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-„ Goo^^lc 

u.a.i,:-.- -,, GoO^^lc 

., Gix^^^lc 

-„ CoogI': 

Dramatick Works 

Mr. Natbmaet htel 

Vol. tt 

-„ CoogI': 

3 n T 

3^7 :b!ji^fOii-iCl 

■.>.'>. A \^t,uti'J'A"^'/v :iM 

.11 .joV 

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O F 

Mr. Natbanae/ Lee,. 

Volume the Second. 


King of 'Pontus. n the G r e a t. 
Casar Borgia. HDuke ofGuiss. 

LO NJ>0 Ni 

Mated fiwW.FsALESi at Rewi's-Head, the corner 
of E/T^x-Street inthe Straiuii D. Bkowhe, atthe 
S/afi-Sivan, and R. Well mcTON, a the Da/- 
phin mnd Cniinr, without Timplt-Bart J. Wel- 
lington; A. Betteswohth aiulF. Clay* 
wTruft forB, Wellington. 


;:v C) 

i::,.T!;: ••:;)!; 

1 ^ 

uiaiii:.r -„ GOO^^IC 

-„ CoogI': 



King of P o N T u s ; 


Aftcd at the- 


By Their Majesties Servants. 


■ft "Wruten by Mr. N A -T. LEE. 

u aninwum, atqae btee Ctrtamiaa taitta 
xiguijaSu temfrifa quiifitnl. 

Virg. Georg 1. 4. 

■ L O N D O Ki 

jHnted for W.Feales, at Rmue's-IicaJ, the comer 

' of EJpx-Stre^ in the Strait^; R. WzhhivOTop, 

al ine Dolphin and Crovtm, without TempllSar ; 

J. Wbi-lihgton; and for A. Bettesworth 

and F. Clat, inTruftfor B. Wellinctos. 


-„ Goo^^lc 

< J) 

■ 1*0 the Right Honourable 


Earl of Dorfet and MMlefeXy '' 

Otteof the Gentlemen of their Majesties 

May it fhafeyaur LarJJbipy 

N I call to mind what I havO 
fcrv'd of your ^ Wit andjudg- 
\nty tbe tn^eit and moft impar* 
1 1 ever fcnevvj my Thoughts of 
[icing, after my loofe mantier, to 
ir Lordfiiip, are a Httle dalht!; 
f 'em has -the Senfe to rel! me, 
I ought to be as curious and correct in a Dedica- 
tion to one Man, asj in that of a Play, to a 
vix>le Nation. There is, no doubt, a Tranfporc 
in every Poec who writes an Epiflie ,■ but for 
the moft part they ate daxxled wich, the Emi- 
nence of their Patrons, and at beft we can buE 
call it an awful Delight. But, I ptofets, what 
tho&> to whom X am dingreeable, will impute 
A 3 to 

6 The Efijiie *D/dicatory, 

to want oF Modelly, I make this Tragedy an 
"Offering- to your Lordfliip, wkh »■ nnucb-Fret- . 
' dom, Piearurcj and perfea Satisfadiion, as ever 
! MithridaTfi rcceiv'd when he found hinifelf in 
the Arms of his faireft Miftrefs. You ftand e- 
, qual with the Greaieft; and your Qualuy QiouJd 
Waufe a Dread m'[he<hardic^-W^riier»:~Bub.<&'' 
the nther hand, ihere is fuch an innate Sweetnefs 
of Tern pen fuch a tno/t- remartajble-Goodncfi 
in all your Actions, aOurader peculiar to You 
more than any Man alive, that the meaneft, 
mbdefteft of Poets, may approach you. Me-", 
lhiii_l[8, I feel a fort of checrtuLlpuDgiag Priiic^ 
when I fee your Lordlhip ftand forth to this laft 
Birth ; wfcricb fiire, if i had ever any lovelys ,is 
much chc faireft Child. Happy Fortune ' tirtA 
attend it; and Heaven and Earth be pleas'd> 
where you approve. I accoft youi tny Lord 
without Formsliiy, and wou'd appear before 
the fcvereft Judge in the plaineft Garb, or ra- 
ther nakednefs of Thought i as fome, and thole 
not of the leaft Courage, go to the mott Woody 
Teft of Valour, all tinanrrd. An Over-care io, 
things of this nature, does often turn ta Affec- 
tation ; and what was meant a Guard, proves aq 
Incumbrance: We may ftiffei our Im^aations 
with making of 'em too quaint j and poiifti, till 
we are norhing elfc bat Glofs. I am infinitely 
pleas'd, to be as plain as I can i nor care I how 
K pleafe others, tho' I am fure it does, ' thar T 
have lakl this Play at your Lordffiip's feet- All 
my Acquaintance, that wifh me well, applaud 
■ my Choice; for, I may fafely affirm, by the 
Judgement of the Town, without being cenfur'd 
for a Dawber, there's not a Man whom all Men 
love but You: You are beheld in all the Com- 
pany you honour, as if you were the Genius of 

• TJk Epijile 'DedkaUry. 7 

dat Prince, who was call'd the De/igbt tf Ma»' 
kind; and are ador'd with all the Love wid Ad- 
miration which e'er the. noble Titus found in 
VMni. Z^ares is an iinperfeifi Figure ofyour- 
Uij I catb him in your Mould, and faOtion'd 
bim as well as toy weak Fancy cou*d, to ifaac 
PerfeSion the Court fo univetfally allow) you ; 
When 1 dcAgn'd to draw him for the Ladiesj 
endearing, loft, and pa^Tionately lovtnKi I 
diought on You, and found the way to cTiarm 
'em And 'tis mofl certain, he who oblses 
t^fe ^r Criticks to be of his Party, has me 
(iircll Cards that ever. Poet play'd : I cannot but 
own the Honours tbcy have done me; and in- 
treat your Lordfliip tp fecure my Friends. TTiere 
is yet a greater Honour I would beg of youir 
ijordlhip, and lb importaoc, I cannot name it 
without Apprdienfion : Mithridatri, being in your 
handSf dehres to be laid at the Feci of the Queen; 
Her Majefty, who is the fublimeft Gooone^ 
and moft merciftil Virtue ; thai ever blell a 
Land, has been pleas'd to grace him wirfi her 
Prdente, and promis'd it again wifh fuch part 
llcular Praifes, the EfieiSs of her pure Bounty^ 
that fiiou'd he not exprefs hi» Gratitude almoft 
to Adoration, he wou'd d^crvs another Fate, 
when he is nexi reprdenced, than what be has 
tuherto rccciv'd. 

I have endcavour'd in this Tragedy,' to mis 
SbaJte/bear Triih Fletcher: The Thought of the for- 
mer, for Majefty and true Rumaw Greameft; and. 
the Sofmds ana paffionate ExprclTions of the lat- 
ter, which make up half the Beauties, are never to 
be match'd. How have I then endeivour'd to be 
like 'em? O faint ReTetnblance ! as Pii^arra %3 
(tf the Mexicatu, 

A 4 —And 

~ ,« The Ep'^e 1>e4ic4tmy, 

■ I .And theft •who novi remaait 
^ptarhtit as the Shadotus ef the Slaim^ 
It maybe obja^ed, I broke the Sctntt ia the 
Beginnii^ of the third and fifth h&s; diol^ 
who are fo nicely curious a* to be ofiended at this 
over-fight, may, for their fatisfaiflion, leave *em 
out, and the Play will be entire I apply my felf 
to your I.ordlhip, as Mont^igu does to hi^ Reador, 
in .the Chapter of Books; / tw//, fays he, lo'xte 
ibt Mam tfestfi^U trace tat ! For I have many 
tirocf found fault with an £xpref&on> that t 
pretended was in a Play of my own, aod had it 
oatnn'dby no indifiercnt Crilicksj iho' immor^ 
■SbaieJfeoT will not bluth to own it- But I aia 
confident your Lordlhip will Jiad me out, and 
i defire to be found a Kefiner on thofe admiral^ 
Wnttrs; the Ground is theirs, snd all tbac 
ferres to -make a rich Embroidery. I hope, 
the WfU'M win do toe theJuCtice tothink, I have 
diJguis'd it into another Fafluoo more fuinble Co 
die PiBs we live in,- for, if I cou*d per£ude m^- 
iel^ inerew^re noting of mine estraordinaty in 
the Play, I woifdnot have dedicued 4cto the ocft 

— -JUeJiocrihut ejfe Peettt; 

Kon Diiy nan HomJMtj xm concede Colgmjitr, 
Here you muft give me leave totell thcWotld* 
tbatPiUars and ^^ors- too ought toberais'dto your 
Lordlhip, if tbegrettcll Genius of Poetry delerves 
*em. Your Thoughts> in fome ^eO: Poems I 
have feen, are rich and new as the Golden- j^me- 
riean World, your Esprellions juftly flrong, your 
Words emphadcal, as chofeo Men for an Enter- 
prize of Glory : As it wis obferv'd of the Army of 
Alexander the Greats every Soldier looic'd like i] 
Coipaiaader, and every CommaiJder like an ^-' 

The Epiftle 'Dedicatory, 9 

Uxandfr'j fo in your admirable Draughts, all things 
are fo excellent, we know not where to fix ; we 
Aind on Hills of fo vaft aBreadih, that the Valleys , 
irefeenj it looks like Hejven all about us, and 
Fancy is loft in the infinite Beau'y of the Pro- 
fpeft: Your Writing dazzles withClcarnefs and 
M^cfty : You draw like HpAm without Shadows. 
—§lui Genus htimaniim inge»io fuperav'it, ^ omntt 
TraPrhixit Stellas, exorttit uti ^thtriut Sot. 

Your Images are fo great, we look like Dwarf 
beneath you^ and then fo lively reprefcnted* 
tho" of aead, low Obje<^> aoimated - by your 
— .. - Crtias fmuUcfa maveri 
Ferrea, etgnato^ue viroi Jftrate mttaflo. 

Whate'cr you ftgmp as Royal, other Pretenders 
to SMtire but Sie and wafh,- ther live by the 
Clippii^ of your Wit, and dip tneir Silver in 
your Bath, to make it pals for Gold. Self-prefer- 
vation bids me fay no more of your Lordihip's 
Poetry> left I damn my own ; who aim at nothing 
fo much, as the Honour of being thought by your 

Tour jmefi BviBt/e, 
end Divottd Strvanty 

Nat. Lee. 
A J 

PR O L O G U E. 

7U"0 T careful LtaJcrs, tubtn the Trumpeii call 
* Thtir Martial Squadreni en, to jiand er fall, 
Tofsd tuith mare Douiti, than cartful Tattt artt 
Whin iinfnitts Wit fir Balh dots frifari ; 
When bumtttittg Voices hid the Play begin, 
And the lafi FUuriJl/ calli the Prakgue in. 
Hcrejeu, Hie dreadful fFarrisrs, JKdgingJttt 
Attdinfull Ceapcih try all Writers Wit. 
Tefime, fir Siitfs renovjiid, ear Authors i«v/ 1 
Atd ijiihat ytu dacm, far ajufi Fate alhvi : 
But fun far left fuch Ju^es Poets dread, J 

7han thofe rawj Blades iijho luili not let 'em plead, V 

But, e'er they can he heard, cry, ^iteet'em dead. \ 

' 7hife Pyratts, that btth Arms and Wit debate ; 1 

Wle Fields, and Poem tvilh their Spleen di^racl, > 

Poets and Warriors bethfioa'd have in ebaft: \ 

Tbife libellers, ii^Ao mhlefi Flights dej^ife. 
Yet -when a Pan hutfiajbts, Jhut their Eyes ; 
Who vurile Lampooiu, and 'vilely gel a Nanu 
Sy ethers Infamy, and li'ui on Shame i 
Fifii, Whipers, tf the juftefi Senfe, mtft 
To he the Po^dtr-Menk^i if true Wit : 
Mimicks, like Apes, lahaf s ill from Headt thtf drMK, 
And li-vt upon theVeTmin of a Brain. 
NigUaid thtfc, and trujiing la ysiir -jSd, 
To Beauty our laft Vo-v-s, tiAeyoars, are ma^: 
Beautu luhichftiit aderns the opening Lifi, 
Which CKlar'j Hfart 'wuchfafis not ta refip : 
Si that alone devoted is this Day ; 1 

For, by the Poet, I -was bid to fay, i 

JathefifDrau^/;t, 'liuas ataiiftie'Lady'-t'Phy. \ 



y'OV'uefin a Pair ef faithful UvtrtiltT "t 

•* Jud natch jeMCarti fir, mtftrfjtuvallerj, I 

'fiww ajufi Jud«me>a an their Cai^ang. J 

Ftr, Heav^noe tbmk'ii, we liw infucb ax j^t 

When nh Maa din for Lnve, hut on the Slai^e^ 

jfyd e'en iheji Marljri are hut rare iit PUji i 

A eurfed Sign hmu much true Faith dtcayi. 

Lew is na mare a violent Dejire t 

'lit « viere Metaphor, a painted Ftre. 

In all our Sex, the Name examin'diBeU, 

'tis Pride logain, aidVatUty to tell: 

In Woman, 'lis offubtle Intereft made-. 

Curfe on the Punk that made iffirfi a Irade t 

Sbtfirft did mi's Prerogative rem»-ue, 

Ai made a Faolprefiime to prate of Lovt. 

Let Honour and Preferment pi for Goldi 

But glorious Beauly is not to be fold: 

Or, ifitie, 'tis at a Kale fo high, 

that mlbir% hut adorii^ itfimud hvj. 

Yet the rich Culliis may their Be^ii^ ^re, 

'Thef furchafe but fiphijiicated Ware. 

'Til Prodigality that buys Deceit ; 

Where both ihe Gitier, and the taker (heat. 

Men hut refine on the old UalfCroiMn ivay : 

And Women fght, like $V/i&ts, for their Paf, ^ 

Dramatis Perfonas. 

Mr. Msiui. 
i Mr. ILirt. 
I Mr. GMdmoM. 

Mr. Grl^jt. 
C Mr. Wmerpat. 

7 Mr, Pw«tf. 
Mr. Clark. 

WthriJatts, 'Kxagd Ptnhu- 

jtnkiltmt, General tuider Zi^ertt, 

j^/iiliui, a Reman Capdvc, 
Another Raman Officer. 
I/irunri, Page to Zipharn, 

Ifmima, contra^ed to MUhriJatn. Mrs. Ceritt. 
Stmandra, Tixa.^f&sta JrcUlaiu. \&ii. BtutiL 
Friefk. and Auendviu. 


-„ Goo^^lc 





The Outer Fart of the Temple of the Suti, 

A Noife of Muftekt and Tuning Voicei, is heard. 

En ter PTiarnacCT, Pelopidas. 
■~~T| O- night, to-night, this fatal moment, 
T Our dreadful Father*) NnpUalt ar* 
T preparing, 

I And 1 malt Io!e bnglit Minima fat . 

Ambition too is barr'd. Scepters rind Crowns> 
And all tie Golden Quarries now are lofl. 
Ziphares, OZipharei! happy Brother, 
Thoa haft diflodg'd me by thy Isce Exploit*, 
And now Dfmp'H my Fathci's Breaft alone. 


Cun'itbe -the PcwV tku Uc&'d thee on tbjr wt)r 

To overthrow Triciriui, curs'd the Stars 

ThargUlter'd rqupd thy Hodj when by (h/ Ann 

So maoy Tribunes and Centurions fell. 

As made Rtmt groan', and broke Lucul^ Heart. 

, Ptlap. Hear me, my Lord. 

" PhoT. This Morning, on a MonnEain 

Abo vcTthe Clouds, his Triumph was perform^. 

And I affifted at the Sacrifice ; 

Why gave I not this Body to the FUmei, 

To be dcvour'd hmong tne tortur'd Slaves, 

Rather than liv'd te fee his Otnijueft crown'i I 

I faw it ; O Pelo^dai, thefe Eyes 

Saw Mitbriiatij, with a Torch, give fire 

To the v4ft Pile, which like a Pyramid 

Stood high upon the Hill, as that on Earth. 

Ptiap. Will you but give me leave ? 
. Phar. I iaw the Blaze 
Of his imioonal Honour, heard the Ihout 
Of all the Court, which did torment the Air - 
To that degree, that Birds fell round as dead i 
And that thin Region, where we fiarce cou'd live, 
WhenfitH we didafcend, became lo fat 
With the rich Ilream of Blood, and boiling Gold, 
And Sowing Gams, that we were forc'd to remove : 
Nay, I believe, the glutted Gods themfetvw 
Were almoU choak'd with the prodigious Odourt. 

Pilnf. Yet have you done f 

Phar. To the green hltptxnt then, 
Becade at Sea old jfrchilaut had 
Been Conqueror with nvy Brother, in their Names 
An Off'ting was decreed i a Chariot all 
With Em'raldafec, and fiU'd with Coral TridcnW, 
Was with an hundred Horjes, wild as Wind, 
Fromoif the topofthat moil diftnal Place 
Plung'd to the bottom of the flimy Deep. 

Pehp. Let me entreat you call your Reafon hone. 
And liilen ta your faithful Servant's Counfel ; 
Yo'J cannot" hate your Brother more to Death, 
Than I ; his Friend, the General Jrihiluui, 


^*f^ */tomus. i^ 

Hu got the ftart of me in the Kinig's Fivonni 
And tho' without being vain, I think my fclf 

The better Soldier, heby Policies 
- His pufli'd me from the Dignities I bore i 
The lion's outed b^ the Fox— — 

Piar. But with full Cty 
' Let OS unkennel him i rather rebel. 
Than bear it thus: Tiimine, 'tis thy Concern, 
Nor let th^ Name of King, or Fatheraweui. 
A Miilrefs, and 3 Throne! molt fpecioin TUIet, 
Tbe God of Battel rages in my Breall ; 
And as at Dtlfbas, when the glorioos Fury 
KindiM tbe Blood of the Prophetick Maid, 
The bounded Deity does fhoot her OKt, 
Draws every Nerve thin as the Spider's Thread* 
And beats the Skin out like expanded Gold : . 
So with the Meditation of the Work 
Which my So\jl bean, I fwell almoft to burfting, 

Pehp. In all the many Changes of my Life 
1 have not known one equal yet to year's i 
At other times fo moderate, fotrue 
A Sovereign o'er your felf, you l«m'd to want 
Tkrfe PaiBons for your Slaves, 'who lord it now. 

Pbar.l am hufh'd.if thou liaft aught of Comfort, Ipeak. . 

Pelop. This Night your Father has decreed to marry 
The Daughter of Ptaeptait. 

Phar. What can hinder f 

PfH- Nothing; yet mark: My Brother 5V/fA»i is 
High-Prieft O'th' Sun, whom all the reft obey : 
Him have I wrought, that when the Nuptial Rites 
Begin, fom^HraogeFrefaeesihalL fall out, 
Dilbrdcrs onexpeAed, to torejhew 
The Godiuemuchdfendedat Cue.Marria^. 
How this may work with one of mighty Faidi 
In holy Fables, on£ of various Humour, 
Whom every Day new Beauties fet on fire. 
Be you ^ Judge. 

Phar. Methioks k hasaFace J 
But yet there's wanting what I cou'd have wilh*d : 
Had it been jMat-VCu badt'd with another, 



When Miibriiatti, frigBeedfiom his Queen, 
WarnM by ialle Oiades, Otou'd haTcretirM 
Petplex'd, yet llruggling with the Panes of Love ; 
Then to hare kid a Beauty to ka loDgu){^ 
Some Fair unknown, proud of her ^uidy Blooni, 
T'have quench'd his tnirfty WiSiei ; that had beicil 
A Mailer- piece ! but let him many her. 
Sure Death iball wait npon his langhing Hjwun ; 
And when the God has given her to his Amu, 
Fate with nnerring Force Siall part 'em ever. 

Ptkf. Vetragii^F'TuasyauhavcJaid, andmwet 
More than exceUinK Mifdiief cou'd invent. 
That is not belt. We have already rai»'d him ; 
jlxJraiiar my Lieuienant-General, 
Seom'd by your Brother, whom he therefore httef* 
Firft form'd the Plot. Old jfrchiUui' Dandier, 
The &ir Stmandrt, Millrefi to Zipharii, 
Is deftin'd to be made yoiu Father's Prey. 

Fbar. Excellent Engine ! now thou woik'ft indeed; 
Thou hall hit the Vein, the Lite-blood of hii Heart. 
I can't iee ought in the extent of Art, 
Or Nature, tEat can mend it. O Zifbarei, 
Still conquer, rife with Triumphs high as Heav'n, 
- Sofuch aBoltasthie befuTBtowaitthee. 

Sxltr Andravar. 

. Sat fee the brave Lieotenant t cometomy Anng,. 
And tell me, fliaU Semandra be the King's i 

AnJr. I think, my Lord, thatlmayfafely fwearh. 

Phar. Thy Blantneis merits Praile, andf^, thou^ 
To ferve my beft Revenge, Love or Ambition. (fit 

JnJr. Great MithriiUtti, whom X well have fludy'd, 
Tho' he has weather'd forty Winters Fields, 
Yet rifei in his Vigor, ventures more. 
Nor fe^ Decay of Strength ; none leamM as he 
In Natote's Garden-, whence to his Conflitution 
Moft excellent, he adds fuch Helps by Art, 
That by his Looks he mi^ht be thought Immortal. 
The World too kaowa he 11 ai amorous now 


As when Ae firfi SJghs hoiv'd bis yonthfbVBreaft, 
And bis Aril Tears bedew'd the Shdncs of Love 

Phar, ThcConjeqacncc? 

Atiir. He ofien has been pleasM 
To make me honour'd with liIs priv&te Thougbti. 
Whereon my General and I a.greed, 
Knowing your Love to Mmima, 
And Hatred to your Brother, with one Bknr 
To drive the Boliuefs that thou'd crown yourWifliett, 
Therefore I daily fill'd year Father's Ears 
With Praifes qf SemanJr.a, rais'd his Wonder, ' 

I}elcrib'd her Dre&, and each particakr Grace I 
Her Eyes, her Hands, her Lips, with all their Beuticti 
And have To £r'd hini, that uierc only wantt 
A View to fo^ed all, and that will be- 

PiMT. Hbwksow'iltboathst? 

jAi^. I learn'd it all 
From a She-Slave that waits npon SMMwhi, 
Who told me, that Zipbarii, with Coafent 
Of.^rviiiks/, wou'dbeg hercfth«KiB(|t 
When he this Night Ihon'dA&wauicrpoale. IStftMufid, 
Nordoofat. 'but when he oncehasieen Stmuntra, 
TfaeCbarmsQf his new Queen will vanifli. HaHc, - 
The lacred Mu£ck foondi I— The King and Qoeetfatt 
£w<r Archikot, ZiphaKiifianaDdra. 

See, yonr Brother, Smandra, and her Father. 

Fbar. Oh. my Iftb'ringBreaft! how Hopes and Fein 
TaGi my r^ck'd Heart, bice a poor Bark about ! (pe^ 
Bufooa the Calmwill come, orlmuftpeTifhintheTem.- 
' [firou/ Phar. Pelop. OAi/Andr. 
Zi^. Byt{ea.v*ji(myLove,th6adoi{diftraAniySouti 
There's not a Tear that &lls from thofe dear £yet. 
Bat makes mv Heart weep Blood— —Oh, ray Fadier ! 
All is not well : I found her in the Morning, 
Not like a Bride, witb all her Maids about her, 
Half-fmiling, now half-ferious with her Thoughts 
OfwhatmoficoaefQorwviB, noibright, osrUnflun^ 


But, Oh, the Gods ! I foand her on the Floor, - 
In all the Storm of Grief, yet beautiful, 
Siehing luch Breath of Sorrow, that her Lips, 
Which iate appear'd like Buds, were now o'er-blown. 
Pouring fortfi Tears at fuch a lavifti rate, 
Tbatwerethe World on lire, they might have drown'd 
The Wrath of Heav'n, wid (juench'd the mighty Ruin. 
Jmb. Nothing, my Loid — 'Tisallbot Virgin'sFear: 
Mariiage to Maids is like a War to Men, 
The Baite! caufes Fear ; but the iweet Hopes 
Of winning at the lalt Hill draws 'em on. 

Sem. Aias, niy Lord ! [^Mp'^S- 

. Ziph. What, but alas f no more? When by UieHand 
1 led her (o the Temple, thus (he figh'd, 
And bung upon me: If cbou cnity lov'tt me, 
it I may credit my Stmandra^t, Tears, 
Think 'em not DrojK of Chaitce,' like other Womens, 
TheWeathetoftheirSouls, the Ciyftal Bubbles 
Wbiciuhity can make at will; Oh, fetisfy 
The longing of my Bteaft, and tell thy Sorrows. 

&tm. r..a(Ido~Ioveyou,OR,allyoaHoftofHeav'a 
Be witncls ; that you are dear to me. 
Nearer that} Day to one! whom Sight muA leavv. 
Dearer tjian Life to one who fears to die: 
O tnou bright Pow'tbe Judge, whatnweadore, 
Se witnL-fs of my Truth, be witnefs of my Love I 
Butyctlfear — : — r— 

Ziph. Tnat Fear, give me that Few, StiaanJra, 
Produce it in the uglieti Form it has. 
If aug!it chat is detorm'd can come from thee. 

Sem. I fliall, my Lord, flnce you arc pleas'd to heai- 
Unfold my Doubts, the Caufe of all my Teare: (me, 
FirAthen. I muitcoihplainofmy hardSrars, 
That did not dart kind Luftre on my Birchi 
Fortho'acprefent, while your young Blood bcals> 
Your Realon cannot get the' Rein of Falhon, 
Vetit will come, whenlong PoUeflioncloysyonj 
Then you will think, what Queens you might have had. 
With Kingdoms for their Dower: perhaps you Oiay 
f love lb. uAkind, totellmeof ittoo; 

Or,i£youlhou'dnot, yourEyeswou'dfpeafc— [fRv^'^ig. 
Enough to break the Heart of poor Senumiira. 

Zip!. Why doil thou flab me with the Teiulemcl* 
OF tby falUe Fears, and tnelt me into moumingf 
'Tii moft unfcafonable on our Wedding-Day • 
To be {ecu thus-. I know thou canft not doubt me: 
No, thou moK \ayely of the Pairer Kind, 
Think not a Crpwii carv ever change my Virtue, 
Ah, who wou'd'kave the Warmth of this lov'd Bafbin 
For- the cold Cares which black Ambition brings 1 

Stm. Spite of ill boding Dreams, unlucky Uinciu» 
YoD muft, you fliall, you ought to be believ d. 
And, if I weep again, it h for joy 
That I this Night (hall be your happy Bride, 

Ztfb. Oh, MithriJatei, mighty as thou art, . " . . 
Before whofe Throne Princes Itand dumb as Deatlt. ■ 
With folded Arms, and their Eyes Jix'd to Eardi i 
Diflirniaurbrand me,.ifl wou'd notchuJe 
A private I^fe with her whom my Soul lores. 
Rather thau live like thee, with all thy Tickh 
TiipKingofKin^, withouther.. 

■Arch. Praj[, my Lord, " :■ 

Defer till Mid-night thefe ftrong EcfiaJiei : 
Fate yet maj' put a ^Ir betwixt our Hope), 
Aod oicn th6 Lots will be niore liardly bo^ne^ ,' ;■ -i 

fhe Sane dra^s, Jlfcp'verinz the Inner Part ^ the 
Tenjpie. Mithridates, balding Monima By the 
Band; hit ^ueem, Chncuiines, Sam anADaugk- 
tirs attending. , thrti Roman Capta'fU, L, Caffius, 
<X Oppius. and M. A<Jufllus, bound in GoU 
^ains, tmlb many ether Slamei fi4tt'£>^ at 
Ji^aiKe. , . ' . 

M/4. Not yet, ORamt, great Tyraitt of the World, 
Hafi thou fubdu'd the J^an Emperor. 
In thy defpite I hold my Glory ftill. 
Still trea4 upon the Necks of conquei^d Kings, 
Still make thy Confuls tremble at toy Name i 
And in one inightidl Word, to fuia up all» 


A Word, which like a Chum, might raife the Ghofis 

Of PjrrhiM, and the experiencM Hannibal 

totmy, and bedazzled at my Deeds; 

A ^Wo^d, ft Name, that comprehends all Honours. 

All Title*, Riches, Power, all Majefty, 

In Ipitc of ^raiV^m MtbriJalei Aill. 

jtsail. TJie Nations muft confefs, that Altxenier \ 
Cou'd not more dreadfol to the Eafi appear, 
Than you : ev'n Romt wou'd buy Iwi Peace with Joy* 
Cou'd you at reafonable 'Rates afford 
Yom-'Royal Friend(bi[r; tho' by yoiir Cominaiidi 
Moft dieadful to Italian Memory, 
In one dark. Day, damn'd in the Boc^ of FaAi ' 
A hundred thoufand miirder'd RoMani fell. ^ 

Mfi. Barelt thou,- Fomenter of thele Wan. to Wltf 
Thoii purple Source of all thofe bloody Streams,', 
Whith have for more than thirty Ytars o'eiflow'il 
The Jfian Banks, and iy'AEuphrattt rcd> 
Dar'ft thoa, Commiffioner inciiiefto put 
The Earth in Amu, and fct the World on Flam^ 
Once think of Peace i Now, by the fin:-7ob'd God, 
Thou flialt have PnniibmeDt Aat ffn*y Crimea. . 

Jquii. Th6tKaveitmuflrubiiiit,whenFortunefi:owDSi 

Mith. Defire of Wealth, the LiiS of thhunz Dirt, '. 
And Palace-nondcr, taus'd thee with arm^ Legions 
Tinvade ^Xing, wh,ofe Father was Rtat'i Friwid. 
But, t^'ihe alTerted Judice of my Caufe, 
The Help of Heav'n, and of my own R>xl>t Hand* 
I conquer d thee, and thou art now my Slave. 
Guftrds, ftr^t convey him to the Marftet-Place,-! 
Takfc (^ his u/ealthy Cju^na, and melt 'em dmm f 
Then, for a-teVrible' Example to „ . 

Alt fordid Wretches. Souls made op of Avarice,^ 
Pflur down his Throat the rich dittolred Ma6, ■ 
And gorge his Enuails with the burning Gold. 

Man. Not, my dear Lord, upon your Nuptial Daf . 

Mith. On aay Day, my Queen, to do a Jufttce 
Which afl the Gods, and all good Men maflUkc , -.' 
For Litciut Caffiiu, and for ^itttut 0/fiiu, 
A milder Dttfiiiiy's in ftore. Awa/ wiCh him. 


AdJ BOW proceed we M tbe ftcred Rites. 

Jjail. Yet, e'er you join, heunie, pmodEinpesBi 
Hear what tbe Fates have put into 107 Bteift: 
. f reemy Deat^, by Rontm Artaa nvatf^d i 
And wW Luiullui bad To well bcguRt 
j'ui^ (hall endt Ponpiy, thy Glcry's Rtuti. 
This Hoar that fives me Death, fhall be the laS 
Of aB thy Qs>ct : fwift DoBwOick Jan 
Shall overtake thee ; thoa Ibalt add more Blood 
Te thai already Ihed from thy onn AJwela : 
And whenatlaA fubdu'd in all thy Wan, 

fioiPdof thy QueenG, thy Soot, and Dau^ten (buR 
hoa feek'fl Ibme Coiner of dty conquer'd Empii* 
To hide thy abandan'd Head in ; then the Load 
Of all thy Woes fhall come, one whom thoa lexft 
Shalt fear, Iottg,iK)UTifh'd in thy impioos Breaft, 
Sball 11^ thee to the Heart, aiiil end thyD^. 
Ihat this, alt this, and more may. light upoatheei 
I pray the Godt i aod fo the Fsries (eize thee. 
Mkb. Away, M Pouh with the Prophedck Fool. 
ISx. Giiiidi iMib Ae^aitita 
7rffbm,^ bc^naiKt Itt the Altar iaioak 
Wid) fuch rKh ViOims, to the well-pleas'd Gods, 
That thfy may Ibule &pm Heav*ii, and gire us Joy. 

Bat fiUrw tk* Enterhunmtnt: ^it nMti 
til Kii^ ««(f ^jwm rt/ttrajnm tit Altar t»fit i 
Statt- jfa I»u^t ffFi£ery Jtfctmii itdtb tn 
Cnwniiititr Smdii iat am » finUtntitEi 
gints ireai, aitd-ea^ tht hnagt firtewd a» tl 
S/agr vdth fuch •oiuitatt, tM titf tU^ it . 
fiecu. Mitiuiduei/iiniiigii^ 

Miti. HaI wheit(±> bow fell thia out? now Inrn; 
' Onr Nuptials are n^tptealii^ to the Gods ; (Ann 
'Tis for fonie Fault o[ mine, O Mtfixta, 
That Heav'n-deniei thy beauties to my Bofom : 
Thus, when we did approach the hallow'd Vaolt, 
A prophefyins Pridl, with ftan-Of Hair, 
With rQlDog'£ye%.Md NoftiiU wid«-M .Moethi, 


Stoptusi'th'way, vidfaid, We were no Match. 
Asweltilie DOblefiSalvageof the Field - - 
Might tamely couple with a fearful Ewe,' 
Tjgers engender with the tiniOroubDeet, 
Witd muddy BoaH delile thedeanlv Ermiilt - ' '- 
Or Vultures fort with Doves, as I with thee*' . 
•Tis a Ctofs Thought, and much dilturbs me here. 
Moa. Command me die, e'er gii'c your Majefiy 
Caufe oflhe leait Difturbonce. O my Lord! 
Think you,' that I wou'd lie within your Arms 
To hear you figh, and give me Tears for Loie? ^■ 

Qr ihink you, 'tjs to Empire I afpirp f ■ '\ 

Kathcr di'mii^ me frcm your Srcaft,- the Haven, 
Where I had hoarded all my Happinefs, ' 

Ati& ca& me out to a wide Sea of weeping. 

Mith. Howe'er the Pow'rs ahove ihall deal with me, 
Sacking my Heart with wbu they have let down, - 
Thou art our Queen. 

Moil. O, 'tis an en^iy Namr, 
A fenlelefs Sound, except'I am your Love.: 
I Jind, I find, that I am lolt for ever. 
Z have but (I^t, charm'd with a'golilen Dream, ' 

And now am wak'd to Beg^uy again. 
Why did you take me from my father's Wing.? 
Who, iho'a petty Prince, was yet a World 
Of Warmth to me ; Why did you tompt nie forth - 
With burning Love, and the bright Comet, Power? 

Mith. FriglLbnot tiiy tender Heart with bJie-Sulpicions; 
I will be ever thine: bit give me leave • 

A little to digeft with lerious Thonghts, 
The Anger ot the \iiea.ifia———Andrai/ar! 
Andr. My Lor<lf ■ ■ 

Phar. They whifper. General. [TPelop. ' 

■Ziph.' Ctmik^fifoiarA, Scuvi ly yoilr leave j 
111 Omens may the Guihy tremble at. 
Make every Accident a Prodigy,. 
And Modftcrs frame, where Nataie never err'd: 
May t^b fcar'd Confcience itan at ^liug Meteors, 
And call the Scream of every hoeing Owl, 
Or croaking Raven, Fate's moftcrcMrutVflioc; 
, :, - For 

King of Pontus.' ij 

Par ise, t Ijugh at 'em ; fhou'd now the Keav'a 

Flame with a tnoa and Fires, ne'er feen before. 

And Thander beat ttie Winds from every ConcT) 

Nor tvr ibc Calm of ail ihe Univeife 

Wou'd I oM. off my Joys a Moment longer. 

Sand back, my Love ; and, when I call, come forth : 

A MinuLe makes \u bleft, or wretched ever. 

[Comet tuthtmiddU if tht Stagt, aifJ ineilt. 

Mith. Ik there in all cne Space ol'our wide Empire 
Aught of that noft iDcAimablc Valuei 
To make Zipiaret kneel? 

Z'fh. There is, my Lard, 
Thus to adore you. 

Mitb. O celeflial Powers ! 
Mark me your SubjeA out for ^I Miifbmiaes, 
The Curfes of the Reman Mamiiui fall 
Heavy upon me) FoTCune*i giddy Whtel, 
Whkh we have fix'd with our roajeltitk Weight, 
Turn round with me i when Idimy him aught 
Tiac he can ajk with Hunour. Rife, my Son. 

Ziph. rifiag. Since on the great Requell which I fhall 
The Peace orTroubie of my XJfe depiends, (make. 
The Tormentor the Tleafure of my Sou), 
Eternal Grie^, or everlalUng Joys, 
I wouM recall M your Remembrance, Sir, 
' The Toils and Hatdfliips which my early Valour 
Has undergone : tl^c many Fields I have fought 
And conquerM too : and, as of old the ifcoi'ivj. 
Who fought the Coiifuilhip, made bare' their Breafls, 
Lac'd with long Scars, and ftudded o'er with Thrdls, 
The nofcJe Wardrobe of the fcarlet War j 
I wou'd, with bolder mention of my Deeds, 
Difplay my Wourd; to move ^our Royal Favour, 
And offer, to the Blood which I have l>ied> 
Air my Hean -holds for fealing of your Proiniie.- 

Miih. O,. hadft thou fought fo.poprly as tjicqlpeak'lt. 
Thy Anions, all the Laurels tiiat lie green 
Upon t)u«, flrait wou'd wither, and be DuA. 
"To mention but ihy M, thv.lal. of Wars, 
Which ev'n the Breath of Majefty makes vile ; 



So much below thy Valonr tt all Langus^^ ■ ■ i. 

Zitb. The Glory of thai Battel is ytnir own, 

M<iL TotheeweowethcDajiOurLifeaiidEiiifirel 
When fur CentoHoiu bore mc from my Saddle, 
And laid me myeling, for the violent Horfe 
To.tread my Swil out i how- did my (wave Zipbara 
Bic^ihiouiBir Walls of Steel, leap o'er the Rampvtt' 
Of the de«d Bodies that fenc'd me m. 
On his owB Couler mounting me to Life I 
Piousevcn inthe Mouthof^ughter; while 
On foot himfelf, he with his Battel- Ax 
Bo* down the Legions,droTC wholeTioopt before him. 
And brought their Eagles drooping from the Field ! 
Demand, I lay ; alk me moll roya]ly> 
I will be tavilh to thy vail Ambition, 
And crown thy Wilhes like a giving God. 

Ziph. In ThankTulnefs I bend me to &e Earth i 
Once more fell proftrate to your Majefty, 
Andfvay theGods to give you length of Days. 
Come forth, come fbitB, my Faireft i break, my Day 
Afgeax, and charm, d^ssle the whole AlTembly. 

[Semandia amti^'viiarti. . 

Mitb. A Wonder! ha! 

Ziph. She ii, my Lord, the Boaft, 
The lovely Chance-word, Malter-piece of Nature, 
Who blufliM to {ee what hex own Hands had made i 
Aa if millaking Moulds, the unaware! 
Had call Stmandra in a Form Divine. 

Sim'- TherePraif«,i>Teath'dfromanyLipsbutyonr^ 
Lord of my Life, and Idol of my Lore, 
Wou'd make me ^k with Ihame, or (com the Flatterer ^ 
But as they come from you, from that tov'd Mouth, 
The tender Offerings of^your fond Ddires, 
. I take 'em aH, and die upon the Sound : 
^o the driven Air my flying Soul b &f{en'd ; 
Each Word, each Sytule you fpesfc is mine ; 
' Yes, I am Fair, a Q^eeo, a Goade&, any thing 
That my dear Lord is ^os'd to hare me be. 
Mith, She Mlln 

I l^ff»i f>f Poritus. 2 J 

ITi^. And with fo good a Gr&ce, 
Thai Dt^luiie but lur Wit can charm byond it. 
lace in the (.^unp I langutih'd with a Fever, 
Aul fiue bad dy d, bol for this Phyfician t 
,' Wb, iathemidfLof all myfiery Puins, 
' When An was st a lofs, and I lay garping, 
. Woo'd quite beguile my SuSbrin^ with her Soogi 

Her'welcome Pityi and her Ibft Eodearments: 
{ Noff, laying her chafte Cheek, cold with her Tean. 
'' To muie, fbewou'd abate the raging Fire; 
^ Now, with warm Sighs, kindle my fading Spirits; 
And when I fainted, with a Ktfi recall me. 
h&th. ByHeav'nfheweeps.andlcou'ddiinktlieDcw. 
Har. He takes the Foilmi, faft as I cou'd wiJh. 
?tkf. And Prince Zipikaru forces her upon him. 
jfrrfr. H<dd,youaregonei)00&rifpeiktotheputpab. 
Zifi. Ambition tber^ne was not my Rcqaeft, 
' In CeUUt or in BtMtmi to rci^ : 
I lave to my Bi«Mn all your Empire; and 
To me, this only Beuty for Reward. 

Mtb. Reward I Wert thou on 3fi'f£riiAif»' Throne, 
Poflefs'd of all his Kingdonu, were thine Eye 
i Like Jus who guides tat Day, as thou cou'dft tall 
' In lU thy Joomeys, what tliou law'fi thy own ; 
Her Kyes would match thy tn&n : All thy Glories 
Voa'd be but Shadows, when this Face appeai'd. 
Zipb. They wou'd, my Lord. 
Mith. Th^ wou'd, my Lord! Yet more j 
By ill my Royalties, a God might wed her. 
And be a gainer tn* the beauteous Biide. 

ZMi. Such as fbe ■ 

Mtb. NotHeav'nitielf can mend her. 
!. Had I as many Tongues as I have Langnaget, 
SkiU'd in all Speeches of the babbling World, 
And cou'd at once fpeak to as many Nations, 
With fuch a Grace as nti^t make ^/^Atj bludit 
B^ Mercury, and by tbel^athet of 
The Mu/ti, I Ihou'd never fpeak Simanira. 
Man. Oh, he is gone 1 his vow'd Fidelity 
Vai..IJ. B mth. 


Miib. Tell me ber Birth, Zifhwtis 
She mull be more (bkn RayaX. 

Zifh. Fue, thy wwft: 
Let me be dtnnb iot ever frwn tlus Movent 

Arcb. In me your M^efty taxy pleafe to read 
Her Father: What I wont in Dignity, 
Se plras'd to fill up with my Service*. 

Jlfi/A. Thy ■Daughter ( 
, Jrti. Yet, my gracious Lord, my Dapghtn- 

MM. Opiiy, thatlb &ir aSiar fhba'd£ 
Tl»e Child of Night ; that fuch 4 Stream of Ciyft«l 
Shou'd have her Spring fo muddy ! 
Thou dy'ft, thou mucy, old, ambitioiu Dotard, 
^ho d^'ll to mactb diy Lcei of Blood with oun, 
And daub the Tbroite of the immortal Cjtv/. 
. .Zifi. Hold, hold, moft awful, ^e Ziphani Dexth.. 
Impale me, burn me, bury me altve ; 
But do not wrong this innocent old Man, 
TheTeHairs, wbicb were made Silver in yow Service! 
O the eood Gods ! whom Fear cou'd pevcr Ihake, 
Vouf bitter Words have caus'd to tremble: 'i%t\ 
With the Difgrace, he weeps ; hit Springs of Llfct 
Which had been dry f«r iii^ Years, thi) lafi 
Affront ha* water'd : 
Oh my poor Fathei: ! 

Mitt. Ha! that Name a^in, 
Thou art no more my Son. for Aits, Semamlra, 
Thou ftialt attend our Queen; to Court, m^ Fair^ 
Where' I niaft learn you to forget Zifbarti^ 
And match you equal to y*Mir Birth. 

Scm. My Lord- Zifkar*!' Father. 

Mitb. Look not back. 
Condoft the Queen, Fbrn-mam. Oh, SimiwJritI 
'Tis to your Ttars I lacrifice my Juftice ; 
To them, your Father's Life I'll Qotdeny, 
WJio fbt: Ambition did ddcrve to die. 

[Exiunt all but 2iphares <rw/ Archilaus. 

Arch. Dotard ! and faucy ! nay, the Lees of Blood ! 
Now, bythcGods,' tis Ipr^htly ^ his own : 
Oh, 'lii coo much to bear, tovglve nie, Prince; 

King «fVent\i». z7 

It breaks the very Neck of Loyalty ; 

Ferhap, bewhoies my l&aughter too. Butirft, 

Rather than t«e him wear my Glory's Spoib, 

Thoa, my good Sword, that haft fo oft been dnum. 

And dy'dtby felf in Soman Bowds, to 

The vew Guaid, for this angtaiefiil King. 

Be fiuthnil to me as thou Hill haft been. 

And pierce the Heart of thy difhonour'd MaAer. 

Z<>A. Oh, Jrchilatu! Oh, my kinder Father! 
If yoo are ftirr'd thus at an angiy Word, 
Whatfhouldlbe; I, who am loft indeed, 
I who am Itann'd, I who iiiftain'd the Stroke 
Of all the Anger of the Fates at once ? 
Staandra, O my Love ! 

Jrch. Reflraiii your Grief, 
AsImyRage; andletusthinkapace, 
Y Tho' for my Daughter's Virtue I woa'd flake 
My immort^ Part, my Fame fo dearly bought 
Vet Force, which heinay ufe, will have its' way: 
Confidor that. 

Zipb. Confiderl howlhou'dl 
Conuder, who grow mad with cronding Thoa^ts ) 
Where every ojk endeav'ring to be fotemoft, 
Stopa up the PaUkge, and will choak my Reafon? 

Arch. Once more Ipeak humbly to him. 
Perhaps 'tis but a fudden fliort-Iiv'd Fit> 
A goft of Paffion thai may foon blow over. 
But if you find it rooted in his Heart , 
Eat your way thro' him to your HappindA 
Or perilh. like your Brother Mitbridattt. 

Zipb. By Heav'n, I think it greateft Happinefl, 
Never to liave been bom ; and next to that, , 

To die: For who thatweart bis Flelh can bear 
The Carfe of Accidents, a Change like mine ? 
I who, (bme Moments j»ft, woa'd not have ching'd . 
Condition with the fi]c&d Godf thcmfelvcs i 
Now in all prob^ulity am lofl* 
And ftand upon the very Bxink of Rain. 

Arxh. YonTOeftiny'sunceitain) Fate, as yet. 
Uoldt the Scale doubtful: Let ui hafe to Cooit, 

B.z Where 


Where we 'fliaU learn which way Uie Balance (alls. 

Ziph. Not half an Hour ago, tnethoughc leciire 
I haggM my felf, and almoft cou'd have wept, ' 
In mere CompalEoii to th' hard-fated World, - 
Thinking how much my Stale was happier. 

Arch. Vet all the while you did not ipy the Danger. 
Which crept invifible, and undermin'd you. 

ZijiA. Alas, I did not i without fear I Itood : . 
Like one, who on the Beach deicribes irom far 
AlabouringBark, with which the Billows war, . 
Pities its Sutc, wifcing the Tempdl gone. 
But Tiews not the near Sea come rolling on : 
Sodid with me my onfeen Fortune play. 
Till the Wavd came, and waOi'd me quite aw^. 



Ibtiier Fharaaccs and Pelt^das. 

t'L L hear no more ; apt me a ha&dred 

I Horfc 

P 'To be oar Goard, TU bear her hence 

^ And ravifh her, by all ^ Hre that ads 
Thij fearlefs Frame : I will. Declare the diffrence ? 
Is n6t the Blood of Queeiu and FrincelTes 
Like otherWoment? Souls alUte infiu'd 7 
Their Banquets richer, and the Drinks thi^f tafie 
The very Spirits of the pniTile Vine ? 
Yet we'mnft think 'em cold as candyM Ice, 
Not a Thought Itartingfree &om warm Defireit 
At the bleak Girt upon tlie Mountain's Top, 
Covet'd with Snow, beaten with conllant Wind;, 
That feeds on Herbs and Boots, and drinks the Dew., 
/^f/ge.What.wou'dyou have her &U like tnellowFruit, 
. Whom 

I King of Pontus. 29 

WkMS y«S no Sun has ihone upon, no WarfflUt 
To ripen ? *bate« little of this Pire. 

Pbar. Pehpidai, I oft hxre told yao, thu 
She knew my Love, before fhelsw my P«hert 
For in the Plunder I firil lighted on her : 
Tiia' afterwards he took my betiuteoui Spoil, 
As now he does my Brother'*. I alledg'dt 
As late I led her weeping to her Chamber, 
My conAam PafSon, and bia Breach ofPaitk, 
All that a Love molr violent eouM pat 
Into a Lotct'b mouth, like mine; but Die oDBov'd, 
lafcnfible reply'd; The King, 'twas poffiNe, 
At lafi might kill her with his Craelty ; 
Yet to the-utmoft Moment of her Life 
She wou'd adore him with fuch fpotlefi Love, 
Such moft lonaniick Faith, and fuch a deal 
Of whinine Grie^ that in a Rage I flung; 
Away, and left her talking to her felf. 

Pn&^.Anddo youthiiik this Haughtine(i will cany't f 
Hethat will win a moft exalted Beauty, 
Mufi bend his Soul low, as he bows his Body, 
Watch every Glance, obey her e'er Ihe ipcaJu, 
Call up hit Eyes at each aifefled Word, 
And Iwear— Befides her Honour, Sir, bei Hoaour, 
Oblieci her to Rand a while at diftance. 

Tbar. Tisalmoft empty ( Honour, Couidhip, all 
Botgaudy Nonfenfe. O PehpiJai, 
Kather than buy my Pleafnre with fuch BafencTi, ' 
I'd be a. Brute : Now, by my Life, tnethinks, 
Tfce hsppier Creature caft before my Eyes; 
The generous Horfe, loofe in a flow'ry I^wn, 
With choice of Paftare, and of Cryftal Brooki, 
And all his chearful Miftrefln about him, 
The White, the Brown, the Black, the Shining'Sayi 
And«very dappled Femaleof the Field i 
Now by the Gods for aught we know, as Man 
Thinks him a Bealt, Mail feenu a Beaftto hun. 

Ptk^. fie more confidcrate, lefsralh and hoti 
I I^ve thought of an Expedient to gain her. 

Fbar. Tmn art my better Gemus, and fhalt flourifli. 
B 3 Whe« 


When>«A/Aiw, Jike a Naft«d tree, 
L.cB romw to the Qraond. 

i'^/fljj. Did MithriJaftt 
Know of your Lovk to AbnmA f 

Piar. He did: 
As publidEly I fliew'd it as Zif/iaret: 
Yet he, who like (he Ii*J^triait Dragon, thinlil 
The Gojden Fruit of Beaocy all Tiis own. 
Flew at me as a ThieC who, wli^le he flcpt, 
Haj) 'ftoln Jiii PHz<, and made me pay ii |»dt) 
Or fwore, iQjr Jjife Qtoa'd be the £ual rarf^t. 
- Pelop.'TU M I cou'd have wifh'd : This £hea,the Ki^ 
Whofe Hean Se»i»nJra kindles into Flame, 
Cools every Hoar to hie new-mury'd iBrid4» 
And will not )ted yet till the Qoran;uieit. 
A mere put-eff, wading in deep Dilpift, 
And wifhing Toi tireteiice to pan f«r evar . 
: ph^. Which he ihdl have; thU Httd ftf thW lu*- 

Ptlap. J, ai)d the needful At^ra-nar^ (thtH^ht Ut 
Who feels thePulfeof his AffeOien, 
Will fwMr boldly, 

AsWitneJTes, who had both feen and hcord 
.The jealous Mamma, inii^'d with \jfvc^ 
Sut more for what her vaft Ambition loft, 
$p0ve to revive the P^on that vau bore h(^ - 
But you moftgeneroufly oj^ios'a her Charmsf 
Which with onwiUingncfs you fliall confeli, 
And beg your fiery Father to forgive her. 

Pbar. Pithy, andfhort; thou art the Soul of C^oimfid. 

Pilop. The very hreaking of the finfiKds throws .■ 
Her into Prifon i where, while I goard the Door, ,7 
Your Highnefa may, with a& mach eaie, pecfo^ \ . 
^Yoor plfeal'ure, as your faithful Servant thought it. , 

Phar. In T^Knkt the vileA, f&wning, lytng SIiiv« 
Wou'd ^eak thee fairer than Phamaus (hall j 
But let my Deeds be grateful to my Soldier. 

, Smtir 


Mntrr Andrarar. 

What News, iwA*a'i'«rf 

Audr. Yoar Guardian-Spirit 
Now lays About him, andmrifibly 
A£te wondera&ryoD, madding all the Court i 
JraufnA-awKpiog, ajvlyanr father btmungi ' 
Monimar like a Widow'd'Tuttle, mootmng: 
Old ArchiUiu pothing on hh Pate J 
Jlad afliorcras Zipiares, led Iw Love, 
To tumble ftotn the Top of all his Hope*. 
Defiance frdm the kema* Conful Glabria, 
I fent, and the fluid Psntick War renew'd. 
But Love fo rocks yodr Father's droofy Brain, 
That all tJic Tran^ets of the rhnndfmg Legion 
Can fcaicc awake him. See where he comes ! 

Snttr Mithridates attenM. 

ftis hanghty Conragt Tcarce ftbmitting to 
The Weiglll which preltfca him ; but ftriking out. 
' IStb. She mutt be mine, this -admirable Creacore, 
Her Charms are now inevirable grown; 
fisA, while 1 feem to fright her from my Son, 
I talk and g:|2ej and dote to my undoing. 
See her no more ; to(i hei' with weighty Thoug^iti, 
And drnWnher in the Ocean of thy Power: 
In faih I Iliire with Cares CO keep her down, 
la vain does Bu£nefs fink her to the bottom : 
This Bladder, Love, flill beara Tier up again. 

Thtff'. Like a caught Lion, raging in the Snar^ 
He plunges in his PalTion, fpends his force, 
And ftruggles with the Toil that hdds Jiim fafter. 

I^tb. See her iio mare and live ! impoffiblel 

As well I might bid Meteors keep their Lunre, 
When all the (hinhig Exhalation's fpent 
That itA their (hort-liv'd Glory. 

B 4 tutt^ 


Mm, O MiAriJalit * Otny cruel Lord! 
I come wiih all the violence of Grief, 
To tske my laft Farewell. 
iiitb. WhU means the Queen? 
Mmi. The Queen! O Moclterjr of State I 
Pageant of Gte»ax& I wonder'd at a while, 
Bnt ftreight negjeaed like a common thing. 
X come, mv Lord, to beg (O Heav'tu ! ] yonr Lear^ 
Your Ro^ Licence, to retire from Court i ' 

And fince my Father by ymir Boanty leigns 
At Efiiefiti, T there wou'd go to mourn. 
And lai^nilh out my wretched Life's remain. 

Miti, Why wiU you add new Troubles to my Bolbnis 
Already bordenM with the Wnth of Heav'n, 
By your unneceflary Grief? 

Mm. From Earth, T fear. 
And not from Heav'n, diofe cloodv Caret are dnwn. 

JVjV^.No matter whenc«,they'reaangeToa9 to partake: 
The tender Face of Beauty cannot bear 'em; 
For, if &om Eaith they come, their Damp wttl flifle; 
Alii, if from Heav'n, tbeir Influence is blaffiing. 

A&». Wereyoubutldnd, myLord, aaoncevouwarc^ 
What blalling cou'd I fear ? what Dangers, drefi 
In all the Horrors of motl dreadful Death ? 
But you are pleas'd that I fliould not complain. 

jfiuA: SenMa^a, hy your Majefiy's App o lntmeilfa 
Attends' without. 

Mitb. Fair Mmima, retire: 
You will oblige mc by a Con£dencej 
I cannot, be but yours i A^rs of State 
Now cake me from you. 

Jl&». Say the A&irs of Love. 
I wou'd, my Royal Lord, but cannot blame yon : 
I feel a Spirit within me, which calls up 
All that IS Woman wrongM, and bid) me chide ? 
But yon are MitbrUatu, that dear'Man 
Vhon my Sool loves ; clie, wen yOu ill the Kings, 

Kifilg offontus. 3 3 

AB Worldi. *11 Godi, 1 coa'd let looTe iqwn ^ooi 
for tbofe dem iBJarics which I mufi iuSei ; 
Ctm'd, like the fighting Winds, difiurb all If acure 
With Tenting of my Wrong) i but I am Itulh'd 
As m Ipent Wsve, and All my fiery Powers 
Are qaench'd, when I but look upon your Eyes, 
Wbm, like c Scu in Water, I i^pear 
A pretty Swht, but orooinfliieiicci 
AuiamatDeft hitnow ■ UunlnKSorrovr. 

[Ex. kd by Phamacei^ 
M>£. OLove! ifthxtthePaceoffiich AfFeaion, 
Such moddi Sweetiie&, and fuck humble Virtue. 
As my Queen bean, fix net my wandring Heart, 
Break, break thy fiow> and Bum thy nfdefg Arrowi; 
'&^ Heav'ji, her Kindnris iliikes my troubled &»1. 

Emttr Semandra wth. Andnvar attatJti^, 

But fee, Ihe's loll uain, Semdndra comesr 
Who drowns like blulhing Noon her paler Oswa, 
And Oiews like Sonuner to the infant bprine. 
SemaaJr^t what, ftillweeping! will ^^ all 
The Wealth which the Sun feet diioughout the Eaft 
Dry np your Tean i methisks, an Empire might 
Snmce for any Lofs. I give you all my Power : 
And, with it, fuch a Heart, at naught but Love 
Cou'd bow : X throw it tdeedbg at your Fect> 
Behold, behdd, SfmoKJra, wlOle I bluih. 
The great ESeCb of your commanding Beauty. 

Sem. Were youyet greater than you are,which fcaroB 
The Gods can make you ; tho' no bounds but Heavy 
Did limit your large Sway ; tho' in your Pet&n all ■ 
The Graces met that every Man ador'd, 
TheBlufllofrifiJig Youth, the conquering Eyes, 
The noble Smiles, and thofe moft paflbnate Beaudea,, 
Whichdrewmy Heart to idolize your Son; 
I cou'd not love you. 

Mitb. Oh, umnerdful! 

Seur. Vou (aid, my Lord, but now. 
You bloQi'd to think of your degraded Poweii 

bV Haw 


How then ought I to bInOi J I, who fctrtfd be " 
The daily Carfe of ymr-rqfiimng Stcbjeas? ' 
I, who am bound by Oaths and folemn VaWs,- ' 
TaLovtZifharti, by toy Fatiier'sOrdArj . 

And by the tcndereft Itlclkiatitmtooi 
Mth. YotillHkemedeftd. 
Sem. Oh, do'bdt thihk, InV Lord, 
How won'd Mankind, when they (haUrtad my Stot/, 
Tear all the Rolls, or tiirow 'cfti to the Fhmea ! - - 
'How wou'd the weeping Maids oirTe my Rfmembiaac^ 
ShonMI for PrideoT Power, aGoldcn ProMife, 
A landy Nwhing, prove jngratefiil, peijur'd! 
Leave alt the Goodnefs of the E^rth to languifh, 
Andbrealc fipr ever with his inaCchlels Virtue I 

Mitb. Ydu have faid, and I confefs h ft he heavenljr: 
1 know, and till I few your Eyes, I lov'd 
' The Virtoe of my Soft ; I Iodg*d hhmiKir 
MyHeart, and ftt him down my Succeilbr : 
But now, oh bear, and wonder atyour Powtir, 
Spitfrof his noble AAs, tho' to his Arm 
I owe my Life, tho' JofticK fpeaks fo loud. 
And the fdft Tongne of Nature pleads fo Well, 
I bote him more tnan I did ever love hitn. 

Sen. Alas! wou'd Ihaddy'd, whenJIrftyoBfawBie. 
M<>A. Had he confpi r'd my Death, ufarp'd my Throne* 
Perhaps I might have doom'd him to be (lain, 
Y« fure 1 fhou'd have wept to fee him die j 
Bat DOW, fince he muQ ravifh that tovM Gem 
Ipriwabovethe World, tearing you from me. 
Giving me twenty Deaths, and catting through 
My very Soul, ftiou'd I my Empire give 
To buy his Fate, Ithinkit valUy fold. 

His Fate I Oh, Gods! theft you defign hU Death, . 
To reap the bloody Harvefl of his Life, 
And, ^/rru-like, te feed on your own Bowels. 
But know, proud Monarch, there are Powers, who fet; 
And punilh Crime! like yours : nor can I douht, 
But they ^vill fave from your iaoS impious Ki^ 
My poor toy'd Lord, iawttnt Zipharts. " [WW*. 

Kii^ of tontvtt. 35 

HGti. Tbofe Waters more inrage my jealous Flante, 
And thole hrav'd Sia^s but ipreaa my Anger's Wingst 
Your {zia\ Eindners hafiens on his Death : 
And that uDtimely Qoosi, which I forbore 
To execute. Seam ncceflaxy now : 
You give htm all your Stock of richeft Love, 
YoorTearSiyour longii)gliooks,your Smiles yourGroan^ 
Aqrt over-btels him with your laviQi Eindnds ; 
fiat niggardly to me, you will not fpare 
A pitying Giauice, one pearly Drop, to ranrom 
Toe Soiil of this defoairuw Mitbritiattt. 
Jndrai/ar, go, and bear the Priace toPrifott. 

Sem. Sta.y,Jiuiravari the King has call'd you backi. 
See, he repents: Nay, I. muft hold you then, 
And, if you ftir, you take Semandra with you. 

Mithridatti t O tmgrateful Prince ! 
What was it you did order \ But behold. 

His Eyes are fix'd upon the Ground, he bluflie* 
To think he cou'd io monftroutty decree 
To murder the fweet Hopes of all his Kmgdom; 1 
The Gfods be prais'd for this feiene Repentance : 
Yet, with the fright, I fear I ihall not fleep 
Til! Death docs clofe my Eyes. 

Miib. Orjfc, SemanJra! 

£rM., Never, I neverwill. ' 
ph, all you pitying Powers, will not my Cries 
And piercine Woes move you to inelc his Soul F 
Can you be deaf? Oh ciiui' MitiriJaUs ! 
Did you W know the Workings you have made. 
Tiie heavy Plight,' the panting Paltions here, 
Ify((u liad but a Grain of all mat World ' 
Of Love, you fwore you had once for Simaadra, 
You cou'd not fee me thus: Mi^^ dlHrafts 
MyReafoni Ihou'dyoa turatoanewRage, 
(Which 1 muft fear, unlefs you vow to fave him) 

1 cou'd not bear it ; you Ihou'd fee me fall 

Cold, pale, and with my Death'i ConvuUlons grafping 
Yo^rwater'd Feet, but neyer more arifc. 

Miib. Give me your beauteous Hand ; I fwui' upoa it. 
By all thoie Power* we worjhip, by your (elf. 



When e'er Zipbarti dots, Semandra kills him r 
She {kail alone have Power to give him Death*. 
Oi to reoU his moQ untimely r ate. 

£attr Zipharei A«^ Ardulxiii.- 

TKnt deaily da I buy the red Impreffibn 
Which my Lips make ; but take, take it from m^ 
My Bloodboils up again, my Spirits kindle. 
That lovely Brand has lent nvy Wifiies Flam^ 
And I am loft again in vaft Defire. 
■ Zifi. Siatanlra f Live I once to fee thee mor^ 
Tbo'' in m^ Father's Arms ? 'Tis Heav'n, to gaze- 
On thyallaulted Hononr, thus to fee thee. 
Thus tempted from me with the Channs of Empire. 
Yet not confen^ng I no, I'll not think the World, 
Laid at thy Fret, 
Cou'd win thy Faith \ 
Yet, O dread Sir, forgive me r 
If that my boding Heart fufpefh you more 
Than all thatHeav'ncou'S fend down great and channin^ 
Or Hell Goa'd raife up horrid to deftroy me. 

Mitb. OGloiy! 

Artb. O, confidcr. Sir, on that ; 
Think how the Remans will deTpife your Wan, 
Jf Love now drive you — Speak, my Lord: he yields^ 

Ztfh. Oh, Royal Sir, orif the Name of Father 
Can move you more, by that I will conjite you t 
By ail the Charms oi Stratenice'i Eyes, 
When lirfl th£y drew you to adore mcir Luflre r 
By all the Pains you give her, when Ihe bore roe r 
By all the Obedience I have paid yw long. 
And by the Blood I yet intend to lofe 
In your behalf; Oh srant me my SemanA-a. 

ifm. Ev'n by the Paflioa my unhappy Beauty 
Firft kindled In you {but I hope is dymg) 
Give mc Zifberis, give him to my Longings. 

Mitt. 'T'is done ; the Conqueft is at lail obtained, ■ 
And manljf Vinne lordsitoVrmy Faffion: 
Iiihallbetb'; anvy, thou feeble Ged, - • 

Ibtiiiflt dtfc my Bolbiii ; hence, I by. 

Be gone, or I mlt tear the Stnng^ thu hold thecr 

And fbb th« in thj Heait> The Wan come gn p 

Bf tfear'n. Til drown thy kugbiog ^^i^ 

In Blood, a»d <lnrcthe^widi my brandifh'd Sword. 

To Rami, I will, yes, co the Capitol j 

There to Tdnme thy Godhead (mce again. 

And vaniu thyUajefty without controwl; 

But never reign in Mitbriiatef Soul> 

Areb>. OwoodetfulEfiea of higheft Virtue! 

Conqneft, which diTemes more Triumpha thui 
A honcbed Viftofies in Battle gain'd. 

Z>>&- Youmuil, youihall benowtheLordof jZnM^ 
Her rale fliall bow beneath your awfiil Scepter. 
Olet me not enjoy the Life you pronus'd. 
The vaft Pofleffion of the rich Stmmndra, 
If I ftrHn: tm Remti Eagles to the Earthy 
Take the Imperial Stanaatd, chafe tfadr LegfonSr 
And bring in Trimnph all their Leaders bound. 

Mith. Aiirtevar, )iafle,''prodaimlhroughODttheCit|F 
My Son Zifharu General againft the XeMoiu [fjr.Andr.. 
Come to my Breafi once more, my deareft Son ;. 
In fpite of Love, thou art again, my Child a 
Thus with a Father's Bawefi I Eecei»e thee,- 
Thns melting o'er thee with the tendeiefl Nature,- 

1 pray the Gods to crown thy Youth with 01017. 

Zi^. Oh Happinefs ! Oh Joy ! Oh bleffed Tearef 
Reward this Goodnefs, Heav'n ;. ferpow Zipbartt . 
Is now fo-loft, he knows ntx what to fay. 
Let me devour yout Hands with filial DeameTs': 
Were my whole Life to come, one Heap of Troubler^ 
The Pleafure of this Moment wou'd fulSce, 
And. fweetca all my Griels with it* Remembrance. 

fnn. O happy Hour! if I nObfet'Aeedown, 
The whiteft that the Eye of Time e'er faw. 
Let me ne'ec rmilewhetti remember thee, 
Norev'n in Wilhesofferata Joy. {Sbautfng •within, 

Jl£rVi.Hxrk,wirb loudCries theSoldtcrs fend [heirjoyu, 
Go then, with the belt Bielling; I can gjvct!:ee^ 
ConduA my chearful Subjefts CO the Field f 



Subdue the C 

Zifh. O ia not doubt me, li^ inoft Ro;^ Lord, 
If now I conqaar ootr thus faelptlr ^i^ proBat'd* 
Ttiu pnis'd, encounig^ sM drntoVsr-blcftt 
I am the Mark for all 
The Synod of the Gods to (boot their Ftm at.. 

Mitb, Strtandra, veil your 8ewitie9£n>m my Eyesf 
Iwou'd not tnift their Influence, tho' Ithank 
The Pow'n sbove, fo fttongly Tcigtti m^ Vktue, 
I think I might, snd feU- not a. Rcl^ric: 
Id an Apartment) proper for your Gnef, 
'You IhttUbe plac'd, till youtB snA sy Zifhartt 
Return in Tnumph ; where no Bjra jhall fee 
Your Private Walkg, nor mark your fecret Sonow. 
I thus divided yoo, that yonr Meeting miy 
Beyetmoregnuofiil. Hafte, my Son, to Battle i 
Be Aortin parting, for thaie'ia no End 
Of Loven Farcww. ThePowerB^wvcpreferreyoa, 
[Ex. Mith. mHlh Pelop. awd Andr. 

Zifh. Farewell, SttiaHdra; O, if my Father Jhou'd 
Fallback from Virtue, ('tU an impious Thong^tJ)- 
Yct I moll oflt you, coaVl yon in my Afalenc«, 
Sollicited 1^ Power and charming Empire, 
. And thrtaten'dtool^ Death, forj;et your Vows I 
Con'd you, I fay, abartdon poor Zipharei, 
Who midft of Wounds and Death would think on yon; 
And wbatbe'er Calamity {hou'd come, 
Woo'd keep his Love facred to his Stmmi/ra, 
Like Balm, to heat the heavieft Misfortune? - 

StK. Your crnel Queftion tean my very Soul : 
Ah, can you doubt me. Prince? a Faith, like milieu 
The fofteft Paffion that e'er Woman wept ) 
But asrefolv'd aseverMan cou'dboail: 
Alas, why will yon then fofpea my Truth} 
Yet fincc it fliewi the Fearfulnds of Love, 
■Tis joft I ihon'd endeavour W convince yon: 
Malce bare your Sword, my noble Father, dtaw. 
Jni. Whatweu'dAthouBow) 

Sea. I fwear upon it. Oh, ' 

Be mrask, Hnv's, lod all a w a g i n g Pow^, 
■Of the trflc Lo« 1 give the Prince Zipbartt: 
When I in thought foriake my plighted Foitli, 
Muclildii inJUt, for Eii^iiciSaligeiiny Xiove j 
Way this keen Sword by my own Father's Hand 
Be euided to my Heartr rip Vtlns and Arteries j 
And cut my faithlefs litnlis from thit hack'd Sody, 
To ftaft the ravenous Birds, and BeaAs of jny. 

Arch. Now, byn^SiA^iCt tw^goodii^utyWilh^ 
And, if thonplay'IlhiDi falfe, this huthbl Hand 
A5 hfeartily (hall make thy Wifliee good. 

Zipb. O hear mine too. If e'er I fiul jr «ghc 
That Lon reqnires in ftriAeft, wceft kindi 
May I not only be proclaimed a Cowaid, 
'fin be indeed that moll detcAed thii^. 
May I, ita this moft glorious War I nttke. 
Be beaten bafely, ev'n 1^ Gitbrie's Sk^ej, 
And for a f^UlinlInent lofe both thefe Eyes : 
Yet lj»e, and never more behold Staiamb-a. ^mmptO* 

j*-,rJ.Come,noinorewi!liiiig;hark,thc Trumpets call. 

Seta. Prefcrve him, Gods, preftrse liis Innocettce j 
The noblcfl Image ofyourpeHcfl fehresr 
Fccewel; I'm loft in Tears. Where are yoa, Jiri 

j*^A. HrtgBne. Awaj, my Lord, yonll never part. 

Zifb. r go J bm muft turn back for one 1^ 1^ i 
Remember, O remember, Aear Semairjra, 
That on thy Vlnne all ray Fortnne bangs j 
SemandrB is the Biis'sefs ef the War, 
Senmadra makes the Fight, draws every Sword; 
Simaiidra ieunds the Trumpets j rives the Word. ' 
So t\ft Moen charms her wacry World belowj 
Walces the Sill Seas, and miakes'nncbband flow. 




Enter Z^hiics iiit^, wth S^trt: 

^ R E tbefe, are Utcfe the Maften of die 

! World f 

' O, my brave Friendi, how lure yvt 

i foDght to-day ! 


Wbo from Ibme BanlemeDt beheU your Valour, 

Andfrom your AnniexpeOed all their Fortone. 

Oh ! had yon heard 'em clap their tender Hands, 

BeattheirwhiteBrealb, andrendthewoBd'ringHeav'st 

With their ihrill Cries, you cou'd oot have iaat motet 

ToDT Looks were Bafililks co ^mmm Blood, 

Your very Breath v/u as the furious Nonb, 

And drove tlie Legiena, like the Chaff, before yOB. 

Nor wai I idlet witntfs the Wounds I feel, 

Tho' Glabrit, udilUucer Ihumi'd tlie Force 

Ofmy&r-darted Javelin, yetltilriidc 

A I'ribunc down, and did not ufelels falL 

What more ranains, but thai we haAe to meet 

Viftorious ArchiLiui, plunder their Tents, 

And loaded with the LaureU we hare woii» 

March to Syiopt, Ihootin^ all the way, 

Long live die King of Km^, great MitbrUatut 

fM^Archilaus, attended. 

Arth. O^ince! thou Li&r thou Soul ofall the Army, 
To whole dear Hand thrice I did owe my Life, 
When thrice this day my Horie was kill'd ben^th me,x 
• O Ktwwu'dDay ! ^ one Day of thy Valour 


Kin£ of Pontus. 4.t 

Hu drown'd Is dark Oblivion bU my Wan : 
lake Time kfelf, thy Glory Ihall run on. 
While miae, my fifq' Iron Veara of Battle, 
Lies {mear'd in Duft. and moulden into Adaa. 

Zipl^.Yea,VuheT,naw I cou'd grow proud of Conqncft 
Since it mufl give your Daughter to my Armii 
Mechought to-day, when I had eiven the Word; 
Stmandra, Vifiory dedar'd herfclf. 
E'er yet a Death by any Hand waa gives : 
Ev'n now my Blood more heats my youthful Veins* 
Mjf Cheeks grow redder, with the Expedadon 
Of Love'i dear promb'd Joys, than when I Itreve 
In Flame of Fight with all my Toil upon me. 
To cat myway, and win theomous Field. 

^ch. Grant tne, ye Goia, before the Hand rfDcUh 
Comes like eternal Night with her dark Win^ 
To bar the comfortable Light for ever 
Prom tbefe my aged Eyes i Oletmefee - 
A Grandchildof my Prince's iacred Blood. ' 
To call him mine, tofrel him in my Anns, - 
To hear hla innocent talk, and fee him fmile^ 
While I Rll Stories of his Father's Valour, 
Which he in time mull learn to imitate : 
Giant me bat this, you Gods, and make an end. 
Soon as you pleafe, of this old happy Man. 

Ziph. I feel a Gladnefs lightinz in my Breaft. 
The Kindled, joy difpeifes quickly thro' me. 
And fays, e'er yet the felting Sun has qoench'd 
His Love in his cold MiftreU' Bed, 
&aMx^A ihall be mine, ev'nalf £n>a«^ff.* 
The Thought is Extaty ! thefe Anns Ihall boUh« 
Fafi to my throbbing BreaA ; thefe ravifh'd Eyes 
Gaze 'till they're blind, with looking on her Blulhei t 
Thefe Hifling Lips Ihall fmother all her Smiles, 
And follow ^r with fuch Pmfuit of KiHes, 
That ev'n our Souls fhall lofe themfelvca in PleafoK. 

Jreb. Firft, fendaSyiugMcflei^^a H^Ncwa- 
Of our great Viflory. 

Ziph. Zi^artl m 
UuA be Ac ilu]^2ec of hb own JC7 L 

'4i MltttRIIiATEi, 

PU go with the beft mouDted Cavaliy. 
WhSeyoQ behind conduA, on eafy March) 
Tlie wcar/M Army. Once more let me toc4e 
^My Fatjier thus. 

J^^cb. My Heart bodes Kappinefs. 

Zipk. 'T were Sin to doubt, ^nce Fortune had no lunt 
In wiuu our Swocdi by dint of Valour won : 
She to the B^ave was ever a curlt Foe; 
But 1 M laA have bound he/* to my Chariot^ 
By 'conquering Virtue to be dragg'd alone j 
And lyhile her broken Wheel is proudly mm. 
She Aall be foic'd oar Tiiiimph to adom. 

{Zxamt fivtrm^^. 

SCENE II. rbe PolatfCarStit, 

Exttr f hunacw imd Andtavar. 

Jnjr. TheQthereishM)e,rayLor4,th*iin&ttrdKiBg 
May yet ^elapfe, and fdi to Ion agiitt. 

Piar.'Tiscenaifl that the ^ndMlTcrowli oar Wllhcs» 
Late as.Ipry'd about JcM^s^d'^ Gardens, 
M&d that oar Plot of Ground, (b ploneVd to baa, 
Shou'd yield iio Fruit, (UIIrhoughtfulhtJWtotttatifcB, 
And wHtch fbr fotne Accideili lb tl 
Our Purpcffe, and teaeem iheloB Deflgrt: 
I chanc'd to fpy. Che Mr Simandrd flteping; 
But, in that Pofture the appEaf*d fo loveJy, 
Bold as I am, the charm d ibe itito wonder : 
But Ibalt thy General cdme to refcue me. 
Who. took the Hint iftuaedialely, and weni 

A»^' I guels the good Delign, 
To draw hiih on to fee ourbeauteous Foe. 

Phar. You have it) and 'tii more than half effcAcd. 
1 Ik* 'em walk : PchpiJai, by his Adiou, 
I know did kindle him with wondross Fraite, 
But once to vie(^ the brijdit Smtaadra keeping : . 
But the King ftcipt, -«i if he leat'd to go i 


Then fide-loi^glanc'il, andfigh'i), and walk'dagaii^ 
Riitduag4t» H^ upon his Face to hide 
Tlie ri£ig Bldhes : But, behold 'em bere r 

Enter Mitbtidsia, Pelojndzi. 

Mth. What are her Chirms to me ? 

i*e/<y..'Tismie, theyarenoi; 
AtA yet, meihinks, the Sight might draw dBwn y»vi^ 
Ym, I'd not aft: you, fiirthe Worid, to feeheri 
Bat that I think yob're Maficr Qf your Pmnife : 
. I^eught your godlike Frame, ytmr Stro^th of Hin^ 
'fiat to be ibook, therefore I woo'd yea. Sir, 
Id Cnriolity, tafceaWoaderj 
Bat, if /tm donbt yonrfel f ■ ^ 

Mitb. I think I seed not : 
I think my Virtnit is refoh'd -, but yet, 
I fear, and therefore I will eo no farther. ' ' 

Pr^.'Tb well refolvMi ana yet,methinks,*«V()Uld rAift 
Your Fity, more than Love, to fee the Tears 
force thro' her fnoWy Lid) their meltine Courfe, 
To lodge themfelves on her ted mammiiz Li|>«, 
That adk fucK moum&l Thihp : Whet fit^t a G)K^ 
or AbrtiHg Sighs carries thofe Pearli away. 
As DfeWiby "'"ds are wafted freiti the Flowei9. 

Mith. 'Tidwondromphifd; by Heaven, it !it 
I icel her Sorrow working here j \t calls 
Fire to my Breaft and Water to my Eyei, 
And, if I durfi— 

/"f/rf. Ify<jntheleaftfiili*a 
Your Temper, if the fmallett Breath ofLoW 
But ftir youtHeatti let me cOhjUre yoU, Sir, 
Not to go on: the dazzling Mirror will 
Dillurb your Quit^, alid confound your Seaftif, 

Mith. 'Twiffbe aS wtU, tho' I believe no Powa! 
Can change my Virtue i yet 'twill be as well. 
If you relate exaftly what yoa faW. 

Pthp . Behold her tbeh npon a ftowV Buifab 
With set toft Sorrows Ml'a iiito a SlUiriber i 
The-Sumiaer'l HX^ bad, to her baiurd KiiQii 
- - Added 


AJdrf , brighnr ud ison ttrnpti.e Rol , 

Tl« J ?°!" "',''" "=*""! "JtaBtalb, 

w'!r.7""^'"'«'' did rife "Jidfia 

With Mooon tiu might p»t . Soul in Stuiuo: ' " 

I »<: mitclileS Whttcrafs of her fclded Arm,, 

itm loan d t imbmce the Body whence they mw, 

' W.,;' ■"'»)' """'■d Eyt:jolBciou. Winds, 
■%^7S^^^' difpIa/d&dihandlinn«U«iIi.,. 
lie Wmion Goddef.. «ht„ f„pi„o,; i^j 

teS"?' '"u?^""^"' ">»™ ^njoymeat. 
Tl/pt *?»etliinE there i, Sirs tnightilyiamyBreaili 
"IjPily. fore, itanbeonlyPityr 
S°^ n' ■!?' '?^.''" ""Itifljing Pom, 
TW^ ?'^' '""""""yev-ehtrDeait 
T^ were moft inhuman thewfore not to ISJ. 
And comfort hf, with Pnufe, of ZM.S/- 
Jl U le(l her how he conmen. how le eomes 
1 rioinphant fton, iho Cibrfd!, p„,dm,w. 
To tail the noble Wreaths ho kia defetv'i 
tmb/aces froin her Arms , Circfa mote ridi 

T- ^ ^^ '^S™? »>■ '"'''«f> ^•1»""'»»- 
lot, Ihrtlwiirnollptatofhin,; Twererade 

1. , JU ' "eH : I'll li»r her when He wake.. 
JIAri. Tisfureldare: 
cJiSS'"' '»>'f,''e»d., I date: I feel firf, Utoh. 
tollefted manly Virtue, that I'll on. ■ ^ 

' v^'t^- 9' f"*='ed Sir, turn back; iTcooqocr'd bF " 
Her Beantres you ftou'd love again, I know . 

jPri^^ muH bear the blame of all J 
Therefore, my Lord. 

MM.. Awayi by Heav'n, ril go. 

rtlif. Oh 'tii impoffiUe, if once yt>u loy'd. 
But you muft ccrtainTy relapfc : ■ 

Therefoi¥ your fearful Servant kneels and beef 
Youwou'dtumback.: Alas, he-sconfcioosntS 
What a gro6 FauU his fboliih Tongue committed, 
•y tempung unawares youi Httfon forth. 

Kmg »f FoQtns. 4$ 

Uhh. nifeehfT) yes, iturelblv'd, TU Tee her, 
Vkh all that World of Chartni thou ha& dcfciib'd t 
Therefore arife, and lead the Way. 

Fibp. aim! 
MyLoTdj Ifeai;yoii; but tt is your Pleafare, 
And I'm yoor Slave. 

Miib, Rnilynot) batobey. [f^mraf. Mith.Pelop. 

Pbar. I iet\ a pleafant Expe^tion breeding; 
His Starts, hiaStopj; \if Mari, he loves her £ll: 
Join then the mnch-preraiJing Circomftance 
Of Time, and Place, the Abfenceof my Brother, 
ToinakeGailtbold; theLonenefsof her Marconi 
Both An>^ Incentives to a vident Lover. 

AuJr. Then Love has bleft you OR the other han^ 
Since by oor iubtle PraSicei we ImKight 
A&miKc to Difpacei with whom yoa may 
Divert, till we have gain'd ourfnll Revenge, 
I have the Guard of her. 

Pbar. I am glad thou haft, 
Then^ to compleat the Ruin of Ziftarts, 
I hear'hii Mother, fearful of th' Event 
Of this long War, and lovii^him as lift. 
With Pampef holds private lateUigence, 
And has. to Rtnu, giVn aO thoTe CalUcB op. 
Which fhc had charge of, to preferve her Son. 

Jiulr. Thu, when OccafiMcalb, rUazgranle, 
TomadyourFatba'siore: Botfte, tkeuenenL 

Smer Peb^udai. 

Fthf. He'* gone, be'i nun'd, awte tiufpoitcd with 
The Extafy of Love; I left him kneeling 
Oole to her fide, windifig about his Heart 
Snch Nets of Beauty, -as SHifl hold him hA; 
Therefore, When he approaches lu for Comfort, 
Ghawing his Griefi, aiu feeking fhroud for Guilti 
Let us enconn^, to oar aaaaSi power, 
Whate'ci his violetit LoVe darei pot in Aft. 


4<^ MITHRI1>4TES, 

Mr&. Toment of Heart! O, feeble Vii^q^ ! lwa», 
I blow thee thua die Paljice to die t^fB^ ;, 
Toboild in Heamof Minds, blefs tl^eir rude H^9d| 
With ihy lean Reconmence of eadle<£ LaiMuT : 
For me, i^xux I have W& tfa' unmratefiil O^a 
Thathdd me to thee likea fli^ckW Sl»v(Si 
I will en^ojr whaie'ci the Gods bave give^. 
And fiirteit tat the &eaut^£-4^ ^e^andra. , 
Oh, my dew Sop, i»y bed, my own PharK^fesi 
ByHeav'n, theuaever dldft op^eniy Fk^iini 
As 4cpa Ziibaru : But I'U c^ him <m. 
That BoTom Wol^ who %s aiy deuc^ Blood, 
And lodge thee timt; thoi^wi't pof i^fIc i^ thvi^. 

