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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 


St. Mary's College 
of Maryland 


Calvert Hall is the home 

of students and offices of 

the administrative staff 

and departments of 

History and Social 


Ducks floating in the 
pond, with the science 
building in the 
background, is a com- 
mon sight. It is also a 
common noise, particu- 
larly at 6:00 am. 

The Shoe Tree, located on the 
path between PG and 
Dorchester, has quite a history, 
and an odor. It is said that when 
students graduate, they throw 
their old shoes up into the tree. 

Sarah Young, Cindy King, Amy 
Cox, Carly Treppi, Christi 
Martinson, Jen Dickons, and 
Brian Doss, are the SOS staff in 
DC, relaxing for a little cool off 

A few common sights around campus are the famous peacocks and the even more famous Billy. Billy 
is always there with his smiling face and an enthusiatic "Hey! How's it going?" while the peacocks, 
unfortunately, may not be as eager to say hi to those passing by. Artists creating masterpieces can 
also frequently be seen with their models. 

Governor's Cup 

In 1973, three SMC students: Pete Sarelas, 
Russell Baker and Dale Rausch had the idea to 
create a longer and larger race than the regular 
dinghy regattas. In 19 7 4, their idea became 
reality when 47 boats entered the 70-mile course 
from Annapolis to St. Mary's City. A race from 
the present capital to the colonial capital, also 
the location of St. Mary's College of Maryland. 
The race has become a SMC tradition as well as 
a tradition for many in the racing world, with 
an incredible post-race party. In June 1986, 
Yacht Racing and Cruising (now Sailing World) 
named Governor's Cup one of the top ten post- 
race parties in the sailing world. (Finally, some 
acurracy in the parrying status of SMC!!) Being 
one of the biggest, if not the biggest, event 
hosted by the College, it will surely continue it's 
successful tradition. 

"December 5, 1996 ar the Statehouse in Annapolis, Governor Glendening announced that 
Dr. Jane Margaret (Maggie) O'Brien was named the next president of St. Mary's College of 
Maryland. After 13 years of dedicated service to St. Mary's College, Dr. Edward Lewis retired 
and passed the presidency to Dr. O'Brien. Over the last ten years, the College, under the 
leadership of Dr. Lewis, has recruited 45 faculty members, with 97 percent now holding a 
doctorate of the terminal degree in their field; increased the student SAT average from about 
950 to 1215; doubled the size of the library and constructed a new 60,000 square-foot state- 
of-the-art science building; renovated existing dormitories and built 81 townhouse units for 
student housing; and increased private support of the College from $44,00 to $1.5 million 
annually. Dr. O'Brien was unanimously elected by the St. Mary's College of Maryland board 
of trustees. O'Brien holds a bachelor' degree in biochemistry (1975) from Vassar College and 
a doctorate in chemistry (1981) from the University of Delaware. She served on the faculty 
of Middlebury College (Vt.) from 1980 through 1991, moving up the ranks to become 
associate professor of chemistry and dean of the faculty. She served as dean from 1989-91, 
when she became president of Hollins College. She is the first female president at the 
institution in more that 25 years." --From a December 5, 1995 Press Release 

Welcome Maggie and Thank you Ted!!! 

Dr. Lewis stands proudly next to his portrait which was painted by his son, Steven. This portrait is 
hanging on the wall in the library next to the past leaders of St. Mary's. Dr. & Mrs. Lewis are quite the 
athletic type, jogging in the Farewell to Ted Run. Thanks for your many years of dedication to SMC. 



The complaint "there 's nothing to 
do here " unfortunately can be 
heard quite often on our beauti- 
ful campus. Yes, it's true, there 
are no shopping malls, or even 
that much of a nightclub to go 
dancing at that's under an hours 
drive away. None of that stops 
the majority of our students 
from finding the many things 
there are to do on our campus. 
A glance in The Bulletin or a 
call to Student Development 
can give you the latest update on 
campus activities. With just 
about every club for every inter- 
est, anyone can find something 
to do. A creative, adventurous 
mind is all that's needed to have 



Having these very "innocent" 

looking young men meeting and 

greeting the incoming students, 

can very easily make parents 

wonder what's really going on in 

the "jungle" behind those ties 

and smiling faces. Dorchester is 

the only all-male residence hall. 

Within these halls, guys will be 

making long lasting friendships 

and bonding all through the 


I Welcome v 

TO THE If >■ 

y,', Jungle (Pwcliester) 


Pillows that will be used 
during the day, computer 
keyboards that will be busy 
the night before the paper's 
due, and fans to help control 
the sweltering heat of the 
residence halls during the 
hotter months are just a few 
common things you'll see 
within the dorms. 



The Great Cardboard Boat Race, 
sponsored by the SMC Waterfront, 
in its third year, is the most popular 
activity during Parents Weekend. 
Students are given 2 pieces of 
carboard, 12 pieces of wood (each 
about 8'xl"x2"), 3 rolls of duck tape, 
2 pieces of plastic wrap (4'xl2') and 
twine. With this material, they have 
to construct a boat that will be able 
to go to "Church Point" and back the 
fasteds and without sinking in the 
process. There is $1000 in the pot for 
the winners of first and second place 
in two divisions, sailors and non- 




The waterfront is always a very interesting place to hang out. A volleyball game is a common 
sight at the waterfront during nice weather. Kayak basketball, however, is a slightly different 
sight, not seen quite as often but just as fun. 


Kavaking has become a very popular 
pastime, ever since the waterfront 
introduce them. It can be a very 
peaceful activity, or a very wet and 
entertaining time. 
P.S. Proper kayak safety should 
always be observed for fear of the 
Waterfront Staff. 





'95 "> 

SMC students are very active 

in supporting many causes. 

Umar Hasan, the former 

Assistant Director of Student 

Development and Director of 

Forensics, is remembered by 

students and friends in the 

AIDS Walk '95. Umar passed 

away due to AIDS on October 

24, 1994. 



Above: Maria and 

Zenoby are chillin in 

front of their 


Right: Did you ever 

notice that when 

smokers inhale, 

they have to close 

their eyes? 



Nighthawks caught sleeping on the 
job. Normally they would be out 
roaming campus until 2 a.m. 
escorting and being the eyes of 
Public Safety in those little hard to 
reach areas of campus. 

Calvert residents are revolting 
against their permanent quiet 
hours. Those rebels!! 

Left: Jane is hanging out on her 
Peugeot, just checking out the 


Many students enjoyed the 

huge BUBBLIN' hot tub that 

was situated on the grassy lot 

in the middle of the dorms on 

Cu- H 

the hill. In the dead of winter, 

no one could ever imagine 


they would see so many Col- 


lege kids running around in 

M ^1 

their bathing suits! 

R, f 


Many students learn the tricks of the 
trade when it comes to sex from THE 
SEX GUY. His entertaining and 
laidback yet educational program, had 
many students laughing about the 
normally taboo issue of sex. 

Honors Day is well attended by many 
different students to give a wide variety 
of opinions. Also, we got a free day off 
school, since we don't believe in 
celebrating REAL holidays here at 



Many students use career day as a way to 

launch their future. Having employers 

from all over the state representing their 

respective organizations is a great way to 

make initial contacts and get your foot in 

the door. This event is sponsored by the 

Career Center, Internships, and Student 

Development. Even Ted appears at 

Career Day. Perhaps he's looking for a 

new job once he retires from SMC?!?! 


Paul Schultheis teaches students 
about basic cat maintance and how 
to fix minor car problems yourself. 

POW Eugene McDaniel tells students 

about his experiences in Vietnam, 

where he was a POW for seven years. 

He lectured on the forgotten POW's 

of our country and what it means to 

be an American and National Pride. 

He is very active in educating the 

public and lobbying to make sure 

that the Federal Government 

doesn't ignore our POW's. 



Since all of us, at one time or 
another, have eaten in the dining 
hall, we all know the ups and 
downs of the food. However, 
Rita can always be counted on to 
bring a smile to your grimacing 
face with her friendly "Hey 
Baby!" Some exciting new and 
improved food tables are the ice 
cream machine and the new salad 
bar island. The Woods Company 
is making an effort to make 
our dining hall a more plea- 
surable experience. 



Happy Ends, the Fall 95 

melodrama with songs, was 

presented by the drama 

department. Music by Kurt 

Weill and lyrics by Bertolt 

Brecht, the original german 

play was by Dorothy Lane. A 

little triva fact for drama fans: 

it was actually written by 

Bertolt Brecht and he gave the 

credit to Dorothy Lane. 

Left to right Gail, Natalie 
Wass, Aarati Kasturirangen, 
Delina Lyon, Jim Eberwine, 
Andrew Porter Glendinning, 
Greg Lee, Nora Ludden and 
Rob Ritzer. 

Left to right Nora 

Ludden, Greg Lee, Natalie 

Wass, Gail, Delina Lyon 

and Aarthi Kasturirangen. 


^Br r ^^^^^^ ^^H 

/•' If 




Km I 




The dramatic arts department presented SMC DANCE '95 in the Fall semester, a dance 
concert which featured contemporary and traditional works. 


Top: Cypress Creek became a very popular band in their years here, playing 
every opportunity they had from SMC sponsored Brown Bag Lunches to 
Razzberries to the Green Door. 


Bottom: Sol Y Canto was a band brought to our school by the Foreign Language 
Department giving us a taste of latino music. No one was able to sit peacefully 
during the performance; everyone's toes were tapping and there was even 
dancing in the aisles. 

