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1833, leav- 
ing no chil. He m., 2d, Nov. 6, 1834, Hannah Lawrence Kingsbury, 
sister to his first wife, b. Hector, Seneca Co., N. Y., Dec. 7, 1806. 

They removed West shortly after their marriage, stopping first in Ohio, 
but in the latter part of 1835 removed to Washtenaw County, Michigan, at 
first in the town of Pittsfield, but in 1837 they settled permanently in Ann 
Arbor, where they subsequently resided. He was a farmer of fair means, 
of very tall and powerful frame, physically very strong and of uniformly 
good health, always interested in everything that added to the educational 
facilities of his town and to its general well being. He lived to see the 
small village which he chose for his residence grow to be a flourishing 
town with a universitj' of national repute, with manufactories and other 
evidences of business thrift. 

He was fortunate in having a wife whose intellect was of a high order, 
and with nature and character rare and beautiful. With her help and co- 
operation their children received their utmost care and devotion in their 
younger years, and were well educated and fitted for the struggles of life. 
Mrs. Hannah Doty died at Ann Arbor, Michigan, September 6, 1882. He 
died also at Ann Arbor, February 27, 1884, aged over eighty-one years. 

The following extracts are from an obituary notice published shortly 
after his death, and from the pen of one of his talented daughters. 

" For nearly half a century he was one of the most familiar figures in 
the region where he lived. He was a man of genial nature, great kindli- 
ness of heart, credulous of good, incredulous of evil, helpful to those in 


need of holp, stable, conslaut and generous in tlie character of relative, 
neighbor and friend. 

" In his young nianliood lie was of such athletic physique that it is said 
of him, by one wlio knew him well, that ' nothing but a deer could outrun 
him.' His strength was spared to him in a remarkable degree, until the 
death of his wife, which occurred September (J, 1882. Then for the first 
time his faithful steps began to show signs of failing. 

" His spirit was buoyant as his body. lie was fond of mirth, full of 
anecdote, with a wit bright as lightning, yet never used to destroy. He had 
the happy power of making the simplest duty an attractive thing. He 
never harmed in thought or deed thn humblest of God's creatures. 

'• He knew nature well, not alone from books, but from his own fine 
perceptions and habits of thoughtful observation. His house, in which he 
lived forty-six years -' Heart's Content'— -and whicii was burned just a year 
before his death, wasalittleout of thecity, and he traveled many thousands 
of miles back and forth over the familiar road, year in and out, on his 
round of daily du ies; yet he was wont to say, he never went that routine 
path without seeing something nt!W and interesting. 

" He was an eager reader, and kept, almost to the last, tlie freshest in- 
terest in all the active affairs of the world. His best energies were given 
to the education of his children, and he spared nothing for their advance- 

" The thought of death was to him by no means unfamilair nor unwel- 
come. He said, ' to me death is but the opening of a door.' In his last 
sickness there was much suffering. But, as with the patience of his entire 
life, it was all borne with meekness and without complaint. 

" His children survive him. Out of affection and reverence for him 
they could never go far from him nor stay long away without seeing him, 
and they were all present at hi.s funeral." 

Doty — Entered into rest September 6, 1882, at Ann Arbor, 
Mich., Hannah Lawrence, wife of Saiuuel K. Doty, 
and mother of Du.ine Doty of Pullman, 111., Helen 
Doty C'ompton and Clara Doty Hates of Chicago, Eliza 
Doty and Charlotte Doty Finley of Ann Arbor. While 
her life was one of devotion to her fannly, her hands 
were nevtirempty nor idle forthe needy or unfortunate. 
Her inielleet was of a high order, and h>r nature and 
charact(!r rare and beautiful. Her children arise up 
and call her blessed. 

Children by second wife : 

()(i;l. i. Diane, b. Amherst, Lormine Co. , O.. Sept. Ili, 1885. 

()()(>. ii. Hei.ex Ann, b. Pittsfield, Co., Mich., July 17, 1830. 

GOT. iii. Ci.AK.v, b. Pittslieid, Mich., Dec. 22, U'S^; m. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., Sept. 2, 180i), Morgan T.ates, b. Albany N. Y., May 4, 1841, 
son Kev. Merritt Mates and Kliza Tomlinson Woodward. They 
removed lirst to Detroit, .Mich., and later to Chicago, III., where 
they suljsequently lived. Mrs. Clara Doty Bates was well known 
as an authoress and published a number of volumes of poetry and 
of works adai)ted to the instruction and entertainment of the 
young. Many of works were illustrated, the designs being 


furnished by her sister, Mrs. Finlcy. Mr. Bates is also a writer for 
the press and author of several popular dramas. In private life 
Mrs. Bates was a mo,st lovable woman and companion and en- 
deared herself to a large circle of friends. Duiing the World's 
Fair at Chicago she had charge of the Children's Building, and 
made a most amiable and charming hostess there. She d. Chi- 
cago, Oct. 14, 1895. The great esteem in which she was held is 
shown in the extracts here given from the notices of her death 
which appeared in the leading Chicago newspapers. 

[From the Chicago Tribune of Oct. 15, 1895.] 

After suffering severe physical pain for five years Mrs. Clara 
Doty Bates died yesterday morning at the Newberry apartments. 
No. 823 Dearborn avenue. 

This afternoon at2:i)0 o'clock there will be a service of tribute by 
her friends held at the home of Mrs. John C. Cooidey, No . 020 Divis- 
ion street. The Rev. Mr. Mercer of the New Jerusalem Church, 
Mrs. Wilmarth representing the Fortnightly Club, Mrs. Coonley, 
Dr. Leila G. Bedell, and others will speak. This will not be a 
f imeral service. It is the wish of Mr. Bates and his friends that 
the service be as cheerful as possible. 

This evening the remains will be taken to Ann Arbor, Mich. 
The funeral service will be held Wednesday at the home of Mrs. 
Bates' sister, Mrs. Homer P. Finley, and burial will be at Ann 

Early in life Mrs. Bates showed decided literary tastes of the 
highest order. When only 10 years of age her writings received 
approval. She soon developed a marked faculty for writing poetry, 
prose, and short sketches appealing to Juvenile readers. Her work 
was not wholly confined to writing for children: occasionally she 
contributed to periodicals read by the learned and cultured classes. 

But it was as a writer of stories and sketches to please the litlte 
ones that Mrs. Bates was best known. She was a frequent con- 
tributor to St. Nicholas, The Youth's Companion, and Golden 
Days, and a regular contributor to Wide Awake. As late as last 
September The Youth's Companion published a poem of hers. Her 
literary ability was first recognized by Charles G. Leland while he 
was editor of Graham's Magazine. Her efforts frequently appeared 
in the pages of Godey's Lady's Book and Peterson's Magazine. She 
was a lover of nature and wrote that those who read might profit 
by it. 

The first book published by Mrs. Bates was a work for children, 
" Blind Jakey." It was a Sunday school book and had a wide sale, 
"^^i^sop's Fables in Verse" was her most successful work. 
"Heart's Content," another of her books, was so called in honor 
of her childhood home in Ann Arbor, tlie name of which was 
" Heart's Content." Her last published volume was a collection 
of verse, " From Heart's Content." 

Mrs. Bates had resided in Chicago for the last ten years. She 
was an earnest worker in everything pertaining to the elevation and 
improvement of her sex. She was the first vice president of the 
Fortnightly Club last year and took an active interest in the work 
of all women's clubs. She was the hostess at the children's library 
room in the Woman's Building at the W^orld's Fair. She was 
at her post every day during the continuance of tlie Fair, and re- 
ceived mothers and little ones from all parts of the world. Two 
years previous to the opening of the Fair she worked to gather to- 
gether a model children's library and succeeded in doing far more 
than she expected. She instalh^d the library herself, and at her 
solicitation nearly every publishing house in the world contribute(l 


to it. Pul)lishcrs exliiliitcd for the enliKhtcniiiciit of the childivii 
the process of book and magazine nial<ing fioin the time the manu- 
scril>t was received \mtil tiie book or periodical was ready for the 
reader's hands. The Youth's t'ompanion .sent for exhibition its 
oi-iginal bound file of the first volume of the publication, as well as 
a bound file of the hist volume, for the purpose of sliowing the 
wonderful advance in the methods of turning out great newspapers, 
as well as their im])roved appearance, when modern appliances are 
used. She was awardi'd di])lomas and a medal for her services by 
the Committee of Awartis of the World's Fair. 

Mrs. Bates presided Children's day during the sessions of the 
Literary Congress of the World's Fair and devised the work and 
programme of the day. 

Mrs. Bates' name is known and revered in every household in the 
country where the best character of literature for children is read. 
It has been said of her that she has touched the hearts of more 
children than any writer. She was a great lorer of evei-j-thing 
noble and elevating and beautiful in character and person. To 
know her was to admire and love her, and in her death the litera- 
ture of the West, and especially of Chicago, has suffered an irrepar- 
able loss. 

Before marriage Mrs. Bates was Miss Clara Doty. Twenty-six 
years ago she married INIorgan Bates, and theii- life together had 
been a singularly happy one. She leaves no children. For the 
last few years she had practically been an invalid, but she never 
ceased indulging in her chosen life woik until absolutely comj^elled 
to do so a few months ago. 

[From the Chicago Times-Herald, Oct. 15, 1895.] 
Before women who have never been journalists in the true sense 
and never will be began the follj' of parading their attempts to })e. 
a young woman was doing editorial work in the office of a Detroit 
newspaper. Her name was Clara Doty. To-day Morgan Bates, 
blessed in her companionship, mourns a wife. 

Several years hence, when archivists in what women did and did 
not talk about are gathering th*Mr facts together, many, when the 
record shall be published, will find for the first time the name of 
Clara Doty Bates. Not that the name itself is obscure. There is 
no hearth to which St. Nicholas and like periodicals go that will 
not mourn for the author of so nuich that abides in the memory of 
childhood, formless but yet substantia], story, sketch, poem, all 
gentle, sweet, melodious : the little world, its engaging conceits and 
fair inventions that 

* * * softly move along, 
A sweet proc^ession, without care or weight 
Like di.sembodied song. 
Clara Doty Bates jtassed from the post of responsible reviewer 
on a daily newsjiaper to writing of literature for children, and to the 
latter she carried the line ecjuijjment of the former. Of sound 
ac(juirements, she was sound of ct)nscience : sound of conscience, 
she knew no compromise with the morbid : and as for the worse 
than morbid, of that alone she was intolerant. Her love of child- 
hood was her passion, her pain and her ccstacy. Madonna-like in 
face, beauty permeated all her work, and it was a ])liilosophic de- 
velopment of this passion that led her to undertake an unprece- 
dented task, formation of an ideal library for children. The Chil- 
dren's Building at .lackson Park was her daylight honu' while iteu- 
dured. Many of the daintiest features of the programmes thex'e 
were of her devising. Few ever saw to know who she was ; so 


modest, withal a personality, full, nevertheless, of energy and en- 
dowed with rare executive force in a frail body. 

With the children's plays, their library and their gymnasium, 
Clara Doty Bates associated a real school of art. Only an artistic 
organization like hers could have seen the natural harmonization of 
play and study with life, health, normal growth along even lines, 
and it was part of her ambition so to write and so to influence life 
about her that art, in its highest spirit, should surround childhood, 
not to weary with abstractions nor vex with paradoxes, but to bless 
with love of beauty and truth, for that is the supreme blessing of 
art, though pedants write pyramids to prove it more or less. 

The library then gathered together has been kept Intact and will 
be placed in time in the building to be somewhere as a memorial of 
woman's part in the (^olumbian Exposition. Years hence, when 
this shall be, many who are children to-day will pause before a 
well-beloved name, there to be duly written. Many who never saw 
the one who carried much into their early lives will say with the 
poet of Giotto's chapel : 

Here dedicate to art and poetry 
Her simple chapel stands, and painted here 
tpon its walls a pictured life we see, 
Inspired by feeling, earnest and sincere, 
What faith, what simple dignity and grace 
Art since hath lost are in this cloistered place. 
From the same of later date : 


[Written on the occasion of the funeral of Mrs. Clara Doty Bates 
at Ann Arbor, Oct. 16, 1895.] 
Passing along the pleasant grove my listening spirit heard 
A stream of music coming from some dear leaf-hidden bird; 
I know it was a song of love, a strain of heavenly bliss, 
Caught from the purer world above and scattered over this ; 
We cannot see the flinger 

Throwing music to the throng, 
We cannot see the singer, 
But we listen to the song. 

Passing along the path of life I listened to a strain 
A spirit bird was singing which cheered my heart again ; 
It called me up toward it from the somber valley's care 
To the calm, serener beauty of the pure, unsullied air ; 
We may not see the ringer. 

But the bell brings out the throng ; 
We cannot see the singer. 
But we listen to the song. 

I never saw this singer, but I listened to her strain ; 
I only know she did not give her melody in vain. 
And if there come a silence and we think the singer gone, 
Yet somewhere in God's universe she still keeps singing on ; 
So know, O music-bringer. 

That the toiling, traveling throng 
Who cannot see the singer, 
Still keep listening to the song. 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Kev. J. P. Hutchinson. 

I cannot better close this notice than with the following most 
beautiful tribute of Eugene Field, made more affecting by the fact 
that he himself was lying on a sick bed and survived her only a few 
days : , 


[From the Cliicago llecord, Saturday, October 1'2, l8l)o.J 

As we write these lines there lies at the point of death one ol the 
sweetest charaiteis it has t-ver been our fortune to mett — a gentle, 
heroic lady whose life has been (hnoied to deeds of tenderness and 
sweetness. For many mouths Clara Doty Bates has suffered wilh 
a malady from which recoverj- is impossinle; within the lasi week 
eternal release from human suffering has seemed close at hand; 
perhaps when you read tliese words thr) death-angel will have sum- 
moned the weary, but patient soul to its last rest. It is with a 
heart full of sorrow that we speak of the separation that bereaves 
the world and us of so good and dear a friend. 

Clara Doty Bates has so very many friends that one could almost 
say ttjat she is universally beloved. Who that has read her sweet 
little tah's and i)oems, full of the optimism ( f faith, of hope and of 
charity, has not been attracted to this kindly nature by inlluence 
stronger and teni:erer than those of admiration? But to have 
known her face to face, to have known the magic of her gracious 
personality, to have known the sympathies in which her heart 
abouiifled, to have known the works at which her hands were con- 
stantly enjployed, to have seen and felt the purity, the simplicitj-, 
the loyalty, the compassion and the valor of this great nature — 
this was tlu! inestimable fortune of us, too few, who shared her 

One who for many years has shared wit h us the gracious com- 
panionship, s;iys now of Mrs. Bates: " Siie was always for others; 
alvra^-s unselfish, always loving, gentle and devoted. In the 
heroic endurance of awful pain and the stiielding of others from 
even the sorrow she knew would coujc from a knowledge of her 
malady, she has gone on silently, smilingly, idieerfully. Such bravery 
Is but natural in one whose earli-'st ancestors in this country 
stepped from the .Mayflower, and whose later ancestor was Kthan 
All(Mi. ^he had Puritan blood in direct line on her father's side, 
while from the motluMS came the stately dignity of the Virginia 
families of [>awrence and Washington 1 need not tell of her own 
sweet nature: wi; all knew her in the days of a-tive usefulness. 
The sterner side of her Puritan cliaiacter was softened by the all- 
abounding quality of love and the constant exeicise of charity. She 
loved nature. Her rare fancy found (h light in simple things and 
those usmilly unobserved tritles that lie close to the heart of nature. 
Broad 11 her affections, she gathered to her. according to her 
means, the poor ;uid suffering ones who most need human sj'in- 
pathy. The hunil)le blessed hei', and the strongest in earthly pos- 
sessions yieliletl unliesitatuig love." 

.Mrs. Bates' publications have been, in chronoligical order, as 
follows: " ^•|)"s Fables in," " Heart's Content," a story of 
child life; "From lltvirt's Content" a volume of poems. For 
many years shi^ contributed to juvenile publications; many a young 
heart (and many an older one, too) will grieve to hear that the 
gentle singiM-, Clara Doty Bates, will sing no more in this world of 

."Mrs. Bales wiis ideiitilied with I'very manner of good work in 
this city. We recall particularly the zealous interest sh(» took in 
the Children's building at he World's Fair; she was, if we nustake 
not. hostess in that building durim^ the period of the Fair. Mrs. 
Bates ileelined the presidency of the Fortnightly Club, but was 
induced toacce])t, in S[)ite of failing hejilth, the vice-presidency of 
that notable orgnnization. It was, however, in the quieter spheres 
of usefidness that this lady preferreil and loved to move; her 
retiring nature found congeniality in those secret ministrations for 


which the poor, the sick and the afflicted, whom she succored, now 
bless her memory. 

This is a heavy time with us who know this brave, gentle lady. 
And yet we know that, could she raise her dear hand now, it would 
be to brush away our tears, and that could she speak tons aj^'ain, it 
would be words of comfort and of cheer — so compassionate, so 
sweet, so boundless was her love. 

Eugene Field. 

6G8. iv. Caroline Eliza, b. Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 22, 1839: re- 
mained with her parents till their death, giving them her untiring 
attention and care in their old age and sickness, since which she 
has returned to her vocation of teaching, in which she was for a 
time engaged at Ann Arbor, but in 1885, was living at Chicago, 111. 

669. V. Charlotte Kingsiuiky, b. Ann Arbor, June 1, 1841. 

34.>. WILLIAM DOTY, son William Doty and Sarah Kosekrans, b. 
RensselaervlUe, N. Y., June 20, 1805; m. Stephentown, N. Y., March 
11, 1831, Harriet Maria Griggs, b. there Aug. 1, 1800, dau. Joshua Griggs 
and Nancy Stearns. He is a farmer and resides Stephentown. 


670. i. Helen Mar, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1831. 

671. ii. Julia Frances, b. Stephentown, March 6, 1833. 

672. iii. Laura Jane, b. Stephentown, Aug. 11, 1834. 

673. iv. Edwin Eugene, b. Stephentown, Slarch 5, 1837. 

674. V. Mart Louisa, b. Stephentown, July 5, 1840. 

34(>. FRANCES TAYLOR DOTY, dau. William Doty and Sarah 
Rosekrans, b. Westeiio, Albany Co. ,N. Y., Oct. 6, 1807; m. Stephentown, 
N. Y., Nov. 15, 1832, Nathan Howard, Jr., b. there April 2, 1808, son 
Nathan Howard and Bersheba Rose. He was a lawyer, and compiler of 
"Howard's Practice Reports," well known by the profession. Thej" re- 
sided for many years Albany, N. Y., but removed about 1856 to New 
York City, and in 1876 to Plainfield, where he d. Oct. 8, 1876. She was 
a lady of fine appearance and good culture. She d. also Plainfield, Dee. 
1, 1876. 


675. i. Caroline Frances, b. Troy, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1833. 

676. ii. Sarah Ann, b. 'I^roy. Dec 23, 1835. 

677. iii. Elizabeth, b. Troy, March 18, 1838; d. there Oct. 3, 1839. 

678. iv. Harriet Louisa, b. Troy, April 3, 1840. 

679. V. Charlotte Bersheba, b. Greenbush, N. Y., March 21, 1842. 

680. vi. Charles N.vlhan, b. Albany, N. Y., April 18, 1844. 

681. vii. William DeWitt, b. Albany, June 1, 1847; d. there June 
3, 1852. 

682. viii. Catharine Jane, b. Albany, July 28, 1849; m. New York 
City, July 1, 1873, as his 2nd wife, James Gillespie Conde, son 
Adam Conde and Elizabeth Gilh^spie. She d. Troy, N. Y., June 6, 
1870. He is a merchant West Troy, N. Y. No chil. 

347. SARAH ANN DOTY, dau. William Doty, and Sarah Rose- 
krans, b. Westerlo, Albany Co., N. Y., Dec. 10, 1809; m. Stephentown, 
N. Y., Oct. 22, 1826, Isaac Huntley, b. Exeter, N. Y., Jan. 22, 1802, son 
James Huntley and Lydia Shaw. He was a farmer; they live Richfield, 
N. Y. 


Children : 

683. i. Dklia Bi:ig(;s, b. Hidifi.'M, Ostego Co., ^i. Y., June 22, 

684. ii. Almiha Sai.i.y, b. Kichfiold. March. 13. 1831: d. there Nov. 
20, 1848. 

685. iii. Imogene Elizabeth, b. Richfield, Sept. 28, 1833. 
C8ti. iv. Fkaxce.s A.nnc'INa, b. Richfield, ,liui. 20, ls:{7. 

687. V. LsAAC Ne\vt()>-, b. Ricldield, April. .'), 1840. 

688. vi. Eunice Cakoi.ine, b. Richfield, Dec. 3, 1842. 

689. vii. Clara Sheldon, b. Richfield, Dec. 7, 1844. 

690. viii. Sakaii Evretta, b. Richfield, Nov. 21, 1847. 

348. LEONARD DOTY, sou William Doty and Sarah Rosecrans, b. 
Westerlo, N. Y., March. 2, 1*^12; m. New Lebanon, N. Y., Sept. 11, 1830, 
Lydia Louisa Gardner, b. Hancock, Mass., April 29, 1810, dau. .John 
Gardner and Lydia Gardner, lie was a fanner at Stephentown, N. Y. , 
and d. there March 6, 1882. Ills widow d. there. 

Though quiet and retiring, she was a woman of marked trails ot 
character, with a heart full of sympathy for the sick and suffering. Her 
active life was filled with deeds of kindness and love. " To do justly, to 
love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God" seemed, in a marked 
degree, to be the controlling spirit of her life. With the same heroic for- 
titude with which she had l)orne many severe trials, she calmly awaited 
the last summons. A fitting close to a beautiful and unselfish life. She 
was buried In the family plot in Hancock, where lie five generations of 
her kindred. 

" An honored life, a peaceful end, 
And Heaven to crown it all." 

An obituary notice published at the time of his death says, " He 
received the u.sual district school education, working on the farm at the 
same time, and after his marriage, resided in that part of Hancock, 
Berkshire Co., Mass., adjoining the line of. Stephentown, N. Y., until 
about 1800, when thej' removed just across the line into the latter town. 

" He was a man of more than <.'ommon intelligence, a great reader, 
and throughout his life took a special interest in all (Klucaiional matters, 
promoting, as far as lay in his means, the best interests of the schools of 
his district, and securing the most advanced course of studies in them. 
He took an intelligent interest in ])ublic affairs, and represented Hancock 
for one term in the Legislature of Massachusetts. 

" He was a great lover of nature, and living among the Berkshire Hills, 
of whose beauty he never tired, their constantly varying hues under the 
changing seasons, ever afforded him delight. He was an ardent angler. 
No trout, in any brook for miles around, l)ut greeted him and jumped for 
the fly he so deftly threw. 

"But his tlistiiiguishing feature was his excetHJlngly genial and 
generous disposition, and his happy temperament. His was th(^ mission 
to carry the sunlight into the dark places, and no house was too humble 
for his visit. His cheery words greeted alike the widow in her lonely 
home, the child on the way to school, the farmer in the field, the preacher 
in the Church, and brighteiuxl the pathway for each. No gathering was 


complete without him. ' His ways were ways of pleasantness and all his 
paths were peace.' 

" He died as calmly and peacefully as he had lived. Sick but a week, 
conscious from the first that the illness would be fatal, he had only 
pleasant words for the friends and family who attended on him, and met 
his death without a tremor. He was buried in the family i)lot at Han- 
cock, by the side of the dear children who had gone before, and there was 
no dry eye among the neighbors who filled the Church and listened to the 
words of consolation from the minister when he said : ' We have all lost a 

G91. i. Amy, b. Hancock, Mass., April 21, 1838. 

692. ii. Albert, b. Hancock, Jan. 6, 1841; m. there Jan. 22, 1867, 
Emily Jane Mason, b. there Feb. 4, 1848, dau. Rufus L. Mason and 
Jeannette Potter. She died Hancock, Oct. 6, 1867. Captain 
Albert Doty graduated at the Normal School of Westfield, Mass., 
in June, 1861. He immediately after, June 18, 1861, enlisted as 
private in the 34th Regt. New York Volunteers. They were at 
once ordered to the seat of war, with the Army of the Potomac. 
He was promoted March 20, 1862, to be 1st Lieut., and Jan. 28, 1863, 
to Adjutant of his regiment. He served with great gallantrj^ at the 
battle of Ball's Bluff, and subsequently with the Army of the 
Potomac. He commanded his company through the seven days 
fighting before Richmond, Va. , and was mustered out with his 
regiment March 25, 1863. Having never taken a furlough, he now 
proceeded to his home to visit his parents and take a needed rest. 
Though a man of great ability and brave almost to rashness, he 
was singularly modest about his services in the army. After 
having once risen by his merit alone to the rank of Adjutant, 
prefering to earn promotion rather than to seek the easier position 
of an officer, he again enlisted, Jan. 27, 1864, as a private in the 
57th Regt. Mass. Vols. He was promoted 1st Lieut. July 28, 1864, 
and Aug. 18 of the spme year was brevetted Captain " for gallant 
services in the operations on the Weldon Railroad." In the sub- 
sequent movements and battles of Grant's Army around Richmond 
he served with conspicuous bravery and ability, and at the close of 
the war, again with the rank of Adjutant, was mustered out of 
service. July 30, 18'}5. Returning to Hancock, he settled down for 
a while and married, with the brightest prospects of a happy life, 
his old playmate and sweetheart. Her early death, a few months 
later, greatly affected his sensitive nature, and subsequently 
unsettled his mind. For, though he removed to Chicago, 111., and 
applied himself to the study of architecture with much diligence 
and had reached a point where success in his profession seemed to 
open up before him, he never recovered from the loss of his 
wife, and finally, in a fit of aberration, died by his own hand, Sept. 
27, 1873, at Springfield, 111., where he was engaged upon some 
public works. 

693. iii. Elizabeth Gardner, b. Hancock, Feb. 5, 1845. 

349. ELIZABETH CHASE DOTY, dau. William Doty and Sarah 
Rosekrans, b. Stephentown, N. Y. , Nov. 22, 1814; m. there, Sept. 13, 
1838, Rev. Eber Myers Rollo, b. there March 22, 1814, son ApollasRollo 
and Elizabeth Wass. 

He graduated at Williams College in 1837 and began preaching as a 

104 'I'HK I>OT^'-IK)'J'EX FAMILY. 

Presbyterian iuini3t(M' at Sand Lakf, N. V., in ISaO. Subsequt-ntly re- 
moved to Groonbush, N. Y., where he kept school and preached from 
1852 to IsiiO. lie then became principal of the seminary at Oneida, N. Y., 
but iu 1SG3 ri'tiirned to Stephentown, where he taught and preached until 
his death. December 22, 1880. His widow lives with her daughter at New- 
ark, X. J. 
(ti)4. i. Maky Frances, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Jidy 8, 1889; d. 

Binghamton, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1847. 
G9o. ii. ISahaii Ei-iZATiErn, b. lIoni<n-, Cortland Co., N. Y., March 

7, 1842. !She is an accomplishiKl teacher; lives Albany, N. Y. 
()9fi. iii. Wiluam Ai' h. P>ingliamlon. April. 2'), 184(>; d. there, 

Feb. 12, 1847. 
097. iv. Edwin Norton, b. Binghamton, March 10, 1848; d. Stephen- 
town, Sept. 15, 1849. 
G98. V. Emma Ci.ahi.-^sa, b. Stephentown. Feb. 4. 1851; m. there 

May 15, 1880, Jo9<'ph Bradner; they live Newark. N. .1. 
(■.99. vi. FnEPKHicK AnirsriNE, b. Sand Lake, N. Y.. ]\Iarch '?,. 185:?. 
He was a student at Williams College, Mass., but d. Sept. 2.L 1S74, 
at Denver, Col., when* he had gone for the benefit of his failing 

3r)0. JOSEPH SHELDON DOTY, son William Doty and Sarah Rose- 
krans, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1816; m. there. May 11, 1843. Pal- 
myra Jolls, b. there Aug. 17, 1818, dau. Stephen Van Hensselaor Jolls and 
Harriet Burton. He was a farmer and d. at Stephentown, Oct. 17, 1850; 
his widow resides there. 

Children ; 

700. i. Claua b. Stephentown, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1844. 

701. ii. Jame.s Wahhkn. b. Stephentown, Sept. 1!», 1845. 

702. iii. Charles Henry, b. Stephentown, June 3, 1848. 

3.)1. LYMAN TOMPKINS DOTY, son Ethan Allen Doty and Keturah 
Long Tompkins, b. Albany Co., N. Y., July 20, 1807; m. there, Hannah 
Dennis Thomas, b. Troy, N. Y. , 1808, dau. Job Thomas and Penelope 
Hull. She d. Albany, N. Y., April 25, 183(i. 

He early manifested a talent for paintimj, and without any sitecial instruc- 
tion to that end became a portrait painter. Many of his portraits of dis- 
tinguished people were painted for Trowbridge's Albany Museum, where 
(hey were for a long time on exhibition and formed one of its chief attrac- 
tions. Munsell, in his "Annals of Albany,'' says; " Doty's jiaintings 
were part of the attractions of Biven'e Vauxhall Gardens, in North Pearl 
street, in 182(). They were afterward merged in the collection at Trow- 
bridge's Museum." Shortly after the death of his wife and youngest 
child, he removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he died February 15, 1841. 

Chi'dren ; 

703. i. Amanda Mai.vina. b. Albanv, N. Y., June 11, 1829: d. 
there Jidy 2, 1829. 

704. ii. Elizahetii Amy, b. Albany, April 25, 1830. 

705. iii. Jame.s Wahren, b. Albany, July 21. 1832. 

700. iv. Emmei.ine France.^, b. Albany, Dec. 24, 1834; d. there Sept. 
14. 1830. 

.*io2. WAHKEN SAMUEL TK)TY, son Ethan Allen Doty and Keturah 
Long Tompkins, b. liensselaerville, N. Y., May 6, 1810; m. Niscayuna, 


N. Y., Oct. 15, 1830, Sarah Mehitable Child, b. Troy, N. Y., Sept. 18, 
1810, dau. Rev. Caleb Child and Sarah Brandiall. 

Rev. Caleb Child was a descendant of Benjamin Child, who came from 
Great Britain in 1G30 and settled at Roxbury, Mass. A full account of 
this family will be found in the "Genealogy of the Child Family," pub- 
lished by Rev. Elias Child of Utica N. Y. 

The Bramhalls were an early Plymouth family, Sarah Bramhall being 
from a branch that had emigrated to Amenia, Dutchess County, N. Y., 
where she met and married Rev, Caleb Child. 

Warren S. Doty and wife, shortly after their marriage, removed to New 
York City, where for a time both were engaged in the mounting of maps 
for a large map publishing house. About 1835-6 he established an 
engraving, printing and paper business, which was carried on under the 
firm names successively of Pollock & Doty, Doty & Jones and finally as 
Doty & Bergen, under which name it continued till his death, which took 
place at Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1855. Mr. Doty was of tall but rather 
slender frame, cheerful disposition, with a quaint, dry humor, which 
seems to have been common to all of the descendants of Samuel Doty 
of Stephentown, N. Y. He was exceedingly industrious and energetic 
and of great probity, qualities which made him successful in business, 
while he at the same time won the respect and esteem of all who knew 
him. His solicitude was entirely for his family, to whose care and educa- 
tion his life was largely devoted. About 1847 he removed his residence 
to Brooklyn, where he afterward resided. 

Mrs. Doty was a woman of superior natural gifts, self-reliant, energetic 
and thoroughly devoted to the care of her family circle. She died at 
Brooklyn, N. Y., July 23, 1878. Affectionate, kind and devoted parents, 
their memory will ever be cherished by their children. 

Children : 

707. 1. Mary Eliza, b. New York City, July o, 1831; not m. ; she 
resides Vineland, N. J., where she is engaged in business. 

708. 11. George Washington, b. New York City, Oct. 5, 1834. 
Was a clerk; served in th-^. War of the Rebellion; he was not m. ; 
hed. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 6., 187i). 

709. iii. Ethan Allen, b. New York City, June 14, 1837; m. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Jan. 23, 18(51, Ellen Eliza McFarlan, b. the-e Aug. 23, 
1839, dau. James McFarlan and Margaret Cronk; they reside Brook- 
lyn; no chil. Mr. Doty attended the public schools of New York 
City, and subsequently the Free Academy, now known as the Col- 
lege of the City of New Yorlc. His first occupation was in 1852, as 
assistant librarian at the Mercantile I ibrary of New York City, and 
this was followed by a position as librarian of a large library in 

He then became the bookkeeper of a book publishing house, which 
position he retained for a year, and upon the sickness and decease 
of his father, entered the business of Doty & Bergen, first as book- 
keeper, but subsequently suecHeded to his father's interest in that 
house. He purchased, in 1862, the interest of his partner, and 
entered into a new partnership with his biother-in-law, Edward 
McFarlan. and the firm of Doty & McFarlan, succeeded in 
1888 hj the firm of Doty & Scrimgeour, has been for many 
years one of the leading and most prosperous houses in the manu- 


facUire of fancy papers, with their manufactory in Brooklyn and 
offices and wa.oliouses in New Yorl< t'jty. Mr. Doty removed to 
Brooklyn witli his parents in 1847 and has since resided there, be 
coujing identified with many of its institutions and with some of 
its history. He was, in ISs;^ a member and chairman of the Civil 
Service Conimis.sion of the city. 

In ISSi) he accepted the presidency of the Edison Electric Il- 
luminating Co. of Brooklyn, which position he still retains. 18!)7. 
Is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of New York and direc- 
tor in several financial institutions. Is somewhat active in politics 
as a Kepublican," though an independent one. Mrs. Doty is active 
in educational and benevolent work, being specially interested in 
the prosperity and management of the Brooklyn Orphfin Asylum, 
of whicdi she is a director. She is a member of the Woman's Club, 
and interested also in the introdiu^tioa and maintenance of kinder- 

710. iv. Cath.\ Lonc;. b New York Citv, Nov. 5, 18:50. 

711. V. Rkhecca Anna, b. New York City,' April 10. 1842: not m. ; 
resides Brooklyn. She is an intelligent and cultivated ladj', en- 
gaged in much active benevolent work. 

712. vi. Sakaii Mkiiitabi.e. b. New Y'ork City, June 7. 1845; d. 
Brooklyn. N. Y.. July G, 1849. 

713. vii. Wakhen SAMtEi,. b. Brooklyn, Sept. 22, 1848. Clerk: re- 
sides Brooklyn: m., April 20, 18'.)"), Elfreda Amelia Ruge. 

:{5:{. GEORGE WASHINGTON DOTY, son George Washington 
Doty and Mary English, b. Norway, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Mch. G," 1811: 
m. Prospect, N. Y'., March. 3, 1883, Katharine McMaster. They moved 
1836, from Prospect to Trenton and 1848 to Richfield, N. Y.; 1862, they 
removed to Painesvillo, 0., where he d. Feb. 18, 1876. She lives there. 


714. i. France.^ P., b. Prospect, April 27, 1834. 

715. ii. Maiua N., b. Nov. 11, 1835: m. 1st, Richfjeld, Aug. 
15, 1856, Charles W. Dickey. They moved to Painesville, O., 
1862, whore he d. Jan. 15, 1873. She m. 2nd, Davenport, la., March 
27, 1875, John G. Forrest. They lived Clinton. la., where he d. 
Feb. 3, 1887. She returned to Painesville, O. , and lives there. No 

716. iii. Helen C. b. Trenton, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1S36: not m., lives 
Painesville, O. 

717. iv. Alice, b. Trenton, Oct. 22, 1838. 

718. v. Emily, b. Trenton, July, 1N40: m. Henry Ostorhout, lived 
Little Lakes, N. Y. She d. 

719. vi. Jennie, b. Trenton, Oct. 1, 1842. 
George Washington, b. Trenton, Dec. 26, 1843. 
John Freuericiv, b. Trenton, Jan. 2, 1846. 
James A., b. Richfield, April 6, 1848. 
H. Bradford, b. Schuyler's Lake, N. Y. Sept. 16, 1850. 
Frank R., b. Schuyler's Lake, Oct. 12, 1852. 

355. FREDERICK DOTY, son George Washington Doty and .Alary 
English, b. Norway, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1818; m. Russia, N. Y., Feb. 12, 
1843, Eliza Slocum, b. Russia, Feb. 1, 1815, dau. Ebene/.cr Slocum 
and Elizabeth Bolt. He was a farmer. Revoved, 1843, to West Leyden, 
N. Y., and again, 1860. to Ava, N. Y. , where he d. July 26, 1878. His 
widow resides there. 

Children : 

725. i. Mary ?]i.izahetii, b. Leyden, Dec. 26, 1845. 












726. ii. Morgan George, b. Leyden, May 22, 1847 ; d. there June 
10, 1848. 

727. iii. RoxY Adalink, b Leyden, Nov. 16, 1849; d. Ava. Sept. 
13, 1873. 

728. iv. Esther Viola, b. Leyden, May 28, 1852 ; resides Ava. 

729. V. Charles IIayden, b. Leyden, July 29, 1854 ; resides Ava. 

730. vi. Adela LoiE, b. Leyden, April 2, 1858 ; d. Ava, Jan. 13, 

731. vii. Hattie Martha, b. Ava, Sept. 26, 1860. 

356. ALEXANDER H. DOTY, son George Washington Doty and 
Mary English, b. Norway, N. Y., June 18, 1820; m. Nov. 10, 1848, Emily 
A. Cummings, b. Albion, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1826, dau; Charles Cummings 
and Susan Barker. She d. Jan. 26, 1863. He is a farmer and resided, 
1880, Gerry, N. Y. 

Children : 

732. i. Donna A., b. Rerasen, N. Y., April 27, 1848. 

733. ii. Algenia, b. Remsen, Dec. 16, 1849 ; d. Gerry, Aug. 11, 

734. iii. Emma J., b. Gerry, Sept. 3, 1862; not m.; lived, 1880, Fal- 
coner, N. Y. 

359. SAMUEL DOTY, son George Washington Doty and Mary Eng- 
lish, b. Norway, N. Y., March 18, 1828; m. Salisbury Centre, N. Y., Dec. 
10, 1857, Julia R. Barrett, b. Salisbury, Vt., April 29, 1833, dau. John F. 
Barrett and Phebe W. Johnson. Farmer. They live Sinclairville, N. Y. 

Children, b. Salisbury Centre, N. Y. 

735. i. Gertrude E., b. March 4, 1859. 

736. ii. Freddie G., b. Oct. 14, 1851. 
They live, not m., Sinclairville. 

3()0. ERASTUS EDWIN WELLS, son Harvey Wells and Martha 
Doty, b. New Lebanon, N. Y., March 27, 1813; m. Troy, N. Y., 1837, 
Agnes Linter. His widow lived, 1873, Chicago, 111. 

He was ordained about 1837 pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Hunt- 
ingdon, Huntingdon Co., Province Quebec. He subsequently preached 
for seven years at Fort Covington, Franklin Co., N. Y., then became 
connected with the American Home Missionary Society, and wenlfto the 
West under their auspices. He preached at Sycamore and Dundee, 111., 
and Anally at Chicago, 111., in the South Congregational Church there. 
He d. Chicago, 111., July 11, 1855. 

Children : 

737. i. Mary. 

738. ii. Addik. 

739. iii. William; served in the War of the Rebellion in the 52d 
Regt. 111. Vols., and died during the war. 

740. iv. Edwin. 

741. V. Charles. 

742. vi. Carrie. 

3(>1. WILLIAM ALPHONSE WELLS, son Harvey Wells and Martha 
Doty, b. New Lebanon, N. Y., Nov. 6, 1814; m., 1st, Lucy Campbell of 
Frankfort, N. Y., by whom he had no chil. He m., 2d, Warren, N. Y., 
Oct. 14, 1849, Harriet Curtis Noble, b. there. 

Mr. Wells studied at Madison University (now Colgate), and entered the 


ministry of the Baptist denomination, lie pivaehcd at New Hartford 
and other places in Oneida County, N. Y., for twenty years. He was then 
four years in the West, and 1864 returned East to Memphis, N. Y., where 
he preached for six years, and then retired by reason of loss of health. 
In ISTl they were both living Memphis. 
Children : 

743. i. NoBi.K IIowAKD, b. Muscatine. la,. Aug. 13, IS.'jl, d. there 
Sept. 25. 1H;j2. 

744. ii. Maky Fkanck;^, b. Muscatine, Jan. 2!), 1853. 

745. iii. CiRTis Nobi.e, b. Memphis, Dec. 13, 1864, d. there. May 
17, 186H. 

:{(;3. .ILIIJ.V ELV1H.\ WELLS, dau. Harvey Wells and Martha Doty, 
b. New Lebanon, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1820; m. Blossvale, N. Y., Sept., 1849, 
George Johnson, b. West Stephentown, N. Y. He was a farmer and 
lived West Sand Lake, N. Y. 


746. i. Ahvii.i.a Mii:anda, b. Dec. 12, 1851. She m., Alps, N. Y. , 
Jan. 23, 1867, George Henry Evans of Nassau, N. Y. 

366. CAROLINE ELIZABETH WELL^ dau. Harvey AVells and 
Martha Doty, b. New Lebanon, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1825: m. Blossvale, N. Y., 
1848, Peter Cooper, b. West Sand Lake, N. Y. They reside there. He 
is a farmer. 


747. i. Philander, b. 1S49: d. Sept., 1855. 

748. ii. RoHEKT, b. April, 1852: d. Nov., 1854. 

74!). iii. Cahiuk Ei.i/abeth, b. July 19. 1854: d. 1866. 

750. iv. Maky, b. 1861. 

751. v. Edwakd Ekastus, b. 1864. 

:{67. ELIHU DOTY, son Stephen Holmes Doty and Phebe Nelson, b. 
Berne, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1809: m. , 1st, New York City, May 13, 1836, Clarissa 
Dolly Ackley, b. Washington, Ct., Dec. 7, 1806, dau. Ilezekiah Ackley 
and Jemima, his wife. She d. Borneo, East Indies, Oct. 5, 1845. He m. , 
2d, Parslppany. N. J., Feb. 17, 1847, Eleanor Augusta Smith, b. Troy, N. 
J., Jul^27, 1823, dau. Hiram Smith and Mary Allen Osborne. She d. 
Amoy, China, Feb. 28, 1858. 

The following sketch of his life is from the pen of one of his accom- 
plished daughters: 

Early in life he felt it to be his mission to preach the Gospel to the 
heathen, and studied for the ministry with that aim In view, being pre- 
pared in his studies at Rutgor's College and New Brunswick Theological 
Seminary. An historical pamphlet of the Sabbath school of the Reformed 
Church at Berne, N. Y''., says: " On November 3, 1832, Elihu Doty, one 
of our scholars, entered into full communion with this church on confes- 
sion of faith. In April, 1833, he was recommended as a fit person for the 
ministry. He graduated from Rutger's College, 1835, and from the Theo- 
logical Seminary at New Brunswick, N. J., in 183(i." 

Quoting from a "Manual of the Reformed Church in America:" " His 
first aspirations after missionary life were formed in the Sabbath school. 
In his studies he was known for his faithful application and excellent 


scholarship— not showy, but solid— developing excellent judgment and 
great balance of mind, and winning respect and confidence by his earnest 
and decided piety. He was somewhat advanced in age when be began his 
preparation for the ministry, and by the advice of others overleapeil two 
years of his college course. 

" His integrity, intellectual and moral, was complete, and no one ever 
dreamed of questioning his conscientiousness. His missionary ardor was 
increased by the magnetic presence and contagious enthusiasm of David 
Abeel." He graduated from the seminary in 183(5, being licensed to 
preach by the Classis of Schoharie, N. Y., in the same year, and in June 
he sailed for Java, in company with Elbert Nevius, William Youngblood 
and Jacob Ennis, under the care of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Re- 
formed Church, which believed the Dutch Government established there 
would show some interest in the missions of a church whose fathers had 
come from Holland. But, on arriving at Batavia In September, they found 
no friendly welcome or protection, so finally Borneo was assigned as their 
location, and they reiched Sambas, Borneo, June 19, 1839, after three 
years of disheartening labor and delay in Batavia and Singapore, only 
to meet further disappointments, for, in a few months, Mr. Nevius was 
obliged to leave on account of his wife's broken health, and Mr. Ennis 
proved himself a very unfit man. Notwithstanding his mental endow- 
ments, he was dismissed and finally deposed from the ministry, thus leav- 
ing the work so newly established to be carried forward by Mr. Young- 
blood and Mr. Doty. 

Messrs. Pohlman and Thompson soon joined them, when the former 
and Mr. Doty devoted themselves to the Chinese who came to Borneo for 
purposes of trade ; but after a few years' residence in Sambas and Ponti- 
anak, it became evident they could do more efficient work among the 
Chinese, if in their own land; accordingly they went to Amoy, Chma, in 
1844, reaching this seaport town in Southern China at the close of June. 

Shortly before leaving this country in 183(5, Mr. Doty married Clarissa D. 
Ackley of Washington, Ct. , a lady highly spoken of and esteemed. Upon 
their arrival iii China, when their little family must have been knit together 
closely and peculiarly, among a strange people, these two were shown there 
were other ties to break than leaving home, lands and friends tried and true, 
for, after three weeks, they laid away their only son, six years of age, 
and memory recalls, even now, the peculiar tenderness with which that 
father would speak, in years long after, of this child, who went out from 
them then, and in the October following, 1845, Mrs. Doty died, leaving 
two little girls whom their father brought to this country, together with 
the motherless children of Mr. Pohlman, in March, 184(5. These having 
been left with kind friends, he married Eleanor A. Smith of Troy, N J. , 
in 1847, and returned to Amoy in August of that same year. 

Although so discouraged in the outset of their work, the missionaries 
felt greatly encouraged in China, those who embraced Christianity in most 
cases showing by the fruit of their lives the genuineness of their conversion, 
and through the course of Mr. Doty's life from this date his was the work 

110 TIIK 1)()TY-])0TEN FAMILY. 

of buildiiij,' up that for which he, with his associates in the earlier days, 
laid th(; foundation; also the widening of the field and work back into the 
country. His experiences were much the same that all laborers in foreign 
fields have felt; there were the discouragements of blind prejudice and 
ignorance, and of the naturally wicked heart in these heathen, as in all 
others of humanity; there were the outbreaks and the riots instigated 
by the priests against the Christians, both foreign and native, and the 
civil wars imperiled life at times, as in 1853, when it raged through that 
part of the Empire, and the City of Amoy was beseiged, and all the 
horrors of war among a half-civilized i)eoi)le were jierpetrated on its 
streets, and in its harbor filled with war junks, during the cannonading of 
which many balls and bullets lodged in Mr. Doty's house, one of which 
just escaped hitting Mrs. Doty and an infant in her lap. 

Mr. Doty was very much engaged during the later years of his life in 
translations into the Chinese language of such works as were deemed 
suitable. The " Manual," quoted from before, says: " lie wasatlmirably 
fitted for this department, by his habits of accuracy, his candor, judg- 
ment, and freedom from caprice and prejudice. He was a laborious man; 
there was no romance in his character. A stern, determined worker, he 
sturdily pressed on. He met difficulties with a quiet heroism, but turned 
not aside. He never spared himself until his friends compelled him." 

His publications were: Anglo-Chinese Manual of the Amoy Dialect, 
Translation and Revision into Amoy Dialect of Milner's 'J'hirteen Village 
Sermons, including Milner's Tract on the " Straight Gate," Some Thoughts 
on the Proper Term for " God" in the Chinese, Narrative of a Tour in 
Borneo, Translation of Sacramental and INIarriage Forms of Refornu^d 
Protestant Dutch Church into Amoy Colloquial. 

It was during 1858 that Mr. Doty acted as American Consul during the 
absence of the appointed Consul, Mr. Hyatt, and his judgment was so 
clear and just that throughout his life he was constantly sought for 
advice and counsel. The necessities of a missionai-y's life tend to develop 
one's genius in every channel, and in the absence of a dentist ^Ir. Doty 
often rendered assistance in that line, and by performing slight surgical 
operations, while his knowledge of Natural Pliilosophy often aided otliers 
and himself in securing comforts and helps which seemed little short of 
witchery to the simple natives. His publications were also bound under 
his supervision and direct aid, the press being in his study. At certain 
seasons of the year he was a great sufferer from asthma, many times 
being unaljle to lie down or rest in any position, while at all times he 
was never robust. Death entered this fold also, taking the oldest and the 
then only son, again and later the babe for whom the mother gave her 
life for, in February, 1858, Mrs. Doty died, leaving the tender mother- 
father the solicitude of four other little ones whom he l)i-ought to the 
care, so kindly and generously offered, of his wife's parents and sister, in 

After spending one year in this country, recruiting in tiealth and 
starting his children in their education, he again turned his face to the 
work to which he gave himself for life, and continued in arduous 


labors, through different vicissitudes, national and ecclesiastical, until his 
gradual but certainly failing physical powers told him his work was done. 
Then with mingled feelings he embarked on the "N. B. Palmer" for the 
United States, on November 30th, 1864, and as he stood on her deck, 
bade farewell to the home of his adoption, the land where he had lived 
into nearly the whole of his life experiences, where most of his associ- 
ations were formed, and where he had passed through the deeper passions 
that stir one's soul, the joys too deep for utterance and the sorrows in 
which "the heart knoweth its own bitterness;" but within four days of 
his destination the worn-out body could no longer hold the fettered spirit, 
and breaking its bonds he was with his G-od, and at rest. March 18th, 
1865. The funeral services were held at the Middle Dutch Church, 
Lafayette Place, New York City, and also in the church in Parsippany 
N. J., and his precious remains lie in the cemetery in that place. 
Children by his first wife: 

752. i. Ferris Holmes, b. Singapore, India, July 10, 1888 ; d. 
Amoy, China, July 19, 1844. 

753. ii. Clarissa Eliza, b. Pontianak, Borneo, Jan. 14, 1843. 

754. ill. Amelia Caroline, b. Amoy, China. Jan. 31, 1845; was 
adopted by Rev. John Dubois, and is known by his name; lives 
Wurtsboro, N. Y. 

And by his second wife, b. Amoy, China : 

755. iv. Edwakd Smith, b. Dec. 11, 1847: d. July 14, 1848. 

756. V. Charles Winchester, b. Nov. 1, 1849. 

757. vi. Mary Augusta, b. Sept. 16, 1851. 

758. vii. Samuel Holmes, b. Oct. 18, 1853. 

759. viii. Ellen Marcia, b. Oct. 12, 1855; not m. ; she lives Summit, 
N. J. 

760. ix. Elmira Louisa, b. Feb. 10, 1858; d. July 3, 1858. 

369. IRENE DOTY, dau. Stephen Holmes Doty and Phebe Nelson, 
b. Berne, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1813; m. 1st. there, Dec. 33, 1830, Andrew Will- 
sey, b. there, Oct. 36, 1807, son Abram Willsey and Frances Davenport. 
Shed. Berneville, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1856. Hem. 3d, there, Feb. 33, 1860, 
Almira Ann Nelson, b. there, Nov. 37, 1833, dau. Carpenter Nelson and 
Rebecca Gardiner. They live Berneville. 

Children b. Berne: 

761. i. Elias, b. Aug. 10. 1831; served as a Union soldier for 
three years in the war, and shortly after his return, d. Sept., 1865, 
at Springfield, Mo., of typhoid fever. 

762. ii. Joseph Bradley, b. Aug. 19, 1833; d. Aug. 6, 1847. 

763. iii. Melvina, b. Feb. 3, 1835; m. Berne Wright. They live 


764. iv. Elihu Doty, b. Nov. 13, 1836; live Oneida Valley, N. Y. 

765. V. Phebe Ann, b. May 16, 1839. 

766. vi. Harriet Emily, b. June 6. 1841; d. May 9, 1860. 

767. vii. Stephen Holmes, b. April 34, 1843; live Huntersland. 

768. viii. Abraham Ferris, b. Dec. 11, 1845; lives Berneville. 

769. ix. Charles Edward, b. June 10, 1848. 

770. X. Harvey Dorus, b. Oct. 19. 1851; d. Dec. 30, 1863. 
By his 3nd wife Andrew Willsey had child: 

Nelson Eugene, b. June 15, 1861; d. Jan. 5, 1864. 

372. WILLIAM HENRY DOTY, son Stephen Holmes Doty and Phebe 
Nelson, b. Berne, N. Y. , Jan. 16, 1819; m. Jan. 8, 1845, Maria Ann Run- 











kit', b. .)uly4, 1823, dau. C'orueliuf Hiinklo and .lane Fouda. They live 
Cohoes, N. Y. 


.Tank Amki.i.v, b. July 4, 1846. 
Edna, b. May 23 184s. 
Willie, b. Dec. 28. 1850. 
Fha.nces Maim a, b. Doc. 14, 1852. 
Waltkr, b. Oct. 35, 1857. 

777. vi. CiiAKLKS EuwAKD, b. Sept. 7, 1861. 

37:{. EDWARD DO PY. son Sk^phen Holmes Doty and Pebe Nelson, 
b. B.n-ne, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1820: m. Cohoes, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1843, Adaline 
E Simpson, b. Saratoga Co. , N. Y., Jime 14, 1834, dau. Stephen Simpson 
and Elizabeth Leroy. She has been an invalid for many years. They 
lived, 1880, Pittsburg, Pa. 


778. i. Stephen Melvin, b. Cohoes, Dec. 6, 1844: enlisted in the 
103d Regt I'a Vols, and d. at B-andy Station, Va., Dec. 27, 1863. 
The other chil. reside with parents IMttsburg. 

779. ii. Hakuiet Arabella, b. ( Ohoes, .Jan. 16, 184(i. 

780 iii. FiDELL'v Si.mi'SON, b. Colioes, June 13, 1818; d. Sept. 13, 

781. iv. Kate. b. Cohoes, March 18, 1852. 

782. V. Li/ziK, b. Pittsburg. Dec. 10, 1856: d. May 25, 18.59. 

783. vi. Addie MuClatohik, b. Pittsburg, June ^, 1862. 

:{74. AllVILLA DOTY, dau. Stephen Holmes Doty and Phebe Nelson, 
b. Berne, N. Y., .March 31, 1824 ; m. June; 10, 1851, Philo Starkweather. 
She d. : he lived Saratoga Springs. N. Y. 
Children : 
7^4. i. Ei'GENE, lived Saratoga Springs. 
78.5. ii. EowAKD, lived Saratoga Springs. 

tiHo. MARY ANN DOTY, dau. Rev. Erastus Doty and Mrs. Ilolden 
Larkin, b. Williamstown, Mass. , June 5, 1820; m. Cornwall, Ct , 1840, 
Albert ]'adelford, b. Taunton, Mass., Feb. 2, 1814, .son James Padelford 
and Mary Harvey. He d. Colebrook, Ct. ; she d. there. 
Children : 

Jambs Hakvev, h. \Viii(;hester Co., Ct., April 13, 1843. 

SisAN, b. Colel)rook, .(uue 2. 1844. 

Mai'vY Ann, b. Barkhamstead, Ct. , Mav, 1847. 

Riley, b. Colebrook, Feb. 1850. 

ANciENETTA, b. Colcbrook, .July, 1852. 

3S;>. J.VXE KMZ.V DOTY, dau. Halsey Doty and Deborah Coleman, 
b. West Stephentown, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1819 ; m. there Willard Weatherby; 
she d. West Stephentown, Oct. 3, 1874. He lives there. 

Children : 

791, i. Suuhenia, m. ■ McFee : they live West Ste]>heiitown. 

793. ii. Geohge. 

3S7. SURRENIA DOTY, dau. Halsey Doty and Deborah Coleman, b. 
West Stephentown, N. Y.. .Ian. 8, 1821; m. there, April 16, 1851, Martin 
Gardner Casey, l>. Stephentown, .lune 28, 1813, son Jesse Casey and Eliz- 
abeth Pinckiiey. They are both living West Stephentown. 

Childii'ii, b. Nassau, N. Y. 
79;!. i. Elvin Adelma, b. April 13, 1852. 























794. ii. Malinia Eliza, b. Sept. 39, 1853: m. West Stephentown, 
Jan. 23, 1879, Edwin Elmer Cole, b. Sand Lake, March 11, 1855, 
sou Charles Cole and Maria Miller; no chil. He i,sa physician and 
they lire Onondaga Co., N. Y. 

389. CLINTON DE WITT DOTY, son Halsey Doty and Deborah 

Coleman, b. West Stephentown, N. Y., July 19, 1827; m. Sand Lake, N. 
Y., June 12, 1851, Harriet Larkin, b. there June 16, 183^, dau. Abel Lar- 
kin and Elizabeth Torrey. They live Nassau, Post Office address. West 
Stephentown. He is a farmer and miller. 
Children, b. Nassau : 

Okville Alphonso, b. April 20, 1853; d. Feb. 11, 1850. 

Malinia Eliza, b. June 17, 1855; d. Sept. 22, 1856. 

Evelina Dk Grass, b. May 25, 1858; d. June 25, 1863. 

EmalIxNE Ophelia, b. Nov. 8, 1860; d. March 26, 1863. 

Minnie Estella, b. Dec. 23, 1864. 

James Elmek, b. April 1, 1867. 

390. ANDREW HAMILTON DOTY, son Halsey Doty and Deborah 
Coleman, b. Stephentown, N. Y., June 20, 1831; m. Ist, Sand Lake, 
N. Y., Dec. 30, 1855, Sarah Mills, b. Nassau, N. Y., Feb. 30, 1833, 
dau. Joseph Mills and Selina Griggs. She d. Stephentown, July 15, 
1868. He m., 3nd, there, Dec. 38, 1868, Mrs. Luciana Wait Mills, b 
Stephentown, May 33, 1838, dau. John Wait and Laura Coleman, and 
widow Harrison Mills. They live Stephentown; he is a prosperous miller 
and farmer. 

Children by 1st wife: 
801. i. Cokaline Madeline, b. June 30, 1657. 
803. ii. Martha Eliza, b. Jan. 1, 1859; d. Aug. 20, 1881. 

803. iii. William Edwin, b. May 14, 1863. 
And by 2nd wife: 

804. iv. Franklin Willard, b. Oct. 28, 1869. 

393. NEWELL BRIGHAM DOTY, son Edward Doty and Eliza Brigh- 
ham, b. Blossvale, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1841; m. Vienna, N. Y., Sept. 23, 
1861, his step-sister, Ann Onderdouk, b. Williamstown, N. Y., April 5, 
1842, dau. Henry Onderdonk and Julia Ann Deveraux. 

Being, with his father, intensely interested in the proceedings which led 
to the War of the Rebellion, and an active sympathizer with the Govern- 
ment in its struggle for life, he enlisted in the Union Army September 
1, 1862, as a private in the Eighty-first Regiment New York State Vol- 
unteers. He was killed at the battle of Cold Harbor, Va., June 3, 1864. He 
was a consistent and respected member of tlie Wesleyan Methodist Church, 
with which he united in 1857. He was retiring and modest in his habits, 
a faithful and dutiful son, a tender and confiding husband. He was a 
patriot of sterling integrity, liberal and impartial to all classes and con- 
ditions of his fellow men, and ever evinced a deep sympathy for the op- 
pressed, especially for the slave, for whose sake and his country's he gave 
his life. His death was a sad bereavement to his aged parents as well as 
to his wife and child. His widow lives Blossvale, N. Y. 


805. i. Elbert Stephen, b. Rome, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1868. 



3})4. AMANDA ItUTlI DOTY, dau. Edward Doty and Eliza Brighaiu, 
b. Rome, N. Y., April 28, 1845; m. Verona, N. Y., Jan. 18, 18(5(i, her 
step-brother, Justus Onderdonk, b. Williainstown, X. Y., May 27, 1843, 
son Henry Onderdonk and Julia Ann Deveraux. They lived Blossvale, 
N. Y. 


806. 1. Edwahd IIenky, b. Jan. 8. 18G8. 

3y.'>. STEPHEN H. ULINE, son Bernhard Uline and Lucy Holmes 
Doty, b. Sand Lake, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1829; m., 1st, Troy, N. Y., July, 
1851, Catharine Mambert: she d. June, 1852 : he ni., 2nd, Cohoes, N. Y., 
Oct., 1853, Gertrude Sharp, b. North Greenbush, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1833. 
They reside Wyoming Township, Lee Co., HI. He is a farmer. 
Children by 1st wife : 

SOT. i. Ei.VA, b. 1852: d. July, 1852. 
And by his 2nd wife : 

80S. ii. Fkank N., b. West Sand Lake, N. Y., Jmie (5, 1S54. 

809. iii. Makt Elva, b. Wj-oming Township, May 20, 1858. 

810. iv. Maktiia L., b. Wyoming Township. Jan. 21, 18(52. 

811. V. Sauah J. , b. Wyoming Town.ship, Dec. 15, 1863. 

812. vi. EvALiXK, b. Wyoming Townshi[), May 5, 1870. 

39G. SELINDA M. ULINE. dau. Bernhard Uline and Lucy Holmes 
Doty, b. Sand Lake, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1831; m. there Dec. 1, 1850, John D. 
Myers of Greenbush, N. Y. He was a farmer. She d. Greenbush, May, 


813. i. Arlington W., b. Sept. U. 1851. 

814. ii. Bknjamin F., b. Dee. 12, 1852. 

815. iii. LuoY M., b. Fall of 1854: d. Jan. 12, 1804. 

816. iv. Selinda, b. May, 1860; d. Aug., 1860. 

:{97. SAKAH ANN ULINE, dau. Bernhard Uline and Lucy Holmes 
Doty, b. Sandlake, N. Y., April 15, 1833 ; m. there July 4, 1850, Dr. Ar- 
lington Boj-ce, b. Schodack, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1822. He is a physician and 
resides East Schodack,- N. Y. 

Children, b. Sand Lake : 

817. i. Adet.mak U., b. April 15, 1851; d. Feb. 9, 1859. 

818. ii. Cakhie L., b. Dec. 31, 1859. 

3i)S. SABRA L. ULINE, dau. Bernhard Uline and Lucy Holmes Doty, 
b. Sand Lake, April 9, 1836 : m. there Sept. 19, 1858. William B. Uline, 
b. there April 6, 1835. Soon after marriage they removed to Missouri. 
He is a farmer and they reside near Paris, 3Io. 

Children : 

i. A (laughter, b. Aug. 16, 1860; d. Sept. 16, 1860. 

819. ii. W.. b. Aug. 4, 1864; d. Oct. 2, 1867. 

820. iii. Wilms, b. Sept. 17, 1865. 

821. iv. Edwin Burton, b. Sept. 20, 1867. 

399. SOLYMA L. ULINE. dau. Bernhard Uline and Lucy Holmes 
Doty. b. Sand Lake. N. Y., Feb. 4, 1840; m. there Sept. 15, 1855, Isaac 
Boyco, b. Schodack, N. Y., April 15, 1831, brother of Dr. Boyce above. 
He is a farmer ; they reside Wilton, N, Y. 


Children, b. Wilton : 

823. i. Ei.vA S., b. Oct. 25, 1856: d. Feb. 1, 1857. 

823. ii. LuoY P., b. Dec. 16, 1857. 

824. iii. Ferdinand A., b. Oct. 4, 1859. 

825. iv. Selinda E., b. Oct. 3. 1861. 

826. V. Bkkniiard U., Oct. 22, 1863. 

827. vi. Ida Alice, b. Oct. 3, 1867. 

828. vii. Hattie E., b. Oct. 3, 18^. 

40:>. BEN.JAMIN DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Achsah Mila Holi- 
day, b. Granger, Allegany Co., N. Y., Dec. 3, 1833 ; m. Greenbush, Mich., 
Dec. 27, 1857, Mary Phileta Russell, dau. William Russell and Annie 
Clymer. They resided Greenbush, P. O. St. Johns. He d. Nov. 22, 
1860. She m. 2nd, 1862, George Andrus, and lives Breckenridge, Mich. 

Children, b. Greenbush: 

829. i. Ai.viRA, b. Nov. 26, 1858. 

830. ii. William Ben.tamix, b. July 17, 1860; m. and removed to 
Leroy, Osceola Co. , Mich. 

40(). ENOCH DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Achsah Mila Holiday, 
b. Granger, N. Y., April 30, 1836: m. Greenbush, Mich., April 14, 1861, 
Hannah Jane Kimbell, b. May 18, 1843, dau. Abel Kimbell and Huldah, 
his wife. He served in the war in the 8th Mich. Regt., was wounded at the 
battle of Bull Run, from effects of which he ultimately d. Jan. 21, 1872. 
His widow m. 2nd, Stonebrook, and lives Newaygo, Mich. 

Children : 

831. 1 AoHSAH Mila, b. Washington, Mich., July 7, 1864; m. 
John Piatt. 

832. ii. RoENA Lillian, b. Greenbush, Dee. 20, 1867. 

833. iii. Edith Bell, b. Washington, April 8, 1870. 

407. DON ALONZO DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Achsah Mila 
Holiday, b. Napoleon, Mich., June 1, 1841; m. Clinton Co., Mich., Jan. 3, 
1866, Mary Caroline Washington, b. Michigan, Sept. 15, 1851, dau. James 
H. Washington and Martha L. Wooten. They live Bridgeville, Mich. 
He served throughout the war in the 8th Mich. Regt. , and was wounded 
at the battle of Cold Harbor. 

Children : 

834. i. Ida Bell, b. Greenbush, Mich., Oct. 27, 1866. 

835. ii. Willie Charles, b. Washington, Mich., March 12, 1868. 

836. iii. James Henry, b Washington, Sept. 12, 1869. 

837. iv. Maryetta, b. Washington, Aug. 29, 1872. 

838. V. Alice Daisy, b. Bridgeville, Jan. 17, 1878. 

839. vi. Lionel, b. Bridgeville, Nov. 12, 1880; d. there, Sept. 28, 

408. FRANKLIN ARTEMUS DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Achsah 
Mila Holiday, b. Napoleon, Mich. , Oct. 29, 1844, m. Essex, Mich. Feb. 8, 
1869, Fannie M. Face, b. Fairfield, Mich., Aug. 16, 1848, dau. William 
Face and Lorinda Wetherbee. He served throughout the war in 8th and 
27th Mich. Kegts., and was wounded at the battles of Antietam and 
Cold Harbor, Va. They live Union Home, Clinton Co.. Mich. 


840. i. Melissa Ellen, b. Greenbush, Mich., Dec. 18, 1873. 

409. CORNELIUS DOTY, son Benjamin Doty and Achsah Mila 


tup: 1)oty-])()TKx famii-y. 

Holiday, b. Napoleon, Mich., April 21, 1847; m. Greeiibusli. Mich., Juue 2, 
1872, Caroline Clyiner, b. Fulton, Mich., Oct. 23, 185J), dau. Isaac Clyuier. 
They lived on the old homestead till 1873, then removed to St. Loui.'*, 
Mich., where thev resided 1886. He is a prosperous farmer. 
Children, b. St. Louis: 

S41. i. Gkuai.d J., b. Sept. 23, 1877. 

842. ii. Gi.Ains J., b. Jan. 25, 1881. 

410. CAROLINE FRANCES BOUGHTON, dau. Mathew Curtis 
Boughton and Rebecca Chapman, b. prob. Durham, N. Y., May 23, 1823: 
HI., Aug., 1845, Samuel A. Bushnell. He d. She m. 2nd, March 22, 
1861, John Carroll Doty, b Nantucket, ]\rass., Feb. 22. 1823, son Capt. 
Simeon Doty. They resided Mechanicsville. la. 

She had 4 chil. by her husband, and by her 2nd husband: 

Children : 

843. i. JuusoN, b. March 30, 1864. 

844. ii. Ghace Cakrie, b. April 14, 1866. 

442. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DOTY, son Kirkland Doty and 
Amanda Warriner, b. Attica, N. Y., May 17, 1827; m. there May 17, 
1851, Louisa Innes, b. Batavia, N. Y., March 1, 1823, dau. Henry Innes 
and Nancy Vandebogart. He is a farmer Attica. 

Children : 

845. 1. Viola, b. April 5, 1852. 

846. ii. Jui.ia, b. April 19, 1856. 

847. iii. Ei.i.a, b. June 28, 1861. 

443. JAMES GILFORD DOTY, son Kirkland I)(»ty and Amanda 
Warriner, b. Attica, N. Y., April 14, 1829; m. there, Sept. 15, 1853. Olive 
Knapp Taylor, b. Ashton, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1832, dau. Abel Taylor and 
Esther Knapp. Ho is a farmer Attica. 

Child : 
848. i. William Robert, b. Feb. 14, 1857. 

444. ALVIN NORTON DOTY, son Kirkland Doty and Anuinda War- 
riner, b. Attica, N. Y., Feb. 28. 1831: m. there Dec. 31, 1854. J.niiraa 
Brown, b. Arcade, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1832, dau. Nathaniel Brown and Ade- 
line Smith. He d. Attica, Aug. 13, 1877. He was a fanner there. 


852. i. Adelbekt Jamks, b. Jan. 19, 1856 ; d. Jan. 24. 1857. 

853. ii. Edwin J., b. Sept. 19, 1857; in. Attica, Jan. 21, 1879. Flora 
Rosella Spencer, b. Sheldon, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1860, dau. Waterman 
Spencer and Russ<>ll Godfrey. 

864. iii. Eva Agne.-^, b. Aug. 25, 1859. 

855. iv. Ella May, b. March 3, 1862; d. Feb. 27, 1873. 

856. V. Jessie May, b. May 11, 1871. 

446. SYLVIA NEVVKLL DOTY, dau. Kirkland Doty and Amanda 
Warriner, b. Attica, N. Y., March 6, 1833: m. there Sept. 19, 1867, 
Benjamin Franklin Barnett, b. Kendal, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1832, .sou Gilman 
Barnett anid Laura Stewart. They live Attica. 

Children : 

857. i. William Augustu.s, b. July 19. 1S(;8; d. March 18, 1875. 
8)8. ii. Arabella Stewart, b. April 21, 1870. 

859. iii. Ja.mes Hekvy, b. Nov. 27, 1873. 


446. HENRY LEONIDAS DOTY, son Kirkland Doty and Amanda 
Warriner, b. Attica, N. Y., Jan. 39, 18:5o; m. there July IG, 1862, Amanda 
Adams, b. Attica, March 2, 1830, dau. James Adams and Mary Beeman. 
They live Attica. 

800. i. Maky Rachel, b. April 15, 18(54. 

861. 11. Helen Amanda, b. June 2, 1805. 

450. EMMA ERMINA DOTY, dau. Kirkland Doty and Amanda War- 
riner, b. Attica, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1849; m. there Sept. 27, 1871, Isaac Oliver 
Williams, b. Attica, Feb. 24, 1845, son Joel Richard Williams and Alice 
Ami Vaughan. They live Attica. 

Children : 

862. i. George Truman, b. May 30, 1878. 
863 ii. Alice Amanda, b. Sept. 10, 1875. 

864. iii. Kate Louise, b. July 20, 1877. 

452. GEORGE HERSCHELL TOLLES, son of James Sibley Tolles 
and Nancy Harriet Doty, b. Bennington, N. Y., May 1, 1827; m. there 
Jan. 23, 1847, Catharine Loisa Patridge, b. Middlebury, N. Y., Sept. 23, 
1830, dau. William Robinson Patridge and Lucy Ann Starkweather. They 
resided Buffalo, N. Y. , where he d. June 23, 1879. He was buried in the 
cemetery at Attica, N. Y. 

Children : 

865. i. Frank James, b. Bennington, Aug. 22, 1849. 

866. ii. Edwin Ralph, b. Bemiington, Aug. 23, 1851; d. Sept. 16, 

867. iil. Willie Morris, b. Alexander, N. Y., April 24, 1853; d. 
Oct. 12, 1866. 

868. iv. Harriet Loisa, b. Buffalo, Aug. 10, 1862; d. Sept. 20, 1862. 

869. V. Edith Loisa, b. Buffalo. July 20, 1873; b. Oct. 11, 1878. 

458. NANCY KATHARINE TOLLES, dau. James Sibley Tolles and 
Nancy Harriet Doty, b. Bennington, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1841; m. there April 
2, 1862, Ambrose Lathrop Norton, b. Middlebury, N. Y., March 4, 1836, 
son Lorenzo Don Norton and Roxy Minerva Starkweather. They reside 

Children : , 

870. i. Ralph Tolles, b. Moline, 111., Nov. 5, 1864. 

871. ii. James Edward, b. Davenport, la., April 4, 1867. 

872. iii. Arden Lathrop, b. Buffalo, N. Y., May 3, 1875. 

464. ELLEN DIANTHA TOLLES, dau. Roswell Tolles and Eliza 
Doty, b. Attica, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1837; m. there Feb. 5, 1862, William 
Chancellor Cross, b. Sharon, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1840, son Rensselaer Cross 
and Eliza Maria Posson. They live Raymond, Wis. 

Children : 

873. i. Edward William, b. Nov. 4, 1862. 

874. ii. Jennie Eliza, b. Dec. 1, 1866. 

465. EDWARD DOTY TOLLES, son Roswell Tolles and Eliza 
Doty, b. Bennington, N. Y., Feb. 20, 1841; m. there April 22, 1865, Jo- 
sephine E. Brainard, b. Attica, N. Y., July 28, 1842, dau. Ephraim Brai- 
nard and Sophia Wright. He is a merchant Attica. 



875. i. IIakky Bkainahd. b. May 37, 1867. 

876. ii. Rachel Eliza, b. Oct. 11, 186!). 

877. ili. Edwakd Donald, b. ^\ny 20. 1877. 

4GG. ALICE HAKRIET DOTY, dau. Leonidas Doty and Lj-dia Selina 
Holbrooke, b. Balavia, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1847: in. there Oct. 24, 1«70, John 
Calvin Wost(H-velt, b. New York City, :\lay li), 1842, son Sanniel D. West- 
ervelt and Catharine Earle. He is a broker New York City. 

Children, b. New York City: 

878. i. Flokenoe Avahex. b. Oct. 24. 1871. 
87!). ii. Leonidas Doty, b. Dec. 28, 1875. 

■467. FLORENCE ELIZA DOTY, dau. Leoni.ias Doty and Lydia 
Selina Holbrooke, b. IJatavia, N. Y., April 28, 1849: m. Buffalo, N. Y., 
Dec. 21, 1H82, Mahlon Bainbridge Folwoll, b. Romulus, N. Y., Sept. 18, 
1841, son Thomas Jefferson Folwell and Joanna Bainbridge. They live 

880. i. BAiNBKinOE Doty, b. July 28. 1884. 

The following despatch which, appeared in a New York City paper, 
April 2!), 1880, will establish i\Irs. Folwell's reputation for courage under 
trying circumstances: 

" Buffalo, April 28. — As Miss Flora Doty, daughter of Leonidas Duty, 
the wealthy banker of this city, was walking along Delaware avenue to-day, 
near Tupper .street, she saw a well-dressed j'oung man approaching her. 
Miss Doty carried a well-lilled purse, one of the fashionable pattern, sus- 
pended from a handle. As the two wen^ about to pass each other, the 
young man seized the purse and attempted to Jerk it from her hand. 
Miss Doty was plucky, and clung tenaciously to the handle. The j'oung 
man aLso hung on, and in attempting to wrest the purse from her hand, it 
was forced open, allowing the bank notes and silver to fall upon the flag- 
stones. The thief then released his hold, and darted through Tupj)er 
street, and was soon lost to sight. Miss Doty had a similar experience In 
New York, several years ago, while in company with her mother and her 
sister, Mrs. " Westervelt? of Now York. The ladies were walking in 
Twenty-first street, near Gramcn-cy l^ark, when two men came up 
behind them. They passed the ladii's, one on either side, and as one 
passed Mrs. Doty he seized her watelichain, gave it a pull and darted 
away. The chain was broken from the fastening at the neck and at th(i 
watch in the belt. The charms and parts of the chain jingled on the side- 
walk. The action of the thief Avas seen by Miss Doty, and as he darted 
away she gave chase. The thief ran fast, but Miss Doty was equally 
fleet, and she kept him in sight for about two squares. Then the villain 
leaped into a sewer trench where men were at work, and seizing a shovel, 
began work as though he belonged there. Miss Doty called a policeman 
who was passing, told him the story, and identified the thief. He and 
his accomplice were arrested and arraigned in the Jefferson Market Police 
Court. Both men were tried, the robber getting twenty years and the 


accomplice ten years in the State prison. It was a plucky thing for Miss 
Doty to do, and for a time gave her much unsought notoriety." 

465). ELIZABETH WILCOX, dau. Francis Dyer Wilcox and Rachel 
Doty, b. Nov. 30, 1847; m. April, 18(54, James Henry Hill, b. Leroy, N. 
Y., son Benjamin Elaworth Hill and Cornelia Minor. They reside Attica, 
N. Y. 

Children : 

881. i. Nellie, b. Nov. 16, 1867. 

882. ii. Raohel, b. Dec. 24, 1872. 

470. PHILO JEFFERSON NEWELL, son Seth Newell and Abigail 
Hardcastle, b. Bennington, N. Y. , Aug. 15, 1829; m. Clayton, Mich., 
March 22, 1853, Lucia Parker, b. Western. N. Y., 1836. He was a farmer. 
He d Bennington, June 3, 1867. 

Children : 

883. i Francis William, b. Clayton, Feb. 12, 1853. 
834. ii. Seth Burton, b. Bennington, Aug. 10, 1855. 

885. iii. Charles, b. Bennington, 1857; d. 1860. 

471. JOHN DYER NEWELL, son Seth Newell and Abigail Hard- 
castle, b. Bennington, N. Y., June 28, 1831; m. Clayton, Mich., Oct. 21, 
1855, Mary Jane McClinchy, b. New York City, Nov. 4, 1837. He was a 
farmer and was killed by a falling tree March 29, 1862. 

Children : 

886. i. Emma Wainwkight, b. Clayton, Aug. 15, 1856. 

887. ii. William McGlinohy, b. Hazelton, Mich., Aug. 25, 1858. 

888. iii. John Dyer, b. Clayton, Oct. 11, 1863. 

475. LEMUEL CASTLE NEWELL, son Seth Newell and Abigail 
Hardcastle, b. Sheldon, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1841; m. May 26, 1866, Rebecca 
Rich of Ohio. He was a Lieutenant in 23d Regt. Mich. Vols. , and served 
through the war. He is now a merchant Detroit, Mich. 

Children : 

889. i. Nenia Lorette, b. Nov., 1868. 

890. ii. Alice, b. 1871. 

483. FRANKLIN ADOLPHUS NILES, son Alanson Nilesand Phebe 
Newell, b. Darien, N. Y., April 4, 1838; m. Flushing. Mich., May 10, 
1865, Mary Ann Turner, b. Flushing, Mich, May 31, 1845. He is a mer- 
chant Flushing. 

Children : 

891. i. Julia Elsie, b. Dec. 25, 1866. 

892. ii. Mary Irene, b. Dec. 11, 1869. 

893. iii. Martha Ellen, b. July 31, 1871. 

■484. ARZA NEWELL NILES, son Alanson Niles and Phebe Newell, 
b. Pembroke, Genesee Co., N. Y., April 23, 1840; m. Flushing, Genesee 
Co.. Mich., May 3, 1864, Lois Ellen Penoyer, b. Flushing, Oct. 2H, 1844. 

He is a merchant Flushing. He served through the war, and was 
wounded in the Seven Days' fight before Richmond. Held the rank of 

Children : 

894. i. Arthur Harlan, b. Feb. 18, 1865. 

895. ii. Esther Selina, b. Aug. 31, 1871. 


4S5. HARLAN PAGH NILE8, son Alason Nilos and Phebo Newell, 
b. Clayton, Mich., Aug. 26, 184(); m. there 18G8. 3Iary Elizabeth Hudson, 
b. Flint, Mich.. March <;. 1847. 

He is a merchant Flushing, Mich. He served two and one-half years 
in th<» late war, in the 4th Michigan Cavalry. 

Children : 

8!Ht. i. Fi:En Harlan, b. Nov. 29, 1800. 
8i)7. ii. PiiKBE May, b. June 19, 1871. 

4JH. PHILEMON ROCKWELL DAY, son Erastus William Day and 
Indiana Tolles, b. Elmira, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1838; m. Avon, Ct., June 1, 
1864, Henrietta Minerva Woodford, b. Avon, Aug. 29, 1840, dau. Ira 
Woodford and Minerva Potter. 

He is a minister of the Congregational Church, is a graduate of 
Williams' College and Auburn, N. Y., Theological Seminary. Pie spent 
the first four years of his ministry in the city of Troy, as city missionary, 
in th(^ employ of the Young INIen's Christian Association. As a part of 
the fruit of his labors, in connection with this associate band of workers, 
several churches were organized which are to-day strong and prosperous. 

Later he accepted a call to become associate pastor with Dr. Sawtell, 
of the First Congregational Church of Saratoga, where he was greatly be- 
loved. Called by the death of a brother-in-law to the care of the aged 
parents of his wife, he moved in the Spring of 1871 to Avon, Ct. , where 
for ten years he was engaged in active business life, preaching for d(>sti- 
tute churches on the Sabbath, and attending to various business enter- 
prizes during the week. 

During these years his fellow townsmen appointed him to various 
offices of trust, having been at different times Selectman, Secretary of 
the Board of Education, Justice of the Peace, and Member of the House 
of Representatives of Connecticut. 

In 1881, he was called to the Seventh Presbyterian Church of New 
York City (formerly Dr. Hatfield's), from whicli he resigned in April, 
1885. Under his pastorate in New York, and at his suggestion, " Tlie Hat- 
field" was built (upon a vac^ant lot owned by the church) for the purpose 
of providing an attractive home for workingmen, and at the same time 
the securing of an income for the church, to enable it to do an enlarged 
mission work in that old historic field. 

In October, 1885, Mr. Day was appointed Superintendent and Pastor of 
the Albany, N. Y. . City Tract and Missionary Society. For this work he 
had by his previous training a special fitness. He accepted the call and 
entered immediately upon the work there. At the City Mission of 
Albany, Sunday evening, October 2.5, 1885, Rev. Mr. Day, in response to 
a few words of welcome, replied in part as follows: 

" I hardly know how it was I came here, I was unacquainted with this 
field. The place was unsought. And yat I am glad to be in this work. 
I love it for the following reasons. First, on account of its undenomina- 
tional character. And it is just because I learned, in the early experience 
of my ministry, that love for Christ and for souls is deeper, broader, 
grander than any creed. Further, I love this work because you are 


united in a kind of church organization, with the broad platform of love 
to God and love to man. This comes the nearest to my ideal of a true 
aggressive mission work, made up, as it is, of the combined spiritual 
forces of all creeds. The commingling of kindred denominations indi- 
cates my ideal of what a mission church ought to be and what this 
mission society may be. I might find illustration of the same thing by 
turning your thought to the resultant of the concentrated but different 
forms of church government. 

" Still more marked is the happy influence of the different nationalities 
brought together here. The German, skeptical, but open to proof, and 
reaching for it, and, when found, standing upon it; the Scoti-h, grounded 
in the faith, believing in the Bible and the catechism; the Irish, quick- 
witted and often running across lots to truth, while their staid neighbors 
take ' the farthest way around as the safest way home,' and the Yankee, 
born with a ' why ' in his mouth, full of push and inventive of ways 
and means for doing good, all these and others act and re-act upon each 
other in an organization like this and unitedly help to build it into a 
temple of worship to the glory of the Master Builder. Again, I lovethe 
work because I love working men. And I ought to love them, for I have 
experienced in my own life the necessity of toil and have garnered its 
disciplinary fruits. 

" I was left an orphan at an early age with only my two hands and a 
resolute will with which to clear a path before me. With God's bless- 
ing they have done me good service ever since. Your kind words of 
welcome and cheer give me hope to find my way to all these hearts and 
homes. Remember that the door of my own heart is ever open to you 
all, and that my hand is that of a brother to help you to help yourselves 
in every possible way." 

Children : 

Henry A. Bukr, b. Troy, N. Y., March 21, 1866. 

Hettie Bure, b. Saratoga, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1867. 

Nellie Edgar, b. Avon, Ct., July 30, 1871. 

Edith May, b. Avon, May 13, 1874. 

Daisy Tolles, b. Avon, Aug. 28, 1877. 

Emma Louise Van Ness, b. Avon, July 9, 1884. 

494. JULIA LAVILLA DAY, dau. Carlos Curtiss Day and Lavilla 
Woodruff, b. Avon, Ct., Aug. 5, 1844; m. there Jan. 1, 1807, Dr. Lewis 
Darling, b. Lawrenceville, Pa., Oct. 19, 1840, son Dr. Lewis Darling and 
Lucy Mason Parsons. 

Children, b. Lawrence, Pa.: 

904 i. Arland Lewis, b. June 22, 1870. 

905. ii. Carlos Parsons, b May 8, 1876. 

906. iii. Walter William, b. March 20, 1880. 

500; JAMES ERASTUS JEWELL, son Dr. James Jewell and Almira 
Day, b. Plymouth, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1846; m. Durham, N. Y., Feb. 11, 
1868, Mary Rebecca Coe. b. West Durham, Oct. 24, 184(j, only dau. 
Deacon Daniel Coe and Mercy Wattles. He was a tanner and lived form- 
erly at Athens, Tenn., but is now a physician Moran, Kan. 














Children : 

907. i. Fkank Axdrus. b. Ciitskill, N. Y., March l;"), 18(il): d. Tal- 
ladega, Ala., :sray 22, 1870. 

908. ii. Wai.teu Coe. an adopted child, b. Talladega, Oct. 10. 1870. 
909 iii. .l.\MEs R.u.iMi, b. Athens, Tonn., March 2, 1S7S. 

501. yiXUY AMELIA .JEWEI>L, dau. Dr. .lanie.s .Jewell and Alinira 
Day, b. WelLsburg, N. Y., May 12, 1851: in. Catskill, N. ¥., April 9, 1879, 
Henry Ludlow IJassett, b. Cairo, N. Y., March 14, 1843, son John E. 13as- 
sett and Caroline L. , his wife. Sh(» was formerly a teacher. They rt^side 
Moran, Kan. 

Children, b. Catskill : 

910. i. Henky Jewell, b. Feb. 3, 1880. 

911. ii. Almika Cauoi.ine, b. June 6, 1884. 

oOS. ANSOX JEWELL, son Dr. James Jewell and Ahnira Day, b. 
W<'llsburg, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1856: m. Athens, Teun., Nov. 11, 1879, Sallie 
Elizabeth Hamilton, b. there .June 13, 1858, dau. James Hamilton and 
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown JIa.xwell. He is a farmer Moran, Kan. 

Children : 

912. i. Al.miua Elizabetm, b. Athens, Sept. 2, 1880. 

913. ii. Stanley ILvMiLTox, b. Athens, Dec. 11, 1881. 

914. ill. ARTuru Euastus, b. Moran, Feb. 7, 1883. 

olS. FRANCES MARY DOTY, dau. Seth Newell Doty and Mary 
Jordan, b. Brooklyn, Mich., .March 17, 1843; m. Raisin, Mich., Nov. 30, 
1864, Francis Clark Rector, b. Delta, O., Dec. 22, 1841, sou John 
Rector and Pamelia Raymond. They reside Tecumseh, ^lich. 

Children, b. Raisin: 

915. i. Eva May, b. May 25, 1866. 

916. ii. Ida Hell, b. Oct. 22, 1867. 

917. iii. Mauy Estklle. b. Feb. 7, 1869. 

918. iv. John Ai.eueu, b. ScM^t. 19, 1875. 

51 J). EDWARD JORDAN DOTY, son Seth Newell Doty and Mary 
Jordan, b. Brooklyn, Mich., June 17, 1847; m. Sedgwick, Dec. 23, 1875. 
Lucy Margaret Fry, b. Clayton, N. Y. .June 2, 1857, dau. Charles Fry and 
Demis Allen. They live near Sedgwick, Kan. 

Mr. Doty wrote, Dec. 12, 1885: " Having lost my mother by death at 
the age of four years, I was taken to my grand-parent's house in Raisin, 
Mich., where I resided till I was twenty-one years of age. 1 then went 
with my father, who had just returned from California, to Texas and 
engaged in driving cattle from there to Kansas the two following Sum- 
mers. Being struck with the beauty and fertility of the soil, I, in com- 
pany with a Mr. T. H. Winn, made the first settlement in the Township 
of Darlington f taking the' land from the Government), where I now reside 
and where both my children were born. I was here during the grass- 
hopper raid, but by the death of a distant relative occuring aljout that 
time, I came into possession of sulTicient means to buy out my neighbor 
Winn and to establish myself in comfortable circumstances. I think 
highly of the country and am contented and satisfied, which is as good as 
a fortune." 

He is deacon of the Congregational Church at Sedgwick. 


Children, b. Sedgwick, Kan. : 

919. i. Fkanois Amelia, b. May 19, 1877. 

920. ii. Gkaoe, b. April 7, 1879. 

521. JESSE APPLETON ROGERS, son Dwight Rogers and Betsey 
Doty, b. Palmyra, Mich., Nov. 8, 1845 ; m. Oct. 26, 1871, EmmaE. Fuller, 
b. Mononomie Falls, Wis., March 1, 1848, dau. Guy P. Fuller and Sophia, 
his wife. They live Lenawee Junction, Mich. 

Children, b. Lenawee Junction: 

921. i. Harry F., b. April 13, 1873. 

922. ii. Charles, b. March 13, 1874. 

923. iii. Alma, b. Aug. 20, 1879. 

924. iv. Millard, b. Sept. 4, 1881. 

530. HATTIE VIRGIL DOTY, dau. of William Evans Doty and 
Caroline Raymond, b. Raisin, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1857 ; m. Tecumseh, Mich., 
Oct. 3, 1877, George T. Haskell, b. Dexter, Mich., Nov. 4, 1852, son' 
Reuben S. Haskell and Mary McGee. They live Olivet, Mich. 

Children, b. Olivet, Mich. : 

925. i. Vera Doty, b. July 2, 1878. 

926. ii. Ruth Mary, b. May 7, 1880; d. June 16, 1881. 

540. BURRIT STEPHEN STONE, son Burrit Osborn Stone and 
Julia Newell Doty, b. Windham, N. Y., June 3, 1849; m. New York City, 
June 8, 1875, Emma Ryckman, b. there Sept. 15, 1855, dau. Albert 
Ryckman and Martha Ridgway Yates. He graduated 1873 from the Law 
Department of the New York University. He is a practicing lawyer in 
New York City. They reside there. 

Children, b. Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

927. i. Agnes Daisy, b. Aug. 23, 1876. 

928. ii. Julia Doty, b. Jan. 15, 1879. 

541. ROSALIE DOTY, dau. Gurdon Huntington Doty and Mary Robin- 
son, b. Windham, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1843; m. there Oct. 29, 1874, James 
Harvey McKee, b. Kortright, N. Y., Feb. 4, 1840, son James McKee and 
Anne McClaughry. They reside Stamford, N. Y. 

939. i. Henry Huntington, b. Stamford, May 13, 1876. 

542. LUCIUS ROBINSON DOTY, son Gurdon Huntington Doty and 
Mary Robinson, b. Windham, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1846 ; m. Catskill, N. Y., 
May 29, 1872, Mary Rebecca Van Gelder, b. Catskill, Nov. 14, 1847, dau. 
David Henry Van Gelder and Mary Catharine Person. He is a merchant 

Children : 

930. i. William Henry, b. March 8, 1874: d. Aug. 12, 1876. 

931. ii. Luoius Huntington, b. May 25, 1876. 
542a iii. Peroival Goldin, b. Feb. 13, 1887. 

546- WHEELER KIRKLAND DOTY, son Alfred Worthington Doty 
and Emeline G. Dwight, b. Nov. 19, 1849; m. New York City, Nov. 18, 
1875, Elizabeth Jane Costaine, b. London, England, Dec. 8, 1850, dau. 
Thorn Costaine and Kate Birch. He graduated, 1869, at Boston Dental 
College and is now a successful dentist New York City. 



t)32. i. KvA Ki.iZAUETii, b. N.'w York City, Man-h 1'2, 1878. 

r>:>0. JULIA ADELAIDE POTTER, dau. George Washington Potter 
and Mario Antoinette Doty. 1). Windham Centre, X. Y., Feb. 13, 1848; m. 
there Oct. 5, 1870, William Lewis Haskell, b. Marblehead, Mass., Aug. 3, 
184(5, son William Thomas Haskell and Sarah Elizabeth Girdler. They 
live Boston, Mass. 


933. i. MiNXiK AnEi,.MDE, b. Boston. Oct. 8, 1871. 

.).}2. WILLIAM D'OUVILLE DoTY, JR., son Rev. William D'Orville 
Doty and Sarah Elizabeth Haskell, b. Waterloo, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1871; 
m. Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1892, Nina Adelo Pierce, dau. John Robert 
Pierce and Emma Adele Adell. They live Rochester. He is 1st Lieut, 
in the 1st Separate Co., N. Y. S. N. G. 
Children : 

r)52a i. Lawhexce Pierce. 
o52b ii. William D'Okvili.e, 3d. 

ooS. EUNICE KITTELL, dau. Stephen S. Kittell and Eunice Doty, b. 
Stepheutown, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1808 ; m. there Nov. 8, 1835, Henry Carr, 
b. there. They lived Stephentown. 
Children : 

Caroline, b. ^lay (i, 1833; d. 

Juliette, b. March 27, 1837; d. 

William H., b. March 19. 1838: d. 

Mary Ann, b. Nov. 29, 1840; d. April 1, 1841. 

Orville, b. Aug. 25, 1842: d. Oct. 4, 18C(). 

Martha A. L., b. Aug. 19, 1852; m. June 19, 1872. 

.■>.■>{). ELMIRA KITTELL, dau. Stephen S. Kittell and Eunice Doty, 
b. Stephentown, N. Y., June 23, 1810: m. there Jan. 23, 1830, Isaac New- 
ton. They lived Stephentown. 
Children : 

:\Iatili)a, b. Dec. 13, 1830. 

Arminta, b. ]\Iay 17, 1834. 

James Harvey, b. Aug. 2(5. 1830. 

:\Iartha ANN,b. Jan. 17, 1840; d. July 3, 1852. 

Ezra, b. Nov. 17, 1848. 

Ddane, b. April 17, 1852. 

.>60. ANN KITTELL, dau. Stephen S. Kittell and Eunice Doty, b. 
Stephentown, Nov. 9. 1813; m. there Sept. 10, 1831. Anson Newton. 
They lived Stephentown. She d. Nov. 3, 1836. 

Children : 

946. i. Elnioe Ann, b. July 27. 1832. 

947. ii. Oscar V., b. May 25, 1836. 

5(J1. LOUISA L. KITTELL, dau. Stephen S. Kittell and Eunice 
Doty, b. Stephentown. N. Y., Nov. 5, 1816: m. there, Nov. 4, 1835, John 
Waters. They lived Stephentown. She d. Nov. , 1875. 


948. i. Laitra L., b. July 27, 1836; d. July 15, 1850. 

o(;2. STEPHEN SHELDON KITTELL, son Stephen S. Kittel and 
Eunice Doty, b. Stephentown, N. Y., July 27. 1825: m. March 8. 1846, 

























Jane McGill. He is a farmer Stephentown. 

94!). i. John Doty, b. March 8, 1845. 

950. il. Annie J., July IG, 1848; m. Stephentown, March 25, 1868, 
Edgar A. Cranston. 

951. iii. Lauka L. , b. April 20, 1851 ; m. Warren H. Gibson. 

952. iv. Andrew S., b. Jan. 12, 1854; m. Stephentown, Nov. 29, 
1874, Jennie Catton. 

953. V. Charles W., b.- Aug. 21, I860: m. Elizabeth A. Rider. 

954. vi. Susan Belle, b. Sept. 20, 1863; m. Albert Martin. 

955. vii. Edgar Adelbekt, b. March 24, 1869. 

563. CAROIJNE LOUISA DOTY, dau. Samuel Doty and Polly 
Sanford, b. Norway, N. Y., July 4, 1817; m. Z. S. Pulcifer. Reside 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Children (2): 

956. i. MiLo. Lives Ann Arbor. 

5({4. EUNICE MARIA DOTY, dau. Samuel Doty and Polly Sanford, 
b. Norway, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1818; m. at Ann Arbor, Mich., March 19, 1837, 
Peter Sharp, b. Willsborough, N. Y., May 14, 1810, son Cornelius Sharp 
and Abigail Bacon. He was traveling minister of the Methodist Episco- 
pal Church from 1832 to 1853 and member of the Michigan Legislature, 
1859-1860. He is local elder of the M. E. Church at Ridgeway, Mich., 
and Postmaster there since 1853. 

Children : 

957. i. Hamline, b. Clinton, Mich., Feb. 17, 1838; d. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., Aug. 26, 1838. 

958. ii. Lucinda Maria, b. Bucyrus, O., Dec. 22, 1840. 

959. iii. Wilbur Fisk, b. Elyria, O., July 29, 1843. 

960. iv. Samuel Cornelius, b. Jeromesville, O , Feb. 12, 1846 ; m. 
Oct. 13, 1869, Jeannette Tuller, b. Jonesville, Mich., Feb. 10, 1846, 
dau. Harry Chapin Tuller and Jeannette Gregg, and adopted dau. of 
L. H. Weir. They have no chil. They live Chicago, 111. 

961. V. Harriet Flora, b. Dundee, Mich., Dec. 14, 1852; d. 
Ridgeway, Mich, Aug. 2, 1854. 

962. vi. Carlisle Alvinza, b. Ridgeway, Mich., May 15, 1858; 
lives there; not m. 

566. GEORGE WASHINGTON DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Polly 
Sanford, b. Lockport, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1825; m. Manchester, Mich., 
Feb. 12, 1851, Rhoda Jane Brown, b. Shortsville, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1831, 
dau. William M. Brown and Laurie E. Wheeler. He was a merchant at 
Manchester, Mich, and Postmaster there, but removed 1890, to Ann . 
Arbor, Mich. 

Children b. Manchester: 

963. i. William George, b. Sept. 6, 1852. 

964. ii. Frank Herbert, b. Jan. 14, 1857; killed by being run 
over by railroad train, Nov. 14, 1868. 

568. ALVINZA SAMUEL DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Polly Sanford, 
b. Lockport, N. Y., June 18, 1828; m. Manchester, Mich., April 15, 1860, 
Eliza Aimo Berger, b. Jersey, O., Sept., 16, 1841, dau. David Berger and 
Aime Fowler. He was a druggist at Tecumseh, Mich. , and d. there. 


965. i. Leila Grace, b. Manchester, July 4,1864; m. Tecumseh, 


Oct. 15. 1885, Charles Eli Jarvis, M. D., b. Adelaide Town.ship. 
Middlesex Co., Ont. , Aug. 27, 1857, son Eli Samuel Jarvis and 
Elizabeth Deoker. lie is a homeoiiathic phj-sician at London, 

600. E:\IILY jane doty, dau. Danforth Doty and I.uoynia Doty, 
b. Norway, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1820: m. Adams Centre, N. Y., Nov. 6, 1842, 
Stephen C. Pierce, b. Cherry Vallej-, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1815, son Stephen 
Pierce and Elizabeth Coonrod. They resided Adams Centre, N. Y. 
Children b. Adams Centre : 

'.inc.. i. Helen Gkuai.dixe, b. Sept. 23. 1847: m. Walt.TS. 

!t07. ii. IIahhiet Joseimiine. b. June, 21, 1849: m. Babeock. 

(>07. HAltKIET ANGELINE DOTY, dau. Jlenry Doty and Lucretia 
Holdridge, b. Norway, N. Y., Feb., 13, .1828: m. Lowville. N. Y., Jan. 28, 
1845, James Harvey Rice, b. Lowville, Aug. 8, 1821, son Abel S. Rice and 
Diana Doty. They live Burke's Station, Va. 
Children : 

9(J8. i. Henry Doty, b. Lowvill(>, N. Y., May 18, 184(): ni. Oct. 
13, 1881, Mary Elizabeth Burnside. 

969. ii. Frances Eugenie, b. Lowville, Feb. 25, 1848: m. Julv 22, 
1872, Albert \Vakely. 

970. iii. WiLLAED Harvey, b. Fairfax Co., Va., Aug. 26, 1862. 

6U. CAROLINE ELIZA FERRIS, dau. Silvanus Western Ferris and 
Aurinda Doty, b. ISIarch 24, 1822; m. Oct., 1845, William Seldon Gale. 
Children : 
(;i4a i. William Selden, b. June 8, 1846. 
614b ii. George Washington, b. Aug. 16, 1848: m. Sept. 5, 1872, 

Frances Candee. 
614c iii. Charles, b. 1850: d. 1851. 
614div. Caroline Ferris, b. Dec. 27, 1851: ni. Aug. 29. 1878, Rev. 

James G. Lowrie. 
614e V. Harriet, b. Jan. 25, 1854: lives Galesburg, 111. 
614f vi. JosEi'ii Dudley, b. 1856; d. 1857. 
614g vii. JosiAH, b. Sept. 18, 1858; d. Aug. 29, 1889. 
614h viii. John, b. April 4, I860: d. Dec. 27, 1863. 

«!(;. DELI.V AURINDA FERRIS, dau. Silvanus Western Ferris and 
Aurinda Doty, b. March 7, 1843; m. Aug. 29, 1871, William H. Brainerd. 
They live Galesburg, HI. 
Children : 

(51(ia i. Sarah Aurinda, b. Jan. 20, 1874; d. Oct. 19, 1888. 
(ildb ii. Caroline Frances, b. Nov. 11, 1876. 
616c iii. 1Iai:kiet Gale, b. Jan. 8, 1880. 

617. HKLEN -ALVRIA DOTY, dau. Roland Sears Doty and Cynthia 
Mudge, b. Rome, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1832: m. Rochester. N. Y., March 30, 
1857, Randall Butler Graves, b. Italy, N. Y., May 7, 1820, son Randall 
Graves and Betsey liutler. 

He was a merchant, lived at Jackson, Mich., and was killed by a rail- 
road accident at Angola, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1867. She lives Rome, N. Y. 

(>hildren : 

971. i. William Antis, b. Rome, July 4. 1859. 

972. ii. Edward Doty, b. Bergen, N. J., March 30, 1863, d. Dec. 15, 


973 iii. Randall Eutlek, b. Jackson, Dec 23, 1800 ; d. there Aug. 
21, 1867. 

(US. ROLAND SEARS DOTY, JR., son Roland Sears Doty and Cyn- 
thia Mudge. b. Rome, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1840: m. New Yoik City, Aug. 31, 
1S71, Mary Elizabeth, h. New York City, June 7, 1847. She d. there 
March 24, 1878. He d. Albany, N. Y., April 18, 1892, but was buried at 

Children b. New York City: 

974. i. Helen Cynthia, b. July 28, 1872. 

975. ii. Virginia, b. Nov. 19, 1874. 

976. iii. Chaelotte Zabeiskie, b. Nov. 26, 1876: d. Aug. 24, 1878. 

620. CHARLES EDMUND DOTY, son Roland Sears Doty and Cyn- 
thia Mudge, b. Rome, N. Y., July 10, 1846 ; m. New Haven, Ct., Sept. 
15, 1869, Emma Augusta Mansfield, b. there June 23, 1846, dau. Benja- 
min Franklin Mansfield and Harriet Clark. They live New York City, 
where he is a merchant. 

Children : 

977. i. May, b. New York City, Oct. 13, 1870. 

978. ii. Ca.ssie, b. Bayonne, N. J., Feb. 22, 1872. 

621. SAMUEL WILLIAM DOTY, son Roland Sears Doty and Cynthia 
Mudge, b. Rome, N. Y., July 3, 1848; m. Bergen Point, N. J., Sept. 30, 
1873, . Charlotte Gautler Zabriskie, b. Bergen Point, Nov. 7, 1852, dau. 
Albert M. Zabriskie and Ann M. Latourette. He was formerly a mer- 
chant, but 1896 is insurance agent. He lives New York City. 


979. i. Douglass Zabriskie, b. New York City, Oct. 13, 1874. 

980. ii. Madeleine, b. Bergen Point, Aug. 24, 1877. 

622. SOPHRONIA A. RICE, dau. Abel S. Rice and Diana Doty, b. 
Lowville, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1810: m. there Oct. 30, 1832, Seymour Hitch- 
cock, b. Nov. 11, 1802. They lived Lowville. He d. Sept. 8, 1873. She 
d. June 6, 1896: 


981. i. Harriet E., b. Sept. 30, 1833. 

982. ii. Warren D., b. Oct. 11, 1841. 

623. WILLARD MARTIN RICE, son Abel S. Rice and Diana Doty,b. 
Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y., April 30, 1817: m. Philadelphia, Pa., 1840, 
Elizabeth McDowell, dau. Rev. John McDowell, D.D., Philadelphia. She 
d. there Nov. 23, 1874. 

Rev. Willard Martin Rice, D.D., graduated from Wesleyan University, 
1837 ; he was immediately appointed a tutor in the university and served 
till 1840, in which year he became the principal of the Classical School in 
Philadelphia, Pa., and so remained till 1850. From 1850 to 1803 he was 
the pastor of the Moyamen.sing Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, and 
from 1863 to 1874 was pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of the 
same city. 

In 1874 he became the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church of Reese- 
ville. Pa. , and removed to that town, where he lived for several years. 
He has been recording secretary of the Presbyterian Board of Publica- 


tion uf Pliiladt'lpliia sine*.' 1S()0: was stated cli'rk of tho I'lesl'ytery of 
Philadeli>hia from 1860 to 1874 and from 1878 to 1886, and stated clerk of 
the Synod of I'hiladelplua from 1872 to 1881. He received the degree of 
doctor of divinity from Wosleyau University, 1806. He resided, 1886, 
I'liiladi'lphia, Va. 
Child, besides four who d. in infant-y, li. Philadelphia: 

[)S^- i. .lonx .McDowEi.i., b. Sept. 19, 1841 ; was assistant surf^oon in 
U. S. Navy: received the degrees of A. B., A. M. and M. I), from 
the University of Pennsylvania, and of A. ]\I. from the College of 
New Jersey and from Wcsleyan University. He d. July 13, 1868. 
1)84. ii. Henkietta Koii.ock, b. July 11, 1843. 
!)sn. iii. Claka AMEr.iA, b. Aug 7, 1845. 
!)8(i. iv. WiLLARO Mautin, b. Dec. 28, 1849. 

987. V. SrsAN McDowell, b. Dec. 12, 1851. 

988. vi. Emelixe Klton, b. >Iay 3, 1861. 

(}27. ABIGAIL DOTY, dau. Willard Doty and Achsah Bacon, b. 
Spafford, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1818; m. there, March 15, 1843, John Eadie, b. 
Feb. 16, 1816, son James Eadie and Martha Smith. He was a farmer and 
d, SpafTord, Nov. 28, 1873, where she still resides. 
Children, b. SpafTord; m. there: 

Cakoi.ixe E., b. Dec. 6. 1S44: m. Nov. 15, 1868. 

Mahtiia, b. Sept. 16, 184(); d. 

AcnsAii E., b. Feb. 16, 1841); ni. April 1, 1871. 

Mauv, b. Dec. 10, 1851; m. March 25, 1878. 

Ella, b. Dec. 10, 1851. 

Net, b. May 5, 1857: m. June 20, 1876; she d. June 20, 

Elizbeth, b. May 5, 1860. 
William, b. Aug 27, 1863. 