P^ar. TbeGo^ffoitHd. Bw why .Sir, will y«u brari't F 

ff/i^. I cou'd not think you.W'dhw U thu lUtj 
Therefore, I hope, forgot^ Vinu; yielded 
To bolder Plefluret, aiidyou^uu'ch'dyoW'i'ircs. 

Mitb. Drawn by re^lUe& Love, I^toneKn^ 
To Eaith, and g<iu}y bowing dowB myHeads 
Firfi took at diH^nce the fweet wafied Bicach ; . 
Which ble\y qiy FUptes to tii^h a, laging heighti 
That ftreiRbt I fell ifpon haf ijakny Dpsi 
And alewM ny Wip io S^^cly, thai Qk wak'di. 
And HMlMig up, fopB w»j«ih'4f«W my Sigiif. 
J<eavin|; me dumb, pale, languifhing, and dying, ' 
Rem with her Chamu, difti^Ud ^ith' the Rage 
OfrayDefires, and torn with cruelLove. 
. PeUt- Why Dioftyout^ere' I Wpu'diifveit^kiwal 
Into her innioit Cluet ; pardon Kia, 
If I prove pallioiiMe to fee you thw: 
Better a Miliion OTftch flight-loul'd thlngf 
Were ravilb'd, maflacird. thw MkbideW 
Suffer one tw>meiu'» Caic.iJ 

Phar. I have ng Patience. 
By your ereu Q Wry. 'twat nt Bpblr dnte : 
Tch'^midft of Gtoant, and Cries, andguIhineTetn, 
I Kou'd have AviiL'd her i— — -your Roy>I Hand, 


Lodt'diii her Amber-Hail', fhou'dEbailiareferG'dlKr; 
Who knows, bnt OmnBuoa mdmus the Joy i 
Like that ^ihtniaa Tynnlt, who ne'er ttxik 
His Barge for Pleafure, but in the higbell Stonafj' 
Then wou'd he fiand like Ntftune aahit Deck, 
And Uugb to iee the Dolphins back the Billowi. 

^Bifr.Saybut the Word, I'H fetch her from the Altar 
Toyour Embraces: Nevpr did I fee 
So ftrange za AJteratioQ ; your fierce Eye, 
VMch, lijce the Sw at Npon, nose could hthoU 
Bat with a Snatch of Light, and then t« A^xn]^ 
Now, li^a cojd and waiy Winter's St^r,. 
Beats a bleak Brightnefs. O Decay of Luftt«I ' 

Mitk. lamnotaslwa* ■ ■ " 'Ha! Whenccthis 

tUmiti [Shewi mAtbiir. 

(£jr..Pclop. M^Andr, 

Pbai: My Lfird, this Ff^ion has u^maoivd yw^le : 
Forgetti)] <d the glocious Fields you wo^, 
Tou lofe your dejF-bci)gJit Hopouw in ^, Day;, 
And fell yoai Fapic to y^ijr apiibidous Son. 
T>K CtWfd GlairiB, wh.^^v by fiyin^ AErats, . 
I hsar, in divan SkiriQifhes he vKi^^'d, 
Has fweU'd him fei W blown hiQi t9 that heigb^ ' 
He rides apon theSlu»iUei3 of hif Ara^y: 
Tliey limv« kim ip he were a God, lA Ai^i 
And dance before him, Qiouting in tlieir Sonp, 
Tou art their Saturn, t^f fki Primcf their J9ve ( ■ ; 
All that their w^Bing F^ith paA give Ambition.) 
And he too Iftuglu. to hejv the thuidring Tit^t, 

Mitb. Anl. for. t) Kjecmnpence, Ih^ i bet^ 
Upon this Traitor, . aU I Jqvc on E^nh f 
No, my Pharn4eu, I hftve nuu^'d htm d^Mi . 
If that f/nuvidnt'a Lofecui briqg ^Htfip: 
Not but the Thought I go wk^ fbfw« me yt% 
To what I fliall appear : The noble Wile 
Kills by her feenung In&tteli^. 
Jtfam'nui too mull perilh for DiChonour; . 
fiut rather to mue way for my new LorCi 
And£z the giddy FeqpJegn h9 Stdf. S^hftt i^f^ 
A£3in thelc Skoutst 

lj,r„,.-.r-. Google 


Pbar, Ignefi Zifharti comes. 

Mitb. Down, ftruggline Nature; 
Die, die, thou RaTilheroTmr RcpoTci 
Be flnmgled in me all Remorte, all Thooghtt 
Off icy; ret I will be calmly croel ; 
JIu Hull AC find the Depth of xay Revenge. 

Enttr Andiavar. 

Anir. Tour Son bat conqucT'd, miglitieft of Kings t 
But by a way fo in^unoofly bafe, 
i fear my Doom will fcarce be le& than Death 
For the Relation. 

MUb. MonlbtnisI Mayitbe? 
For I To hate him now, I wilh for Cntac* 
Of deepefi Grain, for Colour to his Fate. 

J)iJr. His Royal Mother, the falie Strgttnictf 
To whom yoa gave in cuftody Iwm, 
The ftrongeft, ticheft Fort <rf" al) the Eaft, 
E'er be with GlahtityiaCd, to Rbhu didyidd 
That wondroDs'Mals of Treafai%, mth her HoDOar. 

M/^-Cnift State of Monarch! I LettkejudnngWorU 
Kow weigh aaw Pleafures with our mightier TroublcSi 
And find us happier than the reft of Men ! 
Falfe Beamy, thou {halt die, thou Banc of Gzattx&i 
Or if I cannot reach thy fickle Being, 
I'll puuilh thee hy ruining Zipbara. 

Jadr. This have I learnt by frequent Me^ogen^ 
Who warrant with their Lives, how t:^ Conlent 
Clahria but ftirmilh'd with the Prince your Son, 
And was by Stratamet biib'd before. 

Uiib. Plots, Trealbni, horrid bkck COnfpinKaes t . 
Mother and Son, Oh Parricides I combine] 
Sntifyou '&Bpc me, may I lleepmyKcignoatt 

Enitr Pek^ndas. 

yrhuixfiPtkpiluT WhaXaiZifhirtsf 
Srin^fft thoa more Matter %a my CwCeti Speak. 


K'm^ of Pontus. 49 

Pelop . He comes, my Lord, and with X Port lb proudf 
As if he had fubdu'd the fpacioua World ; 
And all Synopia Street! are filFd with ftich 
A glut of People, you wou'd think fome God 
H^ conquer'd in their Caufej and they thus rank'd. 
That he might tn^ce his Entrance on their Heads : 
While from the ScalTolds, Windows, lopsofHoufe^ 
Are caA fueh gaudy Show'rs of Garlands down, 
Thu ev'a the Croud appear like Conquerors, 
And the whole City leems like one valt Meadow, 
Set all with Flowers, -as a clear Heaven with Stari. 

Miib. Ungrateful Slaves ! By Man, when I return'd. 
Worn with the H^fhipwf a ten Years War, 
My Armies heavy gaitea, bruis'd, and hack'd. 
With cutting Reman Lives; 
They ne'er receiv'd rae with a Pomp like this, 

Pelop. Nay, as I heard, e'er he the City enter'd, 
Yinr Subjefts lin'd the Way for many Furlongs; 
The very Trees bore Men: And as our God, 
When from the Portal of the Eaft he dawns, 
Boholda a thoufand Birds upon the Boughs, 
To welcome him with all their warbling Throats, 
And prune (heir Feathers in his golden Beams ; 
, So did your Subjefls, in their gaiuiieft trim. 
Upon the pendant Branches lp»k his Praife. 
Mothers, whocover'd all the Banks beneath) 
Bid rob the crying In&nts of the Brcaft, 
Pointing Zipharts out to make 'em fmile ; 
And climbing Boys flood on their Fathers Shoulders, 
Aofveriog iheir Ihouting Sires with tender Cries, 
To make the Confort up of general Joy. 

Milh. What, will you bear your part too? CTi the 
He is traniported with the ample Theme, (God»! 

And plays the Orator ! Plagues rot thy Tonffwe, 
And blailed be the Lungs that breath'd his Weleomei 
Perifti the Bodies that went forth to meet him, 
A Prey for Worms to ftink in hollow Grouted, 
Oh, Viper! Villain! not content to take 
My Love, but Life ! wilt thou unthrone tne too? 
SWl MithriJaiu live to be depos'd. 

Vet. n. C ./ 



A State, -the Image of what once he wast 

The veryGhoIlof his depaned Greatnefs; 

A thing for Slaves to be familiar with. 

To gape, to nod, and fleep in my fcom'dFacei 

Awake, awake, thou fiuggard Majefty, 

Rouze thee to A£l; tho' all the Elements, 

Tho' Heav'n and Hell, Subje£b and Sons conrpire 

With Fate thy Empire's fell, oppofe their Will: 

Dare to the lall, and be a Monarch Itill. .[Exit. 

Pelaf. What think you now i 

Phar. I think, for my Revenge^ 
For any Aft that witty Horror aiks. 
Thou Instrument fo black and fit. 
The Furies join'd in Council coa'd not match thee. 
Bat fee, 7Afharit comes ! With what a Train 
•OfPriclb! nay, then.theX^odmufl-be ador'd, 

^he Stent htli^dravm, riprifititiZ'vphaiei'i Triumph) 
ivhuh II a Strict full af Pageants, creudtdiuitb Pec- 
fle, •who fram the Windvwi fiii^ Jinaii Garlanis: 
Otberi dance btfori him, •wbilt the Priefii Jingi 
Zipharcs refiiag uiuier.a Cen^ ef Slate. 

Zifh. Enough, my Friends, iny noble Countryjneii, 
1 am indebted to your Bounties ever j 
^ut let me now conjure you, ceafe t^ Noife 
Of your loud Thanks, lellwedillurbtheKing: 
We're near the Palace, and my boding Heart 
Says, He iruerprets rudely this om- Triumph, 
Which you, againA my Will, have tbrC'd upon me. 
Therefore Zifharei begs you to retire. 
Sy the fmall Viftortes my Anns have gain'd. 
If you have any Love, as much you fhe^v, 
Let me intreat you all, by that AfFeftion, 
Ev'n now upon this Inftant to dilband. 

Jll. Long live our King, and noble Prince Zi^Jarc, 
[^Exeunl fiouting. 

Phar. Welcome, Zipharef, welcome to Symipt i 
Still, when Fate calls thee forth, may'lt thou return, 
"Shus fwell'd, thiu Lord Triumphant o'ci tiieBemem. 

KingefVoniMS. 5^ 

Ziph. Hadlfubdu'dcheWorld, Ifliou'ddeteft 
The Title of Triumpher, and fcarce think 
That Man my Friend, who praifcs at your rale. 

Pelap.iis.dnot the Monller Maltitude received yau,Sir, 
With iiich a. monHrous State, methinks. 
Like HiraiUs, you Ihou'd have lloin the Hydra. 

.,4>^r-. Heard you but.Sicjhowwich an hundredMoutht, 
It woHhipp'd, as you were, already crown'd ; 
Long live our King, the noble Prince Ziphara ? 

Z</A. What, Villain* ! ha ! Gods,have I Flelh and bear 

Pbarnacti, offi by my juft Wrath they die. (it? 

\Exeunt Pelop. ani/Andr. 

PAflj-.ThcKing! Remeriiber iww this Rage will found. 

7.iph. Othecurft Traitors! Brother, beware of 'em, 
Howe'er they crouch at prefent to your Fortune; 
For I perceiveyour Favourwarm'd the Snakes 
To ftirj they have no Senfe of Gratitude; 
I found 'em bafe, and therefore did difeard 'em J 
For which the Slaves have fwom me mortal hate; 

Pbar. You'll to the King ? 

Ziph. I will. Methinks this Meeting was unlucky I 
My Hea« mifgives me more, and higher beats 
With this laft Heat, than all the T'jil of War. 
Perhaps they movcthe King; but furenoEmuch: 
Or if they do, tho' our great Father frowns. 
One Smiie, one Tearof Joy from my Semandra 
Will wafh the Anger of the Gods away, KExSK 

Pbar. Go, and the Welcomethatlwiih attend thee. 
Of all my elder Brothers, he remains 
To crofs my Hopes, and bar me from the Crown : 
Whom yet I doubt not, by my Engine's help. 
To burft in funder, and then gild my Brows. 
Methinks, I (hou'd become the golden Ffoop 
That circles in one Quarter of the Globe ; 
I haye it juil i my Scepter waving thus. 
The lUrting Princes run to dear my way. 

C a ^,« 

u.o.ic'c -„ Co ogle 


f/i/^Midu-idaces, Semandra, Pelopidas, Andtavir, 
But hold, my Father comes, with fad Sraonat-o.' 
Weep on ; while I go laugh my Cares away 
Wiin Monima, who moil or yield or die. [^Exit. 

JUitli. Has not the Traitor won my SubjefliHearU? 
Has not his Mother bafely too bctray'd mef 
Has h£ JioC dai'd to triumph without leave i 
WJTich, when my faithful' ft worthieft Counfellora 
Rcbuk'jl him for, with mild and gentle Language, ' 
HeTeddeiTd with proud Anger, drew his Sword ; 
Then, like a'momtrous Parricide cameon 
Here to my Palace, heading the wild Croud : 
So thro' the Bodies of jny Friends to pafs, 
Till with his barbarous Hand he reach'd my Bo&m. 

Stnt. 'Tis &lfci 'lb all moft horrid Perjury; 
. And the curs'd fitted Souls of thefe vile Traytors 
Shall burn for this beneath : I know th&y hate 
The gallant Prince and now confpire againft him ; 
Witk Words made up with all the Blalts of Hell 
They llrike j'our fecred Ears, bewitch your Senfes, 
.And with thofe Spells that fouleft Treafon hatch'd, 
titagzei your royal Reafon. O yet hear me ! 

Mtb. From what I have decreed, no Charm, no 
No Eloquence, nor Mcrcy'a felf, adorn'd (Power, 
Inallfif'niin'/rfi's Beauties, in her Tears, 
Proflrate upon the Earth, and haiiging on 
My Knees, nay, dying with her Grief, fhall move me. 

Sem. I now believe you are not to be mov'd; 
Therefore with my undaunted Innocence, 
I ftand to hear the Doom you have decreed. 

Mit/t. IfwhenZifhai-ej, at your firft appearance. 
Runs to your Arms, fir'd with expefted Joys, 
Youthruft him not away, and (light him fliangely. 
With all the Marks of the moft proud Difdain, 
Thata moA faithlefs and ambitious Woman 
(lim'dfhew to gain tiie Empire of the World j 
He Ihall be ftab'd, be marder'd by roy Guards, 
Before your Eyes. 



King of PontiK* "jj 

Sem. Oh, 'tis not poffible. 
That you can mean the dreadful thing yon fpeak; 
You rpcak it but to txy the poor Semandra. 

Mith. Mark me moft heeilfany, for 'tis moll trae^ 
And fooncr fhall a dooming God recall 
His Stygian Oaib than I renounce my Vow : 
Me dies, I fay, if you receive him dqC 
With al! the Coldnefs of a fair Apoftate, 
Whofc ChalUty, the Poifon of fwect Power, 
Had brought to ruin„ whofe protefted Faith 
The Charms of Empire had quite tum'd to Air^. 
Stm- Gods! do you hear the Tyrant J 
Mith. I>oyouhearmei' 
Ifto your Words.which mud makeplainyonrFalfhood^ 
Vour Looks Ihou'd give the Lye, by amorous Glances, 
And Langaifhin^ ; fw Lovers Eyes will-talk : 
Or, as you fpeak youi Hate, mixt Signs arife. 
Or &ultring Speech, or any other N^ark, 
To ihew that you are forc'd to what )oo (ayj 
Then, from the place where I fhall liand conceal'd, 
111 give the Signal to mv waiting Giiardsi 
Who in a Momeix ihall deAroy your Lover, 
When all your Teatt and Sighs (hail not recall him. 

Sim. I'll die, I'll die, ten thonfand Deaths I'll ^> 
Ituher than meet him thus. Whztafterall 
The dreadful Imprecations that I made him. 
And fwore upon my Father's Sword, a Faith> 
A fpotlefs Love for ever to endure ; 
Shall I abjure my Oaths, and to his Face 
Proteli a Falfhood, and belye my Heart \ 

Mith. Take your own courfe, I have Iwora-. 

&tm. O Tyranny I 
What, fliall 1 meet htm after all his Hardfhips, 
After the Heats, and Colds, andfmaning Wounds, 
Which for my fake he panly has endur'd. 
Still chearing up himfelt, that ai^er all 
The Biood he loft, he Ihou'd enjoy Stmandra, 
His gentle Millrefs, one Day ftiou'd reward him 
For thcfongMfchiefsofacruel War? 

C } mihi 


Mith. I have not leifure now to hear Complainti; 
Either refolve t'obey, and fpeedily, 
.Or yoa and I mufi never fee him more. 

Seat. Stay.Royal Sir,come back -. Ne'er fee him monl 
And if I die, rather than fee him thus, 
Will yon not lave his Life? 

lAitb. Your Death, Stmandra f 
The very mention haftens on his Fate. 

Scfk. Alas, alas! I fear, iflbutlook. 
As !f I knew him not, or bad forgot him. 
So nice and tender is his Love, 
So foft his Difpofition, ''twill be fatal. 

Mith. Then you refolve his Death? 

Scm. It cannot be. 
Ho, I will fee him, tho' I muft be cruel i 
But bate a little of your Impoficion : 
An unkind Word will kilt the poor Zt^areit 
Ai fare aa all the Hue which you enjoin me. 

Enter Ifmenet. 

IfmtB. The Prince Z/^Aai-« be^ 
Admittan^ of your Majefty. 

Mitb. You muft retire, SemanJra. 

Sim. O Torment! Othe Racks of Love, djffreS 
Like mine I Of Pailion at a loG like mine ! 

What, Nature yet again ? 

Z charge thee, trouble my Repofe no more. 

Eater Ziphare*. 

Zi^A. Tts well, you Powers, that pty into our Heaitsi 
Well have I loit my dearcft Blood in Battle, 
Since once again I fee my Royal Father. 

Milh. Zipbarei, rife: I hear you have fought well. 
Too well, perhaps, for M/i-Wflli/w' Peace : 
You triumph too, I hear. 


King efVoTXxa. 3S 

Zlpi. AlaS) my Lord, 
I fear FelopiJas and Andrcrvar, 
Have been too bufy with your Ear. 
By my faeft Hopes, by your moft (kcred Life, 
I wou'dnottriorapb, till your Orders came; 
At leaf!:, they told me, that they came from yoa; 
If they were falfe 

Miih. They were your Friends, who brought 
Thofe Orders; therefore, you are notin fault, 
Nor ought y<)u fliarcthe Crimea oi Siraionici. 

Ziph. 0\ Stralanice ! Ah, what hasIhedoneF 
Ah, Sir, what Villain has traduc'd my Mother ?-■ 
Give me to know 

Mith. Perhaps you\e ignorant J 
"Wou'd I had been ib too : but to the purpoTe t 
Ipromis'd, when the Coniul was o'ercime, 
To give Semandra to you, ———Seem not fodi 
You love your Father well j but. Prince, I know 
Your Paflion for Simdndra is the higheit : 
I'll fend her to you i if you pleafe, retain her. \Exit. 

Zifh. Is this then thy Reward, unnccellkry Virtue ^ 
Why do we wear thee thus to our undoing f 
Oinaufpieioua Stars! thy Father hates thee,, 
. Becaofe thou art too good' ! Went it not fo F 
I fought too well ! His Eye difdain'd me too. 
And held my high Defert at hatefiil diHance:. 
Bat let it be, there's Satisfaaion &ilL 
In Innocence: And confcious Glory tells me, 
iiy Griefs fiiall fly. like Clouds, before SrtMon^vi 

Enter Semaadra. 

But fee, the Sun- that drives 'era ! my Star \ 
Thou Day, that gildll my little World of Comfort 
Gdve me thy Warmth ; let me, upon thy Bofom 
Breathe ail my Victories. Alas, the King, 

My cruel Father, Ha! what now, SemauJrat 

Not fly into my Arms ! O all you Pow'rs 
That nurs'd our tender Loves, (he tumsaway t 
Haft thou toa caught the Coldneis of my Father? 

C 4 dear 


Clear me, ye Gods, and fix my Underftauding 
To this one View, leli 1 mift^e all Meafure, 
.And run to Madnefs. What, not look, upon me ^ 
By Heav'n, if thus, jf thus I fliou'd behold thee. 
Tho'ina Dream, 'twou'd make mewifh to Decpfor ever. 
Omy dear Life! thouftiaU not hide thy Kindne&i 
But to diflcmble thos a Moment longer, 
Wou'd quite deiiroy thepaffionateZiiiaw/, 
I'll force thy Hand thns, to my trembling Lips. 

Sem. The Kif^ you raviJh, Prince, isdangelxiasi 
And let me bow conjure you, by your Love, 
If you can love after what I enjoin you-. 
Upon your Life, offer the lijte no more. 

Ziph. Oman me, Reafon, with thy utmoft Force: 
Or Paflion witJi the dreadful Starts it makes 
Will foon divorce mv Soul from thi? weak Body. 
What haft thou faid ? And, Ah ! What have I beard i 
Fair, cruel, faithlefs, for the Blood I lofl, 
DoA thou thus meet me? Raife my Eyes from Eartlif 
And tell me. Have I, Ah, have I delerv'd 
This Ufage from my dear ador'd Stmaxdraf 

SfiB. Vou deferve all things; but you muft not sflc 
My Love, utdefs you wifh me moft unhappy. 

Zifb. Oh, you good Gods! Is it then oome to this ? 
Shall I, fliall I-— but fpeak it once again ; 
Unhappy! didftthou, couu'A thou faV, unhappy ? 
Sent. I'd have you ftrive, my Lord, tolovemelefi. 
Zipli. If you wou'd have it to, be witnefs, Heav']^ 

If for yoor Quiet you enjoin me this, 

raHnve, but (Oh!) 'tismoft impoffible: 

Ah, may I not prefume to afk, tfthis 

The Reafon be, why I ftiou'd love you lefs. 

That the too happy King may love you more ?■ m 

Yoar Silence does confirm Zipharts iolt ; 

And all that I cou'd fear is come upon me. 

Ab, barbarous King! I'll bear thy Bonds no longer; 

But call off Duty, as thou haft all Love, 

Thoa bloody Author erf this wretched Being) 

Tyrant- ■ ' 


King tf/Ponms. yf 

I've heard you give another Charafler, 
So difPrent from this laft, of Milbridatei ; 
Meihinks you fcarce appear the lame Zifhertf 
Whom once I knew. 

Zifb. Itis moll fure, I do not: 
But CO convicce me more, quite to compleat 
The cruel Sum of all my defperate Woes, 
And fink m£ ever ; what. Madam, have you heard 
Me fay F or, r»bcr, what is't you- would &y„ 
In ill-time prais'd of this inhuman Fachett 

Stm. Have I not heard you fpeak the tenderefi thtngg^ 
How, but for fome few Faults, fo fmall, that fcatcc 
The Eye of Envy or of Hate cou'd find 'em. 
He won'd be ^r/eft as the Gods themfelves ? 
A King fo awml, thai the Romam fear'd him *. j 

A King fomerdfulj. Barheriani lov'd.himi 
A King *■ 

Zifh. Nomore? lamconfirm'd: She's loft :- 
The King ! Ihe's gone i the Beauty of the Earth*. 
All that la Woman cou'd be Virtue call'd, 

Corrupted are her noble Eacultits,. 
The Temper of her Soul is quite infeOed.:: 
Inconllancy, the Plague that firft or laft 
Taints the whole Sex, the catching Court-Dilc^r 
Has fpotted all her white, her Virgin Beauties. 

Sim. Vou think me falfe>-~Ah, 'tis but juft you (hou'£ 
But, Prince, X fwear, . I am not what you thiak me ;, 
Yet never can be foati, 

Ziph. O Confulion 1 
Never ! Q horrid ! nevet can be youn t. 
Thou tear'A my Heart ! Call back thofedreadTulWordji. 
Tho' thou art goins. yet thou art not gone ; 
Ah, e'er it be too late,, behold me galping. 
Come to my Arms, Oh-, leave me not forever: 
Fallon my Bofom, I'll forgive thy Weaknefst 
Try to deceive mylblf with fpecious Reafons, 
}Icver upbraid thee that thou once wert falfe,. 
Sue with my Tears waih.all thy Stains away.. 

C i Stwv 


£em. Since Tears (0 help me, Heav'n !) are vaiit,takr, 
take my Counfel, 
Chcar your fad Heart ; and grieve, O grieve no more. 

Ztjih. Then thou art lollj refolv'd upon my ruin. 

Sea. Your Life's too precious; I refoive againft it 1 
Nor for ten thoofand Worlds- What was I faying }[JJtJt. 
What (hall I fay ? Live, live, thou loft Zipham. 

t.ifh. Na,thou perfidious Maid,thou wretched Scanty, 
iAiharei lovei thee ftili ; fo weJl he loves thee 
Tnat he will die, to rid thee of a Torment. 
Where are thy Vows! O think upon thy Father, 
-How this will cut him, this thy cruel Change, 
And break his aged Heart. Or e'er he dies. 
Think, if this kindled Rage (hould execute 
What he has fworn, to hack thy beauteous Limb!^ 
Tear thy faSfc Flefti into a thoufand Pieces. 

Sim. Ifthat were all my Fear !-^— 
Ziph. What, hardned! OmyStarsf 
So quickly per&fl in the curftd Trade \ 
I ihall go mad with the Imagination. 

Heart ! tho' Heav'n had op'd the pregnant CUodsf 
And teem'd with all the never-erring Gods, 

To fwear on %i.n!i\,* Htmandra had been fa!&, 
Smaendra haA been falfe to her Zipharti, 

1 wou'd not have believ'd. 

Sem. I cannot hear his Grief, nor muft I cure it. 
Farewel — O Prince — Inftruft me, Heav'n, to iave bim. 

Zipb.Stay thee; there'sfomethinge'erwepart for ever. 
That I wou'd fpeak, if I cou'd make it way. 

Seut. Speak then, and fpeak the moumfiil'ft things 
To break both Hearts. {yon can 

Zipb. Thou hall undobe me ; like a SIlver-Froft, 
Thou com'ft upon the Flower of all my Youth, 
To nip the tender Eud, and blaft my Glory : 
Yet I will live, SemanJra, I will live. 
To fave thee from thy Father's cruel Rage t 
For, wicked as thou art, with Grittf, I feel, 
Wy Soul looks after thee, and feeks th_y Safety, 

Sern. I (hall not hold ; I feel the climbing Grief ; [.^iA'4 
M/ Eyet graw full,' ami I Aall give Mm I>c«h. 

King ofPomxa. 5» 

Z/^J. . Farewel, thus, kiteeltngat thy Feet, I poac 
Theft parting Tews i andfure, the happy King 
In pity will allow this dying Kifj, 
Which my cold Upa prmt on thy faithlefs Hand> 
Oh, allmy Vows, for ever here I leave you ; 
And, lince we never, never muft behold 
Each other more, I'll breathe 'em once again : 
Parewel, Seaandra. Oh, thou'lt never find,- 
In aJI thy learch of l«ve, a Heart like mine. 
Once more, farewel for ever, felfe Scmandra. 
-• What f V« again thy Name f Will my charm'd Tongue- 
Sound nothing but 5/m«fli/ffl /■ Oh, Simatidra ! {_Exit,- 

Enter Mithridates, ivitb PritpK 

Stm. The cruel Talk is done: and I can hold 
No longer! (theej.; 

JMiV*. Come back, Sevtanjra, Empire, Empire calls- 
0|)enthy Eyes to meet thy comine Glory! 

Sim. O tarb'roLS Prince, may i not aie in ^uiett 

Mith. Talk not of dying. 
See this holy Man ■ 

Sem. Holy '- Profane ! 
AH things arc now alike to my Diftraflioh. 

Mith. He inllantly fliall join your Hand with fflinoq- 

San. What means the Tyrant ? 

Mitb. You are now our Queen. 

Sim. Firft, let mc feek a Dragon in his Den ; , 
-Imbrace an Afpic, curl with Bafililts, 
E'er I give up this Body, this poor Beauty,. 
To any but my Lord, the wrong'd Zipharet. 

Mith. I gucfs you wou'd not by your free ConlentJ;' 
But I (hall force, if you refufe to yield ;■ 
This Moment I will take you in my Chariot, - 
Streight to the Temple, and in PuWick-wed yoo. 
Tho you refufe to join in Cereinony, 
Inftead of facred Word* v^mingioud CurTes, 
Twill not avail ; for when-ihe Myftery's done, 
ril bear you back, and as my Queen enjoy you. 

ScK. IwUlbcdragg'di diclUflcd wit^ my.C^ier. 

C fe Mitb^ 


M^ih. You have the Will, but not the Powcrto die. 

5*171. None ! is there none, no pitying God awake! 
And are your Priefts coafederate in my Ruin ? 
They fure will tell you of yonr Tyranny, 
And fear too much the Anger of die Heav'ns, 
To force a helplefs Virgin : They will fpeak 
Your Crime abroad i will you not, holy Men? 

Mith. Let me but hear the Holieft of 'em crofs tne* 
Bv Heav'n, he Ihatl go facrifice beneath: 
Therefore away, Prieft, forward to the Temple. 

St.a. Help, help, ye Gods. 

Miib. All thought of help is vain. 
Give me your beauteous Hand, and willingly. 
Or here arc Arms to bear yoa. 

Stm. Let 'em be \ 
Call all your Armies hither to your Aid, 
J will not ftir, nor give thla trembling Hand 
To^n an Empire: Thus, to the Earth I'll gram 
One Piece; Oh, root me here, fame pitying Godt 
A«d let toe lofe my Beinj;, to eCspe htm. 

Wtk. Andravar, raifc her eendy Irom the Groimd ; 
Take Help, and bring her foftly to my Chariot. 

\The) laie her in tbtir Jrmu 

Stm. Stay, Mithridatti; hear me bat one Words 
>One MoDjeut's Hay : Ev'n Malefa^rs are 
AllowM 10 fpeak Wore their Execution ; 
And fhall not I ? I, who am innocent } 
^ ris iwt to thee, but to the Gods, I bow ; 
Behold i— but fee, fiom you, Irom you they take me: 
O lave metluis by cruel Men beiray'd ; 
Kevcnge yooriclves, and right araviih.'d Maid.[£x(UJM>. 


King^ ofVowas. 


Mithridates encompa[s*d with the Ghojts of bis 
SoaSy who fit Daggin to bitBreaJlyandvanifift 

^HAT ha! Tilapidatt why»..^«/ra«ar/ 
■| Halle to my Help. 

£«/(r Pelopidas and Andravar. 

Peuf. What wou'd your Majelly ? 

Aliib. I won'd, what I muft ne'er e^efl on Earth*'' 
The Peace I had. Come nearer. On, my Priendt t 
IS Fate did e'er foreftiew a Doom in fleep. 
Mine is at hand. Laft Night, you well remember, 
I bore Seaandra from, the thundring Gods, 
Who fhoolc the deep Foundations of the Temple, 
With the Report of Wraih Divine i yet I, 
ThisdeTperateWtetch, thro' ScreetsofFire, did bear hcf 
Back, in a fwocai, to my molt inward Clofct : 
But there you left me, left me ta the Rage 
Oftnooftreus Love; which, in the midlt of Falntingf* 
With Tranfports yet imheard of, forc'd a Joy, 
Whofe momentary Pleai"iires will hrap on me 
Whole Worlds of Furies, Helb of endlcfs Horror r 

Pelot. But,Sir,theDreain,thatmaj'divertyourCaref. 

Mm. Divert 'em ! rather let me gather ail my Courage 
To bulwark in my Soul. O plant me ronnd. 
With your kind Bodies ; blunt, ifpoflible. 
Heav'ns whetted Vengeance, while I tell the ViJJoB. 
A&er the dreadful EcftuTy was over, 
TheraviJh'd Maid, half-dead with ihrieking Prayers, 
BurA, at the laft, from my relenting Arms, 
Ran to my Sword, of which, when I difarm'dhei^ 
She fled the Room, with Cries like one diilraAed, 

. p«6rd 


Prefs'd witli RemorfCj I relied on my Couch, 
Andflept; but, oh, a Dream fo full of Terror, 
The pale, the trembling Midnight Ravilher 
Ne'er law, when cold Litcretia's mourning Shadow 
His Curtains drew, and Ia(h'd him in his Eyes, 
With her bright Trefles, dabbled in her Blood. 

Pehf. I have heard of Dreams that prov'd Ominous ; 
But I cou'd never fix my Faith on Fancies. 

Miih. Methought, by Heav'nly Order I was dooiii*(I 
To feek my Fate alike in th' orher World : 
Strait, like a Feather, I was borne by Winds 
To a fteep Promontory's Top, from whence 
I faw the very Mouth of op'ning Hell j 
Shooting fo fell thro' the void Caves of Night, 
I had not time to. ppnder of my Paflage, 
I IlioC the Lake ot Oaths, where fleeting Ghofts, 
Whofe Bodies were unbury'd, begg'd for Waftagc : 
Then was I thrown down the infernal Courts, 
Infinite Fathoms, till I foar'd again 
To the bright heav'nly Plains, the happy Fields. 

Andr. I wonder, thatthc brittle ThreadofThooght 
Shou'd hold in luch a Maze. 
Mith. Oh, now it comes. 
Alter that heavenly Sounds had dtarmM my Ears, 
NJcthought I faw the Spirits of my Sons, 
Slain by my Jealoufy of their Ambition, 

■ Wholhriek'd, he's come! our cruel Father's cwne T 
Arm, arm, they cry'd, 'thro' all th' enamel'd Grove; 
Strait had their Cries alarm'd the wounded Hoft 
Of all thofe Remaits, maflacred in AJia: 
I heard the empty Clank of their thin Arms, 
And tender Voices cry, Lead Pompej, lead. 
Strait they came on, with Chariots, Horlc and Foot,. 

When I had leilure to difcern their Chief, 

Jilethought, that Fompiy was my Son Ziphares ;. 

Who call his dreadful I^ile, and pierc'd my Heart ; 

Then, fueh a Din of Death, and Swords and Javeliw 

C'atier'd about me, that I wak'divith Terror, 

^jxA found my felf extended on the Floor. 


Ki'k^ of FontQs. '61 

Enter Pharnacei. 

Thar. Ann, arm, great Mithridatii, the big Ww 
Comes with vail Leaps, bounding o'er all the Ealt, 
■ Which crouches to the Torrent: Pompiy comesi 
Paaipiyt\iK Great, falated Emperor, 
And tor fome Years deftin'd to govern all 
Th' Italian Arms, with fuch a foil Conuniflioiv 
As yet was never granted to a Raman. 
Pompey, fo young, fo foft, in (hining Courts, 
That all the Roman Ladies languifli For hini : 
Pamfizy, fo-fierce in Camps, lb brave in Fields, 
The very Boys, like CupiJi, dreft in Arms, 
Clap their young hameis'd Thighs, and iruft to Battel: 
Pompey, Rome's, Darling and Fame's eldefl Son, 
ProcJaims with Mithridaia mortal War. 

Mith. Were all well here, what Force, what Reman 
What Genera], marching at the head of Millions, (Arm*> 
Cou'd daunt the bold, the forward MiibriJatei ? 
Bot here, Phamacti, in my guilty Bofom, 
The &taJ Foe does undermine me quite : 
Black Legions are my Thought; ; not Pompey, but 
Zipiaret comes, with all his Wrongs, for Arms, 
Like the Lieutenant of the Gods, againfl me : 
Semandra too, like bleeding Victory, 
Stands on his fide, and cries out. Kill, kill, kill 
That curfed Parricide, that Raviftier. 
Oh, Heav'n, foftain me, or I ihall go mad ; 
My nrfy Guilt flies in mj^ confcious Face, 
And r am vanquilh'd, llain with Bofom War. 

Phar. Tis much beneath your Majcfiy, to alarni) 
Youc felf with Fears. 

Milb. Phamacti, thou art ignorant 1 . 

I tell thee. Boy, Remorfe and upftart Fear 
ttipreffes mc, in fpiteofall rny Knowledge; 
Tho' none of thofe that boaft Philoibphy 
Has made a deeper Search in Nature's Womb, 
Than I ; (the Midnight Moon has feen my Watchings) 
JrII thee> nose can name heriofimtc Seeds 


l.ike me ; nor better know her Sparks of Light, 
Thofe Gems that fliine in the blue Ring of heav*!! v 
None knows more Rea:!bns for or 'gainil yon firft 
Bright Caufe, can taJk of Accidents 

Above me i yet. Til tell thee, once again, 
There is a Thorn, calPd CcTjC-ftnf^, makes its wajf 
Thro' all the Fence of Plealure, fortify'd 
With Reafons, that this Hi fecm'd eood to me, 
And flings thy guilty Father to the Sou!. 

Ptlop. After the fiercenefs of uncommon Pleafur^ 
A fudoen Heavinefs is natural. 

Andr. Not but the fading Spirits will, revive. 

Mith. Never, oh never: npr did I enjoy 
Ejtpefled Pkafure, tho' thefe Hands did hold, 
AU Night, her panting Beauties to ray Breaft. 
But, oh ! what Joy, what Pleafure, what Content^ 
Cou'd my grievM Heart receive in ravifti'd Kindnefc I 
Her Lips, which if ZifSarti had been there, 
Wou'd lure have fliot their gleamy Warmth at diltancc* 
Were cold to me, as Odoure are in Froll ; 
Her Face, like weeping Marble damp'd ray Flames; 
And as I drew her trembling to my Arms, 
She fainted ftilj, and woo'd me with fuch Wailings, 
Such Languifhings, and broken Sighs to'Uave her j 
That had not more than monflrous Appetite 
Tranfported me, the Rofe had been unbiased. 

Pilar. Vouthinkofhertoomuch: the Sen of Womra, 
The ravith'd Beauties of the Earth together, 
DcTerve not half the Grief that clouds yourBrow. 

Fe/ef. Your Snbjefts want you to detend their Livei j 
Each Citizen, in Armour clail, defends 
Hu Houlhold-Gods, Handing to guard his Door, 
And cries, A Leader ! let us to the Wars. 
■ Miti. The Thunderbolt of Mithridatn' BatttJ« 
My Arm', my Arm, ev'n my Right Arm is loft. 
Nor will my Trumpets found without Zipbaren 
His Breath was as the Air to all the Arm^^ j 
His Facfi was as the Sun, in depth of Winter; 


King ef Pontus. «5 

And made cold Cowards btuih away their Fears j 
Silt he is (cGf- for ever fet in Sorraw. 

^Kid'. Your Majefty is, of your feif^ fufficient 
To head your eager Troeps ;■ or brave Pbarttaca 
Scand forti, to fiU Zipbam'' empty Place. 

Prkp. Zipharti ftill your Royal Favour hady 
To improve tiimfelfin Arms agaioft the Rtmams 
While in ingiorioiu Fields, Phamacti ftrove 
Amongll Barbaruini, to get aName; 
And tho', perhaps, he ereater Fains employ'dt 
In rooting up fuch Rubbifh of the Eatth, 
I'han the other did in felling lofty Trees ; 
Yet this was paid with labour, that with Praife. 

Mitb. Peace, VillaiJU ; Peace, confpiring SycophaiVs: 
Now, by the Gods, my Eyesare half unleai'd : 
But if the Thought that kindles in my Breift 
Finds proper fuel to increafe my Fire, 
I fkall conl'ume you, Traitors i if I find 
fWliich I begin to db) that you have play'd 
The Villain, Andraaar, ot than PelapiJatf 
And hiid Sfmaiuira'i Beauty as a Snare 
To catch Zipharti Life, (Oh, all the Gods !) 
Andminme, by placingof theBait:, if aught of this, if any Shadow 
Appear, that you confpir'd to betray mej 
ni neap Aich Horrors on your frighted Souls, 
That you Ihall call your Brother Devila up. 
To fnatch you hence, rather than (land my Foty. 

P^&*. Why (hou'd your Majefty fufpea your Servanti? 

Mitir. Becaule thou didft foment my P^on; 
And when I view thee well my Genius bids, 
Bewaieofthee: tho' thy moft fubtil Devil 
Has wrought me ftill to liftes to thy Lyes t 
Thou art, methinks, maliciouJIy contriv'd. 
And haft, if everyet a Villain had. 
The Face of a molt fubtil working Slave. 

AiiJr. We have done nought, but what your Roval 
Word . 

Did warrant : if you lov'd, Ihou'd we rebuke it F 
Or durrt we think to quench a Fire» which yon 
Rdblv'd fhouM bum ? JU^. 


Mith. Yea, Traitors! yes, you ought. 
When you had fecn me going, to have ftopt me : 
My ftruggling Virtue might with ibme AfliftajicCr 
Have call the Venom ofmy Pa£ion up,; 
Bat, with your poifonous Breath you made it rage^ 
Till I was £t to ruin poor Simafijra. 

Enter Semandia. 

But, Oh I behold the rnnoceiwe I wrong'd. 

Sem. What, doll thou ftart? Oh Heavens! SemaHdra 
Why, what a Moolierthen muft I appear, (frights him.. 
Wiiofe form can (hake the bloody MiibridaUs! 
Tis fore, thou haft undone this helplefs Creature, 
And turn'd to mortal .Palenefs all her Beauties ; \}Veepii^. 
Thou haft made her hate the Day which once adam'd 
Her open Sweets ; how wretched hall thou made me t. 
Yet, Oh my Soul, thou inward Knowledge, fpeak. 
How much I haw this violated Shrine, , 

Mitb. Wretched 5«mii»^a/ . 

Stm. Doit thou pity me f 
Is the long Line of m^ eternal Grief! 
Of fuch a charming Force, that it can fetcH 
Tearsfrom that Rock? Ah, moftoinheard-of SoTTOwT 
Uoft thou repent f Or are they but feign'd Tears f 
Whate'er they arc, thou (hould'ft have thought before, 
The cruel Confequence of this dark Deed ; 
When I was hcav'd in Air, and with my Cries. 
PiercM the deaf Heav'ns, and call'd to thee for Mercy, 
Then hadft thou thus diffolv'd, 1 (hou'd have blcft theej. 
But now, thy black Repentance comes too laiSi' 
What, ah ! what Satisfaction canit thou make \ 

Mith. Inftruft me. 

Sent. No, there is in Nature none ; 
Since I can never be Zifharei Btide. 
For if thou fltouldlt content to make ua One, 
And Heav'n fhou'd warrant it ; nay, tho' Zipharts 
Extravagantly (hou'd confent to t^e me. 
Ah, cou'd I meet thofe dear, thofe faithfil Arms, 
Whifh yet, in Steep, ne'er touch'd a. Brealt but mine; 

King (j/Tontus. €7. 

Thus wrong'd, and thus defii'd, thus nothing left 
Of his Siraaiidra, bat her fpotleTs Mind ! 
This is loo much to think. Ah, cTuel King ) 
Now I cou'd curfe, now I cou'd tear my im. 
Now I cou'd weep, M if 'twere poJEble 
To wafli my Stains out ! Tell me, O yeu Poweta* 
For I'll be calm, was I not worthy of your Care f 
And why, you Gods, was Virtue made to fufer 1 
Unlefs this World be but as Fire, to purge 
Her Drofs, that flie may mount and i>e a Star. 
Were this but certain ; ah! there's nothingfure. 
But my irrevocable Fate, undone Stmandra !- 

This, this is certain. Death with Lofs of Honour. [Exit. 
Mith. Farewell, Stmandra, thou moA wrong'd «f 
But I'll this indant va to Monima % 

. And if I find what f fufpeft, Fbamaeti, 
I'll cut thee off as an infeflious Limb ; 
And, for thofe Villains, I ftiall quickly know 
The Wrong ihe has had t whofe accus'd Innocence 
l{yoa.r foul Words Jiave fully'd with black Slander, 
Think not t'efcape ; for fliou'd you ride on Charms* 
Take Winds to bear you, or the Lightning^ Speeii.. 

■ With panting Horror to the Brink of Hell, 
rd fweep you from the Verge to Flaniei beneathr 
And fink your Villanies with weighty Death. [Exit. 
Phar. Firfi, fmk your felf, your Crown and Love 
Pelapidas, this comes of your cool Coonfel : [together. 
Had I been heard, Manima had been gone, 
By this ; enjoy'd, and crown'd my Royal Bridej 
And we receiv'd, as Conquerors ay the Rsmant. 
Hail thou not heard, how when Tygrann came. 
And call his Diadem at Pomfey^s l^eet. 
He call'd him King, and rais'd him by that Name; 
To fit as Equal to the Roman Conful f 
By all the Gods, I will not flay a moment. 
But take immediately my Flight ; except 
You fwear to fide with Semi, call Pompcf hither. 
And halle with all the Forces we can make. 
To join his Army, and betray my Father. 


Pehp. A furfden Thought of lucky Mlfchicf comes*' 
Old Jrchilat! is arrivM, but left 
The labour'd Army fome few Furlongs hence r 
You know the violent Love the Soldiers bear 
The Prince your Brother j and we know too wellV 
And fo do all the marmuring Citizens, 
How auelly your Father lately us'd him: 
But thai great Mole, the Multitude, ne'er fees 
Who works their Prince, but ftiU take all on trufti*_ 
Therefore I inlfantly will fpread amongft 'em. 
How Archilau! was ConfpiraJor 
Againil the Prince, and finding more Advantage 
To have the King his Son-in-Law, by Letters 
Bafely cetnpeird his Daughter t» the Marriage. 

far. Mfllions to one but this will fet 'em oir 
To tear curft Aichilaus like mad Dogs. 
Befides, I find by frequent Murmurs, how 
His Subjedls are quite lir'd with length of Warr 
And, butiaft Night, I know no lets ihantwclre> 
All Captains, who confpir'd to take the part 
Of famfty, and intreated me to head 'em. 

Attdr. Piirfue tiie Treafon, and he fure it cool not J 
While I with Ttypbim haften to the Armyi 
A Prieft will colour well our Enterprize, 
There will we give out all, that Treachery- 
Can raifc to fire 'em ; how the King has doom' J 
The Prince to Death, having firft ravifli'd from lun» 
The &ir SemanJra, for whole fake he dies. 

Fbar. While I immediately to Povipiy fend. 
Who comes, I hear, on hafty March, to fight 
Our Army, and befiege us in our Walls, 

Pdof. Thus Ihall the Prince and I role all within.-!' 
And you, with the High-Ptieft »y Brother, play 
Your Parts without. 

Phar. I long to be in Aflton : 
And fure Rome muft, for the Overthrow, 
Give me my Father's Crowns ; which Gratitude 
Shall diftribute to both your utmoft Wifhes. 

/V^f, We muft not doubt your Bounty— But away. 


King of Pontns. 69 

Enttr Ziphares, ii;itir IfmenK, at HJlantt. 
Your melancholy Brother may o'cr-hear us, 

{Ex. Phar. Pelop. Andr. 
7.iph. Oh, my hard Fate ! why did I trult tcr ever ? 
What Story is not full of Woman's Fallhood ! 
The Sex isill aSea of wide Deliruftion: 
We are the vcnt'raus Barks that leave our Home, 
For thofe fure Dangers which their Smiles cosceiU : 
At (irft, they draw us in with flatt'ring Looks 
Of Summer-Calms, and a foft Gale of Sighs : 
Sometimes, like Syrmt, charm us with their Sane!> 
Dance on the Waves, and Ihew iheir golden Lodu : 
Sut when the Tempeftcomes, then, then they leave as. 
Or rather help the new Calamity, 
And the whole Sconn is one injurious Woman. 
The Lightning, folbw'd with a Thunderbolt, 
Is maittk- hearted Woman: All the Shelves, 
The faithlds Winds, blind Rocks, and fmking Stnds, 
A»e Women all; the Wrecks of wretched Men. 
Prithee, Ifmenei, while I lay mc here. 
Charm me with fbme lad Song into a Slumber. 


SONG: By Sir Car Scioop. 

NE Night 'mhen all the Village Jlept, 

_' MyrtiiroV>rfi)r>wi 
'Ibt -aianirittg Shepherd it/aii)^ kept, 

7b tell the Weadi hi, Care. 
Begane, faidhe, find Thought!, ieganet 

Efes, gi-ve jour Serrattii t'er : 
Whypnu'dyaa luafte your Teari fir ane 
7hat thiiilu enytu m mare? 

Yet all the Birds, the Floclis, and Pevu'ri, 

That divell tvi/iin this Grave, 
Can tell haw many ternltr Uauri 

We here have pafi'd in Lave. 



Ye« Stan above (my cruel Feis) 

iia-vi htatdhovj Jhc hei /uorit 
A thmufand tima, that like So tbaft 

Her Flame ^fioud never burn. 


But, Jjnce /he's lofl. Oh! let.meha'oe 

.My a^ifii andqukily die: 
In this cold Bank HI make a Grave, 

And there for eiier lie. 
Sad Nightingales the Watch Jhall ieef. 

And kindly here csmflain. ■ 
fhett dtnun the Shepherd lay tojlcep. 

But never ivaid again. 

Enter Archilaiu. 

Arch. How now, IfmmtXf Prithee, gende B07, 
Inftrutl me where to find thy Royat Mafter. 
What! doil thou weep? I charge thee bring me to him> 

}fmt. See there, my Lord. 

Arch. Blefs me, you Heav'nly Potv'rs, 
Upon the Earth ! It cannot be thy Mafter. 
Is that a Pofture for a Conqueror f 
He who fa bravely beat the Romans back, 
A General and Triumpher f 

J/me. By Heav'n, it's true, my Lord: there Hcs the 

/^j-ci. Something my Heart prefag'd, when haYing left .' 
The Army, I came pofiing to the Court i 
And fcarce receiv'd a Welcome from my Friends i 
They laid the Prince had triuniph'd, but I law 
Not the ieall Track of fuch a Glory left, 
Noglimmering Twilight of (b full an Honour. 
There has been foul Play, and I'll find it out. 
. Ziph. Away, Semandra; Cruel Woman, leave me. 

Arih. Ha ! goes it there f Ziphares, Prince wife. 

Ziph. Ha! who is there? Old Arcbilaui! 

Arch. Why 

Po 1 nu fee you in a Chaiiof, 



Kin^ of Voatua. 71 

With all the Pride of Jfia's brighteft Gems f 
Why mount you not the Throne which you deferve. 
The Lords of Ci/chh waiting as your Slavci ? 
•Give me feme Reafon why I fee yon thus. 

Zipli. Alas, he had no hand in her Revolt, 
Nm knows not yet, perhaps, how (he has us'd me : 

"Why do I feem thus ilrange then ? Oh, jfrciHaiOf ' 

(For I muft never call thee Father more) 
Fardoa my f'aalty Carriage. 

Arch, forbear thefe drift Embraces, 
Your Tears, your hanging on my Borom thus : 
Your Sighs reduce my Age to fobbing ChiUhoodi 
And make an Infant of your poor olf Man. 

Zipb. Did I not iay, I never mote mult call 
Thee Father f 

Jnh. Yes, yoa did. 

Ziph. Fond, foolifh Sorrow ! _ 
Thou art, thouflialt, thou muftbeflill my Father, 
My Brother, Sifter, Miftrcfs, All, my Friend; 
Forall butthou haveleftme: no kind Eye 
Pities iheSufTringsofaboE'd Zipham; 
They fly, all fly from my infeftious Fortune. 

^rcA. Nay, good dear Prince, ftand up, you fmot her alf 
YoBT Words with Groans : dry up this womanilh Grief, 
And fpeak, dear Sif , declare the curTed Caule, 
The baleful Spring, the Source of all this Mifchief, 

Zipb. Wou'd you believe it f fcarce can I my felf : 
Oh Heav'ns I and oh, you ever-burning Lights, 
Who have beheld at Midnight from your Orbs 
Our Flames, that kindled bright and challe as your's i 
Which of you all, which moii malignant Star, 
Shew me that envious Fire that croft our Loves, 
That I may curfe him from" his fatal Sphere. 

jirch. Name it, I lay, the Ground of all this Trouble, 
I feel a warm Revenge run thro' my Blood, 
As if I had put off fome forty Years ; 
Methinks I itand as fit to fight the Caufe 
Of Friendihip now, as then! cou'd my Love'i. 
But fpeak 

Z<>i. Thy Daughter .. 


Jrcb. Well, I guefs'd Fate wounded there, 

7.ifh. 5fniini/i'ii, my moft fair, dear, gemie Miftrds. 

Arch. If Ihe be felfr, ftie is no longer lair. 

7,ifb. That fwea protefting Creature, that pure White- 
Wha% 1 fo deep had writ my Vows in Blood, (nefi^ 
Is taken from me. 

Arch. By her own Confent? 

Zifh. Moilccnain. That eternal Bond of Oathsi 
Committed to her keeping, now is cancelTd : 
Ev'n her fair Hand, the Seal of all my Love, 
Her Hand lis given her faithlefs Heart away. 

Arch. Then, Iheisfalfer you i«iow her to be fo? 

Zifh. Falfe, felfe, as Waters, Winds, or wandring 
She is more felfe than Woman can believe. (Fires j 

Arch. The opening of her Treachery, come, how 
Particular Revenge wou'd know Particulars : (was't ? 
- At firfl, J guefs'd, file did neceive you kindly. 

Z(/i, Quite contrary, as if (he ne'er had feen me 
Quite alter' d, quite eftrane'd, referv'd and cold. 
With all theCoynefs of a tafe-bom Beauty, 
Made proud wicii Power: Not one tender Lcok, 
The very Accent of her Voice was chang'd, 
Nor was (he to be known but by her Beauty, 
Nought elfe cou'd fpeak her to my Senfe the £ime. 
Oh nothing, but the P'ace of my Stniandra. 

Arch. When my keen Sword (hall glitftr in herEyej, 
Doubt not, but I Ihall make her know you well ; 
And tho'you never grace her with your Favour, 
For (he is now unworthy your Embraces i 
Yet I will bring theTraytrefs to yoor knees. 

'Zlpb. Can it be 
Thou (hou'dft be ignorant, flie's pail the giving? 

Arch. I have not met the News which your fwoln 
Appear fo big with. (Eyes 

Ziph. Here lam loft again; 
Here all my Courage, wbich has bom the Blow 
OfftemeftWar, (brinks like a beaten Coward ; 
Here, Iconfefs, my Piety gives way, 
I CQu'd fall out with the forgetful Gods, 
jjjut ciufe the cniel Author of my Being. 


King of Pontus. 75 

No, Tyrant,, no, thou bloody Parent, think itoC 
That I will bear it longer. I'll forget. 
Like thee, all Nature, allRemorre, all Pity, 
And fnatch her from thee, wedded ai you are. 

Arch. What, wedded ! married ! 

Zipb. Wedded, marry'd, ijeddedi 
He has enjoy'd her, rifled that &ir Caflcet, 
Where all the Riches of my Life are laid : 
Yes, yes, ye Gods, I law 'em pafs along. 
Pais to the Temple, thro' the crouded Streets, 
Saw 'em come bacic, darted my wilhing Eyes 
At her falfe Face, with fuch accufmg Glances, 
She fainted in the Chariot; yes, I law her 
Sink pale, and dying down : but there I loft her. 
And left her to the Revels of the Night, 
To be enjoy'd, ev'n this laft Night enjoy'd. 

Arcb. By all the Honours which ihe has difhonour'dj, 
She Ihall not live another. 

Zipb. Oh, my Father! 
Cou'd you but gaeis the Fatns that I endur'd ! 
Oh all the fubdelt Fits of fharpeft Sicknefs, 
Were nothing to the Torments which I bore. 
I tim'd ev'n their difrobing Kifles, Smiles, 
The firfl Embraces, and the wrecking Joy ; 
Bu there methought Fancy it felf was Ik^t, 
It cou'd no more. The limit of my Life 
Was ftnind, the End of all my Joys on Earth. 

Jrcb. Shediesi not Delliny lliallfave her from us: 
As the has fwom, and as Ihe has forfwom, 
I'll draw my Sword, bath'd in her deateft Blood, 
From forth her Heart-Strings, while the tank red Weeds 
Cliqg tomy reeking SladeT Or wou'd youmorcf 
I am grown up to your Anger, 

Ziph. Geno^, hold: _ 

I have been impious in my vented Ragei 
Fffr which, O pardon me, my Royal Father, 
And you, moft injur'd Pow'rs, whom I offend ! . 
And, Oh, whatever Ihall become .of me. 
Forgive the fair, ihefelCe, the lov'd £«mii«a^4. 
If while I live thou mark her gentle Iambs 

Vol. II. D With 


With the leaft Wound, it ends Zifharrf Life [ 

Or if thou hurt Iter after I am dead, 

Thou'lt raife my Aihes up in Arms againft tbee. 

Ifine. M7Lord,theQaeen5«m«nd'ra'acoraiiigiuth0t>- 

Zi^h. Siy'fttJiou? 

IJmt. TheQuccn— — Butfte, flieeattrsj 

Zi^, Ha! 

fftftr Semandra. 

Stm.O Zifiarei f OPriace! O tbon moft wrMtg'd! 

Zipl;- Howmirhisbe? Madam, you oBffht at leaft 
To havefenc ineword] fornow, inOcad of Songs, 
• 1 can prefent you nothing but my Tears ; 
A beating Heart, and Groans that will net fait 
With your moft happy State, your bleft Conditkiii. 
. Setn. Ah, did you rightly andedlaiid mySafrrings, 
You wou'd not wound a bleeding, dying Creature: 
But ril endure yet more, Whni I am dead. 
And 'tis too late, you'll murmur teyonr fcif. 
At leall I might have heard what the poor Wfeteh 
Cou'd lay. 

^rch. OhSyren! buti will behufVd. [.^. 

; Zifib. What caofttboa fay, if I reM*et»heftr thee ? 
Thou wilt bat tear the Wounds which tfcott teft made. 
ThisVifit was moft cruel: Why cgii\'ft thou then. 
For fear I fliou'd forget tl^e ? Merdleis Woman ! 
■ jiftt. Yet let us bear her. Prince; let'eheartheSiM^e' 
ThatwhenfureVengeanceovertakeslietCriiiKa, (reisj 
She may have nought to anfwer. 
- Sem. Tiy: good God 
Reward that -Voice of Mercy; firft then, n^ Lord. 

Zipi. Noi Til be gone, fly Arehilaus, fly. 
She has. a Tongue th^t can undo the World. 
She eyes me j«lt as when (he firit inftami'i me-. 
Such were her Lookt, fo melting was her Language, 
Such-f^feibftSighs, and fuch deluding Tears, 
When from her Lips I took the lufeious Poifon, 
When with that f leafing [fcijut'd Breath avewiiift 


^ftr/il^ tf/ Pontas. 7$ 

Her Whifpert tremU'd thro* thrie credulcix E«r», 
And told t\i*3toty a! my uceer Ruin. 

Arch. Nay, 'tis impoflibls to deai-her fiSf j 
And it was Ipipudeaea to oi&r at it i 
Thcrcftrt, thou fliilrtelefl Off-ffring of rfiy Blood, 
I'll cut tb(» rram me : thus, with all thy Crimn, 
Die, as tho« didft ddire. [Haf-drtrii.iii^,fi*pthy/,ifH 

Zipi^. Hold thy Hand ; 
I cbarge thee, totich her not. 

jirch. By Heav'o, Siedtes: 
I may di^Nife my own, the Itiall not lire. 

Ziph. By all the Gods, (hf lliall, whiie I have Brnth; 
And, tfthoudraw'ft, I'll guard her Life with aiitte, 
J fliou'dbeloth toUftmy Arm 'gainft thee 
Of all Manltiiid ; hat were my Father here 
ReTolv'd to give her Death, I wou'd oppofe him. 

Sem. Draw agen, and (heath- your weapons in m^/ 
In curfl StmanJra'i Heart; but (ot the WorM, (Brealt, 
Oh Father, do not wound the Prin<% Ziphara : 
And, oh Ziphart!, do not hurt my Father ! 
Upon my Knees, I beg you to be calm. 
And hear me thus. 

Ziph. Oh rife, ftlfc as thou ar^ 
Thas Mice wert Emptefs of my Soul, and I 
Still drag thy Chains : Speak then, S*maHikiuJ^hki 
For I am doz'd fo weary with complaining. 
That I coa'd Hand aad llften to the Winds, 
And thWc that Woman talk'd -, obferve the Rain, 
And think that Woman wept; or, in the Clouda, 
Behold Seimtdra's Form, ftili fteedog from me. 
But, fpeak, I lofemy Senfeswith my Woes. 

jirel. Hehasfav'dthyLifc-, come, makeahandfome 
Is recomjpence. (LyC 

Srm. I will be fliott, as trae. 
When yoi» Were gone to Wan, the KJng relaps'd { 
How proDiptedt Hear'n bdl knowi : And when witll 

Voa came front Batde, he with dreadfiil Threats 
Compdl'd mc to receive you in Aat manner, 

J> 2 , »'>*• 


Ziph. Ah, cmel Creature ! what, what MenkceBi 
AVhat Fear of Death, cou'd fi> have made Ziftartt 
Receive SmiajiJrm f 

Sem. NotRaclu, nor all the Tortures 
Which Hell cotnbin'd cou'd put into the Hearts 
Of bloolieft Tyrants, (hou'd have forc'd me to't. 
Bat, Oh! your Life, which he with deepefl Oaths 
Had fwom to take, unlefs I feeni'd to fcom youj 
That dalh'd my Spirits, baffled all thcdaring 
Of my defencelefs Heart: There, I confefs. 
The Woman work'd i I trembled and agreed 
To-foe,youfo, rather than lofe you ever. 

4rci- Now, by my Arms, uie has comie cS witk 
wonder 1 

Sim. And chink, my Lord, rcReA upon yonrfelf t 
I dare believe fo dearly once you lov'd me. 
That were you certain I fbou'd lofe my Life, 
Unlefe you us'd me in that very manner, 
I know you wou'd conitrain vour Flame a while. 
And feem ^ cold, and as reierv'd a^ I. 

Zifh. Oh Heart! OH bleeding Ixive ! butfpeak,£f- 
For there is wondrou; Realbn, I^igiity Senfe [maiklra, 
[n what you fay : And I cou'd hear you ever. 

StTii. When you were gone, the cruel King came in. 
And without flop prppos'd the fatal MarriM;e, 
Which being deny'd, he forc'd me to.thcltmplc. 
Yet, at the Altar, I deny'd my Hand, 
Invok'd the Gods with the moil violent Sorron^ 
Tears, Sighs, and Swoonii^sj curs'd the frighted Priefts, 
Struck down the Cenfors, and like one di£a£)ed 
I mangled my own Flelh : but aI! in vain, 
I was luppos'd his Queen, and fo cnjoy'd. 
■ Ziph. Tlienftill thy Heart, thy Heart was mine, £/- 

Sem. It was, it is, forever (hall be yours. (mmMVc/ 

Ziph. Oh, at thy Feet let me forever lie, 
Thus hang upon thy Knees with dying Grafps, 
Thou mull wrone'd Innocence, abns'd StmanA-a. 

Stm. Oh, my ^r Lord, you (hall not kneel without 

Z'pa, Thouart not falie cheul (mc. 

King of Pontus. 77, 

Sim, Cou'd yoa think mc lb ? 
Falfc to my Life, my Soul, my All I have ! 

Z-ph. I did';: I thought thee &lfe, and I deferve 
To die foT wringing thy moA matchlefs Faith : 
For thou sut true; contlant, as pining Turtles ;' 
ConftanC, as Courage to the Brave in Battle i 
Conftant, at Manyrs buining.fbr the Gods, 

jfrch. What Changes drive the Buline& of the Worid ! 
Come, no more weeping: Rife, 
Think on the' King, if he fhou'd take yon thus, 

Zipb. Oh nie Semandra ; what, what are we doing! 
Why, Arcbilaui, why didft thou cut me off 
The Moment's Pleafure which my Thoughts were Ibr- 
Thy crnel Breath quite broke the brittle GIa{s (mingf 
Of my fhort Life, and ftopt the nmning Sand. 
What Ihall we do, Semaadraf 

Stwi. Part and die. 

Zipb. Die, 'ti! rcfolv'd ; bothow? That, thatmuSbe 
My tiitiire Cxk: And with that Thought I leave thee. 
Gothen, thou fetting Star i takefrom thefe Eye>, 
(ThefeEyea, that it they feethee, will be wiihing} 
O take thofe languifhing pale Fires away, 
And leave me to the wide, dark Den of Death. 

Stm. Something within fobs to my boding Heart ; 
timandra ne*er ihall fee Zifiarti more. 

Zipi. Away then; pair, for ever part, StmanJra: 
Let me alone fufiain thofe rav'nooa Fates, 
Which like to femifti'd Tygeis are gone out. 
And bare ns in the Wind . Death come upon me ; 
Night, and the bloodieft Deed of Darkne^ end me. 
But Oh, for thee, for thee, if thou mofl die, 
Ihegof Heav'nthis laft, this only Favour, 
Togive thy Lifea painleTa Diflblution : 
Oh r may thofe ravifh'd Beauues £tll to Earth 
Gently, as witber'd Rofes leave their Stalks : 
May Death be mild to thee, as Love was cruel j 
Calm, as the Spirits in a Trance decay ; 
Aod Ibftf as thofe who Heep their Souls away. 


J> i ACT 



/(j^^JBBBOjvon/, who fend yoaiLaVKfvvtlie 

HT^jn HU Bcsuns, a&dwhom lU Univerlc 

BMHtt ^'>^*^ 

■■^W WiibJey.ywdM^yMiTABgerwtke 
Why move you to the Ruin of (his TyiWt, (Godl, 
To the f^re De«b of bloody MitkridsKr, 
As tfyoufar'd, or cw'd not befl»u'd4ief 
Can yaa ^fp^^ anAnkuIhf Qc tbM wp 
Shou'd due Mtray you, yielding thus CUT Potfin^ 
Dill Livee, our Prince himfelf into yoiv t>4nd! ? 

^mi^. This Man, to whom the &ivilc Piuftt bow 
Who wears a Ciown in honour of bis PlMe. (d(nn>» 
And lacrod Worth, abandons all his GW«» 
T'aaeft the Trath of what we haw de(Wd< 

EMttr Pharoacea. 

But fee, the fierce, the great Pharttaeti 
CoitKs on to meet you ; wave his Royalties : 
Therefore, O mighty Rtnuan, give him AudieiKe. 

Piar. That I am roagh, uid of an untaught Spiritf 
All theEaftknowsi I ever fcom'd thofe Slaves 
With whom I have been bred ; and whan my Father 
Order'd Barbarian Princes &r my Malien 
In Arts and Arms, I fpam'd 'em from my Preftnce i 
And rather chofe, fince Rami might notinflruA me^ ' 
Nature in all my A^ontfbr my Guide. 
Hence cou'd I brook more hardly the fierce Mind 
?ueM Mi/hriJ^et. 


My eldeft Brother's Fate did kindle £rft 
My fiery Soidtea^moftfwHttleTCnge) 
For when the State of Btffhtrm demuided 
That Prince for King, he bound the eoUant Voqth 
In golden Chuns, and doom'd him to be flain ; 
Two more were fay his boandleis Fury Ibangled : 
And even the lafl.bat me, the br>ve Zifharcs, 
Laft Night was murder'd in the Tyrant's Palace; 
' In wbote JadCanfe, the Stjundrtms which he led 
Of late fo valiantly againit yoa Romani, 
Attend ftmie Furteigs hence tojtrin your Bannets. 
if tim be true, not to recount the Slaughters 
Of all his Queens and poifon'd Concubines, 
I think the Wortd (R#o«-, ! fbou'd fifft have nam'd} 
WiB liirie-cenftre tWs it> juf! Re^•olt. 
If you fufpeft me falfe, behold Pharnmas^ ' 

Ne'er yet detain'dt bat free as roving Lions 
That fwept at will tHte Wbids in Deliuts wiU» 
Behold bun, with thi^ ]^^ Holtages, 
year Pris'nr to be iJtand the Save of Re!mt. 
Rom. Gafi. L»d lu on to Victory. 
Omati. ToViAory. 
- PA«r.Onthefl,youR«eeofH«v'n,yooS«edofGods; 
And to imB0rts}ize Thantacif Name, 
Plant me, Ww ThnmJcr breaking from this Cletid, 
Foremoft; ^ite all the rattling Enginesfbllow. 
Mtnima, whom ^s Tyrant ravifti'd from me, 
I hear is fled to Pcmpey : Her I afk 
For my Reward, with half his fpreading Empire. 
But I hate Words ; let's aft, and then mafte claim. 
And, O reihember, when we itotm the Town, ■ 
Remember that moft horrid Maffacre 
Ofj^; Whet on yoor blnnted Spirits, 
Till with the Motion Lightring edge yoar Souls 
To mow off boarv Heads, hurl Infar.ta puling 
From the higg'd Breaft, kill in the very Womb: 
To Beauty's iCries be deaf, make all Sympe 
Bot one vaft Grave, to hold the inlinite Bodies 
Which we moil ftiovel in j and when yoa fee 
. The He«i of MkbrHata in thb tend, 

£> 4 Then 


Then think whoever dar'd for Scat like me. 
Or bought an Empire at a Price To dr»dful: 
Then yield the Beauty I fo much defire. 
And all thofe Crowns to which my Thoughts aTpire. 



Eater Ziphares, Archilana. 

Ziph. 'Tis late i the galh'ring Qouds, like meeting 
Come on apace, and Moruls now muft die, {Atmies, 
'Till the bright Ruler of the rifing Day 
Cwates'em new. The wakeful Bird of Night 
Claps her dark 'Wing* to th' Windows of the dying. 
General^ Eood Night. 

Jrch. Sir, I'll not leave you yet) 
I do not like the du&y boding Eve, 
Weil I remember. Sir, howyou and I 
Have often on the Watch inTVinter walk'd. 
Clad in cold Armour, round the fleeping C^p, 
"Till cover'do'cr from Head to Foot wtthSnow» 
The Centinels have ilarted at our March, 
And thought us Ghofts italking in Winding-flwets : 
And do yoD think I cannot watch you now, 
Thus cover'd, apd beneath this bounteous Roof? 
Sleep, Sir; Pil guard you from lufpeAed Danger. 

Zifh. DangerT there'snone; no Shadow of sHannt 
Dear GeDenH you'll oblige me to retire : 
We'll meet to-morrow with the earliefi Dawn: 
I'm troubled now, and heavy ; in the Morning 
Soon as you pleafe, you fliall have Entrance here i 
And then I truA the bounteous Gods, you'll find 
A wondrous Alteration. Sleep may charm 
My talking Griefs, and hu{h 'em oA. for ever. 

Jrcb. 'Tis that I fear 1 tell you there arc Deathi 

Broodingthia Night abroad. A reclufe Prieft, 
Surpriz'a with mortal Sicknefs, was this Evening, 
As he hirafelf defied, ta'en from his Bed, 
And carnr'd tc the Uofecof the King; 


Kif^ tf/Pontus. ti 

Where, after Ibme clofe Conference, he expu'd. 
Immediawly your Father Orders gave 
For doubling all his Guards, md went in fury 
To A&mma't Apartment, where, 'twas laid, 
fianiMUs had been gone a while before. 

Zifi. I ever thought that Brother moft amiudous j 
But what is this to mc > 

Arcb. What follow'd does 
Concern both you aod me, and all the Eall ; 
For ftiajt, when the fick Friejt had breath'd his lafi. 
The lacred Oil, which for a hundred Years 
Supply'd the Sun behind the golden Veil, 
Went out, and all the myflicklaghts were queikch'di; 
Strange doleful Voices fluiUy echo'd thro' 
The darken'd Fane ; the Monumenta did opent 
Andall the Marble- Tombs, Lke Spunges i^ueex'd* 
Spouted big Sweats, the Curtain was confiun'd 
With wonorous Flame; and every Jhining Aitar 
DiflbWd to yellow Puddly which anon 
A Fla(h of thirdy Lightning c^uice lick'd up : 
While thro' the Streets your murder'd Brothers lode^ 
Arcatbiat, Mitbttdatti, and Mtuhares, 
And madded all the fcreaming Multitude. 
Is not this flrange? 

Zipb. The (S)ds reproach my SlackneTs. UfiJi. 
Tis Ilrange ! moll wondrous Itntnge ! once more I ■pnj 
By all onr Friendlhip, leave me to n^ fetf. ifitigfit 

Arcb. Ah, Prince, yon cannot hide 
Yoor Purpofc from your narrow -fearching Friend : 
I find it, by the finking of your Spirits, 
Yoor hollow Speech, deep Mufing^i eager Looks, 
Whofc &tal LongintB quite devour their ObjeOsi 
Yoa have decreed, hy all the Goils yoo have. 
This Night to end your Lite. 

lifb. Away, 
I never thought thee troublefome till now. 

Jrch. I care not i fpiie of all that yon can do, 
I'll flay, and weep you into Gentlends : 
Your nithful Sal£er, this old doting Fool, 
Shalt be moi% trouble&me than ona that's wiler. 

Ds B, 


By Heav'n, you (hall not hurt your precitms Lift. 

I'l! ftay, and wait yoii. wake here till I die i 

Follow you as a fond and fearful Father 

Wou'd watch a defperate Child. 
Zlpb. I'll tell thee then, 

Since thoi* wilt- tear the Seewt from my Breaftt 

And dive into the Bottom oFijiy Soul, 

This Night mgft end in.e: Make not a Reply j 

Tis fix'd as ia& and fure as vv my Wo«. 

DidA thou but know wh^t'lts tq Ipve like ms. 

And to be 1« belov'd i O Jrchilajis! 

Yet to be pall all Hope of Happinefs, 

Of ever taking thofe deTired Beauties, 

Of any Dawn, leaft Glimpfe, or Sparlt of Comfort, 

Sidllthou not hate me iiiuch, evep tnQuwan'dltluHme. 
Arch. If that my Death (for that indecd's but little) 
CannM onjK move you froiB this dretdful Deed, 
Yet Prince, year Coimtiy, which niuii &I) without you* 
Your bleeding Country muft obtain at leaft. 
That you wdu'd live to fre*herfrom her Foes: 
Your Glory calls, your finking Father begs. 
That you wou'd f^ve your Country from the Somaiit. 

Ziph. Much lindeedhave got by conquering Apmm*, 
And to much pprpofe loil my deareft Blood ! 
Uuch liave my Wounds deferv^d; and Heaven can tell 
How noWy I have been rewarded foe 'eiji I 
l^ell thee, Archilam, I have fworn. 
Were I tp live, I wou'd not fight again : 
The World Ihou'd neither better be norworle 
Per me. But I wafte tiiK \ and to convince thee, - 
Since thou wilt have the trouble to behold 
My Death, I bid thee now fkreweJl for ever. 
Arch. Hold. Sir. 

Ziph. I will, and. talk as calm to thee 
As any dying Rotim of 'eui all : 
I have coniider'd well of what I do. 
And I will peti{hwith as little Noife 
As Fate coii'd wi'h, that wou'd not be Accord. 
Mch. I'll fotloiv yon. 


Kit^ of Pontus. 83 

Z^. I waa'd inOau tUcenot 1 
Tltou haft no SwToWs that aie [aft.the Suf&rance : 
And fure my &yia* Soul will hang her Wing, 
When Bit Audi fed thy weighty I^th upon her. 
O, Archilam, leave tac to my Fate i 
If ttMW fn«fi lee me fall, I charge thee livCt 
At leaft fo long to tell SemmnA'a of tne : 
Bear her fbme Token of my iil-fiarr'd Lot^ 
Wiu^ Empire coa'd not win to live without her. 
Dip in the Blood which trickles from my Heart 
Thy Handkerchief; and bid her keep it for lat. 
As a. RemeAtbf^ee tkow and then to mouni me ; 
Swear td do this. 

Arcb. This I will do i and, maik me, chkI PrihcCf 
If thus thou violate that Royal Frame, ' 
Tearing the gallant Spirit from this Manlion, 
I fwcar, by what I tremble at, thy Death, 
rubble all thy Wound manSmmmlra. 

Zift. Hal 

jfreh. Ill tear her piece-meal, and To hack hei Limbs, 
Thoa {halt not know her in the other World. 

2ipb. Oh Tonora ! dear, good JrtbiloKi, hold ; 
I know thou canft not mean luch Cruelty. 
Why d<^ tbou^rack me thus with Thoughts in Death. 
That aremadt beaviel' even tbdn Death itfelf ? 
Why doft thoQ make my Eyes ihna fwim in Tean i 
I charge thee do not hkBt her; forthe&ke 
Of all the G«di, be gpntle to my Love t 
I beg for Mercy to the loft Stmaiidru. 
Alas, if fhe deferv'd, asfheis&tdtlefsi 
She con'd not bear the Woonds which we can bear. 

Acb. Give ate your pronufe then that you will live I 
IJve but this Night, or I have fworn her Death. 

Zipb. Thou haA found the Meiuis to charm me into 
And ken me on the Rack, but no more Threats (Life> 
Againft Simandra : 'Twas unkindly done. 
And I grow angry at my Fate's delay. 

Jrcb. Why will vDu be thoa forward? liveto-night, 
Sc caicfiil of yourfelf but till die Mom: 


Methinks there may be Wonders wrought e'erthen.' 

Ztfh. O Arihilaus! 'Tis impoiEble: 
Had [he been raviili'd by another Man, 
I cou'-d have ckar'd her with the Villain's BlOodr 
But by my Father touch'd, what Miracle 
Can work iile into Hope ? Heav'n here is Bankrupt i 
The wondring-Gods blalh at the want of Pow'r, 
And quite abaQi'd, confeTs they cannot help me. 

Jnh. Sure, by yon Kghted Torches, Idtlccrii 
Your Father moving this way. 

Zi^, Ha i my Father f 
How my Flefti trembles ! I coo'd do a Deed 
Wou'd make us both ran raad. Draw, ArchUam : 
Yet flay ; What Devil ftarts thus in my Blood, 
And turns my ReaTon to the Maze of Foiiy ; 
No; let us fuifcr more, ifpoITible: 
Yet I will Ihun his Prefence. Oh, ye Pow'rs, - 
Is that a Crime i Anfwer me, if it be; 
And I will meet him, tho' his Sight Ihouldblilt.ine.- 

Mitb. Betray'd ! and bf my Son ! ^ven up « Prey 
Por'theinfuking ^Mnenf to devour ! 
Phatnatis is the Traitor, that Fbarnacts 

Who was t'inlierit all that Space of Enmire, 
Which Fortune gave to this urhap^ King \ 
O Frier.ds, whea from the Palace-Gate we lally'd. 
And drove the bold Allailants thro' the Cit}', 
The impious Boy charg'd, as I foremo&rode. 
And lir^v'd my Fury with his Bever up. 
But,. Uh the Gods ^ I-who before had crimfon'd 
My ArnswithHlood of Rebels;- 1 wba mov'd 
\^'ith Whirlwinds Iwift'nefs fttl! od every fide, 
And toft like Leaves the weightiett Soes about mp. 
Now ftood, ^ i f Garganian Charms had fixt me : 
Nior know i more 


Capr. 7oa* Sword, gnu Sir, v/kenjaa- 
A while had gse'd on tW widacioiu Prince, 
Fell from your Hud, yoar mighty Spirit le& yoa t. 
Andas fiMnCfamoaa Piece of andqiie Worl^ 
When the funk Props and waSxd Beams dccay^ 
Stagigers and nods beibre the Ruin cotne: ; 
So wav'd your Royal Fabrick e'er it fell : 
And as oar Arnu r^ceiv'd you, cun^d Piantaeet, 
Bora by Atnbitjon to a Murder newi 
OSei'd a Wound, and 'twas with gieat Expence 
,0f Lives, we bore your Body to the Palace. 

Jlfi/A. My Senfes blaie;'my laft I luum is come; 
' My lali of Hours : 'Tb wondrout horrid ! Now- 
My lawlets Love, and boondlefs Pow'r reproach me. 
But I will think nomore on't. Come, my Friends. 
Let's meet thefe Ramans, and my Rebel Soni 
Let*s kilt dll we arc wea/y, then liedown- 
And reft for ever: O 'tisnoble Ruinf 
Creatoreaof vileft Make, i^n dirgnil. 
With Knives or Cords fet loofe their Coward Souk i 
But we will live in fpite to grieve the World) 
While Life will laft, of any Spirits hold. 
O that like Serpents hewn, we ftill might move» 
Our Limbs lopt <^ and kilt wirii every Parcel t 

£B/«r Seraandnt. 

Sem. 'Til done ; my Ruin is at laft revenged. 
And cruel Mithridates is no more : 
That famous wicked Man Ihall kill no more; 
Fal'n is the Murderer, he fliall love no more 
Another's Right; Jhallravilh now no more. 

Mith, O Horror! IJaitch me. Furies, from her Pre> 
Gape wide, O Earth, and fwallow me alive, [feuce > 

Sem. I go before, but never ihaU we meet 
Oa£aithagMn> mhamaji. MiihrUatci : 
Yet I rejoice not, be ray Witnefe, Heav'n, 
At ihofc Calamities that cmne upon thee ; 
Bat thi&k 'emjult* and with a tucad Rcfie^oa 



Behold thy 'Fate) uA vmAn kt ibrGcA : 
Not but thy Soni rav Lev*, m/f loft Zlpbarti, 
And I, m lameaMbte ShtpM, made up; 
By Death'* awn Htnd, wdl tril 'em iU t^ 8t«]t. 
For ever thtu, thott ftMriflwr of Hdnour, 
I leave thee ttttheytfttafeaitfthy GnmMtrm, 
Toall the Stings hoAAaaa fe^ in SeMh, 
Or Loft, Ac lUpeMininilted. O, yeu Pow'ra 
Make firm my Hand^ (ot tn Bxpblt to crown 
My Life, wboTc Btt&te& flull be qaicIUy done. XExif. 
Mitt. Avny, to Ataoi to AmiT plunge de«p i& 
Blood t ^ 

Be qaickto die. Were i^ the JT^mm Piles, 
Ana ffffih'm Darts, and PaitiUfa poUbn'd Airows, 
Shot thro* this Body, her Wotda wound me nun*. 
m not eitduTe*t; rafhtotbefttal War: 
Twou'd be dnink with Death, And flesnting Shnghter, 
To fiupily the SenTe of inward Torment. 
Ha&e then, and'wallow in the rnnrd'riag Fidd, 
Thro' ia f he Areones to Battel Hy t 
They who have liv'd in Bkod, in Hbod null die. 

Tmmferi. Eater Pelopidn, Andiwar, tteir Swttdt 
A-iewn, •wilb a Lump. 

Pi&f. Yonder he Mie«, farions fin- Deftia£lioB> 
And now fidl Scope h giv'n to aA akir BnfiaeH, 
And end the &d ZMorrt. 

Jatir. I am glaa 
The Chance is bllen to us : To Death, nay more. 
To Hell, I hate htmi and to have blm flain 
By any Hand hat mme wen'd pttll the Marder. 

Fe&f. The Pahure now it dnn^d 
Of all the^lttterin^ Hofl that twinkled here. 
Following their King, to Ihoot the Galph of Runy 
. And it was order'dwdl by Prince ?hmrnatth 
While with the Rtmaiis he djftntch'^ his Father, 
That we (hoa'd kill bis droejunsfintbcf. Hal 


Xiiig iff Bontai: yg 

Iltear<cnltTMad^ row Idinp mrft wiak t wkilo, 
Emtr ZiphareB. 

