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Umar Hasan 

December 24, 1961 - 
October 24, 1994 

In loving memory of Umar Hasan for his unique spirit, 

creative mind, caring nature, enthusiastic will to succeed, 

and dedicated commitment to making a difference at 

St. Mary's College. 

Umar Hasan died due to AIDS on October 24, 1994. He was 

Assistant Director of Student Development and Director of 

Forensics. He will be missed by his friends and students. 

"Waitttty fan 'pC&ov&Kt, 

*)t ci, afwittytime fan. 


<sU*ttoat eventfotte 

*) <z*n atitl (Uviiect i*t t&e. ctan&- 


o£ cuiutex 

*74e Mveet anoma o£ faotvena, 

tteven voiiti t6e ct<vi6*te4&: 

frex&afia, afaaid o£ %etti*ty 


itt a. tvontd o£ viruzl tttett ovitA 

cott&zyioua, cOieeuttA,. 

"ptowenb one fan t&o&e 

<v£o aw cvatcA. t^e*tt 


euut not fade itt t&e dAadoa* 

o£ t&ein. fcefala, 

Svea HOtV. 

f4& *) ynotn douwauvid 

(i£e potatoes,, 

1 4trfl to*ty fan tne e*H&iaci*tef. 

antttA. attd t&e ettcfauttitta ^ce*tt 

o£ 6eant-ned faotvena. 

faocv&iA. t£<zt uhjU ynato- 
ctt ituf yuiiifi a*td not die 
dvitA- ate. 

■j -\m 


AND ( 1U/IM S* 




Jacqueline Aitoro 

"I want the fairy tale. " 
-Pretty Woman 

Dominic Amos 

Peace ■ >ur say soulbrother #1." Good Luck 


Fight the good fight every moment - it's your 
only way! 

Krista Andersen 

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in 

exploring new landscapes, but in having new 

eyes. " 

-W. Amos 

Jon Anderson 

Mary Augustin 

Jason Baer 

Heres to ponds pen das ocialh our. mh 

armies smut hand fun. Letf nends hip re 

tgn, beju standk iti d. an devils peak ofn one. 

-Old Scottish Toasl 

Rock Baker 

"I max be white. 

but ! ain't stupid. " 

-Stevie Ray Vaughan 

Christine R. Barr 

"I've had the time of my life!" 

Janel Bennett 

Mike Benton 

"Everyday I wonder what it is to be alive . . . 

Everyday I wonder what it is to be 

something, 'cause something is what I'm 

gonna be. " 


Nathan R. Berger 


Class of -1995 


Wieldt and 
Nick Blank 
stay up all 
for one of 
those infa- 
mous Bio 

Lara J. Blatchford 

"Thus mathematics may be defined as the 
subjei r in which we never know what we are 
talking about, nor whether what we are 
saying is true. 

-Bertrjnd Russell 

Andrew R. Bombick 

Molly F. Bowes 

imes vou're the windshield. 
mes you're the bug. " 

-Mar) Chapin Carpenter 

John Bratt 

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." 

-Uncle Faibov 

Amity Breslin 

Dave Brelsford 

"Hi. I jint graduated from St Mary's 

May I Super Si:e that for you? 

v\\or* "PoH" rc\ifs 

Barb, Am- 
ity, Jen, 
Robin and 
Becca host 
a festive 
(With no 
drinkers, of : 

Beth Anne Briley 

Live Not in the Shadowlands 

Jeffrey Buler 

Rebecca R. Burger 

"Far away, there in the sunshine are my 

highest aspirations. I may not reach them. 

hut I can look up and see their beauty, 

believe in them and try to follow where thev 

lead. " 

-Louisa May Alcott 

Valorie Burgess 

Fun is where sou find if! 

David Cabrera 

Jennifer L. Campbell 


<dc*ss of ^995 

saVs yes 




Nicholas M. Catt 

1 1/ //it' investigation which I made at the 
god's command: I found thai the men whose 
reputation for wisdom stood highest were 
nearly the most lat king in it, while inkers who 
were looked down on a.\ eommon people were 

mm h more intelligent. " 


David M. Christopher 

Hector is dead, there is 
no more to saw 

Brian A. Clapp 

"Maybe I should come back for a Theatre 
degree. " 

Timothy E. Clarke, Jr. 

Fighl the %ood fight every moment - it's your 
<>nl\ inn ' 


Amy Cox 

Alicia Davis 

Suzanne DeHaan 

Dawn Downs 

Sara Kathleen Drew 

"The good thing about the future is that it 
only 1 omes one day at a time. " 

Lisa Marie Dyson 

Dan Eagan 

Steve Shaw Eagley 

Sail to Antiqua? . , Sure, what could go 
wrong ? 

rvio»^ h^o H - \^c\ i \ s 


Rae A. Edmonson 

/ do nol recall. Senator, 

Jessica Eldridge 

"Certain things they ought to stay the way 

lhf\ me You ought to he able to ■■Ink them 

in one "i those big glass i ases and just leave 

them alone " 

-J.D Salinger 

Dana Jeanne Fehlberg 

"It's M hat you know after you know it all that 
t ounts 

- Harrv S Truman 

Douglas James Fisher 

"Play every game as if 

it was your last. " 

- Jay Hurley 

Per Mario Floden 

four years and mountains (rum mole 

April Getty 

Joel Gilbertson 

Paula Goodwin 

"The spirit /<< win and the will to excel is 
always measured one \H"k< .n ,1 miu- 

Erin Callahan Greeley 

"Agathon sal down " 

Ron Haas 

"To be silly is t" err The better part of 
ambition is discipline 
- Michael Glaser 

Heather Haberle 

■Beauty and grace are 

performed whet he i <" nol we 

will or sense them The least 

we can do is try to be there 

-Annie Dillard 

Michael J. Hall 

"Believe me or noi 
thi\ all won't r 

hi a hundred years 

er, so I will play the 

game. " 

-Jimmy Buffell 


<Z~\&ss of -\993 

: Nick Catt 
: sits upon 
; the pillar 
'• of "wise- 
: dumb" 
; pondering 
■ the 7 won- 
: ders of the 
• world. 

Jay Harper 

"»As ich vor einem Jahr dich 
wiederbltckie, KuBiesi du mich nichi in der 
Wil!kommsiund.« So sprach ich, und der 
Liebsten rater Mttnd Den schonsten KuB auf 
meine Lippen drucktt 

-Heinnch Heine 

Jennifer Harris 

Darren Edward John 

"Life isn't all beer and skittles, but beer and 
skittles, or something of the same sort, must 
form a good part of every Englishman's 
education. " 

-Thomas Hughes 

Gordon Andrew Hawley 

"it is a far, far better thing to have a firm 
mi, hor in nonsense than to pat out on the 
troubled seas of thought. " 

- John Kenneth Galbrailh 

Tamara L. Heino 

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he 
has the courage to lose tight oj tin short 

-Andre Gide 

Christopher Heun 

7 don't erne what the newspapers w<> about 
me as long as they 

spell m\ name right. " 

-Will Rodders 

rvio^ T-^oj^f v L c\\fs 


Barb, Val 
and Rose 
grace The 
Door with 
their pres- 

Amy Elizabeth Hill 

"These are days you'll remember. Sever 

before and never since, I promise, will the 

H //i tie world he warm as this And as you 

feel it. you'll know it's true that you are 

blessed and lucky. " 

-10.000 Maniacs 

Ellen Howard 

Glenn Humphrey 

Victoria L. Jacobs 

"i keep hearing 

tree talk 

water words 

keep knowing what they mean" 

- Lucille Clifton 

Tanya Jenkins 

Graham Johnson 

/ don't ftai e no quote. " 



ass o 

f 1995 

Jeffrey Marc Jones 

"Thai which makes you exceptional will also 
make you lonely // is not your job ro follow 
the crow J but to lea J the parade. " 

• Patricia Russe McCloud 

Jeni Keisman 

Peter J. Kelly, Jr. 

"For he todax that sheds his blood with me 
shall be my brother. " 

-William Shakespeare 

Leigh Kessler 

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you 
-Joseph Campbell 

Libby Killinger 

"What a strange little 
tadpole you are " 

from James and the Giant Peach 

Yong H. Kim 

This is an ending for another beginning. 

Cynthia King 

But it's a big, REAL hole 1 . 

-Halloween. 1994 

Maria Kinigopoulos 

"Last of all, no! least of all, I hope I never 
lose m\ mind 

-D. Barren 

Aaron Dean Koos 

"Insert memorable but generic senior quote 
here. " 

John Kopec 

"Changes ai altitudes, changes in latitudes, 
nothing remains quite the same. " 


Jennifer Krumrine 

Sarah Beth Kuszaj 

"Before the rising sun, we flv so many roads 
to choose we start off walking and learn to 
nm. and we've only just begun . . ." 

