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•■>. * 










I" .• 

I ■ 



Dramatick Works 

O F 

Nicholas Rowey Efq; 




fie A MBtTX^OUS 

fhe Fair PENr* 




Ulysses^ ; 


Km tgmtn hoc agimuSy tttntif, i» fuivert fnlevt 
Otttinmt^ ^ Littntjltrili tierfi$mmi aratrt, 

, Jnv. Jtat.VII. 

FriBtid : And Sold by T. Jauncyy at the Aupt 
withuat 7Mf//#*£«r-. MDCCXX . 

RiOHT Honourable . 
E A R L of 

Warwick and Holland. 

M T L O R D, 

i|0 nie the Honour to 
; accept of the triffing 
Prefcnt I fend you 
with this, of a new 
Edition of tliofe Tr,a- .. 
I gediesIhaVew^ritcenv 
I flatter my felf that 
you will have the Goodnefs- to 

The Dedication./ ' 

receive 'em, fincethey come from jane 
entirely devoted to your ^Lordfliip*s 
Service, and who. allows no body to 
go l?eyond him in his Wiflies for the 
ila^gcft' Incrcafe of ^Honour and^ Pfcff- 
. perity that can bef al yoy^ 

Give me Leave, my Lord, to af- 
fure you,* that tho* I pay a very great 
Refped to th^t high. Rank in which, 
ydilf Birtji has plac'd you ^ yet I have 
a much greater Value for thofe Ad- 
vantages of a good Difpofition and 
right. Underftanding, which you pof- 
fefs ii;i a fuperior Degree to moft young 
Gentlemen of your own, or indeed of 
any Age. Every Body who has the 
Honour to know yoq, knows that na 
Maq; ever fet out into the World 
* more happily than your Lord (Hip has 
done. There was even at your firft 
Appearance ahiongft Men a certain 
Manlinefs in your Addrcfs and Con-, 
verfatibn i ' a Spirit of lEoIitenefs as^ 
good Tafte, uncommon to your 
Years, which made every one -who 


The Dedication. 

had -a Senfccrf thefeE?^ceIlencie!5, ftu^- 
<iious of your Friendfliip^^ ihd fond of 
your Acqufiiiitance. -Foryour Taftfc 
jn Poetry, which has drawn tliis Er 
piftle upon youy I- know none irtore 
delicate , and there is nbthing to be- 
objeded to you? Lord/liip on that 
Score, bet, your Partiality to yonr 
Friends ^ ^aqdof that ko boaV 4ias been 
more fenfible than my felt * I ' niafV 
very juitly fay of ydu, my Lord; what 
ln/kd CowJ^j laid of his Frierid Mr. 

- f 

He Uvi Jfty vorihUfs Verfe^ and likt a Tritni^'^ 
WohU dlw»yijtttd out fomething to eommend, 

Tbo* at the fame time I can't but own 
tlnat thif Leaning xa . tlic favouriblfc 
Sidey is an Error of tlic :Right HaiwJ. 
It isitruerit^may be thougHti my fh«r 
tcreft ;to proHiotc thtt)Qpinion5 odt 't 
fliould. think; the fame, whoever we^fe 
concerned. . /And certamjy, - my iLw^ 
your Taftiet^^iidflricliiaiatidn 'iljfijf^^ t<i^$ 
you to diftinguifti fo finely the Beau- 

A 2 ties 

The Dedication. 

ties rather than the Faults you meet 
with, both in the Antichts and Mo- 
derns, is no lefs a .Mark -of your good 
Judgment than of, your good Nature. 
To be tpnch*d with the Excellency of 
a good Writer requires an Undcr- 
ftapdipg and manner of Thinking in 
the Reader, if. not equal to, • yet at leaft 
with the fqme Turn, and of the fame 
Kind wh:^ that of the Author. Every 
Man that commends, fliows that he is 
.npt affaidi of thit Reputation which 
he endeavours to raife and proted: 
While he who makes it his Bufinefs 
to find Fault and overturn, feems to 
do it out of a Principle of Self-Pre- 
fervation, (if one can allow him any 
Jntentipn fo generous) as if he fcar'd 
Hurt to himfelf from his Neighbour's 
Prpfperity, and could not ftand in 
Safety, but upon the Ruin and Dc- 
ftruftion of another Man's^ Fame. To 
this latter part of Criticifm may be 
fitly applied what Mrt Dryden in his 

I Don 

iDvmSei^Jlian^ fays t of. the : Pofwer of 

^PnhiihiDg, ') \ - . ». 

' ,. • . * ■ 

' i\ild'I bfelievc.iio gooiJ/Man will fev^r ^ 
be fcind olF the Emplbyitienf. Ytou, " 
my Lord; will, I hope, a^^ijrs conti- 
nue to be a Patron and Trbteftor of 

hqpe there may be IbM^kmd ofPraife 

feferV'd forthdft who only endeatrour 

after it ^ if . not, i muft t)wn ,my Pre- 

"teiifions ;that - way are Mipon. -a very 

'RI'/Fbot^. ; «owever:i' ^J^ieve Ffliall 

^ntvcf be fndre'Toilcitops'abrftit ;t|ppfe 

Matters than they di'^alPjr'ddttvd. 