ZifJb. Ob, *tis tM Moch 1^ I ««ver Ihall lleep nuue. 
How load the Voice of Fate founds every where I 
Trampets utd Dnims ! }r«t old jtrvii/iuu. 
With Grief and Wxchitig fpent, ift Tpite of ill 
Thofe Tides of CMwthat fiwird e'er while fo hirii- 
Lies like a Child itot bisul'd-ttimfelf to fle^. 
Ifmtnu too, that wept to fee me moiini, 
Falia on his Breaft, and nods hir Tean nrey ; 
So Seeps the ScR^Etoy on the clmdy MftS, 
Safeits B dreary fryHw, nxk'd with Stonm, 
While-'tofine PtineevwidGe en BedssTDowitv 

PirAf. 'Tishe; ofepgre. 

j^si/r. BothperiiiviFheefntpe. 

Zifi. Tki*I>*rkneft fill* mv BmA with Fferrar: 
Now I nuy do the Deed i whichdone, all'sfiin: 
It IhaU be fo, and thus I will deceive him : 
Bntthen hfr ktil> Stmanitrtt . Whence thuLiglttf 
Swords! Vizors I What AJMiaatee are chefe? 
Wou'd they were more, for Ruin ig my Wifli i 
Vet I di{d)W) to faU by VHlatM Huidj. ISeatt 'm ^ 

iffftr Senaodrs, •»*£ «■ S^rgjw in iw £^ffi: 

Sfm. Whn« do I wsnder in the dtfmtt Shades 
Of this black Night? There'* not a Soul beneath. 
Who dy'd. as I moft do, for fata^ Love, 
Knows bettei all the gloomy Artware there. 
Than I each Chamber in this Houfe of Death. 
'Twas here the eo^i)» Prince did weo me &tft, 
Sigh'd his fiift Vmvs, and wept me into Pafliont 
Where (hall I find him, that jnoft perfra Soul i 
Whofe Witnefs will to After- A^es snfwer 
For all the fpotted Loves ofperjuf'd Men. 
Meet him I mull, and ran into his Arms; 
ButVith a Rmatt Blow, whidi firit ihall cfrire 



This Ponyard tomyHesTti then rnfli upon lum* 
TlicD claip lum dofe, then he'll believe jne tnte. 

£»ter- Ziphsres^ 

Ziph. This Way the Cowuds fl.y ; this Way the Noife 
I think thou halt it there, and cajiA not 'fcape me. 

S*j7i. I thank the Gods, I &iali not. Let me kijs 
TKe Hand thai kills mck Ob too gracious Heav'al 
Sinandra now is happv. 

Z'ph. SimMiJraf v/tiai; 
What fay'ft thou i {peak again, thoo di&ial Voice. 

Sem. O that I cott'd fee vour Face before I die : 
Thofe Eyes, where I wou d look my Sonl away. 

Ztpb. Awake i what oh, Ifaunts' hafte, a JUght} 
Kafie hither. Father Jrchilaui, haAe I 
Jdy Heattbodct Ruin, we are all undonen 

Enttr Archilaus, atd Ifinenet, •tuith a Light, 

Oh, Father, either I am charm'd, or here 
Simendra lies, flain by this dreadful Hand. 

Arch. Our Guardian Spirits ihield us, 'tis my Daughter.. 

Xiph. Cuis'dFatel malicious Stars! yoa now have 
Your felves of all your pois'nous Inflaence ; (diain'd 
£v'n the lafi bate&l Drop is fhad upon me. 

Sem. Give me thy Hand, moil matchlds of thf 
O Join OS, Father, jom us thus in Death: (Kiitdi 

Now thoo art mine ; and we'll be wedded too 
In th'other World ; our Souls {halt there t>e mixt : 
Who knows but tliere our Joys may be compleat F 
A happy Father thout and I, perhaps. 
The fmiling Mother of forae little Gods. 

Zipb. Oh, Afchiiaas, if thou lov'it her Memory, • 
Fly to the King, and let him underfland 
The Truth of all: if he be pleas'd to hear her, 
Intreat him hafie, the Pangs of Death are on her. 

.- ■ - ■*■'*• 

Kijtg of Vorttas. S9 

Jrth. I Will, if Tears will kc me 6nd the way: 
And, by your leave, thefe Weapons ihall be mine. [£xi>. 

Ziffi. That lexpeftod. Ha; /he feints, I/mtiu/, 
Bun to my CloTet, lufte, where thou wilt find 
A golden Vial of rich Juice, to bring the Spirits 
Bade to their Seat: go, pout it in a Bowl 
With fpeed to lave her. [£xi/ Ilioeneg* 

Haft thou not a Word, 

A Syllable, &irSoul! Speak, fpeak, Semanirat 
i feel a trembling Warmth about thy Hcan : 
It pants. 

Sini. As Cowards do before a Battel. 
Oh, the great March is founded I 
' Zifh. Stay ihec one motaen^ 

I&ne&es rt-tBttrtimth a BrwL "~' 

Atkd t «ill lead theeon. Away, I/mmet; 
Watch thou die ling's Approach, uid bring me word. 
[£x. Hmenei. 
Here, Icefi thoo thii, ray Love, look up, Sttntrndrot 
Thou dying Sparki glimmer a little while ; 
Behold thi« Cordial, this fore warmth at Heart, 
Thi« &ithfiil Of ring of eternal Love. 

Sem. Whither, oh where i Death's Mill comes iaft 
What is't you drink F (npon me, 

Zifb. A Dranght which makes me thine i 
The Pow'rfiil Cordial which my Father gave me. 
A noUe Compound of hb fatal Skill. 
He charg'd me, when I cou'd not live with Honour, 
To tafie It, ud be free. 

Sab. Methinks your Voice is &int 
Ag diltant Echoes ; and I'm now far ofi 
Ala*, I know not where. {Diib- 

Zifb. I'll fold thee thus, 
And Mitbrulaitt Jball not part us now: 
Fan thus tJte dying Flames with my laft BnaA. 

■ Shc^ ■ 

90 Mira&I'DATES, 

She's out -. the damp of S>C!itIi lias quanch'd her qnits '. 
The fpky Doors, her L^s, sn fluit, dofe lodc'^r 
Wtuch never Gale of \JJiK Ihsll open move. 
I come. Oh Father ! Ohdua true Phyfidn \ 
Thou workltine Bobtynaw: aad 'dt welcome I 
Thy Drugs aicqaicki cnce nore, OLove! I comr. 
The*! moft of Life in Death. Ambkieii. tane, 
'Tis empty all, ^d nothing but a NaiBe. [!>/«. 

fiAr Archilaiu, Mithridates, fapparied hUi£ag;, Pkar- 
nacest Pehtpidas. Andia*ar, btund. 

Areh. Behold, behoU, ny \mi, )mw I'n mmdeit 
For &ithful Service, for the numerous Scars 
Which in yourCaufe have mark'd my aged Body ; 
ATy Daughfefs'ilMn. Ha \ tet hie never rife,- 
If that the brave Ztpharts be not kill'd ! 
Was this the Ondkl.wk&edft^, thorn Intwtlt'fttitA? 
.- 9Sth. 81amenMtheg«U*fe,fiDr'faraMbe^|iO^«B'd; 
By l4ris inhoAian Tyrant, Moniter, Parricide; 
%- nte the Bngs were nmcM, hn4 iferA 'daOK 
To my unhappy Ch^dtcn, left ftuvnt'd 
They fton'd be borne to Stvt* for Royid Sl«f<fe. 

Arch. Dead ! jtrt tho« dead, O Wdy, Royvf nut^ 
{Hown down by gnfty Heav'n, in til thy Blroml 
My K«ur is come ; and thus I foltow thee. 

Miih. Hold him. What niew» the franticfeGeneialf 
Difarm, and bring him hither. Knee}, O kned. 
Before thefe Bodies. 

Jrth. What WDo'd yoa, hatred SJr I 

Milh. Swear, fwear to live. 
I have a Royal Race of Lhtle-oites ; 
Liue. I conjure tfaer, ta detbnd dtofe Tnfints 
From Reman Rage; intreat Vidorions PtiKfej^ 
And he'll be gende to'em : Swear » Brc. 

Areb. I fwear ; hut after th«e— — ■ 

Mitb. Rife, and no mare. 
Uy Blood leaks fall ; and the great heavy Lading, 


My Soul, will quickly Aek) thtitfere Mneige : 
Yes, ynt ptle Ftgiirai, ymi ■wll |prcd<Hw Foraui 
Who. wMTc you wiUki iv fiife you tsotd ^ Sisn, 
Shame brightefl Gods, jwl Mid sew Ligbt to Uon'n. 
Fir*,. inuwAJrmdfulannwT, Willi give ' 
Thofe Traitors Lives, who drew me to your Ruiir, 
Hence burn the Slaves ; the curs'd PtbpiJtu, 
An& WWsM Jndravar ; Away with 'em. 
For thee — — (but fure I Hcdl dKdain to name thee} 
The Palace yet is ours. 

jireb. But canBot long 
Be To: Pampp the Great is entevM ; 
And thofe who took your Part are all rerolted. 

•Mitb. Away then; bear him to the middle Turetv 
Whofe brazen Ueadirifes akove the r«A t 
In fight of PftM^, ihrow-himfttni t})vttp> 
And give his maftafpiring Life an Eod. 

Pbar. IknowthQucaiiftnotlongout-livemeiTyraDt< 
Accun'd be Fortune, which too torward bore me . 
To be thy Prey ; and rot the Hand thaS feic'd »e: 
Yctf when my Ghoft is from this Body dafh'd, 
Iffuch a GoblingasaGhoft there be, 
I'll rife, and wing the mid-way Air ta wait thee ; 
Hurl'd. {halt thou be, a^ Satam was by JtKtt, 
And flag bmcath nie, while I reign Move. 

Mitb. O Genoral, l^old, and woader with me^ 
Howfwiltly Fate can make, or unmake Kings \ 
How empty is Death's Pomp, comparM with Life f 
Where now are all the bufy Officers, 
, The fupple Courders, and big Men of War, 
That bullied here, and made a little Wodd \ 
Revolted all I Support me, for I go. 
My Soul is on the Beach, and ftreight mult laundl 
Into th' Abyfs of the black Sea of Death, 
Where Furies fland upon the finoaky Roclu, 
Prepar'd to meet one greater than themfelves. 
Here, lay meUeedii^ by chcfe murder'd Lorenj 
Attd, Oh, when I am dad, let Sorrow flalk 
In facred Silence to my gaping Tol&b. 



Forget th>t ever MithrtJatts was s 

No Tongue relate the Deeds this Hand has done i- 

Let Thought be ftill, or work beneath the Ground I 

Bat Oh, he'acoRie: cold Tyrant, I obey. 

And hug thy Dan, that bears my Life away. ^DUs* 


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a Four Parts, fieing the SekA Plays of the moQ ee- 
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Hiftojy of Sioedtg, fay Puff^Arf. 

Hunfi MatbctMtkai Compamon. 

H/vjei's Eiaaean ot Hiltory. 

Ardtbi&op Lau^a Devotiow. . {Bivwit, 

LhitUtaira, 01 thsLovei's Secretary : publifll'd by 72*. 

Love-Letters betwixt a Nan {tnd a CavsUer, ijino.' 

— — Thef*»B in 8vo, with Hofkiui's AnofLove. 

Lajfeti Jottnwy through Italy. 

Lte'aPiij^ j Vol. izpjo. 

— ' -The {uoGi 8vo. 

Milieu's Paradife Loft, and Regaia'd. 

Mmtargne'i Eflays, tranflated by Mr. Ce/Ian, 3 Vol. 

Ma^r's Freud Grammar, zScb Edit. 

^— Royal Frtmib Grammar. 

■ . ^ 

Sr. JilfM^oathelnflueBcesofthe Sun and Moon. 

Aire's El&ys on the Nature and Faculties of Man. " 

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Vtrttft Revolntions t^Svieden. 

Vitrttvius and VigntWi ArctuteAure abridg'd.byMopr. 
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Boudtng-School. ^tt^iu. 

mtbridatiiKm^t^Pmtut. Virtue BetnyM, or Aana 
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Qtbtllt, Moor of Vtnici. Ttae'i ting Lear. 

-„ CoogI': 

., Giio^^lc 



f Pope Alexander VI. 



Aftcd at the 


By ITicir Majesties Scxvarits. 
Written by Mr. iVyf r. £££. 


Printedfbr W. FEALsa, at Rvwis-HeaJ, the comer 
of EJiX'Striti in the Strand; H.. Wellinqtoh, 
at ue Dalpbin end Crown, without TemfU-Bar; 
J. Wellzhgton; and for A. BBTTsawonTH 
and F. Clat, inTntftfor B. WELbiNoron. 



(5 ) 

To the Right Honourable 


Earl of Pembroke and 
Montgomery J &c. 


|HEN an univcrfal Conftcr- 
nation Ipreads thro' the King- 
; dom, and the Peace. which 
every Man enjoys, becomes 
dreadful to him \ when Mens Minds in 
this dead Calm of State, are asbufy, as, 
'tis fear'd, the Hands of fomc wou'd be 
in the Tcmpeft of a Battel, to fee a Poet 
plotting in his Chamber quite another 
way, painting fail as vigorous Fancy 
can infpire him, drawing the paft World, 
the prefent, and to come, in a narrow 
Ipacc; is an Image not unworthy a grav? 
E 3 Man'a 

6 The Epiftle 'Dedicatory. 

Man's Contemplation^ It is the Bt^nefs 
of poor Poets to be the Di\'crfion of Man-- 
kind ; Fleafure is their Being. I think 
I may call 'cm Miftrcfles of the Worlds 
which, if granted, I am furc ^tis eafy 
to prove their Gallants very brutilh, for 
they generally loath them as foon aa 
they arc crijoy'd: the bell of 'era come un- 
der the feverefllalh of thegreatefl Menj 
nay, the leafi will be fliooiing thek Bolt% 
and when the Maftiffi worry *cm, the 
little Curs will be barking 5 the whole 
World cenfures, and cv'ry daring Poet 
that comes forth, muft czped to be like 
the Almanack Hero, all over Woundsl 
For my own part, I have been ib barilt- 
ly handled by fomc of them, that my 
Courage quite faird me j nor wou'd I 
iK)w appear in Print, but under the Pro- 
teftion and Patronage of your Lordlhip. 
Your illullrious Forefathers, and indeed 
all your eminent Relations, have al- 
ways been of the firft-rate Nobility, 
^trons of Wit and Armis, magnificent- 
ly brave, true old- ftampt fr/^onj', and 
ever foremoQ in the Race of Glory. 
Not to unravel half your Honourable 
Records, Z challenge all the Men of 

The Kptfile 'De^ictUoiy, t 
Fame to fiiow an Equal to the immortal 
Sidney^ ev'n when lo many^ contcmpo- 
Tary Worthies fiouiilh'dj I mean Sir 
'Philip, the Name ftill of your Lord- 
fhip, true Rival of your Honour, one 
that cou'd match your Spirit, ib moft 
extravagantly great, that he refus'd to 
be a King. He was at once a Cafar and 
a Virgil, the leading Soldier, and the 
foremoft Poet ; all after this mull fail ; 
I have paid juft Veneration to bis Name, 
and methinfcs the Spirit of Shakefpear 
pufti*d the Commendation. 

That there are in your Lordihip all 
thele excellent Grains which made this 
perfeft Man, I think my felf bound by 
Reafon to tell the World, which to my 
particulM Obfcrvation and certain Know- 
ledge, has done you wrong. I muft ac- 
knowledge, that your boiling Youth 
has made great Sallies ; and lb did AleX" 
andery and our great Fifth Henry i 
Yoiir Spirit complains as Alexander'^ 
did forAftion, whogrudg'd his Father's 
Conquefts, as if his Soul was fpent, and 
wanted Elbow-room, refolv'd to go a- 
broad o'er Walls, if not thro' Doors: 
And Men of Senfe laugh at your precife 
E + Fellow, 

$ The Efiftle *Bedieatory. 

Fellow, your Cynick ia a Tub, who 
thwarts the Courft of Nature, afld is ne- 
ver pleas'd but when he fees grey Hairy 
upon a young Head. If to be truly Va- 
liant, cv'n in cold Blood; Magnificent 
as the old Nobility, infinitely Charitable, 
Modeft as Humility it felf, the fafleft 
Friend upon Earth, where your Lordlhip 
is pleas'd to fix the Honour; if thefe 
Ingredients can compound one admirable 
Man, then may your Lordlhip ftand 
forth a Monument of latiing Honour. 
Perhaps for this I thall incur the Nouod 
of a Flatterer : Flattery indeed is a Ca- 
tholick 111, it pafles through the World 
and fuits with all Complexions : ^is aa 
infinuating Poifon, a Jefuit's Powder, 
which ftems to intend the Cure of the 
Diieafe it promotes. I am confident, all 
thofe who have the Honour of your 
Lordfliip's Acquaintance, will teU mc 
I have faid too little. Let it fuffice, 
that I imitate the bell of Poets in a fhort 
but hearty Acknowledgment of my Ob- 
bligations to your Lordlhip. 

Therefore I hope, as your Lord- 
fliip's Great Uncle flione upon the migh- 
ty fira with a full Favour, (tho'mybcft 

The Epiftli 'DeJicatirj. g 

Merits are not the ten thoulandth part cX 
bi& fmalleft Labours) your Lordfliip's 
infinite Goodncfs will accept of my lio- 
neft Intentions, which to your Lordlbtp's 
Service Ihallbe ever humbly oflet'd by,' 

M/ Lnd, 
Tmr Ltrdjbi/s tiuft Humble ■ 
Md Obedient Servant, 

Nat Lee. 



Written by Mr. Drydm.. 

^fW unbapfy Man, -whc once bat trait d a fetir 

■■ Lives ma ia pltafi himfi!/, bat etitr Mmi 

Ji afu}^ Jnufpng, viafiis hit Life mdSktd^ 

tit eiijj tall anddrinii ttihat ytu thinkgaad: 

What Praifefoiertbt Pttlrydtferm, 

tit every Fool can bid tbe pMtjtarve: 

'Chat Jumbii^ Letcberti RtvtJ^e is lent, 

Betaufe be tbinki Him/el/er Wbtre it meant r 

ffame hut aC»chU, all tbe City finfeermt, 

Trent Leaden-Hall ft Ludgtte is iu Amn- 

Were there mfear »f Aotkhrift w Fnuice,. 

In tbe ihfi Tint fatr Foeltlifn fy ebmxte. 

Either ytm ctme mt bere, or as jou grtut ^ 

Stnutld Acquaintance, drvp iMta tbe Plate, > 

Carelefi and qualtnifi •urith ayaianii^ Face: ' 

Yen Jltef t'tr Wit, and if mj Tretb jeu majr. 

Mefi efjBur Talents lie anther ivof, 

Ytu love ta bear effime Prcdigiaui lale^ 

the Bell tbat toWd alone, w Irilh Whalt, 

Jlevjs is yanr Feod, andyeutmugbfravidi, 

BMhfiry^rfelvct and all tbe WtrUteJUe. 

-„ CoogI': 


©*« Theatre thert ii^vaft refirt, 
l^%ieb •uiUhtmt'^ Rt^tpiviai taiTiiht "Cturfi 
Sxt wBi tie great Exdange af Ne<uif''tii iig^f, 
.Aedfull.ifhmt mfii-iuxxfrm Nwa^ liliiiight;- 
X^Stairi aaddtwJBM ntneufw a Race, 
jtnJ eatb Man tueart tiree Natiem in hit Face i 
S» higjau hek, tit" Claret yta retreutb, 
not arm'tltuitb httkdJle, yta buff the French : 
Bmt uilyom- EattrtainmvafiUl it fed 
By nilains, in yqw ttm duJi Ifiand bred: 
Wmldyta return tt us, vie dare engage 
Tejbmnyea betftr Riguet upon the Stage: 
Tfm inaiii » Ptijiu Bat plaim Rati-bame btrti. 
Dtatb't mor* rtfitfd, andbuter bred tlfiwbtre,. 
7b^ bave a civil vmtj in ItaXy, 
% jiaelling a Ptrfume t» mate ym dit, 
ATrick'tvtu'd make yta l^ymr Snuff-lex hf. 
Murder'sa Trade •• j » \novm and froBifd there, 
That ''tiiii^alUhle ai it the Chair ■ 

. But mark their feafi, yeufiall beheld fitch Pranks, 
Tit Ptpejajt Grace, bat 'Hi the Devflgivei Thanktt 




TMTB L I, thtn bt rm bis Ju^ii i what Prtttnti 
'' Madt them tvar out, thii flay imtildgive Offtmtf 
Vad h* tht Popt's tgiglci mtaM t» hum, 
Jittd hftfarfport bit Jfint in an Urn ; 
7ii try if Stliguti latald ferfirm, at btmt. 
But balfthife MiracUs ibty da. at Rome i . 
'Mart could vuhteotiumjaii, wmaart hwi dau, 
%m damn thii Play about tht Cnrt and T«vm : 
Sot if he 'adpeuin tbtir Philttn, thamu mdRap, y 
Hay, ctnjttr'd up Pefe Joan (o plia/e tht Agt, f 

AtdhadhtT Brtichei fearcyd upin tht St^e, 3 

' Firji then, hi brings a Zcandal vt tht Gvam, 
And maiii a Priefi hath tilcher and Buffaatt f 
Why, f^as m Fool yet t^-ir maJe a Plamn, 
But Dulnefi qiuti enSaifd upon tht Lay-mai ? 
Or tuai it tvtr htard ia Rome befart, 
7h^ «Hy Priejl iwai fueJHtn^dfirhii Wh*rtT 
tttPfrt, tbthtrrid Chair, the Midnight Shew— ^ 
ilejayt 'rtwu dtJii fwa hnadrfd-ttarj eff ; 
Ht only feints their ivayi efmurderii^ then ; 
J^ytu muft demti, jpare the Hifleriaa't Pen, 
^i damn thtfe Rc^un that aS 'em »'er agea. 
Bat Dominicks, Fraocifcang, Hermits, Fryars, 
ibaUirtfdm mrtaRactefxieleiuLjarii 



Villain!, rwhaftr ^etigiaifs Prtft^atian, _ 

Come ben difguii'd in pv'ry mtan Faeation, I 

Jndfit in Stalh ta J}y tifan the Nation. \ 

OUimiJ^riaJhallthtiT traJefirhiar, 

Spread nQ mre Savoy Reliqua, Banes and- Hair, 

Shall fell m more Hie Baubltt in a Fair : 

Monki nndtr ground fiall ciafe te earth like Molei, 

^nd Father Lewis lea've hit lurkii^ Holts ; 

Get no mare thirtj Pounds fir a blind Story, 

Of freeing a Welch Stulfram Purgatory. 

Jefuitt in 'B.oraejball quite fi/rftoear their FunSion, 

And notfer Goldgiiie Where, the EAtreme Unflion : 

High Englifti Whtrei, that ha'ue all Vices fajl, 

Shetll eeafe tt turn true Catbilicis at laf. 

When Poets 'write, tho' by txaSeJi Rules, 

Jndartmtjudg'd ly Kwvei, and damned by. Fools, 

-„ Google 

Dramatis Periboae. 

fttf&l ^,.f#'r* lu-^f- 

MacbiavtJ, Smtary of Flerenti. Mr. Smth. 

Afitaut Sfirxa, A Buffoon Cardinal. M. Lft. 
'ViteHiKxo. Chief of the *7rtJ»*. Ui.-PtnivMii 


Bm Mitbatl,- 
Cardinals, ift. 

Stilamira, Daughter of Oijfw. tJin. Lui. 

Msma, Her EinTwOtiUla ' and Confi->'., _ , 

dame._ ' ' ■ yAn.Pnce^ 

iti, y^. ' 


u.a.i,:-.- -,^G00^^lc 



SCENB is u Chamhir ^Stmtt ; at difiaaci an £fiovtrid' 
litlU American Byi tuiib Btxn «f Jtwth in tbtir' 
Hanii; tn mtbfiit < thi Stagt, from ihtfiat Sam 
l9 tht Ctamitr, /wv Indian Stritm art Anati at tiHi* 

Entir Alonzo, ^ai Don Michael. 

PMidr.JUttf &OtL R E Ehefe the Prefents. fky'Athou^. 
^^^^nl of the late - 

I New Gardina], AfioKiaSfirxaf. 
Jltnx. Theyare; hpofEcrsihtiS' 
to Machiavtl, 
And thinks that Gold may bribe him to betray. 
The Dnke ValinHwi. But, Mlchail, teU me 
What does the World report of this Creation? 
Does it not rail, and grin, and bite the Pope } 

D.Mich. Haslt not Reafoni For, betwixt ourfelve^ 
Woald any Man in hit high Dinii^ 
So vilely fcll che Gloiiea of the Chuich? 



Twelve Cardinals at once created ! 
Jfcanio firA, becaufe he bidi him mofi ; 
A fiiie effeminate Villain, bred in Brothel^t 
Senrdefi, illiterate, the Jeer of &im, 
A Blotto the whole Seel One finer &r 
For Hofpitals, that punts and patchet np 
A wretched Circafe woriy'd in the S^wi. 
But, fee! the gaudy Pageant moves ttua wayt 
How fpruce he looks ! and with a Pocket-Gla& 
Surveys the gloating Image. 

A}sn%. All Luxury : 
I'heard, the Night lucceeding bii-CreatioB. 
That he got drunk, and kifs'd the Pretatei roond 
Fof Joy But, fee he comes i retire and leave me. 

E»ttr Afcanio Sforaa. 

AfcM. Well, B»pa, well! if I am not reveng'd! 
Was there none elfe^n £««», bat Stllaimra ! 
AhBeHa, Bella, Btlla, Bellamra! 
I {aw her firft at Mafa, u I remember ; 
Cherubin and Ser^hin were nothioK to her : 
Oh fuch a Skin fiitl of allarine; Fle£ 1 
Ah, fach aruddy, sioifl, and pouting Lip ) 
Such Dimples, and fuch Eyes I fach melting £ye3> 
Blacker than Sloes, and yet the fparkl'd Fire ; 
Then fuch a way flie had to roll 'em round. 

As thus, and thus a thoufknd amorous ways i 

And wink and gloat, and turn 'em to the Comers— ^ 

JbHii. MyNohleLord! 

A/can. My dear, mydear ^Abjeo,' 
Kay, let me greet thee : 'twas thy Father's Cuftooi- 
But tell me. lovely, dear Ahsxe, tell me ; 
Thou haft the fofteft fine Complexion fijr 
ALover; beft cake heed of walking lace : 
Tell me, I fay, or I will pinch thy Cheek, 
Moves he chis way, or docs he teem alone 
Vith fome State Binh ? iffo, I'll wait agen. 

Akmt- Whom docs your EmJncDceinteodf 


Jfian. Thy Lord: 
Whom fhould I mean, intcndi «t think of elfe. 
Thy Lord and mtml Well, t.e'tan Oradcl iound 
Who, Man, I ibesim of nothing ell« I 

Jlenx.. BulWenthes. 

jifian. OAf<ic£(>iY//thcre,theK'98Word«aSMnd. 
An Air, a Bla!l, a Thunder-ctap of Wit, 
To roufe our foggy thiddcuU'd Cardinals: 
I'll fay no more i would he were?ope. 
Head of ihe Chriftian World, and I his Engine, 
Uii panicalar Member, to bring, to caft. 
To throw, difpofe, convey the wumejl 
Sprinidingsophis BenediOion. 

Alma. My Lord, I humbly offer'd your Addrefi, 
While with an Eye, fwiA as the Sun and piercing. 
He ran your Lctttr o'er: and fure it flin-'d iiim. 
For Srait he tum'd, and darting me, he a&'d 
If the great Cardinal, meaning you, my Lord, 
Which fliews the deep refpeft he bean your Pctfon» 
Knew not that Bargiu was his beft of Friends : 
Serria, ' he cry'd again, to whcMn the Lordt 
Of Fhrtnet feoc me their Amba&ador 
With promis'd Aid againft the Rebel Orfim. 

Jfcan. Has he rccciv'd^— Hay, I iay, hat he ? her^ 
Opoi thy Fift, now gripe me iaA, and tdl me. 

Aimtx- I durft not name your Prefentsi 
But, bowing, loon rctir'd, and place 'em here. 
That as he follows, he may view at once 
All your Munificence— ^— if aught of Earth 
His Temper holds, this Lightning will diflblve it : 
Butfee! Hccomesj beplus'd. Sir, toretire. 
Aid you ffaall heat the Zeal with which I fervc you. 

Etatr Machiavel. 

Itaeh. Thus have I drawn the Platform of their 
As oft I have beheld, by Maften Hands, - (Fatesi 
A Tale in painting admirably told; 
Here a foft J>i^ Aabb'd mo tbeBreaS, 
A Hero there thrown headlong from a Window, 


To meet her Lover wruk'd upon the Shore : 
So have I form'd in more thanBrafs or Marble,. 
The Deaths of thde whom I iiitend to hulh. 
Oh, Cafar BuTffa ! fuch a Name and Nature ! ' 
That is my fecond Self; a Machiavd! 
.A Prince I who, by the Vigour of hia Brain, 
Shall rife to the old height of Roman Tyrants. 

jiiamt. He deeply thinks ; cor dare I interrupt hiaiH 
Till he comes fonvard. 

JJaia- Peace, anil give him way— O fuch a Head- 
piece I ^^ 

Mach. Id all n^ HciA EnquiiJes, all the Hiun(»irf 
Which I have drain'd with more than Chymiflj fiiast, 
X have not fotud a Temper fo compleat 
To finifh forth a Greatnefs as my C<r&r's. 
Firll i. he's a Bafiard, got in a Pit of Nature ! 
She fhoolc him frpm hw Netves in a Ccnvol&oii ft 
His Father flamp'd the Bullion in a. heat. 
And taking from-the Mint the fiery Ore, 
His Image bleft, and cry'd, it is my avm. 
Yetmore, aPricA begothim, wd 'tis thQug;fa^ 
That Earth is more oblig'd to Prielb far Bodies, 
Than Heav'n fbt Souls ! nay, and a youngs Priefttos^ 
Perhaps in the Embraces of a Kub, 
Who ventur'd Life to dafp the lofty }a/. 

A/can. Oh, if a Mgn could but hear him now I Btain». 

Alas, Akimi, weare'Stufftohira. (allSiaidt, 

Mere Entraili, butthe Guts of Government, 
Nothing to him hark— 4w goes on 

Math. Why, what a ftwt of Nature is this Man*. 
Whom by Ambition, ;iot hy Love I'll raiief . 
Therefore jlfiania's new goMen Wolld, 
I gravely take for Ruin to the Bride, 
To tell her old doting Father, Brothers, Undcst 
And the whole Race ofOrfia and P'ite/Ji. 
h fix'd by Fate and mc : No more ! the fleeting Ajr 
May catch theSounds, and Walls themleWes have Ears. 
J/mK. My Lord I the Cardinal ^/etuaa \Cemiiigfir- 
IfagUntcd (o yonrOolcr. ^ymrdoMdtAuii^.. 


Jttmch. Let him hear us— 
Vrge me no mor e —— for 'tis impoflible. 

jiUaz. My Lord, be thinks not lb ! 
He fays your Voice is as the Mouth of Hear'n* 
Stiles yon a Goc3, and in the cxir^ivag^ince 
Of his Di^unded Admiration, fwean 
NoChine to you can be iuipoffible. 

Math. Extnva^nce indeed ! 
Yet fuch Extravagance exprefies Love, 
And merits all is& Thanlu : And had he menuon'd 
Aught but the Ruin of my belt of Friends, 
I would with all the Wings of Expedition 
Have Ihot thro' a thouJandBara to do him fervtce. 

.Aleax. My Lord ! ^e does not hint at Btrvia'i Ruin.. 

Math. Does he not w^ that I (hould break the Nup- 
Tis fure the Marriage I at firS diHik'd ; (tiaLi ^ 

1 pierc'd the Channer with a narrow Eye, 
And found how Wit and Beauty thieaCn'd in her^ 
With all the fubtleft Giaces, that might luU. 
Stubborn Ambition to inglorioua Reft: 
But Love already had perform'd his parti 
And laid the warring Borgia ather Feet : 
How then flwuld I op^ehijfirft Hnjoynient,, 
Who was his Lerate, and folliciied 
The Parents of Sue beauteous Btllamlra f 

Alani. At leaft. Sir, far the fUtnre, lay fomeBbck 
That may difturb the Progrcfs of their Loves : 
And fmce you have alledg'd 'tis foe his Glory 
This MarriagDwere mutooe ; iuiceitisdone» 
Let it be hurtful in the Conlequence. 

Macb. Thus I thould prove indeeda Friend to Tkrtwci, 
Who hate Or/w's Race: Nay, Uhouldaft 
The crueft part of Friendfliip to my Borgia, 
Snatching this Soft'ner from his warlike Bf^otn, 
And tummg him new bent for Arms and Glory- "^ 
Ha ! Scene of Gallantry is this : 
Whence, and from whom comes this Magnificence, 
And wherefore kneel tbefe Offerers at my Feet i 

Ah»x. They are the Children of the new-fijundr 

The fonss of Zm«,.c3il'd.the /»<£«■ Gods. (World;. 



Math. Awav with 'em, and bid 'em tell their Lord* 
Machia'virs Virtue never (hall be brib'd ; 
And for tkeir Service give 'em twenty Qxcmta : 
Butifthoudat'ft to rob 'em of a Spangle> 
You know my Humour never fee mc mone- 

jlhnx. Doubt not, my Lord, but I'll obferve yoar Lord— I told you hcwould melt, (Humour, 
Sir, the great Caidinal. So ■ n ow they crinee ; 
What.and embrace too ! Oh thou damn"d,damn'd World, 
Thcfe will be heard, and make your StateGnen fmile. 
When Orphans, Widows, and the crippled Soldier* 
Are clbow'd off, and thruft away in Frowns. 

{^Exit ixith theBayi. 

Mach.' l.iy l^oti, you make me wonder! fureyouv'e 
In love your felf with' old Orfim^s Daughter! (l»« 

^fl». Lov'dher.myLord! wiinefsthrfefallingTears.' 
Why do you thaw my Nature with your Queftionsf 
Witne& bright Stars ! witnefs ye golden Planets I 
And all ye woods, and all ye purling Streams j 
ADdBirds,andFlocks,andGrots,aiid Rocks, andFlow'rt! 
Kay, Sir, I tell yon, ihe was mine betroth'd. 
If Icouldcalt my Coat, which had been done. 
For nothing tickles the prefent Pope like Gold, 
JDazxles him that .wecos Indulgences, 
Forgives, abfolves, all for omnipotent Gold, 
Difpenfcs Pardons fomeiimes in a Fury, 
HefcDds his Bulls abroad, that roar like Thunder : 
When ftrait a Golden Calm 

Comes o'ertheir Backs, andthen they're ftill as Lambsi 
Why fliould I hold you long amon^ the reil. 
That faw her Berfie, that unlucky Baftard, 
Beheld and lov'dher? 1, my Lord, was ruin'd. 

Mach, MyLord ! Iwifli theMarriagemay notprofpen 
He's bent to enjoy her, and in that ffoothhim; 
For fnbtly offering once to bring hint off, 
I found pale Anger in his Face like Death: 
Whereon Iftigil'd Compliance, and have wrought 

The Bufmefs to a Head But let time work, 

Aad reft alTor'd, that what fo mean a Man 
As Mathiavtl with honour can perform. 



T« pay you perfeft Seirice (tail "be done. 

AfiMi. My Lord! &rewel— when I protefl and &vear, 
Ev'n by the A]tar^faJr Bdlamira, 
My Lue Js yours : believe I a.m yoor Semnti 
Not a Step fBTther, by my Robe f your Ca|)tive, 
YoorEinmeBCC* molt humble Creunre, Servant, Slave. 
. . {Exit Alcanio i^alkii^. 

Mad. I am ty'd forever. 
No. <li>ll Buffoon f thoa walking Lump of Lufi, 
Not to revenge thv ungor'd Appetite, 
Shall Bojya kill her, but for his own Renown? 
He is my Champion Prince, Italian Tyrant, 

1 Not form'd to languilh in a Woman's Arms. 

I Oh -'tis a Fault, were I fo fram'd for GreameTs, 

E'er I would amble in a Female Court, 
And cringe, and fki||, and play the Ladiea Cripple, 
I wenld he gibbeted i'th' common Way, 
For Crows and Daws to peck my Carrion Limb), 
fiat I muft Fooze him, and I'll do't by Death, 
Ev'n by the bloody D«Kh of her be doats on. 

(' Enltr Adoma. 
Herefs one Tngredient I mnft mix, to make 
The Fodon Oeask The Wreuh is deqi in love 

'<■ With Bergia'i Brocherj the yoong Duke « Gtudia, 

I That way I make her fure ! 

I Jdtr. My Lord. 

' Macb. My dear AJ«rna, • 

How goes tiie Marriage forward ? and bow treats 
i The gallant B»rgia, grut Faltnlitmi, ' 

[ Jltmanitfs Duke, Us fur and Virgin Bride? 
' jLirr- The Rites are to be folemtaiz'd this Mwningi 
i Tho' BelUnira quite abhors the Marriage ; 
' Who ftiU when Berpa hnmbly fues for Love, 

Anfwers him with Tears, uidpays his Vows 

With ominous Weeping. 
, Macb. And how takes he thai? 
I A^. Hewalluandmufesdeeply, fpeakstonoMan* 
I But Paul OrSm, whole moft wattUiil Wit 

-„ Goo^^lc 


■I fear defcries whei* he has lock'd her Heart ; 

With abent Browlhe eyes Che Duke of Gair<A'a>- 

'Salotes him doe of Ute : He came this Moroing 

Into her Chamber ; dreadful was his Adion, 

Unworthy of mj' Blood, hethundredout; 

"" But if the generau3 Btrgia is refus'd, 

" Think not of G(t»</i«, but of Blood and Denh. 

Maeh. What inauljiicious Chancedifcover'dto hin 
A Secret, which I thought conceal'd from all. 
But thee and me, and thofe unhappy Lovers } 

Adiir. I cannot guefs; he pausMa while> tb^figli'd^ 
■And ftarting np in fiiry , charg'd her rife : 
Re^ve, hecry'd, receive himasa Hdlband, 
Whom the feleaed Virtuus of thy Sex 
Can e'er dderve ; adorn thee lilce « &ide. 
And meet him, the' thy tteacherous Heart is mortg^'dt 
Meet him at leafl whh well-dilTemUed Love, 
Or by my Hopes, I'll reak my Anger oa thee, 
Vith all the Torment that ltaii<m Fmy 
Could e'er invent for an adulterous Wretch. 
He cry'd, I will, and after make thee nothing. 

Math. Halletheeawayi charm mththyutffloftSkiS 
The mourning A//tfn>ri*, to<4)eyhim: 
The Knot once tyM, Gandia wilt fooB delpur. 
Iicavemetowiwkhimthen) Millions toC^ 
Sntl fliallmake himthine. 

A^. But did the Duke of Gandia Once proteft 'i 
Mad. Proteft ! he did proteft, and fwcsr, and tovk 
Go> go, and hafic ! for the Day grows upon nt. 

{;£»/ Adorna. 
His Brother too! this Duke oiGanMa bleeds t 
for he ii grown of late the Rbhjomj Darling, 
Warm'd in the very Bofom of the Pope, 
And dearer than my Bcrgia to his Sifter, 
The famouj Lucreci, who can charm her Fatlur 
In all the Heatof Excommumcationi, 
When he throws Bulls, like Thunderbolts, about hunt 
She like a VtJiui to her angry Jovf 
Moves with inceftuoiu Fires, iolds her white Arm 
About his chafing Neck, ftrpkes his black Beard, 



And fmootha his furrow'd Cheeks to dimpled Smiles j 
The Brothers too cnjoy'd her. O Heav'n, and Earth ! 
Kot thefirft Day, ^er fuch infinite Time 
That Motion had th' irregnkr Matter roll'd, 
When all the wandring Atoms hit u taft 
Into this beauteous Form, even when our Sires 
FbA mingled, was there fuch a Loofe of Nature, 
Such ti TnuHivirate of lawlefa Lovers, 
Such Rivals as out-do even Luetaa's Gods ! 
«a! the Or/fM here ! aad the yittHi / 
Th(y Dttovcthis way in moimtaineCaiafi-t 
Uethinks Death darkens every Vifage there. 

*Tis fo They are no more-^ Or this is true. 

Or Mathiavei knows nothing of Mankind. [^x.Mat^ 

Emitr OiGso, Vitellizzo, ATcanio, Adrian, Enaa» 
Ange, liret Cardinah. Olivamto, Graviiia. 

Fitel. I fey agen, I do not tike the Marriage* 
Were Btltamira mine, Pd lell her off 
^For Gold, Pd merchandize her tender Bcau^ 
With Injidels, and fend her to the Turi, 
like an AifdnBuda, to gorge the Monfter, 
Rather than wed her to peifidious Ssrgia. 
Orfut. Youaretooviblent. 
Vittt. I think npt fo : • 
A drowiunz Man will gralp at any thing; 
Nay, fink his Friend t£u leap'd among lie Warn 
TopvehimLife: butyou, tho'intheGulph, 
Ride onto Ruin, tho' yoor Friends call out. 

,03^1, Nay, tho' theypoint the Whirl-Pool juftbcfoit 
Thatwoutd devour us all. (you, 

jtJrian. Befides, 'tis impious, 
Againft all Right of Nature, Law or Realbn, 
To aft the Tyrant o'er a Daughter's Will. ^ 

A/ean. She knows the Craelties nXdefar Serglat 
Has heard his Rapei and Murders .' Mercy on mc. 
How did he ufe the poor Fttetiaa Lady ? 
He fbrc'd her in a Wood, nay in a Ditd^ 
Ai I am aedibly inform'd by thofe 

-„ CoogI': 


That heard her Iquok, in a dry Ditch dcflower'd her ' 
Add y« to this, my Lords, how, when the French, 
At fkcldng of a Town, broke open Nunneries, 
He tnifs'd at leafl forty the pmty'il Rogues, 
The teodereft qaaking things ! never broke up ! 
All fpotleli Maids, like Buds never blown upon, 
Nortwich'd even with the Tip of any Finger, 
And kept them for hit Letchery. 

Orfin. Methinks,my Lord j*^tf»iV, my Loid Mil/ai'n, 
Or my Lord Oirdinal, more Moderation 
Would better fit a Man of your Profeffion. 
I would net come to the old Argument, 
Forthenweclalh: ^n/gj.) is now my Son : 
Therefore I pray once more forbear to tax him ? 
The Theme is great and worthy that we mention, 
Rmaaia'i Duke and Nephew to the Pope. 

^mK. Prithee, MPaui; prithee now ben'tfohot. 
Good Reverend Gray-Beard i If you name hisGreatneii, 
Pronounce him right, ev'n as bis HoIine& 
Has own'd him to the World without a Btulh, 
Hia nunral Son, his Nephew or his By-Btow, that ij. 
In fhott, old Pau/, his downright Ballard, 

OrSit. Without a BIdh i flipuldl ftandupiheCbam- 
Of ^ent Btirgia, and unravel thee ; (pio« 

I tell thee, Prieft, thou Scandal to the Altar, 
Thy Front, thy Eyes, thy Lips, each pan of thee 
Would blnfhwith Scarlet deeper than thy Robe. 

4/ffl*. Peace, Dotard. Peace. 
I fay old Ituttering Paul, thoul't ha' the worft on't; 
Therefore Peace, Peace, Dotard. 

Orfii,. Hal 

yi/il. Forbear: my Lord, remember! 
, Orfia. How darei he thus provoke me I 
Who knows, ytt ur^ me, knows in his Heart 
How I have pierc'd into his deepeft Thoughts, 
Have had IntelHgence of all his Vices, 
Ev'n of his clofeit, darkefl Deeds of Luft : 
And dar'ft thou call me Dotard ? Sauty Church-man 1 
Thou that gav'ft Whores Indulgences for Sin ; 
So rank, tiuA he frequena the common Stews i 



■Pot 1 new Face will give his fcarlet Coat 
To make the Stniinpel fine. 

O/jf. My Lord, confider where, to whom, of whom) 
And what it ia you utter f 

Orjia. Place me, fome Power, 
Upon St. Pettr'i Fane, the very Ball, 
And turn my Voice ttf Thunder, that I may 
Lay open to the World the hellilh fi&» 
Of this contagious Prelate. 

Jfian. Spit, fpitthy Venomj nay, nay, lethimoBt 
Ibfarkbowhelhakesnow; bymy holjrDame, (with't— 
I have nettled him i poor PauI—l pity the old Fool—* 

Or^a. Then Prieft, let me demand thee. 
Is not the Cupping-Glafs that burns thy Lull, 
And draws thy rifing Gall to foch a Blifter, 
My Daughter's Scorn, and Loathing of thy Perfon ? 
Ha ! is't not that i I think I have flung you. Cardinal ! 
Worie than the Neapolitan Pox you gave 
Our Reman Harlots^^-— 

j^can.Why how now. Pan/, what doft thou grow foul- 
mouth'd now? by my holy Dame, had I a Scourge 

I'd firk thee, Orfin I'd fo whip thee, Paul, 

So flog and fcourge thee, thou ftlould'ft eat thy Words, 
The Pox ! why, how now I ha I the Pox i'laith ! 
The Pox to me ! let me come at him ha ! 

Orfin. Ha 1 wilt thou fight ? 
So forward, Prieft! by Heaven I'll (have your Crown i 
Staml back, and let me mow this Poppy off. 
This ranlc red Weed that fpoib the ChurcJi's Corn. 

yitel. Did ever Fury run to fuch a height! 
Why, my Lord Cardinal, know you this Place, 
Arid how 'tis privileg'd ? 

A/can. My Lord, I am filenc'd. 
An cafy Man made up of Patience, I ! 
No Gall in me ! give me thy Hand, old Pan!: 
Henceforth w'arc Friends, and as a Friend I'll tell thee, 
Ev'n from my Heart, I'll tell thee what I think ; 

Thou an bewitch'd, old Paul, befotied, fool'd 

This Son-in-Law of thine has fcal'd thine Eyes, 
And flionly I Iball fee thee walk the Streets 

Vot.II. F With, 


With a Dog and a Bell — Day prithee be not tngry* 

I'or 'ris in love j I'll tell thee of a Dougc, 

And fo your Servant, noble VitiUi%sig, 

Atga and Etma yours Farewell, my Lord. 

And lallly thine wbofe Neck i« in the Noofe, 

Old Woodcock, Orfin. [£*«/ CawUnaJ. 

Gramin. I am not us'd to fear. 

But yet, methoQgbt, .^oxm's laft Wordj 

Were dreadtid to my Ears, 
QrRa. I have engag'd 

My Daughter, Life aod Honoar, and all my Fortunes 

For the Duke's Faith, and the Security 

Of every Perfon here; why Ihould we doubt him ? 

Have we not feen his Labour in this Matter \ 

FourThoufand Ducats, given us down injiand. 

With an AITurance of our former Pay ; 

Nay more, he binds himletf not to conftram 

A ny one of us to appear in PerTon 

Before him, but who pleafes of himfelf: 

Therefore let me intreat you clear your Brains, 
Meet all this Day together at the Marriage, 
And pay^him as he merits faithful Horace. (all 

Fiitl. There's fomething here fore-bodes, in Ipite of 
The Mufick that he makes, a harlh Condufion. 

0>/fl.Fotlhamenomore.' the very Feafsof Children, 
Becaufe he gives our Friends Allowances, 
And honours them with Charges, Governments, 
Beyond their Qualities, we dread his Dealing, 
And fwear he moans to draw our FafUon !rom us. 

Vit. Henceforth fay what you will, do what^.you plcale^ 
Since to your Interelts I am link'd by Fate : 
I will no more oppol'e your fpecious Rcaions, 
Si:t inllantly go w^it upon the Duke. ^riuK^eU. 

Orfin. This day .loaddneW Honours tstbeMairi^e, 
Our Son-in-Law, the Duke fnitntinaij. 
Receives the Role before the Confillory, 
A Grace which fe'dom b vouchiafed to Kings i 
Indeed the greateit which the Sacred Flead 
Of the whole Cl.rifliwiWorld can give to Man, 
The very highelt Rouadsf Jiuman Gicry. 



Scene dratus, tatdjhfiui the Cvnfiflory: Borgia timtt 

Jorv/ard, luitb tbt Role carry^d befori hint in greet 

. Paaf. Hu Sfs6eraphino/ir</^AloDzo, M&<;;hift- 

vel, AttendanU, Afcanio, aadjivt CaiMaali, Sez, 

Berf . O Machio'velf was ever Pomp like this f 
T\iK Morning dawns widi aa unwoatea Crimfon ; 
The Flow'is more od'rous fcem, the Garden Biid* 
Sing loader, and the laughing Sun afceiuis 
The gaudy Earth wiih an imulual. Eiightnefs — » 
All Nature liniles, and the whole Wotld is plcaa'd. 
Even all the World but thy unhappy Borgia. 

Macb.Aadv/ity (hould he, whom every \mi conclude* 
The DarliuB of the Times, .whom boonteoiu Heav'a 
Has crown'a with Glory in fuccefsful Wars, 
Whom it now doubly crowns with Beaaiy too. 
The brigbteft of her Sex, why {Iwwld he thwart 
Thewhole World's Vogue, and think himlelf unhappy? 

Borg. Yes, Moibiavel! thou worthiest of Mankindt 
To thee I'll ftrip my Heart, that iecret Bed, 
With Vices, Viitues, every naked Thought, 
And Ifaew thee all the Mixture ofa Man. 
We are obferv'd— ^^Think me not over-frail, - 
Becaofe I love: Were 5e//«»w>a dearer. 
Her Father bleeds, and all the lUbel-Kace; 
I'll firfi infiiare the Fools, then preach Fate to 'em. 

Macb. And let 'em know, jullas the Cords are drawing 
I^one ought to offend his Prince, and after truft him. 

gorg. My Lord Orfiao ! O forgive rae. Heaven ! 
Who have thus Broily fail'd to pay the Reverenca 
I owe the beft of Fathers, baftof Friends: 
This Day, this glorious Day, for ever bleft, 
And-never to be loll in Time's dark Legend, 
Crowns me your Son, Thus then I bend my Knees. 
Which are not os'd to kneel but at the Altar: 
And Oh ! permit me thus to kils your Hand, 
And pay eternal Vows to my Obeditnce. 

Orjin. O rife, my Lord, all Duty. is out-donc 
With bat one iinele hare Acknowledgment; 

F »■ Yet 


Yet for a Satisf^on to this Company, 
Say, do you love lay Daughter Btllamiraf 

Ssrg. Ha f what fays my Father i Do I live ? 
O Heaven ! why do you wound lae with the Queftionf 
Does the poor fuiF'ring Fair-One Virtue love, 
Who drinks the Brook, and eats what Nature yields, 
Kather than feaft in Courts with lofs of Honoar I 
Do thofe, who oa the Rack for Heav'n expire. 
Love Angels, and eternal- BtightneTs therei 
'Tis fure they do : And Oh . . 'tis full as fure. 
That Ca/ar Borgia dies for Btllamtra. 

.Orfia. Nomore; you honour her and me too mUch: 
Therefore this Day I give her to your Arms 
With a!l the pleafare of a proud old Father, 
O'crjoy'd to fee his Daughter match'd above him: 
By Heav'n, my Eyes grow full ; here all our Di&ord 
For ever end, all Jars betwixt the Orjiia, 
ViuHi, and the Duke Valentimis, 
Be iury'd ever in this ftrift Embrace. 

Sitg. Since you will have it fo, forgive my Duty | 
Let me grow hold, and as a Friend embrace you— 

Or^A. See here, my Lord, forlcarcecani dillinguifli. 
Thro' the bright Joy that dazzles my weak Sight, 
Oli'varetto, and the Duke Grevina, 
When Viteliir.'xo comes to grace your Nuptials j 
All on their Knees acknowledge you their PrioceL 

Borg. My Equals all: Nor fhaJI this Homage be, 
l-fwearit (hall not: Rife, ^ay Lords; your Arms; 
,I>et me embrace you round: By all things facred, 
I fwtflr that none of you have been to blame. 
Were you Confederates againft my Arms? 
You were: But BofjiVi infinite Ambition 
Forc'd you againlt your Wilis to let him know, 
Hia hcad-ftrong Youth, like a young fiery Horfc, 
iJnlds you kindly flop him in his Ipced, 
Would hurl him from fome Precipice to Ruin. 

Orfin. ^KKViuUixxaX how he takes our Crima 
Upon himfelf. 

Borg. Behold this Child, my Son 1 
I know not any thing the World calls predooS) 



Which in the darknefs of my Heart can much* him. 

But Btltamira. Take him Vitdll^to. 

Take the dear Blood thax trickles froHi my Heartj • 

The veiy Strings that wind about my Life, 

And let him for my part be Surety, 

As beauteous Bellamira is for youra. 

Qrfin. Farewel, my Lord : With thefe Attendants here 
I go to hafle the Bride ; and let my Life 
Be anfwet foe the little S<r<7/4/)«j. [£*, Orfmi, VitelH. 

Afiaii. He has her now, that delicate bit of Beauty 
Which I rcferved for my own Letchery : 
He drills her from lier eld deluded Sire, 
Hell! and fhe mdcs! Ihe meltt into his Mouth: 
But by my holy Dame I'll be reveng'd 
On every part of him : His little Baitard, 
Bec'aufe he doats on him, fhall Areight be mangled—* 
I'll do't i (ay : Yes by my itoly Dame, 

I will revenge my Lofi of Letchery 

Ha ! what a Jerk was that \ it grates my Bones ; 
Pray Heav'n it ben't a Spice, alittle Tang 
Of ^e Nfafolitaa Itch, O my holy Dame. 

[Ex. i>.-il!.. Cardinah: 

JBbrg. Now, Machiavel, prepare to hear my diui, . 
Hear to what SoftneTs and effeminate Mourciii^ 
All my dear Viflories at lall are melted: 
For I will tell thee, tho' thou'lt fcarce beliere. 
Since firft I faw the charming Btllaalra, 
The- very Image nf Charlcitai Scorn, 
I have not had one Hour of free Repofe ; 
Ev'n when at lafi: I have refolv'd to join 
Our Hands, and truft her with my tender Gloiy, 
I've ftarted from my Bed, at Midtiight rofe. 
And wandet'd by the Moon, then laid me down, ' 
Upon fome dewy Bank, and ficpt 'till Morn. 

Macb. Therefore there mull be fome ftrange Circunv 
Thatfirftinduc'd thofeFears,fomedaiig'rousHini(ftanca 
For your Sufpicions— — 

B»rg. Yra, Machiavil, 
There is, there is a Caufc for my Sufpicions. 

Macb. Are you furc of it ? 

F J Borg. 


S*T^. Mod fore I am j 
Sure as Referv'dncfs doe* imply Averiion: 
Yet I, as if my Fkmes were Fire in Froft, 
The more ftic cods, fcorch, rage, and bum die mor^— 

Mach. I gueCs your Meaning; like Cbarlotta, the 
Has pawr'd her Heart—but 'lis confels'd you know hint— 

Borg. Ha ! did I know the Name of him I dread? 
What God in Arms (hould Tave him from my Swotxl? 
Here thou hall touz'd the Lion in my Heart, 

Jialian Spite, Revenge and blalling Fury 

Devours my Soul ! all Mildnefs fleeps like I 

I boU like Drankards Veins Death I HeU and Ven- 

Mach. Supprefs this Fuiy (geance ( 

Come, come, ray Lord — I find yon're better tbird 
In Camps and Courts, and know not yet love's Worldt 
She is referv'dt yon fay, when you approach heri 
Why, let her weep too : Was it ever kncwn 
A fubtle Bride laugh'd on her Wedding- D^, 
Or clalp'd her Lovw in the Eye o'th' World I 
I find you are unlearn-'d. Sir — 'lit their Trade, 
Tbe very Nature, Soul, and JJ&-Bload of' em— ^ 
To whine and cry, and torn their Heads away. 
When their Hearts dote on what they {cem to (wm, 

Strg. If it were fo f 

Mach. Why it was alwayi (a. 
Is fo, and will be fa to the World's end. 
Give me your Hand, and take her on my Wordt 
J have been bred in Courts, Ibgnded the Humoors 
Even ofall Womtn-kii>d: therelbre advite you 
Sn)air immediately to old Orfim, 
Who with his brauteous Daughter waits your Coming. 

Burl. Cou'd jbe be trul^ nvine, the Wings of Winda 
^ould be too flow t» waft me to her Arms. 

Math. Once more I lay, Ihe is and fhall be yonr't. 
Truly, religraully, devoudy your's — — 
Why all this thoughtktfa, groundlef« Jealoafy 1 
Let manljj Confidence and Reman Virtue 
Mafler this Gothick Fury in your Blood. 

Borg. By Arms I by all the Glories I have won! 
Then haft awak'd my Lore, and chann'd my Fean. 

Charbtta f 


Chiarhtta! O the very figare of her; 

Buc fure the beauteous Lines are Ibfter here: 

And now I find 'tis rain toforego her 

Maeh. No more, my Lord. 'Tis I that thus embark 
And if fome Aarting Ptank Ihould fia.w the VelTel {yon. 

To your Dctlruftion 1 am ruin'd too-^ 

Since all I have, or am, or ever would be. 
Is to be yours, your fwon} unbia&'d Friend. 

Barg. Thou bcft of Men ; 
Thou art my Oracle, my Heav'n, my Genius, 
And as fome God, fhall guide me through the World^ 
Let's go to the Conqueft, tho' thro' Death we got 
Marriage and Death both new Experiments. 
Methiaks I lee the Taper in the Window, 
The bufy Nurfe unveils the weeping Maid, 
And I muQ naked pafs through Seas to reach her. 
O fatal Marriage ! O thou dilmal Guljih' 
Which like the- HAUfpant doft roar between 
Me and my joys: is there no other wayi 
None,, none, the Winds and the dafh'd Rocks r:ply : 
Why let 'em roar ; and let the Billows fwell, 
'Till Che raek'd Orbs be with the Deluge drown'd, 

Tisfix'tli I'll plunge, or perifh, or enjoy her — 

ISacb. Jaftly refolv'd t nor let a few falfc Tears 
Melt you again to an untimely Mildnds, 
CbaThtla thus deluded you in Franct, 
Which render'd all your Court ridtcnions; 
Remember that, and led the like Difgrace 
Should happen now, drag her if (he refufes. 

R,^. I wilt, my MifAZ-JT'^/— O Arms ! OG:ory! 
What an eternal Rclt would fmear your Lullre, 
Did not this Spirit of A mbition fire me ? 
Til tell her that the Lives of aU her Rac: 
Are now'within my power. 
Macb. Nay, threaten her. 
£«fT. I will do mure than threaten! 
Think not the dreadful C-r/ar will be rous'd 
To threaten onljri that's a deeping Bergia, 
A loving, dreaming, coofdennoos Bergia ; 
Bntwhoi I wake, there's always Execution—— _ 
F 4 A&K^. 




Borg. And Ihall I iwear again? 
No, Machiax'eli flie muft be mine, or die. 
Should Ihe for Refuge to the Temple fly, 
I'd after her; there if ihe fcoms my Flame, "t 

To the dumb Saints I will my Vows proclaim ;. t 
And in their View refolve the glorious Game: 1 

Upon the golden Shrines I'll lay her Head. 

And ev'ii the Altar make my Bridal Bed — [Ex.amba. 


Enter Oriino and Belkmira in Meurning. 

{HERE didlt thoa get the Daring 

thus to move mc7 
I Dy thy dead Mother's Shroud, not 
I the iiril Night, 
' When in her youthful Arms I grafp'd 
her to me. 

Was I fo hot with Love as now with Rage, 
Thou ybuna and Virgin Witch, thmi new-found Fuiy? 

Bell. Ahl Sir, for I'm afraid to call you Father, 
Give me my Death ; give to thefe trembling Brealls 
A thouland Wounds, or cut me Limb from Limbj 
But. do not look fo dreadfully upon me — 
Nor blall me with fuch Soundjs. O pity me! 
There's not one fatal Sentence, one dread Word, 
But runs like Iron through my freezing Blood. 
What have I done? Ah, what is my OlFence? 
And tell me how, which way ihall I atoae you? 

Orfin, Oh, thou vile Wretch ! afe what is thy Ofience? 
Doll thou not know it? Exquilite DilTembler ! 
Thou leading Sort'refs ! He-cat of -thy Sex ! 
Subtleft of aU thy kind, chat ever roll'd 
Thgr falfe deluding Eyes, and in their Gla^ 

; Conjur'd 


ConjvDr'd for Looks to cheat the fimple World ! 

But to take a11 Evoiion trom thy Guilt, 

Did I not charge thee, as tkou fear'ft my Curie, 

This very Morning to adom th^felf. 

As one whom the Great Diike inteodt to.honour 

By making thee his Bride? 

Btll- Alas! yon did. 
And I am come. Oh Heav'nl and all ye Powers 
That pity Woraai/i Weaknefs, I am come 
My Lopi aa you commanded, and have vow'd, 
Tho' Deathianenda my Nuptials, to obey you. 

Orfin. Thou ly'll even in thy Hean, thou know'fl thoa ■ 
Thoa haft malicioufly, moft grofly fail'd (ly'ft. 

In this Obedience: Say, declare, hafte, 'anfwer. 
Thou moil ungrateful WreKh. Ah, how unlike 
Thy meek, thy perfefl bright and bleffed Mother \ ' 
Is this a Habit for a glorious Bride! 
Doft thou thus meet tne gen'rous Borgiaf 
I know thy aukward Heart; thou mean'ft by this 
T»tclliheWor!d,. thou doft not like thy Hulbaud, . 
And dalh him at the Altar: But by Heav'n, 
Whither thou, Murdcrcfs, now art IcDding me, 
This (hall not ferve thy Putjofe ; In this Drefs, 
That blafts my Eyes, and firikes my Soul with Sadnels, "' 
rU fee the Prieft for ever make you one. 

BtU. Ah ! how have I dcfcrv'd this cruel Ufage? 
Did ever Daughter yet obey like ne ? 
Not Iha who in the DanKon fed her Father 
With her own Milk, and by her Piety 
Sav'd him-from Death, can match my rigorous Virtue: 
For I have done much more ; corn off my Breads, 
My BreaSs, my very Heart, and flung it from mc. 
To feed the Tyrant Duty with my Blood. 

Orfn. Call'll thou the lawful Impofition of 
A careful Father, that intends thee Honour, 
Tyrannical and bloody f Rage re fume me; 
Here, feeft thoa this f O wou'd the gallant Borgia 
Could fling chcc from his Soal, as I from mine. 
For 'tis Refpeft to ■ him that Taves thy Life ; 
E1& by. the Pever that quite burns me up, 

F 5 Pd 


rd ponyard th«, 'till all my Robes were Crimfon : 
Yet lince thou hall the Impudence to brave mcj 
And call thy Father Tyrant to his Face, 
I that have fbiter'd thee even from the Womb, 
And bred thee in my Bofom, hear and tremUe i 
For I will curie thee 'till thy frighted S<nt 
Kuns tnad with Horror, 'till thy Mother flut> 
Prom her cold Monument, to Kg me c c afe , 
Tho' air in vain. 

Btllam. I caft me at youi Feet i 
I'm all Obedience T See, Sir, i j ftamchcfB 
Groveling upon the Earth. 

Orjin. Curs'd be the Night, 
Ten thoufatid Curies on, that fatal Hour, 
When my great Spirit trifled with thy Mother 
For the I'roduftion of fo &lfe a Joy ! 
Btlhin. O horrid blading Breath 1 
Orfia. When I am dead, 
Wy troubled Ghoft (hatl ni^tly haunt thy Dretms 
Billam. Ah, hold— I kits your Feet, and hag your 

Knees , 
Or/«. Tbo' in thy Hufland's Anns, I'lldraw the Cor. 
And flare thee into Frenzy ; and thy Lord (tunS( 

I'll charm fa Jail, thy Shriclu fiiall not awalce hun. 
Bellain. Vet, Sir, forbear j tread on me, trample me, 
OrfiK. And all the Day, when other Spirits lltfepi 
Til follow thee with Groans, and carfe thee fliU i 
Nay, when thou feek'A for Cbmpsuy to '^capc me, 
I'll make thee fcrcam. See there hii Spirit nndi-I 
B*llam. Hear him not, Heav'nl 
Orjia. After thy firft Embrace, 
May thy Lord loath thee; fwear thou art no Vii^in, 
And call thee off as a moft lend Adulcereft. (you—. 
Belial. If there be Saints or Angels: Oh I charge 
OrJin. Or if thy HitTband Ihould by chance retain thee, 
Heart-bumings, Jealoufies indte him Hilt 
To plague thee with a thouiand Hells on Earth, 
And after end thee in Tome horrid manner. 

Btllam. Ponyardme, ai you-promis'd I Ohllabinef 
Grfim Eternal Bvrnmeu Ibot up thy Won^j 

-„ CoogI': 


If aa^ht that's human chance to raife thy Hope; 
May It be monHrous at the curft ProdutUon, 
An After-birth, at fotne abhon'd Conception, 

Eittr Duki j^Gandia in Mturning. 

5e/Z««,yhavefaid enough! my Heart, my Spirits M 
And I have now my WiDl without a Dagger. (me, 

Orjin. What now f another Mourner ? HeU and Furiei! ■ 
They both have plotted to onJo my Honour. 
Well — Duke aiGandia — but I'll call thee Bridegroom. 

Gand. Ha i bow's thia i the beauteous BiUamira 
Upon the Earth. Help, help — jny Lord, fbe's cold { 
Your Daughter fwooiu— • 

Orfin. isxK not, let her perilh j 
And thoa, ^ho haA feduc'd her, perilh with her: 
Swoon with her, fink with her, die both, and both be 
damn'd. [fixiVOrfino. 

Gani. Wake, Btllamira, fran the Sleep of Death t 
Life of Paltmtt'a Life ! give me a word i 
See thou art Jafe, daTp'd in thy GanJia'i Anm, 
P^antt holda thee. Say what Murderer 
OSei'd thia Cruelty, and I'll revenge thee. 

Btllam. Where am I f ha ! looTe, loore me from your 
Sondoffi fly fronintei fly, Palantr, flyt (Armst 
For we muft never, never meet again : ^ 

The Polet may Iboner yAa : 0, 1 am loft, " 
By an inexorable Father niin'd, 
Cun'd, blaftedi andfbrthee, iinha[>py Frince* 
Thou hall undone me, tho' not by thy Will, 
For fnre thou lov'ft the wretched Btllamira : 
Yet by the Ciafeqiieace of this ASeftion, 
Thou haft deftroy'd my Peace of Mind ^r erer j 
Tboo haft been roinoiu and mortal to me. 
As Robben, Ravifhers, or Murdereri ; 
Therefore be gone I fly from my Eyes for ever, 
Ai^nevcr kt me fee Palanit more. 

Gand. I go fbr ever ftbm ^ou, as you charge me. 
And Iw thM puTpofe I did hither come ; 
But little thought Uutt yon would drive me tba : 


I hop'd at leafl, that when I parted from you, 

And bid you everlailingly ferewel, 

I hop'd; but oh thole flattering Hopes were vain!' 

That gentle Bdlamlm fliould have figh'd. 

Or dropt a Tear, when I would take my leave* 

And never fee her more. 

Beii. O Cruelty! 
You rend the Plaller from the bleeding Wound: 

Gani. An elder Brother calls you to his Bed, 
And yoii perhaps will not be raviCi'd thither: 
Oh BeUamira'._ I had once thofe Vows 
Which thy frail Heart does now refign to Btrpa^ 
B;it I have flaid too long: Farewell ia't ever; 
When I am gone, and thou ibrmany Years 
Enjoy'ft the Change thy Father forc'd tbee to,. 
(For fure I cannot think it all thy doing !] 
If-happy Gxfar Bergia chance to fold thee- 
More cfofely in his Arms than waa his Cuflom; 
Say- te thy Heart with a relenting Thought, 
I'hus, ir our Fates had pleas'd, the wretched Candid 
Would thus have lov'd me. But no more, farewell.: 
YouVe pleas'd to banifh me~and— I'll tixy, [Exituria. 

£f//. Come back I comeback! youlhallnotleaveme.'i' 
Let Fathers corfe, and jealous Hufbands rage, {thus i 
. \jisit ha; a Force that can furmount-thcWbrhl, 

Bnler Borgia; 

C then 'til deilin'd that you moll be gone, 
And leave me to the Arms of cruel Borgia—— 

Bcrr. HaJ but obferve ; there may be more in thi»« 

Be/7. If we two Lovers, whom for Tendernefs 
The Wecld can never match, mufl part for ewr ■ . ■ 

GanJ. Oh, thatfor-ever! 

Borg. It's A^aHtion all ; 
By Heav'o, a Dccam ; I fwcar, a- very Dream. 

Be//. Yet take, O take this dying Parewel with tbcc !■ . 
And.whomfoe'er thy PalTian Ihall efpoufe, 
Rcmeniber! remember this, and leayeaie: 


-„ Google 


No Man was ever fo by Woman lov'd. 
As thou Pa/ante Ml hy Bellamira. 

Gand. Stop there i for to go on will give me Death. 
O]} ! cbou hafi ucter'd Soanda of fuch a (train 
As Nature cannot bear : like foftell Mu£ck, 
Which while it charm] the Scnfe, makes chill the filoodi 
No morel for by my glimmering Joys, I fear 
Tbou'ltfing pjy Sod to eveilafting Sleep. 

Btrf. Then .let me wake you. 

BtU. O Heav'ns, we are uitdone ! 

Ikerg. Stan not, nor weep not ! beaatequa StUamrgf . 
Fc^ there is nothing meant tow'id you, but, well i 
Fortune her felfnow finiles on your Defign,. 
And Heav'nand Earth conTpire to make you happy, 
Thcfe Mouming Habits on your Wedding- Dayi 
Had Chance not guided me to hear your^Lovei, 
Would^iuve betray'd the Secret——— 

GanJ. OBrotherl whatmuA lexpeAi I koownOl} 
Wbetlier I ought to hope, oi fear. 

B»rg. Hope all ; 
For curlt is he that parts whom Heav'n has join'd r 
I iUnd COR vinc'd that Love has made you onei 
And may thore chatter Fires that warm your Hearts, 
Vie with the Stats for Immortality ^ 

GanJ. Speak it.again, again confirm this Goodoefi^ . 
For one fo noble fure this World conuiju aot i 
Oh ! 'tis too little but to namcL himjioblc 
For fuch aSouI afpires above the Clouds, . 
So great, etherial, and fo godlike fram'd, . 
He muft look down on Kings ; fuch vail CompalSon^ 
Spch an' nnheard Magnificence of Mercy 
As we mutt both adore: Kneel,. BiUamirat. . 
For 'tis a Gad we talk with. 

Barg. O you-mull not. 
Mcthink^, lair BtUaaira, who ilill anfwer'ft, . 
With the accaftom'd Language of thy Tears, 
Methinks you Ihould hare told me aU this whilCf . 
Your Beauties were not doomL!d for Cafar Borgim.. . 
'Tia true, I often. fea^'d by your Referv'dnefs, 
Your Heart muft be cngag'd ■■i Or thou, Palaa/f,. 


Hadil thou bac told me when I woo'J her firfl. 
How many Sighs and Sorrows hadll thoa lav'd me > 
I would noi tnen have launch'd, but yielded up 
- The noble Freight, this more than In^an Treaforp, 
And given thee all my Intereft in her Father. 
G«nJ. AUa Ifcar'dl 
Borg. I hold you, !jir, exau'd: 
May you be h^>py as your Soola can wiihj 
But I muft beg you firom tjiii "^Rz tcdre 
For your own intereft ; Orfim here 
Entreated me to tmt him, and 'tis now 
Upon this Day, allotted ^r my Marriage, 
Unfit to break the Budnels of yoni Loves. 
Yet doubt not, O moll happy lovely I*air, 
But Cure and I'ime (halt perfeft ali your Wilhes. (ning: 
Gojid. Give me your Arms : I had defign'd this Mor- 
Made defperaie with my Grieb, ('acquaint ywir £w 
With all the Progrefs of my ruin'd Pft^n: 
I thought that you would uorm, and nfe me ill. 
And had defign'd I know not what to forfeit 
My Life, rather than lofemy Beliamirai 
But you havefo prevented m e ■ 

B»rg. No more. 
How, hiTcHBilUmra! not one word I 
' Am I ordain'dche Proxy of your Love, 
Without the Breath of Thanks? 
Bill. The bounteous Heav'n; 
Rain on your Head whole Deluges of Merdet* 
For thb great Goodnefs ! Hear me, oh ye Powov 
Hear me upon my Knees ; where-e'er he goes. 
Guard him with Bleffings ! give him his owa' WiJhes i 
If to [he WaES he pals, Renown attend him. 
And growing Conqueft dwell upon his Armsi 
l«t him anam, by a long courle of Valour, 
And gallant Ads, to the old Ramait Greatness ; 
And wlien at lafl in Triumph he letums, 
Mav ail the fighing Virgins ftrewhb way. 
And with new Garlands^cnnni his coming GIo«t. 

[Eitit with Gandift. 


Enter Machiavel. 

Mtub. Something's difcovcr'd.and I gueft thcBo^iicft. 
My Lord, you're wanted, uid the boiuteoiu Bride. 
Serg. I charge thee name her not upon thy Life. 
Tear, tear, oar off thefe unbecoming GanoentJ, 
Get me my Horfe, and bid my Anns be reatly i 
Yes, Machiavtl, with tb-morrow's dawn. 
Thou ftialt behold me in another Drefs, 
Breathing DefiaJK* to thefe loiter Wars. (change f 

l/lacb. But why. Sir? why? how comes this (iidJea 
Why have you charg'd me, that rflioald not fpcak 

Berg. Cntel Maciiavtt! 
"Why doft thou bring the &tal Charmer back, 
Whom I wonM drive for ever from my Soul ? 

Maclr. This wondrous Alteration of your Humou^ 
Muit fure arife from Tome as wondrous Caiife. 
Have yon dilcover'd aught i 

Btrv. All, all's difeover'd i 
And £ch an over-light in thee: butwherey 
Where now is thy profbuul Sagacity ? 
Where all thy Depolitions, Promiles, 
Warrants, En^gements that Ihe IhooM be mine} 
Chaftely, religiouQy, devoutly mine f 
Mach. Andisfhenotf 
Btrg. By Heav'n quite i^ipoGte: 
All that my boding Heart prdag'd to thee 
Before, has hapfen'd, happen'd in fuch manneiv 
At quite oiu-went my own Imagination. 

Mach. Who e'er he is that has fupplanted yon. 
By your juft Rage he was a fecret Villain, ■ 
The cloleil Tiaitor that e'er jdotted Miichief, 
And juftly has deferv'd the Stab you gave him. (bihg i 
Borg. How, Mmcbittrvelr ha, didtt thou talk of ftab- 
JUiui.InQitherthink,norkaow what's your Intention, 
But that's your Countrj^'s Culh»n in fuch Cafes : 
Befides, Sir, when I did difcourfe you laftj 
You fell into Convaliioaa of Defpair, 



With mentioning the very name of Rival, 
And thunder'd out wholeVolleys of Revenge. 

BoTV. True, Machieevth but could not dunk my 
Slould prove siy Biother. (Hival 

Mach. Ha! 

Berg. Raife, raife me, Heav'n : 
Some other Man, that dares to take her from me; . 
To fnatch the only Beauty I can love. 
And at the Altar too, from my Embraces: 
If I not end him, Cho' he were Imperial, 
Sv'n in the middle of his Guarde— — 

SSacb. Your Brother! 
And have you Confirmation that ihe lovea him ? 

Bsrv. Why dolt thou wonder ? I both law and heard; -■ 
Heard alt his Vows, and her moft pa(£onate Anfwers j 
She loves him: Yes, thdC'Curs'd Remembrancers, 
Thefe Eyes have feanit. Oh ! flie dotes on him. 
Ends on his Looks— —eyes him as pregnant Women 
Gaze at the precious thing their SouU are let on- 

A Man of quite another World \ you'd beft 
Go to the Wars, be (hot, and leave this Biother 
The Heir of all, fole Darling of the Pope. 

Berg. ,'Tis certain, that I leem'd to appearance . 
Mild and relenting ; begg'd 'em leave me here, , 
That I might think 

Mach. Think ! by your Holy Father, 
You have no Blood, no Soul, nor Spirit leftj 
The Genius of your Hod{( mull blufh at this : - 
A Brother! why, fo much the more a Vitlain.J 

Berg, O Machiamell 

Math. O confcientious Sergiai 
By all that's great, it is in him flat Inceft ; 
There's for your Confcience, if you will have CoDfcicticeii 
She. was betroth'd yours by her Father's Will, 
I^ublifli'dto the World, and what elfe makes a Marriage? 
And for a Brother thus to undermine you. 
And cany it too ! Are you Italian born i 
Begot by onef Oh,^make icnocaDoubt^ 

1 Erie 



rrieve, I groan, I am mad to fee yoD thus ! 
to be made the Ta!k, the Jeer of Remt, 
AS once you were at Paris by Cbariqtta: 
No ■ I'll revenge thee ! cold as thou art and dead [ 
And may this Steel be Iheath'd in Machiavtl, 
Jf that the treacherous Duke of Gandta 'fcape me. 


Borg. Come back, I fay i for what is to be done, 
rilaftmyfelf. Where was If or where am If 
No, Macbia'uil, thou know'ft 'tis not my Confdence 
That lets the Villain live ; I think thou hail heard 
The fatal Jars w'have had about my Sifter i. 
For I remember, being in her Bath, 
And by her Women told we were at Word^ 
She ran in hafte half naked to the Pope, 
Who came to part the Fray ; and fwore Jn Fury 
With horrid Imprecationsi who e'er fell 
By ch'otber's Hand^ he never would have mercy 
C^ the Surviver. Thi^, my Matihiavel, 
Is Btrgia'i Confcience^— For to do a Mordcr, 
And not be fafe, is Drunkard's Policy. 

Mach.. What then is your Intent i 

B«^. To follow Nature; 
For fo do Flames that burn, and Seas that drawn! . 
Yes, Machiaiitl, and care not what comes on't- 
So when Security, and black Occafion 
Point me to death, I will be rough as thofc,. 
And blood him, till he changes to a Ghoft : 
Yetiince icy Father's Threats bar prdeni Murder, 
m lind a way to rack him. 

Mach. Ha ! you mend — 
To take again i 
The lovely Bch 
Some holds about your Heart. 

Borg. Oh, 'lis canfefs'di 
And howfoe'er my Tongue has play'd the SnggarV 
She reigns more fully in my Soul than ever : 
She garil'ons my Breaft, and mans againft me 
Even my own rebel Thoughts, with thoufand Graces, 
Ten thoufand Charms, and new difcover'd B^utifrs,. 
Oh ! hadS thou feen her when Ihe lately bleft me* 


What Teari, what Looks, and Langoiflungs flie darted i 
Love bath'd himlelf in the diflitlin^ Balm : 
And oh the fubtle God has nude his Entrance 
Quite thro' my Heart -. he (houts snd triumphs too. 
And all his Cry is, Death, or BtUamira. 

Mach. Why ! this is like the Spirit of year Fatlkei« 
You bring this graceful Vigour juft before me, 

Juft, juft as firft he wore the triple Crown, 
uft fohewalk'd, juft with that fiery Movement; 
So fparkled too bis Eyes ! To glow'd his Cheeks. 
Nor fear Palanit, when fhe's in your Arms, 
When Ihe perceives the Fervour of your Paffi<Hi 
" " ' ' ■" "I for Met 

Panting upon her naked Breads for Mercy. 

Barg. Sighing, as if m'y very Soul would bu 
And gTafping, Macbiava, as if Death's Fangs ' 

Mach. Now Healing to her Lips, diHolv'tl in Tearsa 
And pcefiing clde, bat faftly, to her Side; 
Whirring, O why, why, gentle BtiSamira! 
Then with a fnddeo Hart let loofe your Love t 
Grafp her as if you could no longer bear it| 
Clafp ber all Night, and Aifle her with Kijlbs; 
Oh, there are thouiand Ways F 

. Bang Ten thoufjmd thoufand : 
Millions, and inHnite, yet add to thoTet 
I'll try 'em all ; nor fliall a Drop of Meri^ 
Fall from my Eyes, tho' I beheld Falantt 
Dead at her Door. O ExpcAation burns me ! 
O Brllamira! Heart! how Oie inflames me? 

Macb. Then there's no need of warhkePrcparatioDtF 
^Birg. TalknomoreofWar, fornowmy'niemc'saU 
The War like Winter vanilhes j 'tis gone, (Love ; 

And BiHamira with eternal Spring, 
Dreft in blue Heav'ns, and breathing vernal Sweets, 
Drops like a Cherubin in Smiles before me. 

Much, Oh, that the World could but behold yooUiu^ 
That Bellamira law you in this Height 
Of dazling Paffion, and becoming Fufy ' 

Berg- Thus, to a gbriouB Coaft,thro' Tempefts hurfd, 
.We lail like him who fougbt the hdiaa World. 



'Tis morei 'tis Patadife I gotoprove; . 
And Se/Iatmre is the Land of Lore : 
1 have her in my view ; and hark, fhe talka. 
And fee, about, like the firft Maid, Jhe walkt: 
Fftir as the Day when firA the World began) 
Andliuadoom'd tobethebappy Man. {Eximt, 

A c T m. 

Enter Afcanio and Alonzo. 

I Y Lord, tbtsiaanAA'fonewlv horrid^ 
1 SoghaiHyaCoMnvanceofRerenget 
1 I'hat Fiettda diemfelvei would fian 
J at the Prm>o&l. ■ 

'itodothis; Iwhohavcbied}umHpf 
Ok Sertpiimf aurs'd thee in my Bofbm, 
To gafh thy Checks, and tear out both thy Eyes ! 

Man. The Siinu of Gold are ar4er*d to be paid ; 
Hatf on yonr bare confent ; on Execution 
Thewhote. .Almm, thou haft no CompalBoB 
When Intereftcotnea in play: Don't I know^ 
At the Command of Macbiavtl, or B«rpe, 
Tboo wooldll not ftick to poifon ev'n the Pope i 
Come, come, diffemble not thy Occiumtion, 
Morder'a thy Tnde, and Death iby Livelihood i 
Therefore perform thii A&. of fpritely VengeaucCt 
And I'll create thee noble ■ ■■ 

AltHK. 'Tis fure, e'er lone, when I have ferv'd their 
That they will cndmetoo, rar fear of talking; (tonit 
Therefore, my Lord, howe'er my Confcienceltings me. 
For 'tis moft true, I love the innocent Boy, 
Send home the Gold^— .. .. 

Afiaa. Thou Ihalt alongwith met 
Iwillnotfend, but pay it thee in Hand, (uthatf 

full twoKy thoalaad Cnnviu—— Why, what, a Sam 
' Full 


Full twenty thoiifknd Crowns I 
Why, I will tell thee, there are Rogues in Orders, 
Monks, Fryars, Jefuits, that would kill their Fathers, 
Ravifli their Mothers, eat their Brothers and Sifters, 
For half the Sum: What, twenty thoufand Crowns ! 
Away, away ! Come, come, pull out his Eyes, 
And make a Cufid of the little Baftard. 
I fwear thou Ihalt ; what, twenty thoofknd CiOWU ! . 
Mimst. My Lord, I am t^hatm'd. 

Enter MachiiiYel and Adorns. 

A/can. My good Lord Macbtmitl. 

Maih. MyRoble Lord, 
Thehumbleft of your Servants—^— 

[£;v. Afcanio .»;i/Aloazo« 
Howi m-y Adoma, now the time is coming, 
When thou Jhalt rival even the Queen;of Love ; 
For, by my Life, a Bridegroom like Palantt 
Might match anEmpref;.^ — But ht's'thirici no more: 
Tve iworn he's thine. This Day, that gives his Brothe* 
Thy- beauteous Coufiti, is the bleft Fore runner 
Of-my Adarna^i certain Happinels. 