G28. WARREN DOTY, son Willard Doty and Achsah Bacon, b. 
Jefferson Co. , N. Y.. Jan. 21, 1821; m. SpafTord, N. Y., March 15, 1843, 
Emily Tinkham, b. there, Aug. 7, 1823, dau. Russell Tinkham and Mary 
Cook. He is a farmer and they live Spafford. 
Children, b. Spafford; m. there: 

997. i. OuLANDo, b. March 27, 184(1; m. March 27, 1872. 
99S. ii. Wii.LAHD R., b. June 18, 1847: m. Sept. 15, 1869. 
999. iii. Makv A., b. March 6, 1849; m. Feb. 15, 1870. 

1000. iv. Sarah V., b. Aug. 26, 1854; m. June 4. 1872. 

<»30. CAROLINE DOTY, dau. Willard Doty and Achsah Bacon, 
b. Lewis Co., N. Y., Aug. 7, 1825: ni. SpafTord, N. Y.. Feb. 8, 1860, John 
Cleveland, b. Bennington, Vt., Feb. 3, 1817, son Bemijah Cleveland and 
Mai-y Clark. They reside Spafford. 

Child, b. Spafford: 

1001. i. Em KLINE, b. Oct. 6, 1865. 

(•,:}t). W.VRREN DOTY MARTIN, son of Ebenezer Martin and Mercy 
Doty. b. Verona. N. Y., Feb. 2, 1843: ni. Wis., Feb. 4, 1867. Julia M. 
Staples, b. Maine, May 2, 1847, dau. Joseph Staples and Mercy A. Hammond. 
After marriage he was engaged for two and a half years farming in Wis., 
then removed to Charles City, la. , where he entered into business with 
his father and brother. Then removed to Rockford, la., where he still 
resides, a prosperous merchant and farmer. 


















1003. i. Eugene W , b. Wisconsin, Sept. 21, 1868. 
lOU;}. ii. Mabei., b. Kockford, la., April 28, 1876. 

(}5(). CLARIS A BALSOKA THOMAS, dau. Anthony Thomas and „,,.,,.. 

Phebe Doty, b. Exeter, N.Y., Jan. 20, 1822; m. Winfleld, N.Y., Sept. 21, ^J^, "-'..^,'^!''ion' 
1841, Loring Huntley, b. Exeter, July 26, 1815, son James Huntley and fi, -f Oosk. 
Lydia Shaw. She d. Exeter, Jan. 23, 1855. He resides with a second 
wife West Exeter. He is a farmer. 
Children b. Exeter: 

1004 i. Stakr Tuokerman, b. Sept. 23, 1842. 

10U5. ii. Ci.AKissA Almira, b. Oct. 13, 1843; m. Exeter, Otsego Co., 
N. Y., Dec. 1), 1868, Francis B. Smith, b. Plainfield, N. Y. . Nov. 3, 
1829. They live Plainfield. He is a farmer. No chil., 1873. 

1006. iii. Geokge Thomas, b. Aug. 25, 1845. 

651. PELEG GEORGE THOMAS, son Anthony Thomas and Phebe 
Doty, b. Plainfield, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1824 ; m. Herkimer, N. Y., Nov. 19,. 
1848, Mary E. Putnam, b. there, April 26, 1825 ; live Herkimer. 

He was mustered into the U. S. service in the War of the Rebellion at 
Camp Schuyler, Herkimer Co., N. Y. , as 1st Lieut. Co. B, 152d Regt. 
N. Y. Vols.,. Sept. 7, 186^, promoted to Captain of same Company, at 
Suffolk, Va. , Nov. 13, 1863, and discharged for physical disability, Sept. 
34, 1864. 


1007. i. George B., b. Herkimer, April 3, 1862; d. there May 17, 

662. JOHN MUNGO THOMAS, son Anthony Thomas and Phebe 
Doty, b. Plainfield, Otsego Co., N. Y., March 19, 1826; m. Winfield, N. 
Y.. Jan. 6, 1857, Dorcas G. Miller, b. there April 21, 1836. They resided 
North Winfield, N. Y. 


1008. i. Charles, b. Winfit-ld, Aug. 15, 1861. 

653. HENRY ROWLAND THOMAS, son Anthony Thomas and 
Phebe Doty, b. Plainfield, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1828; m. there Nov. 5, 1849, 
Mary W. Walker, b. Jefferson Co , N. Y., April 19, 1830. They removed 
West. He d. Rockton, 111 , Sept. 24, 1863. 


1009. i. Fdward W., b Plainfield, Nov. 17, 1850. 

1010. ii. Charles Henry, b. Beloit, Wis., June 10, 1853. 

655. CALVIN HUNTLEY THOMAS, son Anthony Thomas and 
Phebe Doty. b. Plainfield, Otsego Co., N. Y., April 15, 1834; m. Beloit, 
Rock Co., Wis., Feb. 16, 1859, Adeline Murphy, b. Canada, April 29, 
1840. His widow lives Rockton, 111. 

He enlisted Nov. 20, 1861, in the War of the Rebellion, as private in 
Co. B. , 51st Regt. Illinois Vols. Was promoted Dec. 31, 1861, to ser- 
geant and to sergeant-major of the same regiment, Dec. 24, 1863; and 
Feb. 23, 1864, at Cleveland, Tenn., was again promoted 1st Lieut, of Co. 
F. He was killed at the battle of Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1864. 

V hildren, b. Rockton, 111. : 

1011. i. Ida May. b. May 24, 1860; d. Feb. 21, 1861. 
1013. ii. George Calvin, b. July 18, 1862. 


(>5«>. IKA liHADLKV '111<»MAS, son Anllioiiy Tlioinas iui<l I'h.'bo 
Doty, b. Plaiiifield, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1830; m. Kichflold, N. Y., Oct. 25, 
IbfiS, Sarah Lucretia Hound, b. Wiufield, N. ¥., July 11, 1847. He is 
a traveling salesman. They reside Utlca, N. Y. 

1(11;!. i. luA Benjamin, b. Oct. 6, 1H07. 

1014 ii. GEou(iE Wakken, b. Aug. 8, 1870; d. Winlield, N. Y., 
Dee. 2G, 1871. 

(;59. JANE ELIZA DOTY. dau. Alanson Doty and Thirza Kelcy, b. 
Lockport, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1828: m. Ann Arbor, Mich., Nov. 23, 1844, 
Orrin Arnold. They live Three Rivers, Mich., where he publishes, with 
his son. a newspaper, the " Herald." 

1015. i. Tiieuon l.YMAN. b. Ann Arl)or, Mich, Dec 22, 1847. 
lOK). ii. Hknky Doty, b. Lima, Iiid., Aug. 14, 1855. 

<>(J0. WILLIAM DOTY, son Alanson Doty and Thirza Kelcy, b. Royal- 
ton, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1824: m. Northfidd, Mich., Feb. 21, 1850, Eliza Jane 
Curtis, b. Barrington, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1828, dau. Roswell Curtis and 
Jerusha, his wife. They lived Northlield till 1878, wh(>n they removed to 
South Lyon, Mich. He is a farmer. 
Children, b. Northfield: 

1017. i. Lestkk, b. Feb. 25, 185:5: d. Dm-. 1, 1853. 
lOlK ii. Jane Eli/a, b. Oct. 1, 1850. 
lOli). iii. Etta, b. May 4, 1800. 

(K;2. alanson THERON DOTY, son Alanscm Doty and Thirza 
Kelcy, b. Pittsfleld, Mich., July 1, 1834: m. Pinckney, Mich., Feb. 12, 
1800, Sarah G. Teeple. b. Wayne, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1840, dau. Jacob Teeple 
and Julia, his wife. He is a farmer and resides Pinckney. 


10-20. i. Paul, b. Dec. 24, 1801. 

1021. ii. Minnie, b. Oct. 2, 1804. 

1022. iii. A son, b. Jan. 8, 1807: d. I\Iarch 27, 1807. 

1023. iv. Ro.vY, b. Mav 20. 1M)8. 

1024. v. William, b. Sept. 27, 1870. 

(lOo. DUANE doty, son Samuel Rosecranz Doty and Ilaimali Lau- 
rence Kingsbury, b., O.. Sept. 13, 1835: m. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
Aug. 10, 1804, Margaretta Jane Richards, b. Dublin. Ireland. 1S44, dau. 
George Rawson Richards and Jane Huson. 

He was educated at the Academy and University at Ann Arbor, and was 
successively t(?acher and supoi'intendent of .schools at Ann Arl)or, then re 
moved to ('hicago. 111., where he was made Superintendent of Public 
Schools, a position which he filled with much credit for several years. He 
then accepted the olTice of Secretary of Pullman, the model village of the 
Pullman Company, near Chicago, which he holdsand where he resides, 1897. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Duane Doty are writers for the higher class of maga- 
zines and newspapers and iiave contributed manj' articles of note to th(!m 
on literary and jihilosophical subjects, as well as descriptive of Pullman 
and its history. 


1025. i. Editei Lilian, b. Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 20, 18G8. 


60«. HELEN ANN DOTY, dau. Samuel Rosekranz Doty and Hannah 
Laurence Kingsbury, b. Pittsfield, Mich., July 17, 1836; m. Ann Arbor 
Mich., March 18, 1863, Henry Eugene Compton, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., Oct. 
14, 1836, son Henry Compton and Sarah Derby. They reside Chicago, 
111. ; she is a teacher of recognized abilty. 


1026. i. Samuel Laurence, b. Ann Arbor, Dec. 15, 1863; d. July 
12, 1865. 

6G{). CHARLOTTE KINGSBURY DOTY, dau. Samuel Rosecranz 
Doty and Hannah Laurence Kingsbury, b. Ann Arbor, 3Iich., June 1, 
1841; m. there Aug. 12, 1866, Homer Phelps Finley, b. Genesse, N. Y., 
April 14, 1834, son William Finley and Sarah Wattles. They reside 
Ann Arbor; he is a lawj'er; she is well known by her designs and illustra- 
tions of her sister's and other books. 


1027. i. Flora Charlotte, b. Nov. 26, 1868. 

G70. HELEN MAR DOTY, dau. William Doty and Harriet Maria 
Griggs, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1831; m. Carrollton, Miss., April 
11, 1861, Rev. John Charles Adams, b. Enneskillen, Ireland, March 10, 
1831, son John Adams and Alice McCallen, who were Protestants, and of 
English descent, bhe d. June 6, 1874. He resides Lake City, Minn. 

Children : 

1028. i. A son, b. Carroll Co., Miss., Dec. 2, 1861 ;d. same day. 

1029. ii. John William, b. Carroll Co., Nov. 8, 1862; he was, 1882, 
a student in the Minnesota State University. 

1030. iii. Francis Henry, b. Carroll Co., April 15, 1865. 

1031. iv. Laura Helen, b. Woodville, Miss., April 17, 1868. 

1032. v. Robert Beaumont, b. Lake City, Minn., Nov. 2, 1869. 

• 1033. vi. Alice Louise, b. Lake City, March 20, 1872; d. March 9, 

G71. JULIA FRANCES DOTY, dau. William Doty and Harriet M. 
Griggs, b. Stephentown, N. Y., March 6, 1833; m. Westerlo, N. Y., Oct. 
31, 1855, Ezra Benjamin Chase, b. Sephentown, Dec. 26, 1833, son Benja- 
min Chase and Mary Grant Newton. They reside Stephentown Centre, 
where he was postmaster. 

Children, b. Stephentown: 

1034. i. Elmer Eugene, b. Feb. 24, 1862. 

1035. ii. Edward Griggs, b. Feb. 14, 1878. 

672. LAURA JANE DOTY, dau. William Doty and Harriett Maria 
Griggs, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1834; m. there Nov. 15, 1855, 
Charles Keach, b. Hancock, Mass., June'l, 1833, son Henry Keach, of 
Peoria, 111., and Lucy Hall. She d. Radnor, 111., Sept. 29, 1858. He m. 
again and has other chil. Lives Orange Prairie, 111. 


1036. i. Edwin William, b. Radnor, Nov. 28, 1856. 

673. EDWIN EUGENE DOTY, son William Doty and Harriet M. 
Griggs, b. Stephentown, N. Y., March 5, 1837 ; m. Berlin, N. Y., March 
14, 1858, Saturna Lucinda Jones, b. there Dec. 18, 1832, dau. Thomas 
Jones. He is a carpenter and resides Stephentown. 


Children : 

1037. i. Waltek Jamks, b. Berlin, July 2. 18r)!l. 

1038. ii. Jennie Loiisk, b. Stephentown, .Marrli 24, 1S<!1. 

1039. iii. Nellie iMakian, b. SteplnMilown, May 3, 18(i0: d. Berlin, 
Aug. 25, 18()T. 

1040. iv. Alice M\\, b. Stephentown. June lO, 180!): d. Dec. 25, 

1041. V. Fkanki.ix, b. Stephentown, Sept. 27, 1871. 

G74. MARY LOUISA DOTY, dau. William Doty and Harriet Maria 
Griggs, b. Stephentown, K Y. , July 5, 1840; m. there May, 1869, George 
Heniy Weeks, son Ueorge P. Weeks and Eliza A., his wife, lie d. Port- 
chester, N. Y., May 10, 1883 ; she d. then^ April 4, 1881. 


1042. i. Geoiuje Edwin, b. Stephentown, July 8, 1873; d. Feb. 24, 

1043. ii. William Doty, b. Stephentown, Feb. 17, 1877. 

1044. iii. Ellen Eliza, b. Porchester, June 11, 1880. 

(;;.-). CAROLINE FRANCES HOWARD, dau. Nathan Ilowanl, Jr., 
and Frances Taylor Doty, b. Troy, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1833; m. New York 
City, April 17, 1855, Rowland M. Stover, b. Pittstown, N. Y'., June 23, 
1830, son Garandas Stover and Catharine, his wife. He is a law publisher, 
and they have resided for many years at Plainfield, N. J. 


1045. i. IIowAHD Rowland, b. Saratoga, N. Y., March 7, 1850; d. 
New York City, Nov. 10. 1857. 

1046. ii. Luris Marvin, b. Saratoga, Jan. 25, 1858. 

1047. iii. Addison Howard, b. New York City, June 21, 1801; d. 
Oct. 24, 1801. 

1048. iv. Fannie Brooks, b. New York Citv, Dec. 17, 1802: d. New- 
town, N. Y.. July 25, 1803. 

1049. V. Herbert Wright, b. NowtowMi. March 28, 1805. 

1050. vi. Charles Arthur, b. New York Citj-, Sept. 21, 1869. 

1051. vii. Alfred Everett, b. New York City, Nov. 21, 1871. 

1052. viii. Frank Elliott, b. New York City, Sept. 27, 1873. 

(;7(). SARAH ANN HOWARD, dau. Nathan Howard and Frances 
Taylor Doty. b. Troy, N. V., Dec. 23, 1835; m., 1st, New York City, Oct. 
15, 1857, William Sidney Freeman, b. Keeseville, N. Y. , Jan. 12, 1834, 
son Robert Freeman and Elizabeth Ann, his wife. He d. New Y'ork Citj-, 
Aug. 24, 1870. Shem., 2nd, Plainfield. N. J., Feb. 12, 1878. as his 2nd 
wife, Capl. William Baldwin Ostrom, b. NeAV York City, April 1, 1819, 
son Dr. Jacob Ostrom and Fanny, his wife. Cupt. Ostrom is a retired 
sea captain. They live Plainfield, N. J. 

Children all by Ist husband, b. New York City: 

1053. i. Hai;i;v Moulton (Freeman), b. Sept. 11, 1858; d. Feb. 18, 

1054. ii. Walter Howard, (Freeman), b. Feb. 15, 1804. 

1055. iii. Robert Sidney (Freeman), b. Oct. 25, 1809: d. July IS, 

(;7S. HARRIET LOUISA HOWAIU). dau. Nathan Howard nnd 
Frances Taylor Doty, h. Troy, N. Y., April 3, 1840; m. Newtown. N. Y., 
June 25, 1803, George Warren, b. Saco, York Co., Me., Oct. 12, 1831, son 


George Alexander Warren and Caroline Tufts. He is a dealer in jewelry 
and diamonds, and they lived New York City, 

Child : 
1050. i. CoHNELiA Emerson, b. Newtown, N. Y., Sept. 15, 18G4; m. 
New York City, June 25, 1884, William Wallace Kerr. 

679. CHARLOTTE BERSHEBA HOWARD, dau. Nathan Howard 
and Frances Taylor Doty, b. Greenbush, N. Y., March 21, 1843; m. New 
York City, March 13, 18G1, Julius Conklin Woodward, b. Stephentown, N. 
Y., Dec. 16, 1832, son Philander Woodward and Semantha Conklin. She 
lives Jersey City, N. J. 

Children, b. New York City: 

1057. i. Gkace Edwards, b. Dec. 17, 1863. 

1058. ii. Harry Brooks, b. Feb. 4, 1860. 
105!). iii. Helen Howard, b. July 17, 1871. 
lOGO. iv. Fannie. 

680. CHARLES NATHAN HOWARD, son Nathan Howard and 
Frances Taylor Doty, b. Albany, N. Y., April 18, 1844; m. New York 
City, Dee. 3, 1863, Charlotte A. Hartel, b. there April, 1843. They lived 
New York City. He d. Dec. 28, 1867. 

Children, b. New York City: 

1061. i. Lillian Adams, b. Sept. 16, 1864. 

1062. ii. Fannie Eveline, b. Dec. I, 1867. 

683. DELIA BRIGGS HUNTLEY, dau. Isaac Huntley and Sarah 
Ann Doty, b. Richfield, N. Y., June 23, 1828; m. there, John Dutton, b. 
Feb. 20, 1835. He is a farmer, and they reside Wis. 
Children, b. Richfield: 

Charles T., b. Nov. 30, 1846. 

Mary Ellen, b. April 36, 1850. 

Lydia A.,*b. Dec. 25, 1852. 

Isaac A., b. June 12, 1855. 

Alice, b. Oct. 18, 1858. 

George E., b. March 13, 1861. 

Cora Belle, b. Oct. 5, 1866. 

Jennie Euretta, b. Sept. 19, 1870. 

685. IMOGENE ELIZABETH HUNTLEY, dau. Isaac Huntley and 
Sarah Ann Doty, b. Richfield, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1833; m. J. David Bliss, 
b. May 5, 1838. He is a farmer; they reside West Exeter, N. Y. 


1071. i. Imogene Elizabeth, b. Jan. 13, 1857. 

686. FRANCES ANNCINA HUNTLEY, dau. Isaac Huntley and Sarah 
Ann Doty, b. Richfield, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1837; m. Judson B. Cutler, b. 
March 31, 1831. He is a farmer; they reside Winfleld, N. Y. 


1073. i. Herbert Jay, b. Jan. 2, 1859. 

1073. ii. Mary Maude, b. Jan. 12, 1862. 

1074. iii. Earl Duane, b. March 10, 1864. 

687. ISAAC NEWTON HUNTLEY, son Isaac Huntley and Sarah Ann 
Doty, b. Richfield, N. Y., April 5, 1840; m. Mary Ellen Farusworth. b. 
Jan. 8, 1844. He d. Feb. 7, 1872; his widow lives East St. Louis, Mo. 


















1075. i. HoMKR Glenn, b. March 11, IHGf). 

68S. EUNICE CAROLINE IIUXTLEV, dau. Isaac ITuntley and Sarah 
Ann Doty, b. Kichliold, X. V.. Dec. 3, 1842: ni. MonticL-llo. N. Y., John 
S. Ames, b. Ang. 2-5, 1839. Tliey reside Hichlield. 


1076. i. Ray Havilah, b. Monticello, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1870. 

689. CLARA SHELDON HUNTLEY, dau. Isaac Huntley and Sarah 
Ann Doty, b. Richfield, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1844; m. Ilion, N. Y., John W. 
McLaut,'hlin, b. Feb. 4, 1841. They reside West Exeter, N. Y. 


1077. i. David Lynn, b. Monticello, N. Y., June 28, 18G8. 

691. iOlY DOTY, dau. Leonard Doty and Lydia Louisa Gardner, b. 
Hancock, Mass., April 21, 1838: m. Stephentown, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1862, 
George Frederick Hull, b. New Lebanon, N. Y., June 14, 1838, son 
Charles William Hull and Lucena Anna Churchill. She graduated at the 
Seminary at North Granville, N. Y., and taught there and at other j)laces 
before her marriage. She was a very intelligent and cultured lady and d. 
at New Lebanon, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1871. He Is a farmer. New Lebanon. 


1078. i. Alice Loiise, b. June 30, 18G4: was a teacher and resided 
with her father. New Lebanon, till 1887 when she m. Henry N. 
Whiting, b. Great Harrington, Mass., Feb. 10, 18G3, son Frederick 
F. Whiting. He d. Great Harrington, April 7, 18!)5. 

1079. ii. Fkeueuick Doty, b. Aug. 2!). 1871. 

693. ELIZABETH GARDNER DOTY, dau. Leonard Doty and Lydia 
Louisa Gardner, b. Hancock, Mass., Feb. 5, 1845: m. Stephentown. N.Y., 
April 20, 1870, Hiram Augustus Cai-penter, b. there Feb. 25, 1843, son 
Calvin Pardee Carpenter and Louiea Carr. He was a merchant and d. 
North Adams, Mass., May 19, 1880: his widow lives Stephentown, N. Y. 

lOSO. i. Mary, b. Stephentown, June 10, 1872. 
lOWl. ii. Howard, b. Stephentown, April 20, 1874. 
1082. iii. LooKwooD, b. North Adams, Oct. 17, 1877. 

700. CLARA LOUISA DOTY, dau. Joseph Sheldon Doty and Pal- 
myra Jolls, b. Stephentown, N. Y. , Feb. 24, 1844; m. StephentowMi, Jan. 
15, 1868, Abel Merchant, b. Schodack, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1829, son Reuten 
Merchant and Susannah Kruni. They live Nassau. 

Reuben Merchant was a native of Amenia, N. Y. Susannah Knini was 
a daughter of Martin Kruni, one of the early settlers of Scliodack. The 
grandfather of Abel Merchant was one of the pioneers of Schodack, was a 
soldier of the Revolution, was at the battle of Saratoga and first came 
from Connecticut to County, afterwards removing to Schodack. 
The father of ^Ir. ^Merchant was a farmer and for twelve years a meichant 
in Albany. In 1829 he purchased the Nassau Mills and removed to Nas- 
sau. In 1832 he bought the farm now occupied by his son, Abel, and four 
years later disposed of the null property. The mother died in 1S44 and 
the father in 1850. 


Mr. Merchant graduated from Union College, class of '40, after a 
preparatory course at Nassau Academy. Upon graduating from Union 
he was elected a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, and being the 
oldest of seven children, ail of whom, excepting himself, are now dead, he 
assumed charge of the business affairs of the family, upon the death of his 
father, and has since remained on the old homestead. Mr. Merchant was 
one of the organizers of the Mutual Insurance Association of Nassau, 
Schodack and Chatham and was its first president, which oltice he held 
for ten years, from 1856 to 1866, since which time he has been its secre- 
tary; he is president of the Nassau Free Library of which he was also one 
of the founders; he has been secretary and treasurer of the Nassau and 
Schodack Cemetery Association for some years; has had the settlement of 
several large estates and is trustee of a number of trusts. 
Children, b. Nassau, N. Y. : 

1088. i. Claiunda, b. Oct. 16,1868: a graduate of Nassau Academy 
and of Wellesley College, Mass., Nov. 1896; a teacher at the Al- 
bany, N. Y., Female Academy. 
1081. ii. Henry Doty, b. July 16, 1870; graduate of Union College, 
1893, and of Albany Law School 1896. 
700a iii. .John Crapo, b. July 17, 1872; student at Union College. 
700b iv. Abel, b. Sept. 4, 1874; student at Union College. 
700c V. Reuben Sheldon, b. Feb. 29, 1880; d. Jan. 25, 1888. 

704. ELIZABETH AMY DOTY, dau. Lyman Tompkins Doty and 
Hannah Dennis Thomas, b. Albany, N. Y., April 25, 1830; m. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., April 23, 1851, Thomas Vickery Porter, b. Darien, Ga., Oct. 28, 
1820, son John Porter and Elizabeth Vickery. He was a builder and 
dealer in real estate Brooklyn. She d. Sept. 18, 1890. He d. Aug. 26, 

Children : 

1085. i. Lyman Doty, b. March 2, 1852 ; is a clerk and lives 

1086. ii. Sarah Mehitable, b. June 26, 1854. 

1087. iii. Jame.s Barney, b. July 10, 1857; d. Nov. 7, 1859. 

1088. iv. Amy Jane, b. Jan. 6,'l861. 

70.'}. JAMES WARREN DOTY, son Lyman Tompkins Doty and Han- 
hah Dennis Thomas, b. Albany, N. Y., July 21, 1832; m. Pleasantville, 
Pa., Sept. 8, 1870, Harriet Jane Ash, b. Edinboio, Pa., .July 25, 1844, 
dau. John J. Ash and Margery Nichols. He is a provision merchant. 
They resided formerly at Titusville and Pittsburg, Pa., but now Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. She d. there Nov. 3, 1893. 

Child : 

1089. i. Ella AuGnsTA, b. Titusville, Nov. 6, 1872. 

710. CATHARINE LONG DOTY, dau. Warren Samuel Doty and 
Sarah Mehitable Child, b. New York City, Nov. 5, 1839; m. Brook Ij-n, 
N. Y., Feb. 15, 18()1, Gilbert Robertson Lindsay, b. New York City, Jan. 
31, 1834, son Gilbert Robertson Lindsay and Susaimah Brower. 

He is a counsellor-at-law. During the latter part of the War of the 
Rebellion he was Collector at Natchez, Miss., under the United States 
Government, but at the close of the war he removed to Rahway, N. J., 
where they resided. He was Superintendent of Public Schools and a 


proiuiiioiit lawyer there, and d. Nov. (5, 18t);{. She lives with t-hildreu, 
Cleveland. O. 
Children : 

1(»'.)(). i. Kate, b. Brooklyn, Oct. 5, 18G5. 

lO'.n. li. RoBKKT, b. Kahway, Sept. 14, \x{>'.): not m. 1890: a dis- 
tinguished electrical engineer Cleveland, O. 
10i)2. iii. SAKAn A<;nks, b. Rahvvay, Aug. 19, 1H75; d. there. 

714. FRANCES V. DOTY, dau. George Washington Doty and Kath- 
arine McMaster, b. Prospect, N. Y., April 27, 1834: m. Holland F. Rob- 
inson, Otsego Co., N. Y., Oct. 4, 1854. They moved to Wisconsin, 18(12, 
and now live Manston, Wis. 
Children : 

714a. i. Ida Madoua, b. June 12, 1856; d. Oct. 22, 185(). 
714b. ii. CoKA M., b. Otsego Co., X. Y., April U, 1857; rn. .lu- 
neau Co., Wis., Dec. 25, 1877, Gei.rge Xewland. She d. there May 
30, 188 . 

1. Vekn, b. Sept. 25, 1878. 

2. Fkedeiuck, b. May 17. 1880. 

714c. iii. Ai.TA Makie, b. Otsego Co., Oct. 25, 1859. She is a 

teacher: lives ]\Iiuneapolis, ^linn. 
714d. iv. Eva A., b. Otsego Co.. March is. ISGl: in. Juneau Co.. 

Dec. 25, 1879, I. G. Spaulding. 
Children, b. Mansion, Wis.: 

1. Lulu, b. Sept. 1 1, 1S81: d. April, 1882. 

2. Lela E., b. Jan 12. 1883. 

3. BiJHTON B., b. Aug. 14. 1885. 

4. Eaki., b May 14. 1889. 

5. AinnuK R., b. Feb. 9, 1891. 

714e. V. Laxetie, b. Junt>au Co., Wis., March 24, 18Ci4. 

714f. vi. Ainnrii, b. Juneau Co., Sept. 13, 1807; d. Nov. 25, 1867. 

714g. vii. James F'.. b. Juneau Co., April 6. 18(i9: ni. Spring Valley. 

Minn. Jan. 19, 1897, Lena R. Riehl. They li -e St Paul, Minn. 
714h. viii. Lii.uan G., b. Juneau Co. , Feb. 13, 1872; rn. Sept. 8, 1891, 

Harry Bunker. They live Miuneapolis. Minn. 

1. James C, b. Hudson, Wi.s. , Julj', 18i^2. 

2. DvviGHT H., b Minneapolis, .Miiui., Dec, 1895. 
714i. ix. Wii.i.iAM C, b. Juneau Co., Sept. 4, 1874. 

717. ATJCE DOTY, dau. George Washington Dotj' and Katharine 
^IcMaster, b. Trenton, X. Y,, Oct. 22, 1838: m. Schuyler's Lake, X. Y., 
Warren Babbitt. They moved, 1862, to Painesville, ()., and 1882, to 
Conneaut, O. 

717a i. Hattie Babiutt, b. Clayville. X\ Y., Sept. 30, 1858: m. 
Painesville. ()., Truman Rust. They live there and have chil. 

1. Clarence, b. Aug. 12, 1883. 

2. Geokoe, b. June 6. 1888. 

717b ii. AViLMAM, b. Painesville, O., Oct. 11, 18(55 : ni. Conneaut, 
()., Mvitle Tuttle. They live there and have chil. 
1. Peaul. 
2. Raymond. 
717c iii. Daniel, b. Painesville, Sept. 27, 1872: not m, lives Con- 

719. JENNIE U. DOTY, dau. Goorge Washington Doty and Katharine 


arine MeMaster, b. Trenton, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1842; m. ls>t, George Car- 
penter, May 26, 1860. She was granted divorce in Utica, N. Y., April 24, 
1877. She rn. 2nd, Painesville, O.. Sept. 24, 1877, Dr. II. P. Whitford. 
They live Bridgewater, N. Y., where he is a i)raeticing physician. 

711)a i. Florence Maeie (Whitford), b. Bridgewater, N. Y., 
May 11, 1881; d.- March I'J, 1882. 

720. GEORGE WASHINGTON, son George Washington Doty and 
Katharine McMaster, b. Trenton, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1843; m. Concord, O. , 
Dec. 25, 1867, Hhoda Harvey, b. there, 1849, dau. Jacob Harvey and 
Lydia Ilobart. They reside Cleveland, O. 

Children, b. Concord: 

1093. i. Ada B., b. Dec. 5, 1870. 

1094. ii. Harry L. , b. Jan. 10, 1875. 

721. JOHN FREDERICK DOTY, son Washington Doty and Kath- 
arine McMaster, b. Trenton, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1846; m. Hartford, Ct., Sept. 
21, 1869, Emma Jenet Watson, b. Hartford, May 4, 1845, dau. Capt. 
Benjamin Watson of Windsor, Ct. and Ann Jenet Johnson. He is in 
business New York City. 


1095. i. Frederick Watson, b. Hartford, Oct. 28, 1871. He d. 
suddenly. New York City, Sept. 15, 1889. 

722. JAMES A. DOTY, son George Washington Doty and Katharine 
McMaster, b. Richfield, N. Y., April 6, 1848; m. Mentor, O., Jan. 26, 
1869, Lydia Whitney. He was appointed postmaster at West Mentor, O., 
Jan. 1, 1889, and served till Feb. 1896. 

Children, b. Mentor: 

722a i. Jessie M., b. March 28, 1871. 

722b ii. Flossie, b. June 6, 1879; d. April 20, 1888. 

723. H. BR.IDFORD DOTY, son George Washington Doty and 
Katharine McMaster, b. Schuyler's Lake, N. Y,, Sept. 16, 1850; m. West 
Meator, O., Dec. 30, 1884, Jennie Ingersoll. They live there. 

Children, : 

723a i. Raymond B., b. May 30, 1888. 

723b ii. Edward F., b. Dec. 18, 1889. 

723c ill. Joseph, b. Aug. 10, 1891. 

723d iv. Doris, b. July 18, 1896. 

724. FRANK R. DOTY, son George Washington Doty and Katharine 

McMaster, b. Schuyler's Lake, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1852; m. Katharine Milli- 
man, Jan. 1, 1878. 
Children : 

724a i. Arthur Herbert, b. Painesville, O., Oct. G, 1878. 

724b ii. Hazel Katherine, b. Norwalk, O., July 17, 1892. 

725. MARY ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. Frederick Doty and Eliza 
Slocum, b. Leyden, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1845; m. Ava, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1866, 
James Wallace Douglass, b. West Leyden, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1844. son 
Thomas P. Douglass and Eliza M. Stevens. She d. Oct. 1874, West 
Leyden. He resides Boonviile, N. Y. 


1096. i. LuLA Ei.i/.A, b. July 2\. IsfiS; ,1. Feb. 17, I860: West 
Leyden, N. Y. 

7:{2. DONNA DOTY, dan. Alexander H. Doty and Emily A. Cum- 
DQings, b. Remsen, N. Y. , April 27, 1848; ra. Brocton, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1867, 
Emory Cranston, b. Sheridan, N. Y. , Sept. 5, 1843, son Abraham 
Cranston and Olive Sweet. They lived Fredonia, N. Y. Mrs. Cranston 
d. a number of year.s ago. She and her three children are buried in the 
Sheridan Cemetery. Mr. Cranston prob. lives Nunda. N. Y. 

Children, b. Sheridan: 

10'J7. i. Fkank Emouv. b. Oct. 18, 1808: d. 

1098. ii. IvATK Hei.kx, b. July 24, 1870: d. 

1099. iii. Maud Maky, b. May 27, 1876: d. 

753. CLARISSA ELIZA DOTY, dau. Rev. Elihu Doty and Clarissa 
Ackley, b. Pontiauah, Borneo, Jan. 14, 1843; ra. New York City, June 17, 
1862, Robert Ingram Brown, b. there Aug. 30, 1831, son Robert Ingram 
Brown and Ann Catharine Cally. She d. April 7, I880, at her residence. 
New York City. He lives there. He is a prominent and highly esteemed 

Children, b. New York City: 

1100. i. Isoi.iXE Doty", b. Aug. 27, 1863: m. New York City, 
Louis Dwight Hay. They live there. 

1101. ii. Okki.i.a Doty, b. Oct 24, 1865. 
Etmki, Doty, b. Nov. 9, I8(i7. 
LiNcoi.x Doty, b. Feb. 2(i, 1870. 
RnPKUT Doty, b. Nov. 24. 1871. 
IIei'.heim' Doiy, b. Jan. 31. 1874. 
Ankita Doty, b. Feb. 21, 1876. 
Mo.N'MOUTii Doty, b. Nov. 5, 1878: d. Juno 2(), 1880. 
Udki.i.a Doty, b. Aug. 11, 1880. 

7.'.«;. CH.\i!LES WINCHESTER DOTY, son Rev. Elihu Doty and 
Eleanor Augusta Smith, b. Amoy, China, Nov. 1, 1849; m. March 3, 
1873, Eleanor Negley Garrison, h. Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 4, 1850, dau. 
Henry Dorenuis Garrison and Ehvanor Negley. He is a graduate of Wil- 
liams College and a civil engineer: rc'siding, 1881, at West Monterey, Pa. 


1109. i. Ki.KANoit IsAMEi, b. West Monterey, Dee. 8, 1878. 

7:)7. M.M!'*' AUCUS'lW DOTY, dau. Rev. Elihu Doty and Eleanor 
Augusta Smith, b. Amoy, China, Sept. 16, 1851 : m. Parsippanj-, N. J., 
Oct. 18, 1876, George Bramin Smith, b. there Dec. 11, 1844, son Andrew 
J. Smith and Caroline E. Bramin. She was early brought to America 
and left in care of her grandparents at Par.sippany, N. J ; is a graduate of 
Mt. Holyoke Seminary, .Mass. He is a lumber merchant and farmer. 
They reside Parsippany. 


1110. i. Mabei. Doty, b. Dec. 6, 1879: d. .May 1, 1880. 

7oS. SAMUEL HOLMES DOTY, son Rev. Elihu Doty and Eleanor 
Augusta Smith, b. Amoy, China, Oct. 18, 1853: m. June 80, 1878, Carri- 
belle Stranahan. Thev live Warren, Pa. 

















nil. i. Eleanor Smith, b. April 11, 1879. 
1113. ii. Samuel Holmes, b. Feb. 36 (?), 1881. 

765. PHEBE ANN WILLSEY, dau. Andrew Willsey and Irene Doty, 
b. Berne, N. Y., May 16, 1839; m. there Jan. I, 1859, James Winne, b. 
Guilderland, N. Y., June 13, 1838, son Anthony Winne and Mary, his wife. 
They live Knowersville, N. Y. 

Children, b. Knowersville : 

1113. i. Anthony, b. Nov. 13, 1859. 

1114. il. Herbert, b. July 39, 1873. 

769. CHARLES EDWARD WILLSEY, son Andrew Willsey and Irene 
Doty, b. Berne, N. Y., June 10, 1848; m. there Rosalie Isabell Bolster. 

1115. i. Delphene, b. Iluntersland, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1878; d. Feb. 
7, 1881. 

786. JAMES HARVEY PADELFORD, son Albert Padelford and Mary 
Ann Doty, b. Winchester, Ct., April 13, 1843; m. Colebrook, Ct., April 
34, 1870, Abbie Viola Simmons, b. there May 34, 1853. 

He served three years of the War of the Rebellion in the Seventy- 
seventh Regiment New York Volunteers as a private in Company C, and 
in that time passed safely and unhurt through twenty -six battles. They 
reside Colebrook. 


1116. i. Ida, b. March 3, 1871. 

787. SUSAN PADELFORD, dau. Albert Padelford and Mary Ann 
Doty, b. Colebrook, Ct., June3, 1844; m. Barkhamstead, Ct., Sept. 35, 
1866, Orlo Rexford, son Daniel Rexford and Clarinda, his wife. They 
live Barkhamstead. 

Children, b. Barkhamstead : 

1117. i. Nellie, b. July 6, 1867. 

1118. ii. Mary Clarinda, b. Aug. 16, 1869. 
iii. A child, b. Sept. 1. 1871. 

788. MARY ANN PADELFORD, dau. Albert Padelford and Mary 
Ann Doty, b. Barkhamstead, Ct., May, 1847; m. New Hartford, Ct., Oct. 
3, 1867, William Benedict, b. Winchester, Ct., 1835, son John Benedict 
and Rebecca, his wife. They reside Colebrook, Ct. 


1119. i. Edwin Erastus, b. Colebrook, Aug., 1868. 

790. ANGENETTE PADELFORD, dau. Albert Padelford and Mary 
Ann Doty, b. Colebrook, Ct., July, 1853. She was adopted by Mr. and 
Mrs. John Potter and bore their name. She m., 1871, a Mr. Gunn. 

1130. i. Cora. 

793. ELVINADELMA CASEY, son Martin Gardner Casey and Sur- 
renia Doty, b. Nassau, N. Y., April 13, 1853; m., 1st, Stephentown, N. Y., 
March 13, 1873, Annie J. Dibble, dau. Demetrius Dibble and Sarah A., his 
wife. She d. West Stephentown, Aug. 30, 1881. He m., 3d, there Sept. 
9, 1885, Katie E. Wrenn, b. Nassau, March 33, 1860, dau. John Wrenn 


aud 3I;iig;irot, liis wife. The live West Stephentowii. He is ;i farmer. 
Children, by first wife: 

1121. i. Lki All I)., b. F.-b. 4, 1874: d. Nov. 8, LsTG. 

1122. ii. FuKDOiE A., b. Oct. 1), 187"). 
112;!. iii. \VK.simi4X II., b. May 24, 1877. 

1124. iv. .Maimia U., b. Maivh 24, 1879. 

H2U. ALVIKA DOTY, dau. Benjamin Doty and Mary Phileta Russell, 
b. Greenbush, Mich., Nov. 26, 1858: m. there Dec. 18, 1878, John T. 
Faiilds. b. Rome, N. Y.. May 10. 1857, son Amlrew Fauld.s and his wife, 
Sarah; tbey live Ithaca, Mich. 


1125. i. Lena A., b. July 18, 1885. 

S48. WILLIAM liOBP^RT DOTY, so.i James Gilford Doty and Olive 
Knapp Taylor, b. Attica, N. Y., Fe ■. 14, 1857; m. there April 25, 1877, 
Emma McCleuthen. b. Arcade, K. Y., Feb. 5, 1857, dau. Burnett Hubbell 
McCleuthcn and Mary Cloiigli: they live Xewtoii. Kan. 

848a. i. Oi.ivH May, b. Attica, N Y., May 5, 1881. 

848b. ii. Emma MoCi.kuthk.n, b. Newton, Kan., Nov. 17, 1882. 

84Sc. iii. Maky Amanda, b. Newton, Kan., Jan. 1!), 1885. 

8G5. FRANK JAMES TOLLES, son George Ilerschell Tolles and 
Catharine Loisa Patridge, b. Bennington. N. Y., Aug. 22, 1849: m. Attica, 
N. Y., Dec. 27, 1870. Helen Adelia Bemen, b. there Dec. 30, 1849, dau. 
Nelson Bemen and his wife, Orvilla. 


1126. i. Cathauink Okvili.a, b. Nov. 2, 1871: d. Fob. 29, 1880. 

J)49. JOHN DOTY KITTELL, son Stephen Sheldon Kiltell and Jane 
McGill, b. Stephentown, N. Y., March 8, 1845: m. there Jan. 1, 1873, 
Lydia Gardner, b. there Jan. 18, 1853, dau. Nathaniel Gardner and Phebe 
Tayr: he is a farmer. 

Children, b. Stephentown: 

1027. i. JosKi'H SiiKi.DDN, b. Ai)ril 2(), 1S7G. 

1128. ii. Hahhy Gahdnek. b. Aug. 17, 1878. 

1129. iii. Arciiik EtdicNK, b. Feb. 25, 1881. 

1130. Iv. Coi:a Ii:kni:, b. Oct. 1, 1883. 

958. LUCINDA MARIA SHARP, dau. Peter Sharp and Eunice Maria 
Doty, b. Bucyrus, ()., Dec. 22, 1840; m. Tecumseh, Mich., David McNair, 
b. Tecumseh, Mich., Oct. 19, 1838, son William McNair and Elizabeth 
Robertson; he is a mc^rchant: they live Tecumseh. 

Childr<>n : 

1131. i. HKi;in:i;T Lemi'ki., b. Aug. 5, 1867. 
1!32. ii. W 11.1.1 AM SiiAiu'E, b. Sept. 18, 1868. 
113:5. iii. Fheo James, b. Jan. 29, 1871. 

1134. iv. Royal David, b. Dec. 14, 1876; d. May 15, 1879. 

1)5}). WILBUR FISK SHARP, son Rev. Peter Sharp and Eunice 
Maria Doty, b. Klyria, O., July 29, 1843; m. Sept. 11, 1866, East Sagi- 
naw, Mich., Elizabeth Jerusha English, b. Northville, ilich., Feb. 10, 
1846, dau. Alexander English and Ann .lane Frazier. They live Los 
Gatos, Santa Clara Co., Cal. 



1135. i. Flora Maud, b. East Sa«inaw, ,lune 12, 1868. 

1131). ii. Harey Alexander, b. East Saginaw, Aug. 10, 1870 ; d. 

there Dee. 23, 1875. 

11B7. iii. Hettis, b. East Saginaw, June 3, 1872. 

1138. iv. Mittalene, b. Grand Haven, Mich.. Aug. 12, 1874. 

1139. V. Wilbur Centennial, b. San Francifeco, Cal., Nov. 9, 

963. WILLIAM GEORGE DOTY, son George Washington Doty and 
Rhoda Jane Brown, b. Manchester, Mich., Sept. 6, 1852; m. Homer, 
Mich., June 26, 1877, Kate Westcolt, b. Perrysburg, O., July 23, 1853, 
dau. Hon. Josiah Nelson Westeott and Sophronia Willard. They live 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

He graduated at the University of Michigan, 1875, with degree of A. B. 
He is a lawyer of repute and Register of the Probate Court. In 1891 he 
was elected Mayor of Ann Arbor. He is also Past Grand Commander 
of the order of Knights Templar of the State of Michigan. 


1140. i. Ralph Whstoott, b. Aim Aibor, Aug. 15, 1886. 

1004. STARR TUCKERMAN HUNTLEY, son Loring Huntley and 
Clarissa Balsora Thomas; m. Plainfield, N. Y., Mary E. Armstrong, b. 
Burlington, N. Y., May 27, 1844. They reside Exeter, N. Y. 


1141. i. Frederick A., b. Plainfield, May 22, 1868. 

1142. ii. Clauissa, b. Exeter, Nov. 23, 1869. 

10)53. CHARLES T. DUTTON, son John Dutton and Delia Biiggs 
Huntley, b. Richfield, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1846; m. Whitewater, Wis., 
Helen Johnson, b. Dec. 12, 1848. 


1143. i. Emery H., b. Sept. 27. 1869: d. May 26, 1871. 

1144. ii. Luellen W., b. Jan. 23, 1872. 

101>4. MARY ELLEN DUTTON, dau. John Dutton and Delia Briggs 
Huntley, b. Richfield, N. Y., April 26, 1850; m. Leslie A. Tull, b. Aug. 
15, 1848. 


1064a. i. Alice L., b. Deo. 20, 1870. 

10S(J. SARAH MEHITABLE PORTER, dau. Thomas Vickery Por- 
ter and Elizabeth Amy Doty, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 26, 1854 ; m. 
there Dec. 9, 1885, Andrew Saul, Jr., b. Green River, N. Y. June 14, 
1845, son Andrew Saul and Sarah Elizabeth Van Heusen. She d. 
Brooklyn, June 7, 1893. He d. there Aug. 20, 1896. 


1086a. i. Sarah, b. Brooklyn, May 3, 1888 ; d. same day. 

1088. AMY JANE PORTER, dau. Thomas Vickery Porter and 
Elizabeth Amy Doty, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1861; m. there Dec. 
5. 1894, Benjamin B. Talmage. They live Valatie, N. Y., where he was 
Postmaster for many years. 


108^a. i. IIakold Porter, b. Valatie, Dec. 10, 1S96. 


.'{. John Doty, or Doten, as his name was sometimes written, was born 
atPlyraouth, Mass., in l(!;5!t 40. lie was the second son and child of Ed- 
ward Doty and Faith ClarUo. The date of his birth is established by an 
aflidavit taken in a suit to settle a boundary line, when, under date of Cth 
May, 1684, he says, he was " al)Out forty-four years of age." 

Despite the fact that he apjiears in his early days once or twice upon 
the records of the town in breaches of the peace or in disputes, it is cer- 
tain that he soon became a blameless and highly respected citizen, honored 
by his townsmen, thirfty, industrious and prosperous. 

He was a farmer and probably the only one of Edward Doty's cliikiren 
that settled down in Plymouth and remaining there devoted himself to 
this occupation. He early secured lands there, for, lie.sides what he re- 
ceived from his father's estate, he was granted by the town, at a meeting 
held 8th January, 1665 6, " three acres of meadow land at the Turkey 
Swamp." He probably also took charge of the lands and property of his 
mothtn- in I^lj mouth as early as 1660. And upon her marriage and re- 
moval to Marshfield in 1667 with her younger children, he undoubtedly' 
became her representative in l^lymouth. and in 1671, by a deed, which she 
acknowledged before Governor Prince, his mother conveyed to him all 
her right and tiile to her .share of her late husband's property, not only at 
Plymouth but elsewhere. 

The records show, 1666-7, several disputes on trivial matters with John 
Barnes that were carried into the court and decided. 

In 1667, 2d July, as noted before, " Libertie is granted Edwai'd Dotey 
and his brother, John Dotey, to look out for some supplyes of land." 

17th January, 1667-8. He conveyed to John Smith, the same parly who 
subsequently bought the interest of all the heirs, his share of the estate of 
his father " at Poaks'^tt in Dartmouth." 

yist January, 1668 9. Jle was granted at town meeting, thirty acres at 
Indian Pond. 

1669, July 5th. J,ohn Dunham, Sr. , complained that John Dotey met 
him in the highway and cruelly beat him, for which offence John Dotey 
was held to k'^ep the peace. Nothing more serious than this appears 
against him at any time. 

In "An Exact list of all the names of the Freemen of Plymouth," made 
29th May, 1670, the name of John Dotey is the only one of the family that 

His name appears in the records on coroners' and petit juries at various 
times, spelled in various .styles. In 1675 and 1676 as John Dotey. In 
1679 and 1680 as John Doten. In 1683 4 again as Dotey and a year later 
as John Dotye. 


In the " Old Colony Records," Vol. 5, we find, under the date of "1676, 
July 7, at a court held in Plymouth; in reference vnto the issueing of a 
difference between John Doten and the executors and overseers of the last 
will of Jacob Cooke deceased, and the rest of the children concerned in 
that estate, touching flue pounds demaunded by the said Doughtey, 
comitted to the finall determination of this Court, this Court, haueing 
heard and considered theire mutuall pleas, doe order that the said John 
Doughty shall haue allowed vnto him by the sonnes that enjoy the lands 
of the said Jacob Cooke apportionable theire respectiue ptes by them en- 
joyed, either two acrees of the marsh lying together out of the six acrees 
lying at Joneses Riuer, or forty shillings in current New England mony, 
and forty shillings more to him in current country pay out of the estate 
belonging to the sisters according to theire respectiue ptes." 

In 1671 John Dotey was elected at town meeting " Surveyor of the 
Highwaies" at Plymouth; and again, in 1675, he was re-elected to the 
same position. In 1680 he was elected Constable. 

In 1681 and 1682 he had several suits against Nathaniel South worth, 
who had failed to fulfill a contract to build a house for him, the name 
being spelled in the same suit both Dotey and Doten. 

His cattle mark is entered 10th May, 1683. On May 17th, 1686, he 
was granted four acres upon Mahucket Brook. 
From the Old Colony Records, Vol. 6, we quote: 

" 1690, April 1. The selectmen of Duxborough having reported that 
two of their inhabitants Henry Clarke and Thisten Clarke, by reason of 
their age, indiscretion and weakness of understanding are incapable of 
their own support notwithstanding they have an estate sufficient, and 
John Dotey of Plymouth their nephew having promised to take prudent 
care of them, is allowed to recoup himself from their estate," under 
certain provisions. 

In 1695, after the death of his brother Edward's widow, he and Elmer 
Faunee were appointed guardians for her minor children. 

In 1894-5, Jan. 25, John Nelson, John Dotey and Samuel Lucas were 
authorized to divide up the " gurnett," a piece of land at a headland on 
the coast near Plymouth. 

In the early part of 1701, shortly before his death, he was granted by 
the tovra a considerable plot of ground which afterward proved to be 

In 1716 his sons united in a deed of this land to their sister Elizabeth, 
wife of Joshua Morse, " as they knew it was their father's intention to 
do before his death." This plot was situated mainly on Court street, in 
Plymouth, and will be found described in Davis' " Ancient Landmarks of 
Plymouth," pages 201-3. 

In 1667, the exact date not being on the record, John Doty married 
Elizabeth Cooke. She was born at Plymouth, 18th Jan., 1648-9. Her 
father, Jacob Cooke, was born in Holland, and was a son of Francis 
Cooke, who, with his son John, came in the Mayflower, but whose wife, 
with Jacob and other children, followed in the Ann three years later. 
Jacob Cooke married, in 1646, Damaris, daughter of Stephen Hopkins, 


in whose family Edward Doty e-aiiie as servant in l(i20, and I^lizabeth 
Cooko was thf oldest child liy tiiis marriage. 

John Doty and Elizabeth, his wife, had nine ciuldren, as a]ipears by 
tile record, when she died. 21st Nov., 1092. About two years later, or 
perhaps early in 1G95, he married a second wife, Sarah, whose maiden 
name does not appear on the record. Certain facts make it probable 
that she was Sarah Rickard, daughter of Giles liickanl of Plymouth. 
John Doty, by Sarah, his second wife, had three children, whose births 
are recorded. 

He died on the 8th of May, 1701. Ilis will, made inth of April, 1701, 
and proved 3rd of June of the same year, gives his name, and is signed 
" .lohn Doty Sr. ," but by his mark, and is as follows: 

'' The last Will and Testament of John Doty senr- of Plymouth. 

' ' I being sick & weak of body & not knowing how it may please God 
1o deal with me, yet being of disposing mind & memory do dispose as 
followeth of my worldly estate which God has given me. 

" Imprimis. I give to my eldest son, John Doty a hundred acres of 
Upland at Doty's Plain, and thirty acres of ri)lan(l at Indian Pond and a 
grant of four acres of meadow. 

" Item. I give to Sarah, my wife, the third of y<^ income of profits of 
my farm and one room in my dwelling house during her widowhood, 
further, I give to my wife two cows & one great trunk, and an iron pot, & 
one feather bed with furniture belonging to it. 

" Item. I give to my four youngest sons, Isaac Dotey & Samuel Dotey, 
Ellsha Dotey and Josiah Dotey all my Homestead Housing & Upland be- 
longing to y« farm, whereon I now live, and ten acres of meadow 
at Dotey's ISleadow, more or less. I further give to my four sons, Isaac, 
Samuel, Elislia &, Josiah all my whole stock undisposed of viz. oxen, 
cows & sheep & cattle of all sorts not disposed of with all n^y imi)lements 
of husbandry, provided y"' debts being first paid. 

" Item. 1 give to my daughter Elizabeth Moss a two year old heifer. 

" Item. I give to my daughter Martha a feather bed with furniture 
bolongnig to it. 

" Item. I give y quarter part of my ket(?h to my four youngest 
daughters, Martha, Sarah, Patience and Desire. 

" Item. I giv»i to Martha one pewter platter. 

" Item. 1 give all y<- rest of my household .stuff, one-third part to 
my wife & the remainder to my four youngest sons viz. Isaac, Samuel, 
Elisha & Josiah Dotey. And I do make & appoint my loving wife Sarah 
Dotey to be y" sole Executrix of this my last will and testament. 
And I desire my loving brother John Rickard to be helpful to my s'^ wife 
in the management of it." 

" This, I do acknowledge to be my last will and testament whereunto 
I have set my hand and seal this fifteenth April, 1701. 

" The mark X of John Dotey, Sen'- [sk.\i„J 

" Signed, Sealed and delivered in y** presence of 
" William Iting, 
" Eleazer Ring, 
" William Shurtleff. 


" Memoraudum. That on y'" day aboves^^ y* Sai-ah Dotey relict of ye 
s*^i John Dotey, deceased & sole executrix of y^ within written will before 
probate & allowance of y^ same declared that she did & doth reserve to 
herself the benefit of ye law respecting her dower or third in y^ housing & 
lands of y'- s<^ deceased, anything to y*^ contrary thereof, contained in s'^ 

At the same time that tiie will was admitted to probate " Samuel 
Dotey, one of the orphan children of John Djtey, Sr., deceased, late of 
Plimouth, chooses his uncle, Jacob Cooke for his guardian." Elisha 
Dotey chose his brother, John Dotey, Jr., to be his guardian. Sergeant 
John Rickard, probably a brother of the widow, was appointed by the 
court, guardian of Josiah Doty, and William Wing was appointed guar- 
dian of Martha Dotey. Later on, Desire, the youngest daughter, was 
adopted by Giles Rickard, who, if not her uncle Giles, was probably hia 

John Doty's widow married on the 23d of August, 1704, Joseph Peter- 
son, and it is possible that she may have been a widow when she married 
John Uoty. She was was living 1708, her son, Isaac having on the 2d of 
January, of that year purchased all her interest in the estate of her late 
husband, John Doty. 

Many of the descendents of John Doty have lived and some still reside 
at Plymouth, while several generations of others lived in the inmediate 
vicinity, at Plympton, Carver and Kingston, and others at various settle- 
ments on the coast of Maine. 

It is among the descendants of this family that the spelling of the 
name Doten has obtained, and especially among those who have remained 
on the eastern coast. It is in this family, too, and this one only, that 
traditions relating lo the ancestors at Plymouth, and to the early history 
of the family there, have been found, and quite naturally, as in the long 
residence there, papers, records and old heirlooms of various sorts and 
every description are more likely to meet with long preservation than in 
those families who, by succesive migrations, have been disposse.esed not 
only of their superfluous and bulky possessions, but gradually of all recol- 
lection of their ancestry. It quite frequently happens that in these some 
tradition or trait of character in the maternal branches are mistakenly 
referred to as showing the supposed origin of the male branch of the 
family. But those who have remained at or near the original settlement 
have generally preserved correctly such traditions as have withstood the 
test of time, and it is largely through their aid that local historians are en- 
abled to piece out the town and church recoids and to fill up the gaps that 
occur in them. It need not be wondered at, therefore, that the descend- 
ants of this family should hold tenaciously now to the name Doten, be- 
lieving that to have been the original spelling, and the weight of evidence 
would be with them from the fact of their continuous residence at Ply- 
mouth, were it not that the early records, as we have seen, show the first 
generation, as well as all of their descendants who left the coast before 
the Revolution, to have spelled the name with the final y, as Doty or 


The dodcendauts of John Doty have shown very little of the pioneer 
spirit, such as actuated the families of his brothers. Edward Doty's 
children eraijirated to Saybrook, Ct., and in a generation more his de- 
scendants were in the wilderness of northern New York, from whence 
they have steaiiily pressed westward. Joseph Doty died at Rochester, 
Mass., but his children had reached the w<}stern borders of Connecticut 
within a few years after, and fioin there moved out again North and West, 
till now they are to be found in almost every Western State and Terri- 

Samuel Doty himself emigrated to New Jersey, and his descendants 
have been the most energetic pioneers in the family, constantly moving on 
to new fields and homes. Isaac Doty's children, too, left their Long 
Island birthplace to find new homes in the North and West. But the 
descendants of John Doty, for generation after generation, remained at 
the old homesteads in Plymouth and Plympton, dividing the home farm 
and making new homesteads, again to be divided by the next generation, 
their only departui'es being to the villages or towns immediately adjoin 
ing. It must not be inferred, however, that they lacked enterprise. 
Very many of them followed the sea and sailed to every clime on the face 
of the earth, braving all sorts of perils and dangers, as New England sea- 
men were wont to do in that day. The Revolutionary War found some of 
its bravest privateersmen among the representatives of this family. 
Others were merchants of wealth and renown, but the majority have been 
farmers, well-to-do, prosperous and substantial, neglecting no duties, pur- 
suing the even tenor of their way, educating their children well, but liv- 
ing the poacieful life of farmers. The Revolution found them thus, and 
though there were many ardent patriots among them, many others were 
loth to leave their comfortable firesides to engage in the struggle for inde- 
pendence, and gave the cause of the Colonics only lukewarm suj)port, and 
in some cases almost active opposition. 

This led at the close of the war to an emigration of soino, of the loyalist 
families to Nova Scotia, and there had been earlier some emigration to 
the coast of Maine. But it was not till after the Revolution that there 
was any movement toward the West, and even then the emigrants chose 
the well built up settlements rather than to open up the wilderness. 

ChildnMi, by 1st wife: 

John, b. Aug. 24, 10G8. 

Edward, b. June 28, KiTl. 

Jacob, b. May 27, 107:5. 

Ei.izABKTn, b. Feb. 10, 1G7.>(>. 

Isaac, b. Oct. 2'), 167S. 

Samuel, b. Jan. 31. 1082-3. 

Ei.isHA, b. July 13. 1680. 
11.52. viii. JosiAii, b. Oct. 1089. 
1153. ix. Maktiia. b. Oct. 1092. 
And bv 2n(l wife: 

11.5-i. X. Sakaii, b. Feb. 19. 1095 0. 

1155. xi. Patienck. b. July 3, 1097: m. Duxbury. ]\Iass., Jan. 22, 
1719, Kenolm Baker, son Keneim Baker and Sarah Bradford. 

1156. xii. Desihe, b. April 19, 1699; m. Aug. 23, 1722, George 















Barrows, Jr., b. March 11, 1G98, sou George Barrows and Patience 


ller father having d. in 1701, she was adopted by Giles Ilickard 

of Plymouth, who was probably her uncle, lie had no other 

chil., and by his will left to her some property. 

In 1720, Desiie Doten of Plymouth, sells a plot at Wellingsley, 

which came to her from her father-by-adoption, Giles Kickard, late 

of Plymouth. 
Of the above Edward and Jacob, the 3nd and 3rd sons, probably died 
young as they are not named in their father's will, or elsewhere, except as 

11-15. JOHN DOTEN, son John Doty and Elizabeth Cooke, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Aug. 24, 1668; m., 1st, there Feb. 3, 1692-3, Mehitable 
Nelson, b. there April 5, 1670, dau. John Nelson and Sarah Wood; she 
d. there. Hem., 2nd, Plympton, Mass., April 25, 1745, Hannah Sher- 
man, b. there Feb. 20, 1688, dau. Samuel Sherman and Sarah Daggett. 
He d. there 1747; she d. there April 15, 1754. 

John Doten, Jr., as he was called on the records until after his father's 
death in 1701, was a wealthy farmer with extensive lands. He succeeded 
to a large part of his father's estate, which was increased by lands re- 
ceived by his wife from her father's estate, as well as by subsequent grH.nts 
from the towns of Plymouth and Plympton and by purchases. He early 
made his residence in Plympton, Mass., where his father had made con- 
siderable purchases, and his name appears in the list of persons first en- 
titled to vote for Selectmen at Plympton, 1708-9. 

In 1731, he and his sons, John, Jr., and Jacob, petitioned with others 
to be set off as a separate precinct. They lived in the southern part of 
the town of Plympton, which part was erected about 1800 into a town and 
called Carver, and it was probably there that the Doty's Plain and Doty's 
Meadow named in his father's will were situated. 

In 1706, John Doten and Mehitable, his wife, sold to her brother, 
Samuel Nelson, lands which they received from her father, John Nelson, 
deceased. John Nelson, born 1647, was the son of William Nelson who 
came early to New England and married at Plymouth, Martha Ford. 
The date of Mrs. M>ihitable Doten's death does not appear on the 
record, but probably occurred not long previous to 1745, at which time 
John Doten married, as his second wife, Hannah Sherman, daughter of 
Samuel and granddaughter of William Sherman, the ancestor of that 

John Doten's death is not on record, but his will is filed at Plymouth, 
signed "John -Doten of Plimton," dated April 29, 1746, and proved July 
14, 1747. Of his children it names only " his oldest son John," his daugh- 
ters and Jacob. It gives his estate, after providing a life interest for 
his widow, Hannah Doten, to his grandson, Edward Doten, oldest son of 
his son, John Doten, but Instructs him to pay legacies: 

"1. To my daughter, Mehitable liUcas, wife of William Lucas; 
2. To my son, Jacob; ?,. To my daughter, Susannah Finney, wife of John 
Finney: 4. To my daughter, l.ydia Lucas, wife of John Lucas." His 
oldest son, John Doten, Jr., is appointed executor. Mrs. Hannah Doten's 



will Is also on ropord at I'lymouth, dated 1754. She left her e&tate to her 
brothers, Joshua and Caleb Sherman. 
Children, by 1st wife: 

1157. i. Mkiiitaiu.k. b. Plymouth. Mass., Xov. 4, 1()!I4. 

ll.'j.S. ii. Edwaki), b. Pljiiiouth, Nov. 1, lt)i)7: not named in the 

will; prob. d. early. 
1159. iii. John, b. i^lynionth, Fcl). 5, 1700. 

IKiO. iv. .Jacoh, b. I'lymuuth, prob. 1708-4: birth not ncorded. 
IKil. V. Sakah. h. p'lyniouth, Oi-t. 14, 1707: i)rob. d. early; not 
named in the will. 

1102. vi. SirsANN All, b. Plymptou, Ajail 20 1710. 

1103. vii. LiDiAii, b. Plymptoii, Feb. 10, 1712 3. 

114S. ELIZABETH DOTY OR DOTEN, dau. .loiiii Doty and 
Elizabeth Cooke, b. Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 10. 1675-7G: m. there Dec. 12, 
1008, Joshua Morse, b. there, son Jonathan Morse. They lived there. 


1104. i. Joshua, b. Sept. 12, lOiC). 
110."). ii. Et.i/AUEin, b. Oct. 8, 1701. 
1100. iii. Eo\vAj;i), b. July 25, 1704. 
1107. iv. Joseph, b. Dec. 29, 1700. 

1105. V. IS'kwkekkv, b. July 28, 1709. 
1109. vi. Abigail, b. Sept. 22, 1711. 
1170. vii. Thkodokits, b. Any:. 20, 1/14. 

]145>. ISAAC DOTEN, son John Doty and Elizabeth Cooke, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Oct. 25, 1078: m. there March 17, 1702-3, Martha Fauuce, 
dau. of the famous Elder 'I'homas Faunce and Jean Nelson, b. ihere Dec. 
10, 1080. They lived there, lie d. 1724, at which time guardians were 
appointed for the youn},'est four child en. lie owned considerable prop- 
erty at Plymouth and elsewhere as is evidenced by the deeds on record 
from 1707 to 1724. 

1707, Jan. 2. Isaac Doty buys at Plymouth from Sarah Peterson and 
Joseph Peterson, her husband, all the right of said Sarah to the estate of 
her late husband, John Doty. 

1700 7. Isaac Doty buys the shares of his brothers, Elisha and Samuel 
in their father's estate. 

1708-1712. Several deeds are on record from Isaac Doty of Plymouth. 

1710. Isaac Doty, Sainuel Doly, Elisha Doten and Josiah Doty, all 
sons of John Doty, late of I'lymouth. unite in a deed of land there, to 
their sister, Elizabeth, w fe of Joshua ^Morse. " as they know it was their 
father's intention to do before his d< atli." This plot is located by Davis 
in his '• Landmarks of Plymouth " as lying on Court street. It was sold 
by Joshua Morse about 17:59. 

1720. Isaac Doten and Josiah Doten agr(H> to divide between them the 
plot which came from their father to his four sons, Isaac, Samuel, F^lisha 

and Josiah. 

In the early deeds from 1707 to 1710. his name is generally spelled 
Doty: later, 1720 to 1724, it is always written Doten. 

He held property in Harnslal)le County, where an inventory was tiled 


1730. Mrs. Martha Doten was af)i)ointed guardian of her children, 

Ichabod and Mary Doten, minors under fourteen yeais of age. 


In 1749. Isaac Doten. mariner, Lemuel Bartlett, fisherman, and Mary 
his wife, Rebecca Warren, seamstress, widow, all of Plymouth, John 
atudley and Elizabetli, his wife of Hanover, John Palmer, Jr., trader 
and Jane, his wife, of Scituate, and Jabez Doten of New York City unite in 
selling property which came to tliem from the estate of their grandfather. 
Elder Thomas Faunce of Plymouth. This property was in Middle- 
borough, Mass. 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

1171. i. Elizabeth, b. April 24, 1704; m. Plymouth, Sept. 24, 1730, 
John Studley. They lived Hanover, Mass. 1730. Elizabeth Doten 
sells to Isaac Doten her share of the house and farm of her father, 
the late Isaac Doten. 1749. John iStudley and Elizabeth, his wife 
of Hanover, unite with her brothers and sisters in a deed. 

1172. ii. J DANE (Jane), b. Nov. 10, 1706; m. Plymouth, 1733, they 
were published Sept. 21, 1733, John Palmer, b. Scituate, Mass. He, 
wasa trader. Lived Scituate. 1749, John Palmer, Jr., trader, and 
Jane, his wife of Scituate, unite with brothers and sitters in a deed. 

1173. iii. Isaac, b. March 30, 1709. 

1174. iv. Rebecca, b. March 10, 1710. 

117-'5. v. Neviah, b. March 8, 1712; called, 1737, a cordwainer; prob. 
notm. ; d. Plymouth, 1738. His will is on record at Plymouth, 
dateil June 22, 1738, and leaves all his property to his mother, Mrs. 
Martha Doten, and to his brother, Jabez Doten. 

1176. vi. Jabez, b. Jan. 1, 1716. 

1177. vii. Hope, b. Nov. 11, 1718; d. Plymouth, April 5, 1720. 

1178. viii. IciiAKoD, b. Jan. 13, 1720-1, at 4 a. m.; d. prob. before 
1749 and prob. not m. In 1751, his property was divided between 
his brothers and sisters. 

1179. ix. Mary, b. Jan. 13, 1720-1, at 2 p. m. 

1150. SAMUEL DOTY, son John Doty and Elizabeth Cooke, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Jan. 31, 1082; m. there April 10, 1727, Mercy Cobb, b. there 
170'5, dau. Ebenezer Cobb and Mercy Holmes. He d. prob. Plymouth in 
the Spring of 1740, as May 20, 1740, Silas West was appointed administra- 
tor of the estate of Samuel Doty, late of Plymouth, mariner, the estate, 
consisting of a house and lands. His widow m. June 7, 1743, as his 2d 
wife, Cornelius Holmes. 

1707. He sells to his brother Isaac Doty his share of land received 
from his father. 

1709, May 9. Samuel Doty, son of John, was granted a building lot 
of fifty feet front and sixty feet back (or deep). 

1711-2, Jan., 14. It was vot^^d that "Samuel Doty shall have liberty for 
three years longer from this date to build on ye lot of land that hath been 
formerly granted him by the Towne on consideration of the great loss he 
hath lately sustained at Sea." 

1717. Samuel Doty of Plymouth, mariner, sells a house there to 
Manasseh Kempton. 

Felt's " Annalsof Salem, Mass."— Dec. 8, 1736, Committee app'd to con- 
sider the petition of Samuel Doty and crew of the Sloop "Trial" show- 
ing that in August last he was taken in the harbor of Malagash, to East- 
ward of Cape Sables, by one John Baptist and others, a piratical crew; 
that some time after the petitioners rose upon them, subdued them, and 


brought eight of them to Boston, where they have boon convicted and five 
of them have suffered death. Petitioners allowed £100. 

1733. Samuel Doty, mariner, buys a house lot at Plymouth, and the 
house built here was occupied by his son Samuel Doten, and his grand- 
sou Samuel Doten till sold by the latter upon his removal to Maine. It 
was on Main street, opposite Memorial Hall. 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

1180. i. S.vMUEi., b. Aug. 15, 1729. 

IISI. ii. A child, b. Feb. 9, 1731-2; d. in beginning of March. 

1183. iii. Makoy (or Mercy), b. Jan. 14, 1782-3. 

1183. iv. Manxaii, b. March 8, 1734-5. 

1184. v. Sakah, b. Aug. 5, 1730; m. Plymouth, Oct. 4, 175'i. or 
Xov. 4, 1757 (the date is twice given in records). Benjamin Snulh, 

11,51. ELISHA DOTEN, son John Doten and Elizabeth Cooi e, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass, July 13, 1680; m. there a wife, Hannah. He was a mariner 
and farmer; lived Plymouth and bought land there 172G and 1731. He d. 
before 1750. In that year his son Edward Doteji, mariner, and son in-law 
Amaziah Harlow, cxecutoi's of their father's estate, sell lands. 

.March 12, 1711 2, Elisha Doten was granted a house lot at Plymouth, 
Mass., " provided he build on it in a year." In 1710 he unites with his 
brothers' Isaac, Samuel and Josiah, in a deed to their sister Elizabeth, 
wife of Joshua Morse, "as they kn(>w it was their father's intention to do 
before his death." 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

1185. i. Ei.isiiA, b. Oct. 20, 1709; m., 1729, Deborah Tubbs of Dux- 
buiy, -Mass. They were published Plymouth, Feb. 22, 1728 9. 

Samuel, b. June 10, 1712. 

Hanxau, b. Oct. 10, 1714; d. infancy. 

Edwakd, h. Oct. 7, 1810. 

Hannah, C2nd). b. Sept. 5, 1718. 

Paii., b. Nov. 28, 1721. 

Lois, b. Aug. 26, 1724. 
viii. Steimikn, b. June 24, 1726. 

James, b. Aug. 27, 1728; m.. 1st, there April 24, 1750, 
Kuth Finney, b. there Oct. 1, 1728, dau. John Finney and Sarah 
Bartlett. She prob. d. soon, as he m., 2d, Ai)ril 26, 1753, Bath- 
sheba Delano, b. there, dau, Nathan Delano and Balhsheba 
Holmes. They lived Plymouth and prob. had no chil., or none 
who became of age, lied, 1785. I lis will, dated Sept. 2,1785, 
gives all of his estate to I is wife, Balhsheba for her us<'. If any 
should be left he wills it to the children of his brother >tepheM, and 
a special legacy is left to Jame.s, the third son of Stepln-n. 1794. 
Bathsheba Doten, widow of James DotiMi. sells property as di- 
rected i)y his will. On the records at Plymcmth at th(! time of his 
marriage his name is written James Doty : in his will hi.'-; name is 
signed James Doten, 

l\o2 JOSIAH DOTY, son John Doty and Elizabeth Cooke. 1). Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Oct., 1689: m. a wife, Abigail. They lived there. 1701. 
Sergeant John Rickard is {ipjwinted his guardian. 1720. I.saac Doten and 
Josiah Doten agree to divide plot which came from their father to his 
sons. 1732. Josiah Doty, mariner, and Abigail, his wife, sell a plot at 
Plymouth, next to thi' lot of his brother Isaac Doten. 







1 189. 











Childi-en : 

1U(4. i. JosiAH, b. April 18, 1715; prob. m. Plymouth, Nov. 28, 
17(j4, Deborah Rider, b. prob. there 174U, prob. dau. Ezekiel Rider 
and ^Margaret Churchill. He prob. d. soon. She m. 2d, as his 2d 
wife, John Atwood, b. there Aug. 11, 1789, son John Atwood and 
Hannah Drew, and by him had three chil. 

1195. ii. Abigail, b. Dec. 3, 1710. 

1190. iii. ExPEKiENCE, b. Jan. 4, 1718-9. 

1197. iv. Patience, b. Feb. 10, 1720-1. 

1198. V. Sakah, b. June 2, 1723. 

1153. MARTHA DOTY or DOTEN, dau. John Doty and Elizabeth 
Cooke, b. Plymouth, Mass., Oct., 1692; m. there, Oct. 7, 1718, as his 2nd 
wife, Ebenezer Curtis, b. there, sou Francis Curtis and Hannah Smith. 
They lived Plymouth. He had 4 chil. by his 1st wife, Mary Ttnkham. 


1199. i. Eunice, b. June 23, 1873. 

1200. ii. Martha, b. July 3, 1725. 

1201. iii. Beth, b. Oct. 22, 1727. 

1202. iv. Ebenezek, b. Oct. 14, 1731. 

1157. MEHITABLE DOTEN, dau. John Doten and Mehitable Nelson, 
b. Plympton, Mass., Nov. 4, 1694; m. Plymouth, Mass., 1722 (they were 
published May 1, 1722), William Lucas, b. there Oct. 19, 1692, sou Samuel 
Lucas and Patience Warren; they lived Plymouth. 


William, b. June 27, 1723; d. there May 29, 1734. 

Phebe, b. April 12, 1725. 

Fkiscilla, b. April 19, 1727; m. Eleazer Robbins. 

Joseph, b. June 12, 1729. 

Ben.tamin, b. June 21, 1731. 

Isaac, b. June, 1733; d. Feb. 1743-4. 

William, b. July 29, 1734. 

Mehitabel, d. Feb. 24, 1737-8. 

1159. JOHN DOTEN, son John Doten and Mehitable Nelson, b. 
Plympton, Mass., Feb. 5, 1700; m. there July 8, 1724, Lidiah Dunham, b. 
there about 1704; he d. there Jan. 1750. His widow was living, appar- 
ently in 1766, when her son Edward's affairs were administrated upon. 

The Dunhams were early at Plymouth, John Dunham being there in 
1733, and several branches of the family settled at Plympton. Ebenezer 
was a favorite name in the family, and as several of that name lived early 
at Plympton it is possible, though not certain, that Lidiah was the daugh- 
ter of one of them. 

John Doten was a farmer of considerable property at Plympton, Mass. 
In 1729 he received, by deed of gift from his father, a large farm there, 
and was a man of prominence and influence in the southern part of the 
town, now known as Carver. At the town meeting in 1736 he was elected 
Surveyor of Highways. 

His will is on record at Plymouth, Mass. It is dated January 19, 1748, 
and is as follows: 

" In the name of God, Amen. 

" I, John Doten of the Town of Plympton, in y County of Plymouth, 
in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Husbandman, 

















being convinced of the certainty of death and of y^ uncertainty ot the 
time when and being through Gods goodness at this time of a good dis- 
posing mind and memory do malte this my last will and testament as fol- 
loweth. In the first place I commit my sole to God who gave it and my 
body to the earth to bo buried in a decent christian nuinner at yi' discre- 
tion of my Executor hereafter named, and as to my temjjoral estate which 
it has pleased God to bless me withal! my will is that it be improved & 
disposed of in yc following manner A after ray just debts and funeral 
charges paid. 

" Imprimis. I give to my beloved wife Lydia Doten one third part of 
my Heal and personal estate during the time of her widow-hood and then 
return to my children hereafter named to be divided amongst them in y 
same manner the other two thirds are. 

"Item. I give unto my son Edward Doten 3 oth parts & an half of 
two third parts of my real & personal estate to his heirs & assigns for- 

"Item. I give unto my son Ebenezer Doten one fifth & an half of two 
third parts of my real and personal estate to his heirs & assigns forever. 

"Item. I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Fuller the value of one 
fifth part of two third parts of my real & personal estate to her heirs and 
assigns, to be paid to her in money or out of my persoiuil estate, one fifty 
pounds old tenor to be paid twelve months after my decease and the re- 
manding part to be paid to her yearly at 50-C old tenor a year till ye whole 
be paid & ray will is that my son Edward Doten and my son I^benezer 
Doten pay theafores'^ sums to my daughter Elizabeth Fuller equally be- 
tween them. 

"Item. I give unto my son Nathaniel Doten one lifth part of two 
third parts of my real and personal estate to his heirs and assigns for- 

" Further my will is that if ray son Edward Doten or Ebenezer Doten 
should die without issue that the part of my real estate which they then 
possess shall belong to the surviving brother of the two, to his heirs and 
assigns forever. Furthermore I do by these presents constitute and ap- 
point Ebenezer Spooner of Plymouth in y County of Plymouth, Cord- 
wainer, sole Executor to this my last will it testament. 

" In testimony whereof I have hereunto set mj- hand and seal this nine- 
teenth day of January A. D. one thousand seven hundred and forty eight. 

" Signed Sealed and declared " Johnn Doten Seal. 

, in presents of us. 

" William Lucas. 

" Elisha Wytoii. 

" Rebecca llobbins." 

It is evident it was intended by this will to devise two and one-half fifths 
of the two-thirds of the estate nsmaining after the widow's iiortion was 
set off to Edward Doten; one and one-half fifths to Ebenezer and one-fifth 
to Nathaniel Doten, while the daughter, Elizabeth Fuller, received one- 
fifth, to be taken equally from the shares of Edward and Ebenezer. By 


this, eventually, Edward received two shares or fifths and the other 
children one share or fifth each. 

The births of their children are not upon the town records, and it is pos- 
sible that there may have been otht^rs, as there is a tradition in the family 
to that effect; but if so, they probably died early. 

Children, b. Plympton Mass.: 

1211. i. Edward, b. May 4, 1725. 

1212. ii. Ebenezer, b. prob. about 1727. 

1213. iii. Elizabeth, b. prob. about 172il. 

1214. iv. Nathaniel, b. prob. about 1730; is named in his father's 
will as his son, but the only other trace of him is in the following 
deed, and as he is never mentioned in the traditions of the families 
of his brothers, it Is prob. that he was not m. and d. early. 

Plymouth County Deeds, 17.')3, Feb. 28. Nathaniel Doten of 
Plimpton " in Consn of being comfortably maintained and supported 
in sickness and health during my natural life which my loving 
brother, Ebenez'^r Doten of same town, hath bound himself to do," 
sells all his real and personal estate given him " by his loving 
father, John Doten, and all right to dowry of his mother, Lydia 

11()0. JACOB DOTEN, son John Doten and Mehitable Nelson, b. 
Plympton, Mass., about 1703-4; m. there, a wife, Deborah, prob. Deborah 
Ricard, b. Plympton, 1707, dau. Joseph Ricard and Deborah Miller. 
They lived Plympton. He d. before June, 1747. 

June 26, 1747. The Court appointed his widow and Joseph Ricard 
administrators. 1749. Elisha Wyton of Plimton was appointed guardian 
for Hannah, minor daughter of Jacob Doten. 1747. Deborah Doten, 
widow, sells property of late Jacob Doten. 1752. Joseph Rickard of 
Middleborough, appointed guardian for Sarah and Zephaniah Doten, 
minors. 1752. William Lucas was appointed guardian for Jemima and 
Jacob, minor children of late Jacob Doten. He was a brother-in-law of 
the widow and Elisha Whitton a cousin, Joseph Ricard was probably her 

It is possible that the widow married second, Seth Fuller, for a deed 
on Plymouth Records, 1753, shows that Seth Fuller and Deborah, his 
wife of Plymouth, release to Solomon Doten of same, their share of the 
estate of the late Jacob Doten. Davis' "Plymouth Genealogies" says, 
however, that Seth Fuller married, as second wife, the widow Deborah 
Cole, which may be an error. On the record at Plympton, the names of 
this family are all spelled Doting. At Plymouth they are Doten or Doty. 

Children, b. Plympton: 

1215. i. Solomon, b. July 26, 1730. 

1216. ii. Hannah, b. May 7, 1732; m. Plympton Sept. 28, 1750, 
Seth Fuller, Jr., prob. son Seth Puller and Sarah Wright. 

1217. iii. Jemima, b. April 19, 1734. 

1218. iv. Jacob, b. March 13, 1736-7; m. a wife, Sarah, 1762. 
Jacob Doty of Plymouth buys at Duxbury. 1785. Jacob Doten of 
Kingston, died and his widow, Sarah Doten was given right of 
dower. 1789. Sarah Doten, widow of Jacob, sells to Caleb Doten, 
all of Plymouth, the plot which Jacob and Ebenezer Doten bought 
together of Rebecca Barrowes. She also sells to others lands in 














1219. V. Zkimianiaii, \>. Juno i, 17;j!). 

1220. vi. S,\i:aii, b. .June 10. 1741. 

11G2. SUSANNAH DOTKN, dau. John Doteii luul .Mehltuble Nelson, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., April 20, 1710; ni., Ist, there .March 28, 1734, 
Elkauah Pratt, lie d. soon and she m. 2nd, as his 2nd wife, about 1738, 
John Finney, b. Plymouth, Dec. 13, 1701, son Josiali Finney and 
Elizabeth Warren. They lived tliere. lie had 5 chil. l)y 1st wife, Sarah 

Children 1)V 2nd husband: 

•JosiAii, b. Jan. 17, 173!)-40. 

R.iHKur, b. Sept. 27, 1741. 

KzKA, b. Nov. 2G, 174:J. 

Svi.VAxrs, b. Jan. 10, 174VG: in. .Mary Morton. 

FiMiUAiM, b. Aug. 1, 1748. 

VVii.LiAM, b. Nov. 10, 1750. 

11(>.'{. LYDIA DOTKX, dau. John Doten and M(>hitable Nelson, b. 
Plymouth, :\[a.';.'^., Feb. 10, 1712 3: m. there June 10, 173!), John Lucas, b. 
there Deo. 14, irio, ^ion J()S(>ph Lucas and Persis Shaw. They lived 

Pri:sis, b. Jan. 1.""), 1741 2. 
JosbPii, b. Oct. 3, 1742. 
John, b. July 0, 1744. 
David, b. Mav 5, 174ti. 
LvuiA, b. Marrh 27, 1748. 
Man-xah, b. April 5. 17o0. 
SnsANNAii, b. July (i, 1752. 
Wii.i.iAM, b. Oot. 12 1755. 

1173. ISAAC DOTEN, son Lsaac Doton and Martha Faunce, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., March 30, 1709: m. there Nov. 5, 1734, Mary Lanman. b. 
Boston, Mass., about 1715 1720, dau. James Lanman and Joanna Boyl- 
ston. He was a mariner. He bought ihe shares of his brothers and 
sisters to his father's estate. His will, made May G, 1770, leaves all his 
estate to his wife Mary, and, after her death, to their einldren — not 
named. They lived Plymouth. 


1235. i. Isaac, b. Julv 11. 1735; no further nuMilion. 

1236. ii. Jamks. b. Jan. 22, 1736 7. 

1237. iii. Hoi-K. b. Feb. 19, 1738 9. 

123S. iv. Makv, b. Fob. 12, 1740-1 : d. April 24, 1741. 

1239. v. Jeane. b. Feb. 12, 1740-1 ; d. May 5. 1741. 

1240. vi. louAHoi), b. Sept. 15, 1742; d. Sept. 28, 1747. 

1241. vii. TrioMAS, b. Dec. 24, 1744. 

1242. viii. Mai!V, b. Feb. 4, 1746 7. 

1243. ix. Jean, b. April 16, 1749: d. Aug. 10. 17.50. 

1244. X. Wii.i.iAM, b. Julv 21. 1751. 

1215. xi. {{kheok-ah. b. April 20, 17.54: d. Sept. 5, 1754. 

124t'.. xii. J ABE/, b. Doo. 27. 1755. 

1247. xiii. John Pai.meh, b. June 19. 17.58 ;d. Sept. 21, 1760. 

1245. siv. Heheokau (2d;, b. April 2, 1762. 

1174. REBECCA DOTKN, dau. Isaac Doten and Martlia I'aunce, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., March 10. 1710; m. there, Dec. 14, 1738, J5enjamin 
Warren, b. there, April, 10, 1709, son Benjamin Warren and Hannah 



1 007 

1 .« V < . 
















Morton. He d. prob. soon after 1740, as, in 1749, she is described as 
widow and seamstress. Tliey lived Plymouth. She m., 2nd, there, 1756, 
as his 2nd wife, David Turner, b. 8cituate, Mass., 1093, son David Turner 
and Elizabeth Stockbridge. 
Child, by 1st husband : 

1249. i. Ben.iamin, b. March 13, 1739-40. 

1170. JABEZ DOTY, son Isaac Doten and Martha Faunce, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Jan. 1, 1716; ra. New York City, Mary Ann Price, b. 1715, 
dau. prob. John Price, Lieutenant, Queen's Fusileers. He d. New York 
City. She was livnig Oct. 1795, aged 80, at Albany, N. Y. 

He was the first of his family to leave Plymouth and emigrate to the 
westward, and upon doing so at once wrote his name " Doty," and thus 
all his descendants are known. 

Jabez Doten, joiner, of Plymouth, Mass., 1737, sells to his brother 
Isaac his share of lands received from his father ; he also buys a lot, 
1737, on King street, Plymouth. 

In 1749, Jabez Doten, joiner, of New York City, sells land at Ply- 
mouth. 1749, with his brothers and sisters, unites in a deed of lands at 
Middleborough, Mass., received from his grandfather. Elder Thomas 
Faunce of Plymouth. 1760, sells lands at Plymouth, Mass. 

Aug. 10, 1757, Joseph Ilarrop of New York City, mariner, going on a 
privateering cruise in the ship-of-war called the " Stirdy Beggar," Cap- 
tain Troup, appoints his trusty and loving Mend, Jabez Doty of New 
York City, ''joyner," his true and lawful attorney.' Recorded in Clerk's 
office. New York City at the request of Mr. Jabez Doty, joyner, June 
28, 1762. 

Children, b. New York City: 

1250. i. John, b. May 8, 1745; m. there, 1770, Lydia ]5urling. 1770, 
May 15. License to marry was granted to John Doty, gent, and 
Lydia Burling, both of New York City ; Thomas Burling, joiner, 
of New York City, security. He was divorced from her. He m., 

3d, Three Rivers, Can., July 28, 1819, Rachel Jeffrey, b. Boston, 
Mass., 1776. He d. Three Rivers, Nov. 23, 1841, where a stone 
in the cemetery denotes his resting place. No chil. She d. at the 
residence of her nephew, Mr. C. Julius Brown, Montreal, Can., 
March 1, 1860. 

Rev. John Doty had an eventful live and occupies a prominent 
place in the church history of the State of New York, in Revolu- 
tionary times. Sketches of his life will be found, not entirely ac- 
curate however, in the " Documentary History of New York," vol. 
4, p. 305, edited by Dr. E. B. O'Callaghan, and Bolton's "History 
of the Church in Westchester County, N. Y." The following 
sketch is, however, corroborated by letters and by items taken 
from his diary. 

While the paternal ancestors of Rev. John Doty were of the 
strictest Puritan stock at Plymouth, his mother was the daughter 
of an English military officer, stationed in New York. This union 
brought to him some means and good familvconnections, a conser- 
vative tendency in politics and religion, and a desire for culture, 
position and influence. He was the oldest son of his parents, and, 
1768, entered King's College of New York City, now Columbia 
College. He graduated in 1770, and during the Summer of that 
year officiated as lay reader. In the fall, he sailed for England, 


and Oct. 2:{(1, 1770, re«H'ived deacon's order in llie ('Impel Uoyal, 
Westnunster. In the same chapel, .Ian. 1, 1771, he received 
priest's orders from the Bishop of Norwich, liejng licensed to offi- 
ciate in the Province of New York. He reinrned at once to Amer- 
ica and July I'i. 1771. was appointed rector of tin- parish of SI. Peter's 
and ordained for the church at I'eekskill, Westchester County, 
N.V. Here ho remained till 177;^, when he removed to Schenec- 
tady. N. Y.. to which place he was appointed at thereciuest of the 
wardens and vestry. 

Rev. William Andrews to whose place he succeeded, wrote 
16th August. 1773, to Sir William .Johnson: " This gentleman, who 
now officiates in my room is iiersonally known to Col. .Johnson, and 
I believe would, if agreeable to you and the people, accept the mis- 
sion. He is a relation of Mr. Kllice's, a person of good abilities and 
a fair character." 

Rev. .John Doty remained at Schenectady, till 1775, when the 
first hostilities of the Jievolution having broken out, divine ser- 
vice was suspended in his church on account of the troul)les and 
he became the object of much harsh treatment. He was annoyed 
by several arrests and Unally on Whitsun Monday, 1777, he was 
taken into custodj' by the Jievolutionists on account of his loyalty 
to the king. Ih) now deemed it prudent to aj)ply for liberty to re- 
move to Canada, which he obtained, and Oct. '2'M, 1777, left the 
State of New York for Montreal, Can., where he arrived Nov. 17, 
1777, and was api)ointed chaplain of His Majesty's Royal Regi- 
ment of New York. In .June, 1778, he h'ft with his regiment for 
Quebec, and In August following went to Sorel, Can. Oct. 23d, 1781, 
he sailed with his wife from Quebec for England, under a convoy 
of sixty sail In the ship Integrity, and arrived in London, Jan. 4, 
1782. He left London for Canada, April, 1782, leaving Mrs. Doty 
in London, but >.'ov. 8, 17S2, sailed again from Quebec for England 
and 'anded at Plymouth, Lngland, Nov. 2(i, 1782. 

Having been appointed nnssionary at Sorel, Canada, he left Lon- 
don in April, 17S4, on the ship Ranger and arrived at Quebec, June 
13th, and immediately entered on his mission. At Sorel for the 
first four weeks he performed the divine service in the Roman 
Catholic Church and afterward in the barracks, where he resided. 
In Sept., 1784, he received an invitation to become pastor of 
St. Peter's Church at Albany, N. 'i.. and the next summer went 
with his wife on a visit to Albany and New York, but returned 
again to Sorel. 

On Christmas day, 178"), he completed the first Protestant Church 
budt in Canada, and opened it for divine service. In 17S(i, he was 
appointed .lustico of Peace of i'rovince of (^ueb(>c, and made Magi- 
strate of Sorel. In the Spring of 171)3, Mrs. Doty went to New York 
for the ben<ifit of her health and in August, he followed there and 
received an invitation to become rector of St. Aim's Church, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. It has been supjiosed that he accepted this, and 
the records of the Mi.ssionary Society, 17'.t4, .say: "It is with con- 
cern that the society has r<H;eived informal ion that llu-y are (h'prived 
of the useful .services of this worthy mi.ssionary, Mr. .lohn Doty, by 
his ri'uioval to his native country, to take charge of St. Ann's 
Church at Brooklyn in Long Island, in th<' Province of New 

But Rev. John Doty's diary shows in Sei)t., \7\K], he r<»turne(l 
to Sorel, and was ap])ointed chai)laiu of the (iOth Regt. His R. H. 
Princ(> Edward visited Sorel in Dec, 17'.Ki. and Mr. Doty had the 
honor of dining witli him there. He continued at Sorel till 
1803, whim he resigned the mission. An entry in tlie diary, Oct., 
1795, shows that his mother was now eighty years old, and was living 


at Albany, and that he had a widowed sister, living probably at 
Schenectady. tie probably, soon after this, removed to Three 
Rivers. Canada, where he subsequently lived. His diary is entirely 
silent as to his domestic relations, but it is known that he was 
divorced from his 1st wife, and m. here a 2nd wife, who out- 
lived him. The records of Albany Co., X. Y., show that 1815, 
Aug. 28, John Doty, clerk and Jane Bostwick, widow, both residing 
at Three Rivers, Can., quitclaim to Adonijah Moody, certain property 
as heirs of John Price. And 1821, July 28, Rev. John Doty of 
Three Rivers, Lower Can., buys woodland at Schenectady, N. Y., 
which in 1880, with Jiachel, his wife, he sells. 

He is reported to have d. Three Rivers, Can., in 1844, having 
nearlj' completed a century of a very active life. Portraits of Rev. 
John Doty and his 2nd wife are in possession of her family, and he 
is said to have prepared a bioghaphy of his own life, the manuscript 
of which was placed with some publishing house and neglected. 
12ol. ii. Jane, b. May, I74(j. 

1252. iii. Jabez, b. May, 1747. 

1253. iv. Isaac, b. May, 1753: d. 1760. 

1254. V. A daughter ; said to have lived Schenectady, N. Y. 

1179. MARY DOTEN OR DOTY, dau. Isaac Doteu, and Martha 
Faunce, b. Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 13, 1720-1; m. there Nov. 25, 1742, 
Lemuel Bartlett, b. there 1715, son Robert Bartlett and Sarah Cooke. 
They lived Plymouth. 

1742. Mary Doten rsingle) of Plymouth sells to John Doten, Jr., all 
her share laid out to her by .ludge of Probate in Doty's Meadow, Plymp- 
ton. 1749. Lemuel Bartlett, fisherman, and Mary, his wife, of Plymouth, 
unite with her brother and sisters in deed. 


1255. i. Lemuel, b. Jan. 29, 1743-4. 

1256. ii. William, b. Oct. 20, 1746. 

1257. iii. Maky, b. Dec. 4, 1749; m. 1774. Elijah Sturtevant of 
Kingston, Mass., b. 1741, son David Sturtevant and Sarah Holmes. 

1258. iv. Jean, b. April 28, 1752; d. Sept. 15, 1753. 

1259. V. Jean, (2d) b. June 28, 1754. 

1260. vi. Stei'iien, b. Nov. 5, 1756. 

12()1. vii. Rebecca, b. April 14, 1760; m. Holmes. 

1262. viii. Rufus, b. Aug. 21, 1762; m. Mercy Churchill. 

1180. SAMUEL DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Mercy Cobb, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Aug. 15, 1729; m. there June 28, 1753, Mary Cook. He 
was prob. a seaman like his father. They lived Plymouth. 


1263. i. Rebecca, b Nov. 30, 1753: d. Dec. 14, 1753. 

1264. ii. Sami-el, b. July 15, 1758. 
126'. iii. 3[ai;y, b. Sept. 19, 1762. 

1266. iv. Hannah. 

1267. V. Rebecca, b. Dec. 27, 1770. 

It is reported that there was another daushter (she was perhaps the 
Mary above) who m. Barney Faunce of Paris, Me., and that they had a 
dau. Mary who m., St. Davids, N. B., Abner Farrar. She d. suddenly 
Princeton, Me., Mary Faunce and Abner Farrar had 2 chil. 

i. Tkiman Holme.';. 
ii. William Wallace. 


IISO. SAMUEL DOTEN. sonElishaDotenaml Hannah, his wife.b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., June 16, 1712; m. there April 3, 173;}, .Joannah l^osworth, 
b. there May 19, 1714, dau. Benjamin Bosworth and Joanna, his wife. 
He is called on the records Samuel Doten, Jr., to distinguish him 
from his uncle of same name. They lived Plj'inouth. 

12G8. i. Hannah, b. Feb. If), 1733-4. 
126i>. ii. JoHANNAii, b. June 15, 1730. 

1270. ill. Samii;!., b. April, 1739. He was a privateensnian. He 
\Yas not ni.: d. New York 17(13, leavinj^ a will on roeord there. July 
26, 1703, his brother Nathan Doten was appointed adininistrator, and 
inventory was liled in Oct.;<iuently his sister Hannah Holmes, 
Joanna Fish and P^lizabeth Dotey, reeeipt for their share of the es- 
tate. The will isasfollows: '' Samuel Doubtey of town of Plymouth 
in Boston Government," Jan. 15, 1703, gives to his "brother 
Nathaniel Doubtey and sisters Hannah, Johannah and p]]izabeth 
Doubtey all his share in prizes or prize money taken by the ship 
General Johnson whereof Samuel Uttle was commander in which I 
went on cruise against his Maj'''^ enemies." This is signed "Samuel 

1271. iv. Nathaniki., b. Oct. 10, 1740. 

1272. V. Eli/ahetu b. June 0, 1744. 

IISS. EDWARD DOTEN, son Elisha Doten and Hannah, his wif<", b. 
Plymouth, .Mass., Oct. 7, 1710: m. there Aug. 3, 1738, Phebe Phinney, b. 
there 1725. dau. John Finney and Sarah Hartlett. There would appear to 
be some error in the; date of this marriage, though given on the record as 
1738. But in that year Phebe Phinney was but thirteen y(»ars of age and 
Edward Doten but twenty-two. Such early marriages were not then com- 
mon, and the dates of births of the chil. make it prob. that the m. occur- 
red several years later. They lived Plymouth. He was a mariner. 

1749. He buys at Plymouth. 1757. Deeds his house at Plymouth to 
Perez Tillson and Thomas Doty, merchants. 

There is little on the records at Plymouth to tell the storj' of Edward 
Doten's life. Tradition reports that he lived at Plymouth, but removed 
about 1757 to Nova Scotia, where he lived for some year.s, but returned 
again to Plymouth, .Mass., where he died 1775. Before his death the 
troubles antecedent to the Revolutionary War broke out. Party feeling 
ran high, and .several of his sons espoused the side of the king, w-hile the 
others remained faithful to the cause of the Colonies. The members of 
the family thus became e.sti'anged and separated, and at the close of the 
war the loyalists removed to Nova Scotia or New Br uaswick, and further 
communication with them ceased. 

1273 i. KiisMA. b. Plymouth, Nov. 21, 1743; ra. there Nov. 24, 
1708, Mer<_'y Harlow, b. tlnue 1752, dau. Sauniel Harlow and 
Mercy ]^>radford. After his d. she m. there Oct. 4, 1781, as 
his 2d wife, Ehenezer Robbins, son Jtnluthun Robliins of I'lymp- 
ton and Rebecca, his wife, who m., 1700, Euniie Fuller of 
Kingston. Tliey had chil. 1. Eunice, b. Jan. 25, 1701; m. Samuel 
Doten, CNo. 1204). 2. Ebnezer, b. 1702: d. young. 3. Thaddens. 1). 
1704: lived No. Yarmouth, Me. 4. Ct)nsider, b. 1700. 5. James, b. 
17()7: m. Olive King, lived No. Yarmouth. 0. An.sel, b. 1709. 7. 
Levi; b. 1T71. He m. 2d, Oct. 4, 1781, Mrs. Mercy Harlow Doten, 



widow Elisha Doteii above; and they had further chil. 8. Ebenezer; 
m. Mercy Bari.lett. 9. George H.; ni. Betsey Churchill. 10. Betsey; 
m. Syivanus Smith. 11. Benjamin; m. Betsey Thomas of Middle- 

1274. ii. Edward, b. Plymouth, Oct. 13, 1745. 

1275. iii. Thomas, b. Plymouth, March 6, 1748. 
127G. iv. John, b. Plymouth, Aug. 9, 1750. 

1277. V. Lemuel, b. Plymouth, Aug. 7, 1753. 

1278. vi. James, b. Plymouth, Nov. 18, 1757; is reported to have re- 
moved to New Brunswick. 

1279. vii. Lois, b. Nova Scotia. 

1280. viii. Phebe, b. Nova Scotia. 

1281. ix. Hannah, b. Nova Scotia., Sept. 3, 1767. 

1190. PAUL DOTEN, son Elisha Doten and Hannah, his wife, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Nov. 28, 1721; m. there Nov. 2, 1749, Mrs. Ruth Faunce 
Rider, b. there, 1723, the widow of Amos Rider, and the dan. Thomas 
Faunce, Jr., and his 2nd wife, Lydia Harnaby; she had 2 chil. by her 
1st husband. He d. Jan., 1777; she d. March, 1785; they lived Plymouth. 


1282. i. Paul, b. July 13, 1750; d. Dec. 1774. 

1283. ii. Ruth, b. May 18, 1752. 

1284. iii. Bathsheba, b. July 10, 1756. 

1285. iv. Ltdia, July 12, 1758. 

1286. V. Susannah, b. Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Oct. 11, 1764. 

1191. LOIS DOTEN, dau. Elisha Doten and Hannah, his wife, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Aug. 26, 1724; m. there May 30, 1746, Amaziah Harlow, b. 
there Dec. 18, 1721, son John Harlow and Martha Delano; they lived Ply- 
mouth; he d. prob. about 1782. In 1756 he was an executor for Elisha 
Doten, his father-in-law. The children divided his estate, 1782. 

Children : 

1287. i. Amaziah, b. March 22, 174G-7. 

1288. ii. Lois, b. March 9, 1748-9; m., 1st, Isaac Bartlett; she ni., 
2nd, Thomas Dot n (No. 1241); she m., 3rd, Plymouth, Oct. 15, 
1797, Benjamin Warren (No. 1249). 

1192. STEPHEN DOTEN, son Elisha Doten and Hannah, his wife, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., June 24, 1726; m. there Feb. 10, 1745-6, Hannah Bart- 
lett, b. there 1727, dau. John Bartlett and Sarah Cobb. He perhaps m. 
2ud, Plymouth, Aug. 16, 1784, Jane Donham, prob. a widow. They lived 


1289. i. Mary, b. July 16, 1746; m. Nov. 22, 1764, Jonathan Bart- 
lett, prob. b. 1742, son Jonatliitn Bartlett and Thankful Barnes. 

1290. ii. Stephen, b. Dec. 4, 1748. 

1291. iii. Sarah, b. Jan. 26, 1750-1. 

1292. iv. Merot, b. March 9, 1753; m. May 8, 1780, Charles Renoff of 

1293. v. Hannah, b. July 8, 1755; m. Oct. 12, 1777, Samuel Horton. 

1294. vi. Esther. 

1295. vii. Joseph. 

1296. viii. John, b. 1766. 

119(). EXPERIENCE DOTY, dau. Josiah Doty and Abigail, his wife, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 4, 1718-9; ni. there Jan. 29, 1735, William 





















Clax'k, b. there 1718, son Thomas Clarke and Joanna Colinan. They lived 

N.\Tn.\MKi., b. Dee. 24, 1738; d. there July 27, 1744. 

William, b. .Alareh lit, 1740 1. 

Josi.Mi, b. June 1!», 1743; d. July 2(;, 1744. 

Lydia, b. June 23, 1744. 

Nath.\xiel, b. Jan. 13, 1747. 

JosiAii, (2dJ b. Dec. 15, I7i.0. 

Thomas, b. Mai eh 15, 1753. 

ExPEiiiKNCE. b. Aug. 3, 1755. 

Abigail, b. May 7, 1758. 

1197. PATIENCE DOTY, dan. Jo.siah Doty and Abigail, his wife, b. 
Plymouti), Mass., Feb. 10, 1720-1; m. tliere Feb. 25, 1745-(;, Thomas 
Burge or Burgess, b. prob. Sandwicli, Mass., son Ebenezer Burgess and 
Mercy, his wife. 

Children, b. Plymouth : 

130(5. i. Elizabeth, Sept. 2G, 1745. 
1307. ii. Thomas, b. Aug. 10, 1748. 

11JM>. EUNICE CUR IIS, dau. Ebenezer Curtis and Martha Doty, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., June 23. 1723; m. then', 1740, John Howard, b. there, 
1724. son James Howard and Sarah Billington. Lived Plymouth. 

13()S. i. John, b. 1748. 

13()i». ii. James, b. 1750; m. Margaret Holmes. 

1310. iii. Mahtha, b. 1753; m. Ans<"l Holmes. 

1311. iv. Ebe.nezek, b. 1755; m. Bethiah Rogers. 

1312. V. Mahy, b. 1757. 

1313. vi. EuMCE, b. 1750; m. William Drew. 

1314. vii. Sakah, b. 17(i5; m.'d Holmes. 

120(>. JOSEPH Ll'CAS, son William Lucas and Mehitable Doteu, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., June 12, 1720; m. 1753, Mary Rickard. Lived Ply- 


1315. i. Benjamin, b. 1755. 

1310. ii. Phkbe, b. 1757; m. George Dunham. 

1317. iii. Louisa, b. 175!). 

1318. iv. Elnathan, b. 1762; m. Lydia Cornish. 
1311). v. Ansel, b. 17('»4; m. Susanna Duniiam. 

1320. vi. Molly, b. 17tili; m. Jeremiah Holmes. 

1321. vii. Lazakus. 

1207. BEXJAMIN LUCAS, son William Lucas and Mehitable Doten, 
b. Plym>iuth, Mass., June 21, 1731; m. there. 1755, Lydia Crocker, dau. 
Theophilas Crocker. Lived Plymouth. 


1322. i. Bki.a, b. 1757. 
l:;.'3. ii. Isaac, b. 1751). 

1324. iii. Abigail, b. 1701. 

1325. iv. EzKA, b. 1703. 

132(). V. Li (lY. b. i7(i5; m. Andrew Sturtevaut. 
1327. vi. Lyoia, b. 1707; m. Joseph Holmes. 
132^. vii. Naomi, b. 1770. 

1211. EDWARD DOTEN, son John Doteu and Lidiah Dunham, b. 


Plympton, Mass., May 4, 1725; m. there Nov. 23, 1749, Joanah Whiting, 
b. there May 20, 1731, dau. Elisha Whitton and Joanah Hickard, widow 
Israel Dunham; he d. Plympton, April 17, 1705; the date of his widow's 
death does not appear, though she survived him. 

He was a wealthy farmer at Plympton, in that portion of the town now 
called Carver. He received a considerable estate from his grandfather 
which was increased by his thi ift and management, and by his share of 
his father's considerable property. On the records of the town his name 
is written both Doten and Dotin, while his wife's name, now generally 
called Whiting, Is there wi-itten as Whitin and Whitton. 