Andy Myatt, 
Cary Fentzloff, 
Sharon Rebeck 
and Kim Ruch 
are ska-ing to 
some groovy 






World Carnival is quickly becom- 
ing a favorite activity here at SMC. 
This was the third year for WC and 
the best attended yet. Honora 
Batelka and Heather Davis were the 
master minds behind this extrava- 
ganza sponsored by the SGA's 
Programs Board and Student 
Developments's Event Coordina- 
tors. But these weren't the only 
people that volunteered many hours 
to make WC a success, over 40 
volunteers helped put on this event 
which hosted over 2000 people. 
With events such as human bowl- 
ing, a dunking booth, the velcro 
man , the monkey man, the shadow 
who followed you around, and 
many more sights to be had. Many 
live bands such as Jay-Jay, Swampp, 
Julius Bloom, Scrooby Groove, Hit 
Me and the new hit Jewel! A good 
time was all but garanteed. 



Many students got to enjoy 
the beautiful weather and 
good music at World Carni- 
val . The brave ones even 
tried out the Human Fly. A 
huge velcro bouncy thing that 
was a sight to see and even 
more fun to do!! 


Watch out for the iron ball that 

might come rolling down the waterfront 

hill at you if you're not careful. This 

was another way to entertain us at 

College, human bowling! 

Shindana Cooper is the storyteller who 

entertained us in Lower Charles and also 

at World Carnival. 




Public Safety has become a very important part of our daily 
campus lives. From the officers unlocking our doors for us 
when we get locked out to solving crimes, they are well 
respected and needed. They are a 24 hour service with 4 
Public Safety officers and 3 sworn Police officers, full- and 
part-time radio dispatchers and student security patrol 
assistants (Nighthawks as we know them). The are 
headed by Director Harry Tafe and Assistant Director 
JoAnn Robinson with Risk Manager Flo Devine. 





Jennifer Adams 

Kimberlee Adams 

Rachael Maree Allen 

"Sometimes, if you 

stand on the bottom rail 

of a bridge and lean 

over to watch the river 

slipping slowly away 

beneath you, you will 

suddenly know 

everything there is to be 



Cathy Anderson 

"All the little streams 

higher up in the Forest 

went this way and 

that, quickly, eagerly, 

having so much to find 

out before it was too 


- A. A. Milne 

Carl Baclw 

Karen Baker 

Katie Beck 

Take it all in it's as big 

as it seems, 

Count all your 


Remember your 


- Jimmy Buffett 

Aaron /. Bertoglio 

Eric Brandan Blind 

I was blind the 

whole time I was 

learning to see... 

Diana M. Bloom 

"Things may come to 

those who wait, but 

only those things left 

by those who hustle" 

- Abraham Lincoln 

Rose Bolian 

Mary Frances 

Carpe Diem 


John Bozvman 

Cliristina Carroll 

"If we look at the path, we do 
not see the sky. We are earth 
people on a spiritual journey 
to the stars. Our quest, our 
earth walk, is to look within, 
to know who we are, to see 
that we are connected to all 
things, that there is no sepa- 
ration, only in the mind." 
- Native American 

Karen Brooks 

Enjoy life 'cause birth 
and death are where you 
really pay for it all! 

Marin Bulgarini 
Never keep the 
curtains drawn, lest 
you should miss some 
glory of the sky. 

Filipina Calderon 


"What you really value 

is what you miss, not 

what you have." 

- Jorge Luis Borges 

Sa rail Chalberg 

Michael Chikar 

Mark Garcia 
Intolerance is 

Kathleen L. Clay 

"Whenever vour life is out of 
tune and no melody soothes 
your soul, look to the Master 
whose gentle touch will bless 
you and make you whole. 
Like an old violin with so little 
worth, a life may be far less 
than grand, but maybe trans- 
formed in a moment by the 
Touch of the Master's Hand." 

Gregory MacLeod 


"Stand at the precipice. 

that existential 

darkness, and call into 

the void; it will surelj 


David H. Craig 
Cynthia Davenport 



Everybody Have 

Fun Tonight! 

Everybody Wang 

Chung Tonight! 

Jennifer L. Dearolf 

I don't know where life will 

lead me, but I know where 

IVebeen. Idon'tknow what 

life will show me, but 1 

knowwhatl'veseen... This 

little girl is moving on" 

- Sittin' in Limbo 

Lana K. Denton 

Cindy J. Dey 
Alrighty then. 

Laura Karolyn 

Bryan C. Dunston 
"The longer 1 live the 
more I am convinced 
that the one thing 
worth living for and 
dying for is the 
privilege of making 
someone more happy." 
- Booker T. Washing- 

Joshua Eaton 

Kathn/n Ann 

" Island, not only with 


but with pleasing thoughts 

that in this moment there is 

life and food for future 


- William Wordsworth 

Dan Egan 

Sarah Anne Elliott 
"If it was easy, 

anyone could do it." 
- John R. Elliott 

Jennifer Pagan 
"Whatever, Rock on!" 

Evelyn Flaherty 


Lisa Marie Flower 

Rachel M. Foster 

Monica Ann Gaffney 
Are You Ready? 
Ready All, Row! 

Marybeth Kaitlin 
Yesterday is history, 
Tomorow is a 
mystery, and today is 

Makini Garrett 

I challenge you all to give it 
all you've got and don't 
hold back. Always stay 
focused and have a \ision 
because any other way is 
just not good enough. 


Cymantha Governs 
"Yes, yes, yes, yes yes 

yes yes yes." 
- William Faulkner, 

Christine Lynn Gray 


Don't ever give up." 

-Mr. Grav 

Dana Hamilton 



"Free the Mexicans." 

Steven E. Harris 

Ana Hayes 

Jennifer Herrmann 

"I cherish my friends, for I 

know that of all things 

granted us. ..none is greater 

or better than friendship." 

- Peitro Aretino 

Catherine Elizabeth 

"Always leave them 

laughing when you sav 

goodbye.." - MotherGoose 

Marita Payabyab 

"l have always known that 

at last I would take this 

road, but yesterday I did not 

know that it would be 

today. "Ariwara no Nanhira 

Marc Salvador Hume 

I sat evaluating 


I decided to lie down. 

Justine Hurwitz 

"You're a Tart." 
"Go traveling." 

Chastity Johnson 


Michael Johnson 

"All art, literature, as well as 
much, must be brought out 
with one's heart blood.. I do 
not believe in an art which 
has not forced its way out 
through man's need to open 
his heart 
- Edward Munch 

Norval Johnson 

"Knowledge is not a goal in 
itself, but a path to wisdom, it 
bestows not privilege so 
much as duty, not power so 
much as responsibility." 

Amanda Marie Jones 

SMC is where my life began 
to come together. I will miss 
it !!! 

Joshua Kaye 

"Now it is time to 
being feeding yourself. 

Yong Kim 

This is an end tor a 
new beginning." 

Jennifer Kopetka 


Ruth Alma 

"The future enters into us, in 

order to transform itself in 

us, long before it happens." 

- Rainer Maria Rilke 


I'm gonna try with all my 

might to make this story 

line come true." 

- Survivor 

David Gregory Layman 

"There are none so blind as 

those who will not see."- The 

Moody Blues 

Deborah Lee 

Micah Noell 

Emily P. Lewis 

"When we are awake 

we also do what we do 

in our dreams: we 

invent and make up 

the person with whom 

we associate-- and 

immediately forget it." 

- Nietzsche 

Michael Lind 

"It's not the critic who counts... 
credit belongs to the man who 
really was in the arena... He 
at best knows the triumph of 
great achievement... and at 
least knows his place shall 
never be with those cold and 
cruel souls who know nei- 
ther victory nor defeat." 

- Theodore Roosevelt 

Stephanie L. Linebaugh 

"Rivers know this: There is no H 
hurry, we shall get there • 

someday."- A. A. Milne 

David Maciorozoski 

Hey Scrappy, are you flyin' 
with the Jaybird? 

Jamie Manfuso 

Christi Martinson 

"Learn... as though 

you were to live 

forever. Love., as 

though you were to die 


- H. D. Thoreau 

Sam Mazzeo 




"You can't touch my gangsta 


"If the devil, passing through 
my country, applied to me for 
instruction in any truth or 
fact of this universe, 1 should 
wish to give it to him. If he 
knew fact enough continuous 
light would dawn on him; he 
would understand what this 
universe is, on what principle 
it conducts itself, and would 
cease to be a devil!" -Thomas 

Patrick E.McNabb 


Oona McNeil 

"When you come right 

down to it, all you have is 

yourself. Your self is a sun 

with a thousands rays in 

your belly. The rest is 


- Pablo Picasso 

James Joseph Meyer 

"Whether it's good or bad 
smashing something is also 
verv pleasant on occasion." 
-Fyodor Dostoievsky 

Rebecca A. Miller 

Lauren Mitten 

Darryk Modracek 

James Mohler 
"After all these years 
I've found my 
occupational hazard; 
My occupation is just 
not around." - J. B. 


Stephen Moroz 

Kern/ Murphy 
"If you can't change the 
direction of the wind, 
change the sails." 
- unknown 



"Attain peace while 

maintaining passion is 

the challenge to 



"Binger roamed with 

his hair uncombed and 

then he bit the 

neighbor. What can 

you do? He was 

confused and that will 

lead to anger." 

Kazia Ostn/niec 
Trade Papantones 

Kristin Parrish 

"On Wednesday, when 

the sky is blue. And I 

have nothing else to 

do, I sometimes 

wonder if it's true that 

who is what and what 

is who." 

