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8.i™dL, Google 

8.i™dt, Google 

8.i™dL, Google 

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D,3.i™dL, Google 



Mt.N(Hbanael Let^ 



Voted for W. Fb a l bj, « Rewit'Hi^,' the earficr* 
.-<if£j?rx-^^j-«/inthe Str^Kdt R- We LI I ircro B,. 

« the DeJfiim and Greitm, and D. Bjtowx e, at. 

the Siaei^-waii, without Tanf!e-B^i J. WELLiHCh 

T.&MIi A. B.E TTBSWQk-TH BOd E. CXjL^, i»l 

TEtaJL fiuL B. We Li. I N G-T • K. 






O F 

Mr. Nathanael Lee^ 

V o I,, u M E the F I R s Ti- 



THEO-DOSIUSr W.'l , n 


L O.N DO N: 

Knted for W. F E A I. B s, at Ravje's Hiad, tbeConieK- 
ofEjpx-S tr eitin the Strandi R. Wellington,, 
at the Dolphin and Cro-uia, and D. B R.o w n k, a^ 
the B/a^i Sivan, without Temple-Bar ; ]. Wsll:ng,- 
ToMiA. BETTEswoRTHand F. Ci.AXiH' 

Tw4f<irB,WELLlNGTON. , 



D,3.i™dL, Google 

OE T) I T U S: 


As it is Afted at 

His Highness the Duke of 

Written by 

Mr. Z> i?r 23 £i\r and Mr. LBE, 

Hi frefriKM Jetui C^ pmrtum iadi^a«tur bonarem, 
Ni ttniant ■ ■ Virg. 

Fat ixanplaria Gritca, 
ffuSarna verjitt maun, virfatt diurtui. Hont. 


printed for J. T o N S o H in the Strand; and Sold 
bj the Bookfellers both of Town and Countt7. 



■ C.ooglc 


B IT O U<3 H it be dangerom to raife ttograt 
I an E»j»eaation,elpedallj'inWorkjotthi» 

I Nature, where we are to pleafe an nnfatia- 
[ ble Audience; yet'turealonabtetoprepol^ 
I fefa them in favoar of an Author, and 

-_ I therefore both the P/V)%M and ^J/Afwin- 

iotni'd^otl, (hat O^r/i^j was the moll cclebntted Piece of 
«flfliuigu(ty : Thw Saphoclti, not orilythe greateflWit, btit 
Mwof the B-eateft Men in Athins, made it for the Stags 
at tJie pubuckCoA, «nd{hatit'had the Reparation of l»- 
>>>{ 'hiiM^ner-pieoe, sot only amongft the Seven of liis 
wfidh are ftJU lemainiBg, but of flie weater Number ■ 
»4idi are perlth'd- Ariflmli hat more oian onceadmii'd 
ifJiihisBoe^c of Poetiy, //■«-«« has mendon'd it: Lucuf- 
^1 yiiHui Cie/ar, and Other noble Romani, "have written 
on ffie Japxe Subjeft, theuEh their Poems are whoHy 
wfl.; but Senica'i is lUll prelerv'd. In our own Age, Cur- ■ 
iiSt daiittenrated at, and, it appeals by hisPrcfece, with 
ptat «ucce6 ; But a judicious Reader will eafily dbfen-e, 
•"PW MHch the Copy is inierior to the Original. He 
<* you Mmfelf, tbit be owes tt Jreat part of his Snc- 
t* to the. happy EpifodeofTXj/iw and Dlrcn which ii 
* lame Ha^ as if we (boatd acknowJedge, that we 
*tte indebledTor our good Foitone, to the tJnder-plot of." 
ff[ffiits, "Eurydici, MdCrem. The truth is, he mileiably 
WWih AcCharafter of l>is Hpro; if hedefir'd that Oidi^ 
til flifiifld be ^tiU, be flion'd Ittvemtde him a better 


Man. He forgot thit Sepbwhi had taken csre (» l&nr 
jiim in his firll Entrance, a Juft, a MerdJiil, a Sneoels- 
ful, a Religious Prince, and, in ifaort, a Father of his 
Couniry : Inllead of thefe, he has drawn him fufpidoiu, 
defigning, more anxious of keeping the Tbrhan Crown, 
ihan folicitous for the Safety of his People: Heflor'd by 
•^btfivt, contemn'd by /)(rc«, and fcarc* maintaining a fe- 
coniJ Part in hia own Tragedy. Tliis was an Error in 
the firft Concoftion ; and Uerefbre nerer to be mended 
in the fecond or the third : He introduc'd a greater Hero 
than Otdiftis himfclf; for when Tbdiui was «nce ther<^ 
that Companion of Hircults laO&yitii. to none: ThePoet 
was obLgd to furnifh him with Bufinefs, to make him 
an Eqoipage fuitable to his Disiity, and by Mowing 
iuta too dole, to bfe his other Sng of Brtntfird in the 
Crowd, Sentea, on the other fide, as if there was no foch 
thing as Nature to be minded in a Play, is alwayi run- 
ning after pompous Expreffion, pointed Sentences, and, 
phifolbphical Notions, more proper for the Study than 
the Stage : The Frenchman fcUow'd a wrong Scent; and 
the Roman was abfolutely at cold Hunting. AUwe cou'd 
EUber out of Corntilit, was, that an EpiTode mull be. 
but not his Way : And Smeca fupply'd u* with no new 
Hint, hut MJy a Relation which he makes of hia tirt- 
fiai raiCttg the Ghoft of Lajm : Which is here peribrm'd 
in view of the Audience, the Rites and Ceremonies fo . 
far his, as be agreed with Antiquitv, and the Religion of 
the Grttlt : But he himfelf was beholden to Homtr't Ti- 
rtfiai in the Odyffti for Ibme of them : And the reft have 
been colle^ed from HeSeJere'i jEtinefi^aes, and Liuan'a 
EriSbe. Stpboclti indeed is admirable every where : And 
therefore we have fbllow'd him as dofe as poQibly we 
could: But the ,^/A««/fl» Theatre, (whether more perfefl 
than curs, is not now difputed) had a Perfeflion difF«ring 
from outs. You fee there in every Afl a firgle Scene, (or 
iwe at moft) which manage the Bufmds of the Play, 
and.aAer tlmt fucceeds the Chmi, whidi commonly 
takes up more time in Singing than there has been em- ' 
ploy'd in fp«aking. The prindpal Perfon appears al- 
mefi conftantly pirough the Play: but the inferior 


Puts CeUom above once in the whole Tr«gsdy^^1jf>* 
Cbml^^'oai- S^^-J^itneh' jntirejiitci^i-w^'w? ^ 
ire oUig'il never to lofe «ny confidenbte Character 
vhich^.we have once prefenced. CuftoAi likewHe bM 
abcain'^ that we mull form aa Under-plot of fecond ; 

FericHu, which mull be depending on the firft, and iheii 
By-walks muft be like thoTe in a Labyrinth, which all 
of 'em lead into the great Parterre : Or like fo many fe- 
veral lodging Chambers, which have their Out-lets into 
the lame GaUery. Perhaps, xfter all, if we coald thii^ 
to, the ancient Method, as 'tis the eafidl, is alfo the moft 
Natural, and thcBefl. For Variety, as 'lis managed, ii 
too often fubjcA to breed Diftraaion : And while we 
would pleafe too many ways, for want <iS Art in the 
ConduO, we'pleale in none. But we have given you 
more already than was neceflary for a Preface, and for 
ought we know, may gain no more by our Inlbafli- 
ons, than that Politick Nation is likC: to do, who have 
taught their Bnemies to £ght folong, that at laftthey 
arc in a Condition to inva&dieiB.^ ' 

A 4 t R O2 

- Lx„...,,Googlc 

P R O h O G U E, 

\T7 Si if Adiou mf/tit Grtam State fii pi/h 
*" 4«<i,GriXfit govt la^tB^fiff fill WJirUi^^ 

Bttat'tviaifiin^inVtrfi, crjuid in P^ 
ihin, Opdipy), an Crvwdfd Tb.tatru, 
Oxm K^ a^rimg fyt, ^ ^xhig £m I 
^fkmidSpaUttrfiotaii tvtrj Lime, 
The nobUfi, MmSeJl, atd lit htfl O^nt 
Jndtvtry Critick *f nub leanud Jgt 
Sj thiijufi Moid bat refirm'd tbt Stage, 
Haw,fi,aHUitfail, (as ^jn^0 M-nerfurfiar*} 
Damn it in Silence, ^ fbf fForifJ^ld bear. 
Fer loere it km^m tiit taftt 4>d Mff ^k^^ 
Tot mighf fit ^firt^M ^fifxufft I 
yhar Nei^biaurt ^u%fld nff kfimj^M-ll^f' 
But tbini tie If^eiM all tnr^4 fi4f 4S*n. 
Faitb at yarn mature Matter/, 'tit fwfjft 
T(m Jbould fij^a ymr fihiu ^ fao wu^ Jfit. 
Dri-vi net ibe Jefi Itefar, htj^/tn tkii Pieee; 
^nd, fir tbii enee, htjipt m>'* <u^ 'ban Greece. 
See tviiet! Dt net pell-meli tt Dammi^g fail, 
Liit tme-horn Britoiu, wbg nder think at all: 
Pritf be adijii'di and tbtugb atlAoaiyen q(W% 
&»Jl)iH^J ffanou do Mtt ahmwfe rim. 

"• mti 

,. ..Google 


Wltbfiml *0tS U OHcifBl Wttfraeeti; 

Ttm tah thtfturjirft Ciundh fir ymr CritJ. 

!«/, vjiihtH jtm ky Tradkien ^bid^ fy. 

And tn tbi privatt Spirit tiloKt reljt, 

Tim turn Fanatich in yaur PMlry. 

If, matvuithfianding all lbat"Hiit can/i^, 

Vm Mttds ivill baviytur fat'uxrtht tf tSt Flaj: 

Jbtd torn* rtfiliPi to Damn, ht(aufe yau pa}, 
Rtctrd it, in 'Mfmarial ^ the FaB, 
n*frfi El^ But^ijiu tht WMiltM'Jav 



Dramatis Perfonae. 

M EN. 


Mr. Bttttrteit. 


Mr. 5»V*. 


Mr. S^JirJ. 


Mr. flWrri.. 


Mr. Cm* 


Mi. miSm. • 


Mr. JVmym. 




Mr. C/A. 




Mr. »7a«». 




Eorydice , 

Mn. i«. 


Mn. £«4«. 

Piiefii, Citanu, AMtdtna, f^f . 

LS CE N £ THE £ £ ^. 


sn^dt, Google 

OE T> IT U S. 


Tbt Curtain rifes to a plainihe Tune, reprefenting 
the frtfent Condition of Thebes ; dead BedUr 
appear at a Difiaiice itt the Strettj ; fimt faintly 
go over tie Stage^ ether j drop. 

Enter Alcander, Diocles, m4 Pyracmon. 

' A L C A N S I R. 

3 Ethinks w« fiand on Ruins ; Nature fhakti 
3 About as; and the univer&l 
n So looTe, that it but wants another Pulh 
SB To leap from off its Hinges, [Globe 

i Diet. NoSuDlocbearus; butablopcty 
. " Thatrdlsabove; abaldandbeamleTsFirei 

Ifis Face o'er-grown with Scurf: The San''s fick too ; 

Skirtl/ he'll be an Earth. 
Pyr. Therefore riieSeaftins 

lie all ceafus'dj and, by the Hcav'ns neglefled, 

- ForgK 


12 OE 

D I F U S. 

J-- _J liid-wajr, ami, feeiDe not lut Livwyj 

Hu drrr'n him headlong back : Abd (hs raw 13^^ 

Vtth &aggf Wii^ fly heavily tbov, 

Scutcritig t|^ pe^iUndal CoW* S«4 iftWRf 

Thmugb all the laav AJf ■ 

^Jir. Hence Murraiss follgw'd 
On bleating Flocks, and aa the lowing Herdi ; 
At l»ft, ^e Malady 

Gr^ more domeflKJc,' and tbe fiutUiil Doe - 
Dy-a at fit Mafler'. Feet. - ■ 

i>(«f . And next his Mafier : 
For all thole Plagoo which Earth and Airhadbroodei^ 
FM on- inferior (>tM«ra ffy^thw Fstmi 
And I^ t^r &^'<1 90 M^- 

Pn. AQdthe)ia,«ioii6nJLDeatbii«tD])cetdni^<C 
Ana eveiy Dart took placet all wai To fuddcn. 

To wonder, and ftnughi fell a Wmider too ; 
A tlwd, wjp ftsxir'd t« ra^ iv> ^lat FfiiswV 
ffppt ii( ti)e puw Aft- Hsaid )i<* twit Gmni 

C/m-. a Troop of Ghofii took Aight together there : 
Now Death's grown Riotoni, and will play no mor*- 
For fingle Stakes, but Familiea and Triba : 
How wenvfav w boHJCte «>f agvoDr I«b. . 
And that next Minute, 
Our fiediet caft into fojns !;omtn(9 Fit, 
Shall not be built upon, and overlaid 
Sy h^lf » Paople. 

-tff . Tlwrc's a. CJi^iB of C»«fr» 
lipk'd toEffefbi inviaciblr I^eceS)^ 
tW whate'ei it, could nx but fo hay* fa«Btf 
That'i my Sec(U!^. 

9b thtpi, futtr Cfentt 

Cm. So had it need, when all ow ^trMb liC cflVC''^ 
With dead and dying Men ; 
And Earth expofei Bodies on tlw Fi^rQjifntt 
iAme than Ihe l(id^ in Grave* I 
fftaqxt the Bride ud Bridegroom have I Iccn 


OE D I p u Si }> 

The Ndpdd Tnoh do eemam Oficf* 
Of Mainaffle Md pf Deuk. 

Diet. Now, OK^ffu, 
(If he Mtam frM Wv, Mu- eth«r Plftsi^ 
Wm fcarce fiad ImIT k* IcA, M giwe fis Tllai^. 

Pjr. A feeble Pxan will be fii^ hdbix Un. 

^^. He willdowdliobHngtteWSvMaiKlCbadK^ 
Of conoOM'ti Ar^nt, w reoew )ut 9M*r. 

Cr/. May PwkO^ails mm Um M tlM City (hiet. 
'With their detcfted Omen. 

^mr. afhUChildnn. 

Crt. Nay, tboQgh ihe be ny SWw, of hh Wife. 

.^. O tW 9m^7Mtt might •uu KgH» heboid 
^ Monj^ TbeiMn bom t 

Dht. Wtmickt 
jy . ¥«■, had ft 
_t>(. CoBe,yN'*e ^'Friadt! 

'. ¥«■, had c)m PeepIe^dMy^. 

The Queen jsv-Siaer. ^ur Lajiit Daith, 
Fear'd M fie finjle t aod ftf^'A hii Pl«*- 
Vith a young ^oixler. 

,9i*Kv He BiMdhMAmUn 
Her firmer Hiuba>d too. 

Jlc. I alwajB tboueht £k 

J^r. When twen^ Wwtne norahsTt ^tefi iA^ Hadk 
'He wilt be voy Lajui. fLodc^ 

Mcui tiBM flte tank praVided ef a Imjui 
More young and vigoraiM too> fa? vmttf ^rin^ 
litcfe Wonm aw neh cnuiing Puver«n 1 
Mark where their Afg^VH ll>v« Qoce bem plcu'd, 
Tlie &pie refemblanoc in « voupgor ItOver 
lie) brooding in their FaqcWmefi^ne neari^rOi 
And ui^ thpir Rerqenil^iice to Defer- 

iJisr. Had Merit, not her Dotage, been cqq fid qrtlt 
Then Cr/tn had been Sii^ ; Isit^f^/xr, 
A StranMr! 

Crt. That wtHrd Stranger, I cDvfe&> 
Swods harfl)Iy i|i my Ears. 

i>«f. We areyoQr Crcamre^ 
The People pnme, 21 iniA gaertl IH^ 



14 OE D I p V s. 

To fadden Change ; thi King In Wan abnadr 
The Queen a Woman weak amJ anr^arded; > 

Eurydici the Daughter of dead Ltgai, • 

A Princds yo&ng ttnd be«uteoiis, and uiiraaixtc<L 
Methinki ftom thde disjointed Propo£cioii* 
Something might be produc'd. 

Crt. The Godi liave done 
Their Part, by Tending thia commodloiu Plague. i 

But oh the Piinceis ! ner hard Heart is flmt 
By Adamantine Locks againft my Lore. 

Ale. Your Claim to her is flieng; Voa arc betnUh'd. 

Pyr- True ; in her Nonage. 

Diet. I beard the Prince of Argai, young Adrajtut, 
When he was HoAage here — ■— 

Crt. Oh Name him not ! the Sane of all my H^iu i 
That ho^brain'd, head-long Warrior, has the Charmi 
Of Youth, and fomewbat of a lucky Kaihnels, 
To pleafe a Wwnap yet more Focjl than he. 
That thoughflels Sex ij caught by outward Form 
And einpty Noife, and loves it &lf in Mao. 

AU. But £nce the War broke out about our Fronticrv 
He's now a Foe to thehii. 

Crt. Bat is n« fo to her ; fee, fbe appears i 
Once more Pll prove my Fonune : You mJinuate . 
lUnd Thoughts of me into the Multitudes 
lay load upon the Court ; guU 'em with Freedtna 
And you ihall fee 'em tofs their Tails, and ^di 
As if the Breeze had flung 'em. 

Diee. Well ab<»U it. \Extitnt Ale. Dioc. and Pyr. 
Enttr Enrydicc, 

Crt. Hall, Rc7^ Maid ; thou bright Eutydhil 
A lavifli Planet reign'd when thcw wert born; 
And raadethce of (uch Kindred-mold to He»'ii> 
Thou feem'ft more Heav'n's than ours. 

Sur. Caft round your Eyes ; 
Where late the Streets were fo thick fown mdi Men, 
Like Cadmus Brood they juiUed for the Pafl^ : 
Now look for thoTe eroded Meads, and fee 'em 
Like Pebbles paving all ourpublickWayi. 

■ When 

sn^dL, Google 

OE D I p « s. if. 

Whem 700 iavc thought on this, tbes uiTwer m^ 
If thefe be Hmrs of QMnfliip. 

Crf. Yes, they are; 
Ik when the Gods deflroy to M, 'tis tiin» 
ffe ihoold renew the Race. 
Ear. What, in the midll of Honoor I 
Cre. Why not then ? 
There's the more need of Comfort. • 

far. Impious Critm! 
Cre. XJnjuft EurydUe! can you accofe me 
Of Love, which is Heav'n's Precept, and not fear 
That Vengeance, which you fay purfuct our Crimes, 
Should reach your Perjuries ? 

Eur. Still ui' old Argument. 
I bad yon, caft your Eyet en other Men, 
Now aiA 'em on your fetf : Think what you are^ 
Crt. A Mao. 
Eur. A Manl 

Cre. Why doubt yon I I'm a Mm. 
Eur. "Tit well you tell me lb, I Aiould miftake yea 
For any other Part o'th' whole Creatton, 
Rather than think you Man : Hence fiom my Sight, 
Thou Poilbn to my Eyca. 

Crt. 'Twas YOU £rA poifon'd mine ; and yet methinkt 
My Face and FerloD fhould not make yoo fport-. 

Eur. You ibrce me, by yanr Imporuniciea, 
To Ihew you what you are. 

Crt. A Prince, who loves youi 
And £nce yoor F^e provokes nv^ worth yonrlivv^ 
£v'n at its highcft Value. 
Eur. Lore from thee ! 
Why JjKt renouQc'd thee ere thon &w'ft the Light: 
Nature her felf ftan back when thou wett bom; 

And ay'd, the Work's not mine 

The Midwife ftood aghafl ; and when fhe law 
Thy Mountain back, aiul thy diflorted Legs, 
Thy Face it felf. 

Half minted with the Royai Stamp of Mao ; 
And half o'ercome with Bcalt, flood doubting loo^ 
Whole Right iadwe were more: 


sn^dL, Google 

i6 OE D 1 p s.' 

And lutew not, if to bum &cc in the Flain«% 
Were not the holier Work.- 

Crt. Am J t» bUme, 4f Ksmre Oirra- nq^Bod/: 
In lb peryedc a Mo'ulfl? yet wlwn Ihe caA 
Her enviou) Hand upon ray (iipple Joioo. 
Unable to refill, and rumpled em 
On he^B in their dsrit Lodgmg, to revenge 
Her bungled Work (h« ftampt my Miwd more 6irr 
And as uom C^f'fR'J. huddled and dcforni'd. 
The pod ftrook Fire, and lighted up the Lumfl 
• That beautifj' jhe Sky, fo he inforiB'd 
Thuill-fhap'd Body with a dwJng Soul; 
And making lela ttian Mao^ he mjids mc moob. 

fur. No ; thou art »il one Error ; Soul and Bodf . - 
The lirft youjig Trial of Cw? nwHTd PbVn 
jRude in the making Art, and Ape of Javt, 
The crooked Mind within huneW oubiiy Ba^ i 
And vrander'd in in thy Liroibs; To tiy «wn amii -" 
Make Love, if thou cjnfl find k in the World : 
And feek not from Oitf Sex to jajft an Offipring, ' 
Whjeb, mingled- with the relt, would teoift thcGo<]» 
To cut off humane Kind. 

Cre. Noi l«t 'em l«iv« 
The Arpai Prince for you : That Enea^ 
Of Thetis hai made yo« fiJft, 4»d break the Vrafej 
You made to me. 

Eur. They were my Motter'i Ym/i^ 
Made when I was at Nwrt. 

Cre. But hear me. Maid ; 
This Blot of Nature, thia defbim'd, leatk'Sl CrtMn 
It MaA)»' of « Swojid, t« te;ich the Blood 
OfyourypungJH?HW». (poii die Gods fine worx^ 
And flab von in his Heart, 

Eur. Tbii wken thou deft. 
Then mayft th«u ftill be oua'd with loviM mc r 
And, at thou art, be fliU unpitied, loa^Si. 

And let hijGhofl' N». let his Ghoft have rrfi 

But let the greatefl, ecrceft, ftiileA Pury, 
Let Crea hanw. biiofelf. t^«'>- Bu. 


8.i™dt,Googlc ' 

•OE D ^ ^ V ^. t j^ 

"WIuu Ihe luu toU nie, M-<Mesce tQph^t: 

My Body opens inw^ to my Spvil, 

j4^'Iet5iBi)« rs0kx jnfViixiitfft 

^-tf ^c wM M g Eyq, batthcbl^d Vdgar. 

I maft make halte pieOedifiii retuni. 

To liMtdi^-GKwn-Biid her } ^ { ftifl lore { 

But lore «4tb Mdke; ai ^ anny Cur 

Snarli while be feeils, ^wS'ITazegndfiiUich 

The kiszer of my Love on d^t p^'ood'Beaniy. 

AadtMMilHi'feaiMlQr'^ara. ^ 

£»/«■ Tirefias, 4j».»^ m >i J;a^ ^a^ ft/ ^ hh 

mit Budut du( Mindpropfaedck Fool abroad ! 

Won'd bis ^felle had bnij he's too ,hqly 

For Eaith and me : I'll Qiim Us Walk i and feek 

Mj popular Friendi. tixif Cr^on. 

9trt. AKtileftjliw; yet » littdc fiirther, 
1%oB WM(chedD>iiK)iterofa dark dd Man, 
Cosdua ny -^i"*7 ^7* = "^ ti'0*> ^"^ ^^^ 
For me^aM Jew wy fifft beware tfasa tread not 

With impioas -Step) itpen <lad Coips ; Now fiay : 

Methinks I draw mtae open, vied Air, 
Where are Wef 

Mm. Under Coreit^ a Wall: 
The moft freqaeoted once, and odiff Pait 
Of Tbthts, now midnight Silence reigns sv'n hercj 
And Giaia antroid^en ^rings beneam Qur Feet. 

?». If there be Bighjthunaceafaony Sank! 
Tkere I4 ige reft a while: a funny BaidE I 
Alas t how can it he, vAteie. no^un fliines! 
Bat a dgn winkkjg Taper ix the 9Ivm, 
TiMUao{Is, apdlinrQeiddsi^-hisdrpw^ Hcvd . 
t^'gymn^r tbrovgfa tfieBtunps. 

'[3 Nn/e 'wifhin, Fofho), f^hw, fathw, -/CffOfc '4 
Green, ^Creonj 
Hyk I f. nunultuous Kcnfe, and Critafi Name 
Thrice echo'd. 

pStM. Fly, ^he-Teapeft dnres this vay. 

^S OE D I p u s. 

' Ttr. Whichn caa Age ind BlindneTs take- tlieir flight P 
if I «wld fly, what cou'd I fc&r worfe. 
Secure of greater Ills I 

- INtifi again, Cictm, CreoB, Creon. 
£M/er Creon, Diocles, Al^ider, PyracmoQ i filhwed 
bf tht Crattii. 
Cretn. Ictunkye, CouDtrymeui but muft refiilc 
The Honours you; they're too greats 
And I am too unworthy; think agen, 
And make a better Choke. 

i Cit. Think twice ! J ne'er thought twice in all myJJifer> 
Tiat'a double work. , - " 

2 Cit. My firft Word is always my Second ; and there- 
fote I'll have no Tecond Word : and therefore once a^in 
I fay, A Crean.. 

All A Cf «», A Crton, A Crrm ! 

Cre. Yet hear me. Fellow- Citizens. 

2)fiu. Fellow-Citizeni! therewasaWordofKJndnris! 

Ale. When did Qtdipus fklutcyou by that fantiliarName t 

iCit. Never, never! he was too proud. 

Cre. Indeed he could not, for he was a S 
But under him. our Tleiei is half deDroyed. 
Forbid'it Heav'n the reiidue Ihould pcrilh 
UndCT a Tbtban born. 

'Tis true, the Gods might fend this Plague among 'joif 
BeciufeaStrangerTul'd: but vyhuof that. 
Can I redre& it now ? 

3 Cit. Yes, you or none. . 

'Tis certain that the Gods are v^ry with u, 
Becanfe he reigns. 

Cre. Oidipui may return : yoo may be ruin'd. 

I Cil. Nay, ifthat be the matter, we are mind already. 

a Cit. Half of us that ate here prefent, were living Men 
. but Yellerday, and we that are. ^fent do but .drop and 
drop, and no Man knows whether he be dea.d or liviBg. 
And therefore while we are found and well, let oi iatisiy 
eur Confciences, and make a new King. 

3 Cit. Ha, if we were but worthy to fee another Co- 
KiutiOD, and then if we muft di^ well go memly to- 


OE D I p tr s. 19 

'^B. To the Queflion, to the QaelUon. 

Dioe. Arc yon cnnten^ Crron Ihould be your King f 

jfll. ACrem, A Creon, ACrean! 

Tir. Heat me, ye Thebani, and thoa Crean, hear me. 

1 Cit. Wha'i that would be heard ? we 11 hear no Man : 
We can Tcarce hear one uiother. 

7»r. I charge yoQ by the Gods to bear me. 

s Cit. Oh, 'tis Jpclloi Priefl, we muft hear him ( 'tk 
the old bUnd Prophet that fees all things. 

3 Cit. He comes irom the Gods too. and they are oar 
betters ; and in good Manners we mull hear him : Speak, 

2 Cit. For coming from the Gods that's no great Mat- 
ter, they can all {ay that ; but he's a great Sclralar, he- 
can make Almanacks, and he were put to't, and there-^ 
£>re I lay hear him. 

Tir. When angry Heav'n Tcatters Its Plagues among yoa^ 
bitfbrnoaght, yeTltiaiu) are^heGoda 
UnjuA in punilhiag i are there no Crrmea 
ICJiich pull this Vengeance down i ' . ~ 

I Cit. Yes, yes, no doubt thecc are Ibme Sins ftlrringr 
that are the Caufe of all. 

3 Ci'i. Yes there are Sins i or we flioald havenoTaxes. 
2Cit. FormypartlcanfpeakitwithalafeConfdencv 

1 ne'er finn'd in ul my life. ^ 

I Cit. Nor I. 

3 Cit. Nor :. . ' . . (Doers.. 

z Cit. Tben we are all jufUiied, the Sin lies not at qui. 

??r. All juftified alike, and yet all guilty; 
Were every Man's falfe dealing brought to light, 
His Envy, Malice, Lying, Perjuries, 
His We^ts and Meafurcs, th' other Man's Extortions,' 
With what Face.coold yoa tell offended Heay'a, 
Yon liad not linn'd ? 

zCit. Nay, iftheftbeSins, the Cafe i» alter'di/orn^ 
part I never thought any thing but Murder had been a ' 

7ir. And yet, asif all thefe were lefs dian nothing, 
Vou add ReMtlioa Cs 'cm ; imsiom Ththaai ! 

ssi OE DIP vs. yoa not IWoni btfbre the Gods lo-Grm 
Aik1«) obeydri* Oedifau, yoor King 
By publick Voice elefted ? «iAtw ffle. 
If oUs i)e true ! 

Z C»V. Tiiij is true ; but it's « hard WoiW, N<|gW*4rs, 
Jf a Man's Oath mu& be his Mdter. 
Crr. Speak 2)»flf&/; all goer wrong; 
D/af. How are you Traitors Countiytnw flf 25«Sw P 
. Thb holy Siv, xtbo prtffa yon wi^ Oaths, 
Forgm yonr ftrfl ; were you noffwnm'beftre 
To L«/w and bis Blood? 
4i/. Wc werej wc were. 
OIk. "Wiile £.z/Whas a llwfiil Snccellbr, 
Your fiift Oath fliU moll bind; E%rjditt 
Is Heir to to;'Kj; let iw roairy Cjwb: 
Offended Heav'n will never be appcas'd 
While Oedipus pdUutes the Throne ofUjiu, 
A Stranger to his Blood. 

All. We'll no Otdtpm, no Gidipui. 
1 i^i/. He puts the Prmhet in a Moufe-liolc. 
a.Cit. I knewitwou'dbefo; thelafiManeycr'fte&« 
die beft Reafon. ' 

7?r. Can Benefits thus die, 'ongrfleM Tbihaiut 
Kemember yet, When after lut/ufi dealt. 
The Monfter 5/ii»* laid your rich^lkMihtty-WitSe, ■ 

Your Vineyards fooil'd, yOut labouring Oken &^l 
Your fdves for fear piov'd «p within your Wals, 
She^ ttller than your Gates, e'cr-lotfttdyourTcwtV 
But when the rais'd her fiulk to lail xbove you. 
She drov% At Air around her like a Whirinutd, 
AAd ihaded all beneath ; 'till floopisg down, 
Sfce dap'd her Iwthem WiliE againft your ToW*n, 
And thriift out her long Neae, e»'n lo yOOr po^ 
Dioe. 4lt. Pjr. We'Jl hearao mort. 
47r. Vou doift not tncet in Temples 
Tinvoke the Gods for a!4 the proudeft Ite 
Who leads you now, theo Qow'a, Uke a fyj'A fiirk; 
This Cn»» fliook for fear, : 

ThcBIoMtofZ^^M onddted btlibV^.- 

I L, Google 

OErDf 1 r U ffrf ti 

Call'd by his own high Cdtngs and the Go^, 

Hmfelf Co j'ou a God : ye oletM htai 

Your (^Mmi-a^ eraira t (but iriiat WM thay )into GkMM n 

And Hea«'a ftQlhiRi^di k bjrhia SaoceA: 

&cmk then, who i&rooi lawAlKiH^ 

^11. Tis 0«^<>».j. 

Tir. 'TisOfi>>i*md«d: TOi»Ki%9Mf«fa<*M 
Than yet yoa dream : For fomethiBf.lliil there-liM 
In HMi'iM dufafVdtwnei «4neh i lead thnagh MBbt 
Tii^^cat, prodigionii *tb.a> dnadM IMiy 
Of w(mdroi)trFilie^*a(tBt)iivJBtt-«M-diG^£llgr '- 
Jiee, 1 feet honr teoitaly itJ^mmi 
And m^ Spd^tUdcoa Mth it: 

I Cit. Ho»^Qai.1baiMiiimt 

7(r.Hecoine«Mieoonial VICbMr I^CQaniAi TniApllI 
BatolPtOddabaaitGiuhT': Hntdwr PSmitUef 
Inc^t SliftbiKir I Piiniflimciit''»*«'tii<tuic4 

Hem. ^HaOt^^yv-Vtikmn ttm footlb Faamnt. 
Tout King retutW') dw^/jAiM aMr^M-conm 
Their WarJikg-Waoeiit finrie C wt a t ttkroy 
And led in Baitdii br GodLtite Onfijiw.- 

^: 0»^/i OeHpiis, Oitmatl 

C»T»)t.-gttriB»C<»ft»iMd'hii^g(*lailfff ■«-*■* FjMA: 
Hafie, aUhUt«^ ' [T^^^M^ 

And meet with Bleffii^ onr vtOorioas Kisg } 
Decree Procefliona i bid-iiew Hdydayat - 
Crown ^ dwSonoiKtff MrGods-withGarilfriM' . 
ikifitUkm^itiaia-GJtBXlM^ Anr inloriVi^. 
To Oedipus, now twiw 4 ConqiWOP i JMcHCMii of '^ 

Truftne, I weep forJby-toAe chi»Da;r<- . fdyflieA^ 
7ir. Yes.HMtv'n latDtnivhythonweep'frr'^OtlyGeMi 
And, a» ytiu i& It) fiio^iate^j^jur Godg-— »*— ■ ' '' 
So dMtt your KJt^ mitt Bqn^ and' (Miv&ftattchsM 
Bowdown, uidtoachhigKMC^aiid'b^Aam'hiin 
An end of ajl your Woet y iijr oiA^ he- 
Cut gMt'JcywK- . {MMi.T;tt^u^^t^tifiiJhA*6^ 

fei OE I p u Si 

Enttr 0«dipiu in Triumph; AAraAoi Prifiwtri X>paa»f 

Crt. AH hail, paxOcdipui; 

7hoaKiight}rConquerar,haili welcome to 7)Ur/ ; ' 

TaHiyavmrhilHs; to ril that'sJeft of TJ^^w; • 

For half thy Citizcw are fwept away. 

And wanting to thy Triumphs ; 

And we, the h3[^ Remnant, only live 

To wdcome thee, and die. 
^ : OtJif. Thua Fleafure never comet liniKre to Mflnj 
' fiut lent hy Heav'n upon hard Ufotv : 

And, while Jiwr holds ui outthefion^of Jo}', 

Ere it can reach our Lips it's dalht with G«U 

By-fomeleft-handedGod. O mournful Triumph I 

O Conguefl gain'd abroad and loft at home I 

.Ami! now rejoice, for Thtbti lies low i 

Thy fiaughter'd Sona now finile, and think they won ; 
When they can count msxt: Titian Gho(U than theirs. 

AJr. No; Argot oiCiaTBSwitiiThtlitsi you tempa'd fil 
Your Courage while you fought, that Mercy feei^d 
The ''jnanlier Virtue, and much more prerail'd: 
While jfrgti is a Pecf>le, think your Thehit, 
Can never want tor Sul^e£ls : Every Nation 
Will crowd to ferve whoe OeJiput command). 

Crf ./sii/'<Mi. How tnctn it (hws to fawn upon theVi^ir r 

JBitM, Had you behdd him £gbt, you hadlaid othowife: 
Cmne, 'ti« Isave bearinj in him, not to envy 
Superior Virtue. 

Otdif. Thig indeed ii Conqueft, 
To gain « Friend like ^on: Why were we Foes f 

j^Tr.'Caufewe wereKmgs, and each difdain'd an EqnaL 

1 fought to have it in my pow'r to do 

What tb9u haft dene ; and fo to ule my Conquefi ; 
To fhew thei. Honour was my only Motive. 
£now this, that were my Army at diy Gates, 
And Thiet thui wafic, I would not take the Gif^ 
Which, like a Toy dropt from the Hands of Fortnac^ 
Lay for the next Chance-comer. 

OiJif. emhradng. No mme Captive, ' 

BntBrotherof theWai: '7u jnocb mose pkafiHri* 

8 ^^ And 

OE b i F u s. a/ 

Attd &fcr, traft me, thui to meet thy Lore, 
Than when hud Gantleta dcnch'd oar Warlike Hands, 
And kept 'epi from foft ufe. 
^Jr. My Conqueror ( 

0/</i>k- My Frieodlthst other Name keeps Enmity aliv«; 
Bu longer to detain thee were a Crime ; 
To love, and tn EuryJht, go free: 
Such welcome u a ruin'd Town can give, 
EzpoCt from ma ; the reft let her fupply . 

Mr. I go without a Bluflt, thoagh conqaerM twice. 
By yoa and by my Princefi. [Sx. AdraOus.' 

Crt. l4/ult-] Thenl8mconqtier'dthrice;byO;rf;>w, 
And her, and ev'n by him, the Slave of boUi : 
Gods, I'm beholden to you, for making me your Imager 
Won'd I could make you mine, [Er. CreoB. " 

Snttrtht Ftvj/h vrith Branebts in ihiir Handi, hstiM 
thtmup, mniknitUnz: 7'wt Priefii hifiri tbtm. 
Otdif. Aias, my Pei^e f 
^niac means tiiis fpeechltis Sorrow, down-caft-Eyes, 
A>d lifted Hands! if there be one among you 
WlKun Grief haj left a Tongne, fpeak for the reft. 

1 Pr. P Fathn of thy Country ( 
To thee thefe Knfeeg arc bent, thefe Byei arc lifted. 
As to a vifible Divinity. ; 

A Prinn-aR whoin Heav'n fafely might repofe 
ThebuQnefj ofMankind: for Providence ' 

Might on thy carrful Bofbm fteep fecure. 
And leave her Tatk to thee. 
But whete'i the Glory of thy former A&F 
Ev'n that'i ddboy'd when none fhall live to fpeak it> 
Milliona of Salqe<Eb (halt thou liave ; but mute. 
I' APecmleofthedead; a crowded DeiarC. 
\ A Midnight Silence at the Noon rf Day. 

04dif. O wen our Godi at ready with their Pi^, 
Ai I with mine, this Prefence fhou'd be throng'd ' 
With all I left alive; andmy&dEyea 
Not fearch in Tain fiir Friendi, whole piOntii'd Sight 
flatter'd my Toil* of War. 
1 Pr. Twice 001 Ddhrcrer, 


%f Q£^ i^ f ^ t^ A 

Oedip. Kor ue^ow yxmi Vowc . -k 

AddreX'to vtii wEo iTceps : 

Wlien thitunwclcome News firA rnok'd'iiy EHi«r 
Dyma) wai fent to Dtlphes to in^HM 
Th» Caule and Cure of thia cont^pou fil'i 
Aild'is'tliisDa/retum'tl: but iiiic«ki» M«^«- 
Concems the PuUick, T refus'd tO'iiMfit- . j 
But io this gmcral PteTcnce : £>et .lam^Bfiii]cr 

Ilj'm. A dreadfhl Anfwer &on tha j^^^ow'd- Uil^. - ., 
An^ £icrtd TVi^wd did t^ Piieiiedi giv«i' 
In theft myftetious Words, ■ ■■ 

The Otacle: Sicd-in aturfid HoMT.ln aa-fid-Brntti 
BTaod-Ki^al ttnrra*H^d,btu turidth* janA 
M^tM X>^us Z}<ii/£ iV txpiattJ •wtli, 
Ttar Phutfi'aa itafi: tht rtfi Jtt t^ir/KiK 
, Otdif. I)j'udfuliDdeedtfi]ood>anda]ijau^Iobd«»f. 
And fudia Sjdb'v ^^^ '>■> SubjeSi'dwo l 
(Elfcwliy this Curie'- on ^<;^r^ as'wimd.wtbeii- 
IfMonllern'W'sDrand Flaoues rew^ fiwb Cria a»> - 
If rioiv'n bejuA, itswliole AjtilUy < 

All mull be o^cv'd on uk I^ eH»- Bolt 
Shall err from neSu f but tti&ro b« caU-'d Jdr, «luqm 
New-moulded Thundeiof^ a W^SJa^c .~ 

Driv'n By whole ^a-vi. Wlat, tooah aMJfliaA-Piw-'*! ' 
Then Godsbewue; Jfoswaa'i ium&if,b»mKiH- 
Cou'd you but rEacli him too: 

2 Pr. Wc mouxa the iAt^ ReaanbnBGe.' 
Otdip. Well you may: 
Worie than a Fkgoa iafeOryoa : y'atadwiitMl- 
To Mothqr Bu[)i, and to th' infcmil'Pon^ 
Hell Iia: a liJ|^t ia you : t thank ycMii- Oo44^; . 
That I'm no TheioH bom-.-boiumy aopd-Bri d itw I ' 
AaifihtsCuife tiMeh'd me .'' ■nd-touck'd br Btai«r 

Than alltiiij Prefence! ye«,;ti»a JUngfsQlMdti 

And I, a Ktn^ Jin ^''d-in deeper Boodi . . 

To expiate dus Blood: But whenerJvom-wbiM,' 
Or bow muft I aceoe k ? tell me, 9^(/lk«V ' 

How £i^Hj fell?" ifor a confused ^^pot- '■• 

Pa&'d tuough my Em, w h jjii fiij ft J t t»))jfctii>lBwwC ^ 

k]i....dL, Google 

OE D I p u s. 

It vanilh'd in the Bafinds of the 1 , 

1 Pr. He went in private forth j but tbioly follow'd ; 
And ne'er return'd to Tbthit. 

~ OtJip. Nor any from him? came there BO Attendant f 
None to bring the Newi i 

2 Pr. Snt one ; utd he fo wounded. 

He ftarce drew breuli Ki Tpeak fome few faint Words. 
Oidip. Wliatwerethey?foniethinginay belearncfroni 

I Pr. He &id a Band of Robben watch'd their Pailage^j 
Who b)ok advantage of a narrow way 
To murder Lajut and the reft : himfelf 
I.eft too Sox dud- ' , 

Ofyi]p. Made yon no more Inquiry, 
Bat took thig bare Relation i .> 

z Pr. 'TwBs neglefted : 
Ter then the, M(»fterJ'/^>x began to rage; > 

And Prtfent Cam iooa buried the Remote t 
S* was it hnlh'di and never lincc teviv'd. . 

OeMf. Mark, ■tbihani, mark ! 
Toft tiien, die Sphinx be^m to rage among you ; 
The Godi took hold ev'n of th' dTending Minace, 
J^ifd dated thence your Woa : thence will I. trace 'cm. 
I Pr. ;Tis jail tlion Qiould'ft, 

0/</t^. Hear then thisdreadful ItapFetatim i Iieat it: 
''TisJatdoQ all; not any one exempt: 
Bear wimefa Hcav'nt avenge it on the peQur'd, f 

li any Tbthan bom, if any Stranger 
feeVeal this Mivder, or produce iti Author, 
■ Tetf-AtdqueTalenn be hit jull Reward: 
Bia, if for Fear, -fw Favour, or for Hire, '. 

The Murder'r he conceal, the Curie of ^hebts 
Fall heavy on bis Head: Unite our Plagues, . 
Ve Oocjh «iid place 'em (here : From Fire and Water, ' 
Converie, and aM things common beiie banifb'd. 
But for the Murderer's felf, unfound by Man, 
Find him ye Pow'rs CeleiHal and Infernal ; 
And the lame Fate or worle than Lajvi me^ 
I . . B Ltt 

Let be his I,M: hii ChiMrcti'beKdCtirdf 
i' His Wife and Kinthtd^ all of hit bvatnU. 

Batb Pr. Cbblina it Hexv' n ! 

Enttr\ocaSa ; AftiiijitJ h Wa^in. 

Jec.Atjeatueiniaaai\ Heav'niucGeBd yourWtlheti 
fynA bring th' cffeft of ihefc your ploui Piay'ri 
)6ti you, and me, and all. 

Pr. Avert tlrii Omen, "Heav'n ! 

O'dV^ O&tal Sound, UofortiuiMe Jota/ta ! 
What haft thou faidf an ill Hour bail thou cho&n 
Tor thcTe fcovbodinc WtKids I why, we Wcrecur&^f^ 

Jtc. Then may toe Cude M oJy where you kid itt 

Oidr. Speak ho more ! 
jPor all thou fay'fi is ominous : we were curiiiig ; 
And that dire Imprecatioii hkft diou &Aen'd 
■On Thibes, and cbee and Y&e, and all of lu. 

7or- Arc then «iy Blefiino tura'd iato a Cnrfe 1 
■O Unkind Oedipus ! My ionncr Lord 
Thought mc his Ble^g : be thou like my, L^tu. 

This Imprecation was for Zqnu'Dftuh, 
JUutthoti h«ft wiAi'd melike him. 

yoe. Horror feiaa me .' 
■ Oedlf. Why doft thou gaw open me ? prithee Love 
Take M thy Eye ; it buAent me toe much. 

ytt. The more I Eo6k, die' more I £nd of I^^iu t~ 
His Speech, hit Garb, faisAfiiou; nay his Fiowa ; 
IFor I have fecn tti] bu ne'er bent on mc 

OrJif. Are we fa laie ? 

yee. In tU things but his Love. {^ekk how wdL 

OrJif. I love theemofe .- fl> well I love, WardfcanaK 
Ho pious Son ^er lov'dliiiMothcr'tnwc 

^»e. I love you too 
felf fame way and when yoa diid, metbou^ 
A Mother's Love ftart up in your Dbfence, 
And bade me ooc be angry : be not you .- 
For I love Lajut ftill as Wives Ihou'd love : 
Ztut you more tendetly I aspaitofme: 
And when I have j'ou in my Arms, methinki J 

1 loll my Child aHecp. 

A^. T&nrweue Utft: 
4«l)UItlisfeCBrfesiwccp ^oi^t^ Si(i« 
like empty Clouds; but drop doc on out Heads. 

Jet. I harcootjf^'d an Hour lioceyoa deported, 
Foipablick M^riw, and i>9r priBate Fean ; 
Bqe this blell Meeting has o'er-paid them all. 
fioad FMWne that comes fiddom comes mcac wslcoBie. 
All 1 can wilh. fei uw, is yetu QotSgnx 
To make my Brother happy. 

Oiiip. Hew I Jau^ f 

Jtt. By Muiiagemth hit Neice, SuryJietf 

Otdif. Undeand Neicc ! they are too near, my Love* 
Tis too like Inceft: "lis Offence to Kind: 
Atd I mt pnjmis'd, weae there so Adra^m, 
Nodraoe bnc Crtm left het of Mankind, 
Tkey ihou'd not many; fpeak no mere of it; 
like Thought diAvdu me. 

7m. Heav'n.canjicverbkis 
^ Vow fo bft^Eea, which I made to Cremt 
Remember he's oiy Brother. 

Ot4ff. That;* thcBar : 
Aad Ihe thy daughter : Nature would abhor 
To be fore d back again upon her Telf, 
And Uhe a Whirl-pool (wallow her own Stteanu. 

7oc. Be not ^ifyiai^i lU nave the fuit no more. 

OtJip. No, do not; for, I know not why, ii fhakes mc 
When I but tJiink on Inceft. Move weforward 
Tothaok the Gods for my Succefs, and pray 
^<B Waflube.Guilt of Rc^al Blood aviaj,. {Exiunt aema. 


OE D 1 V V 5, 

A C T ir. SCENE I. 

SCEHE Am apem Gallery. A Rtyal BeJ-CbMm- 
ber beittg fufpos'd btbind. 

tht Timet Night. Htunder^ &c. 

Emer Hxmon, Alcander and Pyracmon. 

Httn. CVI^E 'tb the End of all things f Fate hai tan 

O The Lock of Time off, and his Head is now 
The ghalUy Ball of round Eteinity ! 
Call you thefe Peals of Thunder, but the Yawn 
Of bellowing Cloud* ! By Jpvt, they feem to me 
The World's laft Qrones; and thofe vaft Sheets ofFIame 
Are its lalt glaze ! The Tapers of the Gods, 
"The San and Moon, run down like waxen-Globes ; 
The Ihoodng Stars cod all in purple Gellies, 
And Cham is at Hand. 

Pyr, 'Tis Midnight, yet there's not a Tbrian lleeps, - 
Sut fuch as ne'er mofl Wake. All crowd about 
xhe Palace, and implore, as from a God, 
Help of the King ; who, from the Battlement, 
By the red Lightning's glare, defcry'd afar. 
Atones the angry Powers. [Thtndtr, *«. 

H.em. Hal Pyra^miin, look; 
Behold, Meander, from yon' Weft of Heav'n, 
The perfeft Figures of a Man and Woman; 
A Sceptre bright with Gems in each, right Hand, 
Their flowing Robes of dazling Puiple made, 
JJiftinfily yonder in that point they Sand, 
Juft Weft ; a bloody red ftains all the Place : 
And fee, their Faces are quite hid in Clouds. 
, Pyr. Clufteri of Golden Scars hang o'er their Heads, 

Ofi D 1 p u s. %9^ 

And {eeta So erooded, that they burft upon 'cm : 
M dart at .once their baleful Influence 
Id leaking Fire. 

jk. Long bearded Cometi ftick. 
Like flaming Porcupines, to their left Sides, 
As the/ would Ihooc their Quills into their Hearts. 

K«)n. Bucfee! theKing, andQgeen,aDdaUthcCoartr 
Did ever J>xy or Night Ihew ought like this 7 

plbuiuitrt ^ain. fbi Sctaf drvuii, and difmvtrl 
the PreJigiti. 
Enter Oedipus, Jocafta, Eurydice, AdraAus, aid aU 
timing forvMrd wili Amaxtmi»t. 

Ordif. AnKver, you Pow'n Divine ; fpare all this Noil^ 
This rack of Heav'n, and fpeak your facal Pleafure. 
Why breaks yon dark and dusky Orb awayi 
Why from the bleeding Womb of ihonftrooB Night, _. 
Biirft forth fuch Myri^ of ^Mitive Stars ? 
Ha I my Jatafia, look I the Silver Moon I 
A fettling Crimfon flains her beanteous Face 1 
.S^'s all o'er Blood F and look, behold again, 
Whatjnean the mvAick Heav'nij.ihe journeys onf ' 
A raft £clipfe darken* the labouring Planet: ' 

Soond there, found all oar Inllruments of War \ 
ClarioDa and Tnunpeb^ Silver, Brals, and Iron, 
/lad beat a thonTand Dnisu to help her labour. 

JJr. 'Tia vain i you fee the Prodigies continue t 
Le^s ^2e DO more, the Gods are hnmonrous. 

OmK^ Forbear, lalhMan Once more I ask yoor 

If that the Glow-worm light of humane Realbn 
Uieht dare to c^r at immortal Knowledge, 
Aim cope- with Gods, why all thi» Siorm of Nature ? 
Why do the Rocks fpl«, and why rolls the Sea? 
Why thoTe Porteois in Heav'n, and Plagues on Earthl 
Why yon' Gi^tntiek Fonns, Ethereal Mongers i 
Alas I, is all this but to fright the Dwarfs 
Which your own Hands &ve made ? Then be it fi). 
Or if the Fates leTotve fome Expiation 
Far mordet'd Lajusi bear me, hear me, Gods ! 

B 3 Heae 

Hear me dnu pnilme : St>aTe th» gfnotng;iLaA<t ' 

Save innoceot Tiititt, Aop the Tyrant Death : 
Dothis, and lo I fiaad Dp an Oblation . 
To meet jont fwifieft and fevereft AngK-, 
ShoM all at onc^ aad itrike me lo dw Caiten, 

SiSv CAsi/ Jfatm that imtd thv Htait «^ tht /^WM in 

OecHpiu oftd Jitcsfti writttn abavt Hr grt«t Ciormc- 
iiTf af Gold. 

Air, Either I jreain, asil all Wf aa^itt Sola 
At vaoifli'il with that Qond that Seen aws^i 
Or JDft above ihoTe two Majeflick Head*, 
I fee, I read dtftinffiy in large Gold, 
Otdipui and jKofia. 

Ak. I read the fame^ 

Air. Tis wonderful; yet on^ mt Mu H WMtf 
Too &r in the vaft deep of Defttny. 

[7«iMi/er; and tht Frtdiptt vatti/t, 

Jee. My Lord, my Otiiput, w4iy ^aoe you iiffw^ 
When the whole Hoar'n ia dear, as if tfae-God* 
Had fome new MonAera made P will yoa not tva, 
Aod bleft your Peoptei whoderov e*<ft Wofd 
You breathe ^ 

Of.1T/. It fhall be fe. 
Yes, I wiU dii, OThtin, to ftve tfaoBl' 
Draw ftem my Heart my Sloed; wttK mow cAuant ' 
"I'han e'er I wore thy Crown. Yet, O J»e«fi» ! 
Byall the'Endeartneno of miracBltm i-on, 
£y all our LangirHhmgs, ew Feaw in Plsaffirr, 
WJiieh oft ha« made ns wendcr i hete J ftrear 
On ihy fair Hand, opon thy ft-eatl 2 ftvcKr, 
I ontnot at to mind, from bad^ng ChMdbooA 
To blooming Yomh, a Crime by me comniKcd, 
For which tHe awM Gods SKwld doom my Dntb. 

y*f. "Hi not you, my Lord, 
Bm iie who .murder'd Lajm, frees ^te Land; 
Were yon, which ii iiB^rilitlle,dW Mra^ 


G£^ D E P U Si 3* 

Perhaps my Tpwud iH& fbwM drink your Slood ; 

But you are innotau. «)«)«): Jfici^^, 

Vnrn Cnlnca .1^ tliorp. T^Umademe violent 

To fave youii.ufe whtCh y«u myuft wQuld lofe: 

Nor can you comprehand, with ig^^fi^ Tlwmght,- 

The horrid Agpi^ ysu caftjne in. 

When you reiolv'd xa die. 

Oidip. ijHipoSibkf 

7m. Alas! why ftanyoufo? i?«r ftifn«gGr!c6 
Who law Ihc Childran ^gJuor'd aJiuoiwe, 
W»s dull lo Bune ; UeHunlu I tbould have nta4« 
My Botes bare agwnft tlu; wsied Go^, 
To &VE my QeJifia! 

Ot/if. 1 pray, .no more. 

^or. You've filcDc'd ni£, my Lord. 

OeJif. Paidonme, dear ^tr^«; 
Tardoola Heatt itoU finki witii Sutierins«, 
And can but vent it felFin Sobs and MutmorE:' 
Yet to reflore my Peace, i'il find kum Q«t. 
Yet, yes, you Goda! yaa iai^ hxtt wBpIf V ^nynw t 
On I^'m' Murderer. O, cbe Tmiltn'* Nani« I 
rUkDOW*^ I will; Artihallbe conjtu'd twib 
And Natuw «& uiutilil. 

5'«. SacwdJSiri— ■■- ■ pUBi. 

0«./(>. ilk^KiDluvcj«air,tad 'tbthat jglli TU focb 
Tlio' lodg'd a Air, win a Sntgob's Wing, 
Tho' Sodcs Ihoald kiae hia : Naf , iie iradl be ddgg'd- 
From Hell, i/Chauof cam hony hiiii ak>iig: 
Hii Gh<^ ftcdl be, bv &gc 3irQ&u Fow-r, 
\^r^, tbu Roles ail beneath the Moon) 
ConGn'd to Fldh, to fiiflln: Oeuh once mo^t ' 
And then be pltu^d in hii firft Fiict vffiXOt 
Enttr Creon. 

Cn. My Lord, 
ftrgCw attendt yonrPlcafuiv. 

Oti/rp. Halle, and biing him in. 
O, my Jicafia, Eundite, Adrafim, 
Crm, ndjdl ye, n^iam, uiw the End 
OfTUKue^ oTMadiKfi, Murden, Prodigiet* 

a 4 Dnws 

sn^dL, Google 

i% OE D I P (f S.' 

Draws on : This Battle of th« Hear'ns aai EaiA 

Shall by his Wifdom be rednc'd Co peace. 

Enter Tirefiat, kanii^ on « Staff, ltd fy lit Dai^hti^ 

O tboDi'WhoTe moft aTpiring Mind 
Knows all the Bulinels of the Conrts a1x>ve^ 
Opens the CloTets of the Gods, and dares 
To mix with Jime himfelf uid Fate at Comidl} 

Piophet, amwer me, dedare aland 

The Traitor who confpir'd Uv Death ofLajurT 

Or be they more, who from aialignaat &ui 

Have drawn this Plagae chat bUfb unhappy ^ithttf 

7ir. We muft no more than Fate commiScnu m 
To tell ; yet fomething, and of momntt, I'll DDfold, 
If that the God would wake I lieeLhim sow. 
Like a iiroag Spirit chann'd into a Tree, 
That leaps, and moves the Wood without a Wind: 
The Toufed God, as all this while he lav 
Imontb'd alive, ftarts and dilates himfelf t 
He llraggles, and he tears my aged Tiuijc 
With holy Fory, my old Arteries buifl. 
My rivel'd Skin, 
Like Parchment, crackles at the hallDiv'd Fire 1 

1 fliall be young again: Monti, my Danghtert 
Thon haft a Voice that loight have Jav'dtbe ftu^ 
Oilhrttct, and fbic'd the raging Baedianals, 
With lifted Prangs, to Men to Oiy Airs : 

O Charm tfaitGod, this Fory in my Bo{bm, 
Lull him with tuneful Notes, and amiil Strings* 
With pow'rful Strains i Mama, my lovely ChibI* 
Sooth the luuuly God-head to be mild. 


0£ D I p u s. 3.3 


pHoebus. Godbth-v^dhfMtm 
L At tbf darwn, fvtry Btafi tt nafid in bii Dtni 
M thy fittixg, all thi BirJi tfthf Mfinei esmflain. 
And luM dit, mU die till tht Moraii^ tamti mgain, 

Pfaccbui, Ged Silm/'d fy Men I 
. Idol^tbt Eafttrn Kingi, 
• JiJjfu/ ai tht God •wbapnes. 

Hit Tbundtr raand, and tht Lightning 'atingi t 

Ged ofSoagt, and Orphean String!, 

Wha l» tbii mrtal Btfom hringi, 

jdll barpunimii biav'nl} ihingi f 

liy draw^ Frepbtt ta rivive, 
flu ihottfand than/and Farmi hifart him dri<vf; 
With Qoaritti and Hor/ii all ijiri waiait him, 
Cuim^Smit, Md Furies, andFrstheJitifiiakehiBi; 
lit him tillit ixGnmu, thi he iend •with tbi Lead, 
Jit' bt bmrfi tvitb tit •uieigbt eftbi ttrrihU Gad. 

7Tr. Tlu! VVrctn^whiO Ihed clicBlood QtaUlaidaetdii,- 
Xiao, uidittpvmt; 
But cnnt Greatnefa ne'er was long ; 
TIk &rft of LmJMi Blood hii Life did fdze. 
And nrg^d liu Fate, 

WUch clfe had laJling been and Arong. 
T^ Wretch, who L^ui kiU'd, mufl bled or fl/ ; 
(^ Tbehtt, amfnin'd with Plagues, ia Ruins lie. 

Oedif. The firft of Lajui Blood I pronounce the Ferlbof 
May the God lore from thy prophetick ^outh. 
That vm the dead maj' fiart up, to behold : 
Kane him, I lay, that moft accoilcd Wretchr 
P« bf the Start he dies : 
Vale, I command chce ; 

B? Phxiur, fpeak ; for fadden Death's his Sbom : 
fterefliall he fell, bleed or thii very Spot i 
Hit Name, I charec thee once mere, tptait, • 


34 OE D I F ir s. 

rir. Tis loft, 
IJkf what; we thhik ^m dcktt (btui Aemeivlvaeei 
Yccof a fitdden's gone be/ond the Clouds. 

OeJif. Fetch it from thence,- I'll have'tiwhere^e'w itbe^ 

Cr/. Z^JBciiUieatydu, facred Sir, be olfn. 
And Cr-Aw fhall pnat out the f rest 09ender. 
Tis true, refpeft of Nature might injoin 
Me Silence, at another time; but, oh. 
Much more the Pow't of my eternal Love! 
That, that Ihould ftrikc me dumb.: Vet thtiit, aqr 

Country - ■ ■ 
I'll break through aH, to fnccoor the^ poor Otf t 
O, I muft fpeak. 

QiJif Speak then, if ought thoa fcrOwTl: 
As much thou feem'll to know, delay no lootfer. 

Cre. O Beauty ! O tflunrious Rc^ Maid f 
To whom mjr Vows were ewer paid.till noWj 
And with luoh moddl, chaAe and pure AffeOtoii, 
The coldeA Nymph might Ecad 'em without blufhil^ 
Art tlhou the MordreTs £en. of wretched Xo/h* f 
And I, muft I accofeMheH O my Tears! 
Why will you fell ia fo abhori'd a Caufe ? 
But that thy IjeailtnHs, barlmTTnu Hand iJeftroj'il 
Thy Father (O monftrous Aft I) both Go<b 
And Men at once talce aOtice. 

OeJip. Evrydict! 

Ear. Traitor, go on;. I fcorn thy litde Mjdi«e^ 
And luiowing, more my perfcft {mncenat. 
Than Gods and Men, thai how mudi more than thee>. 
Who art fheir Oppofite, and ftnr^d a Liar, 
f'thut difilain thee) Thou oncedidft t^QfLove^ 
BecaHfe I bate fhy Love, 
Thou doft accufe me. 

jfdr. ViRlin, ineterions Vi&hi, 
And Traitor, doubfy damo'd, wlio duiA bb^heus 
The rpotleri^irtueofthebrighteftBeanQr; 
Thou dylt : Nor Aiall the focred Majefty. 

Thttgoaids'tiiu Place, prefcrvc-tlne.£v]ninyitege. 
6 Otdif. 

k]i....di, Google 

OE D I r V s, 3f 

K>idU. Dilarin'efflbatfa:Tr}RGc,Jfl»UaikkeyoaJuMm 
Imt I wo tame fou twke. Guardo, Ake-him. 

Mr. «ir, . 
I muft acknowlege la Miother Caide 
Jtepentance might a,baih ine;-bqt I |^fny 
Id this, buc finHe to fee the Tf«itor'i Blood. 
OMf. ^etm, yea Sibil be (otisfy'i at full. 
Crt. kfy Hurt is nothing. Sir ; but I appeal 
To wife 7irefies, if-my AccuJatJMi ' 

Be not mofi trae. The lifft fif C^ jllood 
Gave htm hii Death. Is tbeneaPrinoe befon;I«rf" 
ThenflieiiFauklofe, and I aA.herPar<ion. 
And pny this Vtood ne'er«afe to drop, OT^thtsi 
If Pity of thy Eufiermes did not ppve me 
To fliew the-CiM* whifli Heav'ii it^ejf ptelcrflj'd, 

Eur. Yes, Thtb^m, I-will die toravC'yowlJM^. ' 
More wilUagly tb«i^ii«an mft my Fa;e; 
Sut let this good, this wife) ^is hdly Man, 
Pranounce my Sentence : For (o filiTby ^vim, 
By the vile Breath of that DFodigioes Villain, 
Would fink my Sod, iho' Iftoold die a Martyr. 

Adr. Unhand^ne, Slaves, O mightieft of Kings,. 
See at your Eeet a,Wince not us'd to Kneelj 
Touch not Eurydict, by all the Gwis, 
At you would ftvc yoar'Tftrim, hat take. my Life: 
For, jboiild Akf fsi^, tieav'n would h^p Pl^u,es oa< 
Rain Sulphur down, hu^l ki!i4|ed ^Its [Plagues^. 

Upon your guilty Heads. 

■Cfv. 'Kou mm toGalantry, what is bitt Juftice ; 
Proof win be eafy made. Ad''cPi" Wjis 
"inic Robber wlio' ber^ th' unhappy Eir;g 
Of Life ( becaufc he fiady had deny'd 
To make fa poor^'Prioce his Soit-in-taw: 
Therefore 'twere fit that both (hoiild periOi. . 
I Thtb. Both, let both liie. 

ja^tb. Both, both; let 'em die. [We, 

■OtJii. Hence, y«j wild H<rd ! For your Ring-leader ' 
lie Ihall be made Sxample. HaiMsa, taltc him. 
i-Thtb^ McTCT, O Merey. 

sn^dL, Google 

36 OE;D IP 4.^ 

.Qtiiip, Mutiny in my Vt^eoce 1 ~ 

Hence, let me fee that buTy Fwe no iD«rf. - [Rs|e^ . 
- Thtbaiu, what Madndj makea you dnuut woh 

Enough of guilty Deuk'a already aAcd : 

Fierce CrcMT lias- accus'd fHrjx//^, ' 

Wkh Prince Adrefitts ; which the God. reprove* 

By inward Cbecki, and leaves their Pata in dwbt> 

Otiif. Tlierefore inflrud ui what remaiiu to (^ 
Or Mer i for T fed a Sleep like Death 
Upon me, and I Agh &> be at reft. 

TTr. Since that (be Pow'n divine refiife to deal 
The myftick Deed, PU to the Ga>ve of Fuiiea v 
There I can force th' Infenul Godi to fhew 
Their horrid Fonni ; Each trembling Gboft fhall rifiv 
And leave their grizly King without & Waiter. 
For pTJace AiTafim and Eurydiet, 
My Life'i enng'd, I'll guard 'em tn the Fane, 
'Till the darkMyfteriee of HeU are done. 
Follow me, Princes ; TbdiABt, all to n&. 
O, OtiipMs, to mORow — — ■ but no asxe. 
If that thy wakefiil Genial will permit. 
Indulge thy Brain this Night with fofter Slamben: 
ToMonow, O to MoiTOW t fleep, my Stmt 

^d in propheiick Dreams tby Fate be fhown. 

{E*. Tir. Adr. Eur. Man. M/Theb>. 

OiJip. To Bed, my Fur, my Dear, my befl Jttafia,. 
After the Toils otWax, 'tis wondrous £lrange 
Our Loves (hoyld thus be dajh'd. One momeot'sThonghv 
And I'll approach the Arms of my befov'd. 

yac. Confuine whole Years in Care, fo now and then 
I may have leave to feed my famifh'd Eyes 
With one fhort paflitag Glance, and fidi my Vowi : 
This, and no more, my Lord, is all the Faflicn 
Of languifliing Jteafta. {^■«'* 

Otdif. Thou loitelt, fweeieft of thcWorU \ good Ni^U> . 
Kay, uc is beauEous too; yet, mighty Lovtl 

sn^dt, Google 

(^ M p u $; If 

I never oSnM to ob^ thy Lxm, 

Bat an unuTual ChilndV came npon me; 

An nnkaown Hand ftill check'd my forwtrd Joy, 

Iltfh'd me with blulhei, tfao' no Li^t waa near : 

Ttut ev'n the Ad became a ViokuoD. 
Pyr. He's ftrangcly thoughtful. Uallmet 

ee£f. Hark } who was ihatf Ha I Crux, dul'ft thou 
Crt. Not I, my gracioui Lord, nor any here. [Voice 
Oejip., Thu's fttange { methought I heard a dolciul 

Cry'd OfJiput The Prophet bade me lleep, 

?« talk'd of Dreami, and Vifioiu, and to monm t 
U mnfe no more on't, come what will or can. 
My Thoughts are dearer than unclouded Stan t 
And With tho& Tbeughts FIl refl: Crun, good NigKr; 
\Ex. with Kuets^ 

Crt. Sleep feal yoor Eyin npr Suv eternal Sleep. 
But if be mnft flc^ and wake again, O all 
Tarmenting Dreamy wild I^ron of the Nigh^ 
And Ha^ of Fancy wing him through the An : 
ProBi Predpicea huil him. headlong down t 
Cbarjhdii rore. and death be fet before him. 

Jlc. Yoor Curlei have alrcac^ tak'n El&as 
For he looks Tcry iad. 

Crt. May he be nx^ed, where he fiands, fir tvai 
His Eye-balls never move. Blows be unbent. 
Hit Blood, Ids Entrails, Liver, Heait and Bowcb, 
Be blacker than the Place I with bim. Hell. 

Pjr, No more: You tear your felf, but vex not hinu 
Methiukt 'twere brave this Night to force the Templ^ 
Vhile blind TireJUt conjuro up the Fiends, 
And pafs the time with nice Emjdict. 

Ak. Try Promifes, and Threats, and if all M, 
Since HeU''s broke loofe, why ihonid not you be mad^ 
Ravilb^ and leave her deacl, with her Jdrafitit. 

Crt. Were theGlobemine, I'd give^ Province hoorf/ 
For fuch another thought. Lufi, and Revenge 1 
To flab at once the ooly Man I hate. 
And to enjoy the Woman whom I love I 
I aik tw more of aufpidous Stars, 


sn^dL, Google 


OG D I P-tf 9. 

The icfl u fortune pleaft ; -fe hut <Ms N!^ 
She play 1115 fair, w*y, lot hertum fiw ever. 
Entir Hmioii. 

H-rm. MyLord, -the troubled King 'M^CHK-M'cft I 
Vet, etf he flept^ comiqandcd me to ckftr 
The Anbctamberi ; none mnft d»re be near hijn. 

Crt. M^HKii, jtai do your Duty t [?%awiArr.' 

Aiid we obey. — The Night grows yet more fbaidf^ t 
"Fia jufl that all retire to ibat Derotion»i 
The Cods we angry : but ft> Morrow's iat^jt, 
if Prophets do tx>t lie, will oiake alt dear. fA tkyrvog'f. 
Oedipus Etiterj, toa/irng afletp m hit Shirt, toitb ft 
Pagffr in tit right Sand, end aTtfper in iit Uft, 

OedS. O, «y Jocaftai "ti* for this the w« 
Starv'd St^dter 'lies all Nieht on jhe cold .Grom^ j, 
For this he bears the Storms 
Of Wjntec Cunpj, and^reoes i|i his .Anna; 
To bethus^circled, to-be dius etrtfirac'd ; 
That I (Wutd hold rhcc evsr'.' — —Ha-! wh^rent^onl^ 
What means this melanchqly i^i^t, ijut feems 
The Gloom of glowing Embersi 
The Curtain's drawn ; and -fee, lhe> iere ag«in ! 
Jtc^a ? Ua 1 whjt, £ill'n aJleep -fo foon f 
How fares my Love f this'Taper wifl inform me. 
Ha ! L^tning blaft mc, Thufider 
Rivet me ever to Frometbiaf RocI^ 
Ajid Vultures gnaw gut ray incrfiuotts Hoot, 
By all the Gods 1 igy Motber Mertfi ! 
My Sword, aDaMprj Ha, who waits therp? SJawg, 
MySword; what,'ft*»«i,-dar'ft thpu, Viflain, flop ipef 
With thy own Poniard perift. Hb'J wiro'srhii f 
Orjs'ta change of Death 7' 8y all my HoQauK-, 
New murder i thon hall flain old Ptfyius : 
bccft and Paricide, thy Father's murder'd f 
Out thou inferiul flame: liow all is dark,. 
AW blind and difmd, moA uJumphant Mtfchief 1 
And now while thus' I flalk about the Room, 
Ichallenge Fate to find anothv Wntcb 
4dlw Oidipuil ffiu^der, &c. 


sn^dL, Google 

0£ D I'p lu a.' • 3> 

Enter Jo*ft» *fr»tt^ "idftt tgrJifj, A * Khht^mm- 

Otdip. Nighl, H«»ar, 'Itesfh, KJoirfafioa, HS, anc( 
Where am 1 .' O, J-orajhi, kt me Afrtd thee, 1T""<» *' 
Ttas to TOylofom, Agea letme mfethee: 
M that the h^pdeft temper'd -wesuei^-a FMh, 
With fiei'cett hamane Sprrit in^'n'd, on dafe 
Ordo, rdaiti but'oh TtwPow'ri, tfiis was 
By iahaite uegreet too -much Aw MM. 
MeUiiaia my dtrafei J EV4 
jAre burfl; myEres, u^Tthey h^beenloM^J 
Bv lame tcmjxriluoiu Hand, flnot Baifhrng fiin 
That fleep flwuM A) this! 

^'or. Then my F«R *wc"tn»^ 
Methought l-hewd y<«r Voice, and ytt J joctite ^ 
Now roarieg Jike dieOc^an, when the^inds - 
Fight wkt Ac "Waves s now, in a ftiH-ftjiaH tQRC 
Your dying Atcents fWI, ■« tacking 8Mpj, 
After the dreadfal Veil, iink (nurwucing'dmBJ 
And bobble up a Noife. 

Ot£p. Trufl me, thou Fa^reft, beft df jdl'dty^Bp^ 
None e'er in Dreanu was toiWd fo bcfere. 
Yet what moft fhocks the nicends of my T<iT!pe^ 
Ev'n far beyond the kJUijig of my Father, ' 

And my own Death, is, that this !iorrid Hei^ 
Dafoy my fiekii'ancy with an aft rffticeft: ' 
I dreaiM, fatafia, ihat thon wert my Motiwr* 
Which, iho" impci^le, fo Bamps nw Spiritsi, 
That I con'd do a Mifchief on mv fdi 
\je&. I fhould fleep and dream the b&e a^iv. 

"^oc. O Otdifm, too wdl I underftand jm I 
1 knowdieWcatft <Jf Heavn, the Care tX^ehety 
The Cries of its Inhibitatits, War's Toils, >■ 

And tfatni&nd other Labours of the State, 
Are all referr'd to you, anl oijgiit to take yon 
For ever from Jicmfia. 

' Ocdip. LifeofmyLife, andTTCafiureof my Son^ 
Hcav'n knows I lore tfa«e. 

Jac. O, yoa think me nHe, 
A«d of itn Indiuation lb ignoble^ 


sn^dL, Google 

^ C^ D X P U t> 

Tlutiliwift'ludeinefiDm your SyaUt evK ' 

Be witnefit QocU and Itrike 'Jetafitt dead. 

If an inunodeft Thought, or low Delire 

J^flam'd my Breaft, £ace fiift our Loves were lightedl 

Oidif. p T&, and add not, by thy cruel Kindiitfi, 
A Grief m<u« fenfibU than all my TormcDB. 
Thou ihink'lit my Dreami are lorg'd: but by thy &I4 
The O'cateft Oath, I fwear, they are mofl true: 
But, be they what they will, I here difmifs 'emj 
B^on^ Cbim4erai, to your Mother Clouds, 
la there a Fault in us f Have we not fearch'd 
The Woinb of Heav'n, ejfamin'd all the EnuaiU 
Of Bird* and Bealb, and tir'd the Prophet's Ait* 
Yet what avaiU I he, and the Gods together. 
Seem like Phyfidans at a lof» to help as : 
TherefoK, like Wretches that have linger'dbn^ , 
We'll fnatch the ftrongeft Cordial of our Lwe^ 
To Bed, my Fair. . , li 

Gbtfi •viilbin. Qedifut! ■ : 

Qtiif. Ha r who call! ( 
Cid'ii than not hear a V«cef . . 

7b<-.. Alaif I did. 

Cbofi. Jieafia! 

Jac. O my Love, my Lord, fapfonmtt ... 

Otilip. Call louder, till you barft your Airy Fonu f 
Reft on my Hand. Thus, arm'd with Innoofncf^. 
rU &ce thefe babling i>*B»« of the Air- 
In'fpitaofGhofli, rilon, 

Tho' round my Bed the Furies plant their Charnui 
I^ break 'em, with Jotafia in my Arms : . 
Clafp'd in the folds of Love, I'll wait my Deom^; 
And aft my Joya, tho' Thondcr Ihake the Rpom. 


OE D I p u s. 4i> 


SCENE s Jari Grov^: 
Enttr CreoD, on/ Diodes. 
Crf. *'~|~<IS better not to b^ than be unhappy. 
1 Dioc. What nwan you by thefe Mtxiil 

Cre. Tie bettff not to be than to be Crun. 
A thinking Soul Ig Punilhment enough; 
Bnt when 'tis great, like mine, and wretched too^ 
Then evenr Thought draws Bloo-3. 

Dim. Vou are not wrached. 

Cft^ I am : my Souts illmarried to my Bod^. 
J woa'd be young, be handfom, be below'd : 1 

Cou'd I but breauie my felf into Jdrefiui '■■ 

Dit. You rave; eall home your Thoughts. 

Crf. IpntKeelet mySoul takcAirawhilet 
^^ere Ihe im Otdifut, I were a King ; 
Tben I had kill'd a Monaer, gaia'd a Battle; 
And had my Rival Pi^'ner i brare, brave Aftiona ; 
Why hare not I dene thde i 

Dite. Voor Fortune hinder'd. 

Cr«. There's it: I have a Soul to do 'em alj,: 
But FunuK will have nothing done that's pea^ 
But by 'young handfom Fools: Body and Brawn 
Do all her Work : Htrculei was a Fool, 
And Ibaight grew famoQa: a madboiflriHu Foot 
Nay worle, a Woman') Fotd. 
FoM ii the Scuff, of which Heav'n makes a Hero. 

3iac. A Serpent ne'er becomes a Hying Drsgoi^ 
Till he has eat a Serpent. 

€r(. Goes it there} 
I aaderjland thee ; "I muA kUl Mrejui. 

k]i....dL, Google 

'J0. QC D f « u 1. 

Dhc. Or not mjoy your Miltrefs : 
iwjrfi'rf aikl he are P«i'i)«u iuWi 
But will not Itu^ be lb : ebu 1P«ll^tale GJlioA. 
PerJiaps win clear 'em both. 

C«. Well, 'tis refolv'd. 

Dw, Tht Punc^ w^,dii3 Waoij 
Yau mufl not meet her, 
'Till this be dp»fr 

Crt. I muft. 

Z}isf . She hates ynur Sighi; : 
And iBore fince yoa &ccuidW. 

Cr«. Urge h not. ' 
I cannot Hay to tell tliee mj I>efign ', 
Foilbe'i too near. 

Haw, Madam, were your TkragtKi ciafloy'^ t 

^nr. On Death, and thcc. 

Cri. Then were they not well fonc^i Life ■)»»», 
Had been the betta Match. 

£uT. No, I was thinkiiiff 
On two the moS detdled SitnSl in TTacnre s 
And they are Beadi ml thee. 

Crt. Thethoujhtof&eathtoownevDe**'?'^'"^ 
O 'tia a leatfiil thine to be no mare, ffijU 

O if to be, to-waMer after Deathi 
TowalkuSpiriudo, in Brakes dl Dayt 
And when the "DxdtDxSt comes, -to gUteinPttlv 
That lead to Graves : and in the filent VaoI^ 
Where lies yoor own pdc Sbrovwl, to hover o'eri^ 
Striving to enter yonr forbidden Cofps i 
And often, often, Twnty breathe your Ghott 
Into your Hielefi Lips : 
Then, like % lone benighted TrawDer 
Shut out from Xw«dging, fhall your Groans be anfirer^. 
By whiftfag Winds, whofe every Kafl will flake 
Your tender Form to Atoms. 

Eur. Mull I be this thjn 'idfti^ uA tiuu waadaf 
Nq Q^et after IJcKbl . 

D,3.i™dL, Google 

OE > 1 « d A 41 

Cr^ Kow: }lnft imifi kmc 

Uuft be no more-^iGAgoa o£ Dcfisci 

Ant a mM .Lwp Jif Cby t 

Which then your di&OOMiMd Giu)<L nil fctrt. 

And k>uh it; famur i.iMlj,iiig. 

This is.tMfaoftM)£ wW'dmeBaitaElEBtl^ 

Ev'n to the beft. 

Etir. What then fhaU be thy Lot I 
Eienud Tormena, B&th« o[:hiaam.^ik^ i: -. 
Vidffitudea of Fires, and then of Fnik ;. 
And an old Guardian Ften4< i%t]' Bs,tfaaii v^ 
To hollow in thy Earj at «vtry Lafli i 
This(R-£«iyK«j thab fv Imc ..Afr^fab 

Eur. Yeti fcM- her JJrafiui: 
For I]Mtbih>Uik?er dindem: X>Ntfc)«liM!>i)cidht 

Cry. Vou leeu'd to ftu> it. 

far. Bat I mvc fear Ckmm: 
To take that hmwh-back'd Uixite a^mf An^ 
Th' excrefcence of a Man. 

Dioc. t»Cr*. Ec»whatwto'jtM'vegaia'd. 

£««. DauhodlycaM bcdveadM taifaeBadl 
To Inaocencet 'ii» Ulu a Bag^MU dreTAi 
To frigfatea Children ; pull but offl^MaiiE 
And i^' ■I^M' *■ Friond. 

Crf . Vm talk tM ^kt^ 
Of Deatk aod Hdl. Let ibc inform jva hmti. 

Ear. YoubeftcanteUiheNewacf youroMiCoantiyj 

DUc. ^Amj noKytia are too Ihafp. 

Eur. Can I be fo to one who htt acou^d »fr 
Of Murder and of Paricide I 

Cr*. You provok'd me: 
And jct I «iil^ di^^w fu aanA yea^ 
As next of Blood to tt^mt. Scadtit'd* 
And you may live. 

Eur. The Meant r 

Cr*. 'Ti« 4SeeA ym. 
TbcFootJiAiyioiwMmVJHtrfU/.. - 

8.i™dL, Google 

4f OE D I P U 5.' 

Eur. He has indeed, to take the Guik from me: 

Crt^ i&.^yi he lores you ; if he 4oei 'tis weUr 
He ne'er oou'd pwe it in ti better time. 

Emr. Then Death mull be hii Recmapenfc (v Lgve f 

Crt. 'Til a Fool'i joft Reward : 
The wile can make a better nfe of Life : 
But 'tis the young Man's Pletfore i his Ambitioas 
1 grudge him not that Favour. . . 

Eur. When he's dead, 
When; fiiaU I find hit £^ t 

Crt. Every where. 
Fine emp^ things, like him, 
"The Court fwarms with 'em- 
Fine fighting things in Campe they are b taamOB^ 
Crows feed on nothing clfe: Plenty of FooIsJ 
A glut of 'em in thilii. 

AuFoTtuhe Ml takes care they fhoa'd be feen^ t 
She places 'em aloft, o'th' topmoft Spoke 
Of all her Wheel : Fools are the daily Work 
Of N^tnre; ha Vocstiani if ihe form 
A Man, the lofci by'^ 'tis too expenGve; 
'Twould make tm Foots : A Man's a Prodigy. 

Bur. That is a Crtan: O thou bladt Detrafioi^ 
Who fmtt'A ihy Veoom ^^ainll Gods ud Men 1 
Thon Eneniy of Eyes '. ' 

Thou who lov'lt nottuDs; but what nothing lovea^ 
And that's thy felf : who hail confpir'd ag^inil 
My Life- and Fame, to make me loath'd oyaUt 
4nd only fit for thee. 

But for Adrmftui Death, good God), his Death I 
What C<«fe Jhall i laTent i 

Diac. No more : he's hece. 

Eur. He fball be ever here. 
He who wou'd give hi* Life: ^ve op hi* Fame.-* - 

Entir Adrafliu. 
If all the Excellence of Woman-kind 
Were mine; — No, 'tis too little all for bioi: 
Wcie I made m o£fsa<UtJ^cndle6 Jaj«.<~3 

. .Google 

Air. And lb tbou art: 
The Man who loves like me, 
Wau^d thkk er'n In&my, tke worfi of lib. 
Were cheaply purchat'd, were thy Lore the Price: • 
Uacrown'd, a C^tive, nothing 1^[, bat Honour ) 
'Tis the lafl thing a Prince Ihould throw awayi 
Sut when the Storm eroWs loud, and threaieni LovcV 
Throw ev'n that over-hoard, for Love'i the Jewel t 
And laft'it muft be kept. 

Crc. t» Dine. Work him bC &re 
To Rage, he's paflionate i 
Make him- th'A^reffiir. 

Dine. O falfeLove j 61ft Honour. 

Crt. DUTembled both, and faUe I 

Mr, Car'A thou lay this to me f 

Cre. To You ! why what are ^aa, that I {ho&ld fearyoul 
J am not Laias : Hear me. Prince of jlrgoi. 
You give what's nothing, when yon give your Honour r 
Tu fpaei 'tis loll in Battle. For yotir Love, 
Vows made in Wine are not fo mSe ai that : 
You kill 'd her Father; you con/eft'd yon did: 
A ipighty Argument to prove your Palficm to the I>itaghter. 

^dr. [^^(.]Ood5,maltIbearthuBraDdaDdnotKti^ 
The Lye to hi* foul Throjt ! 

Siee. Baiely you kilS'd him. ' . . i. 

Jtlr. [-4£/«.] O, I bum inward : my Blood's all o' be. 
jlidJti, when the pdfon'd Shin fat doTeft, 
Had but an Ague-fit 10 this my FWer. 
Yet for Eutyditt, ev'n thi« I'll fulfcr. 
To frtt my Love —Weir then, I kilt'd him bafely, - 

Crt. Fairly, Tm fare, yon tou'd not 

Dioe. Nor alone. 

Crt. You had your Fellow-thieves aboot you, Piinetji 
They conqaer'd, and you kill'd. 

Jdr. {JfiJi^ Down fwelling Heart I 
'Tkfinr thy Princefeall.— O myBurydUtl — {To htr. 

.£«r. /r) £iM. Reproach DOC thus the Weakndi of my ScX^ 
As if I could not bear a fhaniefiil Death, ' 

Jtathcr than fee you bnrdea'd with a Crime 


4^ OE B s p V & 

Of which I know yoo free. 

Crt. You do ill. Madam, 
To let yom ;h«ad4«>g Love triompli oler Nttuot 
J)arc you dAad your Fuher's Murderer f 

£«r. Y«a kww he kiU'd. him not 

Crt. Let ^in lay lb. 

2^M. Sec, he buida mote. 

Or. O PowV ef Oofciencs, ev^'B-iIl'vncked,Uall' 
It works, it flingg, it will not let hin iittor 
One Syllable, one N» to dear himfelf 
From the nu^ bafe, detelted, hoind AA 
That e'er cou'd ftaim a VilIain,.]HX a Ptioce. 

jlJr. Ha I Villain! 

Difc. £chotahiin Groret.'cr}' VtUaki. 

Mr. Let me oonfider f did I murder Imu, 
Q'hu liike a ViUain r 

Crt. Beft MToke yaor Woidt j 
4m1 <<9 yon kill'd hw Mt. 

^</r. Not likaa ViOain; pridm ehttiBr oeiiat 
For any other Lye. 

i}>«-. No, ViUain, Vmain. 

Crf. You kill'd him aot ! proghim yoMt In h oeenct^. 
Accu&the Prinoers : So I knew 'tuMiU be. . 

Mr. I thank thee, tb<«.is£rsft'ft me: 
No nutter how I kill'd him. 

Crt. {4/U:} Corf'd tLgBin. 

£«r. Thou,wb»i^niip'fi.thelaa«dMMaoFConbi«liM 
Did not thy own dteiue Jum-iuioceBti 
T« me dedare him^ i Tbe Xlaeiball^kww it- 

Cr*. Voa-wia.iiM bebetiev'd, firPU fiNiwnr k. 

£»r-. What's now thy Confcieace? 

Crt. 'Ti» my Slave, my Drudge, mffirpple Glow, 
My t4f>erGa)!taint, teputau, thiDw off, 
As I chink bell : 'Tb my.Dhedintt Qmidaue. 

Mr. In&mouG Wteteh I 

■£re. My. -ConfuancB ftoll not. do ne^Q ill. Office 
To&vca Riml'aLifei when thou,«t dead, 
<At dead thtm Ihalt he, ocbe jnt. mwe,b«& 
Than thou thidcttauv 


LM I. .J I, Google 

0£ B I « c s. 4^ 

"By (brfeiting her Lift, to iave tfaydwn, ■**■>— ')^ 
Know thia, and Id ic grate thy vny Soiil, 
She Hull be mine : (me is, if Votes vtnlMiiBg-i 
Maik me, c&e Fniit of ftU thy Faickcnd paffion* 
£v*a of tbjr fbolilh Dnth, (bail tU be mine. 

JJr. 'Hiiite, fay'fl thou, Moofier i . 
Shall my Love be thine i 
O, I QUI bear Qo^oiWe I 
Thy cnnnbM ^g j&eslunc-iridt labour rai^d 
My heavy Aager, like a mi^ty We%h^ 
To fall and raOi thee dead. 

See here thy Nuptiab; fee thoanfll/nnr, [^rwur^ 
Thy promig'd yuna viniOl'diii v dond ; 
And in her Room avenging Thunder rolh 
Toblafttheedim— C6aie bath. ■■ »■■■ '{Ari<6«w; 

Crt. 'Tiswhwiwifliy t 

Now fee whofe Arm can lanch ^-fiirec Aol^ 
AAdwfcbfe the better' 7mm/ — — fFirht^ 

Bmr. UAp i Ubidav help I 
Enter Hsanaaaiid Gturdi, ran hUtoixt llem mni biat 
itvm tbrir StUm-Ju [rics* 


Htm. MoId'duldyoQrinnnoiuHandatldnnktlwfW 
To whten thn Gtwe is bolWV, iUwcriO" ' ' 
Now, by my Soul tte )Kdica>Eart}i'of ti 

You hsrc plbEu'S with Wac Ncrltatjiiap F 

Grows hae,. hnt what ir M widr Bfagisk Ibiiie, 
All full of hutnans SoaUj lliat den^elnnr n^'ki 
To dante iLiitiixtt^t\tfiui-i&(aCif^^»xU: 
At leafttwo hundred Yttn-thde mwaiit Shadet 
Hxn known na Btooi, hut of black Shatp taA Oxo^ 
SiiedfaythePiieft's'arra Hand ta Pt^^ffhtr. 
' r i^A-. FoAglvexScnUget'atgMiRiiK: Ikoawnot 
The Honours of the Place. 

B«w, Thou, CroM, didlt. 
Not Otdiiiu, wcre-all his Foes liSR' ladg'd, 
I>urA viriate the ReHeioa of thde Graves, 
To much one fingte Ukir : hot tnaA, OKrai'd, 
Parley as in Truce, or furlily avoid 
What moA ha long'd to kilL 


^ OE D I p u $.' 

Crt. I drew n« firftj " %} 

But in my own Defence. 

JA: I muptovok'd 
Seyond Mau't Patience : all Reproach oould nrgi 
Was lu'd to kindle one not apt to bear. 

Hiem. 'Ti$Oedifu,tiotl mnft judge tlut Aft: 
Lord Crtur, you and Ducltt retire : 
Virifiai, and the Brother-hood of PricAi, 
Approach die Place : Kbne at thefe Rita affif^ 
fiat you th'accus'd, who by the Mouth of Zx^'m 
Muft be abfblv'd or doom'd. 
,- jUr. I bearmy Fortune: 

Eur. And 1 provoke my Trial. 

arm. Tig at Hand. 
JFor fee the Prophet comes with Verrin crawn'd. 
The Priefti'witb Yew, a venerable Band i 
We leave yoa to the Gods. 

[Ex. Htemott luitb Creon «•/ Diodes. 
Enter Tirdiai, Udbf Manto : 72« PritpfiUavi ; aUtkthid 

in kkg black Htdnti. 
, ?iV. Approach, ye I^verg) 
Jll-fated Pair ! whom, feeing not, I know : 
Thia Day your kindly Stars in Heav'n were jdn'd i 
When to, an envious Planet iniopot'd. 
And threaten'd both with Death : 1 fax, I (ear. 

Eur. la there no God To much a Friend to Lov^v 
Who .can control the Malice of our Fatei 
Are they all deaf F or have the Gianti Heav'n 1 

7<r. The Gods are jufl. 