-Richard Carpenter 

rvior l-^oH - r<sii+s 


Rachel Lawrence 

"Our father who an in heaven, we have no 

sins' for winch to be forgiven. We embrace 

our Mother, the Earth ■ what can we do to 

save you?" 

-Jane Evershed 

Dave LaSalle 

"Believing I had supernatural powers, I ran 
into a brick wall 
-Paul Simon 

John S. Leach 

In the end, there can be only one. 

Laura Lear 

Patricia Geneva Lee 

"Two teas. And Lots of Lemon. " 

Cynthia V. Leeds 

May 1 never miss a rainbow 
or a sunset because 
I am looking down. 

Mike Lerner 

Rachel Libonati 

Erin Loomis 

Margaret A. Lopez 

"Mv friends are gone. I've got nothing to do. 

gotta get away, or my brains will explode." 

-Green Day 

Chris Lyons 

"If you're gonna do if. 
you might as well do it. " 

Angela M. Manifold 

"When wear) is your world, 
go and spm another 
-With Imagination 111 Get There 


(Zl&ss of -1993 



and Mike 
Pieper are 
caught in a 

Tracy Martin 

Jeffrey D. Marzen 

What U Hat do you want from me"* 

Lauren Elizabeth 


There is a comfort in the strength of love, 
which makes a thing endurable, which else 
w ould overset the brain, or break the world. 
-William Wordsworth 

Jenn Maurer 

Scott C. McCormick 

! >iie ago. the world begun, 
With hey. ho. the wind and the nun: 
But that's all one. our play is done 

-Clown, Twelfth Nighu Act \ v i 

Tamara McCrae 

rvior Ko^f r*<^x\fs 


and Paula 
practice the 
ored art of 


* f 

~* V 


Margaret A. McCready 

"To live is so slanting it leaves little lime for 

anything else. " 

•Emily Dickinson 

"Everyday is a journey and the journey itself 

is home. " 

-Matsuo Basho 

Nancy McQuade 

Stephanie McSpadden 

"There is Q lesson here folks; it depends a lot 
on finding that frozen monkey 

Valerie Miller 

Helen Katherine Mitchell 

"That the sky is brighter then the earth 
means little unless the earth use!/ is 
appreciated and enjoyed 
-Helen Keller 

Christopher M. Moore 

And all God's angels beware. 

and all sou judges beware 

Sons of chance take good , are 

for all the peoplt not there 

I'm not afraid any more 


CZAcmbs of A993 


J. Dylan Moore 

U ihl men who caught and sank the sun in 
flight, and learn, too late, they grieved it on 
its way, do not go gentle into that good 
night Rage. Rage against the dying uf the 

-Dylan Thomas 

Shannon Moore 

Carnell Mosley 

Chris Mueller 

David Christian 

. . . and the Young Guns ride . 

Christina J. Nelson 

There's a time for everyone, if we only learn, 
that the twist in the kaleidoscope nun ei us 
all in turn. 

-Ellon John, The Lion King 

Jacqueline M.Nelson 

Always the Serenity Prayer and remember - 

"Life's loo short to be stupid. " 

Ryan Northrop 

Katrina D. Elle Overton 

Just this year 1 found the quote to live by. 
"If you're not on the way, you're in the way, 
so get out of the way' " And I'm definately 

out'" See \a there: Peace and Love 

Deva Pachner 

Hey, how bout VOH and me gellm together 
sometime " 

-Deva Pachner 

Lara Elizabeth Payne 

"Remember that you are this universe and 
that this universe is you. Remember that all 
/\ in motion, is growing, is you." 

-Joy Harjo 

Salimah Joylynne Perkins 

" 'For I know the plans I have lor you,' 
declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and 
not to harm you. plans to give you hope and 
a future'. " 

-Jeremiah 29: 11-12^ l~^oH~ r^di+s 


Michael J. Pieper 

"Try inn. Do or do nor. There is no ir\. " 

Christopher Piiikerton 

Susan M. Polouski 

"Wailing for the time when I can finally say 

rhat this has all been wonderful, hut nnu I'm 

on my way. " 


Christopher Raj Powers 

"The greatness of a nation and it's animals 

are treated. " 


Vicki Quade 

Susan J. Quinn 

Thomas Rafferty 

"Man, unlike any other thing organic or 

inorganic in the universe, grows beyond his 

work, walks up the stairs of his concepts. 

emerges head oj his accomplishments. " 

-Grapes of Wrath 

Jennifer Rhode 

"Even sunrise signals a new adventure. " 

Jason Andrew Riggs 

"// ain 't what you know, 

but what xou feel. 

Don '! worry about being right, j 

ust be for real." 

-George Clinton 

Kimberly Ross 

Jeremy Rusnock 

Catherine E. Russell 



<^\SS o 

f ^1995 

Things are 
pretty fishy 
among the 

St. Mary's 

Jennifer Sands 

Meredith Savage 

Malinda Schaefer 

Kathleen H. Schmidt 

J. Mason Schoenfeldt 

Leslie Schwanebeck 

rvior l-^oH - »^<cii+s 


Steve Butts 
and Dave 
prepare for 
their post- 
college job 

j '- ". .-- — ----■ - ~„ ~ 

Jonathan Kyle Schwedler 

"Why are all the shadows goi».? the wrong 

Julie Shellenberger 

Do voit have the patience to wait till your 

mud settles and the water is clear'' 

-Tao De Ching 

Erin Skelton 

Tim Slayter 

Any man's finest hour, his greatest 

fulfillment to all he holds dear, is that 

moment when he has worked his heart out in 

a good < ause and lies exhausted on the field 

of battle, victorious 

-Vince Lombardi 

Marc Smith 

Steven Thomas Smith 


Ol^iss of 1995 

Mark Aaron Smythe 

"Anyone can do any amount of work, 
provided n isn't the work he's supposed to 
be doing at that moment 

-Roberl Benchley 

Julie Souza 

Forget not dun the card) delights lo feel 
your bare feet and the winds long to pla\ 
with your hair. 


Michele Renee Spangle 

We seek not rest but transformation. 
We are darning through eat h oilier as 

-Marge Piercy 

Lisa N. Steele 

Megan Stewart 

Suzanne Amy Strasser 

Now is not the end. 

It is not even the beginning 

of the end. 

It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning 

-Winston Churchil 

Marta Suarez 

Peace out say soulbrather #111 Good Luck 
to rill."" 

Tammy Sutton 

Cina Swisher 

Fight the good fight even- 
moment - it's your only way! 


Dipa Thakkar 

"The real voyage of discover}- consists not in 
exploring new landscapes, but in having new 
eves. " 

-W. Amos 

Claudine Thompson 

Jennifer Ann 


I must confess that I live a miserable life 
I live entirely m my music. 

-Ludvig von Beethoven 

v\\c>^ T^oH - K^iits 


Stephanie Tiller 

Pilantana Trongpanich 

Sookyung Uhm 

Heather Turnrose 

Muriel van den Berg 

Si de noche Uorai por el sol, 
no i eras las estrellas 


Branch M. VanMeter 

Learn as though you were to live forever and 

love as though you were to die tomorrow 

Robin Veidt 

Donna M. Vincenti 

Axoloils ure cool 

Peter D. Verchinski 

"Nothing is going to happen in this hunk 

There is only a 

little violence and there in the language, at 

the corner, 

where eternity clips nun 

-Annie Dillard 

Jennifer Vogel 

Bemuse there was nov\ here 

to go hia everyu hen 


Angela Kristie White 

"Remain in notion. You are 
only Trapped h hen you 
are standing '■nil 

Caryl Whiten 


Class of ^993 

Heather Whitby 

Jana K. Whitney 

Jennifer Ross Williams 

Home, /""" heart, you cannot rediscovei if 
ilu dream alone does not suffice. 


Beverly J. Wise 

This is my world, and I am the World Leader 
pretend Tin-, is my life, and this is my timt 
I have been given the freedom to do as I see 
in Its high time I razed the walls that I've 

-J. Michael Stipe 

Heather Wolfe 

Sarah Elizabeth Young 

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of 
-James Taylor 

Brooke A. Zdrojewski- 

/ have de\ ided to leave you forever. I hove 
Jr. ided to Marl things from here- Thunder 
and lightening won't change what I'm 
feeling \ndthi daffodils look lovely today. 
-The Cranberries 

Laura Zumbrun 

"...One thing is certain, that life flies; 

One thing is certain, and the 

Rest is Lies: 

ih, flowei thai once has bloomed forever dies." 


kwv Best Wishes!! 

e.rvior "PoH" i^<s\i+s 





*■ ■- ~ 



We've got righteous uniforms! 