- Pooh (A.A Milne) 

Michael Pfaltzgraff 

Essence Fierce 

Michael Carroll Pinnex 

"You know if you feel it. Uh 

huh, yeah, that part that's 

burning way down inside 

you. Twisting, tearing like a 

swirling ball of used staples. 

You know what I'm talking 

about... Yeah, that's it. 

TRUTH. Go on, open yourself 

uptoit. Praise it and love it. 

No man can stop you now. 

Hmm... - MKG ( ARTUGOD) 

Jim Polimadei 

MarKfosr vwira 

Ml tell you, it's a crazy 

world out there." 

Kurt Prager 

Keisha Reynolds 


Jennifer Ann Riffle 
"For what do we live, 
but to make sport for 
our neighbours, and 
laugh at them in our 
turn." - Jane Austen 

Lisa Romano 

Amy Christine 


"When vour goals 

originate from the soul, 

success is a battle easily 


Kyle Russell 

Elizabeth Santini 


Wliitley Samnweber 

Eric Schoeti 

Brooks Elizabeth 

I obey the law of inverse 

excuses which demands 

that the greater the task 

to be done, the more 

insignificant the work 

that must be done prior 

to beginning the 

greater task. 

Cindy Sheckells 
Doug Shipley 

'To right that which is 

wrong. To hold up the 

American way of life. To 

boldly go where no man 

has any business being." 

Robin Leigh Simpson 

"Dreams pass into the 
reality of action. From the 
action stems the dream 
again; and this interde- 
pendence produce the 
highest form of living." 
-Anais Nin 

Daniel Slade 

Brandi M. Smith 

"It's more than just an easy 

word for casual good-bye; 

it's gayer than a greeting, 

and it's sadder than a sigh. 

It's said a hundred different 

ways, in sadness and in joy. 

Aloha means "I Love You." 

So I say "Aloha Oe." 

- Don Blanding 

Jessica Smith 

Heather Sparby 

Stephen M. Spence 

"Okay Bobby, I'll drink 

if Mark drinks." 

Tanya Ramona Sperl 

"Everything you gave 

to me changed 

everything I used to be 

much more than 

anything I ever knew."- 

J. Napolitano 


Benjamin Spiker 

Donna Diane Sothern 
"The Lord is my light 
and mv salvation." 

David A. Stansbury 
"Live vour life as an 

Carrie Supik 
"... being good isn't 
always easy, no matter 
how hard I try..." 

- Dusty Springfield 

F.Aidan Surlis 

True perfection seems 
imperfect, yet it is 
perfectly itself. True 
fullness seems empty, 
yet it is fully present." 

- Lao Tzu 

Lisa Talley 


Aaron N. Tomarchio 

"I will prepare and someday 

my chance will come." 

- Abraham Lincoln 



something tonight that you'll 

be sorry for tomorrow 



Maria Rose Van dcr 

"I went to the woods because I 

wanted to live deliberately. I 

wanted tolivedeepandsuck 

out all the marrow of life, to 

put to rout all that was not 

life. And notwhenlhad come 
to die discover that I had not 

lived . "- Henrv David Thoreau 

Rebecca Mae Vanisko 
"Gone are the days we 
stop to decide, where 
we should go, we just 
ride." - Dr Suess 

//'// Walters 
Michael Weingard 

Melissa Jo Wliite 

"Education is what survives 

when what has been learnt 

has been forgotten. " 

Leigh Dean 

Life's battles don't always go 

to the stronger or faster hand; 

they go to the one who trust in 

God and always thinks 


Kim Wiles 

"He hasachieved success 

who has lived well, laughed 

often and loved much." 

- Bessie Anderson Smith 

Jeannette Williams 

Sarah Wilson 

"But I have 

promises to keep, 

And miles to go 

before I sleep." 

- Robert Frost 

Jennifer Winswnll 

"Be brave, even if vou 

are not, pretend to be. 

No one can tell the 


-Robert Fulghum 


Christopher Wright 

Shannon Yoon 

Tim Zapp 

Ce4*C\^<d>4fc04*4> Ct*4<t #\i /6 




: <-A 



^H " ** ^r J 

^w s J 

r ■ \ 

1 ''a 

m W 

i J 

* B 

Wr tr 


bt^l fl 

^ ^ 

■ ' 

(1 *■* 








4 J 

i HI 

1 1 J 

1 1 






Jfcr 7 



Residence Life Staff 

The Hill 

Prince George Staff, left, Fall 1995 Staff. 
Tameaka Coates, Jennifer Gering, Debbie 
Burick, RHC Kazia Ostryniec, Matt Hall, KC 
Culver, Nicole Erickson not pictured. 
Dorchester Staff, bottom left, Fall 1995 Staff. 
Coy Nesbitt, Ervan Hancock, RHC Morgan 
Lum, Jason Dudderar, Ben Hansford, Chris- 
tian Benjaminson, David Zapp, Joe Sagona 
Caroline Staff, bottom right. Fall 1995 Staff. 
Jamie Mitchell, RHC Jennifer Herrmann, 
Marcie Pomeroy, Jermain McMillan, John 
Kasprzak, Paul Schultheis. 




Calvert Staff 

Fall 1995 Staff: 
Steven McCullough, 
RHC Dave Jondreau, 
Ruth Dutding 

Fall 1995 Staff 
Devin, RHC 

Jamie Powell, 
Bryan Dunston, 

Melissa Helmick 

Fall 1995 Staff: Johni Baxter, Abigail Collins, Regina 
Turner, Susan Payne, RHC Christine Lanoie, 
Courtney Chappell, Christy Boesler, Nicole Morgan. 

Queen Anne Staff 


Calvert Hall 

Eric Baugher shoots some pool in the Calvert Hall rec room. 


Robert Reif relaxes with his book on the porch of Calvert Hall. 

An Interview With Matt Hill, the Calvert Hall RHC. 

What was Calvert's most exciting dorm program/activity? 

"Mother microphone-open mic poetry/music/drama. Experience with free coffee 

and grilled cheese. We had fifty people in our rec room, on two different occasions 

for this." 

Can you describe the residents of Calvert? 

"Unique. We have a wide and diverse cross-section of students. They have a bizarre 

sense of humor and love their building. (Because of it's location.) 


Caroline Hall 






t s. 



F 1 




4 'fc 










' ^ a B 

. » ss» HP" 

First Right and First Left 


Doing laundry is 
the bane of most 
students existence. 
Eric Fuller is mak- 
ing the best of it, 
despite broken 
down machines that 
never fully dry 


Second Right and Second Left 

An Interview with Morgan Lum, Dorchest RHC 

What's the personality of Dorchester? 

"Very laid back and open-minded." 

What's different about Dorchester this year? 

"It's repainted with brighter, newer colors. It's 

brighter, new lights!" 

What are some fun Dorchester activities? 

"Hall crawls! Hall frisbee and soccer, 

opening day at Dorchester Park, cookout, social 

with QA." 

Tom Klem, talking on the phone. Most Dorchester 
residents preferred to use their calling card on the pay 
phone over their long distance PEN numbers. 70 







Third Right 



First Right and First Left 

An Interview with Kazia Ostryniec, PG RHC. 

What is the atmosphere of PG? 

"PG has a fun, relaxed atmosphere. There are many sorts of 

personalities in the building, but they all have fun." 

What is an exciting PG activity. 

"Midnight breakfast. We had two Midnight breakfasts this 

year. Both of which were a LOT of FUN. The residents 

enjoyed PILES of pancakes, prepared by the PG staff." 












James Ivy, 
James Beirne, 
and Andy 
Cromey are 
attempting to 
make a gour- 
met dinner, 
we think. 



Third Right and Third Left 


Sherri Catalono, Shannon Todd and Erin Simmers demonstrate the 
proper usage of the urinals. 


Queen Anne 


i ilk 

■I hi 

ii III 



Keith Murphy concentrates on kicking the 
ball directly into the St. Mary's goal 


Men's Soccer (Standing) - Nick Munoz, Chris Wright, Ryan Voetlin. 
Brian Waud, Sam Mazzeo, Lenny Howard, Alex Czopp, David 
Maciorowski, Peter Sweigard, John McManus, Tim Zapp, Coach Jesse 
Roberts (Kneeling) - Brent Berry, Brian Cusick, Jeff Sack, Keith Murphy. 
David Layman, Mike Lawrence, Greg Foti (Not Pictured) - Chris Bowen. 
Assistant Coaches Geoff Holland, Mark Unger 

"~^$1Z#* '2 

Women's Soccer (Standing) - Valerie Taylor, Stephanie Karpinski, Nicki 
Ferramosca, K.C. Ingraham, Rebecca Vanisko, Tara Jenson, Kristi Metz, 
Beth McCormick (Kneeling) - Jessica Romano, Christina Valentine, Kristi 
LaVardera, Michele Rose, Kelly Miller, Tina Wasowicz, Angie Mogensen, 
Monica Bell. Melissa York (Sitting) - Jennifer Forbes. Kristi Jacobs 

Freshman Jessica Romano fights to 
keep the ball away from her oponent. 


Field Hockey (Standing) - Jessica Chin. Mirta Teichburg, Melanie 
McLean. Jennifer Reed. Sarah Bannat. Lisa Demeno (Kneeling) - 
Kristin Patzowsky, Nairem Moran, Nicole Cousin, Caroline 
Theberge. Marcella Demers (Sitting) - Gia Trionfo. Jenifer Riffle, 
Jessica Lawson. Heidi Smeller. Head Coach Mari Willen. Assistant 
Coach Jen Speer 

Although they play in the same uniform in 
games. Marcie Demers and Heidi Smeller learn 
:hat when practicing, you sometimes have to 
:ompete against one another. 