Bi^ how can Finite meaCiTc Infinite? 
Reafon! alaf.itdoeanatknowitfelf ! 
Ve^Maoi vain Man, WDa;d with this ftioit-Un'd Plummet 
Fathom the vaft Abyfs of heavUy . Jnftice. 
Whatever is, is in itaCaufc&jufti . 
Since all thhigi'are ^ Fate. But porUiad \ba 
Scei but a part oth' Chain: the neareft Links] 
His Fyes^not carryii^ ta that eqo^^cam 
That poifes all abow, 
Ew. Then we mifl die I 


OE D J p u & Iff 

T?/-. The Dangor's imminent this Day. 
jAA". Why then there's one Day lefs for huiaan nisi 
And who wou'd moan himfeJf, for fuffering that, 
VhicJi in a Day muft pafsf lamethin^ or nothing— ~> 
J^ihall be wliat I was again, before- 
I was- Adn^ui ; -*■*— 

Petmrious Heav'n, can'A thou not add a Niglir 
to our one Day > ^ve me a Night with her. 
And I'll give all the reft. 

"tir. She IwlMher Vo* 
PirS made to Crttn: hn the time calla on: 
And ht^s Dcadi muft'now be made mora p!aiwi| 
How loth I am to have recourfe to Rites 
So fuU of HoiTour, that I once rejoice 
I want thb ufe of Sight ' 

I Pr. The Ceremonies iby. 
Tir. Choofc the darlieft part o'lh' Grove i 
Sach as Gliofis at Noou'day lave, 
D'^ a Trench, and dig it nigh 
Wiere the Bones of Ltgiu lie. 
Altars rais'd of Turf or Stone, 
Will th' Infernal Pow'rs have none,' 
Anjwer me, if this be done? 
All Pr. 'Tis d«i«: 
Tir. IstheSacri^Ee madcfitf 
Draw her backward to the Pit-: 
Draw the barren Heifer back ; 
Barren let her be, and blaek.' 
Cut the curled Hak that gtows 
Full betwixt her Horns and Browj: 
And cum your Faces from the San: 
AnlWer me, if this be done? 
AllPr. 'Tis done. 

Tir. P^urriA^tlHtdrand^iMd like Wins, 
To Mother Earth and Pro/trfini: 
Mingle Milk into the Stream ; 
VgA the Ghofls that love the Steam ; 
Snatch a Brand frou FtiiKTalPile'i 
ToJi it in to make 'em hm\ ; 

C Ami 

Disn^dt, Google 

f OE D I F U 9. 

■ Aftd turn yonr Faces frem the Sunj 
AnlM'er me, if all be done I 
AUPr. AU is done. 
{P4al if fbunJtr; and-FlaJha tf Ligbtning; then 
Groaning biletu the Stage. 
Man. O, what LaineiKB are thofe! [wkh Pain, 

' 7ir. The Groans of Ghoftg, that cleave the Earth 
And heave- it up : they pant and ^ck half way. 

[75* Stage w&Bify darkeiid. 
Man. And now a fudden Darknels covers all. 
True genuine Night: Night added to the Groves i 
The Fvp are blown fuU m the Face of Heav'n. 

7i>. Am 1 but half obey'd f Infernal Gods, 
Muft you have Mufick too f then tune your Voices, 
And let 'em have fuch Sounds as Hell ne'er heard 
Since Orfhiui brib'd the Shades, 

MttJUk Jirft. ntn Sing. 

I. Sear, ye fulUn Povj'rt htbv/ : 

Hear, ye Toilers tf the Dead. 
Z. Yoa that bailiff Cauldreni t&nv, 

Tiu that fitttn the melten Lead. 
g. You that ttJKh luitb Red-bat Ttiigit 

1. Tau that drive the trembling Hajti 

Of poor, peer Gbajli, 
With ymtr fiarfetC i Prangs i 

2. Teu that tbrafi W off' the Brim; 

J. Teu that phitge'em •when ibeffwim: 
|. 7iUthey drvwni 
Till thtf go 

Dvwn, i«iBn, Awn 

r«i thiafimi, thoufund, tbaufand Ftthms bvt. 
Chorus. Till they dretun, &c. 
I. Mufcijor a -while 

Shall your Caret beguile : 
, Wondrinr hmuyaur Patni tuert Itu'di 
p. JnJ difSainiug t» be pliMt'Ji 



OE D I F U 5. jf^ 

3. Till PtX^nfrtt tbt JtaJ 

Fr»m their etimal Bands ; 
Till tht Snail) drop fratn her Head, 

And Wbipfrhm wit her HanJi. 

J>9 net fiof. 
But aitf 
wait -aie tlofi 

Far Heir, bre^e up, mnd Chop bavt Rolj-J^. 
Chorus. Comt avim, lie. 

[A fUfli of Lightning; The Stage i> made bright, 
and cheGhofts are fcen paffing betwixt thcTrees, 
I. Lajus! 2. Lajus! 3. Lajus! 
i.Hearf 2. Hear.' $.Hear.' 
Tir. Hear and appear. 
By the Fates that Jpua tit Thread; 
Cho. Which are three, 
Tir. By the Furies fiira, andiriad} , 
Cho. Which are threi, 
Tir. By the Judri, ./ th* dtadl 
Cho. Which an three, 

Three tiaes three! 
Tir. By Hell's blue Flatnt: 
fif-zSr Stygian Lake: 
And by DemogorgonV Name, 

At -which Ghoft! qxaie. 
Hear and appear. 
[The Gholl'of Lajus rifes arm'd in \,h Chariot as he 
was llain. And behind his Clurioc, ht the three 
who were murder'd with him. 

Ghej! of Lajus. Why haft thou drawn me from my 
To fulfer worle above ; to fee the Day, [I'ains below, 
And rhebes more iiated? Hell h Hcav'a to -{hetes, . 
For Pity fend me back, where J may hide, 
hi willing Night, this ignominious Head: 
In Hell 1 ihun the publick Scorn; and then 
They hunt me for their Sport, and hoot me as I fly; ^ 
Sehold er'n now they grin at my gor'd lide, 

C a Ant 

1 1, Google 

iX OE D- I. P u s. 

And chatter at my Woundj. 
■ Tir. I pity thee : 

'Tell but why Tixiu is for thy Death accurfl. 
And 1 Jl unbind the Charm. 

iGheft. O fpare my Sliame. 

fir. Are Ade two Innocent ? 

Chiijf. Of my Death they are. 
JBut he who holds my Crown, Oh,, muft I fpealcf 
Was dacun'd to do what Nature mofi abhors. 
The Gods forclkw iti and forbad his Being, 
^fiefore he yet was born. I broke their Laws, 
And doth'd with Flelh his pre-exitting Soul. 
Some kinder Pow'r, too weak forDeltiny, 
Tookuity, andindu' form'd MaS 
WiUi Temperance, Juftice, Prudence, Fordcudc, 
And every Kingly Virtu*: But in vain. 
for Fate, that fent him hood-winkl to the World, 
. Per&rm'dits work by his miflaking Hands. 
Ask'ft thou who munier'd me ? 'twas Oedipiu: 
Who flains my Bed with InceA? OtJifiu: 
for whom then are you ctirft, hx Oediput I 
He tomesi the Paricide; I cannot bear him : 
My Wounds ake at him : Oh his murd'rous Bmtlv 
'Venoms my airy Subtlaaoe ! hence with him, 
Banifh him ; fweep him out; the Plasie he bean 
Will blaft your Fields, and mark his Way with Ruin, 
from Thtbei, my Throne, my Bed, let him be driv'n ; 
Do you iorbid lum £artb, aiid I'll forbid him Hcav'n 

[GM dcfctttJt. 
on, isc. 

E attr Oedipai, Creon, Hxmon, 

OeJip. What's this! methought Tome peftilential Blaft 
Struck me juft entringi aod fome unfeen Hand 
Struggled to pofh mehackward .' tell me why 
>4y3lairilaiidibriiUing up, why myFIdh trembles! 
You ftare at me ! then Hell has been among ye. 
And fome lag Fiend yet lingers in the Gnive. 

Tir. What Omen faw'A thou entring? 

OeJip. A young Stork, 
That bore his agi^ Pareal on hit Back; 

- . ■ Titf 

I L, Google 

OE D I p V Sr 5fl|;. 

TiU weary with the weight, flwfhook him off. 
And peck'd- oat 'both kis^yei, 

Mr. Ob, Otdipui! 

Eur. Oh, wretched OtJipas ! 

Tir. O ! Fatal King ! 

OeJip. Whatinean?OiiifcE)cclaftiitiomonrhyNanieP,, 
IthaiBc thcGods, nofeCfttThoilghts reproach me; 
No: IdareChaffeMee'Hcav'nto mm nieoatvrard. 
And ^ake my SodT qtute empty in jxiar Sight. 
Then wonder not that I can bear immoT'd 
Thde fix'dR^iards, and Ulent Threats of Eyei; 
A sineroas Fiercencfc dwells with Irmocence t 
And cottfctoiu Virtue is allow'd fome Pride. 

Tir. Thou know'ft not WhM thou fay'ft. 

OeJif. What miittershe! tell me, EtityJrce: 
Thou ihak'ft: Thy Souf'i a Woman. Speak, Adrajhu',- 
And boldly as thou metfl my Arms in fight ; 
Dar'il thou not ~fpeik? why then "us bad indeed; \ 

TinStu, "Aee i fummmi by thy Priefthoad, 
TeU me what News from Hell: TVhere hi^i pointy 
And who's thc^ittyHead I 

Tir. Let mc not anfwer. 

0€itp. Be dumb ihieo, and betray thy nadvc S jU 
To fanUr Plaguet. 

Tir. I dare not nane him to tliee. 

Otdif. Dar'Il thou cooverfe with Rltll,' and cagfl 
thoa ji»r 
An human Nsine ! 

Tir. U^ me n« more to telladifnt, which known- 
Wonld make thee more unhappy : 'Twm be (band, 
Tiw* I am lUent. 

Qtdip. Old and obftbiate I Then thou thy ftff 
Alt Author or Accomplice of thit Marcher, 
And flinn'ft the Juftice, whidi by pablidc Bim 
Thoo hall incuTT'd. 

Tir. O, if the Gulk were mine 
It were not half lb great : Enow wretched Ibfon^ 
Thoa only, t^oa art euilty i diy bwQ Cmfe 

EiUt keavy on thjr li 

54 OE D I p u s. 

Otdip. Speak thii again : 
But Ip»k k to the Windg when they are loudcft : 
Or to the raging Seas, thej''!! hear as Aon, 
And fboner will bdievc. 

7Vr, Tljen hear me Heav'n, 
For blufliing thou haft feen it: Hear me Earth, 
Wkofe hollow Womb could not contain this Murder, 
But fern it back to Light: And thou Hell, hear me, 
Whefe own black Seal has '£rm'd this horrid Truth, 
Ocdifui murthcr'd iMJus. 

Oidip. Rot the tongue. 
And biafled be the Mouth that fpoke that Lye. 
Thou blind of Sight, but thou more blind of SohI. 

fir. Thy Parents thought not lb. 

OtJip. Who were my Parents? 

Tir. Thou flialt know too foon. 

OcJip. Why fcek I Truth from theef 
The Smiles of Courtiers, and the Harlots Tears, 
The Tradefman's Oaths, and Mounung of an Heir, 
Are Truths to what Priefts tell. 
O why has PHeft-hood Privilege to lye. 
And yet to be believ'd! — thy Age ptoteflg thee— — 

7ir. Then canA not kill me; 'tis not in thy Fate, 
And 'twas to kill thy Father; wed thy Mother; 
And beget Sons, thy Brothers. 

Oidip. Riddles, Riddles! 

Tir. Thou art thy felf a Riddle j a perplext 
Obfcure Enigma, which when thou u]iiy% 
Thou (halt be found and loft. 

' Oedip. Impoffible ! 
Jdraftui, fpeak, and'as thon art a King, ' 
Whofe Rtwal Word is lacred, dear my Fame. 

Adr. Wou'd I cou'd \ 

Or dip. Ha, wilt thou not : Can that P Wrfa* "Vioe 
Of Lying Mount 10 Kings ! can they be tainted I 
Thfn Truth is lofl on Earth. 

Cre. The Cheat's too graft: . 
Adraftus is his Oracle, and he, 
The pioDi Juggler, but Airttfimi Organ, 

• Ot£p. 


OE D I F V S. Sf 

9edif. 'Tis plain,t)ie Prieft's ruboni'd to free the Prb'ner. 
Crt. And turn the Guilt on you, 
OtJif. O, honefi Crnn, lunv hafi thou been bely'd 2 
Exr. Hear me. 

Crt. She's brib'd to feve her Lover's Life. 
JJr. If, OtJipHt, thou think'fl ■ — 
Cre. Hear hini not ioeak. 
Adr. Then hear thcfe holy Men. 
Crt. Priefts, Priefts all brib'd, all Pridls. 
Oedip. Adraftui I have found thee: 
The Malice of a vanquifli'd Man has feiz'd thee. 

Adr. If Envy and not Troth 

Oedit. I'll hear no more: Away with him. 
[Hjemon takti bim tflyfiree : Creonaad Eurydi<^ 

Ta Tir.^ Why ftand'ft thou here, Impoftor V 
So oU, and yet fo wicked^— Lye for ^iln i 
And Gain fo Ihort aa Age can pnmife thee i 

Tir. So fhort a time ai I have yet to live 
Exceeds thy pointed HouTi Remember Zi^'w ; 
No more ; if e'er we meet again, 'twill be 
In mutual Darknefs : we fhall feel before OS 
To reach each other's Hand ; remember Lafut. 

; ££*. Tirefiaj : Pri^ifilhv). ■ 
OEdipiu JbIus, 

Remember £</«/ / that's -the Burden ftilh 
Murder and Incell ! but to hear 'em nam'd 
MySoalAartsin me: The good Sentinel 
Stands to her Weapons; takes die firft Alarm 
To Guard me from fuch Crimes— Did I kill Lajtuf 
Then I walk'd Ileeping, in fome frightful Cream, 
iAj Soul then dole my Body out by Night .- 
And brought me back V3 Bed ere Morning-wake. 
It cannot be even this ^emoteft Way, 
But fbme dark hint would julUe forward now. 

And goad my Memory Oh my Jscafiat 

Enttr Jocafta. 

yat. Why are yon thus difturb'd? 

Qtdip, Why, would'A thou think hi 

C4 ."i 

p.,,i....jL, Google 


OE D I p u 4. 

N&kCa tkwj-MnrtJcr. 

yjjf. .Murder' w.hat of KonicTf 

Oid^. 'Is 'Murder then no noref add 'Parici^e, 
And Incefi j j>ear pot UvTc a frightful Sound i 

7«-. Alas! 

Of<A>. Ho* ptmr a Tky U AIm 
For two fuch Crimes! — was ta/ojosM to lyef 

7oc Oh no: Theqieft ri|icere,plain,faoneA.Mail~^; 
One who abhorr'd a -Lye. ' 

OfJip. Thenhe hasgot thjt Qaality in;HeU. 

He charges me but why aecufc I him ? 

Idid not hear hitn ^leakic: They accuTe me; 
The Prieft, Adrajiu! and Evrydict, 

Ofawrdering Lajas Tell me while 1 tbiflk ont, 

. Has old 7(r^/ prai^is'd Ipng this Tradef 

Joe. Wfiat Tradef 

Oedip. Why, this fbretdhng ^fVade? 

Joe. For many Veaw. ■ '' 

Oidip. Has ke liefore thu ^Day jwqu'd pie9 

7«, Never. 

Oedif. HaveyoueKlhi$int|iiiT'd,lriwdidt)4(nfiudeit 

7k-. Often; but *ill in vara. 

0*fl'f>. I em (a(i«fy'd. 
Then '(is -anlnfBM-lyei .boHioe "Dm old. 
The Oracle takes place-be&rc the Priefl; 
The Blood of i^'w was to murda L<gat: 
I'm not of Lajui's Blood. 

y<K. Ev'n Oracles 
Are always doubtful, nd are often fbt^d : 
Lajut bad one, which never wajfUfiU'dT 
JJoreiercan be now! 

Oedip. Andwbatforecold ir? 

yec. That he fliould have a Son hf tne, -fbrc-Jooin*d 
■The Murdererofhis Father: True indeed, 
A £on wat bom ; but to prerent that 'Crtm^ 
The wretcted In&ot of a guilty Fate, 
Xor'd through his untry'd t'eet, and bound with Cord^ 
On a bleak Mounbiin, .nalfedw^s ejcpos'd : 
'i if JCing himlcif tiT'd iminy, nai^ Vesis^ 

t,..." And 

Lxj I. .J I, Google 

OKtitPVS, 57; 

And found a differeni Fate; by Rdbberj murdet'd. 
Where three Ways meet: Vet thefe Ut OaCleai 
And this the Faith we owe 'em. 

Otiip. Say'ft thoo, WoWiin^ 
Bf Heav"!! thon haft aivafcgti'd fomewhat fti ih*. 
That Shakes raj tcit SouI ! 

Joe. Wtet, new Dflhirt«n«! t^'d'ftit?), 

Oe^. Metfronghtthoa feiiTIl— (or da I dram thou- 
Thi» fcfnnier was on tafiit' PeHbn don^. 
Where thtw Ways Hieet? 

yac. So cdmmoa Fame rnions. 

OtJip. Would it had ty'd. 

Joe. Why, jcad my Lord f 

Oidip, No ^efhoits ; 
Tis bofy time with me ( ifirpMch ittidfe llril ,. 
Say where, ■vrtterewnt it fcoel 

^«f . Wean you the Murder f 


yoc. They fey in Phocide-, on the Verge that partj it 
From BauAa, and from helphas, 

Otdif. So ! — How haig ! when happeti'd this [ 

Joe. Some litrfe time bfefcre you tatne to 73rf«. 

OfA>. What will the Gods da with me\ 

Joe. What means that T nought ? 

Oidip. Something: Bat 'tis not yet your Turn t6 asfc 1( 
How old was ia/a/, what his Shape, his Stature, 
HisAilion, and his Mitn ? quick, qukli,your AnrwCr-^ 

Jae. Big made he was, and taU : Hia Port Was fierce 
Erea his. Countenance: Manly Majelly 
Sate in his Front, and daited-from his Eyes, 
Commanding all he viewed : His Hair jull grfeled. 
As in a greco efd Age : Bate bat his Yean, 
Yew are his Plftyre. [Piftorel' 

0/i/i;^.[.^^][*ray Rear'nhedreif^niEiKFtt amXhii 

Jtc. Sol have ofcen told you. 

Otdif. True,, yon have! 
Add that to the reft: How wa! the Kinj 
Attended when hfe nrn^ell'd? 

Jec. By four Ssn'ants : 

D,3.i™dL, Google 

ft OE D I p u is. 

He went ont privately, 

Otilip. Well counted flill : 
Onefcap'd I hean what llnce became of him? -, 

yoc. When he beheld you firft, as King in Titier, " 
He kneel'd, and trembling begg'd I would dirmift hun } 
He had xny Leave i and now he livea retii'd. 

Oejif. This Man mult be produc'd; he ioa&,jBtafia, 

yoc. He Ihail — yet have I leave to aik you why ? 

Oedip. Ves, youfhallknow: Forwherqfhouldliepofil 
The AnguiAt of my Soul, but in your Breafl I . 

1 need not tell you Carintb claims my Biith i 
My Parent*, Pefyhm and Merapt, 

Two Royal Namet; their only Child lun I. 
It happen'd once; 'twas at a Bridal Feaft, 
. One warm with Wine, told roe I was a FoandliD|^ 
Not the King's Son; 1 Hung with this Reproach, 
Struck bim : My Fathcf heard of it: The Man 
Was made ask Pardon ; and the BuflneTs bufli'd. 
yoc. 'Twas fome what odd. 
Oedip. And llrangely it perplext me, ; 

2 Sole away to Delpbos, and implor'd 
The God, to tell my certain Parentage. 

He bade me feek no faither :- 'Twas my Fate 

To kill my Father, and pollute his Bed, 
Sy marrying her who bore the. 

Jac. Vain, vain Grades I 

Oedip. But yet they frighted mCi 
1 lookc on Corinth as a Place accurll, 
Kefolv'd my Deltiny Jhould wait in vain ; 
And ncT.-r catch me there. 

Jx. Too nice a Fear. 

Otdip. Sa^ndyourThooghU) and flatter itot too (boa. 
Juft in the Place you iiam'd, wherethrec Wavt fflcct,j 
And near that time, £ve Pedonj I encouater'd i 
One was Coo like, (Heaven grant it prove not him) 
Wliom yon defcribe for Lajm : InfolenC 
And fierce they were, as Men who liVd on Spdfl. 
I jud^d 'em Robbers, and by Force repdl'd 
The Forc« they ns'd: laJhort, (o\u Men I ilcff: 


OE D I p u s. 59 

Tli« fifth optxi hia Knees demanding Life, 

My Mercy pvc it Bring me Comfort now. 

If I flew Lajiu, what am be more wretched I 

From Tbtbrt and you my Curie hat bai^'d me : 

from Corinth Fate. 

yoc. Perplex not thai yonr Mind i 

My Hudtand fell by Multicudea oppreft, 

So P herbal ^\A: This Band you chanc'd to meet; 

And murder'd not my Lajui, but reveng'd him. 

Oedif. There'sallmy Hope: Let /'^r^w tell me this, 

And I (hall live amin- 

To yon, good Go^ I make my laft Appeal i 

Or dear my Vittue, or my Crime reveal : 

If wandring in the maze of Fate I run. 

And backward trod the Paths I lought to Ihun, 

Impute my Errcn^ to your own DKree; 

My Hands are Guilcy, but my Heart ii free. \Ex. Ambj 


Enter Pyracmon and Creon. 

, ;oguc& 

When you are pleas'(C by a malidous Joy : 
Whofe red and flCTy Beams call through your Vifage 
A glowing Pleafure. Sure you fmile Revenge, 
And I could gladly hear. 

Cri. Would'ftthou believe! 
This giddy hair-brain'd King, whom old Ttrtjiai 
Has Thunder-ftruck with heavy Accda'ion, 
Tbrf confcious of no inward Guilt, yet fears j 
He fears Jatafta, fears himfelf, hb Shadow ; 
2itc fear* the Multitude ; and, which ii worth 

sn^dt, Google 

ftp OE © I p *j fli 

/« Age of LugktCT, ont .oCi^ MaakiBd, 
He choo(ctK«t»belusOBafar: 
Swean that .^Ur^jCaj, and the loB-loak'd fMfket> 
Are joint CcnfpiaUffs; Anlwifh'd nc to 
Appcaie the ravii^ TithiMji which I Awoec 
To do. 

/"jr. A dangopu Uadwttkiag { 
pirefijy <rootue to yaai wm laienA. 

Crr No, dull Pyraamn ; .vhta I Ifft Ids FrdMM^ 
AVith >U the Win^ with wiiidi Rcvcnp caoU imf 
My Flight, I gam'd the aidft o'th' City i 
There, Iknfling on a Pile of dead and ^k^ 
1 10 the mad and ficldy Multitude, 
With internipiinx Gobs, ciy'^daucO 7luiiti; 
O wretched ^iif/^^, tify £uig, tify OeJifiu, 
This barbarous SaangBt, tl»5 U^rpcr, Ucm&eT, 
hby the Oiade, thewiib fir^, 
Frodaim'd the Murderer of thy Royal Lajiist 

yeffl/a too, n9lpn^er»iDv¥WftJi«> 

19 found Coiaplotter in the hopjd fiecd. 
Here I rcnounceail tyeof Hoodand Mature, 
For ihee, O Ththcs, Aeirjhibii, poor bleeding Thtitf. 
And th^ere I wept, and t^ the lU^^ howi'H, 
And roar'd, and with a thouland andck Mouths 
Gabbled Reveaae, Reveneewsf all tha Cnr, 

Pyr. Thiscannotiail; IfeeyouoatheThronci. 
And Oedipui call ai}t. 

Cre. Then ftraight came on 
Ahatidcr, With a wild and beUowing CroudC 
Whom he had wrought; I whifper'dhim to join. 
And head the Forces while the Heat was in 'em: 
So to the Palace I return' J, to meet 
The King, and greet hkn with another Stoiy. 
Bni fee, he enters. 

Enter OedlpUS mni locsfla, atlinJeJ. 
OeJip. Said you that Pbarlai is retum'd, and yet 
Intreats he may return, without being ask'd 
Of ooght cosceming what we h»ve £fcovei'd i 


D,3.i™dL, Google 

. OE D I p tf 5. 6i 

yee, He-ftaited when 1 tdd hhyonr Intent, 
Replying wbnt iie knew of that Affair 
Vould gire in) SadsfafUon to the King ; 
Then, felling on his Knees, begg'd, as (or Ufi^ 
To be difmifs'd from Court : Hetrembled vx>. 
As if coDvnUlve Death had feiz'd i^n him. 
And llamKm''d in his abrupt Fray'r fo wSdty, 
That had he been tlie Munleier of hajut. 
Guilt and DiAraAion eouM net larre fliook him morel 
Oidif. By yourDefcriptioD, iureasPIag;imandDndk 
lay wxAe our Thihts, &>me deed that fliuna the XJgfat 
Be^ thole fears : If thou re&efl'lt my Peac^ 
Secure him, dear Jocafia ; \ai ny Getntu 
Shrinks at hii Name. 

Jbc. Rather let him go: ' 

So my "poor boding Heart woold have it be^ 
Without a ReafoD. 

Oedii. Hark, the ^tlant come t 
Therefore retire; And once more, if th*u Iov9 IH^ 
J>t Pherbat be retain'd. " 
Jot. You Ihall, while I 
Have Life, be ftitl obey'd: 

In vainyoafooth me with your IbftEndeantnitv 
And fet the falrtfl Counteaance to rtew ; 
Your gloomy Eyes, my Lord, betray a I>»dtRft 
And inward Languifliing -. That Oracle 
Eats like afobiil Worm its renom'd Way, 
Preys on your Heart, and rotj the noble Core, 
Howe'er the beauteous Outlide fhewsfo lordy. 

Ociip. O, thpu wilt kill me with thy Love's cKefi f 
All, all is well ; retire, the ^bthani come. \Kx. Joc^ 

Chuji. OtdlUi'. 

Oeilp. Ha! again that Scream of Woe' 
Thrice have 1 heard, thrice fioce the MomingdawaM 
It hoUow'd loud, as if my Guardian Spirit 
Call'd from fome vaulted Mansion, Otdiput! 
Or is it but the Work of Melancholy ? 
When the Sun fets. Shadows, thatlhew'J at Not» 
Bat finall, appear moft hug and terrible ; 


€*^ OE D I p u s. 

So when we tlunlc Fate hovers o'er our Hoult, 

Our Apprdtenfioiu Ihoot beyond all bounds, ' - 

Owb, fUvens, Cricketg feem the Watch of Deaths 

Nature'* worit Vermin fcare h^ Godlike Sou. 

Echoes, die very leavings of a Voice, 

Grow babling Ghotb, and call us to our Gravei ; 

Each Mole-hill Thought fwelb to a huge Ofympui. 

While we fantallick Dreamen heave and p^ 

Andfweat with an IntaKinadon's wdght; 

As if, tilie Atiai, with £efe mortal Shoulders 

We could fuftxin the Borden of the World. 

[Creon ttmtifirtDM-i. 

Crt. O, Ikcred Sir, my Rojal ' — ' 

OtJip. What now? 
Thou feem'ft afiVightcd at fome dreadfiil A&itm, 
Thy Breath comes (hor^ thy daned Eyes are £Jct 
On me for Aid, as if thou wen puriu'd : 
I fent thee to the Theiaai, fpeak thy Wonder i 
Fear not, this Palace is a SanAuary, 
The Ki^ himfelf s thy Guard. 

Cre. ¥qx me, alas, [yows [ 

My Life's not worth a Though^ when weigh'd wUlt 
But fly, my Lord, fly as your Life is lacred. 
Your Fate is predous to your &ithflil Criim, 
Who therefore, on his Knees, thus proltrate begs 
You would remove fiom Th^i that vows your Ruin. 
When I but ofier'd at your Innocence 
Tiiey Kather'd Stones, and menac'd me with Death, 
And drove me through the Streets, with Imprecation* 
Agaiufl your facred Perfon, and thoTe Traitors 
Wuchjuftify'd your Guilt: Which curs'd Tirtfiai 
Told, as from Heav'n, was Caufe of their DeAruftion. ' 

OiMp. Rife, worthy C7-mi,halleandtakeour Guard, 
Rank 'em in equal Part upon the Square, 
Then open every Gate of this our Palace, 
And let the Torrent in. Hark, it comes. [Shout. 

I hear 'em roar : B<sane, and break down all 
The Dasu that would oppofe their furious Paflage. 

[£x. Creen -wilb GnarJt. 


0£ D I p V s., >$$ 

Enltr Adntftog, bii S-wtrJ droKtH. ' 

-«r. Your City 
I) all in Arnu, ail bent to your Deltruftioa: ' 
I iLcard but new, where I was dofe conJin'd, 
K thundring Shout, which made my Jaylon vanifh. 
Cry, Fire the Palace) where'g the cruel King ? 
Yet, by th' Infernal Gods, thofcawfiil Pow'ri 
That have accos'd you, which thefe Ears have hean^ . 
And thefe Eyesleen, I muft believe you guiltl«^; 
For, lince I knew the Royal Otdiput, 
I hare obterv'd in all his AfU fuch Truth 
And God-like Cleamds; that to the lafi gulk 
Of Blood and Spirits, Til defend his Lift. 
And here have fworn to perifh by hit Side. 

Oidip. Be wttne&, Gods, how near this touches m«, 

[Embracing Urn, 
O what, what RecompenTe can Glory make i 

Jdr. Defend your Innocence, fpeak like your Iclf^ 
And awe the Rebels with your dauntlefi Virtue. 
But, hark I the Storm comes nearer. 

Oidif, Let it come. 
The force of Majefty is never known 
ftit in a general Wrack : Then then is feea 
The Difference 'twixt a Threftiold and a Throne. 
Enler Creon, Pyracmon, Aleander, TireCas, Theban*. 

Alt. Where, Where's this cruet King f yif^an^, behold 
There Hands yoor Plague, the Ruin, De&lation 

Of this unhappy -fpeaki ihall I kill him? 

Or fhall be be call out to BaDifhment! 

AH thtb. To Baniflunent, away with him. 

Oedif. Hence, you Barbarians, to your flavilh DiflanCe ] 
Fix to the Earth your fordid Looki ; for he 
Who ftirs, dares more than Mad-men, Fiends, or Furies, 
Who darea to face me, by the Gods, as well 
May brave the Maje^ of Thundring Javt. 
Did I for this relieve you when befice'd 
By this fierce Prince, when coop'd widiin your Wall)^ 
And to the very brink of Fate reduc'd ; 
Whca lean->iw'd Famine made more HsTOck of you, 

1 1, Google 

H OEi> I p t; f.' 

Than does the Plague 1 But I rejoyce I know yea. 
Know the bsfe StuffitJ»t temper'd yoar vile Sools: 
The Gods be prais'd, I needed not yeur Empire, 
Bom to a greater, nobler, of my own ; 
Kor {hsQ the Scepter of the Earth now win me 
T^o rule fuch Brutes, fo barbarous a Peeplc. 

jUr. Methislu.aiy Lord, I fee a £ii Repentance, 
A general Conjlemation fpread amoi^ 'em. 

Oidip. My Reign is at -an end; yet ere I finUh-— h, 
I'll do a Jufiice that becomes a Monarch, 
A Monarch, who, i'ch' midll of Swords and TaveJintr, 
Dares aft as on his Throne encompaft raund 
With Nations for his Guard. Akanicr, you 
Arenobly boni,tberefbrelhalllofe ysur>H^ : ^Ztixtt him, ' 
Here, Uxtntn, lake him : bat for thi^, and [his. 
Let Cords diTpatdi 'em. Henee, away with 'em. 

Tfr. O iacred Pjince, pardon diftrafte^ Theits^ 
Pardon her, if ftie afls by Heaven's Award ;, 
If that th' Infernal Spirits iiave declar'd 
The depth of Fate, and if our Oracles 
May fpcak, O do not too feverely deal. 
But let thy wretched Thibei at leaA complain r 
Jftbou art guilty, Heav'hwill makeitkaown; 
If innocent, then let Tirefias die. \^:andiri- 

Oidip. I take thee at thy Word. Run, hallc,aad iave Jl- 
I fwcar the Prophet, or the King fliall die. 
Be Witnefs, alL you Thtbaxs, of my Oath j 
And Phorhas be the Umpire. 

7ir. I fubmit. \7rMinpeti fitmd'.. 

OtJif. What mean thofe Trumpets? 

Enttr Hiemon ivitt Alcander, ft. 

Hem. From your Natiye Country, 
Great Sir, tlio fan^d ^^ton Is arriv'd. 
That renown'd Favourite of tfce King ywr Father,- 
He comes as an Ambaltkdor from Cernsth, 
And fues for Audience. 

Otdip. Hafte, iAM»t«>, JtyjOadtellhuatlucI buni. 
T' enlmce him. 


0£ D I P U ^ 65 

Uifm.' The Queen, aiy Lord, >t -prtteht boldj-him 
lik|sivMe-Co»{CTeDeei but behold her befc. 
Enttr Jeoafla, Ewydice, He, 
Jm. Hait, \iafpyOedipHi, happieft of Kingsl 
Hencefgnh be bldi, bkft as thou canlt ilefirc, 
Skcp wiihont Fean the biackeft Nights awayt 
Let Furies haunt thy Palace, thou fhalt flen> 
Secare, thy Shiinben fiiall be Jbft aad geoM 
As Infants J)mhiiu. 

Oiiiip. What doeg the Soul <tf all my }oy] attendr 
And whicker would this Rapture? 

yac. O, I could rave, 
Pufi 4owalhoje lying Fanes, and bum that Vault, 
Prom whence rsfounded thole fkUe Orades, 
That raU^d>Biy Love of Reft : if we muA pr^. 
Rear in the Skmib -toi^t Alters to the Gods, 
Let Virgins Haodt adMii tiie>Saa4lbe ; 
And not a Gr^-btanl'fornHgiftMft.cene-ttetr, 
To pry intbtbe'tSowela «fthetVtaiin, 
And with hit Aittgetnad the -gaping Wofld. 
But fee, the Oracle that I will tnm,' 
True zi theJGed^ and srfUikwMeii. 
Av«vr . jfigeon, iimtb. 
OeJip. <D,-«>>flwAnag, wdcOBe, my dear :fll^|n>j^ 
Ten thouland weieomM, O, my Fofter^EUfaer, 
Wtleone as Utnyto a "Mm ceadenHl'd t 
As, to a finking Mariner, 
The Incfcr-MaK ^^ bears him to A* «b0Te.r 
Batfiicak. O -Mil aw w4iM ib migh?' ^Vf 
Is this thtn bring'S, «4il<'h (a tnmjports Jteajh f 
Joe. Peace, Peaoe, ^ttta, 4et Jiatfia tell htm f 
O that I could W «Mr GbaRO, as nmv. 
My tiartHOedifaj! Thy R^al f>ather, 
Ftlfbu:, King of Cwntth, is no more. 

Otdlp. Hal caatt4>ef JBgien, anTwerme, 
And ^Kok in Ihort, wte my Jteafidi Troiti^ort 
May «veKlo. 
^». Smetefnr<Wwd<k mTKoyvdX«rd,7oa«ife' ' 
Tf ■ . 

1 1, Google 

66 Q£ D I p u' s. 

To know tlie Truth ; King Poff^ k dead. 

OeJip. O all you Powers, is't poffibk f what, deadt 
Bat that the Tempelt of my Joy may rife 
By jufl degrees, and hit at laA the Stars : 
■ Say, how, how dy'd he f Ha ! by Sword, by Fire, 
Or WaterP by Affaffinates, orPoifon? fpeafe:^ 
Or did he languish under Ibnte DiCearef 

^gt. Of no Difteinper, of no BlaA he dy'c^ 
Bat wl Uke Antumli-Fruit that mellow'd long : 
Ev*n wondorM at, becaufe he dropc no fboner. 
Pate feem'd to wind him up for fburfcore Years r 
Yet frethly ran he on ten Winters more : 
'Till, like a. Clock worn out with eating Time, 
The Wheels of weary Life at laft flood fliU. 

OtJif. O, let me prefs thee in my youtliiiil Aim^ 
And fmother thy old Age in my Embtacei. 
Yes TMafit, yes Jtca/a, yes AJr^/^i, 
Old P»ljbui, the King my Father's dead. 
Fires fliall be kindled in the midft of Tbdmi 
I'th' midft of Tumult, Wars, aod Peflilence, 
I will rgoice for PalyhKi his Death. 
Know, be it known to the limits of the Woi4d ■ 
Yet farther, let it pa& yon dazling Roof, 
ThoManiion of the Gods, and flnke 'em deaf 
With everlafting Peals ef thundring Joy, 

?7r. Fate ! Natore I Fortune t what is all thi» World .* 

OeJip, Now, Dotard ; now, thou blind old wizard Pi*r 
Where are your boding Ghofts, your Altars now ; 
Yonr Birds of Knowledge, that, in dmky Air, 
Chatter Futurity; and where are. now 
Your Oracles, thatcall'd meParicidei 
Is he not dead? deep laid iu's Mouii&ent? 
And was not I in fbtba when Fate attacked him t 
Avant, begone, you Visors of the Gods! 
Were I as other Son^ now I fhould weepi 
But, as I am, I're Realbn to rgoice: 
And will, tho' his coM Shade fliould rife and blafl mK 
O, ioc hit IJeuht kt Watc9 bvak tttni: Bpiwd*. 


sn^dL, Google 

%ot3a, ValleTi, Hillt, with fplittiiV i>'* ring : 
b,J»cafia, U faa* fing. 

Tir. Who would DM now conclude a hapw Endl 
tot all Fste'a tumi are fwift and unexpeflea. 

Mgt. Your Renral Mother Mtrsfi, u if 
She had no Sonl nnce you forlbok the Land, 
Waves all [he nelghij'ring Princes that julore her. [Ipealc. 

Oidif. Wave* all the Princes I poorHcart! for whatf O 

Mgt. She, tho'infiill-blownFlow'rofgloriomBeautjr, 
Grows cold, ev'n in the Summer of her Age : 
And, for your fake, hu fwom to die unmarry'd. 

Otdip. How ! for my fake, die, and not marry ! Ob 
My Fit retunu. 

Mgi. Thu Diamond, with a thoufand KilTes bldl, 
With thouland Si^ and Wilhes itx your Safety, 
She charg'd me give you, with the general Homago 
Of our Corinthian Lordt. 

OiJip. There's Magick In it, take it from my Sightf 
There s not a Beam it darta, but caniei Hell, 
Hot flaOiing Lnft, and Necromantick Inceft : 
. Take it from thefe lick Eyes, Oh liide it ftom tag', 
tio, my Jaeafia, tho' Ihati a& me oa^ 
While Mtrapii alive, I'll ne'er return I 
O, rather let me walk round the wide World 
A B»gar, than accept a Diaxiem 
On m,ch abhon'd Conditions. 

yec. You make, my Lord, your own Uiiluq>^cri, 
By thefe extravagant and needlefs Feari. fcatbef 

Otdip. Needled ! O, all you Oodi ! Bf Heav'a I'd 
Embrue my Arms up to my very Shoulders 
In the dear Entrails of the befl of Fathers, 
Than ofii^ at the execrable Ad 
Of damn'd Inceft : therefore no du»« of hv. 

jSge. And why, O facred Sir, if SubjeOs may 
Prefume to look into their Monarch's Brealt, 
Why {hould the Chafte and SpcHle& M*r«p* 
Infufe fuch Thoughts as I moft bhiflt to Name? 

Otdip. fiecaufe the God t£DtMm did icvcmtn m^ 
WiUi Thundiius Onda 


iSt OE b I p u 9." 

J^e. WtyT. imrau (o^mow 'en? 

OeJifi. Ves, my JEgesn : bucibe fkd Rctfii 
Quitc'l^fts my Sonl: fre^thCn ihciWdling Pricfi ! 
Methinks i have ha Imave -now m Vfnv ; 
He mounts the Trtfni in a^ifltHe'^fpace, 
His clouded Headknocksu die Tempkreor,-. 
While irom hia Menth 

Thrfe rfifnial Wwrts are hearf : ■ ^teoJ to>(^r 

" Ply, Wretch, »*om Fate bu dsomM thy FatMr^ 
*■ And with pKpoA'rom Knht, d^Motfaer'jWUiib-CO 

JEge. Is this the Caofe [fill. 

Why yon refofe the-Diactcm eS-Carhitb f 

Oedif. TheCaufe! why, is it natamonftrausone? 

JEgi. GrestSir, yoamay mtum; -andtho' you flumld-' 
Enjoy the Queen -{whtdi «11 the Gods'lwbid) 
The AS-would y i wi. -vo I«cdt. 

Q/<^. How, JEacen? 
T^ho'I etijoy'Biny'Mofltcr, Mt-inerflHOiK f 
Thou rav'ft, andftt-deli wtd'thefe atlVMch 
My&adndsi loaric, tttn're'dead VRth dm^ 33iftniafan S -: 
Kot-inceft'l whu, not incdt with ray MflC^F 
^Mgi. My Lc»d, Qoeoi ^trtpt is sot yon ModMr. 

Qtiip. Ha! did I bear die- riffht? not Mtnft 

Mgt. Nor was Felfhts joes TWier, 

0«d'i>. ThenallaiyDaystttidNightsmuftnow bewail 
^cl^i(nIl■fieard^ to-find oat Aafe dark Pafcnts 
who save me to tbe World; ftieak tlten ^m^ 
Sy atrdte Gods Celeftkl and Menial, 
^ all the tyes of Natune, Btoed, and Pnetidflupj. 
Conceal not from this TackM dd^uuring King 
APoint orlinallefi Grain oif what thou hn(m*ft :- 
Seeakthen, OanfirerM iny Doubts diitfflj^. 
li Royal Ptifhu was not my Psdier, 
Why wa»I call'd his Son f . 

^^i. He, &om my Amu, 
Rcceir'd you a» the fiiireft<3Jft of Katnre. 
Nottcit ytn were tdomtd «M all the Rkfiei 
That Efflfire covld bellow in oMje Mandet 

sn^dL, Google 

OE D I p V a. 6^ 

XTpui ia tn&nt Hon. 
Otdifi. Butwaslmai 

Becaule ^uas HandiprBfcoudm^i 

■^e. By my Advice. 
Bong tnft all'.h^e of ChildieSt 
Me totuc, endmc'd, and. own'd you- for his Scb. 

Oedif. Perlwpi I then am yonr^ ioftrud mc, Sir| 
If it be fo, I'll kncd and weep, before yott, 
Wilh all the Obedience of a penitent Child, 
Imploring Pardon; , 

Kill me if yoa plea&« 
1 wilt'Tiot.wTicheiiiy Bedy .at. the Wound: 
But CbIc. upon youT Feet with a Uft Sigb, 
And askForgiTene6 witb'my dying.Huidl. 

JE^ O rife, and call not to this aged Cheek 
The Gctle. Blood whtchlhouldkeep.warmjny.fieani 
You are not mine, nor ought he bkft 
With fuch a God-like 0%riiig. Sk> I fouvl ypa 
Upon the Mount C//i6^ra«. 

Otdi}. O fpeak, go on, the Air^ows feaiiUe. 
Of the great Things yon aOtii. and ii calm : 
The hurry'd Orbs* with Stornis^fa rack'd (^ late. 
Seem to fluid llilU a* if that Javf w«retaUci^. - 
Cili<eniiJ fpcak, the Valley of Cf/£.«rv» / 

Mge. Oft.ciaiesbafcBcIthkiie7did.tefQ(l^ 
Charm'd mthth&Conyerlktiiw of a Man 
Wlialed a nicalljife, andjliad Comaand 
O^er all the Shepherds who about thofe Vales 
Tended their numerous Plodu ; iitthli Maa'e Armf. 
I faW you fmiling at a ha\ Dagger. 
Whofe Point he^ften ofierldai your Thcooli 
Bat then you fmil'd, and then he-drrav it back* 
Then lifted it again, you fniji'd again; 
'Till he-at Jafl iBifi)Ey.tht%iMitiftaai him,. 
And cry'd aloud, tho Gods ibrhtd thy Deatb. 
Then I ru(h'd in, andy atei fomcQifconriiv 
To me he didbinnask-yenc-iaaacentdLii 
And I, the welcome Care to Ptifht. 

yo OE D I P U S. 

OtJip. Towhomb^oi^theMaficroftheShepIierdt? 

jEg*. His Name I knew not, or I have forgot : 
That he wu of the Family of Lmjus, 
I well remember. 

Ot^if, And is yaia Friend alive ? for if he bc^ 
m buy hii Frefence, iho' it coft my Crown. 

Xgt. Youi menial Attendants beil can tell 
Whmer he livct or not ; and who has now 

£:. Winds, bear me to fome banen Ifhtiul, 
e print of human Feet was never leea, 
O'er-grown with Weeds of fu«h a tnonlhwu Height, 
Their bakful Top) are waflt'd with bellying Clouds : 
Beneath whofe venomous Shade I may Juve vent 
for HoiTorsthat would blaft the barbarous World. 

OeJip. If there be any here that knows the Person 
Whom he defcrib'd, I charge him on his Life 
To fpeak ; Concealmeut Ih^l be fndden Death ; 
But he who 'brings him forth, Ihall have Reward 
Beyond Ambition's Luft. 

7ir. His Name is Pbcrhai: 
yaeafta knows him weEi but if I may 
Advife, reft where you are, and fcek no fimher. 

OtJip. Then all goes well, fince Pbarbai is fecut'd 
By my jBcafia. H&& and bring him forth : 
My Love, my Qaeen, give Orders. Ha \ what mean 
Thefe Tears, and Groans, and Stragglings ? fpeak, my 

What are thy Troubles? 

foe. Yours t and you^ are mine : 
Let me con^ire you take the Prophet's Counlel,. 
And let this Phariai go. 

Oedif. Not for the World. 
ByalltiieGads, I'll know my Birth, tho' Death 
Attends the Search : I have already paft 
The middle of the Stream i and to return 
Seems greater Labour than to venture o'er : 
Therefore produce him. 

Jac- Once more, by the Gods, 
I t>eg, tay Qtdiput, my Lord, my Life, 

OE D I p u s, 7* 

My Love, my »]1, myonlyutmoflHope, 
I beg yoa, baniJh Pbtrhat ; O, tHe Godj, 
Ikneel, that yon may grant this firft Reqaeft 
Deny me all Ttungs dfe ; bat. For my fahcj 
And ai you prize your own eternal Qgiet, 
Nef«r let Pitrbai come into your Prefence. 

Oidip- You mull be rais'd, zaiPborhaiSia&tmpcax, 
Tbo' bu dread Eyes were BafiHiis. Guards, halte. 

Search the Qgeea's Lodgings ; find, attd force him hither. 
Jet. O, Qtiifut, yet fend, 

And ftop their Entrance, ere it be too late : 

Unlda you wilh to fee Jocafta rent 

With Furies, flain out-right with meer Diftrafb'on, 

Keep from y«ur Eyea aM mine the dreadfn] Phtrhat. 

Fc^bear thia Search, I'll think you more than mortal : 

Will you yet hear me ? 

Qtdip. Tempefli will be heard. 

And Waves will dalh, tho' Roclu their baiit keep.— -r 

But fee, they Enter. If thou truly lov'ft me, 

lither fi»Mar tkii Sut^efl, or retire. 

Enttr Hxmon, Guards, •with Phorbat. 

Jac. Prepare then, wretched Prince, prepare to heai ' 
A Storv, that ihall torn thee into Stone. 
Could ttiere be hewn a monft'rous Gap in Nature, 
A flaw made thro' the Center, by fome God, 
Through which the Groans of Ghofls might Ibike thy 

They would not wound thee, ai thit Story will. 
Hark, hark I a hollow Voice calls out aloud, 
Jecefia : Yes, I'll to the Royal Bed, 
Where firft the Myfleries of our Loves were a£ted. 
And dduble dye it with imperial Crimfon; 
Tear offthis curling Hair, 
Be gorg'd with Fire, ftab every vital Part, 
And, when at laft I'm llain, to crown the Horrour, 
Mt poor tormened Ghofl ibsU deavcthe Ground. 


^2 0£ D Z P u s. 

To try if Hell canTct moFC-dceply wtraiyl. [E*iif. 

Oidip. Site's s^^c; and asfliBweia, metlioeglit bjr 
Grew larger, while a thouCuuliraiHidii^SpiHte' 
Seething, like Bubbles, on tbe Briaif 
Peep'd from the. wM'ry Bjink, and ^ow'd u|Km tncj 
I'H feclc jiD more ; but hufh my geiuiH up 

That throw) me on my Pate. ImpoffibkJ , 

O wretched Man, whd« too too b^y Tbot^hu- 
Ride fwijter Chan the galloping Heav'm round. 
With an eternal hurry of the Seul: 
Nay, there'saTinewhenev'ntherowlkgiYear 
SeeiTuto ftandflil], deadC^nsare in the-Onas^. 
When not a fiftath difturbaih&^kowfy Waves : 
ButMan, thevery Monfter of the Wwld, 
Is ne'er at reft, the Sotnl fb* ever, wakes; 
Come then, fince Deftiny thus drive* us on, . 
Let's know the Bottom. HiettOoi ytiii I Cent i 
Where is that F^rfto/ 
Ii<ein. Here, my Royal IiOid^ 
Oedif. ^>eak faO, JSgvM, ^ iithfi-'thehMas! 
^ge- My Lord, it ia : Tho' Time has plongh'd that 
Vnth many Furrows fince I faw it Gril ; 
-Vet Tm too well ae^tontcd with' tlW'^GnMni^ qmte t« 
forget it. 
Oa/if. Peacei.iUndtMdaawhHei 
Come hich^ Priandi I hear tb^.'Naalets iHfwJDj.' 
WhydeltthouturnthyFaceJ I chki^t tiwe anftvcr 
To what I fliall enquire : Wert thou not once 
The Servant of King I^Jm, here Sn Titinf 

Pier. I was, great Sir, histnie.-and.&ithfiitServanl} 
Bom and bred up inCourt, no foreign Slavei 

OtJip; What O£oe faadft thoui wbattratt^if&pf- 

Pier. He made me Lord of all ihiBTiind Pfai&Te)* 
For much helov''d:'eini OAi emnanld'' 
With lintti^^Swuii(^t>'«wliouiiI.'liad;coiiii»ai/ 

OE D I p u s. 73 

' Otdip. Where was thy Refidence J To what put o' tH' ' 

ISidit thoo moft freqaentty refort F 

fbar. To Meant Sith^rm f and the plea&it Valjies 
Which aJl about tie fludowing its large Feet. 

Oedip. Come forth, jEgieit. Ha I why ftan'll thooj 

Fcn^nrd I layi and Face to Facecmfront him ; 
Look wifllyonhim, throagh him, iflhoncanll. 
And tell me on thy Life, lay, doft thou know him t 
J^dA tliou e'er fee him 1 convcrTe with him 
Near Momit Citbierm t 

Pb»r. Who, my Lord, dug Man? 
Otdif. This Man, thuold, this reneraUe Man: 
Speak, didfi thou ever meet hun there j 
Pirtr. Where, faoed Sir? 

OtJip. Near Mount Citbarrtir, anlwer to the Pnrpofe, 
"TisaKingfpeaksi androyalMinuteiaic- 
Of much more worth than thoutaod vulgar Yean : 
Did'ft tliou e"cr fee this Man near Mount Cithierui ? 

Pher, Moll fare, my Lord, I have leen Lines >ikethofe 
I^Vilage bears; but know not where, norwhen. 

^gi. Is't poffible you Ihould lorget your antient 
Then are perhapi 
P»ticiilart, wtutji may excite your dead Semeili> 

Have you forgot I took an Infuit from you, 
I>oom'd tobe muidet'd in that gloomy Vale f 
The Swaddling-bands were Purple, wrought with Gold. 
Have you l^rgot too how you wepr, and b^g'd 
That I fliDuld breed him up, and ask no moref 

Phor. Whate'er I besg'd ; thou like a Dotaid fpeak'ft 
More than it lequilite : iCod what of this i 
Why isit meotion'dnowt And why, O why 
Uofi thou betray the Secrets of thy Friend f 

Mgt. Be not too rafti. That Infant grew at lafl 
A King i and here the happy Monarch itands. 

D Phv. 

^ <3E D t p u «- . 

P^. Ha! wludio-wgoldft then? O «4i>t loft thou 
otter'd I 
fonriuut^'friud, Deuk ftiike di«e<biBkb ftr enr. 

Oftlit. FoibMrtsciUfttkcImifaKnCj andHte 
AceutftTliH^ tkobiikffiiiigTniraiv VUiiB, 
Catno'd Hypocrite, e^iotadag Shve. 

OtJif. WbjrfeedtyoBflin'fccardiiig to^Chaigef 
Srmsfon^iMBMk; liikeMildndktaiogtlliB;^ - ] 
Tonnenti Ihall force. 

?^. Hold, hold, Odnadfulfiir.) 
You will not radc anhaJObeht-aia MJta. 
■Oi^f. SbckL thnr. 

/>£#r. AJu, whatwooUjOttkcnaKAf r 
<}«/(>. Did this old Man takefiem TOOT Ami toi Muur 
Piw. Hfrdid: Ati4 Ofe^ I «^«ialltke Go4^ 

Dtdif. Mateoit I Tbai fluitbe Htm, .IiW)% 1%u« 
Hoc bindhuHaodit he ddia wkb nqr-p*^: 
Ifiut I Ihall ftrix wa^ '-'-^ 

J gave the Infiut to him. 

Otdip. Was he thy own, orgivdithecbf aMtlUrf 

Ph^r. JBc wai not miix^ bat ciTcn aie I7 Uiod». 

b(/i*. Whence f and fiom woomf whatCl^f 

J>i«r. O, ROTal Sir, I bow oeiiB^ Gnttd. 
Would I coddfii^ beneath it: BytbeGodi^ 
1 do coqure yira to iMoire no moR. 

O/^. Pniiei and Hell! KMiM.brlnglbrthdielUdtl 
Fitch hither Cords, and £ni«e^ fud fiiI)rfuiroui Flnnet : 
He (hall be b«nd, aad gaOi^d, hiiSUn fcad 0^ 
And burnt idire. 

Phor. O fparc my Age, 

■OfJif. Rife then, andfeeak. 

P/w. Dread Sir, I wit 

OiJip. Who mve that In^t to thee f 

Piv. OncofKing^^MFuiDj'. .«■ 

- OaC/* 

OE O 1 9 V S. ff 

. Ofdif. O. yon immorral God) '■ But (kj, wlio wU't f 
Which of the Family oiJ.ejiii gave it ? 
A Servant i or one of the Royal Blood 7 

Phor. O wretched ^tate! I die, aried I %«aki 
Aod if I |pe^ moil certain Death attends me t 

OtJip. Thou flt^t not die, fpcak then, who was k f 
While I oave SeaTe to nnderftand the Horrour j 
For I gnnr coM. 

Pher. TheQneeo yBfd^itcMjne 
It tni her Son by LeJ^. 

OfJip. O yen Gods ! Bat did flic pve it theeJ 

Plw. My Lord, flwdtd- 

OeJip. Who^fore i for what! •--■ O break not ytti 
my Heart ; 
Tho' my Byes borft, no matter : wilt diou tell me, 
Or muft J a^ for ever f fin- what ^nd ? 
Why gare flie thee her Child f 

Pbar. To murder it. 

Oidif. O more than bvaje! murder her ownBowelil 
Without a Caufc ! 

Pbor. -There was a dreadful one 
Which 1^ foretold, that mod unh^vy Son 
Should kill his Father, and enjoy his Mother. 

Oidif. But one Thing more. 
Jecafttt toW me thou flrert by the Chariot 
When the old King was flain ; Speak, I conjure thee, 
For I fliall never ask thee ought again. 
What wai the Number of tlv ABairmates J 

Pber. The dreadful Deed was afled but by one ; 
And fare that one had much of your RefetnbUnce. 

Oedif. 'Tit well ! I thank you, Gods ! *tis woiuTrotV 
■ well! 
Daggers, and Poifon; O there is no need 
For my Difpatch ; and you, you meraleis Pow'rs, 
Hoord up your Thunder-ftones ; keep, keep your Bolts 
For Crimes of little note. XFaJh. 

Jdr. Help, Hamen, help, and bow him gently for- 
- ^ Ds daA^ 

y6 OE D I p u s. 

Chafe, chaTc Us Temples : How the raighty Spirits, ~ 
Half ftiangled with the Damp hi^ Sonowt nis^. 
Straggle ibr Vent : But fee, he breathes again, 
Andvigorotu Nature breaks through all O^^iofitioo. 
Haw foes my Royal Friend i 

, OeJip. The wcafe for you. 
O barbarous Men, and oh the hated Lidi^ 
Why did you force me backto curie the Day; 
To curie my Friends ; to blaft with tliis dark Breath 
The jret untainted ^rth and cirdii^ Air? 
To raife new Plagues, and call new Vengeance down, 
Wl^ did you tempt the Gods, and dare to touch me i 
Methinlu there's not a Hand that graTps this Hell, 
But Ibould run up like Flax all blaiung Fire. 
Stand from thuSpot, I wilh you as my Frtend% 
. And come not near me, left the gapmg Earth 

Swallow you top Lo, I am gone already. 

[Drawt, and cJapi bit S'unrJ tt his Breaft, itibtek 
AAia&at Jlrik*! away •with bii Fint. 

. Air. Vou IhaJl no more be trufted with your Life : 
Crtm, AlcandtT, Httnen, help to hold him. 

Oidif. CraAJdra^iuf wilt thou, Hirmantxi 
Are thele the Obligatii»s of my Friends ? 

worfe than worft of my mo^ barbarous Foea I 
Dear, dear Adrafius, look with half an Eye 
On my unheard-of Woes, and judge thy fd^ 
If it be £t that fuch a Wretch fhould live \ 

O, by thefe meltiag Eyes, unus'd to weep, 
With all the low Submiflions of a Slave, 

1 do conjure thee give my Horrors way ) 
Talk not of Life, for that will make me rave : 
As well thou may'ft advife a tortur'd Wretch, 

All mangled o'er from Head to Foot with Wounds, 
And his Bones broke, to wait a better Day. 

JJr. My Lord, you ask me ThlGgs impoffiUej 
And I mth Jullice mould be thought your foe. 
To leave you in this Tempeft of your Soul. 

7(>. Tho' baniih'd Thebes, in Corinth you may reign ; 
Th' infernal Pow'ri themfelves exaft no nWre ; 

sn^dL, Google 

OE. D I p u s. 77 

Calm then yoor Rage, and oace more feck ihe God). 

Otdif. I'll have no more to do with Gods, norMrnt 
Hence, boay mj Amis, avaunt. Enjoy thy Mother \ 
What, violate; with beaftial Appetite, 
The iacred Veils that wraK the* yet unborn I 
Thit u not to be born I Hence i ofT, I lay i 
Fw they who let my Vengeance, make themCelves 
Accomplices in my moll Rorrid Guilt. 

Adr. Let it be fo'i We'll fence Heav'n'f Fury from 
And fimer all together ; tbii perhaps, 
When Ruin come:, may help to break yoor Fall. 

Oedif. O that, as oft I have at Athim leen 
The Sta^ ari(e, and the b^Cloudsdefcendi- 
So now m very Deed I might behold 
The. pond'rous Earth, and dl yon Marble Ssof 
Meet,. like the Hands of 7*vf, and cniflt MankiBd t 
For ^1 the Elements, and ill the Pow'ra 
Celdtiil, nay, Terreftrial and Infernal, 
Confpire the Rack of ouc-caft Oedipui. 
Fall Daxknefi then, and everlalUng Nizht 
Shadow the Globe ; may the Sun never cEiwn, 
The Silver Moon be blotted from her Oib i 
And for an Univerial Rout of Natnre 
ThroQghall the inmoft Chamber* of the Sky, 
May there not be a Glimpfc, one Star^ Spark, 
Bat Godt meet God^ and juftle in the Dark. 
That Jars may rife, and Wrath Divine be hurl'd, 
iVluck max to Atcnni Ihake die Iblid World. [Exnuit. 


Disn^dt, Google 


OE. rf 1 t us. 

ACT V. ScENfi I. 

£»/(r Greon, Alcatidei;, Mtd Pynemoti. 


- Uihes is at I«rriga my tWH ) and aU my WWl^ 
' Which &re wercgreat as Royalty e'er fiirm'a, 
Fortune and my aofpicioiia Stafs haire crown'A. 
O Diadem, thou Center rf Ambition, 
Where all its different t inei are recofldl't!, 
Ai if thou wert the Burmng-daft of Glory ' 

rjr. Might J be Qjadi^, l#oidd-ittft«yW 
To cool a little; Sh"; 
find eat EutydMi 

And, with the R<Jfol(it«A Sf'i Mstt ^ ^ 
Maik'd out Ar Oinittefs, ^f^ fiUd'd&fie* 
Of Death,' or Mini3|fe. 

^/(^ Surviey^ri'd mopiti 
At one who, tfao' Uitfdrtkniti^ 'btS^i^ 
Thought I^eHti ^did'ihd^^'MHhliHifcAM 
By all the fmdSi; fM mvia Mflt "hifc aiftF» 

since npaii^bftt m maX,,iiatW^ 

Can gii^ AStaiMA H vMir ttbolSgiil Rtaii. _ 

Wt. WelIfia*etBbaAie,-l<rfil«a*c'ft<«W'*«M* 
Of racking Tranrport, where the little Streams 
Of Love, Revenge, ajid all the under Paifitnis, 
As Waten are by fucking Whirl-pools -. drawn* 
"'Were quite devour'd in the vaft Giiph bf Em[nrci 
Therefore, Fyrktmah, ai you boldly oiii'd, 
f uf^i/jV^ Ihall die, br be my Bride. 
Jkandir, {iunmon to their Maller'a Aid 
My menial Servants, and all thoTe whom Change 
*bf?taA, and hope of «be'itew Monarch's Favour, 
Can win to take our Patt i Away. WhM now ? \&*. Ale. 

k]i....dL, Google 

"When HffMMJt wecp, wiAouf the t^p oT Glio$^ 
I may fgret^ theteif a f»(al Qaufe. 

fftKH. li't poJTible yoB ftouk) tw^gu^r^ 
Of what hashapgen'd totjj)^ (J^peiiw^ ?Sig? 

Ck. I 'knQ>V Dp qi(u:e, bi^ ihiU nt;' Wf6 cp^i^D^^. 
Into his Clpfct wJiere 1- ijiw Jiim ifing 
Hi»,tre»lflH|&,Bq^y on. the iloyaj Bed; 
AH lofi hun-ttter^, at hi* Dcfiic, 4oo«i 
But lure noIU, uide& be di«d with (Snd, 
Could happen, fer Yflu V^e Jiis Sword aH^jr, 

Ihe^ -I did; and, having Icdt'd the 'Door, I ffioo^'j; 
, A^ through a Chink I f^ifful, cot ofil)' h^rd. 
But &w him, when he thought no ^yf l?e)iey. hin) j 
At firfl, di^ ^Kjbs V^irid £m> hi» \vpeiul H Wt 
Murmurs, and ^rOj^that ih99k t}i< oiuward Riugrff, 
And art thou ftill alive. Oh Wretch ! hecry'di. 
Th«ai groan'd ^^f^ if hJsfBtwM Soul. 
Had crack'd the Strings of Life, and burft away-. 

Cri. I weep to hear; hpt^ ;h«if,l}f(wld-(^r«2ci^^r 
Had I beheld this wond'rous Hcajigf Sotb^I»,nh«|fajtIEiyfq4. 

a«rm. Thncc he ftruck, 
Widi all hit Fca^, ,fe(i k'i^^fW'Wmim^KM^ 
And thus, with Oat-cries, .to himfeU" Bwif 1^'d. 
But thou canfl -nntg |^, ^ fh,^Q i^-jl'ii, ^jeH^. 
Thefc Bubbles ^f tli« flialJpwelJ einptieft Soetow. 
Which Children y^nt for Toj[^ afld Wonj^iai/i 
For anr T?ii*fh|Brfei>4.«fi**P I^F^ few* 
Yet thefe thou think'ft are ample Satisfeftion 
FQrfc!)(»di^.^4w, ^d fer hwiBfigUfti 
No, Paricidej if thou muft weep, weep Blood; 
Weep EjHie. ioftstdrfTwtrsi 0, Iw *e Gqtj), • 
T^ ™dvth<»^ Way'd, wd fits my Won. 
whidiJ^W. Iwfiftil'dniyeBgfftUly, and leapt 

Ib*«7«mUj ley red, md uowiug Veorawtce i 

D4 . wii 

1 1, Google 


Will view your Heaven, 'till with more Jimble GbJRt. 
The mighty Souls immortal Peripeftivea. 
I find youidazling Beings ; Take, he cryM, 
Take, Eyes, yourlaft, your fatal Farewd view. 
When with a Groan, that leem'd the Call of Death, 
With honid Force lifting his impioug Hands, 
He foatch'd, he core, mnn forth their bloody Orbs, 
The Balls of Sight, and dafli'd 'cm od the Ground. 

Crt. A Malter-piece of Horror; new and dreadful! 

KtfM. I ran to fuccour him ; but, oh I toot^j 
Jor he had plock'd the remnant Strings away, ' 

What then remains, but that I find 'TtriJiAi, 
Who, with his Wifdom, may allow thofe Furies 
That haunt his gloomjr Soul ? SJ^iif^ 

Crt. Heav'nwill reward 
Thy carv; moil honeft, faitbfUI, foolilh Sfmeit. 
But fee, Akttnitr cntcn, well attended. 

tuttr Akander atttnitd. 

I fee thou haft been dili^nt. 

Jlk. Nothing thefc. 
For number, to the Crowdj th>t Ibon mil fidlow i 
And call your ntmoft Fury to revenge. 

Crt. Ha! thou hall given 
Th' Alarm to Cruel^ ; and never but ■ 
Thefe Eyes be dos'd, 'till they behdd Adrajbu 
Strctch'd at the Feet of fiilfe EuryJiti. 
But &e, they^re here I retire a while, and mark. 

Enttr Adralla^ and Eurydice, attendtd. 

Air. Alas, Eurydiee, what fond ralh Man, 
What inconfiderate and ambitious Pool, 
That ftiall hereafter read the Fate of OeJitmt, 
Will dare, with his frail Hand, » gfafp a Scqiter ? 

Eur. 'Tit trae, a Crown feenu dresdiiil, and I wifli 
That you and I, more lowly [^'d, might pafi 


sn^dL, Google 

OE D I P U S. 8«: 

Our fofter Houn in humble Cellg away : 
Not but I love yon to that infinite Height, 
I jooold (O wondroui Proof of fierceft llovel} 
Be greatly wretched in a Court with you. 

Mr. Take then this mofi lov'd Innocence away t 
Fly from tuffluliuoiu Tiiift, 
Fran Blood and Murder, 
Fly irom the Author of all ViUaniea, 
iUpesi.Deuh, and Treafon, from that Fury Creea: 
VoDcUafe that I, o'er-joy'd, may bear you hence. 
And at your Feet prdou the Crown ot jirg»i. 

[Crnn md Attini*nii comt up l» him. , 

Crt. I have o'er-hcard thy black Defigo, JUr^iu. ■ 
And therefore, at a Traitor to this State, 
Death ought to be thy Lot: Let it fuffice 
That n^f furreyjthee aa a Prince: idxifeixA 
IJcT proffer'd Mercy, but retire betimei. 
Left me repen^ and haften on thy Dooa.'- 

jfdr. Think not, moft abje^ 
Moll abhor'd of'Men, 
j/drajiui will voucWafe to anfwer thee : . 
^tbatii, to yon I juftiiy my Love: 
I have addrelt my Prayergto this fairPfincefi] 
Biit, if I ever meant a Violence, 
Or thought to Ravilh, as that Traitor did, 
Wh^ hnmbldl Adoradtms could not win \ 
Brand me, yon Gods, blot me with foul Dilhonour; . 
And let Men cnrfe me by the Name ofCrtan t 

Eur. Hear me,. O Thebaus, if you dread the Wrath : 
Of her whom Fate ordain'd'to beyour Queen, 
'Hear me, and dait not, as you prize your Livet, 
Tp take the Part of that Rebelliouj Traitor. 
By the Decree of Royal Qedipui, 
By Queen jecafiai Order, by what'i more,'. 
My own dear Vows of everlalting Love, 
1 here refigo to Prince Adraflui Armi 
All that the World can make me Miilrefs of.' 

_Crt. O perjar'd Woman ! 

S-' -rci" 
■5 , TraUofi, 

rt. O pent 
ivall; and 

Iffiuv an ; and when I give the Wonl, M xaai 

sn^dt, Google 

js cik^ t p V s. 

Traitor 'Vaizn dfeTrtiMMSl, » ^* mtfiniiit 

Utwn ttiB Tpot ftraight to bfeWwn in fi-WSB. 

J4/r. No, ViBain, iioj . . 
With twice thofe odds of Men, 
J doubt not in this Caufclo -rttt^irifli *« 
Captain, remeinlSer to Tbur CWe I 'pVe 
My Love i ten A(M&nd'th«o6fad'Hnft»^ 
Than Life, or Liberty. 

Cre. Fall <*. ^«*i*^- 

Tor nobfer Giine, tKe 'PKtittfi. 

^ir. Ah, Traitor, Iteft'^lfeu ffiim ift<r 
Follow, fotew, _ 

Mv'braVe Companions r'Tce.^ftie' O^tftraOgr- 

f »»■ OBffiptis. 


The mori 

Mor hav< 

For tho' 

The brid i 

treTents^ ' 


" Holds S I 


Hat now i 

la faorili 

What ft 

Here om 


And qJI 

Refenbli I 

Bean up 
. . Cria ow ^ I 

' •»!;«& - „*, 

.....bC.oojIc . 

bE to 1 p s. "fi 

enoe, Inceft, 'Murder) hence, you ghafily FigafCs t 
O Godsl God*, aolwtr; ja.Ui«ie jftoy Mcaal . 

Ttui flatdy ImaRe .of 'Iq)p«ul 'Sorrow, 
Wbofe Suvy tdi, whole very.Naine but mniuoa'tlt 
VooU GOqltlie tUKCoFFercn, and tmlock 
TlM-ilaod of Luft%nn the pt^VirgiD'a'liaii, 
And throw the lUvifher before her Feet ? 

<l<*i5^.-By^.iny Fewi, J tbiflk^w^a^s VoiceF. 
Hence; Syi be jgopel O'lhtui &r worfe.than wceA 
Of daanung Ckajmcra 1 mO ibhor'd, kath'd CreatiutI 
Ely, by thc.Godi, otby the Fieodi,'! charee thef,, 
Far u the Raft, Wcfl. . North,, or SooA . of I^v'ii, 
fiat think not thou Siait ever enter theret 
The Golden Guet are barr'd with AidAmaQt, 
'GaioA thee,-aiwLinei and the Geleilial Giurd), 
SdII.u.i«e'Eile, wiil^d^th eat Splmi'down. 

yw. ,0w«chedEair!.D»ea4j' ■vwecched-wel 
.Two WTodda^of W-oet 

OtJif. -Aitihou not gpne jJun ? rHa t 
Haw-.chrft thou &and c^.Fury.of the.Gods? 
'Or com'lt thou in the Gtava toi^^ nMv.Pteafures?' 

Joe. Talk on, 'till. thou makit.mad my lowling 
Brain; . . 
Gmn fi)Uiiii>i¥-Deadi:'aDdmay thoje .difmal Souitt* ■ 
Still bubble ^..•and.jpotn- fpah Blood iind Tean. - 

The Sea )aor.,^ib|s, . nor f^wi : iThi^.^iole-biU'.Eat^- 
^Juav^ iMJnare: Thc^fati&:£fnBUR>'Cealat- 

Yei hear inB on ■ ■ ■ ■ 
' ..^Q|ifi!y».,Sp«ak^ilieDriwi()b]aft ^y-Souli 

^«f.:0,-jny4av'dXov]^ltho' Trefolve.&JOuJL t 

1*o inatch-ffy.Ctuaet;;^? mliti)}' MiferiieSi 
iJrPil Hotros wo^ than -thooland UiooiQuid 'Dea^bi, 

D,3.i™dL, Google 

OB p ^ p V s. 

To fend me hence without a. kind Tarswd. 

OeJ^. Godi, how {hefhakes'me'I'ftay thee, 7#- 

Speak fomething ere thoa goeft for ertr from me. 

Ja(. 'Tu Woman's Veakneli, that I woii'tt be 
pity'd ; 
Pardon me then, O Greater, dio* noft Vretched, 
Of a]l tl^ Kmd: My Soul is on the Brink, 
And feci the boiling Furnace ja& beneath : 
Do not thou pufh me ofT, and I will go, 
Vith fuch a Willingndi, aj if that Heav'n 
.With all its Gbo' glow'd for my Reception. 

Oe£f. O, in my Heart, I fed the Pangs of Na- 

It works with Kindnds o'er; Give, give nle way* 

I feel a tUelting here, a Tendemclf, 

Too mi^ty for the Anger of the Gods ! 

XXreift roe to thy Knees: Yet; oK, forbear^ 

Left the dead Embers fhould revive. 

Stand off — ' '■■■ 'and at jnft DifUnce- 

Let me groan my Horrors— here 

On the Earth, here blow my utmoft Galer 

Hecefob my Sorrows, till 1 boiflwith Sighing: 

Here Gafp and Languifh out my woundea Soiu. 

yoc. Itt fpite of all thoCc &imes the cruel Gods- 
Can charge me mth, I know my Innocence ; 
Know yours: 'Tit Fatealtme that mskea as wratd^d* 
for you are flill my Husband.. 

OtJit. Swear I am. 
And I'll believe thee i ftcal into thy Arm^ 
Henew Endearments, think 'em no Pollutions, 
But challe as Spirit! Joyy. Gentl;^!'^ come. 
Thus weeping blind, fikc dewy Night, nptm the^ 
Jtad fold thee fofly in my Arms toflumber. 

\T&t Gbofi gfLajut^ mfcmit hj J^ttt, ftiiith^at 

y«t. Begone, my Lordl Alaa, what are wed(ung^ 
J^ ftom my Armi ! Whirl-winds, Seal, Ccmtinou^^ . 
Aai WgiUi divide w I O thiice happy thofl] 


OE D I p u s. 

,^ho hu no UJe of Eyei ; for We's a Sight 
^Vould mm the meltmg Face of Merit's lelf 
To a wild Fray. 

OtJif. Ha! That feeft.thou there? 
y«-. The Spirit of my Husband ! O the God* I , 
How wan he looka '. 

OtJip. Thou rav'l! ; thy Husband'! here. 
Jee. There, there he mounts 
In, circling Fire, amongft the blaftung Clouds .' 
And fee. Tie waves Juafia from the World I 

Gbcft. jKafiff, Oidipui. {yamjttti •with ThunJtr, 
Otdip. WhatwooH'ft thou havef 
^Vhon know'ft I cannot come to thee, detain'd , 

In Sarknels here, and kept irom Means of Beath. 
Tve heard a Spirifs Force is wondeifiil; 
At whofe Appniach, when Darting from his Dnngeoiv 
The Earth does fhake, and the old Ocean gronest - 
Rocks are rcmov'd, and Tew'rs are thond^ed down: 
And Walls of Brafs, and Gates of Adamant 
Are paflable as Air, and fleet like Winds. 

ytiCi Was that a Raven's Croak, or mySon's Voicef 
No matterwhich; I*Il to the Grave and hide me. 
Earth open, or I'll tear thy Bowels up. 
Hark 1 He goes on, and bl^ the Deed of Incefl. 
OiJip. Strike 'Uen Imperial Ghoflt dalh all M 
This Houfe of Chty into a thooland Pieces; 
That my poor lingnng Soul may take her Flight 
To yoor immortal Swellings. 

yee. Hafte thee then, 
Or I (hall be before thee: See, thou can'ft not feej: 
Then I will tell thee that my Wings are oni. 
m mount, I'll fly, and with a Port Divine 
Glide all along the gaudy milky Soil, 
To, find my Ltgin Ooti ask every God 
In hb bright Palace, if he knows my Ltgm, 
Ji/iy jnuider'd L^m ! 

Otdip. Ha! How's this, ficafiaT 
Kay„ if thy Srun bf £dc, uwktlwu art Jiappy. 

p.:, I... J L, Google 

Jac. Kif Wm yott nott Staji I .pot Jiu4.IiSDiwa7 
Willyou not {how tiiinP Are ny Tears dcCpis'U} 
Why, then rUrthuadcr.yeB, J wiUbamaii, 
Andi fright ym with my Cries; yes, cruel G(^ 
Tho' Vultures, Eagles, Dragons tear my Hear^, 
I'll fnatch CeldUal FLtmc^ fire atl yDUEj>4«£W. 
Melt down your golden Roofs, and inake^Oty UMO^ 
Of Cryllal fly. tiom off their Diamond^Hui^i 
Drive yau all oot itom youj Ambrofial Hives, . 
To fininn like Beet absat the Fidd of Hnv'nj. 
This will I do, uBle(s^ti-lbewiDc£af'w, 
My Dear, my murder'd loiA. O I^^m / L^uJ'^m^ 

Ofi/(>. fixcellsnc Giiefl wl^ithiaitasitihouldl^l 
Na.Mourmng can be imiable K> Crimet 
luke .ouri, but what Deuh .make^ .or Mafj-vt^ fiir^W- 
I. oou'd have wilh'd ateclKH^t &r Siebtjig^iii, 
To mark the Galaotty of ter DiftraOwiL 
Her blazing £yes darting the wandkiog %iasff. 
'T'haTe feen her mouth the Heav'st, aDGTaaatethe. Qod% 
While with her thimd'm^ Voice ihc pqenac-'d.J^j^ 
And every Accent twang^i with Xmani^gSonnw.i 
Butwiiiai^s all thJi to the<i fTlwu, X>Mauid, i^ct 
^4it living, cao'fl not, wilt qot £ad|lic ftt^ 
To [he great Palace of magraficent Death ; . 
Tho' thodand WaysloadtahiwiiQuftDdJlwm 
Which Day -and Nfght are 6iUauibarrU.ib[,aU. 

Hark I 'ds the Noife of d^hingSwoBk .' ueSbiiod 
Coma war. O. that aJutle. wou'd eona a\tt-^DB I 
If I bt^rgra^a Swood, or WKft.a<,Di^er, 
m make .a'Auin widi tJie.£ifl that blU. 

H-TM. betzehim, and bear him to,the<WiAuni!]tW)V.. 
Pardon me, Sacred<5ii i 'I\KnkA(if«im>'d 

,.|I«g]ve nic then, if, to frctcrre you. from 'him. 


3.i.,,dL, Google 

OE D I p » s. t^ 

I order jmur Confinement. 

_&fJif. Shvti, mdMad me. 
I thi^ tliwi haft B Sword. *Twas the wrong &df, 
Ytt, cruel H^man, th&ik aet I will live: 
He that afiA tear Va Eyes out, fur« could Cad 
Btane de^rate W«y to IttAe tliij caiA Breatli. 
Orjf IftMw! But that's a Ung raw Fate: 
Or if I leave my Braini upon the Walll 
TIlc ai^ Sool can eafily otr-lhoot 
Thofe Bbondi with which thou flnv'dl-co Pale ker tt; 
Yes. I will perifti m ddpite of tbcet 
And, by ^ Rage Act Ain ne, if T neet due 
In t'other Worl^ Til eerie thee for i^ Ola^. ■[Exit. 

Ihem. Virtfiai, aiter litm; ind, with your Couii|el( 
Advife him humbly : charm, if poflible, 
Thefe Feada within, white I without dctitigirifti, 
^perih in A'''jitottip[,.tlie fcriooi Qmu-, 
Thai BrMd vflMt 9ia oar Cliy in a flame. 

lir. Hoav'n profper your Intent, and give a Period 
To all our Plagues: What aid ''Finijfoicm,' 
Shall flMight be =doae, !««], JIAm/*, m the Ttw/r. 

[Ex. TB.annfMant^ 

.Kcto. IFoMdw-nte^Ut aHl'^Mlp toinrrthiiFcBy, 

' fp-iimfeti again, ■ 

Or Alt ts£^tkr'4» &ie lllobdy firdl. j;£m>. 

£</»■ Ore«n-'«AA Etfr^iM, PyUemon iud--iii Far^. 
gl'Db^ GHm^ ft A4rAu. 

Hear, and behold ; EutyOkiis^iDy'hmuKT. 

Air. What WduliPft thau.'Hd)-b»Rd? 

Cft. See this -bnUtdift'diOE^er: 
Peren th' Adronikge Vhkh t Ay Afm ~\aA 'frem, . 
Or, By the Blood ^hltii fKtnbles ^hra' the 'ftnm* - 
Of her, whoii^ more than Life, I klWW-thou-kv'S,. 
Ill bury ^<M^fiift,-innfter^ftJr:ft«^, 
Thii Itunimeu of my Revenge. 



t^ OE D I p u s. 

Mr. StaydiM, dunn'dWreuhi bold, flop thy bloo^ 

Cre. Give order then, that on thii Influit, now. 
This moment, ail thy Soldien ftraight diabind. 

Mr. Away, my Friends, HiiceFate hu fo allotted. 
Be gme, and leave me to the Villain't Mercy. 

Sar. Ah, my Airafius! CaU'em, caU 'em back! 
Stand there ; come back r O cniel, barbarous Men \ 
Could you then leave your Lord, youi Prince, yonr Kii^ 
After fo bravely having fought his Caufc, 
To perifh by the Hand of this bafe Villain } 
Why rather rulh you not at once t(«ether 
All to his Ruin \ Dt^ him thro' the Streets, 
Hang his contagious Quarters on the Gates i 
Nor let my Death aflright yoa. 

Cri. Die firfi thy feU then. 

Jdr. O, I chaijK thee-hold. 
Hence, from my Prefence all : He's not my Friend. 
That di&beys: See, an then vxmv^^taSi\ 

Or'is there oo^t dTe yet remains to do. 
That can atone thee! Slack thy thirfl of Blood 
With mine ; bnt {ave, O lave that innocent Wretch. 

Qri. Forego thy Sword, and yield thy felf my Pri- 

£sr. Yet while there'a any dawn of Hope to fare 
Thy precious Life, my dear Adrafiut, 
Wbiu-e'er thou doft, deliver not thy Sword ; 
With that thou may'A get off, tho' Odds oppofe thee. 
For me, O fear nc^ ; no, be dares not touch me ; 
His horrid Leve will fpare me. Keep thy Swoid i 
Le^ I be Ravifh'd after thou art flain. 

Air. Inftnid me, Gods, what fhall Adraftiu do \ 

Crt. Do what thou wilt, whenlhe is dead, mySoldicck' 
With Numbers will o'er-pow'r thee. Is'i thy W^< 
Eutjdiu fhonld bl^ hd<xc thee} 

Adr, Traitor, no. 
Boter that thou and I, tad all Mankind 
Should be no more. 

I L, Google 

OE D I p u s. S9 

Crt. Then call thy Sword awajr. 
And xidd thee to my Mercy, or I ftrike. 
Adr. Hold thy, .r»i*'d Arm; g?vo mc a moiMnrt 

My Father, when he bleft lae, gave me this: 

My Son, Taid he, let thii be thy laft Refuge { 

If th«u ftn-ego'ft it, Mifery attntds chee : 

Yet Love now charma it from me i wiiich in all 

The Hazards of my Lite I never loft. 

Tig thine, my faithfid Sword, my only Trait ; 

Tbo' my Heart telli me that the Gift is &tal. 

Cre. Fatal ! tet, fbolifh Love-fick Prince, it IhzU. 
Thy Arrogance, thy Scorn, 
^y Vonnd't remcmb'rance. 
Turn all at once the fatal Point on thee. 
■Ffivamir, to the Palac^ difpuch 
The £ing ; hang H-enun up, fiir he ia Loyal, 
And will oppde me: Come, Sir, are yon n^adv f 
Jdr. Yes, Villain, ka what-cver thou can'ft dare. - 
Ettr. Hold, Critn, or thro' me, thro' me you woond. 
AJr. O^ Madam, or we perilh both ; behdd 
Tm not unann't^ my Poniard't in my I^ad : 
Therefm away. 

' M»r. I'll wrd your Life with mine;' 
, Crt, Die both tluni there i( DOW no time for daBTintf. 
\JCih Eurydice. 
Ear. Ah, IVince, farewel i Ercwel my dear JJraSiu, 
Mr. Unheard of Moofier r Eldcftbnmof Helll 
JXmm to thy ptimitiTe Fhtmei. . > [SttAi Ci««B> 

Crt. Help, Soldiers, hdp ; reveiwe rac. 
Mr. More; yet more ; a thou&no Woohdi I 
rU Aamp thee Jlill, thiutothe gapintEFuriea. 

i;Adiaftiu/i.£, JriS'J iff tit Sa^eft. 
Emttr Ifsemon, GuarJi, tuitb Alcandar and Pytacmcai 

iotmdi tbt AJfaJjifif art dnvn^off'. 
O Htemas, lam flaini' nor oeOl I name 
Th' iohumaB Aot^ of all Villasieii 



^ 0£ p I p «i s. 

There he lieigsfiMng, . - ' 

Crt. If I noft piqnM w flMi«i, - - 

To aCt the Didata of my daring Mind : 
Barn, bun hi-vtt^ O wplc ^blUtoK 
Of the Gfld^ Anbili<n. IDitt. 

Mr. She'sg«ew.>Q4lldI}(-MlR^IMniio:4a^^qm[ 
Yctinck»Riagi«i;D«ilh,flwetl^ QIK^awl. 
Her lips too uenlUb* m iflte v>W4 &>^ 
HerlalfRmvel. a Om^kv t^y f 4II 
Iineat; and ■fiUfMiMt twHiefi^atMiuWI 
T^ taUcofUerga^MdOd^ftial Bc»unes, 
And wond'roiu Pleafurcs in tfaeoUvi W<hM; 
Let me but find her therc^ iMk^ooflMne- i^Mtf' 

£«//r « Captain /« HammL w46 TiftA^, <t«^Ii4Ht«, 

C<t/; O, air, >^Qyt«i ?t^4, fivift.jUtd WU^. 
Ai a ubM Ttgroit faamlMe «V the Wootbt 
HH^Aed Murtkn th«t a»at« Maoismd- 
In tm&d.Gohi'I fawhar'aaqgluifrf hwg 
On the BaiasnL <wi h« .IMftSfiU 
Stab'd thro' theBreaOs udchi the Uoody ITiltPW.' 

Ktm. RelentU'Haiv*)ii;l .]>|lw^C«»fi^ 
.Kamtobratoni'd? Howfacmtti^U 
JUigi liwM he held, when but the Death of ou 
■IWwandi,an,Fwprtf» Btoc^ for Bniadpttr 
-Bh( lee ! The fiirioni mad Jtcafia^ hor. 

•tMM'iknw) M//{^«iiiftf jDcaAtiini/^^ i4rlRw«»; 
andfi^'diM-mim f {«»•«/ -Jit. a>>^. hv Hah 
difit^ii it«.CiiidMmJmn«fmtk*'B4i 

WmmewttaSi^t «f ^ ouwh BiHToar, 

.An4 fiq[-bicKishtro V-i^' 
T«. Ai, cruel'Womcn t 
■Will youTwtlet me tike my hA^tofemX 
Of chofe dear(l<M?'0-letiiieiiMM;aaii'feaI ' 
My mekiog Soaki(Ma dieiiLbiUng Wwaiil 


OE D I p ir 5. 91 

mprintvpon their oral Moa tin fudi Kith, 
A* audi rccal their ffaTid'ring S^rio home. 
Let me e^ let me go, a I tviD teu yoa Ptcce-noil. 
Heh^ jUtmm, help: 

Hdp, OtdipUi licV> QoAsi Jfcafta dies. 
£«M- Oedifw «iMW. 

Otdip. Pvcibund k Ipiikfew, ud I rignk Ae '60I1 
'Ti* qn!fcirtibari*d: Sot* by (ho *ftu!t Notfr, 
The Hdelu will fit my (ittaa piiirpofc well. 

y»c, wWhoa, my OttHfttt f Set, whereheflaBdal 
His groping Glipft ii lodg'd up6ii a Tow'r, 
'fTor dm )C find the Road : Mount, nomt, Aiy- Sod ; 
JHwrap th}'{hiverii)2St>iritittLaitibeBtf'bmet! and lb 

we'll ikil: 
Satfee! tiVn; landed (ntheliappyCoafl I 
And all the g^en StrffldK «« cortt'd o'er ' 

WHi glOribt§<jedai ttnt eome'to try ttai-CiiA.- 
Jave, Ja-tit, whofe Majefty now fialca me dbw^ 
He «te HfJnMf MtUs to' imlawM Fim, 
Smn jbtige, Bit! fhiH ^c^it ih. O, 'til 9m*i 
"Th fixt by Fate; upcAi 'RMOrd (Divine i 
And QMSff/ Audi nWbe tmnuHc >t^9ft(/. 

Wliat dreadful Seed has mad Jteafia done F 
JLmi. The Queen her felf, and all your wretched 

Are tnr her Fury^ain. 
OtJip. By all my Wow, 

She hai outdoifc rae, ia RffKi^ iiid Murder 1 

And I fhoutd Invy ha t^te kd Appianfe; 

Bat, Ob \ my btuldren ! CMi, trtut have they done P 

This was not like the Mercy .of the Heav'iit, 

To fet her Madneis on fuch Crud». 

This flin me more than all my Su^rings, 

And with my lalt Breath I muft call yon Tyrants. 

*■ H^ti- What mean you. Sir i 
OiSip. Jttgfia! Lo, I conre. ' 

8«8dt, Google 

9% OE D I p u s. 

O L»jmt, Ltitldtiu, and ill 70a Spiiiu 
Of tw C^liBtaM Race, prepare to meet me. 
All weipiDg nDg'd aloi^ Utc gloomy Shore : 
Extend ytturAnm t'cmbrsce me, fiv I come; 
May all the Godi toe from their Batdoncnts 
BehsU, and wonder at a Monal'a daring : 
And, when I knodc Ae Goal of dicadfal Death, 
Shoot and appland me with a dap of Thimder. 
Oux more, uivt mng'd by hairid Pate, I oome 
SwiA a* a fidling Meteort lo, I fly. 
And dm go downtwdi to the datxer Sky.- 

{Thoi/tr. Hi fingt l,imfi!ffrmtbtJf7n^ia: 7kt 
TheixufigMibtr ahout bu Btdf. 

Siem. O Prophet, OtJifus la now no more! 
O cnn'd tSkBi of the mofi deep DeTpair I 

Tir, Ceafe youi CompUina, and bear Ui Bod} 
The dreadiol Sidu will datmt the drooping 7%(Amf. 
VlwmHeav*a decreet to raife with Peace and GIc^. 
Ye^ Wf thele tenible Enmidet wam'd. 
The uoed Foiy thai alamu the Wotldi 
Let noaOf'tho' ne'er To, Vertivnu, Great and Higlg 
Be jn^'d eotiK]/ bka be&re they IXc. 


