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jkj>n A-^ 








The Douglas Nobility of Scotland. 

One generation passeth away and another 
generation oometh. Ecc. 1—4. 







72. 3 6'^ 


JAN 2 8 1RP5! 


cs • 



The study of history is productive of much that is of a 
noble and elevating character. It is natural for all to desire to 
know something of the country whence his ancestors sprang, as 
well as of his native land ; and is it not of vastly more inter- 
est for one to be able to tell who his ancestors were and something 
of the history of their struggles, progress and honors ? It is a 
custom handed down to us from the patriarchs of old, who 
were very careful to preserve and cherish the memory of their 
departed. The children of Israel were charged to carry the 
bones of Joseph and have them deposited in the Holy Land. 
It is a duty we owe posterity to leave a record of the deeds 
of our generation. 

From my earliest. recollecti9n I have desired to know who 
my ancestors were, where they lived and what they did. In 
1867 I began this work, not thinking to extend it beyond the 
limits of my grandfather and his immediate descendants ; but 
I became so interested in the subject that I concluded to con- 
tinue the research still further. I had often heard my father re- 
late the story of John, the ancestor of our branch in America, who 
was born in Scotland, and at the age of twelve years was kid- 
napped in London and brought to Boston and who subsequently 
married and settled in Middleboro, Mass. and was the father of 
three sons, Elijah, John and George. Elijah settled in Maine. 

One hundred and twenty years had now elapsed since Elijah 
or his descendants had heard from his brothers or their pos- 
terity. I felt a natural desire to learn of their whereabouts. 
Through the kindness of the clerk of Middleboro, I was en- 


abled to open a correspondence with the descendants of those 
two brothers scattered throughout nearly every state in New 

I have devoted the greater part of two years to gathering 
and writing the matter for this work. Nearly the entire copy 
has been written three times and carefully corrected ; yet in a 
work of this kind I am aware that accuracy is quite impossible. 
I have searched town and church records and have sought in- 
formation in all ways possible. 

Had this Genealogy been commenced twenty years earlier 
much information could have been obtained which has now been 
lost by the death of those who possessed it. 

Many family records have either been lost or were never 
kept and in a few instances the writing was not legible and thus 
mistakes may have occurred. Still it affords me much satisfac- 
tion to be able to present this volume so completely to my numer- 
ous relatives. 

In some families names have been transposed, parents send- 
ing them one way and children another. Thus Nancy Amanda 
has been changed to Amanda Nancy. I have endeavored in all 
cases to arrange names correctly and acceptably to all con- 

In the matter of individual biography I have carefully ex- 
amined all that has been received and have used what was 
deemed of interest to the reader, and would have been pleased 
to have inserted more had it been received. 

The genealogical history of the Douglas Nobility was taken 
from the Peerage of Scotland, written in 1764 by Bobert Doug- 
las. There are many different records of the origin, name and 
history of the family, yet they all have their rise from the one 
source and it is reasonable to believe that this account is au- 


As to the correct way of spelling the name, I find in use 
Duglas, Douglas and Douglass. From all accounts of history, 
aB well as of heraldry, the original way of spelling the name is 
generally spelled Douglas. 

Every person has the privilege of spelling his name as he 
chooses. As far as known, I have written each name as it has 
been received. Previous to the fifth generation the name was 
Duglas or Douglas. 

The coat-of-arms was obtained from Scotland through the 
heraldry oflSce in New York and minutely compared with works 
on the subject and found to be the proper arms for all bearing 
the name, without regard to the branch to which they belong. 

In my researches in this work, I have come across several 
branches of this great Douglas tree. The one known as the 
Stephen A. Douglas branch is numerous in Connecticut. Their 
genealogy has been published by Mr. Charles H. James Doug- 
las of Providence, E. I. The Francis Douglas branch is to be 
found in Gardiner, Hallowell and that vicinity. A branch is 
also found in Gorham, Sebago and Windham. 

The reader must know that , much time and not a little 
money has been used in compiling this genealogy. It has been 
a labor of love and not one for gain, for if I realize enough to 
pay the expense I shall be satisfied. 

In preparing this volume I have formed very many pleasant 
acquaintances among relatives whom I should not otherwise 
have met. 

My sincere thanks are tendered to all who have in any way 
aided me in this undertaking. 


Bath, Maine, April, 1890. 


The following genealogical history of the Douglas 

nobility of scotland was taken from robert 

Douglas Peerage of Scotland, written A. D. 


If a long train of illustrious ancestors distinguished 
by the highest titles and connected with the most august 
and noble families in Europe, can make any name re- 
markable and great, there is no subject that can plead 
a higher claim than the Douglas ; but it is the least part 
of the glory of this family that it has been honored with 
alliances by marriage into the first rank of nobility in 
Scotland, England and France. Having matched eleven 
times with the royal house of Scotland, and once with 
that of England. They were more distinguished for 


their virtue and merit than by their titles ; and the 
luster of their actions outshown the splendor of their 
birth. Hence we see them leading the van of our 
armies in Scotland, supporting by their valor the king- 
dom of France, tottering on the head of Charles VII, 
when reduced to the last extremity by the bravery of 
the English ; with many other acts of military glory 
that have made this family renowned through all Eu- 

The traditional account of the origin of this noble 
family, transmitted to us by historians is as follows : 

In the year of our Lord 770, in the reign of Solvath- 
ious, king of Scots, one Donald Bane of the Western 
Isles, having invaded the Scotch territories, and i:outed 
the royal army, a man of rank and figure came season- 
ably with his friends and followers to the king's assistance; 
he renewed the battle and obtained a complete victory 
over the invader. The king being desirous to see the 
man, who had done him so signal a piece of service, 
he was pointed out to him by his color or complexion, in 
these words of the old Gallic or Cettic language Sholto 
Du Glas or Glash in English, ^'Behold that black or 
swarthy colored man,'' from which he was named Sholto 
the Douglas. The king royally rewarded his great 
services, and gave him a grant of several lands and large 
possessions in the country of Lanark, which were called 
Douglas ; and from hence came the sirname of the 

This Sholto i^ said to have left two sons. 

2 I. Hugh, ancestor of the Douglases in Scot- 

3 II. William, progenitor oftheScoti Douglasi 
in Italy when he settled. He married the daughter of 


Antonio Spetino, a lady of one of the most honorable 
families in that country. 


said to be lineally descended from the above named 
Sholto, who was created lord or dominus de Douglas 
by king Malcolm Canmore at a conventus procerum held 
in Forfar A. D. 1057: He lived after the year 1100 
and left issue two sons : 

5 I. Sir John de D(»(tgla8. 

6 .II, Sir William of tilendoning of whom the Douglases of 
Strabrock and Pompberston are descended 

5 SIR JOHN second Lord of DOUGLAS 

succeeded in his father's lifetime, was designed of Doug- 
las & Burn; lands which lieintheShier of Selkirk, and 
were long in the possession of the family of Douglas. 
He was a man of great note in the reign of king David I. 
and dying about the year 1145, was succeeded by his son 

7 SIR WILLIAM third Lord of DOUGLAS. 

He is found witnessing characters by king David I. and 
Jocelin bishop of Glasgow between the year 1174 and 
1199. He married Margaret, daughter of Eriskinus de 
Kerdal by whom he had six sons and one daughter. 

Children : — 

8 I. Archibald Lord of Douglas born about IHJO; married 
Margaret Crawford. 

9 II. Bricius de Dottola«, who was bred to the church before 
the year 1203 was made Bishop of Murray. — He died 1222. 

10 III. Alexander de Douglas was sheriff of Elgin. 

1 1 IV. Henry de Douglas. 
12. V. Hugo de Douglas. 

13 VI. Friskinus de Douglas. 

14 VII. Margaret married Kieth Grant Marshal of the kingdom. 


8 ARCHIBALD fourth Lord of DOUGLAS, 

eldest son of William third Lord of Douglas. He settled 
on the family estate, and married Margaret, daughter of 
Sir John Crawford, which gave him large possessions in 
addition to what he inherited from his father. He died 
about 1240. 

Childrkn : — 

15 I. Sift William his heir. 

16 II. Sir Andrew ancestor of the Enrl Morton. 

15 SIR WILLIAM fifth Lord of DOUGLAS. 

He is said to have married Martha the sister of the Earl 
of Carrick, He appears in 1255 as one of the Scottish 
partisans of King Henry III of England. He died A. 
D. 1276. 

Children : — 

17 L Hugh his heir. 

18 IL William who succeeded his brother. 

17 HUGH sixth Lord of DOUGLAS 

married Margaret, daughter of Patrick and sister of 
Hugh, lords of Abernethy; and dying without issue 
about 1286, was succeeded by his brother, William. 

18 WILLIAM seventh Lord of DOUGLAS. 

He married Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander, sixth 
lord high Stewart of Scotland. On account of his great 
boldness and valor, he was called William the Hardy. 
He was among the first men of rank who joined Sir 
William Wallace, in his rising against the English in 
1297. In 1295 he was governor of Berwick. He owned 
lands in one English and in seven Scottish counties. 


He was the only man of rank in Scotland that coukl 
never be prevailed *upon to submit to a prince who had 
no right or title to the kingdom, l)ut what force gave 
him. He died a prisoner at the castle of York, 
England A. 1). 1303. 

Childkkx: — 

19 I. Jameh Loan of Dovqlau, 

20 II. Hugh de Douglas. 

21 III. Archibald de Douglas. 

19 JAMES eighth Lord of DOUGLAS, 

son of William the Hardy, who was distinguished by 
the name of Good Sir James, and by all our historians 
is allowed to have been one of the greatest heroes of his 
time. He joined king Robert Bruce as soon as he 
began to assert his title to the crown, and assisted at 
his coronation in 1306. He was at the battle of 
Bannockburn where he had no small glory gained 
against the English that day. By a charter from king 
Robert, he obtained possession of all the lands and 
town of Douglas dated at Berwick, April 11, 1329. 

King Robert, finding himself drawing near his end, 
and unable to undertake a journey to the Holy Land to 
perform a (*ertain vow he had made, requested his 
friend. Sir James Douglas that at his death he would 
have his heart embalmed and put in a silver casket, 
and that he should cary it to Jerusalem and bury 
it near our Saviour's sepulcher. Sir James executed the 
arduous task though it cost him his life; for which the 
family got added to its arms argent a man's heart gules, 
ensigned with an imperial crown. 

He was in seventy battles and was victorious in all 
but thirteen, leaving the name of ••the Black Douglas;" 


— SO he was called from his swarthy complexion — as a 
word of fear by which the English mothers stilled their 

"Hufth ye, hush ye. little pet ye, 
Hnph ye, hush ye, do not fret ye, 
The Blnck Douglas shall not. get. ye." 

He was killed in Spain August 31, 1331, and was 
buried in the church of Saint Bride in Scotland. 

[Some historians say that Sir James was slain by the Moors before 
reaching the Holy Land. All agree that he was killed in Spain A. D. 
August, 31, 1331.] 

20 HUGH ninth Lord of DOUGLAS, 

second son of William the Hardy, was never married ; 
but resigned his lands in favour of his nephew William, 
afterwards Earl of Douglas. 


third son of William the Hardy, was a man of great 
bravery and courage which he gave many proofs in 
engagements with the English. He was a faithful 
friend of king David Bruce. He was appointed govern- 
or of Scotland in king David's absence, and at last lost 
his life in the service of his country A. D. 1333. He 
married a daughter of John Cummings. 

Children : — 

22 I. William, afterwards Earl of Douglas. 

23 II. Eleanora, who married Alexander Earl of Carrick. — 

22 WILLIAM lirst Earl of DOUGLAS 

was also Earl of Marr. He was the only son of 
Archibald Lord of Galloway. In 1357 he was created 
Earl of Douglas. It is said that he disputed the succes- 
sion to the Scottish crown with Robert II. but this 


seems to be a mistake, for he was a great friend of 
Robert II, and obtained his daughter in marriage with 
his son and performed many noble acts in his country's 
service in that king's reign. He married (1) Margaret, 
daughter of Donald, sister and heiress of Thomas, Earl 
of Marr, by whom he had 

24 I. James Earl of Douglas. 

25 II. Lady Isabella Douglas countess of Marr. 
By (2) wife Lady Margaret Dunbas. 

2(> III. Archibald. 

By (3) wife Lady Margaret Stewart daughter of king Robert II. 
countess of Angus and dowage of Marr. 


who succeeded to the Earldom of Angus upon his 
mother's resignation, ancestor of the Earl of Angus 
Marquisses and Duke of Douglas. 

24 JAMES second Earl of DOUGLAS 

was also Earl of Marr. He invaded England and was 
met by the Percies. He fell at the battle of Otterburn 
July, 31, 1388. He married Isabella Stewart daughter 
of king Robert XL They had only one son child, who 
died in infancy. 

26 ARGHIBALD third Earl of DOUGLAS 

and Lord of Galloway, was son of William tirst Earl of 
Douglas and Margaret Dunbar. He died in 1400. 
He married Jean, daughter and heiress of Thomas 
Murray Lord of Bothwell. 

Children : — 

28 I. Archibald fourth Earl ot. Douglas. 

29 U. Lady xVIarjory who married David, prince of Scotland. 
80 III. William Lord of Nithsdale married Egidia, daughter 

of king Robert IL 


26 ARCHIBALD fourth Earl of DOUGLAS, 

Lord of Bothwel, Galloway and Annadale, son of Archi- 
bald and Jean (Murray) Douglas. He defended the 
castle at Edinburgh against king Henry and the English 
army. He lost his life at the battle of Vonoil A. D. 
1424. He married Margaret Stewart daughter of king 
Robert III. 


31 1. Archibald fifth Earl of Douglas. 

32 IT. James Earl of Aberco^n. 

33 III. Lady Margaret married William Earl of Orkney. 

34 IV. Lady Elizabeth married John Stewart Earl of Bucan. 

35 V. Lady Helen married Alexander Louden of Hottun. 

36 VI. Lady Mary. 

31 ARCHIBALD fifth Lord of DOUGLAS, 

Lord of Bothwel and GaUoway and marshal of France. 
In 1424, he was sent ambassador to England with 
others to treat about king James's ransom which they 
happily accomplished, and returned to Scotland with 
their royal master the same year. He died A. D. 1439 
and was buried in the church of Douglas, where his 
tomb yet remains ins(Til)ed with his high titles of Duke 
of Tourain, Earl of Douglas, and Lord of Galloway. 
He married Lady Eupheme Graham. 


37 T. WiLiJAM 38 David. 

39 IT. Lady Margaret called the fair maid of Galloway. 
She married (1) William. (2) James, Earls of Douglas, (3) Johu 
Earl of Athole. 

37 WILLIAM sixth Earl of DOUGLAS, 

third Duke of Turenne a boy of sixteen. His power 
and foreign possessions made him an object of fear to 


the Scottish crown, and having been invitad to an 
entertainment in the castle of Edinburgh, he was 
assassinated with his brother A. D. 1440. He and 
his brother being unmarried the estate devolve J upjn 
their uncle James, Earl of Abercorn. 

32 JAMES seventh Earl of DOUGLAS, 

fourth Duke of Turenne, married Beatrix daughter of 
Robert, Duke of Albany, Gov. of Scotland. He died 
A. D. 1463. 

Children: — 



William eighth Eirl of 0)4^1.1^. 






Archibald Earl of iMurray. 



Hugh, 44 James, 45 HENav. 



Lady MAROAREr mirrioJ Jam.M Dju^las 




Lady Beatrix. 



Lady Jane. 



Lady P]lizabeth. 

Earl of 

40 WIL LI AM eighth Earl of DO UG LAS, 

fifth Duke of Turenne, son of James and Beatrix 
Douglas, was long in great favour with King James IL, 
but afterwards lost the royal vavom and appears to 
have entered into a league with the Earl of Crawford 
and others of the nobility, against the King, by whom 
he was stabbed to the heart and died install tly at 
Sterling Castle, February 2, 1452. He married his 
cousin Margaret, daughter of Alexander, fifth Earl of 
Douglas. Leaving no children he was succeeded bj^ 
his brother James, 

JAMES ninth Earl of DOUGLAS, 
and sixth Duke of Turenne. In 1454, he made open 


war against King James II., as the murderer of his 
brother and kinsman, the sixth and eighth Earls of 
Douglas. The issue seemed doubtful for a time, but 
the Hamiltons and others being gained over to the 
king's side. Douglas fled to England. The castles of 
Douglases were dismantled, and the earldom of 
Douglas came to an end by forfeiture after an existance 
of ninty-eight years during which it had been held by 
no fewer than nine lords. The last Earl lived many 
years in England and was made a Knight of the 
Garter. He died in the abbey of Lindores, April 15, 
1488. The male line of the first and second sons of 
William first Earl of Douglas thus ended. 


was the son of William first Earl of Douglas and 
Lady Margaret Stewart, countess and heiress of 
Angus. He was put in possession of his mother's 
estate and honors very young by her resignation in 
parliament of the earldom of Angus. He married 
May 24, 1397, Lady Mary Stewart, daughter of King 
Robert III. He accompanied his cousin the Earl of 
Douglas to the battle of Hamilton where he was taken 
prisoner in 1402, and died in England of the plague 
the following year. 

Children : — 

50 I. William Earl of Angus 

51 II. Sir. George. 

52 III. Lady P]lizab£8H married Divid Hay of Lockarret. 

50 WILLIAM DOUGLAS, second Earl of ANGUS. 

He had the chief command of the army at 
the battle of Piperdain where the Scots obtained a 


complete victory over the English commander by the 
brave Percy, in 1436. He married Elizabeth, daughter 
of William Hay. He died A. D. 1437. 

Their Child: — 

53 I. James Earl of Angus. 


married Mary Stewart, daughter of King James I., 
and dying without issue, the estate and honors devolved 
upon his uncle George. 

51 GEORGE DOUGLAS, fourth Earl of ANGUS, 

son of George, first Earl of Angus and Lady 
Margaret Stewart. He was appointed one of the 
govenors of King James III., which office he discharged 
with honor. He had the chief command of the king's 
forces, during the ninth Earl of Douglas' rebellion, 
which he suppressed A. D. 1455, by which he obtained 
their old inheritance of Douglasdale. He married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Andrew^ Sibbald. 

Children : — 

54 I. Archibald fiPih Earl of Angus. 

55 II. Georoe. 

56 III. Lady Annie married VVm. L'>rd Graham. 

57 IV. Lady Elizabeth married Sir Robert Jraham. 

58 V. Lady Isabel married Sir Alexander Ramsay. 

He died A. D. 1463, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son. 


was commonly called the great Earl. After 
filling the highest offices in the state and adding 
largly to the family possessions retired to the priority 


of Canons in Galloway where he died A. D. 1514. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Boyd Lord 
High Chancelor of Scotland. 

Children : — 

59 I. George Master of Angus. 

60 II. Sir William Douglas. 

61 III. Gavin Douglas Bishop of Diinkeld. 

62 IV. Lady Majory married Earl of Glencairn. 

63 V. Lady Elizabeth. 

64 VI. Lady J an at. 

65 VII. Sir Archibald. 


son of Archibald, fifth Earl of Angus. He was 
in great favor with King James IV. He married 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Lord Drummond. 

Children :— 

66 1. Archibald sixth Earl of Angus. 

67 II. Sir George. 

68 III. William. 

69 IV. Elizabeth married John Lord Yester, ancestor- of .the 
Marquis of Tweeddale. 

70 V. Janet. 

71 VI. Margaret married Sir James Douglas ancestor 
of the Duke of Queenberry. 

72 VII. Alison, 73 Jean, 14 Isabel. 

He died on the field of Flowden with his royal 
master Sept. 9, 1513. 


sun of George, Master of Angus was made 
Knight by King Henry II., of France. - He married 
Margaret, daughter of King Henry A^I., sister of 


King Henry VIII. of England, and widow of King 
James IV., of Scotland. 

Children : — 

73 I. James, Master of Angus who died young. 

74 II. Lady Margaret Douglas who married Matthew Earl 
of Lennox and was mother of Henry Lord Damly, who was the 
husband of Mary, Queen of Scotts and father of King James YI. 

So of this Earl of Angus, not only the royal 
family of Great Britain, but most of the crowned 
heads of Europe are descended. He died at the castle 
of Tantallon A. D. 1656. 


son of George, Master of Angus married Elizabeth, 
daughter and heiress of David Douglas. 

Children : — 

75 I. David, afterwards Earl of Angus II. James married III. 
Lady Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of James Douglas third Earl of 
Morton. He succeeded to the earldom of Morton hy intail, and was 
rejenr> of Scotland, vide title Morton. 

76 IV. Elizabeth. 

77 V, Mary. 

78 Sir ij^eorqe was killed at the Battle of Pinkie. 

75 DAVID DOUGLAS, seventh Earl of ANGUS, 

son of Sir George and Elizabeth Douglas, married 
Margaret, daughter of Sir John Hamilton of Clydes- 

Children: — 

79 I. Archibald eighth Earl of Angus. 

80 Lady Margaret married 1st Sir Walter Scott, 2nd Francis 
Stewart Earl of Bothwell 

81 II. Lady Elizabeth married John lord Maxwell. The 
earl died 1&88, and was succeeded bj his son. 



called the good earl. He married 1st Lady Margaret 
Earskine, 2nd Lady Margaret Lesley, daughter of 
George, Earl of Rothes, and dying without any 
surviving issue A. D. 1588 ; the male line of George 
Master of Angus thus ended, and the estate and 
honors devolved upon next heir male. Sir William 

WILLIAM DOUGLAS ninth Earl of ANGUS, .. 

son of Sir William Douglas. He was strongly attach- 
ed to the interest of Queen Mary. In 1591, he 
obtained from King James VI., a charter confirming 
all the ancient privileges of the family of Douglas viz; the 
first vote in parliament of leading the vanguard iii 
battle and to carry the crown at coronation to 
him, and his heir-male. He married Giles, daughter 
of Sir Robert Grg|.ham. 




William Earl of 




Sir Robert Douglas. 


















. Elizabeth. 




fie died A. D. 1591, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son. . ,. , , , ; 

82 WILLIAM DOUGLAS tenth Earl bf ANGUS, 
son of William Dougl,as,mainied,Elizab.eth, daughter 


of Lord Oliphant. He was a man of great learing and 

Children: — 



William eleventh Earl of Angus: 






Sir Francis. 



Lady Mary. 



Lady Margaret. 

He died A. D. 1616. 

WILLIAM DOUGLAS, eleventh Earl of ANGtJS, 
was created first marquis of Douglas by King Cliarles 
I., in 1633. He married 1st Margaret, d,aughter of 
Claud Hamilton. 

Children by first wife: — 

96 1. Archibald. ; 

97 II. Lord James. 

98 III'. Margaret married Earl of Stirling. 

99 IV. Lady Jean i 

100 V. Lady Grizel. 

He married (2) Lady ,Mary Gordan. 
Children by (2) marriage: — 

101 VI. William iJarl of Selkirk afterwards Duke of 
Hamilton Vide title Hamilton. 

102 VII. Lord James. . . i 

103 VIII. Lady Henriet. 

104 IX. Ladx Catherine. 

105 X. Lady Isabel married William duke of Queensberry. 
106, XL Lady Jean. 

107 Xll. LADY Lucy. 

108 XIII. Lady Mary 

He died 1660. 

son and,apparant heir of William, marquis of Douglas. 


He married 1st Annie Stewart, daughter of Esme 
duke of Lennex. 

Child by first wife : — 

109 I. James ^tterwards marquis of Douglfts. 

Two daughters who perished at sea in a voyage to 

He married (2) Lady Jean, daughter of David 
Earl of Memys, by whom he had a son. 

110 II. Archibald Earl of Forfair. 

111 III. Ladt Mabqabbt married Alexander viscount of 


was the second Marquis of Douglas. He married (1) 
Barbara Earskine. 

Children : — 

112 I. Jaaies Eurl of Angus. He married (2) Lady Mary 
Kerr, daughter of Robert Marquis of Lothian. 

Children by (2) marriage: — 

113 II. Archibald Duke of Douglas. 

114 III. Lady Jane Douglas married Sir John Stewart. 
Said to have twins, 115 Archibald and 116 Sholto. 

The Marquis died A. D. 1700, and was succeeded 
by his son. 


was created Duke of Douglas by Queen Annie, April 
18, 1703. He married Margaret, eldest daughter of 
James Douglas, but died without issue, July 21, 1761. 

Archibald Stewart : the only surviving son of his 
sister, Lady Jean or Jane was served heir to his uncle 
Archibald Duke of Douglas on Sept. 9, 1761, and b 


now designed Archibald Douglas of Douglas Esq. 
The Duke dying without issue made the title of duke 
became extinct; but that of marquis of Douglas &c., 
devolved upon his grace the present Duke of Hamilton, 
his undoubted heir-male; he being lineally descended 
of William, Earl of Selkirk eldest son of the second 
marriage of William first Marquis of Douglas. The 
Duke of Hamilton was accordingly upon the 1st of 
Dec. A. D. 1761, served and restored heir-male to 
the said Archibald, Duke of Douglas, and is now 
designed George, James, Dake of Hamilton, and 
Brandon Marquis of Douglas, Earl of Angus &c., &c. 
Vide title of Hamilton. 





The orignal Douglas arms was a blue shield with three sUrs. 
The imperial heart was added to commemorate King Robert Bruce's 
dying request to the good Sir James Douglas, that he should cause 
his heart to be taken out and embalmed and placed in a silver casket 
and ihat Douglas should carry it to the Boly Land and have it buried 
near the sepulchre of our Savio . •. 

The three stars which the Douglases bear in common with the 
Murries seem to denote the descent of both irom one ancestor. 
1'hey are the heraldic way of showing a spear rowell denoting that the 
dignity of Knighthood has been conferred upon the wearer for fidell.,y. 

The HELMKT is common to all arms, but differ in position, in 
material and shape, according to the rank of «he wearer a Baronet 
has his full front blue. The one the Douglas arms is a simple esquiie 
(ir gentleman. 

The CAP of Maintenance or the cap of triumph, is as historical as 
the cap of liberty, and like the latter has a Kuman origin. It was 
carried before the Ruman generals in their entry into the capital, alller 
their return fiom a successful war. It is turned up with esmine. 

The LAMBREQUIN or SCROLL around the top of the shield belongs 
to the ornamental part of Heraldry and is common to all arms, 
and had its origin in the fact that in the times of the Tournaments 
crusades they formed a cloak around the helmet or head piece, but in 
time the cloak got cut up into shreads and rags by the battle axes 
of the combatiuts, and now in modern days they forai them into ieaf- 
like scrolls. 

The SALAMANDER denotes that the family has flourished amidst 
difficulties, trials and persecutions, that it stands out from and amidst 
the flames of adversity and distruction triumphant. 

The TORTOis cr band which is above the helmet should be whitk 
and BLUE to correspond with the color of the arms. It used to 
be in olden times a roll of ribbons and was used to bind the crest to 
the helmet but in later years it has lost its primitive shape and 


Jamais Arriere, "Mover behind" alludes to the peculiar 
precedence inherent in their earldom of Angus. 


The two colors in the Douglas arms are bluo for fidelity, a id whiie 
for purity Whit 3 represents «ilve''. 



A consecutive numbering runs through the wh >le book, so far as 
the name of Douglas is concerned, beginning with John Dduglas, 
the original emigrant of this branch of the graat family 

This numbering is found t)n the left hand of the page, before the 
name of each individual in the series of his record descendants 
as a child. 

Thus, are found ten children of John D.)uaLAS, numbered from 
108 to 118 inclusive. 

This mark, f immediately following a consecutive number denotes 
that a distinct and additional notice of the person to whom that number 
belongs is reserved for a separate an 1 subsequent paragraph. The 
place where this occurs may be found by looking for the same 
consecutive number like this 114: immediately preceding the name to 
which it belongs. Thus, Isaac Douglas, whose consecutive number is 
114, is afterwards foun^ as the head of a family. 

Only one consecutive number belongs* to an individual. 

By means of this, and several indexes at the end of the volu ne, 
any person and his ancestry and posterity are easily found. 

If there be occasion to mention an individual elsewhere, his place 
in the series is indicated by his consecutive number in brackets : 
thus [311]. 

A small figure after a name and just above the line, thus, Samuel 
Dougla*''' denotes the generation in which the individual belongs, and 
serves in part to distinguish him from others of the same name. 

The name at the head, or parent of each separate family, is found 
at the beginning of the notice of such family printed in CAPITALS. 
It is found convenient to insert immediately after the parent's name, 
the name of his or her American progenitors, thus : Benjamin 
DouoLAS* (JoB,"^ Elijah,^ John ^). 

The families are arranged in the order of seniority, as they occur 
in the second generation - 

When a town is mentioned without naming the state, Maine is to 
be understood, unless the place be universally k\iown. 

When a woman's name occurs in this wise Mary (Braley) Douglas, 
Braley is her maiden name and Douglas the one acquired by 


To find the name of an individual recorded in this volume : 
Suppose it to he John Douglas, the eldest son of Cornelius Douglas. 
The name of John Douglas is of frequent occurence in this book. 
This John was born in 1768. Find the name of John in among the 
Christain names of the Douglases io index 1, preceded by 1768 the year 
of his birth, and following is the c insecutive number 34, which 
you will find in the proper plac^ in the b )dy of the work. 


First Generation in America, of the Descendants 

OF John Douglas of Middleborough, Plymouth 

County, Massachusetts. 


1 JoHN^ Douglas was born in Scotland about 
the year 1695. His father was a wealthy and 
influential man, possessing a large tract of land, and 
renting a number of houses. John had an uncle, a 
merchant living in London, who wished his nephew to 
go and live with him, promising to make him his heir, 
as he had no children of his own. To this his father 
would not consent ; but the boy, then twelve years of 
age, was so well pleased with his uncle's generous 
offer, that he ran away with the intention of going to 
him. On reaching London he could not find his 
uncle; so he strolled down about the wharves, as a 
little boy would naturally do. There lay in port a 
man-of-war nearly ready for sea. The boy attracted 
the notice of the crew who, taking advantage of his 
being alone and unprotected, pressed him on board 
the ship and concealed him till they were well out to 
sea. The vessel was bound for Boston, and arrived 
there in due time. John was sold or put out to a man 
till he should become of age, in a consideration of a 
sum of money required to pay his passage. Whom ho 


lived with or how he fared during the remainder ot 
his minority is not known. Neither is it known 
that his father ever knew what became of his lost son. 
We next hear of John in Middleborough, Plymouth 
County, Mass., where about A. D. 1719, he married 
Eunice Rattleleaf (or RatlifFe) of that town. They 
settled on a farm he bought of John Bennett, Jr., 
containing thirty-seven acres, for the sum of thirty 
pounds. The farm was situated in the Township of 
Middleborough, Mass., being in the 134th lot in the 
third allotment in the purchase known as the sixteen 
shilling purchase. The deed bearing the date of May 27, 
1739. They*always resided on this farm, where they 
died at an advanced age, and were buried in the town 

The children of John and Eunice (Rattleleaf) 
Douglas born in Middleborough, Mas*^., were : 

2 I. fKuJAH^ born about 1720; married Ist, Phebe Taylor; 
2iid, Elizabeth Estes. 

3 II. fJoHN'^ bor:i about 1722; married Mary Braley. 

4 III. t^KORGK- born about 1724 or 5; maiTied Patience Cas- 


2. Elijah* Douglas (John I) eldest son of John 
and Eunice (Rattleleaf) Douglas, was born in Middlebor- 
ough, Mass., about .\. I). 1720; married, first, April 
27, 1742, Phebe Taylor Married by Benjamin Ruggles, 
Esq. They settled in his native town. They had born 
unto them three sons and two daughters. His wife, the 
eldest son and two daughters died and in the year 1751, 
he, with his surviving sons, bid adieu to the land of their 
birth, to find a home in the wilds of the district of Maine. 


They pursued their journey east as far as Falmouth where 
it appears they remained a short time. The same year 
he bought in company with Benjamin Winslow, one-half 
of New Uamariscove Island, (now either Haskell or 
Bailey's Island) lying in Casco Bay, in the Township 
of North Yarmouth (now Harpswell,) for the sum 
of seventy-six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence, 
lawful money. The Island was purchased of Jonathan 
Preble, of Georgetown. The deed bears date of January 
30, O. S. 1750-51, recorded in the Register of Deeds 
Office in York County, Book 29, page 90. 

He marfied (2) Elizabeth, daughter of Edward 
and Patience Estes, born in Hanover, Plymouth County, 
Mass., April 7, 1731. At the time of their marriage 
she was residing with her parents at North Yarmouth 
(now Harpswell). They settled on a farm of forty three 
acres, which he bought of Mary Hais, the estate of 
Richard Hais, deceased, situated on Merryconeag Neck, 
(now Harpswell Neck.) 

The deed was granted July 5, 1757. There has 
been added to the farm sixty acres of land ; and the 
old log house which stood near what is known as 
Hais' Brook, in which were born unto them five sons 
and three daughters, has given place to two successive 
framed houses, which were built on the main road. 
The farm is now owned and occupied by Henry 
Merryman. Elijah did a large business in chopping 
and shipping cord wood from Birch Island to Boston. 
Tradition informs us that he was a great worker and a 
very powerful man with the axe; that on one occasion, 
having been disappointed in his help, and wisliing to 
complete the loading of the vessel, he chopped seven 
cords of wood in one day. In 1775, he removed to 


the Township of Royallsborough (now Durham,) where 
he bought and settled on the farm known as the John 
Plummer farm; where traces of the cellar where his 
old house stood, are still to be seen. 

He owned all the land now included in the farms 
owned by Thomas Philbrook, John Plummer and 
Alexander Ewing. He also owned other farms, 
and was quite forehanded for those days. He wis 
the first of the name that joined the society of Friends, 
having united with them at Falmouth, June 29, 1754, 
and continued a member for many years; but was 
subsequently disowned, on account of his going to 
law with a member of the society, contrary to their 
discipline. He weighed two hundred pounds and was 
five feet ten inches in heighth; of large muscular 
frame, and possessed all the characteristics of his 
Scottish ancestry. He was totally blind ten years 
previous to his death. 

He passed the latter part of his days in the family 
of his son J(»seph where he died in the year 1814, 
aged 94 years, and was buried near the Friend's 
meeting house, in Durham. 

Children of Elijah, by first wife Phebe: — 

5 I. Martin,'^ born in Middle bo rough, Mass., May 2, 
1 744. There is no further record of him and it is probable he died 

6 II. f Daniel,-* born in Middleborough, 1747; married 
Sabry Russell. 

7 III. t CoRNELlEUS,* born in Middleborough Sept, 12, 1749 ; 
married (1) Ann Esies (2) Lydia Buflfum. 

Children by second wife Lydia: — 

8 IV. t Joseph,^* born in North Yarmouth, (now Harps well,) 
April 8, 1753 ; married Mary McFall. 


9 V. t JoB/^ fe^»rn in North Yarmouth, Got. 9th 1754 
married (1) Mercy Hooker (2) Mary (McKenney) Campbell. 

10 VE. t l8a\EL,» born in North Yarmouth, July 17th 1756 
married Mary Rodick. 

11 VII. t Sarah,3 ijorn in North Yarmouth, June 13th 1759 
married Benjamin Doughty. 

12 VIII. t Patience,'* born in North Yarmouth, March 24, 
17H1. She h«d two daughters. No further record of her has been 

13 IX. t Mary,s born in North Yarmouth, July )0, 17G3; 
married Daniel Booker. 

14 X. t Elijad,*^ born in Harpswell, June 23, 1768; married 
Jenney arant. 

15 XI. t JoHN,3 born in Harpswell, Nov. 8, 1774; married (1) 
Sarah Booker (2) Catherine (Briry) Booker. 

3 JoHN^ Douglas, (John^) brother of the 
preceeding and son of John and Eunice (Rattleleaf) 
Douglas, was born in Middleboro, Mass., about A. D. 
1722. About the year 17*^1, he married Mary Braley, 
and settled in his native town, on a farm situated near 
what is known as the Beech Woods. He bought the 
said farm of Mark Haskell, a tanner, for twenty-seven 
pounds of old tenor. The farm consisted of one-half part 
of the eighty-sixth lot of land in the third allotment 
of the sixteen shilling purchase. The deed bears date 
of February 10th, 1746. At the breaking out of the 
Revolutionary War, he volunteered his services in his 
country's defence. He was in the battle of Bunker 
Hill. Sometime during the early part of the war he 
was taken sick with the camp disorder, from which he 
never recovered. He died at his home in Middle- 
borough, and was buried in the grave-yard in that 
town. After his death his widow lived with her son 
John, at Plymouth, Mass., where she died about 1788, 
and was buried in the grave-yard at Half Way Pond, 


Their children all born in Middleborough, Mass. 
were : — 

16 L t JoHN,3 born iMarch 11th 1752; married Ljdia 
South worth. 

17 IL Ephriam,"^ bor.i about 1754; unmarrird, died in the 
Revolutionary war 1777. 

18 IIL t MABir,3 born about 1757; married Libbeas Sim- 

19 IV. t Elizabeth,'^ born in ihe year 1760; married 
Ephriam Reynolds. 

20 V. Sarah,'^ born about 1763. It is reported by some 
persons that she was married ; but to whom or where, or any further 
record of her has not been received. 

21 VL t Phebe,3 born about 1767; married Roland Homes 

22 VII. t Eli8HA,3 born June 12th 1771; married (1) Celia 
Oskin (2) Hannah Russell. 

4 George'^ Douglas, (John^) brother of the 
preceeding and son of John and Eunice (Rattleleaf ) 
Douglas, was born in Middleborough, Mass., about 
1725 ; married Prudence Caswell. He always resided 
in his native town on the Beech Wood road. He was 
a successful farmer, and a man respected for his 
integrity, and high moral character. He died at his 
homestead April 13th 1793. His wife died March 
14th 179'<. They were interred in their family grave- 

Their children born in Middleborough, Mass., 

were : — 

2ii T. Prudence,^ born about 1760 ; married Enoch Swift of 
Wareham, Mass. He was a farmer and shoemaker. They had no 
children. She died January 15th 18H5. 

24 II. t GrBORQE,^ born August 26th 1762 ; married Patience 

25 III. t Noah, ^ born about 1764; Married Mary Seakel. 

26 IV. t Selah,» born about 1767; njarried David Niles. 

27 V. JoTiiAM,'^ born about 1770. 



6 Daniel^ Douglas, (Elijah^ John/) son of 
Elijah and Phebe (Taylor) Douglas, was born in 
Middleborough, Mass., 1747; married June 9th 1779, 
Sabry Russell of Duxbury, Mass. He settled in the 
town of Brunswick on a farm situated on what is 
known as Kincaid Hill, on the road leading from 
Brunswick village to the Friend's meeting house in 

^In 1797, he removed on a farm near Ring's Corner 
in the town of North Yarmouth, (now Freeport,) 
where he built a log house in which he and family 
lived many years; and then he built him a framed 
house. This, however, was not plastered during his 
lifetime. When a young man, while assisting at the 
raising of a frame for a building, he fell, striking upon 
his face and putting out both of his eyes, 'i'his 
accident occurred previous to his marriage, depriving 
him of the pleasure of seeing his wife and children. 
The old gentleman and his wife were in the practice of 
visiting among their friends with a cow, they called 
old Brindle, harnessed to a sled for a team. He was 
not a professor of religion, though a very good and 
kind man, and upright in all his dealings. The date 
of his or his wife's death is not know^n. 

He was buried in the grave-yard near Friends' 
meeting house in Durham. 

Their children all born in Brunswick were : — 

28 I. t Cornelius,* born Sept. 19th 1780 ; married 
Hannah Whittemore. 

29 II. t N ABB Y,* born 1782 ; married J ^mes Welch. 

30 III. t Annie,* born 1784; married Samuel Grouse or 


31 IV. t Salvana* born 1789; married Zachariah Allen. 

32 V. t PHEBE^born 1792; married 8amuel Grouse. 

33 VI. t Daniel * born August 1796 ; married Sarah Bailey. 

7 CoRiSELius^ Douglas, (Elijah,^ John/) brother 
of the proceeding and son of Elijah and Phebe (Taylor) 
Douglas, was born in Middleborough, Mass., Sept. 12, 
1749. His mother died when he was an infant, and 
when only two years old his father together with him- 
self and brother Daniel, removed to the town of 
Falmouth, Maine, where they remained a short time, 
then removed and settled on Merryconeag, now 
Harpswell Neck, which at that time was a wild and 
comparatively unsettled tract of land belonging to the 
town of North Yarmouth. In those early days of the 
history of Harpswell, there was but little cleared land 
for mowing fields, consequently, the farmers found it 
necessary to obtain fodder for their stock in other 
localities. Cornelius, in company with several young 
men, went into the interior about twenty-five miles in 
search of grass. They found a small tract of land 
clear of timber, where the beavers had formallv built 
a dam across a small stream overflowing several acres. 
The dam had been partially torn away by hauling 
masts over it which drained the meadow, causing the 
wild grass to grow in great abundance. These young- 
men cut and stacked a supply of this ; then retracing 
their steps, guided only by spotted trees, they returned 
home reaching there late in autumn. They then 
provided themselves with the necessary articles for 
camp life, drove their father's cattle to their newly 
discovered territory, where they built a rude camp for 
themselves and a hovel for the cattle. They spent 
their time in tending the stock and making baskets; 
thus the winter passed quite pleasantly. It was by 


these frequent visits to the back woods, that Cornelius 
chose his future home. At the early age of eighteen 
he married, Nov. 10, 1767, Ann, daughter of Edward 
and Patience Estes, (a sister of his step-mother,) born 
in Hanover, Mass., March 14, 1735. He resided in 
Harpswell until 1773, when he bought one hundred 
acres of wild land of the proprietors of the Pejepscot 
purchase for the sum of twenty-six pounds thirteen 
shillings and four pence, lawful money. His land was 
situated in the township of Royallborough, (now 
Durham.) The deed was given by Belcher Xoyes 
Esq., of Boston, agent for the proprietors, Dec. 10, 
1776. Upon this farm he built the fifth log house in 
the township. It was situated upon a little hillock 
some distance from where the highway now is. There 
are traces of the house still to be seen. His wife died 
Jan. 28, 1790. June 23, 1791, he married (2) Lydia, 
daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Buifum, of Berwick. 
They had born unto them four sons and three daughters. 
The youngest daughter occupied the old homeste^ad till 
her death. The old log house, after doing good service 
Avas taken down, and a framed one built nearer the 
road. And a few years since this was rebuilt still 
nearer the road, and in a more modern style. Cornelius 
was an acceptable member of the society of Friends 
and universally esteemed by the communit}^ where he 
resided. He died at his homestead June 20,' 1821. 
His wife survived him a few years and died August 
31, 1837. They were buried in the Friends' grave- 
yard at South Durham. 


The following marrijige certificate of Cornelieus Douglas and 
Annie Estes was copied verbntim from the original and shows the 
form of marriage used by the Society of Friends : 

Whareas Cornalas Duglas of Harpswell in the County of 
Cumberland, son of Elijah Duglas and Phebe his wife, and Ann Estis, 
Daughter of Edward Estes and Patience his wife, both of the aforesd 
town And ^^unty and Provence of the Massachusetts baye, in new- 
england, and having declared their intentions of taking Eich other in 
marage. before two publick meeting of the people, Called quakers, in 
Harpswill and falmouth according to Gof»d order used amongst them, 
and Proceeding therein after Delibarate Consideration they also appear- 
ing Clear of all others, And having Consent of Parents and Relatives 
Concerend. were approved by sd meeting. Now these are to certify 
all whom it may concearn, that for ecf'omplishing their sd intentions, 
this 10th day of the 11th month called november, annodomi seventeen 
hundred sixty seven, they the sd Cornalas Duglas and Ann Estes 
appeared in a publick assembly of the afoursaid people. And others 
met to<iether att their publick meeting house att Harpswoll, afoursaid. 
And he, the said Cornalas Du^rlas, in a soloin maner, taking the said Ann 
Estes by the Hand Did openly Declared as follows, friends I Desire you to 
be my witnesses, that 1 take this friend, Ann Estis to be my wife, 
promising throuah tKe Lord's assistance, to be unto Her a true and 
Loving Husband until it Shall pleas the Lord by Death to sepperate 
us. And then and their in the said assembly, the said ann Estis did in 
like manner Declare as followeth : friends, I Desire you to be my 
witnesst'S, that 1 take this friend, Cornalas Duglas, to be my Husband, 
promising through the Lord's assistance, to be unto him A true and 
Loving wife, until it Shall pleas the Lord by Death to sepperate us. 
And as a further conformation theirof, the said Cornalas Duglas and 
ann Estis did then and, by these Presents, set their hands, she according 
to Custom assuming the name of her Husband. 

(^ornalas Duglas. 
Ann Duglas. 
And we. whose names are hearunto subscribed, being present at 
the Solomnizing of said marriage and in manner afoursaid, as witnesses, 
have allso to these Presents Subscribed our names, the Daye and year 
above writen. 

Josua Babb, Elijah Duglas, 

Nathaniel Pinkham, Patience Estes, 

Roger toothaker, Lemuel Jones, 

gideon toothaker, John Barker, 

Thankful Jones, John Barker Jr., 

Sarah Pinkham, Elizabeth Duglas, 

Elenaor Hais, Wait Jones, 

Mary Hais. Sarah Estes, 

Bety Weber, Elenor Estes, 

Abagail Rodex, Meray Jones, 

Catherine Pinkham, Rachel Jones, 

Sarah Pinkham. 


Children by first wife. 

34 I. f John,* born in Harpswell, Sept 8th, 1768 ; married 
Judith Collins. 

35 II. f Edward,* born in Harpswell, June 30th, 1770; 
married Esther Collins. 

36 III. t Phebe,4 born in Harpswell, Nov. 12th, 1772 ; 
married Ebenezer Austin. 

37 IV. Joseph,* born in Koyalsborough, (now Durham,) Aug. 
1st, 1774, died June 6th, 1782. 

Children by second wife Lydia. 

38 V. t Anna,* born in Durham, July 15th, 1792; married 
Samuel oroddard. 

39 VI. JosEPH,4 born in Durham, May 28th. 1793, unmarried. 
While attending the Academy at Hebron, he went into the river to 
bathe and was drowned, August 27th, 1814. 

40 VEI. t Joshua,* born in Durham, Sept. 8, 1794, married (1) 
Jane Adams (2) Lucy Beal. 

41 VIll t David,* born in Durham, July 16th, 179H; married 
(I) Hannah Davis (2) Chloe Davis. 

42 IX. t CoRNELiEUS,* born in Durham, June 12th, 1798 ; 
married Phebe Nichols. 

43 X. t Lydia,* born in Durham, Dec. 28th, 1799 ; married 
George W. Morse. 

44 XI. t Patience,* born in Durham, Feb. )5th, 1803; 
married Benjamin Davis. 

8 Joseph^ Douglas, (Elijah/ John/ brother of 
the preceeding and son of Elijah and Elizabeth (Estcs) 
Douglas, born in North Yarmouth, (now Harpswell,) 
April 8th, 1753, married, September 4th, 1773, Mary 
McFall, born De*c. 31, 1851. In 1781, he bought of 
Stephen Chase one himdred acres of wild land, 
situated in the township of Royalsborough, (now the 
town of Durham,) for which he paid the sum of two 
hundred and thirteen pounds, six shillings and 
eighteen pence, lawful * money. The deed was given 

* The depreciation of the currency in the dnys of Revolution war, made it necessary 
to pay larfft sums of money for land as well as for all articles in use. 


JSTov. 20th, 1781. The lot was known in the first 
division of one hundred acre lots as No. 5 and 12; as 
the road passed through the farm, one-half in No. 5 
and one-half in No. 12.. On this lot he built a log 
house, which was of necessity the style of dwellings in 
iise by the pioneer of Maine. In building his house 
he invited the neighbors to assist him^ who laid up the 
walls in a half day; they supposing they where giving 
their labor, but Joseph insisted upon paying each one, 
which he did. Several, successive houses have been 
erected upon this homestead farm and it. has changed 
owners many times; it is now owned and occupied by 
Mr. Albert Booker, whose grandmother was a sister 
of the sub^ject of this notice. 

As a farmer, Joseph was successful. He marketed 
his produce at Brunswick Village, and by his frequent 
visits to that place made the acquaintance- of the 
president of Bowdoin College, who became much 
interested in the young man. One day the students 
thought to have some sport with the young country- 
man, as he was dressed in his course homespun 
suit, his pants several inches too short which gave 
him a verdant appearance. They ridiculed and 
laughed at him for some time while the young farmer 
quietly bore all their insults and jeers; then with his 
ready wit and great flow of language silenced his 

He was a powerful preacher in the Society of 
Friends, and much of his time and energies were 
devoted to the cause of Christ. Though his education 
was very limited yet he possessed natural ability 
which together with his deep piety made him a noble 
and useful man of his dav. He made numerous 


religious visits to different states holding meet- 
ings among friends and others with wonderful 
results. His last sickness was short but severe, 
during which he often conversed with friends and 
relatives in regard to his readiness and the prospect 
of the great change which awaited him. He said, 
"I have not from the first of my sickness seen the 
least thing to hinder my change. I see no cloud in 
my way." To his wife he said, "Thou wilt have many 
afflictions to pass through but keep under the power 
of truth and it will make way for thee as it has done 
for me.'' At another time he said. '^Oh! that I may 
be preserved in patience to wait my change, I have 
no desire to stay. The prospect looks so clear in 
respect to my going. I have peace — sweet peace 
indeed." He often expressed deep solicitude for his 
children, that they might be kept from the sins of the 
world. He departed this life December 22nd, 1821, 
and was buried in the Friends' hurrying ground at 
South Durham. 

His widow died later than 1832. 

His Children were: — 

45 I. Elijah.* born in Koyallsborough, (now Durham,) June 
24tb, 1775 J died young. 

4f> II. t. David* born in Royallsborough, July 11th, 1779; 
msirried Waite Hawkes. 

47 IFI. M08ES,4 born in Royallsborough, July 28th, 1784. 
His intentions of marriage with Isabel Eaton was published in Bruns 
wick, Dec. 20th, 1823, though he never married. 

48 IV. EuZABETn,4 born in Royallsborough, May 20th, 178(1; 
unmarried, lived at home with her parents where she died. 

49 V. Racuael,* born in Durham, June 29th, 1788; married 
Hanson Hussey of Albion, where they resided and died, they had 


three children, (50) Joseph (Hussey) (51) Jacob (Hussey,) boih died 
about the age of 25 years; and one daughter name unknown died 

52 VL Rebecca,* bom in Durham, May 29rh, 1700, unmarried. 
She owned a small tract of Imd in Durham Some years previous to 
her death, she was afflicted with a white swelling on her leg, which 
caused amputation of the limb n»*ces8ary. The doctor, who performed 
the surgical operation, took her land for his pay, or it was sold and the 
money paid him. 'j he land has since gone by the name of the Bacay 

She lived with her nephc^w, Nathan Douglas where she dici. 

9 JoB^ Douglas, (Elijah,^ John,^) brother of the 
preceeding and son of Elijah and Elizabeth (Estes) 
Douglas, was born in North Yarmouth, (now Harps- 
well,) October 9th, 1754; married June 3rd, 1776, 
Mercy Booker of his native town. He settled on a 
farm in North Yarmouth, (now Freeport,) near Ring's 
Corner, that he bought of his father. '1 he agreement 
was that he should pay one hundred dollars annually 
until the farm was paid for, but owing to his having a 
very large family, he was unable to do more than 
support it. 