Deanna Casper and Tracv Morgan pair up to 
reflect a spike back to the opposing team. 


Becky Banwarth 

Diana Bloom 

Deanna Casper 

Rachel Fryd 

Kristen Haga 

Kate Marks 

Dominique Monie 

Tracy Morgan 

Jennt Mullendore 

Lindia Papavasiliou 

Jaime Powell 

Coach Tom Brewer 

Assistant Coach Mike 


The St. Mary's Volleyball team know that 
team work is the only way to get things 
done. They are always there if someone 
needs a hand. 





Men's Basketball 

Demetrius Henson 
Garret O' Donnel 

Jason Bryan 
Kevin Robinson 

Doug Walker 

Fred Johnson 

Matt McGrane 

Sean Soyars 
Andy Benincasa 

John Bowman 

Kenny Logan 
Barry Friedman 

Jared Marmen 
Mike Kind 

Brad Kosatka 

Coach Bob Flynn 
Assistant Coaches 
Quentin Hillsmen, Osaro Senior Mike Lind flies through the air 
Ighodaro, Matt Ryan, before he slam dunks the ball to score 
Lewis Van Wambeke two points against the opponent. 

Enen though freshman Sean Soyars is 
new to the team, he is definately not 
new to the game. This can easily be 
seen as he skillfully jumps and drops 
the ball directly into the net. 

Freshman guard Tara Jenson stretches 
high to make scoring a little bit 

Women's Basketball - Megan VanWambeke. Cindy Daven- 
port, Lesley Kline. Sara Helms, Elizabeth McCurdy, Beth 
McCormick. Kim Brown, Erica Pearson, Tara Jenson, Tricia 
Kilroy, Sarah Bannat. Rebecca Vanisko Coach Jay Butler, 
Assistant Coach Deanna Fairfax 




Swimming (Front Row ) - Dave Sherwood. Kimberly (Trance. Carrie Dannent'elser. Patrick McGarrity, 
Dominique Monie. Cheryl Bauman. Emily Grimes. April Anderson. Larry Kemp. Emma Petrie (Back Row ) 
- Brian Tenney. Michael Hitchings. David Hayes. Steven Butts. Christian Benjaminson. Steve McCullough. 
Damian Noordhoom. Steven Crowther (Not Pictured) - Jennifer Gering. Michelle Goodwin. Sarah Gray. 
Melanie Hancock. Katie Mullin. Zenoby Orsten. Abigail Smigel. Jason Choate. Doug Loyd, Robert Mitchell. 
Coach Mike Norton. Assistant Coach Amanda Smith 


Men's Tennis (not in any order) - Brett Bunch. Tim 
Cavanaugh. Mike Clarke. Jason Choate. Michael 
Colaresi. Jim Cooney, James Dalpee. Dan Hadley, Dan 
Hunt. Brian Kennedy. Harold Lee. Joshua Liu, Eric 
Olsen. Jason Whiteman. Coach Paul Spencer 

Women's Tennis (not in any order) - Tanya Belvins, 
Christine Colina. Kim Crance. Maisha Douton. Kellie 
Dos le. Nicki Fusaro. Sara Helms. Avery Johnson. Phyllis 
Kehres. Eleanor Miller. Coach Paul Spencer 






s*j* : *^s*^."*oa 


Sophomore J. P. Fischer watches 
our for his fellow teammates as 
he fets readu to go head to head 
with the enemv. 

Men's Lacrosse (in numerical order) - Josh Bank, Dave Weinrich. Aidan 
Surlis, Joe Hughes, Brian Schrader, Jeff LaNoue, Mark Anderson, Ben 
Davis, Marty Kane. Brooks Liswell. Justin Robinson, Greg Foti. John 
Lengyel, Chris Lehmann. Tim Barlotta. Mark Osterman. Steve Spence. 
Doug Stark. Mike Fraioli, Pete Dixon. Nick Johnson. Jeff Mohler, Eric 
Blind. Jeff Jeffers, Kris Lindh, Jason Dudderar. Rogi Behr. J.P. Fischer, 
C.J. Lauer. Daemian Schreiber. Jim England. Matt O'Connel, Jeremy 
Smith, Jim Rogalski, Omar Black, Chris Gable, Mike Ludwig, Fran 
Lanzer. Coach Jason Hurley, Assistant Coaches Dan Welch, Rob Bray, 
Don Brenneman. Jim Mohler 

Lindia Papavasiliou tries to stay out 
of the line of her enemies stick. 
Once your team has the ball, you will 
do anything to keep the other team 
from setting it. 


Women's Lacrosse (Standing) - Nairem Moran, Nicole Cousin, 
Kristi LaVardera, Tina Wasowicz. Lindia Papavasiliou, Lisa 
DeMeno, Jennifer Riffle, Lynn Maciolek (Kneeling) - Marcie 
Demers, Kristin Patzkowsky. Michele Rose. Amy Everest. Allison 
Wagner, Kristy Miller, Misty Uhlfelder. Gia Trionfo (Sitting) - 
Jennifer Jackson, Jennifer Aschbrennar, Tara Jenson. Kristy Metz, 
Missy Lewandowski. Neasah O'Doherty Coach Sue Heether 
Assistant Coach Chandler Christian 





^. r *~>Oe.rt^ '-i *~* ~ *~ > Jtf j 

a I 

A k 

JULiA 4 


\ I J k 



Baseball - Tom Kehri. Mike Hughes. Micah Zvverling. Dasvid Layman. Marc Kriss. Spike Altman. Justin 
Greshko. Jarid Schaff. Allen Hawk. Doug Shipley. Doug Carroccio. Bret Dean. Rich McNaul. Kevin Murray. 
Brain Cusiak. John Schmidt. Dylan Trache. Brad McLaughlin. Kevin RObinson. Bills Blair. Jeff Hill. Cailean 
Leith. Ian Taylor. Matt Norkunas. Matt Lind. Coach Lew Jenkins. Assistant CoachDavid Briscoe. Pitching 
Coach Jim Mason. Trainer Traci Gardner 





The sailors at St. Mary's have definately 
made a name for themselves. Over the 
past several years, our teams have begun 
well known throughout the country. 

ALthough sailors are required to put in a lot of 
time for practices and regattas, there isn't a 
sailor out there that doesn't enjoy being out 
there on the water with the wind ripping 
through their sails. 


It was a great year for the athletes here at 
St. Mary's College. School spirit grew 
among the students as well as 
the faculty. Several sports were 
added to the Varisty list. Field 
Hockey was only one of them. 
Several sports are still only club 
sports. The athletes that 
participate in these clubs take 
pride in their games and do just 
as much work as any varsity 
player. Men's and women's 
rugby, men's volleyball, and 
crew are among the most 
popular of these club sports. Although they 

have not yet been recognised as varsity 
sports, the active participants will suredly be 
fighting for acceptance. 

Besides the addition of 
sports, we had several awards 
and records broken over the 
course of the year. Cindy 
Davenport broke the record 
for the most shots made 
during a woman's four years 
here at St. Mary's. Overall, it 
was a very productive year for 
the athletes and their coaches. 
Whether you're playing the 
game or just watching, have lots of fun. 

Rugby players are probably the roughest players out there. Well, next to football 
players. But these guys don't wear and protection. And to think that they are 
only a club. With it's growing popularity, rugby will more than likely be a 
varsity sport within the near future. 



The many clubs here at 
SMC are one of the things 
that makes life so interest- 
ing. Having a wide range of 
clubs to choose from, stu- 
dents can find other people 
who share similar 
interests. Anywhere from 
the rigorous schedule of the 
Crew Team to the laid back 
Golf Club, to the 
politically correct Young 
Republicans. You name it, 
we have it. And if we don't, 
you can create it! 

Top Jaime Mitchell is obviously having a 
good time watching the Sex guy. 
Middle This is a sight often seen, class 
being held outside on a nice clear and 
sunny day. 

Left Adria Dorko is looking healthy before 
a Women's Rugby game, a new club that 
was started this year and doing very well! 


The SGA is not only a very active body 
of SMC, but a great place to meet 
people and have lots of fun. Senator 
Jim Wood, President Jen Dickens, 
Kim Dennis the Right hand of SGA 
and Senator Melissa Canlas are a good 
example of this. 
Eric Norland is seen at an SGA dinner 
meeting learning how to cook more of 
that Mac & Cheese. 
Below Larry Kontz, Director of Student 
Development, is having a slight prob- 
lem when the ceiling caved in under 
the pressure of a lot of water. The 
majority of the offices in the corner of 
Lower Charles had major water dam- 
age due to a pipe bursting. 
Bottom Jim Wood and Joey Hipolito 
are showing a lot of enthusiam about 
the upcoming year and working with 

Coy Nesbitt. 

PfcES|p£NT — 

• VP fop- PR0&KAA1S 


WAGE member, Jennifer Chapin-Harris 
and The Crew Team members, Cindy Dey, 
Bree Detamore and Dan Serene, are recruit- 
ing members at the Activities Fair hosted bv 
Student Development. 
Women's Rugby is a new edition to the list 
of clubs. It had an amazing turnout of 
interested and eager female students ready 
to play in snow, rain or sun. 