8.i™dL, Google 

E P I L O G U E. 

irrr hat Sophoda aulj Mndtrtaie abut, 

■' ' Our PMtifi:mJ a fTerifirnurt tkui tuti 
Jai thtrifirt Twt l^ litgffng at tht Piittf 
W'ilh tJi tbtir Ftrct, t» Jraiu thtir ptni'rtHs Maji frtm 

Greece. ' 

A Weigit that hnt tv'n Seneta'j Jlrttg Mii/it 
Jwd-mhieh Conuille'i ShaaUtr, iiJ rifufi. 
S§ bar J it it tif Atheniui Harp te firing I 
St mofti ttu, Canfidt jilU ta tm jii(t King. 
Ttrrtur and Pity ihii wMt Pttm/tvof s 
Tie migblitft Macbinii that can maunt a Fltgi 
Hfw btairf •willtbift Fa^ar Saalt itfiunJ, 
Wbtm tvufiub Engints canntl mavifram Gromtdf 
Wbtm Greece and Rome baiitfmiti uptn tbii Sirthf 
7m ta» bnt Damn fir t*t foar J^t sfEartbi 
Amd vnbtnyaar Children find your j udgment fiub, 
fbif^U fttra tbiirSirtt, and <ti>ifb ibtm/ttvethm DaX^i 
Eatb bat^htj Put luill infir wtb tafi, 
Bana much bii.Wtt mufi mndtr-timtt to fkafi. 
Aj finufiruig Churl tkmild brtaidijhlng advantt 
Tht mtHMHuntal Sioard that anjutr'd France ; 
St you, bfjut^ii^ this, your yudgmtnli ttmtb 
Tbm Jar yeu Ukt, that is, thus far you rtacb. 
Sinct tbtn the Ftit tfJuU tint thaufand Ytart 
Hat Crfwn'd this Plot, and all the Dead art ittirt, 
Tbluiit a Dibtyoupaf, ntl Aim you give, 
Astd iaytur rwa Difinei, Itt this tUg livt. 


1 1, Google 

7Z)>jE 'm.nU ^U, voben Sophodb hfitwat 
7a prtu/i bii Wtrtb tk^ bumify d*ult tbtir tvm* 
Tit mi vmi Statu tatb »lktt'$ Pemfr mgkri, 
WhA ftth h CmyimaitM mri ftemn. 
ntir trua it •mkatyw ftdatu rtlifif mfiy 
darmf Su^t andShmu! a MurJtr and aGba^l 
Wt iMfat Ktt wiatjaa eon dtfirt ar hpt, 
T» fitafi yau imrt, hthirni^ tf a fopt. 

J I N I s. 

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D,3.i™dL, Google 

I L, Google 



The Force of Love: 




By their Royal Highoefi's Set- 
vantsy at the Duie's Theatre. 



— Ket minut ftriculum ex magna 
.U .■ Fama qaim fx mala. Tacit. 


KPi'mted for W. pEAtES « Raai'i H<ad igiinK 
. St. Clntunn Chorch in the StraMd ; A. W e L- 
i- .LINGTOHfltthe Dahhin and Crmm without 
WtiTtmf It-Bar; J. WEttiKGlON, A. Bel 
■; TESWOBTE, «nd F. ClAV, in TtuO for 

I L, Google 

To her Grace the 

Dutchefs of RrcHM o ND. 

~| H E RepnmroD tfiat this P L A y rc- 
1 ceived on the Stage, fome few Er- 
I tors excepted, was more than I could 
i welt hope from focenforiousaD Age, 
s from whom 1 ask but fo mocb ne- 
ceflary Praife as will ferve, once or 
twice ft Tear at dio^, to gain theic good Coaipan]', 
ud jnfl keep me alive. 

There is n»t nov3 that Mankind that was tieir, 

WhtM as the Smk and Man did firm tofirive , 

VJoiut-TenaMti if the World) who jbouU furviver 

When if afima-fae^d Star had /him away. 

From the Ohjerver'i marking, be taight Jlay 

Two •r three hundred Teart to fee*t agen, 

And then make np bii Obfervmionflmin. Dr. Donn. 

For 'tis impoflibic in our limited Time (and I 
bring his Opinion to back my own, « ho is with- 
out comparifon the btft Writer of the Age) to 
prcrent our Judges a Poem half fo perfed as we 
coo'd make it. I maft acknowledge, Mad-jm, 
wiih all hutnililj, 1 ought to have taken more 
Vol. I. A3 Time 

. ..Coojic 

6' ^ ^^i*- J^^a&!afoKJ^ 

TimC' asdi mH&'P^k is this Tf^i^Jr tecsttl^ti 
h dedieateij to yow Qracw, wto-MRg;ihffb^ 
Judge, (and- tlMeftss- cao, when' yea p1«af9, 
iBske ui tremlste) yet wJtk Kcatdfti]|- Mc^cji 
have ptrdcm^ (h» Dcft^ of S^f^i^&K^ 8h4 gi^ 
ven it yoor entire Approbatioii. My Genius, 
Madam^ was yoar F<vouritc wbai tbcrPoet was 
QuknoTvii, and openly received youf Smrles be- 
fore i had the Honour to pay yonr Gtace the 
ndoft fdlxniflifc Gntftude for fo iHu(friout ni<l 
advantageous a Proteflion. To let the Wotlit 
loo know that you do not thiok it beneath you 
to be officioufly Good, even froav ^tte^ieft 
Hei^t», to- (Ulcern the lowefi Cceati^es, ati4 
KW9 them aW the nobleU biftaence ym- oan, ywt 
Brought Het Royal Hfehnefi jMft it >tto eiifea* 
time, whole fiagle Pterence on, the lPo«t^ uay^ 
i& a Sub^Eletice fbi hfm ail the Year>^er. Ah, 
^Aitnn, if ^ the fhotMiv'd' Hil^inefi- that mir 
lerable Poets caq enjoy codUD mComipendatioa 
only ; nay, if the moft pait art couteni? w<rt» 
popular Breath, and even for that -ueihankfhl'S 
How fliaH- 1 Mpjefc my felf to yoar Grace, ^riia 
by a particBlaf Goodnefs and innate Sweetneft, 
merely for the fake of doing well, have thuS' 
rais'd me abo¥e piy Icif ? To have your Graces 
Favour i], m » word, to have the Applaufe of 
the whoki Court, who aie its oobkA OttiA,-' 
ment, m^goifi^wtt 4tid eternal Piaife. Some- 
thing there is in your Mien fo much above rhal 
we vulgmly cfll Qunniogi. that to m« it fecitlf 
'AdoraU«, aqd your PrefcDce aliooQ Plviae, 
whofe daaling and irxtJeAidt Forni h a firopet 
Mat^o» for the tnofi elavaied Soul, And let 
jne teU the Wtwld, nay, lighing, ^eek it to a 
batbflrous Ag$ (I cantKK bclf caUipg it fo, t>hen 
I think 

lif.^fffl^ Zts^itaforj, 


Ted igainlt irie, Tliat I : 
Fancy; but, I hope, th' 
the Sallies of YquiK; Age," De'fpondence, and 
Dulnefs come too" faft »f'th"Afi6ltcsV I dif- 
Ts that 
fomctimcs, and run at all, or never come in to 
ihp fall of the Qdarty. My Comfort is, I cati- 
tioi bc''fo riofbalons a Creature to any Man as 
I am to my Icif : For who Ihonid know the 
A 4 Houfe 

commend no Mw. foe keeping the be 
R<WL,; t)gt I 8j^ fij^rt the noble Hunters 
follow the Game, muR leap Hedges and Diti 

sn^dt, Google' 

8 the Epiftte bedtcaiory. 

Houfe fo well as the good Man at home ? who, 
when his Ne'ghbours come to fee him/Oill fets 
■the bed Rooms to view ; and if he be not vi 
wilful Mt, keeps the Rubbifh and Lumber W 
fome dark Hole, where no body comes bnt him- 
felf, 10 moiiitY at melancholy Hours.' ' But how 
then, Madam, in thTs unfnitable Condition, bow* 
ihall I aufwer the infinite Honoilrs and Obli- 
gations your Grice bas kid opon' me ? Your 
Grace, who is the moll beautiftil Idea of Love 
and Glory ; who, to that Divine Oompofition; 
have the uoblcft and beftnMur'd Wit in 
the World. All I can promife, Mddam, and 
be able to perform, is, that your Grace Ihall ne^ 
ver fee a PUy of mine that fliall give Offence 
to Modefly and Vinue ; and what I- hum'blf 
ofl!er to the World, {hall be of u& at Itad, and 
1 hope dcferve imiifltioii ; which is, or ought 
to.bc, I am fare, the Defign of all Tragtdits and 
ComtMa both ancient ana modern. 1 fnoold pre- 
fume to promife my fclf too fome Sncccfs iQ. 
things of ihis nature^ If your Grace, ( in whom 
the Charms of Beauty, Wit, -and Goodiitfi feeid 
rcconcFl'd ) at a leifure Hoor would coodefcend 
to cn'rrcit With your excellent JndgiacDt the Er* 
rots of, 

T*ur Grttii mojl Haitfhle, . 

tuiji Ob<iiient^ ■ ■ 

and Devotid Strvamty 

Nat. Lee. 
PR o« 

,,....Go„3k ■ 



WITltMf tffrtfi'd, and Jill'd dt Uft ivilb R»Z«, 
Thut m AfuUtn Mnd rtbi^s the Jigt. ^ 

What Ltadi of faim d) madtrn Htrtti itar. 
For an iHfUrUMi, h»r, and lax.y Wsr t 
Whofir fimt Skirmijh, er a fafi Rartat, 
(Net te it Jragg'd to Baitlij mti caU'd Gn*t. 
£ut th ! _ whst da ambiiUHi Stattfthin gain, 
Wh» init frivau Chtfis ■wholt Natu»i drain ! 
What Sumt tfGold they heard, ii daily known, 
Ttt all Mini Cefi, aadfimtiimts It tbtir twn. 
Tear Lawytr taa, thatUki an O Yet iav.h, . "J 

That dnwm the Markft-Higltr in tbt SuUi, > 

Tbatfnmt btgtt, etnetiv'd, and born in Srawli, 3 
rtt thrivts: lit and his Creud git -what thi>/ fliafi, 2 
$titannimg all Term-time thra' tkt Strand l\he Btti, > 
Thf} bin. nt Weftmiofter, and iyi for Vits. > 

Tht Gedly too thiir wayt af Gitt'mg have-, 
BMt luntfe much at ymr ttnatick Knavn 
Wifily tbt loialtbiift Livings ihiy rifufi, 
Whe by tbt fatufi Bijhofricki would left j 
Wht withjhtrt Hair, large Ears, and/mall bint Band, 
Trui Rtgnii, thiir own, not Cud's EUSl command. 
Ln Pigs thin bi frophaan but Broth's allow'd, p 

Peffili and Chrifiiau Caudles may hi good & 

Util-htlfi, te reinforce a Brolbir's Blood : 3 

Therefore lach Fimale Saint he doth advife, j 

iVith Groans, and Hums, and fia'i and Gegling Fyii, > 
To mi him doiun, /tndmake the Spirit rife : J 

While,ivitb his Zeal, tranfported from the Ground, 
Ut mtimti,, Md fanSlifits she Sijitrs round. 

sn^dL, Google 


On Piiii enly lu kind Stur t*ir fmil'd^, 
Curfl ¥*t* hat dam»'d 'im i-v'ry Mf'htr'i Child: 
Tbir^t bt iitntt hit BMkm tf rh Sltpt 
■ Te VJrili nf mort fir »n ungrMtfui Agt. 
Think what ptHurtBUi Mafitrs yen hant firv'di 
TaOb run mad, mitd ntiU Speafet Jisrv'd. 
Xmtb than, wh» ^tr than »rt thmt f*nft vmtt w»y, 
Thy Ink to Gail, /aid in Lampetns txeiL 
Jtrfmear ali Htnefij,. traduet tht Grtat, 
Crew Imfuttiat, and rnii »iMtfi the stutu 
»urfii«r with Spittu, ntnaa thy PaAWd/W,, 
jlnd thoffftftmt Liitl-/fr*Ad*r ftr thf irUm4i 
Thg Wit and Wmh of Timon ^int thy kSind. 
jind fir thy ^aOrtrfiajiit ciiffi Manhitii^ 


THrift hapfy thv) thmt iuv» writ itfoiv^ 
Haw fleas'd and bild tbtj ^lat tht fnfir Slltn 
Ziktfimi »tw Caflain of thi Citj B^dr, 
That -aiith big f.tAs in FintbUrf commoTidit 
Suieli'i with huj^t Jilt, ha iriv, Brat, ttmt a Br»»] 
" Pex an th§ French Rini, udi-hnd ift him etimi 
■Giva ma ten tbaufaad Rtd-Caaii, and «&», 
Vifa'll Jtrk his Crsqiii and hit Cornk tae. 
^htis tht yantii Scriiltri Mankind- Stn^ ^daitty 
jfcr ignaraata it furt la tnaka'am vain; 
But far frtm Vanity, tr d»nfraUi Pridt, 
Our eautiaui Patt caUrtsyan ta hit fidt : 
Ttr ■why JhtnU yen ht fiarn'J,. ta vbem an dnt- 
^11 tht gaad Dayt that aver jliitheri knfw f 
ff ivtr gay, '(» )»« that makt 'ana finti 
Tht Pit and Baxtt makt tht Faa dint, 
^nd htifcarn drinh tut ^ tht CritidetWht. 

1 1, Google 


But, nil aU Miftrtjfis, think Jlmu IB tbrt'Ve t 
Be find ef iv'ry thing their Kteptri Jof, 
jtt ItMfi tittth^ can li^t tuithout a Plin- 

Sbt dutei andfavni upen her 'wealtSj CV/, ] 

.Aid jHtMars fill hmis him, mirilffor bii Wit. 
■^atktr^'mvri yntamgbt than a WalloOi^ 
■4mtifk VMdntk, like an oldBahaen, I 

**' fvX/IR' K *" accomplifii'd Beatt'earibi) j . . 

Tunnvittf ^■'^"•dt, and fail, •aAiSaUmjirai 
.ONJleartt in City, Town, and Court fit fiti'i,' * 

ToangeaMHe'lird), iean Knights,- and" t^-fullitgrSfidra,' 
,aUinr0Iefi'HatlitjfindiberEndi, ' " ' 

GiiHi Tianit fir Foofi, and matti je ali i^ f'"}'"^'' ' 
Sojbauld tuije Petti fiath an aukard ^*, 
F»r the} art Prafiilates upon the Stan : 
^gMt^S"£mtituerefi9lifian4iJl^ed,. .. . 
^fir a Zi^ >o 6e nice in Btd: " 

Amdjtu mtg wn'tmnitrj vitg fir Pltajiti*.'- 


sn^dt, Google 

Dramatis Perfonae. 

TVodoSiii, M"- WlOumi. 

VaruiM, M'- BtttirUm. 

Maimik ' Mr.Srf.*. 

lidm, Mt' WiH/Un. 

y CUlft^iH. Mr. Jnmn. 

Mr. ItUhir/ia 


Pafchcrii^ Mn.J«wrt»«.- 

AthciuJi^ Mn. Bony,. 



The SCENE, Cu^Mtaieflti. 



The Force of Love; - 


Atatth Ttmpli, •whithrtfrtf/iitt ih» CbrifiUmRtMeitit, 
aiiuitifirfiMarniJUtnct: Brinthut lati^ ifiaU^d 
mt Rome and Conftantino^. rbfJUt- Sttnu Jbtva ■ 
til htrriJ^erturtt itiith •wbieb tbi R)imax.TiraMlt 
ferfeaittdihe Cbureb; and the jtat Setae,- •mhichiitbt 
lHuit tfihi Prt/pta\ dtfi»t>iri an Mar Hcbfy adtnid, . 
htfirt it Conftantine, >/^V inttU, -with CamrnMa- 
diriaiim hill, jfiW'K at-a- Uavdy Craft in tbt Mr, 
vthich king enamfafi'd viSith vtatf JUgtli, tftrs it 
filftt virtu, luilb tbo/t W^ordt difiinafy tsrHttn, (In 
hoc figno-Tinces!) Infirumtnti art.btard, and mm 
Atltndantt: "hii Minifitn al Dit/iae Service toaljt- 
h^upanddtVMi,liUhnKaUbe Chief efaUlbtPriifi,, 
w§d Succeffhr tfSt. Chryfoftwii, in rich Robet, cemtt 
firward'UiithtbePbiUfir^berl.tOVliatitbe Waiteriia,- 
JUnii bewii^ eiUth -um/ hefm bim. 

■ A Chorus hesrdatsdtitmce.. 

PRtpare, prepare ! tbt Ritei hegi»i: 
Lttn*ite nnbalkw'd enter in i- . 
The Tentfliinilb nivi Glarf fiinet, 
Jd»rn thf Allan, <iaa/i tie. Sbrinii,' 

il4- THBOBQSIlfSi ,r, 

Bnttr AtdcDt audLtoauat. 

A T T t s ti s. 

Since the CelellialliicaTi^lioaclawn'd F 
I think no Day fince that, fuch Glory garfr 
To Chf^attj Altan, ai thii Moniin^ 

•p;r^t aiccMgr of.Mx W'J'm ■■ 

Who now inanipM sEmm a ^SattiL of Honoiif l 
Mexc in degree to thole bright Schu of Heav'n, 
Vho iwm M> >!« #|tB.'d ttor ori^,t ^gum: 
What ftiaU I anCiur i Haw ai>U I apwofoi yfiii^ 
Since my Conver&m, which your Breath iofpiT'd I 
Jltic. ToteSiiiD^rtSe Eapeiprrgf *Jie Eaft 
Z^eaves all the Pleafures that the Earth can yield, 
•That Natai» cu bctew^M J^ impiti 
Ai fail Life'i SpiiD^ ud bj«qn at offl^ Y^^S 
To Dfidogo tl^ Ftoma of a ^Ite]^ 

Sailii«(, aodEzeuMct 
VUoh fioai hia Bed at I 

%haa yetPhikriopl^tin 
^(if. IfetmoEe.toJii: 

bnpedal ^Mrn, caftin ihi 
The A&iai oCou Cana 
Aid buiooenoB miolit CO 
To Day with TM^jl 

£««/. Metfainka at (iu 
Th' ADgeliek£lnIeBflK 
Li all the Paint and Drapety of Heav'ii, 
With charming Voices, and with lujjjgu 
To give fiill ^ace toilicb tuiue^tiMt ^ 

Jtiie. No, IfBstiitt, IJear thueiLft tfi 
Coi whtt I laft cOBfela'd'd^ £9>{)cnr* 

2V Kbm- ofLom. jbj 

"Wlietlier DiTguft and mehacholy Blood. 
From reftlefa Pa0»ai u^d noi tbis Dkorce i 
He pply acfwer'd me witn Sighs and BluQieg': 
Til ltir«,hU StM\ uatthetmdcrcflMAlce; 
Therefere 111 tax Hm Rtietiy : bat, mjt Ericod^ 
Why fheuld I «¥« tiii Chara&v to yi>a. 
Who, wbM bu vuhar fent hita. inta j*^^. 
Were by tbftt mi^fa^ Moou'cb theu amouued 
To breed him wKb hii Son, tbe Scvux Vsraats f- 

Ltent. And whatmU r^uymuT AdmaVMm,i»^ 
That two fuch ^ferMt TflMpprtflxntd Agua.i 
You know thit fbnul^t i| oempoild 
Of all the fofCDil^ that AauM naJu a Woowa ; 
Jjidgmenialmaft liltcBev fo[«-rau fait ^tiow fc 
AntlliewiB poiie ui lejar? fb ]«ag 
As if he ltfidmlierpai4an. than reMOgc It. 
Bat the youag Ptrjitn Priac* ^ait« t^poiiu^ 
So liery fierce, thattbolc wb» vww Iiiai aeoLif, 
lAxy fee his Imghty SooJ ftill qmwitiag ia hw Sta^st 
Yetdiil ftudy theiefoiifcwit T«ape»«, ' 
TiU I u kft Iu4 feri»'d a pftAA Ufiion, 
A* if nyo Soala did faWisAnft one Body. 
A l^neBdOelpt^ iiKyr^halltuc Oi tlw W«rld» 
And at the proof be aiaX^Idrt. 

Jttic. I long to read. 
This gsdantPmce, whs, u jwi 4iawe iafcnoJd tMCf. 
Comes from MsFath^'BCuutlo &■ our EaipeK*. 

Xetnf. So he istcnded dl ha^anwaa Jibau, 
And at my homdr B«apd bAtM »7 Bat^urt- 
^Vl>ere,asF««oiw>«t fte who Bfaar fiiw 
Tfae<%aies of a CoBtt,bfed npM'fiMlu 
Sna»let^ly[e3.Sjbyl:She,.iii?.. ' 
Loi» fines Jrom /'ri;;A»-fal»'b)"tae.t» ^Jlfl^Mv, 
Unwill'd m Chanin,'biit thwwhicb }^(uc ^wc heri. 
Woaoded tlmfconifid'BHiice'ltt'lhott,^ fovo'dma 
To wait him thither, withda^ PwMefiationi, 
That mpment thai bereft la^'<rf«ie %hi 
&S Jtbimii, pcvc him certain 'I>eaih. 
jpot&ci^ Ilau^terhoiipiir'dwitb-bnJPnrawei ' 


Muter VvtDci 4tmJ Athouus. 

Vdrm. Til ibaage I O Jthtmait t wondroui, alL 
Wondroiu the Shrinet, and wondetful che Attan I 
The Martyrt, though but drawn in painted Flamev 
Anuze me with the Image of their Suff'ringi: 
Sainti canoniz'd, that dar'd with Raman Tirana : 
HermJU that liv'd in C^vei, and fed with Aifek* 
By Orafmadtt, it it wondroui alL 
That bloochr Cro&, in yonder Anue SJt^, 
Above the Head of IcD^ing Canfitmtiiu j. 
Inlbrib'd about with GWden CharaAen,- 
VKufi>ak a'rrnmt i« tbU. If it be inie, 
I b,y again, by Heav'n, 'tia wondrotu Aiange. 

Mbni. O Prince, if thm Imaeinaciui ftin yoi, 
A Fancy rsia'd from Figuru in dead Wall*, 
How woold the iacred Breach tiS AttUut 
Jn/pirt your Breail, purge all yoiis Dr^ away^ 
And drive thii Mhtuaii from your Soul, 
To make a. Virgjn room, wbofn yet the Menld 
Of your rude Fanty cannot comprehend. 

V»rk. What Jayi my Fair { Drive Athentdt from nie V 
Start me not into Freniy, lefil rail 
At all Reli^on, and M out with Hcat'd : 
And what a flie ala* ! that ihouhl fupplant thee \ 
WcK fhe the Miareb of the VfacM,, as Air 
hi Wiater Stan, or Summer-letting Stmt, 
And thou fet by in Namre't i^iien.Dre{a, 
With chat chane modeft Look when firfl I &w tbest 
The Heirefi. of a poor PhiIof*pher ; IRtnrJtri reaJf 
I fwear by all I wilh, byall IIovo, tajhuri/f.. 

Glory, and thee, I would not lofe a Thought, 
NcH- caft a^ Eye that way, but nilh to thee, 
Ta tbde lov'd Armi, a^d lofe my felf for ever. 

Athene Forbear, my Lord. 

f^ara. cjud Jtbtnah I 
Why doA thou put me off, who pine to death ? 
And thfoft rae tram thee, wl^en I would n>pr(»chthecf 
<Can. there be ought in this? CatietheD tny fiirthrizht. 



The Force ef Love. tf 

Thy glorioni Titles and ill faited Grwtnefi, 

Since A/itBoii fconu tbec : Take sgain 

Your ill-tiin'dHonoun ; take 'em, cake 'em, God* t 

And change me to fome humble Villager, 

If ib at lall for Toils at fcorching Noon, 

In mowing Meadow), or in reaping Fields, 

At Night (he will but ciown me with a Smite, 

Or reach the Bounty of her Hand to blef* me. 

^tbcn. When Princca Ipcak, their Subjefb fliMldBc 
fifeot ; 
Yet widi Humility I would demand. 
Wherein appean my Scorn, or mjr Averfion } 
HaVe I not fm your fake abandoned home. 
Where I had vow'd to Tpend my calmer Dayi f 
Bat you perhaps imagine it but little ^ 

For a poor Maid to follow yon alA'oad, 
Efpedally the Daughter of old Letntijit •,-■■' 
Yet I mufttdl you Prince -■ . , 

Fara. I cannot bear 
' ThoJe Prawns -. I have ofti^dcd, hut firgire me; 
For who, Athrnais, that is tofs'd 
With fuch tmpefluoui Tides of Love as I. 
Can Aeer a ilaldy Ceitrie 1 Retife, my Fair, 

Harft ! the Solemnitiei are now beginning. 

And 7bttJofiu$ comes : Hide, hide tby Charmi; 

It' to his clouded Eyes fnch Diy ihould . ■ ik. 

The Royal Yonth who dotes to Death foi Love, 

I fear would forfeit all his Vows to He^iv'n, 

And fix upon thy World, thy World of Beauty. {^Sxiann 

l^nlir TKeodofiui fading Marina ani/ Flavilla (all tbrm 
drtjti in lubiu) filiated hy Pulcheria. ■ 

TXw. Farewd; Pulcbtriaf aiMtlpray, nomorei 
For all thy kind Complaints ace loft upon me. ' 
Have I not fworn the World and I muft part t 
Fate has proclaim'd it, therefore weep no more, 
Wound not the lendereft Part of 7headsfias, 
My yielding Soul, that would e«pii* io Cainu .' - 


lit THS^13BO,S,,m^ or. 

Wound me npt.wiUi.thy,Tei^,w4/,WiPiB^tl)§^ 

Yet ere I take my Ua.&iewdibif^rn> 

The Ca)ife of all mjr.^^f^ungt: O^i^'nw SJ^.f: 

A Weeding Heart, this.StKgjjot p, _._, 

What Conftitauoi) faft^As m^M cin.n^ ? 

P«/rA. My.LQr4, my tjopf!;r05iiw'4e3icOrQ(^ij. 
Why all thia while did. yoa commI it tmia, "m*^.' " ' 

IkiBW-.tbyft^wWi^VdiW^crWaoa " 

Woold dait Reproof), whicd I could iiQt endure. 
Draw near, Oh jitticft^, and n^h DJ^iyeUf 

Pot never yp did, my co^platiifp^S[4^ 

Unlaid this weightV Secret upoq h^ 
Nor groaa a Syllahle' of iipj (^reffip^ 

jfttie. Concealmeiibw^.a'Eau£*i Wfpnk^ 
Make ba« thy WqomL aqdl ^^i^S^^^ 
Thet. 'Tii Eol(y alf, aid Bpa^of^ ■ •■ . - . Tt' Ol^; ^^t 
doft Aou opea thus my Woopd agfUn, 
™&.^ **??? «4l doiifn t^wj w^rn^Dtc 
mjlkemedicwitn_'ffi%raef hear . t];jji;i^ ^u/;^ 
few piecr^Jig Days be^ I 'eift 

Why doft Aou open thus my Woopd agjun, 
And fromngc I^eait call doHrn tr' " '' - 

That make- •■'-■■'<- 'i^ -■■■.-, 
Some few p , ^ _ ^ ,..,,._.. . 

I IpA 1D}C KM mi all the Company, 

Still wandring on a ?<Wtw% WOfifedweftafti 

I paA ;^ RiyuJcC) vi^Ug'^ed on. 

The fweeteft Sflljwdel evsri^wt 

When ft[*i^ V if tojlwOSfiot Mbfeft^S*. 

'Two chumiAg Voj^ dew nw till I ca^^ 

TKfewc dpvw Atbwir% q,(w-I»fe4 "** ^Mw* 

Upon the Ofier Bank two Women late, 

Who, v^hen their Swz VW^Kled, t^'^ti^opb 

Who, bjuhiii& Bpi4 fii-ifttl»^ C^JfelA Sts(?Hp. 

Sot, Oh, what Thouzht can paint that &ir raHtOiaa, 

Or |tt« » GVovfe S fcch a w*M Qfmr-i 

Not Sea:h()ra r«rw, i« Mw Qpiin* bcqcfltti. 

When th« gmu Iityi<vh&&:ft luTs'd h(t CQiqal, Lips, 

AH pcdiQi'tt ^, mv) WiUt^'^wit^orin^^^gf. 

Could in mviKfiWi ffvy iV4tw h«i. Bjn&W^^ 


TBa Ptnce^pf: Xtovf t^ 

Thtt. Oh! Siry joa _.. .^. 
The chxfl« Emhafaiflklt Vorn «ppcan. 
At when I&wharj yet.I.lwew, Puk^^f* 
Had cdd i)(«iM been i Looker (% 
She BMift have pniiM the Virtoes ofcheViKffl; 
The Sat^rtcaui, uat.ffit, 6u Ae,Hn4veil'a: 
Nothing immodelt, fiom hn mfced Bofiim 
Down to her Knees,. the.N}rniph vru wni]« in Lwn : 
fiat, Oh for me f fer me, that wu too much ! 
Her Legs, herArou, herHsnds, h«rNecl(, htrBreafta,, 
So nicely (hap'd, to matcblers in their Luftre; 

Soch AU-FetfcfUon, ihatl took whole DwfhV 

Of killing Love, and. ever, iioce Iwve langiufli'd 

With lingaingSuiJeiaof herfwlfieaa^ f 

41as, too fatal {ait.1 Oh, Juinu./ 

Forgive mc, fhr my. &Qty now is dOMV 

The Nymph was drefi, and with ittr two. Cap^iswpnf* 

Having defcry'd me, fhriek'd and iled a,y/^ 

Leaving me mntionlrft, biXLtMtv^ij 

Th' Inunifiocof n^ Voath. by Chanix cmbc in. 

And wak'd me froa the Wonder thw entraqc'd me. 

Jtiic. Behold, my l^ud, the MiUt. whoift ]f04 hayt: 
Tin HkifemKi: cf ?rJw V^^in^, \vn. 

Thf, Oh'ZM«^«/tMi'thoa&ndWtkOBU»aM«tths«i. 
Thou Fofter-ftrtber of- my. tendar Youths 
Who.NM'd thaPhni, andpHWr'ditwkh&wh.Cirej 
How (hall 1 laab upon thee, who am Mkn. 
From all the l^uidptet <rf manlier fidafon, 

Sf the* infoi'd, to more than Womas'a Wcakw&i 
ow by the Majefly IMne, that awci 
Thifr'fiMMdPlace-, I fmsr you aoA notkiml; 
And tell me, fcr J have a cboafand thtngs 
Toafk thcet Whaw, whem is my Godlik«FiiaKt> 
It he arrived, and fh all Ifec hia Fac^ 
lUhw nncloiJtwV boa thi World fwcvei} 

lunt. Hecomn, myLord, withaUtheexpeOiDgJoya- 
Of ayonngpfMnU'd Lover, from hitErc» 
Kg Hopet look fetth, SBd boiling EaM^ fanu. 




KoAiBg bat Tbead^^t ftUl before hin) ; 
His TlwuKht, his every Word, ii Tbniofiu. 

TbtQ. Vet Ltniint, vet anlWer me OHce more : 
With Tremblings I demand ihfc. 

Say haft thou feea? Oh! hat that heav'^Dly Porok 

Appear'd to thee again 7 Behold he't dumb: 
Proceed then to the folemn lafl farewell 
. Never wu Man lb wjlling aod prepar'iL 

Emttr Varanes, Amithn, Jtnndantt. 

Vara- Where is my Friend f Oh, where u my belov'd^ 
My TheeJofiuil poin' him out ye Gods. 
That I may prefs him dead betwixt my Axmt j 
Devour him dtua with ovcr-haJly Joys, 
That lasguifh at Ims Breaft, quite out of Breatht 
Aod axDCK otter more. 

Thn. Thou mijhtieft Pleafupe f 
^nd grcM^ BJmng. I'm kind Heav'n could fend.. 
To glad my parting Soi:., a thouland Welcomeil 
Oh ! when 1 look on thee, orw Starts of Glory 
Spring in mj Breaft, ami wi^h a backward SouatL 
1 rtjn the Raccof lufty Vouthagain. 

yarti By tfefiv^irjufsbsis^ whfn-I remtmEeft ' 
iDar thou&nd Paftim?[, when we borrow'd Namea i, 
Jkiiii, 1, ^nd Thou, my dearefi ^thtfiui, 
When'thro' the Weods wechai'd the foamiagBoar^ 
With Hounds that opened iike ThiffmUen Billtl, 
Like Tigers fiu'd, tad {anded as the Shore, . 
With Eart, and Chefia, that dafh'd the Morning Dewi; 
Drir'n with the Sport, as SMp« are toll in Storms 
We ran like Winds, and matcUels wa« our Ciwric: 
Now fweeping o'er the Limit <£ a Hill) 
Now with a full Career come chuad'riDg dowD 
The Precipice, and fweat along the Vale: 

thtt. Oh. rlorioui Tinul and when the guliienng 
Have caird us Home, Jay, TAA. we reft my BraCberf 
When OB. the Sage, to the admiring Coun, 
.V« Aran to leDiefcat AUidti'' Piuy, 

He F^ce of JUme. > zi 

In ill dat nging Heat, and Pomp of Madnefi, 
With which the fiatcly 5n»d adoru'd hiiiii 
So livdy drawn, and painted with fuch liornn^ 
Thax we were forc'd to give it o'er; lb loud 
'The Vii^ins fliriek'd, fofati they dy'd away. 

fara. My Jhiaiafiui ftillj 'til my lov'd Brotlier) 
And by the God* we'll fee thofe Times agen 1 
Why then ha« Ramour wrong'd.thee, (hat teportcd 
ChrilKaa £jothu£afm bad chiu'm'd thee frooi ui. 
That dtawn by PrieAs, and work'd by Meknduly, 
Thou hadit laid down the golden Reitu of Empire 
And fworn thy felf a Votary ftw ever I 

^htt. 'Tis alnioft trnc; aiid bad not you aniv'dt 
The lblemii-Bnfiiw& had by this been ended. 
This I have made' the Emprcfi of the Eafi, 
My dda Sifter : Thefe with mc retire 
DcTOted to the Pow'r wlwm we adore. 

Vttra. WhitPoweriithattbatmeriufuchOblationaf 
I thouglu the Sim nntc great and gloriout. 
Than any that e'er mingled with tbe Godt; 
Yet even to him my f Mher nevet o&r'd 
M^e than a Hecatomb of Btdli and Horfei : 
Now by thofe golden Bcamt that glad the Worl^ 
I fwear it ii ioo much : For. one of dude. 
Silt lialf lb bright, our God wouJd drive no more. 
He'd leave the darkcn'd Globe, jmd in fbme Care 
Enjoy focb Charms for ever. 

Attie. My Lord, forbear I . 
Such LangDaec doa not fait with our Devodon : 
Nothing piofane muft dare mnnnur hei«. 
Nor fiain the haUow'd Beantiei ^ tfa^Plaf*. 
Yet drni &r we moft yield ; the Emperor 
Ii Bot enowk pripai'd to Irave tht World. 

Vmra. Thu )tm, moft acrvenl of -tUi Jacred Plic^, 
X kneel i«r Pardon, aodiam half ODBVcrted, 
By jour Permiffion. that my 7htU^ 
Aetnrn to my Emlvaces I Oh, my Brother \ 
Whydoftthdadi«i|tI TlMrcwiU bctimaeiion|h ., 
For nayer and Fafti^g, taA religinu Vowat 
Let ufcq^, while yet thw attinyowna ' 


i^ <r HE 01) OSin^i»r, 

All thH^gli*:'*"'*^^'^'*'™ Qtum 

•Why* H* 96o«*i rf W"*"™ S2iSj.™>. 

6.1 wwiseato, ««'"r?'°* '"Sinv™. 

Which null be ■»«"°«"**™?™IrS:^i... n™., 

JlXo theSKtWfcrof CSg*"™* 

.fnttMf •*)>**»**•■"'"«" ' ■ 

1 1, Google 

Attic.- &atiyh''?^aKi hisjt iffV^, j 

Jiii ^tlf W 'MUrt h ii''fy*S<i^ii f 

Saes, JbJ affWfViiaii'cfii'lil^ilfiuii 

tht Wim ifiiifthi'iii^ 'hAtt 


^. mnMiiiiftiunmu, 
3 asr^Mitfeiuint'Kjui: 

jm. VrVStitm'Hmn-eiini./jSf/ibit,, 

TZm^A mw hi vxaj m fir Hi Bridt. 

Safit thn, Oli^^t! mJuiiml («> 
■ /•r twr jKi Rt^iMt Dmr, 



Skut* mi from thi Ct*rmt ^ Sim, 

Attk. lUrk r bmrk I M»U tit ttavtwfy Cbmr, 
^ii^i. Thtf eltaiit tbt Air in irigii JllSri, 
And fit Hi Lmtt »aeb Ai^tlhring), 
And hurk Divintfy thiu btfiagii 
To til Pfufri Di-viirt all Gbry it glvtJt, 
By Mtn apt* Ewti, and Angih ia Htavim, 

tceoejbiilt. Mid all tit Pntfis 'uiith Marina *md Fit* 
viilA dljafftar. 

Ptilii. For«vergoDel for ever parted from mtl 
Oh ! 'Tbitdi^ks, ulTtlui cruel Moment 
J never knew bow teodcily I lov'd 'cm i 
But on thii cvalaltiDg Sep&ruioii, 
Meihinlu my Soul hu left me, isA my Tinie 
Of Diffi)luucui poiKa me to the Grave. 

tbtt. Oh, ray VareMi, dbei not now thy Temper 
Gate fomedung oF i» Fire I doA thaa not mdt 
In mtre CompiUIitxi cf my Sifter'i Fuc, 
And cool thy felf with ooe lelenting Thoaght I 

Vara. Yet, mv dar'd Sool ndlj inward j^MdanclioIy, 
Which I ne'er felt before, now oomcs upon me i 
And 1 begin to loath all human Grcatiic&: 
Oh ! fi^h DOC then, nor thv hard Fate dcj^ore I 
For, *t» refolv'd, we will be Kingi tio more : 
We'll By all Court*, and Love (hall be our Goldat 
Love that'i more' worth than all tha Worhl beiide. 
PrtDcea are barr'd the Liberty to roaait 
The feteer'd Mind ftilllaimiffac* at hornet ' 
In KoUen Bands Ihc treads the thaoghtfol Round, 
' Subnel) and Caret ctenally aborad. ^ 

" And when toe Air the GoddeG wmdd lubindt 

" Shc'i dogg'd iritJi ScqMn, aod tvCwwu conGn'd. 

k]i....dL, Google 

The Ftrct if Lme. iy 


Emter Palcberia, Julia, JitttmdaMs, 


HeTe PaclcOs for the Emperor Hanarht t 
Be fmft, let the AgCDt hafle to Rrmt — . 
I hear, 1117 7bAa, that our General 
Is from the Getbi letgrnM with Conqqeft 
Jul. He is ; to da/ I faw him in tfa« 

Sharp to die Courcieis,- u he ever wai, 

Becaofe they went not with him co the Wars: ' 

To yoa he bows, and fiies to kifs your Hand. 

Psiti.He1ha]t,mydeaTeft7»Ao:oftI havettddtliet 
The Secret of my Soul ; If e'er I marry,. 
Mercian' t my Husband; he is a Man, my JuSa, 
WhBm I have ftndy'd long and found him perfcft : 
Old Rvmt St every Glance iooks through his Eyeg, 
And kindles the Beholders : Some Iharp Atoms 
Rnn through fais Frame, which I coald wi(h were out: 
He iickens at the Softnefs of the Emperor, 
And Jpeaki too freely of o^r Female Court ; 
Thyn fighs, comparing it with what R»iat wag. 
Enttr Martian and Lucius. 

Pukb, Ha I who are thele that dare probne tfab Hacc 
With more than barb'uKu InTolence f 

Marc- At yoor'Feet, 
, Behold I ca& the Scourge of thefe Ofieaderi, 
And kneet to kifi yoiir Hand. 

Puhb. Put up your Sword, 
And ere I bid you welcome from the Wan, 
Be fare you cl«ar your Honour of thif RuUcnefs; 
Or, Marciaa, Um the Court. 

V«L. 2. B ftf«v- 

«6 TK-RQ U SI U:S i cr, 

Uase- Thnt tben, Madun, 
TV Ennerw reten'd JM 'nah'AXef&ja, 
IMxac'd me ftr my Cwiqarils, and letir'd j 
WIko on a iiidden all tbe ^ed Flies 
Ttiat'buE'abon theCoutt came BJn'ring raoid sk : 
This with afieSed Cringes, and minc'd Words, 
B»i mctotdi nr Tale ofKiSUnet t 
Whicb done, he thanks me, flips behind his FeQonr, 
Whifpen him in. the Ear< thcnUBil^ ud liftciu. 
While I jetate^my. Story onee again i 
A'thiidcomaui( andasksmcthe fame Faimtr: 
WheTMn-theyiaosb, while I RSI igaonnt 

' Ciooni,biitcawbeluiid> mwe impudent^ 
Strikes on my Sioulderi then they lan^'d MM^: ; 
Sot then I gqeAog ibe Abufe too Utct 
Rcturn'd my Knight behmd a Box o'th' Esri 
Tlien dieiv, aod briefy aUd them they wtre RalcaW 
They, buu^Uiqi.itiUt OT'doiit theGeoenl'i majty. 
Whereon rdrmie 'em, Madam, asyoalaw: 
ithis iiin AKtftche Troth, I leave the ludgBKnt' 
To roar own JulUcet If I have daw ill, 
SouenoeiBe, andTU leave the Couit forever. 

And fiill when e'er.occafiou calls for Arms, 
Hav'n fead the Emperor a Ocnexal. 
KfBCWB'd u j^erfox: as to what b paft, 

* I think the World will raiber ptaife than cenCue' 
/'»iim«, when ^he■ pardons yoo the Aai<a. 

Mare. Giodil Godal and thoo great fov^ertfOIil 

Whit is become of-alI-d>at'miglift>SAri^ 
That taia'dMi En^ ID a Fiitii £> h^l ~ 
Where is it pent? What, bi« Alnii^iy fOHW-' 
ConU thua eoaiat it, tbu bat Ibae fw-Aloni.' 
Now run thav«)i lOltha Eat aad OcddMtr 
;«jt&.' Speak calmlf, Jtiiarfw' 

That tUnks ^?d«t MAmTWhf^hm^tU <Fdl0ii^ 

la TOW D*««,«tfiSiia •»««*< 

^t Force b/ Love. 

•e the praadeft of 'em. 
Oh, Madam, when he hu been all over Blooil, 
Andhaek'dwich Wbandsthatfeem'dtomontJIihii'Pnuiest . 
I have fem hira fmile flill aa he pulh'd Deu^ fiom him. 
And with his AfUms raVy diflant Fate. 

Puleb. He has a noble Form. 

Marc. Yet ev'n this Mail, 
That fbuek fo bravdy in hit Coontry'g Cade, 
Thij uc^ent Man this Morniag in the Va&MX, 
Did I fee wrong'd before the Emperor, f, 

Scorn'd and defpis'd becaufe he could not cringe 
Nof phut liii Feet a$ forae of them could do. . . ,.: 
One laid bis Clothes were not well made, awl daJan'd 
Hit Tailor '■■■' Another faid, he look'd ' 
As if be had not loft bis Maiden-head, 
If thii^t are foffiv'd to be thuj, down all 
Anthony. Pre-eminence, Degree and VijtUe. 
Let R»me be never memiou'd ; no, in the Name 
Of all the Gods, be ihc forgoiten ever. 
E&minate Ptrjknt, and the lyJian SofoieEi,. 
Kitoke all jrour H^ti, MarciuTt fliall out no moret 
For by my Arms It makes a Woman of me; - 
And my woln Eyes ran o'er to think this WoitK, . 
This iUIler Honour than the whole Court holds. 
Should be ridiculous to Knaves and Fools: 
Sbooid ftarve for want of what It ne<;ellary 
To LUe'i CaaTeaience: When luxurious Bawdi 
Ara it o'er-gnnra with Fat, and cranun'd with Riot, 
That the]' «ui hardly walk withooi an Engine. 

Paid/. Why did yon not intbrm the Empcrar { 

Uan. BecauTe he will aot beai me : alas, good Mu* 
He fliet from this bad World, and ftill when Wan 
And Dai^cn came, he runs to bis DerotXHU,. 
To ToAr new thii^ I know not what you call it, 
Wluck CtufiMtiiu began. 

PuUh. Hew, MArtian ! are hot yod of that 
Region wh^cb the Etp^or owns ? 

litre. No, Mjdaai, if you'll fee my naked Tftoigltt, 
ICHMt tXiiu»'Ym6^ that take 

, B» A 


A Wrong i fo ftr from beariog with a Foe, i 

I would llrike firft, like old Romi; I woa'd fimb. 

Elbow the neighbouting Naboas round about. 

Invade, enlarge my Empire to the Boundt 

Of the too narrow Univerfe. Yea, I owa 

That I delpife your holy InBOvations. 

I am for the Reman Gods, for Funeral Pilej, 

For mounting Eagles, and the fancied Greatnels 

"Of our Pora&dicrs. Methinks my heated Spirit 

Cou'd ntter Things worth lo&ng of my Head, 

Pukk Spealt freely, Mardan, for I know thee honeft. 

Marc. Oh, Madam ! long, long m^ the Emporcur live i 
Bat, I mofl lay, his gentle Difpolition 
Suits not, alas, the Oriental Sway; 
Bid him but look on Pharamsnd: Oh, God» ! 
Awake him with the Image of that Spirit, 
Which, likea Pyramid revers'd, i» grown 
£v'n from a Point to the moA dreadful Greatnefi: 
His very Naine already Ihakea the World i 
And fiill in Perfon heading his firft Squadioos, 
Like the firft Cxfar o'er the hardy GauU, , 
He feeras annther Thimderboh of War. 

Patch. I oft have blam'd my Bcochei moD £>r thit^ 
That to mr Hand he leaves the State-A&in ; 
And how tnat founds, you know — 

Marc. Forgive me. Madam ; 
1 think that all the Greatnefa of your Sej^ 
Remc'i ClcUa, and the fam'd Stmiramt, 
With all th' JmataMian Valour too, 
Men'mPH/chiria: yet, I fay, fOTgtve me. 
If with Reluftance I behold a Woman 
Sic at the Empire's Helm, and fteer the World. 

pulcb. I ftand rebnk'd— — 

Marc. Mark but the growing Trtnth. 
The moli aufpicious Omen of their Greatnefs, 
That I can goefs, is their late Saliqiu I*w, 
Bleli'd by their Priefts, their Salii, and prononnc'd 
To ftand for ever i which excludes all Women 
From the Imperial Crovra ; But, Oh I I fpcak 
The leaft of ajl-thofe jaanite Gric«nce«, vtisa ■ 

"the Force cf Love. 2^ 

Which make the SiiUeAi murmur : In, the Army,. 
Tbo' I proceeded ftill \ikx Hannibal, 
And pniufh'd ev'ry Mutineer with Death; 
Yet, Oh ! it flab'd me through and through the Soot 
. To pafs the Wretches Doom, becaufe I knenr 
With Jufticc they complain'd ; fbr hard the/ ibgeht. 
And with their Blood earn'd that fbrbidden Bread, 
Which fome at Coon, and mat one^ though itn-iiain'4 
Call to their Hounds, whjjie the poor SoIcOere fi«v>d — 

Pultb. Your Pity too in moiuntnl Fellowflup, 
No doubt mi^t looth theii Muimon. 

Mare. Yea it did. 
That I might pat 'em oTice agaJn in hesr^ . 
I faid 'twai thie, the Empertx- was to blame. 
Who dealt too coldly with his iaithful Scrnut^ 
And paid theii' great Arrears by iecond-hand : 
I promird too, when we Eeturn'd to Court, 

Things fluMild be mended 

But how ! Oh Gods ! forgive my Blood this Tj-anrpott ! 

To the. eternal Shame of Female Councils ! 

And to the Blaft of fbtoJifiui Name, 

Whoa nerer warlike Chronicle Ihall mentim f 

Oh, let me l^Kak it with a Reman Spirit 

We wci« recetv'd like okdose Prodigals, 

"Br curft vngratefal Stewards^ with cold Lookt, 

"Who yet »t all by thofe poor Wretches Ruin j 

Like Ma^Aon, at the. Hands of Juftice. 

I Unlh, I atmoft weep with boriUng Rage f 

If thu* receiv'd, how paid our long Arrean J 

Why, as inCnifted Miiers pay the Rights 

Of helplid* Widows, or the Orphans Tears. 

Oh Sddier t fw to thee, to thee I fpeak i^ 

Bawds for the Drudeeiy of Citizens Wlve^ 

Would better pay dcl>ilitated Stallions. 

Madam, I have laid perhaps too much : i£ fo^ 

It matters noc, for he who lies, like me, 

On the hard Ground, is fure to &I1 no further. 

Pulcb. J have given yon patient heariiig, hoi 
And, u&rail can lee into ymir Temper, 

^o VHEC-DOSJVSi or, 

I rpeak mj ftHoug Jodgment in cold.Blood,- 
With ftrifiefl ConiiiUiiboD ob the matter' ; 
I ihiaik, this reeming plain and htmeft MMrdfl», 
lAn exqnifiCe xnd molf natoriom Tialtor. ' 

Marc. Ha! Traitor t 

P«W. Y«, a moft aotorioas Traitor. 

. JlSirf . Your Grandfather, wboTe Frown coald awe tlw 
World. . -^ 

Would act hiTc cali'd me Co —-of if he had,-;— 7— 
~ i'viti. You would have taketi it — Soi to th£^ufiiie&, 
Wai'tnotenougbtOhHeavent thoa ktunv'tt too tnadii 
At firft 10 own your lelf an inlidel, ■ ' ' '■'■ 

A bold Contemner, even to Blalpheiny, 
Of that Religion which we all profdii'; 
For which ftna Hcart'a beft Blosd can h^ei tafiuit : 
But you muft dare, frith a feditibus Arm)'^' ' ' ' 
Thnstocoafpircagainft theEmptrdr. ■' 
I Qtentioa notyoni' Impudence tome. 
Taxing the Folly of mv Government 
£v'n to my Face: Snch an Irreverence, 
At fare no barb'roas Vandal would l^ayvvf^St 
Befide your libellmG; 'idl tlie Court, ai if ' ' > 
YouhadciigrffiGrd'tScwholcWoi^ld^s Hmatj^ ■ 
And Flatteren; Foolj, and Sycophanti/'and- BMynt ' 
Such wasyctor Language,' <lid inhabitherd ' "' ' 

Marc: You well MyTiOndl Mcaning.'ty tfteOodif 
You doj and if you thus go on,^ I feel ' 
My ftraggling Spirit will ^o longer bear ^. 

Puleh. I thonght the meaning of ill rational Me? 
Should ilill be gather'd out 6f their Diftourle 1 
Nor arc you fo imprudent,' \rithout thinking. 
To vent {udi Wpt^a; tho' itow you fain would faidp it > 
You find the Guilt, arid balk the Accujatii^i : 
But think not y6u fti:dl 'Icapc fo ea^.' ''' ' 
Oacemorel.^6ohfron['yaii, as ^Traitor J 
And as I'am ihtrufted wii6 full' roW'ri ' " 
DiveA you, in the Name of tbioio^us. 
Of all your OJEcc!, Comrniflions, Hdnp^f 
ebmmand you'leavethi Court Within 'three Dag^. • 
Loyal, plain-d^gli^ ^Ve£t l^dax. 


M»rc. GodsF Godtl 

Pukh. WhUBOtfl lialrdsMdK'TiutorinnTinDr? 
If in three Days; mark roe, 'tis I that doom thee i 
Ralh -kicoiifidenible Man, a Wuctdi buuath. 
The Torments I could execute opon tiMc ; 
If aJter^ree Dars fpace thou'yt fouad in Comtr 
ThcMdy'ft: thjrHead, thy Hwd fluU jpajrtliBrPorfeiti- 
Farewel: now rage; noornil- uid aine^thfl Courts 
Sandly dare to abufe thebelt-of Prince*, 
Aad-let ihy lawleTs Tongue kft all it ew; 
Jia, like A-mad Man Tave; deplore ^ PertlM^ 
Whik Pages iBBgh at thee. Then h^e to-t)U:jAniir> 
Grow popakr, and lead the Multitude : 
Preach op thy Wiangs, anddrive the ^ddy Besft 
To kick at Cxfar. Nay, if thou v/tofM, I^ ig<inK 
Ok yrnHa! if I Aay, I Ihall weepuo. 

Yet^-batjna that I the'Heart Otwdd-^ 

Of himwhooDce mult lord-it over me. [fxf'r Patch .'£ffc. 

Lmc. Why do you droop. Sir — Gome,'nvniorfro'4fau, 
Yoa are snd fhkU be Hill our Oeaai-al : 
Say but the' Word, HI fUl the 29ypadrMne 
With Sgoadnint that A»!l -make titrSmfttt OtttHt-r 
We*ll tee the Court Bbsuchii Ban. 
Metbinks. like ymiiiii Brutus, I harewOdl'A 
An C^porlunity, and now it comea : 
Pew Wordi and I are Friends { but, naUcAbrn'M, 
IF ytt thoa ait not more thae GeoerHl, 
Ere^ dead of Night, fay Lueiia u« Coward. 

Mmtt. Ichargethec inthcNameoTttlltheOodi, 
Come ha^. I cfior^ thee^by the Nanfc of Ffiand. 
AU't well, and I rqcme I am no General. 
Bpt hulh [ wittria three Days we mail be gone, 
And then, myPrieDd, fKtwd to Gerramny. 
We'll fly to tome hr diftant lonely Village, 
Forget onr fermer StMe, and breed mth Slwni 
Sw^ in the Eye <^ D^, and when Nij^ eano, 
WthBodie* OMriely fiU'd, and Tacxnt Souft, 
Sleep Hcethe labowcd Ifindt, andnererthirici 
For if I ihittk again, I than go road. 

B 4 t*fH> 


£n»r Leondne aaVAthcnau, C^c. 

Therdbre no thoagtit. Bat fee, wc are iDtemipted. 

Oh Coon t Ok Emperoi ! yA let Death thratcD, 

I'll find a.dme. Till then be llill my Soul— — 

No General how ! a Member of thy Coiintiy„ 

But moA comipt, therefore to be cut off*. 

Loyal, plain-ilealiiiKi honcA Mofcian f 

A Slave, a Traitor Toh ye eternal Gods— lExtunt-^ 

Lieut. So, Jihenaii I ami our Cotnplimentt 
To the yoang Perfiaa Prince, ii at an end: 
What then remains bat that we cake our leave. 
And bid him everlaftingly &rewel ? 
.^/iM. My Lord I 

Leant. I fay that Decency reqaires 
We fhould be gone, nor can you flay with Honour. 

jY/£m. Moft true, my Lord. 

Lecnt. The Court ta now at peac^ 
The Emperor'* Sifters are retir*! fb^t ever. 
And he himfdr compoi'd i what hinden then 
But that we bid adieu to Prince Varaiitt. 

Mhtn. Ah, Sir, why will you break my Heart t 

Ltant. Iitould nol; 
Thou art the only Comfort of my Age i 
Like an oldTftt I ftand among che Stornu, 
Thouait the only Limb that I have left met , \Shti»ithi, 
My dear green Branch, and how I prize thee, Child. 
Heaven only knowi! why dofL thou kneel and weep f 

Atben. Becaufe you are fo good, and will I hope 
Forgive my Fault, who firft occa&on'd it. 

Lnnt. I charg'd thee 10 receive and hear the Prince. 

Jthtn. You did, and, O my Lord ! I heard too much » 
Too much I fear for my eternal Quiet. 

Lent. Rile, Athetiait ! credit him who bean 
More Yean than thou ; Veranti has deceiv'd thee. 

Jthen. How do we differ then ? yoa judge the Prince 
Impiousand bafe; while I cake Heaven Co witncli^ 
-I tmnk him the mofl vercuom of Men : 
Therefore take heed, my Lord, how yoa accafe him 

7be Force of Love. 33 

Sefere you make the Trial. AUi, Varanu, 

If thou art f*Ke, there'* no fnch tUng on Eaitli. 

At Iblid GckMinefi, or rnbltaotial Honour. 

A thon&nd times, my Lord, he has fwom to give me 

(And I belike hia Oaths) bii Crown and Empiref 

Tliat Day I make him Mailer of my Heart. 

ItMt. ThatDaybe'llmaketheeMiftrefiorhiiPawe^. 
'Wliich carriei a tool Name amoite the Valgjv. 
No, ^^r^MMM, letme&ctbeedeaH, . .' 

Born a pole Corpi, and gently laid in Eartli, " 

So I may £iy Ihe'g cbafle and dy'd a Virmn, 
JUdier than view thee witfi tlide woomud Eyei 
Seated upon the Throne of IJd^triti, 
The Blaft of common Tmguea, the Nobles Sconu' 
Thy Father's Cnifei that u, the Piince't Whore. 

Alhim. Oh horrid Sappofition I faOw I deteft it ( . 
Be witndj Heav'n, thatfees my fecret Thoughts 1 
Have I for this, my Lord^ been taught by yoa 
The nicefl Joftice, and fevereft Virtue, 
To fear no Death, to-know the End of Lii^ 
And with a long Search diTcern the higheft Good^ 
No, Jibtnaiil when the Day beholds thee 
So (candaloafly^raisM, Pride cail thee down, 
The,Sc(»n of HoiKiur and the People's Prey l 
No, cmd Lttntint, not to redeem 
That aged Head from the defcending Axr, 
Kot tho' I fiiw thy trembling Body rack'd. 
Thy Wrinkles about thee fiU'd with Blood, 
Would I for Empire, te the Man I love. 
Be made the ObjeCt of unlawful Pleafure. 

Iftmt. Oh. greatly Cud. and by the Blood wluch warms 
Which mns ai rich as any J>iMi hold^ 
It wottid improve the Vinue af the Wbrld) 
IfeveryDay a thoulknd Votaries, . 

And thodand Virgins came from far to hear the: r ' ' ; 

Jthtn. Locdtdown yePow'rs, take notice we obey 
The rigid Priodpleg ye have infus'd • 
Yet, On my noble Father I to convince yon, 
Siwx you will hare it fi^ propofe a Maniage r. 

B s Tho' 

TW wl* th{ ThjiKhl I am coyorf s'tt vniApilfllUf. 
N«ttail li&bt'Be Etiofl, ■1>«1»««P ^,!?S_i 

TteHc.Mr4i;f<i»!s-. X tasyV """^^rts 

Th« Virjin's troiiblerom and M^t^*?!)^^. 
That, that alons'forbids-^^ — 
. !<«/. Iwifli.toifeav'i) 
There pwve no greaftr Bar to my WW^ 
.to), whoi(JtCj^ojll,««>«!»W'W-. Hl'fB'^ 



juai. , , 


TtatI f* 


*. fet the ooni* tl« Gtont ijrm. 1TO, 
T»e o«ly BafiiieTi of my lOlUntThooEM, 
Mj SooVi b«« Jpy, and aU mS ?«e Rep**. 
J&eu I camiit tear thde.ttaUB Define 
Thefe fbonj Icitilfo, which «S1 "tpttl); I'^yf.'Wf 

^>*r.i. What have yon timid; nf torf» 
to me fi» harih or^ cmej, thill y^ f)»r 
To freak yooT Grids > 

r«fA Firft let me kiieel and ftfCiir,. 
And on thy Hand fetl my reliiiosf Votf 1 
Straight let the Breath of God* blmv me from Eacth* 
iwe^frem the Booh, of Fame, foTgquetl dYetr 
If 1 nrefcr thee not, Oi Jthtitait^ 
T««Bll!<f<rfinQ«?"^ y^ 

LMI..JI, Google 

Jiff Forci tf 3m, %$ 

'jMm. X bdieve jaa,i 
F«r I hvn hard you Iwear u midi bilbi«. ' 

rmrm. lUt thou.} Oh. whT then did I Twcit aflRlaY 
But thatmy Ixm knew nothme woithiv c^ ate. 
And could BO beoer way ezprefi my PalCon. . 

^tigm. Oh rife, my Lord >- 

IVa. I w31 il« eray thing 
Vnikh .^riflMij hidi : If there be tnOM 
la Nature to conrioce thee of my Love, 
Whi^ ii; Ok ibme God, tbto my Ear; 
And on haBmib thoi to her HAning Soiu 
m bieathe die InTiiruion. WiltthoaBstl^eak? 
What bat ooeSMi, no moret cm tbot fnSn 
Tbr all ay vtA fitpence of Prodijiil Lore f 
Oh Jtitwmif what ball I lay or div 
1^ eala the tfaisg I wilh f 

Mliiii. What's that, my Z^7 

Tet there ii jnote — ■ ■ - ■ 

Atttm. Mf Lord, I dare not Wu yod. 

Fmi*. in; doA ihOB ftowa A whal &in doS tot 


Tb an Iata|^aati(» which ae'er pier^d thee» 
Yet u 'til nviflung, 'tii fpH of Hgiunir. 

^itH. ImaflnoCdonbtyou, Six: Bvt, OhltrembW 
To think if .$SeX«r</M SiMild behold ra^ 
Shoold bsar yoa thns w-btefiuw to a iJEud 
Of no Oeerte, bat Viitne u xat Worlds 

Fdra. No more' of du*, no nuxet fiir I diJU» 
AUPttnpwheathoaanby; Farbe theNeife 
OrZIat^BtdCbartsfioDi (U, whole grade Sooli 
Qor kiolcr Stan liaTe flecr'd aaotber way. 
nee at the Foreft-Birdt. WtTi wt tcgcthet, 
Vittoot remenJMngwhuJ oar Fadea were; 
Vly tothe Arbours Grots, and flow*»y Meads, 
And in (bit Mifi-man iaurchanffe out Sonb t 
Together drink the Cryftat of the Scream. 
Or taftc the ydlow Fmit which Awnmn yiel& t 
And wlicn U)c g6tdeii Evenrng calli u home. 
Wing la our dmny Nefi, and llccp tiUI^io. 

jft TBEODOSIVS; tn. 

AihtH. AhPiincel nomaref' 
Jwbear, forbear to charm me. 
Since I am doom'd to leave you^ Sir,. Sa vitx.: 

Vara. Hold, Jibtntus 

JtitM. rknowyoorRt^Temiier, 
And dutt hiKh UoBouT leigEu witnin your StttA,. 
Which wootd dili]am ta waite ib many Houn 
Wkh one of Knmblfc Blood compar'd to you ; 
XJnlds ftrong faflion Iway'd your Tkou^t* to love her*. 
Therefore leceire, O Prince! and take ib kindly. 
For QODc cm Eaith but you could win it &,. 
Recrive the Gift of my Eietnal Lovej. 
Til all lean beficnv, nor is it little. 
For Cure a Heart fo. coldly chafle as minC';. 
No Chamii but yoiin, my-Ixnd, could e'er have warm'd C - 

Fara. W^ have you made amend) by this laft Cbni 

Pot the cold Ban yno {hot at me before. 
For this laft Go*dnc& ? Oh, my Athmaii ! ^ 
(For now, methialu, I o^ht to caU yoa nuee ' ] ^ 
I empty all' my Stml' in TbanKs before you!! 
Yctohl ooef ear remaiiu, likeDeathitchillt-meJ. n- 
,Why my'rdtetitwLove did talkof paniog!' , 

JihtB. Look there, and ccafo yonr.Wowler,. I htfct: 
Xobey my Father, and he caOs me Kencc 

Sititr Leontine.. 

Virm. Ha, Z'mtfiiv/'by wJuthof all'tny A&iont-. 
Have i'fo deeply injnr'd thee,, to merit 
The finarteftWcnndSevcnge could form (oend mef 

Z«wf. .AnfwBT me now,. O Prince t foi Viitoft- 
promptt me. 
And HoDcfiy will dally nojv no longer. 
What am tbeEn(lofallthiBpaJ£onbe^ 
Glory requirei this firift Account, and atki. 
What yoa intend at laft to Jthnaiif 

Vara. How,, t^tntiiu! 


D«].i.,,dL, Google 

Thi Forte iff XjKti ^f 

tttitt- Von Taw &er. Sir, at Jtlinr i £ud 70a lov*il 
I cliarg'd her humbly to receive riia HoOotir, 
And hear your FafEon. Haa fhe not. Sir, obQ^'d met 

Fara. She hu, I thank the Godji but. whichet 
wonldfl thoQ ? 

tmit. Having rWbVd to tifit T6taJ^, 
Toa fmnyoa woald not go without my laughter r ^ 
Whereon I gave Command that Ihe Ihould follow. 

Fara. Yet, Ltantine, my old Remembrancer, ' 
Moft teamed. of all Phitofopheri, you did. 

Lisnt. ThuB long <he hai attentfcd, -joa have feen beiv 
Soofidcd her Virtocf andherlmperfedioBsi 
Therefor^ dread Sir, ibrgive this bolder Chuee 
Wliich Honour fouods, and now let me demandvou ' 

Fara. Now help, Aranthii, or I'm dafbt Ibr ever. 

Armi. WhatererhappensSir^difdaiiithe Marriage. 

LtKtt. Can yoar high Thonghu fo&r fbrgct them- 
T*admit this homblc Virgin fbr /CMr Bride T 

Fata. Hal - 

Jthtn. He blaOiea, Gods ! and flammcn tt the QpcA 

ht«nt. W}iydoyoawalk,andchafcyourftl^myLord? 
The Ba£aei> it' not much. 

VaT'a. How, Lecmtini ! 
Kot much ; I know that Ihe delervei a. Crown ; 
Yet 'til to ReaTon much, tho' not w Love. 
And fure the World would btufli to fee the Danghter 
Of a Phiiofopher ott the Throne of Cjrut. 

Athtn. Undone for ever .'' 

tttat. Ii this your Anfwer, Sit.*' 

Vara. Why dolt thou urge me thut, andpnlE metoc 
TTie very brink of Glory J where, alas ( 
\ \oc&. and tremble at the rait DeTcent : 
Yet even there, to the vaft bottom, down 
My rafli Adventurer EoVe would have me leap,, 
And gra^i my Atbaiah.with my Ruin. 

Lunt. "Us wdJ, my Lord. ■■ ^ ■ 


3« rSBOnoaiUSi or, 

r<ni. Why daftOmiMirokene? 
I thoni^tlut ftrfi^t CoortbadAimiof Hononr 
To laSfy die )u^ of thjr Andvdon. 
Befidei, <dd Man. air LmttMowcUsronb 
To want « Tutor for Aumd Seluriiar i 
WhatkemUdoh he wilTdo of Uadclf, 
AiMlnotbetvagktl^ r« 

Umt- IfaMTwheinllBtft 
PoaaTnn»ntiIlnBw, JbawlwitatiMtj 
Bu iw iMuli bay. widi liU qU Mw'i Pnfatieat. 
MyDwriMrfcrjWT Wben- 

>MW. Amqr. I &7. n^ Swl difiluu t]M Mbd« F 

LMrt. TheMfltiiWAf^IUsimfit yc^Ificit} 
Toor mny (•ookiMid bu^^ wWi betnqr k: 
IfinwUtUthefijft; Itlu^jw.Sir. 
Yon bare U Uft tcvRi^ xwr «ld ToMr 
For all Iw Cuea, Iw WucAJoa. Scrnco. 
TEt let me kU 700. &> tUi luunble Uaiil 
This Dauzhter of a paw Phi]ofe|JMir, 
Shall, if ibe^MfebVftMMl ana Tbnw - 
Ai high ai that of the immorul Cjtwm. . 

rar*. I think that Aw and d^PhiUfl^ 
Have crackt thy Brain ; Fatewel, old ^MM/ia^ 
]Utuv to reft, ajul when chit hnwling Hommi 
It rock'd aileep. III meet mj Ahvmi% 
Anddearth' Aocoantsof Lmwadii^llHD btSbftx^ 

- ted. (X^ 

£ma/. Old ttm^M f fiaibapa I am mad iadcodk 
Sot hold ray Heart, ud let tluU lUid Vifta^ 
Which J To leog sdor'd, fiifl &MO the Rcjiu. 

Aihmaii ! But I will dM duffi! thffi f 
Fste is in all ou- Afiieai, and ■'*^iik%. 
At lea^a Father jiid^lo; it ha* 
Kebok'd thee bBanly fbrthy Eafiwfi: 
There ii a kind of mMunfiil Bloqaroce 

In thy dumb Grief, wfaidi (bamca all danMreitU Si>Mir. 
Athtx, Alas! myBnaftia £jUof X)auhi TTT^rV 

1 fear eVn yoa. 

£«rr. Wh7aiQi)U.'ftth»fau:(ByiF«A«f 

■ .....Google 

7J< Mtrce of. Leva ^ 

\Jtitm. Bmofe JOB luM the Plgm of a MaaJ 

To be fb^vca f • 

And H(»0(ir will » bmt vnlhar bard CaRdi&)i^ 
Herer to fii him mow——— ■- 

J'tAra^ Scchiml Qii-Knrau^ 

£m«f • Unlcfi it b^ mf ZteglMi; tiMqi)mid Unc 
YJflt tlKt* h*fto«ld retwBi and Sniriu ram^ 
Nsr pMffv dtae Ui Cmod— Nonare oFtlah. - 
BonoortM OHi, Reraige, mveiiga*ymM|i^ 
RereBtttltt Mf, KWiwSthT innVBukin. . 

At aU Ap WoJM Adl jaaife— 

.ifeinr. Ok, nvc meftar^^ 
fatjetlua.^ Tvodemtin tlt»Wan«% 
Tbeweak, tl^nHd, th^fand, the award Woqw^ 
Daret not look i«rt'>^bW'"* 4)"">'>'°FBRai^ 
And vifib all the wanner Manfio» tbcn^ 
Wboe fts lb oft-tta* harbon'A Mfe fiir<wn> 
Crnd Far out t: ftUe ftrfwon Fm-Mut / 

£M«f. Jii tlw'fbmrtii^ him ^'It this the Qouift: 
Which Hmanr Ud* lh<e take f 

^i»M. All, Str, idlow ' 
A little time for ibove tfr aiAie kit i«^ » 
Hardljt he w«f the Tkce, and many S^, 
And iMnr Tc»s, and tlmifiuid (^uia U ooA Upy 
j^ Oh f i find- beif^Mt be diflodEV 
Without a Groan at |Wti>« hence forercr. 
N«k nol he vom he nil! not jet beraiiM 
WUhoDt whole Ploedi of Grief at his &rewe^ - 
Which thtu I raotfoei and Oh ! Jl AMar,, 
HbA he pravM true, I would «i eafiJj 
Hwe empty'd aU mjr Bkmd, and d;^d. ta letve hin^ 
Aj now I fbed thefe Unpi, or wntihdeStgba, 
t9 fhew kow well, how per&aij I kn^d bim. 

J,tmit. NoWonuULfue, but 1)100, felow inFortun^ 
Tbenfive the nobier if thy lair Sxao^ie, 
1|?a<)l)i tb^ have erievM, bKau&aPnnceadar'dberi 
Mw wia it be bdm'd ia After-time^ 


sn^dL, Google 

'^o THEODOSinS; a-. 

Tbat there wa> ever fuck a Maid in beuig : 
Yci do I advife, pr^erre thy Viitoei 
And fioce he.doca diidiin due fivkii Brides 
Scorn ihou to be ' '■ 

Jtint. HM, Sir. oh! iiold, forbear. 
Por my nioc Sool abiiors the Tciy found ; 
Yet with the flume of that, and the dedrc 
Of an immoml Name, I am inljur'd I 
All kinder Tlunghit oie fled ibr ever from me j . 
. All Tcndemrii, ai if I ne'er had lov'd, 
Mm Ut my. Ba£im colder than the Grave. 

iMMt. On, JthiMoit ! on, 'tit bright before thee^ 
ITmifiie the ImJc. and thou {halt be a Star. 

jtltm. Oh, Luntint, I fwear, my noble IjjUher, 
That I wilt flarve ere once form my Virtue ; 
And thu let'a join tooontndia the World, 
That Empire owJd noc tempt a poor old Man, 
To fidl hu Prince the Honour of his Danghcec t. 
And (he too match'd the Spirit ^ her Father t. 
Tho' humbly bora* and yet more humbly bred. 
She fi» her Fame rdiu'd a Royal Bed t 
Who, tho' Ox hnr'd, yetdid put off the Hour, 
Kor could her Virtue be betrty'dby Pow'r. 
" Pattemi lilcc thefe will guilty Courts improve,. 
*■ And teach the Fair to blnlh at conlidom Love ^ 

" Then let all Maid« for HoDoor come in vieWi, 

." Ifas; MMdcan.auire fin- [£«r«nft. 


I L, Google 

^be Ftrce of Love 



Etittr Vanmes ami Aruttter. 

jJOmeto m^ Arms, ny fiutUiil, deu ^ 

I Soft CoQnfdlor.QMnpankMirf'my Yonthf. 
' If I had longer been akaie, moft fnr^ 
• With the DiitraAwn that furroonds mj 

My Hand woald have rebefl'd agaiaft hit Mafier, 
And done a Murder here. 

Jrantb. The God» fiwlad. 

Vara. I fwear, 1 prefs thee with a* heaity lof, 
Ai ever fearful Bride embnc'd her Man, 
'When from a Dream bf Death fhe wak'd, and ftnnd 
Her Lover fafe, and fleepiag by her fidfi^ 

ArMntb. The CauTe, my Lord i 

Varm. Early thou know'A lait Night T watt to refit 
Butloi^, my Friend, ere Slamber dos'd my Eyai 
Long was the Combat fought, 'twixi Love and Glory |. 
The Fever of my Pafiion burnt me up. 
My Pang) grew ftrongcr, and my Rack wai doubled ;- 
My Bed wu all a-floatwith the ocJd Drop*, 
That mortal Pain wtanz firom my lab'ring limbs i 
My Groans mord deep than pthers dying Gi^: 
, Therefore, I charge uiee, hafie to her ^puttnc^t V 
i do conjure thee tell her, tell her all . , 

My Fears can urge, or ^(Hidnels can invent l 
Tell her bow 1 repent, Tay any thing ;. 
Forany Jhingl'll do to quench my Fire*: 
&y, I will maitry her now on the inOant : 
Say all that I would fay ; yet in the end 
Uy Love fhall make it more than G«dic«natte>. 

4* TH^ODfU^VSt or, 

^Mth. U}rLofd,boch £##»/(«# and flic ate gone 
Frgiiii.tijf'r.AwTynirwt i-Li ..._ 

Aranti.Tiut wu my whole Employment all thii Dijr £ 
Batt Sir, I nuve-to (pttkk, thw jluiw left 
No tnck baand ior Cue to find 'em oat; 
Hor ii it poffiUe— — — 

Fara. his, it fluUi 
ni finiggle with Impoffibilities, 
To find my JthnaiJ : Not the-WaUi 
or .Ahni, aoT of fhtt*t,&ail We jwf&om m^ - 
-Til Iwing the Force of all n^ Father's Arms, 
And lay 'em .Kafic, but I'll ttdeem my Lore. 
Oh^ iJn/iwt! morale (M LttHtuu ! 
Then mere PhUafi^^ I Oh, arvel St^. 
Who for one hally Word, one cholerick Doubt, 
Haft tum'd the Ssaiei tho' inthe ^credfialance 
My Life, my Glory, and my Empire hung. 

Jrantb. Moft fore, my Msd, diay in anirM to 

I jriH fend Poft to Nig^.*— *— 

Tm-m. No, no, Amtbit, 
Prepare my Chaoot^ for I'JI go inPcrlM.t 
I Aiear 'till now, 'tHl I bqiui to fear 
Some DtkiT aigU oijoy my dttumait, 
X (wear I did not know how smch I InrM ber. 
But !«> a.w^, ril m ^c Enposr, 
Thou to the hafly ManmcakCM of ny finfiicftt J 

KupaK, to Ba I*H «}> ^ "Dw 111 bid Jht : 1 

No moK ) I'U take my Inve itf ffiirf)far. 
And jnwt tjwe an the Jl^iftilnmit mmef. 
Let the «iU Ilnrry «f thy Uafter^ La«B 
Mabs^aisttlv AnwchadUB : Mt^ aad leaiK MS. 


k]i....dL, Google 

The Force ^ L^e. 43 

S C E N E ri. 

Pulcberit, Atdcus, Leontine, VBlariei leading Athenai* 
tM Pnetffim after btr Beflifm, to ht Canfrmd, 

Atticui Tings. 

Oh Chryfoftom! leoido^n andfti 
An Ofiring luorlhy Hrat^n andlhttt 
S» rich the ViaitTi, bright and fair, ■ 
Ithat fie m Earth appears a Star. 
C3tar. iaAcS^ it tie Firgin's NaMt, 

And Aftir-iines fiailjing h»r Famt> 

Aakm Itad ier. Fetor iti, lead her in, 
fiyi. Htr bafy Birth dots no-w iegAt. 
t Votaiy. /» htuMhte Weeds, hat the* Arrt^ 
nar Raurtfiall Jhueelfy fafi aim^ S 
Aniiuhm the Ritei Di'vint artfttfi^ 
^Bjbtffiit Gardeni yen fiall itAfiu 
# Votuy. Whtrt many afia'wry Bidtut bav§f. 
^hnt Emhiemfiill to each a Gfa^ ,• 
AnJtahtn •wtibin the Slriam'iw* hcf, 
JfitbTtari'ui/ li/e-lajvje// til Bnai i 
Sut Oh, ifAn in the liquid Glafi 
Our Hea-o'ii appears, •we _^gi t» pa/if 
(3iOr. ftf Hta'v'a alone -we are defigiid 
i\ 'Af^d'aHthiT^s bring oar Heaij'n ta mind. 

Athtm. Oi*riiiccfi! O moff worthy of the Wort^ 
That is lubioitt^^y its Emperor {KntiJn. 

To your moil wiTc and providttfial SwHJf : 
WhaiGrmf or Jfana^f'^loquencecafl paiDt 
The Rapture a.nd Dtvotion of my Sotd I 
I am adopted yours I you are my Gaddefi. 
That have new-form*cl, new^mouided my Cmc^MI^ 
And by' the Platform of s Work Divme, 
New-fiam*d, new built metoyoor ownDefirCil 
Tfarqvm all th« JUuod}ct of my ^UHoiu 00^ 

p.,,i....jL, Google 


Andnutde my Heauti Manfioo of Peifeflioa i ' 
(21einu an Anchorite's Grot, or Vaur^'i Cell, 
And fpodera u the Gloriei of hi* Scepit 
Whom we fiir olF adore I 

Pk/cb. Rife, £»4^, 
And let me fold ray ChnHian m my ArsM » 
With thitdau-PIedgCofan EtenialLovt, 
I &1 thee, O Euiofitt /mine for ever. 
Accept, bleft Cliuge, the Vows of my AScAion t 
For by the lacred Friendihip that I give thee, 
I think that Hcav'n by Mirade did lend thee. 
To eafe my Cares, ta help me in my Coancil^ 
To bemy Siiler, Partner in my Bed ; 
And equally, thro' my whok Course rfLiie, 
To be the better Part of thy PuUbiritt, 
And (hare my Griefa and Joys. 

Athin. No, Madam, no i 
Excufc the. Caret that this fad Wietch moft bring yon c 
Oh, rather let me leave the World fwcver t. 
Or if I inufl partake your Royal Secrcu, 
If you refikln to load me with foch Uonoar,. 
Let it be&rAora Citio, bx from Coam,. 
Where I may fly all hnman Conveibiioa) 
Wberel ma/neverfet^ nor hear, dot namc^ 
Nor think, nor dream, tpHeav'nl if poffiblc, 
Of Mankind more. 

Pukb. What now, ia Tean, £n^ / 

Aibtn. Far from.the Ciuilt of Palacftoh fend me I 
Prive me, oh drive me from the l^aitor Mani 
So Imtgbt Tcape that MtmOer^ let me dwdl 
In LiontHaunu.orinfomeTigeT'iDcni 
Place me on fomt fteep, craggy, rain'd Rod^ 
That betliet out, juft dropping in the Ocean j 
Bui7 me in the hollow of ita Won^, 
Where fiarving on my cold and flinty Bed, 
I may from lar, with giddy Apprehenfion, 
SaeinfiniteFathoms £wn the rumblii^ Deep. 
Yet not ev'n there, in that vail Whirl of Death, 
Can there be found fo terrible a Rain 
^l)faoj fiUfcMan, liniling dcftiuOire Man. 

The Fvrce of Love. 4 j 

Pmfck Then thou haft lov'd, ExJffia, OKjajStOat 
Sdll nearer to my Heart, lb much thedrarert 
' Becaole our Fatei arc tike, and hand in kand 
Out Fortuoes lead us thro' the Maze of Life : ■< 

I am glad that thou haft lov'd; ta.j, lov'4 with Danger ; 

Since thou lull Tcap'd the Ruin Meth inks it lighten* 

Thewdgbt ofmy CHlainities, that thou 

( In all things eUe lb perfed and divine ) 

An yet a-lun to my lafirmity. 

And bear'ft thy partin Love's melodioiN III: 

Love that like Bane perfiun'd ioftda the Mind, 

Tiiat Tad Delight that charmi all Woman-kind. 

JibtH.- Ves, Madam, I confels, that Love hatcIQim'il' 

Bat never ftiall again. No, I renounce hirni 
Infj^re me all the Wrongs of abus'd- Women, 
All you that iiave been cozeo'd by falfe Men ; 
See what a ftriCl Example I will make : 
But for the Perjuries of one I' will revenge ye 
Pot all that's paft, [hat's prefent, and to come. 
Puicb. Oh, thou far more than the moft sufculuM 
Virtue ! 
Where, our Ajiriea ; where, oh drowning BTightoeli, 
Where haft thou been To long ; Let me a^un 
Proteft my Admiration and my Love; 
Letme declare aloud, while thou art here, 
While fuch clear Virtue Ihines within our Cirele, 
Vice Dull no more appear within the Palace, . j- 

But hide her dazzl^ Eyes, and this be call'd 
Theholy Court: butlo, the Smperor comes. 

Eattr Ttcodo£us m%i Mttndantt. 

Beauty, like thine, may drive that Form away. 

That has fo long entranc'd his Soul My Lord— 

7h*ed. If yet alaa I I might bat hopeto fee hcTi 
Bo^ Oh t fbrgive me Heav'n, this wilder ftajt, 
Tiiat thus would reach Impoflibility : 
N^ M, I nltTCi muft behold hn aore 1 

1 1, Google 

%6 tHBODOSlUS; or, 

Jif v/ell ray Jtiicas might raife the Dead, 
Ai Lieatlne S\iaidd cliarin tluc Farm in view, 

Fu/cf!. My LorJ, I come to give your Grief a Cur^ 
T^iih purer Flames to draw that cruel Fire. 

That tariur'd yea fo long- Beheld this Virgin^— 

The Daughter of your Tutor Uentine. 

fbto. Ha! 

Puhh. She is your Siller's Charge, and nude a Cbrif 
And Athinaii is Euiojla now ; 
Be fure a fairer never gracM Religion, 
And for her Virtue ftic tranfcends Examplfc. 

fhea. O all ye Bleli above, hbw can dus be ( 
Am I awake, or is [hispolHbie? '[MoKa. kmnb. 

P»kb. She kneeb, my Lord, will you not go asd 
raife her? 

'[hft. Niy, do thou raife her, for Tm io«ed here I 
Yet if laborious Love and Melancholy 
Have not o'eroome me, and quite torn'd me ina^ 
It mnft be (he, that naked dazzling Sweetncfi t 
The very Figure of that Morning Star, 
That dropping Pearls, and Iheddiogdewy Beam* 
Fledftom the greedy Waves when I approach'd. 
AnIWer me, Ltontine,?.m I dillrafled? 
Or is this true ? By thee in all Encounters 
I will beral'd, in Temperance and Wildnefs^ 
When Rearon'clalhes with Extravagance: 
Bu (peak ' ■ 

£m«. Tis true, my Lord, this is my Daugbter, 
Whom I coriccalM in Pcrfia from all Eye* , 
Butyour's, when Chance direded yoii chat W47. 

ntt. He lays, 'tis true: Why then tbu licutk& 
Carriage f 
Oh, were I m-oofagainft the Dirts of Love, 
AnJcold 'to Beaut/ a^ tiie Marble Lover 
That lies' without a Thought upon his Tomb'i , ', 
Wauld not this glorious Dawn of Life run thro* m^ 

And waken Death, it felf ? Why am I flow ihen? 

W ha t hJad c w nw/biiT in TpSc of RiilM' 

7& Fortt oflAve. J^f 

Iborftduo'all dtcBaodtofOeuhtluUlioIdiiM, [JSf 
And fl^wkh Tticii ft iuSe to thu Appeuuce, ^MnB^ 
A» buried Saint* ftall maht the U& Siunmouf 

Jthm. TiieEmpcraratmy Peat I O Sir I ibi^vciiiQ 
Drown me not tliiu with ererlafling Sluine i 
Both Heav*!! andEvtb naft blulh at loch a view : 
Nor can I bear it la^jtr " .i n . 

Ltn. Mj Lord, Ibe ii nnwank/ !.■ 

72w. Halwhai%*fttho(i,£MMni(^ 
UnwoRhyl Oduw AlhafitoPerfeOionl 
Aflthat thflblooaung EanhawUfend tmhSwi 
AH that die ffuiy Haav*ni could drop down glonotu t 
Vawonky b/ft ihoQ I Wot thoa not her Father, 
Ifwear I wouUrcvnM-— 'BiRi>afie,«iid tell m^ 
For Lore like mine mil bearaoJecondThcng^ 
Can all the H«bO«s of the Oiioi^ 
Thiu bcrific'd wkk the noft pore AStBSoo, 
With rpotldaThdaghU and hngqiaiing Oefoa, 
Obtain, O LtMtimi, [ the Crown at ]a&) 
Totheel^cak.tlq'Dai^Ker to my Bride r 

Lmm. lAj Lord, the Huioar bearg Cich Eftimacion, 
It calli the Blood into mj tgti Checlu, 
And quite o'crwhelnu mjr Daughter with Canfofiot | 
Whowidther BodyproflratetniiieEaRh 
Od^ to adore ^00 for the pto&t'd Glocy. 

. nu. Let' m» aqbnMe, and thank thee : O Uiat 
Heav> i 
O Attini ! PuUhtrim I O mj Father r 
Waa ever Change- like mine f Rnnthro' the Sffeetaj 
Wbowaiti then i Ann, and tosd aa Paraecan ^leai^ 
With Trumpet Soooda pmdaim joor Bmpcnc'i ]vf. 
And aa of oM, on the not Fefhval 
Of her thsf call the HMbor oftheGodii 
I^aU-Workttafei at leaft an oaken Gvbuid 
Crown each-PiUMM Head : Let^dktly Bowla 
Be daaTd abov^ and fheiob'd CvmMk bund t 
Tell 'em iheir mncb-feaftucd Thtad^' 
Br Miracle is tiron^ fram Dcadi to Liie"* 
iGa'Uelandtalr'* gniie,i«4ioweiK«Bim« 
BeAilliVpeHMiWSMa^ HdmavwH 

, Nar 


Nor ftar a Wiack while thu tnig^t Star direfli (u t 
For while flie fltiiMs, do Sand^ do cowring Rocbi 
Shall lie nnfeon, bat I will cut my wa^ 
Secure u Nrpiune UtMugb the higkeH Stream, 
And to the Port in itfetj ftecr the Wm'U- 

■jithen. Alu, my Lord, coi^dv my Emaftion, 
With all my other Wants-^— 

TZw. Peace, Bflipre^ Peace! 
Vo more the Daaghier of (dd Lmltimt i 
A ChriAian bow, vid Parawr of the EaiL 

Jtben. Uf Father ha*difpot'd m^TMoo 
^hat can I anfwer (hen bat mr Obedieacef 

7'Am. Attend her, iltiu FtMbrria ; and, oh tell her. 
Tomorrow, if the ^ofe, I will be )iq>py: [fjr.Pnlch. 
O why fo loeg IhcHiid I my Joys deby r a>^ Athcn. 
Time imp thy Wings, let not Ay Minota ftay, 
Sut to a Moment change the tedious Day. 
The Day 1 'twill be an Age before to Monow : 
An Age, a Death, a valt Mtemity, 
Where we fiiall cold, and paft Enjoyment lie. 

Enitr Varane8«s^ Ataotho. 

Farm. O, TinMiu ! . 

liw. Ha! my Brother here t 
Why doltthou come to make myBIi&nln o'er? 
ViaXi ii there moreto wifli ? Fortime canfind 
Ko Fiawin foch a Glut of Happinefs, 
To let one Miieryin — O, my Varantil 
Thou that^fktedidft feem te walkon Clouds, 
Xowgivealoole^ let go the flackned Reins, 
Let us drive down the Precipice of Joy, 
As if that all the Winds of Heaven were for ds. \ 

Vara. My Lord, lam glad to find the (^le istnm'd,- 
And give you Joy of this aufoicious Fortune. 
Plough on y«ar way, with all voor Streamer* ont i 
With all your glorious Flagi ana Streamers ride 
Triumphant on— And leave me to the Waves, 
TbeSandi,the Winds, the Rocki, the fuie D^afii« 
And ready GuIpfaitJtet gape to ftnUow me. 

^e Force of Ldvi, 4^ 

Thet. It was thy Hand t^at drew me Jrom the Oravc^ 
Who bad been dead by this time to Ambition, 
To Crowns, to Tiltet,a<id my flighted GreatncA. 
But fiill ia if each Work of thine deCerv'd 

The fmileaf Hav'a Thy Thtod^ mot 

With fiutiethliig deai^ than his Diadem, 

With all that's worth a Wilh, that's worth a Life t 

I met with thatrtrhich made me leave the Wmld. 

Fara. Aild' J, O tuni i^ Qiance I carfed Fortune \ 
Have loft at once all' that: coold make me happy. 

ye tt^paftlalPoWefsI Butndw no more: 
The Goda, my draf/my moll lov'd ThiBdojSm, 
Double all thofi; Joys tliatthoii haft Htet upon th<ei 
For fare thou ut tturft worthy, wolthy more 
Than ^mi/ in all hit Prodigality 

Can e'er befltnir in ^lefiiii^ on Mankind ! 

And Qh, ifiiH;hfti^ my Scriil is firangCly mov'd, 

Tale^ii'de more unltindly of her Siars, 

That thou aiMTI ai^tsX. te blell togkher : 

Foe I wOt \'i^t6^ ?niia&\ this NightmUl Vint 

To go in ddBti^'Sit&ttlibf'what perhJi^s 

1 me^ fliall find ; if fo my crael Fate ' 
Has order'dlr : Wl^y th«i' faTewel for evk. 

For I Qiall never, never fee thee more. 

r.^: HdSrfeiffiSTe'my tinide^ Soiil is eiMm 
Ofwhatyka'iJtttel O mVgaflnt Prtendl 
OBrother! O^'arart/' Donotjudge 
^ WM r fpal^ for Sghs will inteitupt mi: 
Jadsc by my Tean, judgtby' tHeTe firiCt Bmbtice^ 
And by mylaft RSbWe : Tho' I have' met 
With what in Silence 'Ifo !ong'aiior''d ; 
Tho'in thc^mptUt* ofpfotdUhg Joyi,' ■ 
I had fet down ttt'Mtirro*' ' for my Nn^tials { 
And Attiius to Night rteMres the 'Temi^ t ' 
Yelmy'l'«^*fii,lw5uV>b niy Soul 
Ofall her Uialch,ofniyIm^ial Bride, 
And wander with thee in the fdwcli of tllat 
Oo which thy Life dnends ■■ ™ 

Vol. I. C /V»-: 


Fera. If this I fuffer, 
Condode me then begotten of a Hind, 
And bred in Wilds : No, thioiofiiu. no ; 
I charge thee by our Frlendlhip, and conjure thee 
By all the Gods, to mention this no more : 
Perhaps, dear Friend, I ftiall be fooner here 
Than y^U expeS, or I my feif imagine : 
What moll I grieve, is that I catwiot wait 
la fee your Nuptials ; Yet my Soul is with you, 
And all my Adorations to your Biide, 

Thci. What, my Varants, will you be fo cru«l 
As not to fee my Bride before you gof 
Or are you angry al your RivaP! C&rms, 
Who lias already ravifti'd h^lf my Hearfe 
That once was all your own \ 

Vara. You know 1 am rfiforder'd ! 
My Meianciioly will iiot fuit her bleA Condition- 

And the Gods know, fince thou, my Jihfitais, 
fiat fled from thefe Tick Eyes, all other Women 
Tomypall'd Soul feem like the GhoU of Beauty, 
AntlhaUDtmy Memory with the lols of thee. 