Ador. Heav'n only knows the IITue of my Fate ) 
But did not Love and languifliing Defire 
Tranfport me from my leif, I (hould endeavour 
To help the poor despairing Beilamira. 
Not many Hours ago Ibe ran upon me 
With Extafies, even crying out for Joy, 
In fpitt of Fate, Palantt Inall be mine ; 
Then toid me all that yon difcours'd but nowj-- 
When on that Minute cruel Borgia encer'd.' 
With old Onfao, who commanded her,.. 
r*h' midil (rf Prayers and Tears, and Ihrieking Sonows> 
Strait CO attend her Hufband to the Temple. 

Macb. Excellent ! and how bears Palanti this ! 

Adar. So much the worfe, becaufcqiiite unexpeAcdv 
And while I told it in moft moving Terms, 
He Uruck his Breaft, and caft his Eyes to Heav'n, 
finc[uir'd Ua yao, then talk'd of Blood, ancL ranifli'd. 
... Matb. 


Mae^. I have been, ever fince I came toRniu, 
A Confidant to both : I like the Method, 
The Machine moves exafUy to my mind. 
Salts like a Ship well-balkli thro' the Air, 
And ploughs the rifmg Mifchiefs dear b^orc me. 
Tvc heara thee often talk of pretty Letters 
That pafi between Palante aad thy Coufin, 

JJor. I have 'em all in keeping, by her Order. 

Mach. Letme perufe'em. 

AJer. "Will you befecret then? ' 

Much. Away, and fear not, they (hall makethyFor- 
Soon as the Marriage- Rites are paii, we'll meet, (tune: 
[£jri> Adormu 
Bnt.lo, theycomel the Duke of Go<ri//a frowns; 
1 fear my C>rfar, and muft watch their dalhicg. 

Scax/iratv], aaJJiJavtrt tit-Pragre/s efa^alr^JUar' 
riagi; Afcanio, Adrian, "Enna, Cardinali, goingbf 
fart, Oii\aa fillvwing : 'SeWa.rmia. fupported by /<k» 
ViTgitts in •wbiti: ^otgiA fdli>ni?4 iy Vitellizzo, A- 
lonzo, itfc. 

Gand. Sir, I mnft fpeak with yoa. 

Sorg. 'Tis inconvenient. 

GoW. 'Tis notoiu £rltof Jan. Remembtr Zvfnr;, 
Our Siller Lucreci, and be then perfuaded 
Neceflity requires your Ear. 

Barg. For what E 

GaaJ. If you dare walk afidc with me, Til tell yoa. 

Borg. After the Prieft 

Gand. No, Sir before the Prieft 

Fate hovers near us: you (hall give me hearing. 

Berg. What Boy ! how fayft thou ? (hall ! — - 

Gand. Yes Sir, you (hall. 

Barg. No more, for fear we (hould be overheard : 
I'll inliantly return, upon my Honour : 
Let me but wait Or^na to the Gate, 
And I'll attend thee; on my Word I will-^ 
The Prieft (hall wait till thou have SatisfaOion. 

rExeunC ali but Mach. aiulGaxiA. 


Mach. What have j^ou laid, my Lord f 

Gaud. Forbear to know] ' 
I think [hou lov'it me, yet a Proof were well j 
And fincc Occafion sow demands a Trial, 
Refiife not what my Friendlhip Ihall esjoin thee. 

Ma<h. 'Tis granted, tho' the Confequence be Death. 

Gaud. Be gone, this Moment leave me to my fdf. 

Mtub. I apprehend: Let me embrace you. 
Why (hall I leave you i but my Word's eog^|f d i 
Call all thofe pow'rtul Provocations op, 
Yoiir Wrongs, your motl ignoble Injuries, ■ 
To fteel your Arms, and dye your Vifloiy 
In Blood ; I go^^— becaute you grow impatient. 
No more, butConquelt, Death, or Btllamra ■ ■— 
Yet I muil watch you hereabouts : For Btrgia, 
Tho' tlciird and gallant, yet may meet his Death, 
And that I muft prevent, for I'll allow no Strc^ 
To Chance, tho' my undaunied Hera dares all 
That Mao can dare — . 

Gaud. Why comes he not ? 
I know he's brave, renownM in Foreign Wan* 
And to his Skill in Anns has fnch a Courage, 
As malces a rafh Man run upon his Ruin j 
Yet in his height of Fury I can dare him. 
My Blood denes him mortally to Death. 
Yes Ma^biavel, I'll take thy &tal Counfel j 
The Word a Con^ueft, Death, ot SelUamra. 

{Exit Mach. 

£iaer Borgia. 

Borg. So, Sir, you fee Ihaveobey'dyourSummons, 
You mull be faci^y'd, tho' Beauty ftays, 
Tho' the Bride ftays, tiia^ Billamira ftays: 
"That is, tho' Heav*!! with all itswaitingGlories 
Stops at your Call, and I'lands to give you hearing. 

Gand. Y'have us'dme baiely. 

Borg. No. 

Gand. I fay you have. 
Without a Piovocaiion. 



That were bale 

When iinprovok.'d I do a Wrong, 
May I> when ju&ly orgM, want due Revenge. 

GobJ- You've iaifift'd your Word.bnniy'dmebafelrj 
Betray'd a Brother : O my Stars, a Brother I 
That would havp burlt thro' all the Bars of Death, 
And yielded all things to you, but hb Love. 
O, foolilh Eyes ! but thd'e su« your lalt Tcan, 
And I mult tnend your Couife with Blood. 

Borg. He weeps ! 
Was ererfeen Hypocrify like this ? 

thou young impudent and blooming Lyar, 
Who, like our Cuitelkns, are early pra£tig'd. 
And in theirNon^etaughcthe Arts of Vice. 
But I forego my Temper— Is this all ? 
Youknow.Iam inhafte, and cannot brook 
A loDger Conference. 

Gaad. I know you cannot, 
SutI Ihall ioTceyou: Yes, thou Tyrant Brotber, 
Thou that art fallen from all the height of Gloryi 
To the low fiafUce of the wotft of Slaves, 

1 will revenge the Honour thou haft loA : 
Nor Oialt thou pals to BiUamira\ Arms, 

Till thro* my Heart thou cutt'ft thy horrid Way. 
Praw then— — — ^ 
Borg. I win not. 
Gand. .By Revenge and Fury, 
Thuu Ihaltnoc pa<^ but on my Rapier'a Point. 

Borg. Tiiink. not, thou young Prailiiioncr in Arnu> 
Thatall thy Force, iho' leveirJat me naked, 
Should Hop me, if I on',e refolv'd my Way : 
But [ am taimi and wiih thee, for tiiy Safety, 
To let me pals. Thou ialkd'ii a while ago 
Of itrrf«— — — but no more of that— -my Father. 
O, hai'd I not alsTnunder which lo oft 
Ha; menac'd me if e'er 1 ro*^! againfl thee. 
Long, long e'er this, hadit [i.'oii been Dull, even nowt 
For ( Abufe which late ihuL- gav'lt my Ear, 
For that abliorr'dCon«p[iun lit i.i. SiHer, 
For tnat danm'd Mention, by the loweft Hell, 



And hy tbe burning Fiends, then ffaoutdft be Aflin.' 

Gand. Bluflinot, nor porfe thy threatning Brow, bat 
And dare not to ddpiCe the weakeft Ann [draw, 

Tlut ftrikes with JulUce. Yes, upos thy Bre^ 
Elate and haughty as thou cariy'ft it, 
I doubt not but my Sword fliall write thee TnuMf . 

Borg. No more: O that I had 
Some one^enowa'd, and wintet'd as my felf, 
T' encounter like an Oak the rooting Storm ! 
But thou art weak; and to the Earth wilt bend. 
With my lealt Blalt, thy Head of Bloffonu down : 
If bv thy Hand I fall (as who e'er div'd 
So (feep in F<ate, biH fometimea was deceiv-d f ) 
1 do bequeath thee-inore than all mv Dukedoms, 
Far more indeed than Worlds, w oeauteons Bride i 
But if 1 conquer thee, and ihew thee Mercy, 
Never love more; nor after I am matry'd, 
Dare for thy Soul to Ipeak of BelJamira. 

Gani. I thank thee, and accept the Terms whh Joy, 
Which Blood mult ratify : and here I fwear. 
If vanqaifh'd by thy Ann [tho' Death I hope. 
Will, more than Oaths, confirm the &tal Bar^n] 
Forever to renounce all claim, and yield. 
By my eternal Abfence, Bellamira. 

Berg. Come on then ; and let Loveand Glory fieel 
Thy unflefh'd Arm : think, on this Moment bangs 
Thy whole Life's Joy, or worlc than Death, Delpur j 
I would not win fuch Beauty without Blood. 
But as the brave GojifaltM, being (hot, 
Mov'd not at all, nor cban^d his mighty Look ; 
As if the Gallantry of fiich Demeanor 
Could charm coy ViAory to raife the Siege : 
So would Iwith my Blood difliliingdown, 
Anfwering her Tears, lead BtUamira on. 
And woo her at the Altar with my Wounds. 

Gaud, no more. 

Bi»%- Agreed. The Word liBtllapiira^— 
[Tbeyfyhi, Gandia iiv 
HoM, hold Palanti, for thou bleed'ft. 

Gand. A Scratch. 

-„ Google 


Sorg. My Father cries out, fave hina on thy Life. 
CaKii. Guard well thy Life. 

IFight again. Borgia ii -oxunitd an tht Arn^ 
but iijarmi Gandia. 


Math. WhatmeaiH thjstioifcof Anns? 
Why thefe Sworda drawn f What now, my Lorxis, 
Bo:h wounded ? [Borgia throat Gandia hit Si>xr^. 
By Heav'n, I fwear, you ftiaU proceed no further. 

Birg. 'Tis now too late to wll thee how wcgnarrell'd. 
Look to his Wound : Soon as the Core's perform'd, 
I'll fervc the Duke of Gandia with my Fortune, 
But &r from Rome; for he has agreed 
Ne^■e^ to fee my ffeJ/amira more. 
For me I'll to the Temric. 

Macb. My Lord, you bleed, 

BoTv. The Skin's but raii'd : 
Would it were deep in the moft mort«l Part, 
So Bellamira, when the Blood Tulh'd forth. 
Would fink upon my Breaft, anS fwear flic lov'd mei 
But that's too much to hope i whate'er is doom'd, ^ 
I fwear this Night to gra(p the conquer'd Prise ; 
Yes, yes, Falanit, hear, and fly for ever j 
All the white World of Sil/amira'i Beauty 
This Night Til travel o'er, to feaft my live ? 
The little Glutton fliall be gorg'd with Revels, 
He fhall be drunk with Spirits of Delight, 
With all that amorous Wifhes can infpue, 
Anddl the Liberties of loofeDefire. [Exi'ti 

Gand. I'll after him, and at the Altar end him. 
Was't not enough to wound and vanqnilh me. 
But he mufl triumph too ? I rave and Calk 
I know not what i for he is generous. 
And nobly merits what his Valour worn 
Yes, happy B<irgia j I will keep my Wordj 
And, fince thus loft to all that I held dear. 
Abandon this loath'd World. 

Mich. Yoo mull retire. 

VoL.IL Q Ganil 


Gaud. I will devote the fad Remains of Life 
To tlie bleft Company of holy Men j 
\jeam Contemplation, and, the Dregs of Life 
Purg'd off, tafte clearer and more fprightly Joys, 
FarKike their Tranijports in the brightcft Viflons, 
£ee opeaicg Heav'm, and the defcending Gods : 
Then as I riew the dazzling Trads of Angels, 
Sigh to mjr Heart, wid cry. See there, and there, 
ia fUll Per&dion thodand BiUamira^i. 
Math. My Lord, your Wound'bleeds fall. 
GaiiJ. OMachimul! 
When I am (hut for ever from the World, 
Thou tendercft-hearud, gentteft, l>ea of Friends, 
Wilt vilir me fometimes : I know thou wilt. 

Much. Why do yondroop thus ? Lean uponmy Arm: 
All fhall be well. Yes, I wiU find a Way, 
In Ipite of Fortune, yet to heal your Sorrows, 
And pour the Bidni«r£(/AuiitV«'s Tean 
Upon yepa Wound. 

Gand. Could I hut fee ber once 
before I die I 

Mach. Dnce, tndce, a hundred dmesi 
Poubt not, you ihall, but haftc to your Apartment. 

\Exit Gandia. 
Methinlcs, if Mifchief bad butthis to vaunt. 
That, like a God, none knows her but herfelf. 
It were enough to mount her o'er {he World. 
Ilovemyrdfi andfbr myfelf, I love 
Svrgta my Prince : Who does not love himself ? 
' £elH>3ve's the univerial Beam of Nature, 
The Axle-Tree.that darts thro' all its Frame : 
And he's a Child in Thought, who fears the Sting 
Of Confcience ; and will rather lofe himfelf 
Than make his Fortune by another's Ruin ! 
Confcience, the Bugbears Roar, the Nurfes Howl^ 
pur Infant LaJh, and Whip of Education. 

£«/rr Adotna. 

i^fy .Genius, iny LovCi my lictJe Angel, 


Hxfi tkoa the Letters f 

JJer. Firft, my Lord, 
If I have Breath to atter, let me tell Ton, 
I Never was Marriage Iblemniz'd like this. 

Macb. Go on. 

Jtbr. The Bride in mooming Robes was le^* 
Or rather bom like a pale Corfe along s 
J {aw her when flie iirfL approachM the Temple, 
How, ruihing fnnn the Anns of ihofe that held htxi 
She threw her Bodv on the marble Steps ; 
When Uraii the Bridegroom with a kindled Face 
Drew tiear, and blufliitig, ftretch'd his bloody Arm, 
Wrapt in 2 Scaif, and gave it to the Bride I 
\ Then, bowing, wifh'd the Prieft perfonn his Duty. 

Maeh. WhatfoUow'df 

Aikr. Urg'd, or rather, brib'd before. 
The Prieft at old OrJiw\ Interceflion, 
Soon join'd their Hands : all irom the Temple hafiv, 
Orfina and his Son in detri Difcourie, 
And Bellamira blind with weeping, led 
This way. 

Math. I am glad on't, for I wait to ^eak wick herj 
Prithee produra the Letters : Come, 1 know 
Thoa haft 'em ; nay, 'tis thy own Intereft. 

A^r. See, BAlamra enters : Stay Ibme umCij 
And I'll difcover to your own Pefire. 

^nttr Bellainira, 

Ma(b. Madam, I would btreat a Word in private. 

StU. CanMiiery, like mine, be worth Dlfcourfe? 

Math. Thedead are only happy, and the dyings 
The dead are ftill, and tailing slumbers hold 'em: 
He, who is near hig Death, but turns about. 
Shuffles a while to make h^ Pillow eafy. 
Then fliptintohis Shroud, and refts for ever. 

Bill. Mv Mind prefages, by the bloody Hand ^ 
That feiz'd rae at the Altar ■ 

Macb. In their Nonage 
A Sympathy unuTnal join'd their Loves i 

C 2 Thev 


"They pair'd like Turtles, ftill together drank, 
To^ttereat, nor qoarreird for the Choice: 
:Iike twining Streams betli from one Fountain fell, 
.And as they ran, HiUmingled Smiles, uid Tears : 
But Oh, when Time had iwelL'd their Currents high. 
This boundlefs World, this Octan did divide 'em, 
And tiow for ever they have loil each other. 

Bell- For ever ! Oh the Horror that invades me ! 
Thou feem'ft to intimate Tome horrid Aft : 
I diarge thee fpeak, bow fares the Duke oTGemiia? 
Not anfwer me I Why doft thou (hake thy Head, 
And crofs thy Arms, and turn thy Eyes away ? . 
^Hm there .beeiLaQght betwixt my Lord and him! 

Macb. There hiu, they fought. 

Bella. The Caufe, the curled Caufe 
'Stands here, before thy Ejes (he fiands to blaflthce; 
I know 'tis thus i Bargiaiot me was wounded.; 
And, oh my Fears, by his relentkfs Hand, 
Perhaps that poor delpairing loil Palante 
Is milerably Ikin: If it be fo. 
Spite of my Father, ni renounce my Vows, 
forego, forfwear alt Comforts in this Life, 
.And fiy the World. 

Mach. Wou'd I were out on't ; 
JJothing but Fraud and Cruelties reign here. 
He is not Qain ; but, as his Surgeons bode, 
I fear him much. Oh would you be fo kind 
To fee the Wounds he fufFers for your fake. 
And charm his Pains but with one parting Vi(w 
Beibre your Lord return 

Bella. Alas, I dare not I 

Jl&i-i. He grafp'dme by the Wrift.and weeping, vow'd 
'""Twould be a Heav'n, a Lightning in his Grave, 
Where elfe he muft for ever lie unpii^'d. 
TJow, on my Soul, you mult, you ought to fee him. 
Who, ballancing the Scales of doubtfiil Life, , 
lies in your way i a Glance, one Grain of Favour 
Turns him from Death. Come, come, you mult have 
jbjadam, I'll wait ud intercef t your Lord. (Mercy : 



Bella. A Vifit ! jiift npon oar Marnage too i» 
But 'ds the lad that he fliall e'er receive : 
Therefore I'll go ; Nacare, Compaffion, Fat^ 
And Love, far more tyrannic^ than thofe. 
Force? me on : I feci him here ; he chrobe. 
And beats a moumfiil March. 

^Mach. Fear not, awa^ : 
I>n guard the PaiTagp: Look not bacft, but hafls. 

{Exit Bellamirsf 
If I remember Story well, old Rame 
Wu ^e from all this Weaknefa of the Mlitd 
Kor Women ! Oh how flighdy were they thought o^ 
When the ^reat Cete eave his Friend hb Wife, 
To breed him Heirs, tecaofc flic was a Teemer ) 
And afar he was dead, again receiv'il her? 
Thii was before the VanSaliaade us Slaves, 
Who, mingling with, our Wires, begotaRace, 
That nothing bdds of the old Lion Glory, j 

Enter Borgis; 

Bat hofli, more Work i and now I am comjuis'd. 

B«rg. Welcome, my beftofFriends, my MaehiavtTf 
Let me unlade on thee my Fraught of Joyj 
For BeUimiirdi mJne, her Vows are mine j 
Her Father gave her, and the holy Man 
Has link'd our Hands : Fonune perhaps, e'er long. 
May join our Heansi however dearly bought, 
1%, ihe'smtne. 

idach. However dearly bought ! 

Bsrg. Tme Matiio'vel, moft dearly j but aki. 
He that would reach the Mine, mnft burft the Qaxrff^ 

And labour to the Center ha tbou'rt cold; 

Start from this Lethargy, and tell me why. 

Why doil thou (hake my Joys with that IterR Look f- 

Speak, for to me thy Face is, ae the Heav'ns, 

And, when thou fmil'ft, I cannot fear a Storm : 

But now thy gatJier'd Brows |ii^}gnoflicate 

111 Weather j Lightning fparkles from tby Eya> 

Speak too, iho' Thunder follow. 

G J tts^ 


Macb. Ox wbu Condttions had th e Prince hit Life ' 
Borg. It was agreed betwixt us folemnly. 

And bound by O^h, that he who was fubdu'd 

Should never Ipeak to Bellamira more. 
Maeb. I am fetisfy'd.- 

Jfwy. O Maihiavil! is thb friendly, 
T» hide ihc Caufe of thy Dilbider from me ? 
Thou Ikid'ft, I am fadsfy'd : bat at that moment 
I (aw two Furies leap from thy red Eyes, 
That &id thon'rt not, thou art not fansfy'd. 
This Coldne^ of thy Caniage, this dead Stillnd^ 
Makes me more apprehend than all the Noiic, 
That mad Men raile; Speak then, batdonotblaftm^ 
Speak t^ degrees, let the Truth break away. 
In oblique Sounds; for if it come diredly, 
I fall at once, fplit, ruin'd, dafh'dfor evcTi 
So little am I Ma^ of my Paflion. 

JMarA. Therefore I dare not tell you. 

Barg. Therefore 'tis horrid, ah! 
Monltrous ! Ms fo ; therefore thou dar'ft not tdlmeii 
fiot {peak i tho' trembling thus from Head to Foot, 
I will be calm, prels down the riiiae Sighs, 
And flifle all the SweUines in my Hean i 
I will be Ma^r far as Nature can. 

JUiifi.Ifthat you knew fuch Fire was inyonr Temper, 
And thus would burn vou up, why would you many i 

Btn- Becaufe refiflfefs Love, refifilels Beauty, 
Hurry d me on. But freak, thou flav'A me off. 
If thou hall Senle of Honour, tell me, Macbiavel, 
Speak, I conjure you, as thou art m^y Friend. 

Macb. The Fault's not great, and you may pardoo itj 
^«t 'twas a Fault, I think : where did you leave 
Your Bride ? 

B»rg. Why dolt thou aft I I knonr not where ; 
This way they led her i and as Tm pcHiiaded, 
Orjin», tno' unwilling, judg'd iciit 
She flionld retire ^ain to her Apartment, 
That her frill Griefe might have a time to Wafle. 

Mfsb' Slie is [cur'd> my Lord. 


Barg. Ha! whither? fpeak; 
She is redr'd where Jheflioiild not retire. 
*Tis true, moft plun, moft undeniable). 
I know it by the Falhioa of thy Wit. 
Thy Accent fweare it ; mouth thy Tale no morCr 
But fay dilUndUy whither flie'i Tetir'd ; 
I charge thee, pray thee, and conjure thee; fpegk. 
For what, with whom, and oawhat new Occafionir 

Mach. You have a. Brother. 

Sorg. O the peTJur'd Traitor 1 
I have I what then ? 

Mach. She's with him now. 

Berg. With whom? 

Matk. Why, with the Duke of GaaJiai with your 
TeJaule, Son or Nephew to the Pope. (Brother- 

far^. What, Sti/amiravilii him ? Ponyards 1 Daggers ( 

Maeh. Thisway,bnt now, I fawber-coaiein hafte)-. 
Whether the suefi'd the Matter by your Wound, 
I know not, but with Aiultring Speech Ihe aUt'd 
How far'd Palanttt if he were in being ? 
Whereon I nothing n»uM, but in plain Terms, 
With Moderation, toU hei what I Icnew: 
Bat had you fecn the Stam and Stops Ihe made ! 

Bix. No doubt Oie did j ten thoiuand Cutfes, oh— ^- 
Go on ; for yet I am a &ogle& Lion. (tion'dr 

Math. Had yoabut heardwben fiift hit Wound Imen- 
How flie Ihriek'd out ; how. oft Ihe fbtc'd me fweax, 
And fweor, and fwear ^ain, it was not mortal — — • 

Burg. Undone for ever ! O Dellru£tion feize her ! 

Mach. But when I told your hurt, flie feem'd fcarce- 
And leilentng Sorrow yielded to Attention i (griev'd^ 
I do not fay (he flatly did rejoice, 
Bat fnre I am fhe fmil'd, and toach'd my Handr 
And begg'd me, if you came this way, to hold yos 
In talk, while to the Sick the made a Vtfit. 

Maeh. Raife, raifeyiHif felf. Ha.PHncet uthlsthe 
We ftar'd but now, that moft tranfportin^Fu^? (Fite 

Q 4 ^ffZr 


Borg. No more i 'tis gone: O Marriage! now 1 find 
Thou coOIy Feaft, on which with fearwe feed, (cbce; 
As if each golden Dilhwe laflewere poifon'^i 
Where, by the fetal Tyranny of Cudom, 
Our Honour, ]ike a Sword juli pointing o'er usi 
Hangs by a Hair. Ha! but it comes, 'tis feln! 
Likea fork'd Arrow (luck into my Skull. 
No-more; I'mdeaf as Adders, andasdeadlyr 
Mercy! no more ! thy Voice is quite uncharra'd* 
All Pity thus be dry'd from my weak Eyw : 
Here will I look my Mother's Softncfs off; 
And gaze till Southern Fury Reels my Soul, 
Till lam all my Fathers till his Form, 
All bloody o'er from Head to Foot with Slauehter, 
Skims o'er my polifh'd Blade, in Frowns Co HaAc me, 
Maeb. What mean yon, Sir? 
Btrg. I know not what my felf I 
OfFfromray Armsi away. I've oft-times heard 
At Princes Murders, monltrous Births forebode; 
The Heavens themfelves rain Blood: Why, let itrainj' 
If my Heart holds her Purpofc, with this Hand 
I'll feell the Purple Deluge} Vmgeince! Death and 
Vengeance ! [Exit, ■ 

Macb, N», my brave Warrior ! 'tis not gone to fer } 
Thele Starts are but the haSy Harbingers 
To the (low Morderthat comes dr»ging on : 
The MifchiefG yet but young, an £ifent Fury;- 
'Tis the firft Brawl of a new-bom Jealoufy. 
But I have Machiav*llian Magick here, 
Shall nurre this Brood of Hell to fuch Perfeftion, 
^ fliall e'er Icmg become the Devil's Manhood ; 
But harkrthe Noife approaches, and the Time' 
Puts me mind of BtliamiraH Letters^— [Exit. 

EnttrioTpt, BellamiracMi/Gandia. 

Strg. Fortes and Hell' yet e'er thou dy'ft, proud 
Z^et me demand thee how chou dult ftbufe (Villain, 
' Jidy Mercy thus. 


Gand, I give thee back the Title j 
And have a Heart fo wel! aJTur'd of Deatb, - 
That Idifdain toanfwer. 

Bwf. Die then. Traitor! 

Stila. HoldSsw'd, hold! \iei.x Btllamra ^Maiix 

Barf. Confufion rpg; and play notthmwith Thugjfjy. 
Left it ihouldblaft thee too: Hence, offi-Ifay;. ' 
Tfao' thou deferv'ft a Fate as iharp and fudden, 
I will take Leirure in thy Death. Segone. 

Bel/a. Behold) I grafp the Dagger, draw It tluoq^^ - 
And gaih my Veins, ana tear my Arteries i 
I'll fiic my Hand thus to the wounding Blade, 
While Life will let me hold, and force tliee hear m> 

Barg. S^'ft, hal wilt thou? du'^tliaia biave n* 
Thus guilty too ! once more ibrego my Ponyatd'- (thiMJt 

^ta. No; draw it, Cniel ! let thy bloody Decdl- 
Be fwifter than thy Threats : I fear thee not t 
But thus will wound my fel^ or c[uite difum thpe> 
^ow you {h^l hear me. 

Bdrg. Is this poffible i , 

Ha; Borgia! where! whera isthy Fury now? 
Where thy Revenge ? O Woman jn fericttion ! 
Thou dazzling Mlxlure'of ten thoulaod Circe's, 
In one brizht net^ call by feme ImddL'ng God, 
How ditr'lf thou venture thus : how daiTl th<Hi do thv^ ' 
Yet heave thy Breafts.paht, breathe, and think on Mercy* 

Bdlli. My A(h- have {hewn the Care indeed I t^w 
To (avc rey Life: No, Prince,- not for my own , ... 
I would be heard,, but for your Innocent BroUi^'^, 

' B»rg. Ha, Pa/ante ! Yes, I know thee,. . i/iftti ■ 
There hangs thy Joy, thyPulfe, thy Breath, iwIMm- 
filood, Lin, and Soul, thy Darling Blelli^&'s h^et^ 
And more than all the Joys of Heav'n heitaite^. 
O World of Horror ! O Contagion oa 
The Dj^whenfirftl fawthec. 

Beltd. Would you but hear 

Owj. Come off. Hay I tearthyfcarfd Wound, ieat't^ 
With thefedifiilling Drops; come ghit thy Ey^e; (up 
Clot '«m with Blood; fcr Borgia's Blood's thy Joy: 

G s For 


I'or (ky — when at the Altar I ftood bleeding. 
Speak Tygrds, batbaroiis Wretch, thou fhe P<i/(UrfO 
Didft thoHoncealkth'Occalioaof my Woundi 
Ko^— I remember thy uneafy Carriage, 
How ofien thou look'ft back with longing Eyes: 
How oft infecret thou dMft curie thePrieft, 
The tedioi^ leneth of whofe flow Ceremonies 
Kept thee from nying to Palantt'i Arms, 

Cand. PareweU.flivLord; think Bf/ZaJB/niguiltlefs, 
And yoa fliall never fce Pehnte more, (Trouble ; 

; Sorv. Stay, Sir ; come back, I know yonr Wound's a 
Bat the Reward I mean is worth your waiting. 
Here, take him, SeUamira ; clafp him ; 
I give him thee, aa oar Phyficians do 
PreTcribe laft Remedies, to Tave thy Life : 
J give him thee to lave thy gafping Soul, 
Which would be damn'd without him ; yet obTerve 
There is a Deed thai muA, that fhall be done. 
Before you kugh and kilj. See here, my Bofom, 
Strike, and Arike dee^, deep ta Pulanli bunu thee} 
For in thy Heart, hot in thy inmoft Veins, 
J know ^e curs'd, the too lov'd Traitor lies. 

Gaud. I do renounce the Name, and to the Giver 
Ketort it with an equal Indignation. 
Sarg. Retort it! what? 
CanJ. The Name of Traitor. 
■ -Btrz. Ha! 

PiovMce me not, lelt ai I am nnanu'd, 
I cnilh thee with lay Hands, and dalh thee dead. 

Bill. Hold off, and hear me; noble BpfX'A, hear me; 
Hear me, my Lord, my Hulhand, hear me kneeliagl 
Thoa whom the Heav'na have deiUn'd to my Annt> 
The conflant Partner of my niceft Thoughts, 
Doom'd to my Bed, whom I muft leam to love. 
And will, unlefa youtnm my Heart to Stone. 

Barz- Hal 
Oh, ftch fweet Words ne'er fell from that £wr Moutji 
Before, nor can I trujl *em now, 
BtU. If yon call back 

Ttc Vcngeao« wtish yoof io^ioot Voffi Itt %. 


I fwear, thos finking on your Feet, Ifwesu-> 
Never from thia fad Hour, never to fee, 
Norfpeak, no, nor (ifpolEble) to think 
Of poor PalaiUi more. 

Borg. Goon, goonj I fwcar the Wind is tum'^^. 
And dl thofe iurious and outrageous FaJlioiu 
Now bend another way. 

Bell. I will hereafter. 
With ftriftell Duty, ferve you as my Lord"*- 
And give you iigns of fuch moft faithful liove^. 
That it (hall feem as if we languilh'd long. 
As if we had been us'd to mbglc Sighs, 
And from our Cradles interchang'd our Souisi 
As if no Breach had ever been betwixt us ; 
As if no cruel Father forc'd the Marriage { . 
I' fo refigning as if almys ya<u'i. 
And you fo mild, as if no other proor 
But my Diflionour e'er could make you angiyi 

Bwj. Oh, my Heart's Joy ! Rife, Bellaiaira, rift; 
There's nothing left, nothing of Rage to fright thee i: 
Thou hall new-tun'd me, and the ttembling String} 
Of my touch'd H^artdance to thelnfpiratioQ,. 
Asif nohariluiefs, nor no jarshadbeea: 
Had thefe fweet Sounds but met my Entrance here>„ 
My ghailly Fears and cloven JealouCes, 
With all the Monflers that made lick my Bixin, 
Had Qed [fo foft and artful are thy Strains) 
Likft fuUen Fiends before the Prophet's Charms. . 

Sill. I came, 'tis true, my Lord, to fee FalaiUe,. 
But thought him on his Death-bed. 

Berg. Oh, no more ! 
I do intreat thee mention that no mote ; 
All's welli andwehaye mutually forgiven. 
I love thee, BeUamirat therefore pafs. 
This Erroriw i ye*, fbr thy felf 1 love the^;. 
To glut my Fancy with thy endlefs Charma, 
And Ihatch the Pleafures of all Woman-kind! 
Thy fair Repentance, and thy graceful Vows, 
Have turn'd the E^ernefs of fworn Revenge 
To fiiiious Wi&eanirthe promis'd Joy. 



GamJ. O blafting Sight ) O Death to all my Hopea f 
Ijjfe, diou arc vilp, and I will wait no longer. 

Of;^.Ha;Traitor Prince ! Vfhyj-'Borgia, does he live, 
■Who has himfdf broke all the Ties of Blood ? 
Where is the leud AdaVrefs too my Daughter 1 
^ot I will ftab 'em in each other's Arms. 

Bn;- Hold, Aeax drjim! for Revenge is now 
No more ; thy Daughter js moft iDaocent, 
And melts into my Armfl. O happy Night t 
Kot to the weary Pilgrim half fo welcome. 
When after many a weary bleeding Step 
"With joyful Looks he fpies his !ong*d -for Home. 
See, fee my Lord, the efFrfb of our Vexation ! 
Thus comes to the defpairing Wretch, the glad 
Reprieve: 'Tis Mercy, Mercy at the Block. 
Thu^ the tofsM Seaman, after boiderous Storms, 
Lands on his Coantry's Brealt, thus Itands and gazes. 
And rons it o'er with many a greedy Look ; 
Then Ihouts for Joy, as 1 fliould do, and maJus 
.The ecchoing Hills and all the Shores rcfound. (thee, 
Orfn. NowBleffingsoathyHeartj moreBIelTinKon 
Than on thy Difobedience, Curfes. Take him. Girl, 
And lay hini CD thy Heart j the warmed Gift 

That Nature or thy Father can beflow 

GanJ. Farewell, thrice happy Lover ! never Iball 
This Wretch Kgaia difturb you. Btllamha, 

Oh, BlllamSra. iSxil. 

Bella- Ofvewell, forercrl 
B«rv. Whydoftthouweep.wdpouriiitoinyWouBdt 
}{ew Oil to make 'em blaze F 

BtiU. I've done, my Lord) 
Let me but dry my Eyes, and I will wait yo» 
- To Death, or to your Bed— .^ 
Borg. O ill compar'd ! 
Be conftant, Btllamira, to thy Vows, , 

So fhall we (hine, as in the inmoll Heav'n, 
Tl»i«t uu) brighttft Stan with meat Glory; 


Where-MveriStomi, nor Lightning'* Flafh. norStroali 
Of Thunder comes i but ifyou fail in aught, 
T hen ftiall we WI like the caft Angela down. 
Never to rife again r Therefore I warn thee 

S</!a. Fear not. my Lord; 

Btrg. Oh, I muft fear my Temper! 
But I will purge itoffwith.ReibIati<m, 
And with a Confidence thou wilt be mine. * 

For Ihouldft thou not: Hence Gerdian Jealoufy ! ' ' 

Cam'll thou nncall'd to fet me on th^ Rack f 

Be gone, I fay, flie's chafte, and I de^ thee. 

O pTague me, Heav'n, plague me with all the Woes ■ 

That Man canfufferi rc»t up my PoiTeffions, 

Shipwreck my far -fought Ballall in the Haven ; 

Fire all my Cities, burn my Dukedoms down. 

Let Midnight Wolves howl in my defart Chambers j 

May tlie Eanh yawn ; Ihatter the Frame of Nature j 

Let the rack'd Orbs in Whirlwintis round me move. 

But lave me frora.the Rage of jealous Love. {Exeunt^ - 


Soft Mofick, with an EpUhalamtum t^ 
. Borgis and Beliamira. 

BLUSH net redder than the Mark, 
thi the Vimns gave fuu 'Karning 
High not at the Chanel bifelje, 
Tm theyfmU, and dare lal tell jd 


Maids, like TurtUt, love ibe Caoing, 
Sill and murmur in their Wooing. 
Thus lik: you, theyJSart and tremble, 
. And their trQuhkJJoys difetiiili. 

' III. 

Grafp thi Plea/ure ivbilt 'tis coming, 
Tfe' jrejw Beauties noiv an ilaomii^ :. 
•Time atlaflyeur Jayt luili fever. 
And theSll part, thefll fart fir tver. 

Enter MachJavel and Adcrna. 

Mach. Say"fl; thou, fo loving ? 

Jdarn. Oh, lie hat got Ground 
Beyond all espeftation : Had yoa feen- 
His graceful Manner, when the fighing Bride 
Was lail Night by your Arnii given to his Bed ; 
When after (he was laid <iuiie Hrown'd in Tears, 
HoWi aw'd with Trembling, ie the Curtains drew, 
And'kneeling by her Bed-fide, took her fair Hand, 
With which ihe ftrove to hide her Bluihes from iam. 

And fighing, fwore upon't if fo (hejleai'd,. 

If het cold Heart rcfus'd him ntterly,' 

He wouldforego his Joys, tho' Death enfu'd. 

Vou laufe, my Lord; 

Maih. This Day attend my Motion:' 
Soon as my Porpofe hits, which you moft watch, 
I'll train the Bridegroom near PalarUe'i Lodgings ; 
Whence, as you were before by me iollrnfted, . 
Youwith this Letter (whicii fromall the Pacqnets 
I chofe, and notably fuics our Defign) 
Shall ilTue forth, and aft as I infpir'd— — 

Adsrn. I fear this Bufmefs, 
I^ft he ihould kill me : in this height of Fury, 
Murderhis Brother ; or his innocent Lady. 

Mach. I tell thee, cho' a Whirlwind drove him oQj 
I'll make him talm. The Confequence of this 
Is thine : he drives- Palante from the Palace, 
Whoelfemay linger after 3*/ii««>ai 
And then thou know'ft—— 

Adorn. I winaboutitllreight. 
If I get clear of this, ufemenomorc. 
For I h&ve fworn to ceafe— •— ^ 


Maih. Prithee, be gone— — 
U& me no more : For ihe hu fwom to ceafe, 

[Exit Adorna, 
To dip her Lady Finger in new Mifchief : 
Yes— — choa fliak ceafe to Jive when I have us*d thee, 
Poor ufeleTs things— But fee the Bridegroom's hetc. 

Eattr Borgia. 

My Lord, I give you Joy; Tour Motion gives it. 
Your wondrous Gallantry, and fprightly Aftton. 
Bat has Hie wholly yielded to your ^ilhies. 
Without the lealt Rcfeivei 

Barg. Oh ! 
I cannot tell theeaught but this, I ;ua haj^ 
Above ExpreEou, bteft beyond all Hope ; 
And fure fuch perfeft Joy cannot laft long. 
Left we be Gods. O thou grnt ChymiJt, Nature, 
Who draw'll one Spirit fo fublimely perfeft. 
Thou mak'ft a Dreg of all the World befide. 

Maeb. Why, this at firft I told you, butyoufcar'd. 
And pufh'd the Blefijng from you with both Hands. 
I grant you that flie lov'd your Brother firA ; 
I Know he's youngi and bandfome, has a Wic 
Moll fuitable to Womaji's tndination, 
A fubcle Qenius, foftand voluble. 
That winds with their Difcourfe, and hies the Vein ( 
Tis true, you are not of this fubtle Mouldi 
But if yon have enjoyM her, 'tis all one. 
My Triff {he loves you : So the Afk's refolv'd. 
Leave them to manage. O ye know 'cm- not* 
Thofe fubtle Creatures, when Neceffity 
Forces Compliance, in a cafe like yours. 
Will make die bell on't. [ihou? 

B»rg. How Jliu-^iiw/ithebellon't I HaThowmean'it 

Math. Whythusi (he may, ev'a StUtmirji may. 
Spite of her Father's Wilt, her Vows in Marriage, 
And all iter After-Oaths, even in your Arms 
£eftow herfelf upon ihe Duke of Qmndia, 

£eri. Hal 

-,. Google 


Maih. I fay not (pardon me!) the does, or will} 
But to make good my former Argament, 
Affirm they may, they can, they will do thus. 
As for Example, tho' your Btllamira, 
Compell'd, as all Rome knows, to this late MicriagCt 
Admits you to her Bed f you cannot think. 
But her Palanie bad been much more welcome. 

Berg. Heav'n! 

Mach, 'Tis likely tot^ her Fancy work'd. thy Way, 
I urg'd before, (he tookyou for Palanie: 
Tis dark, flic fees you noti yoa are his Brother, 
Fonn'd in one Womb, of the feme Flefli and Blood ; 
Therefore ihe yields as to foreknown Embraces ; 
And as you gently drjtw vvith trembling Arms 
Her nicer Beauties to your heaving Breafts ; . 
She ftiuts her Eyes with languifliing Delight, 
And whifpera to her Heart, it is Paiante. 

Barg. Ceafe, Maebia-vel; hold ; as tiftu lov'fl my Life, 
I: charge thee hold: Oh, 'tis moft true, J fwear ! 
Thou know'ft the very Depth of Woman-kind : 
They are what thy Imagination paints 'em. 
Charmers ind Sotcerefles. Oh, I'll tell thee. 
When I the chaileft, as I thought htf then, 
I am fure the fwceteft of the Earth, embrac'd— 
'Twa? with Complainings, Machiavil; fuchTremblingsi 
I cou'd have fwora her cold as Winter StreaiM. 
But oh the Horrors thou iiaft eonjur'd up I 
Soon as foft Sleep had feal'd her melting Eyes, 
1 heard herfigh (for till the Mom I wak'd) 
f-^anti I Oh— —what have we done, Paiante t 

Mach. By Heav'n, that was too- much. 

S^rg. O much much more. 

For Sealing nearer me; her glowing Arm, 
Call o'er my Cheek, thrice prell me to her BrexS \ 
Ev*n that coy Aim, fo ntcely ftrinae before, 
Faaijliar grew, and circled jn my Neck, 
With iU tie Freedom of acquainted Love: 
And I too pity'd her, and thought that Nature 
Work'd her imperfeftiy ; but now I know, 
J find, I fee, it wa* her Hean's DeiigR. 




The black Contrivance of her blotted Fancy : 
Blood, Blood aod Death ; thus has Ihe Tet me down^ 
Thro' the whole Courfe of her polluted Nights, 
To be her Bawd, her moft induftrioos Groom, 
The Drudge of het damn'd Lull- — PalaKtis Stale— ^ - 

Macb, Arevou incensed indeed t Ordo you^SiXj. 
Put on the jealous Fit to make you Sport ( 
For if lb imali a Spark thus malse you glow, . 
A little mare will blow you into Flame : 
Therefore be ferious in your Anfwer. 

Borg. Ha! 
Thoa knowft before my Marriage how I fear'd, ' 
How when toy Honour was cngagM by Vo\^, 
Like Flax my jealous Temper caught the Flame, 
And fcarce could all her melting Sorrows i^uench me !^ 

Macb. I dorememberwell. 

Borg. But now I have enjoy'd her, mark me, MachiaX 
If I was Flax before, I'm Powder now, f*'"^' 

And will fly up in general Conflagration: 
For I would chufe to fa-amble ata Door, 
Make my loath'd Meals out of the commOTi Ba&et 
Witb Dungeoa Villains, tVallow in the Sien%, 
And get my Bread by poifoning my iirm Limbs, 
E'er f afs an Hour wich>her I have eTpousM,, 
If but in Thought confentitig with another. 

Math. I am glad to fiod the Genius of your Clitsat^' 
Inflames you thus; my IjhA,' give me your Hapd: 
Prepare your Soul, gather yout nobler Spirits, 
And bid .'em Hand to Arms, like Towns beliegMtv 
That muft receive no Quarter. 

Borg. Let me go : 
So deep thou threaten'ft, that I fear ev'ii thee; ; 
And from this Moment, like the fearful Plant, 
Shrink back my Arms from every human Touch : 
But fpeak, I charge thee, flip the ftruggling Thunder, . 
And foil my Soul. 

Mach. This Morning jull before he enter'd here, . 
I faw in halle Adarna crofs the Garden i 
Andaiflieran, aNotedropt from her Bofom,- 
Whick I took up, and In it read thefe Words: 


Moarn HOI, my ^lar PaJante, far the time 
Draivi on, ivhen/pite ef this inhuman EoTgia 
Wi 'lijiU be hafp^. 

Bsrf . Yes, Ihe (hall, flie ftiall ; 
I'll join 'em Bjcafi lo Bofom, fiab 'em thro*. 
And clinch my Dagger on the other fide. 

MbcIi. This, as 1 oft pcTUs'd in great Airazement,. 
I law her .who had mifs'd the Note, come back, 
ADd briefly let her know that 1 had lead it.t. 
With Mtnacei, unlefe (he tdd me ^1, 
Immediately to carry yoa the Letters. 
Why (hould I rack you longer \ Vonr chafle Wife 
Hiu with the help of this her Kinfwoman, 
Concluded, on the Date of jam trfl AbfencCi 
TUmit your Brother. 

Barg. 'Tis impoffible ! 
Til Duumtatnoiis to Faith i IHl not beUeve iK 
for Hell it fclf ne'er teem'd with fuch » £allhood.- 

£«/»■ Adoma. 

Mach. Ha as I live, joft from Falanti non^ 

Theprivate Way from his Apattmettt, fee 
Their Emiflaiy coma. 

Bong. Oh thoa vile Bawd! 
Thou Midnight Ha^: Thounoft contagions BIa£, 
Which Btllamira with a Strumpet's Breath 
Blows to Palanti,- and be back to her; 
Whence com'ft thou r Speak I What beai'ft thon ? Ha, 
Or I will tear ^hee Limb fonn Limb. (produce it, 

JJom. OHeav'nsI 
I am betiay'd, andonci for ever niin'd i and I fltall lofe 
my lift; 

Berg. Thoe {halt be Tafe, I fwear thoa (halt, if thou, 
confefs the Truth : 
But if thou hide aught from me, I will rack thee. 
Till with thy horrid Groans thou wake the Dead. 

A^rn. O my Lord I 
Ido confefs that Btllamira fent mej 
But fure no harm waain-thc- Letter. 



Borg. None, 
None at all; Hell knows her Innocence ; 
But fpeak 

Ji&a-n. I have, my Lotd, eonfefs'd already 
All that I know, to my Lord Machiavel. 

Surg. Thou ly'li, damn'd Wretch ! look here and 
dare not urge me; 
Show me the Anrwerto theMorningMefliige, 
<> I will cnt thee to Anaiony, 
And fearch thro' all thy Veins to find ft ont. 

JJem. Oh, fave my Life ! behold, my tord, thisf 
What it contains, I knov not. (Paper ; 

■ Burg. 'Tifi his Hand. 

Macb. Begone; and on thy Life notalk of thi». 

[Exit Adoma. 

Boig. readt. Palantt waitt ttftu yeur Idotitn. Death, 
and Devils! 
Jndivhenyau call, it cMUii «r lie bi% Ske^ 
SbalLiufi) Urn tvir. 

Daggers! Poifon! Fire! [Ttari ih ItHa:. 

Woe, and ten thoufiind Horrors on tJieir Souls !- 

Macb. What now, my Lord ! 

Berg. Off- or I'll ftab thee thro' ! 

Stab' ' I could mangle, tear up my own Breaft,. 
prag forth my Heart, that holds her bleeding Imag«r 
And dafh it in her Face. , 

Macb. Talk no more on't i butdo. Sir, do. 

Burg. Ye%, Macbia-vil, I wHI 1 will do Deeds 

GraJn'd as my Wrongs : I will, I will be bloody 

As Pjrrbus, daub'd in Murder at the Altar ; 

As fullia, driving thro' her Father's Bowels 1 

As Cafar'& Butchers in the Capitol ; 

AiNera, bathing in his Modier's Womb r 

With all fucceeding Tyrants down to ours, 

Lordjofthelnquifition, black Contrivers 

Of Princes Deaths, and Heads of Maflacres : 

Orjino, Fitellizxe, Duke Gr-ii-iM, 

QU'vaetto toot all, all at once.' 

Even the whole Race, a Hecatomb to Vengeance. 

Mad. HearmeoneWoixl^ 



Ssrg. Bid the Sea liften, when the weeping Merchaat.. 
To gorge its -ravenous Jaws, hurls all his Wealth, 
And Itods himfelf upon the Tplitting Deck, 
For the kft Plunge. No more.! le?s rufh toggtherj ■ 
For Death rides poft, 

Maefi. Tho' Death IKonld meet me. 
More horrid than you name, I'd crors this Fmry, 
Thii Wind ungoTcrn'ARage: Sir, you ihallhearWet 

Borg. Barr'it thou my Vengeance ? 

^a^i. No Illftirtherit: 

You fliall have Proof fo plain, the World IhaH &]r. 
The Pope himfelf, dear u he laves your Brother, 
Shall (ay the Strokewas juft. This Night I'll bringyott 
Into her Chamber, - if with fome Pretence 
You feem t'abfent yourielf : My Lord, I'll bring yon 
With a aife Key into tie Bridal Ixidging.; 
Where you fliall fee, even with thofe Eyes' bekoMt 
And gaze upon their curlt incefluous Loves. 

Jor^Jiift reelting fiom my Arms ; O thou ASuIt'refs t 
Whole Name to mention, fiire would rot my Longs, 
And blilier up my Tongue i Infaiiate 5)7/o/ 
Bark'lt thou for more i then let the Furies feise thee. 
Whole burning Luft damns to the lowed Hell, 
Stnoaks to the H«a>'ias, and fuUies all th» Stars; 

Macb. CompofeyotirLooka, fmooihdownchatllsrt- 
ing Hair, .• 
And dry your Eyes, which folte of this DilUafiion 
I fee are full, brim full of guming Tean. ftie not Gdlen thus. Oh ten thoufand Worlds 
Could not have ballanc'd her, for Heav'n is in her ; 
And Joys which I mufl never dream of more, 
1 weep, 'tis true: But, Mffcitavel, I fwear, 
They're Tears of Vcngeaacc, Drops of liquid FJre, 
So Marbla weeps when Fiames furround the Quarry, 
And the pil'd Oaks Ipouc forth fuch fcalding Bubble* 
Before the general Blazo; for that flie dies, 
Tho' dinging to the Altar ; Guatdian Gods, 
Tho' flamng from their Shrines, ftiall not redeem' tier. 

iVacA, Pretend to-night, nor is it bare Pretence; 
For, as I hear, the SinigaHiwt Viftors 



Come on to wait you here ; Pretend to her. 
To Beliamira, you can fcarce retur:; 
iln forty Hoars. 

Sarg. I will do what I may, 
^ Mach. Away then. 

Bofj. 'Ha! Methiflks thou -dotl n«t (hare 
In my Refetiiment, Macbia-ud, as thou ought'it '. 
Jf thoii'rt my Friend, and art indeed concern'd. 
Relieve my weary'd Fury, beat my Vengeance, 
Callupafriendly Rage, and curfe 'em, Macbia'vef, 
Curfe iKd'e Triumphers o'er thy Bcrgifi'i Ruin, 

Mach. Dif:afes wait 'em: Wherefore (hall I curfe 
Jf (hat my Breath were fulph'rous^ the Lightning, (era t 
That murders with {I Dlalt ; or like the Vapours, 
The choaking Stench, which thofc chat die of Plagues 
Send'with iheir parting Groans, then I would curfe 'eiQ 
With Accentschatlhouldpoiibnfrom myToagae, ■ 
Deliver'd ftrongly thro' my gnaihiog' Teeth ; 
More harih, more horrible, and more outrageous. 
Than Envy in her Cave, or Madmen in their Dens. 

Btr^- Excelietit Machia'vc/ f more, more, to loll me. 

MaehMy Tongue lliallftammer in my earnellWoidsi 
My Eyes fhallfparkle like the beaten Flint. 

Berg. This hoary Hairfliouldilart, andllandanend, 
7\nd all thy fiiaking Joints fliould feem to curfe 'em. 

Mad. Nay, fmce yoa urge me. Sir, my Heart will 
JUnlefs I curfe 'em ! Eoifon be their Drink. (break, 

^erf ..Gall, Gall, and Wormwood, Hemlock ! Hem- 
lock quench'em. 

JWoci. Their fweeteftShade, aDaleofdafltiih Adders, 

Borg. Their faireft-Profpeft. Fields of BafiliDcs: 
Their fofteft Touch, as fmartas Vipers Teeth. 

Mad. Their Mofick horrid as the Hifs.of Dragons j 
-AH the foui Terrorsof daik-featedHell. 

Borg. No more ; thou, art onePiece myfelf; 
And now 1 takeaPrideinmy Revertge. 

Mm/!. -You bid me ban, and will you bid me cea&f 
. Now, by your Wrongs that turn my Heart to Steel, 
-Well could I curfe away a Winter's Night, 
!Tto" Handing uak^ oa a Mountain's 1 op, 



And think it but a Minute fpent in Sport. 

Borg. Thou beft of Friends ! come to my Arms my 
Brother j 
Bat the time calls, and Vengeance bids us part j 
Henceforth, be thoutheMiltrefsofm); Heart. {_Bx!t. 

Mach. Now it grows ripe i theOijfn/, aaifittl/i. 
Are bury'd by my Wit, without a Noife. 
Oh, 'lis the fafer Courfe, for Threats are dang'rous. 
But there's no Danger in the Execution; 
for he that's dead, ne'er thinks upon Revenge. 
What, hoa Ahax*! 

Inter Alonzo. 

Alosx. Here, my Lord. 

Mach.hre the Gloves brought I fent to the Perfumer's? 

Jlomc. They are. 

Mach. Where is Adanta f 

Jlonx. She waits without. 

Macb. As you fee her enter. 
Bring me the Gloves : 'Twere eaTy firangling her^ 
But this is ijiiaimer. O my bright J^na! 

Eater AdotDA. 

With Confidence I fwear the Duke is thine. 

AJem. May I believe it i 

Mach. Bejudge thyfelf, whether I have been idle. 
Thefewerea Prefent from the King aiSpaia 
To the Pope's Niece; of whom the fond young Duk* 
Begg'd 'em for thee. 

Adorn- Is'tpoflible? 

' Mach. Stay, Madam ^we muft change ' 

One Prefent for another. Lend me the Key 
To Bellantira^i Chamber. 

Adara. For what? 

Macb. Nay, if we barter Words, . 

Adorn. Here, here, my Lord. 
How give me the dear Prefent. 
Sec, lee, my Lord, they are embols'd mtb Jew^, 



And caft fo rich an Odour, they o'ercome me— 

Help me — my 'Lord — O help me— -lend your Arm-— . 
The Eanh turns round with me ! O Mercy, Heaven— 

Mach. Remove the Body- 
Then halte and iind the Duke of Ganjsa out^ 
E'er he removes, as he intends to-riight j 
Having Commi^ion from the Pope to lead . 

Th' Italiaa Armies ; eameftly entreat him 
To honour me by making one lafl: Vifit, " 

Which equally imports himas iisLife. " 

Enter Borgia and Eellamira. 

Borg. Upon the inftant, Faireft, I muft leave vouj 
The Lord of Frrmo, with the Duke your Uncle,' 
Have taken Sinigailia by finprize: 
What elfe, but meeting thy viftorious Kinfmen, 
Should draw me from thy Anns? yet thus divided 
But for a Day or two, methinks I part. 
As Souls are fever'd from their warmer Manfions, 
To wander in the bleak and defart Air. 
O Bfllamira ! 

Bell. Why do you flgh, my Lord? 
If'tbyour Pleafure, let me wait you here; 
Or if my Prefence can dil'pel thefe Clouds 
That make you lad, I will attend you thither; 
For while Life lafts, I will be all Obedience. 

Borg. Could"!! thou hold there, how might we laugh 
So kindled both by Love, and by Ambition, {al Fate? 
How would I fweep, like Tcmpefts, with a watte 
Over all Ualj, and crown thee Emprefa 

Here in the Heart of Rome my bright Augufia. 

But 'tis impoflible. 

Bell. Then you conclude, myLwd, lamnottrue. 
Borg. Why.artthou? Is thcrei'ucbathinginNature 

As a true Wife.' No, Bellamha, no 

Thou wouldil be monftrous then, ev'n to Derifion : 
for the whole Flock of commou Wives would hoot thae. 


And drive chee, like a Bird without one Featlier 
Ofthy own kind. 

Beli. Once more m»n my Knees, 
-In view of all the Hierarchy of Heav'n, 
1 here atteft my fpotiefc Innocelice. 

Berg. Still, Machiavel, ftill let us k^p to Death ; 
■Our Principle, that we Are Dufi when dead : 
For, were there any Hell, or any Devil 
.But hot enough to make an Exhalation, 
'Would he not fetch her now? Would he not damn her ? 
■I do believe thee guiltlefs ; Therefore rife ; 
But fince thou art fo confidently clear. 
Swear BiUamira, if I prove thee falfe, 
Whate'er I threat. Bay, tho' I put in aft 
"Thore Menaces, thou wilt not call me Tyrant. 
Bell. I fwear by Heav'n 1 will fubmit my Life 
'To the fevereft fttokeof your Revenge. 

Sorg. Ifthen I prove thee ialfe, OBiUamra! 
Not that Cekilial Copy, ev'n thy Face, 
^Shali 'fcape ; but I will lazc the Draught, as if 
It ne'er had been the Pattern oftheGcSs. 

Btll. Atlwhat you pleafe; but fpeak no more, my 
Jor every Word's a Blot, and ftrikes me dead. (Lord, 

B)rg. If thou art falfe, and if I prove thee fo, 
That Skin of thine, that matchlefs Web of Heav'n, 
Which feme more curious Angel call about thee. 
Will I tear off, tho" cleaving to the Shrine. 

Bell. Speak to him, Machiaiiel! O fetal Marriage ! 
BQrv. lithottdoftplay mefalfe, think not of Mercy; 
Thy Father ftiallbe burnt before thy Eyes. 
Bill. O horrid Thought \ 
Borg. Thy Uncles, Brothers, Sifters, 
All that have any relilh of thy Blood, 
I'll rack to Death, and throw their Limbs before thee: 
Therefore look to'ii beware, if thou art ialfe, 
ni take ihee unprepar'd, and iink thy Soul - 
Therefore, I (ay again, ieware I I've warn'd thee; 
Body and Soul, ev'n evcrlafting Ruin; 
■ For fo may Heav'n have Mercy upoii mine 
Ac my lait Gafp, as I'li have none on thine-^ [Exit- 


Sell. Oh 'tis too plaiB ! I am loft, undone for ever, -. 
What but one Night, ev'n the fitft Nuptial Night, 
So fought, fo courted, and fo hardly won; 
And the next Day, nay, thefucceediflg Morn 
Tobeus'dthus — Let me go, let me go, ' 
For ril proclaim him thro' the Streets oi Rami 
The Traitor, Monfter— Oh, I could fhake World 
With thundering forth my Wrcngs; hollow his Name 
To the refounding Hills ! Borgia! Traitor So^g/^ .' 
Methinks that Word, that Spell, that horrid Sound, 
That Groan ofAir could cleave the neighbouring Rocks, 
And fcare the Babbling Echoes from their Dens. 

Macb. Perhaps fome bufy Slave has whifper'd him 
1 know not wliat, that -chafes his Melancholy 
Againft your Honour. 

SiII. That's impoflibk! 
Had I deny'd to admit him to my Bed, 
Some feemiiig Caufe, fome Reafon for Dilhoft 
Might then be given; but the bright Heav'ns know 
I hail refolv'd to take him for my Lord, 
And love him too, or force my Inclination; 
$0 fubtly had he wrought by deep diffemUing 
Upon ray plain and undifceming Weaknelj : * 
EiJt now he's gerg'd, the Monftcr (hews himfclf, ' 
Appears all Bealt, and I muH die, he cries. 
Ah Cruelty ! and all my wretched Race. 
. Miit*.Madam,youknowhowneara Friendftiipgrcw^ 
Betwixt the Duke of GanJia and my felf: 
Afterthis Night you'll never fee him more: 
Yet, e'er he goes, as he to-night is ordet'd, * 

He will unfold, if you permit him leave. 
The only means to fare your '.''ather's Life i 
Nay, and the Lives of all your Family. 

Bell. Oh Machiavtl ! now whereis thy Advice? 
Had I not reafon for my dicadfol Fean f 
My Father dies ; and by whofe Hand but Bergiai ? 
Whatfliallldoi where flialU go f and -whither Ihall I 
TenthoufaiidHoirorslOinftmftmc, /.Sjti/aW, (luaf 
For I grow defpevaie. 

Mach. Admit the Duke of Gandia, 
Vol. II, H T;.i3 


ThkNtght, foronelaft Conference: Your Hulbani 
-Cannot recuin, unle&Jte ride the Wind, 
Id forty Houn ■■■ 

Belt. Here I am loft again : 
Should heretorni and^d /"a/asf/withme. 
Whom I have fwom never to fee, difconife. 
Never to hear of, fcarce to think -of more. 
What Mouttt&in; (hen fhould hide me from his Fury ? 
Yet if I fee hint not, ray poor old Father, 
With all his Children, Brothers, and Relations, 
Top, Root and Branches, all muA be cut down. 
Hear, Heav'n, hear! Imu&kneeltothee^rSucctmri 
aid my Virtue, and fupport mr Weaknefs ; 
Methicks I am inlpir'd ; fonte Guardian Spirit 
Whifpers me, Save, O fiive thy Father's Life ! 
Brine him tiien, Mariia-vtl, bring the Duke of GaWm; 
Vet ftay, niethinks I fee the Tyrant there I 
My bloody Huihand, with his Ponyard drawn, 

{oli at the Door: Stop, flop the Duke of GanJia: 
le fhall not come: Why, then thy Father dies; 
Ohorrid State I weep Eyes, and bleed, O Heart ! 
I,et Nature burft witn thefe unheard-of SufPrings 1 
Forbid him, Machiatiii, or let him come ; 

All have their Fat^ and I'll cxpeA my Doom 

\ExtHnl fiveraltj. 

-„ Goo^^lc 



fMfrMachiivel, anJAloozo. 

jtfjfagg-^^^fff^ V Lord, I have been diligent. 

Mack. And always wen my fuk. 
tie Emiflaryi 
! My GknccrfDeath.andLanthora 
«^rr><«^' *" "y Mifchiefe. 

^&)>x. f met the Duke ef Gandia at cite Head . 
Of his new Forces, and acquainted him 
As you directed -, and he'll Itralt attend you : 
But as I whiiper'd him, Duke Valentine 
"With a vaft Train came up to take his leave, 
Being call'd (as Fame reports) xo Sinigallia: 
But had you leen the EmWcea, heard the Vows 
Which Bargia fwore fhould be inviolable. 
And ratifyr'd*em with a jarting Kifs. 

Mach. 'Tis myown Bm^ia; avery Limb ofmej 
And when he dies, thou'It fee me halt, Alanza. 

Enter Gandia. 

My Lord, moft welcom* ! Jleuxo — hence — O Prince! 
lExU AloniM. 
Was ever Slave fo careful for his Lord, 
That watch'd his Nod, ai I have been for you ? 

Gaad. I muft withihame to Death acknowledge it* 
But didrt thou know, or couldS thou guefs how near 
The lofs of Bellamird touches me. 
Thou wouldft forgive me. 

Mtuh. I have excus'd yoii. Sir: 
And fora Witnefe of my fafler Friendlhip, 
This Night have fent the Duke to SinitalUa, 
That you might take your lalt fiuewellof love, 

H 2 And 


And Blllamira. 

Gand. Andhasthe crafllFairconfented to it?.. 

A&ft. She hasconfented, rather by ConAraJnt, 
Than her own Will ; I was forc'd totell her. 
How you had fignify'd to me, her Father 
Was in gre^t hazard: but if (he voochfafd 
A Vifit, you would latisiy her better. 

'Enitr Alonzo. 

Cand. Ha! what's this? A fudden Fall ofSpiricE 

Alumi. My Lord, he's in's Litter muffled up. 
In a dark Avenue behind the Palace; 
And'bid me fly to cell you 7ar^uiiCi Poppies 
Are bound up altogether in one Shea/. (The time 

Mack. Hafte thee, and make my Anfwer thus 

Cails for their Heads. This Key, my Lordj admits yoij^ 

Gatid. 'Tjs now BO time for Thanks; butifllive— 

UTacfr. Why, thh ii Wte Iialiaa ! turning thus 
A Key with MachiavtlUitn flight of Hand, 
Two Families of the beil Southern Blood, 
With the firll Prince in Retnt, are quite extinfl : 
What foggy Northern Brain would dream of this ? 

Enter Borgia mu^td in a Cloai. 

Strg. My Machiawlf 

Macb. My Prince, my godlike Ba^j/a.' 

Borg. Tell me, my Bofom-Sin, am I awake. 
Alive .' and may I credit this thy Summons ? 

Mach.^o fooner were you gone, but your challe Wife, 
Whom I imagin'd dead with what you utter'd ; 
I fay, this Wife, this heav'nly Wife of yours. 
Rearing her Head, and wiping her dry Eyes, 
Dropping her Chin, to make her Smile more fcomful. 
Cry' d out, hatA Macbiatiel, you fee, you fee. 
What things ihefe Hufiiands are, and left the.Room. 

Bore. Racks, Racks, and Fire! Caldrons of molten 

How Ihall I twnure'hcr? (Lead I 



Mach. -Strcight, by ter walking Pacquct, 
She ftgnify'd her Fleafure to the Duke, 
Who &on approach'd, and wkh ^ matchtefs Boldnefi 
Dcfir'd my Friendfhlp in this private Bufinds ; 
I fmil'd, and promis'd that I would not fee, 
Tho' I beheld Adcrm let him in, 
Whom fince I poifon'd, left ihe Ihould betray 
The Secret of your coming. 

Barv. By Death and Vengeance 
I could turn Cannibal, and with my Teeth 
Tear her alive. But let us talk no more. 

Enter D. Michael. 

What hoa, Don Michael!- when I flanro my Foot 

Againil the (5 round, bring forth the Pnfoners, 

And execute aa I thall order. {Ex. Michat^. 

Mach. Pafs the back Way, my Lord; this Door !■* 
If that be (hut too, force it open, while (loekld; 

I fet a Guard on this : Millionit to one. 
Bat *hen flie hears your Voice, fhe'll hide the Duke, 
And then deny him boldly to your Face: 
'Tis like thoft fobtle Creatures. ^ 

Bargl Damn 'em, Serpents! 
What needs thisAggravationi Revenge! away'- — — - 

. . ■ ■ iExii. 

■ Mach, Nowlike a Grey -hound barking in the Slips', 
Death ftraggSes for a loofe ; 1 muft be gone. 
And lurk in (hadows till the Murder's done. 
Hark 'tis doing, the Doors arc thander'd down ! 
Oh I for an Eanhqnake now to fwatlow all) 
All that oppofe jny Tyram, to the Center— — [Exit. 

SCENE ^raius. Borgia, EellamirB, DuhtfCm 
Aadlfarm-d: D. Michael, i^c. 

Berg. Slave, run you down, and bar the Palace-Gates, 
Let not a Soldier ftir os pain of Death, 
Till I appoint- What's heyou havedifarm'di 
Haftc, drag him forth, and.put the Tapers near him: 
H 3 Lightning 


Lightning and TJinnder I Ha? the Duke (ifG««4«^ 
Fage bum me up ! It U not po&ible : 
' WoBKut, O Womaa! 

Bell. O Heay'ns ! O aU ye Powers ! 
It there not one, one Doer far Mercy left ? 

Ber^. Pall off his Robes, and bind him to aCh^ri 
Plv him with Fire and Wounds-— Ves, BtlUmra, 
There is a Flood-gate — hut it is of Blood ; 
A Gate for Mercy wide, aj thou haft Oiown 
For Honour, Chaftiiy, and bridal Virtae. 
See here the Sluice I draw, thro'Dooreof Woondt^ 
Thy Vows, this fulpharous Stench, thy Kilbs. 
BtU. Hold, held, Tormentors r 
Jotj. Seize the Fury's Arnu, 
And execute my Orders. 
Gand. O unmercifukl 
- O Borvia: When, when (hall my Torments end? 
Btll. Ha! is it doing! Wretches, Villains, Dogt. 
Mifcreants, Sons of Hell, and Broods of Darknefil 
Gnn^. Humanity canbeunomore. MyHcart,ftnke 
Bell. 1'u done ; ti the daric De^ is done I [then. 
O 1ft me gather all the Rage of Wovian, 
And tell this Tyrant to his teeth, he is a Villain. 
Gand. Mercy, gentle Bergia, Mercy I [Mercy. 

Bell. He gentle I then the Devils themfelve* hay* 
O Monfter, rocky Villain, Tyger, Hell-hound, 
Seize him you Fiends, and Furies dainD;him, dasuj himi 
Xlay Hell have in&nite Stories, and this Devil 
Be damn'd beneath the bottomlefe F-oundation. 

Jofj. By Heav'nihe weeps: Here, dip her Handker- 
JDip it in his Blood, and bid her dry her Eyes', (chief, 

Bejl. thou eternal Mover of the Heav'ns, 
Where are thy Bolts ? 

Cend. Igo, OBtllamra! 
Thinkll thou, alas, that we (hall kitow each other 
In the bright World? I fear we Ihallnot— Oh! 
£«>^'d farewel : Thy Bride is innocent : 
Let Bellamira live, and I forgive thee — ; — [Diet. 
Bill. He'sgwici toHeav'nhe'sgone, asfurea^thou 
fiialc liak to Hell, thou Tyrant, double damn'd : 




Nay, thou {vonldft have me rage, and I tvtll rage, 
Andweq>, and rage, and Ihow thee to the World, 
ThoD Priell, Archbithop, Cardinal, and Duke, 
Thou that hall run thro' all religious Ordan, 
And with a Form of Virtue doak'd thy Horrors I 
Thou proper Son of that old curied Serpent, 
Who daubs the holy Chair with Blood aivi Murders. 
But fare the Everlafting has a Chain 
To bind your Chums, and link you both together: 
Hell's Vicar, and his fiift begotten Devil, 
Hotter than Lmiftr in all his Flames. 

tnitr Alonzo. 

Bort, What, hoa, Alanzot ftrwigle the Prifoneti, 
3j^TOi Viullix.^: Hafte, I fay, 
without reply 

Btil. O-fparehim! fpare my Father! 
And rilnnlay, foriwcar all I have faid: 
Oh, ! have play'd the Woman now indeed, 
A' lying, foolilh, vext, ouirageons Woman ! 
To fet your Wrath againft the Innownt : 
There was x feemine Caufe for the Duke's Death 
And mine J But, ohi what has Or^'^D done t 
Orfiva loves yon : Oh that good old Man ! 
Yovr Father— —For lb a tlioufand times 
I've heard you call him, feenyoukifs, embrace him I 
Therefore he mnft not, cannot die ! 

Bor^- jUtnKt! 

jilmx. My Lord ! 

Bvr^. Slave, PIl ftranele thee [Striies bim. 

With my own Hands, ifthou delay'ftmy Vengeance:' 
Say, Villain, what, not dead ? 

AlaKz. My Lord, theyaro: 
And if I live you fhall rEptsit this Blow——— \_jlfiJe. 

Barv. Go, draw the Curtain, glut her Eyes with 
And ftiangle her: My Veins are all on £re, (Death,. 
And I could wade up to the Eyes in Blood. 
Draw, draw the Curtain. 

H 4. Or£a^ 


Oifin. Vitellea. D. Gntvioa, OUveretto, apfearJiJgulfid. 

Bell. Gorgex, MeJuJa. Horror! 
V«I will Jlioot thro' Daggere, rulh tliro' Flanut 
Toclafphim ia ray Arms. O wrttched /*««/, 
O noble Oi^Ji, what, qakecold? Pale, (lead? 
And you, dear ImagcB, will yoa not give 
One Gafp ef Breath, oneGroan, one laflFarewel? 
Horror ! Confufion ! uid eternal Shame 
Light on thee for this Deed: I tellthee. Baryta, 
J fee thee on thy Death-Bed, all on^ 
Asif fome helliih Poifon tiadinfiam'd thee: 
1 fee thee thrown ten Fathom in a Well, 
Yet ftill coBie up, like Etna\ belching Flames. 
Barg. I hope thou wilt go mad and prophefy ! 
hell. VesTyrant, thus, thustothy Pace I brave thee. 
And tell thee in deipiie of Threats, e'er long 
Thou and thy holy father flull be feiz'd 
And carryM to the everlalliiig Jail ; 
i'rom whence not all your sfanijh Cardinals, 
Your Bailiffs inred Liveries, fliail redeem you^— ■ 
Bm. Die inthy Prophecy; Aknza, end her-^ 

Bill. Thus, on my Knees thee and for Terror to 

Hear my laft Prayer, and mark my dying Words, (ihee, 

Itl in Thought, inWord, in private Aft 

Have yielded up this Body to the Arms 

Of aught that's mortal, but inhuman Borpa ! 

thou impartial aad mofl awful Judge I 
Shut, (hui thy Gates of Blifs againft my Sou! t 
B-itit my ttrtur'd Virtue merits Glory, 
;Pardonmy Frailties, fee witii whatjo^ 

1 leave this Life, and bring mc to perftfllon. 
IShe UfirangUd. 

. What, ather Death! fliethatbeliev'daHeav'n, 
But how know I ttai Ihe beKev'd a Heav'n 

And fcai 

'UaHell, yet to depart a Lyar; 

Or why, with hopes that in the Pangs of Death 

I would reprieve her, might flie not deny 

Her Whoredom to the laft f but chat's unnatural t 



What wouldll thoa then 7 I willnomoreofthisj 
Ic clouds my Brain; heace, Alaiixa\>aa 
The Dnke of Gandia's Body to the tibtr 
In Tome clofe Chair, tie at hia Neck a WeighCi 
And plunge him to the Bottom. 

A&nx. My Lord, 'tis done. 

[Ex. Exeealimiri •wilh the Bvdj.. 

Strg. I (wear I have been cruel to my felf. 
For that I lov'd ber, is as true, as jhe 
Is pafl the Senfe on'ti fhe is cold ali^ady.— — 

Enltr Maghiavel, 

Mafk Ha!thisi(ftate]y Mifchief! vihif,my fburFoes- 
OfF/eteace! but they are dumb. Ha! gazing chere, 

I like not that 

£or^. Her Lips arclovely Aill; 
The Buds, tho' gatlier'd, keep their Damafk Colonr; 
Yes, and their CXlours too! haSle Maciiavd, 
Rulh to my. Aid ; I grow in love with Death. 
She iliallnot die! run Slaves! fetch hither Spirits^ 
I uill recover her again ! 

Mairh. Again to plague? 
To meet again another Duke ofGaiA'a ? 

Sorg. Dfath on that TlKinght i no, let her die and rotn 
The damn'd AduUVefs ! perifli the Thoughts of her.. 
Hi, trllroe, come: J will no more of her. 
How fball the'Boidies bedifpcu'dl I fane - 
My Brother to the 7/ier. 

Mmh. That's a rouble; 
ni fmdan eafier way for thefe, and her 
That fieeps witlun my Clofet. Go, Don MUahtlf 
Bury 'email together in quick Limes. 
In Tome few. hours the Klclh will be confMin'd ; 
Then burn'the Bones, ani all is Duft and Aibes. 

[/);*iu hire the Curtains an '<j», 
$,trg.- I-fwear ^is Body Oiall not be confum'd; 
m have'tc»balm'd id laliaUioufand Years. 
O Ma<hiate}! 1 fwear, I know notwhy, , 
Jtut with a World of Horror on mvSoul, 

H s "Witb- 


^ith Tremblings here, ConvuHons of the Heart i 
A; if I heard fome God thus whifper to me. 
Thou oughcil to grieve for Bellaraira'i Death. 
Mach. My Lord ft veiy fond and foolifh Fancy. 
Serf. I fay, my Lord, your Policy is out: 
Furies and Hell ! how Ihould you judge of Lov«, 
That never lov'df Thoa hall no laftc of Love, 

No fenfe, no relilh ^Why did I iruft thee then? 

Had any Softnefs dwelt in that lean Bofom, 
My BiHamira sow had been alive : 
Tho' I had caufe to kill her, thou hadlt none 
To fet mc on, but Honour, jealous Honour ! 
Oh-the laft Night ! I tell thee. Politician, 
When I run o'er the vaA Delight, I curfe thee. 
And curfe my lelf ! b^, wiih I had been found 
Dead in her Arms ; but take her, bear her hence \ 
And if thou lovll me, drive her from my Memory. 

{Tbef rtmave itr-. 
Tell me niy Brothtr^ Murdei: is difcover'd ; 
That the fonr Ghofta are up again in Arms : 
Say any thing to make me mad, and !ofe 
This Melancholy, which will elfe delhoy me. 
Miitf^. I hear the Pope has fent to Siiugallia, 
To call you back. 

Borg. By Heav'n, I had foreot. 
And thou mCSt opportuucly haft remembred : 
Vou know twelve C^dinals were then created; 
That folenjn Morn when I receiv'd the Rofci 
And I will tell thee, half thofe Foob e'er morrow,. 
Thatboudicfo high, Ihall veil their Caps forerer. 
Mach. He mends apace ; 'tis but another Ihrvg, 
And then thit Love, this Ague Fit is loll. 

Berg. \ fwear— ni to the Wan, and ne'er retnnfe 
To Rcttu, till I have brav'd this haughty Fraithmtm 
That ntraac'd To of late. 

Macb. Why this is if»y'i». 
Come, come, you moft not droop: lodcapr aiyLoid}^ 
Methinkj I fee you crown'd Rtmt't Emperor. , 
No doubt. Sir, bat among your glorioui PJawWi 
Ysu'U find fona Woman— —m 



Serg. Ra! no more, I charaje thee. 
I fwear T was tu cafe and had forgot her; 
Why didft thoQwake me then, to turn me wildi 
Ana rouzethedumb'ringOrderaofmy Soul? 
To my charm'd Ears no more of Woman teU > 
Name not a Woman, and 1 Ihall be well. 
Look a poor Lunau'ck that makei his Moan, 
And for a time beguiles the Lookers on. 
He reafons well, his Eyes their Wiidnefa lofe. 
And vows the Keepers his wrong'd Senfe abufe : 
But if you hit the Caufe that hurts his Brain, 
Then his Teeth gnafti, he foams, he (hakes his Chain, 
Hh Eyc-ba!ls roQ, and he is mad ag^n. lExtunt. 

Eater tne Exiaitieiter iiiilb a dart Lan lb o rn , fiUam^d - 
by avatbti- at a £pinct; thtj part, tfiim, Itak <^ and ' 
£fwn, and htm te tie rcfl, 

1 Extt. The Coall is dear, and at) the Guards are - 

2 Exec. Hark, hark; what Noife is that? (gone. 
I Zxcc. The Clock ftrtick three. 

z Exit. See the Moon Ihinea ; halte, and call ourr 
Hemto'em; that's the Sign. (Fellows.. 

I Extc. They come, they come. 

Enttrfiar Sxtcutioiters morr [ 7^ tarry tie Sat^ efttf 
Dtiie ^Gandiai'a a Chain tbi tlhers filhta, and' 
fceut behind. 

I Extt. So— fet himdowi^ 3»d.let*An bear their 
For I am weary . — (paitf : 

4 Extt. And fo am I : I fwesti" but Ms with Fear. 

t Exec. Make no mure Words. onV; take him from ? 
the Chair. 

zExtt. Agh^ySight. The Weigi^ about hiiNecIt. 
UasbenthimahnollL doable: 1*11 not touch him-^— 

3 Exet. Cowardly Villain- Come, my Princely 

Tie Fiflies want their Break-f^. (Matter^ , 

4 Exec. Join all together. 

Ana hurl him o'ei this Wall i]ito.tlte.f(fcr. 


X Exe:. Fly, fly-:— I hear a Noife : Tfce Guardj, 
the Guards. 

3 Extc. He lyes, he lyes; the Coinage cfhuFeant 
Once morei 1%. join all your Hands together. 
Remembei the Reward, two thouland Crowm 
A Man : But for that MiUc-lbp, I fufpeA him; 
TherefoTe let's watch our time, decoy him oai 
And when this Buiinefs is a little o'er, 
Strande him jn Tome Comer, left he prate 
Of What is done. Now, now'* tiic tune, away— — 

[■TJrji jtin all together j taie him hf the Lm and jfriw/, 
and burl him svtr tbt Wall imta the Tiber; jt Ntifi 

ii heard, as 4 a Body falling into theWettr^ " 

■ Ihty kok about oTtct mare, then ftart, take uf tbt 


Enter Borgia ^in^Machiavei:, 

Waeh.. Tho' Orjimi, the ; ■. .Hi, at>d Celoim! 
Are halhid; the Spaniard, aDj rhe FriiKb, no doobc 
Would buy your FricBdfhip at the ^-^areft rate. 
Nay more ; I yield you Lord of Tufcany, 
Asd MsAer of fuch Forces as ntiejht march 
Againft the haughiiefi Power of Chriftundoio. 
But Prince, forgive me, if I am too free. 
Do you remember whence this Gloiy comes, 

, Aad how this eolden Fortone isdcnv'df 
The Pope trom that rich Source thefe Currents roll;: 

'And when another FopeJucceedf, who knoivs 

.But he may Urip you bare of all thofe Honours 

"Which this has given, and turn you to the World! 

.* Sorg. No, Matbiaveh I am prepatM for Fate,. 

"Tho" Alexander fljould expire to-night. ■ 

Fijft, who Is teit of all the Families 
I baysdejac'd, if a new Pope were made, 

' To fay I wrong'd 'em ; none that I remember: 
*Tis not my waj- to lop ; for then the Tree 


-„ Goo^^lc 


May fprout again ; bucroot him, and he lies 

Never to bluftet more. But I wiil tell thee, . 

Quite to unhinge that Hold, no Pope fliall e'er 

fie fixM in Rome, while Sorgia is alive. 

Bat by iliis Hand. The Gentry are all mine 

Forever, gain'd by Prefents andPrefermenK : 

The Spanijh Cardinals are mine devoted. 

With all that are confpicuous in the College. 

What then can Fortune do i I laugh at her ; 

Sputn all chofe Shrines and Altars.which weak Wretclics, 

Heroes andFools, devoutly riile to gain her. 

Muih. Vet heasme, Serria, hear, the oddell Stery 
That ever Melancholy told the World: 
'J'his Morning, being early in the VatUan,. 
Far in the Library at the upper end, 
^lethought I law two llately Human Former' 
Lying at dillance, wrapt in Linen Shrouds^ 
Approaching nearer with a ftedfaftGaze, 
As now I look upon the Prince I honour, 
I faw the Figure of the Pope your Father 
Stretch'd on the Floor, pale, ghaftly, cold and deadr ' 
And I^ his fide, with Horrot upon Horror, . 
Asd double TremblingSr law, my Lord, your lelfr 
My very Ca-fitr, like a new-laid GJio ft, 
Swoln, black, and bloated, while your inclos'd Ey^,. 
All blood'lhot, fix'd on mine their dreadiiil Beams. 

Sa'-g. Fumes, Fumes, my Madiiavtl, the Effefls o£, 
Phl^m ; 
Giofs Humours, Fumes, which fiom thy ilucker Blood. 
Stream up like Vapours from a foggy Fool. 

Macb. I am apt to think it but a leap of Fancy, ' 
A jading, of the Mind, which, quite liredout 
With Thought's ctenrtl Toil, Iliikes from the Read .-. 
Yet, as you prize your Life, let me coniure you. 
Beware Afcama, his long red Coat . 

Hides a moft mortal and inveterate Foe. 

Berg. I know him, "Machia'ud, and foMh liim oil*. 
As he would me. But Sor^i'a.doea affure thee,. 
That he, that fcarlet poifonous Luxury, 
With his adherent Brothers, {hall this Night, 



Even inthemidftof RifTes, Oaths, Embraces, 
Burft in the Vatican, and (hed their Venom. 

Mach. Your Father is a Mailer of his Breaft, 
The occafion gives new Life, frefh Vigour to him ; 
Even at the very Verge of bottomlcfs Death, 
He Aand) and fmilei as carelefsand undaiuued, 
As wanton Swimmers on a River's Brink 
Laugb at the rapid Stream. 

Berg. Therefore, my Friend, 
Let ui defpife this Torrent of the World, 
Fortune, I mean, and dam her up with Fences, 
Banks, Bakvarks, all the Fortreifes, which Virtue, 
ReTolv'd and marn'd like ours, can raife againft her ; 
That if (he does o'erflow, (he may at leaft 
Bring but half Riiin to oar great Defigns : 
That being at laft afliam'd of her own Weaknefi, 
Like a low-bated Flood, (he may retire - 
To her own Bounds, and we with Pride o'erlook her, 

Znttr Don Michael audtheBullir. 

D. Mich. My Lord, your Servant waits as yoD ap- 

Beij. Are my Proviiions come ? (pointed. 

Baii. They are, my Lord. 

isrz- Do you remember what I gave in cha^ ? 