April 27, 1700, Elisha Whitton of Plympton, was appointed administra- 
tor of the estate of Edward Doten, late of Plympton, yeoman. Samuel 
Lucas, Rowland Hammond and Zebedee Chandler wereappointed to make 
an inventory. They set off one-third to Joannah Dotey, his widow. The 
land was bounded by land which Ebenezer Doten bought of the late Edward 
Doten, also by land set off to widow, Hannah Doten. Debts were found 
due the widow, Lidiah Doten, Ebenezer Doten and others. The dates of 
births of the children are given here as they stand on the old town record 
at Plympton, Mass. It differs slightly from records furnished by members 
of the family, but the difference of eleven days between the old and new 
style of reckoning will account for the most of this. 
Children, b. Plympton, Mass.: 

John, b. Sept. 3, 1750. 

James, b. Aug. 0, 1752. 

Mary, b. Jan. 28, 1755. 

Abigail, b. Jan. 28, 1755. 

Ephraim, b. March 3, 1759. 

Isaac, b. Feb. 1, 1700. 

Zabede, b. April 23, 1762 ; d. infancy. 

Edward, b. May 1, 1764; d. infancy. 

1212. EBENEZER DOTEN, son John Doten and Lidiah Dunham, b. 
Plympton, Mass., prob. about 1727; m., 1st, Plymouth, Mass., June 12, 
1750, Mercy Whitten (or Whiting), b. there about 1732, dau. Elisha 
Whiton and Joannah Dunham. She d. Plympton, prob. 1763. Hem., 
2nd, Plympton, Feb. 23, 1764, Mary Rickard, b. prob. there. He was a 
large land owner and lived Plympton ; d. 1780-7; she d. later. 

The Rickards were a numerous family at Plympton and were descended 
from Giles Rickard, who came to Plymouth 1637. 
Children, named in this order in the will : 

1337. i. Caleb, b. Plympton, April 11, 1751. 

1338. ii. Elizabeth, b. Plympton, prob. about 1752. 

1339. iii. Amaziah, b. Plymouth, May 17, 1750. 

1340. iv. Ebexezek, b. Plympton, Aug. 15, 1702. 

1341. V. Sarah, b. Plympton, prob. about 1705. 

1342. vi. Phebe, b. Plympton: m. there Feb. 22, 1781, James Har- 
low, removed to Irasburgh, Orleans Co., Vt. 

1343. vii. Lydia, b. Plympton, prob. about 170'^. 

1344. viii. Edward, b. Plympton. 

1345. ix. Mercy, b. Plympton; d. Carver, Mass.; prob. d. early; 
not mentioned in will. 

1213. ELIZABETH DOTEN, dau. John Doten and Lydia Dunham, 

















b. Plj-iniiton, Mass., about 1729: ni. tlun-t> Jjiii. 11), 1747. Issachcr Fiillfr, 
b. Kingston, Mass., 1725, son John Fullor and D.tljorah King. Ua was a 
de.seendant of Sanniol Fuller, who with his brother Edward came in the 
]\Iaj-now(M, l(i20. Tliey lived and proli. d. King.ston, 

l;54(). i. Lydia, b. 1740. 

1847. ii. Isaac, b. 1751. 

134S. iii. John, b. 17511 

1849. iv. Deborah, b. 175G. 

1850. V. NoAiT, b. 1758. 

1851. vi. Sylvia, b. 1700. 

1852. vii. IssAoiiEi!. b. 17()2. 
1358. viii. Elizahetm, b. 1704. 

VI\:>. SOr.OMO^' DOTFN, son Jacob Doten and Deborah Kickard, 
b. PlyniptoH, Mass., July 20, 1780, in. there Sejit. 13, 1755, Joanna 
Bryant, b. there July 12, 1739, dau. Samuel Bryant, Jr., and Tabitha 
Ford. She m., 2d, Feb. 3, 1708, John Stetson. They lived Plymplon." 


1354. i. Setm, b. Dec. 29, 1750. 

1355. ii. Solomon, b. Oct. 2, 1759. 

1217. JEMIMA DOTEX, dau. Jacob Doten and Deborah Kickard, b. 
Plympton, Mass., April 19, 1734: ni. there Feb. 28, 1700, Zadock Bar- 
rows, b. there Aug. 17, 1734. son Samuel Barrows and Lydia Kansom. 

Chilren, b. Plympton: 

1350. i. Dehouaii, b. Dec. 28, 1700. 

1857. ii. Asa. 

l'_'li>. ZEPIIANIAII doten, son Jacob Doten and Deborah Kickard, 
b. Plympton, ] , June 1, 1739; m. there Dec. 14, 1702, Kebecca Dun- 
ham, b. there March 11, 1745-0, dau. Sylvanus Dunham and liebecca 
Crocker. She d. prob. ]\Iiddleborough, Mass. He m., 2d, Middle- 
borough, April 2, 1808. Mrs. Lucy Pratt (Turner), (Leonard), b. 1742, dau. 
Eleazer Pratt, Jr. and Hannah Short and widow of Samuel Turner and 
Henry Leonard. She d. jMiddleborough, May, 1835. 

His father having died in 1747, Joseph Kickard of Middleborough, 
probably, his uncle, was in 1752 ajipointed guardian for him and his 
sister Sarah. He probably lived in Middleborough, A[ass., and died there. 
His name as well as that of his children is written upon the records at 
Middleborough, ^lass., sometimes as Doten and other times as Doty. 
His descendants seem to have been divided about the spelling, and 
some are called Doten and others Doty. In 17!)4 Zephaniah Doty is 
recorded as living in District Xo. 1 of Kochester, >[ass.. which was near 
the line of Middleborough. 

Children, prob. b. Middleborough, Mass.: 

1858. i. PiiKHE, b. prob. about 1703; m. Aug. 1, 1782, Daniel 
Carey of Middleborough. 

1859. ii. IsAAo, b. prob. about 1705. 
1300. iii. Silas, b. i)rob. about 17GG. 
1801. iv. Jacob, b. 1772. 

IL'21. JOSIAII FINNEY, son John Finney and Susannah Doten 
Pratt, b. Jan. 17, 1739-40: m. Plymouth, Mass., 1703, Alice Barnes, b. 
















there, 1744, dau. Lemuel Barnes and Jiydia Barnes. Lived Plj-mouth. 

1362. i. Alice B., b. 17G4; ua. Nathaniel Sylvester. 
1808. ii. Susanna, m. El)enezer Sampson. 

1304. iii. Mart, m. Joseph Holmes. 

1305. iv. Daniel. 

12'2"2. ROBERT FINNEY, son John Finney and Susannah Doten Pratt, 

1.. Plymouth, Mass., Sept. 27, 1741; m. there 1765, Lydia Clarlv, b. June 
23. 1744, prob. dau. William Clark and Experience Doten. 


Lydia, m. Henry Cassady. 
Robert, b. 1708. 



Exi'ERiENCE, m. Truman Bartlett. 

1223. EZRA FINNEY, son John Finney and Susannah Doten Pratt, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 20, 1748; m. there 1709, Hannah Luce, b. there 
1751, dau. Seth Luce and Hannah Morton. She m., 2d, Neaman Hol- 

1373. i. Hannah, b. Plymouth, 1769. 
1874. ii. Ezra, b. Plymouth, 1770. 

1375. iii. Seth. 

1376. iv. Lydia. 

1377. V. Ephraim. 

1378. vi. Elizabeth. 

1225. EPHRAIM FINNEY, son John Finney and Susannah Doten 

Pratt, b. Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 1, 1748; m. there 1770, Mary Bartlett, 

dau. Samuel Bartlett and Betsey Moore. 


1879. i. Caleb, m. 1799, Lydia Covington. 

1380. ii. Solomon, m. 1777, Patience Churchill. 

1381. iii. Sylvanus. 

1226. WILLIAM FINNEY, son John Finney and Susannah Doten 
Pratt, b. Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 10, 1750; m. there 1773 Elizabeth Sher- 
man, b. Marshfield, 1758, dau. John Sherman and Elizabeth Dingley. 
Lived Plymouth. 


1382. i. Elizabeth, m., 1st, Abraham Howland; m., 2d, Nathan 

18-3. ii. Sally, m., 1st, Ephraim Churchill; m., 2d, Barsillai 

1884. iii. Lewis, m. 1804, Betsey Weston. 
1385. iv. William, m. 1806, Patty Harlow. 

1227. PERSIS LUCAS, dau. John Lucas and Lydia Doten, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Jan. 15, 1741-2; m. as his 2d wife, 1706, John Cobb, "b. 
1733, son Ebenezer Cobb and Lydia Stephens. Lived Kingston, Mass. 

Children, besides others by his 1st wife, Hannah Cushman : 
1886. i. William, b. 1767; m. prob. 1797, Elizabeth Ripley. 

1387. ii. Elizabeth, b. 1709; m. Stephen Cobb. 

1388. iii. Eleanor, b. 1770. 
























1389. iv. .loiix. b. 1773. 

1390. V. HiTii, b. 1775. 

1391. vi. .lorti.Mi, b. 1(80; ni. Mary [iUcas. 

1392. vii. I'kksi.s, b. 1783: m. Speiicor Brewster. 

122S. JOSEPH LUCAS, .son John Lucas and Lydia Doten. b. Plymp- 
ton, Mass., Oct. 3, 1742: m. there a wife, Ruby. Lived Plyrajiton. 

Li;\ I, b. 17()8: m. 1794, Hannah Jackson. 

C.MviN, b. 1770: lived Carver, Mass. 

LiTiiKH, b. 1772. 

Oi.ivK, b. 1775. 

Hii.n,\H, b. 1777. 

Ann.v, b. 1780. 

Ai.DKN, b. 1782: m. Deborah Barnes. 

JosKi'u, b. 1785: m. 1823, Lydia Keen. 

Ri'HV, b. 1788. 

EnKNK/Kii, b. 1789. 

Oi.ivKi;, b. 1802. 

122{>. JOHN LUCAS, son John Lucas and I>ydia Doten, b. Plynipton, 
Mass., July 5, 1744: m. there Lydia Lucas. Lived Plynipton. 

1404. i. llnoDA, b. 1771. 

1405. ii. Pkksis, b. 1782: ra. Benjamin Lucas. 

140(1. iii. IssACHAK, b. 1784: ni. Nancy Russell. Lived Carver, Mass. 

12.'{0. DAVID LUCAS, son John Lucas and Lydia Doten, b. Plynip- 
ton, Mass., May 5, 174(5; m. there, Lydia Wright. Lived Kingston. 

Children : 

1407. i. Nathan; m. Priscilla Samp.son. 

1408. ii. David; lived Kingston, Mass. 

1409. iii. Doten. 

1410. iv. Sai'^au : ni. Ward Bailey. 

1411. V. Dkhohah ; m. .loscph McLaughlin. 

1412. vi. Hannah ; m. Hosea Lucas. 

12:}4. WILLLVM LUCAS, son John Lucas and Lydia Dotcn, b. Plynip- 
ton, Mass., Oct. 12, 1755 ; m. there a wife, Desire. 
Children : 

John, b. 1784. 

Wii.i.iam, b. 1786. 

Sauaii, b. 1790. 

Desike, b. 1791. 

AnHAHAM, h. 1793. 

Ivouv, b. 1794. 

Zepiianiah B., b. 179(i; m., 1818, Eliza Blackmer. 

Lydia, b. 1798. 

123({. JAMES DOTEN, son Isaac Dot.Mi and Mary Lannian. b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Jan. 22, 173G-7; m. there, Nov. 8, 17(54, Elizabeth Kenip- 
ton, b. prob. there, 1742, prob. dau. John Kempton and Elizabeth Ran- 
dall. Lived Plymouth. He d. Aug. 20, 1817: she d. June 16, 1831. 

Children : 

1422. i. Hoi'E, b. June 15, 17(>5. 

1423. ii. James, b. Sept. 28, HOO. 

1424. iii. Isaac, b. March 9, 17(58. 



















1425. iv. John, b. June 24, 1769. 

1426. V. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 12, 1770; prob. (]. young. 

1427. vi. Daniel, b. Oct. 2, 1772; settled Middlebury, Mass.; m. 
Plymouth, Feb. 10. 1799, Mfs. Sarah Covington Edwards, dau. 
Thomas Covington and Sarah Tribble and widow of John Edwards. 

1428. vii. Mary, b. July 14, 1774 ; m. Plymouth, Joseph Hoylston, 
b. 1772, son Benjamin Boylston and Mercy Bartlett. 

1429. viii. Thomas, b. Nov. 21, 1776; settled Bangor, Me. 

1430. ix. Elizabeth, b. June 2, 1778; m. Nov. 7, 1797, Barnaby 

1431. X. Lucy, b. April 13, 1780; m. Plymouth, Jan. 7, 1799, Levi 
Reed of PembroivC. 

1433. xi. Lois, b. April 4, 1782. 

1433. xii. Elener, b. Aug. 28, 1784 ; m. Plymouth, Oct. 18, 1801, John 
Porter, Jr. of Abington, Mass.; removed to near Rochester, N. Y. 

1237. HOPE DOTEN, dau. Isaac Doten and Mary Lanman, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Feb. 19, 1738-9 ; m. there July 6, 1756, James Carver, b. 
there 1729, son Josiah Carver and Dorothy Cole. Lived Plymouth. 


1434. i. James, b. Sept. 28, 1757. 

1241. THOMAS DOTEN, son Isaac Doten and Mary Lanman, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Dec. 24, 1744; m., 1st, there, Jan. 26, 1769, Jerusha Howes, 
b. there. She d. there. He m., 2d, there, June 1, 1779, Mrs. Lois Har- 
low Bartlett ( ISfo, 1288), b. there March 9, 1748-9, dau. Amaziah Harlow, 
and Lois Doten and widow Isaac Bartlett. He d. Plymouth; she m. , 
3rd, there, Oct. 15, 1797, Benjamin Warren (No. 1249). 

1782. Thomas Doten, mariner, and Lois, his wife, and Amaziah Har- 
low, all of Plymouth, divide the estate of their late father, Amaziah 

1793. Thomas Doten, gent'n, of Plymouth, and Lois, his wife, Sylva- 
nus Howes, Rebecca Harlow, widow, and Jerusha Doten, spinster, unite 
in a deed. 

1793. Thomas Doten and Lois, his wife, sell land formerly of their 
great-grandfather, Samuel Harlow. 

1797, March 28. Lemuel Doten of Plymouth is appointed guardian of 
John Doten, under age of 14, son of Thomas Doten, mariner, late of 

Children, by 1st wife, b. Plymouth: 

1435. i. Jerusha, b. Feb. 18, 1770. 

1436. ii. Meriah, b. Jan. 18, 1773. 
And by 2d wife: 

1437. iii. John. 

1242. MARY DOTEN, dau. Isaac Doten and Mary Lanman, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Feb. 4, 1746-7 ; ra. there July 21, 1768, Daniel Whitman, 
b. prob. Bri'lgewater, Mass, son John Whitman. Lived Plymouth. He 

d. 1777, aged 33. 
Children : 

1438. i. John, b. May 28. 1769. 

1439. ii. Mary. 

1440. iii. Daniel. 

1244. WILLIAM DOTEN, son Isaac Doten and Mary Lanman, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., July 21, 1751: m., 1st, there, Dec. 15, 1770, Abigail 


Sylvester: he m., 2nd, Plymouth, Dee. IG. 1784, Jane Bartlett Churchill 
(No. 12")!)), b. there June 28, 1754, dau. Ltmuel Bartlett and .^larj^ Doten 
and widow of Ebenezer Churchill, Jr. She d. Plymouth, April 2, 1848. 

Will of William Doten, on record at Plymouth, dated September 29, 
1813, gives his property: 1. To his grandchildren, ^lartha Churchill and 
Betsey Bartlett Churchill. 3. To his daughtei-, Mary Doten. 3. Bal. to 
his other children (not named). Benjamin Warren is witness. 

ChildnMi. by wif(N b. Plymouth: 

1441. i. Ahigail, not ni. 

1442. ii. ]\I.\HTiiA. 

And by 2nd wife, b. Plymouth: 

1443. iii. CvN-nii.\. b. 1788. 

1444. iv. Poi.i.Y: d.; not m. 

1445. V. Wii.i.iAM:m. Plymouth June 23. 1810, LydiaDonham. He 
d. at sea. She in.. 2nd, about 182'), Job E. Browstcr, b. Duxbury, 
Mass., 1791, son Jo.shua Brew.ster and Ljdia We.ston, and by hiim 
had 4 chil. William Doten and Lydia Donham, his wife, had 
but 1 child, a daughter, name not known. 

144G. vi. Hoi'K. 

1447. vii. IsAAo, b. Oct. 4, 1798. 

1240. JABEZ DOTEN, son Isaac Doten and .Alary Lanman, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Dec. 27, 1755: m. there, Hannah Slyvester, b. Plymouth. 
April 13, 1759, dau. Solomon Sylvester and Hannah Churcliill. Shed. 
Plymouth, ^NFarch, 1805. lie d. there, earlier. 


144S. i. IIaxnah, b. Sept. 13, ITM: d. Aug. 12, 1783. 

1449. ii. Nancy, b. .March 14, 1783. 

1450. iii. Hannah (2d), b. Nov. 10, 1785. 

1451. iv. Maima, b. Sept. 7, 1789: d. Sept. 0, 1791. 

1452. V. Maria, (2d), b. Feb. 8, 1793: not m. 

1453. vi. Maky, b. Sept. 11, 1796: d. Nov. 7. 1798. 

124S. REBECCA DOTEN, dau. Isaac Doten and Mary Lanman, b. 
Plymouth, :\Iass., April 2, 17G2 : m. there Sept. 15, 1795, Nathaniel 
Whiting, b. Plympton, Mass., son Elisha Wliitton and Betsey Holmes. 
He m., 2ud, there 1817, Betsey Howland. They lived Plymouth. 


Nathan, b. 1797. 

El.I/AHKTII DoTKN, b. 1798. 

Oi.ivK, b. 1800. 

Rebecca, b. 1803. 

Adonikam, b. 1805: m. there, 1st, Lucy F. Ingalls: m., 
2nd, Sarah W. Manter. 
1459. vi. Steimien, b. 1807. 

14G0. vii. Levi, b. 1808; m. Betsey W. Hueston. 
14G1. viii. Stephen (2nd), b. 1810.' 
14G2. ix. Hannah, b. ISIO: m. A bner Burgess. 

1249. BENJA.MIN WARREN, son Benjamin Warren and Uebeca 
Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., ^larch 13, 1739-40; m. there 1761, Jane 
Sturtevant, b. there prob. 1737, prob. dau. David Sturtevant and Sarah 
Holmes. She d. Plymouth. He m., 2nd, there Oct. 15, 1797, ^Irs. Lois 
Harlow Bartlett Doten (No. 1288), b. there :March 9, 1748-9. dau. 
Amaziah Harlow and Lois Doten, and widow Lsaac Bartlett and Thomas 
Doten. She d. Plymouth. He m., 3rd, there 1803, Mrs. Patience Holmes 











Dimon, widow Daniel Dimon; he m., 4th, there 1821, ^Frs. Phebe Persons 
Doten, widow Lemuel Doten (No. 1277); they lived and d. Plymouth. 
Children, by 1st wife: 

1403. i. Bexjamin, b. 17(50. 
14(i4. ii. Rebecca, b. 17(38; m. Josiah Finney. 

14(J5. iii. Sally, b. 1769; m. 17!)1, William Sturtevant, b. 17G1, son 
William Sturtevaut of Carver, Mass., and Jennie Shaw. 
And bv 2nd wife : 

1466. iv. David. 

1251. JANE DOTY, dan Jabez Doty and Mary Ann Price, b. New 
York City, prob. about 1746; m. there 1766, Augustus Bostwiek. 

1766, Avig. 23. Augustus Bostwiek, hatmaker, and Jane Doty, both 
of New York City, granted license to marry; John Doty, merchiint, of 
New York City, security. 

1815, Aug. 28. John Doty, clerk, and Jane Bostwiek. widow, both re- 
siding at Three Rivers, Lower Canada, quit-claim to xVdonijah Moody, 
Ian 's in Albany County, as heirs of John Price. 

They prob. had children: 

1467. i. Jdiix Price. 

1468. ii. Augustus David. 

Whose descendants live near Otta\)ra, Canada. 

1252. JABEZ DOTY, son Jabez ' Doty and Mary Ann Price, b. New 
Y'ork City, prob. about 1747; m., 1st, there a wife whose name is not 
known ; she d. Tortola Island, one of the Virgin group in the West Indiep, 
1782-3. He m., 2nd, at Isle of St. Eustatius, W. I., May 13, 1784, Lucy 

Niles; he d. Tortola, W. I., 1793. She m., 2nd, there Hodges; he d. 

there 1814, and she m., 3d, in the West Indies McNamara, and had 

by him a dau., Bridget, who lived 1834, St. Bartholomew, W. I. She d. 
West Indies, 1832. 

Jabez Doty was educated as a physician and probably was a loyalist 
and removed after the Revelutionary War to Tortola Island in the West 
Indies. He graduated at King's (now Columbia) College, New York City, 
1773, with the degree of M. B. He writes from Tortola, jMay 4, 1784, to 
his brother, Rev. John Doty, that he is a member of the Legislature and 
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and King's Bench. 

Children, by 1st wife: 

1469. i. A dau., who d. 1783. 
By 2nd wife, b. Tortola, W. 1. : 

1470. ii. Maiuans, b. Feb. 23. 1785; d. Tortola before 1815. 

1471. iii. John, b. March 13, 1786; d. Jan. 18, 1787. 

1472. iv. JcjHN (2nd), b. March 17, 1788: d. before 1815. 

1473. V. Lucy, b. July 25, 1790; d. Tortola before 1815. 

1474. vi. Samuel, b. Dec. 24, 1791. 

125J). JANE BARTLETT, dau. Lemuel Bartlett and Mary Doten, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., June 28, 1754; m. 1st, there, Ebenezer Churchill, b- 
there, 1749, son Ebenezer Churchill and Mercy Branch. She m., 2nd, 
there, Dec. 16, 1784, William Doten (No. 1244). See his record. 

Children by 1st husband, b. Plymouth: 

1475. i. Jane, m. Plymouth, 1795, Hemon Churchill, b. there, 
son Stephen Churchill and Lucy Burbank. 

1476. ii. Patience, d. at 18 years; not m. 


l'2iU. SAMUEL DOTEX, son Samuel Doteu imd .Mary Cook, b. 
Plymouth, 3Iass., July 15, 1758; m. 1st, there, June 8, 1781, Euuice 
Robbins, b. there, Jan. 25, 1T()1, dau. Ebenezer RoVjbins and Eunice 
Fuller of King.ston. She d. Jan. 4, 1S07. Hem. 2nd, Falmouth, Me., 
June 30. 1807, Deborah Bucknam Johnson Hurley, b. Falmouth, Dec. 
21. 1775, dau. Capt. Josei)h Johnson and witlow of John Hurley: she 
had a dau. Anna Hurley, b. 1797 by her 1st husband She d. N. Yar- 
mouth, Feb. 28, 1820. He m. 3rd, No. Yarmouth, May 25, 1820, Lydia 

Hardy, b. Raymond, Me.. March 19, 1797, dau. Jonathan Hardy and 

Marston. She d. Xo. Yarmouth, Feb. 13, 1865. He d. Xo. Yarmouth, 
Xov. 2, 1847. He removed shortly after 1st m. to X'o. Yarmouth Me., 
where he remained till death. Was a farmer. 
Children by 1st wife: 

S.xMUEi,, b. June 11, 1783. 

Ehene/ek, b. Dec. 25, 1785: d. April 29, 178(5. 

James Kohhins, Aug. 15, 1787. 

.V.NSEi. RoniiiNs, b. Xov. 8, 1789; d. June 7, 1790. 

A dau., still b., 1791. 

Ei.NicK RoHBixs, b. Dec. 31. 1793. 

Thaddets Rohbi.ns, b. Julv 13, 1796: d. Xov. 13, 1798. 

Ammi RiHAMA, b. July 20, 1798. 

TiiADDETs RoEBiNs, b. Sept. 25, 1800. 

Ehenezeh RoBiii.Ns, b. March 26, 1803. 

A dau. still b., Feb. 5, 1808. 

A son, still b.. Jan. 1, 1809. 

John Hitkley, b. Jan 16, 1810. 

WiLMAM Holmes, b. March 20, 1812: d. Xov. 4, 1817. 

Debohaii Bi'oknam, b. Sept. 19, 1813. 

A dau. still b., Feb. 20, 1816. 

Joseph Johnson, b. Jan. 14, 1817. 

HEN.rAMi.N, b. Feb. 28, 1819. 

Ai.vAri, b. Xov. 15. 1821. 

Mauy A.xn, b. March 12, 1823; d. Dec. 21, 1847: not m. 

William, b. July 30, 1825. 

Louisa, b. March 21, 1827. 

James, b. Feb. 9, 1829. 

12(J(>. HA XX AH DOTEX, dau. Samuel Doten and Mary Cook, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., about 17()5: m. there, Jan. 21, 1787, William Holmes, 
b. there, 1768, son Richard Holmes and Mercy Barnes. Lived Plymouth. 


1500. i. Hannah, b. 1788. 

1501. ii. William, b. 1790; m. P^^mouth, June 15, 1812, Bath- 
sheba Doten (Xo. 1604), dau. Joseph Doten and Elizabeth Allen. 
See her record. 

1502. iii. Samitkl Doten, b. 1792. 

1503. iv. Ti:uM.\N Cook, b. 1195. 
• 1.504. V. Haiikiet, b. 1797. 

1505. vi. RicHAiiD, b. 1799. 
1.506. vii. WiNSLOw, b. 1801. 

12<;7. REBECCA DOTEX, dau. Samuel Doten and Mary Cook, 
b. Plymouth, Old Colony, Mass., Dec. 27, 1770: m. Paris, Me., by 
Rpv. James Hooper, May 10. 1796, John Tuell, b. Taunton, Mass., Dec. 





















By 2(1 wife; 

















Bv 3d wife: 












27, 1773, son John Tuell. lie d. Plantation Xo. 14, Me., March 22, 
1836. Shed, there, Oct. 23, 1857. They removed from Paris to Cooper, 
Me., and subsequently to Plantation Xo. 14. 
Children : 

1507. i. James, b. Paris, :\Ie., Oct. 1.1797: notni.; d. Cooper, 
Dec. 3, 1823. 

1508. ii. Hann.ui, b. Paris, Dec. 25, 1800; not ni.; d. East 
Machias, Me., May 1, 1873; slie was a worthy member of the Cong. 
Church at East Machias. 

1509. iii. Abiathak, b. St. Davids, N. B., Feb. 23, 1803. 

1510. iv. Malinda, b. St. Davids, July 4, 1806; m. John Garnette; 
she lives, Marion, Me. 

1511. V. Makk, b. Machias, Jan. 16, 1809; not m. ; he was a 
Methodist preacher at Tremont, Me., a member of East Maine 
Conference, and d. there, July 15, 1841. 

1512. vi. William Henky, b. Macliias, Aug. 31, 1813; d. there, 
Sept. 11, 1814. 

1268. HANNAH DOTEN, dau. Samu^'l Doten and Joannah Bosworth, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 15, 1733-4; m. there Dec. 4, 1755, Joshua 
Holmes, b. there 1735, son Eleazer Holmes and Hannah Sylvester. They 
lived Plymouth: 


1513. i. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 8, 1756; m. Joseph Bradford. 

1514. ii. Jo.sHUA, b. March 28, 1759. 

1515. iii. Nathaniel. 

12<U). JOANNAH DOTEN, dau. Samuel Doten and Joannah Bos- 
worth, b. Plymouth, Mass., June 15, 1736; m. there Oct. 15, 1754, 
Lemuel Fish, b. there 1732, son prob. Lemuel Fish, from Rochester who 
m. 1731, Deborah Barden. They lived Plymouth. 


Jaxe, b. Dec. 1, 1755. 

Lemuel, b. Oct. 17, 1756; d. young. 


Joannah, b. Sept. 29, 1760. 

Samuel, b. July 17, 1762. 

Lucy; d. young. 


Lucy (2nd). 



Lemuel (2nd), b. May 12, 1779. 

1271. NATHANIEL DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Joannah Bosworth, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 10, 1740; m. there Oct. 20, 1765, Mercy Rider, 
b. there, dau. Ebenezer Rider. 1773. Nathaniel Doten and Mercy, his 
wife, with other heirs of Ebenezer Rider, their father, sell at Plymouth. 
She prob. m., 2nd, Nov. 7, 1793, Abraham Thomas of Middleboro. Mass. 


1527. i. Nathaniel, b. March 28, 1777. 

1528. ii. Peince, b. Aug. 14, 1780. 

1274. EDWARD DOTEN, son Edward Doten and Phebe Phinney, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 13, 1745; m. there Dec. 9, 1801, Esther Hollis, b. 
there. He was a mariner and afterward a sailmaker. They lived Ply- 
mouth. He d. Sept. 30, 1828. 

























l.r2!». i. Edwaud, b. Oct 1,1802. 

15;W. ii. Samiel. b. June 22, 1805: ni. there, Sih'v Bell Wade, dau. 
David Waile and Deborah Jolmson of Plymouth. No rhil. He 
went from Plymouth to California, aljout 1849 oO; remained there 
about three years and d. on passage horn<;. 

1531. iii. EsTUEK Fi.NNEY, b. Oet. 2, 1807. 

1532. iv. PiiKHE, b. Xov. 18, 1810; not m.: lives Kinj^ston, Mass.. 
address Xorth Plymouth, Mass., care Miss L. F. Hobbins. 

1533. V. Lewis, ij. Feb. 27, 1813: not m.: d. there, aged 27. 

1534. vi. LE.MrEi., 1). March 20, ISIG. 

1535. vii. IIa-nnaii, b. Oct. 15. 1819. 
153(i. viii. Jonx, b. Feb. 27, 1823. 

127.">. THOMAS DOTY, son Edward Doten and Phebe Phinney, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., March G, 1747-8. It is quite certain that he m. twice, 1st 
prob. Plymouth, but the name of his 1st wife has not been discovered. He 
ni., 2d, prob. Xova Scotia or Maine, Rhoda Rounds, or perhaps Ruunells. 

The accounts received of his life may not be entirely accurate: coming 
from different sources they do not always ajrree. He espoused the Royalist 
cause in the llevolution with .several of his brothere, and at the of 
the war removed to Xova Scotia and resided for a time at Halifax. In 
1818 he was living at Xorridgewock, Me., and being then seventy years of 
age, it is probable that he died somewhere in that vicinity. 

Active investigation and correspondence has failed to obtain any more 
facts in regard to the descendants of this interesting family, other than 
those of his son Paul It will be noted that while Paul and his de- 
scendants write the name '" Doty," other children write it " Doughty." 

Children by 1st wife: 

1537. i. Paul, b. Halifax, N. S.. March, 1787. 

1538. ii. Jon.v, said to have lived St. John, X. B. 

153'.). id. .Jo.VATUAN (possibly), reported to have been lost at sea. 
And l)y 2d wife, Hhuda : 

1540. iv. James. 

1541. V. EnwAiU). 

1542. vi. Cii X.,> Lived South Dresden, Me., and wrote their 

1543. vii. Moses, > name ' Doughty." 

And three other childriMi, names not known, but prob. daus. 

127(;. JOHN DOTY OR DOTEX, son Edward Doten and Phebe Phin- 
ney, b. I'lyniouth, Mass., Aug. 1), 1750: m. a wife, Zebiah. He prob. m. 
early and removed to Taunton or Dighton, Bristol Co., Mass., or possibly 
to Rehoboth in same county. After the close of the Revolution, about 
1786, he removed with a portion of his family prob. to itensselaer Co., X. 
Y., perhaps to Troy or vicinity in that county. About 1 792 there was a 
Joseph and Ellas, or perhaps EliasDoty, at Berlin. N. Y., members of the 
Baptist Church there — which may have been this family. Church records 
at Bristol, R. 1. Xov. 19, 1795, Benjamin Ward Doty, son John and 
Zebiali Doty. m. Rebecca, dau. Sarah Walker. 

There is no record of the family of John Doty, or tradition through the 
families of his brothers. However, the veiy circurastHUces that caused 
the estrangement of the brothers during the Revolutionary War and led 


to their separation, give good reasons to believe tiiat he was the ancestor 
of the familj' tiiat follows: 

1544. i. Benjamin Wakd, b. Bristol Co., Mass., 1772. 

1545. ii. JosEi'H. 
1540. iii. Ei.isHA. 

1547. iv. Lois. 

1548. V. PnEUE. 

1277. LEMUEL DOTEN, son Edward Doten and Phebe Phhiney, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 7, 1753; m. there Dec. 22, 1778, Phebe Persons 
(or Pearson), b. . there 1755, dau. William Bendick Pearson and 
Phebe Holmes. She m., 2d, Plymouth, May 27, 1821, as his 4th wife, 
Benjamin Warren (No. 1249). She d. there 1865, at the advanced age of 
99 years, 4 months, 15 days. Lemuel Doten lived South Ponds, Plymouth. 
His widow, after her 2d m., lived in the Warren Mansion, on Main street, 
Plymouth, opposite the County Court House. 


1549. i. Betsey Warken, b. June 9, 1780. 

1550. ii. James, b. Aug. 31, 1782. 

1551. iii. Elisha, b. May 26, 1786. 

1552. iv. TmiiZA, b. Jan. 8, 1790; m. Plymouth, Aug., 1825, as his 
2d wife, Sylvanus Sampson, b. there, son Sylvanus Sampson of Ply- 
mouth, and Maiy Wright of Plymptou; lived Plymouth, where he d. 
about 1875. She lived there 1880; no chil. She was a school teacher 
before m. I called upon her at the residence of her nephew. South 
Ponds, Plymouth, 1880, but found her too aged and infirm to give 
any information — a helpless invalid. 

1553. V. Lemuel, b. Dec. 14, 1794; d. Dec. 15, 1813. 

1279. LOIS DOTEN, dau. Edward Doten and Phebe Phinney, b. Nova 
Scotia, prob. about 1760; m. Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 18, 1783, William 
Bobbins, b. there, sou Kufus Bobbins. Lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

1554. i. Theophilas, b. 1784. 
Lois, b. 1786. 
Thomas Cooper, b. 1787. 
William, b. 1790. 
Nathaniel, b. 1796. 
RuFUs, b. 1799. 
Alexander, b. 1802. 

Julia Ann, b. 1804; m. Plymouth, 1825, Thomas Angel. 
Edward, b. 1809. 

1281. HANNAH DOTY, dau. Edward Doten and Phebe Phinney, b. 
Nova Scotia, Sept. 3, 1767; m. Middleborough, Mass., Dec. 30, 1784, 
Hosea Washburn, b. there June 9, 1705. Shortly after her birth her 
parents moved back to iPlymouth, Mass., where they d. about 1775. 
After her m. she removed to Maine, where she d. Avon, Me., Aug. 11, 
1864. He d. Norridgewock, Me., Aug. 23, 1817. 


1563. i. Betsey, b. Hebron, Me., Oct. 6, 1785; m. 1807, Shuball 
Pease; shed. 1870, Norridgewock. 

1564. ii. Hannah, b. Hebron, Feb. 28, 1787; d. 1787. 

1565. iii. Phebe, b. Wayne, Me., Sept. 16, 1787; m. Samuel Adams; 
d. New Sharon, Me., 1874. 


















15G(i. iv. Hannah, h. Wayne, Apiil H), 171)0; in. Cliarles Pease: 

d. Avon. 1S74. 
l.^GT. V. Anna, b. Wayne, Oct. 4. 1792; ni. iMose.s Whittiker: 

d. Mercer, Me., 1880. 
15G8. vi. Ki'iiHAi.M. b. Waj-ne, Jan. li», 17!).'); ni. ("linirna Lwee; 

d. Furloek, Col., Nov. 13, 1880. 
15(i!). vii. IIosea, b. Wayne, Nov. 19, 179(1; in. ILinnali Maxim; 

d. Madi.son, Me., 1883. 

1570. viii. Jksse, b. Wayne, Sept. 18, 1798; m. Deborali Wilson; 
d. Canaan, Me., 1883. 

1571. ix. Pni.i.v, b. Wayne, .lulv 14, ISOO ; ni. John II. Witliers : 
d. ]\Iadison, Me., 1872. 

1572. X. Lois, b. Fayette, .Ale., June 1, 1802; m. Ambrose Fish ; d. 
Watei-villo, Me., 1840. 

1573. xi. ScsAX, b. Temple, ^Ic., Jan. 1, 1804: m. Daniel Witliers: 
d. Madison, Aug. 22, 1884. 

1574. xii. Sally, b. Temple, Oet. 3, 1805. 

1283. KUTII DOTEN. dau. Paul Dolen and Ifuth Faunce Ifider, b. 
Plymouth, :\Iass., ^May 18, 1752; m. there -May 11, 1777, Bartlett ^Far- 
shall. 1). there about 1750, son Samuel Marshall and Susanna Bartlett: 
they lived Plymouth ; slie d. Jan. 24, 1791. Me m., 2nd, there Dee. 21, 
1791, Eath.sheba Doten (No. 1284), b. there July 10, 1756, sister of Puth. 

Children, bv 1st. wife: 

1575. i. ■ HiTii, b. Aug. 8, 1778. 
157G. ii. Bartlett, b. Aug. 11, 1780. 

1577. ill. Samuel, b. May 2, 1783. 

1285. LYDIA DOTEN, dau. Paul Doten and Ruth Fauneo Rider, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., July 12, 1758; m. there April IG, 1789, Samuel Sher- 
man, Jr., b. there Dec. 1, 1751, son Samuel Sherman and Experience 
Branch ; lived Plymouth ; he d. Nov. 9, 1818. 


1578. i. Lydia, b. 1790. 

1579. ii. Samlel, b. 1791. 

1580. iii. Thomas BliANon, b. 1794. 

1290. STEPHEN DOTEN, .son Stephen Doten and Hannah Bartlett, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 4, 1748; m., 1st, there Jan. 20, 1173. Betsey 
Holmes, b. there 1754, dau. Ebenezer Holmes and Esther Ellis: she d. 
there prob. about 179()-7; he m , 2d, there Oct. 2, 1798, Abigal Clark, b. 
there. He lived Plymouth. 

Children by 1st wife; 

1582. i. Stephen, b. Jan. G. 1774. 

1583. ii. Paul, b. Feb. 20, 177G. 

1584. iii. Betsey, b. Oct. 18, 1779; d. Oct. 21, 1797. 
1.585. iv. Baktlett, b. July 9, 1782; d. Sept. 20, 1797. 
158G. V. Meroy, b. Feb. 7, 1785. 

1587. vi. Haxxah, b. Aug. 10, 1788; not m. 

1588. vii. T)euoi;ah, b. Nov. 9, 1791. 

1589. viii. Mary, b. Sept. 7, 1793; notm. 

1590. ix. E.sTiiER,b. Feb. 15, 179G ; not. m. 
And by 2nd wife: 

1591. X. Betsey, b. Jan. IG, 1809 ; not m. 

1592. xi. Jo.sEi'ii, b. Oet. 28, 1803. 

1593. xii. Eliz.\, b. Nov. 25, 1804; not m. 


1291. SARAH DOTEN, dau. Stephen Doten and Hannah Baitl«tt, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 20, 1750-1 ; m. there Dec. 14, 1768, Isaac Hov/- 
land, son Abraham Rowland of Pembroke, Mass., and Sarah Simmons; 
lived Plymouth. 
Children : 

1594. i. Jaoor. 

1595. ii. loHAHOD, b. 1781. 

1596. iii. John, b. 1784. 

1597. iv. Henry, b. 1786. 

1598. V. Chaules, b. 1788. 

1599. vi. Samuel, b. 1793. 

1600. vil. Calvin, b. 1797. 

1601. viii. Isaac, m. Phebe Saunders. 
1603. ix. Pamelia. 

1603. X. Joseph. 

1295. JOSEPH DOTEN, son Stephen Doten and Hannah Bartlett, b. 
Plymouth, Mass.; m. there Aug. 24, 1794, Elizabeth Allen, b. there 1773, 
dau. John Allen and Esther Savery. He d. Plymouth. She m., 3nd, 
there, June 6, 1815, Sylvanus Stevens of Sumner, Me., son Edward 
Stephens and Phebe Harlow of Plymouth. 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

1604. i. Bathsheba Joanes, b. June 10, 1795; m. Plymouth, June 
15, 1812, William Holmes (No. 1501). 

1605- ii. Elizabeth, b. May 29, 1797. 

1606. iii. Joseph, b. July 3, 1799; d. Feb., 1802. 

1607. iv. Joseph, b. Jan. 16, 1803. 

125)0. JOHN DOTEN, son Stephen Doten and Hannah Bartlett, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., 1766; m. Plympton Mass., Nov. 27, 1796, Mary Wright, 
b. there, dau. Isaac Wright and Faith Chandler, removed about 1814 to 
Sheffield, Mass., where he d. Aug., 1825. 

Children : 

1608. i. James, b. Plympton, Nov. 13, 1797; m. his cousin, ^ 

Holmes of Plymouth. They lived Sheffield; had two sons; all d. 

1609. ii. Maky, b. Plymouth, Aug. 28, 1799. 

1610. iii. Faith Chandler, b. Plymouth, March 26, 1802; m. 

Chatfleld; no chil. 

1611. iv. John, b. Plymouth, Oct. 1, 1804. 

1612. V. Bartlett, b. Plymouth, Feb. 16, 1807. 

1613. vi. Caleb, b. Plymouth, May 2, 1809; d. Nov. 25, 1818. 

1298. WILLIAM CLARK, son William Clark and Experience Doty, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., March 19, 1740-1; m. Sarah Howard. 

1614. i. John, b. 1765. 
And others. 

1301. NATHANIEL CLARK, son William Clark and Experience 
Doty, b. Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 13, 1747; m. there 1796, Lydia Sampson. 

1615. i. Lydia, b. 1798; m. Hoxie. 

1616. ii. Esther, b. 1801 ; m. Vinal Burgess. 

1617. iii. Naomi, b. 1804; m. Thomas Manter. 

1618. iv. Experience, b. 1806; ni. Hiram Clark. 

1619. V. Mary, b. 1809; in., 1st, George Finney; m., 2nd, William 

1620. vi. Nathaniel, b. 1811; m. Rebecca Finney. 




















l;{Ol'. JOSIAII Cl.AKK. son William Clark ami Experience Doty, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 15, IToO; ra. there, Elizabeth Cornish, b. there 
1757, dan. Thomas Cornish and Anne liates ; lived Plymouth. 
Children : 

El-IZAHKTM, b. 1178. 
.lo.-^iAii, b. 1780. 
Thomas, b. 1782. 
Wii.i.iA.M. b. 1785. 
A.NNA, b. 1788. 

E.XI'EUIENCK. b. 1701. 

LvDiA. b. 1798: d. early. 

Ahigail, b. 1795; m. Temple II. Holmes. 

Lyuia (2nd), b. 1801. 

130:{. TII():\IAS CLARK, son William Clark and Experience Doty, b. 
Plymouth, -Mass , March 15, 1753; m. Abigail Morton. 
Children, (s(^veral): 
1030. i. Consider. 

130:>. ABIGAIL CLAHK.dau. William Clark and Experience Doty, 
b. Plymouth, .Mass., May 7. 1758; m. there 1782, Josiah Cornish, b. there 
1700, son Thomas Cornish and Anne Bates ; lived Plymouth. 


m. Elijali ^lorey. 

m Charlotte Wadsworth. 

ra. .Miraliam W. Nye. 
1307. TII():MAS burgess, .son Thomas and Patience Doty, 
b. Plymouth, .Mass., Aug. 10, 1748: m. a wife, -Mary: lived Plymouth. 


Jo.sKi'ii, b. 1779. 

Thomas, b. 1782. 

JosiAii, b. 1780. 

Ei.iZAHKTii. b. 1789; m. Eber Hall. 

Sauah, b. 1791; m. Nathan Hall. 

132!>. JOHN DOTEN, son Edward Doten and Joanah Whiting, b. 
Plympton, Mass.. Sept. 14, 1750 (Sept. 3, 17;".0, O. S.); m. there Aug. 19, 
1779, Basheba Bowker, b. Scituate, Mass., March 20, 1755, dau. Luke 
Bowkerand Joanna Dunbar; shed. Pomfi-et, Vt., Feb. 8, 1838 : hed. there 
March 30, 1812. They removed from Pembroke about 1781 to Aliington 
and 17h3 to Ware, JIass. , and in the Spring of 1780 to Pomfret 

Child : 

1041. i. John- Kdw ari>, b. Pendtroke, July 3, 1780. 

l;j;{0. JAMES DOTY, son Edward Doten and Joanah Whiting, b. 
Plympton. Mass., Aug. 17, 1753 (Aug. 0, 1753, O. S.); m. Brookfield. 
:\rass., May 1, 1785, Elzabeth Gilbert, b. there June 8, 1700. She d. 
Leverett, Mass., Aug., 1815, greatly lamented for her many amiable quali- 
ties. After her d. Mr. Doty removed, 1819, to the residence of his son, 
James, Bernardston, ^Mass., and d. there suddinily ^lay 20, 1820. 

At the opening of hostilities in the Revolutionary War James Doty joined 
the patriot army ; he was present at the fortifying of Dorchester Heights, 
and after the evacution of Boston by the British, he was with the array about 


GUACK, b. 




Ai.i.KX, b. 




Josiah, b. 

1791 : 



Aahon, b. 




Abigail C 












New York City and New Jersey. Ilis rank was Comruissary Sergeant. 
He was with Washington when he crossed the Delaware in December, 
1776, and was present at the battles of Trenton and Princeton. For six 
months further he served in Rhode Island and then joined a privateer, of 
which Captain Hardy was in command, and made several trips with him. 
His sons relate that on one occasion, when delivering beef to the different 
mess squads, became to a barrel marked " Jieef T," suspecting that it 
was a choice morsel he roiled it to one side till his own squad came up and 
delivered it to tliem. They found it to contain beef tongues, all meat and 
no bones. At the close of the war he married and settled in Leverett, 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert Doty is said to have been a most excellent wife 
and mother, with an intellect above the average and very well educated 
for the time in which she lived, indeed, as her grandchildren report, of 
superior attainments, and nearly all her children partook of the strong 
thirst for knowleege that she possessed. Many letters, still in existence, 
show her to have been of a poetic nature, and after the fashion of the day 
she wrote an acrostic for each of her family containing some kind wish and 
words of encouragement. 

It will be noted that James Doty alone of the children of Edward Doten 
spells, as do all his descendants, the family name Doty. He was probably 
the lirst of his family to leave his native town of Carver, and in doing so 
to adopt the spelling geneially accepted by the family away from the 


^1642. i. Lkbbeus, b. Brookfield, Mass., June 30, 1786. 
1043. ii. Rachel, b. Leverett, Mass., July 2, 1788. 

1644. iii. Betsey, b. Leverett, May 28, 1790. 

1645. iv. James, b. Leverett, Nov. 3, 1795. 

1646. V. Joel, b. Leverett, May 23, 1798. 

1647. vi. John, b. Leverett, May 18, 1800. 

1331. MARY DOTEN, dau. Edward Doten and Joanah Whiting, b. 
Plympton, Mass., Jan. 28, 1755; m. there Oct. 11, 1775, Ephraim Chandler, 
b. Duxbury, Mass. Lived and d. Kingston, Mass. 


1648. i. Celah. 

1649. ii. RisPAH, b. 1777; d. 1779. 

1650. iii. Nathan, b. 1780; d. 1857. Lived Kingston and had chil. 

1651. iv. Isaac. 

1652. V. Rispah (2d), b. 1785; d. 1820. 

1653. vi. Molly, b. 1788; d. 1793. 

1654. vii. Ephraim, d. 1848. 

1655. viii. John, b. Nov. 11, 1793. 

1332. ABIGAIL DOTEN (or Nabby, as she was better known), dau. 
Edward Doten and Joanah Whiting), b. Plympton, Mass., Jan. 28, 1755 
(O. S.); m., 1st, there Oct. 12, 1775, Ichabod Churchill, b. there Sept. 7, 
1751, son Ichabod Churchill and Rebecca, his wife. He d. Pomfret, Vt. . 
May 7, 1813. She m., 2d, there, Josiah I?abcock. He d. shortly after m. 
After his d. she lived with her dau. Seviah. She d. Woodstock, Vt. 

17(5 Tin-; DO'J'Y-DOTEN FAMILY. 

ChildriMi. by 1st hiisb., b. IMympton: 
l(i5t). i. EnwAKi), b. Sept. I, 1T7G. 
m'u. ii. Joanna, b. Oct. 20, 177!1: m. Jan. 11, 1798, Josiali Crocker 

of Woodstock, Vt.; she d. Wisconsin, Dec. 25, 185!t. 
1G58. iii. Se\ lAH. b. Sept. 20, 1781 (1782): m., 1st Dee. 10, 1801, 

Samuel Caldwell. Slie ni., 2d., Sept. 7, 1814, Simeon Dunham; 

he d. She d. Woodstock, Jan. 25, 1840. Chii. live there. 
1050. iv. Zkukdee, b. May 15, 1784: ra. Woodstock, Sally Coswell. 
1000. V. Nakhv, m. AVoodstock, Abel Sanderson. 
IGOl. vi. Setu W., m. Wood.stock, Phebo Darling. 

1333. EPHRAIM DOTEN, son Kdward Dot.'n and Joanaii Whiting, b. 
Plympton,, March 8, 1758 9: m. ^loultonborough, N. H., Feb., 
1785, Susannah, b. Chester. N. 11., Sept., 4, 1707, dau. Ezekiel 
Morse and Hannah Lanie: she d. Moidtonliorough, Nov. 24, 1824; he d. 
there April 13, 1829. 

His father having died when he was but six years old ho was early 
bound out to Stafford Sturtevant at Carver, to serve till twenty-one years 
old, but he enlisted at nineteen and served through the balance of the 
Revolution — four years and three montlis. On his discharge he removed 
to Moultonborough. 

His Revolutionary service is recorded as follows : 1. He appears with 
rank of private on muster roll of Captain John Bradford's company, Col- 
onel Theophilus Cottin's regiment, dated August 1, 1775; enlisted May 3, 
1775; service, one month two days; residence, Halifax, Mass. 2. Aj)pears 
in a return of men enlisted into the Continental Army from Captain Jesse 
Sturtevant's company of Plymouth County regiment, dated February 21, 
1778: belonging to Halifax; joined Ca[)tain Cogswell's company. Colonel 
Nisson's regiment ; reported enlisted in June, 1777. 3. Appears with rank 
of private on Continental Army pay accounts of Captain Cogswell's (2d) 
company, Colonel Nisson's regiment for .service from June 1, 1777, to Dee. 
31, 1779; credited to town of Halifax; residence, Halifax. 4. Appears 
with rank of private on Continental Army pay account of Captain Cogs- 
well's company, Colonel Nisson's regiment, for service from Jan. 1, 1780, 
to June 1, 1780; residence, Halifax. 

Childri'n, b. Moultonborough, N. H.: 

1()(;2. i. Kdwaki), b. Jan. 14, 1780; d. March 21, 1804. 
1(U)3. ii. Hannah, b. May 3, 1788. 

1004. iii. Isaac, b. Aug. 28, 1790. 

1005. iv. PiusciLi.A, b. Jan, 23, 1793. 
1000. V. SrsANNAii, b. Aug. 30, 1795. 

1007. vi. Ki.iZAHETii Gii.MEjjT, b. July 5, 1797; m. Sept., 1818, 
William Simpson Prescott, b. Sandwich, N. H., Aug. 3, 1799, son 
Bradbury Pr<«cott and Betsy Pierce; she d. Tamworth, N. H., 
Jan. 31, 1861, from di.sease of the heart, while visiting her friends 
there. He was a farmer Sandwich. She was for 40 years an ex- 
emplary member of M. E. cinirch: nochil. 

1068. vii. Nammum Wako, b. Aug. 30, 1799. 

1009. viii. Sakah ^r.. b. March 3, 1802. 

1070. ix. SETn,b. Oct. 17, 1804. 

1071. X. ]\[akv L., b. Jan. 10, 1807. 

1072. xi. Seviam, b. April 10, 1810. 
All above m. New Hampshire. 


1334. ISAAC DOTEN, son Edward Doten and Joannah Whiting, b. 
Carver, Mass. , Feb. 13, 1760, (N. S.); m. Middleborough, Mass., Abigail 
Le Barron, b. there, May 17, 1768, dau. James Le Barron and Hannah 
Turner. She was a great granddaughter of the famous Francis Le Bar- 
ron, the main facts of whose history are given in the histories of 
Plymouth and in tlie well-known novel, " The Nameless Nobleman." He 
d. Fomfret, Vt., Oct. 3, 1818. Shed. Pomfret, Nov. 30, 1818. He was a 
shoemaker by trade; served in the Revolution and directly after the war, 
removed to Pomfret. 

Plymouth Records, 1787. " Isaac Doten and Abagail, his wife, of 
Pomfret, Vt., sell lands received by her from her father James Le 

Children, b. Pomfret, Vt. : 

1673. i. Isaac, b. Aug. 7, 1786. 

1674. iL Mary (Polly), b. Nov. 26, 1788 ; d. July 22, 1823. 

1675. iii. Abigail (Nabby), b. Aug. 29, 1790; d. May 18, 1863. 

1676. iv. Zebedee, b. June 8, 1792; not m.; d. Sept. 12, 1814. 

1677. V. Alden, b. March 30, 1794; m. Abigail Goodenough. Lived 
East Montpelier, Vt. He d. Jan. 14, 1841. She lived East Mont- 
pelier, 1885. 

1678. vi. Edward, b. Feb. 23, 1796; d. March 10, 1831. 

1679. vii. Sally, b. Feb. 25, 1798; m. her cousin, John Chandler 
(No. 1655). See his record. 

1680. viii. Betsey, b. Dec. 24, 1799 ; d. Aug. 3, 1863. 

1681. ix. Luoy, b. Oct. 18, 1801; m. Jonas Goodenough, brother 
Abigail above. 

X. An infant, d. at about 5 days old. 

1682. xi. Leland, b. May 30, 1804. 

1683. xii. Prlsoinda, b. April 20, 1806; d. East Barnard, Vt., June 
1, 1872. 

1684. xiii. Franklin, b. Dec. 21, 1809; Dec. 14, 1811. 

1337. CALEB DOTEN, son Ebenezer Doten and Mercy Whiting, b. 

Plympton, Mass., April 11, 1751; m. Plymouth, Bridget , said to 

have been a French lady. He d. Kingston, Mass., April 19, 1804. She d. 
Kingston about the same time. 

Plymouth Deeds, 1773. Ebenezer Doten and Mary his wife, sell to Caleb 
Doten, all of Plympton, the property that he with Jacob Doten bought of 
Rebecca Barrows. 1787. Sarah Doten, widow of Jacob, sells to Caleb 
Doten, all of Plymouth, the plot which Jacob and Ebenezer Doten bought 
together of Rebecca Barrows. Also other property in Plympton. 1789. 
Caleb Doten and Bridget his wife of Plymouth, sell to Ebenezer Doten of 
Plympton, property that he received from the estate of his father 
Ebenezer Doten and his widow Mary Doten. 


1685. i. Hannah, b. Kingston; d. March 7, 1805. 

1338. ELIZABETH DOTEN, dau. Ebenezer Doten and Mercy 
Whiting, b. Plympton, Mass., prob. about 1752; m. there, Dec. 6, 1770, 
David Wood, b. there, 1748, son David Wood and Rebecca Pratt. Lived 

Children : 

1686. i. AzuBAii. 

1687. ii. Zilpha; m. Caleb Dunham. 


1688. iii.' Poi.i.Y : m. 1813, John Hailev. 

1G89. iv. Ei.iZAHKTii. 

1690. V. Ei.iAB, b. 178r). 

1691. vi. Oi.ivKi:, h. 1T91. 

1:J:{J). AMAZIAII doty, sonEbenezer Doten and Merry Whiting, b. 
Plympton, or, a.s his children report, Plymouth, Mass., May 17, 1750; m. 
1779, Uclhiah Hamlin of Barnstable, Mass. Shed. Cazenovia, N. Y.; he 
d. there Jan. 24, 1833. 

Amaziah Doty was the first of his l)raiich of thn family to emigrate from 
the coast to the interior, and in so doing eommonce<l to write his name 
Doty, which spelling he afterward kept and his de.'^cendants have retained, 
though all his brothers and their familiies are called Doten. 

They removed soon after marriage to Lee, TNIass. , where they lived for 
fifteen years, then to Bennington, Vt., where they resided nearly as long. 
They were for a short time at Granville, Washington County, N. Y., then 
removed to Lincklaen, Chenango County, X. Y., and about 1813 to Caze- 
novia, N. Y. 


1G92. i. Poi.LY (or Mary), b. Lee, Mass., Oct. 18, 1781. 

1693. ii. SiJTHEKD (? Southard), b. Lee, Jan. 22, 1784. 

1694. iii. Mekoy, b. Lee, Jinie 20, 1786. 

1695. iv. Ehesezek, b. Lee, Marcii 27, 1789; m. Pompey, N. Y.. 
Sept. 1S12, Phebe Goodel, b. there; had 1 dau. ; he d. California. 

1696. V. Stei'hen, b. Lee, June 24, 1791; m. Cazenovia, X. Y., 
June, 1813, Polly (or Mary) Holmes: they removed to Mich, and d. 

1697. vi. Tabitiia, b. Lee, April 11, 1793. 

1698. vii. Vasuti, b. Bennington, Vt.. Dec. 4. 1795. 

1699. viii Amanda, b. I^enniiigton, Feb. 7, 1798: m. Cazenovia, Feb., 

1824, Sherman: they removed to London, Mich., where she d. 

Aug. 1833. 

1340. EBENEZER DOTEN, son Ebenezer Doten and Mercy Whiting, 
b. Plympton, Mass. Aug. 15, 1762: m. Carver, Mass., May 22, 1788, Re- 
becca Rickard, b. Plympton, Feb. 24, 1759, dau. Theophilas Rickard and 
Hannah Harlow. He lived in that portion of Plympton which was set off 
about 1800 into a town called Carver. He lived there till about 1824. 
when, his sons having preceded him, he removed to Camden, N. Y. She 
d. there Aug. 1, 1835. He d. tliere Feb. 22, 185G, at the ripe old age of 
94 years, after a i)eaceful and uneventful life. 

Children, b. Carver, Mass. ; 

1700. i. Mekoy, b. March 30, 1789. 

1701. ii. Hannah, b. Feb. 9, 1791. 

1702. iii. Dehokah, b. Oct. 16, 1793: not m.; d. Camden,- X. Y., 
jMarch 12, 1842. 

1703. iv. Ehenezek, b. Oct. 4, 1795. 

1704. v. LrcY, b. April 17, 179S; not m.; d. Carver, March 8, 1843. 

1705. vi. John, b. Jan. 21, 1801. 

1:J41. SARAH DOTKN, dau. Ebenezer Doten and Mary Rickard, b. 
Plympton, Mass., about 1765: m. Plympton, Jan. 27, 1785, Jonathan Til- 
son, Jr., b. there about 1760, son Jonathan Tilson and Lucy Cobb. 


Children : 

1706. i. Meroy. 

1707. ii. Elizabeth. 

1708. iii. Polly. 

1343. LYDIA DOTEN, dau. Ebenezer Doten and Mary Rickard, b. 
Plympton or Carver, Mass.; m. Carver, Feb. 25, 1787; John Sherman, Jr., 
b. Marshfield, Mass., 1762, son John Sherman and Elizabeth Dingley. 
Lived Carver. 

Children : 

1709. i. Ebenezer, b. 1788. 

1710. ii. John, b. 1791. 

1711. iii. Reuben, b. 1797. 

1712. iv. Henky, b. 1806. 
17ia. V. Anthony, b. 1809. 

1344. EDWARD DOTEN, son Ebenezer Doten and Mary Rickard, b. 
Carver, Mass., about 1770; m. there about 1794, Deborah Cobb, b. there 
1774, dau. Timothy Cobb and Deborah Churchill; they lived Carver; he d. 
Plymouth, Mass., about 1803. 

Children, b. Carver: 

1714. i. Edward, b. Feb. 14, 1795. 

1715. ii. Deborah Cobb, b. Nov. 11, 1798. 

1716. iii. Mary E., b. about 1801. 

1357. ASA BARROWS, son Zadock Barrows and Jemima Doten, b. 
Plympton, Mass., about 1763; m. there 1789, Deborah Dewey. 
Children : 

1717. i. Lydia, b. 1790. 

1718. ii. Wendell, b. 1791. 

1719. iii. DEBORAir, b. 1798. 

1720. iv. Betsey, b. 1795; m. Ezra Lucas. 

1721. V. Asa, b. 1798. 

1722. vi. Mira, b. 1800. 

1723. vii. Lucy, b. 1802. 

1724. viii. Jane, b. 1804. 

1725. ix. Rebeooa Drew, b. 1806. 

1726. X. Anna, b. 1809. 

1727. xi. Sally, b. 1811. 

1728. xii. Isaac N., b. 1814. 

1359. ISAAC DOTEN, prob. son Zephaniah Doten and Rebecca Dun- 
ham, b. Middleborough. Mass., prob. about 1765; m. there April 19, 1789, 
Sally Nimblet, b. there. 

His name is on the records both as Isaac Doten and Isaac Doty. In 
1803, Isaac Doty, with Sally, his wife, were dismissed by letter from the 
church at Middleborough, Mass., to the church at Brook field, Vt. The 
births of his children are entered upon the records at Middleborough, as 
follows : 

Children : 

1729. i. Isaac, b. Oct. 8, 1789. 

1730. ii. Hannah, b. March 10, 1791. 

1731. iii. Salla, b. Nov. 15, 1795; "Middleborough, Oct. 26, 1825, 
Sally Doten m. Martin Smith." This may refer to her. 

There may have been other children. 


I.'i(JO. SILAS Doty, son Zephaniah Doten and Rebecca Dunham, b. 
Mitldlcborough, Mass., prob. about 176(), ni. Rochester, Mass., Jan. 14, 
1T87, Sally Millard, b. tli(>re. Lived Rochester. 


1782. i. Betiianiah. 

1783. ii. David >Iii.i.ahd, b. .March 22, 1800. 

1:{(;L JACOH doten, son Zephaniah Doten and Rebecca Dunham, b 
31iddleborough, Masss. , prob. about 1772; m. Rochester, Mass., Feb. 25 
1797, Mary Leach, both of Rochester. He removed to Maine. 


1734. i. Clark W., b. Maine. 1829; was Chief Engineer East 
Boston Ferries, East Boston, Mass. 

1422. HOPE DOTEN, dau. James Doten and Elizabeth Kempton. b. 
Plymouth, Mass., June 15, 17()5: m. there Jan. 9, 17!)1, Samuel Smith, 
of Plymouth. 


1735. i. CnAi'NCEY R., b. S. ^liddleboruogh, ]Mass. 

142S. JAIVIES DOTEN, son James Doten and Elizabeth Kempton, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Sept. 28, 1766; m. there Oct. 25, 1789, Martha Torrey. 
h. Plymouth, 1767, dau. John Torrey and prob. Marj^ Tilley ; removed, 
1797, to Canaan, N. H., where she d. July 29, 1810: he d. there March 2G. 
1859; he was a farmer. 

1797. James Doten, Jr., and JMartha, his wife sell plot at Plymouth, 
received by her from her father John Torrey. 
Children : 

Maktha Tokrkv, b. Dec. 20, 1791; d. Nov. 26, 1792. 
:\Iakv ToRiiEV, b. Feb. 23, 1795. 
Maktha. b. April 21, 1796. 
Mahia, b. July 14, 1798. 

Betsey, b. June 14, 1801 : not m.: d. Oct. 25, 1851. 
James, b. Oct. 80, 1803. 
William, b. Nov. 14, 1805. 
Eleanok, b. Jan. 80, 1808. 
LoizA, b. Ai)ril 27, 1810; d. Aug. 1, 1810. 

1424. ISAAC DOTEN, son James Doten and Elizalieth Kempton, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., March 9, 1768; settled Monkton, Vt. , and had a son 

living West; also a 

1745. i. Ryland. 

142.>. JOHN DOTEN, .son James Doten and Elizabeth KemiHon, l>. 
Plymouth, Mas.s., June 24, 1769 ; m. there Nov. 2, 1792, Sarah :\rorton, b. 
Carver, Mass., July 4, 1771, dau. Elisha Morton and Betsej- Kempton: he 
was a house and ship carpenter, and they resided successively at Ply_ 
mouth, Mass., Grantham, N. JL, and Brstol, Vt., where they both d.. 
he d. Nov. 23, 1840; she d. Nov. 10, 1853. 

Children : 

1746. i. John, b. Plvmouth, ^Farch., 9, 1793: d. July 18, 1793. 

1747. ii. William, b. Plymouth, July 9. 1794; d. Aug. 25, 1796. 

1748. ill. SaLLiE, b. Plymouth, Dec. 20, 1796; not m.; d. Bristol. 
Vt., Nov. 13, 1844. 



















1749. iv. J(.nN, b. Plymouth, March 5, 1799. 

1750. V. Nanoy, b. Plymouth, March 29, 1801. 

1751. vi. Elizabeth Morton, b. Plymouth, Sept. 9, 1804. 

1752. vii. Eleanok, b. Plymouth, Feb. 18, 1805: d. .Ian. 20, 1809. 

1753. viii. Maky Louise, b. Plymouth, Nov. 10, 1809; d. Jan. 10, 1809. 

1754. ix. Leonard, b. Plymouth, April 4, 1810; d. on hi.s waj- to 
California, where he intended to settle : m. ; 5 c^hii. 

1755. X. Daniel, b. Grantham, N. H., Jan. 21, 1813. 

1756. xi. Mary Ann, b. Gratham, 1816; not m.; d. Bristol, Vt., 
Nov. 1, 1846. 

1432. LOIS DOTEN, dau. James Doten and Elizabeth Kempton, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., April 4, 1782; m. there Jan. 12, 1806, Joab Thomas, b. 
prob. Middleborough, Mass., son James Thomas]: lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

1757. i. George Nelson. 

1758. ii. Nahum. 

1759. iii. Lois. 

1760. iv. JoAR. 
1701. V. Betsey. 

1762. vi. Mary. 

U34. JAMES CARVER, son James Carver and Hope Doten, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Sept., 28, 1757; m. there 1779, Mary Harlow, b. there, 
1761, dau. Jonathan Harlow and Sarah Holmes; they lived Plymouth. 


1763. i. James, b. 1782. 

1435. JERUSHA DOTEN, dau. Thomas Doten and Jerusha Howes, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 18, 1770; m. there Jan. 12, 1794, Ephraim 
Harlow, b. there 1770, son Sylvanus Harlow and Desire Sampson; lived 
Plymouth. He m., 2nd, Ruth Sturtevant, Carver, Mass. 


1764. i. Jerusha Howes. 

1765. ii. Ephraim. 

1766. iii. Thomas Doten. 

1767. iv. Jauez. 

1442. MARTHA DOTEN, dau. William Doten and Abigail Sylvester, 
b. Plymouth, Mass.; m. there Feb. 17, 1799, Amaziah Churchill, b. there, 
son Amaziah Churchill and Betty Bartlett. Hem., 2nd, 1808, Polly Har- 
low and had other chil. 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

1768. i. Martha, b. 1800. 
1709. ii. Betsey Bartlett. 

1443. CYNTHIA DOTEN, dau. William Doten and Jane Bartlett 
Churchill, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1788; m., 1st, there Nov. 28, 1805, Thomas 
Fish, Jr., of Pembrolce, Mass. She m. , 2ud, Plymouth, 1811, Elijah Sher- 
man, b. there 1788, son Elijah Sherman and Mrs. Hannah Morton Thomas. 
They lived Plymouth : she d. Feb. 11, 1871. 

Children, by 2nd husb. 

1770. i. Cynthia Thomas, b. 1812; m. Plymouth, 1850, as his 2nd 
wife, Thomas Tribble, b. there about 1796, son Joseph Tribble and 
Polly Holmes. 

1771. ii. Jane Doten, b. 1814. 


1772. iii. William Doten, b. 1816; m. Plymouth, Sophia Sampson 
Dimaii, b. there lb;32, dau. Thomas Diman and Polly Sylvester: 
lived Plymoath. 

1773. iv. Elijah, b. July 23, 1818. 

1774. V. Adeline, b. 1820 ; m. Plymouth, Josiah Goodwin, Maine. 

1775. vi. Thomas, b. 1823: m. Plymouth, PrisiilJa -Morton liiad- 
ford, b. there 1826, dau. Zephaniah Bradford and Sally Hichardsou : 
live Boston, Mass. • 

1776. vii. Hannah, b. 1825. 

1777. viii. Fkanols, b. 1«28. 

1446. HOPE DOTEN, dau. William Doten and.lane BartlettChurehill, 
b. Plymouth, ^lass.; m. there March 5, 1812, Isaac 3Iorton Sherman, b. 
there 1790, son Elijah Sherman and Mrs. Hannah Morton Thomas: they 
lived Plymouth. He m., 2nd, 1833, Mrs. Sarah Holmes Drew. 

Children : 

1778. i. Betsey Doten, b. 1814. 

1779. ii. Isaac Mohton, b. 1816. 

1780. iii. WiNsLOW B., b. 1818; m. Plymouth. Sarah Ann Bent: 
live Plymouth. 

1781. iv. MAKy D., b. 1821. 

1782. V. Hannah T.. b. 1823: m. Plymouth, Cyrus N. Williams. 

1783. vi. Ahbv L., b. IS'H] : m. Plymouth, Ellis P. Thayer. 

1784. vii. Leandeh Lovell, b. 1829 ; lives Plymouth. 

1447. ISAAC DOTEN, son William Doten and Jane Bartlett Churchill, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 4, 1798: m. Kingston, Mass., April 22, 1821. 
Saba Bryant, b. there, April 20, 1800, dau. Luthci- Bryant and Priscilla 
Washburn. She d. New Bedford, Mass., March 14, 1864. He d. July 
15. 1879, while visiting his dau. at Newtonville. Mass. His residence at 
that time was Kingston. 

Children : 

1785. i. Saba I.ewis, b. Plymouth, Dec. 18, 1822, 

1786. ii. Louisa Esther, b. New Bedford, May 23. 1825: m. Ist, 
there, George Sullings; he d. New Bedford. She ni. 2nd, tliere. 
John W. Sullings. They live there. 

1787. iii. Sahah Kussell, b. New Bedford, Sept. 20, 1827. 

1788. iv. William Cusiung White, b. New Bedford, June 11, 1830: 
d. there, Dec. 31, 1831. 

1789. V. Mary Jane, b. New Bedford, .June 3, 1834; m. William 
Pease. The}' live there. 

1790. vi. William White, b. New Bedford, Aug. 23, 1838; d. 
there, June 2, 1862; not ni. 

1791. vii. George Sillings, b. New Bedford. Oct. 11, 1841; m. and 
chil. Live New York City. 

1440. NANCY DOTEN, dau. Jabez Doten and Hannah Sylvester, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., March 14, 1783; m. there, Jan. 10. 1803, Job Cobb. Jr., 
b. there, son Job Cobb and Buth Cobb. He d. Plymouth. She m. 2d. 
there, as his second wife, Lemuel Brown, b. 1772, who came to Plymouth 
from Sudbury, Mass. 

Children, by 1st husb. , b. Plymouth: 

1792. i. George Francis (Cobb), b.. 1804. 

1793. ii. Henry (CobbJ, b., 1808; m. Philadelphia, Pa. He d. 
there; 3 chil., all d. young. 

14:)0. IIAN^'AII DOTEN, dau. Jabez] Doten and Hannah Sylvester, 




















b. Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 10, 1785; m. thero Sept. 16, 1804, Coomer Wes- 
ton, b. there Oct. 31, 1784, son Coomer Weston and Patty Cole; lived 
Plymouth, where he d. July 7, 1870; she d. March 22, 1868. 
Children : 

1794. i. CooMEE, b. March 2, 1805. 

1795. ii. Francis Henki, July 5, 1807. 

1796. ill. PIannah Doten, Nov. 1, 1809; ra. Francis Borasso. 

1797. iv. Ann Maria, h. June 4, 1813; not m. ; lives Plymounth. 

1798. v. Lydia, b. July 1, 1818. 

1799. vi. Thomas, b. Aug. ;W, 1821. 

1800. vii. Miles Standish, b. March 26, 1826. 

1454. NATHAN WHITING, son Nathaniel Whiting and Rebecca 
Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1797; m. there Polly Finney, b. there; resided 

Polly Finney, b. 1818. 
JouN, b. 1822. 
Nathan, b. 1823. 
Albert, b. 1828. 
Edward, b. 1830. 
Lydia F., b. 1835. 
Harriet, b. 1837. 
Adoniram, b. 1840. 
Lkavitt, b. 1842. 

1455. ELIZABETH D(3TEN WHITING, dau. Nathaniel Whiting and 
Rebecca Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1798; m. there 1821, Seth Finney, b. 
there, son Seth Finney and Sally Churchill; lived Plymouth. He m., 
2nd, widow Ruth Howland. 

Child : 

1810. i. Seth. 

1457. REBECCA WHITING, dau. Nathaniel Whiting and Rebecca 
Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1803; m. there 1823, Henry Morton, b. there, 
son Ephraim Morton and Sarah Howland. 


1811. i. Almira T., b. 1827. 

1812. ii. Henry, b. 1829. 

1813. iii. Ephraim S., b. 1837. 

1814. iv. LucyT., b. 1840. 

1463. BENJAMIN WARREN, son Benjamin Warren and Jane Sturte- 
vant, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1766; m. 1789, Sarah Young, dau. Daniel 

Child : 

1815. i. Jane, b. 1797; m. Elisha Doten (No. 1551). 

1466. DAVID WARREN, son Benjamin Warren and Lois Harlow B. 
Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass. ; m. 1796, Sally Dunham. 
Child : 

1816. i. David, 1880, was living Dusbury, Mass. 

1474. SAMUEL DOTY, son Dr. Jabez Doty and Lucy Niles, b. Tor- 
tola, W. I., Dec. 24, 1791; m. there Fanny Robertson; she d. there, hav- 
ing been crushed by the fall of her house in a hurricane, Sept. 23, 1819. 


lie was greatly grieveil by his wife's death and survived her but !) months 
and d. Tortola (Virgin Islands). W. I., June, 1820. 

Dr. Samuel Doty was brought up and educated by his uncle, Rev. John 
Doty, and was sent, 1801), to Quebec to receive a medical education. He 
was indentured to Dr. Buchanan at Quebec and studied with him till the 
breaking out of the war with the United States in 1812. lie was then ap- 
pointed surgeon of the Third Battalion, M. E., and was actively engaged 
in service till 1815, after which he removed to the West Indies. 


1817. i. Wii.i.iAM Cox KoHEinsoN, b. Tortola, W. I., 181S: not m.; 
d. there 1832. 

1-477. SAMUEL DOTEX, son Samuel Doten and Eunice Robbius, b. 
N. Yarmouth, Me., June 11, 1783; m. Plymouth, Mass., June 29, 1807, 
Rebecca Bradford, b. there 1788, dau. Nathaniel Bradford and ReV)ecea 
Holmes. Ho was a mariner, and in 1812 Captain of a privateer : was im- 
prisoned at Dartmoor, and had many adventures. They liv(Ml n.viuouth, 
where he d. Sept. 8, 18()2: she d. 1870. 

Children . 

1818. i. Samiei. Holmes. 

1819. ii. Rehecia Holmes. 

1820. iii. Laitka Ann, b. March 17, 1816. 

1821. iv. Eri'HELiA Fhanc es. 

1822. V. ColJNELIA. 

1823. vi. EiNUE, m. Plymouth, 1849, Seth ^lorton. h. prob. there 
1825, prob. .son Seth Morton and Catharine Brown. They live Santa 
("lara, Cal.; they have 2 chil. 

1824. vii. Liz/iE, b. April 1, 1827: not m.: lives Bo.ston, She 
is a poetess and lecturer. 

1825. viii. Alfred, b. July 21, 1829; m. on Lake Tahoe CaL. July 24. 
1872, Mary E. C. Stoddard of Camden, N. Y. He went to C.ili- 
fornia, 1819, and 1o Nevada, 18()3; is editor of Gold Hill Daily 
News, Gold Hill, Nev. 

1826. ix. CuAKLEs Carroll, b. April 9, 1833. 

147n. JAMES ROBBINS DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Eunice Rob- 
bins, b. N. Yarmouth, Me., Aug. 15, 1787: in 1808 went to Plymouth; ra. 
there Dec. 5, 1811, Betsey Robbins, 1). Plymouth. He was drowned 1812 
in Potomac River, Va. 

Child : 

1827. i. James, b. Plymouth, 1812. Alfred Doten, Gold Hill, Nev., 
writes: "James Doten, whose mother was Mrs. Betsey White, 
^larshfield, ]Mass.. came to California from Jlexico, 1848. and was 
the di.s(;overer of ' Dotcn's Bar'— vei-y rich diggings. Don't know 
his residence, but last heard of him ISOl at Tucson, Arizona, or 
Fort Yuma on the Colorado." 

From this it may be inferred that .Mrs. Betsey Robbins Doten, after the 
the death of her husband in 1812, married a White and resided at Marsh- 
field, iVIass. 

1482. EUNICE ROBBINS DOTEN, dau. Sanmel Doten and Eunice 
Robbin.s, b. N. Yarmouth, Me., Dec. 31, 1793; m. St. Davids. County 
of Charlotte, N. B., Sept. 4, 1817, Joseph Gareelon, b. Lewiston, Me., 
April 16, 1795, son William Gareelon and Maria Harris: she d. St. Davids, 
N. B., Nov. 1, 1868. He m., 2d, Sarah Reade Lever (by whom he had no 


chil.j, and was living, 1879, a hale, pleasant man of his years, one of the 
few early settlers of the beautiful village of Oak Bay, St. Davids, N. B. 
He was an uncle of Governor Alonzo Garcelon of Maine. 
Children, b. St. Davids: 

i. A dau. b. June 6, 1818; d. same day. 

1828. ii. Samuel Doten, b. Oct. 8, 1821: went, about 1854, to Cali- 
fornia; was not m.; present whereabouts unknown. 

1829. iii. Joseph James, b. May 5, 1831. 

1830. iv. Amos Okdway, b. April 5, 1834. 

1831. v. Sarah Maria, b. May 24, 1836. 

1484. AMMI KUHAMA DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Eunice Rob- 
bins, b. No. Yarmouth, Me., July 20, 17P8 ; m., 1st, St. Davids, N. B., 
Sept. 26, 1823, Sophia Kezer, b. St. Davids, N. B., May 1, 1801, dau. 
David Kezer and Nancy, his wife ; she d. Cooper, Me., May 8, 1836. He 
m., 2nd, Alexander, IMe., Feb. 16,1837, Mary Ann Bohanon, b. Calais, 
Me., May 30, 1813, dau. Amariah Bohanon and Amelia Campbell; reside 
Marion, Washington Co., Me. He was Town Clerk and Treasurer, and 
minister of the Christian Church there. He d. 1887. 

Mr. Doten was an industrious correspondent as is testified by several let- 
ters received from him when eighty-three years of age. 
Children : 

1832. i. Sophia Ruhama, b. St. Davids, N. B., July 8, 1824. 

1833. ii. Eunice Ann, b. Cooper, Me., Nov. 6, 1826; m., 1st, 
Pattagumpus, Me., Dee. 26, 1847, Bela Runnels, son Haskell Run- 
nels and Elizabeth Gardner; he d. in hospital south, during war; 
she m., 2nd, Pattagumpus, July 31, 1865, William Benson, son 
Asa Benson and Lydia Garcelon ; he was in the army. She had 6 
chil. by 1st and 2 by 2nd husb ; address Mattawamkeag, Me. 

1834. iii. Mary Clindinin, b. Cooper, May 13, 1829. 

1835. iv. Sarah, b. Cooper, Nov. 29, 1831. 

1836. V. Anna Maria, b. Cooper, Sept. 1, 1834: m. Plantation No. 
14, Me., May 14, 1864, Otis Preston, son Nehemiah Preston and 
Leah Whitney ; reside Seattle, Wash; no chil. 

1837. vi. John Wesley, b. Cooper, Nov. 5. 1837; d. Sept. 5, 1842. 

1838. vii. William Bohanon, b. Cooper, Sept. 10, 1839. 

1839. viii. Jason Lee, b. Cooper, Dec. 8, 1840. 

1840. ix. John Wesley (2d), b. Cooper, Oct. 2, 1842; notm.; enlisted 
1864 in 20th Maine Regt. and served the balance of the war; he d. 
June 8, 1865, Washington, D. C. 

1841. X. Deborah Gowell, b. Cooper, April 10, 1844; d. Feb. 25, 

1842. xi. Samuel Alvah, b. Cooper, Jan. 7, 1846. 

1843. xii. Thaddeus Robbins, b. Cooper, Nov. 1, 1847. 

1844. xiii. Benjamin Franklin, b. Cooper. Aug. 10, 1849; d. Aug. 
31, 1849. 

1845. xiv. Deborah Amelia, b. Cooper, Aug. 17, 1850; d. Nov. 17. 

1846. XV. Ammi Elijah, b. Cooper, March 13. 1853; d. Nov. 23. 

1847. xvi. James Madison, b. Cooper, Nov. 5, 1854. 

1485. THADDEUS ROBBINS DOTEN. son Samuel Doten and Eunice 
Robbins, b. N. Yarmouth, Me., Sept. 25, 1800; m. Minot, Me., June 
25, 1828, Mary Woodman, b. there June 20, 1808, dau. John Wood- 
man and Hannah Bates. He was a cabinet maker and turner, a man 

Children : 













lives Ci: 














noted for deep, consistent piety. They lived Poland, Me., where he d.. 
May 16, 1864. She was living, 1879, Cumberland Centre, Me. 

John Woodman, b. April 2, 1820; not m.; d. Feb. 25, 1862. 
Mahy Cakoi.ine, b. Dee. 7, 1830. 
CiiAiii.Es Hknky, b. May 12, 1882. 
Samiel lIo.MEs, b. Aug. 21, 1834. 

RoswEM. Farniiam, b. Aug. 23, 1830: d. Feb. 19, 1840. 
Sahaii Buittanio, b. April 13, 1839; not m.; an invalid: 
mberland Centre. 
AxsKi. RoMUiNs, b. July 16. 1841. 
Mellen TiiADDEus, b. April 28, 1843. 
Jo.sEi'n Currier, b. July 16, 1845; d. Feb. 19, 1846. 
Peksis, b. April 6, 1847. 
RoswKLL Farniiam (2(1), b. March 14, 1850. 
Edward Sewai.l, b. Jan. 7. 1853. 

14S6. EBENEZER ROBBIXS DOTEX, son of Samuel Doten and 
Eunice Robbins, b. N. Yarmouth, Me., March 26, 1803: m. Moore's 
Mills, St. Davids, N. B., Sept. 5, 1832, Ann Jemima Smith, b. there Feb. 
19, 1813, dau. Jeremiah Smith and Temperance Berry. He was a wool 
carder, Moore's Mills, N. B., and removed, 1834 to Oak Bay. N. B., where 
he built mills and carried on business ; remained in business there, and at 
other places in New Brunswick, until loss of his property in 1858. when 
he removed to Baring, Me. He was a very social man, popular with all 
classes and d. greatly lamented, Baring, Me., May 23, 1873. She, 1879, 
was living Baring, Me. 

ISIK). i. A dau., b. St. Davids, Nov. 16, 1833: d. same day. 

1S61. ii. Ai.macia Ann, b. St. Davids, April 25, 1835. 

1862. iii. Ethelda Adelaide, b. St. Davids, D(>c. 28, 1836. 

1863. iv. Samiel Adelbert, b. St. Davids, Sept. 16, 1838; m. April 
24, 1864, Sarah Augusta Smith, dau. of Stillman Smith and Mar- 
garet Nesbit: she d. Calais, Me., Dec. 1868; he resides Baring; no 
chil. He enlisted as private in the Sith Maine Regt., Aug. 30. 1861. 
Reenlisted as sergeant, Jan. 1, 1864 and was mustered out at close 
of war, 1865, as 1st Lieut. 

1864. V. Sarah Minerva, b. St. Davids. March 13, 1840; m. Wind- 
ham, Me., 1861, Andrew Jackson Hodsdon; she d. N. Yarmouth. 
Oct. 7, 1801. 

William Ben.iamin, b. St. Davids, April 9, 1842. 

LrciEN RoHiiiNS, b. St. Davids, Feb. 10, 1844. 

TiiiR/A Rehecoa, b. St. Davids, Sept. 10. 1845. 

Albion Parkis, b. St. Davids. June 17. 1847. 

Eunice Maria, b. St. Davids, Jan. 6, 1849. 

Edward Vekrv, b. St. Davids, Sept. 27, 1852; not m.: lives 

A dau., 1). Baring, Oct. 30, 1859; d. same day. 

1481). JOHN HURLEY DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Deborah B. 
Hurley, nee Johnson, b. N. Yarmouth, Mo., Jan. 16, 1810; m. Minot, Me., 
Feb. 15, 1834, Elizabeth Freeman, b. April 21, 1812, dau. Daniel Freeman 
and Rebecca Hersey: resided Minot: she d. there March 15, 1877. 

Children • 

1872. i. John Hersey, b. Sept. 4, 1836: d. March 3, 1838. 

1873. ii. John Hersey C2d), b. Oct. 26, 1838; m. 


















1874. iii. Edwin Cdreike, b. Sept. 9^ 1840. 

1875. iv. Leoria Elizabeth, b. Sept. 9. 1843; d. Dec. 1, 1857. 

1876. V. Frank Roscoe, b. Sept. 16, 1848. 

1877. vi. Nathaniel Hooi-ek, b. Oct. 15, 1851. 

1878. vii. Ella Reheih^a, b. Sept. 27, 1857. 

1491. DEBORAH BUCKNAM DOTEN, dau. Sarmiel Dofen and De- 
borah Bucknam Hurley, nee Johnson, b. N. Yarmouth, Me., Sept. 19, 

1813: m. Gowell. He d.; she removed to St. Davids, N. B., where 

she d. Feb. 11, 1846. 

Children : 

1879. i. Maria. 

1880. ii. Arissa. 
One of them d. 

1493. JOSEPH JOHNSON DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Deborah 
B. Johnson Hurley, b. N. Yarmouth, Me., Jan. 14, 1817; m. St. An 
drews, N. B., Oct. 33, 1840, Phebe Bradford, b. Bayside, St. Andrews, 
dau. Benjamin Bradford and Lucy Russell. She lives St. Davids N. B. 
He d. there May 24, 1879; he was deacon of Baptist church, St. Davids, 
for 40 years. 


1881. i. An infant dau., b. and d. St. Davids, Dec. 25, 1841. 

1882. ii. Lucy Rissell, b. Prince William, N. B., Aug. 2, 1843. 

1883. iii. Okrin Bradford, b. St. Davids, April 5, 1845; not m. 

1884. iv. Deborah Bucknam, b. St. Davids, March 18, 1847. 

1885. V. Ltdia Perkins, b. St. Davids, Jan. 14, 1849; not m., 1879. 

1886. vi. Jo.'^EPHiNE Johnson, b. S^ Davids, Oct. 27, 1850; d. May 
4, 1855. 

1887. vii. Maria Garcelon, b. St. Davids, July 8, 1853: not m. 1879. 

1888. viii. Rus.sell Johnson, b. St. Davids, Oct. 6, 1855 ; not m. 

1494. BENJAMIN DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Deborah B. John- 
son Hurley, b. North Yarmouth, Me., Feb. 28, 1819; m. St. George, 
County of Charlotte, N. B., Nov. 3, 1847, Nancy Ann Hall, b. St. George, 
Nov. 29, 1820, dau. James Simeon Hall and Harriet Young. He d. Green 
River, Ontario, Jan. 6, 1877. She lived there, 1879, with her chil. 

Children : 

1889. i. Sanford Hall, b. St. Davids, N. B., Aug. 30, 1848. 

1890. ii. Orxan Hurley, b. St. Davids, March 30, 1850. 

1891. iii. James Elanson, b. Green River, Oat., June 4, 1853; d. 
there, Nov., 1854. 

1892. iv. James Simeon, b. Green River, Oct. 29, 1854. 

1893. V. Clarence William, b. Green River, Aug. 4, 1858. 

1894. vi. Harriet Deborah, b. Green River, Feb. 24, 1860. 

1895. vii. Joseph Willis, b. Green River, Dec. 2, 1802. 

1896. viii. Mary Elizabeth, b. Green River, May 8, 1863. 

1495. ALVAH DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Lydia Hardy, b. 

N. Yarmouth, Me., Nov. 15, 1821; m. N. Yarmouth, Oct. 8, 1845, 
Esther Merrill Lamb, b. Windham, Me., Feb. 28, 1827, dau. Ebenezer 
Lamb and Ann Wetmore Sherwood of Windham. He is a blacksmith, 
Lewiston, Me. 
Children : 

1897. i. Willis Alvah, b. Lewiston, March 31, 1849. 

1898. ii. A child ; d. infancy. 













1 H)7. WILLIAM DUTEN, son Samiiul DoLeu und Lydiu Ilanly. b. N, 
Yarmouth, Me., July 30, 1825; m. 1st, there, Jan. 1. 18;10. Priseilla 
Smith, b. Raymond, Mo., Jan. 4, 1826, dau. Benjamin Smith and Susan 
Witham. Shf d. N. Yarmouth, March 12, 1874. lie m. 2nd, Poland. 
Me.. Oct. 12, 1875, Harriet Ann Ilackctt, b. Minot, Me., Oct. 6, 1833, 
dau. Barnabas llackett and Abagail Waterman. He is a farmer, N. 

Mary Ann, b. Sept. 14, 1851: d. Sept. 30, 1854. 

Eli.a SrsAN. b. July 13, 1853: d. Sept. 20, 1854. 

William IIenuy, b. July 28, 1855. 

Edwahd Fremont, b. Oct. 2. 1857. 

Sylvester Allen, b. April 1«, 18G0 ; d. Feb. 4, 1866. 

141)S. LOUISA DOTEX, dau. Samuel Doten and Lydia Hardy, b. X. 
Yarmouth, Me., March 21, 1827: m. there, 1852, James Lan)b, b. Wind- 
ham, Mo., son Ebeuozer Lamb and Ann Wetmore Sherwood; resided 


1904. i. Ciiari.e.s, b. 1853. 

I-IJ)!). JAIIES DOTEN, son Samuel Doten and Lydia Hardy, b. N. 
Yarmouth, Me., Feb. 9, 1829; m. Durham, Me., Feb. 16,1860, Harriot 
Jennie Hamilton, b. N. Yarmouth, Feb. 21, 1840, dau. Jason Hamilton 
and Lydia Harris; she d. Sept. 3, 1878: he lives X. Yarmouth. 


1905. i Florence Stone, b. Oct. 10, 1862. 
190(). ii. I.iNwooD Hamilton, b. Oct. 16, 1869. 

1907. iii. Dora Bell, b. Aug. 24. 1871. 

l.>00. HAXXAII HOLMES, dau. William Holmes and Hannah Doten. 
b. Plymouth, Mass.. 1788; m. Plymouth, Mass., 1807, Laban Burt; they 
lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

1908. i. Hannah, b. 1807. 

1909. ii. A.MELiA Ann. b. 1811. 

1910. iii. Sally, b. 1813. 

1911. iv. Susan Lincoln, b. 1S15. 

1912. V. Laban, b. 1817. 

1913. vi. Mary WiNSLOw, b. 1819; m. Hit-hard Pierce. 

1914. vii. Janette Allen, b. 1821. 

1915. viii. John, b. 1823. 

1916. ix. Catharine Elizabeth, b. 1824. 

1917. X. Harriett Holmes, b. 1827; m. Henry Briggs. 

1502. SAMUEL DOTEN H0L3IES, son William Holmes andHannah 
Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1792; m. there 1812. 'lietsoy Johnson, b. 
there 1793. dau. Joseph Johnson and Betsey Blacknier; lived Plymouth. 
Children : 

Elizaheth Mason, b. 1S12; m. James Madison Bradford. 

Hakrikt, b. 1815; m. William Davis Simmons. 

RKiiEucA. b. 1819. 

Mercy Johnson, b. 1822. 

Emeline Frances, b. 1825. 

Samuel Doten, b. 1827. 

Joseph Johnson, b. 1830. 
















I.jOS. TRUMAN COOK HOLMES, son William Holmes and Hannah 
Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1795; m. there 1815, Jeannette Allen, b. 
there, dau. John Allen and Susanna Dunham; lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

1925. i. Truman Cook, b. 1816. 

1926. ii. TiM(.TiiY A., b. 1818. 

1927. iii. William, b. 1831. 

1928. iv. Maky S.. b. 1826. 

1929. V. RicHAKD, b. 1828. 

1930. vi. Maky S., (2d), b. 1830. 

1931. vii. Joseph S., b. 1833. 

1932. vili. CuKTis. 

l.')04. HARRIET HOLMES, dau. William Holmes and Hannah Doten, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., 1797: m. there 1817, Caleb Rider, b. there, son 
George Rider and Deborah Chandler; lived Plymouth. He m., 2d, Rosa- 
mund Washburn. 


1933. i. Caleb. 

1934. ii. George. 

1935. iii. James. 

1936. iv. Dekorah. 

1506. WINSLOW HOLMES, son William Holmes and Hannah Doten, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., 1801 ; m. there Lydia Burbank, b. there 1804 ; dau. 
John Burbank and Lydia Mason ; lived Plymouth. 

Betsey, b. 1825. 

WiNSLOw S., b. 1827. 

Lydia, b. 1828. 

Lydia Mason, b. 1829. 

Henry B., b. 1831. 

Bathsheba J., b. 1833. 

Emeline Frances, b. 1836. 

1509. ABIATHAR TUELL, son John Tuell and Rebecca Doten, b. 
St. Davids, N. B., Feb. 23, 1803; m. Marion, Me., April 1, 1826, Electa 
Ingraham Homan, b. Andover, 3Ie. , Nov. 15, 1810, dau. John Homan and 
Persis Ripley. They lived Plantation No. 14, Me. 

Children : 

1944. i. James Leonard, b. Jan. 2, 1829. 

1945. ii. Er.EN Doten, b. .Jan. 9, 1831; d. Aug. 20, 1832. 

1946. iii. Eben Doten (2d), b. Feb. 20, 1833; m. ; lived Plantation 
No. 14. 

1947. iv. Mary Ward, b. April 3, 1835; m. William Walker Phipps; 
lives Plantation No. 14. 

1948. v. Mark. b. Jan. 28, 1837; m. there. 

1949. vi. John Orvid, b. July 7, 1839; m.; lives Upper Bartlett, 
N. H. 

1950. vii. Joseph Ripley, b. May 21, 1841; m. ; lives IVIilltown, Me. 

1951. viii. George Gowel, b. May 2, 1843; m. ; East Machias, Me. 

1952. ix. Lizzie Electa, b. Feb. 11, 1846; m. John Fairfield Stod- 
dard: lives Plantation No. 14. 

1953. X. Laura Elvira, b. Aug. 30, 1848; m. Frederick Dightman; 
lives Milltown, Me. 

1954. xi. Julia Ann, b. April 4, 1853; m. Ira Ilolloway Jones: lives 
Cooper, Me. 

1955. xii. Eva Evelyn, b. Jan. 19, 1855: d. Lewiston, Me., Dec 8, 





































1.M4. JOSHUA HOLMES, eon Joshua Holmes and Hannah Doten. b. 
March 28, 1759, Plymouth, Mass.; m. there 1782. Abigail McKeel, b. there 
1757, dan. John McKeel and Susannah Sampson: they lived Plymouth. 

P..i.i.Y,b. 1782. 

Lkvi, 1). 1785. 

SuKEY, b. 1787. 

JosiiiA, b. 1789. 


lol.i. NATHANIEL HOLMES, son Joshua Holmes and Hannah 
Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass. ; m. there 1793, Sally Bagnall, b. there, dau. 
Benjamin Bagnall and Sarah Totman: lived Plymouth. 


N.vTMA.NiKL, m. Sally Fish (No. 1971). 

PjLizaheth Davis, m. Simeon Dunham. 



Andhew, m. Beulah Sherman. 

15 1(). JANE FISH, dau. Lemuel Fish and Joannah Doten, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass.; ra., as his 2nd wife, William Barnes, b. 1740, son Lemuel 
Barnes and Lydia Barnes. 


1907. i. Lemuel. 

\o112. CALEB FISH, son Lemuel Fish and Joannah Doten. b. Ply- 
mouth, ; m. there 1788, Sarah Paine. 
Children : 

1908. i. Caleb, b. 1790. 

1909. ii. Polly, b. 1792; m. Eli.sha Lapham. 

1970. iii. Samuel, b. 1796: m. Huth Itogers Goddaid. 

1971. iv. Sai'.ah, b. 1798; m. Nathaniel Holmes (No. 1902). 

1527. NATHANIEL DOTEN, son Nathaniel Doten and Mercy Hider, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., March 28, 1777; m. there Nov. 28, 1802, ]\Iary Far- 
mer, b. there 1770, dau. Thomas Farmer and Susanna Tinkham; lived 
and d. Plj^mouth. 

Children : 

1972. i. Natiiamkl, b. Nov. 0. 1803. 

1973. il. Maky Fakmek, July 13, 1800; m. Eliab Woid (No. 1090), 
see his record. 

1974. iii. Maiuia Ridek, b. Oct. 11, 1808. 

1975. iv. Nancy Fakmeu, b. June 17, 1811. 

1976. V. Jane, b. June 15, 1814. 

1977. vi. Eliza Ann, b. Sept. 6, 1817. 

1528. PRINCE DOTEN, son Nathaniel Doton and :Mercy Hider, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 14, 1780; m. there Oct. 20, 1808, Susan Price b. 
there March 27, 1787, dau. Ocorge Price and Susan Farmer. Tbey lived 
Plymouth, where he d. Nov. 11, 1809, and she d. Jan. 25, 1874. 

Children : 

1978. i. Susan, b. Dec. !(!, ISO!); notm.: d. Plymouth, May 27, 1872. 

1979. ii. Pmehe. b. Dec. 31, is 11. 

1980. iii. Hannah, b. April 18, 1814. 

1981. iv. PuiNCE, b. Oct. 3, 1817. 


1982. V. Sakah Ann, b. Dec. 7, 1819. 

1983. vi. Naomi, b. Jan. 14, 1821. 

1984. vli. Sylvanus Hows, b. 18L'3; d. Oct. 12, 1825. 
1995. viii. Samuel, d. April 3, aged few mouths. 
198G. ix. Geokge Hbnry, b. July 7, 1830. 

And 3 other chil., 2 sons and 1 dau., not named, all of whom 
d. , aged a few days only. 

1529. EDWARD DOTEN, son Edward Doten and Esther Hollis, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 1, 1802; m. there May 1, 1824, Salina Pratt, b. 
there Feb. 6, 1806, dau. John Pratt and Betsey Hollis. He was a mariner, 
and afterward a farmer, but 1886, was living Plymouth, a hearty old 
gentleman, who gave, much information and aid to these records. 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

1987. i. Salina Fixney, b. Aug. 'il, 1824. 

1988. ii. Edward Lewis, b. July 29, 1827. 

1989. iii. Elisha Sherman, b. June 20, 1830. 

1990. iv. Betsey Pratt, b. March 10, 1833; not m.; d. Oct. 25, 

1991. V. Fidelia Thomas, b. April 15, 1835; m., 1st, Plymouth, 
1852, Charles Edwin Tillson, b. Plympton, Mass., 1825, son Isaiah 
Tillson and Hannah, his wife; she m., 2nd, Samuel Gerrish. They 
live Pembroke, Mass. Chil., 3 by 1st husb. , 5 by 2d husb. 

1992. vi. Helen, b. Aug. 17, 1840; d. Sept. 4, 1847. 

1993. vii. Louisa T,, b. May 26, 1844; d. Sept. 12, 1847. 

1994. viii. Charles Alfred, b. Jan. 19, 1849; not m.; d. Plymouth, 
March 23, 1872. 

1831. ESTHER FINNEY DOTEN, dau. Edward Doten and Esther 
Hollis, b. Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 2, 1807; m. there April 13, 1826, David 
Sturtevant Holmes, b. there Jan. 18, 1802, son Ebenezer Holmes and 
Sally Sturtevant; they lived Eel River, Plymouth, where he d. Jan. 9, 
1881, and she d. May 27, 1881. 

Children : 

1995. i. Esther, b. Dec. 22, 1826; not m.; d. there Sept., 1880. 

1996. ii. A son, b. March 6, 1829; d. a few days old. 

1997. iii. Luoia Jane, b Oct. 30, 1830. 

1998. iv. Isabel, b. Aug. 17, 1834. 

1999. V. David Sturtevant, b. July 24, 1837; d. 1841. 

2000. vi. Phebe Augusta, b. Feb. 4, 1840. 

2001. vii. Jerusha Amy, b. Dec. 13, 1843; m. Henry William 

2002. viii. Fanny Seymour, b. June 29. 1845. 

2003. ix. Flora Agnes, b. May 3, 1848. 

2004. X. Georgietta Adelaide, b. Dec. 11, 1850. 

1534. LEMUAL DOTEN, son Edward Doten and Esther Hollis, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., March 26, 1816; ni. Chiltonville, Mass., Oct. 22, 1843, 
Pamelia Jane Bearse (No. 2091a), b. Plymouth, Jan. 8, 1826, dau. Thomas 
Bearse and Pamelia Howlaud; lived Chiltonville, where he d. Sept. 14, 
1868; she lived there 1886. 

Children : 

2005. i. Lemuel Thomas, b. June 22. 1845. 

2006. ii. Louis Drew, b. Sept. 3, 1848. 

2007. iii. Archie Howland, b. Feb. 14, 1868. 

1535. HANNAH DOTEN, dau. Edward Doten and Esther Hollis. b. 


Plymouth. ^lass., Oct. 15. IHIJ): ni. there Joshua Thrasher; she d. about 
18(35. They had 3 chil., but only 1 is known. 

Child : 

2008. i. M.vHiAN, m. Williani P. Dupar and liveb Eustin City, 

l.iSiJ. JOHN DOTKN, son Edward Doten and Esther Hollis. b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 27, 1823; m. Nov., 1845, Betsey Hughes, b. 
Befiuniari.s, Anglesea, Wales, March 26. 1823. dau. John Hughes and 
Ellen Williams. He is a tai-kmaker. South Hanover, Mass. 

Children, b. Hanover: 

2009. i. Ei.izAiJETU, b. Feb. 2, 1847 : d. Hanover, young. 

2010. ii. George D.\xa. b. July 14, 184!); not m: lives Texas. 

2011. iii. Joiix Thomas, b. July 14, 1840. 

1537. PAUL DOTY, son Thomas Doty and prob. his first wife. b. 
Halifax, N. S., May 28, 1780; m. prob. :Maine. Elizabeth Lucas, b. Heb- 
ron, Me., Nov. (!, 1787, jirob. descended from one of the Plymouth families 
of Lucas. Shed. East Thorndike, Me., Feb. 7. 1872. He d. Montville, 
Me.. March 3, 1864. 

He was a man whose memory is greatly respected by his descendants 
for his ability, integrity and worth. He wrote his name "Doty" as do 
all his descendants. He appears to have been estranged from his father, 
after the latter's second marriage and to have had no association with his 
Children, b. Montville, Me. : 

Ann C, b. Nov. 23, 1805. 

Joseph Lucas, b. March 23. 1807. 

Geokge Riley, b. March 3, 1810. 

Eliza Didlev, b. Nov. 10, 1814. 

Fkeema.v C, b. May 34, 1818; d. voung. 

Maky Jane, b. Jan. 20, 1820. 

Elmiha M., b. Dec. 26, 1822: d. young. 

JoHX Fheeman, b. Aug. 24, 1825. 

Cuaeles E., b. Sept. 24, 1827. 

1544. BENJAMIN WARD DOTY, son John Doty and Zebiah Ids 
wife, b. Bristol Co., Mass., 1772; m. Bristol, R. I., Nov. 19, 1795. 
Rebecca Ela, b. 1769, dau. Thomas Ela, mariner, and Sarah Walker. She 
d. Bri.stol, March 15, 1824, aged 55 years. He prob. m. 2nd, Mrs. Sarah 
Bishop. He d. Bristol, Aug., 1844, aged 72 years. 

It is reported that at the time his father with the rest of the family 
removed to N(!w Y'ork State in 1780, he, being then 14 years of age, came 
to Bristol. R. I., where he subsequently lived. He thus became separa- 
ted from his relatives with whom he had little further communication, 
though it is said that he visited them about the year 1800. His children, 
who give these particulars, also remember having heard him tell about 
the old house at Plymouth. Mass., which corroborates to some extent 
this account of his ancestry. 

Children, b. Bristol, R. I. 

2021. i. Simeon, b. June 17, 1796. 

2022. ii. Henry, b. Jan. 23, 1798. 

2023. iii. Geokge, b. Oct. 7, 1799. 

2024. iv. Sarah, b. Oct. 10, 1801; d. May 12. 1818. 




















2025. V. William Pierce, b. Aug. 2, 1804. 

2026. vi. Benjamin Wakd, b. Aug. 18, 1806. 

2027. vii. Charlotte, b. Sept. 9, 1808: d. Arkwright Village, Crans- 
ton, R. I., March 20, 1814. 

2028. viii. Edmind, b. .July 2, 1810. 

2029. ix. John Mat, b. M.ay 8. 1812: not m. He d. Charleston, S. 
C, Aug. Id35. 

l.')45. JOSEPH DOTY, prob. son John Doty, said to have removed 
from Eastern States to Rensselaer Co., N. Y. ; m. a wife, Content. 

Without any positive proof in records or tradition, all the probabilities 
point to this Joseph Doty being the son of John Doty who removed about 
1786 with his family from Bristol Co.,, to Troy, N. Y., or that 
vicinity. If so, Joseph was b. Bristol Co., Mass., about 1775. 

Children : 

2030. i. Rensselaer, b. Rensselaer Co., N. Y., June 5, 1805. 

2031. ii. Daniel. 

2(>32. iii. Elisha, said to have been poisoned by eating wild turnip 
and d. at 10 years. 
And prob. some daughters. 

1519. BETSEY WARREN DOTEN, dau. Lemuel Doten and Phebe 
Persons, b. Plymouth, Mass., June 9, 1780; m. there John Pierce, son 

Pierce and Glass of Duxbury, Mass. They lived South Ponds, 

Plymouth. Shed. Jan. 23, 1824. He m., 2nd, Lucretia Phillips and d. 
aged about 80: 4 chil. by his 2nd wife. No further records in this fam- 


Lives South Ponds. 

1550. JAMES DOTEN, son Lemuel Doten and Phebe Persons, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Aug. 31, 1782; m., 1st, there, Dec. 20, 1810, Mrs. Mary 
Bartlett Clark. He m., 2nd, Plymouth, Dec. 26, 1841, Mrs. Lydia 
Burbank Marsh, b. Plymouth, Dec. 25, 1799, dau. Ezra Burbank and 
Lydia Drew and widow Thomas Marsh of Plymouth. They lived Ply- 
mouth, where he d. March 11, 1859, and she was living 1880. 

Children, by 1st wife 

Jhildren : 

2033. i. 


2034. ii. 


2035. iii. 

William, b. Aug. 7. 1809. 

2036. iv. 

Tilden; m. South Ponds. 