Eater Athenais, Theodo&us UaJing- her. 

fara. O yt imiaoral Godi] jfraxiht! Ohf 
Look there, and wonder : Hal is'tpoffible? 

Jthcti. My Lord,the Emperor faytyouaieliiiFrieixt 
He charges me to ufe my Interefi, 
And begof you'to flay, it leall fo long 
As our EfpoufkU wjll k folemnizine. 
X told him I was hobour'd once to know you ( 
But that fo llightly, as I could not warrant 
Tlie Grant of uiy thing I Ihould ask you 

Vara. Heaven and Earth I O Albmah! why, 
Why doH thou ufe me thusf Had ItlieWwId, 
Thouknow'ft it fliould be thine. 

j^tben. I know not that 
£«t yet, to make fore Work, one t(»If o.' it 

'The Porce of Love^ 51 

Iimirre, already, Sir, without your giving. 

My Lord, the Prince is obflinate, his Glory 

Scoths to be mov'd by the weak Breath 'of Womant 

He is all Hero, bent for higher Game; 

Tbecefbre, 'tis noble, Sir, to let him go: 

Ifnot ioT him, my Lord, yet for my lelf, 

I mad intreat the Favour to retire. [Ex. Athen. Wc. 

r«ra. Death land DeTpairt Confufion I Hell and Fu- 
ries ! (Virtue ; 

T&w. Heav'n gnardthy Health, and flill preferve thy 
. What thould this meanf I feartheConfequence, 
For'tistoo ptaiothey know each other well. 

/'ara. Undone I ^rflBrJw/ loft, undone fiw ever, 
I fee my Doom, I read it with broad E/es, 
Asplain u if I faw the Book of Fate : 
Yet I will muller all my Spirits up. 
Dwell toy Gijefi, fwallow the rifing Paflioiu. 
Yes, I wiU ftatid the Shock of all tlie Godj 
Well at I can, and ftruggle for my Life. 

fbit. You mufe, ray Lord, and if you'll give me leave 
To judge your Thoughts, they feem employ'd at prefcnt 
About my Bride : 1 guifs you know her too, 

r.rrii. His Bride ! O Gods, give mea Moment's Patience. 
1 mnft confefs the Sight of Jtbevah, 
Where I fo little did expeft to fee her. 
So grac'd and fo adorn'd, did raife my wonder ; 
Bm what exceeds atl Admiration, is 
That you Ihould talk of making her your Bride; 
'Tisfnch a blind Effeft of monftrous Fortune, 
That tho' I will remember you affirm'd it, 
I cannot yet belirve^-^— 

7bia. Then now belfeve me ; 
By all the Pow'ts Divine, I will erpoufe her. 

Fara. Ha 1 1 thall leap the Bounds. Com^ come, vof 
Lord ; 
By all theft Pow'n yoti nam'd, I (ay you mull not. 

Thn. I fayl I will ; and who (hall bar taj Pleainre ? 
Yet mere, I fptak the Judgment of my S<3ul, 
Weigh but with Fortuns Merit in the Balance, 
Awl Jthenttii lofes by the Marriage. 

C z Vara- 


Vara. Kelcntleij Fates t malidoos crtid Pow-'rs ! 

for what Crime do you ihus. mck your Creaaae 1 
Sir, 1 iQutt tell you tiiis unkindly meannels 
fluitithcFioreilionofan Aochpriie wd|, 

Bjt in an Orienul Emperor 
' It|ivesOffeiiceinortaD ^au widiqut ScaiMiait. , 

Widiout the Notion of ^ gcpv.eling Sgirit, . . '_'|" , 
'Ei'pQiii't the Q&<ipilta of oldZtanttiit, 
Whofe Jtmoil Cilbry U to have been my Tuwr- 

Tica. He ba» To well, acq^ittediijat EmplojuBco,^ 
Breeding. you up to fuch a, ^lfli« Height 
OffuUPerreaioivapd Iro^i?J,GreaUKiJu 
That ev'n, for this Rsfpeil. i£ f"?' flQ, othe^. 

1 will efteem him woithv while, I- Uye. ^ ' ' " 

fara. My LoBJ, yoy'lijiardoq men Utflq^^reedtvfk? 
Forlmull boldly urgc.iD fuch a Qii)le, 
Who over flatD^ayMt, tho' ne'ei fo nrar. 
Related to your BJood, fhould be fuQieaed- 

Tl&^a. If Fiiendfiiif would admic acold Su^cigi^ 
AiWrwhuI have heard, and feen to. Day, 
Of all Maakind I Ihauld fufpcd ffaraMu. ( cbdcc a^ 

Vartt. He ha&fluoe.meiotbeUeariij Joy Giowl wjB 
Unlefsi^jT-fttugi^ingPaffioB gett a,vciit 

Out with it then 1 can no mote dii&qUiI^— #■-« 

Yes, yes, my Lord, fm'ce you reduce me to 

The laft nece0k]r. I mull coafafs it ; 

I mull avow iKj Flanw for Athtnaii. 

I am all Fiie ; my, Paffiop eats me up, , 

Itgrowsincorpoiaic withmy Flejhaad Blood: , -^ 

My Pangs redouUe, now. they de»ve m)^iie4rt/ / 

O Athtnaii! O Eudsfia—^ oh — 

Tho plain as Day I fee my own DcRfudioH, 
Yettomy Death, and-oh^ let all the iGodt, 
BpjWttReli.! Ilwearl.wilLadarethoc 

Ihn. Alas t Varant,. Which of us iwo the HaK'oi 
Have muW for £|ca;h>4 yet above the.6canj.i 
But-wljle w«livcle£jU»p«ferv«ouiFriendfliip .., i- 
Sacred and inftijuwehaveevcidanc. 
This only Meafl.ui <W0 fuch. hud ExueoKS , 
Remains for both: TqinerrowyoaQiall&c bet 


With all Advantage, in her own Apartment j 
Take your own time, fay all yoii can to gain her i 
If you caj» win her, lead her into Ptrjta j 
IFnot, confent that I efpoufe her here, 

Fara. Still worfe and worfe \ O ThttJofiut f oh F 
I cannot fpeak f«r Sighs, my I>eaih it Seatd 
Sy this lalirweetners; had you been lefs good, 
1 might have hc^'d: BjI now my Doom's at band. 
Go then, and take her, take her to die Temple : 
The Gods too give you Jay.. O Aiheitcdi I 
Whydoeathy Imags mock siy Ibolilh Sorrow ? 
O fbndafiift, do not fee a^ Tears : 
Amy, and leave me j'lrave me to the Grave. 

72m. Parewdi Ict'i leave the Ifliie to the Hcav'ot. 
IwiUprepare your war with all thai Honour 
Can nrge in your behelf) tho* to ray Ruin, {Ex, Theo. 

Fara. O I could tear my Limbs, and en my Plelh i 
Fool that I waa, fond, proud, vdn-gloriou« Fool I 
Datnn'd be all Courts, and treble damnM Ambition: 
Kahed bethy RemembranfS. Curfes on thee. 
And Plagueson Plagues fall on thoTe fools thai feckthee. 

Aranih. Have Comfort, Sir • — ~ 

Vara. Away, and leave me. Villain i 
Traitor, who wrought me firft to my Deftraftion— ^ 
Tel ftay and help me, help me to curfe my Pride, 
Hdp metowiihthat I hadne'er been Royal, 
That I had never heard the Name ofCyrai, 
That my firft Brawl in Court had been my la(t 
O that 1 had been born Ibme happy Swain, 
And never known a Lifefo great, lb vaia ! 
Where I Extremes mi^t not be forc'd to djpofr. 
And bleftwithfomemean Wife, no Crown could lofc ; 
WhcrethedearPartnerofmy little State, "> 

With all her fmiling Offspring at the Gate, > 

Blefllng my Labours, might my coming wait : ^ 

Wherein our humble Beds all fafe might lie. 
And not incurfed Court! for Glory die — \Exiunt. 

54 THEODO^XVSi or, 


. ' .. "- . ■'■ ■ '. 

IjJtIL tatht MirtUSbait, 
" AlthaUttibe Ny^i tfthe fitlSii 
Kingi ^UBuld nal hen invade 
Thofe Plea/urei that VtrtueyitlSs. 
ChoT. Beauty ben tipem hir Armi, 

Tofsfien the latwt^ni Mind; 
Mi PhitUi unkcii her Charm i 

PhilKs. tho» S9kl ^ Live, 
Thn jo} ef the neighboring Swrniiil f 
Phillia that crwjKi the Gravt, 
^rtiPhUlii that gildi the Plaint. 
PhilHl, that nferhad the Skill, 
To paint, to fatth, ^ni hefint, 
Yit Phillis «V nyts can kill, 
Wkem Nature halh mad* Diviat. 

Pliillis, Vishsfe (harmiBg Seng 
Maiei labiur andPaixi a Delight! 
Phillis that maiti the Dayjaung, 
AndjhoTtess the li-vi hi>g Nigft. 
PhiJlis, •wis/e Lips like May, 
■ Still Lngit al the Stuetti thef brii% t 
Where Lwe never knmui decaf, 
Bittfeti -u-ith Eternal Sfring. 



■^e Force of Love. •' '55 

A C T IV. S C E N E II. . 

Entir Marcian, und Lucius 0/ « Slfiance. 


E^^^ H E General of the Onental Armiei, 

^^^^ Was a CominifGon latge as fate could gite. 

1^^^ 'Tis gone: why what caw If O Eertiine, Ft>r- 

Thou laughing Emprefi of this bufy Wwld, 

J&rnoH defies thee BOW. ——— 

Wky what a thing is a difcarded Favourite i 

He who but now the' longing to retire, 

Coa'd Doi fin- bnfy' Waiters be alotM^ 

Throng'd in his Chamber, hannied to hi» CI«fet, 

WithafiHl Croad.atid an erern^lContti 

When oncetbe Favoarof hig Prince iitiim'd ? 

SKoik'd as a GhoA; the cloqded Man v^Af, 

And all the gaudy Worlhijiperi ftufakchim; 

So Arcs it now with me where e'er I come. 

As if I were another CaHSnt. 

The Courtiers rife, and no Man wilt fit near me, 

Asiftlie Plazaewereon me^iltMenfiy me: 

Lucius! £««"«.' if thou leav'itine»i», : 

1 think, I think I could not'bearit i 

But, like a Slave, my Sl»irit brohe with SnScricg, 
Should on thefe Ccnvard Knees &II ddwnand beg 
Once to be great apin — - 

Lut. Forbid it, Heav'n I 
That c'erthe noble Marcian condefcend 
To ask of any, but the immortal Gods. 
Nay, I avow, if yet your Spirit dare. 
Spite of the Court, you fliall be great as Cafar. 

Marc. No, Luciui, no ; the Gods repel that humour. 
y« fince we are alone, and moft ere long 
Leave this bad Court j let us, like Veterans, 

C 4 Spealc 

l^ fnUODQSfVSicr. 

speak out — Tbon byft, alu t aa great u Cof/kr ; 
But where'* hisGreundii Where u his Ambitum ? 
If >By Sparkiof Virtue yet remain 
In this poor Figure of the Ranuui GI017 : 
. I fay, if feny'^be; Jiow dTm tbey (JiiiSt 
Compar'd with what his ^eat Fore-fatben were i 
How ttMBld Jbe lighten th%, or ajivetbc WorHi 
Whofe Soul in Court* is but a la:p[Knt Fire i 
And fcarce, O Rem* ! a Glbw-ftonn in tlic FieM ? 
Soft, Young, BleligioDs, God-li^e Qj^ip^ 
For oue that ^ould reover the loft J^n^cire I 
And wade titta' Seu of BJpoii , and walk 9'cr Mpont^ 
Of flaughter'd Bodiei ta immortal HqnmiJ'. 

Zsf. FoorHeartt He pili*4 ■ vW* »go frr Ifl"»; 
Marc. And for hii Mifireii vow'd tO l<»Te ^9 WffU 1 
But fome new Chance it leequ hai ctiang'4 tii* IfUBi^ 
A Marriage r but (o wlumt or whence he cans, 
None knowa : but ye^ a Mariuge ia pnKl»iq)*4t 
Pagean^ prepar'd, the Archfs tut ajf)ui'44 
TheSutoeacTOwn'd; the Nipttdromt^^^^fO/k 
Beneathihe BunJenof the iiK»nt^ W.VV^.i 
The Theatre it open'd Wo. ^vhpre he 
Xnd the hot PerJuDi mean to a^ t)i«r ?olJif i- 
Gods! Gods 1 . 1* this the Image ufortl QitfariT 
Is this the Model of our RmuImi t 

why fe poorly have you ftaDip'4 {o:^'« Gl$(i7 1 
Not Romt't^t your*' IsthisMMiit (9 l}«tf.%i. 
This waxen Portraiture ot M^J' ' 

Which every warmer Pa^n does melt 4PWni 
And makeabim fonder than a Woman'i Ipnging I 

Lttc. That much I know to the eternal: Sh^nm 
or the Imperial Blood; this upftart Bmprda, 
This fine new Queen is fprung ftnm atj^eft ParcW. t 
Nay, bafely born \ but that's all one to i^iin> 
He likes and loves, andtherc^re marries her. 

Marc. Shalllnof fpeak? ShaU I nottdl hinqf it? 

1 feel this big-fWot'n ihroli^ng Roman Spirit 
Will burft, unkTs I utter what I ovg^C 


sn^dL, Google 

Tjbe Fofif ^ Love. 

SKttr Folchciwwfi a frnftr im btf tUmij MutJaUa. 

Mare. PuLhtrirh.t!it\ w^ Ae'tiheSMLirgfeorJM'iM^ 
J tremble too -wJiUercr flie acproaabei i 
Andmy. Hd»t<3anc«SBniuMiialMaiAr«i 
Snce of sa^&il I bluADaad cUnot lUiV' 
while fl)e.ift htre-'^ What, ^Mn'w^.ctii'this' tfeaa ? 
Tis&id Ca^:f<MWi» haJithe'HctR<rf'G«/&»']- 
.^M|^dottil)Oa^ the fi]bttȣ('i>Ni.- 
WBjr then Ihoujd l.notiworaup. tliir fkirAngWf 
OkdidA thcKpiaul3ih)frwIien'h»r Piuy ligbtaedi 
Ghe&ent'd allGodiMj my, herFmwtu becaniebtft 
TbcK wasitBoutyi in her veiy WildMft. 
Were 1 a.Man: bonT^nt>a* om^firfl Poun^; 
^niog tram cheKood DiviiM— '— BAt t amaiA, 
B«}>ond aU poSbilky oP H<ye- ' " ' " ■ 

Pulcb. CoBBihitW, MsfviM^i read thisPapero'eri 
And mark ciieiftrmf c ne^c^ «f fbtod^s : 
He figns whaMler J bring; pwhftpK' you have hc^ni' 
To morrow he intend! to wtd' a M^id- of' AHftir, 
New-BMci»>ChriAiaii\ aad Mw^'naHMd' £«i^^ 
Whom ht mow d«riypi«eifthaii"it*i-EihpiiW:- 
Yet in this■I^ip«rhS'huh4etWFjend( 
And feafd it too wili> ths'InpBfts] Sigrtet, 
That Ihc fliould lofe her Held 'ta^mofrWt Aftjfnhg'i' 
JMarr.'TJsnoeforanfltoijiiiig*-! f « [his*«m'firtr^;ei— 
Pu/c/i. I know he rather would caitiliriT aMiirdef 
On hU own Perfon, than po-miliia-'Veift 
Of hertobked'; yrK, Maniani whac might follow, 
If I wtio>n«llou» of' thii Virgin^ Hsnoor, 

By his raJh pafliiif whaifiwPer I offsf -■ 

Without a ;vi«W" — ha, tw 1 hadfti^t! 

Julia, let's h*fle-ffoin thb inSeaioBi'Pftribrt — -— ' 

I iiad fotgoetlkt! M>>^ff*B'wasa 'ttsMar^. 

Yet by thttfowlra'DitinB^ I fi^Sa- 'tifjAt,' 

That>«tBio form'd tn' Nature for all Hononr, 

All Titlei, Grcatneft, Dignitiei Imperial, 

The nobieft Perfon, and the braveft Courage, 

Shairid •BOt'b* honeft : Julia, is't not piiy i 

Cs G 

1 1, Google 

58 fHEODOSIVS: tr, 

Martian, Martian f I couM weep to think 
ViitDC fhould lole ic lelf ife diiae hu ioM. 
lUpent, ralb Man, if yet "cii not too late, 
/uid mend thy £rron ; fa fmrewel for ever. 

' lExit Pulch. Jut, 

Mare. Farewtl fiw e»er I no. Madam, erelgo, 

1 am refolv'd to fpeak. aadvou Jhall hear me : 
Then, if you plrafe take off thig Tr&itor'a Head; 
End my C^mmiflioD and my Life together, 

Lxc. Perhapj you'll laugh at wbat I aa gwng to lay; 
But ky yoor Life, rayLord, I tiiink *tis true : 
fulehtria loves this Traitor ! Did you mark ha > 
At £rtt (he had forgot your fianifhincnt i - 
Makes you her Counfellor, and telk ber Secreta, 
As to a Friend ( nay, leaves them in your Hand, 
And fays, 'tis pity that you arc not hoaeft. 
With fuch Defcriptioo of your Galantry, 
As none but Love could make : Then taking lear^ 
Thro' the dark Lafliei of her daningEyes, 
Methought (he IhoC her Soul at every Glance ; - 
Still looking back, as if Ihe had a mind 
That yon fhould kn^w Ihc left her Heart behind her. 

Marc. Alas ! thou doft not know her, nor do I *. 
Nor can the Wit of all .Mankind conceiveber. 
But let's away. This Paper is of ule. 

Lat. I goels your purpofe i 
'He it a Boy, and as a Boy you'll ufefain: 
There it no other way. ' 

Marc. Yes, if he be not 
Quite dead with Keep, for ever loft to Honour, 
Martian with this Ihall rouze him.' O, iny LmtiiuF 
Methink* the Gholls of the Great ^todafimi. 
And thundering Ctifiantint appear before mc : 
They charge, me as a Sol^r to challixe him. 
To Idfti him with keen Words from laay Jjove, 
And {hew him how they trod thePathaef Honour. 


The Force ofLovf. 59 ' 


TBcodofiu) fying an a Cauch, luitb t'lvo S«f> irtfi Hi* •' 
i^n^ijitigiag tD him ai btjltips. 

Haffy Day f ah bapfy Daf, 
'^hal yx^t' t Btami didfirfi Jifplir/, 

Sepe^ctful •u>as the happf Day. 
Tht GaJs tbimfilvii did all loot dottin, 

Tbt Roial InfaKfi Birlb ta cruua, 
Sapliai'i, tbryfian€ did 011 tht Guilty frruin. 

Happy Day ! ab happy Daj ! 
And ti tbrite happy Hour, 

That mgdefuih Goodsift Majltreffucb Pir^'r. 
■ Far tbut tht G«di declari ta Men, 

No Day l!h tbit Jhatt cvtr cemi agen. 

Enter Marcian 'with an Ordtr. 

Tbca. Ha? what raOi thing art thou, who fct'fl foTmall 

A value on thy Life, thus to prefume 
Againft the fatal Orders I have given. 
Thus to entrench on C-c/Sr's fotimde. 
And urge me to thy Ruini 

Marc. Mighty Caf/ir, 
I have [ranfgreA, and for jny Pardon bow 
To ihce, as to the Gods when I offend : 
Nor can I doubt your Mercy^ when you know 
The Nature of my Crime. I am eommiffion'd 
From all the Earth to dvc thee Thanks and Praifei, 
Thou Darling of JWanltind ! whole contju'iiog Arm! 
Already drown the Glory of great Julisii, 
Whofe deeper reach in Laws and Policy, 
Makes wife JaguSutemy th^ in Heav'n ? 
What mean the Pates by fuch prodigious Virtue J 
Wlicn i'cftrce [he manly Down yet Ihadea thy Face, 


6o, rHEQPX>.SIl,rJter, 

With Conqaefts thui to over-niij the World , 
And make Barbarian; tremble ? O, ye Gods I 
Should Delliny now end (Bee m the Bloom, 
Methinlu I fee thee mourn'd above the lofi 
Of lov'd Gfraanicui i thy Funerals, 
Like his, are fbl.empiz'd witli T«^3 Riij Blgod. 

92«. How, Martian ! 

Marc. Vei, the raging Multitude, 
Like TorrcDCs, fet no bound to their mad Grief j 
Shave their Wires Heads; and tear off. tfieir'awB I^aitf 
With wild Defpair they 'bring their rafanaout,' 
To btswl their Parents forTOwin the Streiets ; 
Trade is no more, 'all Courts of Ju^ce llopt,; 
With Scones they dalh the Window's of their Temfi^l^ 
Pull down 'thor Alurs ; br»k their Houibaild'GcMb » 
And Hill the univerfal Groan is this, 
CtnJJeniiBBplii loft, oiir Ethpire'i ruin'd : 
Since he is gone, that Father of his 'Country j . 
Since he' is dead, O Cite, where is tl^ Picture ? 

Rami ! Oh conquer'd World, where ii thy GIpry I 
Thte. I know thee well, thy Cnfiom and thy Muacnf 

Thou daft upbraid me -. bat no more of thi^ 

Not for thy Life — : ' 

Jl/arf. Whafs Life without my Honour f 
Coald yon transform your felf into a Gorgon, 
Or make that beardlefs Face like jMittr't, 

1 would be heard in fpite (£ all ytuir Thunder : 
O pow'r of Guilt, yoo fear to'IUnd the Tell, 
Which Virtue brinfcs i like Sorei your Vices fhak* 
Before this Aonuii Healer. But, by the G6d% 
Before I ro III rip the 'Malady, 

And let the Venom flow before your Eyei. ' 
This is a Dtbt to the Great 7beodtfiut, 
The Grand&ther of your iUiiftrious ^Ibod i 
And then&rewel for ever. 

7hto. Prcflimiiig Marciaa ! 
What canJl thou Urge againft my Innofence ? 
Thro' the whole Courfe of all my hafmlefi Yoa^, 
Ev'n to this H6ur, I cannot call to mind. 
Om wicktd Aft which I hare done to, flniw me. 

' Mare. 

k]i....dL, Google 

Marc. Thismajbetrni;: yet i( yo]j g^v^lK^Xj^Oiy, 
To other Hantls, and your ppor SabjeAi'lw^f 
yoor Nerfigence to them is a^ the Ci^)jg, 
O ?JWc^f creijit me, who.knpw 
The World,' and hear how_ Soldiers c^rif^cKin^i 
In after-times,, if thus you ftwHld^ on,. 
Yoor Memory by Warriors will befrorv'd. 
As much as Wirro or^ Cfl/rp»/<T IgatS'd i . 
They will'd^i^ yoar illotlj, an4bjicl;jyafd,e4fc. 
More than they hate the ai\^e^ Cruel^oJ. 
And what a thing, ye (jpds, is fcotn.or.pity ?' 
Heap on me, Heav'iij th^ h^ie of.all MaDUttd, 
Load me wiih, Malice, Envy, I>p(eftatioij.; 
Let me be h*rmd to^ al! aporehepiion, ^ 

And the Worl<J (huii me, fi^ I i^cajs. bii(,Setf|i. 

Tba. Pry'tiiee, no more, 

Marc. 1 iflfopsi 

And fey. 
On GalBa 
To give a 
To poifcii 
To bum I 
Bau% Lie 

That (b cl :flt; - 

He might 

'Thco. C |J 

Am I of I 

Marc. »iSlttriftr 

That favo 
What can 
To mjjke 
Whole ut 

A pretty Player, one thitt.c^.aQ,a|[Ierot 
And never be one. O ye imm<}iWl Go(I%, 
Js this, the old C*>r;an Maj^ny ,f 
Now, in the nameof ei|r great, Sfuw/^W, 
Why fing you not, and.nd^ti (oo. a^ h? dJd^, 
Why liave you not, like, Mrra, a Phtnafiu^t ., 
One to wke care of ,yo(ir,ce(#irt ,V«cs-/ 



lieoa )wir'B^tk. .t^ Lord, and od four Scomacli 
LayathinPlicof i.ea<J, abftain from Pfsits; 
And wiicn ii.e Bu£nd? of tlie S<2ge b done. 
Retire wich yoor lode Frieods to cofliy Banquets, 
Whik the lean Army groans upon the Ground. 

7hn. Leave me, I lay, left I chaUiTe thee : 
Hence, be gone, I by '■ 

Marc. Not 'till you have heard me oat ■ ■ 

Build too, like him, a Palace lin'd with Gold, 
As long and large ai that of th' Elquiline: 
Indole a Pool too in it, like tLe Sea, 
And at the Empire's Cbft let Navies meet : 
Adorn j'onr ftsrry Chambers too with Gems, 
Cmtrive the plated Cielings to turn round, 
With Pipu to cafi Ambrofiao Oils upon you : 
Coti;ume with hii prodigious- Vanity, 
In mere Perfumes and odorous DituUations, 
Of Sefierces at once four hundred Millions : 
Let naked Virgins wait yon at your Table, 
And wanton Cupids dance and clap their Wings. 
No matter wliat becomes of the poor Soldiers, 
So they perform the Drudgery they are fit for ; 
Why, let 'em ftarvc for want of their Arrears, 
Drop as th^ go, and lie like Dogs in Ditches. 

T'Ma. Come, yoti area Traitor! 

Marc. Go too, yoo are a Boy — — 
Or by the Gods 

Tbta. If Arrogance, like this, 
Aitd to the Emperor's Face, fhoutd 'fcipe unponiIh*d, 
I'll write ray felf a Coward ; die then, Villain, 
A Death too e.orious for fo bad a Man, 
hy TbtaJtfiui'iiiDd. [Marcian difarm hint^ 

\httt ii •weaatleJt 

Mart. Now, Sir, where areyouf . 
What, in the name of all our Roman Spirits, 
.Now charms my Hand from giving thee "thy Fate ? 
Has he not cut me oiT from all my Honours ? 
Torn my Cbmmi^onf, fham'd me tothe Esnh, 
Banifh'd the Court, a Vagabond for ever F 
J>9ii not the Soldier hourfy ask ix from mc I 


'The Farce of Love. 63 

Sigli their own Wrongs, and beg mc to revenge 'em } 
whsO. hinders now, but that I mount the Thnnw, 
And nuke befides this purple Voath mj Footflool ? 
Tht: Armiet'Court me, and my Country's Canfe; 
The Injuries of Rsmt ami Grttct perfaade me. 
Shew but this Reman Blood which he has drawn. 
They'll make me Emp'ror whether I will or no : 
Did not for lels than this the latter Brutui, 
£ecaufe be thought Ramt wrong'd, in Perfbn head 
Againfl his Friend a black Cotitpiracy, 
And ftab the Majelly of all the World f 

7hM. Aft as yoQ pleafe, J am within your Power. 

Mare. Did not the former RrutMi, for the Crime 
Of StxtKi, drive old Tarquin Uo\a his Kingdom? 
And ihall this Prince too, by permitiinK odiets 
To aft their wicked Wills and lawlefi PJeafuret, 
Raviih from the Empire its dear Health, 
Weil-being, H»ppine&, and antient Glory ? 
Go on in [his. dimonourahle reft 1 
Shall he, 1 lay, dream on, while the lUrv'dTroop( 
Ue cold and'waking in the Winter Camp i 
And like pin *d Birds ibr want of fuAenance, 
Peed on the Haws and Berries of the ii'ields i 

temper, temper me, ye gracious Gods ; 
Give to my Hand forbearance, to my Heart 
Its conAanc Loyalty: I would but i]uke him. 
Rook him a little from this Death of Hcmour, 
And ihew him wliat he (hould be. 

Tbto. You accufe m^ 
As if I were fome MonAer, moS unheard of: 
Firft, as the Ruin of the Army, then 
Of takinf-your Commiilion : But, by Heav^i^ 

1 fwear, O Martian .' this I never did, 
Nor e'er intended it : Nor fay I this 

To alter thy ftein Ufage'; for with what (brance. 

Thou hall faid, and done, and brought to my remem- 
I growalready weary of my Life. 

Marc. My Lord, \ tike your Word r you do not know 
The Wounds which rage within youc Countjy'a Bowels; . 
Tiie hoirid Ufage of [he lUf ring Soldier : 

D,3.i™dL, Google 

6*1 rHB-ODOSrVSysr, 

But w)^ WUI nottHtr 7%/M^M ItfioWi 

If yoa intnfttbeGD«nmiaHCtD.oAcn, 

Thu aSuiub Crimot k wlio but ysuc iel£'a t»)bluM J 

Be witne&v O yeiQod><t «f my plain^Dealia^ 

Of Mtrrdamii Honefly^ baweler degntded. 

I duuk y«a for iB|r B«i>iOinM-it< Ewt.dul - 

My LoTtisJittlaitarwhKtfMKmU foUgwit. 

RefleA but on yous Uf-wni ytai own ijft^i^ 

Let DOttUirLctbarBf fot'OrcB'hsU.jrou. 

'Twas miBour'd thio' theCuythacyoniov^j 

That your Etponfals Ihottld^bc&leBum'dt . 

WhencAa fuiUaiiheseTQn fold you> OfdRrr 

Thu tku,biigbt FavMtitCL« tJwlcn'd-JEs/ye^, 

Should Icifefav^Hwl. 

T^M. OhHm'iiuuieanh! WintJk)i'ft>tk(»aJ . ;. 
That I h»cleil'd tbeDeatkof my EjuU/to.?- 

Marc. *Tu your own Haod and Sigaet: VetlivflBri- 
TW you have ^'n'to Penale Hsn^ yoariw^r^ 
And therefbre I, as welKa* the wlnle Ato^r, 
For esse oughtM cadie all .Wamaa-luDd ; 
Yet when tht VtrmnicaBie^ aaJh«waad«a«'d« 
And on the Scaffiwl; fin-tint, pafofaran'd 
Without the WaHt(. ufexT'<lbciarethe.Acmy— m- 

?:&». What!aKaficri&Adlhftibefi»vtl«Anigr-[ 

ISart. Howqatdc^yiWailheTidaof Fnjr.tnnt'd' 
To foft Compaann vtA rdtmiiigTeaii): Bat Mkanthar. 
Sever'd ths'taielKeft Bcan^ ttf the^Eaath . [>lMi>) 

Frmn that &ir Body, had-ym Itnrd the.Gnan^ 
Which, like a Peal of diOani Thusdes,. ran i 
Thro' all the armad Haft, y(»iwmild.hiwetfaan^lt . 
By the immediate Daikiiela that fcfl: miBd. nt^ - 
Whole NaCttM'waftcoaccnld at fiichft$it£'riiigp. 
And all theGod^ ware angry, 

Tbt». Oh Pulcbtrimt 
CtmI ambitious Sifter^ thitmulLbe. 
Thydoii^. Ohiuppoit me,. nobleiJl&ro'anV 
Now, now'ttheume, ifthoudai^il'ftnkci bekokt. 
I oSifthee nqr' Breaft,- with my M£reuh, 
I'U thank thve too,' if nowilwa drnv'fl my Blood. 


77>t pprce jf ^^*. i^ 

Were 1 to Uve, thy Coai^fl ^ d^n^ )»« j 
But 'tit too l^c ~-r-rrrr Cflr ^WW* 

(K«rT- fi(eJaM«»! what. Jv^f^Bf, t«(gw-' 

My Lord the Einner^r, $ii4^ ^YC*) 
She's here, or lyiu IfC in ^ MviWt Moi^^ 
QsicV s^ a TJ^Qught ihe cf^s y^ju bo ^ T«np)^ 
Oh, Luciui, he][) ^rrr J hays go^ too fai j ^at fflf^ 
He breate EBfip^T- ^«^<*i IW iHM^'d, hiflit. 

*Jra. Da you p(^ va^ Sp^ i 

Marc. Yes, (he liVMj 
I did but feign tl^^ St«iy of her PiEftthi 
Te fiod hfifv fi^ir you ^iJfc'd hq- (o you HqW ; 
And ipay' thf Gftda Wa 9^ their ?ia|u« «pi)» iM 
If erer 1 nJi^e ^oju cnui agaiq : 
Yet 'ii« moft cffWio, thjtf yoif ^gn'd h'S' Pm** 
Not k^pi^^ lyh^t the viAe Bukbtria o^'d. 
Who \ek it 10 DQ* H^nd ti^ ttvtle ypii : 
But by lay Life aqd ^^fie, I djd not tlfin)e 
I( y(<wW l^X? tfim:h'd y(ut Life. O- pardon lOf , 
D«r Prince, my LoriJ '' • - " ^ i^^i&fiti. 

Droop Dot \xfA^ I 1 rds, 

Ai)d ^ a N^^-n^ t Q^ji I 

I love yoai^oij Soul 

My Thoughti wen 01 « 1*44^ 

WUfiJid? n9t ofi; ttf fi , , 

I feeW yiat tjjers ar# ^WfiMV 

Tfl ^one tor all the ( je. 

TZw. I t.ljank thqp fa* % ipy fl?.^'t ^«?. 
What but my Love taa\A have call'd back that Life 
Which thou h;dt v^ ept; If^^ ?. ^t oji, mr^tu^u^ - 
'Twas Ijwd, djv i|Mf"fln, vftOf hvd fipJft.ttlW. 
From him I eyer T£veren(;'d ^.i^y f aft\ef. 
To he^f.ft) h^rflj a Meftsei-rrr-rr: t^": "ft mprej 
Wftyif-^tjeadj: TWI^i i»y,i(,th|i»« Wtt>M«."»fe- 
And let me fold nyf Afim ^ut thx,ME(J(, 
I'll not believe thy Love ' lii tlv^ fofgivft i[ie. 
Firft let me wfid EH4'Jifl, and Wl% ouf j. 
We will, my Gfflp;al. and ii)4ke,^niwd* 
Fcr all that's p^: Glory a^d 4rifi£.yjQQ(I^ 
Afi^ Marcian lead) me on — Jl&rc; 


Marc. Let her not reft then) 
Eipoufe her ftraight : I'll itrike yog at a HeU. 
May this gre*t Humour get large Growth within yofut 
And be encourag'd by the emboldning Godb 

what a Sight will this be to the Soldier, 

To fee me bring ;^on drefe'd in fhining Armour, 
To head the fhouting SquaxJrons ' O ye Godif 

Meihinfis I Ltar the echoing Criei of Joy, 
The Sound of Trumpets, and the Beat of Dmnu. 

1 fee each llarving Soldier bound from Earth, 
As if God by Miracle had raii'd him ; 

And with beholding yaa grow fat again. 
Nothing; but gazing Eyei, and opening Month*, 
Cheebs red with Joy, and lifted Hand) about yoa ) 
Some wiping the glad Tears that tridde down 
With broken la's, and with fobbing Raptuttt, 
Crying, to Arms; he's come j eur Emp'ror'i'Wiine 
To win the World. Why is not this br better 
Than lolling in a Lady's Lap, and fleeping, 
Fafting, or praying 7 Cone, cotne, you Him be Bwny ; 
And & Eudtfia, me is you^'a already : 
Mercian hasfaid it. Sir, the fhall be your*!. 

7%A>: Oh Marcian ! Oh my Brother: Fibber i aH : 
Thoa beft of Friends, moft faithfiil CounWlor, 
ril find a Match for thee too ere I reft. 
To make tiiee love me. For when thoa art with tai^ 
Tm lirong aitd well ; but when thou art goDc, Tm i»* 
Inur Achenaig, mtttli^ Tlieodofiu. 

Tin. Aiu ! EuJtfia, tell me what to iiiyi 
For my fall Heart can fcarcc bring forth a Word 
Of that which I iuvc fwom to fee perform'd. 

jifitn. I am perfcAIy obedient to your Pl^iire. 

tict. Well, then I come to tell thee,' that Varamtt 
Of all Mankind i) nearefl to my Heart ; 
I love him, dear £iii/<^i .- and to prove 
That Love on trial, dj my Blood's too little t 
Er'n thee,.if I tt^v fare to die this Moment, 
(A* H^v'o alone csn tell bow far my Fate 

The Font of Love. 

Is offO O thou my SooTs mxA tender 107, 
With my laft Breath I would beqiuttih him tliee. 

Atben. Then yoa are pleat'd, my Lotdi to yield mc 
Co him. 

T^ra; No, Biy Eudofia', no, I will not yield thee 
While J have Life; for Worlda I wiU not yield thet: 
Vet, thug far I'm engag'd to let thee know. 
He lov^ thee, Atbtnaii, more than ever » 
He laneiiilhes, derpairs, and din like me: 
And I hgre ^ft my Wotd that he {hall lee thee. 

Atbcn. Ah, Sir, what have you done agaioR your lelf, 
And me! Why have yoa paft your fatal Word.' 
Ayiiy will you traft me, wlio am now afraid 
To truft my felf ? Why do yoa leave me naked 
Taaii'AI&alt, who had made proof my Virtue, ' 
With this fuie Gnard, never' to fee him more. 
For, oh withtrerabh'ag Agonies I fpeak it, 
I cannot &e a Prince, whom once ] lov'd, 
Baith'd in hig Grief, andgaiinng at my Fee^ 
In all the violent Trances of Defpair, 
Without a Sorrow that perhaps may end me. 

Tbta. O ye fcvcTCT Powers ! coo cruel Fate I 
I>id ever Love tread fuch a Maze before i 
Yet, AthtneU,, ftill I truft thy Vittae % 
But if thy bleeding Heart cannot refrain,- 
Gire, give thy filf away j yet ftill remei^Mr, 

T±U Moment Tbttdafiia is no more 

{Extnnt Theo. -with Attic. Pule. Leon. 
' Aihtn. Now Giory I now, if ever thoa didft work 
In Woman's Mind, alSft me ^^-^ Ob, my Heart, 
Why doft thoD throb, u if thou wer't a breOung? 
Down, down, I &y, think on thy Injories, 
Thy Wrongs, thy Wrrags ! 'Tis well my Eyes •» Ay, 
And all. within my Bofom now it ftill. 

Entir Vatanes, /eam'ngta Aranthct. 
Ha • if this he ? or is't Varamts" ^aoft I 
He look} as if he had befpoke hia Grave, 
Trembling and pale; I maft not dare to view UlB* 
For, Oh, I feel his Melancholy here. 
And lear I Iball too foon partake hit Siduds. 


« THEODO&IBSijir, 

Fara, Thus t» tlie angi? £iadB oCewliBg M«lt4^ 
Mode fcn&Ua b]' tbtw fevcn AiBi Aim, 
Hfw aU tlitir Ciimn «re ri^lbed in Hen's, 
In tiiat nice Court, how no ralh Word efcio^ 
Bat aiv'il<ntiKr)g»ntT4ioagliti aredl fet aam: 
. T^ (ttf iNop PenJuoct mdi Feu appniacii 
ThcKvereDd.SJwiaievaBcldxu&rMaxrbaw; rAt</i>- 
Thus meldng 109, tber nafh tlie Juilowed Eutti, 

And groan to ht forgiven -•— . r- 

Oh, Enij^f I Ob, Iwiofia ! fitch yea sat wm, 
TiaSa fgt ywr Tii^ ml I muft act dire 
Ever to cgJJ yon Athn^it mote 

AAtH. R^ rift, wj Lotd. let au intratf ym, ti^ 
I will not iMtf yoK JB that htnUe 9oAtm: 
Rife, w'l mft witMww-^TlKWorid wS blufli 
For you aoi iM, flwidd it bebeU s Prince, 
Sprang From imnawtfl Cp-at, <m Ins Kocci 
Before die Dan^dor «£ s. poM Philofaplwr. 

rar«. Tijjiii, yoB rig^uowGarfa 1 1^ Daom is jaft|^ 
Nor will I Ibive to daprooata her Anger. 
If poffible, rUagsnvaM mj Crimet, 
Tutt fhe may raee cilLfte ha« ixotn -my Heart : 
Por all I DOW dwra. aod let the Godt, 
Thofe cruel Godi tW jein. to m^ undoing. 
Be Wttnellea to tluj unnatural With, 
Ii to bll dewiwitliwt a Woand bnbie he>. 

^fi&M. OyakDOwnSBpnda! But I mail fieri my SsatL 
MetUblnthereRabai, my firf*, are too heavy. 

r<i«. Hat weith a Word, a Looh, noroneHc^rd! 
la thail tbe Nature of my Fault lb heinoai. 
That vImr I GOBie to take mj eternal Leave, 
You'Jl not voacb&fe to view, ma? Thii h Souii,. 
'\¥liKlt l^*fair Swl of gciUle jftbamii 
Would ne'er have iiafbwr'd ' v ■ ■■■ 
Oh, for the iaiu of lum, whom yoa> ere-hui^. 
Shall hold as ia& as now yotrc WiSiei tdrm.hin, 
Give me a pati^ Hearing; fat howew 
I talk of.Doith. aM Jeem to loath ray Ifjfiaw 
I would deliberate with my Fate a while, 
VCithfitaCchins.GianoeB eyethc&tailielaftj. 


The Foifce of Lo^'g. 6^ 

Paufe o'«T a Loft lite that oi ^btrnk. 

And puly witb my Ruin. 
Atbin, Speak, ray Lwiti. 

To hear you is tlw EmpemrVCaKiBaBd-; 

jUd for that Cau£e irtadUy^bey I 

'^nm. T^ EmpeKco-, the SiapefOT's^IoaMMiKll ' 
And for [hat Caulc flic icadiJy obcjw- 
I thank vw. Madam, that oa any Ttcat 
Yon conaefcud'to-hcar me - ■■-— ■ 
Koow^en, Xadtjia: Ah, rathirla macaU diCir 
By the Isit'd J4anie oi.AthtmUt ftlll: 
Th«. Naaendut I Ta ages have ifcWili'^ 
And which wai obw aafpicioiMt* nnr VoM'; 
So oft at Midnight ligh'd asioa^ the-Grwr«^ 
The Riven Murmar, and the Ichc^ Bterdmb] 
Which every Bird could fingr umI W&di did fMBn 
By that dear NaAt*; iDudHthia ProteOatimj 
'By all, thai's {jwd an Earthy oi* bl«ft in HBtv'B^ 
I {wear I love chee mora, &r more tha»eNr; 
With congous Blolbw tee, bore, W».m'Di- Qtfdrt 
Help me to tell her, tho' ta jKf- Confu&m) 
And evetlaiting Sbunof yet I muH^'tdi hcTj' 
I by the FidUn Crawn before hsrFeet. [^ltar*k 

Atbm. My Lord, I thaakyoti^ abd t» ODfaafsilhoiA 
As nt^tly- ai^OB-oSK 'em, I rolura 
The Gi6 voa-mtlbc: aer will Lnaif npfanid^mi 
With the Example o[ ih^EtOp'iof. 
Not bat I lonoM' 'tii that that draws lyiHB on, • 
Tlius to d^CQid heficetb vour MajcD^ 
And fwell the Daugjhtet of a poor' P^A&ifktf 
Witb-hopesof bdng^reat. 

Fan. A h. Madam ! ah, you wr<ong mat bf thsiSoA^ 
I had repented ere I know tbe-En^ror j ii*wt» 

Atbm. Vou Undk perh&ptiioo lata, AMAtbtmiitf 
Hotwver U^hDedlbr her Birth and B6rlUnC} 
Ha» femething.inhcr Petibn, and-'her Vinoc^-- ' 
Worth tint tejffxi of Emperors chemfidm s 
And, to return the ComphmeDi'yMt gam 
My Father, lefaAjM^ thWipioor Phtlotbphert 
wWe utoMft-Oloty^if to lu#fr bconlyowTDHrj 

1 1, Google 


I here proteft, by Vinue, ani] by Glory, 
I fwear by Heav'n and all the Pow'rs Dime, 
Th' abandon'd Daugbter of that poor old Man 
Shall ne'er be leatcd on the Throne of Cjmi. 

. f'liro. ODeathtoallmyHopcslwhaihaftthonlwDniF 
To tarn me wild ? Ah, corfed Throne of Cyrm, 
Would thou hadft been o'enam'd and laid in Dtiftt 
His Crown too Thunder- Arnck ; my Father, alt 
The Perfian Race, Kite poor Darias, min'd. 
Blotted, and (Wept for ever from the Wotdd, 
When firft Atnbitioo bUlted thy Remembrance^— 
Atben. O Heav'n! I had forgot the bafe Afiroot 
Ofier'd by this proud Man ; a Wrong fo grea^ 
It is remov'd beyond all hope of Mercy : 
He had delig&'d to bribe my Faiber'i Virtue, 
And by unlawful Means - '■ ■ 
Fly from my Sight, left I became a Fury, 
And break tliofc Rules of Tempemnce I propoi'd t 
Fly, fly, Varanis ! fly this ftcred Place 
Where Virtue and Religion are profels'd: 
This City will sot harbour lofidela. 
Traitors to ChaStty, licentious lances. 
Be gone, I fay, thoa c«nft not here be fafc I 
fiy to Imperial Libertines abroad : 
In Fereigil Courts tbou'lt find a thoufand Beanies 
That iwiE comply for Goldi for Gold they'll weep. 
For Gold be fond, as Jtbenaii was. 
And charm thee ftill as if they lov'd indeed. ' 
ThouMt find enough Companions (oo for Riot: ' 
Luxuriant t&, and Royat » thy felf, 
Tho' thy loud Vice* flioi^ rclound to Heav'n.—*'"" 
An thou not gone yet f 

Fara.- No, I am charm'd to hear you: 
O from my Soul I do confefs my fclf 
The very Blw of Honour j I am more black 
Than thou, in all thy Heat of juft Revenge, 
With all thy glorious Eloquence, canfl tnafce me. 

Athin. Away, Varaittt. 

Vara. Yes, Madam, I am going — — 
May, hf, ihs Gods, I do not ask thee PvdoD: 


1 1, Google 

The Force o/" Love. 7 r 

Nor while I lire will I implere thy Mercy; 
But when I aoi dead, if as ihpu doit reiurn 
With happy TheoJcfiui from the Temple, 
If as thou go'll in Triilmph through the Streets, 
Tbou chance to meet the cold Varanu there. 
Bora by hii Friends to his efernal Home; 
Stop theft,' O Athcnati! and behold me: 
Say as thou lumg'fi about the Emp'ror's Neck, 
Alas! my Lord, this Sight is worth our Piiy. 
jf to thofe pitying Wordi thou add a Tear, 

Or Bive one parting Groan li poflible. 

If thc^bod Gods will grant my Soul the Freedom, 
I'll leave my.Shioud, and wake from Death lo thank 

Athen. He fbakes my Kefolution from the BMtom: 
My blqeding Heart too fpeaks in hit Behalf, 
And fays my Virtue hu been too fevere. 

Vmra. Faicwtl! Emprefs: No, Athinaii, now 
I will not call thee by that tender Name, 
Since cold Ddpair begins to freeze my Bofom, 
And all my Poiv'rg are now refolv'd on Death. 
Tis fitid that from my Youth 1 have been ralh, 
Cholerick, aod hot, but let the Gods now judge 
Bjf my laft Wifhi if ever patient Mao 
tnd calmly bear fo great a Z«r$ as mine; 
Since 'tis fo dooia'd, by F^^e x*^ "i'*'^ ^ wedded^ 
For your own Peace, when I am laid in Eatth, 
Forget that e"er fartf»« had a Being; 
Torn all your Soul to Theodefiui' Bofom. 
Continue Gods their Days, and make 'em long: 
tacina wait ;updn. their fruitful Hymrn, 
And many. Children, beauteous as the Mother, 
And pious as the Fatter, jmake 'em fmile. 

AAii,. O Heav'ns I 

Vara. Farewel I'll trouble you no more : 

The Malady that's lodg'd within grows Aroogef i 
I feel the Shock of my approaching Fate : 
My Heart too trembles at his diilant March : 
Nor^in I utter njoie, if you (hou'd ask me, , . 
Thy Arm, Amntbtt ! O &rewel fw ever — — ■ 


78 THSODOSIlTSi or, 

Jibtn. rdirMi, ftay, «Btf ert yitr go fo* ctAv 
Let me nnMd my HaUt- 

Fara. O Afhitii .' ^ 
Wh«tfifrft*f Grwlty ftift'thdoinfUw I 

To«ddtD*fc«itIfafffei-i ' 

ybhen. Sine*! it isdoiMH'd . . -, ,^ 

That we moft: p#t. let's part as' LwiWi flfcXiI^ 
As ^hofc tliW hirt loT-d-ltHlg. «ia Itfiwl i*dh 

/'««- Art th(» fo geed * O 4tht**u * I 

A*w. Firtt froW nsy Sodl I ^iy aiidfe^>»i J 
I iwTdcHi T«l that h«ftjr litd« to*, 
WtidiTrt bM bWi tfteCaftfe of bwh «» RotDk 
And let this SofitfW wUneft ftuny Hort^ 
How etffefly I wifli it had not been j 

ilri fiM^l ca»w* krtp it, tltew «U: ^ 

Take all the Ltfvte, O PriMe, I everKrfeytte 

Or if 'lis pt^BfcirifghWy'W'"*"*' 

Your nbble Carthg* fortertUs CofcftfioB-. 

Iram,Ibum, IWtrf, Idieft*Jf»e» 

I am dUWiasawMhtU* W«Wrf P«ffion. , .^_. 

r«ra G«W creel Godil Ujlwiioocel fiirgirt^yoiS 

Athtn. AJm! my Lord, itty w«*Brt«<toSw 
Ha» notwwi-nnlniy P*dace; euttiot oiA 
This Fury ini thtirdfarel hSirkJi*: 
Spite of my ri^ DiHy, I wiirfpe^r 
With «g the DtlirtrtSttf * »/i«B Lo*er, 
Farewel-mofi'iOT-dyi tfltf «* ftV* rf Men » 
Why comes this dyihgTklWriVoVr ttar FicTf 
Why wander thus thy fiy«* Why daft thoo tetfi 
As i^ thtftttlWeWrt of Death •««**>*« ' -^ , 

r.7™. Speak y<lVU*le mart: Fo*, by theGo<fai 
And as I YHwthoft'bteffM h«i«t MrawaU, 
I fwear, O JthMiAi* att is won : 
O never better. 

Atbm. I doiibfthee', <*•*■'>«»" = .^ ... 

Yet. if th(« dy-ft, rih»11 notlo^ befwm A^ 
Odm n«re fatWet. and take ^* ^£^J^ 
Oh I I could cmft him to my Heart I FtreiWi, 
And as a dying Pledge of my "l L«^ 
Take rhS, whlchalTthy Pray'M coiAl note dJhi> 
What tave 1 done f oh lead me, lead me, Dtltm. 

'^be Fone of Love. , 73 

Ab, Pri&oe fvwd ^ Aogdi protea and guard thee, 
Fsrm. Tom back, O Aibtnaii f and behold me ; 

Hotr my UK ^ordt, and tbea farewel for cfct. 

Thou luil Qadone t>e nunc by this Confeffion : 

Ygu fay, you fve^t yon lo*^ n>e more than-era ; 

Yet I mnAfivj'Ciu marry'd to another: 

Can there be any Plague or Hell like this ? 

O Atbenaii ! Whichet Jhall I turn me? 

You havebrought me backto Life; bat oh, what life f 

To a Life more terrible than a thoufand Doachs. 

Like one that had >een buried in a Trance, 
-With racking Startf, be wakea and gazes round, 9 

Fotc'd by defpair lis whirling Limbs to wound, > 

ABd bellow lutei Spirit under grouad i '. j 

StiUnrg'dby Ikte,ta turn, to cois,andrave. 
Tormented, d^h'd, and broken in the Grave. 



AthenaiK ^f-tS [n Imperial Reiti, and envnid: A 7isj& 
amtb a Bewl tfPaiJi*. 


^ j^S^ Mijnight Marriage I muft I to the Temple.- 
SwqS Tins, at the Mut^erer's hour 7 'Tti wondrow 

fiat fo t ^uTay'ft my Father has conjmanded ; 
And that's I mighty Reafon. 

DtSa. TV Emperor in companion to the Prince, 
Who wooU, perhaps, fly to extravagance. 
If he in pfblick Ihould relblve to elpokife yoo, 
Coniriv'dby this clofe Marriage to deceive him', [thee J 

. Jtben So fetch tl^ Lute, and fuig thofe Lineil gave 

[ So, now lim alone, yet my Soul fliakes: 

. Forwher^his dreadful Draught may carry me. 
The Heavni can only tell i )tt lapi refolv'd 

i Vol./. D To 



7+ THEODOSIUSior, i 

Todrink itofFisfpiteofConfeqnence! ] 

Whifper him, O ibme Angel ! what I'm doing} I 

By fympnthy of Soul tet Elm too trtaUe, ; 

To hear my wondroui Faich, my woodroiu Lon^ ' 
WhoTe Spirit mtcontencwithan Ovukw 
Of linking Fue, with Triumph dim refoh'd : 
Thui ID the rapid Chariot of tne Soul i 
To mouiu and dare u never Woman dar*d : [Dritiim 
*Tii done, halle, Delia, ba&t '. tome bring thy Liue, 
And fing my Waftage to immortal Joys, 
Metbinu I cannot bat fmile at my own Bravery, 
Thus from my loweft Fortune raii'd to Empire, 
Crown'd and adom'd ! worihip'd by half the Earth, 
While a young Mtmarch dies lor my Embraoci ; 
Yet DOW to wave the Glories of the World, 
O my Fartinii I tho' my Birth's UQCUial, 
My VirtueruTchat rinhlyreoompens'a, 
And quite out-gone £Kaniple t t 


Ab erutl bbtJf Fatt, 
What canfi thtm WW i» mtrt f , 
Jlai, Wit all IM latl, " \^ 

Philander it rtftart : 
Whyfituldtbi Hiaven'lf Pawin ftrJiiaJt 
Pa»r MartaJU it ttSevi, 
7bat thtfputrd ai btrt, 
Jud rttiMrd ui tbirtt 
Ttt mOtKrJtfiJutivir 

Her Ftuiari ibenfit ImX, 
Ami biUit in her H»/l 
JaJivitb a dft'ng Lttk, 
~ V, tbat I Fatf ammandi 

I Jb wf Lev$ I etmt, 
Tt laett tby SbaJt b*hi» i 
Jb,I um^ to'i. 


dL, Google 

T'Ar Force of Love. 75 

Wttha Wtundji •miJt, 

n*rt Midi MtficMii Skill, 

SvfmrfU Wavti htr BW 
Jt»* firiamingdawn thtFitr, 
Ujimatr-tijbi^tu thi F&eJ, 
A*i hitft btr iyimg Htur : 
nubndeil Ah, Pliilander l/>Zr 
Tht blteding Phillis tr^i: 
S^t •wept a mihiU, 
Them Mi btr Ejii Mi ij'i. 

FmlehMwtKttmy Atax Euitfiaf Hx, thtm look'ft, 
Or elle the Tapen clicat my iigi>i, lilce one 
That'i fitter for thy Tomb than C,r/ar\ Bed: 
A hotl Swrow dimt thy Ihaded Eyea, 
And in ddWte of til thy Onuunenti, 
Una feem^ft to me the Ghoft of Jthnait. 

Jthm. And wfau*i the Puoithment, my dcai Pu/fims, 
What Tormc^tt are allotted tiu^ &d Spiru^ 
Who g^tjoinil with the Bardea of Dduii, 
Nolooger will endure the Cam of life I 
Boc boldly let themfelvei at Liberty, 
Thra" the dark Cxret of Death to wander OB, 
Like wildred Tiav^n without a Guide, 
Steiml Rover* in the eloomy Maze, 
Wherefcarce the TwiligHt of an Infant MoM, 
By a feint Glinlmer checkering thro' the Trect, 
Rdedi to difmal View the w2kinz Gholls, 
And nerer hope to reach the BleileirFields } 
k Puitb. No more o'that,j/«<n(/ fliall refolve theei 
Ihitle^he wain thee from the Emperor > 
Thy Father too attend*. 

76 THEOD'OSIUS; or. 

Emttr Leomme, Attiou, &f> 

Ltmt, Camt ^thtnaii f Hi.what vmw inTtmt- 
O Ikll of Honour, but no inore ; I duuve the^ L 
X cbarge thee, aa thou fl«r kop^ my' Bleffin^ - 
Or ftar'll my Curie, to baiu'fh from thy Sool 
All Thoughts, if poffible, o' th' Memory 
Ofttiat ungntcM Prince diathas undone thw. 
Attend me to the Temple on this Inftut, 
To make the Emperor thine, this Night to Wed him, • 
And lie within hu Anns. 

Mhin. Yes, Sir, I'll go-^ 
Let me but diy my Eyes, and I will go : 
Eadafiaj this unluppy Bride ihaH go, 
Thus like a Vifiim crown'd and doom'd to bleed* 
I'llwak ytn to the Altdr, Wed [he Bmperer, 
And if he pleafts, lie within hii Armi. 

Lint. Thooart my Ckild sgtn. 

JthtH. But do not,'Sir, imagine thUfiij QHRKH ' 
Or Threatnines ftiall compel me, 
Nerer to think ^f p'Oor Farnfiit Uon i 

No, itiy Farantf. No 

While Ihave Breath, I will remember thee : 

To thee akme I will ttiy Thonghts confine 

And all my MetHtattons Anil be chine: 

The Image ofthy Woes my SoOl fltall fill, 

Pate and my V,Aa, and thy Remembrance StSH. 

As in fome Poplar Shade the Nightiti?de, 

With piercing Moans, does her loft YouQgbewailt 

Which the rough Hind, obferring » they lay 

Warm in their downy Neft, had ftoln awayi 

But Ihe in mournful Sounds does Bill cotnplaii, > 

Sings all the Night, tho' all tier Songs are raiil> S 

Anditill miewD her mil^rable Ibain : J 

So my f^aranej, tHl my Death comes on. 

Shall lad £w/9f^ thy dear Lob bemoan. 

[£x. Athenai^ Attiou^ 


Ttt Perce tf Lmi, jf 

S C E N E II. 

Entir Vanoet. 

Fara. 'Til NigH dsxl Ni^i, txA unaiT NaUM liet 
So laft, u if fhe ncvn- inn to nlc : 
No Breath c£ Wiod now wU^wn thro' tlie Tnt* i 
No Noife at Land, nor Monnur in the Swi i 
Lean W<rfvei forget to howl at Night's pale Nooat 
Ho wakeful Doeg bark at the iUent Moon ; 
Nor 'bay the Gnofii tb« |;Ude with Horror t^. 
To v^ the Caveriis whue their Bodiet Uej 
The Ravou |>erch, and no PreTagagiTe, . 
Nor to the Windowi of the Dying d^vei 
Tbe Owb foi^ec to fcreami no Midnight Somd 
Calls droA'O' Echo kosa the hollow Gronml ; 
In Vaults the walking Fircicxti»uilh'd liei 

The Stars, Heav'ns Sentry, wink and leem Co die. 

Such nniverlal Silence fpreads below. 

Thro' the vaA Shades where I am doom'd to go t 

Nor Ihall I need a Vitdence to woQod: 

The Storm is here that drives me on the Groii^» 

Sntc anns to make tbe So^ and Body par^ ' 

A buniog Fever, and a broken Hearb 

What, lUMt Araafiaii 

Enter Axiabaa^ 

I fan thee to the Apartment of 

jthtMMt ! I lent thee, did I not,, to be »dmitt•d^ 
' >4M. Yon did,, my Lord ; but Oh L 

X ftar lo Dvc you ah Acouuu. 
Fnra. Alast 

JraKiia, f am^ got (M the other Side- 

Of this bad World t and now ampaft all Few. 

ye avengine Gods I is there a Pl^ue 

Among yourlkoardcd Bolts, and Heap&of VengeaKli 

Beyond the misK? Lofs of Atbinait t 

Ti! Contradiaioni fpeak, dienfpeak, Aramthit* 
Fv all Misfortunes, if compar'd with that, 
Wni auke Varaati imils — — 

78 tHBQDOSJTlS'i or, 

Aran. My Lord, the Empreb, 
Crown'd and adftAi'd yfvCl^ thti'Impet^ Robei, 
At thia dead time of ^ight with filent Pomp, 
A) they defign'd from u to keep-it lecre^ 
But ciiiiefly fore from yon : I %, the Empreb 
-Ii'new ccwdafied'br the General, 
j^ffiVv^ and her Fouier, to ttie Temple, 
There to ^Ipoiife' the Emperw TbtsdBfiai. 

Fara. Say'lt tbon t Ii't certaBl' hah. \ 

Armm. MtA certain, Sir, I (a«r 'em in noccfficHL . I 
'iu-a.Givemetl^SWonl.MalkuoiFMelOFaittfwl. ' 

giddy Ounce! Omni of Lore and Greunefit . 
Marry'd ! Slie has kept ber Protnife now iikbed s 

.And Oh I her pointed Fame SDd nice ReWBW 

Have reachM their cad. No, Aranthttl Nol - - 

1 will itot Say the lazy 'BKacation 

Of a flow Fever; Gin me thy Hand, ud Atrcar- 
Jty all the Love and Duty that thou ow'ft mo. 
To oblcrvie the laft Commandi that I Ihall give theet . 
Stir Dot againft my Porpole, ai thou ft&r'll 
\Ay Aj^er and Diidain; nordare tooppofeme - 
With troublelamD nmiece&ry ftrmal ReafttHi 
' For wimt my Thowght hat doom'd, my HuA Ihsll- A4L 
I charge thee hold K ftedbft to my Hettrt, 
Fix'd ai the Face that Aram me od tiie Mat 
Tho' I have liv'd a Ttrfian, 1 wiD ftH . 
As fair, as fearle&,'SDd as (iili relblv'd 
As any Cmk or Rtman of *em all. 

ArtM. Wliat yovi cftmnnuid u terrible,' but biCted^ 
And to atone fof thia too auci Du^, 
My Lord, I'll follow yon 

Fara. I charge thee not : 
Sut when I am dead, take'the aoeiiSng Stki^ 
And bearnne,' with my Blood diftiBing down. 
Straight to the Templei lay me, O Sraathtif 
lay my cold CoarJe at Atbnmi' ¥tet. 
And lay. Oh why, why do my Eyes run o'er ! 
Say, »iih my lateft Ga^ 1 groan'd ftr Pardtm. 

Juft here myPriend, hold b&, and fix the Swonl; 
feel the Artery^ wheie tlm I^Blood lies; 

sn^dL, Google 

It heiv^Iglunft the Point ——Now, O yiGMA^ 

Jf fijTtliegTMdy Wretched yon have ro«a, . ; 

W««« niyPlKcf«4HHitiaft|ot contei i. ., 

The Force of Unt tbns makes the mortal WiMnd < 

And Jtb*Maii(aa» me to tbeGmad, iKillfU^^ 

SCENE III. rte iumariPm ^/. 

ttttr Poldieria ««/ JnHt at ene jttw, 1Sxtm» mi 

IiUCHW at OMithtr. 

Pulejb. Look, 7«*«, fee the peofive Manian toOeit 
Tiitomy.Wiflii Imoft nojonget Irfehim, ■ ' . 
Left he would leave the Coqr indeed : he look* 
Aa if fiimc mighty Secret work'd within hhn, ' 

And labourVt tor a Vent ; infpire me Woman,' 
■That what my Soal defires above the Worid, 
Mm- fcem impoi'd and fbrc'd on my Affeftimis-i-U 
Lue. I iay flie lovei yoa, and flie flays to hear it ' • 
7nm ycur own Mouth : Now, in the Name of aS - 
The God» at once, my Lord, why are you filent f 
Take heed. Sir, mark ymir Opportunity ; 
For if* the Woman lays it in your Way, 
And yod over-fee it, Ihe 19 Ion for erer. 

Mare. Madam, I come to take my eternal Leave,^ 
Yonr Doom hai banifh'd me, and I obey : 
The Courtand I Ihake Hands, and now we part. 
Never to fee each other more; the Court 
Where I was bom, and bred a Gentlemati, 
No more, till your illuftrjoas Bounty rais'd m^ 

, And drew the Earth-bom Vapour to the Chinds: 
Bat, as the Gods iH^ain'd K, I have loA, 
'1 know not how, through Ignorance, yoor Grice i 
And BOW the Exhalation of my Glory 
Ii quite confum'd, and vanifli'd into Air. 

!■ Fuki. Proceed, Sir [700, 

Afcrr, Yet I« thofe Gods that doOm'd me'to diTpIeafo 

I Be Wttncl&i how much X hoiuiir you — 

' Thus 


Tku, worlhipMn^ I lwe«r bj^' your bright U4 

I lore this innmoui Coon wiib ame omtent 

Than Fooli and FJatterert fedc it. But, Oil Hamat 

I camMl go if fiill your Hate puliHi mcj 

Yo, 1 dKlare it u impoffiblc 

^o go to BaniOiinetit without your Pardon. 

pBicb. You have it; MwcUn t it there ooght be£di^ 
That yon wocrld fpeak, for I am free to hear f 

Af«rf. Since I fbal) never lee you more, what hindtn 
But my laft Wordi (hould here arow the Truth F 
Know then, Imperial Priiicc&, macchldi Woman, 
Since firft yvn call your Eyea upon my Meannefi, 
Ev'n till yon raiiM me to my eovy'd Hdgh^ 
I have in fecret lovM you. - "- ■ 

Pm/ch. Ii timMardaat 

Marc. You fiown 1 but I va Itill prepar'd tar aSf 
I &y 1 lov'd yoD, and I love yon Sill, 
More than my life, and eq^al to ray Glory. 
Methinki the warring Spirit that inspires 
Thit Prune, the very Geoiu* of old Rtau, 
That maket me talk without the Fear of Dead, 
And drives my daring Soul to A& of Honour, 
Flantet in your Eyes 1 our Thoughts too aie a-kiiv 
Ambitiona, fierce, and burn alike Ibi Glory ; 
Now, by the Gods, I lov'd you in your Fury, 
Jn ail the Thu»der that quite liv'd my Hopeti 
I lov'd you moll, ev'n wlien you did deftroy me. 
Madam, I've fpoke my Heut, and cou'd lay mot(^ 
But that I fee it grieve* you ; your high Blood 
Fret! at the Arrogance and faucy Pri^ 
Of this bold Vagabond : may the Gods fm^ve me t 
Farewel ; a wordier General may iiiccccd me t 
But none more faithful to the Emperor's Intereft, 
Than him you are pleai'd to call the Traitor Mairiai. 

Pukh. Qsaas baA, you have fubtilly play'd your Fait 
indeed ; 
For firft th' Emperor, whom yon latc^ fchool'd, 
Sefiores you your Commiflionj next 
As you're a SubjcO, not to leave .the Conn: 
Next, but Oh Heaven I which way fhalL I e;^ic& 
HUond Pleafure.^-hethat iilomibl ^ 

teall thingselfe, ret this, . _ 

ipite of lay Tears, my Birth, andmrJliMiin', 
Cotmnaods me, u I dread his high DifpleaTure, 
O iSartianI to receive yiw aa my Hntfaaiid'- "' 

Mirr. Ha,X.«£iiw/ WlMt,*riiMdoeimyFattiniHidf' 
Lie. Puriiieber, Sir, 'm at I Taid, Ihe yields. 
And niees that yoa fdiam her no fifcer T 

PulcB. Is clien U laA my ^reat Authority, 
And my intruded Pow'r dedm'd to this ? 
Yet, oh my Fate, what way can I avoid it) 
He chaigM me ftrakht t« wait him to the Tentple ; 
And thmrefbtve, O Marciam / on this Marriage. - 
Now generous Soldier, as you're truly noble, 
Oh help me forth, loft in this Labyrinth ; 
Help me to loofe this more than Gordian Kno^ 
And make me and yoarfelf for ever ia^py. 

Mart. Mad^m, I'll fpetk as briefly aa I CUi 
And aa a SoUin ought : the onl^ way 
To help this Knot, ig yet to tie it fafter. 
Since then the Bmperai has refblv'd yoa mine. 
For which I will for ever thank the Gods, 
And make this Holiday throng^t my Life, 
I take him at his Wwd, and ciaiolfais Promile f 
The Empire of the World iball notueem yoa. 

Kay, weep not. Madam, tbo' my Olll^dc'a nagV 
" " "■ haisfldeart \ 

Yet, by thofe Eyes, your Soldier h 
Compaffionate and tender as a Virg 
E»'n now it bleeds to fee thofe falling Sor . 
Perhan this Grief may move the Emperor ^^ 

To a Repentance 1 Come then to the Trial ; 
For by my Arms, my Life, and deafer Honour, 
If you go hade when ^ven me by his Hand, 
In diftaoc Wan my Pafe I will deplore, 
Aod ■MatiM*'* Naffle Ihall' ne'er be heard of more. 


Ml. .J I, Google 

U tHEODOSruSi an 

S C E N E, The Temfle, \ 

Thcoddint, Athenaii, Atticai jaiaiiig thtir fianii-^ i 
Uarcian, Fulcheru, Ludui, Jolia, Delia, iie. LeoDnB& j 

Attic. The nun than G»rdiam Kmt is tfi, 

WhUhDiail'iftrm^ArmfiaUnt'tr divUii I 

f»r •oibfH tb Blifijl ludfiej are, | 

Ymr Sfiriti fiall bt luidJid ihtri, ' \ 

Wattrs an Ufi, and Tim will die I I 

Bmt L»ve ahiu can Fate defy. \ 

Enltr Anmthet lutlb ihe Bedy wF Vanse*. 


jhoM. Where ii the Emprds ? Where lUl I find £»- 
^ Fate I am fent to tell that cniel Beauty, 
' She kas robb'd the World of Fame, her Bye*bavc px'A 
A Btaft to the big BloObm of the War j 
Schold him there niiit in hi* flow'ry Mom, 
CompdTd U break hia Promtfe of a Day i 
A Day that CoDOueft would hare made ber boaA t 
Behold her Laurel wither'd td the Root, 
CankerM and kill'd br A/btnait' Scorn. 

Aibtfi. Dead, dead Varaftt I 

ni§. O ye eternal Pow'rg 
That guide the World ! Why do you (hock our RetfM 
With AOt like thefe that lay our Thougka in dvft i 
Forgive me Heav'n ihi* Hart, or elevate 
ImaginatioD more, and make it nothing. 
Alasl alai. Varantt I bat fpeak, AraiObit, 
The manner of hit Fate : Groani choak my Wordii 
But fpeak, and we will anrwer thee with Tean. 

Aran. Hii Fever would, no doubt, by thi; have done 
What fome few Minutes mA his Sword perform'd ; 
He heard from me your Progrefs to the Templst 
How you defigii'd at Midnight to deceive him 

a a cUndelline Marriage : But, my Lord, 
id yon beheld his Ra(L at my Relation t 
Or, had your £mprels leea him in thole Tarmeitti, 

Tb€ Porce of Love. 

When from hii dyiiig,Eye9, fwoln lo tbe Brfm, 
The big round Drapi rotl'ddown hii manljr Facet 
When from his hallowed Breaft a niQrinuriiig Croud 
Of Gn«na rufh'd fonh, and echo'd. All ii well: 
Thea had yOQ feen him, Gh ye cruel Godi I 
Rnlh on the Sword' I hdd asaiofl his Breaft, 
And dye it to the Hilt, wit£ thelc \aSt Wmdfi i ■ 
Bear lsic to Jthnaii 

AihtK. Give me way, my Lord, 
I hove moll ilriAly kept my Promife with )oi( 
I am your Bride, and you can aik no more. 
Or if you did, I am paft the Power to nve : 
But here I Oh here .' on hii cdd bloody Breai^ 
Thus let me breathe my lafi. 

the*. OhEmprels,what,whatcanthiiTranrportiiieuf 
Are thefe oar Nnpdali ? thefe my promis'd Joyi \ 

Atbtm. Forgive me. Sir, this laft rclpe£t I pay 

Thele fad Remaina ^ And, Ofa thou mighty Sj^ri^ 

If yet thoQ arx not mingled with the Sian, 
Look down and hear the wretched Jtbtnaii, 
When ihou (halt know, before I gave confeot 
To thii indecent Marriage, I had taken 
loto my Veini a cold a^ deadly Draught, 
Which IboQ would reader me, alu, unfit 
For the warm Joyi of an Imperial Lover, 
And make me ever thine, ,yet keep my WonA 
With ThteJafius. Wit not thou finpve me I 

Thtt. poiloa'd M free thee from the Empoir I 
Oh Atbtnaii ! thoH.haft done a Deed 
That tears my Heart-, what have I done aeainfi thet^ 
That thou Ihould'ft bnud me thus with In&iDy 
And everlafting Shamel thou might'lt have mw« 
Thy Choice without this cruel Act of Death i 
I left thee to thy Will : And, in reqpital, 
Tboo baa mutder'd all mv Fame ■ 

Jtbtn. Ofa pardon me f 
I In my dying Body atyoar Feet, 
And beg, my Lord, witH my lafl Sighs intreat you 
To impute the Fault, if 'tis Faul^ ta Love i 
And tw Inpititndc of JtbitMit 

.«4 .T^^ - , 

Toher«BOgiH«4*l(W.;.R«meBiBe*Ki. , .... „ 1 

P«{^mg what bWTtwppm'd^T^jnjr Wor^t. . ■{ 

A« W OM NwMlfc.WMipfk'tBblfc- 
T'^M. Ha I ltw«kgidagJ tei»r.lM0iU>H«E]'«i;. / 
Draw i» sbdihBcwRt I. tJN-.Sl«i^ «f EtaM it eft ittc. d 1 ;/ 
..MtfaEuKrwIf itr-Iiord !. alu, idaiv F4mMti > 7. 
To Mttiaite tim aT" >» wot iaamiO^i. ■ 
Or if it wtrc^ I tbrnh. my blgcdi ngHw wt 
'WonldanakiBiM tnminal in.Du^ lo di^ nJi lV < 

Break aUttxiit«l«.NicMi(a«F:Hi»aw ■•: ■ -■•• 
To fold:lbBeitaij«dw*rt*ibMiii»'I4iwi - -■ ■. i 
For oh whK liMv-libehta, «wN.WiunwflMW;} 1 
Ofa Prince belov'd! 01ifitiin(«MS^)lKi' ^^ db.iT 
, Thujby in7lI)oaitjiJgive.l:]we-aR'nijll««W»d iVsrO 
Andfeal mj'SooiaDd.B«lyeT«lbiiw>— ^rarr- r«|«|l| 
r^w. Oh Mareimml Oi> BiJtimiml didAoet^nnttr* 
Whom weadore, ^ptKiit«ll hiflThowkriii^A joni .-c- T 
- Ag«mft.6slf?ai»rfeBeM, I WWU yii«tta»«K ium, T T.^i 
But as I am, 1 fwcar to Icaie the Empire * „ : ■ 
To Cher, my fiiftavIb«qu«Uti-tlw>MWKI.b nr n^ oJ 
And yet a Gift mwet;t<>K,.tti*g^U;jli£fldlll^i3'»r 1 
On then, uijtjFsitaid, tMW.Ihwitliy 'JbwM ^iirflt« > : 
Asto herSex&ir .iM<«amtW», ...i r'-'. ■ -t > ■ 
Bethouio tfa)Be'«,.PkaerDiOf.(n^lilKm«:,> -, 
Th»s we'll atWMifiwialltheiywfeWCiWiW,, .^" i 
That yet it may bc'IiSd in'fltt«rj«is«, > •, ■ !^ -i 
NoiAgewitt ijichBaatnpIeartmid-cn^iOTi f. ,. ,j 
So ntx. lb sood).Jo nituoM tadfoAv ( t. v - ., ii i 

r- 1 n 1 «• 

I L, Google'"' 





As it was Adcd 

At the Queen's Theatre ia Dorfet^ 


Tuque Jam procedisy la 'triumphed 
Nenfemel dicemus ; lo Triumpbef 
Civitas ojaniSf dahitnufque divis 

Tbura beni^is. Horac. 


Printed for W. Feales at Re-wt't Headi^hd 
St. Clfment't Church in the Strand ; A. W e i.- 
LiNCTON at the Dolphin and CnwH without 
Temple-Bar; J. Wellington, A. Bet- 
TESWORTH, and F. Clay, in Truft for 
B-Wellingtom. MDCCXXXIV. 

I L, Google 

To riie Right Honourable 

G H A R L E S 

Eatl of T>orfet and Middkfex, 

Lord Chamberlain of Hit Majefty's 
HouAiold, and One rf His Majefty's 
Moft Honourable Privy- Council, &£, 

lAiy it pleale jrpur Lordfhip, 

HHIS Plaf, when it was aSed in 
T the Chara^er of tile Princefs of 
\ yaimiUle, had a refemblatice of 
f Marguerite in the Maflacce of Parir, 
f Si^er to Charles the Ninth, and 
' Wife to Hemy the Fourth King of 
Navarrti That ^tal Marriage which colt the 
Blood of fo maoy thonfand Men, and the Lives 
of the beft Commanders. What was borrow- 
ed in the Aiiioti is left 'out in the Pnnt, and 
qoite obliterated in the Minds of Men. But 
the Doke of Guife, who was notorious for a 
bolder Fault, has wrelled two whole Scenes 
fn^n the Original, which after the Vacation he 
will be forc'd to pay. I was, I confefs, thto' In- 
VoL. I. £ 3 dignatioo, 

6 The Epijile Dedicatory. 

^nation, forc'd to limb my own Child; whicb 
Time, the tiac Cure for. all Maladies, and Iq- 
jullice have fet together again. The Flflf coft 
me much Pains, the Story is tme, and I hope 
the Objefi will difphy Treachery in its own 
CoiouK. But this Farce, Comedy, Tragedy, 
or mere Play, was a Revenge for the refulal of 
the other: tor when they expeSed the molt 
polifh'd Heto ill Nemours, I gave 'em a Ruffian 
reeking from IVhetJlunt'i-PaTk. The Fourth 
«ld Fifth Afls of the Cbancts, where Don Johm 
h pulling donn; Marriage. AUmode, where 
they are bare to the Wade; the Libertine, apd 
EpJim-U^eUi, are but Copies of his ' Villaiiy. 
ne lays about him like the GUJiator iii the Park; 
they may walk by, and take no notice. I beg 
your Lordlhip to exdufe this Accoaut, for fa- 
deed '(is all to introduce the MaHlcKof Parit 
to your Favour, and -approve it to be play'd in 
its -firft Figure. I am 

Tmr Ltrdjbif't' ' '. ' 

^um$U and Ohdietit Strvnt. i 




sn^dL, Google 


TjRoi? •uw thf Ghry ^thi firemafi Jkf, 

^haiMamoMoM eeu^dmalkiuitb Arms mfwitt^dt 
^nd vtnt tbtir Qrii/i ih Jpacu *f tbi Winii ■ .. . 
Xxprefi their Miiiji, and fpeai tbtir Thot^itt as titan 
Jt EafitrHldBrningtefningtathtYtar. : '\ 

'Butfinet that LatM and TrtMebay came itty ' ' '" 

jfnd eftn Snntfy •ams »vtdf a Sin, '-'■ ''l 

Mtti_ •wait fir Mtiti as D^sfir Faxei fr^, \ 

Jin J Wamen •wait tbf tUfitig «/ tht Daji. ■ 
Vbrrt't fcarti a Man that •vint^it H br gaid I- 
F»r Truth J^'KMavtt)Was nvvtr tad<rftatd : 
Jt>r tbtrdt tht Ckr/k, mhm Fici dtr ViHui riJtit. ■ 
0bat eiLtbi World art Knttves or dmonright Fotls, , 
£i>!t6rf ma) amke Advantagt. ^tb' AUig, 
TbefH taki tht Draft and tbrvw tbeGaJdmmf. ■ 
^amtn turn Ufurtrs 'with their evjn affright. 
And Want's tbi Hag that ridis 'em all tit Nights 
y%e littli Mid,, the City Wt^ctateir, "^ 

■ Will finch the ^aek It mttkt tbt Ballack hart, > 

And drain the lafi potr Guinea from htr Dear. ^ 

fins Times are turnd aftn a pri'uate End, 
7btris fiarci a Man that's geniroai la his Friend. 
iitf tbtrii a Manareb en a Throne fyblimt. 
Thai miikei Truth Lain, and giwi the Poets Rhimti 
Be his the Busnt/i of tur littli Falts, 
Our mean Contentions, and their high Dehales. 
By Sea and Land our mofi hnf trial Lord, ~i 

With all the Fraiftt hlifi that Hearts afford, t- 

With Laurels cra^am'd, natm^atr'd by the Sviord: ^ 
WiQiam the Sovtreign tf our -whole Affairs, 
Our Guide in Peace, ttnd Cmtdl in tbt Wari. 

E4 EPI- 


WSai U thU Wit •uibieh CcftAef tnt'i mtt mw n 
fit rmri hiiuctmtnt t» njtifia Kme, 7 

fie Art fNatur* tmrUut in a Fr^mt i 3 

L it a Wtue, « ttiajati, pr a Toaj, 
Or an tU ftf firptttn m tbtStnjt 
'Tu Htwar vtif/i* Han^^t Di^fi, 
Or Cdar lih a F*»ttr in a Pritu i 
'Til Pindaj'/ RawAlt, Natmrt in M^finJh ' 
A FaS/ieiaa gStd ^ a Ftd. 
'Jit all Varitly ttat Jrtt tarn ghH, 
7itl>aaud\J^iV if a /iah8i*«0l 
n* Falbfi SmMtri, md f*0 W^AMUhf %^ 
Thtiritimiiiig BxediiH tiat ttt Mxfit ^«{f, 
Ta driti tb$ Sealrb </ EsgtuKTj ikritntklt^. 
A Stattfwuai tbaagbtful for a C&vm fwitd, 
A Ftftlt.and a Mnvtar fir a Child. 
'Til a true FrineifU, hut hardtf fitw», 
An arJUfisial Sigt, a Virgin's Grian, 
When Ihi firft Niebt hir Lwtr l^ itr tm. 
*^Tii Hit a Laft tha* gait ta gafitr JA^, 
' *2Tj Hit tilt tamtdy ytu Anw H '0^ » 
A Bttlffing Gallant in a witaMi Piaj. 

sn^dt, Google 

I L, Google 

Dramatis Perfooae. 









at. J„iri. 

Mr. la.' 

Vidam atCHanra: 












Mr>. Aamm> 









1 1, Google 


Princess (?/"Cleve. 
act i. scene i. 

Enttr NeiDonri, Bellamort. FitUles fUy'mg^ 

N B M • TT K >. 

OLD there yoa Monfienr tfevol; pr'ythee 
leave oiFplaying fine in Conlbit, and 

flick to Time and Tune So 

now the Song, call in the Eunuch; come 
my pretty Stallion, hem, and begin. 



At L ctbtr "BUffingt art hut Tyt 
1> hu that in bit S/tep enjoyt^ 
Wh9 in All FoKcr can poftfi 
Tbt Oiita of bit Happintfi i 
7he Fuafurii piirir, for he J^artt 
Tie Paint, Exfmcts, and tht Caret. 

. ^■■■ 
Thtu •whtu Adonia got the Stone, 
f« kvt the Sof pit tneie bit emu t 
I, Vtnusi 


12 I7)e Prtncefs of CTeve, 

V«oiu thi ^MM tf Tanrf rami. 
And ai bijfitt pt mVi bis Flmu i 
fk* Faniy cbarm'd kim aibtl^, 
Jmd TaiKj brt^bt tbt Stoiu awof. 

NiM. Sirrth, ftick M demn Pkafiires, deep SUep, mt^ 
derate Wine, fmcere Whor«, and thou art happy ( now 
by ihisdamaik Cheek I>we (luxikeep bat this gracwM 
Form of thine in Health, aiJd I'll put thee in the my o£ 
living like a Man — What I have tnifted thee with — - 
MjF liire w tie* PHnctfs of C/w*; Twafar* Hotter 
tifc, nor let the Fldam of Cbwrtrti know it ; fiir how- 
ever 1 (eem to cherifh him, becaufe he has the Kjiack of 
telling a Story malidoufly, aiBlI is a'great Pretender to 

Nature, I caU hjin off here TJis too muplj for him : 

BcGdcG he it Iter Unde, iwd hu 2: fort vf afleft*! Ho- 
BOUT, that would make him grin to fee me leap her— ^ 
Hey JacpM •— -< — i- Wi)cn Mat}** ffn^vrftaiie, 
brina her in j and, hark yoa. Sir, whoever comet to 
fpeak with me whitt flw » wi* i»e -— — __ 
7«M. WfeMifth*I>auphip comes? 

Knn. Wh»t if his Father comes. Dog ^—fflave — ' 
pool ! What if Parii werf afire.ihe Preldent and Cou»^ 
cjl of Sixteen at the Door ! Tm fide, I'm tot within-^—. 

I'm 4 honelred Mies ofl^ My Bofom Dear— ^-W 

young, and yet I tmft tlee too - — — Bit Uysy (R Urf 
Frinceft of CIrvi, thoa ut accmainted with Iwr Woman) 
much ber Motioiu, my fnreec^Su^ Pimp, and bring m« 
word of her rifmg. 

Bill. She is a Pri^ my Lord, and Oh what a Night 
of PleafurehaiCiw^had wiil( kir—^ tie lilt toof 

Ntm. Any thing bitt what mafes fncb a JWtafiire, woa'd 

I give for fuch anoth« But be gone, and no more rf 

thK provoking Difcoivfe, left ravifring ftw)«'a Mlbw thee 
U the Heds, iHA ^1 107 Mar DeSgU- 

Enter Toumoi, La Mardi. 
Jac^- Madara, my Lord wa* jofi lowadciBJAr yon. 
Ttur, Gottttlum I'M qauay ■ '« - ; ■ tiJie^refi'df 

sn^dL, Google 

Ih Princefs of OtKt, r^ 

Jacf. Yes But your LadyOup knows that'* 

jdl(»e to tum- 

Tnrr-. Hooeft 
sec bt enJcouiag'tf 

. Jmcq. This comes of Pimping, which flic alls f^ 
■pfe. [£«V Jmo. 

- Jtur. Thoathoiinuy'arertlwMethadoftheQjjeea-^ 
Vie are the Ucky Siev», wiiere food Men trnft thur 
Hearts, and & flic Afu 'em through us —^^— 

la it. What l)f Nmcitrj, w^m yeu thus early villt T 
. ?W. ThB Qjwen (kligw to rob him of a MilUel^ 
Matgrntriu the FfifuxTt ofyaim/iile, vhom he fae^vT 
ftna the KaowWgt of the Court; and if the Qjjcett -iM' 

Jvdge, -M cOBtreAed (0 her 

The Dawphia loves her too i whereon the Q^ueen, 
Wh» «MU the Court quite round by WrauakiiK^ i 
And tbinks this way to moold his (ufpk Soul, 
Refolvcs, if pdHUe, to gain her ibr him. 
.- £« Af. Bat bow is't poffible to work the Princds from 
dw Duke of Nea9sn, who loves him m the Qgeen a£r 
fcds Ambition ? 

T«u». Why thiii i Ihe kllow^ ffmnirf bis Sonl is kot 
Upon Variety r therefore to gain her Cnd^ 
SIm has made mefacrifice my Honour) najr, 
I'm become bis Baud, and ply liim ercty Day 
With fome new Face, to Ivaw hit Heart 
From Margufrife't Form i nor moft you longer be 
■ Witiiout your Part. 

La M. Employ me : for yon know the Queen com- 
mands i&ti. 

.- fuw- There was a Letter iitmt m the Teiwii-Coiiit 
OmVJVmm'-j bis Pocket, aa I^ told. 
Andiaad Uft Night in the Pmrettee-^Tisyoai'lWG 
&liljr to infiBOatfl with Margufriftl 
This Nou which came fi»m fioae abukUft'd Uiftrefs, 

la ccnainly the IJuke's. — ■ - 

: L*M. Then Jcateory's the gsaund on Which yoB build, 

^nir. Right, we muA make 'em jealous of each other i 

Jealoufy breeds di^ii inJiaoghtyAjiadst aid To iroia 

{he eauremes of violent Lovt^ proceeds » AuceA Hate. 



^ ^The Princefs of Cleve. 

Sntir St. AsAx. 

Snt fee the ^y, tie brisk, thc^MppiDgGalUiit St. ..AiAv- 
bere, Confin to P«knt, who amved from Enland with 
• pretty Wife kft Week, and lodges in the P^ceofthi» 
lui related Fool— St. ^Wrf hat a Wife too of my ac< 
gnaintance- Both for theDoke, my Dear; bat 
£afle I'm call'd {Exit La M. 

yatj. Madaja— ^ Tmr. I go. {Exit Toutboh. 
. St. A. Mtx^oT yacpui, TOUT mo& obliged, faithfbl, 
kamble Servant. What, hu Grace continuet the old 
Ttade, I fee,, by the Flnx of Bawdi and Whorei ^lat 
doke op hit Avenueci and I muflcc^efi, excepting my 
felf, there'i no Man fb built for Whoring u hu Grace, 
Uadt langoine, brawny i a Romao Nofi: ——^ 

long Foot, and a ftif ■— calf of a Leg. 

y^cg. Your Lordibip hat all tbefe in Ferfe£Ucsi, 

St. A. Sir, your nurft fiutbinl. obliged, hsmUe Seiip 
yv&. Boy 

£9. My Lord — 

St. A. How many BotUet lift Ni^t I 

Baf. Five, my liord. 

St. A. Hot. 

Sta. My Laid. 

St. A. How many WboTot 

J!«r. Six, my Lwd. 

Si. A. Boy 

Bey. My Lord. 

St. A. What Qaarreli, how many did I kill ? 

Sn. Not one my \jut& — Bat the Night before yo*. 
Ikanflrung a Beadle, and runaLinkman in theBack-~ 

Si. A. What, and no Blood nor Blowi laA Night \ 

Sfff. O I yea, my Lord, inw I r c iuq ^l l er me, yoit 
drew upon a Gentleman that Inock'd you down with s 
' Botde. 

St. A. Not fo lend, yoa Urdin, left I twifi your NedC 
nnnd — Mooiieur Jatfiui, it hie Grace ffiznog I \ 

Jacj. My Lord, hc't U COTndl-— . ' 


TbePrincefs efCIeve, Mf 

St. A. Od, I beg his pardon ; pray ^ve my Doty to 
luB, and tell him, if he pleaCestohearaUnguiibiDgAir 
CirtwOt lunat AePrincersof C^/iwith aSeren^— 
GorRaTcal. go taMonfieur Pa/nrrt— tell him he'll be too 
lato— Black airy Shape— but then Madam Ciiro* is vir- 
toaui, cbiile, cold— —Gad I'll write to her, and then 
Jhe'snunedireAly; 'tiabnt rcafonofcourfe, that he that 
liu been yok'd to To many Dntchefles, Ihoutd at laft bade 
aPrinoeb; Sir, youi mofl oblig'd, ftithfiil and veiy 
bmoble Semnt, Sir. [f^mni. 

S C E N E U. 

fx/^r Nemoun, Toornon. 

Vmtr. Uidonc, tmdone > will yoor finfiil Grace nevei' 
rive over, will yon never leave ruining of Bodies and 
dajnniBg o^Soufc ? ■ Could you imagine that I 

came for thu ? What have you done \ 

Nam. No harm, pretty Rogue, no harm i tuy, prithee 
leave blubbering. 

Tmr. "Tij bmb^riiigMw, phin blubbering; bot be- 
fore yon had yonr yiSl, *liras aootHer Tone : Why, 
Madam, do you waftc 'SxSe predbni Tears ? each fal'- 
Img Drop Ihmes like an Orient Peui, and feu a Gaiegr 
on a Face of Sorrow. 

Htm. Thou art certainly the pleafenteft of Women- 
kind, andIthehappieAofMen;dear delightfolRoeu^ 
let's have another Main i like a winning GataeOej, I £o|r 
10 makeit t'other hundred Pound. . 