For Goodness Sake is a collection of 
projects which meet the needs of the 

community. It was started in 1990 

by five students, Carla Maranto and 

some of her friends with an out reach 

project to nursing homes. Since that 

time, it has evolved into a major part 

of our College community helping 

better educational and human needs, 

and now with a new branch, is 

helping environmental needs as well. 


Christmas in April this 
year had an outstanding 
turnout for their Auction. 
Auctioning everything 
from donated gifts to gifts 
created especially for this 
auction. Ben Davis is 
modeling a very comfort- 
able chair, while almost 
railing out of it. Stuart 
Kreindler is handling 
merchandise for the 
Christmas in April Auc- 
tion that went over very 
well. Even the tie of 
Provost Mel Endy was up 
for auction. He got so in 
to it that he ended up 
auctioning off his tie, 
jacket and shirt at the 
request of an enthusiatic 

Qamar Schuyler, bidder 
#126, shows that she 
wants some of the action 
as well. 


Top Ellen Sauerbrey lectures the Young Republicans on some very important topics 
concerning our future. 

Bottom Melissa is working hard at making our raciio channel be all that it can be. Play- 
ing a varity of music and organizing bands to come to campus are just a few of the things 
that the channel contributes to the college community. 


OpEN d A i I y f R O M 

10 AM. TO MidNiqlHT 

5 6 5 cUys A year 

24 Ihour returns 
witIh tIhe "Quick 
Drop" return box 

Laure[ GIen ShoppiNq Ctr. ; CaIjFornia, MD 


H in LIKE 

How You Like Pizza At Home. 


Dove Staff 

Editor-in-chief: Cindy Carter 

Layout Editor: Meadow Fallon 

Seniors Editor: Leo Seung 

Thanks also go out to: 

Sarah Elliott 

Elizabeth Santini 

Sarah Wilson 



The St. Mary's College of Maryland 1996 Dove was 
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in State College, PA. It was printed inlimited edition of 
300 copies with 96 pages. The cover was designed by 
the Dove staff and is a photograph of the St. Mary's 
sunset. All captions and body type was done in 
AGaramond typestyle. Senior photos by Stone Photog- 
raphy, other photography by the SMC Photo Bureau. 
Jostens representative: Steve Kohn. Plant advisor: 
Linda Nolf Cost of book: $25 


Steve Kohn and Jostens 

PIO Staff 

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Photo Bureau 

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MB e s (J 

French transportation workers strike against 
their government throughout the month ot 
December, shutting down the airlines and the 
metro system, after France increases the 
retirement age trom 50 to 55 and lengthens 
the work week from 37 to 39 hours in efforts 
to cut spending. 

APWide World 

Wrap artist Christo creates 
"Wrapped Reichstag" for 
the city of Berlin by covering 
the former home of the German 
parliament with one million 
square feet of silver fabric 
in June. 

Heads of many of the 186 
member nations gather in 
New York to celebrate the 50th 
anniversary of the United 
Nations in October. 

Pope John Paul II visits New 
Jersey. New York and 
Maryland, and addresses the 
United Nations. He speaks out 
on social, economic, political 
and moral themes. 

In late May, a doctor performs 
emergency surgery aboard British 
Airways flight 32 using a coat 
hanger, a knife and fork, and a 
scissors sterilized in brandy to save 
a woman whose life is threatened 
by a collapsed lung. 

Tahitian protests escalate 
into riots after France 
detonates a nuclear test device 
750 miles from the South Pacific 
island. France's September 
resumption of tests after a 
three-year moratorium brings 
global condemnation. 

I S4 

In a powerful address to the 
U.N.'s Fourth World Conference 
on Women in Beijing, China, 
attended by 30,000 women from 
180 countries, U.S. First Lady 
Hillary Rodham Clinton declares, 
"Women's rights are human 
rights," to a desk-thumping, 
applauding audience. 

Shock waves hit the Middle East 
when Israeli Prime Minister 
Yitzhak Rabin is shot and killed 
while leaving a peace rally in Tel 
Aviv November 4. His murderer, 
Jewish extremist Yigal Amir, 
fanatically opposes peace 
negotiations with the Palestine 
Liberation Organization. 

Marxist Cuban President Fidel 
Castro abandons his Havana 
cigar and military fatigues for a 
suit and tie on a diplomatic visit 
to New York in October, where 
he tries to convince the U.S. to 
lift its 33-year-old trade embargo 
on still-communist Cuba. 

Madman Shoko Asahara, leader 
of the Japanese apocalyptic 
religious cult, Aum Shinrikyo, is 
arrested on May 16 and charged 
with the Tokyo subway nerve-gas 
attack that left 12 people dead 
and injured 5.500 more in March. 

Fifty years after the end of World 
War II, Japan remembers those 
killed by the atomic bomb 
dropped on Hiroshima. A solitary 
building left standing after the 
blast, now a memorial called the 
Atomic Bomb Dome, symbolizes 
the horrors of war and the price 
of peace. 

An earthquake kills 51 people 
on the resort-studded Pacific 
coast of Mexico. The quake 
measures 7.5 on the Richter 
scale and is felt 330 miles away 
in Mexico City. 

The first U.S. president to visit Northern Ireland. 
President Clinton receives a warm Christmas 
welcome for his show of support for peace between 
Irish Protestants and Catholics. 

Hurricane Marilyn inflicts millions of dollars of 
damage in the Virgin Islands in September. Winds 
up to 127 miles per hour severely damage half the 
homes on St. Thomas. 

Hope blooms for peace in Bosnia when Bosnia's President 
Izetbegovic (left) shakes hands with Serbia's President Milosevic 
on the opening day of the November cease-fire talks in Dayton. Ohio. 
Croatia's President Tudjman looks on. The ensuing Paris peace 
agreement of December sends 60,000 NATO peacekeeping troops to 
the war-torn country. 


In November, the Republic ol 
Ireland narrowly passes a 
referendum calling for an end 
to the country's 1937 
constitutional ban on divorce. 

While competing in an 
imernational balloon race in 
September, two hot air 
balloonists. one English and 
one American, are shot down 
when their balloon floats oil 
course over Belarus. The 
Belarussian army sees the 
balloon as a security threat and 
fires without warning. The 
balloonists fall to their death. 

More than tour years after 
Desert Storm. Iraq's President 
Saddam Hussein remains in 
power, though two of his 
sons-in-law defect to Jordan 
on August 8 and call for 
Hussein's overthrow. 

Quebec. Canada's largely French- 
speaking province, defeats an 
October referendum on Quebec 
independence by a margin of 
less than one percent. 

In July, without public 
explanations. Burma's military 
rulers free the country's most 
famous political prisoner, Daw 
Aung San Suu Kyi. leader of the 
pro-democracy movement and 
Nobel peace laureate, after six 
years of house arrest. 

Russian figure skater Sergei 
Grinkov. 28. collapses and dies 
from a heart attack during 
practice with his wife-partner 
Ekaterina Gordeeva on 
November 20. The pair won two 
Olympic gold medals and four 
world pairs titles. 

Great Britain's Princess Diana 
shocks Buckingham Palace with 
a tell-all BBC interview. Defying 
royal protocol, she discusses her 
marriage to unfaithful husband, 
Prince Charles, her struggle with 
depression and bulimia, and an 
extramarital affair. The majority 
of English people express their 
support and sympathy 

Securities trader Nicholas 
Leeson is arrested in Germany 
in March 1995 for fraud, forgery, 
and breach-of-trust. Leeson 
racked up a S1. 32 billion loss 
that caused the collapse of 
Barings PLC. the 233-year-old 
British bank. 


A San Francisco sewer line 
j\bursts under pressure 
from battering rainstorms, 
creating a monster sinkhole 
that swallows a $2-million 
house in the Sea Cliff district. 
winds knock out power to 
tens of thousands of homes 
and nearly blow a truck off the 
Bay Bridge. 

Three days of drenching rains in the Pacific 
Northwest swell rivers to overflowing, caus- 
ing severe flooding in Washington in December. 
In the town of Carnation, a pastor conveys a 
woman to dry land with a wheelbarrow. 

African-American men from 
across the country converge 
on Washington. DC. for the 
Million Man March on October 
16. The march, led by Nation-of- 
Islam minister Louis Farrakhan, 
promotes African-American 
unity, dignity, and family values. 

The federal government repeals 
the national 55-mile-per-hour 
highway speed limit, enacted in 
1974 during the oil embargo. 
The legislation allows states to set 
their own limits. On Montana 
highways, speed limits are 
eliminated completely. 

Air Force Captain Scott 
O'Grady (right) is rescued 
from pursuing Bosnian Serb 
forces by U.S. Marines on 
June 8, six days after his plane 
is shot down over Bosnia. 
O'Grady survived on insects, 
plants, and rainwater. 

U.S. Senator Bob Packwood of 
Oregon resigns on September 7. 
the day after the Senate Ethics 
Committee voted unanimously to 
expel him for sexual misconduct, 
embarrassingly detailed in his 
diaries, which were made public 

The nation comes to a standstill 
on October 3 as more than 1 50 
million people watch live TV 
coverage of the outcome of the 
nine-month-long trial of the 
century. After less than four 
hours of deliberation, the jury 
finds former football star O.J. 
Simpson not guilty of the 
murders of his ex-wife Nicole 
and her friend Ronald Goldman. 

Illinois suffers a record heat 
wave in July, with temperatures 
as high as 1 04°. The heat takes 
the lives of 457 people 
statewide. At Wrigley Stadium, 
Jaime Navarro helps faithful 
Chicago Cubs fans stay cool. 