^Kr/.Thatnone (hould touch thegildedFlaJkorWiiie. 

Ber^- I charge thee none, but iuch as I fliall Older. 
Dm Michael, is my Father yet arrfv'd i 

Z>. Mich. He is, my Lord, and gone. 

Bewg. Say'ftthou? , (Heat, 

. Z>. Mich. When firft he enter'd, quite overcome with^. 
Thirfting, and faint with the hot Seafen's Rage, 
Hecall'dfor Wine, and tho'diSuaded from it, 
Drank largely, mingled with the Cardinals, 
And walk'd, and laugh'd, pky'd mth Co/unJuj' Boyi> 
Heard their rude Mufick, and beheld 'em dance: 
When on a fudden flsning up, he alk'd 
For yoK, my Lord: boVd, as his Ciiltem is,, 
Widi decj^ UoioUity to all, deTutM'em. 


-„ CoogI': 


To fir, and fo went out-. — but with a Prainir« 
Of a moA quick RecurQ— ~ 

SCENE itrteais anJ difeimers a Chair a^Stett uMJer a 
CaXQpf, a large 7atle, iiiitb a rkb SaajMt, MnJ' 
matty CaudUt ait^t. 

Enter Akiaao, Adrian, Enna, Ange, fwo!Cardiiialt.m»rii 

Afian. My Lord, the Vatican Secietj'^ 
Who were oblig'd to facrifice this Night, 
As every loofer Genius (hould infpire. 
To Air, and Wine, and waimer CoDverrati«»>. 
Grow dull for want of you: His HolineTs 
Himfelfs retir'd — Therefore let us intrcat yon™ - 

B<irg> O nty good Lord Afiairio,- I am born 
To be at your command— my Lords, I wait you>. 
Sirrah, remember him— —I charge th(wJUi 
Of Che gilt Fkfk to him-^. 

Sutl. My Lord ^I Ihall. 

This Wine is fm* the richeft of th» World, 

Becaofe hi charges me fo llriAly of it i 

That Cai-dinal'g a Friend, and he task tafle it. 

Afian. Ijat^Machiavel, yon have bses charitable, ll 
thank your Love;. 
STay,. with my Life Ithank you—-. 

Macb. MytiOrd i I wiih youwould explaiayoim- 

Afian. It needs not. Sir, fiir thisithe meaneft kjjow^, 
The Rabble, bale Mechaiiicks talk of Murders i 
2.faw a fweating Weaver in hie Shirt, 
Kan puffing with his Shuttle in his Hand, 
To aSc a neighbour Btucher of the News, 
Who with bis Knife in's MouA abruptly (elb-. 
Orfiao's Death; yet, and his Daughter's too. ' 
Then comes a Taylor with his Hair tuck'd back; 
Behind his Ean, en dptoes, in his Slif^ers, 
And cries in haftc, theDuke of Giurd'iis muTdcr*d: 
Then Tpits ispoa his Iron, cafts op his Eyes, 
Tlufiuu Uvo' 'dw CoinpaiH'i as 'twere a.NeedIe,. 


And vaniflies ; no more, my Lord, I ihankyoa, 
Nay, by my Life, but for the Company, 
I'd kifsthe bottom of your Robe; your Lordthip's ever. 
Your Highnefs'Servant : My Lord.let'i drink a Health to 
His HolineG — -But in. my heart, I fay the Devil take 

Bays- Lord Mudiia-vel, yoB are ipy Gueft to-'nigHt: 
Were the Society made np of God«, 
As fure it is of Saints, Spiriti above 
ThecommonEievation; yet this Man, 
" I fay, my Lords, this Human Prodigy, 
Would not be fet to wait, but fix'd among 'era, 
I'o dazzle with the brightell Being here. 

Wine there ! My Lord AJcanitSfiri^, 

He«kh I* all here, and to the general Joy— \Dnnkr^ 

jifcan. Fine Work, my Lords, fine Work, I lay. 
The £lakc of GanJia'i murder'd. (look to it> 

Adrian. 'Tis the common Rumour. 

Ena. Tiie Pope this Morning in the Cwifiltery . 
When firit he heard the News, leap'd from his Tbione, 
CioDing his Bceail; and looking up to Heav'n, 
He vow'd hereafter xioft fevere Amendment, 
As from this time to fall for forty hours, 
J\nd all his Life wear next hu humble Flelh 
A Shirt of Hair. 

Afean. A ShiitofHair, bating iKfr«o«» Nights, i 
She'll cot endure'i it i look you, her Skin's too tender : 
A Shirt of Hair, a very prickling Penance. 
How, by my holy DaraCr mere Letchery ; 
iJon't I know himf Sl.ive, mtwe Wine, I fayt 
Fill up my Glafs; Come, oane, my Lords, 'tis time 
To look about us and reform the Chjrch— {^DriniB. 
Prune it, I fay ; or elfe like Bnhylei, 
Like Bab^r& Whore, 'twill run up all to Seed. 
Hark y(,j. Lord Ai^i. 
Aug. My Lord. 

A/can. My Lord of Enaa too j w« four are. 
Asone Soul: This Pope's fl very lend 

Ani wicked Head : he's never well, bat 

Wlicii he'sploitiftg Murders.^ .W.hy.Jflpk jDUbSinw i 


If a Man cannot fpeak his Mind of 

StSR Affairs— -but he tnuft flraic be 

DfKig'dby HcUboundo, Bloodfucken, Decoyers, 

Rakals, that watch to throttle him in fome 

By-corner, then quoit hist like a. Cat into 

The River, 'tis very Ene ; Now, by my holy Daroei 

It may be om- turn next — by the Malt it may ; 

I Tay, my Lord, it may ■ [fiie Indian £»f* daact^ 

Ha, my Lords, how do you 
Like tlte motion f Verypretty, very fine. 
O brave Columbui ! Mote Wine there ; a bigger 
Glafe: I'll drink CfuW^Kj' Health — Now, by my 
Holy Dame, I am frolickfome, and will be active. 
Ha, my Loids, ha, I learnt at Paiii, when I was 
A Striplins; yet iheTc are pretty Children, ver}' fin* 

£irt*r D. Michael 

D.WchMy Lord, I grieve to bring you mortal NeW3» 
Which, were I filent, yet infome few Minutes 
Mull wound your Ears; your Father'* dead, 

Burg. Hence, Raven, 
TboirBoder of the blaekeft Deed of Death r 
My Loids, this Vilhin lays the Pope is dead ; 
Weut he not hence but now, foimd, fitm, &ad healthful 
And promis'd to return ? 

D. MUh.Uy Lord, he did: 
But 'tis moft certain, e'er he went from hence. 
Aa all our beft Phyficians give CinOath, 
He was by fome pernicious Traitor poiibn'd. 

Berg. O Machia-vel, where is our Forecaft now f 
My Heart mifgivcs me, and my Bofom's hot. 
Who niiniftred.' who gave my Father Winef 

D. MUb. Your Servant: For wheiifirilyourFather 
His own Provifions were not come. (entwr'di 

Borg. O Confufionl 
Anfwer roe. Villain r ha! fiU'd you hisWinef 

Bull. My Lord, I did. 


Borg. What, from the gilded Flaflci Whydoftthao 
tremble f 
Horror confame thee, gnaw thee, bum-thy Enttaib, 
Wilt thou Bot Tpeak ? 

Bull. My Lord, by yoor ftrift Charge, 
That none ftiouldtaftethofeFlatks but whom you order'a, 
I judg'd the Wine moft excellent, and gave 
Part of it to your Father' ■— 

Borg. O damn'd Dolt ! 
Curft, fenfeiefsDog! now, Maehiavil, wherearewc?- 
Ha ! l^the Furies thatiBvade my Breaft, 
And crumble all my Bowels into duft, 
lam caught myfelf! Speak, tell me, horrid Villain, 
Or I will have thee dragg'd in thoufand Pieces, 
Tom by madHoriei like the Flelh of Dogs: 
Thou gav'il me Wine too from the gildod f lalk ! ha. 

Traitor ! 
Come, double damn thy felf, and fwear ihou didft not. 

Bit/. My Lord 1 muft confrfs I gave the tunc 

To yoo, that was directed for your Friend, 
My J-ori Afiam*^. 

Btrg. Take thy Reward then, which the Devirthoo 
Into my Breaft, thus gives thee back a^n ! (ponr'ft 

Machiavel, O do not look upon me : 

\ am below thy Scorn, thus vilely caught, 

© baffiy, bafely fold by my own WUe. (Devil 

Afiaa. Oh, oh, oh — ^J have my (hare on't too. the 
Thank you— Fire, Fire, FirelohmyGuts— Brimflone 
And Fire-^— hafte there fly for Antidotes. 

Bfrg. None, none on Earth, 

1 tell thee, Prieft, can fave thy rotten Carcafci- 
No Cardinal, lie down, lie down, and roar. 
Think on thy fcartct Sins, and fear Damnation. 

Jfia. L^ions of Furies here. Hell is broke loofe. 
And all the Devils are quarter'd in my Bowels. 
Run Slave! and for a lall Revenge, produce 
His mangled Baflard^that'a fome Pleafure yet. 

Borg. O Maehia^il, thy Hand, I am all Flamet i 
Yet thou (halt hear no Noife; fit down, my Friend, 
Upon the Earth — for there's roy Manfion now, 



Daft, and no more and yet methinks ''twu hard 

That lliis elaborate Scheme of mighn' Man, 
This Parchment, where theLines of Acma* Greatnefi 
By thee fo well were drawn, fhould by the Hand 
Qffcribbling Chance be blotted thus for ever, 

Afian. IbuHi, Ibum,Iroall, Iroaft, andmyGuts&yj 
They blaze, ihc^ fnap, they bounce like Squiba 
And Crackers : I am all Fire — ■■ ■ 

Macb. h't poSibte that you can bear the Pangi 
OfviokotPoiibn, thus tinnwv'd? 

Borg. 'Tis little 
Toone relblv'd: No, let the Coward Statefman, 
Women, andPricfts, whineattheThoughtsof Qeath) 
For me, whofe Mind was ever fierce and aAive* 
Death is unwelcome, only for this Rcafon^ 
BecauTe 'tis an eternal Lazinels— — — 

Enter Alonzo, UaJ!t^ iu Seraphino, •with hii Eyti 
Mit, and Fact cut. 

Math. I mull confefii, my Mind, by what 1 Qnr 
This Momine, and by what has h^pen'd &aot. 
Is deeply Ihock'd, even from her own Foundation. 

JJcaa. Bear the blind Ballard to Iiis Father, go, 
And bid him laugh ■ .oh! 

Maci. Horror ! ne^v Horror ! 
My Lord, your Son, by that moft bloody CardinaJ,. 
Manned and blind. 

iorg. Why doll thou wonder at it f 
'Tis all the work of Chance, aud Trickof Fortune; 
Yet this methinks is horrible indeed. 
Come hither, Boy^^ 

Strap. Alas, 1 hear your Voice, 
And cannot find the Way ; 
But am like one benlehted in a Wood. 

Borg. A Wood indeed j 
But oh the Brambles there hare us'd thee vilely. 

Strap. O Father, you are arm'd, and have a Sword j 
Will you not, foi your Stratbiw'i lake. 



Cut down thofe Thorns that prkk'd out both my Eyes? 
I know yon wil! ; for you were always kind 
And tender of me; Oh-times have you held me, ' 
Faft in your Arms, and fmil'd, and play'd with me; 
Tho' j-ou're a Prince, a very bufy Prince, ' ' 

' And call'd me litlle Eyes, little inJefd, 
Kor now they're out, and alt my Face h cut : 
Nay, they have ilarv'd me too. _ 

i»y. Death and Horror! 

Strap. Why do you prefs me thns between yoor Anhs, 
As if you lov'd me ftill? I am fure yon cannot. 
Pray let roe hide my Face within ) our Eofum ; 
■ Forifyou lock upon me I Ihal! fright yoo. 
O I I've a Pain here joft about my Heart ; 
When you, my Lord, a long time after mc 
Shall djc, will you not lay my little Bones 
By yours; alas, my Pain increafes-^-Oh - [DiVj. 

Bon. Revenge thee, Boy ; I aflebot that from Fate, 
And fee 'tis given me; Thro' athouland Wounds, 
Thus, horjid Prieft 1 purge out thy Ii^lUul Blood, , 

[Sieit Afc^. 
And vomit thy liTacIi Soul ■ 

^can. Oh Devil! Devil! DeviH {Dhs. 

£or^. No, Kachiavel, "lis now fit time » r«vc j 
For 1 am now enrag'd to that Degree, 
That I will Jive even in defpite of Fortnne, 
Stan, Fates, and all the Juggles of a HeaT'n. ' 
Hence, bear me. Slaves, and plunge me into Tiltr, 
Deep as Ifunk thcDuke of GauZadown, 
Till I hKve qTiench'd this Hell within my Bowels ) 
Then flay me an Ox-hide, and fwadd]e me, 
Like Htrculei in the Kemeai Skin, 
Till all my poilbn'd Flefli like Bsrk peels off, . 
And my bare Trunk ftands ever/ brulhing Wind. 

Eana. Where are our Guards i My Lords, I judge 
it fit . 
That Mathiai-e! and Btr^ia flioold be feiji'd. 

Barg. Seize me ! what laucy Prleft durft ftart that Mo- 

AmilnocTyranthere? TYichordkOi RsmT {tion? 



Dt>es«otfro»«dread myZrovin) andS/ainadoremel 

Who dires then talk of leizing me i What, he f 

This wag-tail Prieil, wiih the black picked Beard, 

That fcours the Country round for ftecklcd Wenches ? 

Or was it you, my Lord of Etna ? ha. 

Death, where's my Majefty ? Or veil your Caps, 

Or I will trample you bsreath my Feet. 

You, Ai^el that could proftitute your Sider 

Togain a Hat; Lie there Lord ofSt.Piter.- 

You Cax^naX ed Fincula, youpackof Hell-hounda, I 

That trace me by thcBlood; on, on, I fay. 

On to the brinkof Hell : Thence plunge together, 

Where, on his Throne, behold the Mailer Devil 

With a great Pair of glowing Horns red-hot 

To gore you for your Lives Incontinence, 

You Ravilhers, you Virgin Pioneers, 

You Cuckold-makers of the forked World. 

jfuge. Where are our Guards ? 

Borg- Hark, Ihear 'emcominEi 
Or it is Doom's-day ? ha ■ by Hell it is j 
And fee, the Heav'iu, and Earth, and Air are all 
On firei the very Seas, likcmolten Glafs, 
Roll their bright Waves, and from the fmoaky Deep 
Caft up the gbring dead : The Trumpet founda, 
Api the Cwilt AngeU &im about the Globe 
To fummon all Mankind. Rome, Rami is callM, 
Work, work for Hell. Oh, Satan! Bec/zetui. 

Eciiai and. Baa! Whence thb Thunder -clap? 

They've blown us up with Wildfire in the Ait; . 
And look how the baldf ryars in ruflet Gowns 
Croak like old Vultures, how the flutt'ririg Jefuita, 
In black and white, chatter about the HeaVns; 
Capuchins, Monks, with thewholeTribe of Knaves: 
Thenlctmeburftmy Spleen. Lookhow the Taflels, 
Caps, Hats, and Cardinals Coats, and Cowls, and 

A re toft about the Sport, the Sport of Winds—— 

Induigences, Dirpenfcs, Pardani, Bulls, iee yonder, 




Piieft, the)" fly— —they're whirf'd stoft; They fly. 
They fly o'er the Backfide of th' World, 
Into a Limbd Urge, and broad, lince cailM the PaTsdib 
Of Fooh. 

EtiKa. 'Tia juft wegivehimwayj thij Fit of Rage 
Hu wafted him to Death, fee he breaches flton: 
The Taper's fpent, and this is his laft Blaze. 

Barg.nA \ breathe I fliort ? Prelate thou ly'ft : My Pnlft 
Seats with a conAant Fire, and <prightly Motion; 
The Strings of my tough Heart as ftrong as cVer: 
No— I will live i in fpite of Fate I'lllivc 
To be ihe Sconrge of Romt: I'll live to aft 
New MHchiefi, and create new wicked Popes, 
To ponyard Hcrcticlt Princes, that refufe 
To lay their Necks beneath the holy Slipper t 
Mardcr fucceffively two Kings of France: 
Sriiain attempt, tho' her moft watchfiil Angrf 
Saves the lov'd Monarch of that happy ]fle. 
And turns upon ourlelves the plotted Wound, 
That fiijks me to the Earth ; yet ftill we'll on, 
Andhatch new Deeds of Darknefs : O Hell and Furies \ 
Why fliould wenot, fince the great Head himfelf 
Will back my Plots, join me in Blood and Horror, 
And after give me Bond for my Salvation ? 

I fwear I will I'll Have it-*-nay. Sir, you Ihall-^ 

Or I will thunder to your Holinefs: 

But hark, hewhifpers, What, a little Gold' i 

With all my Heart; thus DeviFs buy Souls for crafh— 

I'll fee your itching Palm for Abfohition, 

Gold for my Pardon, hey— 'tJa feal'd and given ; 

And fcra DucafthusI purchafe Heav'n— [Diei. 

Moih.Tiie mightjiSoul there forc'd herfutloSsPailage, 

And plunges now in deep Eternity ■ 

I fee, my Lprdj, you have refolv'd to guard me. 
And Ifubmic to firidl Examination; 
By you to be acquitted or condemn'd. 
Yef this Y muft avow before you all, 
Tho' you fhoold caft me to the Inquifition, 
Skiii'd as I am in all Affairs of Earth, 
Known both to Popes and Kings, and often bonour'd 


"With Cabinet Councils of Imperial Heads ; 

I here refolve onihis, as my laft Judgment; 
No Power is fafe, nor no Religion |0od, 
Wliofe Principles of GrowA are laid in Bloodt 

F I N I s. 

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Afled at the 

By Their Majesties Servants. 

Written by Mr. 7^'"^ 7; LEE. 


of F.ffcx-fitrul m the Strar:^; R. Wellington ' 
at the Delphi n and Cr^u:.-,, v.iclicat TeaiJe-Bar'i 
J- Wellinctok! aiid for A. Rett Eswoit-i » 
and F.Clay, inTrutt for B. Welliaci- j... 

o.ic'c -„Goo^^lc 



Spoken by Mr. Goodman. 

WHAT think ye mtanlnuifiPnuiJeme, ivhenfi-fi 
7ot\Siuirtmadtf Td tiU yua.-if 1 durfi; 
Tkat 'ttvaiin conlradiMhn to Heo'v'ns Jf'ord, 
That tuhen its Spirit o'tr tike tf^atenfiii'd, 
Whtn it fo'w M, audfaidtbat All ■u-ai gold, 
Tbt Creature Peel iviu not underfloed. 
For, ivereit luertb the Faivi of fix lent D^yi, 1 

Tumould Retailers of dull third- day plxys, V 

^hatfiar^i out tbrtefiare Tears i»*(fes<)fBa;sf > 

'Tis pilau aigp ne^er Kuere of thefirft Creation, 
But tame af mere equi-u'cal Generation : 
Lite, Rats in Shift, viithni Coition bred,- 
A bated toe m th^ are, and unfed. 
Nature thar Spedisfurc mufi needs difmJ^n, 
Scarce inevam Poeta, ie^ iy Poets kno^n. 
Tit ibis poor Thing, Ja/corn'd, and Jit at neugbt^ 
Te all pretend t9, and luould fain bi tbeught, 
DifiMtd 'Waging Whore-Maftcrs are net 
Prouder to awn the Brfts tbrf never gat, 
"Xhanfamhling, itching Rhymeriifthe TtFOMi 
7" aehpt fiineoafe-bom Song ibafs mt their ovin. 
Spite of bis Stale, my Lerdfimetimes defends,. 
S plea/e the Importunity of Friends. 

The dulleft He ibtught Haft for Bufinefsft, * 

^tuill venture hisbei^bt Place, « aim at Witt 
jlndlb^ be finis <suitb bis Employs of State, 
fill common Senfefarfake him,. £e'll tranttatt. 
The Poet end the Whore alike complains 7 

(^trading Quality, that Jpoi Is their Gains; J. 

fhe Ifirdi •wiU ivrite, and Ladies •wilLbo'VeS'Wfins. J 
I 3 ^berefurn 


T'errfore, allyau t^ko ha-vt Mali-Iffat born, 
VtJti- thrfiarviw Si^u^Capricornt 
Pr-e^int lie MaHct S'thttr Stars in time, 
Mdiva- H lliem lai fyf, am i.'ji Sin if Rhyme : 
Til/'i^n bev3 Spenfcr^flr*V, ho-vi Cowley mouta 
Z/i>E^BuiIerV Faith au.^ Service luas retmiid; 
^vd 'f fitch Warning they refufe to take, 
T/iilaB Experiment, OParesti! make: 
With ha'JibeHnd then fee th'Ofevdert:)'i, 
^htPieiiJh Uhip, and Beedle-by bit Side; 
7iei> lead him tofome Stall flat does expafe 
'iht AiilHrs he Itnjei mnfi, there rub bii Nafei. 
lill like a Spaniel laJI'd, to i»t™ Command,. 
Be bj the due CvTiealm midirfiand, 
Tfl keep hit Braim clean, and net foul the Land': 
Tell he arairfi bi, Nature learn to firiiie, 
Jndget the Knack tfDuUnefs beiu to thrive. . 


. Spoken by Mrs. Coffi. 

OV R Hero'i happy in the Plafi Conchfian: 
Tl-'e hety F^ue at lafi has met Cenfu/ion. 
i.u'A:in all along appear daSaint, 
Te tcj} Aajhtvc'dhim a liuePiot.Jlant. 
Ijfebius {for yva kn-ni) I read Greek Aathori) 
Tepofts, that eftcr all thefe Plats and Slaughters, 
S/v Cecrt of Qon&AnVais -was fulhf Glory, 
Jind even Trimmer turn'daddrrffing Tory i 
llyeyfoUo'w'dbim hi Herds as they ivere mad: 
Jf-'hen Claufe itai King, then all the ITorld -was glad. 
Wliigs kept the Places they peffiji btfire, 
Jitd tnefi iMeri in a •v:ay of getting more ; 
Which njL-as as much as fijm. Gentlemen, 
Jdere's Fo^'er and Money'taFe Rogues a^ain. 


Udetitheri 'uxre a fort ef fiiakii:g''-ixiL, 

Same call therrt medeft, but I call.'tm Fnolti 

Me,, mach mereloJ, tho' not half fi .'ud; 

But thefi poor Dk/ilt -wire caji bihind the Crau/. 

Fw hold Kna'Uts thrii>e ■witl.oul one Grain of Senfi, 

But gmd Men Jiarvifor luaiU of Impudence. 

BeJUei all ihefe, there are a fort of Wights, 

{I think my Author calls tbtm Teckelites ;) 

Such hearty 'Rogues egainfi the King and ta^s, 

They favour^ de'u^n a foreign Rebel's Caufe. 

When their inott damn' d Dejignixas quajl^dand a^dy 

At leaft they gave it ibeirgood Ward abroad. 

As many a Man, 'who, for a quiet Lift, 

Breeds out his Baftard, not to noife bis Wife. 

97ius e'er their darling Plot thefi Tiimmera cry t 1 

A,id tho' they cannot keep it in their Eye, > 

Tbey bindit Prentice to Count Teckelyl J 

yjfev bilirve not the laft Plot, may I be curfi, 

#■ I believe they ier believed the firfi. 

No iBonder their ovjn Plot, us Plot they think ; 

?5« Man that makes it, never fmelts the Stink, 

And TOW it comes into thy Head, Pll till 

Uy thcfi damrid Trimmers lev' d the Turks^S tw//.-- 

Tb' original Intamtx, I bo' a Friend to no Man, 

Tct in his Heart adar'd a pretty Woman .- 

Heknevj that MaMomeC laid up /or ever 

Kind bUck-ey'd Rogues, forevery true Believer: 

And, luhich ivai more than mortal Man e'er tafieJi 

OnePleafure that fir tbreefiore Tvjelve -months lafted: 

7b turn for this, may furtly be forgiven ; 

WWd not be circumcis'dfir fucb a Heav'n T 

1 4 I>Ta 

Dramatis PerfonaB. 


COnlhntine, Mr. Smiti^. 

Dalmauuti Mr. Griffin. 

CiKpu, Ur. Bmtrta». 

Asiiib^ Mr. Gtadmair. 

Lrdoiw, Mr. Wihfinri. 

Atiiu. Mr. Gilk. 

Zdfaienn^ Mr. ftrin. 

Eobuln, Mr. Smrndtrt'. 


F«iifia, Mn. Sarry, 

Serena, Mn. CM. 

Ai^li, Pridb, Gnardj, and Actcs^inti, 

-„ Goo^^lc 

Co NSTANTiNE the Great. 


Conftantine Jleeping in a Pavilion, SiTveftcr 

fianding at dijlance, two Jngeh defcend with 

Banners in their Hands. 

This Motto, In Ixx ^gm •vtiKt, writ is Gold. 

I. Angel fings. 

A Wait: GConftantinc! awaiet 
Or in Ih Skip the Projpta lake:: 
Hen in this halliful d firtamng Gsli, 
The ProJ'pea of thy life htbold: 
Thii Emhlemefa bleeding Love, 
Shall bolh thy Crvfi and triumph promt. 
For, alas! 'titdecreedhy th" Ueai^nh Doom; 
To purge ihytaji Crimes, tberii a Torment to come. 
2'Ane. Yet, after the Storm, ielieve in me, Jt 

^ aiprh'dlh Thoughts Jlallh, J- 

allfe'rcneasa hriathtefs Sea. 
'Jlilllhy ■• ■ ■• •'- 

Chor. A^dfiiil thy Handmaid Viaory, 

Where-t^er thwga'ft. fiall ivail-on then f 

AiideUfhaUendin Uarmow^. J- 

1 Conftantine the Great, 

1 Ajlg. fbeaks. J'waie and ponder thi CcUftitil Soli^i. 
U/rf luwV Caifverfien ii delay d too long. 
Jwake; rimember the Cihftial Doom, 
That threatmd Ttrtr.cnts, and a Crofs to cone. 
Yet aftf all the Me«a<:is of Fall, 
Be laajh'd: and Calms jhall on thofe Ternpeflt- 
For t> ttj Sepeiitaace never comei too late, {•wail : 
[Angels afcend. 

Conftantine awakes. 

Confi. jff AY! I adjure yci;, by the Holy. 

Wt That bows your airy Heads, I- 
« charge you fiay. 

5 They're gone; thofe beauteous 
Legates of the Sides j 
P nd left me pazling here to dje in doubt ; 
Unlefs Sihefter guide me with a Clew, 
Thro' the dark Mazes of this folding Dream. 

Sih. To purge your pall Crimes there's a Torment 
Ay, tiiere th; Torment coo repealed thrice ! (to come. 
ConJI. But fay, what Torment? 
Sil-u. A dangerous Torment, govern'd by ill Stars ; 
Which, were I Emperor, ftiould be foon prevented. 
Cot/. By Hcav'n it ihall by me, 
Sil-v. You muft not fwear. 
Left you fliould be forfworn. 

Coafl. If Heav'ii require 
My Life as an Atonement for my Sins, 
Lead to the Altar, Saint, and I will' bleed. 

Eil-v. I. dare believe you would : but this is nmre. 
CoaJ}. Morethan myLifef Why, then 'tis Reputa- 
Ejit I have learnt in Chriilian Schools to lay (lioii. 
T>Iy Honour down, and own, mV felf a Worm ; 
To wadi the Pilgrims Feet, to bid the Saints 
Tread on thi 1 Earth, this Tmlh, this Heap of Sin. 
... , Sll-v. But there's a Bofom Foe to conquer vet, 
■■^%d ther;'= ray Fear. 

"Onf-r Yourlear, my Saint, after what I have faid ? 

Conftantine the Great. ti 

tilv. My Fear, my Emperor, tho' you had Iworn. 

Cm/?. Had I a Race of Sons like Crifpus dear, 
Hope of tny Vowsi my Soldier and my Love, 
Early retiown'd and pious from ihe Wojnb; 
Yet were my Bowels Foes to that Religion, 
Whofe Infent Growth I watcr'd with my, Blood, 
I fwearby Heav'n, they (hoald be mine no more. 

Sih. Your Son's the .Angels Care, andwhenhedies,- 
The foremoi): of the Quire Ihall meethimwicha Crowo'. 
But have you not a Wife f 

Confi. You know I had 
A dear one, and by much my better Part. 

Silv. But have you not another \ 

Conft. When the dy'd, 
All Beauty fled with her. 

Sih. This Beauty lives: 
Can you deny a Truth i 

Conji. Silvifier, why^ 
Whydoft thouprefs me tbut, to myGjnfufion? 

Sih. Becaufe this Beauty, Sir, may bring Confufion-.. 
' Cimfi. Large as an Angel's Knowledge be your own,: 
And at one View receive whole Nature in; 
Vet if you tax my Choice with leaH Dilhonour, 
I mull declare you wrong her. 

&il<u. are at Jcaft conftrafled to Maximinuf 
A Heathen born f ' (Daughter,. 

Confi. But bred a Cherubra ; 
She has all the Beauties of her Sex below, ■ 
And equal Virtues with the Bleft above. 

Silv. 'Da.tei Ci>/!^antjpe,.the Chriftianfo reaown'dj. 
Say this to me ! 

Canfi. . Dares any S^nt deny't ? 

Siiv. That fiwyi^isnoiguilty! 

Confi. Ha! of what? 

Sill/, Of all the Ills that ihall attend. yourLife,. 
Of all 

Canfi. Hold, hold left I fall out with Heav'n. 

eih. Of all the Blots, that Ihall in After-Times 
Stainyoiir white Charafter, andblaft your Fame: 
While weeping Readers lliall lament your Story. 


'12 ■ ■ Conftantuic the Great. 

Therefore away witk her. 

CbsjI. Firft, I« me die, 
Penarioss Heav'n, and oh \ then nifgard Saint^ 
Sid I ncx olfer you my darling 5«n, 
With all my Race, as Viitims to yo»r Shrines, 
If they were guilty in a Point <rf Faith, 
To wafli their Herefies with Royal Blood ? 
And io you ^nidge me one, but one poor PUaTare^ 
For all the Pains of my unwevied Wars? 
Then take my I-ife. take Empire, Glory, atlt 
Take all I ofFer'd this ungraKfal Pricft, 
Who in reqaital will allow me nothing. 

Silv. Forgive me, Heav^! my tcra officious Oa* 
For interpofmg in thy dark Decrees : 
IibChrilban Patience he is yet but young. 
Chaftife him now, and make th« Tryal ftrong. 

Cm/. What have I faid, that IarapallFo^giveIlds^ 
Your Silence argues me undone for ever : 
Yet think me not fo loil in delperatt Love, 
Bat while offending I can kneel for Pardon, 

Sih. What I have offcr'd to your Choice 
Was not couimiffion'd me to fay from Hea.v'h i 
Therefore the^rdon mttft be mutual. 
All 1 have urg'd was bni a thoaghtfiil boding {. 
No more of that, be happy in your Love. 

Conft. Ohlyouhavehavechann'dmeintoIJfta^n; 
And tear not but Ihe flull become a Chriftian ; 
1 muft confefs, that yet Qie is a Heathiin, 
As fuch I lov'd her in her Father's Court, 
Where firft we plighted Vows in jlrtui Handi r 
But the dark Conirafl was fo dofe contriv'd, 
Iwonderhowyoujeach'd theTn(th ftifooni 
JBut Heav'n reveal'd it, or yoa could' not know iti^ 
Since I mayfwear, Ihe is not yetenjoy'd. 

Siiv. By you \ 

CbiS. Byrne! Your An.wcr's fliort and home? 
Who fhoald pofTefs her elfe? 

Sih. Young and a Heathen ? 
Lc&ia the feolual Majcimiman'i Court i 

-„ Google 

Cooftantinc the Great. t.^. 

Canfi. No, Sir; fhe's guarded and fecure U &*». 
Cri^Bs, not y« acquaimcd with our Contraft, 
Ib lent in (how, for i bad other purpofe. 
To make his Judgment of my fnu/Jn's PerTon, 
Whether to be preferv'd, or like her Father, 
To hinder Infarreflions, be deftroy'J. 
Sut hark ! What Maich is this > Perhaps 'tis he \ 
And thefe his Trumpets, with the L^ioos nu«'d. 

Eater Arlus 4»i/£abuloa. 

Both. Long live theEmperor, 

Confi. Is Crista camt,. 
Withihofe aaxiliar I^gioits we reqiiir'df 
And Money fent to pay the UA Arrears ? 

Jri. Not hi«g obey 'd : When Jirft your OnJencane^' 
Which by youi Brother were in the Fermn read, 
I never iaw fo fudden a Revolt. 
At once they ciy'd, our Liberty's betray'd. 
Our Coum of Ju^ce rofaVd ; old Rights infring'd j 
Our Gods mult down, our Shdties mi Tcmplea bum : 
And all for a fantaftick old Wives Talet 
A Ctofs they cry'd, one of SiliMjier's Lye$, 
Which never yei was foen by waking Eyes ; 
But eiiher feigo'd, or dreamt of in toe Slues. 

Ce/ijl. Is thistheir Anfwer to my ftridl Commands? 

^ri. Crifpui by this retnm'd to join your Brother t 
When ftrajt ibme Devil whifper'd in their Ears, 
Your Son aheady had begun the Change, 
The Statue oi Jpeilaviss puU'd down, 
To make his Father's Place: whereon they cry'd. 
Your Image Hiould be burnt, and with ^ Breath 
The Cockle, and the Corn, bow'd all that way. 

E«b. But were revers'd by a more powerful Gak'J 
Your Brother and your Son appear'd like Gods, 
And flopt the Madmen in their full Career. 

Ji-i. At clofe of Day, in dark Cabals they met,. 
And in the Morning ^ve thcic final Anfwer ; 
LycimHi, who that Nieht was brought a Captive. 


14- Conftantine the Great. 

To grace tlie Triumph of your firil Appeannce,. 
Was firft proros'd lo (hare la' Imperial Power: 
Next, they oemand a ger.eral Perfccution 
OfalltheChrillians, and i'i7:,/fr's Head. 

Confi. Tell 'em theJrCityftiali b-.- Aflies firft. 
HaveJ tortliii, with hazard of my Life, 
So ofi redeem'd 'em from the Tj rants Racks, 
When all their Street? were but ere hidious Grave? 
Their Wives and Daughters raviOi'd in their View? 
When Age was drain'd of its lall ebbing Drt^, 
When Babe; were fnatcbM their eari)?A Breath to give. 
And dy'd e'er knowing wliat it was to live. . . 

7riimftti. £s/^Dalmatiii9. 

More Treafon, Aria; ■ or do the Slayes rCT*ent f 
My Brother here. Still to my Arms, and Heart, 
Thou Ner^■eofalI my Wars: How fares my Frien^. 
Andmy Belo'. ed? 

Dal-n. Cr/^ai, oar Care, is well. 
And tiie lateTcmpeft, which muH reach your Ear,. 
By Ocilful Pilots rcck'd into a Calm. 
Believe me. Sir, your Prefence gains the Caofe, 
Therefore upon the Inftant march to 'Homei 
Vanquifli'd Ljtinius vraiti to grace your Triumph.. 
Blefsme! Is't pofitle f ^«V» with y«a. Sir? 
Arius the Traytor ? 

Conjl. Have von found him fo? 

Dalm. Tl.el';;b;l:ft Snake, the fofieft civil Villain- 
That ever warm'd iiimfelf in Prince's Bolbm ; 
DifcaJcE, Elalls, Hbsoe;, Deaihand Hell arc in him;. 
Whaie'er hisoinfiJcfeems this ft lamelefs Traitor. 
Was the foal Spring of all rho'e poifon'd Waters,. 
That late had like to overflow the Empire ; 
Yet wlule his EmTaiies fired the People, 
Thi.'. Judas on my fide appear'd an Angel : 
For ^ter the firft Muiiny wasquell'd, 
Tho' be had Iworn tojullify yoorCaufe, 
Hev-arn'd the Slaves, I have his Hand to fliow,. 
Next Day to make tbofe impudent Demands. 


Conftantinc the Great. r j 

An. Plots on m? Inncc::nce! As I amaChrillian> 
If e'er I fetmy Hand to fuch a Treafoit, 
May thefe rot cfF, which thus I hold to Hcav'a : 
As I am of the Prieftly Order 

Dalm. A Devil ordain'd-: . 

Sir, if I do not prove him 

C5.i/. I beli-jve j-oq; 
I know him H^reticlc, a feditioua Traitor, 
But yet have Reafons to defer his Ruin, 
Thrrcfore no more at prefent. Arias hence ; 
Ani let me hear no further of thde Mifchiefs. 
Ihavepardbn'dyoui begone, you Eubalus, and tell the 
I come embattl"d now for my Revenge; (Rebels 

My Standard and my Banners bear the Crofs. 
Tell 'em, L^cimu!, wliom once before 
1 took, to Grace, and martj-'d to my Sifter, 
Their new petition'd Cffar, foon (hall bleed. 

Sllv. Forgive your Enemies. 

Conji. But not my Friends; 
Lydiiui was my Friend, and has betray'd me; 
Therefore I'll execute him in their view. 
Away, and warn hiro, for the Doom is given. 

[Exit Anus. Eubulu.. 
'Tis nor by halves that we will worfhip Heav'n : 
No, my balmaiiai, I have made a Vow, 
The Roma^!, or their Emperorftiallbw. 
They\e Subj?ft5, and 'tis fit: Nay, bow they fliall. 
Or Cffar in th' Attempt their Viaim fall; 
Boiv to the Man, whom Heav'n ordain'd for Sway, 
And in, his great Vicegerent learn their Maker to obey, 

SCENE II. Rome, Conftantine's Palace. 

Labi. The Mifrjiicfs ripe, and ready for ourwilh.- 
Confufion M the Houfe of Cunflinlint, 
Aiid Fortun • points their Fate. For mark the Method ;. 

1 6 Omftantine tbt Great. 

The Patber fends the Son to fee the PrifoQer ; 
The Son not knowing of his Father's Contrafl, 
Appears a God to Fmfia'i charming Eyes, 
Ana marry'd her. 

Lytin. How came you by the Secret? (the Son, 

Labi, yfri'sj told me i he who betroth'd the Father weds 
And {lands for ever bound to fetve Zja'sibj. 

Lycin. He's voted Heretick among the ChrilHans. 

Labi. No matter what they vote him, SirjHe's yoais i. 
And Foe to all Religion, but his Prieiids. 

Lytin. By Afiiy-i, ne ^s the nghter temy Purpofe. 
I was my felf bred up in Blood ana Wars, 
Untaught, and fcoft at by thefe civil Cowards, 
Wherefore I hate Religion, Arts aud Learning i 
And if I ever mount the C^fiiri Throne, 
I'll raife anothergeneral Perfecution, 
Like Ntmi baittbefe ChriHiau Dogs to death ; 
And build the Temples of the Old Gods again. 

Labi. And be a God your felf : In the mean time^. 
Let your Wife's Tears prevail uport vourTcmper, 
Supple your hauEhty Spirit, bow your Body, 
Low as the Earth, DeforetheEmperor'sfeet. 

Lyiii. I had rather die : If he thinks fit to fave mc,. 
'Tis well ; if not, why let him take my Head. 

Lahi. Yetforihefakeorthofewhamyoumuftgovenir 
Rebate this martial Fire, and hear your Wife: 
Hear what Return our long'd-fot Ariiu brings. 

Enter Crilpus taith Annibal. 

But foft ! the Bridegroom Crl^us and his Friend : 
Cttnjiaittia with Impatience waits your coming: 
Canftsntia, who h^ Power to fave yoir Head, 
"Fho' Cafer with an Oath had doonvM you dead. 

[Ex. Lyciniua, Labienus. 
Crifp. KoW, Juxiialf What! OKofTempernow: 
When Crowns are ofiir'd, and the C*yir's Purple? 
What, tho' not born in the immediate Way i 
Yflt thou art collaterally Great as I : 
Andif I ever heirthis fpacious Emjire, 


Conftaiwinc the Great. 17 

Heav'n, thou Jhalt not fhare, bat gaide, engroTs 
[y Heart's beft Love, and alltbe World befide. 
v<wirf. Your Heart i Ay, there you ecdio'd my De&ntt 
Enrich me there, and trow! your empty Glohi 
To thole crowh'd Slaves, that know no other Gieaueli : 
Biit tell me, O ray Crifpus! all Mens joy, 
Tellme, and truly from thy generous Soul, 
Haft thou a Friend whom more thou lov'ft than mc ? 
Cri^. Not mote belov'd, moiefoiukd than myfelf* 

Jiaib. Na.y, add n« to that bitten Truth, 
There's more in that; no mtae, than thotihadit fwerB.' 

Crifp. Wilt thou not hear me out I 

Aamb. There needs no motet 
Thou art no Friend, that lov'il another mwe: 
N^, half lb much ; but now I find that all 
The former Flatteries of thy glosing Friendihip 
Wese Coortieis Promtfes and Women's Vows. 
Sut let me know his Nam«. 

CriJ^. Thy Father, Amui»I, my godlike Fiknd» 
Dalmatitts, who before thou could'ft write Man, 
Hugg'd Crifyus to his Heart; Like Lan^ in Peace 
Together we lay down, Kweiher roTe ; 
In War like Lions, conpled on a fide, 
£'er yet thy Infant Anns a Swonl could wicldt 
And drove Idtc Herdi the Nations from the Field. 

AinUi. Why then we're Frietjds agaiii, more &ft than 
Yet fince we l^ve happen'd into this Dilbtder, \f^vt. 
To make a Tiial of renewM Aife^ou. 
Ill put thee to the Teft. 

Crij^- Name the Danger, 
Tho' kin to Death,my Arm, young Man, (hall riglit thee. 

Aniib. 'TisDeuh indeed ; moll certain De&u to me, 
Unkfs thy fofming Charms have Pow'r to lave wt. 

Crifp. Speak this cIoTe Grief, that wrinp thee with the 
If I Mn not eloquent in fuch a CaufCji (^Anguiili :. 

Cut out my Tongue. 

Jnnib. My Life is in the Hands 
Of ooe chatluues mei or, what wounds iBemoie, 


-„ Google 

rS Conftantine the Great, 

Of one, my Crifpui, that can never love me. (that? 

Crlfp. Not love thee ? O ye Powers " 

^nnih. Haft thou: 
. Crlfp. Ha ! 
What, TauRa mean'ft thou I 

Amib. Taafia axA Serena. (thee ?- 

Crijp. Say which ef'trnj which Beaan' has innam'd- 

AktiS). Which ftiou'd, but tlie moft ioft and artleis 
, The languilhing (Melteri 

Crifp. The killing Beauteous Come 

Annib. Ha I Crifpm, thou an concern'd ! 

Crifp. I am to help thee 
Her Name. 

Annib. Why, take it then, the lair SerHia. 

Crijp. Olhe's the fofteft, fweeteft, killing Fair. 
By Heav'n 1 am glad I'm ravifii'd ttuw 'tii flw I' 

By this IJmbrace I promife th« Suixefe,- 

I know her Temper well No more, bu 

I was upon the Inftant when I met thee. 

Going to their AparcmectSi Nay, lixik up— — — • 

And uuft thy Friend. 

Annib. Plead then for my Life, 
I beg thee as a God to plead my Gaafe ;■ 
Thou canfl. not koowo'th' fudden how 'tis with roe r 
How great, how mortal, and how deep the Woond. 
May a!l the Saints, antt' Powers that pity I»ve, 
Infpire thy Breaft, aa if 'twerepoffiblc 
That A/iaiiara Soul could aftuate thy Body. 
Sofigh, weep, languifh, and for Mercy lue. 
As were I C))Abi, 1 myfelf wou'd do. [£*. Annib. 

Cri^. The Youth is haughty, martial, hotand brave i 
RSght for the Field, unhappy Parts for Love : 
Therefore perhaps the Virgin likes him. not. 
But thou haft luckier Stars! nofoonerfcen [Tranrportf 

Buclik'd lov'd, marry'd ha! but w he re's the 

Without thy Father's Knowledge thou wert roarry'd: 
'Tis liielirft Faultof my unhappy Youth, 
Yet 'tis a Fault — but 'tis the Fault of Lose. 
Had he not l«v'd, Cri^w had not been here: 


-„ Goo^^lc 

Conftantine the Great. 19 

Away, you Damps, and darkning Images, 

Be gone I lay ■ ' behold Die comes Co meet me; 

Eater Faiifta. 

Lag as I am, in this great Race of Love^— 

Ofaufia, Fauflal 

Faufi. O my Crniftantint. 

Crlff. Ha! * 

Tauft. A Miftake; my Fear out-went my LoVe. 

Criff. \ly Coitjlaittine ! thy Fear by Heav'n 'twaa 

What Caufe ,haft thou to fear ? (ominous : 

Fauji. Bondage and Death ; 
Are not thofe Reaibns for a Virgin's Fear ? 

Crifp. Yes, for another, FauJIa, not for thine. 
For oh I when he has feen and heard, Kke me, 
Th' abllrafted Charms of all this beauteous World, 
Expefl not Death, but OfFerstjf a Throne. 

Fau/I, 'Tispoffibte? yet by thyfdf I iwear. 
By dear-!ov'd thee, my Crifpu! in a Cottage 
Shall be preferred to all the Thrones on Earth. 

Crifp. And thou, forgive me Heav'n ! Ihadalmoflfaid 
To^eav'n itfrlf: No, Faujla, that's the Jar, 
Religion makes this Difcord in my Soul, 
I find it now. Hence come my Startsand Fearsr 
Even in the height of my exjieiSed Joys j 
But Time, the tJaints and Miracles muft win thee. 

Fauft. No Time, no Miracle, no Saint but thou r 
Why, thou anal! the Wonders of the Earth, 
My Saint, my H;art's Religion, andmyHeav'ni 
With thee I am embark'd to live or petilh, 
Not only here but in the World hereafter. 

Cri/p. O Extafy ! Oh PatteKD for thy Sex ! 
Vet Ihaltthou maAermeby this Subjeftion. 

Give me thy Hand, thy Lip the Sweets are richer, 

TheTa*te ennobled. Oh! my ravifli'd Love 

Glows with the pointed Charm;. The Heav'ns areopenM, 

And I behold thee cronn'd a Saint already. 

But I will hold thee fall, left thatthe Angels ihatch thee 

E'er we have mingled. Souls — .— ■ — ^ 


20 Conftintinc the Great. 

Faufi. Ob, not to-night! 

Cry^.HalnotW-nightf Notmclitslov'dConfeffion! 
Not when thou hall fet my Spirits sll on fire ? 
Not now enjoy thee ? 'Thou maJc'il my Fears return. 
Far more extravagant tnan they were before. 
Left, e'er we join, an Apoplex fliou'd feize me. 
The Palace fall, and thoufand other Chances, 
That awe th' Imagination of my Love. 
Oi come 

Famft. Iwill, and with tbefe longing Arms 
H^ thee till Mom t andfrom that Mom liUEvening; 
From Evening to Mid-day; from Day to Night; 
From Night to Deaths— I'll clafp thee thus forever. 

Cn^. Let's halle then, while the beckning Minute 

Faufi. But I muH fwear thee firlt. (fmiles. 

Crifp. Take Oath on Oath i 
I fwear to obey thee without alking why. 

Faaifi. SwearthouwiltncTerleavethywedded/,««/J«I. 
What ever dreadful Chance, or ftnugc Mitfortoue,. 
ShoaM ftart to ondo mc, alnacrft to a Crime: 

Crijp. No Crime, but want of Love; nor that, bjf 
Shall make me bate thee, tho' it bring me Death. 
Oh thou fofi Dear ! if ever I forlake thec^ 
At my lafl Hour may I defpair of Mercy t 
And may thole Saints, that knew the Wrong f did thee^ 
When at Heav'n^ Gate I beg for Entrance, ai^wer. 
Remember what thou didft to i^lnf|?afweaTi 
Be gone, for ever leave thb happy Sphere, 
For perjur'd Lovers have noManJion here. [£x««r. 



-„ Goo^^lc 

Conftantinc the Great. 



Snttr hnat, Labienns, osiEubulus. 

IE have done oar Work by hatves J fM- 
i low'd by the Scent, 

I Trac'd to our Holes ! Oh I eonld play 
I the Madman ! (der, 

' MenofourMakcfopoorlyhideaMnr- 
That Dogs can rake it up. Sjites, Spies, by Heli ! 
The Courfe of former Councils was too flow, 
I am proclaim'd a Tray tor, Hcretick, 
And Ponyarda mult proclaim my Accufer nothing. 
Labi, Wereitnotoetter to comply f 
Art. Impoflible! 
The Genius of the proud Imperial Brothers 
And mine, by Nature mortally oppos'd. 
Hate ftroitgly at firft fight ; which Hate improv'd. 
By the late Flaw I found in their Religion. 
They hear too how I tainted l^tatjitlsan: 
Yet being made the Emperor's Confidant 
In the late Contraft, all might have been rctriev'd> 
And I at Helm, had not his hated Brother 
Thus interpos'd to my eternal Rain — ■ — 

Poifon and Fonyard- 

Eub. Is it come to that ? ' 
Jri. It is; without dif^ch, we are all imdcHie. 
Oh for a Slave to mould fome Malecontent ; 
His Blood aduft, and blacken'd withthcBIowt 
Of adverfe Fortune; yet of Soul elate. 
And to be flufti'd for Fame, or Hirci . 
To any kind of dating ! 
ifli. Wiy? 


J z Conftancinc the Great. 

Ari. I would work the Melancholy brave 
To flab Delinaliu,. 

Eub. Why not Confiantincr 

Ari. Becaule ten Canflastixes live at leaftin himt 
The one's not half fo open to Deftruiftion, 
As t'other clcff, and on the guard to fave him ; - 
He has unraveil'd our clofe Web of Thought, 
And from the bottom of our dark Defigu 
Drawn Treafon forth, perhaps to hang us all. 

Labi. ' 1 is juftly thought ; this Lettmiilt btTemov'd; 
And who fo £t to hew it into pieces 
Aa that ambitious, brawny Fool, Lydniai? 

Ari. Thou hail hit the Man my buly Brain had loft." 
The Emperor dooms him dead ; By whofe Advice ? 
Tell me, I hear the dull Lycinius cry. 
That e'er I &1I the Viflimof iheWar, 
I may at once deftroy his Life and Name. 

Enter Lycinius. Guards. 

But fee, he comes !■■ " ■ I bring you News. 

hycin. Ha ! of my Death ! I read it in thy Face, 

j^W.Th' Emperor, a£ ai firll I told your Story, 
Inclin'd to Mercy ; But fierce Daimatiut 
Repeal'd the Hint of your half-granted Pardon, 
And fort'd him to your Death. 
, Lycin. By Aiarj I'll fight hini. 

Ari. 'Tis not in yaur power. 
You're Pri.'Reti of War. 

Lycin. Yet 1 may curfe: • 
My Tongue is not their Priror.eri therefore I'll enrfe. 
Bitterly Lurfc i>ii/wa/;B( f curfe 'em all. 

Ari. Curfe for the Lofs of Empire, and of Life! 
Bitterly cunie ! why, Whoteswill there out-do you." 
I biufh to think the great Lyciniui 
Should e'tr be brought in luch Comf arifcn ! 
Would it rotfeem more worthy your pail Honour 
To fltike than faj- ? Strike, it I miy ad\ i.'e, ■ 
And e'er you fuffer— — — 


-„ CoogI': 

ConA^ntinc the Great. 23 

Ljcia. Kill Dalmatiui, 
'Confiaftine, Cti/pus, AnnihaU nay all 
. <Juite root up all th' Imperial Stock at once. 

Ari. This Dagger then be yours ; the Legacy 
Of an old Prophetels; who dying, toldme. 
He that had Courage to employ it well. 
And where it ought, (houldmakehimfelfthegreatefl— . 
[Trumpets at diflanct. 

Lydn. It (hall be well employ'd, and where it oughti 
But hark ! the Emperor comes ! 

ArL Rather DaLaiiui, 
Perhaps commiflion'd fer your Execution ' 

Lycii- Why then I'll forth and meet him. By the 
Tf I muft fall, he (hall not live to laugh : (Fates, 

And in remembrance of this folemnOath 
I kifsthe ominous Gift thou hafl bequeath'd me; 
I'll treafure it next my Heart ; where it (hall refl. 
Till Ihearh'd by Vengeance in Dalmatiui Brealt. [Exit. 

Ari. Or li7e or die, thou art conrriv'd for Milchief I 
Next, I muft mend the Hercfies I've broach'd. 
And reconcile myfelf, by fomc bold Offer, 
With Cinftantint i which, while I undertake. 
Be it your Care to fpread th' old poifonous Doilrine : 
Sow it in all Habits, Perfons, Forms, and Places j 
Grow with the Times, and cultivate Sedition. 

Enter Serena. 

My (air Devotefs ; but h«icc, as I have order'd. 

And meet me at the Trial of Ljciniui. 

[Ex. Labi. nWEubuI. 
SerCTi. The Moming'sooms, and fain I would have reft, 
Who all the Night have wak'd upon my Pillow, 
And made it wet with Tears : My Iblitary Grcans, 
Thatpierc'd Heav'ns Vaults (tho' Heaven was d=af the 
Deaf to redreiV) have made my Breaft fo fore (while. 
That lean fighnolorger. 
Cri/pus and Faufia ! On you happy Lovers ! 
Not fo wiih you the gladfome Minutes pall ; 
Ftir t'er 'twas Day, I left my tedious Bed, 


2+ Conftantinc the Great. 

And liften'd to your Joys. 

An. Her Sorrows hiH me, 
And I grow good, I know not bow, o'ch' (iidden. 

Stren. Such foft Exprcffions fiow'd from the charming 
As did buta^ravate my Paflion more ; {Cr/^Wi 

Yet hide it, O Senna! tho' thou diefl. 
Tell it to none, bat to the midnight Groves, 
Tlie Flocks and Streams, and thofe unhappy Stars 
Wliofc mercilefs Fires thus fated thy undoing. 

Ari. What not to rfriBj ? to thy Confeflbr; 
To him who has a Privilege from Heav'n? 

Seren, Oh Arim ! wodd 1 bad the Power to hide it ! 
But you have heard it all ; 
And will, perhaps, proclaim a Virgin's Frailty, 
But, Sir, rihall not long furvive my Shame: " 
And fince 'tis known, confefs it to the World ; 
Confefa, that Paflion has dethron'd my ReaTon; 
That unbelov'd, I love the beft of Men ; 
And figh unheard, and without WitncTs moom. 
And dote to Death without the leail Return. 

Ari. 'Tisfaid, younE^iffiio/isvow'd your Servant. 

SrrtM. OArlm, mark the Malice of our Fates ! 
That Prince loves me, as Cfi^jisbelov'd, 
And failing in his Suit, employ'd his Friend 
To plead his Caufe. Oh, had it been his own !— — — - 
Bat all my Pray'rs, alas, are now in vain. 
And wanting Crijpus, I muft wed my Grave. 
Therefore I beg you, Sir, pwcuse his Pifture 
To entertain my melancholy Thoughts, 
Since him himfelf I ne'er mail fee again. 

Ari. That, andallHelpswhich ySirtcancommand, 

Strei. r thank you. Sir, by the blcil Saints I do i 
I thank you for this Favour, from my Heart. 
But hark t they come: CriJ^usasiA Paaftacomcl 
Oh Heart ! why doll thou leap againll my Bofou 
Like a cag'd Bird, and beat thyielf to Death 
For an impoffible Freedom? 

Ari. Stay to faiace 'em. 

SeriB. No, Arius,ao; I cannot, dM^notfland 'em: 
Bot fee, they come, wreach'd in each other's Arm^, 


ConfUntine the Great. aj 

And mingling Kiifcs. Has oot tJien the Night, 

Been long enough, but you muSlove bvDayl 

Do, Faufi4t, do, beftifledwithdie Joy, 

Follow him from thy Chafcber to the Grove, 

To Garden-haimQ, and clalp him in the Sowers 

Thence to your golden Beds again; while I 

Sink to my Grave, and there kngotten lie, \Exit. 

Ari. CriJ^ui to court Sertva for his Friend ! 
His Piflure! Ihe (hall have it — -Mifchief' Hell' 
And if it be thy Will thy Slave obeys. 
Crifpui and Annihal, that late were Friends, 
Shall ftrait be Foes. But hulh, the Lovcra come.^— 
This Clofct hides me to difcover more. 

Enter Crifous and Faulh. 
This Clolet be my School, to learn their Language. 

ftfy?. Your Father'sTrumpets call you. Let'em call 
You ihall not go. Oh, are there any Sounds 
To charm, more powerful than your Fa«Jla\ Cries f 

CriJ^. No, not the Tongues of Angel:, ! O beft lov 
Of my abounding Sou! ! What flial! I call thee ? 
B^ Heav'n, thouartall Heav'n, all Paradifes 
Talk not then of going from thee : fbr I'll ilay till Age 
Ha* fnow'd a hundred Winters on my Head, 
Yet give and take Enjoyments then, as now, 

Fauji. And Oh, for thee, thou deareft of the World, 
My Soul's beftXife, and my Heart's grafp'd Defire, 
Oh what Return ! the Mother on her Throes, 
After the Rack, when hanging o'er her Babe, 
With bleeding Joys, wild Look*, and earning Smiles, 
Lores not her Darling more than I love Cri/iks 
Thou flialt not leave me, Cri&uj. 

CriJ^. Yes, --^- 

Baufi. What then ? He dooms me to that p!ace 
Where in his Shroud the poor jtfai/wtan lies, ' 
Where I Ihall lie as I had never been. 
Nor think of Crijpui more . 

Cri/p. Canft thou fear Death, 
While I have Life f 

Vot. n. K. FauJi. 

2<r Omftaniine the Great, 

' Faafi. Ohdonottnift thy Father! 
Trofl not the Pafliaiij of a Co&qoeror i 
For in his faial Look, when lait he left me. 
Something I faw, that bid me fir his Prefence ; 
Fly to the Ver£e of Earth, and leap the Bounds, 
Kather than ever meet his £ye$ again. 

CiTi?. Thy Father'sFate makes thee mlftroffi thy owB. 
Faap. No, Crifpui, not Miflnift,biit cejtain Danger, 
Whiclii like a mouldring Fiomontoiy, hangs 
Suriting above our Heads ; and threaten! Death, 
Unlefs we houfe betimes, and 'fcape the Fall. 
Crifp. WhatDangeri Deathf What Fall? 
Faufi. Thy Father. 
C4- Ha! 

lauji. Thy Father, Oi^U! 

Crijp. Knows not we are marry'dj 
Sot jhall, and will, I hope, forgive my PaffioB. 

Faujl. IdreamtlallNizhtthy Father was in love. 
In love with me, my Cri^ui; catch'd us dafp'd, 
.And with his D^ger fiabb'd tu in the ibid. 
CriJ^. Is'tpoffiblef 
Faua. Moll true. 
Cri^. And catch'd thee with mei 
Fauji. Catch'djisinBed. 
CriJ^. There? 

Fatiji. Hett. Why doft thou wonder? 
'Twas but a Dream. 

Crijh. Yet there is wonder to't, 
Becauie, by Heav'n, I dreamt the very fame. 
Is it not flrange ? 

Faufi. If it thould happen true ! 
Crijp. That would be Arange indeed. 
Fauji. Therefore let's fear the worlt, andarmagainft 
For Oh, why fhould I hide a Secret from thee ? (it ; 
When I beheld him laft, he languiflied, 
And wrung my Hand at parting. 
Cri^. But what faid he ; 

Fauft. I will not tell you, CriJ^ut, till you anfwer 
What you would do with me, my deareft Joy, 
If it were true indeed, your Father lov'd mc. 

Gwiftantinc the Great. 27 

X^fijh. What M your parting ? ha ! 

F«i^. Why, if 'twere true. 
Would you foriake me ? 

Crlfp. Be my own Murderer! 
I know not what, but fpeak your parting. OJi \ 

Faufi. Why are you fo enrag'd ? I dare not tell yon. 

Vri^. If aught thou hiJft, by Heav'n, thoudoftnot 
loio! me. 

Fauft. By Heav'n! I hope no oeher Heav'n, but thee. 
What if he talk'd a little ? Age will talk. 
And think of it no more. 

Cri/f. What was your Talk i 
ril know each Syllable. 

Faufi. Whyfoyouihallj 
But then be calm : whatif be talk'dof Love? 
And what f Oh be not angry, and Til tell yoo ; 
What if, to fare my Life, I promis'd him? 

CWA. Hal promis'd, Fasfta? 
Promife the Father, and engage the Son ? 
But fpeak, I Hand upon a Precipice: 
Fori? 'tis true, that e'er fo link paft 
Of Love before . 

Fat^t. What then.' 

Cri/p. And thou hali promis'd? 

Faufl. Suppofe T have fworn. 

Crijh. Suppofe then thy Dilhonour; 
Suppofe me never to behold thee more ; 
Suppofe my Death, both Soul and Body's Ruin. 

Faufi, Suppofe no more, but what my Sou! hath lworn» 
To love his Son, none but the lovely Crifims; 
O therefore clear thy Brow, and takf me to thee. 
Be Hill my Love, forgive this little Fault, 
And Jealoufy ftiall ne'er offend thee more. ■ 

Cri/p. O Charmer t Beauty ! what ! where was the 
Why haft thou kept me on the Rack folong? (need? 
Tho' taken down, I feel the Strains upon me. 
And fliall,Ifear,tooIong. But hark, they call, [Tnimfett. 
Andlmoftgo. . 

Faufi. But will you then return f 

Crijh. Quick as thy Wlfhes, or my own Defires j 
^ ^ K 2 But 

2 8 Conftaatinc t^e Great- 

BatmakenomoreruchTiyftl. HarksgainlTnriT^.i^Mia^ 

Fauji, I caimot pan with you, tho' for a moment. 

CyiJ^. I'll but enquire whether my Fuhcfs come. 

Fau^. Swear to come back then, fwcvj before yoa 
To give me one Look more. {fee hinif 

Crij^. What needs an Oath F 
Before I fpeak with him 

Faufl. Vou'U fpeak with me, 
For I havemuch to fay of mighty oomenCi 
Swear therefore to return. 

Cri^. Swear on thy Lips i 
Thus with my Heart, I feal my Vows forever. [Er, 

Faufi. Heart, and the ho ieliVowsdecp writ inBloodt 
Blood and Diflioaour: talce then, take my Cauf^ 
ThoB thai haft made me fin, O mighty Love ! 
And let thy Mother |ileadit with her Tcart: 
He fees bis father &nd my Crime at oncej 
And then refolvcs never to fee me more. 

EtOtr AtitB. 

Ari. What then? 

Faafi. What then 1 O Arius, doft thou know me ? 
And ^ what then, when he ne'er fees me more i 
I'll tellthee then, I'll never fee the Dav : 
Shades, Night and Death, Defpair and Dungeons hold 
When tfiofe dear Eyes {hatl never light me more, (me, 

AH. Since you emoy'd him, let the Tides of Love 
Be fwallow'd intheOcean of Ambition. 

Fatifi. Ambition, Pomp, andGccatnefsofdieWOTld, 
All empty Sounds to Love ! But thine's a downward 
Thou haU no Tafte of thefe fublimer Joys. (Senfc, 
Bnthafte! lookoi^i Why comes he not again? 
He fwore hewould; but be has leenhb Father, 
Who Hops him, witb my fir& unhappy CantraS. 

Ari. J fee him yonder. 

FauA, Blcffiogs on thy Tongue; 
Biul'lt run forth to meet him, and notonger 
Cbnceal the innocent De^it of Love. 

Ari. Hold, Madam, flay, Dalmatiut coma i retire, 

Faiifi. Dahmuiiu ! Let me fee my felf. 


Conffiantinc the Great, 29 

. jfri. They come. 

Fanft. Dalmatiui ! Gods, 'tis he, he tells him all » 
The £ii^)«cr told it him. Nay, it mnftoot, 
tun loft, undone: But g^tle jfn'»j, wait. 
And watch, and bring me word, how Crii^M bean it. 
Oh that 1 were a Spirit to Hand unfeen ! 
To mark his Pallions. how they rife and fall. 
With every Glance of thofc dear, dreadful Eyes: 
But fee they come, and yet I cannot ttir, 
i grow diftra£ted with my Hope and Fearj 
Compeli'd to go ; yet long to tarry here. [£;c. Faufla. 
Enter Dalmatios and Crifpus to Arius. 

Dalmi I have roach againfl you, CriJ^ui, and joa 
Therefore with all the Freedom of a Friend, [know it) 
Tell me what is the Caufe you iiavc not been 
So free as formerly, 

Cri/f. You know I am. 

DoM. m piufs you. Sir, no more i only remetsfaer. 

There fiatids a Villatii, whom I have leen you whitper. 

[Ex. Alius. 

CriA. rU tell yov all. 

/>«/«. You dare not: coin,e, thereisaGuiltubotton 
You blufii to own, aCrime of fuch anature 
As will admit no Pardon. Thou hall finn'd 
Asainft the great Divinity of FrieudihiF ;. 
l^ich my Soul takes to aeath. 

Crifp. Can it be 
Ever too late to gain a Pardon here ? 

Dalnt. I cannot tcli ; yet I can tell thee thisi 
There was a Tine, not many Days are paft. 
Since I preferr'd thy Fricnd&iip to the World ; 
When 1 cou'd tay. Why ycxider goes the Man, 
Whom my SoalworOiips more than Canfiantint, 
Aai loVes beyond, my Son. By Heav'n, thy Fault 
Js ominous, and grinds my Temper diraugh. 

Criji. That Son you nam'd unhappily's in love. 

Da/m. Then he's a Fool. With whom i 

CriJ^. Maximiani Daughter.;. 
The vounger Beauty. 

K 3 Cuat- 

JO Conftantine the Great. 

Dalm. Ha! and you love the Elder: 
MyLifeon't, fome fuchmafterfy Ddign. 
This makes you (bun [he Camp, to lurk beneath 
The Eves of Palaces, and droop in Corners. 
But, Sjr, yonr Pardon. I almoft forgot 
To urge your fwiftrll Speed, to wait your Father. 

Crifp. I but wi]t take my leave. 

Datm. I fear there ia 
Too much already taken ; but no more— —— 
If yoii haveauehc to fay, I'll vifit for you^— — 

CriJ^. Be all as you would have it. Oh, your Hand F 
Nay, I will force my Entrance to your Heart, 
By opening all my own ; and fo farewd- [Ex. Crifpns. 

Dalm. I blame my Friend for walking in the dark. 
Yet hide my felf, who when Ifeem moftftrange 
Am fondeft of his Love. So, Sir, what nowT 
Enter Annibal. 

Annlh. The fair Ci>nJ!aHiia,v/ith condemn'^ Ljcintiu, 
Dreft in the faddeil Glafs of dying Sorrow, 
Waa G(»ning tointreat you for his Pardon; 
But foon as flie had heard, from weeping jfriut. 
Her Hufband's Doom, fhe in our Armi eicpii'd. 

Dalm. I mourn her Fate) but for :^)KMU«fi 
I urg'd at firft, and ftill rofolve his Death 
Is necedary tothe Emperor's Life: 
Nor Hiould a few weak Drops, by Women !bx&, 
Stop a Decree fo abfolute and rojral. 

Aanib. He cornel attended with x moonifnl Croud 
Tofue for Life. 

Dalm. rilhavehimexecutedintheirView; 
Yes, Jimiial, and ihew thy Youth aPattera 
QfiheoM Romans, &r thy Imitation] 
Who haft but poorly copyM from thy Father. 

j#nin*.Why,SiriwhatVillainhastradQc'd my Virtue? 

Dalm. No Villain, but thy Prince has own'd thy 
Andfaysthoulow'ftaCaptii*eroeof Jtww, (Weaknefi, 

jtnnii- The Virgin's beautifiil, and greatly bom. 

Da/m. Perhaps t^e Virgin may as greatly die. 
And Yield ^^ Beauties tu the fatal Stroke. 

' Jntii. 

Conffarttine the Great, jx 

Jnn'ih. To the fatal Stroke ! Ob all ye Powcn i 
No, Sir, the feir SeHaaShu^ not die 
While I wear this. 

Da!m. lia Rebel! Trajtort How! 
Not at the Emperor's Doom i 

Jittib. No, noratyoars. 
That gave me. Sir, my Being ; take it i^aa!. 
Unlets you give me to lay it there. 
Where I haveplac'd ray Love. 

Dalai. The Emperoi: . 

Decrees thee Cappaihcia : Wilt thou forfeit 
The noble Heritage of fuch Ambitioi, 
For infemous Lovei 

Ak^. Wrong not a PaffiUn, . 
. Tliat equals yovir own Virtue. 7at<.oa]&C<rfiir 
Give with aDauglMer of his own the Wo^ld, 
I wouM prefer my have in this Condition, 
To all the Proffers of his Blood and Empire. 

t>a!m. Hence ii<xo my fighi ; and tiD thou t>reak'ft 
See me no more. ({his Pamop, 

jinmh. Then I ipuft never fee yoa i 
For when I ceafe to love, where I have vow'dt 
7 ant no more : therefore upon my Knees, 
I beg yputorecall this dreadful Sentence: 
Repeal my Baniduneni, and give me leave 
: Toffinthe Heart of this unluqipy Maid, 
Dt bid me die before yau. 

Dalmr Rife, ray Boy, 
Thou lov'fl indeed, wlio canft refiife a KingdonK 

£«/«rAriiu, Lycinius, Labienus, Eubuius, •unt&. 
tht fofulace 
Butfee hjcinius'm'Ca. his Followers herej 
Take to the Habit of thy former Wars^ 
And foften not my Juftice by thy Sorrowi. 

Anaih. I have heard LjciBius lately threataed yon.' 
Therefore your Guardian's Eye be watchfiil o'er yvo. 

Dalm. Fear not, I'marm'dagainft'em. Know, £y- 
The Emperor has decreed to thew his SubjeAs (fin^,. 
What weary 'd Meny dares refolvecodo. 

K 4. Cliat^ttif. 

iz ConAantine theGre4f. 

CUanihts, yoa theC;qf>taiiiof theGisud, 
Lead to the Fehm, ana in the Poole's view 
Strike off hb Head. 

Lfciw. I bear the Sentence as becomes my Honour r 
And all the favoor which 1 beg in Death, 
Is to reveal a Secret to yoor Ear, 
Vhichraay importthe Emperor's Life, and youn. 
Diilm. What would you, Sir? ' 
Lfcia. My Lord, are you in eariwft ? 
Or IS ihereraom for Hope? 

Daltt. Sir, benotflatter'd: 
Hope is the fawning Traitor of the Mind, 
Wliich while it coiens with a coloor'd Friendfhip, 
Robs ns of ourlaA Virtue, Refolation. 
LjetM. Speakthen the force of Refolution—'—ThBS. 

Annii. No Villain Thus. 

[Annibal iiftrvis, md offeri tefiah hint. 
I>alm, Hold, A«aibal! hold thy Hand. 
An Execution in the beft of Caufes, 
Is a vile Trade for honourable Men ; 
Therefore let Slaves difpatch him. 

Ataih. Rack hito firlt. 
To know who coonleirc) him to this danm'd Deed. 
Italm. No : To Sihitfier let him own his Paolr, 
And die a Chriflian : I am fatiify'd. 

Lyin. Ha, ha !- A Chriflian ! What and fell a Sheep f 
Confefs I No, u he nrg'd, bring forth the Rack; 
Wire-draw my Limbs, ^in all my Nerves like Hain* 
And work my toitur'd Flefh as thin as Flame, 
' You (hall not know a Tittle more than chisi 
I was fet onto flab Dalmaiim, 
And would the Emperor, were he in my reach 
Who were the Gods that prompted thus my Arm, 
Yon Chriflian Curs ftiall never know from me i 
Therefore golearnthe Myftery inHell. 
Thus much 1 acquaint you j they are living. 
Warm in your Bofoms, and I hope will lUng yon t 
Sting you to death. Plagues, Famine, Sword, and Fiiei 
Fire from the Gods on your prond Citv fall i 
And with that dying Cuire I leave you all. [fx-prtfrA^. 

Conftantinc the Great. yj. 

D«/«. His Fate was jaft. Now^a>fftf«itotheTtiiimph,. 
Go i^th and meet your Emperor, whofe Mercy 
ExteDdsberpeaceful Wings to all that feckliiiiii 
And is the darling Attribute of bb Soul. 
But hark! becomes! the Sarioar of your Emprc}^ 
Bring, fortk his Statues: crown his Imaees; 
Meet hioi with Garlands, Songs, and Shouts of Tn— 
BuE.fee his Entnuice is already made,. (lunpht; 

And tliere be comes,, with Crijput inhis Arms. 

£»/*r Conftantinc, Grifpus, ^e. ft th Triun^. 

Guiji. Dalmmtiui, I moll thank thee for the Pa»; 
Of that tooltobbomTroubler of our Reign: 
Sil've/ter to his Hermitage retires,. 
And fays the Saints are lad at my delay r 
Tell him e'er long, and urge him to retain^. 
The Emperor anf tbe Court Biall be bapuV.'d. 

Z>«/fl>. Take to your former Freedom, MinliandHil— 
For 'lis obferv'd you are not as yaa were. (mourt. 

Cen/t'. Oh Brother! Friend'! In all my Hazardstry'i, 
Thy Son Ihall fhare the Heart and Empire too 
Of my lov'd Crijpui, whom for fome few. Minute* 
I would difcourle alone. 

Dala. Yimr Wiaies on you;- 
Peace to your Thoughts, and Hcav'n ftill guide yoim- 
CoonJeb. {Extiatt. 

MoMfnt Confiantiae, Crifpas. 

Cexji. Haflthoaperform'dthyEmfa<Lfly,niy-Cr/^,. 
And leen the Daughter oiMaximlmiil 

Cr«^. I have feen her.Sir ; and feeaherixaoteonsSifier.. 

Cen/t. Howlik'ftthon? Ha! A« they not charming; 
Both beautiful? (both I; 

Cri/fi. Tiheyare-. Bntwhy, Sir, both? 

Cmji. Becaufe the latter only catch'd thy Praife]. 
When ftt»fia, in the Pride of blooming Nature, 
As much tranfcends her, astheSummer's Rofe. 
The little Beauties of a backward Spring. 

CHI^. 'Tis true, Ihe is the elder; 

Cs'iift. And [be f;iTert 


S4 Conftantme the Great, 

In all Comparifons to be preferr'd, 
Kot only to her Sifter, but the World. 
Crijp. Is'tpoflililef 
CiiKji. That thou fhouldft be fo dull 
To afc the Qve&ion, having fcea the Wonder \ 

CriJp. But, Sir, wheDlwasfent.ycDtalk'dof Death. 

Conff. Death to my felf, andthee, snd all Mankind, 
JRathcT than wound a Part of my lov'd Faajla. (dien? 

Lrifp. OhHeav'n? Whatfaidyou? DoyouloTcher 

Confi- have her, my Son i In Age IJove her more. 
Than in my Youth I lov'd the Chace of Gloiy. 

Cri'fp. And does flie know you love her ? 

Canji. Know? approves; 
Approving join'd, and feai'd the Contraft fare. 

Cri^. Death and Defpair ! Approv'd, join'd, feard, 
Howreal'd! and how contnClcd? (contiaAedL 

Cmji. Why, our Lips 
Have fign'd and leal'd an everlailing Love. 

Cri/f. Whac.kifs'dher! Ha!But I'm toocrcduloos: 
All you have feid ii but to try my Temper, 
How much your Son can bear. 

Csttji. I muft confefa 
Thy Fearswerejull, hadfi thou another Father; 
Sut as I am, I fwear whatever Il&te 
I have by Faufia, thoD fhalt heir my Power. 

CriJ^. Talknot of Power, but teU me of your Love i^ 
DiAract me not with thefe ambignoui Anfwen, 
But tell me ; fwear to fave my Lofa of Reafon, 
If as you love, you are by fanftti lov'd. 

Ct^ft. That I love Faafla, is as true by Hcav'n, 
As I love thee : But whether I am lov'd 
With juft return, ia hard indeed to fwear; 
Yet, as I raid before, our Hands have join'd. 
Our Lips have fealM, and bimling Oaths have pall. 

Crifi. What Oaths? 

Cmft. Betrothing Oatht. 

Crifp. Oh, allyeSainta! 
Are you contrafled too ? 

Cmft. Ah Criffus, we're contraAed. 
Weep not, my Son ; I fwear by this Embrace,^ 


CbnffiantTne- tBe Great. y^ 

Thoa ihalt not lefs be lov'd than heretofore, (joy'd her ? 
Cri/j>. Betroch'd ! Oh Heav'n ! And have you. Sir, enr 
Ceiiji. 'HotCriJjais; Thu'a a Heav'n I have to come* 
Crijfi. A HelH AU Hell ! And if not yet enioy'd^ 
Lee jne conjure you by n^* Mocker's Albes, 
Touchher not for the World. 
Cb"/. What mean* my Son ? 
I have decided (o niarn' her this Night, 
And tafte the Sweets of long-expeOed Joya. 

Cri^- By Heav'n, I fwear thofe Sweets have poifon ioi 
Bane to your Soul, yoar Empire, Life and Glory, ('em,. 
Cairfi. Take heed, m/ Crijpas, that you do not wrongs 
I know the hazard of Succefiion. friglus thee. (her^ 
Crijh. No : By yoor (acred Life, nothing but HonouE. 
' FrovoKes me in the Poim: She's fall'c, fimwoin. 
And to my certain Knowledge loves another. 
OK ! therefore touch her not ; and, to conriace yod: 
That Empire could not work me thus, Night 
I'll turn a Hcnnit, and renounce the Wuild. 

Omfi. IfOiebefalfe: I know his Temper well;.. 
And Nature cannot make fuch Faults o'lh'fudden : 
Ifftebeialfe! By Heav'n, thou haft mov'd me, Cr/^i^, 
But fpeakthe Traitor's Name, who thus has wrong'dme. 
Crifp. Pardon me, Sir, his Name; he could not. 
Becaule he knew not ■ ■ (wrojig you*. 

Conji. What?- 
Criff. Your Love. 
Confl. His Name, 
There's more in this ; his Name, again Icharge thee;. 
Kot only name him, but produce his PerToni. 
Or I Ihall think all Forgery thou haft fwom. 

'Crifp. O let me beg you wed her not to-night,. 
And when I fee you next I'll tell you more;. 
Pcrliaps betray the innocent .to Death. 

Canfi. Let that be prov'di I fwear he fhall not fiet; 
Thou art it feems his Friend as well as mine ; 
But look you calm the Tempeft you have raii'd. 
Or I will make thee ftranger to my Soul. TSxiK 

Crifp. Jalui. I am content i if that fome pitxinj: 
Would nuke me too a-Stmtger to 107 fclf: (Power,, 

i6 Conftantinc the Great i 

ButholdmyHeinawhile, till I have fbond her. 

Ytx there's A load Joy Inthefe DiftiadiaiH, 

To know helm not beddtd her; tbn bad foOow'^ 

Her DeaUi and mine. andconfrqacntDaBuiatuMi: 

TctledlbeJboiildconibit, rilhafte, and warn her i 

When wam'd Til watch, and if ibe after yield. 

Thro* Lore or Fear, tohisinceftiMnH Channs, 

I'll rnfli chro' all, aai Sab heriiLhis Anns. [£»/ . 

A C T m. S C E N E L 

Enttr Annibal omJ Serena. 
[Mii. ME^K^ ^^ y*""' Anftver then, ^oa cannot 
^1 love me? 

^ And braving a flem Father wprc- 
Tluathc Efiea of CriJ^' Eloi^ieiice > 
To make hia Frieod a inofl untunely Grave ? 
Fo^ bear it as yoQ pleafc, or laAgh ocgiiewt 
I will not b« a Traul:4e to you losg. 

Strtu- What fhall I fay i Atas ! I might delude you^ 
Like other (aithle& Beanties of the Age; 
Bat the Gods fiain'd me of fo plain a Temper, 
I cannot hide my Thoughts, tbo' to my andoin^. 
Sut fomethii^more there is, if you could bear it. 
To torn youi defp'tate Lo»e for ever from me. 

Janii. pFoduce it then; for, what canNatnre Otevf. 
Than Death more dread&l, wilder, than Defpair, (me 
Which now are my Familiars ! 

Sertn. Take it. Sir, 
The only Secret of my woonded SodU 
Hove, Ilanguifh, anddefpair liJceyoa. 
Annib. what, do you love another ? 
Strew. Love him to death, not does he know I lovir 
Oi i£ he did, he would not make Return. (him ; 

Aui- Canthisbegoffibkl but whew, where is he £ 


GnvftandQe the Great, $7 

That I may rulh with all my Rage upon him. 

And bear him with me to the other World. {him— 

Stren. Not for a ThouJand Worlds j von muft not hate 

j^ii. Plagues ! Curfes on hia Head, Rage and Be. 
Is this then the Return of all my Vows, (Ipair ! 

To make my fetting yet more deep in Blood ? 
But give me quick his Quality and Name. (geance^ 

Serm. HisName! what, after fuchRelblves of Yen. 
Your Fate and mine Ihould not compel ii now. 

^nnib. What, not to favemy Life! 
' Strtn. No; for what Life can (land in rompetitIoii». 
When his is threaten'd ? Better you, and I, 
And all the reft of Human Kind, Ihould perilh. 
Than he, the Mafter-piecc of Nature, fuffer, 
AimI Ihould you know him, fpiteof ^our Refolvn^ 
Sir, yon would kneel and worfhip too like me. 

Annih. Show me the God then, if I muft adore. 

SertJt. No, fince you have fwom, I Ihould. do ill to 
Yet, for his Prefervation, Imuft tell you, (truftyou: 
Whene'er he dies, Sirtna too ftiall bleed,. 
From the lame Hand the fame Difpatch I aave, 1 
And if at laft one Monument we have, ( 

WhatXoyscanLifecomparewithfuehaGiave? [Ex.\ 

Enttr Arius •wilb Crifpus'* PiSitrti 
Atinth. Death, Hell, andPuries: if my Sword have 

Which never failed' me yet, I'll find him out, (Charms,, 

This Rival God 

And drive him from the World". 
Art. Ha ! goes it there ! 

Then to my Talk ! 

Annib. Arias in Contemplation !' 
' Twere worth my while to foy : CriJ)iui%V\Qmtf 

Forgive me, Ariui, if I rob your Hand 

Of what's fo deep ingraven in my He^. 

For whom thfe pretty Prefenc ? (great Secrets. 

Ari. Your Pardon The Myfteiy is ane«f Love's 

Aniih' CriAu/ in Love, and hide it from hia Friend! 

From Anmhal, that open'd all to him ! 

"Twu much unkind : Arm, I am concetn'd : 


0,0,1.:'= -,, Google 

8 J Conftantine the Great. 

And you mnft tell me where his Mean's engsg^dr 
E'er 1 retuni the Piflore. 

jiri. Sir, laminhaJIe, 
And dare not tell her N ame ; therefore I beg you : 

She waits my coming Good my Lord, (he loves. 

To that degree, each Moment's flay is Death : 
Therefore let me conjure you. 

jhnib. Thou doll but raife my Admiration more ; 
Therefore, your bufinefa, or farewel- 

Jri. Stay, Hay I 
My Lord, you are his Friend ! yet lis a Breadi 
Of Tnill ■. but fince there is no ewBer help. 
And the fair MiHrels of his Heart may pine 
To death upon the Lofsj reftore thePitlure, 
AndtakcthcSecret, Sir; herName's5«r«rii. [tefisthee^ 

Aanib. Traitor, thou ly'ft ! and, but thy Robe pro— 
Shouldft feet, even now, th'Eifefls of my Revenge. 

Ari. To dear tli'Ajperfion, bear it. Sir, your icif. 
And to Sirtaa'i Face PU juftify 
The Secret of her Love ; tho' Cri/pxi kill me. 