Ttur. InconMeratc horrid Peer, will you damn your 
Sonl deeper and deeper! Can you be thui inJenlible of 
your Crime i 

Ntm. Why there's it : I was as a Man may be, very 
dry, and thou kind Sonl, gav'fl me a good Draught of 
Drink; now 'tis ftrangetome, if a Manmuft bedamn'd 
fbr quenching huThirA. ' ' 

f'lwr.Ha.fia Well, III fwear you are fuchaoodiej 

Man— who would have thought youcou'd delude a Wo* 
raantliiu, andaWMiuaofHomu too, that reiblv'd lb 


i6 The Princf/s sfGetc. 

■ikIi tgainft it f Ah,mjJjad\ /oir Grace hA^tfen,. 
aiog Teame. 

Nm. No oinniDg, 7mn»», tay wxjr u Juwg ' inl B ^ 
le«vii« Body, State, and Sfurit, all Jbr a pretty WoaaB t 
and wnea gray Hain, Gout and loqioteiice cDme, bd 
more bat thu^.drink away Fain, aad be gatbcnd to mf ■ 

- Teur. Oh tboa DiOembler, gjve. me your Hand, tWi 
loft, thit&ithlel3VIolitinR.I^od> Heavca Imom i^M 
U)k Hood hat to anfwet tor. 

iVnn.' And fbrthia Hand, with thcfe long, white, rooud, 
^eny Bobbing, 't tias the kbdeEt G^ye/and I fo love iti 

nowGad'sBlcfiiiigon't.'that'saUlfay Sut cornet^ 

mc, what! nonew Gase? forthouknowcft t dicdircdl/ 
without Varitty. 

Ttitr. Ceitainly, .never Woman lov' nei who 
am not Jati^bed with &cnfidng my own Honour. iuilA 
I rob my Delights by undoing othcr i ' ' 

Htm. Come,«ome, out with it, I fee thou ait Ing w(l( 
jibffle new Intrigue, and it labours for a Vent. 

Tmw. What uiiijt you of St. Jndris Lady ? 

Kim. That I'm in Bed with her; becaule thou dareft 
befriend me. 

7aur. Nay, therc'i more Monfieur Ptkrat lodgfa 

in hi* Houlc, with a younz M,agf^ Wiit of the Um 
Breed, and the prettier of the two. 

Ntm. ExceUenC Creature; but command me feme&tag. 
extravagant, aa thy KJndnds, State, U& and Honour. 

7i»r, Yet all this will be loft when yo* aw manied' 
ID Margueritl. , 

Nem. Never, by Heav'n Vm thine, with all the Heat 
«nd vigorous Infpiration of an unAefh'd Lover, ai|4% 
will be while young Limbs and Lechery hpU t*gtutCI» 
and that's a Bond methinks fhould M tiU Ooommy, 

7»«r. But do you believe if Jtfarf wWw ihou'd Icnow I -7 

Nm. The Qseftion's too grave- When and wlltrc 

Ihall I fee t!ie Gems thou hal) in Itore i 

Tw. By Noon, or thereabouts i take a turn in Imt; 
4t^rib GardcD,and one, if not both, ihall meet you. 

//««. Aad Uiou'lCKPPearinPcrliwt 

Tie Trincefs of Clere. 17 

7«ur. With Colours flying, a Handkerchief }wldaatt 
And yft metluQki it gacsa^jnft my Coofcicocc. 

Ntm. Away, that ferioiuXook lias nude thee old: 
Co^amsA tuul ConSdentJoa m a young Woouui loot 
It makes a Baudof thee befiire thy time. 
Nay, now tbon put'fi me in PoetkkJRaptnrr, 
And I muft quote Sw/ftp^topunilhtlKC: 

Call all your Wivea to Cuucu, and piepare 
To tempt, diflemble, flatter, lye and fwear; 
ro.Btak«ber oun^uJii all your utmoft Skill, 

Vstne, an ill-bred CrofljuTs in the Willi 
Hoaair, a Notion 1 Picty.aCheat: 
Pmw but lbcxc&&l Biiub, and you arc great. 
Cknae, duu .will meet nr. 
Tutr. Titn&ilv'd. IwiUi till wliuii tim«^ thoa dau 

. Num. Thou fttay Womas. 

Tour. Tboii Toy dear Man. 

Knit. Thou verypretty Woman, one Kift. 

r«,r. Hey Ho > 

Nnt. Nw all the Gods go with thee ""- ■— 
' Jftir. Aword From my I^d iyou art actuwintrd with 
thde Fop3 ; fet 'em in the modilh way of abufing thor 
Wiw^i, thi^ are turning already, and that will Cfflrtaiiily 
Iviiw -tcmaboat. 

lum. Bellamort Oiall do't with Ie& Sufpicton : Faren^ 
Hm yjBMWerm— — [ExitTmt. 

-j9Cf.a^\ my grave Lord of Chartris, welcome aa 
fiealiii,>* Wine, and takiag Whorei — ' <•• andldl ma 
tOH the Aifincli of the Court, 
i. FU. Holdit.A'MMury, for ever At defiance; 
FoesofillHoniaur, Damps of Melancholy, 
Old Maids of Fifty, chok'd with eternal Vapoan, 
Stuff it with fiilfome Honour — ^ dozing VirUM^ 
And everlaJting Dulnefa husk it round, 
Sinoe he that wsi the Life, the Soul of Hcafiuev ' 
Connt RofiJar* is dead. 

iftwt. Then we may fay 
Wit was, and Satire is a Carcaft «m. 
I thougiit his laft Debauch wou'd be hjp Bettln ■■*■' n -* 

t$ TbePrinceft •fClcye, 

But ii it cenaiD l 

Ti./. Yes, IfawhimDuft, 
I law the mighty Thing » noclung mad^ 
Huddled with Worms, and Iwept to that coU J}ta^ 
Where Kings lie cnimblM jaftlilce other Men. 

Ntm. Nay then let's rave and elegize together. 
Where S(>^dert is now but common Ciay. - "^J 

Whom evoV wifer Emmet bears away, i ^ 

And laysbm ap ao^ainfi a Winter's Day. 3 

He was the Spirit oT Wit and had fach an Art ia 

fuilding' his Falliirbs, that it was hard not to love his 
aults: He neverfpoke a witty thingtwice, tho'todiT- 
fereot PeiGms ; his Impofeftions were catching, aqii hit 
' Genias was fo luxuriant, that he was fbrc'd to tame it wA 
t Hditatiofi in his S{>eech to keep it in view— ^Bnt, Oh I 
haw aukward, how loTipid, how poor and wretdmBy doH 
is the Inutacion of tho& that have all the AffeSation oC 
lis Vetfe, and none of his Wit I 

Eutir Jacques. 

yaef. My Loid, Moniicui' Pe&m deSna tokiGjmnf 
Grace's Hand. 

Ntm. Let's have him to drive away oai Metancbolx-r 

ITitt. I wonder what PleaTureyou cm takciarnahdull 
Dop, Afles, and Fools. 

Ntm. But this is a particular Fool, Man, PueV omt ' 
Fool, and perhaps it mil never hit the like a^ia t he's 
ever theiame thmg, yet always pleafing ; in Jnoi^ he's >• 
finifh'd Fool, and has a line Wife ; add to tbi^ Ms late- 
leaving the Coon <£^Franctt and going to E^lmnJ tO| 
(cam Breeding. 

Entir Poltrot* 

Pol My Lord Duke, your Grace's moft oliedrent hast- 
tie Servant; My Lord otCharlrit and Monfieur 7'»V'^' 
yoursMonfieuri 5/. jA»i/rf deiires yoor Grace's Prelenc* 

at a Serenade of mine aad his together And l^nft 

tcU youi Grace if the way.he U a 0:eatMa&ei:>«ndde 

■ " i 

LM I. .J I, Google I 

The Frincefs of Civic i^ 

fondcfi Thing of my Laboura— 

Ntm, AiidthegreattfiOafinUieWuld. 

PtL How, my Lord — — 

^id' The whole Court wonden ym will keep hint 

. Ktm. Such a pafTive Rafcal, he had his Shim Ivohc 
^hift Night in the FreTence ; and were it not fe«'d yon 
fica'A fecond Jiim, he wou'd be kick'd out of all Society^. 
■ Pai. I fecond him I my Lord, 1*11 (cc him damn'd ere 
.J'Qbe Second to any PooIinChriflefidom— Fw to tell 
your Grace the Troth, 1 keep him C«npany, andlieat 
JusHouTeibecaufe I intend to liewithhixWifti aTrich 
-X learnt fince I went into England, where, o' my Coi^ 
Icjence, L'nckoldom 'u the DelUny of above half the Na- 

Nim. Indeed t (tion-. 

Fol. O there's not fiich another drinking, fcowring^ 

roaring, whoring Nation in the World And for little 

Ltndan, to tny Knovriedge, if a Bill were taken of tha 
weekly Cuclu>lds, it woi'd amount to more than th« 
Number of ChritliuDgs and Burials together. 

Fui. What, and' were yoii acquainted with the Witi ^ 

Pol. O Lord, Sir, I liv'd in uie City a whole YcariQ- 
getber; my Lord Mayor and I, and the Common -Couhdl 

were fwom Brothers 1 cou'd fing you twenty Catchei 

and DfollithatI made fortheirFoft-days; bntatprcr' 
ient I'll only hint you one or two ■-■ ■ - ■■ 

JJtm. Pray do U» the Favour, Sir. t ., 

Pol. Why look you Sir, this is one of my chief ones, 
mid l^ftffiire yonr Grace, 'twai much fuugat Court toof. 

O.ta Stdto mi,l»Bedume— iK. 

Kfm. Excellent, Incomparable ! 

Pol Why is it not, my Lord ? This is no Kickfliawv 
there's Subliance in the Air, and Weight in the Words i 
nay, I'll give your Grace a Tafte of another, 'the Tuna 
i^ let me lee Ay, ay— — 

&ve mt tbt tafi that it trat Ctmtrj hrti'-^^ ■■ — 


■p«]i....dL, Google 

* The Prtncefi of Clevc. 

m prdent ytxa Gxact wkh fooie^Woidi of mjr nvs, 
that 1 made « mj Wife bdbre I nuried ber, m ihe 
Jat finuDg one Day in a low Ptrionr, and ^j]ag oa 
the Virgmaji. 

^«M. For Heaven's lake oblige oa, dear pleaJantCrca- 
. me : 

Pal. rn {w€u Vm -fo dd^Si yonH pot me ou^ mjr 
IiWd; for I am u wnUon lu ur little BarthtJime-ag 

Fid. D<ar, 1«A, dc&ate R«g«^ fing. (Boar Pig — 

i*«/, Nay, I proceft, my I^rd, I vow and 6veu, bnt 
you'll make me run to a Whore — Lord, Sir, vriMt 
4o you mean r 

Mm. Cooje then bepa— — [?«*«# 6a^ 


PHiUit <f^. ?W^ ii pinmk, 
JmI Btaioj made »f ihiri^aatt Zmi^i 
Ukt a Jtifi^udjh Mj, Hit m Lify JbtfimtJb, 
^Md bir Vmt ii m SiH mio-vt freiti PhSond^/. 

Now a little Snuuty, my Lord, iatlieFalhink-- ^ 


Her Brtafiart fw» HiJluth •uiheri Hemrfi U» mnd fmuf, 
Im tbt HtrbagiJ»^,farA fbmg tbaf thtf <mmiH J 
But mim. Sir, fir that, th' a MetatU Jtfi 1 
FtT if I^u^d nami it, yni'd eailm* » ButJI. 

<. Enter Eit. Andis wthtutlni Hat tad H^. 

St. Jndr. ySy Lmd,' the SocHuk ii j«ft beguo, and if 

y«i don't come juft in the nick I beg yoor Graoe'i 

Pardon for imerrDpting yoa Bat ifyM have i Mind 

to hear the fWeeteft Ain in the World ' 

Nrn. Widi all my Heart, Sir — • 

Pel. Nay, fince year Grace has put my Ifeod in, 1*0 

fingyou, my Lord, befereyoo g», the fcfteft thiag — ^ 

Gompos'd in the Nonage M my Mufe ; yet fuch a otw u 

nu bcft Awhon bomwftoM. N«r. I'D be jadg'ii^by 

jour : 

^he Prinafi of dtyt. ^i . 

jnourGnce, if they do not Heal their dying from my yi- 

St. J. Nay pi'ythee, Pahnt, thou art foimpcninent 

Foi. No more impertinent than your felt Stti nor do 
1 <loubc. Sir, but my Cbarader li^ be d^vn by (be 
T-fOeaM a Man cf Wit suad Seai^ Sir, as well at -your 
HSf, Sir. 

/^i/. Ay, I'll be fworn, fliaU it — 

Pol For I know.iow to teputee. witii die beftj^to 
raBv my Wife j U kick iicr too if I pleafe, Sir j to 
ntake Smiles^ &fl aa Hrax, Sir; the/ i lay a dyin^ 
(Up daih, Sir4 quickly off and quickly on. Sir, and u ■ 
Toond asa Hoop, Sir " ' 

St. A. I grant you, dear Sidly.allthiii but let's havB 
yoor Song another dmc, becsule mine arc begun. 

P*/. Nay, lacricjw, dear ilaguo, mine i« but a Pro; 
iMuetoytwrPl^i and by your leave hii Grace baa* 
Muid to near it, and be Ihall bear it, Sir . 

Nim. Ay, and will hear it. Sir, tho' tbe great Turk 
'wer«^.£r.Z>M«i/'3Guei oonie along my Or/&«vf, and 

then. Sir, we'U Mow you to the Prince ofOmt's 

Ballad — 0%n) Fhebiu badfmb-i, ttc {Sutunifi^i^, 


^^ Prime ef QeveV Palace. Mulick. 



INm Ram fir PtBtbt, tht Undikip efUvt. 

With tbi Curlaini ha^ drtnun. 
My Irae and lArp; in-tht ewliftlt Dtg, 
Tin »r Jiqt did rmovt. 


Disn^dt, Google 

*« 7^ Priticefs of CleYC. 

Stjbrei'omt tarT^bt,aidfifitartirjStrvltti 

not Lo-ne, tkt btlU Scout, 

Was futta ibiRmti 
Bit Bbiv •was umhint, e'ry Arttv} tJiat J^tnt, 

jiad bii l^ver all brtit. 

Enter Vldam, Ncmoim. 

Hem. I have loft my Letter, ind by yoar Dcf Lripti c 
It maft be that tvhtcb the Qneen re^at Conit, 
BiUaTeyonfurethePriDcelsof C/nvbasfeenit? 

Tid. Why are yoa fa amcai^d ? Doet your wild h&n 
7ura that way too 1 ■■ She it too raarc. 

Ntm. Too grare t u if I coaM not langk with tb^ 
and try with that, and Tcer with cay goft of Paffioa — 
Sot has (he feen it i 

■Vid, Shebag the Letter} the Qaeen-Dauphin fent it 
Iter. - 

^« " _ 

•VCT clfe I flull put upon your Periba - 

r,d. Why? ^ ^^ 

Uim. Left it (hpa'd reach the Ban of iWuvwrfn; 
For, O my Vidam ! 'tU inch a latfii^ DeviC 
If flie bclicvei this Lcttn mine, when next 
We meet, beware my Lodu and Eyei — Ho more : 
Sut tbit remember, that you own it. ISxit. 

Enter &. Andre, Poltrot; 

St. J. Mil Sonu •mil itmttiii,Scc. {Siiigimgvnti PobioC 
fiomt, my Lord, we'll bare all over again. 

EnUr tie Prinet o/ Cleve. 

Fid. Sec, we haverais'd the Prince of C/e-ot: 
41y Ijp^t good mwTow ■-■ 

P.C. Goodmorroir, my good Lord — Save yo% 
Wf Aiw HiBuurt I 


*The Princefsof Cleve. x% 

Ta/, Give you Joy, my Lord j What, a little blue un* 
ier the Eyes. Ha, Ha, 

St. J. GJreyou Joy, myLord, Ha, my Lord, Ha. ■ 
\Holds up thru Fingiri, 

Pel. Ha, my Lord, Ha, {HaUing nffive Fitigtri. 

P.C. Youare merry, Gentlemen — I'mootin therein: 
"Therefore, Dear Chartrii, takethefe Fingers hence. 

St. J. MyJjird, jrou locdc a little heavy, Ihkll wa 
dance, fieg, fence, tike the Air ! ride?~-~— 

FiJ. Come awiy. Sir, die Prince is indifpos'd. 

St.' J. Gad, I remeiBber now I talk of ridii)e,at the 
^onmament erf' MIr/iE, as I was riding the erftU Horfe — 

yitt. Leave off your l^ing, and come akmg. 

St. A. With tluce pafhes of Pike, and fix hits of 
Sword, I woonded the Duke 9iFtrrara, Duke rf M- 
i^,' Duke of Parma, Prince of CItve — 

P. C My Lord, I wis not there 

St.jt. MyLord-— IbegyourLoidOiip't Pftidon, J 
Xoeau the FiAm of Chartrsi. 

Fid. You lyej I was then at K«in;. 

St. A. My Lord. I 

Pal. Ha,Ha,^ — ^'.Lmd, Lord, bowthis World isdvea 
to lying! Ha Come, coiae, j'oa're AamaaiAy out, 

St. J. My Loid, I b^ yoorPardoo, t lee yon are in- 
<di^*ii 1 boBdei, the Q^en oblig'd toe this Monung to 
' let em choofe Ccdoors for my OnnpleKion — — 
Fid. Hark yon, will yon go, or ihalt I — 

{Pulling him iff if lit Ihfe. 
St. A. My Friend, my Lord, you fee, is i little ikmi> 
'Sit, but I am ever youi Highnds'a moft humble, faith- 
ful, (^>ediait Servant.- - . - \Extm»ti 
• Manit P.Clere. 
Poll of himfelf, the happy Man is gone } 
Why wxinocl too caft in luch a Mould? 
T« think like him, or not to think at all. 
MnUr tie Princtfi if Qeve. 
Had he a Bride like me. Earth wonid not iKirtuiii ; 
^ Oh. IwilhtfaUitini{^corcrn«t 


24 ^ Frineefi of Qeyc. 

Sinct Chartni cuoot Ion mt: Oh I feniul it t 
Lafi Night I found itln her cbid Enbracci ; 
HgLiMtoQcolA --■ OJdMthcDewofDauh: 
And ^11 whene'er J weft her in mf Arnu, 
I ibnnd aj BuTom aJl aiou with Tcan. 

PrimctfiC. Hewcepi^ OHcav*nIiD7 Lord-^tlw 
frinceof C^i^ 

P. C. My life, m deaiefl Put I 
PrinttfiC. Whyfigh«myLcwd? 
What have I doB^ Sir, thai to difbon^ole )«» I 
P, C. Nothiiv. 

Priwtifi C. Ah, Sir, there is a Grief within. 
And you woa'd hide it Iroai me. 
P, C. Nothiu, my Cbtu-trtt, nothing here but Love. 
PriMtffiC.Aat,njLoii, 70a hide that Secret fiotn 
Which Imuftknotr, orthinkyon never lov'd me. [m^ 

P.C. AhPnnce&I that you lov'd bat halffowdl. 
' PriMttJiC. Ihnveitthra, yoathink nc Cnmina^ 
'And tax my Honour n 1 

P. C. Olbibid it, HMven ■ ■— 
But fince yon ptdi m^ Madam* kt ntf ids joa, 
Wiy when the PrineiG led yoa to the Altar. 
Why caih'd th» Ttmn «p0D j-^t Uoodlefs Face I 
Why figh*d yoo when your Hand wu dafp'd with mise^ 
Aiif yow Hcut. you Hmr icfii^ tayia. 

PrimifiC. Ah. Sir 

P. C. Behold yw'ndalh'd with the m^emhranoei 
Why wh«my,H<fii were fierce and Joys g^vwftra^ ' 
"f^y were ya» cany'd like a Coarie along! 
Wheiv like* ViOim, 1^ aa fideyoalay, [Qcak — 
Why did^ why aid too fwoon fway? Oh 
Vou have n Soollb open and (b clear. 
That if there be a Fank it mnfi W"".' 

Princefi C. fikt, youue notikill'd in Bcaflty*i,Clii«ti 
For Oh ! wheu'ence the God hii Wiath declare^ 
And Stygian Onthi have wing'd the bloody l>ar^ 
To make iu Paflage thro' the Viigin's Heaiti 
She hides her Wotuid, and hafting to die Grove, 
Scarce whifpering to die Winds harconfcionilKaB^ 
The Touch itf On AelMNsAo'llMtwdHte, . 

^e Princffs of Chve. '4-^. 

Sat weeps anij bleeds, and ftrivei againfi the Cun ; - 
Sojudgc of me when any-Griefappcars, 
Selicvc my Sighs are kind, tad truft my Tean. 

p. C. Vanim my Doubu, and Jealoufiu be gone ^— .' 
On thy lov'd Bofom let me break my Joy, 
OH only Sweets that fill, but never cloy: 
And was it, wai it only Virgin's Fear i ] 

Bat fpeak for ever, and I'll ever hear, 
Repot, and let the Echos deal it round. 
While liit'ning Angela bend to catch the Sound ; 
Nat, figh and weep, drain all thy preci«u> Store, 
Be kind, is now, and I'll ccHnpUin no more. [Exii^ 

Prinufi C. Wts ever Man to worthy to be lov'd. 
So 0X)d, lb eentle, foft a Difpc^tion I 
Aa u no Gam -had mix'd with hit Crcatton : 
So tender, and lb fearfiil to diiideafe. 
No barharoo) Heart but thine wou'd ftop hit Entrance | 
Bat thon. Inhuman, banilh'd him finm his own. 
And whUe the Lordly MaAer lies withont, 
Thou Tiaitard), riot'ft friths Thief within. 

Sfttr Irene. 

Jrtiu. Ah. Madam, what ntw Grief! 

Frintefi C. Alaj, Irm. 
Thoa Treafurer of my Thowhts — 
What fliaU I t!of how IhaU rdufe Nemam-j, 
That RoUicr, Raviiher of my RepoTe I 

Irgn. For the grcatCafc y«i wfb, may I enquire 
Whether yon think the Dnke inlcnfible, 
XndiiKueht to the refr of Woman-kind f 

PrtMc^C. Imdl confe&I didnottbinkhimfb, 
Tho' now I do — But wou'd give half my ffiood 
To think him otherwife. 

Jriiu. Without the Bxpence, 

There lake jroar Wilh a Letter iriuch he dropt 

In theTennu-court, given the Queen Dauphin - 
By her Page, and lent to yon to leadfor your Divcrfiixu 

Primctfi C. Ala* I /rw 

Why uonUei din« my Hand, why beat* my Kwt i 

yh. I. F B« 

i6 ThtPyi/tcefiffX^Kve. 

Bat let Off Kad — — — Riadt — 

Your A<&£ltoa baa been ^videibawtnmeAniimotlwr, 
youarefalft — a Tnitortodie tnwlt Lover — Qcrer 

Princtji C. Ah t 'tis too pUnit, I timnght u jnudi be- 
/ore ; but Oh ! we are too apt oa excnTe the Pinltl of 
ihofe we love, and' fbnd of onr own undoitffi. 

Supptrt me. Oh! lo bear diii dteadAii Pang, 

This Stab to all mv gather^ Refotatioir. 

Irtni. Read it agau^ and'cdlRevengetoaid j^on. 

Prjate/l C. Tfei^pi he maJra ha bout too «f thtf- 

ForOhf mytfcan, heUnowr toow^ myP^fim— ^. 
Bat as thoa haft iiifpir*d mc, I'U'rerenge 
The A&oot, and'oift-hiRrftoin my poiJbn'd Breal^ 
To make hiia room that maia all aj Thoaglm. 

Ekut th Princt^ CIcVe vatb Nemom. ' 

P.C. MadKn, dtereita-Letteriidniljy-AccidtiiHina 
}Wir Handi —— my Friend comes in behalfof tfae^i- 
tfsmofCi'aT-A-Mtoretnereiti when I am difmi^'d &<ui 
the King my Lord, Til wait you here again. 

Ntm. Uy UxA 

P. C. Not a Step further. {Exil P. C. 

Nim. Madam, IcOtne moft humbly M' inquire «he< : 
^r the Dadphin Queen feat you- a Lectenriiidi die ft- 
Am loft? " J 

PriiKrfi C. 8b, yon Had better 
Find the Queen Datiphiii oat, teU'her-AeTmtli: . 
For Ihe'iinform'd the Letter is your own. J 

Nrm. Ah, Madam! Ihave notfainrtixxmfeb' I 

In this Affiiir or if Ihad; b^^e me, 

fielicre me chefe Sighs that wiH notbe fteptin; 
I Ihould not tell it to the I^pfain Qtoeai. 
fiut to the pu^ofe ; Know, my Lordof Chmftrtt ■ 
Receiv'd the Note yoa &w from Madam 7nitna», 

A'formtr Miftnifi Blit the 3«creA thts' 

The Sifter of our Hevry long Ha) lov'dhim-. 
. . PriilttJiC.l^a^l^¥SttS^^'f''AtAhKTiatSav^. 


The Prin^ef CIcvfe. 27 

JfiM. Troe, Mxdam, bat the Fidaa u belor'd i 
In Ibort he drppt the Letter, and defir'd. 
For ftar of her he loveg, that I wau'd own it : 
2 proitau'd too to tnce the Bofindi ftr him. 
And if 'twere poffible; reg^n thd Letter. [cretira, 

PHnctfsC. Ther,/»wAe«ih»iihewn butfiaallDif- 
Bang engag*d fo high * — 

Why did he not bnffl th« B«Kef- r 

Ntm. Bn^ MadaBi< ftall I Atxi pr^me ta fay, 
*Tu hard to be in Love and to be wife? 

didjanknovtliJtehiih. likehim! Like nis, 

What 'til to laiwui^h in thofe reftlels Fires. 

. Ff/Mo^C. AtM> /nn»k ieliorathe0ukerhtrI«tttr. 

Khr. Madam, You've bound mec¥ir to yoat Stvtiei, 
But m retiie.and ftody to refxy, 
If ought but Death c»o (]uic the ObligacioD. [Exif. 

Princtfs C. O 'tis too much, J'm loft, I'm loll again~ 
The Duke has dear'd himrelf; to the confii lion 
Of all my fefd'd Rage, and vow'd Revenge ; 
-And now heihewt more.lordy than before : 
He comes-again to wake my Hewing PaiGon, 
To rome me into Torture; O tl^ Racks 
<tf hopdeb Love ! it' (hoots, it glowi, it burns, 
And thon, alas ! ih^ fluml)' clofe ray Eyes. 

Ittnt. tiksA ! you're pale already. 

Princlfi C. Oh Inn; 
MethiokB [ fee Fate fet two Bowels before me. 
Pbhbn and Histkh, a Hodnnd axA Nmmn t 
But fee widi whata WhiriWyPaffionsmoTCp 

1 lothe the Cordial <Uf my Hiabuid'iLovfc: 
But when IfnUtn mf F«lw?r do« recaH, 
TbcBaDc't'felittet that'l-cMf^dTtaaciti^ [Enmnr. 

A-e T* 

■aS Tie Princefz of Clere. 

AC T 11. SC E N EI. 

Etutr Tournoo, Xia March. 
T 9 u K M a N, 
T workf, my Detr, it wtwfca btyond be^ 


I Tb&t ftiutm all the CcMitt, acH jabM 
p Dntcbeb 

Copcladn her Man cOnoeni'd, and ftnight entpl^ 
A Confident to find die Mylteiy oat. 
■Bnt that which takei the Queen, and makei ias dte 
With Pleafure, n, that Jl&mwf f( thinka, 
^te of the IinprccatioRi •xNtumiri, 
The Letter fent to him. 

LaM. I f« 'em move this way, ' 

Tofir. Hafle to St. J^lIJr^'^ Pdace, watch thai Wi*% 

dll I appear — I have pnunis'd Ntmturt am AAernotiH 

AfliKiuuioB with them in Lmxtmbarg Garden, but I i)QI 

antedate the Bua'neTs u he ii waiting, and ftt Margmillt 

^xui htm joit as he meets 'cm, whJdi will hdehun tlic 

iMign; begone while J attend the Bm'neri bare -»^ 

[CmV £31 Mtrdi. 

tnttr Mal£uerite, Nemours. 

You have confpir'd the Deaih of her yoo liate t 
But tetl me. Oh I coofefs and I'll fivgive thee t 
Say it was thine, nay, look not m the Fidmrn, 
There is Difcwrfe is Eyet, Confeni, Doual, 
All undeHlood by Loolu : fay it was thine, 
Confcfs and lay thii Tempefl wich a Word. f 

Not yet f why then I'll have it in detbite 
Of tkee and him. Til fell my SohI to Hell, 
If Womaa cut be worth thcDeriTsptUGlafeb 


The Princefs of Cleve. at 

After (he has been blown aptm 1^ Man i 
That I may tell thee, m I fink for ever, 
Thon haft been fiOfe. 

Nem. You have heard mc more than once' 
Affirm, the yidam (if yoa'W gve him leave)' 
Will own it to your Face. 

Sfarg. Furies and Hell f 

T«ur. HaTe Patience for an Hour, ni bring yon to thr 
Place, where, if you pleafe, yoa may flelh your Fingen- 
iR the Bbod of thofe young WomeD, whoav he meets to 

Mar^. No, no, I hare a better Call, if I can con- 
qoer this riling Spleen . ...-^ How long will ir be eie 
you call mel 

far. An Hour, oitfaereaboat> ■ ' ■ ■ 

Uarg. And b)r tfa«t time I'll pot on a DifguiTe i &it 

r«r. But whif do jron intend/ 

J4arg. I know not yet my felf ; Revenge ■ " — — - 

ffcir. You had a Lover once, Franeii the Dauphin— 

Marg. Be that chea thclai Card — " I know hot 
Tbe Dauphin Ihall — m do't; and'openly afioaC him -" 
Jhd aa the little Worfhippers aion me, 
faf the Duke out, and leaning on the Princ^ 

taqaix who's that : It fliall be fo, I will — 

Revenge, Revenge, and ihew thy felf true Woman' ' " 
fiowiitfien,pn»aHean; down Woman, down. ^^ ti7> 
t^ixft, X'Veftrom, » curb mjr Will or die, [**'"/; 

& C E N E n. 

tnttr St. Andre, Poltro^ BellamoMk - 

^tU. Well, GentlemesigoodmoRow, aMfmnnbev 
my Counfel. , , , 

Pal. What, to bear our felvea like Men of VV^t mil, 
fe*!,fiiiib onr Wives, rally 'an, and beu wiWy aatie,^ 

F 3 St. j. 

30 fhe Tfinctfs if Glevt^ 

St. J. With all my bean ; 'cii qM W ^ii^ *f Afo' 
Muonyetwiihmy D!)tchdfe,>ndtiu»i»V8'y fafluo »»b S . 

Bel/. I've put yoo is the w«y - ■— . . ■■ 
And fb good morrow. lExit, 

Pal They oame, they codv : \Eiitir EIUbot MpdCtiuu 
Walk by 'em, take no notice, uid repeat Verfis. 
FbilJii did in (b ftrange a Poftore lie, 7 

Famtng widbrca^eb, languifbing her Eye; ^ 

^ ftcfu'd to Uv^ and ret Ibe feein'd to die. VI 

5/. J. I gipw fick of tije Wift Pr'ythe^ Fa* | 

/firf, let's go. 

Ptl. Whither (hm wil^ lb we get rid •f'tm nn . ^-. 
Z'Ufe, I am V weary «f miiKv as a m4di& Iddy of her, 
old Clothes 

Cil. WhacdoeslheMugQtbit&jwi moA hpi<W»)S 
frun thii plKie of litfle Eatel yet I am leUmd to baow 
{bme Reafon, why a Wife may not be as good Compa-* 
ny as a Wench. 

PsJl Pr'ythce, Sppare -■ m .ii do not pramkeaie; JIbt 
2'm in dw wit^ Vun, aad flu^ i^anee tkcc to the 

El Pray, St. Anirt, leave trying yonr Carls, your 
afl«addNQd),GriwKc^ taking of SnaC and avwEr 
nie^.i. , , _ i^lky (ue wc not a« E^afiu a* ivr^n^ 

5f. ^. Wl^, Atff- ^ qUd 'li, fc fic iri I I .1 J 

This ><itar0nf is vey pwgwnt ■■ >» ■ ■ .■■ Why, A*^ I 
ca^i give jip npre Mpwh> for iny Cfi^m of i|.a^iiiv> 
tbu tor tlie tutniqg of a We^ct-cocjc j qnly t^Vit I 
love Whoring, becaufe I love Whcffing. 

Psl Nzy, finc^ you jirovpkf m, koAW I can gire a 
'^Reafon ; we run a^r V<hor«s, benofe you bar as £niia 

'em Aj fome take Plealure to go a Decr- 

ftealing tfcw fcaVcfinp Par^ of thkir mn f-i, Gad, 

and. there I was with her This itch of the Blood, 

tipOttfri ia OMibif^ but a Spipe af tte IrA gnat Jili ybnr 
Grand-mother Ewt ; we long for the Frait, beeanie ik 
is ferbiddes- 

St. A. Nay, thsf t nut oU, fin- Miffei aw nallr mm* 
-pkalaitt than a Wife can be. frabatuu tfi. A Wift 
darea i 

4ataiioti&met'kelJbatf-o{iPkA%Su*l/M, for 
■Aar of being tfaoariit oae. A Wifir nuy pretend to d^- 
aifid ASeQiaB, and birilfe hdrnv, bat auA be ^ at 
Niglit Tis !(■& 4daae nu? be dlawM Fki&e uxd Rap- 
Awc, andailttM? . ■■ ■. 

Ce/. Vet how do yon itmiw. bnt a. Wi& ai^ t^ye 
SfcuBcand R^nre^ aad all dtu f — r-«- 

i>0/. Tak^MCUc-i 'liathcBabueaf aWifetobea 
««U Rs Scone — Tbere'«a Sbp^lafli (ot yoa. 

Ctl. Yet out of a Stone a Man of Setife wwld ftiike 
Fire: There'* Sla{t-daJli for yon 

£/. WillTonbecMiflanttow, if vk make it«^f)ear 
■^yonrown ConflECon, thatwe can |4ea£c»i well aal^ 
rfiAdcfl Siie tfaat «v«r dutrxnU 70U i 

St. A. TiUn4itdi Miradt cone 1ft pa&, Anee Hwai 
■jtoor oim fftopo&igD, I fit; jdnAff aod tfaou fi^ww 
-«OBW»MbMimna?airof Sticeti— — *• 

£/. How Aon'dlhey loowihcnf 

Fel. Nor I Jnthany wrA tliee C(iia. 

££ But 4«c l»pe 7M Me not in earned jaa catutot 
fie lo iaboaiaBe. 

Ctl 'Tis a Curie beyond aU Curies, to Imw a Mas 
4^ can, and will nctt 'tii worfciluvteaching aFool, 
or JeadinE Ac Hind. 

Bi. TonnFTyaiidUvexhBi, iicobelike Filh inAnAy 
Weather, have Water, bat pine for want ^ Air. 

Cil. Yet, •K^toknowslMtHeavennHrfeiuliamekinii 
{ood Man, that in Mere fiVf amy ixak the Ice, and 
{i«e «s a BreathiDe i 

Ei. Can you beTo hard-hearted ? 

P0/. C(»ne, BnUy, let's away, far icar we ihould 
oielt: Lo(^ ye,^ioure9of o«ri, if our Wandm prare 

St. A. Agreed, rather than grow rulty, let our Wives 
fie M — — %it, I ^tik Heaven, 'tis not cone to 
Au yet — — Tliere's bb fudi Want, I'll have you to 
fcaaw, A//, tkere'e a* Woaun can refill bu ,if 'Ihe 
woa'd ; no Dutchefs 'ftapca me, if I make it my Saii< 
Mfstocorapaii her. 

P * . ' Td 

;S2 The Trimefsefdeve. 

' P»l. Any MzB of Wit and Seofe, like tu, durnii si 

Womai, as one Key lutlodu all Doon at- Court 

Nay, rU&xabddWordlbr n» fclf : Tom melntht 
AiarpeA fiiirew tiat ever bit or fcratch'd, if f do not 
make her feed oat of my Haod like a tame Pigeon, 
any I be condemned to lie with my Wife. 

£/. Flelh and Blood can endure do longer, yoo an 
AtivaiMft. lying FeUowi tlut ever liv'd : -Yoa compsfi 
aDurcbefi!— Tiiere't not a Feotaun but waki'd 

St. A. Z'death utd Fiiry, if tliej flwo'd try ; 

Ctl. You pitifol, fiieakiiig, rafcally CmIcoMi, axuit» 
■Mc'd Sconodreli, that dare bdputei I^diei of Ho- 
fitnr tbut -— For Heaven lake, what arc )w<i \ ^im 
do yoQ lire? and where do ^ou (pcnd ^ok Timei ia 
TcmU-Conrt), Tavenu, Eatmg-biMfes, Baudy-hoofa, 
«iere you quarrel in Drink for your TroUi^ wbOwUIe 
*roa mintiilly £e)tt their Canle, tiie7 tu nv«y nidi 

your Hats and Bdti 

- El. Then you come home, and tKen fwoar yonl) bv 
rereng'd on this Lord, or that Coke, that a&iUied yoa 
£n|]e, with all hia Footmen. 

' -C«/. And, &yG tay Gentlenun, if I had not been th^ 
iTjoft skilful Perfon alive, my Body laA been \^ thli 
time like an old-i&lhioa'd Suit, piak'd all over, and M 
of Jlet-holei. i 

El. But did he not diJarm my Lord at lafi f 

Cel. By all means, and made him bee his UGe. 

El. When indeed he compounded with theConOahle | 
for hi» own Liberty. , , ' ' 

0/.YouPerion8ofQ!«Iity!— — What PerioBof 
Honour wou'd keep Company, with fuchDebancheeil 
Z'life, Madam, an Oiange- Wench !• abore their Am- 
bition, j 

EL An Orange-Wench ! If they can but nu ia her 
Debt, and the poor Creabire cone duiming 'em to tfaeir 
Lodgings, they'll fwearthey lay with hv, when they 
daitt not be known that they are within. 

Ctl. Sometimes lie lolling upon a long Scarf ia the 

pJay-houTe, talking loud and afieOedly, and fwear at 



the Princefs of CleTC. 33 

I4ight, tbejlud the pitttidtThiiigjuftcomeoiitof tike 

£1. Aai wifli tbemlUvcs damn'd, if Ihe did not batM 
of the Gn&. 

Cil. Vfhea in truth twu fome difgnii'd Band, ithat 
ma ibem there according to AffiffinUiOn. 

Pal. Hark 70a, F,tiphar\ WJfc of mine, by ?^. 
fdtfi'i lean Kine thou Ihalt ftarre &» thli. 

St. A. And for thee. Hill, Mark me; ihov 

&alt dream and be tornenced with Imagination, like 
one that haTing drunk hard ii thirSy in the Nigb^ 
drcanu of Vcfl^ brimful, asA drink*, and dtinka, yet 
sever ii Ikitfied. 

. e^ ^as my part, TU terre my damn'd Wife at 7m* 
imi*t wa* punifh'd ; the Frtiit Ihall bob at her Juip*. 
which Oie fliali ae»r enjoy. lExma St. A, PoL 

Sa Very well, the Wvld*! come to a 6ne Pa&>s if 
thii be mvrying, wou'd Iwetea Maid again. Men 
aJce Wiva now a* they foatcb^pjt Gxutti, look it 
over, and then fling it by. 

' C«^ Tiwyfbrgetasin a Day or ttfot orifthey read 
at Wer Aguai. 'tis- only to mb np Remembrancet and 
OUOmonly they fall aUeep fo. > 

..S^What'i to be doo^ Clotdf for latheT'iban live 

Ctl. Rather tban live tluu, let's do odtytkii^ 

EL Any thing, Rogne ; wliy Cnckoldi are Things. 

Ctl. Perbl|» they tUnfc we have no fiich thing at 
fleOi aod Bbod abwit ot t bm we'll bake 'en knew, 
a yoBog Woman, - ia the 'Fkwer of bet Age, it not 

like p^ted Fruit in a Glali, only to be hioked on 

Perfaijia yon arc a more ctrntcmpWire PcriiN), and will 
JO fiuther about. 

M.I. What, dcarRccne, doA think I will leave thee ? 
By this £irs not I. 

Cii. That then we'll flip cm Itwg Scarfi, and black 
Gotnts, pw on Maakt, and ramble about. 

EI. Rare Rogue, let me lu& thee again — • Cettainly 

Intriguing b the plealanteft put of Idfe ; to meet a Gal- 

laot abfoad ia a Suramer'i Evening and laugh away 

F 5 an 

sn^dL, Google 

34 Tifc^ Prtnce^ of Clevc. 

u Hoar or two is « Gudeo-BMror, wIhtc bo hoif 
fees DOT no bodj knotn, methinlu, 'da lb prett)' UM 
baraildt; Loixi f how it wortamiajr Fancy -•-■■». 

C*/. We moft tell M«lain 7i«r«.» by all iMui — ^ 
r . f/. I beUcareherSetm, «nd know Im Toyjooin*- 
nr'd ,- bat for aU tha^ metkiqiu flu hu tke (^Bt of S 
niii'd Mr«w«B«id - 

tff/. ThebettecfwroDcpBTPobt flu otoK sswdflM. 
r«W!; D«ar prednuRafelwda, yoor Scrvwu, now fi» 
idl the World pou look u you were new blown : Awft 
how do ye, my jsctty Ptimroti I 'til a whole Say fiace 
I &w ye. 
Ct/. Oh, Uadua ! we hate a Suit to you- Ladyaup, 
7emr. I grant it wha«e'er it be, ^eak my IfyaoaA. 
EI. Our Hnsbaadi are worfe than ever. 
Ctl. They nife OS 13 if we bad neither Bntttf nor 

fmr. Whu'i thk I hear) O ingiatc and i(poUe I Re- 
rage yoor fclvea, Sweetii^ - — 'Tii time m pok tad 
pat Finger in Eye when you a» paft PramatraB- Bat, 
my LadybiidE. yon araia yofu prime; let ma touch 
TOurdelicateHuKU— ^ Well, aiid do not tbde hamid 

Palms claim a Man Nay, and your BreaOa, Lord ! 

X«rd ! how fwohi and hard they we I how t^ hoarc 
and put now, by Cfaihim, a» if th^ \wn ready to 
buril t Look to't, have a care of a Cancer i dnw 'm 
down, draw 'em down i for let nw tell you. Jewali, il 
ifiiy bedwgeioni ibryonto go thiu long winoM Cid- 

£i. What won'd yon bare as do. Madam i 
9i«r. - Do, Violet, why do at all the Worid doer be- 
fide, Me no Time, catch him bjrthc Forelock; get » 
Man to your Mind-- Pil acquaint yoo with one thu'a 
as true as the Dny, that will fight like a Lion, lod 
love Uhe a Sparrow . ■ . Ho bar Eyer ai blade a^ 
Slows, yw can hardly Iin^ on 'em} and a Skjn (a 

sn^dt, Google 

7ie Prmeji of Clcve. 35 

«iute«— — ud firft, at Stttin nidi die Gnin : And far 
th«, Tmlip 

Cti. F«r nw, Mwlan f 

fow. Few thee, HMMy-SiicliJe) ftd s lixa, weB, I 
dull Dover Sonft kirn, fuch a finughtBc^e of a Body.fadi 
s Tfnak, Itun ■ Shape, fack a quick Strcngthi he witl 
•ra- a«7 thing 1m caa laf hb Hn>d on, and vaalttn 

El. But, Madam, frill yoopEovideiuLodgiiigioa'oc- 
Cafioa?- — 

TMf. Tke ridieft in the Tovn, the coftlieft Hu^ 
Sugg, great Glaflu, C^'ai^ Dilhei, Silver Tables, Silver 
Scuuk, md Sitrer Urinals — And then thefe OalaKs 
■M ihe glofell Loren, fi> good at keeping a Secret — — 
Well, give me your Man that &]ri notmng, bat minda 
theBui'Defs in^iand — Fw a leiret Lvver'i like a Gun - 
duived with white fewdiex, doei £xccntion bnt nwkea 
DO Noife. 

Cil. Well, aad 1« me till fM, that's the Point, Alar 
dam — 

Swr. hf, aad 'tit a pn«oiu Point, a feeKng Point. 
moA a fteihnt Point i yov fliaU loww Uai, 71M OMft 
loom iiim, I fliall dk if 701 deo'rknov htn -'«.ij« 
hai the Fling of a GendcRM*. r' 

£1 Pray, kfadaM, hffw'sdMtf 

%ar. Whv thw, AmicnA — in» year Arms, theh 
Ao^ Xoai Moqth wKh b doable-tangn'd Si^l^ VH, 
that yoD can't be snpy with him ftr your Bleod. 

CmL Iknow'iis my flthy CaamrywMr Bnt 111 

■fihnyauif hafceHldfemmefb, my Blood woeld rift 

Tour. But [hen you'd repent and &11 before him 9 ftv 
he has the mofl pardcutar obligiDe way, and Oiewbom 
lie patticiUarly K>vet, u C>oU%edwitb his Particnlar — 
Well, for my part, iot Twins of Bevity, I let an infinite 
Valoc on thni CarHOs, DMniOa, and Adtbedes 1 nay, 
I coa'd refiife a Quilt Imperial to be obl^^ by ihqa - - 
imi on the toe fioatds, 01 the cold StMtos. 

El. Bu^ Madam, are th^ ia bwig ■ ■ 

D,3.i™dL, Google 

36 ,'ihe Trincefi of CJerc. 

Toar. The7 are, my Bloflbmt— Tba they Idfi b» 
yoad Imasiiudoii, juA for all the World as wfatejroa 
cut a pure juicy China Oange,ike Gopdnefirumgrg — 
Lord 1 now it coaia in iot Ca^ution, I'm jn& Aow 
going to take a View of cm ia Luxtmhirg Guden, 
whcie, if yon plea& to walk, they lliaU fun tkoBfttvci 
in yonr Smiles — Come my Carnadom/ nay, I pn>; 
Ua, I will not go be&re ye.' 

Ctl. Sue, Madam, we're at borne. 

Tiisr. O Lord, Beauties, i know not the Way.. 

£/. Indeed, Madam, yaa muil or- we IhaU afe 

.Violence -^^ 

. Taur, Well. Iddia, fioce 'tk yont TtnimBit^, I due 

BOt but obey. Ifixuat. 

S C E N E m. 

EMttf NoBOHi^ Belhmare; 

Vtm. TlKra dear fiA R<«>e> my Spode, bit ff^;^ 
liM^ my Gmi^ymtdi, nay, ? I die to N^ht the Dake- 

dom'i thine But art duo fiue tbe Pnnoefi of Chw 

withdraws here after Dinnei ? - ■■ ■- ■ ■ ^ 

BtJI. One of her Womai. whom 1 bave ddnut^'d, 
tells me 'tis her CuAom : yon may Qip into the CUet 
and oTer-hcar all ; and yet, methinks, 'tii bard, becaofi 
the Prince ni CUvt kwet yoa as his Life. 

NtM. I (av'd his Life, Sweetheart, when be wu tt 
bolted, by a Miftakf, in the Itark; and Ihall he gndsa 
ne a little footing with bit Wife for ft fcriou an <^- 

SMttr th* Vidam. 

A Pox npon liim, here comet the VHm» with bit Anr 
Morali-" ' 

' Fid. 'Tis certain 1 like her— Sbe'i stgy pret?* and 
fwrxM Qull bclp me to her*— 

sn^dt, Google 

The Prtncefsof Qew. ^ 

Itm. rdXo^ by iBif lechery — Ay, aodihelRalF 
"biAp thee to' liar ^ 3m wbo, but who ii't. my Mtn. of 

r// To tell TOUT Ghux; T im fore wei«t»be a Man 

of BoaahrmyfAt Yon that are the Wiioret ^ 

groller — Let me Tee — There^ 9t«nw» yoor Ubiqiina- 
xy Whore, yoo,t'B*M, you Baud Barber, or Baud 
Suinan, fat you are ever tudtr her Hxadt, and Jhe 
plainen yon. every Day irith new Wen<;hM ~~ Then 
dw^i Tonr DMne&ick-TentMgMits— EitMior and Cf 

A*, with fiunething new in uTaTe Why^ you outdo 

Ctjar bimlelf IB yaw way, and dSSate to more Whores 
at once tba> he aid to KBaTei.-~ Believe me, Sir, in a 
Jittle time jroa'U be mcknam'd the ^tmm-Buli. 
- Ntm. Why there'i the difeience betwixt mv Seaft 
and yonn; wgn'd Iwcre, and jwtrdarkling MArefi the 
firfl ffloold-ctune in my way, JvoraoA Eartfa, I'd leap 
Iter in. thy. Face ——~ Why, how now, Vidam, what 
Xlevil hat tam'd thee grare^ the Denl of Lovt, or the 
Deril of Envy h 

■ Fid. Frienddiip, mere Fnendlhip and Care of yoar 
Soot ; I thou^t It batjoft to teH yoa, the whole Town 
aket notice of your way. 

/An. Why then the whole- To«nt doet ine wmK 
bccwiie I take no natice of ihtan :.thi)st''Oth(!r Night X 
wai in Company of two or three well-bi«d Fops that 
found £iuk with my Obftenicy, and proteited, twat foch 
n way — Why, 'tu the way of ye all, cmly yoa fheak- 
with it under Clokes like Tailori and Barbersi and I. 
at a Gentleman flioa'd do, walk with it in my Hand, 
For pr'ythee <Mem, doei not yoor Prieft the fiune t^ng ^ 
IMd not I &e Father Pmtriek dcdaiming ^vinft Fldhin 
LtMt, Oxif op tt the Kbow; and ulUn^ tne Cuigrega- 
tion he had cat nothing bat Ftflt thefe twenty Vearj, yet 
proteft to the Ladiei, OM bx. Arm of hi% which wai a 
chmping op^ wai the leaft Member about Um F 

Bill. Faith, and it may be fo toou 

A'm. Doet not your P<ditictan', your litde great Man 

■f Btu'nefi, that un ttw Wtfld together by A« Ban, 


3.i.,,dL, Google 

^5 The Princefs of CUvc 

■fier all liu plotdi^ dmdgiig, uid IweMiog tod lyii^ 
Rdre to Came little Pank, and usUd U Niiuit ? 

/'(V. I fiibmit CO the Weight of yoor Reaftn^ aod 
CMfeli the wbok Woiid doe* yoa Jaraee; wfacrefbrcl 
i^ it fit. thKthe)rbrii% TOUT Grace their Wmiaad 
Paaduen to nuke yov tmteaii. 

titm. Why now than lalk'ft like anhoneft Fdlowi 
fiir new let Boindi flatter thee, Fnonf, into Nonienlet 
Women are the Me Pkdbie of the World i nay, I ha4 
nther part with my whole E&uc, Hahh, and Senfii^ 
than lue an Inch u mj Love -« I wai t'cdtcr Day « 
s pretv Entertainracnt, where two or thr« grave pa& 
tiac Rognu were wondring, why WoMcn fkoa'd faa 
hvagbt into Playa: I u p^vdy replied, Th« Worid 
. mu nat made mthont 'em. He fall Mf i^Mn ma— -- 
Bat. Sir. it had been better if it had — 

FH. And thai, no doobt. a gkxuny Smile tueft — 

Ktm. Thefc.arc yoor'Rc^cs, Frmmi, duu wonldba 
dmight Criddtf, that «e nercr plau'd btt with I'nma 
thing new, at they call it. juft, proper, and never m 
Uni ^cafc : ytlu're out of the way Man, that hnte ni 
ftMues with a way - — 

BtU. But after alJ, they'll thut nm yen iamm, mx) hf 
your Grace i* no Scholar - 

Uother-t«ngae well oua^ and bmn otheia, jofl a* I 
4o Womea, not to be nwrry*d m thMn, hut to ferva my 
torn) «4iat'i good in them nover Icma mmi faoi ■ 
ArPoiDltai^Tagt, fin iiriuch tho6 (blMm I'm amii 
ha valued, I fli^'em, nar won'd mraambar Vm if I 
otu'd} fot he that once liAent to jingting, tan t»«Mi( 
cvca ha geti it eat of hit Head while ho la m— ■ bi 
^>thec ae gone, and leavn ne m my mnfin^ M 
9wir«M oat, my Vid^m, and hid hcc tewembce ^ 
Haodkerchief — • — kmait, dwn ait cowara'd aa tfct 
Su'aefi, theidwe mm9>. . [ JU Vid. BelL 


sn^dt, Google 

The Frineefs (f Clevev jf 

Emtn tht Friat*fi o/^CIepe, Irene. 

Umt. She comes, ye Goit, with what a ponwoiu Stttei 
The Stari and all Heav'n's Clone* on iter wau. 
That's out of the way teo — But now ior my GoTct. 

Frimt*fi C. No, no, I chatve thee pity soe no longert 
But on toe Euth let ua con&li our Won : 
Foe Earth I Ihall be fhcHtly i fit and hear m^ 
. While on thy faithful Bolbm thus I lean 
My aking Head, and iM'eathe my cruel Sorrowi. 

Irtm. Sfcak, Madam, Ipeak, th^'ll AraB£^ if coft; 
taio'd — 

Trinttfi C As late I lay qwn a Sow'17 Banl^ 
My Head a little heav'd b«yond the Verge, 
To look my Tt«uble* in the rochl(& SueMO, 
]. flept, and dreamt I iaw 
The BoToffl of the Flood nnfold ; 
I law the naked Nymphs ten Fathom down. 
With all tlie CryflalTbroBesintheiTBreeaCouAibelsi^ 
Where in their bufy Arms Ktmntri appeared : 
His Head rediu'd, and fwoln as he were drowii'd. 
While each kind Goddefi.dew'd his lenfeleia Face 
With Nefkar's Drops to bring back Life in caia: 
When on a fudden the wb^ Synod rofe. 
And laid him to a^ Lips — Q lay Jrnt ! 
Svcsi^t) me Honour, Daty — Love fi»giK mei 
I found a Pleafure I ne'er felt before, 
DifiolvinB P«jiv, and Iwimming fhuddaing Jt^i, 
To whidi my fimtUl Night with CUv* wu <wU—> 
Znltr tht Prinet j^Clev?. 

Irtn. Behold him,. Madam- 

P. C. H» I my Cb^rtru ^ How-^ 

Prinetfi C. Secaulc, my L<»^ it £tf* 
Tte hanUe Boflure of my fad Condition. 

f.C- ThefeStw atSWOi butwhy thy lad Coadilion] 
O rife and teUwwJijttlwiWMcWly* 

D,3.i™dL, Google 

'4:<t 77}e Princefs ofC\c^fe. 

Why ftll thoTe Ttats? Why heaves this Bofom thw? 
Kay, i then muft conftrain thte with my Arm*. {^Ri/ii. 
lit poffible } Dow th«n i\n ]mA of Grief 
Opnre&theefo, thon canft not fpeak for firimg — 
Ah, Cbartrii, Cbartrii! then thou didft but tooth BM^ 
There is fome Caofc teo frightfiil to be toW,, 
And thou haft lewnt the Art too to difiembie. (Soal, 

PrincifiC. O Heavem' diflenr^ whea Iflnpnjr 
Shew it all bare, aid trembltegio yonr VifWj ' ■ 
Can you fiifpea me. Sir, f« a Diffianbkr ? 

J*. C. By all my Hopes, Doabts, Jealoiifiei;aiidFeaf^ 
I know not what to think ; I think thou AowV 
Thy tnmoft Thauffht, and bow I think thou iJoft*>it6t. 
1 think there is a Bofom Secret ftill. 
And have a Dawn of k tbreagh all thy J^oldi ' ' ' ". 
That hide It ftiMn my Viiw : O trail mt^ CJ!w*^ . -■ 
Trnft me wtattte-itberHovc Aee more ■ ■" 

Than thou lov'ft help for that-which th«i«Btbn)(tb«. 
Tnift thy dear Husband, O letloofc thePdn 
That makes thee droop, tho" it fhoa'd be mj Dwtbf ■ 
By thy dear fdf FU welcome itto eafc thee; ■ 

Prhtifi C. Thoubeftrf all thy Ki>d^ why flwn'd 
you rack me. 
Who dare not, cunot Qieak ? — No mofebuttin, 
Take me from Parii, from the Omn. 

P. C. Ha, Cberfrti, how ! 
"What, from the Court of Parij, wkyi 
' ^rMr^/iC. Becxnfe— my Modwr'f Death-Bed Coon- 

fel f« adv^ me, 
Beoufe the Court has Chavmt, bcoofe I love 
A Grotto beft, becaiU* 'tig beft for you, - -' 

And me, and all the Worid. 

P. C. Becaofc, Oh Heavwi I 
Becaofe there is fome cuifed Charm at Couit, 
Which you love better liin me and aa the WmU. , 
The Reafbn's pUUf for whickywwoald remove 
To lofe the M'em'ry of htnt liwteiwLove.- ■ 


P. C. It is, it OBfiht, Bnd-AaQv and Ok f you maA 
Cnkfefi^hottidTkUModtod^Faoe. •', 

- ■ Pri»t*fi 

sn^dL, Google 

Tie Princeji «/"CIeve. 41 

frinafi C. Henr, mj Lord.iwnr confeA ft l^'e'i. 
"by Heav'ns, I love jaet Life abo¥e my onn^ 

f.C. Not that, not tbftt,lpeftk home and fly not wid^ 
■Sweu by thy fclf, thou dearly pwchat'd Plca/ure, 
Swear by tt^ofe chafler Sweet* Uiy Mother left thee j , . 
Sweartbatthy Soul, which caiuwt hides TKafi>% . 
pRfen me even to all the WorM 1 Jtdd, predoaa. 

Swear tbat thou lov'A himinon Anaonlr W'ftbinii 

And in fuch Senfe as not to love anmhec. 

frinctfi C. Ah, Sir 1 Why will you fink mpUjyom Feet, 
Witere I mnll lie and grosm i^y Life awa^ i .1 tood 

P. C.Speak^C<&or/r(j,(p«^aOTlettbeN4Si«ofHiil^ 
6oi)»d Tenor to thy SOul i fbc b/' my Hope* ■ . . ', 
Of Paradife, hflwc'cr thoa a&A ne, . , 

I-am thy Cqauure, ftiU to nakx and mould. nw, 

FroKtfi C. Oh, yoa ate too good I 

And I muft mem b^ for Pardcn- - — Yet 

Icou'dexcnfeiti'but. uy Lord>I wiUiK)t< 
Knowthtn— — CBDBot I^eak f 

P. p. Nor I tyHcavea. 

Prinrtfi C. I lo». 
, P. C. Goon. 
, Priiftcfi C. I love yoa uatf Sonl- 

P. C. pa ! But the wtt-. 

Princt/i C. Alat, alas, I d«re not— — 

P.C. Whythen, farewel for ever.. 
, PrineefiC. Stay and take it 

?alcc the extrcmcfl Pane of tortnr'd ViiBi^ 
akeall, Iiove,IIove8ice C/rwat Life : 

Sut Oh ! I love another more— — — 

P. C. Oh Chartrts ! Oh 

Princtfi C. Why did yoa wi*ck me then ? 

Yon were refolved, and now you luve it all. 
P. C. All Chertrti ! All 1 Why, can there then be more % 

Xnt rife, and know I by thii Kiik farg;ive thee. 

Thou haii made me wretched by the ddreft Proof 

Of perfefl Honour that ever flow'd from Womuu. 

BucromithcAlirery wluch you have begon^ " 

1 1, Google 

42 The Frinc^ ^Cfew. 

Ati4lttlMlgwr«ho 'di yMwaoMxToiiJt 
Whoii thelu^ipy Maii«bac had the hncr 
Te bun tfau Hewt wbkh I con'd w 

PrimctfiC. PM^MSK,Sii ; kithb,! 
Etenul saoqce— — 

P. C. HariftiMttmr. 
Why di^ tkoo f>Mk u all f if haK Aw Aifpl^ 
I frail coadndediat wUdi I thuueht Ay ViRoe, 
AStaitof PafllenwhichdmaciMrdfl BOtfatde, 
And now VexatKM giiawt thr gmlnrSool, 
With a t»o late RvpMtaaec Ar coaMfing. 
Hit Name— — 

i'WMt/i C. Yaa ftnll not kaow k Yci, wf L«^ 

Now a too lace RepesOMGe ton aiySwd, 
And tells me I have doaeaBMa to nuft yoa: 
Yetby^n}' HopesoTEafeat \A\ri Dstth, 
I fWeai my Lan hu n cr ci - y et a pfiai'd 
To any Mw but yoa ' 

P.C. WeepiMX,myCiNrfrw, ftrbowe'vnyToagMl 
Upbraid thy Fame, n^ Heart ftiU irarfUpi ihce : 

And by the Blood that duUs me lannd XfivM - 

From tbiiU Moment, I'lliie'cr urge tbw aoKi 
All that Ibegofthee,»iMtiohatfrne. 

Printtfi C. The Study of my LifeOullbe t» lureyin^ 

P.C. Never, Ohnever 1 1 were mad tohmeit. 
Yet thoa ffutlt give me leantofcdd thy Haa^ 
Toprdiitwith my Lipe, to fighafonit. 
And walh it whh my Teara ~ 

FrtHctfi C. I cannat bear dut 'VOuA^^ v^Aatt dyiagj 

P. e. Nay.we wiU walk and trik fomViaMi tBgetkr. 
Like Age wc'U call ID nind the Plcidiuei paft t 
Fleafutes like tbein, which aevcr ftnH mom. 
For Oh ! my Cbartrtt, Ance Ay Heart** eftiang^. 
The Pleafure of thy Betoty it so tasr^ 
Yet I each Night wiUlee thee ro% laid. 
Kneel by thy ^e, and when thy Vawi are faid« 
Takeooelaft Kifi, ercl to Death retire, T 

Wi(h that the Heav'iu had g^'n as e^oM Fiic^ V 

QTlieaSghfltcaniiMbeiaBdre (spte. \ 


8.i™dL, Google 

7ii Prhejtfi ^Cteyc. 4) 

Slwlw araw'd it, mft jjl pimedot. 
Before her Hubana'i Fac e ' 

' Ha Ibutfrav LomJUteJMnJlMb dMfox V)i1ne» 
That like a Ueedioe Qgury lately cbai*d, 
Pbmgn aaweglhii Wana, m taim at Bay, 

T^ «Bdlanhi^>X )wt-'tu donwi ^ : 
To bring to fuch Ememei fo cnafie a Miod* 
And vlwnM kra &h«M«i& of Jw aOad. 

Bafr Vidaok. 

Ah, ;7.^Mi / 1 could tdl theefach a Sttty, of fiidt • 
Fnend of watvti^ oAdcA, jaotiei, aot-tf-the-my of 
Xai'nerit buttboaan fo flippanttheie'i a*tniftingthub ' 

FiJ. 7tam*ii (ays theFlags held oaf-— 

Ntm. Tmmim be damn'd i ■ i ■ i Know then, but be 
lecret, there i( a Friend of nunc belOT'd ■ ■ -^b n t by 
a Soul fo vertuou-*—— - 

Fid. That wai too much 

Ntm. Tint qoin from die Method ofall WomahkiiidU 
flte told it to her Hiutnnd. 

Fi4. That'i&nuwewdcsd: amdhowdidherHufawtd 

NiM. Why, after a tediaoi faffiawte Dilcmitfe, ap- 
proved her Carriage, aad fworc he lav'd her more than 
ever t to they cry'd aad kili'dt aad wnu away moft h>^ 
vinriy toardicr. 

Fid. Why then Oie cackoldi kin bi ri^rti, aor can he 
take the Law of her ; aad I'll be jadge by aw Baud ia 
Cbrifiiiulam ■• ^~ Aod lb, my Lord, faicwel, I have 
Bufine& a£my own, and Tiwnua waits you— »• 

Ntm. But haik you, Frank, I have oeca&m (or you, 
and mufi prcTi thee, I ht^, to ao n&welcome Office— ^ 

r// WiUi all my Heart, my Lord i the Time and Placef 

^4 ^^f Princejs cf CIcra 

Ntm. Jnft mnr in IwrnB^rf^ Gvdcn, betiveni Oat 
utdTwo, aChaUcnseframa Couple, the lmanefi,biiik- 
cfl, prettiefl Tilting L&dica ■: 

FiJ. Yoar Scrvuil, Sk, axd u yoo dirive, IR mehnr 
Gmn /oiu Gnoe, and lb Fate fpeed jaa Ploagk, \Exit, 

Enttr TonrnoB -witk Mu'guaite. 

TITnt. And fi> Faceted your Plaogh, and yoa go tkw 
«ny; and I Ihall tell you, Sir,'twainotluBdfoindy dvo^ 
to leaTc me thoi to the Mercy* of two nnreafeiwUe Wo> 
loen at once 

Trntf. Yon have him now in Tiew, and b I leave yon*- ■ 

Marg. Stand, Sir. lExitToar, 

Ntm. To a Lady, wUk I harc&cath. 

Marj. Would yon not &11 to a I^dy too, if ihe fluw'd 
wktbe Favoiv f 

iVfj>. Ay, Gad,aii]rFra9W«mairiiU7bnBsmeiipoB 
ay Ksees at her Pleafoiv. 

Jttify. O Devil 

Ntm. Prithee, my dear foft warm Rvgoe, let thee «kL 
I be kind- - 

Marg. And kiTs, yon w£te |«ng to &y. 

Nm. Z'life, how patlhe bulm^ why^muudlwav- 
Cnade for one another — ^— Let's try hew our Lipa ft- 

Marg. 1% that yonr fitting J 

KtiH. 'Fore Heav'n Ihe'a wondroiu qoiclcj any, m)^ 
3)ear, and you go ta that, 1 can fit yoo every way— 
.- JI&f^.You&reanotoriouaTalkef:. 

Nim, And a better Doer i prithee tiy. 
' Jlfit*;. Agif that were to 

A«w. Nay, then I'm fore of thee; fornererwaaaWo* 
anan nine coce, but was mine ahnyi. 

i£)iv. Knowthenyon areaheavy llug^(hFcUow;bi* 
Z fee there ii no<more Fnth;in Man than Woman : Cock 
snd Feathen. 

ffim. Makes Sbitdecock, that's Woman ; letne, if 
wnplcafebefiaidcdoort and by Gad, for aDayand» 
iNight, rU keen ^ w^ any Fellow ia Cbrifitnimt. ■ 

Tie Frincefs of mtve. 4^ 

.' . Mar^. Come away then, and TU kee|i coaa^ t wurant 
•you Monfter— — ■■ ■ Villain ■ ■■ i- 

Ai<Mt.Ncw K tke Devil and I at greuasever — ~I 

•come, my Dear Butthenwhatbecomesrf'myotfaCT 

Deara—— For whom I was pnm'd and charg'd — 

Mat^. Why don't you come, my Dear ? 

JVfw. There with that fweet Word flie cock'd qie-« 

M«rg. Lord I how you tremble- i i — 

Ntm. There the Pan flaftt'd——— 

Atwy. ril fet my Teeth in you. 

Ntm.Naw I ga o ff . . Q ManI OWonian! O 
Flcfli r O Devil ! [ Exeirif. 

ACT m. SCENE I. - 

Enter Vidtm, Tonmon. 


I Woman hi love with another, and confefi i| 
' to her Hmband ■ — What wou'd I give to 
I know her Without all queltion Ntmamrf 

_ . _| ijthcPerlbBbdov'd. 

P'id. That's plain by hit Eagemels in the DiCcovery* 
lie ferc'd me to hear him whether I wou'd or no i yel 
what I b aditiire in his Temper, if, that for all the ua- 
mer Heat, I no f«Hier mentioned you, but he flew from 
it, and run upon another Scent, as if die firfi had never, 

Jeur. Where did yon find him ? ' 

FiJ. ^ the Frincefi of C/nV*! and my Heart idk 
ma that'i the Lady that acquainted her Husband how flu 
wai dctermin'd tomakehm x Cackdd— — ifheplcu'd 
to give hji Confeat — — ■■ 

faur. My Judgment, whii^ is moA fagacioas in dielt 
Matters, it moK pofidve in your <^iiiiion ; fiu: by his 
wl^itely Cafl, the Prince of Chvi mnft be the Man fork'd 
IB thcBook of Fate— 


46 fhePrinceJs »^Cleve. 

- Fid. And fEt'ds odd, that JVAsmr/. vfdt Men, fltoa'd 
Itave lach Luck at thii Lotteiy. 

tout; O, to ckMfe, my Lord ! becaufe Ihe^s nice and 
precife : year dntture Lildies that arc b fquob in Com- 
'pany, are Devils in a' Comer ; they are a fort of melan- 
choly Birds that ne'er peep abroad by Day, but they to 
wKic, tn whouitatNight : nay, to my particular Koow- 
kdge, all grave Women love wild Men, and if they can 
Ixttappeat civil at firft, they certainly iiup 'em ; for nurk 
their LangoaM : The Man is a handlbm Man, if lie had 
iHttGrace; tne Man hasWit,Paits, sad excellent GiAii 
if he WOD'd bnt make a right ofe of 'em'. Why all thrie 
Ifs are but civil Pimps to a moft baudy ConcInl((»~ 
^tfee,I defery him with a Maik yonder 

yonder - 
I Lady fi 

FiJ. You'll rcmcndier Sb Judritlady fat this Dtfco. 

fMT. IF flw be not jaan to Ni^ nenr acqaaintine 
with a Myflery. i^ m -- " ." ■■ 

f7>/.Nota wont tothe Duke My Gnrityntame 

• iMnkerovethim.- Therefore, if yon telfhim of 

any Love Mattenofmisa, you mult never Itope for men 
Swrets— ■■ - ■ — 

7««f. Trouble not your Head, bat away. [ExitVM. 
So, this gets me a Diamond from the Qgeen, an Anbit 
fidor's Merit at Ifft. Confcg to her Husband I ^as, poor 

FHncefg See, they comej btn thai which ftaitlei aa, 

is how a Wonuu of Margturiiix Sea can contain all thii 
while as ihe leemt to do ; bnt perhapt flie del^;ns to pomp 
hi m ' or hat (amt further find, which I moft Inn. 

Enttr Neraoun and Kbrgneritek 

Mkr.'&ii didyouneverpromilethQjbeAire? 

Ntm. Nevei^But why thcTe Doubu ? Tbos Ld 

•II the Witin the World Thou know'ft I k>ve thee 

without Proteftaticmt, why then thu Delay i 

Marg. I have not convert'd with you an Houa, asd 

JOB are fiu nmning over me : No, Sir i but if yea ca« 
avc patience till the Ball— Oh I fluU burA^— - 

JftM. Patience, I-mnft ; bat if it were not fcr the Clog 
of thy Modefly, we might have been in the durd Heavea 
b^ tiiis, and have danc'd at the Ball befide— >-Ha t ym 
ftjnt— — Take off your Mask ^'i " — 

Mttfg. Unhand me, or— 7 But prty, ere we part 
let me ask yon a faiom QoelHon ; What if you fliou'd 
hare pick'd up a Devil incarnate I 

Nem. Why, by your loving to go in the dark thxa, 

nndterme begin ta Mpe& you- Bnt be a Deril uti 

thou wilt, if wcmnft be diuua'd taget)ia',whD can hclf^ 

JUiifj. I Dull nothold— 

Nem. Yet, now I think on'fc thoa cmA be no DevO; 
Utoa art lb afnud of a Sinner i fix yon refiired me juft 
now, when r profer'd to fell 119 felf.uidfealtheBai^iR 
with the befl of my Blood. 

Marr. Bnt if I fhoold permit yon, cou'd yon find i« 
yoor Han toengender vith a daaui'd Spirit i 

N*m. V«g, many ooa'd. 1, ior all ^oq aik the (^eftiok 
To ferioolly : For know, thou bewitching Creature, I 
hare km^d any time thit fcven Years to be the Father of 
a Sucatiifr—— 

Mtrg- Fiend, and no Man — — 

Ntnr. Bbfide*, Madam, don't yon think a fear Dtvil 
cPronrt' and my begetting, won'd be a prettier Sight in 
a Houl^ than a hfenkey or a Squirrel i Gad, I'd hang 
Bdit abtnt kis Keck, and make my Valet fpnice a^ 
his Bnilb Tail every Morning at iUly at he ouab'daijt 

ilArr;. Butiaitpoffible { for I know you haven Mif- 
trefi, a-eonvonience, as you call her) that 'yon cou'd 
leave her for me, who may be ugly, difou'd, or a Deril 
indeed for ought you know I 

Niitr. Why, iince you tax me «Ith Tmt}i, I mnfl «n> 
iiver like a Mln' of UonOor; I coa'd leave her fat 
thee, or any offflur Tribe, fi) were ihty all' Iik« 

, Rnnnen at irilj that a Wfe,or a MUtrcfilorthat Niture, 
I jBijr not poflclt wilhrnoreadnuiugef 

■ 48 The Princefs o/Ckvc. 

Nm. Why, th* Fieedoin, Wit and Rogum\ ud afi 
fan of afUng, at well as Canverfacion. In a Dome&idE 
Ihc, there's no Gaict/, no Chat, no DHcourfc, but of tha 
Caret cf diu World, and itt Incanvemendes : what we 
do, wc do, but lb daUy ; !q( Gad, my Thing ask'd ma , 
once wbenmy Breechei wav down, what the Stuff coft a j 

Van! Hal what now, w>on the Gog agen f Naj ' 

then have with you at all AdventDTCt, at IcLlltopat you 
in mind of the Ball— {Ejutaa. 

Enter Toaznaa. 

fowf-.Ha! yasder Ok UA 1 
tie intend by keeping her Telf (b dole— 
ta March ha* fcu'd her, and now the Myflciy will 
open it lelf. 

Rt-enttr Maignoite •uiith La Maich, 

La M. Bnt have you fbond him fiUfe i 

Teur. Curia, Damnation, 
The Wndu^rf'Woman's WiU, when her Soul 
Ii balk'd of Ven^eanct^ wait onhiiDefiret. 

Z«il/. Why did you leavehimfo upon the foddenf' 

Mmrg. Becaufe I found my Paffion more too liton^. 
My fbolilb Heart would not obey my Will ; 
I round my Eyes graW full, my Sight had chok'd met 
And I was dpog in his Arms 

La M. But now 
You have jot Breath, what it your Purpofe, Madam t 

IHarg. Tomeetbimaslpromia'd, tocnjoy him 
With the laft Pang of a revengeful Plcafute ; 
And let him know - ■ ' - 

Then make bim damn himCelf with thoa&nd Oatht* 
That he"tl ne'er fee fot&kea lHargueritt mart. 
The curfi, fond, fbolilb, doting Margmtritt: 
For thu« with an extorted GaOantry, 
J'B foroe him to revile me to my Face ; 
Then throw the Maik atny, awl nntav Ragt : 


Lxj I. .J I, Google ! 

The Princefs ^ Clcve. 49 

TdlUmheiiaFiMcl,Dwil. Devil, Deril, 

Or wtuu is woife, a Man - ■ ■'■■ 
And Yexn \a^ to tW Homv of kis Sovl. \Exit, 

■ Tear. Tve betrd Iter ram, and raafiaflpUud tky Con- 
To the sea Tuk. then whe& Ihc hatbdified {duSt 
This odd P^piy of KeveogcaBd Ple^fiiK, 
Take her in the Height of her Dirdsin, 
And pty her With the Duiphtn i tlien tell Ntmnrt 
Of her refolve in oft him further oS: 
MilliMu to one we any the De^n. 
fiat hafie and fcont, while I ansnd the Dak^ 
That haT|» uptn the Lofs of hit new Miftrt&> 

Ettir Nemotin. 

Num. Death and the Devil — — We wenttatking a. 
long fo plealantly, when of a fudden whi^'ring. Ihe 
woa'd not ^ me at the Ball, <he fprang from me at 

Sn dark Comer, and vanifh'd. Well, if Oie be a Devil* 
ell by her fhou'd be a merry Place, oi pahape Ihe has 
not been there yet, bnt fell tlui Morning and took Earth 
in her way: my Contort is, I fliall m^ce a new Difco* 
very if Ihe keeps her Word 1 andfhehaa too much Wit 
to break it befcMc Jhe-try me.' ' 

Tiar. And where are you to make thii new Difcovery ? 

Mm. At the Ball in Malbnerade That wou'd I 

have TimeroU lUllall in theie lovdy Extrcmea.the Cor- 
ruption of Realon being the Generation of Wit ; and 
the ^irit of Wit lying in the Extravagancy rf Pleafnre :■ 
nay, the two nearefl ways, to enter the C^ofet of the 
Gods, and lie even with the Faiea themfUves, are Fury 
and Sleep — Therefore the Fbtt of Wine, and Fury 
^ Women poSefi-nrawakinE and Ilee[Mng; let me dream 
of nothing but dimpl'd Cheeks, and laughing Lips, and 
flowing' Bowls : />«fij. be my Star, aad whorinz my 
Honferand Death L defy thee. Thus fiing Rofihri is 
theUra^— But where and when, with myFopt Wjve^ 
be quick, thoa know'ft ay Appointment with this nn- 
kncwn, sod tiie Minate'i preooot. 

Vol. L O fiw. 

1 . .Coo-^k- 

tD the World, ifyou-du*. 

/friff. Dare, Had in 4 W<MNW'& Cwfel «l9. £ ban 
«R prop gf X^o^ «b0« MCt Wt am& mix » thair 8a^ 
Wkt, fn4 iRilK iMItei ie't wbidk W)^} 

Tmr. Know, Ft^tvft L^ bM iofiaiMABe^ Imr 

^igt* 4ltHWCfid M> vncjuild Iiin t tbat be wkk^'i! juid 
ovetheard the wh(4« Matter, but ifaAnC cmAI not, 6ai 
«he Door bdore St. Jadn raturatd t flu dmbta not bat 
he will ^tgcJaWrtugbs-r-Now, if yau «n iticfc tin 
time whet) fit^rff v^, «»4 fl««l tsbe^ tea 
flie'll be ^lad to be raveoged ■ 

A^Mv. Or file wq|(U qm «J1 tkw the Bu'aeli -.■-—■ 
There waitta but IpcaJdng with her, tduog her by tke 
a»Wt. w4'Wa*»^gai^•n'™- 
«W<i«.#«'V5 V4 I'll wi»jM" '••& >tpw> '<« f-TT. 

£'/. ^. Ha, Tturm / ttf, mi^ idbioMr « Ocimt, iatt 
hoffd 'cm. 

^ I wv **W!PS» ¥w of Hww- 
iitf. Nfnr. li^sffm^^fdFoi. u% wfcat. miH you, gin ■ , 


?<. .^ Suii*. w)«^ U«rlMhMk« (00, w. •««(■ mfi 
IpitiilE btti(«q» Wifi4 v|d HTatN^ 

<^ rHwjrHwt thfj; 4»rtyChjM»iaotJ I>ra]r.Hara 
t|)n Ufl not ^ %», Sijtw r 

ij'oi^ Yieldth«t),yf^44uvU|', iirBo]k(eKrttiitib>n 
Itm) b Bufoeaii, tttrifv wcadr ly ■m-Slw-rinMi, dut 

^f But, «c^^^|n»v4iJMe, Att 7niilK».'d|DH 
jiouT Rewnge upon 'H.SflKitfmiAiamcmta, UuUN 
wr noB2'« /OB, nerv &w you bef«e> 

f^ Prineefs of Cleve. fr 

C^. ITyoa fliou'd deal nnlcindly trirh ui, 'twoiVd 
ibrak onr Heim, fer we are the gmtldl Ttiinjfs. 

5/. J. And we will afe yon fo gently, fe kindly, like' 
little Bird^ you fh^ never repoit the £06 of your I^- 

£/ m warrant, ffifttr, theyTT [nil 09 hr a Gage, or 
tie oibr the Legs. 

Pol. No, upon the Word of a Man of Honour, ytnt 
t.t^ ftiall be at Uberty. 

C(/. What will you pinion our Wings thcBi and Itt 
Vts hop ap and down the- Hoale ? 

St. A. Net in the Hotrffe irfiere wrfircj pretty Soifl, 
lor there's two r^rcnoiia Sow-Cats w^ car you'. 

Bl. Yon r Wives, jnwmciir. 

Pal. Something; like, two melanchc^ ttHngji that fit 
pnrrinfin thr Chimney- Corner, and to exeidfe-their 
Sirite, kill Cricfccts. 

Ctl. Oh ! far God-&ke keep ui from your Wiyei. 
- St. jf. ril warrant tkce, lide St/amoKd, bk front 
my jealous Eliantr — — 

Pel. Andif anyWfeinJ«rejWdrrM-b«t(TOdiaHair 
•fthee, 1% DDrimick; Im thatWfrwttc better be 
a Widow, 

EI. But are your Wives bandrom.and well quality'df 
fat wfaater^ you- (ay to- ua, when you have bad your 
Will, you'll home at Nigh^ and for my. part I cry. All- 
Or None. 

Pill. And Afl ttwn fti^t have, dear Rogue, nerer fe*- 
my Wife's Beauty or Good-nature ; they are thingv » 
her like Saints and Angeb, which ffie believes never were^ 

nor never will be 9he'i a Balbn of Water againft 

Letctaeiy, and \oiAc% fo Itiaqi whenever 1- ifae her, like - 
Vinegar (he makes me fweat. 

' ^. A. And mine's To faKom, that a Goat with the 
Mp of Cantharides wou'd not touch her. 

Cel. But then for their Qpalities 

St. A: Such Scolds, like Tiiunder, they torn atf dM 
■Crink in the eellar. 

Pel Such Niggards, they eat £hdicn-9toff and-Cto- 
^les. finds — Once indeed raving mad my Wife feemed 

,52 ^be Princefs of Ckye. 

piodiBal! fbr a Rat having e« his way lliro' as fAA 
ChedeT &« ^Miti. the Trap for bitn with a Piece rf 
faring — But having caught him, by the Lead flie eat 
him- up without Mercy, Tail and all. 

£1. Are thCT not even with u», Siffei f 

St. J. 'Tb hop'd tho' the Hangman will take 'em vS 
ofonr Hands, for they are flirewdlyfufpeaedfiwWitchei, 
. jninc noints her fclf ev^rv Night, fets a Broom Staff in 
the Chimney, and op'nj tne Window, for what porpofe 
i>ut CO fly ? 

Pal. Gad, and my >Vife has Tets in the wrong Pla- 
ces ! (he's watted all over like a pnmpl'd Orange. 

iCil. Yet fuw, Gentlemen, you told thefe Hagi ano. 
ibet Story once, and made as deep Pioceftations to thera 
Mi you do to lu ? 

£t. A. I^ever, by this Hand, the Salt Souls fell in 
Loft with us, and haul'd us to Matrimony like Bean 10 
ifae Stake. 

Pd/. Where they fct a king black Thing upon ui, 
that cried, flaw and Hold. 

El Flit the Qnefiion they had been handfom, bronght 
you great Portkuu, were plcafant and airy, and willing 
to humour you. 

Satir Nemoun wHfh tbt Vidam. 

l^im. Nay, then I can hold no longer -. Z'death, tbere'i 
it. Madam, Willing I That Wil1ii:«neli Ipoils all, my 
Dear, my Honey, my Jewel, it paBs the Api>edK like 
Sack at Meals -' ■ -r" Give me the fmait difdainfiil fh^ 
that like brisk Chapif'g'* or fprightly Bat^arndf, makes 
jne fmack my Lips after Ihe's down, and kmg for t'othoc 

St. A. Nay, if your Grace come in, that's no dally- 


ni make fure of 01 

Tel Nay, and for my part I am refolved to fefflre 
another i come. Madam, nCi Driving, for I am like a 
Lion, when I lay hold, if the Body come not willingly 
] puU a whole XJmb away?-~> 


Tif Printefs of Clcve. 53 

Nem. Yea, Ma<kni, he fpeaks truth, take it on my 
'Word, who am a rational Creature, he ii a great fhrious 
'wUd Beaft. 

Cel. Pray Heaven he be not a horned Beaft: Is the 
Monfter married? 

Fid. Yes, Ladies, they are both married. 

£/. Married ' For HeavenVfkke, GeDtieraen, lave iw 
from the Cattle. ■ 

Pol. Why, what it the Breeze in yoar Taib ? Z* death, 
I^ies, we'll not eat yon. 

Cel. Say you fo f But .well not truft yoa, I am fine 
you both look hungrily. 

ViJ. It may be iheir Wives ufe 'em unkindly. 

El. And the poor ^ood-natur'd Thing) take it to Hearts 

Cel. Ifwcartisptty, they have both promifingLookt.. 
- Nim. Proceed, hveetSotds, we'll defend you to Deadly 
fpare iem not. 

BL Or it may be we millake all this while, and their 
pftiltil Looks are cauled by loving too much. 

Vid. Rwht, Madam, a little too uxorious ; Ha, Ha f 

St. A. Simt have not I one Word to by, but Hand 
to endure all Jerks like a School-Boy, with my Shirt up. 

Pel. I II have one fling at 'em tbo' I die fbr't i why 
Ladies you'll overOiool your felves at this rate — MoO: 
we only be the Buns to bear all your Rulery ? methinki 
yoa might fpend one Arrow at random, and take off 
that Daw thaf chatters io near you — ■' ■ Gad, and I 
think I paid 'em there — 

Cel. Butts and paw! let me never laugh a^in, if 
they be not witty too— ^ Why, you plealant Rogues, 
Z^tife 1 cou'd kils them if they did itot llink of M^- 

Si. a. Mum, mom, mom. Did not I tell yoa 'twa» 
a Madne^ to fpeak to them \ ■ 

El. They envy my Friend too here, this pleaianc CaD> 

Ctl This dear agreeable Perfon. 

Kem. Ay. damn me. Madam, the Rogues envy us — 

El. What a gentle Afpea.^ 

Ctl. How proper and airy 1 

G 3 EH- 

J4 ^ Prttue^ of Ckw. 

El. Sm, IkCK'i Blood in tbis Face. 

ViJ. Put* filood. Madam, u your Servics. 

Cii. Will you walk, dear Sir } give me ^our Hwd^ 
: £/. And mc youn - ■■ 

JVf»i. Come yoa dear raviihing Rognwi Vow &«• 
Ta»c, Mr. it»/r^ ■■ 

Fy. Ge&Ue Ur. £sM4 

El. Adieu, fweet Mr. fl«///. 

Cm: WmiW-Btau. Ho, Ha, Ha! 

. [£:c«L.rf >t«ia. Vid. Cet. Si 
JSt. 4. WcUi ril(oaI>urchi^. 

P0Z Lord [ thoti art always fo iii^ flow»— — HA 
^D never ■ caft Countefa fiw me i — • - " 

St. 4. <::asa^ atww to the Ball and thsa fiult fte, 4e 
I)ukeofA'fiM«r^ u lAcGaiaM to night —^ ud b«aM» 

at hi Palace, becaufe 'ds liie KiDg't Birtk-Dar Let 

me ice what new Fancy for the Mafquerade X Ok 1 1 ha** 

it ; Bccaofe the Town if much takn wi^ Pwt«ae- 

telling, I'll a^ the dumb Maa, the HigUanderihat rawb- 

fachaNaife,aBdth<Hi'ftak bei^ loterpieter Caae 

alpng, andaa wegpiH iolUuA AaeiathaSigDt. 

Pel. Itca/ Ktme, Icc'i prei^fa a liltle befen we fiif*. 
JM what lita £r Lotchwy, iMcaiiie we aui)' Bjck avr 

£a ^. Why tlulp, tiiat's a glaatiim l^ecswd Eys •— 
«rthui-— for a swift Hand j or thu, fot aWfaoieik 
a Corner i or chiu, dowsrigbt CtKkdding. 

~ Pal. Well, I {wear this will bn nu« S^orK attd fo mj- 
daran'd Spouiie I am refvlvcd to ticlcje her with a Iquees'd. 
Eye, and a moilL Haiul, Mid a Whore in a Corner, 'tilt 
fhc co&feis her Iclf guilty of ^ownrifl^ C»ckddoin ; theoi 
in Revenge for her M Impudence, Tue for a Divorce: 

And twldifig to her Face tb« ftying Labal, 

Call hci ia open Court, iji* Whon AB^I- 

sn^dL, Google 

S C £ N £ II. 

S*tir tht PriiKt and PHwtwJs iTCIem- ' 

F. C. Madam, tbe King cimuBiiiJi me to tXUHi ' 
Hit Daugl^tCT iMo Sfm», and ftnlier kUs, 
Becaofe do Pritxeli nvala yaw ita Famv, 
You will obliae du Cbuft in going web iM. 

Prtnctfi CMy Laird, I aot pr^ar'd, and leaw riKCoMk 
Wkh Alch a J0y as woa'd adwk ao fioinidt -' ^^ 

i*. C. Aivtau'd ftdmie r6 boui^dsl and wbf F beowfr 
i( takes you froai the C^iarihi wbicfa yoa wm'd flsui ;. 
This is a Viatda of Inch lin^t indeed, 
Aa bM* bat you can bobft, nor I deplore. 
But, Madam, Riumoor fay«, the King ikteadt 
To j*ia anoth^ #>lh nic 

Princefi C. Who» ^ Lord f 
.J*.. C: 'Tww (tMght at firft the Chrv»Htr Jt Gui/t. 

Princefi C. He w yottr Ptien^ nor cwa-d the Kh^ 
cfaoofe bcMfef. 

P. C. I fa]^ it! M 'c«ras i:&oii{hl tht Ouke BfQn^t-i- 
Bnt I «(ft gtMi IiWIrtian) by the Quvetr, 
That. HeooOr Is ix'A upon the Duke Sinmatt. 

Printtfi C, Nmet,*i, xaj LoAdi 

P. C. Maimnaia. 

frinafiC. For what Rtefba? 

P. CBectofelwovMtbeDaufdua-QgMBtBgunlMtt. 

Priitetfi C 'Twat lafh^F dece, agaitoft yotir Intetftft 

P^ C. Perhnp* ttinot tM tote vet to ixcff\a.Dt. hitti. 

Prmt^ C. Do't tXen, be quidc, Ntmatri A'ili Ihaie 
EdipTe yoof Qtory — — . Qyauf HcdwUf, 

P. C. Ha ! I imft <tanfda 
The Soldiers lova him, attd ke iMftn the Falm 
Already from tte Mar&ak cf the Field. [Siar: 

i'r/flcf/S e. Pka* in ihc CkUH he's oSiA, dM Ki&%< 
Ym fee e^cfaNi^ at every £aterUi«nbnt, 
Where he moves, what Trottps of Beautitt follow t 
SLHv Ue Qgecns fpuk kim, and ail Eym adrnwe^m — 
G + J.C. 

56 the Princefs of Clevc 

J*. C. Ha r Cfiarini—r- . , 

Princefi C. Afa ! my Lord— what have I doM? 

P. C. N(Khin|, my Cbartra, but admire Nemaun ! 

HeaTcn and Earth I and if I lud but patience 
To hear yoa out, bow had you loft your felf 
On that eterna] dgeft ofyoarLovei 

No, Madam, va, 'tia ftUe, 'tis no Nmuun : 
'Twas my Invention 10 find out the Truth, 
Your Trouble has convinc'd me 'tis Nttnaun ; 
Which corft Difcovery in another Woman, 

1 (houM have made Of her too eager Joy. . [Virtue, 
Why fpealc you not f you're fbock'd with your owl 
The Refolntitm of your Jufiice awes yon. 

Which cannot, dares not give it jcif the Lye.. 