May 1818, his wife died, and in 1819, he married 
(2) Mary (McKenney) Campbell, who was born in 
Georgetown. She ow^ned a farm in Bowdoin, where 
she took her husband and the younger portion of his 
family. They subsequently sold their farm and bought 
one at West Bowdoin, where his (2) wife died. After 
her death, then an aged man without any means of 
support, his son Benjamin took him to his home and 
cared for him during the remainder of his life. He 
died March 15th, l'S43, and was buried in the grave- 
yard on Lichfield Plains. 


Their Children were : — 

53 I. t Joseph.* bom in North Yarmouth, (oow Freeport,) Oct. 
10th, 177H; married Elizabeth Sawyer. 

51 11. t S.VMUEL,* bjrn in North Yar.uouth, Aug. 8th, 1778 ; 
marrieJ (I) Sarah Preble (i) Sarah Stevens. 

55 ill. t James,* birn* in North Yarmouth, July 1st, 1780; 
marrieJ Eliza M. Banks. 

5o IV. Elizabeth* born in North Yarmouth, Aug* 8th, 1782; 
married Thomas Preble, of Howdoinham, where tbey lived and died — 
no children. 

57 V. Mkroy.* born in North Yarmouth, March 14th, 1784, 
unmarried, died ISOli. 

58 VL t Elijah,* born in North. Yarmouth, Feb. 12th, 1786; 
married Sally Davis. 

59 VII. t Job,* born in North Yarmouth, Nov. 27th, 1787; 
married Margaret Brown, 

GO VIll t BENJAMt.v,* born in Freeport, Dec. 16th, 1789; 
married Betsey Porter. 

01 IX Marv,* born in Fi'eepirr, June 10th 1792 ; unmarried, 
died 1810. 

02 X. MiaAM,* born in Freeport, April 20th, 1794; uniaarried, 
died at her brother Benjamin's. 

r»3 X[ t Israel,* b.)p I in Freeport, May 28th, 179d ; married 
Patience Sylvester. 

64 XL I. Sarah,* born in Freepon-, January, 11th, 1798 ; 
married Robert Hlanchard, of Bowdoinhaui, where ihey settled. She 
died Sept. 1829. One child (05) Harriet.Ann^ (Blanchard) born 1825, 
m. vJould. 

00 XIII t Hannah,* born in Freeport about 1800; married 
Mathew (-ampbell. 

07 XIV. t linn,* born in Freeport about >802; married 
Joseph Forbus. 

08 XV. Esther,* born in Fre^^port^ 1804;, married (1) David. 
Gaichell; settled i a Litchfield, la 1858, her husband died, she then 
removed to Bowdoin. In 1800, she married (2). Isaiah Emery. No 

10 Israel ' Douglas, (Elijah,^ John/) brother 
of the preceecling and son of Elijah and Elizabeth 


(Estes) Douglas, was born in North Yarmouth, (now 
Harpswell,) July 17th, 175(5; married Mary, daughter 
of John Rodick. He was a farmer and had one-half of 
his father's homestead in Harpswell, where he always 
resided and died. 

Their children born in Harpswell were : — 

69 I. Thomas,* born Dec. Cth, 1777; married a lady who 
residof] in the eastern part of the state. After living together a few 
years, for some cause they separated. Be died July 2nd, 1827 ; one 
child, (70) James. 

71 II. t Patience,* born April 3rd, 1781 ; married James 

72 III. t DAViT),4born January 22nd, 1783; married Sally 

73 IV. William,* born June 19th, 1784; unmarried, died 
June 1810. 

74 V. Jenney,* born Dec. 17th, 1785 ; married Wanton Stover. 
She died Sept. 1807. Two children, (75) Simeon (Stover,) (7G) Davis 

77 VI t George,'* born May 15th, 1787; married (1) Betsey 
Merry man, (2) Mary Merryman. 

78 VII. Hannah,-* born Nov. 19th, 1790; died April 1807. 

79 VIII. Mary,* born Jan. 5th, 1793 ; died Dec. 1806. 

80 IX. HuGH,4born March 10th, 1796; died Aug. 1810. 

11 Sarah "^ Douglas, (Elijah,^ John,^) sister of 
the preceeding and daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth 
(Estes) Douglas, was born in North Yarmouth, (now 
Harpswell,) June 13th, 1759; married Benjamin 
Doughty of Brunswick, where they resided. The 
date of her death or any further record of them has 
not been received. 

Their children born in Brunswick were : — 

Hannah (Doughty) m. Isaac Allen, resided and died in Free- 


81 I. James (Doughty.) 

82 11. David (Doughty.) 

83 III. Benjamin (Doughty.) 

84 IV. IcHABARD (Doughty.) 

85 V. Mary (Doughty) married William Hunt. 

86 VI. Phebe (Doughty) married Daniel Torapson, of Brans- 

87 VII. Jedidiah (Doughty.) 

12 Mary'^ Douglas, (Elijah,^ John/) sister of 
the preceeding and daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth 
(Estes) Douglas, was born in North Yarmouth, (now 
Harps well,) July 10th, 1763; married by Brigadier 
Thompson at Brunswick, May 15th, 1782, Daniel 
Booker, of her native town, born Feb. 25th, 1760. 
He setted in Harpswell. About 1795, he removed on 
a farm in the town of Bowdoin, where they passed the 
remainder of their days. She died Jan. 30th, 1844. 

Their children were : — 

88 I. James (Booker) born in Harpswell, Sept. 15th, 1783; 
married (1) Patience Dinslow, (2) Lydia Gatehell, a successful farmer 
residing in Durham. 

89 IT. Elizabeth (BookER) born in Harpswell, ^o\. 7th, 
1785 : died young. 

90 III. Mary (Booker) born in Harpswell, Feb. 12th, 1789; 
married Dr. Simon Baker, residing in Durham. 

91 IV. Hannah (Booker) born in Harpswell, Sept. 16th, 
1T91 : unmarried; died April 28th, 1870. 

92 V. Daniel (Booker) born in Harpswell, April 19th, 1794; 
m. 1st, Hewey; resided in Topsham. 

93 VI. Elizabeth (Booker) born in Bowdoin, June 30th, 
1796 ; married Joseph Beal, residing in Dover. 

94 VIL Mercy (Booker) born in Bowdoiq, Aug. 28th, 1799; 
married Abraham Whittemore ; resided in Lisbon. She died April 
15th, 1825. 

95 VIII. Patience (Booker) born July 10th, 1802; married 
Thomjis Mann, residing at Gardiner. 


Qfi TX. MiRAM (Booker) born in Bowdoin, Feb. 20th 1806 ; 
married Alfred Cox, residing in Bowdoin. 

97 X. Israel (Booker) bora in Bowdoin, Nov. 6th, 1809; married 
Louisa Perrington. 

13 Elijah^ Douglas (Elijah,^ John,^) brother 
of the preceeding and son of Elijah and Elizabeth 
(Estes) Douglas, was born in Harpswell, June 23rd, 
1768 ; married Oct. 1787, Jenny, daugter of Abraham 
Grant of Freeport. He remained on the homestead 
farm, which was left him by his father. He sold this 
farm for $1200, and bought two islands opposite 
Bucksport. He was unfortunate in his business affairs, 
and in old age he found his little property entirely 
consumed. He spent the last years of his life with 
Nathan Douglas in Brunswick. From the day on 
which he went there to live until his death he never 
left the farm. He worked what he could on the farm 
and the remainder of his support was furnished by his 
son, Capt. Samuel. He was a man of very few words 
and was extremely old. He died October 1849, and 
was buried in the Friends' grave-yard at South 

Their children born in Harpswell were : — 

98 I. t Samuel,* born June 16th, 1788; married Esther 

99- II. t Susanna,* born Feb. 27th, 1790; married Simeon 

100 III. John,* born June 23rd, 1792; unmarried; died 

101 IV. t William,* born Jan. 12th, 1795; marrried Mary 

102 V. t Jenney,* born Feb. 6th, 1797; married Mathew 

103 VI. t Mary,* born June 13th, 1799; married John 


104 VII. Israel, born July 6th, 1802; married a lady in 
Bangor where he settled. He died there 1854. 

105 VIII. t Elizabeth,* born Sept. 29th, 1804; married 
Henry French. 

106 IX. t Isaac,* born Dec. Slst, 1806 ; married (1) Mary 
Pinkham (2) Phebe (Quinum) Morse. 

107 X. t Elmira,* born Dec. 14th, 1809 ; married Hobs 

of Falmouth. 

14 JoHN'^ Douglas, (Elijah,^ John,^) brother of 
the preceeding and son of Elijah and Elizabeth (Estes) 
Douglas, was born in Harpswell, ^November 8th, 1774; 
married (1) August 5th, 1796, Sarah Booker, (2) 
Catherine (Briry) Booker. He settled on a part of his 
father's farm in Durham, which was willed to him by 
his father. In 1820, he sold this farm and bought one 
near the Androscoggin River in the same town, where 
he resided until a few years previous to his death. 
His last days were passed with his son Waitstell at 
Brunswick, where he died October 18th, 1853, and was 
buried in the grave-yard near his home in Durham. 

The children by (1) wife born in Durhjim 
were ; — 

108 I. PoLLy,4 born May 16th, 1797; died same day. 

109 II. Elizabeth,* born June 18th, 1798; died April 5th, 

110 III. t Hugh,* born Aug. 19, 1800; married Julia A. 

111 IV. John,* born March 21st, 1803; unmarried. A« the 
age of 17 years, he fell upon a cart stake causing death Sept. 1820. 

112 V. Joanna, born Aug. 20th, 1805, died 1808. 

113 VL t Nancy B.* born Feb. 6th, 1808 ; married John B. 
Douglas, (311.) 

114 V[T. t IsAAC,4 born Feb. 7th, 1811; marriid Abi^jrail K. 


115 Vlir. Salley,^ born Jau. 80, 1814. 
Children by second wife: — 

IIH IX. Enos,* born Sept. 2, 181() ; married Nov. 1842, Nancy 
M. Jordan. She- died in Durham ; one child, Thomas. 117. Married 
(2) wife Sept. 1795, Mrs. Hannah (Pass) Hanscomb, residing in 

118 X. t Waitsttll'* Webber, born Nov. 1, 1818; married 
Jane Day. 

The following lines were taken from the Rising 
Sun, a paper published at Little River, Lisbon, com- 
posed on the death of John Douglas, (Xo. Ill,) who 
received a mortal wound in his side by falling on the 
stake of a cart, while assisting in hauling in hay, Aug. 
24, 1820, which terminated his life in 17 days. 

1 pray the Lord direct my pen, 

While I address the sons of men ; 
I pray excuse what you find wnm":, 

r now begin my monrnful song. 

A y<mth of late in Durham dwelt., 

The pangs of death, ala**, he's felt ; 
That awful scene he's passed through, 

Which must be passed by me and you. 

August the twenty-fourth 'twas found. 

He had received n dreadful wound : 
Which so alarmed his loving friends 

That for a surgeoii they did send. 

Hut no relief could he him gi/e. 

He Wiis not long on earth to live : 
It was (jiod's will that he should go 

And leave this world of care below. 

September tenth on Sabbath day 

The spirit left this breathless clay ; 
In Jesus Christ he put his trust, 

In hopes to live among the just. 


O, parens dear, pray kiss ihe rod, 

Consider it is the hand of God, 
Which hns bereft thee of thy son, 

'Tis but the will of God that's done. 

We must resign to God and say 

That He has given and took away. 
He made and lent him unto you, 

God is almighty, just and true. 

God visits thee with many woes. 

And trials great we may suppose ; 
Pray to the Lord that he will give 

Thee patience whilst thou here doest live. 

To brothers kind and sisters dear, 

You're left to drop a pitying tear ; 
But let those fountains cease to flow, 

Set not your hearts on things below. 

Your brother now is dead and gone. 

And unto you he cannot return : 
Unite and live in peace and love. 

And serve the Lord that reigns above. 

15 JoHX^^ Douglas, (John,^ John/) son of John 
and Mary (Braley) Douglas, was born in Middleborough, 
Mass., Marchll, 1752; married, 1776, Lydia South 
worth, born June 12, 1759. Early in life he fitted 
himself for a school-teacher. He taught a district 
school in his native town fifteen winters in succession. 
Soon after the breaking out of the Revolutionary war, 
he went to Boston and volunteered his services in the 
army. He was an Orderly Sergeant, which office he 
held until the end of his enlistment. He was paid oif 
in continental money, which will be remembered was 
nearly worthless. He had to pay sixty dollars of it 
for a gallon of molasses, and one hundred dollars for a 
pound of tea. He was afterwards drafted, but not 
wishing to serve longer in the war, he gave a cow to a 


man to ^o as his subslitute. About the year 1786, he 
moved to Plymouth, Mass., and settled in the neigh- 
borhood known as the Halfway Pond. There were but 
few inhabitants there at that time, and no schools within 
several miles. He was the first man who interceded 
and raised money to start a school; and all that 
could be collected was thirteen dollars. For this sum 
he taught a school during the winter months of that 
year. After the death of his father, he removed to the 
old homestead, which was given him in consideration 
of his taking care of his mother during the remainder 
of her life; also to have the care and support of his 
youngest brdther and sister until they became of age. 
In 1804, he removed to Clyden, N. H., where he 
resided three years, then removed back to Plymouth, 
where he lived until his death. He was a worthy 
member of the Baptist church, and was much respected 
by those who knew him, for his genial disposition and 
integrity; so honest and upright was he in all his 
dealings, that he was called "John the Baptist.'' He 
died in the year 1827, and was interred in the grave- 
yard near the Halfway Pond. 

Their children were: — 

119 I. Rebecca,* born io Midtlleborouprh, Mass., Sept. 20, 
1777- died Sept. (>, 1778. 

120 II. t EPHRAfM,* born in Middleborough^ Nov. 22, 1778; 
married Deborah Haskins. 

121 III. Lydta,4 born in Middleborough, Dec. 24, 1780; died 

122 TV. t JoHN^4 born in Middleborou<^'li, Aug. 8, 1782; 
married (1) Mehitable Elliot (2) Tantha Howard. 

123 V. Earl,* born in Middleborough, Nov. 13, 1784 ; married 
Mary Reynolds (146). 

124 VI. t Warren,* born in Middleborough, Sept. 20, 1786 ; 
married Bhoda Thrasher. 


125 VII. t LucY,4born in MicWleborough. Sept. 9, 1788; 
married Joseph Hates. 

126 VIII. t (xE0RGE,4 born in Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 21, 
1792 ; married Eliza Nightengale. 

127 IX. t Joshua,* born in Plymouth, Jan. 25, 1794 ; married 
Mary S. Pierce. 

128 X. South WORTH,* born in Plymouth, Aug. 1, 1796 ; died 
July 1807. 

129 XI. t Lydta,* born in Plymouth, Jan. 16, 1799 ; married 
Prince Manter. 

130 XII. t Elijah,* born in Plymouth, May 24, 1801 ; 
married Louisa Freeman. 

131 XIII. Sarah, born in Crydon, N. H., March 24,1805; 
unmarried ; died May. 1822. 

16 Mary- Douglas, (John,'^ Jolin,^) sister of the 
preceding, and a daughter of John and Mary (Braley) 
Douglas, was born in Middleborough, Mass., about 
1757 ; married Libbeas Simmons. He was a farmer, 
and resided in Troy, Maine, where they died. 

Their children, probably born in Troy, were: — 

1H2 I. Elijah (Simmons) born married Ruth Russell. 

133 TI. Betsey (Simmons) born married David Vickey. 

134 III. Thaddeas (Simmons) born ; died young. 

135 IV. Mary (Simmons) born married Jere Mitchell. 

13G V. Persilla (Simmons) born married Joseph Mitchell. 

137 VI. James (Simmons) born married Hannah Buzzard. 

138 VTI. Sarah (Simmons) born married David Reynolds. 

139 VIII. Judath (Simmons) bom married Wm. 


140 IX. Libbeas (Sinmons) born married Esther Kelsey. 

141 X. Lydia (Simmons) born married James Parker. 

17 Elizabeth** Douglas, (Jolin,'^ John,^) sister 
of the pre(*e(lini>v ^m^l daiio-hter oF John and Mary 
(Braley) Douglas, was born in Middleborouo-h, Mass., 
1700; married Ephraini Reynolds, of Auu-usta, Maine, 


where they settled. In 1815 or l(i, they removed to 
Warsaw, Wyoming County, New York. They were 
six weeks on the road. They hired a house to live in 
a short time, then Mr. Reynolds bought a farm in 
Gainesville, New York, where he moved his family. 
He subsequently sold this farm to Earl Douglas, (his 
wife's brother) and his son Jacob, in consideration of 
he and his wife being supported during their lives. 
The deed was given January 1819. 

Their children born in Augusta ware : — 

142 L Trypiiena (LIkynolds) born 1780; married William 
Boyington. She died Nov. 1838. 

143 II. Ephraim (Reyonlds) boru ; married Phcbe 

Reynolds. He resided in G.iincsvillo, Xevv York . 

144 III. Elizabeth (Reynolds) born ; married 

Ephraim Reynolds, (cousin.) 

145 IV. Daniel (Reynolds) born married Sarah Sim- 
mons oFOhio. [Je has not been heard from for many years. 

146 V. Mary (Rkynolds) born married Earl Douglas 

(her cousin.) No. (12:?.) 

147 VI. Roger (Reynolds) born Got. 1791; unmarried; died 
Sept. 22, 1853. 

148 VII. PiiEBE (Reynolds) born 1794; unmarried; died 
at Gainesvill, N. Y., 1818. 

149 VIIL Hannah (Reynolds) born March 22, 1797; married 
March 22, 1820, Rufus Jewc;t, of Warsaw, Wyoming Co., N. Y. She 
died Dec. 19, 185G. 

150 IX. Jacob (Reynolds) b(»rn 1802; married about 1824, 
Betsey Tompson. After living together several ^ears for some reason 
they separr.ted, and never again lived together. 

151 X John (Reynolds.) 

152 XL Lydia (Reynold-j.) 

18 Phebe"* Douglas, (John,^ John/) sister of 
the preeeeding and daughter of John and Mary 
(Braley) Douglas, born in Middleborough, Mass., 


about 1767; married Roland Homes of Plymouth, 
Mass.. They settled in Troy, Maine, where she died. 

There children were : — 

153 I. Elisha (Homes.) 

154 II. Mary (Homes.) 

155 III. Samuel (Homes.) 

19 Elisha^ Douglas, (John,^ John,^) brother of 
the preeeeding and son of John and Mary (Braley) 
Douglas, was born in Middleborough, Mass., June 12, 
1771; married (1) Celia Qskin, (2) Hannah Russell. 
His mother died when he was quite young, and he 
lived with his brother John until old enough to earn 
a living for himself. He settled in his native town 
where he resided until 1800, at which time his wife 
died and the following year he married his second wife, 
and moved to Troy, Maine. In 1810, he removed to 
Winterport; and the same year to Monroe. He was 
quite a thrifty farmer. He also devoted some of his 
time to hunting. In 1814, when the English invaded 
Hampden, Elisha was called out with the militia, who 
were in charge of General Blake, to oppose the enemy. 
The army was brought into line, and Gen. Blake rede in 
front, and forbade their firing until they received 
orders. By this time the British had landed. Elisha 
chose his ground and commenced action; firing a 
number of rounds before he was discovered. When 
the enemy saw the smoke they fired and wounded him 
in the arm, by which cause it was ever afterwards stifi^, 
and he received a pension for his disability. In 1830 
or 31, he removed to Burnham, where he died in the 
year 1851. His (2) wife died Feb. 1868. 


Their children were : — 

156 I. t Absalom,* born in Middleborough, Mass , Nov. 27, 
1795, ; married Realfy Caswell. 

157 II. Mariam,* born in Middleborough, Oct. 1, 1797; 
married Mirick. 

158 III. t Celia,* boru iu Middleborough, Jan. 13, 1799; 
married John Michols. 

Children by second wife : — 

159 IV. t Hannah,* born in Troy, Me., Dec. 20, 1802; 
married Isaac Jordan. 

160 V. t Ruth,* born in Troy, Oct. 21, 1804; married 
Collins Pattee. 

161 VI. t Lucy,* born in Troy, June 3, 1808 ; married S. 
Emery Jewell. 

162 VII. t Elizabeth,* born in Monroe, May 21, 1810; 
married Nathaniel Hooton. 

163 VIII. t Hiram R,* born in Monroe, Apr. 27, 1812; 
married Fanny Trambly. 

164 IX. Phebe, born in Monroe, Oct. 8, 1814; married (1) 
Asa Runnels, who died in the (165) War of '61, 1 child, Lucy, (Runnels) 
born July 2^, 1833; M. Edwin Gilm »re, wh » died 1873; —(2) 1880, 
John Pushaw, risided in Burnham. Mrs. Phebe Pushaw died Sept. 

166 X. Mahalah, born in Monroe, Feb. 19, 1817, and died 
the same day. 

20 George*^ Douglas, (Geopge,^ John,') son of 
George and Prudence (Caswell,) Douglas, was born in 
Middleborough, Plymouth Co., AJ ass., August 26, 1762; 
married Dee. 5, 1790, Patience Savery, of Wareham, 
Mass. He settled on a farm in his native town. In 
the year of l>s01, he removed to Brookfield, and in 1804 
to Rochester, Mass., where he was successfully 
engaged in farming until his death, which occurred 
March 10, 1843. His wife died Dec. 11, 1863. 

Their children born in Middleboro, Mass., were: — 

167 I. t Barnabas Nye,* born Nov. 11, 1791; married 
Phebe N. Swiit. 


168 II. t Betsey,* born July 14,1793; married Nathaniel 

21 Noah ^ Douglas, (George,^ John,^) brother of 
the preceeding, and son of George and Prudence 
(Caswell) Douglas, was born in Middleborough, Mass., 
about 1764; married Mary Seekel, of Taunton. He 
settled on a farm in Middleborough. He resided for a 
short time at New Bedford, where he died. 

Their children born in Middleborough, were :— 

169 I Eli 48,* born about 1792. He was a mason by trade ; 
unmarried ; died at Russells Hills Dartmouth, Mass. 

170 IL t Noah,* born about 179^ ; married Rachel Maxfield, 
of Dartmouth. 

171 III. t George,* born Feb. 20, 1796 ; married (1) Hannah 
Churchill, (2) Alsaider Pierce. 

172 IV. Allen,* born 1799. When thirteen years of age, he 
was drowned at Lakeville. 

173 V t Mary,* born married Job White. 

174 VL Nancy,* born died unmarried. 

175 VIT. Prudence,* born married Willard Gray, of 

Little Oompton, R. I., farmer ; no children ; resided in New Bedford, 
where he died. 

176 VIII. Kerziah,* born unmarried. She resides at 

New Bedford. 

177 IX. Harriet,* born married Henry T. Sherman. 

They resided at Acushnet, Mass., where they died. No issue. 

22 Selah^ Douglas, (George,^ John, ^) sister of 
the preceeding, and daughter of George and Prudence 
(Caswell) Douglas, born in Middleborough, Mass., 
about the year 1767; married David Niles of Freetown, 
Mass., where they settled on a farm. 

Xo further record of the family received. 
Their children were : — 

178 I. JoTHAM, (Niles) ') born in Freetown where they 

Twins V 

179 II. David (Niles) ) both died young. 


23 Cornelius * Douglas, (Daniel,'^ Elijah,^ John,^) 
eldest son of Daniel and Sabry (Russell) Douglas, was 
born either in Brunswick or Durham, September 19, 
1780; married about 1801, Hannah Whittemore, of 
Cape Cod. He settled in Litchfield, in that portion of 
the town known as Litchfield Neck. He always fol- 
lowed farming as a livelihood, and was an honest and 
upiright citizen, and very industrious; but was quite 
unfortunate in acquiring a sufficient supply of this 
world's goods to maintain him through life, and in his 
old age he came to want. He passed his last days in 
the alms house in Litchfield, where he died A. D., 1833. 

His children born in Litchfield were : — 


180 I. t Abner,5 born August 28, 1802; married (1) 
Abigail Allen, (2) Elmira (Morrill) Douglas. 

181 II. Levi,^ born January 14, 1804 ; marreed Elmira Morrill ; 
died March 1, 1850 ; children died in infancy. 

182 III. Kachabl,^ born August 7, 1806 ; married . 

Resided at Patucket, Mass., no further record received. 

183 IV. HiRAM,5born January 15,1809; married December 
3, 1834, Nancy Nye, resides at Hallowell. One child, Wm. A, 
born in H. August 15, 1837; died there September 26,' 1837. 

185 V. t LemueLjS born April 12,1812; married Olive B. 

186 VI. Mahala,5 born August 11, 1819 ; died August 1844 ; 

187 VII. t Mary A.s born February 25, 1821; married 
Moses H. Arthor. 

188 VIII. Sewall,5 born March 6, 1823; unmarried. He 
served in the Rebellion of '61. 

24 Nabby* Douglas, (Daniel,^ Elijah,^ John,^) 
sister of the preceding, and daughter of Daniel and 
Sabry (Russell) Douglas, was born in Brunswick, 1782; 
married July 21, 1804, James Welch, of Brunswick. 
Their last place of residence was Durham, where they 

Their children were : — 

189 I. Nancy (Welch) born in Brunswick ; married Joel 
Jlichardson, resided in Durham. 

190 IL John (Welch.) 

191 IIL Sarah Bailet (Welch.) 

192 TV. Sabrina Buskell (Welch.) 

193 V. Esther C. (Welch ) 

194 VI. Jame8 (Welch) married Charlotte Patridge. He 
resides in Durham. 

25 Annie* Douglas, (Daniel/ Elijah;^ John,^) 
sister of the preceding, born in Brunswick, 1784; mar- 
ried 1804, William Groves, of Brunswick. He owned one- 
half of his wife's father's farm in Freeport, where they 


settled and resided for several years. In 1829, he sold 
his part of the farm to his wife's brother Daniel, and 
removed to the town of Mercer, where they lived and 

Their children born in Freepart were : — 

195 I. Lucy (Groves) born in 1805 ; married Amaaa Gould, 
of Belgrade. 

196 II. John (Groves) born July 6; 1807; married a lady of 
one of the Western States. 

197 III, Mary Ann (Groves) born May, 1810; married 
Clark, of Mercer. 

198 IV. MiKEL (Groves) born February 3, 1812. 

199 V. Delenda (Groves) born October 20, 1813. 

26 Sylva]?^ia* Douglas (Daniel,^ Elijah,^ John,^) 
sister of the preceding and daugter of Daniel and Sabry 
(Russell) Douglas, was born in Brunswick 1789; mar- 
ried 1810, Zachariah Allen; resided and died in 

Their children born in Durham were : — 

200 I. Phebe (Allen) born August 10, 1811. 

201 IT. Joseph B. (Allen) boru Sept. 16, 1814 ; married 
Sept. 1842. 

202 III. Daniel D. (Allen) born April 19, 1817 ; married 
December 3, 1843. 

203 IV. Mary (Allen) born May 28, 1819. 

204 V. Levi D. (Allen) born March 4, 1821. 

27 Phebe* Douglas, (Daniel,^ Elijah,- John,^) 
Sister of the preceding, and daughter of Daniel and 
Sabry (Russell) Douglas, was born in Brunswick 
about A. D., 1792; married February 9, 1809, Samuel 
Groves,* of Brunswick. He settled on a farm in Litch- 
field ; removed to Brunswick and resided on the road 

*Hi.s name in on the town reeoidn of Brunswick Gr>»\vs, though h s cliildren spell 
their name Groves. 


leading to Bath, where she died December 10, 1849. 
He died June 1858. 

Their children born in Litchfield were : — 

205 I. Mary Ann (Groves) born January 1, 1810 ; married 
1833, Joseph H. Towq ; resides West Gardiner. 

206 II. Samuel (Groves) born October 3, 1812; married (1) 
Elizabeth Campbell, (2) Salley Merrills ; resides in Manchester. 

207 III. Permelia (Groves) born October 17, 1815 ; married 
1838, Daniel Town. She had five husbands. Her last residence, 
was ^t Salem, Mass., wher^ she died 1870. 

208 IV. Oliver (Groves) born October 5, 1817. He was killed 
while at work sinking a well in 1835. 

209 V. Sarah S. (Groves) born February 22, 1819 ; married 
1838, Benjamin Curtis. She had three husbands ; resided at Bath 
where she died 1867. 

210 VI. Henry W. (Groves) born April 11, 1821 ; married 
1845, Abigail Grows ; resides in Brunswick. " 

211 VI [. RuFUs (Groves) born February 7,1824; married 
1847, M. Stilkey. They reside at Brunswick. 

212 VIII. AuRiLLA ^ ^Groves) C married 1844, Thos. 

[■ Twins } C. Jones. 

213 IX. Isabel j born July 14, (married 1848, Edwin 
Brown, of West Bath. 

214 X. George W. (Groves) born October 31, 1830 ; married 
1851, Lucy Ann Lake; reddes in Durham. 

215 XI. Phebe (Groves) born May 3, 1833 ; married March 
1850, James Williams ; resides in Lockford, California. 

28 Daxiel* Douglas, (Daniel,*^ Elijah,^ John,^) 
brother of the preceding and son of Daniel and Sabry 
(Russell) Douglas, was born in Brunswick, August 
1796. He was eighteen months old when his father 
moved to Freeport. He married Sarah Bailey^ He 
inherited one-half of his father's homestead w^here he 
lived and took care of his parents. The old log house 
in which they had lived for a quarter of a century, he 
replaced with a framed one. This, however, was not 
plastered for many years. He died at his home March 

NoTK — TIh* reoord oftlio births ofthn fjin'ily of Daniel (4) w( re taken roin t lie records 
ofthetownof Freeport, hh there was iio family record to be found, an(i are doubtless 


30, 18t34, and was buried in the Friends' grave-yard at 
So. Durham, where a grave-stone marks his resting 
place. His wife died September 29, 1858. 

Their children born in Freeport were : — 

216 I. Annie Bailey'^ born October 18, 1818; married 
August 1851, Jeremiah Dolley. They have no children; resides on a 
small farm in Durham, in what is known as the Osgood neighborh«)od. 

217 II. Catherine-^ A. born August 6, 1820 ; dial Februiry 
15, 1840. 

218 III. t DiANN.v D[LLrv;>HA\i '» bora Mij 2S, 1822 ; mar- 
ried Ezra Jordan Hoit. 

219 IV. Daniel Robert'^ born June 5, 1824; unmarried, 
ship carpenter. He owned the old homestead, after the death of 
his father ; but subsequently 8i>ld it and made his home with; 
his sister Dolley. He fell dead in the road in Durha.'u 1887. 

220 V. Amos Bailey^ born P'ebruary 28 1827; unmarried 
died September 7, 1860. 

29 John* Douglas, (Cornelius,^ Elijah,^ John/) 
eldest son of Cornelius and Ann (Estes) DougUis, was 
born in Harpswell September 8, 1768; mirried March 
14, 1791, Judith, daughter of Samuel and Hannah 
Collins. He lived on a farm near his brother Edward, 
on the road leading from Brunswick Village to the 
Friends' meeting house in Durham. He and his wife 
were members of the Society of Friends, and 
much esteemed by those who knew them. He died at 
his hoilie in Brunswick, June 17, 1820. At this early 
date there was no road from his home to the Friends 
meeling-house and four men carried the corpse 
through the woods to the grave-yard near Friends 
meeting-house where he was buried. His widow 
removed to Durham where she died in 1841. 

Their children born in Brunswick were : — 

221 I. IsRAEV born January 25, 1792; unmarried. He was 


a young man of promise, and had acquired a good edueatioD, 
but alas, his hopes were suddenly blasted. While quite young 
in years he was attacked with rheumatism, and so severe was 
this disease that he was unable to even feed himself. For 
many years he was confined to his bed. A traveling quack doctor 
came along and made his parents believe that he could cure him ; but 
his medicine made him worse and he soon died nbout 1833. The 
doctor gave him saltpetre which caused his death. His mother took his 
death hard, though he had been a great sufferer. 

222 II. t Hannah, born about 1794 ; married 1815, Abner 

223 III. t Abijah,« born June 25, 1796; married Phebe 

224 IV. t Phebe,5 born July 7, 1798; married Thomas 

225 V. t Rhoda,^ born April 30, 1800 ; married December 
6, 1821, Thomas Coombs. 

30 Edward* Douglas, (Cornelius,'^ Elijah,^ 
John/) brother of the preceding, was born in Harps- 
well, June 30, 1770. His early years were passed on 
his father's farm where he acquired the habit of in- 
dustry and perseverance which ever characterized him 
in life. April 29, 1794, he bought of Samuel Thomp- 
son, of Topsham, thirty-three and one-third acres of 
unimproved land, for which he paid the sum of twenty- 
two pounds, two shillings and three pence, lawful 
money. This parcel of land was situated in the town- 
ship of Brunswick, on the Freeport line, commencing 
with the standing trees. He cleared a few acres the 
first year, which he planted with corn, and harvested 
one hundred bushels of shelled corn. He hired a girl 
for one dollar per week to do the husking. He built 
no buildings on the place, and owned it but a few 
years, then sold it. He bought of Robert McManus 
one hundred acres of land in Brunswick, on which 
were a small clearing and a log house, for which he 


paid five hundred dollars, lawful money. The deed 
was given June 26, 1798. It appears from record 
that he occupied this farm a year before the deed was 
given and during the spring made maple sugar. The 
first seed he put into the ground on this farm was 
a pint of apple seeds. 

May 4j 1797, he married Esther, daughter of 
Samuel and Hannah Collins, born in Durham, Febru- 
ary 17, 1770. Soon after their marriage the}^ com- 
menced house keeping in the log house on the farm. 
There were no roads in that part of the town, and he 
procured a pocket compass by which he ran out one 
by spotting trees. A petition was drawn up, signed, 
and presented to the County Commisioners who estab- 
lished a road which is still in use and known as the 
Durham road. 

In 1801, he built a large two story house in place of 
the old log house, where he lived until his death. He 
was an active enterprising man and managed his 
business affairs judiciously. Although he never filled 
any public office, yet he did a great amount of business 
for others. He was distinguished in his day as a 
master carter, and his services were much employed by 
those having buildings and vessels to haul. He was a 
consistant and highly esteemed member of the Society 
of Friends and much respected by the community. He 
died while temporarily absent from home in the town 
of Vassalboro, April 18, 1823, and was buried in the 
Friends' grave-yard near Oak Grove Seminary. 

SeptemberJ^ 1823, all the buildings, fences and roads 
on his widow's farm were burned by the great fire that 
passed over that portion of the town. The boys built 
a camp in the field where they watched and harvested 
the little not destroved by the fire. 


The old family bible bought in 1823, and published 
in 1799, also the old-style eight-day clock, reaching from 
floor to ceiling, bought in 1808, for which sixty dollars 
was paid, (and still keeps good time) together with 
several deeds and their marriage certificate (Friends' 
style) were rescued from the flames, and are very care- 
fully preserved as relics of ''ye olden times" by her 
youngest son, Edward Franklin, who always lived at 
home and had the care of his mother. March 19, 1841, 
the widow with her son Edward Franklin, removed 
and settled in Dover, where she died. 

Their children born in Brunswick, were : 

226 I. t PAUL,sborn March 18, 1798; married (1) Nancy 
Warren, (2) Emily Sawyer. 

227 II. t Hdldah/^ born Feb. 4, 1800 ; married Francis 

228 III. Eunice/^ born Aug. 2, 1802; married, (1) October 
1828, Louy Harmon, of Durham ; (2) Siruon Bryor, of Dover^ where 
they resided She died Jan. 9, 1865. 

229 IV. t JoHN/^ born July 30, 1804; married Charity P. 

230 Y. t Phebe,'^ born Aug. 31, 1807; married William P. 

231 VI. t RxrFUs,''> born Aug 21, 1809 ; married Marilla S. 

232 VII. t Edward Franklin,^ born Aug. 17. 1812 ; 
married Elvira C. Stoddard. 

31 Phebe ^Douglas, (Cornelius'', Elijah^ John\) 
sister of the preceding, and daughter of Cornelius and 
Anna (Estes) Douglas, was born Nov. 12, 1772; mar- 
ried, Jan. 24, 1793, Ebenezer Austen of Falmouth. 
They resided in Canada a number of years, then 
removed to Vassalboro. 


No record of his death has been received. She died 
January 15, 1817. 

Their children, all born in Canada except the oldest : 

233 I. Anna (Austen) born in Falmouth, January 3, 1794; 
married John Estes, December 26, 1829, resided in China, Maine, 
where she died August 4, 1840. 

234 II. John (Austen) born in Falmouth, November 8, 1795 ; 
married December 30, 1858, Adaline Cook ; residence Calais, where 
he died April 2, 1875. 

235 III. David (Austen) born in Canada October 10, 1797; 
unmarried ; died in China, Maine, July 16, 1854. 

236 IV. Cornelius (Austen) born January 1, 1799 ; died July 

237 V. Cornelius (Austen) born January 6, 1801 ; unmar-- 
ried. In his earliest da^s he was a successful school teacher. About 
the year 1850 he conceived the idea of inventing perpetual motion, 
devoting much of his time and energy upon the subjoct, but of course 
failed to accomplish his object. He died at his brother John's, in 
Calais, April 14, 1875. 

238 VI. Lydia (Austen) born January 24, 1803 ; unmarried. 

239 VII. Phebe Dougla^ (Austen) born December 31, 1804 ; 
November 12, 1829 married Robert Knowles. They reside in New 

240 VIII. Susanna (Austen) born February 27, 1807; mar- 
ried (1) October 8, 1829, Stephen Estes; (2) John Estes, August 3, 

241 IX. Esther (Austen) born April 1, 1809 ; December 12, 
1833, married Barnabas French ; 2d marriage February 18, 1875, 
Danford Parmeter ; reside in China, Maine. 

2^2 X. Rebecca (Austen) born September 23, 1811 ; March 
23, 1831, married George Estes ; resides in China. 

38. Anna^ Douglas, (Cornelius^ Elijah^ John\) 
daughter of Cornelius and Lydia (Buffum) Douglas, was 
born in Durham, August 15, 1792. Married February 7, 
1822, Saoiuel, son of Silas and Elizabeth (Kennard) God- 
dard, of Brunswick, where they settled on his father's 
homestead, where they always resided. She died Octo- 


ber 4, 1840, and was buried in the Friends' graveyard at 
South Durham. He died October 23, 1873. 

Their, children born in Brunswick : 

243 I. Ira (Goddard) born August 10, 1826 ; married Decem- 
ber 31, 1857, Hanoah M. Beal. Shoemaker and farmer; resides in 

244 IT. Silas (Goddard) born December 29, 1827; married 
(1) November 29, 1855, Amy P. Bailey, daughter of Joseph Bailey, of 
Freepon ; died June 21, 1867. (2) Lydia B., daughter of Lemuel and 
Maria Jones, of Brunswick. He is a farmer and plow manufacturer. 
Resides on the old homestead farm and had the care of his father 
until his death. 

245 III. Lydia Ann (Goddard) born February 21, 1830; 
married May 29, 1856, Amiel Eben Phelps. They reside at Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

246 IV. Patience Douglas (Goddard) born May 9, 1833; 
married November 11, 1855, Rev. Isaac A. Field; resided in Phips- 
burg till -1886, when they removed to Worcester, Mass. 

247 V. Salome Jane (Goddard) born January 23, 1835 ; mar- 
ried September 21, 1868, Augustus F. Cox, boot and shoe manufac 
turer at Portland, where they reside. 

40. Joshua* Douglas, (Cornelius^ Elijah^, John\) 
brother of the preceding and son of Cornelius and Lydia 
(BufFum) Douglas, was born in Royallsborough, now Dur- 
ham, September 8, 1794. His boyhood days were spent 
with his parents, laboring on the farm during the summer 
months and attending school winters. The advantages 
for acquiring an education were necessarily limited ; still 
by perseverance and good attention to his studies during 
the few weeks of school, he obtained a fair business edu- 
cation for those days. When twenty years of age he took 
a violent cold which so prostrated him, that for more than 
a year he was able to do but little labor. On recovering 
somewhat from his illness he hired the homestead farm of 
Andrew Adams for one year, boarding in his family. 















where he made the acquaintance of Jane, daughter of 
Andrew and Ruth (Lufkin) Adams, born in Royallsbo- 
rough, now Durham, October 22, 1794; whom he mar- 
ried at the Friends' meetinghouse in Durham, June 11, 


He bought a farm of fifty acres in Brunswick, of 
Gideon Toothaker, for which he paid the sum of seven 
hundred dollars. The deed was given April 11, 1817. 
September, 1823, he lost one thousand dollars worth of 
property by the great fire, which burnt nearly everything 
before it for a mile in width and five miles in length ; his 
barn, well filled with hay and grain, wood, chopped in 
the woods, and all his fences were swept away by the 
conflagration. The following year he sold the farm and 
bought Andrew Adams' homestead, situated near Plum- 
mer's Mill, in Durham, where he resided until 1835, at 
which time he sold out to Henry Plummer, and bought a 
farm of one hundred acres, of Caleb Jones, lying on the 
Androscoggin River, in Durham, where he resided till his 
death. His wife died February 24, 1838. August 29, 
1839, he married for his second wife, Lucy, daughter of 
Jonathan and Lucy Beal, of Durham. 

Much of his life was spent in poor health ; at one time 
he was unable to do any labor for two years. While 
Providence seemed to frown upon him in depriving him 
of property and health, God's bountiful grace was won- 
derfully bestowed upon him, and through all his trials 
and adversities he was patient and resigned lo the good 
Shepherd, who careth for his flock. 

His parents were members of the society of Friends, 
and their discipline provides that when both parents are 
members of the society, their children are also members, 


by birth-right, which was the privilege of the subject of 
this memorial. 

When a boy only fourteen years of age, while alone 
in the barn, he was feelingly impressed with the great 
power and love of God, which filled his young heart with 
joy. He was plainly shown that there was a place of 
misery as well as a place of happiness and bliss. Though 
like Samuel, he did not know it was the voice of God 
speaking to him. Not heeding this impression he soon 
lost sight of it entirely, though always a moral and up- 
right man, and constant in attendance at church. 

When about thirty years of age he was stricken un- 
der powerful conviction of his sins and the need of par- 
don. So keenly was his mind exercised that often in the 
silent watches of the night he vvould retire to some se- 
cluded place and pour out his desire to God in prayer, 
that He would have mercy on his soul. Frequently, 
while in the field about his daily work, he would put up 
a silent prayer to Him, who only could forgive sins. He 
soon felt it his duty to call his family together and read a 
portion of scripture. This was a great cross ; but like 
the psalmist, he thought ''Have I been so long time 
pleading for mercy and am I unwilling to bear this cross ?" 
The following morning he gathered his little family 
around him and read a chapter in the Bible, which so 
affected him that his heart was broken into tenderness. 
Tears of penitence coursed down his cheeks; humbled 
thus, he was willing to fall upon his knees and implore 
God's forgiveness. When he arose, all was light about 
him ; the great Deliverer had spoken peace to his captive 
soul and set it free. 

So punctual was he in the observance of his family 
devotions, that no hurry in business or haste to reach the 


tars ever caused hira to neglect this means of gtace. 
Soon after his conversion he commenced to exhort in 
meeting and felt a deep interest fer the salvation of souls* 
He made the journey with horse and carriage to New- 
port, R. I., twice to attend yearly meeting. 

He fi-equently accompanied Thomas Jones, a minister 
among Friends, on religious visits through different States. 
November 21, 1854, he was recommended as a minister 
by the Society of Friends. He labored zealously for the 
Master at home in his own'meeting, as well as in different 
States and in Canada, holding meetings among his own 
society and others, with good results. 

June, 1869, while at work in his cellar, he was at- 
tacked with a severe cold from which he never recovered. 
For eleven years he suffered patiently, perfectly resigned 
to the will of his Heavenly Master. He was never heard 
to murmur or complain. It was pleasant to visit his sick 
room and converse with him. During the protracted 
years of his sickness many travelling Friend ministers 
called on him and would talk with him and engage in 
prayer. At one time he said '*! don't expect to be here 
long but it is well ; it looks peaceful." 

His companion was untiring in her efforts to do all 
she could to comfort him. He had a strong constitution 
which caused him to endure great pain and suffering, and 
thus he lived year after year. 

January 21, 1881, as the sun was sinking behind the 
western horizon and all was hushed to silence and awe 
in his home, his spirit quietly left its tenement of clay 
and was wafted by angels to its rest with Jesus. 

The funeral took place at Friends meeting house in 
Durham. A short sermon was preached by Nathan Doug- 
las [276] from these words, "All the days of my appointed 


time will I wait till my change come." — Job 14:14. Re- 
marks were made by several Friend ministers, also by 
Rev. Geo. Plummer, of Lisbon Falls. He was buried in 
the cemetery near Friends' meeting house at South Dur- 
ham. An appropriate head stone marks his last earthly 
resting place. In 1888 his body was disinterred and bur- 
ied in the cemetery near his old homestead. 

Children by [1] wife Jane: 

248 I. t JosKP^t^ born in Brunswick, March 24, 1819; married 
Ann G. Beal. 

249 II, t^LiZA Jane,* born in Brunswick, February 23, 1822; 
married James Goddard. 

250 III. t^EdRGE,* born in Durham, May 11, 1824 ; married 
Elizabeth A. Prcscott. 

251 IV. tJoHN,* born in Durham, Februaiy 26, 1828 ; mar- 
ried Ann Maria Hamblin. 

252 V. tCHARLES,* born in Durham, August 24, 1830 ; mar- 
ried Annie E. Fisher. 

253 VI. fJ^SHUA LcFKiN,* born in Durham, April 17, 1833 ; 
married Helen L. Harvey, 

Child by [2] wife Lucy. 

254 VII. t William Henry,* born in Durham, October 13, 
1847 ; married Ella fl. Roife ; (2)^Mrs. Eliza B. (Tibbetts) Clason. 

41. David^ Douglas, (Cornelius^ Elijah^ John^), 
brother of the preceding and son of Cornelius and Lydia 
(Buffum) Douglas, was born at the old homestead in Dur- 
ham, July 16, 1796. His boyhood days were passed with 
his father on the farm summers, and at school a few 
weeks during the winter months. When about twenty- 
one years of age he went to sea, which business he con- 
tinued to follow a few years, during which time nothing 
worthy of note occurred. About the age of twenty-three 
he married Hannah, daughter of Walter and Hannah 


Davis, born in Brunswick, July 17, 1795. He settled on 
a farm bordering on China Neck in the town of China; 
here he resided but a few years and then removed to his 
native place in Durham, to live with his parents through 
thfeir remaining years. 

Subsequently his youngest sister married and took 
his place as care-taker of their mother. In 1824 or 1S25 
he with his family removed to North Vassalboro, where 
he worked in a tannery for a man by the name of South- 
worth, until in assisting in taking down a building 
which fell and he with it, breaking one of his arms and 
five ribs, which laid him by over seven months. During 
his illness his wife died leaving him with four small chil- 
dren, the youngest dying soon after at the age of eleven 
months. He married for his second wife, January 21, 
1829, a cousin of his first wife, Chloe Davis. 

About this time he bought a farm in Fairfield of his 
wife's father, residing in the same house where she was 
born. In this house they had born unto them five chil- 
dren, two of them dying in infancy. In the spring of 
1840, he exchanged farms with a man by the name of 
Ward, situated in Palmyra, where he soon removed. 
Soon after his second marriage he and his wife made a 
profession of religion and joined the society of Friends, 
of w^hich they remained worthy members to tlie close of 
life. About the year 1842 he was appointed an elder in 
that society. He was many times called upon to fill im- 
portant positions in civil as well as religious life ; he was 
often chosen arbitrator in the settlement of difficulties 
JHe served his town as selectman one or more years. All 
these positions he faithfully filled ; he was very hospita- 
ble at his home and it was a pleasure for him to entertain 
all Christians without regard to sect. In 1859 or '60, 


he witb his wife and yaungest son and bis family remored 
and settled in Bloomingtou, Clinton County^ Ohio, where 
he and his son opened a variety »tore. His health which 
had been failing for several years now gare way, and he 
died at his residence in /Ohio, December 3, 1863, having 
lived to see all his children who are living married. He 
was six feet two inches in height, well proportioned, of 
large, muscular frame, capable of great endurance physi- 
cally, of strong intellectual powers and a very retentive 
memory. He died a triumphant death, having known 
his robes being washed and made white in the blood of 
the Lamb. 

His dying words were "I am going, but I am per- 
fectly happy in Jesus." His wife Chloe, who had been 
a most devoted, loving wife and a faithful, praying mother, 
survived him several years. She died MUy 22, 1881, in 
her eighty-first year and was buried by the side of her 
companion, in Bloomington, Ohio. 

Children by first wife : 

255 I. Lydia Akn/ born in China, September 10, 1820; un- 
married 5 died in Vassalboro, Jolj 10, 1841, 

256 II. HANKAH,*born in Durham, May 20, 1822; married 
March 16, 1853, Joseph Lane. 

257 One child. Hekry Douglas (Lane) born May 30, 1858. 

258 III, Eunice,* born in Durh-^m, March 4, 1824 ; married 
October 23, 1848, Joseph Winslow, born May 9, 1824. They reside 
in St. Albans. She is an eminent ministress in the Society of Friends 
and a woman of much worth. Her labors in the ministry are every- 
where well received. 

269 IV. JoH]!J Hekry,^ born in Vassalborough, January 6, 
1826; died November 26, 1827. Children by second wife. 

260 V. fJoH^ Henry,5 born in Fairfield, November 27, 1832; 
married Mariam Carter. 

261 VI. fl^OBERT Walter,^ born in Fairfield, November 11, 
1834 5 married Margaret A. Clifford. 



262 VII. David Cornelius,* born in Fairfield, January 5, 
1840; died in St. Albans, October 5th, 1843. 

Two daughters born in Fairfield, died in infancy. 

42. Cornelius* Douglas, (Cornelius,^ Elijah,^ John') 
brother of the preceding, was born in Durham, June 12, 
1798; married January 27, 1820, Phebe, daughter of 
John and Abigail (Frye) Nichols, of Berwick, born tlvere 
September 10, 1799. He settled on the old homestead 
where he remained one year, and in April, 1821, he re- 
moved ^nd spttled on a farm that he bought of Caleb 
Nichols, in the town of Winslow, where he resided three 
years. Then he went and lived one year on a farm in 
Vajijsjilboro, known as the Austen farm ; then removed 
back to his farm in AVinslow where he resided until he 
removed to the State of Ohio. In 1831, he was lecom- 
mended to the work of the ministi'y in the society of 
Friends by Vassalboro monthly meeting. His first reli- 
gious visit was made in 1832 to the families of Friends 
and others in the vicinity of Durham monthly meeting. 
This visit brought him back to his native town and to 
mingle for a few days with those he had associated with 
in his youthful days. 