I wqn't deny but ^bat I Ijave the na- 

tural Tendernefs of a Parent fer.thefie 

Children: of ,my Brain i^'^iici hAorft 

bcK^veThife^PhiloToph^ efidtigh to 

'iffa.n4\y>'^3tfd^e^<^^^ inifusMana tnih^ 

dc^d/.^irhoiit my lawfuV-^iekfon': 

• . ' - ' ' . But 

The. DedicaDbilQii. 

iBut Whenever they (hall .be ' fodtid 
guilty of apparent Treafpii againftthe 
Laws oi Parnafjus^ I fhall give 'em up 
with the Refolution of the ^x^Brutus.^ 
1 . belive . there might ,be fpiijethiBg' 
iai^for 'em,* if I flioul^talce the Li- 
Iberty.of writing Examens^ as was done 
-liy.tne elder -CornetUe upon his own 
'Plays* . . But whatever' the Vrench 
thpt^ht of .tl^efe tilings. Lea n't help 
lopl^ing Qn*ein as,aniiifuflFerable'piece 
pf.^yanity ;. 'Tis making Trifles,' M^t-^ 
.ters of the Jaft Gonfc<juenoe and hor 
.portance. And yet Apologies, and la- 
,boui;''d Dilcourfes have been written 
jUppn;^thefe Occ^iioi)^, as if the, Jate of 
z ^atioii depended ^-upon the lingular 
Cojidud^of aJPoenu ' ,./ • 

* • 

" • SiXicH id curat Pd^khf. 

Tho', by the way, I never heard that 
the belt Wjfiter in^ (l^riticifm could 
jpflife the R^putatiqac of a ' rlay , tliat 
fwa^fttnk, by telling tjiie Woxid thev 
Quc^Utahave been better pleasM witn 


, TJbe Dedication. 

it 5 6t deftiroy the Succefs, of one that 
•was well recieived, by upbiraiding Man- 
kind, with tlieir Ignorance in thefe 

- Matters; . They are thefe Petulancies 
that fix fo-^reat a Degree of Cont^fJtit 

viipqii'the 'Names of ^-^tf^ibe^r .and P^?«i 
-and ifthey.did.niot faUvioto tJ^fe ri- 
diculous In vedives upon one anotber^ 
the unlearned /World would vfe *ein 
all with, more Reverence and RefpeiJ^. 
There are tvroi: thiugs/whic^. }iav^ 
been al^bays allowed asthe pcijioi^i 
' Ends in this kind of Poetry; f tf infiru& 
and to delight ^ and if thefe two are 
attairfd, by the Confeffion of the 

- whole Town, : 'tis in yain for any Man 
to cry, Jy hitA, Sifj tW y(M fancy y^ 
are fleas' d Mnd inJirnSed^ yit you ane 
potj and aught mt ta be fleas a and inr 
jiruHed with this ?lay. If my Ad- 
vice might be taken upon th^s Head, 
it fhouid be .always to fubmit with 
Patience to the jm blkk Judgmenfi, to 
be contented tinder Condemnation 
with the ThottghtB of Bon fi tmk 


'*i4n(f^ '<i^ olm Jic ePiu It is indeed^ pret- 

ify hard for Fiefh and Blodi to be 

broii^btto f<> much Humility andRe- 

fignation 5 efpecialiy flnceithe Aflimo- 

flty of Parties bas of kip^ corriipted 

Men's Judgments, and csptled. Peopfc 

t(J ftraiigc^ J Extravagancies of Piartiali- 

fy, not only in contempt of Learning, 

■but the plain Evidences of common 

*Serife, But^ I fency; for avoiding fuch 

^'Misfortune, Diverfions of this kind 

lought not to concern themielves with 

Party Matters. The Enmity and Rage 

of private Men again ft one another 

bas httn too induftrioufly encourag'd 

and heightcn'd already j^anAwe ou^t 

•not tofupply fuch an infernal Fire 

with FueL J thirilc it is^ naxcli 

mdre agreeable to theDefigns of thefe 

•publick Entertainments, to induce our 

rCouiltrymen to meet^ and converfe 

with (t>ne another upon thofe Xerdis 

of Friendftlp^i^ good Nature which 

ithe Geniur of our iNation has bem 

^Mtn^rly inclined to abdve all othei9» 


The Dedication. 

But fince the Word Party may be un- 
derftood otherwife by fomc People 
than it is by me, I prof eft to mean on- 
ly by it tbofe private Confederacies 
and Contrivances of great Men one a- 
gainft another, which are carried on for 
the raifing and maintaining their own 
Grandeur,- upon Confidetations foreign 
to the Care of the State, and ihtirely 
different from its Intereft : Thefe are 
Broils in which Poetry ought to havje 
nothing to do. And yet at the fanie . 
tirtie, as it ought to promote Virtue 
of every fcind^ fo there is nothing it 
fliouid recommend and inculcate' more 
than the Love of our Country. It is 
the firft and greateft Obligation (next 
to and immediately after our Duty tb 
God).thaf'can lye upon any civil- So- 
ciety 5 and when Men of narrow Hearts 
and mean Principles would prefer par- 
ticular Jnterefts, not only to thofe of 
their own Country, but even of thfe 
whx>le' Worlds the Stage and eveiitlite 
Pulpity nought toirccpmiiend xhc catl- 


The Dediication. 