Women's Soccer 

Team: Jackie 
Monica Bell, 
K.C. Ingrahm 
Barrett, Nicki 
Head Coach: 








Aitoro (Captain), Marie Johnson, Jen Forbes, 
Ruth Murray, Stephanie Karpinski, Missy 
, Kristi Jacobs, Kristi LaVardera, Tina Wasowicz, 
, Meredith Savage, Rebecca Vanisko, Rebecca 
Ferramosca, Brandi Van Meter (Captain) 
Mike Sweeney, Asst Coach: Chris Meyers 



1 St'"""'' 

5 s -' 



Field Hockey 

Team:JenniferSpeer, Jennifer Reed, Lisa DeMeno, Sarah Bannat, 
Jessica Chin, Julie Thirolf, Joyce Strickland, Melissa Moore, 
Angie Castro, Melanie McLean, Kelly Lufborrow, Mirta 
Teichberg, Molly Bowles, Derith Spicknall, Amy Cox, Heidi 
Smeller, Jennifer Riffle, Suzanne DeHaan, Julie Shellenberger 
Head Coach: Tammy Gage 



Men's Soccer 

Team: Nicholas Munoz, Timothy Zapp, David Neall, Chad 
Fowler, Brent Beery, David Layman, John Hogan, Darren 
Hawkins (Captain), Brian Bazil, Jeff Sack (Captain), Sam 
Mazzeo, Matt Bell, Chris Bowen, Gregory Foti, John McManus 
(Captain), Chris Powers, Ryan Voegtlin, Alex Czopp, Geoffrey 
Hill, Jim Polimadei, Steven Ohlhoff, Brian Waud, Eric Jenkins 
Head Coach: Barry Schimpf Asst. Coach: Chris Schimpf 



Team: Jenni Mullendore, Melanie Suranno, Kate Marks, Alicia 
Davis, Jenn Herrmann (Captain), Tracy Morgan, Diana Bloom, 
Jaime Powell, Lindia Papavasiliou, Leigh Kessler (Captain), 
Kristen Haga, Deanna Casper 
Head Coach: Tom Brewer Asst Coaches: Steve Bishop, Jay Butler 

Volleyball Overall Record: 21-9 
C.A.C. Record: 2-5 

Fieldhockey Overall Record: 3-11 
C.A.C. Record: 0-6 

!^™^ f~> »» C^ 

( V 

_ J*\ 

^ (""S jt~pe: 


- B^ 


■ ■if Hj 




ESSSS^a fci.~ - *~* 

■ ,:^<1 ' 



■•b ~ '"^^^sSB^^P^BBPBR^B 





Men's Basketball 

Team: Steve Michelotti (Captain), Barry Friedman (Captain), Fred Johnson, 
Andy Benincasa, Lewis VanWambeke (Captain), Michael Lind, John Bow- 
man, Garrett O'Donnell, Chris Harney, Mike Scott, Sean Soyers, Brian Anglim 
Head Coach: Bob Flynn Asst. Coaches: Matt Ryan, Osaro Ighodaro 


The Seahawk enjoys the game with some friends. 

Men's Overall 
Record: 8-17 

C.A.C. Record: 

Women's Overall Record: 5-17 
C.A.C. Record: 2-11 


Women's Basketball 

Team: Cindy Davenport, Tricia Kilroy, Sarah Bannat, Lesley Kline, Katrina 
Overton, Stephanie Karpinski, Jen Speer, Gabrielle Nelson, Barb Weaver, 
Cindy Leeds (Capatin), Elise MacCubbin (Captain), Missy Lewandowski 
Head Coach: Jav Butler Asst. Coach: Deanna Fairfax 


Guard Steve Michelotti has a handfull of orange at 
the Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD. 


Cheerleaders: Dana Hamilton, Felicia Glaude, Jessica Smith, 
Mary Azimi, Carla Wolske, Sara Jones, Joyce Strickland 




Team: Rodrigo Amaado, John Baxter, Rebecca Beckett, Robin Borchardt, 
Danielle Brennan, Sarah Chalberg, Courtney Cook, Jessica Deutchman, 
Kate Drew (Captain), Christina Dyer (Captain), Chris Goode, Elizabeth 
Graves, Mike Hare, Tammy Heino, Tim Herzog, Elizabeth Hocker, Liza 
Hughes, Stan Hvatt, Will James, Kevin Jewitt, Kristen Jones, Scott Leppert 
(Captain), Kerry Lynaugh, John Murphv, Kerry Murphv, Liz Potter, 
Ruchi Puri, Matt Reynolds, Mindv Schaefer, Paul Stoeken, Scott Thomson, 
Willem Van Waay, Mike Weingard 
Head Coach: Adam Werblow Asst. Coaches: Bill Healv, Tim Healv 



Men's Team: Christian Benjaminson, Steve Butts (Captain), Jason Choate, 
Steven Crowther, Glenn Humphrey (Captain), John Garner, Larry Kemp, 
Doug Loyd, Stephen McCullough, Ross McKim, Damian Noordhoorn, 
Rob O'Haver, Stuart Patterson, Dave Sherwood, Brian Tenney 
Women's Team: Marv Augustine, Chervl Bauman, Beckv Beckett (Cap- 
tain), Robin Borchardt, Jenn Gering, Michelle Goodwin, Paula Goodwin 
(Captain), Sarah Gray, Emily Grimes, Paola Hayes, Karen Mareiro, Domi- 
nique Monie, Carianne Schaffer, Abbv Smigell, Amanda Smith, Julianna 
Thirolf, Murial VanDenBerg (Captain) 
Head Coach: Rich Godbout Asst. Coaches: Bill Moore, Larry Jackson 

Men's Overall Record: 4-5 
Men's C.A.C. Record: 4-3 


Women's Overall Record: 

Women's C.A.C Record: 5-3 

Sailing Highlig hts 

• MAISA Women's Single-handed 
Champs at Navy, 1st place 

• ICYRA Women's Single-handed 
National Champs at MIT, 1st place 

• ICYRA Single-handed National Champs 
at St. Mary's College, 8th place 

• Varsity Atlantic Coasts at St. Mary's 
College, 8th place 

• Women's Atlantic Coasts at Harvard 
University, 1st place 

• Freshman Atlantic Coasts at Old Domin- 
ion University, 1st place 

• ICYRA Women's National Champions 

31 MB 



Men's Tennis 


Team:David Cabrera (Captain), Jason Choate, Michael 
Colaresi, James Cooney, Christopher Delandv, Daniel 
Hadley, Daniel Hunt, Brian Kennedy, Harold Lee 
(Captain), Eric Olsen, Matthew Sedlak 
Head Coach: Paul Spencer 

Overall Record: 6-5 
C.A.C. Record: 4-3 


Women's Tennis 

Team: Jin Chong (Captain), Meha Desai, Maisha 
Douvon, Kellie Doyle, Nicki Fusaro, Avery Johnson, 
Jaime Powell, Cheryl Wadhuwa (Captain), Melissa 
Canlas, Marcie Pomeroy 
Head Coach: Paul Spencer Asst. Coach: Robin 

Overall Record: 3-10 
C.A.C. Record: 1-4 

: -$^x$ffi?r -^T^^ 

3 iStS 


Break, the men's lacrosse team traveled to 

During Sprin 

England and broke their routine of playing CAC teams 


Women's Lacrosse 

Team: Carrie Supik, Missy Lewandowski, Kristi Miller, Nicole 
Parker, Jen Riffle, Allison Wagner, Kristi LaVardera, Tina 
Wasovvicz, Marion Ticknor, Misty Uhlfelder, Maia Kinigopoulos, 
Marni Lindquist, Amy Everest, Jen Jackson, Courtney Hackett, 
Linda Papavasiliou, Neasah O'Doherty, Marie Johnson, Erin 
Shutes (Captain), Suzanne DeHaan (Captain), Lisa DeMeno 
(Captain), Angie Castro Head Coach: Tammy Gage, 1995 All- 
Capital Athletic Conference Coach of the Year 


A St. Mary's hitter swings into action. 