The practice of visiting and holding religious exer- 
cises in Friends' families used to be quite prevalent. In 
1841, Ke visited and held religious meetings in the west- 
ern part of New England, New York. Philadelphia, Ohio 
and a general visit within the limits of Indiana yearly 
meeting of Friends. In 1845, he again made a religious 
visit to the States of Ohio and Indiana, also to Baltimore 
and Philadelphia. In the autumn of 1846, he with his 
wife and youngest daughter removed to Springfield, Clin- 
ton County, Ohio. The following year they removed to 
Richmond, Indiana, w^here he took charge of a Friends' 


Boarding School, for six months. In 1850 he visited 
Kansas and held meetings among some of the tribes of 
Indians. The same year he removed his faniilj' to Kan- 
sas and superintended the Shawne Indian Mission School, 
which position he occupied two years, giving good satis- 

' We have mentioned only a few of his many religious 
visits, ini all of which he was well received and in eternity 
many will remember his faithfullabors for the tritth. In 
all his travels of thousand of miles, he never received a 
dollar of remuneration ; choosing to be as Paul said 
"chargeable to no man." He owned a nice farm a few 
miles out of the village of Wilmington, Ohio, which^f- 
forded him a handsome revenue. By his extremely pru- 
dent habits and industry he laid by a handsome fortune. 
In 1855 he attended Friends' Yearly Meeting at 
Plainville, Indiana, and while absent from home took a 
severe cold and it was with great difficulty that he reached 
his home, where he lingered only a few days. He died 
August 7, 1885, and was buried in the cemetery at Bloom- 
ington, Ohio. His wife died November 7, 1886, and was 
buried by the side of her husband. 

Their children : 

263 L t'loHN Nichols.^ bora in Durham, November lo, 1820; 
married Sarah T. Jones. 

264 IT. tLYDiA,* born in Winslow, February 26, 1824 ; mar- 
ried Nathan C. Bailey. 

265 III. ,tMARY,* born in Winslow, August 26, 1835; mar- 
ried (1) Dr. E. F. Everest; (2) Philip P. Harner. 

43. Lydia^ Douglas, (Cornelius,^ Elijah,^ John,^) 
sister of the preceding and daughter of Cornelius and 
Lydia (BufFum) Douglas, was born in Durham, December 
28, 1799; married November 15, 1827, George W. 


Morse, born January 10, 1802. He was a farmer. They 
resided in Bowdoinham, where she died November 29, 
1843, and was buried in Friends' burying ground at South 
Durham. He died November 29, 1871. 

Their children born in Bowdoinham : 

266 I. George Nelson (Moi-se), born April 4, 1832 ; unmar- 
ried ; the latter pait of his days was passed in ill health. He died 
quite suddenly at his father's house December 27, 1860. 

267 II. Augustus Fkanklin (Morse) born February 24, 1835; 
married May 24, 1865, Sarah E. Gray. He is a photographer; resides 
at Hallowell ; he keeps store there at the present time. 

44 Patience* Douglas, (Cornelius,^ Elijah,* John^) 
youngest daughter of Cornelius and Lydia (BufFum) 
Douglas, born in Durham, February 15, 1803; married 
December 31, 1829, Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Dor-' 
cas (WharfF) Davis, of Pownal, born April 16, 1803. He 
was a very honest and upright man, a kind husband and 
an affectionate father. He died very suddenly October 
21, 1862, while at work for a neighbor. He bought the 
old Douglas homestead in Durham, where they resided, 
and where she was born and where she lived till her 
death, April 24, 1887. 

Their children born in Durham : 

268 I. Dorcas Wharff (Davis) born August 13, 1831 ; raar- 
riod January 11, 1849, Joseph Tuttle ; resided at Pownal. She died 
December 27, 1888. 

269 II. Margaret Snow (Davis), born August 31, 1833; un- 
married; died of consumption December 16, 1854. 

270 III. Joseph Henry (Davis), born October 2, 1835 ; mar- 
ried (1) November 24, 1864, Hattie W. Richardson, of Brunswick; 
(2) Julia Ann Day, of his native town. He now owns and occupies 
the old homestead and had the care of his mother till her death. He 
is a carriage manufacturer and has served his town as select man sev- 
eral }ears, and is at present time chairman of the Board. 


271 IV. Lydia Ellen (Davis) born November 23, 1837, mar- 
ried June 17, 1858, Samuel Webber, of Guilford, where they reside 
on a farm. 

272 V. William Penn (Davis), born May 15, 1841 ; married, 
April 16, 1865, Louisa Day of Durham. He owns a smnll farm in 
Durham where he resides, and works farming and blacksmithing. 
They have two children. 

273 VI. Benjamin Franklin (Davis), born December 5, 1843 ; 
married, September 8, 1867, Augusta E. Record, born January 18. 
1844. He was a shoemaker, resided at Freeport Corner, whi.'re he 
died September 30, 1880. His widow died latar. 

46 David* Douglas, (Joseph,'^ Klijah,'* John./) sen 
of Joseph and Mary (McFall) Douglas, born in the town- 
ship of Royallsborough, now Dnrham, Angust 11, 1779; 
married August 24, 1805, at Friends' meeting-house in 
Windham, Waite Hawkes, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Mercy (Jones) Hawkes, born July 3, 1772. 

He acquired a liberal education for the opportunities 
afforded in those days, and was an active business man. 
He taught several district schools, in his own and adjoin- 
ing towns. He was clerk of Friends' monthly meeting at 
Durham for many years. In 1806 he bought a farm in 
Harlem, now the town of China, but we do not learn that 
he ever moved on to it. In 1808 he bou2:ht one-half of 
his grandfather's farm in Durham, for which he paid the 
sum of two hundred dollars. It was that half of Elijah 
Douglas' homestead now owned by Thomas Philbrook, 
where he resided several years laboring on his farm and 
making bricks. 

In 1809 he bought a farm in Brunswick of Caleb 
Estes, for which he paid nine hundred dollars. On this 
farm he had a windmill where he ground corn. The farm 
is now owned by James H. Cox. He lived at one time in 
a schoolhouse that stood near his father's farm, which was 


afterwards owned \i\ Jesse Crosni^n. About 1816, he 
removed to Windham ; 1829, returned to Durham ; 1834 
oi^'So removed aj»;ain to Windham where he died. 
Their children: 

274 I. t^^ERCY,* born in Durham .January 26, 1808 ; married 
Mark Kniirht. 

275 II. fiNlARY,^ born in Durham March 10, 1810; married, 
(1) February 29, 1856, Mark Kni«jrht of Windham, wh^re they resided 
and where he died ; (2) May 28, 1870, liobert Goddard ol iirunswick 
where they reside. She had no children. 

276 III. jNathan,* bore in Branswick January 18, 1812; 
married Lucy Day. 

277 IV tl^UNiCE,* b(.rn in Briniswick October 27, 1813; 
married George P. Day. 

27H V. tJ<^SEPH,* born in Windham April 21, 1817; mar- 
ried, (1) Fhebfc Jones; (2) Mary J. Cook. 

o3 Joseph* Douglas. (Job,^ Elijih,' John,') son of 
Job and Mercy (Booker) Douglas, born in North Yar- 
mouth, now Freeport, October 10, 1776: married 

1800, Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen and Sarah Sawyer 
of Durham. He settled first on Litchfield Neck, then at 
Five Islands in Georgetown, wh^re be remained a few 
years, then removed to Winnegance in the town of Phips- 
burg. He subsequently removt^d to Bath. His last place 
of residence was at Hallowell, where he died about the 
year 1843. 

Their children: 

279 IX. fJ^MES,* born in Durham September 1, 1800 ; mar 
ried Elmira Burgess. 

280 II. JoB,^ born in Litchfield June 21, 1H02 ; married Haehel 
Blaisdell of Phipsburg. He was an exhorter and intended to enter 
the ministry, his life been spared him. He died at Hallowell a 
tew yeai-8 after his marriag^. One child. 

281 Elizabeth^. 

282 in. Sarah,^ born in Litchfield November 25, 1804 ; un 
married ; died 1824. 


283 IV. fTHEODATES,* born in Litchfield Februaiy 11,1807; 
married her cousin Samuel Douglass. 

284 V. t Joseph,* born in Litchfield January 11, 1809 ; man-ied 
his cousin Mercy Douglass, 

285 VI. Mary,» born in Litchfield June 18, 1810 ; died August 
19, 1810. 

286 VII. Mary 2d,» born in Litchfield August 18, 1811 ; died 
1833 ; unmarried. 

287 VIIL t^ANNAti Elizabeth,^ born in Litchfield April 5, 
1814; maiTied Abraham Douglas (293). 

28H IX. Peter,' born in Litchfield April 18, 1816 ; unmarried ; 
October, 1841, he shipped as cook on board the schooner Tonky of 
Bath, Capt. Thomas D. Wakefield, master, bound for New Haven. 
When off Cape Cod they encountered a severe storm which drove the 
vessel ashore on the Cape. The Capt. and Peter perished on the 
wreck and Peter was buried near where the schooner went ashore. 

54 Dr. Samuki/ Douglass, (Job,^ Elijah,^ John,^) 
brother of the preceding and son of Job and Mercy 
(Booker) Douglas, born in North Yarmouth, now Free- 
port, August 8, 1779; married, (1) Sarah, daughter of 
Abraham and Elizabeth (Welch) Preble. He settled in 
Litchfield where he resided many years. He was taken 
sick of consumption and his recovery was doubtful. 
While lingering with this disease he discovered a remedy 
that entirely restored his health. Encouraged by the good 
results which his medicine had upon himself, he devoted 
most of his time in the study and practice of medicine. 
September 15, 1817, he married (2) Sarah Stevens of 
Lewiston. In the year 1818 he removed to No. 4 Planta- 
tion (now Mexico) where he bought a lot of wild land of 
the agent of the Dixie's heirs, for which he was to pay 
one hundred dollars, which failing *to do, in 1834 he sold 
the improvements which he had made on the farm for a 
horse and chaise. With his team he travelled all about 


the State doctoring, mostly with roots and herbs, with 
some success. He died in Mexico in 1866. 

His 'children by his first wife, born in Litchfield: 

289 I. fl^KTSEY,* born January 27, 1802; miirried Abraham 

290 IT. Thomas,* born October 17, 1804; uomarned; lost at 
sea about 1831. 

291 III. fSAMUEL,* born March 15, 1806; married Theodates 
Douglas. (284). 

292 IV. fMERCT,* born January 4, 1809; married Joseph 
Douglas. (284). 

293 V. fABRAHAM,' born May 10, 1814; married Hannah E. 
Douglas, (287). 

294 VI. t^rABDiNER,* bom October 11, 1812 ; married Asenath 
S. Orr. 

295 VII. John,* born July 31, 1814 ; married Roanna Nicker- 
»on of Topsham, He settled in Topsham, then i-eraoved to Bangor 
and worked at his trade, blacksmithing. Has not been heard from for 
many years ; owe child, 

296 Sarah B.,* born in Bangor ; married and resides in Bruns- 

Children by second wife, all born in Mexico, except 
the eldest : 

297 VIII, t Joanna,* born December 30, 1817; married John 
E. Roff, 

298 IX. fMARiAM,* born July 10, 1819; married Stephen 
Ward. % 

299 X. Julia Ann,* born April, 1821 ; died May, 1822. 

300 XL ELiSHA,*boin Juoe8, 1822; married Elvira Chamber- 
lin. lie died while in the war of 1861. 

301 One child, Samuel 

301^ XII. SoLOMAN,* was born December 13, 1823; unmar- 
ried ; was a shoemaker. While at work for Mr. L. Day in Brunswick, 
he had for a shop mate a noted infidel, who talked bo much of his 
unbelief into him that he was heard to remark that he had as soon die 
now as at any time. Sunday, September 20, 1846, while the family 
was at church, young Solomon went to the barn and there hung him- 


self with a rope lialtev. His remains were taken to Bowdoinhani and 
buried in the villiige grave-yard. 

302 XlIL Nancy,*' born September 13, 182o ; married Feb- 
ruary, 1843, Stephet^ Keck with of Vermont. 

Their children : 

303 I. Julia Ann (Beckwith), born January 10, 1844; died 
aged 21. 

304. II. Sarah E., born 1H46 ; died same year. 

305 III. Etta (lieckwith) born 1848 ; ia di-ad. 

306 XIV. JuLiA,norn April 21, 1827; married James Ward; 
resided in Poultney, Vermont; no children; she died in 1858. 

307 XV. Irene,'* born April 22, 1831 ; died December 7, 1832. 

308 XVI. William* Booker, born April 7, 1833; married, 
1852, Sarah Eldrid«:e. He was a mason by trade and resided at 
Dorchester, Mass. He died at Dover, N. H., January 1, 1857. He 
left a will, which was proved by the Probate Court in Sagadahoc 
County, and a part of his property was willed to his mother, as he 
died childless. 

309 XVII. Sarah,* born P'ebruary 1, 1835 and died in 1845. 

55 Jambs'^ Douglass, (Job,'^ Elijah/^ John,*) brother 
of the preceding and son of Job and Mercy (Booker) 
Douglas, born in North Yarnnouth, now Freeport, July 1, 
1780; married, December 19, 1799, Eliza M. Banks, 
daughter of Philip Banks, born in Lewiston. 

He settled in Freeport, where he resided a few years 
and then removed to Litchfield Neck. In 1806 he re- 
moved back to his native town and settled on a farm, 
which probably was a part of his grandfather's, of three 
hundred acres, situated on Front's Gore in Freeport. He 
was living there at the breaking out of the war of 1812 
and enlisted in the service for one year ; served his time 
out and re-enlisted for the remainder of the war. At the 
close of the war he moved into a house on the farm of 
Edward Estes, nearly opposite the gate leading to the 
house of Hugh Gatchell, where he resided one year. His 
son, Nehemiah O., was born in that house. He removed 


from there to the Gore, which was in Durham or Free- 
port, where he built a house and passed the remainder of 
his days. He died July 2, 1821 and was buried on Daniel 
Donglns' farm. In 1H51 his son, John B., had his re^ 
mains disinterred and buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery 
at Lisbon Falls. His wife died and was buried by the 
side of her husband 

Their children : 

310 I. Lucy, born in Freeport, 1801 ; married Sylvanious Har- 
rino^ton ; children, liubamH M., George Bragdon, Joseph ; died August, 

311 II. fJoHN Banks,* born in Litchfield April 1, 1803; mar- 
ried Nancy B. Douglass. (113). 

312 III. t^AMES S.,*born in Freeport March 24, 1807; mar- 
ried Azubah Godwin. 

313 IV". t^ViLLiAM Booker,* born in Freeport April 7, 1809; 
married Mary Durnu. 

314 V. Eliza, born in Freeport, 1811; died young. 

315 VI. Louisa, l)orn in Freeport 1812 ; married, 1st, Samuel 
Starbird; 2d, Solomon McKinney; one child, William Henry (Star- 

316 VII. "j-Nehemiah Owen,* born in Durham, September 3, 
1814; married, 1st, Jaue Hall; 2d, Mrs. Lydia E. (Cole) Willis. 

317 VIII. fl^HiLiP Banks,* born in Durham, May 20, 1816; 
married Mary Ann Knight. 

318 IX. Rhoda, born in Durham, 1819; died in Freeport, 
March, 1821. 

58 Elijah Douglass, (Job,'* Elijah,'^ John,*) brother 
of the preceding, was born in North Yarmouth, now Free- 
port, February 12, 1786; married, July 24, 180H, Sally 
Davis of Litchfield. The marriage ceremony was per- 
formed by John Neal, Esq. He settled on a farm in Free- 
port, near his father's homestead, where he died about 
1814. His widow married (2) David Gatchell of Litch- 


Their children, born in Freeport : 

319 I. Elijah,* born about 1809; unmarried. The summer 
be was twenty-five years old be bired out on a farm in ibe eastern 
part of tbe State. After be was done work for the farmer, and with 
his summer's wages in his pocket, be started for bis home in Freeport, 
and was never seen or beard from afterwards and it is probable that 
be was murdered. 

320' II. Abigail,* born in 1811; married Isaac Sawyer; set- 
tled in Pittston. 

321 One child, Elijah (Sawyer). 

322 III. Jane,* born about 1813; married Reuben McClan- 
nel ; settled in Gardiner. 

323 One daughter, Lizzie (McClannel). 

59. Job* Douglass, (Job,^ Elijah,^ John,0 son of Job 
and Mercy (Booker) Douglas, born in North Y»rmouth, 
now Freeport, November 27, 1787; married Margaret 
Brown, a farmer and resided on Litchfield Neck. He 
was a devoted Christian and much respected by those who 
knew him. He died at his home in Gardiner, January 1, 
1845. His widow died in Hallowell November, 1851. 

Their children born in Litchfield, were: — 

324 I. t^HARLES,^ born in 1812; married Eineliue Poor. 

325 II. tl^STHER,'^ born in 1814 ; married Alexander Bubier. 

326 III. t^ARY Ann,* married William S. Gordon. 

327 IV. AMASA,»born May 8, 1818; married, May 9, 1841, 
Huldah Sinclair. He is a farmer and lives in Manchester; no- chil- 

328 V. John,** born June 4, 1820; married, August, 1854, 
Octava Campbell ; died in Hallowell ; no children. 

329 VI. t^LFRED/ born September 15, 1822; married Frances 
E. Nash. 

330 VII. tSETH,*^ born April 14, 1825; married Mary J. 

60. Benjamin* Douglass, (Job,*^ Elijah,* John,^) 
brother of the preceding and son of Job and Mercy 
(Booker) Douglas, born in Freeport, December 16, 1789; 


married, October, 5, 1815, Betsey, daughter of James and 
Hannah (Booker) Potter, born in Harpswell July 4, 1793. 
They were married by Sylvanus Waterman, Esq. He 
settled on a farm in Bowdoin that he bought of a Mr. 
Davis In 1818 he sold this farm and bought another, 
lying partly in Bowdoin and partly in Litchfield. He was 
a stone mason and did much of that work for his neigh- 
bors and townsmen. He was a devoted Christian, a good 
citizen and a man much respected. He died at his home- 
stead July 13, 1871, and was buried in the grave-yard on 
Litchfield Plains. His wife died December 11, 1882, aged 
89 years. 

Their children born in Bowdoin were : — 

331 I. t^EORGE,* twin, born August 7, 1816 ; married Rebecca 

332 II. t^'HARLEs/ twin, born August 7, 1816 ; married Eu- 
nice Pratt. 

333 III. Hannah** Elizabeth, born December 5, 1818 ; died 
November 6, 1819. 

334 IV. tWiLLiAM,* born March 31,1821; married Roxcilla 

335 V. Isaiah,* born August 13, 1823; married, September 1, 
1853, Abbie, daughter of William and Rebecca Tarr, of Bowdoin. 
He is the only surviving child of the large family. He is a farmer 
and resides at the old homestead and supported his mother until her 
death. No children. 

336 VI. t^F.NJAMiN Booker,* born December 10, 1825 ; mar- 
ried Rachel J. Bates. 

337 VII. Sarah Jane,^ born December 12, 1828; died Sept. 
20, 1830. 

338. VIII. Alonzo Simeon,* born February 14, 1833; unmar- 
ried ; died at his lather's December 12, 1863. 

63. Israel^ Douglass, ( Job,^ Elijah,'^ John,^) brother 
of the preceding and son of Job and Mercy (Booker) 
Douglass, born in Freeport, May 28, 1796; married 


Patience Sylvester, of his native town. He was a farmer 
and resided in St. Albans, where he died. 

, Their children were : — 

339 I. DuLENCiN,* borij in Freeport ; married Libby. 

340 II. Barton,* born in Freeport. 
841 III. Bath AN A,* born in St. Albans. 

342 IV. Susan,* born in St. Albans ; died in Bangor. 

343 V. Israel,* born in St. Albans. 

No further records of this family were received. 

66. Hannah ^ Douglass, ( Job,^ Elijah,'' John,*) sister 
of the preceding and daughter of Job and Mercy (Booker) 
Dt)uglas, born in Freeport about 1800 ; niarri*^d Ma the w 
Campbell of Bowdoin, a son of her father's second wife. 
They settled on his father's homestead, which he after- 
wards sold and they removed to Litchfield, from thence to 
Anson, where she died. 

Their children were : — 

344 I. OcTAVA (Campbell) twin, born in Bowdoin ; married 
John, son of Job Douglass, Jr. 

345 II, LuCRETiA (Campbell) twin, born in Bowdoin. 

346 III. Alfred (Campbell) born 

347 IV. William (Campbell) born 

348 V. John (Campbell) born ; married Mercy Forbus 

[356.] s . . " 

349 VI. Alonzo (Campbell) born 

350 VII. Warren (Campbell) born ; was drowned in Win- 
throp Pond. 

351 VIII. Rebecca (Campbell) born — ^^ 

67. Ruth* Douglass, (Job,"^ Elijah,^ John,') daugh- 
ter of Job and Mercy (Booker) Douglas, born in Free- 
port in 1802; married Joseph Forbus of Bowdoin; set- 
tled on his father's homestead, removing to I.jitchfield and 
to Manchester, where she died July, 186L 

yue ik>udlas genealogv. 77 

Their children were : — 

S52 I. Makt ^Foirbttft) twn», bom in B&wdoin ; mBrried George 

$59> II. Mabtha (Forbos) twtii^ torn m Bowcioin; married 
Joseph Yf)WRg. 

354 Til. Axi£ (F^orbua) bom lu Bowdoin ; mariied David Hall; 
resides m Moo month. 

d-o(y IV. Mebcy (Forbiis) bom in Bowdoin; mulrried John 
Campbell, p48] ; rt»ides nt West Gardiner* 

^6 Ai«Aic&A (Forbiis) bom in Litchfield ; iitarried Henrj Drm- 
tin ; resides in Liteh field. 

71. Patience* 1>ouolass, (Isrnel,^ Elijah,* John,*) 
ffatighter of Israel and Mary (Rodick) Douglas^ born in 
Bari>swell, April 3, 1781 ; raarried Capt. James Rodick; 
settled in Harpewell ; removed to Freeport, where she 
died Angus!, 183H. 

Their children were:— 

$57 1. leitAEL (Rodick) born in' Harpswell May 2, 1805; mar- 
tied, JaiiHury 19;, 1830^ Lucinda Tootliakev of Branswiek; iarmeir^ 
resides in Freeport. 

358 IL Daniei, (Rodick) bom in Harpswell October 16, 1815 j 
married^ September 16, 1849, Martha A. Pirhiwh, mariner ^ resides in 

S59 TIL Jans. (Rodick) bom April 5, 181 7; mamed, NoTen> 
ber 15, 18S5^ Randall Brewer; resides in Freeport. 

3^60 lY. Eliza J. (Uodick) born May m, 1820 ; .marHedt Dee* 
15, 1836, Ard Brewer ot Freeport ; resides in Farmingdale, 

361 V. Mary (Rodick) born Janoary 17, 1822; niamed, Oct. 
20, 1846, Abner W. Royal, of Freeport ; house joiner ; resides at 

362 VI. SoPHRONA (Rodick) born Deberaber 3, 1823 ; married^ 
July 28, 1846, Andrew Gould of Freeport, where they reside* He is 
» mariner. 

363 VII. Ro^tlLANA (Rodick) bom Atignst 15, 1825; married 
Angnst 20, 1843, William Douglas, [334 ] 

72. Capt. David^ Douglass, (Israel,^ Elijah;^ John,*) 
brother of the preceding and son of Israel and Mary 


Itodick) Douglas, born in Harpswell January 22, 1783; 
na^irried, October 3, 1803. Sally Merryman, born 1784. 

Their children born in Harpswell : — 

364 I. t^^LARRissA,* born December 29, 1803; married Robeit 
Merry inau. 

365 IL Harrison,* bora August 15, 1805; died 1807. 

366 III. tJANE,* born June 15, 1809; married Nehetiiiah 

367 IV. Mary/ born October 10, 1811; married John SteeU 
resided in Bowdoin ; she is dead ; one child, died youa;r. 

368 V. fl^ELiGHT,* born June 30, 1813; married Saniuel 

77. George'* Douglass (Israel,'* Elijah,- John,^) son 
of Israel and Mary (Rodick) Douglas ; was borti in Harps- 
well May 15, 1787; married (I) Betsey Merryman. He 
was a farmer. Settled in his native town ; removed to 
Litchfield where his (I) wife died. He married (2) Dec. 
20, 1820, Mary Merryman, a sister of his first wife. He 
died January, 1821. 

Children all by first wife, born in Litchfield ; all 

369 I. William,*^ born October 27, 1812. 

370 II. Hannah,* born October 15, 1814. 

371 III. David,* born November 15, 1816. 

372 IV. 8aeaA,* born December 25, 1818. 

78. * Capt. Samuei/ Douglass (Elijah,^ Elijah,^ John') 
son of Elijah and Jenney (Grant) Douglas, was born in 
Harpswell June 16, 1788; married, November 19, 1813: 
Esther, daughter of William and Elizabeth Bartall of 
Freeporr. He settled on his father's homestead, where he 
lived two years, and in 1815 removed on to the farm that 
he bought of David Tompson, (formerly the property of 
Col. John Reed) situated on Pleasant Point, on the bank 
of the Merrymeeting Bay, in Topsham. He followed the 


sea for the greater part of the time until the year 1837. 
He was an active and industrious business man ; was 
Treasurer and Collector of his town for several years. 
For many years previous to his death he was engaged in 
the fire insurance business. He was much respected by 
his many friends and neighbors. He died at his home in 
Topsham, July 29, 1868. His wife died July 28, 1874. 
Their children were : — 

573 L Olivkr a.,* born m IlarpsvKell July 12, 1815. He died 
at Topshaiii .?ttly 2, 181^. 

B74 II. Pauline Jane,* b«»m ia Top^ham April 11, 1818; 
resides on the homestead furm, 

375 III. Samueu* boi'D in Topsharo October 14, 1819; mar- 
ried, December 25,. 1865, Isabella Rogers. He was a fanner and re- 
sided in bis native town wbere be died June 10» 1888 ;. one cbild. 

376 Maey Isabella, bom in Topsbam October 26, 1866. 

377 IV. William B,* born in Top»bam September IQ, 1824 ; 
umnarried. Occupied the old homestead. He* died at big home in 
Topshain Jtily 10,. 1881. 

378 Y. Esther Ann,^ born in Top«ham June 2, 1827; she 
married, June 19, 1886, Jpseph Russel, of her native town, wbere 
tbey reside. 

99. Susanna^ Douglass (Elijah,* Elijah/ John,^) 
daughter of Elijah and Jenney (Grant) Douglas ; was born 
in Harpswell February 27, 1790; married, February 13, 
1813^ Simeon Wheeler of Harpswell. He was a farmer 
and settled in bis native town. In 18'28 be moved to 
Bucksport, where they resided a short time, and removed 
and settled in Orrington, where they passed the remainder 
of their days. Mrs. Wheeler died May 10, 1843 ; Mr^ 
Wheeler died February 10, 1842. 

Their children : — 

S79 I. Ltdia Buffum (Wheeler) bom in Harpswell, October 1 > 
1814; married, February 22, 1834, Herman Smithy a farmer ; resided 
ia Orrington. 

80 THE DOUOf.AS 0£?lCAf/»GT. 

38(1 II. John Dougi.a» (Wheelef) born in Harpswell Oclofier 
26,. 1816)^ luaiTied, Nc^vember 25, 1841, Sarah Joi>e». House jciiner? 
died ill Bangot- Juae 19, 1868. 

S81 IIL David Perky (Wheeler) bon» iii Harps well June, 8,. 
1819; died December 6, 1839. 

382 IV. William Henry (Wheeler) born in Biicksport, Oct, 
3, 1830; manied, April 19, 1853, Eliza R. Pinhorn, 

lOl. William* Douglass (Elijih/^ Elijah,' John,*) 
brother of the preceding and son of Elijah and Jenny 
(Grant) Douglass; was born in llar|>swell January 12, 
1795 ; married, February 24, 1819, Mary Sennet of 
Harps well, born there January 31, 1795. They settled 
in Harpswell. In 1825 he removed and settled on a farm 
in the town of Bucksport, where they have since resided. 
Mrs. Douglass died April 5, 1875. Mr. Douglass died al 
his home June 21, 1881. 

Their children,* two oldest born in Harpswell, the others 
born in Bucksport : — 

* 383 I. John,* born October 20, 1821 ; married, May 27, 1849, 
Mary li. Sennett. He was a master ship builder. He was a worthy 
member of Felicity Lodge, No. 19 of F. & A. M. ; was its W. M. for 
the years 1874-5. He resided at Bucksport, where he died March 21, 

384. One child. James Howard, born in Bucksport October 
17, 1850. He has been clerk for several years in a dry goods store, 
for G. L. Bradley. Was for a time in that business for himself. 
Married, February 1, 1882, Annie L. Smith. Now resides in Gar- 

385. One child, John Frederick Howard, born October 9, 1884. 

386 II. tJuijA Ann,* born October 14, 1823 ; married Jot ham 
R. Chipman. 

387 III. tWiLLiAM,* born April 12, 1825; married ThMukful 
W. Hinks. 

388 IV. Eliza H.,* bora December 25, 1827 ; manied Jesse 


389 V. Richard Q.,* born 1829. Vyheu thrtje yejars qt age 
he was left iu the house aloue for a few moments ; when his mother 
returned she found him with his clothes on fire and so badly burned 
that he died in a short time. 

390 VI. Stephen Sennett,* boro January 17,183^; married 
Lucinda R. Everett. He was a farmer and resided at the old home- 
stead and took care of his parents. He died May 8, 1877. She died 
March 3, 1888. 

391 VII. Davis Bennett,* born August 3, 1833; married 
June 10, 1865, Priscilla D. Atwood. He is a ship carpenter and 
resides in his native town. No children. 

392 VIII. t^ARY Jane,* born February 23, 1840; married 
October 18, 1858, William Williams. 

102. Jenney^ Douglass, (Elijah,' Elijah,^ John,') 
sister of the preceding, and daughter of Elijah and Jenney 
(Grant) Douglas, born in Harpswell, February 6, 17D7 ; 
married Mathevv Simpson, of Brunswick. They settled 
first in Harpswell, and subsequently removed to Bucks- 
port. He followed the sea. 

Their children : 

393 I. Lydia (Simpson*) born in Harpswell; married John 
Smith. They reside in Bucksport. 

394 11. Daniel (Simpson* ) born in Bucksport ; unmarried ; 
resides in the West. 

103. Mary* Douglass, (Elijah,'* Elijah,'^ John,^) sis- 
ter of the preceding and daughter of Elijah and Jenney 
(Grant) Douglas, was born in Harpswell, June 13,1799; 
married John Field, born October IS, 1800. He was a 
farmer and resided in Brunswick, where he died. Mrs. 
Douglass died there later. 

Their children born in Brunswick : 

395 I. Elmika J. (Field) born June 10, 1827 ; died of con- 
sumption February 17, 1857. 


396 II. Mary Ann (Field) born Januai-y 2,1829; married. 
William C. Charabei-s. Died Apnl 21, 1854. 

397 III. JuLiETT (Field) born September 13, 1831 ; died April 
16, 1850. 

398 IV. Eliza F. (Field) bom July 19, 1833; married 1875 
Daniel Drake. 

399 V. Abigail G. (Field) born July 5, 1835 ; died May 27, 

400 VI. Susan M. (Field) born August 7, 1837; died August 
27, 1858. 

105. Elizabeth' Douglass, (Elijah,'^ Elijah,^ John,*) 
sister of the preceding and daughter of Elijah and Jenney 
(Grant) Douglas, born in Harpswell September 29, 1804; 
married January 13. 1831, Henry French. 

Their children: 

William (French) born February 9, 1833. 
ELiZABExa A. (French) born January 5, 1835. 
. Samuel D. (French) born iMay 23, 1837. 
Fannie M. (French) born January 28, 1842. 
Jeremiah (French) born April 15, 1844. 
Charles D. (French) born April 7, 1847. 

106. Isaac* Douglass, (Elijih,*^ Elijah,^ John,') 
brother of the preceding, born in Harpswell, December 
31, 1806; married (1) Mary Pinkham. He settled on 
Haskell's Island, where he resided five years. He then 
built him a house on a five acre lot situated on the lower 
part of Harpswell Neck. This land was his wife's por- 
tion left her by her father. His wife died May 16, 1H67, 
October, 1869, he married (2) Mrs. Phebe (Quinum) 
Morse. He has followed fishing for a business ever since 
his boyhood days and has been very successful in his 
chosen pursuit. 

Children by first wife born in Harpswell : 
407 I. f John William,* born August 3, 1829 > married Mar- 
tha C. Randall. 


















15, 1844. 




' 413 


21, 1855. 




408 II. t^ANiEL K.* boro December 16, 1830; married Deb- 
orah A. Randall. 

409 III. Isaac Henry* born April 4, 1832 ; died May 13, 1852. 
George P.,* born March 24, 1834. Died in Harps- 

Ambrose B.,* born April 2^, 1839 ; died November 

Albert,* born August 28, 1841 ; died September 6, 

Mary Ellen,* born October 28, 1843 ; died March 

[. Ambrose H.,* 2d, born October 2, 1846. He is 
insane and is in the Insane Hospital at Augusta. 

415 IX. Oliver A.,* born October 8, 1848. Died in Harps- 

110. Hugh' Douglass, (John,'* Elijah,'^ John,') son of 
John and Sarah (Bookerj Douglass, born in Durham, Au- 
gust 19, 1800; married Julia Goddard, of Rumford. He 
was a blacksmith. Settled at Canton Village, where he 
resided until his death. He died of consumption March 
21, 1836, and was buried in the graveyard at Canton 

Their children born in Canton : 

416 I. William W.,* bom died in infancy. 

417 II. Sarah M.,* born died young. 

114. Isaac^ Douglass, (John,^ Elijah,*^ John,^) 
brother of the preceding, born in Durham, February 7, 
1811 ; married October 8, 1837, Abigail K., daughter of 
Edsell and Dorcas Webber, of Lisbon, born there May 
12, 1817. They settled in Brunswick ; removed to Harps- 
well 1847 ; subsequently removed onto his father's home- 
stead farm in Durham, where he lived several years. He 
now resides at Lisbon Falls. He and his wife are much 
respected by a large circle of friends. 


Their children : 

418 L Edsell Augustus,* born in Freeport, September 8, 
1838. Married January 10, 1878, Maria P. Bennett, of Durham. 

419 11. John Andrew,'* born in Durham, December 10, 
1844; died May 28, 1865, in Savannah, Ga. 

420 III. tIsAAC Hugh,* born in Harpswell, April 26, 1H51 ; 
married April 26, 1879, Ella Martha Taylor, of Vassalboro. They 

reside at Lisbon Falls. 


118. Waitstill Webber^ Douglass, (John,*^ Elijah,^ 
John, ) son of John and Catherine (Briry) Booker Doug- 
las, born in Durham, November 1, 1818. When seven- 
teen years of age he was apprenticed to learn the house 
joiner's trade with his half brother, Daniel Booker, work- 
ing at his trade summers and attending school during the 
winter term, until he was twenty-one years of age ; at 
which time he went to Brunswick and worked at his trade 
five years. He married Jane, daughter of Isaiah and 
Deborah (Philbrookj Day, of Durham. He was in New 
Orleans several years, where he was engaged in taking 
contracts and superintending the erection of different 
kinds of buildings. He was employed one year as car- 
penter on board a ship which sailed on the Missisippi 
river. The vessel was wrecked on an island at the mouth 
of the river and he came near being drowned. When 
rescued he was brought to life only by using the utmost 
exertion. He settled in his native town, where he lived 
a few years, then removed to Brunswick Village. In the 
year 1864, he bought a farm of three hundred acres with 
good buildings thereon, of Capt. John Lombart, situated 
in the town of Wales, for which he paid the sum of six 
thousand and four hundred dollars. He resided on this 
farm until the summer of 1873, then removed temporarily 
to Walpole, Massachusetts, where he was engaged at hi^ 


trade. In the fall of 1875 he removed back on his farm. 
While engaged in business in the State of Massachusetts, 
he took cold, which caused a typhoid fever fi'om which 
he died at his daughter's, in Walpole, Massachusetts, 
April 1. 1816. He was bwried in hurham. 

Their chiWren are : 

421 I. DftAHNA,* horn In Dtirhdrnr, Januafy 17, 1842* mar- 
ried, Mai\rhy 1872, Aldeii MooltOD, of Green* TUej reside on het 
tat her '& fann id WakfS^ 

422 One ehtid. Waitsfill Dooglass (Mouttoti) bora Mareb 17^ 

42'S 11. Obj^a^uo Kisllo<$,* bor\\ tu I>»i*barn> August SOf l846j 
•warrietl January K 1872, Cyuthia R. Howe^ of Watervillcf SEtlFed in 
Walpole, MassftcbuaeUs. 

424 IIL GEOReii Ejtert^^ bom in Brwnffwiek Afrril 28, 1860 j 
toVAYY'ml May ^, 1876^, Ella B. libby. 

425 IV. /knhmj: Elmejb,* born in Bransiriek, Joly 20, 1856 f 
■aarried,. September, 1875^ William MeQnestion.^ 

426; V. JoBK FRANiiiJsr,'* born in Wales, April 23, 1858 f 
diJed in Lewiston^ Miireb 2,. 1880. 

120. Ephraim'* Dooglass, (tfohn,^ John/ John/) son 
fvf John and Lydra (Sontbworth) Dono^Ias, born in Middle- 
boTo, Ma8«9a€h«selt*y November 22, 1778 ; married, I80l, 
Deborajb Haskins. He volunteered in ihe War af 1812, 
and! served' wnder Gen. Brown; was in the Indian skir- 
mish att Bridgwater, New York* He settled a! Halfway 
Pe^nd, Plywiautht Massachusetts ; in 1804 he removed to 
Cliydon> N. H. At length mo^vcdt back to Plymouth, 
where he resided ontiJ hi* deaths July 2l> 1865. His^ 
wife died Aprit 19^ 187©. They were buried in the 
graveyard at Halfway Fond, in PlymcH^bthy. Massachusetts^ 

Their Ghtldreti:. 
427 I^ Melentha,^ born i& Cryden^ If* H., 1803, married Irs* 


SanboTDe, of Graftoii, N. H. Children^ 1, Samuel ; tn Lois. Mrs. 
Saiiboine is dead. ^ 

42S IL Ephraim* born in Ciyden, Mareh 17, 1808; utiinar- 
ried; died on Statin Island about 1867. 

429 III. Deborah,* boiti in Grafton, N. H., Febraaiy, 1810; 
n*amed Robert Okrk ; settied in Middleboi*oiigh, one child, 

430 Mary Clark.® 

431 IV. Joseph,* born in Grafton, February 25, 1812; mar- 
ried Rachel Nickerson, He was a mariner; settled in Plymouth, 
Massachusetts, where he died, June, 1865. His widow mairied (2) 
Ephriam Chabbook, one child. 

432 Joseph,^ born 1858; died f«ame year. 

433 V. Lydia,* born in Grafton, April 30, 1817; mairied 
George W, Marsh. 

434 VI. Hannah,^ born in Grafton, November, 1819; mar- 
ried John liobinsou, of Boston, where they settled. 

435 VII. fELijAH,* born in Ply njouth, October 5, 1822; mar- 
ried Mehitable C. Douglnes. [440] 

436 VIIL tLuTHER,"^ born in Plymouth, July 18, 1826; mar- 
ried (1) Lucy S. Gibbs, (2) Abbie J. (Dunham) Hamblin, (3) Mrs. 
Jane E. (Marsh) AHiaton. 

I'i2. John Douglass,"* (Johti,*^ John,^ John,') brother 
of the preceding, born in Middleborough, Plymouth 
County, Massachusetts, August 23, 1782; married (1) 
February IS, 1804, Mehitable, daughter of John and 
Mehitable Elliot. He resided in his native town until the 
age of five, at which time his father removed with his 
family to Plymouth, Massachusetts. He remained at 
home until 1802, then spent one year ih the State of 
Maine. Soon after his marriage he settled in the town 
of Grantham, N. H., where he resided until 1821, then 
removed to the State of New York and lived on the farm 
known as the Holland purchase. In 1825 he removed 
and settled in Hartland, Vermont, where he lived on the 
same farm until his death. January 9, 1849, his wife 

dted'^ anJ July 1st of the same year, he married (2) lantha 
Hmvard, daughter of Abiel and Ke^ia Howard, of Bridge- 
water, Massaehasetts, \f here she was barn iVbruary 25^ 
1799. Her parents removed to Grantham tn 1805. Mr. 
DoMglass^ died at his homestead January 5» 18*13, aged 90 

Children by tst wife all born in Grantham, N^ H., 
except the yonngest. 

43:7 I, fFREELOvK E»/ born Febrirary IS, l8(Bf BMirried 
Kathar> Matse. 

43;a II. t^AitAH,* bom March Ist^ ISIS;, mar^iied CaXvm Ray- 

43^ III. fJoHiNv'^ Iwrw Augiii&t 9^ 1814; married Cynthia A* 
Dowgtass. [452-], 

440 IV. tMEmTAKLE C.,^ bovn D<>ciiinber 22, 1817 ^t m&vried 
Elijab Doiagfam [435.] 

441 V. fl^K^^K^j^ hoi-n x\pnr 9, 1820; luan-fed Catliefine 

44a VL tWH'i'rA^fi^ b^w-" in Hintl.wd,^ Vt*,. JaniTary 23^, 1327 ? 
raaarwit'd (1) Aiiiaiwiji Doiiglass,. [458J ;. 2cl, llann;ib Stone* 

Vi'i. Earl"* Douglas, (John,^ John,' John, ^) brother of 
the preceding, born in Middleborongh, Mas^., November 
13, 1784; married Mary Reynolds, of Augnsta, Me., born 
there, 1790. He was a farmer and settled first in Aagusta* 
In 181ii he removed to fetafFord, Genesee County, New 
York, and in the year 1819 removed to Gairisville, New 
York, where he and Jacob Reynolds (his wife's brother) 
had the homestead of his wife's father^ willed to them in 
eousideration of their supporting through life his wifeV 
parents. In 1823 he sold hi* half of the fai-m lo Rufus 
Jewett, and i^emoved to Plymouth,. Massachusetts. He 
committed suicide by hanging in 185t. His widow passed 
feer last days at the residence of Nathan K. Douglass, ia 
Plymouth, where she died 1852. 


Their children : 

44^ L fWiLUAir/ horn in Augusta, August 14, 1820 ;; marrieJ 
Mary Clark Vaughn. 

444 II. Lewis,' bore in Plymouth, Massacliusetts, M:irch, 
18'>4; unmarried; died May 9, 1847. 

445 III. t^^uzA,*^ born in Augusta, March 1826; married Allen 

124. Warren^ Douglass (John,'^ John,* John,^) brother 
of the preceding, born in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Sep- 
tember 20, 1786 ; married June 5, 1808, tthoda Thrasher, 
born June 10, 1792 His father, having a large family to 
support, at the early age of eight years, he was put out to 
live with a farmer, where he remained several years, and 
then went to sea, which business he followed most of the 
time until he was married. The day that he was married 
be and his wife united with the Presbyterian Church in 
Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1815 he removed to the 
town of Lee, New York, where he lived a short time, and 
then bought a farm in Annsville, Oneida County, in the 
some State, where he built a log house, and lived in it 
two years; then he put up a framed house for himself; 
and in 1830 he built on the same farm a large, two-story, 
brick house, in which he resided until his death. In 1825 
he and his wife with Irew from the Presbyterian Church, 
and united with the Freewill Baptist Church. They led a 
consistant and Christian life, and were much respected by 
those who knew them. He died June 8, 1842. His wife 
died June 17, 1843. 

Their children were : — 

446 L "Warren,* born in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Septem- 
ber 7, 1809 ; died September 11, 1809. 

447 II. Luther,* born in Plymouth, October 10, 1810. 


448 III. fBETSEY,* boro in Plymouth, September 13, 1812 ; 
married Caleb Evens. 

449 IV. fWARREN,* born in Plymouth, July 9, 1814; married 
Sally Storms. 

450 V. fNANCY Swift,* born in Lee, N. Y., March 24, 1816; 
married Caleb Cnshiiig. 

451 VI. Lydia,* born in Lee, June 12, 1818; died same day. 

452 VII. t^^YNTHiA Adaline,* born in Annsvill, N. Y., May 
28, 1819; married John Douglass. [439.] 

453 VIII. t'J^HN Edward,* born in Annsvill Oct. 4, 1821 ; 
married Mary Chapman. 

454 IX. t^HiLANDA,'' born in Annsvill July 8, 1823 ; two 

455 X. Washington, born in Annsvill June 19, 1825 ; died 
June 28, 1825. 

456 XI. Ira Gifforson,'' born in Lee, August 18, 1826 ; at the 
age of twenty-six ha married Ruth Stockwell of Lancaster, Coos Co., 
N. H. ; no children. 

457 XII. Rhoda Harriet,' born in Annsvill July 27, 1828; 
married Isaac Coffin. 

458 XIII. t^MANDA Maria,* born in Annsvill April 25, 1830 ; 
married William Douglass. [442.] 

125. Lucy* Douglass, (John,"^ John,^ John,') sister 
of the preceding and daughter of John f^nd Lydia (South- 
worth) Douglas; born in Plymouth, Mass., September 9, 
1788 ; married, August, 1808, Joseph, son of Joseph and 
Rebecca (Harlow) Bates, born in Plymouth February 29, 
1789. They settled and always resided in their native 
town. She died August 30, 1872 and her husband died 

Their children, born in Plymouth, Mass. : 

459 I. B«NJAMjN (Bates), born November 2, 1809 ; married, 
March 9, 1831, Martha Pierce. They reside at Plymouth, Mass. 

460 XL Lydia S. (Bates) born September 30, 1811; married 
John Stiirtivant. She died May, 1866. 

461 III. Lucy (Bates) born December 17, 1813; married, 
1832, Lewis King of Plymouth. She died January 11, 1853. 


462 IV. Cynthia (Bales) born September 17, 1815; married, 
1835, George Phillips of Rochester, England. 

468 V. JosEPfi (Bates) born October 7, 1816 or 17; mairied, 
1839, Abigail Dunham of Carver, Mass. 

126. George* Douglass (John,"* John,"^ John^') 
brother of the preceding, was born in Plymouth, Mass., 
January 21, 1792; niarried, September, 1821, Eliza, 
daughter of Ellis and Abia Nightengale, lie settled on 
the old homestead which was willed to him, in considera- 
tion of his taking care of his ageJ mother during the re- 
mainder of her life, which duty he cheerfully complied 
with. He was a man of steady habits aiijd lived a con- 
sistant Christian life. He died January 14, 1858. 

Their children, born in Plymouth, Mass. : 

464 I. tABiA,* born February 2, 1822; married, October 20, 
1848, Branch Pierce. 

465 II. George,^ born September 1, 1823 ; unmarried ; died 
April, 1859. 

466 III. t^LiZA Ann,* born April 25, 1824 ; married Charles 
Henry Winship. 

467 IV. John,* born November 12, 1826; unmarried; resi- 
dence unknown. 

468 V. fMARTHA Pierce,* born June 10, 1828; married, (1) 
Phineas Swift, (2) John P. Banows. 

469 VI. Maria E.,* born July 26, 1834 ; married Abner Ellis. 

470 VII. fANDREW Jackson, born December 13, 1835 ; mar- 
ried Priscilla H. Manter. 

471 VIII. Cynthia P.,* born May, 1839 ; married, 1884, David 
Brown ; resides in Plymouth, Mass. 

472 IX. Noah E.,* born April, 1841 ; died 1844. 

127. Joshua^ Douglass, (John,'* John,^ John,^) 
brother of tlie preceding, was born at Half-way-Pond* 
Plymouth, Mass., January 25, 1794; married, October, 
1813, Mary S. Pierce. He settled near the Agawam River 
in his native town. His beginning in life was small, for 


those were truly hard times ; labor was worth but little 
and money was a rare article. Yet by hard work and 
strict economy, aided by his noble wife, who was ever 
ready to share with him in his toils and hardships, he 
managed to acquire an ample competence. Though far 
advanced in years he was hale and smart. He always 
resided on the same farm that his father left him. AH 
his children are married and settled near the old home- 
stead. He died at his home June 10, 1879, after a short 
illness and was buried by the side of his wife in the family 

Their children, born in Plymouth, Mass.: 

473 I. tJESSE P.,* born July 24, 1814; mamed lioxanna 

474 II. fELiSHA,^ born Angast 12, 1816; married Susan P. 

475 III. tWiixiAM Manter,* born March 15, 1819; married 
Sarepta Pierce. 

476 IV. t^ARY,* born May 16, 1822 ; mamed Thomas Pierce. 

477 V. t^-^THAN Kinor,*^ born December 24, 1824 ; married, 
November 28, 1851, Angeline Thrasher. 

473 VI. Warren S.,** born March 29, 1827; married Lydia 
W. Manter. 

47» VII. t^ARTiN Van Buren,* born February 9, 1837 ; mar- 
ried Laura A. B. Swift. 

48 J VIII. t Joshua Alonzo,* born December 4, 1840; mar- 
ried Lucy P. Raymond. 

129. Lydia^ Douglass, (John,^ John,^ John,^) sister 
of the preceding and daughter of John and Lydia (South- 
worth) Douglas, born in Plymouth, Mass., January 16, 
1799; married, August 24, 1820, Prince Manter, son of 
Belcher and Rebecca Manter, born in Plymouth, January 
20, 1779. He was a widower at the time of th^ir mar- 
riage and lived on a farm in Plymouth, where she went 
to reside. She had eight children ; three of them died 


of canker rash within the brief space of six days. Her 
husband died November 7, 1854. 

The compiler is much indebted to her for valuable 
assistance rendered in gatheriniJ: the records and history 
of the descendants of her grandfather. She died at her 
daughter's, Mrs. Warren S. Douglass. 

Their children, born in Plymouth, Mass. : 

481 I. Capt. Preston (iManter) born Mny 21, 1821 ; marri'^cl, 
(1) April" 1, 1846, Ruth Pierce, (2) Sylvaiia E. Bntes. He follows 
the sea ; residtjs at Carver, Mass. 

482 II. Lydia (Maoter) born February 25, 1823 ; died Oct. 
15, 1833. 

483 III. William (Manter), born April 22, 1824; inarned, 
(1) January 1, 1846, Huldah Uaytnond; (2) Sarah Swift, xMay, 1854. 
He is a carpenter and resides in Plymouth, Mass. 

484 IV. John Douglass (Manter), born November 6, 1827; 
married, November, 1850, Jennett Burgess. He was a cooper by 
trade and lived in Wareham, Mass. He enlisted August, 1862, in the 
Civil War in Company B., 3d Mass. Infantry, died in Newburn, North 
Carolina, Feb. 1863. 

485 V. Rebecca (Mauter), born Feb. 27, 1828 ; died October 
10, 1833. 

486 VI. Thomas Belcher (Manter), born March 9, 1830; mar- 
ried, October, 1849, Eliza Ann Finney. They reside at Ladoy, Indi- 
ana, where he works shoemaking. 

487 VII. James Lucas (Manter), born March 5, 1832 ; died 
October 16, 1833. 

488 VIII. Lydia Warren (Manter), born November 20, 1839; 
married Warren S. Douglas. [478.] 

130. Elijah* Douglass, (John,"* John,** John, ) broth- 
er of the preceding, born in Plymouth, Mass., May 24, 
1801; married, March 24, 1835, Louisa, daughter of 
Ezra and Mary (Dudley) Freeman. At the age of 
eighteen he commenced going to sea, which business he 
followed for fifteen years. Being of an adventurous turn 
of mind, he went to the island of Jamaica, where he re- 


irmiTird some time prospeotin*^. Becoming tired of a 
isailor's lift* he settlt^d down in the town of liewis, New 
York, where he married and lived several years on a farm. 
About the year 18:^8 he removed to Vermont. He en- 
listed in the Rebellion and was in the Mass. I2th Reg. of 
Infantry. He resides in his native town. 