,traryi Virtues with all the Force and 
Eloqijence they are capable ofc 

To write in Defeiicc of the Legal 
Conftitution can never he called beiiig 
of a Party, but is the Duty of an ho- 
neft Man, and a good Subje<a ^ and he 
is tjie Inftrument of Party and Fadicxn 
wlw ha9 Wjckcdacfs enough to con- 
trive the Subverfion of the eftabliihed 
Government, to: abet its Enemies^ aad 
-difcoora^ its Friends. I hope there 
arc but few. oSF this . W:orft . Sort of 
Meti;anM«iig:usv: and that a Zeal fpr His 
.prefeaftvMaJefty. Kiag ^r^^, and his 
F»miij^ the Protcftant RcHgidn^ aiid 
our Libertys, (without all which no 
Mart can be faid to wifh well to his 
(Gountry) will £nd all due Encouragc- 
-ipcat, whcrfivar wc meet with it, cithfcr 
araorigfl(i^e graver Bufinrfa or the Di- 
ver fioiJspfLife^ This is what every fio^ 
!^}\ except the :a»ow;ed Enemies of 
tiie. Government, profeffes to mean^j 
ahdrif/theydoTDcinit,* T don't febwli^ 
tibat efceCrablc Spirit oof J^ancotir /arid 
.;/n Bit- 

Bitternefs fliould be kept up amohgft us#' 
• I could not but congratulate the 
Publick, upon feeing 'Men on all fides 
j^ree fo unanimoulljr as they did upon 
two ' late Occaifions;^ 'I mean . iii the, 
Appiaufe of Mr* Jddifons Cato^ and' 
the Encouragment given to Mr. Fope*s 
Tranflatipn of Homer. For the firft, I good man Tbut muft be.higli-; 
\y delighted with thofe noble. Seqti-". 
irients of Virtue, Liberty, and the 
Love of ones Country that run thro' 
that Tragedy , and for the latter, Mr. 
tope is fo mafterly a Writer in our 
Language, that^he Task he has under- 
taken feems to have been refcrv*d for? 
him. Thefe Gentlemen deferve great- 
ly, and the World has agreed in do- 
ing them Juftice. I hope it is an Omen 
of their Unanimity in other Matters. 
I hope, my Lord, you have along Se- 
ries of good Years bfifare you, 


The Dedicatioji; 

I hope there is an Age coming on, wor-; 
thy fuch an Ornament as your Lord- 
fhip will be to it. Your firft Appearance 
ih publick Life has created an Expec- 
tation bf fomething great and good 
from you. It is now become a Debt 
and Obligation uponyou^ and Idotibt 
not, my Lord, but that you will acquit 
your felf wor hily of it: That your 
Country will be eminently oblig'd to 
you for your Example and Services,; 
andyour Freinds fully fatisfy'd in every 
Hope they had conceivM ot you. That 
araongft the reft it maty be the Pride 
of the latter part , of my Life to let , 
the World know that I have had the 

Honour of being, 


My Lord^ 

Tour LordJIoip's . ' 

Wio(l obedient and 
nwji faithful 
. humble Servant^ 

N. Rowc. 


Ambitious Step-Mother • 


As it is A<5bed at the New Theatre, 
ih Little LincolnS'Inn Fields, 

By His M A J E s T Y*s Servants.' 


Written by 
N.RowE, Efq; Axxthot oiTAMERLANE. 


The Third Edition. 

'Decet hdtc dare dona novercam. 

Ovid. Metam. lib. p. 

Vane Ligutyfrnfiraq'^ antmls elata fuperhis. 
Nequktjuam - — — tentaft'tluhricus arteSy 
Adven'ti qui veftra.dies multebrlhus armis 
VerUredargueret. Virg. ^n. lib. 1 1; 


Printed by J. Darby for M. Wellington, and Sold 
by A. BetTESWORTH in Paternofter-Row^ and 
' F, Clay without TemfU'Bar^ M« DCC. XX. 



• T O T H E 

Right Honourable: 



Lord Chamberlain of his Ma- 
jesty's Houfhold, <stc. 

MyDORD]; . 

F any thing may- atone for the Liberty I take 
in offering this Trifle to your Lordfhip, it is, 
that I will engage not to be guilty of tne com- 
mon Vice ot Dedications, nor pretend to give 
the Vorld an Account of the many good Qualities they 
ought to admire in your Lordfhip. I hope I may reckon 
on it as fome little piece of Merit, in an Age where there 
^ ' A a aver 

h The EpifiU Dedicatory. 

arc Co many People write Pancgy ricks, and fo few de- 
Icrve *cm. I am furc you ought not to fit for your 
Pifture, to Co ill a Hand as mine* Men of your Lord- 
Aiip*8 Figure andStatiofr» tho ufefd and ornamental ra 
the Age they live in, are yet refery'd for the Laboucs of 
the Hiftorian, and the Emenaiomcnr of Poflerity j npr. 
.ought to be afpers'd with fuch Pieces of Flattery while 
living, as may reader the tfiie Hidory fofpefted te ihciAt 
that come a>fter« That which fhouW tMte ep all my Qprc- 
. at prefent, is moft humbly to beg your Lotd(hip*s par- 
don for importuning you upon this account ; for ima- 
gining that your Lordfhip (whofe Hcurs are all dedicated 
to the beft and moft important Ufcs) can have any Lci- 
fure for this Piece of Poetry, 1 b6g. n^ Lord} that you 
will receive it, as It waf tBeaiir<| a Mark of t^y entire 
Rcfpcft and Veneration. 