~s\*- • 



Team: Matthew Madsen, Josh Bank, Dave Wenrich, Aidan 
Surlis, Aron Peters, Lawrence Lanahan, Jeff LaNoue, Mark 
Anderson, Ben Davis, Marty Kane, Graham Johnson, Doug 
Fisher, Greg Foti, James Mohler (Captain), Tim Barlotta, Mark 
Osterman, Steve Spence (Captain), Doug Stark, Mike Fraioli, 
Pete Dixon, Jeff Mohler, Eric Blind, Justin Robinson, Jason 
Dudderar, J. P. Fischer, Chris Gress, Daemian Schreiber, Brooks 
Liswell, Joe Hughes, Jim Rogalski 

Head Coach: Jason Hurley, 1995 All-Capital Athletic Conference 
Coach of the Year, Asst. Coach: Ken Weingrad 

Men's Overall Record: 10-2 
Men's C.A.C. Record: 3-2 

Women's Overall Record: 8-4 
Women's C.A.C. Record: 0-3 



Team: Brian Lopez (Captain), Alan Baker, Ian Taylor, Justin 
Greshko, Dave Mummert, Mike Hughes, Clint Pipkin, Dave 
Layman, Doug Shipley, Dylan Trache, Rich McNaul, Chris 
Pinkerton, Brian Carroccio, Spike Altman, Gordon Hawley, 
Jonathan Allen, Mike Lerner 
Head Coach: Lew Jenkins Asst. Coach: Jim Mason 

Women's eight of SMC Crew. Cox: Giana Dusch; stroke: 
Jessie Eldridge; 7 through 2: Laura Zumbrun, Laura Henry, 
Libby Killinger, Kate Wikander, Chrissy Gray, Jen Rhode 
32 an d vow: Tracie Papantones; 

Above: Jessie Eldridge of SMC Crew 
(What a strong woman!) 

Leadership Development : From left to right, Sean Joyner, 
Christian Benjaminson, Trish Cray, Carrie Kennedy, Kim 
Dennis, Kali Butler, Erin Frankel,, Kareb Schroll, Sidney, 
Vanessa Powells and Tia Overby (sitting). 

a ..»i 

Forensics : 

Back : Erik Norland, Kevin Shannon, Andy Ellis. 

Front : Rachel Foster, Lisa Voso, Jennifer Mott. 


Jeanne Fryburger Vote 
Avatar Reading 
(above and left) 

SMC Men's Group, 
always entertaining. 




oljp^'iiAi^l-'if 'ui i ^ij 

^i T 'lijjtiv il tf l i 'mil#ii^^M 




St. Mary's contribution 
to the very Liberal Arts! 

The Green Door: It's bigger than us all! 

In the Door Madness, Gov & Todd can 
always be found! 

Becca, Barb & Robin getting their healthy dose 
of vitamins and minerals. 

Halloween at SMC 


"Sea Ox": 

Looking for 


Water Front Weekend '94 

Cypress Creek Sings "Happy Birthday, 









Hey Baby? ! ? 

Too sexy for my ...? 


Governor's Cup 

rhe Racing Event of the Year 


Dave Greene prepares to sink! 

John Bratt and Leslie 
Schwanebeck try to stay 
warm at a rugby game. John 
uses his atomic waste suit. 

Dominic Amos, Looking Good! 


• • 


t . 

i «#. 




^ r ^ 

»7 ^^ 

If* *" a a 

wK Y 

L jA . — Wgy -JJBp^W 




Female bonding: Melisa Mitchel, Stephanie 
McSpadden and Maggie Polizos. 

Margaret L. 
and Kristen 
\ J. pose in the 

Becky Beckett, Mary Augustin, 
Darren Gorman and Paula 
Goodwin celebrate good times, 
and prepare for their nearing 


. ■ ■ 




■■:■■■■ m 



Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein 
orders his troops to the border 
ol oil-rich Kuwait. The U.S. 
sends 350 warplanes to the 
area to support the Kuwaiti 
lorces. By October 11 , Hussein 
orders the withdrawal of most 
ol his forces. 

Russian President Boris Yeltsin 
calls out his poorly trained 
military to subdue a rebellion 
in Chechnya, a southern 
republic the size of 
Connecticut. Critics accuse 
Yeltsin ol resorting to total- 
itarian methods of the old 
communist Soviet regime to 
keep the shaky Russian 
Federation unified. 

Europe's worst flood in this 
century kills at least 30 people 
across Europe. Inland floods 
caused by melting Alpine snow 
and relentless rains hit 
Belgium, France, Germany, 
and the Netherlands, whose 
famous dike system begins to 
crumble late in January 1995 in 
the face of rampaging rivers. 
Dutch authorities evacuate 
250,000 people from the 

Camilla Parker Bowles, 
allegedly Prince Charles' 
mistress, announces her 
divorce from her husband, 
Andrew Parker Bowles. 
Princess Diana is said to be 
negotiating a divorce from 
Charles, who will be free to 
remarry without giving up the 
throne— unless unhappy 
subjects force a referendum on 
the monarchy. 

More than 900 passengers die. 
140 are rescued when the 
Estonia, a 15.500-ton Baltic 
terry sinks oh the coast of 
Finland in a violent nighttime 
storm. The storm's 30-tool 
waves swamp the ship which 
lists and sinks in a matter of 

After a peasant 
uprising in Chiapas 
and two major 
political murders. Mexico 
gets a new president. 
Ernesto Zedillo, an 
economist, assumes office 
only to face a stockmarket 
crash, a ruined economy, 
and a loss of international 
confidence in the wake of 
the North American Free 
Trade Agreement. 

V^ v 

n July 25, U.S. 
President Bill Clinton 
welcomes King 
Hussein of Jordan, right, 
and Israeli Prime Minister 
Yitzhak Rabin to the 
White House, where the 
two sign a historic 
nonaggression pact that 
ends a 46-year state of 
belligerency between Israel 
and Jordan. 

Conservative religious 
groups and those who 
believe in individual 
rights clash over 
issues of education 
for women and family 
planning at the U.N. 
Conference on 
Population and 
Development in Cairo, 
Egypt, September 5- 

When their Army 
helicopter acciden- 
tally strays into North 
Korea in December. Chief 
Warrant Officers Bobby 
Wayne Hall and David 
Hilemon are shot down by 
the communists. Washington 
does not admit to espionage 
as the North Koreans want, 
but negotiates for survivor 
Bobby Hall's release by 
expressing its sincere regret 
over the intrusion. 

Tipper Gore, wife of 
U.S. Vice President 
Al Gore, visits 
Rwandan refugee camps in 
Zaire in July. Thousands of 
refugees, fleeing ethnic 
conflict in Rwanda, die of 
cholera, dysentery, and other 
infectious diseases. Fresh 
water supplied by the United 
States military greatly 
reduces the number of 
cholera deaths. 

Palestine Liberation 
chairman Yasir Arafat 
returns to Palestine in July 
1994 after 27 years of exile in 
Tunisia. Arafat kisses the 
ground in the Gaza Strip, now 
a Palestinian autonomous 
zone under the terms of a 
1993 peace accord with 

Millions of South Africans travel weary hours and wait in 
mile-long lines to vote in the first all-race elections. 
After more than a century of white rule, the voters 
choose former political prisoner Nelson Mandela to preside 
over the dismantling of apartheid. 

Jimmy Carter, former 
U.S. president and 
self-styled global 
troubleshooter for 
peace, negotiates 
on behalf of the 
U.S. in Haiti, 
Bosnia, and North 
Korea. He even 
offers to help settle 
the baseball strike. 

In Japan, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 
collapses buildings, derails trains, buckles elevated 
expressways, and causes fires throughout the city of 
Kobe. Over 5,000 people are killed and 26,000 injured. The 
Japan quake occurs January 17, 1995, one year to the day 
after a quake devastated Los Angeles. 

U.S. President Bill 
Clinton, right, and 
British Prime Minister 
John Major take part in 
ceremonies in June 1994 at a 
military cemetery during the 
50th anniversary commem- 
oration of the Allied D-Day 
invasion of Europe, the event 
that sealed the fate of Nazi 
Germany during World War II. 

Chinese school children, dressed to look like Colonel 
Sanders, welcome the president of Kentucky Fried 
Chicken to Shanghai in May 1994. Few of the country's 
many foreign business ventures thrive, but KFC becomes a 
Chinese favorite. The finger- Nckin enterprise makes plans to 
expand its outlets from 28 to 200. 

A triumphant Jean- 
Bertrand Aristide 
reclaims his position 
as president and restores 
democracy to Haiti with the 
help of U.S. troops. Haiti 
had suffered under the rule 
of a military junta led by 
General Raoul Cedras, who 
goes into exile after 
reaching an agreement with 
U.S. mediators. 

In one of the most 
successful antiterrorist 
operations in aviation 
history, French commandos 
storm an Air France 
jet-liner and kill 
four Algerian 
hijackers, freeing 
the plane ' s 
173 passengers 
and crew. 

India suffers an 
outbreak of pneumonic 
plague, carried by 
flea-infested vermin. 
Workers in Bombay earn 
five rupees for each 
exterminated rat; one 
thousand rat-tails 
earns a color TV. 

Thousands of Cubans flee their economically depressed 
homeland, hoping for a better life in America. Many set 
off on homemade rafts and other small vessels only to 
be intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard. The United States and 
Cuba reach an agreement in September that allows 20,000 
Cuban immigrants to enter the United States each year. 


in the wake ol the 1994 Los 

Angeles earthquake and the 
southern California wildfires of 
1993, California experiences 
more natural disasters in 
January 1995 when rainstorms 
cause Hooding that kills 11 
people and leaves 3,000 others 
homeless. Flooding is so high 
in Santa Barbara, fun-seeking 
teenagers dive off a freeway 
overpass into 15 feet of water. 
President Clinton declares 34 
counties federal disaster areas. 