After a year of fame as a 
conservative revolutionary, 
Speaker of the House Newt 
Gingrich slumps in popularity, 
tainted by the government 
shutdown, his stalled Contract 
With America, and investigations 
into his political action com- 
mittee and his financial affairs 

Two-thousand volunteer 
firefighters battle a raging 
wildfire in eastern Long Island, 
New York, for three days in 
August. The fire, following a 
21-day drought, consumes 
5.500 acres of pine barrens and 
damages a dozen homes. There 
are no injuries or fatalities. 

The image of firefighter Chris Fields holding 
one-year-old Baylee Almon, who later dies, 
comes to symbolize the horror of the April 19 
bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal 
Building that killed 150 adults and 1 9 children. 

As more Americans invest. Wall Street enjoys a bull market. In November, the Dow-Jones Industrial 
Average hits 5000, a milestone indicating healthy corporate profits and low interest rates. 

Charles H Porter. IV. Sygma 

The government shuts down for six days in November after the 
President and Congress fail to agree on how to balance the 
federal budget. The shutdown affects non-essential federal services, 
including the National Park Service A longer shutdown follows 
in December. 


Despite Americans' doubts and 
fears. U.S. troops head for 
Bosnia in December. The 
20.000 U.S. forces, serving 
under NATO command beside 
40.000 European allies, face 
the task of keeping peace 
among the country s warring 
Serbs. Croats and Muslims. 

The State of South Carolina 
sentences Susan Smith to life 
in prison for the drowning 
murder of her two young sons 
in 1994. 

An anonymous donor sends 
St. Jude s Children s 
Research Hospital in Memphis 
S1 million in the form of a 
winning ticket from McDonald s 
November Monopoly" 
sweepstakes game. 

In the wake of a growing 
number of random attacks from 
assailants with knives and 
guns. White House security is 
forced to close Pennsylvania 
Avenue to traffic. 

After allegedly ignoring federal 
pollution regulations for years. 
General Motors agrees under 
threat of an S1 1 -million fine to 
recall 500.000 Cadillacs at a 
cost of $45 million. 

A record snowfall paralyzes the 
East Coast in January 1996. 
stranding travelers and killing 
100 people. Seven states, from 
Virginia to Massachusetts, 
declare emergencies. 
Philadelphia gets 30.7 inches 
of snow. 

Warren E. Burger, Chief Justice 
of the U.S. Supreme Court from 
1969 to 1986. dies in June at 
age 87. Though appointed by 
President Richard Nixon, he 
ordered Nixon to turn over 
tapes in the Watergate hearings 
that effectively ended the 
president's career. 

The Washington Post publishes 
a manifesto written by the 
unidentified killer known as 
"The Unabomber." at large 
since 1978 and wanted for 16 
mail bombs that have killed 3 
and injured 23. FBI agents 
scrutinize the article for clues to 
the bomber's identity. 

A Chicago commuter train slams 
into the back end of a loaded 
school bus. The accident, 
allegedly caused by a poorly 
timed stoplight placed too near 
the tracks, kills 7 students and 
injures 28 on October 25. 

American women celebrate the 
75th anniversary of the 19th 
amendment to the U.S. 
Constitution, which granted 
women the right to vote. 
Women's suffrage leader Susan 
B.Anthony (1820-1906) first 
organized the fight for suffrage 
in 1848. 


Wubbo Oe Jong/Hel Parool (torn Sygma 

As the result of an improperly 
cleaned test tube at a fertility 
clinic, a woman in the Netherlands 
gives birth to twin boys, each from 
a different father. 

A stunning photograph from the Hubble Space Telescope captures a 
moment in the birth of a star in the Eagle Nebula, 7,000 light years 
from Earth. Light from the young star's nuclear furnace lifts towering 
pillars of hydrogen gas and interstellar dust. 

Or. Jeffrey Fried, Gamma/Liaison 

In March, the Federal Drug 
Administration approves a chicken- 
pox vaccine. Rarely fatal, 
chicken-pox affects 3.7 million 
Americans annually. 

A rchaeologists discover a 
M3,000-year-old tomb in May 
that is believed to hold the 
remains of 52 sons of 
Ramses II, Pharaoh of Egypt. 

Researchers announce that 
they have isolated a gene in 
mice linked to obesity. Mice 
with a mutated OB gene are 
injected with the hormone 
leptin, resulting in dramatic 
weight loss. The public is 
tantalized at the prospect of 
leptin as a slimming treatment 
for use in humans. 

The world's first test-tube gorilla 
is born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 
October as part of an effort to 
save the western lowland gorilla, 
an endangered species that 
numbers fewer than 450 animals. 

Fossils of a jawbone (left) and 
leg bone (right) found in Kenya 
in August reveal a previously 
unknown species of upright 
hominid that lived four million 
years ago, pushing the 
emergence of bipedalism back 
half a million years. Walking 
upright is a key adaptation that 
separates humans from apes. 

Media attention focuses on 
melatonin, a naturally occurring 
hormone used to induce sleep 
and slow the effects of aging. 
Lauded as a wonder drug, a 
kilogram of synthetic melatonin 
sells for as much as $10,000. 

In a procedure known as tissue 
engineering, scientists grow a 
human ear under the skin of a 
laboratory mouse. Researchers 
hope the procedure will play an 
important role in the future of 
transplant surgery. 

As a protective measure against 
counterfeiting in the era of digital 
publishing, the Treasury 
Department redesigns U.S. 
currency bills, to be issued over 
the next five years, starling early 
1996 with the new $100 bill. 

Former rivals in space become 
comrades in space after the 
historic docking of the U.S. 
space shuttle Atlantis and 
Russia's Mir space station on 
June 29. Astronaut Robert 
Gibson (in red) greets 
cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov. 

In June, volcanic eruptions give birth to a baby 
island. A new member of the Tonga Islands 
emerges near New Zealand. 900 feet high and 
140 feet wide. 

Buyers rush to stores for the 
new computer operating 
system Windows 95, spurred by 
Microsoft Corp.'s S700-million 
publicity barrage and the 
promise of a friendlier interface. 

The movie Apollo 13 opens in 
the summer after filming 
many of its scenes inside NASA's 
"zero gravity" plane, which 
mimics the weightlessness 
astronauts experience in space by 
diving into a 23-second freefall. 

A Tannenbaum Sygma 


After a decade-long search, 
scientists isolate what may be 
the most important cancer- 
related gene. The defective 
gene known as ATM is 
associated with cancers of 
the breast, colon, lung, 
stomach, pancreas and skin, 
and maybe carried by two 
million Americans 

Astronomers using the Hubble 
Space Telescope observe new 
moons orbiting the planet 
Saturn, adding at least 2 
moons and possibly 4 to 
Saturn's previously known 
total of 18. 

A team of French and British 
explorers believe they have 
found an ancient breed of horse 
previously unknown to 
scientists. In November, the 
four-foot high horse with a 
triangular head, which 
resembles the vanished horses 
ol European Stone Age 
drawings, is named Riwoche 
for its home region in Tibet. 

October satellite photographs 
show the recent rapid 
deterioration of the earth s 
ozone layer above Antarctica. 
Pollutants produced mostly by 
the U.S. cause the hole in 
the atmosphere's protective 
layer to increase to the size 
ol Europe. 

In November, Visa introduces a 
cash-storage card that 
eliminates a pocketful of loose 
change, A chip in the plastic card 
tracks the amount of available 
cash, which is accessed with a 
reader at the place of purchase. 
The card can be taken to the 
bank and reloaded. 

Now virtual reality comes in a 
handy travel size with Nintendo's 
latest. Virtual Boy. a portable 3-D 
video-game system with 
stereophonic sound. 

New research shows that the meat-eating 
Tyrannosaurus rex did not loom upright, but 
stalked along lower to the ground. The discovery 
is reflected in the reopened exhibits of the famed 
dinosaur halls of New York's American Museum 
of Natural History after three years of redesign. 

m the 


With $150,000 saved during 
her 75 hardworking years 
as a washerwoman, Oseola 
McCarty establishes a 
scholarship fund for African- 
American students at the 
University of Southern 
Mississippi. For her self- 
lessness, she is awarded the 
Presidential Citizens Medal. 

Already well known for her 
appearances in Aerosmith 
music videos, 19-year-old Alicia 
Silverstone achieves stardom 
with the 1995 summer movie 
hit Clueless. 

Pamela Lee of "Baywatch" fame and husband 
Tommy Lee. Motley Crfie drummer, are the life 
of the party this year, frequently caught by the 
press engaging in public displays of affection. 

Trailblazer Shannon Faulkner (hand to head) 
withdraws from the Citadel after collapsing 
during "hell week." Faulkner singlehandedly 
attempted to bust the gender barrier at the 
all-male South Carolina military institution. 

Bill Jordan, Charleston PostCourierHom Sipa Press 

Millions of Americans tune in to 
Martha Stewart's TV show, 
subscribe to her magazine, and 
read her books. The popular 
cooking and home-decorating 
entrepreneur builds an empire by 
packaging a distinctive American 
nostalgic style. 

I Gates, founder and chairman 
of the computer giant Microsoft, 
becomes the wealthiest man in 
the world on the success of his 
company's software. His book 
The Road Ahead hits The New 
York Times best-seller list. 

Hot actor Antonio Banderas falls 

in love with another screen sex- 
symbol Melanie Griffith during 
the filming of Two Much. 
Banderas will co-star with 
Madonna in the film version of 
fwfaand will star in Steven 
Spielberg-produced Zorro. 