1 hope it may be fome advantage to me, that the Town 
has not received this Play ill \ to have depended merely^ 
upon your Lordfhip's Good nature, and have ofFer'd 
fomething without any degree of Merit, would have been 
an unpardonable Fault, efpedally to fo good a Judge. 
The Play it fclf, as I prefent it to your Lordthip, is »» 
much more perfed Poem than it is in the Reprefentation 
on the Stage. ~ I was led into an Error in the writing of 
ity by thinking that it would be eader to retrench than to 
add : bnt when I was at laft neceflitated, by rtafon of 
the extreme Length, to cut off near fix hundred Lines, 
^ I found that it was maim*d by it to a great difadvantage* 
The Fable (which has no manner of Relation to any 
part of true Hiftory) was left dark and intricate, for 
want of a great part of the Narration, which was left 
out in the firft Scene ; and the Chain and Connexion, 
which ought to be in the Dialogue, was intew-iipced in 
many other Places; But fince what was omitted in the 
Ading is now kept in, I hope it may indifferently enter- 
tain your Lord (hip at an unbending Hour. The Faukt 
• which are moft generally found, (^nd which I could be 
very proud of fubmitting to your Lordlhip's Judgment^ 
if you can have Leifure for fo trivial a Caufe) are. that 
the Cacaftrophe in the fifth Aft is barbarous, and Ibocks 


^he Efifile Dedicatory. v 

the Audience. Some People, whofe Judgment I ousKt 
to have a deference for, have told me, diat they wim'd 
I had given the latter part of the Story quite anodier turn ; . 
that Artaxerxii and Ameftris ought to have heen pre* 
fervM, and made happy in the ConcIuHon of the Play ; 
that befide3 the Satisfaction which the Spedatqrs would 
have had to have feen two virnious (or at leaft innocent) 
Character^ rewarded and fuccefsful, tho'e might have 
beenalfb a more noble and inftrudive Moral drawn that 
way* I muft confefs if this be an Error, (as. perhaps fc 
may) it is a voluntary one, and an Error of my Judg^ 
ment : Since in the writing I a£lual]y made (uch a fort of - 
an Obje^ion to my- felF, and chofe to wind up the Story 
this way. Tragedies have been allow'd, I know, to be 
written both ways very beautifully ; Butiiiice Terror and 
Pity are laid down for the Ends of Tragedy by the great 
Mafter and Father of Criticifm, I was always indin'd to 
fancy, that (he lad: and remainLing Impremons, which 
oi^ht to be left on the Minds of an Audience, (hould 
proceed from one of thefe two. They (hould b^ ft'ruck 
with Terror la (everal parts of the Play, but alvOays con* 
dude and go away with Pity ; a fort ot Regret proceeding 
from Goodnature, which, tho an uneafinefs,- is not af 
ways dxfagreeable to the Perfon who feels it. It was this 
Paflion that the famous Mr. Otway fucceeded fo well in 
toachiQg, and muft and will at all, times afFed People, 
who have any Tenderneis or Humanity. If therefore I 
had fav'd Artaxerxes and Ameflrisy I believe (with fub- 
miffion to my Judges) I had deftroy'd the greatefl occa- 
Con for Compadlou in the whole ^Play. Any body may 
Perceive, that (he is raised to fome d^rees of' Happlne/s, 
by hearing that her Father and Husband are living, 
(whom fhe had foppos'd dead) and by feeing the Enemy 
and Perfecutor of her Family dying at her Feet, purpoTe- 
ly, that the turn of her Death may be' more furprizing 
and pidful. As for that part of the Objeftion,- which 
, iayi^ that innocent Perfons ought not to be (hewn un- 
fortunate ; the Succefs and general Approbation, which 
BUny of the beft Tragedies that have been writ, and 

A3 which 

Vi The Epijfle Deiicgtcrj. 

which were built on that Foundation, have met with, w^l 
he a fufficient Aniwer for me. 

That which they call the Poetical Juftice^ is, I think, 
ftr'ftly obferv'd ; the two principal Contrivers of Evil, 
the Statefman and Frieft, are punifh^d with death, and the 
Queen is depos'd from her Authority by her own Son 5 
which, I fuppofe, will be allowed as the fevcreft Mortifi- 
cation that could happen to a V^oman of her imperious 