Aaaib. By Heav'n, thou dolt recal a dreadful Image:, 
Of late I met him, e'er I made my Vifit 
To her thou hall nam'd, and alk'd him of my Lore !- 
He feem'd inhaOc, his Anfwerswere abnijXi 
His Counc'naoce Ikd; and thus in fhort ittuni'dt. 
HuDtnotaBubblcBeauty, like a Boy; 
Fall like a Man, and let your Reft t« Fame— 
And fo it Ihall : If what thou lay'ft be uue, 
I'll level him with Earth. 

jtri. What laid you. Sir? 

Mnib. VetlwitlhavemoreProof; (hefhaH, herfelf,. 
Be wkncis to the Fall rf this high Virtue: 
Then Friendllup to the Winds, like meeting Tida, 
We'll fight the Tempeft out, nor give it o'er, 
Till one lies dafli'd and broken on the Oiore. \_Exit,. 

Art. Thus far the Devil is the bcft mounted yet, 
And Heicfy u lafi Hull win the Ran. 


Conftantinc the Great, j^ 

Eater lahitnas a«^£ubuliu. 
Ha! la&WBJ here. 
And my Evhulut I we (kail flionly govern. 

Laii. I met the Emperor of late, alone s 
Who aflt'd for you. 

Jri. IM inftantly attend him. 
Where u his Son ? 

Eui. I left him with DaSmatim. 

Ari. Unloading his fick Heart upon his Friend. 
EnUr Dalmatins and Ciifput. 
But fee the Mafter Enemy's at hand ; 
Sculk to your Poftg, and dire in Milts away. 

[£«>Ari.Lab, Euh. 

CriJ^. "^aWjTay Dalmatiai, now thou haft myHeart, 
And make good ufe oa't, if I ne'er fee thee more. 
By Heav'n, my Friend, I have not hid a Point 
CV that iad Story that muilmake my Ruin. 

Dalm. Would thou hadft told me half of it before ! 
I might have fav'd thee many ii Sigh and Tear : 
Fray Heav'n no worfe come on't ; out 'ris no' Time 
T'upbraid thee now: Whatwouldll thou have medo? 

' CriJ^, Perfuade my Father from enjoying her : 
For if that be to-night, as once he vow'd. 
Thou (halt behold thy Criffai dead to-morrow. 

Dalm. And what of Faufta 7 

CriJ^. I know not what. 
That fnbtle falfe one, that has thus deceiv'd me,. 
And with her Charms enliiar'd my innocent Soul: 
But I will hence. 

Dalm. Forwhat? 

Crifi. To execute 
The Vows i made. 

Dalm. Go then, and kill her. 

Crijh. Ha! 

Dalm. Kill the AdultreTs, this iaceCtuons Charmer^ 
And have her borne in Triumph to thy Father: 
Then tell thy Tragick Story like a Mam 
And greatly thus atone &r both your Crimes. 


40 Conflantine the Great. 

CriA. Farewell ; I'll find another Way to end her. 
Daim. Tongue-kilt her,go t or fwear.utd be forfworDf 
Thou ne'er wilt fee her more. Hcav'n • that a Mao. 
Born to the Emoirc of the World, fliould dote 
On fueh flight StuiF as Womaa ! 

Cri^. See my Father, 
Look th^ to him, as ril be goard on her. 
Incell! Diflionour! to all future Ages^^— 
Think,7— think on that' andpuihhimfroinhisRiiin. 
IBxit, Cii^ms. 
Enfer Conflantine aad Silveftcr. 
O^- What fay the People to the Rumoni fpread^ 
Of my new Contraft ? 

9iJv. AH the Chriilians mourn. 
And licken in their SouU, as if Heav'n wan'd 
The Earth of fome unheard Calamity : 
The Heathens on the other tide rejoice. 
And cry, a Perfecuiion is at hand. 

CoBji. No matter, to the Point s knowfl thou the 
Wliora Fau^a loves f, (Man^ 

Si/v. I told you,, Sir", before,. 
I would be dumb foj ever, on thb Theme. 

Cvirjl- Tet this implies thou knDw!ll,.but wilt not IhoM 
All know him, all, all but he that ihouldj (him:; 

For Cri/fui has confef&'d. 

Yet hides the Name. But I'll find out one, 

Ijefs meriting Re^ft, whom Racks {half force. 

Dalm.. If yoii intend your Empire's Safety, Sir, 
Caft fdujAi iinimyour Bofom, turn her out; 

Away with her fer let her be exil'd, . 

With ail her Race ; for Death is in iiei Beauty. 

Confi. My Brother olFer this ! 
Death in her Beauty ? 

Dalm. Violent, fuddenJDeathi. 
Death to your Health, and Ruin co your Glory. 

QtHft. Perhaps heisthe Man, her Lover! yes; 
And thus conceals his Flame with covert Rage : 
For elfa what cajife could thus provoke hisPaiEon?' 
WhM is the Publicltlaterea herecoaccni'd f 



Conftantinc the Great. 4t 

Their Munnurings, or their Joys, whichwith aNod 
U7 Power Cftnhulh. By Heav'nihere'smore at bottom. 
And I will find it out] their Iiooks betray 'em: 
Piiellf Princes, all ctigag'd : and for fome great one. 

Enltr Arias. 
But hold — hm comes my Man I Brother, I've thought, 
And will conJider further what you urg'd 
Aninft my Wife. 

Dalm. Wc leare you toHeav'ns Csre, 
And wilb you to beware that waiting Fiend. 

{Ex. Dalm. Sitr. 

CoKt, Soi.nowyouiBufmdi, Ariuf 

Canfi. Your BujineTs ? 
The Coaft is clear; be vonr ConfelCon fot 
AndfpeakwhataU the Court have IwoTn to hide. 

A-i. Sir, Labietmi gave me your Comiunds, 
That Ifliouldwait. 

Canfi. DoH thoa dally with me? 
Thou know'ft the leafl of thy enormous Criinei 
Deferve a lengtben'd Death: Think on thy TreaToR) 
Atheifm, Blaiphemies a?ainll the HJghefl ; 
Think on the purpos'd Murder of my Brother,' 
Wrought by thy Charms, thou damn'd one: After this. 
Let thy aiFrighted Soul delpifc my Wrath, 
And if fhe dares, be dumb to my Demands. 

Jrl. Whatmuft lanfwcrf 

CbuJI. Give me Troth for Truth, 
Once mote then; and this Warning be thy laft, 
Show me the Robber of my Hean's Repofe, 
Friend to my Crijfiu, but hisFather'i toe; 
The conqu'ring Rival of my ravifli'd Love. 

jiri. What, has your Son reveal'df 

Coiift. He fays Ihe's &]fe, but tells me not to whom ; 
Swears fhe's fbrfwom; and when I fee him next, 
I Ihall know more. 

Jri. What if you never fee him ? 

Ctnjl. Why doft thou ftan a Qgeftion fo onlikclji I 

An^ I canntK think he will betiar his Friend; 


4^ Confianeine t/je Greats 

He who betrays his Friend, betrays himfelf ; 

And rather than do that, I judge he'll leave 
YturSight, the Empire, and his Love foi ever. 

Crn^. Love, Jrius ! ha ! his Love ! What Love ? To- 

Art. Why Love to you : (whom? 

What other Love (hould Crijpm catertain i 
Be ha^ no Miftrefs, ftire ! 

Coitfi. Thou feem'ft to hint 
As if he had ; mark thy foregoing Words : 
He who betrays his Friend, burays himfelf: 
By Heav'n ! thou hafl fet jpy anjcioiu Soul a-worlw 
For when [hoa faid'tl, he has no Miflrefs, fure— 
Thy Meaning was, to make me think he had; 
And that this Miittefs could be none but Fau^a. 

Art. Ihope, dreadSir.youwill notwreftmy Words, 
And innocent Thoughts, lo anyevil Purpofe. (Traitor, 

Cf^. What,at your Tricksagain?, be.qaick my. 
And fpread at once thy double Heart before m?; 
Dofl tnou not judge mv Son his Father's Rival ? 

Ari. If you wmild know my Heart, indeed I do. 

Canfi. Why, what a Devil wert thou then tO deny't t 
So pitifully play the Hypocrite ! 
And icrue thK lying Face into ■ fliow 
Of Irniocence, 
, WJien Nature fUn^ thee for k Villain ! 

Jri. Forgive me, Sir, if I avow 'twas Fear, 
Not Villany, that tn^e me hide myThogght. 

Csnfi. AU Fear, but Fear of Heav'n, bctmysaGiiiltt 
And Gnilt is Villany. But let thy Fear 
Produce what pail betwixt the wicked fairi 
Shew me th'Adultrefs and Adulterer; 
Where, how, and when, this Inceft waa cogmultedt. 
Who was the Inftrument, and cuiftd Bawd 
And damn'd Contriver cd" their hfitrid Joyt. 

Jri. O Heav'n ! 

Cmift. O Hell ! for there (halt thou be hurl'd* 
And roaft in Sulphur, if thou not tell me all i 
Thoa, who perhaps thy felf wert the Contriver, 
T'he Bawdlnam'd, and Inftrument of their. Lufi. 

Jri. Hold, Sir ! and I'll Gonfds i I've Iccd yourSon^ 

Conllatitinc the Great. 4} 

Oftner than I have wifh'd, attend your Faufia. 
And Teen him late from her Apartment comci 
I've heard him praife her long, and when the Fraile 
WasliniQi'd, figh, that he durft praife no longer; 
At ieaft I thougnt fo, but my Thought's no Proof. 

Cmfi. No, jiriK!, not enough for CriJ^iu Death: 
But there's enough to turn my Spirit from him. 
To nuke me loath his Form i when next we meet, 
From head to foot to meaAire him with my Eye, 
Both at an Objefl of my Scorn and Hale. 

Jri. That Love has pafi bctwixt'em, ispaAdoubt, 
But for enjoying 

C»nft- Know'ft thou aught of that? 

Ari. Not I, by Heay'n ! 

Canft. Why didft thou dart it then ? , 

Jri. Sir, to be fatisfy'd, what you wou'ddo, 
Upop the Demonftration. 

Cvo^. Both Ihoa'd Uced, 
Both die, as fuie as we are living, Ariui ; 
For himi 'twere Sacrilege to think to fave him. 
If thus he has tranfgrefs'd i not then my Vowi, 
Not all the Coni^uefla of his Blooming Years, 
With my whole Empire's Knees and Hfted Handai 
Not the Remembrance of his Mother's Tears, 
When on her Death-Bed Ihe betjueath'd his Safety 
To my beft Care and Love, fhall once redeem. him. 

Ari. What Ihall be done to him that tinds the Truth i. 

Canfi. Reward and Honour. He Ihallbe my Friend. 

An. I aik no more; henceforth I'm yoonj 
To fearch, tho' at the peril of my Life, 
The bottom of this BufmeJs. 

Cmft. Say and do 
But lend my Wardrobe now to Faafia's Side, 
Bear her the Diadem, with Stile of EmprdsL 
And lay thi> Night I bed hei. 

Jri. That will prove her ■ ■'■■— 
If Ihe refiife, you know Sir what to judgpi 
Nor would it be amils to breajc djfcourfe 
About your Son, and Aft her fubtle Soul. 

CmS. I appidicml thee 1 bat a3 I commanded— «• 

44 Conftantinc the Great. ' 

Away—Oh Confianiine ! Yete'er this Search, {ExAtl, 

Whatever comes, remember he's thy Son ; 

Son of thy Love, and once was next thy Soul. 

But as the bell areworft, when once corrupted, 

If he has finn'd at all, be has finn'd to Death ; 

TBe Thonght diftrafts me ; Heav'n remove this Troii- 

Or I JhaU run to my old Gods again. (ble, 

Buthuflia-whHe: I'll bear my Paffion cold, 

I'll curb it whHe the Reins of Reafon hold; 

But if they break, then Nature, where's thy Call ? 

Be deaf to Reafon, Nature, Judgment, Alt 

The Precipice is Fate j and if we roil. 

The Fault is theirs that fbord us with a Soul. [Exit. 

SCENE 11. 

Enttr CriTpus inilb a D^tr, md FaoAa. . 

Tanft. Hold, hold thy Hand 

- CriJ^ Think not I raeaiK to kill thee ■ 

No, thou Seducer, were thy Stains more deep, 
ThiiJc not Oefpair and Rage cou'd fo unman me 
Tohurt aWoman. Yet thou Ihalt hear me, Faufiai 
And if the Story of thy Crimes can kill thee, 
I'll lay thy Woundb itiide open to the Air ; 
Difplay the Perjuries of thv bleeding Heart, 
Ana to thy IncelL, add at laft a Muraer. 

Ttatfi. Stab with thy Dagger then; but let tliy 
Deftroy no more. (Tongu« 

Crih. Oall ye Powers,whothathad known laJlNight 
The Joys which I have known, could once have thought 
Who that had heard her Vows, when on my Breaft, (it ! 
Weary'dwitb Oaths, and out of breath with Kifib, 
She panting fworc ! and wifh'd Deftrudion feizc her. 
If Ihewere not content, fo one Night more 
HerraviJh'd Soul like that might entcrtaiti. 
To live her Miferies and pall Life again. 

Faitji. By all thofe Powers you name, and by your 
Iwiflifoftill. (own, 

CriA. Yctat that very Mjuite 


ConfUntinc the Great. 45 

When thus {he (wore, to know Oic was forTworn, 
Conrcious her Faith vna plighted to a.nother ! 
And whothit other pick'd tioin^I Mankind, 
To make her more abhorr'd, but my own Father! 

Fauft. What, Load on Load ? 

CnJ^. Her violated Handi 
Were plighted ia& with his, and Kifles pafl 

Faufi. Hold, hold, and let mjr Tears atone, my 
Or fide upon the Earth. . (Lord, 

CriA. The Center, Faafta, 
The Center cannot hide thee Irom the Homon 
Of thy own Confcienec, which are my Avengers; 
And wherefoe'er thou fiy'ft, Jhall follow thee 
With inward Hells, for the bafe Wrong thou 'alt done 

Fauji. OCri^ui! never, never, wilt tnou end? (me; 

Cri^. By Heav'n I I know thy damnable Delien; 
Thou haft this Night comriv'd to ruin Nature, 
To laake the Angels fick with fuch a Crime, 
As equals her's that firft betray'd the World. 

f«Bjf . I'll ftop thee with my Itifl« ! 

Cr,y}>. Off, Cwxodile' 

Faaji. Why life thy Fonyard then. 

Cri^. Nor that, nortbi*. "^ 

I haddefign'd, 'listrue, toAahmy felf; 
But jecond Thoughts ii^lruA methw to hauottheei 
Like an eternal h lend to follow thee i 
To hollow ftill Damnation in thy Ear, 
And hinder thee from Inceftwitn my Father. 
Oh horrid Thought I 

EaaJI. Oh horrid Thought indeed ! 

Crijb. Why does it not poflcfs thee ! 
Thou nirinfinuating Snake I wouldft thou then nlddiy 
Sweof on my Pony anl,fwear,and damn thy lelf, (Poilbn t 
Thou hail not plotted, as this Night, totwift 
Thy inceftuou£ Arms about my Father's Neek ! 

Fanfi. Yes, I will fwear. But let me lean my Head 
Againlt thy Breafl, while I rectnrer Breath : 
For I am niintwJ^ Groans. 

Cri^. Oh Heart ! Oh Love ! 
She £rafps to luid, and locks fit with her Clunns, 

4fi Qmftantlnc the Great, 

I cannot pat her from me ! Faufia, is't poffible ? 
It it then poffible thou can'll be good ? 
So good at leaA, as being thu« gone in Sin, 
To go no further ? 

Fa«ft. Let me fwear. 
For I will face the Gods in fuch a Caufe ; 
And (landing on the Guard of Innocence, 
Swear, all I ve done was bat th' EiFeft of Love. 

Crifp. Again thou'rtfiUleni for tbouartGuilty,fiiB/?ii, 
Of impious Treafon, and inceltuoiu Love. 

Fauft. I am not, Crijpui. 

Crtjf. Ha! not guilty, FmfiaT 
Then farewel all. 

Faaji. Hold, hold, not guilty to my CriJ^i, 
Fall not to rage again, and I'll conie& 
I was compeird to be contra Aed to him i 
Not wedded, norpofieft. 

Crifp. Why didft thon hide thy Contraft i 

Faufi. Becaufe it was fbrc'd by Fear; nor did I dare 
Reveal it to thee, e'er I had thee furc : 
So much I lov'd thee, Cri^m. 

Cri_A. But what badfl thou decreed to do to-nigh^ 
This fatal Night, if that the Emperor 
Had fwom to enjoy thee ? 

Faujt. Stop him with my Tears; 
Or if they fail'd, td dam his FalUon thus. 
And fheath this hidden Ponyard in my Heart. 

Cri/f. Js'l poffible thou (houldft fo greatly dare? 

fan/. Yes,CriAiit, thou flialilee, by what'stocome: 
Oh ! therefore take me to thy Breafi, and fweari 

Cri^. Sweat firft thy felf, he never Ihall poflefs thee. 

Faafi. What needs an Oath after poOeffing thee t 

CriJ)i. Yet, for the Satisfaaioii of my Sow. 
And Cement of our everlafling Loves, 
Swear thou wilt never, 

Faaji. Never, Crifpui, never. 
By Heav'n and Earth, by all that's great and holy, 
I fwear thy Father never fhall embrace me. 

Crifp- What, never! Ohyetdofer! never, Faufiat 

Fauft. By all this Deacneis, never Criffus, never. 


Conftantine the Great, 47 

Enter Anus. • 

Ari. What Faults Are ^ne and paft, it mattert not: 

But yon had bell beware of what's to come———* 

Hafle, Sir, away. See there the Bed's prFpar'd— .« 

\Scene dranMS, 
The Diadem ; and Name of EmpreTs given — 

Your t'athci's at my heeb ! hark ! you are wan'd. 

S^f MMJiek. 
X hear him come, and wifh you, Sifi away. \Ex. ArinsI 

Criff. OhFaufia! 

Faafi. Take no thouehc. 
Crijj). If he ihould charm thee. 
Or fcare tliee to Compliance — 

Faufi. ThatDillruft 
Again ! by Heav'n I'll die before he enten. 

CriJ^. Hold thee, my Heart I my life, my Love^ 
my Souh 

ril ftay and haiard all ^but hark ! he comes, 

I would advife— ^Live, if thoa canll with Honour-^ 
If not.^hc's here, faU, and I'll follow thee. 

{Exit Crlljtiu. 
Re-tnttr Anvs luitb Conftantine. 
Ctnft- Ha, Ariui! fee'A thou there? , 
Jri. Crijiut, I think. 
Canft. Didft thoa not fee him? 
Ari. Yes. 

Confl. Why doft thou then fuppofe it but by Thought? 
Ari. BecauTe I do not like hu being here. 
Cenft. Nor I, by Heav'n ! withdraw, and wait my 
Call. [Arius raini. 

What now, my Faufla! ha! in Tears my Fair! 
What, on thy wedding Night? Whydottthoufiymef 
Am 1 a Ravilher ? Howe''eT reputed 
Bloody in Fields, in Ciuunbers I am gentle 
As thyown Thoughts. . 

Therefore let our Vows be feal'd, and then to Bed. 
Fauft. What laid you, Sir? 

4S Conftuitine the Great. 

Cnji. Why, to Bed my Lo«, 
And hide thy Virgin Fears : Thou wik he bolder there. 

Faufi. AUi! 1 dare not. 

Cmji. WhyJ 

Fanfi. I've fwom, my Lor d— ■■-- 

Cmfi. What, and to whom * 

Fai^. To Keav'n I've fwwn, 
Howe'cr contraficd, thu I will not wed yos. 

Cmfi. When? 

Fauft. Not to-night. 

Canjt. When then? 

Fauji. Prels me no fordter. 
For I can only anfwer with my Tears. 

CtHji. Speak, for I'll know th'Extreniitv to-mght>- 
Why then to-tnorrow i but by Heav'o no hjnger ; 
For now Fve fworn too. 

Fauft. But I vow'd firil t 
And ftvear again to keep that Vow till Death. 
To-mMTOw and to-morrow, odd lothofe 
Ttn Millions more. You never fliall embrace me'^— 

Cwft. Is't poffible 1 after thy Faith was given ! 

Fauji. Not given, but by a Conqueror compelt'd. 

Cenji. And hall thou rightly fcann'd the C<niqiieroT'$ 
H^Faufia! haft thou plac'd thy Father's Fate (Rage? 
Before thy Eyes ? and thought upon thy own ? 

Fauft. Juft to your pnqjofe : I'm prepar'd for Death, 
Rather tlian entertain you in my Bed : 
Therefore if you fetdown t' enjoy me. Sir, 
Ordoora me dead, upon theEanh I beg you 
To fpeak your Will, and Faufia ftiall revenge you. 
This Ponyard ftraic Ihall aft vour vow'd Revenge, 
And take her frOm the World——— 

CeW*. Rife, Ftmjia, rife 

By Heav'n I iind 'tis vain to ftrive againll thee \ 
Take then what more thou valu'ft than the World, 
And what, in fpite of me, the Fate> ordain thee '■ ■ 
My Crijpui for ihy Love— 

Fauft. Ah, Sir, what mean you? 

Conft. Why wouldft thou ftpve to hide what Nature 

DaiiMtiui, Jbiui. and Siivfter, know it: (Oiews? 


Conflantinc the Great. 49 

And over-wrought me, for my Empire's Safety, 
To this great Aft, to yield thee to my Son. 

Faajl. Did Jriut too} No fure, they rather wrought 
To yield me to my Grave . (you 

Confi. No; to my Throne: 
Already 'tis decreed, my Crf/ir weds thee ; 
Not but I own T came to work thee from him. 
But fince not Death itfelf can daunt thy Love, 
Forbid it Heav'n, that I Ihould break fuch Union. 
HaAe, Jriuif callmySon. I'llgivehimnow; 
Now, while my Realon lets me fee my Dotage. 
How ill fuch Autumn fuits thy Beauty's Spring t 
But hafte, and bring him while the Hfat is on me : 
For I will have you wedded in my Prefenee : 
And if thy Heart confent to make a turn, 
As Itrange as kind, thb Night he fliall enjoy thee. 

/fla^. Oh Heav'n, inftruftmy Frailty what toanfwer! 
Can this be real. Sir f Is't poffible ? 

Ctajl. My Council know it, and confirm the Order. 

Faiifi. That I (hall wed your Son f 

Can/. Why thus repeated f 

Fau^' And you approve it f ' 

Caafi. Canll thou doubt me lUU i 

Fau^. No, I will own. Sir, fince you approve it. 
Own It to Death, I love him more tlun Uie. 

Cenfi. O .' Faulla ! 

Faufi. Ha! whatnowf Heturnsaway! 

He blufhes! Gods! I'm loft, undone, betra/'d! 

Undone for ever! Crifpus is betray'd ; 
The innocent Criffu, : 

Cmft. Guilty, guilty Ci-iJ^i, 

And guilty Faufta ! Guilty both to Death i 

But moft my Son, who wrought thee to this Ruin. 

Fauji. Ofaynotfo. 'Twasf<w/<iwroughtyourSon>4 
And over-lov'd him, to his own Deftrufiion. 
Therefore as you are powerful, be juft. 
And let the Stroke of^Veogeance light on me. 
But, Sir, for him — 

Cenft. For him ! each Syllable 
Thou pleao^ft in his behalf, but wings bis Deacb. 

Vol. II. L Faufl. 

5© Ccmftantine tke Great. 

faufi. By the juft Heav'ns ! and by the Saint that bore 
By your Religion, Sir, I do conjure you, Cyin, 

Spare, fpare his Innocence — 

Cotift. If thou content. 
That I this Night ihaU wed thee. 

Faaji. Wed me, Canftantimf 

Coijl. Faujla, why not? 
Alt thou enjoy'd already, married? Speak, confefs,^ 
That I may pardcm thee 

Fauji. What you Icnow, you know: 
Yon have betray'd me once, but (ball no more: 
More ! tkere's no more, but that I love your Son ; 
And whether he loves me, the Gods can tell. 
2 know the natural Goodnefs of your TempeT, 
Howe'er tranfported, will not let you kill him. 
Therefore I leave you ■ 

Cenjl. Stay, and tell me when. 
When I may hope Love's ConAimmation fure ? 

Fauft. When you behold me wedded to your Son, 
As you engag'd, and pafii'd your Royal Word; 
When after many rolling Years I bring you 
A Race offmiling Boys to blefs your Age, 
To play about your Throne, and be your Crfars : 
Then may your Happinefs compleated be, > 

Then may youi Eyes the Conlummation fee ; I 

But never hope for other Joys from me. [£j:.Faufla. J 

CquJI. What, ^r/aj/ help, andfreemefrom this Plunge 
Of Love and Nature. She loves, (he loves to Death; 
And though fhe hides it, is belov'd again. 

Jri. What's your Refolve ? To give her to your Son I 

Cmft. No. Atiur, firft I'll give her to the Grave,— 
Refign im- Empire : All^ 

Ari. Then Crij^s dies— 
■ Cenft. If he has not enjoji'd her, he (hall live : 
For (hat I lov'd him once, is full as true. 
As that, tho' now he has finn'd, I cannot hate him. 
But if enjoy'd ! how (hail I find it out \ 
I'll feize, and rack him, 

Ari, How, Sir, rack your Son [ 

Cenfi. By Hca?'n, 'twas well rcmembred by aVilTain : 

Gonftantinc the Great. 5 1 

Therefore I fwear thou (hale be rack'd ihyfdf. 

jiri. Who, I, my Lord? 

Coxft. Ay, Villain, Traytor, tbon ! 
I'll rack the Racker, 'till I find it out : 
For my mifgiving Heart fays, thou know'ft more; 
Therefore when next I fee thee, bring me proof 
She's not enjoy'd, her Vows and Virtue clear ; 
Dot, or thy Death fliall teach fueceeding Kings 
No more by falfe Reports Co be abus'd. 
But ftrait confront th Accnferwith th' Aecus'd ; 
To prove the Treafons nrg'd againft the Throne, 
Or ihow the Sycophants that fet 'em on : 
So Ihall the Sovereign Pow'r unclouded fway. "% 

When fuci Court' Devils fliun the glorious Ray, C ' 

And drive like Fogs before the rifingDay. [^Exiunt. J 


A C T IV. S C E N E I. 

Entir Annibd tuid Serena. 

Amib. np^HEN you coniefc you did befpesk the 

X Pifture? 
Gods I arjd you own you love him ! love the Traitor ! 

ScrtJi. Call him not Traytor, Annibal, he who fpoks 
The kindeft things of you, 

Anxib. Wondrous kind I 
Accurll Diffember ! that could fpeak for me. 
But aflcd for himfelf. 

Zertn. Jtift contrary. 
For when by Signs, which Paffion Gould not hide, 
I let him know my Love, he tum'd away. 
Shaking his Head, as loth to underlland me. 
Anger and Pity combating in his Face, 
And wiih his Blaihes taught Btrcna Shame. (fhip ! 

Aitnlh. Shamelefs himlelf, and Traytor to my Friend- 

For all I've h^ard, your Love has forg'd to fave him. 

La S,rtm. 

SI Conftantinc tJbe Great. 

Seren. Heav'n knowi 'cis trae ! notUtig was leit unlaid. 
To his own Difgrace, and your immortal Honour : 
In the mofl meliing Terms, and fweetdt Words 
Thit Heart could thinlc, or Friendlhip could invent : - 
Therefore ibrgo, my Lord, this fruitlefa Paffion, 
And fpeak for Crifpus, as he fpoke for you, 
Anntb. Iwill ; and fpeak fo loud the Gods fhall hear me : 
There .' take his Pidure, feed your hungry FaSoi), 
"Till with my Sword I carve another Feaft, 
To glut your fatal Eyes— — ■ 

Serin. Hold; whither go you f 
And what fierce Purpofe has your Heart in hand? 

Annih. Pll tell thee, and if poffihle force a Warmth 
Id that cold Breaft, kindle a dying Spaxk 
In that inhofpiiable Land of Love: 
And never fee thee more — I go to die, . 
To blot my Youth and Glory from the Worid ; 
Though Conqueft watts my Sword, I fwear to die. 
And make thee fport with my untimely Fall. 
Btren. To die! by whom ^ forwhuf 
Arni'tb. For love of thee. 
But if I fuffer by the Hand of Crifius, 
And Perjury Oiould profper in my Ruio, 
Then you may revel in each other's Arms' 
And laugh indeed at my ridiculous Fortune. 
Yet if revenging Ghofts have power to rife, 
Expefl me at the Riot of your Joys, 
With hollow Eyes to Hare you in the Face ; 
At Midnight, look to have your Curtains drawn ; 
Expeft me in your Bed, a Corfe of Clay, 
To cUrp your trembling Limbs with cold Embraces, 
And print my gelid Killes on your Ups : 
So to revenge my Death upon your Scorn, 
And groan about you 'till the dawning Mora. \^xtt. 

Serf. Slay — and Til tell thee j 'tis impoffible, 

Cri/fus already is in love with Faufla 

He's gone to the execution of his Purpofe — 
And CTtJhnt muft be flain ; why then my Hour 
Qf Fate » come. What's that to CriJ^ui Murder ? ' 


Conftantine the Great. 53 

He's gone to fight ; perhaps not give him leave. 
But rake the Innocent at unawares : 
'Hafte after him, and by tby own Dejkuftion 
Prevent both Ruins. Follow the Pate that wafb thee^ 
And let no Interrupter crofs thy Pa(&ge. [£*''• 

£?»>- Conllantine, Silvefier, an</ Dalmatius. 

Cfji- Were you both Fathers, and in love like me, 
I no more doubt what ytm would put in h€t. 
Than now I doubt myielf, who am rcfolv'd ■ 

Daltn. On what ? 

Conft. Of any Man 
That knows, yet hides this fecret TreaTon from me. 

Dalm. Has Cr()^j own'd he loves her ? 

Caijl. Yes, in effefl : ■ 
-For wticn I firl^ reveal'd this Contrafl to himi 
He ftopt me from enjoying her with Oaths. 
He knew her fajfe, forfworn : to whom 7 to him» 
To him himfelf : for this laft Night I prov'd: 
Drawing the Secret from her by a Wile, 
Which 3ie before as craftily conceal'd. 

Dalm. But have you many'd and enjoy'd her, SirS 

Canft. Ono; the Ceremonies-and the Dues, 
Without a filufh, were ftontlcfly deny'd j 
In alt the heat of boiling Love deny'd i 
Not only from polleffing her thaf Night, 
But, matchlefs impudence ! deny'd lor ever. 
Now judge if 'tis not fit I fhould let go 
The llrugeling Thunder, and dellrey 'em both. 

Da/m. Not both,— for yet you have not heard your 
Heai' him but plead — [Son ; 

Caiifi. Then let him plead in time. [Ex. D^. 

The;Bolti are brandifli'd, and 'twill be loo late 
To lift his blafted Hands, when I have hurf'd. 

Si(v. How 1^, Sir, would your utmoft Search extend? 

Ciiifi. To know if afiually they have embrac'd 
Each other, as in Will th' have done almdy. 

L 5 £t&». 


54 Conftantine the Great. 

Silv. Be not too hafty in your Anfwer, Sir ; 
If I fhould afk,' what then, what then mull follow ? 

C?n/}. Death certain, on theinflanti immineiit Death i 
Death ; and* I fwear, not alt the Gods ihall lave him. . , 

Sii-v. Ruin of Piety I Not all the Gods 1 
Ttet your Religion? 

Csn^. Oh ! forgive me. Saint, 
I am eaten up witli Paffion: So o'erwrought 
With racking Love, 1 knew not what I &id. 
But if he has enjoy'd her, by that Power 
Whom thou remember'ft weli, I now adore, 
His Death muft wafli th'inceftnous Guilt away. 

SUi,. Not Inceft, Sir. 

Ceafi. Not if he hoi enjoy'd her i 

Siiv. No; for 10 prove the Guilt compleatedlncefit 
You mull have married and enioy'd her firft. 

Coitfi. True; but what makes his Crime deferving 
More Oian imputed Treafon, Inceft) all. [Dcathj 

AH Faults by Art and Nature join'd in one: 
If he has touch'd her, the muit ne'er be minei 
And that's a, Caufe fo pointing to his Fate, 
That Death's their due that offer to excufe him. 

fi'/i;. Hecomes—- I'miileiic'd. Nature, now or never* 

Enter Crifpus ai^ Dalmatius. 

Cri_^. O Emperor ! for I dare not call you Father, 
Behold me at your Feet, preparMfor Death. 

Cunji. O Crijjiust for I muft not. call thee Son. 
Jultice furveys thee as a Criminal : 
But rife and (peak ; plead like a Man for Life. 
Come on, and look thy Father in the Facet 
I call thee Traitor, and I'll prove thee onet 
Wlio impiouHy, for all my tormo' Love, 
Haft dar'd to violate my lacred Bed. 
Now anfwer. Criminal. What canft thou fay. 
That Sentence (hould not pafs upon thy Treafon i 

Cri/p, M oft awful Emperor, my Judge and Father t 
Father,, alas I I would have offer'd nrft. 
But fmce you are not nleas'd it Ihouldbe fa, 
I'll do as Criminals ufet and yoQ command ; 

4 Thus 

Coiiftaminc the Great. jj 

Thuj plead my Innocence at your Judgment-Bar. 
If either. Sir, I faworlov'd the Princefs, 
You were the only Caufe, 'twas you that fent me ; 
So far from Mice but hinting thus your Confafl, 
Youtotdme, Sir, her Fate was yet in doubt ; 
Which made me wonder when I law the Virgin,. 
So innocent) fobeautiful, fo young: 
Which Charms did mora my Admiration move v 
Wonder begot my Pity, tliat my Love. 

Coiiji. But if I told you that her Fate was donbifnlr 
I told you too, fhe was a Foe to Reme; 
Therefore, to think of loving her was Treafon. 

CriJ^. IfLovebeTreafon, Sir, I own I am guilty J. 
Guilty indeed, becaufe it was a Fault 
lna,ny Cafe to wed without your Knowledge; 
But yet I hop"d, in time you might forgive me ? 
Andfomy Conicience tells me Itilt you would. 
Had you not been engag'd your Iclf before. 

Conjl. Rebellion, notthy Paidon, wasthyThought: 
If othcrwife, how canfi thou anfwer, Tialtor, 
For not confefTmg all when firll I met thee ; 

Crifp. Pardon me. Sir, for that I had done 100^ 
Had you not told mefirft you were betroth'd;; 
Butconfcious then howclofely I wa£ link'd, 
I durft not tempt your Wrath. 

Conft. Howclofely, Traitor 1 haft thouthen cnjoy'd 

CriJ^. Can you forgive mci (heii 

Can)- No, by this fliaking Fleth, 
Tho' there my Mother kneePd too by thy fide ; 
If thou haft couch'd her. Death and Curfcs on thee. 

Cri^.Oh by thofe Knees andHands which I mult hold, . 
Racks, Racks, and Death ; but not your Curies, Sir, 

CoHJi. If thou wouldft havem/Blefling, fwear, then 
Thou haft not enioy'd her. (fweac 

Cr\ff. Swear then to foreivcme. 

Cavfi. Forgive thee, Vil^f if thou haft -polTeft her. 
Speak, or be curft. 

Crifp. I will i but give me time. (ready 

Confi. Let go. what time i Thoahafficonfefs'dal- 
By that Demand i I fwcar thou haft enioy'd her. 

j6 Conftantinc the Great. 

Crifp. Swear not, and I'll confer this MoineDt. 

Conft. What! 

Crijf. OHeav'n, 
What if your Son has plighted holy Vows P 

Cenj). WhythenljnakethatVowandMarriagcvain. 
Therefore, ifthou haft not embrac'd her yet. 
1 charge thee on mv Blefling, never hope it. 
Nor never think of loving her again 

Crijp. Impoffibilitics ! Were you a God, 
And doom'd roe thus, I could not. Sir, obey you: 
For I have fwom to love her while t have Life ; 
.And if 1 love her, I mull hope Enjoyment. 

Cunft. Death then and Curibon thy Difobediencc I 
Oif VillaiD ! Tr^^r I grovel there on Eaith. 
What, are you Plotters too ? Nay, then 'tis tiffle 
To haile his Ituin. Ruin is thy Doom i 
Aod wing'd with all my CurTes it Ihall come. 

' [£*. iiwiDalm. ^a,/Silvefler. 

Criff. Dalnatius a.nA Sit'vtjiir ! Call him back. 
And riljenouncemy Love: Heav'n, 'tis too much ! 
But bark ! I hear a Voice cry, Crifpui come. 
Come to the tboughtlefs Grave where all is dill. 
It ihall be fo: Up then, and fall a Man. 
Come lorth, choii MiniHer of others Fates, 
And be thy Mailer's now I Where art thou, Faufiaf 
Where iamy Love todoie my dying Eyes? 

Enlcr Aanibal. 

Amib. Ha, Traitor ! art thou then prepai'd Ibr Death i 

Crij^. YaJnmbal, I will receive it calmly. 
From any Hand but thine. What have I done. 
That he fliould call me Traitor ? 

jlnnih. Guard thy felf. 
Or elfe by Heav'n thou dy'ft. 

Crifp. Hold. Is'tpoiible? fo quickly? 
Can the Defireof Empire lofe a Friend ? 
My Father I oiTendea, but not thee t 
Execute then the Ruin which he dooms. 
Ungrateful Man. I will not make Defence, 
But fpread my Arms ('embrace the Death he fends me. 

Conftantine thi Great. $7 

Jimii. What thou deferv'ft from him I ncitlwrkiuw 
Nor care, refolv'd upon my own Revei^e : 
Not bat I think the Man who did hU Friend 
So horrible a Wrong as thou haft done, 
Iȣt for any Mifchief. Therefore giiikrd thee. 

Crifp. Never to fight with thee ;. not tho' my Fatfaev 
Should grant my Love. Therefore I iheath my SwonL 

jixmb. Traitor, Coward. 

Crifp. O Ainiialt I know I am no Traitor i 
Andtiiou, whofe Life I have fo oft pi^ferv'd, 
Know'll but 100 well I am no Coward. 

Aiinih. Draw, 
Draw then, or perith. By the God* Til kill thee. 
Be what thou wilt ; and take this to provoke thee. 

[Striiei bim luith bii Siuefif. 

Crijp. WcU, Jiiaiial. 'Tiswell. Thouhaftdonflwell. 
Vet thus much Villany am I content to bear i 
No longer. Oh ungrateful, for thy lake. 
Who injur'ft me, yet will not tell theCaufci 
But for thy noble Father I will fpare thee. 
Spare thee thus far ; fo thou refolve to leave me. 

AmhU. Not yet? Why then another. 

Cri^. But the next 
Be mine: Humaninrcanbearno further. [Annib.^y7b: 

jfiraii. I have my Death : and now my Heart relents— 

Cri/p. Cut off my Hand. 
. jiKnii. Crijjiui, thou hall wrong'd me.. 

CriJp. Speak how, and where. 
Enttr Serena. 

Aanih. Sfee, flic comes to tell thee, 
Sfrena, oh Serena ! £0«ft 

Crifp. Gone for evert 

Serea. Oh, never to return T and I, alaa. 
Who could not love again, the wretched Caufe I 
. Crij^.. The curfed Caufe. 

Sirtn. Call me not cnrftd, Crifpui, 
Who think no Bleffing equal to thy Love.. 
. Oi^. WertthouaMan, by Heav'nfuchLoveTBear 
I think that I fljould feck thee thro' the World.. (ihee> 
L i . ■ To. 


58 Cbnfiantme the Great. 

To give thee Death—— 

Streit. Take then the Death yaa threaten. 
Prepare to fiifFer by a Virgin's Hand. 

Crifp . KiU me, and I'll forgive th«e AmilbaN DftttK J 
But take this Sword, yet reeking in his filood, 
.Andthruft it thro' my Heart. 

StriH. Yet hold, SirtTui: 
What will become of him when thoa art flaln ? 
Sill himlelf laft, and that I would prevent. 

CriJ^. Why doft thou ftay i 

Enter Silveflet. 


Sfhi. Cripu, I come to tell thee, thy Father will not 

Strtn. Take thefe Swords, Sil-vijleri bear 'em hence 
Withoit Reply or Cri/fiu lulls himfelf— — Away. 

SUv. Cri/tu/ Death i 
Ithank thee Heav'n that fentme to prcferre him. [^Exii. 

Crijp. Why haft thou thus delay'd my Ruinf 

Strea. To make thy Torments Mingj 
Live, that my Gboft and AnnthaF% mav baant thee: 
Vecwhenlcome, believe, forallmy ThreauuDgSt 
My Soul Ihall feek thee in a gentle Form ;. 
Owrt thee to Cells, and totlw Garden Shade, 
And tellthec there, what Love with us is made ; 
What Fu^s the Fiends for wiJfiil Murder make i ^ 
And what my Spirit fufFers for thy Take, I 

tm hark! I'^call'd behold the Dead awake. J 

They Waft me, Crifpas, totheOeepy Shxwe, 

And I fliall never, never Tee thee more. ^Ex. Seren. 

Cri^. She's gone> and takes the means ofDeattttOO 
from me. 
So, what's the next f What have the Fates to add 
.To my vaft Sufferings? Lightning btaftme, 
Mouatainj fall on me, gape to the Center Earth, 
To hide me from my Friend. 

£ titer Dalmatius. 
Hain. Why, my deareft Crifpai ! but i1m 
la vaia I iir^d thy Fsthcr, deaf to ill 

ConHsntine the Great. f.p 

Our Prayeo, remorfelefs, rocky and unmav'd ; 
Vet think not but I prefs'd with all my Love. 

Crijp. Therefore in great requital fot tiy Love 
Look there, and let thy Blood congeal to Stone ; 
Behold thy An/tibal butchet'd by this Hand. 

Datm. Cold, cold ny Boy ! Crifpxi, have 1 1 have I— 
B;it I wafte Time by fuch unmanly wailing. 
Take to thy Sword. 

Crifp. Thou feeft I've none : but ftrike— — 

Dalta. What could provoke thee to this horridDeed t 

Cr-iJ^. His Jealoufy, and Anger of the Heav'ns: 
Jealous I robb'd him of Siritm'i Love, 
He call'd me Traitor, Coward, llcuck me t«nce 
Before I drew, then ran upon my Sword. 

Dalm. Whatever happen'd — I'm a wretched Fathei^ 
And thou haft robb'd me of an only Child ; 
Therefore hereafter we no more are one. 
Where'er I go, I'll alk before I enter,. 
If Criftui be not there } that I may Ihun thee. 
Therefore if thou haft any Gratitude 
For thofe kind Offices which I have done theCr 
Fly thele fad Eyes, as I will run from thine. 
To moan my Son, and howl my Life away. ff xiT, 

Crifp.foiui.Pi'aA whither thou! thoit Heapof walkitie 
Thou that haft' ^ull'd thy Father's Cuife upon thee ? 
Kill'd thy beft Friend, and ruin'd all that lov'd thee— i^ 
Wiiere will at lall thy cruel Fortune drive thee ? 
Hence tear thy Robes, and naked fly the World i 
Unmantled to the Weather, wander on 
To fome dark Wild,whereSun-beam never flKme.££'ial| 


SHttr Conftantine, Anus, F«i^ SUvefla;. 

Taujl. Confider, Sir, his Youtli— ■-» 

Conji. 1 have Qonfider'd all.^^ 
But find thy ixjve fo rooted in my Heart, 
I mult forego my Life^ or Idle my Claim. 


40 Conftamine the Grtat. 

TctmaHc how deep tlijTcan have wio<^ht 07 Tcm- 
Ifduw wOtlwear Eonalldiy Maiii^e with Uoi, (per. 
By wedding me in poUick, and this Nighty 
B]r making dk thy Lor d ' 

FauJI. No Sir, 'dsimpoffiUe; yet if you'll fwear 
To lave yoar Stm if I flmold pmre him gniltlds, 
1 11 tell yoa Wonders. Sir, which otherwiie 
Not Racks Ihall e'er compd. 

Ceafi. Potln(lit,HeaT'n*Ilboiilddefti(7thegiiiItIe& 
Tho' Stiangcis to my Blood, much l^s mj Stm : 
Therefbre 1 fwcar hy Heav'n and all the Saints, 
pFOre CriAui innocent, he ihall not die. 

Faafi. Bewitnefles, tAJriui and Sil-vtfier, 
What he has fwoin : Let Crifpui flrait be callM, 
Aadqiiitted of his Crime: Ron, Arim, haAe, 
Thatlmay&etbeRoyalFriendOupniatle. [fx.Ariiu. 

CanJI. By ui cmire Sonei^er of thy lelf 

fanfi. To CriJfMl. 

Cmfi. By all thy fonner Oaths, I fwear, to me. 

Faufi. I told yoa 'twas impofiible before,^ 
And now con£nn it. 

CanJl. How? 

FmJI. 1 am married. 

CbkB. CnriesaDdVengeancelMarrled! fay towboni. 

F^ft. To Crifpus. 

Cmfi. When, thoB&lfe one f Whenf and where? 

Faufi. Herein your Palace, on that happy Night 
Befbrc^ yon made your dreadful Triumpb. 

Cmfi. Drcadfulindeedkfornow the Wretch Ihall die. 
The' An«b pleaded 

Sil'u. Emperor, you have fwom. 

Cenfi. lluiowit. Sir, to fpare the innocent Blood i 
But I will prove hipi no w . ■'■ 

Faufi. White as tJieSamtai 
By all the Powers ofHeav'n and Earth I Iwear, 
*Twas I that pCLlhM the Marriage, confcioiu before 
What I had Iworn to you; nay, caft the Veil 
Of Modefty ailde to make him fure ; 
Ami Biftcr Muriage, you may gueb (he reft. 

Conftantine /^(f GrM/. 6i 

Conft. Oh Caries ! Vengeance ! Curies yet UOthought ! 
Such Curies as chou wilt let fly aC me, 
When thou fhalt fee hia Head beneach tlie Ax, 
Even Woman's Curre* on thee. 

Sih. How Sir, the Ax ! 

Eater Arius W/ACrirpns. 

Conft. Doft thou not find the Traitor? 
But Tee, he comes. Oh thou DiJTembler, anfwer, 
Didft thou nottcll me, when thy Life was ftak'd. 
This Marriage was not yet confiumnate i Speak. 

Criff. 'Tis true, dread Sir. 

Conft. Mark all, he hai confefs'd ! 
His own Mouth has condemn'd him^— He flialldie. 

Cri^. I own'd. Sir, I was inarry'd^— but confe&'d 
No further. 

Cenfl. How, Traitor ! 
Did I not force the Queflion often } 

Crijp. True: 
Whicii I as often wav'd with low SubmifQon ■» 

Conft. Yet thofe thy low Submiflions all were Lyei. 
Forwelj^tto'luiow'ft thy fubtle- working wroughtme 
-^^'%>-« Sitisfaflion thatthou hadft not po^eH her. 

CriJ^. That was, alas ! my Crime. 

Conft. That Crime was Treafoni 
Purpos'd Abufe j a Plot upon thy Father. 
Nay, thq whole Cozenage Ihows thee rank in Sin ; 

Or Ha! How know I yet (he isenjoy'd? 

I've but thy Word and hers, and both are Traitors.. 
But fee my Brother comes to join my Juflice. 
Enttr Dalmatius. 

Dalm. What Cr/Aaj here? 

Coa/t. Stay, my Dalmatius, ftay. 

Daln. Your Pardon, Sir, 
There's one amongyou whom I cannot fuffer. 
And Crijfiu, knows the Caufe. [Exit Dal». 

Cri/t. Come back, and hear it then ; 
Heat thou unhappy Father, hear me own 
The Mordci which this coifed Hand cotnioitted, 



61 Conftaminc the Great. 

Tha Hand that flew the wretched Anaiittl. 

Cmfi. Annibal axia\ O Traitor ! And by thee! 
I5 Murder added to thy Treafon too ? 

Crif^. It ihall not ftand me. Sir, in Dead to {a/, 
Miftaken Annibal forc'd me to his Ruin. 
For fee I lay my your Feet, 
And plead for Death, as others piead for Life. 

Conft. CUanthei, take him — Crifpui, thou Ihaltdie. 

Therefore be this our fatal laft Fartwel 

One ftrugele more. His Mother's in his Eyes. 

Faufi. And Where's his Father but in all his Form? 

His every Grace ; his Smiles all but his Frowns ■. 

So exaft in Body, Qualities of Mind, 
That if you kill your Son, you kili yourfelf. 
Oh therefore liilen to the Cill of Nature, 
And once more view hiai K'ith an Eye of Mercy. 

Confi. Ibavelook'd mybft, andnowam Judgeagajji. 
C/fon^iei, take 'em both. Thc)''re both your Prifoners, 

Crifpui and Taufia. Ariui— look you to 'em: 

Keep 'em apart; and wait me in my Clofet — 

What yet again : 'Tis the lall Tug of Nature 

And yet another— Why that Sigh oneall'd ? 

And thefe wet Eyes ? Oh— if I longer ftay ! 

My Vows of juftice will diffijlve away ■ \Bxit, 

Mairtitt Crifpus, Faufla, Arius, Guard. 
faufl. Ruin on Ruin, let Deftruaion come 
With all the Wings of the moil violent Death, 
Yet arra'd with Innocence, ni face the Gorgon, 
And brave his bloodieft Terrors : But thy Death. 
My CriJ^ui' Death,, my Spirit cannot bear^— 
Therefore I have refolv'd ; and think not, CriJ^ut,- 
Think not thy Tears fliall move me from my Purpofe. ' 
Crl/p. Speak, Rio/a, fpcak, how came the fc Earth- 
quakes here t 
And tfaofe O'erflowings ? Why do thy Sight redouble? 
Faufl. Becaufe my deareft Life, my al),. my Crifpui, 
Soulof my Soul, that's maityr'd for thy Love 1 

I am refolv'd, rather than fee thy Death, 
To wed thy Father. 

Conftantiiic the Great. €i 

Criff. Ha ! do I hear thee truly ? 
But fpeak agai^, for I'll not tiuft my ScnTes. 
Fauft. To wed him, Crijpui. 

Cri/p. Sorrow fure diHrafls thee— 

Fauft. No 'tis theefea of Rearon.. 

That makes me defperatc in this laU Refolve— — — 

Crifp. No more of this. Halle, call the poifon up, 
"Tia Hell that tempts thee to eternal Ruin, 
Therefore if thou defir'ft my Spirit fliou'd part 
Id Peace, and leave my Love and Blediiig with thee t 
Repent this lall Refult of thy Defpair, 
Left I conclude thee falfe— — 

Fauji. How ! falfe, my Crifpoj. 

Crfjp. Falfe to thy Vows, unconftant to thy Love}] 
And that [hy Soul, unable for a Ruin, 
Chofe lather to fultain a^ infatnom Life^ 
Than die with Honour. 

Fauft. CA I cannot bear it ! 

Crijp. Not when I beg thee with my lateft Breath— 

Fauft. Thy Deat^, my Dear ! And I the hated Caufe ! 

Crij^. Therefore 1 love thee : And would die again 
For fuch another Proof of thy Affeftion. 

Fauft. As wrought thy Death. 

Crijh. Thy Purpofe was to &ve me, 
And die thy ielf. Therefore let's iall together— ■ — 
fie not caft down, my Fair^ but raife thy Eyes ; 
Thofe watry fetring Suns (hiuc forth, mj^ Faafia, 
Andm^e our Love look beautifiit in Ruin— ^ 
Enttr Soldier. 

Jri. The Emperor fends again to have you parted. 

FoMft. Oh Crifhut f Whither now t 

Crifp. To our long Home, 
Where purer Spirits drink immortal Air, 
And thm-dad Souls in flying Chariots meve^. 
And give and take an everlaiting Love. 

Fauft. Such Love, grant Heav'n, our meeting Soula 
Which no inhuman Father may divide : ^^>eudep 

Wlierc at hrlt fight, our Minds inlai^'d may fpread 
Thro' all the Spacc^and know (Ik sufthty Dead. 



Conftantinc the Great. 

Such is my Hope : But, Crifpus, what my Fear ? 
\i I (hould feek, but never find yon there-—^ 

Crifp. One lalt Embrace ! Oh Fa«fta ! do not Aa 
Our Blifs," with Feare we ne'er (hall meet again. 
Thro' all the Heav'n, in all their Manfions bleft. 
To ev'ry Saint my Prayers fhali be addrefti 
Nor ftiall the Happy talte a Mwnent's Reft, \ 

Till forae kind Angel guides my wand'ring Eyes, , ' 
And (hews me where thy charming Spirit £es. 
Then crown'd with Joys, we never kaew before, ' 
We'll wafte the Slack of Love's immortal Store, j 
And cnifel Fate fhall never part us more. . \Exatnt. \ 


Enter Dalmatius a«i Serena. 

£<rm.|9SBnOW, Sir, yon have italic the whole 

fad Story 
Of your unhappy Son, his Love and 

mine i 
Serena's G uilt.and Cri/fui' Innocence. 
Therefore if you afk Blood, and would revenge him. 
Here waits his Murd'refs for the Stroke of Death. 
But hate not Crijpus, hate not the. Innocent : 
Much lefs proceed to the Murder of your Friend, 
Your iaultlefs, guiltlefe, too deferving Friend,; 
The gentleft, beft of all th'Imperial Race. 

Dalm. No more; there needs no more:. My Son is 
Eternal Peace attend him: A few lad Drops, (deadi 
And now no more. Strma, I believe tliee. 
My Heart avows th'Innocencc of my Friend: 
Which I had own'd before, had not the Wounds 
Of A»/ia/ laid green upon my Soul. 
BiU chat I now forgive him, be thtni witnefs^ 
£c witaeJi Heav'n, and this lalt RcTolutioa 

Conftantinc the Great. 6$ 

I now put OR to fave my Cri^' Life, 
Or lofe my own. 

Strea. Olet me kneel to fuch exalted Virtue. 
But, Sir, be (luicktolavehim, or thb Goodnds 
Will come too late. ■ 

Dalm. Where is the Emperor ? 

Sem. Lock'd in his Clofet, deaf to the Peoples Cries : 
Fly, Sir, I <aw faim pais in Fury by. 
With Jriui in difcourfe. 

Da/m. I fear that Traitor, (him; 

Seren. Your Fears, my Lord, are mine. I never lik'd 
The Pidbire which he gave your Son, has Ihown him : 
He has all the Marks wc Virgins reckon ominous, 
A pole, down Look, red Hair, and leering Eyes, 
Mifchief is in him ; He's with th'Emperor now. 
Perhaps folliciiing the Fate we Fear. 
I met em, Sir, and interrupted C/x/ar; 
Who Grftreceiv'd me kindly ; butattheName 
OfCriJput frown'd, and (hook me from his Arm. 
' Da/in. Fear not, as thou haft counlell'd, I will join 
Sihijin- on the inllanc. 

Stren. Force the Door, 
If he refufe to let you in, do all 
That Pity, Love, and Friendfhip can infpire ; 
Do all that I would do, were 1 0almatiui. \Ex.frvtTaUj. 

' S C E N E II. A Bedtbamler. 
A Bowl and a Dagger en a 'table, 

Eattr Conltantine nW Aiiiu. 

Cen/t. Arias f 

jfri. Sir. 

Cfiji. I am refolv'd to be at reft, 
Thou art my Friend, Phyfician, I am (iek t 
Sick even to Death i Reach me Chat Gddet hither : 
The Dagger too. 

Jri. Str. 

u.o.ic'c -,, Google 

66 ' Conftantine the Great. 

Conji. What an eafy matter 
It were for Man, in atiy Cafe, 

Tho' rack'd with th' Gout, Stone, any Idnd of Torture, 
With one of thefe to Urn) ? 
■jiri. For ever. Sir. 

Coifl. Right, Ariui. 

4ri. Then there isPoifon in the Bowl? 

Ctnfi. There is, moll deadly. 

Ari. May I, Sir, prefume 
To afk for what ? 

Confl. Arius, thou art my Friend ; 
I think too, thou wouldft venture Life. Why yes! 
'Tis Poifon, and i'li tell thee too for ^ifhat I 
To fee how Italg a Dog will be a dying. 
Or fay, what it we try'd it on a Man ; 
Some Enemy that Lau's will not take hold of? 

Ari. Sir, I underlland you. (me ? 

Cenft. Look then you do ; Mow doll thou underftand 

Ari. Why thus, you paft your Oath, your Son fhould 
liFaufia prov'd him innocent. (live 

Coaji. 'Tis true ; 
Andlpite.of my Revenge, my Heart muft clear him. 

Ari. Right, Sir, I find you are grip'd in Gmfcience : 
Now, if a Friend fliou'd help you, fo ; or Fate, 
Not always anfwering moll Men's Expedaiions, 
Should call your Son to Heav'n. 

Caaft. To Heaven, Arius! 

Ari. ToHeaven, or Hell, it matters not for that. 
So he be out o'th' Way, and youaot know't. 

Confl. And I not kno^y'i ? 

Ari. No. Sir, nor I. Whatthenf 
How then I you never fee him more, 
And fo ferewel I'll take this Poifon with me-. 

Confl. Stay, Ilay ! Come back. 
How llrange a Guilt is mine, who dare not fpeak 
But indircSly, what my Soul defires 
Direftly done. Why Ihould I hide my Thoughts 
From thee I 

AH. Why, Sir, indeed? 

Confl. When no Eye fees. 

-„ Google 

CopAantine the Great* 69 

•Art. None, 

Cei^. None but the Eye of Heav'n, 
But Walls they fey have Ears ; therefore we'll whifper 
This horrlil, bartiarous, and unnatural Murder! 
Give him his Choice. Tell him I cannot live, 
Unlefs he dies : Tell him I ftrove to ra,ve him, 
And N«ure pleaded Wonders in his Caufe. 

Ari.. I'll lutb him firit, and tell him after* n 

C«5^.No,Poifon's the gentler Fate. Thou arctooloud-- 
O Confcience ! how it heaves within my Bofom 

jiri. Confcience! the Soul's riling of the Lights. 
Drink Blood 

Co-i/(.Blood, fey'ft thou ! what, the Blood afCriJ^us r 

Who's there f Ron to the Door ! Say I am not well* 
I'll not be feen to-night. 

jfri. Your Fancy, Sir. 

Cmp. I thought I heard my Mother's Voice. 
But flic's long dead: "Twas, as thou fay'ft, my Fancy, 
My Fear, my Guilt, that haunts me: But be gone; 
If he muA lail, there is no hiding it; 
Call it no longer Murder, but a Juftice, 
Survey him as a Thief that robb'd thy Soul 
Of all its Wealth ; Ariui how am I now ? 

jSri. All Emperor. And, Sir, I'Jl haftetoobeyyoui 

Coij^.Thou (halt ; but go not, Ariits, till I fend chee- 
AU Emperor and Judge. But, where's the Father i 
Workme there, Nature, fave him if thoucanfti 
Remember him as once thy Bofom-Love. 

Ari. I like not this Remeipbrance. 

Cmft. Remember the whole Progref* of his Life i 
Obedient all, ev'n in his Infant- Years ; 
When every Mom to my Bed-lide he came. 
And as I bleft him, thank'd me with his Tean. 
Serena imcilng luilbe^t. 

Stren. My Lord, the Emperor. 

C»«fl. Ariu!, hark. Who's there ? 
Hark, 'tis my Wife. Run to the Door. My Wife f 
She's rifen from the Dead to iavc my Son. 

<8 Conftantine the Great. 

Siren. I will have Audience. 

■Art. Madam, yoomuft not entff. 

Cmji. Aniii, letherin. 

Enitr Snena. 

Seren. C^/ar, fave thy Son i 
Save him in time, the People are in Arnu. 
Dalmailas, with the Guards, is gone to quell 'em. 

Cinfi. How ! Mutiny ? And in my Son's behalf f 
Is this the Courfe to fave him ? Jriui, hcnc«— — 
And execute my Orders. 

Sern. May I think it f 
A Bowl of Poifoo, Sir! Is that your Order? 

Cen/i. There is no Myilery now to be conceal'd— • 
'Tis as you &id : And Crifpus dies this Minatc. 

Sertn. He Iha'not, till you hear me. 
Think, Sir, oh think t 

Cm^. I've thoQght loo much already : 
Bat with this lafi Refolv£ my Heart is ftccl'dt 
Tbo' as you enter'd I was fooling Time 
With Thoughts of Mercy. 

Seren. And has this curfed Wretch prereiWed you ? 

Cenft. Da/matiui and Sihtfier wlU De here 
To hinder JulUce; break her hold. Away. 

Stria. Fall then Seriita Sirtc, and flay that Fury. 

{Siaii herftlf. 
. Cai^i.Ariui, come back. What haft thoudone, Jo-ma/ 

SirtH. I've paid the Debt of Nature e'er my Time. 

Cd»/?. 'Twas a too honeft Pan. Whatwasthe Caufe? 

Sertn. The I.ove of Crifpasi Love of htm you hate. 
But let this Viflim to Defpair fuffice. 

Enttr Dalmatius and SilveAer. 
Your Brother here ! Dalmatiui pardon me. 
Your Son is now reveng'd. RelVain the Emperor— -> 
And look to Ariuj. Oh ! [6'^ Jiti. 

Dalm. The JoysofHeav'n, 
And an eternal Requiem waft thy Soul. 

Canfi. Bmher, now arc the Beetle \ 


Conliantine the Great. 69^ 

Datm. All hulh'd again. 
WJiy will you harbour. Sir, that Snake about you. 
Thai puts you an thele fatal RdblutioDs I 
For elle could it be poffibk a Prince 
Sogood, fofuUof every Kingly Grace, 
Should ooce conceive a Thought to put his Son, 
Mis guilders Son, to an untimely Death, 
Without the InAigatlon of a Ddvil i 

Sih. Confider, Ca:far, you that have had the Gloij 
By Miracles from Heav'n to be converted ; 
We know your PaiTion manacles your Reafon t 
But here are Hands to help you. 

Confl. Is thatthen the Refult of all your Reafon ? 
To hope for fober Aflions from a mad Man f 

Dalm. Nottill theFrenzy leaves him. Butweknow 
You are not fo far gone, to lofe all Temper. 
Your Hopea and Fears, your broken Refoliitions, 
Are Symptoms all of a moft noble Nature, 
Where Judgment feems half funk, but not quite drown'd. 

Csnft. Why this I can alledge as well as you ; 
I know the Laurels which I've worn fo long 
Mull wither : If my Son Ihoald find a Grave, 
My prefent Fame, and Glory too hereafter. 
Is all Ujon the Hazard. But what then ? 
I fee the Storm befow me, threatning Wrackj 
I fee the Shelves, but who can point the Shore ? 

Siiij. Call overboard the Cafltet of your Love. 
■ I know 'tis precious ; but 'twill fink you. Sir. 
Divorce her. Sir; and give her to your Son. 

Confi. SoK^omy Faufta! 'tis impoffible. 

Dalm. Nothing's impoffible to a Mind refolv'd : 
But pafs beyond Sil-vt/ier's mild Remonftrance, 
And eafe your Love by Death, by Faafia's Death. 
When (he is paft recaj, you'll love no more ; 
Envy no more. 

Cenft. If that could be refolv'd . . 
The Conqueft were a great one. 

/?a/iw.Themoreyoiithink,the more the Thought will 
See but the Difference of Connfellors ; (ftrike you. 

What Colours good and lad can give to Reafon. 


70 Conftantine the Great. 

Had Jriui ftay'd, by tWs time you had doom'd 

Your Son to Death, who cow tuu gain'd the Conqueft. 

Covji. Would half were ^ain'd ; yet, fince the Start 
I'll try to win in this Olympick Race : (was noble, 

Tho" hilly all the way, and at the Goal 
The Summit couches Heav'n. 

Da!m, Urge the Neceflity ; (he or Cr(^w dies : 
Th' innocent CriJ^us, or the guilty Faufla, 
That after all her Vows could thus deceive you. 
Deceive you both ; who, if your Son were dead, 
"Ho doubt, as quick would praflife with another. 

Cmft. By Heav'n, why not? She that could fwear, 
ForfWom, may (wear and be forfwom again: (and wa« 
Oh ! I remember now with what a Look, 
An Angel-Look, Ihe vow'd. 

Dalm. Yet with that Look, 
This Angel, like a Devil, drew in your Son: 
Methiaks the very groflhefs of the Cheat 
Should make you loath her. 

Conft. Ha! 

Dalm- Deleft and fcorn her. 

CbhJ}. Scomon her Scom, and Death Difdain fuc 
By Majefty, by Empire, (he Ihall bleed. (ceed; 

Silv. Banilh her, C*>r. ■ • 

Dalm. No, Sir; Death, or nothing. 
Banilh her to-day, and (he'll be here to-morrow: 
Down with her, down; dwell on her peijur'd Vows, 
When the fame Breath that fwore her yours for ever, 
Doom'd her another's. 

'.onft. Arius, bring her forth, 
dies ! ril ft 

She dies ! I'll fweat and bleed, but I will conquer 

Call, call my Son.— Henceforth but name a Woman, 
'Tis Treafon to my Ear : Why, what a Plague 
Might (he have here engender'd ! forc'd a Fatlier 
To put his guiklefs Son to horrid Death. 

Da!m. Royally urg'd. By Heav'n 'twas ever thus 
Where Women had to do. Therefore behold her 
As a Gangrene to the State. 

Cmfi. And cut her oJF, 

Dalm. The Bane of Empire— k 


Conftantinc the Great. 7 j 

Confi. And the Rot of Power! 
Vet there I'll ftay andfix my Imagination, 
On all their Mifciiiefs, Murders, Maflacres, 
And Seas of Blood they have fpilt in former Ages. 
Woman, no inore. And when my Heart is going, 
Sound but that Name, the powVful Spell IhalfbiiS 
Beyond Cinean and Egyptian Charms : ^ 

•Twill raife the loweft Devils up in fwarms, C 

Unhinge tiie Globe, and put ihe World in Arms. J 
Woman, that dooms us all to one fure Grave, 
And fiifter danms than Providence can favc. \Exinnt 

Enter Conftamine anti Faufta. 

Conft. Faufta, thou art falfe, forfworn. 

Faufl. I % fo too. 

Conft. Therefore ihalt die. 

Faujl. I haveno otherWifli. 

Conjl. What, not to live. 
If I mould pardon thee > 

Fauji. That were Life indeed j 
To gain your Pardon,,and to live for Cri/pm. 

Coitji. No, Wretch ! remember as you fwore to mc, . 
I now return; it is impoffible. 
Yet thou Salt die for Crij^us. 

Faufi. And not with him, Sir P 

Conft. No; I've decreed 
That thou, (halt die to fave him. 

Faufl. But have you. Sir, decreed to love Kim too 
On /■«a/?a's Death? 

Cnnft. I have. 

Fauft. Oh! then the Gods 
Have heard my Pray'r, which, next to living for hlmf 
Was, ftill to die to lave him. 
Yet grant me, Sir, in Death one lad Farewel. 

Ctinft. No) thou haft Jook'd thy laft. 

Fauft. Vet you may let'em bear me by his Window t 
If it t« polTible to fnaich aGlance, 
And not delay my Execution, Sh". 

ConR^ She weeps; and there is Magickln herTean. 

I Ihalt weep too. Bring forth the Poifon. HaJle 


. 72 Conftaminc the Great, 

She Qiall not fiay the making of a Buh. 
What, Ariusf 

Ari. Sir. 

Cmfi. Give her the Poifon. HaRe, and Tec her die. 

Favfi. Stax> Sir, come back. I have no Load upoo 
But what you all may know \ give me theSowI, (me— 
ril drink it for my Love. Alas, my Lord, 
Methinks one laA Farewel had not been much ; 

But fince you judge it. Sir, unfit — —I'll die. 

Without complaining. Therefore tell my Lovc' - 
That my laft Pray'r was for his Life and yours. 

Confi. Hold, ffl((/?«.' -^r<Bj,taketbePoifon from her. 
And bring the Bath. My Son ihall fee her die : 
Call C^-iffus hither ; Since her Fate's decreed, 
*Twere jull he ihoo'd be harden'd with the View. 
She weeps again, and with the Trick unmans me; 
Spite of ray Vows, (he works my Lion Heart, 
And melts me into Love. How &re5 my Faupa ? 

Fauft. Sir. 

Ceafi. Thy Hand, before we part for ever, Faufta~~ 
I am loft — rm vanquilh'd ; with a Touch o'ertomc— 

Dalm. Wake, Sir. Where are you f 

Confl. Ha! 

Deltn. Sii'Difier'shen: 
And CriJPui waits. 

Ctitfi. Why then fiic dies agun. 
Halle, bring him in, bring him to my relief. 
The yerning of a Father comes upon me. 
And my Soul lon^ to meet him. FauJIa, turn, 
Turn thy bright Eyes on Death; and carry Fires 
To ftorch new Worlds, but warm the old no mote: 
For here's the Rifiag Sun, to eclipTe thy Beams. 

Enter Crifpus with Silveftcr. 
O Crifpui I Who that has beheld our Dillance, 
That infinite Space that Pafiion raft betwixt us, 
Would e'er have thought we thus ftiould meet again ? 

CriJ^. What can be added, Heav'n, to fuch aKindnefs \ 
■ Cmfl. What,Cri^n/?'Wha[iiideedtoinakeitlafling? 
She'll thou that Fair-one? 


Ij,r„,,;.r -„ GoOgIc 

Conftantine the Great. 7} 

Cri^. Sir, yoa give me Hopes; chD'dAfh'dwithFeftn. 
But bold, perhaps I have to Death. ofTended, 
For finiunebutin wiOi: A dawning Joj-i 
Shines in her Eyes, and revels in her Smiles, 
Which feem to tell me, we fliall both be happy. 

. Csy . Wouldft thou be happy In thy Father's Love » 

CnJ^. Judge me, yoa Prtvers, if that be not my 
The utmoll Reach of my extended Soul, [Thought^ 
Which knows no other Wilh, but Faujla'i Love — . 

Cenfi. And that's the Love, which you, by my Ex- 
Muft karn to hate. (ample, 

£rijp. To hate, Sir ! What f 

CoE^. Hate thy Love : 
Or, what't all one, to bear the Effefl of Hate, . 
Get ExecutioTL here before thy Eyes. 

CriJ^. MyJi"«>*sDeachr 

S'C E N E Jra.ict. Anas, Labienus,^ Eubulus, tviti 

Csitfi. Behold the polfon'd Bath. 

Cri^. For me 1 am ready. Sir. Hafte, launch 

my Veiiii : 
Tou that are delllnM here for my DellniAion, 

Ct»fi. None touch him, on your Lives. 
They may as (kfely laanch their Emperor, 
As womM his Son. ^atFauJia mull prepare. 
There is nootherway to reconcile us. 

CriJ^, Then hold me. Sir, at everlalUng DiAaoce. 
Caft me again for everfrom your Sights 
Banifhme: curie me, as you did before— —^ 
But make not Fau^ai Death the curfed Caufe, 
To (ave this Villain's Life, this Hangman Traitor, 
Nay, Coward that can live and hear her thrcaten'd!(ther, 

taujl. My Love, my Lord, blame not thy nohic Fa.- 
Nor curfe thy felf, for this was all my feeking. 

Crijf. Thy feeking? Ha! and fetk'ft thou my Em- 
After uiehafe Diflionour thou halldone me! (bracc;-^ 
Hence from mv Arm s 

Vol. U, M Fkujl. 

7+ -Conftantine the GreaP^ 

■ Taujl. IwiUnot, IwUlholdtbee 
To my lall Gafp, and griTp thee after Deafii. 
Why, pufli me yet again : K^, ftiike me> CriJ^uti, 
Iwill not leave thy Bofom. 

CriJ^. See, he's going 1 

By my blell Mother's Scul, let me come at hi m 

Cnxft. Jrlui, fee it done. 
AH Prayers are vain { fome of you break his IjoM, 

CriJ^. Daiihatiai and Sih^t^er will not fnre, 
And for the reft-, let me but fee who dares. 
' Coa^, Their Emperorcommands'em-^helptoforce- 
icharge thee, Cr/^Bi, leave me, ■ {him. 

And dare not by diis Wilfulnefs provofee mc. 

Crifp: I have no Wilfolaefs.but ihde Itubbom Tears i. 
Hear my laft Sigh^, for Groans quite choak my Words': 
My Favfia\ Lite ; or. break my HeaK before yoa. 
. Faujt. . Sir, do not dear him, , fnaich your felf awsy> 

And leave us here I'll hufli iiim, e'er I dies 

And fend him weeping to you for his Pardon. 

Cenft. He fees 'tis vain;, and has let go his KqIiI, 
Withdraw— yet. Brother, well obferve unfcen ' • > • — 

1 do not like this fudden Sollennefs 

/«((/?« farewell. j^nW difpaich. I^Io more. \Exeunt% 

Crifpus, Arius, Fttufift, Execuiitiieri. 

Tauft. ti^mtCriJpti, now my Dear, wih thou forgive 
This glorious Conquellof trioraphiiig Love? (me 

Cri^. 'No, by my Soul, and by my hopes of Heav'n,. 
Not at thy parting Groan, will I forgive thte ; 
But rathfT curie the Hour when firH T faw thee : 
Curfe oiir firft Kiffes, Marriage and Embraces,, 

. Unlefs thou join me ha- — ■ — ■ - come forwarder; 

With Ariui, join me, to provide ftme "means. 

That I may bear thee company in Death. 

If this thou doft deny me, by the Saints, 

By all our Loves 1 fwear thou never lov'dft me— 

Jr'i. By Heav'n, my Lord, I pity you : and if 

" FauJ}. If, Ariui! What? thou wiltnotjoinhisMad- 

Conftantne /df Gre0n. 7^ 

Fori hiTcfwont IxrillBMatttior.dniiJ^. 
Tha^ I (iirviTethis Hour - — ' 

Jri. I have tkt Mcaos. 

Cri^. A Dagger. Bicffian on du e-' ■givc't toe, F 

fiiB/7. /^niu, thoQ art a Villain! (Ikyw— 

Cri^. I'll tell my Father, thafi forc'dicfromchee. 

Faaft. Keep, kttp ic from, him, or I'll ull the Em— 
Twas you tiiac firA betray'd'him to my Low, (peror,. 
And marry 'd as. 

jiri. Hold, Madam! letmefag yo B ;---^—. 

Crijp. Now Love, I am lor thee. 

Faafi. No I I'll call the Emperor. 
Oh that damn'd Villain, T«itor, D«*il, ^nrV/: 
Help there withoat. CriJ^ui ie mmdered. H^lp nii 

Jri. Nay, then ^tie time to fly > - n 

CoBftanciw tnetis him luith tit rejt. 

Cmp. YesFiorf^toHellr 
Where thon fbalt make thy djmn'd Account. ■ i Ei: 
Call the unblooded Villain in. the Bath, (with him.. 
Which he prepared for others: Throw him in. 

Ari. Hold Sir, the6»h's not poifonM. 

Caafi. How ! ) 

Ari. CompalTion for your Empre{j^ 
Made me contrive this only way to faire her. 

Canfi. Thou haft done well. • Yet inwithhim, totry. 

Art. Hold Sir ! and I'll confefa, it is,, it U, 
Tis poifon'd ' ' Pardon. 

Cosfi. Down with him, keep him down. 
Till he be dead. ■ ThengiTB him tohisglaves. — — — 
\7hc Bath finh tvith him. 
O Cri/pgj — ' ■ W hy ? why doil thou eye me thus 
Withfnatch'dRc^nlsJ Why doft th^u eye thy Father? 
Now looking on fhy Dagger, now on Faufia—— 
As if 'twere poiEble to deny her ftill I 

Crifi>, Deny her i Why, Sir? mean you then to give 

Cenft. Or let me ftaad a Curfe to After-Ages, (her I 
tt is the Hand of Heav'n, not mine, that gives hers 
The Treafons of the perjur'd Ariut 
So turn my Soul, and quite reduce mv Reafon, 

Ma. That 

76 Confiontmc tBe Greaf, 

Tbat I win pve her thee withont a Pang. 

Take her, my Seoi and with her all the Bleffii^^ 

And all the Love, mj loaded Bofom bean; 

The Dem of Heav'Di^ and thcfe cby FathenTian^ 

- Crijf. OhJoyiF 

Fauft. OhHeaT'tt! 

Crt> tmufia! 

Faufi. CriOMt.^ CeJSrf 
• Cr<>. Father r 

But let OS profiiate a> a God^ j^iokIi him i 

Thou glonont Image of liie Deity! 
What Oial) we anrwer? 

Ce'^. Cri^t! Au^o— Nothisg ; 
ffotluDg but rife, and take ms in ^our AiBu.. 
Thus t^NKUng o'er you with K'^tiiutful Joy,. 
} propheTy-, by my Example led, 
Such Love ana Peacethro^ all the World fhatl fprcad. 
And Rtman Arts that Britijh Ifle adorn. 
Where HtUma dectas'd, asd I was bom: 

While CriAui thus to F«g*<i'» Love I give, 

And-both ror erer in my Bolbn live. [Bx. Omna, 

-„ Goo^^lc 

-„ Goo^^lc 

-„Goo^k — 


G U I S E, 



Adcd at the 


By HisMAjESTiEsScrrants. 

Mr, LE£ and Mr. DRTDENl 

Plutaidi. in AgeGUo* 

frimedfiir W, FiALCi, « Rvutft-HeaJ, thecvroer 
of Effix-Strtet in the Strati R. WcLLinCTOH. 
at tne Dalfhia and Cirw*. wichont 7imfU-Barf 
J. WiLLiKOTON-, and for A. Betteiwokt^, 
and P. Clay. inTraftfor B. Wzliikctoh. 




To the Right Hontmrable , . 


Earl of Rochefier^ 8cCr 

My Lord 

SHE Authors of this Poem prcfentit 
* humblj" to your Lord(hip's Patronage, 
J if you fhall think it worthy of that Ho- 
i nour. It has already been a Confrflor, 
and was altnoft made a Martyr for the 
Royal Caufe. But having flood two Tryals from 
its Enemies, one before it was afted, another in 
the Reprefcntation, and having been in both ac- 
tjuitted, 'tis now to ftand the publicic Cenfiire in 
'the Reading: Where fince, ,ot nccellity, it muft 
have the fame Enemies, we hope it may alfo find 
the fame Friends; and therein we arc fecure not 
only of the greater number, but of the more ho- 
neft and loyal Party- We only cxpeded barejuf. 
ticc in the Permiffion to haveitaited; and that w 
N 5 bade 

yi "D E'Diq ATIO N. 

bad, ftfter a fevere and long Examination, froin an 
upright and Imowii^ Judge, who having heard both 
StdeS) and exunin'dthe Merits of the Caufc in a 
ftrid Pcnifel of the Play, gave Sentence for us, that 
it vns Dckbet a Libel, nor a PantUd of pardcidar 
Ferfons. !■ the KeprcTentttion itfelf, it was per- 
secuted bf lb notoriouj Malice by one fide, that it 
frocur'd lis the Partiality of the other ; fo that the 
avour more than recompenced the Prejudice : 
And 'tis happier to have been fav'd (if fo we were) 
by the Intlmgcnce of our good and faichful Feliow- 
SuNefts, dMi by our own Dcfcrts; becaufe there- 
by the Weakncfi of the Faifbon is dJfcovered, which 
in;us> at that time, actaclcM the Government; and 
ftood combin'd, like the iMembers of the rebellious 
League, againft the lawful Sovcreipi Authoriry. 
To whatTopkltwillth^have recourfe, wbenthw 
ire miniPeftly beaten from their chief Poft, which 
baa always bcsg Popularity, and Majority of Voices ? 
They will tdl us. That ttie VcMces of a Peopte are 
DOC to be gathered in a Playhoule; and yet even 
there, theEQCtnlesas well as Friendshave free Ad- 
mifTion: but while our Areument wis.fer^ioe^le 
to their Interefts, they could boaft that the Theatres 
were true Proteftant, and came infulting to die 
Plays, where their own Triumphs were reprefcnted. 
But let them now ai&ire tbemlelvcs, that they can 
make the major Part of no AfTcmbly, except it be 
a Meeting-Hode. Their Tide of Popularity it fpcnt, 
and the naniral Cunenc of Obedience is, m fpice of. 
them, at Isft previalent. In which, Mt Lord, alter 
the merciful Providence of God, tne unQiaken 
Relblution, and prudent Carriage of the King, and * 
the inviolable Duty, and manifdft Icuiocence of bis 
Royal Highnels, the prudent Management of the 
Minifters is alio mofl: coafpicuous. J am not pir- 
ticiUar in this Commendation, becaufe I am un< 
> willing ' 

Drilling to rai& Envy to your -Loidfliip, wbetre 
too juftDottoddirethuPr^'fliou'd be comiBU'* 
nicated to others, which was the common Endea- 
vour and Co-opcraiion of alL Tis eacxi^> w/ 
l^it th^ your own Pan was ttcttber obfcuTc in 
it, nor hazardous: And if ever thi; excellent Go- 
vernment, lb well cAablifhMby chcWifdomof our 
Forefathers, andfotnuehlhakcnby theFoljyof diis 
Age, Oiali recover its ancient SpleadotiPoIlettty 
cannot be fo ungraceful, as to fbi^;et thcde, who in 
theworft of Tmiesbave ftood undaunted by their 
Kingand Country, and for the Safeguard of b6th> 
have cxpos'd themfclvcs to the Malice of ^fe Pa* 
triots, and the Madnefs of «n heulflrong Rabble. 
But fince this glorious Work is vet unfimOi'd, and 
tho' we have Reafon to hope well of the Succefs, 
f et the Event depends on the unfearchablc Provi- 
oeiice of Almighty God; 'tis no Time to raife 
Trc^hiesj while the Vidiory is in difpute : But every 
Man, by your Example, to contribute what is in 
his Power, to maintain fo jult a Caufe, on which 
depends tha furare Settlement and Profpericy of 
three Nations. The Pilot's Prayer to Heptime was 
not amifs, in the middle of theStorm: Thm mayfl 
Jo ti^th mt, O Neptune, -what tbat f/tafeff, but 1 
•will bt flirt to hold fafi thi Ruddtr. We are to- 
truft firtnly in the Dei7,but fo as not to forger>, 
that be commonly worlts by fecond Caufes, a nd 
admits of our Endeavour with his Concurrencei 
For our own parts, we are fenfible, as we ought, bo w; 
little we can contribute with our wealc Affiftuice- 
The xaoR. we can i)ball Of, is, thdt wc are not lo 
inconliderable as to want Enemies, ^hom we ha ve 
Taifed toourfdveson do other account, thanthatwe 
•renotoftbcirnumber! And fince that's their Qutr- 
rel] tbey OiaJt have duly occa&on to hate us mote 

Tili ^E'DICATI B. 

*Tis not, ray Lord) that any Man delights tofeeWttt- 
felf pafquin'd and affronted by chcir inveterate Scrib- 
iers; but on the other fjdcjit ought to be our Glory, 
that tbemfelvcs believe not of us what ±ey write. 
■ Realbnable Men are well fatbfied for whofe lakes the 
Venrtm of their Party is-fiwd on us, becaufe they 
fte thkt nc the Atne time our Adverlaries Tpare not 
Aofttowhom they owe Allegiinceiind Venerttkm. 
Their Defptir has pufh'd them to break thoTe 
Bondt; and 'tis obrervable, that the lower they are 
dnveti) the more vWently they "write: As Lucifir 
tnd his Compantona were only proud when Aiige^ 
but (rrew milicious when Devils. Let them rail, 
fince^Hs the only Solace of their Mifertes, and die 
only ReTeiue> wWch, we hope, thcynow can take. 
The gretten and the bcft of Men are above their 
reach; and fitf'our Meanncfij tho'they af&ult-ua 
Hkc Footpaddeis in die dark, their Blows have done 
us little harm; we yet live, to juftify ouri^ves in 
open day, to vindicate our Loyalty to the Govern- 
ment, and to aflure your Loroftitp, with all SuW- 
miiEon and Sincerity, that we are 

Tinr Lordjbif's 

Mefi obedient, ftttthful Strvsnttt. 