PriKctfi C. My Lord, my Lore, myUet Alai,my 

pity me I I know not what to aniwer, 
I'm monaUy dham'd, Fm on the Rack ; 

Bat rpare thia liumble Paffion — Take nK witk yon. 
Where I may never fee a Man again. 

p. C. O rife, my Ckarirti! rife if poflaje ( ' 

ni force thee to be mine in fpite of Fate : 
My cooAant Martyrdom and deathleii Kiitdnefi, 
My more than mortal Patience in thefe Sufferings, 
Shall poi^ his nobleft Qualities : O Heav'n I 
No fear, my Cbartrei, tho' thefe Sorrows fid). 
That I fuft>ea thy Glory ; thou haft Strength 
.To curb this Pai£on in, that elfe may end ns. 
. All that 1 aik thee, is to bend thy Heart. 

Princtft C. I'll break it. 

P. C. Tum it from Ntmaurt, NimaHrs - • ■ ■■ 
But Ob I that Name prefertci ihy Dango* greater; 
Look to thy Honour then, and look to gimei 
' I ask it as thy Lover and thy Husband; 

1 beg it ai a Man wtiofe Life depends 
Upon thy Breath, that offers chee a Heart 
AU blcttiing with tlie Wounds of mortal Love, 

All hack'd and gafiCd, and ftab'd and mangl'd o'er { 
And yet a Heart fo true, in fpite of Pain, 
As neV yet kiv'd, not ever {ball again, [Exit t. C 

The Prince/s of Cleve. 57' 

Entir Irene. 

^rM«. Ha ! Madam, rpeak , how is it with your Heart r* 

Primctfi C. As witb a Dmoroiu Slave, condomn'd to'- 
Tliat ftill cries one, he cannot, will not bear it i 
And yet bean on. 

A-tni. Ah, Madam ! I woold fpeak. 
If yoa coold bear the dreadful Newa I bring. 

PritKcfsCKoi ! thou canftnotaddio Grief likemine.- 

Irent. May 1 demand then, if you liave not lold 
Xht Secret to your Hnsbaad f 

Princtfi C. Ha f Irtni 

Why doft thou ask? 

/iTMf . BecaoTe bntnow-^ 7Mtr«o», a Ladyofthe^ 
ToMme'tiiblaz'datCoarti NtmauruMtiiti^Ax,. 

He i»belo»'d by one of fuch nice Virtue, 
That fearing—— — Icfl the Paijan might betray her. 
She own'd, confefs'd and told it to her Htuband. 

/>nV{/i C. DeathandDefpair dowNinusrihw 

Innt. Heown'dittothe^iWaMr, whoafen [avow il?'" 
Tdd it Madam Teurmn- — — — flic to others;. 
TTis true, ^^flUHri Cold not theLAdy't Name, 
Nofwoo'd confeTs himfelf lobe the Partyt 
But yet iheCoirtin general does- believe it. [ever;, 

Princtfi. C. I am undone my Fame is loft for,- 

And D«ith, Irent, muit be my Remedy : 
Tis true, indeed, I laid my Bubm of'a, 
I iheWd my Heart to that ungnuefnl Clem, 
Who fioce, in dan^roui Scardi of him I love,. 
To the eternal Riiin of my Hoaoiii>» 

Has trufted a third Peribn But awayi . 

I hear hisTread, and am refolv'd to tax ham- 

Entir Princt Clcve. 

Ah t Sir, wliat hive you done ? if you muft kill me, 
Are there not Dagger*, Poifon I -—-But the Jealoua 

G 5 ' Are.; 

An cruel flill, and thoughtful Id Revenge i 
And fin^e Death's too liak : Bilft your Will, 
Of knowing Names my DuQ* durft not tdl joii>^ 
Obligp jtm to faMTt-y bm ki untber i 
S«to dwulttth* ittmvimyiwi. 
That the whole Court muft kiiow tt ^ 

i>. C. Ha!lu>Mr wiwt; 
3Ci)ow my Dilhonour j htre yon-told it tbCB ^ 

/■rtW^y; C. No, 'ti*>«ur MdUyen tevcaPi il»Si« 
TegainaCoiiUcmbrniore {}i(cttnr)ii 
Jl Lady of the <^e«tt'0«A ww daclu'd it; 
Xo your etffisal Shanwyaa hoM £w«lg'<^ it -. 
She had it from the Vidanr, Sn of Gbtfrtfa^ 
jttaA he from the Duke Nmuur* 

f. C. Ntmairl' ■ 

Saeg Jfiaeurs know you love him i B«U and Forte* I 
AkI tliM i know it raa, aad not r«v«i|« itf Elttf 

Pr/vr^// C. Tbu!i yet t» feek ; hi wJU •Kow^jCmr 
To be coacoK'd, he ofter* not at Nftma ;. 
SlUyet'tiiibnnd, 'Cii kwrnu bcli»'d by all, 
£te caMwc boU it ;. '(win be Aonly pofled, 
Tha^ Clmvf, your Wife's tiwt ouft d^bMOUi'd ffic: 
Sbtt told hmt rf 1 

P-. C. ii't iKiffl>l< I tolft ium P 
Peace, Peace t nd if it Itw is.hvmaa Powet. 
% Maiqn oaLnly^tvU. qiA MHrd'tvTt^ tell mfi 
CunpBle that Face of auih'd Hyjgxfify, 
Mad anfwer to a '!>«)>— Wad i« my WWrcft, 
T& fp«k of this ? Wm I B»t ra^lwr tj'd 
ToiwiA it bwicd in ihff Grave, in Hell i 
Vhencekjniaht ■fey rife to blot my Howw^ i ■ — j q 
Xkl^you baveicen him, Iqt my Hope* of Heaves* 
You. kave met ami intnchana'fl yow lecret SooUi; 
Chi that com|iloRed : fiqca 1 bore ffi t»melf 
Your firft ConfeffioHj I fliould bear, the latter. 

PriucfJiC- 8eliBV« it tf yo? [Jcafc ■ -■ 

P. C. I moft believe it 

This hft PracBc4v^ hat asinaik'd yow Sml I 
e» im jm cwQ fiwi^ aui iumn }><» iHfc Ua : , 

STaj', tovyouT mater Freedom, 70U bavcjoin'^ 
To make this fo^th'd deceltcd Cimt yow Stale. 

Ha I 1 beliiv'd yoa might o'ercQiac tKi* Paffion : 

do weB yen luiew 10 charm me wiih tbc fhow 
0£ ftcDiing Virtae, till I loft my Rcali». 

J»r<«f/^ C. 'Til likely. Sir, it was botfecoilni Virtue 
AndyoudidiH to juJga ia Idwdiy of im - ' ■ ■ ■■ 
I was miaakin too in that ConfciSan, 
Bccau& ! tfaouglu that you woiid do m» ja&Ka: 

P. C. Tod were millakeH wbeA yoa thought I would V 
Suta you forsiot I Wa^ ileAwraw, 
iSenteOc'd and doom'd by Fate, or rather damn'd,- 
To levc yoot« my GraVe— And could 1 b«aF 
A Rm^ wiutand when f wa» jflor Hmtaflrf, 
Anifwhen you ow-n'd your Paflkm to my Face, 

Confers' d. yoOi lot'd me mu^ •&» iov'd Itkn more : 

Ha— ^Is not this cnongh to make me mad ? 

Vrinctfi Q. Yo» lutra ibe Foww tO fet d J^t agen j 1 
Why do you not end me ? 

F.C. Nt^ril endmyfel^ 
My Thoughts are growhioo violent for my Keafoa. 
By diis laft Ufage, Oh I thou halt undone me ) 

JEiknow not what This oughtnotto be thin«^ 

I have ofiended, andwou'd fuefOTp■TdsB^ 

fint yet I UuHi, theTiea&a is toe giolai. 

After that moA Dnaatatal Coafcffiaii, 

I wonder saw that I have livM lb ItMg : 

Cbtifefs, and then divnifie,. make me your Band——* 

It fcents too lar, the <^d of Love flies wide, . 

He gets cha Wind, and ftopi the Neife at thisi; 

BTo more— Farewel— Falfe Ctarfnt, falft Ifimurtt 

Salk Woild, falfc All, fmce CiartretU not true I 

But yoa your WiAi with lor'd Ntnuun fhall have ? 

Andflkonly fee ysut Husband in cha Gmk. [Bail;- 

FrMuJi C.fola; 

ftafe Wwld, fal& ClivtJ»iiiLCharlrtsimaNtm->r4 i- 
Kkitffd M aO, a loiig.and laA Smv*A; 


60 The Princefs o/'Clcvc. 

From all Ccmverie, to Ddkita let me Sj, 

And in foine eloomy Cave forgotten lie. 

Hy Bower at Noon the Shade oflbme old Trees, 

With whittling Winds t' indulge my Pomp of Eafe, 

And lulling Murmurs roll'd from neighbooring Seas 

Where I may fomeiimea haften to the Shore, 

And to the Roclu and Waves my Loli deplore; 

Where when I feel my Hour of Fate drawi on. 

Left the fidfe World (hould daim a parting Groan, 

hf y Mother's Giioft may rife to fix my Mind, 

And leave no Thought of Tendemcfs behind. [Exir. 

A C T IV. S C E N E I. 

Mufick, Songs, Maskers^ &c. 

£»»r Nemonrt witb Mufick^ Lady Poltrob 


BE has eonfcfs'd to me he intend! to cuckold 
T St. Andri when he walks in liii Sleep i 

I Therefore, if Love fliou'd infpiie me to nick 
I the Opportunity, I hope you will nocbar tbf 
Boor which your Husband "prn-i 

L. P. Ingrateful Mcnfter V 
■ Ntm. Ingratefiil, that"i certain; and it lid ioyourPow- 
cr tomake-him a Monller. 
Z. P. I dare oot^ 
JV/M. What? 
I. P. Tniftyon. 

itf>*i. Nay, then I'm, fuje tkm w3t let me Unt ia » 
iiew the Power you have over me. 
L. P. As how my Lord? 

Aim. Why, when I have thee in my Arma, by Htavn 
ftl qoit my Joys at dt]» Drfire-— ~_ 


D,3.i™dL, Google 

fife Prttuefs of Clcve. 6i 

L. P. That wiU indeed be a perftft Trial of yoor 
love i come then throngh the Garden Bici-StunaiKl 
When yon lee the Candle pot ont, thnift o^at the Door. 

Nem. By Heaven Til eat thy Hand — ^Thon dear 
fiveet Sedncer! how it fim my Fancy to flcal into « 
Garden, to ruftle through the Trecj, to ftomble np a 
narrow Pair of BK^cflur^ to whifper throngh the jfole 
of the Door, to ki& it open, and nil into thy Arnia witt- 
% Flood of Joy——, 

L.. P, F8rewe],thcCon»paj>ycon»e(,.IinBft leave yooi 
a whUe to engage with my Hujband: Voo'U ftllaileep 
before -the Hour — ^'— ■ 

Nem. If I do, the very Tnmjbort of Imagination fliali 
«arry me m my Sleep to thy Bed, and I'll wake in the 
™V [Swri-PoK 

So there * one m^the Fembrake, and if (he (Hr t ill Morning 
Ibaveloftmy Aim; butnow.why, what hare we here T 

■ iftifiwa/ Whore, bv this Light have!? for the 

forward brisk, flic, that ^romis'd me the Ball-Affignaiion, 
that laid, therewas nothinElikellippingoBtof the Crowd 
into a. Comer, breathing Ihort an Ejaculation, and te- ■ 
taming aa if we came from Church — Let me fee ; lU 
pnt on my Mask, fling my Cloke over my ShouJder, and 

Tiew 'em as they pats : Not thou, nor thou- , ■ 

E'nitr Toumon in tht Hahit a/a Hugonot; ■ 
JTcur. Ah, thou andean Peribn. have I hunted thee- 
there, like a Hart from theMoimtains to the Valfles and 
thou woaM'ft not be found; verily, thou hart 'been 

among the Daughters of the PAr/i/f/aw — ^-Nay if 

yon we mnocent; Hand before me, and reply ni^ha 
Words of my Month . i-/ ro in* 

Nem. I (hall mily ' 

r«r. Say then Haft thou not defiled thy fejfwitft 

VKy DaUkib. fmce lall yoa fHl npon my Neck, and 
lov d much ? ■ 

Nim. Nay, verily— —_ 

W Have you not werheatedyonr Body with adal- 
^ W,n« ? Have von notion at a Play, wr tS, 
•dFnut after the lewd Orange- Woman? """"^'^'^ 

tit nrPrnufi^Om: 

Tour. And yet,iiitftbinkt,tlwi«iaBOtilie£uu Colov 
in })OUi Cbccks, noD does the Spirit dance in. voac £jie f» 
&tmaly i vfli^ do jaa act if^taxLtaei \IMimajiiiig~ 

Han. T*itraeii.taiB!d Hcrttick I wh^diaa dfeu RalcaV 
iAUis fucli& new Fiolidi, that tlin L am cngj^'du dce^ 
M Damiutiaa to lUMthcr, thon Ihalt not 'inm m 

c sMan uiat be^ ihi 

J£m7. I love 
to- Word, 

; MtM. ^mdla^WonuKtlutbic^^ li«rVn>ttLherai& 
Wnd, yet loves her Neigh boiir^Jier. feU*- — I wmi^ 
tain be tn nuKatt wid^jQu. 

C«/ Am Iwidi^Si; beaw& I an-refalT'd ncva t*- 
fte yea nwie. 

Ntm. Never to fee me mwe ^ tlw ftcafao-T 
*■ O/ BecauA I hale yon. 

i^m. Andyot I believe joaloveineU^becaale yw 
«ie preeilc to liie Minute. 

Ctl Trae ; yet I hate yaa juflly^ heutil]f, aad. ou* 
Kcioufly ■ ' 

JVm. By G>d,>iidrilIovettiBe a* hearaly,ia%aad.- 
)naIid0uQ}',astllIUlcan'& lovemefbr tliq'Slood: Cobb* 
kway, nddleandrnnnfUd theft yixtimt,, 

Enttr PoUrot, St. Jtain ^/liii. loifA SUoB^r, 
La^ Pokrot aming vf t» 'hs. 

£/.' Bat i» it tine indeed, that y^our friend caafeU.dK 
die A^ona of our lift, pafl, greftnt,. and. to coste, ^ 
cannot ^eak one Word } 

P,b/. O hc'a in&Uiblc I why; «diac, did.yoa mver iMt' 
ofyour fecond-fight Men, your dumb Sighiaiakn that 
IcU F<»tunes ? Why, you vrou'd thinli the Dtvil iitilcU. 
IKre is hin, he ^eauu. lb exafily^ 

£Z I thought you had- bid be waft-dumb? 
' Pit. Bight; but I am his Inteqiretef, and wbea the- 
Pit comes on himt he blows thrau^ m» like a.Tnakf. 
sod ftnightl betxime hit ljfica]a^^ri»p«b 

l^-P'.fi3^Sit.wxtaati.)anm» Taatmt teUat- 


LM I. .J I, Google 

Tbt Ptvteeft ^ Chvvi- flj 

ftl- Ay, and there were a thodand of yoo^ ht wilt. 
nm you 'eia war like the Cbni^croli-row, and nercr 
siiTi aTictle;heIhalItellyouhuName[hatcnedGod: 
Ifldj you when yw fneez'd kfl ; (cU yoa uihen yoa wiid(.'<t. 
kft Mvhen and where }umi jcrudi'd lall.i and wlteie ywi. 
fit o' *•— -Ti'iir 

.J/. Pr^ let Jiim tell us then, for we arc SiRen: onr 
Tenpen and Cooditioiu, whether married orvntnamn^. 
with all the Tmiicmnenciet thereunto belonffJBe. 

Pfl. rU (fe», Sou oftheSun, and St^wrorof 
^ Stars — : 5t^.Ha.ha 

^o/. Look ye, look ye. he's pleas'tl to tell rot), hot yoi^ 
moft go Dear him ; for hemnAliiokiiiyoiv Han<^ tiudl, 
^OHT £uG. Breaib, and wherever elfe he pleafes. 

St. Andje m^tt ihrni iviti hth hii Haudi^ 
tuft hit PiBgfr in bit MeulA, and laughs. 

Pot, In Jamint- Damimt Bnuiu •■ I proteft I am con- 
ftanded'i well Ladies. I could nM have thooebr h had. 
Been in yon j but 'tis certainly true, and I mutt out witk 
it: FirA,he(ajw, YOU are both married, yon areb»li U-- 
bidiiunu beyoad ExamiJe, and your Husbifids zie thft. 
greateft Comutori ia Gtrijtudm -, 

Pal Ay, indeed, indeed, and ipdeed- Hfc fiir« W' 
Wea Couple tif i^i^aliaa^t, afid the Stews canBecftufy 
TOOi he fays, your Thoughts are fteW with a Cmbo- 
■ty ; nay, nay,you have the Green- Sicknefs of the Scm^ 
il^udi nuu upon nothing bat neighing ScsQieBst Axa- 
^g Bbors, and bellowiag Rilli— ■ — 

l..P..iOh ! I confbfi, I corjdi Bate HfBvm 

fike, dear Sir'~-«—Letit nottake Air, &~c}ieB wean- 
bath nndpoe. 

El Oh! Undone, undone, Sfr, iTour Husbands fhon'd; 
bnowiliforthey.arsaCoupleof dwj^loofefi, tr«iUe> 
fi)n), impertinent Cuckolds alive. 

Po/.ALickr alack O yixailff hvtImShammj 

SuDQchtflri'S'herfrointbe Window, and thcDog^fliu- 
•« her. 

£. e.&a siv*. St, a8k.hiffl baw mwy ti m et ' 


64 The Pn'nce/s of Clcve. 

. Pa/.Whav how cuuiy timea have you cockoUcd'imi 

SI. Spare oui Modefty, yen make the Blood fit fla|& 
ia OUT Facei. 

Ptl Bat by Jm>/, Til let it tnt; FUlidd herby the. 
Muzzle, and .flick her like a Pig 

I. P. WiUyou fpeak to him, Slrf 

Pf/. See, he uoderAands yoa without it ; he layi, your 
Ini^ttuica are iohumerable, your Fonucations like the 
Hairt of yoar Head, and your Adulteries like the Saads 
on the ScBi-fhore; that yon are all Fifh downward ; that 
£a/VWife i and that when yoa were liitlfe' 
Girls of Seven, you were fa wanton, your Mbtben ^'d 
your Handa behiwf you ■ 

El All this we confdi to be cnie ; but we confefi a» 
if Fate bad found out any fort of Tocdi, but thole le»lai. 
Btwues our Huabandt . .. 

L. P. Whole Witt are as dull as their Appetitea^— 

£/. Mine's liich an Utenfil, as is not &t to weda s. 

L. P. Nor mine the Beetle to driVc him. 

Si. a. Nay then, 'lis time to uncafe and be icveng'd.. 

JC-i*. Hark you Stfunipet ■ ' ■ 

Bl- tHa, ha, ha, are you not fitted finely ? 

L.P. J*^— VouroBfltumFertune-tellers.maftyoa? 

El. And think we could not know you ? 

L. P. Well. Gentlemen, Ihall hamely Btek go donw 
with you at lait ? 

Pel. But didA thou know me thenindeed? 

L. P. Ai if ch^fweet Voice ofyonrs could be di^uis'd 
in anr Ihapc. 

Pel Nay, 1 confels, I have a Whirl in my Voice, «_ 
Warble that is particular — 

El And what fay you,. Sir, fliall mufty Wife come 
into your Grace agen i 

St. A. She fhall ; and here's my Hand ont, alt Ftiendi 
XiU, and when X leave thee agen, may I be Cocknld' 

~ PbI. Certain, as I llVe, all this proceeded from liit 

Lady, my dreaming Cocked Wife coa'd never think 

vil\ wSk I am refined thit very Ni^^ when he. 


^ Trincefi of Cleve. 65 

ramblet in Lu Sim, eo tntch hira, flip to hii Wife, 
and fay DOtbing. Hey I Come, come, wlicK are thefe 
Dancers I ft little DiverTion, and then for Bed. 
D A N CI. 

four, [to £/.] I have lock'd the ViJem inyoar Clofet, 
who will be fiure to watch your Hiubsnd'i rlEng, there- 
fore be not furiaia'd {Exit Tour. 

Sf. A. Come, WeU, let't away to Bed. 

Ei. And what then i 

St. A. Nay, Gad, that I can't tell ; for wliat with 
DflDcing. Singing, Fencing, and my laft Diuchefs. I am 
Tery diowz;)'. 

P»l. And lb am I ) perhaps our Wirea have g^ven as 
Opium, left we fliou'd diAtirb 'em in the Nizht. 

EL Don't thefe Men deferve to be fitted T 

Ctl. They do, and Fanune grant they may — Hear uti' 
O I bear m, good Heaven, for we pray heanily. 

[£jr»a/, at Nemours and Mareaerite in%tr, 

Ntm. Wai ever Man &, h\e& with fnch ^flemon. 
Thon ebbine, Aowing, ravilhing, racking Joy I 
A Skin & wiite and Toft, the yielding Mould 
Lett DOC the Fingen ftay upon the Dint ; 
Bat irom the buateoiu Dimples flip 'em down 
To PleaTuret that muft be without a Name. 
Vet Hands, and Arms, a»] Breafls we may remember. 
And th^t which I love, no fmeUin^ Art, 
Hot fweet Natnte, as juft peeping Violett, or op'ning Buds. 
. Marg. Then do you love me i 

^tm. O t 1 could die, methinkt, this very Hour t 
But for the lufdous Ht^ia of thoo&ndt morct 
And all like thefe t yet when I muA go oat, 
I^ it be thiM, with Beauty laazhing by me, 
S<a)0i, La^t, and Canopies, wUle I lacrifice 
To thee the M dear etxiing Drop of Love. 
$at fi)^ me now that Face. 

yoa fliall qcvct fee me. 


Disn^dt, Google 

§6 ®r Pfittee^ xf Oevfr. 

Pim. tm Mij, aamiet bf ftlMc JEiftdiwfi mft. ■ , 

More. Smear tbtB. ^ I 

Am. WhM i 

Maf^. Never to touch ;«» dear domeflick Ihc^ 
That tivea in Studei to ^ the World but me. 
poytmpK^, I kiMK^yoBMwr 

JKin. I do, ftnd ftnar ( but M* riiefe squid Teraait 
^t yoa fiiall never tooch a Nfan hit Ac t 

Marg. I will - Bm how can yoo convince aicf 

Oathiwith yon. Libertines of Hoarar,al«t9 titdcpai^fe. 

Ntm. But this tnalt felitf; tbt«, tWe is more pl«&&je 
h thee tSta Eftje^cnt, thaa ia Ivtr arid all WowiinfciaA 
before ttt thoa haft Inrpiration, Ecftafy, andTnM'pDHb^ 
aH chefe bewitching )tffi tkat Mak* M«n mad < — i-^- 1 

jaiy, all dufe raon&oOi, diaMkal ^o, diM (Muce ' 
Toinw Viisim frmi ttwb inMMnt Hornet, iw ^b oa 
the HigbJmy (ft Helt ana D mm a ii wt, 

Jftai. Har hal mf Mtrgm^in, 'h'rptfffibler 

Jlf«r;. CaltmeHMynurs, norvhMcttfiM agef^ I 

I am conrinc'd j-oo'tt Tfsitora all aSfc«, T^ist^i t 

And from dni-Heiir retw«nc» y»B — MNtetrMbVi^ 
Yes, I will irv the Jbfs of Life )9te')«n^ 
BuE not vtiA Men of ^ulity, yoa Dirfili of HbaoHt t 
No, I wiUfiftiriymy Prid<,I»aafet, Ray vai RaH ^ a^ < 
morefiifdr, I 

Sv all the Fowcrtof HcweKand EaKk] vriflt 
rb churge my (wins, l^ing Tl«l«l iMi, 
For an obedieiu, whdfaaa^ Antd^ttg Fori. | 

AW. VThfthjtwiUiiMlMtbctbvtmaafytblMlir 
TakeyoUTeurRamUe, Madua, and IH take ukie. 
But is't poBible for <me of yMr Moe Tate « bed »tmA^ 

Marg. To chooA, » choofi^ nar Lattk 
A Foof: now bf my Will awl VndeoT HnM^. 
There's FieedMi, fvKf and CMUfm ia'tt 
He tricklea to the Frown, mi Ok* fti^inntl' 
ft^ei the aoBUtn; «f bimwiAoMbhJidflg;' 
And wktt woaMYl^maaBCMv? Now view thrvlbi^ 
Ymt Mm of SoriiV tlttt miMs de^Mfdt r»w^. 
That ndi pedlely home atBreak oS Onf, . 


Tit Prince^ ifCieve. #7 

Tluiden die HanTe. bnini half tbc Famity, {day ) 
OiesiWliere'sii^ Whore, what will Ihe Aew till Dooa^- 
m^hen fheapptfari, and kindly £oei to hdp hiio. 
Roars oat, a Sh^ a Walking-Shop of Scents, 
FlavaiiTi of Phyfujc, and the clammr Bath, 
The Stench of Orange- Flowr't, the Devil Pulvilio; 
Thefe, thefe, he cries, are the blell Husband's Joys ! 

Nrm, I fweai mofi naoual aad unaffefted — — Htt 

Mm. But if he chance to dA hhv dvillj. 
7ake Eeed, there'i Covert-Malice in hit Smiley 
Millions to one the Villain has been whoring, . 
AdA comes to try Expenments eaher; 
Xtefides a thouTand Uoder-Plou and CrolIe% 
Prefcribiog Silence liilt where'er he comes, 
Na chat, be aha, of Colcnirs, Points or Fafliioni> 

JUni. Frach on. Divine, ha! fa% ^— ^ 

Slarg. Let me not hear yoia ailt ^ ilckly ^^ft- 
'W^hether £he fixind ObArummi at the Waters. 

ifeni. Fy. that's obfcene — 

M^, liiasdamns the ASeflationof our Prattle^ 
Jl^ fwears he'll gag the Clack, or what it notfe.. 

iSSu*. Nay, hole ■ --' i . . 

Marg. Send for the ncw-foood Lods — • 

JWmb. What, mad' 

Marg. Do Villain. Traitor ■■ —- 
Contrive this Mifciuff if choa canA, far me > 
Send thou the Padlock, bat I'll &id the Eey. [Sieiti 
. Nem. Whirgoes thePartridgeonlhcpuriii^Wug ••• 
Vei when 1 fee my time I muft recal het i 
Fw fliehasadmirafalelluiggs inhei, fuc^asiflgainnot, 
Ac Princefsof G&ve may fix me to her, without naufeatin|^ 
the Vice of Conftuuy ha! .&/b>nrA, 

. Zw^ Bdbmore.. . . 

'What Mem, my Deu, ha^ — . halt Uon bund het f. 

StiL I have. 

^n. Where, how, whn, and by whttiuaiit? 

■ Mi& 

6i 1%e Princefs of Cleve. 

Bill. After I had enquired after the Prince's Healtby 
I ajk'd a Woman of hij Lady, who told me. 
She was retired into the great Bower in the Garden. 

Ntm. The very Place where firft I fiw and lov'd her. 
When after I had fev'd the Prince's Life, 
He brought me late one Ev'ning to the View, 
There Love and Friendfliip firft began; 
My Love remains, and Friendfliip, as 
Much asMan can have ftjr his Cuckold; 
Nay, I know not that Man upon Earth 1 lorelb weO, m 
oMi'd take To much rrom,aa this hopeful Prince of C/nv-^ 
Pidft thou fee her in the Gardei) t —■ 

Bill. My Lord, I did, where fhe appear'd like her that 
gave ASton Horns, with all her Nymphs about her.bufy 
in tying Knots which fhe took from Baskets of Ribbons 
that they brought her; and methought Ihe ty'dand on- 
ty'd 'em lb prettily as if Ihe had been at croG Quellions, 
or knew not what Ihc did, heiFace, her Neck and Armt. 
quite bare 

titm. NomtueiiflliTe HI fee her to Night, for die- 

heroick Vein comes upon ate ' Death and the Devil, 

what (hall become of the Back Stair Lady then ? — hailc- 
thee, BtlLtmere, take this Key : Doft then hear. Rogue ? 
go to ^t. jtuJrt's Hoafe, through the Gardei) up the Back- 
stairs, pufh open the X)oor and be bleft. Hcl! ! can't I 
be in two Places at once } hark thee, give her this, and. 
this, and this ; when thsq biteft her wiBi a parting 6bw» 
figh oat Nemauri. 

Bt&ril do'i 

Entir tie Frikei »f Clevr. 

JVMir. Go to TwnRDi for the reft, lie'll inftrafi thee or 
the Management : Away. 
Ha I be comes up bat flowly, yet he feet me. 
Perhaps he'i jealous, why then Tm jealous too ; 
Hypocrify and Softne^^ with' idl' the Arts oS Woman, 
Tip my Tongue. 

f • C I come, rni {x>rd, to uk if yoo love me-. 



'■ The Prince/s of C\c7e.. 69 

N*m. Love thee, my Civf / by Heaven, ereirctlfaw 
Tlio* were myPrsjwfiiUoftredtotheFMej: [thee. 
If I mufl choofe a Friend, grant me, ye Powers, 
The Man I love may feize my Heart at once ; 
Gnide him the perieA Temper of youriUvci, 
With ev'17 manly Grace and fliiniiiK Virtue t 
Add yet the Bloom of Beauty to his Youth, 
That I may make a Mifircis of him too. 
P. C. O Heav'n I 

Nem. 'Hut at hrft View our Souli may kindle. 
And like two Tapen kindly mix their Beam«i 
I knd^ and pray'd, and wept for fiich a Bleffing, 
And they returnM me more thaa I cou'd ask. 
All that wai good, or great, orjuftiathee. 

P. C. You iky you love me, I muA make the Proof, 
Pat you have tvought it to a Doubt — ^ •• • 

iitm. in what f 

7. C. In this : you have'not pvm me all your Heart. 
Yoa mufe of late, ev'n on my Bridal Day, 
I law you fit with a too thooghtful Brow i 
Yoa ii^h'd, and hung your Head upon your Hand : ' 
Nay, m the midli of Laughter — 
You flarted, blufh'd, and cry'di it was wondrous well. 
And yet you knew dm. what — fpeak like a Friend, 
What is the Cade, my Lord ? 

Nta. Shall 1 deai. plainly with yoaf I'm not well. 

P. C. I do believe it, how happen'd the Diftempcr I 

Nem. It ii too deep to fcarch, nor can I tell you. 

P. C. Then you are no Friend, 
Shou'd C/ev* thus anCwer to Nemomri, I cannot) 
Say rather, that yoa will trult a Man 
You do not love. 

Ntm. By Heav'n I do. 

P. C. By Heaven you do ! yct'di toodecptolearch 
For focha Ihallow Friend. 

NtM. Of all Mankind \ 

You ought not — 

P. C. Nay the reft, 

Nim. It is not lit, 
Sc fiuisfied I'll bear it ta mi Grave whate'er it be. 

8 P. C. 

70 Th PritiE!^ gfCicve. 

P: €■ Yatnein Love^ my Lord, 
And if 7oad*notfw<>4'— ^But wkcK^adiciwedf 
You Son, j<M ckai^o, jva arcKiotfacrMkn, 
You blulh, yoo're all oonftnuBt, yoa cutb away. 

Nem. Wt^ takekdm; 'liilrijelMii inLwi^ 
In Tortoie, RacIgi, in alt dM HeUa of Lov^ 
Of hoptiekr reftle&, and Bterml Lwe. 

P. C. Her NMie, my Lord. 

JVim. Her Name, toy Lord, to you ? 

P.C. . Ts me.CoBfiifuni.Plaguea, and Dcadi upon mc I 
Why mt to me ? and wherefore did you (ay. 
Of all Mankind I ongitt nxi — There ywfftopc, 
Sutwou'dlwvcfaid — Tapry lnto'tlu9B«&ic£ — - 
Yet fpeak to eaft the Trooblet af ny Soul, 
By nil oar Friwidfliip, by the Life dun gav'ft nCr 
I do conjure thee, tfiunder' in vy Ban, 
^TiiCinr/rMthatthoulov'A, C^r^r»my Wife 

AVm. Your Wife, my Lord? . |lt. 

P.C. My Wife, my Lord i and I Bull tare yon Ow« 

Nfm. I will not toll you, Sir, wbetig I kve; 
Yet tttink me ;i«c & bie, were it yoBr Wifc^ 
That all the fubdeft Wit of Birth or Hell 
Shwild' make me vent a Sectet of that Nature 
To^ny Mair o» Emtb, much Ids tvyoui 

P, C. Yet yoQ cou'd bafely icU it t«-^ fiJmiti 
And be to all the Court — But I wafle cinic 
By all the boiling Venom of my PaSc»i, 
ril make you- own it ere we port —— Dilpatch, 
Say thou haft whor'd my W«c, Datmtatton m nuv 
Brononnce mc, ClK^old. 

Ntm. Bat theal give^ my &}f die Lye, 
Who told you but juA before, I would not ^eak, 
Tho' I hid done it: Whkhl (wear 1 havcnot- 
Sefide, i Jear you are going mad. ' 

P. C. Draw then and make it up ; 
For if thou dCift not own what I demand; 
What you both know, and hare conplotinl'iiii ns, 
Tho' neither will confefs, ' I fwear i^fnti - 
That one of as mat fall. '^ 

Iftmi TiKnttke my I^At - ■ 

• MX 
LM I. .J I, Google 

p. C. Iwiil^bflUtv'a, if ilwmrtfiiJfrncliiAfce-i 
Sraw thent fw if tho« doft nPb IvnUkULtlMfk 
And t4U my Wife the* bfiidj dMiooAfer* 
Tkjr Gittlt at kft, in ^^W M l»w tW Ljfo. 

iiu*. That u a BI3.I indeed, that Honour Ihrlala ati 

With fuch^vembOiig £{NKl.wd*Iwd>acH*arb 
Ab if I wqre tft fifikt waioit. JMjt Fuhrc 
Thereftrt I. bo; tb* by tht NanK rf JfdeiA 
Which ODce wHhMf tlw SiHiww'id haKdigbb'd tkMf 
I beg thee, gentle C/in«, to hold thy Hand. 

P. C. Tm deaf « d*»th, thatjo^ fv one cr both. 
[Clcre h dtfari^4. N'ctoolirs jjiw/ bin Lit Svjtrd 

JitM. ThoR-girc-iriu, lunthy HMdagaio, 
Againft mj' HeaR, agunlt thia Heart that loves thee : 
TniAthoo, ftnby tW|l«od ducbeau mif tjS^ ' 
Tkmitilt Dotknow iiie.NaM»«f W I lowj 
Kot butlferev upoBC^ Patnt«f Death, 
Venr Wife^iudnr fiw tnc«* Hepw'it fiHl iMdc h«r. 

P~ C. No more, my Lord, you've giscK me twee mf 

MfM, Aiayoa. twt ttatt-} ELift, 

P.O. Ahel 'tienoctbwril) 
I have no Wound but that which fftwaui' Moito, 
And ytt-thBr»'t i(HUthtM«ald ipon my Hua, 
Ihopt 'tii.OeAtiit aa4I AuUflioi^ pay yna 
With etartrti Love, for yoa ddervs kcr butter. 

Ntm. No, Sir, yoiilhalL-Mt, yottJlHUIiwtmy tord^ 
And loiw. cMJe^ your boauteoiM viftuou* Bridej 
¥dv Ihal^ dittf piMGC^ wby w you dicn.lo nldJ 

/f. e. I caoBoi fpeak — ^ But tW^ an4 thui, thwA 
fimietfauignfM hwie. C^wajp^ 

' litm. KS wiit yoa homaj say, Arit»thele Bfop* 
And baiwi^on my Acta — — 

F; C; X win do Kny thing ; 
^ you. Witt pi«Hifa VYW to.,uplmtti m«. 

iftm. If«ras^.twiU«oti 

Jt^ C: flut>wi]liyoH-twe me^woas fi^rmvIrF 

ilJMr. I fwcar bi more lW» wjr. 

Disn^dt, Google 

7? 'SjeJ^efi, ^Cljwe.., 

" p. C ffcon ktMw'lt mj Nature's foft, yet, Ob 
Sodi Love u mine, aiul injoT'd u J thaue^ 
Wou'd fpleeri tbt Gl&l-lefi 'ftiitte, "wtrfafc-oot? 

Ntm. It ^TOu'^^, far H«v'n — , You mjOce a "' 
Df n^c." ^ " ■ ^ " . .' '■■ '.h 

P. C. Vhy'^ri&ng^oa^^Vs^x 
Yet it Ii Uii3,'add I tAft toveAcWTe 
I hope my Hnrt will bittk, ajitf iHtn We'i 

iUtneinbei after SeuHdiDD Ittv*ft laeftiB: ' 

f«Kr. SD,lettli»Goiwr be rou-lVfl, jnd^ Afciilb 
cveryoufeeSt j/«A-«a>iM%llEj0g<LiiU|Draua,d^-tt 
' lib l^dy: andwlwajwi-birTCafrraed upon AdWritinf|Ui 
PlI be ready- to briM Mm odfMh k WiteeA ■"i^'MM^ 
/7/.- Tl^ou■d*^<3fli(jllg — —■ ■ -■■*----i" — -1 
?Mr. No more tf that i «w«y, iWafc- Mf^Wi HiMj- 
tftofe'that are gifted with SMmum bfMg -tUWslAiditf 
in the Nameof Goodufirlet M«b wd Wftfico iM 
their Ridts, but ftill 1>9 canfri of tlw Mm '— . HmrwiF 
hot-headed Lord g«et mad Ar a pntiif Gitl, tniitiiiiiv' 
preTentt her, flames fcr her, did ht her, tiU AevRmT 
complieg fat pore 'Love, aad When the-Bttt^tdB fidU i> 
forc'dtolipeatkftb/theLoreof^'pMiiaaMi'llucM' i 
that maites a fim BaiWo, ito«aimoiilvtMli(;faeS>g>^ 
-Soul t for my Lord, having coafidefd enl, thinki her 
aPerlbnDf depth, aodfor^vesu have it oat of JUr — 
,£ut why do t udk To my fdf, wKen Uiete'e famokiif w 
do i certainly I Ihon'd have made a rare Speahei mk 
Parliameot of Women, or a noable Head to a female 
Juty, whenhiiLoidfliipgrBvelypaiitheQarflien, Whe- 
ther it be Sath, or Ncn Satit, or NmnfUMm SatU, and 
webriflgit 'mlgmramut —^ Hal buiwlut comes iMie? 
I jauJl aCUnd &i £tikmart, ^ 

'"* Sttr 

Disn^dL, Google 

The- Pripce/s of Ckfc. y^- 

£mttr Polirot, Cdtt wvtrhtar in g. 

i**/. My Wife nid I wew w Bed tomher, tnd I'll 
— n-in* ml (be wuof Bzpe&Ltion, fb Miite and clcui. 
Bad anch incline to Uaffi, and biy U bcr All lengthy 
W who won'd bj, oome cu nw. 

C(/. Said Ihclo, (weft Sir? 

i**/. Nott bit, hy the-Lord, not I, not I •" 

Ctl. Alu ! Dice Gentleman. 

Pti. A Partner wou'd &y thii Wu barbortnOy done, bc> 
«aii&be loraBeef — Bat I faavePlorer in it&rve — >■ 

EmHr St. Andn im hit Sktf. Tit VidMmgtti in, 

U»\Si.jKJn,iai)t,I hearhifflbuftle: OLord! how 
my Heangoe* plt-a-pat F nay, idream'd laft Night I was 

«lt "Til he, 'lii he^ by the Twilight I fee him ■■ 

Ay, MW the Politick Head met, it ftall bnuch by and 
bjc-^- What waithac flop lorfthert'i neidterGate nor 
Stile la your way; DOW 1^ that fiiddcA ftretch, he Teemi 
ai if he wou'd take a }amp, or vtaEtHe on the high 
R^te. OyoarhatnUe Servant, Snr, I'll but do a little 
Bus'aeb for yon and be with you i^en. Nay, look you. 
Sir, I have u many Bob* ai Dtwmcriim when lie cry'd 

Poor Jack Thertfa more Pride in ■ Furiran'g Band. 

. Aort Hair, and C^ pinch'd, dtan under a Kiog'a Crown. 
Boor Jack, CitiuQ!, Qtixcni, lode to your Wivei, the 
Courtten come, look to 'cm, they'll do 'em i look to 'em. 

they'll do 'em ; Poor Jade ■ 

St. A. Ha ! Ha ! You'U dcklc me to Death— Nay— 
Your Mifirefi will hear v^ — ' . — Thou art the wantofi- 
f&. Elogue , 

£nur TooiDOn •with Bellamore. 

\ fetr. Madam. 

C*l Here'» 

Si*!-. Here's a Thkf I took in yoor Chancer— ^ 

f4^ . 'theJPj'JacfJi of &vt9. . 

Sell. Ah, Madam ! retire for a Moment, and I'll mdlte 
you thewlieteQwicCDn.^;' "^ - '-" •■- "• 

Cel. Confeft, and you know wliat follows ; however 
Jam refMv«fto.)tt»r #hatyiK«ii &r.iSt7t»f.IcULr. 

■' ■ "."■ - ■ '■'fEx**mt^ 

, St. A.THiy piOi,,naf Fy, S^wt Heart ■ Jtoi ftt; 

Iiilsj'oaifloaj ' - ■■ " -• ; 

'1 did not tate you' for to be fuch a kiad.of&^o. 
Emt^iAnaBmyModsa-ailbealailhrri cryi* ■ :, 

Why. Mothrr, Mother, Mother, out upon you, Fy. 

Teh' O-Lora rfflAfd !I'Ha Uke-tohar^troa upon.* 
;Serpent that would have bit me to Death. I went tm 
take up the ClAho'ai gently as I'cdn'd ft* my I,tfe,Tv1ict' 
a greatihdge, hoiTfeVofaSewinnyf^-wi^diAnKT 
arc TOirSrtiBfa fl^<lre,'TUcutyoilr'TWial lyoura^ 
gtrtfi l-'wit**^, ftrtJ'myCcwfciinec tbePji^t Jwjf 
■hnoft raadiSmemcleKn: bat Pll Eo-ntyown Spc(il«,and; 
iPthe LofdtepleaaV] to bring m^ off. Afedut bout; -Tfl;: 
nevet'gaa'Cuckold-iaakiii^si^eB nlikUiy £^ tnt; 
open; - -- ;'• ■'■-.• ISxit^ 

•ffr; V*. Hark, my Wife'* coining up Stain — fi^W' 
«ith my fii«M)K8rfo,'fo, ^oeiliBfc Bed-*^-*— -^TlM^ 
4*(rt'dLncl(l!flhl»-^i--^'^a^-faira rubbing tht.RQ(Mp 
agtil'- — HMit yon. Wife! C<£a h»B beWtipon tht:l«8r , 
for yo^ali 'thiti Day, ItieS bduwin the Garde^ii^.^- 
wtPIl Hifs Wh^n yoO come baek-^^ Ndw,-SirraJunMtf' ' 
you Rogue, flic's gone j com^eome, lofe^etyi3Ui'Otgpor-j 
tUHit)',' fti Itrfp (Mmy BjOJCheS & fear i l . ^r fef 
tit), vo; not'uptM the' Bed ; ^'ifh, agaiEilt'the BadcSlf ihiji: 

Chair Won't— H«w can you tell Try———. . 

I'll buy thee a new Gown, and a Fan, andalacedTctti- 
coat, and pa)'' awdoubteWageBjOTthottdear, pretty, 
foft, fweet wriggling Rogue, what wou'dR thou dgdge 
tne I Gad, but Til have thee : Gad, but i'Ucateh thee^ 
A^ and have at tbce agen and zgjtiL ' XSxit. 


Tiii'TTrn mil HI rTTiiiiiiiii lliiiii liiitiiHiiMmitj mil 

%uli? I wantiatoJW'i.ChMnbtft »^ t i ai-a* fcftly as a 
naif Harved Moufe, for fear of wakingjBjriCuv when 
-coming dole to my BcdUde, methought it rocked toand 
froUkca gyat Cndle,' aod^he ■Q9tk# hnw-'d at If.Atme 
£a& lay blowing there — But cfaeBcaU waay4h»S*4> 
■fidcit'fetBK—- Ym,.I jiM, ja d i w hP'Oiinhelp it, a» 
-very a Coroutp u.e'crww graAnW— I heH(i>m7 .be- 

Joved Wiietoo ThcPiaguei ofSg^'Oh-iut—f- 

&«JjS> Jpvinriy.widianpily'B«*hM— .-; — Ntijr. prithee 
^ Pear. -JJtjiiii)Qiy yottaMBifc f o m ii i DuUte 

flii; loojc^imn me^thcoT? 0; Lot4 ■ n t^WhatfluM 
-dp.? Oiall I AM)4/hiU liktM Cpbcol^ Stti -^a WImw. 
4iu;^ Sty tla»»-jii^ i«^ PooIm^ and not feirsvtitg'd f — p. 

j; , '. ■£*<«■' St. -And W ' ' ■'■■■- ■ 

£ut.heMi<om«( «»<velftna Gnakinld ai rnyHh 1 1» re< 
jf^v!dtoKaluwhJiB|iaEid:iwe:il>^ spqUt.Uieni'CogMiiaPr^ 

5r.X Ti'ti'cu im im-impojSUn'1 1 1 'flioaM ba<t)ilt 
!|l|aft.MWWi cinHW«'<iN>k«.:pUia Wbrdj 

i><>/. You're a CucluM a £adw!d, a Coohbtdi 
. £f,Kfi/W)Q>.'lo>ls-le^tyouilfa!d-tt co-qocoi^d niu be 
jne; Air, Sir, lall the World -kaewVl'aib'iioiiOi-C^ 


i>i>/..Wdu^»'a)ctli.l la]i,ar>r]l (hake di< Bones out of 
yovriiBddjiyfour.Kenis^areHi >g>swinEI* yoBrrBadJsis 
^ing»,.yottr.Heifa-'sa plowMB- ■ 

Si. a., Whyyictict Plo-PIo-fikw-oD, if^eBc-aelSot* 
^^eH Town, we Ihall have a good Cro-Crop. 

Pd/. Worfe and worfe: why then I'll roar out direfilf 

^ndraifetheNeighboar* ■ — Help.HoHelpI Murder I 

Murder! Fire! Fire T Fire! Cackoidom! Cuckoldoml 
TUevetJ Murder ! Rapes ! Cuckoldoml 

Hi tarn 

78 Ti» Primefi cfCXvtt, 

Smtfr tht Vidaat «■/ Bellamore. fhe Vidam cpmtt 

uf ft PdDW, JbttU off <t frjW. Sc. Andm^mJ 

^cAuotJiiliAwi tcgither— — Tournon tMleri viitb 

■> tht l»di m ToUfmm&wA ^t6»WiiamaMj 

Ctl Tluewn, TfaMMX ! H0 ! Jmtfuti f Pt^ f ' < ■ 
glw aii I ' ' ■ ■ ■ 

£/. 31nM»! ThiaP M— . ■ ■ .Wake I wake t ra^ Lvd. 
I. 81. J. wMiiag-.] Why, WJiu l^Deviri (iie Biuart 
Wlrnvam IT: 
^..C/J0.1yoII'UileSvfe»«dji iU habit xMf ftwlki^g ia 

■yottrSlecp 'TM^Mwcywhtdnotallbwrnwuf- 

dxr'd-i—Vai venB d«ni in your Shirt, Sir. ofwn'd ibc 
Door, tnd'lM in itonet thir had liJ^nhave cut all our 
-Tlitoxti-*^'9«fortAc fotare, I am lefelved tBiieyoa 
10 me with the Bed -CohI, rather than. Mdare tbw-r*—* 

5/.jf. Wbm'sStkntf . ,, 

C(/. Miifda^d« 6ii, here l.lxnl here !.9ne qft}^ ^if- 
l n'!'> hu dimiarg'd a FiAoI ^ifl im hit BcUy**'~-n<n^— 
" i» l-h«e TtiivF 

&. >tf. Shot .n the Gw 1 Lord Ue& lu L 
-LigbtlUehtlLi^I flutintheGoulaj'/M— 

>«/ Ob t Oh I Lower, ioprer,. lower Beelileil. 

ieaich me, lower, loiivr. 

St. A. Cold hnBaboDB-— ' — L«'« bear him is^ 
Bed, aadfcnd-ftira Surgecn- ■■ ■. 1 . jj 

; ?p1. Softly, foftly, foftly ■ CofQc BOtjMwqte > 

CiDcodiU . Oh! QJr-r-*- — -. . ■ 

St. A. Unhappy Chance, DO where but juft in the Gmif 
, Fil. Ves, yet, the Head too, m the Head, Maiv 
in Ike Head : >iay, and iec me tell yoDi you had bel 
learcb your own, but bear me off, or I (hall fwocui; I 
jfeel Ibinethingttickle, trickle in my Srcccheti CUIOb' 
<W>! . , \Extat 



TbeTrincefi of CIcve. 77 

Snttr Netnoiin t Pc^ Xfinitg. 

fJtiH. Alas! Poor Priuo^ J preteA die -Vidcnee of 
hb Paflkm hascaft himina '^rr- r. hrHiri nf it ' i 
And liow [hen ? Shalt 1 marry the Frinceli of Clive, or 
Ibckta Margturili m wc arc f For 'th moft oerteiK flie 
lias raxe thing* in her, which I found by my Uft Eape- 
rldent, and Hsvehef mofeiha»evcr,aliiwlLtoJtak»ify: 
Sefidea, 7«rMir tells ine,-thc Dauphin begin toboZAhout 
her agcn, and who knowa but in i)m hou of .Jim, 4» 
ft^ &y>, fliffwiU hang her tetfautto Sale? fautJisiDa]r 
nick the time and buy her ■ ■ — — IMwaatthae-^Nt^, 
rn throw boldly, dear the TaUcif X oa; ifnot, 'ds 
but'at loA forfwcarine Play, Ihake off my new Aconain- 

tance, and be eafy with ifty tttfetue — : Hark, I am 

juft upon the Bower-Mufick — ■■ ■ ■ ■ 

Pid. I have hitherto obey'd n^ MaSer'a Ocieri but 
Tm rcHplT'dto dog himtiU he'aloi^'d — i ^ . 

Htm. Now do I knew (he Psecile will call, medamn'd 
S(^e Ibf.wrensing my Friead, a^tedaUy fiidi r lott, 
fiwKt nanir*d Friend, as this gentle Prince — ■ ' i .Veri- 
ly, I lay, they lye in theit Throats j were the gravdt of 
*em in my C<8idition, and thought it Ibau'd nertr be 
known, they woti'd rooTe i^Kbe Spirit, caft Ihe dapper 
Cloke, leave oS'their b«mnDBg mid WibluNg^ andihJI 
too like a Man of Honow. {Rxit. 

Ptd. I'll face him till he-ementbo Bower, and chat 
ffll mj Lord. 

S C E.N E, rbe Bower, Ugbts, Stn^. 

Tit Princtfi ^^CleWi Irehft 


t Ovtfy SeliM, hmrtnt mwdjrit 
*^ Frammil $be Jtmttrtui Artffl^vt, 

H3 W» 

•fir mePrmc^r6f'Cieve^_ 

■^iU tB tM-vhui Gedi iefigxing to unJ» Itr, 
Mi/patabV.aS'maim^tt-Mfili^'/tim.^foiuve Str: 

It «w n»t laxg tri th* Jifyt did tai^, 
j^\g*MtitJS»iilliiiuKKta'fetFfMiidi, liT'i! 

.Jt^HoM ftluHt-tM »^j^Iifaitli 
■Mtr Sttip^ndQaplmis fiait^tt£dpifiin, 

ttmd Bt/UftoU tbt Stcrmif-lfrHtgrt, 
•B^hiii tb^fittiMtm 'wttM-fotrmMn faHhnC 

lRt'iard4ehvt-siMlii'vt innwn, 
St lUvi mtd mt bfki^ M^rni 
■ ^4adiujiy fimiM Itmt ^tnd >PrMtiHci ■ ^(/J^n;^ .' 
iPily.y* -flMwrj tiatjil at-eafnaitw, 
ff''^trsmimi»^0kmt 'tipti h'biiM, 

The Man thoa reprdentft Urn : y«c &HiKl>t^.- 

And OioiyJHint'JAI^tKtfwy «%<***, '\' :\ ,. 

Spiceoftiiefein«Ubl«6ViniiM'4r'«7 >lind3iMML^, . 

Thoc I«U7-H7«liMtlRBeceiM»fo«iJn'd 

Ac miiw, wich Vims, cftn do mAi<di« Oufer 

Tlr Ww'slMgnti, ihcTintr •oTliOM'aNd Virtiifc -: 

Aad I »m4]^«)oalH»et-'srj(odifc. Y- 

Witii i>e imporunt Secret of jw«r LtJb, 
I'm kbM-'a fer 4he SMMdy <lf Lwe. ' ^ 

Princtfi C. I muftto Death owDthee mybRMf Jtil(^K 

Thou know'll the Smiegtings of my woanded Soi^, 
BaftfcottaeActveafuaft tbalawldsftinoi, ' - 

TiU I liave lain like Slaves upon the Wrack, ' 
My Veinj half jwrft, my WE«y E^-Wl»*tM, 
My Brows allcover'd with big Drops oFSyveat, 
Which ftrangling Grief-i»roTig^ir« lortm'd 'BraiB. 
//■/JM.AUbl I weep tofeeyou thu ageh. [firft J '&»■ 
PriMfi C. Tluu haft he»ti Ae «>if A Uc AMT »tai 

Itaft liwrdthe Death-Sed'COTnia of my, MoAei', 
Yet, what can this avail, fpite of my Soul, 
The niphtly Warnings frontier dfeadfal Shroud t' 
I love NimoKr), I langnKh for ffemmrsf ; ' > 
And when J thin^ to ^nifh him ^jr BreaR",^' 
My Heart rebels, Ife^I agorgiiig Pain. '"' ^■ 
Thatchokegmeup, 7"femblin^ (rom Hfsd'tiftootf 
A (hog of Blood and Spirits, Madmensfeva, 
Cobvulfibns, gnawiflg Griefs, and angry TearsJ- 

■ •■ "■ Em*' Nittioiu*.' ■ " 

Ha • bnt behold : ;. '."" ■'My Lorj ' ' ; ". "i " * : 

NiM. Oh ! "parilon" me, (pare me a Minute's l^acC, and 
'Priniefi C.Ts tWs a time; Sir f [ t am -gone. 

. Nm.. .Oil ! 1 muft 4>eak. or die; ... 
■'■ PrmctlsC. Dje then, ere thasprefuine t^ violate 
The Honoui of your Prldnd, yo'iif owii and mine— 

IJm.'^ti hear j^esand I fnear by all things &crf<^ ' 
Nevcr'iewe'ytia more.' ■ ' .j 

Princifi C. speak theD< ——andkeep youtWoi 

Horror and. Beatji! ,, , ' . . , i 

JVrtttlSMyDubuiltMdwwh'flCjtU to love Jikc me,'., 
Wil{ioiita_Jawnof Blifcto dj-eam all Day, 
To pafs t)i'e NIgiit jn broken Sleeps away, 
Toft'd Jtt-the reliiefs Tides of "Hopes and Fpars.- 
Wit& Byes for ever runningJo'er with Tears'; , .^ 
T<J leave my CpocS, apd iHy ,fo &ds q£ Flow'r*. 5 
T' invoice the Stars,;to curfe tne.3rag^ing Hours,' > 
To talk like. Mad mVn to t|ie Groves and BowVs. J 
Coa'd yoa •fenow diis. Vet blame ny ,twtur'd_ Love, 
If thus tc throw^ jny BcSy at ^onr Fo:t : fc>h fly.pot 
Vouchlafe' Kut juft to vfew me iii pe^air, '[ (ience j 
I ask not Love, bill Pity from the,F^. 

Pi;inci/iC. O Heavens ! inCpitc my j^eart. 

Nem'. Tlie Heavenly Powers . , . . i 

Accept the poore'ft Sat^rifice .we l>ring,, 
A Swve to them's as welcome as a JGng. 
. Behold a Slavethatyorie&inyour ChainJi... 
Ah ! with Cnne Shew of Mercy view my Pains j ■ 

^o Tie Frincefi ^ Clcve. , ^ 

Yoar^erdif BjeslwTCiinideiMr^teKUdmiy^ - 
Where LighuHiig cou'd not [»& — -■ — - 
Ev'ntbTOaskniy Sonl thdr panted Lnllrs gqets 
AtKLbcreiTSnurt upon my Spirit thnm I -i.i ■ > I 
Y« t your Wonndi with at mock Ziil dt£re^ - . >.^' . -. 
At Sinnen thai won'd pabte Stils chioiiah Bins - 
Ye», Madjun, I muft Idre job to my Dcnb,' ' 

I'll figh your Name with lay Uft GiJpefSNJilL 
PrtMttfi C. No more, I bare heard yoa, 9ir, m yia 

Emttr tbt PpfMa^Oen. • '■; 

Xefdy not^btttivUidnir. if peffiilet • ■ : .>r.. i ' 

Fix to your Word, and let Df wflo»F««i( . -> ■*« 

fiecoDc, I charge yoo, fpttk not, bnt ladrK rf^YNnfc' 

P. C. Eicennt WomaB, tad Ohl maoMcft Fri«Hi- 

{«ve, Priendlhip, Hoboot, P«fbii, DKggeii, Dcatb ! rAatt.* 

PriiKt/i C O Heaven ! Jrmf, help ^ help the Vtiue^ ' 

my Lord. ' ■ ■ 

My dtsnSt CIret, wake fi^om Ai> Dretta of I>nil%''< 

And bear me fpofc • • ; 

' P.C. Curie on my Di^ofition, 
That ttiDs permits me bear the Wonndi tifHooOorf 
And oh ! thou fbolifh, gnKle, love fick Heart, 
Why didft choa tetc my Hand from fiabUngboth I ' ■ ' 
Prlncefi C Behold, n^ Lord, 'ds y« wubk) ytnr 

To give me Death [ PMKi 

P. C. I do intreai thee leave me i - 
Tm bound for Death my felf, and I woo'd mAe -'^ 

My Pafflge eafy, ifyo" WM'd permit me: 
All that 1 a.<k thee fat the Heart I gave tbe^ 
And for the Life I lore in thy behatf. 
It, that thou wou'dft leave me to my felf a wb3(^ 
And this poor honrft Friend — 

PrinceflC- I wou'd obey yon, 
Jlot cannot Itir-^'^ — ■ — I know, I know, my Loid, 
Yon think tfeat I defiSn'd to meet Ntmsan 
Thii Night i but by the Powers above I fwear — — ^ 

P. CO! do not fwear: for, Cbartrtt, credit m% 
There it a Power that can and #ill revenge i 

■ T4erefiii 

!r&/ Prmefi #^Clevc 81 

TberdoK, dear SrtI, fSr I mnft love ilie« ftUI, 

And tboo, perbtpt, mxfA, find a Door of Mercf 
For mci-fagr «lliB7<Hape>af HnvcR, Ifwear, 

Ftdrt, di)i>Jbta.^MtiiDlr£cJ-~- ' 

I ongltt iM MpK«u tliat thott flipH'^lA.^KKh me-r^ . 

i>r(»r(/!£. Bm, SiivJ V^ yoMrArm-ErUlioIdytn 
T^nt^il BhedoTeft, Ariadl, dcitreft CUfps, [alt 

-' Nor fhiu voa die believing mj! QUIioswi; 
I IWear 1 knew not of ffiamirt hii commg. 
Nor had I fpdEe thoffrllVqids ^vltich.^.^Uefii.. 
Hkd Iw not f«*:4 ntmr l» fee «f Bwet 

At»r4«4Matl>er'iGMt. by yovr own Spirit 
WWl; OttMCnr, alakiug Lmva fin CKTi - . 
J iiww*Jntthta »«»«-—— ,.t 

P. C. I 4o believe thee i -; .. 
TlM»,]MdtrAikiV*«f>4)i;haur4ujatM^'^J^ -.t 
At might per&ade me that Iain-iiatil.yjiSr. ?- = , -.'.< 
OSPtdra, hj my moft imTftarlyrFaif^. ,, ' ', ;', "-^ 
I rwett— r-;!^ recoBcil'd; and hark thecp C&vii^ ^ " 
Ifthou defl ipwty, ha! I cswot fpealii , ■' " 

Away tfl BJd, yff Jove ay MeMor; . 

JW*f(/; tf^T^Bcd, aid,inJia we jjurf.rfieiif . 

ffC ph ! we mall .... ^ 

Wcrelto Hrci I lho«i'^ 9M.(ectHceBU>re^T— ; , ,' . 
Biitlii]ccI«D-<Iyiti^,byttw]U3l.b^.Uie^, .' , . 
Nay, Icomma»t,piee urt^ begvneand l»ve,^e. ■ 

Frfirtf^ C IgOWtd/evwthecchufaiewetPrayerbe^ , 
For me, if all I've £u4 be dm moA^tpKn , £)iindjn& 
Triieutlioa thiidc'ft mc^tfe,!. 
The WbipsofConfcience^ and lb* Sc^ cif Sleafoc^'. i 
Soret and Diftetnpen, Cifiy^^MJlwanflagpe ^^i^ [■ \ 
Ibby aU.n^ Ixife b9 oaa emuniuid XaimcnCr '.!.,. i .,1 
Andthat more radkii%t)iaV'»Wtiii)aaULfiba^^ ,' .. ' ,- 
In-Bwt^ QMfh.nay m]^ IcaA Trouble be' „.,.'/ .'l . 

.ACT V. sers E \: 

.OME.cRmc; take hn iue G(jK<i <i^. 
' 'WM t>ut a flip- 

Fiti. Tak^ Iter iwo Grace agep f — ^ 
Wty jure you wott'd bave lier &iu!i2 >0^ ■ 
to tllU-paJs flic ^ in E,iiilan//,. wbcn.mjf hoxdS^^ 
brain lu'd to Itcep me io awe^ &aiul biaag mi li^. 
nvifting my Hal; Dlayiaj wki my .ThiuabvwSHii ffikg, 
Were at it, aod I durfl aot look iwhiitd mc- 

5</rf . Mere, i»^Bly ;, ?;<» fiy your Hf , >wi* Ciw b^ 

Btl. No, Sir, Itliaak yoa*. I kadjaote car»of i^-- 
'FhT<ttt,,Qei^lui.i%tiiu.ttie.firiitFjuiIt: £u ope* upon .fr-. 
tim?, a little wh35 afiiy we wwe iiutry'(U at ZWwr^ 
4 pQX.o! thitcuckoliJiby.^VMai>.Sace.;,&e wa* ta}]uA|r 
te. me OIK Sv. ''ut of £ef ''^lujow mcue plea^ndy chju . 
ordinary;. — aiid afted with ber HW ajoil Body, woa-- 

4roM prettily B«ttinj,at me. like ftUttfeGoat^. 

while I butteil U her agen. I bcinEBlad.toAad Itq'n 
fti good aHuaxour, wKat did r,,Sir, totftplfcawgiVMil; 
camp foftly up tlu Ktck-flain, tbinkiagts oy^ aa,^ 
'Sfa, Oh! Lord. — How^waa I thuiSei-Smdi to Md, 

my Lord Uairi^'am. there all in a. Sweat Jii^oa ttd-. 

At^kingi MifSng^apd hard,,yt»iwou*dJiaK: 
fworn they liad been at Hotcocldes 

Bfll. A,litt!e..familisrperhap(,.lluitt4ofCttftbm— — •- 

Pe/^ J^y, Sir, kirs my Wife and!w^come;',but iiu-ch»- 

^eallnher i^ogging and. buttins; Jfeli tmtmwstj.- 

cry- 1 am fare it ran fo in my rmamnation.. T !>»•- 

been horn mad' ever. finc^T-t^efigitf 1{|mc. yai)i pai^ 
fer lamrcrol^W.. 


£«//»■ Cclia". 

' S*B.^ vhen Qte cojaa, my t^J-^^fiut jtn ste~ 
raided Ma fiy— ^Howeveri let me advifc you. tave - 
iCcMeof jtakiflgher defperate. ,, _ , ^ l^xit>- 

- Pel. Derperuc—Damii £er. Polluter ^ my Sbccts-r^ 

JDaqinher. ^ ^ ', 

9iSk.,CtRa, tiottafhuom';; for wlicre-e'er you fly, . 
m fell<w^-? ^ ■■ ." ' ■ baflg ."pop ifiy Kiiees anidie„ 
P^l& iti bfihoy-; — ^! eapS th'ou fee me knecli . 
J™ yet no KweKof Com^aflion feel? 
Why doft thou blui(ertr? meJilce^a Storm, 
AM ruffle into Frowns ttwV Godlike Form f ,' 
IKi^ doft thou turn away tfujfc Eyes rfthine, 
Ih which Love'* Glory, apd mCwqueSs fhitv;^: 
Wjmia this tiftng calrd Woman ? ^le i^ worfe 
Irtan »D InlipIie^iB rammed into a Carfc. 
were (he ^,^itc^i, a Baud, aNofele^ Whore, . 
■I'eorf'd forgive her, fo (be were no more : 
Bdt^'^ ferworfe; apd will in time forefiaU 
TBtBetir,' and be damning of us afli 
' Ctl. Yet Honour bids you fink vi[ith her yap calt- 
86 fdol, whofe'Fi^lties you too fharply nam'4> - 
t&t Aiim, you (}iou'd choofe with net to fall, . 
Aftd in i^eer Generoficy be danin'd. 

-jPffZ/No, by tHy felf, and all alone be curft,. 
Ar(d bj" Ihe ^ixds thy"enom Dull be hurl'd; - , 
Jtef thou'rt a Serpent equal to the firft, 
Affhaft jhc Will (odamo another W^riJ.',, 

• CV?. Bat atn I not thy Wife f txi that Mone^ 

-■Pfl/. Ii»^ dear damn'd Wife, I do'confefsthoo art^ 
Refti <:JS my F^eth, and.,Bone too of /ny Bonfij 
■Woo*(f mine lad" »II been broke when- firll thoo wert. - 

■ Cfl. IPhy tnen nicrjng^no longtr; hark'y^, Sitr- 
Mive'off' ;four iivelling, and frowning, and aokwatd ■ 
uftlirig, and" tell mc, m fine, wjiether you'll be fecon-i'- 
cil'i pr J>o; Jpr I'ra refclv'd'to Aoopua longi^ to an ' 

. Ptl Toyom Hoshan^, to,yf>ar|Ifift#^io jlp* Jjtai 
aiid MaRcr, you wil! not. Goody Bati^tha t but 'ytaa. 
<;ouM ftoop yOB.1 Swine'* Flejh Uft ^jj^ht, ^oU ConJd, 
to jour^ank Bravadp, ^tluu «ou'4 hava^tfwk ^T^^bal 
ih my Gu»: He liad you witha 5ec{^..AS«Dfti.,ja]rtf 
dmy ^onfcicDce, thau v^'^A^^ oot eye itim 'tioM^ita 
lDeab,..^c^cti'4 ^I% W thf .£4e,UlMi a bttAixiWdl 
Bpar, cry'aOhl iwdaiouBted — ^ — tt— ^i^.' .■:! "ij.' oi 

'fill Artyqa refolv'd <he4),.. nc)^. (9 italte ma. mwt 
yoor Grace agcD Torone Slipi. , . . -. /.» .; 

, i'e/, Ng.,,rnj[heSottota:canedB^ if X da^ ■ 
Slip do ''you caU iti wbat wii^D I heard, tlv) Bcd.'crack 
with the Violence of nvy Cuckoliun !, Nft J will W^cBtV 
tbe Judge of my QWA.Caui'vpiP'^ ^ !^4anieiiDnv 
and banllh Uiee, ii:^ ever ttis Cg^luies.,^^ WT-jScBcnti 

i^«— .. , , . --.-,,.■ ,v ■■ 

: Cel. What ierc, befojx the r'A"* here ! i , ' 

'Tol: Ve^ Impudccccr heftitc the FUiuc, «ad th«' 
IJuke NemQfini,. n»y, to tby eternal Cimfuiiaa,. J will; 
poll thee hi the Market-place > hut ^A FQ..^aA mat 
Si. 4iiJft,.sp^ lelL him the whole Mjuceit. th^Jie^mk/ 
know too what a Rinfi ha bU&d E-vk im. taiAt lumfp 
■nd theOr-— - , . \'jC i. 

' Cf/' iind tlieit III have your Threat cat., - <.■ •:.■ 

Piil Hi \ Tjgtei;, cut my Thuoat ■' wby, thsa £&»■ 
Bearf thouDam'ofLiotv Whelps, tkni CatiDeram di^ 
Cormoiantil why,, what.^viUthM^ devour nwUflfuaad 
all? ■ .... ,■.-,: 

Cel. He that mt&Myout Guts Ulk«,4<|r)i^.A^t>)te 
better aim at your Gullet b/.Ilm^ight |,JU^. t»-tk)|;' 
Terror ofHeart be JtknoWD, thquM^ei^CUUiaaiii^ 
if'l wfiu'dhiveuinfeDiedlAft N^Hlohaifefliii^Far*- 
lane, 'Which is do fmall one, he woa'd have iiiiinkt'4^ 
thee io liif Bed, {oc I heard him A>«sk timk very Vforii, 

Let him lift Jm Moruit if w iimh J^atrmk*— 

Wherel^nuft have pra/d ibr chuiiT^haqbftiL&oul^.at! 
t]|i6u wou'dH have been damn'd to ,gll fiKtsnttyti ^fv^: 
fidd'enly and without Rtyewwce-Tr- ii -j. bn. .nivig. 

P^(ytexdtOlot4t UMtrt^i,, Mi»mi*^P^ 

.fnae'i what, to be to&'4 oa bunuie.{i«fchMa £>r nf 



Ibtt «%. whu ft taoaij-BAaAfi Sotf dT StSJ/^w 

ai»? - 

Cti- la Buff, finoe 7(u wiU. htre tlie TVwh, k Jua 
lesghadB DefigDDpoQ both our Jtolile^ to r**iA nuae^. 
and rip opeo jmiuv. 

P*/: Wby< tha bc'i ■ Cannfltal, » Lord f tiait 
Ltmii LoM t w%, what Pleafure cm it be to zo]' Aian. 
to ri^ me open }■ nr-nrifi Aec inJeed, there's .fbm^ 
fufe UL diat— But there's none in nppiag, me^n Mvby> 
1^ is fi«h a brurifli Crueftjtr— 

Cel R«eae, and fo I toM him— -Therefore wheVi 
lie found tbat nodiing could mkke me GOtrient to yout^ 
Mnnler, Ik fwoM. &nd ouight me by theHair, if I flur'i)^, 
or mad* i^ teall Noife, he woa'd mnrdor at aU» fet the 
SfKota a'Fir^ and lb leave u ta our fetvo^ 
, , PeL And Jb ihoa wert fotc'd to coofeiu : w&y, Aea 
hy this Kife, I Twear from mf Sod, which night -havS: 
bees damnV aa thou lay'A : bat for thee, I Torgivs 
tiiee — And what was he that cuckolded Sl Andu, lac& 
uotlier l^efboflvpBihi as this too ^ 
, Cel. OhlmyDeaMhorearenotruchapairofFrieDd*. 
upon Eanh agen— Whyi ihe> lot* neon't as a Favour I* 

Sr Sex if they ravilh a Wbinan; for yoa muft knW 
ey were fbrmerly Heads of the Banditti — . 

Pel. Well, and I null praife thy DiCretioa ih ^cii^ 
fieng thy Body ; for o' ray Confetence, if they had feeii 
tluB§iCMk-Face'<jf nuBe, I had gone to pot too beforo- 
my ExecuioB. 

Ctii The^ tint their Pages this Morning to know 
whether in wai oor Ptcafuae to have your TbMati cat." 
Bbi w&anfwcred 'em, all was wetf, and defir'd 'em at 
evatib«7 iwp'd ta fee us age*t to Air bo fiocher in the ' 

Pal, Man, maa, dear (weet Soal. feenre my Ltfiv and 
tKott AaltcemnaKlitK far the future with as Ml a fwibg. 
aalbou canft defire; oi^ like ihofe that afe that EXeicife» be to and -fio, fonedme* at home, and fomttioMs 
' ibroad, and we'll be u merry as the D^ is long. 

e*i. BtfthoubuttnetOm^aadliketlre/iu^Wlveip 
^'U sa im6n t h a a " ■- . - 

8.i™dL, Google 


km ftr MflRT, bat it makei me wMpJ wuebi«iflbr 

Haft tfhM thf JUdf ^Ui the Fire i&iSn, . 

Mr(»oAllHUjjft&aqneD<;^ttw^-hii,f^iU; .' 
$/. J. All Fldh kGnL&, ihafi ctiiaiii, w^re all.lbori' 
tUl, t)teC«aR'ainMo£RdD|,fbrthePrm6eofCj^. t^ 
Fidam of tharlrti is exMrn^y Ioct' J ' ' J ^fflEytw,' 
Belirei, fdce u I &m kQvc he d/d of Jedpofr. .Well: 
it^; foe thiilaflCweof dune, Ifwexrni'be coiAlat 

y Shfcti; uid as tboufifjr'ft, 1 th&ilf it vill dm be 
ft to cyd mc to the( now and tbol^ filr feu' of tkc: 
tMiA-^lia! PiiIir»r-~-. u ■ 

I J>A^ Ha I Bully, { heard jta^ kinJExjMnnsVpt jnwf' 
MMpi aodl'lKwcat pltvietbee, wiOt^'ho''^ ^*^ 
nofl, (or I'U fwexr thele i»Sj Examples malEe taj fhh? 
ftdnd an end-: — Cat lof ThMt, aa3 ri[l me o^cn. )■• - 
flUllcuclcold m^anover&fi, Ukc ttie Mim ilb t^e y/aiwi^' 
BUcii nay, helha1lranih'itiewIuIeIlKdaiWD^W> 
■ jay own.deflowring, 


£m/»- Netnoun, Toutiioii.< 

..Mi*. RriroIVd'neTer'tofeemeiiiare,, and ravenp to,r 
HoDOur to the Dauahin, that puling fliivelise rriiice, t^ 
boksuiflieraekVfiill, ot' iwe ^wayr k i MiUt^Diet, . 
£>i the Sins of hi^ Fhrtniint Mothet I 

' TmiT' filefa me t yon are jealous 

. A>«.- 1 conftli it: The lafl' dffle l^SVa in Dif-* 

Eife, ihfc' made fuch4Xrco*eriea as'J ihatl',iievertoatt: 
feherl moftntit, no, I'lllofea'LimE firfl; theielore 
go tcil hxt, tell' her the Prinw oT C/Ai/sDcwhlpii' 
v^Qght my.'CoDveriion, I gt'ow^miYiif m'ywildCatrT 
les, relent of my Sins, am refalv*dTO«i^'Dff'whdra)^' 
sicftauny hiaWife— ■■■' — 

. . ftai^ 


fife BfitK^^'XHt^: tffi 

ftwr. So&eTow»t»ih», iirfeed.. '; : . 

Mm. TktTamiiMiiiimsytw^iiiVShb.i't^ah 
mHum.&BiiZf aiidagre«Ljr»— DojufWdtllW, aSi 
teU.hor, jufl as yoo kft m? I wm MiB|^ hmIu b. Gbmt" 
td the Prince!* apw her HijUband's Tomb,, which ia trufc- 
too, I mean a Viftt by the WQ- (rf C»(SUtioni not bafcr 
I koewii the onlyOpporttaity to citdi a Woman in tWL- 
■todrcfi-ofiarSeul: nw,.iwo«rd chtwftftdha jim--- 
for EurLife. and.'tia lUM-tlie*!Stam.'^d' 

OMA^.theGcoeaiorthdf Natw*- ^ Why They adt. 

Mf, mPlmi^*, File, Fanlia^War, or lav great Cal^' 
naty^arli it-Let a,Mto,fla«lb«tfigJH febrew 
tRd fake hiuaed Ham iWran-ioiolri^Lw.- ^' 

M-»r Ito Under fa«*«rte Iw S U HoS,.-, 
nutdntacl>dcib)an», wkhberHntbaod^Blnuoeinlier^ 
wew, and foreft*re», he fays, for Death. HowemrH- 
^»d her inihe EWwrf her S«wl ( if my B«t nw agfthnd 
lis bntcalhng ferJMMjMriM, and flie'U weepaTYde that', 
fliJtfet «ejJ*tf awn—A. tha^ HI iay ^e D«nbhia 
»±er DsSb,. nofe hier in the Tiptoe of her Pride, mil 
ii«# lying, hMli%, bating,, diwmng^ dying, aria {he- 
oAnnaboDt agcn^ [Exit - 

Taar. G^thyway^ P«»whw) ntyv<me*in^ 
too, with hia Vast cnt, he woa'd call for Wiil^ Fid- '" 
^> »>wl-Whwe%,and laog^ himfclf into. tfie oth«r 

l^ter La MarchH 

W*ere'»ilfiij««fl*? , 

in M She fcUowHI* aWin*t »ith ftteffinOffltki; 
niffl«lHau'.andgIarai^E]trij tlAPlniicefaWCa**Wl 
ftundher Jury, raw. vnU' a»y^ bdfei* it. 


IJ. Jit Prtxe/S «f Qeni 
S CE N E in. 

•ithePiincAlueCl*kt<*cte(lK- 'V^^^^ 
■ ■ ■ ■ t;-',,.- .. .v..,:..;,.,..^•', 

rr ftr Sut^aim'i Ht^Mnm^ti" '• '■ '^ 
r#«r?>/^"J^'^*^'*'*«**»*'V — '.)■■ 
4mJ Utpg* tht battel Sh*r»=i • ■ ■'■ ■ " ^i-" ■ 
*' tw, *, *>M /i« ''"ffj ^ofM 

>. ..: ■' .-, '. -.-■ :..r.3 -ii; ^lum n:'\ 'iJBaQ. fuT- 
,- ^r ,-, ■:--^J,i .■■" 1 .-.T.-n ■ ; Eti: -3ie"'' 

■■'''Aiki •wattled bbn-iH thefOMfio'. .0-.''iw\-.*\ 

-■ --..,. ■. ...-Ht .v ■ , '■■■,;;j;;-T 

.,ftfc?ft<*rij'i**-' «)«,- ' ■-'■-■ -, --'VM^ /-'" "' ' 
i/« eryV, Rimrmbtr <wi«r /"/if ^«ftl ■' ' ' 'i'"''' i'>^ 

ntn JovM hii ^*K* kii' lavtt-tVM^- •' -i'--.--: 
Ht-jigb'd, Ysit hvt, UfT-trwn ■■ ■ -['^K '. t-sj" 
- Kb hvtUrhafs A httte*' ilfiwt, -'J" '■ ■' - '■ ' ■'"* 
"■ BittJ^lhe'hvtt^uym.- ■ ■■>''^- f" tti _- 

-G H O R Oi ■■;' ■■ 'iJlii-" '"iJ s-il o' 



Th'i Fnncefs of CFevc.^ '8j 

IFlrf flmlJ mU thingl.iaW U L»vt f-' -> 

Death and Fall mere avjful mavt > 

,■. Piathieirm, and Fate a^t, i^ ;• 

Diath b^tsv. 1^ Jittt «hfV*' - '■ . ..I 
Martah, Mertali, Ity jtur SUB, 
Siting Good, trfinnniiil lU, 
Falf'miiJitlktBitFdenfiiU^: s .. 
WiHh tbi.BmrdmJIiiii 
Fat,i«Unt,th€.Bitrdi»fita, . 
Fati tviiibt the BurdtnjUU. 

Prinn/i C. De»d,:ihw fjear I^d! — Yet fipp thy 

ZxnkdownaDdbear-n^ llCBr m;; Sigbs uid Vin^ 

TiiJ Deaili hat made me cold, and wax like tliee; 

Water fliall be my Drink, and Herbs my Food, 

T%e Marble of my ChapcL be my Sed, ... 

*rbe Altar-Steps my Pillows : while all Night 

Streicli'd out, I gManing lie Uf>oo {be Flour, 

Beat my fwdl'n Breafts, ud tny dear la& deplorf ■ ' 

Irea. Ah | Midam, wtut B Lift have ytwpn^'df 

Prinnfi C. Too little all for an Offence like nunej 
Yet D^ath ^aa. made Aic cold, and wax like thee : ^ 
For Oil J Irint, whq-e'a the Joy f I find it here, 
. Tes, I fliall die without thofe violent Means, 
' That might have hazarded my Soul — O Hea»«l— 
O thou that feeft my Heart, and,know*A »y TeitOM, 
Wilt thou fargive thofe Crime* I coii'd pa^ betp. 
And wou'd not hidaf ,'. * 

Irrn. Doubt not but your AcooaM 
Shall fland a«.fair in his eternal Book, 
A» apy Saint) above — 

Printtfi C. Take, »ke me then . 

From this bad World, quench thefe rebellions ThmghtSl 
For Oh 1 1 have a Pang, a longing Wilb 
'To fecthe lucklera Face of lov'd Ulimaur, ; 
To gaze a while, and take one laft Faietfelt 
like one that is to Irfe a Umb — 'Tj» gone — >■— — 
It wu coiTupt, a Gangrene to my Honour : 
Yet I metbinkt wwi'd riew the blccdine Pu^ 


'96 fthe-prMf/sfff'cieve: 

Shudder a little —weep -^7^ and grwJge'^ PartiB^; 
lut by tbe SoAl'of mj[ injiripli^nt'^airit, 
1 fwear this longing w wiihoot'a Ciuilt, 
Hot fiuU-it erer be b^ my AppoihtmcoK 

E»ter ffeinours. 

Irm. Bat if he ftioo'd Attempt t^s^'cnielVirit,-' 
fiow wou'd your He^k receive him f 
■ Prnttfi C. -jWith ruth Temper, 
jfo dew and islra -iiv.hei^hi^ of my I Aiisfoit^iw^ 
Bs thou' ihy 0f i>nEai», wda'Oll wonder' at. 

Irtn. Ha \ bilt he's here - 

Frlnttfs C. U'tpoES^%Y Epi'd'.f^ . 
Haitlie'ii'my Unci; 

A'»H.' Start lioi, ' 
The F!4ani wfio lia 
To end a tmg'ring ] 

Prinafi C. For 
Jd Tears and BlatJf 
Hut What's yo'.ir Ko] 
Ah [ what can you 
From Chaflity. a»"a 
You thit ate tpade 
_. J^». Is Ciii! t)iei) 
Ai^if 'tCere cou'd Im 
^or this dricobrolat 

We'U ulk a 

9W niQcn 

With fomis^l 
Nor fear'di E 


7^ Tfincift of Cle^. ^ 

Bit 01) I when he had rach'd tut fierce Meridttfi, 
How diflerent Washii Porn I that Angel Pxee, 
WubAefelhii^'ft)^, flioc to a-gkring GtxI. 
I grew indkio'd, bumt inward, and the.'BnUh * ' ' 
Of the grown Tyrant wch'd my Heart to Alhtt. 
Nor need I Wafh'to ni»l4«. you thi» (^nfeSon, 
Becaufc, my Lord, 'tis done "witbotit a. Crime. 

Ntm. fiecMife bf thii (mA bdcA DHeomy, 
I amtefelv'd to-lcMel-an Age b«fora)Km. finthingl 
'Prv«r^C 'Rtlv, I cwkJHcc you, rift, IVe Hid yplt 
But what j-cNi tefcw, nly l.ord. too ntU Migle i. 
Notbo^I-EhIm^mlUia'kte(>tbofe'lM» - r ' 
Uy J>aty llioud |iTcfcribe. 

^<rw. Strike me not-dead. 
With Dn^^ IVhme; hf Haa^S' I GMar 'Mk'n Ml; ' 

TncTe U na-fiotln of O^gatrannlw. 
Nay, let me %, M£>ny : Olbfgivie'ns^ 
*Tu utmollDun'iMiwiD te^'m^LoKe 
V^^i have-cMivdriariiie.^ 

Fwwi/i C 'Ti«*nty^-Ctaiw» 
Tte T«Re o£Hovnir, aiadthi CW of t.A^, 
TW T%Mtid % fiom i>A^r u a FeA,, 
That I fhou'd yntx tbtle R^ of Life vihlf- 
'h\ fuiJe& Cam, inilAtngeoBi bflDd^r, 
Where t Ihou^d never think t£ Maia'-iv^ibik 
Bat more pardcukrl/ ihatctf.^FO^ 
gir fftAfoni yet aiAmT*D4 
. Mm. (Wutomih^^ai^ ... 
And woQ'dM -HeaTeatkby tarijjht'lft««Tft,. 
Since 'til imfioffible diey i&Jff^ be .JuK ; 
Na^,,Utdiih.letme&ytlftO{io&afCAi['/'^ (Nahl^. 

Prinafi C. Ah ! Sir, iMw dam you tddnttiA thfatdeija^. 
That drains my fifa» ami wifs fe HittWih TSr Sliedi.t: 
Mwe it no mwe wiUiont the CoiAau^ce, 
Fdr 'tis fast temmotni, MKtMreuk Caul^' 
Of C&vA raanely OiaOi, t ffnttr I dttiife. -,if yon bid OMM himrthnnsk tfa^ fltatti- 
Ittm. 0\ a>udpTbici^i~batwh^aon'd Itaftnr., 

9i^ The Princefs of ClcTC 

Tft ruin me-for eMr ? I(k»Fwlt ' 

To lovej then blame not me-. No, Madsm, to. 

Bat btame your lelf, who told it to your Husband s ** 

But Oh I yoa woo'd not argae th«a agaisft toe - .' ' 

If ever yoa had tor'd 

You havf-deceiv'd yourfcl/ tod tlatter'd mer 

Why am I thrown elfc from the gktrioai Hejgl^ 

Soudi'd in a Momisnt from my btife/ttl Sntt^ 

And hurl'd like Lightning by the Hand of Fate ? ' • 

friweifi C. Be fau&fy'd, my Lord, you are not H«Mt*<df 
X have fi^h.Love for vou. thu Diuy's Bar 
Wou'd prove too weak to hinder ow Eng^gemeat- 
fiut there is more ■■ ■-. — — ■, . ■ v 

Nem. Mow Fancy, more Chimera F 
But let it owne, I'Jl Hand the flawing Nothing. 
And when the hladder'd Aii woii'd turn the Baluoy • 
I'il caft m We, lubOantial. pcndrain Um, 
Ecernil Lo««i and hurl biro to the Braia. 
Bui^fpeak, uid if a Hell ■vf SeMtnuioa 
Ma& part my Soul and Body.' do not wracfc aav 
But let the Poi&a &e»l tnto nj Vaaa, • ' 
Anddamn ms mildly. Madam, aiyon can. [laftiiMi - 

Princifi a Heai dien n^ BefeDMhoaght ^"ShAm 
I e'er JlialtAe you, and 'tis > poor Renwtd 
Fm fuch a Love { yet. Sir. 'tii aU 1 iwi^ 
And yoa muft ask nemoee. 

Nrm. Be witneli, Fieaven. 
Of my Obodiencc; I will ask her nothii^. ivif^ 

Princ^i C. Know then, ny Lord, yonW6a^aDd I 
Free from the eteruU Bond of Mariu^ — t— 
My Heart too it inclined by Love Ukc yoos, . 
Nor can I fear the cenAiring Wm-ld Iban'd bkiime ut^* <4 
But now, my Lad, what Fowcron Eaith cULgiye - 
Secarin that Soad fliaU prevc cternali 

A^». Hal Madam. 

Princi/i-C. Silcnca, iUenc^ \ connwd yak i 
No, no, NtMf^i, i knew [he World too wall* 
You have a Senfe too nice for long Ejyiyaifac: 
Citv* Wat the Man that only ca«'d love kwig t , - 
Kar can J think hi* Pjti&Hi woujd h«nli^da 

Bot Out be firand I could have none for hiM. 

TTis OMad^ Atccnt, aad Let* and Bin, 

Tliat whet the .^MKtke of Love aad Gbryt 

Tliefe are the Fik{ fM thM ieryi Pa&« : 

But when the fiafhy StabUe we remove, ' ' 

The God goes out, and there'a an end of Love. ' ' 

Ami. Ah, Madam I I'm sot able to cantain, 
But muft perforce break jwir ComniaBds toanltverj ' 
Once t».M joori, ii to be for ever foan, 
Yaanmily, ffitlioat,thoDght«fo(tMr Woman. Tdoy'd) 
^rtfn^ C. Why thi« Auiadi wcU,'and utnrd 'tiU yoa'rt 
SuhOlit wtenAneSattcEyhMpaU'd jFOi, ' 

You ficken at each View, andcv'ry Glance ' ' > 

Bora^i ypiu guilty So&l, and fays you loche liff,- 
I know it. Sir, you have ibe writbred C«fi' ' 

O^ Otkntiy and i^i to ^aia Sliced* 1 
And do but thnk wkcnvwiotts Form have ekarm'd f«^ 
How I IhooU bau'theaoraKeiimu of -Lover 

N*m Ah Jbladan, «0<9 1 £nd yoo aiw prqodic''d t6UaJ| 

/>riM^fl.-iTisRaUM,-till<alm&eatbit; [nyHapei 
Natnieaffinuano-vioUntTJuH^ttnlaft, ■ 
SlwdwHi Iftt^ sv'ry nncFMctbUcaiM 
■WomM Lh a n Kyo a fttm ate— lu f ud eou'd I love 
To fee that. ^ Day, and, file pM room »e, 
To bear the Otuft of CJiK(« uch Hour upbrtid a»i'' 
No, 'tit inipo]5liIe, witti all ny PaJEon, 
Not to fiibmit to thefe Almigbtr Rc^imu i 
Fta tblt I btfvc your noblelt Qualiiies, 
I'll ke^ yooi' Form at diHsnce, ait4> my Sool, ' 
Defpair oPSmiitt.and Teari, and Prayen aod Ouib^ ' 
Aiid all ibe BlandiQtments of petjur'd Love : 
I will, I mufl, I Dull, nay, I can, 
De;^ to Death the lovely Traitor Maa • - - 

Ntm. No. Madam, tnink ut you (ball csrryt-tb^] 
*Tis not allowable^ 'as paft example. 
Tit moil auMKal, nnjiift and'monfrods ; • ^ 
And wwethereftof WomeO'<b«h»efeh''d, ■■'; 

Yon woik'4 JtCftrby tbe Pwpofe of Creuina. ' 
What, when 1 have the Happineii to pleafe, > 

When HtftTca ISA EnA combat (otoilM-u bi^rr, '' 

"Wni yon drftw; die Ahd alD^tiay. ' ' ' ' ' 

By noft ttoparaiild'd Extrtflua of Vinae, 
'Which therefore uks-awa^ iurajBaag}' 
, Frmfffi'C. Awg^J audi oaCaMa«et,£iKCO^ie^ 
Nmer tofetk.OGCHMiHan»io.lce-attt' ' / 

Farewd,— — -'Tttpift. - 

iVin*. I caiuwt let, y w aii • ■ 

''Till you hure. pfamit'diacthuJ ftallAcyM, ' 

To Sberr y«i bow each Dzf. by Sam -Atmn 
l.^aam., TJu> joB.-a»ll.yiW| fa-BtaWBaJ - - 
•C)r yon uuU fwdny filQaiLlet.DBtJ»teB-Tiw. ' ''' 

That I fbai'd cWge yoi with die Tkafii of Oftje^^ 

To my dead Lord^T add why did Fgt£jmit.aa9' ■' ■> 
..Aij^rRmadonnot^M— «.-^" ■ 
*rii yen (hac cra& bttb fisdaBB, HflM«ti«i*<F«e« 
^TuyoafddlnA«|(>2i)^^t>'y<»ia4><>(i»'' "-■'^'■, 
^uch Laiwi|tiieidME.SadBaor.Vtaiie-wgnanU' •' ' ^ 

/n««>( C. 'Tiitixe.(DyXoi^< «teBtHlftV4)M< 
Which but ftbfiAi fD.TliQ^;hu tlMdbwilMe'MtUMC 
Exppa.wbittJigfaiwab/fitdfA J-OTteja Witw^ ^ ' ■ ~ 
May work iH.)miitiiah«i & -iiiy.HM>"rf»Pirth- - ' 
%bl!)e4«pg,&e&l fceJBriw.fMg»^ 
Kay, look, methinla 1 fee Jiia. IiMie> lifct ' 

And poiiit an FvedjtftHtg Sffwwgm- 
yetOh! itihiIlnat,be>'ithcNit,aT*^. ■ - - ->; 

Nim. Oh I SUy, 

Primri/iC. Let go, bdiexcjio Other. MlS-' 
iCou'd thus hsKBlvuiBght mc, but-juufiUg ta-'LVH— 

IfiM. Stay then. 

frinetfst. X darejioti—TlnHk Ittm^yw 4ift>''- 

Jtfnt. XdoLi-fiut o'er- i^ain-^^ 
' PrinrtfsC. Belize tW I fliallklvc youtoayZhacL 

Ntm. 1 wijl t but live .and. knc me.' ' 

Primci/i C C^>I duu^ jnuit> 
' Believe &i».partisg wound; me like jii*faw> . 
Of Cle-ve, or woifci believci but Ohl FaMwel— — 


Trinctji C. Beliere that you Ibali never kc me more. 