Seventies superstar John 
Travolta's motion-picture 
comeback in the 1994 hit Pulp 
Fiction continues with starring 
roles in Get Shorty and 
Broken Arrow. 

Sandra Bullock follows up her 
star-making role in Speed with 
the gentle romance While You 
Were Sleeping. Bullock's fresh, 
wholesome image earns her an 
"Entertainer of the Year" 
nomination from Entertainment 
Weekly magazine. 

America is disappointed in its high hopes for Colin Powell's 1996 
presidential candidacy. At the close of his whirlwind book tour for 
My American Journey, the General and his wife Alma announce in 
November that he will not seek the Republican nomination. 

Stand-up comic and sitcom 
star Ellen DeGeneres makes 
the best-seller list with her book 
My Point .And I Do Have One 

A 10-year-old St. Louis schoolboy, 
Larry Champagne III, becomes a 
hero by taking control of his school 
bus after the driver suffered a stroke. 
Champagne is later awarded a $1 0.000 
scholarship by the bus company. 

Sandra Johnson. Relna 

Christopher Reeve, in a 
wheelchair and hooked up to 
a portable respirator, appears 
with his wife, Dana, at the 
American Paralysis Association's 
annual gala on November 9, 
less than five months after a fall 
from a horse left him almost 
totally paralyzed. 


Calvin Klein's provocative CK 
Jeans campaign causes an 
uproar in August, bringing 
nasty headlines, threats of 
retailer boycotts and an FBI 
investigation. The scandal only 
seems to help sales. 

Michael Jackson and Lisa 
Marie Presley announce their 
divorce almost a year after 
their surprise marriage. The 
tabloids have a field day 
speculating about the reasons 
for the marriage (was it a cold- 
hearted career move?) as well 
as the causes for the break-up 
(was he after Elvis' fortune?). 

Breaking the Surface, the 
autobiography of Greg 
Louganis, former U.S. Olympic 
gold-medal diver who revealed 
earlier that he has AIDS, debuts 
at No. 2 on the best-seller list. 

Popcorn magnate Orville 
Redenbacher. who transformed 
popping corn into a gourmet 
item, dies on September 19 
from heart failure. 

Two Chinese women set a new 
Guiness world record in 
November by living in a room 
for 12 days with 888 poisonous 
snakes. The previous world 
record, set in Singapore in 
1987. was 10 days with 
200 snakes. 

Actress Demi Moore becomes 
the highest paid woman in 
Hollywood, able to command 
$12.5 million per movie, even 
after this year's flop at the box 
office The Scarlet Letter, loosely 
based on Hawthorne's classic. 

Favorite of America's heartland 
for his You Might Be A Redneck 
If... jokes. Georgia-born stand-up 
comic and author Jeff Foxworthy 
gets his own ABC sitcom in 
which he plays himself. 

Model Beckford Tyson, singled 
out by Ralph Lauren for his alt- 
American looks, signs an 
exclusive contract with the 
fashion designer in 1995. 

Miss Oklahoma Shawntel Smith 
is crowned Miss America on 
September 16. During the 
broadcast of the 75th pageant, 
viewers phone in their votes to 
retain the swimsuit competition. 

John F. Kennedy, Jr., is 
cofounder and editor-in-chief of 
George, a glossy new magazine 
covering American politics. 
Hounded all his life by the press. 
Kennedy joins their ranks, 
contributing a feature interview 
to each issue. 




The fifth actor to play 007 in the enduring film 
series begun in the 1960s, Pierce Brosnan 
abandons his Aston Martin for a BMW Z3 
Roadster in Goldeneye, the latest and, some 
say, best James Bond movie. 

Three 1995 movies bring Jane Austen classics 
to the silver screen: Clueless, based on 
Austen's novel Emma, and Sense and Sensibility 
and Persuasion. 

Batman Forever, with Val 
Kilmer in the title role and 
Chris O'Donnell as Robin, 
becomes the third Batman 
movie and the summer's top- 
grossing film. 

Disney Pictures continues its 
line of animated 
blockbusters with the Native 
American legend Pocahontas. 
The picture previews in New 
York's Central Park to an 
outdoor audience of 200,000. 

Disney Pictures (torn Shooting Star 

After an unpromising start, 
Conan O'Brien quietly gains 
popularity as host of NBC's "Late 
Night," a slot previously filled by 
David Letterman. Letterman's 
current show on CBS slowly 
loses viewers. 

Whitney Houston stars in the 
December film release, Waiting 
to Exhale, adapted from Terry 
McMillan's best-selling novel 
about the lives of four middle- 
class African-American women. 
Houston sings the title song for 
the movie soundtrack, which 
enjoys brisk sales. 

Denzel Washington, critically 
acclaimed for his performances 
in films Crimson Tide and Devil 
in a Blue Dress, receives highest 
praise Irom the City of Los 
Angeles, which honors him with 
the Martin Luther King, Jr.. 
Award for his philanthropic work 
on behalf of children 

Although ABC cancels her TV 
series "My So-Called Life," 
17-year-old Claire Danes hits the 
big screen in How to Make an 
American Quilt, To Gillian on Her 
37th Birthday, and Romeo and 
Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio 
as her co-star. 

In the suspense-thriller Seven, 
heartthrob Brad Pitt attracts a 
wide male audience with his 
performance as a detective on 
the trail of a serial killer whose 
murders are based on the seven 
deadly sins. 

NBC's hospital drama "E.R." continues to 
draw high ratings throughout 1995 thanks to 
dramatic realism and the appeal of handsome 
George Clooney (middle right), supermodel 
Cindy Crawford's latest date. 

Disney Entertainment spends 
519 billion to purchase the ABC 
television network in July. 

Toy Story is the world's first 
entirely computer-animated 
film Released by Disney during 
the Christmas season, it features 
the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim 
Allen, and Don Rickles. 

Jim Carrey earns $20 million for the starring 
role in the comedy Ace Ventura: When 
Nature Calls, a sequel to the extraordinarily 
popular Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. 

The popular MBC TV series "Friends" returns 
for a second highly rated season. Its 
runaway success inspires less successful 
imitations by other networks 


MTV introduces "Singled Out," 
an over-the-top dating game 
show where contestants ask 
random, pointless questions of 
a crowd of suitors, sight 
unseen, until the zany answers 
have eliminated all but that 
one perfect love match. 

According to a Roper Youth 
Poll, the two hottest TV shows 
among teens this season are 
the daytime soap "Days ot Our 
Lives" and the evening soap 
Melrose Place." 

"The Jon Stewart Show," a 
late-night talk show aimed at 
Generation X, fails to catch on. 
During the final taping, host 
Stewart says. "To all those 
people who said my show 
wouldn't last. I have only one 
thing to say. Good call." 

Sam Jones, Gamma/Liaison 

Devoted fans will not be denied 
another season of NBC's sitcom 
"Seinfeld "after all. Creator Jerry 
Seinfeld decides to keep his 

"show about nothing" 
t going for an 

-^^^ eighth season. 

Ten years after creating the 
popular comic strip "Calvin and 
Hobbes." cartoonist Bill 
Watterson retires in December. 

Horror-fiction author Stephen 
King signs a deal with Signet 
books to release his upcoming 
story, The Green Mile, as a 
paperback series. 

Fox TV's "The X Files" stars 
David Duchovny as an FBI agent 
who investigates supernatural 
phenomena. The show becomes 
a surprise hit, giving millions of 
viewers reason to look forward to 
staying home on a Friday night. 


\jbtf em 

Blues Traveler emerge from 
the underground scene to 
widespread popularity with their 
album Few and the single 

Their down-to-earth style and 
soulful pop songs make 
Hootie and the Blowfish popular 
favorites. Their debut album 
Cracked Rear View sells over 5 
million, and the group is named 
Best New Artist at the MTV 
Music Awards in September. 

Cleveland-based rap group 
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony vault 
to the top of the charts with 
some old-fashioned harmonizing 
on the album £ 1999 Eternal. 

oko Ono and Little Richard 
join a host of celebrities at 
the opening of the glitzy Rock- 
and-Roll Hall of Fame and 
Museum in Cleveland on 
September 1 . 

John Bellissimo LGI 

Twenty-year-old Canadian 
newcomer Alanis Morissette 
raises some eyebrows with her 
up-front, aggressive lyrics and 
attitudes. Nevertheless, her 
album Jagged Little Pill goes 
double platinum. 

Sixties icon Jerry Garcia, 
guitarist of The Grateful Dead, 
dies of a heart attack on August 
9 at age 53. Garcia's musical 
roots in blues, country and folk 
are apparent in hits like 
"Truckin." Legions of 
Deadheads mourn his passing. 

Brandy, whose self-titled 
platinum album and single "I 
Wanna Be Down" hit high on the 
R&B charts, sweeps the first 
Soul Train Music Awards in 
August. The 16-year-old singer 
wins Best New Artist, among 
other awards. 

Beatlemania returns in 1995 with 
ABC's six-hour documentary The 
Beatles Anthology, the video 
releases of A Hard Day's Night 
and Help! and the album 
collection Anthology, featuring 
previously unreleased material. 

The chart-topping movie 
soundtrack Dangerous Minds 
features Coolio's rap anthem 
"Gangsta's Paradise," the 
number-one single of the year 
according to Billboard magazine. 

Live dedicate their single 
"Lightning Crashes" to 
victims of the Oklahoma City 
bombing. The rock band's 
Throwing Copper album yields 
three hit singles: Billboard Music 
Awards names them Rock Artist 
of the Year. 