John Dryden, Nat. Lee. 
p R o- 



Written by Mr. ^rydm,- Spoken by; 
Mi. Smith. 

OVR Plaf/a PareUtl: Thi half ttaeut 
B^al ear Cev'iiaHt ; Guifards get tht Whig : 
Wbateir our hit-brain^^ Sbtriffi did aJvanci, 
Wai. likt our Fafikni. JirS pnduii in France [ 
Aifd-whtn, luill Jisar^J, anibaniflfd thtrt, 
Sem ever, lUe thiir gedly Siggan, here. 
Cou'Jtht fameTrici, Kui« /?«/</, otir.}i^itit» pilTf 
It-lash ai if the Dniil •uiert gnton Ml; 
Or fervid ui «}, inform, his hnktn Meat, 
Aid that^ht ixt 'wtrt xt ixartb a bitttr Cheat, 
lilt fidfomi Cvi/nant, atu •wenldihini in riefin^ 
Hadgivrn m all our Bi/liujull of Treafin : 
And jcl, tbt Nam hut ch*n^d, eur^kafy Nathif 
Chmai iti wtn Excrement, th'' JSaciativn. ' ■; 

'Til true, lue have nst karit d their foii'mi^ luej. 
For ihaft a Mtde bul ni^j nme ik flmi 
Befidis, jrnr Drug'i uncertaintc p-tvaili ' Tt" 

Butyiur true PnieJIant can ne^tr fail, t 

With that cemftndimu Infirunu't, a Flait y 

G» tii I and bile, e'en tbougb tie Heek lies hare ) 
Twice in ant Jge expei the Imufkl Heir : '■ 
Once pure decide Rttigivn by the S'vMrd, '• 
Aid purthafifir us a iieai Tyrant herd. ' 
Pray far yVKr Kii^i -but yet year Parfei J^e i ' 
Maie bim not Tiua-fence richer hyyour Prayer, 
Tafievi y»M lave him msieh, thafiife him m»rei 
jitd mah iim very Great, and very Poor-, ■ 
' - ■ - N s. f^ 

to PRO.T.,OGUE. 

Pi^ bi'm t» Wari, butfiiUm Ptna advmei i 

Lit him kjt Englud, /a rtcovir Fraace : 

Cry Frtejam af •u.-iti fafular naify Vtltt, 

Atldget elmtrh te tut *acb atier'i TbrMtti ; 

Lep iJUbe jRjgkH jbgtftnft year Mviarth'r Thn^ ; 

F»rJ*ar tf.laa.mtcb Pww'r, fray Imfat ^m mtHt. 

But in rrvti^i, yoM mip fM-vefianJ a Wof, t 

Af ariitrarf Dptf mmht la pay. \ 

t*t bii >w» Servunli turn ta Javr tbtir Shth, 

GkoM fivm his Pkniy, Md bi$ Wanti ^fiJu. 

Btt III fimt Jadw mar bii Ptrfinfiay, 

T, /walioiu tbt Imft- S*p, and ib*» tHr^. 

iUh London ia^fmiiat cfthi Crwum, 

A Itea/m apffrt i til Kin^doai ^ tbt 3jrwK. 

tft Ignoramus y«rwy!«(/ «o Jrejtws, 

And Ignaraimis Pceti firihkle S^tin. 

And, that your Meaning tuKt mmfail tt fioKt- J' 

Db, •what in Cefie-Bou/ei jou b^n. t 

Full dbwn the Mafitr^ aadfit uf the Mfx. y 


Written by Mr, Drydatt 
Spoken byMrt. Ctok. 

MUCH Tiiu ffj Tmili liuMt TIa iah aft 
An4,failb, HinlnJ txt it, Ciit ■uin kfT 
atu Melt -wtu meant, i»rGf,MtmrSm*JJi 
0»r Petts, Uhtjrvik Gempri^ Arrv gt aU. 

9liy teak t»jMi Jin, i r^^ 

. But, liil haldaqt, tnu t» Ihtir PruUi, *•/ JMrfti 

Oaa'd, iiiJii'dBniJIiiia^'uUirmrii. 


E P I L O S D E. if 

Dut^ art CriMti , but •win tbt Qaafi it rigit. 

In Batttl every Maa it haund t« ^ht. 

Far lubatjhtu^d biaJtr me tt fill ay Skin "% 

Dear ai I »«'</. if<m(t mf Umnd were iaf L 

Se DeferiaiMiifo nev&itiata Sim. J^ 

'"TisafineWtrli, UJ Ma^eri, right or •turtng. 

The frhigi mufi talk, and Teriti btU their tit^t, 

Thtj muft Jt ail they tan 

But ive, farfistb, nutfrhmr -KChr^ian Mimdi 

Andjigbt, like Btrfi, luitbtni HaMdtfdbebindi 

Nay, andqtAtn am Saj't dstjia, 'tivere •totndravrvil/if ' 

Tb (tj, itxfmir, ami-give him time M rift. 

Wbtn FeriiuifaFUBurt, mnt hut Fa*h •udildmily: y 

tFou'datryefytm Sparks, i/NaaflrMally t. 

7ipym tiUnvitifig mnk, Sandfiill I, ^ail'It \ 

jf Trimmer tty% (that heard me till bit Sttrj.) 

Pie, MSfirtfiGottk) faitbyeii'MtMraKka^t 

Wi/h trntWhi^s hai^'d, but pip their hardCajmt 

Y»u Wamtit »ilt hfit Mem make -^Jry Faeti. 

Pray, SO', /ltd t, dm't tbiirk fu /uch a ]tw t- 

I fay M nure, bat giite the Drvii bisdke. ■.-. 

Ltnitivn, faft hi, fiat hefi <vnth eur Cendititn. 

Jack Keteht fityi I, \t an meilltnt PhyfidtM. 

i brut M Bitf d •■■•' " - N or I, Sir, at I brtathi i 

Bta bar^ir^ it a fine dry Kindif Omth. 

We Trimmers are fir haldiagjill tbiiai tvin: 

Yet— ^afi like him-thathmr^'iwiil HtU aid Htav'i^_ 

haw VIM ml bad Mem Lives tlUnb already f 

Ttt fiirt i-'-^btit jcii^re fi" btldiag all things Sia^i 

Navi, J^ee the Weight bai^t all an onefidt, inOtrt 

Yeu TrimSMtt^ftwiV, « pai-xe it, bangott t'ttbtr. 

Damtfd Nettttry, in tbdr miJdh Way affitering,. 

Are Mtither Fijb, wm Fl^t- ner ratd Red- Htrrii^ : 

Hal Whig! mr irm tibtjy, mr tbit^ iiir fbat ) 

ihl Birdi, mr Beafii i. bat jitji A KindafBati 

4 fviiligbt Jmmali true ta aeitbtr Caufit, 

With Ttiy Wii^i^ but Wbigpfi Titth ami Clemai 

K6 OiMi 

Dramatis Perfonae^ 

M E n;- 

Dakct>fG»i/f, ' 


The Cwdinal of Gw>i^- 

Arcbbifhtp of LyMt, 

AIpKonA Corib. 

Poliii, ., 



The Curue of St. Eiifiari, 

Malicom, . 

Uelanu, a Spirit, 


Citizeiu and RaU>le, E/f- 

Mr. Kynaficn.' 
Mr. Betttrtaii. 
Mr. Smith. 
Mr. miipiri. 
Mr. Pot*. 
Mr, Msuiajvrt.. 
Mr. BowmOM. 
Mr. C^rW*. 
Mr. SautJrrt. 
Mr. UMtUrbiU. . 
Mn Ptreival. 
Mr. GI7&. 
Bright aitd SaM^vii 



Iddy SliKgshji- 
Mn. i«-rjr. 





SCENE, the Council of Sixteen feated: Atr 
empty Chair prepared for the Duke e/Guife. 

Bi/Polin, tvn-efiht Sixtteti^ 

BIGHTS there! more Lights; what 
\ burn the Tapers dim, 

1 When glorious Guifi, the Mtfis,- Gi- 
1 dealt, David, 

I Tbt Sawurofibi Naiien, makes ap- 
proach } 

■P»I. And thereforearewcmeti the whole Sixteen, ■ 
That fway the Croud of Parh, guide their Votes, 
Manage their Purfes, Perfons, Fortunes, Lives,. 
To mount the GuJ/e, where Merit calls him high': 
And give him ■ whole Heav'o, for room co fliine. 


U Tife7)ukeofG\iiS:. 

Bnttf C^atitfSt. EnlUce. 

Bx/. The Curate of St. £ufl4Kt comes m laA ; 
But, Fftrher, why lb late? 

Cur. I have been uking godly Puiu to fatisfy fonte 
Scruples rait'd onXMiglt wuik Brothers of tmr.Pany, 
that were daggering io the Curie. 
Pei. What cou'd they find t'olgea i 
Cur. They thought to arm agamft the King was Trea- 
Buf. 1 hope you let *em right . (fon. 

Cur. Yea i and tor Anfwcr, I produc'dthia Book. 
A Calvinifl Minilterof Or/ecw 
Writ this, to julUfy the Admiral 
For taking Arms agxinlt^e King deceu'dr " - 
Wherein he proves that irreligious Kiagi 
May jul^ be depos'd, and put to Death. 

Saf. To borrow Arguments from Herctick BocAs 
Methinks was not To pntdent. 

Cur. Yet, from the Devil, if it Would help our Canfe. 
The Author was indeed a Uereticic t 
The Matter ol the Boob is good and piouj. 

Pvl. But one prime Article of out holy League 
Is to pteferve the King, his Fow'r and rerbn. 

Cur. That mult be Ikid, you know, fin Dcctncy i. 
A pretty Blind to make the Shoot fecnre. 

Baf But did the primitive Chrift^iu e'er r^eV 
When tinder heathen Lords } I hope they did. 

Cur. Nofure. they did not; for they had not Pow't-; 
The Conlcieace of a People is their PowV. 

Ptl. Well; thenext Atticlcinou blwD Covesant 
Kai deai'd the Point again. 

Ji^ Whatb^f IlliouUheslo^Ba&iddteKins^ 
JKo wcr than needs muil. 
ftl. That in cafe of Ojppofitiaa &o» toy ?«£» 

Cur. That's well, thacTi well ; then the King u Mt 
exctpted, if he tavtte m 

Pal. We are oUig*d to junaa me, to pmulh 
AlU whomcmpttohiadeiardifiuibut; 

Bu/. 'Tit a plain Caie ; tbe King '* included in the 
Punifhmenc, in caJe he rebel againtt the People. 
PeJ. Bill tiow can he rebel? 

Cnr. I'll make it out : Rebellion is ui Infurredion s- 
gaiofi the Government ; but they that have the Power 
are aftually the Government; I'hciefbre if the Pecplo 
have the Power, the Rebellion is in the King. 
Buf. A moll convincing Argument tcvFadion. 
Cw. For Arming, if you pleatet butnot&ifii&ioaK 
For ftill theFaOiotiis the fewefinnmberj ' 
So, what they call the law£il Govemioent, 
Is nowtheFaflion; for the moll are ours. 

Pol. Since we are prov'd to be above the King, t 
wou'd gladly underllandwhamwe are toofaey ^ orwhc- 
ther we are CO be all Kings together. 

Car. Are you a Memus w the tcague, and alL that 
There'san Article, that, Imayfay, isasnece^ryasany 
In the Creed : Namely, that we, the faid Affociatet, are 
Sworn to yield ready CixdicBce, and fiiithM Servite, 
To that Head which Ihall be deputed. 

Bk/. 'Tis inoft manifeft, thatby virtveof ourQath 
■WeareaUSubjea«toth«ElukeofG«>. TheKing** 
AaOfficerthathatbetray'iihisTiuftt •udthmfwews 
Hare tiuw'd him out of Service. 
Onutf. Agreed, agreed. 

MMltr tbeDMiiB/QtaSe, C^rJtnml ^f Gnifc, Aninifci 
'Tonbit hefin tbtm. fhtDuh tmktt thf Oait-. 

Buf. Yoor HighMfs aun in & lodqr Hcmt ; 
Th'uiianiinous Vote yon heard, fm^ftm)' yoai Vaitt* 
^ Head pfPfiri*, aad the holy I«Ga(uc. 

Car J. i lay Ji/un to thaL 

Pill. Yon are our Champitm i Buckler of oar Faith." 

Con^-TheKii)S,likci«B^ it Hcav'n^E repented Choice! 
Yog hit Anointed imc.'0»ixtiH TiiDgght. 
. Gui. I'm what you »leM« to call me: any ihinfc 
Lieutenant General, Chief, or GottRtHe, 
^ud decent Nuin, (lis nd/ mean four Slare, 

r<f The'Diihi)fGm&. 

Buf. Yoa chu'd the Germani hence, exil*d Navarrr, 
And lefeu'd Franci from Hereticlw and Strangers. 

Aum. What he and all of m have done, is koown. 
What'* our Reward } out Ofiiow are lofl ; 
Tum'd oat tike labour'd Oxen, after Harveft, 
To tbe bare Cominons of the wither'd Field. 

Buf. Our Charters will go next; becaafe wc Sherifii 
Permit no Juflice to be done on thofe 
The Court calls Rebels, but we call them Saints. 

Gai. Yes, we arealiinvolv'd, as Heads, orPaniiEs; 
Dipt in the Noify Crime of Srate, call'd Treafoa : 
Alia Traitors wc maft be to King or Coimtry. 
Buf. Why then my Choice is msde. 
Pel. And mine. 
OniK. And all. 

CerJ. Heav'nis itfelfHeadof thehof/Leagoe;- 
And all the Saints are Covenanters, and Gxijardt. 
' Gut, What fay you. Curate J 
Cur. I hope well, my Lord. 

Car J. T hat is, he hope* yon mean to niftkc him Abbot, 
And he deferves your care of his Preterment, 
For all his Prayers are Curfei on the Government t 
And all his Serm«ns Libels on the King : 
Inlhort, a pious, hearty, fitAions Brieft. (Auks; 

Gui. All that are berrmy Friends, Ibill (haremyFor- 
There's Spoil, Preferments, Wealth enough in Fraatii ' 
'Tis but deferve and have : The Spmri/h King 
Configns me fifty thoofand Crowns a Week, 
To laife and to foment » Civil War. 
'Tis true, a Penfion from a foreign Prince 
Sounds TreaCon in the Letter of the Law, 
But good Intentions juAifv the Deed. 

Cur. Heav'n's good, toe Caofe is good, tlft Money'4 
No matter whence it comesi (gftod i , 

Suf. 'Our "City 'Banits are twenty thouraifd flrbng t 
Veil difciplin'd, well ann'4, well feafon'd Traitors; 
Thick rinded Heads, chat- leave no room for Kenid ».- 
Shop.Confciences, of proof againll an Oath, 
beach'd up, and ready onnU for a JlebcUion^ 

<J«V , 

The'DttkeofGmik. 17 

Gut. Why then the noble Plot is jit for birth ; 
And labouriBg France cries out for Midwife Hands. 
We mifs'd furprizing of the King at Bloii, 
When laft the States were held j 'twas oveJjight :" 
Beware we make not fuch another Bloi. 

CarJ. This holy time of ^e»iwe have hinvfuret 
Be goes unguarded, mix'd with whipping Fryar$i 
In Chat PiocelBon, he's more fit fur Heav'n : 
What hinden lu to fdze the R«yal PeniceDti 
And doTe faim in a Clojpfter I 

Cur. Or difpatch him ? I love to make all fure. 

Gui. No, guard htm fafc] 
Thin Diet will do well ; 'twill (tarre him into Reftloii; 
Till he exclude his Brother of Savam, 
And graft Succeffion on a wotthier Choice: 
To favour this, five hundred Men in Arms 
Shalt ihmd prepar'd to enter at your Call; 
And fpeed the Wock: St. Jtf«rt>Vj Gate was nam's; 
But the Sheriff Coniy, who commands that Waid, 
Refus'd me Paflage there. 

Bif. I know that Ctaly ; 
A fhivclinr, conrddntiotu, loyal Rogue: 
He'll peach, aod rain all. 

Card. Give out he's Arbitrary, a Navofrijt, - 
A Heretick ; difcredit him betimes. 
And make his Witnefs void. 

Cur. I'll (wear him guilty; 
I fwallow Oaths as eafyas Snap- Dragon. 
M^k-Fire that never burns, 

Gui. Then, Bajj; be't your care t'admit my Tro»ps 
At Parle St. Hoaore : [Ri/ei.] Night wears apace, 
And Day-light muil not peep on dark Defigns. 
I will my felf to Court; pay formaLDutyi 
Take leave; and to my Government retire. 
Impatient to be Toon recali'd ; to fee 
I'he King imprifoo'd, and the Nation free. [Exrwif. 


■„ GoogI': 

18 The Duke a/Galfe, 

Enter Malfcom. 

Mat. Each difmal Minute, when I call to mind 
The Promife that I miide the Prince of Hell, 
In one and twenty Yean to be bis Slave, 
Of which near twelve are gone, mySoulnms bick. 
The Wards of Reafon roll into their Spring. 
O horrid Thought! but one and twenty Vears, 
And twelve near palt, then to be lleep'd in Fire, 
Dafh'd againlt Hockti, or fiutch'd from molten Leadi 
Reeking and dropping. pietX'innl t>oin by Winds, 
And qiKiich'd ten tboo&nd Fathom in the Deep I 

{KiHciii^ Mt tie Doer. 
Buthark'l he comes, lee there, my Blood flxndiAillf 
My Spirits flan jui end fiir GMtfi't Fate. 

ji Devil tifit. 

What Counfel does the F<te of Guiji require I 

Dw. Remember with his Prince there's no delaf. 
Bur, the Sword drawn, to fling the Shcaih away i 
Let not the fear of Heil his Spirit grieve, 
TheTombisftill, whatever Fools believe j 
Laugh at the Talei which wlthet'd Sages bring, 1 
Proverbs and Morals, let the waxen Kin^ I 

That rulej the Hive, be born without a Sting j J 
Let Gai/e by Blood relblve to mount to Pow>, 
And he is great as Mecha'% Emperor ; 
He come;, bid him notftandon Attar Vowd 
But then ftrike deepeft, when be loweftbowst 
Tell him Fate's aw'd when an Ufurper fprings. 
And joins to cTOttdontjuft indulgent Kii^. [^«ajfcf< 

Enter the Dakt yGuile, and Dmie t/'MaycB. 

May. All Offices and Dignities he girea 
To your profell uid moll invAerate Foes ; 
But if he were indin'd, as we coul4 wilti hint. 

TJbt'DukeafGuKe. V9 

There is a Lady Regent at hb Ear, 
That never pardons. 

Gui. Poilon on Iter Name ! 
Take my Hand on't, that Connorant Dowager 
Will never reft, till Jhe has all our Heads 
In her Lap. I was at Bayaunt with her. 
When flie, the King, and grifly tTJiva met » 
Methinks I fee bcr Uliening now before me. 
Marking the very motion of his Beard, 
His opening Noftrilsand his dropping Lids; 
I hear him cTiiak too to the gaping Council t 
" Filh forthe great Fiih, take no care for Frogi, 
** CuiofftbePoppy-HMds, Sir; Madam, charm 
•' The Winds but faft, the Billows will be ftiU." 

Mirf. Biit,Sir,bowcamesityoiilhouldbethuswanniJ 
Still pufhing Councils when among your Friends i 
Yet attheCpnncantiousi.andcuIdas A|e, 
Your Voice, .your Eyes, yoiu: Mica fo diSaeot, 
You feem to me two Men i 

Gui. TheReafon's plain: 
Hot with my Friends, becaulc the Qgeflion givTa, 
I Hart the Ju^ment right where others drag. 
This is theefimof c^ial Elements, 
And Atoms jultly pois'd : nor Ibould yon wondsr 
Moreat the Ihenc^h of Body thanof Mind. 
*Tis equally the &me tofi^ me plunge 
Headlong into the Stin all over arm'd. 
And plough againfi the Torrent to my point. 
At 'twas to hear my Judgcmeni on the Gtrmaiu, 
This to another Man would be a brag ; 
Qr at the Conrt amon^ my Enemies, 
To be as I am here quite off my Guard, 
Would make me Inch another thing at Grilltn, 
A blont, hot, honeft, downright, valiant Fool, 

Mm. Yet this you mull allow a Failure in yon ) 
You love his Niece, and to a Politician 
All Faffion's Bane, but Love direSly Death. 

Cm. FaUe, iaIJc, my Mayrn, thou'rt but half Gm/t 
Were fhe not fuch a wondrous Compofition, (again j 
A Soul Jo fluQi'd >t mine it with Ambition, 


»3 ■The'DukeefGmVe. 

SagaciousaTid fo nice, muft havediHain'd herj 
But (he was made wheti.Nature was in humour, 
A! if a Grillen got her on the Queen, 
Where all the honeft Atoms fought their Way, 
Took a full Tinflure of the Mother's Wit, 
But left the Dregs of Wickedncfs behind. 

Maj. Have you not told her what we have in hand? 

Gut. My utmoil aim has been to hide it from her, 
But there I'm fhort, by the long Chain of CkuTes 
She has fcaii'd it, ji^ as if flic were my Soal : 
And tho'I flew i^oot with Circumfiaoces, 
Denials, Oadis, lmprobal»Iities ; 
Yet thro* the Hillories of ooi Lives, fiie look.'^ 
She (aw, Ihe overcame. 

Maj. Whvchea w^reall andone. 

Garj. Again you err. ,i 

Chafte as me b, (he won'd u focm mve np"' . , ' 

Her Honoor, as betray me to the King : 
J-tell thee,, (he's the Charaaer of Heav*n : 
Such an hatntual over-woinanly Goodnefs, 
She dazzles, walks mere Ar^l upon Eartih. 
But fee, (he comes, caH the Cardinal Gtifit 
WhHe MaUam atteitds for fome DifpatcheSi 
Sefotv I take my Farewel oF the Court. 

Enter Marmoutier. 

Mar. Ah, Guife, you are uttdoae. 

Gur.- How, Madam-? 

Mar. Loft, 
Beyond the pofGbility of Hope: 
Dcipair, and die. 

Gui. You menace deeply, Madami 
Artd (hould this come from any Mouth but your's'. 
My Smile (hould anfwer how the Rutn touui'd me. 

Mar. Why do you leave the Court? 

Gui. The Court leaves me. 

Mar. Wtre there no more but Wcarinds of State, 
©rcou'dyou, like great SoWo, retire. 
Call Rauit ungrateful] and lit down with that ; 


I The 'Duki »/Guife. 2j 

\ Such inwiud Gallantry would gain you more 
Than all the fullied Conqueftyou canboalt. 

I ^uc oh, you want chac Roman Mailery ; 
You have too much of the tumultuous Times, 
And I mull moum the Fate of your Ambiticm. 
Qui. Becaufe the King difdains my Services, 
Mbft J not let him know I dare be gone \ 
What, when I feel his Council on my Neck, 
Shall I not call 'em backward if I can; 

I And at his Feet make known their Villany f 

Mar. No, G^U, not St hia Feet, but on his Head ; 

I For there you (irikc. 

I Gai. Madam, you wrong me now ; 

For Hill whate'er fliall come in Fortune's whirl, 

i His Perfon muil be fa&. 
Mar. I cannot think it. 
However, your laft Words confefs too much. 
Confefs! What need I urge that Evidence, 
When every Hour I fee you court the Croud, 
When with the Shouts of the rebeinous Rabble, 
I lee you born, on Shoulders to Cabals ; 

, Where with the Traitorous Council of Sixteen, 

i Vou fit and plot the Royal Htmy'i Death ; 

• Cloud the Majeftick Name with Fumes ofWine, 

> Infamous Scrolls, and treafonable Verfe ; 
While, on the other fide, the Name of Gkj^, 
By the whole Kennel of the Slaves, is ronff : 
Pamphleteen, Ballad mongers, fing your Ruuif 
While all the Vermin of the vile Parifiam j 

Tofi up their grcafy Caps where'e'er you pafs, 
And htirl your di^ Glories in your Face. 
Gai. Can I help this? 
M^. By Heaven Fd earth my felf, 
Kather than live to aA fuch black Ambition ; 
Bat, Sir, you fcek it with your Smiles and Bows, 
This fide, and that fide congeeing to the (>oud.: 
Yoo have your Writers too, diat cant your Battels, 
That fiile you the new DirviJ, Second Ma/es, 
Propof the Church, Deliverer of the People. 
Thutfromche CitVj as from the Hean, theyfpKad 

22 Tie 'Dute of Gai&. ' 

Thro' all the Provinces, alanu the Countries, 
Where they run forth in Hraps, btrllowing your W^- 
Then cry, Th« King, the Kjng's a Hugonot, {den, ' 
And, fpiteofiu, vn.] Navam (uaxed, I 

Spite of the Lawt, xnd fpite of oar Reli^on : 
But we'll pull 'era down, downwith 'em.-down. T&atli, 
Cut. Ha, Madam [ Why this PoUiire} 
Mar. Hear me. Sir i 
Tot, if 'cispoffibte, my Lord. rUmovevon. 
Look back, retum, implore the Royal Mercy, 
E'er 'tis too late, I beg yon b^ thele Tean, 
Thc& Sighs, and by th' ambitious Love you bear ine -, 
By all the Wcuods of yoDT poor groai^ng' Country, 
That bleeds to Death, O feek the beft of Kings, 
Kneel, fling yonr ftuU»ni Body at his Feet : 
Vaur Patdon Aull be figs'd, yonrCoontry lavM, 
Virgins and Matrone alllhall Img your Fame-, 
And every Babs Ouill hiefs the Cb^'s Name. 

Cui. Q rite, thou Imageofthe Deity; 
You (hall prevail, I wiH do any thing i 
You havp OKAui the veiy Gall of my AnAidon* 
And all my Powers now float in Fearse jetia: 
Be latisfy'd that I will fee the Xing, 
Kneel to him, e'er I jonrmgr ta (SawtfMgn, 
And beg a Jttad Farcwel. 

idar. NO) DO) my Lord i 
I fee thru' that, you but withdrawftwlule. 
To muAer all the Forces tbaryoa can. 
And then.rejoia (h« Council. of Siuefa. 
You muRiiitgo. 

Qui: All the Heads of the LeagK' 
EkdcA me. and Ifainr««nga§'ij rayHoiMar. (flb^. 
td»r. Would all th^ Heads were o7, fi) yours «ete 
Once ineM> O G^jiv tbc.weeping JI£ipaH»/i(r 
Intreats you 4o b« gih 

GW. h'twUle' 
That G«»> Jhorfd layr in tlmkc moft refuft^oo f " 
M«r. GothM^miy Lord, I late fecdv'd a Letter 
TvtanmK^*x. Co«nt wketcllunc the King love» ati 
TkxaA. ^ there la no more than whatyou tkcar. 

T^e'Du&eofGuKe, 25 

I have Jewels ofGir'd too, perhaps mxy take 'em: 
Andif ycu go from Pjirij, I'll to Coart. 

Gtti. But Madam, 1 have ofcen heard you fky. 
You kw'd not Courts. 

Mar. Peihap» I have chang'd my Mind : 
Nothing as yet could draw me, but a King, 
And fuch a King, (o good, fo juil, fo great. 
That at his Birth the Heavenly Council paus'd. 
And then atiaflr cr)-'d oat, This is a Man. 

Gui. Come, 'tis but Counterfeit; you dare not go. 

Mar. Go to your Gorernmeat, and try. 

Gui. I will. 

JHiir. ThennitoCourt, nay, totheKing, 

Gui. By Hear'a 
I fwear, yon cannot, fh^I noty dare not fee him. 

Mar. By Heav'n I can, J dare, nayt and I will; 
And nothing but yoiMrStay Ihall hinder met 
For now, methinlcs, I long for'C. 

Gui. VoSAltl 

Mar. I'll give ^00 yet a little time to thinli: 
But if I hear you go tocake your leave, 
1*11 meet you t^ere, befiire the Throne I'll flandi 
Nay, you fhali fee me kneei, and kifs his Hand. [Evifi 

Gui. Furies and Hell ! She does but try me i Hat 
This is the Mother-Queen and Ej^trmn, 
Abbot Dtlhint, Alfbcnfo Corfa too, 
AU pack'd to piot, and turn me into Madnris. 

[^Rta4iis tbt Ittler, 

Eattr CafJiiudQya&, DHi[/^K%in|Maliconi,&c 

Ha ! can it be ! Madam, th* Kh^ Int^yeu.^ {Rfttdt. 
But Vengeance I will havet to pieceir thus. 
To pieces with 'em all. {Tiart tit Later. 

• CarJ. Speak lower. 
Gui. Not 
By all the Torments of thisgtKiiig PaJI!6a> 
I'll hoUow the Revenge I vow, lo loudi. 
My Fuhei's Ohoft flull hear me' up to- H«a*'a. 

CarJ. Contain your,fUf, this OutneewiU'ondo as.^ 

2+ The 'Duke ^/Guife. 

Gui. All things are ripe, and Love new-paints their 
Ha ! my good Lords, what if the murd'ring Council 
Were inour power, fliould they ercape our Jufiice ? 
I fee by each Man's laying of his Hand 
Upon his Sword, you Itvear the like Revenge. 
For me, I wiih that mine may both rot o ff . 

CarJ. No more. 

May. The Council of Sixteen attend you. 

Gui. I go Tliat Vermin may devour my Uaab*, 

That I may die like the late puling Fraatii, 

Under the Barber's Hands, Impofthumes chink me. 

If while alive I ceafe to chew their Ruin ; 

Jlfhn/c Cotfi. Grilkn, Prieft, together. 

To hang 'em in Effigy; nay, to tread, 

Prag, &mp, and grind 'em, after they are dead. 

V \Exaifii, 

A C T II. S C E N E I. 

jEa/^r Queen-Mother, ^J^fDelbene, Polin. 

^^^^^ Gxf^givesitouthejoumeyatoC^iuK' 

I But lurks indeed at L^trft haii \fj 
' Parii, 

Where every Hour he hears, and ^ve« Infinifttons. 
Mean time the Council of Sixteen aflore him 
They have twenty thouiand Citizens in Amu. 
Is it notfo, PoUnf * 

Fal. True, on my Life ; 
, And if the King doubt* the Difcovery, 
Send me to the BafiiU till all be prov'd. 
Si-M. Call Colonel GnVA'v, tiie King would fpeab 
with him.- \t*>i P*^''"' 

M. Wa* ever Age Uke this J *■ ^M, 

.» The ^uke tf/Guifc. af 

^M. PoAoishoiicft:, 
BefiHe, the whole Proceeding is fb like 
The hair-braio'd Rout, I gae&'d ai mticli before^ 
Know then, itb refoWdtofeizelheKing, 
When next he goes in penitential Weeds, 
Among the Friars, wichoul his ufual Guards; 
Then, under Jhew of popular Sedition, 
For Safety, fiiuthimin a Monaftery, 
And iacrifice his Favourites to their Rage. 

^. When, is this Council lo bp held again ? 

i^ M. Immediately upon the Duke's Departure.' - 

M. Why fends not lli«« the King fo&ient Gvxria^ 
To feiz^ the Fiends, and hew 'em into pieces i 

^ M. 'Tis in appearanceeafy, but u'Efieft 
Molt hazardous ; forlbait, oponth'Alann, 
The City would be fure to be in Arau : 
Therefore to sndenake, and not to compafa. 
Were to come off with Ruin and Dilhonoai. 
You know th' /Mi'un ProTerb, Bi/agaaCtpritrfit 
He that will venture on a Hornet's Neft, 
Should arm hit Head, and buckler wcU bis Breaft. 

M. But wherefore feems the King foonrefolv'd? 
' ^M.l brought Ftlix, and made ihc D«Q0iiftrui<M4 
Told him Neceffity cry'd out to take 
A Rcfolndon to preferre his Life, 
And look on Gtnfi as a redaimlels Rdxl. i 

But thro' the natural Sweetnef* of his Ten^ert 
And dangeroos Mercv, coldly he r^ly'd. 

, 5. M. Right, 

The Bufineftwere mere firm Air this OeUyi 
For noblell Natures, tho' they fuffcr Iong> 
When once frovok'd, they torn tbe Face ta Dwger. 
But fiw, he corned Mfbi>«ft C»rji with him : 
LetuwUtditWt ladwhoitisfltiT^oiBhim. iSxiu 


., Gix>^^lc 

Tht'Duke trfOMc. 

Eater- Kitig, Alphoafb CoHo. 

jlipk. Sir. 

Kiw. I think thou lov'Ib me, 

J!fr. More than my Life. 

Ki/ig. That's much i yflt I believe thee. \, 

My Mother has the Judgement of the Wotld, 
And all things move by that : Bu^ my jfiflm/i, 
She has a av»\ Wit. 
iJfyi. TheProvpcatioD. Sir. 

Kii^- I kDow it well : 
But if thon'dH have my Heart widiin thy Hand, 
All Conjurations blot the Namet of Kings. 
What Honours, Intercilr were the World to buy him. 
Shall make a brave Mao finile, and do a Murder? 
Therefore I hate the Memoiy oi^rmtiu, 
I mean the latter, fo cry'd up in Story. 
Cf/ar did ill, bat did itin iJje Sun, 
And fiiremoft ui tha Field i but fiunjca^ Brutm, 
Whom itoiie bat Cowards a»i. white-liv«r'd Knavei 
Would dare commend, lagging behind his Fellows, 
His Dagger in his Bofom, jtahVd his Father. 
This is a Blot which Tu/i/s Elo^unce 
Could ne'er wipe of, tho' the xuflaken Man 
Makes bold to caQ thorc Traitors Men Irvine. 

Jift. TuHy WM vite, btu wanted Cmiftancy. 

Enttr QaK»-Mothcr, JUat Ddbeae. 

^M. Oood Even, Sill "tia joft thetime yoa ovdet'A 
To wait on ysar Decrees. 

K!^. 0)t Madam. 

P-M. Sir. 
- Kiig. (%MMber, but I cauut make k w^r 1 
Chaos and Shades, 'tts huddled up in Night. 

^JH. Speak then, for Speech i« Morning to the Mindi 
Iribreads the beauteoot Itrfiges alnwd, 
Which die lis ibrrdaiid dondcd in the Soul. 

K'lig- You would embark me in a Sea of Blood. 

j^Af. Yoa fee the Plot direftly on your Perbn; 
But give it o'er, I did but lUte the Cafe. 
Take Gui/t into your Heart, and drive your Fiicitdi • 
Let Knaves in Shops prefcribe you how to fway. 
And when they read yourAfls, wiihtheirvileBreatli 
Proclaim aloud, they like not this or that ; 
Then in a drove come lowing to the Ltu-vre, 
And cry they'll have it menSed, that they will. 
Or you fhall be no King. 

King. 'Tis true, the People 
Ne'er Know a Mean, whenoncethey gettKe Poweti 
but Oh, if the Defign we lay fhould fail. 
Better the Traitors never Ihonld be touch'd. 
If Execution cries not out 'tis done. 

^M. No, Sir j you cannot fear the Cure Defign ; 
Bat I have Hv'd too long, fince my own Blood 
Pares not con&de in her that gave him Being. 

jTin;. Stay Madam, itay, come back, forgive my Feiirrt 
WlfereallpuiThoughtalhouldcree^lilcedeepcftSirQanu. - 
Know then, I hate afpiring Gui/t to death j 
Whor'd Margueritt plots upon my Life ; 
And Aiall I not revenge! 

^M. Whythiiis/farrji 
Harry at M^nceiiteur, when in his Bloom 
He faw the Admiral Colig»y'% Back. 

King. O this Whale G»//«, withall the £<rr«i«FiT> 
Might I but view him a&er his Plots and Plunges, 
Struck on thofe cowrinK Shallows that await himi 
This were A Fhrtnct Matlcr-piece indeed. 

&.M. He comet to take his leave. 

Kji^. ThtiibrClwiitpfi^iii 
.But lies'in wait ull Parh h in Amu. 
Call GriiJen in i all that I beg you now, 
}s to be hulh'd upon the CoRluUBtion. 
Ai Urm that never blafe. 

^Jl£ Doubt not your Friendi I 
.Lchb'ob. udthcayottnMdflWftltr.jqMiFow . 

0$ ....- . Em* 

is The^ukeofGuiSe. 

Entir Grillon. 

- JETi^. Weloune ray Honeft Man, vrf old try'd Friend, 
Why doft thou fly me, Grilba, and retiref 

tSri/l. Rather let me demand your Majelfy, 
Why fly you from your fcif? I've heard you lay, | 

You'd ann againll the League, why do yon not i 
The Thoughts of fnch as yoa arc Starts Divine, 
And when you mooid with fecood Caft, the Spirit, 
The Air, the Life, the ^Iden Vaponr'j gone. 

■JCiV. Soft, my old Frtn)d,GK(/2 plots upon my Ijfei 
j>a/i*liiall Rll thee more: haft tlton not heard 
Th' unrafii»«ble Afinmts he daily ofien. 
War without Treafure on the Hi^trnfj, 
While I am fbtc'd againft tny bent of Soal, 
Ag^ftall LbW), all Coftom, Right, Smcceffion, 
To call Navarre from the Imperial Line i [lor. 

■ Grill. Why doyoo. Sir? Death, let metell theTray- 

Kirr^. Peaee, Gaifi ii eolng to hit Govonment ; 
ToK are his Foe of old : Go to him, GrilltM ; 
Vifit him as from m^ to be employ'd 
In this great War againft the Uitgpanti, 
Andpnthee tell him roundly of £is Faults i 
No farlber, koneA Grillan, 

GrilL Shall I fight him? 
' Kixg. Ichargetheenot. 

Grill. If he provokes me, ftrlltthimf 
TgiOU gram me that. 

Kii^- Notfo, my lum^ Soldier. 
Yet fpeak to hint. 

Gill. I willby Hea**n to'th' pnrpofe. 
An 1 if he force a heating, wfaocan hclo it i \Ex. Grillj 

King, Follow Alfbanfo ; when the atotm u up, 
OH me to part 'em. 

^M. Grilkn to Blk him Pardon, 
Will let Guife know, we are not in the dirk. - 

JBw-. Yottiitflrtjsigonieia j yet,0'yet, tlm^E mu*, 
Something upon my Heart, ate thefc CounftU, 
'Sofcft, ai.Alontiwon.iy n b« aui'd. 


Tbe'DukeofGiiii'?. 2? 

,M. They &y that GW/Ah's Niece is com* to Coott, 
mevu to kifa your Haod. [£m/ (^Mother. 

£(>^. Could I hit hope it. 
O my dear Father, jardon me in this. 
And then enjoin me all that Man can fuffer t 
But fiire the Powen above will take our Tears 
For fochafauh. Love is fa like themrdves. lExtuiit., 

SCENE II. Tlu Louvri. 

Enttr Gutfe attmJtdwith kii Fiunily, Marmoutier meit' 
tag him ntw dreft, atUaJid, &c. 

Cut. Farieai flie keeps her Word, and I am loll; 
Yet let not thy Ambition ihew it to her, 
For after ^1 ftie does it but to try me. 
And foil my vow'd Defigns. Madam, I fee 
You're come to Couit ; the Robes you wear become you t 
YoOT Air, your Mien, your Charms, your every Gract, 
Will kill at leaft your thouland in a Day^ (fandi 

Mar. What,awholcDay,an4killbiitonepoorihoa- 
An Hour you mean, and in that Hour ten choufand ; 
Yes, I wou'd nuke w;[h cveiy Ghmcc a Murder. 
Itoidiie this Curl. 

Gni. Woman! 
. Mar. Yoofce, my Lord, 
I have my Followers, like you: I fwear 
The Coim's a Heav'nly Place s but o' my Heart, 
I know not why that Sigh (hould come uncali'd t 
Perhaps 'twas for your going, yet I fwear 
I never was fo mov'd, O Guifi, as now ; 

}uft as yon enter'd, . when from yonder Window 
faw the King. \ 

Gui. Woman, all over Woman. 
The World confeffea. Madam, HfnrysForm 
Is Noble and Majeltick. 

Mar. O you grudge ; 

Th' extorted Praife, and fpeak him but by halves. 

Gai. Priefi, Cerji, Devils ! how flie carries it ! 

O 3 Mmt. 

3d Thf'l>»keitfGn\i'e. 

■ Jl/itr. Ifee, my Lord, you are come « take your leave; 
■And were it not to give the Court Silfpidon, 
I would oblige you^ Sir, before you go. 
To lead me :o the Sins. 

Gui. Death and the DeviU 

Mar. But fince that cannot bf, TU take my \ate 
Of you, my LonJ, Heav'n grant your Journey (kfe. 
Farewell once more. Notllir? DoesthisbecomeyouJ 
Does yonr Amtudon Twcll into your Eyes i 
Jealoufy, by liis Light : Nay then, proud Giafi, 
I tell you, you're not worthy of the Grace, 
But I will earry't. Sir, to tbofe that are. 
And leave you to the Corfe of Bofom War. [^Enit. 

May.. Is this the H^av'nly^— 

Gtti. Devil, Devil, as they are all t 
'Tia true, at firft file caught the Heav*nly Fonn, 
- But now Ambition fets her on her Head, * 
By Hell, I fee the cloven Mark upon her: 
Ha! Grille here '■ ibme new Court'Trick ttfoa mt. 


Gril). Sir, I have BuCncGi for yOor Ear. 

Gar. Retire. [E*e»>a til f^Btmtrr. 

Grill. The King, my Lord, ctunmawted me to wait 
And bid you welcome to the Court. (yon,' 

Gut. The King 
Still loads me witn new Honours, but none greater 
Than this the laft. 

Grill. There is one greater yet, 
Voor High Coinmiflion againfi the Hugt»Wti f 
I and my Family fliall fliordy wail you. 
And 'twill be glorious Work. 

Qui. If you are there. 
There muft be AOion. 

Grill. Oh, your Pardon, Sir. 
I'm but a Stripling in the Trade of War i 
But you, whole Life is otie continued Broil, 
Wliat will not your Triumphant Arms accompUfti \ 
You, that were forin'd ftr Maftciy in War ; 


The'DukeofG\x\Ve. ji 

That, with a fUrt, cry'd to your Brother Mayimu, 
To Hoi^e, and flaughter'd forty thoufaod Germant. 

Gui. Let me beTeecb you. Colonel, no more. 

Grill. But, Sir, fmce I mult make at leait a Figure 
In this gjeat Bulinels, let me underAaRd 
Wiiat 'tis you mean, and why yoii force the King 
XJpon fo daneerDiu an Expedition. 

Cut. Sir, I intend the Greatnefs of the King, 
TheGreatncfi ofa]li^r0nc<r, whom it imports 
Tamake^cheir Aims their BufiiH^, Aim. andGIoryt 
And where fo proper, as upon thofe Rebelt 
That cover'd all the StaK with Blood And I>eeth F . . 

Grill. Stor'dArrenaUaod Atinotie«, Fieldtofilane, 
Ordnance, Munition, and the Nerve of War, 
Sound Infiintry, not hara&'d and dileas'd. 
To meet the li^ce Airu^mr, A)oiild£rft be tfeoughton. 

Gui. I 6nd, my Lord, the Argument grows wami 
' Theieiixre, thns roach, and I have done. J go 
To join the holy Xieagae in this gKat War, 
In which no Place of Office, or Comiuand, 
Not of the Greateft, fliall be bought or fold : 
Whereas too often Honoun are cw&rM 
OnSoldicrt, and no Soldiers ; this Man knighted- 
Becaufe he c^rg'd a Troq) before Us Dinner, 
. And Iculk'd behind a Hedge i'lh'Afiemooii. 
I will bav« ftriA Examination made 
Betwixt the Meritorious and the Bafe. (doabt 

Grill. You hare rooach'd it htuvely, «nd there is no 
Your Deeds would anfwer well your haughty Words; 
Yet let me cell yon. Sir, there is a Man, 
Curfe on the Hearts that hare him, that wouM betteif 
Better than you, or all yourpuJFy Race, 
That better would become ttle Gteat Battalion ; 
That when he Ihines in Arms, and funs the Field* _ 
Move% fpeaks, and Eights, andis hindeira War. 

Gui. Vonr Idol, Sir, you mean the Great JVovanvt 
But yet 

Grill. No yet, my Lord of Gaifi, no yet j 
By Arms, I bar you that j Ifwear, no yet i 
For never was his like, nor Ihall agun, 

O 4 Ths 

12 The 'DukeofG\y&. 

Tho' TOted from, bis Right by your cun'd Le^ac. 

C\A. Judge nm too rajhiy of the holy League, 
But look at home. 

Grill Ha ! dar'ft thoa jollify. 
Thofc Villains? 

Qui. I'll not juftify a Villain 
More than your felf : but if yeu thus proceed. 
If every heated Breath can puff away. 
On each Sunnife, the Lives 6f free-bom People 
^XHiat need thuamfnl General Convocationi 
The AAenblyof theStates? Nay, lecncorge. 
If thut they vilify the holy League, 
. iiri.-i. _... .k.:. u— J. «.uA r 

They fliould beurtain of> whole Piles of Fire. 

Cut. CoI<nieI, 'tii very well, I know your Mind,. 
■ 'Which without fear or flattery to yoarPmon, 
I'll tell the King, and then, with his PermiffiQii, 
Proclaim it for a warning to our People. 

Grill. Come, you're ». Muideier yourfelf within, 
A TraioiT. 

Cut. Thou ft— hot old hair-bnun'd Fool. 

6nV/. Youwere Complotterwith thecuriedXicagae, 
The black Abettor ofouT Harrys Death. ' 

G». 'Tis &Ue. 

Grill. 'Tialrae, ai thou art dooUe-heaited : 
Thou double Traitor, to confpire fo bafaly. 
And when fiiund out, more bafety to deny't. 

Gu. O gracious Harry, let me Ibond thy Name, 
left this old Ruft of War, this knotty Ti^ 
Should laife me to Extremes. 

Grill. Ifthou'rtaMan, 
That didJl re&fe a Challenge of Navarre, 
Come forth. 

Gmi. Good, fincethou'rt refblr'donDeath, 
rU follow thee, and rid thy fluking Soul. 

-„ CoogI': 

Tife 'Duke of Guifc 33 

Entir King, Qgeen-Mother, Alphonfo, Abbot, i^c. 

But fee, the King ;■ I fcom to ruin thcf . 
Therefbre go tell him, tell him thy ow n Story. 

Kii^- Ha, Colonel, is this your Friendly ViJitf 
Tell me the Truth, how happen'dchis Diforder? 
ThoTe ruffled Han^, red Looks, and Port of Fury 

Grill. It^dhim, Sir, fince you will have it fo. 
He WIS the Author of the Rebel Lcagae, 
Therefore a. Traitor, and a Murderer. 

JCi'af . Is't poffible r ' 

No matter. Sir, no mstter ; 
A few hot Words, do more upon my Life ; 
The old Man rouz'd and (hook himfelf a little: , ■~] 
Sd if your Majefly will do me Honour, 
I do befeech you let the Bulinefs die. 

Ki>^. Gri//eir, Ibbmit your felf, and alk his Pardon. 
Grili. Pardon me I I cannot do't. 
Mi>^. Where are the Guards f '■■ 

Gut. Hold, Sir i come Colonel, I'll aOc Pardon for - 
This foldierly Embrace makes up the Breach: (you. 
We will beforfy, Sir, for one another. 

Gri/l. M/Lord I know not what to anfwer you, 
Pm Friends, and! am not, andfo gtrewell. [£«>. , 

Kir^. You have your Orders i yet before yen go. 
Take this Embrace, I court you for my Friend* 
Tho' GrilU wou'd not. 

Gui. I thank you on my Knees i 
And ftill while Life ihalllafl, will take ftrlA care 
To jjftify my Loyalty to your PerlOD. \Exif. 

^M. Excellent Loyalty, to lock you up ! 
king. I fee even to the bottom t^hts Soul : 
And, Madam, I mnft fay the Guifi haiSeauties, 
But they are fet in Night, and foul De&gn : 
Hewas my Friend when young, and might be ftlll. 
Abbat. Maik'dyouhishollowAcccnuatthepaFcing? 
$.W. Grave in his Smiles. ' 
King. Death in his bloodlefs Hands. ",' 
O Manmutier! now I will haiteto meetUuei 

* ps ■ Tie? 

, H TBe 7)»ke ofGwiCc. 

The Face ofBeaoiv, on thu rifing Horror, 
Looks like the midnight Moon apon a Murder; 
It zildii the dark Defign that Rayi for Face, 
And drivc» dn Shadn ;hat thickJenfrom the State. 


. Enter Grillon ain/Poltn. 

Cn7/.||^^|A y E thni this pious Council of Sixteen 
I Scented your lail Difcevery of the Plot ? 
Pa/. Not as ftom me,- for ftilir kennel 
with them. 

And bark as loud as the moil deep-moutVd Traytor, 
Ag^nft the King, hisGoversment anii:I^wsi - 
Whereon iromeoiately there runs a Cry . 
Of, Seize him on the next Procd!ion> feize himt 
And cl^dte C^i//ur;Vi(.ui a Monjiltry. 
TkittitVaslix'd, as I before dircoverM ; .. \ ■ 

But when, againft his Cullom, they perceivM 
The King abfemed, ftrait tKe Rebels met. 
And roar d, they were undone. 

CrUl. Oh, 'tia like 'em, ' 
'Tis like their ofungrel Souls ; Flefh 'em with Fortonej. 
Apd they will worry Royalty to death : 
Butif forae crabbed YUtiieiurnand pinch 'em, 
Mark me, they'll rui^^nii y?If, and dap their Tails, 
Like Coivbemixt their ^gs., and howl for Merty. 

Pip/, feat Maliciim, iagacious on the point, 
Cry'd call the Sherifis, and hid 'etn arm their Bdnds^ 
Atklyutothis, to raifej^ou above hope, 
TheGiH/f my Malierwill be here to^y. 
For, on hareguefsof wiai]has been:rcyeal*d, . 
He wing'd a Me&wer togiye him notice j •■ 

HH^ '{bite ofall tlusTiv^tf 1^ t&e ^ads 

Thi ^uke tf/Guifc. iS 

CouM urge, they flunk th«r Hrads like Hindi in Stonna: 
But fee, they come 1 

Enter Shinfi •with tie Populace. 

Grill. Away, m have amongll 'em; 
Fly to the King, warn him of G«(^'« coming, ■ ' 

That he may ftrait difpfttch his ftiift Comnunda 
To flep him. 

iSber. Nay, this is Colonel Grillan, 
The Blandcreug o'th' Court; away, away". 
He carries Ammuniticm in hii Face. 

Grill. Hark yoa, mv Friends, if yon are nflt iB h^, 
Becaafe yon are the Pillan of the City, • \ 

I wcn^ inform yon ttf a gener^ Ruin. 

zSber. Ruin to the City ! many, Heav'n forbid. • 

Grill. Amen, I lay I for look yon, Tm your Frieild^ 
'Tis blown about yow've plotted on the Ring, 
Tofeizehim, ifnqtkillhim; forwhoknOws^, 
When once yourCcnfcience yields, how far twill Jbetch ? 
Next, quite to da(h your firineffi hopes in pieces. 
The Duke oiGvifi is dead. 

I Sbrr. Dead, Colonel ! 

a Sher. Undone, undone ! 

Grill. The World cannot redeem yon ; 
Forwhat, Sirs, tftheKing, provok'd at laft. ' 

Should join the Spaniard, and (houM fire yooi* City, 
Parii your Head, but a moil venomous onei "- , 

Whichfattftbe blooded? -- .. 

j5i(r.-81aoded. Colonel t ' ' ^ ■ 

Grill. Ay,' Wooded, thou moft in&moos M^gilhfte, 
Or you will blood the King, and bum the Lmvri: 
But, Cer tKat be, fall million mifcreant'Sools, ■ 
Such Earth-bom Minds as ygofs ; for mark moi Shre^ 
Did you not Ages paft coiilign your Lives, 
Liberties, Fortunes, to Imperial Hatids, 
Made 'em the Oufitdiahsof^youtfickly Years, ' , 

Antfnowyou'regrownnptoaBoOby's Greatncli, ., 
Whati wou'd you wieft the Scepter fipm liis Hand ? 

36 The 'Duke 0fQ\u&i, 

Now, t^ [he Majel^ of £in^ I fwear, 
Yoa ioaM as Toon be lav'd for packing Jariet. 
I Sber. Why, Sir, may'nt Cidzembefav'd ? 
Grill. Yes, Sir, 
From drowning, to be htng'd, burnt, twoke o'th' wheel. 
I Shir. Colonel, yoa Tpeak as plain. 
Grill. A Plague confound you. 
Why fhould I not 7 what is there in fuch Rafcalf. 
ShouldnukemehidemyThought, orholdmy tongue t 
Now, in the Devil'! Name, what makes y«n here. 
Daubing the Infide of the Snails. 
Sliming our Walls, and prlckiaE out your Horns I 
to hear, I warrant, what the King's a doing. 
And what the C^inet-Coinv^it, thm to th' Uty, 
"To (bread your monftrous Lyes, and fow Sedition I 
Wild-Fire dioak you, 

-i5A<r. WeU, we'llthinkoflhis. 
^ndfowetakeour leaves. 

GtiU. Na^, ftay, my Uaften ; 
For I'm 4 thinking now jult wheteabcuit» 
~tirow the two tallelt Trees in JrJta Foreft. ' 

tShtr. Forwhat,prayColonel, ifwemaybefobold? 
Grill. Why to hang you upon thejhighen Branches i 
'Pore God it wilt be fo ; and I ihall laugh . 
To fee you dangling coand^ro i'th' Air, 
With the hpnelt Crows pickine your Traitor's Limbs. 
All. Good Colonel f ' _ 
brill. Good Rats, iivy preci(i«s Vermin, 
You moving Diit,you'raiik'ftarkMuckii>'th'' World, 
You Oven-Bats, you thi:^ fo ^ from Sou^, 
LJ^ Dc^ you're out of frijvi^eacc's reach, •. , 
Xnil only M for hajtaing^ but be gone, ' . ' ' " ' i 
And thiiik'of PIunder^—You right Elder SJwiiffk 
Who catv'd our iiw/5 Image on a Table, 
Jit yoiir Cluh-Feail, and after ftabb'^ it thro'. 
I Sha: Mercy, good CcJonU- 
Grsll. Run with your Nofe to ^arth. 
Run Ko.od- hound, tun, anJjcen; but Rc^d.^furder.' 
YoH feeonil Rogue, bar equal to the firjt, . . • 

Plunder,' go" hang, nay take yoiir tackling with yoii, 

The7)ukeofGui&. 37 

For theTc Ihall Iiold you fail, youi Slaves hang yon 
To the mid Reg^dn in the Sun : 

lExruntShinFi tmdPe^A. 
Plunder, be gone Vipers, Alps, andAdden. 

Enttr Malicom. 

Ha, but here comes a Fiend that foais above 
A Ftiace o'lh' Air, that fcts the Mod amoving. 

Mai. Colonel, a word. 

Gri/I. IholdooTpeech with Villaioi. 

Mai. But, Sir, it may concern yenr Fame an^Safety. 

Grill. No matter, I had rather die traduced. 
Than live by liich a Villain's help as thine. 

Mai. HatethentheTraytor.butyetiovcthcTreafoii, 

Grill. Why, are you not s Villain ? 

Mai. 'Tis confefs'd. 

Grili. Then in the name of all thy'Btotfaer Devils, 
What wouldft thou have with me.i 

Mai. I know you're honeft. 
Therefore it is my bufinefs to diflorb' you. 

Grili. 'Fore G od I'll beat thee, if thou orge me farther. 

Mai. Why tho' you fhou'd, yet if you hear me afteii 
The Pleafure I fhafl take in your Vexation, 
Will heal my BruiftS. 

Grili. Wefr thou definite. Rogue, 
I'fiuth, I think that IfliDuldgivetheehearingi 
But fuch a boundlefs Villany a^ thine 
Admits no PatienEC. 

Mai. Your Niece is come to Courf, 
And yields her Honour toourB«ir)i's Bed, 

G-iVA.Thou-Iy'ft, damn' d Villain. ISfrihtSim 

ifa/. So, Whylhis I lookM for. 
But yet I fwear by Hell and my RevHige, 
Tis true, as you nave wrong'd me. 

Grill. Wrong'd thee. Villain .' 
And name Revenge f O wen thou GriHimh Match,- 
Andvorthy of my Sword,' 1 fwear by this, ■ 
6ne kad been palt'fin Oath; butthbu'rta Wona, 
'And iff l^eSi thee; daf'lt not tutu again. 

38 The^ttkeafGrnCe. 

Mai. 'Tis felfe, I <Jare likt you, bat cannot a£l ; 
There is no Force in this enervate Ann. 
Blailed I was e'er bom, corfe on my Stars, 
Got by feme Dotard in his pithleTs Years, 
And fent a withei'd Saplin to the World. 
Yet, I have Brain, ^M there is tay Revenge t 
Therefore I fay again chefe Eyes have feen 
Thy Blood at Court bright as a Summer's Morn 
When lii the Heav'n is ftreak'd with dappled Fire*, 
And fleck'd with Blutbes like a riSed Maid i 
Nay, by the gleamy Fires that melted from her, 
Faft Signs and Smiles, fwoln Lips and heaving Breafb, 
My Sonl prelages H'D''^ has enjoy'd her, 

Griii. Ag^n thou ly'ft. and I will crumble thee, 
Thoii bottled Spider, miothy primitive Earth, 
Unle6 thon fwear thy very Thought's a Lye. 

MaJ. I Hand in Adamant, and thus defy thee i 
. Nay, draw, and mth the edge betwixt my Lips. 
Even while thon rak'ft it thn/ my Teeth, Til fwesur 
Ail I have (aid is tnie, as thou art honeft, 
Or I a Villaiii. 

GriJl. l>amn'd in&moBi Wretch, 
So much below my Scorn, I dare not kill thee i 
And yet fo' much my Hate, ' that [ mufi fear thee. 
For fliould it be as thouJiail faid, not all 
The Trt^Ues of my laurel'd Honcfiy 
Shoa'd'bar me from forfaking this bad World, 
And never draw my Sword for Biitrj more. 

Ma!. Ha, 'tis well, and now lam reveng'<l- 
I was in hopes thou wouldH have utter'd TreaTon, 
And forfeited thy Head to pay me full/. 

Grill. Haft thou compaaed for a^Leafe of Yean 
With Hell, that thos thou venior'H to provoke me ? 

Mai. Perhaps Ihave:(Ho*righttheBlockheadhits) 
Yet more to rack thy Heart, aid break thy Brain* 
Thy Niece has been before the Cui/c\ Mifkelj, 

Grill. Hell-hound, avant. 

Mai. FoT^ve myhoneflMeanineJ [£*'ti 

Grill. 'Tishatch'd beneath, a Plot upon mincHo- 
,Aad thus he jays hit Baits to catch my Soul : ^idnr. 

The *Duke fffGaKe. ,j 

Ha ! but the PrefenCe ojwns j who comes here I 
By Meav'n my Niece, fed by AlpheBfi Corji ! 

Enter Alphonlb, Manooutier, 

Ha, Mallcom, h't poflible? Truth frdobthee t 
Tis plaiti, and I in ioftifying Womaa 
Have done the Devil wrong, 

J/pfi. Madam, the Eiiig, ' 
Pleale you to fit, will inHantly actedd yon. 

Grill. Death, Hell, and Furies! ha, ftecomeiitofeek 
O Frollitute ! and on her prodigal Flelh (hinvt 

She 'as laviOi'd all the Diamonds of the GMi/i 
To fct her off, and fell her to the King. 

Mar. OHeav'iis! did ever Virgin yet attempt 
An Encerprize like mine i I that raolv'd 
Never to leave thofe dear deiightfUI Shadea, 
But a£t the little Part that Nature gave me. 
On the green Carpets of fome guilclefs Grove, 
And having linilh'd it, foifake the World, 
Unlefs fometime; my Heart might ehtertain ' 
Some fmall Remembrance of the taking Gtii/i: 
But that far. Tit from any daikning iTiought, 
To cloud my Honour, or eclipfe mv Virtue. 

Grill. Thou ly' ft, andifthou hadftnotglanc'dalU^ 
And fpy'drae coming, 1 had had it all. 
Mar. By Heav'n, by all that's r"-!-! 
Grill. Thou haft loft thy Honour. 
Give me thy Hand, this Hand by which I caught thee 
From the bold Ruffian in the Maflacrf, 
That would have ftain'd thy alraoft Infant Honoui 
With Lufl, and Blood j doft thou remember it l 
Mar.. I do, , and blefi the godlike Arm that fav'd me. 
Grill. 'Tis falfe, thou haft forgot my gen'rous Aflion t 
And now thou laagh'ft lo think how thou hail cheated. 
For all hu Kindnefs. this old gtifled Fool. 
Mar. Forbid it, Heav'n 1 
Grill. But oh, that thou hadft dy'd 
Ten Thoufand Dea:hs, e'er Wafted Gril/on't Glory't 
Griiktt, that lav'd thee from a-barb'ious WorJd, ' ' ' 

40 The ^Duke of Guifc. 

Where tHou hadil flarr'd, or fold thy felf ftr Biead. 
Took thee into his Bofom, fofter'd thee 
As hi» own Soul, and kpt thee in hii Heart-Strlugs i 
And now for all my Ca^, to ferve me tluu ! 

'tis too miich, ye Powers 1 double Confufion 
On all in^ Wars : and oh, out, Ihame upon thee. 
It wrings the Tears from Grillui'i iron' Heart, 
Aqd melts me to a Babe. 

Mar. Sir, Father, hear me; 

1 come to Court to fare the iJfe of Gui/e. 

Grill. And proClicute thy Honour to the King. 
Mar. I have looVd, perhaps, too nicely for my Sex, 
Into the <larlt Afiairs offatal State ; 
And to advance this dangerous Inqulfitioo, 
I liAen'd to the Love ofdaring Cuije. 
Grill By Arm*, byHonCfty, I fwear thou lov'ft him. 
Mar. By Heav'n that gave thofe Arms Succefs, I 
I do not. as you think ; but take it all. (fwear 

Tvc heard the Guiji, not with an Angel's Temper. 
Something beyond the Tendcraefsu^Pity ; 
And yet not Love. 

Now, by the Powen that fhun'd me, this is all ; 
Nor Ihould the World have wrought this clofe COnfeffioa, 
But to rtbate yoiir Jealouiy of Honeur. 

Grill. I know not what to (ay, nor what to think i 
There's Hear'n ftillin thy Voice, but that's a Sign 
Virtue's depardng, for thy better Angel 
Still makes the Woman's Tongue his riGng Giotrnd, 
Y'ags there a while, and takes his flight tor ever. ' 
■ Mar. You muft not go. 

Grill- Tho' I have Reafon, Tilain 
As Day, to judge thee fidfe, I think thM true: 
By Heav'n, nleuiinlci I fte a Glory round thcej 
"rtiere's fomething fays thou wilt not lofc thy Honours 
Death, and the Devil, that's my own Honefty : 
My foolifh open Nature, that wonid have 
AlJlikemyTelfi bntoA; I'll hence and cufe tbcb 
Mar. O fiay T , . 
Grill. I won't. 
Mta-. Hark, the King's a coming. 

■ ■ ■ L« 

Thf^ukeefGuiA. +i 

Let me corjure you, for your own Soul's Quiet, 

And for the everlafting Reft of mine. 

Stir not till you have heard my Heart's Defign. 

Grili. Angel, or Devil, 1 will nay, U this rate 

She'll make melliortly bring him to her Bed, 
Bawd for him i No, he Ih^l make tne run Siy Head 
Ino) a Cannon, when 'tis firing firil. 
That's honourable Sport; but I'll retire. 
And if Ihe play me Me, here'< that fluitl mend her. 
[Marmoiuicr/>/. £m{ rndDoMa. 

Enter the Kii^. 

Ki^. After the brtathlag of a Lovc-£ck Heart, 
Upon your Hand, Mice more, nay twice, forgive me. 

Mar. I difcompofc you. Sir. 

King. Thoa draft, byHeav'n; 
But with fuch charming Pleafure, 
I love, and tremble, as at Angels view. 

Mar. Love me, my Lord ? 

iTiW. Who fliou'd be lov'd, but you? 
Solovd, that even my Crowa, andfdfarevilci 
While you arc by ; try me ddok defpur. 
My Kingdom at the Aake, Ambition fiarv'd i 
Revenge forgot, and all great Appetites 
That whet ancommon Spirits to afpire ; 
So once a day I may have leave— — — 
Nay, Madam, then you fear me. 

i4ar. FearyoUjSirf What iitheredreadiiil inyoal 
You've all the Graces that can crown Mankind ; 
Yet wear 'em fo, asif you didnotknow'em: 
Softainlefs, fearlefs, free in all yonr Aftions, 
As if Heav'n lent you (o the World to pattern. - 

King. Madam, I God you're no Petitioner i 
My People wou'd not treat m* in this fort, 
Tio 'twere to gun a Part of their Defign : 
But to the Guifiiiicy deal their faitblels Fiaile 
As faft, as yon your Flattery to me ; 
Tho' for what end I caimot guefs, except 
You come, like them, to mock at my Misfortunes. 


42 T&e *Duke o/Guifc. 

Afiw. Forgive youjHeav'iijthat Thought : Ncmightf 
The Love of alt the Good, and Wonder oftheGrextt 
1 fwear, by Heav'n, mj' Hean adores and loves you. 

Ki^. O, Madam, rife. 

Mar. Nay, were yoo. Sir, imthron'd 
By this feditions Rout that dare defpife yoa ; 
Blafl oil my Days, ye Powers, torment my Nighlf ) 
Nay, let the Mifery invade my Sex 
That coa'd not ftr the Royal Caufe, like me, 
/ Throw all their Luxurj^ before voor Feet, 
And follow you like Pilgrims Uiro' the World. 

Gri//. Soim4 Wind and Umb, 'fore Gpd a gjllant 

King. What (hall I anfWw to thee, Othoo Btdm 
To heal a iM-oken, y« a kingly Heart! 
For, fo I fwear I will be to my left : 
Come to my Arms, and be thy Hany't Angel, 
Shine thro' my Cares, ai^ make my Crown fit ea:^. 

Mar. O never. Sir. 

AJrV, What faid you, MarmautierT 
Why doft thoa turn thy Beanties inm Frowns? 

Mar. Vouknow, Sir, 'tis impoffiblc nomorr. 

Kir^. No more— and with that ftem refblv'd Befi«- 
By Heav'n, were I a dying, and the Prieft (viota:. 
Shou'd urge my lall Conf^on, I'd or oat. 
Oh MarmoKiier ! and yet thou fay'ft, No more. 

Mar. 'Tiswell, Sir, I have loftmy Aim, &rewd, 

Kiiig. Comeback, Oftay, my Life Bows after yoii. 

Mar. Ko, Sir, I And I sun a trouble to yon. 
You wtlLnoi hear my Soil. 

King. You cannot gt>. 

You flia'not O your Suit, I kneel to grant ft, 

I beg ytni take whatevn' you demand. 

Mar. Then, Sir, thus low, or proihtte, if you plea&t 
Let me iotreat for Gui/t. 

King. Ha, Madam, what ! 
For Gut/ef ibr Gui/i.' that ftabbomarro^t Rebd, 
'* That laughs ac profrer'd Mercy, flights hu Pardon, 


The 'Ditke ^Guife. 45 

Mocks Royal Grace, and plots upon my Life f 

Ha I and do you proteA him f then the World 

Is fwoni to Hftity^i Death : Does Beauty too. 

And Innocence it Telf, confpire i^inft me I 

Then let me tamely yield my Qlones up, 

Which once I vow'd wif h my <irawn Sword to wear 

TomylaRDr^ofBtood. Come, Gn^, come. Cardinal. 

All yoQ lov'd Ttaiton, come^^I llrip to meet yaUt 

Sheitfa all your Daggers in ciuft Htarfs, Heart. 

Mar. This I cxpeAed, bot when you have heard 
How ftr I would intreat your MajeAy, 
Perhaps you'll be moK cako. 

King. Sec, Vm hufh'd; 
"Sptiakthen, how&f, ^adam, would yoo command? 

Mar. Nottoproeeedtolaft Sxtremitin, 
Before the Wound Is defpefate i think ^one. 
For no Man judges like your Majefty, 
Take your owh Methods, all the Heads Af/>Mfl 
Cannot fo well odrife yoa, aa your felf : 
Therefore reTikme, my Lbrd, yourgodlikeTee^Co. 
Vet do riot bear more than a Monarch SumU : 
Believe >t> Sir, the more your Majefty 
Draws back your Ann> the more of Fate it carrie*. 

JCA(f . ' Thou Geniw tof my State, thoo perfeft Mo- 
OfHeav'n itfelf, an AUbaaofthe Angeb, (del 

Forgive the ]ate difturbonce of my Sou) ! 
' I'm clear by Nature, as a Rocklefs Stream, 
Bat they dig thro' the Gravel of my Heart : 
Tfierefore let me conjure y«u do notgo. 
'Tis {aid the Giiije will come, in fpite of me t 
Suppofe it poflibfe, and Aay toadvife me. 

Mar. I will, but on your Rc^ Wtmi, somotv. 

Kisg. I will be ea^ 
To mylaft Gafp, as your«wn Virgin Thoughts* 
And never dare to breathe my PalTion mores 
Yet you'll allow me now and dien to jigh 
As we difcouifc, Sa&. court y*u with my Eyes. 



44- The 'Duke efGuiSe. '■ 

Emtr AlfJionfg. 

Whr do yon wxTc Toor Hand, 

Ana warn me hence i , 

So looks the poor candemn'd, 

When Juflice beckons, there'i no hope of Pardon. 

Sternly like you the jadBC bU Viftin tsve» i 

And thw, like me. the Wretch defpKbuig diet. 

\Sxit viiti Alph. 

EHttr Giillon. 

Grill. Onu«,TareCj«uin«IbrtkeBowerthatBiade 
Wert podtble we coa'd be damn'd again (tn^ 

By ibme new Evi, fuch Virtue might relieve w; 

I cou'd cUfp tluc, but th«t my Anns are rough. 
Till all thy Sweets were broke with my EmbraceSi 
And ki& thy- Beauties to a Diflblution. 

Mm-. Ah Father, Uncle, .Brothw. all the kin, . 
The precious Blood that's le^ me in the Wwld, 
Believe, dear Sir, whate'ermy Actions ieem, 

1 will not lofe my Virtue for a Throne. 

Grill. Whyi I wiUcarvctheeontaThronemyfelff 
I'll hew down all the CommonwealUis in CbrifitnJtmt 
And leat thee lUt, their Necks, as high ai Heav'n. 

Etdtr Abbot Oelbeiie. 

Ah. Colonel, your Ear, ' . 

Mar. By thefe whifpetu^ Coanleli, 
My Soul prcfaget thuthe Gnijt is coming r 
If he dares come, were I a Klanj a King, 
I'd facriiice him in the City's £ghl. 

Heav'ns I what wi*' 1 1 fiud \ W»e I a Man, 

1 know not that, bat as I am a Virgin, 
If I wou'd dEer thee, too lovely Guife, 

It flvou'd be luieeline to the Throne of Mercy. 
,^'Ha1 then thou lov'dft, that thou art thus concemMi 
', Sewn, riling Miichicf. domi, or I will kill thee. 


Thi'Dule of Cw&. 45 

Even In thy Cuife, and ftnagle new-born Pity : 

Yetiifhewerenotmuried! ha, whatthmf 

His Chamu prevail ; no, let the Rebel die. 

I &iDt beneatn this ftnmg C^>peffion here, 

ReaTon and Love rend my divided Soul, 

Heav'n be the Judge, and ftill let Virtoe conquer t 

Love to hii Tune my HTring Heart wou'd bring. 

But Reafon over-winds and cracks the String' [ExSi, 

Ah. The King dijpatchei Order upon OiSer, 
With pofitive Conunand to Hop his coming. 
Yet there is Notice given to tM City j 
BeAdes, Billieure brought but a half account. 
How that the Guifi replr'd he would obey 
His Majefty in all, yet if he might 
Have leave to ju£ify him|^f before him. 
He doubted not his Caufe. 

Grill. The Ax, the Ax. 
Rebellion's pamper'd to a PleoriTy, 
And itoiuit bleed. [Sbiulfuiithim. 

M. Hark what a Shout was there ! . 
nt to the King, it may be 'ds' rmrted 
Onpurpolc thus. LettherebeTnithorLye« 
In ma mad Fame, I'll bring you inibmt Word, 

iSxit Abbot 

Ma»a Grillon : %ntir Guifei C4r4!uM/Mayeti,Maliconi, 
MttttdmU, &c. SieMtj^mm, 

Griil. Death aJtd thou Devil Malieant, is that 
Thy Mafter f 

Gai. YciGrilhn, 'tit the Giuj«. 
One that wou'd court you for a Friend. 

GriU. A Friend I 
Traitor, thou mean'ft, and fa I bid thee welcome i 
Bm Ance thou an fo inlblent, thy Blood 
Be on thy Head, and iall br me tmpitied. [Exit. 

Gut. The Braifei of hit Loyal^ haw citt'd nim. 

-■ ./■" ,'. . ' 4tint 

♦« Tit TJiiitffQaiB:: 

Spirit •udthin Singi. 
Malicorn, Malkoni, Malifoni, hf 
Ifthi Guhe Ttfil-uts tagu 
I charge, I 'Warn thee let iim imio, 
Perbafi bit Bead aaj lit ta9 iot», 

Cui. Why, Malicorn f 
Mai. (fieriira.) Sir, do not fee tbc King. 
Gui. I wUl. 
Mai Tis dangenuu. 
Gai. Therefore I will &e faim. 
And fo Tcport my Danger to the People- 
Halt to your Jadgcmentt let him, it he dare; 
Bat more, mOre, moK, why, Malicam, aguol 
I thoueht a Look with us had heen a Langu^ j ' 
ni talk my Mind on any Point but this 
By Glances ; ha, nat yet, thou mak'ft tae bta& 
Ac thy Delay t why, Man, 'tis more than iLii«^ 
Ambition, or a Crown. 
Mai. What, Jtfamuatierf 

Gui. Ay, theitfaGeiMral'iHeartbeatslilwa Drum, 
Quick, quick, my Reins, my Back, and Head, and 
Ake, a> I'd been a Horfe-back forty hour*. (Breail 

Mai. She has feen the King. 
, Gai. I thought &e might. A Tiick upon me, well. 
Mai. Paffiouo' both fides. 
Gui. His, thou meanell. 
Mai. On her'*. 
Down on her Knees. 
Gui. And up again, no matter. 
Mai. NowallinTeus, nowfmiling, Jad atpSitiltg. 
G«i. DilTembled, for (he told me tliig before, 
*Twat all put on, that I might hear, and rave. 

Mai. And lb to m^tke fnre Woik on'c^ by CvAm. i 
■Of Grillm, who ii made their Bawd n ...! , ' 

'■Gui. Awiy. ..:,■., 

Mai. £heV lodg'd at Court. 

Gui. 'Tiifalfe, they do belye ber. 

Mai. But, Sir, I Uw the Aputiiicnt. 


The 'Duke ofGw&. 47 

Gm., What, W Court f 

Mai. AtCQurt.uidneartheKing i'Cutnic.b^Hetv'a. 
I never play'd yon fbid, why fhoold you doubt me i 

Gui. I wau'd thou hadft e'er thu&unmuin'd my Heart t 
Blood, Battels FireandDeathl t niii, I run. 
With this U£t Blow he drives me like a Coward ; 
Nay, let me never win a Field again, 
If with the Thought of thcfe irregular Vapoun, 
The Blood han't burft my Lips. 
Card. Peace, Brother. 

Gai. By Heav'n, I toolc thee for my SouTs Fhyfician, 
And do& thou vomit me with thi& loath'd Piece i 
'TiicontradiAiqni no, my peaceful Brother, 
I'll meet him now, tho' fiie-arm'd Cherutuns - 
Should crofs my way. O Jealoufy of Love ! 
Greater than Fame : thon eldeft of the Va&aaa, 
Or rather, all in one, I here invoke checi 
Where-e'er thou'rt throa'd, in Ajr, in Eanb, or HeU* 
Wing me to my Revenge, to Blood and Ruin. 
Card. Have you no Temper i 
Gui. Pray, Sir, give me leave, 
A Moment's Thought; ha, but I fweat and tremble. 
My Brain runs this and that way, 'iwilt not fix 
On aught but Vengeaacej Malitorn, call the People. 

\Sh»uU •within. 
But hark, they Ihoat a^in. Til on and meet 'em, i 

Nay, head 'em to his Palace as my Guards] 
Yet more, on fuch exalted Caufes born, 
I'll wait him in his Cabioet alone. 
And look him pale, while in Ris Oouits without 
The People Ihout him dead with their Alarms, 
And make his Miftreis tremUe in hia Amu.' ^Exaut^ 


Enter King and CagMtl.. 

{fit^ vdiiaKti 
. A'n;. WbM mean Ode ShiMMi: . :. 
M. I told your l/UjeSiy, 


48 The^ukepfGaiC:. 

The SKeriffs have pufd the Populace with hopes 
Of their Deliyerer. \_Sbmti ^ain. 

Kim. Haik, there rang a Peal 
Like ThimdeTi lee ^^n^ what's the Cufe. . 

Enttr Grillon. 

Grill. My Lord, the Guifa is cpme. 

. Is'tpoflible! ha! Grilhn, faidft thoo, eomef 


GrUI. Why droops the Royal Majefty ? O Sir- 

Kii^. O ViUain,Slave,wertthoumylate-bomHeir, 
Giv'nmeby Heav'n, cv'n when I lay a dying ; 
But Peace, thou felbing Thought, and hidethy Woundi 
When: is he? 

Grii/. With her Majefty, your Mother : 
She has taken Chair, aJid he waliu bowing by her. 
With thirty thoufand Rebels at his heels. 
' kiiig. What's to be done i No pall upon my Spiritsj 
But he that loves me beft, and dares the molt 
On this nice Point of Empire, let him fpeak. 

Jlfb. I would advife you. Sir, to call him in, - 
And kill him inilantly upon the fpot. 

Ai. Ilike^^R>'s Counfel, Ihort, fute Wtvk. 
Cut <^the Head, and let the Body tralk. 

Enttr Queen-Mether. 

g-W. Sir, the .G«iA waits. 

Ki^. He enters on liis Face. 

^M. Notfb, foibear, theGty'sopinAmui 
Nor doubCf if ih their Heat you cut him off. 
That th^ will fpare t^ Royat MajcSy. . . 
Once, Sir, let me adyife, and rule your Fury, 

J(iif. YonOiall, rn^ee^m, atid PIl {pare him now. 

£jtf. What win you iky? 

KiMg. I know not, 
Coknel Grilkm, call the Archers in, 
]}oubIe your Gwirds, and Aridly ch^e the Stvtjs 
Stand CO their Ainu, imsivt him as a 'Hakw. [f jv.Ori' 

- -' M7 


The 'Duke ofGnKz. 49 

My Heart haslettheedown, O Gui/e, in Blood, 
Blood, Moiher, Blood ne'er to be blotted out, 

^M. Yet you'll relent, when this hot Fit is over. 

King. If I forgive him, may I ne'er be forgiven i . 
No, if I tamely bear fiich Infolence, 
What Aft of Treafon will the Villain flop at ? 
Seize me, they've fworn, imprifon me'a the next. 
Perhaps arraign me, and then doom me dead ; 
But e'er I fuffer that, fait all together, 
Or rather, on their lUughter'd Heaps ereft 
Thy Throne, and then proclaim it for Example, 
T'm born a Monarch; which implies alone 
To wield the Scepter, and depend on none. {Exit/nt. 

SCE^E the Louvre. 

A Chair ^ State plac'd, th Ki'^affeartfittii^ init ; a 

Table by him an •which be kani, Atitndatai m lacii 
fide nf them: amongfi the reft. Abbot, Gnllon, and 
Sellieure. The Queen- Mother enten.tid by thtDuie 
g^Gnife, loha mAtei bii Apprvacb tiiith thru Reve- 
renees to the Kings Chair ) after the third, the King 
rifes, and coming fir^ard^fiemh. 

Jtri>;- jtfs^f^W Sent you word you fliovld not come. 

"™ '"^ Gai. Sir, that I came 

r King. Why, that you came, I fee. 
■ Onccmore,Ifentyo(iwerd,yoafliiauld 
* not come. 

Gui. Not come to throw my felf with all Submiflion, 
Beneath your Royal Feet, to put my Caufe 
And PerfoD in the hands of Sorereign Juilice ! 

sq The'DukeofGxACc 

You dirobey', Duke, with all Submiffion. 

Gui. Sir, it was the laft Ntceflitt' that drove me 
To clear lay felf of Calumnies and Slanden, 
Much urg'il, but never jjrov'd againft ray Innocence ; 
Yet had iknown it' was your exprcfs Command, 
1 Ihou'd not have approach'd. 

XV/g- 'Twas as exprefs, as words could fignify j 
Stand forth Bttl'uun, it fliall be prov'd you knew it. 
Stand forth, and to this fallc Man's Face declare 
Your Meiiage, word for word. 

Bell. Sir, thus it was; I met himonthc way, 
And plain as I could jpeak, I gave your Drders, 
Jull in thefe following Words 

Ki?ig. Enough, I know you toM bim : 
Cut he has usM mc long to be contcmn'd ; 
Aod I can Hill be patient, and forgive. 

Gui. And I can alk Forgivenefs when I err ; 
But let my gracious Mailer pleafe to know 
The true Intent of iny mifconflru'd Faith. 
Should I not come to vindicate my Fame 
From wrong Coniruftjonsf And ' " 

King. Come, Duke, yoa were not wrong'd, your 
Confciencc knows 
Vou were 0ot wiong'd ; were you not plainly told 
That if you dar'd to !et your Foot in Parii, 
You Ibould be held the Caide of all Cammotioiu, 
Thatfliou'dfromtlieneeenfuef andyetyoucame, {yaitl 

Gui. Sir, will you pleafe with Patience but to hear 

Kiitg. I will, and wou'd be glad, my I^oid of Gaifi, 
To clear you to my felf. 
. Gm. I had been told 
Therewerc in agitatioiv hereat Court, 
'I'hings of the higheft note againft Religion, 
Agai^ the commrai Properties of Sut^^, 
And Lives of hontH well-affcaed Mens 
I therefore judg'd— — 

King. Then you it feems are Judge 
Betwixt the Prince and People, Judge for thenit 
AndChaiapioo againft met , 


The "Duke 0f Gyi\&. n 

Gai. I fear'd it might be reptefented fo, 
And came relolv'd— : — , 

Kiig. To head the laSious Croud. 

Gui. To clear my Innocence. 

King. ' The Means for that. 
Had been your Abfenee ftoih this hot-braln'd Town— 

Where you, not I, are King 

1 feel mv Blood kindling within my Veins, 
The Genius ofthe Throne knocks at my Heart; 
Come what may come he dies. 

^.M. Jfopping rhe King. What mean you. Sir? 
You tremble and look pale, for Heaven's fake think, 
'Tis your own Life you venture, if you kill him.. 

Ki«g. Iladl tenthoutand.Lives, I'd. venture all. 
Give me way;"* Madam. 

^M. Not to your Deftruftion. 
The whole Parijian Herd- is at your Gates ; 
A Croud's a Name toofmall, they are a Nation, 
Nomberlefe, arm'd, enrag'd, one Soul informs 'em. 

King. And that one Soul's the Guife, I'll rend it out. 
And damn the Rabble all at once in him. 

Gui. [ajtde.^ My Fate isi'th'Ballance, Fool within,' 
I thank theefor thy Forcfight. 

S^M. Your Guards. oppofc 'em. 

King. Why not f 3. Multitude's a bu'ky Coward. 

^M.ByHeav'n there are not Limbs in alt your Guards 
For every onea Morfel. 

Kii^' Ciefar quell'd 'em. 
But with a Look a Word. 

^Af. So Galha thciught. 

King. But Galba was not Cafar. 