Their children : 

489 I. fHARRiET Graves,' born in Lewis, N. Y., Augnut 18, 
1836; married, 1S59, Ezra Freeman; farmer, resides at Read Oak, 
Iowa; one child, a dau<i;hter. 

490 II. Ezra. Freeman,'^ born in Lewis, N. Y., January 5, 
1837; unmarried; lived some time in Missouri; has not been heard 
irom for m.uiy years and is j>robably dead. 

491 in. Eliza Ann,*^ born in Hinsbury, Vt., May 31, 1840; 
married, 1856, Harry Stanton. 

492. IV. HvTii A.,* born iu Hinsburg, March 18, 1841 ; un- 
married ; resides in Elizabeihtown, N. Y. 

493 V. He^ry Clay,'' born in Hinsburg, February 16, 1845 ; 
died September 7, 1848. 

156. Absalom"* Douglass, (Elisha,"^ John,'^ John,^) 
soil of Elisha and Selah (Oikin) Douglas, born in Middle- 
borough, Mass., November 27, 1795; married Realfy Cas- 
well, He, with his father, removed to Troy, Maine. He 
was in the War of 1812. Soon after the close of the 
war he went south, probably to the State of New York, 
where he married, In 1H27 he removed to Monroe, Me., 
where he lived three years; not being contented east he 
removed to the State of New York aorain and from there 
to Ohio and settled on a farm. He subsequently sold the 
farm and was removing to the State of Wisconsin and was 
taken sick and died on the way, September 2, 1862, in 
Spartar, Wisconsin. 

Their children : 

494 I. Elisha,* born in New York, January 13, 1820 ; unmar- 
ried ; died in Dickinson, Franklin County, New York, April, 1838, 


495 IL fDAViD Caswem^* born in Shelba, New York, Nor- 
15, 1821; married Maria Heath « 

496 III. tJoHN Bbalky,* born ia K Y., April 3, 1824; mar- 
ried Loaisa Greeneilit. 

497 IV, Joseph Bralet,* born in New Hampshire, May 11, 
1826; man-ied, September 1, 1854, Ix^rana C. Kelley; one child. 

498 lioMNANZO M., bom in Wiscoosin August 23, 1855. 

499 V. Christopher Russell,* born in Monroe, Me., August 
9, 1828; died August, 1851, in Geneva, Wisconsin. 

500 VL fLucY Elizabeth,* born in Monroe July 17, 1830; 
married William Pathing. 

501 VIL tfiMH^Y,* born in Bakerfield, Vt, July 26, 1832 ; mar- 
ried Andrew J. Patching. 

502 VIII. tHiHA^.* ^^'^ ^^ Dickinson, Franklin, New York, 
January 22, 1835 ; married Elizabeth Jordan. [522] 

503 IX. fCHARLOTTE Adlea,* born in Dickinson, New York, 
October 10, 1837 ; married Rev. B. F. Kelley. 

504 X. Absalom,* born in Dickinson, New York, November 
30, 1839; married June 14, 1862, Orra Johnson. 

505 One child, John F., born September 5, 1863. Mr. D. died 
in Janesville, Minnesota, October 15, 1874. 

506 XI. t^ARAH Ann,* born in Dickinson, New York, May 20, 
1841 ; married Charles H. Jordan. 

507 XII. t^rEORGE Washington,* born in Dickinson, New 
York, February 22, 1844; died August 2, 1848. 

508 XIII. James Madison,* born in Lawrence County, New 
York, March 4, 1846 ; died September, 1850. 

158. Celia Douglass,* (Elisha,^ John,^ John,^; sister 
of the preceding and daughter of Elisha and Sella (Orkin) 
Douglas, born in Middleborough, Massachusetts, January 
13,-1799; married John Michols. They resided in sev- 
eral States at different times. Their last place of resi- 
dence was in the State of Maine. No further record of 
them received. 

Their children : 

509 I. Elias (Michols) born 

510 II. John (Michols) born » 


Ml III. RsB^eoGA (Michols) bora 

512 IV. Irene (Michols) lK)ni 

513 V, OuvEE (Michols) born 

Hannah* Douglass, (Elisha,' John,^ John,^ daugh- 
ter of Elisha and Hannah (Kussell) Douglas, was born in 
Troy, Maine, December 20, 1882; married Isaac Jordan, 
reside in the west. 

Their children : 

ol4 I. Mahala IA, (Jordan) born iu Monroe, Maine, October 
21, 1820; iimnied May 31, 1840, A. W. Twambly, i-eside in Monroe. 

515 IL Salley (Jordan) born in Monroe, Marob 13, 1822 5 
died August 14, 1825. 

516 III, Kussell (Jordan) born in Monroe, February 19, 1824; 
died August 19, 1825. 

517 IV. Daniel R, (Joi^dan) born in Monroe, February 5, 
1826; married July 9, 1845, Sarah Lewis; resides in Minnesota. 

518 V. Sarah A. (Jordan) born in Monroe, December 23, 
1827; married December 19, 1845, Simon Johnson, of M.; died in 
Minnesota, Febmary 27, 1873. 

519. VI. Isaac (Jordan) born in Jackson, Maine, January 23» 
1820; married Mhv 16, 1854, Sarah Cunningham, of Monroe. He 
entered the army of the Civil War and never returned. 

520. VII. Hannah L., (Jordan) born February 9, 1832 ; mar- 
ried Wiuslow Webber, of Monroe ; reside in Hamden. 

521 VIII. James (Jordan) born in Monroe, June 19, 1834; 
died October 27, 1854. 

522 IX. Elizabeth J(ordan) born in Exeter, November 23, 
1836 ; married Hiram Douglas, [502] reside in Eagle Grove, Iowa. 

523 X. Thursa M. (Jordan) born January 10, 1839; died 
February 24, 1861. 

524 XI. Patience P. (Jordan) born in Monroe, July 2, 1841 ; 
died August 5, 1865. 

525 XII Charles H. (Jordan) born in Monroe, March 19, 
1843 , married Sarah A. Douglas, L^^^] resides in Okaman, Waseca 
County, Minnesota. 


160. Ruth* Douglass, (Elislia,*^ John, John,^JI siste*- 
of the preceding and daughter of Elisha and Hannah 
(Russell) Douglas, was born in Monroe, Maine, October 
21,1804; married February IS. 1827, Collins Pattee, 
He is a farmer and settled in Monroe, Maine^ where he 
has always resided. 

Their children born in Monroe, Maine. 

526 I. Henrt (PaUee) born May 10, 1827 ; married Hannah 

527 IL Hiram (Pattee) bom December 19, 1828 f married 
Caroline Pa^^e : resides in Monroe. 

528 JIL Collins (Patlee) born October 26, 183(>? died Feb 
8, 1833. 

529 IV. Caroline (Patlee) born December 14, 1832; died 
February 29, 1835. 

530 V. Emily (Pattee) born October 26, 1834 ; married Levi 
Bo wen ; resides in Monroe. 

531 VI. Collins (Pattee) born December 11, 1836; married 
Lizzie Pao;e; resides in Jackson. 

532 VII. Caroline (Pattee) boro February 26, 1838; married 
Thomas Batch elder. 

533 VIIL Mary Ann (Pattee) born December 26, 1840; mar- 
ried Allen M. Batchelder; resides in Monroe. 

534 IX. Ezra (Pattee) born January 4, 1843; married Est ell 
Jeferde ; rcbides in Monroe. 

535 X. Ruth (Pattee) born September 27, 1845; married 
Pierce Randall : died December, 1865. 

161. Lucy* Douglass, vElisha,^ John,^ John,') 
sister of the preceding, born in Troy, Maine. June 3, 1808 ; 
married S. Emery Jewell, born in Monroe September 27, 
1817. He is a farmer and resides in his native town. 

Their children, born in Monroe : 

536 I. Louisa (Jewell) born December 15, 1839. 

637 II. Thomas E. (Jewell) born October 22, 1841 ; died in 
the War of the Rebellion April 19, 1863. 


638 III. Sarah Ann (Jewell) born February 11, 1844. 

639 IV. Julia (Jewell) born March 13, 1848 ; died June 17, 

540 V. Reuben R. (Jewell) born April 14, 1851. 

162. Elizabeth* Douglass, (Elisha,' John,^ John,') 
sister of the preceding, born in Monroe, May 21, 1810; 
married, May 30, 1830, Nathaniel Horton, born 1812; 
farmer, resides in Monroe. 

Their children, born in Monroe: 

541 I. Lemuel C. (Horton) born August 10, 1831. 

542 11. Christopher (Horton) born January 26, 1833. 

543 IIL Eliza (Horton) born June 10, 1837. 

544 IV. Phebe (Horton) born October 26, 1839. 

545 V. Rube (Horton) born April 1, 1842. 

546 VI. Nathaniel (Horton) born June 16, 1844. 

547 VII. Barbery (Horton) born August 27, 1846. 

548 VIII. Hiram (Horton) born August 23, 1848. 

1H3. Hiram Russell* Douglass, fElisha,* John/ 
JohnJ) brother of the preceding and son oi Elisha and 
Hannah (Russell) Douglass, born in Monroe, April 27, 
1812; married Fanny Twambly, daughter of Samuel 
Twambly, born March 23, 1815 ; settled in Lowell, Me., 
where he has since resided on a farm. 

Their children, born in Lowell : 

549 I. fll^NNAH,* twin, born February 2, 1839; married 
Alonzo Curtis. 

550 11. fBETSEY,* twin, born February 2, 1839 ; married Phil- 
emon Curtis. 

551 III. t^ALBERT Daniel,* bom August 3, 1843; married 
Lavinia McHenry. 

552 IV. t^ARY Emily,* born July 4, 1847 ; married Orioce 
Albert Hall. 

553 V. Hiram William,* bom October 3, 1849 ; died October 
12, 1849. 

554 VI. Sarah Amanda,* bora March 19, 1854; married 
Limon S. Sargent. 

555 VII. Hiram,* bora November 3, 1856; died, 1858. 


167. Barnabas Nye* Docglass, (George,'* George,' 
John,') son of George and Patience (Savery) Douglass, 
born in Middleborongh (nowLakeville) Plymouth County 
Mass., November 11, 1791 ; married, September 19, ,18*28, 
Phebe N. Swift, born April 19, 1809. Soon after he was 
twenty-one years of age he commenced going to sea nnd 
for a number of years was employed on board a coasting 
vessel, running between New York and Savannnh. He 
was mate on several voyages and was out in the great gale 
of 1815. In the year 1820, he, in company with a mnn 
by the name of Enoch Jenney, entered into the commis- 
sion business in Savannah. They were in company sev- 
eral years, then he bought out his partner's interest and 
continued the business himself. 

In 1840, he came back to his farm in Rochester, Mass., 
(which was his father's old homestead) where he remained 
until his death. He was a successful school teacher, 
having taught district schools in Middleborongh, Ware- 
ham, Pierceville and in several districts in his own town. 
He was in feeble health several years. In attempting to 
rise from his chair when the family was out of the room, 
he fell, injuring himself so he lingered but three weeks 
and died March 9, 1873. His wife was a noble woman, 
a devoted wife, a loving mother and it can truly be said 
"her children rise up and call her blessed." She departed 
this life October 11, 1886. 

Their children, born in Rochester, Mass. : 

556 I. t^AROTliNE S.,* borti August 8, 1830; maiiied Emery 
Cash man. 

567 II. PnteBE Nte,* born^ May 18, 1832 ; married, May 28, 
1853, Charles H., son of Charles B. and Abagail Damon, born Aiig. 
13, 1826. He is a painter by trade and resides in Wareham, Mass. 

558 One child, Charles* B. (Damon) born November 24, 1857 ; 
died April 19, 1865. 


659 III. George,* born May 20, 1884; died July 24, 1886. 

560 IV. fMosES Swift,* twin, born March 21, 1887; married, 

(1) Emiline F. Smith ; (2) Celia H. Stevens. 

561 V. fGEORGE,* twin, born March 21, 1837 ; married Jane 
M. Mendall ; she died in California February 25, 1878. He married 

(2) Alice Estelle Lindsay. 

562 VI. tPAMELiA C.,* born July 1, 1840; married Capt. Jas. 
R. Allen. 

5C3 VII. t^AMES Oscar,* born August 12, 1843; married, 
February 12, 1870, Emma Elwood, daughter of Charles M, and 
Emily M. Black man, of Rochester; (2) Sarah S. Clarke. 

564 VIII. fl^DwiN Delas,* born April 17, 1845; married, (1) 
Louisa C. Davis ; (2) Rebecca Rhodes Ruedi. 

565 IX. fMARY A.,* born December 26, 1847; married Sam- 
uel Wing. 

566 X. Lizzie Freeman,* born March 24, 1850; married, July 
2, 1872, Capt. Geo. Fox, son of Sanford and Margaret Brightman, of 
Dartmouth, Mass., born there March 5, 1844. For several years 
he sailed as first mate of a whaling vessel. He subsequently became 
captain oi the ship California, and has made many very successful 
whaling voyages to the South Pacific Ocean. 

567 XI. "|1'h Albert,* bom October 26, 1853. 

168. Betsey* Douglass, (George,' George,* John,^) 
sister of the preceding and daughter of George and Pa- 
tience (Savery) Douglass, born in Middleborough, Mass., 
July 14,1793; marrie t, December 25, 1814, Nathaniel 
King, born January 1, 1791. He was a carpenter and 
resided in Rochester, where he died February 21, 1868. 
Mrs. King died February 7, 1868. 

Their children, born in Rochester, were : 

568 I. Catherine C. (King) born Angnst 27, 1815 ; married 
Joseph R. H. Braley. 

' 669 II. Charles F. (King) born March 4, 1818 ; married 
Julia Holmes. 

570 III. Betsey M. (KiDg) born Febraary 9, 1820; married 
John Ryder, farmer ; resides }h Rochester. 


571 IV. Patience M. (King) born April 28, 1822; married 
Enos Hawes. 

572 V. Mary Ann (King) born January 21, 1824 ; married 
Capt. Samuel T. Braley of Rochester ; died at sea. 

573 VI. Nathaniel (King) born April 9, 1829 ; married Sabra 
Jane Froneh. 

574 VII. Lucy B. (King) born, married Simpson Jenney 

of Fairhaven, Mass., where they reside. 

170. Noah* Douglass, (Noah,^ George,^ John, ^) son 
of Noah and Mary (Sekel) Douglas, born in Middlebor- 
ough, Mass. Married Rachel Maxfield of New Bedford, 
where they settled and resided a few years, then removed 
near Lake Erie. It is thought by his friends that he is 

Their children were : 

575 I. Noah/ born in New Bedford. 

576 II. Caroline,' born. 

577 III. Harriet,* born in Ohio ; married Giles Gilbert of 

578 IV. Joseph,* born. 

171. George'^ Douglass (Noah,^ George,'^ John,^ 
brother of the preceding and son of Noah and Mary 
(Seekel) Douglas, born in Middleborough, Mass., February 
20, 1796; married (1) 1826, Hannah O. Churchill; (2) 
November 30, 1841, Alsada Pierce. He was a shoemaker 
and resided in Bridgwater, Mass., where he died April 30, 
1859. His widow married David Ashley. Their place 
of residence is in Lakeville, Mass. 

Their children, born in Bridgwater, Mass.: 

579 I. SiiJis S.,* born September 1, 1826 ; died June 15, 1827. 

580 II. Eliza Ann/ born November 28, 1828 ; mamed Ed- 
win Howard. 

581 III. Hannah,* born October 25, 1832; died November 
25, 1836. 


582 IV. George Allen,* born July 12, 1845 ; married Villa 
L. Barrows. 

1 73. Mary* DouGLASs,(Noab/ George,*^ John,*) sister . 
of the preceding and daughter of Noah and Mary (Seekel) 
Douglas, born in Middleborough, Mass.; married Job 
White, son of Abijah and Esther White of Dartmouth, 


Their children ; 

583 I. Amy Gifford (White) born in Westport, Mass. ; mar- 
ried William Albee Weeden of New Bedford ; bouse joiner. 

584 II. Almika Frances (White) born in Dartmouth ; mar- 
ried (1) Daniel Hartwell Reed, sea captain, who died in California; 
(2) Charles F. Brownell of New Bedford. 

585 III. Alfred (White) born in Dartmouth, Mass.; married 
Huldah Washburn of New Bedford. He died in California. 

586 IV. Mart (White) born in New Bedford; unmarried; 
was a spinster in New Bedford where she died. 


180. Abner*^ Douglass, (Cornelius,* Daniel,^ Elijah,'^ 
John,^) son of Cornelius and Hannah (Whitteraore) Doug- 
lass, was born in Freeport, August 28, 1802. At the age 
of ten years, he, \Yith his father, removed to the town of 
liitchfield where he spent the remainder of his minority. 
He married (1) 1823, Abagail Allen. They resided in 
Litchfield, where she died. In 1850 he married (2) Elmira 
(Morrell) Douglass, his brother Levi's widow. In 1871 
he and his two youngest children went to live with the 
Shakers at New Gloucester, where they still reside. 

Children by first wife : 

587 I. Sarah,* born in Litchfield, May 6, 1825; marrieii 
Moses Turino. 

588 II. William,® born in Litchfield, January 22, 1827 ; mar- 
ried ; went South where he died. 

589 III. George,® born in Litchfield, March 14, 1829 ; married 
Mary Hilman. 

Children by second wife: 

590 IV. SiRENA,® born in Lewiston, March 1, 1853. 

591 V. Mary,® born in Lewiston, June 27, 1855. 

185. Lemuel* Douglass, (Cornelius/ Daniel,"^ Elijah* 
John,^) brother of the preceding ; was born in Litchfield, 
April 12, 1812; married, December 11, 1834, Olive B. 
Berry of Rome. They have lived in several towns in the 
State of Maine and were residing in the city of Hallowell 


at the time of their deaths. Mr. Douglass died October 
25, 1876 ; his wife di^d Mhv 12, 1885. 

Their children, born in Hallowell, except two oldest : 

592 I. Hannah M.,* born in Rome, September 16, 1885 ; died 
Angn^t 8, 1852. 

593 II. Caroline Longfellow,* born in Rome March 7, 1837 ; 
died in Hallowell January 7, 1866. 

594 III. Daniel Berry,* born August 9, 1839 ; died Septem- 
ber 16, 1849. 

595 IV. Betsey Jane,* born December 17, 1843; died De* 
cember 12, 1847. 

596 V. Mary E. W.,* born September 12, 1845; died in Hal- 
lowell April 2, 1885. 

597 VI. Charles R.,*bom October 18, 1849; married, Sep- 
tember 30, 1885, Louisa M. Lord ; resides in Hallowell. 

598 VII. Hannah Jane,* born June 12, 1856 ; mamed Alden 
Sawyer. Slie died at Augusta May 24, 1878. 

187. Mary Akn*^ Douglass, (Cornelius,^ Daniel,' 
Elijah,- John,^) sister of the preceding and daughter of 
Cornelius and Hannah (Whittemore) Douglass, born in 
Litchfield February 25, 1H21 ; married, February 25, 1848, 
Moses H. Arthor, son of Moses and Mary (Robinson) 
Arthor. They reside at Hallowell. 

Their children, all born in Hallowell, except the two 
oldest : ^ 

599 I. William H. (Arthor) bom in West 6ardirK;r« Augnsi 
I6y 1849. 

600 II. Mary F. (Arthor) bom fn Wetrt Gardiner, December 
8vl850; married, August 11, 1872, William A. Morrill; reside in 

601 III. Martha H. (Arthor) bom March 14, 1853; married!, 
1876, Benjamin Heath of Kttston ; died May, 1877* 

602, IV. George F. (Arthor) born September 5, 185.1; died 
April so, 1884. c 


603 ' V. Augusta J. (Arthoi) born January 30, 1860 ;- died 
there February 28, 1861. 

604 VI. Sarah H. (Arthor) born March 10, 1862. 

605 VII. Charles E. (Arthor) born January 9, 1863. 

218. UiANNA Dillingham Douglass (Daniel,* Daniel'^ 
Elijah,^ John,^) daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Biileyj 
Douglass, was born in Freeport, May 2?, 1822 ; married, 
September 20, 1850, Ezra Jordan Hoyt. He followed the 
sea for thirty years, then worked farming until his death, 
which occurred at his home in Freeport August 29, 1874. 
She died September 18, 1882. 

Their children, born in Freeport : 

606 I. Chakles Thomas (Hoyt) born September 10, 1851. 

607 II. Elbridge Jordan (Hoyt) born July 4, 1853; died 
May 4, 1879. 

608 III. Sarah Abbie (Hoyt) born February 22, 1857 ; mar 
ried, April 23, 1881, Howard W. Chase. 

• 609 IV. George Amos (Hoyt) born April 4, 1861. 

222. Hannah"^ Douglas, (John/ Cornelius,^ Elijah,^ 
John,^) daughter of John and Judith (Collins) Douglas, 
born in Brunswick about 1794; married 1815, Abner 
Eaton, of Brunswick. They settled on his father's home- 
stead, which was near Rocky Hill, in said town. They 
removed to the town of Lisbon, where they died. 

Their children, all born in Brunswick : 

610 I. Paulene (Eaton) born September, 1817; married Israel 
W. Parker ; died — she resides in Lewiston. 

611 II. Anstress (Eaton) born August 23, 1819; mairied 
Jeremiab No well ; farmer ; resides in Webster. 

612 III. Caroline (Eaton) born December, 1821 ; died in 
Fairfield, Marcb 20, 1839. 

613 IV. Hannah (Eaton) born April 4, 1823 ; died in Lisbon, 


«14 V. DoHCAS N. (EatOD) born ApHI 9, 1826; married (1) 
November, 1847, William Hodges; (2) December 8, 18^, Rnftis 
No well, house joiner ; resides at Lewision. 

613 VI. Israel (Eaton) born January, 1828; died same year. 

616 VII. Alice Isabella (Eaton) born Janaary 24, 1831 ; 
nmrried, 18o5, Joseph A. Johnsou ; resides in South China. 

617 VIII. Makia S. (Eaton) born March 7, 1833; married, 
1856, John Magonn of Litchfield; reside in Oaliforaia. 

618 IX. Abnek Harkison (Eaton) born Mny 28, 1836; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Carvill of Iowa, where they reside. 

2"23. Abijah'' Douglas, (John,^ Cornelius,*^ Elijah,^ 
John,') brother of the preceding and son of John and 
Judith (Collins) Douglas, born in Brunswick, June 2o,' 
1796; married March 14, 1816, Phebe, daughter of 
James Estes, of Durham, born there November 11, 1798. 
Soon after they were married they went to Hebron where 
they resided two or three years ; then removed to his 
fathers homestead, where they lived one year, and in 
1820 they removed to the town of Dixfield, where he 
bought a farm of a Mr. Goodall and paid for it in keep- 
ing slieep. In 1828 he and his family removed to Passa- 
dumkeage and lived three years where he worked at join- 
ering. He and his wife experienced religion and joined 
the Free Will Baptist church in Dixfield. He was deacon 
of the church several years previous to his death. He 
built a saw-mill at the foot of Saveij Hill, where he sawed 
lumber. He died very suddenly, having been absent from 
home on business^ and was returning and fell dead in the 
road when within about a mile of his home, in Dixfield, 
Februarv 17, 1838. 

Their children : 

619 I. fELTiRA Jaxb,^ born in Hebron, December 31, 1816 1 

man-ied Dudley Bean* 


620 II. tW^i^^iAM EsTES,* born in Brunswick, May 15, 1819; 
married Mahala Tucker. 

621 III. tRnoDA Coombs,^ born in Dixfield, July 10, 1821; 
married (1) John Tarr, (2) Jonathan W. Forsaith. He is dead. 

224. Phebe'^ Douglas, (John,^ Cornelius/ Elijah,* 
JohnO sister of the preceding ; born in Brunswick, July 
7, 1798; married June 10, 1827, Thomas Jones, of 
China, where they resided and where she died February 
4, 1874. 

Their children : 

622 I. George (Jones) born in China, July 1, 1823 ; died in 
China, May 6, 1868. 

623 11. Amos (Jones) born in China, July 3, 1830; married 
October 27, 1852. 

624 III. Ann (Jones) born in China, April 8, 1838 ; married 
May 12, 1853. 

625 IV, John (Jones) born in China, May 6, 1834 ; married 
July 26, 1853. 

626 V. Leml'el (Jones) born in Brooks, April 1, 1836; mar- 
ried June 7, 1862. 

627 VI. Israel (Jones) born in Brooks, March 3, 1841 ; mar- 
ried May 16, 1862. He was killed in the war of 1861, June 25, 1863. 

225. Rhoda*^ Douglas, (John,^ Cornelius,'^ Elijah,^ 
John,') sister of the preceding and daughter of John and 
Judith (Collins) Douglas ; born in Brunswick, April 30, 
1800; married December 6, 1821, Thomas Coombs, by 
Kev. Allen H. Cobb. They settled on her father's home- 
stead, where they resided a number of years and then re- 
moved and settled on a farm near Storer's Corner, in 
Brunswick, where she died January 14, 1856. He died 
at South Durham, October 14, 1870. 

Their children born in Brunswick : 

628 I. Judith Douglas (Coombs) born October 21, 1822; 
man-ied John "Williams, May 2, 1853, resides in Webster. 


629 n. Mary Olive (Coombs) born October 9, 1«24; died 
Noveniher 9, 1839. 

630 III. HuLDAH Maria (Coombs) bom July 6, 1827 ; died 
December 4, 1848. 

631 IV. Ellen (Coombs) born October 11, 1829; roamed 
January 1, 1860, William Jones. She died in the town of Wales. 

632. V. Benjamin Franklin (Coombs) born December 1, 
1831 ; married July 22, 1855, Eliza A. Coombs; died in Temple, June 
24, 1858. 

633 VI. Rhoda Elizabeth (Coombs) born F*ebruary 7, 1834; 
died March 19, 1853. 

634 VII. Harriet Abbie (Coombs) born January 5, 1836 ; 
died April 14, 1854. 

635 VIII. Elvira Jane (Coombs) born December 12, 1837 ; 
married September 16, 1861, Charles T. Coombs; resido in Kansas. 

636 IX. Mary Olive (Coombs) born October 30, 1839 ; mar- 
ried January 1, 1859, James Henry Cox, farmer; resides on his fath- 
er's jiomestead, formerly owned by David Douglas, 

637 X. Maktha Washinqton (Coombs) born March 12, 1842 ; 
married John L. Williams, farmer; resides in Webster. 

638 XI. Thomas Albert (Coombs) born October 11, 1844; 
married January 1, 1870, Fannie E. Lunt, daughter of Asa and Marcia 
Lunt, of Brunswick. He is a carrirge maker and resides in Ames- 
bury, Mass. 

226. Paul"^ Douglass, (Edward,^ Cornelius,' Elijah,'^ 
John,^ son of Edward and Esther (Collins) Douglas, born 
in Brunswick, March 18, 1798; married (1) September 
21, 1823, Nancy, daughter of George Warren, of Dur- 
ham, where she was born March 18, 1798. She died in 
Durham, March 5, 1837. October 11, 1837, he married 
for his second wife Emily Sawyer, of Durham. He lived 
one year on his father's homestead, after his first marriage, 
and in 1824 he sold his interest in the homestead to the 
heirs and bought a farm of Barnabas Strout, at the South 
West Bend, in Durham, where he resided until August 1, 
1839, at which time he removed and settled on a farm in 


the town of Dover, where he lived the remainder of his 
life. He was for many years engaged in the lumbering 
business both in Durham and in Dover; in 1880 he was 
elected Lieutenant of a Cavelry Company and in 1835 
was elected its captain. He was elected one of the 
Selectmen of Dover for the years of 1844 and '45. He 
also, held the commission of Justice of the Peace for 
many years and was an active business man. Religiously 
he was Univefsalist. In 1848 he was made a Free and 
Accepted Mason in Mosaic Lodge at Foxcroft. He de- 
parted this life at his home February 3, 1873. His wife 
died March 24, 1882. 

Children by first wife, born in Durham ; 

639 I. Almira,« born May 5, 1825; died November 20, 1838. 

640 II. tlvoRY Warren,^ born March 13, 1828; married 
Margaret Payne. 

641 III. JHarriet Jane,^ born October 3, 1831 ; nuirried 
John C. Gerry. 

Children by second wife : 

642 IV. tAMANDA,® born in Durham, May 14, 1839 ; married 
Frederick Hutchinson. 

643 V. Elvira Nancy,® born in Dover, December 8, 1841. 
644. VI. Geraldine,* born in Dovei\ July 15, 1844; married 

John Robinson ; reside at La Cross, Wisconsin. No children. 

* 645 VII. George Augustine,* born in Dover, February 10, 
1851 ; died in Dover, February 1, 1860. 

227. Huldah'^ Douglass (Edward,* Cornelius,^ Eli- 
jah.' John,^) sister of the preceding, born in Brunswick 
February 4, 1800; married, November 24, 1831, Capt. 
Francis, son of Francis and Betsey (Dyer) Harmon, of 
Durham, born January 18, 1806. He was an industrious 
and enterprising farmer and carriage manufacturer. He 
had his father's homestead left him, in consideration of 


his ikiaintaining his parents during their lives. In 1830 he 
was elected captain of a military company, which office 
he held several years. On account of failing health he 
5>old out his property in Durham and removed to Auburn. 
He and his wife were worthy members of the Congrega- 
tional church and much esteemed by those who knew 
them. Mrs. Harmon died in Auburn February 4, 1869. 
Capt. Harmon died January 4. 1870. They were buried 
in Auburn. 

Their children, born in Durham : 

646 I. Sakah Elizabeth (Harmon) boru November 25, 1833; 
died in Durham, of coiisumptiou. May 29, 1853. 

647 II. Esther Colliks, (Harmon) bora Angust 25, 1835; 
died at her fathers home in IJurham, May 24, 1855. 

648 III. Edward Franklin (Harmon) born June 5, 1837; 
married July 16, 1872, Jennie S. Rich, of Anbnrn. He rei^ided in 
8ttn Francisco, Cal., where he died October 4, 1875. 

649 IV. George Harrison, (Harmon) born May 18, 1839; 
married March 14, 1871, Orphia L, Vickery, of Auburn, where he 

650 V. Frances Ellen (Harmon) born April 21, 1841 ; mar- 
ried February 11, 1869, Thomas Wheaton, of Brooklin, Calitornia. 
They reside at Oakland, California. 

651 VI. Henrietta Loitisa (Harmon) born February 26, 1843t 
married September 24, 1867, Frank E. Young, of Auburn. She died 
at Auburn, June 10, 1876. 

229. John'' Douglass (Edward,'* Cornelius,' Elijah,' 
John,^) brother of the preceding, born in Brunswick July 
30, 1804; married, September 27, 1832, Charity P., 
daughter of John and Hannah (Morse) Coombs of Bruns- 
wick, born June 11, 1811. From 1825 to 1.828 he fol- 
lowed the sea ; was on board the Brig Turner of Bath» 
Capt. William Thomas. May 15, 1828, they were ship- 
wrecked on their passage from Bath to Cuba. Three out 


of nine of the crew were washed overhdard and lost. 
The surviving ones remained on the wreck seven days, 
having nothing but tallow candles to eat and no water to 
drink during that time. They were taken off the wreck 
by a passing schooner and safely landed in Boston. They 
resided at his father's homestead from the date of their 
marriage until March' 5, 1835, when he removed to a 
farm in Dovcm- that he bought of Nathan Toby for $350. 
There was only a porch on the farm and he built a house 
and made other improvements, tie and his wife were 
members of the Free Will Baptist Church, in Dover. 
He died at his home, March 10, 1877. Mrs. Douglass 
died in Dover, June 10, 1886. 

Their children, born in Dover, except Charles F., 
who was born in Brutiswick : 

65:^ I. t^J^AULES Francis,^ born November 4, 1S33 ; married 
Martha A. Cromwell. 

653 II. fJ^HN Edward,® born March 6, 1835 ; married Irene 
A. Phinney. 

654 III. flluFUs CoixiNS,® born March 8, 1837 ; married 
Sarah E. Woodman. 

655 IV. t^i-sRii><*E Thompson,® born October 14, 1839 ; mar- 
ried Louisa Bigelow. 

656 V. t^'LEN Augusta,® born October 24, 1841 ; married 
Calvin Bigelow. She is dead. 

657 VI. Lory Harmon,® born November 26, 1844; mairied 
February 17, 1874, Emma M. MoirilL They have no children. 

658. VII. WiNFiELD Scott,® twin,born May 21, 1847, and died 
October 8, 1847. 

659 VIII. Whitefield Thompson,® twin, born May 21, 1847; 
died October 15, 1847. 

230. Phebe"^ Douglass (Edward,^ Cornelius," Elijah,'^ 
John,') sister of the preceding and daughter of Edward 
and Esther (Collins) Douglas, born in Brunswick August 


31, 1897 ; married, VanuRry 17, 1837, William P. Larra- 
bee, son of William L^rrabee of Brunswick He settled 
on his father's homestead where he resided a few years, 
then removed and settled on a farm in Dover, where he 
has since lived. Mrs. Larrabee died in IJover, June 24, 
1851 and was buried in the j^rave-yard near Dover Village. 

Their children, born in Dover, except the oldest ; 

660 T. George Henry (Larrabee) horn in BriinsNvick, Novem- 
ber 16, 1837; died in Dover, October 21, 1850. 

661 II. Lory Harmon (Lairabee) born Jiilv 28, 1839 ; mnr- 
ried April 10, 1864, Harriet M. Cole. Died October 5, 1865. 

662 III. VViLUAM Franklin (Larnibee) born Aiiji^nst 13, 
1841 ; in;irrie<l May 1, 1866, Martha M. Be it hall, of Fortress Monroe, 
Va., where they resi<le. 

663 IV. Charlotte Maria (Larrabee) born September 4, 
1844 ; married June 7, 1871, John H. Warren ; resided at Fortress 
Monroe, Va. Her husband is dead. 

231. RuFDs'^ Douglass, (Kdward,* Cornelius,"^ Elij ilr 
John,') brother of the preceding, born in Brunswick, Au- 
gust 21, 1«09; married 1843, Marilla S. Nickerson, of 
Dover. When nineteen years of age he went to the 
South West Bend, Durham, where he served an appren- 
ticeship of two years with his brother-in-law, Lory Har- 
mon, at the carriage trade. In 1831 he went fishing one 
summer. He then worked at his trade in Bath, Durham, 
and other places, until 1839, at which diite he visited 
Cincinnati, St. Louis and Chicago. In 1841, he and 
Lory Harmon formed a co-partnership and manufactured 
carriages at Dover Village, until the death of Mr. Har- 
mon. In 1849 he went to California, where he remained 
six years. The remainder of bis life was spent in the 
west at his trade and other kind of business. 

In 1886 he was severely injured by the kick of a horse. 


rendering him unconscious naost or the time until Uw 
death, which occurred at Wenona, lU., May 15, 1886. 
During his brief illness he was very kindly cared for by 
his Masonic friends, who took charge of his funeral. 

One child : 

664 I. Henby Clay, born in Dover, May 13, 1844. He wa» 
shot through the heart at the battle of Missionary Ridge, Ohattafioogn, 
Tenu., in the great rebellion, November, 1864. 

232. Edward Franklin^ Douglass (Edward,^ Cor- 
nelius,** Elijah,' John,V brother of the preceding and 
youngest son of Edward an I Esther (Collins) Douglas, 
born in Brunswick August 19, 1812; majried, February 
7, 1840, Alvira Clark Starbird, born in Brunswick August 
3, 1812. Being the youngest of the family it fell to his 
lot to have the care of his widowed mother, which duty 
he performed with pleasure. He sold the old homestead 
in Brunswick to James Merry man and March 19, 1841, 
he moved with bis family to Dover, where he bought a 
farm, on which he has since resided. In 1843 he made 
great repairs on his house. He has always been a farmer 
He has for many years had the agency for his county for 
Wood's Mowing Machine and other agricultural imple- 
ments. He is also president of a cheese factory in his 
town, doing a large business. 

665 Neijje E.,® boVn in Dover April 30, 1841 : married, April 
6, 1885, Frank A. Briggs ot Dover, where they reside. He is a 

248. Joseph Douglass*^ (Joshua,^ Cornelius,'* Elijah,*^ 
John,^) eldest son of Joshua and Jane (Adams) Douglas, 
born in Brunswick March 24, 1819: married in Durham, 
January 16, 1842, Ann Gould Beal, daughter of Stephen 
and Charlotte (Gould) Beal, born in Lisbon September 9, 


1819. In the spring of 1840, during a series of religious 
meetings held at the Booker Schoolhouse in Durham, he 
was converted to God and the following July he was bap- 
tized in the Androscoggin River and the same day joined 
the Free Will Baptist church of Durham. In the year 
1841 he bought a farm of one hundred acres in Dover, 
where they settled soon after their marriage. There was 
no house on the farm and he built one in which he re- 
sided until 1847, when he exchanged his farm for a house 
in Orono, where he resided until his death. Previous to 
his marriage he served a few months apprenticeship at 
house joinering with a man in China, which trade he fol- 
lowed through life and by strict attention to it he became 
a good workman. He had charge of building the Metho- 
dist meetinghouses at Waterville and Skowhegan. March 
I, 1862 he was chosen deacon of the Free Will Baptist 
church in Veazie and worthily filled the office to the close 
of life. He was a devoted christian, an active laborer in 
the cause of temperance, a kind husband and an affection- 
ate father. His last sickness was congestion of the brain, 
which deprived him of his senses for the greater part of 
his illness. He died at his home in Orono, December 27, 
1870. The funeral ceremonies were performed by the 
Methodist and Congregationalist clergymen of the village 
and Mechanic Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of 
which he was a member. His body was interred in the 
cemetery two miles above the village in Orono. 

Their children : 

666 I. Lucy Jane,« born in Dover, February 19, 1843. She 
has taught district scliools several terms ; but owing to ill health was 
obliged to give up teaching. She resides with her mother at Orono. 

667 II. Stephen Beal,® born in Dover April 14, 1845 ; died 
in Orono January 29, 1860. 


668 III. Lewette Ann,* born in Orono April 17, 1848; died 
there October 18, 1855. 

669 IV. Clara Ella,« born in Orono December 29, 1856; 
died there December 29, 1862. 

670 V. tLizziE Ann,* born in Orono February 13, 1859 ; mar- 
ried J. Frank Beal of Durham, November 18, 1883. 

249. Eliza Jane'^ Douglas, CJoshua/ Cornelius;^ 
Elijah,*^ John,^) sister of the preceding and only daughter 
of Joshua and Jane (Adams) Douglas, born in Brunswick 
February 23, 1822 ; married at the Friends' meeting- 
house in Durham, June 20, 1848, James, son of Rohert 
and Abagail (Winslow) Goddard, born in Brunswick No- 
vember 12, 1822. They settled on a farm in Brunswick 
that he had of his father, where they resided a few years, 
then sold and bought a farm one mile from the Friends' 
meeting-house in the town of Durham. The house was, 
many years ago, Johnson's tavern, where many a traveler 
has slaked his thirst with the ardent Here they passed 
the remainder of their days, with the exception of one or 
two years, when they lived with his father. They were 
both members of the Society of Friends. He died of 
typhoid fever January 4, 1866. She survived him a few 
years, taking a deep interest in the welfare of her chil- 
dren, the most of whom she lived to see grow up. She 
was ready at all times and at every one's call to go and 
watch by the sick and administer to their wants and com- 
fort. Her sickness, like that of her husband's, was typhoid 
fever and was of short duration. She departed this life 
at her home on Sunday August 30, 1874. The funeral 
was held at the Friend's meeting-house. They were 
buried in the small grave-yard near his father's. 

Their children : 

671 I. Ei.i Franklin (Goddard), born in Brunswick July 13, 
1849; died in Brunswick September 20, 1855. 


672 IL James Emert (Goddard), born in Brunswick December 
9, 1851 ; married, December 27, 1874, Clara, daughter of Edward and 
Sarah T. Jones of Brunswick. He resides on his father s homestead 
in Durham. 

673 III. LuFKiN Douglas (Goddard), twin, born in Durham 
September 19, 1854 ; married Annie A. Snow, January 13, 1879. 

674 IV. Abby Jane (Goddard), twin, born in Durham Septem- 
ber 19, 1854 ; married Oscar E. Douglass. 

675 V. Chakles WiNsi^ow (Goddard) born in Brunswick, 
August 8, 1856 ; married September 7, 1876, Susie M. Swett, born in 
Bath, May 6, 1858. They reside at Amesbury, Mass. He is em- 
ployed in a saw mill. 

676 VI. Franklin Eli (Goddard) born in Durham, January 
23, 1859; married September 24, 1881, Ida A. French, born in Sea- 
brook, N. H., March 9, 1857. They reside at Amesbury, Mass. He 
works farming and jobbing. 

677 VII. Robert Henry (Goddard) born in Durham, April 
26, 1861 ;married March 18, 1882, Hattie A. Chambers. 

250. George' Douglas, (Joshua,'* Cornelius,^ Elijah' 
John,^) brother of the preceding and son of Joshua and 
Jane (Adams) Douglas, born in Durham, May 11, 1824; 
married at the Friends' meeting-house in North Berwick, 
March 31, 1847, Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Josiah and 
Elizabeth, Prescott, born in North Berwick July 30, 1823. 
His uprightness of character and strict integrity which he 
possessed strongly manifested itself even in his school-boy 
days. If innocent of a fault, of which he had been ac- 
cused by his schoolmates, he did not rest until the matter 
was corrected. In the fall of 1843, becoming tired of 
farm work, he engaged with Lemuel Jones to learn the 
shoemaker's trade, serving one year. In 1849 he bought 
a small parcel of land of his father, in Durham, for which 
he paid one hundred dollars, on which he built a set of 
buildings. He continued to work at his trade and did 
some farming. In 1854 he sold his house and lot to G. 


C. Crosman, and removed to North Berwick where he, in 
company with his brother-in-law, James Hussey, bought 
a shoe store ; but finding the village too small to afford 
sufficient trade for the shop, they sold out the business. 
In 1856 he returned and settled once more in his native 
town where he built another set of buildings, more sub- 
stantial and costly than the first. He and his wife were 
worthy members of the society of Friends and exempli- 
fied a christian life in their daily walks. In 1863 they 
were appointed elders in the society of Friends which so- 
ciety held them in high esteem and frequently chose them 
to important positions of trust. He was elected one of 
the selectmen of the town of Durham for the years 1868- 
9, which office he filled to the general satisfaction of his 
townsmen. In 1869, he removed to Portland, where he 
was employed in A. F. Cox's Boot and Shoe manufactory. 
In 1878 he removed back on his farm in Durham, where 
he spent his last days. He was elected collector of taxes 
for the years 1886-7 and 8. In 1886 he was taken sick 
of a disease which terminated his life April 20, 1888, 
No one had died in his town more lamented. The funeral 
was attended by a large gathering of his friends, some 
coming long distances to pay their last tribute ot respect 
to the deceased. The services were conducted by the 
society of Friends, assisted by ministers of other denomi- 
nations. He was buried in the grave-yard near his late 

Their children, born in Durham ; 

678 1. tSxEPHEN Albert,^ born September 16, 1848; married 
Olivia W. Powers. 

679 II. t^EWis Morrill,* born February 1, 1852; marned 
October 21, 1875, Emma A. Varney. 

680 III. t^i-LEN Maria,® born February 25, 1854; married 
November 30, 1876, Clementine R. Hanson. 


S 681 IV. Gborgianna,* born June 27, 1860 ; died in DurHara^ 
August 25, 1861, and was buried in the Friends' graveyard at South 

682 V, tJoH3^ Hknrt,« born April 19, 1862; married, 1881, 
Jennie L. Brown. 

251. John* Douglas, (Joshua,* Cornelius,^ Elijah,* 
John,^) brother of the preceding and son of Joshua and 
Jane (Adams) Douf^las, born in Durham February 26, 
1828 ; married, September 30, 1852, Ann Maria Hamblin, 
daughter of Allen and Lydia (Winslow) Hamblin of Wind- 
ham, born there October 12, 182H. When about four- 
teen years of age his father employed a man to shave 
shingles. One day, while the men folks were at dinner, 
John undertook to learn the trade, which attempt came 
near costing him his life. Substituting his knee for the 
clamp, in holding the shingle, he cut a slight gash in it 
with the shave and taking cold in the wound a high fever 
set in and had it not been for the skill of the physician 
he would have lost his leg and probably his life. He re- 
ceived a fair education at the town school. Before he 
became of age he learned the shoemaker's trade of his 
brother George. He settled in his native town where he 
resided till 1853, when he removed to Little Falls, in 
Windham, and bought a cottage where he lived several 
years. After the death of his wife's father, he bought out 
the heirs and removed to the old homestead in Windham 
where he was engaged in farming during the summer and 
worked at his trade winters till his death. He and his 
wife were acceptable members of the society of Friends. 
In 1878 he was made an elder in that society which posi- 
tion he honored by a constant attendance on the means of 
grace.and a devoted christian life. As he had a slender 
constitution the greater part of his life was attended by 


ill health, having been a great sufferer for many years. In 
.1880 he was oblifj;ed to give up all labor. He was per- 
fectly resigned and surrendered all earthly hopes and laid 
all upon God's altar. A few months previous to his death 
he awoke his wife in the night, praising God for the great 
joy which filled his soul. From that until his death, he 
enjoyed perfect peace, resting fully in the promises of his 
Savior. Death had no terrors for him. It was comfort- 
ing to converse with him. A few moments before he 
died, raising his hand, he exclaimed, ''Hallelujah, I see 
my home, O, how beautiful! " Then grasping the hand 
of his companion more firmly he uttered his last words, 
''Farewell Annie, farewell Annie," and the last cord that 
bound his spirit to earth was severed and his soul passed 
to its eternal rest on hi^h, July 11, 1881. The funeral 
services were conducted by Charles Varney and were at- 
tended by a large circle of friends. He was buried in the 
Friends' grave-yard near their church in Windham. His 
widow and son now reside at Lisbon Falls. 

One child : 
683 I. Walter Henry,* born in Windharn, June 28, 1868. 

252. Charles'' Douglass, (Joshua,* Cornelius/ Eli- 
jah,*^ John,') brother of the preceding, born in Durham, 
August 24, 1830; married, by Rev. Charles W. Morse, 
September 28, 1858, Annie Elizabeth Fisher, daughter of 
James Drummond and Lucinda (Pattie) Fisher of Bow- 
doinham, where she was born November 26, 1835. He 
received a good education at the town and high schools 
held in his native town. He also attended Litchfield 
Academy several terms. At the close of his studies he 
taught one term of winter school in Topsham and gave 
entire satisfaction both to parents and pupils. In the 



a«tnmn of 1854 he went to Bath and was enga<j;ed as a 
clerk in a shoe-store for Loran Fisher, one or more years. 
lie also worked clerking for John Ballon and for Josiah 
Burleij^h of Lewiston. The last two stores were for the 
sale of ready-made clothing. In 1855, under the labors 
of Rev. Howard B. Abbott, he experienced religion, was 
baptized and joined the Beacon Street Methodist Episco- 
pal Church at Bath. In the church he was an active and 
zealous laborer and was soon called to serve as class-leader 
and steward. He was President of the Bath Young 
Men's Christian Association two years. In this capacity 
he vvas very active in establishing and sustaining prayer 
meetings and Sabbath schools in tl^e neighboring towns. 
In 1857, he, in company with John L. Spofford, bought 
out John Ballou's clothing store in Bath. This co-part- 
nership proved unfavorable and he sold out to his partner 
and opened a store next north of the old stand, where he 
remainded until Spofford closed out, then he returnded 
to his former place of business where he remained until 
1866, when he sold out and was engaged as clerk in a 
wholesale clothing house in Boston several months. 

He was in trade three years in Lewiston and was 
President of the Lewiston Young Men's Christian Asso- 
ciation for nearly the entire period of time he spent in that 
city. During the War of the Rebellion he was very deeply 
interested in the work of the Christian Commission, going 
from town to town lecturing and collecting money and all 
articles of comfort for the soldiers which he forwarded to 
them. He spent several weeks with the wounded and 
dying soldiers, caring for their many wants and conversing 
with them in regard to the interests of their souls. In 
1869 he removed to Toledo, Ohio, where he was in the 
ready-made clothing business. In 1877 he sold out his 


interest in the clothing business and the following year 
was elected Superintendent of Toledo House of Refuge, 
where he served until the spring of 1880, when he was 
elected Superintendent of the Boys' Industrial School of 
Ohio, where he remained till 1884, when, on account of 
change in the administration, he retired from the office 
and labored in the interest of the Society for the Preven- 
tion of Cruelty to Animals. In 1887 he was again elected 
Superintendent of the Boys* Industrial School. 1889 he 
resigned this position. 

Their children, born in Boston : 

684 I. LuELLA Clark,* born November 13, 1860 ; died at 
Toledo, Ohio, June 1, 1879. 

685 II. Annie Julia,* born January 21, 1863 ; married De- 
cember 31, 1887, Lewis I. Martin. They reside in Toledo, O. 

685^. One child, Douglass (Martin.) 

686 III. Henry Howard,^ born May 10, 1866. ^ 

253. Joshua Lufkin*^ Douglas, (Joshua,^ Cornelius,' 
Elijah,^ John,^; brother of the preceding, born in Durham 
April 17, 1833; married in Lewiston by Rev. George 
Knox, November 25, 1856, Helen Lauraman Harvey, 
daughter of Daniel and Mehitable (Gott) Harvey of Dix- 
field, born in Leeds September 28, 1838. His education 
was obtained at the district school and at the age of four- 
teen, while attending to his studies, he spent his mornings 
and evenings in learning the shoemaker's trade of his 
brother John. In early manhood he took naturally to the 
art of writing and fitted himself for teaching penmanship 
which business he followed during the evening season for 
several years. In 1856 he bought twenty-two acres of 
land of his father (a portion of his homestead farm) for 
which he paid three hundred and fifty dollars. On this 


lot he built a set of buildings where he resided, working 
at his trade, shoemaking, and farming until 1863, wten 
he removed to Bath and was engaged as clerk for his 
brother Charles three years. January 1, 1866, he bought 
out his brother's stock of clothing and trade, which busi* 
ness he still continues to follow. In 1862, under the 
labors of his cousin, John Henry Douglas [260] he pro* 
fessed saving grace in Christ. He soon afterwards re- 
moved to Bath where he found a warm home among the 
Methodists and he and his wife were baptized and united . 
with the Beacon Street Methodist Episcopal Church. In 
1864 he was appointed class-leader, which position he 
continues to fill. He is also steward and has served as 
trustee of the church for several years. 