The Chicago-based rock band Smashing Pumpkins 
release their epic double album Mellon Collie and the 
Infinite Sadness to critical and public acclaim. 

Atlanta's TLC is honored at the 
Billboard Music Awards for 
providing too of the year's biggest 
hits. "Creep" and "Waterfalls" both 
lead the Hot 100 singles charts 
for weeks. 

Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl plays a new 
sound as guitarist and lead singer in the Foo 
Fighters, an alternative rock band that enioys three 
singles off their self-titled debut album in 1995. 

Mariah Carey's Daydream 
sells over 5 million copies, 
taking number-one spot on the 
Billboard album chart. Carey 
performs with Boyz II Men on 
the hit single "One Sweet Day." 


R EM s summer lour is 
interrupted by medical 
emergencies for three of the 
band's lour members. The tour, 
their first in five years, is 
eventually completed with all 
members in good health. 

In October. David Bowie and 
Nine Inch Nails wrap up the 
U.S. portion of Bowie's world 
tour. At each show. Bowie and 
Trent Reznor's band play a set 
together. In December. Bowie 
tours Europe with Morrissey as 
his opening act. 

The Red Hot Chili Peppers tone 
down their trademark 
bawdiness in their newest 
album. One Hot Minute. 

Jeffrey Scales, LGl 

A hard-luck story turns into 
overnight success in the case of 
Canadian Shania Twain, born in 
poverty to an Irish mother and 
an Ojibway Indian father. Twain's 
1995 hits include "Whose Bed 
Have Your Boots Been Under?." 
Any Man of Mine" and the title 
tune to her 3-million-selling 
album The Woman In Me. 

Success doesn't mellow the style 
of alternative rock band Green 
Day, who release their anxiously 
awaited fourth album Insomniac. 
their fastest and darkest album 
to date. 

Seal's hit off the Batman Forever 
movie soundtrack. "Kiss From a 
Rose." is all over the summer 
playlists. The single propels the 
artist's self-titled album to the 
double-platinum mark. 

With the record-setting sales of 
his album Fresh Horses, only 
three musical acts in U.S. history 
outsell country music icon Garth 
Brooks: the Beatles, the Eagles, 
and Billy Joel. 

Selena, the 23-year-old Teiano 
music gueen, is gunned down in 
Corpus Christi in March 1995 by 
Yolanda Saldivar, former 
president of her fan club. The 
July release of a collection of 
Selena's hits. Dreaming of You. 
sees some of the fastest sales in 
music history. 





The New Jersey Devils win 
the National Hockey 
League's Stanley Cup. 
beating the heavily favored 
Detroit Red Wings in four 
straight games. 

International soccer star 
Michelle Akers. world's top 
woman player, leads the U.S. 
women's soccer team to a 2-1 
sudden-death victory over 
Norway in the U.S. Cup title 
game in August. 

Clark Campbell, Sipa Press 

In Super Bowl XXX. the heavily favored 
Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh 
Steelers 27-17 Dallas cornerback Larry 
Brown ices the game for the Cowboys with 
the second of his two interceptions, and is 
named MVP for his heroics. 

The most controversial moves are 
off the field this season as the 
Cleveland Browns NFL franchise 
announces its move to Baltimore 
and the Houston Oilers announce 
their move to Nashville. 

In May 1995, Peter Blake's 
Team New Zealand in "Black 
Magic 1 "defeats Dennis 
Conner's team in "Young 
America" in the first 5-0 sweep 
in the 144-year history of the 
America's Cup. 


Jeff Gordon, 24, dominates the 
National Association for Stock 
Car Auto Racing's Winston Cup, 
winning 7 of NASCAR's 31 races 
and earning $4.3 million in 1995. 
a record for the sport. 

The University of Nebraska 
demolishes the University of 
Florida, 62-24, in the 1996 Fiesta 
Bowl to win their second 
consecutive national college 
football title and cap 
Cornhuskers coach Tom 
Osborne's 23rd season. 

The Houston Rockets, led by 
center Hakeem Olajuwon, win 
their second consecutive 
National Basketball Association 
championship in June, sweeping 
the series with the Orlando 
Magic in four games. 

Twenty-one-year-old tennis 
champ Monica Seles, returning 
to competitive play two years 
after being stabbed at a 
tournament in Germany, wins 
the 1995 Australian Open. 

Hall-of-Famer Mickey Mantle, a 
switch-hitter and one of the great 
sluggers in baseball history, dies 
of cancer on August 13. Mantle 
hit 536 home runs in his 18-year 
career and compiled a lifetime 
batting average of .298. 

The National Basketball Association fines the Chicago 
Bulls S25.000 when Michael Jordan wears his previously 
retired number 23 jersey for luck during championship 
playoffs against the Orlando Magic in May 1995. 

The Atlanta Braves edge the 
Cleveland Indians 1-0 in game 
six to win the World Series on 
October 28. Closing pitcher Mark 
Wohlers leaps for joy. 

German tennis star Steffi Graf, 
who won three of five Grand 
Slam titles in 1995. ends the 
professional tennis season 
ranked number one in the world. 

National Basketball Association 
referees strike against the league 
for much of the autumn. Fill-in 
officials spark complaints of 
substandard refereeing. 

In September, Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken, Jr.. 
achieves a record-setting 2.131 consecutive games. 

Ric Stewart. Allsport 

[7* M^Ji "^ 


Former LA. Lakers point guard 
Earvin Magic " Johnson 
announces a return to 
basketball in January 1996. 
Johnson retired in 1991 
when he discovered he was 
HIV positive. 

The Northwestern University 
Wildcats— long a gridiron 
laughingstock — pile up ten 
victories in 1995 and go to the 
Rose Bowl for the first time 
since 1949. 

In his first fight in four years, 
lormer world heavyweight 
champ Mike Tyson disposes of 
challenger Peter McNeeley in 
89 seconds. Tyson. who in 
March finished a three-year jail 
term for a rape conviction, 
earns $25 million for the 
August boxing match. 

Pete Sampras, winner ol the 
1995 men's singles 
championships at Wimbledon 
and the U.S. Open, ends the 
professional tennis season with 
a number-one world ranking. 

Master of the sinking fastball 
and still learning to speak 
English. LA. Dodgers pitcher 
J0 Hideo Nomo. formerly with 
Vl the Kintetsu Buffaloes in 
^B Japan, is named Rookie of 
[^ the Year. Nomo is the 
second Japanese-born 
player to join the U.S. 
major leagues, and the 
first All-Star. 

Known for his temperamental 
personality, his many tattoos and 
his aggressive playing style, 
basketball center Dennis 
Rodman (91 ) debuts with the 
Chicago Bulls after his trade 
from the San Antonio Spurs. 

For a record fifth straight time, 
Miguel Induram of Spain wins 
the 22-day. 2.270-mile Tour de 
France, the world's premier 
bicycle race. On the 15th day of 
the race. Italian road-race champ 
Fabio Casartelli is killed in a 
seven-man crash. 

Betsy King wins her 30th 
tournament on June 25 and 
gains entry to the Ladies' 
Professional Golf Association's 
Hall of Fame, one of the most 
difficult attainments in sports. 

Quarterback Dan Marino of the 
Miami Dolphins sets four life- 
time passing records during the 
1995 football season: 47.003 
yards. 342 touchdowns. 3.686 
completions and 6,467 attempts. 



The most recent fad in purses 
takes the form of small 

Designer water 
spreads to the 
pet world. Doting 
pet owners buy 
bottled water for 
Fluffy and beef- 
flavored bottled 
water for Spot. 

Diners are treated to variations 
on theme cafes, as Hard 
Rock Cafe is joined by Fashion 
Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Harley- 
Davidson Cafe, and London's 
Cyberia Cafe 
where patrons 
sip coffee and 
Q^ surf the 

A first in w 
the long, 
popular history of 
M&M's candies: a new blue 
M&M 101ns the colorful candy- 
coated mix. 

Americans consume culture and history 
as attendance at America's 8,000 
museums climbs to 600 million people per 
year, more than movie, theater, and sports 
attendance combined. 

Logo-wear reaches a new level 
of sophistication. Among the 
reigning makers of athletic wear, 
only Mike can spark recognition 
without the use of its name. 

ftung people continue to follow 
wide-leg jeans trend, forsaking 
jeans for a loose baggy fit. 

The tattoo craze leads to some - 
but recent laser developments \ 
people from being marked for 
life. Pulsed laser light, a differer 
wavelength for each color in tha 
tattoo, removes pigment withe, 
leaving scars. 

■ nivePholos 

Girly things enjoy a surge in 
popularity with young women, 
who wear baby barrettes, knee 
socks, tiny t-shirts, little lumpers, 
and funky Maryianes. and kid 
around with "Hello Kitty" 



" £ ."i 

Taking her place among 
controversial talk-show hosts as 
the "Oprah for the junior set," 
Ricki Lake speaks to such 
concerns as "Mom, when my 
boyfriend gets out of jail, I'm 
taking him back." 

The angel message of "fear not" 
strikes a deep chord with 
Americans' yearning for spiritual 
growth and comfort in a stressful 
time. People enjoy angel 
collectibles, angel sites on the 
Internet, and angel books and 

"Some pretty cool people drink milk" is the message carried by ; 
high-profile ad campaign featuring a raft of popular celebrities 
sporting a white upper lip on behalf of the healthy beverage. The! 
milk-moustache effect is created with latex, a rubber-based painl 






,-••.- .'' ■ .;■",<•"•• i 'OWES aS^a