In 1994, the U.S. registers a 
one-year population growth of 
2.7 million. One-third of the 
increase is due to immigration, 
the largest such influx since 

Author and humanities 
professor, Ralph Ellison, dies 
at age 80. His 1952 novel, 
Invisible Man, has been called 
the most powerful novel written 
about alienation, identity, and 
racism in America. 

A huge increase in killings by 
14- to 24-year-olds raises the 
nation's homicide rate, while 
violence blamed on preteens 
rocks communities nationwide. 
A boy. 13. is sentenced to life 
for strangling a four-year-old. 
In Chicago, an 11-year-old boy 
kills a 14-year-old girl and is 
then executed by his own gang, 
in Washington state a pair of 
12-year-olds shoot a migrant 

Called the Republican 
revolution, November 
mid-term elections put 
the Republican party 
and its anti-big 

overnment platform in 
control of Congress 
for the first time in 
K) years. Georgia's 
Newt Gingrich, author 
of the GOP's "Contract 
with America," is 
the new Speaker of 
the House. 

The prosecution 
seeks the death 
penalty in the 
case of Susan Smith, 
who dupes the nation with 
a frightening tale of the 
abduction of her two little 
boys. The community's early 
support grows quickly to 
hatred when Smith 
confesses to murder- 
she sent her children to 
their deaths at the bottom 
of a lake. 

The volunteers 
for Silent March 
bring shoes from 
every state for one of the 
quietest demonstrations to 
ever take place in 
Washington, DC Each 
empty pair of shoes repre- 
sents one of the more than 
40,000 Americans who have 
been killed by handguns. 

Despite powerful National Rifle 
Association lobby efforts, 
Congress passes a crime bill 
banning the sale of 19 types of 
assault weapons. The 
Brady Law goes 
into effect; in 
one month 25,610 
people with 
criminal records 
are denied the 
purchase of a handgun. 

** J£ 

B. <P 

^mmmmm am^mmM winds whip the flames into a 

r « 

^^ i ^ t i 


eat. drought, and 
lightning combine to 
-set Western states 
ablaze in late June and July. 
Fires consume 2.000 acres 
in Colorado's South 
Canyon when 50 mile-an-hour 

firestorm, killing 14 specially 
trained firefighters; 10 men 
and four women. 

The U.S. Food and Drug 
Administration blasts 
the tobacco company 
executives at a 
congressional hearing 
in March 199A for 
denying that nicotine, 
a drug found in 
cigarette smoke, is 
addictive. Tobacco 
industry workers fear 
losing their jobs if 
the FDA succeeds in 
classifying and 
restricting cigarettes 
as a drug. 

The Flint River overflows, washing coffins out of a Georgia 
cemetery after torrential rains from tropical storm Alberto 
flood Georgia and the Florida-Alabama panhandle. 
Thirty-two people die, 40,000 are temporarily homeless, and 
10.000 square miles are underwater, causing $100 million in 
crop damage. 

Former football star 
O.J. Simpson is 
charged with the 
June 12th stabbing death of 
his ex-wife Nicole and her 
friend Ronald Goldman, 
causing a non-stop media 
avalanche. The 
sensational case famil- 
iarized watchers with 
spouse abuse, a tele- 
vised ride in a white 
Ford Bronco. "Kato" 
Kaelin, and DNA testing. 
Simpson faces the jury 
in January. 

A rare white buffalo 
named Miracle draws 
crowds to the humble 
Wisconsin farm where it was 
born August 20. Native 
Americans believe the calf is 
the fulfillment of a Lakota 
Sioux prophecy. Five hundred 
years ago, White Buffalo 
Woman told her people that 
she would return as a white 
calf to usher in a new age of 
harmony between all races 
of mankind. 

President Clinton, with 
Republican leader 
Bob Dole, signs 
legislation implementing the 
U.S. role in an expanded 
General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade (GATT), one of the 
most sweeping trade liberal- 
ization pacts in history. The 
legislation makes the U.S. a 
member of a new 125-member 
World Trade Organization. 
Protectionists worry that GATT 
may promote world trade but 
won't sufficiently protect 
American jobs. 

The Secret Service considers restricting public 
access to the White House after a gunman fires 27 
rounds at the building's facade in October. In 
September, a small Cessna airplane crashes on the 
South Lawn and comes to rest at the base of the 
White House below President Clinton's bedroom, 
killing the pilot. 

The U.S. Interior Department 
moves the bald eagle from Its 
endangered species list to the 
less critical "threatened" 
category. The Pacific 
Northwest's spotted owl is left 
to fend for itself when in June a 
federal judge lifts the 1991 
injunction that halted logging in 
the owl's habitat. 

The fossil of a previously 
unknown dinosaur, the 25-foot- 
long Cryolophosaurus ellioti. is 

found in Antarctica. 

Despite a so-called fitness 
craze, the National Center for 
Health Statistics confirms the 
American overabundance of 
food combined with a 
sedentary lifestyle is creating 
an epidemic of obesity. Since 
1980, the number of over- 
weight adults has ballooned to 
one-third of the population, 
with an alarming increase 
among children. 

Some of the 599 newly 
revealed secret ingredients 
major cigarette-makers add to 
improve taste and texture: 
beeswax, butter, carrot oil, 
citronella oil, cocoa shells, 
corn silk, dandelion root 
extract. 31 chemicals that start 
with ethyl, oak chip oil. 
vinegar, and dimethyltetra- 

Three planets are discovered 
orbiting a pulsar star 3.000 
light-years away in the 
constellation Virgo. One is the 
size of the moon and two are 
three times more massive than 
Earth; all are rocky worlds 
without an atmosphere. 

NASA's space shuttle mission 64 tests the 
operations of a Simplified Aid For Extravehicular 
Activity Rescue (SAFARI device. Crew 
member Mark Lee maneuvers successfully 
outside the Discovery, while Carl Meade 
photographs him against the background of Earth 

Martin Hodbell and 
Alfred Gilman are 
awarded the 1994 
Nobel Prize in 
Physiology or 
Medicine for 
developing a 
model of cell 
communication = < 
that has ® ^ 

medical implications 
from cholera to 

popularly known as 
Magic Eye, cause 
legions of people to stare 
cross-eyed for long periods 
of time. Based on a mystery 
j' ) of neurology and 
3-D objects, pattern 
elements fuse into left-eye 
and right-eye images of a 
single hidden object which 
appears to be 

— L. ii 

the Food and Drug 
institutes new food 
labeling on almost all foods 
in response to consumer 
protest against the many 
misleading claims of food 
producers. The new 
readable labels provide 
realistic serving sizes, list 
calories from fat, and allow 
you to compare different 
nutrient values. 

In Ethiopia, anthro- 
pologists discover the 
skull of a human 
ancestor, Australopithecus 
ramidus, 4.4 million years 
old. The new species has 
features midway between 
apes and humans and 
promises to provide clues to 
still earlier evolutionary 

Japan's "Love Love 
Simulation" computer 
program allows 
couples to take a 
/ non-scientific look 
at future offspring 
by digitally 
combining their own 
photos to predict a 
child's appearance. 

Astronomers wait at every major telescope in the world 
to see the historic cosmic crack-up of the 21 big 
fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 as it smacks 
into the atmosphere of Jupiter at 134.000 miles an hour. 
Plumes of fire shoot up hundreds of miles, high enough to 
become visible to telescopes on Earth. 

Internet activity 
rises sharply as 
surfers find their 
way around the 
information f^ 
superhighway . 
rock music 
the worldly 
Voice of America, 
and others decide 
it's time to jump on. 

NASA publishes a new 
report supporting the 
theory that a giant 
comet hit Earth 65 
million years ago and 
vaporized 100 billion 
tons of sulphur to 
create the cloud 
barrier that froze 
Earth's atmosphere and 
killed the dinosaurs. 

A long-term study of radial keratotomy finds it generally 
safe and effective. For the nearsighted, tiny spokelike 
incisions into the eye improve focusing ability and 
eliminate the need for eyeglasses. The patient is awake for 
the procedure. 

A cave is found in southern France, full of 300 vivid 
paintings of woolly-haired rhinos, bears, mammoths, 
panthers, and owls made about 20.000 years ago. The 
Stone Age artists also left behind bear skulls, flint knives, 
footprints, and fireplaces. Experts call it the archaeological find 
of the century. 

the non-violent 
CD-ROM game Myst 
by Cyan. Inc. becomes 
a best-selling phenomenon, 
winning legions of devoted 
fans and spawning imitators. 
The fantasy-adventure's 
graphic visuals are hyper- 
real: the written word is the 
key to the mystery. 