Enter Vidam. 

l^ijL Well, aai Imw g<M iIm^ Gua(? What^- m tha 

Juue, a gaiKer'^ B»>w> and A.lacg^pii^.i^oa U.f ^>0W 

then you're a LdTct,' 

JVfm. Didft thou fee her paJaf 

-FiJ^ I. Jidi- d^ Hh^mg mt bj thD I^nd,and.fieh,'J,' 
•then look'd back twice, ud touei'd pn. cnjs' T^kpoqI^ 

A'^M. Believe thu you AmII jwver fee ntgmqre— flie 
£es ; ra nUger tnyEOatt, I W Vf aelWe? 'MontW 
thna W<fBja4t9kGer ac Mlf .an ^4tir j^Twp mDm 

- ^ii/. Why Faidvand thju'i a* *is»$ f^.e'f r an AAr*; 
loKCr bi^cmail. 

^JAo. Gite.Diefh)iHawUf'>4(nit,J koajw^theSagbf^ 
WoaicD bMter tuo (hey kng^thfrn^iiQ;, 
I knoW tbelngicdtdiu'jun^tb^m.^dieinjip. 
All :cb linAGnku,' tW/u^rtlftS ?rohtilf^ Au^ 
With the whole ailli-aiafli of their CoD)pdiuaD.j 
Hadttimrcvaibbtk,' tig ytHV .of iiargvrit^( 
Kciw thou ihaU ^ *.BaUlc wp'riJi) lh^:V>?iDK«, , 

hUfk hm bo«» eafib my RMlaat.flieE4 tui. 
Aifil yet aclaft I'JUit^itlhcj into fiif 
Secaufc I Jove her -^ ' ' 

EMter Macgaciite jM^«v B f l b;nn rc^, 
Mifj. Be gone, Villain. Devil, Fury, MoBfteroFftMUii 
2vtm. But'fix W^ds ip pri\pt«. 

5* ^be Princefs of aevc 

Emitr Pflbiot edit. 

'>«r. AndlfmirbT dwUbrcmbit orBea«r> 1 
«n dene (o mj CtB*, fat btutr ftr wade, in Saifc, 
Ong f m m or Ou^ tin' a ^eca Aoi'd ooiae is mjr 
^KT "• bottp Goidi '■ 

Am. Wliu then, GCBdemcB, I poccnc then Jm* 
been Wan at Home— - 

P#/. Not a Battle, mj Lonl, mJj a Cbaigt, a Charge 
mitfed, brio. 

' Jttm. What, wu it thra' a TroiuM^ or a Hors, So-f 
/>«/. A Horn, Sir, a Hora, Sirl nok Sir, 'Hmi mc 
k Hoin, Sir — ^ ObIt, bt; CtSm, wai a little difilaia. 
ft], b«t we are Friendf ^aia, Sir : aadwliat tfcai,Sit? 
Aira*. Com^ com^~ all Frieodi ; were Tstrmm here I 
WMi'd forgive her) a little Soon In a fntiy Wemaa, la 
it be not too much aSeftcd, k a Cham to mw Priod- 
fhipi thcrefere let each Mao take hb Fair one b/f the 
Hand, that lay it to hit Lipt, and tecar a whdc Lift** 


St.A. At I will 10 mr ATmE^, ^M hal Cati atStt, 
at ay Sraall-caal j and for hia dot uphraidi hv, TU 
hare more Bob), than DimaeritMi, when he crv'd Pear 
Jack. Thsc't more Pride m Ditgiwu, or under a Pa- 
ntao'f Cap, than iti a Kine'i Crown. 

Ntm. For my fart, du Oatk of the Prince of CJrPt, 
npon fecond Thowi^ hu traljr wroaght a dange ia 
me, at nothing eltt but a Miracle coaM —~ For fir^ 
XfeeasdlcthcmyDcbaudieries- — Next, while Tarn 
in Heahii. I am reTolvM to give Suitfa^on to all I 
have Bnmg'd i and Grft to thit Lady, whom I will make 
mv Wife bdcoK all this Company ere we put - 

Thii, I bope, whenever I die, will convince the Woihl 
of the Ingnuiityof my Repentance, bccaufe I had the 
Power to Ko <m. 

He wefl repenti that will not fin, yet can i 
Att Death-Md Sonom rarely fhew the Man. 

FI N I S. 

I L, Google 

Pu I. .J I, Google 

j Lucius Junius Brutus, 
• Father of his Countiy; 




- I CteleqMe tuvtSm ^trto 

FU3it ejHOSyCttrru^ut vtlaiis tUt ItrafecmtJa. 

Virg. jEn. i. 


FiiatedftuW. Feales at /i»wf'i/frW^nft 
St. CletiKjft's Church in the Strand ; \. V e l- 
LiNGTOM at the Dolfihw and Crm/a wtttiout 
Temple-Bar; J. Wellington, A. Bet* 
TESwoKTB, and F. Clat, ia FrBft tor 

8.i™dt, Google 

To the Right Honourable- 


Earl o/Dorfct <W(/Middlefcx, One of 
the Gentlemen of his Majefifs Bei- 
Chamber, Sec. 

My Exird, 

1 1 T H an Afrnnmce,rhope, becoming: 
I the Juftice of my Caufe, I lay this Tra- 
ggedy atyonrLordlhip'sFeet,not as* 
■ common Perfecution,but asanOiFer- 
I ftig faitable to your Virtae, and woithy- 
of the Grea'nefi of your Name. There are fame 
Subjedsthat reqmrebuthalfthe Strength ofa great 
Poet; but when Grteceor old Rome come I'nplay, 
thcNature, Wit and Vigour offo/emoft £baiifpear, 
the Judgment and Force of Jobiifdtf, wiih all 
his borrowed Maftery from the Antients, will 
fbarce CufSce for fo teriible a Grapple. The Poet 
muft elevate his Fancy with the mightiefl Imigi- 
natioti ; he mud run back fo many hundred. 
Vol. I. I 3 Year(„ 

tern, 'tike»iaSi PtofytSt of dieSpiitit ofl^a* 
Times witfaomt the leaA ThoQght of ooi^ iifbk. 
if hii Ejt fltoold IVrcrve Co low, his MbI^ *ill 
grow giddr with the Vaftneri of the Difta^jce^ 
&lt M uooe, And for ever lofe the Majeliy of tlw 
fiifl DvGiga, He that will pretend to be a Crf- 
Ifcli oi fuch a Work, -mun not have a Grain of 
Ceti/iMJt he muH be Lexgitnu tbrooghoor, or No> 
thing, whcfe even the niceft beft Semaiks taiaft 
pals bHi for Allay to the Imperial Fury of this 
old Haman ,GoIdr There mud )» no Dfofi 
through the whole Mafi, the Furaac^ mufl i>e 
jflftlf heated, aad the Bullion fiamp'd- vitfi ,aa 
unerring Hud. In fuch a Writing thefe mufl 
be Greatncfi of THougtit without gombafl. Re*-; 
mnceuefs without MonHroufncfs; Virtue arm'd* 
wjth Scverjcy, not ia Icon fiodiea ; lbli4 Wit 
'VithoQt mooerti AfieSatiop ; Soaoothoels .witj^* 
<oat Glofs, fpeaking out withoqt cracking ^M 
-Voice, or (training the Lungs. Ia (hort, mf 
Lord, he that will write as he ought on fo noble 
an Occafion, mufl write like you. But I i^t 
there are few that know how to copy ticet fo 
^eat an Origiua] as yourljordOiip; faecAifetfiet* 
u fcuce one Genius extant of yoor owe Sil)e 
^tcan.follow yovi pa^bus 4tf«M : tkat )|l|t,nc 
Felicrty and Mattery of the old Poeu,^^Giii 
kotf match ibe Tboiuhtfulnea <^-^ SmO* 
■- Hotr &a' (hort I am c*& of fiich inimitable Et- 
eellence, I muJt with Shame, my Lord, conftfe, 
I am but too fenfible. Nature, 'rfc beller'd 
(if I am not aattetedj and ^o not flatter my 
felf> has not been niggardly to m&in. the Por- 
- tioti of a Gehhis ; tho* I have been>Yo fkr from 
improving it, that I am half afraW .1 have loft of 
Oic PriocipaL It behoves me tbea ior the fmtt 


c^ lopk a^m me, to &e i^hfthfrlai^ al^Iff 
cbf MCe, tp look np to yoiir LordChrp, aa^'_, 
fisaJQ upon ihe Track of fo ftir n Glory. I.' 
nioS acEDQWiedge, hpwcrer I have bchar'd- my 
Iflir ia drftwipg, aothUif; er«r pieibnted it felf to 
ihj Fancy wim that foiid I'lqafaMi, as Brum did 
in lacrificiqg bts Sons, fielbre I read MsfhiawTt 
flotes upon the Place, I coaplu^ed it the gii^tefb 
A^it that evtt wtf (eea throughout alt Ages or 
^ greatcft Occafion. For my ovfif Endeavour, 
I thoqght I never paiiued any M^n fo to the Life 

Viferit BrKfiy fafctfque videre rurptiu ? 
, .4tfr/Mr uteufi^tftftrttit tafa3a n ' ** 

No doubt that Divine Poet imagined it might 
be too great for any People but his own, perhaps 
X h»e foond it To, but - JbIwJm^s Catilint met 
no better Fate, as his Motto from Horace t«l)*- 

Hii MBM pUitcMla gtmtUtf&c. 

Nay, Shtkt^ar's Brxttu ^Uh much ado beat 
himfelf into the Heads of a blockilh Age, fo knot- 
ty were the Oaks he had to deal with. For ray 
own Opinion, in fpite of alltheObllaclesmyMA- 
deQy cduld i^re, I could not help fnfrrting a 
Vaunt IB the T iile-Page, Ctxhqiu^ &c. 

jtnd'^avMg raln'dlhe Lift tkat be ^efitm'd^ 
Boldastbe Bilhws driviHgwtbtkelVmd, 
He hos'd the Mufe that wi»g'd hit fret-iorm 



On this I jTm-d, md refolv'd not to'le (Ii„w 
»(ith the little Exceptions of a fpurtilh SelKnttioir 
that have an Antipathy to Thought : Bnt iki 
how frail are oiirbeft Rdblves in oor own CoS 
cerns' 1 IliowM no ^affion omward ; b«»-wl-» 
ther throngh an Ofer-Copceit of tte WQt«.»f bij 
raoft perhaps there was indeed fome Merit 
the Fire barnt inward, and I was ironbled (d 
m onmb Plac like a Father for his dead Child 
Tis enough that I have eas'd my Heart br this 
dedication to your Lordlhip. I comfort my felf 
too whatever our partial Youth alledge, -mat 
Lordfhip will find fomethingifl it worth your Qb- 
fervation ; which wirh my fninre migence 'Kb. 
folution to Study, Devotion to Vittuet and'yonr 
ivordlhip s Service, may render me not oltoEabct 
nitworthy the Prijteaion of your Lordlhip. 

Bly Lard, 

Tour Lordjjiift taaji HlMbU, 

Nat: Lee, 




P R O L O G U E 

Written by Mr. Buke^ 

TOng hat At TribeofPiiett en the Sfagf 
*-' Groaned laidtr fer/erallng CritUh Rage r 
Sut i»itblht Saimd afSair<ng and ofRhymii 
Like Bets tmitedb;/ tbi tickling Clh/t, 
The little Ringing lafeSi fmiarvt the more. 

And Baz, ii greatir thanil •vjar btfars. 

But Oh ! you leading Votiri »f the Pit, 

That infea others tvith your ton much IVit i 

that -well-apaed Memhers da fedact, 

AndtiiiUhjturMalin poifoti hcslftbt Haafii 

Know year ai-manag'd Jtiitmry Svitrp 

Shall be no more endar'J, hut endi thiyDaf, * 

Ralers of abler Cmdua tve iiiill chw/t, 

And mare indu^int to a treiebUng Miifi J 

Wamenfir endi afGavtmment mere fit; "V 

Wemtn fiall riUt the Boxes and the Pit, J* 

Give iitFivi.tir Lrue, and bifiume* le fFit. J( 

Find me one Man BfStnfi in allyaur Rail, 

H'bom ftm» oni Weitian has nit made a Foci. 

Even Bufintfi, that intolirahle l-nait 

Under .tnhkh Man dafi groan, and yet is prcuJ,' 

Mittb httiif they tan nmnagt msBu'd they pleofe i 

'Til mt their ffant '/ H^it, hut love »/ Eafe . ' 

Far,Jfite ef Art, more Wit in them appears i 

Tho iu# hoafi ears, and th^ diffimbU theirs : 

Wit enci luas ours, and /hat up fir a luhile. 

Set jhalhu) in 4 hot and barren Soil i 

Sut luhin tranfilanted to a richer Ground^. 

Sat in their Edea its Perfiaion found. ■ 

I s ■ ■^'"' 

And 'til iui JKfi if^Po«'dB*r mt invaJf, 
VhjJfi -we fet up th'i'r -paintij^, potcking frttJtt 
jfi Jir mr CuKrtlre, to aur Shatnt *tit iirfti^. 
As Ihij cell taifiit, thiy can pmil it da^n. 
At their e'wit tf'eapoai thej our Bullitt amit i 
Faitl), let tbim biake an ahtifaliU tami, 
frtfcrihi ta all Mankind, 4U <io4Uaj Plafi^ 
And ivtar tin Sreicbti, mt thy luiar tbi Bof*. 


Spoken by Mrs. Bsrre^ 

No eritfhn Sin, tbt Pii«*j Clmm^H I 
Hav fiuarn t» fiand, «ad ni'iy Ifa^ Aff^ 
Xut -wbf tad iuiifiwCritiei fio**/ 1 »ma 
AJudgt iub*Ji mtf^tijtnift it tadatuHt 
WhiU jw» jfeur Mrbitraty tift aAmaet ' ■ 
^tfTit, m»d dmg it UimBmr if Frnoex 
iftt, 'withtutJiiw^Rt^ n- Pr«nt*f 
CtMdmn m ManH S» fir JpttUnvStnJit 
g»witr wt Hm'djm ona ttt mji, tit Shti^ 
Knroi •oit hmtt him jtur Impatttin imH^i 
Km that «£*«« jtur Sif»t frifitm *• fiar, 
AdartintOfUs dmci'^dbtmnisntni 
T»m tiathavt nt/Hi^ Hgit at Murtmf fMyM. 
But tmtf tv if rtjikit m wnN^.- 
Wit StM/t ajig <mtb forh mm «nPjn/ A-, 
At if a FrcBdmun JMdiifmt jtavnt 
Or am lolian iMl* iii Wifi a Ji/t, 
Hit Spaniani* fkttfimt, or Hi uatiAatea drtfis 
nat rani tit aAUfi Ptett viti tit fi'ltr, 
JM •wili tat OtOi — ^ — 

Pu I. .J I, Google 


Falfe as -fiur Wit an4 JaJgnteat mw I fiostafi 
By tht iawMH MaidtttbeaJi of each Theatri ; 
I^Tay, bj mf. fwn, the Foils Jhall net fiatid, 
Z,ikt Shrpv-etidf Coch, tU Fait of tvtty HanJi^ 
Zitt nat the furhliitd Criticli'i Sinttnce pafi, 
Tiiat Jhotli the Putt thro^ an Optici Glafl ; 
Na Ftals of iit-flac'd Fraifi frm Gaihries com, 
T^er Pualt ifiozu to clap or iiifs prefumt; 
L»t b»r not c^ciie as the Feps that fiaat her, 
Hor cluck til Squires that ufi to Pipf about hir J 
I^a-^tmv Sl^kheird, blaettd. Hit an Ox, 
^ravtrji tit Pit ivith Damme, What « f:,t. 
Kn^na tbtm far e'ry Mi/demeanor here 
ni.'StmaK* fiahiuig,parp, and. inert fei-ia, ._ 
Thafiihe fall She-.that on her Keker mnes, ^ .J 
Who in bis Drink l^ft Night laid^inap h.;- •iiiM', 
Thunder'd her China, damn'd her ^nlily. 
Htr Giagk hroii, an^ tkxe Appoint Venial 
ffSa/ drtfg'd htr Iff the Hair, and brake her Head, 
A Chamber Lieg^ but a Lamb in Bed : , >- { - 

Like htr Vll teixe jau far yaur Midnight ftormsig^- , 
For your all talking, and your vt performing ;' j' 

Ttu that luitb menffrMi Judgment forte tht Si^t,. _. ' 
Ttstfriblii^t/iiMbling^tefvicftbf.Agi. ' " , 

sn^dL, Google 

Dramatis Perfonsc 

Lnau) Junim ftfUtuj^ . ,*Ii-, Bttt»rf». f 

Ti(W.'- . ■ . U^-Smif^r. \ 

Coliaiinoi, Mr. WiUfiirt^ 

Valeriua, Mr. GilUvi. 

Aquuiaj: ' ■ . - ' i f - 



Fecilian Prieb, iSx.Ptnival, Mr-Frtmam. 

Vindicim, . Mr. Nthi. 

FdKirini, Mr. ^w*,. 

W O M E K. 

SemproBla, Lsjy Sfi„j&,. 

}^<M". Mn. Btlttrtta, 


II, Google 

Luciusjuntus Brutus^ 
Father of his Country. 

A C T r. SCENE I. 

Exttr TitoE avi Teiaminu. 

% liramitita, why this Face of Tears f 
a Since firfl I bw thee, 'liU this hsjmy Dajr, 
m Thus haft thou paTs'd thy tnwTKiieiy 
ft Hotin, 

S Er'n in the Cburt retir*di ftretched on a 
i ' Bed 
Id feme dark Room, with all the Caitaiiii drawn } 
Or in Ibme Garden o'er a flowry Bank, 
Melting thy Sorrows in the marra'ring Stream j, 
Or in lome pathlefs Wilderaefa amafing. 
Plucking the moify Bark of Ibmc oldTreCi 
Or poring, tike a Slfyl, on the Leavei : 
What, now the Prieft Ihou'd join ua I O, the Godt { 
What can yon proffer me in vafl Exchange 
For this enTuiiw Night ? Not all the Days 
Of crowning Kings, of conqciering Gencnltt 
il<A all the ExpeSadon sf hereamr. 

•14 ' Ito^ioir^^Vii^u^SiAtiAk 

Skaali pwdafc tlw» th» Kfaht wK-M^iWiftim m^J - 
. '7M-. O 7&u/ if fiacefirlt I&wAvti^ 
Since I began w tkink on my UofiBtWMV 

If my&iSmdhuHiteiaia'dMHm . ■\. 
Of Plnfin here;, or kufaon'd any Jojr, 'o' Cf 

Bat what the Prince of iDjrTi/tu'gaTe met - .v 

Add, add, yon enel Godi, to wbat J bear, - : > 
ibKlbreak ny Hcait Wbie kin. 'Ggoab- 

7>r. Boc^ firit di' etetnd Cfatk} fir wlm- ttaoafc 
The WorU to nte u Ctaas. Ye^ TtrMmMa. 
SaidafetheeveriaftmgSi&en wove w. 
Whene'er WB pm, the Stringl of liatk ■«§ OtA^),. : 
Once inorc I -io imreat thee gire the GrcvB 
Th/ Sadiiefsi let me prds thee ia axj Amu, 
My fairdl Biide, my only Lightneft bov. 
Tune «f my Heart, and Charmer of my Eym. 
May, Aoufliaktauv the £xbfy from 'met , 
rU make due foiile with my extramun Paffioii». 
SriWthypalcRMiri»m( aiid«f«tMMBrn, ii„A 
X fwea^.O-nirMHitlM, O myl^T^ ~ ' i^.U 

Cold aa thoa art, lU'wana tketmMBIafiMW. ^V-i" lA 

T0: QfUrtf mayl* oughjIttJidiBTCrdMi:)'^ 
Kemember, ^> I.am4be Blond tf 3VfVW«» '.'. 

Tiie bitfeft too. -i . . , „■ 

fit. TIiou an dw Blood of H^Mp. ■ ^ -.-. 'J 
The kisdelt Infipencc of the tesmiiiz Starx v "^V 
No Seed of Tkrpi* i no. 'ti»fbrg'd Tobale ik0 = -v ^ 
AGodtbf FaAarimfc »Qo<)dc£ w^aJvi Wi&> L 
Tlie Wood-Nyn^Aiimd thee db A Bc^ of Kailf>*> 
Lapt in the Sweea jmd Beantiei of Jthe Spni^-t 
DioM foflet'd thee with NeOar Dm, 
Thuatende^Uooming, chafte^ Jheg^wihtfjocv- : 
To build « Temple fiwied to her Nuoe 

Which I-w2ld<^ and wtdtbeeiiwteaeua. fait 

Ttr. Swegr thai, my T*/ut, &tat youll «'«r upbraid 
Swear that yimrliove dull lafl like mioc £ae ener. 
No tiOTi of State or Empii^ ao Idi^SatVnu, 
ShaU e'er (OiiBgo fpa £oa av : Smu, i fiiy t 

1 1, Google 

Timif'Ym'OtaildyamfUb, I najr k 1c^ 
Htm &ttmt^a% tail w wAkt to my Pau; 
Swear, IWear, ay Lvd, tfau-poa will aner hiM Mb 
Bat to joar Dntli ffiU dierill) in yvat Bofi»B 
The poor, the fond, the mwchid TnvmUiM* ■ " 
rn. TiU Dothl nay. ^BT Snth. ifpi^UA ' 
Diflblve me ftill with Qoeftiao) of thit Nann^ . 

WhilelitW ~ ' 

More thaad 

Thb Ntgh^ diis N^ht lh>U nU tW-luw I ioit due!:: 

When WoFos ire at a \jA, aad'ths tmtt Soul 

Peon oat faCE &tf i&SwhB aad nlpiag Jo^, 

life gra^ the Paagi ofBIiic, ui nuanMrag 

Tho«:&alt oonfefe all LaaB^ugethe&ii vil^ 

And yet bdiara an axif^wiilioiKm]i v0wiH|. ' "^'- 

f lutn^ fttAuwati «' Fiaao. 

lut fee, mj Fufaw with a tlmmut^xK-Si ■■>: 

TheCpqrtoomaiQB; tet'tOiptbe b^fCnvd.' < 
And Oeal into th'etenaal Knqt of Lore. CJ^rnMH 

fr«f. I>id f«itfMv ii^ft th«tviie«t dtdili^" it 

Fi>. My Lord, he Jid: 
yhcfc h^ withatt rt ftMt nJaaiyathiifc ■ 
Had beoi ftme Ni^u* before. 

Srwt. Halifb3br^ 
Whv did h« come anuM/ 

m. taoMttt u iLiinoar ^tmA, ^■ 
He ftU m(A ftffiwauly in lo<iv wAihm:. n 

Brut. Whatthc&r ■ ■ V 

ria. Why, u't not im^f . } 

^ntf. It fee net handfiiaf 

Fla. Oh I TCt7 haadlbm. 

Brut. ThcB Vi not ftnust at afl : 
-What, 'fiir « King*! Sw tok-e — aAar ifaa'i Wifef 
Why, Sir, rveknowKlfaeKiag hai done the &IM.' 
Faiih, I ny Mf, who am Mt ut'd to«apor. 
Have fcauthm fad A' anhiwAl Itch »M nc : 
Mar> pr'ythee, ftint. wiim rtwn «ai iUlp At Md>*tt. 

^6 Luciw Junius Brutu$, 

Hat'myoU Bayi theCompanjf'M not roudalons: 
Let's go toHWltogttka'i eooKl* the Trnth, 
JDid'ft thoD never neal frtun the-Goda an Hour, or lb. 
To mumble a new Pr«j«r — — -i— 
With a yoing flcdi}}' Wbore InabaadyCorncrf'Iia! 
/ii. My Lord, yonr Servam. ■ h this die Fool T the 

iM him be whit h» will, he <poke theTrath : 
If other Fo(^« be thu, tlKy*re4angero» Fillowj.Tf^. 
Smf. ESwW.JOjerfoofeeiB* in view ( ftnwtbiDgttere' 
la ToTfUM't laft Ahodtat Ca/btfitii: £i« 

Late entertain'd, and early gone this Mbrntng ; 
The Matron ruffled, wet, and dropping' Tears, 
As if (he had loft her Waakh in fonte bkdc Storm f 
As In the Body, on fome great Surprife, 
The Heart Hill calls fmtn the difcoloor'd Face, 
' From every part Ae £Jfe and Spirits down : 
So huertct comes to Ramt, -and funtmons all her Kood. 
LacrM is fair : but chafe, as the ftimM Snow- 
Twice bolted o'ei by the ble^ Nortiiem Maftrr 
io lies this Santy, ccAd and frozen Bean^, 
Still watch'd and snarded by het wkkmg VIrtne, 
A Pattern, tho' I fear inimitaUe, - 
For all fuccecding Wivw. O Bnauif Brtimt ^' 
When will thfc tedious Code permit thy Soil 
To walk abroad in her own Majefty, 
And throw this Vizor of thy Madneft from thetf 
O, what but infinite Spirit, prt^ by Fate,- 
For Empire's Weight to turn en, could endure. 
As thou liafi-dono, the Laboan of an Age, 
All Follies, Scof&, Reproaches, Pitie^ Stvna, 
Indignities almoft to Blows fuftain'd. 
For twenty predtng Year;, and l^ a Rtiman f 
To aft IMbrmi^ m a thoufond Shapes, 
To pleale the greater Moofter of the tw(^ 
That cries, tmng fbith the Beaft, and let him tonble: 
With aU Variety of-^iag Madads, 
To bray, and bear mote ^an the A&'s Borden f. 
Sometimes to whoot and fcream like Midnight Owb. 
TluB foew my Ltrabi lifa« • AOamd Sttkc, 



Father of hh Country. i^ 

The WdrtiTs Grimace; tV etemtl IjnigMog-ftode 
Of Town «nd Court, tlw Block, the ]elk atRonuF 
Yet aQ the while not to my deucft Friend, 
To my own ChiWren, nor my Bolbm Wife, 
Difdoie the weighs Secret of my SoaL 
O Xbhu, OMother, be tbouth'imputiatjttlge; 
If this be Viittie which yet wants * NtTue, 
Which never any Age oaald piuidlel; 
Aad wortby of the forentoft of chy Sou, 

Enttr Horadat dwi/ Mutiilt. 

Mm/j Bfaliui, heard'ft Aon where Stxiar was lafi 


fhr. Yes, at Callatia : 'tis the Bra of S.tme ; 
Tis more than cuejg'd that there has been fbnl Play, 
Elfe, whj' flio»ldiBf«fc come in this Jad manner 
To old Lucretivi' Hoiife, and ftimmon thither 
Her Father, Husband, each diilina Belatioii f 

SJiUr Pabntiu^ wfti Ctarthrs. , 

Mut. Scatter it thro' the City, laife the People, 
And find f'a/^rfw out: Away, Baratiwt. 

lEreant frverat^. 

Fai. PrithM lett Calk no more on't. Look, hcre'l 
Lord Brutu): Come, come, we'll diven our felves i for 
tis but j ufi, that we who fit at tfie Hehn flioold now and 
then anruffle our State Afikirs with the ImpertrncBce of 
a Fool. Prhhee, Bratws, what's o'clock f 
■ Sml. Clatba, Lathtju, Atrnfts; the Fates are three: 
Let them bot ftrikc, and Til kid -jvi ft Dance, m/ 

F^ But hark yon, Brutus, doft thou hear de New* 
. of Lucreti f 

Brut. Yci, yes ( and I heard of the Wager that waa 
laid among yon, among yon whoring Lords at the SlegS' 
•f jirJra i ha, Boy ! ahout your handfom Wives. 

F*t' Well 1 and how, and itiml 

^8;. Lucius '^DHis B£u(u% 

and rode like Madmca, ta fiad the geotle l,mtrtct «cC^< 
/■/m; but how found her? Wh}^ wotldog with her 
Meidi u MuMght, Wu-qetthusiMi^ni«i, apdqiute 
Mt of the fiiOuos i Fine Sca^ indeed. £)r a lady <i{ 
Hottow,. wAenher tluAaiid ma out of thp way, to fit, 
VMnvv^ xnd pinking, and pnckine ^ 4'"'^ f ' Now, 
by thi) light, my Lordf your Wife mad* bcKcr nfe of 
her PtDcolhion. 

f^. My Wife, my Lord? by Marj, myTTift?. 

Mna. Why flMuU ihe not, wh^ sH the Roywl Nnr- 
fesdo thelamcl What? What, my Lord, did you not 
find 'em at il; v/htn you came from Ca/htU to i!fa* ^ 
Z-arttMi, year Wife, and yoai% Fiamnitu t with ThA 
A^iBoyg, Duaing the Cryftab vp, daflu'ng theWiV 
dowt, and the Fates deling? Now, by the Godf^ I 
think 'twas civil in you. dilcreetly doDC, SiiVi bo( to i»- 
icraupt'em, Bni for your Wife, taheiilmt ntVAvom 
for her, Ihe would not heap 'em Company. 

Fab. No many, would fbe not; fhe li«« Ddiaochea. 
How have I heard bcr rail at Tinnli^ ^ndtell hex next 
her Heart npon the Qnalms, that drinking ^ine 1q kt^ 
and tippling Spirit), wau'd becheDeatbof her? 

Brut. Hark y«u, Gentiemen, if you would bi)t be f^i 
«fit-now, I could unjbld fucha Bufincfi; my late on'^ 
4 very Fkx upon the Cp<ttt- 

F^. Out with it, we (wear Secrecy. ^ 

Bna. Why thut tben. To morrow TiiOa goes Mtli* 
Canui, *'*') if being Mailsr of the HniJhoId, buw 'Cpo^ 
n^d to (weep the Court of all u Fvnutune, aai ia^ 
it packing w dte Wan : Pandan, Siyco^mi^'^^t^ 

&Qgues. iiH Xnare*, andiwi}; U^&aki S)qxxitmt ea9i 
fnpple, cringing, pa£ng, imiling Villainii all, ^H^f^^ 

Fai. By Merj, I do not like thii Plot. 

Srtit. Why, it it not a Plot! A Plot apon jeof 
{diu, your Perfbai, Families, and your Relapon^ tsea, 
to your Wives, Mothers, Siller*, all your Ifiwlrcd i For 
WJiorei too are indudedi Scocn too^ and Wlm-Tio- 
mum. Bag and Baggage; ajl, . idl to the Wan An 

F^hef ^ his CMoOfy. ■ r^ 

lieitce, all Rubbllh, LnmlKr ont, t»A not % Btn^ b* 
left behind, to pnt you in ho{ie of 'riffH'ng Wiwn*' 

/oj. HaHt, Lertiiu, lic'Il nm from feoliog to.dirtS 
Madnelj, and beat oat Brains out. The DevUtaka tlw 
hindmoft : Vour Servant, fweet Bratm, noble, boBean- 
ble iCrWw. £f vr^wnn 

S»ttr Tilst. 

Tt>. Tis done, 'tit done, aofptdous Heav'n bas jou^ 
And I Mn Nisht flull bold her in my Ainu. 
Oh,Sirl -,- 

2r«^ Oh, Sir ! that Exdaauttini wat too Ugh: 
Sticb R^Kwti ill beGOfnethatronbled Times i 
No more of '«m. And hf the ir^, ny Ki/ih^ 
Renounce your '[arennnta. 
' fi^. Ha, my Lord ) 

J»-i</. How now, my Bey? 

7?/. Tour'Coua&laHDtetoalat^ Sir. 
' B™/: Yoar Reply, Sir, 
Comes too ill- joanner'd, pert, andJant^, Sir. 
_ 7i>., Sir, I am marry'd. 

fra/.' What, without my Knowledge ? 

Tii: M|^L»d, I atk your Pardon; butdma j ' S M* ■■ 

£r«if. Thonly'Ai thatboooiuableGodwouldb)m>l> 
Some bandy Flanun fhuffled you together; 
P'riaft lock'd yon, while the B^tttmaii 
Snneyonr det<Aed Sfitialmmimm. 
Wbichpf the Bbod were the cBrftWinaftir - 
Who woiild be there at fiieh poilaUd Rttoi 
fiut Goats, fiaboeni, bme chatt'ring old Siimiu, 
Or Sa^n grinaing at row ftiny J<^s i 

Tit. Oh, j^ycGsdsl »yl«ni, yoarS<aii vu^i 
ToTarquin\ - — 

Brat. Baftard. 

Tit. N«, ilia Dau^r. 

Brut. N« matter : 
ToanyofhiiBloadi ifitbeU^ t 

There is fttdt nUutlCoMacioii iail^ . ■■•m. 


L.j I. .J I, Google 

so Lociw Junius Brutus, 

Sttch a congesul Devil in lib Sprite 

Name, Lineage, Scodc, that bnt to own a put 

pf Ut Rdatiou. it to profels thy fc\f 

Sworn Slavcof Hell, and Bondttm to the Puriet.' 

Tiiou art not marry'd F 

7i/. Oh,isthispoffible» 
Tkij Change that i behold? NopaRoffainr 
The (ame, nor Eyes, nor Mien, nor Voice, nor Geflnref 

Srut. Oh, that the G«d> would give my Ann rtie Vi- 
To thake thit &>&, cfiemiiutte, lazy Soul Igoor 

Fotfhfrom thy Bofam. No, dfgenerate Boy, 
Brutut isDot the fame, the G«ds have.wali^d liim' 
From dead Stapidity, to be a Scourge, 
A living Tonnent to thy Dirobedience. 
Look on my Face, view my Eyet ibme, ai^ tell mc 
- If ought ihoiifeeftbut Glmy and Revenge, 
A blood fliot Anger, and a burft' of Fmy, 
When I but think of ^arquin. Damn the MoMla r 
Fetch him, yoa ^f/a of th' ettmal Deep, 
Arraign him, chain htm, pluitge him in doablfc-I^Hti^i 
Ifaltecthischoafeeft aTendMtier»t '^ i"- '^ .' 

A Wotnan^ Tear eome- o'er my ReTolmiOn/ 
Think, Titui, thinlc,. ray Son, 'tis Nutire's Faull* ' '\ 

Vot Romtia Bntut, btit a Fatheriww, 
' fit. Oh, let me faU lew at the EaRb pcrtnita Vt&t 
And thank the Godt for this <mo& hapi^ Changt, 
That you are now, altho' to my C<Hifi&iai. 
That awful, godlike, and commanding Jr«/M, 
Which I To oft have wffh'd ^i whidi fomedmes 
I thought imperftaiy you were, or might be. 
When I have taken unawaresyour Sool 
Atabroad Glance, and forc'd her to retire. 
Ah, nty dear Lord, you need not add nenr TlK«an$ 
New Marki ef Anger to complete my Kuio; 
Your Tituf has enough to break his Heart, 
When he remembers that you durA not tmihin) ; 
Yes, yet, my Lord, I have a thmiland Frtiltiet : 
The Mould you call me in, the Breath, the £lood. 
And Spirit which you gave me, are nnlike 
The Godlike Authsr ; yet y«u gave '«ai, Sir : 

Father of Us Camtfy.- 21 

And fore, if you hul jdcat'd to honoui ne, 

T'lmmortaliu my Name to after jlgn. 

By imparting your tdgk Caves, I Hwiild iitre fcxmi 

AtUaSt {a niuh Jicndiwy Vidw 

As not to have dirnlg'd them. 

Brut: Rife, my Sor, 
B« iati^'dlbOkUtUefirA'tliMkBow^IlBM; 
A ^OBUad AoddotsaBd £ucd Cauiv 
Rnfli Ae^isft every Bubmrk icon' nifc, . 
And balf unhinge my Saul. For now'ithatuiM, 
To fiiake the Bgilding of the Tynnt doWN. 
As from Night's Womb tlte^viou* Bay hroJafbrt)^ 
And feemi to kindlfrfMDK (hefectiag Suri'i 
So ^from the }Aa^^iat& of young Tmrfni*'* CrimCf 
Anil Furnace of his Luft, the viitnou Saai 
Of JuniutBmtiu caMhei bright Occafioa. 
I fte the Pillan of his Kingaoni totter : 
The Jtn»af<[f«ffwf#ia the Midnight LaMhont 
That lighta-my'GciiM down to the Foundatian. 
Leave meito vwtk, my Tituir Oh, m.j Son ; 
For from ihia Spark a Lightnii^ ibali arife, 
TJiatmult ereNightpiirgeallihe£flMw»Air: 
And then the .Thunder of his Ruin foUows. 
No more; but hafle thee to Lvcrttiiu : 
I bear the Multitude, aid moft anong them. 
Away, my Son. 

:7V/. SwndtMtdobedieueva. [Exit! 

, i Unttr Vkdicuu tuith Fldieiaiis. 

I Clt. Jupitir defiend as ! I thmk the Firmament is 
■II on a Iiglu Eitfr. Now, Heighbour, as you were fay- 
ing, as to the: Caide of Lightning iutd Thunder, and for- 
the nature of Ptod^i^. 

riM. What I a l^rior, and tidk'of Lightning and 
Thunder i Whrfv ihou walldng Shred, thou maving Bot- 
tom, tboa npiighc ' Needle, tbeu fluvins edging Skirt» 
thou flip-flap oTs Msitrtbau faulting Flea, thou Ni^ 
Ihou NotUiig, doO'thoa talk of PfodigMi when lam by r 

what minlcyoaaf Tcfc^Kif G 

for Rebellioa: bat whu^i dte nar ;. fWlook m^ir^ 
NC, tbe People in the Bodr P<riMib,-MebBt icfaB G« tf ] 
GovernniMi, dKlcftK Wcnuy^MUMndmB^d^Ad J 
cnriEeoarHeattM)tit,ifirel«Trm«w«H<ad: idy.kow ^ 
Hull we bf DOaiifhM I l^erifeRi I 6y) kc «^mt a 
Head,<aHad, iBf fthfters. hpn! . 

Jr«/. Pmeft lae, Javt, and ^aurd ■uiacfn die ««&• 
OutbilfehntidAppKritioB'be f - ;„ . 

Oruit h\a-Ait'aam.z^wf9nKfi 
Fin.HM,BtiiiMi! Wlia^wka««tbu!Aiit«iBon} 
I Cit. Thit if Ae 'n^Kme-of th» CmW/< ; 
A nouUe Head-fdeoe, and thcKixg's jcfcr. 
fntf. By 7Mv,-aPmdigrl 
r/a-Nay, IBteeiKM^h-| tke Godrmmve^a^iy, ' 
Iksowth^zrertheyiMdmeib tlwtB£:!va^ 
For look yflD, Ne^hboan, Ij^M'wy tfm^^m, 
HaTcfcentod»nutftflR'UidiiintteenA«4Mia-*nd« ■ 
hjdf. ■ I 

Brut. But diis is a whoIe-iHie. O -mOA. ^MniOe I *1 
Look, FinJUius, yonder, o'er tiMt f«M ^ 
<yth' CapttDl, jult, jilft-tfaere, Mao^rwdwrlasle. 

^(VHa, my Lord! 
' Brmi. I alwa}'; took thee fat a qnafe£|^und Pdknr: 
What, art thou blind ? Wky yonder, all o* Jife i 
It vomit! LF»ht)ifn»; 'tis a m U tittWi Diuob.- 
r.V Oh.Ifeeit: 07«//ftraiid7i.M/BytheGod« 
I lee it: 
Oh, Ne^tibottrs, look, imkt hx^ «i hisJldiy KaflHb ( 
f has l^es like fiami^ Saacen, aad a Bdly 
Like a barnisg Caldron: Withfttd a-fMnB^Bg-TaS: 
And id), a tilng, a dihigthat') kll o' Fin ! 

Bnt. Htf HOw-ItftcntBnrwkh-a'Hatd-tha^iflMdErd 
With TWrfMVs Name : And Ac, Ua TtenfaMmtk I 
liorfc T«Odwhftw(t*rtihattdiiD"lh«AirI - 
The tiadchftvg-ftiiefc' it ihwrB-; Hu gWM^ ^ ^ i Jft f -J. 

father ef Ms f^untry. ■£% 

^ff. Mean ! why, kVpEun. did wenotleetlHrlltt:!^ 
Xypda the tta& i Tarquin't the Dragtm, Naghlnunb - 
Varfuin't the Drtgon, and the Godi fiull iWugeJutn. 

JU. A DlWgOb, a Tmramin, - 

■ Cil. for my pan, I uiw nothiiw. 

ri». HB9/,RQffic}yfby, thkuFraduyooPro^igrf 
Dmra wttfa hln, knock falin dotra i w£m. boc fee aw 

^CtV.MAty:IdMi, Idid}aIliigenu^oiu-I>ng«< 

Brat. So;nataWOTdofthii,iay MbfiotiBOtfocy*^ 
Meetmeuonatthe FtmmihatnataWoti, \ 

^mA'oki, tell >m the Tribune of the C«^f . -« 

ArtcBdt thii night to aire them u OratidB. 

tattr Locrcce, Valeriu*, "Laaeaae, Motias, Hcraainiai^ 
'^ H«ntiiU('ntti%Tiberiu,CclIsdiuu. 

£r«/,-Htiluithe(^)enAir! Sonear, yoiGodsI . , 

So ripe yeiw Judgments f Najr, then let 'em brnk, ; 

: / And tmrR the Healts of thole that have ddvv'd thrai. 

Intr. CHi, Ctlldtim! art thoa come? 
Alu, my ILisband ! Oh, my Love ! myliSrd ! 

CcS. Oh, iMtriei f Tee, 1 have obey'd thy Sommou! 
I have thee in my Atmn bat fpcalE, my Fair, 
Say, is Bit Yiim 

Lmtt. AUny, and do not Woch me : 
Stand near. Vat touch me not. My Father too I 
liUcrHiui, art thou here? 

Lme. Thoufeeltlam. 
HaOt^ and relate thy lamentable Stoir- [ me I 

tuc. If there be Gods Oh, will not they revenge 
Dn^w near, lAy Lord i for Tureyou have a Swe 
In thefe fitange Woes. Ah, Sir, what have yoa done I 
Why didjonbring thatMonfler of Mankind 
The other Nkht, to Cdrie Collatia'i Walls ? 
Why did yon olaft me with that hariid Vilage, 
And blot my Hononr with Oe Slo*d oStmrmn f 

C«7. Oh. an the Gods! 


24 Lucius Jumds &ut», 

iMtr. jUu, iiuj tie fiv off. 
Or fnre the]' wonlii lure li^M the wretched LaerKL 
Hot tlm. and tell it to tha wondrii^ WaAdi ^ 

lidl Nifht the loftfut bloody Stxttu came 
Lafe, and benighted, to Caltati'a, 
Jntapciing, m ae faid, for gaat/ nextMwi^t 
Bat ia the dead of Night, jafl when Ibft Sleep ' ' ,' 
Had leaTdsiy Eyes, Slid qpitebacatm'diiYSDU^"'' . 
Mcthonght a horrid Voice thus thunder'd mtn E>^t 
'Z.ucrect, thou'rt mine, arife and iHeet Biy fCtmsi ' ' '. 
When ftnightl wak'-d,aiidfound7oangf^i^'«^itK. 
His R»be unbiuton'd, red and Iparklisg ^ei, * .',. 
The iiulhinB Blood that ffloimtfti in'Hs Atie/' '"'; 
The trembling Eagernc^ that quite defm^ mM^ "' 
W-ith only onegrim Slave that MdaTsnfcr, ,' ' '' 
At that dead StilnefJofthemurd'riDzNign^ 
SufHciently declu'd hit horrid PurpioM. 

Ccl/. Oh, Lucrcfi, Oh I * 

Lucr. How ii it ]>olIibIe to fpeak the Pl&n, 
The Fright, the TUroes, and Labour of ray $oti 1 
Ah J CntLtini I half dead I turn'd away "' _ 

To hide Bxy Shame, my Anger, anj tny fiTuIhei^ ', 
Whae he at iirfi wich a dilTembled Mildneis 

Attempted on my Honour 

But haMy repuls'd, and with SiiiJain, 
Ho drew hit Swcrd, and locking hii Left-Haad 
Faft in my Hur, he hdd it to my Breaft: 
ProtettiDgby tlK Gods, the Fieadsand Furies, 
If I refuTd him he would give me Death, 
And i^'car he found me wiui that fwaithy .Slave, 
yibata he would'. leave there murder'd by my Sue. 

Brat. Villain! Damn'd VilUin! 

Lucr. Ah, Ctllatini! Oh, Father! Jtiniut BrMUut 
Afl that are kin to thii dilhonour'd Blood, 
How will yon view me now? Ah, h«w fiirgtve me? 
Yet think not, CeSatim, with mj laH Tears, 
With thefe U& Si^t, theie dying Groam, I beg yea i 
1 do conjure my Love, my Lord, m Htuband, 
O think me not confentiM mice in ThoKgbtf 
TW iw in Aa poflUa'd hu fiuiou Fkafiira : 

F^hfr a/ his Cumtry. ftf 

For, Oh. the Name ! tiw Name of m Ad§ltr*&I— 
Butherc I bint. Oh, helf me : 
Imagine ate, my Lord, but what I wu. 
Aad what I fbotlly {hall be, cold and dead. 

Ch7. Oh, jrwi avenging Godi F Lucnei, mf Lov^ 
I Iwear I do not ^ink thy Soul GOO&ntii^ : 
ADd thercfiMc I forgive c^ec 

Ltur. Ah, my Ixird I 
Were I to live, how fli(ftild I anfwer thi»^ . 
All that X aak you noty ii to reveme me j 
Rcv^ge ai(^ iPuher, Hujbaad, Qh, revenge me i 
Revenge me, Mtaltu i you hit Soiu revenge Ine j 
H*rminiMs, Mutiui. thou Ueratiui too ; 
And t|)ou VmUriui % »n, reveng^ me all : 
£«vct)Ke the Honour of the nvilh'd Lmeria. 

Jil.We will revenge thee. 

L»cr. I thank Tou all ; I thank yon, noble Rimmu;. 
Andthat my Uk, tho' well I know yon wilh it) 
May not hmafter ever give Example 
To iny that, like me, (hall be difhonour'd. 
To live beneath fb loth'd an Iniamyj 
Thus I At cvtr k»fe it, thai let free 
My Soul, my Liti^ and Honour all together : 
Revenge me ( Oh Revenge, Revenge, Revenge! [Dili. 

£iirp. Struck to the Heart, already motionleli. 
. C»U. O give me way t'ombalra her with my Tean i 
For who has that Propriety of Sorrow, 
Who darea to claim an equal Share with me F 

Bmi That, Sir, dare I, and every Romai here. 
^Vhat TUTw ? At your Laments i yonr puEng Sighs P 
And Woman's Drops ? Shall ihete quit Scores for Blood t 
For Chafiity, for Remt, and violated Honour f 
Now, by the Gods, my Soul difdains your Tears : 
There') not a common Harlot in the Shambles 
But fora Drachm fliall outweep yooall. 
Advance the Body nearer : See, n^ Lords, 
fiehotd, you dazled Remast, from tlie Woond 
Ofthij dead Beauty, thus 1 draw the Dwger, 
Alt ftatn'd and reeking with herTacred Blood) 
Thus to my JJpt I put the hallow'd Blade, 

Vol. I. K Ta 

aft Lucius Junius Brucufc, 

*l'o yean, LMtretiMi, CfUatiniu youn ; 

Is youn Htrmimui, Mtitiui snd Htrattm, 

And yoori Faltrias : £i(a the Poniard round : 

Now join your Hands witlk mine, and IWcm*, fwariHa 

By thig chafk Blood, chafle ere the royal VUiaiu 

Mixt his foul Spirit) with the Ipatlefa Mais. 

£wear, and let all the Godi be Witnefles,' 

That yon with me will driye proud Ttarjuin oa^ 

Hit Wife, thlmperul Pory, and her Som, 

With all the R«ce ; drive them with Swcid snd Fin 

To the Wmld's Limitt, Profligate accnrft : 

Swear from thi) time never to fuSer then, 

J4or any other King, to reign in Rtmt. 

Ml. We Twev. 

Brmt. WellhaveyoufwDra; andOhl oiethiiila I ft« 
The hovering Spirit of the ravilh'd Matrtm 
Lbbk down ; Ihe bows her aiiy Head to bleTs yooi 
And crown th'aufpicioiu Sacrament with Smiles. 
Thui with her Body high expos'd to View, 
March Co the F*ruin with the ?omp of Dcau. 

O L.WTMi Oh I _ , 

When to the Clauds thy Pile of Fame a nis'il. 

White R-smt is free thy Memory fliall be mit'd: 

Senate and Pn^le, Wivea and Viigiot aU, 

Shall once a Year before thy Scatne fall ; 

CurTmg the 7«rMiRj, they thy Fate Ifaall mount: >. 

But. when the Thoughts of liberty return, V 

fiihaitbleladie happy Hoot whan thou wenbcKii. I 


8.i™dL,Googlc . ' 

Father of his Country, ly 

A C T 11. S C E N E I. 
SCENE, fbi Forum. 
T)bedw,Fabriuiii,Lutiii), Fhniniut. 

SgU^Mi^iriliKi, Larliui, and FUminimt, 

B BIk ^* y^ "* ^""""^ "'^ oUig'd by TMrfdw, 

^ffSMt ^ ^^ confide in you ; I Iky ^in, 

BniS Tho' I coald DOC refafe the 0*lb he gare u^ 

1 tffiapproTc my FMber'a UndertaluDg ; 

I'm loyal to the kft, asd fe will fiand. 

I am Id hafte, and rauft to Tmllia. 

FtA. Leave me, my Lord, to deal with the Mahittide. 

Ti'j. Reraember this in Ihort. A King is one 
To whom you may complain when you are wraag'di 
The Throne lies open in youi" Way for Juftice: 
Yoa may be angry, and may be forgiven ; 
There's room for Favour, and for BeOefit, 
Where Friends and Enemiu may come together. 
Have preftnt HeariiiG;, prelent Comporition, 
Without recotirfe to trie litigious Laws i « 

Idws that ore crod, deaf, ineKOrable, 
That caft the Vile and Noble all together ; 
Where, if yoa Ihou'd exceed the Bounds of Order, 
There is no Pardon: O! 'tis dangerous. 
To have all Aftioiujudg'd by rigorous Law, 
What, to depend on Innocence alone. 
Among fo many Accidents and Errors 
That wait on human Life ? Confider it t 
Scand iaft, be loyal, I m^fl to the Queen. [£m>. 

Fah. A pretty Speech, by Mtrcurj I Look you, iar- 
titis, when the Words lie like a tow WreiUer, round, 
dofe Wd fluHt, {^uat, pat and pithy. 

K 2 Ltr. 

,. ..Google 

*9 Lucius Junius Brutu^ 

Lor. IBut what fliould we do here, fahritim f The 
UwliUtide will tear us in pieces. 

TaL 'ristrue, Lartiui, the Multitude is ■ nadtl^t^ 
a lirange blunder-hesded Monflo', uid veiy unni|v;: 
But ,Eltmence it fudi a thing, a fine, moving, flondl 
jnihecicaf Speeck t But fee, the Byilra comcs: Let in^ 
akne; Itat bo^ 1 &y fear not. ' 

Enttr Vindkiuf, -vjitb F]d)e!ans. 

/7h. Come, Neighboan, rank your (elva, plant jtwr 
felves, fa your ftlves iii order, the Gods are very angiy^ 
ni fay ciiat for 'cm : Fough, pough, I begin to iweat 
already ; and they'll find' ui Work enough lo Day, VS 
telJ you that. And to lay Truth, I never iik'd larpd'ft^ 
bsfore I law the Mark in his Forehead : For look you;' 
bin, I am a true Common wealihfiajui, and da not Na- 
turally love Kingi, tho' they be good ; ibr why l^i^ 
any one Man have more Power diafi fhe People f "UilK 
bigger, or wifer tha^ the Peofk ? Has he oiwe Qvtx^ 
or more firatot than the People? What caa'fie^Kir 
the People, that the People can't do for iti|BndTS' 
Can he make Corn grow in a Famine? (pai)^^^^""^' 
Rain in Droughi i Or maki our. Fob boa, ' ''' 
vil pifs in the Fire ? a 

I Cir. For my part,Ihatta]l Coumen i zn4It&^ 
I have Realbn ior't. , ' 

Vin. Thm iUafon! Well, Taylor, an4 >W* Air 

I CU. Why, Sir, there w« » Citw of 'eqr t'otUr 
Nighc got drook, brokamy Window!, and fiaiidled mv' 
Wi%. . '^' 

Vin. How, Neighbour]? Nay, now the Fellattr Iiai,- 
Reafon, look you : Hii Wift haqdlcd ? Why. thk'a' 
a M»ner of Moment. , '"„ 

1 Cit. Nay, I know there were Ibine of the Priiioev. 
for I heard SixIuiMa Name. 

Vin. Ay, ay, the King'jSont, my Life fbr't j lbm(«f 

the King's Sons. Well, thefe roaring Lords never da 

gay Good among lu Citizcoi : They are ever breaking 



Father of his ^Cauafry, zg 

Hit Peace, running in oue Debts, and fwiDging our 

Fah. How loi% at length, thou maDy-headed'Mini^eiV 
Yoti Bulls, and Bean, yon roaring Beafis and Bandogs, 
Porters and Coblers, Tinkers, Tailori. all 
Yoii rarcally Sons of Whores in a civil" Gortrnment, 
How long, I fay, dare you abufe our Patience? 
Boes not the Thought of Rods and Awss fright you T 
l>oes not our Prefrnce, ha f thefe Eyei, theft Facet 
Strike you with trembling? Ha t 

Fin, Why, what have we here? a very Spit-fire i the: 
Crack-fert of the Court. Hold-, let me fee nim nearer : 
Vei, Neighbours, this is one of 'em. one of your roar-". 
JDg Sqaires that polce us iii the Nirtf, beat the Wateh^ 
and deflower our Wives, I know him, Neighbonrs, for 
liH his bouociiae and his ^vearing ; this ii a fejonn Km^ 
- a Baud, ok of tar^mn's Bauds. ' 

/loi. Peace tjibu obRreperoiis Rafcal ; T am ff Man of 
fionourj one of the Equettrian Order, my Name fo» 

fin. fahritiast Youf Servant, falrittB!. Dbwn with- 
Em. Nekhbours ; an npltart Rogue ; this is he thar 
wa* the Qvieea's Coachman, and drove flie Chanoc over 
hor leather's Body ; down with him, down with 'em^ 
dl : Bauds, Pimpt, Panderi, 
- Fab. O Mercy, Mer»:y, Mercy f 

Tin. Hold, Neighbours, hold: As we are Great, leT 
as Ije Jnft. . Vou, Sirrah ; you of the Equeftrian Order, 
Knight ?'N(3W, by yvut, he has- the Look of a Pimp f 
1 find we can't fave him. RKe, Sir Knight, and tell m«- 
before the M^efly of the People, what l^ve you to fay, 
that you- fhould not have your Necli broke down the' 
^arpiian Rock, your Body barm, and your Afties throwiv 
in the fiber > 

Fab. Oh ! oh ! oh-I 

Fin. A Courtier I a Sieep-bitEr. Leave oS^-yon**^ 
klubbering, and confeli. 

Fab. Oh I 1 will confels, I mil confeli. 

Fin. Anfwer me then. Was not you race tfar 
Queen's toachmmf. 

ceiv'J th 

30 Lucius Juaitjs Bnitw, 

Tai. I wai, I wu. 

Via. Did yOD DOC drirc her CIiiriM over the Body of 
Iter Father, the dead Kiog Tuilui f 

Fab. I did, I did ; tbo' it went againft xy Contocncc. 

Fim. So mach the-worTe. Have you not fuice aimftd 
the good People, 1^ fedaciDE the Cuiieiu Wives {o 
Court for the King's Sons 1 Have you not \>y your 
Ba>di Trickt been uu occa£oo of their aultmg A^oJt 
on the Bodiej of many a virtuous di^xtt'd GcntlewomaDt 

Fab. I have, I have. 

f M. Have you not wickedly held the Door, while the 
fiaughteri of the wiie Gtiaeni have had their Vcfiela 
bf oKen up ? 

Fab. Oh, I confe& many a time and oAea. , 

I. For all which Seruicet to your Princes, sod fi| 

/deferving of the CtuunoDWcalthi yov have »- 
the Honour of KoigbEhood? 

Fab. Mercy, Mttcyt IconAit it all. 

Fim. Hitherto I h^ve help'd you to ^kU, dow pmf 
put together for yout felf, and confcli the whole A4WKS', 
ID three Word*- 

•Fab. I wa«at fijft theScu of 4 Carman, tamcuitfar 
Honour of heuig TvHia't Coachauui. have ben » Pinftr 
•fid remaia a flight at the Mercy 0' the PcopLa. 

Fin. Well, I am mov'd, «j Jt»v^ arc Oir'd I. ttkn^ 
>m awiy, and 4et 'em vAy be haat'd ■ Amj Hitlfc'ea^ 
atny with 'cm. 

Fab. Oh M«Ky ! Hdp, hql|f. 

Fim. Hang 'em, RogiMi, Punpti haag 'em I Jajr^ 
Why, look yon, Ncijthbaun, ihja is Law. Sight, aad> 
lufiice: This i| the People's Law. and I thmk that'* 
better than the arbiirvy Power crf'Kiagf. Why. her«. 
«nu Trifil, CaulMuatioo, and EincMicV), without atov - 
ado. Hark, bark, what have we here i Look, lovkn 
the Tribune of the CeUru! Being feoh the Pu^ii^ tte 

Father f^ Us Cottntry, 31 

7rM(^/ fimii » ikad March. 

Bntf BmtiK, Vakriuh Herminiiu, Mutfu), HoratiDv 
luKKtiust CoUatiiiiUt, Tiberiw, Titn, iiritb tb* S^r 

' fd/. I charge you Fathen, Noblo, Rtmaas, Frioid^ 
"Mip&nita, all yoa People, kcAf V^trtut. 
Thw Day, O Rimam, b a I^y of Wonder^ 
The Vitltniei of 7»rfn>« are complete-. 
To lay whoTe Vices e^en to your View, 
To give you Reaftnu for his Bajiiftuneiit, 
With the Expullion of his wkked Race, 
Tlie Gods have cbofAt Liaim Juniia Branny 
The ftupidj fedelefa, and iUiteraK SiMm, 
Their Orator in this prodigious Caufe : 
Let him aTcend, and Silence be pradaim'ii. 

- fnr. ASrufKi, a Srmlat, a MratMt! SikmO) thttrCt 
Sf)etK«, I lay, Silewc at Pain of Death. 

Brut. Patridaii*, Peo[de, Friend*, and Rmmt aU> 
Hid Dot ttt* inlpiiiag Gods bf Wonia bronglu m« 
Fsom doiided Seiil^ to thk fall Day of Reidon^ 
Whence, with a Fnqihet's Pidpcft, I bdield 
The State of Ram, and Duiger of the Wwld t 
Yet in a Canfe like this, metSalu the weak, 
Enervate, ftu^ Bn 

[he eternal Gods! 

Of Rtnmki and Nimit, [Maw 'em' hers 
On either Haod of thii coU R»ma» Wiie, 
Only to Hand and point that pnblick Woaiui; 

9 Rmani, QIk wlwC Ufa waild be ef Toncnasf ' 
What Orator need fpeak while they were by I 
Would DM |he Uajeft* of thofr dumb Forma 
Inspire yoor Sauls, and ann yoa ibr the Caufe } 
Would yon nt>t,curfe the Author of the Murder, 
And dri\'ehii)a ffom. the £arch with Swcrd and Firef 
fiiu whei^ methinkt I hear tho People ffaout, 

1 hear the Ciy of Rtmt, where if the Monfter P 
Xiiae 7iu-jU«»£(Kth, biuH the I)teSig]«row, 

K.4 % 

1 1, Google 

3< Luckie JuoiuV' Bi^Mut» 

By whAfe etn^d O&mng, lofUal bloohr^Ujwtav, - 
- Ihupe^MouldofifMwwCkiftiFr, V 
Thu Snr^rfjmleftwid iounoitBl Fimc^ - - 

Tim Puirm tat all Wiw, the JiMm £«»w»S > 'f 
WuCmUr farongbt to-« •tUl'raU 'fi*^ i pmtmtlii. 

Fin. O, Neighboun, oh ! i barf A 'fevn Wifra(«it£- 
Mav, I nwar wept before in ftll my Uft. ' -^^^ 

Brut- O die jnunoml Godi, and thwi gnu ^ttfit 
Of AUioK £mw, if to Jus cwn Rcktian, - '^^ ^^ ' 
( For Caihti»mi ii ■* Tar^Htn too ) 
If Wroop f« gnat tothem, Co itii own Bhwd; ' '"^ 
What then u> uj, tke Nobleasncl Aa OonIlMM«^ >;' 
Not to remember 70U <tf tityiA Ottmet, ■ -■■"^ -' 
The Ueck Ambuian of hit iorious QacBi, >' ■' ^ 
Who drovcher Chariot tluo' tbc CyfriaM Smtt^' - 
On fiich a dsma'd De&go untight havetunAt ' 
The Steed* of D^y, and ihodc'd the flartiig Osdv 
Bleft ai they are, wicfa aa oaeaTy Moman: ' 
Add yet t» thii, oh I add the honid SlaughNa 
Of all the Priatxi of the ^Mtdff Senate :> - 

Invading FondameBttl R^htand JniBoe, •■ • > 
Breaking the antient CuHraia, Stannet, Lam^- > ' 
With poiiiiiw Pow**. and artntranr Lafl i 
Aod tiiole j&£iin which wet« benre dii«atch'<A 
la f ublisit by the Fathen, now Me fonk ■ 
I'o bit own Palace, thu e to be datermin'd 
As he and his portentoiu Ceoadl plcale. 
But then for too. 

Fim. Ay, fat liie People, oome. 
And then, my Myn&idom, to pot with him. 

Srat, I (ky, if that the Noblet have been wrong'd, 
What Tongue can fpeak the Grievance of the People? 

Fig. Ala*, poor People 1 

Sria. Voa tlwt were once a Free-bora Peo^c, fkm'i 
In hi) Foreiatheis tlayt for Wan abroad. 
The Coitqueron of the Worldt Oh. Rmuf OhGleir' 
Wh» are yon now? What iiat the Tyrant made yoal 
The Slavei. the BeaAt, the Aflei of the Eaith, 
The SoUien of the Godi, mecbaoiok Labonrov, 
Dnwen of Water, Taik^ Tiabft'ldkrt, 


D,3.i™dL, Google 

Yok'd yon JUcc Bnlli, bis very jtda for Loggt^ 
SrorefonwithScoBrgesdawncodig InQoamev, 
To clanfe hit Sinki, the Savnweno'A* Cearti 
WhileUtkodSoiu, tho'nM on Workfehan); ' 
£»ploj''(l your Dkurtten, ZDd TOUT WivM M home. 

^r Vck, mairy £d Aef. 

£n>f . O aU tlK Oo^ r Whzt UT )>iia Amhmi- ^ Iftif 
]f thn be true, why have ^ hen fa btckwud f*' 
Oh floggilh So^ ! O Fail of fbrmcT Glsry I 
Thu would not roufe ariefra WomMi w^d you I' 
Blhdld iwCDmci, anA calU you to revenge bo- )- 
Her Sfwnt hovfri ih the A^, and criei, 
ToArmi! to Anut dnve,driveihe}br|«AMO(lC 
Behold Chi) Dagger taken from b«r Wooitd, 
She bidi yw fix tlui Tro^y on jioar StaitdanH 
This Ponianl which Ibe ItabM into her Heart; \ 

AtAs boar i»t fiody in your Batde't Front : 
Or will you li^ tiU Tat-quiM does return. 
To fee your Wivand Ghildi«n dAgg'd aboM, 
Your Houles burtit, the Temples all pAfan*d, 
The Ciff fiird with Rton, Adnltcrie^ 
The fijfrefaok'd with Bodies; all the SbDM ■ . 

And ndghbonring Roskj bcfinear'd with Psnan BlOodI" 

yin. Awmr, away, let** barr his Palart firft. [fpiM*" 

5r»r; Hdd, bold, oF^Frtendt i as I hi^ebeen th'Iat-' 
OftUsmoftjuft-'ReMi^, foiii»reaty<iu,' 
Oh worthy XsisM^^Mmv With yon ftfH : 
DriveTw/inoiit^ and allofyar-jMiVs Rat?) ■. ■ 

Expel'em without DamngetothdrParfdn^ " ' 

Tho' not widwfctHeprtswb Wwfrfer, yo*' •' > 
I lhlft-i»thi»; So-prefper «j dw OMs,' ''" ' ' 
Pnil^cnrCaaro/ipTC^pet'theOomgiaQfiwddl," ' ? 
Guard and defend the Liberty of iAimk- 

/'i«. Liberty, Liberty, liberty.?- ■ 

^//. Liberty, f^c ■■ ■ ■ \:S»tiMi 

Mt/L-OfirsTaj, ataOodwe'sIl rarveytftee: ^ 

ITet then the Gratitude we tho^ exprdi ' ' 

Be loft iti Admlratiiiy.- Well; t« know ' ' 

Virtue lilee thine, fef]«rce, To litK'^h« God*; 
ThatnfnUJUillkoupftfeiitftWcoWlttirbeui- ' '''^ 
K5 Look^ 

^ LiiCMM ^A^Ji BruRM^ 

Looki viik DlfiUin on cerensnious Homm i 
Therefore ucept in fliort fhf TJnnlu of Htmf t 
Firfiwuhoor Bodies du» we wotfhip thee, 
Tboa Guardiaii Gtuim of the Comnonwealtll, 
liioa Fsther Knd Redeemer of thr Coqiitrj ; 
Next we, u Ptiendi, with equal Anni embrace die^ 
That Bratttt tatj remember, tbo' hi$ Virtae 
Soar to the Godt, he is a Reman ftiU. 

Brtu. And when I am not fa, or once in Thonght 
ConffBW the Bondaeeof my CoancrymcD, 
Stiike me, you Godi ; tear me, O RepMnt, ptece-meal { - 
And let your Brutui be more kith'd than Tarfmim. 
Bui aow to thoTe AAain that wast a View, 
Imagine then the P^me of what ig done 
Haa reach'd to Jriea, whence the trembling £ng( 
By Gnilt and Nature quick ai^d ap^rehcnfive. 
With a bent Brow comes poft forliu Revenge, 
To make Examples of the Matineen : 
Let him oonu on. Lucrtfiai, to your Care 
The Charge and CuQody of Rum ii given, 
■While we, with all the Force that can be rai»"<t 
Wuting the Terfaim on the ^mmoQ Roadf 
Sefolve to join the Army ^t the Camp. 
^f/h^it thiotu Faltriui of the Conleqeencet 

FmI. Ai of a lucky Hit. There is a Numbar 
Of Malcontenu that wilh f^fiuJi a Time : 
I think that ooly Speed is acceflai7 
To crown the whole Event. 
Brut, Go then your felf. 
With thefe AMantt, and make inftant Head 
Well as yon can. Numbers will not be wantii^ 
To Mars his Field ; I have but fome few Ordor* 
To leave with Titui that mufi be diTpera'dt ' 

AaABrula$ fiiall attend you, 
Fal.The Godsdireft you. 

lExeMHt •aiith thi Sodf ^ 
MaHi»i Bnitui MiT Titu. 
SrMt.fitUlitay Son. 
fit. My ever henoui'd Lordi 

1 1, Google 

fntf . I think, 09 TiMf.. 
Najr, bj tluGodi, IdaKptDteft. itot the^ . 
I km tliee more tban any of 1117 CJuldreiu - 

f7/.How, Sir, johhow, ay l^fd,h»rel(lerer*'dicl 

JTntf . Therefore 1 Iw'd um t»iKA< bciw ii fe^j n y Soa» 
Thou hftft delervUU ; for M. fpmk fijtcercl]', 1 

There's fuch a Sweetadsftill is aJI thy MumOp , .; 
An Air fe open, and a. Jbow ft) clear, 
A Temper lo remev'd from Villas;. 
With fuch a manly Plainnefi in. thy De^& 
That am to love thee, O my Son, my ?>/■(« 
Were Co b( CDvioui of &> great a Virtue. 

Tit. Oall the Godt, where wiU dui EittdadMad 7 
W^ do you thui,. O my toograciDua Lordr 
SilJolve at once the Betog ust you gsve.BW » 
Uidefl you mean to icrew mc te Pcfimaascs 
Beyond the reach of Man f 
Ah wby>iny Lord, do you oUigeme laws' 
Than my Humaaity can e'er return T 

Bria. Vei, TttHi, choa conceiv'a thy Father i^;^ 
X find out Gtmi know each aUtex wall ; 
And Minds, my Son, of our nacommon Makb 
When once the Mark's in view, never ihoot wid^ 
But in a Line come level to the Whiti^ 
And hit the very Heart ofour Se£gn i 
Then to the Jhockiog Furpofc. Once agaio- 
I lay, 1 fwear, I l«ve thee, 0~my Son ; 
J like thy Frame, the Fingers ofthe God* 
1 fee have left their Maftery opoa thee ; 
They ^have been tapering np thy Roman Fonn|i 
And the majcllick PriDts at large afipear: 
Yet fomethinB they have left for me to fioilh. 
Which thus f pre& thee to, thus in ray Arni» 
J fafhion thee, I mould thee to my Heart. 
What i Doll thou kneel i Nay, fland up now a Hima^ 
Shake from thy Lids that Dew that hangs upon 'ens. 
And ai^wer 10 th' Aufterityofmy Virtue. 

Ijt. If I muft die, you Gods, I am prepar'd.t 
Let then my Pate fufficei but do aN rack ua 
With fomethfag amn.. 


3^ Luci(Mv^{<2Divk'fSfH«M».'^ 

. Arv/.TrffKbUlnNembeb.. . ■ ■ ,:> vtt i. - iV 

You toU mcMH wne««»](M> .• jsU- 

Tit. Mt Lo«Li4«lid,,: , ,T I ;■ -i'. - J 

MrM. ToTtramiMMtTmffmm'^'mimiJimi^im-- 

fiV. M<4«)W,'4ir^U>r4,t9tlkMp«V'ViinieifclCul»: 
Your •Tiiai, Sir.yoiw.siivtttltK^FPJfSem ■ •■ ■;■ -i i- J 

lijoiti'd£rev«j , ^ - ;- .„ .-:: --, .—si.iT 

Notbut I lutMirtfacViriifBbmauful^ »: : '.J^ 

PorI(li(l«ftet«*wfa berwhtn l.feen'd 

Not to GoniiivA K bU : Yet noFS, w SiM< 

I think kcr cbtf^spoi, araft fwocil^ Aw»'d»^ 

Wkhoot the riniUc£^Ti»«tun oTlwr F^dwr r 

Yet, 97aw— H4I WJ«wUmIWbw,alb^Tcmr 

Art thon lbl«ft^^«Btr f*?"* ^^ " r^ f - ' 

IbxUai'd tbedllHi*) N«r,tlMaI11flp^thNdoMk' 

IMWi to the bottom of this fboU(h StiniBi 

Wlw&lttiakkliMiitakitttlMfataUa. ISk^aySM^ ' 

Ifthouart min« thou ftniKKTir^aweta^i 

Or tf tbou «M( I Vrar (tMM iw&.iiM b^ 

TKou (halt not bfl Wterfter, .f. >-^ 

K*. OtheGodal ..,,.. 

Toigive a^ BlaedAB^ iDntr.aH Re^eai 
live to ■ F«ther'»W»ine, net fenmiHta^t V 

Bruf. No,bythcG«>d(I tWcu.iux TmnAn^i 
rio,Titiij, bjch'etcnMl Fuei!,thMhuii[ 
1 hope Rufpidous o"er the Head of Rmt, 
ril grapple with thM 00 this SpM of ami 
About this Thtme till «ne of ui ftUdead: 
ril ftruggle with thee for thi» Point of Honour, 
And tug with r#.Mw/«Aaftw thy Hoaft, 
Aj I have done for Rtmi : Yet, ere we pwt, 
Fixd IS JOB arc. by W«dh)ck jojn'd and laO, 
rU fet you far afunder : Nay, od thi». 
This fponed Blade, tnth'd in the Blaod of Uctitn. 
I'll Bulce thee ftvear oo this thy Weddiae Night 
Thou wilt not touch thy Wife. 

Tit. Confcience, Heart and Bowcli, 
AmlaManf Have I my Flelli abowme? 

£rMt, IknowthoahalitooiiuicliofFkfliiJioiittbMi 


Tiit)ut,m^ Son,tbat aHlitiy«MdSAMi: ' ' 
KfoK thantby Spirit, vhiA'itatafReMtn 
Sat let theliauedChuinelaoftbrV«iiift " ' 
BoUo-er;'I»MH«tr'iftfH(dmf»thir: '^i-' " " -' 
TbOTiAaltMnMidc* thy FWber ertt^JMrfc '1 ' • 
Either «fol»e t&'^rt wWi?V*«*i<;««; '-■>■■ "-^ 
To fend her forth with TulUa to her FBttan' '< ' : 
Or fluke H«ncl* with mti^ patty Htd ba Mcm^ r 
Ifakeme believe thy n«BA«r(^<I»»iU<t, 
And, in my AUcMWi lUmn^d Ibee wMi aT^faAb 

fiA Hold, Sir, t d»conjii(e 70a byiheOolt, 
Wrong not ray Mother, theryo»doom aedMHl i. 
Corfe me not till yoa hear WMtl icGttvai- 
Gtre UMB little t&M to retifeaiy 9^riii| 
Tomufterdl the l^ratt-MuibeuMer 
Allilutttiemv'nihre. w)d jKOKlysiaeb 
To Tihu and hit ^*r»Hiiit*^\ RDhi. 

frd/. Remetfifaermeiliwtcoii thy Fuhet't SoFriagV 
What he hot berbe for twenty rtdlJag Years { 
If thoa halt NatQW, Woith, or Honour ia. tbw, . 
The Contemptatioaof my enid- Labours 
Will ftir thee up-to this new Ad of 61oryi 
Thoa want'ft thcilnage^lfiy Puhcr'* Wroi^f 
O' adte it then, rcfledcd witti the Warmth. 
Of all the l^dercdt that I can give thee: 
Pcrhapt it flood iB-awron^ Light before^ 
I'll try all ways to place H to advantage! 
laeara by my rigonxK Rvmen Retolution- 
To^ fliffcn thy unharafi'd Infant Virtue: 
I do allow thee Fend, Young, Soft, and GeutUv 
IVain'd by the Charms of one that i« moft Lardy n 
Yet, 7»M, tfai> mQll be all lofl, when Honeuiy 
When ^gnf, the World, and theGodicamcto-claimtur 
Think then thou heard'ii 'em ay. Obey thy Father i 
If thou art falfe, or peijur'd, there he Aandt 
Accountable to us, but Iwear t'obev ; 
Implicitly believe him, that, if ougnt 
Befwornamifi, thou m^lt have Bought taanfwer. 

fit. What it it. Sir, that you wou'd hove me Iwear } 
Tlwlmay'lcape yonrCun^iadguii yoorQlcffiiw. .. 

Jlntf. Thtt cfcoBdrft Nktat wik part witib Tk/aantf^ 
For onoe «fltm I fiitax,i£btnibeStgft, 
Whtt fer uie Hatred of the Multitnde. 
And my KdUvt« to dn*e«M ZinfM>'i Raa^ 
Ha Peri<»tiMtAfc. 

Tit. Here, txke aie. Sir, . 

TikemebdoMjcooI: I Iwetr thu N1^ 
Tiut 1 will pattwkh (afal)n7 9fraMMte. 

£rsf. SwMT too, ud bj the Soul of ravilh'cl 

Tiitt' oo tkj £ridal Nig^ thou wik not towrk her. 

^it. I {wau'.cve& by die Soul of her yaa mn't^ 
Tbe atnit'd Immt, oh th^imiBorul Godi ! 
2 will not much-her. 

Brat. So ; I tntft tkj Vittnc r 
And by the Oodi 1 ilu^ thee Ibr the CHmft, 
Once morei wuh all the Bleffing* I can BT«tfae^ 
I taketbceto my Amuithoi obiht Brca^ 
The baud and nigged Pillow of thy H<»mi^ 
I wean thee from thy Lsn: Faicwelibeftft 
To what thott'ft fwoiii, and I am thine for evei, Q^nK 

Itit.falm. To iriut thou'ft fworn .' OhHeaiveo nmfRwth 
What have I fwora ? topartwith ftr^mmta ^Wfaw'sthatt 
To part-with fometbin^detier nMny Hon 
Thanmy Life** Dropa? What I not this Niglu enjoy h«^ 
Renounce my Vowg, the Righta, the Due* *X Uarriage^ 
Which [ now gave her, and the Frica wat Witnefi, 
Bleli'd with a Flood that tbeam'd from both onr Eye^ 
And feal'd with Sighs, and Smite*, and deatblds Ki^ ; 
Yet after this to fwear thou tvilt not touch hett 
Ob,aU theGod«,ldidlbriweartnyleir 
]n Iweuinz that, and will ibrlwear ^aia: 
Nottooch her I Othou perjur'd Br^gard, wbcK^ 
,Wliae aie thy Vauntt, tby Protcflatioaa now \ 

J*#rr Terajninca. 

Shecomeitellrike thy fla.ggeriii^ Duty dcywir; 
Til fail's, 'tis gone. Oh Ttr^minta, come. 
Come to my Arm) thou only Joy of Tiiiu, 
HuIbuioyCanplboiiMalJeilwMfded Sweett. 

■ SeleOel 

fafbfr <fhis Cotmtty. 34 

SdeAad ^Idor rfaH Lifi^s \ixsVJ &Jb3n«aci« 
"What flutU I (>)r to tliecl 

gVc. Sa/ ui]r thiiu » 
For while 70a fpeuc, methuJu > fiiddra Cali^ 
Jn fpite of all the Horror that iutvtaim^ 
Falls upon every frighted Fao^, 
AndpuumySoullnTtue. O TrAv, olif 
Methinks my SpintfluTeniafaer Hmib, 
^ini^^g, u if ihe lone'il to be at reft; 
with thia Forefight, to die thui in your fUaa, 
Were to prevent a World oF ftUowiBg lib. faa0 

Tit. wW Ills, iiiy Lore? Wlui Power bw Fotloaf 
But we can bravt i 'Tit trac, my Tn-SMMta^ 
The Body of the Wocld a oat of Pniwv 
The vaft dMonetl Limbs are aa the Rack, 
And all the Cable Sinem ftrcich'd m bnrBdi^ 
The Blood &rinent|, and the mqeftick Sf^O^ 
Like Hertuiit in the tDTcnom'd Slud^ 
Lie in a Fever on the boirid Pik : 
My Father.likeanfyfsA^^ j 

Sent by the Goda, comet boldty M die Quv t 
Bat hot/, mj harci By violent Aemadies: 
And fkyi thu Ktmr, ete yet fW oo be well, 
Mali purge and eaft, pw«e all th'iafcaed Hamoan 
Thro.ugh the whole Ma£, and vaflly, vaftly Ueed, 

Ttr. Ab, Tiiat! I my felf bat bow beheld 
Th'Ezputfien of the Qjjeen, driv'n from her Fdacb 
By theenrag'd and roadding Moltitude, 
And hardly 'fcap'd m^ felf to find yoo here. 
Jit. Why yet, my Ttreminta, we may fmile. 
Oune then to Bed, ere yet the Night delcendi 
With her black Wingt to brood o'er aU the Worid. 
Why, what care we J Let lu enjoy thofe Pleaforea 
The Godi iHtve given ; lock'd in each other's Arms 
We'll. be fot everthtUiADd laugh at Fate. 

Ttr. No,no, my Lord, thcre'»morc than you haveiuim'd. 
There's Ibmetiiing at your Heart that I muft find; 
I claim itwithtSe PmilcgeofaWife: 
Keep clofe y our Joys 1 iwi for your Grie&, my 7V/w» 
I muit flfil* viU bM. lole my Share i^thua. 


i)p LvMUSi JunitA QttkaS^ 

Ah, the g|WdO<HW«hM b « HiliTni dnr'lr ■ • ■ '^ 
tfOit, fpeak. mj Laid, w Jtfmminta di^ 
C& Hctv'ns, be weeps I naj thenv apon mj Kaeer 
I thai colore yon fpetk,- or gi*a He Deaih. 

Tit, Rife, TeramiHta. Oh, if I fiionld Tpeak 
Whit Ijiwsrarblr Iwwiii^Riaftmr'IJwkj vl-/ ^'■■ 
I Aar tbu I OHMtdgivethee Dewh-Mdeetf.* ^d i >m?t\ 

7>r. Againfl your lj{0«e t ne.'thM'simpgfibfo;' ' ^ 
I knowyour Godlike Tiwh-: Hvfi Iboald /GWifiteilkV 
Swearto mcnowdat TuaforrwofByoar-bwe^ ' m 
1 wodM not credit it. No, no, my iMtAi' ■-' -^ 

lit, I know,.! reodil in your Ejw, ■* ' -i7 

Yoalove the«ntDbe<)>^m«M'*f<t'Ai^^ '' - ■-^■■i>'\'^ 
The- reiy manner of your hittMg' >^ -' ^ : -.ii I ,0 
The Tean y^in (bed, yonr BftckwardacA to fpiA- ■'^ . 
What you afirm you Jwora-BgaiBA7oiir Ld«v <- "'9 
Tell jne^ my Lftnl. yoalovt meiBoni tbra-eipvn' ■ 

9Vf. By aUjhe Gai» Id*: Oh TcroMtrtds ' " ''- 
My Hran'i Dikerner, wUtker wiliilMm ilii»iiiin#t" ^ 
I'll tell thee I hen. My Father wioo^taev^n: r* i 
I know not hew, to fwear I know not whai^' 
That I would fend thee henec^witli ^k/H*, ■ •■■^- uQ 
Swear not to touch thee, tho' ' my WUr i ftt, ah !^-T 
Hadft.thou-biNltir thy 1^ and bat bdyDldh^>(, "1 
ThoQWouldft bave thoE^c.-fach wa« hbMijt^ V '.--O 
That the GodsIigbtakd.fcomhiMwfol^Cgk" -' ::>iiO 
And thoadw^itfrOrik hsi 'Pon^ie.- ' -' 'I'-i 'J"- -u^iT 

?>r. No mqtn,;i:»yrla*d.:. . ■ . ■"' '""■' ''!!'' 

Idocx>[JHmy(w..b/«M4hafePoW(nta'''i im'' >*'t: ''i" 
Which we invok'd t«gaii«g'«i ^t AltaH}': ^i bnoi ^nA - 
And begy.w-by«h«,t«v*I kBOfrwo fcttT-aMj' s-''"'-^ ■ 
Tolitthislaftoi^tPDUblctyDitnwtanbw^;';' .-I'-.u in.' 
Nft'^K^'' Ldi^< my honou'r'd G«d-like HadHuidf 
I am your Wifei and oiie< that faek« yoor Honoor ; 
By Heav'n I would havetworD<yo«^thiii-my-ftI£ 
What, on ihs: Shock vifyvmh <m -the T«m - 
Of^iate, andilieUnifef^^jKaBgeafTbing^. 
To lie at home, and laoguifh fera Wemanf 
Koy TiVjw, he that makes iiimfelf thtu rilct 
Let him not due pretend tOnoa^diK'iAiMdy^r 

^ Bat 


lut be, u all iUb wmVt\ai WorU A^jf^^'^ftn'; ' ' '^ 
tbe DnJl o' tk' Peoi^c and tiK S^mn of Kinsi. - -' -' 

Jirtw If twadai. - ; '. ' 

nnemberwtett-yai.6n»«: ThcGMrdls rdtd}'»' ^ 

And I at ondcfed M condiiCl yvu Bride, ' 
WitHe.jw* Mtend yom f atber. ■ • 

yv*. Oh TtramhMa! - '* 

Then we muft jart '" ' ' 1 

3>r. We muft, iM muft, my Lord, ' '• 

Therefore be fwifi, and rnarch yotV-ftlT »Mf,* 'I 

Or I fhall die with linniw. - ■ ' i.^ . 

Tti. Oh,aKa», ' ■■ ";.' 

Balmy ai Cordiih that resoMT Sonb, 
ChaAa tf^Mnidi Sight, and knn af loDmitg Motile^ 
Preferre thy ftlft kKdc well lo that, my Lovc) 
Thtalt-an oar Owenam : When oldUT dieti 
The otheris as nnn. 

Tw. Ido fi 
But have no 

Tit. Tetiwll 
b Ipite of aigha we nuGl, at letll'in Heav's. ' 
Oh TerammUf oooe more to my Hear^ 
Once CO my Lips, and ever to my Soal. 
Tfau the fofi Muhcr, tho' her Babe ii dead. 
Will have the Dailing on her BoTom laid. 
Wilt talk, and rave, and with the Nurfea flriv^ 
And fond it fliUr as if it were alive t 
Know* it muft go, yet finiggles with the Croud, 
And fliricki to fee 'cm wnp it in die Shiwd. 

L.j I. .J I, Google 

I^uciufr Junius Brutu^ 


Collaimms, TtbmiUy FtteUitu, AfuiUuu 


IH* Expnlfion c^the 7arfmm now moil fiaad s 
Tbeir Cunp to be iiirprie'd, while iar^n b«* 
Wufe^edfVfimoiirWalljl IblsfiKO think 
That fixh a M&HeriB the AitofWu 
8I»old (b forget himfel/: 

t^it. TriamphBDt Bmhtt, 
Like JgwwheafoHovi'd bj^ s Train oT GoA^ ' 
To mingle wkh the F,uu, and doom the Wt^p: ■ 
Afceoda the Brazn Steps o' ch' CapitcJ,' 
With all tlie hununieg Senate: at bis Heclat 
Ev'd in tba^ Capiiol which the King boilt 
With the ExpcDce oT all the Ro^al Treafurc : 
VoputM BrKtmt there io Pomp ameara, 
And fiti the Purple Judge of Tiwguiiis Dwirafiil. 

Aquil. ^t why, my Lord, why are not yon thoB bwl 
Were yoa not choien Conliil by whrie Rtmtf 
Why are you not fainted too lik« him .* 
Where are yoor Lidon r Where jtet Roda and Ax* > 
Or ate you but the Ape, the miaiic Sod 
Of this new Thundenr, who a^rop^tM 
Thofe Boln of Power which ought to be diridcd t 

Ttb. Now by the Gods I htic his npflart Piidek 
His Rebel ThoDghjU of the Imperial EUce. 
Jdis algeA SW that fto^s to' coim the Vulgar. 
iiii Scorn of Piiaces, and hli Luft to th' PeoptiCk 
O Collaliiit, have you not Eyci to find him i 
Wl^ are you raii'd, but to la off his Honoun ^ . 
A Taper by theSun, wh<^e fickly Beams 
Are fwallow'd in the Slutc of hii full Glory: 
He, liice a Meteor, wades th' Abyls of Light, 
While joHT &^ IJuIre adds but lo tttt Bcwd 

sn^dt, Google 

Father of bis Country. 45 

That twes the World. When late through Rtmi lie pala'd 

Fix'd on hia Courier, nurk'd you how he bov/d 

On this, on that fide, to the eazing Head» 

That pav'd the Streets, aad all imhofs'd the Wiodowi. 

That gap'd with Eagerners to fpeak, but could nor. 

So fka their Spirits Aow'd to Admiration, 

And that to Joy, which thus at latl broke Ibrtfa : 

Brutus, God Bratui, Father of thy Cwintry I 

Hail Gmiui, hail ! Deliverer of loft Roait ! 

Shield of the Commonwealth, and Sword ofjuflioe't 

I^til, Scourge of Tfranta, Lafll fos kwlds Kin^ ! 

All hail^ tlw); cy'd, while the long Peal of Pnules, 

Tormented with a thoulaad echoing Crieai 

Ran like the VoUj' of the Godt along. [brance. 

CoU. Ng more op't ; { zrow fick with the. Bemem- 

7lb. But when you follow d> how did their bellTJOs Bo- ' 
Th^f ventur'd frwn the Cafementt more than half ^oicv 
To look at Brutui, my, that Ituck like Snaib - 
l^n the Wall), and irom the Houfei Tc^g 
HiiDg down like clufl'ring Beei upon each otheri 
How did they all draw back at £ght of yon. '-^ 

To laze, and loll, and yawn, and reft from Rapture! > 
Are you a Man? Have you the Blood of King*, 
And fuffer this ? 

CoU. Ha ! K he ix>t bis Father? 

Tit. I grant he is. 
ConGder thit, and cotixe your felf at bom«: 
Commend my Fire, and rait at your own Slacknel^ 
Yet more, rememhcr. but your lait l>i(gTace, 
When you propos'di with KevercKce to the Gosdi* 
A King of Sacrilkes fhoald be choten. 
And from the Confulf, did be not ojwdc ^oa I 
Fearing, at well hs might, your fure Election > 
Saying, it fuelt too much of Royalty i 
And tfiat it might rub up the Memory 
Of thofe that lov'd the Tyrant i Nay, yet mor^ 
That if the People chofe you fox the Place, 
The Name of King would light upon a Tarqmimi 
Of one that's doubly Royal, being defceaded 
From two grcu fxiam tbat were SSjuf? of Rmt f 

44 • I^KUK Junius BratusV 

CoB. Bat >Aar iJl this, whitber woolcf ft tbon Aufti 
Tib. I WDuU to JuXtice, for tha. Redfoatioit 
Of oar moH lawful Ptiuoe : Yes, ColUiimu ' 
I look uy«s my FaUier ai • Trajlof ( 
X find tlut Dciciiei you, nor bra.vt A^mlint, 
Nor yoong Vildiiui, dare con&de in nw : 
fiut chat jou may, atul irmly, to tke haurd 
Of all the WorU hoU* prcckms, ofice again* 
I fiy, I look oa Brxfiu as a Traitor ; 
No more my Fatlter, by th' imraonal G«(h: 
And te-redetm tbe Tuoe, to fix the Eing 
On his iBperial ThTtue, Tome Meant profoft 
That bvonr tif a govem'd Policy, 
Where there it Suvngtk and Life m hope a Forttinr> 
Not to throw ail upo« one dcfperaie Chaiwe ; - 
I'll on ai far at he that laaghs at Ay'mz- 

CtH. Come to mj Aivia : O thou w truly Bisvtv 
Thon may'lt mIeeiiL the Erron sf thy Race f 
j/jmfi^, and Fitt/Stu, O embnce lura. 
And ask his Pardon, Hat lb loag we Eeai'd ; 

To tinfl lb rick a Virtao. But behokl, - 

Mtrr Bntut «■/ Valerii^. 