Their children : 

687 I. Ella Jane,® born in Durham, February 27, 1860. 

688 II. Rosa Harvey,^ hotn in Durham, November 9, 1862. 

689 III. Alice May,« born in Bath, June 28, 1865. 

690 IV. Ida Laura,^ born in Bath, February 20, 1868; died 
in Bath, of canker rash, November 17, 1873. 

691 V. Carrie Emma,® born in Bath, April 19, 1871 ; died in 
Bath of cankor rash, November 8, 1873. They were both buried in 
Oak Grove cemetery in Bath. 

They have crossed the dbining river, 

They have joined the angel banH, 
And we know the Saviour called them. 

To that bright and happy land. 

692 VI. MiLTOK Herbert,^ born in Bath, March 30, 1874* 

254. William Henry^ Douglas,) Joshua,^ Corneli- 
us,^ Elijah,^ John,0 brother of the preceding and son of 
Joshua and Lucy (Beal) Douglas, born in Durham Octo* 
ber 13, 1847 ; married in the town of Gray by the Kev* 
Charles Bean, May 15, 1869, Ella Herbert Rolfe, daughter 
of John and Melvina (Strout) Rolfe of Raymond, where 


she was born March 21, 1847. He had his father's home- 
stead given him in consideration of caring for his parents 
during their lifetime, where they resided several years. 
After the death of his wife, which occurred July 7, 1886, 
his daughter kept his house. January 12, 1889, he was 
married to- Mrs. Eliza B. (Tibbetts) Clason, who owns a 
farm in Lisbon on which they, with his mother, now re- 
side. He is a house joiner and contractor. His daughter 
occupies the homestead in Durham. 

One child by first marriage: 

693 I. Mabel Melvina,* born in Durham February 16, 1870; 
married, May 11, 1889, Osburn J. Hoffman, son of Jacob and Eliza- 
beth Hoffman, born in Canada June 13, 1865. He is a weaver in the 
Worumbo Mill at Lisbon Falls. 

260. John Henry^ Douglas, ( David, "* Cornelius,'^ 
Elijah,- John,^) son of David and Chloe (Davis) Douglas, 
born in Fairfield November 27, 1832 ; married, April 23, 
1856, Miriam Carter, daughter of Jesse and Malinda Car- 
ter, born August 31, 1831. She is a great grand-daughter 
of John Carter of North Carolina, who, in the early set- 
tlement cf Ohio, removed to that State. He had the ad- 
vantage of some education, such as was afforded in the 
district schools, the academy at Hartland and St. Albans, 
and three years at Friends' Boarding School, Providence, 
R. I. He was early converted and chose to remain in the 
Friends' church where he had a birthright. He felt him- 
self called of God to devote his life to the ministry and 
entered heartily into the work which from the first was 
blessed by the conversion of souls, so that the path of the 
evangelist seemed clearly marked out before him. His 
first labors were in connection with elder ministers until 
1858 he was officially ordained a minister of the gospel 
by the church. He has traveled and labored in the gos- 


pel in most parts of the United States and Canada, also in 
England, Scotland and Ireland and in many parts of the 
continent of Europe, the result of which has been souls 
for the Master and many churches built up. He also spent 
much time in obtaining money and founding Wilming- 
ton College, Ohio, and for ten years was President of the 
Board of Managers. He spent two years as pastor of the 
Friends' church at Glen Falls, New York, to which souls 
were added every month. He labored as an evangelist in 
Ohio and Iowa until sickness compelled him for a short 
time to stop and seek a climate more .adapted to his health. 
He finally removed with his family to Des Moines, Iowa, 
where they now reside. At the first yearly meeting of 
Friends, after his removal, he was appointed General Su- 
perintendent of pastoral and evangelistic work in its terri* 
tory which includes Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Dakota 
Territory, Nebraska, Washington Territory, Oregon, Cali- 
fornia and Texas, which office he holds at the present 
time as chairman of the church extension board of the 
church in the Northwest. His wife has been a true help 
meet all the way through. 

Their children are : 

694 I. fCHLOE A., born at Bloomingtoti, Ohio, Pebmarjr, 
1857 ; marrieti September 4, 1877, J. Frank Taylor. 

695 II. j£ssi£ C, bom at St. Albaos, Maine, April 21, 1859; 
died at Glen Pall&, N. Y., April 4, 1881. 

696 IIL Mellie, born at BloomingtOD^ Ohio, Jannary 31 ^ 


697 IV. John Hekry, Jr., born at Bloomioglont July 8, 
1863 ; graduated at Oak Wood Seminary, N. Y., and Wilmington 
College, O.y also spent some time in the Univer&ity in Berlin and 

698 y. Robert, bom at Oldtown, Ohio, March II, 1866; 
lived onlj a short time. 


699 VI. Christine, born at New Vienna, Ohio, January 2, 

700 VII. Mary L., born at Wilmington, Ohio, April 14, 
1872 ; died December 3, 1882. 

261. Robert Walter^ Douglas, (David,'* Cornelius,'^ 
Elijah,'^ John,^) son of David and Chloe (IJavis) Douglas, 
was born in the town of Fairfield, Maine, November 11, 
1834; married, June 8, 1856, Margaret Ann GifFord. 
His parents moved to Palmyra when he was about six 
years old and in a few years from there to St. Albans. 
He lived at home on a farm at this place until he was 
twenty years of age, except the time spent away from 
home attending school. He attended district school in 
Palmyra, the High School at St. Albans Village, the 
Academy at Hartland Village and was two years at the 
Friends' Boarding School at Providence, R I. When 
about twenty years of age he came to Ohio and engaged 
in teaching. He afterwards returned to Maine where he 
married, after which he again returned to Ohio and con- 
tinued teaching and then, in company with his father, car- 
ried on a country store at Bloomington, in same State. 
About 1862 he moved to New Vienna, Ohio, where he 
resided several years ; carried on a boot and shoe store 
and worked at the bench. It was at this place, in 1864, 
he was recorded a minister in the society of Friends by 
Clear Creek Monthly Meeting. Since then he has been 
actively engaged in preaching the gospel. For some 
years he traveled quite extensively in the northern States, 
made frequent visits to New York and New England, as 
well as laboring extensively in the western States. For 
some time he was city missionary in Cincinnati in con- 
nection with the Children's Home, which was then located 
on Park Street. In 1868 he moved to Wilmington, the 


county seat of Clinton Co., where be was engaged in pas- 
toral work, in connection with the meeting at that place. 
His labors were greatly blessed to the little church at that 
place, which grew from less than seventy-five to six hun- 
dred, the largest meeting of friends in Ohio. While liv- 
ing in Wilmington he was appointed the General Lectur- 
ing Agent of the Peace ^Association of Friends in Ameri- 
ca and in that capacity he visited all the Yearly Meetings 
in the United States, and also delivered lectures in impt)rt- 
ant towns and cities throughout the western, eastern and 
southern States at a time when it required a great deal of 
moral courage to advocate the unpopular cause of Peace 
and Arbitration. In 1873 he went on a religious visit to 
Great Britain, Ireland and the Continent of Europe. He 
was absent from home about a year and a half and was 
warmly received by the Friends where he went. In 1873 
and 4 he visited the principal cities in Europe. After his 
return he was engaged for a year as pastor of Friends' 
church at Kokomo, Indiana. In 1877 he was liberated 
by Indiana Yearly Meeting to go on a religious visit to 
Australia and was the first American Friend who ever 
went out to visit the Friends in that far off land, with a 
message of love from the churches in the United States. 
He also visited on this trip, the Sandwich Islands, New 
Zealand and Tasmania. Retwrning from thence he visited 
California, Oregon and Washington Territory. He re- 
sided at Wilmington about fourtel?n years. In 1886 he 
again visited the principal towns and cities in England, 
Ireland and Wales, being absent from home about eight 
months. For the past eight years, except the time just 
referred to, he has been engaged as the General Super- 
intendent of the Evangelistic, Pastoral and Church exten- 
sion work in Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends. In 


1882 he organized the West Milton Bank and since that 
time has been the President. His son, D. F. Douglas, is 
cashier and general manager, which relieves him from 
the details of business life so he can devote his entire time 
to religious work. In politics he is a republican, but 
never an active participant, yet always firm in his convic- 
tions. In business be is careful and conservative. 

Their children : 

701 I. tDAViD Frakklin,* bom in Bloopiington, Ohio, Jnne 
15, 1857 J married Emma 11. Thornburg. 

702 XL Geokgr Giffohd,^ born in Wilminglony Ohio, July 
29, 1859 'r died in Wilmington, January 13, 1870. 

703 111, Annie Belle,* born in New Vienna, September 27, 

704 IV, Chakles Bailett,^ bora in Wilmington, May 10,, 

263. John Nichols*'^ Douglas, (Cornelias,* Corneli- 
us,^ Elijah,'^ John,^) only son of Corpelius and Phebe 
(Nichols) Dooglas, born in bis grandfather's house in Dur- 
ham November 15, 1820; married, September 3, 1846^ 
Sarah Jones, daugiiter of Silas and Sophia Jones, of Al- 
bion, where she was born December 10, 182i>. He set- 
tled on a farm that he bought in the town of Palmyra, 
where he resided three years. In the year 1849^ he re- 
moved to Sligo, Clinton County, Ohio, and was employed 
as journeyman shoemaker for the first two years, then 
went into the boot and shoe manufactory foi- himself. In 
1854 he removed to Bloomington, in the same county and 
State, where he has since resided and continued in the 
shoe business and worked farming a portion of the time. 
In the winter of 1875 he and bis wife paid a visit to their 
friends and relatives in their native State, after being ab- 
sent twenty-five years. 


Their children : 

705 I. Maria,* born in Palmyra, November 24, 1847; mar- 
vied April 6, 1865, Iven H. Jackson. 

706 CoRA,^ (Jackson) born in Ohio, 1871. 

706^. Gilbert Eugene,^ (Jackson) born March 22, 1878. 

707 II. Lyma Ellen,® born in .Blooraington, Ohio, June 26, 
1854 ; died there January 2, 1857. 

708 III. Phebb Anna,* born in Blooraington, Ohio, October 
17, 1857; died at her father's house, February 2, 1872. 

709 IV. IMary Narcissa,* born in Hloomington, Ohio, Au- 
gust 30, 1860 ; married Charles L. Aldrige. 

264. Lydia^ Douglas, (Cornelius,'' Cornelius,^ Eli- 
jah,^ John,^) sister of the preceding, born in Winslow 
February 26, 1824; married, May 22, 1845, Nathan C. 
Bailey, son of Ebenezer and Tabitha (Clough) Bailey, 
born in Litchfield July 2, 1817. He bought his father-in 
law's homestead in Winslow, where they now reside. 
They are both members of the society of Friends. 

Their children, born in Winslow r 

710 I. Eben C. (Bailey) born March 17, 1850; married Feb- 
ruary 20, 1874, Mary H. Greenwood. He is a farmer and resides in 

711 II. Phebe Anna, (Bailey) born December 13, 1852 ; mar- 
ried October 19, 1887, John A. Partridge, of Whitefield. 

712 III. Lydia Jane, (Bailey) born June 8, 1855, married 
Albert Estes. He is a farmer and shoemaker; resides in Freeport. 

713 IV. John Herbert (Bailey) born November 30, 1857 ; 
married Annie May Lewis. 

265. Mary Douglas,^ (Cornelius,^* Cornelius,^ Eli- 
jah,*^ John,^) sister of the preceding, and youngest daugh- 
ter of Cornelius and Phebe (Nichols) Douglas, born in 
Winslow, August 26, 1835 ; married (Ij September 29, 
1856, Dr. E. F. Everest, of Ohio; (2) March 21, 1872, 
Philip P. Harner, house builder and contractor. She re- 


sides at Morrow, Ohio. Mr. Harner died May 20, 1K79. 

Children by first husband, born in Ohio ; 

714 L CoRELics Jesse, (Everest) boni June 10, 1657; mar- 
ried Laura Johnsoo, 1879. 

715 IL Chabls P'ineley, (Everest) born February 26, 1859 ; 
died April 21, 1861. 

716 III.' Martha Phebe, (Everest) born May 12, 1862; ditnl 
January 27, 1863. 

374, MercV Douglas, (l)avid,^ Joseph,^ Elijah,'^ 
John,') Eldest daughter of David and Weighty (Hawks) 
Douglas, born in Durham, January 26, 1808 ; married 
October 14, 1827, Mark Knight, son of Daniel and Sarah 
Knight, of Windham. He was a farmer and resided in 
his native town. They were both members of the society 
of Friends. She died in Windham, x\ugust 13, 1855. 
He married (2) Mary, a sister of his first wife. 

Their children by first marriage, born in Windham : 

717 L Mary Jake (Knight) born August 2, 1828; died in 
Windham, May 5, 1845. 

718 II. Eunice Douglas (Knight) born June 15, 1830; mar- 
ried March 25, 1859, John B. Cartland, a minister in the society ot 
Friends. He is also a farmer. They reside at Parsonfield. 

719 HI David Douglas (Knight) born October 14, 1831 ; 
died in Windham, April 20, 1845. 

720 IV. David Douglas (Knight) born July 6, 1846; died 
in Windham, September, 1848. 

276. Nathan^ Douglas, (David,'* Joseph,^ Elijah,^ 
John,^) brother of the preceding and son of David and 
Weighty (Hawks) Douglas, born in Durham, January 18, 
1812 ; married October 2, 1834, Lucy Day, daughter of 
Isaiah and Deborah (Philbrook) Day, born January 6, 
1812. His parents were members of the society ot 


Friends, and by their discipline their children inherit the 
privilege of being members of the Society. 

At the age of twelve, he gave his heart to Christ, 
and for a time enjoyed much of the presence and love of 
the Saviour; but yielding to the temptations incident to 
the youth, he fell back into the world again, and mingled 
freely in the company of the gay and thoughtless. His 
mother's kind words and tears made deep and lasting im* 
pressions upon his young heart. It was during these 
years of waywardness, that the Lord appeared to him and 
called him to go forth and preach the gospel ; but he 
told the Lord that he was but a child and could not speak 
in public. Thus he refused to obey the heavenly call, 
though his duty was plainly made known to him ; and 
many of hi*^ fields of labor were clearly shown him and 
he frequently saw himself in distant parts of the country 
preaching the blessed gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
He adds: ''No pen can portray what I passed through 
until I yielded and obeyed the divine call, which was when 
I was twenty-two years of age." 

He at once commenced the work of the ministry at 
the Friends' meetinghouse in his native town. His ser- 
mons were not studied, but delivered with zeal and great 
power, as the Holy Spirit gave utterance. Older minis- 
ters and elders in the society watched over him, fearing 
he was too forward, but he looked not to man, but to Him 
who had called him to the great work, and he pursued 
his labors with such earnestness and fervency that a gen- 
eral awakening was felt among the }Oung people through- 
out the conimunity and many were converted to God. 
Since that day he has been the principal minister among 
Friends at Durham. His labors have been very satisfac- 
tory and great good has resulted from them, which will 


tell in eternity. His sermons are plain and direct to the 
point, never shrinking to declare the whole council of 
God. He has many times been called upon by the good 
Master to visit different States and hold meetings among 
Friends and others, which duty he cheerfully performed' 
and that too without any earthly compensation. On one 
visit he was absent from home nearly a year. He has 
visited nearly every yearly meeting of Friends on this 
continent and many meetings composing them. In all 
this labor he remarks : ^'I am nothing in myself, Christ is 
all my life, my light and my salvation. Glory be to God ! 
Amen." He is respected and loved by all who know him. 
His wife died January 6, 1888. 

Their children, born in Brunswick, were : 

721 I. Isaiah,^ born June 1, 1885. He was a promisiog 
yoang man and had acquired a good edncatiou. He was engaged in 
marriage to a young lady by tbe oame of Abbie Cartland and while 
in tbe bloom of youth was stricken down by consumption and died at 
his father's residence February 23, 1858. 

722 11. Mary,* born June 3, 1838 ; died in Brunswick Janu- 
ary 5, 1842. 

277. Eunice^ Douglas (David/ Joseph,'* Elijah,* 
John,') youngest daughter of David and Weighty (Hawks) 
Douglas, born in Durham October 15, 1813; married, 
April 12, 1834, George P. Day of Durham. He is a 
farmer and resides in Brunswick. She died 

Their children : 

723 I. Susan Maria (Day) bom in Durham; died there in 

724 II. Deborah (Day) born in Brunswick ; died in Durham, 

725 III. Emeline (Day) born in Durham May 5, 1841 ; mar- 
ried, October 22, 1864, Heniy F., son of Eben Newell of Durham- 
He is a farmer and resides in Brunswick. 


726 IV. George Henrt (Day) born in Windham August 11, 
1847 ; married Mattie A. Page of Chicago. He resides in Idaho. 
He is a mining engineer. 

278. Joseph*^ Douglass (David,* Joseph," Elijah,* 
John/) brother of the preceding, born in Durham April 
21, 1817 ; married, (1) September 23, 1841, Phebe Jones 
of Falmouth, daughter of Robert and Lydia Jones of 
China. He married (2) October 4, 1848, Mary Jane, 
daughter of Daniel and Jane Gook of Casco. He settled 
in his native town on a part of his father's homestead, 
where he worked at his trade shoemaking. His first wife 
died there January 1844, aged 26 years. After her death 
he sold his house and lot in Durham and removed to 
Windham, where he worked at his trade and did some 
farming until 1868, when he removed and settled on the 
Joseph Bailey homestead in Freeport which he bought of 
Silas Goddard, where he resided. He and wife were wor- 
thy members of the society of Friends and much respected 
by all who knew them. He died April 29, 1886. 

Child by first wife, born in Durham : 

727 I. fl^AViD J.,' born October 15, 1843; married Lydia 

Children by second wife, born in Windham : 

728 II. Nathan,* bom March 26, 1850 ; married, November, 
1872, Emma S. Cartland. He is a farmer and resides in Brunswick. 

729 HI. Sarah M.,« born February 14, 1851 ; died in Windham 
November 8, 1862. 

730 IV. Sarah M.,« born May 20, 1852. 

731 V. Charles,* born June 22, 1854 ; died in Windham, Nov. 
8, 1862. 

732 VI. tIsAiAH,* born August 24, 1856; married Affie A. 

733 VIT. Phebe J.,« born December 1, 1858. 

734 VIII. Joseph H.,*born October 21, 1861. 


279. James' Douglass, (Joseph,* Job,'^ Elijah ,'- 
John,^) son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Sawyer) Douuflas, 
born in Durham September 1, 1801 ; married Elmira 
Burgess of Phipsburti;, where they settled. In 1825 they 
removed to Bath, where they resided until the year 1834, 
when they removed to the town of Litchfield, where he 
passed the remainder of his days. His death was caused 
by fits, A. D. 1848. His widow married Ephriam Plum- 
mer of North Vassalboro, where she resides. 

Their children : 

735 T. t'^^^HN W.,* born in Phipsbnrg November 8, 1825; 
married (1) Mary E. Cliase; (2) Abby A. Hall. 

736 II. Elizabeth,* born in Bath ; married Sainnel Cowles of 
Springfield, Mass.; died 1854. 

737 III. t^ACHEL li.,«boro in Bath June 15, 1830; married 
Zina Spinney. 

738 IV. Mary L.,* born in Bath ; married Albert Plummer 
of Vassal boro. 

284. Joseph-' Douglas (Joseph,* Job,^ Elijah,' JohnO 
brother of the precedin<i:, born in Litchfield January 11, 
1809; married, December IH, 1828, Mercy, daughter of 
Dr. Samuel and Sarah (Preble) Douglas. He resided in 
Bath, where he died March 7, 1844. 

Their children, born in Bath : 

739 1. Oilman S.,® born November 8,1829; married Rosanna 
Shaw. After his death in 1866, his widow married V. B. Killey of 

740 II. Rebecca Helen,* born September 9, 1834; married 
John Henry, a resident of one of the Southern States. 

741 III. George Henry,* born October 3, 1837 ; died in Bath 
in the year 1847. 

289. Betsey*^ Douglas (Samuel,* Job,'^ Elijah," John') 
eldest daughter of Dr. Samuel and Sarah (Preble) Doui^- 
las, born in Litchfield December 27, 1802 : married, Jan- 


wary 17, 18*24, Abraham, son of Abraham and Dorcas 
(Hooker) Pret>lp of Bowdoinham. They settled in Bruns- 
wick and afterwards removed to Bowdoinham, whore they 
settled on a farm one mile north of the village in said 
town. He was a Justice of the Peace and a smart active 
man. She died May 4, 184H. He died later. 

Their children, born in Bowdoinham : 

742 I. Sarah Elizabeth (Preble) liorn July 20, 1824 ; mMt- 
rivd, SeptemWr 4, 1845, Soreii Holm of Copenhagan, Denmark. 

743 II. Abraham Francis (Preble) born October 2i), 1826 ; 
married, April 5, 1849, Alniira li. Grant. He died Man h 1, 1864. 

744 III, Joseph (Preble) boro July 29, 1828; died October 
2, 1863. 

745 IV, Maky OoTAViA (Pi-eble) born June 23,1830; mar- 
ried, January 6, 1856, William P. Bibber of Hurpswell, where they 

746 Vw Leonard Gardiner (Preble) born February 27, 1832; 
died August 25, 1833. 

747 VI. Zeliv (Preble) born March 26, 1834; unnianied. 

748 VII. Betsey (Preble) born April 8, 1836; unmarried. 

749 VIII. Hebkcca (Preble) born October 8, 1837; married 
James G. Potter September 17, 1855; reside in Harpswell. 

750 IX. Olevia (Preble) born August 31, 1839 ; married, 
April 13, 1864, Wrn. King ot Parkman. 

751 X. Martha Ann (Preble) born October 25, 1841 ; mar- 
i-ied, May 15, 1862, William S. Bibber of Harpswell. 

291. Samuel"^ Douglass (Samuel,* Job,^ Elijah,^ 
John,^) brother of the preceding, born in Litchfield, March 
17, 1806; married, December 2, 1830, Theodates, daufifh- 
ter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Sawyer) Douglas, born Feb- 
ruary II, 1807. They resided at Bowdoinham Village, 
where he was Station Agent for the Portland & Kennebec 
Railroad Co. many years and resiu:n(»d the position <»n ac- 
count of ill health. He died about the vear 1863 and 
was buried in the cemetery at Bowdoinham Village. 



Their children, born in Bowdoinham ; 

752 1. tHARRiETAHN® bom October 7, 1833; Tnarried Joseph 

758 II. fl^ANNAH Elizabeth^ born November 23, 1835 ; mar- 
ried, first, Albion B. Jack ; second, Edward S. Sparks. 

754 III. tMARY Stinson* born February 11,1888; married 
George L. Card. 

755 IV. Susan Fisher® bom December 1, 1839 ; unmarried. 

756 V. fMELviNB WiLCHiER* boHi November 19, 1841 ; mar- 
i-ied Clara J. Hill. 

757 VI. Isaac Fisher® bom June 2, 1843 ; unmarried. 

758 VII. Jane Maria® born June 29, 1845; died April 8, 

293. Capt. Abraham^ Douglass (Samuel,* Job,' Eli- 
jah,* John,^ (brother of the preceding, born in Litchfield 
May 10 1811; married, November, 1833, Hannah E., 
daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Sawyer) Douglas [287} 
born April 5, 1814. He is a ship master and has followed 
the sea most of the time since he was sixteen years of 
age, mostly in the West India trade. He lives in Bow- 
doinham Village where he has resided since 1835. 

Their children, born in Bowdoinham, except Asa A.: 

759 I. fAsi Albion® born in Bath November 29, 1834 ; mar- 
ried Josephine Knight. 

760 II. Sarah Ann® bom September 7, 1836 ; died January 
26, 1858. 

761 III. Susan OFELiA«born May 19, 1838; died August 19, 

762 IV. Arabine Frances* born December 9, 1839 ; married 
September 7, 1867, Ira Dingley. He died and she married, second, 
Fred Patten of Bowdoinham, where they reside. 

763 V. fAMANDA Jane* born April 5, 1842; manned, first, 
George G. Williams; second, Joseph G. Washburn. 

764 VI. Ellen Euzabeth^ bom December 30, 1845; mar- 
ried Jefferson M. Clark, farmer. They reside in Augusta. 


765. VII. Margaret Emma* born March 8, 1847. She mar- 
ried Standish Reed ; he resides on a farm in Durham. 

766 VIII. William Harris® born January 19, 1850; died 
October 19, 1854. 

767 IX. William Harris* born November 15, 1854. He 
died in Bowdoiuham April 1, 1882. 

768 X. Leona May« born May 6, 1858 ; died March 8, 1864. 

294. Rev. Gardiner'* Douglass (Sannuel/ Job,' Eli- 
jah,^ John,^) brother of the preceding, born in Litchfield 
October 11, 1812; married, 1835, Asenath S., daughter 
of John Orr, of Bowdoin. At the age of three years he 
went to live with Isaiah Gardiner of East Bowdoinham, 
where he remained until he was sixteen years old ; then 
went to sea, which business he followed seven years ; 
was second mate on several voyages and first mate on. one 
voyage. After he married he settled on (he homestead of 
Isaiah Gardiner. In 1840 he was ordained a minister of 
the gospeK under the auspices of the Free Will Baptist 
church. His ministerial labors have been in Bowdoin- 
ham, Richmond, Dresden, Phipsburg, Edgecomb, the is- 
land of Monhegan and in various other towns lying near 
the mouth of the Kennebec river. During the years of 
his ministry he lived in Woolwich, Gardiner, Topsham, 
Bath, l^ewiston and Harpswell. As a minister, he was 
favored with a good degree of success, having had many 
revivals and was instrumental in the conversion of many 
precious souls. He resides with his son in Lewiston. 

Their children, born in Bowdoinham ; 

769 I. fOsCAR Gardiner^ born June 24. 1836 ; married Phebe 
W. Cook. 

770 11. Susan T.,« born January 16, 1840; married, 1857, 
Samuel T. Rogers of Topsham. 

771 III. Arvilla* born November 24, 1844; died in West- 
brook, 1851. 


297. Joanna"^ Douglass (Samuel,^ Job,'^ Elijah,^ 
John,') daughter of Samuel and Sarah vStevens) Douglas, 
born in Litchfield December 30, 1817 ; married John RofF 
of Kumford, where he settled. 

1'heir children, born in Kumford : 

772 I. Henrie'ita (Roft). About 1^<40. 

773 IL Maria (Roff) 1842. 

774. III. Henrt (Koff) born about 1845. 

298. Mariam' Douglass (Samuel/ Job,^ Elijah," 
John,0 sister of the preceding, born in the town ot Mexi- 
co July 10, 1819; married, in Lovvell, Mass., January I, 
1844, Stephen Davis Ward of Bradford, N. H. They 
settled in Dracut, Mass., removed to West Moreland, N. 
H., and to Putney, Vermont. In 1855 they removed to 
Warrenville, Illinois, where they have since resided. 
Mr. Ward was in the Rebellion and was taken prisoner 
in the State of Georgia and shot by the rebels August 

Their children : 

775 I. Charles Henry (Ward) born in Dracut, Maas., Nov. 
2, 1844. He whs in the liebellion and received a wound and died in 
the hospital at Washington July '^4, 1864. 

776 II. James Alfked (Ward) born in West Moreland, N. H., 
February 21, 1847; he was in the Rebellion ; was taken prisoner, but 
escaped and took refuge in the mountains. He is married and resides 
at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

777 III. Sarah Elizabeth (Ward) born in Putney, Vermont, 
Alarch 24, 1849; married, November 16, 1867, Benjamin Purier. 
They reside at l^incoln Park, N. J. 

778 IV. Emma Jane (Ward) born in West Moreland June II, 
1854. She is lame and lives with her mother. 

311. John Banks'^ Douglass (James,* Job,*^ Elijah,^ 

John,0 son of Jiimes and Eliza M. (Banks) Douglas born in 

Litchfield April 1, 1803. At the age of sixteen he left 

. the parental roof to obtain a living for himself. From 


1819 to 1823 he hired with farmers during summer sea- 
sons and attended school winters. In 1824 he engaged 
with Capt. John O'Brine of Brunswick, to clerk in his 
store. In the fall of the same year he visited Quebec on 
business for his employer. The following winter he went 
to the Lakes at the head waters of the Androscoggin River, 
logging for G. F. Richardson. In the year 1827, he 
bought a tract of wild land in the township of letter B, 
now Upton, Oxford County. He cleared a portion of the 
land for cultivation and built a set of buildings. In his 
house was built the first brick chimney in the township. 
He kept bachelor's hall a short time, making butter and 
cheese as best he could. Becoming tired of his lonely 
life and feeling the full force of that true saying "It is not 
good for man to be alone," he married, March 8, 1829, 
Nancy, daughter of John and Sarah (Booker) Douglas of 
Durham. Soon after their marriage he took his widowed 
mother home to live with him. In 1831 he sold his farm 
.and removed to Canton Mills where he learned the black- 
smith's trade of his wife's brother Hugh, which business 
he followed six years. In 1835 he was elected Lieuten- 
ant of Company H. He was subsequently elected Capt. 
of said company , which office he held until 1837, at 
which time he sold his shop and other property in Canton 
and removed to Little River Village, Lisbon, where he 
bought a farm of David Metcalf. 

In 1855 he was elected one of the selectmen of his 
town. He was a very active business man. He took 
great pride in keeping his farm in good order. He died 
October 25, 1877. His wife died February 8, 1881. 
They were buried in the cemetery at Lisbon Falls. 

Their children : 


779 I. fJoHN Albion* born in Letter B PLintation (now Up- 
ton) January 1, 1830 ; married Marojaret Springer. 

780 II. Edwin'' born in Letter B Plantation January 15, 1832. 
He learned the house joiner^s trade, which business he followed sev- 
eral years. His health failing him he thought a change in business 
might be for the better ; so he learned the tailor's trade which he fol- 
lowed but a short time when he was obliged to stop work almost en- 
tirely. He died at his father's residence February 24, 1875 and was 
buried in the graveyard at Lisbon Falls. 

781 III. Eliza^ born in Canton December 27, 1833; married, 
July 24, 1875, Cringe F. Small. 

782 IV. t^OAH H.6 born in Canton March 29, 1836. 

783 V. Emily^ born in Canton February 5, 1838 ; married 
Emery Doujjiass [801]. 

784 VI. Nancy A.^ born in Lisbon June 16, 1840; married, 
July 5, 1873, Alfonzo W. Horn. She died of consumption, 1876. 

785 VII. Otis H.« born in Lisbon November 23, 1842 ; died 
.June 6, 1862, at New Orleans while in the War of the Rebellion. 

786 VIII. t William W.« born in Lisbon July 11, 1845 ; mar- 
ried Ellen R. Jordan. 

787 IX. Charlks H.® born in Lisbon June 16, 1847; died 
December 9, 1871. 

788 X. tOscAR Eaton** b.orn in Lisbon August 14, 1849;' 
married, July 2, 1876, Abbie J. Goddard, daughter of James andEhza 
J. (Douglas) Goddard. 

789 XI. Isaac Wesley^ born in Lisbon March 4, 1852 ; died 
January 2, 1874. 

312. James S.^ Douglass (James,'* Job,^ Elijah,^ 
John,0 brother of the precedinji^, born in Litchfield, March 
24, 1807; married Azubah, daughter of James and Ap- 
phia (Segar) Godwin, born February 9, 1816. When 
quite young he removed with his father to Freeport. At 
the age of fourteen he left his home and lived with Sam- 
uel Starbird, Jr., in Bowdoin, seven years. In 1828 he 
worked farming one year for Nathaniel Osgood of Dur- 
ham. In the year 1829 he went to the township of Letter 
B fnow Upton) which at that time was almost a dense 


wilderness and contained only eight families. In 1842, 
he ff^lled the first tree on the place where he has since 
resided and cultivated it into a thrifty farm. Since the 
organization of the town he has held some town oflSice. 
He was a man much respected in the community for his 
upright and moral character. He died at his home in 
Upton, September 3, 1H82. 

Their children, born in Upton : 

790 I. John Henry* born .January 11, 1837; married, Sept. 
1, 1868, Susan E. Locke. He has always resided in his native town 
and followed the business of farmino;. He has been one of the select- 
men and held other important town offices. In 1852 he was appointed 
Justice of the Peace. He die<i October 22, 1882. 

791 One child, Ellen EJ born Jiily 28, 1869. 

792 II. tCHARLES Lyman'* born June 4, 1839 ; married Hester 
A. Ballard. 

793 III. Maria Godwin^ born January 23, 1841 ; married, 
first, Joseph H. West ; second, Henry W. Chapman. 

794 IV. Sophia Bragg® born November 20, 1843 ; married 
James Locke ; resides in Kansas. 

795 V. Edwin Weston** born March 6, 1845 ; married Abbie 
S. Penle^. They reside in Colorado. 

796 VI. Warren Osgood* born January 7, 1847; married, 
1873, Hortense French of Plainview, Minn. 

797 VII. LuciNDA French® born July 29, 1850; died Septem- 
ber 14, 1861. 

798 VIII. Calvin Howe« born September 20, 1852 ; died Sep- 
tember 17, 1861. 

799 IX. Ida Affie® born August 1, 1858 ; married Asa K. 
Frost and resides in Upton. 

313, Rev. William Booker'^ Douglass (James,'* Job^ 
Elijah,'^ John,^) brother of the preceding, born in Free- 
port April 7, 1809; married Mary, daughter of Deacon 
Samuel Duren, born January 20, 1811. He was a shoe- 
maker by trade. When a young man he gave his heart 
to Christ and joined the Methodist church. Feeling it 


enjoined upon him to labor in the Master's cause as a 
minister, he was ordained to the work and labored earn- 
estly in his own and the adjoining towns ; but his useful- 
ness was destined to be of short duration, for that fatal 
disease, consumption, marked him for its prey. He 
lingered a few years and died in great faith and hope of a 
bright immortality, April 22, 1843. His widow married, 
second, Elisha Gatchell of Durham ; removed to Raymond 
where she died November 9, I860. 

Their children, born in Lisbon : 

800 I. fW^^iAM Sidney^ born October 12, 1832;. married 
MaiT E. Nash. 

801 II. fLouiSA^ born September 1, 1835 ; married Henry C. 

802 III. WiLBER F.« born July 2, 1837. While living with 
his step-father in Durham, he, with other boys, on Sunday May 29, 
1853, visited the mouth of Pinkhara's Brook, which had risen very 
high by recent rains and while at play on a log fell off and was drowned. 

803 IV. Emery« born April 22, 1839. His father died when 
he was four years old and by the advice of friends his mother con- 
sented to have him go and live with Deacon John Whitmore^ a farmer 
living on Bowdoinham Ridge. Here he had but few opportunities for 
attending school, which, however, he improved to the best advantage. 
At the age of fourteen he went to live with his mother, who had again 
married and resided in Durham, where he remained a few years and 
learned the joiner's trade of his step-father, which he worked at sum- 
mers and attended school during the winter months. In the winter of 
1859 he taught a district school in the town of Raymond. In 1860 
he commenced the study of law with N. M. Whitmore of Gardiner, 
which he continued with good progress and at the August term of 
court, held at Augusta, was admitted a member of the bar. He opened 
an office at Little River, now Lisbon Falls, but finding the place too 
small for his ambitious desires he soon closed it. About this time the 
teacher at the Village having some trouble left the school and he was 
engaged to finish out the terra. March 23, 1862 he married Emily, 
daughter of John B. and Nancy B. Douglass of Lisbon Falls. June, 
1862, he opened a law office in Brunswick with very flattering pros- 


pects of a brillmnt career in his chosen profession. Ftere he com- 
inenced keeping house and pleasantly passed the tew more years 
allotted him on earth. He died very suddenly, July 3, 1865, and was 
interred in the grave-yard at Lisbon Falls. 

804 V. Mary Jane born November 7, 1841; died in Ray- 
mond February 11, 1860. 

316. Nehemiah Owen"^ Douglass (Janies/ Job,^ Eli- 
jah,"' John,^) brother of the precedinj^, born in Durham, 
September 3, 1814: married, first, 1838, Jane Hall. 

Owing to a protracted sickness of his father he left 
home at the age of seven years to live with one Lemuel 
Jenkins, a farmer of Bowdoin. He worked on the farm 
summers and received only a few weeks schooling each 
year. In those days nearly every farmer had his ^'little 
brown jug" well filled with intoxicating drink, and it fell 
to his lot to replenish this jug frequently — as often as 
three times a week — from a store some three miles away. 
So disgusted was he with his adopted home and the life 
he was forced to live, that at the age of fourteen he left 
Mr. Jenkins and soon afterwards went and lived with his 
eldest brother, where he remained until he was about 
twenty years of age, at which time he went with Elisha 
Moulton of Canton and learned the cabinet maker's trade, 
remaining with him three years and then went into the 
business for himself in Canton. Soon after his marriage 
he settled in Lisbon but owing to poor health he was 
obliged to give up his trade. He removed to Canton Vil- 
lage and opened a stove and hardware store. In 1842 he 
sold out his store and removed to Buckfield. In 1856 he 
married, second, Mrs. Lydia E. (Willis) daughter of Wil- 
liam Cole of Buckfield and removed to Little River, Lis- 
bon, and opened a dry goods and grocery store. In 1858 
he removed to Cape Elizabeth where he went into trade. 


Seeinji; so much of the evils of intemperance in his boy- 
hood led him to take a decided stand in favor of total ab- 
stinence. He siij;ned the pledge when a young man and 
has never broken it. He has ever been foremost in the 
noble cause and has delivered many lectun s on the 

lie was for a short time in the dry goods business in 
Portland ; has retired from active business and resides in 

One child : 

805 I. Cephes Henhy* born in Lisbon April 14, 1840; mar- 
ried, January 1, 1866, Nellie J. Willis. He succeeded his father in 
trade at Lisbon Falls and removed to Westbrook and opened a variety 
store at Morrill's Corner. Here his stock was burned and he removv.^d 
to Portland and opened a dry goods store. He died at his home in 
Portland, very suddenly, November L5, 1376. 

317. Philip Banks"' Douglass (James,'* Job,'^ Elijah,'^ 
John,') brother of the preceding, born May 20, 1816 ; 
married, February 14, 1S42, Mary Ann, daughter of John 
and Hannah (Beal) Knight, born November 30, 1813. 
Settled in Lisbon. In 1854 removed to Durham and 
bought the farm on which the old Strout tavern sits. In 
1886 he bought a farm in Wales, where he remained till 
his death, which occurred June 13, 1887. 

Their children were : 

806 I. Chaklks Henry^ born in Lisbon June 25, 1843 ; died 
in Durham February 16, 1844. 

807 II. Edward Berry® born in Lisbon November 10, 1845 ; 
died in Durham September 14, 1866. 

80.S III. James Henry* born in Lisbon August 9, 1848 ; died 
in Lisbon July 29, 1850. 

809 IV. Stilman Newell® born in Lisbon September 18, 1850 ; 
died December 10, 1862. 

810 V. Willard Metcalf® bcrn in Bowdoin November 22, 
1852 ; died in Durham October 10, 1854. 


324. Charles'' Douglass (Job/ Job,* Elijah,^ John,') 
son of Job and Margaret (Brown) Douglass, born in liitch- 
field in 1812; married by Rev. Silas Stearns, May 11, 
1S34. Etneline Poor, born January 8, 1817 He was a 
blacksmith by trade and resided in Bath, where he died 
March 17, 1855. His widow died January 10, 1861. 

Their children, born in Bath : 

811 I. Mary Ellen** born September 10, 1835; died April 14, 

812 II. Chakles William® born January 26, 1838 ; died June 
20, 1839. 

813 III. Lydia Margaret® born February 24, 1840; married 
Boymsjlon Beal ; resided in Bowdoinham where she died February 
24, 1871. Children: 

814 Nellie (Beal), Fred (I5eal), Mary (Beal). 

815 IV. Isaac .Martin® born November 16, 1843 ; went to sea ; 
probabjy dead. 

816 V. Esther Ann® born February 17, 1845; she died in 
Bath from severe burning, caus«'d by her clothing taking fire, October 
22, 1862. 

817 VI. Thomas Jackson® . born February 18, 1849; died at 
Gardiner April 9, 1881. 

818 VII. Maria® born about 1850 ; died February 10, 1853. 

819 VIII. Alfred Eugene® born January 21, 1852; unmar- 
ried ; died in Bath May 23, 1882. 

325. Esther Douglas^ (Job/ Job,« Elijah,' John,^) 
sister of the preceding, born in Litchfield ; married by 
John Neal, Esq., March 4, 1831, Alexander Bubier, born 
April 12, 1804. He is a farmer and resides on a small 
farm in South Gardiner. She is dead but no date given 
of her death. 

Their children, born in Gardiner, are : 

820 I. Maria M. (Bubier) born March 12, 1823. 

821 II. GkorgeB. (Bubier) born August 1, 1830; died Au- 
gust, 1867. 


822 III. Alonzo W. (Bubier) born May 1, 1833. 

823 IV. H. (Bubier) born November 22, 1837, 

326. Mary Ann^ Douglass (Job,'* Job,'* Elijah, 
John,^) sister of the precediog, born in Litchfield Decem- 
ber 1, 1815; mnrried, January 8, 1834, William S. Gor- 
don, born in Mount Vernon September 2, 1801. She died 
at Manchester January 26, 1855. 

Their children, born in Litchfield : 

824 I. Betsey T. (Gordan) born 1835 ; married, first, 

Stone, second, Jacob Libby ; reside at Angusta. 

825 IL William Thurston (Gordan) born 1844. 

826 HI. Mary Ellen (Gordan) born March 31, 1846. 

827 IV. Seth (Gordan) born in 1848 ; died in California. 

828 V. John Edward (Gordan) born November 26, 1850. 

829 VI. Daniel Emery (Gordan) born in 1851. 

830 VII. Laura C. (Gordan) born May 7, 1852 j married Au- 
gust 27, 1870. 

329. Alfred' Douglass (Job,^ Job,^ Elijah,'^ John,*) 
brother of the preceding, born in Litchfield September 15, 
1822 ; married, February 15, 1844, Frances E. Nash, born 
November 16, 1822. He died 1870. 

Their children : 

831 I. Charles Alfred® born in Hallowell May 17, 1845; 
married Lizzie L. Rowland, daughter of Jesse and Sophia Stewart, 
born November 24, 1853. 

832 IL tHENRiETTA^ born in West Gardiner October 20, 1848; 
married, first, Jesse Stover ; second, James .lones. 

833 III. Anna Lucretia^ born in Gardiner April 2, 1852 ; 
married James Bartlet of New Brunswick. 

834 IV. Thomas Nash^ born in Gardiner July 6, 1855. 

330. Seth' Douglass (Job,* Job,^ Elijah," John,^) 
brother of the preceding, born in Litchfield April 14, 18 — ; 
married, September 11, 1844, Mary Jane Smith of Bruns- 
wick where they settled and resided until his death, which 


occurred December 25, 1870. His widow still resides in 
Brunswick Village. 

Their children, born in Brunswick : 

835 I. Margaket Jane^ born April 14, 1848; marriecl, 1870, 
Harley Bacan. He is a jeweller and resides in Boston. She died 
June 28, 1887. 

836 XL t 'Benjamin Franklin' born. September 17, 1855; mar- 
ried Lizzie B. Southard. 

837 III. Alice G.s born February 17, 1860; married Edward 
D. Bearnan^^ October 29, 1882; reside in Yarmouthville. 

331. Rev. George' Douglass (Benjamin,^* Job,^ Eli- 
jah,'^ John,') son of Benjamin and Betsey(Potter) I)ou*^las, 
born in Bowdoin August 7, 1816; married Rebecca, 
daughter of Barnabas and Lvdia Cook. The vear he was 
eighteen there was a powerful revival of religion in his 
father's neighborhood, under the labors of Rev. Samuel 
Hathorn and other ministers of the gospel. At these 
meetings he became interested in religion and gave his 
heart to the Savior and was baptized and joined the Free 
Will Baptist church. Soon after his conversion he felt it 
his duty to labor in his Master's vineyard as a preacher; 
and at the age of twenty-two he was ordained for the work 
of the ministry, which calling he pursued until his death. 
His last place of residence was at Fairfield, where he died 
of typhoid fever August 12, 1846. 

Their children : . 

838 I. George Henry*^ born in Bowdoip January 5, 1840 ; 
married, May 2, I860, Adelaicie Helen, daughter of Louis Asa and 
Caroline Gowell. He served in the War of the Rebellion as Sergeant 
in the 15th Maine Regiment, CompanY B, four years. lie now resides 
in Gardiner and is a wholesale dealer in confectionery. One child. 

839. Leonora Ardell born July 27, 1873. 
840 II. Albion C.*^ born in Litchfield, March, 1842. He was 
a tailor. He went to California, where he remained three years ; then 


came liome sick. He was engaged in marriage to Sarah Smith, who 
took care of him until his death, which occurred Nov. 19, 1866. 

841 III. Mart Elizabeth^ born in Fairfield ; died there May 

332. Charles'^ Douglass (Benjamin,^ Job,'^ Elijah,' 
John,') brother of the precedin«;, born in Bowdoin 
Augnst 7, 181H; married Eunice, daughter of Rev. Ben- 
ajah Pratt of Belfast. I[e settled on a farm in his native 
town. He was deeply interested in the cause of religion 
and respected by all who knew him for his genial disposi- 
tion and integrity of character. He died June 14, 1859, 

Their children, born in Bowdoin : 

842 I. t^DWiN Charles^ born March 6, 1841 ; married Hattie 
R. Smith. 

843. II. Sarah Jane* born October, 1843 ; married Charles 
Hall ; resided in Bungor, where she died. Oue child, Charles M. 
(Hall) born November 18, 1865. 

844 III. fWARREs p.* born October 5, 1845 ; married, first, 
Lois J. Fisher ; second, Ida F. Field. 

845 IV, Mary Augusta* born, 1S47: died, 1864. 

846 V. ^EhhA A.« born July 27, 1859 ; married, firsts Isaiah 
Merrifield ; second, J. Eben Butler. 

334. William*^ Douglass (Benjamin,* Job,' Elijah' 
John,^) brother of the preceding, born in Bowdoin .March 
31, 1821 : married, August 20, 1843, Roxcilla, daughter 
of Capt. James and Patience (Douglas) Rodick, born in 
Freeport August 15, 1825. They settled in Bowdoin 
where he died October 10, 1863. . His widow died July 
9, 1865. They were buried in the graveyard on Litchfield 

Their children, born in Bowdoin : 

847 I. Benjamin F.® born August 15, 1845; died May 18, 

848 II. tI>ANiEL A.« born April 22, 1847 ; married Mary Eliza 
Douglas. [850.] 


849 III. William Willis® born June 16, 1859. 

336. Benjamin Booker* Douglass (Benjamin,^ Job,* 
Elijah,'* John,^) brother of the preceding, born in Bowdoin 
December 10, 1825; married Rachel J. Bates. He set- 
tled near his father's residence in Bowdoin ; removed to 
Kichmond Villnge and finally removed back to Bowdoin, 
where he passed the remainder of his days. He was a 
farmer and shoemaker. He died July 6, 1862. 

Their children, born in Bowdoin : 

850 I. Mary Elizabeth** born August 7, 1847 ; married Dan- 
iel A. Douglass, [S48] ; secoud, Abizah Small. 

851 II. t^AMES Alexander* born April 24, 1849; married, 
first, Sarah Davis ; second, Georjria Lawrence. 

852 III. fFREDERiCK Bates® born April 16, 1851 ; man*ied 
Hester Robinson. 

853 IV. Rachel Jane* born November 24, 1853 ; married 
first, Peter Nelson ; second, Batchelder. 

854 V. jBenjamin Booker* born October 2, 1858; married 
Minnie S. Buker. 

364. Clarissa"^ Douglass (David,* Israel,® Elijah,* 
John,0 eldest daughter of Capt. David and Sally (Merry- 
mnn) Douglas, born in Harpswell December 29, 1803 ; 
married, February 2H, 1H28, Robert Merriman of Harps- 
well. They settled in Bowdoin, removed to Richmond 
and to Bowdoinham, where they both died. 

Their children: 

855 I. Isabella (Merriman) born in Harpswell November 14, 

856 II. David Douglas (Merriman) born in Harpswell Novem- 
ber 27, 1832 ; married, November 26. 1H59, Emeline Perkins of N. H. 
He is a tailor, also a trader at Headfield, where he resides. 

857 III. Eli (Merriman) born in Bowdoin June 14, 1837; 
married Almeda Gilinnn of Litchtield. He is Postmaster and trader at 
North Litchtield, where he resides. 


858 IV. Sarah J. (Merrimau) born in Bowdpin March 27, 
1836 She is engaged in a cloak and dress manufactory at Richmond. 

859 V. Frances (Merrirnan) born in Bowdoin February 9, 
1H38; married, 18G7, Charles Dunn of Portland. 

860 VI Susan A. (Merriman) born in Bowdoin July 14, 1841; 
married, 1864, Henry M. Gardiner of Richmond, where they reside. 
He is a harness maker. 

366. Jane"^ Douglass (David/ Israel,'^ Elijah,' John^) 
sister of the precedinji; and dauiJ[fiter of Capt. David and 
Sally (Merriman) Douglas, born in Harps well June 15, 
1809: naarried, Auj^ust '26, Nehemiah, son of Nehemiah. 
and Jane ^Alexander) Curtis of llarpswell, born there 
Au<j;ust 18, 1807. Settled in his native town, removed to 
Bowdoin previous to 1835, where he still resides. His 
wife died October 1, 1852. 

Their children : 

861 I. Samuel E. (Cyurti«) born in Harps well November 20, 
1838 ; married Elizabeth L. Goud. He is a carpenter • resides in 

862 II. Robert M. (Cnrtis) born in Bowdoin June 13, 1835; 
married Sarah J. Bibber: carpenter; resides in Harpswell. 

863 HI. Nehemiah (Cmtis) born in Bowdoin July 5, 1S38; 
married Rachel H. Bubier ; resides in Bowdoin. 

864 IV. David K. (Curtis) born in Bowdoin July 3, 1841; 
married Eliza F. Dantbrth ; resides in Lisbon. 

865 V. Joseph P. (Cintis) born in Bowdoin Jjinuary 8, 1843 ; 
married Rosilla Dunhjun ; fanner; resides in Litchfield. 

866 VI. George S. (Curtis) born in Bowdoin November 23, 
1844; married Alice Smith. He works in the Worumbo Mills at 
Lisbon Falls, where he resides. 

368. Delight' Douglass (David,* Israel,^ Elijah,* 
John,') sister of the precedinji;, born in Harpswell June 
30, 1813, married, December 10, 1832. Simuel, son of 
Thomas and Ksther Longley, born August 30, 1813 ; 
farmer; settled in Green, then removed to Leeds; now 
resides in Green. 


Their children, born in Green : 

867 !• Thomas Henkt (Loiigley) born May 28, 1834; married 
Eleanor Skinner. He 18 a harness manufacturer in Lewiston, where 
he resides. 

868 ir. Sarah Jank (Lonj^ley) born Auorust 20, 1S37; mar- 
ried John H. Hodgkins; was a farmer and resided in Green, where lie 

869 III. William Edward (Lon^ley) born July 25, 1839; 
married Augusta Thompson. He follows fanning for a business in his 
native town. 

870 IV. George Earl (Longley) born July 21, 1841 ; mnr- 
ried Susan Thompson. He is a farmer and resides in Green ; died 
April, 1875. 