One of Lake Superior's enduring mysteries is solved by scientists and marine historians who 
explore the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, an ore carrier that sank with its crew in a 1975 
storm. The ship, overused and in poor condition, was ripped apart by 90-mph winds and 
30-foot waves. Most of the 29 crewmen are entombed inside the wreckage, well preserved in the 
39° waters. 

Cutbacks in military spending force the U.S. Navy to 
reduce its elite 100-dolphin fleet trained for use in 
sonar research, mine sweeping, and underwater recov- 
ery. Too tame to be released in the open sea, the veterans of 
conflicts from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf retire to aquariums 
and water parks. 


The most popular names for 
newborns this year are Ashley 
and Michael. 

Young people serve their 
country by volunteering under 
a new program called 
AmeriCorps, where 20,000 
people aged 17 and up work 
with community-based 
organizations in exchange lor 
$7,500 plus money toward 
college tuition or loans. 

One percent of the nation's 50 
million school-age children 
learn at home as families seek 
alternatives to public schools. 
In a handful of high-tech 
experiments, kids submit 
homework by modem, 
download books and artwork 
from the Internet, and 
collaborate on academic 
projects with other children 
around the world. 

A survey ol college kids 
reveals their favorite sources 
of sugar and caffeine during 
all-night studying to be: 
powdered iced tea, peanut 
butter mixed with marsh- 
mallow cream, baby food, 
ramen noodles, raw cookie 
dough, and trail mix made 
from chocolate chips, graham 
cracker bits, and mini 

A lively new cafe society centers around 
the 5,000 gourmet coffeeshops which 
spring up around the country. To the often 
young and trendy patrons, the social interaction is 
just as important as the espresso. Some cafes offer 
lull-time Internet links so patrons can sip and chat 
with other Internet latte-drinkers. 

Besides recycled 
clothing like license- 
plate bustiers, 
bottle-cap jewelry, 
trash-bag and duct- 
tape dresses, fashion 
trends include the 
schoolgirl look with 
thigh-highs, and the 
look of long, straight 
hair and a goatee. 

Anew survey shows 
that over 12 million 
Americans are 
vegetarians, choosing 
the no-meat lifestyle 
because of concern 
about animal cruelty, 
cost-efficiency, eco- 
friendliness and/or 
improved health and 

Yoga, a Hindu system 

of stretching 

exercises for well- 
being, surges in 
popularity, mostly 
because the older 
generation seeks a 

technique for 

alleviating stress 

and finds yoga better 

than aerobics. 

Aerobic boxing, with boxing-style leg and arm work, turns 
out to be one of the year's hot exercise trends, showing 
up in workout studios and attracting those who want to 
work off their aggression by throwing a right and a lew jabs. 

The hottest 
merchandise around 
is Mighty Morphin 
Power Rangers, so hot 
Cabbage Patch dolls pale in 
comparison. Parents criticize 
Fox's super-violent TV show, 
but their kids crave Dragon 
Daggers, Megazords, and 
the 4-foot, $230 battery 
powered car. "Go, go, Power 

A hot new collectible 
derives from an old 
household item. 
Milk caps, known in some 
regions as pogs, originally 
capped the bottles left by 
the milkman but have now 
gone funky with colorful 
printed designs and 
variations that are traded 
and used in games. 

Although most are 
forced to settle for 
Oakley wrap- 
arounds, stylin' kids, like 
in-line skaters and urban 
youth, clamor for Arnet's 
$80 Ravens with the silver- 
chrome frames. 

Led by brash young skate and surf types, two million 
snowboarders nationwide discover the joy of swooping 
down slopes on one board instead of two. No hard 
boots, no poles, no crossed tips, make it easier than skiing. 
Since their giant frozen wave is a ski hill, snowboarders annoy 
old-style skiers who want their slopes left undisturbed by 

The first generation to 
ignore colas in favor 
of fruit drinks, today's 
young people give Snapple 
popular cult status. The 
trend breeds juice wars as 
Snapple imitators like 
Fruitopia vie for youth 
market shares and inundate 
the airwaves with Generation 
X-type advertising. 

Pope John Paul II 
authors Crossing the 
Threshold of Hope, a 
blend of theology, evangelizing 
and personal remininiscene. 
It becomes a best-seller in 35 

Remaining a virgin in the face of peer pressure finds new 
respect among teens who defend their freedom to forgo 
sex in a sex-crazy world. The movement is both a 
demand for real love and a reaction against unwanted 
pregnancy and health risks, since today one out of four kids are 
infected with sexually transmitted diseases by the age of 21 . 

It's called "the year 
of the cottage 
industry" as more 
Americans adopt 
different work 
arrangements in 
response to corporate 
downsizing, either by 
telecommuting or 
starting businesses 
out of their homes. 

Kool-Aid makes a 
cheap hair-dye, an 
alternative to 
bleached hair with, say, 
Prizm Blue added for sheen. 
The "city fade" shaves the 
sides of your head and 
leaves the top longer, and 
the matted hair look is 
achieved by leaving the soap 
in and forgetting to comb. 

The designer pets of the year are African pigmy 
hedgehogs, and some 3,000 find homes with humans. 
They are gentle, like to be petted, and need a once-a- 
day feeding of pet food or mealworms. They don't smell and 
will even eat your roaches. 


John Travolta and Samuel L. 
Jackson star In Pulp Fiction, 
an "extravagantly demented 
low-life lalapalooza with 
outlandish twists." The film's 
plot revolves around a watch, 
a briefcase, and a large 
syringe in a darkly humorous 
scene which reportedly causes 
a few audience members with 
needle-phobia to fall out of 
their seats in revulsion. 

John Candy, the large and 
lovable star of films Splash. 
Cool Runnings, Home Alone, 
and many other family 
favorites, dies at the age of 
43. Whether Candy played 
jerks, slobs or loonies, his 
natural goodness came 
shining through. 

With a tried-but-true 
storyline, the TV 
show "Me and the 
Boys," becomes an 
immediate family favorite, 
with stand-up comic Steve 
Harvey playing a widower 
who's left to raise three 
lively sons singlehandedly. 

Life is like a box of chocolates," says its title character. 
Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks, surprises everyone 
with its popularity, attributed to the audiences' thirst 
for the film's theme of simple values and good intentions. v: 
Fascinating special effects place Gump into real news 
footage with U.S. presidents. 

Reality-based tele- 
vision programs rule 
the tube with "Cops," 
"American Detective," 
"FBI: The Untold 
Stories," "Top Cops," 
and "Rescue 911." 
"America's Most 
Wanted" and "Unsolved 
Mysteries" enlist 
viewers' help in 
tracking down 
N fugitives. 

\ m ^^^*" "Home 

/ ' f r ^ ^ ,elevi 


l very Tuesday 
night 20 million 
'homes tune into 
! Improvement," 
television's No. 1 show, 
starring comedian Tim 
Allen as Tim Taylor, the 
how-to host of "Tool 
Time," with his wife Jill and 
three kids. Fans love this 
funny real-life reflection of 
middle-class family life. 

Comedian Jim Carrey's career is s-s-smokin'. In The 
Mask, Carrey plays shy Stanley Ipkiss, who discovers 
that a mythical mask can turn him into a very cool 
green-faced cartoon-like dude. While waiting for seguels to 
The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Carrey fans enjoy 
current hit Dumb and Dumber. 

Shameless prime-time 
soap opera "Melrose 
Place," co-starring 
Heather Locklear and Grant 
Show, attracts legions of 
fans with its silly-sensational 
plotlines and shallow-but- 
beautiful characters. Fans 
even buy the TV show's 
soundtrack and "MP" 

Tom Cruise bites as 
the elegantly evil 
vampire Lestat in the 
film based on Anne Rice's 
novel Interview With the 
Vampire. Brad Pitt costars in 
the story that's been a favorite 
with millions of readers for 
twenty years. 

Comic Margaret Cho 
stars in the first all- 
Asian sitcom "All- 
American Girl," about a 
college girl who's not making 
enough money to move away 
from home and has to live 
with her rigidly traditional 
Korean immigrant parents. 

The animals aren't cuddly, but Disney's 32nd animated 
feature The Lion King is still a box-office smash and a 
sure classic. The story of a young lion, Simba, on the 
path to maturity combines five Tim Rice/Elton John songs with 
comedy that leaves audiences roaring. Just say "Hakuna 
matata," Swahili for "no worries." 

Living Single" is 
hailed as a New 
York City version of 
"Designing Women." The 
comedy is about four 
women who share a big 
apartment, and features 
Kim Fields and rap star 
Queen Latifah, whose quiet 
presence and dignity 
singles her out as a star. 

Talented young Claire 
Danes stars as a 
savvy 15-year-old 
confronting adolescent 
anxieties in the ABC 
television series "My So- 
Called Life," which receives 
critical acclaim. Danes also 
stars in the movie Little 
Women, with Winona Ryder. 