2037. V. 



James : not m.; lost at sea. 



Lemuel: was a sailor; address unknown. 



Peter : d. Insane Asylum, Taunton, Mass. 









Eliza S. 




1551. ELISHA DOTEN, son Lemuel Doten and Phebe Persons, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., May 26, 1786 : m. there Nov., 1825, Jane Warren (No. 
1815), b. there 1796, dau. Benjamin Warren and Sarah Y^oung. He d. 
Plymouth ; she m. , 2nd, there, Jan. 4, 1830, as his 2nd wife, David Sears, 
son Willard Sears. 

Children : 

2045. i. Amasa ; not m. 

2046. ii. Lemuel. 


1 .').').•>. LOIS ROBBINS. <lau. Williiim Uobbins and Lois Doten. b. 
Plymouth, Mass., 1786: m. Plymouth, 1812, as his 2(i wife, Thouias 
Withorell, b. there, 1778, son Thomas Witlierell and Ann May. They 
lived Plymouth. 


2047. i. LoTiiuoi". 

2048. ii. (;iiAui.E.s May. 

2049. ill. Nan('Y Smaw. 

2050. iv. Sylvants Jamks. 

1574. SALLY WASHBURN, dau. Hosea Wasliburn umi Ilannali 
Doty, b. Temple, Me., Oct. 3, bSO^ ; m. Nov. 4, 1830, Jonathaii F. Luce. 
She was living 18!)3. 

Child ; 

2051. i. Eros T.. Justice Second District Court of Eastern Massa- 
chusetts, Waltham, Mass. 

1579. SAMUEL SHERMAN, son Samuel Sherman and Lj^dia Doten, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., 1701: m. there, 1813. Eleanor Covington, b. there, 
dau. Thomas Covington and Sarah Tribble. They lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

2052. i. Samuel, b. 1814. 

2053. ii. Eleanor, b. 1810. 

2054. iii. Tripiiena, b 1822. 

2055. iv. Everett F., b. 1826; m., 1st, Elizabeth Talliot ; ni.. 2nd, 
Sarah Weston. 

2056. V. Samuel C2nd), b. 1828. 

2057. vi. Lydia Doten, b. 1831 ; m. James W. Blarkmer. 

1580. THOMAS BRANCH SHERMAN, sou Samuel Sherman and 
Lydia Dote?!, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1704; m. there 1832, Susan Durfey. b. 
there about 1795, dau. Richard Durfey and Mary Holmes. They lived 

Children : 

2058. i. Mary H. 

2059. ii. Si;sAN Dotex, b. 1834: m. Nathaniel llolm.'s. Jr. 
2000. iii. Samuel, b. 183(). 

1582. STEPHEN DOTEN, son Stephen Dot.'u and i',.'tscy Holmes, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 6, 1774; m. there April 20, 1800, Hannah Wright, 
b. there, dau. Isaac Wright and Faith Chandler : both d. Plymouth. 

Children : 

2002. i. Nancy, b. Oct. 6. 1801. 

2003. ii. Hannah, b. Sejtt. 25, 1802. 

2064. iii. Stki-hkn, b. Dec;. 5, 1804. 

2065. iv. Caroline Winslow, b. June 7, 1807: d. about 1850. 

2066. v. Bet.sey Bartlett, b. Dee. 10, 1808: nu Josiah Finney, 
who 1st m. her sister Nancy. See her record. She m. 2nd, 
Timothy Allen. 

2067. vi. Jane SouTUwoirrii. b. Jan. 15, 1811: m. Ezra Leach, who 
1st m. her sister ilaiuiah. See her record. 

2068. vii. Makcia Whitman, b. Nov. 17, 1812: m. Plymouth, May 
1836, John Finney, son Clark Finney and Polly Wetherell. He m., 
2nd, Deborah Swift ; liv(!s Chiltonville, Mass. 

2069. viii. Chandler Wrioiit, h. Jan. 10, 1814. 

2070. ix. Everett, b. Dec. 8, 1810; live Chiltonville: m. Caroline 


2071. X. George Wasiiingson, b. Sept. 27, 1818. 

2072. xi. Elbhidge Gekry. 

2073. xii. Eliza. 

2074 xiii. Kehecoa O., b. Aug., 1829 ; m. Nathaniel C. King. They 
live Lawrence, Mass. 

1583. PAUL DOTEN, son Stephen Doten and Betsey Holmes, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Feb. 20, 1770; m. and removed to Maine. 

2075. i. Paul. 

2076. ii. Stephen. 

2077. ili. Hannah. 

2078. iv. Deborah. 

i:)86. MERCY DOTEN, dau. Stephen Doten and Betsey Holmes, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 7, 1785; m. there Nov. 6, 1810, Samuel Lewis, b. 
there 1788, son William Lewis and Christina White. They lived Ply- 
mouth. She d. 1818 ; he m., 2nd, Mercy Sears and had other chil. 


2079. i. Samuel Williams, b. 1811. 

2080. ii. Hannah Doten, b. 1815. 

2081. iii. Jesse James Hawkes, b. 1816. 

2082. iv. Meroy, b. 1818; m. Reed; lived Easton, Mass. 

1588. DEBORAH DOTEN, dau. Stephen Doten and Betsey Holmes, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 9, 1791; m. there Dec. 1819, John Howard 
Clark, b. there 1794, son John Clark and Eleanor Shurtleff. 


2083. i. James E., lives Chiltonville, Mass. 

1592. JOSEPH DOTEN, son Stephen Doten and Abigail Clark, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 28, 1803; m. there January, 1825, Jerusha Bart- 
lett. b. there, 1806, dau. George Bartlett and Sylvina Holmes. He went 
Aug. , 1851, to California, and d. there. She d. Plymouth, prob. Oct., 

Children, b. Plymouth : 

2084. i. Joseph Morton, b. July 11, 1827. 

2085. ii. Francis Bartlett, m. ; lived Bodie, Mono Co., Cal. : he d. 

2086. iii. AVilliam Warren. 

2087. iv. Lucius Henry, b. May 10, 1832; lives Chiltonville, Mass. 

2088. V. Abby Morton ; not m. 

2089. vii. Andrew Jackson. 

1594. JACOB UOWLAND, son Isaac Howland and Sarah Doten; m. 
Plymouth, Mass, 1798, Jane Hovey. 


2090. i. Catharine, m. Isaac J. Lucas. 

2091. ii. Pamelia. 

1595. ICHABOD HOWLAND, son Isaac Howland and Sarah Doten, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., 1781; m. there, 1803, Deborah Crocker, b. Carver, 
IMass. They lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

2092. i. Lemuel Crocker, b. 1808. 

2093. ii. Isaac, m. Ruth Nickerson. 

2094. iii. Susan B. 

2095. iv. Hannah, b. 1815; m. Elkanah C. Finney. 

2096. V. Maria, m. Samuel Vaughn. 


I.')<M». JOHN IIOWLAND, son Isaac llowland and Sarah Doten, b. 
Plymouth, Mass.. 1784: m., 1st, there, 181G, Nancy Saunders; m., :2nd, 
there, l«lil, N'uncy laicas. Tlioy lived Plyin.Mith. 

Children : 

'2097. i. C'ii.\in.Es II., Ml., 1st, Betsey L. Morton; m., ind. Eunice 

B. Finney. 

2098. ii. John, ni. Mercy .Jane Tinkham. 

201)0. iii. Ahuaham. hi. Caroline Vaughn. 

2100. iv. Sahaii, m. John Whiting. 

2101. V. 

15{>7. HENRY ROWLAND, son Isaac llowland and Sarah Doten, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., 1780: m. there, 1813, Su.sannah Leach. 

Child : 

2102. i. Susan W., m. Everett Finney. 

loOS. CHARLES IIOWLAND, son Isaac llowland and Sarah Doten. 
b. Plymouth, Maes.. 1788 ; m. there, 1800, Deborah Clark, b. there. 
Lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

210;f. i. CHAHI.Kt^. 

210-1. ii., b. 1807 ; m, Ira Litchfield. 
2105. iii. Adeline, b. 1800; m. Henry Fimiey. 
2100. iv. Dehoiiah, m. Juhn Harlow. 

loOJL SAMUEL IIOWLAND, son Isaac llowland and Sarah Doten. b. 
Plymouth, Mass., 1702: m. there Mary Corban Holmes, b. there. 

2107. i. Calvin. 
210b. ii. Charles. 

1600. CALVIN IIOWLAND, son Isaac llowland and Sarah Doten, h. 
Plymouth, Mass., 1797; ra. there Lydia Nickerson. They lived Ply- 


2109. 1. Calvin, b. 1819 ; m. Susan T. Wood. 

2110. ii. William N., b. 1822; m. Mary B. Soule. 

2111. iii. Lydia N., b. 1825; m. Benjamin Whitmore. 

2112. iv. Samuel, b. 1827; m. Martha A. Bartlett. 
2118. v. FuKDEincK, b. 1829 : m. Mary Jane Bartlett. 

2114. vi. Isaac, b. 1833. 

2115. vii. Fhancis, b. 1837: m. Caroline E. Cobb. 

2116. viii. Chahles H., b. 1839 ; m. Nancy L. 6. Raymond. 

1(>02. PAMELIA IIOWLAND, dau. Isaac llowland and Sarah Doten, 
b. Plymouth, Mass.: m. there, 1787, William Morton, b. there, 1759, son 
Thomas Morton and Mary Morton. Lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

2117. 1. Pamrlia, b. 1795. 

2118. ii. Anna, b. 1797. 

2119. iii. Lewls b. 1809. 

2120. iv. William, b. 1810. 

1604. BATIISHEI5A JOANES DOTEN, dau. Joseph Doten and 
Elizabeth Allen, b. Plymouth, Mass., June 10, 1795; m. there, June 15, 
!S12, William Holmes, 3rd, (No. 1501), b. there, 1790, son William 
Holmes and Hannah Doten. Lived Plymouth. 



2131. i. Betsey Doten. 

2132. ii. Bathsiieba Joanes, m. Ansel 11. llailow. 

160;). MARY DOTEN, dau. John Doten and Mary Wright, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 3S, 1799: ru. George Lee. She d. Sheffield, Mass. 

2128. i. George. 

2134. ii. Maky. 

1611. JOHN DOTEN, son John Doten and Mary Wright, b. Plj-mouth, 
Mass., Oct. 1, 1804; lived Sheffield, Mass. 

Children : 

2135. i. Joiix. 

2126. ii. Juliette, m. La Farge. 

1612. BARTLETT DOTEN, son John Doten and Mary Wright, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 16, 1807: m. Sheffield, Mass., Nov. 13, 1833. 
Augusta Mason, b. there, Aug. 10, 1814, dau. Col. Darius Mason and 
Sarah Root. He was a merchant and manufacturer and resided at 
Sheffield, and Bridgeport, Ct. He d. Bridgeport, Aug. 16, 1867. She 
lives Bridgeport. 

Children, b. Sheffield: 

2127. i. Martha Ellen, b. Oct. 30, 1835: m. Bridgeport, Ct., 
June 12, 1872, Levi Warner Eaton, b. Springfield, Mass., April 11, 
1831, son Levi P^aton and Clarissa Cooley. He resides Bridgeport. 
She d. Bridgeport, July 21, 1876, in childbirth. Child also d. 

2128. ii. Frederick Bartlett, b. Doc. 9, 1841. 

2129. iii. Edward Mason, b. March 15, 1846: m. Chicopee, Mass., 
Oct. 20, 1870, Lucy Ellen Hadley, b. there. 1850. dau. James llad- 
ley. He was cashier, First Nat. Bank, Chicopee, Mass., but d. 
Bridgeport, Ct. , March 24, 1872. She m. 2nd, I. Foster Ober, 
architect, of Boston, Mass. 

2130. iv. Charles Arthur, b. Feb. 8, 1849: educated at Yale and 
Columbia Colleges; admitted to the bar at Bridgeport, Ct., 1873. 
Was City Attorney of Bridgeport in 1879. Was a Judge of City 
Court, 1881-1887. Appointed Coroner of Fairfield Co., 1890, which 
position he still holds. 

1641. JOHN EDWARD DOTEN, son John Doten and Basheba 
Bowker, b. Pembroke, Mass., in that part of the town now known as 
Hanson, July 3, 1780; m. Bridgewater, Windsor Co., Vt., Sept. 6, 1804, 
Elizabeth Vose, b. Goffstown, N. H., March 14, 1783, dau. Thomas 
Vickery Vose and Sarah Little. They resided Pomfret, Vt., where he d. 
April 8, 1863, and she d. Aug. 7, 1865. He was a farmer. 

Children : 

2131. i. Calvin, b. Aug. 30, 1805: not m.; d. Jan. 14, 1834. 

2133. ii. Sakah Matilda, b. Feb. 12, 1808. 
3133. iii. HosEA, b. Nov. 29, 1809. 

2134. iv. Samuel Spencer, b. Oct. 23, 1811. 

2135. v. Electa, b. July 19, 1813; m. Woodstock, Vt., .Jan. 23, 
1873, as his 2nd wife. Henry Warren Leach, b. Bridgewater, Vt., 
Feb. 12, 1812, son John Leach and Lavina Snow ; his 1st wife 
was her sister Louise Doten ; they live Pomfret; no chil.; he is a 

2136. vi. Abigail Everts, b. Oct. 7, 1817; not m.; she resides at 
the old homestead, Pomfret. 

Children : 












2137. vii. LoriSA, b. Oct. It), 1819; m. Woodstock, Sept. 0, 18(5"), 
Henry Warren Leach (.see above); she d. there Feb. 2s, 1871. 

2138. viii. Joanx.\, b. Aug. 21, 1823; not in.; she resides with her 
sister, Pronifret. 

2139. ix. John Qiincv, b. Nov. 24. 1825; d. March 22, 1827. 

1(»42. LEBBEl'S DOTY, son James Doty and Elizabeth Gilbert, b. 
Brookfield, Mass., June 30, 1786; m. Canajoharie, N. Y. , Electa Childs; 
she d.; he m. again; he d. E. Smithfleld, Pa., Aug., 166Q. 

He studied medicine and graduated in New Y'ork City; practiced in 
Canajoharie, N. Y., from 1817 to 1840, and near there for seven years 
more; then removed about 1847 to K. ymithfield. Pa., where he subse- 
quently lived. He was eminent as a phy.'^ician and an authority in the 
specialty of obstetrics. 

A Montgomery County deed shows that he mortgaged his house and lot 
at Canajoharie, N. Y., in 1817, bought it July 2, 1824, and with his wife 
sold in 182(5. 

Jamks, lives E Smithlichl, Pa. 
Henky, lives E. Smithtield. 
. Joii.v L. , lawyer, lives Washington, D. C, or Lockhaven, 

Anx, m. ; successful teacher; lived Sycamore, Ill.:d. 18(i() 
Electa, ra. ; lives Sycamore. 

1043. RACHEL DOTY^ dau. James Doty and Elizabeth Gilbert, b. 
Leverett, Mass., July 2, 1788; m. May 30, 1811, Thaddeus Scott, b. Hat- 
field, Mass., June 14, 1785, son Ebenezer Scott of N. Hatfield and Susan- 
nah Parker; they resided HatOeld; he d. Aug. 11, 1836: she d. Montague, 
Mass., July 20, 1873. She was a highly educated and talented lady, bear- 
ing many of her mother's traits and retained her faculties, till her death at 
85 yt'ars. 

Children, b. Hatfield: 

2145. i. Gad, b. Sept, 17, 1812; m. Florence, Erie Co., 0., July 30, 
1840. Caroline Smith, of Florence, dau. Eiios Smith and Sally 
Sampson; she d. Epworth, la., Oct. 24, 1872; he ni.. 2nd, Peosta, 
Dubuque Co. , la. , Jan. 15, 1873, Mrs. Lucy Story Reed; no chil. 
He removed Sept. 30, 1833 to Rrownhelm, Lorain Co., O., and 1845 
to Townsend, Huron Co., O., and 1854 to Berlin, Erie Co., O., and 
1855 to Kpworth; he is a farmer. 

2146. ii. Jamks, b. Oct. 26, 1814: m. Hatfield, Nov. 29, 1838, Lucy 
Scott, b. there Nov. 20, 1820, dau. Aretas Scott and Nancy Sander- 
son; they resided Montague, Mass.; no chil.: she d. there Aug. 25, 
1874; he d. there Aug. 19, 1881. 

2147. iii. Ei.i/AiiKTH Doty, b. Dec. 10. 181(;. 

2148. iv. Eastman, b. Sept. 16, 1819. 

2149. v. Ai.MiRA Gii.isBKT, b. Aug. 11, 1821; m. Franklin Browning; 
lives Ncu'thlield Farms, M iss. 

2150. vi. Ali'heis. b. Oct. 14, 1824. 

2151. vii. Lkhukn.s. b. Oct. 14, 1824: ni. Jan. 3, 1850, Martha Aurelia 
Miller, b. Springfield, Mass , March 20, 1824, dau. William Miller 
and Martha Smith: no chil.; they live Pittsfield, Mass. 

1()44. BETSEY DOTY, dau. James Doty and Elizabeth Gilbert, b. 
Leverett, Mass., May 28. 1790; m., 1813, John Howard. They lived 
Leverett. She d. Juno, 1825. 


Children : 

2152. i. WiiJ.iAM Henry; lived Leverett. 

2ir)8. ii. Eliza Makia, m. Charles Ilobart; 2daus.: live Halifax, 

2154. iii. RicHAKD Baxter; lived Leverett. 

1(>4."). JAMES DOTY, son James Doty and Elizabeth Gilbert, b. Lev- 
erett, Mass., Nov. 3, 1T95; m. Oct. 10, 1818, Sophronia Cushman King, 
b. Ilartland, Vt., July 1, 1800, dan. Asabel King and Lydia Alexander. 
She d. Bernardston, Mass., April 18, 183G. He d. at the house of his 
dau., Mrs. D. P. Foster, Shelburne Falls, Franklin Co., Mass., Jan. 9, 
1857, but vpas buried beside his wife at Bernardston. He was a carpenter 
and builder and lived at Bernardston. He was a man of large intelli- 
gence, and one of the founders of the Universalist Society there. 

His grandson, Dr. E. W. Foster of Boston, Mass., who was his favorite 
grandchild and knew him well, writes: 

'' At the age of eleven years James Doty met with a severe accident by 
cutting one of his knees, and came near losing the use of it ; indeed, it 
rendered him ' permanently lame for life. At the age of fourteen years 
he was apprenticed in due form to Major Orra Shelden of the town of 
Bernardston (some dozen miles north of Leverett 'j, to learn tht^ carpen- 
ter's and joiner's trade. At the age of twenty-one years, having served 
his time, he received his ' freedom suit ' and a set of tools, as per inden- 
ture. Many buildings, mills and churches in his adopted town, even 
to-day, attest his thoroughness and reputation in this direction of labor. 

" He was an uncommonly well-informed man in many of the great de- 
partments of human knowledge. History, botany, geology, geography, 
astronomy and mathematics were his favorite studies, including also me- 
chanics and philosophy, and his knowledge of these was very accurate 
and extensive. He had many occasions to put such varied information 
to use, chiefly, however, in behalf of the public school teachers, who were 
wont in every stress to seek his counsel and advice. At the request of 
the schools, Mr. Doty at one time made a fine and perfectly mounted 
globe for their use, every portion of which he made himself with such 
accuracy of detail as to be truly considered a masterly achievement for 
those times, and the more so as perhaps no one in the town had ever 
seen one before. All these studies were pursued in the intervals of rest 
after hard days' labor and at all other possible times. His thirst for 
knowledge was ever intense, and up to the time of his death his mind 
was as active and eager for new truths as ever it had been from the first. 
In the line of ancient and colonial history he was exceedingly well read. 
This fact, together with the possession at times of a quaint, drj^ humor, 
made his conversation on these and kindred subjects not only amusing, 
but interesting and instructive. He could wield a trenchant blade in ar- 
gviment, and all sham, hypocrisy and the like, met an uncompromising 
foe in him. He was always a liberal and independent thinker, and was 
one of the founders, and the first clerk of the First Universalist Society 
of Bernardston. He was quite alone in religious views from all the rest 
of his family, but was prepared to maintain them, which he did to the 


eu(i. Mr. Doty had at tliis time the most extensive library in lown, anil 
it is true also that none wore better read than his. 

"In stature, he was a little under medium liei^'ht, and in strength was 
compact and sinewy, and capable of a great deal of labor, mental and 
physieal, both of which his constant zeal and industry worked up to their 
ma.ximum capacity. He is pleaB<antly remembered bj' all the old inhab- 
itants of Ucrnardston, as no one of their number was more gen(.'rally or 
favorably known for many acts of kindness and benevolence." 
Children, b. Bernardston, Mass.: 

2155. i. LoiisA :Mari.\, b. May 11, 1819. 

-^15(5. ii. James Edwakd, 1j. June 5, 1821. 

2157. iii. AuEi.iA Soi>iii:onia, b. Oct. 10, 1823: m.. 1st. Greenfield, 
Mass., Frederic A. Townsley of Greenlh'ld, editor of tlie Green- 
field Democrat; she m. ,2nd, Benjamin F. Goodwin of Shelburne 
Falls, Mass.: she d. July 1, 1840: had 1 child, who d. 1840. 

2158. iv. Thomas, b Jan. 5, 1825: '1. there Oct. 27, 1827. 

2159. v. Maky Ei.i/ahktu, b. May 2, 1828. 
21()0. vi. Hakkiet Elvika, b. 8ept. 6. 1830. 
2161. vii. Thomas King, b. June 6, 1833. 

l(;+(». JOEL DOTY, son James Doty and Elizabeth Gilbert, b. Leverett, 
]\rass.. May 23, 1798: m. Oct. 29. 1823, Celestia Broadrirk of Conway. 

He was a blacksmith and farmer. He learned his trade of blacksmith- 
ing at Wapping. a neighborhood in old Durlield, Mass., and after marriage 
settled in Bernardston, .Alass., but February, 1825, removed to Water- 
bury, Yt., where he still resides: Waterbury Centre is his post office. He 
is greatly respected in the community where he lives for his upright life 
and character. 


2102. i. Mahv Ei.izAiiKTii, b. Bernardstown, ]Mass., Sept. 11,1824: 
d. Waterbury. Yt., Sept. 13, 182(). 

1(547. JOHN DOTY, son James Doty and Elizabeth Gilbert, b. Lever- 
ett, Mass., May 18, 1800; m. Lebanon, N. Y.. May 14, 1831, Hannah 
Swan, b. Paris, N. Y., Mai-ch 11, 1811, dau. Sheldon Swan and Rachel 
Dibble. Shed. East Smithfield, Pa. , Dec. 13. 1877: he d. there May 17. 

He was a well-known teacher and preacher. In his younger years he 
taught school, then he studied at Canajoharie (N. Y.) Academy and ob- 
tained a Imiited knowledge of Greek and Latin. Then entered at the 
Baptist Literary and Theological Seminary at Hamilton, Madison County, 
N. Y. , and graduated in June, 1830, in the English and theological de- 
partments. In 1832 he was ordained pastor of the Baptist Church at 
Smithfield, Bradford County, Pa. He resigned, 1839, taught in destitute 
neighborhoods, and worked h.s farm, respected and esteemed l>y all. 
Many of his children have been well known teachers, partaking of his 

An obitury notice published at his death, reads: Elder John Doty died 
in Smithfield, Pa., May 17, 1867, aged sixty-seven years. He united with 
a Baptist church in early life. In 1830, he graduatd from the Hamilton 


Institution and was ordained in 1832 as pastor of tho Smitlifield church. 
After sustaining this relation for seven years lie resigned, and 
preached in destitute neighborhoods, having his home still among the 
people of his first choice. He vras also a teacher for several years, labored 
with his own hands upon his little farm and endeavored to bring up his 
children in the fear of the Lord. Five of them are now members of the 
church that enjoyed the earliest ministerial labors of their father. He 
was respected and esteemed as a good man and a Christian. After years 
of suffering he died pe icefuUy in his own home surrounded by his wife 
and younger children. 

Children, b. iSmithfield, Pa. : 

3163. i. Pamelia Russell, b. Sept. 14, 1832. 

2164. ii. Elizabeth Jane, b. Aug 19, 1834. 

2165. iii. James Sheldon, b. Jan. 20, 1837; m. Vestal, N. Y., Dec. 
21, 1874, Hattie E. Pickett, b. Rush, Pa., Jan. 27, ISoS, dau. Gil- 
lead Pickett and Mary, his wife; reside E. Smithfield; no chil. He 
served 9 months as private in Co. A, 97th Penn. Vols., in War of 
the Rebellion. Wa^ in the expedition that captured Fort Fisher. 
He is a carpenter, builder, teacher and farmer. 

2166. iv. Phebe Ann, b. July 1, 1840. 

2167. V. Maktha Luoretia, b. Oct. 11, 1843; not m. ; d. Smithfield, 
Aug. 19, 1880; she was a milliner and dressmaker, and had consid- 
erable local reputation as a writer and versifier. 

2168. vi. Joel Gilbert, b. April 29, 1847; d. April 6, 1852. 

2169. vii. Rachel Ellen, b. March 2, 1852; d. Dec. 17, 1852. 

2170. viii. Hannah Celestia, b. Oct. 16, 1858. 

1(>55. JOHN CHANDLER, son Ephraim Chandler and Mary Doten, b. 
Kingston, Mass., Nov. 11, 1793; m. Pomfret, Vt., his cousin, Sally Doten 
(No. 1679), b. there Feb. 25, 1798, dau. Isaac Doten and Abigail LeBarron; 
theylived Barre, Vt.; hed. there Sept. 17, 1862; she d. there April 2, 1877. 


2171. i. Hattie, m., 1st, Dickey and lived Barre, Vt.; m., 

2nd, J. A. Slierburne; lives Plainfield, Vt. 

1663. HANNAH DOTEN, dau. Ephraim Doten and Susannah Morse, 
b. Moultonborough, N. H., May 3, 1788; m. there 1818, John Wiggin, b. 
there Dec. 9, 1787, son Andrew Wiggin and Mary Whitehouse. He was a 
farmer; d. Moultonborough, N. H., March 15. 1874; she d. there Feb. 15, 

Children, b. Moultonborough: 

2172. i. John Ephraim, b. June 27, 1819; is a railroad superin- 

2173. ii. Harriett W., b. March 28. 1822: m. there Feb. 22, 1845, 
Asa Brown, b. Northfleld, N. H., April 2, 1818, son Asa Brown and 
Agnes Morrison; they live Manchester, N. H. ; no chil. 

2174. iii. Susannah Morse, b, Dec. 22, 1825; d. July, 1842. 

2175. iv. Mary Hannah, b. Aug. 21, 1828; m. Moultonborough 
Sept. 27, 1850, Phineas Stanley, b. Warner, Merrimack Co., N. H. , 
Dec. 12, 1812, son Benjamin Stanley and Jane Thurston; they live 
Lowell, Mass. ; no chil. 

1664. ISAAC DOTEN, son Ephraim Doten and Susannah Morse, b. 
Moultonborough, N. IL, Aug. 28, 1790; m., 1st, there 1817, Mary Febyan 
Smith, b. Exeter, N. H., dau. Captain Daniel Smith and Mary Pickering; 
she d. New Hampton, N. II., July 22, 1824; he m., 2d, there May 16, 1825, 


Elizabeth McCrillis. b. Sandwich, N. II.. Jan. 25, 1799, dau. Henry Mc- 
Ciillis and Margaret McGaffey. She lived, 1882, Lowell, Maes. 

Ho was a physician. He studied medicine with Dr. Asa Crosbj-, Sand- 
wich, N. H., and resided successively at Mew Hampton, Cornish and 
Alstead, N. H., Lowell, Mass., and about 1853 removed to Manchester, 
N. IL, where he died August 16, \Si\~). He was greatly respected by the 
the entire community there; was a strong anti-slavery man, when to be 
such was extremely unpopular, but lived to see the emancipation of the 
slaves accomplished. 

Children, by 1st wife: 

2176. i. Susan Moo.vey, b. New Hampton, N. H., May 12, 1818. 
And by 2d wife: 

2177. ii. William Hexry, b. New Hampton, March 5. 1826; m. 
(^'oucord, N. H., 1845, Abbie Silver, b. there: she d. Lowell, Mass., 
Aug. i], 1847; he d. there of consumption, April 7, 1848; no chil. 

2178. iii. Sauaii.Taxe, b. New Hampton, Oct. 26, 1828. 

2179. iv. Eli/.ahktii P., b. Cornish, N. IL, Aug. 18, 1842. 

1665. PRISCILLA I)OTEN,dau. Ephraim Doten and Su.sannah Morse, 
b. Moultonborough, N. IL, Jan. 28, 1793; m. there Dec. 2, 181S, Horatio 
Kelly, h. Candia, N. II. , Feb. 5, 1787, son Timothy Kelly and Joanna 
Newcomb. He was a blacksmith and lived Grafton, N. [I., where he 
d. June 27, 1865; shed. Kaymoiid, N. It., .July 29, 1877. 

Children : 
218(). i. Eli/abkth Hardy, b. Grafton, Dec. 11, 1819. 

2181. ii. John Solon, b. Grafton, Sept. 21, 1821. 

2182. iii. JoAXXA P., b. Grafton, June 30, 1.S23. 

2183. iv. Ai.KUED Smith, b. Pembroke, N. II., March 20, 1825. 

2184. v. Lai-ra Angklink, b. Pembroke, May 21, 1827. 

2185. vi. Edward Dotox, b. PeiuVirokt;, June 8, 1829. 

2186. vii. Mai;v Charlottk, b. I'emhrokc, May 1. 1831. 

2187. viii. Ellkn Maria L., b. Pembroke, . I uno 2, 1838; d. there Aug. 
27, 1835 

1666. SUSANNAH DOTEN, dau. Ephraim Doten and Susannah Jlorse, 
b. Moultonborough, N. IL, Aug. 30, 1795; m. Bristol, N. H., Nov. 23, 
1826, Jacob Gurdy, b. there Dec. 22, 1782, son Jacob Gurdy and Mary 
Favor. He was a farmer; they lived Bristol, where she d. April 29, 1S42; 
he d. there May 21, 1S55. 

Children : 

2188. i. Kkihex, b. Aug. 23, 1827; d. Aug. 26, 1831. 

2189. ii. Ai.MiRA, b. May 30, 1829. 

2190. iii. Georok, b. March 24, 1831. 

2191. iv. Eliza, b. Man-ii 2, 1833; m. June 21, 1855, Hazen M. Sen- 
ten; they lived Centre iIarl)or, N. IL 

2192. V. SrsAX Dotkx. b. June 25, 1834. 

2193. vi. William Presoott, b. Veh. 12, 1836. 

2194. vii. Ai'.AMiXTA, b. Aug. 22, 1838: m. Charles L. Cook; they live 
Soraonauk, DeKalb Co., 111. 

166S. NAHU:\I WARD DOTEN, son Ephraim Doten and Susannah 
Morse, b. Moultonborough. N. H., Aug. 30, 1799: m. Nov. 24, 1824- 
Lucinda Paine. They lived Dubuque, la. 


2195. i. Charlotte, d. at 20 j'ears. 















2190. ii. Mary, b. Nov., 1827; m. Joseph Burrell. lie was a mer- 
chant, East Boston, Mass. , but now they live Iowa. 

KJfiO. SARAH M. DOTEN, dau. Ephraim Doten and Susannah 
Morse, b. Moultonborough, N. H., March 3, 1.S02; ni. there Dec 2, 1830, 
Nathaniel Warren Bicliford, b. June 30, 1803, son Aaron Bicl<ford and 
Betsey Warren. He was a farmer and removed to Carroll, N. IL, in the 
White Mountains, in the immediate vicinity of the Twin Mountain House. 
He d. May 26, 1878. She d. May 5, 1865. 
Children, b. Carroll : 

Mahy Elizabeth, b. ]\Iarch 1, 1832. 

Seviah Jane, b. Feb. 21, 1834. 

Elsie Ann, b. Feb. 19, 1836. 

David Moody, b. June 10, 1839. 

Eliza Page, b. Aug. 30, 1841; d. March 18, 1843. 

Enoch Ladd, b. Sept. 28, 1843: d. Aug. 13, 1847. 

Hakriet Brown, b. Nov. 27, 1845; d. March 30, 1850. 

1670. SETII DOTON, son Ephraim Doten and Susannah Morse, b. 
Moultonborough, N. H., Oct. 17, 1804; m. Plymouth, N. H., Nov. 17, 
1831, Mary Ann Harrinian, b. there, March, 1805, dau. John Ilarriman 
aod Betsey Aiken. They removed to Plymouth, where he d. April 25, 
1881. She d. Plymouth, Jan. 26, 1874. 

Children : 

2204. i. Laura Hakriman, b. Moultonborough, N. II., May 25, 

2205. ii. Calista Emily, b. Plymouth, N. H, Dec. 20, 1838. 

2206. iii. Wilbur Fisk, b. Plymouth, Dec. 1, 1842; notm. ; d. there 
Aug. 21, 1876. 

2207. iv. Annie, b. Plymouth, April 12, 1847; m. there, Dec. 29. 
1876, Frank Wesley Guilford, b. Lake Village, N. H., Sept. 3, 1851, 
son James Monroe Guilford and Olive Sewell. They live Plymouth; 
no chil. 

1G71. MARY L. DOTEN, dau. Ephraim Doten and Susannah Morse, 
b. Moultonborough, N. H., Jan. 16, 1807; m. there, June 5, 1832, 
Benjamin Kidder, b. Bristol, N. H., June 13, 1795, son Benjamin Kidder 
and Mary Heath. They live Woosung, 111. 

Children : 

2208. i. Nelson B., b. Jan. 16, 1834; m.; lives Sterling, AVhiteside 
Co., 111.; chil. 2 boys, one b. 1869, other b. 1874. 

2209. ii. Electa, b. Nov. 15, 1837; d. June 2, 1878. 

2210. iii. Maroellus, b. Sept. 8, 1840 ; m.; has dau. b. 1875 and a 
^ son b. 1878. Lives Sterling. 

1672. SEVIAH DOTEN, dau. Ephraim Doten and Susannah Morse, 
b. Moultonborough, N. H., April 10, 1810; m. there Feb. 5, 1831, Jason 
Lane, b. Raymond, N. H., June 1, 1809, son Jonathan Laue and Susannah 
Emerson. He was a farmer; he d. Raymond, May 24, 1855; she d. Ches- 
ter, N. II., April 29, 1879. 

Children, b. Raymond : 

2211. i. Setii Doten, b. Jan. 1, 1832. 

2212. ii. Clara A., b. Nov. 28, 1834. 

2213. iii. Matilda E., b. Aug. 28, 1838. 

2214. iv. May Susan, b. July 17, 1840: d. young. 

2215. V. Miranda M., b. April 29, 1843; m. Bean; they live 

204 '^ THE DO'l'Y-])OTEN ?\\]\IILY. 

Fremont, Kockingluim Co., N. II. 
221(5. vi. P:.m.\i.\ a., h .Inly 1!), 18.')4 : ni. Chester, K H., Ainil 7, 
1875, Ostiniiellas liohie, b. Cliester, March 19, 1850, son Baniaid 
P. Kobie and Hannah E. Underhill. They live Chester. 

KJTJJ. ISAAC DOTEN, son Isaac Doten and Abigail LeBarron, b. 
Pomfret, Vt., Aug. 7, 178G. They lived I'onifret, where he d. Sept. 17, 


2217. i. FuANKi.iN. b. Oct. 8, 1812. 

1<)S2. LELAND BOTOX, son Isaac Doten and Abigail LeBarron, b. 
Pomfret. Vt., May 30, 1804: ra. there Aug. 23, 182!», Anna Vaughn, b. 
llighgate, Vt., April 12, 1808. lie was a farmer, and d. Woodstock, Vt., 
Jan. 7, 1883. She d. Hard wick. Vt., Oct. 9, 1883. 

Children : 

2219. i. Jerusha Louis.v, b. Barnard, Vt., March 2. 1829. 

2220. ii. Edw.uu) Sylvester, b. Barnard, Juno 3, 1831. 

2221. iii. Pnii.ANDEH, b. Baiuaid, Aug. 10, 1833: d. there Manh 1. 

2223. iv. Pnii.EN.v, b. Barton, Vt., Dec. 5, 1834. 

2223 v. Elvir.\. b. Middlesex. Vt, Dec. 2, 183(5: ni. Simeon J<'rome 
Wasliburn, b. Hartland, Vt., March 4, 1824, son Simeon Washburn 
and .Marv Dunbar: they live Woodstock : no chil. 

2224. vi. "Aoelia, b. Mo'ntpelier, Vt.. Jan. 24, 1839: m. Woodstock, 
May 15, 1859, Jo.seph W. Hudson, b. Plvmouth, Vt., July 27, 1836. 
son Abijah Hudson and Betsey Ackley: they live Bridgewater, Vt. : 
no chil. 

2225. vii. Uosina, b. IMontpelior. July 9, 1841: d. Woodstock, April 
3, 1881 : not m. 

222(5. viii. Lucy Evelyn, b. Montpelier, July (!, 1S43. 

2227. ix. Belle Chistina, b. Montpelier, May 0, 1845. 

2228. X. Mauiette Adeline, b. Middlesex, Feb. 12, 1849. 

1(JS(;. AZUBAH WOOD, dau. David Wood and Elizabeth Doten, b. 
IMymouth, Mass.; m. tliere, Nicholas Drew, b. there, 1776, son Samuel 
Drew and E izabeth Pierce. 

Children : 

2229. i. David, u\. Rachel Dancer of New Jersey. 

2230. ii. Betsey, m George Sherman. 

2231. ill. Nicholas Henky, m. Ruth Freeman. 

2232. iv. JosEi'H Russell. 

2233. V. Atwood, m. Eliza Rickard ; livinl Carver, Mass. 

2234. vi. Amuott, m., 1823, Elizabeth Churchill. 

l(JJ)0. ELIAB WOOD, son David Wood and Elizabeth Doten, b. Ply- 
mouth ]\Iass., 1785; m. there Persis Rickard; he m., 2nd, there Eleanor 
Lucas, by whom he had no chil.; he m. ,3rd, there Mrs. Betsey Sears 

Sherman, dau. Wlllard Sears and widow Sherman, by whom no chil.; 

lie m., 4th, there 1841, Mary Farmer Doten (No. 1957); they lived Ply- 

ChildreiL by 1st wife: 

2235. i. Peusls, m. David Holmes. 
223(5. ii. Eliab, m. Betsey Sherman. 

2237. iii. Piikbe, m. Thomas Rider. 

2238. iv. Ei.i/AiiETM A., V). 1813: m. Boujannn Cooper Finney. 

2239. v. Lydia. hl Bradford Faunce. 


2240. vi. Emily. 

2341. vii. Lemuel R., m. Lucy W. Burgess. 

2242. viii. Geohgk K. , m. Mary F. Davie. 
And by 4th wife: 

2243. ix. David Brainakd. , 

16J)1. OLIVER WOOD, son David Wood and Elizabeth Doten, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., 1791; m. there 1811, Betsey Torrence, b. prob. there about 
1792, and prob. dau. Thomas Torrence and Betsey Harris, who were pub- 
lished, 1788; they lived Plymouth. 


2244. i. Oliver Thomas, b. 1812; m. Plymouth, 1832, :Mary PL 

2245. ii. Isaac Lewis, b. 1814; m. 1838. Elizabeth Bobbins. 

2246. iii. Mary Elizaheth, b. 1825; d. early. 

2247. iv. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1829; m. Plymouth. Josiah C. Fuller. 

1692. POLLY (or Mary) DOTY, dau. Amaziah Doty and Bethiah 
Hamlin), b. Lee, Berkshire Co., Mass., Oct. 18, 1781; m. Granville, N. 
Y., Dec, 1798, Abner Sweetland; they removed to Cazenovia, X. Y., 
where she d. Sept., 1859. 

Child : 

2248. i. Lyman, lives Cazenovia, N. Y. 

1693. SUTHERD doty, son Amaziah Doty and Bethiah Hamlin, b. 
Lee, Mass., Jan. 22, 1784; m. Bennington, Vt., Dec, 1811, Abigail iSmith. 
He d. Newfane, N. Y., March 1, 1857. His family give his name Sutherd, 
possibly the more correct spelling would be Southard. 

Children : 

2249. i. Stephen, b. Jan., 1811. 

2250. ii. Lucy, m. Walter Ainsworth, Cazenovia, N. Y. ; she lives 
Waterport, Orleans Co., N. Y. 

2251. iii. Fay, m. Delila Holmes, Delphi, Onondaga Co., N. Y.; 
moved West. 

2252. iv. Norman, m. Celesta Allbright; they live Mich. 

2253. V. Austin, m.: lives Mich. 

2254. vi. Susan, m. John Dunn of Newfane: they live Orleans Co., 
N. Y. 

2255. vii. Loin, not m.; lives New York City. 

1694. MERCY DOTY, dau. Amaziah Doty and Bethiah Hamlin, b. 
Lee, Mass. , June 20, 1786; m. Granville, N. Y., Nov., 1805, Jacob Hark- 
ness. She d. Salem, N. Y., spring, 1850. 

Children, b. Granville: 

2256. i. Jacob, not m.: d. Kansas, 1865. 

2257. ii. Daniel, not m.; d. Kansas, 1865. 

2258. iii. William, m.; 5 ehil., 3 sons, 2 dau; he d. Philadelphia, 
Pa.; she lives Pa. 

2259. iv. Louisa, m. William H. Gray; they lived for over 50 years 
Philadelphia, Pa.: she d. about 1890. 

5260. V. Henderson, b. 1816. 

2261. vi. Vashti, b. March 4, 1822. 

2262. vii. Margaret, not m; d. Philadelphia, Pa., where she lived 
with her sister, Mrs. Louisa Gray. 

2263. viii. Southard, b. :\[arch 12, 1827. 

2264. ix. Mary, m. Leavenworth, Kan., Jacob H. Muiison; they 
lived Dennison, la.; she d. about 1893. 


1(){>7. TAIilTlIA DOTY, dan. Amaziah Dotj' and lieUiiali Hamlin, ]>. 
Lee, Mass., April 11, 1793: m. Sept. 13, 1818, Cazenovia. N. Y., Beiter 
Corwin of Cazenovia, h. Franklin, Ct., Jan. 0, 1793, son Edward Corwln 
and Esther Barstow : he d. Feb. 11, 1871 ; she lives Smith])ort. Pa. 
Childron, b. Cazenovia: 

2265. i. Esther, b. May 30, 1821. 

22(!6. ii. Fanny, b. Feb. IG, 182"): ni. Smithport Pa., Dec. 2, 18.J2, 
T. L. Chai)in: live there. 

2267. iii. Meiuv, b. Jnne 9. 1828: d. 8.-pt. 16, l.s:}7. 

2268. iv. Electa, b. Jan. !t, 1831: m Smlthi)ort. I'^eb. 1, 1855, 
Grimes and they live Enmrald, 8t. Croi.\ Co., Wis 

1(J{).S. VASIITI DOTY, dau. Amaziah Doty and liethiah Hamlin, b. 
Benninj^ton, Vt.. Dec. 4, 1795; m. Granville, N. Y.. Sept., 1820, Cyrus 
Day. b. there Feb. 25, 1800, son Ho.sea Day and his wife, Lydia ; lie d. 
Fort :\Iiller, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1862 : she d. there July 1880. 

Children, b. Granville : 

2269. i. Laiija A., b. Sei)t. 5, 1823: not m.: lived, 1885, Fort 
Miller, N. Y. 

2270. ii. IsuAEi., b. July 15, 1826. 

2271. iii. V. Amanda, b. April 9, 1829; m. Clapp ; lives Wyom- 
ing Seminary, Kingston, Pa. 

2272. iv. LorisA H., b. Feb. 5, 1832. 

2273. V. Makv E., b. May 12, 1835. 

1700. MERCY DOTEN, dau. Ebenezer Doten and Rebecca Rickard, 
b. Carver, Mass., March 30, 1789; ra. there Aug. 20. 1800, Bomn'tt Cobb, 
b. there Dec. 13, 1785, son Nehemiah Cobb and Mdiitable Rickard: re- 
moved, 1824, to Camden, N. Y., where she d. April 18, 1838, and he d. 
April 8. 1870. 


2274. i. Bennett, b. Plympton, Mass., Sept. 2S, 1811: m. Dec. 20. 
183(), Mehetabel Cobb, b. llarrisburgh, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1815, dau. 
Ezra Cobb. 

2275. ii. Meroy Dotkn, b. Plympton, March 13, 1813. 

2276. iii. JoANN Bennett, b. Plympton, March 7, 1815: d. Camden, 
June 17, 1838. 

2277. iv. Matilda, b. Plympton, Oct. 28, 1818: d. Camden, Dec. 3, 

2278. v. Fanny Clark, b. Carver, June 6, 1823 ; d. Camih'n, March 
20, 1825. 

2279. vi. Mkllssa Partridge, b. Camden, Nov. 6, 1826: d. there 
June 14, 1835. 

1701. HANNAH DOTEN, dau. Eb.'nezer Doten and Rebecca Rickard. 
b. Carver, Mass., Feb. 9, 1791: m. 1820, as his 2nd wife, Isaiah Tillson, b. 
Plympton. Mass. , 1773, son Isaiah Tillson and Phebe Crocker. Thej' 
lived Carver, but removed later to Camden. N. Y'.: she d. there Dec. 3, 
1843: hed. there. 

Children : 

2280. i. Calvin, b. 1821. 

2281. ii. Catharine. 

2282. iii. Lewi.<. 

2283. iv. Charles. 

2284. V. Edwin. 

2285. vi. Lucy Doten, b. 1826. 


1703. EBENEZER DOTEN, son Ebenezer Doteii and Rebecca Rick- 
ard, b. Carver, Mass., Oct. 4, 1795; m. Halifax, Mass , Sept. 12, 1820, 
Deborah Thompson Soule, b. Middleborougb, Mass., May 10, 1801, dau. 
James Soule and Eunice Thompson. James Soule was descended from 
George Soule, Plymouth, 1630, who removed to Middleborougb. Eunice 
Thompson was d(?s( ended from John Thompson, Plymouth, 1682. They 
removed in 1824 from Carver to Camden, N. Y., where he d. Oct. 3, 1875, 
and she d. Dec. 16, 1885. 

Children : 

2286. i. Iea Soule, ]). Carver, Mass., July 1, 1821 ; m. July 4, 
1842, Nancy C. West. lie has a farm and is railroad agent at 
Bristol Station, Kendall Co., 111. 

2287. ii. Amaziah, b. Carver, S. pt. 30, 1823. 

2288. ill. Edward, b. Camden, N. ¥., Feb. 11, 1826. 

2289. iv. Eli.iah Dexter, b. Camden, Aug. 12, 1828. 

2290. V. JosiAH Thompson, b. Camden, Dec. 15, 1830; m. Oct. 25, 
1854, Jane O. Thayer; they reside Rome, N. Y. 

2291. vi. James Otis, b. Camden, Dec. 2, 1833. 

2292. vii. Alfred Carver, b. Camden, Oct. 27, 1836; not m.; re- 
sides there. 

2293. viii. Mary Eunice, b. Camden, March 15, 1839; notm.; resides 

1705. JOHN DOTEN, son Ebenezer Doten and Rebecca Rickard, b. 
Carver, Mass., Jan. 21, 1801 ; m. Feb. 23, 1844, Mary P. Cobb, b. Harris- 
burgh, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1819, dau. Ezra Cobb of Harrisburgh; they resided 
Camden, N. Y., where he d. April 11, 1885. 


2294. i. Mary Adelia, b. Nov. 19, 1845; lives Camden ; not m. 

2295. ii. Myron Holly, b. Sept. 19, 1849 ; d. March 8, 1863. 

2296. iii. Adeliza Elizabeth, b. Feb. 11, 1854; lives Camden; 
not m. 

1709. EBENEZER SHERMAN, son John Sherman and Lydia Doten, 
b. Carver, Mass., 1788; m. there Abigail Morton, b. there; they lived 

Children : 

2297. i. Lavinia, b. 1815 ; m. Benjamin Cobb. 

2298. ii. Luoinda, b. 1818; m. Lath rop Barrows. 

2299. iii. Lucy, N., b. 1821; m., 1st, Charles Gibbs Morton; m., 
2d, Edward Hathaway ; both of Plymouth. 

2300. iv. Ahigail. 

2301. V. Maria Ann, b. 1825. 

2302. vi. Maroia Ann, b. 1826 ; m. Everett T. Manter. 

2303. vii. Marcus M., b. 1831. 

2304. viiL Ebenezer, b. 1835. 

1710. JOHN SHERMAN, son John Sherman and Lydia Doten, b. 
Carver, Mass.; m. there 1813, Eleanor Barnes, b. Plymouth, Mass., dau. 
William Barnes and Mercy Carver ; they lived Carver. 

Children : 

2305. i. Lydia, b. 1814 ; m. Elkanah Churchill. 

2306. ii. Mercy, b. 1817 ; m. Thomas Vaughn. 

2307. iii. Ellen, m. John C. Saunders. 

2308. iv. Betsey W. 

2309. v. Sally, m. George W. Sherman, Plymouth. 

2310. vi. John, m. Sarah Wright. 

20S 'I" HI-; I)<)TY-I)OTEN FAMI'-V. 

1711. UKL'IjEN SIIEU.MAN, son .lohii Slicriiiiin ami Lydia I )()ten, b. 
Carver, Mass., 1797; m. there Priseilla I'. 1 laiiiinond : they lived Carver. 

Children : 

2'3\\. i. Ei.iz.\BKTii. U., I). I'^'^'J: 111.. !sl, Wilson Uanows; ni., 
3ud, William Tilson. 

2312. ii. Pki.'^cii.i.a, b. 1824: iii. Baiiialias Hedge. 

2313. iii. Keuukn, b. 1834. 

1712. HENRY SHERMAN, son John Sherman and Lydia Doten, b. 
Carver, Mass., ISO'S; m. there, 1832, Hannah Nelson Crocker. He ni. 
2nd, Christian Crocker. They lived Carver. 


2314. i. Nelson, b. 1S41: in. Mary A. Wilbur. 

2315. ii. Hann.mi C, b. 1842: m. Joseph W. Sherman. 

1713. ANTHONY SHERMAN, son John Sherman and Lydia Doten. 

b. Carver, Mass., 1800; m. ttiere, Mrs. Hannah Tilson Cole. b. there, dan. 

Thomas Tilson and widow Bradford Cole. They lived Carver. 

Children : 

231(i. i. Lydia Dotkn, m. Thomas M. Leaoh of Plymptou, Mass. 

2317. ii. .John, m. Maria A. Cooke of Boston, Mass-. 

1715. DEBORAH COBB DOTEN, dau. Edward Doten and Deborah 
Cobb, b. Carver. Mass., Nov. 11, 1798; m. there, 1817, John Barrow, b. 
there. They lived Carver. The Barrows were among the earliest 
settlers of that town. 

Children : 

2318. i. Dehokaii, b. 1818. 

2319. ii. Mary, b. 1820. 

3320. iii. Edwahd Doten. b. 1822. 

2321. iv. Geoi;«k, b. 1824. 

2322. v. Nathan Cohh. b. 1827. 

2323. vi. Sakaii P., b. 1830. 
2824. vii. Dehokaii. 

171(;. MARY E. DOTEN, dau. E 1 ward Doten and Deborah Cobb. b. 
Carver, Mass., about 1801; prob. m. there, .Jabez Sherman, b. there. 
1802, son Jabez Sherman and Polly Barrows. They lived Carver. 
Children : 

2325. i. DeuohahCohi!, b. 1827. 
23'^(;. ii. Juliette. 

2327. iii. Euwaijd, b. 1830. 

1733. DAVID MH.LARD DOTEN, son Silas Doty and Sally .Millard. 
b. Rochester, Mass., March 22. 1800 ; lived in 1831 at Bridgcwater; m. 
Plympton, Mass., June 24, 1831, Betsey Sherman Prince, b. Kingston,, Aug. 11, 1809, dau. .John l^rinoe and Betsey, his wife. 


2328. i. Edwin Wehstkr, b. Plymiiton, Oct. 2, 1832; lived Indian 
Pt nd, near Kingston, but removed about 1870; m. 

2329. ii. IsABELLlj Prince, b. Kingston, Feb. 23, 1834. 

2330. iii. Sarah Elizabeth, h. Kingston, Nov. 27, 1835. 

2321. iv. Parthenia Sturtevant, b. Kingston, Aug. 6, 1837; d. 
Feb. 23, 1838. 

2332. V. Helen AIar, b. Kingston, Sept. 22, 1840. 

2333. vi. KiMBAi.i. Pi;iNcE, b. Kingston, June 9, 1843; d. there, 
Sept. 11, 1843. 


1736. MARY TORRE Y DOTEN, dau. James Dolen and Martha Tor- 
ley, b. Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 23, 1795; ra. Canaan, N. H., Nov. 19, 1822, 
Groves Burnham, b. Chebacto (now Essex), Mass., Aug. 23, 1794, son 
Groves Burnham and Martha Story. They resided Enfield, N. H., where 
he d. Jan. 25, 1873; she d. Feb. C, 1873. 

Children : 

2334. i. Mason, b. Oct. 18. 1823; m. Canaan, N. H., Dec. 24, 1875, 
Ruth Little Whittier, b. Orange, N. II., July 21, 1824, dau. Zenas 
VVhittier and Mehitable Emery Merrill ; no chil . They reside Enfield 
Centre, N. H. 

2335. il. Fkanklin, b. March 2, 1825. 

2336. ill. Emmons Brown, b. Aug. 6, 1827. 

2337. iv. Allen Doten, b. March 25, 1829. 

2338. V. George W., b. March (5, 1832. 

2339. vi. Edwin Ransom, b. May 6, 1837; d. Jan. 10, 1840. 

1737. MARTHA DOTEN, dau. James Doten and Martha Torrey, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., April 21, 1796; m. Thomas Burley, b. Dorchester, N. 

H., son Burley and Elizabeth Dow. They resided Martinsburg, 

N. Y.; he d. New York; she d. Canaan, N. H., Oct. 21, 1841. 

Children : 

2340. i. Elizabeth Dow, b. Dorchester, N. H., July 9, 1828. 

2341. ii. Martha Mariah, b. Martinsburg, June 8, 1831. 

173J). MARIA DOTEN, dau. James Doten and Martha Torrey, b. 
Canaan, N. H., July 14, 1798; m. Turin, Lewis Co., N. Y., Jan. 20, 1822, 
Heman Kilham, b. Westfield, Mass., Oct. 25, 1786, son Thomas Kilham 
and Mary Carter. He d. Turin, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1847; m., 2d, there 
April 18, 1854, James Crofoot. She had a bright mind, cheerful disposi- 
tion and strong physique. She d. Turin, Nov. 9, 1890. 

Children, by Ist husb., b. Turin : 

2342. i. Mary, b. May 17, 1825; m. Turin, Jan. 8, 1850, Elisha 
Crofoot, b. West Turin, Nov. 29, 1825, son James Crofoot and 
Clarissa Burnham ; no chil. They live Turin. 

2343. ii. Doten Heman, b. March 27, 1827. 

2344. iii. Makiah Ellen, b. May 31, 1829. 

2345. iv. GE0KC4E Jac-kson, b. Aug. 18, 1837. 
And 4 others by 2d husb. 

1741. JAMES DOTEN, son James Doten and Martha Torrey, b. 
Canaan, N. H., Oct. 30, 1803; m. Enfleld, N. II., Nov. 12, 1829, Rebecca 
Jones, b. there, Sept. 12, 1808, dau. Jonathan Jones and Peggy Sawyer. 
They lived East Canaan, N. II. He was justice of peace 1874; was col- 
lector and overseer of the poor for 6 years. He d. there May 17, 1877 ; 
she lived East Canaan. 

Children, b. Canaan: 

2340. i. Guilford, b. Oct. 14, 1830. 

2347. ii. George Williams, b. May 6, 1833; d. Nov. 27, 1883. 

2348. iii. Ambrose Cushin, b. Dec. 31, 1836. 

2849. iv. Matilda Jane, b. May 18, 1840; d. March 9, 1841. 

2350. V. Lizzie Margaret, b. Feb. 12, 1842; m. East Canaan, 
March 2, 1869, Harry Bryant, b. Boston, Mass., son Harrison 
Bryant and Susan Freeman Bangs. They resided Boston. She d. 
there Feb. 13, 1871. 

2351. vi. Ellen Frances, b. Aug. 6, 1846; d. Jan. 6, 1850. 
2852. vii. Hattie Frances, b. Oct. 7, 1851. 


174l'. WILIJAI\I DOTEN, son James Dot.'ii aud M:ut})ii Tonoy, b. 
Canaan, N. H., Nov. 14, 1805; m.. 1st, there, Nov. 27, 1H27, Catharine 
Barber, b. Canaan, Oct. 23, 1807, dau. John i\I. Barber and Sally Sanborn. 
Shed, there, Oct. 17, 1833. He m., 2nd, there, Feb. 16, 1834, Sarah 
Morse, b. Haverhill, Mass., June 2, 1793, dau. Gideon Morse and Hannah 

Johnson and widow of . She d. Hanover, N. H., April 24, 1879. He 

lived, 1879, Hanover; has been selectman of that town. 

By her 1st husb. Mrs. Sarah Morse had chil., b. Enfield, N. H., 

1. Ei.viKA, b. Fel). 9, 1821; d. 1841. 

2. Hannah S., b. Aug. 25, 1825; she m. Henry C. Wright of 

Children, by 1st wif(\ 1). Canaan : 

2353. i. llKi.EN Makia, b. Nov. 12, 1829. 

2354. ii. Catharine Bai:hei:, b. Oct. 17, 1833. 

1743. ELEANOR DOTEN. dau. James Doteu and Martha Torrey, b. 
Canaan, N. H.. Jan. 30, 1808; m. there Nov. 29, 1827, Henry Morse, b. 
Canaan, July 8, 1799, son Gideon Morse and Hannah Johnson. They 
lived Enfield, N. H. 

Children : 

2355. i. Mahy Ann. b. Enfield, Aug. 24. 1828. 

2356. ii. Malvina Ei.eanoi;, b. Enfield, Sept. 15. 1831. 

2357. iii. Edwako Gideon, b. Enfield, Jan. 23, 1834; not in.; d. May 
22, 1862. 

2358. iv. John Henry, b. Enfield, Jan. 1. 1837. 

2359. V. Harriet Newei.l, b. Enfield, Nov. 11,1839; d. July 19, 

2300. vi. Fi:ank Byron, b. Canaan, Aju-il 13. 1845. 

1 74.'). KYLANl) DOTEN, son Isaac Doten of Jlonkton, Vf . ; m. a wife, 
Emily. He d. Jan. 31. 1881, age 69; she d. May 13, 1892. 


1745a. i. Jui.ns, d. March 13, 1893, age 48. His home was Bristol, 
Yt. He had a wife, Lorette. 
Children : 

1 . Mary Emily, d. April 26, 1881, age 12. 

2. Kyi.and Eastman, b. April 20, 1881. 

1749. JOHN DOTEN, son John Doten and Sarah :\Iorton. b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., March 5, 1799: ra., 1st, Bristol, Yt. . March, 1834, Hannah 
Beebe, b. New Haven, Vt., March 31, 1808, dau. Christopher Beebe and 
Charlotte Tracy: she d. Bristol, Jan. 30, 1840. He ni., 2d, Bristol, 
May, 1855, Martha Irena Brooks, b Bristol, April 23, 1821, dau. ('ephas 
Brooks and Lydia Wells. Shed. Bristol, Jan. 31, 1857. lied. Bristol, 
April 23, 1881. 

Children, b. Bristol: 

2361. i. Ei.isiiA IMoRTON, b. Aug. 5. 1835. 

2362. ii. CiiAin.oTTE Traov, b. March 23. 1838; m. Charles Leon- 
ard Bartlett (No. 2368). 

2363. iii. Emm.v Nanot, b. Aug. 27, 1856: m., 1883, Horace Doty 
(No. 8005). 

1750. NANCY DOTEN, dau. .lohii Dot.'ii and Sarah Morton, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., March 29, 1801: ni., Croydon, N. II.. Charles Bartlett: she 
d. June 13, 1847. 



2364. 1. William H.; lives Bridgeport, Ct. 

2365. ii. Eliza Ann. 

2366. iii. Iiauka. 

2867. iv. Lanson; lives Croydon. 

2368. V. . Leonakd, h. Croydon, March 23, 1833: m., Bris- 
tol, Vt., July 18, 18G3, Charlotte Tracy Doten, b. Bristol, March 
23, 1838, dau. Jo'ui Doten and Hannah Beebe ; no chil.; he is an 
architect and Vjuilder, Bristol. 

1751. ELIZABETH MOHTON DOTEN, dau. John Doten and Sarah 
Morton, b. Plymouth, Mass., Sept. 9, 1804; m. Monkton, Vt., Aug. 15, 
1826, Orlando Smith, b. New Haven, Vt. , Jan. 15, 1803, son Eppapheus 
Smith and Susanna Willey ; they resided 1879, Bristol, Vt.; she d. 


2369. 1. Susannah Willey, b. Monkton, Vt., July 22, 1827; m. 
May 9, 1852, Jesse W. Taylor; he roves around too much to give an 

2370. ii. Eliza Lois, b. Bristol, Vt, March 30, 1829; not ra.; lives 

2371. iii. Thomas Clark, b. Bristol, Aug. 12, 1833; m. Jan. 1, 1862, 
Sa villa Parmenter ; they reside Bristol, and have 2 chil. 

2372. iv. Geokge William, b. Bristol, Aug. 18. 1835; m. 1859, 
Hattie Wells ; they reside Bi istol, and have 2 ohil. 

2373. V. Lydia Luoretia, b. Bristol, Oct. 6, 1838; ni. there Feb. 
26, 1862, James Doten (No. 2381). 

1754. LEONARD DOTEN, son John Doten and Sarah Morton, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., April 4, 1810; m. Sarah Bloss. They removed from 
Bristol, Vt., to Elkgrove, 111.; he went to California, but vras taken sick 
there and d. at sea, on his way home; she d. Illinois. 

Children : 








1755. DANIEL DOTEN, son John Doten and Sarah Morton, b. Grant- 
ham, N. H., Jan. 21, 1813; is not m.; lived, 1879, Monkton, Vt. He 
adopted a son who took the name of James Doten. Daniel Doten has 
since d. 

Adopted child: 

2381. i. James Doten, b. Pierrepont, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., 
March 13, 1838; m. Feb. 26, 1862, Lydia Lucretia Smith (No. 2373), 
b. Bristol, Vt., Oct. 6, 1838, dau. Orlando Smith and Elizabeth 
Morton Doten ; they reside Bi'istol ; no chil. 

1757. GEORGE NELSON THOMAS, son Joab Thomas and Lois 
Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass.; m. there, Lucy Holmes, b. there, piob. dau. 
Nathaniel Holmes and Elizabeth Drew ; lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

2382. i. George Nelson, b. 1829. 

2383. ii. N.vthaxiel, T. b, 1831. 

2384. iii. Lucy M., b. 1833. 

2385. iv. James A., b. 1835. 

2386. V. Isaac D., b. 1837. 















2\-2 I'lll': DOTY-DOTEK FAMII-V. 

17,)!S. NAIII M THOMAS, son .Joab Thotiias and I.ois Doten. b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass.; m. there, 1st, Huby Chandler: m., ^nd, there, Mrs. Abby 
Carver Kenipton, dau. Jos!ah Carver and widow Oliver Kempton; ni., 
M. there, Mrs. Caroline Spear Leclerq, dau. Thomas Spear and widow of 
James Leclerq. 

Child by 1st wife : 

2387. i. Naiil'm. m. Nellie Joslynn. 

1759. LOIS THOMAS, dau. Joab Thomas and Lois Doten, b, Ply- 
mouth, Mass. ;m. there 1836, Nelson Holmes, b. there 1807, son Thomas 
Holmes and widow ^lercy Mayo Snow. 

Children -. 

2388. 1. Hknkietta F., b. 183S: m. Jol). N. Sherman. 

2389. ii. Ei-iZAHKin, m. Daniel D. Howard. 

2390. iii. N., b. 1842: m. Sylvanus L. Churchill. 

2391. iv. Bak.\ai{a.-< IL, b. 1853; m. Alice Shaw. 

17«0. JOAB THOMAS, son Joab Thomas and Lois Doten, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass.; m. there, Jerusha Bartlett Cobb, b. there 1821, dau. .lohii 
Kempton Cobb and Polly Nelson. 


2392. i. Jkui'sha. 

2393. ii. William J. 

2394. iii. FuLnKiuciv. 
2390. iv. Makv Anna. 

2396. v. SxrsAN. 

2397. vi. LoKiNG. 

2398. vil. JoAii. 

17()1. BETSEY THOMAS, dau. Joab Thomas and Lois Doten. nu 
Plymouth, Mass., 1843, John T. Hall, b. there, son Eber Hall and Eliza- 
beth Burgess. They lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

2399. i. Laiii;a, b. 1844; m. Joseph B. Whiting. 

2400. ii. S., b. 1850. 

1762. MARY THOMAS, dau. Joab Thomas and Lois Doten; m. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., 184/5, George Fuller, 1). there, son Eleazor Fuller and Sally 

Children : 

1401. i. >L\i;v, m. Cornelius F. Bradford. 

2402. il. Alice I)i;e\v, b. 1854. 

17(>9. BETSEY BARTLETT CHURCHILL, dau. Amaziali Churchill 

and Martha Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., about 1803; m. there, 1831, as 

his 2nd wife, Henry Robbins, b. there, son Samuel Robbins and Sarah 

Children : 

2403. i. Edward L. , b. 1836. 

2404. ii. Martha Ciiurcitill, b. 1839. 

2405. iii. Henry H., b. 1840. 

2406. iv. Margaret IL, b. 1843. 

1771. JANE DOTEN SHERMAN, dau. Elijah Sherman and Cynthia 
Doten Fish, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1814: m. there, 1836, Lorin Peterson, 
b. prob. Duxbury, Mass., son Reuben Peterson and Mary W^hite. They 
lived Boston, ^lass. 













2407. i. Jane B., b. 1839. 

2408. ii. HakuietE., b. 1844. 

2409. iii. Cynthia T., b. 184G. 

1773, ELIJAH SHERMAN, son Elijah Sherman and Cynthia Doten, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., July 23, 1818; m. there July 5, 1845, Lucy Ann 
Washburn, b. there March 2, 1823, dau. Ephraim Washburn and Mary 
Lucas. They live Wellingsley, Mass. 

Children, b. Plymouth : 

2410. i. LuoY A., b. March 26, 1846. 

2411. ii. William T., b. Oct. 26, 1847. 

2412. iii. George E. , b. July 4, 1851. 

2413. iv. Emma F., b. March 17, 1857. 

1785, SABA LEWIS DOTEN, dau. Isaac Doten and Saba Bryant, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 18, 1822; m., Kingston, Mass., June 19, 1855, 
Sylvanus Bryant, b. there, Jan. 24, 1820, son Sylvanus Bryant and Lois 
Washburn. They live Kingston. 

Children : 

Lewis Doten, b. April 12, 1856. 
LomsE SuLijNGs, b. June 25, 1857. 
Makoia Foster, b. June 27, 1859. 
Geokge Wasiibden, b. Jan. 25, 1861. 
William Doten, b. Dec. 21, 1862. 

1787. SARAH RUSSELL DOTEN, dau. Isaac Doten and Saba 
Bryant, b. New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 20, 1827; m. there Dec. 28, 1846, 
William Allen Lucas, b. there April 2, 1822, son Allen Lucas and Dolly 
Bartlett, both of Plymouth and descendants of first settlers. They live 
Newtonville, Mass., though he is in business, Boston, Mass. 
Children, b. New Bedford: 

Helen Bryant, b. June 28, 1848 ; d. Nov. 15, 1852. 

Sarah Allen, b. April 13, 1850; d. Oct. 11, 1854. 

William Hknry, b. Feb. 2, 1853. 

Frank Woodman, b. Oct. 18, 1856. 

Alice Louing, b. June 18, 1860. 

George Eldridge, b. Dec. 38, 1861, 

Mary Louise, b. March 13, 1863. 

Harry Clinton, b. .June 27, 1866. 

1792. GEORGE FRANCIS COBB, son Job Cobb and Nancy Doten, b, 
Plymouth, Mass., 1804; m. Baltimore, Md., Mrs. Eliza Smith Gilchrist, 
widow of Gilchrist; he d. Baltimore, 1845. 

Children, b. Baltimore: 

2427. i. George Francis, b. 1830 ; lives Baltimore. 

2428. ii. Helen F., b. 1834; m. Baltimore, Thomas W. Ball of Vir- 
ginia ; they live Baltimore. 

1794. COOMER WESTON, son Coomer Weston and Hannah Doten, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., March 2, 1805; m. there 1829, Sally Sturtevant 
Eddy, b. there 1806, dau. John Eddy and Abiah Sturtevant. 

Children : 

2429. i. Sarah, b. 1831 ; m. Everett F. Sherman. 

2430. ii. H.VNNAH Coomer, b. 1833 ; m. William Henry Nelson. 

2431. iii. Laura Ann, b. 1835; m. Edward Harlow. 
2482. iv. Harriet Davie, b. 1837; m. Albert E. Thayer. 
2433. V. Edmund, b. 1843 ; m. Florence Wood. 

















179r». FRANCIS IIENKl WP:STON, son Coomer Weston and Hannah 
Doten, b. Plynioutli, IMass., July 5, 1807; ni. tliere 1842, Anna W. Ellis, 
dau. Jol n Ellis. 
Chlldnm : 
2434. i. .Vnna, m., 1st, Charles Gleason: m., 2nd, William 

248.'). ii. H.\NNAU Soi'iha, ni. P^dwin II. Peteison. 
3430. iii. FuANrisC, m. Mary C. Lauiberton. 

170J). THOMAS WESTON, son Coomer Weston and Hannah Doten, 
b. Plymouth, Slass. , -Vug. 30, 1821 : m. Lucinda Kalph C'ushman of 
Bernard.stown, Mass., 'where they live. 


2437. i. Mai:y Kay, b. Bernardstown, 18r)3. 

ISOO. MILES STAN DISH WESTON, son Coomer Weston and Hannah 
Doten, b. Plymouth, iMass., IMarch 20, 1820; m. 1803, Lydia Hinckley 
Harris, b. Barnstable, Mass., dau. dau. Thomas Hjuris. 


2438. i. Wiii.iA.M Ei.i.ioTT, b. 1855: m. Sarah Lemont. 
243!). ii. Mii.Ks Standish, b. 1857. 

ISIS. SA.MUEL HOLMES DOTEN. son Samuel Doten and Rebecca 
Bradford, b. Plymouth, Mass.: m. there Sept. 28, 1830, Abbie Davie 
Virgin, b. there 1818, tlau. John Virgin and .Vbigail Virgin: she d. there. 
He m., 2nd, there 1800, Laura M. Lane. They live Plymouth. He is a 
prominent citizen and was for some time CoUectoi of the Port; was Captain 
in the late war. 

Children : 

2440. i. Puiscii.i.A Ahhy Virgin, b. Mav 28, 1839. 

2441. ii. Elizaheth M. , b. 1841. 

2442. iii. Samuel Holmes, b. 1848. 

TS19. REBECCA HOLMES DOTEN, dau. Captain Samuel Doten and 
Rebecca Bradford, b. Plymouth, .Mass.; m., 1st, there Nov. 28, 1833, 
Nathaniel Brown Faunce, b. there May 27, 1812, son Caleb Faunce and 
Rebecca Faunce; he d. there Dec. 13, 1838. Shem., 2ud, there Aug. 24. 
1858, Samuel Talbot, b. Milton, Ma.S3., July 14, 1705, sou George Talbot. 
They lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

2443. i. Rekkoca Jank (Faunce), b. March 31, 1835; not m.; d. 
July 4, 1858. 

2444. ii. Martha Ellen, (Faunce), b. Dec. 17, 1886; not m.; d. Dec. 
13, 1854. 

2445. ill. Nathaniel Brown (Faunce), b. Dec. 13, 1838; d. March 
24, 1803. 

1820. LAURA ANN DOTEN. dau. Captain Samuel Doten and Rebecca 
Bradford, b. Plymouth, Mass., March 17, 1810: m. Sept. 20. 1835, Eleazei' 
Stephens Turner, b. there Feb. 21, 1805, son Lathrop Turner and Susan 
Stephens. Ho was in the U. S. Navy service; d. Rio de Jfineiro, Brazil, 
Aug. 28, 1864, while in command of U. S. storeship Relief, bound to 
Macao, China. She resided. 1882, Plymouth. 


Children, b. Plymouth: 
3446. i. SrsAX Stei'iiens, b. May 17, 1837; d. Plyiriouth, Feb. 3, 

2447. ii. Frank Wii.hkut, b. July 81, 1839; d. Plymouth, Aug. 28, 

2448. ill. Lauija SxEi'incxs, b. Nov. 12, 1844; d. Plvmouth, Jan. 13, 

2419. iv. Stephens, b. June 10, 1849; lives Buffalo, N. Y. 

1821. EUPHELIA FRANCES DOTEN, dau. Samuel Doten and Re- 
becca Bradford, b. Plymouth, Mass.; m. there 1842, Theodore Drew, b. 
Plymouth, 1820, son William Drew and Priscilla Washburn. He m., 2d, 
1851, Olive Crowell. They live Hyannis, Mass ; have other chil. 

Children : 

2450. i. Theodoke F. 

2451. ii. Frances. 

2452. iii. Lauha S. 
2458. iv. Abbey. 

1822. CORNELIA M. DOTEN, dau. Samuel Doten and Rebecca Brad- 
ford, b. Plymouth, Mass. ; m. there 1852, Stevens Mason Burbank, b. there, 
son Stevens Mason Burbank and Hannah Bradford. They live Plymouth. 


2454. i. Hannah. 

2455. ii. Alfred S. 

2456. iii. Nellie D. 

2457. iv. Stevens Mason. 

1826. CHARLES CARROLL DOTEN, son Captain Samuel Doten and 
Rebecca Biadford, b. Plymouth, Mass., April 9, 1833; m. there June 19, 
1860, Wary Ann Bartlett, b. Plymouth, May 10, 1836, dau. Thomas Bur- 
gess Bartlett and Bethiah Churchill. 

He commanded the first company of militia from Plymouth which re- 
sponded to the call for troops April 16, 1861, and left home at six hours 
notice. This company was Company B, Third Regiment Massachuetts 
Volunteer Militia, and served at Fortress Monroe three months. On his 
return he organized and commanded Company G, Thirty-eighth Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers (three years troops), which was mustered into service 
August 22, 1863, and served in Maryland and Louisiana in the Nineteenth 
Army Corps. He was discharged from the army May 18, 1863, for disa- 
bility, being incapacitated from a pulmonary difficulty. He was elected 
twice a representative to the State Legislature, and served in the terms 
1865-6 and 1866-7, being a member of the Committee on Military Affairs 
He became, April 1, 1872, editor of the Old Colony Sentinel at Ply- 
mouth, which, three months later, he consolidated with the Old Colony 
Memorial, the oldest paper in the county. In 1882 he was member of 
the firm of Avery & Doten, publishers of the Old Colony Memorial and 
general printers. 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

2458. i. Charles Monroe, b. Oct. 27, 1861. 

2459. ii. Mary Carroll, b. Aug. 6, 1864; d. Aug. 6. 1864. 
3460. iii. May Carroll, b. Feb. 9, 186t5: d. Aug. 8, 1868. 
2461. iv. Lizzie Frances, b. July 14, 18('>8. 


24G2. T. M.VHKi. \Vit.i.\i:i), b. F.-b. 23, 1S73. 
2463. vi. Ai.FHKD RrssKi.i., b. April 12, iST.'j. 

1S2J>. JOSEPH JAMES GARCELOX. .son Joseph Gaiccloii iiiid 
Eunice Robbins Doten, b. St. Davids, N. B., May 5, 1831; m. 1st. St. 
Davids, Jan. 9. 1853, Abigail Hall, b. Magaguadavic, St. George, N. B. , 
1828, dau. James Simeon Hall and Harriet Young. She d. St. Davids, 
March 10, 1853. Hem., 2d, St. Davids, ^^arch 30, 1854, Joanna Morrell, 
b. Wanwlg, St. Andrews, X. B., dau. Stephen Decatur Morrell and Lu- 
cinda llitchings. She d. St. Davids, Oct. 17, 185!). He in., 3d, Californ a. 
He d. San Jose, Cal., Aug. 2'.). 18()i). 

24()4. i. Lons KroENi:, b. St. Davids, April 27, 185G: d. Oct. 17, 

2465. ii. Kdmini) IIii.lvku, b. St. Davids, Julv 8, 1^57: d. Oct. 2(), 

240G. iii. Joseph Ettgene, b. St Davids, Oct. 8, 1850; lives Eureka, 
Humboldt Co., Cal. 

2467. iv. ErxicK Maki.\, b. California; d. before 1869. 

1 s:JO. A:\10S OHDWAY GARCELON. son Joseph Garcelon and Eunice 
Robbins Doten, b. St. Davids, N. B., .Vpril 5, 1834; m. there April U, 
1861, Margaret xMcCullongh, b. The Ledge, St. Stephens, K. B., Aug. 21, 
1836, dau. Thomas McCullough and Martha Smith. They live Oak Bay, 
St. Davids. 


2468. i. Agne.s Makianxe, b. Jan. 12. 1862. 
246!). ii. EiTNioE Maude, b. Dec. 10, 1863. 

2170. iii. JosEi-n Gaiuei.ox, b. May 20, 1867; d. Dec. 2, 1870. 
2471. iv. Willie Oscau, }>. Aug. 7, 1870. 

1831. SARAH MARIA GARCELON, dau. Joseph Garcelon and 
Eunice Robbins Doten, b. St. Davids, X. B., May 24, 1836; m. there 
Jan. 26, 1865, William Alexander McClinton, b. St, Stephens, N. B., Oct. 
6, 1844, son Samuel McClinton and Abigail Young. They live The Ledge, 
St. Stephens, Charlottt; Co., N. B. 
Children, b. The Ledge: 

Eu.MCE Gakoklon, b. Oct. 16, 1865; d. Oct. 28, 1866. 

Edith Aiugail, b. July 25, 1867; d. Jan. 8, 1868. 

CiiAiiLOTi'K Eli/auetii, b. IMarch 24, 1869. 

CiiKiSTi.NE Edith, b. Jan. 11, 1872. 

Makgakkt Gakky, b. June 5, 1877. 

1S32. SOPHIA RUHAMA DOTEX, dau. A mini Ruhama Doten and 
Sophia Kezer, b. St. Davids, X. B., July 8, 1824; m. Cooper, .Me., Aug. 
6, 1847, Haskell Runnells. b. Deiinysville. .Me., Dec. 18, 181!), son Has- 
kell Runiiells and I'^lizabeth Gardner. They live Mattawamkeag, Me. He 
is lumberman and farmer. 


2477. i. Benjamin Franklix, b. Afarion, ]\Ie., Xov. 11, 1843; lives 
Danforth, Me.; not m.; 1880, was postmaster. 

2478. ii. ."^oi'iiiA Elizahetii, b. Cooper, Me., Aug. 6, 1845. 

2479. iii. :\LvRY Fkanoes, b. Pattagumpus, Me., Oct. 2!,^ 1847. 

2480. iv. Lydia Ellen, h. Pattagumpus, Oct. 29, 1849 ; m. there 
Sei)t. 20, 18(!S, J'reeman Dickey, son AVilliam Dickey and Harriet, 
his wife. They live Medway, Me. 












2481. V. FIenkietta Ann, b. Pattagumpus, Aug. 2:5, 1851. 

2482. vi. GEoiuiE Washington, b. Pattagumpus, Sept. 12, 1854; d. 
Nov. 15, 18G8. 

2483. vii. Charles Fremoxt, b. Pattagumpus, Jul j' C, 1856. 

2484. viii. Elkanaii, b. Pattagumpus, Sept. 20, 1858: d. May 20, 1859. 

2485. ix. JoHX Wesley, b. Pattagumpus. May 3, 1860; d. Sept. 15, 

2486. X. Jasox Ammi Everett, b. Pattagumpus, May 27, 1862. 

2487. xi. Amy Akolixe, b. Pattagumpus, June 14, 1864. 

2488. xii. Adelbert, b. Pattagumpus, May 15, 1867. 

1834. MARY CLINDININ DOTEN, dau. Ammi Doten and Sophia 
Kezer, b. Cooper, Me., May, 13, 1829; m. there April 8, 1847, Abner Gard- 
ner, b. Dennysville, Me., Oct. 7, 1822, son Abner Gardner and Evinice 
AVilder. Live Marion, Me. 

Children : 

2489. i. William Aulando, b. March 4, 1848. 

2490. ii. Okrixoton Abner. b. Oct. 4. 1851. 

2491. iii. AusTix Caleb, b. Nov. 10, 1853; d. Feb. 29, 1876. 

2492. iv. Fred Lee, b. Feb. 2, 1858. 

2493. V. Fraxk Leslie, b. March 25, 1863. 

2494. vi. Nellie May, b. June 25, 1872. 

1835. SARAH DOTEN, dau. Ammi Doten and Sophie Kezer, b. Cooper, 
Me., Nov. 29, 1831; m. Jonesport, Me., July 14, 1850, John Ellis Andrews, 
b. East Machias, Me., Dec. 28, 1825, son John Andrews and Lydia Berry. 
Live Marion, Me. 


2495. i. Jilia Maria, b. Jonesport, Me., Oct. 16, 1851. 

2496. ii. Mary Salome, b. Jonesport, Sept. 1, 1853. 

2497. iii. Jonx Ellis, b. Northtield, :\re., April 17, 1856. 

2498. iv. Geoi'.gia Axxa, b. Marion, Me., Aug. 8, 1859. 

2499. V. James Melvix, b. Marion, Jan. 7, 1862. 

2500. vi. Jasox Lee, b. Marion, Sept. 23, 1864. 

2501. vii. William Embert, b. Marion, March 17, 1867. 

1888. WILLIAM BOHANON DOTEN, son Ammi Doten and Mary 
A. Bohanon, b. Cooper, Me., Sept. 10, 1839; m. Calais, Me., June 14, 
1862, Elizabeth Stoell McPhetres, b. Cooper, July, 1845, dau. William 
McPhetres and Rebecca Averill; she d. Cooper, Nov. 11, 1876. He is a 
farmer, Cooper: has been member of Legislature, and held other offices. 

Children : 

2502. i. Edgar Lee, b. Aug. 6, 1863. 

2503. ii. Florence Adel, b. March 9, 1867. 

2504. iii. William_Mannixg, b. Dec, 1870. 

1839. JASON LEE DOTEN, son Ammi Doten and Mary A. Bohanon, 
b. Cooper, Me., Dec. 8, 1840; m. Machias, Me., Sept. 3, 1865, Sarah Helen 
O'Connor, b. Marion, Me., dau. Jonathan O'Connor and Dunsilla Vining. 

He joined the Third Maine Battery and served throughout the war, re- 
enlisting as veteran. He resides Cooper, is a farmer, and is Town Clerk; 
has taught school, and is Methodist class leader. 

Children : 

2505. i. Herbert Lesley, b. June, 1866. 

2506. ii. John Walter, b. March, 18()8. 


l.Si2. SAMLJ:L ALVAH DOTEN, son Amiui Uoten ami ilaiy A. 
Bohanon, b. Cooper, Me., Jan. 7, 1846; m. Wesley, Me., March 26, 186S, 
Louisa Elsinoio, dau. Ephraiin Elsnioreand Maria Burbank. They reside 
Grand Lake Stream, Me. 
Children : 

2507. i. Ros.oK O., b. Cooper, July l:!, 1868. 
3508. it. IvANE E., b. Cooper. April, 1870. 

2509. iii. Mabel, b. Copper, June, 1872. 

2510. iv. INIaud E., b. Cooper. Aug., 1874. 

V. A dau., b. Grand Lake Stream, Feb., 187!). 

1n4:J. THADDEUS ROBBINS DOTEN, son Amnu Doten and Mary 
A. Bohanon, b. Cooper, Me., Nov. 1, 1847; m. Brooklyn, Minn., Oct. 30, 

1872, Mary Norris, dau. Norris and Mary, his wife: she d. July 11, 

1878; he lives Brooklyn Centre, Minn. 

Children : 

2511. i. Bessie M., b. Jan. 25, 1874. 
ii. A child, b. Sept. li), 1877. 

iSiU. MAKY CAROLINE DOTEN, dau. Thaddeus liobbins Doten 
and Mary Woodman, b. Poland. Me., Deo. 7, 1830; m. there April 27. 
1852, Charles Bailey, b. Minot. Me., Aug. 31, 1825, son Moses Bailey and 
Anne Chandler. He d. Aiken, S. C, Dec. G, 1870. She d. Portland, Me. 
lie was a merchant there. 

Children, b. Portland: 

2512. i. Ukkbekt Melville, b. Oct. 29. 1857. 

2513. ii. Annie Fiokence. b. July 8. 1860. 

2514. iii. Alice Eleline, b. Nov. 9, 1864. 

1550. CHARLES HENRY DOTEN, son Thaddeus Robbins Doten and 
Mary Woodman, b. Poland, Me., May 12. 1832; ra. Salem, Mass., Oct. 8, 
1859, Frances Helen jNIackenzie, b. there April 13, 1831, dau. Roderick 
Mackenzie and Margaret Hutchinson. He was in grocery business, 
Boston, Mass., but, 1897, lives Fitchburg, ^lass. 

Children, b. Boston: 

2515. i. Carkie Ella, b. Oct. 8, 1859. 

2516. ii. Grace Isabelle, b. Dee. 4, 1866. 

1551. SAMUEL HOMES DOTEN, son Thaddeus Robbins Doten and 
Mary Woodman, b. Poland, Me., Aug. 21, 1834: in. Portland. Me., Dec. 
25, 1858. Elizabeth Georgianna Briggs. b. there April 24, 1839, dau. 
William Briggs and Mary Mariner, Ho is a lumber merchant, Portland. 

Children : 

2517. i. CiiAULEs Bailey, b. Portland, Sept. 30, I860: d. there Aug. 
10, 1863. 

2518. ii. AforsTrs PIenhy. b. Portland. July 3, 1862: d. July 25. 

2519. iii. Elmei: Ansel, b. Portland. Sept. 12, 1863. 

2520. iv. :Mai:v Lizzie, b. Portland, March 20, 1865; d. Deering, N. 
H., Jan. 21, 1869. 

2521. V. Ida Bei i.e, b. Portland, Juno 2, 1866; d. there Oct. 4, 

2522. vi. Lillian Alice, b. Deering, Me., Jan. 22, 1868: d. there 
March 2, 1869. 

ls:,4. .\XSEL ROBBINS DOTEN. son Thaddeus Robbins Doten and 


Mary Woodman, h. Portland, Me., July 16, 1841; m. there June 19, 1867, 
Julia Adelaide Carr, b. Portland, June 35, 1843, dau. William Carr and 
Julia A. Tuhey. He is a lumber merchant, Portland. 

2523. i. Idei.ixk Carh, b. Deering, Me., Oct. 6, 1868. 

2524. ii. Alu'E Maud, b, Deering, April S2, 1871. 

2525. iii. IIaeky Wilma.m, b. Portland, Jan. 7, 1873: d. there Dec. 
4, 1873. 

2536. iv. Charles Baii.ey, b. Portland, Oct. 26, 1874. 

2537. V. Clarence P]£eble, b. Portland, Feb. 19, 1877. 

1S55. MELLEN THADDEUS DOTEN, son Thaddeus Robbins Doten 
and >[ary Woodman, b. Poland, Me., April 38, 1843; m., 1st, Boston, 
-Mass., Oct. 4, 18!J8, Sadie Augusta Cole, b. Gloucester, Mass., Oct. 14, 

1845, dau. Azar Cole and Sarah W. . She d. there July 32, 1869. He 

m., 2d, Charlestown, Mass., July 4, 1870, Susie Ellen Hart, b. Reading, 
Mass, Dec. 9, 1842, dau. Joseph Hart and Nancy Holt. They reside 
Boston, Mass. lie in millinery business, Boston and Fitchburg, 3Iass. 

Children : 

2538. i. Lula Gertrude, b. Fitchburg, Oct. 10, 1871. 

2529. ii. Mabel Clifton, b. Fitchburg, May 30, 1873; d. there Nov. 
1, 1873. 

2530. iii. Chester Woodman, b. Fitchburg, July 21, 1874. 

2531. iv. Arthur Chapman, b. Boston, Oct. 23, 1876. 

2532. V. Julian Wonson, b. Boston, Oct. 18, 1878; d. Nov. 25, 1878. 

2533. vi. Lilian Augusta, b. Boston, Oct. 18, 1878 ; d. Nov. 26, 

1,S59 EDWARD SEWALL DOTEN, son Thaddeus Robbins Doten 
and Mary Woodman, b. Poland, Me., Jan. 7, 1853; m. Boston, Jlass., Feb. 
4, 1877, Mary Ann Collins, b. Scarboro, Me., April 21, 1858, dau. Joseph 
J. Collins and Agnes M. Kavaimagh. He is lumber merchant, Portland, 

Children, b. Portland: 

3534. i. Carl Roswell. b. Nov. 14, 1877. 

2535. ii. Walter Sewall, b. Feb. 17, 1879. 

1861. ALMACIA ANN DOTEN, dau. Ebenezer Robbins Doten and 
Ann Jemima Smith, b. St. Davids, N. B., April 25, 1835 ; m., Calais, Me., 
Oct. 13, 1854, Stephen Decatur Morrell, b. Wawweig, St. Andrews, N. B., 
Dec. 17, 1835, son Stephen Decatur Morrell and Lucinda Hitchings. He 
enlisted as private in 19th Maine Regt. in 1862 ; served throughout the war, 
being wounded in the arm at the Battle of the Wilderness. They reside 


2536. i. Ernest Decatur, b. St. Davids, N. B., Dee. 31, 1855. 

2537. ii. Adelbert Tremont, b. Baring, Me., Aug. 9, 1857. 

3538. iii. William Edmond, b. Calais, April 35, 1859. 

3539. iv. Eben Doten, b. Calais, Sept. 16, 1860; d. Baring, Me., 
Sept. 11, 1861. 

3540. V. Stephen Hitohings, b. Baring, July 34, 1863; d. there 
Aug. 34, 1862. 

3541. vi. John Fredekio. b. Baring, June 35, 1863. 
3543. vil. Herbert Philbrook, b. Calais, March 9, 1869. 
2543. viii. Edward Lorenzo, b. Calais, July 37, 1871. 

Children, I 













18(»1». ETIIKLDA ADELAIDE DOTEN, dau. Ebenzer Kobbins Doten 
and Ana Jemima Smith, b. 8t. Davids, N. B., Dec. 28, 1836; m. Dec. 
27, 1859, Alfred Edmond Grceulaw, b. Bayside, St. Andrews, N. B., May 
7, 1834, son William Greenlaw and Sarah Dicl<. They reside Calais, Me. 


2544. i. Annie Ei.nok.v, b. St. Andrews, X. B., Feb. 28, 18G0. 

2545. ii. AuKiHEirr Vioroi:, b. St. Andrews, Oct. 4. 18C1. 
254(i. iii. LuciEN Edmond, b. Baring,', >Ie.,.]nly4. 18G3. 

2547. iv. Al.m.vcia Mokrei.l, b. Calais, April 3, 1805. 

2548. V. William Evehett, b. Calais, March 7, 1875. 

1865. WILLIAM BENJAMIN DOTEN, son Ebenezer R. Doten and 
Ann Jemima Smith, b. St. Davids, N. B., April 9, 1842: in. May 10, 
1866, Lucy Ellen King, b. Princeton, Me.. March 10, 1852, dau. Edward 
King and Belinda Mercer. They reside Baring, JNIe. ; he d. there June 30, 
1879. He enlisted in 9th Maine Regt., reenlisted as veteran in .same regt. 
and served throughout the war, being detailed as sharpshooter a portion 
of the time. 

Princeton, Mo.. : 

A dau., b. Aug. 10, 1867 ; d. same dav. 

Jessie Ev.v, b. April 23, 1869. 

Frank Wem.inotox, b. May 22, 1871; d. April 9, 1872. 

Eugene Faunoe, b. June 21. 1873: d. Dec. 20, 1875. 

A.Mos WooDHUKT, b. Dcc. 16. 1875. 

Samuel Adelhert, b. Maj' 14. 1878. 

ISCJC;. LUCIEN BOBBINS DOTEN, .son Ebenezer R. Doten and Ann 
Jemima Smith, b. St. Davids, N. B., Feb. 10, 1844; m. June 21, 1868, 
Louisa Flewwellyng, b. St. John, N. B., Sept. 22, 1850, dau. Edward 
Flewwellyng and Annie Brown. Served 3 j'earsin the 9th Maine Regt. in 
active aervice. He d. Baring, Me., Aug. 24, 1874. Shem., 2d. Matthew 
Miller ; they live Calais, Me. 
Children, b. Calais: 

2555. i. Amoe Mai-oe, b. April 29, 1869. 

25.56. ii. Mahel, b. May 10, 1871: d. April 2, 1872. 

2557. iii. Annie May, b. P'eb. 28, 1672. 

18(;7. THIRZA REBECCA DOTEN, dau. Ebenezer R. Doten and Ann 
Jemima Smith, b. St. Davids, N. B., Sept. 16, 1845; m. 1804, Daniel Lit- 
tlefield. They Uv.hI Biddeford, Me. She d. Feb. 13, 1870, Calais, Me., of 
consumption, while on her way to visit hor parents. Baring, .Me. 


2558. i. A child, 1). and d. same day. 

2559. ii. Edward Vkrry Doten, was adopted at his mother's death 
by Jotham Bridges, Esq., of Kennebuuk, Me. 

1868. ALBION PARRIS DOTEN, son Ebenezer R. Doten and Ann 
Jemima Smith, b. St. Davids, N. B., June 17, 1847: m. Calais, Me., Nov. 
20, 18()9, Elizabeth Burton, b. Ward Greene, England. May 16, 1853, dau. 
John Burton and Henrietta Mclntosli. They live l>aring, Me. 

Children, h. Baring: 

2560. i. Frkijerick Pool, b. Oct. 27, 1870. 

2561. ii. Frank Lynwood, b May 16, 1873. 

2562. iii. George Norman, b. June 12, 1875. 

2563. iv. Guy Ashton, b. July 29, 1877. 

2564. V. A dau., b. and d. May 9. 1879. 


1S(){). EUNICE MARIA DOTEN, dau. Ebenezer K. Doten and Ana 
Jemima Smith, b. St. Davids, N. B., Jan. 6, 1849; m. Calais, Me., June 8, 
1870, Arthur Burton, b. Stainsborough Park, near Barnsley, England, 
Feb. 10, 1849, son John Burton and Henrietta Mcintosh. They lived 
Baring, Me. , where shed. July 7, 1877, of consumption, and where he 
still resides. 

Children, b. Baring: 

2565. i. He-vkietta Maki.\, b. April 22, 1871. 

2566. ii. Abbie May, b. April 13, 1872. 

2567. iii. Eliza Leonoke, b. Sept 14, 1873. 

2568. iv. P^iKNEST Decathk, b. Dec. 21, 1874. 

1,SS2. LUCY RUSSELL DOTEN, dau. Joseph Johnson Doten and 
Phebe Bradford, b. Prince William, N. B., Aug. 2, 1843; m. St. Davids, 
N. B. , July 5, 1874, David Thompson Smith, b. St. Davids, N. B., Dec. 
21, 1839, son David Smith and Sarah Thompson. They live St. Davids. 


1882a. i. Edxa Thompson, b. May, 1875. 
1882b. ii. Jennie, b. May 2, 1879. 

1884. DEBORAH BUCKNAM DOTEN, dau. Joseph Johnson Doten 
and Phebe Bradford, b. St. Davids, N. B., March 18, 1847; m. there June 
28, 1868, William Wesley Robinson, b. Oak Bay, St. Davids, N. B., Dec. 
5, 1839, son Daniel Robinson and Margaret Oilman. They live Oak Bay. 


2569. i. Edith Edna, b. 1869; d. 4 years. 

2570. ii. Ethel J., b. Dec, 1875. 

2571. iii. Frederick Willi.vm, b. Nov. 25, 1878. 

1890. ORNAN HURLEY DOTEN, son Benjamin Doten and Nancy 
Ann Hall, b. St. Davids, N. B., March 30, 1850; m. Ashburn, Ont., Nov. 
19, 1870, Emma Beaumont, b. England, Aug. 19, 1852, dau. Joseph Beau- 
mont and Marj^ Ann Dean. They reside Duffln's Creek, P. O address, 
Pickerincr, Ont. 

Ann Eliza, b. Green River, Ont., Nov. 9, 1871. 

Mart Elizabeth, b. Green River, Dec. 21, 1873. 

Joseph Benjamin, b. Duffln's Creek, March 10, 1876. 

Cora Eva, b. Duffiu's Creek, Nov. 6, 1878. 

Hattie Maud, b. Duffln's Creek, April 21, 1881. 

Lillie Vietta, b. Duffln's Creek, Aug. 14, 1888. 

1892. JAMES SIMEON DOTEN, son Benjamin Doten and Nancy 
Ann Hall, b. Green River, Ont., Oct. 29, 1854; m. May 24, 1879, Maria 
Anderson of Markham, Out., dau. Peter Anderson and Susan Clenden- 
ning. They lived Green River, but now live Peterborough, Out. 


2578. i. Benjamin Hamilton, b. Feb. 25, 1882. 

2579. ii. Mabel Rosetta, b. Feb. 21, 1884. 

1893. CLARENCE WILLIAM DOTEN, sou Benjamin Doten and 
Nancy Ann Hall, b. Green River, Ont, Aug. 4, 1858; m. there, Martha 
Rice, b. there Dec. 15, 1862, dau. John Rice and Lydia J. Burk. They 
live Green River. 


2580. i. Artemus Cecil, b. May 19, 1882. 














I»t4 JAMKS LKONARI) TUKLL. son Abiatliar Tu.'ll and Klecta I. 
Iloman, b. I'lanfation No. 14. Me., Jan. 2, 1829: lu., 1st, Kast Machias, 
Me., Oct. 20, 1852. Julia Ann Hamford, b. Cooper, >[e., May 8, 1831, 
dau. James Bamford and Mary Young; she d. Plantation No. 14, Feb. 2, 
1854. lie m., 2d, St. Stephens, N. B., April 8, 185(5, Elizabeth Catharine 
Young, b. there Aug. 10, 1828, dau. Jacob Young and Loinsa Joyce. 
They reside Plantation No. 14. where he was postmaster. 


2581. i Jamks E.NOcii. b. Jan. 25, 1854. 

2582. ii. Gkokge, b. Jan. 19, 1857: d. Aug. (i. 181)0. 

2583. iii. Okkis Ahiatiiah, b. July 2, 1858. 

1972. NATHANIEL DOTEN, son Nathaniel Doten and Mary Farmer, 
b. F'lymouth,, Nov. fi, 1803: m. there July 2, 1826, Caroline 
Goddard, dau. Benjamin Goddard and Hannah Luce. They reside New 
Bedford. Mass. 


2584. i. Nathanikl, b. Plymouth. Aug. 18. 1827. 

2585. ii. Benjamin Franklin', b. New Bedford. July 8, 1842. 

2580. iii. Caroline, b. New Bedford: m. John Pierce; he d. on ship 
Cumberland in the War of the Rebellion; she m., 2d, J. II. 
Gorham: lives New Bedford. 

2587. iv. A child, d. young. 

2588. V. A child, d. young. 

2589. vi. A child, d. young. 

1974. MARCIA RIDER DOTEN, dau. Nathaniel Doten and Mary 
Farmer, b. Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 11, 1808; m. there Dee. 2, 1832, Bar- 
nabas Ellis, b. there, son William I-jllis and Betsey llarh)w. They live 


2591. i. Marcia Ann, b. 1883 : m. Plymouth, Benjamin Drew 
Freeman, b. there, 1829, .son Nathanial Freeman and Betsey Drew. 

2592. ii. Mary, b. 183.5. 

2593. iii. Bkt.-^ky W.. b. 1838: m., Plymouth, Charles Hathaway, b. 
there, son Charles Hathaway and Abigail G. Cotton. 

2594. iv. I.sabki.i.a, b. 1840: m., Plymouth, Sumner Leonard, b. 
there, son Abner Leonard and Zilpha Morton. 

2595. V. William, m. Delia Hewitt of Rynliam, Mass. 

2596. vi. Thomas H., b. 1845, m. Mary if Jenkins. 

2597. vii. C^lark, b. 1849. 

197.>. NANCY FARMER DOTEN, dau. Nathaniel Doten and Mary 
Farmer, b. Plymouth, Mass., June 17, 1811: ra. there Nov. 11, 1834, John 
Morse. They lived Plymouth. 

Childnm : 

2598. i. Nanov A., b. 1839. 

2599. ii. John A. 

1976. JANE DOTEN, dau. Nathaniel Doton and Mary Farmer, b. 
Plymouth, Mass.. June 15, 1814; m. there Dec. 19, 1836, William 
Stephens, Jr., b. there, son William Stephens and Nancy Everson ; lived 


2600. i. .I^NE E.: m. Plymouth, Horace C. Whitten, b. there, son 
Abraham Whitten and Lucia H. Holmes. 


2()0l. ii. William ; m., Plymoutli, Alineda F. Bradford, b. there, 

dau. Lemuel Bradford. 
2G03. iii. George; in. Lucy Cook. 
2603. iv. Maky. 

2G94. V. Samuel; m. Alice Cook. 
2605. vi. Emma. 

1979. PHEBE DOTEN, dau. Prince Doten and Susan Price, b. Ply- 
mouth, >rass., Dec. 31, 1811; m. there Nov. 7, 1833, Thomas M. Bartlett, 
b. there, son Rufus Bartlett and lioxanna Bartlett. He m., 2d, her 
sister, Sarah Ann Doten. 

Children, b. Plymouth : 

2tiOH. 1. Phehe T., b. Sept. 28, 1835. 

2607. ii. KoxANNA A., b. Aug. 15, 1838. 

1980. HANNAH DOTEN, dau. Prince Doten and Susan Price, b. Ply- 
mouth, Mass., April 18, 1814: m. there Aug. 25, 1839, as his 2d wife, 
David Holmes, b. there, Jan. 26, 1807, son David Holmes and Polly 
Holmes. They lived Plymouth, where he d. April 18, 1870, and she d. 
Aug. 8, 1861. 


2608. i. Hannah Jane, b. June 25, 1842; d. Aug. 27, 1843. 

2609. ii. Maky Helen, b. June 26, 1844; m. Nov. 13, 1869, Jerome 
Bonaparte Briggs, b. Carver, Mass., 1843, son Hershell Ellis Briggs 
and Lucy Burt Cobb. She d. Sept. 7, 1875. He lives Brockton, 
Mass.; no chil. 

2610. iii. David, b. Aug. 29, 1846 ; d. Nov. 15, 1853. 

2611. iv. Hannah Jane, (2d) b. Aug. 29, 184<J: m., Plymouth, May 
17, 1873, Alfred Holmes, b. there Jan. 25, 1845, son Kendall Holmes 
and Betsey Patey. They live Plymouth. No chil. 

2612. V. Peesis Harlow, b. Dec. 27, 1848 ; d. April 7, 1851. 

2613. vi. Persis Harlow. (2d), b. Sept. 9, 1851; d. IMay 28, 1874. 

2614. vii. David, (2d), b. Oct. 25, 1854 ; lives Plymouth. 

1981. PRINCE DOTEN, son Prince Doten and Susan Price, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 3, 1816; m. there, Dec. 4, 1841, Ann Eaton, b. 
Boston, Mass., Jan. 22, 1822, dau. James B. Eaton b. Staffordshire, Eng., 
Dec. 9, 1777, and Eliza J. Peabody, b. Boston. They resided Plymouth. 

Children : 

2615. i. Annetta, b. May 3, 1843; m. Plymouth, Dec. 25, 1870, 
John Washburn. They resided Kingston. Mass. She d. Sept. 4, 

2616. ii. George Herbert, b. Aug. 6, 1850. 

2617. iii. Harriet Emma, b. Feb. 27, 1856. 

2618. iv. W^iLLiAM Chalenor, b. June 8, 1858. 

2619. V. Charles Crooker, b. Oct. 30, 1861. 

1982. SARAH ANN DOTEN, dau. Prince Doten and Susan Price, 
b. Plymouth, Dec. 7, 1819; m. there, Nov. 2, 1842, Thomas M. Bartlett, 
b. there, son of Rufus Bartlett and Roxanna Bartlett and widower of 
her sister Phebe. They live Plymouth. 


2620. i. Lydia H., b. July 13, 1843; d. Oct. 18, 1844. 

2621. ii. Lydia H. (2d), b. Aug. 21, 1845; d. 1874. 

2622. iii. Sarah B., b. Feb. 14, 1847. 

2623. iv. Nancy E., b. March 18, 1849. 


















2624. V. ILviMMKr E., h. April 17, 1851; d. Se|.t. 18, LSoS. 

2625. vi. OiMMN C, b. Dec-. 12, 1858. 

1J)N3. NAOMI DOTEN, dau. Frliice Doteu and Su.saii Price, b. 
Plymouth, Mas.s.. .Ian. 14, 1821; ni. tiierc, P. Tei-iy. They lived 

Liov M.. b. April 80. 1840. 
Sahaii 1{., b. June 29, 1844. 
N. ArciisTA, b. Dee. 4, 1848. 
I.oRKNzo B., b. Aug. 80, 1850. 
AiMoN B., b. Jan. 14, 1855. 
Vk.i.a v., b. April 26, 1858. 
Airniri: L., b. Nov. 6, 1860. 
Ei.i.A D., b. April 25, 1863. 

IDHG. GEORGK IIKNIIY DOTKN, .son I'riacc Dolen and Susan 
Price, b. Plymouth, Mass., July 7, 1880: ni. there, 1855, Sarah A. 
Weston, b. New Bedford, Mass., Dec. 2, 1836, dau. Joseph P. Weston 
and Almira Card. They resided Plymouth, 1879. 


2634. i. CoKDii.iA W., b. March 22. 1857. 

2635. ii. Gkoi;gk E., b. Sept. 20, 1860; ni. there, Sarah K. Calh- 

1J)S7. SALINA FINNEY DOTKN. dau. Edward Doten and Saliua 
Pratt, b. Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 27, 1824; ra. there 1845, William Shurt- 
leff Eaunce, b. there 1824, son Stephen Faunce and Betsej' Shurth^ff. 
They lived Plymouth. 

Mary S., b. 1846. 

Wii.i.iAM A., b. 1847; m. Maggie C. McCarthy. 

Betsey T., b. 1849. 

Gkokgk a., b. 1850; m. Mercy J. Sharp. 

David Mili.erd, b. 1853. 

Ei.i/AMKTU Grkex, b. 1854. 

John II., b. 1856. 

AuTUUi: N., b. 1864. 