871 V. Esther Ann (Longley) born April 20, 1847 ; she mar- 
ried Wilber F. Mower of Green, where they reside on a farm. 

3lS6. Julia Ann Douglass'^ (William,^ Elij Ui,'^ Eli- 
jah,' John,'y daughter of William and Mary (Sinnort) 
Donglas, born in Harpswell October 14, I82ii , married, 
December 15, 1847, Jotham R. Chipraan. They reside 
at Bncksport Centre. * 

Their children, born in Hurksj)ort : 

872 I. Isaiah Lewis (Chipman) born September 15, 1S48. 

873 II. William Uich (Chipman) born October 14, 1850; 
died November 2, 1852. 

874 III. (George William (Chipman) born November 2, 1S54 ; 
married, May 28, 1879, Lida E. Hopkins. 

875 IV. Mary Sinnett (Chipman) born February 11,1^57; 
died November 11, 1861. 

87j> V. Stephen Franklin (Chipman) born January 16, 1860. 

877 VI. Julia Rich (Chipman) born September 16. 1^64. 

878 VII. Ann Howard (Chipman) born September 1, 1S67. 

387. CAPr. William' Douglass (William,^' Elij 'h,^^ 
Elijah,*^ John,') brother of the preceding and son of Wil- 
liam and Vlary (Sinnott) l)«)Ji^Ias, born in Backs[)ort April 
12, 1825; married, April 12, 1846, Thankful W. Hinks, 


born February 26, 1827. He followed the sea for a liv- 
ing. He died in Plnladelphia November 1, 18^5. 

Children, born in Backsport : 

879 L Stowkrs Arky* born December 11^ 1847; married. 
May, 1869, SopliiJi A. Hui»t of Now York city. She died March 12, 

880 II. William Warren* born July 30, 1854 y married, Oct, 
26, 1874, Liz2de Maria, dan<jfhter of David ar.d Dorothy Atwt)od. 

881. III. Frank PiEuCB« born November 23, 1S59. 

882 IV. George HiNKLEY« born June 13, 1868. 

392. Mary Jane' Douglass (William,* Elijah,^ Eli- 
jah,'"' John,') sister of the preceding and daughter of Wil- 
liam and Mary (Sinnott) Douglass, born in Bucksport 
February 23, 1840; married, October 18, 1857, William 
Williams. He is a farmer and resides in Bucksport. » 

Their children, born in Bucksport, are : 

883 I. Mary Ella (Williams) born August 30, 1858 ; died May 
13, 1H67. 

884 11. William Albert (Williams) born Decen lei4, 1860, 

885 m. Mary Abby ('Williams) born August 9, 1862. 

886 IV. Harrikt Elizabeth (Williams) born February 6, 

407. John William"^ Douglass (Isaac,* Elijah,'^ Eli- 
jah,*^ John,M son of Isuac and Mary (Pinkham) Douglas, 
born in Harpswell August 3, 1829; married, December 
22, 1850, Martha C. Randall, daughter of William and 
Hannah Randall, born December 11, 1831. He resides 
near his father's homestead in Harpswell. He followed 
fishing for a business. He died January 29, 1889. 

Their children, born in Harpswell : 

887 I. Albert Henry® born June 28, 1851 ; died November 
15, 1852. 

888. II. Harriet Randall® born September 29, 1853. 


889. III. William Randall^ born Angunt 16, 1855 ; died 
August 28, 1865. 

890 IV. Charles I^isiiop'* born May 22, 1858. 

891 V. Alonzo Campbell^ born November 8i), 1860. 

892 VI. Mauy Pinkiiam* born Maivh 24, 1862. 

898 VII. Hannah Handall** bom November 19, 1804. 

894 Vlll. Jennie Blake« born June 12, 1869. 

408. Daniel K.' Docglass (Ismic,* Klijah,^ Elijah^ 
John,') brother of the precediiij^: and son of Isrtac and 
Mary (Pinkham) Douglas, born in Harpswell December 
16, 1H3(); married, December 26, 1856. Deborah .'\. Ran- 
dall, born September 22, 183-i. He, like his brother, fol- 
lows the fishinjjj bnsin<»8s and resides in the same house 
with his brother,* John VV., on Harpswell Neck. Tlieir 
house commands the view of Casco Bay and is a delightful 

Their children, born in Harpswell, are: 

895 I. Albert H.* boru August 5, 1859. 

896 II. Frank K.« born October 1, 1861. 

897 IIL Isaac* born .Jul v 28, 1863. He died in Harpswell 
September 13, 1886. 

420. Isaac Hugh** DoroLAss (Isaac,* John,'^ Elijah,' 
John,^) son of Isaac and Abigail (Webber) Douglas, born 
in Harpswell April 26, 1851 ; married, April 26, 1879, 
Etta Martha Taylor of Vassalboro, daughter of Amos and 
Harriet P. Ta>lor. They reside at Lisbon Falls. 11« is 
pressman in the Worumbo Mills. 

Their children r 

898 L Mabel Albertina bom January 17, 1880; died July 5, 

899 II. Cora Ei>ith born December 9, 1882 ; died January 22, 

421. Deanna"^ Douglass (Waitstill Webber,* John,* 
Elijah,''' John,) daughter of Waitstill W. and Jane (Day) 


Douglass; was born in Durham January 17, 1842; mar- 
ried, March 1812, Alden Moulton of Green; farmer; re- 
sides on her father's homestead in Wales. 

One child : 

900 Waitstill Douglass Moulton, born in Wales March 17, 

423. Orlando Kellog^ Douglass (Waitstill Web- 
ber* John,'^ Elijah," John,*) brother of the preceding ; was 
born in Durham August 30, 1846 ; married, January 1, 
1872, Cynthia R., daughter of Capt, George T. and Char- 
lotte J. Howe of Green. He is a house carpenter; they 
reside in Lewiston. 

Their children : 

901 I. Harky Elmer born at Walpole, Maas., December 14, 
1873 ; died in Lewiston April 11, 1881. 

902 II. Myra C. born in Lewiston Angust 7, 1876. 

903 III. Fred Evans born in Lewiston June 2, 1882. 

424. George Emery^ Douglass (Waitstill W.,'^ 
John,^ Elijah,^ John') brother of the preceding and son 
of Waitstill W. and Jane (Day) Douglass ; was born April 
28, IS50; mrirried. May 9, 1876, Ella B., daughter of 
Furber and Betsey liibby of Wales. Mr. Douglass is a 
carpenter and resides in Waterville. 

Their children : 

904 L Dana C. born in Wales February 2, 1877. 

905 II. Bkrtie F. born in Winslow September 2, 1878 ; died 
September 5, 1880. i 

906 III. Frank L. born in Waterville December 19, 1S81. 

433. Lydia^ Douglass (Ephriam,'* John,'"^ Johti,'^ 
John,^) daughter of Ephriam and Deborah (Haskins) 
Douglas, born in Grafton April 30, 1817 ; married at Sand- 
wich, Mass., July 25, 1845, George W. Marsh, glass blow- 


er. They resided at Sandwich New Bedford and several 
other places in Massachusetts, where he worked at his 
trade. Mrs. Marsh died in Somerville, Mass,, May 15, 

Their children, born in Sandwich, Mass. : 

907 I. Nettie G. (Marsh) bora May 6, 1846 ; married in Bos- 
ton, September 12, 1875, George Emery. They reside in Boston. 

908 II. George W. (Marsh Jr.) born February 14, 1849 ; died 
in Philadelphia February 14, 1862. 

909 III. Isadora F. (Marsh) born June 6, 1851 ; died in 
Sandwich November 25, 1857. 

429. Deborah'^ Douglass (Ephriam,* John,"* John,'^ 
John,^) son of Ephriam and Deborah (Haskins) Douglass; 
born in Grafton, N. H., February 7, 1810; married 
Robert Clark. They settled in Middleborough, Mass. 

Their children : 

909^ I. Mary R. (Clark) born in Plymouth December 30, 
1832 ; married John K. Robinson. 

910 II. Sarah R. (Clnrk) born in Plymouth August 6, 1837; 
married Elijah N. Osborn. They reside in Brockton, Mass. 

911 III. Deborah F. (Clark) born in Middleboro, Mass., Nov. 
27, 1838; married Henry A. Eaton. 

912 IV. Hattie C. (Clark) born in Middleboro April 12, 1841; 
died February 25, 1870. 

913 •V. Alice H. (Clark) born in Middleboro December 14, 
1842 ; married George B. Whitmarsh. 

914 VI. Helen M. (Clark) born in Middleboro September 1, 
1845 ; died August 4, 1870. ^ 

915 VII. Robert R. (Clark) born in Middleboro December 
14, 1847; man-ied Sarah Thayer. 

434. Hannah^ Douglass (Ephriam,^ John,^ John,^ 
John,^ daughter of Ephriam and Deborah (Haskins) 
Douglas, born in Plymouth, Mass. : married in Killingly, 
Conn., August 21, 1842, John K. Robinson , they resided 
in Pawtucket, R. I., until November 1842, when they 


sailed for Europe, where they arrived and resided with hisi 
parents two years, then returned to America and resided 
several years in Charlestown, Boston and East Boston, 
where he worked at his trade, house and sign painting. 
He subsequently removed to Franklin, Mass., where they 
resided twenty years. Mrs. Robinson died in Franklin, 
April, 1859. Mr. R. married, second, Mary R. Chirk of 
Middleborouf^h, Mass.; 1870 removed to Medway, Mass. 
Children born in Franklin, except oldest, who was 
born in Boston : 

916 I. Jane K. (Robinson) born December 27, 1846 ; marned 
Charles Grant ; reside in Medway, Mass. 

917 II. John Quincy (Robinson) born August 11, 1848. 

918 III. William George (Robinson) born in 1850. 

919 IV. Charlks Furgus (Robinson) born in 1852. 

920 V. Colin CAkPBELL (Robinson) born in 1854. 

921 VI. Mary H. (Robinson) born in 1856. 

922 VII. Robert Davis (Robinson) born July 27, 1857. 

4r35. Elijah W.^ Douglass (Ephriara,^ John,^ John,^ 
John,^; son of Ephriam and Deborah (Haskins) Douglas, 
born in Plymouth, Mass., October 5, 1822 ; married, Octo- 
ber 22, 1846, Mehitable C, daughter of John and Mehita- 
ble (Elliot) Douglass [440] born in Grantham, N. H., 
December 22, 1817. He settled in Middleborough, Mass.; 
his wife died in Carver, Mass. 

Their children, born in Middleborough, Mass : 

^23 I. Elijah Elliot^ born July 18, 1847 ; married October 
25, 1868, Mary Sherman. "^ 

924 One child, Elliot S., born November 30, 1874. 

925 II. Albert Fkekman^ born August 19, 1850; married, 
January 5, 1870, Nellie W. Sherman. 

926 One child, Freeman W., born December 12, 1872. 

927 III. tE* IZA Ellen, born August 5, 1852 ; married Fred- 
erick Pratt. 

928 IV, Henry Howard^ born July 3, 1855. 


929 V. Mercy Jane« born September 8, 1858. 

436. Luther'^ Douglass (Kphriam,'* John,' John,^ 
John,*) brother of the preceding, born in Plymouth, Mass., 
July 18, 1826; married, first, Lucy S. Gibbs, born in 
Sandwich, Mass., September 25, 1824. He followed the 
sea twenty-four years of the early part of his life. He 

.then bought a farm in the town of Carver, where he re- 
sided and worked farming. His wife died in West Sand- 
wich, June 26, 1869. He married, second, November, 
1870, Mrs. Abba J. (Hamblin) Dunham. He resided on 
a farm at Monument Pond ; removed and now lives at 
Sagamore, Mass.; married for his third wife, October 17, 
1889, Mrs. Jane E. (Marsh) Allister, daughter of Rev. 
Joseph Marsh of Sandwich, Mass. 

Children by first wife, born in Sandwich : 

930 I. fLuTBER Anderson^ born July 25, 1847 ; maiTied, June 
1, 1878, Ella Brewer. 

931 II. Ansel Gibbs® born June 18, 1849; married in 
Plymouth, 1871, Anna Vaughn ; married, second, Mary Blaisdell of 
Lincoln, Mass.. where they reside on a farm. 

932 One child, Rosella,® born August 2, 1877. 

933 III. fFRANK Millard® born July 25, 1851 ; married Jose- 
phine N. Foley. 

934 IV. t^^HARLES Everett® born September 27, 1853; mar- 
ried Ella Gibbs. 

935 V. Ella Jane® born July 27, 1855; mamed William H. 
Brett. She died in Deei-field, N. H., November 5, 1882. 

936 VI. t^ARY Martha® born October 18, 1858; married 
Charles Sherman. 

437. Freelove E.* Douglas (John,* John,* John,^ 
John,^) eldest daugliter of John and Mehitable (Elliot) 
Douglas, born in Grantham, N. H., February 13, 1808; 
married, December 4, 1828, Nathan Mace, born in Tukes- 
bury, Mass., May 24, 1801. He was a farmer and settled 
in Hartland, Vermont, where he resided until his death, 


which occurred May 8, 1869 ; his widow lives with her 
brother William at Maidstone, Vt. 

Their children, born in Hartland, Vt.: 

937 L Elizabeth (Mace) born September 11, 1829; married 
William Clark, a farmer p he resided in Woodstock until his death. 

938 II. Nathan (Mace) born January 5, 1833; married Fran- 
ces Perking; he resides at Lancaster, N. H. ; she died November 18^ 

939 III. Clarissa (Mace) born June 20, 184G ; married Nor- 
man A. Jenks ; they reside in Orange, Michigan. 

940 IV. Dakiel (Mace) born November 14, 1847 ; died Octo- 
ber 14, 1852. 

438. Sarah"^ Douglass (John,"* John,^ John,^ John,*) 
sister of the preceding, born in Grantham, N. H., March 
1, 1813; married, May, 1843, Calvin, son of Caleb and 
Deborah (Harlow) Raymond, born February, 1793; they 
settled in Plymouth, Mass., where they resided until after 
the year 1854. They removed to Hyde Park and to Wal- 
pole, Mass. He died September 8, 1867 ; she died at 
Walpole about 1886. 

Their children, born in Plymouth, Mass.: 

941 I, Sarah Viola (Raymond) born April 5, 1849 ; married 
George A. Pierce; she died of consumption September 10, 1872, at 
Hyde Park. 

942 II. Dora Amanda (Raymond) born September 22, 1851 ; 
married Martin S. Smith. 

943 III. Samuel Turner (Raymond) borja March 3, 1854. 

439. JoHN^ Douglass (John,"* John,^ John,^ John,^) 
brother of the preceding, born in Grantham, N. H., Au- 
gust 9, 1814; married, September 19, 1842, Cynthia, A., 
daughter of Warren and Rhoda Douglas [1001]. He 
settled in Hartland. Vt., where he resided nine years, and 
in March, 1852, removed to Northumberland, N. H., where 
he remained one year ; then he bought a farm of one 


hundred and thirty acres in the town of Lancaster, N. H. 
In 1859 he removed back to Hartland. In IH70 he re- 
moved and settled on a farm in Reading, Windsor County, 
Vermont, where he resided until his death. He and his 
wife died in 1887. There were only fifteen days between 
their deaths. 

Their children : 

944 I. Seth* l>orn in Hartland, Vt., January 7, 1844; died^ 
there January 14, 1844. 

945 II. IAlonzo* born in Hartland November 29, 1844 ; mar- 
ried Emma Evens. 

946 111. t^ANCY Amanda* born in Hartland Aagnst 7, 1846; 
inan'ied Levi Bishop. 

947 IV. John Wakickn^ born in Hartland December 27, 1847 ; 
died December 2i>, 1867, of heart disease. 

948 V. tl^HODA Mehitable* born in Hartland September 25, 
1850; married Lyman B. Stoddard. 

949 VI. t Addib Bestey*^ bom in Northnmberland, N. H., July 
1, 1852 ; married Franklin Stoddard. 

9oO VII. Reuben Seth^ born in Lancaster, N. H., November 
16, 18o3. 

951 Vlll. fANSEL MoRKis* born in Lanca&terMarch 19, 1856 ; 
tnamed^ February 9, 1876, Arvilla Davis, of Hartland, Vt. 

952 IX. Melvin Philander* born iu Lancaster April 13, 1858. 

953 X. Cynthia Adeija* t>orn m Hartland January 20, 1860 ; 
married, George W. Mathews oi Grandville, Vt ; he is a blackwnith. 

954 One child, (Mathew) born October 19, 1878. 

955 XL Maky Etta« born in Hartland January 31, 1862. 

956 XI I. Charles Lincoln^ born in Hartland November 5, 

441. Reuben'^ Douglass (John/ John,*^ John,- John,') 
brother of the preceding, born in Grantham, N. H., April 
9, 1820 ; married, Angust 18, 1844, Catherine A. Thomas^ 
born March 25, 1821. They settled in school district No, 
14, in the town of Woodstock, Vt.; he was a prosperous 


farmer; he resided in Woodstock, Vt., where he died 
February 13, 1882. 

Their children, born in Woodstock, Vt.: 

957 L Mary DiANTHA* born August 18, 1846; married, De- 
cember 11, 1872, Ansten Kiug&ley Leach; he \» a fanner and resides 
in Woodstock, Vt. 

958 II. tJurJA Maria* born September 29, 1849; married 
Augustus. P. Whitney. 

959 III. Kate Merc a® born June 4, 1852; married' Walter 
P. Darling. 

960 One child, Walter E. (Darling) born February 12, 1882. 

961 IV. Frank LEgLiE** born September 19, 1856; married, 
August 26, 1883, Nellie Moore. They reside at Cleveland, Ohio ; 
they have two children, biiths and names not received- 

442. William^ Douglass (John,^ John® John,^ 
John,') brother of the preceding, born in Hartland, Vt., 
January 23, 1827; married, first, February 22, 1851, 
Amanda Maria Douglas [458J. She died of consumption 
in Northumberland, N. H., June 11, 1853. He married, 
second, August 17, 1853, Hannah Stone, born in Lances- 
ter, N. H. Mr. Douglass is a prosperous farmer and re- 
sides at West Concord, Vt. 

Their children : 

962 I. t^ARiA A., born in Northumberland, N. H., May 17, 
1852 ; married Henry D. Underwood. 

Children of second wife : 

963 II. Albert L., born September 29, 1854 ; married, Decem- 
ber 3, 1881, Hattie Sanderson. 

964 III. Chari^s Henry, born July 24, 1856 ; married, No- 
vember 20, 1883, Carrie J. Taylor. 

964^ One child. Pearl (Taylor) born February, 1887. 

965 IV. Frank L., born April 18, 1858; married, June 24, 
1882, Maggie M. Mitchell. 

965^ One child, Abbie, born May 6, 1883; 

966 V. William Edward, born April 27, 1860; mamed, De- 
cember, 1885, Bessie E. Buchanan ; resides at West Concord, Vt 


966^ One child, Hattie E., born April 20, 1887. 

967 VI. Floka D., born May 22, 1863 ; manied, May 6, 1881, 
Frank F. Reed, farmer; she died June 16, 1884. 

968 Vri. Mary L., horn February 17, 1865 ; marned Williana 
E. Ball; resides at West Concord, Vt. 

969 VIII. Waltkr, born February 1, 1867. 

970 IX, HUBKKT, twin, born in 1871. 

971 X. Herbert, twin, born in 1871. 

972 XL Blanch, born June 6, 1875. 

973 XII. Bertha A., born in Concord, Vt., May 20, 1878. 

443. William*^ Douglas (Earl,'* John,'* John,*- John,') 
son of Earl and Mary (Raynols) Douglas, born in Augus- 
ta, Maine, August 14, 18:^0: married, May 20, 1845, 
Mary Clark Vaughn. He followed the sea for a living; 
on his way home from the Grand Banks, August, 1850, 
was drowned. 

Their children, horn in Plymouth, Mass : 

974 I. t^ i'''-»AM L.,® born August 22, 1845 ; married, Sep- 
tember 6, 1868, Naomi Augusta Terry. ^ 

975 II. IMary Annie,* born March 26, 1847 ; married Frank 
L. Moor. 

967 III. Maggie P.,« born August 5, 1848. 

977 IV. Hattie P.,® born February 5, 185J; married, July 
18, 1874, Sidney L. Morse ; they reside at Brockton. 

445. Eliza*^ Douglass (Earl,* John,^ John,^ John,^) 
sister of the preceding and daughter of Earl and Mary 
(Reynolds) Douglass, born in Au«i:usta, Maine, March, 
1824; married, January, 1847, Allen, son of Calvin and 
Polly Raymond, born Decembc»r. 18*23, They settled and 
always resided in Plymouth, Mass., where she died 185L 

978 I. Allen Lewis (Haymond) born in 1847. 

979 II. Eliza Frances (Raymond) born in Plymouth, Mass., 
October 1851 ; died tliere 1872. 

447. Luther^ Douglass (Warren,^ Johii,^ John,'^ 
John,0 son of Warren and Rhoda (Thrasher) Douglas, 


born in Plymouth, Mass., October 13, 1810 ; married, 
April 16, 1834, Eliza Storms, born June 19, 1814. At 
the age of four years he, with his father's family, removed 
to the State of New York, where he resided until he was 
twenty-four years old. In 1853 he removed to Almond, 
Portage County, Wisconsin, where he has since lived; he 
has always followed farming. 

Their children, all born in Taberg, Oneida County, 
N. Y., except the youngest : 

980 1. Maria S.,« born March 6, 1835. 

981 II. Theodore,'* born April 28, 1836 ; died June 20, 1836. 

982 III. IThkodore Warken,* born September 3, 1838; mar- 
ried Mary Ann Wannastrand. 

983 IV. LoDiAO,» born December 29, 1839. 

984 V. CyHAKLES Albert,^ born August 27, 1843. He en- 
listed in the 2l.8t Regiment of Volunteers, Company C, Wisconsin, 
in the rebellion and died while in the army, April 12, 1863. 

985 VI. Franklin Jay, born November 11, 1846; died March 
13, 1847. 

9S6 VII. Emma Jane,« born October 16, 1849. 

987 VIIL Polly Adaline,« born March 8, 1850. 

988 IX. Franklin Jay,** born February 28, 1854. 

989 X. Lilla Ann,^ born in Almond, Wisconsin, January 24, 

448. Betsey^ Douglass (Warren,^ John"^ John,"^ 
John.^) daughter of Warren and Rhoda (Thrasher) Doug- 
las, born in Plymouth, Mass., September 13, 1812 ; mar- 
ried, December 25. 1833, Caleb, son of Hugh and Jerusha 
Evans, born in Paris, Oneida County, New York ; he was 
a farmer and settled in Amesville, N. Y. He died Janu- 
ary 9, 1853, on board the steamer Tennessee on her pas- 
sage to California. He was a worthy member of the 
Methodist church and much respected by those who knew 
him. His widow still resides at their old homestead. 

Their children, born in Amesville, N. Y.: 


990 I. Luther (Evans) born January 19, 1835; died Septem- 
ber 29, rssi. 

991 IL Warren Hugh (Evans) born March 12, 1836. 

992 III. Rhoda Jerusha (Evans) born March 26, 1838 ; mar- 
ried, June 24, 1854, Thomas B. Magood. 

993 IV. George Washington (Evans) born August 6, 1843; 
died, September 8, 1862, from the effect of a wound received at the 
battle of Bull Run. 

994 V. Emma Jank (Evans) born in Lee, N. Y., May 30, 1848; 
married, October 11, 1865, Alonzo Douglass. 

449. Warren'' Douglass (Warren/ John,^ John,^ 
John,') brother of the preceding and son of Warren and 
Rhoda (Thrasher) Douglas, born in Plymouth, Mass., July 
9, 1814; married, February 11, 1836, Sally Storms, born 
March 22, 1818. He is a farmer. 

Their children : 

995 I. Harriet^ born April 21, 1839 ; died April 22, 1839. 

996 II. Maynard H.« born October 11, 1840 ; died September 
11, 1841. 

997. III. fH^i^iET Amanda® boni December 2, 1843 ; married, 
July 1, 1861, Charles Wilson. 

998 IV. t Albert M.« bom February 5, 1847 ; married Clara C. 

999 V. Sarah A.® born November 12, 1848 ; married, January 
1, 1868, Almon Perkins. 

1000 VI. Jennie M.« born January 5, 1860. 

450. Nancy Swift^ Douglass (Warren/ John,^ 
John* John,^) sister of the preceding, born in Lee, N. Y., 
March 24, 1816 ; married, April 24, 1834, Charles Evans, 
a brother to her sister Betsey's husband, born March 11, 
1810. They settled and have since resided on a farm in 
Lee, Oneida County, New York ; they are members of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church and enjoy the esteem of 
their many friends where they reside. 

Their children, born in Lee, N. Y.: 


1001 I. Daniel Franklin (Evans) born November 15, 1837 ; 
married, August 15, 1862, Adelaide Tupper. 

1002 11. Nathan (Evans) born January, 1840 ; died Novem- 
ber 5, 1862. 

1003 III. Marian (Evans) born August 22, 1843 ; died same 

1004 IV. Eli Hugh (Evans) born December 1, 1847; died 
December 21, 1847. 

1005 V. Ai^EKT Melvin (Evans) born October 25, 1848 : died 
December 2, 1849. 

1006 VI. Charles Wellington (Evans) born Januaiy 11, 
1852 ; married. May 25, 1870, Adelia Lour. 

453. John Edwin^ Douglass (Warren,* John"* John,'^ 
John,0 brother of the preceding and son of Warren and 
Rhoda (Thrasher) Douglas, born in Amesville, Oneida 
County, N. Y., October 4, 1821 ; married, January 8, 
1842, Mary Chapman ; he enlisted in the War of the Re- 
bellion, was wounded in the battle at Fair Oaks and died 
June 1, 1862. 

Their children : 

1007 I. George Henry* born in Woodstock, Vt., September 

1008 II. Nancy* born about 1855. 

1009 III. Martha* born about 1857. 

1010 IV. Amy Cynthia* born about 1859. 

454. Philander^ Douglass (Warren,'* John, '^ John, ^ 
John,^) brother of the preceding and son of Warren and 
Rhoda (Thrasher) Douglas, born in Amesville, Oneida Co., 
N. Y.,July 8, 1823; married, July 6, 1843, Roxcinda 
Cornish, daughter of George and Mary (Setton) Cornish, 
born September 30, 1822. He is a farmer; he settled in 
Amesville, Oneida County, N. Y. By the birthplaces of 
his children it appears that he resided in four different 
towns in Oneida County. His wife died December 23, 


Their children : 

1011 I. Mary Jane*^ born in Amesville, Onedia County, N. Y., 
September \4, 1844. 

1012 II. George Warren^ born in Lee, Oneida County, N. Y., 
October 15, 1848 ; died January 12, 1853. 

1013 III. William Marcilous^ born in Camden, Oneida Co., 
N. Y., September 12, 1852 ; died May 8, . 

1014 IV. Franklix Porter® born in Floyd, Oneida County, 
N. Y., February 3, 1857. 

464. Abia'^ Douglass (George,^ John,^ John,^ John,^) 
eldest daughter of George and Eliza (Nightengale) Doug- 
las, born in Plymouth, Mass., February 2, 1822 ; married, 
February 18, 1839, Branch, son of Branch and Rebecca 
Pierce, born April 16, 1815. They settled in Plymouth, 
where they resided for several years and then removed to 
Rochester, Mass.. where she died October 20, 1848. 

Their children : 

1015 I. Branch Henry (Pierce) born in Plymouth, Mass., 
June 4, 1840; died in Plymouth June 2, 1844. 

1016 II. Maky Thomas (Pierce) born in Plymouth January 8, 
1842; married January 8, 1859; died February 11, 1865. 

1017 III. Caroline Elizabeth (Pierce) born in Rochester, 
Mass., February 10, 1845; died there October 7, 1850. 

1018 IV. Branch Henry (Pierce) born in Rochester, February 
4, 1848; married November 27, 1870. 

466. Eliza Ann*^ Douglass (George,^ John,s John,^ 
John,') sister of the preceding and daughter of George 
and Eliza Douglas, born at Half-way Pond, Plymouth, 
Mass., April 25, 1824 ; married, August 15, 1850, Charles 
Henry Winship, born January 1, 1821 ; they settled in 
Monument, Mass, In 1855 they moved to Grafton, N. 
H., and finally removed back to Monument, where he 
died, May 9, 1862. She married for her second husband, 
May 4, 1864, Moses Gibbs Bumpus, son of Edward and 


Lucy (Hill) Bumpiis, born in South Carver, Mass., July 
15, 182!? ; they reside in Monument, Mass. 

One child by first marriage : 

1019 1. Julia Ann (Winship) born in Monument April 5, 1851. 

468. Martha Pierce^ Douglass (George,^ John,'^ 
John,'^ Jdhn,^) sister of the preceding, born in Plymouth, 
Mass., June 10, 1828; married, first, February 11, 1846, 
Phineas Swift, born in Plymouth, Mass., April 14, 1823. 
He was a seaman and resided during the greater part of 
his life in his native town, where he died October 4, 1855. 
Mrs. Swift married, second, October 31, 1H58, John P. 
Barrows. He is a farmer and they reside at East Ware- 
ham, Mass. 

Children, all by first husband, born in Plymouth, ex- 
cept eldest : 

1020 I. Sarah Frances (Swift) born in Sandwich, Mass., Dec. 
14, 1846 ; married, 1864, William Manter, son of Prince and Lydia 
(Douglas) Manter of Plymouth. 

1021 11. Nehemiah Gipson (Swift) born July 21, 1848; he is 
a moulder by trade. 

1022 III. Ellen Maria (Swift) born October 14, 1851 ; mar- 
ried, 1869, Daniel Nickerson of Nova Scotia; she died November 29, 
1873 and was buried in Plymouth. 

1023 IV. Ruth Bbiant (Swift) born November 8, 1852. 

1024 V. Phineas (Swift) born November 20, 1854. 

469. Maria E.^ Douglass, (George,^ John,^ Johu,^ 
John,^) sister of the preceding born in Plymouth, Mass., 
July 26, 1834; married, February 16, 1854, Abner Ellis, 
son of Bartlett and Maria Ellis of West Sandwich, Mass., 
where he was born March 12, 1829. He is a farmer and 
settled in his native town ; then moved to Monument, 
Mass. He subsequently returned to West Sandwich, 
where they have since resided. Mr. Ellis died May 12, 


Their children, all born in West Sandwich, except 
the third : 

1025 I. Emily Frances (Kills) born January 23. l8o8. 

1026 11. Lizzie Jennettb (Ellis) born August 26, 1859» 

1027 III. WiNFiELD Everett (Ellis) born in Monument, Mass., 
May 25, 1866. 

1028 IV. Rebecca Rowland (Ellis) born May 22, 1869. 

1029 V. Franklin Bartlett (Ellis) born March 9, 1872. 

470. Andrew Jackson*^ Douglass (George,^* John,'^ 
John,'^ John,*) brother of the preceding and son of George 
and Eliza (Nightenjjfail) Douglas, born in Plymouth, Mass., 
December 13, 1835; married, December 11, 1865, Pris- 
cilla H. Manter, daughter of William and Huldah R. 
(Raymond) Manter, born January 4, 1847 ; he is a farmer 
and resides on the same farm that his grandfather and 
father owned and occupied in Plymouth. 

Their children, born in Plymouth, Mass.: 

1030 I. Clarabel May« born September 13,, 1866. 

1031 II. Lillian Eliza® born November 10, 1865. 

1032 III. George Alfred^ born March 26, 1872. 

473. Jesse P.^ Douglass (Joshua,* John,^ John/^ 
John,0 eldest son of Joshua and Mary S. (Pierce) Doug- 
las, born in Plymouth, Mass., July 24, 1814 ; married, Jan- 
uary 24, 1839, Roxanna Manter. In his younger days he 
followed fishing at the Banks for several years ; later he was 
engaged in the oyster business. He died at his home in 
East Wareham, October 15, 1889. 

Their children: 

1033 I. Roxanna F.® bom November 11, 1840; married, 
1864, J. H. Burgess ; she died in 1882. 

1034 11. tJji^'^SE P.* born December 5, 1845; married Maria 

1035 III. Susan F.* born January 5, 1852; married Elliot 
Blackwel) of Bourne, Mass., where they reside. 

1036 IV. Nancy M»« born October 16, 1857; married, first. 


White; second, Win. Ackerman ; they reside at Stoughton 

Center, Mass. 

474. Elisha^ Douglas (Joshua/ John,'* John,'^ John') 
brother of the preceding, born in Plymouth, Mass., 
August 12, 1816; married, December 31, 1840, Susan P. 
King, daughter of William and Huldah (Battles) King, 
born July 23, 1821. At the age of seventeen he went 
cod-fishing, which business he followed twenty-seven sum- 
mers ; he was engaged during the winter months in chop- 
ping cord wood, having chopped two thousand cords ; he 
has killed seventy-five deer in the Plymouth woods ; he 
had a pleasant residence near the Half-way Pond in 
Plymouth, where he lived until November, 1873, when he 
and his family removed and settled in Plymouth Village; 
he died at his home March 26, 1889. The following card 
was published and forwarded to friends and relatives : 

In loving memory of 

Elisha Douglas. 

Died March 26, 1889, 
Aged 72 years, 7 mos., 14 days. 

a precious one from us has gone, 
A voice we loved is stilled ; 
A place is vacant in our home 
Which never can be filled. 
God in his wisdom has recalled 
The boon his love has given, 
And though the body slumber here 
The soul is safe in Heaven. 

Their children, born in Plymouth. Mass: 

1037 I. Susan M.« born October 14, 1841 ; died in Plymouth 
August 13, 1844. 

1038 II. tEMiLYS.« born November 14, 1843; married Pel- 
ham Sampson. 

1039 III. Ellen D.« born December 25, 1846; married, Nov. 
2, 188o, Jahaziel J. Howard of Fair Haven, Mass. Mr. Howard has 
spent twenty-lour years of his life in China where he was engaged in 


the commission business, with which he is still connected* They re 
side with Mrs. Howard's mother at Plymouth, Mass. 

1040 IV. tKLiSHA T. P.« born October 22, 1851 ; married, 
April 14, 1873, Evvie A. Barrett ; married, second, Annie lieamy. 

475. William Manter Douglas (Joshua/ John,^ 
John,' John,') brother of the preceding, born in Plymouth, 
Ma>s.5 March 15, 1819 ; married, March 28, 1847, Sarepta 
Pierce, daughter of Dennis and Melintha Pierce of Roch- 
ester, Mass., born there June 18, 1828. In 1847 he 
bought a farm in Rochester, for which he paid the sum of 
three hundred and fifty dollars. The house was so dihipi- 
dated that it had to be taken down and another built in 
its place ; he works on his farm and a portion of the time 
in a stave mill ; he is an honest, upright man and is much 
esteemed in the community where he lives. 

Children born in Rochester, Mass.: 

1041 I. t^LARA F.6 born April 23, 1851 ; married, July 24, 
1869, Thomas W. Gault. 

1042 II. JosHCA E.* born June 18, 1855; married, December 
25, 1878, Ida M. Pierce ; he works in a nail factory in Rochester, 

1042^ One child, Mabel F., born February 15, 1881. 

1043 IIL tMARiA L.* born January 31, 1857 ; married, first, 
Frank VV. Ryan ; second, Albert W. West. 

1044 IV. Julia E.*' born January 13, 1863; married, Novem- 
ber 23, 1881, Edward F. Handy, Jr. 

1045 One child, Sarah E. (Handy) born June 4, 1882. 

476. Mary^ Douglass (Joshua,^ John,** John,'^ John,^) 
sister of the preceding and only dau{j:hter of Joshua and 
Mary S. Pierce Uauij;la8, born in Plymouth, Mass., May 
16, 1822; married, December 31, 1839, the Hon. Thomas 
Pierce, son of Thomas and Nancy (Freeman) Pierce, born 
in West Wareham, Mass., May 25, 1820. When a lad 
he learned the trade of making nails. In 1837 he went 
to Half-way Pond, so called, in the town of Plymouth, 


where he learned to make nail casks and subsequently set 
up in the business for himself, which he continued to fol- 
low until within a few years, acquirinjj; a handsome fortune 
and givin.a: employment to a large number of men in that 
vicinity. In 1851 he received the appointment of Justice 
of the Peace, which commission has been renewed as 
often as it run out, up to the present time. In 1863 h* 
was elected to represent his {own in the State Legislature 
which office he filled so satisfactorily that he was re-elected 
the following year. He is a professor of religion and an 
exhorter of much worth and ability : he now resides at 
Plymouth Village. 

Their children, born in Plymouth, Mmss.: 

1046 L Jkkard (Pierce) born Febrimry 20, 1845; died Feb- 
ruary 20, 1845. 

1047 II. Mary S. (Pierce) born October 6, 1846; married, 
January 24, 1866, Coleman B. Chandler. 

1048 III. Philip H. W. (Pierce) born April 18, 1848; mar- 
ried, November 16, 1871, Laura L. Washburn ; they resided in East 
Wareham, where he died October 20, 1877. 

1049 IV. Laura A. (Pierce) born November 12, 1850; mar- 
ried, January 2, 1871, Thomas G. Savery ; they reside in their native 

1050 V. Sahah T. (Pierce) born March 8, 1853. 

1051 VI. (v'harles M. (Pierce) born July 3, 1856. 

1052 VIL Thomas J. (Pierce) born January 4, I860; died 
July 17, .1862. 

1053 VIII. Nelue a. C. (Pierce) born December 1, 1867. 

477. Nathan King^ Douglass (Joshua/ John,'^ John^ 
John,^) brother of the preceding, born in Plymouth, Mass., 
December 24, 1824; married, November 28, 1851, Ange- 
line, daughter of Jonathan and Cynthia Thrasher, born 
April 10, 1832. Soon after their marriage he bought a 
farm in Plymouth, on which he lived a few years, but not 
liking farming for a business, he sold his farm and removed 


to Half-way Pond, where he resided in the house with his 
brother Warren and resumed his former occupation of 
sawing staves. In 1874 he built himself a house in 
Plymouth Village, where he resided until his death, which 
occurred February 21, 1885. 

Children, born in Plymouth, Mass. : 

1054 I. Nathan WiNSLOw* born January 22, 1852 ; married, 
September 7, 1881, Nellie Manter; resides at Plymouth. 

1065 11. Charles Eveuett,* born January 28, 1855; mar- 
ried, November 7, 1878, Mercy Holbrook. They reside at Plymouth. 

1056 III. Henry Lewis,* born May 28, 1868. 

1057 IV. Elmkr Ed^ard,« born February 9, 1871. 

478. Warren Southworth*^ Douglass (Joshua,* 
John,^ Joht),*^ John,^) brother of the preceding*, born in 
Plymouth, Mass., March 29, 1827; married, December 
14, 1854, Lydia W. Manter, daughter of Prince and Lydia 
(Douglas) Manter, born in Plymouth, Mass., November 21, 
1839. At the age of twenty-one he went to sea, which 
business he followed summers and during the winter 
months he stopped at home and worked in the stave mill. 
His leisure hours were devoted to hunting, trapping and 
fishing, which pursuit afforded him much enjoyment as 
well as some remuneration. His wife died at Half-way 
Pond, Plymouth, July 31, 1885. 

Their children, born in Plymouth : 

1058 I. James Warren,* born February 8, 1855; married, 
November 26, 1878, L. Ella Holmes, of Wareham, Mass. He died 
January 14, 1880. 

1059 II. Albert,* born June 1, 1857; died June 22, 1857. 

1060 III. William,* born September 18, 1859 ; died 

1061 IV. Lucy Elizabeth,* born October 22, 1862 ; married, 
March, 1880, Martin Powers, of Sandwich, Mass. 

1062 V. George F.,* born August 2, 1865 ; died August 14, 


1063 VL George Watson,« born December 22, 1868. Re- 
sides on the homestead. 

479. Martin Van Bdren^ Douglass (Joshua,^ John,"* 
John,^ John,^) brother of the preceding, born in Plymouth, 
Mass., February 9, 1837 ; married, April 14, 1858. Laura 
A. B. Swift, daughter of Isaac B. and Abigail N. (Ray- 
mond) Swift, born November 29, 1838; he settled on the 
old homestead in Plymouth, residing in the family with 
his father since his marriage ; he is engaged in farming 
and teaming ; he is a man of very steady and industrious 
habits and has laid by a few hundred dollars for old age ; 
he is kind and charitable to the needy and of a cheerful 
temperament ; his wife is justly entitled to be classed with 
the smart women of New England, as she picked with 
her hands, in one day, a barrel of cranberries. 

Thev have one child, born in Plymouth ; 

1064 Martin Alonzo, born January 31, 1866. 

480. Joshua Alonzo^ Douglass (Joshua,^ John,^ 
John,- John,'j brother of the preceding and youngest son 
of Joshua and Mary S. (Pierce) Douglas, born in Plymouth, 
Mass., December 4, 1840 ; married, February 23, 1868, 
Lucy P. Raymond ; they i-eside in Plymouth Village, 
where he is janitor at the Court House. 

Their children, born in Plymouth Mass.: 

1065 I. Alfred N., twin, born January 31, 1871. 

1066 II. Edward A., twin, born January 31, 1871. 
1066^ III. Howard Martin, born August 3, 1876. 

489. Harriet Groves'^ Douglass (Elisha,"* John,'^ 
John,'^ John/) eldest daughter of Elijah and Louisa (Free- 
man) Douglass; married, 1859, Ezra Freeman, farmer, 
born August 18, 1836. They reside at Red Oak, Iowa. 

Their children : 


1067 I. William (Freeman) born in Clintonville, N. Y., 
August 18; 1862 ; died September 7, 1862. 

106S II. Carrik Mat (Freemaa) born in Black River, N. Y., 
May 4, 1865. 

1069 III. AriHUR H. (Freeman) born in Black Eagle Point, 
111., November 20, 1868; died there July 24, 1869. 

1070 IV. Albert E. (Freeman) born at Red Oak, Iowa, Jan- 
uary 7, 1874; died August 14, 1874. 

491. Eliza Ajsn*^ Douglass (Elijah,^ John,"^ John,"^ 
John,^) sister of the preceding and daughter of Elijah and 
Louisa Douglass, born at Steens, N. Y., May 31, 1840; 
married, 1856, Harvey Stanton. 

Children : 

1071 I. John VVilror (Stanton) born in Lewis, N. Y., 1857. 

1072 II. William Wesley (Stanton) born in Franklin, N. Y., 

1073 III. Frederick (Stnntou) born in Franklin, 1867. 

1074 IV. Merritt (Stanton) born in Franklin, 1869. 

495. David Caswell^ Douglass (Absalom,* Elisha,'^ 
John,' John,0 son of Absalonn and Realfy (Caswell) Doug- 
lass, born in Shelba, Genesee Co., New York, November 
15, 1821 ; married, April 8, 1849, Maria Heath; he is a 
farmer and resides in Janesville, Minnesota. 

Their children, born in Wisconsin : 

1075 I. Mary O.,^ born in Walworth County, Wisconsin, 
February 6, 1850. 

1076 IL George E.,^ born in Waushara County, S^^ptember 6, 

1077 III. Carrie May,** born in Waushara County, August 14, 

496. John Brailey'* Douglass (Absalom,^ Elisha,'^ 
John/^ John,^) brother of the preceding and son of Absa- 
lom and Realfy (Caswell) Douglas, born in Shelba, Gen- 
esee County, New York, April 3, 1824 ; married, Novem- 
ber 25, 1846, Louisa Greeqslick. 


Their children : 

1078 I. Betsey L.,® born in Waushara County, Wisconsin, 
October 26, 1849. 

1079 II. Absalom G.,* born in Elysian, Minn., January 29, 

1080 III. John E.,« born in Elysian, January 20, 1860. 

1081 IV. Charles,® born May 2, 1862; died Apnl 28, 18— 

500. LocY Elizabeth*^ Douglass (Absalom/ Elisha,'* 
John,^ John,^) sister of the preceding, born in Monroe, 
State of Maine, July 17, 1830; married, December 29, 
1849, William Patching. 

Their children : 

1082 I. Realfy (Patching) born in Rossie, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., December 20, 1848. 

1083 II. Almira (Patching) born in Plainfield, Wis., Decem- 
ber 20, 1859. 

1084 III. Emily (Patching) born in Plainfield, Wis., August 
23, 1860. 

1085 IV. William A. (Patching) born in Plainfield, Wis., 
August 29, 1862. 

1086 V. Thomas P. (Patching) born in Janesville, Minn., 
November 23, 1865. 

501. Emily^ Douglass (Absalom,* Elisha,^ John,"^ 
John,*) sister of the preceding and daughter of Absalom 
and Realfy (Caswell) Douglas, born in Bakerfield, Vt., 
July 26, 1832; married, October 16, 1852, Andrew J. 

Their child cen : 

1087 I. Sarah E. (Patching) born in Waushara County, Wis., 
February 16, 1863. 

1088 II. Hiram P. (Patching) born in Waushara County, Jan- 
uary 22, 1866. 

502. HiRAM^ Douglass (Absalom,* Elisha,^ John,^ 
John,^) brother of the preceding and son of Absalom and 
Realfy (Caswell) Douglas, born in Dickinson, Franklin 


Counly, New York, January 22, 1835; married, Decem- 
ber 25, 1851, Elizabetli Jordan. 

Their children : 

1G89 L Albion,^ born in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wia., 
Maixjh 9, 1858> 

1090 ^ IL David,« twin, born in Plainfitild, March 16, 1861. 

1091 IIL Henry,* twin, born in Plainfield, March 16, 1861. 
■ 1092 IV. Mkkkilla,* born in Waseca County, Minn., Septeni* 

ber 21, 1863. 

1093 V, Rosella,* born in Hnml>olt, Iowa, December 20, 

1094 VI, Walter,* born in Hanibolt, January 14, 1874. 

503. Charlotte Adlea'^ Douglass (Absalom,* Eli- 
sha,^ John,"^ John,^) sister of the preceding, born in Dick- 
inson, Franklin County, New York, October 10, 1837; 
married, January 30, 1856, Rev. B. F. Kelley ; they reside 
at Waushara County, Wisconsin. 

Their children, all born in Waushara County, Wis- 
consin, except the youngest : 

1095 I. Laura A. (Kelley) born November 29, 1857. 

1096 II. L. R. (Kelley) born September 22, 1858. 

1097 III. Lucy A. (Kelley) born October 8, 1860. 

1098 IV. Mary E. (Kelley) born January 14, 1861. 

1099 V. Amanda A. (Kelley) born November 22, 1862. 

1100 VL Viola A. (Kelley) born March 6, 1864. 

1101 VII. Benjamin F. (Kelley) born in Lewiston, Minnesota, 
July 22, 1867. 

506. Sarah Ann^ Douglass (Absalom,^ Elish^,^ 
John,'^ John,^) sister of the preceding and daughter of 
Absalom and Realfy (Caswell) Douglas, born in Dickinson, 
Franklin County, New York, May 20, 1841 ; married, 
February 18, 1862, Charles H. Jordan; they settled in 
Okeaman, Waseca County, Minn.: removed to Janesville 
in same State. 

114 rifE mttJGLAs GEf(^AtaGrr 

Their ebildren : 

1102 I. CfiARLE9 E, (Joi'daft) twin In Waafeca Omtiity, Mfmr.^ 
December 1», 1863. 

Il6f3 IL AtiCEJ (Jm-dau) born in Wajjfeca Comity, Mtmi.t June 
1^, 1865. 

1104 III. TftftRSA L. (Jordan) bofn rn Janesville, Mirin.^ Feb- 
tttafy 24, 1871. 

1105 IV/ Lillian L. (Jordaft) bom fn Janesville, January 18^ 

549. Hankau'^ Douglass (Hiram Kassell/ Elisha,^ 
johti,*^ John,*) daughter of Hiram Russell and Fanny 
(Twambly) Douglas, born in Lowell, Maine, February 2\, 
1839 ; married, first, 1859, Alonzo Curtis j he was a farmer 
and resided in Lowell, where 'he died August 9, 1864; 
she married, second, April 28, 1866, Thomas K. McKinney 
who is also H farmer and resides in Lowell. 

Their children, all born in Lowell, Maine, by first 
husband : 

1106 L ttlRAM (Curtis) born July 4,1860? died August », 

1107 11 David (Curtis) born November 3, 1861; died Nov, 
l5i 1863. 

1108 IIL ALonzo (Curtis) born December 25, 1863; died 
March, 1864. 

Children by second marriage: 

1109 IV* Leforist (McKenney) born January 27, 1867. 

1110 V. Hiram W* (McKenney) born October 3, 1868. 

1111 VI. Fanny (McKenney) born August 3, 1869. 

1112 VIL Thomas K (McKenny) born June 27, 1872. 

650. BetseIt^ Douglass (Hiram Russell,^ Elisha,^ 
Johti,^ John,^) sister of the preceding, born in Lowell, 
February 2^ 1839; married, November 25, 1858, Phile- 
mon Curtis, a brother to Alonzo, her sister Hannah's first 
husband. He is a farmer and resides in Lowell. 


Their children, born in Lowell : 

1113 L Mary Jank (Curtis) born March 25, 1860. 

1114 II. Charles N*:Lson (Curtis) born May 13, 1862. 

1115 III. Horace (Cnrtis) bwn September 23^ 1864. 

1116 IV. lIiRAM Herbert (Curtis) bo4fl June ^ 1867. 

551. Calbert Daniel'^ Douglass (Hiram,,'* Elisha,^ 
John,'^ John,^) brother of the preceding and son of Hiram 
R. and Fanny (l^vambly) Douglas, born in Lowell^ Maine, 
Angiist 3, 1843; married, September, 1866, Lovina Mc- 
Henry, born in Lincoln, 1845 : he is a farmer and resides 
in th^ town of Lincoln, Maine. 

Their children, born in Lincoln: 

1117 I. Herbert Chandler® born June 8, 1868. 

1118 11. Gkoroe Christopher* born September 4, 1870. 

652. Mary Emily"^ Douglass (Hiram/ Elisha'^ John^ 
John,') sister of the preceding and daughter of Hiram and 
Fanny (Twambly) Douglas, born in Lowell, Maine, July 
4, 1847 ; married, July 27, 1868, Prince Albert Hall ; he 
is a farmer and resides in the town of Lincoln. 

Their children, born in Lincoln: 

1119 I. HiKAM Grant (Hall) born March 27, 1870» 

1120 11. Eugene (Hall) born October 4, 1872* 

556. Caroline S.^ Douglass (Barnabas N.,^ George,'^ 
George,*^ John,^) daughter of Barnabas N. and Phebe N* 
(Swift) Douglas, born in Rochester, Mass , August 8, 1830; 
married, January 2, 1853, Emery Cushman ; he was a 
box manufacturer at Acushnet, Mass., where they resided ; 
Mr. Cushman died April, 1884. 

Their children : 

1121 L Julia L. (Cushman) born in Providence, R. 1. Septenl- 
ber 25, 1853 ; married Mr. Gardiner ; she died January 6, 1887, leav- 
ids: one child. 


1122 11. CakrIE D. (Cofthman) Inyrii tn Providence, R. T.^ Oct 
25, 1856 ; mairiecl^ June, 188G, Silas Pq)e. 

1123 IlL Hewrt (Coshman) born in Acnpfhnet, Masa, Febru- 
afy 20, 1859 ; married, October 29, 1885, FraDtsea Rosffell Eldndgc of 
Aciishnet, Ifaoi. 