This year's Emmy for 
best comedy series 
goes to TV's "Frasier," 
the story of a radio psychi- 
atrist with a dysfunctional 
family. Star of the critical 
and main-stream hit, 
Kelsey Grammer 
dedicates his 
best-actor award 
to the dog "Eddie" 
whose off- 
name is 

After his villain in 
Shakespeare's Much 
Ado About Nothing 
and his title role in Bertolucci's 
Little Buddha, actor Keanu 
Reeves buffs up to play an 
action star in Speed, about a 
bomb and a runaway bus, 
one of the year's biggest box 
office hits. 

With the first female 
starship captain, TV's 
"Star Trek: Voyager" 
is the newest offshoot 
of the enduring Star 
Trek phenomenon, after 
"Deep Space Nine," 
"The Next Generation," 
and this year's full- 
length feature 
Star Trek: 
Gener ations . 

Although his action fans may prefer True Lies, Arnold 
Schwarzenegger, with co-star Danny DeVito. cracks up 
audiences in Junior, where the strongman plays a 
boringly-serious scientist who tests a fertility drug on himself, 
learns the joys of motherhood, and falls in love with the baby's 
mom, Emma Thompson. 


Baywatch," the world's most-watched syndicated TV 
show, is a feel-good action/adventure about a Malibu 
lifeguard, played by David Hasselhoff. Sunny beach 
scenes take the pressure off plot or character development. In 
tribute to its popularity, Mattel. Inc. creates Baywatch Barbie. 

Lou Gehrig's last day, Sandy Koufax on the mound, and 
Jackie Robinson's arrival are all part of the Ken Burns 
film "Baseball," an 18 1/2-hour historical mini-series on 
PBS. "Baseball" touches on American issues of race, labor, 
immigration, the role of women, urban renewal, popular media, 
and the nature of heroes and mythology. 

Hoop Dreams is a 
documentary about 
two young Chicago 
athletes who dream of 
playing in the NBA. Arthur 
Agee and William Gates 
soon realize the dream will 
have to come at the expense 
of everything else. Hoop 
Dreams offers as much 
drama, excitement, and 
emotional ups and downs 
as anything to come out of 


After (heir Woodstock '94 
performance scores them 
mass adulation and an 
onstage mudfight. punk-pop 
trio Green Day wins the title 
for this year's best new band. 
Their album Dookie, featuring 
"Basket Case," goes triple 

LPs make a comeback when 
major recording labels give in 
to pressure from artists and 
fans. New titles are released 
on vinyl, as well as CDs and 
tapes. Pronounced dead in the 
'80s, the revived 12-inch long- 
plays come complete with the 
art-covered sleeves and lyric- 
sheet inserts that make them 
collector's items. 

Liz Phair follows up Exile in 
Guy w/te with Whip-smart and 
songs like "Super Nova" and 
"Jealousy." Her music is said 
to be about sell-parody, 
defensiveness, beautiful 
flaws, and cluelessness. 

Futuristic noise mavens Nine 
Inch Nails and singer Trent 
Reznor drive home a point 
with their "Closer" single and 
hit video, from their album 
77>e Downward Spiral. 

Mosh pit heroes Bad Religion 
get plenty of play with "21st 
Century Bay" and their album 
Stranger Than Fiction. 

Beastie Boys release their 
fourth hip-hop album /// 
Communication on the heels 
of their highly popular Check 
Your Head. 

Superunknown. a 70-minute, 
15-song opus, debutes at 
No.1 on the Billboard charts. 
Fans and critics say it's the 
best record of metal band 
Soundgarden's career. 

Music, moshing, and 
lots of mud define 
Woodstock '94. The 
25th anniversary of the 
original 1969 "summer of 
love" has ATMs, Pepsi, and 
'90s prices: $135 tickets and 
$4 hamburgers. After 
happily grooving to every- 
thing from Bob Dylan 
to Nine Inch Nails, 350,000 
fans depart peacefully. 

Singer Sheryl Crow hits 
paydirt with her debut 
album, Tuesday Night 
Music Club with the seed y- 
but-upbeat sounds of 
"Leaving Las Vegas" and 
"All I Want to Do." 

odeci. two pairs of 
brothers whose funky 
ballads coined the 
term "Feenin," bring gospel 
harmonies to their new 
album Diary ola Mad Band, 
which goes platinum. 

They dress alike and 
rule Motown. It 
seems like Boyz II 
Men only makes mega-hits, 
like "On Bended Knee" and 
Til Make Love to You." 
Their second album. //, goes 
straight to No. 1 ontheR&B 

With quirky lyrics and 
bass-voiced singing 
on hits like 'Mmm, 
Mmm, Mmm, Mmm," the 
Crash Test Dummies' album, 
God Shuttled His Feet, 
becomes a chart-topper in 
the U.S. and Europe. 

Although Madonna's 
bad-mannered appear- 
ance on Letterman 
begets criticism, her 
album Bedtime Stories, 
with hits "Take a Bow" 
and "Secret," is a 
solid chart-topper. 

Pop-siren Janet 
Jackson's body 
language and lyrics 
draw large concert crowds 
to see her perform hits like 
"You Want This/70's Love 
Groove." Jackson wins an 
MTV Music Award for her 
video "If." 

Singer Vince Gill 
makes country music 
history by winning the 
Country Music Association's 
award for top male vocalist 
four years in a row. The CMA 
also awards him 1994 
Entertainer of the Year. 

eattle rock band Pearl Jam and front man Eddie Vedder 
> give youthful angst a good name as they rock hard with 
' their third album, Vitalogy, considered their strongest yet. 

Nominated for best 
female vocalist, 
country singer Mary 
Chapin Carpenter croons at 
the Country Music Awards 
ceremony, but loses to Pam 
Tillis. Carpenter's album 
Stones in the Road lops the 
country charts. 

It's a year of hits for 
buzz band. Gin 
Blossoms. Their top- 
selling album New 
Miserable Experience, 
covers "Hey Jealousy," 
"Found Out About You," 
and "Until I Fall Away." 

EMI Records releases 
Live at the BBC a 
two-disc set of radio 
concerts recorded by 
the Beatles in the 
early '60s. "Free as 
a Bird," an original 
unfinished track by 
the late John Lennon, 
is finished, mixed 
with the live voices 
of Paul, George, and 
Ringo, and included 
in the set. 

The rock-spectacle 
Rolling Stones tour, 
named after their 
album Voodoo Lounge, 
combines a light show, 
computer animation, video 
blowups, and gigantic 
inflatable props. Millions 
watch the Stones prance 
through their classic and 
current hits like "Love Is 
Strong." Voodoo Lounge 
becomes the highest 
grossing tour in history with 
$115 million in ticket sales. 

Dismissed as kiddie 
artists, three 12-year- 
old rappers who go by 
the name of Immature, get a 
new sound. Album Playtime 
Is Over and hits "Never Lie" 
and "Constantly" pump them 
up to stardom. 

Hailed as the crown 
prince of reggae, 
Buju Banton's album, 
Buju Banton: Voice ot 
Jamaica, pumps the party 
with "Walk Like a 
Champion" and "Man a 

Hit single "Cryin"' 
wins MTV's Video of 
the Year award for 
singer Steven Tyler and 
metal band Aerosmith, who 
ride a wave of success and 
release their new album 
Big Ones. 

The Canadian band 
Cowboy Junkies, 
whose big hit this 
year is "Sweet James," 
sings of isolation and 
despair on their latest album 
Pale Sun/Crescent Moon. 

Powered to the top 
with their pure pop 
sound. Swedish 
quartet Ace of Base tops the 
charts with The Sign. Their 
sound is a contagious blend 
of reggae-splashed pop 
known as "China Reggae." 

JMascis emerges as a 
prolific and versatile 
songwriter for the 
punk-rock band Dinosaur Jr. 
with "Outta Hand" and major 
hit "Feel the Pain." both on 
their latest album Without 
a Sound. 

The Benedictine Monks 
of Santo Domingo de 
Silos release their 
CD, Chant. Heavy 
rotation on MTV 
turns the collection 
of ancient Gregorian 
chants into an un- 
expected best-seller. 


rish rock foursome, the Cranberries, tour the United 
States playing the sad, pretty melodies from their 
second hit album. No Need to Argue. 

Rappers with a self- 
reliant attitude, 
Salt-N-Pepa keep 
their Very Necessary vibe 
going this year with hits 
"Snoop" and "Whatta 
Man" which wins them, 
along with En Vogue, an 
MTV Music Award. 

Rapper Snoop Doggy 
Dogg's performance 
makes the movie 
soundtrack Above the Rim a 
best-seller. His video "It's a 
Doggy Dogg World," which 
reunites all the 70s black 
exploitation film stars, wins 
an MTV Music Award. 