1988. EDWARD LEWIS DOTEN, son Kdward Doten and Salina 
Pratt, b. Plymouth, :Mas8., July 29, 1827; m., 1st, there July 29, 1848. 
Mary Wendall JIall, b. there Jan. 25, 1829, dau. Wendall Hall and Mary 
Ann Gray ; she d. Pembroke,, July 29, 1856; he m. , 2d, Plymouth, 
Jan. 22, 1866, Lydia Morton Holmes, b. there July 30, 1838, dau, Seth 
Luce Holmes and Salome Wiswall. They live Lynn, Mass. 

Children, by 1st wife; 

2644. i. F. . b. Plymouth, Oct. 11, 1849. 

2645. ii. Edwahd Evehett, b. Pembroke, Aug. 22, 1851; is a'sea- 
man and resides iii England, where he m., but his wife d. 

2646. iii. Lewis Wknuai.i,, b. Pembroke, Feb. 21, 1852; m. Ply- 
mouth, Lucy S. Holmes, b. there Jan.. 1857, dau. Isaac Holmes 
and his wife, Deborah. They live Lynn. 

And by 2d wife; 

2647. iv. Lkxa L., b. Plymouth, Nov. 17, 1866. 

2648. V. L., b. Plymouth. Dee. 3, 1867: d. Kingston, April 
22, 1869. 

2649. vi. Fi.OKEXcE May, b. Kingston, Jan. 10, 1869. 


















2650. vii. Cki.ia Linwood, b. Kinj^ston. April 17, 1872. 

2651. viii. Fkankiix, b. IMyiiiouth, Aug. 7, 1875. 

2652. Ix. Effie H., b. Plymouth, Mtiy 27, 1877. 

2653. X. Lauka A., b. Plymouth. March 9, 1879. 

VJS9. ELISHA SHERMAN DOTEN, son Edward Doten and Salina 
Pratt, b. Plymouth, Mass., June 20, 1830; m. there Oct. 3, 1852, Rebecca 
8. Pierce, b. there Aug. 2, 1831, dau. Benjamin N. Pierce and Mai'y E. 
Kendriclc. He d. Plymouth, April 24, 1880. She lived tliere 1886. 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

2()54. i. Emogexe M.. b. Feb. 6, 1856. 

2655. ii. Ai.MEDA M., b. March 16, 1859; m. Plymouth, Nov. 11, 1883, 
Fred W. Everson, b. Hanson, Mass., Oct. 12, 1858; she d. Aug. 2, 

2656. iii. Rebecca S., b. April 26, 1869. 

15)97. LUCIA JANE HOLMES, dau. David Sturtevant Holmes and 
Esther Finney Doten, b. Plymouth Co., Mass., Oct. 30, 1830; m. there 
Dee. 4, 1850, George Swift, b. there July 20, 1825, son Jeroboam Swift and 
Sarah Leach. They live Chiltonville, Mass. 


2057. i. Ldoia Robert.s, b. Oct. 17, 1851. 

2658. ii. Geokge Fl.vvel, b. Aug. 5, 1853. 

2659. iii. Euzabeth Hughes, b. July 22, 1855; d. 1855. 

2660. iv. Latha Ann, b. Aug. 1, 1857; m. Nov. 5, 1885, Zimri 

2661. V. Jehoboam, b. Jan. 17, 1860. 

2662. vi. Sakaii Leach, b. Aug. 6, 1862: d. Sept. 19, 1864. 

2663. vii. Elliot Fulleij, b. Sept. 15, 1865. 

2664. viii. Willard Russell, b. May 17, 1868. 

2665. ix. Bertha Francis, b. Oct. 6, 1870. 

2666. X. Rebecca Howard, b. May 21, 1876. 

191)S. ISABEL HOLMES, dau. David Sturtevant Holmes and Esther 
Finney Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 17, 1834; m. there Oct. 10, 1852, 
Robert Finney, b. there about 1829, son Robert Finney and Susan Holmes. 
They lived Plymouth, where he d. Feb., 1883, and she still lives. 

Children : 

2667. i. Isabel Emma, b. Oct. 20, 1853. 

2668. ii. Sarah Enrrn, b. Feb. 27, 1857; m., Plymouth, Amos 
Vina! ; they have 2 chil. and live Brockton, Mass. 

2669. iii. Christiana, b. July 14, 1866. 

2670. iv. Robert, b. June 17, 1868. 

2671. V. Winifred May, b. March 7, 1878. 

2000. PHEBE AUGUSTA HOLMES, dau. David Sturtevant Holmes 
and Esther Finney Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 4, 1840 ; m. there 
July 4, 1858, Albert Swift, b. there Sept. 30, 1833, son Henry Swift and 
Betsey, his wife. They live Charlestown, Mass. 

Albert Fuanois, b. June 16, 1859 : m. Cora Stone. 

Esther May, b. June 20, 1861; d. Nov. 4, 188L 

Jessie Agnes, b. Dec. 27, 1864. 

David Sturtevant, b. Sept. 20, 18(i7. 

Fannie Seymour, b. April 17, 1870. 

Ida Place, b. Sept. 22, 1873. 

Flora Elwood, b. Feb. 21, 1877. 















2679. viii. .\t<!i-sT.\ Ei.i/.amktm, li. .Ian. IC. IST'.t. 

2G80. ix. .\i)i)iK LoT-iK, b. Man-li Ki, 1881. 

2681. X. Geoikuk Rich, b. April 27, 188;J: d. Charlestown, July 13 

2001. JERUSIIA AMY HOLMES, dau. David Sturtevant Holmes 
and Esther Finney Doten, b. Plymouth, Mas«., Dec. 13, 1843; m. there 
Dec, 18(i4, Henry William Swift, b. there. He d. riynioutli. Doc. 19, 
1878; shed, there Nov. 19, 18G7. 


2682. i. JKKU.S1IA -Vmv, b. Nov. 19, 1867. 

2002. FANNY SEYMOUR HOLMKS, dau. David Sturtevant Holmes 
and Esther Finney Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., June 29, 184.'>; m. there, 
Oct. 28, 1863, Wiuslow Warren Cox. b. there 1844, son William Row- 
land Cox by his 2d wife, Mrs. Abigail Goddard Cushing. They live 


2683. 1. Poland Warken, b. at .sea, in the Gulf Stream, on board 
ship voyapins from San Francisco to New York, March 12, 1872. 

2684. ii. ' AVii.Hrii, b. Plymouth, Oct. 1873. 
268"). iii. Nathan Cusuinc, b. Plymouth, April 2, 1876. 

2686. iv. Abhie Maiua, b. Plymouth, April, 1882. 

2003. FLORA AGNES HOLMES, dau. David Sturtevant Holmes and 
Esther Finney Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., May 8, 1848 ; m. there March 
12, 1871, Georf^e Washington Bartlott, b. there April 7, 1829, son George 
W. liartlett and Sarah Baitlett. They live Brockton. Mass. Mrs. Flora 
Bartlett has been argely instrumental in completing this collection of 
records of the families of her parents and sisters. 


2687. i. Gf.ok<!k Sidney, b. May 28. 1871. 
26'^8. ii. Lafayette Lekoy, b. Dec. 9, 1877. 

2004. GEORGIETTA ADELAIDE HOMLES. dau. David Sturtevant 
Holmes and Esther Finney Doten, b. Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 11, 1850; 
m. th(;re May 20, 1882, George Harvey Fish, b. Plymouth Co., April 4, 
1835. They live Plymouth. 


2689. i. Ai.TON Hoi.MKs, b. Oct. IT), 1883. 

2011. JOHN THOMAS DOTEN, .son John Doten and Betsey Hughes, 
b. Hanovcn-, Mass., July 14, 1849; m. South Abington, i\rass. .Dec. 24, 
1871, IVIartha Famiy Gurney, b. there. They live South Abington, Mass. 


2690. i. GEOitOE Wakken, b. Oct., 1873. 

2012. ANN C. DOTY, dau. Paul Doty and Elizabeth Lucas, b. 
Montville, Me., Nov. 33, 1805; m. there, Thomas Sherman. They lived 
Pembroke, Me. 


2691. i. E. WiNsi.ow, resid(»s Portland, Me. 

2692. ii. Pkhsis Ann. 

201. '{. JOSEPH LUCAS DOTY, son Paul Doty and Betsey Lucas, b. 
Montville, Me., March 23, 1807; m. 1st, Nashua; N. IL, May 1, 1839, 


Susan Smith, b. Moiitville, Nov. 18, 181G, dau. Charles Smith and 
Deliver Baker. She d. Nashua, Sept. 7, 1847. He m. 2d, Nashua, 
March 15, 1848, Mrs. Lucy llutchins Davis, b. Carlisle, Mass., 
Dec. IG, 1803, dau. Eliakim Hutchiiis and Polly, his wife, and widow 
Deacon Mial Davis of Dunstable, Mass. She d. Burlington, Vt., Sept. 
2, 1877. Hem. 3d, Nashua, Feb. 5, 1879, Mrs. Laura Ann McGilvray 
Kimball, b. Nashua, April 12, 1835, dau. Henry T. McGilvray and Mary 
Ann Blood, and widow Wilson Kimball. They resided Nashua. He was 
a shoe and leather merchant. 

3693. i. Susan More, b. Nashua, N.'H., March 22, 1840. 

26D4. ii. Isabella Argentine, b. Nashua, Jan. 8, 1843. 

2G95. iii. Adele Maria, b. Nashua, March 5, 1844; d. Sept. 1845. 

2696. iv. Joseph Alain, b. Montville, Me., June 16, 1846; d. 
Nashua, Nov. 6, 1857. 

2014. GEORGE RILEY DOTY, son Paul Doty and Elizabeth Lucas, 
b. Montville, Waldo Co., Me., Mstrch 3, 1810; m. 1st, Knox, Me., Caloline 
Hutchins. He m. 2d, Knox., Aug. 2, 1846, Mary P. Liuikin; b. there, 
April 25, 1825. He d. She resided, 1886, Warren, Me. 

Children, by 1st wife, b. Warren: 

3697. i. RoxANA, m. Orrin Sidelinger of Knox. 

3698. ii. Hannah, d. at 2 years. 
And by 2d wife: 

2699. iil. Mary Medora, b. July 27, 1847. 

3700. iv. Harriet Rosaletta, b. Dec. 24, 1849 ; d. aged about 4 

3701. V. Albert La Forrest, b. July 35, 1851; d. at 3 years. 
3703, vi. George Willis, b. Feb. 6, 1854; d. vouug. 

3703. vii. Ella J. E., b. July 14, 1855. 

3704. viii. Alyerado C, b. March 13, 1858. 

3705. ix. Bkn.iamin Franklin, b. June 9, 1863. 
2706. X. Charles W., b. Aug. 4, 1867. 

2015. ELIZA DUDLEY DOTY, dau. Paul Doty and Betsey Lucas, b. 
Montville, Me., Nov. 10, 1814; m. Unity, Me., by Rev. William McGray, 
Aug. 20, 1835, Harvey Hatch Sherman, b. Knox, Me., Dec. 27, 1809, son 
Elisha Sherman and Lucy Hatch. 

She was a woman of no ordinary ability, was a member of the M. E. 
Church, a devoted Christian and a pattern wife and mother. She died 
Knox, Me., April 20, 1865. His parents were natives of Marshfield, Mass., 
Avho settled in Knox about 1805, at that time a dense wilderness, and re- 
mained there till their death. He was selected by them to remain on the 
old homestead and take care of them in their old age. In 1874 he sold 
his farm and removed ,to Windsor, Dane Co., Wis., where he is an ex- 
tensive merchant. Hem. , 2d, Dec. 7, 1865, Catharine H. Mariner of Lin- 
colnville, Me., b. Feb. 4, 1830. She d. Windsor, Wis., Nov. 1, 1877. He 
m., 3d, Windsor, Wis., July 6, 1879, Mrs. Emma A. Roll. 
Children, by 1st wife, b. Knox, Me.: 

3707. i. Augustus Addison, b. Feb. 7, 1836. 

2708. ii. Affinee Adelaide, b. March 34, 1838. 

3709. iii. Frank Asbury, b. Oct. 4, 1841. 

3710. iv. Frederick Milton, b. Sept. 11, 1843. 


2017. M.UiV J.VNE DOTV, dau. Paul Doly ami Betsey Lmas, b. 
Montville, Me., Jan. 20, 1820: m. there April 9, 1840, William Lord, h. 
Swanvillo, Mo., .\pril '.). 1810. Tli.n- live East Thoriidiko, Mo. 

Chililren, b. Montville; 

2711. i. Ai.HEirr Wiikki.(.ck, b. 3Iay 2(t, 1841. 

2712. ii. Ciiai:les Whitkkiei.d, b. June 10, 184ri; ni. Montville, 
?ilareh 7, lh70, Susan Francos Swett, b. Knox, Mo., Fob. 1!», 1843. 
dau. William Swett and Mary, his wife. They live East Thorn- 
dike: no chil. 

20nr JOHN FKK1:MA.\ DoTV, .son I'aul Doty and Eli/.aboth Lucas, 
b. Montville, Me.. Aug. 24. 1825; ni. Salem. Mass., Sept. 25, 1847, Betsey 
M. llerrick, b. Northport, 'Mv., Juno 2(i, 1820, dau. Andrew Ilerrick and 
Sally Gray. lUii\. Montvillo, I)<'c. 1, 1870. She lives Liberty, Me. 

Children ; 

2713. i. Fi:i:i:.m.\.\ A., b. .Man(-hoster. Mass., July 2o, 1848; d. there 
Sept. 2, 1848. 

2714. ii. Ei.K.TiA L, b. i\Ianchestor, Oct. It), 1849; m. Belfast, Me.. 
Nov. 2(), 1872, Frank W. Swett. They reside East Knox, Me. 

2715. iii. Fhekman .\. ('2d), b. .Montville, Sopt. 4, 1851; m.; wife d. 
He resides there. 

2710. iv. IIattie L., b. Montvillo, Aug. 15, 1855: d. there Jan. 31. 

2717. v. Otiiki.i.o :M., b. Montvillo, July 18, 1858. 

20*2(). ClIAin.KS K. DOTY, son I'aul Doty and Elizabeth Lucas, b. 
Montville, Me., Sept. 24, 1827; m. there April 7, 1847. Priscilla Young, b. 
Macatl.ava, N. B., dau. James Young and Nancy M., his wife. lie d. 
Montville, Jan. 20, 18G8. Slioni.. 2d, Benjamin M. Bradbury; thoy lived 
Fairtlold, Me., whore she d. .lune 23. 1885. He lives there. 

Children, b. Montville; 

2718. i. Mki.issa, m. Kosco Fickett. She d. 

2719. ii. Kdwin, lives Fairfield. 

2720. iii. I".i i.a, m. : lives Madison, Me. 

2721. iv. IIattie, d 
And possibly another. 

202 L SIMEON DOTV, son Benjamin Ward Doty and Rebecca Ela, b. 
Bristol. R. L, June 17, 179(i: m. there S(^pt. 2, 1822, Hannah Luther In- 
graham, b. June 30, 1802, dau. Xatlianiol Ingraham and Mary Dimau. 
He was a mariner and master of the brig Rhodorick Dhu, and d. at Accra, 
on the western coast of Africa, Juik' 17, 1841. His widow lived Bristol 
and d. there Nov., 1879. 

Children, b. Bristol; 

2722. 1. CiiAHi.OTTE Mai.vex. b. Aug. 17, 1820. 

2723. ii. Hkni:v, b. Oct. 11, 1829. 

2724. iii. Maky Ingkauam, b. Aug 12. 1833. 

2725. iv. John May, b. Julv 21, 183G: m., 1st, (here Kov. 8, ISfiO, 
Lizzie Hill Foabody, b. Ju'ly 20, 1838, dau. William Peabody and 
Ann Thunston; .she d. Oct. 10, 1808: he m., 2d. Nov. 14, 1871. 
Augusta Sophia Edwards, b. .Vug. 3, 1850, dau. Samuel Worster 
Edwards and his wife, liomiotta Maria; hod. JSewport, R. I., Feb. 
22, 1885: no chil. 

2022. HENRY DOTV, son Benjamin Ward Doty and Rel)ecca Ela. b. 
Bristol, R. I., Jan. 23. 1798: m. New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 8, 1838, Mary 


Angles Snell, b. Tiverton, R. I., March 15, 1820, dau. Crawford Snell and 
Sally Angles; he d. Bristol, H. I., Feb. 9, 1866. She removed to Alba, 
Pa., and from there to St. Edward, Neb., where she lived, 1886. 

2726. i. Sakah, b. New Bedford, Nov. 29, 1839. 

2727. ii. John Henry, b. New Bedford, Aug. 30, 1841. 

2728. iii. Edmund, b. Bristol, Sept. 14, 184G: not m. ; lives St. 
JCdward, Neb.; is a farmer. 

202a. GEORGE DOTY, son Benjamin Ward Doty and Rebecca Ela, b. 
Bristol, R. I., Oct. 7, 1799; m. there .July 1, 1824, Mary Ann Bishop, dau. 
Nathan Bishop and Sarah, his wife; he is a retired merchant : lives Bris- 
tol, R. 1. 


2729. i. Sakau, b. March 31, 1825; m. there Sept. 29, 1847, Ben- 
jamin F. Easterbrooks, Jr.; she d. Bristol, July 24, 1854. 

2730. ii. Geokge, b. Feb. 26, 1829; d. April 24, 1830. 

2731. iii. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 26, 1831. 

2732. iv. Emily, b. Mav 6, 1837. 

•2025. WILLIAM PIERCE DOTY, son Benjamin Ward Doty and 
Rebecca Ela, b. Bristol, R. I., Aug. 2, 1804; m. New Bedford, Mas-s., 
Aug. 12, 1827, Salome Gardner Allen, b. Nantucket, Mass., Nov. 8, 1809, 
dau. Francis Allen and Sarah Pinkham. They lived New Bedford, where 
he d. March 5, 1880. and she d. March 9, 1885. 


2739. i. William Fk.vnois, b. 1828. d. young. 

2740. ii. Betsey Lin(x)ln, b. May 2, 1830; m. New Bedford, Sept., 
1862, Christopher Columbus Taber, b. there 1819, son Henry Taber 
and his wife, Nancy; she d. July 19, 1889; he d. Feb. 23, 1895. 

2741. iii. BEN.IAMIN Ward, b. 1833; d. young. 

2742. iv. Alexander Hamilton, b. Oct. 14, 1835. 

2743. V. liEBEocA Ely, b. April 15, 1838. 

2744. vi. Sakah Frances, b. Sept. 19, 1850; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
June 15, 1880, Charles Brown Marsh, b. Lynn, Mass, Jan. 5, 1841, 
son Thomas JeiTerson Marsh and Nancy Foils Davis : they reside 
Glen Ridge, N. J. 

202(). BENJAMIN WARD DOTY, son Benjamin Ward Doty and 
Rebecca Ela, b. Bristol, R. I., Aug. 18, 1806 ; m. there: he d. there Nov. 
21, 1871. 


2745. i. Raymond, d. 

2746. ii. William Henry, was living a few years since, Providence, 
R. I. 

202 S. EDMUND DOTY, son Benjamin Ward Doty and Rebecca Ela, 
b. Bristol, R. I., July 2, 1810: m. there; he removed to Sterling, 111. 


2747. i. Charles Edmund, lives Rock Falls, Whiteside Co., 111. 

2748. ii. Mary Abky. 

2749. iii. Eliza Srooner, d. 

2750. iv. Benjamin Ward. 

2751. V. George. 

2030. RENSSELAER DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Content, his wife, 
b. Ri-nsselaer Co., N. Y., June 5, 1805; hl Lydia Ann Baker, b. St^pt. 24, 


1808; shed. Ai)ulia. N. Y., May 12, 1878; hod. Poiupcy, N. Y.. ^'ov. 11, 
1872. Thej" commenced keeping house in Cheiiy Vallej', N. Y., but re- 
moved before any chil. were born to Lafayette, N. Y. 

2752. i. Jacob Henhy, b. Aug. i). 1824. 

275B. ii. riuuK.NCE 3I.\i;ia, b. Feb. 18, 1827: m., 1st. Onondaga 
Co., N. Y., Daniel Leonard: 3 chil.; m., 2d, George C. Clark: m., 
3d, Washburn: lived llubbardsville, N. Y. 

2754. iii. livin Ann, b. Feb. 7, 182!); m. Onondaga Co., Ephraim 
Wright; 3 chil.: lived Canada. 

2755. iv. Ti.sDAi.E Gii«EKT, b. j\Iay 1, 1830: m. Onondaga Co., 
a wife, Jane: (> cliil.: live Coldwater, Mich. 

2750. V. ()i:a Josei-ii, b. Nov. 2!). 1832. 

2757. vi. CHnisToPMEU Lake, b. July 4, 1835. 

2758. vii. Cele.stia Lr'ENIA, b. June 29, 1838; m. Onondaga Co.. 
James B. Leonard; 2 chil.; live Apulia. 

2751). viii. Ciiaincev Edwahd, b. Feb. 27, 18-10. 
27G0. ix. JniA, b. Jan. 23, 1842. 

2761. X. Edna Etta, b. Aug. (i, 1843; d. Aug. 3, 1801. 

2762. xi. Ei.isuA David, b. July 4, 184() : lives Onondaga Valley, N. 
Y.: served through the War of the Rebellion in the 23il X. Y . 
C avalry . 

2031. DANIEL DOTY, prob. son Joseph Doty and Content, his 
wife; removed from Troy, N. Y., to lligginsville, N. \'., where he lived 
1841 5: m. fjydia Collins, dau. David Collins of lligginsville. ile d. 
She left Higginsville. N. Y. 


2763. i. BeNiTamin, was for a whih^ Captain of canal boat U. S. 
Grant . 

2041. CATHARINE DOTEN, dau. James Doten and 3Iary Bartlett 
Clark, b. Plymouth, Mass.; m. there Nov. 27, 1834, Nathan Holmes, 3d, 
b. there. They removed to N. Bridgewatcr, Mass., and later to Brocton, 

Children : 

2764. i. Evehett, is a fisherman. 

27(55. ii. James Heni£v, sui)posed to have been lost at sea. 

2766. iii. Okkin, killed at Fort Steadman in the War of the Rebel- 

2767. iv. Mary, lives N. Bridgewater. 

2768. V. Isahei., lives N. liridgewater. 

2769. vi. Ei.i.ioTT, d. Sept., 1871. 

2770. vii. LiMAN, lives N. Bridgewater or llroctou: is a shoemaker. 

2042. DEBORAH DOTEN. dau. James Doten and Mary Bartlett 
Clark, b. Plymouth, .Mass.: m. Daniel Peiree of Paxlou, Mass.; he is 
a bootmaker. 


2771. i. LoriSA A., m. Edward P. Jiangs of \Vorcester, Mass. 
She d. there. 

2772. ii. il AiiKiKTTE P., d. at 4 years. 

2773. iii. Er.KNA E., d. at 2 years. 

2774. iv. Emily, D., d. at 1 year. 

2775. V. Sydney B., b. 1850; lives Worcester. 

2776. vi. Edith C, lives Worcester. 

2043. ELIZA S. DOTEN, dau. James Doten and Mary Bartlett Clark, 


b. Plymouth, Mass.; ni, Joseph llanimond of New Bedford, Mass. She 
d. about 1870. He is a cooper there. 


2777. i. Stephen II., served in War of Rebellion, and at its close 

went on whaling voyage. 
3778. ii. Mart P., m. James Macy of Nantucket. They live 

Hyannis. Mass. 
2043a. iii. M., keeps house for her father. 

2044. BETSEY DOTEN, dau. James Doten and Mary Bartlefct Clark, 
b. Plymouth, Mass.; m. George W. Stowe of Paxton, Worcester Co., 
Mass. Live N: Brookfleld, Mass. 

277!). i. Martix E., is a shoemaker. 

2780. ii. Charles E., d. infancy. 

2781. iii. F. Imogexe. 

2782. iv. Chester D. 

2783. V. Hattie L., d. at 4 years. 

2784. vi. Addie. 

2785. vii. Iola Mat. 

20-K>. LEMUEL DOTEN, son Elisha Doten and Jane Warren: m. 
Nancy Sears, b. 1822, dau. David Sears and Nancy Manter. 

278'i. i. Lemuel Warren, m. April, 1866, Hannah Everett Atwood 
of Rochester. They lived Chiitonville, Mass., but removed, 1878, 

2(M>2. NANCY DOTEN, dau. Stephen Doten and Hannah Wright, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 6, 1801; m. there, Sept., 1821, Josiah Finney, b. 
there, son Elkanah Finney and Lucy Morton. She d. Plymouth. He 
m. 2d, at Plymouth, Aug. 28, 1832, her sister Betsey Bartlett Doten 
(No. 2066). He. d. She m. 2d, Plymouth, Timothy Allen. He d. 
Natchez, Miss. Shed. Plymouth, July 31, 1879. She had no chil. by 
either husband. 

Children of Jiasiah Finney and Nancy Doten : 

2787. i. Josiah, d. 

2788. ii. Naxoy, m. Gustavus D. Bates. They live Chiitonville, 

2789. iii. Josiah (2d;, d. 

20(>3. HANNAH DOTEN, dau. Stephen Doten and Hannah Wright, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Sept. 25. 1802: m. there, Nov., 1825, Ezra Leach, 
b. there, son Lemuel Leach and Susan Harlow. She d. Plymouth. He 
m. 2d, Plymouth, Jane Southworth Doten (No. 20G7), b. there, Jan. 
15, 1811, sister to his first wife. She d. Plymouth. He m. 3d, Plymouth, 
Ellen Morton. 

Child, by 1st wife: 

2790. i. Ezra H., b. Chiitonville, Mass.; m. Nancy W. Sampson. 

20f>4. STEPHEN DOTEN, son Stephen Doten and Hannali Wright, 
b. Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 5, 1804; m. 1st, there, Nov. 25, 1830, Betsey 
Leach, b. there, daughter Lemuel Leach and Susan Harlow. She d. 
Plymouth, 1838. He m. 2d, Plymouth, May 26, 1839, Hannah Leonard 


Moiton, b. there, dau. Calel) Morton and Ilaimali Leonard. She d. 
Plymouth, March 30, 18S0. He lived, 1880, Chiltonville, Mass. 
Children, b. Chiltonville: 

27!»1. i. IIannam, b. June 28. 1831 : not ni.; d. 1S47. 
27il2. ii. Stki'mex, b. Dec. 22, 1834; m. riyinouth. Dec. 21, 1871, 
Sarah .lan(^ Cushnian, b. there, Feb. 21, 1842, dan. .lo.s.'ph T. 
Cushniaii and Sarah Holmes. They live Chiltonville. No ohil. 

•-'(M;J>. CH.VNDLER WHinirr DOTEX, dau. Stephen DotenaiKl Han- 
nah Wright, b. Plymouth. Mass., Jan. 10, 1814; m. there Nov. 12, 1840, 
Mary Washburn Holmes, b. Kingston, Mass., Dec. 4, 1833, dau. Josiah 
Holmes and Sally Bagnelh they lived Chilton ville, .Mass. . 


27!»3. i. Winsi.ow, b. May !), 1842. 

2794. ii. Makcia Wuitmax, b. Jan 10, 1814; d. June. 1847. 

2795. ill. CiiAHi.Ks Stanley, b. Dec. 30, 1846. 
2790. iv. Marcia Whitman (2d), b. Dec 15, 1850. 

2797. V. Jknnv SorTnwoinii. b. Jan 12, 1856. 

2798. vi. HANNAir Whight, b. Dec. 20, 1859. 

2071. GEORGE W.\SI1INGT()N DOTEN, son Stephen Doten and 
Haimah Wright, b. Plymouth, Mass., Sept. 27, 1818; m. there Dec. 25. 
1854, Caroline Maun Thresher, b. there May 15, 1836, dan. George 
Thresher and Content Cornish: they live Chiltonville, Mass. 


2799. i. Wii.i.iA.M FuAN( IS, b. Dec. 5, 18.";8. 

2800. ii. Contest Coknish, b. July 2, 1803. 

2801. iii. Caruik Liei.i.a, b. Nov. 3. 1874; d. March 7. 1S75. 

2072. ELIHHDGE GERRY DOT KN, son Stephen Doten and Hannah 
Wright; m. 1851, Jeruslia IT. Thrasher (Thorlin). Widow and child live 
Chiltonville. Mass. 


2802. i. EiMEij. 

207:{. EEIZA DOTEN, dau. Stephen Doten and Hannah Wright, b. 
Plymouth, Mass.; m. 1847. as his 2d wife. David Leach, b. there; son 
Lemuel Leach and Susan Harlow. They live Chiltonville, Mass. 


2803. i. AnxaE., b. 1848: m. Calvin T. Howland. 

20S4. JOSEPH .AIOKTON DOTLX, son Joseph Doten and Jcrusha 
Bartlett, b. Plymouth. Mass., July 11, 1827: m. there July 31. 1864, :\Iary 
Jane Dixon, b. there i\Laj' 22, 18:{!t, dau. TimotliyC Dixon and Emeliiie 
Hunt. They live Albion. Neb. 

Children, b. I'lymouth: 

2H04. i. P'kank Axdiiew, b. Jan. 4, 1865. 

2805. ii. Loi-is Graham, b. Soi>t. 9, 1868. 

20S(;. WILLIAM WARREN DOTLX, son Joseph Doten and Jerusha 
15arth;tt. b. I'lymouth. Mass.; m. there 1S5i. Bets(>y !>. Harlow, b. there 
1835, da\i. William llailow and Sojjhia, Holmes. 'I'hey live Plymouth. 


2806. i. Ai.nKiM r... b. 1853: m. Plymouth. 1875. Roxanna C. 


2087. LUCIUS HENRY DOTEN, sou Joseph Doten and Jeruslia Barl- 
lett, b. Plymouth, Mass., May 10, 1832; m. there 18(;2, Mary Ann Holmes, 
b. there June 8, 1843, dau. Galen Richmond Holmes and Julino Everett 
Yaller. They live Chiltonville, Mass. 

Children, b. Plymouth: 

2807. i. Frank Warkkn, b. Oct. 20, 1864; d. Xov. 21, 1804. 

2808. ii. Lucius Wilmam, b. March 6, lS(i8. 
280n. ili. Abhie Augusta, b. July 18, 1870. 

2810. iv. Charles Robert, b. Aug. 15, 1873. 

2091. PAMELIA ROWLAND, dau. Jacob Rowland and Jane Hovey; 
m. Thomas Bearse. 


20yia. i. Pamelia Jane. m. Lemuel Doten (No. 1534). 

2128. FREDERICK BARTLETT DOTEN, son Bartlett Doten and 
Augusta Mason, b. Sheffield. Mass., Dec. 9, 1841; m., Chicopee, Mass., 
Oct. 4, 1865, Georgiana Louisa Wells, b. there April 5, 1843, dau. Jeiome 

He enlisted in the 14th Ct. Vols., in June, 1862, as a private, and served 
in all grades up to Captain in the Army of the Potomac till the close of 
the war and the surrender of Gen. Lee's army. Was for one and a half 
years aide on staff of Major General Gibbons of the 2d Division, 2d 
Army Corps. Was altogether in 33 actions. Is now Cashier of First 
National Bank at Chicopee. 

C'hildren, b. Chicopee: 

2811. i. Jerome Wells, b. Sept. 9, 1869; m. June 25, 1895, Mary 
W. Grace of Boston, Mass. . She d. June 1, 1896. Child d. same 

2812. ii. Mary Augusta, b. Aug. 5, 1871: d. Sept. 6, 1871. 
2128a iii. Florence Ellen, b. April 23, 1875. 

2132. SARAH MATILDA DOTEN, dau. John Edward Doten and 
Elizabeth Vose, b. Pomfret, Vt., Feb. 12, 1808; m., Woodstock, Vt., by 
Rev. Jasper Hazen, March 14, 1830, Henry Little Page, b. Salem, X. H., 
Dec. 27, 1801, son of Abner Page and Jane Little. He d. Pomfret, Vt., 
May 13, 1844. She lived, 1885, Linden, Mass. 

Children, Ij. Pomfret: 

2813. i. John Quincy, b. Oct. 24, 1830. 

2814. ii. William Little, b. Jan. 24, 1832: m. Antoinette Holt. He 
is a physician, Danville, Quebec. No chil. 

2815. iii.' JosEi'H Wright, h. Aug. 16, 1833; m., Medford, i\Iass., 
Jan. 7, 1857. Julia Daniels Clarke, b. there July 5, 1833. They re- 
side Medford. No chil. 

2816. iv. Elizabeth Jane, b. March 12, 1835 ; not m.: d. Feb. 12, 

2817. v. Edwin Ruthven, b. Nov. 21, 1836: d. Aug. 17, 1856. 

2818. vi. Christiana Electa, b. Dec. 25, 1838. 

2819. vii. Ellen Luouetia, b. Aug. 23, 1840. 

2820. viii. Sarah Louisa, b. Dec. 31, 1842. 

2821. ix. Henry Little, b. Aug. 27, 1844. 

2133. HOSE A DOTON, son John Edward Doten and Elizabeth Vose, 
b. Pomfret, Vt., Nov. 29, 1809; m., 1st, there, Dec. 9, 1834, Lois Pad- 
dock, b. May 27, 1809, dau. John Paddock and Lucy Vaughan; she d. 
Woodstock, Vt., Feb. 2, 1857. He m., 2d, there. May 27, 1858, Harriet 


Fiances Ware, b. there .Jan. 23. 1829, dan. Leonard Ware and Nancy 
Ann Thomas; she d. there Nov. 18, 1858. lie in., 3d. tliere .July 4, 
18G8, Julia Elvira Wood, b. Nov. 8. 1840. dau. .loshua Wood and Belinda 
Latimer. They lived Woodstock, lied. .Jan. 17, 18S(;. 

He had a wide reputation as a civil engineer and matiieniatician. His 
computation of the altitude of tlie Vermont mountains is accepted as au- 
thoritative. For a long time he kept a meteorological record for the 
Smithsonian Institution. 

The following obituary of Ilosea Dotoii is from the Hulhuni. Vt., 
Herald of Jan. 20, 1880 : 

" There died at Woodstock. Sunday afternoon, one of the best and most 
useful men in Vermont, who had yet lived a long life so quietly that 
comparativelj' few people outside his immediate vicinity ever heanl of 
him, and onlj' those near the man who had looked and thought care- 
fully realized how nmch he had done. He shrank from everything ap- 
proaching notoriety, and patiently did the dutj- that came to his hand, 
but yet goes to his grave honored as very few men can be. 

" His father was a farmer and laud surveyor, and he passed his younger 
days on the farm and had a common school education with his brothers 
and sisters. After leaving tlie school, however, he pursued his studies 
alone and unaided, following mathematics with special interest and until 
his acquirements in that science were probably equal to those of anj- man 
in the State, and, in recognition of this, Norwich University in 1845 gave 
him the honorary degree of Master of Arts. He readily took up his 
father's work of laud survej'ing, and in the winter of 1828-9 began what 
was to be the great work of his life when ht; went to finish a term of district 
school in the western part of his own town, which his brother had been 
compelled by sickness to leave. He took a school in the town the next 
winter, took another in Woodstock the next season after that, and had 
in all five terms in the town last named uj) to the year 1842. He had a 
private school in his home district in the fall and winter of 1840-41, a 
privfite scliool in Woodstock in th(; fall of 1842. and again in 1843; taught 
a public school in Hartford in the winter of 1842-3, and the next si^ason 
began work in his home district, to be stopped by sickness. He had a 
private school in Norwich in the fall of 184.5, and another in his own 
district the next fall. And then came the beginning of wliat stands as 
the great work of his life. It happened that there were a number of 
young men and women in Pomfrct who wanted to fit themselves for 
teaching better than they could in the common .schools, and in the spring 
of 18;)0 Mr. Doton opened a select school to meet this demand in the dis- 
trict north of his own. and from this beginning came a series of schools, 
conducted in the most unpretentious way, with some irregularly as to 
terms, sometimes with assistant teachers and sometimes without, which 
was continued through thirty-four terms, the last being in the winter of 

" The plan ilr. Doton adopted was to have private schools in the spring 
and fall, and to teach the public school, with the right to take pupils 
of his own, in the winter. Th<! attendanc(> was of course mostly from 


Poinfret itself, but there were a good many from witlioiit the town, and 
the number in all ran one term as high as 65. The original purpose of 
the enterprise was never forgotten, and the success of the work will be 
understood when it is said that fully 150 of the pupils became practical 
and successful teachers, and that nearly all of them got their whole 
preparatory training in this school. Mr. Doton's last teaching was done 
in the winter of 1860-7, when he took the school in his own district once 
more, but work on the Woodstock Railroad began soon after the term 
opened, and Mr. Doton took charge of it as engineer for the corporation 
and continued until the road was finished, and held the place as engineer 
as long as he lived. Mr. Doton worked as engineer in building the North- 
ern New Hampshire Railroad and in some other enterprises, so that his 
teaching was a good deal interrupted, and, first and last, did an endless 
amount of land surveying. He made astronomical calculations for a 
register published at AVoodstock in 1843, and continued the work until 
the publication was stopped with the issue of 1856. He began the cal- 
culations for Walton's Vermont Register in 1858, and continued them 
until the present issue. He also furnished the work for a New Hamp- 
shire register for the last eight or ten years. He invariably went as far 
as possible from seeking office, but an election to the State Senate was 
fairly forced upon him in 1865, and he was re-elected in 1866. Mr. Doton 
was in person a thick-set, medium-sized man, with full aiid regular fea- 
tures, and a remarkably kind presence. 

" 1 1 is character was pure gold, and refined gold, and he had such a power 
of Impressing himself upon those around him as is very rarely met with. 
This was the more remarkable as his manner was very quiet, he talked by 
no means easily, and from anything in his exterior seemed entirely un- 
likely to assert himself in any positive way. The fine, strong character 
was there, hewever, and no man ever came in close contact with him and 
failed to feel it. With this there seemed to be a strong love of teaching 
born within him. He had for a long time a large part of the brighter boys 
and girls of Pomfret under his charge at just the time when the mind is 
forming and outside impressions are of the importance, and it is en- 
tirely within bounds to say that, outside of family influence and the at- 
mosphere of the place, Mr. Doten stands for by far the greatest single in- 
fluence toward the right in the town's life, and it is a thing such as no 
other town ever had. He taught his pupils things from books, to be sure, 
and taught them well, but he taught them something better from his own 
head and heart, and in the most wonderful way. He interested himself in 
the life of each one, and worked in season and out of season putting the 
right ideas into his mind and wrong ones out. He lacked nothing in firm- 
ness, but attracted all by charm of mind and manner, and won such 
affection as gave him almost absolute control over them. 

"His success in reaching young folks of all sorts was remarkable. He 
said once that he never failed to touch the right chord but once— in the 
case of. a peculiarly intractable boy —and that he blamed only himself in 
that case; there was a way to reach that boy, and with more time he be- 
lieved he could have done it. This was a striking statement to come from 


a mail who spoke of hundreds of boys taken just as they come in public 
schools. The pupils are now scattered literally, from Maine to Calitomia, 
but everywhere they remember their teacher with a kind of supreme re- 
spect and affection, which seems a peculiar feeling rest^rved only for this 
man. How much the influence they so gratefully clierisli has changed 
their lives and the lives to come after them for the Instter, no man can tell: 
but, first and last, few [leoplc in this world accomplish so nmch in turning 
men's feet aright as has Hosea Doton. He goes to his grave universally 
beloved, and loved and respected most by those who knew him best." 

In the issue of the following week, January 27, 188G, the Rutland 
Herald contained these further tributes : 

■' The recent death of Hosea Doten at Woodstock has called out a great 
many expressions in regard to the character of the man, and from a width 
of range which is very remarkable in view of Mr. Doton's retiring habits 
and disposition. As a teacher he was perhaps more like Di-. Arnold of 
the f^nglish Jiugby school than anybody else known to the public, but his 
work bad even more of the personal element. It was, In fad, all person- 
ality, the school he built up entirely vanished the moment he left it, and 
his leaching of young people in the best sense never stopped so long as 
any wera within reach of his voice. .Tudge Barrett, who knew .Mr. Doton 
well, writes some interesting suggestions, thus: 

• ' The patent traits of Mr. Doton's character and th<> quality and value of 
lii.s professionol work as teacher, engineer and meteorologist need no 
further description or elaboration. As he made no show of himself beyond 
what was incident to the practical woi'k he was doing, he was not known 
to not his intimates as having a wide range of mind or attainments. 
To those who knew him intimately and appreciatingly he was as ample 
and worthy outside of what constituted his professional work and its in- 
cidents as he was within that limit. He was thoroughly a proficient in 
the various fields of the best literature of our language. Though mathe- 
matical and physical science was more coTigenial to his natural bent and 
early training, as concomitant with that he had become an eager and suc- 
cessful student of history, Inography, romance and i)oetry. His ample 
library was well stored with the standard works of (hose kinds, and that 
library had grown to its full dimensions Viy additions from time to time 
of Vjooks for use, not for show. In the department of ethics— in all that 
appertained to religion and morals — he was not onlj' book-wise, but he 
was thought-wise. He had profoundly studied and profoundly reasoned 
and mediated upon the subjects involved, and had become clear and 
mature in his ideas and views of the subjects. Whatever faith he 
liad, he held it upon the most ample and intelligent reasons. The con- 
templation of such a chai'acter and such a practical life suggests the real 
worth and value of it — quiet and unshowy as it was — as compared with 
many, nay most, known as pretentious, self-seeking, ever-challenging 
notoriety and eclat. 

"One of the pupils of the unpretentious Ponifret school expresses him- 
self thus : 

" I have known few men who had so full a measure of the verv success 


that he most desired. He never seemed to covet wealth or olFicial power 
or popular applause. One of the most diffident and retiring of men, yet 
full of just that knowledge and power which is most needed — he lived to 
see the grandchildren of his pupils growing up in a wisdom and control 
that emanated from him. He saw his pupils become teachers. He saw 
his students on the bench, at the bar, in the editorial chair, in business, 
and in all those places he could still perceive the impress that he had 
placed on the youthful mind leading to a higher plane of usefulness. He 
always seemed to me such a Christian as Socrates might have been if he 
had lived at a later day. Mr. Doteii never seemed to hate anyone. He 
didn't love some men ; he wanted nothing to do with them; but he wished 
them no harm. On the other hand, he loved his friends most abundantly. 
It is to such men that the town, the State and the country are indebted for 
more than they can repay." 
Children, by 1st wife: 

3823. i. Abby Muiidock, b. Woodstock, Vt., Aug: 1, 1H40; m. 
there Aug. 27, 1867, James Knox Polk Chamberlin, b. Pomfret, 
Vt. , Nov. 23. 1844, son Otis Chamberlin and Cornelia Crocker. 
They live Pomfret. No chil. 

2134. SAMUEL SPENCER DOTON, son John Edward Doten and 
Elizabeth Vose, b. Pomfret, Vt., Oct. 23, 1811; m. 1st, Pomfret. July 17, 
1843, Charlotte Winn, ]>. Windsor, Vt., March 39, 1819, dau. Otis Winn 
and Rebecca Marcy. She d. Pomfret, Nov. 3, 1859. He m. 3d, Pom- 
fret, June 36, 1861, Cynthia Irene Wood, b. there, Feb. 35, 1534, dau. 
Amos Wood and Eunice Vail. She d. Pomfret, March 23, 1874. He was 
a farmer, Pomfret. 
Children, by 1st wife: 

2833. i. Edwaiu) Otis, b. March 3, 1844; m. Pomfret, Aug. 34, 
1868, Augusta Eldridge. She d. Springfield, Mass. He m. 3d, 
Springfield, Dec. 7, 1882, Emma Isabel Hammond, b. there, Sept. 
6, 1851, dau. Samuel Hammond and Margaret M. Merrick. They 
reside Springfield, where he is the proprietor of the Springfield Ice 
Company. No chil. 

3824. ii. Elizabeth Rebecca, b. May 24, 1846; d. Oct. 26, 1865. 
3835. iii. William Emery, b. IMarch 3, 1850; d. Jan. 39, 1853. 
3826. iv. Fred Ware, b. Jan. 30, 1855; m. Pomfret, Jan. 34, 1876, 

Mary Eraeline Dana, b. there, Dec. 24, 1852, dau. John Winchester 
Dana and Mary Emeline Wood. They reside Woodstock. No 
chil., 1883. 

2147. ELIZABETH DOTY SCOTT, dau Thaddeus Scott and Rachel 
Doty, b. Hatfield, Mass., Dec. 10, 1816; m. there, Dec. 3, 1835, Horace 
Avery Wight, b. Norwich, Mass., Jan. 14, 1808, son Willard Wight and 
Mary Avery. They reside Kipton, O. 


2827. i. Susan Augusta, b. March 11, 1843; m. Jan. 1, 1857, 
Delos C. Gibson. They live Kipton, O., and have 6 chil. 

2148. CAROLINE EASTMAN SCOTT, dau. 1'haddeus Scott and 
Rachel Doty, b. Hatfield, Mass., Sept. 16, 1819; m. there, Nov. 11, 1841, 
Edwin Harris, b. Huntington ("then Norwich), Mass., March 10, 1808, 
son Samuel Harris and Achsah Fairman; ho is a fa'mer. Th<y live upon 


the old lionio farm wIhm-o hor parents and j,'randparents lived, IS'orth 

282S. i. Ai:i>Ei.i.\ Melissa, b. Aur. 1(>, 1842; ni. Ang. 1(i, ]S{;r,. 
Charles K. Diekinson. They live North Amherst, ]\Iass. 4 eliil. 

2829. li. Auors-ns Moutimkh, b. Oct. It), 1^4"); d. Aug. (i, 1S40. 

2830. iil. Lucirs Tiiaddiu-s, b. April 19, 1848: m. Feb. 13, 187s, 
Mary L. Abbott. He is a merehant, South Deeitield, ]\Iabs. 

2831. iv. Alfhed Edwin, b. Sept. 30, 1850; m. June 22. 1H7(i, 
Estelle Sarah Howes. 3 chil. He is a merchant. South Ueerfield. 

283-2. V. LroY Caroline, b. Dec. 18, 1852. 

2833. vi. Aktiujh Bkowmng, b. Sept. 23, 18C1. 

2150. ALPHEUS SCOTT, son Ebenezer Scott and Rachel Doty, b. 
Hatfudd. ]\Iass., Oct. 14, 1824; m. Julia Russell. He was in the War of 
the Rebellion; lived Long Branch, Neb. He d. April 5, 1877. 


2834. i. Heniiv, was in the War of the Rebellion and a prisoner for 
13 months. 

2155. LOUISA MARLY DOTY, dau. James Doty and SophroniaCush- 
man King, b. Bernard.ston, ]Mass., May 11, 1819; m. Greenfield, ALiss., 
May 10, 1837, Dan Packard Foster, b. Winchester, N. H., Nov. 11, 1815, 
son Job Foster and Hannah Packard. He d. Aug. 16, 1893. 

Shortly after their marriage they removed from Greenfield, the shire 
town of Franklin County, to the neighboring town of Shelbui-ne Falls, a 
stirring, picturesque town on the Deerfield river. 3Ir. Foster became a 
well-known carriage builder, and they resided there till 18C5 when they 
removed to Waltliam, Mass. , where she still resides. They celebrated 
their golden wedding May 10, 1887. 

One who knows her well writes: "She is largely possessed of the in- 
dustrious and enquiring mind of her father, and has always been actively 
interested in all the great practical topics of human interest, whether in 
art, science or literature. An extensive rt^ader. of excellent judgment and 
memory, there are few women of her otherwise domestic tastes so well in- 
formed, esp(!cially as to the antiquity and general history of both England 
and America. These considerable and practical acquirements, whenever 
called for, were freely given during the early education of her children, 
and in her home, ever industrious, consci(nitious and self-sacrificing, her 
children and grandchildren will never fail to testify to the strength and 
integrity of her mind and char;icter which have long honored alike her 
Pilgrim descent, and her high ofTice as mother, adviser and helper, lioth 
partners have ever been (cheerful and liberal to a degree in their religious 
beliefs, while socially their home has always been known among their 
friends and ndatives far and near, as an open harbor of genial hospitality 
and good will." 

Children : 

2SH5. i. Edwv Wei.i.s, b. Shelliurne Falls, AFass., Aug. 6, 1838; 
not m. Ht^ was for a great many years a prominent dentist, on 
Bacon stre"t. Boston, Mass., but retired 1 880 to devote himself to 
literary pursuits. 11)1875 he graduated in Boston as Doctor of 
Medicine, and at the jjiibiic exei'cises of the University in Tremont 
Te e pie. delivered the valedictory. He also wrote the class poem 


and the class song. The year following his graduation was invited 
by the faculty to institute the Chair of Dental Pathology and 
Therapeutics. He is a graduate of several other schools and colleges, 
and holds membership in several professional societies, dental and 
medical. During his ])rofessional calling of nearly 25 years as a 
dentist, has also been an author, critic and composer to a consider- 
able extent, and in the lattt^r direction has composed ashisgicatest 
musical work thus far, an historical opera called " Ye Pilgrims." 
The libretto, also written by him, is founded on the exact chrono- 
logical events of the first year of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, and 
every character and principal event are strictly historical. The 
whole work comprised a continuous effort of over five years and is 
the grateful tribute of the author to the memory of his Pilgrim 
ancestor, Edward Doty, and the other heroic compatriots of the 
Mayflower, who survived the melancholy first winter at Plymouth. 
Besides also a smaller operatic work, on a " Legend of the Shet- 
land Islands," he has composed nearly 100 songs, duetts, trios 
and quartettes, which have been published in various cities of the 
country from time to time during the last 15 or 20 years, and 
among them are several which enjoy a standard popularity, both 
at home and abroad. From the first of his professional career he 
has been a regular contributor to certain principal medical, dental 
and musical Journals, and in 1885 had several volumes of an anci- 
ent, historical and biographical nature in various stages of prepara- 
tion for publication. 

In the early part of the War of the Rebellion he enlisted in the 
27th Mass. Vols., one of the original regiments of Burnside's ex- 
pedition, and served in the battles of Roanoke, Va., Newbern and 
other fields in North Carolina. In the two monster musical " Peace 
Jubilees" (National, 1869, and International, 1872), held in Boston 
under the presidency of Mr. P. S. Gilmore, the originator, he was 
one of the first flutes in both grand orchestras, which numbered 
each 1000 selected players from all the principal cities of the United 

28:56. ii. Louisa Sopiironia, b. Nov. 9, 1840. 

28;^7. iii. Clarence Franklin, b. Dec. '^5, 1842; is in jewelry busi- 
ness with his brother, Wendell Fremont, Greenfield, Mass. 

2838. iv. Percy Ringold, b. July 25, 1846; m. New York City, Jan. 
1(1, 1881, Elizabeth Lucinda McDonald, b. Utica, N. Y., Dec. 16, 
1856, dau. McDonald and Hosa Sheridan. He was a civil en- 
gineer with the Davidson Steam Pump Co., and resided lirooklyn, 
N. Y. She d. there March 9, 1886. He d. Aug. 27, 1893. No 

2839. V. Josephine Florence, b. March 18, 1850; m. Waltham, 
Maps., June 3, 1884, Richard George Kilduff, b. Ashton-Under- 
Lyme, Lancashire, Eng., July 1, 1854, son Isaac George Kilduff 
and his wife, Mary. He is a well-known lawyer Holyok(\ Mass., 
where they reside. 

2840. vi. Wendell Fremont, b. Sept. 23, 1854. 

2841. vii. Louis Vivian, b. Aug. 11, 1857 

2156. JAMES EDWARD DOTY, son James Doty and Sophronia 
Cushman King, b. Bernardston, Mass., June 5, 1821; m., let, Shelburue 
Falls, Mass., Jael Fellows, b. there 1823, dau. Igal Fellows and Hannah 
Whitney. She d. there April 24, 1853. He m., 2d, Shelburne Falls, Nov. 
22, 1853, Mary Ware, b. Buckland, Mass., March 24, 1828, dau. Jabez 
Ware and Fanny Munson. He was a carpenter and cabinet maker, but 
served at various trades and d. Shelburne Falls, April 80, 1855, of 


consumption. His widow lived there in 1871. but 18>so. she live<l Beleher- 
town, Mass. 

Children, b. Shelburne Falls: 

2S42. i. Ei)W.\i;n Ojjdei.i.o, b. Aug. 1, 1^48: d. Shelburne Falls, 

Sej.t. 11, 18.")0. 
284:5. ii. Ei)w,\i:n Ci,.\kknoe, b. Sept. 1, 1852: was adopted by his 
eouisin, Mrs. Eliza Maria llobart of Halifax, Vt. lie took her 
name and is known as Edwartl C". llobart, and lives Brattleboro, 
Vt., where he lately m. jNIiranda Cad}'. 

2844. iii. .M\i:y .Vokiia. b. Feb. 12, 185r). 

21oJ>. MAKY ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. .James Doty and Sophronia 
Cushman King, b. Bernardston, Mass., May 2. 1828: m. Shell)urne Falls, 
Mass., Aug. 4, 1840, Robert Bardw<ill Fellows, b. there Oet. 3, 181!». son 
Igal Follows and Hannah Whitnej'. She d. Shelburne Falls, Aug. 3, 
1853. He lived there, 1885. 


2845. i. Hauimet Aoki.ia, b. Sept. 8. 1847. 

•_>1(J(). HARRIKT ELVIRA DOTY, dau. James Doty and Sophronia 
Cushman King, b. Bernardston, Mass., Sept. (!, 1830: m. there April 2, 
1855, James Harvey Edwards, li. Marlborough. Vt., Dee. 7, 1830. son 
Benajah Edwards and Ascenatli Riehmond. They settled at Guilford, 
Vt., where she d. June 18, 1802. He m., 2d, there Nov. 1, 1870, Sarah 
Elvira Ashcraft. They have had 4 other chil. and all live Guilford. 

Children, b. Guilford: 

2840. i. SiMox Wii.i.iE. 1). July 22, 1850. 

2847. ii. ^Iay Loiisk, b. Jan. 20. 1858; not m. She lives Brattle- 
boro, Vt. 

2848. iii. Ai,hei:t Benajah, b. Feb. 5, 1800: lives Utica, Nelr 

2849. iv. Hehheut, b. June 0, 1802. 

•JHH. THOMAS KING DOTY, son James Doty and Sophronia Cush- 
man King, b. Bernardston. Mass., June 0, 1833: m. Potsdam, X. Y., Jan. 
10, 1855, Mary Ascenatli Leuce, b. Berlin, Vt., June 10, 1830, dau. Joshua 
Leuce and Rebec(;a, his wife. 

He was adopted by his uncle Joel Doty and in the winter of 1849 went 
to Montpeller, Vt., where he learned typesetting and printing in the office 
of the Christian Messenger, lie remained there several years when he re- 
moved to Northtield, Vt., and later to Potsdam, where he worked at his 
trade. Here, in 1855, he married, and shortlj' after became the proprietor 
of the Northern Freeman, a paper which had been established to advocate 
the principles of the Republican party and the election of General 
Fremont as President. He retained this paper till 1859, but having been 
converted to religion in 1858, he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church 
and received an exhorter's license August 30, 1858, and a license to preach 
February 19, 1859. He joined the Black River CN. Y. ) Conference on 
probation .\pril, 1800, was received in full membership in two years, 
ordained a deacon xVpril 27, 1802, by Bishop Ames at Oswego, N. Y., and 
ordained an elder April 17. 1864, by Bishop Baker at Adams, Jefferson 
County, N. Y. He traveled in conference six years, then resigned his 
charge, broken down in health, in the Autumn of 180G, and for two years. 


was under medical treatment at Danville, N. Y. He removed, 18G8, to 
Cleveland, O., and later to Canton, (). He was there connected with 
several Christi in publications, was pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist 
Church, and for many years after 1873, was editor and publisher of the 
Christian Harvester, a semi-monthly religious paper, published at 
Canton. He is a gentleman of ability, energy and good judgment, greatly 
respected by all who know him. He removed, 1886, to Cleveland. 

2850. i. Ordeixo Luce, b. Potsdam, N. Y., April 23, 1856. 

2851. ii. Edward William, b. Pierrepont, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1863: is 
in stationery and printing business, Cleveland, ().; not m. 

2852. iii. Bektha Bhittame, b. Cato, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1865: is a 
teacher; resides Cleveland: not m. 

21()3. PAMELIA RUSSELL DOTY, dau. John Doty and Hannah 
Swan, b. Smithfield, Pa., Sept. 14, 1832: m. there Dec. 19, 1859, Pliny 
Wood, b. Smithfield, Pa., June 3, 1833, 5th son of Jonathan AVood. She 
was a teacher of repute. He served through the War of the Rebellion in 
Battery E of the 102d Regt. Pa. Vol. Hvy. Art. He was in 14 battles; 
was 72 days under fire before Petersburg, Va. They reside E. Smithfield, 

Children, b. Smithfield: 

2858. i. Fkank Swan, b. April 7, 1861. 
2804. ii. George Newell, b. May 18, 1867. 

2855. iii. Nellie Ann Elizabeth, b. April 9, 1869. 

21G4:. ELIZABETH JANE DOTY, dau. John Doty and Hannah Swan, 
b. Smithfield, Fa., Aug. 19, 1834; m. there May 11, 1863, Emory Cole 
Hale, b. Smithfield, Pa., Feb. 24, 1839, 3d son Allen Hale. He resides 
E. Smithfield. She was a teacher before m. She d. Jan. 9, 1876. 


2856. i. Charlie, b Feb. 1, 1864: d. same day. 

2857. ii. Pamelia Gertrude, b. July 4, 1866. 

21()(>. PHEBE ANN DOTY, dau. John Doty and Hannah Swan, b. 
Smithfield, Pa., July 1, 1840; m. there June 27. 1870, William Henry Sis- 
son, b. Unadilla, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1845, oldest eon Epaphroditus Devericlc 
Sisson and Juliette Breffle. She was a teacher before m. They reside 
Spiritwood, N. Dak. 


2858. i. Fred Charles, b. Athens, Pa., Nov. 12, 1871. 
285V». ii. Harry Lemuel, b. Athens, April 21, 1878. 

2860. iii. Gordon Gilbert, b. Athens, May 24, 1880. 

2861. iv. Byron, b. E. Smithfield, Sept. 7, 18><3. 

2862. V. Mtron, b. E. Smithfield, Sept. 7, 1883. 

2176. SUSAN MOONEY DOTEN, dau. Dr. Lsaac Doten and Mary 
Febyan Smith, b. New Hampton, N. H., May 12, 1818; m. Saxtoii's River, 
Vt., Sept. 4, 1837, Alfred Rowe, b. Candia, N. H., Oct. 1, 1815, son Benja- 
min Rowe and Betsey Cass. They live Springfield, Mass., where he is 
l>resident of Second National Bank. 


2863. i. MaryFabyan, b. April 30, 1839; d. April 24, 1859. 

2864. ii. Martha Freeman, b. Jan. 12, 1844; d. Aug. 26, 1846. 


21 7S. SAIiAII .JANE DOTEN, dau. Dr. Isaac Doten and Elizabeth 
McCiillis, b. New Hampton, N. II.. Oct. 2(1, i828: m., 1st, Lowell. Mass., 
.Jan. 31, 1850, J. Wilson Dix, b. Billeria, Mass., son John Dix and Mary, 
his wife. Ho d. Ma3'8ville Cal., Jan. 1, 185o. She m., 2d, Lowell, Aug. 
28, 18.50, Sullivan Richardson, b. Woburn. Mass., son Abel Richardson 
and his wife, Sophia R. In 1871 she was granted a divorce on account of 
his iutemporato habits. She m., 3d, Boston, Mass., May .5, 1S74, William 
Coldsmith, b. Gardiner, Mo., June 1!), 1817, son Zacchcus Goldsmith and 
Susan Smith. They live Lowell. She is actively engaged in temperance 
work — both speaking and writing with great success. 
Children, by 1st husb , b. Lowell: 
286.5. i. Airnni; Wilson (Dix), b. May 5, 1851 : d. Burlington. Vt.. 

Nov., 1851. 
28()r). ii. Ei.i.EX GEiniMDK (Dix), b. May 5,1851 : d. Burlington, Oct. 

217{>. ELIZABETH P. DOTEN, dau. Dr. Lsaac Doten and Elizabeth 
MoCrillis. b. Cornish, N. LI., Aug. 13, 1842; m. Woburn, Mass. March 2. 
18G5, Joseph H. Adams, b. there, son William Adams and his wife, Jose- 
phine. Shed. Philadelphia, Pa., ^larch 28, 1880. He resides there. 

2S(i7. i. Aktiiii; Wilson, b. Woburn, Dec, 1860: d. there :Mav. 

2868. ii. Josei'iiink, b. Woburn, Nov., 1868, d. Philadelphia. 

Pa., Oct., 1873. 
2809. iii.. FiiANK, b. Woburn, i\Iass., 1870. 

2870. iv. Willie Dotkn, b. Philadelphia, Sept. 1874; d. Boston. 
Mass., 1882. 

21.S0. ELIZABETH HARDY KELLY, dau. Horatio Kelly and Pris- 
cilla Doten, b. Grafton, N. H., Dec. 11, 1810: m., 1st, Raymond, N. II.. 
June 7, 1842, True Healy, b. there Feb. 13, 1801, son Moses Ilealy and 
Mary, his wife. He d. Raymond, Feb. 29, 18.52. She m., 2d, there. 
Dec. 23. 1853, James Dcc'irborn, b. Danville, N. H. , March 8, 1803, son 
Josiah Dearborn and Elizabeth Collins. He d. Raymond, June 10, 1876. 

Children, b. IlMymond: 

2871. i. Geokok W. (Healy), b. Jan. 10, 1844. 

2872. ii. John Fmanklin (Dearborn), b. Nov. 2, 18.54. 

2873. ill. Joseph Brirr (Dearborn), b'. Aug. 24, 18.50. 
2S74. iv. Elizabeth Emily (Dearborn), b. Dec. 18, 1857. 

2151. .lolIN SOLON KELLY, son Horatio Kelly and Pri.s.-illa 
Doten, b. Grafton, N. IL, Sept. 21, 1821; m., Salisbury, 3Iass., Sept. 11. 
1857, llairiet Sanbovn, b. Chester, N. IL, dau. Simon M. Sanborn and 
Belinda West. They live Sandown, N. 11. 

M Ai:v Abbie. b. Plaistow, N. 11. , March 8, 1859. 
,)<)HN Douglass, b. Sandown, ^lay 7, 18(50. 
Hahuisox ^Iekkil, b. Sandown, Dec. 1, 1801. 
Hattie Ocella, b. Atkinson, N. II., Sept. 11, 1803. 
Wii.LiA.M Sanborn, b. Sandown, March 22, 1870. 
Walter Eugene, b. Sandown, July 31, 1870. 

21 52. JOANNA P. KELLY, dan. Horatio Kelly and Priscilla Doten. 
b. Grafton, N. II., June 30, 1823; m., Raymond, N. II., April 0, 1842. 

Children : 














John Granden Smith, b. South JIanipton, N. II., Jan. 21, 1S21, son Jona- 
than Smith and Rhoda Perkins, lie d. JS'ewton, N. II., Jan. 30, 18T5. 
She lives Candia, N. H. 
Children, b. Raymcmd: 

2881. i. Lizzie Rhoda, b. Aug. 29, 1844; m. Ed\Yin G. Kelly: live 

2882. ii. Ella Angela, b. Oct. 25, 1845; d. Feb. 0, 1864. 

2883. iii. Anna Augusta, b. Oct. 1, 1847; m. George E. Noyes; 
live West Newbury, Mass. 

. 2884. iv. Benjamin Fkanklin, b. Nov. 4, 1856; lives Merrimac, 
Essex Co. , Mass. 

2885. V. Eva Adelaide, b. April 26, 1858; m. George L. Heath; 
live Newton. 

2183. ALFRED SMITH KELLY, son Horatio Kelly and Priscilla 
Doten, b Pembroke, N. H., March 20, 1825; m., Newbuiyport, Mass., 
April 4, 1849, Mary Jane Sargent, b. Boston, Mass., Nov. 14, 1830, dau. 
Jonathan Sargent and Sally Parsons. They lived Dauversport, Mass. 


2886. i. Mary Alice, b. West Amesbury (now Merrimac), Mass., 
Jan. 31, 1851; she m. June 1, 1871, S. D. Hinxmau, and they live 
North Andover, Mass. 

2887. ii. Charles Henry, b. Kingston, N. H., Nov. 10, 1853; d. 
Dee. 21, 1853. 

2888. iii. Susie Ann, b. Kingston, April 8, 1855; m. Dec. 25, 1879, 
Charles F. Tucker; live Beverly, Mass. 

2889. iv. Charles Ellsworth, b. Ame.sbury, Mass., ]May 7, 1861. 

2890. V. Leona Alfreda, b. Amesbury, Feb. 12, 1863. 

2891. vi. Edward Haines, b. Amesbury, Jan. 9, 1865. 

2892. vii. Arthur Clinton, b. Danvers, Mass., Oct. 8, 1867. 

2184. LAURA ANGELINE KELLY, dau. Horatio Kelly and Pri.s- 
eilla Doten, b. Pembroke, N. H., May 21, 1827; m., Bristol, N. H., Oct. 
28, 1846, Thomas Holt, b. Rochdale, Eng., April 8, 1820, son Edmund 
Holt and Esther Oil. They live Fishersville, N. H. 


2893. George Eddy. b. Holderness. N. H., Aug. 18, 1850: d. Fishers- 
ville, Sept. 24, 1878. 

2185- EDWARD DOTON KELLY, son Horatio Kelly and Priscilla 
Doten, b. Pembroke, N. H., June 8, 1829; m. Lowell, Mass., Nov. 23, 
1851. Mary Ann Keene, b. Bristol, Eng., May 3, 1830, dau. John 
Keene and Elizabeth Wiggin. She d. Amesbury, ^lass., April 30, 1879. 
He d. April 23, 1879. 


2894. i. Edward Lowell, b. March 22, 1854. 

2895. ii. Elmer Frederick, b. Utica, N, Y., Nov. 4, lb62. 

2186. MARY CHARLOTTE KELLY, dau. Horatio Kelly and Pris- 
cilla Doten, b. Pembroke, N. H., May 1, 1831; m. Kingston, N. H., Jan. 
23, 1855, Josiah T. Blaisdell, b. Danville, N. H., May, 18, 1827, son 
John Blaisdell and Lydia Dow. They live Newburyport, Mass. 

2890. i. Frances Mae, b. Dec. 8, 1857; d. Oct. 9, 1858. 

2897. ii. Mary Helen, b. June 23, I860: m. May 29, 1879, Elmer 
C arter. 

2898. iii. Walter Homer, b. July 15, 1866. 


2H!)i). iv. Vk.i.a, b. Jan. fct, 18C!). 
All live Newburyport. 

21SJ). ALMIKA GURDY, dau. Jacob Gurdy and Susannah Doten, b. 
Bristol, N. H., May 30, 1829; ra. there Sept. 20, 1850, Charles Leonard 
Glines. b. Moultonl)orough, N. U., March 11, 1826, son Asa Glines and 
Deborah Leonard. They live Centre Harbor, X. II. 


2900. i. Sahaii Li/.zii:, b. March 4, 1853. 

2901. ii. Mvi:a An.n, b. Sept. 20, 1855. 

2902. iii. CiiAiii.Es, b. May 25, 18(i4. 

2903. iv. Vesta Aikeli.\, b. Jan. A, 18GG. 

2904. V. LiLi.A Olivia, b. Oct. 14, 18G9. 

2 !!)(>. GEORGE GURDY, son Jacob Gurdy and Susannah Doten, b. 
Hristol, N. II., March 24, 1831; m. Sandwich, N. IL, March 28, 18.^,9, 
Sarah Kiizabelh Dale, b. there Sept. 8, 1836, dau. Ebon Dale and 
Mehittable Bedee. They live Centre Harbor, N. H. 


2905. i. George Fked, b. June Ki, 1860, 

21J)2. SUSAN DOTEN GURDY, dau, Jacob Gurdy and Susannah 
Doten, b. Bristol, N. H., June 25, 1834; ni., 1st there July 10, 1S58, Alonzo 
Smith Philbrick, b. Centre Harbor, N. H., Jan. 28, 1835, son David Phil- 
l)rick and Eliza Dockham. He d. Falmouth, Va., Dec. 21, 1862. He 
was member 12th N. H. Vols, in service there. She m., 2d, Gilford. 
Belknap Co., N. H., Dec. 30, 1865, Alva Bushw.dl Dockham, b. Meredith, 
N. H., May 19, 1838, son John Dockham and Sally Purington. They live 
Lake Village, N. H. 


2906. i. Albert A., b. Jan. 11, 1860; d. July 29, 1861. 

2907. 11. Alonzo Edwin, b. Nov. 6, 1861. 

2103. WILLIAM PRESCOTT GURDY, son Jacob Gurdy and Su!--in- 
nah Doten, b. Bristol, N. H., Feb. 12, 1836; m. Dec. 25, 1859, Adaline 
Holbrook Caswell, 1). Lowell, iSIass., July 3, 1840, dau. Michael B. 
Caswell and Susan A. Miller. They live Amh«>rst. N. II. 


2908. i. WiLi.LiAM Caswell, b. Nov. 12, 18()0, lives Amherst. 

2197. MARY ELIZABETH BICKFORD, dau. Nathaniel Wair.-ii 
Bickford and Sarah M. Doten: b. Carroll, N. II., March 1, 1832; m. Sand- 
wich, N. II. , Sept. 19, 1854, Sylvester W. Kelley, b. Canterliury, N. II.. 
Jan. 14, 1833, sou Philip C. Kelley and Mary Fogg. She d. Carroll. Oct. 
4, 1882. He lives there. 

Children, b. Carroll: 

2909. i. Sarah J., b. Oct. 22. 1857. 

2910. ii. GEoiUiE S., b. Aug. 15, 1870; d. Jan. 24, 1880. 

2i;>S. SEVIAH JANE IJIClvFORD, dau. Nathaniel Warren Blcktord 
and Sarah M. Dot.-n, b. Carroll, N. H., Feb. 21, 1834; m. there July 1. 
1865. Samuel S. Thompson, b. Porter. :M<",, .Inly 27, 1830, son Caleb 
O; Thompson and Betsey Stanley. They live Whitefleld, N. H. 


2911. i. Charles Edwin, \k Feb. 10, 1868. 


219J). ELSIE ANN BICKFORD, dau. Nathaniel Warren Bickford and 
Sarah M. Doten, b. Carroll, N. H., Feb. 19, 188(5; m. Whitefield, N. H., 
Aug. 15, 1878, Iliram Abbott, b. Bartlett, N. II., June 15, 18.35, son Enoch 
Abbott and Fannie Diusmore. They live Twin Mountain, N. H. 


2!n2. i. Setii II., b. July 12, 187!); d. Oct. 19, 1879. 

2200. DAVID MOODY BICKFORD, son Nathaniel Warren Bickford 
and Sarah M. Doten, b. Carroll, N. IT., June 10, 1839: m. Twin ]\Iountain, 
N. H., Sept. 33, 1863, Phebe Julia Ricker, b. Porter, Me., Sept. 17, 1835, 
dau. Jeremiah Ricker and Mary Stanley. He is a farmer. Twin Mountain 
or Carroll, within about ten miles of the summit of Mount Washington. 

Children, b. Carroll: 

2913. i. Enoch Ellsworth, b. .Alareh 30, 1865. 

2914. ii. Arthuk Herman, b. April 27, 1867. 

2915. iii. Harriet Edna, b. July 20, 1869. 
21116. iv. Rosa Elva, b. Sept. 23, 1871. 

2917. V. Nathan John, b. 3Iay 10, 1874. 

2918. Yi. Seth Doton, b. May 23, 1876. 

2201. LAURA HARRIMAN DOTON, dau. Seth Doton and Mary Ann 
Hatriman, b. Moultonborough, N. H., May 25, 1834; m. Plymouth, N. 
H., Nov. 30, 1854, Andrew Jackson Barnard, b. Bridgewater, N. H., Aug. 
17, 1883, son Jacob Barnard and Mary H. Paine. He is a painter, Ply- 


2919. i. Rosa B., b. Sept. 17, 1863. 

2205. CALISTA EMILY DOTON, dau. Seth Doton and Mary Ann 
Harriman. b. Plymouth, N. H., Dec. 20, 1838: m. there 1867, Dr. Joseph 
W. Pre.ston. They lived Bristol, N. H., 1877. She d. Aug. 31, 1877. 


2920. i. Josephine Winifred. 

2211. SETH DOTEN LANE, son Jason Lane and Seviah Doten, b. 
Raymond, N. H., Jan. 1, 1832; m. Chester, N. H.,May9, 1854, Mary 
Lane Basford, b. there Nov. 17, 1828, dau. Walter Basford and Sarah 
Knowles. He is a farmer, Chester. 


2921. i. Luther B., b. April 16, 1855. 

2922. ii. AU.STIN J., b. April 29, 1858. 
, 2923. iii. Augusta S., b. July 3, 1861. 

2212. CLARA A. LANE. dau. Jason Lane and Seviah Doten, b. Ray- 
mond, N. H., Nov. 28, 1834: ra. there April 25, 1854. Samuel Varnum 
0.sgood, b. Salisbury, Mass., Nov. 10, 1832, son Timothy Osgood and 
Eunice Varnum. She d. Chester, N. H., Feb. 21, 1873. He lives Ray- 

Children, b. Chester: 

2924. i. Mary Eunice Seviah, b. March 29, 1855. 

2925. ii. Ellen Josephine, b. Jan. 3, 1858. 

2926. iii. Jason Lane, b. Feb. 22, 1861 . 

2927. iv. Ulysses Simpson Grant, b. Aug. i, 1864. 

2928. V. Miemma Bessie, b. Julv 7, 1867. 


l'L'l:{. MATILDA ]•:. LANE. (hill. Jason Lane and Seviah Doten. b. 
KaN-niond, X. IL. Aug. 28. 1838; ra. Kingston, N. IL. sept. 2'). 18(jl, 
George F. KoJlins, 1.. Epping, N. IL, April 15, 1S52. Slie d. Chester, N. 
n., Aug. 5, 1S80. He lives there. 

Children, b. Chester: 

2!»29. i. Ai.mekE., b. July, 18(;2; d. Oct. 30, 1803. 

2930. ii. E., b. May 14, 187!). 

'2l»17. FRANKLIN DOTEX, son Isaac Doten, b. Pomfret, Vt.. Oct. 
8, 1812; ni. there Dec. 17. 1839, Orinda Leonard, b. Royalton, Vt., Jan. 
lo, 1812. yhe d. Randolph, Vt., Aug. 23, 1887. 


2931. i. IIow.MjD L.. b. Randolph, X'^ov. 22, 1840: d. there of con- 
sumption, Sept. 19, 1853. 

2932. ii. Xewei.i,, b. Randolph, Nov. 26, 1843: d. X.'w 
York City, Oct. 22, I8(i4. He was private, Co. G, 10th Vt. Kegt., 
in War of Rebellion. 

2933. iii. C.vssiis Makous Cl.vy, b. Royalton, Vt., Oct. G, 1845. 

2934. iv. Mkuvin N. 

2935. V. Ai.UE Ormida. 

•-»L»1!). JERUSHA LOUISA DOTOX, dau. Leland Doton and Anna 
Vaughn, b. Barnard, Vt., March 2, 1829; m., 1st, May IG, 1847, Orrin 
W. Brown of Bradford, Vt., son John Brown. She m.,2(l, Jloulton Rngg. 
She d. Hanover, Vt , June 10, 1877. 

293(i. i. Celia F., 1). Lowell, Mass., March 27, 1848: d. July 2. 
1873: ni. Daniel B. Johnson. 3 chil. After her death he ni. lit>r 
sister, Corrie. 
2937. ii. Chahlbs IIe.xrv, b. Enfield, X. H., Aug. 22, 1849: d. 

^Vare, Mass., Sept 20, 1804. 
293S. iii. Claka Bei.l, b. Bradford, Vt., March 10, 1851. 
21139. iv. Ctiaincey L., b. Bradford, Oct. 4, 1852. 

2940. V. CouRiE AxGiE, b. Bradford, Aug. 31. 1854. 

2941. vi. CriE.<rER P., b. Bradford, July 7, 185G. 

2942. vii. Clem.mik L., b. Bradford, Nov. 22, 1857; ni. Harris W. 
.Vdanis. Live Phelps, X. Y. 

2943. viii. Jex.vie X., b. Bradford, Nov. 18. 1859. 

2".M4. ix. Ei.i.A F., b. Bradford. Sept. 28, 1861; d, Aug. 8, 1803. 

'2'2'2n. KDVVARD SYLVESTER DOTOX. son Leland Doton and Anna 
Vaughn, b. Barnard, Vt., June 3. 1831; m. , 1st, 1849, Elizabeth Colby, 
dau. Allen \V. Colby and Lucia Colby. She d. 1855. He ra., 2il.. 
Leavann Harington. She d. and he m. a 3d time. They live Turners 
Falls, Mass. 

Children, by 1st wife: 

2945. i. ' Hi)\\ AKD Hk.n'kv. b. liradford, Vt., Aug. 25, 1853. 

By 2d wife: 
2940. ii. Sakaii Lkavann. b. 1858; lives N. Manchester, Ct. 

By 3d wife: 

2947. iii. Leland. 

2948. iv. Annie. 

2949. v. Frank. 

•22'22. PHILENA DOTOX. dau. Lelan I Doton and Anna Vaughn, b 
Barton, Vt., Dec. 5, 1S34: m. Middlesi'x. Vt., July 5. 1S49, John Doton 


Nichols, b. there Aug. 21, 1824, son Abijali Nichols and Sarah Daniels. 
They live North Calais, Vt. 
29/)0. i. Sarah Jane, b. Middlesex, Vt., Jan. 22, 1852. 

2951. ii. Emma Bkll, b. Middlesex, Feb. IG, 1860. 

2226. LUCY EVELYN DOTON, dau. Leland Doton and Anna 
Vaughn, b. Montpelier, Vt., July (i, 1843: m., 1st, West Lebanon, N. 
iL, April IS, 1864, Humphrey Rogers, b. Hartland, Vt., ilarch 12, 1836, 
son Lorenzo Rogers and Mary Ann Rood. He d. Hartland Oct. 15, 
1875. Shem., 2d, Woodstock, Vt. , March 27, 1878, James H. Bowers, b. 
West Windsor, Vt., Sept. 24, 1838, son Henry Bowers and Betsey Barker. 
They live Hartland, Four Corners, Vt. 

Children : 

2952. i. EvviE Axxa (Rogers), b. Hartland, June 21, 1865; d. there 
April 1, 1871. 

2953. ii. Stella M. (Rogers), b. Hartland, April 28, 1867. 

2954. iii. Mabel E. (Rogers), b. Providence, R. I., May 9, 1871. 

2955. iv. LucT E. (Rogers), b. Hartland, March 12, 1876. 

2956. V. DokaL. (Bowers), b. Providence, March 10, 1879. 

2227. BELLE CHRISTINA DOTON, dau. Leland Doton and Anna 
Vaughn, b. Montpelier, Vt., May 6, 1845; m. , 1st, William Wells; m.. 
2d. Lowell G. Lyman. She d. Hartford, Vt, Aug. 22, 1883. He lives 

Children : 

3957. i. Frank (Wells). 

29.58. ii. Guy (Wells). 

2959. iii. Glexx (Lyman). 

2960. iv. Eva B. (Lyman) 

2228. MARIETTA ADELINE DOTON, dau. Leland Doton and Anna 
Vaughn, b. Middlesex, Vt., Feb. 12, 1849; m. Calais, Vt., Oct. 18, 1876, 
Charles Wesley Norris, b. Hardwick, Vt., June 9, 1849, son Samuel Rob- 
inson Norris, one of the earliest settlers of Haidwick, and Sarah A. Far- 
iiam, who was from Tunbridge, Vt. They live Hardwick. 


2961. i. Samuel Robixsox, b. Oct. 18, 1878. 

2962. ii. Herbert Leland, b. Oct. 4, 1880. 

2963. iii. Lewis Franklix, b. July 7, 1883. 

2964. iv. Ella Mat, b. Sept. 17, 1885. 

2249. STEPHEN DOTY, son Sutherd Doty and Abigail Smith, b. 
prob. Cazenovia, N. Y., Jan., 1811; ra. Sarah Bartholomew, b. Manlius, 
N. Y. He d., N. Y., Nov. 11, 1872. She lives there. 


2965. i. Walter, b. Cazenovia, Oct. 8, 1837. At the outbreak of 
the War of the Rebellion he enlisted in Co. F of 8th Regt, N. Y. 
State Cavalry; served 3 years, then re-enlisted, was taken prisoner 
and confined in Libby Prison at Richmond, Va. , where he d. 

2966. ii. Adklbeut, b. Cazenovia, June 13, 1840. 

2967. iii. Marcia, b. Orleans Co., N. Y., May 21, 1845; m. Lucius 
Balsley. Live Fayetteville, N. Y. 

2968. iv. Ctrenius, b. Orleans Co., Oct. 20, 1848. 

2969. V. Augusta D., b. Canada, Nov. 29, 1855; lives Syracuse. 

2970. vi. Sarah M., b. Canada, Oct. 8, 1858: lives Syracuse. 

2971. vii. Charles M., b. Canada, March 29. 1861: lives Syracuse. 


225J). LUl'lSA JIAUKXESS, dau. Jacob Ilarkuess and Mercy Doty, 
b. Granville, N. Y.; m. William Harkness Gray, and removed ■with him 
to Philadelphia, I'a., where they 11 veil over fifty years. She d. there 
about ISllO. 


2259a. i. .Mai:v E.. m. Granger; lives Pliiladclphia, Pa. 

22(A) IIKXDEHSON HARKNKSS, son Jacob llarknes.s and Mercy 
Doty. i>. Granville, N. Y., \x\(\: m. Lyons, N. Y., Sarah Ann IJishoi), b. 
Dutchess Co., N. Y., dau. William ISishop and Sarah Ann Dunning. 
They lived Greenwich, N. \. 
Children : 

2972. i. Jri.iA .M., b. Salem. X. Y ., Nov. 2S, 1842; m. Lee. 

2il7:3. ii. Bii.uNEiiD T., b. Salem, July 3, 1844. 
2!)74. iii. Euw aud P., b. Salem, Feb. 2, 184(i. 

2975. iv. Sarah E., b. Salem, Nov. 24, 1848; m. Dec. 10, 1871, 
Solomon Xewcomb, b. July 19, 1840, son Irenaeus P. Newcomb and 
Fidelia Crandall. Thev live Brooklyn, X. Y., and have 3 chil. 

2976. V. William, b. April 16, 185o" 

1»'_M)1. VASIITIIIAHKXESS, dau. Jacob Darkness and Mercy Doty, 
b. Granville, X, Y., :March 4, 1822: m. Austin, Texas, Nov. 1S61, Josiah 
Fisk, b. Monroe Co., X\ Y., Nov. 12, 1822, son Nathan Fisk and Rebecca 

'Mr. Fisk is a lawyer. He early removed to Illinois where he was for 
two terms a member of the State Legislature, aud then served with dis- 
tinction in the war with Mexico, 1846-48, and at its close settled in Austin, 
Tex., of which city he was elected Mayor. At the close of the War of 
the Kebellion, ho settled in New Orleans, La., and was for eight years 
District Attorney there. Thej- later resided Council Bluffs, Pottawa- 
tamie County, Li., where he was a practising lawyer, a local older of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church and a highlj' esteemed citizen. They now 
live near Chicago, 111. 


2977. i. WiLRiK, b. 1862; he is a Methodist minister; in 1SS6 was 
in charge of the Persia circuit of the Des Moines conference. Iowa. 

22(ri. SOUTHARD HARKNESS, .son Jacob Harkness and Mercy Doty, 
b. Granville, N. Y., March 12, 1807; m. 1831, Harriet Foot. He d. 
Salem, X. Y., May 20. 1851. 


2978. i. EnsoN J., b. Aug. 31, 1843; is a lawyer. Chicago, 111. 
2-J(i3a. ii. Lirni:i: Day, b. May 3, 1S47; lives Ob(>rlin, 111. 

2263b. iii. Dells Annette, b.'Oct. 23, 1849; m. Ellison Ilavslip, 
Shed. Sept. 11, 1881. 

22(;5. ESTHER CORWIX, dau. Berter Corwin and Tabitha Doty. b. 
Cazenovia. X. Y., May 30, 1821: ni. Smithport, Pa., Dec. 27, 1843. Gil- 
bert B. Webster, b. Cazenovia. March 24, 1824, son Jared Webster and 
Abigail Gdbert. They live Elgin. 111. 

Children, b. Elgin: 

2979. i. Aiugail Makklla, b. .\]irii 19, 1844. 

2980. ii. Estella Soi'hia, b. May 22, 1846. 
29S1. iii. Alice Flouexce. b. April 4. 1849. 
2982. iv. FuAXK Deai.ton, b. Oct. 21. 1854. 


3983. V. George Lewis, b. June 1(5, 18.'56 ; d. Aug. 19, 1858. 

::i984. vi. Fanny Louisa, b. Dec. 18, 1858- 

298J5. vii. Bektek Roy, b. March 3, 18(»0. 

2270. ISRAEL DAY, son Cyrus Day and Vashti Doty, b. Granville, 

N. Y., July 15, 1836; m. Oct., 1859, Mrs. Harriet Stover Potter. He d. 

Fort Miller, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1873. 

Children, b. Fort Miller: 

2986. i. Stanley H., b. Feb. 10, 1868; lives Glens Falls, IS. ^. 

3987. ii. Edwin C, b. Feb. 10, 1863; lives Glens Falls. 

22 72. LOUISA H. DAY, dau. Cyrus Day and Vashti Doty, b. Gran- 
ville. N. Y.. Feb. 5, 1833, m. there, March 3, 1870, George W. Kenyon. 
b. Greenwich, N. Y., July 81, 1836, son Solomon Kenyon and Eliza, his 
wife. They live New York City. 


3988. i. Rrxii Day, b. Fort Miller, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1873. 

2273. MARY E. DAY, dau. Cyrus Day and Vashti Doty, b. Gran- 
ville, X. Y., May 12, 1835; m. Fort Miller, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1860, Orvill De 
Garmo, b. Northumberland, N. Y., April 13, 1835, sou David De Garmo 
and his wife, Anna. They live Fort Miller. 

Children, b. Fort Miller: 

2989. 1. Orvill, b. Aug. 30, 1861. 

3990. ii. Mary, b May 5, 1867. 

22 75. MERCY DOTEN COBB, dau. Bennett Cobb and Mercy Doten, 
b. Plympton, Mass., March 13, 1813; m. Camden, N. Y., April 30, 1837, 
David Osborn, Jr., of Camden. She d. there, March 13, 1843. 


3991. i. Henry Sherman, b. Camden, April 3, 1839. 

2287. AMAZIAH DOTEN, son Ebenezer Doten and Deborah 
Thompson Soule, b. Carver, Mass., Sept. 30, 1833; m. Oconomowoe, 
Wis., Nov. 33, 1855, Mary Ellen Shaver, b. Mexico, N. Y., March 33, 
1838, dau. John Shaver and his wife, Jane . They reside Wilton, Wis. 
Children, b. Monroe Co., Wis.: 

2993. i. Charles John, b. Oct. 38, 1856; m. Wilton, Wis., Oct. 
11, 1885, Luella J. Hall, b. there, Aug. 4. 1869, dau. Robert 
Fi anklin Hall and his wife. Sarah Jane. 

3993. ii. Maggie A., b. Jan. 33, 1859: m. Jan. 11, 1817, G. T. 

3994. iii. Ella J., b. April 31, 1861. 

2995. iv. James S., b. Nov. 30. 1868. 

2996. V. Myron W., b. Jan. 4, 1870. 
3997. vi. Sylvia A., b. Oct. 16, 1873. 

2998. vii. Clarence Edward, b. Nov. 16, 1880. 

22SS. EDWARD DOTEN, son Ebenezer Doten and Deborah Soule, b. 
Camden, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1826; m. Middleboro, Mass., Nov. 10, 1850, Julia 
Ann Darling, b. there, Aug. 17, 1830, dau. Alanson Darling and Lauretta 
Ann Fuller. They reside Hamilton, Minn. 


2999. i. Emma Francis, b. Brockton, Mass., Feb. 2, 1854; m. 
Hamilton, Minn., June 8, 1881, Duncan Grant Stewart, b. York, 
N. Y., Nov. 2, 1845, son David Stewart and Mary Ann Grant. 


They resided Hamilton. ,Miiin., wiiere she d. Ai>iil 2'). 1S82. No 
chil. Her husband wrote, .Alay, 1882: "No family, whatever its 
name or surroundings, ever produced a grander woman. She was 
the most natural, unaf-suming, intelligent person I have ever 
become acquainted with. Never was an unkind thought, word or 
ifct known of her." 

3000. ii. Ai.»ei;t Edw.\i:i), b. Lyndon, Wis., Sept. 8, 1850. He 
roeided with parents, 1880. 

•_»'-»S!). ELIJAH DEXTER DOTEN, son Ebenezer Doten and Deborah 
Thompson Soulc, b. Camden, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1828; m. Sept. 2, 185<i, 
Susan A. Packard. They reside Tomah, Wis. 


3001. i. Addik L, b. Nov. 14, 1858: d. June 7, 1850. 

3002. ii. Clarice D., b. April 25, 18G0. 

221) 1 . JAMES OTIS DOTEN. son Ebenezer Doten and Deborah Thomp- 
son Soule, b. Camden, X. Y., Dec. 2, 1833: ni. Royalton, N. Y., March 23, 
1SG5, Viola Elizabeth Ilowland, b. Alabanta, N. Y., Jan. 3, 1840. dau. 
Ira Howland and his wife, Sarah. They reside Utica, N. Y. 

Cliildren, b. Utica : 

3003. i. Cii.\i:les Otis. b. March 3, 18(50. 

3004. ii. Ci.AHENCE Ei.MEi;. b. April 2, 1869. 

3005. iii. Cakhie Elizabeth, b. April 29, 1872. 

2:{:{o. FRANKLIN BURNHAM, .son Groves Burnham and Mary Tor- 
rey Doten, b. Enfield, N. II., March 2, 1825: m., 1st, Lowell, :\[ass.. Dec. 
10, 1850, JIary Ann Southard, b. Essex, N. Y., June 10, 1827. She d. 
Plaistow, N. IL, May 27, 1858. He m., 2d, Plaistow, Feb. 6, 18«51. Thirza 
Russell Walker, b. fhorndike. Me., Oct. 29, 1832, dau. William G. Walk.-r 
and Huldah V. Scribner. They live Plaistow. 

Children, bv 1st wife, b. Plaistow, N. H.: 
300(3. i. ^ Makv Fhaxk, b. May 9, 1858. 

Bv 2d wife: 

3007. ii. Ciiesteu IIowakd, b. Sept. 26. 1866. 

2;j:{(;. EMMONS brown BURNHA^I, .son Groves Burnham and Mary 
Torrey Doten. b. Enfield, N. IL, Aug. 6, 1827: m. Akron, O., April 24, 
1855. Clara Eliza Rowc. b. York, O., July 29, 1833, dau. Abial Rowe and 
Eunice Landers. They live Fort llowaid. Wis. 

Child : 

3008. i. Asox, b. Dec. 6. 1864: d. Oct. 6. 1866. 

2;i:j7. ALLEN DOTEN BURNHAM, son Groves Burnham and Mary 
Torrey Doten. b. Enfield, N. H.. 3Iarch 25, 1829: m., 1st, Norwich. Vt.. 
Oct. 1,1853, Betsey Ann F.ucklin, b. Grafton, N. II., Sept. 1, 1833, dau. 
Charles Bucklin and Choice Cole. She d. there March 30, 1861. He m., 2d, 
Enfield, Aug. 31, 1862, Nancy Barney, b. Grafton, Dec. 15, 1839, dau. James 
Walker Barney and Eliza Betsey French. They live West Lebanon, 
N. H. 
30(»:). i. Fkank Wellington, b. Feb. 7, 1857; d. Julv 17, 1857. 
WIO. ii. A dau., b. March 18, 1861; d. March 13, 1861. 
3011. iii. Helen Fkance.s Okpiia, b. Sept. 2, 1870. 

2:J3S. GEORGE W. BURNHAM, son Groves Burnham and Mary 


Torrey DotcMi, b. Entield, N. H., March 6, 1833; m. May 13, ISoS. Mary 
L. Eastman, b. Grantham, N. H., April 22, 1833, dau. Jeremiah Eastman 
and Betsey Leavitt. They live Enfield. 

3012. i. Nellie W., b. July 12, 1857; d. Oct. 2, 1862. 

3013. 11. LioNXE E., b. Nov. 24, 1859; d. Sept. 25, 1862. 

2340. ELIZABETH DOW BURLEY, dau. Thomas Burley and Martha 
Doten, b. Dorchester, N. H., July 9, 1823; m. Utica, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1851, 
Enoch Franklin Hanson, b. O.ssipee, N. H. Shed. San Francisco, CaL. 
Dec. 31, 1877. 


3014. i. Franklin, lives Stockton, Cal. 

2341. MARTHA MAPvIAH BURLEY, dau. Thomas Burley and Martha 
Doten, b. Martinsburg, N. Y., June 8, 1831; m., 1st, Lowell, Mass., Nov. 
26, 1854, Lorenzo D. Clark, b. Brownington, Vt., son John Clark and 
Mary Ward. He d. Lowell, Mass., Oct. 14, 1855. She m., 2d, Pacheco, 
Contra Costa Co., CaL, Sept. 25, 1862, Piersy Y^aple, b. Ithaca, N. Y., 
March 9, 1825, son Henry Y^aple and Sally Dykeman. They live Ripon. 
San Joaquin Co., Cal. 

Children, b. Ripon Co., Cal.: 

3015. i. Helen L., b. June 26, 1863. 

3016. ii. Edith Dow, b. Jan. 14, 1867. 

3017 iii. Henry Albekt, b. Nov. 26, 1871; d. Dec. 1, 187!. 

2343. DOTEN HEMAN KILHAM, son Heman Kilham and Maria 
Doten, b. Turin. N. Y^, March 27, 1827; m. West Turin. N. Y., June 7, 
1852, Susan Kentner, b. there Sept. 30, 1830, dau. Amos Kentner and 
Lucinda Clark. They live Turin. 


3018. i. Ella Lucinda, b. Dec. 11, 1857; m. Nov. 27, 1878, Janus 

3019. ii. ]V[akia Susan, b. May 18, 1803. 

2344. MARIA HELLEN KILHAM, dau. Heman Kilham and Maria 
Doten, b, Turin, N. Y., :\Iay 31, 1829; m. there May 10, 1849, as his 2d 
wife, Franklin B. Hough, M. D., b. Martin.sburg, N. Y., July 22, 1822, 
son Horatio Gates Hough and Martha Pitcher. He d. Lowville, N. Y., 
June 11, 1885. His widow lives there with her children. 

Dr. Hough was a celebrated historian, biographer and stati.stician. He 
entered the academy at Lowville, N. Y'., at fourteen years of age, and 
September, 1840, entered Union College, from which he graduated in 184B. 
After teaching for several years in New Y^ork State and Ohio, he published, 
in 1846, his first work, a catalogue of the plants of Lewis Co., N. Y., and 
then entered the Medical College at Cleveland, O., from which he gradu- 
ated, ^I. D., in 1848, and began the practice of his profession at Someiville, 
St. Lawrence Co., N. Y". After four years experience in his medical 
practice, he became interested in the subject of local history, and deciding 
to adopt literature as his profession, he removed, in 1852, to Lowville, 
Lewis Co.. N. Y., and began his " History of St. Lawrence and Franklin 
Counties, N. Y.," which he published in 1853. 













From this time on his life was almost wholly occupied in literaiy. 
historical and stal istial worlv . His list of published works includes thirty- 
three on history, twelve on .scientific subjects, seven relating to consti- 
tution and laws, and nine on statistics, besides a number of biof^niphies. 
He was the superintendent of the census of the State of New York, 18o5 
and 18(i5. and made the preparations for the census of 1^75. He origi- 
nated, in 18(51, the "New York Civil List," and in 18T2 publL-^hed "The 
Gazatteer of New York." Me prepared an "Ab.straet of the Laws of New 
York, 1777-188'")."' a work of great research and labor, which is j'ct in 
manuscript, but being of imm(?nse value will probably eventually be pub- 
lished by the State. During the War of the Rebellion he served as 
surgeon of the 97th Regiment, New Y^ork Volunteers for nine months, 
and four months more as an inspector of the United States Sanitary Com- 
mission. A fine sketch of his life by his friend, Henry R. Stiles, A. M. , M. 
D., with a portrait was published in the "New York Cenealogical and Bio- 
graphical Record " for April, 1886; a sketch of his life also appears in the 
Report of the Regents of the State of New Y'ork. 188(). 
Children : 

M.\i:v Ki.i.EN, b. Somerville, N. Y., Sept. 11, IS.")!. 

Fi;anklin Houatio, b. Turin, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1855. 

RoMEVN Bkck, b. Albany, N. Y^., March 4, 1857. 

Minnie MAirruA, b Albany, Jan. 20, 18(t0. 

Ei.isHA Crofoot, b. LowviUe, N. V., Feb. 7, 18G3. 

AnHAMAM LiX(M>i.N, b. LowvlUc, Dec. 28, 18(>(). 

2315. GEORGE JACKSON KILHAM, son Heman Kilham and .Maria 
Doten, b. Turin, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1837; m. Utica, N. Y., Sept. G, 18G0, 
Mary Esther Schwartz, b. Schoharie Co., N. Y., April 8. 1835), dau. Peter 
J. Schwartz and Margaret Hess. They live Martinsburgh, N. Y. 


302(). i. Ci.AKA Belle, b. Turin, Nov. 28, 1801. 

3027. ii. MiNxiE Maima, b. ]\Iartinsburgh, Aug. 1, 1S74. 

2:U(>. (U'lLFOK!) DOTEN, son James Doten and Rdtecca Jones, b. 
Canaan, N. II., Oct. 14, 1830; m. Canaan, Feb. 17, 1H()4, Betsey Lowell 
Flagg, b. Hatley. Quebec, Feb. 17, 1S40, dau. Daniel Lowell and Abigail 
Reed, and widow of Albion Flagg of Lel)anon, N. IL, who d. June 25, 1862. 
They live E. Canaan, N. H. 

Children, b. E. Canaan: 

3028. i. Neli.v May, b. Jan. 16, 1805. 
3021). ii. Fkaxk, b. Oct. 21), 1860. 

3030. iii. Hattie Mauoe, b. June 28, 1874. 

23-48. A:\rBROSE CUSHIN DOTEN, son James Doten and Rebecca 
Jones, b. Canaan. N. H., Dec. 31, 1S36; ni. Knneld, N. H., Jan. 11, 1868, 
Augusta Leeds, dau. Carey Leeds and Almeda Clark. He d. Canaan, 
June 7. 1873. She lives Enlield. 


3031. i. Mahkl Pah he, b. Canaan, Nov. 1N70. 

2352. HATTIE FRANCES DOTEN. ilau. .lames Doten and Rebecca 
Jones, b. Canaan, N. II., Oct. 7, 1^51: m. Liltlelon, N. IL, Feb. 17. 1876. 
John Bingham Coburn, b. Warner, N. IL, son Asa Coburii and Hannah 
Carlton. They live Littleton. 



3032. i. Blaxi'he, b. Canaan, Aug. 2, 1877. 

2353. HELEN MARIA DOTEN, dau. William Doten and Catharine 
Barber, b. Canaan, N. H., Nov. 12, 1829; m. Feb. 4, 1854, Martin Van 
Buren Moise, b. Hanover, N. II., April 3, 1829, son Moses Morse and 
Sally Eaton. They live Sparta, Wis. 


3033. i- Fred O.ssoi.i, b, Hanover, Nov. 21, 1855. 

3034. ii. Floka Belle, b. Lafayette, Wis., March 2, 1858. 
3085. iii. Luella EutiEXiA, b. Lafayette, Jan. 20, 1862. 
303(5- iv. William Moses, b. Lafayette, Nov. 7, 1869. 

2354. CATHARINE BARBER UOTEN, dau. William Doten and 
Catherine Barber, b. Canaan, N. H., Oct. 17, 1833; m. there Sept. 9, 
1855, John Wesley Currier, b. there Dec. 22, 1828, son Theophilus Cur- 
rier and Sarah Perkins Tyler. They live Sanbornton, N. H. 


3037. i. Willie Doten, b. Canaan, June 4, 1859; lives Texas. 

3038. ii. Nellie Bertha, b. Canaan, Dee. 18, 1860. 

3039. iii. Grace May, b. Canaan, May 1, 1865. 

3040. iv. Freddie Roscoe, b. Manchester, N. H. , Oct. 1, 1873. 

2355. MARY ANN MORSE, dau. Henry Morse and Eleanor Doten, 
b. Enfield, N. H., Aug. 24, 1828; m. there Feb. 24, 1848, Edwin Allen 
Perley, b. there Dec. 22, 1823, son John Perley and Susannah Goodhue. 
She d. Dec. 29, 1855. He m. again and lived, 1879, Lebanon, N. H. 

Child : 

3041. i. William Goodhue, b. Enfield, Oct. 1, 1850; lived Leba- 

235(5. MALVINA ELEANOR MORSE, dau. Henry Morse and Eleanor 
Doten, b. Enfield, N. H., Sept. 15, 1831; m., Canaan, N. H., Jan. 1,1857, 
Benjamin Franklin Skinner, b. Croyden, N. H., Dec. 1829, son Benjamin 
Skinner and Lois Story. She d. Turin, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1869. He d. En- 
field, March 13, 1868. 

Child : 

3042. i. Benjamix, b. Oct. 9, 1861 ; d. Oct. 13, 1861. 

2368. JOHN HENRY MORSE, son Henry Morse and Eleanor Doten, 
b. Enfield, N. H., Jan. 1, 1837; m., Canaan, N. H., March 25, 1860, Lucy 
Ann Gage, b. Enfield, April 18, 1841, dau. Calvin Gage and Abigail Brown 
Prescott. They reside Enfield. 


3043 i. Edward Gideon, b March 6. 1861. 

3044 ii. Nellie Grace, b. May 17, 1862; d. Nov. 30, 1871. 

3045. iii. Meltia Robins, b. Nov. 17, 1864; d. Nov. 30, 1871. 

2360. FRANIs; BYRON MORSE, son Henry Morse and Eleanor Doten, 
b. Canaan, N. H., April 13, 1845; m., Grafion, N. H., Dec. 7, 1865, 
Sarepta E. Bucklin, b. there Nov. 18, 1845, dau. Moses Bueklin and De- 
light Kilton. They reside Enfield, N. II. 

Children, b. Enfield : 

3046. i. Alice Eleanoe, b. Sept, 12, 18r)6. 

3047. ii. Mary Louisa, b. March 2. 1870. 


3048. iii. Caukie Ki.i/aueiii, b. Atis. ~'0, 1871. 

304!». iv. Fi:amv Wiijuk, b. Aug. 22, 1873. 

30'>0. V. Gkutie, b. Sopt. 2, 1875. 

3051. vi. Fuiii), b. Dec. 24. 1877. 

2:j(n. ELISIIA MORTON DOTEX, son John Dotcn and Hannah 
Boobe. b. Bristol, Vt., Aug. 5, 18:^5; m.. Panton, Vt.,Feb. 6, 1861, Ida 
Lucretia Hatch, b. Fenisburgh, Vt., ^March 30, 1840, dau. Waneu E. 
Hatch and Phebe Charlotte Smith. He was an architect and builder. 
Panton; 1891, they removed to Burlington, Vt., where they now reside. 

Children, b. Panton: 

3052. i. Hknky AiniiuR, b. .Jan. 9, 1805. 

3053. ii. Caukoi.i. VVai:i:kn, b. Jan. 27, 1871; gradual"!] at llir Uni- 
versity of Vermont, where he now holds the position of Jnsliuctor. 
also Secr(^tary and liegister. 

3054. iii. Leonakd Smith, b. April 19, 1873. 

247S. SOPiIIAELIZABFTH RUNNELLS, dau. Haskell Hunnells and 
Sophia Ruhama Doten. b. Cooper, Me., Aug. 6, 1845: in. Alvin Archer, 
son John Archer and his wife, Abigail. They reside Mapleton, Me. 

Children : 

3055. i. Elmer Enw i.\, b. IMav 8, 1807. 

3056. ii. Ella Ri'hama. b. Sept. 10, 1808. 

3057. iii. Gkoi;(;e Austin, b Aug. 0, 1870. 

3058. iv. Waltek Benjamin, b. April 18, 1872. 

247J). MARY FRANCES RUNNELLS, dau. Haskell Runnell.s and 
Sophia R. Doten, b. Pattagumpus, Me., Oct. 29, 1847; m. there July 14, 
1805, Jeremiah Glidden, b. Howland, ]\[e.. Nov. 6, 1835, son George 
Glidden an<l Mary Boatham. They live Danforth, Me. 


3059. i. Bertie E.stelle, b. May 20, I860: d. Oct. 28, 1872. 

3060. ii. Gkktie Ciiestine, b. July 3, 1808. 

3001. iii. Benjamin Edmond, b. Dec. 20, 1872. 

24S1. HENRIETTA ANN RUNNELLS, dau. Haskell Runnell.s and 
Sophia R. Doten, b. Pattagumpus, Me., Aug. 23, 1851: m. there Dec. 24, 
1872, Convass Haynes. They live Winn, Me. 

Chi 1 then: 

3002. i. Nellie Myrtle, b. Nov. 4, 1873. 

3003. ii. Edna Maud, b. May 17, 1876. 

•24si>. WILLIAM AULANDO GARDNER, son Abner Gardner and 
iSIary ('. Doten, b. .Marion, ]\Ie., March 4, 1848: m. Marion, ^le. , 
March 2, 1870, Emma Antoinette Vining, b. Cooper, Me., April 8., 1849, 
dau. Nathan Vining and Klizabeth Huntley. They reside Marion 


3004. i. Charlie Leslie, b. Jan. 24, 1871. 

24J>.'>. JULIA MARIA ANDREWS, dau John Ellis Andrews and 
Sarah Doten, b. Jouesport, Me., Oct. 10, 1851; m. Marion, ^le.. May 27. 
1871, Hillman Sprague, b. Princeton. Me.. June 0, 1852, son Jo.sepii 
Sprague and Eunice Fichett. They reside Marion. 
3065. i. Florence May, b. July 0. 1872. 
3000. ii. Fred Lester, b. Nov. 27, 1873. 














30(57. iii. A dau., still b. Dec. 30, 1875. 

3068. iv. William Russell, b. March 4, 1877. 

30(50. V. Henry Clinton, b. Maich 7, 1879. 

2.jS4. NATHANIEL DOTEN, son Nathaniel Doten and Caroline God- 
dard, b. Plynaouth, Mass., Aug. 18, 1827; m. Boston, Mass., 1848. Augusta 
Bates, b. Plymouth, July 12, 1831, dau. Clement Bates and Betsey Bur- 
gess. He is a printer and connected with the Boston Journal. 
Children, b. Boston: 

William Goddai:!), b. 1840. 

SAitAn Howard, b. 1851; d. April 29, 1859. 