1124 IV, EMEEr (Cnshman) borD in Acosh net, October 13, 

560. Moses Swipt'^ Douglass (Barnabas N.,^ George* 
George,'^ Johti,^) brother of the preceding, born in Roches- 
ter, Mass.^ March 21, 1831 ; married, first, December 18, 
1864, Emeline F., daughter of Consider Smith of Acush- 
net, Mass. ,' she died in her native town December 10, 
1871. He married, second, September 14, 1873, Sylvia 
H. Stevens of Fairhaven, Mass. She died at Acushnet, 
January 14, 1885, 

Children by first wife, born in Acushnet, Mass.: 

1126 L Ecgar Emersok® born June 4, 1867. 

1126 II. Waltbk Franklin® born August 1869. 

Child by second marriage : 

1127 III. Mtrok Erlea born August 15, 1874. 

561. Caw. George H.^ Douglass, (Barnabas N.,* 
George,^ George,*'^ John,*) brother of the preceding ; 
born in Rochester, Mass., March 1, 1.837 ; married, Jan- 
uary 27, 1866, Jane M. Mendell. She died February 17, 
1873. He married for his second wife, August 25, 1879, 
Alice Estelle Lindsay. 

His boyhood was spent at home on the farm till the 
year 1854 : when seventeen years of age he sailed from 
New Bedford in the whale ship Roman, before the mast, 
in which he remained «ix years, returning home after the 
second voyage as second mate. 

In 1860 he went mate ol the schooner Cyclone from 
New York to Portugal, Spain and South America and 


thence to Scotland and England, bringing a cargo of coal 
to Providence, R. I. 

The next few years he made several voyages as 
second mate until 1869, when he went as first mate on a 
vessel sailing from Yokohama to Shanghai, remaining 
one year. He then went to San Francisco and for three 
years served on the Panama Line. He was master of the 
steamer Pacific, which was lost after he took command of 
the Mohongo, which ran on the coast of California as far 
south as San Diego. The Pacific Mail, in whose employ 
he had served eleven years, sold out their line* of steamers 
that ran south, and for two years he was in the employ- 
'ment of the California State Navigation Company as mas- 
ter of the Montana, which ran between San Francisco and 
Mexican ports and the Colorado River. They sailed on 
the night of December 17, 1876, and as Capt. Douglajs 
was going to his room discovered fire coming from the 
after ventilation. Alarm was sounded and immediately 
they turned the vessel and headed for land. They threw 
over seventy packages of powder. In ten minutes the 
ship was one mass of flames. The crew, together with 
forty soldiers and officers, fought the fire bravely, but of 
no avail. They ran the ship ashore and at one o'clock in 
the morning the fore and mainmasts burned and fell over. 
A crew was sent up to the harbor of Guaymas, where the 
American Consul sent them relief. 

Capt. D. then went overland to San Francisco and in 
twenty-four hours after his arrival the company put him 
in command of the steamer Idaho. He left the service of 
this Company to go east and on his return built, in March 
1878, the schooner Rosario, which carried 260 tons cargo 
and sailed the first voyage in June for Mexico. After 
making several voyages he sold the schooner to John D. 


Spreckles & Bros., of San Francisco, and accepted the 
position of superintendent of their vessels and steamers, 
which he now faithfully fills. The Speckles have lately 
purchased a brig which they placed under the Hawaiian 
flag and in honor of their faithful employee named her 
the "George H. Douglass." 

Child by first marriage : 
1128 I. George* born at Acushnet, Mass., December 20, 1866- 

562. Pamelia C.^ Douglas (Barnabas N.'* George,'* 
George,* Jqhn,0 sister of the preceding, born in Roches- 
ter, Mass., July 1, 1840 ; married, October 23, 1859. Capt. 
James R. Allen, born July 30, 1818. He commenced 
going to sea when only thirteen years of age and con- 
tinued to follow the business for a livelihood for many 
years ; he made many whaling voyages, in which he was 
very successful, enabling him to lay by a handsome com- 
petence. They reside at Acushnet, Mass. 

Their children : 

1129. I. Josephine Chatman (Allen) born September 24, I860; 
married, December 20, 1886, James L. Humphrey, Jr. 

1130 II. Sarah Jane (Allen) born November 27, 1862; mar- 
ried, May 2, 1882, Joseph T. Leonard. 

1131 III. James Edwin (Allen) born October 11, 1865. 

. 1132 IV. Mellie Douglass (Allen) born February 26, 1872. 
1133 IV. Leslie Chapman (Allen) born August 22, 1874. 

563. James Oscar^ Douglass (Barnabas Nye,"* George* 
George,^ John^) brother of the preceding and son of Bar- 
nabas N. and Phebe N. (Swift) Douglas, born in Rochester, 
Mass., August 12, 1843; married, February 12, 1870, 
Emma Elwood, daughter of Charles M. and Emma M. 
Blackman ; born in Rochester September 4, 1850; she 
died March 1, 1880; he married for his second wife, Au- 
gust 24, 1882, Sarah Clark, daughter of Peleg W. and 


Sarah S. Clark, born March 23, 1851 ; he resided on his 
father 8 homestead and cared for his parents during their 
lifetime. He now resides at New Bedford. 

One child by first marriage : 

1134 I. Mabel B., boru August 20, 1877. 

564. Edwin Delas*^ Douglass (Barnabas N.'* George^ 
George ,'^ John J) brother of the preceding and son of Bar- 
nabas and Phebe N. (Swift) Douglass, born in Rochester, 
Mass., April 17', 1845 ; married, October 11, 1870, Louisa 
Davis, daughter of John R. and Abbie Leavitt Davis of 
Acushnet ; he resides in Philadelphia and carries on the 
business of manufacturing packing boxes of all kinds ; his 
wife died November 8, 1885 ; January 26, 1887, he mar- 
ried for bis second wife. Rebecca Rhodes Ruedi, daughter 
of George W. and Susan Ruedi, born in Reading, Pa., 
March 16, 1864. 

Children by first marriage : 

1135 L Edwin Allen, born in Acushnet, Mass., December 20, 

1136. II. Louisa Estelle, born in Philadelphia, March 25, 
1881 ; died July 25, 1882. 

565. Mary Ann*^ Douglass (Barnabas N.,* George,'^ 
George,* John,') sister of the preceding, born in Roches- 
ter, Mass., December 26, 1847; married. May 26, 1866, 
Samuel Wing, son of Levi and Rachel Wing of Acushnet, 
where he was born October 2, 1842. 

Their children, born in Acushnet, Mass.: 

1137 I. Harold Clifton (Wing) born May 11, 1869. 

1 138 II. Chester Brainard (Wing) born September 29, 1870. 
He was thrown from a carriage and so severely injured that he died 
September 4, 1888. 

1139 III. Alfred Boardman (Wing) born March 27, 1875. 


567. Charles Albert"^ Douglass (Barnabas N,/ 
George,^ George,* John,') youngest son of Barnabas N. 
and Phebe N. (Swift) Douglass, born in Rochester, Mass., 
October 26, 1853; married, December 31, 1878, Ella C. 
Hoagland, daughter of Elijah H. and Emeline S. Hoag- 
land ; he lived at home on the farm with his parents, 
where he received his education at the district school. 
Previous to his marriage he spent a few years in Philadel- 
phia, working with his brother Edwin manufacturing pack- 
ing boxes; he now resides, in his native town, where he 
is engaged in the milling business. 

They have one child : 
1140 I. Edith Mat« born at Philadelphia, September 18, 1880. 


619. Elvira Jane^ Douglas (Abijah,'^ John/ Corne» 
lius,* Elijah,^ John,*) daughter of Abijah and Phebe (Estes) 
Douglas, born in Hebron, December 31, 1816* married, 
May 31, 1840, Dudley Bean, born June 6, 1816, son of 
Israel and Betsey (Payn) Bean of Jay ; he was a farmer 
in his lifetime ; resided in his native town ; she died Sep- 
tember, 1885. 

Children born in Jay : 

1141 I. Marcia Anka (Bean) born August 4, I84l \ toamed, 
March 8, 1878, Samuel H. Leighton of Pliilips. 

1142 II. Abijah Laitaybttk (Bean) born November 16, 1842 ; 
he resides in California* 

1143 III. Mart Augusta (Bean) born September 16^ 1844} 
married, August 3, 1866, George H. Bean ; resides at Canton. 

1144 IV. Rhoda Alick (Bean) born August 2, 1846 ; married, 
December 11, 1882, Frank H. Russell ; resides in Everett, Mass. 

1145 V. Phebe Fkakces (Bean) born April 7, 1849 ; married 
Ferdinand Jordan of Lewiston. 

1146 VI. Harrison Dudley (Bean) born May 20, 1850; mar- 
ried, October 16, 1871, Emma L. Richardson of Jny. 

1147 VII. Lydia Emma (Bean) born April 10, 1852; married, 
March 15, 1887, William M. Halley ? reside in Farmington. 

1148 VIII. Ella Jane (Bean) born February 23, 1855; mar- 
ried, February 23, 1886, Alvab O. Moulton ; he is a farmer and resides 
in Parsontield. 

1149 IX. Clara Melissa (Bean) born January 2, 1857 ; mar- 
ried George E. Lowell ; they reside on a farm in Farmington. 

1150 X. Eliza Small (Bean) born December 2, 1858 ; mariied 
Greenleaf M. Walton ; tbey reside on a farm in Wilton. 


61^0. William Estes® Docglas (Abijah,'^ John/ Car- 
ndius,'* Elijah,*^ John,^ brother of the preceding and only 
son of Abijrih and Phebe (Estes) Douglas, born in Uix- 
field, May 15, 1819; married, February 3, 1848, Mahala 
Tucker, born October 31, 1824; he has always followed 
farming for a livelihood ; be is honest and upright in all 
his dealings and much respected in the community where 
be resides ; bis wife died September 11, 1819. 

Their children, born in Dixfield : 

1151 I. Albion L.^born October 11, 1848, 
Maiuon, born September 29, 1849* 
Herbkkt, born March 29, 1851 ; died February 23, 














RtJB'ug, born Atigust 80, 1855, 
IsABEi/, born July 15, 1859. 
Effie S., born Noven»ber 18, 1862. 
. Daisy H., born Febrttary 26, 1864. 

62L Rhoda Coombs® Douglas ( A bijah,^ John,* Cor- 
nelius,^ Elijah,'*^ John,0 sister of the preceding, born in 
Dixfield July 10, 1821 ; married John Tarr, born October 
1H18; he died in the Army of the Rebellion November 
3, 1863 ; she married, second, Jonathan W. Forsaith, 
December 20, 1874 ; Mr. Forsaith died December 25, 
1884 ; she resides at her home in Brunswick. 

Children born in Brunswick ; 

1158 L Abbie Jane (Tarr) born November 16, 1845; married 
M. Grant, who died during the Rebellion. 

1159 XL George (Tarr) born October 5, 1847; married Flora 
E« llallowell ; they reside at Livermore Falls. 

1160 III. William A. (Tan) born September 21, 1849; mar- 
ried, Hattie B. Locke ; she died June 8, 1880 ; he married, second, 
Lucy A. Locke, his first wife's sister ; they reside in Lewiston ; he is 
lioad Master on Maine Central Railroad. 

1161 ,IV. JohnF. (Tarr) born July 6, 1853, married Liezie 
F. Hutchinson; he died November 11, 1881. 


1162 V. Marshal M. (Tarr) born January Ift, 1S55 ; married 
Belle Pickens^ he is conductor on the MaiRf3 Central Railroad. 

1163 VI. Leonard M. (Tarr) born November 19, 1856$ mar- 
ried M. Gertrude Davis ; he is a graduate of Bates College $ is now in 
the U. S. Signal Service. 

1164 VII. Hknry C, (Tarr) born April 21, 1861 ; he was a 
school teacher; he died November 28, 1887, 

Child by second marriage : 

1165 VIII. Annie L. Forsaith, born March, 1885. 

640. Ivory Warren'^ Douglas (Paul,^ Edward,* Cor* 
Melius;'' Elijah,? John,^) son of Paul and Nancy Warren 
Douglass, born in Durham, March 13, 1828; married, 
March 13, 1851, Margaret Guilford ♦ he is a house joiner; 
he is in trade in Dover, where they reside. 

Children born in Dover : 

1166 I. Melissa A., born December 19, 1851 ; died — — — 

1167 11. Ida May, bom October 13, 1855 ; married in Dover, 
July 21, 1877, Arthur J. Lansin of Bangor; she died August 25, 1877. 

116S III. Hattie M., born September 17, 1857. 

1169 IV. Annie M., born May 28, 1859. 

641. Harriet Jane^ Douglas (Paul,^ Edward/ Cor- 
nelius;^ Elijah,'^ John,^) sister of the preceding, was born 
in Durham October 3, 1831 ; married, January 5, 1852^ 
John C. Gerry ; farmer, resides in Dover. 

Children born in Dover : 

1170 I. WiLiJAM W. (Gerry) born October 22, 1852. 

1171 II. Susan E. (Gerry) born February 10, 1854. 

1172 III. Gkrald a. (Gerry) born October 22, 1860. 

642. Amanda^ Douglas (Paul,^ Edward,"* Cornelius,^ 
Elijah,'* John,^) sister of the preceding; was born in Dur- 
ham May 14, 1834 ; married, March 21, 1863, Frederick 
Hutchinson of Dover. He settled on a farm in the town of 
Eastern, Aroostook County ; he was a kind husband and 
an affectionate father ; he became deranged and fearing 


that he wonld come to want, November 3, 1882, he killed 
his wife and then took hi? own life. It is presumed that 
he intended to have taken the lives of the whole family 
but the two children escaped. 

Children born in Dover : 

1173 I. Lillian A. (Hutchinson) born Noveralmr 16, 1867? 
tnanied, March 21, 1883, Wallace Lafayett Bowe. 

1174 II. ER:fi9£ST Eugene (Hntchinson) born September 15, 

652. Charles Francis* Douglas (John,*^ Edward,* 
Cornelius,^ Elijah/^ John,') son of John and Charity Page 
(Coombs) Doufj;lass ; was born in'Brunswick November 4, 
1833 ; married, September 18, 1860, Martha Ann, daugh- 
ter of Augustine W. and Charlotte (Varney) Cromwell of 
Norridgwock, born there April 23, 1837. At the age of 
two years he removed with his parents to Dover and set- 
tled on a farm (then a vast wilderness) where he spent the 
greater part of his boyhood in assisting his father on the 
farm and attending the town school and Foxcroft Acade- 
my. At the age of eighteen he commenced and served 
three years apprenticeship in the house-building business. 
Having a natural taste for architecture, he devoted much 
time to the study of that profession and in after years es- 
tablished himself as architect and builder, carrying on 
both branches of the business for several years in his 
native state, erecting many private and public buildings. 
He now resides in Philadelphia. 

Children ; 

1176 T. Alice Frances^ born in Norridgewock December 22, 

1176 II. Carrie Agnes^ born December 15, 1863. 

653. John Edward Douglass® (ffohn,^ Edward,* Cor- 
nelius,^ Elijah,^ John,^ (brother of the preceding, was born 


in Dover March 6, 1835 ; married, November 14, 1865, 
Irene A., daughter of John G. and Ann W. Phinney. 
Soon after the breaking out of the Rebellion of 1861, he 
enlisted in the Sixth Regiment of Maine Volunteers for 
18^ months, at the end of which time he re-enlisted in the 
30th Regiment of Maine Veteran Volunteers, in which he 
served until the close of the war, passing through many 
hard-fought battles, but fortunately received no wound. 
He was a farmer and resided in his native town not far 
from his father's homestead. August 17, 1874, he took 
his gun, which he had carried through the war, and went 
out back of his barn^to shoot a hawk and by some mishap 
the gun was discharged and its contents took effect in his 
head, it is presumed, killing him instantly. 
Children born in Dover: 

1177 I. John Frank Phinney^ born September 10, 1867. 

1178 II. Marianne Southworth' born December 14, 1868, 

1179 III. Charles Edward' born August 9, 1872. 

654. RuFus Collins" Douglass (John,^ Edward* Cor- 
nelius,* Elijah/^ John,^) brother of the preceding and son 
of John and Charity P. (Coombs) Douglass, born in Dover 
March 8, 1837 ; married, December 24, 1865, Sarah E., 
daughter of Hon. Reuel and Eliza (Woodman) Weston, of 
Skowhegan, born April 14, 1844. He received a liberal 
education at the town school and Foxcroft Academy ; he 
was an assistant teacher in the latter institution two years ; 
he also taught several district schools ; his health failed 
him and he spent several months at Newfoundland Banks ; 
he was then engaged for three years as a commercial 

Soon after his marriage he was connected with the 
insurance business in Burlington, Iowa. In 1867 he 
removed and settled at La Crosse, Wis., where he was 


engaged in the drug business in company with his brother- 
in-law, J, W. Western. In 1871 he sold his interest in 
the drug business to his partner, and set up a jewelry and 
music store in the same village, having for his partners 
A. T. Clinton and A. D. Loomis. 

In 1880 he purchased a farm of 250 acres in La 
Crosse County, on which he resided until the spring of 
1886, when he rented the farm and is now traveling agent 
for D. H. Houghtaling, of New York, selling teas in Wis- 
consin, Minnesota and Iowa. 

At the age of nineteen he was converted and joined 
the Free Baptist church at Dover, and remained a member 
until his removal to his present residence, when, with his 
wife, he united with the First Congregational church of 
La Crosse, of which they have since been active and 
worthy members, and of which all their children, except 
the youngest, have become members. 

Their children : 

1180 I. Ella Augusta'' born in Burlington, Iowa, October 
20, 1866 ; died there June 18, 1867. 

1181 II. Elsie Weston'' born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, May 
17, 1869. 

1182 III. Alice Carey^ born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 
13, 1871. 

1183 IV. Reuel Elmkr^ born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Sept. 
15, 1874; died there August 25, 1876. 

1184 V. John Weston^ born in La Crosse, Wisconsin^ August 
7, 1876. 

1185 VI. RuFus Harmon^ born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Apr. 
26, 1880; died December 9, 1881. 

1186 VII.' Sadie Geraldine,^ born in Hamilton, Wisconsin, 
July 29, 1885. 

655. Elbridge Thompson® Douglas (Jo tin, ^Edward/ 
Cornelius,^ Elijah,^ John,0 brother of the preceding, born 
at Dover, October 14, 1839 ; married, September 27, 1866, 


liouisa, daughter of James and Louisa Bigelow, born June 
29, 1841. He attended district school and assisted his 
father on the farm. April 27, 1861, he enlisted in Co. 
A. 6th Regiment Maine Volunteers, for the suppression of 
the great rebellion of 1861 ; was in the army of the 
Potomac. In the fall of 1862 he was discharged on 
account of sickness, but on recovering his health he en- 
listed September 1, 1864, in the Navy. He was in the 
South Atlantic Blocking Squadron, where he served until 
the close of the war. He has been elected Captain of a 
State Military Company, of his native town. He occupies 
the old homestead farm ; a portion of his time is spent in 
moving buildings. 

Their children born in Dover: 

1 187 L Nelije May^ boni May 2, 1869. 

1188 II. Herbert Eugene^ born Jnly 16, 1872. 

1189 III. Myrtie Edna^ born April 2, 1877. 

656. JIllen Auglsta'^ Douglass, (John,*^ Edward,^ 
Cornelius,'^ Elijah,*^ John,^) sister of the preceding, born 
in Dover, October 24, 1841 ; married October 21, 1866, 
Calvin, son of James and Louisa Bigelow, born March 29, 
1839 ; she was an accomplished lady and of fine culture. 
Previous to her marriage she was a teacher, in which 
capacity she was successful. They resided in St. Albans, 
She died October 1, 1881. In 1.884 he went to California. 

One child : 

1190 I. Harmon Elmer (Bigelow) born in St. Albans May 12, 
1870. He resides in California. 

610. Lizzie Ann^ Douglass (Joseph,® Joshua,^ Cor- 
nelius,^ Elijah,^ John,^) daughter of Joseph and Ann G. 
(Beal) Douglass, born in Orono, February 13, 1859; mar- 
ried, November 18, 1883, J. Frank Beal ; he is a house 
joiner and millwright. They reside at Orono. 


Children : 

1191 1. Mary Ann (Beal) born in Durham May 16, 1885. 

1192 II. Lizzie Ella (Beal) born in Orono Apiil 20, 1886. 

678. Stephen Albert* Douglas (George,* Joshua/ 
Cornelius,* Elijah,'^ John,*) son of George and Elizabeth 
Ann (Prescott) Douglas, was born in Durham, September 
16, 1848; married August 7, 1870, Olivia W., daughter 
of Michael and Mary (Johnson) Powers, of Bath, born in 
Robinston, July 7, 1846. He received his education at 
the town school and one term each at Oak Grove Semi- 
nary and Litchfield Academy. In 1867, he went to Lew- 
iston and clerked two years in dry goods business for 
Goddard & Paul. In 1869 he clerked for a firm in Bath; 
He then went to Portland, where he passed several years 
clerking and in business, a part of the time in company 
with N. O. Douglass. In 1877 he went to Boston and 
entered the dry goods store of Jordan & Marsh as sales- 
man, for two years ; then with R. H. White & Co., as 
salesman for a short time, when he was promoted to super- 
intendent of the dress goods department ; in 1888 he en- 
tered the employment of Houghton & Dutton, of Boston, 
as buyer of dry goods for their establishment, where he 
can be found at the present time. 

Children born in Portland : 

1193 I. Harry A.,^ born May 27, 1871. 

1194 II. ErjiNORA BAiLEy,7 born June 29, 1873. 

1195 III. Lizzie Maria^ born November 24,1877. 

679, Lewis Morrell^ Douglas (George,^ Joshua,* 
Cornelius,^ Elijah,^ John,^) brother of the preceding and 
son of George and Elizabeth Ann (Prescott) Douglas, born 
in Durham February 1, 1852 ; married, October 21, 1875, 
Emma A., daughter of John C. and Eunice li. (Jones) 
Varney, born at China, January 15, 1851. During his 


minority he lived at home, attended town school and 
learned the shoemakers' trade of his father. August 25, 
1869, he entered the employ of Tyler, Lamb & Co., after- 
wards A. F. Cox & Son, as salesman in their shoe manu- 
factory, in Portland, where he continued until 1878, and 
then opened a shoe store at Rochester, N. H., where be 
remained a few years, but finding the place too small for 
him to succeed as well as he wished, he closed out the 
stock and soon afterwards entered into co-partnership with 
a Mr. Elder, at Portland, who was already in the shoe 
trade. In 1888, he bought his partner's interest in the 
store and now continues the business alone. 

He and his wife are active and acceptable members 
of the Society of Friends. 

680. Ellen Maria** Douglas, (George,* Joshua,*. 
Cornelius,* Elijah,* John,') only daughter of George and 
Elizabeth Ann (Prescott) Douglas, born in Durham, Fe6- 
ruary 25, 1854; married at Portland, November 30, 1876, 
Clementine R. Hanson, son of Timothy and Almira Han- 
son, born in Thorndike. He is a minister in the Society 
of Friends ; he carries on a large milk farm at Salem, 

Children : 

1196 I. Luemma Dougfas (Hanson) born in Deering Septem- 
ber 28, 1880 ; died in Salem, Mass. 

1197 II. Almira Lizzie (Hanson) born in Salem May 27, 1883. 

682. John Henry** Douglas, (George,*^ Joshua,* Cor- 
nelius,^ Elijah,*^ John,^) son of George and Elizabeth Ann 
(Prescott) Douglas, born in Durham, April 19, 1862; 
married Jenney L. Brown, He resides on his father's 
homestead farm in Durham. 

Children born in Durham : 

1198 I. George Warken'' born March 14, 1882. 


1199 II. Edith Janr7 bonj Aiignst 12, 1885. 
120a IIL Sadie Brows, born Fcbroary 8^ 1887. 

694. Chloe Anna^ Douglas, (Jahn Henry ^"^ David/ 
Coirtielius^* Elijah^* John,') daughter of John Henry and 
Miriam (Carter) Douglas, born hi Bloomington, Ohio, 
Febrwary, 1857 j married, September 4, IHll, J.Frank 
Taylor; they reside at Iowa Falls, Iowa. / 

Children born in Spiceland, Ind. 

1201 I. Douglas (Taylor) born May 27, 1880. 

1202 IL Ethei, (Taylor) born February 17, 1882, 

701 David Franklin^ Douglas, (Robert VV.,^ David/ 
Cornelius,^ Elijah,*"* John,^) son of Robert Walter and 
Margaret Ann Dotrglae, born at Bloomington, Clinton 
County, Ohio, June 15, 1857 ; married July 8, 1880, Em- 
ma R. Tbornburg, born August 6, 1859, daughter of 
Edward and Rachel Thornburg. Mr. Douglas graduated 
at Earlbam College in 1879. Taught school among the 
Indians in a Government school in the Indian Territory 
Since 1882 he has been cashier of the West Milton Bank, 
Ohio. • 

Children born in West Milton, Ohi» : 

1203 I. Robert Edward^ born February 27, 1882. 

1204 II. Gifford^ born October 17, 1884. 

1205 IIL Veka^ born December 25, 1887. 

709. Mary Narcissa* Douglas, (John N.'^ Cornelius,'* 
Cornelius,^ Elijah,"^ John,^) daughter of John N. and Sarah 
(Jones) Douglas, born in Bloomington, Ohio, August 30, 
1860; married October 10, 1878, Charles L. Aldrige ; 
they reside on a farm in Wilson Township, Clinton Co., 

Children born in Wilson Township, Clinton Co., O. 

1206 I. Vesta Ann (Aldrige) bora October 28, 1879. 

1207 II. Henry Alton (Aldrige) born September 7, 1881. 


1208 in. John Ernest (Aldrlge) born September 17, 1884 

1209 L Fred Lawernce (Aldrige) born February 19, 1888. 

727. David J.^ Douglas, (Joseph,'^ David,^ Joseph,^ 
Elijah,' John/) son of Joseph and Phebe Douglas^ was 
born in Durham, October 15, 1843 ; married, August 28, 
1867, Lydia E., daughter of James and Emeline C. Myers, 
of Manchester. 

In May, 1861, he was converted and immediately 
felt called upon to devote his life to the work of the min- 
istry and at once began preaching among Friends, of 
which society he was already a member. He assisted in 
the first revival meeting ever held in New England 
among Friends. In 1760, he sought and found the ex* 
perience of sanctification. In 1871, he accepted a call to 
become pastor of Friends' Church at Martinsville. In 
1880, he succeeded J. H. Douglas as pastor at Glen 
Falls, N. Y. During this pastorate of three years the 
church was blessed with several revivals. At one of these 
seven hundred knelt at the altar for pardon and holiness. 
After a little rest he engaged as an evangelist in Ohio 
Yearly Meeting. In 1885 he again settled as pastor in 
Kokomo, Ind. In 1887 by failing health he was com- 
pelled to retire. He then settled in Maine where he 
resides in the town of Manchester, doing what work his 
health will admit. 

One child : 

1210 L Robert Walter^ born*Febrttary 12, 1879. 

732. Isaiah^ Douglass, (Joseph,^ David,* Joseph,^** 
Elijah,^ John,*) son of Joseph and Mary Jane (Cook) 
Douglas ; married Effie Lunt, of Brunswick, where they 
reside on a farm. They are worthy members of the 
Society of Friends. 


Children born in Brunswick : 

1211 I. Cbarle8 Leonard^ born August 17, 1880, 

1212 IL AffieMay' born November 29, 1881. 

1213 III. Fkank Ellwood^ born August 17, 1883. 

1214 IV. Isaiah Willis' born April 28, 1886. 
121o V. Joseph Natha ' born February 28, 1888. 

735. John W.® Douglass, (Jaraes,^ Joseph,* Job,' 
Elijah,'^ John/) son of James and Elmira (Burgess) Doug- 
lass, was born in Phipsburg, November 8, 1825; married 
(1) 1847, Mary E. Chase, of Hallowell, who died August 
;2, 1852 ; he married (2) Abby A. Hall, of Chelsea, 1854 ; 
she died October 2, 1863. 

When a small boy he lived four months with Dr. 
Israel Putnam, of Bath ; he then went to Litchfield, where 
he remained for a lime and finally settled in Hallowell, 
where he lived till 1847 ; he is a book binder and now 
resides in Gardiner. 

Children by first marriage : 

1216 I. Ida M.' born iu Hallowell December 15, 1848 ; died 
May 22, 1870. 

1217 II. Alice E.' born in Gardiner March 22, 1852; died 
October 4, 1852. 

1218 III. Charles FJ born in Chelsea, November 4, 1855. 

1219 IV. Arthur B.' born in Gardiner November 12, 1857. 

1220 V. Alvin W*' born in Chelsea November 16, 1859. 

1221 VI. John C born in Gardiner February 22, 1860 ; died 
August 22, 1863. 

737. Rachel R. Douglass^ (James,^ Joseph,* Job,^ 
Elijah,'* John, ^) sister of th^ preceding, was born in Bath, 
June 15, 1830 ; married Zina H. Spinney, 2d, of George- 
town ; Mr. 8pinney is a farmer and fisherman : resides at 
Long Island, Georgetown. 

Their children, born in Georgetown ; 

1222 I. Elijah M. (Spiimey) boru October 11, 1852. 


12v3 11. William P. (Spinney) born September 11, 1854 

1224 in. ZiNA H. (Spinney) born September 23, 1861. 

1225 IV. Fredeiuck U. (Spinney) born August 30, 1867* 

752. Harriet Ann** Douglass (Samuel,*^ Sarnue!,^ 
Job,'* Elijah,'* John,^) daughter of Samuel and Theodates 
Doughis of Bowdoinham, born there October 7, 1833 ; 
n)arried (1) Joseph Sedi^ley of Bowdoinham, where he 
lived and died ; (2) Charles Melcher of Boston, a painter. 
They reside in Boston. 

Children by first marriage, born in Bowdoinham : 

1226 1. Inez Rosiliji. (Sedgley) born February 12, 1854 ; died 
February, 1858. 

1227 11. loNA EsTELLA (Sedgley) bom 

1228 Iir. Marshal Ingersok (Sedgley) born July 4, 1859. 

1229 IV. WiLijAMCijipp(Sedgb*y) born 1860. 

753. Hannah Elizabeth** Douglass (Samuel.^ Sam- 
uel,* Job,* Elijah;^ John,^) sister of the preceding, born 
in Bowdoinham, November 23, 1835; married, (I) Febru- 
ary 9, 1855, Albion B. Jack, of her native town ; he was 
accidentally shot dead by a man named Brown. She mar- 
ried, (2) May 30, 1865, Edward S. Sparks: they reside in 

Children : 

1230 I. Ida Elenor (Jack) born in BowdoinhmD October 5^ 

1231 II. Cora Albertia (Jack) bom in Bowdoinham April 6, 

1232 III. Jake Marion (Jack) bom in HowdoiDh.*trn, July 23, 

1233 IV. Clara Albina (Jack) bom in Bowdoinham July 13, 

Children by second husband : 

1234 V. MiNNETTA Estellore (Sparks) bom in Bath May 30, 



1235 VI. Joseph Sewell (Sparks) born in Richmond October 
12, 1870. 

1236 VII. Frederick Berry (Sparks) born in Bowdoinharn 
May 1, 1873. 

1237 VIII. Earl (Sparks) born in Bowdoinhani October 5, 

754. Mary Stinson^ Douglass (Samuel,'* Sarauel* 
Job,^ Elijah,^ John,^) sister of the preceding : was born in 
Bowdoinharn February 11, 1838 ; married George L. CHrd. 
stevedore and carpenter ; resides in Bowdoin. 

Children, seventh generation : 

1238 I. George Franklin (Card) born in Bowdoinharn May 
10, 1858. 

1239 II. Melvin Wilchier (Card) born in Bowdoinharn Feb- 
ruary 24, 1861. 

1240 III. Inez Estella (Card) born in Bowdoin May 1, 1862. 

1241 IV. May Elizabeth (Card) born in Bowdoinharn, 1863. 

1242 V. Susan Ellen (Card) born in Bowdoin December 30, 

1243 VI. Lydia Ann (Card) born in Bowdoin April 15, 1867. 

756. Melvin Wilchier® Douglass (Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,* Job,® Elijah.'^ John,*) brother of the preceding and 
son of Samuel and Theodates Douglas ; was born in Bow- 
doinham November 19, 1841 ; married, June 8, 1864, 
Clara J. Hill, of St. John, New Brunswick. He is a ship 
carpenter and resides at Bowdoinharn Village. 

Children, born in Bowdoinharn : 

1244 I. Mary Abby^ born in Saco August 5, 1865. 

1245 11. Annie Vesty^ born in Bowdoinharn March 27, 1869. 

1246 III Mary Elenia^ born in Bowdoinharn. 

759. Asa Albion® Dodglass (Abraham*^ SamueP Job^ 
Elijah,^ John,*) son of Capt. Abraham and Hannah Doug- 
lass, born in Bath November 29, 1834, married Josephine 
Knight ; they reside in Pilot Town, La., where he has been 


ernployf^d as pilot and at the present time is Superintend- 
ent of Schools. 
Children : 

1247 I. WiixiAM RJ bom in New Orleans August 15, 1861 ; 
died September 20. 1863. 

1248 II. WirxiAM B.7 born in New Orleans Anojust 13, 1863, 
died Aii)ru8ll3, 1865. 

1249 III. Albion FJ born in New Orleans November 16, 1865. 

1250 IV. Warren D.' horn in New Orleans Maroh 11, 1868. 

1251 V. Viola E.^ born in New Orleans July 27. 1871. 

763. Amanda Jane^ Douglass (Abraham,* Samuel,* 
Job,'^ Elijah,* John,^) sister of the preceding and daugh- 
ter of Capt. Abraham and Hannah E. Douglass, born in 
Bowdoinham April 5, 184*?; married, October 30, 1864, 
George G., son of Gardiner and Elizabeth (Adams) Wil- 
liams, born in Bowdoin March 14, 1842. Mr. Williams 
lived for a time in Bath, working at his trade, shoemaking. 
He afterwards removed to Bowdoinham, where he died 
October 24, 1878. His widow married, (2) Joseph G. 
Washburn, August !3. 1881. He is a dealer in pianos 
and organs. They now reside ir^ Bath. 

Children by first marriage : 

1252 I. Leona M. (Williams) bom in Bath September 13, 1865. 
12r>d IL Sklden P\ (Williams) bom Nt>veml>er 6, 1S67. 
1254 III. Evelyn F. (Williams) boru in Bowdoinham February 

8, 1877. 

769. Oscar Gardiner^ Douglass (Gardiner,^ Sam- 
uel,'* Job,^ Elijah,'^ JohnJ) only son of Rev. Gardiner and 
Aseneth S. (Orr) Douglass, born in Bowdoinham June 24, 
1836; married, September 6, 1860, Phebe W. Cook, 
daughter of Hanson and Nancy Cook of Lewiston, born 
in Madrid, 1835. Previous to his marriage he taught sev- 
eral terms of district school, giving good satisfaction ; he 
settled in Lewiston and in 1870, 1871 and 1875 was 

196 ' THE DOUGLAS 'genealogy. 

elected City Marshal of that city, which office he filled 
with much credit to himself and terror to the offenders of 
the law. He is a man of public spirit, of generous im- 
pulses and takes a deep interest in all public affairs. In 
personal appearance he resembles the robust Doujj^lases 
of the olden times, tall and portly and of fine proportions. 
He, in company with his brother-in-law, Mr. Cook, are 
engaged in the book and stationery business in Lewiston. 

One child : 
. 1255 I. Maud M.^ born in Lewiston November 2, 1866. 

779. John Albion* Douglass (John B.,'^ James/ Job* 
Elijah,*^ John,V oldest son of John Banks and Nancy 
Douglass, born in the plantation of Letter B, now Upton, 
January 14, 1830; married, October 18, 1855, Margaret 
Springer. Soon after his marriage he went to Bath, where 
he worked in the shipyard several years. He subsequently 
entered into partnership with his uncle Nehemiah O., in a 
variety store at Lisbon Falls. He shortly sold his interest 
in the store to his partner and went in company with Rev. 
George Plummer in the grist mill in the same village. 
After running the mill a few years he sold out and removed 
and settled at Richmond and worked in the shipyard the 
remainder of his life. He died December 28, 1874. 

One child : 
1256 I. Dklia J. born April 18, 1856. 

782. NoAH H.^ Douglass (John Banks,"^ James,'* Job" 
Elijah,'^ John,0 brother of the preceding and son of John 
IJ. and Nancy B. Douglass, born in Canton March 29, 
1836; married, November 24, 1860, Harriet Mountford, 
of Lisbon. They settled in Lewiston, where he worked 
in a tannery ; removed on a farm in Bowdoin, known as 
the Berry farm. He died of consumption January 23, 
1871. She died November 20, 1870. 


Children : 

1257 L Walter Scorr^ born in Aubarn July 13» 1861 ; mar* 
Yied Clara Campbell. 

1258 II. Willis IV born Dwember 29, 1863? died April 29, 

1259 IlL Hattib EJ bom in Bowdoin November 5, 1864? 
married Herbert Crosinan. ' 

1260 IV. WiiXiAH Hekky^ born in Bowdoin April 29» 1867. 

1261 V. Cbariks' born Hbout 1869. 

1262 VI. Lizzie^ born Noveml>er 4, 1870: she has been 
iidopted by George h\ Williams of Bath and now^ bears bis name* 

186. William W.* Doitglass (John Bank»,*^ Jame»,* 
Job,^ Elijah;^ John,^) brother of the preceding and son of 
John B. and Nancy Hf. Do«f>las8^ was born in Lisbon, Jnly 
11,1845; mf»rried. May, 1866^ Kllen R, Jordan, born 
August IH, 1846; he was a farmer and resided in bis na- 
tive town. July, 1886, for some unknown cause, took 
poisoit, which terminated his life. 

Children : 
126a I. Nettie L.^ born in Lisbon July 19, 1868. 

1264 II. Fkank Emert^ bon^ in Lisbon July 26, 1870. 

788. Oscar Eaton* Douglass, (John,'^ James/ Job,^ 
Elijah, John,^) son of John B. nnd Nancy B. Douglass, 
born in Lisbon August 14, 1849; mnrried, July 2, 1876, 
Abbie Jane, daughter of James und Eliza Jane (Douglas) 
Goddard. They settled on his father's homestead, which 
be subsequently sold and bought a smriH farm in the same 
town ; he died nt his residence in Lisbon, January 'i, 1888> 
His widow lives at Ameabury, Mass. 

Their children, born in Lisbon : 

1265 I. Otis Nehemiak^ hor\\ ]VI»y 13, 1877. 

1266 IL Fkeix Wesley^ born February 16,1879; died May 
12, 1879-. 

1267 IIL CAiiiUfiMAY^ bom August 16, 188L 


126^8 IV. Bektha JanfJ barn August 5, 1883; died Jatninrr 
22, 1885. 

1269 V. John Elmkr^ bom September 2S, 1884; died April 
1, 1885. 

1270 VL E8TEIJ.A Alice^ born April 5. 18^86, 

1271 VII. Oscar Etekett^ born May 5, 1888. 

792. Charles Lyman** Douglas (James S.^ James^ 
Job,^ Elijah,' John,') son of James S. and Azabah (God- 
win) Douglass, born in Letter B plantation, now Upton, 
Oxford County, June 4, 1839 ; married, October 13, 1864^ 
Hester A. Ballan. In 1861 he enlisted in the I4th Maine 
Re^^imentin the War of the Rebellion ; be was in the en- 
gagement at New Orleans, under Gen. B. F. Butler ; he 
has served his town as one of the selectmen and has held 
the office of Town Clerk of Upton several years ; he now 
resides at South Paris. 

Children born in Upton : 

1272 I. Herbert C' born October 26, 1865. 

1273 II. Isabel J.^ bom Aucrnst 3, 1867. 

1274 III. Alick MJ born July 6, 1869. 

800. William Sidney^ Douglass (William Booker,"^ 
James,"* Job,"^ Elijah,' John,') son of Rev. William B. and 
Mary (l)uren) Douglass; was born in Lisbon October 12, 
1832; married, November 21, 1861, Mary E. Nash. He 
has always been an industrious man and is much respected 
by his large circle of friends. He now resides at Gray 

Children born in Raymond : 

1275 I. P^RANK ^J born November 3, 1862. 

1276 11. Flora' born August 10, 1864; married, October 22, 
1887, Edson O. Nay. 

1277 III. Cora Rebecca'^ born July 4, 1866. 

1278 IV. George W.^ born 

1279 V. Mabel F.^ born December 8, 1870. 

1280 VI. Herbert L.' boru December 17, 1872. 


1281 VII. Lkander M,7 born May 8, 1875. 

1282 V4II. Hakry R.^ born Jsinuary 27, 1878. 

801. Louisa^ Douglass (William Booker,'^ James,'' 
Job,^ Elijah,*' John,') sister of the preceding and daughter 
of Rev. William B. and Mary Douglass, was born in Lis- 
bon September 1, 1835 ; married Henry C^ son of Aaron 
jind Martha (Lamb) Johnson, born in Durham January 15, 
1834. He is a house joiner and resides at Auburn. 

Children, seventh generation : 

1283 L NkllieM. (Johnson) born Janttary 26, 1859. 

1284 IL Frederick H. (Johnson) born Jane 17, 1868. 

832. Henrietta Douglas,^ (Alfred.^ Job,* Job,» EH* 
jah,'^ John,') dai>ghter oi Alfred and Frances E. (Nash) 
Douglas, was born in West Gardiner October 20, 1848 ; 
married (1) July 26, 1864, Jesse Stover of Bath, where 
ihey settled, then removed to Boston; married (2) Sep- 
tember 19, 1872, by Rev. William C. Hart, James Jones, 
H native of England ; he is a rigger and resides in Bath. 

Children by iirst marriage : 

1285 I. Clara Frances (Slover) bom in Bath December 27, 
1867 ; died May 9, 1868. 

1286 IL Fkances Sophia (Stover) bora In Boston June 23, 

^ 836. BENJAMin Fkanklin^ Dodglass (Setb,^ Job* Job' 
Elijah,' John,0 son of Seth and Mary Jane (Smith) Doug- 
Ins, born in Brunswick September 17, 1855; married, 
June 15, 1818, Elizabeth B. Soothard, born in Harpswell 
July 4, 1859; they reside in Bronswick* 

Children bom in Brunswick : 

1287 L ETBEt Janb^ bom March 1, 1879, 

1288 IL AuCK Ieere^ bom June 6y 1881. 

1289 III. Archibald Ferrit^ bom December 2^ 188S, 

1290 IV* ARtHUR KJ born July 5, 1888. 


842. Edwin Charles'* Douglas (Charles,'^ Benjamin' 
Job,'* Elijuh,'^ John,^) oldest son of Charles arnd Eunice 
(Pratt) Don^lass, born in Bowdoin March 6, 1841; mar- 
ried, April 11, 1863, Hattie R., daughter of Josiah and 
Clarissa (Richardson; Smith, born in Litchfield January 
28, 1841. They settled in Winthrop. removed to Litch- 
field and from there to Lewiston, where he worked several 
years at his trade as house joiner. He worked on the 
city hall of Lewiston ; he at one time bought and occupied 
a farm in Webster ; he enlisted in the loth Maine Regi- 
ment of the War of the Rebellion; served nine months 
and was discharged for sickness ; he now resides in Lew- 
iston and is doing a thriving business in the grocery trade. 

One child : 

1291 I. ^TiLMAN Walter^ born April 29, 1865; died Decem- 
ber 19, 1881. 

844. Warren P.^ Douglas (Charles' Benjimin,* Job'' 
Elijah,"^ John,0 son of Charles and Eunice (Pratt) Douglas 
born in Bowdoin October 5, 1845; married, July 15, 
1866, Lois, daughter of Jedson and Laura Fisher of Lew- 
iston, born November 17, 1844 ; she died October 8, 1880 
He married, second, Ida F. Field ; they reside at Lewiston, 
where he is employed in the mill. 

Children : 

1292 I. MiNNiK Laura born in Lewistoa May 6,1867; died 
there 1877. 

1293 it; Mabel M., born in Wisconsin September 28, 1877. 

1294 III. Bekten W., born in Gardiner April 27, 1879. 

Children by second marriage : 

1295 IV. Ina G., born in Great Falls, N. H., June 11, 1885. 

1296 V. Harky W., born in Lewiston March 11, 1888. 

846. Ella A.® Douglas (Charles,'^ Benjamin,"* Job,'^ 
Elijah,^ John,') daughter of Charles and Eunice (Pratt) 


Douglas, born in Bowdoin July 27, 1859; married, first, 
Isaiah Merrifield, son of Monsieus and Mariam (Lane) 
Merrifield of Wolfborou^'h, N. H.; he died July, 1S81 : 
her second husband is J. Eben Butler ; they reside at 

Children by first marriage, born in Springvale : 

1297 L EvFjRKTT F. (Merrifield) born March 9, 1875. 

1298 IL AKtHUK J. (Merrifield) bon> June 22, 1871 

848. Daniel A." Douglass (William/ Benjamin/ 
Job,"^ Elijah,'*^ John,^) son of William and Roxcellan?! 
(Rodic) Douglas, was born in Bovrdoin April 22, 1847; 
married, August 13, 1865, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of 
Benjamin B. and Rachel J. (Bates) Douglas [850J, he set-* 
tied on his father s homestead in Bowdoin, where be died ; 
she married xAbizab Small of Bowdoin, where they reside* 

Children born in Bowdoin : 

1299 1. Laura A^^ bom Febniaiy 8, tSQ'l. 
laOO II. Albert M.,' boni May 18, 1868. 

Child by second m-arriage : 
1501 III. Emka ^SmaE) 

861. Jame» ALEXANDEit'* Douglas (Benjamao: Book* 
cr,^ Benjamin/ Job' Elijah John^') son- of Benjamin B. and 
Rachel (Batets) Douglas, was bonii m Kicbmond April 24^ 
1849 ; married^ first, Sarah Dans, May 13, 1866 ; secansd, 
Georgia Lawren-ce. In bis early manhood he worked ia 
the mills and drove a tenm in. Lewi^ton. In 1865 be en- 
listed and weftt into camp* Coburntm Augusta^ bat the war 
being nearly eyrer he only renaained a few m^o^ntha ami wa» 
discharged ; he is wow m Om^aha, Neb., where he is a 
dealer in horses and a railroad contractor ; bis second wife 
died May 10, im7. 

Children : 
13Q2 I. Okemandak/ bom in Lewiston^ July 31, 186t. 


1303 IL EdwinJ born March, 1872. 

Children by second marriage ; 

1304 III. James Alexander,^ Jr., born in Monnt Clemens, 
Mich., October 17, 1882. 

1305 IV. Violet,' born in Rochester, New York, November 
10, 1885. 

852. Frederic Bates* Douglass (Benjamin B.'* Ben- 
jamin* Job,^ Elijah,'^ John,') married, June 22, 1877, at 
Chillicth, Ohio, Hester Robinson of Hillsborough, Ohio ; 
they reside at Dayton, Ohio. 

Children : 

1806 I. Mtrtie,' born in Nelsonville, Ohio, April 8, 1878. 

1307 II. Sophie,' born at Celina, Ohio, January 28, 1881. 

1308 III. Minnie,' born in Dayton, Ohio, March 4, 1886. 

854. Benjamin Booker® Douglass (Benjamin Book- 
er,^ Benjamin,* Job,* Elijah,'^ John,^) born in Bowdoin Oc- 
tober 2, 1859; married, June 24, 1879, Minnie S. Buker, 
daughter of Rev. Alvah J. Buker of Bowdoin ; he is a 
farmer and resides in his native 'town. 

Children born in Bowdoin : 

1309 I. Ratheus a.,' born June 13, 1880. 

1310 II. Flora F.,' born Jaly 25, 1883. 
1311. III. Ethel M.,' born March 8, 1887. 

927. Eliza Ellen® Douglass (Elijah W.,^ Ephraim,^ 
John,^ John,- John,') daughter of Elijah W. and Mehita- 
ble C, Douglass, born in Middleboro, Mass., August 5, 
1852; married, January 16, 1866, Frederick Pratt. 

Children : 

1312 I. Bertha Ecgena (Pratt) born August 5, 1871. 

1313 II. William A. (Pratt) born November 11, 1873. 

930. Luther Anderson* Douglas (Luther,^ Ephri- 
ara,* John,^ John,^ John,') son of Luther and Lucy S, 


(Gibbs) Douglas, born in Sandwich, Mass., July 25, 1847; 
married, June 1, 1878, Ella, daughter of Francis P. and 
Mary S. (Howes) Brewer, born in the town of Brewer 
February 18, 1853; Col. John Brewer, her great-grandr 
father, for whom the town was named, was one of the 
early settlers on the banks of the Penobscot River. Mr. 
Douglas, at the age of nine years, went to live on a farm 
with his grandfather Gibbs, where he remained until he 
was 17 years of age ; he then resided at home most 6f the 
time for the next three years, at which time he went to 
Plymouth, Mass., and clerked in a hotel at that place for 
four years; he subsequently was employed as clerk or 
manager in hotels, in different towns for several years. 
In April, 1872, he went to Hingham, Mass. and was clerk 
in the Gushing House for four years ; he then opened a 
clothing store, which business he continues to follow ; his 
store is pleasantly situated in the village and he is doing a 
thriving business. 

Their children : 

1314 I. Alice,' born in Hinghani, Mass., October 17, 1878. 

1315 II. Dorothy Frances,' born in Uingham, Februaiy 4, 
1890. The youu>2:est person lu this book. 

933. Frank M.^ Douglas (Luther,* Ephriam/ John'* 
John,^ John,^) son of Luther and Lucy S. (Gibbs, Doug- 
lass, was born in West Sandwich, Mass., July 25, 1851 ; 
married Josephine N., daughter of Thomas and Alice 
Foley, born June 17, 1850. They settled in Boston, re- 
moved to Portland and now reside in Lynn, Mass., where 
he is agent for a Sewing Machine Company. 

Children : 

1316 I. Frank D.,^ born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, March 7, 

1317 II. Mary J.J born in Lynn, Mass., March 19, 1884. 


1318 III. Lucy S.J born in Lynn, March 17, 1886. 

1319 IV. Mabel G.,^ born in Lynn, October 11, 1888. 

934. Charles Everett^ Douglas (Luther,'^ Ephri- 
am,^ John,^ John,'* John,') son of Luther and Lucy S. 
(Gibbs) born in Sandwich, Mass., September 27. 1853; 
married, November 28, 1877, Ella Gibbs, daughter of 
Capt. Bradford and Henrietta Maria (Bent) Gibbs, born in 
South Plymouth May 26, 1859; they reside at Sagamore, 
where he is engineer in a car manufactory. 

Their children, born in Sagamore, Mass.; 

1320 I. Linda L.,' born November 2, 1878. 

1321 II. Charles L.,' bora October 15, 1880. 

1322 in. Ella J.,' born November 18, 1882. 

1323 IV. Annie A.,' born January 14, 1888. 

936. Mary Martha* Douglas (I-uther,'^ Ephriam,* 
John,^ John,^ John,^) daughter of Luther and Lucy S. 
(Gibbs) Douglass, born in Sandwich, Mass., October 13, 
1858; married, November 6, 1879, Charles Sherman, son 
of Henry and Lucy B. Sherman, born February 14, 1856; 
they settled in Plympton, Mass., removed to South Middle- 
borough ; they now reside in Rochester, Mass. 