Ranked No.1 , the University of 
Nebraska Cornhuskers finish 
their unbeaten season by 
defeating the Miami Hurricanes 
to win the national title. 
Quarterback Tommie Frazier 
earns MVP honors by guiding 
the Huskers to two fourth- 
quarter touchdowns and a 
frenetic 24-17 victory. 

She was a pro at 13, a million- 
aire at 14, and out of the game 
at 17. After getting booked on 
charges of marijuana posses- 
sion, tennis star Jennifer 
Capriati enters a drug rehab 
program and makes a 
comeback in autumn where 
she plays well but loses her 
first-round match. 

Former Wimbledon champ 
Andre Agassi wins the 1994 
U.S. Open and beats cham- 
pion Pete Sampras at the 1995 
Australian Open. Called the 
most popular tennis player in 
the world, the tennis phenom 
has a new girlfriend, former 
model Brooke Shields. 

The National Hockey League 
plays only 48 of the 82 games 
in the season this year due to 
a lockout. Following 
baseball's example, hockey 
owners put salary caps on 
their players, who strike but 
lose out to the owner's rule. 

Track and field star Wilma 
Rudolph dies at the age ol 54. 
The 20th of 22 children, she 
overcame polio, scarlet fever, 
and pneumonia to become a 
basketball star at 13. an 
Olympic bronze medalist at 16. 
and a winner of three gold 
medals in the 1960 Rome 

Whenever the Magic, led by 7*1" 300-pound Shaquille 
O'Neal, score 110 points, the Orlando McDonald's 
restaurants redeem home game tickets for a free Big 
Mac. With the team selling out all 16,000 seats, the Golden 
Arches supply a massive Mac attack, consoling fans for the lack 
of a playoff victory. 

The high rate of 
early burnout in 
women's pro tennis 
from media pressure, 
trainers, and 
sponsors causes the 
parents of Venus 
Williams, 14, to 
delay her pro debut. 

-«— v 

itchman George 
Foreman, 45, 
wearing the same 
red trunks he sported 
when he fought 
Muhammad AM 20 years 
earlier, wins the world's 
heavyweight boxing title 
from Michael Moorerwith a 
10th round knockout. 

Having already 
announced her 
retirement from 
singles tennis, nine-time 
Wimbledon champion 
Martina Navratilova waves 
good-bye to an emotional 
crowd, after losing to 
Conchita Martinez in her 
last Wimbledon match. 

In July, Miguel Indurain of Spain makes a triumphant 
entry on the Champs Elysees in Paris to win the 
Tour de France for the fourth straight time. He wins the 
3-week, 3,218 km contest easily, finishing five minutes, 39 
seconds ahead of the field. Greg LeMond, the only American to 
win the Tour de France three times, retires from racing because 
of health problems. 

On June 14, the New York Rangers defeat the Vancouver 
Canucks 3 to 2 in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup 
play-offs, winning the coveted hockey cup for the first 
time in 54 years. 

The Centennial 
Olympics will be in 
Atlanta, Georgia in 
1996. The city will 
emphasize its 
multicultural aspects 
to honor athletes 
from around the 

Dara Torres-Gowen 
becomes the first 
Olympic swimmer to 
model swimsuits in the 
Sports Illustrated annual 
swimsuit issue. Gold- 
medalist Torres-Gowen s 
sporty looks break the 
"waifs and glamazons" 
mold dictated by fashion. 

Fans are openly angry when a dispute between players 
and team owners over salary caps and other issues 
threatens to shut down baseball. A work stoppage 
begins on August 12. and no World Series is played for the first 
time since 1904. 

Tonya Harding, barred 
for life from organized 
skating for obstructing 
justice in the investigation 
of an assault on Nancy 
Kerrigan, is offered $2 million 
by the All Japan Women's 
Pro Wrestling Association to 
wrestle as a baddie. 

In Super 

Bowl XXIX 

in Miami, 

the San 


4-9ers beat the 

San Diego Chargers 

49-26, in their 

record-breaking fifth 

Super Bowl win. 

Quarterback Steve 

Young passes for a 

record six touchdowns 

to win most valuable 


Basketball star Sheryl 
the U.S. women's 
basketball team to a gold 
medal at the Goodwill Games 
in Russia. Earlier she led 
Texas Tech to an NCAA title 
and signed an endorsement 
deal with Nike. 

After 52 wins, four 
PPG Cup titles, and 
$10 million in 
earnings. Indycar champion 
Mario Andretti races for the 
final time in his 31-year 
career. The four-time 
Indianapolis 500 champion 
retires in October 1994. 

Ernie Els wins the 
1994 U.S. Open golf 
tournament in sudden- 
death playoff. The 
U.S. women's golf 
team, led by Dottie 

Mochrie, beats 

Europe for the 1994 
Solheim Cup. 

orld Cup soccer 
comes to the U.S. 
for the first time: 
24 teams play 52 World 
Cup games in nine cities 
to 3,567.415 fans, 
culminating in a title 
match between Brazil and 
Italy. Earlier the U.S. 
upset Colombia, but lost 
to the Brazilian team, who 
went on to win the cup. 



Supreme Court Justice Harry 
Blackmun, 85, who wrote the 
majority opinion in Roe v. 
Watte, the landmark 1973 case 
that guaranteed a woman's 
legal right to abortion, 
announces his retirement from 
the court after 24 years. 

The Charles and Diana fairy- 
continues: A German news- 
paper prints nude photos ol 
Prince Charles; he publishes a 
confession saying he never 
loved his wife. Princess Diana 
is suspected of making crank 
phone calls; an old friend who 
claims to be her ex-lover hawks 
a trashy kiss-and-tell book. 

Tabitha the cat spends 12 days 
and 32,000 miles in the fuse- 
lage of a Tower Air 747 jet when 
she escapes her cat carrier and 
gets lost in the cargo hold. 
Tabitha makes television 
appearances after her rescue 
with her aspiring-actress owner. 
Tabitha lost two pounds during 
the ordeal, her owner lost six. 

The Florida judge would not 
allow Paul Hill to use justi- 
fiable homicide as a defense 
in the shootings of Dr. John 
Britton and his bodyguard 
outside a Pensacola abortion 
clinic. Hill is lound guilty of 
murder in the first degree. 

AnnaPaquin, 11, wins an 
Academy Award for her 
performance in The Piano. 
Says actor Gene Hackman. 
"I guess now you'll have no 
trouble getting cast in your 
school play." 

Ronald Reagan, 83, 
announces he is in 
the early stages of 
Alzheimer's disease, which 
will cause him to rely 
increasingly on wife Nancy. 
Doctors say the easy-going 
ex-president should be able 
to function normally for 
several more years. 

Despite hurled 
obscenities and 
death threats, 
Shannon Faulkner, 19, 
battles the all-male Citadel 
tor the right to become the 
first female cadet in the 
152-year history of the 
state-supported South 
Carolina military school. 

Sending a worthy 
message to pageant- 
watchers, Heather 
Whitestone. a deaf Alabama 
college junior who works 
with handicapped kids, is 
crowned 1994 Miss America 
by her predecessor 
Kimberly Aiken. 

In Singapore, 
American teenager 
Michael Fay is 
convicted of vandalism and 
publicly caned four times by 
a martial arts master, despite 
pleas from his family and 
President Clinton. 

Applying his new 
fame to good works, 
actor Antonio 
Banderas, of Philadelphia 
and Interview With the 
Vampire, spends a week on 
a goodwill mission helping 
UNICEF draw attention to 
wartorn Somalia. 

Cartoonist Gary Larson announces that he will retire 
The Far Side, a feature that began in 1978 and has 
appeared in 1 ,500 newspapers. 



^ Why Oary, you've always had ihe . 

'pover to <p heme! JJ[isf close your eyes, 

qua.iK ihree times, W th,nk1b yourself 

" There's no place kke home, There's ~~ 

no place LKe hone.- 

Former basketball 
superstar Michai 
Jordan improves 
his game for the Arizona 
Scottsdale Scorpions, a 
minor-league baseball 
team. He still has no pi: 
to return to the hoops. 

In about the most 
surprising event 
the year, Michae 
Jackson weds Elvis' dau 
ter, Lisa Marie Presley i 
secret ceremony, May 1' 
Journalists wonder if the 
union isn't a business 
arrangement or an alien 
to polish Michael's publi 
image, tarnished by clai 
of child molestation. 

Scruffy movie idol 
Johnny Depp am 
wispy model Kat 
Moss have a headline- 
making lovers quarrel. I 
is arrested for trashing t 
couple's hotel room. 

Model Cindy Crawl 
and actor Richar 
Gere, dubbed thi 
world's sexiest couple, 
announce their separatii 
Hollywood books Crawfc 
for her first movie. 

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