If there can be any excufe for my entertaining your 
Xordlhip with this detail of Criricifms, it is^ That I 
would have this firft'Mark of the Honour I have for your 
Lordfhip appear with as few faults as pofCble. Did not 
the prevailing Charafter of your Lordlhip's excellent 
Humanity and Good- nature encourage me, what ought I 
not to fear from the Kicenefs of your Tafte and Judg- 
ment ? The Delicacy of yourRefleftions /nay be very 
fatal to fo rough a Draught as this is ; but* if 1 will be- 
lieve (as I am fure I ought to do) all Men that I have 
heard fpeak of your Lordfhip, they bid me hope every 
thing from your Goodnefs. This is that I muft fincerely 
own, which made me extremely ambitious of your 
Lordlhip's Patronage for this Piece. I am but too fenHble 
that there are a Multitude of Faults in it ; but fince the 
Good- nature of the Town has coverM, or not taken no- 
tice of *em, 1 muft have fo much difcretion, as not to 
look with an affcfted Nicety into 'em my felf. With all 
the Faults and Imperfeftions which it may have, 1 muft 
own, I (hall be yet very well fatisfy*d with it, if it gives 
cae an Opponunity of reckoning my felf fi-om this time, 

Xour Lordjhtfs mofi Obedknt 

And devcud Humhh Strvanfy 

N. RoWE. 


c vii r 


P R O L O G U E, 

spoken by Mr. Becterton. 

F dying Lovers yet deferve a Tear, "% 

If a fad Story of a Maid*s De/pairy S 

ret move Compajpon in thepityini Fair ; J 
This Day the Foet^ dots his Art etgffl&y^ 
The fofl Acceffes of your Souls to try. 
Nor let the Stoic\ boaft his Mind unmov*d-^ 1 

The Brute Philofophery who ne^er has proved > 

The Joy of Loving or of being Lov*d\ y 

Who fcorns his Human Nature to confefs, 
Andfirivingto be more than Man^ is lefs^ 
Nor let, the Men the weeping Fair accufty 
Thofe kind ProteHors of the Tragick Mufe^ 
Whofe Ttaf4 did'moving Otway's Labonrs et^Wn, 
And made the poerUomMs Qrisfthei^. own s « ' 
Thofe Tearsy their Art^ not Weaknefs has confefi^ 'S 

Their Gmf approved the Nicenefi of their Tafie^ S 

And they v>ept mejl^ beeaufe they judged the beJU ^ J 
O could this Age's Writers hope to find 
An Audiente to Compajpon thtts inclined. 
The Stage would need no Farce, nor Song, nor Vance, 
Nor Capering Monfieur brought from a6live France 
Clinch •4;» J his Organ^Pipe, his Dogs and Bear, ^ 

To native Barnet might again repair, \ 

,0r breathe with Captain Otter Bankfide Air s j 

Majefiiek Tragedy jtjot^4 once agen 

Jin Purple Ponip ,adgrn thefwttting. Scehei 

- - ff,r 

via Prolog a E. ^ 

Her Search jh$idd ranfack all the Antients Stprip ' 
The fortunes of their Loves and Arms explore^ 
Such as might grieve you^ hut Jhou'd pleajeyou more. 
What Shakefpear durft noty this bold Age (hou^d doy 
And famous Greek and Latin Beauties/hew* 
Shakefpear, whofe Genius to it filfa Latv^ 
Could Men in every Height of Nature draw. 
And copy*d all but Women that hefaw* 
Ihofe antient Heroines your Concern fhou* d move^ 
Their Grief and Anger much^ but mofl their lave ; 
Tor in the Account of every Age we find 
The befi and faireft of that Sex were kind^ 
To Pity always and to Love inclined* 
AJferty ye lair-ones^ who in judgment fit^. 
Tour antient Empire over Love and Wit j 
"Reform our Senfe^ and teach the Men t* obey ^ 
They*U leave their Tumbling if you lead the way* 
Be but what thofe before to Ocway were ; 
O were you but as kind^ we know you are as fair. 





E P I L O G U E, 

SpoJ^en by Mrs. Bracegirdle. 

HE Spleen and Vapours^ and this doleful Play^ 
Have mortify* d me to that Height to'day^ 
That 1 am almofi in the mortiS Mind 
To die indeedy and leave you all behind. 

Know then, fince Irefolve inpeace to party 

1 mean to leave to one alone my Heart. 

CLafi favours will admit of no Fartage, 

iharM Sharing f h$ ffpen the Stage. J 


Epilogue.. ix 

To one who tan with one alone be bleft^ 
The peaceful Monarch of a fingle Breafi^ 
To one ■ ■ hut oh ! how hard ^twill he to Jtnd 
That Phoenix in 'jour fickle changing Kind I 
liew Lo'vesy new Interellsy and Religions mWy. 
Still your Tdntaftick jiffttitesfurfite* 
Tourfickly Fancies loath what you fojfefs^ 
And every reftlefs Fool would change his Place. 
Some weary of their Peace and Q^iet gro wn^ . 
IVanf to be hoifted up aloft ^ andjhown^\ 
Whilfifrom the envy*d Heightythe Wife get fafely down^^ 
We find your wavering Temfer to our Cofiy 
Since all o/sr Pains and Care to pleafe is Ufi% 
Mufi'ck in vain fuf forts with friendly Aid 
tier Sifter Poetry*s declining Head : 
Show hut a Mimick Ape^ or French Buffoon^ 
Tou to the other Houfe in Shotds are gone^ 
And leave ue here to tune our Crowds alone. 
Mufl Shakefpcar, Ftetcher, and laborious Bea 
Be left for Scaramouch and Harlequin ? 
Allow ym nw unconflanty yet *tis firange. 
For Senfe is fiill thtfamoy and ne*er can changi h 
Ttt even- in that you vary as therefi^-. 
jdnd e-very day new Ndfions are profefs^d* 
Nay thereat a Wit hasfoundy as lam told^ 
New Ways to Heaven j defpairing of the old : 
. Hefwears he'll fpoil the Clerics and Sexton*s Trade, . 
Bells fhall no more be rung^ nor Graves be made \. 
The Hearfe and Six no lonpr be in faflnony 
Since all the FaithJUl may expeHTranflation.. 
What think you of the Projeff ^ tmfirtry'mgi. 
ril lay afide thefefcolijh Thoughts of dying \ 
^referve my Touth and Vigour for the Stagey 
^And be tr inflated in a good old Age. 