Frederick Gleasox, b. 1854. 

(Charles Howard, b. 1857; d. March 27, 1873. 

Walter Linwood, b. Dec. 5, 1862. 

Harry Lincoln, b. Dec. 5, 1862. 

2585. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DOTEN, son Nathaniel Doten and 
Caroline Goddard, b. New Bedford, Mass., July 8, 1842; m. there Jan. 
18, 1863, Maria Louisa Ford, b. Boston, Mass., March 14, 1842, dau. 
Thomas Ford and Maria Louisa Phalen. Thomas Ford was the well- 
known manager for many years of the Howard Athenaeum at Boston. 
They reside Somervillo, Mass. He is a compositor and is connected with 
the Boston Transcript. 


3076. i. Herbert Warren, b. Boston, March 8, 1864. 

3077. ii. Frank Pierce, b. Boston. July 2S. 18(56; d. July 22, 1867. 

3078. iii. Florence Gertrude, b. Boston, Dec. 30, 1868; d. Dec. 2. 

3079. iv. Carrie Joserhine, b. Boston, Jan. 22. 1871; d. May 17, 

3080. V. Arthur Clifford, b. Somerville, Feb. 18, 1877. 

3081. vi. Chester Garfield, b. Boston, Feb. 35, 1881. 

2844. HELEN F. DOTEN. dau. Edward Lewis Doten and Mary Wen- 
dall Hall, b. Plymouth. Mass., Oct. 11. 1849; m. N. Ea.ston, Mass., May 
31, 1869, Francis F. Marshall, b. there Oct. 37, 18.35, son Timothy G. 
Marshall and his wife, Mary. They live N. Easton. 

3083. i. Edward Lewis, b. June 30. 1870. 
3083. ii. Harry Clifton, b. June 30, 1870. 
3084.- iii. Grace Stearns, b. Aug. 28, 1872. 

3085. iv. Bernerd Gay, b. Aug. 23, 1875. 

3086. V. Henry Lester, b. Jan. 19, 1880. 

3087. vi. Carrie Alice, b. June 6, 1883. 

2654. EMOGENE M. DOTEN, dau. Elisha Sherman Doten and Rebecca 
S. Pierce, b. Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 6, 1856; m. there July 2, 1876. Joseph 
H. Shurtleff, b. Middleborough, Mass., Sept. 35, 1849, son Seth Shurtlpff 
and Rebecca Maxim. They live Plymouth. 


8088. i. Fred H., b. Jan. 21, 1877. 

2693. SUSAN MORE DOTY, dau. Joseph Lucas Doty and Susan 
Smith, b. Nashua, N. II., March 23, 1840; m. Manchester, N. II., March 
6,1859, Benjamin F. Pierce, b. Campton. N. H., Oct. 4,1838. lied. 
Des Moines, la., Dec. 10, 1873. She m.. 3d, Bath, N. H., March 39, 1874. 


George W. Davis, b. tliere. She d. Batli, March S, ISTG. lie d. there 

Children, bv 1st husb. : 
30S!). i. ' VoiiA Bki.i.e, b. Canipton Village, N. H., Dec. 11, 1860. 

3090. ii. Fi:.\NK Bihn-side, b. Campton Village, July 28, 1862: not 
m.; lives there. 

3091. ill. Eddie R., b. Campton Village, July 29, ISCS; d. Des 
Moines, la.. Jan. 1. 1867. 

3092. iv. Charles S., b. Des Moines, la., Feb. 2, 1868: notni.: lives 
Canipton Village. 

3093. V. Faxme EsTKLi..\,b. Des Moines, June 23, 1869: d. Monroe, 
la., Aug. 1869. 

3094. vi. Lena Oi:a, b. Des Moines, July 29, 1872: d. Manchester, 
N. H., Aug., 1873. 

And by 2d 

3095. vii. Edwaud M., b. Bath, N. II., Jan. 14. 1876. 

2694. ISABELLA ARGENTINE DOTY, dau. Joseph Lucas Doty and 
Susan Smith, b. Nashua, N. IL, Jan. 8, 1842: m. Manchester, N. II.. 
June, 1861, Joseph Goodwin, b. Wilmot, N. IT., May 15, 1840, son Joseph 
Goodwin and Mary Peaslee. They live Manchester. 


;^096. i. Wii.i.iE Ellswohth, b. Feb. 2, 18()2. 

3097. ii. JosEi'H Bel.moxt, b. May 8, 1872: d. May 18, 1873. 

'2(51M). .MARY :\IEI)()RA DOTY. dau. George Riley Doty and Mary 
P. Linikin, b. Warren, 3Ie., July 27, 1847; m. George ^Iclutyre. They 
reside California. 


3098. i. Ei.i.A Fi.oiiENcE. 

2707. AUGUSTUS ADDISON SHERMAN, son Harvey Hat.h Sher- 
man and Eliza Dudley Doty, b. Knox, Me.. Feb. 7, 1886: m. Keene, Wis.. 
March 14, 1861, Almira C. Webster, b. Pierpont, O., May 29, 1838, dau. 
Linus Webster and Sophia, his wife. They live Keene. He is a farmer: 
served during War of Kebellion in Regt. Wis. Cavalry. 

Children, b. Keene, Wis.: 

3099. i. LiNts Mykon, b. Jan. 13, 1862. 

3100. ii. Hai:vky Bvi;<)N. b. Jan. 13. 1862. 

3101. ill. PoiMKi: EuKNEZEiJ, b. Aug. 11, 1865. 

3102. iv. Soi.oN Hatch, b. Dec. 27. 1867. 

3103. V. Ei.izA S<>i')iiA, b. March 28, 1870. 

3104. vi. Heman Fi:ank, b. Oct. 11, 1871. 

3105. vii. Fanny Jane, b. Sept. 14, 1874; d. July 10, 1876. 

3106. viil. Kate Jane, b. May 1, 1877. 

3107. ix BEiriox Leon, b. Aug. 25, 1880. 

270S. AFFINEK ADELAIDE SHKRMAN, dau. Harvey Hatch Sher- 
man and Eliza Dudley Doty, b. Knox, .Ale., March 24, 1838: m. there Feb. 
3, 1856, Otis Cross Tobie, b. Montville, Me., March 23, 1832, son Joseph 
C. Tobie and Persis C. Cross. He d. Liberty, Me., March 13, 1880. She 
m., 2d, Great Falls, N. H., Feb. 14, 1882, Charles Morton Plummer, b. 
Freedom, Me., March 14, 1831, son Jeremiah Plummer and Eliza Ann 
Kelley. They re.siile Ilalldale, Me. 

Children, by husb.: 

3108. i. Kdgau Fremont, b. Sept. 8, 1856; d. Sept. 24, 1860. 

3109. ii. Frank Oscar, b. July 1, 1858; d. Sept. 18, 1860. 


yilO. iii. Frank Edgau, b. Sept. 24, 18G3. 

3111. iv. Wat/per Leslie, b. ;March 1, 1868. 

3112. V. LiDA Arlet, b. Oct. 18, 18T6: d. May 15, 1881. 

3113. vi. Fred Bertox, b. June 12, 1878; d. Dec. G, 1878. 

2709. FRANK ASBUKY SHERMAN, son Harvey Hatch Sherman 
and Eliza Dudley Doty, b. Knox, Me., Oct 4, 1841: m. Jan. 18, 1872, Lucy 
Rosette Hurlbutt, b. Hanover, N. H., Oct. 24, 1847, dau. Elihu Hurlbutt, 
and Lucy Emeline Goodell. 

He volunteered in July, 1862, in Company H, 4th Regiment, Maine 
Volunteers and served "till close of the war. Was wounded at battle 
of Fredricksburgh, and at the Battle of the Wilderness he was so badly 
wounded in the left arm that the arm was amputated near the shoulder. 

After leaving the army he began a course of study and entered Dart- 
mouth College (Scientific Department) in 1866, graduating four years later 
at the head of his class. He Immediately after received an appointment 
as instructor in mathematics in the Worcester Free Institute of Industrial 
Science at Worcester, Mass. After one year of service there, was. 
appointed assistant professor of mathematics in the Chandler Scientific 
Department of Dartmouth College. A year later he was "made full pro. 
fessor of mathematics, a position he still holds. 

Children, b. Hanover, N. H. : 

3114. i. Maurice Sinclair, b. April 19, 1873. 

3115. ii. Gertrude Eliza, b. Nov. 21, 1880. 
iii. A boy, b. and d. same day. 

2710. FREDERICK MILTON SHERMAN, son Harvey Hatch Sher- 
man and Eliza Dudley Doty, b. Knox, Me., Sept. 11, 1843: m., 1st, Oct. 
1, 1863, Francina L. Brown, b. E. Knox, Me., June, 1846, dau. Cyrus 
Brown and Mary Braddock. He m., 2d, Belfast. Me., Jan. 2, 1870, 
[Margaret J. Murphy, b. Bristol, Me., May 19, 1847, dau. Rev. Hiram 
Murphy and Margaret Boyd Mclntyre. They live Great Falls, N. H. 

He volunteered, November, 1861, in Company H, 4th Regiment Maine 
Volunteer Infantry. Was wounded and had, in spring of 1862, a severe 
sickness in hospital at Yorktown, Va., was removed, July, 1862 to David's 
Island, near New York, and not recovering his health was discharged 
December, 1862, on account of disability. He never fully recovered from 
his injuries. 

Children, by 1st wife, b. E. Knox, Me.: 

3116. i. Walter Frank, b. July 8, 1864. 

3117. ii. Eliza M., b. March 30. 1866. 
And by 2d wife, b. Great Falls, N. H.: 

3118. iii. Arthur Hiram, b. Great Falls, March 27. 1871: d. there 
Julv30, 1877. 

3119. iv. Willie Hamlin, b. Sept. 15, 1873. 

3120. v. Katie Faith, b. May 15, 1880. 

2711. ALBERT WHEELOCK LORD, son William Lord and Mary 
Jane Doty, b. Montville, Me., May 26. 1841; m. Knox, Me., Oct. 3, 1861. 
Sarah Emily Wentworth. They live E. Knox, Me. 

Children : 

3121. i. CoEA Mat, b. May 9, 1861. 

3122. ii. Charles Edgar, b. Feb. 17, 1863. 











258 THE DO'lV-Do'l'KN FAMILY. 

3123. iii. Wii.i.i.\M Ai.hkkt. !>. Mav 30. 1S(;7. 

3124. iv Anxik liEi.i.. b. May 24 /l 872. 

3125. V. Ei-i.).\ii W.vYi.AXi), I). Aug. 7, 1875. 
312(1. vi. Katik Estki.le, b. April 7, 1878. 

2 717. OTHELLO M. DOTY, son John Freeman Doty and Betsey M. 
Ilerriek, b. Montville, l\Ie., July 18, 1858; m. Rockland. Me., Dec 12. 
1883, Addie M. Wood, b. tliore May 15, 1800. They live liocklaiid. 


3127. i. Ap.i.exa M., b. Juno 21. 188;.. 

2722. CilAHLOTTE ^lELVENDOTY, dau. Simeon Doty and Hannah 
Luther Ligraliam, b. liristol, II. L, Aug. 17, 1820; m. there Jan. 15, 1847, 
John Wing Monroe, b. Jan. 1, 1824. son Nathaniel Monroe and Mary, his 
wife. They live Bristol. 

Evelyn Augt-sta, b. Nov. 24, 1847. 

Anna Melven, b. Feb. 24, 1840. 

Ei.EAXou Bkaokoud. b. Aug. 13, 1852. 

Ada Cecelia, b. Aug. 27, 1855. 

William Henkv, b. Aug. 28, 1858. 

2 723. HENKY DOTY, son Simeon Doty and Hannaii Luther Ingra- 
ham, b. Bristol, R. L, Oct. 11. is-jli; m. there Nov. 24, 1850, Esther 
Woodmancy Sisson, b. Feb. 8, 1840, dau. .Jonathan Sisson and Abigail, 
his wife. They live Arlington, R. L 

Children, b. Bristol: 

3133. i. Hexkietta, h. Oct. 3, 1857: d. Oct. 21, 1800. 

3134. ii. William Fkaxk, b. July 20, 1800. 

3135. iii. Ida Gakoxek. b. July 0, 1803. 

3130. iv. Melyex Ingkaiiam, b. April 21, 1872. 

2724. MARY INGRAHAM DOTY. dau. Simeon Doty and Hannah 
Luther Ingraliaiu, b. Bristol, R. L, Aug. 12. 1833; m. there March 12. 
1859, George Slade, b. July 2, 1820, son Jonathan Slade and Nancy, his 
wife. They live Bristol. 


3137. 1. Faxnie Melven, b. Sept. 21, 1801. 

3138. ii. DoKA May, b. Dec. 31, 1804. 

3139. iii. Bkutiia Evklyx, b. July 19, 1808. 

272(}. SARAH DOTY, dau. Henry Doty and Mary Angles Suell, b. 
New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 29, 1839; m. Bristol, R. I., George Kellogg 
Bullock, b. Rutland, N. Y.', 1837, son Alanson and Sophia Bullock: they 
live St. Edward, Neb. 

2720a i. Claka M., b. Bristol, R. L, July 0. 1807. 

2720b ii. (Jiiakles P., b. Bradford Co., Pa., Dec. 5, 1870. 

2720c iii. Mauci s L, b. Bradford Co., July 12, 1873. 

2720d iv. Ada, h. Bradford Co., Sept. 1, l'>75: d. Boone Co., Neb., 

July 22, 1878. 
2720c V. Maky D., b. Bradford Co., Jan. 28. 1877. 
2720f vi. Fi;edi)IE A., b. Boone Co., June 29, 1882. 

2727. JOHN HLNUY DOTY, son Henry Doty and Mary Angles 
Snell, b. New Bedford, Mass., Aug. 30, ISH; m., Detour, Mich., Sept. 
24, 1803, Zatella Pierce, b. Lewisburgh, O., Sept. 11, 1845, dau. Isaac 


Pierce and Elizabeth, his wife. lie left liome at 18 years of age and went 
to Illinois, where he lived for a time with his uncle. Edmund Doty, Ster- 
ling, 111., then removed to Michigan. They lived. 1886, Warren Mills, 
Wis., and, 1896, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Children : 

3140. i. Ariel Kabaxnah, b. Detour, Oct. 17, 1864. 

H141. ii. Clauda Elizabeth, b. Detour, Oct. 24, 1866. 

3142. iii. Mary Rena, b. Detour, April 13, 1869. 

3143. iv. Jessie Dellie, b. DeWitt, la. , Sept. 2, 1870. 

2144. V. John Hugh, b. Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 9, 1872; d. Jan. 24, 

2731. MARY ANN DOTY, dan. George Doty and Mary Ann Bishop, 
b. Bri-stol, R. I., Feb. 26, 1831: m. there Nov. 23, 1S53, Henry F. Bush. 
She d. Bristol, Sept. 26, 1856. 

Child : 

3145. i. George Hexkt, b. Feb. 11, 1855. 

2732. EMILY DOTY, dau. George Doty and Mary Ann Bishop, b. 
Bristol, R. I., May 6, 1837 ; m. there May 6, 1863, William H. Cory. 
They live Portsmouth, R. I. 

Children, b. Bristol : 

3146. i. Helen Josephine, b. June 24, 1864. 

3147. ii. M.vRY Emma, b. Nov. 1, 1866. 

3148. iii. Sarah Doty, b. April 5, 1870. 

2742. ALEXANDER HAMILTON DOTY, son William Pierce Doty 
and Saloma Gardner Allen, b. New Bedford, Mass., Oct. 14, 1835; m. 
Westernville, N. Y., April 20, 1861, Marie Antoinette French, b. there 
June 9, 1839, dau. Gustavus French and Mary Harris. She d. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Feb. 10, 1868. 

lie prepared for college and graduated from the New Bedford High 
School December 31, 1849.^being then fifteen years of age. 

He says : "In March, 1850, took clerkship with H. V. Davis <feCo. , 
chemical and oil manufacturers. After four years with this house, was 
three years with James G. Howland, oil manufacturer, and in 1858 
moved to New York, continuing in the oil trade, traveling in the Southern 
States until Dec. ,1860, where my experience was closed at Charleston, 
S. C, as it was not safe for a Northern man to remain. Returning to 
New York, and being an ardent supporter of the Union, I was elected a 
member in April, 1861, of the eighth company. Seventh Regiment, but 
did not go with them to Washington, as 1 could not get a uniform. 

"In May, 1861, I commenced raising a volunteer company for the 
Fortieth New York (Fernando Wood's Mozart) Regiment. This organ- 
ization, coming from Democratic source, and I being a New England 
abolitionist by training and belief, I succeeded in transferring a full com- 
pany of maximum strength — eighty enlisted men — to the Plymouth 
Church, " Beecher Regiment," which was mustered into the United States 
service June 20, 1861, as the First Long Island Regiment, becoming in 
May, 1862, the Sixty-seventh New York State Regiment, to help out the 
State's quota, said State not recognizing them in 1861, but needing their 
number in 1862. I was originally commissioned as Second Lieutenant, 
Company E, promoted to First Lieutenant, thence to the regimental staff 


as Regimental Quartermaster, ami lastly commigsioned as Captain ami 
honorably mustered out of the United [states service for expiiation of 
enlisted term of three years, July 4, 18G4. 

■' In 18G5 I made a new connection in the oil business, travelled exten- 
sively through the JSouth, seeing the ruins of my former trade and the 
almost complete annihilation of their industrial system. In 1867 I went 
after a fortune In boring oil wells in Canada; did not succeed, and made 
my great mistake in life by leaving the oil trade, as I was disgusted with 
anything relating to oil. I took a Government situation in the United 
States Internal Kovenue Department as inspector, and subsequently be- 
came Deputy Collector in the First New York Collection District, remain- 
ing for eight years in charge of returns of legacies and successions, banks 
and bankers, and bonds and assessments. My political head was cut off 
by Cleveland's first election, and then I took the average American's > x- 
perience in ^Vall Street, with the usual lack of success. For the past six 
years I have been connected again with the oil trade." 

Since 18G0 he has been a member of Crescent Lodge, No. 402 F. and A. 

31. In 1867 became a comrade of the G. A. R. He lives Brooklyn. N. 
Y., and is a member of the Union League Club of that city. 


:114!). i. Mauy Hahkis, b. .Ian. ;}, 1862: d. May 1, 1868. 

274:{. REBECCA ELY DOTY, dau. William Pierce Doty and Salome 
Gardner Allen, b. New Bedford, Mass., April \r,, 1838; m. there Oct. 1860. 
Jonathan Phelps Lund, Jr., b. Acushnet, 3Iass., 1834, son Jonathan Phelps 
Lund and Rebecca Eaton. He d. Acushnet, Dec. 31, 1863. She m., 2d, 
Nov. 16, 1871, Frank Giant Johnson, b. Jan.. 1824. They reside Glen 
Ridge, N. J. 

31o'0. i. Emma Gardxeu, b. Acushnet, March 20, 1862. 

2752. JACOB HENRY DOTY, son Rennsolaer Doty and Lydia Ann 
Baker, b. Lafayette, N. Y., Aug. 9, 1824; m.. 1st, Carlton, N. Y., July 4. 
1844, Zuby (ireen, b. Barre, N. Y., April 29, 1829, dau. Cordilla Green 
and Hannah Wigger. Shortly after the birth of his child he abandoned 
his wife, and she m. Joseph D. Darrow. by wiiom she has family. She 
lives Waupaca, Wis. He served through the War of the Rebellion in the 
cavalry, and latc^r Joined the U. S. regular army and was killed by the 
Modoc Indians in California in 1873. 


3101. i. CouDii.T A Rknssklaku, b. Lafayette, N. Y., April 5, is4(i. 
Lived Weyauwega, Wis. , but moved April, 1884, to Appleton. Wis. 

2757. CHRISTOPHER LAKE DOTY, son Rensselaer Doty and Lydia 
Ann Baker, b. Lafayette, N. Y.. July 4, 1835; m. Syracuse, N. Y.. (Jet. 
3, 1859, Helen 3Ieloling, b. there, 3[arch 11. 1^39. dau. Harvey Meloling 
and Julia Potter. They live Brooklyn, N. Y. He enlisted in late war. 
but was not accepted. Was formerly a manufacturer of chemicals, but 
now keeps a restaurant. 

3152. i. Mamkl. b. Lafayette, Oct. 7, I860: d Brooklyn, March 
16, 1864. 


2759. CHA.UNCEY EDWARD DOTY, sou Rensselaer Doty and 
Lydia Ann Baker, b. Lafayette, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1840, ni. Oct. 30, 1867- 
Clara Louisa Hill, b. Truxton, Coitliuid Co., N. Y., Jan. 2, 1848. dau. 
Dr. Clias. E. Hill and Marian Hobart. He served 3 years in the late War 
of the Rebellion in the 3d N. Y. Cavalry. They lived McGrawville, N.Y.. 
He d. Jan. 12, 1885. She m., 2d, B. W. Soper. Lives Syracuse, X. Y. 


3153. i. Fi'vED Lawkence Roscoe, b. McGrawville, April 4, 1880: 

1897, is attending school in England. 

2 700. JULIA ELM A DOTY, dau. Rensselaer Doty and Lydia Ann 
Baker, b. Lafayette, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1842: m., 1st, there, June, 1858. 
John E. Ryan, b. Nov. 18, 1839. He d. Lafayette, Jan., 1860. She m.. 
2d, Lafayette, 1866, Hiram J. Armstrong, b. Hamilton, N. Y., son Hack, 
adiah Armstrong and Chailotte, his wife. She was divorced from him- 
Sept., 1877, and m., 3d. John F. Du Esler, son John Du Esler. They 
lived West Winfield, N. Y. 


3154. i. Ida Mat (Ryan), b. Lafayette, N. Y., May 18, 1859: d. 
there, in infancy. 

3155. ii. Claua A. (Armstrong), b. Nov. 24, 18'37: d. at 9 years of 

3156. iii. Fkaxk F. (Armstrong), b. Aug. 13, 1869. 

3157. iv. Eakl F. (Arm.strong), b. Aug. 28, 1877. 

2 793. CAROLINE WINSLOW DOTEN, dau. Chandler Wright 
Doten and Mary Wasburn Holmes, b. Chiltonville, Mass., May 9, 1842: 
m. there, 18G0, Nathaniel Clark Hoxie, b. Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 9; 1829, 
son Abiathar Hoxie and Lydia Clark. They live Chiltonville. 


3158. i. Nathaniel Fkanois, b. May 24, 1865: d. June 1, 1866. 

3159. ii. Nathaniel Fkaxci.s (2d-), b. March 24, 1868. 

3160. iii. Mabel Guay. b. Jan. 7, 1877. 

2 795. C;HARLES STANLEY DOTEN, son Chandler Wright Doten 
and Mary Washburn Holmes, b. Chiltonville, Mass., Dec. 30, 1846: m. 
Plymouth, Mass., May 11, 1872, Clara Matilda Morton, b. there, Sept. 8, 
1848, dau. John Thomas Morton and Sally Nickerson. They live Chil- 


3161. i. Jenxy Stanley, b. Aug. 20, 1874: d. Feb. 26, 1880. 

2813. JOHN QUINCY PAGE, son Henry Little Page and Sarah 
Matilda Doten, b. Pomfret, Vt., Oct. 24, 1830: m. Phillipsburgh, Que- 
bec, Ca., Feb. 1, 1865, Edith Mariah Phelps, b. Stowbridge, Quebec, 
March 25, 1847. He d. 


3162. i. Heuhert Edwin, b. Three Rivers, Quebec, Oct. 39, 1869. 

3163. ii. Ernest Hosea, b. Three Rivers, Aug. 7, 1874. 

2818. CHRISTIANA ELi;CTA PAGE, dau. Henry Little Page and 
Sarah Matilda Doten, b. Pomfret, Vt., Dec. 25, 1838: m. Woodstock, Vt.. 
Aug. 7, 1862, Elmer Augustus Emery, b. Reading, Vt., Oct. 26, 1841. 
Thev reside Woodstock. 



31 G4. i. IIaimmet EuzArtExn, b. Feb. 22, ISCfi. 

:n(».'). ii. Edwin Page, b, Sept. 5, 1807. 

310G. ill. Matilda Doten, b. Aug. 12, 18C9. 

3107. iv. Er.MEi! Josetii, b. Dec. 31, 1872. 

3108. V. Wii.i.iAM IlENKY, b. May 9. 187.5. 

3109. vi. llENKY Wii.i.iAM, b. :\Iav '.I, 187.5. 

3170. vii. Mai:y, b. Feb. 28. 1«77. 

3171. viii. Joiix Edwahd, b. Feb. 14, 1879. 

2S11>. ELLEN LUCRETIA PAGE, dau. Henry Little Page and Sarah 
.Matilda Doten, b. Porafret, Yt., Aug. 23, 1840: m. Osceola A. Whilmore. 
The}' re-^ide 3Ialden, Mass. 


3172. i. Bektiia Licy. b. Heading, Vt, Sept. 29, 1800. 

3173. ii. Cap.i.otta P., b. Maiden, Mass., June 13, 18G9. 

•JS'_>(). SARAH LOUISA PAGE, dau. Henry Little Page and Sarah 
.Matilda Doteu, b. Pomfret. Vt, Dec. 31, 1842: ra. Feb. 21, 1800, Abner 
C. Hesselton, b. Andovor, Vt., 1844, son Wolcott Hes&elton and .Mary, 
his wife. They resided Lutllow, Vt., 1885. 

3174. i. Osceola Ahner, b. Ludlow, May 30, 1873. 

I'siM. HENRY LITTLE PAGE, son Henry Little Page and Saiah 
Matilda Doten, b. Poiufret, Vt., Aug. 27, 1844: in. June. 1863, Leiitia 
Armstrong. They reside Melbourne, (Quebec. 

Children : 

3175. i. Edwi.n J.ui.v, b. Sept. 1870. 
3170. ii. William Henhy, b. Oct. 30. 1872. 

2.s:}(J. LOUISA SOPIIRONIA FOSTER, dau. Dan Packard Foster and 
Louisa .Maria Doty. b. Shelburne Falls, Mass., Nov. 9, 1840: m. there 
Nov. 0, 1803, Joseph lloskin. b. Falmouth, Cornwall, Eng., Aug. 9, 1828, 
son William Hoskin and Eleanor Stephens. She is an amateur artLst of 
excellent ability in oils and crayons. He is a mechanical expert and maker 
of astronomical and mathematical instruments. They I'eside Boston, 


3777. i. En.MrND Foster, b. Shelburne Falls, Aug. 8, 1863. 

'2S.'{7. CL.VRENCE FRANKLIN FOSTER, son Dan Packard Foster 
and Loui-sa Maria Doty, b. Shelburne Falls, .Mass., Dec. 25, 1842; m. Dec. 
23, 1874, Emily Lucinda Foster. He is a jeweller and engravi'i-. They 
reside Greenfield, .ALass. 


3178. i. Ethel Loiise, b. Juno 1, 1870; d. April 12, 1877. 

2SU\ WE-XDELL FRE:\I0NT FOSTER, son Dan Packard Foster and 
Louisa Maria Doty, 1). Shelburne Falls, ]\Iass. , Sept. 23, 1854; m. Walthara. 
.Mass.. .March 7, 187S, Ellen Lydia Wellington, b. there ]\Iarch 14. 1859. 
dau. William Sumner Wellington and Lydia Elizabeth Childs. He was 
formerly an inspector at the Waltham Watch Factory, but is now in 
partnership with his brother, Clarence Franklin Foster, in jewelry busi- 
ness, Greenfield, Mass. 


3840a. i. Piiilui" Wellington, b. March 31, 1891. 

2S41. LOUIS VIVIAN FOSTER, son Dan Packard Foster and Louisa 
Maria Doten, b. Shelburne Falls, Mass., Aug. 11, 1857; ru., 1st, July 3, 
1883, Elizabeth S. Davis. She d. Feb. 27, 1884. He m.. 2d, Sept. 24, 
1889, Harriet Ann Lee. He is an artist and mechanical expert with the 
Waltham Watch Company, Waltham, Mass. 

Child : 
* 2841a. i. Louis Dan, b. April 15, 1891. 

2844. MARY ADELIA DOTY, dau. James Edward Doty and Mary 
Ware, b. Shelburne Falls, Mass., Feb. 12, 1855; m. there Jan. 10, 1875, 
George Lewis Kent, b. Belchertown, Mass., April 13, 1853, son Phlletus 
Kent and Almira Randall. They live Belchertown. 

Children : 

3179. i. James ARTiirK, b. Heath, Mass., June 17, 1875. 

3180. ii. Edward Doty, b. Shelburne Falls, April 6, 1877. 

3181. iii. Fkank Wayland, b. Belchertown, Sept. 23, 1879. 
3182 iv. DwiGHT Harky, b. Belchertown, May 11, 1881. 

3183. V. Willard Ware, b. Belchertown, April 6, 1883. 

3184. vi. Morris Eugene, b. Belchertown, Jan. 15, 1885. 

2845. HARRIET ADELIA FELLOWS, dau. Robert Bardwell Fel- 
lows and Mary Elizabeth Doty, b. Shelburne Falls, Mass., Sept. 8, 1847; 
m., Buckland, Mass., April 22, 1866, Frederic Cushman Ware, b. there 
March 21, 1844, son Kendrick Ware and Nancy Maria, his wife. They 
live Shelburne Falls. 

Child : 

3185. i. Maky Leona, b. Buckland, May 17, 1868. 

2846. SIMON WILLIE EDWARDS, son James Harvey Edwards and 
Harriet Elvira Doty, b. Guilford, Vt., July 22, 1856; m. Worcester, 
Mass., Sept. 6, 1883, Aura May Simonds. They reside Brattleboro, Vt. 

Child : 

3186. i. Eva. b. Feb. 15. 1885. 

2849. HERBERT EDWARDS, son James Harvey Edwards and Har- 
riet Elvira Doty, b. Guilford, Vt., June 6, 1862; m., Halifax, Vt.,Nov. 
20, 1883, Mary A. Ellis, b. Guilford. They reside Guilford Centre, Vt. 

Child ; 

3187. i. Fred Carroll, b. Sept. 26, 1885. 

2850. ORDELLO LUCE DOTY, son Rev. Thomas King Doty and 
Mary Asenath Luce, b. Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., April 23 
1856; m., Cleveland, O., Sept. 30, 1880, Eliza Broder Timrains, b. Inker- 
man, Ont., Aug. 26, 1856, dau. John Timmins and Ann, his wife. They 
live Cleveland. 

Child : 

3188. i. Charles Edward, b. Nov. 15, 1881. 

2894. EDWARD LOWELL KELLY, son Edward Doten Kelly and 
Mary Ann Keene, b. March 22, 1854; m. Amesbui-y, Mass., Feb. 23. 1882, 
Massalena Hadley Philbrook, b. Australia, April 29, 1857. 

They lived Amesbury. 3Iass., where he was a merchant, but 1891, he 
removed to Denver, Col., and engaged in the book and stationery busi- 


ness: merged hiter into the firm of Westling & Kelly, one of the leading 
firms in the book, stationery and art puVjlishing lines in the W^st. Mr. 
Kelly is an ardent student of American history, especially in the lines of 
his genealogical descent, and has for many years taken an interest in 
this work. He was one ef the organizers of the Society of Colonial Wars 
in the State of Colorado, and the Colorado Society of the Sons of tiie 
American Revolution, of which he is an officer, was organized in his offii-e. 
July 4th, 189G. He is an Intelligent and well educated gentleman, taking 
considerable interest in public affairs, and a frequent contributor to loeal 

3189. i. Lena Mahian. b. Dec. l.'j. 1882. 

3l!»0. ii. LowKi.L PiiiiHKooK. b. March IC. 1884. 

2s<).j. ELMER FREDERICK KELLY, son Edward Doten Kelly and 
Mary xVnn Keene. b. Utica. X. Y.. Nov. 4. 1862; m. Providence, R. L. 
Oct. 5, 188G, Annie Macadam, b. there Dec. lo. 1860. dau. James Reed 
]\Iacadam and Mary Lytic Toye. He is a member of the Kelly Optical 
Co. . Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Children : 

289.5a i. Edith Mahion. b. Providence. June 14. 1887. 

2895b ii. Alick Lesi.ik. b. Boston, Mass.. June 6, 1888. 

289.'5c iii. Flohence Beach, b. IJrooklvn. X. Y., April 3, 1893. 

289o(l iv. Helen Pkiscilla, b. Brooklyn, Nov. 4, 1895. 

289.5e V. Edwaud Doty, b. Brooklyn. :\Larch 31, 1897. 

2!»:}:{. CASSIUS MARCUS CLAY DOTEX. son Franklin Doten and 
Orinda Leonard, b. Itoyalton, Vt., Oct. 6, 1845: m. Randolph, Vt.. Dec. 
22, 1867, Clara Wheeler Chaffiu, b. Clinton, Mass., April 22, 1849. dau. 
David Francis Chaffln and Mary Ai-villa Walker. He is a dealer in and 
manufacturer of granite. They live Barre. Vl. He was a private in Co. 
F, 10th Regt., Vt. Vols, in War of Rebellion. 
Children : 

;J191. i. Ei.i.a Akvii.i.a, b. Randolph, Vt.. Xov. 23, 1868. 
3102. ii. Fi;axk '■hafiix, b. Bane. Aug. 12. 1870: d. Watertown. 
Mass., Oc-t. 1. ISiiO: was a member of Warner French Camp. Xo. 
22. Sons of Veterans of Barre. which body passed resolutions of 
respect for their depart(>d comrade. 

3193. iii. Edith Ci.aka, b. Barre Aug. 30. 1885. 

21)3S. CLARA BELL BROWX. dau. Orrin W. Biown and .lerusha 
Louisa Doton, b. Bradford Vt., March 16, 1851: m. Hanover Centre, X. 
IL, Dec. 17, 1875, David H. Tenny, b. there April 27. 1839. son Elisha 
Tenny and Sally Freeman. They live White River Junction, Vt. 


3194. i. Mani) L.. b. Xov. 14, 1S76. 

3195. ii. Ava Bei.i.e, b. Ajiril 16, 1879. 

3196. iii. Lizzie A., b. Sept. 26, 1881. 

2{)40. CARRIE AXGIE BROWX. dau. Orrin W. Brown and Jerusha 
Louisa Doton, b. Bradford. \'t.. Aug. 31. 1854: in. Hartford, Ct.. Aug, 3. 
1873, Daniel B. Johnson, b. Middletown, Ct., June 27, 1842, son Jabez 
Johnson and Betsey, his wife, and widower of Celia F. Brown. They live 
INIeriden, Ct. 

Children, b. ^Feriden: 

3197. i. Lii.i.iax Coka. b. Oct. 20. 1875. 


3198. ii. T.orisA, h. April 30. 1877. 

31!t!». iii. Daniei., B., b. Nov. 5, 1879. 

3200. iv. Geokge IIenky, b. Oct. 27, 1882. 

3301. V. William Everett, b. Dec. 18, 1883; d. May 7, 1885. 

29+1. CHESTER P. BROWN, son Orrin W. Brown and Jerusha 

Louisa Doton, b. Bradford, Vt., July 7, 1850; m. Lancaster, N. H., 
March 26, 1881, Abbie U. Garland, b. there Oct. 2. 1859. dau. Eben C. 
Garland and Lydia Wikey. They reside Lancaster. 
Children, b. Lancaster: 

3202. i. Walter C, b. Aug. 4, 1882. 

3203. ii. Harris E., b. March 6, 1885. 

2943. JENNIE N. BROWN, dau. Orrin W. Brown and Jerusha Louisa 
Doton, b. Bradford, Vt., Nov. 18, 185« ; m. Croj'don Flat, N. H., Feb. 
17, 1878, Alexander H. Kimpton, b. Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Jan. 28, 
1857, son Ephraiiu A. Kimpton and his wife, Frances C. They live Hamp- 
ton, Va. 


3204. i. Fanxie L., b. Nov. 10, 1880. 

3205. ii. Lena Pearl, b. Oct. 31, 1882. 

3206. iii. Chester A., b. April 20, 1885; d. May 25, 1885. 

2945. EDWARD HENRY DOTEN, son Edward Sylvester Doton and 
Elizabeth Colby, b. Bradford, Vt., Aug. 25, 1853 : m. Calais, Vt., May 2. 
1879. Ella Esther Carr. b. Woodbury, Vt., Feb. 23, 1860, dau. Lemuel 
Brooks Carr and Sabrina Sarah Martin. They live South Ryegate, Vt. 
He is a watchmaker and jeweler. 

Children, b. Bradford: 

3207. i. Marian Elizabeth, b. March 5, 1881. 

3208. ii. Lucia Ella, b. Sept. 28, 1885. 

2950. SARAH JANE NICHOLS, dau. John Doton Nichols and Philena 
Doton, b. Middlesex, Vt., Jan. 22. 1852: m. Calais, Vt., May 8, 1879, 
Bennett P. Clark. They live Calais. 


3209. i. Ellsworth G., b. May 28, 1881. 

2951. EMMA BELLE NICHOLS, dau. John Doton Nichols and 
Philena Doton, b. Middlesex, Vt, Feb. 16,1860: m. Woodbury, Vt., March 
4, 1877, Herman H. Carr. They live Woodbury. 


3210. i. Arthur R., b. Oct. 16. 1880. 

2966. ADELBERT DOTY, son Stephen Doty and Sarah Bartholomew, 
b. Cazenovia, N. Y., June 13, 1840. He enlisted at the commencement of 
the War of the Rebellion in Co. C of 5th Regt., U. S. Cavalry, and served 
throughout the war, reenlisting after three years service. He was in 36 
battles, was slightly wounded 3 times, but came home well. He lives 

Children : 

3211. 1. Frank, b. 1867. 

3212. ii. William Walter, b. 1809. 

296S. CY^RENIUS DOTY', son Stephen Doty and Sarah Bartholomew, 


b. Orleans Co., X. Y.. Oct. 20. 1848: in. Delphi, X. Y.. .Miunie B. Yale, 
b. there. Thej' live Delphi. 

3':iS. i. Hai:vi:v W., b. Delphi, Aug. 23. 1872. 

;{0.')2. HKXRY AKTIIUH DOTEN, son Elisha Morton Doten and Ida. 
Lucretia Hatch, b. Panton, Vt., .)au. 9, 18<jr); ni. Sept. 18, 1818, Julia B 
Colby of Bristol, Vt. 


30.52a i. II a/ki. Kith, b. March 20, 1892. 

3070. WILLIAM GODDARD DOTEN, son Nathaniel Doten and 
Augusta Bates, b. Boston, Mass., July 17, 184'.); in. Plymouth, ]\Iass, 
June .5, 1879, Flora Leslie Gooding, b. there, July G, 18o-4, dau. Benjamin 
Barnes Gooding and Harriet Goodwin. They live Boston, where he is 
one of the firm of F. H. Austin & Co., dealers in metals. 

3214. i. William Leslie, b. April 2, 1881. 
321.5. ii. John Gooding, b. Feb. 13, 1884. 

;507-_». FKEDEHICK GLEASOX DOTEX. son Xathaniel Doten and 
Augusta Bates, b. Boston, Mass, 18.54; m. there, Oct. 29, 1875, Nellie 
Young, b. Scituate, Mass., Sept. 21, 1852, dau. John H. Young .and Anna 
H. Maxfield. He is a plumber. They reside Boston, Mass. 


32U>. i. Louisa Augusta, b. Dec. 2, 1876. 

3217. ii. Sr.siE Hekbekt, b. Feb. 14, 1809. 

ims'.}. COHA BELLE PIERCE, dau Benjamin F. Pierce and Susan 
More Doty, b. Campton Village, X. II., Dec. 11, 18(50; m. Northwood, N. 
H.. .March 9. 1884, Pumphrett P- Smith, b. Barrington, N. II.. May 3, 
18()1, son Abraham C. Smith and Lydia E. Cate. They live Centre 
Strafford, N. II. 


3218. i. OscAK Doty. b. July 2(1, 1885. 

.•$140. ARIEL RABANNAII DOTY, son John Henry Doty and Zetella 
Pierce, b. Detour, Mich., Oct. 17, 18(i4; m. Isabella Trimbel, b. London, 
Can., Oct. 18, 1874, dau. Joseph Trimbel and .Mary Renolds. 

314()a i. Makohie Belle, b. Grand Rapids, Mich., March 18, 1894. 
31-lOb ii. Rabannah Henky, b. Salt Lake Lake City, Nov. 14, 1895. 

:{l-tl. CLAUDA ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. John Henry Doty and 
Zetella Pierce, b. Detour, Uh-h., Oct. 24, 18C(j; m. Henry T. Ketchura. 
Children : 

3141a i. Zetella, b. Warrens, Wis., Dec. 11, 1887. 

3141b ii. Geoi:(;e Pieuce, b. Knapp, Wis., July 12. 1889. 

3141c iii. John Hknky, b. Knapp, July 17, 1891: d. same day. 

3141d iv. Rahannah Doty, b. Knapp, Sept. 4, 1893. 

3141e v. Sahaii Jane, b. Salt Lake City, Utah, June 2, 1896. 

314l>. MARY RENA DOTY. dau. John Henry Doty and Zetella 
Pierce, b. Detour. Mich., April 13, 1M(J9 ; m. Jolui Shellhamer. 
Child : 

3142a i. Allen Rabannah, b. Knapjt, Wis., Oct. 6, 1887. 


3150. EMMA GARDNER LUND, dau. Jonathan Phelps Lund, Jr., 
and Rebecca Ely Doty, b. Acushnet, Mass.. March 20, 18G2; m. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., April 25, 1882. Frank Ernest Kirby. 

Child : 

3219. i. Alice Lund, b. Brooklyn, Feb. 21, 1?83. 

3151. CORDILLA RENSSELAER DOTY, son Jacob Henry Doty 
and Zuby Green, b. Lafavette, N. Y., April 5, 1846; m. Green Bay, Wis., 
July 13, 1868, Angeline Savoy, b. Geddes, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Oct. 19, 
1852. They live Appleton, Wis. 

Children : 

3220. i. Alice S., b. Waupaca, Wis., Sept. 15, 1872. 

3221. ii. CiiESTEU W., b. Auburndale, Wis., Oct. 3, 1882. 


4. TllO.MAS DOTY, or DOTEX son Edward Doty and Faith 
Clarke, was probably their third child. He was born about 1(541. He 
was a seaman, but lived and died Plymouth. lie was one of the first pur- 
chasers of Middleboro, Mass., 1CG2, and his interest there remained in the 
family till disposed of by his grandson, Ijut it is probable that he never 
lived there. 

lu l()()7-8, January 17, he conveyed to John Smith all his interest in 
the land at Dartmouth received as his share from the estate of his 

lie was granted, 1G70, Dec. 18, Ijy the town of Plymuulli " U acres. 
Alcarraus field to sett a house upon." This plot, to which he 
quently added by purchase, lies on Mount Pleasant Street in Plj'mouth. 
and will be found described in 'Sir. Davis' excellent work, so often re- 
ferred to here, "Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth," page 323, where it 
is stated that the house built by Thomas Doty at this time is still 

A fairly accurate inventory of his property about tliis time is probably 
given, for having gotten into a difficulty which obliged him to leave 
town, we find recorded, 1C71-2, ]\Iarch 5: " In reference to a frame of 
an house framed by Josias Wormall according to agreement with Thomas 
Dotey, the said Dotey being departed the goument (etc.), the Court or- 
dered that a proffer be made to Joseph Dotey the agent of the said 
Thomas Dotey to fulfill the couenants of his brother and take the frame, 
or if he refuses the said Wormall to sell." 

And Oct. 30 of the same year 1072, "Mary Churchill coniplaineth 
that Thomas Doten is dei)arted the gou'inent, and it is doubtful whether 
hee will returne againe and hauing left her in a poor deplored condition 
and hath sued out an attachment on such goods and chatties and all dues 
and rights appertaining to the said Doten to be for her support." The 
jury, finding in her favor, she thereupon attached " Item. Thomas Dotens 
third of a boate in ptenorship with Lift. ^Morton and Thomas Howes : his 
third likewise of a psell of netts in the same ptenorship. with his third of 
the roads ankers and sailes apjiertainiug to the said boats: as alsoe a gun 
in the costody of Ephraim Morton : a rapier at George ]\Iortons : forty 
shillings for the hier of the boate due from Richard Willis, and a psell of 
boards in the costody of dluers psons." 

Thomas Doty did return, however, to Plymouth, and, as noted above, 
completed his house there and lived in it, and as he married there shortly 
after this a wife whose name was " Mary." it is to be hoped, and will be 
here assumed, that it was this Mary Churchill whose heart was once more 
made glad. 


The foregoing and following items would seem to indicate that tishinj^ 
was his special employment. 

1678. Oct. 29. "In reference to the complaint of Edward Gi'ay and John 
Rickard against Tliomas Dotey and his companie or boats crew, in refer- 
ence vnto theire rvmuing theire l)oate against the said Grayes boate, the 
Court orders that the said Dotey and his said companie shall pay the sume 
of twenty and fine shillings towards the losse of an anchor and pts of a 
road which was lost by the said boatesrunning one against another*, which 
sume is to be payed to the said Gray and Rickard, vnto whom the said 
anchor and road belonged, and whereas the said m^' of the boate was 
much to blame respecting the prmises, it is ordered by the Court, that 
hee shall beare a double share of the said award, and that the witnesses 
who witnessed in the case be allowed seauen shillings." 

After this he was probably more discreet on both land and sea, for no 
further complaints are on record against him. Several deeds recorded 
show that he was thrifty and industrious. It is probable that he died 
early in 1679. His will is dated Dec. 4, 1678, and proved March 3d fol- 
lowing, and leaves all his property to his wife, Mary. 

She married at Plymouth, February 8, 1687-8, Henry Churchill of Plymp- 
ton, Mass., who was born at Plymouth, 1658, and was a son of .John 
Churchill and Hannah Pontus, his wife. There does not seem to have 
been any issue from this second marriage. Henry Churchill and wife 
continued to live at Plympton and deeds on record show that he conveyed 
his extensive property to his wife's son by her first marriage. 

1714. July 8. Henry Churchill of Plimton conveys "in consideration 
of love to my dutiful son-in law Thomas Doty of Cape Cod " all his lands 
in Plymouth, Plimton and Rochester, to be his at the decease of said 
Henry^nd his wife Mary Churchill. The title "son-in-law" used here 
imdoubtedly means "stepson." 

1721-2. March 6. Mary Churchill of Cape Cod, late of Rochester, 
widow of Henry Churchill of Plimton, conveyed " in consid^ of love godo 
will and affection toward my Grandson Thomas Doty of Cape Cod " " all 
her tract of land in the 16 shilling purchase at IVUddleboro." By these deeds 
her grandson came into possession at his majority of a very considerable 

Thomas Doty and Mary, his wife, had children: 

3222. i. Hannah, b. Plymouth, Dec. 1675. 

3223. ii. Thomas, b. Plymouth, July 22, 1679. 

:}222. HANNAH DOTEN, dau. Thomas Doten and Mary Churchill, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., Dec, 1675; m. Duxbury, Mass., Jan. 12,1699, Jonathan 
Delano, b. there 1676, son Jonathan Delano and Mercy Warren. He d. 
Duxbury, Jan. 6, 1765, aged 89. She d. there April 12,1764, "aged 87f 

Children, b. Duxbury: 

3224. i. John, b. Oct. 11, 1699; m. Duxbury, July 2, 1718, Sarah 
Cole. She d. Feb. 19, 1764, aged 70. 

3225. ii. Jonathan, b. Nov. 3. 1701. 

3226. iii. Nathan, b. Oct. 26, 1703. 

3237. iv. Amasa, b. Nov. 15, 1705; d. May 14, 1706. 
















Hi Tii, b. May 2.-), 1707. 

Amasi.mi, b. Aug. 7, 1709. 

Hannah, b. Dee. 28. 1711. 

Dorothy, b. April 3, 1714:d. Doc. 10, 1714. 

DoKOTiiY, (2d), b. Oct. 14, 1715. 

Ebene/.eh, b. March 20, 1717. 

David, b. .lune 3, 1720: m. Duxbury, :\I;iy 2^, 1740, Abij,'ail 
Chandler, b. there Julj'^ 1. 1721, dau. Samuel Chandler and .Margaret, 
his wife. He d. in the army at the Westward, 17G0, of smallpox. 

:$•_»•_»:{. THOMAS DOIY, son Thomas Doty and Mary Churchill, b. 
Plymouth, Mass., July 22, 1G79; m. there Feb. 24, 1702-3, Elizabeth Har- 
low, b. there Feb. 3, 1083, dau. William Harlow and Lydia Cushman. 

1702. Thomas Doty sells a plot of land at Plymouth. 170s. Thomas 
Doty, cooper, buys of Return Waite a house inPlj^mouth, one-half of 
which he sold in 1711: and though other deeds of property to and from 
him are on record at Plymovith 1718 and subsequently, it was probably 
about thi.s lime that he removed to Truro, on Cape Cod, Mass. 

Here he did a prosperous business as cooper and amas.sed considerable 
property before his death. As has been noted before, 1714, July N, his 
stepfather, Henry Churchill of Plympton, conveyed "in consideration of 
love to my dutiful son-in-law, Thomas Doty of Cape Cod" all his lands 
at Plymouth, Plympton and Rochester, to be his at the decease of said 
Henry and his wife Mary Churchill. Though Thomas Doty did not live 
long enough to come into possession of this property, inasmuch as his 
mother survived him, ho probably had the care of it. 

His wife Elizabeth died at Truro proliably before 1720. In 1721 her 
brother, Thomas Harlow of Plymouth was appointed guardian for her son 
Thomas. And itwas probably about this time that Thomas Doty matritMi 
a second wife, Mercy, whose family name has not been discovered, and 
who survived him. He died Truro, Mass., probably January, 1722. His 
widow married September, 1722, Jonathan Barnes, b. 1084, son Jonathan 
Barnes and Elizabeth Hedge, as his second wife, and by him had children. 

Thomas Doty's will is on record in J5arnstable Count}-, Mass. .dated 
^lay 9, 1721, and probated February 8, 1722. It begins as follows: 

" Thomas Dotey of Cape Cod in the Constablewick of Truro, County 
of Barnstable, being languishing under sickness" and gives 1st, to wife 
Mercj', 20£ — and use of house; 2d, "to Joseph Abbitt the child that now 
lives with me" 20i" — when he reaches the age of 21 years. 3d, to my son 
Thomas Dotey all the rest of my estate, he to maintain his grandmother 
]Mary Churchill during her natural life. 

By other papers on record in Barnstable County it aiip(>Mrs lit> had a 
cooper's shop and warehouse on Cape Cod, and several other houses, all 
amovmting to considerable value ; also that lie left but one child, his 
son Thomas, for whom Joseph Hatch was appointed guardian. March 8, 
1722, an inventory of his estate in Plymouth County was also taken, show- 
ing him to be a large prop(>rty owner there. 

Tliomas Doty had but one child, and that by his first wife. Elizabeth. 

3235. i. Thomas, b. Plymouth. Jan. 20. 1704. 



















3226. NATHAN DELANO, son Jonathan Delano and Hannah Doten. 
b. Duxbury, Mass., Oct. 28, 1703; m. Plymouth, Mass., 1726, Bathsheba 
Holmes, b. there 1703, dau. Nathaniel Holmes and Joanna Clark. They 
lived Plymouth. 
Children : 

Ruth, b. 172G; m. Benjamin Churchill. 

Saeah, b. 1729; m. James Crandon. 

Batiisheha, b. 1731; m. James Doten (No. 1193). 

Joanna, b. 1733; m. Nathaniel Morton. 

Hannah, b. 1735. 

Nathan, b. 1737; m. Sarah Cobb. 

Amasa, b. 1739. 

lOHABOD, b. 1742. 

Abigail, b. 1746. 

322J). AMASIAH DELANO, son Jonathan Delano and Hannah Doten, 
b. Duxbury, Mass., Aug. 7, 1709; m. there Jan. 8, 1730, Ruth Sampson, 
b. there July 2, 1713, dau. Abraham Sampson and his wife, Penelope. 
They lived Duxbury. He d. Aug. 5, 1790. 

3245. i. Zenas. 
32-16. ii. C0ENELIU.S. 

3247. iii. Jamima. 

3248. iv. Thomas. 

3249. V. Silvia. 

3250. vi. EzEKiEL. 

3251. vii. Hannah. 

3252. viii. Ruth. 

3253. ix. Baezilla. 

3232. DOROTHY DELANO, dau. Jonathan Delano and Hannah 
Doten, b. Duxbury, Mass., Oct. 14, 1715: m. there Nov. 26, 1734, Syl- 
vanus Curtis, b. Plymouth, Mass. They lived Plymouth. 

Children : 

3254. i. Hannah. 

3255. ii. Sylvanus. 

3233. EBENEZER DELANO, son Jonathan Delano and Hannah 
Doten, b. Duxbury, Mass., March 29, 1717; m.. 1st, there May 16, 1745, 
Lydia Wormall ; shed, there Sept. 4, 1756. He m., 2d, Duxbury, Dec. 
29, 1757, Deborah Delano; hed. there March 23, 1794. He was familiarly 
styled " Old King Eben." 


3256. i. Nathaniel, m. Mai-eh 3, 1774, Deborah Sprague. 

3257. ii. LuTHEE, m. Jan. 20, 1774, Irene Sampson. 

3258. iii. Beenice, m. May 30, 1773, John Glass. 

3235. THOMAS DOTY, only son Thomas Doty and Elizabeth Har- 
low, b. Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 26, 1704. 

Colonel Thomas Doty, mariner, soldier and innkeeper, was undoubt- 
edly the last member of his branch to bear the family name. Doty. His 
was an eventful life. At his majority he came into possession of the lands 
in Plymouth, Plympton and Rochester deeded to his father by Henry 
Churchill in 1714, and to considerable estate at Middleborough, Mass., 
through the gift of his grandmother, Mary Chui-chill, in 1722. To this 
was added more property at Plymouth, which he received by the will of 


his f,'raiul£aLher, William Harlow, aud almost the I'litiro estate which his 
father had accumulated at Truro on Cape Cod. His subsequent history 
must be gleaned largely from the entries on the records at Plymouth and 
Cape Cod. 

1725. May 1. Thomas Doty of Truro, cooper, sells the house in IMy- 
niouth and other plots there that belonged to his father. 

1T2(3. Thomas Doty of Truro sells land which formerly belonged to iiis 
grandfather, William Harlow, aud given to said Thomas in his will. 

1726. Dec. Thomas Doty of Cape Cod buys the house in Plymouth 
formerly owned by his father. 

1733. April o. Thomas Doty of Provincetown, on Cape Cod, seafaring 
man, sells part of his property at Middleborough to Samuel Bartlett, and 
this deed was witnessed by his cousin, John Doten. 

1743. Thomas Doty, mariner, of Plymouth, sells more land at :S[icldle- 
borough, Mass. 

1744. He mortgages certain property at Plymouth, which mortgage 
was satisfied and discharged October 23, 174.5. 

From this time on he appears frequently on the records as loaning 
money on bond and mortgage, and as buyhig and selling at Plymouth ami 
Middleborough ; but from 1747 to 1755 his name is generally entered as 
Thomas Doty, gentleman, of Plymouth. There is nothing in the records 
at either place to indicate that he was ever a resident of Middleborough. 

The name of Thomas Doty appears among those of the " Louisburg 
Soldiers" in 1745, at first as Lieutenant of the First Company and later as 
Captain of the Tenth Company of the Ninth Regiment, Col. Jo.seph 
Dwight, and he undoubtedly took part in the expedition which laid siege 
to and captured the French tow^n : and when what is known as the ' ■ French 
and Indian War " broke out, ten or twelve years later, he was again 
called into service, this time in comnuind of a regiment, and Colonel 
Thomas Doty with his regiment, which appears to have been enlisted 
mainly in Plymouth County, was on duty at Fort William Henry, on 
Lake George, and took part in the expeditions of 1758 and 1759 that finally 
resulted in the capture from the French of Fort Ticonderoga. 

At the close of the war Colonel Doty returned to Plymouth, and in 175!t 
bought there the cooper shop and warehouse of Perez Tillson, his son-in- 
law, and the firm of Doty & Tillson was in existence there for several 
years, doing a general business as merchants. He soon after this, how- 
ever, removed to Boston, as 1761, Thomas Doty, Esq., of Boston, Mass., 
sells to Perez Tillson the shop and warehouse above conveyed. 

And now the successful cooper, mariner, merchant and soldier betook 
himself to a new profession, and one which was to make him better known 
to future generations than any of his previous employments or services 
could do. Tn Boston, in 1760, and for several years after he kept a favor- 
ite public house at the sign of the " Lamb." Just how long he kept this 
or at what time he removed is uncertain, but probably at least as early as 
1770 he was located at Stoughtou, at that time in Suffolk County, now in 
Norfolk County, Mass., in the house which has become historical under 
the name of "The Doty Tavern." 

THE FA:\IILY of TH0]\[AS doty. 273 

Mr. D. T. V. Huntoon, writing in the AmericcUi Monthly of July, 
1876, describes the old tavern and its owner, as follows: 

" The Doty Tavern at Stoughton. This old house is situated at the foot 
of Blue Hill, the highest elevation in Eastern Massachusetts. The atten- 
tion of the traveler is at once directed to the house by its quaint and old- 
fashioned appearance. It stands modestly back from the ' Taunton old 
road,' in former days the King's Highway, between Boston and Taunton, 
which passing it crosses Doty's Plain and ascends Cherry Hill. 

" It strikes one as a house that has a history of its own. Above its 
old-fashioned gambrel roof rise two chimneys of huge proportions, and its 
narrow windows serve to remind us of pre-ievolutionary times, of its bet- 
ter days, and we would fain listen to the stories it might tell, could it 
speak. It was originally owned by a man who was prominent in the 
affairs of town, county and State. Captain John Shepard built it about 
the year 1737. 

" One hundred years ago it was a famous hostelry, celebi-ated for its 
good cheer. Here could be found entertainment for man and beast. 
The proprietor was jovial Tom Doty, known among more quiet and 
sedate persons as Colonel Thomas Doty. He it was who kept the best 
viands, and could mix the best glass of grog of any landlord in all the 
country around. No stage driver so ignorant as not to know where 
Doty's Tavtrn was. His inn was the centre of all gossip; around his 
capacious hearth were wont to congregate on winter evenings the village 
wiseacres, and discuss over pipe and bowl questions pertaining to town 
and province. 

"John Adams tells us that there were many such taverns in his day, and 
that the landlords exercised a potent political influence in their immediate 
vicinity. Without doubt ' mine host ' Doty was a man of some preten- 
sions to political knowledge ; certain it is that he was known at the time 
of which we write to be highly indignant at the treatment the provinces 
had lately received from the mother country, and he favored the 
embryotic movement soon to burst into open rebellion. The time had 
come when the people of the Province of Massachusettes Bay had become 
enraged at the blind policy of George HI., and his Parliament; bold 
patriots resolved that throughout the thirteen Provinces, 'Congresses,' 
so called in order to obviate the provisions of the Regulating Act, which 
forbade town-meetings except by permission of the Governor, should be 
held in the several counties, and in this matter Suffolk County took the 
lead. After it was decided to hold such congress, the grave question 
which presented itself to the patiots in Suffolk County was, ' Where 
shall we hold it?' 'At what town shall it convene?' In the first 
place, the spot should be central, retired. Neither Boston nor Salem 
possessed these requisites, and Samuel Adams, who expected the gravest 
results from this assembly, strenuously desired that some inland town 
should be selected, where, free from interference, the congress might 
meet, with none to molest or make them afraid. This desire was com- 
municated to Doctor (afterwards MajoV-General) Joseph Warren, and it 
was agreed that a congress should be held as soon as practicable, and 


the town of Stovighton being, by its geogiapliical position. c<'iitml. and 
D )ty's Tavern of good repute, it was decided that the meeting should 
take place at the town and tavern aforesaid. 

"On the morning of Tuesday, the lUth nf August, 1774. all was hurry 
and bustle at the wayside inn. The delegates from the several towns in 
the county were to assemble here, and the landlord Doty must put on his ' bib and tucker.' From the farm-house over the vvay, which, built 
in the time of the Indian wars, hail for protection its second story projec- 
ting over the first, Squire Koyall sent his slaves to assist the slaves of 
Colonel Doty in making preparation for the distinguised guests. 

"Early in the forenoon the delegates began to arrive. The members 
from the inland towns came on horseback, while young Dr. Warren with 
his Boston friends, drove up in a stylish berlin, drawn by four horses, 
with a coachman in livery on the box and a footman on the rumble. 
From old Stoughtoii came Parson Dunbar, in gown and bands; a stout 
old soldier he, for things temporal as well as spiritual, lie had fought 
for king and crown in other days, when his Majesty needed help against 
the French; but the oppressive acts of the British Parliament had 
forfeited all claims upon his loyalty, and he came, against the advice of 
many af his friends and his own son, who held a civil office under the 
crown, to meet with the county congress at Doty's Tavern. 

"Before this congress adjourned, the following resolutions were 
passed : 

" ' WiiEHEAS, It ajipears to us that the Parliament of Groat Britain, to 
the dishonor of the king, in violation of the honor of thei nation, have, in 
direct infraction of the charter of this Province, contrary to Magna 
Charta, the Bill of Rights, the national and constitutional rights of 
British subjects, by an act called the Boston Port Bill, a bill for amending 
the charter of this Province, and another bill for the impartial admin- 
istration of justice, with all the parade and administration of justice, 
attempted to reduce this colony to an unparallcni state of slavery; and 

" ' WiiEWEAS, Several Colonies being justly and properly alarmed at 
this lawless and tyrannical exertion of power, have entered into combina- 
tion for our relief, and hav<' published sundry resolutions which they are 
determined to abide by, in support of common interest, we earnestly 
recommend to our brethren in the several towns and districts in this 
county, to appoint members to attend a county convention to be held at 
I )edham on the sixth day of September next, to dt'liberate and deternnne 
upon all such matters as the distressing circumstances of this province 
may require.' 

" It would appear that, although all present at Doty's Tavern were 
unanimous and firm and determiniid to resist the encroachments of Groat 
Britain, the delegates did not deem themselves especially authorized to 
negotiate the affair of a county congress. They therefore adjourned, and 
at a subsequent meeting passed the celebrated 'Suffolk Resolves.' 
which, drafted by General Warren, were approved by the Continental 
Congr(!ss at Carpenter's Hall. Philadelphia, on the seventeenth of Sep- 


tember, 1774, and which, in the words of Galloway. ' contained a com- 
plete declaration of war against Great Britain.' 

" During the siege of Boston the old tavern was occupied by refugees, 
and some of the exiled town officers sought its secure retreat. Beneath 
the roof of the Doty Tavern the Marquis de Lafayette rested while 
journeying from Newport to Boston; it was during the war, and the news 
spread quickly that the gallant Frenchman was a guest at the old inn. In 
the morning, when he had paid his reckoning and was ready to depart, he 
found the townspeople gathered in the road before him, who with cheers 
and good wishes bade him God speed. The great man of the town, the 
first General to fall in defence of his country, the leader of France, the 
old parson, and the old landlord, have passed away; but the old 
still stands under the shadow of Blue Hill, from whose summit the 
sentry with tinder-box in hand has long since been removed, and the Doty 
Tavern, with its associations and remembrances, must, while it stands, 
bear an honorable place among the historic mansions of our country." 

Col. Doty at this time was too old to take part in the active hcstilitles 
that followed, but he gave such substantial aid and comfort to the 
patriots as he could, and throughout the Revolution his house was a 
general rendezvous and assembly for those who favored the cause of the 
Colonies. He lived to see that cause successful and the independence of 
the States recognized. In 1790, he was still living at Stoughton, and sold 
in that year the last of the land at Middleborough, which had been deeded 
to him nearly seventy years *)efore by his grandmother, Mary Churchill. 
The exact date of his death is not known, but as he was at this time 
eighty-six years of age, it probably occurred soon after and at Stoughton; 
nor is there on record anything to indicate the date of his marriage or the 
name of his wife. Tombstones on Burial Hill at Plymouth, alone furnish 
the items that show that he had an only daughter. 
3235a i. Elizabeth, b. Plymouth, Mass., about 1726; m. there 
Nov. 20, 1746, Perez Tillson, b. there July 16, 1725, son Edmond 
Tillson and Elizabeth Cooper. He was a cooper and merchant of 
prominence at Plymouth. She d. Nov. 3, 1756. He m., 2d, Ply- 
mouth, June 7, 1765, Sarah Wethrell. He d. Sept 3, 1767. 

1. Elizabeth, not m 


5. SAMUEL D(JTY was the fourth son ami child of Edward Doty and 
Faith Clarke, and was born at Plymouth, on the High Cliff, probably in 

lie was the ancestor of the very large and influential l)rauch of thi' 
Doty family, who, from the State of New Jersey, have gone forth as 
pioneers to the West and the South. He is first mentioned on the records 
of Plymouth, January 1st, 1667-8, as one of a coroner's jury in an inquest 
on a child kept by John Smalley, Sr., of Easthara, on Cape Cod, which had 
been found dead in the woods. Plis name is there written, Samuel Doten. 
In the same year, 1668, Julj' 16, it is recorded that " Samuel Dotey of 
Eastham in the government of New Plymouth, in New England " conveys 
to Benajah Dunham of the said town of Eastham for a consideration of 
8£, "all his upland and meadow land in the townshij) of Dartmouth in 
the government of New Plymouth, which was granted to said Samuel 
Dotey, as his dividend by the will of his father, Edward Dotey, deceased, 
and in said Dartmouth, commonly known a^ Coaksett." This deed is 
signed Samuel Dotey. Benajah Dunham was a son of the John Dunham 
who resided next to Edward Doty on the High Cliff at Plymouth, in the 
house that the said John bought in 1649 from Thurston Clarke. 

Samuel Doty's name next occurs in an affair which is thus mentioned in 
" Freeman's Histoiy of Cape Cod." "In the year 1669, a vessel was I'ast 
ashore on Cajto Cod, and a controversy arose bt^tween Thos. More, the 
claimant and owner of the cargo, and Samuel Doty and others of Eastham, 
in regard to salvage: and agreement was finally concluded October 2iHh, 
1669, and sanctioned by the Court." " F^rince's Chronicles of Plymouth " 
states, " 14th 2d month 1668 Thomas More's vessel cast away at Cape 
Cod in ye storm w"n 4 persons perished and much wealth was lost." 

And in the records of the Colony we find 1669, Oct. 29. " At a court 
held at Plymouth. Whereas there hath bine a joynt agreement by and be- 
tween Mr. Thomas More and Sanmel Dotey and seuerall others of the towne 
of Eastham about lalioure in takeing ^p of monies cast away in a wracke 
belonging to the .said 3Iore att Cape Cod and the said 3Iore haueing 
alowed vnto the said Dotej- four shillings a day there remaining vpon 
account due the sumo of thrt;e pounds and seauenteon shillings due vnto 
the said More from the said Dotey, hee haueing layed out the said sume 
in a mare and colt the mare being .a blacke mare the top of the left eare 
l)eing cut-off, and a little bitt cutt out vnder the farr eare hee haueing 
nothing els to pay and loaueing it to the determination of the Court, the 
Court hau(; orden^d that the said mare and colt be taken vp and apprised 
by two indifferent men att mony prise and to be responsible to answare 


vnto the said More or his order the said sume and charges of takeing her 
and her oolt vp; and incase the mare and colt comes to more tlien the 
said sume and charges, then tlie ouerplusse to be returned to the said 

No further mention of Samuel Doty appears in the records of Ply- 
mouth or vicinity. The old town records of Eastham, Mass., are now at 
Orleans on Cape Cod. A careful examination of the births, marriages and 
deaths, also of the proceedings of town meetings, all of which seem to 
be entered quite full}' between the years 1648 and 170.5, and later, reveals 
no trace or mention of either Samuel Doty or of Thomas More. The 
"earmarks" seem fully recorded and there are lists of the freemen in 
1654, 167.5 and 1684, but nothing to indicate a residence of either. The 
next mention of Samuel Doty is in the town records of Piscataway, ]\Iid: 
dlesex County, N. J., where in 1675 he was commissioned Lieutenant of the 
military company of New Piscataway, of which Francis Drake was Cap- 
tain, his commission being renewed in 1678. 

The village of Piscataway lies about two miles east of New Brunswick, 
the county seat of Middlesex County, N. J., and is a place of far less im- 
portance to-day than in 1678, at which period it was one of the most 
flourishing settlements in the State, and in its hotel the Governor and 
Council frequently met to enact laws and hold general court. In 1665 
Philip Carteret, the new Governor of New Jersey, despatched agents into 
New England, who published what was known as the ' • Concessions of 
the Lord Proprietors." These concessions, by their liberal inducements, 
such as property in estates and liberty in religion, resulted in quite a 
migration. Several settlements were formed, and to Piscataway there 
seems to have come representatives of many families from Eastham and 
other towns on Cape Cod, among them Benajah and Benjamin Dunham, 
John Smalley, Hopewell Hull, Francis Drake and Samuel Doty. While 
the date of this emigration does not appear with certainty, it is probable 
that it was soon after 1670. 

In 1678, Samuel Doty of Piscataway was licensed to marry Jeane Har- 
man of the same town. 1682, his name is in list of freeholders. From 
1678 to 1096, his name appears in frequent deeds as a purchaser of lands 
in the vicinity. 

1687-8. Jan. 21. SaiBuel Dotey sells 104 acres at Piscataway, part of 
that which he bought in 1678. 

1690. Jan. 6. Samuel Dotie buys 100 acres there from Benjamin Hull. 

1695. Oct. 3. He buys 100 acres there of the Proprietors. 

1696. He buys 125 acres more. 

Samuel Dotie's "'cattle mark" appears on the town records of Piscat- 
away, being the third name in the original entry which, though not 
dated, appears to have been made before 1686. 

In the first list of Freeholders in 1689 his name appears as Samuel 
Doty. In a list of "All the Inhabitants," made at about the same time, 
he is entered Samuel Dotey, and again in a similar way in the of 


The first congregation of Seventh Day Baptists in New Jersey had its 
origin in this township, in tlie following manner : "In the year 1700, Ed- 
uiond Dunham, a Baptist exhorter and the owner of 110 acres of the 
town lands, felt called upon to admonish Heztikiah Bonham for working 
on Sunday ; whereupon Bonham defied him to prove Divine authority 
for keeping holy the first day of the week. Dunham, after investiga- 
tion, failed to do so to his own gratification, consequently he himself 
renounced the observance of the first day. In the year 1707 he formed a 
congregation of Seventh Day Baptists, and was appointed its first pastor. 
His ministrations continued until 1784, when he died at seventy three 
years of age, being succeeded by his son Jonathan, who preached until 
his death from smallpox at the age of eighty-six years, in 1777." 

The first record of nit'inbers of the Seventh Day Baptist Church of 
Piscataway is not dated, but was apparently made, 1707, or previously, 
and in it appear the names of Sanmel Doty and John Doty, his son. 

Samuel Doty's will is on record in the office of the Secretary of State 
of New Jersey, at Trenton. It is dated Sept. 18, 1715, and was proved 
Nov. 8, 1715, showing his death between those dates. It reads: "Sam- 
uel Dotie Sr of PLscataway, Middlesex Co., N. J., yeoman, being very 
sick and weak of body, but of sound mind," etc., and bequeaths to his 
" well beloved son Samuel Dotie, five shillings;" and the balance of his 
estate to "his dearly beloved wife .lane," whom he appoints sole execu- 
trix of the w^ill. Ills friends, Edmund Dunhiun and Hugh Dunn, are the 

It is probable that each of hi.s sons had been given farms previous to 
his death, for before this time they were all in comfortable possession 
of lands and their "cattle marks" were entered on the town records. 
His widow was living, 1717, as appears by the will of her son Edward 
of that date. The date of her death does not appear. 

In all the records of whatever nature, State, county, town, church or 
private manuscripts in which Samuel Doty's name appears in New Jer- 
sey, it is never spelled as Doten. It is written in various ways. Doty, 
Dotey, Dotie, Dottoy, Dote, but never with the termination "en." Nor 
among his descendants, wherever they are foiuid, has there been any 
indication of the use of that termination, which seems to have been pe- 
culiar to Plymouth and the Eastern coast. It is true that the third 
generation of descendants of Samuel Doty in New Jersey did to some 
extent adopt the name " Doughty," and their descendants have in some 
few eases kept that name, the great majority, however, returning to the 
original spelling. "Doty." This change to Doughty was an error and 
the result of imperft>ct information, caused unquestionably by the pres- 
ence in the same vicinity of members of the " Doughty" family. 

The English family of Doughty, which is a numerous one, had a num- 
ber of representatives in the early settlement of this country, and by 17o0 
nearly every county of New York and New Jersey had its family, which 
frequently included men of prominence and influence. Further, by this 
time both States were completely controlled by the English, and not only 
the Governor and Council but the subordinate officin's were generally of 


this nationality. Grauta of lands, etc., were perliaps not only more readily 
made to applicants of their own nation, but wherever these or other 
"orders" were recorded, the names were anglicised, and ihus it happens 
in a nnmber of cases that parties who always wrote their name "Doty " 
have received grants of lands, etc., by the name of " Doughty" which is 
so entered on the official records of the State, the officials assuming that 
the name must be a corruption. of the name of Doughty, with which they 
were more familiar. 

One very prominent family of Doughtys in these States was descended 
from the Rev. Francis Doughty, the son of a Bristol (England) Alderman, 
who had been vicar of Sodbury, in Gloucester, and who came to Taunton,, in 1639, but having some difficulties with his people there removed 
about 1042 to Maspeth, now Newton, on Long Island, in New York State. 
His son, Elias Doughty of Flushing, L. I., became a very large landholder 
there and a man of high position and great influence. By 1750 his de- 
scendants were to be found prominent not only on Long Island, but in New 
York City, in Westchester, Dutchess and Ulster counties, N. Y., and in 
Somerset. Morris, Middlesex and other counties in New Jersey, in a great 
many oases owning farms or lands in the immediate vicinity of descend- 
ants of Samuel Doty. It is not to be wondered at that this generation of 
Dotys in New Jersey, surrounded by the more English families and influ- 
ences, having lost all knowledge of the emigration of its ancestor from 
Cape Cod, should have assumed that in some way the name had been cor- 
rupted, and that they were of the same origin as their neighbors of the 
Doughty family. The mystery is, that the succeeding generations should 
return so universally to the original ■' Doty," for there was still no knowl- 
edge of their eastern ancestry, and the investigations made for the pur- 
pose of this history have been to the modern generations of Doty-s in New 
Jersey the first intimation they have had of their descent from the Edward 
Doty who landed at Plymoulh. It is probable that the events of the 
Revolution served to bring back the original spelling; the Dotys of this 
family in every case championing the cause of the Colonies, while many 
of the more loyal Doughty family stood by the mother country in the 
quarrel, and this separation of interests led perhaps to the distinction of 
the names. 

This confusion of names, however, has added very greatly to the labor 
of collecting genealogical statistics of this family in New Jersey, and there 
has been perhaps no branch that has offered greater difficulties in the 
search for and the tr icing out of its lineage, nor conferred more satisfac- 
tion in the successful solution of these problems than the decendants of 
this Samuel Doty. For the eastern branches of the family one may step 
into a well regulated library in any city of our land, and in a short time, by 
consulting Savage's "Dictionary of New England Genealogy," and the 
various local histories of towns and counties of our Eastern States, ob- 
tain records or clues to records that will greatly facilitate his work. The 
town records, too, of all the early settlements in Massachusetts, and to a 
certain extent in the other New England States, have been kept with care 
from the first; they frequently include lists of births, mai'riages and 


deaths, and these have boeu arranged into families and sometimes through 
the patient labor of some genealogical collector indexed so that examina- 
tion is made eomparativoly easy. These records, too, escaped the destruc- 
tive devastation of the Kovolutiouary War, and their careful preservation 
lias been always a matter of solicitude. 

All this is changed and tiie difficulties largely increased when one seeks 
to Hud these early records in New Jersey.. Here there are few dates of 
births or deaths gi%'en except upon church records, and even these are 
vi'rj- rare. The Uevolutionary armies, while marching through the Stati-. 
destroyed many of the county records, or they were removed out of harm's 
way and so effectually that they were never returned. A local historian 
of this vicinity says ; 

"More than once during the Revolution Piscataway found itself in the 
track of contending armies, its name thus becoming historically embalmed 
in the reports of the eommaudants of the opposing forces. Early in the 
war Xew Brunswick was for many months the base of supplies for the 
English armj', and much of the time the headquarters of the Gtmeral com- 
manding. The people of the surrounding country were obliged to Ijillet 
the troops and furnish forages. This occasioned much distress, of which 
Piscataway had its full share. The sufferings of the jieople were not only 
caused bj' their being forced to impoverish themselves in order to grant 
legitimate supplies to the British, but by such marauding and plundering 
by the troops as would have di-sgraced the followers of an eastern satrap. 
General Howe's army at this time was given up to indiscriminate and uni- 
versal thieving, the officers not only countenancing the outrages, but par- 
ticipating as well. The men were licentious, and permitted to commit, on 
Tory and Whig alike, every manner of rapine, violence and cruelty. Gov- 
ernor Livingston, in a speech before the Assembly in 1777, declared that 
the English soldiers, while in New Jei'sey, warred upon decrepit age and 
defenseless youth, plundered friends and foes, destroj'ed public records 
and private monuments, and. to quote his own words, 'violated the chas- 
tity of women, disfigured private dwellings of taste and elegance, and in 
the rage of impiety and barbarism profaned edifices dedicated to Almighty 
God ! '" 

In this case, too, Savage gave no indication of Samuel Doty .as a son of 
Edward Doty. 

It had been apparent quite early in tiiese investigations that there had 
been a numerous representation of the family in Xew Jersey. In October, 
1872, after an examination of various county records there, many of the 
families were traced to an origin in the village of Basking Ridge in Somer- 
set County, N. J. The records of that county unfortunately extended no 
further back than 1783, all previous to that having been burned during 
the Revolution. In that village several aged members of the families 
were found whose memory helped to furnish many details, but nothing 
previous to Revolutionarj- times, or to point to any other locality. Later, 
however, an examination of some documents in possession of the State 
Department at Trenton showed the existence in 1G75 to 1715 of a Samuel 
Doty at Piscataway, but nothing to show his origin or to connect him with 


the family later at Basking Ridge. A thorough search through all the 
town, county and church records of the vicinity of Piscataway failed 
then to furnish more, and the missing records of the years between 1710 
and 1 783 seemed to have been lost forever, when an old manuscript in the 
most accidental way appeared, it being held in the family of Joshua 
Doughty, Esq., of Somerville, X. J., who did not esteem himself a Doty, 
and having been written about 1825 from the memory of an aged lady, 
but with such indistinct references as to make it unavailable except to one 
who had studied the genealogy. It was as follows: 

Copy of a record in possession of the late Joshua Doughty, Esq., of 
Somerville, N. J., written by his aunt, Miss Susan Doughty, before her 
death in 1825. 


■'Samuel Doughty my great grandfather lived at Piscataway. His chil- 
dren were Samuel, Moses, Daniel, John, Thomas, Ebenezer; girls. Joana 
married Jespr Hunt of Milstone, Mary married Isaac Brooks of Sussex. 

" James and Joseph Doughty (brothers of Samuel) lived in Turkey. 

"Jonathan Doughty's children, William, Jonathan, father of Esq Jo, 
Daniel, Joseph, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth. 

"Isaac Doughty, brother of Samuel, lived at Piscataway, father of 

" John Doughty (father of Genl JohnJ, lived on Long Island. [This 
probably refers to General John Doughty, a wealthy and influential 
resident of Morristown, N. J., but if so it is an error. General John 
Doughty was a distinguished artillery officer in the Revolution, a man of 
great wealth and wide connection. He is buried at Morristown, N. J,, 
beside his sister, and their parents, Thomas Doughty and Gertrude 
LeRoux, his wife.] 

" Samuel, son of Samuel, lived between the mountains near Browstown. 
His children were John, Joseph, Benjamin, Abrm, Isaac, Rachel. 

"Moses, son of Samuel, lived Dead River. His children were Moses, 
Thomas, Solomon, Joshua, Mary, Bebecca, Elizabeth, Mercy. 

" Daniel, son of Samuel, lived near Easton and had children, Daniel, 
Mary. Elizabeth. 

"John, son of Samuel, lived Baskinridge. Killed by Indians on Dela- ' 
ware in 1757; children, Samuel, John, Cornelius, Thomas, William, Skill- 
man. Daughters, Sary, Ann, Acy, Eliz. 

" Thomas, son of Samuel, had no children. 

"Ebenezer, son of Samuel, lived at Salem and had children, William. 
l«lancy, mother of Joshua Kindle. 

"Nathaniel Doughty, brother ot Samuel, children. Jacob. Nathaniel, 

Tnis manuscript fortunately furnished the evidence that connected the 
Samuel Doty of Piscataway with the existing families in various parts of 
the State, but still gave no trace of his origin. This was found later at 
Plymouth, Mass., in the deed already recited, wht^rein he conveys the land 
that he received by the will of his father. Edward Doty, and the fact that 


in his emigration to New Jersey he was a(?companie(l by the families of 
Benajah and Benjamin Dunham and others with whom he had been inti- 
mate at Plymouth and at Eastham, Ma^s. 

The solution of this problem was very gratifying;:, for had not that valu- 
able manuscript been found it would have been difllcult on any plausible 
theory to convince the thousands of descendants of Samuel Doty now 
scattered through the Southern and Western States that they could ever 
have had their origin in the Edward Doty of the Mayflower. 

Matters rested thus until the Summer of 1896, when Rev. Irwin 1'. 
McCurdy of Harmony Grove, Md., becoming interested in this history, 
made some investigations and discovered in the library of the New 
•Jersej- Historical Society at Newark, N. J., a copy in manuscript of the 
'• Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Piscataway, from 1()7(5 to 
1790." Though not complete this register has furnished a partial list of 
names and dates, which corroborates the records otherwise gathered and 
has been of great service in elucidating many points. 

Samuel Doty may possibly have spent some of his early days on the 
sea as several of his brothers did, but it is probable that he generally 
found his occupation on the land, and that ho was on Cape Cod, as he 
certainly was in New Jersey, a farmor. There is nothing to indicate that 
he had other occupation. It will be noted that his marriage was late in 
life, he being, if the date of his birth be correctly given, thirty-five years 
of age, and yet there is no indication of earlier marriage, and certainly 
not of any other Issue. He lived to a greater age than his father or his 
elder brothers; it is probable that the warmer and more congenial climate 
of New Jersey conduced to this, for his posterity have been noted for 

It is evident from the record that he was intelligent, industrious and 
thrifty, a man of ability and authority, as iippears by his selection as 
Lieutenant of the military company soon after his airival at Piscataway, 
and }-et of blameless life, an affectionate husband and father, and a 
consistent member of the church. The sterling character of his children, 
and their unifoi-mly upright and C hristian lives, show good training on 
the part of their parents; and that patriotism was one of the virtues 
inculcated is evident by the services of his immediate descendants in the 
Indian Wars of ITHG and the Revolution. 

Samuel Doty and Jane Harmon were married November 15, 1078. The 
entry on the register of Piscataway is so indistinct that the name might 
be Ilinnon or Horman. but it is plainly given in the marriage license 
as Harmon. 
Children, b. Piscataway, N. J.: 

H259. i. Samukl, b. Aug. 27, 1(579. 

S.vuAii, b. March 2, l«81-2. 

IsAAO, b. Aug. 12. 1()83. 

Enw AKi), b. May 14, 1085. 

James, b. Sept. 17, 1()86. 

Jonathan, b. Feb. 24, l()87-8. 

•Ben.t.\min, b. May 14, 1691. 

Ei.iZAiiErn, b. Feb. 26. 169,'). 
















3268. X. JosEi'H, b. Oct. 30, 1()9(). 
32G9. xi. Daniel, b. March 9, 1701-2. 

3270. xii. :\[ae(iakkt, b. March 5, 1704-5. 

And besides the above, whose births are entered on the Town Register: 
3260. ii.. John, b. prob. about 1680. 

3271. xiii. Nathaniel, b. prob. about 1707-8. 

The Town Register is incomplete; the names and dates as given above 
are not entered together, and it is possible and probable that the names 
of John and Nathaniel have never been written on the register, or if so 
written, have been by accident defaced. For, the existence of John and 
Nathaniel and their descendants is as well established by tradition as 
any of the others. Nathaniel was probably the youngest child, and born 
about 1707-8. John, however, was older and born probably as early as 
1680. he being a member of the church, 1707. 

3259. SAMUEL DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Jane Harman, b. Pis- 
cataway, N. J., Aug. 27, 1679; m. there Sept. 19, 1700, Elizabeth Hull, 
b. there Nov. 14, 1679, dau. Samuel Hull and Mary Manning. Samuel 
Hull was a son of Hopewell Hull, one of the early settlers of Piscat- 
away. ^Nlary Manning was dau. Joeffrey and Hepsaba Manning. 

He was the oldest sou of his parents, and his cattle mark was entered 
in the town records of Piscataway, N. J., April 26, 1701, his name being 
written Samuel Dottey, Jr. He was undoubtedly at this time given a 
farm at Piscataway by his father, and the tradition of the family is that 
he led a quiet, blameless life there, an intelligent, thrifty and conscien- 
tious neighbor and friend. He was a member of the Seventh Day Bap- 
tist Church of the town. In 1739 his name appears as witness to deeds 
to his son and nephews in Somerset County, N. J. 

His father conveyed in a deed dated Nov. 1, 1690, certain lands at 
Piscataway to Isaac Smalley. This deed had not been acknowledged 
before a magistrate, but the signature of the grantor was acknowledged 
in 1746 by his eldest son, Samuel Doty, who at that time was living in 
Morris County, N. J., "near the forks of the Delaware." It is not easy 
to locate this exact spot, but it was probably within the limits of the 
present Warren County, N. J., and not far from Phillipsburg, in that 
county. At this date, 1746, Morris County included within its limits 
not only its present domain, but the whole of the present Sussex and 
Warren Counties, Morris having been laid out from the old Hunterden 
County about 1738, and Sussex laid out from Morris County in 1753. 
AVarren County was not formed till 1824, having been taken from Sussex. 
On the old maps of Morris County, as it existed about 1746, the only 
towns or villages laid down in this vicinity are Phillipsburg, Oxford and 
Walpack, and it is probable from the very expression used in the ac- 
knowledgement quoted above, that Samuel Doty did not live in either 
town, but in the country near there. Nor is it probable that he lived 
there long. He was now sixty-seven years of age, while the old manuscript 
heretofore referred to, and from which is obtained much of the infor- 
mation that we possess of this family, speaks only of Piscataway as his 


His son Daniel may have located here about tliis time or soon after, 
as he is reported to have lived in New Jersey, near Easton. Pa \\'e 
infer, therefore, that most of Samuel Doty's active life was spent at Pis- 
eataway, but that sometime about 1740 5 he, with his children, removed 
from there, some of them settling in Somerset County, and others in 
Morris or Sussex County, and that Samuel Doty died not long after this, 
ju-obably about 1750. 

Children, b. Piscataway, X. J. : 

3272. i. S.v.MtEL, 1). Dec. 12, 1700. 

3273. ii. iAIosKs. b. Aug. 31, 1702. 

3274. iii. Jo.vnna, b. Nov. 10, 1704. 

3275. iv. Daniel, b. April 5, 1707. 
327G. v. .louN, b. June 4. 1709. 

3277. vi. Thomas, b. Feb. 22. 1714. The record of Miss Susan 
Doughty distinctly states that " Thomas, son of SamU'l" had no 

3278. yii. Jouannah (2d), b. Jan. 22, 1717. 

3279. viii. Joifannau (3d), b. ]\Iarch 7, 1718. 

3280. i.\. EiiKNE/.EH, b. July 10, 1720. 

3281. X. Mart, b. Feb. 15, 1723: m. prob. 1739, New Brunswick. 
N. J., Isaac Brooks. They removejd to Sussex Co., N. J. From 
records in the office of the Secretary of State at Trenton, N. J.: 
" ]\Iarj' Dotie of Now Brunswick and Isaac Brooks of the same, 
were licensed to marry, Feb. 27, 1739." 

Unless there is some duplication on the record, it would seem that 
two daughters named Johannah died early. The third, Johannah, b. 
March 7, 1718, m. Jespf (Joseph) Hunt of Millstone, N. J. 

3260. JOHN DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Jano Ilanuau, b. Piscata- 
way, N. J., prob. about 1G80 to 1685. 

The records of the Seventh Day Baptist Church at Piscataway, N. J., 
made apparently 1707, show that John Doty was a member. His cattle 
mark is entered on the records of the town under date December 24, 1712. 
but the records also show that " November 23, 1719, Dolph Ilardenbrook 
takes the mark that was formerlj' John Doty's," and from this it would 
seem probable that John Doty had removed from Piscataway before 1719. 

His further history is not clear and rests largely upon traditions in 
various branches of the familj'. The manuscript left by Miss Susan 
Doughty, and frequently referred to before, says: " John Doughlj' (father 
of General John) lived on Long Lsland," and though not so distinctly say- 
ing, the connection in which the statement is made would seem to imply 
that she referred to this John Doty. The records of Hempstead, Queens 
County, N. Y., on Long Island, are in excellent condition and well pre- 
served. Under date ]\Iay 11, 1724, is found: " John Doty's ear mark is a 
slit in the end of the near ear, and a half penny under the off ear." The 
town of Hempstead included at this time the residence of his uncle, Isaac 
Doty, and his sons, and as no John Doty appears to have then existed in 
that family it is quite possible and even probable that John Doty removed 
about 1718 from New Jersey to the town of Hempstead, L. 1., and settled 
in the immediate vicinity of his uncle and cousins. At this time, it must 
be borne in mind, Long Island was one of the most populous and prosper- 
ous portions of New York State. It is doubtful, however, whether he 


lived there for any length of time. In 1747, John Doty was made a free- 
man of New York City, at which time he was probably a successful and 
wealthy merchant there, and it is quite possible that this item refers to 
this John Doty, who had probably removed from Long Island to New York 
City and engaged in trade there. It is probable that later he removed 
again to New Jersey. His descendants have been found most numerous 
at the South, and from there comes a manuscript written many years 
since by his great grandson, Azariah Doty of Garrard County, Ky., which 
while containing some inaccuracies still furnishes a clue to his hi.story. 
This manuscript, which was in two parts, reads as follows: 

1. " For the amusement of subsequent generations the following is the 
substance of a memorandum given my father by his grandfather John 
Doughty the elder, when leaving Jersey for Virginia between the years 
1766 and 1770, viz., that John Doty left one sister (unmarried) in England 
and was a passenger from the county of Cornwall (near Lizzard Point) 
England in the ship Calledonia a slow, clumsy sailer, and from the 
leaky condition and heavy freight aboard the vessel was never landed ; 
the passengers and crew saved somewhere about N. Y. harbor. This was 
when Barkley or Barcley was governor of Jersey. (Barkley was governor 
of New Jersey from about 1683 to 1702 only.) He married a French woman 
by the name of Duane perhaps in N. Y. and had a second wife by the 
name of Pyatte; two children by each marriage, but was living and did 
afterwards live in Somerset County Jersey. ]My grandfather, one of his 
sons was named Isaac Doty, also married a French woman Reyno and 
was living at the time my father John Doty and my uncle Azariah Doty 
left Jersey near Princeton College. He also had a second wife, and chil- 
dren by both. Second wife's name was Roy. My father had Azariah, 
Peter, Isaac, Ephraim and Francis full brothers, Ann, Keziah and Esther 
full sisters. From some cause not explained the spelling of the name has 
been changed from Doughty to Doty. John Doty or Doughty the elder, 
died in the 115th year of his age, had lost his sight years before his death. 
Grandfather Isaac Doty died in 107th year, also nearly blind. Keziah, 
my aunt Roleson lost her sight years before her death. 

2. "Esther (my aunt) eldest, then John born Jan. 10, 1740, then Azariah, 

Ann (had 3 Husbands — Hay, Osborn, & Clark) (Keziah) Peter Isaac 

21 Jan. 1817 

Francis. Grandfather Reyno married a Williams on Staten Island and 
lived to 108 years of age. Grandfather Doty (Isaac) lived 107 years— had 
two wives, the above names are his first children. His last wife's name 
was Roy. Esther married Ayeis, Keziah married Wm Rowleson, Isaac 
married a Baxter, John married a Lamson, Francis married McKenney. 
Azariah married a Tucker & lived 106 years & some months." 

What foundation there may be for the connection of John Doty with 
the story of the wreck near New York harbor of the Caledonia, which 
occurred in 1699, is uncertain ; it is probable that the journey by Samuel 
Doty, his father, from Cape Cod to New Jersey was made by sailing 


vessel, and that some accident to it maj- have been the source of this tia- 

Possibly John Dotj' himself may have been wrecked on the New Jersey 
or Long Island coast at some time, but it was probably not duriijg Gov- 
ernor Barkley's admiiiist ration, at which time he was not onlj- too young, 
but was almost certainly a resident of Piscataway. But this manuscript 
is sufficiently corroborated from other sources to show definitely; that 
John Doty was a resident about ITGfi of Somerset Couutv, X. J., then 
probably eighty-six years of age, and that he lived probably to a very old 
age there; that he married first, probably, at Pi.scataway, N. J., or New 
York City, a lady of French descent named Duane, and later in life, prob- 
ably in Somerset County, N. J., a second wife whose family name was 
Pyatte. The Duanes were a distinguished, wealthy and Influential family 
in New York City. It is very probable also that there wore two children 
by each marriage, but further than this there is no record to guide us It 
is probable that John Doty, by 17G6. was a prosperous farmer, settled in 
Somerset County, N. J., and that he died there sometime later. 

Children, b. prob. Piscataway, N. J. : 
:32e2. i. Isaac, b. about 1712. 

And probably: 

3283. ii. AzAKiAii, b. about 1731. 

And prob. others. The descendants of Azariah give as the names 
of his brothers; 

3284. iii. Samiei.. 

3285. iv. James. 

32G2. ISAAC DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Jane Harmon, b. Piscat- 
away, N. J., Aug. 12, 1883; m. there, prob. about 171(5. a wife whose 
Christian name was Frances, but whose fanuly name has not been dis- 
covered. They lived Piscataway. where he was a farmei'. 

April 18, 1744. Isaac Doty was chosen Constable and Town Clerk of 
Piscataway, and again so chosen, 1748. The following records of his 
children appears on the register of Piscataway. 

Children, b. Piscataway, N. J.: 

3286. i. Isaac, b. Sept. 26, 1717. 

3287. ii. Ei-izAHETM, b. Dec. 20, 1719. 
32><8. iii. Samiel, 1>. May 13, 1722. 
32'^n. iv. Ei.i/.AiJETH, b. June 14, 172.5. 
32i)0. v. MiOA.iAii, b. March 15, 1728 !). 

3291. vi. John, b. :May 2. 173^ : wasa farmer Wantage, X. J. 1773. he 
mortgagod^farm at \\'antage. 1774. he mortgaged farm at Hardys- 
town, X. J., which ad.jonis Want.age. ' 

3292. vii. Joan, b. June 14, 1733. 

3263. EDWARD DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Jane Ilarman, b. 
Piscataway, N. J., May 14, 1085. 

The cattle mark of "Edward Dote" is entennl upon the Town 
Records of Piscataway, N. J., under date Dec. 24, 1712. 'i'he only other 
information that we have of him is derived from his will, which is filed in 
the office of the Secretary o' State at Trenton, N. J. It is dated Oct. 18. 
1717, and was proved Nov. 19, 1717, showing that his death occurred 
vei-y soon after it was signed. In it, "Edward Dotie of Piscataway, 


Middlesex County, N. J., Planter, " bequeaths, first, to his well beloved 
mother, - Jane Doty, the use of twelve acres of laud during her life; 
second, all his plantation to be equally divided between his " two sons 
John Doty and Jeremio Doty," or if they die without issue then to go to 
his wife Sarah and his daughter Sarah Doty; third, to his daughter 
Sarah Doty, 15£, to be paid to her when she comes of age; and fourth, 
to his wife Sarah Doly all of his personal property. The executors were 
his wife Sarah Doty and Thomas Davis of Somerset County, N. J. The 
will shows therefore that he married a wife Sarah and that they had 
Children, b. Piscataway, N. J.: 

3293. i. John, b. prob. about 1712. 

3294. ii. Jekemiah, b. prob. about 1714. 

3295. iii. Sakaii, b. prob. about 1715. 

32(>4. JAMES DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Jane Harman, b. Piscat- 
away, N. J,, Sept. 17, 168G; m. there, Sept. 16, 1712, Phebe Slater, b. 
there, July 28, 1693, dau. Edward Slater and Elizabeth Bonham. 

In the town records of Piscataway, N. J., now at Dunellen, N. J., 
appears under the date of Jan. 2, 1709, the cattle mark of "James Dote," 
the entries of his brother's mark being at different dates in the same 

1710. " James Dote " was made Freeman. 

The manuscript left by Miss Susan Doughty, says that ' ' James, 
brother of Samuel, lived at Turkey," now New Providence, Union Co., 
N. J. This is probably an error. There is no trace whatever at New 
Providence of James Doty having ever lived there. 

Among the records in the office of the Secretary of State, at Trenton, 
N. J., is the will, dated and proved 1745, of Benjamin Hull of Piscat- 
away, N. J., in which he devises several small legacies to his brother and 
nephew, and then a life interest to his wife Elizabeth, after whose death 
his lands are to be divided between his cousins, Benjamin Doty, who lives 
with him, his brother, Benajah Doty, and Thomas and Mary Davis. 
His brother-in-law, Benjamin Martin of Piscataway, and the widow 
are appointed executors. Further investigation shows that Thomas and 
Mary Davis were the children of Thomas Davis who married Mary Drake. 
She was a daughter of John Drake and granddaughter of Francis Drake, 
the first settler. John Drake In his will, gave legacies to his daughters, 
Elizabeth Hull, wife of Benjamin Hull, and Filizatea Martin, wife of 
Benjamin Martin; but though all his children are probably mentioned in 
his will there are no Dotys. 

Among the earliest settlers at Piscataway who came there with Samuel 
Doty and Francis Drake were Hopewell Hull, the grandfather of 
Benjamin Hull, Hugh Dunn, who married in 1671 Elizabeth, daughter 
of Francis Drake, and Benjamin, Samuel and Edmund Dunham. The 
Dunhams were the children, or possibly the grandchildren of John 
Dunham of Plymouth, the neighbor there of Edward Doty. He had a large 
family and some of his children removed to Eastham on Cape Cod. Mass., 
and as recorded heretofore, the records of Eastham, Mass., show that 


lienajah Dunhaiu of that place bought, IGGS. all tho iiiteiest of Samuel 
Doty in the lands at Dartmouth as devised to him by the will of his 
father. Plymoutli, Mass.. records show also the marriage, in IGOO, of 
Benajah Dunham of Easthani to Elizabeth Tilson, and the same year of 
Benjamin Dimham of Eastham to Mary Tilson. 

The names Benjamin, Benajah and Mieajah were common names 
among the Dunhams at Plymouth and Eastham, and it is not easy 
to distinguish which generation carried these names in the emigration t(.) 
New Jersey. It is pobable from the will of Benjamin Hull. 1745, which 
shows that Benjamin Doty was living with him, that Benjamin and 
Benajah Doty were orphans, or at least that their father was not living. 

Children : 
:521)(). i. Mary, b. Piscataway, May 23, 1718. 

3297. ii. Klizahetii, b. Piscataway, Oct. 12, 1714. 

3298. ill. EsTHKK, b. Piscataway, .Jan. 4, 1716-7. 

3299. iv. Edward, b. Somerset Co., X. J., Mar 27, 1718: said to 
have d. without heirs. 

3300. V. James, b. Piscataway, Jan. 10, 1719 20. 

3301. vi. Ben.iamin, b. Piscataway, May 17, 1721. 

3302. vii. Bena-iau, b. Piscataway, about 1723. 

;J2<)5. JONATHAN DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Jane Harman, b. 
Piscataway, N. J., Feb. 24, 1G87-8 ; m. there about 1717, a wife, Mary. 

His cattle mark is entered upon the town records of Piscataway as 
follows: " March 25, 1717. The marks of Samuel Doty are now the 
marks of his ondley son Jonathan Doty," the mark being the same that 
was entered, 1680, or earlier as the mark of Samuel Dotie. It is not clear 
what is meant by the expression, "his ondley son," for he was certainly 
not the only son of his father, nor was he the only son remaining at 
Piscataway at this time. 

The family name of his wife nowhere appears, and there is no tradition 
in the family that throws any light upon it. He was probably the first of 
his family to emigrate to the beautiful and fertile valley of Basking 
Ridge, Somerset County, N. J., whither he was accompanied by his 
children, and followed by so many of his nephews, that the village and 
town seem almost to have been a Doty settlement. Among the papers of 
Lord Stirling, iieretoforo referred to, among the earliest leases recorded 
is one dated August 16, 1739, to Jonathan Doty of Somerset Countj", 150 
acres at Basking Ridge, on the east side of Dead River. In the body of 
this lease the name is written Doughty, but it is signed "Jonathan Dotj'." 
The lease provides that he is to plant an orchard of 150 apple trees and 
put up a building. It is probable, however, that he was a resident of the 
to^vn earlier. 

There is nothing further on record to indicate the character of his life 
or tho date of his deatli. His children later were all in i)Ossession of 
comfortable farms and homes at Basking Ridge, and the intelligent char- 
acter of his descendants there leads to the belief that he was a successful 
and thrifty farmer, who gave his children the benelit of a fair education 
and good training and left them in comfortable circumstances at his death. 
The names of his children are given in the order in which they appeared 


on the record manuscript of ]\Iiss Susan Doughty, heretofore quoted, ex- 
cept that the name of Joshua is inserted upon the authority of several 
aged members of the family. 
Children : 

3303. i. William, b. Piscataway, Sept. 11, 1719. 

3304. ii. Jonathan, b. prob. Piscataway, al)Out 1724. 

8305. iii. Daniel, b. New Jersey, prob. about 1727, and of whom 
tliere is no further information. 

3306. iv. Joshua, b. prob. Basl<ing Ridge, N. J., about 1730. 

3307. V. Joseph, b. prob. Basking Ridge, about 1735. 

3308. vi. Mary. 

3309. vii. Jank. Register of First Church, Morristown, N. J.: Jane 
Doty of Succasunna, m. Oct. 21, 1747, John Johnson. 

3310. viii. Elizabeth. 

In some way descended from the above is the family of Mrs. Keziah 
Doty, (Nos. 3688-90.) 

32G6. BENJAMIN DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Jane Harmon, b. 
Piscataway, N. J., May 14, 1691. In all probability, under the name 
Benjamin Doughty, he m. Abigail Whitehead, b. Jamaica, N. Y., dau. 
Jonathan Whitehead. In 1725 they lived Burlington Co., N. J. 1739, 
March 20, he was appointed guardian of Samuel Stockton, an orphan of 15 
years. He d. Princeton, N. J., 1746. Shem., 2d, Thomas Leonard. 

His will, dated March 11, 1746, shows that Benjamin Doughty of Prince- 
town, Middlesex Co., N. J., victualler, wills to his wife Abigail and his 
son Benjamin all his property. Thomas and James Leonard of Somerset 
Co., executors. 

Children : 

3311. i. Benjamin, b. prob. 1710-13. 

3312. ii. Susannah, m., 1761, Daniel Leonard of Middlesex Co., 
N. J., son Thomas Leonard. They were licensed, Nov. 20, 1761. 

3313. iii. Hannah. 

3314. iv. Deborah. 

3267. ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. Samuel Doty and Jane Harmon, b. 
Piscataway, N. J., Feb. 26, 1694-5; m. there March 9, 1714, David Martin, 
b. Piscataway. July 8, 1696, son Joseph Martin and Sarah Trotter. They 
lived Piscataway, 1746, he was Sheriff of Hunterden Co., N. J. 

Children : 

3315. i. Sarah, b.Dec. 9, 1714. 

3316. ii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 4, 1718. 

3317. iii. Joan, b. .Jan. 21, 1719-20. 

3268. JOSEPH DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Jane Harman, b. Pis- 
cataway, N. J., Oct. 30, 1696. 

A very fair, though not entirely complete nor strictly accurate list of 
his family and decendants will be found in Littell's " Genealogies of the 
Passaic Valley, N. J." Littell incorrectly states, however, that Joseph 
Doty came from the east end of Long Island to the Passaic Valley. Many 
other families did so emigrate about that time, but Joseph Doty came 
direct from Piscataway soon after the death of his father, probably about 
1717, and settled on part of Lot 39 of the Elizabethtown lots in the Stony 
Hill Valley, in the immediate vicinity of the present village of New 
Providence, N. J. 


The record of ]\li8s Susan Doughtj-, frequently referred to heretofore 
and whifh has served so largely to identify and to locate the various 
branches of the familj- in Now Jersey, stated t'lat .Joseph Doty "lived in 
Turkey." It was assumed that Turkey in Nt'w .Jersey was meant, but an 
active search through the various localities known to the present genera- 
tion as "Turkey," failed to give any clew to this family until it was dis- 
covered that the present village and town of New Providence, Union 
County, N. J., formerly Ijore the name of "Turkej'." Tradition ascribes 
the change of name to the providential preservation of the people from 
injury at tlie falling of the galleries in the church on a Sunday, but be- 
tween services. .Josepli Doty was a prominent memljer of this church, 
the Presbyterian Church, wljich stands In the centre of the village at the 
Cross Roads, and which some of his descendants still attend. The records 
of the church are well kept and his name f requeutlj- appears as an odlcer 
or trust<ie. 

He married, probably about 1721 2, Sarah Badgly who, it is stated by 
Littell, came with her brotheis John and James Badgly from the east end 
of Long Island and settled in the Stony Hill Valley, between the lirst and 
second mountains. Soon after marriage Jo.seph Dotj' 1:)uilt a house for his 
residence on Stoney Hill about one mile from the village of New Provi- 
dence. The old homestead is still standing in a fair state of preservation, 
and was occupied a few years since by his great granddaughter, Mrs. Alary 
Doty Pitts. His farm extended down Into the more fertile valley, and 
here he lived until his death. 

The record kept by Rev. Mr. Elmer, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, 
says "old Mr. Doty died September 10, 1768." His will is on record at 
Trenton, N. .7. It is dated September 'S, 17fi8, at Elizabeth, Ussex Countj', 
N. J., and gives "to my dearly Jjelovod wife Sarah," the homestead in 
which they lived and the personaljproperty belonging thereto, and mentions 
his " eldest son George Doty," liis sons Anthony and John, his "eldest 
daughter P^lizabeth, wife of Jeremiah Ludlow, deceased," and his 
•' youngest daughter Sarah, wife of William Carl," to all of whom legacies 
were left. The will was proved October 14, 17G8. The witnesses were 
Uriah and Phebe Hedgers, who were undoubtedlj' Uriah Hedges, Jr., and 
wife, whose maiden name was I'hel)e Dayton. He was a son of Uriah 
Hedges, who married Betsey Badgly, sister of Sarah, and who owned part 
of Lot ;^9 of the Elizabethtown lots, next to Joseph Doty. 