Their children : 

1324 I. Ella May (Sherman) born in Plympton, September 
12, 1880; died April 5, 1881. 

1325 11. George Henrt (Sherman) born in Plympton, Janu- 
ary 18, 1882 J died August 12, 1883. 

1326 III. Frederic Winslow (Sherman) born in Plympton, 
June 8, 1883. 

1327 IV. Charles William (Sherman) born in Middlebo- 
i-ongh, April 1, 1885. 

1328 V. Francis Leslie (Sherman) bore in Middlcborough, 
September 5, 1886. 

946. Alonzo® Dodglas (John,** John,'' John,^ John,^ 
John,') son of John and Cynthia Adelia Douglas ; wa^ 


born in Hartland, Vt., November 29, 1844 ; married, Octo- 
ber 11, 1865, Emma Evans of Annsvill, Oneida County, 
N. Y., where they reside on a farm. 

Children, seventh generation, born in Annsvill, N*Y.: 

1321> I. Cynthia EttaJ horn Janoary 25, 186?» 
1330 II. Alice,' born Septembei* 1, 1873. 

941. IJJ^ANCY Amanda^ Dodglas (John,'^ John,^ John^ 
John,'^ Jobn,^) sister of the preceding, was born in Hart-* 
land, Vt., August 7, 1846 ; married (1) January 1, 1866, 
in her native town, Levi Bishop of Bridgwater, Vermont; 
(2) Stephen Bishop, a brother of her first husband, a farmer; 
he resides at Bridgwater, Vermont* 

Children by first marriage : 

13iJl L Chahlks Levi (Bishop) bom Jaiittaty 26-*^-» 

1532 IL Cynthia Adki^la (Bishop) ^►orn August 3, 1868 4 
died 8eptenvber 2, 1872, 

1333^ III. LoRA ReJth (Bigihop) hon\ b (iuthrfe Co., lowat 
January 19, 1871 ; died Seplenibeiv 1872* 

1S34 IV. John D. (Bishop) born in Nebraska, September^ 
1872, and died ssiiue day. 

Children by second marriage : 

133^ V. James Warren (Bishop) born Oetober 16, 1874 j died 
January 5, 1878. 

1336 VL JAitfES Stepken (BMop) hofn Jatumry 11, 1878. 

949, Rhoda Mehitable* Douglas (John," John/ 
John/ John/ John^') lister of the preceding. \Va» born in 
Hartland, Vt.,. September 25, l85(>; married Lyman B. 
Stoddard of Warren, Vt., where they live ; he is a farmer^ 

Clnldrea seventh generation : 

I33'7 I* Harry Lyman (Stoddard) bon*n hi Woodstocfe,. Vt.^ 

Deueniber 2:4,. tS6L 

1338 II.. Lillie (Stoddard) born in Warren^ Vt., March 6, 1874^ 
11339 III. Clayton (Stoddard) born in Warren, Ma/ 

2^1, 1875. 

206 fflfi OOCGLAS GENEA106Y. 

1340 IV. PifcRtEt V. B. (Stoddard) bofa May 8, iS7S. 

950. Addie BEtsEt* Douglas (John,^ John,^ John/ 
John^'* Joliti,^) sister of (he preceding, barn in Northum- 
berland, N. H., Jtily 1, 1852 j married, October r30, 18—, 
Franklin Stoddard of Warren, VermoTit, where they re- 
side on a farm. 

Children, born in Warren, Vt.r 

1841 L HkJ.ek AdelinK^ (Stoddard) born September I, 1872, 

1842 II. MiNNlE Al>ELAiD (Stoddrtid) bom August 6, 1874, 
134d IIL JoHK F'ranri^n (Stoddard) bom July 10, 1876. 
1344 IV. -— (Stoddard) bofD October 10, 1877, 

952. Ansel MoRRisr^ DotJoLAs (John,*^ John/ John,^ 
john,^ John,') son of John and Cynthia A. Douglas, born 
in Northumberland^ N. H., July 1, 1856 ; married Febru- 
ary 9^ 1816, Arvilla Davisj resides in Moretown, Vt. 

One child i 

1346 L JoHjr WAliRifiN,^ borti March 18, 1878. 

968. Julia Maria^ Douglas (Reuben,* John,^ John,"* 
John,'^ John,^) daughter of Reuben and Catharine A. 
(Thomas) Douglas, born September 29, 1849; married, 
October 2, 1870, Pardon Augustus Whitney ; he is a ma- 
chinist; they reside in Southington, Conn. 

Their children, born in Southington : 

1340 L PraUK AuGi^STiJs (Whitney) born May 27, 1871 ; 
died Auafust 19, 187L 

1347 IL jENNlEi Maria (Whitney) born June 10, 1872. 

1348 III. Lucy Mabel (Whitney) born February 12, 1875. 

962* Maria A.^ Douglas (William,'^ John,* John,'^ 
John,^ John,') daughter of Warren Douglas, born May 
17, 1852; married, February 5, 1879, Henry 1). Under- 
wood, born March 6, 1846; he died in his native town, 
Concord, Vt., March 30, 1884* 


Children : 

1349 I. Jknnib M. (Underwood) bore December 18, l8?9. 

1350 IL Mary H. (Utiderwood) born December 8» 1883. 

974. Hon. William Lewis® Douglas (William, ^Earl* 
Johiiv John,^ John,^i son of William and Mary C. Doug-* 
las, born in Plymouth, Mass., Auj^ust 22, 1845 ; married^ 
September 6, 1868, Naomi Augusta, daughter of Burgesd 
P. and Naomi Terry, born December 4, 1848; His parents 
dying when he was young, he was left to gain a livelihood 
as best he could. During bis minority he learned the 
shoemaker's trade ; after his marriage they settled at North 
Bridgewater, Mass., now Brockton, where he worked at his 
trade and in a few years was promoted to foreman of the 
shop, which position he held until he went into business 
for himself; he is known all over the United States as the 
manufacturer of the celebrated Three Dollar Shoe and 
other grades of shoes. 

Mr. Douglas is a man of noble character, energetic 
and alive to public interest. He represented bis city in 
the legislature for the years 1883-4 ; be also represented 
the second Plymouth District in the State Senate in 1886» 
In 1889 he was elected Mayor of the city of Brockton. 

Their children: 

1351 I. Ai*tcii AcactSTA^ born in Plymouth^ Mas9., Jttne $^ 

1852 II, MarioK LbWis/ borD id North BrieCgwater, noW 
Brockton, Mass., April 29, 1^72, 

I3»5^ IIL Amt R£YN;oiit>s/ bom io BroektoQ September 5f 

975. Mary Annie* Dougflas (William,^ Earl,* John*^ 
John,^ John,^) sister of the preceding and daughter of Wil^ 
liam and Mary C. (Vaughn) Douglas, was born in Plymouth ^ 
Mass., March 26, 1847 ; married Frank L. Hoar, born in 
Bristol J R. Li March 22* 1846 ; settled in his native town 

20ii THE tToCGLA? Gfi^EALacY. 

tvhere he has always resided; be is erigaiijed in the mantr* 
factory of gum for fhe National Ritblrer Co., of Bristol. 

Children seventh generation^ born in Bristol, R. I.: 

13a4 I. IjIuaz Frances, (Hoar) born June 1^, 1^71. 
1355 II. Jennib lioss (Hoar) bmi> October 19, 1874, 

982. Theodore W.arren' Douglas (Luther,'^ War- 
ten,"* John,'' John,'^ John,^) son of Luther Douglas, boni 
in Taberg, Oneida County, N. Y., September 3, 1838^ 
married, January 1, 1866, Mary Ann Wannastrand, born 
in Weyanverg, Wi&consin, April 1, 185L 

Children : 

135G I. Fi>o«A EctA^ f)orn in Parfrey strife, Wisconsin, Decem- 
ber 8, 186&. 

1357 IL LuTHEK Edwakd,' born in Almondv Wigconain, July 
1, 1868. 

1358 III. Alice Maria,^ born in Embarrase, Wigconsin, P^eb. 
28, 1870 J died October 26, 1875, 

1359 IV. Lydia Jank,' born in Almond, August 20, 1873. 

1360 V. Wiwjam,^ boi-n in Pine Grove July 26, 1S75. 

997. Harriet Amanda* Douglas (Warren,^ War- 
ren,^ John,^ John,"* John,') daughter of Warren and Sally 
(Storms) Douglas, born in Amesville, Oneida County, N. 
Y., December 2, 1843; married, July 1, 1861, Charles 
Wilson, son of John and Hepsehath Wilson, born iu 
Eagle, Lincolnshire, England, March 23, 1839; he is a 
machinist ; settled in Amesville, N. Y., where he still lives. 

Their child ; 

1361 I. Charles Franklin (Wilson) born in gAmesville, July 
26, 1862 ; died October 2, 1862. 

998. Albert Marion^ Douglas (Warren,^ Warren,^ 
John,'^ John,'^ John,') brother of the preceding, born in 
Amesville, N. Y., February 5, 1841 , married, December 
22, 1869, Clapa Cordelia, daughter of Drius and Mary C, 


Hale, born May 31, 1847. They settled in Amesville, N. 
Y., where he resides and is in company with Mr. Charles 
Wilson in the machine business. 

Their children, born in Amesville, N. Y.: 

1362 L Eddie' born October 25, 1870; died there November 
3, 1870. 

1363 IL Mauion,' twin, born April 12, 1872 ; died April 13, 

1364 III. Hattie May' twin, born April 12, 1872; died April 
13, 1872. 

1034. Jesse P.^ Douglas (Jesse P.^ Joshua/ John,'^ 
John,*^ John,^) son of Jesse P. and Roxanna (Manter) 
Douglas; was born in Plymouth, Mass., December 5, 
1845; married May 1, 1870. 

Child, seventh generation : 

1365 Joanna F., born in Plymouth, Mass., Jane, 1871. 

1038. Emily S.^ Douglas (Elisha,^ Joshua,^ John,« 
John,'^ John,^) daughter of Elisha and Susan P. (King) 
Douglas, was born in Plymouth, Mass., November 14, 
1843; married, March 14, 1863, Pelham Sampson, of 
Plymouth, where they reside; he is employed by the Rob- 
inson Iron Works of that place. 

Children, born in Plymouth, Mass.: 

1366 I. Fred A. (Sampson) born January 19, 1864. 

1367 II. Pelham F. (Sampson) born December 14, 1869. 
Id68 IIL LnjAN C. (Sampson) born May 5, 1872. 

1040. Elisha T.® Douglas (Elisha,'^ Joshua,* John,^ 
John'* John,') son of Elisha and Susan P, (King) Douglas, 
born in Plymouth, Mass., October 2!?, 185 1; married, first, 
April 14, 1873, Evie A. Barrett : she diied February 9, 
1880; he married, second, November 8, 1881, Annie 
Keamy ; Mr, Douglas is a machinist and resides at Ply- 
mouth Village, 


One child by first marriage : 

1369 I. Lena Mabel" born in Plyinoath February, 1, 1874. 

Children by second marriage born in Plymouth : 

1370 II. Meutice May^ bora May 26, 1882. 

1371 III. Alton Howard^ born May 16, 1884. 

1372 IV. Elisha Milton^ born January 9, 1887; died Feb- 
ruary 2, 1889. 

1373 V. Frances C.^ born July 26, 1888. 

1041. Clara F.« Douglas (William M.,^ Joshua,^ 
John,^ John,*^ John,^ daughter of William M. and Sarepta 
(Pierce) Douglas, born in Rochester, Mass., April 23, 1851; 
married, July 24, 1869, Thomas W. Gault, born in Ware- 
ham, Mass. He runs a furnace in a mill at Freemont, 

Children born in Wareham : 

1374 I. William T. (Gault) born March 22, 1873 ; died April 
4, 1878. 

1375 II. Edgar T. (Gault) born April 6, 1877. 

1376 III. Clara T. (Gault) born September 5, 1882. 

1043. Maria L." Douglas (William M.,^ Joshua/ 
John,^ John,^ John,') sister ot the preceding, born Janu- 
ary 31, 1857; married, first, Frank W. Ryan: married, 
second, Albert W. West, son of Henry and RoHnda (Fos- 
ter) West, 

Child by first marriage: 

1377 L Alice B. (liyan) born September 24, 1875. 

Children by second marriage : 

1378 II. Albert W. (West) born December 26, 1883. 

1379 III. Cora M. (West) born February 24, 1885. 



The First Deed Granted John Douglas, of Middlebo- 
roiigh, Mass., our earliest ancestor in America : 

To all People to whom these presents shall come — Greeting: 

Know ye that I John Bennett Junr. of the town of Middleborough in 
the County of Plymouth in New England for and in consideration of the 
sum of Thirty Pounds in Money to me already in hand paid by John Douglas of 
the town of Middleborough aforesaid. Wherewith I do acknowledge myself to be 
fully satisfied contented and paid. Have freely and absolutely Bargained and 
sold alienated enfeoffed and confirmed and by these presents do bargain sell alien- 
ate enfeoffed and confirm unto him the said John Douglas and his heirs 
and assigns forever a certain lot of land containing by estimation about thirty- 
seven acres be it more or less, being in number the one hundred thirty fourth I^ot 
in the Third allotment in the purchase called the Sixteen Shilling Purchase in the 
Township of Middleborough aforesaid and did originally belong unto the Right 
of Frances Coombs the bounds hereof may at large appear upon the records of 
said purchase. 

To Have and to Hold all the aforesaid lot of land lying and being as aforesaid 
with all and singular the profits privileges and appurtenances thereunto belong- 
ing from me the said John Bennett and my Heirs unto him the said John Douglas 
and his Heirs and assigns forever; with all my whole right title and interest of 
and unto the same and every part and parcel thereof to belong and appertain unto 
the only proper use and benefit & behoof of him the said John Douglas and his 
heirs and assigns forever. Warranting that at the time of the signing & sealing 
hereof I have good right full power and lawful authority in myself to dispose of 
ye above said premises with their appurtenances & every part and parcel thereof 
as is above expressed and do by these presents bind & oblige myself and my heirs 
forever to Warrant & Defend the title of the same against the lawful claims of all 
persons whatsoever. In witness whereof I the aforesaid John Bennett Junr have 
hereunto set my hand & seal this seventh day of May one thousand seven hun-^ 
dred thirty and nine. 

JOHN BENNETT, Junr. [Seal.] 

Plymouth ss, May ye 7th 1739. Then the above named John Bennett Jnnr per- 
sonally appeared and acknowledged the above written instrument to be his act 
and deed. 

Before me BENJ. WHITE Justice of Peace. 
Signed sealed & del in 
the presence of us 


Received & recorded July 25th 1739. 


Plymouth ss., April 30th, 1873. 
The foregoing is a true copy from the Registry of Deeds, Book 33, Fol. 23. 



Copy of a Deed granted to Cornelius Douglas, Sr., by 
Belcher Noyes, Agent for the Pejepscot Proprietors. 

lo all Persons unto whom these Presents shall come Belcher Noyes of Boston 
in the County of Suffolk and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New 
England^ Esq. ^ sends Greeting: — 

Whereas the Proprietors of lyatid at Pejepscot, have laid out a New Township, 
to be called * Ro^alsborough, lying in the County of Cumberland, and Province 
aforesaid, described as follows, viz : — ^To begin at the Northeast comer of the 
Town of North Yarmouth, from thence to Androscoggin River, apd down said 
river to the Northeast corner of the Township of Brunswick, and on the North- 
west line of said Brunswick to extend to North Yarmouth line, and on said line 
on a Northwest course to the forementioned bounds, Including land granted to 
Jonathan Bagley Esq., and said Proprietors at their meeting duly warned accord- 
ing to Law, held at Boston aforesaid, by adjournment March 3d, 1768, did by vote 
appoint Messrs Jonathan Bagley, Belcher Noyes & Moses Little, a committee for 
this special purpose, to bring forward the settlement of said New Township and 
to procure Settlers agreable to the tenor of said Vote, and also impowered said 
Belcher Noyes to execute Deeds to the Settlers in behalf of said Proprietors, as 
by said Vote on their Records will more fully appear. 

Know ye that I the said Belcher Noyes, pursuant to the aforementioned vote 
of said Proprietors, for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty-six Pounds 
thirteen shillings and four Pence lawfull money of said Province, received of 
Cornelius Douglas of said Royalsborough in the County of Cumberland & Prov- 
ince aforesaid, Yeoman in behalf of said Proprietors ; do by these Presents freeljr, 
fully and absolutely grant, bargain, sell, convey and confirm unto him, the said 
Cornelius Douglas his Heirs & assigns forever : A certain tract of Land, situate, 
lying and being in said New intended Township of Royalsborough, known in the 
Division of Lots by number Twenty Eight, described & bounded as follows, be- 
ginning about four rods from a Stake at the Southwest comer of Lot number 
Twenty Seven, thence Southwest one hundred and Sixty rods to the Southeast 
comer of Lot number Twenty Nine, thence Northwest one hundred rods, thence 
Northeast one hundred and sixty rods, thence Southeast one hundred rods, to 
the first mentioned bounds. 

To Have and to Hold the above described lot of land, together with all & 
singular, the privileges, commodities and appurtenances to the same belonging 
or appertaining unto him the said Cornelius Douglas, his Heirs & assigns, as a 
free inheritance in fee simple forever : hereby covenanting in behalf of the said 
Proprietors, their respective Heirs, Executors and Administrators, to and with 
the said Cornelius Douglas, his Heirs and assigns, to warrant, confirm and defend 
him & them in the Possession of the said granted Premises against the lawfull 
claims of all Persons whatsoever. 

In testimony that this Instrument shall be forever hereafter acknowledged by 
said Proprietors as their act and Deed, and be held good and valid by thera, I the 
said Belcher Noyes, by virtue of the aforesaid vote, do hereto set my hand and 
seal this tenth day of December, Anno Domini, one thousand seven hundred and 


Signed Sealed and Delivered 1 

in presence of us I- 


Essex, ss. December 13, 1776. Then the above named Belcher Noyes Esq. 
acknowledged this instmment, executed by him in behalf of said Proprietors, as 
their act and deed. Before 

ISAAC MERRILL, Justice oj Peace, 
Rec'd 2d April, 1777 and recorded from the original. 


♦ Now the town of Durham. 



The fifinsres before each name denote the year of birth: the %ttreft after the 
name denote the consecutive number under which the birth i» recorded. Names 
<if those who are known to have died young* are omitted. 

1802 Abner 180 

i&ii Abigail 320 

1&22 Abia 464 

1796 Abijah . 223 

I«i4 Abraham ... 293 

1851 Absalom 1079 

1795 Absalom 156 

1858 Albion 1089 

1839 Absalom 504 

1852 Addie Betsey 949 

1868 Albert M 1300 

1857 Albert 1Q59 

1854 *' I^ 9^3 

1847 " M 998 

«859 *' H 895 

1850 *' Freeman 925 

1^1 Albert 412 

1852 Alfred Eugene 819 

1871 Alfred N 1065 

1881 Affie May 1212 

1865 Alice May .......... 689 

i860 "- G 837 

1861 *' Frances 1175 

1871 " Carrie 1182 

1869 '* M 1274 

18&1 "- Irene 1288 

1869 " Augusta 1351 

1878 Alice 1314 

1873 Alice- 1330 

1799 Allen 172 

1S42 Albion C 840 

i8is8 Albion 1089 

1791 Barnabas Nye 167 

Barton 340 

iS Bathana 341 

i8i55 Benjamin F. 836 

i^8 ♦'' Booker 854 

1789 Benjamin 6a 

1825 Benjamin Booker 336 

1793 Betsey 168 

1848 Albion L . > ...... 1051 

1888 Annie A » » . . 1323 

1869 Annie Vesty . 1245 

1874 Amy Reynolds 1353 

1833 Alonxo Simeon 338 

i860 ** C 891 

1844 *' 945 

1839 Amanda 642 

1830 Amanda M 458 

1842 Amanda Jane . . ..... 763 

1839 Ambros B 411 

iH^ Ambros B 414 

1827 Amos Bailey 220 

1825 Alraira 639 

1859 Amy Cynthia loio 

1852 Annal« 833 

1863 Annie Julia 685 

1864 Annie Belle 703 

1784 Annie 30 

]8i8 Annie Bailey 216 

1792 Anna 38 

1835 Andrew Jackson '*'... 470 

1859 Annie M 1169 

1884 Alton Howard 1371 

1859 Alvin W 1220 

1849 Ansel Gibb» 931 

1856 Ansel Morris 951 

1857 Arthur B 1219 

1888 Arthur E 1290 

1839 Arabine F. 762 

1883 Archibald Percy 1289 

1834 Asa Albion 759 


1849 Betsey I*. 1078 






1875 Blanch 972 

1878 Berthie A 973 

1879 Berton W. ... 1294 




1843 Calbeit Daniel 551 

1830 Caroline S 556 

18 Caroline 576 

1820 Catharine A 217 

1852 Calvin Howe 798 

1863 Carrie May 1077 

1863 Carrie Agnes 1176 

1881 Carrie May 1267 

1869 Charles 1261 

1837 Caroline I^ 593 

1830 Charles 252 

1816 - 332 

1853 " Albert 567 

1812 *' 324 

1849 " R 597 

i»33 ** Frances 652 

1872 ** Bailey 704 

1854 " 731 

1847 " H 787 

1839 " layman 792 

1845 Charles Alfred 831 

1858 " Bishop 890 

1853 " Everett ... 934 

1863 " Ivincoln 956 

1856 *' Henry 964 

1864 Daisy H 1157 

1877 Dana C 904 

1839 Daniel Berry 594 

1847 " A 848 

1857 " Franklin 701 

1861 David 1090 

1747 Daniel 6 

1796 Daniel 33 

1824 Daniel Robert 219 

1830 Daniel K 408 

1796 David 41 

1779 David ' 46 

1783 David 72 

1784 Earl 123 

1832 Edwin , . . 780 

1845 Edwin Weston 795 

1845 Edward Berry ....... 807 

1 84 1 Edwin Charles 842 

1871 Edward A 1066 

1874 Edwin Allen 1135 

1872 Edwin 1303 

1770 Edward 35 

181 2 Edward Franklin 232 

1845 Edwin Delas 564 

1879 Ethel Jane 1287 

1867 Edgar Emerson 11 25 

1839 Elbridge Thompson .... 655 

1720 Elijah 2 

1768 " 14 

1775 ;; 45 

1786 ** 58 

1855 Charles Everett 1055 

1843 •* Albert 984 

1872 " Edward 1179 

1880 " Leonard 121 1 

1855 •' F 1218 

1880 " I, 1321 

1862 *' 1081 

1840 Cephes Henry 805 

1857 Chloe A 694 

1869 Christina 699 

1837 Charlotte A 503 

1828 Christopher R 499 

1799 Celia 158 

1803 Clarassa 364 

i8jo Clarabel May 1030 

1851 Clara F 1041 

1866 Cora Rebecca 1277 

1749 Cornelius 7 

1780 Cornelius 28 

1798 Cornelius 42 

18 1 9 Cynthia Adaline 452 

1839 Cynthia B 471 

i85o Cynthia Addia 953 

1867 Cynthia Etta 1329 


David 179 

1840 " Cornelius 262 

1816 " 371 

1833 " Bennett 391 

1821 " C 495 

1822 Dianna Dillingham . . . 218 

1813 Delight 368 

1842 Dianna 421 

1810 Deborah . . . 429 

18 Dulensin 339 

1890 Dorothy Frances 1315 

1856 Delia J 1256 


1886 Estella Alice 1270 

Emma Small 1301 

1760 Elizabeth 19 

1786 " 48 

1782 " 56 

1804 " 105 

1798 ** 109 

1810 " 162 

•• 281 

" 736 

1822 Eliza Jane 249 

1827 Eliza H 388 

1826 Eliza 445 

1824 Eliza Ann 466 

1828 ElizaAnn 580 

1833 Eliza 781 

1809 Elmira 107 

1832 Emily 501 



i8oi Elijah . . . . • 130 

1809 " 319 

1822 *' 435 

i«47 " Eliot 923 

1792 Elias 169 

1851 Elisha T. P 1040 

1822 Elisha 300 

1771 Elisha 22 

i8i6 Elisha 474 

1820 Elisha 494 

1862 Effie S 1 156 

i86o Ella Jane 687 

1859 Ella A 846 

1855 Ella Jane .... • • . 935 

1882 Ella J . 1322 

1873 Elanora Bailey 1 194 


1859 Frank Pierce 881 

i86i ♦' R 8gf6 

J851 *' M 933 

1856 " I^slie 961 

1858 *' L 965 

1883 " Elwell 1213 

1862 '* N 1275 

1882 " D 1316 

1870 Frank Emery 1264 

1854 Franklin Jay 988 


i8i2 Gardiner, Rev 294 

1884 Gilford 1204 

1829 Gilman S . 739 

1829 George 589 

1859 " Giflford 702 

1837 " Henry 741 

1840 " Henry 838 

1868 *' Hinckley 882 

1872 *' Alfred 1032 

i868 " Weston 1063 

1859 " B it576 

1870 " Christopher ... . ni8 

1882 ** Warren 1198 

1884 " Giflford 1204 

1866 George 1128 


1800 Hannah 66 

1790 " 78 

1794 " 222 

1822 " 256 

1814 " Elizabeth . . . . 287 

i8i8 " " 333 

1814 " 370 

1839 " 549 

X832 " 581 

1819 *; 434 

1835 " M 592 

i$56 " Jane 598 

1835 " Elisabeth 753 

1864 '* Randall 893 

1838 Edsell A 418 

1841 Ellen Augusta 656 

1854 Ellen Maria 680 

1845 Ellen Elizabeth 764 

1846 Ellen D 1039 

1838 Emily 783 

1839 Emily 803 

1843 Braily S 1038 

1871 Elmer Edward 1057 

1849 Emma Jane 986 

1869 Elsie Western 1181 

1845 Esther Ann 816 

1887 Ethel M 1311 

1816 Elvira Jane 619 

1 841 Elvira Nancy 643 

1857 Franklin Porter 10 14 

1863 Flora D 967 

1866 Flora Ella 1356 

1864 Flora 1276 

1883 Flora F 1310 

1888 Frances C 1373 

1851 Frederic B 852 

1882 Fred Evans 903 

1879 Fred Wesley . .... . . 1266 

1808 Freelove E 437 

18— Geoxge W 1278 

1762 •' . . . • 24 - 

1787 " n 

1792 " 126 

1796 ** 171 

1824 " 250 

i8r6 " 331 

1834 " P 410 

1850 *' Emery 424 

1823 " 465 

1844 " Washington .... 507 

1834 " 559 

1837 " 561 

1845 " Allen 582 

1888 Hariy W 1296 

1871 Harry A 1193 

1878 Harry R 1282 

i8q5 Harrison 365 

1871 Herbert 971 

1851 " 1153 

1872 ** Eugene ii«8 

i8$5 " 1272 

i86i Henry 1091 

181 2 Hiram Randall 163 

1809 " 183 

183.S '* 502 

1840 " William 553 

1856 " .555 



1831 Harriet Jane . . . , ... 641 

1833 ** Ann 753 

i«39 '* 995 

1843 ** Amanda 997 

** ' ' 577 

18— " 177 

1836 " Gtare» 489 

1850 Hattie P . . . 977 

1857 '• M 1168 

1864 Haltie E . . 1259 

1872 •' May . . , . .... 136 

1853 Harriet Randall 888 

1858 Hiram .... , . . . . , tafo 

1845 Henry Clay 495 

1844 ** Clay 664 

1866 ♦* Howard ...... 686 

1855 ** Howard . . .... 92^ 

1868 " Lewis 1056 

J848 Henrietta ' • * . ..... 832 

1876 Ho«^rd M . . . . . 10665^ 

1871 Hurbert .......... 970 

1796 Hugh . 80 

1800 Hugh . . no 

1800 Huldah ... ....... 227 


J855 Ida May . . ... .... 1x67 

1848 IdaM . . . 1216 

1858 IdaAflSe 799 

1885 Ina G ....... . . . 1295 

1859 Isabel . • ' 1155 

1867 Isabel ... ... .... 1273 

1826 Ira Giflferson .... .... 456 

1835 Isaiah ... . 722 

1856 ** .73^ 

1886 " Willis 1214 

1823 " 335 

1843 Isaac Fisher. ..... 757 

1852 *' Wesley . ..... 789 

1780 Jatnes .......... 55 

1800 *' 279 

1807 " S 312 

1850 *' Howard ... .... 384 

1845 ** Madison . ... . . 508 

1843 *' Oscar 565 

1849 ** Alexander ...... 851 

1855 *' Warren . 1058 

1882 '* Alexander Jr . . . . 1304 

1845 Jane Maria 758 

1813 Jane . 322 

1809 Jane . . ...... ... 366 

1785 Jenney 74 

1797 Jenney .... ...... lodr 

1856 Jennie Elmer ... .... 425 

1869 Jennie Blake 894 

i860 Jennie M . . . . ..... looo 

1814 Jesse P . . . . . ..... 473 

1859 Jesse C . . 695 

1845 Jessie P ......... . 1034 

1754 Job 9 

1787 Job 59 

1802 Job ..... ....... 280 

1805 Joanna 112 

1817 •* .......... 297 

1871 " F 1365 

1695 John . I 

1722 " 3 

^774 ;; ' • ' '5 

1752 **.,.... i6> 

1768 ** 34 

1792 100 

1803 ** Ill 

1843 Isaac M ......... . 815 

1863 " 897 

1806 " 106 

J811 •• 114 

1832 ** Henry 604 

1851 " H ........ . 420 

1831 Irene . 307 

1756 Israel ........... 10 

1796 " 65 

f8o2 ** ........... 104 

1792 ** 221 

<«- " • 343 

1828 Ivory Warren ... .... 640 


1844 John A . . .... .... 419 

1858 " Franklin 426 

1814 '* 439 

1821 ** Edward .... ... 455 

1826 '* 467 

1824 " B . . 496 

1863' ** F . . . 505 

1835 ** Edward ... . ... 653 

1862 ** Henry ........ 682^ 

1863 ** Henry Jr 697 

X825 " W ' . . 735 

1830 ** Albion . . ...... 779 

1837 ** Henry 790 

i860 " E . . .... .... 1080 

1867 ** Franklin ....... 1177 

1876 ** Weston 1 184 

1878 '* Warren ....... 1345 

**55 Joshua E . . . . ..... 1042 

1753 Joseph Sr 

^77A " 37 

1793 ** .......... 39 

«776 " 5^ 

1819 ** .......... 248 

1817 ** 278 

1809 ♦* .......... 284 

1812 ** 431 

i86r - H 734 

i«58 " 432 

1794 Joshua ......... 40 

1794 '' .......... 127 

i«33 ** lyufkin 255 

1840 '* 480 

1826 Joseph B . . V . ..... 497 






Henry • • 259 

Henry 260 

Nichols 263 


Banks 311 


William 407 


1852 Kate Meroa . 


1867 Laura A 1299 

1857 Lilla Ann 989 

1865 Lillian Eli«a 103 1 

1878 Linda L 1320 

1859 I^JMie Ann 670 

1850 " Freeman 566 

1877 " Maria . . . ... 1195 

1875 Leander M 1281 

1874 Lena Mabel 1369 

1873 Leonora Ardell 839. 

1858 Leona May 768 

1812 Lemuel 185 

1852 Lewis Morrill 679 

1824 Lewis 444 

1804 Levi 181 

1839 I*odiac 983 

1844 Lory Harmon 657 

1835 Louisa 801 

1812 Louisa 315 

1850 Lucinda F 797 

1788 Lucy 125 

18— Joseph 578 

1888 " Nathan i2i<i 

1770 Jotham 27 

Jotham 178 

1821 Julia Ann 299 

1827 " • . . 306 

1823 ** Ann 386 

1849 ** Maria 958 

1863 " K 1044 

Kerziah 176 

1808 Lucy ... 161 

i860 Luella Clark 684 

1801 Lucy 310 

1830 Lucy E 500 

1843 Lucy Jane 666 

1862 Lucy Elizabeth 1061 

1886 Lucy S 1318 

1847 Luther Anderson 930 

1868 " Edward 1357 

1826 " 436 

1810 ** 447 

»799 Lydia 43 

1780 Lydia 121 

1799 Lydia 129 

1820 Lydia 255 

1824 Lydia 264 

1817 Lydia 433 

1818 Lydia 45^1 

1873 Lydia Jane 1350 

1840 Lydia M 813 


1888 Mabel G 1319 

1877 Mabel M 1293 

1881 Mabel F 1042% 

1877 Mabel B 1134 

1870 Mabel F 1279 

1848 Mag;g^e P 967 

1847 Maria 705 

1841 Maria Godwin 793 

1852 Maria A 962 

1835 Maria S 980 

1834 Maria E 469 

1794 Mariam 62 

1797 Mariam 157 

1819 Mariam . 298 

1817 Mahalah 166 

1819 Mahala 186 

1847 Margaret Emma 765 

1848 Margaret Jane 835 

1849 Marion 1152 

1863 Merrilla 1092 

1868 MarriannaS 1178 

1857 Martha 1009 

1866 Martin AlonEo 1064 

i?72 Marion Lewis 1352 

1872 Marion 1363 

1882 Mertice May 1370 

1822 Mary 476 

1847 Mary Emily 552 

1847 Mary A 565 

1855 Mary , 591 

1845 Mary E. W 596 

i860 Mary Narcissa 709 

18 Mary L 73^ 

1838 Mary Stinson 754 

1841 Mary Jane 804 

1835 Mary Ellen 811 

1847 Mary Augusta 845 

1847 Mary Elizabeth 850 

1862 Mary Pinkham 892 

1858 Mary Martha 936 

1840 Maynard H 996 

1844 Mary Jane ion 

1857 Maria L 1043 

1850 Mary O 1075 

1846 Mary Diantha 957 

1865 MaryL 96s 

1847 Mary Annie 975 

1835 Mary S 980 

1744 Martin «^ 

1837 Martin V. B 470 

1828 Martha P 46^ 

1866 MaudM i25«; 















1 880 



Mary Jane ,.1011 

Mary J 1317 

Mary Etta 955 

Mary E 1246 

Mary 13 

Mary 18 

Mary 61 

Mary 79 

Mary 103 

Mary 173 

Mary A 187 

Mary 265 

Mary • . 275 

Mary 285 

Mary 286 

Mary Jane 392 

Mary Ellen 413 


Nancy M 1036 

Nancy 1008 

Nancy A 946 

Nabby 29 

Nancy 174 

Nancy 302 

Nancy Swift 450 

Nathan 276 

Nathan King 477 

Nathan , . . 728 


Oliver A . . 415 

Orlando Kellog 423 

Oremanda 1302 

Otis H 785 


Parraelia C 562 

Patience 12 

Patience 44 

Patience 71 

Pauline Jane 374 

Paul 226 

Phebe 21 

Phebe 36 

Phebe 32 

Phebe 164 

Phebe 224 


Rachel • . . 49 

Rachel 182 

Rebecca 52 

Rachel R 737 

Rachel Jane 853 

Ratheur A . 1309 

Rebecca 119 

Rebecca Helen 740 

Rhoda Coombs 621 

Reuben 441 

Reuben Seth 950 

Richard O 389 

Rhoda 225 

Rhoda Mehitable 948 













Mehitable C 440 

Mercy 57 

Mercy 274 

Mercy 292 

Mercy Jane .... . . 929 

Melentha ........ 427 

Minnie . . 1308 

Millie 696 

Milton Herbert 692 

Minnie Iv 1292 

Moses 47 

Moses Swift 560 

Myra C 902 

MyroM Earle 1127 

Myrtie Edna 1189 

Myrtie 1306 

Melvin P 952 

Nathan Winslow 1054 

Nellie E 665 

Nellie May 1187 

Nettie L 1263 

Nehemiah Owen ... . 316 

Noah 25 

Noah 170 

Noah E 472 

Noah 575 

Noah H 782 

Oscar G ■ . . . . 769 

Oscar Eaton 788 

Otis N 1265 

Oscar E 1271 

Phebe 230 

Phebe Nye 557 

Phebe J 733 

Philip Banks 317 

Philanda 454 

Peter 288 

Policy 108 

Policy Adaline 987 

Prudence 23 

Prudence 175 

Rhoda 318 

Rhoda Harriet 457 

Robert Walter 261 

Robert E 1203 

Robert Walter . 12 10 

Rosa Harvey 688 

Rosella . 1093 

Roxanna F 1033 

Rufus Collins 654 

Ruth 67 

Ruth 160 

Ruth A . . . . : 492 

Rufus • . . 231 

























Sadie G 1186 1825 

Sadie Brown 1200 1848 

Salvana 31 1882 

Salley 115 1767 

Samuel Dr 54 1825 

Samuel 98 1823 

Samuel 301 1826 

Samuel 291 1823 

Samuel 375 1843 

vSarah n 1881 

Sarah 20 1845 

Sarah 64 1848 

Sarah 131 1865 

Sarah 282 1796 

Sarah B 296 1847 

Sarah Jane 337 1790 

Sarah 372 1832 

Sarah M 417 18— 

Sarah 438 1839 

Sarah Ann 506 1838 

Sarah Amanda 554 1840 

Sarah M 730 1852 

Sarah Ann 760 1841 

Sarah Jane 843 

Theodore 982 1804 

Theodates 283 1849 

Thomas 69 1855 

Thomas 117 


Vera 1205 1871 

Violet 1305 


Waitstell Webber 118 1820 

Warren 124 1819 

Warren 446 1827 

Warren 449 1819 

Warren S . . 478 1854 

Warren O 796 1845 

Warren P 844 1832 

Walter Henry 683 1859 

Walter 969 1854 

Walter . . . 1094 1855 

Walter Franklin 1126 i860 

Warien D 1250 1847 

Washington 455 1845 

Wilbur F 802 1868 

William 73 1867 

William loi 1874 

William A 184 1869 

William Henry ... ... 254 i86i 

William Booker 30& 1827 

William Booker 313 1845 

William 334 1852 

William 369 1859 

William B 377 1875 

William, Capt 387 1837 

William 416 1867 

William • . . . 442 

Sarah 587 

Sarah A 999 

Sarah E 1045 

Selah 26 

Seth 330 

Sewall .188 

Silas S 579 

Soloman 501^ 

Sophia B 794 

Sophia 1307 

Stephen B 667 

Stephen Albert 678 

Stilman W 1291 

Southworth 128 

Stowers A 879 

Susana 99 

Stephen Sennett 390 

Susan 34'2 

Susan Fisher ....... 755 

Susan O . . . 761 

Sttsan T 770 

Susaa F . . 1035 

Susan M 1037 

Thomas 290 

Thomas Jackson 817 

Thomas Nash 834. 

Viola E 1251 

William 443 

William Manter .... 475 

William 588 

William Estes 620 

William Harris 767 

William W 786 

William Sidney 800 

William Willis 849 

William Warren 880 

William Randall . . ... 889 

William Edward 966 

Warren O 796 

Warren P 844 

Walter Henry 683 

Walter 969 

Walter 1094 

Walter Franklin ...... 1126 

Walter Scott . 1257 

William . . . . . . . . • . 588 

William Lewis 974 

William Marcelous .... 1013 

William 1060 

William 1360 

Wilbur F 802 

William Henry 1260 


DE»GEift>AJ^f:d oir John l)otJGLAs 8BARiN<i othek Kam^S. 
For Explanation Ske Index I. 


1817 t)ani«l t) . . . . ; i i . . 201 

1814 Joseph B 201 

1821 I^evi D 304 

1819 Mary , "... 203 

181 1 Phebe 200 

i860 Josephine Chatman . . . . ii2<j 

1S62 Sattih JaHc iiyi> 

1865 tames Edwin 1131 

1872 Mellin Douglass 1 132 

1874 X^slie Chapman 113,; 


1879 Vesta Ann 1206 

1881 Henry Altoit 1207 

1884 Johft EaTiiest i2oJ^ 

t888 Fred I^u»tcn-Ce I20cj 


1863 Charles H 605 1853 

1855 George F 602 1862 

1850 Mary F 600 1849 


1794 Atttta 233 i«o3 

i»oi Cornelius 537 1804 

J797 Davi-d 255 1811 

1809 Esrther 241 1807 

1795 Joha . 534 


1850 Eben C 710 

1852 Phel» AntMi 711 



1809 Benjamin . , . > 459 1813 

1815 Cytithia 462 tSti 

1816 Joseph 463 

Martha H 60] 

Sarah H 604 

William H 599 

l*ydia s 238 

Phebe 239 

Rebecca 242 

Susanna 240 

Lydiajane . . ...... 712 

Johtt Herbert 715 

Lucy 461 

Lydia S . 460 


1841 Marcia An« .1141 iSso 

1842 Abijah t 1142 1852 

1844 Jtafy A 1143 1855 

1846 Rhoda Alice . 1144 1857 

.1849 Pliebe F . . . 1145 1858 

Harrison D 1146 

t,yd3a Emma 1 147 

Ella Jane 114S 

Clara M .......... ii4q 

EliaaKmall ii$o 


1885 Mary Ann itgt 1886 Ua^tk Ella ip^tf 

1870 Harmon E itgo 




1794 Daniel 92 

1796 Elizabeth . 93 

1791 Hannah • . 91 

1809 Israel 97 

1783 James 88 

1789 Mary 90 

1799 Mercy 94 

1802 Patience 95 

1806 Miram 96 

1809 Israel 97 


Alfred 346 

— - Alonzo 349 

• John 348 

I<ucretia 345 


1848 Israel I^wis L .872 i860 

1854 George William 874 1864 

1857 Mary Sennett 875 1867 


1832 Mary R 909^^ 1842 

1837 Sarah R 910 1845 

1838 Deborah F 911 1847 

1841 Hattie C 912 

Octava 344 

Rebecca 351 

Warren 350 

William 347 

Stephen Franklin 876 

JuJia Rich 877 

Ann Howard 878 

Alice H 913 

Helen M 914 

Robert 915 


1822 Julia D 628 

1824 Mary Oliver 629 

1827 Huldah M 630 

1829 Ellen 631 

1831 Benjamin F 63a 

1824 Rhoda E 633 

1836 Harriet A 634 

1837 Elvira J 635 

1839 Mary Olive 636 

1842 Martha W 637 

1844 Thomas A . . 638 


1833 Samuel E 861 

1835 Robert 862 

1838 Nehemiah 863 

1841 David F 864 

1843 Joseph P 865 

1844 George S 866 

i860 Mary Jane 11 13 

1862 Charles Nelson 11 14 

1864 Horace 1115 

1867 Hiram H 11 16 


1853 Julia Iv 1121 

1856 Carrie D 1122 

1859 Henry . 1123 

1866 Emery 1124 

1841 Emeline 

725 1847 George H , 



1843 Benjamin F 273 1837 

1831 Dorcas W 268 1833 

^835 Joseph Henry 270 1841 


1817 Pauline . 610 

1819 Anstress 611 

1821 Caroline 612 

1823 Hannah 613 

l,ydia Ellen 271 

Margaret Snow 269 

William Penn 272 

1826 Dorcas 614 

1831 Alice I 616 

1833 Maria S 617 

1836 Abner H 618 




1858 Emily F 1025 1869 

1859 I^iziie J . . . 1026 1872 

1866 Winfield E 1027 


1835 I^uther 990 1837 

1836 Warren H 991 1840 

1838 RhodaJ 992 1847 

1843 George W 993 1852 

1848 Emma Jane 994 






Rebecca H . 
Franklin B . 


Danial F looi 

Nathan 1002 

Eli Hugh 1004 

Charles W 1006 

1857 Corelius 714 

Annie I, • 1165 


Carrie May 1068 


Abagail G 399 

Elraira J 395 

Eliza F 398 

1829 Mary Ann 396 

1837 Susan 400 

Axie . . 
Amanda . 
Mary . . 






1847 Charles D 406 

1835 Eli^beth A 402 1837 

1842 Fannie M 404 1833 


1826 Ira 243 1854 

1830 Ivydia Ann 245 1854 

1833 Patience Douglas 246 1856 

1827 Silas 244 1859 

1835 S. Jane 247 1861 

185 1 James Emery 672 

Martha 353 

Mercy 355 

Jeremiah 405 

Samuel D 403 

William 401 

Lufkin Douglas 673 

Abby Jane 674 

Charles Winslow 675 

Franklin Eli 676 

Robert Henry 677 


1805 Lucy 195 

1807 John . 196 

1810 Mary Ann 197 

1812 Mikel 198 

1813 Delenda 199 

1827 Aurilla 212 

1821 Henry W 210 

1827 Isabel 213 

1830 George W 214 

1817 Oliver 208 

1824 Rufus 211 

1812 Samuel 206 

1819 Sarah 209 


1873 William T 1374 1882 Clara T . 

1877 Edgar T 1375 





1833 Sarah E 646 1839 

1835 Esther C 647 1841 

1837 Edward F 648 1843 

George H 649 

Francis E 650 

Henrietta t, 651 

1870 Hiram G . 

1 1 19 1872 Eugene . 


1851 Charles Thomas .606 

1853 Elbridge J 607 



Sarah A 608 

George A , . . 609 

1867 Ullian A . 

Mary . 

. . 1173 1869 Ernest E . 

. 1174 




Samuel , 


1846 Barbery 547 

1833 Christopher 542 

1848 Hiram 548 

1831 I^muel C 541 


1844 Nathaniel 546 

1839 Pbebe 544 

1842 Rube 545 

1837 Elixa 543 

1871 Cora . 


706 1878 Gilbert E 


1859 Nellie M 

. 1283 1868 


Frederic H . . 1284 

1843 Charles H 525 1824 Russell 516 

1826 Daniel R 517 1822 

1836 Elizabeth 522 1827 

1832 Hannah L 520 1839 

1830 Isaac 519 1863 

1834 James 521 1865 

1820 Mahala D 514 1871 

1841 Patience P 524 1874 


1848 Julia 539 1844 

1839 I/>«isa 536 1841 

1851 Reuben R 540 


1828 George 622 

1830 Amos 623 

1838 Ann 624 

Salley 515 

Sarah A 518 

Thursa M 523 

Charles E 1102 

Alice 1 103 

Thursa 1, 1104 

I^illian I^ 1105 

Sarah Ann 538 

Thomas E 537 

1834 John 625 

1836 I^emuel 626 

1841 Israel 627 


1820 Betsey M 570 

1815 Catherine C 568 

1818 Charles F 569 

I.ucyB 574 

1824 Mary A 572 

1829 Nathaniel 573 

1822 Patience 571 



1857 Laura A 109s 1862 

1858 L. R 1096 1864 

a86o Lucy A . . . 1097 1867 

1861 Mary H 1098 


Amanda A . fto^^ 

Viola A UJO». 

Benjamin P lioi 

1837 OeorgfC H 660 

J839 IfiXM, H . . , 661 


Willimm P . 
Charlotte M . 




1834 Thomas Henrr 867 

1837 Sarah Jane 868 

1839 William E 869 

r84i GeoTfc £atl .870 

1847 Esther S^i 


1827 John D 484 1821 

1832 James L . . 4^7 i8a8 

J823 Lydia 482 1830 

1839 Lydia W . 48ft 1824 

1829 Elizabeth -937 1646 Clariasa . 

1833 Nathan . 933 

Pregton, CapL .489 

Rebecca 485 

Thomas B 486 

William .483 



1846 Nellie G . , ... . . * . . 907 
1849 George W , . . 908 


Eliafi 509 

Irene 512 

John 510 

1851 Isadora F 909 

Oliver . 

^ 513 


1830 Isabella 855 

1832 David D 856 

1837 EH 857 

1636 SaraliJ -85^ 

1838 Frances 859 

r84i Susan -860 

1835 Augustus F . 

. 267 1832 George N . 



1867 Leforest . . » 1109 

1868 Hiram W mo 

1869 Famiey ni3 

1872 Tb-omasE I'Ja.^ 


J848 Realfy . 1082 

11859 Almira 10S3 

i860 Emily 1084 

J862 William A . , . , 1085 

1865 Thomas P . . , 1086 

16S3 Sarah E 1087 

1866 Hiram P io8l^ 


1830 Collins 528 

3832 Caroline 529 

1836 Collins 531 

1838 Caroline 532 

J834 Emily ; 530 

1843 Ezra .534 

1827 Henry 526 

1828 Hiram 527 

1840 Mary Ann 533 

1845 Ruth 535 




1843 Mary Thomas 1016 1850 

1845 Caroline H 1017 1853 

1848 Branch H 1018 1856 

1846 Mary S 1047 1867 

1848 Philip R. S 1048 

Laura A 1049 

Sarah T 105D 

Charles M 1051 

Nellie A. C 1053 


1824 Sarah E 742 1836 

1826 Abraham F 743 1837 

1828 Joseph . . . ; 744 1839 

1830 Mary O 745 1^1 

1834 Zelia 747 

Betsey 748 

Reuben 749 

Olivia 750 

Martha Ann 751 




1849 Sarah V 941 

1851 Dora A 942 

1854 Samuel T 943 


Daniel 145 

Ephriam 143 

Elizabeth 144 

Hannah 149 

Jacob 150 

John 151 

Lydia i^a 

Mary 146 

1794 Phebe 148 

1791 Roger 147 

Tryphena 142 


1846 Jane K 916 1854 

1848 John Q 917 1856 

1850 William G 918 1B57 

i^ Charles F 919 


1815 Daniel 358 

1820 Eliza Jane . . . . 360 

18Q5 Israel 357 

1817 Jane 359 


1840 Henrietta 
1842 Maria . . 


ColisC 920 

Mary H 921 

Robert D 922 

1822 Mary 361 

1825 Roxilana 363 

1823 Sophrona 362 

1845 Henry 774 


1875 Alice B 1377 


Betsey 133 

Elijah 132 

- James 137 

— - Judith 139 

Libteth 140 

Lydia 141 

Mary 135 

Persilla 156 

Sarah . . i^ 

Thaddeous 134 

David 394 Lydia 

1852 Elijah M 








John W 1071 

William Wesley 1072 


Fred A 1366 

Pelham F 1367 



Frederick 1073 

Merritt 1074 

Ullian C 1368 


1871 Ftances S 1286 







Sarah Frances 1020 1852 

Nehemiah G 1021 1854 

Ellen Maria 1022 


Abbie Jane . • 1158 1855 

George • ... 1159 1858 

William A 1160 1861 

John F 1161 


Douglas 1201 1882 


Ruth B 1023 

Phineas 1024 

Marshal M 1162 

Leonard M 1163 

Henry C 1 164 

Ethel 1202 

Charles Henry 775 

James Alfred 776 


Sarah E . . 
Emma Jane 



Mary Ella 883 

William A 884 


Mary Abby 885 

Hannah E 886 


Amy Gifford 583 

Almira Frances 584 

Alfred 585 

Mary 586 


1869 Harold Clifton 1137 

1870 Chester Brainard 11 38 


1851 Julia Ann 

1883 Albert W 1388 1885 


Esther 193 

John 190 

James 194 

Alfred Boardman 1*139 


Cora M 1369 

Nancy 189 

Sarah Bailey 191 

Salina Russell 192 



Daniel Perry 382 

John Douglas 381 


Lydia Buffum 380 

William Henry 383