Dramatis Perfonse; 


Artaxcrxcs,, PnVtf o/PcrCa,' EldefiY 

Son to the King Arfaces, by a fir- >Mri Vcrbrugcn, 

tner §lueen» y 

Artaban, Son to Ax&ces, by Artemifiu Mr. Booth, 
Memnofi^ Formerly General to At'J 

faces, now difgrac^d \_ a Friend to > Mr .Bittenot^ 

Artaxences. J 

Mirza, Firft Minifier oJState,inthe\j^^ r...«,I„ 

Intereft ^/ Artemifa and hmb^n. S *^^«^*n* 
Magas, Prieji of the 5«», Friend tol^^^ t>«™,,« 

mrzaLandthe{l!*een. ^Mr.Bowaosu^ 

Cleamhes, Friend to Anzban* Mr.Vzxk. 

Orchanes, Captain of the Guards to7 ,. ^^- , 
the $^en. i^'* *^y- 


Artcmifa, Formerly the Wife of TvcuY 

bzCm a Vet&^n Lerdypow marriedf MrtnS^^ 

to the King^ ,and ^Hunn of Perfia. \ 
Ameftris, Daughter to Memnon, >»'> 

love with, and beloved by Artax- fMrs, BracegWJc- 

cixes. ' J 

Cleonc, T>aHghter to Mirza, in\ 
, love with Artaxerxes^ and belov*d fJHrs, Bowmaa, 

by Artaban. J 

Beliza^ Confident to Cleonc* Afr;«MartiQv 


I II 1 


Ambitious Step-Mother. 


SCEN'EI. A.Royal Palace. 
Entir atfeviritl Dart Mirza ahdliagu. 

ll fares the King ? 

Af 4j, As one, whom when wc numbei 
with the living. 
We fxf the inoft we can ; tho Hire it mud 
Be happier fu, to quit a wretched Being, 
Than keep it on fuch Tenna : For as I entn'd 
The Royal Lodging, an univerfal Horror 
Struck thro my Eyes, and chiU'd my very Heart j 
The chearful Dav wa!! every where Ihuc out 
With care, andteri a more than midnight Darknefsj 
Such as might ev'n be felt : A few dim Lamps, 
That ieebly iified up their fickly Headi, 
Look'd faintly tbrothe Shade, and made it feem 

12 The Ambitious Stejh-Mother^ 

' More difiual by fuch Light ; while thofe that waited. 
In (blemn Sorrow, mix'd with wild Amazement^ 
X)bferv'd a dreadful Silence. 

Aiirx^ Didft thou fee him ? 

Mag» My Lord, 1 did ; treading with gemle {lep^ 
I reached tlie Bed, which held the poor Remains 
Of gresit jirfaces ! jccft as P approach'd, 
His drooping Lids, thatieemM for ever closed, 
Were faintly rear'd, to tell me that he liv'd : 
The Balls of Sight, dim and depriv'd of Motion^ 
Sparkled no more with that Majeftick Fire, 
At which ev'n Kings bave trembled ; but had loft 
Their common ufeful Office, and were (haded ' 
Wkh an eternal J^ight. Struck with a fight. 
That (hew'd me Human Mature fall'n fo low, 
.1 haftily retir'd. 

Mirx* He die^ too fqpo :; 
And Fate, if poflible, muft bedelay'd ; 
The^ Thought that labours in my forming Brain, 
Yet crude and immatuise demands more time. 
Have the PhyCdans giv'n up all their hopes ? 
Cannot they add a few days to a Monarch, 
In recompence'of thoufand vulgar Fates,. 
Which their Drugs daily haften ? 

Mag* As 1 paft 
The outward Rooms, I found 'cm in Confult 5 
iBsk'd 'cm if their Art was at aftand, 
And could not help the King ; they fhook their Heads, 
And in moft grave and folemn wife unfolded 
Matter, which little purported,' but words 
Ranked in right learned Phrafe ; all I could learn, was. 
That Nature's kindly Warmth was quite cxtinft, 
Nor could the Breath of Art kindle again 
Th' Etherial Fire. 

Mirz. My Royal Miftrefs Artemifa's Fate, 
And all her Son young Artahanh high Hopes, 
Hang on this Tucky Crifis ; fince this day. 
The haughty Artaxerxes and old Memnon 
Enter Perfefoli$ : The yearly Feaft 
Devoted to our glorious God the Sun, 

The Ambitious Stef-Mother. z^ 

Ifides tbeir BefignsimderaholjrVea; 
And thus Religion is a Alask for Fa^oii, 
But let their Guardum G^m M\ be Katchfid, 
For if thejrchance to nod, >iny waking Vengeance 
Shall fiirely cjtch dutt Moment to deftrojr 'aa« 

Mag. Tis faid die fiur Amifiris^ Mimmn*$ Danghtti^ 
Ccnies in dieir Compaay. 