SnOm anpean : Yoang Man, be ^tidy'd, 
I ibaad thy politick Father to the bonua* 
Plotting the Aflbmpcion of ViUtrvu ; 
He tneant to cafi m? 6am the Confalftip. 
Sot now I heard how he cajol'4 the People 
With hit known Induftry, axA my ReraiTBcfi ; 
That ftiti in all our Votes, Prefcriplions Edids, 
AeainA the King, he fovnd 1 aded faintly, 
Stul dofinK every Sentence, he's a Tarqitin. 

Brmt. No, my faterim, till thou an my MiUv 
Itunt Mailer in this great Authority, 
However calm the Face of tHingi appears, 
Jttmt is not fafe : By the majeflidc Godi 
I fwear, wbile CalUtint fits at the Helmi 
A Univerfal Wrack is to be fear'd ; 
I ^TG Intellimite of hii Tianlifiiwib^ 


Fatbef' of bis Camffy.^ 4j 

Z% nbi^es with the young hot Bkrad of Raiat, ' 

Gnaws himfelf inward, grudges lar Applauf?, 

Promotes Cabils with lugheft Quslity, 

Such lieadlong Youth as Ipurning Laws and ManMJ^ ; 

Shar'd iti the late Debaifcherie* of Stxtat, 

And therefore wilh the Tjrant here agtin. * ■ ] 

Ai the inverted Seafont Ihock wile Mea, 

And the moll fix'd Philofophy mut) fUrt 

At fnltrj; Winters, and at frofty Somnien : 

So at this moft unnatural Siilnefs here. 

This more than midnight Silence through ^1 JT*mv« 

This deatineft of Difcourfe, and dreadful CdM 

Upon (6 great a Change, I more admife, • ^ 

Than if it handred politick fleads were BKt, ' ' ''* 

And nodded Motiny to one anMher; ' ' - 'f 

Wore Fear than if a thoufand tying E-ibeis' ■ 

Were ^rrad abroad, liay, dropt among the Senate. 

fal. I havo my felf employ'd a buly Steve, - 
Hi; Name FinJilius, given him Wealth and Freedon^ 
To wattA the Motions of FtttKui, 
And thofe of the jffuilian Family : 
FitilUui has already entertain'd him ; 
And Ibmethiog tlience impokant may De gatlm'd : 
For thefe of all the Yonth of Quality 
Are moll inclii^d to Tiirjuiit and hu ftac^ 
By Blood and Homour. ' ■ ■ ' ' 

Brut. Oh, ValtriuH ' ) 

That Boy, obfef vT* thou » Oh, t ftai-, in)> ftlarf. 
He is a Weed?'tho" rooted irijny Heaft,- ■•-; '■■■■' ■ j 
And grafted v> my Stock, if lie prbve innj^ ■ '^ "'■'f' 
By Jtfarj fib more bat ihos, jway with Mm ; ■ "i-'J 
I'll tear him from me, tho' the BMod IkmtM JbHo^.' |\ 
liberitii. -'>•-' 

Tib. Uy L6(d ! - . 

Brut. Sirrah. nomorf-of'that'Wrt/liltf 1 ' 
J warn'dyou tpodf yoong j^^I^: „'■ 

Are my Words Wind, that thul yoo fet 'eat p»ft V ■ \ 
Hart thou fiH-gotihy Fiither? '■ ■ ; '' *- 

Tib. No, my Lord;*^ -./ -'■-■'' ■' ■^■"■^'J « 


4^ Lucius Junius Brutus, 

Brut. Thouly'ft. But tbo'thos'fcapei Father's Rod, 
The Confur* Ax may reach thee: think <m that. 
I kMw thj Vanity, and blind Ambitien i 
Thqn <k>ft Bllbciate with my Enemiej : 
Whea I refui'd the CwifiJl CoUatint 
Tote the King c/ Sacrifices, ftrajght. 
As if thou hsda becB fworn his Bobm Foo^ 
He oam'd thee for the Office: and iince thu» 
Sinco I Ttfus'd thy Madnefi thy Preferment, 
Bccaufe I woukl have nane of BrKtus" Blood 
Pretend to b« » King, thou hang'll thy Head. 
■ Coatriv'A to give thy Father new Difpleafure i 
Ai if Imperial Toil were not enough 
' To break roy Heart without thy Difobedicnce^ 
But by the Majefty of Remt I fwear, 
If aket double Wanting thou defpife me. 
By all the Gods, I'll cait thee from my fiiood'. 
Doom thee to Forka and Whipt as a SariMriaWf 
And leave thee to the Lalhei of the Liftor, 
Varjuiniui CoUatinai, yon are fummonM 
To meet the Senate on the inHaat Time. 
CtU. Lead on: my Duty is to follow Brutia. 

[£*. BratVid. 
7ih. Now, by thole Gods with which he menac'd mt, 
I here put off all Nature ; Jioce he tumi me 
Thai defperate to the World, I do renounce Um : 
And wheh we meet a^in he is my Foe. 
All Blood, all Reverence, Fcwdnels be forfpt'- 
Like a grown Savage on the common Wi^, 
That runs at aU. and cares not who begot him, 
m meet my Lion Sire and loar Defiance 
As if he ne'er had nurs'd me in his Bes. 

Etiier Vindidu), toitb ih* Pe»pk, and ftua FedaUaa 
Pritfti, cmvn'd •a>Ub Laurel: Hvt Sfttri in tbtir 
HtaUi, OH* ihodj and ha^humt. 

Vin. Make way there, hey. News from the Tyrant i 

here come Envoys, Heralds, Ambafiadors, whether in 

the .Gods Name or in the' Devils, I know not, but hoe 


Father vfUi Ownfr/. ^7 

riicy come, your Fecialian Prieft* : Well, good People^ 
IlikenottbcfePnells; why, wh« the Devil hare they 
to do with Sute A&irs2 Wlm lide foever ciwy ve for, 
'the'll hftve Heavui for their part I'll ~wkrutit |n» : 
They'll lue the wbethet thejr willamvi ' 

1 Pri. Hear, Jupittn and thou, O Ju»; bctr:' 
Hni, O ^rivtu, hear u% all you Godl. 
Ccleftial, TerreHrial, and Infernal 

2 Pri. Be tbou, O Rptat, our Judge ; Hear oU yott 

Vin. Fine canting Rogues ! I told you hew thry'd be 
booki^ the Gods in at fitlt dalh : why, tlie Goijt ars 
their TooU and Tackle j they woik with Hesven tftd 
Hdt i wd let me tell you, as Things gfv ywr f uefia 
Iiave a hepeful Trade on't. ' 

I Pri. I come Amballador ta thee, O R«mtt 
Sacred and Jull, the Legate of the King. 

a Pri. If we demand, or piupofe to Tccguii^ 
A Stone from Romt that's contrary to Jullicef 
May we be evei baniQi'd from our Cotmtiy, 
And never hope to lafte this vital Air. 

Tib. ristlitiui, lead the Multitude auwy ) 
Amiliut, with Vitilliut, and my felf. 
Will Hraight conduct 'em to the Capitol. 

Vin. I go, my Lordj but have a care 4^*em: Sly 
Roeues, -1 warrant 'em, Mark that firft Prieft ; do yo* 
fee how he leers? A lying Elder i the true Cafi of a 
Holy Jugler. Come, my Mafler:, I would think well 
of a Piielt, bat that he 1^ a Commiflion to diflen^e *. 
A Patent Hypocrite, that taket Pay to foi^ Lyca \tf 
Law, and lives by the Sins of the People. 

lExeu^t •with PtopU, 
Aauil. My Lift upon't, you may fpeak out, and free- 
ly; TiBiriai is the tfeart of our Defign. 

I Pri. The Godt be prais'd. Thut then ; the King 
Your generous Relblves, longs la be with you, . 
And uiofe you have engag'd, dividei his Heart 
AmoDgft you j which more clearly will be feco 



4$ Lucnu JuoMis Bmtus, 

When jtB hive reul there Packets : A« we go, 

I'll ^FOtd the Boibni of the King before jm {ExmuU. 

SCENE II. ne Senatt, - 

Mrmt. PatrkimM, Aat tag flood, uj 'Icap'd the Tj'- 
Tha venaaUe Moulds of yout Foidktb^, £i»)>^ 

Thu rapr^eu ihe WHDom of the Dead ; ^ 

And you the Confcnpt cbofn for the People ' 
Kngiiiea of Power, fevereft Connfcllon, 
Coom that enmine Tredtms to the Heail: 
Alt hail. The Coaliil be^ th' aufpicJOLu GocE^ 
And biods ^iWmjm by hts uiielar Vow, 
That Plenty, Peace, and lafiine Libeny " 
Ma/ be your Poition, and the Lot of Ramr. 
Lawi, Rules, and Bognds, prdbib'd K)r' raging K3^ 
Like Baalu and Bulwarks for the Mother Sos, 
Tho' 'tit impoffible they fliould prevent 
A thoufand daily Wreck* and nightly Roiin, 
Yet help to break thofe rolling iQundationt, 
Which elfe would orei6ow and drown the WoiiiL 
Tarquin, to feed whofe fiitb(«ite& Aftibiiloii 
And Ocean Lujcury, the ntdileft' Veins 

yet, Pathera, ought we much to fear hii Ebb, 
And ftritlly watch the Dams that we have raiiM. 
Why flioald I go about i The Remmt People 
Alt, with one Voice, acade my PeOow ConfoL 

C»U. The People may ; I hope the Nobtei will not. 
The People! Bm/wdoctindulge thePeople. 

Brut. Conful, in what is right I wiU indulge "ta : 
And moch I think'tii better lo to do. 
Than fee 'em ran in Tumulti through the Streeti, ; 
Fonniog Cabals, plotting agunft the Senate, 
Shutting their Shiqn, and flying from the Town, 
Ab if the Gods had lent the Plague among 'em. 
1 know too well, you and your Royal Tribe 
Scorn the good People, fcom the late Eleftion, 


sn^dt, Google 

father of bis Country. 49 

Becanfe we chofe thde Faihers for the People, 

To fill the Place of thofr whom Tar^uin morder'd : 

And tho' you langh at this, you and yoar TT»iii, 

The irreligioos karebrain'd Youth of Ramt, 

ThftJgDorant, ilic Slothinl, and the Bafe I ' ' ' 

Yet wffe Men know, 'tu very rarely feeii, 

TTiat s fr« People Jhouid defire thB Hurt 

Of Cammon Liber^. No, CeliattHt, 

For thofe Defires arife from their Oppre0ioii, 

Or from Safpicion they are falling to it : 

But put the Cafe chat thor? thdr.Fean .were falfc^ 

Ways inay be found to ref^ity their Errori ; 

For grant the People ignorant of chemfelves. 

Yet they are cabbie of heing l(rfd. 

And wiU conceive a Truth from worthy Men ; 

Prom you they will not, aix from your Adherents^ 

Jtemt's iD&m<Ku and execrable Youth, 

Foes to Religion aad the Commonwealth, 

To Virtue, Learning, and all Ibbcr Arts 

That bring Renown ajid Ptoit to Mankind ) 

Snch as had rather bleed hwMth a Tyrant 

To become dreadful tothe Populaoe, 

To fpread their Lufti and Diiulutenefs round, 

Tho' at the daily hazard of their Lives, 

Than live at Peace in a free Government, 

Where every Man is Mafier of his own. 

Sole Lord at home, and Monarch of his Houfs t 

Where Rangpt and Ambition are eatingvilh'd : 

Where univerfal Peace extends her Wings, 

A) if the Golden Age retum'd i viheie all 

The People do agree, and live fecure i 

The Nobles and the Princei lov'd and reverenc'd. 

The World in Triumph, and the Godi ador'd. 

Cai/. The Conful, Confcript Fathers, fays the People, 
For divers Reafons, grudge the Dignity, 
Which I poilefs'd by ge^ral Apprt^rion : 
I hear their Mnrmurs, and would know of Rrnt'j' 
Wltat th^ would have me do; what's their Dci^ 

Brut. Take hence the RoyalName, refign thy O.i. 
Go u a Friend, and <tf thy own accord. 

Vol, L L L^ 

jo Lucius Juniiifl Bmtos, 

£.eft thoa be (Mtfd to ii4iat imjr ften tby Witt:. 
The jC^'rewkn thee vAat ii ibf own 
Witk virfl Inctcafe, Ibiheu rtMvetO'Sp: 
For 'iill die NftBW, the Raee wd F«au^ 
Of Tarpa* tvmnw'd, JImw- a net me. 

Hoping, when Xncr hu in>'d i^r Foi^ kj^i^il*. 
She wilt recal me : Stf tbe Gois ppifarvc yott. [Aiif. 

£riir. W«lc«»a. FmUmI^ tra« Sen «C JKmm; 
Op fuck a Pilot in, tht ra(«heft Swm, 
5he may feoBdy OMf , Hd nfi bu Gank 

£•«»■ TjberiD^ Aqwlius, VMUm. M<A«i* Pn^b. 

t Pr'i. 'Hear yi^itwr, ^irinm. »U }Wi Gods. 
Thou Father. Judg« cotamiffion'd for the MdSif^ 
P«ter PatratMi foi ilm EwMfy, 
And lacred 0/tb» which I mi^ Iwur ka Tnitht 
:Dofl~thoucoiiiflufio»iM CofwlittwPeacei 
If Peace thcxcboo£ti,er Itwl tUt bloody ^imc 
Half burnt ia Fire, if they cnfafGe a Wai f 

3 /'ri. Speak to the Smu*, t»d tbe AJimM Pttipl^ 
TheWoTdioiTtu-fmn: Tbi» k ymt CoKmBMO. 

I Pri. The King, to &ew bo ^ OMM Mdden^M 
Tiian thofe Am diwe him fnm Ue lawfiil Eofinb 
Demands but Rcilitution of hie otni. 
His Rca^ HovOtoid-ftuff, InqMiijil Ttt^an, 
Kig Gdd, his Jewels ud bis prefer Staw 
To be tranfponed where benow refidn : 
I fwear that this ii all thsKiBg re^wresi 
Behold big Signet let upon ibe Wax, 
'Tis feal'd aad written in tbelc (acred Table*. 
Tothis I fwear; and ai ray Oath ia juil,- 
Sincere, and punctual, witliout all Oeceit, 
May Jupiter and all the Gods reward me : 
But if I a£t, or otherwife inweine. 
Think, or deJiga, than what I here have fwon^ 
iUI you tbe AWan PcBpIe being fafe, 
Saieioyoiu Countiy, Tem[rfe9, Se^chiea, 
Safe in your Imxn, andjiropet HoBUfU-Ged^ 

father of kit Comary. ji 

Let me ahrnt bo Atnslw &Ut pe»^> diC) 

Ai now this Stdoc &II) fconmy I^sd caEanlt 

Brut. The Things you ask, being very cobtrOTer&l, 
Requiie fone time. Sluuld we deny the Tyrant 
What was Ma owir, 'two^feun a-ftnnfjf Ii^sflice^ 
Tho' he had never reign'd hi Rtmi ; yet, Fathtft, 
If we confenc to yield t»lii«E)«iiAnd, 
We give bin then lull PtttSGf to make a Win 
Ti$ Known to you, the fitutlian Priefti^ 
No Aa of Scnuc after Sao-fttftandii 
Therelbre your OlGtn beu% of greu momea^ 
We fhall defer your Bui'oclt 'till the Morn; 
With whofe fiid Qatn we funwnon all the Fuben- 
To give th' AflRdr Difpatch : So Jam piotea, 
Guanl, and defiExd the Cotsinoaweaith of S^ut, [£««. 

Jliimmt Tibcrioi, AqmBiu, ViteHiai, Prufii. 

7ii. Now ttthcGarden, ^fdiere I'll bnng tny Biother: 
Fear not, my Lotd; we h»wtbe Meuu to work him : 
It cannot fail. 
- I Fri. And yon, fite&ut, haflc 
With good Aquiliiit, fpnad the Newi thro' Rmt, 
To all of Royal Spirit ; moft to thofc 
YoDAg NoUcinen that »'d to rwge witb Sextut ; 
Fei&ade a Eeftitution of the Kii^ 
Give 'em the Hint to let him in by Night, 
And join their Forces with th' Imperii Tra<^, 
For 'tis a Shove, a Poih of Fate muft bear it: 
For yon, the Heait* aid Souli (rf'Enterpiize, 
I need not urge a Reafon after this : 
What Good can come of fuch a Government, 
Where tba' twa Coofuhi, wife aad able Perfona 
At ue throughMt the Wartd, £t at the Helm, 
A very Trife caMiot be refohr'd i 
A Triek, a Start, a Shadow of a BttTuKCs 
That would receive Bifpatch in half a Minuie. 
VWc:tfa« Authority but rightly ptac'd 
In tttm^t moH ImAL £iM I Sac now iiq more ; 
T^-FtdaHm Gmin h th« Flue. 

La Vv;. ,. 

5^ Lucius Junius Brutus^, 

Where more of oar (woni Funflion wi0 be readf 
To help the R^^ Plot : XHfperfe, and profper. 

,S CE N E III. Tim Fccialian Garden. 

Tit. Sbe*! gpne. uui I fli^l nerer fee her more: 
-Gone to the CMBp, to the harlh Trade of War, 
Driven from thy Bed, jaft warm within thy Breaft^ 
Torn from her Harbour by thy Father's Hand, 
Perhaps to ftarve i^on the barren Plain. 
Thy Virgin Wife, the very Blufh of Maids, 
The fbfteft Bcfon, fweet, and nctenjoy'd^ 
O'the Immortal Oodt ! And as Ihe wen^ 
Howe'er Ihe feem'd to bear ourFarting well, 
Methoughts fhe mix'd her Melting with Difilam, 
A Call of Anger throogh her ftiining Tears: 
So to abufe her Hopes, and blaA her Wilhe«, 
£y making ber my Bride, but not a Woman I 

EnUr Tiberiui. Aqnilras; Vitellius, anJ PrirJIi, 
viiti Teramina. 

Tih. See where he fluids, drown'd in his Melaocholy. 

I Pri. Madam, you know the PleaTure of the Qaec&' 
And what the Royal Tuilix did command, 
I've fwom to execute. 

Ter. I am inftrufted. 
Singe then my Life's at.ftake, you need not deubt 
But I will a£t with all the Force I can: 
Let aie intreat yoa leave me here alone 
Some Minntra, aad l'i\ call yoa to the Omqueft. 

[Ex. Tib. AguiL Vitel. Pri. 

Tif. ChooTe then thegloomieft Place through all tha 
Throw [by abandon'd Body on the Ground, {Grove. 
Wiih thy bare Breaft lie wedded to the Dew; 
Then, a; thou drink'ft the Tears that trickle Aom the^ 
So Hreteh'd lehlw.c to lie 'tilt Death Ihall fctse thee : 
Thy forrowiiil Head hone o'er fome tomUine Streanu 

Father of bis Countty. jyj 

To TOck thy Griefs with mefemcholy Sound*. 
With broken Marmun, and redonbled GroDSit 
To help the gurgling of the Waters Fall. 

ftr. Ob, TtlHi, Oh, what Scene of Death it this f 

Tit. Or if tby Paffion will not be kept in. 
As in that Glab of Nature thou Ihalt view 
Thy fwoln drown'd Eyes wiih the inverted Banks. 
The Tops of Willowt, and their Bloilbms tum'd. 
With alt the under Sky ten Fathom down, 
Wiih that the Shadow of the iwimming Globe 
Were fo indeed, that thoa might'A lean at Fmc^ 
And hurl tby Fortune headlong at the. Stan: 
Nay, do not bear it, turn thy watry Face 
To yon mirgnided Orb, and ask tl^ Gods 
Por what bold Sin they doom the wretched fHu$ 
To fuch a Lois as that of Ttraminta f 
O Ttraminta f I will grone tby Name, 
'Tin the tir'd Echo faint with Repetition, 
*Ti]l all the breatblels Grove and quia Myrtles 
Shake with niy Sighs, as if a TempeA bow'd 'em. 
Nothing but teramnta : O Tiramiata ! 

Tir. Nothing bnt Titus : Titui and Teraminta !' 
Thus let me rob the Fountains and the Groves, 
Thus gird me to thee witb the Mdl Knot 
Of Arms and Spirits that v^M^'d dafp thee through ; 
Cold as thou art, and wet with Nignt's fain Dews, 
Yet ilearer fb, thus richly drefa'd with Sorrows, 
Than if the Gods had hong thee ronnd with^Kingdoms. 
Oh, litus .' Oh ! 

Tir. I find thee, TtramiHla, 
,Wak'd from a fearful Dream, and hold thee faA : 
Tis real, and I give thee back thy Joyg, 
Thy boundlefs Love with Pieafures running o'er; 
Nay, as thou art, thus with thy Trappings, com«. 
Leap to my Heart, and ride upon the Pants, 
Triumphing thus, and now ie(y our Stars. 
Bat, oh, why do we lofe this precious Moment I 
The Blifs may y« be barr'd if we delay, 
Ai 'twu before. Come to thy Husband's Scd » 

■ 1.3 J 

j^ Lncim Janius Brntas^ 

I irin not -AMctliis -trae Hin (Itat I )mM thn^ 
LdcIcM in my Atdm. Iicavf fhii cmttgiota Air, 
There will be time <4br Talk havtitoticwilt-lddHr^ - 
Wfaen -we 'Ittre-been befbrehand with the GoAit ' 
TillAen- < ■ 

Tir. Oh, 7?/B/, TOTinoft hea^me■B^ft,'■ 
X bring a Mrifige tmm the fiirions Qween-: " ' "■ 
jproirafcd, Tiay, (he ftrare me not to tovA 700* 
Till I hidcharm'd yoo to the Part efTafmn. 

Tit. Ha, 7fnn»/MEi .' Notto toncji thj Ho a b a n ft 
Unleb he prove a V^liaiiiF 

7>r ?V/w., no: 
I'mrworntoteIlronl%U7mi'trea'Tra{tM>>. '- 
If you refafe to ^ht the Itxiyal Catrfe. . i . ■■ 

7it. Hold, 7ira)ninltt. 

Ttr. No, my Lord; *ci« rfaJn, ' 

And I am (worn to laj' sn' HeaTotu home. 
Kouze then, awake, tmSi your Ikepmg Vntbv, 
Side with the King, and arm »ajiift ytwcftahen;". 'i 
Take part wldi tfaofe that Iqya^ Itxre 'ftii^' 
To let him In by Night : FffrSin. ' '' ■'>■ 

jiauiliui, andyonr BroAer-waitwtthoirt; '• '■^ ■'■*_'_ 
Tnereftwe I charge you haile, ft>bfcribe7ntr1TKMV' '* 
And fend yoorrow'dObcdienceto the Eag. - '^ 
•Tis Teraminta xtox intreafs you Unn^ 
Charms, and conjuresycra : tdl the Reyd^ fleniMi '\ 
You'll head their Enierprize ; and then, my 'Lon!*. ' 
My Love, my noble Husband, I'fl rfjey yva. 
And follow to your Bed. ' ' 

lit. Never, I fwear. ' 

Oh, Ttraminta, thoa haft brdlce iny Heart; 
By all the Gods, from thee thtj was too miiA. 
JPare^el, and talce this with thee. fW tby -Mn 
I will not fight againft the Kiiw;, nor Ibr him. 
rilHy my Father, Brother, Fncntfslorever ( 
Forfake the haunts of Men; convsrfe no'm(»« 
With oi^ht that's human; iiweHwith'endleiiI>arklR6; 
For fince the fight of thee iinow imwdcome, 
Vhat hat the Vorld bc£dG» thai I aa tmrf 


D,3.i™dL, Google 

7oa now inwk'J, 111 fix jroa in this Virtue. 
Your Tirtminla ^d but try iiow ftrwtg 
Your Honoor Aeod i nd now f^ fin£ it hlling, 
. Will die to root y&a in t)mr<did Gloty. 
Yes, TVVw, tho' the Qwcn has &ikh« to end tav, 
Tho' bKh the Ficialiani han Ceinmiflion 
To ftab me in your Prefeiwe, if not wroaght 
T>> ftrve the King, yit by the Gods I charge yott^ 
bvpia Ac Point yoor ConQsncy h»s gain'd. 
Tarquin, altho'my Father, n a Tyrant, 
A liWy, bkdc UAu'fNir; «> I beg you 
E'en in my Death to view him. 

fit. Oh, youGodsl 

7tr. V« puiliy as he ii, If yoa beMd him 
Hereafter with Ms Woosda upan the Barth, 
7i/a^, tar ray falw, for poor ^irammia. 
Who rather dy'd than you fheu'd tofe your Honoor, . 
Do not you fti^ kioi, ia bk dip your Sword 
In Tar^uiti't Blood, beoiufe he wit toy Padier. 

97/. No, Tiraminta, noi ^ all the Gode 
I will defend Um, e'en mibQ my Father. 
Sec, le^ my Love, htStvm. tbe Plight I take : 
What ^ the Cfetms of thy rapeaed Bed 
Could not once tnove my Stwl to think of afUng, 
Thy Tears and menac'd Death, by which thoa ftriv'fif^ 
To fix me to the Prindples of Oloi^, 
Have wrought me oif. Yes, ye», you cruel God«, 
X,tx the eternal Colts that bind thk Frame 
Stan Aom their Order : fincc you pufh me thus. 
E'en to the Mai^ of tfaM wide D^pair, 
Behold 1 fkngeat once in this DilhoHoar, 
Where there ia neither Shore, not hwe of -Hav'Mf - 
No floaiing; tlXaik ihroa^ sQ the dilmal Vaft: 
Tis roAlefe to»,-.»o CM" to clamber np. 
To gaze about uid paufe upon tibe Rain. 

Tir. U then, your parpos'd Honour come to tUs V 
V%Bt fiew, my Lord ! , 

Tit. T*y Deadu Ay'Beath, my Love : 
]^tUrf[«ntfaw,MdJngh netlihe'Codi. 

L^ Ohrff 

$6 Lucius Junius Brums, 

Clary, Bbod, Nature, Tici of RereraiGB. 
Tbe Does ctf Binh, Ke^tA of Ptnaa, ali. 
All are as dus, tkc Aic I drive bdbre me. 
What baa ! FUtUimt, txd AfuUm, vamm. 
And 70U the Fttmiiaa Uciud^ \i»&e, 
I'm ready for the Leap, I'll afccit villi J>«!B, 
Tiia' deep as to tlx Ficnda. 

Trr. Thus liear me, T^/a/. 

7?/. Off from my Knees, away. [me f 

Wliat OB dui Theme, thy Deuh; Naj, taUltibi&n 

taier Tritfif, wiB Tibctiu, Aqtulio^ VitcUius. 

Speak Dot : I will not know thee oi tbit SuljeA, 
Bm pulb ihee fiom my Hcait, wkb all Perfuafiuu 
That now are lolt upon me. O Tiherimi, 
Jmiiut, and Viiiluui, welcome, welcome 1 
1*11 join yon in the Conjaration, come : 
I am at free ai he that dam be foremoll. 

Ttr. My Lord, my Husband. 

7i/. Take this Woman from mc. 
Nay, look you, Sirs, I am nU yet Jo gone. 
So headlong neither in bit daoinM Deugn, 
To quench this horrid Thirft with firyfs/ Blood: 
No, by th' Eiernal Gods I bar yoa that ; 
My Father fliall not bleed . 

Tth. You could not think 
Yonr Brother fure fo monllious in bu Kind, 
As not to make our Father's Life his Caic. 

Tit. , Thui then, my Lords, I lifl my felf amiHig yoB, 
And with my Stile in fhort fubfcribc my felf 
The Servant to the King: my Words are thefei 

• 7i/w to the King : 

' Sir, you need only know my Brother's Mind 

* To judge of me, who am refoly'd to Icnre yon. 

1 Fri. 'Tis fall enough. 

Tit. Then leave me to the ISre 

[£*. Tib. Aquil. Vit. and Fritjlt. 
Of this hard Labour, to the dear-bought Prize, 
Whole Life I puiduu'd with mj Lots of Hombt: 



Father of his Country. 57 

Come to ny Brealtj thou Tempeft beaten Flower, 

Brim-full of Rain, and flick upoti my Hcan. 

O Jhort-liv'd Rofe I Yet I fomc Houn will wear thee; 

Yes by the Gods I'll fmeU tliee 'till I languiih. 

Rifle thy Sweets, and rua thee o'er and o'er. 

Fall like the Night upon thy folding Bei^uties, 

And dafp thee deid : Then, like the Morning Sun, 

With a new Heat kifs thee to Life wain, 

And make the Pleafure equal to the Pain. \^Extu»t, 


Tiberius, VitdliuJ. 

jWjjiWS ARK, aie we not purfu'd i 

aMg yn. No; 'tis the Tread 

III^Sk Of our own Friends that follow io th< dark. 

^SSS Tib. What's now the time f 

fit. Juft dead of Night, 
And 'til the blackeft that e'er mask'd a Murder. 

lib. It likes me better ; for I love the Seoul, 
The grimmeft Lowre of Fate on fuch a Deed > 
I would have all the Charnel lioiifes yawn. 
The dully Urm, and monumental Bones, 
Remov'd, to make our Maflacrc a Tomb. 
Hark ! Who wu that that hoUow'd Fire } 

fit. A Slave 
That fnores i' th' Hall, he bellows m his Sleep, 
And ciies, The Capitol's o' Fire. 

Tib. I would it were. 
And Tarquin at the Gates : 'Twould be a BlaM, " 

A Beican lit to light a King of Blood, 
That vows at once the Slaughter of the World : 
Down with their Temples, fet 'em on a Flame i 
What flioulJ they do with Houfes for the Godt> 
Pat F00I9, the lazy Magiliratesof ^um. 


59 liaeSm Jut^ut Bram^ 

Wife CMcntt, Ac foMik H«t& «' ifc' People, 
Tbat preach fiebefiion to ftn Mahitadf f 
Wliy, let 'em off, wtd nffl into their "Gratw : 
I long » be at -wo*. '9«, good Apciiiai, 
7ribtniui too, StrvHim and JiinatiMi, 
PanfBKim haH : Ihy, ijowyouijay«oni«k, 
Braw-bott dtcFna, and Ay (heyncyoorSlne)^ 

7H. A Sacrifice. 
TheTe were two rery bafy Commonwnltlu-Mai, 
tim, e'er thelCing wm bcntHi'd by At SetuWr 
^irtt ftt the Plot on (bot in pbblick Meetingi ; 
Thit wodd he ht^ding fndi, 'nm poOfe 
That K]ti|« Cheraftlres might err, xtid wsc bat Men, 
The People were not BnOa for Sacrifice s 
Then jogg'd bisVtmher, Ah 'Mmitn'd StMetnuui ben^ 
The bolder Rogue, whom ev'n wah opth Mouth 
I beird once belch Sedidoa ■from ■ Stall. 
Go, b«r him to the Pnelb j. be ■ » ViAiK 
That comes aa wilhld for ifaem, the Cools of Han's, 
And they wW carve this Sixfvn af An fiebtUim, 
As if he were K IMfti Ae'Oadi tnigbt ftcd on. 

r,'n. rj^r^n ^ m«Ja^.'] Oh, the G«(i> l-Ob tha^Ht ! 
What will diey do«JA kirn t O *h(A PrMW, R^M, 
Cut-throus ! a OA fet ihe God*, bntfac Saa'tOciu 
to <lter> jiiai. 

77i. Thwthen. The AnuMwt hweftt dsm 
A Platform, evpyVfrmi the King'* IMgn t 
The ?andant, nf flie JbrntwAlb, the Amu, 
Carmmtal aad 7«"''M!i*r Pott of ffdMK, 
The CiVr, the Co^Vir/, and SuMdm Bridge, 
Mufl all be feh/d'by^n'ihu are withnu 
Twill not be hard m AeBoifrife^of Xigbt 
Sy us, [he Confulg Children andvbeir M^mn, 
To kJHtfae droaryBttwis, awd he^ the flriJi, 
At leaA To long >ii] taf^ fumiatiEmamutB 
With all the HoyaMtatbatConeto j^ta. 
Therefore to tnake -hitibnadcr ScjaadrOM Wqr, 
Tarjuiiitm it defign'd ID be dx^ntry 
Of bu moft P9BW0UB i»d hEiI>'4 Itvi'nii-' 

I L, Google 

jiquil Tke iati d«n*d m t<us -grci 
I> here (et dwro, vaur P&tber uid Valtriut. 

Tii. TlM'tMthsKwgfhallpleare; but&fOijVrM^ 
ril take my felf the Honoiu- af hia Head, 
Ami wear ii en my S^aar. The SenHe all 
'Without Excepdon A>Blll»e-&<iri£c'di 
And Acfe that kk the mutinoni Heads o' ch' People, . . 
WSnm I kove -maik'd to be the Soldiers Spoil, 
PoriMaBder tntrft be^ven; and who fo fit 
■Am thofe wetariMU LubIm, ywr ^onuaonwealtlU' Mm ? ■' 
Their Daughters to be uvifh'd, and their Son* 
Quarter'd like fimtes npou the common Shamblfli. 

fit. Now ■(<» the Letters, which the FttialUiai 
Recjnuc nt ajl to 6gn, «fld l«id to Tmr^iin, 
Who will not eltei)e-apt to tnifl hit Heralds 
Whhoat aedemials undw-eweiy HaBd i ' 

The Bai'ne^ being indeed oF^vft 'Import) 
On which the Hazard of his Ule ajKl Empire, - 
Ai welt as aU eur Fortunes, does depend. 

' 7^. It were a Sink 't« the whtue Enterprize- 
To make a Scruple in our ^eat A&ir : 
I will Tign tirit : -And-fM my atother THut, 
Whom hi3 new Wife detains, J have bis Hand 
And Seal to fliew, aa taft and firm a> asy. 

Vin. OVillanyl Vjlteny I What would tbey do with ' 
me if they fliould catch me peei»Dg? Knockout mjr 
Brains at wft ! -vntXaei BMh fer'the Priefts, who would 
make fine Baace-Trf^em for'tiw Hanch of a &t CitiMn t 

7». All ttmdi have 'here fafcrcribed: and that your 
Froye TCfehit e -to-^hatjyour Hands havegiv'n, [He^ttft.'' 
Behdd'the %frfFengen-of Heav'n to bind you, ^ 
Charms of ftchjmn, &aed Colourations, 
"With Sounds e^ntciMion, Wwtls ef Hwror, 
Not todtftMevr-malie kiA Signs or Show 
Of what you 'harr both faeaid, and feen, aidfAWrn* : 
But besn^yotir Mves wif ■ita&'er had been : 
Swear by tbe Gods cdeflial and infemtl. 
% TUttt, MothcrEank, «nd br the Furies 
Not to reveal, tho' fittla wcse ftt befnayou, 
A Syllable of wfatf ii prf«ad done. 

6o LuCios Junius Bnituv 

Hark kow ikt ofier'd Brutes begin to raar I 
O that the Heart* of at) tke TraitM Seoaie, 
And Heads of all that foul HjJra Multitude, 
Were frying with tbeir Fat upon this Pile, 
That we might make an OfC'riog worth an 
And lacriiice R^Qion to the King. 

7^« SCENE Jrami, firtmug fit Sat^Jut; tmt httih. 
iiig, »nd atathtr truei^^d i tht Pritfl) ttmi/rg fip* 
luard 'with Geblitt in tMr'ti^mdi, d inith Hymtm 

I Fri. Kneel all yoo Hbfoci of thi* black Befign, 
Each take his Goblet fiU'd wich Bkmd and WiMi 
Swear by the Thunderer, Iwcar by Jaot, 
Swear by the hundred Godt above. 
Swear by Dh, by Pr^erp'tnt, 
Swear bj the Btretjntbian Qiieeil. 

z Prt. To keep it dofe 'tiU Tiirfaia com^ 
With Tminpet Sound and Beat of Ornnu i 
But then to thunder forth the Deed, 
That Rome may blufh, and Traitors bleed: 
Swear all. 

All Wc fwear. 

I Pri. Now drink the Blood, 
To make the Conjuraiton good, 

lih. Methinkt I feel the Slavei enJied Blood 
Warm at my Heart : O that it were the f^cki 
Of Rvmi% belt Life, drawn from her grizled Fatben! 
That were a Draught indeed to qucndi Ambuion, 
And give new Fierceneli to the King's Hevenge. 

Vin. Oh the Gods ! What, bum a Man ative ! O Ca- 
nibals. Hell -h out] ds ! Eat one Man, and diink another! 
Well, Pll to Vtiltriut ; Brmtta will not believe me^ bcs 
caofe hii Soot and Nq>heiiw are in the Ba£ne&. What^ 
drink a Man's Blood 1 Roaft kim and eat him alive ! A 
whole Man roalted I Would not an Ox ftrve the Turnl 
PrielU to do this t Oh ye immortal Godt f For my put 
if this be your WorChip I reuouace you. No, if a Man 
can't go to Heav'n, unleii your PricOs eat him, asA. 

D,3.i™dL, Google 

drink hiin,atidj«aliiiim,ili«e,ritbefovth«i)rMdWay>. 
and the Devil &^ host XMU a Vcoture. . ISxH. 

Ealtr Tinu. 

Tit. What ho, Tihtriut I Giye ac bade my Hand t 
What have you done ? Horrors and Midnight Murders I 
Tha Gods, the Gods awake you to HepcDance, 
As they have loe. Wouldll thou believe ue. Brother? 
Since I deliver'd tbee tiial fatal Scroll. 
That Writing to the King, my Heart rebeii'd 
Againft it fdfi my Thought* were up in Arms, 
All in n Roar, like Seamo) in a Storm, 
My Rfafonandmy-FHaiktCMverDWrackd* 
The Mafi, the Rsdder, and tka TaddiDggoMJ 
My Body, like the Hull of CuM loft Vefbl 
Beaten and tumbled with my lolUag Fean, 
Therefore I charge thee gwe oie hack my Writing. 

Tib. What meani my Brother t 

Tit. O Tiiiriml O I 
Dark a; it feemi, I tell due that the Gods 
Look thro' a Day of lightning on our City ; 
The Heav'n's on Fire; and from the flaming Vavit 
Portentous Blood pounlikea Torrent down. 
There are a hundred God^ in Jioiat ta night. 
And every lai^er Spirit it abraad, 
MoDumeatB empty'd, every Urn is Ihaken 
To fright lheStBtc,aDd put the Wt^ldin Arms: 
Tuft now i faw three Ssmmt fland amaa'd 
Before a ilamitig Sword, then dropt down dead. 
My felf untouch'd i while thto' the blasuog Ai< . 
A fleeting Head, like a £iIl-ridiQg Mood. 
Glanc'd by, ajid cry'd, TitMiti am Egiri^ i 
Repent, repent, or ceitais Duthattemls th<e j 
Trealbn and Tynimy (hall not prevail : 
Kingdom fiiall benomorc, £»rM<lay« it: ] 

Atid that vaft Turn lBjptrialFH»;dtfig)i'dt 
I &w, O 7itai, on th' etenal Loom i 
*Tii ripe, 'tis pctfea, andu docia'd to ftand. 

;<fi£ XiOOfaH J«niR firoctts, 

I Pri. ¥aa«t, Vvmtt^ tiw P lM MiMmff w ltf Mg g- 

They'ie fiift kllc^ ind meaa not ts diliub n^ 
Unloiyatu' Fmxyinteicin. 

?it PcKCiFiiiy, P«MX, 
Bib^lhe Ga^amm taetothe IWw sr^HM, . 
If 1 eqc^'dtlnSesndn 4» ITavV -. 
The Hormi'trflnj Trarfbaincfc'd «)r ^&f%, 
EnervaMd inr Purpolc, wbik -I lay 
CoMei tbui MarUc byinr VheivMde ) 
As if I lad drank the Stool -dfraahMUi, 
Dma^Mudngani, or die ]ime«f«eBdadfc. 

I Pri. 1 like Mmnn-, f thUfwekud bA^l^Mfa&kk. 

Tit. Nothing bvt^magaafOmror mod OK; 
JEmw «Ii in BUod, the nvtti'd VcMs -nmnt;. 
The facred Fire infcnti -raUt'dMo^Mra flhri^ 
Ptrfningtbe'Qptbwith' OiM M Jiuffi i — '*e i« Jriw^- 
Thac {^sTawN iMt upon tfeelMa wWi i wm 
The Beard of Age plnckcdirf Uj tw if to a mtla ndj. 
White ftom his piteous Woondcnd iMMfdOtfieB 
Tlie lal)oniiDg Life ibwU «llter Aan tkcMwd. 

£«/«r Valeria*, Vii)d)cl«s,'>ceM<>n*>«k,'wfe;nFflMiinAtf 
tht PritJIi.-uihtPpavMrt: Vial&mfiX m ^iim . ■ 

Vml. HonwnpsB met 'Wllfltvtf lUs tfMt bttn 
Yet, you immoftd'Qoaa, Ihftee, fh g w . am QrtIM, 
Since thefeare here i -tht C^Rtt^viB^nkie&kalTM ' 
In me, than in iiis 'Sons, nnu, llitrim f- 
OlVom this time let ne^ KindWl-dimlb: 
But halle there ; Ttiiitaii, -fly ) odl Mther Brmtwst 
Bid iiim for ever leave Ac Dmn) oRMt, 
And deep no more : TF flme weredl vnnie. 
And Ttfrnni in itie Streets 1»t ft t idi« i g 'flatter, - 
He woold leftWontterthaB'at 7?fwlKie. 

fit. Stop (hew, O flop that Md fci i gn ' u f^atej; - 
Here, bind, /'^Anw, bfad thtsf^^SUtttl^ 
Tear off my Itobes, patne moBthe^rtfej, 
. Aod lalh me liM n Slave, till I fliaU bottl 


II, Google 

My Sbiil «IW7 1 or long me on « GrMs. 
BUuk me a Year witUn fame kORid DimgMB % 
So dera, To near th« HoUt that Inuft fitfiiir. 
That I may grou my TOTBtentito diedrau'dt 
I do fubnuc niis Tnutor, th» owiM Villain, 
Toallthe Stii^oCiMaiacenioaiHanior, 
So thou dtfpatch laeere oiy fatbM CMOCi, 
But hark, I hear the Tieadof&tal BriMti. 
By all the Godj, and bf, the UnnA Farm, 
I cannot bear ku Face : Away with mt i 
Or like a Whirbrind I will tear my Way, 
I care d« whithef. {Sieit toM Tibeuw: 

r«£ Take'«m henee t^ether. 

fiifMr Vinditliu •»Ul> At Pri^t. 

Ifin. Here, here, my Lotd, I have uidiameird Twsc 
Thofe there are Ratals madee^Flelh Mid Bleed, 
Tht^e are but Men, bat tbefeare the God* Rogues. 

Vai. Go,goodf?M»iiu,faBfie.*nd&optheI>%o^. 
Get 'em togwwr to the Caintai t- 
Where all the Senate, with the Cmfuls early. 
Will fee firiA Jnffioe dooe upon the Treiton. 
For dieetheSeiMteflMlldecrce Rewards 
Great ai thy Sorice. 

Fin. I humbly thaak yooT LmdOup. 
Whv, what, they'll make me « Senator at led^ 
Aod then aOonfiili O th'-immortal Godif 

My Lord,Ist>— TohavetheRodaand Axeteanylt 
before me, and a kngporple fiowntraiUagb^uiid n» h^ 
iKKirahle Hedt: WeB. I wn nade for ever. yixif, 

£«MrS»tDs, mundnl. 

9rat. O, Of Ftderimh »« tfacfe Hmmtru i 
Haft thoD, O Godi I this Ni^t embowell'd me f 
Ranlack'd thy Br^i* Vciof, thy Fellow Conrol. 
And found two Villain) lurkins in my Bhaod } 

Fal. The UaekcHTreafen that e'er Darknefi tKoodedt - 
And wlu^ tohitd^thde Hvionfor the W«d(^' 


sn^dL, Google 

^4 Lucius Junius BmtpSj 

'Who to fedoce the Noble Youth of Jiene, 

To draw 'em to fb (knm'd a CoHJarttioii, 

To bind 'em too by new invented Ottha; 

Rcligioui Foriiu, uui deriliflt'Saoriiices, 

A SacruDCU of £lood, for which Rame (vKe^A 

In Two the wotthieft of bw maftyxMSms; 

Who to do thii, but MeSeogtn from Heav*!!? 

Thefe Holy Men [haifwore fo (dlemidy 

Before tbe Seatte, call'd the Godi to etirie 'ciii>- 

If they intended oinht agusll the State, 

Or hubour'd Tndoa«orc thw vibti they ntter'd f 

. Arvf. Now mil the Fiends and Paries thtnk 'em for it. 

You SonMf MBidv, (bat get druolc with Blood, 

Then fiab at Piincet, pot&n Comnooweahb*, 

Defljoy wide H e cawm btJfJMtoteat Souls, 

Pile 'em like BuUt «nd Sheep upon yoor Alms, 

A» you would ittoke tiic G^defram out tbeir DwdHng: 

You Shame of Eafch, oodScaiBdaloftheHcav'ns ; 

You dee^ fiendE than anyof the Furies, 

That fcorn to whtfoer Bavy, Hue, SediHon ; 

But with a BlatlofFrivilcgepraclaimtt: 

Prieflithat arcInSruoietUidefiea'd tadanmni. 

Fit Speaking-Tnimpns fertbeMowhof Hell : 

Hence with 'em, Guanls t fecure '-em in the Pfilbii 

Of Jnau Martini. Read the Packet* o'er, 

I'll bear it ai Pmable, nad'ctn ow. 

Fal. TheSwu of the Conspiracy to the Eing. 

* It (hall begin with both the Cotifula Deaths ; 

* And thenUie Setutte; ^eiy Mas oioft bleed. 
,' ButthafethatlBKe^g'd t»lc(vetheKjiig. 
' Be ready theniore. Sir, to fend your Troop* 

* By Twelve to tnotrow Night, and come your fclf 

* InPerloD.ifyaa'IlrearDendthcThrone: 

' All that have fworn to ferve your Majefty, 

' Subfcribe chemfelve* by Nameyoorfaitbiy Sutije&j 

' Tiherin, Jpti/tus, ViltUiiu, 

* Trthonius, Sirvi/iui, MUulius, 

f Pffmftniuf, and your FuutlUin Priefts. 
Sriu. Ha I m^ VaUriut, is an Tim time > 


D,3.i™dL, Google 

' Father of bis Country, 65 

Val. He't hexe, my Lonl i a Paper bjr it lUf^ 
■ Ti/ui to the King. 

* Sir, ^ou need only know U' Bratker'aMind, 
' TojudgeofiBcwtiotmiefDlv'd nfenreyoo^ ' 
What do youtlH»k,.i»;i4ni; 

Brut. Tiuoki my Vaitrhu -' 
By my Heart, I kaqw not : ' 

rmataLofat^Tbouglu; and moil «Ictm^edge 
The CounfelBof EbcCodiAM &th«>ileitt 
Nay, 'tuthe hardell Taik perliaptaCIife 
To be ailjir'd of what is Vice or Virtue : 
Whethenvhen werufeupTemplatothc God^ 
We d» net then bbrphenve 'em : O, befaiM mci 
Behold the Game that laughing Fonoic ph}^; 
Fate, or the Will of Heav'n, oill'twhu yon pk>&. 
That marri the belt Defi^j thM Prednice Uyg» 
That btin^ Events about perliapg to mock 
At human ilei^ and Ibort witn ExpcduiOD. 
Confider thit, and wonder not at JInMu. 
If his Philofophy licenu at a ftandi 
IftlioubelwIdfthimlhedAtwiaiily Tean 
To fee his Blood, fait ChUdrea.liii own Bowefe 
Conrpiratlie Deatli«fhirathatgMe'«mBetiiK. [ii^t 

Fal. What HeftTt, bat yoars, could bear it witMotbreak- 

Brut. No, my Falirim, I werea-Beafi indeed 
Not to be mov'd witli fuch ^ndigimu SttSefing s 
Yet after all 1 juftify tho Gods, 
And will cftnctode there's Reafonfafwcnatural, 
That guides us throughthe World mthvaA DifcFetion, 
Altho' we have not Souli to comprebcod it : 
Which makes by wondrous Methods the time CaafiM 
Produce kffefis, tho' of a di&rent Nature. 
Since then, for Man's Inftrudion, and the Glory 
Of the iipmorul Qods, it is decreed 
There mult be Patterns drawn of iierceA VirtKCi 
Sruiui fubmits to the etcual Doom. 

Fat. May 1 believe there caabe liicfa Pcrfeaion, 
Such a Relolve in Man f. 

Brut. FirQ, as I am their Father, 
I pardon both of them thit black Pc£gn : 


66 Laoiw ^unos BraoMv. 

Bat u I an Amh^ Oafal, KalAw ^tm^ 
And a& 'em from my Smd irith J>MAHlaB : 
The ncaar-.«BMiy Ihg*. ihe < wwj g w irfO 
Tbe Colon- of -*Ht- bsk, wd -tt^' &£ UMMt* 
Vei, mx^M^rfiM,1gDth»r«MifibA«K 

See fomethiMietiei' wrwjttaaiy Bwnrih 
XXTplay'd heUn^uOottmi AMMwPwple t - 
Tke Saotte of WbcB «id Itmwge. 

Which y(MiJBIBiidtO,yoii<wn»l >b w «m ) " -:i^i < 
HoirflwII-vatiqr'fianMMl <llh,<ny Iwdi 1 - 
YetereyoilatdKJltaAyw luMOoten^ 
TheQeuh«f«Udut'«lo«ri*iBtfKWDrt^ i 

Heur«laulK«iaN&,af MdMl mmtv, 
Tbeoiily£videaBedat«ui,«r4Bi« ' 
Appear ror your imhiwf p ril ii e i rfc w r ' ^ 
Which ywi with ft Kwah Mj^ hMe adoAI. 
Bsg you iwtd tHRrthe-wmdiad fl^nMiAH!*. 

fmfc CettfedqrLaflKMs: Tho^lhrBtMri ofSVfMI 
Y« ffio»e, tbeWlfe^tff my- fwcanBD'Sui; 
Thoa lluttbelMKnt. 

7<r. Have yoo ftii^ trim then i 
Hsveyou fomx ysvCdf ? !%« faMge«f y«^. 
lie very Kdwe^VotrrBxcdlence, 
The Portraitwe «f «11' yvRn-nmiW Vutais, 
YtMT VMl^ ftKmp B^ him ; jriKbofe^ei, 
TJie moring Oraititeft Of 'e», all the UoKjr, 
The Jheddin^ Goodttefe : set ib quite fcrere. 
Yet flilt mofl like : Aa& cEB.yaa.^KK&i^UMf- 

Bmt. Will yarn {roceed^ 

7>r. My Lord, 1 wit!. Knew Aen, ' - 

After your Son, ■jvar ium'^iMiBmymi mim 
Than I love him, after oar comownTAwi 
The Wealth o' ch' Warfd. mleTs yau itAi tmor^ 

Fa^tr ^ his Cmairy* 67 

And M kqpt&Vl IDWbM fOB ]Md ctgMft'd^Un>t 

I, u FateoMlariil;it,'«U feM &«a9jii£>«, 

Witk mx ilMuh flMMs'd, w'a Mom )iii.G)K^ > 

Doam'd t» WAiWd Wom hbniln' tike fl-u^ 

UaleiB he yieldalmtl^<i^psfe|lK£i«; . 

Can^deTt fiir i oh nakeit yonrownudfer 

Juft wedded, juft m tb eacfiod ^oft. 

Warm for my Bed, uidiuwiiig to mj Am^ 

So lewmetoo, alaifttiaeidid met 

GraMcd in tiKfla, in :HcU. in f kat rf Bdfin 

He kuNrnoteriittUMftU; i^ fr.&Wcabli. . 

But now, Sir, wm, tof i^A, fi^dda. mtadm. 

Behold vMitack-eo-flUMByaiitilatiL ; 

Tho' in-'my ^m,jtAi>:tfac<9cifptef nafon^ 

H» MUe-IiMtt,AMdc-wilbdBTfaeii|^or " 

Of whjU he ptmia'd yoa,. dlL dm fb^ot, 


He fhriek'd, y' intnottl Godi, what have 1 doMt' 

No, fenurinhi, let «s Mter pntlh, 

IXvide for ever with irinle&Ms tamttav 


The' he befbrdnd ban'd yw life aad Fombi^ 

Yet wooM BM tnrt ihe Tidtat wit ha beSafcy 

Qrhimheadl'd dn I«ynBaflfae<3aik 

f'./ OSsiQfrM>BViiMetfa.iZMM.Wifef . 
O Eloquence Dniae I Now «U the Aiti 
Of Wooun'i Tangoes, the AheDonA nfifae Sail 
Inrpire thyibfividtiitder S(Bl«aiDnB.itini. 

T'rr. On thtsbcKNu'd: S«an br lfatA>wen.-Dtni» 
He wonld fetch back the ft^ies tku heists,- 
Or leave hii Life amoa^ 'em : laft fas Word» 
And came to chalkica it, bat, (dt I m iaie j. 
For, in the midftaf^l hitPieQ>, 
Hii fimg P-affiafioM » a fw& ftepenaracOi 
Hig Vowt to lay thes htwrid Trtaion opea,. 
Hii ExecntiDDof thebaiiiBmu Priefli, 
How he ablnn'd that Uoedy SacraBMmt 
Ai much as you, and cun'd the Cix^unaia ) 
Vinditiut came, that had before alum'd 
The wift f'AMiu, Who «U *U the Ow* 

68 Lucius Jdmufi Bnitu9» 

Foand Vttar faere. bdwv'd hitn like di« reft. 
And (eix'd himtoo, at guilty of the Treafon. 

V»l. Butr by the Goidt, my Soul does now acqoit blm. 
Bleft betby Todgae, bleft the aufpidous Godi 
That fent thee, O Wie Pattetn of Perfefiion ! 
To ptetd his Ueeding Caufe. There BCedt no-moit f 
I fee his pMher's mor'd : 3ebold a Joy. 
fi watry Cooafort oling in his Eyes, 
Thatiays, 'Tismorcttiin half»Hnv'a to hear tlwfc. 

fru/. Hafte, O Kaltriuf, hifte, and lead for Titiu. 

7tr. For Tirai / Oh, thu it a Wvd too diHau > 
Say, fbryonrSwi, fbryoor beloved Sob, 
The Darling of the World, the Joj^efH^a^'n, 
The Hope of Earth, your Eres not dearer Co you, 
YoDT Souri Mt Wilh, and Caa^oat of yoor Age^ 

Emtr Tinu vHth Valerias 

Ttt. Ah,Sirl Oh whither fliall I run lo hid* nut 
'When IhiUUower&Ur How fhaUT lie . 
More grovclir^ in yoor VieK', sad bowl Aw Utrqr I 
Yet 'ii» feme CoDifbn to my wild Defpur, 
Some Jc^inDeach, thul may 1«& your Eeet, 
And fwear upon 'em by th^ilrcatning Teat^. 
Slack as J am with idl my Guilt upon mofi . 
I never harbour'd ought a^inft yourPerfon.: 
Ev'n in the height of mylall-fraught l>iftra£tiea* { 

YourLife, my Lord,w«sfacredi evecidcar, 
And ever prcdous t» unhappy Tuns, 

Brut. Rife, 7HMi! Rife, my Son. 

Tit. Alas, I dare not ;. 
I havenot;^[reng;Th tofeethe Mi^eily 
Which I have brav'd : If thus far 1 afpire. 
If on yourXnees I hang and vent my Groantf 
It is [00 mitch, too macii f<v (hourand Lives. 

Brut. I pity thee, tny Sou, and' I forgive thee: 
And, that thou maylt believe my Mercy true, 
I take [hee in my Arms. 

7it. OalhheGods! 

£rut. Hvif rj(e i I charge the^ on. my Blp^g, nfe. 

Fatbef &f his Ctmniry. fiy 

7er. Ah ! fee. Sir, fee, againft his WiU bekold 
He doffi obey, iho' he would choofc to kned 
fVn Agftbeforeyoii; leehow he Hands and trembles I 
I^fow, by ray Hopes of Mercy he'sfo loft, ■ 

His Heart's fo fill!, brlm-folt of TeadcnMrfs, 
TheSenfeofwhat youVe done has flruck him fpcCchleru 
Nor can he thank yoa now bot with liis Tears. 

Brut. My dear Valirim, let me now intrcat tlifCi 
Withdraw a while with gentle TiramtHtOt 
And leave us to our fclves. 

Ter. Ah, Sir, I fear you now ; . 
Nor can I leave you with the hamble Titas, ■ 

Unlefs yoa promife me you will not chid^ 
Nor bW again to Anger : Y)o ncd, Sir, ! ' ', 

Do not'u^rxidhisloftand melting Tenmr 
With what is paft. Behold he fighs again ! 
Now by the jGods that hitherto have bleA ns. 
My Hearf fbrebodei a Storm, I know not why : 
But (aj*; my f.ord, give me your God-like Word, 
You'll not be cruel, and Til not trull my Heart, ' 

Howc'ef it leaps, and fills me with new Horror, ' 

Srut. I promife thee, 

7>r. Why, thffnr thank yotf, Sir;- - 

Ev'n from my Sool I thank you for chii Goodnels: 
The great, good, gracious Gods reward and blels yoa. 
Ah, fkui, ah, my Soul't eieroal Treafure, 
1 fear I leave thee with a hard Ufarer; 
But I perforce mnft trull thee. Oh farewel. \Ex. ivl/iVsi. 

Brut. Well, Titu), fpeak i hsw is it with thee now t ■'• 
I would attend a while this mighty Motion, 
Wait till the Tcnipeft were quite o»erblown. 
That I may take thee in the Calm of Nature, 
With all thy gentler Virtues brooding on thee. 
So hufh'd a StiitneTs, aiif all the Gods 
Look'd down, and lillen'd to what we were faying ; 
Speak then, and tell me, O my bell belov'd. 
My Son, my 7ilii/', is all well again 1 

Tit, So well, that laying how mult make it noiHing ;' 
So writ, that I could wifh to die this Moment, 
For fo my Heart with powerful Throbs perfaades rae : 


^ LuciDsJtR^Br»ru< 

That wsre indeed to mstlce 701 Repintin, 
That were, my Lord, to dunk yOu home, W die, 
And that for filut too, would be taoft Iixst?. [happf ' 
£rs/. How'l that, mySattf Wenld Sntft fbr ihecfa* 
93/. Moft certain, Sh-i fbrnnnyGrare I 'fia^ 
JHI thofe AfBoata which I irr life mull' took for. 
All thole Repiuches whidi the Ejcs, md nDgen^ 
And TOngnes of Romir wjd daify caff npoti mt ; 
from whom, to » Sont fo Tenfible as mine. 
Each £o£le Scorn wootd be far wuife than d^ngr 
Befidea, I 'fcapcthcStiiig^«f my own CwwaeBce^ 
Which will Ibreverrack me -with Rdne m fargnee, 
HuintmebyOay, and tortarcmebyNigiit, 
-Cafline mjr blotted Honour in the W»y " ^ 

Where er my jnelancholy TliDn^ita flmMiide me. ' 
jBr»f . £nt is oat Deflii a vay dreadfiilTnuDg f 
TiV. Not to a Mind tefolt-'d. No, ffir, to me 
It ieemi as Datorai as to be bom : 
'Croam, and Convul&ons, and di&daur'd Booo', 
Frieoda weeping round as, Blades and Obfeqtda^ 
Make it a dreadful Thing : the Pomp of Dmk 
Is far more terrible than Death itfinf. 
Yes, Sir, I call the Powen of Heav'n to wttncfi^ 
Tititi dares die, if (b you have decreed ; 
>Tay, he (hall die with Joy, to hononr Snaus, 
To make your Jufiice nmous dinjagh the YtSfilJ^ 
Aitdiix the Liberty of ^«M« for erer: 
Xot butlmuft confefsmy Weaknclstoo: 
Yet it is great thus to refolvea^nft ir, 
Tohavetbe Frailty of a mortal Man, 
But the Security of th' immortal Godt. 

Brut.OTitus! OhthouabfohjteyotmjMaill 
Thou flatt'ring Mirror of thy Father's Iim^, 
Where I beboTd my felf at fuch Advantage [ 
Thou perfefi Glory of the Jukiioi Race-i 
Let me endear thee once more to my Bofotni 
Groan an eternal Farewel to thy Sotil i 
Inflead of Tears weep Blood, if poSble; 
Blood, thtt Heart-Blood of Brului, on hnOlfidr 
for thou muA'di^ my ^tvi, iiti iBf^ba, 

F^thffofUi Oittttry. ft 

I kvear tbe Godt have tlsaai'd tiKt to tbcGiwe: 
The violated Genius of tky Cauutry 
Rears his Tad Hud, and fsUies Senieieeon tbcs: 
Tl^is Morning Sun, tku ligiru n^r Soinnvi «i 
T« the TiiiHual of cbi&hvrrid Vmgeancct 
Siiall never fee thee more. 

WhjaKyoamov'dUnuF WhyamlwoitXyour SaotWrX 
Why fhould the GoA-^ke Srutw Ihakctodooinwi} 
Why all thi&Tripptngi foi a TmU&'iHcriei 
The Coda will have i[ lb. 

Brut. They will, my C/w : 
Nor Heav'u, mr Earth, can have it oibttt/'A. 
Nay, TT'uj, matk: th« deeper that I feaioh. 
My harx&'d Saul retuigs the won coetiaH: 
Methinlu X (%e tbc very Huad oijwt 
Moving tbfi dreadful Whedi of cbdiAfEair.. 
That whirl then, Uhc a Machine n thy FaM 
It feemtasif tbeGsdihadpte-tK^ain'dili 
To 6x the tceliue Spiriu ot thePec^t^ 
And fettle the look Liberty of R«m*, 
*Tis fix'd, thuefore Ik mt Fancy fond thee: 
So £x'd thy Death, that 'tii not in the Power 
Of Gods or lUfea to favethee from the Ax. 

Tit. The AxlO Heav'al thenmufll m.ic\aS&fl 
What, Ihall I perilh by the comoMm Haagman ? 

Jr»f. Ifthoti deny ine this tboHgiv'ft menoUun^ 
Ve9, Titm, fincG the Gods have lb decreed 
That I tniift loTe thee, I will take th' AdvantagB 
Of thy itepenant Fate, cement Rmu"! Flawv, 
And heal ter wounded FreedoB v¥kh chy Bkini ■ 
I will afcend my fclf ihc lad Triboaal, 
And fitupoa my S<h)) i on thee, my 7itm ; 
fiehold thee fuffer all the Shame of DtaA, 
The Lifter'* Lalhes, Ueed befere the Peoplet 
Then with thy Hopes, andall thy Voath upanthcf. 
See thy Head taken by th< common Ax, 
Without a Groan, withwt ok picyine Tear, 
If that the Gods can hold me tomy Pur^ofe, 
To nuOae my Juftice quite O'aii^end Example. 


yi Lucius Junius Brutus, 

fit. Scoorg'd like a Boadmsn I h& ! a beaten Slave f 
But I dcTerve it all i yet here I fail : 
The Image of this Suff'ting quite annum me ; 
Nor can 1 longer ftop the guuiing Tean, 

Sir ! O Bruttu .' muft 1 call yoa Father, 
Yet have no Token of your Tentlemefg I 
No Sign of Mercy ? What, not bate me that ! 
Can yoa refblvei O all th' Extremity 

Of crtwl Rigorl to behold me too f 
To fit unmov'd, and lee me whipt to Death t 
Where are your Bowels now ? lathita Father? 
Ah, Sir, why fiiould you make my Heart fulpeA 
That all your late CompaflioD was diflembled i 
How can I think that you did ever love me f 

Brat. Think that 1 love thee by my prefent PaffioO) 
By chde unmanly Tears, thefe Earthqoakei here, 
Thcfe Sighs that twitch the very Strings of Lift : 
Think that no other Caofe on Eanh cnild move me 
To tremble thus, R> fob, or Ihed a Tear, 
Nor (hake my folid Virtue from her Point, 
But Tiiui' Death : O do not call it fhame^). 
That thus (hall fix the Glory of the World. 

1 own thy Suff'ringt ought t' unman me thai. 
To make me throw my Body on the Ground, 
To bdlow like a Beaft, to enaw the Earth, 
To tear my Hair, to cnrfe the cruel Fates 
That force a Father thus to drae his BoweU. 

Tit. O rife, thou violated Majefty, 
Rife from the Earth, or I (hall beg thofe Fatet 
Which yon would corfr-to bolt me to the Center. 
I now fubmit to alt your threatned Vengeance : 
Come forth you Executioners of Jaftice, 
Nay, allyoa LiSors, Slaves, and common Hangmei^ 
Come, flrip me bare, unrobe me in bis Sight, 
And kfh me till I bleed, whip me like Furies ; 
And wlien you've fcourg'd me tilt I foam and fM, 
For want of Spirits groveling inthcDuft, 
Then take my Head, and give it his Rrvenge: 
By all tbvGodt I greedi^ refign il. 


p«]i....dL, Google 

Faft&w «f hk Country.. 7J 

Brtt. :lfo morp, fvawd, etfroall)' ^nwcl: 
Tf there be Qodi tli^ will leiei^re a S-oom. 
A Throne for tb^iaHeav'o. One iaft Embiace, 
Wb« w * mi»ke» thy Eyw thii«^iiJi.^*itt; 

7//. I had fijrggt,: Se good to T^r^aUi 
When I am,Aflte8. , 

Brut. Leave her to W Care. 
See her thon muft iiQb ^r ihou «)nft not hc|li: it. 
-O for one more, this PuUtttviT^S of H^att'Stfuigs: 
Farewel ibr evor. 

JV/. OJiw«w.' Q my^artfl;!. 
■ J^n*. Cft^ lhW.IW» US' f«fflwd? 

^'/. Farewd for ever. 
, Srui. Ftn- ever thcD ; but Oh:9V Tqv< n)n,o'Vf 


Vaierius^iftwiuj UanniiuiUf .Mstiati^ 

|IS Sons condemn'd ? 

F^i DoOM'dio^twIbids'aaaiiUcfc 
,-i«Ar. WhM> both4f.^nnJ> 
irW. Botb^ »r,. botb, both hik flow. ' 

fa/. Yw. Siv hi. Oerfing«fH«s 
Nay, tho'hekoowi-hiM iDMCeMaiifus, . 
^Tis all ode, Sfe,' hj* SBmrtreiaKigW-Hw Fata. 

^■r. Yet I'll iatvmhinl 

Mat. So <n>ilt L ' 

tf^m. Ami r: ^' 

At I have doart Wiijii, uaViio auMci Muc .- ■ 
KenBOtdafNsriwa'mectnmwMirMtMltl, ■■ "^ 

•y4 Xucius Junius Brutus, 

sit looki and talks ag if that yovt had fent him 
To be the Indge of all the Under- World j 
Telli me, this Palace of the Univerie, 
'With that vaft Moat, the Ocnin running raand as, 
Th' eternal Stars fo fiercely rolling o'er us, 
With aQ that Circulation of Heav'q'i Orbs. 
'Were fo ellahlilh'd irom-before ail Agn 
To be the Dowry ef inajefltck Hem* ,- 
Then loc^s m if he. had a Patent for it, 
To cake account of all thii great Expenee, 
And (ee the Layings oat'«f the Tound'Wortd. 

Herm. What fliall bfc d<ne then i For it grievei n^ SoUl 
■ To think of-Titus' Lofi. 

/V/. 'nierers-noHelpi . 

;fiut thui to (hake your Head, and croTa your Ama, ' ' 
And wcmder what the Gods and he intend. 

Herm. There's fcarce one Man of this ConlpnatT 
■at II foime way related, if not nearly. 
To yaniuj Brulai ! Some of the Jquiliani 
.Arc Nephftv* to hjm ; and FitiUU?. Sitter, 
The^ve Simprtmia, it the Cosfid'fl Wifi;. . - ^ 

Vol- Therefore I have engae'd that groaning Matt* 
rro plcftd th'e Caafe af hcrunhiiFi? SSu.- ' .7 

Enttt Titut 'wkbli&an. 

Stut fee, O Gods, behold the nlant Titut, . ' 

The Mirror of all Sons, the While of Virme, 
Fill'd up with Blot), and mit all o'er wi^ Blood, . . 
Sowing with Shame his Body to the Oroond, . - . 
Whipt out of Breath^ thefc inhuman 9tarci I 
■ OTituif isthispojlUjle? tbisShamef 

Tit. O my Valetiui, c»U it natraf Shame ;, 
ly all the Gods it is to firm! Howmr j 
My conftant SolTring! are my only G)t>fy : 
WW have I left befidei? But ask, Faltriut, 
, Jbk thefegtodTMen thMkaMKdbrm'd th«rX)iit]r. 
If all the while ^Vf wJupt me like % SIktc, 
K when the BJiwd fipm every Part can down^ 
-f£a*e'aB6-a«n Kllv4a.fPfB»ait!tT««(t . 

leather of hh Country.'. f^ 

I think, I rwnr, 1 think, O my faleriui, 
7hat 1 hax* born it well, and like a Reman. 
But Oh, far better Btoll I bear say Death, 
'Which, aa it txiiigf ieb P-niH, hu lefs Difhonour.- 

Enttr Tflnminta •iiMmitd, 

Ter. WKere is he f Where, where is this God like Son-- 
Of KBJiihuiiun, b^baivu^ bloody FtUh^K 
O b«u- me to him. 

Tit. H*! My Ttmrniitia ! - 

Is't polIiblEl The. very top of Beauty^ 
ThbJcrMti£ace>dir4WD by the Godi afCoweil, 
Which they were loa^ S'Sial^ing, as they had Reatbn;- 
For they ftuill never hit the like H;aia> 
DeGtM sui Hungled thoi I What barbarow Wjctch ■ 
Hat thns blafphem'd thii bright Original ? 

Ter* FOTjnc it matten not, dot my AboTes: 
But, Oh, f« thee, why hare tbey ua'd thee ihaa i 
Whipb Trfn, i^ptl Aodcdukl thcCttltlooJcenr- 
Tbe eiorv of dMM^^ttaK haMy^ vm.- . 

La(h'4» woipti aod-hmtea by tha& uptight .Dogt i 
Wbde Soulj, with alltllfr VirtueAf tWSbaatev 
Will be but F<^-to aay Fault of thine^ 
Who haft a Beauty e'en in thy c^ndiDg. 
And did thy Pathn doom thee thus I Qh, Tkut^. 
Fofpre thy dying Part, if Ihe believes 
A Wretch Ibbiw^uoMiKYeT could prttdnce theer 
Some God, fome God, my Tifttt, wacch'd hia Abrence,-. 
SUfV to thy Mother's Bed, and nve thee to the World. 
??/. Oh.tbialaft WoHDd.thii£tabt»-all my Couragel 
Had'A thou been well Icould have bom more Laihei; . 
And is it thui my Father dott pnNeAthee ? 

7ir. Ah, Titail What, thy Mard'rer my Proteftor! 
No, let me ^1 again among, the People, 
Lee me be whoot«l like a common Strumpet, 
To&'d as I was, aitd'drli^'d. about the Streetik 
The Baflard of a Tar^in foU'd in Dirt, i 

TheCry of all thoTeBloodfaonQd) thatdidhuntme- \ 
Thm to the Goal of Death, this happy End 

Ma 0» 

76 Lnchir Junius Kutw, 

Of all tD7 Mifniei, hen to pMt my Ul, 

To wafli thf Gxfhet mth my &i>e««l Tcar^ 

To murmur, Ibb, aad'IcMi my sking H«ad 

Vponthy Bresft, dws, Kke aCtadkBake, - / 

7o fuck thy Wonndi, sad bubble out my Sonl. 

SMttr Sempnnia, Aquilia, Vitel^ MnrMtrt, tt^ 

Stmf^ Come, Lidiet, iuftf, ad let ni MtbeS^Ktrj 
If the Gods give u$ leave, w<^ be bo Hay 
Pan of the Council. Oh, my Stm, my ^tmtf 
See here the bloody fiMoe of a Father, 
See how tlie VcneeaMC rami A«m hu'Mni B pwJil 
I( h* Bot-iHd^ If ke uMtmbamit, 
We'll bind hit Hatfdf umt beNft<if:IMIIa^ 
Haita'tM : Oh, iTt'Mv, I iR)aU.fti9;'n!aNtt~AM^ - - 
But that I fear hit Otdan w fitwt aiit 
For foneODng tvoris, ^ Bw£, WnketfacinidK 
Of a)!' the Kmdrcd «f thcfcwntoktd Vtomkn. - 

7^. Owhe dMO, I:tlfiBk I kmi l«K<yMti3eft 
To join thee, O msA ititin» h*A vlfMuiM, 
To melt thia rocky Hont r OmMe wnc ttndt: 
Thus lei M.msickbefttvflttii w mt ghcdHafc 
And olfer to that God «f Blool anr Vbm^ 
If there be ought riat^ hnmnleft Jbom Um, 
Perhapi ny Wound* Mid kbrriUa JUgufei, 
Help'dwith the Tnws nd'GiVan'df ikii jfadTm^ 
May banr. dura the baft <^ kkgrtitw. 
,'?if. Hark, Th-MRKV*. 

7>r. No, my Lonl, AWV- {&»«i6 

frV. Oh, ay^aitiiitu/ WutheN «Mer&M> 
Tttu^ «U the LegsMdsdf nwhM TuM 
Soisd as thn? Botte, ay Fatker coiBM* 

^Mfn- Srnlui, Ttbaiw, UOoMt 

Tihrim u» ia» imdergMe tke LaA. 

Give him the PatieBce, Ood«, of mwtyrH fitm, 

Aod Jw •iUUcTi ilMft HMdaftw kaw dudUAl iim* 


Father of bis Cwntryj^ •^f 

Tih. Enjoy the bloody Coaqueft of thy Prute, . 
7hoa moie tyrtnuical than any TarBuin, 
Thou fiercer Sire of thefe unhappy Sods, 
Than impious Saturn, or the gorg'd Tbitftii: 
Tbit Cormorant fees, and owns us for his Chil4ren, - 
Yet preys upon his Entrails, tears his Bowels 
With Thirft of Blood, and Hunger feicfa'd from Hell/ 
"Which fiimllh'd taniaki would Hart w think on. 
But end. Barbarian, end the horrid Vengeance. 
WUch thou fo impioufly hafi begun ; 
Pwfeathy Juftice, as thou, Tyjant, call'il itt 
Sit like a Fury on thy black Tribunal, 
Giafp with thy mooftrous Hands thefe gory Heads, , 
And let thy uti'ring Orators adore thee. 
For Triumphs which fhall nuke; thetfmile-at Honon: - 
Brut- Lead to the Senate. ; 

5/i. Go [hen to the Senate, -- [<Ven ' 

There make l^ Boaft how' tbo« haft doom'd thy Chil- 
To Forks and Whips, for which the-Gods reward thee. 
Away i my ^irit fcorns' wore Conference with thee. ■ 
The A* will beai Laughter; but the Whips 
That drew thefe Stains, for this I beg the Gods > 
Wkh my laft Breath, for every Drop that falls .- 

From thefe vile Wounds, to thunder Curfes on thee. \Ex. 
Brut, faleriiu, hafiei ibe Senate does attend us. [£*: 
Tit. Vaitriui, ere you gft lef Jne conjure thee,. 
By all the. Earth holds great or honourable, • 
A) thou art truly Raman, ilampt a Man. 
Grant to thy dying TUui one fecoueft 

r«/.,rilgranttlieeany thing, but do not Ulk- - 
Of dying vet j for much I dare confide ; 
Jli thatial Company that's gone befcire : 
1 know they'll move him to prefervehis Titust- 
For tho" you mark'd him not as hence he pu'ted, .. 
1 aiHldp<Keiyewith.,Jpy a.'iilentShbwei ■ 
Run down hU Silver Beard, therefore have hope. 

aV. Hi^. iay'ft t^*"' ° ihc-Gods! What iiope 0* : 
' Lift ? 
To IJTC, to live ! And after this Diihononr i , 
No, m ValiriiUtM WHmakc me »¥ei „ But 

Dm I. .J I, Google 

^8 Luchn JuniiM Kretas, 

But if Am \a& a Soul chat's febfibk-, 

I^ ne coDJQFG Ace, wlmi we racb tire Saant, 

To duufi me chrengh-dic Hcut> 

Fa/. Not fiw tfce WwM. 

Tit. DoH, or I fwdFthoD hafl Bt) FKnfiUup fo-ae 
Firft, thou ffilt &ve mo fromtfaE faated Ax^ 
The Hangman'i Haml t for b^ the Gods ltd thee 
Thoo may'fl at well flop the Bterral Sni^ 
And drive hint hack, at turn a^ fttiKft PaipA i 
Next, and wiiat mcA my Sbnl inirean ttec fir, 
I ftall pcTbapt in Death proaire bis Pity ; 
For to die tlius, beneaifa hu IdUiae FroWn, 
It iammag me before my Execndaa. 

Fal Til granted, by the GodiI.(wcart«end'titee-; 
Por when I weigh with my mtwe fcrioui Thoogltt 
Tfay Fatliei's Condua in thii dreadfiil Juftice, 
I £nd it i* impoffible lo Tare thee. 
Cotat then. 111 lead thee, O thov doriou Vidim^ 
Thoi to the Altar' of uncimely Dea£,. 
Thni in thy Trim, with all thy Boom of 'Bbntli, 
Thefe Virtues on thee, -whofe etenal Sprii^ 
Shall bbflbm on thy jnonumenttl MuUe 
With nerevfiidtoe Glory. 

Tit. Let me cTifp thet. 
Boil out my Thanks thus with my faiMtf^^witS? 
And mw away, the Tapert almoft out. 
To lofe the Light of this dear Worid for CTWt. 
Never, FaUriM,, to be kindled more: 
Or if it be, my Friend, it ITiall conttnne. 
Burn thro' all Wind: agaiaft the Pitf of Fortone, 
To dazzle ftiil, and fhine like the fix'd Stan, 
.With Beams of Glo^- that ftall kft for erw. {ExMt. 

Seem Ulthna. The S»mUt^ 

Snt. Hedthto^e Senate I T-o the 'Fatten luAl 
ykfittr, H^r/ciyi and Diijpittr, 
ils/BitaJ and Ttrtirmw, Jtvt the SMver, 
^thaU thefauKlrcd'Codttad'Gwlditt^ 



Patlter tifUs CiKtntif. . fj^- 

Guard arid ^afeid tfee Libem' of JtoMf. 

& - IM tett ntnitl- a fiuaoQi TTuiA ilr sent* 

£«fib7 thesBtintS^ea to tlkde 9ant, 

Tlut oa the CbDi^«f BtB^re>,'Or0rEiiiedDmih - 

SbincJodieii SKcuiiotir ficTtr and great. 

Such a* nugr Jnw tk« WteM ia Admindoii, 

ImDCcedary tabeeat ik Aft 

Upon the Tracer and mingfif «Mi each Dtberr- 
SrouKhtto the Kmooet ofme^ Deni-Qodt 
Tlw fatat B«nd of that ainfirioin Whore, 
9>vrin^i«re fioed tin nmr ) Jnt dutt WM wntin^r 
7Mr( havini; Aon Eterahx Tet 4twn 
^«iiM tobcHead of ril'^tVnder-'WeiU. 
Itait'd^th thb Tlieught, and 'Ug trith' PiT^hcQr 
Of whftt vaftGeod 11137' F** ^ Adilxu^^lev 
Britiut fland* fimh to db 1 dreawnl Jnfticr^ 
J come, OOaofcript Fathai, to-»-Deed 
Whotly poncQtoo*, new, ■nd-woaderiul, 
Sncb as* pcnUf^'i nt&neftr'Ytft' olMit MflUt 
In d MenHttudt offenier Agei; 
Nor ever wiH-^aio. M7 Sow are Tiatttti^ 
Their TowBcs md iCHMa are Wftneflfes cottfeCi^ 
Therefore riiaveriratd}r pafttbch- Se n tc nt e , ' 
And wait with, yoa to fee their Execution. 

Htr. C0lird,'the Senate does nocadt: ilnfrUtaiflay 
They are cmtcat-wiih-wIuKS-ahYad^dane,- 
And all intrcat yoa to remit the Ax. 
■ A-*rf.-Ic]UBfcTOD,PHlien,<lnt-r«fiifpdie<MKr; ' 
By theadaul[fdMajefl7of J{««(w, . . 

I fwexrdicic ii ao-my to <[iiit die Oiace, 
To right theOramenAealdi, and thai^dfcGotl^ 
Butby thelacrificineof i^iy fioweb ; 
Talce then, ydd fadTtevenger s rfihe Pubtitlc, 
Thefe Traikin hence, ftr& of-tfaeir Hcadi, aAd^tlEea 
My Sotu. Nomm^-^h-DootirnpM.'' Aw^. 
Thoi Oijdl we flop ti» Mooth-tif hodSotiiJon, ' 
ThBifey drgdM h i ent e li e tw iicrtiie Sway. ' * 

Of^pannll-iynHiti^ iaA'%9ne-\iaa^^tspi^ -- 


So Luciur Junius Brutos, 

"Where no Man Aolloffimd becaofe iie'i neat, ' 
Where none need doubt his Wife'i oi Dai^iter'iHoaaw-, 

Where all enjc^ their own without SuTpicun, 

WhcreXbere'* no loaoviuioD of Relmoo; 

NoCbange'of Law;, nor fireacb of Privilege^ 

No defpeiate FaOiona gaping for Rebellion, 

Mo Hope) of Pardon for AflaffiDatet, 

No raJh Advancement! of the Bale or Stransei; 

F« Lozury, for Wit, or glorious Vicej 

Bat on the contraty, a balanc'd Trade, 

Patriots encourag'd, ManufaAuret cheri(h'd, 

Vagabondt, Waflurs, Drones, and fwarming Brakes, 

The Froth of States, fcanun'd from the Cdmmoawealtb ; 

Idlenefi banlfh'd. all Excel* reprefi'd. 

And Riotacheck'd by famptuary Laws, 

O Coofcript Father* I 'Tit on thefe Foundationt 

That Rtmt ihall build her Empire to the Star*, , 

Send her Commander* with her Armies forth. 

To tame the World, and g^ve the Natiou Law i 

Cmful*, ProconTuU, who to the Capitol 

Shall ride upon the Necks of conijuer'd Kings,' 

e upon 
m Uicy 

And when tney did moant from the EorgecMU Pile 
In Flames of Spice, and mingle with dke Crods. 

Htr. Excellent Briitui f All the Senate thank* thee,t 
And lay* that thou thy Iclf art half a God. 

Enttr Senipronia, Tcraminta, with tit n^ ef-tbt 
i^rairi ; Titus, Valeriiu, Junius. 

Stm^ Qoat, gooe, to Death 1 Already fenteac'd^) 
Doom'a ! 
What, my Tiitrim too I Ah, barbarous Smtju- 1 
Send,hafte, revoke the Order of their Fate . 
By 1^ the Pledge* of our Marriage Bed, 
If thon, inhuman Judge, haft lelt me one 
To PDt thee yet in mind thou art a Father t- 
Speak to lum, O you Mothers ofiad i!a««, 
Sifietvand Daughters, ere the Execution 
Of all your Blood; hafte, ha^, and run about hiu^ 
' Ctou, fobf. howl wt the Tai^ pf^f^: Sfulff 

k]i....dL, Google 

V».rjkf wpak Um Uhe nbb'd Sktiga^ 
Ana 4e9r him Sma tout Yomg. 

f mt. Awar» and leare me. 

Sen. Or If }>v)fl tbink it better fin- f«ar Potfoj^ 
Sccaufe he has tlte Power of Ltfe-Md Deuh, 
Intreat him tjuti : tbwr all jronr licanldi Biwft*- 
Low at bit Feet, and like » God a^re him ; 
May, make a Ram^oer rauiv] him. with ^oui Bo^ei^ 
And block himw: lieeke weuld be goii^t 
Yet that^ a Sign uiat onr Cua^nti have Iwrr'd.Un^ 
ContiiuiTd Fam of erer-ftreaming Tean^ 
Such, aod'fbnai^, ftad tliecluleft too 
Of aU^thepioaa Mairansthrougkout Rum, 
Perbap* may melt thfa MamawiiBi TiijiBr. f 

Not yet I Nay, lw<eynir.Bedii»actnipMJiM» 
SgnrtWhji lhwi,tiutteg iriMnlli* Siw^ 
And lay thi>4n»fctM«bMtt fa* ;>Mt. 
Tiiit little ^Mflil^JiMwdfhit PUfacr: 
See how he ticnd^laiid BrtMbs tOkln Btfan 1 
' Oh all yon pitying Pow'n, list ^UMa^ •umpn^ 
His pretty Eyes, radi^a^H'ctiiridiTeafBi 
Xoke tw Wfi Shanes nttinguKStcnD* 
Plead ibr our Grie&iAdredMiLaAodJknd ToqpHb. 

7«». Ve«, ym, m VttisKx diUbe^ooct t» v^ 
Aiid fpare my Brothen : Ob, I kntm Ib will : 
Why, do yon thidt beeftr 
What. -■ ■ •- • 

HekviU tact : M^te oaltf mtaU M frnht ^inn^ 
Aa.kswiUd*, wltel liai^ done 4 Fault. 

And do yon think ks lun 6k HeaM rt kiil Wl^ 

No, no, hfein>aiaMtcgtateirilcde.Fia«a . . 

Faraflitfae World : Or if he fhoold, Pm fuie 

7iiie GodtiMaU ^y Umibi't. 

.sJintf. Wbatkoat WitbBBtittKvef ' 

Slaves, VilUini, ka I ant not my Olden iKMd I 

S«r.Oh,:JbMv,Qe>(«taawett{nfcnlMt' ' 
See here the Bodin of^tfae-'iaarM Yondi 
^iteaikfttj jwr Qmh, aiid4M«43Ji«n». . 


%z Lucius Juhtiis Briituf, 

Ter. Set, Sir, behold, it not thu honid 
ThU ciUUDg off one Lim^ from ytmc own Bod^ , 
li't not enough i Oh, will it not (office 
To ftgp the Moath of the meft bloody L>sv I 
Oh, ii were higheft Sin to tn&ke a Doubt, 
To ftsk y»a now to five the innocent Tiiiit^ 
The common Wifti and gene«l Petitiwi. 
Of all the Rtman Senue, Matrons, Wive*, 
Widows, and Babes ; nay, e'en the naddii^ Pcopls- 
Cr)> oat Rt laft that Treafbn-ii-rcveng'd, 
And ask DO more : Oh, therefbrerpaTehim.Stt!' 

Sr^. I mnft not hear you : Hwk, V-mltrim. 

ftr. By all tfaefe WouiuU upon t^ VirgiaBMif^. 
Which 1 have MerM by your Cnielty, 
Altho' ]poa pnmii'd lltuio ddicnd me. 

^m«. Vet hold thy Uoody ^iuidr tyandck Jrrtfc 
And ril ftrgive thee bi'tbat headleft Homr: 
Grant me my 7itui, Oh, in Death I ask thee. 
Then haft abeuly brrake Smfn»idt HcuV 
Yet I will BUileB that fit Tbai lire. 
Ah, ctufI fudges thoa ^nj^Wi ^mmV , .. 
What art taoB whifp^gf Speak the Horm iMt« 
For in thy glaring; £ye* I read a Murder. 

Srmt. ic&rgethee by thy Oadl, FaUrivt, 
A> Ibtra srt hm depoted by the Gods, 
And notk SubgeA fin a Wamas'i Folly, 
Ttke himawar, and drag him to the Ax. 

f^mL It-QuH DC thtM thn, not the Haacaan'i Hud. 

{Rum him thn^b, th* mmtwjbria. 

fif. ObRv^ftrnA! thoahaAhit metoUe^nh 
So noUy, that l<hallreboimd to Heaven, 
When I win thank thee for tha gahut Woond. 


Brut. Take hence thu Woman ; hafte um bear her 

Why, mr ftiltriiit, did'A thon rob my Jufiice f [bo 
Til. l-wro»^ him to it. Sir, that thu in Death 

I niSkt hare Mare tO'pay my laft Obedtence, 

And beg your BkffiiM; i«r the other WorM. 
T/r. Oh,^., Ziir«f ; whate'er comei- 

Ffom liich a moaftroni Natiim muft be' blafiing, 

Father of bis Country. 83 

Ah, thoa inhimiaii Tyrant I But aixa, 

I Iciter here, when TiVuj Aavs for me : 

Look here, my Love, thou uialt hoc be before me. 

Tbaa, to thy Armi then : Oh, malce balte, my 7fV«^ 

TrngqC already in the Grove of Death : 

The Heaven is all benighted, not one Scar 

To light ui through the dark and pathlefa Maze: 

I have loft thy Spirit i Oh, I g^rope about, 

But cannot find thee. Now I link in Shadow*. \pUt, 

Tit. X come, thon rhacchlefa Virtue. Oh m^ Heart I 
FareWel iqy Ix>ve, we'll meet in Heav'n again. 
My Lord, I hope your Jultice is aton'd ; - 

I hope the glonotu Lifaieity of Rami, 
Thus waur'd by the Blood of both your Soaj, 
Will get Imperial Growth, asd floiiri(h long. 

Brut. Thoa hall lb nobly bom thy felfin dying. 
That not to blela thee were to curio ' y felfi 
Therefore I ^ve thee thus my laft Embrace, 
Print thii laft Kilt upon thy dying Lipa : 
And ere thou goeA, I bc^ thee to report mc 
To the great Shadeg oiRsnutlm and Swim, 
Jufi with that ^^eftji and liieged Vitfue 
Which they-infpir'd, and wJiichche World has fcei," 
80, for I fee thou'rt gone, farewel for ever : 
Eternal J«vt, the Kmg of Gods and Men. 
Keward and crown thee in the other World. 

9i/. What Happineli has Life to equal thiif 
By all thcOod) 1 woold notliveagainj - 
For what can Jevt, or all the Godi give more. 
To &11 thni crownM with Virtue's fuUeQ Chanoi^ 
And die thai blefl in fuch a Father's Anna. [i>>V«: 

Fal. He's gone i the galant Spirit^t -Bed for ever. 
How &res thu noble VelTel, that h robb'd 
Of all it) Wealth, fpoii'd of its' topmoti Gkny, 
And now lies floting in fhis MgorMof Ruin? 

Brut. Peace, Coaful, Peace i let us not foil the Pomji 
Of this Majeflick Fate with Woman's Brawlj. 
Kneel, Fathers, Friends, kneel all you Rotnan Peo^^ 
Hulb'datdead Calm^ whilel conceive a Pray'r 


^4 Lucius Junuis Biutus. 

That fliall be worthy Rmu, uid woitbj' y»vt. 
/'«/.- Infpireluni,Go(li,(uultfMu, 0/t»m*,MtmL 
Brut. LetHcftv'njutdEsrthibreverlueBtiMicBMii^ 
Th< Stan anfluj^es go th«r conflsut Roood > 
In Itannlda Li^wur Be our Steel empIoyM, 
^And endldt Pou^tliTough all the Work) e^o^'d : 
Let every Bvk the Wivesin SafetT ploa];^ 
No aagiT Tcmpeft cuH the Ocean'* vow i . 
No damd Flames from Htav'n make Mortals fiar* 
Nor Thnnder fri^t the woe^ng Paflenger ) 
Let not poor SwaM> for Storms at ^rVril maar^ 
Bat finile to fee their Hoards of foladedOvB: 
No dreadlid Comets threaten from the SiMlk 
No Venom &11, nor pois'nons V»aip rife* 
Thou ^mu, who doft the Fates of£.miw io^*» 
'Coud wi4 deftnd die Libotjr Qrx«H« 

P J W 1 s. 

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