Mrs. Sarah Doty died probablj' a little before August 20, 1785, at wliieh 
time her son George was granted letters of administration ujjon her es- 

Children, b. New i'rovidence, N. J.: 

JosEiMi, b. prob. 1722: d. young. 
GKOK(iE, b. prob. 1723. 
JouN, b. prob. 172.5. 
Elizabeth, b. prob. 1728. 
Anthony, b. prob. about 1730. 

Sarah, b. prob. about 1735; m. William Carl, prob. son 
of Jonathan Carle, who lived in the Passaic Valley, N. J., but re- 
moved early. 














3271. NATHANIEL DOTY, prob. son;,Samu(3l Doty and Jane Harmon, 
b. Piscataway, N. J., about 1707-8. 

Nathaniel Doty's name is not entered on tlie register of births, etc., at 
Piscataway, but the tradition and record so frequentlj' referred to of Miss 
Susan Doty, mentions Nathaniel as brother of Samuel, Jr., and others and 
gives the names of several of his children. Nathaniel Doty probably re- 
moved early to Mendham, Morris Co., N. J., where his children were 
living at the close of the Revolution. 
Children : 
3334. i. Jacob, m. a wife, Zeruiah, he was a Revolutionary soldier; 
minute man in Morris Co , N. J. militia: d. 1793. Jacob Johnson 
and Samuel Clutter, adm. deeds to Jacob, 1781-1789, at Mendham. 

3325. ii. Nathaniel. 

3326. iii. Jane. 

8272. SAMUEL DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Elizabeth Hull, b. Pis- 
cataway, N. J., Dec. 12, 1700: m. there Feb. 13, 1723, Abigail Springer, 
dau. Dennis and Abigail Springer. 

According to tradition he lived '• between the mountains, near Brows- 
town, N. J." Browstown was a small village about a mile or so 
north of Plainfield, LTnion Co., N. J. Its bounds may have extended up 
to the valley called Washington Valley. Very little further is known of 
him. He was a farmer, and died in 1777. He left no will; but letters of 
administration were granted to his son, Benjamin, January 22, 1778. The 
manuscript of Miss Susan Doughty before mentioned gives his 


3327. i. John, of whom we have no other mention; prob. d. early. 

3328. ii. Joseph, of whom we have no other mention, prob. d. early. 

3329. iii. Benjamin, b. Browstown, N. J., prob. about 1730-1735. 
He lived Somerset Co., N. J., and there is no evidence of any 
marriage or family. He administered upon his father's will and 
was granted letters of admini-stration Jan. 22, 1778, and filed his 
account, which was approved Jan. 22, 1779. He d. May, 1780. His 
will is on record at Trenten, N. J. It was executed May 4, 
1780, and proved at Bernardstown, Somerset Co., N. J., May 30, 
1780, and bequeaths one-half of his estate to the children of his sister, 
Rachel Sutton, and the remainder to the children of his brother, 
Isaac Doty, deceased; the property to be sold when Henry Doty, 
eon of his brother. Isaac, shall become twenty-one years of age. 

3330. iv. Abeam, of whom there is no other mention. 

3331. V. Isaac, b. Somerset, N. J., prob. about 1740. 
3832. vi. Rachel, b. Somerset. 

3273. MOSES DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Elizabeth Hull, b. Pis. 
cataway, N. J., Aug. 31, 1702. He is described as a yeoman, and lived 
Dead River, Bernardstown, Somerset Co., N. J. 

Among the papers of James Alexander (Lord Stirling) now in possess- 
ion of the New Jersey Historical Society at Newark, N. J., is a lease, 
dated May 5, 1747, from James Alexander to Moses Doty of Basking 
Ridge, of 371 acres formerly in Nathaniel Rolfe's lease and lying on Dead 
River and Pasauk River, Somerset, Co., N. J. Also, June 4, 1751, a deed 
from James Alexander to Moses Doty of Basking Ridge, for a consideration 
of 2044", Jersey currency, of 204 acres on Dead and Pasauk Rivers. A deed 


is on record, ITiiti, from Moaes Doty to Rev. Samuel Kennodj-, of land at 
Basking Ridge, and in ITGli a mortgage of some of his lands there, which 
is witnessed by his cousins, .Jonathan and William Uoty. 

Moses Doty's will is on record in the ollice of the Secretary of State at 
Trenton, N. J. It is dated March 27, 1775, and proved the 19th of April 
following, showing his death between those dates. In it he bequeaths his 
property in shares as follows: 1st. To my grandson, Moses Doty, son of 
my son, Moses Doty, deceased, 50f, when he comes of age. 2d. To my 
two granddaughters, sisters of my aforesaid grandson. ^lary and ."^arah, 
25£ each. 3d. To Elizabeth Doty, the daughter of Elizabeth Doty, 
deceased, who lives with John Bloom, under his care, 50X", when she is 
eighteen years of age. 4th. To mj' daughter ^lary, wife of Reuben 
Conipton, 504". 5th. To my daughter, the wife of Garret Rosaboom, 70i" 
6th. All the rest of my estate to my two sons, Solomon and Jousua Doty, 
who, with my trusty brother-in-law, John Bloom, are to be the executors of 
my estate. 

The information given here is too meagre to determine as to the name of 
his wife, who would appear to have died before him, or as to the precise 
manner in which John Bloom became his brother-in-law. But we may 
infer that the maiden name of his wife was probably Bloom. According 
to the manuscript left by his granddaughter Miss Susan Doughty, they 

Children, b. Bornardstown, N. J.: 

Moses, b. prob. about 17:50 'S. 

Thomas, not mention(>d in the will or otherwise. 

Soi-o.Mox, b. prob. about 1740. 

Joshua, b. 1744. 

Maky, m. Reuben Compton. 

Rebheca. prob. m. Garret Rosaboom. 



327o. DANIEL DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Elizabeth Hull, b. Pis- 
cataway, N. J., April 5, 1707. 

Daniel Doughty mortgaged, in 17G9, hi.s laud in Sussex County, N. J., 
lying on Paques.s Rivci-. This was probably near the present town of Bel- 
videre. in Warren County, N. J., wliich county was formed by being taken 
from Sussex County in 1824. And it is possible that it was here, or near 
here, that his father, Samuel Doty, lived in 1746, at the time when, in 
making an affidavit, he gives his residence as in Morris County, "near 
the forks of the Delaware." 

The manuscript of Susan Doughtj'. to which reference has hen-to- 
fore been made, says that Daniel Doughty lived "near Easton," n>ferriiig 
to Easton, Pa., but at the time it was written this would ajiply to the 
locality above described. 

The records of Northampton County, Pa., in which Easton is situated, 
though dating back to 1 7;')2, do not mention the names of Doty or Doughty, 
nor is there any further trace of this family in the various county records 
in New Jersey. It is probable that he wrote his name " Doughty." and 












r^' ' 









that his descendants may have kept the same spelling. According to the 
account given he had 
Children : 

3341. i. Daniel. 

3342. ii. Mary. 

3343. iii. Elizabeth. 

3276. JOHN DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Elizabeth Hull, b. Piseata- 
way, N. J., June 4, 170ti. He lived Basking Ridge, N. J. 

Among the papers of James Alexander (Lord Stirling) in the possession 
of the New Jersey Historical Society at Newark, N. J., appears a lease 
dated March 24, 1739, from James Alexander to John Doty of Basking 
Ridge, N. J., of 300 acres there. The lease is witnessed by Samuel Doty 
and Jonathan Doty, probably his father and uncle. July 24, 1746, notice 
was served on John Doty to renew the above lease, and the renewal was 
dated February 28, 1747. In all these papers and elsewhere where his 
his name is signed as witness, it is given as John Doty. 

Tra iition from various sources among his descendants gives the maiden 
name of his wife as Skillman, and as one. of his sons received that name, 
the tradition is probably correct, although her Christian name has not 
been discovered. The Skillmans were of Dutch descent, and the name 
" Ocy" has been such a favorite name for the female descendants of this 
family that it seems probable that the name of John Doty's wife was Ocy 

John Doty was an active man in his vicinity, intelligent and enterpris- 
ing. His children partook largely of these characteristics, and were well 
educated for the time. Unfortunately he was cut off in the prime of life, 
being killed by the Indians at or near the Delaware River in one of the 
contests of the Indian war of 1757. His large family, thus left to the care 
of the widow, were well brought up at Basking Ridge, and their activity 
and usefulness to society bears evidence of the worthy training they re- 
ceived. His widow died probably at Basking Ridge, though the date 
does not appear. 

Children, b. Basking Ridge. N. J: 

3344. i. Samuel, b. 1733. 

3345. ii. Cornelius, b. prob. 1736. 

3346. iii. John, b. prob. 1738. It is reported that one of John Doty's 
sons fell fighting with his father in 1757. It may possibly have 
been this son John. 

3347. iv. Sarah, b. prob. 1740. 

3348. V. OoY, b. prob. 1742. 

3349. vi. Elizabeth, b. prob. 1742. 

3350. vii. Thomas, b. prob. 1746. 

3351. viii. Ann, b. prob. 1748; perhaps m., 1768, Benjamin Lewis. 
"Marriage Licenses -From oilice of Sec'y of State, Trenton, N. J.: 
Anne Dotj'' and Benjamin Lewis, both of Somerset Co., were 
licensed to marry, Feb. 11, 1768." 

3352. ix. Levi, b. 1752. 

3353. x. Skillman, b. Oct. 17, 17.55. 

3354. xi. William, b. 175(J; d. Basking Ridge, Sept. 21. 1779, aged 
23 years, and lies buried in the cemetery there. Jonathan Bloom- 
field was appointed administrator of his estate. 


32S0. EBENEZER DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Elizabeth Hull, b. 
Piscaiaway, N. J., July 16. 1720: m.. 1st, Burlington Co., N. J.. Mar- 
garet Woolston. He lu., 2d, there, prob. August, 1770, ^Mehitable Shinn. 
New Jersey ^Marriage Licenses, in office of Secretary of State at Trenton, 

N. J., Sept. 21, . License granted to Ebenezer Dotey and ^largaret 

Woolston of Burlington Co. 1770. July 10. License granted to Ebenezer 
Dotey and Mehitable Shinn. lie d. prob. 1783. 

From liecords of Philadelphia, Pa., 17G4, Sept. 5, Ebenezer Doty, 
blacksmith, of South wark, and Margaret, his wife, buy on east side of 
Second street, Southwark, Philadelphia, Pa. The tradition in the East- 
ern branch of the family is that he lived at Salem, now in Salem County, 
N. J., but perhaps at that time in Burlington Count}-. 1783, Sept. 10. 
Letters of administration granted to Hugh McClutchie on the estate of 
Ebenezer Dotey, late of Builington County. 

Children : 

3S5r). i. WiiLi.vM, prob. m. 1770, Rachel Muri)hy. 1776. Jan. 6. 

William Doty and Rachel Murphy of Burlington Co., licensed to 

3306. ii. N.\NCY. 

:}'2S2. ISAAC DOTY, son John Doty and Duane. b. prob. Piseat- 

away, N. J., about 1712; m. 1st, prob. in New Jersey about 1737, a 
Reyno. The name of Reyno is a frequent one in the earlj- history of New 
York and New Jersey. It is met with in Richmond County, N. Y. TStaten 
Island), and in the eastern part of New Jersey near there. The name is 
undoubtedly of French origin arid is written also Reynaud and Reynauld. 
In more modern times it i.s written also Reno and Reynolds. Tiie south- 
ern mamiscript quoted heretofore .says, " Grandfather Reyno married a 
Williams on Staten Island. He lived to be 108 years old." Isaac Doty 
m., 2d. prob. also in New Jersey, about 1700-O. a Miss Roy. The south- 
ern manuscript says that he was living in 1766 near Princeton College, 
and that he lived to be 107 years old, whicii if true would make his death 
about 1819; but the records of the county and State add no further infor- 

Children, by 1st wife. b. New Jersey: 

3357. i. EsTiiEK, b. about 1738. 

3308. ii. John, b. Jan. 16, 1740. 

33o0. iii. AzAKiAH, 1>. Feb. 18, 1745. 

3360. iv. Ann, is said to have m.. 1st, Hay: m., 2d, 

Oshoni, andjm., 3d, Clark. She prob. lived Virginia. 

3361. V. Keziaii, b. prob. Jan. 21. 1755. 

3362. vi. Peter. 

3363. vii. Isa.\c, is reporttHi to have m. Baxter. 

3364. viii. Fkancis (or Franklin), perhajjs emigrated 1st to Virginia 

and then to Kentucky: is reported to have ni. McKinney. and 

to have lived later in Indiana, prob. near Corydon, Harrison Co. 
He left no male chil., but several daus. who m. 

33(i5. ix. Ei'iiKAiM. is said to have lived in Missouri. Oct. 2, 1820. 
Azariah Doty of Greene Co. . Tenn. . wrote to his brother, John Doty, 
in Garrard Co., Ky. , giving news of the family, and reijuested John 
to write to his brother, Ephraim. 
And by 2d wife: 

336(i. X. Henry, b. prob. as late as 1765-70: is said to have lived 


in Ohio, on or near the Ohio River. 
33(J7. xi. Stephen, b. prob. about 1770. 
And possibly otiiers. 

3283. AZARIAH DOTY, prob. son John Doty and prob. his 2d 

wife, Pyatte, is said to have been b. 1731. Though the names in this 

family point to a descent from John Doty, as above, this has not been es- 
tablished as a fact. There is no tradition in the family extending further 
back than to Azariah Doty. He is said to have lived prob. at Perth 
Amboy, N. J., or in that vicinity. The names of his chil. rest entirely 
upon tradition. 


3368. i. James. 

3369. ii. Samuel. 

3370. ill. Isaac, b. New York City, 1761. 

3371. iv. Julia, m. Townsend; removed to Columbia, S. C. 

3372. V. Jane, not. m. 

325K). MICAJAH DOTY, son Isaac Doty and his wife, Frances, b. 
Piscataway, N. J., March 1.5, 1728-9; m. prob. before 1754, a wife, Ros- 
anna. They lived Wantage, N. J. He d. 1798. She d. 1799. 

In 1774 he mortgaged his farm at Wantage. His will, made i\Iay 7, 
1797, was proved Nov. 8, 1798. His son-in-law, Cotton Mather and 
Henry Tucker were made executors. They lived in the adjoining town of 
Minisink, Orange Co. , N. Y., and sold the lands, 1801. After Mrs. Doty's 
death letters of administration were granted to Cotton Mather. 

Children, b. prob. Sussex Co., N. J.: 

3373. i. Joseph, b. about 17M. 

3374. ii. John, b. about 1760. 

3375. iii. Mica.iah, m. a wife ilary; was a farmer, Minisink, N. Y. 
1813, Dec. 24. Mary Doty, widow of Micajah Doty, late of the 
town of Minisink, N. Y., applied for letters testamentary on her 













One of the daughters m. Cotton Mather. 

3293. JOHN DOTY, son Edward Doty and his wife, Sarah, b. 
Piscataway, N. J., about 1712; m. prob. Somerset Co., N. J., but the 
name of his wife has not been discovered. They probably lived Somer- 
ville, N. J., where he d. about 1778. He was prob. a Revolutionary 
soldier, private in Capt. Jacob Ten Eyck's Co., Battalion, Somerset 
Co., N. J., Militia. His sons were in the sime company. 

Children, b. Somerset Co. : 

3380. i. Jeremy (Jeremiah); not m. ; d. Somerville, N. J. Was 
prob. a Revolutionary soldier, in the same company as his father. 

3381. ii. Sarah, m. William Spader. They lived New York City 
and had a family there. 

3382. iii. 3[ari.v, m. James Voorhees. 

3383. iv. John, b. 1756. 

3354. V. PiiiEU, b. prob. about 1758. 

3355. vi. Catharine, ni. Voorhees, prob. brother of James 

Voorhees. They removed to the " Redstone Country," O. 


3386. vii. Eijzabetii, not m. : lived New York City with her sister 
Mrs. Sarali Spader. 

3387. viii. Jank, m. William Chivi.';. They lived New York City. 

3388. ix. C"oi;N'ELir.s, b. 'May 5, ITCi.O. 

3389. X. 5I.\ijG.\RET, m. Daniel Spader. They lived New York 

3204. JEREMIAH DOTY, son Edward Doty and his wife, Sarah, b. 
riscataway. N. J.,prob. about 1714; ni. Hampye Covert, dau. Tennis 
Covert of Somerset Co., N. J. They settled and lived in that county. 
He is said to have d. in N. J. about 1790. She d. Hector. N. Y., a 
few years later. 

The records of Somerset County were burned duriijg the Revolutionary 
War, and the existing records afford but littie information of dates 
previous to that time. 176(). August 15, Jeremiah Dote, cordwainer, 
mortgages his land in Somerset County, N. J. 1788. June 3, Jeremiah 
Doty and Hampye his wife of Somerset County, acknowledge a deed 
relating to property bequeathed to her by her father Tennis Covert of 
Somerset County, in his will dated January 9, 1732. 

They probably lived in that part of Somerset County which adjoins 
the town of Piscataway, or possibly in the village of Soraerville, and he 
followed the business of cordwainer or shoemaker. He was probably 
a Revolutionary soldier, private in Somerville Militia. Several of his 
children removed to Central New York. 

Children, b. Somerset Co., N. J.: 

3390. i. MoTcnKV, b. prob. about 1744. 

3391. ii. Jknnv, 1). prol). about 1747; m. Henrv 'i'ueker. 

3392. iii. Neilv, b. 1749. 

3393. iv. H.\Mi*yE, b. 17.'52. She was not m. Her will is on record 
at Somerville, N.J. It was made Oct. 31, 1829 and was proved 
Jan. 19. 1830. It is signed Hampie Doty of Somerset Co., N. J., 
and in it .she devises all her estate to her two nieces, Hampie, wife 
of Stephen Brown, and iSIarv, wife of Tolhert Sering. 

3394. V. Sam.y. b. 17;'r,. 
339.0, vi. lujwwkij. 

339(1. vii. John, b. prob. about 1757. 
3397. viii. J..\ooh, b. 1759. 

33(n. BENJAMIN DOTY. prob. .son James Doty and I'h.>be Slater, b. 
Piscataway, N. J., May 17, 1721. He prob. lost his parents before he 
became of age and then lived with his cousin, Benjamin Hull, as shown by 
the will of the latter, 1745. 

His cattle mark is entered in the records of the town of Piscataway, 
February 3, 1749. .July 11, 1759, Benjamin Doty and his brother Benajali 
sold the lands bequeathed to them bj- their cousin, Benjamin Hull, to 
Thomas Skinner, Jr., and they removed to North Carolina where they 
settled in Onslow County and afterwards lived. North Carolina history 
shows that both brothers took .a leading and prominent part in public 
affairs. They represented the county in the legislative meetings of the 
State Assembly in 1775-6. which took active measures to support the 
Continental Congress. He was elected, April 4, 177(i, delegate from 
Onslow County to the General Electing of Deputies. As the State was 


the seat of constant warfare and skirmishing between the opposing 
elements of its population they jiroViably took an active part in this also. 
Little further is known of Benjamin Doty. lie is reported to have had 
two sons, as below, but no trace of them or their descendants has been 
found, and it is uncertain whether Benjamin Doty died in Onslow County, 
North Carolina, or removed elsewhere. 
Children, by report: 

3398. i. Lkvi. 

3399. ii. Christopher. 

3302. BENAJAH DOTY, son James Doty and Phebe Slater, b. Piscata- 
way, N. J., about 1723. 

His cattle mark is entered on the town records of Piscataway, Januarj- 
21, 17.51, and the same year he was elected constable of the town, suc- 
ceeding in that position Isaac Doty who was probably his uncle, and who 
had held it since 1744. He received by the will of his cousin, Benjamin 
Martin, certain pieces of land at Piscataway. which he sold to Thomas 
Skinner, Jr., July 1), 1759, and undoubtedly emigrated at that time with 
his brother Benjamin to Onslow County, N. C. 

Here, like his brother, he took an active part in public affairs, was a 
Representative to the State Assemblies of 1875-6, participated in the 
debates and counselled, with others, the action which led the State to be 
one of the earliest in demanding a separation from the British Govern- 
ment, and to be most earnest and prompt in supporting the measures of 
the Continental Congress. He was one of the delegates to the Conven- 
tion, 177^1, which framed the Constitution of the Colony, and held various 
local positions of trust and honor. He was member of the House of Com- 
mons of North Carolina, 1777-8. 

He was married twice. First, perhaps in New Jersey, but the name 
of his wife has not been discovered, nor is it known by his de- 
scendants. He married second, Onslow County, N. C, about 1774, Eliza- 
beth Chatwin (or possibly Chatran), born probably North or South Caro- 
lina, 1737. She lived to the age of 101 years, and her grandson. Rev. 
William Edward Doty of Greenwood, La., who has furnished many of the 
facts in the early history of this branch, remembered hearing her tell how, 
during the Revolutionary War, she lived in North Carolina, and having 
buried her effects and property in the ground, she helped to make potato 
hills over them to conceal them from the Tories. 

Benajah Doty died in Onslow County, N. C, 1780. His widow mar- 
ried second, a man named Willie, or Wylie, and by him had a daughter, 
Sarah Ann, who married Hugh Kader llarrel, and their daughter Eliza- 
beth married John Chatwin Doty (No. 3607). She married third, 

Cottrell, and fourth, John Turner, but survived all, and died at the resi- 
dence of her son James Doty, at Hernando, De Soto Countj-, Miss., on 
her birthday, 1838, at the age of 101 years. 

Children by his 1st wife: 

3400. i. A dau., m. Brack. 

3401. ii. A dau., m. • Warren. It is thought that they both re- 
moved to Georgia. 


By his 2a wife: 

8402. iii. Lemiel, b. Onslow Co., 1775. 

3403. iv. James, b. Onslow Co.. 1778. 

ii'MKi. WILLIAM DOTV, son Jonathan Doty and his wife, Mary, 1). 
Pisoataway, N. J., Sept. 11, 1719. IIo was probalily the oldest son of 
his fathor and removed with him to Basking Ridge, N. J. Here he be- 
came a blacksmith. 

April 4, 1748, Lord Stirling leased to William Doly of IJasking Ridge, 
sixty-five acres there, and July 2. 1753, for a consideration of 80£, Jersey 
currency, he conveyed to the same William Doty a farm of eighty acres 
there. William Doty's name appears later, 17GG, as witness to a mortgage 
given by his cousin, Moses Doty, at Basking Ridge. Unfortunately, the 
county records having been burned during the Revolutionary War, there 
is nothing further j)ositively known of this family. The above facts are 
gathered from the Lord Sterling papers in possession of the New Jersey 
Historical Society at Newark, X. .1. 

He was a Revolutionary soldier, a minute man in Somerset County, X. 
J., nnlitia. It is probable that William Doty was a farmer and black- 
smith in good circumstances, and that he had a family. All I race' of him 
and ihem has been lost from the present generation at Basking Ridge, 
and it is probable that during the Revolution and the emigration that fol- 
lowed it, the family disappeared from that vicinity. 

3404. Possibly descended from William Doty is Jesse, b. Basking 
Ridge, X. J., Sept. 17, 17()0. 

:{:{(>4. JOXATHAN DOTV, .son Jonathan Doty and his wife, Mary, 
b. Piscataway, N. J., prob. about 1724. He removed with his father 
to Basking Ridge, X. J., and m. there Patience Sutton. 

He was a farmer and undoubtedly lived and died at Basking Ridge, 
though, other than the appearance of his name as a witness to papers 
dated 17r)(), there is nothing on the few exi.sting lecordsof the town refcr- 
ing to him. The uniformly intelligent and enterprising character of his 
children shows that they received unu.'^ual advantages in their youth, or 
inherited special traits of character from their parents. Either he or his 
son Jonathan was a teamster in Captain Asabel Iliiimaii's Team Brigade 
of X'^ew .lersey in the Revolutionary War. 

Children, b. Basking Ridge: 

JoN-,vTTiAN, b. about 1754. 

Zicnri.nx, b. about 175S. 

Xathamel, b. Oct. li). 17G1. 

JosEiMi, b. Aug. 81, 1764. 

William, b. Oct. 8. 1707. 

Remecca, b. prob. about 1770: m. - — - Kennan or Can- 
nan, and removed to Pennsylvania, prob. Westmoreland Co. They 
had a dau. who m. Goodwin. 

380(>. JOSHUA DOTY, son Jonathan Doty and his wife, Mary, 
b. prob. Basking Ridge, about 1730: m. and lived lh<n-e: i)rob. d. at a 
comparatively early age. 

His name was not mentioned on the manuscript record of .Miss Su.san 
Douglity in her list of the children of Jonathan Doty; nor is there any 













record or tradition among the descendants of Joshua that affords any 
information as to his ancestors. Certain aged residents of Basking Ridge, 
N. J., descended from his brothers Jonathan and Joseph, have however 
given positive assurance that they were so related. Mrs. Susan Doty 
Craig, daughter of Daniel Doty and granddaughter of Joseph, who had 
always lived at Basking Ridge, was very positive in this assertion; she re- 
collected very well Moses Doty, son of Joshua, who lived at Dover, N. J.; 
knew that he was own cousin to her father and stopped at her father's 
house whenever he visited the vicinity, because they were cousins. This 
being corroborated by other old residents of Basking Ridge, it is deemed 
stronger evidence than the absence of name in the manuscript quoted 
above, which is perhaps accounted for by the fact that Joshua Doty died 
probably before the Revolution, and his son, having removed to Dover, the 
family had passed out of the memory of others. 

There is no record of his wife. His descendants say that he had but 
one child to grow up, though passibly there may have been others who 
died early. 

Child : 

3411. i. Moses, b. Basking Ridge, N. J., April 1, 17G3. 

3307. JOSEPH DOTY, son Jonathan Doty and his wife Mary, b. 
prob. Basking Ridge, N. J., about 1735; m. there, Grace Colyer. They 
lived Basking Ridge, and he was buried there, but there is no stone to 
mark the exact spot or show dates. He was a fai-mer. She is said to 
have lived to advanced age, and prob. d. 1818-9, at residence of her son 
Barnet Doty, Morris Co., N. J. 

Children, b. Basking Ridge: 

3412. i. Daxiel, b. 17G2. 

3413. ii. Elsie, b. prob. 1764-5; m. Hunnewell; she d. Wilkes- 

barre. Pa. 

3414. iii. Joseph Dexman, b. Aug. 17, 1767. 

3415. iv. Barnabas (or Barnet), b. Nov. 12, 1771. 

3416. V. Hannah, b. prob. about 1774; m. 1st, McCarty; m., 

2d, about 1800, Enoch Goble, as his 3d wife. She d. Wilkesbarre. 

3417. vi. Emzabeth, b. prob. about 1777; m. John Benjamin. She 
d. Wilkesbarre. 

3418. vii. Jane, b. prob. about 1780; ra. Morristown, N. J., Sept. 11, 
1806, Joseph Riley. She d. Wilkesbarre. 

3419. viii. Stephen, b. April 6, 1784. 
3430. ix. Keziah, d. young. 

3311. BENJAMIN DOUGHTY, son Benjamin Doty and Abigail 
Whitehead, b. piob. Middlesex Co., N. J., about 1710-13; m. there, a wife, 

February 13, 1747-8. Benjamin Doughty and Lydia ]\Iundin. both of 
Middlesex County, licensed to marry. She may have been a wife. 

A deed on record at Goshen, the county seat of Orange County, N. Y., 
but filed there probably about 1820, is as follows: "1725, October 8> 
Jonathan Whitehead of Jamaica, Queens County, N. Y., in consideration 
of the love, affection and good will I bear my grandson Benjamin 
Doughty, son of my daughter Abigail Doughty, now ye wife of Benjamin 
Doughty of ye County of Burlington in West Jersey," conveys to him a 


certain tract of land at a place call.-d :Minisink in counties of Ulster and 
Orange, which said lot is known by number thirty four, formerly laid out 
and surveyed by Philip Rokeby as jiart of his patent. 

In the " Calendar of New York Colonial Manuscripts," endorsed " Land 
Pap(>rs." in the oflice of the Secretary of State of New York, appears. 
176"), September 2, Petition of Benjamin Doughty of the County of 
Ulster, for a grant and confirmation of a lot in the jMinisink Angle. 

Again in the records of Ulster County, New York, dated 1771, January 
3, whereas, Jonathan AVhitehead of Jamaica, Queens County, did pur- 
chase, February 17, 1720, of Elizabeth Compton, formerly widow of Philip 
Rokeby, a certain lot in the Wallkill, containing about 1000 acres and did 
convey the same by deed of gift to hie grandson Benjamin Doughty, the 
latter sells a part of the lot to Stacy Heakes. This deed is .signed by 
Benjamin Doughty and Rachel, his wife, and witnessed by Joseph Horner, 
James llill, Mary Horner and Benjamin Doughty, Jr. 

Other deeils, similarly signed, follow: 1777, October 7, to Joseph Howell 
for lOOl'. 1778, August 15, to Andrew Clark McNish for 170£. 1779. 
September 4, to Berzalael Seely, 250 acres for 6,300£, Continental 
currency. 1779, November 30, to John Everett, 8 acres. 


3421. i. BEN.r.v.MiN, b. about 1735-40. 

331J). GEORGE DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Sarah Badgly, b. New 
Providence, N. J., prob. about 1723. He was a farmer and miller New 
Providence. According to Littell he lived on Stony Hill and owned a 
mill on the l)rook running down by the present village of New Providence. 
He m. there, prob. about 1747, Libbie Howell. They d. there, aged prob. 
about 80-84 years. 

Children : 

3422. i. Kezi.aii, b. prob. about 1748. 

3423. ii. Sakaii, b. July 5, 17.')0. 

3424. iii. Joseph, b. Jan. 14, 175J. 

3425. iv. Geokge, b, 1750. 

3426. V. David, b. May 28, 1758. 

3320. JOHN DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Sarah Badgly, b. New 
Providence, N. J., prob. about 1725. He lived in Stony Hill Valley. 
New Providence, near but west of his fatiier's. He was a farmer and an 
active member of the Presbyterian Church. He m. , 1st, prob. about 1754, 
Sarah Potter: she d. prob. 1758-CO. He m., 2d, prob. 17()4, Sarah Clark, 
(lau. Dani(>l Clark and his 1st wife. They subsequently, in last days of 
1799, removed to Hamilton, O., and d. there. 

Children, by wife, b. New Providence: 

3427. i. CiiLoE, b. about 1755: not m.: d. Nov. 27, 1772. 
8428. ii. Jame-s b. Jan. 8, 1757. 

And by 2d wife: 

3429. iii. Daniel, b. March 23. 1765. 

3430. iv. John. b. 1767. 

3431. V. Betsey, b. Jan. 15, 1772 

3432. vi. Jane, b. prob. 1775. 

3433. vii. Ciiloe, (2d), b. prob. about 1778: d. Dec. 27, 1784. 

3434. viii. Ketuka, b. prob. about 1780: d. young. 

3435. ix. ZiXA, b. Nov. 11, 1783. 


3321. ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. Joseph Doty cand Sarah liadgly, b. 
New Providence, N. J., prob. about 1728; m. there Jeremy Ludlow, b. 
there about 1727, son Jeremiah Ludlow. They lived where Jacob Davis 
Mulford lived, 1852, in Passaic Valley, N. J. 

Children : 

3436. 1. Dehokaii, b. Oct., 1750; m. New Providence. Nov. 27, 
1771. Jonathan Mulford, b. Passaic Valley, N. J., Nov. 6, 1748, son 
Jonathan Mulford and Esther Conklin. He d. Dec. 5, 1792. She 
d. April 28, 1801. They had 8 chil. 

3437. ii Joseph, m. Jam. 8, 1784, Chloe Bedell, dau. Jeremiah 
Bedell. lie lived where his father did, but subsequently removed 
to Western, N. Y. 

3438. ill. Meeoy, m., as his 2d wife. Dr. John Hole, b. New Provi- 
dence, son Charles Hole. They removed to Ohio, a few miles 
below Dayton. They had 4 chil. 

3321a iv. A dau., who had a dau. who m. Samuel Muchmore of 
Madison, N. J. 

3322. ANTHONY DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Sarah Badgly, b. New 
Providence. N. J., prob. about 1730; m. According to Littell's "Gene- 
alogies of the Passaic Valley, N. J.," he had but 1 child. 


3439. i. William Paesons, m. June 1, 1793, Peggy Badgly, dau. 
Moses Badgly and Susannah, his wife, a granddaughter of John 

No further trace of this family has been discovered. 

3325. NATHANIEL DOTY, son Nathaniel Doty, b. prob. Mendham, 
N. J., about 1728; m. there, 1753, Abigail Clark, b. there, dau. Henry 

They lived Mendham, N. J., and at the opening of the revolution he 
volunteered, and, with his brother Jacob, became a member of the com- 
pany of minute men that was raised in Morris County for the New Jersey 

Deeds are on record as late as 1796 from Nathaniel Doty to his son 
Henry. It is probable that he d. Mendham, shortly after 1796. 


3440. i. Henry, b. Mendham, 1754. 

3331. ISAAC DOTY, son Samuel Doty and Abigail Springer, b. Somer- 
set Co., N. J., prob. about 1740; m. there a wife, Maiy. He lived on Stony 
Hill, Elizabethboro, N. J., which is probably still called Stony Hill, and 
in the present town of New Providence, N. J. 

At the first call of the Revolutionary War he enlisted in the Continental 
army, and was wounded at the battle on Long Island, August 27 and 28, 
1776. His will was signed there, and as it was proved at Bernardstown, 
Somerset County, N. J. , October 30th following, it is almost certain that 
he died from the effects of the wound, and probably within a day or two 
of the date of the will which reads as follows: "First year of the 
American States — 1776, this 28th day of August, I, Isaac Doty of Eliza- 
bethboro, Somerset County, N. J., lying wounded at Long Island," etc. 
He divides his lands, which lie on Stony Hill, between his wife, Mary, his 
two sons, Samuel and Henry, and his two daughters, Kachael and Sarah. 


From the records of Cayuga County, N. Y., at Auburn, N. Y.. 1796, 
April 16, Henry Doty and Mary, his wife, and David Stewart and Racliel. 
his wife, all of Somerset County. N. J., soil lands in the town of Dryden. 
Onondaga County, X. Y. (now in Toni]ikins County, N. Y.'), "issued to 
Isaac Doty, a gunner in the American army during the Revolution, and by 
him at his death l)equeatlied in his will one-half to his .son Henry Doty 
and one-half to his son Samuel Doty, which said Samuel Doty is since 
dead, leaving no children or lawful heirs, except his brother Henry Doty, 
Kachael Doty, now Rachel Stewart, his sisfer, and Sarah Stewart, sister 
to said Samuel Doty." 

As shown by the above documents, Isaac Doty and Mary, liis wife, had 
children born at Stony Hill, Somerset Co. . N. J. 


3441. i. Samx-el, b. about 17G5 7; prob. not m.: d. without issue. 

3442. ii. Henhy, b. 1769. 

3443. iii. Rachel, b. prob. about 1703 4. 

3444. iv. Sakah, m. Stewart, whose Christian ii.-une or familv 

has not been discovered. 

3:{:J2. RACHAEL DOTY, dau. Samuel Doty. b. Somerset Co., N. J., 
prob. about 1745: m. Washington Valley, N. .J., Isaac Sutton, b. there, 
son David Sutton. They lived Somerset Co. for some time, but about 1784 
removed to Fayette Co., I 'a. 

Children : 

3445. i. Jacob. 

3446. ii. IsKAEL. 
8447. iii. Samuel. 

3333. MOSES DOTY', son J\loses Doty of Dead River. Beruardstown, 
N. J., b. there prob. about 1730-3: m. a wife, Rachel. He is called a 
yeoman, and lived Somerset Co., N. J., and d. there, 1759. His widow 
was appointed administratrix of his estate Oct. 9, 1759. All that 
is known of his family is from the reference to them in the will of liis 
father, who, dying in 1775, names the children of his son Moses, deceased. 

Children, b. Somerset Co. : 

3448. i. Mo.sEs, b. prob. about 1754. 

3449. ii. Maky, b. prob. about 1756. 

3450. iii. Sakaii, b. prob. about 1758. 

3335. SOLOMON DOTY, son Moses Doty of Dead River, b. Bernards- 
town, X. .]., prob. about 1740; m. a wife, Hannah. They lived New- 
ton, N. J., where he d. in the summer of 1784, his wife surviving him. 

His will is on record in the office of the Secretary of State, at Trenion, 
N.J. It is dated July 34, 1784, signed "Solomon Doty" and probated 
October 13, 1784. He names as his executors his wife, Hannah Dot}', his 
brother, Joshua Doty, and his friend, Amos Pettet. His estate is divided 
between his wife and children as named below, and as the will specifies 
that Solomon's share is to be retained by the executors until he l)ecomes 
twenty-one years of age, it is probable that he was the j'oungest child, and 
the only son then under age. 

Children, all b. prob. Newton. N. J., and prob. between the years 1763 
and 1780: 


34ol. i. TnoMAs, prob. lived Sussex Co., N. J. lie administered on 
his brother Solomon's estate, an inventory of which he filed at New- 
ton, N. J., Dec. 2'J, 1800. His name is there signed Thomas 
Doughty, though written in the body of the paper Thomas Doty. 

3452. ii. Mo.sEs. 

3453. iii. Mercy. 

3454. iv. Makuaket. 

3455. V. Elizabeth, prob. lived Newton: d. there, 1817. Frederick 
Buckner was administrator. 

3456. vi. Solomon, not m.: d. prob. Newton. 1806. " An inventory 

of the estate of Solomon Doty " was filed at Newton, Dec. 29, 1806. ' 

:J33(). JOSHUA DOTY, son Moses Doty of Dead River, b. Bernards- 
town, N. J., 1744; m. Somerset Co., N. J., Sarah Boyle, b. there 1739, 
dau. Solomon Boyle. He d. Somerville, N. J., Dec. 27, 1822; shed, there 
May 25, 1808. 

A record of his family is given in Littell's " Genealogies of the Passaic 
Valley." Solomon Boyle was an Irishman, who landed in New York City, 
probably about 1730. Here he married a French lady who had but lately 
left Paris during some revolutionary trouble, and purchased a tract of 
land on the Passaic River about two and a half miles from Basking Ridge, 
N. J. He cultivated this farm and also established a grist and saw mill 
at the west end of Long Hill, in Somerset County. Upon the marriage of 
his daughter to Joshua Doty the latter removed to this mill and after- 
ward resided there, it being known as " Doty's Mills." At his death it 
was inherited by his son, Solomon. 

Children, b. Somerset Co., N. J.: 

3457. i. Solomon, b. Sept. 20, 1772. 

3458. ii. MAKaAKET, b. Aug. 2, 1777. 

3459. iii. Su.san, b. 1781; not m.: d. Somerville, N. J., May 25, 
1825. She was a very intelligent and accomjilished lady; she pre- 
pared for the information of her family a genealogy, a copj' of 
wtiich, in the possession of her nephew, the late Joshua Doughty, 
Esq., of Somerville, N. J., has been heretofore referred to, and 
was found very useful in the preparation of this history. She and 
her brother adopted the name " Doughty " by which his descend- 
ants have since been known. 

3344. SAMUEL DOTY', son John Doty and Skillman, b. Basking 

Ridge, N. J., 1733 ; m. a wife, Keturah. They removed to Ohio, where 
he d. 1817 ; she d. there, aged 110 years. 


3400. i. Cornelius, b. New Jersey, Sept., 1779. 

3401. ii. Levi. 

3462. iii. Jacob. 

3463. iv. Jonathan. Do. J C' -^ 

3464. V. Samuel. *^ 

Above chil. may not be in order of birth. O^^ 3"c!.*aS/^\ <U} 

3345. CORNELIUS DOTY, son John Doty and ' Skillman, b. ^ 

Basking Ridge, N. J., about 1736; prob. m. there or in New Jersey, a rs, /\/ IV 

wife, whose name has not been discovered, but who is said to have been ' ' 

of Dutch descent, and who was i)rob. connected with one of the Dutch H <-; I 

families in the vicinity of his birth-place. They removed prob. shortly 
after m. to Cambridge, Washington Co.. N. Y. , where he settled on a 


It is probable that Cornelius Doty took part in the Indian War of ITTiT. 
and participated in the fighting at the Delaware River in that year, at 
which time his father was killed. His early experience made his services 
valuable and led him to volunteer at the very opening of the Revolution. 

In the New York State Library at Albany, in the volume entitled, 
" Albany County Committee Procoedings." page 400. is noted, under date 
of April 11. 1776, "Cornelius Doty is recommended to the Provincial 
Congress, by the Albany Committee, for Second Major of the Cambridge 
RegimtMit," and again, "Juno 13, 1776. Cornelius Doty was elected a 
member of the Cambridge Committee of Safety," together with five other.s, 
all men of the highest distinction and wealth there. There is a tradition 
in the family that he served through the Revolution and with the rank of 
Colonel, and some further corroborative proof has been found in the 
records of the Comptroller's office of the State of New York. 

At the close of the war or soon after, he removed to Half Moon, Sara- 
toga County, X. Y., and several purchases of lands there by him are 
recorded in 1790 1796. 

There is a complete absence of records in this family, and there is 
nothing to indicate where this brave and able soldier and citizen died. 
There is a tradition that he removed with his sons to the town of Western, 
Oneida County, N. Y., and died there, but there are no records in that 
town to show that he ever lived there or made purchase of any land there. 
His widow is reported to have died at Western, X. Y.. about 1826. Care- 
ful investigation of the records of Washington, Albany and Oneida 
counties in N. Y., as well as personal visits to the localities mentioned 
and intei views with such of his descendants as could be found, have failed 
to furnish anything further of the history of this interesting member of 
the family. It is a matter of regret that no reeoril has been kept in the 
family, nor are there any papers of any description to aid in the search, 
while among his descendants his veiy name has been forgotten. 

;346r). i. CoKXELirs, \i. prob. Cambridge, N. Y. . 1764. 

3466. ii. John, b. prob. Cambridge, about i768. 

3467. iii. Anna, b. prob. Cambridge; m. Samuel Tubbs. He bought 
lands at Western, Oneida Co., N. Y., Oct. 8, 1808, with his brotiiei,- 
in-law, ■' John Doughty." 

;!4t)S. iv. SAMiEr.. b. prob. Cambridge or Half Moon, N. Y. He is 
reported to have lived in Ontario. Can., and to have had a son, 
Samuel, there. Another report says he d. Oniro, Wis., and has 
descendants there. 

3469. V. Amy. lived very aged, perhaps at or near Cleveland, 
Oswego Co. , N. Y. 

3470. vi. Lueus, b. prob. Half Moon. 

ll.loi). THOM.VS DOUGHTY, son John Doty and Skillman. b. 

Basking Ridge, N. J., about 1746; m. perhaps a Skillman. They removed 
to Fanquier Co. or Culpepper Co., Va., and subsequently, about 1805, to 
Kentucky with all the family except dau. Betsey, who remained in Vir- 
ginia. He was a blacksmith. He d. 1841, aged over 90 years. 


3471. i. J.MiN. 
34'(2. ii. Wii.LiA.\[. 


347H. iii. Skillman, lived near Abingdon, la. 

3474. iv. BETbEY, m. Dennis Hudson; lived Virginia. 

3475. V. OsiE, ra. Patrick Brady. 
347(5. vi. Fanny, m. James Ellis. 

3477. vii. Allie, m. William Crawford. 

3478. viii. Lucinda, m. George Ervin. 

3479. ix. Malinda, m. Samuel Knox. 

3480. X. Nanoy, m. Stephen Payton. 

3352. LEVI DOTY, sou John Doty and Skillman, b. Basking 

Ridge, N. J., 1752; ra. twice; 2d, Maiy Van Deventer, b. Nov. 9, 1762, 
dau. Christopher Van Deventer and ]Mary, his wife. She d. Burns, N. Y., 
Feb. 22, 1847. He d. Doty's Corners, Steuben Co., N. Y., Oct. 1, 1889. 

His first marriage was probably before the commencement of the Revo- 
lutionary War, and he removed from New Jersey to the west bank of the 
Susquehanna River, in Pennsylvania. The name of the first wife was not 
even known by his children, Peter Doty and Mrs. Catherine Webb, 
from whom most of the information concerning this family has been re- 
ceived. It is thought he lived in Pennsylvania two years before the 
breaking out of hostilities. When the news came that the Indians were 
on the warpath, he and most of his neighbors packed up their goods and 
started back to New Jersey; the roads were full of fugitives, their goods 
being carried on the backs of cows and in every conceivable shape. At 
what time his first wife died is not known ; it may have been in Pennsyl- 
vania, or shortly after the return to New Jersey. He, however, became 
a soldier of the Revolutionary army and did faithful service throughout 
the war. He was a private, minute man, Somerset County, New Jersey 

His second marriage occurred shortly after the close of the war, and 
he then removed with his family first to Cowanesque Valley, Tioga 
County, Pa., from there to Elmira, N. Y., then to Dansville, N. Y., from 
there to what was known then as "No. 5," now Canaseraga, Allegany 
County, N. Y., and finally to Doty's Corners, Steuben County, N. Y., 
where he died, aged 87 years, in 1839. 

Children, by his 1st wife: 

3481. i. Kate, b. prob. in Pennsylvania about 1774. 
And by his 2d wife: 

John, b. New Jersey about 1784 ; d. infancy. 
Mary (or Polly), b. New Jersey about 1786. 
Christophek, b. Somerset Co., N. J., July 25, 1788. 
OoY Pennington, b. Pluckemin, N. J., Oct. 19, 1791. 
Elizabeth, b. Pluckemin, 1792 3. 
Eloy, b. Elmira, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1795. 
Sarah, b. Elmira, 1796. 
William, b. Elmira, April 9, 1798. 
Peter, b. Elmira, June 20, 1800. 

Catherine, b. 1804; m. Webb. She lived Burns, N. 

and furnished much information of the early history of this 
family. She d. Hornellsville, N. Y., Jan. 1882. 

3353. SKILLMAN DOUGHTY, son John Doty and Skillman, 

b. Basking Ridge, N. J., Oct. 17, 1755; m, prob. there, or that vicinity, 
Hannah Haden, b. N. J., Dec. 4, 1762. 
























In the Revolutionary ^Var he was a piivatf, minute man, Somerset 
County, New Jersey, Militia and also artificer in Quartermaster General's 

Tlipy lived l^asking Ridge until ahout 1810, when thoy removed to 
Romulus, N. Y., where he died, 1840, and she died .ISoO. 
Children, h. Basking Ridge, N. J.; 
3492. i. William, b. July 10, 1782. 

:5493. 11. Mahtiia, b. Oct. 9, 1783; m. Nathaniel Ayres. She d. 
1870, leaving chll. , their address unknown. 

3494. iii. Anna, b. Mav 4, 1785. 

3495. iv. Ben.iamix, b. Feb. 1, 1787. 

3490. V. En-nEMY, b. July 17, 17S9; d. May 14, 1804. 

3497. vi. Han.naii, b. Feb. 21, 1794: not m.; d. March, 1860. 

33o(>. NANCY DOTY, dau. Ebenezer Doty and Margaret Woolston. 
b. prob. Salem, Burlington Co. (now Salem ('o.), N. J.: m. there, 1775, 
Job Kindell. 1775, Sept. 28. Annie Doty and Job Kindell of Burlington 
Co. licensed to marry. 


3498. i. Joshua. 

335 7. ESTHER DOTY, dau. Isaac Doty and Reyno, b. prob. 

near Piscataway, N. J., about 1736-8; m. New Jersey, Joseph Ayres. 
They lived Basking Ridge, N. J., and Washington Co., Pa., but removed 
later to Ohio. She d. Sparta, O. 

Children, b. Basking Ridge, N. J. : 

3499. i. Stki'Iien. 

3500. ii. David. 

3501. iii. Bet.-<ey, b. July 12, 177(1: ni. Washington Co., Pa., her 
cousin, John Doty (No. 3517). They lived Sparta. 

335S. JOHN DOTY, son Isaac Doty and Reyno, b. prob. 

Middlesex Co., N. J., Jan. 16, 1740, m. Rockbridge Co., Va. , Sept. 29. 
1778. Rebecca Jamison, b. prob. there, July 19, 1760. dau. Thomas 
Jamison and Martha Robinson. 

He emigrated with his brother from Now Jersey to Virginia about 176(), 
and after serving in the army during the Revolution, removed shcntly 
after his marriage to North Carolina and about 1783 to Kentucky. They 
were among the earliest settlors of that State and located in Garrard 
County. He was a man of small stature and heavy build. He died 
Ilyattsville, Garrard County, Ky., May 4, 1827: she died there, May 17, 



3502. i. AzARiAH, b. prob. Burke (^o., N. C., April 22, 1781. 

3503. ii. Jesse, b. prob. Burke Co., Dec. 21, 1782. 

3504. iii. Ann. b. Garrard Co., Ky., Feb. 28. 1784. 

3505. iv. Sahau, b. Garrard Co., Oct. 15, 1786. 

3506. V. John, b. Garrard Co., July 16, 1788. 

3355). AZABIAII DOTY, son Isaac Doty and Reyno, b. prob. 

near Piscataway, N. J., Feb. 18, 1745; m. prob. in Virginia about 1772, 
Sarah Tucker, b. abouc 1755. She d. Greene Co., Tenn., March 6, 1839: 
he d. there June 7, 1851, aged over 106 years. 

He emigrated with his brother, John Doty, about 1766 1770, to Virginia 
and later to Burke County, N. C. He served during the Revolution under 


General Marion. Aliout 1782 or soon after, he remeved to Greene County, 
Tenn., and settled on a farm now in the town of Newinansville, and which 
was later occupied by his son, Ephraim Doty, with his son and grandson. 
He was possessed of great force of character and nerve, and was a promi- 
nent and influential citizen in his county. 
8507. i. Susannah, b. prob. Va., Dee. 2, 1774; m., 1st, Joseph 
Lane; m., 2d, Anthony Hacl^ett. By 1st husb. had a dau., and by 
2d, a son and 2 daus. 

3508. ii. ' Nanoy, b. prob. Va., Jan. 28, 1778; m. Abraham ilaynes. 
She d. April 17, 1808. They had 8 chil., 4 sous and 4 daus. 

3509. iii. I.saac, b. Burke Co., N. C, Jan. 28, 1780. 

3510. iv. Enoch, b. Greene Co., Tenn., Oct. 25, 1783. 

3511. V. Mary, b. Greene Co., Oct. 25, 1785; m. Joseph Dunkin. 
Shed. Sept. 11, 1875: no chil. 

3512. vi. Sarah, b. Greene Co., March 27, 1788; m. John Meollum. 
She d. Jan 31, 1852. They had 6 chil., a son and 5 daus. 

351a. vii. Hannah, b. Greene Co., July 5, 1791; m. Jonathan Jeetes. 
They removed early to Lanesville, Ky. 

3514. viii. Ephraim, b. Greene Co., Aug. 22, 1795. 

3515. ix. Jesse, b. Greene Co., Feb. 22, 1798. 

33(>1. KEZIAH DOTY, dau. Isaac Doty and Reyuo, b. New 

Jersey, prob. Jan. 21, 1755 ; m. William Rowleson and removed South. 
They lived Rockbridge Co., Va. 


3516. i. Morgan. 

3302. PETER DOTY, son Isaac Doty and Reyno, b. prob. Mid- 
dlesex Co., N. J., about 1750-1758; m. Basking Ridge, N. J., April 19, 
1786, by Rev. Samuel Canedy, Susannah Magdalen Boyle, b. Somerset 
Co., N. J., dau. John Boyle. He d. Knox Co., O., March 18, 1848. She 
d. Sparta, O. , Jan. 36, 1846. 

He is said to have been dissatisfied with his father's second marriage, 
and not liking his stepmother, h» left home. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier and pensioner. He was a private in Captain John Piatt's Company, 
First Battalion, Second Establishment, New Jersey Continental Line; 
also a wagon master. He lived Basking Ridge, N. J., and in Morris 
County, N. J., but removed probably first to Schoharie County, N. Y., 
and then, about 1799, to Knox County, O., near Mount Vernon. 

John, b. prob. Morris Co., N. J., April 21, 1787. 

Joanna, b. prob. Morris Co., prob. about 1790. 

Frazy, b. Schoharie Co., N. Y., June 1, 1792. 

Ephraim, b. prob. Schoharie Co., Nov. 23, 1795. 

Martha, b. prob. Schoharie Co., prob. about 1798. 

Peter, b. prob. Knox Co., O., about 1802; not m.: d. 

Susannah, b. prob. Knox Co., Oct. 18, 1805. 
3524. viii. Nancy, b. prob. Ohio, Feb. 9, 1807. 

3367. STEPHEN DOTY, son Isaac Doty and his 2d wife, — Roy, 
b. New Jersey, prob. about 1770; m. prob. Washington Co., Pa., Rachel 
Wilson. They lived Washington Co. 

















Children : 

;'ir)2'). i. Lewis, m. and had family and lived in Green Co., Pa. 
3526. ii. LocKY, m. Luther Woolf. They lived Washington Co. 

3370. ISAAC DOTY, son Azariah Doty, b. New York City, 1761. He 
m. prob. Westchester Co. , N. Y., Elizabeth Hammond. He d. White 
Plains, N. Y. 

He entered the Revolutionary array at a very early age as a drummer- 
boy, but later joined the artillerj- branch of the service. In 1781 he is said 
to have commanded an artillery company on Staten Island, which he took 
across upon the ice to Amboy on the opposite New Jersey shore. In the 
records of Cayuga Co., N. Y., at Auburn, appears a certificate dated June 
9, 178;3. from General Washington, certifying that Isaac Doty, a gunn<'r in 
the Second or New York Artillery Regiment, having faithfully served the 
United States from the 20th of February, 1779, until the present period, is 
discharged. Also, a certificate from Colonel John Lamb of the New York 
Artillery Regiment, that Isaac Doty has been honored with the badge of 
merit for four years faithful service. 

For this service Isaac Doty received from the State of New York cer- 
tain lands in Cayuga County, N. Y. , which he sold March 2, 1793, to David 
Abeel, mariner, of New York City. Captain John Doughty, who was Cap- 
tain of an artillery company in same regiment, and also received lands in 
Cayuga County. N. Y., may have been related to Isaac Doty. 

In the records of the State of New Jersoy he is credited with services 
as follows: Private in Second Company, Second Battalion, Second Estab- 
lishment, New Jersey Continental line; served in the campaign in western 
Pennsylvania against the Six Nations, May to November, 1779, was trans- 
ferred to First Company, Captain Nathaniel Bowman, Second Regiment: 
served in the Virginia campaign, took part in the battle of Y'orktown,and 
was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, October 19, 1781, and 
served to the close of the war. 

After the close of the war Isaac Doty returned to New Y'ork City and 
engaged in foreign trade that took him out of the country more or less, 
but about 1800 he removed to White Plains, N. Y. , where he afterward 
lived. He was quite prominent in the county in public affairs, and in '1823 
was appointed Under Sheriff of Westchester County. 

Children : 

3527. i. Nancy, b. prob. New York City. 1793: m. John A. Milde- 
burger. She d. there Oct., 1869, aged 76 years. They had two 
daus., one m. Rev. Dr. Spencer of Tarrytown, N. Y. ; had several 
chil. Their other dau. m. John Kenyon of New York City; had 
several chil. 

3528. ii. SAMiEr., b. New Y'ork City, 1796: not m.: d. 1826. Was a 
mariner and captain of a vessel in one of the packet lines of ships 
owned by the firm of Ilowland and Aspinwall of New York. 

2529. ill. Eliza, m. Abram 1) Stevens of Westchester Co., N. Y. 

They had at least one child, a dau., who m. ■ Davison, and 

they had a son. 
3530. iv. Eli.ex, m. Wilson G. Hunt, merchant and banker of New 

Y'ork City. She d. there and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 


3o3L V. Fanny, m. William Gale. They lived New York City; had 

7 chil. 
3582. vi. Geoege Washington, b. White Plains, N. Y.,1809. 
3538. vii. Emma, b. White Plains; m. Richard Devan of Baltimore, 

Md. No chil. 

3534. viii. Makia. b. White Plains: m. John Kenyon of New York 

3535. ix. Jane, b. White Plains; d. infancy. 

3536. X. Edwin Hammond, b. White Plains, 1822. 

3373. JOSEPH DOTY, son Micajah Doty and Rosanna, his wife, b. 
prob. Sussex Co., N. J., about 1754; m. thereabout 1779, Anna Winfield, 
b. Dec. 2, 175*1, dau. Abraham Winfield. He was a private in the Revo- 
lutionary War, a m nute man, Sussex Co., N. J., Militia. He was a farmer, 
Wantage, N. J. He d. 1816. His will was signed Feb. 7 and proved Aug. 
20, 1816. 

Children, b. Wantage: 

3537. i. Abraham, b. Dec. 24, 1780. 

3538. ii. Hieam, b. April 16, 1783; not m. 

3539. iii. Maky, b. Aug. 10, 1785; not m. 

3540. iv. Elizabeth, b. March 28, 1788. 

3541. v. Sarah, b. Oct. 25, 1791; not m., prob. lived Dingman, Pa. 
1869, Sarah Doty of Dingman, Pike Co., Pa., conveys land at 
Wa erloo Mills, Orange Co., N. Y., to David C. Doty. 

3374. JOHN DOTY, son Micajah Doty and Rosaana, his wife, b. prob. 
Wantage, N. J., about 1760; m. there, Hannah Martin. 

In the Revolutionary War, he was a private, minute man Sussex County. 
N. J., Militia. Th^^y removed from Wantage about 1791, to the vicinity 
of the present city of Wheeling, W. Va. , and here he drew with oxen, it 
is said, the stone to build the first stone house in that city. Later, he re- 
moved to Woodland, Marshall County, Va., now West Virginia. He was 
a prominent member of the Order of Free Masons. He died Woodland, 
W. Va., 1806. 

His widow married a man named Hup, and removed with him, but 
fuither whereabouts unknown. After she left, the family was kept to- 
gether by the oldest son, Micajah. 
Children, prob. not b. in following order: 

Micajah, b. Wantage, N. J., Jan. 12, 1785. 

Joseph, b. Wantage, May 28, 1790. 


John Martin. 

Abner, b. Woodland, W. Va., Sept. 17, 1802. 


Phebe, m. Martin Goodale. 

Susannah, d. young. 

Reuben, d. young. 

3376. CALVIN T. DOTY, perhaps son Micajah Doty and Rosanna, 
his wife, removed when young from New Jersey to Allegany Co. , N. Y. 
Children : 

3551. i. Reuben. R. & J. Doty were manufacturers of carriages and 
sleighs, and dealers in lumber, coal, etc., and farmers, Wellsville, 
N. Y. 

3552. ii. Joseph. 

3553. iii. Horton. 


















Children : 















3377. HENRY DOTY, son Micajah Doty and Rosanna, his wife, b. 
Wantage, N. J. They removed, about 179(5, to Belmont Co., O., and 
settled near Pipe Creak. 

Loris. 111. a wife, Caroline: lived Businessburgh, O. 


Mai;(;aret (Peggy). 
Hf.nky. b. Bii.siiu'Psburgh. 

REUiiEN, went South while young. About 1850, was living 

on a farm on Mississippi River, about 5 miles above Vicksburg, 


3561. viii. Maky (Molly). 

Mrs. Hannah Gatts (No. 4009) mention.s as descendants of above, 

mostly in Ohio: Joseph, Nanc3% Mary, Jame.s, Ezekiel, Jackson, George, 

Melvina, Jerry, George. Charles, Amanda, Mary, Joseph, John, Gilbert, 

Samuel, Steward, Martin, Isaac, Richard, Ezekiel, James, Shepherd 

(died 1884). Martin Doty lives Businessburgh, O., perhaps son of Henry. 

38S3. JOHN DOTY, son John Doty and wife unknown, b. Somerset 
Co., N. J., 175(); m. there, Esther Hunt, prob. dau. Jonathan Hunt, b. 
prob. in the same vicinity in New Jersey, where there were several families 
of the name. He d. Knox Co., April, 1819. His will Is on file at Mt. Ver- 
non, dated April 23, 1819, and proved May 11, 1819. She d. there about 
1828. Her brother, Jonathan Hunt, Jr., emigrated to Knox Co.. ()., and 
settled at Mt. Vernon. 

John Doty and wife emigrated from Nt>w Jersey to Brooke County in 
West Virginia and afterward, about 1808, from there to Knox County, 
where they died. They lived at tlunt's Station about five miles from Mt. 
Vernon. They brought nine children with them to Ohio. He and his 
three sons are said to have been each full six feet in height. He was a 
Revolutionary soldier, a private in Captain Jacob Ten Eyck's Company, 
First Battalion, Somerset County Militia. 
Childien : 

Poi.i.v (Mary), b. Somerset Co., N. J., 1784. V (Elizabeth), b. Somerset Co., 1786. 

Jehemiah. b. Somerset Co., 17S8. 

^Iahgahkt. b. Somerset Co., about 1790; d. New Jersey In 

Jane, b. Somerset Co., 1792. 

EsTHEK, b. Brooke Co., W. V^a., 1796. 

John, b. Brooke Co., Sept. 17, 1797. 

Anna. b. Brooke Co., 1802. 

Saiiah, b. Brooke Co.. 1805. 

Samiel Bkown, b. Brooke Co., Oct. 20, 1807. 

33S4. PETER DOTY, son John Doty and wife unknown, b. Somerset 
Co., N. J., about 1758; m. prob. there, about 1780, Catharine Voorhees, 
b. there. 

He was a soldier of the Revolution, served as a private in First 
Battalion, Somerset County, New Jersey, Militia, also as a private in New 
Jersey State troops. 
























After their marriage they removed to Morris County, N. J., and lived 
in the town of Roxbury in that county, as appears by a deed recorded 
there, wherein, 1784, May 32, Peter Doty, farmer, and Catharine, his wife, 
of Roxbury Township, convey certain lands there. Here their children 
were probably born and the family remained till about 1790, when the 
two brothers, John and Peter Doty, with their families, emigrated to 
Brooke County, Va. , now West Virginia, and located nearly opposite the 
present city of Steubenville, Ohio. Here Peter Doty died, probably 
about 1809, and his widow somewhat later, probably about 1813-4. 
Children, b. Morris Co., N. J.: 
3572. i. Abeam (or Abraham), b. about 1782. 

3578. ii. John, b. prob. about 1784, is reported to have m. in 
Brooke Co., Va. and with his family removed South. 

3574. iii. Petee, b. prob. about 1786-90, m. and removed to Lick, 
ing Co., O., or perhaps Marion Co., Ind., where he had 3 chil. 

3575. iv. Kate, b. prob. about 1786-90; m. Joseph Wells. They 
removed to Knox Co., ()., where they had 10 chil. 

3388. CORNELIUS DOTY, son John Doty and wife unknown, b. 
Somerset Co., N. J., May 5, 1765; m. there, Jan. 31, 1798, Abigail Brown, 
b. there, March 16, 1776, dau. Peter Blown and Abigail Miller. They 
lived Somerset Co. 
Children : . 

8576. i. Maey, b. Nov. 13, 1798 ; m. Somerset Co., Feb. 12, 1824, 
Isaac Huff, b. there. They removed to Alden, N. Y.; had 3 chil. 

3577. ii. Elizabeth, b. March 6, 1801. 

3578. iii. John, b. July 30, 1804. 

3579. iv. Peter, b. Dec. 20, 1810; d. Nov. 3, 1822. 

3580. V. Jane Chivis, b. April 20, 1815. 

3390. MOTCHEY DOTY, dau. Jeremiah Doty and Hampye Covert. 
b. Somerset Co., N. J., prob. about 1744; m. Dotty (or Samuel; Martin. 
They lived Martinville, N. J. 

Children : 

8581. i. John. 

3582. ii. Samuel. 

3583. iii. Absalom; had 2 chil., both d.; one a son, represented 
Somerset Co., in Senate of New Jersey. He was a physician and 
lived Martinville, N. J. 

33{)4. SALLY DOTY, dau. Jeremiah Doty and Hampye Covert, b. 
Somerset Co., N. J., 1755; m. there, Reuben Dennis, b. there, 1754. 
They removed to Ovid, N. Y. She d. Ovid, Aug., 1817. He m. 2d, 
Rowena Barnum. He d. Ovid, 1832. 

Children, by 1st wife, b. Somerset Co. : 

3584. i. Teunis. 

3585. ii. Jeremiah, d. Philadelphia, Pa. 

3586. iii. Patty. 

3587. iv. Raohel, m. William Chestnut. She d. Albany, N. Y. 

3588. V. John, b. Oct., 1778. 

3589. vi. James, m. Fanny Huff; no chil. He d. Canoga, N. Y. 

3590. vii. Stephen, m. Eliza Huff; no chil. He d. Canoga. 

3396. JOHN DOTY, son Jeremiah Doty and Hampye Covert, b. Som- 
erset Co., N. J., prob. about 1757; m. there, or perhaps Middlesex Co., 


N. J., prob. about 1778, a wife Chanty. They lived in the town of Pis- 
cataway, perhaps in the village of New Market, N. J. The records of 
the First Baptist Church of Piscataway show that, 1786, June 28, Charity 
Doty was presented for baptism ; and 1817, Nov. 2, Sister Charity Doty 
was dismissed by letter. 

He was a Revolutionary soldier, private in Captain .Jacob Ton Eyck's 
Company, Lst Battalion. New .lorsey Militia. 

Middlesex County Kecords at New Brunswick, N. .)., show. 1817, Oct. 
26, John Doty and Charity, his wife, sell to John Giles their lands in New 
Market, N. J., also the house in which they live in Piscataway. Part of 
tills land was bought back by their son Ephraim six years later. "When 
they sold their property in New Jersey, 1817, they removed to Ovid, N. Y., 
where several of his sister.s and his brother had preceded them. John 
Doty and his wife died about the same time, 1825 to 1880. Ovid, N. Y. 

Children, b. Piscatiwav: 

3591. i. Lewi.^^, b. about 1785. He bought, 1800, Feb. 18, of Loui-sa 
Bishop of Piscataway land in (^uibeltown, Pi.scataway. Dec. 27, 
of the same year, he sold this land, with a hou.'ie on the south side 
of the road that leads from Raritaii to Elizab.eth, N. J. He did 
not remove with his parents to Seneca Co., N. Y., but his residence 
after 180G is uncertain. 

3592. ii. EpiiHAiM, b. Oct. 15, 1791. 

3593. iii. John, b. about 1793. 

3594. iv. A dau., m. Azariah Thorno. Thev lived New Market, 
N. J. 

It is possible that there may have been another son, older llian any of 
the above, named Nathan. The records of the First Baptist Church at 
Piscataway, N. J., show that, 1799, Nathan Doty was excluded from fel- 
lowship by absence. 

3397. JACOB DOTY, son Jeremiah Doty and Hampye Covert, b. Som- 
erset Co. , \. J., 1759: m. Ovid, N. Y., about 179(1. Aulchy Huff. b. prob. 
Somerset Co., dau. Richard Huff. Late in life he followed some of his 
chil. to Michigan, and d. Shiawassee Co., Mich., Aug. 14, 1855, aged 
nearly 9f) years. His wife survived him and d. also at an .advanced age, 
Romulus, N. Y., July, 186(1. 

He joined the Revolutionary array in his youtli and served to the close 
of the war, a private, minute man, New Jersey Militia, .after which he 
.settled down on his father's farm. Shortly after his father's death, which 
occurred about 1790. he removed with his mother to Seneca Co.. N. Y., 
to which locality several of his sisters had preceded him, there having 
been a largo emigration to this vicinity from Somerset Co., N. J. Here 
he settled first at Ovid, N. Y. , where he married, then at Hector, and 
from there to Covert and Romulus, N. Y'. 
Children : 

Ei.i/.MtETii, b. Ovid, March 13, 1798. 
RioHAKi) HrFF, b. Ovid, Aug. 27, 1801. 
Haki:iet, b. Ovid, Dec. 10, 1803. 
Henry, b. Ovid, Feb. 2, 1805 ; prob. d. young. 
Jekemiaii, b. Hector, N. Y.. Feb. 27, 1807. He m. Seneca 
N. Y. , Sally Bennett. They removed West and he d. Owassee, 
Mich., Sept. 18, 1855. No chil. His wife survived him. 













3600. vi. William M., b. Hector, prob. 1809. He m. Seneca Co., 
Rachel Matthews, b. there, dau. Sylvanus Matthews and Elizabeth, 
his wife. They lived South Cass, Mich. 

3601. vii. Rachel R., b. Hector, prob. 1813. 

3602. viii. Jane, b. Hector, April 5, 1815. 

3608. ix, David W., b. Hector, prob. 1817; not m. Lives South 

3604. X. Nicholas H., b. Covert, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1820: not m. 
Lives South Cass. 

3605. xi. John, b. Covert, May 10, 1823 ; d. there j'oung. 

3402. LE:\rUEL DOTY, son Benajah Doty and Elizabeth Chatwin, b. 
Onslow Co., N. C, prob. about 1775; m., :'st, Jones Co., N. C, Monen 
Johnston, b. there, dau. Jacob Johnston and Mary Randall. She d. prob. 
about 1807. He m., 2d, prob. Jones Co., about 1809, Mrs. Susan Randall 

Johnston Williams, b. there, a sister of his 1st wife and widow of 

Williams. He d. Onslow Co., about 1822. 

Lemuel Doty was a prominent man in Onslow Co., which he represented 
in the Legislature and in the convention of 1806 to change the State con- 
stitution. Was also Sheriff of the county for sixteen consecutive years, 
and built with his own means the Onslow County Court House. His 
residence was at Plum Hill, Onslow County. He owned ships which 
sailed abroad and probably was a shipping merchant or capitalist. 

Children, by 1st wife: 

3606. i. Jacob John.ston, b. Onslow Co., N.C., Sept. 10, 1798. 

3607. ii. John Chatwik, b. Jones Co., 1808. 
And by 2d wife: 

3608. iii. Lemuel, b. Onslow Co.. Nov. 18. 1810. 

3609. iv. William Humphrey, b. Onslow Co., Jan. 14, 1813. 

3610. V. James Benajah, b. Onslow Co., April 8, 1816; d. young; 
not m. 

3611. vi. Lewis, b. Onslow Co.; d. young. 

3403. JAMES DOTY, son Benajah Doty and Elizabeth Chatran, b. 
Onslow Co., N. C, 1778; m. there 1804, Elizabeth Farnal, b. there, dau. 

Thomas Farnal and Saunders. He d. Hernando, Miss., Oct. 1846; 

she d. there April, 1847. 

In the fall of 1807 they removed to Maury County, Tenn., and many 
years later to Hernando, De Soto County, Miss. He was County Treasurer 
there, and a Methodist class leader. " He was without an enemy," his 
son writes, and he " never heard of an objectionaable act in his life: a 
better man never lived." 


3612. i. Lemuel, b. prob. Onslow Co., N. C, prob. 1805. 

3613. ii. Catharine S., b. prob. Onslow Co.. about 1806 7. 

3614. iii. William Edward, b. Maury Co., Tenn., April 1, 1809; 
m., 1st, near Courtland, Ala., July 18, 1830, Lucy Jones, b. Meck- 
lenburg City, N. C, April 1, 1815, dau. John Jones and Booth. 

She d. Caddo Parish, La., May 9, 1866. He m., 2d, Murfrees- 

borough, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1868, Eliza Nelson, b. there 1841, dau. 

Nelson and • Graves. He lived in Alabama till 1840 when he 

removed to Greenwood, Caddo Parish, La., where they lived 1883. 
He generally spent summers at Murfreesborough, Tenn. At the 
age of twelve years he was apprenticed to a hatter, but after 
working three years was released, and educated himself for the 


ministry of tlio Methodist ("hurcli. He entered tlie niinistiy Octo- 
ber 5. 18'2S, and served in cliurcli, on circuits, in stations and dis- 
tricts without salary. He educated most of his nephew.sand nieces, 
{,'av(^ largely to hi.s relatives and divided his father's e'-tatc amongst 
them. He also expended .f 26,000 on a college and deeded it to the 
Methodist Episcopal Chur.-h. Soutli. 
Child : 

1. A dau.. 1). Ala.. Jan., 1832 ; d. there 1835. 

3()lo. iv. Ei.i/A, 1.. Maury Co., about 1811: m. 1827, .). W. Cook. 
She d. Carthage, Panola Co., Tex., 1883: 3 chil. 

3Glt). V. John, b. Mauiy Co. , about 181;^: d. Shelby Co., Tenn., 

3617. vi. Mahy Ali'iia, b. Shelby Co., Oct. 22, 1817. 

340-4. JESSE Dt)TY. son of a blacksmith who lived to be over 100 
years old, possibly William Doty of Etisking liidge, N. J. (No. 3303), b. 
Basking Ridge, Sept. 17, 1760: m. there Prudence Hunnewell, b. New 
Jersey, 1761. He d. Cincinnati, O.. Sept. 20. 1827: she d. there, Dec. 
22. 1838. They removed first to Fa. Here he was a constable and a 
farmer. Removed, about 1806. to Cincinnati, ()., where they afterward 
lived. At this time there was not a boat on the Ohio River. 


3618. i., b. proh. about 1786 90. 

3619. ii. William. 

3405. JONATHAN DOTY, son Jonathan Doty and Patience Sutton, b. 
Basking Ridge, N. J., about 1754: in., 1st, prob. in New Jersey, Abigail 
McPhersoii, or, as the name was sometimes written, McFarson. She d. 
Blairsville, Pa., about 1813. He m., 2d. there, Mrs. Nancy Simpson Dixon, 
the widow of Samuel Dixon, and whoso maiden name was Simi)Son. He 
lived to the advanced age of 96 years and d. Blairsville al)out 1850. 

Jonathan Dotj- removed from Hasking Ridge, to Westmorelainl County, 
Pa., soon after the close of the Revolutionary War, probably in 1784. He 
settled in the town of Derry, in that county, and here his children were 
born. Later he removed to Blairsville, where he subsequently lived. At 
Derry. besides cultivating a considerable farm, he probably kept a tavern, 
and being of an industrious and thrify disposition he gathered a consider- 
able property, educated his children well and lived in comfort. In later 
years he became an exhorter of the Metho( Episcopal Church. He 
was greatly respected for the probity of his life and many good qualities. 

Children, by 1st wife : 

3620. i. JnNATiiAN, b. prob. New Jeisey. about 1780. 

3621. ii. John, h. prob. New Jersey, about 1783: m. Crow. He 

d. Blairsville, Pa. They had a dau., who m. and removed West. 

3622. iii. Rohekt, b. prob. Derry, Pa., about 1785. 

3623. iv. Bet.skv, b. Derry, aliout 1787. 

3624. V. Natmaniki.. b. Derry, 1789. 

3625. vi. GiLLi.-^, b. Derry, about 1795. 

3400. ZEBULON DOTY, son Jonathan Doty and Patience Sutton, b. 
Basking Ridge, N. J., prob. about 1758; m., 1st, there, Sarah Rickey, b. 
Basking Ridge, dau. Col. Rickey: m., 2d, Westmoreland Co., Pa., 

widow Rachel Colyer: m. 3d, there, widow ■ INIcWhiston (or McQuis 

ton) of Indiana Co., Pa. He d. Blairsville, Pa. 


He was a Revolutionary soldier, private, minute man of the Somerset 
County, New Jersey, Militia, New Jersey State Troops. After marriage he 
removed to Troy, N. J., and later lived at BaskingHidge, but about 1784-5 
removed to Westmoreland County, Pa., and settled at Derry, near Blairs- 
ville, where several of his brothers soon followed him. This country at 
that time was almost a wilderness, there being but few settlers. He is 
said to have kept tavern for a while, but was certainly a farmer also. He 
made frequent visits to Basking Ridge, where his three oldest children 
were brought up and remained. In a " Census of families at Basking 
Ridge, 1818," made by Rev. Mr. Brownlee, there appears in the list of 
families the name of " Mrs. Colyer and four children," with a note added 
later, "married to Z. Doty in Westmoreland, Pa." It is probable from 
this that this marriage was consummated after 1818. 
Children, by 1st. wife: 
3636. i. David, b. Troy, N. J., Oct., 1780. 

3627. ii. Catharine, b. Troy; m. Basking Ridge, Stephen Southard. 
Tht^y lived Basking Ridge; no chil. 
_ 3628. iii. Nancy, m. Samuel Perry. They lived at or near Belle- 
vijle, N. J. They had a large family. 

3629. iv. PiiEBE. 

3630. V. Andrew. 

3631. vi. Israel, b. Basking Ridge, Aug. 13, 1765. 

3632. vii. Jonathan, lived and d. at Salem Meeting House, West- 
moreland Co., Pa., Delmont. He m. and had a family. 

3633. viii. Maria, m. McCormick. They had a son who was a 

minister of the gospel. 

3634. ix. Sarah, b. Westmoreland Co., 1802. 

3407. NATHANIELDOTY, son Jonathan Doty and Patience Sutton, 
b. Basking Ridge, N. J., Oct 19, 1761; m., about 1790, Jane Bockoven, or 
Bockover, b. Morris Co., N. J., Aug. 24, 1767, dau. Lieutenant George 
Bockoven and ALary Whitekerneek. He d. Derry Township, Westmore- 
land Co., Pa., March 24, 1848. She d. there June 13, 1850. 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The Adjutant General of 
New Jersey certified August 4, 1896: "The records show Nathaniel Doty 
as a private, minute man, of the Morris County, New Jersey, Militia." The 
Commissioner of Pensions certified August 7, 1896: "Nathaniel Doty 
made application for pension November 22, 1842, at which time he was 
residing in Derry Township, Westmoreland Co.. Pa., and eighty-four years 
of age, and his pension was allowed for eight months actual service as a 
private in the New Jersey troops. Revolutionary War; a part of the time 
he served under Captain Carter and Colonel Hathaway. He enlisted at 
Morristown, N. J." His father, his brother, Zebulon, and his father-in- 
law, Lieutenant George Bockoven, were also in the Revolution. He re- 
moved with his wife and two children and his brothers to Derry Town- 
ship, Westmoreland County, about 1795, and purchased a farm there near 
"Alter's," which is now owned by his great-grandson, John D. McCurdy. 
His three brothers, Jonathan, Zebulon and William, and his sister, Re- 
becca (^the whole family except Joseph), removed to Derry Township. 
He and his wife visited their early home in New Jersey thre*^ times. For 
the last few years of their lives they lived with their daughter, Mary Doty 


McCunly, in Deny Township, near Latrobe, Pa. Ho was a man of good 
character and was highly respected by the community in which he lived. 
He was identified with Salem Presbyterian Church, in which his brother 
Jonathan wag an elder, and in the graveyard of which he and his wife 
are buried. 
Children : 

86;Jo. 1. PiiKHK, b. Basking Ridge, 1792. 

3(i3G. ii. .Jonathan, b. Basking Ridge, 1794. 

3G37. ill. Mai:y, b. Derry, I'a.. Sept. 27, 179G. 

3638. iv. Geoiuie. b. Derrv. Aug. 20, 1800. 

3639. V. Patience, b. Derry, March 26, 1806. 

340S. .JOSEPH DOTY, sou Jonathan Doty and Patience Sutton, b. Bask- 
ing Ridge, X. J., Aug. 31, 1764; ni., 1st, prob. Somerset Co., N. J., about 
1788, Ann Hall, b. there Sept. 15, 1770, dau. Tobias Hall and Sarah, his 
wife; she d. Soraerville, N. J., Ai)ril 21, 1804. He m., 2d, Somerville, 
about 1805, Elizabeth Allen, b. Somerset Co., Nov. 14, 1784, dau. John 
Allen and his wife, Mary; she d. Somerville, Nov. 26, 1806. He m., 3d. 
thereabout 1809, Jane Staats, b. Somerset Co.. dau. Abraham Staats. 
He d. Somerville, March 20. 1811. His widow lived tliere and d. Nov. 
18, 1859. 

Joseph Doty was the only one of his father's children wiio remained in 
Somer.«et County, N. J., and probably succeeded to the lands of his 
brothers and his parents there. He was a man of good education and 
address, very popular with all, of large acquaintance, and became 
prominent in the government of the county. For many years he held 
successively the offices of Sheriff, County Clerk and Surrogate, serving 
several terms of each. He amassed a considerable property, which he 
divided between his widow and children by his will, which is on record 
at Somerville, N. J. He provides especially in the will for the 'education 
of his sons, "Jonathan to be kept at Languages and to complete his 
education at College and to .study Divinity, Joseph to lie kept at school 
to complete a good English education and then to become a Merchant." 
The will of his widow is also on file at Somerville, 1859. 

Children, l)y 1st wife: 

3640. i. ToHiAS Hall. b. Somerset Co , N. J., Sept. 17, 1780. 

3641. ii. JoNATUAN, b. Somerset Co., prob. about 1792: not m. ; d. 
Vinccimes, Ind. 

3642. iii. Joseimi, b. Someret Co., about 1799. 
And bv 2d wife: 

364;f. iv. Ann B., b. Somerset Co., Sept. 20, 1805. 
And by 3d wife: 
3644. v. Elizabeth, b. Somerset Co.. July 2, 1810. 

'Umi WILLIAM DOTY, son Jonathan Doty and Patience Sutton, b. 
Basking liidge, N. J., Oct. 8, 1767; m. prob. Somerset Co., N. J., about 

1793, Elizabeth Parker, b. there 1774, dau. prob. John Parker and 

Colwell. He d. Groveland, N. Y., April 13, 1883. His wife survived 
him and d. there March 13, 1845. 

They lived several years at Basking Ridge. N. J., then, about 1 iU7, emi- 
grated to Western New York, but shortly after to Derry, Westniorela'id 
County, Pa., where his brothers had settled. Here they remained till 












1802-3, probably engaged in keeping tavern, then they removed to Grove- 
land, Livingston County, N. Y., where he cultivated a considerable farm. 
Children : 

3645. i. John Paekek, b. prob. Basking Kidge, al)Out 1794. lie en- 
listed in the army in the War of 1812, and d. while at home on sick 
leave, Groveland, about 1814. Not m. 

Jonathan, b. prob. Basking Ridge about 1796. 
Hugh, b. Perry about 171)8. 
Zebulon, b. Derry about 1800. 
William, b. Groveland, Oct. 8, 1803. 

Joseph, b. Groveland about 1606; not m. He enlisted in 
the United States navy and d. in New York harbor. He lies buried 
in the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3651. vii. George, b. Groveland, July 13, 1809. 

3652. viii. Malcolm Smith, b. Groveland, March 30, 181 L 

3653. ix. Patience, b. Groveland, Feb. 12, 1817. 

3411. MOSES DOTY, sou Joshua Doty, b. Basking Ridge, N. J., 
April 1, 1763 ; m., Hanover, N. J., Oct. 1, 1783, Sarah Knox, b. there 
Oct. 1, 1756. She d. Dover, N. J.. Nov. 13, 1820. He d. there March 21, 

They removed soon after their marriage to Dover, N. J., where he 
engaged in the iron business. He built the first forge in Dover, and ran 
it for many years, finally selling it to the Rolling Mill Company. About 
1800 he retired from the business, having saved enough by prudent man- 
agement to enable him to live in comfort thereafter. He was a man of 
sound judgment; prudent and saving, plain and simple in his ways, of 
sterling integrity, temperate in all things. Both he and his wife were 
earnest and pious members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, she 
having been the first convert to its communion in the town. Their house 
became a meeting place for the faithful and a home for the preachers. 
Moses Doty was himself an exhorter, while his wife would go from house 
to house carrying aid to the sick and the poor, and urging her neighbors 
to join the church. 
Children : 

5654. i. Anna, b. Hanover Township, Morris Co., N. J., April 5, 

1784; not m. ; d. Dover, April 23, 1803. 
3656. ii. Mary, b. Hanover Township, March 16, 1786. 

Aaron, b. Dover. Aug. 12, 1788; d. there June 12, 1789. 
Lewis, b. Dover, Aug. 13, 1790; d. there Aug. 13. 1793. 
Aakon (2d), b. Dover, June 1, 1792. 
Sarah, b. Dover, July 26, 1795. 

Moses, b. Dover, Sept. 1, 1797; d. there Nov. 1, 1797. 
And beeides the above they had an adopted son, prob. related to them, 
known a'^ 
3661. viii. Lewis Doty, b. Dover, Jan. 10, 1801. He was living. 1871, 
Stamford, Ct. 

3412. DANIEL DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Grace Colyer, b. 
Basking Ridge, N. J., 1762; m. there, about 1783, Elizabeth Budd, b. 
there, 1765. He d. Somerville, Somerset Co., N. J., Nov. 3, 1833; she d. 
there, Dec. 21, 1843. He was a Revolutionary soldier and a farmer, and 
lived Basking Ridge. He is recorded as a teamster in Wagon Master 
General's Dept. , New Jersey Militia. 











Children, b. 




















Basking Ridge: 

Thomas Budd, b. about 1783-4; d. aged 14 years. 
Eli.iah, b. about 1780; d. young. 
M.\i:y Wkkjiit, b. Juno 12. 17S8. 
SrsAN Stkwakt. b. 1789. 
Samuel Sutto.n, b. Dec. 4, 1794. 
JosEi'ii, b. March 12, 1797. 
I).\NiEL W., b 1800. 
Eliza Anne, b. prob. about 1802. 
Baknabts, b. prob. about 1805. 

3414. JOSEPH DENM^N DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Grace 
Colyer, b. Basking Kidge, Aug. 17, 1767 ; m. there, Elizabeth Johnson, b. 
July 17, 1775. He d. Morristown, N. J.. Aug. 27, 1814. She d. there, 
Feb. 16, 1817. 
Children : 

3071. i. Hannah Ayhes, b. Nov. 24, 1793; ni. David Xorris. Thev 

had 2 ehil. She d. Sept. 20, 1818. 
3672. ii. Thomas Bidd, b. May 28, 1790; not m.; d. Dee. 2, 1819. 
3073 iii. Sami el Johnson, b. Feb. 6, 1798; in. Morristown, N. J., 
Feb. 5, 1824, Phebe Pierson, dau. of Capt. Eli<is Pierson, of New 
Weston, X. J. He d. Morristown, April 29, 1860; no chil. 

3074. iv. Steimien Halsey, b. July 21, 1802. 

3075. V. T.oTT Denman, b. Sept. 20, 1805. 

3676. vi. Thompson Hkadley, b. March 20, 1807; m . near Basking 
Kidge, N. J., Mary Breose, dau. Bailey Breisse. He d. June 20, 
1834. Chil., 3 dans., living in Illinois. 

3677. vii. Eliza Caholine, b. April 4, 1810: m. Basking Ridge. 
Thomas Higgs. They lived Farmington, 111. She d. June 18, 1839. 
They had 1 son. 

3678. viii. Sisan Ann Stewart, b. June 24, 1812: m. 1837, Augustus 
Breese. son John Breeso of Basking Ridge. She lives Somonauk, 
111. Chil., 5 daus. . all living. 

341.'). BARNABUS DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Grace Colyer, b. 
Basking Ridge, N. J., Nov. 12, 1771, known also as Barnard and Barnet 
Doty; ni., 1st. Morristown, N. J., Nov. 26, 1795, Elizabeth Sutton, b. 
Jan. 30, 1771, dau. Uriah Sutton and Elizabeth, his wife. She d. Dec. 27, 
1821. He m., 2d, Mary C. Simpson, b. Feb. 9, 1783, dau. David Simpson 
and Rebecca, his wife. She d. Basking Ridge, July 12, 1833. He d. 
there. 1835. Gravestone at Basking Ridge: "Mary C., dau David and 
Rebecca Simpson and wife of Barnard Doty, d. July 12, 1833. aged 5(» y.. 
5 in., 3 d." 

Children, b. Basking Ridge: 

3079. i. Uriah Sutton, b. Oct. 1, 1790. 
. 3080. ii. PiiERE. b. Dec. 12. 1798. 

3081. iii. Ann, b. Feb. 23, 1801. 

3082. iv. Ei.izaheth Sutton, b. Sept 7, 1803; m. Basking Ridge, 
John Adamson. He d. Morristown, N. J., 1881. She d. Basking 
Ridge, 1868; no chil. 

3083. v. JosEi'ii Harvey, b. March 31, 1800; not m.; lives Morris- 

3684. vi. Daniel Southard, b. Dec. 13, 1808. 

3685. vii. Stephen, b. Sept. 17, 1811; not m.; d. Basking Ridge 

3686. viii. Samuel, b. June 2, 1814. 

341J). STEPHEN DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Grace Colyer. b. 


BasKing Ridge, April 6, 1784; m. there, Anna Sutton, b. there August 19, 
1778, dau. Uriah Sutton and Elizabeth, his wife. He d. Basking Ridge, 
June 16. 1843. She d. there Oct. 15, 1827. Above dates are from tomb- 
stones at Basking Ridge. 


8087. i. Miranda. 

In some way descended from Jonathan Doty (No. 32(5.')) of Basking 
Ridge, N. J., there was living there, in 1818, as is found upon a list of 
families residing there made by Rev. Mr. Brownlee, Mrs. Keziah Doty, 
and also her children. 


3688. i. PiiEBE. 

3689. ii. Hannah. 

3590. iii. Sylvestek, b. prob. about 1807, as may be inferred from 
the date of his marriage. 

As the children's names are given in above order it is probable that 
Phebe, the oldest, was born about 1800. Mrs. Keziah Doty was un- 
doubtedly, in 1818, a widow, but there are no other facts upon record or 
tradition to indicate the name of her husband. 

3421. BENJAMIN DOTY, prob. son Benjamin Doughty, by his 1st 
wife, b. prob. Middlesex Co., N. J., about 1735-40: m. prob. Wantage, N. 
J., a wife, Mary. 

Nothwithstanding that several of the descendants of Benjamin Doty 
have ascribed an eastern origin and residence to him, the evidence seems 
plain and conclusive that he was the son of Benjamin Doughty, and 
grandson of the Benjamin Doughty who married Abigail Whitehead, and 
who lived at Princeton, N. J. The gift of land by Jonathan Whitehead 
to his grandson, in the Minisiiik Angle, led the latter, after his marriage 
and before the Revolutionary War, to settle there, and the lecords show 
him to have been a resident there, 1705 to 1779. The Wallkill and 
Minisink regions are in the present Orange County, N. Y., and adjoin 
the town of Wantage in Sussex County, N. J., where his cousins, Micajah 
and John Doty, sons of Isaac, were living, about the same time. 

It seems plain then that Benjamin Doty, who was living in 1800 at 
Wantage, and whose name appears in deeds there at that time, had 
resided there or in the immediate vicinity for many years, having come 
there with his father, probably as early as 1700. This is further confirmed 
by the fact that his children appear in many deeds on the Orange County, 
K Y., records, as sellers of portions of the Minisink properties, and it is 
apparently to enforce and verify their titles that the deed of gift of 
Jonathan Whitehead, in 1725, to his grandson is filed in 1820 or there- 
abouts in the records of Orange County. N. Y. For imtance: 1797, Isaac 
Doty of Minisink, mortgages part of Lot 9, first division, etc., 197 acres 
for 000£. 1800, Benjamin Doty of Minisink, mortgages lots, part of Lot 
9, for 48 U. 1804, Nathaniel Doty and Abigail sell lots in No. 10. 1809, 
Isaac Doty and Elizabeth, his wife, mortgage part of his farm, 50 acres in 
Lot 9. 

In 1802, November 18, letters of administration were granted to Mary 
Doty and Isaac Doty on the estate of Benjamin Doty of Sussex County, 


N. J. From this it is inferred that Marj- Doty was his widow, as Isaac- 
was his oldest son. 
Children, b. prob. Orange Co., N. Y.: 

30i)l. i. I.-^AAf, b. about 17(iO. 

3692. ii. Ben.i.vmix. b. about 17(il. 

3()93. iii. Amnek, b. about 17()3. 

3G94. iv. N.MiiANiKL, b. about 1770. 

3(59.T. V. Ahchei.iiis. 

3G9(J. vi. John. 

3<)97. vii. TiMOTiiy, b. Nov. 9, 1777. 

3()98. viii. Ei'iiraim, b. 1781. 

3G99. ix. WiLLET. 

3700. X. Jacoh, said to have been the youngest son, and to have re- 
moved to Ohio. Reported as not m. 

3701. xi. Mahy, m. Nathan Everit: removed to Indiana. 

3702. xii. Sakaii, ni. David Patter.son: lived Ridgebury, Pa. 

3703. xiii. Phehe, m. William Hunt: lived Orange Co. " 

3422. KEZIA DOTY, dau. George Doty and Libbie Howell, b. New 
Providence, N. J., prob. 1748, m. there. May 28, 1776, Stephanus Clark, 

b. Passaic Valley, N. J., son Daniel Clark and Shipman. They 

removed later to Hamilton, O. 

Children, b. New Providence: 

3704. i. Polly, m. March 3, 1795, as his 2d wife, Jeremiah Hart 
Osborn, of New Jersey, son Jonathan Howell Osborn and Deborah 
Hart. They removed to Ohio. 


Elmer; was a New Light preacher. 
Sally; not m; was living 1852. " at the Wabash, Ind." 
Deuby, ra. John Biidge, son Benjamin Bridge. 
David, ra. Phebe Allen, dau. Joseph Allen and Lydia 
Potter; lived Ohio. 

3423. SARAH DOTY, dau. George Doty and Libbie Howell, b. New 
Providence, July .T, 1750: m. there, John Clark, b. there, Sept. 12, 1752. 
son John Clark and Sarah, widow of Jeremiah Hart. He d. Luzerne Co., 
Pa.: she d. there, Dec. 23, 1797. 

Children, b. New Providence: 

3710. i. Aaron, b. prob. about 1776 ; bapt. June 4, 1786 ; m. 
Thirza Gore. No chil. 

3711. ii. Philemon, b. prob. about 1778. 

3712. iii. George Doty, b. prob. about 1780. 

3713. iv. Sybil PIowell, b. Sept 9, 1782; m. 1802, David Doty 
(No. 3718). 

3714. V. Sally, b. 1789. 

3715. vi. John. 

3424. JOSEPH DOTY', son George Doty and Libbie Howell, b. New 
Providence, N. J., Jan. 14, 1752: ra. there Jan. 13, 1778, ^lartha (or Patty) 
Allen, b. Washington Valley, N. J., Nov. 15, 1760, dau. Joseph Allen. Jr., 
and Sarah Wilcox. Shed. New Providence, April 13, 1820; hed. there 
Dec. 8, 1844. 

He was a farmer and lived where his grandfather did, in the old home- 
stead, afterward occupied by his daughter, Mrs. Mary Doty Pitts, at Stony 
Hill, New Providence, N. J. He was an elder in th<' Presbyterian Church 
from 1808 till his death. Was very intelligent and greatly respected for 

















371 'J. 







his good judgment and integrity. He served through the Revolution and 
was wounded at the battle at Bottle Hill, near Chatham, N. J. 
Children, b. New Providence : 

Anthony, b. Nov. 5, 1778. 

Allen, b. April 30, 1780. 

David, b. April 3, 1782. 

Saijah, b. Aug. 20, 1788. 

Aaron, b. June 13, 1792. 

Sebel, b. March 8, 1794; not m. She lived in the old 
homestead and d. there Nov. 25, 1872. 

3722. vii. Maey, b. Oct. 5, 1796. 

3723. viii. Martha, b. Dec. 12, 1798. 

3425. GEORGE DOTY, son George Doty and Libbie Howell, b. New 
Providence, N. J., 1756; m. *there Nancy Cook, b. 1771, dau. Johnson 
('ook and Margaret Tappan. They removed, 1804, to Seneca, N. Y., and 
subsequently to Clarkson (now East Hamlin), Monroe Co., N. Y., where 
hed. Sept., 24, 1828, and she d. Feb. 21, 1861. He was a volunteer in 
the Revolutionary War and took part ni the battles on Delaware River. 
He was a private, minute man, Essex Co. , N. J. , militia. 

Children, b. Morris Co., N. J.: 

3724. i. Ambrose, b. Nov. 12. 1792. 

3725. ii. Eliza, b. 1796; not m. ; d. Ontario Co., N. Y., 1822. 

3726. iii. Calvix, b. May 15, 1802. 

342(). DAVID DOTY, son George Doty and Libbe Howel, b. Stony 
Hill, now New Providence, N. J., May 28, 1758; m. Bridport, Vt., May 
1, 1787, Hannah Smith, b. prob. Boonton, N. J., Oct. 17, 1769, dau. 
Samuel Smith and Hannah Allen. They lived Bridport, where he d. Sept. 
21, 1836, and she d. Aug. 29, 1847. 

Children : 

3727. i. Ira, b. Feb 7, 1788. 

3728. ii. Marshall Smith, b. April 26, 1789. 

3729. iii. David Fahkand, b. July 31, 1798. 

3730. iv. Sally, b May 8, 1802. 

3428. JAMES DOTY, son John Doty and Sarah Potter, b. New 

Providence, N. J., Jan. 8, 1757; m. Sept. 29, 1788, Nancy Locey, b. Mend- 
ham, N. J., May 5, 1769, dau. Daniel Locey and Day. He was a 

farmer and lived New Providence, where he d. Dec. 14, 1847, and she d. 
x\pril 19, 1841. They were consistent and honored members of the Pres- 
byterian Church. He was a minute man in the Revolution, in the N. J. 
militia; also, a private in N. J. troops. 
Children, b. New Providence: 

3731. i. Sally, b. July 29, 1789. 

3732. ii. Betsey, b. Oct. 15, 1791. 

3733. iii. Israel, b. July 1, 1794. 

3734. iv. Phebe, b. July 27, 1798. 

3735. v. Jennette, b. Oct. 26, 1802. 

3736. vi. Nancy, b. Nov. 28, 1805; d. March 15, 1813. 

342J). DANIEL DOTY, son John Doty and Sarah Clark, b. New 
Providence, N. J., March 23, 1765; m., Ist, there prob. about 1788, Eliza- 
beth Potter, b. there 1766, bap. there Jan. 25, 1767, dau. Amos Potter. 
Shed. New Providence, prob. about 1792. He m. , 2d, New Providence, 


May 1, 17<)4, Klizabeth Crane, b. there, Dec. 20, 1771, dau. Joseph Crane 
and Huth Miller. lie d. Middletown, ()., May S, 1848; she d. there 

Daniel Doty was an early pion.MM- of the State of Ohio. A hi.story of 
his life was published in " Mc Bride's Pioneer Biograi)hies, sketches of 
the lives of some of the Karly Settlers of Butler County. Ohio," Cincin- 
nati, O. , 1871, from which this account is abridged. 

Daniel Doty received such an education as could be acquired at the 
common schools of that day, but when he had arrived at manhood, the 
fame of the fertility and beauty of the fine country th.-n opening in the 
Far W<»st, attracted him, and he formed the resolution of exploring the 
country and judging for himself. Accordingly, on the 10th of September, 
1790, he left his home and proceeded to Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh, Pa.j, 
whence he descended the Ohio River in a flat-boat to the then infant set- 
tlement of Columbia (now Cincinnati, O.), at the mouth of the Little 
Miami, where he arrived October 23. and concluded to remain. There 
were two hewed log houses standing near the bank of the river when 
Mr. Doty landed, one occupied by Major Benjamin Stites and the other 
by John S. Gano. Ahnost his first action was to enlist as a member of 
the militia company of the place, of which Gano was Captain and Eph- 
raim Kirby was Lieutenant. Every able-bodied man had to be enrolled. 

During the years 1790 2 the country was almost continually in a state 
of alarm on account of the depredations committed by the Indians, and 
Doty with others were continuually called upon to relieve and defend 
stations in their immediate vicinity. They were obliged to constantly 
keep their arms by them, were called upon to <lrill twice a week, and sub- 
ject to alarms almost nightly. In June, 1791, Daniel Doty, and a man 
named French, made an expedition to Danville, Ivy., for the purpose of 
escorting the first Presbyterian minister to their country. This was Rev. 
James Kemper, and he, with his wife and eight children, were safely es- 
corted through the wilderness to ColumV)ia, April :.'4. 1792. Mr. Doty 
left Columbia in a flat-boat and descended the Ohio and Mississippi livers 
to New Orleans, from whence he went by sea to New York and returned 
to his native place in New Jersey. He remained there till the fall of 1795 
when, with his second wife and child, he returned to the Miami country. 
In the spring of 179(5 he, with his wife, Betsey, and their children, re- 
moved to near where Middletown, O., now is, at that time a wilder- 
ness, where he commenced to improve a tract of land which he had pre- 
viously purchased. Here he spent the remainder of his life, and died near 
where he had built his first log cabin, on the bank of the Great IMiarni 
River, about one mile below where the town of Middletown is now situ- 
ated. No track of a wagon had then marked the ground to that place. 
When his cabin was raised and enclosed, he had no tabl(>, chair, bedstead 
nor cradle, and no boards to make them of. But using the abundant 
timber he s|)eedily improvised furniture from tiie slabs, saplings and 
trees, a hollow sycamore forming a cradle in which the babies were soon 
rocked to sleep. 


There wore but few settlers in the neighborliood, and no crops to supply 
the new comers. Mr. Doty had couseciuently to go to Cincinnati for a 
portion of the provisions to supply his family for the first year. He 
carried his corn meal home on horseback, and the wild game, which was 
plentiful, furnished all the meat desired. Mr. Doty took great delight in 
hunting and his adventures and hair-breadth escapes fill many pages of 
the " Biography," to which the reader is referred. 

He was the first collector of taxes in the part of the country where he 
settled, and must have travelled over 1,000 miles in the discharge of his 
duties. He visited New Jersey again in 1800. He lived to witness the 
Miami country rise from a wiklerness covered with dense forests, inhab- 
ited by wild beasts of prey, and Indians still more wild and savage than 
the beasts, to its present high state of cultivation and improvement. 

From a poor adventurer in a strange land, he became a man of wealth 
and influence in the community. ( )n May 2, 1848, he was attacked with 
a bilious fever, and on the 8th breathed his last at the age of eighty- 
three years. His remains were interred in the burying ground, east of 
Middletown, followed to the grave by a large number of relatives and 
friends, and a vast concourse of citizens. Daniel Doty and his wife, 
Betsey, lived together on their farm, near Middletown, more than fifty- 
four years. At the time of his death she was seventy-seven years of age. 

Children, by 2d wife: 

3737. i. Joel, b. New Providence, N, J., Feb. 9, 1795; drowned in 
Great Miami River, O. 

3738. ii. NoAii, b. Middletown, O., May 6, 1796; d. there 

3739. lii. John, b. Middletown, Dec. 15, 1797. 

3740. iv. Daniel C, b. Middletown, Aug. 9, 1799. 

3741. V. Bet.sey, b. Middletown, Jan. 16, 1801; m. there Nov. 28, 
1819, her cousin, Ambrose Dotj- (No. 3724). 

HuLDAH, b. Middletown, Jan. 8, 1803. 
Orpha, b. Middletown, June 8, 1804. 
Sarepta, b. Middletown, Feb. 16, 1806. 
Joseph, b. Middletown, Jan. 7, 1808. 
James Millek, b. Middletown, Oct. 8, 1809. 
Jekusha, b. Middletown, Jan. 9, 1814. 
Eli AS, b. Middletown, June 23, 1815. 

3430. JOHN DOTY, son John Doty and Sarah Clark, b. New Provi- 
dence, N. J., 1767; m. Pliebe ("ooper, b. Hanover, N. J. He d. Indiana, 
prob. 1849. They emigrated, about 1799, to Southern Ohio, but not liking 
it returned East and settled in Ontario Co., N. Y., near Geneva, where 

they lived for many years; later thej' removed to Lagrange Co., Ind. 
Children : 

3749. i. Electa, b. Whippany, N. J., Nov. 26, 1793. 

3750. ii. Harriet, b. Whippany; ra. Benjamin Farley. They lived 
Bun Oak, Mich. 

3751. iii. John Lewis, b. Whippany. 

3752. iv. Maky Voorhees, b. Phelps, X. Y.: ra. Cotton Dickinson. 
He d. She lives Junius, N. Y. 

3753. V. Chahle.s G., b. Phelps; m. Cynthia Jane Haviland, dau. 
John Haviland and Polly, his wife. They lived Clear Spring, now 
Ringgold, Ind., but removed to Michigan, where he d. His widow 
m. again; address Mrs. Cynthia Woodworth, Lansing, Minn.; chil. 
































;{4.'{1. BHTSEY DOTY. dau. John Doty and Sarah Chirk, h. Provi- 
dence, N. J., .Ian. 15, 1772; m. there March 22. 1794, Stephanu.s Clark, b. 
there, prob. about 1770. They removed to Butler Co., O.. where he d. 
prob. about 1825, aged 55. She d. Vermilion Co., Ind., Feb. 0, 1852. 
Children (this list prob. correct): 

John, d. at 19 years. 


ZiNA, b. Butler Co., O. , April 2-1, 17!)9. 


Auk A II AM Doty. 

JoTiiA.M Doty, m. Betsey Patten. He d. Ohio. No chil. 

Ei.i/.AHKTii Doty. 

EzKA. b. Fairfield Township, Butler Co.. Oct. 26. 1806. 

:H:i* JANE DOTY, dau. John Doty and Sarah Clark: m. Ohio, 
Samuel Clark. They removed from Ohio to Illinois. 

3762. i. James. 

3763. ii. .\HBY. 

3764. iii. Sahah. 

3765. iv. lioHEUT. 

3766. V. Phoebe, lives Davis Co. , Kas. 

3767. vi. Daniel, lives near Warsaw, 111. 

3435. ZINA DOTY, son John Doty and Sarah Clark, b. New Provi- 
dence, N. J., Nov. 11, 1783: m. Butler Co., O., Sarah Moore, b. New 
Providence, Nov. 11, 1787, dau. Levi Moore and Hannah Enyart. lied. 
Fairfield Townshij), Butler Co., March 4, 1834. She d. there Feb. 20, 
1850. Their remains lie in the graveyard 1 mile north of Princeton. 
Butler Co. He removed to Ohio with his father in the last days of 1799. 

Children, b. about 6 miles west of Hamilton, Butler Co. : 

3768. i. Electa, d. infancy. 

3769. ii. Jame.-*, d. aged 10 years. 

3770. iii. Levi, d. aged 14 months. 

3771. iv. John, d. aged 1 year. 

3772. v. Elizabeth. 

3773. vi. Mahy. 

3774. vii. Hannah Mooki:. b. April 19, 1819. 

3775. viii. Noah, b. July 3, 1826. He d. Otter Creek Township, Vigo 
Co., Ind., Nov. 13. 1862. His widow, Mrs. Jane Doty, lives Terre 
Haute, Ind. 

3776. ix. Sarah. 

3777. X. LoviNA, b. July 17, 1831. 

;{44(». HENRY DOTY, son Nathaniel Doty and Abigail Clark, b. 
Mendham. N. J., 1754: m. there, 1774, Mary Lorain, dau. Samuel Lorain. 
They lived M.'ndhain. He d. 1798. His will, dated Marcli 15. 1798. is on 
record at Trenton, and devises his estate to his wife. Mary, and his dau.. 
Abigail Pool, and Sibbel Laurence. The will was proved at Morristown, 
March 26, 1798. 