AHrKi That iatal Beamty, 
Vtcb moft mal^nant Influence, has croft 
Mv firft and great Ambnion. When toj Btother^ 
Tne fftsttcZander fell by hUmmt^t hand, 
(You know the Story of our Hoofes quarrel) 
I fbt^ht the King for Jufticeon the Murderer \ 
And toconfimi my Intereft in the Cour^ 
In confidence of m^hty Wealth and PowcTj 
A lone Defcent from noble Anceftors, 
And fomcwhat of the Beauty of the Maid, 
I offer'd my CUom to the Prince^ 
Fierce ArtMxtrxntz be^ with rude difiiaifi, 
Refus'd the profier ; and to crate me more, 
Publickly own*d bis Paflion ror Am^firh s 
And in defpight ev'n of his Fathet^s Juftice^ 
Efpous'd the Caufe of Mtmn^n* 

Mag. Ev'n from that noted IBxz^ I remember 
You dated all your Service to the Queen, 
Our common Miftrefs. 

MirT^m 'Tis true, I did fo : Nor was it in vain ; 
She did me right, and (atisfy*d my Vengeance ; 
MemMn was banifti'd, and thePrihced|igracM 
Went into Exile with him* Since d»t tmie^ 
Since I have been admitted into her Council, 
And have feea her, with' unerring Judgment, giitde 
The Reins of Empire, I have bMnamaz*d, 
To fee her more than manly Strei^th of Soul, 
Cautious in good Succefi, in bad unfhaken ; 
Still arm'd againft the uncertain Turns of Chance^ 
Hntoucht by any Weaknefs of her Sex, 
Their ^uperftipoa. Pity, or their Fear ; 
And ii a Woman only in her Cunning. 
Whsu Story tells of g«eat SeiwirnwiJ, 


C4 The Jmbitiotu Sfe/f-^Mother. 

Or rolling Time, that gathers as it goes, 
Has added more, fuch Artemifa is. 

Mag. Sure 'twas a mark of aa uncommon Genius, 
To bend a Soul like that of great Arjaasj 
And charm him to her fway. 

Mirx,' Certainly Fate, 
Or fomcwhai like the Force of Fate, was in it ; 
And ftill whene'er Remembrance fets that Sceoie 
Before my eye5» 1 view it with Amazement. 

Mag. I then was young, a ftranger to the Court, 
And only took the Story as reported 
By different Fame," you muft have known it better. 
Mir%. indeed 1 did, then favoured by the King, 
And by that means a (harcr jn the Secret. 
**Twas on a'day of publick Ftftival, 
When beauteous Artemtfa ftood to view, 
Behind^he Covert of a golden Lattice, 

When King and Court returning from the Temple.^ 

When juft as by her St W Arfaces paft, 4 

-The Windows,, by defign or chance, fell down, 

And to his view exposM he^blufhing Beauties. 

She feem'd furpriz'd, and^prefently withdrew, 

But ev*n that Moment was an Age in Love : 
, eSo was the Monarch's Heart for Paflion moulded. 

So apt to take at firft'the foft Impreffion. 

Soon as we were alone, 1 found the Evil 

Already pa^a Remedy, and vainly 

Hrg'd the Refctttment of Jber mjuiTd Lord - 

Bis Love wasudcaf to all. 

jif4^. WasTiri^^A^abfent? ^ 

Mir. He was then General of the Horle, 
Under old Memnon in the ^^{'f 7^^; , i . . 
But if that diftam View fo much had charm d him, , 
Imagine how- he burnt,^whcn, by my "f ^"^ 
He viewM her Beauties nearer when ^^^^^^^^^^ 
Andevery graceful Sound confpir'd tocharm him: 
Voyof hi Conqueft. and the Hopes, of Greamefs. 
Gave Luflre to her Charms, and made her fecm 
Of more than mortal Excellence. In fhort. 
Alter fomc faint refiftance^ Ukc a Bndc 

The Ambit torn Stef^Mi^ther.- i* 

That ftrives ^ whilej tho eager for the Blifs, 
The furious King cnjoy'^lier : 
And to fecure their Joys, a fnare was laid 
For her unthinking Lord, in which he fell 
Before the fame of this could reach his £arf» 
Since that, (he fliU has bv fuccefsful Arts 
Maintain'd that Power which firft her Beauty gain'd.' 
Mag. With deepeftForefight/ wifely has (ht laid' 
A (lire Foundation 'of the future Greatucfs^ 
Of Artakan^ her onlf darling Son^ 
Each bufy Thought, th^t rolls^within Kef Ireaft, 
Labours for him :• The King, when firft he (icken'dy. . . 
Dedar'd he fhould fucceed him in the Throne. 
Mir» That was a Point well gain'd \ nor were thr 
Of Jirtaxerxes worth our Icaft of fears. 
If Memn^ti^s Intereft did not prop his Caufe* 
Since then they ftand fccur'd, by being )oin'd. 
From reach of open Force, it were a Mafter-piece 
Worthy a-thinking Head, to fdvf Dividon 
And Seeds of Jealoufy, to loofe thofe Bonds^ 
VThich knit and hold *em up ; that fq divided^ 
With eafe they might be ruin'd. 
Ma^ That's a (Hfiiculty next to impofllble* 
Mir* Ceafe to think (6* 
The' Wife and A£tive conquer DlfliculteSj 
By daring to attempt 'em : Sloth and Folly ' 
Shiver and ihrink at iight of Toil and Hazard, 
And make th? Impoffibility they fear ; 
Ev'n Memnon^s Temper teems to give th' occaCon ^ 
Of Wrong impatient, headlong to revenge ^ 
, Tho bold, yet wants that Faculty of thinking. 
That (hould direA his Anger. Valiant Fools , 