Gui. Imuftnotgive 'emtime forRefolotion. [/$£*. 
My Journey; Sir, has difcompos'd nly Health. [Tatbe 
I humbly beg ybur leave I may retire, {King. 

Till your Cointoands recall me to yoOr Service. [Ear.Gui. 

Af<i»w/ King, C^een-Mother, Gtillon, Abbot. 

King. So,youhaveconijfelI'dwell;theTraitor'sgQoe 

To mock the Meekneli of in injur'd King. [Ti QJH. 

P z \Vliy 

52 The'DuhofGwiii. 

Why did not you, who gave me part of Life, 
Infafe my Father ftronger in my Veins? 
But when you kepi me coop'd within your Womb, 
You pali'd his generous Blood with the dull Mixture 
Of your Italian Food, anfl milk'd (low Arts 
Of Womanlfli Tamcntfis in my Infant Mouth : 
Why flood I ftupid cHe, and mi&'d a Blow, 
Which HeaV'ii and daring Foliy made fo fair? 

j^M. I ftil! maintain 'twas wifely done to fpare him. 

Grill. A pox o'this unleafonable Wifdom i 
He was a Fool to come; if fo, then they 
Who let him go, werefomewhat." 

Kinr. Th'Event,th'Event will ihew uswhatwewere. 
Forlike a blazing Meteor hence he fliot, 
And drew a fweeping fiery Train along. 
O Paris, Paris, once my Seat of Triumph, 
But now the Scene of all thy King's Misfortunes, 
Ungrateful, perjur'd, and diiloy^ Town, 
Wluch by my Royal Prefence Ihave warm'd 
So long, that now the Serpent hiiTes out. 
And ihakes his forked Toneue at Msiefty, 
While I 

^M. Whileyoulofe time in idle Talk, 
And ufe no means for Safety and Prevention^ 

Ki>!g. Whatcanldo? O Mother, ^l>l>^, Gri/Uttf 
All dumb! nay, then 'tis plain my Caufe is defperate. 
Such an o'erwhelming 111 makes Grief a Fool, 
AsifRcdrefs were ■pad. 

Grill. I'll go to the next Sheriff, 
And beg the firil ReveriJon of a Ropci , 
I>ifpatch is all my Biifmefi, Fll hang for you. 

Jbb. 'Tis not io bad, as vainly yoii furmife ; 
Some Ipace there is, fome little ipace, foiiie fteps 
Betwixt our Fate'and us ; our Foes are powerfiil, 
But yet notarni'd, nor martiard into Order : 
' Believe k. Sir, the Guife will not attempt, 
Till he havt roU'd liJs Snow-ball tO a l^ap. 

King. So then, my Lwd, we're^Day offfrom De»th, 
Whatfhall to-monowdo?. , '. , , 

n« 'Duke if GviCf. ii 

jfit. To-jaonow, Sir, 
If Hoars between Hide noc coo idly by, 
You may be Miiler of their Deftiny, 
Who now difpofe fo loftily of your's. 
Noc &r wicboat the Suburbs there are quarcer'd 
Three choufaod Siuifi, and two Frciui Regiments. 

J^iW. Wou'dthey werejierc, andlwereattheicHead. 

^M. Send Marefchal Byraa to lead 'em up. 

Kiifg. Itlhallbefo, by Heav'n there's Life in this; 
The wrack of Clouds is driving on the Winds, 
Aiid Otfiws. i Iweak rf Sun-lhine. 
Go, Gfil(ii9, give my OrdgB to Bytvr, 
And fee your Soldwrs well difpos'd within. 
For fafBgn^d of the lauvre. 

^M. One thing more, 
The Gui/e (his Hus'neft not yet fally ripe) 
Will treat at leait iin: ihow of Loyalty i 
Let him be jngtwith the feme Arts he bringi. 

J&'^.. I ItiKiw he'U maJcc exorbitant Demands, 
But here your put of me will (ome in play; 
Tl^ JfftJi^n Soal Otsiil tcschne howtolooth: 
Ev'it ^ov* mull flatter with an empty Hand, 
*Tu bme CD thimder when he gripes the Brand. [Ex. 

^%A/.SCENE, . 

Enttr Malicorn. 

tfa/. Thus far thetaufe of God : but God's or Devil'e, 

I mean my Matter's Caufc, and mine fucceed : 
Whatihall theGaz/edoaext? {<1JiaJh ef Ughming. 

Eatir ike Sfirii Melanax. 

Mel. Firftfeize the King, and after morder him. 
Mai. QfficJoOa Fiend, thou com'ft uncall'd lo-Aight. 
Mel. Always oncall'd, and ftlU at hand for Mifchicf. 

Mai. Buc why in this fanatick Habit, Devil? 

Thou look'lt like one that preaches to the Croud ; 

V i Gofpo 

14 The'Duki tfGmte: 

Golpel is in thy Face, ajtd outward Garb, 
And Ticaron on thy tongue. 

Mil. Thou hall me right. 
Ten thoufand Devils more are in this Habit, 
Saintfhip and Zeal are dill our bed Difguiie : 
We mix unknown with the hct thoughnefs Croud, 
And quocing Scri{,tures, w hidi too well we k7iow> 
With irip!OLi5 Gloflea ban tiie holy Text, ■ 
And malic it ipeak RelieliioD, Schifm, Murder; 
So turn tJie Aims of Hea<r'n againft it MS. 
Mai. What makes the Curate of St. Eu^ea hatt 
Mil. Thou art miftaken, Mafter, 'tis not he, 
But'tisa»aloii9, godiy, canting Devil, 
Who Rai aJTum'd the Churchman's lucky Shape, 
To talk the Croud to Madnef^ and Rebellion. 

Mai. O tnie Enthufiafiick Devil, true ! 
For Lying is thy Nature, ev'n to me : 
Didft thou not tetl me, if my Lord the Guifi 
Enier'd the Court, his Head Ihtki'dlie too low! 
That was a Lye; he went, and.iiretum'd. 

Mil. 'Tis lalfe i I laid, perhaps it Ihould lie low. 
And, but I chill'd the Blocd in Hnry's Veini, 
And cramm'd a thouJand ghallly, fri^htfiU Tb«iiglit5, 
. Nay, thrult 'cm foremoR in his lab'iing firain, 
Ev'n foitwou'd have been. 

Mai. Thou hall deierv'd me, 
Andlam chine, dearDevil; wluddo wenextt 
Mil. I faid, Firft frize the King. 
Mai. Suppofe it done. 
He's clapt within a Convent, IhomaSaint, 
My Malter mounts the Throne. 

Mil. Not fo fail, Maliicrx; 
Thy Mailer mounts not till the King be Jlain. 
Mai. Not when depoi'd ( 
Mel- He cannot be dcposM- 
He mav be killM, a violent Fate attdnds him ; 
Bat at his fiitth there fhone a Regal Star. 
Mai. My Mafter had a ftrongcr. 
Mfl. No, not ■ Sronger, but more pqiular : 
Their Births were full oppc^'d, the Cu/fcnow llrongeft « 

The^ukeofGwKe. 55 

Bat if th' ill Influence pafs o'er iJanj\ Head, 
As in a. Year it will, Fra<ice ne'er fliaU boad 
A greater King than he ; now cut him off. 
While yet hia Stars are weak. 

Mai. Thou talk'ft of Stars: ' 

Canft thou rot fee more deep into Event), 
And by a furer way ? 

Mil. No, Maikorn, 
The ways of Heav'n are broken fince our Fall, 
Gulph beyond Gulph, and never to be fhoi ; 
Once wecoa'd read our mighty Maker's Mind, 
As in a Cryftal Mirror, fee th' Ideas 
Of things that always are, as he is always : 
Now fhut below in this dwk Sphere, 
By fecond^ Caufes dimly we may gnefs. 
And peep fer off on Heav'n's revolving Orbs, i 

Which caft obfcure Reflections from the Throne. f 

Mai. Then tell me thy Surmifes of the future, 

Mtl. I took the Revolution of the Year, 
Tuft when the Sun was entering the Ram : 
Th' afcendlng Scorpion poifon'd all the Sky, 
A fign of d?ep Deceit and Treachery, 
Full on his Cup his angry Matter fat, ' 

Conjoin'd with Sa/urn, baleful both to Man : 
Of Iccret Slanghters, Empires ovenurn'd, 
Strife, Blood, and Ma(&cres," cxpea to hear. 
And all th'Evenisof anill-omen'd Year. 

Mai. Then flourifh Hell, and mighty MifchiefrqigD, 
Mifchief to fome, to others mull be good ; 
But hark, for now tho' 'tis the dead of Night. 
When Silence broods opoo our d*keii'd World, 
Methinks I hear the murmuring hollow Sound, 
Like the deaf Chimes of fi^Lls in Steeples touch'd. 

Mel. 'Tis truly guefs'd ; 
But know, 'lis from no nightly Sexton's hand, 
Tb«K's not a damned Ghoft, nor hell-born Fiend, 
That can from Limbo fcape, but hither Sies, 
With leathern Wings they beat the duly Skies, 
To Ikcred Churches all in fwaiOks repair, 

P 4 Some 

56 r*/ 2)«fc S/Guife. 

Some croud the Spinii bat molt tlie halknv'd Belb, "i 
And foftly toll for Soab departing Knells i ( 

Each Chime, thou heai'il, a future Death fbretels. 3 
Now there they perch to have 'em in theii Eyes, 
'Till all go loaded to the nether Skie:. 

Mai. To morrow then. 

Mtl. To-morrow let it be: 
Or thoa deceiv'il thofe hungry gaping Fiends, 
And Scel^'hub will rage. 

Mai. Why Betix^uif hall choa npt oftenliMf, 
That Luiiftr'i your King J 

Mel. I cold thee true : 
But Lttciftr, ai he who fbremofl (ell, 
■ So now lies loweft io th" AbyG of Hell i 
Chain'd'till the dreadful Doom, in place of whom 
Sits Beelvfnib, Vicegerent of the Damn'd, 
. Who liltning downward hears his roaring Lord. 
And execates his Purpole. Butno morr. 
The Morning creeps behind yon Eaflera Hill ; 
And now the Guard is mine, to drive the Elvet 
And fooUlh Fairies from their Moon-li^ Play, 
AndiafiicheLa^ers fromthe6ghtaf Day. [br^nii. 

Enter Gnife, Mayenae, OtrdiDal, anJ AxchUibop, 

May. $alleii,methmks, and flow thcMonungt^c^Iu* 
As irthe Sun were liftlc& to a{)pear, 
Aitd dark DeJigns hong heavy do th$ Day. 

Gw. Y'are an old Man too foon, y'are faperftideas, 
ni tnift my Stars, I know 'em now by ^rooC 
The Genius of the King bends nader mine : 
Jnviron'd with his Guards, he duiA not touch me ; 
But aw'd and cravcn'd as he had been fpell'd. 
Would have pronounc'd. Go kill th eGvt^, and durft not. 

Card. Wetiavehiminourpower, cooptinhisCooTt. f 
Who leads the firft Attack f Now by yon Heav'n— 
That blulhes at my Scarlet Robes. I'll doff 
Thiswomanilh Attire of Godly Peace, 
And ay, Lie there, Locd C^iinal of Gtii/e. 


-„ Giio^^lc 

Gui. As much too hot, as Maytnmt too cool. 
But 'tis the manlier Fault o'tk' two. 

Arehb. Have you not heard the King, preventing 
Reppiv'd the Guards into Jhe City Gates, (Da^ 

The jolly SiviJ^n marching tQ their Pifes ? 
The Croud ftood gaping, hoaxtlefs, and amaz'd. 
Shrunk to their Shops, sod left the PaHage free. 

Gui. I would it fliould be fo, 'twas a good horror, 
Firll kt 'eBi&arfor Rapes, aiid ranlack d Monies j 
That very frieht, when I appear to head 'em> 
Will harden their foft City Courses : 
Cold Surghert ^ull be ibuck, and finck like Flinti, 
E'er their hid Fire will fparkle. 

jfrM. I am glad the King bu iatrodnc'd theb 

Cat. Your ReafoD. (Guaids. 

Jrchh. Thej' are too few for us to fear. 
Our Numbers in old nurtia! Mep are morCf 
The City not c^ iji i but the pretence 
That hither ,they are brought to bridle Pari/, 
Will majte thi» Rifing pais for juft Defence, 

Mty- Supp^le the City IhouM not nit. 

Gui. Svppole as well the Sou fhoold never irCc: 
He may not rife, for Heav'n may play a trick i 
But he has riien from Adati^ time to oun. 
Is nothing to be left to noble Hazard ? 
No Venture made, but all doll Certainty? 
By HeavV I'll tag with Harrj foe a Crown. 
Katber than ha^ it on tame Tenns of y iclaing. 
I foom to pottch for Power. 

Snt^ a SirvaM, tubo •uibi^tn Guile. 

A Lady, fay'ft thou, young, and beautifiil. 

Brought in a Chair i 

Conduft jer in — ^ [£*// Strvi 

Card. You wou'd be left alone! 

Gui. Iwuu'd: Retkc. 

P 5 Rt-nftf 

58 T^e ^akefif Guik. 

F t-ater Strvaiii ivitb Manaouuet, /tndlE^fii. 

Is't poflible, I dare not trnft my Eyes : \Siartli^&airi. 

You arc not Marmouticr t 

Mar. What am I then? 

Gut. Why, any thing lint flie : 
Whatfliould the Miftrds of a King da here T 

Mar. Find him who wou'd be Slafler ofa King, 

Gti. 1 Tent not for you. Madam. 

Mar. I think, my Lord, the King fent not for yon, 

Gui. Do you not fear your Vifit will be known ? 

Mar. Fear '\% for guilty Men, Rebek and Traytors-f 
Where-e'er I go, my Virtne is my Guard. 

Gui. What Devil has fent thee here to plague mv 

tliat I cou'd detcfl thee now as much [Soul ? 
As everlhavelov'd, nay, even as much 

As yet in fpite of all thy Crimes I love : 
But 'iis2i>ove fo mix'd with dark Dcfpair, 
The Smoke and Soot fmother the rifing Flame, 
And make n)y Soul a Furnace : Woman, Woman, 
Wh^can I calltliee more? ifDecil, 'twerelefs. 
Sure thine's a Race was never got by Adam i 
But £iw play'd -blfe, -cngend'ting with the Setpent, 
Her own part worfe than his. 

Mar. Then they ^t Trsytor*. 

Gui. Yes, Aftgel-Traytors, lit to (hinetnFalaccs» 
Fork'd into Ills, and fplit into Deceits ; 
Two in their very frame : 'twas well, 'twas well> 

1 faw not thecal Court, thou Bafilisk ; 

for ifl had, thofeEyes, without bis Guards, 
Had done the Tyrant's wo:k. 

Mar. WhytiieB, itfeems, 
I was not faliein all; I told you, Gti'ije, 
If you left Paris, I would go to Court : 
You fee I kept my Promife. 

Gui. SiiilthvSex: 
Ojice trite in all thy Life, and that for Mifchicf. 

Mar, Have I laid I lov'd you 1 


The 'Duiu of Giliie. 5 9 

Gut. Stabon, iUb, 
*Tis plain you love the King. 

Mar. Nor him, nor you. 
In that unlawrd way you (eem to mean. 
My Eyes had once fo far betray'd my Heart, 
As to diilinguifh yoQ from common Men ; 
Whaie'er youlaid, or did, was charming all. (ing. 

Gift. But yet, it feetns, you found a King more charm- 

Mar. I do not lay more charming, but more noble. 
More truly royal, more a King in Sool, 
Tiian you are now in WiHies. 

Gui. May be fo : 
But Love has oil'd your Tongae to run fo glib, 
Curfe on your Eloquence. 

Mar. Curfe not that Eloquence, that lav'd your Life : 
For when your wild Ambition, which defy'd 
A Royal Mandate, hurried you to Town ; 
When over-weening Pride of Popular Power, 
Had thrnfl you headlong in the Leu-vrt Toils, 
Then had you dy'd: For know, my haughty Lord) 
Had f not been, offended Majelty 
Had doom'd you to the Death you well deferv'd. 

Gui. Then was't not Heitiy's Fear preferv'd my life t 

Mar. Voa know him better,or you ought to know him : 
He's born to give you Fear, not to receive it. 

Gui. Say this again, but add you gave not up 
Your Honour as a Ran(bm of my Life j 
For if you did, 'twere better I had dy'd. 

Mar. And fo it were. 

Gui. Whyfaidyou, fo it were? 
For tho' 'tis true, methinlcs 'tis much unkind. 

Mar. My Lord, weare not now totalk of Kindncfsj 
If you acknowledge I have fav'd your Life, 
Be gratefLil in return, and do an Ad 
Your Honour, tho' unaJk'd by me, requires. 

Cut. fiy Heav'n, and you whom next to Heav'n I 
(If I (aid more, I fear I (hould not lye) . (love, 

I'll do whate'er my Honour will permit. 

Mar. Go throw your felf at Heiry's Royal Feet, 
Andrifcnot, 'till approv'd a Loyal Subjed. 


So The ^Duke »f Gui'fe. 

Gni. A duteous loyal Sabjeft I was ever. 

Mar. I'll put it ihort, mj- Lord, <lepart frMB Pari*. 

Gui. I cannot leave 
My Country, Ffiends, Rdigion, a!l at ftakef 
Be wife, and be before-hand with your Fertone i 
Preyeat the tuni, forfake the ruin'd Cdoit ; 
Stay here, and make a Merit of ywir Love. 

Mar. No, ni return, and penfli in thofc Ruins ; 
Ifeid thee now, ambitious, faitMeft-Gor^.- 
Farewel the bafefl, and tJwworftof Men. 

Gui. Stay, or OHeav'n! VIlforccyoB: by— 

Mar. I do believe 
So ill of you, fo rillainoufiy ill. 
That if you durft you woold: 
Honour you've little, Hondy you've lefe; 
But Conlciencc you have trane.. 
Yet there's a thing call'd Fame, awl Mem Efteeni^ 
Prefervcs me fcm your Force-, once more fe««wcl : 
Look on me, Gai/r, thou fceft me now the la*, 
The' Treafon urge not Thunder on thy Head, 
This once departing Glance fti^fiafh thee dead. {Exit. 

Gui. Ha! faid Se tnieJ hrve I fo little Honoar ? 
Why then a Prize fo cafr, and fo fair. 
Had never Tcap'd my Gripe ; but mineflje is, 
Fot that's fet down as furc u Marrfi Fall. 
But my AmbitioB, that fiic ca!ls my Crime ; 
Falfe, falfe, by Pate, my Right was bom with me. 
And Heav'n ctmfcfs'd it in my Frame ; 
The Fires that would have form'd ten thonfuid Angels, 
Were ciam'd togctlier for my fingle Soul. 

■ Sirter Malicom. 

Md/. My Lord, yoo trifi? prccioos Hours away. 
The HeavSis look gaudily upon your Greatncfs, 
And the crown'd Nloments court you as they fty ; 
Sri/aci and the fierce Aumah liave pent tiie S^lfi, 
And folded 'em like Sheep in holy Gmurd, 
Wko^now withorder'd Pikes, and Colours furi'd, 


Tht ©«*/ tf/Guifc. tf I 

They wait the Word dist dooms 'em ail to die : 
Cone fiwth aiid Uds the Triaioph af the 'Qi.'f. 

Gui. So fligiit a Viflory requir'd not me : 
I tut bt ftill, and noiUed hkc a God 
My World into Crcauon; now'tb Tine 
To walk abroad, and carelelly furvey 
How chedali Muter doei the Fsrm obey. 

Enter Citixtm, end Melanax » hiifrmatiek Stbi* 
Mtii HtedtfUm. 

Mi!. Hold, lio]d a little, P^ow-OtimB,. and yon 
Gemlemen»f the Rabble i award of godly Bxhiutatioa 
to Aiengthen yo«r Handt, e'er you give the Onfet. 

I Cit. Is this a time to make Senttonf I I wou'd not 
Itear the Bevil now, tho' bJJliould come in God'i name 
to preach Peace to as. 

zCit. Look you. Gentlemen, Sermons are sot to be 
defpis'd, we have all profited by godly SermoDs that pro- 
moK Sedition. Let the pKcious Man hold fbnh, 

Oiwwf. Let him hold fiirth, let him hold forth. 

Mil. To proniote Sedition is my Bufineis : It ha*. 
been lb before any of you were bom, and will be fa 
when you are all dead and dama'd ; I have led oa the 
Rabble in all Agei. 

1 Cit- That's a Lye, and a laud one. 

z C(V. He has led the Rabble both old and young, that's 
All Ages: A heav'nly fweeiMan, I warrant kin, I 
have feen him ibmewhere in a Pulpit. 

Mel. I've fown Rebellion ei'cry where, 

\Cit. Hew,eveTywhere?That'sanotherLye:How 
far have you travell'd. Friend f 

Mel. Over all the World. 

1 Cit. That's a Rapper. ^ 

2 Cit. I fay, no: for, look you Gentlemen, if he 
has been a Traveller, he certainly faya true, for he way 
lye by Authority. 

Met. That the Rabble may depofe tbei r Prince, ha» in 

■lll'imesi andkiallCoMitilet, been accounted lawful. 

I Cit. 

tfa The'DukeofGKkKa. 

I Cil. That's the fitft true Syllable he has MOex'Ai 

Mel. Whenever they have more Power to depoTe, 
than he has to oppofe > and this they may do upon the 
Icaft occafion. 

iCit. Sirtak, you mince the Matter: you {bould lay, 
IK may do it upon no occafion, for the lefs the better. 

Mtl. Afide. Here's a Rogue now will out-Ihoot the 
Devil in tat own Bow. 

zCit, Some OccaGon, inmyimnd, were not amils : 
For, look you Gentlemen, if we have no occafion, then 
we have no occafion whereby to depofe him ; and'there- 
iax either Religion or Liberty, I ftick to th<^ occa- 
fiotiG : For when they are gone. Good-night to Godii- . 
Bds and Freedom. 

Mti. When the moll aft of one £de, as that's our 
Cafe, we are always in the Right; for they that are in 
Power will ever be the Judges: So that ifwelay, White 
ie Black, poor White mutt lofe the Caufe, and put on 
Mourning ; for White is but a Angle Syllaxile, and we 
are a whole Sentence : Therefore go on boldly, and lay 
sn refoluCely, for your folemn L^gue and Covenant; 
and if here be any fqueamifli KonfcieBce who fears to 
fight apinft the King, tho' I that have known you Ci- 
tizens thefe thoufand Years fufpeft not ai^, let fuch untr 
derftand. That bis Majefty's politick Capacity is to be 
diilingttiQi'd from his natural ; and tho'you murder him 
inoDfr yon may preferve himin the other: and fo much 
for this time, becaufe the Enemy is at hand. 

2 Cit. [Looi<w»«/.]Lookyou,Gent]enien,'UsGrii'(i«- 
de fierce Colonel, he that devouu our Wives, and ni- 
viihes our Children. 

1 Cit. He looks fo gruiii, I don't care \q have to do 
with him ; wou'd I were faie in my Shop behind the 

2 Cit. And wou'd I were under my Wife'j Petticoats. 
Look you. Gentlemen. 

Mil. You, Neighbour, behindyour Compter, yefter- 

day paid a Bill of Exchange in Glafi Lquh i'art % and 


The 'Duke efGnKe. 63 

you, YdtnA; thatcry, Lm>lcy(iu.G<ntleinen, thuvery 
Morning was under anothei Woman^s PetdcoaCE, and ' 
noe ywjr Wife's- 

3 Cit. How the Devil does he know tbb I 
Mel- Therefore fight luflily for the Caufe of Heav'n, 
and to make even Tallies for your Sins, which that yon 
-may Ao with a belter Cotifcience, ] abfolve yoo botb> 
and all the reft of you: Now go on meml)', for thole 
that efcape Ihall avoid killing ,* and thofe who do not e- 
icape, £ will provide kA in another World. 

[Cry luilbin an the Bihtr fiJe iflht S/t^e, Viw 
- -4» Roy, Vive le Roy. 

Safer Grillon, an^t hit Party. 

•- Griii Comt OB, Felkw-Soldiers, CimmiHtones, tfiM"! 
my W«d, as 'twas Julius C/t/arh of Pagan Memory ; 
'fore God I am no Speech- maker, but there are theRogucf, 
and here'9 Bilbo, that's a Word and a Blow, we lAuft 
either cut theirThraats, or they cut ours, that's pare Ne- 
celTity for your comfort: Now if any Man can- be {9 
unkind to his own Body, for I meddle not with youi 
Sools, as 10 ftand Hill like a good Chriftian, and offer 
his Weefon to a Butcher's Whittle, I fay no wore, but 
that he may be fav'd, and that'» the beft can come co 

{CrjontethSidis, Vive le Roy, Vive Guife. TheyJ^bt. 
Mil. Hey for the Duke oi Guife and Propetty, up 
wich Religion and the Caufe, and down with thofe arbi- 
trary Rogues there : Stand to't, you afiJciated Cuckolds. 
[Citizens go bad. 
O Rogues, O Cowards, damii thefe half-ftrain'd Shop- 
keepers, got between Gfntlemcn and Ciiy- Wives, how 
naturally ihcy quakt, and run away from their own 
Fathers ? twenty Souls a Penny were a dear Bargain of 

[They all run eff, Mclanax 'k/Vj& thtm, the 1 and 
Grill. PoflsfsyoiJtfelvcsoflhcPtace, Maubert, 
And iiang me up thofi; iwo Rogues for an Example*. 

1 Cit. 

<S+ The IDith ifGxa&, 

I Cit. fpsra me, fivcct Colonel, I m b«t a' ynwf 
Bagiwciv anEtnewlccnp. 

Gri^. I'll be your Cuftomer, and fet jron «p a Uttk 
Gohang fcuiat dKDextSign-Bofl: (better, Sirmh ; 
Wimt base yoa toia^fot yourmf, ScoDndsel F 
Why were yoa » Rebel? 

. z Cit. Look you, Cofand, 'nvu oat sf no iU Mean- 
ing to the GoTcnmnti all that I diii wa« pnie Obodi- 
cnee te aiy Wife. 

GrI//. N3y,ift)iouhftftaWiiethKwcuat)wJr«0diet, 
Thou fluk be conde^n'd to live : ' . 
Get thee home for a hfn-veck'd Traytor->r— 
What, iixt we encompads'd? Nay, then face this way ; 
We'll felt ouTSkjwto tbe fakta ChaiWWd. 

MKhrAamik sxJStUitrf en the ' ant ^, CiHsuMt ot 
til ttbtr. GijUoB m4 Hi Ptrtj an lUfniw^d. 

t Cit. %taix away thM bksdy-wifided Ctdose), and 
liang him up »t the nwtt 6ign-p^ : Njy, wfc«i I am in 
Power, I qui make Examples too. 

OtaMii. Tear him ptece-mcal) tear him ptece-meal. 
[Pull a).d hull bim. 

Grill. Rogues, VUlaios, Rrfwle, Traitors, Cuckolds ; 
'fwouiKU what do yoa nakx. of a Man i Do yop think 
Legs and Arms are ftrung upon a Wire, like a Joiottd- 
Saby i Carry me off quidtty, you Were bdl, and hany 
loe deccotly. iiccording to my fiil&eneence. 
■ iCii. I«ok you, (Lionel, you ue too bulky to be 
tarried df ail at once, a Leg or an Aim is one Mao'i 
Burden: Give me a little Finger for a Sample of him, 
whereby I'll carry it fw a'Token to ay&vweipi Lady. 

Grill. 'Til too little, in all CoRTueiKe for her ; 
Take a big^r Token, Cuckold. Ei tu Bniti, whom I 
O the Conlcience of a Shopkeeper ! (iav'd ; 

X Cit. Look you. Colonel, for your faving me, I 
thank ybu heartily, whereby that Debt's paid; but for 
your fpeaking Treafon againfl my anoi«ed Wife, that's 
a new Reckoning between us. 


The Duke of Guifc- 6$ 

E»«r Guife -untb a Gentrati Staff i« hit hand. May- 
enne. Cardinal, Archbijhaf, MitiKOin,attJjirtnulajiii. 

Oanti. ViveGuiJc. 

Gui. 1 thank you. Countrymen, the hand of Heav^ 
\_Banxia^ and Barebeadtd. 
In all our Safeties Las appear'd this Day, 
Stand on your Guard, and double every Watch, 
Bui liain your Triumph wiih no Chriftian Blood, 
French we are all, and BrotWs of a Land- 
Car./. What mean you. Brother, by this ^ily Tll)«i 
Of fpariag Chriflian Blood? why tlicfe arel)ogs: 
Now by the Swerd that cut off MaUbui Ear, 
Mere Doss, that neither can be fav'd nor damn'd. 

v^rri^. Wltere have you learnt tofpare inveUiatcFooI 

Gui. You know the Book. 

jirtbb. And can expound it too : 
But Chriftian Faith was in the Nen^e then, 
And RtmoM Heathens lorded o'er the World : 
What Madneft were it for the Weak and Few, . 
To fight againfi the Many aod the Strong i 
GriUtitwi^ die, fa mult the Tyrant's Guaidl, 
Left gathering head again, they make more Work. 

Mai. My Lord, the People muft be flefh'd in Blopd, 
To teach 'entthe true R^ilh, dip 'em with you—' 
Or they'll perhaps repent 

Gtti. Vou are b ools I to kill 'cm were to fhew I fcar'4 
The Court dilarm'd, dilhearCned, and be&eg'd, t'*"^- 
Are all as much within my power, at if 
I grip'd'cra in myFilt. 

May. 'Tjs rightly judg'd : 
And Ux me add, who head* a popular Caulc, 
Muft prolecute thatCanfe by popular Ways} 
So whether you are merciful or »>, 
You muft aifeA to be. 

Gui. Difmifs thofe Prifoners j Grillon, yon are free, 
I do ihx ask your Love, bo ftill my Foe. 

Grill I will be fo: But let me tell you, Guife, 
As this was creatly done, 'twas proudly too : 

66 The ®«*?>f Guift. 

ni give yon back your Life when next we meet, 
'Tiff then I am your Debtor. 

Ga.'. That's 'tiU Doom's-day. 

[Grillon obJ bii Exeunt ont 'U'aj', Selhle thi afher. 
Hafle, Hrother, draw out fifteen thoufand Men, 
Surround ihe Lmnin, left the Prey fhould Ycape. 
I know the King will fend to treat. 
We'll fet the Dice on him in high Demands, 
No lefe than all his Offices of Txuft, 
Hefhall bepar'd, and canton'd oat, md clip'd. 
So kmg he fhall not pafs. 

Card. What do we talk 
Of paring, dipping, and fuch tedious Work, 
like ihirie who hang their Nofes o'er a Potioif, 
And (jualm. and ke^, and take it down by Sips ? 

Jrcbli. Beft make advantage of this popular Rage^ 
Let in ih' o'erwhelming Tide on Harry's Head. 
In that promircuous Fury who Ihall know, 
Amoi^a thoufand Swords, who kili'd the King* 

Mar. O my dear Lord, upon this only Day 
De^nds the Seriea of your following Fate: 
Think your good Gemos hw affom'd jay Shape, 
In [his Prophetick Doom. 

Ge/. Peace, croaking Raven, 
I'lUciBc him firfl, then-make hima led Monarch; 
ni be declat'd Lieutenant-General, 
Amidfl the three EflUes that rcprefenl 
The glorioas, full, majeftick Face oiFramce, 
Which in bis own de^ite the King Ihall call^ 
So let him reign my Tenant during Life, 
His Brother of Neiiarri fttut out for ever. 
Branded with Herefy, and barr'd from Swajr, 
That whea FaUii confum'd in Alhes lies. 
The Pbetnix Race ni Cbtirttiiurin may rife.. [Exrumf. 

-„ Coo^^lc 

The 23«fc tf/Guifc. ©7 

£»/^Klng, Qaecn-Mother, Abbot, GrillotL 

A"/"?. Difmiftmthruch Contempt f 

GmV/. Yes, feith, we paft liJw beMWV il««w«* undw- 
neath'the Fork 

A:/w. Give me my Arirt*. 

Grfa. For, what? 

Kim. ry lead yon on, . . 

Griil. Yon are a true Lion,, but mjr Men a« Sheep ; 
If you run lirft, I'll fwear they'll follow you. 

King. What all tnra'tl Cowards f Not aManinFrtfa«, 
Dares fet his Foot by mine, and perifli by me f {ing. 

Grill. Troth, I can't find 'em much indin'd to perllh- 

Ki!^. What can be left in Danger, but to dare i . ■ 
No matter for my- Arms, I'll go barefirc'd. 
And lei;^ the M bold Rebel that I meet. . 

Jb. There's fomething of Diviniiy in Kings, 
Thatfits between theirEyes, arjdgirardsriieir Life. 
; , CfiH, True, AWxit, but ijie mifchief is, you ChuFch- 
Can fee that tbmething farther Chan the Croud i (men 
ThafeMulquet Ballets have not read much I^gidc, 
Nor arc they given to mike your nice Diftinftions : 

lOni tntirs, and gi-va the &iueti a Nste, fit rmdt. 
One of 'em poffibly may hit tlie Kin^ 
In fome one pare of him that's not divine t 
And ;b the mortal part of hia Majefty wou'd draw 
The Divinity of it into another Wprld, fweet Abbot. 

^ M. 'Tis equal Madncfs to go out or ftay : 
The Reverence due to Kings is all transferr'd 
To haughty Gaifi, and when new Gods are made. 
The old muft quit the Temple i youmuftfly. 

King. Death, had I Winga, yet I would fcorn to &f. 

GrUl. Wings, or no Wings, is not theQjMrftion: 
If you won't fly for't, you rouli ride for't. 
And that comes much to one. 

King. Forfake my regal Towa I. . 

^ M. Forlake a Bedlam I 

«S TkeVuietfGaife, 

This Note infornii me, fifteen thoulknd Men 
Atc maTcIiuig to endofc t^e Latevrt roand. 

Ab, The SaCneTs then 'admits no more difpate; 
You, Madam, muft be pkaiM to find the Gaifi, 
Seem eary, fearful, yielding, what you will; 
But flill prolong the Treaty all yo« can, 
To gain tte King more Time n>r his Efcapc. 

-^ M. I'il undertake it — Nay, noTbank:, my Son, 
My Bleffing ihall be given in yoi^r DdiTSrance i 
That once perfonn'd, their Web is all annvcl'd. 
And Guifi M CO begin his Woik ag^a. [Imt i^ M- 

Kii^. I go thi» Minotc. 


- Kay then, aaacW Minute nwA be giron. 
O faow I UuOi, that thou OiDoldft l«f tltc Xing 
Do this low Ad, that bifflnt ^ bi( Fwn* : 
Death, muR a Rahel force iw Uaa vy LiOie ! 
If it mofi be -— 

liar. It muft DM, cannot be. 

Griti. No, not Oiall not, Wcqch, H lew a* my Sod 
wears a Body. 

King. Securcinthat, PlltniAtheci Onllltniftthec! 
For Conquerors hare Chaime, and Women Frail^ : 
Farewel, thoo mayft behold me King againy 
My Sotd's not yet (bpos'd, why thca Fuewel, 
I'll fay't as comfortalriy as I can^ 
But eh, cnrt'd Guifi, fbr. preffiog on my Time, 
And catling ofF ten thouland more Adieus. 

Mar. 'Tiie MotMnts that r«ard your Flight «e Tray- 
Make haJle, my royal Mafter, to be fafe, (iom. 
And Ave me with you, for Pll fliare your Fate. 

King. Wilt thou go too F 
Then I am rcconcil'd to ^eav'n again : 
O welcocnci thou good Angel of my Way, 
Thou Pledge and Omen of my fare Return : 
Not Greeci, nor hoftile Jaw oou'd dcftn^ 
The Hero that abondsn'd buning Trm, 

* He 

The'T>ttkeofQmYe. 69 

HeTcap'd the Dangers of the dread&l Night, 
When Wed with hU Gods he took bii Flight. 

SCENE, The Cajik of Blois, 

tnler Grillon, and Alphonro Corib- 

BElcome, Colonel, wrfcome to Bhlr. 
Alph. Since laft we parted at the 

downfide np ; 

Our Part of the Wheel is fifing, tho' but flowly. 
Alph. Who look'd 'for an Alfembly of the States ? 
GrilL When the King was cfcap'd h«m. Paris, and 
got out of thy Toils, 'twas time for the Guifi ro take *em 
down, and pitch others, that is, to treat for the Calling 
of a Parliameht, where being fure of the major P«rt, he 
might get by Law what he had miffed by Force. 

Alph, But why (hoald the King affemhle the States, to 
fatisty the Guifi aft^r fo many Affronts \ 

Grill. For -the fame Reafor that a Man in a Duel fays 
he has received Satisfaftion, when he is £rlt wounded, 
"and afterwards difarm'd. {ris T 

Alph. But why this Parliament at Blots, ahd not ai Pa- 
Grill. Bccauft no Batricado's have been made at 5/DfV.- 
This Blois is a very little Town, and the King can draw 
it after him. 

But Peril is a damn'd unwieldy Bulk, and when th'e 
Preachers draw againll the King, a Paribn iH a Pulpit 
is a devilifti Fore-horfe. 

Befidcs, I found in tliatTnCurreSlon, what dangerous 

Beails tWe Townfmen are ; I'tell you, 'Colonel, a Man 


70 The ^ake.ofGn\it. 

hacl better deal with ten of their Wives, tlun with one - 

zealous Citizen. 

O your infpir'd Cuckold is moft implacable. 

Ulph. Is there any feeming Kindnds betweea the King 
and the Duke of Gh//^? 

Grill. Yei, moft wandetfiil : they are as dear to one 
another, as an old Uliirer and a rich young Heir upon a 
Mortage. TheKing isvery loyal to thcG«yS, and the 
Gui/i 15 very gracioas to the King : Then the Cardinal 
oiGai/e and the Archbifhop of Lia/ii, are the two Pen- 
dants that are always hanging at the royal Ear : They 
eafe hisMajefty ofallthe Spiri[ualBufmefs,andtheGB//£ 
ef all the Temporal ; fo that the King is certainly the 
faappieft Prince mChriJlmiiam, without- any Care upon 
him; So yielding up every thing to his loyal SubpSs,' 
that he's m&Uibly in the way of being the grcatelt and 
moft glorious King in all the World. 

jilfb. Yet I have heard, he made afharp leflefUng 
Speech upon their Party at the Opening of the Parlia- 
ment, admonilh'd Men of their Duties, pardonM what 
was paft, but feem'd to threaien Vengeance if they per- 
fiAcd for the future. 

, Grill. Yes, and then they all took the Sacrament to- 
gether: He promilingto unitehimfelf tothem, and they 
to obc^ him, according lo the Laws : yet the very next 
Morning they went on, in purfuance of their old Com- 
monwealth Def^ns, as violently as ever. 

Alph. Now 1 am dull enough to thiols they have 
broken their Oaths. 

Grill. Ay, but you are butoneprivatcMan, and they 
are the Three States ; and if they voce that they have not 
brokeD their. Oaths, who is to be Judge E 

Mfh. There's one above. 

Grill. I hope you mean in Heaven, or elTe you are a 
bolder Man than I am in Parliament-time ; ,but here 
comes the Matter and my Neice. 

Alph. Heaven preferve.him, if a Man may pray for 
him without Trealbn. 

Grill. Oyes, you may pray for him; the Preachers of 
' iHiiJiuife'i Side do that moA formally '; Nay, you may 

be fuffer'd civilly to drink his Health, be of the Court, 
and Iccep a PUce of Profit under him : For, in Ihort, 
'lis a judg'd Cate of Confcience, to make your belt of 
the King, and to iidc againft him. 

Eitttr King and Maimoutier. 

King. Grillw, be near me. 

Grill, afide. Well, I dare trull my Neice, even tho' 
Aie comes of my own Family ; but if fhe cuckolds my 
good Opinion of her Honel^', there's a whole Sex feU'n 
under a general Rule, without one Exception. 

\Ext«nt GriU. fldi^Alph. 

JSttr. You bid my Uncle wait you. 

Kini. Yes. 

Mbr. This Hour. 

King. I think it was. 

Mar. Something of Moment hangs upon this Hour. 

King. Not more on this, than on the next, and next, 
My "fime is all ta'en up on Ufury ; 
I never am beforehand with my Hours, 
But every one has Work before it coraes. 

Mar. There's ibmething for my Service to be done, 
Thofe were yonr Words. 

King. And you defire their Meaning. 

Mar. I dare not ask, and yet perhaps may guefs. 

King. 'Tisfearehing there where Heav'n can only pry. 
Not Man, who knows not Man, but by furmife : 
.Nor Devils nor Angel* of a purpt Mould, 
Can trace the winding Labyrinths of Thought. 
I tell thee, Marmantier, I never fpeak. 
Not when alone, for fear fome Fiend Ihould hear, 
And blab my Secret's out. 

Mar. You liate the Gmfi. 

King. True, I did hate hinf. 

Mar. And you hate him ftill. 

Kits. I am reconcil'd. 

* Jfar. 

-„ Goo^^lc 

72 The1>ukeofGm{e. 

Mdir. Yoar Spirit is too high ; 
Great SouU fomve not Injuries, 'till Time 
Has put their Enemies into their Power, 
That they may Ihew Forelvenefp is their own j 
For elfe, 'tis ftar to puniih that forgives : 
The Coward, not the King. 

King- He has fubmitted. 

Mar. In Ihew, for ineffefl he Kill infiilts. 

King. Well, Kings mud bear fometimes. 

Mar. TheyBiun,'tilltheycan (hake theirBurden off". 
And that's, i think, your Aim. 

K!?^. Miftakeaftill: 
All Favours, all Preferments pafs through them ; 
I'm pli^t, and they mould me as they pleafe. 
■ Mar. Thefe are your Arts to make ihcai more fecure. 
Tuft Co your Brother us'd the Admiral. 
Brothers may think, and aft like Brothers too. 

King- What laid you, ha t what mean yoa,MarmDiiiier t 

Mar. Nay, what mean you \ That Start betray'd yon, 

Kif^. This is no Vigil of St. Barthhmew, (Sir. 

Kor is Blois Parii. 

Mar. 'Tis an open Town. 

King. What then? 

Mar. Where you are llrongeft. 

King- Well, what then? 

Mar. Nomore,but youhavePower.andareprovok'd. 

Kii^. O ! thou haft fet thy Foot upon a Snake, 
Get quickly off, or it will llmg thee dead, 

Mar. Can I unknow it f 

Kit^. No, but keep it fecret. 

Jt£ir. Think, Sir, your Thoughts are HjTI asmuchyour 
As when you kept the Key of your own Breaft : (own. 
But fioce you let me in, T find it £trd 
With Death and Horror : you would murder Gaiji. 

King- Murder ! what Murder ! ufe a fofter Word, 
And call it Sovereign JuftJcc. 

Mar. Wou'd I cou'd : 
But Juftice bears the godlike Shape of Law, 
And Law requires Defence, an equal Plea 
Betwixt th' Offender and the righteous Judge. 

The TXake if Qat&i 75' 

^»«. Ytt.whwith'Oftndcrauibejudg'ity tawi 
But when his GreatnefioVBinrtu theScaies, 
Tbxa Siap an Ju&ice mtlie laft Appeal. 
And forc'dljw ftrong .Naceffit)' nay ftriTtc ^ 
In which indeed Ijw^iifin the Pnblkk Gaid 
AndUfalimmSjnge™ fcpa^aig^yUnbj '■ 
Unplrdaot wJwle&nic-Work. ■ ' •■ 

jM«r. If thl3 beaccdfiii. 

Tly &pth of my 9^^ d„, M,e„ a,. pEoLtJ 
DidH thm m^fen A«ion», fo Jjcii, & p nblfcft 
I never could forgive f 
.JIAw. IdH,'|]ut-ye^-i— 1 . " ' "' 

If thelaa Trumpet fooided inmyEin™" 
Ondaonted I Ihqnld meetthoSidmi halfwiyj 
And inthefaceof Heav'n maiMnin the FaS 

ilfa-. Maintain it thentoHeav'n, ha notiome- 
Doronlavemei •»««, 

Ajm. Can.youdoabtit^ ' 

M»-. yej,Icaj>dl»bcil, ifyoutandeny. 
loveW«n(rn|orelkii|iM,6S,iei.,.I,Jf„, ■ 
Om you fbrgive the.Manyno iumy^iiite, 

TTm hajarji. both ,y»Lift>d Crown to fpart iimi 
a» wAom yooTO, fcftoai njoftthan oityr^'^' 
(Forlwou'dhaveyouSethatWhatlalk; ' ' 
Iltnowiawond'ttiuadifficnltWMht) -^^ ' 
Canyoubethuse«i|i»apmdyEw«ir : 

Mir. Thenmretan, llMrNHeaVn, andyoo. 
To giye-yajaU tke Brs&wmeof my Soul; ' '^ 
NoSebel-Rivaltodiftrt^lhei/, - • 

B«tk««tlsaAa«fG««,i|,.Hhe^lii. *'^ ' 
lethinrepat. w. lotiiaHvell ,«ir' -- ' ■ ' 
to hm. deiill, a.i MP S^engeTSthm 

, „ooglc 

7+ T^^liuhefQiiift.' 

For I^ ymHav'n, tbat't conTdbde (if Ut CKmfes, 
I will no mdre by Mein be betny'd. 

^Jiffatur afffdri^ t the Dt^. 
The Depiiti(!sare lem'rutg, Vnj cuft tetire me : 
Thus Tyrant fiuliDeli «ll »y Hwn uTurpSj 
And nialces mc live for Qthets^ ■ . 

JKcr.Nbw Huv'n reward fouwtdi a ^O^MMuRngn, 
And grant yon never suy be good in vain. ^Sxh. 

. E»trteput!tsaflh*iiTnSisits, C^Mmal if Gm!e, 
a.iJJrti^/^_*fLya)aMiit ffgaJif em. 

Kiiig. Well, my good LoritT »*wM»ttei^ onm- 
BmpltnM tKe Stust tliti'Mmin([-? ^>onance , 

rfrcfe-. ■ biic Iii^h Point . 
Wu warml}^ cuivu'd iit'the ConOKHU H6ii(e/ 
Aad will be foon reAriv'd. 

XfV Whatwas't?. ,_... 

Cd^. ^uc'cHTion. 

Kir^. That's one tiigh PoiAt iodeeJ. bittnottobv 
So wannly canvos'dji or feifociiRfetv'd^ 

Con/. thiBgsneccffivyjni|tA*Mt)liMsbeli^aden. 

jTii^. No {iidd«D bawetth7«deisy««,-ia^U)rd. 

jfrM. WhuWy.^A^klcB, waftbe-Annnedfbr 
We haiie,"and\vilh vo^rji^tfai JNii y:otB»i ^nS-oan,' 
Are in the Hand qffiayiiu. 

King. MyL6ii,:tlatf^smt: :■.'■-.!•''• ■■ : *• 

Vet in a natural Wiy I My liBclDngt- ■ ,■ ■ 
KHeav'„,aMyQilJ¥KjXSflS\3pS«ljlifa-^ ,\, 
. j^£»;^ut-W.£(iAi^^iWiav.litfr^i^M)9tftf.':' 
Take careCf IMgfBjhflrfjllii^l*.-- . '■ - ' ■ 
WM;fh;n»yitt'p«erB't^iT.&«MDari^'-4lMifc.thW^^ ' 

Ani forwhoni Kingsaiymp w f ri»" * l''- "iifc'i.i-^ - ■ ; 

Jf/j^. Y^s, we*i-'i^^<.''.a 3'i -'.li ."J"' •' =^ '■■:'■ - 
Andlheyft[;iiiVAeBeij«fit6«*m*l*fc '"■•^■' '. "'' * 
An J fe tttf TiA' arc too. '',;,-. ■ : , 

C^;''Tff-cu{ iHi^Bf'fcpnU ■-•'■ "■ ■'■■-■■■■ 

Jhr<2d^montwiIIjjeasf«feaiedide.*'Ww^' "'''.I , 
roBi the SiJa«S((i^t|n JUdteof i»W(«;-i;- ^ ',' -"^ .'J ; '" 

f7>e'bukeofJ^[ii{c, 7^" 

Jtiiig. Decree, ray. Lord! What, one Ellale decree ' 
"Where then are the other iwo, andishataml? . 
The Government is caft aip lomewhat Ihort, 
The Clergy and Nc^it^ caJhier'd, 
Five hunted popular Figures on a rpw, , 

And I my felf thai am, or fliould be Kijig^ 
An o'er-grbwn Cypher Tet before the Sum : 
What Reafons urge our Sovereigns for th' Exdufion * 

■^M, He Hands Tuipefled, Sir, ofH««fy. 

King. Hashcbeencall'd tomakeiuKJuftDefencef - 

CarJ. Th^ needs not, for .'tis known ■. - 

if/ng., Xowhoml 

Cartl^ The Commini. " : - 

king. What is't thofe Gods the C(»ntnoiu dol not' 
But Herefy, you Onvthmcn teadi ul Vulgar, {loiowt 
Suppofes ohitinat^ and ftill perAlHng 
In Errors' pro vM, long Admwitions made, 
And all tejeifted j has this Courfe been us'd ? 

Arcbb. We grant it has^UK. bat—— 
' Kiitg. Nay,give me leave, , 
I ur^ From, your own Gran't it has not bees : 
Jfthen inpfQceisof^pettySam, 
Both Parties having^ot been fully beard. 
No Sentence can be giv'n 1 
Much le& in the Succeffion of a Crown, 
Which afKt my Deceafe, by Right inherent. 
Devolves upon my Brother oflfavarrt. 
■ Card. TheRightofSouMisftiUtobepirferr'dt . 
Religiog mull tiot fuSer for a Ckim. 

ATiwf. If icings may be cjckdcd, ordepoa'd, 
whene'er yokctiy RlelwiontotheCTond, ■ 
ThatDo&ine.maknKebellioBofdwdoxv , .^ 
And Subie^miifl bcTraitdrstsbefivVl. 

Arihl. Then Herefy's entail'd upon the Tkione. 

iCi^. You would entail Confiifion, Wars and Slaugh. 
Thofelllaarecertain, whatyoud^Me contingent. (ter«: 
I knew my Brother's Naiurc, 'lis finceie. 
Above Deceit, noOrorfeedneft of Thought,' 
Says whu he means, and what he liiys, performs i 
BiVvtt^ but ngt aSb; fuccefsfiil, bat DM prtod. 

<i.« Sa 

^6 Tbe^ukfffGui^e.' 

So much acSmowledging, that he't uneafy. 
Till every petty Setvice beo'er-poid. 

jtrM. Some &y revengeful. ■ 

Kii^- Some then libel him : 
But thafs what both of 119 htive leant to bear. 
He can foicivet hat yoo difdain Forgiveneli : 
Your Chiefi are ther no Libel maft^roTaiie : 
Honont's a facred thing in all but Kui0 1 
Bilt when yoar Rhymes al&ffinate our Fame. 
Yoa hug your nauteoua, blond'ring Ballad- Wib, 
And pay 'em as if Nonfenfe were a Merit, 
If it can mean bat Trcalbo. 

Arcbi. Sir, we have many Argument! to urge— . 

King. And I have more to aniwer j let 'em Know 
My Rwal Brother of yaimm Ihall Hand 
Secue by Right, by Merit, and my Love. 
God, anl good Men wll! never fiiil bis Cade. 
And aitthcbad Iball be conAiain'd by lawi. 

Artbb. Since gentle Meant fcxdode Navarrt are 
To-morrow in tfce States 'twill be prc^ms'd, (vain, 

„ , . ,..,__ _r„ ... T. ".enerali 

To ma^ the Duke of GuiA Lieutcnant-Oi 
Which Power moft gradtwfly confirm'd by you, 
Will Sop this headlong Torrent of Suxenon, 
That bears Religlco, XawE, and all brfbie it : 
In hope you'U not oppo<e whac mu£ be done, 
Wcwilhyoui Sir, aumgand prorTperDus Reign. 

[£m«m MMa bat tbr mne. 
Kii^. To-morrow Gwf^ia made Li^tcnant-GenenS, 
Why then to-morrow I no mote am King; 
'Til time to pu{h my fladcen'd Vengeance hom^ 
To be a ,KjBg, oi not Od be at all. 
The Vow that jnaaaded m R^ ii laos'd. 
Even Heav*n i» wearied with repeated CriiMf, 
Till Lightning Aaflm round to gnaid Ae Throne, 
Aodtbeaufj'aThnaderpnnbiwtobcgone. - 


Grill. *Tii juft tlite fCiiited Hour jron bid Ac wah. 

TJbe*Duke of Gxufe^' . . if 

Kim. So jiift, is if thou wert vNp~fA to come t . \ 
As if the Giurdiao A&«1 of my ThTOQCt 
Who bad o'er-flept himfelf lb many Yewi, 
Jnft now WM FODz'd, ud brousht ihee to my Rcfcoe^ 

Grill. I hear the Gaifi will M'licDteiiuU'General. 

King. And caii'ft thou fuftr it \ 

Grul. Navt if you will fitfier it, then well mty I. 
If Kings will be la civil to cbdr Subje^ to give up ^I 
things tamelvi they £rft tuni Rebels to themlelves, and 
thai'* a &ir Example for their Frienda ; 'llife, Sir,*ct« < 
dangenuumatter tobeloyaloQthcwrongSide, tolervc 
myPriKe iofpite'ofhim: if you'll be akoyatiftyour 
im, there are Millioiu of honelL Men will £^ht for you i . 
Inu if you won't, there ate few will hang for y,iui. 

Ki^t. No more : I am tefoiv'd. 
'ntcCoiirft ofihingi Adiw withheld iut longer- 
From breaking forth to their appointed Enl : . 
MyVe^eance, ripen'dinthe Wombtrf'Ttmet 
Ftefles fS- Birtir, and lohn to be difdot'd. 
Crillm the Gitifi ts dooi^d — -^ fudden Death : 
The Sword man end him I has net dune an Edge? 

Grill. Yc4 nldflPdiittoo} micballengehim. 

Kim. I bid thee kill him. [^a/if«.- 

Grm. So I mean to do. 
' £W. Wlditmtdiy HaJcard.' . 

GnW. Now I nndnfiand yod, Zlhon'dmardeihimi 
lam-fonr'Sddler, Sir, hot not you Haognan. , 

Kvs- DpSthoailothiae him? 

GW». Ye». 

Kim. Haft thoa not £udi 
That he deferves it r 

Griil. Yet, bnt how have I 
DdcTT'd to doa Murder f 

JEia|. 'Tisxo Murder: 
.Til Sovereign To&ice nrj^d from Self-Defenee. 

Grill^ rru allconftlji'd, alKlyet I dare net dotr 

JCfiv; Q!o, thou art a Coward. 

Gria. You are -auxlJDg. 

Btg. Tboa &r'A thon dar'ft sot killUm. 

0.3 Gr 

y^8 7U 1>Hke tfGvi\&. 

Grill. Were I a Cowatd, I had been a ViUain, 
Aiti then-fiiutftha' don't. 

JKiV. Thoa haft' done Worfe In thy long Coarfe of 
Haft Aoune'erldll'daMan?' (Arms, 

■ Grill. Yw.'ivhEJia Min wou'dhave kill'd me. 

JGw; tlaft thoQ Tint pluader'd from the heiplefs Poor? 
Snaich'd ffpm the.fweacing Labourer Ijis Pood ? 

Grill.5iT,iiiave eaier arid drunk in njy own Defeace,. 
'"Wli en T was batigr^ ,?n^ tiixHy: 

■When yon havt not ^ald me—^ -, 

T have been content with ji Farmer's Daugttev 
When 3 betier Wh6j-t Was" not to be lad. 
'As for cutting off ^Tiiitoti I'll, cxecutsiimkwfiill^. 
In my 'the Field i 

fiat io my TaW 

Bw'i . , 

Gri. n*l»*.^. 

You n ;) ,- • ... 

m -^.■■-- 

Mate ■, 3.1 . .»*«W?'.' 

" " ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - ■ • ^(ft_gp^;, . 

Ifhoa'flialtnotipt^^AA. 'iJiotfrtey^tiaa, 

But k«p-my StoeVfftr6hM'sC;9Dffw»««9- ■ 

Grill. When I diitlofe it, think I kik nCtwfftA. -. 

Kii^- Nomore.of that, I ^WLtL^afn.pot ^-,. 
Gall £^a( hither ftrijt, ahas/, )fi!afi!BA ; — ::; ' 
Bid Larfia»^findfomeu^j;fig![Sc|d^wi5fi;'.' .v . \' 
To keep Guards doubled at'tjc. CowwCPOOT. .- , 
That nonepafs in or out,, but t^Te tcitUp 
The reft vh thifll^ 9* fiipAeK^ Iq ^mf^. 

Grill, -Meay-ftl^ W.^Jy L 1 , ^ , ^, 
ThO* PBnbtJUlTli>irfe,rxQ)h7ra!lfc|M 
For the honeft Part of tKe '-"^ ^-'— -* ' 


7»» S C E N E ^»^, «ay ^fibJOfri Mtn~anJ fFomen at 

Mai.' This Is therolemnamiual^Feaft I keep. 
As this day Twelve Yeats, on this' very Hour 
1 fign'd the Contraa for my Soul with Hell ; 
I barter'd it for Honours, Wealth, and Pletittre, 
Three things which mortal Men aa covti moU. ' 

And,' ^th, I over-lbld it to (he Fiend i : , 
What, one iiid twenty Years, nine ya to coraCf 
How cu -a Soul be worth lo niuch to.Sevils f ,' 

O-bcmr. I img myfttf, to outiwi't thefe Fook of Hell t 
And yet a fudden D^mpj Tluaw t6>t why, 
Has feiz'd my Spirits, anjd like a heavy Weight 
HangiOntlieiPSaiw-Stiririgsrl'WatfrWSoi^' ' 
To rouzo me, my 31i)od freezes : Mullik [here I . ; 

Nymph lubsm jw* 

WhiH tilt Nymph •wbem you atiin. 

Uupherd. yUni ifs lnvt btyend all mtafiin, 

Mfiktt ml faint aw^mdth fltafimi. 
• - ' Strtf^h ^Cordial May dtjhej, 

KilhjRt -with exctfi af Jbj, 

Stepherde&. Thirfis, ha<io ca* J believe y»uf 

Eutcatfefi, and PUfirvi'oeyau: 
MtH are falfi, and fi %ri yau ; 
Nruer Natare Jratn'd a Creaturt 
■Tfenj^i andytt it true. 

(hepherd. Mi-t'i aFiame iwM(/>»^«»^^. 
Stili t^/'Shg, pil Je^rini,. 

' ■■■■■ -Q^t- '■ ■ -' - 


Fit. ^ Uv^t Iw^trial Omu» i. 

Stitl tht ptqrt ^tiifu^fdfVm.. 
•- " ' ' [Loud Juodung u thcDooK, 

Xfal. What Noife b thai ? 

SfTw. An ill-Iook'd fuijy Mkn^ 
With & hoarie Voice, favs he muft TpcaJc with yoa^ 

Mai. TeU hiffi I dt<lickte this Day to PJedure, 

I neither have, nor will hkre Bufineb with him. ^xStn^ 

Wb^tlojidcryetiWhat&ucy^veistJu*} [Kn^lmir^ 

. Mt-tKUrStrvtaa. 

Strv. Hefxyny^}^et ati4aiiftihavtBiifii)(AwiA> 
him ; ■ • 
Come out, ot h^ come it^ snd TpoU y«u Minh. 
JMii/. I won't.., . -■ .■,,.„■.-, 

Strv. Sir, I dire not t^l £im lb. 

My Hair Mnas up in'Brjfttcj when Itee him j 
The Do^ ruh into Cocners;'. the Si»7'4-Bitcti 
B^e> at Ml Back and howls. 
Ha/. Bid biffi^Btei, and go of thyfHf. [Sx. Strv. 

Haw dar'It thoa tiiKrnipt my Ibfter tioure i 
fiy Heav'n t'H run .thee J a l^mc lutettcd Oak, 
Where thoq [hill ligK and eroan to whiOling Wind>: 
Upon the loneljT Plain; or^'^l confine the* 
Peep in the. re^ Sta, grov'lijig on the Sap4*> 
Teq thoufaild Billows rijliqg «'ei:; thy Hevd. 

Ml/. Ho. ho, hb.' 

Ma/. Laugh'^thav. tnaiici(H»:KieAdr ; ' ' ' , 
Til ope my fitxjk ^ blpotly Ch»3<ten„ . . 
Shall rumple up'lhy tendef aJiy Limbs,. 


Like Parchment on a Flame. 

JW*/. Thou MA'fl not da't. 
Behold this Hour-GlaTs. 

Mai. Well, and what of that 7 

Mel. See'Il thou thefc ebbisg Su^ds i 
They Tun (or theci and when their Race b nu^ 
Thy Lungg, the Bellowt of thj mortal Breathy 
ShiJl fink for ever done, and heave no more. 

Mai. What, refty Fiend? 
Nine Ycari thou ha& u> ferve. 

Mei. Not foil nine Minute^. 

M^t.Th.oM ly'ft, look on thy Bond, and view the-Date; - 

Mtl. Then wilt thou ftanduttvtt) without Afftttir' 

Mai, X will, fo help me Heay'n. 

M«/. So take thee Hell. {Qiwt him tit B«nd. 

There, Fool, behold who ly«, the Devi! or thou? 

Jlfn/. Ha ! One and twenty Years arc flirunk to twclv&. ' 
Do my^yes.dazzle > 

Mel. No,' they fee too true : 
They dazzled ^cp, I caft'^ Mili before 'em ; ' 
So what was fiigirjd. Twelve, .to diydull Sight 
Appear'd full T»v^y-oi*e- 

Mal. There's Btyiiiy in Hcav'n ibr this ; a Cheat f ' 

Mtl. Fool, thou hw quitted thy Appeal to Ueav'n^ 
To Hand to this. 

Hal. Then I aiii Idt for ever. 

Mtl. Thouarf. 

Mai. O why was I not warn'd before ? 

Mtl. Yes, to repent, then tbcu hadH cheated me. 

Mai. Add bur a pay. but hd!f a Day, an Hour ; 
Pot fixty Miflotes fU for^ve Nine Years. \ ., ■ , 

JM(/. :No^noCaMom^;&^houg,^tbeyoad'«i)rti^mCj 
Difpatch,. 'tis muth below in?, to jttend;. , ■ / ' ■ - 
For one poor fingle Fare ■• ■■■n • ■ ■■ '■ . • ■■ 

Mai. Sopitilefs.' 
Sut yet I may qommand ^cCi.and I wDI'-' ti 

I love the Guiji, even vf'uh. my latejl Breath. 
Beyond my Soul,- and my lo4 Hopes of Heav'ai 
1 charge thee ijy my, Ihop-iiv'tl Power,, difdofei , , 
What Fate atteftdt my Msfter..; . ' ' 

0.5: " -■ Jffi/.;. 

Aff/.-Ifhegoa ' ' ' 

T^ Council when he next is e^'d, he diet. 
JH*/. Whowaiu? ... 


Go, give my Lord my !aR AAita, 

Say I fliall nevef^lfee his ^es again : ' 

Bat if he goes when next he's catl'd to CoBncil," 

Bid him believe my laieft Bhath, he die». [En7 Sn-^, 

The Sxnd; run yei, Q do not fhaltelhc GWf. 

I fhaUtfetkinetoofoon^cogM In^nt, 

Hcav'n's not confin'd fo Moments ; Merey, Mercjr. 

AW.' I fee thyTriiyera difpen'd into tbc Winds, 
And He«v^A ha» p\tk 'era by .- 
I iMu an Angel onc^ cffottmoR Xudf, 
&aod next the fliining Throne, and wiak'd bnt iaff;. 
So almoft gaz'd I Glory in the Face 
Ttuit I coum-beaiit, and ftar'd limher in. 
'TwM but « Momen'* Pridei and yet I fidl, 
Poreverfelli bqt Mvi. .baf^fiB;th>-hontMaiv,. 
Sim paft a'S^f and jDt^ht be pardotCd iqdiv : - ■ 
And yet 'tis jnih far we were perfeft Light, , 
And faw cur Crimes ; Man in hit ^oAyWl^te,, 
H&lf-fetd, hair-dod, fmiu bh'ndfUl into Sin, 
Bctray*d bv Frauds without, and Lu^e witl^-- 

M«/. ThenihaTchope. 

JIW.'Njtt'ftJV I preaCh'd oh pmWc 
To msflteihSlofet^jS' Moment «>*tiyPw«^ ■ 
Tiy S^d» cjeeptew} D^j^r,-I>efpair, Defe»ir._ ' ' 

Me/.-W^ew-atrilnoW? Upon the Briidcaf Life,, 
The Gulph befbre-mei DCvils to pufh me on, - 
And Hcav'n behind me doling all its poors, . 
AlhouCwd Yearsfpr ev'iy Hour I've paJs'd* . 
O co^ ITcapjCfo cheap!' Bdt Ever, Ever,, 
Still to begin an eodlefs roijnd «pf Wops, 
To,bcr(ii«#^dJb,rPaiiK,>ndlaft'fcrHeH?- '■ 
Yet c^n Fu^laft, when Bodies cUinot laS f " 

TBf^uhef GaiH. ti 

Or when one Body weah and illts aany, 

Do Sools thnift forthaiiocher Cnift of CUy 7' 

To fence and guard their teniler Forms from Fir^— : ' 

I ftel my HeartTftrtngs rend, Tta here, Tm gone. 

Thus Men.' too catelrfs of their fumre State, 

Silptue, know nothing, and believe too Iste. 

[^/y|iS ifLigbtain^, thtyjni /tgttier.. 

Eftfr Pwi* ^.G^et Cardiiwl,. Aomi^.. . 

Ciwi. A dreadful Meflage fiom a dJHngMai^ 
A Prophecy indeed t ' 

For Soula iuft qoitdng Earth, peep Intd Heaven, 
Make fwiJt Acquaintance with their KJAdrcdFoms, 
Atid Partners oTimmbrtvrSccreta grow. 

j^aiJ 'Til good to lean on the lecorer fidS ^ ' 
When Life depends, ,the mighnr Sake ii fach^. 
'7o0b fear toblit^, and they we too aurek, 

Enttr Archlalliop, ' 

Gflf. " Von han prevaiTd, IWiS not go to Cboncili. 
r have |»prbk*d my Sovereign paft a: Patent, 
It but.remainstodDubtif he d»v kill me ^ 
Then if he dares but to be joft, I die : 
'Ti» too much odds againft me, I'll depaiti. ■ ' 

And finilh OKatnefs m fome lafer time.~ 

j6-chi. By Heav'ntis Burr/s Plot to fright yon hftiC*;^ ; 
That, Cdward-Hke, you might tbdake your Ftiendi, 

Gw. ThoDevil forctoM it dying Jtfa//<w«. [ 

uirM. Yes^ foibe Conit-Dcvi], nodoubt: _.' ;' 

Ifyondroan, conlider, good my liotd; 
Vos xre the Miift^-fpring that ntoves. our Fablicb^ ■ _ 
Which once reinov'd, our Motion it no more. 
Without your Fre&nce, which buoys op oni Hesrtl^' 
The League will SiHt beneath a Royal Name : 
Th" inennble Yoke ptepar'd' for Kings, - ■ , 

WiUfoOBbefhakenoirf'-tfiulgs^dtttie-, repied'^l ' ^'^' 
And things undone, pa& future Means to do. 

Cmv. I Jaicm not* I begin to tafte hit ReaSau. 

«4 t^f^'Duke #f Gwfe. 

Arehi. Nay, wcrfLthfrDaDger.cejWui of jfoarSdw,, 
An A& fo m^n would , loft you all xbW" Fnend», 
And Wvc- you Angle to the TyrajKlTRilgc : 
Then .Utier 'tu to hazard Life alone.. . 
Than Life, and Friends,' and R«mtatton too. 

Gfii. Sincc.marel:aiacca)£na'a, I'llliandtllcfltociE^^ 
Whejrc-c>r lie dares to call, T dare to go. 
MyFriends are many, £uthiid, and uDited;., 
He will not vesture on fo lalli a De ed : 
And now I wonder I IltonM fear tfiatForc^,. 
Wluch I h^Yc us'd to conquer and contemn. . 

, , . f sta- Mannpotier. 

ArcBi'. Your Tempter comei, perhafw to. tarn the- 
And waravftif notto^. - (Sade,.. 

Gw. O/ew^ct-nM. , ' ,", " 
I will be there. , ^,,,.jj!fn'a-JrciBi&^f(idCar£Mai.- 

What can ffie mean,' Repent ? ' 

Or is it call betwirt the Kins jnd hef 
Tofoandmel Contdwhat'wm,l[Warmtmy Heart-. 

I*ftaeafl wjtj^i'i^ti, , it^! Iftf; tnuwavrof I 

Mar. Dd yntt pot 'wonder at this Vict; 'Sir? 

Gmi. No, Madam.^tat h^ have gain*d tlie Foitif, 
Of mightieft Mind^ towqQder'nQvv'at'niKbaigl 

Mar. Believe me,' Git^, 'tiy^ ^lantly ic^v*d>. . 
Ifyoaequld on'yi'tbiv.'ttielnfide tfl"., , 
Why cam© that Sigh u^c^Il'df rFw love'of me. j- 
Partly, perhaps, fet niert(,ftr^inl,,ofjGI^w 
Which now. again ^if^et j^tyCifLSjii;^^ ^ , . • . t , _ 
As if you fotfn'd Jtot I' fli(i«|ld JfnojBi y^n^ F^KFm ■ • 

Gui-.l change; tistrite, bec^ Iloirf «?" ¥'U*- 
I^veyoii,' QHeai''ji4 c'eaiat&yov^jL^^^tt,., '■-- 

Jtelt^OQA^vcenaC tjia* very:Moji^mt,,! j '. ', ."' 
I know yoiUl,r^|W fStrax"mc lO-theEiiijj,- .., ,,.',;', 

Mar. OGuifi, Inpfe^did-i bd{,. Sjf,Tjli^- , 
ToteU |^,_i^^uftfl(!y^fe«.i*)|fl%s";j) .,'/■■;-"■ .■: /. 

3T&# ©«*<? fl/^Guifc. «j 

Gui. TheK&g'iatBfeV, andjrouhavereafottfiirtj 
Therefore whuunT to expeft fh)m PitYt 
From yours, I mean, when j6)i bebola me Saiat 

Mar. Firit uiCwer me,, and then I'llfpeak mvHtUtf 
KaveyoD, OCxi/^i fisce your btft.folemn Oulis, 
Stood firm to whM ywx fwore I Be pfaun, my Lord, 
Or ran it o'er k whiloi beoiule agaia ' 
I tell yon I mnfl never fee yow more. 

Gtd. Newer! fiw't fetonbrtheKmKto fift nw- 
Wl^^ by that Never thcn> ^ I have Twom 
I> trttCf at tkit f&e'KinK defigns to end me. 

Mar. Keep.yoBf Obedience, by the Saints yon live.' 

Gui. , Then auk, 'ti» judg'd by Heads grown wliko 
This vm.Il^)>eni«wu to cot me off. (in Council, 

Mar. By Heaven, then yiot're fbrfwoni, yooVe broke 
Tonr Votn. 
.- Gid. —Byjoa, the Jcfttce of the Earth, Ihnrenot. 

Afcr.Byyo^OiflenibleT of the World, jroahavei 
Z know the King. - . 

Gui. ^— I d« believe yoo) KfaiJanh 

Mar. — I— Muve try'd you both. 

■&& ■* I a ■ M et tat, -Che Bag yon mean. 

iVtfr.— I>>theli!o*CTboilln£AafwmliuttheC*(;/E^ . 
But go to Council, Sir; theie Ihew yonr Troth, 
Ifyoa^eimwcBH^-youVe-firfes b^t©^ ■ - 
If I ihould chance to fee yon ftretch'd along^ 
Your Love, O Gkiji, aal yov AmbitEon gon^ 
That venerable AlpeR, ^ale with Deadly 
J mufi conclude yon menttdyiour End. - (der.. 

Gui. — Yoamnft, yoit.w3l,'Bidi3BitenponmyMB*'i 

Mar. Thei<efiM<e, if yoUatV cMfcioua oftBrcacll, 
Confefs it H> m^ inAtne to thie Kins, 
He has promiE^ndnk t* cfmnier his RevengC, 
And place yon. Deeft'hiM;-u«>lbre'if-yoa>eti|^t, ' 
Myke nie not ftar it bjr Aflleventtoni :• 
Bmfpeak yoar.Hear^ and O rd^tvc me RVly: - 

Gui. —Madam, I ha' thoogliti: andtnill- yoB-wi^ 
, , mjrSodli: 
You law bat now mjr patting 'wdtlfcinyBioiherp 

'" ■' W 

Th. P„Ua ^ of i»i, w d*«cd . 1 .-, 

;-**"■ Tw.b«t«iv4«4,- . ■ ;, • :• 

Drthofe unperklArgiaaom tbir ijra'A 
r vr« no. »b; wi,A frm, feciTtK.™],, , , 
There wt brekt of i.aiid,i,Mci««,. ifJB„. . 

„"* lh« Site tta pai„ J Co„„ rf „o. 

Alar. Gjflxqi OHtj,'nlif>j,a«lIllfllfc»eayoor 
Why have jsJHw? :»l»»,»!*f VeitoK. i»Sit !• 

Stay 'dJl the Sun ri&suiilureyoTr—^^ ■ ' 
Sl.)r'tiUIladw»lhi«Jifw)i»Bi-V_ •. 
t^ ViTgiDf, boned i]ui^,]Vi4'^,^eMi^ . ' 
Afcr. Alul )roi|tS«HJf.v»o3rJ)l»i««l«r'4JM 
^«»BM<)wreavyqtheEwayfi);d«H,! ,, • .... , '. 

AndowkftLookj for, OwewttlyStiM, 

At-Wam'fl Fall; -.if- . i-.[|i. , 

.Jfc. OHeivl'l IliwMiftft,;..' i, '■ 
ft?yHe«tb^ed«fi^lhBf;<|^;^^ _f,, . „ - 

Jtiir. Becaufe^(J*Pj4rf«ivi:0 . 

I«'l?«w«ytp.Ii»'»,«eOT«tJttajGlorK.. ... 
G«. Without 39 Oath I do, therefore .have MerCT, 

tAnd thak-oi)! niMhIcmliiBUjie jne tl«»Ue tkm : 
!Wifi(l<i*.t)»ltJ»«(»liriei;i i . -,-...: 
hich thiu uiynan me, &ay 'till the QnutcU'l o'er - 
ff yoo Ate oliwJit-fttgrKjft BijiftimjortwojT '; -.■ 
To jny MJrayer. .fii tjwak you as my Stunt. . 

If you refiife me, Madam, 111 not murmur. 

Mar. Alas, my G«./<.' O Hw^n whatdid I fey ? 
But take it, take it, if it be too kind, , , 

Hoaour may f acdon il, fince it's my laR. . ' _ 

Gui. O let me crawl, vile as I am, aiw tHs, 
Vqui feewd Robe. Ist poffible, your Hand ! ' 

O that it were my laft expiring Moment. 

Fori (batlMWrtaileehc like again. . -_ > i 

Mv. h'aitnnd,. rty^ProCalyte, j(Ju»bejterWii'» ^ 
Watch yout Athbitiwi. ' ', ' " , ' 

Gm, I hai^nbaebiityoat- '. 
Moft I ne'er fee you morei ' ■ c .i 

Mar. Ihavelwom you mnft not:' 'ii.l>ji«J.^ 

Which Thought thus woH nW Jwre, aeW tirf KacOteii- 

And mJces n»»loitcr when ihcAngelj ttll l^i' 
■ Cw." O ye celeftial Dews ! O Paradife ! 
O Heav'li f- O (bra ! netr to be tafted^moMi- 

The'temperate, devoted 'Marmeuliir 
IsEone. tttoA&ttbuMLlw&teqocadir^a;' - \' 
Gui. A^O'letineteWra itwii^WtW. ' . ',' 

In the bogJulQihQ'refM'ii w Ay onr. P«<*r 

Our Souls fliall meet,— Farewel,»4nd £>'»fag»«ve>^ 

Where no Amotion, nor State-Crime, the Tuipfierf 


But all are Wt^'wid »ll,*BJiqt v> ewh«^tove. 

[4«,V Mar. 

■.-:.,t,j-GoAj^f} ■•■■■■■ -• ■;'■■■ ,, ^^, 

Gui. Glory, where art thQH?-Fwfie> ReV*BgCiAmlnt(^lt, 
Where arc they fledj Tbef&'»Ict upon.myNeiycs:.^ 
My Salt, my Metal, and mv ^i^fk» goae, 
I^^l'd as a Slave that's bod.-iM wkh an Ague,' . ' . 
I.wifli my Flefli were off; What rayn^ thon b^epi'ft \\ - 
Three and no more ! What the* h and liAjyilKaf. then ?" 
ButJQll three Drops !■ and why not jufl'«r« Drot*, ' 
flA Veil s^ four or £ve, or &vc and tyventy i 


S8 Tli/f^uhe/GmCe. 

P^. IXy I«rd, youi Brodiei and th« Atdibilhop 
wait jou. 

Cbi. I«eiiie: down Devil, ha! mnft I ftamUe toot 
Am^ ye Dreamt : what if I thnnder'd now i 
Or if a Raven cro&'d me in my wxy ? 
Or now it comes, beouiie i^ 'Night ? dmmt 
Tlv Oxmctl-HaU Wu faiuwwitb CrimAn.nMUh), 
And all ijie Cieling pkifier'd o'er with Bladi. 
No more, falne Fires, uk) yt dnll roUing Lakn» 
Fathomleft Cave>, ye DanKOAt of old Nighb 
FantODu be gone t if J moH ditk I'U ^ 

S C E'N E tbi Court iefore theCmKil-SaS: 

GriS. Amy9laxGjma»4Maei, Q^tunt 
Ltuxh. $ir, ihcr tre. . 

CWJ/. ,Wh«n tJte Ci>^ coin, raMiBber Toar Ttmuni. 
Make wa^tjiciv for. huEaisftncc: GiveUcjE, 

XiUtrf<KtCar£naIs, eitoifiOen, ffaC»rilMf ^Gsifc, 

' GuL' Weil, Colonel, uk we FfijCBdi t 
Grt//. Faith, I think not. 
Cm. Give me youi Hwd' 
Gn'//. No, &r. that gfVM A Heart. 
Cm. Vet we Ihall dafp in Heav*iw 
Gril/. By Heav'n we fliatl nXr 
Unieb it be with Gnpea.. . 
Gui: TrueGrt^V Sill. 

ir6»2J«4*»/Guife. I9 

Gm*. Ha, Ciptain, you sre well attended t 
If I milltke not. Sir, your Number's lioDbled. 

Ltmii. AU thefe have TervV againil the HnecidH, 
And tltereforebeg.vour(jTaceyouw04ld,rqmeinber . 
Their Woonda and loll Antan. 

Gai. It Siall be done. 
Again, mj' Heart, there is a Weight upon theei 
Boiiwill figh itoff: Captain, fatewel. 

(ExauU Cardinal, Guife, &f . 

Gri//. Shut the Hall-doOT, and bar the Caftle-Gatts ; . 

Mardi, match there, dora- jtt. Captain, to the Door. 


S C E N "E riw Council-Hall. . 

; Gai. IdonotlikeBiyfelfto-dajr. 

^ii. A Qoahn, he dam not 

Card. —Thai's one Man'i 'Thouj^tl lie duel, 
and that's another'!. 

* ' Etttf Grillon; ■ - 
Cm. OMaimtuli^l Hai never fet thee more I 

^eace, my tumultuous Heart, 

In this unequal cirding of my 

I'll ftand it while I may ; O mighi? Natnre ! 

Why thisAIann, why doft thou call me on 

To fight, yet tab m^ Limb* ci all thdr ule ? {S<wmiu. 
Card, na! he's tallen, diafeiura: he comes a^^n..C 
Gtii. I bejr vonr Pardoui Vapoun, no nore. { 

Grill. TffEffea < 

Of laft Ni^t's LetcKei7 with rome working Whon. 

Htv. My Lord of Gmfi, the King would fpeak with 
Gm. OxilaKUhatI OL^mf but ^ more i (you. : 

Yet, Mie Word more, thou huft a Privilege 

IT» t6* Car^fai. .. 

To fpeak with i' Red&ft, O therefore tdl her* ' 

90 Th^ieiifGaX6:. 

If never thdn beholdll me breathe again. 

Tell _her I figW it lfcft,'-f.O Martanktier. {_Sx!i h^/ng. 

G^W. Yottwiil baveall things foxa own way, my Lordj 
ByH«V'ti, I hawRiiriigc Horroron mySou]. * 

Jrebb. I lay again, that Henry dares not do't, 

C«r./. Beware your Grace of Minds that bear like him, 
I know he feonia to Soop to mean Rffrenge ; 
But when fome mightier Mifchief fhodo nis Tower, 
He ihoots at oa«, with Thunder on his Wings. 
AtA makes it Air t but hark, my Lord, 'tis doing. 

Gut- tvf'Ah'n] MtudercTs;' VillaiiU ! ' 
■ Arthb. I hear your Brother's Voice; run to the Door. 

Card. Help. Kelp, the Gwli \f iiiu4tr'd. . 

Jrcbi. Hdp,.help. : ) ' ' 

GrilL Ceafe your vain Cries, you are the King's Pri- 
Take 'em, i}ii;it/f , iDto'yonr^Caftbdy. (ibnent 

Card. We nnn obey* my Lord, ior Kesnn oUls ds. 

The SCENE d^a^^ if bind it a Traverfe. 

lie XhiSft'ts i/ptuheiifEieht:. ihtjjlah bmim all 
'Pirn, hut ihfiniit Head. 

Gai. O Villains ! Hrfl-Sounds ! tloM : 
Murdei'd, OWify, ahitiibt'diirfttySftfirai ' 

■■ ■ :liiH{rd}-a>(w^iiS'wirJi kheli. 

D«gyT£.§Mi»d( r-bofih^ Wli Blood thosks me, 
Down, VaWni ■«<«*, ftA g«tt:: O Miirrmuiier? 
._ . [Filial hiKjei^^UfinhTm: — Diet. 

The Traverji it dra-um. ,7beXim ri/es Jrom hit Chair, 
umei farvDard irilfA ihCiiisel CwMtil. 

JSr*.- O^'tiie Oilfe,, and list >4 the CoiingI,, 
Bid ifltf*^ exccdtb theC^nal, 
Seisw all the §arons LAders, aa I ir^er'd, 
Artttrety'ditili bt kolwci'd Qit yovT Livn- - 

Tbe^ukepfGuiSs. 9i 

Enier Queen-Mother, fettm^dhy tbt Cotti/tHari. 

Oh, Madam, yoo are welcome, how goes your Health F 

fM. A little mended. Sir: wha.t have you done f 
nr. That which has made me King ciFranet, for 
The King of Parii at your Feet lies dead. (there 

^ M. You have cut out dangerom Work, but make 
Wim Speed and Refolution. (it up 

King. Yes, I'll wear 
The Fox no longer, but put on the Lyon ; 
And fince I could refolve to take the Heads 
Of this gi^at InrurreflioD, you the Members 
liOok tot, beware, turn from your Etubbornne^, 
And learn to know me, for I will be King. 

Grill. 'Sdeath, how the Traitors iowr, and quakct 
and droop. 
And gather to the Wing of Us Proteflion, 
As if they were his Friends, and fought his Caufe. 
' ^I'fK-Mwitne&jHeav'n, I gave him treble Wamingi 

iLaaiing upon Guile. 
_ „ think upon't, 

Beware my Sword, which if I once unfheath. 
By all the Reverence due to Thrones and Crowns, 
Nought Ihall atone the Vows of fpeedy Jufticc, 
■Till Fate to Ruin every Traitor brings, 
'That dares the Vengeance of indulgent Kings. 


The End of the Second Volume, 

-„ Goo^^lc 

-„ Goo^^lc