Children : 

3778. i. Abigail, b. Mendham. 1775: in. there, 1796, Col. William 
Pool, son John Pool. Hed. 1836. Shed. 1837. 

3779. Ii. Sibbel, b. Mendham, April 15, 1779. 

:U4'2. HENRY DOTY, .son Isaac Doty and Mary, his wife, b. Stony 


Hill, Elizabethboro, N. J., about 1769; m. prob. in the same vicinity 
about 1792, Mary Davis. 

They lived in Washington Valley, N. J., where he d. May or June, 
1797. His will, dated May, 23, 1797, and proved at Plucl<emin, N. J., 
July 29, 1797, is on record at Trenton, N. J. It bequeaths his property 
partly to his beloved wife, Marj', and the balance equally to his children, 
without naming them. 

Children, b. Washington Valley, N. J.: 

3780. i. Isaac, b. June 1, 1793. 

3781. ii. Phebe, b. Dec. 17, 1795. 

3782. iii. Henry, b. about 1796. 

3443. RACHEL DO FY, dau. Isaac Doty and his wife, Mary, b. Stony 
Hill, Elizabethboro, N. J., about 1763-4; m. prob. there, David Stewart, 
b. Washington Valley, N. J., and who is siid by Littell, in his " His- 
tory of the Families of the Passaic Valley, N. J.," to have been a son of 
Joseph Stewart of Washington Valley, who m. Mary, the widow of 
Samuel Doty. There is probably some error in the name given hereof 
of her first husband. They lived Washington Valley. 

Children : 

3783. i. Samuel, not m.; d. at 24 years 

3784. ii. Mary, m. Ezekiel Decamp, sou Ezekiel Decamp. 

3785. iii. Isaac. 

3786. iv. Phebe, m. Abner Rino, son John Rino of Piscataway, 
K J. 

3787. V. Sarah, m. Lewis Willet, son Thomas Willet. 

3788. vi. William Doty, b. Oct. 1, 1794. 

3789. vii. David, m. Sophia Rice; they removed to Georgia, and 
she d. there. 

3790. viii. Rachel, m., as his his 2d wife, Michael O'Connor, whose 
Ist wife was her sister Rhoda. 

3791. ix. Rhoda, m. Michael O'Connor. He m., 2d, her sister, 

3792. X. Margaret, m. Aaron Bennett, son Aaron Bennett. 

3793. xi. AXNE. 

3794. xii. Eliza, m. Joel Pangborn, son Richard Pangborn. 

3457. SOLOMON DOUGHTY, son Joshua Doty and Sarah Doyle, b. 
Somerset Co.. N. J., Sept. 26, 1772; m. Somerville, N. J., March 9, 1796, 
Mary Pierson, b. Elizabethtown, N. J., April 3, 1775, d£tu. Jonathan Pierson 
and Agnes Ludlow. He d. Somerville, Dec. 20, 1827. She d. there July 
6, 1856. 

He was a prominent and wealthy resident of Somerville, interested in 
many of the business projects which have added to its growth and general 
welfare. He was a man of large acquaintance and influence, and of high 
social standing in the community. He wrote his name Doughty, being 
influenced largely by his acquaintance with neighboring families of that 
name. He was a General of the militia force of the State. 

Children, b. Somerville: 

3795. i. Agnes, b. Dec. 12, 1790. 

3796. ii. Joshua, b. Feb. 25, 1799. 

3797. iii. Elizabeth Pierson, b. Oct. 25, 1803: m. Somerville, Feb. 
26, 1828, Dr. Charles H. .lactkson of Rockaway, N. J. They re- 
moved to New York City. She d. New Providence, X. J., July 28, 


1838: no chil. 
379S. iv. SiNKrs Piehson, b. Oct. 15. 1808; not m.: d. Oct. 20. 1832. 
371)9. V. EicJENK Solomon, b. .Mav 12. 1811. 

3800. vl. S.vHAii M.MUA. b. July 13, 1814; d. New Providence, Julv 
25, 1838; not m. 

3458. :\rARGARET DOTY, dau. .loshua and Sarah Hoylo, b. Long 
Hill, N. .J., Aug. 2, 1777; m. there Feb. 20. 1794, Joseph Bullman, b. there 
Feb. 21, 1774. lied. Basking Ridge, N. J., 1830. His widow removed 
West and d.. 1838. at the residence of her son, Lacon, HI. 

His parents lived on Long Hill, on the main road which led from Eliza- 
bethtown Point to Basking Ridge, but they removed before tlie Revolu- 
tion to Pennsylvania. Joseph Bullman, however, remained, and after his 
marriage lived at Basking Ridge. His name appears in a list of the resi- 
dents made in the fall of 1818 by Rev. W. C. Brownlee, pastor of the 
church there. 

Children, b. Basking Ridge: 

3801. i. Si SAX, b. 1795; not ra. ; d. 1858. 

3802. ii. Mahia, b. 179S. 

3803. iii. Evki.ina, b. 1801. 

3804. iv. .Joshua Doty, b. Feb. 21. 1806. 

3805. V. LoTT, b. July, 1811. 

34(J0. CORNELIUS DOTY, son Samuel Doty and his wife, Keturah, 
b. New Jersey, Sept. 1779; m. Pennsylvania, Catharine Sutton. The 
Buttons were an old and honorable family at Basking Ridge, N. J., with 
many representatives there. Hem. again. 
Children, by 1st wife: 

8806. i. Jame.s, was killed, 1833, in the Black Hawk War. 
3807. ii. Ei.isiiA, b. Sept. 7, 1800. 
And by 2d wife; 

3S08. iii. CoKXEi.n s. lived Central Illinois, near Springfield. 

3809. iv. Samiei,, was in the army. 

34(».'). CORNELIUS DOTY, son Cornelius Doty and wife unknown, b. 
prob. Cambridge, N. Y., about 1704; m. prob. there about 1790, a wife. 
j\Iary Ann. They prob. removed shortly after m. to Half Moon, Saratoga 
Co., N. Y., where the county records show that, Feb. 4, 1790, "Cornelius 
Dovighty " bought certain plots of land, to which lie added bj' further pur- 
chases in 1796. At what time they removed from there is uncertain, but 
he d. prob. Western, Ont'dia Co., N. Y., about 1835. His wife survived 
him and d. Western, after 1846, in which year she united in a deed of 
property there. 

Children, b. prob. Western : 

3810. i. Levi. 

3811. ii. Ann, m. Richard Lampheer. 

3812. iii. John, b. Nov.. 1801. 

3813. iv. Te.mi'ehance. m. P. John Jones. 

3814. V. PiiEiiE, m. John Grenio. 

3815. vi. jMAKinA, m. Moses Thomp.son. Onedia Co., N. Y. Re- 
cords. 1837. Temperance Doty. Phebe Doty and Martha Doty of 
Western, N. Y., heirs of Cornelius Doty, quiteclaim their rights as 
heirs of his estate to John and Levi Doty. 

3816. vii. :\Iaky. m. Sebastian Waffle. 

3400. JOHN DOTY, son Cornelius Doty and wife unknown, b. prob. 


Cambridge, N. Y., about 1768-70; m. prob. Half Moon, N. Y., Catharine 
Phillips, b. 1774, dau. Philip Phillips. He was a farmer and removed, 
about 1808, to Western, Onedia Co., N. Y., where he d. 1826. She d. 
Chaumont, Jefferson Co., N. Y., about 1858. 

Oneida County, N. Y., Hecords. 1808, October 8, John Doughty and 
Samuel Tubbs buy at Western, Oneida County, N. Y. 1814, John Doty 
bought more land adjoining above. 1836, he sold a portion of above to 
George Keach. 1828, Baptist Doughty and his mother, Catharine 
Doughty, sold their interest in above property to George Keach. 


3817. i. James, b. Half Moon, N. Y., 1792. 

3818. ii. Polly, b. Half Moon; m. Jesse Tobias. After his d. she, 
with her son, removed to C^alifornia, wliere she d. 

3819. ill. CoHNELius, b. Half Moon, May 3, 1799. 

3820. iv. Baptist, b. proh. Half Moon, perhaps wrote his name 
Doughty; ra.; lived St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., where he prob. re- 
moved, 1828, Perhaps removed later to Wisconsin. They had a 
dau. who m. Henry Peoples. They removed to Michigan. 

3821. V. Philip, b. prob. Half Moon; was not m.; went to Nxuvoo, 
111., 1856, and became a preacher among the Mormons. Not heard 
from since. Oneida Co., N. Y., Records. 1844. Philip Doty buys 
for $1,200, the interest of his brother, Samuel, in land at Western, 
N. Y. 1846, Philip Doty sold to George Brayton, ^ undivided 
part of land at Western, being premises recovered by Anna Tubbs 
in an ejectment suit against John Doty. 

3822. vi. Phebe, b. prob. Half Moon. 
3828. vii. Sarah, b. Western, N. Y. 

3824. viii. Hetty, b. Western; d. 1814. 

3825. ix. Andrew Garvky, b. Western ; not m ; was a Methodist 
preacher; lived Walworth, N. Y. 

3826. X. Samuel, b. Western, Feb. 2, 1813. 

3470. LUCUS DOTY, son Cornelius Doty and wife unknown, b. prob. 
Half Moon, N. Y.; m. prob. there or Western, N. Y., a wife Polly. He 
d. before 1836, and is said to have been killed at the battle of Sackett's 
Harbor, in the War of 1812. She m. , 2d, there, - — ■ Louk. 

Oneida County, N. Y., Records. 1830, George Van DeWarica and 
Phebe, his wife, of Western, said Phebe being the daughter of Lucus 
Doty, late of Western, deceased, who was son of Cornelius Doty, de- 
ceased, quitclaim all their interest as heirs of both Lucus and Cornelius 
Doty to John Doty and Levi Doty. 1836, Seth Winchel and Lucy, his 
wife, of Western, quitclaim to John Doty and Levi Doty all their interest 
as heirs of Lucus Doty, son of Cornelius, and heirs of Polly Louk, 
formerly wife of said Lucus. 

Children, b. Western, N. Y.: 

3827. i. Phebe, b. prob. about 1816-18; m. George Van DeWarica, 
of Western. 

3828. ii. Lucy, b. prob. about 1816-18; m. Seth Winchel of Western. 

3471. JOHN DOUGHTY, son Thomas Doughty and Skillman. b. 

Virginia; m. Jane Ellis. He d. aged 90. He emigrated to Kentucky, 

Children : 

3829. i. James Ellis, b. Nicholas Co., Ky., Nov. 23. 1804. 


38:^0. ii. Wii.UAM. 

3831. iii. M.VKY N. 

3832. iv. Makgahet C. 

:US1. KATE DOTY, (lau. Levi Doty aud his 1st wife, b. prob. Penn- 
sylvani.a about 1774: ra. prob. Dansville, N. Y.. John Van Deventer, son 
Christopher Van Deventer and iMarj\ his wife. Tiiey lived Dansville. 

Children : 

3833. i. Ei.cT, m. Amariah Hammond. 

3834. ii. Maky, ni. Thayer. They removed to Delphi, Ind. 

3835. iii. Daniel, m. Bradney, b. Dansville. Thev removed 

about 1830, to Delphi. 

34SS. MARY DOTY, duu. Levi Doty and Mary Van Deventer, b. New 
Jersey, r78(>; ni. James Jenning. 

3836. i. Christoimieu, resides Belfast, N. Y. 

:{4S-t CIIKISTOPHEIl DOTY, son . Levi Doty and Mary Van 
Deventer; b. .Somerset Co., N. J., July 20, 1788: m. Arkport. Steuben Co., 
K. Y., Lucinda Hyde. b. Wilkesbarre, Pa., Dec. 7, 17!H, dan. William 
Hyde aud Catharine Hurlbut. He d. Hornellsville, N. Y., Api'il 25, 1857; 
she d. there Sept. 14, 1870. 

Children : 

3837. i. Mai:v E., b. Doty's Corners, X. Y., Oct. 17, 1815. 

3838. ii. LvDiA.b. Doty's Corners, Oct. 1, 1817: d. Iloniell.sville, 
3Iay 2, 1844. 

3839. iii. Wimiam Hyde, b. Hornellsville, Feb. 26, 1820. 

3810. iv. Cathakine, b. Hornellsville, Aug. 26, 1822: m. Alanson 
Stephens of Hornellsville. She d- about 1864. 

3841. V. Ei.i/A, b. Hornellsvilh'. May 17, 1825. 

3842. vi. Oov, b. Hornellsville. July 20, 1827. 

3843. vii. Fi;ankun Bkn.iamin, b, liornellsville, April 15. 1830. He 
enlisted April 22, 18()1, at the outbreak of the Rebellion, and was 
made Captain of Co. G of the 23d N. Y. Vohuiteei.s, with whi('h 
command he served two years. He was in command of hi.s com- 
pany at the engagements of Rappahannock Station. Suljihur Sjuings, 
Goveton, Gainesville, 2d Bull Run, Chantilly, South Jlountain, An- 
tietam and Fredericksburg. He return«>d home, helped to raise the 
17!)th Regt., N. Y. Volunteers, of which he became liieut.-Col. He 
was in command of his regiment at the Battle of Cold Harbour, 
and at the first a.s.sault on Petersburg, June 17, 1864, where he was 
ilangerou.sly wounded and sent homo on leave of absence. He re- 
joined his regiment in time to assist in the capture of Weldon Road, 
Aug. 17, 1864, and was in conunand at the battles of Poplar 
Grove Church and Hatcher's Run. He was on constant duty 
in front of Petersbug during the winter of 1864 5 and fell while 
gallantly leading a charge in the final assault on Petersburg, April 
2, 1865, receiving a wound from which he d. April 5, 1865. 

3844. viii. Maktix Van Bikkn, b. Hornellsville, Nov. 1, 1832. 

3845. ix. Levi Mkt( ai.kk, b. Burns, N. Y., April 3. 1835. He en- 
listed in the fall of 1862 as private in Co. F, 14lst N. Y. Volunteers, 
and was afterward promoted sergeant for soldierly contluct. He 
served in th(^ 20th Army Corps with Gen. Hooker, was in all the 
battles from Chattanooga to Atlanta, and marched with Sherman 
to the sea. He served to the close of the war, was honorably dis- 
charged aud settled at Hornellsville, where he lived, not m., 187!). 


3485. OCY PENNINGTON DOTY, dau. Levi Doty and Mary Van 
Deventer, b. Pluckemin, N. J., Oct. 19, 1791; m. Dausville, N. Y., Feb., 
1807, John Metcalfe, b. I'hiladelphia, Pa., Oct. 19, 1778, son John Met- 
calfe of Yorkshire, England and Ann White. He d. Bath, N. Y., 1839; 
she d. there, Dec, 1837. 


3846. i. Mary Doty, b. Dansvillo. May 10, 1809. 

3847. ii. James Doty, b. Dansville, .July 24, 1810. Went West 
about 1840. Last heard from at Stevens Point, Wis. 

3848. iii. Nancy, b. Dansville, Jan., 1812: not m.: d. Bath, 1865. 

3849. iv. JoHX DoTY. b. Bath, April, 1815; m. a wife, Emily A. 
No chil. She resided, 1880, Springwater, N. Y. 

3850. V. Elizabeth Cameron, b. Bath. 1817. 

3851. vi. Levi Dott, b. Bath, 1S20; notm; d. 

3852. vii. William Doty, b. Bath, 1822; d. 1824. 

3853. viii. William Woods, b. Bath, 1824: d. 1830. 

3854. ix. OsiE Doty, b. Bath, 1826; m. Lansingburgh, N.Y., i860, 
John G. Lamberson, b. Jamaica, L. L He was a lawyer. He d. New 
York City, April, 1878. She lives Sanford Hall, Flushing, N. Y. 

3486. ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. Levi Doty and Mary Van Deventer, 
b. Somerset Co., N. J., 1792; m. Dansville, N. Y., 1807, John Gregory, b. 
about 1782, son Jeremiah Gregory. Both d. 1828. 

Children, b. Dansville, N. Y.; 

3855. i. Minerva, b. 1807; d. 1857. 

3856. ii. Mary, b. Feb., 1811 ; d. 

3857. iii. Levi Doty, b. 1815 : d. 1847. 

3858. iv. William Doty, b. Feb. 14. 1819. 

3859. V. Peter Doty, b. April 22, 1822. 

3860. vi. Christopher, b. 1823; m. Betsey Jane Redfield. They 
lived Hornellsville, N. Y. 

3861. vii. Elcy Ann, b. 1825 ; m. John Smith. They live near 

3487. ELCY DOTY. dau. Levi Doty and Mary Van Deventer. b. 
Elmira, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1795; m. Steuben Co., N. Y., 1815, Anthony 
Vanscoten Hollister, b. Eastern Penn., April 1, 1795, son .John Hollister 
and Elizabeth Vanscoten. He d. Wauzeka, Wis., April 3, 1873; shed, 
there July 14, 1873. They resided Stueben Co., till 1836. then at 
Turnersville, Pa., till 1854, when they removed to Wauzeka. 

Children, b. Steuben Co. : 

3862. i. Marietta, b. .June, 1816. 

3863. ii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1818. 

3864. iii. Osee, b. June, 1820. 

3865. iv. JxVMEs J., b. Sept. 17, 1827. 

3488. SARAH DOTY, dau. Levi Doty and Mary Van Deventer, b. 
Elmira, N. Y., 1796; m. William Webb. 


3866. i. Caswell, lives Kansas. 

3867. ii. David, lives Kansas. 

34S9. WILLIAM DOTY, son Levi Doty and Mary Van Deventer, b. 
Elmira, N. Y., April 9, 1798; m. Burns, N. Y., Jan., 1827, Amanda 
Patrick, b. Arkport, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1806. They removed from Burns to 
Meadville, Pa., 1836, and to Hornellsville, N. Y.. 1840; he d. there, 
June 14, 1872; she d. there, Aug. 6, 1877. 


Childion : 

;5S(5S. i. Rachel I.., b. Burna, Dec. 10, 1827. 
38G9. ii. LoviXA Patiuok, b. Burns, Oct. 11, 1830. 

3870. ili. Ei.i/AHKTii S. , b. Burns, Dec. 2(;. 1833: not m. Is a 
school teacher, HornelLsvilh!. 

3871. iv. Jti.ia Ann P. B.. b. Meadville. Pa., .June 29, 1S3S. d. 
Ilornellsville, :\Iay 5, 1848. 

34»0. PKTKR DOTY, son Levi Doty and Mary Yan Deveiiter. b. 
Elmira, N. Y., June 20. 1800; m. Burns, N. Y., Jan. 4, 1830, Betsey Ann 
Webb, b. Carmel, N. Y., 3Iarch 23, 1811, dau. Jesse Webb and Delana 
Finch. He was a farmer. They lived, 1885, Turnersville, Pa., where she 
d. 188G. Hed. June 11, 1889. 

Children, b. Turnersville: 

3872. i. PiiKHE Ann, b. Sept. 17, 1832; ni. Turncnsville, June IS, 
1809, as his 2d wife, (ieorgo Waf2;iier Brown, li. tiiere June IS, 1834, 
son Jacob Trace Brown and Haciiel Wagner. Tiiey reside there. 
No chil. , but Mr. Brown had 2 chil. by his 1st wife. 

3873. ii. :>[aky Ann, b. Nov. 5. 1886. 

3874. iii. Nancy Jakvis, b. Jhu. 18, 1839. 

3875. iv. De Lana Weuk, b. Aug. 14, 1844; not m.; lived, 1880, 

3876. V. Uh.sui.a Chapman, 1). ,lan. 1G, 1849. 

:W.)'2 WILLIAM DOUGHTY, son Skillman Doughty and Hannah 
lladen, b. Basking Ridge, N. J., July 10, 1782; m.tliere 1803, Sarah 
Ayers, b. there 1785. He d. Seneca Co.. N. Y., Sept. 15, 1812. She m , 
2d, there 1815, David Hallock. She d. Ovid. N. Y., 1808. 

(Children, b. Somerset Co., N. J.: 

3877. i. David A., b. Oct. 19, 1804. 

3878. ii. Eci'hkmia, b. 1800; m. Horace Dean: thev lived Seneca 
Co. Shed. 1870. 

3879. iii. William IIaydkn, b. Feb. 2, 1810. 

34J>4. ANNA DOUGHTY, dau. Skillman Doughty and Hannah Haden, 
b. Basking Ridge, N. J., May 4, 1785; m., 1st, Mahlon Gleason; m.,2d, 
Ira Giddiiigs. She d. Nov., 1871. 

C'hildren, by 1st husb. : 

3880. i. Zeiula (Gleason). 

3881. ii. LroLow (Gleason). 
And by 2d husb. : 

3882. iii. William D. (Giddings), lives Geneva, N. Y. 

:{4!).'>. BliN.lAMIN DOUGHTY, son Skillman Doughty and Hannah 
lladen, b. Basking Ridge. N. J., Feb. 1, 1787; m. prob. NewJereey, 1808, 
Jane Lewis, b. Yirginia. He was a farmer. She d. Romulus. N. Y'., 
Jan. 7, 1859. He d. there May 13, 1873. 

They removed in 1811 to Romulus, N. Y. Seneca ( ounly, N. Y. . Deeds. 
1811, Benjamin Doughty of Lancastei', Seneca County, N. Y., buys lot 
No. 80 in village of Lancaster. 1818, Benjamin Doughty of Wayne. 
Steuben County, N. Y., buys at Tyrone, same county, and with ,lan(\ his 
wife, sells again 1829. 

Children : 

3883. i. Maktha, b. Somerset Co . X. J., May 19, ISlO; m. Peter 
Koon; had chil. She d. May 22, 1850. 

3884. ii. Maria, b. Seneca Co., N. Y.. Jan. 1, 1812. 


3885. iii. Almenaii, b. Nov. 5, 1814; m. Cornelius Carmen: she 
lives Romulus. N. Y. 

3886. iv. Samuel Havdex, b. Dec. 21, 1816. 

3887. V. Phebe, b. Tyrone, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1819; d. May 1, 1864. 

3888. vi. Jane, b. Tyrone, Sept. 20, 1821; m. Warren IT. Garaber. 
He d. She lives Romulus. 

3889. vii. Hannah, b. Tyrone, Dec. 21, 1823; d. March 12, 1872. 

3890. viii. Skillman, b. Tyrone, Sept. 20, 1826. 

3502. AZARIAH DOTY, son John Doty and Rebecca Jamison, b. 
prob. Burke Co., K C, April 22, 1781; m. Madison Co. , Ky., Feb. 23, 
1817, Betsey Gordon. He was carried in infancy from North Carolina to 
Kentucky, where his father was one of the first settlers of Garrard Co. 
She d. Garrard Co., Dec. 19, 1854. He d. there March 17, 1865. 

Children, b. Garrard Co.: 

3891. i. Ben.iamin Franklin, b. March 9, 1818 ; lives Hj-attsville, 

3892. ii. VoLNEY, b. March 18, 1820. 

3893. iii. Jame.s M., b. April 15, 1822; lives Hyattsville, or per- 
haps Louisville, Ky. 

3894. iv. Emily, b. Aug. 23, 1824; m., 1st, Arnold; m., 2d. 

James Black; m., 3d, Henry B. Arnold. She d. Hyattsville; no 

3895. v. Jane G., b. May 5, 1826; m. John Y. Leavell: she d. 

3896. vi. John Gordon, b. Dec. 25, 1828. 

3897. vii. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 23, 1831. 

3898. viii. William Marshall, b. Dec. 25, 1834:lives Missouri. 

3503. JESSE DOTY, son John Doty and Rebecca Jamison, b. Garrard 
Co., Ky., Dec. 21, 1782; m. Sarah Cumly, a Quakeress from Maryland. 
He d. Garrard Co., Jan. 11, 1867. 

Children, b. Garrard Co., all farmers and stock raisers : 

3899. i Enoch, not m.; went South with horses and d. of fever in 

3900. ii. Sabritt, b. July 18, 1806. 

3901. iii. Cykus, b. April 4, 1813. 

3902. iv. Alfred, notm. ; killed by accidental discharge of a gun. 

3903. V. William, d. yoimg. 

3904. vi. Ann, b. Jan. 22, 1810. 

3905. vii. Jane, d. infancy. 

3504. ANN DOTY, dau. John Doty and Rebecca Jamison, b. Garrard 
Co., Ky., Feb. 28, 1784 ; m. John Bruce. They lived Lewis Co., Ky., 
where both d. 

Children : 

3906. i. Thirza, m. Gau. 

3907. ii. Mehala. 

3908. iii. Tho.mas, b. Lewis Co.: lives Qaincy, Ky., or perhaps 
Yanceburgh, Ky. 

3505. SARAH DOTY, dau. John Doty and Rebecca Jamison, b. Gar- 
rard Co., Ky., Oct. 15, 1786; m. Thomas Royston. 


3909. i. William W., b. Richmond, Ky., Dee. 8, 1823. 

3910. ii. Ann, m. ■ Broaddus : live Kirksville or Lowell, Ky. 

3506. JOHN DOTY, son John Doty and Rebecca Jamison, b. Garrard 
Co., Ky., July 16, 1788; m. there April 22, 1833, Elizabeth Jane Traylor, 


b. there June 12, 1803, dau. Micajah Traylor and Jane Sasseen. lie 
lived on his father's old homestead farm, and besides working four 
hundred acres of land, kept a blacksmith shop, a mill, and raised horses. 
Known generally as Jack Dotj% of a very generous disposition, and a 
kind-hearted friend, he was very popular throughout the region. He d. 
on his farm Sept. 4, 1838. His widow ni. Nov. 4, 1841, John Y. Myers. 
He d. Aug. 24, 1863. She lived Ilyattsville, Ky., in full possession of her 
faculties, very active and industrious, till her death. She was a nn-mber 
of the Christian Church for 60 years, and scarcely over missed a service. 
She d. June 5, 18fl5. By her 2d husband she had a child, Fannie May 
Myers, b. Aug. 21, 1842. m. Charles Farrer, and lives near Lexington, 

Children, b. Garrard Co., Ky. : 

3911. i. John, b. June 7. 1831: d. same day. 

3912. ii. Kkhkoca Jane, b. Oct. 29, 1835. 

3913. iii. Ei.izA Ann, b. March .'5, 1838. 

;J50». ISAAC DOTY, son Azariah Doty and Sarah Tucker, b. Burke 
Co., N. C, Jan. 28. 1780; ni. Gn>enville, Tenn., Nancy Flanncry, b. Vir- 
ginia, dau. William Flannery and p]lizabeth Baldon. They removed, about 
1827, from Tennessee to Adrian Co. , Mo., whore he d. She d. Howard 
Co., Mo. 

Children : 

3914. i. Wii.i.iA.M Fi,ANNi:i:v, b. Tennessee. Dec. 14, 1799. 

3915. ii. Hehkcca, b. Greene Co., Tenn., April 18, 1801. 
3910. iii. Poi.i.v, b. Greene Co. 

3917. iv. AzAKiAH, b. Greene Co., Oct., 1804. 

3918. V. Enoch, b. Greene Co., Dec. 18, 1806; lives Centralia, 
Boone Co. , Mo. 

3919. vi. EuzAnhTn, b. Greene Co., Nov. 10, 1810. 

3920. vii. Henky, b. Bedford Co., Tenn., Jan. 22, 1813. 

3921. viii. Nancy, b. Bedford Co.. Oct. 13, ISIT). 

35 10. ENOCH DOTV, son Azariah Doty and Sarah Tucker, b. Greene 
Co., Tenn., Oct. 25, 1783; m. Rutherford Co., Tenn., Feb., 1806, Sophia 
Western Hardinian, b. there July, 1788, dau. Thomas Ilardiman and 
Susannah Hill. He d. Bedford Co., Tenn., Sept. 22, 1811. She d. Clay 
Co., Mo., 1830. 

Preston Leach Doty reports that in 1810 William Doty, an own cousin 
of his father, Enoch Doty, and a sou of John Doty, came from Kentucky 
to Tennessee. In September, 1811, William Doty and Enoch Doty were 
pcuflling, when Enoch gave Avay and began to throw up blood, and lived 
but nine days. William Doty stayed and gathered the cvo]), got up wood 
for the winter, etc., and then left for the South. In 1815, Daniel Dotj', 
brother to William, visited Mrs. Sophia Doty in Tennessee, and then left 
for Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, where he married and has now a son 
there, probably at New Lexington. 

These could not have been .sons of John Doty, who had but five chil- 
dren, as named. The Postma.ster of New Lexington, Alabama, says that 
he knows nothing of any Daniel Doly, but that there are or were in that 


1. Richard Doty, d., who has a son. Jasper Doty, Reform, 
Pickens Co.. Ala. 

2. Joseph Doty, d. 

3. A family of Dotys at Northport, Ala. , from none of whom 
replies to inquiries have been received. 

Children : 

3922. i. Malinda Houston, b. Rutherford Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 

3923. ii. Peeston Leach, b. Bedford Co., Tenn., May 18, 1811. 

8614. EPHRAIM DOTY, son Azarlah Doty and Sarah Tucker, b. 
Greene Co., Tenn., Aug. 22, 1795; m. Sarah Cooper. He lived New- 
mansville, Tenn., on the old home farm, which was settled by his father 
about 1782. His son, William C. Doty, lives on the farm. 

Children, (4 — 1 son and 3 daus.): 

3924. i. Sally, b. July 24, 1820. 

3925. ii. William C. 

3515. JESSE DOTY, son Azariah Doty and Sarah Tucker, b. Greene 
Co., Tenn., Feb. 22, 1798 ; m., 1st, there May 25, 1819, Rebecca Hum- 
bird; shed, there July 7, 1839. He m., 2d, there, Aug. 19, 1841, Mrs. 
Temperance Stonecipher Thompson, b. June 14, 1814, dau. Solomon 
Stouecipher and Elizabeth, his wife, and widow of William Thompson. 
He d. Rheatown, Tenn., Jan. G, 1860. She lived, 1882, Laurel Gap, Tenn. 
Children, b. Greene Co., Tenn., by 1st wife: 
James Calvin, b. Sept. 3, 1820. 
Elvin.v, b. Feb. 6, 1822; d. Aug. 24, 1823. 
Alpheus, b. March 21, 1824. 

Azariah, b. .June 3, 1827; lives Hillsborough, Ind. 
JoHX, b. June 25, 1829. 
Sami-el L., b. Aug. 13, 1831. 

Charles Bright, b. April 5. 1834. He emigrated to Mis- 
souri. Enlisted there in one of the early organizations of the Mo. 
army in 1861, which was subsequently Gen. Sterling Price's Divis- 
ion of the Confederate army. He was in Co. E. 3d Infantry. 1st 
Brigade of that division, and d. Marietta, Ga., of wound received 
in the battle on Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. 

3933. viii. Joseph Dunkin, b. May 16, 18:56. 

3934. ix. A son, d. infancy. 

3935. X. A son, d. infa.ncy. 

3936. xi. A dau. . d. infancy. 
And by 2d wife : 

3937. xii. Nathan, b. May 15. 1842 ; d. about 1876. Left widow and 
3 chil. , 1 son and 2 daus. 

3938. xiii. Betsey, b. Nov. 1, 1843; d. Sept. 9, 1868. 

3939. xiv. Maey Ann, b. Sept. 18, 1845; not m.; lives Laurel Gap, 

3940. XV. Sarah Jane, b. Jan. 8, 1849; m. John Bowser. They live 
Laurel Gap. 

3941. xvi. Isaac L., b. March 30, 1851 ; lives Laurel Gap. 

3942. xvii. Jesse Mays, b. May 15, 1853. 

3943. xviii. Enoch H., b. Feb. 7, 1855 ; lives Holton, or Americus, 

3944. xix. Ephraim A., b. Oct. 25, 1957; lives Laurel Gap. 

3945. XX. A dau. , d. infancy. 

3517. JOHN DOTY, son Peter Doty and Susannah Magdalen Boyle, b. 
Morris Co., N. J., April 21, 1787; m. Washington Co., Pa., Sept. 17, 1810, 

























his cousin. Betsey Ayres (No. 3501). Thoy removed to yptirta, ()., where 
she d. June 4, 184(1, and he d. Fell. 24, 1875. 
Children : 

394G. i. EsTiiEi:, li. Washington Co., Pa.. July 4, Ibll. 

3947. ii. I'KTKi;, h. S[)arta, Jan 27, 1813; lives Bennington, (). 

3948. iii. Isa.xo, b. Sparta, Nov. 12, 1814. 

3949. iv. M.vKY, b. Washington Co., July 13, 1820: not m.: lives 
Sparta, with her sister. 

3518. JOANNA DOTV, dan. Peter Doty and Susannali Magdalen 
Boyle, b. prob. Morris Co., N. J., about 1790: ni. Mt. Vernon, O., John 
Davis. He was a Baptist minister. They lived Sparta. O. 






:io\U. FRAZV DOTY, son Peter Doty and Susannali Magdalen Boyle, 
b. Sehoharie Co., N. Y., June 1, 1792; m. Knox Co., O., prob. Mt. 
Vernon, Nov. 2(), 1816, Martha Mills, b. Montgomery Co.. O., Jan. 11, 
1800, dau. Joseph Mills and Jane Stoten. He was a farmer, and d. Sulli- 
van Co., Mo., Sept. 15. 1879. She lived, 1886, Lindlej-, Mo. 

Ili.s widow and children state positively that he was born in Schoharie 
Co., N. v.. which establislies the fact that fc is parents removed there 
first from New Jersey, before emigrating to Ohio. In 1799, with his 
parents removed to and settled near Mount Vernon, ( ). , where lie remaine i 
till his marriage, shortly after whicii he removed to near Ithaca, O. Here 
their children were born and they remained till April, 1868, when they 
emigrated to Missouri, where some of their children had preceded them. 

Children, b. Ithaca. O.: 

3955. i. William, b. Jan. 24, ISIS. 

3956. ii. Jaxe, b. Oct. 2, 1819; m. George IMcGiff. He was a 
shoemaker. He d. July 14. 1876. She lives Trenton, Mo. 

3957. iii AnKiAiL, b. May 18, 1822: m. Ithaca. John Caywood. They 
live Ithaca. 

3958. iv. .IciiN, b. Sept. 13. 1824 ; ni. Ithaca, Mary Snider. He is a 
retired merchant. Th(>y live Gait, Mo. 

3959. V. Elisiia, b. Dec. 19, 1826. 

3960. vi. Nancy, b. Feb. 2, 1829 ; m. Ithaca, William Caywood. 
They live near Castine, O. 

3961. vii. Delila, b. Aug. 2, 1831 ; m. Ithaca, Nicholas Caywood. 
He is a shoemaker. Tliey live Trenton, Mo. 

3962. viii. Sahah, b. Aprir26, 1834. 
MAiniiA. b. March 18. 1837. 
SrsANNAH, b. June 3, 1839. 
Ei'iiUAi.M, b. July 11, 1841; d. Sept. 24. 1841. 
Levi. b. Nov. 24, 1S42. 
Fhazy, b. June 13, 1848 : d. Feb. 17. 1850. 

:}52(). EPIIRAI.M DOTY, son Peter Doty and Susannah Magdalen 
Boyle, b. Morris Co., N. J., Nov. 22, 1795: m. Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., O., 
Jan. 15, 1824, Sally Blake, b. Whitestone, N. V.. Sept, 2, 1798, dau 
William IJlake and Hannah Spraguc. They live Jacksonville, 111. 

Children, b. Knox Co., O : 





















3968. i. Wii.UAM, b. Nov. 15, 18'24. 

3969. ii. Freeman, b. June 27, 1836; not m.: d. April 12, 1851. 

3970. iii. Peter, b. April 6, 1829; not m.; d. Nov. 7, 1865. 

3971. iv. Ememne E., b. .Jan. 2, 1832; m. Jacksonville, IlL, April 8, 
1855, II. G. Whitlock. She d. Jacksonville, Jan. 12, 1856; no chil. 
lie is a lawyer, lives there. 

3972. V. Hannah A., b. Nov. 22, 1833. 

3973. vi. Marv Jane, b. Aug. 21, 1836. 

3521. MARTHA DOTY, dau. Peter Doty and Susannah Magdalen 
Boyle, b. prob. Schoharie Co., N. Y. , prob. about 1798; m. Mt. Vernon, 
O., Oct. 25, 1816, Nathaniel Davis. They lived Bennington, O. 

Children : 





Jesse, lives Marysville, O. 

3523. SUSANNAH DOTY, dau. Peter Doty and Susannah Magdalen 
Boyle, b. Mt. Vernon, O., Oct. 18, 1805; m. there March 28, 1831, Israel 
Swaney, b. Pennsylvania, Feb. 25, 1808, son Daniel Swaney and Mary 
Ann, his wife. He d. Oct. 9, 1875. She lives Beaver Dara, O. 

Children, b. Allen Co., O. : 

3979. i. William, b. Sept. 12, 1831 ; m. Bureau Co., 111., Aurilla 
Anthony; lives Uniontown, Kan. 

3980. ii. Mary Ann, b. Jan. 1, 1834; m. Peter Manges. She d. 
Oct. 18, 1875. 

3981. iii. GEoKCiE Washington, b. March 18, 1836; m. Allen Co., O. 
Isabelle Swearingen; live Beaver Dam. 

3982. iv. Naxov, b. July 28, 1838; lives BluPfton. O. 

3983. V. Sarah, b. Dec. 7, 1840; d. June 17, 1860. 

3984. vi. Martha, b. Oct. 6, 1845; d. April 8, 18t)8. 

3985. vii. James, b. May 15, 1843; d May 24, 1870. 

3986. viii. Cynthia, b. July 1, 1848. 

3524. NANCY DOTY, dau. Peter Doty and Susannah Magdalen 
Boyle, b. Mt. Vernon, O., Feb. 9, 1807; m. there April 9, 1828, William 
Pearl. She lived, 1886, Sparta, O. 


3987. i. Peter, lives Rossville, O. 

3988. ii. Alexander. 

3989. iii. Jackson. 

3990. iv. William. 

3991. V. James. 

3992. vi. Jane. 

3993. vii. Ellen. 

3994. viii. Isaac. 

3995. ix. Alvin. 

3996. X. George, lives Sparta. 

3532. GEORGE WASHINGTON DOTY, son Isaac Doty and Eliza- 
beth Hammond, b. White Plains, Westchester Co., N. Y., 1S09; m. 
W'ashington, D. C. , 1854, Julia Lynch, dau. Dominick Lynch. Her sister 
became the wife of Commodore Charles Wilkes, the distinguished naval 
officer and explorer. Her father was a large landholder in Oneida Co., 
N. Y. George Washington Doty was Post Captain and Brevet Com- 
modore of the U. S. Navy. Was appointed midshipman Jan. 4, 1833, and 


graduallj' rose in rank to abovo. He d. New York City, Ajiril 17, 18(iU. 

His widow m. Henderson and lived, 1880, Washington. She was 

engaged in Indian Bureau. Dept. of Interior. 

39!)7. i. (iEoiKU-: llEMiY, h. IH'}[). Hf was ai)iiointt'd a cadet in the 
U. S. revenue cutter service, May '22, 1H7H; coniinissioned 3d Lieut , 
June 11, 1880: 2d Lieut.. July f, 188(i: resigned from the service, 
Nov. 12, 1889. He served on a number of revenue steamers on the 
Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and was with the second expedition of 
the steamer Corwin to tlie .Arctic regions, in 1881, in search for the 
missing steamer .leannette. He is now connected with Little, 
Brown & Co., publishers, Boston. 

:{:>36. EDWIN HAMMOND DoTY. son isaa.- Doty and Elizal)eth 
Hammond, b. White Plains. N. Y., 1822, m. Katharine M. Bunker. He 
was a physician: lived Brooklyn. N. Y. . and Washington. I). C. Both d. 

3i)98. i. Yii:gisi.\ Blnkek. m. Lieut .-Com. ]\Iullen. They 

live Washington. 
39l)i). ii Jrr.iA Ei.i.ex Ilixr, m. and lives Jamesburgh, N. J. 

4000. iii. JosEi'HiNE Ei.iz.\nETn. 

3537. ABRAHAM DOTY, .son Joseph Doty and Anna Winlicld, b. 
Wantage. N. J., Dec. 24, 1780: ra. there about 1801, Mrs. Jane Cole Wil- 
cox, b. Oct. 23, 1778. Hem., 2d, Mrs. Hannah Elj-ea Decker, widow of 
Henry Decker. He was a farmer. Wantage, where he d. , 18()2. 

Children, bv 1st wife: 

4001. i. " JosKiMi. b. June lo. 1808. 

4002. ii. Anna. b. Aug. 2'.». 1805; m. Wantage. Christopher M. 
El.ston. Tliey lived Wantage. 

400;l iii. Samuki. Coi.E, b. Sept. 12, 1807. 

4004. iv. L<)i:ena, b. July 22, 180i»: m. Morris Sliarp. Slie d. Dec. 
21, 18(>5. They lived Lafaye.tte, N. J. 

4005. v. David Ciikistv, b. Feb. 26. 1811; he lived Waterloo 
Mills, N. Y. 18()!), Sarah Doty of Dingman, Pa., conveys land at 
Waterloo Mills, to David C. Dotv- 

4006. vi. Hii:am, b. March 2o, 1822. 

3:>4(). ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. Jo.seph Doty and Aim.i Winlield. b. 
Wantage, N. .1., March 28, 17S8 : m. Daniel Smith. 

Child : 

4007. i. (' \i iiAi.'iNK, not m. 

3542. MICAJAli DoTY, son John Doty and Hannah .Martin, b. Wan- 
tage, N. J., Jan. 12, 1785; m. Woodland. W. \'a., April 7, 1808, Martha 
Ramsey, b. Jan. 9, 1792, ilau. Josepli Ramsey and Nancy Sharp. He re- 
moved with his parents to Yirginia, settled at Woodland and lived to see 
the country pros])erous about him. He d. Woodland, May 20, 1855; .she 
d. there April 6, 1871. 

Children, b. Woodland: 

4008. i. .\(iNi:s, m. Edward (iregg; shed. .VdairCo., .Mo. 

4009. ii. Ha.nnau. b. 1815. 

4010. iii. Mauv, m. Fn-d.riek Sndth, ; live Prairie Bird, Mo.; 

no chil. 

4011. Iv. SrsANNA, m. Benjamin Smith: both d. 

4012. V. Rachel, m. John Smith; live Prairie Bird, Mo. 


4013. vi. JoHX, b. July 22, 1827. 

4014. vii. MioAJAii, b. Dec. 24, 1832. 

3543. JOSEPH DOTY, son John Doty and Hannah Martin, b. "Wan- 
tage, K J., May 28, 1790. He lived Virginia till 1808, then removed to 
Ohio and m. Nov. 21, 1811, Eleanor Richardson. He d. Nov. 19, 1866, 
prob. Chillicothe, O. She d. Sept. 15, 1871. 

Children, b. prob. Ross Co., O. : 

4015. i. Mary, b. May 15, 1813 ; m. Thomas. 

4016. ii. JoHX ]\I.\RTiN, b. May 17, 1815. 

4017. iii. Hannah, b. Aug. 22, 1817; d. Dec. 17, 1849. 

4018. iv. MiEANDA, b. March 28, 1820: d. Sept. 7, 1834. 

4019. v. Manley, b. July 2, 1822; d. Aug. 20, 1824. 

4020. vi. Eliza, b. Aug. 2, 1825. 

4021. vii. William C, b. Oct. 19, 1827. 

3546. ABNER DOTY, son John Doty and Hannah Martin, b Wood- 
land, W. Va., Sept. 17, 1802; m. Portsmouth, O., July 27, 1830, Luinie 
Burriss, b. Fleming Co. ,Ky. ,May 5, 1808, dau. Horatio Burriss and 
Rachel Truitt. He d. Portsmouth, Sept. 17, 1844. She lived, 1880, Cin- 
cinnati, O. , with her son. 

Children, b. Portsmouth : 

4022. i. Amanda Frances, b. May 8, 1831. Burned to death while 
attending school April 14, 1836. 

4023. ii. Robert Stockton, b. Dec. 26, 1833. 

4024. iii. John Marvin, b. Dec. 20, 1835 ; not m. ; lives Cincin- 

4025. iv. B. Frank, b. March 18, 1838; not m.; d. Hot Springs, 
Ark., Oct. 29, 1878. 

4026. V. Annie, b. April 9, 1840. 

4027. vi. Irene, b. Feb. 11, 1842; m. Cincinnati, O., Oct. 1, 1867, 
Armer D. Morrison. They live Euglewood, 111. 

3562. MARY DOTY, dau. John Doty and Esther Hunt, b. Somerset 
Co., N. J., 1784; m. Knox Co., O., 1808, John Miers. They removed, 
1809, to Licking Co., O. He d. about 1830. She d. 1868. 

Children, b. Licking, Co. : 

4028. i. Elizabeth, b. 1809 ; m. Kentuck Miers. They lived near 
Hebron, O. 

4029. ii. Simon, b. 1811. 

4030. iii. John, b. 1813. 

4031. iv. Jacob, b. 1815. 
40.32. V. Mary, b. 1817. 

3563. ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. John Doty and Esther Hunt, b. 
Somerset Co., N. J., 1786: m. Knox Co., O., 1809, Archibald Crawford. 
She d. Hancock Co., O., about 1860. He d. Barnesville, O. 


4033. i. Jane, b. 1810. 

4034. ii. Mary, b. 1812. 

4035. iii. Margaret, b. 1814. 

4036. iv. John, b. 1817; d. Barnesville, O. 

3564. JEREMIAH DOTY, son John Doty and Esther Hunt, b. Som- 
erset Co., N. J., 1788; removed with his parents, when a child, first to 
Virginia and then to Knox Co., O.; m. there May 29, 1810, Ann Merrit, b. 
Pennsylvania, 1787, dau. Mathew Merrit and Elizabeth Leonard. Mathew 


Menit was au early settler of Knox Co., ().. and was Justice of the 
Peace. Jeremiah Doty was a soldier in the War of 1812, in Capt. McAr- 
thur's Company. They removed, 1825. to Marion Co., O. She d. Aug. 
27, 1889. J led. Feb. 3, 1851. 

4037. i. John, b. Knox Co., Aug. 20, 1811. 

4038. ii. Mathew Mekbit, b. Knox Co., Oct. 2(j, 1813. 
4030. iii. Jane, b. Knox Co., 1810. 

4040. iv. CiiuisTiAX, b. Knox Co., 1818: not ni. : d. 1832. 

4041. V. Thomas, b. Knox Co., 1820. 

4042. vi. EsTiiEK, b. Knox Co., Dec. 29, 1822. 

4043. vii. Betsey, b. Knox Co., July C, 1825. 

4044. viii. Jekemiaii. b. Marion Co., 1827 ; d. 1839. 

3506. JANE DOTY, dau. John Doty and E.sther Hunt. b. Somerset 
Co., N. J., 1792: m. Knox Co., O., July 13, 1808, Samuel Baxter. She d. 

Children, b. Knox Co.: 

4045. i. Sahah, b. 1809. 

4040 ii. M.VKV, b. Aug. 18, 1811. 

4047. iii. John, b. 1813: m. , 1st, Elizabeth Woolf: m. again: had 1 
child. They lived Knox Co. 

3507. ESTHER DOTY. dau. John Doty and Esther Hunt. b. Brooke 
Co., W. Va., 1790: m. Knox Co., O., :\[arch 25, 1819. Nathan Farmer. 

Children : 

4048. i. Doty, b. Lock, O. 

4049. ii. Folly, m. Horn. 

4050. iii. DoKOAS, m. Beach. 

4051. iv. Van. b. Millwood, O. 

4052. V. Nokmax. 

356cS. JOHN DOTY, son John Doty and Esther Hunt, b. Brooke Co., 
W. Va., Sept. 17, 1797: m. Mt. Vernon, O., Dec. 10, 1819, Elizabeth 
Ustick, b. Wheeling, Ohio Co., W. Va., Jan. 8. 1802, .lau. Abner Ustick 
and Rachel Brown. He was a farmer in good circumstances and d. 
Marengo, ()., Aug. 7, 1878. She d. there March 10, 1881. 

Children : 

405;i i. Stei'iikn, b. Knox Co., O.. Nov. 4. 1820. 

4054. ii. John Mii.i.ek, b. Knox Co., May 3, 1S22. 

4055. iii. Sakait Jane, b. Knox Co., Aug. 31, 1S24. 
4050. iv. Rath EL, b. Knox Co., Oct. 20, 1820. 

4057. V. MoKGAX Bliss, b. Knox Co., Oct. 1. 182S: m. ;Morrow Co.. 
O., Dec. 15, 1852, Hannah Gardner. They live Buffalo, N. Y. 

4058. vi. Maky Elizaheth, b. Knox Co., Nov. 24. 1.S30. 

4059. vii. Ika, b. Knox Co., Oct. 3, 1832. 

40G0. viii. Esther Ann. b. Knox Co., Sept. 24, 1834: d. Bennington. 
O., Oct. 13, 1838. 

4001. ix. Samuel Noe, b. Bennington, Oct. 31, 1837: d. there June 
3. 1858. 

4002. X. Thomas, b. Bennington. June 24, 1840. 

4003. xi. Nancy, b. Bennington, May 12, 1842. 

4064. xli. Henky Ustick, b. Bennington, July 28, 1844. 

3569. ANNA DOTY. dau. John Doty and Esther Hunt, b. Brooke Co., 
W'. Va., 1802; m. Mt. Vernon, O., March 4, 1824, Adam Glaze, Jr., b. 


Chamber8burgh, Pa., 1799, son Adam Glaze and Eve Baker. They lived 
Mt. Vernon, lie d. there Aug. 9, 1854. She d. there March 24, 1881. 
Children, b. Mt. Vernon: 

40(55. i. Alexaxdek, b. 1825 ; d. infancy. 

40(i(i. ii. Lekoy N., b. 1826; lives California. 

4007. ill. Sarah Jane, b. .July 29, 1832; m., 1st, John G. Mead; m., 

2d, Robert Bowland. They live Mt. Vernon. ; have 2 chil. 
40G8. iv. Elizabeth Clementine, notm.; lives Mt. Vernon. 

4069. v. Columbus Delano, lives Mt. Vernon. 

4070. vi. Anna Bliss, ra., 1st, Mt. Vernon, James McGiffen, b. Jan. 
10, 1838. He d. there April 12, 1870. She m., 2d, there, Wallace 
D. Ransom. They live Mt. Vernon. 1 child by 1st husb. 

4071. vii. LucKETiA Margaret. 

3570. SARAH DOTY, dau. John Doty and Esther Hunt, b. Brooke 
Co., W. Va., 1805; m. Knox Co., O., Dec. 23, 1839, Jonathan Beach. She 
d. 1844. He d. 1845. 


4072. i. Mart Jane, b. 1830. 

4073. ii. Adaline, b. 1832. 

4074. iii. Esther Ann, b. 1885. 

4075. iv. William Napoleon ; was killed at the Battle of Shiloh. 

4076. V. Ellen, m. Stanley Miller; live Mt. Vernon, O. 

3571. SAMUEL BROWN DOTY, son John Doty and Esther Hunt, b. 
Brooke Co., W. Va., Oct. 26, 1807; m. prob. Knox Co., O., Sept. 20, 1827, 
Margaret Crider. He lived Mt. Vernon, and was a large operator in real 
estate there. He d. Aug. 21, 1873. She d. July 20,11884. 

Children, b. Knox Co.: 

4077. i. Martin, b. Aug. 4, 1828. 

4078. ii. Folethia Ann, b. May 1, 1830; m. Knox Co., July 2, 1848, 
Leonidas Holiway. He served in the army as a volunteer in both 
the Mexican War and the War of the Rebellion. They live South- 
worth, O. He is a farmer. 

4079. iii. William Elberne, b. July 4, 1832. 

4080. iv. Sarah Jaxe, b. Aug. 20. 1834; m. Mt. Vernon, Freeman 
Burke. He served as a volunteer through the War of the Rebellion. 
They live Mt. Vernon. 

4081. V. Mary Esther, b. 1837 ; d. 

4083. vi. John Burr, b. Nov. 26, 1843; d. Sept. 14, 1843. 

4083. vii. Samuel B., b. 1839; d. 1871. 

4084. viii- Catharine, b. 1841; m. John Boots. He is a Methodist 
preacher, Iowa. 

4085. ix. David Thomas, b. May tl, 1847; d. Jan. 32, 1849. 

3572. ABRAM DOTY, son Peter Doty and Catharine Voorhees, b. 
Morris Co., N. J., about 1782; m. Brooke Co., Va. (now W. Va.), Nov. 1, 
1801, Mary Dunbar, b. prob. Virginia, 1783. When about 12 years of age 
his parents removed to Brooke Co., where he lived till 1814, when he re- 
moved to Central Ohio and settled near Ashland. 

Abram Doty and his wife are said to have been strict Presbyterians, 
and led conscientious lives devoted to the care and education of their 
children. He was a farmer and died Ashland, O. ,■ early in 1843. Letters 
of administration on his estate were granted March 11, 1843. His widow 
survived him some time, and died at the residence of one of her daughters, 
Sulphur Springs, O., about 1860, at the age of seventy-seven years. 

Children : 

























James, ]>. Hrooke Co., Va.. Sept. 5, 1808. 
Petkk, h. Brooke Co., or .IffTersoii Co.. O., Julj' 22, 1804. 
Ei,iz.\HKTii, b. Brooke Co., Aug. 31, 1806. 
■loiiN, b. Brooke Co.. June 15, 1809. 
JosEi'H, b. Brooke Co., Aug. 3, 1813. 

M.\i:th.\. b. .V.shland Co., ().,.lun(' 14, 1815: m. William 
They d., leaving no issue. 
Ja(Ks(in, b. Ashland Co.. June 4, 1816. 
Samubi., b. Ashland Co., bept. 18, 1818. 
Maky, b. Ashland Co., Sept. 10, 1820. 
Sakah. b. Ashland Co., Sei)t. 18, 1822. 
Jane. b. Ashland Co., June 19, 1827: m. Jackson Mo- 
Caniniou. They live Mt. Gilead, O. 

3577. ELIZABETH DOTY. dau. Cornelius Doty and Abigail Brown, 
b. Somerset Co., N. J., March 6, 1801; m. there Sept. 12, 1829, James 
Quick Saums, b. there Sept. 8, 1806, son Minna Saunis and Catharine 
Post. They lived Somerville, N. J., where he d. May 7, 1864. She d. 
there Feb. 26, 1878. 

Children, b. Somerset Co. : 

4098. i. Catiiakine. b. Aug. 4, 1830. 

4099. ii. Petei; B. Dimoit, b. Nov. 9, 1833; d. Sept. 12, 1862. 

4100. iii. Ei.i/.AUETii Maky Jaxe, b. May 19, 1847; d. July 4, 1867. 

357S. JOHN DOTY, son Cornelius and Abigail Brown, b. Somerset 
Co., N. J., July 30. 1804; m. New Brunswick. N. J., Jan. 7, 1826, 
Rebecca Wyckoff, b. there. He d. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1863; shed, there, 
April 29, 1878. They settled New Brunswick, where they resided until 
1842, when they removed to Brooklyn. Ho was a lumber merchant, in 
which bu.siness he amassed a competency. He was an incorruptible mer- 
chant, and was greatly respected and esteemed for his probity and worth. 

Children, b. New Brunswick, N. J.: 

4101. i. iViAKY Em/abeih, m. Theodore F. Kinney. They live 
Newark, N. J. 

4102. Ii. Isauei.i.a Di NMAM, notm.: d. lirooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 27, 

4103. iii. SrsAX Wyckoff, m. Royal Stowe Hubbard. He d. 
Brooklyn; she lives there. 

4104. iv. Ahhy Anx. m. Brooklyn, John M Burt, a produce broker. 
They lived Brooklyn. He d. Jan. 24, 1890, aged 50. 

4105. V. James Ci.akk, b. Aug. 11, 1838. 

4106. vi. Wyok'|)FF. d. 

4107. vii. John Myi;on; went to Alabama. 

4108. viii. Fkkdehr'K Ai.heijt, d. 

3580. JANE CHIVIS DOTY, dau. Cornelius Doty and Abigail 
Brown, b. Somerset Co.. N. J., April 20. 1815; m. there, Dec. 31, 1840, 
Peter Sti-yker Van Duyn. b. there, Jan. 1, 1815, son Dennis Van Duyn 
and Gertrude Stryker. They live Bound Brook, X. J. 

Children, b. Somerset Co. : 
( \) 4109. i. Jonx Doty, b. Aug. 24, 1842; m. Alarch 26, 1807, 
^ Rebecca Hadwicke. They live Jersey City, N. J. 

4110. ii. Geutiudk Stuykek, b. July 18, 1844: m. Dec. 24, 1867, 
Nicholas Cornell. 

4111. iii. I\Iai:y Kli/ahktii Dorv, b. Oct. 2, 1845; m. William H. 


4112. iv. George Van Nest, b. Nov. 18, 1847; m. Rachel Aim Vree- 
land. They live Jersey City. 

4113. V. Peter Wyckoff, b. April 6. 18o0; d. Sept. 21, 1854. 

4114. vi. Abby, b. May 9, 1852; d. Sept. 9. 1854. 

4115. vii. AuLETTA Virginia, b. March 8, 1854; d. Oct. 3, 1854. 

4116. viii. Petek Wyckoff, b. April 22, 1858. 

35S(). PATTY DENNIS, dau. Reuben Dennis and Sally Doty, b. 
Somerset Co., N. J., m. William Williams. She d. Ovid, N. Y. 

4117. i. Sarah, b. prob. Ovid; ra. prob. there, her cousin, John 
Doty (No. 3593) ; she d. there. 

358S. JOHN DENNIS, son Reuben Dennis and Sally Doty, b. Somer- 
set Co., N. J., Oct., 1778; m. prob. Ovid, N. Y., Sarah Cain. He d. 
Ovid, July, 1863; she d. there, 1806. 

Children, b. Ovid: 

4118. i. John, b. Aug. 27, 1810; Methodist minister; lives Belloua, 
N. Y. 

4119. ii. Fanny, m. Kinney. 

4120. iii. Stephen, b. April 14, 1815; lives Sheldrake, N. Y. 

4121. iv. Eliza. 

3592. EPHRAIM DOTY, son John Doty and his wife. Charity, b. 
Piscataway, N. J., Oct. 15, 1791; m., let, there July 25, 1813, Eunice 
Correll (or Coriel), b. there Dec. 12, 1791, dau. David Correll. She d. 
New Market, N. J., May 9, 1833: he m., 2d, there about 1839, Mrs. Catha- 
rine Jenkins, b. May 16, 1799. She d. New Market, Dec. 16, 1855. He 
lived New Market, which formed a part of the town of Piscataway. 

1823. March 12, Ephraim Doty of Piscataway, bought land there of 
John Giles, being part of that sold by his father, John Doty, in 1817. He 
d. New Market, Jan. 8, 1858, having been killed by being thrown from a 

Children, b. New Market, N. J., by 1st wife: 

4122. i. Eliza, b. Nov. 28, 1815; d. July 30, 1827. 

4123. ii. John Mandeville, b. March 12, 1816; enlisted in the United 
States Army, and was killed in FJorida during the Indian War, 
about 1844. 

4124. iii. David Correll, b. April 12, 1820. 

4125. iv. Ephkaim, b. Nov. 24, 1820 ; was accidentally burned to 
death, Sept. 12, 1824. 

4126. V. Mary, b. April 16, 1821; m. New Market, Thomas Carter; 
they had 2 daus., 1 m. Thomas Soper and lived Metuchen, N. J.; 
the other m. Bloomiield and lives Metuchen. 

4127. vi. Lewis, b. 1823. 

4128. vii. Cornelia, b. 1825; m. New Market, Jacob Martin; she 
lives Perth Amboy, N. J. 

4129. viii. Stillman Randolph, b. April 22, 1827. 

4130. ix. Elizabeth, b. 1830; m. New Market, John Whitworth ; 
they live Perth Amboy. 

And by 2d wife: 

4131: X. William Henry Harrison, b. Jan. 31, 1841; lives Ar- 
lington, N. J. 

4132. xi. John, b. May 13, 1843; was in the War of the liebellion. 
and was killed in battle, 1863. 


■ly.y.l. .lolIN DOTY, soil John Doly and his wife, Ciiaiity, b. I'iscata- 
way. N. J., prob. about I7i)0 3; m. Ovid, N. Y., about 1S20. Ids cousin, 
Sarah Williams (No. 4117). About 1842 they removed to Illinois. 
Children : 

4183. i. Lewi.s, b. Ovid, about 1S22 ; leanicd the trad.- of hatter 
there, but left there when about 20 yt-ars of age. He wa.s murdered 
at Colusa, Cal., 1872. 

4134. il. J.\Mi:s. 

4135. iii. Maktii.v. 
4130. iv. Jane. 

3195. ELIZAI5ETII DOTY, dau. Jacob Doty and Aulchy Huff, b. 
Ovid, N. Y., .March 12, 1798; ni. Covert, N. Y., Aug. 6, IHlo. (Jarrot 
Wickoff, b. Somerset Co., N. J., April 13, 1790, son Garret Wickoff and 
his wife. Sarah. They lived Ovid, where hod. Jan. 16, 1842. His widow 
removed to Michigan, and lived, 1874, ]\Iacon, prob. later Flint. 

Children, b. Ovid: 

4137. i. Jahed, b. Nov. 10, 1817; ni. Ovid, Jan. 2. is.50. Marv Ann 
Waldron, b. March 6, 1833. She d. Aug. 9, 1851: he lives South 
Cass, Mich. 

4138. ii. Penki.i.v. b. Jan. 16, 1820: m. Ovid, Dec. 2, 1840, Corne- 
lius S. Boice: live Waukesha, Wis. 

4139. iii. Jacob D(.tv, b. Dec. 28, 1821; m. Mary Morgan; live 
I>ellona, X. Y. 

4140. iv. Jamks Henkv. b. Dec. 9. 1824: lives California. 

4141. V. Sakaii. Jank, b. Dec. 21, 1826; m. Simon Van Noys, b. 
New Jersey, Jan. 25, 1806. They lived Coldwater, Mich. 

4142. vi. Catharine Ann, b. Jan. 7, 1828. 

4143. vii. Letty Maria, b. Dec. 20, 1830. 

4144. viii. .loiiN Edward, b. June 28, 1833; lives with his sister, Mrs. 
l>oice, Waukesha, Wis. 

4145. ix. Nancy, b. Oct. 7. 1835; m. July 7, 1860, Shad- 
rach 8. Richardson, b. New Bedford. ISIass , July 30, 1822. They 
live Macon, or perhaps removed to Flint. 

3o»6. RICHARD HUFF DOTY, son Jacob Doty and Aulchy Huff. b. 
Ovid, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1801; m. Covert, N. Y., April 21, 1825, Esther 
Barlow, b. Delaware Co., N. Y., Nov. 28, 1808, dau. William Barlow and 
Marj' Smith. He d. Hillsdale, Mich., Sept. 21, 1855. She lives, 1886, 
Meridian, Cal. 

Children, b. North Hector, N. Y.; 

4146. i. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 9, 1826: m. Hillsdale, Wm. ]}. Van 
Sicklen, b. Delaware Co., Dec. 10, 1821, son John Van Sicklen and 
Elizabeth Batcheller: had 1 child. Shed. 1844. Hem. her sister, 

4147. ii. Wii.i.iAM, b. Nov. 5, 1827. 

4148. iii. BiiEDiNA, b. Feb. 11, 1829. 

4149. iv. A.MAiMi.i.A, b. Jan. 19, 1831. (See Mary Ann above.) 

4150. V. Ci.ARiNDA, b. April 18, 1833; m. Sept. 12, 1873, Martin L. 
Bowers. She d. March 31, 1876; he d. May 5, 1885. 

4151. vi. Jacoh, b. Aug. 23, 1835. 

4152. vii. Tkavis T., b. Feb. 17, 1838 : not m. Was in Co. C of U. 
S. sharpshooters, in the War of the Rebellion, and was killed at 
Battle of Locust Grove, Va.. 1863. 

4153. viii. Amraiiam II., b. Dec. 6. 1844 Was a soldier in the AVar 
of the Rebellion. He m. Oct, 20. 1867, Carrie Annable. They live 


4154. ix. ELMEKCb. Sept. 15, 1850; m. Meridian, July 22, 18H3, 
Ida Woodling ; live there. 

359 7. HARRIET DOTY, dau. Jacob Doty and Aulchy Huff, b. Ovid, 
N. Y., Dec. 10, 1808; m. there James Van IIou ten. They lived Trumans- 
burgh, N. Y. 


4155. i. Dei-os, lives in town of Odessa, Ionia Co., Mich. Address 
South Cass, Mich. 

3(>01. RACHEL R. DOTY, dau. Jacob Doty and Aulchy Huff, b. 
Hector, N. Y., prob. 1812; m. there William L. Matthews. She d. 

415G. i. Henry V., lives Sheldrake, N. Y. 

4157. ii. Maetha, ra. Simerson; lives Lansingburgh, Mich. 

4158. iii. Mary, twin sister of Martha, d. 

4159. iv. Phebe Ann, m. Abram Messier; lives Sheldrake, 
4100. V. John Doty, b. Schuyler Co., N. Y., Oct. 19, 1839. 

4161. vi. George, lives Arbela, Mich. 

3002. JANE DOTY, dau. Jacob Doty and Aulchy Huff, b. Hector, N. 
Y., April 5, 1815: m, there April 28, 1838, Matthias J. Ball, b. there Nov. 
12, 1810, son Nathaniel Ball and his wife, Sally. He d. Romulus, N. Y., 
Dec. 2, 1864. She lives Romulus. 

Children, b. Romulus: 

4162. i. Nathaniel, b. Feb. 3, 1839; d. June 12, 1842. 

4163. ii. Elizabeth, b. June 5, 1843. 

4164. iii. Letty Ann, b. Aug. 20, 1845. 

4165. iv. Rachel C, b. July 19, 1848. 

4166. V. EzekielB., b. March 20, 1851. 

4167. vi. Mary Lokane, b. April 3, 1857. 

3606. JACOB JOHNSTON DOTY, son Lemuel Doty and Monen Johns- 
ton, b. Onslow Co., N. C, Sept. 10, 1798; m. there July 8, 1828, Minerva 
Humphrey, b. Onslow Co., Aug. 12, 1812, dau. Lott Humphrey and Susan 
Miles. She d. Nov. 25, 1851. He d. Jackson, Miss., 1867. 

He removed, 1831, to Tennessee, and later to Mississippi. He was Judge 
of Probate for Yalabusha County, Miss., from 1836 to 1840, and Masonic 
Grand Lecturer of the State, 1846. The lodge of which he was the 
founder, erected at his death a monument to his memory and passed 
a number of resolutions eulogistic of his life and service to the Masonic 

Jacob Johnston, b. Raleigh, N. C, Sept. 10, 1829. 

LoTT Humphrey, d. 

James Bena.iah, b. near Coffeeville, Miss., Dec. 2, 1836. 


Adrian Gaston, lived Macon, Noxubee Co., Miss. 

Julian, d. in army. 

John Cioero, d. Richland, Miss. 

3607. JOHN CHATWTNDOTY, son Lemuel Doty and Monen Johns- 
ton, b. Jones Co., N. C. (as his family state, though perhaps Onslow Co., 
N. C), 1805; m. Sumner Co., Tenn., March 17, 1824, his cousin, Elizabeth 
Chatwin Ilarrel (see under 3302). He d. Raleigh, Tenn., June 4, 1844. 
















She d. Hillsborough, Ark., May 1, 1881. .lohn Chatwiii Doty was a 
highly educated man who stood w<'ll in socii'ty, and a consistent member 
of the Presbyterian Cliureh, in which faith he lived and d. His widow 
removed to Arkansas. 
Children, b. Raleigh: 

417"). i. 8.\i:.\n Monen, b. March W, IS-JO; d. Sept. 27, 1828. 

417(;. ii. Dim siLiA Johnston, b. March 19. 1828. 

4177. iii. Samiei. Ai.exanuek, b. April 22, isao. 

4178. iv. Ai,oN/(i Havington, b. March 25. 1832: d. Marion, La., 
June 4, 18r)l. 

4179. V. Ei.ziRA Hakkei., b. May 20, 1834. 

4180. vi. TiiEHESA Jo.sEi'HiNE. b. Oct. 18, 1836. 

4181. vii. John Kadeh, b. Dec. 3, 1838. He was a Confederate 
soldier, was taken prisoner, and d. Murfreesborough, Tenn., Maj- or 
June, 1803. 

4182. viii. Pi.aoioia Atou-la, b. Aug. 24, 1840: d Aug. 1, 1841. 

3(>0S. LEMUEL DOTY, son Lemuel Doty and Mrs. Susan Randall 
Johnston Williams, b. Onslow Co., N. C, Nov. 18, 1810: m., 1st, Raleigh, 
Tenn., June 24, 1832, Susan Humphrey, b. Onslow Co., 1814, dau. 
Lott Humphrey and Susan Miles. She d. Richland. Miss., Jan., 1844. 
He. m., 2di Holmes Co., Miss., June 9, 1848, Mary Ophelia Hobson, b. 
Carthage, Ala., May 18, 1831, dau. Baker Hobson and Jlary Ware. He 
d, Kosciusko, ]\Iiss., Feb. 21, 1867. She lives there. He was a man of 
ability and property and left at his death an estate of ><60,000, which he 
had preserved during the war by prudent investments in cotton. In the 
confusion resulting fi-om the war, however, this was largely lost by poor 
management of the administrators. 

Ciiildren, by 1st wife: 

41S3. i. " Tmkodoue, b. Shelby Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1883. 

4184. ii. Minekva, b. Franklin Co., Miss., Aug. 28, 1836; d. Feb. 
15, 1838. 

4185. iii. EroENE, b. Richland, IMiss.. Aug. 2!), 1838: d. June 1, 1840. 

4186. iv. Lkmiei., b. Richland, Dec. 5, 1839: d. June 8. 1840. 

4187 v. Wii.i.iAM Henky, b. Richland. Dec. 15, 1840; lives Good- 
man, Miss. 

4188. vi. Lemikl, b. Richland, Dec. 25, 1843. 
And by 2d wife: 

4189. vii, ;Makv Bakeu, b. Richland, July 5. 1850: m, Kosciusko, 
Miss., April 17, 1807, John Robertson Atkins, b. Montgomery Co., 
X. C, Dec. 2, 1839, son John Christian .\tkins and jNIary Jennings 
Robertson; no chil. They live Kosciusko, ]\Iiss. 

4190. viii. Malvina MiKi'iiY, b. Y'azoo City. Miss,. Sept. 2, 1852. 

4191. ix. SrsAN Amanda, b. Holmes Co., Miss,, Nov, 13, 1854: d, 
June 20, 1855. 

4192. X, Ei.i.A Johnston, b. Holmes Co.. Julv 9, 1856. 

4193. xi. Lewis Hom.son. b. Holmes Co., :\Iarch 25, 1858. 

4194. xii. Oi'iiEiiA, 1), Holmes Co,, .Vpril 29. ls,59 ; m. Captain J. P. 
Mills. They live McComb, Miss.: 1 child. 

4195. xiii. Bkutha, b. Holmes Co.. Sei)t. 7, 1801. 

4190. xiv. Ann Jefi-iiies, b. Holmes Co.. Oct. 1, 18(i2: d, Seiit, 30. 

3G0». Wn.LIAM HUMPHREY DOTY, son Lemuel Doty and Susan 
Randall Johnston Williams, b. Plum Hill, N, C, Jan. 14, 1813: m. Wil- 
mington, N. C.. by liev. Benjamin Iloskins. Sept, 13. 1837, Martha Caro- 
line Lane, b. Wilmington, X. C, June 13, 1820, dau. Samuel Lane and 
















Dicy Ann, his wife. He went, about 1848-9, to California, and d. Sept. 
25, 1852, just as he was about to return home. She removed to Goodman, 
Miss., where she d. Aug. 12, 1881. She was a woman of great energy and 
untiring industry. 

Children, b. Holmes Co., Miss.: 

A son, b. June 14, 1838; d. same day. 

Samuel Lane, b. July 14, 1839 ; d. June 23, 1848. 

Ann Maria, b. Dec. 25, 1841 ; d. Oct. 13, 1845. 

Martha Caroline, b. April 14, 1844; d. July 24, 1848. 

Sarah Eliza, b. May 4, 184G; d. Nov. 3, 1869. 

Julia Ouhklia, b. April 20, 1848; lives Lexington, Miss. 

William Henry, b. Aug. 13, 1849; d. Aug. 5, 1850. 

3612. LEMUEL DOTY, son James Doty and Elizabeth Farnal, b. 
Onslow Co., N. C, prob. 1805. He d. 1840. 

4204. i. James, was a promising lawyer; d. aged 23, leaving a dau. 

3013.' CATHARINE S. DOTY, dau. James Doty and Elizabeth Far- 
nal, b. prob. Onslow Co., N. C, about 1806-7; m. Maury Co., Tenn., 1825, 
George Hanks. She d. Navarro Co., Tex., Aug., 1859. 

Children b. Maury Co. : 

4205. i. Louisa Jane, b. Sep. 25, 1826. 

4206. ii. Emma Eliza heth, b. March 5, 1829. 

4207. iii. Fkanois Marion, lived Huntsville, Tex. 

3(>17. MARY. ALPHA DOTY, dau. James Doty and Elizabeth Far- 
nal, b. Maury Co., Tenn., Oct. 22, 1817; m. there Jan. 27, 1833, Nathaniel 
Harrison Hazlewood, b. Warren Co., N. C, Feb. 5, 1809, son David 
Hazlewood and Anna Plielps. She lives Marlin, Tex. He d. there Sept. 
1, 1869. 
Children : 

4208 i. William Wilkins, b. .Jan. 29, 1834; m. Mollie Rankin. 
He d. Marlin. Jan. 7, 1881. No. chil. 

4209. ii. Annie Elizabeth, b. June 5, 1836; m., 1st, Caddo Parish, 
La., Oct. 25. 1855, MaJ. L. G. Scogin, b. Conecuh Co., Ala., Sept. 
5, 1823, son John Scogin and Mary Lang. He d. Waco, Tex., Aug. 
30, 1874. She m. , 3d. Marlin. Sept. 18, 1877, Henry Fletcher Spencer, 
b. Charlotte Co., Va., Aug. 24, 1836, son Thomas Cole Spencer and 
Annie Elizabeth Fennel. They live Marlin. No chil. 

4210. iii. Susan America, b. May 13, 1840 ; m. William Lee Sanders. 
She d. Marlin, July 7, 1875. No chil. 

3618. JESSE D0T1^ son Jesse Doty and Prudence Hunnewell. b. 
prob. about 1786-90; d. Cincinnati, O. 

Children b. Cincinnati : 

4311. i. William, b. May 8, 1817. 

4212. ii. Mart Jane, m. Kimball. She lives Mitchellville, la. 

4318. iii. Eloy Ann, m. Mantz. She lives Cincinnati, O. 

3619. Wn.LIAM DOTY, son Jesse Doty and Prudence Hunnewell, b. 
Cincinnati, O., May 8, 1817; m. there April 7, 1844, Harriet Bryant, b. 
there Sept. 8, 1838, dau. James Bryant and Jennie Gilbreth. He d. Cin- 
cinnati, May 2, 1876. She lives there. 

4214. i. William, b. Feb. 11, 1845: m. Cincinnati, July 28, 1881, 


Annie Williams, b. Paddy's Hun, O., Sept. 15. 1861, iliiu. William 
E. Williams and Catharine Lloyd: they live Cincinnati. 

42ir). ii. Amki.ia, h. .Inly 22, IfS.O.'i. 

4311). iii. El. LA, b. .March 12, 1858; not m. 

4217. iv. Annie, b. .Jan. 11, 1860. 

3«20. JOXATHAN DOTY, son .Jonathan Doty and Abigail McPherson, 
b. prob. Somerset Co., N. J., about 1780; ra. Indiana Co., Pa., Aug. 7, 1806, 

Rachel Barnett, b. 1790, dau. Barnett and his wife, Rachel. Her 

sister Mary m. Israel Doty (No. 3631 j. He d. Deny Township, West- 
moreland Co., Pa. She m., 2d, John Laird, and had by him 4 chil., 2 sons 
and 2 dans. She d. Derry, 1864. 

Children, b. Westmoreland Co., Pa.: 

4218. i. AnuiAiL, b. Oct. 14, 1807. 

4219. ii. Ji.iiN B., b. Dec. 27. 1809. 

4220. iii. Jonathan, b. Feb. 20, 1812: not m.; d. aged 22. 

4221. iv. lioBEKT, b. Jan. 25, 1815; d. aged G. 

4222. V. Rachel, b. June 8, 1817. 

3622. ROBERT DOTY, son Jonathan Doty and Abigail McPherson, b. 
prob. Derry, Pa., about 1785: in., 1st, prob. there, Fernil Campliell, and, 
after her d., a 2d wife, who survived him and lived, lfc80, Blairsville, Pa. 

Children, by 1st wife: 

422;^. i. CiiAKi.E.s, removed West and d. 

4224. ii. GiLi,is, removed West and d. 

4225. iii. AHUiAii.. 

4226. iv. Sakaii, m. Robinson, and lived Bolivar, Pa. 

4227. V. Amy. 

:{623. BETSEY or ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. .lonathan Doty and 
Abigail McPherson, b. Derry, Pa., about 17S7: m. there, Andrew J5ell, b. 
Westmoreland Co. , Pa., May 15, 1785, son William Bell and Rose Bell. 
He removed from Pennsylvania to Rock I.^^land, III., 1839, where he d. 
April 15, 1865, and she d. Jan., 1879. 

Children, b. Westmoreland Co.: 

Aug. 17, 1806. 


William, 1 



Rose, d. 



AiiHY, d. 



Eliza, d. 







3624. NATHANIEL DOTY, son Jonathan Doty and Abigail McPher- 
son, b. Westmoreland Co., Pa., 1789: m. there Feb. 10. 1814, Margaret 
Reed, b. July 16. 1793, dau. William Reed and Elizabeth Charlton. They 
lived Westmoreland Co., where he d. Feb. 13, 1844, and she d. Nov. 26, 

Children, b. Westmoreland Co.: 

4234. i. Betsey, b. Nov. 18, 1814; m. Robert Gilson. She d. Nov. 
7, 1834:nochil. 

4235. ii. AitKiAiL, b. Oct. 10. 1816. 

4236. iii. William, b. Jan. 22, 1819: m. 1848, Rebecca Sloan. They 
live Jewel Centre, Kan. Doty Bros. & Co. are hardware merchants, 
^fankato or Jewel Centre, Kan. 

4237. iv. Jonathan, b. March 27, 1821. 

4238. V. Nan<y, b. Nov. 29. 1823; m. 1844, Daniel Simons. She d. 
July 8, 1863: nochil. 


4239. vi. Mai:y, b. May 10, 182C; not m.; d. Nov. 2, 1854. 

4240. vii. McQuADE, b. March 13, 1831. 

4241. viii. Maktha Jane. b. June 20, 1834. 

3025. GIL LIS DOTY, son Jonathan Doty and Abigail McPheison, b. 
Deny, Pa., Aug., 1795; m. there, 1817, Jane Dixon, b. there. May 16, 
1798, dau. Samuel Dixon and Nancy Simpson. He was a farmer of large 
property. He d. Black Lick Station, Pa., Dec. 21, 1870; she lived there, 

Children, b. Black Lick,: 

4242. i. Akbie, b. Jan. 29, 1818; m. Samuel Douglass; she d.; 
he lives Johnstown, Pa. 

4243. ii. Nancy, b. March 26, 1820. 

4244. iii. Samuel, b. April (i, 1822. 

4245. iv. JoxATHAN, b. Nov. 5, 1824. His widow, Mrs. Nancy 
Doty, lives New Castle, Pa. 

4246. v. Maky, b. Jan. 5, 1827. 

4247. vi. Robert, b. Jan. 4, 1829; d. Oct. 30, 1832. 

4248. vii. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 9, 1831. 

4249. viii. Makgaket Jane, b. May 13, 1834 ; not m.; lives Black 
Lick Station. 

4250. ix. Rebecca Cannon, b. Dec. 15, 1836; m. James Falls; 
live New Castle. 

4251. X. Sarah Ann. b. March 21, 1839; m. Black Lick, Jan. 1, 
1862, Hugh Flinn. b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 30, 1837, son Hugh Flinn 
and Lavinia, his wife. She lives Newcastle. Hed., July 6, 1878. 
No chil. 

4252. xi. GiLLis MoPherson, b. July 8, 1843; not m.; lives Black 
Lick Station, in the old homestead. 

3020. DAVID DOTY, son Zebulon Doty and Sarah Rickey; b. Troy, 
N. J., Oct., 1780; m. Mendham, N. J., Oct., 1802, Matilda Karns, b. 
Mendham, Oct., 1781, dau. Ephraim Karns and Sarah Drake. They lived 
Mendham and later Basking Ridge, N. J., where he d., March 19, 1836, 
and she d. June 1C>, 1863. 

Children, b. Mendham: 

4253. i. Fidelia. 

4;i54. ii. Stephen Southard, b. Oct., 1806; not m.; last heard 
from and prob. d. Western Pennsylvania, about 1836. 

4255. iii. Nancy Karns, b. Aug. 30, 1809. 

4256. iv. Catharine. 

4257. V. Sarah Maria. 

1258. vi. Robert Finley, b. Aug., ; d. aged 6. 

302}). PHEBE DOTY, dau. Zebulon Doty and Sarah Rickey, m. 

Westmoreland Co., Pa., Jellison; they lived there. Both d. 


4259. i. Doty, lives Livermore. Pa. 

3630. ANDREW DOTY, son Zebulon Doty and Sarah Rickey, b. 
prob. Morris Co., N. J.; m. Westmoreland Co,, Pa., Catharine Leiben- 
good, b. Northampton Co., Pa., 1799, dau. Henry Leibengood and Cath- 
arine George. He d. prob. Blairsville, Pa., 1830. She d. New Florence, 
Pa., 1861. 


4260. i. Israel, lives Sharpsurgh, Allegheny Co., Pa. 

4261. iL A dau., m. Armstrong Henderson; live Pittsburg, Pa. 


42(W. iii. ('ATiiAiMNK, 1>. Hlairsvllle, Pa., Nov. 10, 1S30. 
42(58. iv. A son, b. 1822 ; d. aged 16. 

3(J3I. ISRAEL DOTY, son Zebulon Dotj- and Sarah Rickey, b. 
Basking Ridge, N. J., Aug. 13, 1785; m. Westmoreland Co., Pa., Aug. 
16, 1809, Mary Barnett, b, Pennsylvania, Nov. 5, 171)1, sister Rachel 

Barnett, who ra. his cousin, Jonathan Doty (No. 3620), and dau. 

Barnett and his wife, Raciiel. He d. Stark Co.. O., Nov. 27, 1856: 
she d. there, Feb. 10, 1877. 
42()4. i. Lot. b Westmoreland Co., Sept. 7, 1810. 
42(ir). ii. Catiiai;ink, b. Westmoreland Co., Sept. 11, 1812: not m.: 
lived. 18S2. with her sister, Mrs. Sarah ISIcFarren, Navarre, O. 

4266. iii. Zeiu i.oN, b. Westmoreland Co.. Jan. lit. 1815. 

4267. iv. John, b. Westmoreland Co., April 19, 1817: d. Stark Co., 
O., aged 21. 

4268. V. Mai;ia, b. Westmoreland Co.. April 18, 1819. 

4269. vi. Rachel, b. Stark Co., ().. July 3. 1821; m. Andrew 
Nelson. They live Olivesburgh, O. 

4270. vii. Mautha, b. Stark Co., Sept. 20. 1823: ni. Andrew Elliott. 
Shed. He d. Indiana. They left a dau.. who d. 

4271. viii. Jane, b. Stark Co. , Aug. 12, 1825; ni. James Ezra Chase, 
an influential public man; has been member of Legislature, etc. 
They live Polk, O. 

4272. ix. IsuAEL, b. Stark Co.. Dec. 20. 1827: not m.; went to 
Salt Lake City, and from there to Colorado, where he was mur- 
dered, about 1877, by two Indians and a Mexican. 

4273. X. Andrew, b. Stark (^o. . May 30, 1S30. 

4274. xi. Sakah Ei.izaheth, b. Stark Co., Dec. 10, 1834. 

3(»84. SARAM DOTY, dau. Zebulon Doty and Sarah Rickey, b. West- 
moreland Co., Pa., 1802 ; m. there April 25, 1822. Christopher Leiben- 
good, b. Northampton Co., Pa., Aug. 1, 1796, sou Henry Leibengood and 
Catharine George. She d. Sept. 29, 1829. He lived, 1880, Branch Junc- 
tion, Pa. He is a farmer. He m., 2d, Abigail Doty (No. 4218). 

Child, by 1st wife: 

4275. i. Mary, b. Branch Junction, Pa., Oct. 20, 1823; m. there 
George Shrub. They lived Florence, Pa. 

3(J:{5. PHEBE doty, dau. Nathaniel Doty and Jane Bockoven, b. 
Basking Ridge, X. J., 1792: in. Derry Townsiiip, Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
about 1820, John Hartley. 

Children, b , Derry, Pa.: 

4276. i. Jane Bockoven, b. 1821. 

4277. ii. James, b. 1823. 

4278. iii. .Mikanda, b. 1828. 

4279. iv. Maky. b. 1830. 

lUilUi. JONATHAN DOTY, son Nathaniel Doty and Jane Bockoven, 
b. Basking Ridge, N. J., 1794: m. Derry, Pa., Sarah Hartley. 
Children : 
.4280. i. Nathaniel; lives Plumvllle, Pa. 

4281. ii. Patiexoe. 

4282. iii. Isahei.ea. 

4283. iv. Jane. 

4284. V. :\r\uT. 

4285. vi. Vioi.ET. 


3G37. jMARY doty, dau. Nathaniel Doty and Jane Bockoven, b. 
Derry Township, Westmorehind Co., Pa., Sept. 27, 17!)G; m. there Oct. 
25, 1821, Alexander Henderson McCurdy, b. there ISept. 23, 1792, son 
xVlexander McCurdy, a soldier in the Revolutionary War and in the War 
of 1812, and Jane Henderson. 

He was a farmer in Derry Township, and also a carpenter and manu- 
facturer. Like his father, he was a man of excellent reputation. He 
and his wife were held in high esteem by those who knew them. She was 
the first Doty descendant l)orn in Western Pennsylvania. They were 
members of the New Derry Baptist Church. He died on his farm, Derry 
Township, near the present town of Latrobe, March 2, 1851. After his 
death his widow purchased a property adjoining the farm of Daniel and 
Patience Doty Dunlap (her sister), in Derry Township, near Blairsville, 
where she lived the remainder of her life. She died at the residence of 
her son, Nathaniel Doty ]\IcCurdy, Branch Junction, near Blairsville, Pa., 
Aug. 25, 1877. She. and her husband were buried in the graveyard of 
Salem Presbyterian Church in Derry Township. 

Children, b. Derry Township: 

4286. i. Jane Bockoven, b. July 4, 1823; not m. ; lived with her 
mother until her death, Aug. 25, 1875, Derry Township, near 
Blairsville, Pa. 

4287. ii. Samuel, b. June 1, 1825; d. Feb. 11, 1826. 

4288. iii. Nanthaniel Doty, b. Jan. 4, 1827. 

4289. iv. Alexander Jaokson, b, June 2, 1829. 

4290. V. Mauy Ann. b. March 22, 1831. 

4291. vi. Phebe, b. March 15, 1833. 

4292. vii. Kezla, b. April 11, 1835; d. Oct. 11, 1837. 

3(>3S. GEORGE DOTY, son Nathaniel Doty and Jane Bockoven, b. 
Derry, Pa., Aug. 20, 1800; m. there about 1827, Hannah Jellison, b. near 
Blairsville, Pa., May 1, 1807. dau. Robert Jellison and Mary Karns. He 
was a farmer, Westmoreland and Indianna Cos., Pa. He d. Grant, Pa., 
March 31, 1878; she d. there xVpril 28, 1877. 


4293. i. Mart Jane, b. Westmoreland Co., July 19, 1829; m. In- 
diana Co., Theodore White, b. there, son William White and Mary 
White. She d. Grant, Jan. 27, 1850: no chil. 

4294. ii. Nathaniel, b. Grant, June 26, 1831. 

4295. iii. Rebecca, b. Grant, Nov. 23, 1832; m. McLain Sutton; 9 
chil ; 7 living ; live Latrobe, Pa. 

4290. iv. Phebe, b Grant, June 13, 1834. 

4297. V. Robert, b. Grant, July 7, 1836: not m. Enlisted in Co. 
F, 105th Regt. Pa. Vols., and was shot in the head and killed by 
a stray ball at the battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 1863, his company 
not being at the time engaged. 

4298. vi. Jonathan, b. Grant, July 14, 1838; not m., 1880; lived 
Rochester Mills, Pa. 

4299. vii. Elizabeth Hannah, b. Grant, March 21, 1840. 

4300. viii. John, b. Grant, Dec. 16, 1841. 

4301. ix. Sylvester George, b. Grant, April 28, 1844; not m.; lives 
near Ambrose, Pa. 

4302. X. James Alexander, b. Grant, Aug. 31, 1846; d. there Dec. 
19, 1852. 

3039. PATIENCE DOTY, dau. Nathaniel Doty and Jane Bockoven, 
b. Derry, Pa., March 26, 1806 ; m. there Sept. 1, 1825, Daniel Dunlap, b. 

350 Ti"'- I'OTV-DUTKN FA.Mll.V. 

there Dec. 5, ISOO, son Thonias] Dunlap and Joniima .laik, 'I'licy lived, 
1881, near Blairsville. Pa. Thoir chil. were all born in the old homestead 
where their father was born and always lived, Derry township, 3 miles 
from Blairsville. He d. Juno 10, 1882. She lived there 1886. 

A reunion of her decoudants was held at the old homdstead, September 
1, IS'.tO, on the seventy-first anniversary of her marriage, at which over 
eighty descendants, including a few relatives, were present. An interest- 
ing history was read by Miss Delia Dunlap, her grandchild, and appropri- 
ate addre-sses were delivered bj- Rev. John R. Jones, pastor of the old 
historic Salem Presbyterian Church, of which she has been a member for 
more than three score years and ten, and by Rev. Irwin P. McCurdy, D.D., 
Litt. D., honorary pastor of the Southwestern Presbyterian Church, Phil- 
adelphia, a grandson of her sister, Mary Doty McCurdy. The occasion 
was given a permanent ehara<,'ter by a good photograph taken of those 
present. Mrs. Dunlap is a remarkable woman for her years, her faculties 
all briglit, sight and hearing good, and an excellent rtiemory, especially of 
the olden time. She is one of the very few people now living, perhaps the 
only one, who have the distinction of being a daughter of a soldier in the 
Revolutionary War, and a granddaughter of two other soldiers in the same 
Children, b. Derry Townshlj): 

TuoM.As, b. Aug. 0, 182G. 

Nathanikl, b. March 2, 1828. 

Jkmi.m.v, b. April 4. 1830: d. Oct. 6, 1871). 

Jan-e, b. Mav 1^2, 1832; d. Dec. 22, 183i). 

Jeifekson, b. May 29, 1834; d. Feb., 1870. 

.Maria Thekesa, b. Jime 9, 1830. 

Keheoca Jane, b. Oct. 4, 1839. 

Mautha Agne8, b. Oct. IG, 1842 : not m.; lives Blairsville, 
with her mother. 

Daniel, b. Dec. 2. 1844. 

4312. X. Cyxthia, b. Oct. 24, 1849. 

3640. TOBIAS HALL DOTY, son Joseph Doty and Ann Hall, b. 
Somerset Co., N. J., Sept. 7, 1789; m. there Aug. 20, 1811. Mary Kerr, 
dau. Andrew Kerraud his wife, Jane, b. Somerset Co., Dec. 5, 1790. They 
lived Somerville, N. J. He d. Elizabeth, N. J., March 27, 1850. She d. 
there Oct. 19, 1853. 

Children, b. Somerville: 

4313. i. An.n, b. April 20, 1812: d. Dec. 19, 1812. 

4314. ii. CiiRisToi'iiKK De N., b. June 17, 1814; d. Nov. 25, 1835. 

4315. iii. Jane Ann Kekh, b. Oct. 12, ISKi; ni. Somerville, Feb. 11, 
1841, Henry S. Fisler. He d. She d. Elizabeth, Oct. 30, 1868. 
Had a dau., m. and d. 

4310. iv. .Maky Louisa C, b. Dec. 8, 1818. 

4317. v. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 18, 1821: notm; lives Elizabeth. 

4318. vi. Sarah, b. Feb. 18, 1821; d. March 1, 1821. 

4319. vii. Gilher.t DeLakavettk, b. Sept. 18, 1824: d. March 7, 

4320. viii. Joseph Tohias, b. Aug. 81, 1828. 

4321. i.x. Arahella, b. Doc. 18, 1830. 

4322. X. TiTEonoRE, b. April 22, 1834. 

:j«42. JOSFl^I DOTY, sou Joseph Doty and Ann Hall, b. Somerville, 


















, wi 




N. J., about 171)9. He was a farmer and lived Martinsville, N. J., where 
he d. 


4323. i. Jonathan, lives Plainfield, N. J. 

4324. 11. Samuel Canada, lives Plainfield. 
432.0. iii. William, lives Plainfield. 

4326. iv. Delia, m.; d. Bound Brook, N. J. 

4327. V. Elizabeth Ann, m.; d. 

4328. vi. Jane, d. 

3613. ANN B. DOTY, dau. Joseph Doty and Elizabeth Allen, b. Somer- 
ville, N. J., Sept. 20, 1805; m. there June 16, 1831, John Yanderbilt 
Stevens, b. Readington, N. J., Aug. 6, 1804, son Henry Stevens and Sarah 
Vanderbilt. She d. BasUing Ridge, N. J., Jan. 8, 1841. He m. again 
and lives near Basking Ridge. 

Children, b. Basking Ridge: 

4329. i. Sakah Elizabeth, b. Sept. 2, 1832. 

4330. ii. Joseph Henry, lived formerly Liberty Corners, K J., but 
1886, was a conductor on West Shore R. R., and lived Newark, 
N. J. 

4331. iii. Susan Craig. 

3644. ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. Joseph Doty and Jane Staats, b. 
Somerville, N. J., July, 2, 1810; m. there Nov. 29, 1829, Benjamin Bonney, 
b. Raritan Landing, near New Brunswick, N. J., June 15, 1806. She d. 
New Brunswick, May 18, 1853. He d. March 23, 1883. 

Children : 

4332. i. Akram Staats, b. Bound Brook, N. J., April 2, 1831. 

4333. ii. Jane, b. New Brunswick, Jan. 1, 1833; not m.; lives 
Bound Brook. 

4334. iii. Phebe Staats, b. Bound Brook, Feb. 23, 1835; notm.; d. 
Oct. 9, 1880 . 

4335. iv. Mary Smith, b. New Brunswick, Sept. 11, 1836: not m.: d. 
Jan. 20, 1881. 

4336. V. PKiiEz B., b. New Brunswick, June 18, 1838. 

4337. vi. Joseph James, b. New Brunswick, Sept. 18, 1840; m. Sept., 
1864; lives there. 

4338. vii. Elizabeth, b. New Brunswick, Sept. 21, 1842; not m.: d. 
Nov. 14, 1879. 

4339. viii. Robert Birch, b. New Brunswick, Feb. 1, 1845; m. Jan. 
31, 1867; lives Trenton, N. J. 

4340. ix. Emmeline Frances, b. New Brunswick, Aug. 26, 1850. 

3646. JONATHAN DOTY, son William Doty and Elizabeth Parker, 
b. Basking Ridge, N. J., or possibly Westmoreland, Co., Pa., about 1796; 
m. Groveland, N.Y. ; Sept. 6, 1818, Margaret Salmon, b. Bloom Township, 
Clearfii^ld Go., Pa., Nov. 20, 1796, dau. John Salmon and Sarah Wilson. 

He was a farmer, Dansville, N. Y., where he d. March 29, ; she lived 

there, 1879. 

Children : 

4341. i. Harriet N., b. Groveland, Aug, 20, 1819; in. 

Brown ; live Darien Centre, N. Y. 

4342. ii. Elizabeth, b. Groveland, June 29, 1824 ; m. Draper; 

live Buffalo, N. Y. 

4343. iii. Jonathan, b. Groveland, Nov. 11, 1827; lived Sedalia, Mo. 

4344. iv. Margaret, b. Groveland, June 1, 1829; notm.: lives 
Dansville, N. Y. 


4345. V. CoHNEi.iA, b. Goueseo, N. Y., July 31, 1831 : not m.; lives 

434(). vi. Cakoline, m. Edmunds. 

:{(;47. HUGH DOTY, son William Doty and Elizabeth Parker, b. 
Derry, Pa., about 1798 ; m. Brokenstraw, Pa., March 20, 1820, Rebecca 
Goodwinhe, b. there, dau. Jacob Goodwinhe and Polly C'annan. lie lived, 
1879, Mount Morris, N. Y.; she d. there June 5, 1802. 
Children : 

4347. i. Elizabeth Pahkkk, b. Brokenstraw, .Ian. 13, 1822: not 
m.; lives with her father. Mount Morris. 

4348. ii. Jacdh Goodwinhe, b. Brokenstraw, July 3, 1824: d. Ro- 
chester, N. Y., Dec. 25, 18G5. 

4349. iii. Zeiui.ox V., b. Scottsburgh, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1827: d. 
Stafford Court House, Va., 18G2, 

43.'i0. iv. Wir.i.iAM H., b. Niagara Falls, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1832: not 
m.; d. young. 

4351. V. Sakah J., b. Geneseo, N. Y., .Alay 26, 1835 ; not m.: d. 

4352. vi. Maky K., h. Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1837: m. Iliram 
Goodwin : lived Sedalia, Mo. 

4353. vii. P'wanoes A., b. Mount Morris, Oct. 6, 1840; not m.: d. 

4354. viii. Abby A., b. Mount Morris, Nov. 6, 1842: not m.: d. 

3(J-t8. ZEBULON DOTY, son William Doty and Elizabeth Parker, b. 
Westmoreland Co., Pa., about 1800: ni. Sparta, N. J., Jan. 26, 1830, 
Hilinda Vance, b. there May 7, 1810. dau. Josiah Vance and Elizabeth 
Morrow. They lived Geneseo, N. Y., until 1835, then removed to Clinton, 
Mich., where hed. Feb. 25, 1868; she lived there 1879. He was a farmer. 

Children, b. Geneseo: 

4355. i. Nancy Elizaheth, b. April 1, 1831: d. Clinton, Mich., 
March 30, 1838. 

4356. ii. Wii-i.iAM, b. Sept. 27, 1833: d. Clinton, :\Iarch 27, 1838 

:j<;4t>. WILLIA:\I doty, son William Doty and Elizabeth Parker, b. 
(Jroveland, N. Y., Oct. 8, 180;'.: m. there Oct. 26, 1826, Mary Bosley 
Harrison, b. there May 15, 1805, dau. John Harrison and Nancy Bailey. 
Hed. Geneseo, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1861 ; she d. there Dec. 28, 1865. He was 
a farmer, Groveland, afterwards removed to Geneseo where he held 
several positions of trust in the public service. 
Children, b. Groveland : 

LocicwooD Lyon, b. May 15, 1827. 
John Oakley, b. July 22. 1829. 
Charles Fkanklin. b. Sept. 10. 1831. 
Coknei.ia Elizaheth, b. Jan. 4, 1834. 
WiLLLVM Hahhison, b. July 28, 1836. 
Nancy Caroline, b. Sept. 11, 1840. 

Edward Edoene, b. Jan. 7. 1845: notm; lives New York 
City; was for many ytsars clerk in Surveyor's Office of the U. S. 
Custom Service, but since engaged in business operations. After 
the d. of his brother, Fiockwood I^. Doty, he prepared for the press 
and pul)lishod the " History of Livingston Co., N. Y.," upon which 
his brotlKM- had been engaged for many years. 
4:UU. viii. Helen AiGusTA,b. Dec. 28,'lS50. 

:{(>.")». GEORGE DOTY', son William Doty and Elizabeth Parker, b. 















Groveland, N. Y., July 13, 1809; m., 1st, Hector, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1832, 
Olivia Ely, b. Lodi, N. Y.. June 6, 181G, dau. William Ely and Fanny 
Curry. She d. Dansville, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1845. Hem., 2d, Oak Orchard, 
N. Y., Nov. 14, 1845, Emma Lucinda Bottom, b. Shelby, N. Y., Aug. 22, 
1823, dau. David Bottom and Lucinda Baker. They live Amboy, 111. 
Children, by 1st wife: 

4365. i. William Fraknlin, b. Lodi, May 24, 1835. 

4366. ii. Patiexoe Elizabeth, b. Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1837. 

4367. iii. Ciiakles Goheen, b. Lodi, Feb. 13, 1840; rn.; lives Ft. 
Lyon, Mo. 

4368. iv. Emma De Ette, b. Corning, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1842; m. 
Benjamin Bond. They live Clinton, Mich. 

And by 2d wife: 

4369. V. Leman David, b. Dansvile, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1846. 

4370. vi. Fked Rosooe, b. Dansville, Aug. 23, 1848. 

4371. vii. James Edgak, b. Dansville, April 18, 1850; notm., 1882; 
lived Ishpeming, Mich. 

4372. viii. Ellswoth Allen, b. Almond, N. Y., May 6, 1859; not m., 
1882; lived Amboy. 

3652. MALCOLM SMITH DOTY, son William Doty and Elizabeth 
Parker, b. Groveland, N. Y., March ,30, 1811; m. there Jan. 16, 1833, 
Martha Lord, b. prob. Groveland, Jan. 29, 1811, dau. Thomas Lord and 
Jane Burnside. She d. Geneseo, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1853. He was a farmer, 
Geneseo, but lived, 1879, Rawlins, Wyo. : 

Children, b. Groveland: 

4373. i. Mary Deborah, b. June 1, 1835: not m. ; d. Pifferain, N. Y. , 
Eeb. 21, 1853. 

4374. ii. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. March 23, 1838; not m.: lived, 
1882, Decatur, Mich. 

4375. iii. Patience Olivia, b. July 11, 1840. 

4376. iv. John Edward, b. Oct. 31, 1845; notm. Served a year in 
8th N. Y. Cavalry; d. in Soldier's Home, Rochester, N. Y. , Jan. 
16, 1869. 

3653. PATIEN(]E DOTY. dau. William Doty and Elizabeth Parker, 
b. Groveland, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1817; m. there May 10, 1837, Charles 
Goheen, b. Catawissa, Pa., May 29, 1810, son Edward Goheen and 
Christian Roupe. He was a farmer, Groveland, and d. Feb. 5, 1874. She 
lived, 1879, Geneseo, N. Y. 

( hildren, b. Groveland: 

4377. i. William Edward, b. Nov., 1841; d. Oct. 1842. 

4378. ii. ('harles Authtr, d. Aug. 5, 1843. 

4379. iii. Frank, b. July 4, 1848; m.; lives Dansville, N. Y. 

4380. iv. Edward Landeedale, b. Jan. 6, 1851; d. March 24, 1874. 

4381. V. Mart Elizabeth, b. Feb. 1, 1855. 

4382. vi. Sarah Anna, b. Feb. 23, 18.57; notm.; lived, 1879. Avon, 
N. Y. 

4383. vii. Fannie Jane, b. March 18, I860; not m ; lives with her 
mother, beneseo, N. Y. 

3655. MARY DOTY, dau. Moses Doty and Sarah Knox, b. Hanover 

Township, Morris Co., N. J., March 16, 1796; m. prob. Dover, N. J., 
Benjamin Jjyon. They removed to Greeneville, O. 
Children, b. Greeneville: 

4384. i. Peter, lived Greeneville. 


438o. ii. A drtu.. III. IlullsizerChaniberlain. They live Mt. Gilcad, (). 

aCJoS. AARON DOTY, son ."Closes Doty hi id Sarah Knox. 1). Dovit, N. 
J., June 1, 17!I2: ni. there .Jan. 11, 1812, Ph<-bo Mofford. 1.. Philadelphia. 
Pa., March 21, 1795. II.' d. Dover, N. .J., .Iiiiie lo. ISofj. She d. tliere 
March 7, 18(i4. 

Aaron Doty was a shoemaker, and carried on extensive business in that 
line until he retired from active work in 1840, and settled down on a farm 
near Dover. He early entered public life, liavlng been elected constable 
of Dover about 1820, which otTice he held for ten years, and was then ap- 
pointed a Justice of the Peace and served foi' five years longer. In this 
po.sition he gave such satisfaction to the public that he was elected Judge 
of the Count.y Court and .served live years, after which he refused any 
further honors and retired to his farm, though ever after retaining his in- 
terest in public affairs. 

lie united with the Methodist Churcli soon after his marriage, and be- 
came an exhorter, and was a trustee of the church for thirtj'-five years. 
Mrs. Doty was a kind and affectionate wife and mother, a good neighbor 
and a zealous member of the church. She was vei"y benevolent, a vahKnl 
friend in sickness and a great help to the poor and destitute of her viciniiy. 
She lived to see all her children grow up and many of them with families 
around them. 

Children, 1). Dover, N. J.: 

4386. i. Moses, b. June 14, 1812: m. Dover. Sarah Palmer. Uo d. 
there P'"eb. 8, 1888. He was constable for many years, Dover. She 
d. there. 

4387. ii. Ahu.vham Re.vkick, b. Nov. 27, 1813. 

4388. iii. Aahos, b. April 4, 181() ; not m.;d. Port Carbon, Pa., Dec. 
IG, 1836. 

438!). iv. George BANOHAirr, b. .Alarch 27, 1819. 

JoUN Wesi.ev, b. May 29, 1821. 

Manning Foi;ce. b. July 10. 1822. 

Lewis, b. April 20, 182;"): d. Dec. 23. 1839. 

Maiii.ox MiN.soN, b. Dec. 11, 1827. 

Sakah Ann, b. Dec. 23. 1828. 

Nancy, b. April 22. 1829. 

Mai;s.iiai.i, LosEY, b. March 2(1. 1831; m.; was a carriage 
painter and removed to Wadesborough, N. C; had several chil., of 
w-honi some have d. 

4397. xii. Amanda, b. Sept. 20. 1832. 

4398. xiii. Caholine Benti.ey. b. April 29, 1834: m. Charles Smith, a 
machinist: live Brooklyn, N. Y. 

4399. xiv. IIahkiet, b. Dec. 21, 1835. 

4400. XV. Vktokia Maiua, b. Dec. (!. 1837. 

4401. xvi. Wii.i.iAM IIenky Harjiison, b. Aug. 8, 1839. 

SG.'il). SARAH DOTY, dau. Moses Doty and Sarah Knox, b. Dover. 
N. J., July 2(i, 1795: ra. there Elias II, Hathaway, b. there 1800. He d. 
Dover, 182(). She d, there April 27,' 1808. 


4402. i. Mary, b. Dover, Aug. 25. 1827. 

3064. MARY WRIGHT DolY. dau. Daniel Doty and Elizabeth 
Budd, b. Basking Ridge, N. .1., June 12, 1788: m. there Dec. 23, 1806, 
Isaac Southard, b.