Were made by Nature for the Wife to work with^ 
They are their Tools, and 'ti^r'the Sport of Statefmen^ 
When Heroes knock their knotty Heads together, 
And fall by one another. 

M4g» What you've faid. 
Has wakM a Thought in me which may be lucky ; 
Ic'er ^ewas baniOi'd for your Brother's Murder, . 

• Ba There 

' 1 6 The Jmbitious Ste^Mother. 

There was a Frfendfhip *rwixt lu ; and tho thca 

1 left his barren Soil, to root my fcif 

More fafely under your aufpicious Shade, 

Yet ftili pretending Tyes of antient Love, 

At his Arrival here' 111 vifithim : 

Whence this Advantage may at Itaff be madiL 

To ford his (hallow Soul. 

Mir^. Oh much, much more ^ 
*Twas happily remembred, nothing gulb 
Thefe open unfufpeaiag Fools, like Friendlhtjp;^ 
Pull heavy Things ! Vhom Nature has left boncft 
In mere frugality, to fave the Charge 
She's at in leiring but a thinking Soul : 
Who, iince their own fhort Underftandings reach 
Ko further than the prefent, think ev'n the Wifc^ 
Like them, difdofe the Secrets of their fireafts. 
Speak what they think, and tell Tales of themrelvci* 
'Thy FunAion too will varnifh o*er our Arts^ 
And fanaify DiiTembling. 
Mag. YetftiTl 1 doujjt. 
His Caution may draw back, and fear a Snare. 

A/zri^. Tell him, the better to affifl the FniU(L 
That ev*n I wifli his Friendfhip, and would gladly 
Forget that Caufe of Hate, which long has held ui 
At mortal diftance, give up my Revenge 
A grateful Offering to the publick Peace. 

Mag. Could you afford hini fuch a Bribe as that, 

A Brother's Blooid yet unaton'd 

Mhrau No, Magasj 
It IS not in the power of Fate to race 
That Thought from out my Memory : 
Eternal N^t, 'tis true, may cA a Siode 
On all my Facultiea^ ejctinguifli iCnowleci^c, 
And great Revenee may With nqr Being ceaie ^ 
But while I am, mat ever will remaifl, 
And in my lateft Spirits ilill fiv^ve. 
Yet, I would have thee promife that^ and mofe^ 
The Friendfhip of the Queen, the Reftimtion 
Of his Command, and Honours, that his Daughter 
Shall be the Bi^ ofilr/tf^tf^ } fiy any thing ; 


Thou know*ft tke ¥aiih of Courtiers, and their Oaths ; 
l^ikt thoTcof Lovers, the Gods laugh at*em* 

Mag. Doubt not my Z<al to ferve your Hoyal Miftreis^ 
And in her lot^r^ y Qurs, my Friend and Patron. 

Mirz. My worthy Prieft ! Still be ray Friend, and fliar* 
The utmoft of my Power, by Greatnefs rais'd. 

Thou like the God thou ferv^ft, (hall ihine afbft, 
And with thy Influence rule the under World. 
But fee'! the Queen appears ; (be feeros to mu(ey . 
Her thoughtful Soul labours with (bme £vent> 
Of high Import, which buftles Hke ai» Embryo 
In its dark Room, and longs to be difdos'd, 
Redre, left we difturb her. ^ 

[They rrire to th Sids tf thi StSffft; 

Enter fht %jiHn £if$n<Ud» 

gM. Be fix'd, my Soul, iix'd 09 thy own firm BaGs!'. 
Be conftant to thy fdf $ nor ingw the VTeaknefs^ 
The poor Inrefolution of my si^ ; 
Difdain thofe Shews' of Danger, that would bar 
My Way to Glory. Ye diviner Pow'^s ♦ 
By whom 'tis faid we arc, from whofe bright Beings . 
Thofe aftive Sparks wereftruck which move our Clay; 
I feel, and I confefs the Ethereal Energy^ 
That biify reftlefs Principle, whofe A|^ite 
Is only pleasM with Greatnefs like ypur own : 
Why have you doggi'd it then with (his dull Mafs, 
And (hut it up in Woman ? Why debas'd it 
To an inferior Part of the Creation ? 
Since your own heavenly Hands mifiook my Lot, . 
*Tis vou have err'd, not I* Could Fate e'er mean 
Me (x>r a Wife, a Slave u> Tiriba/ks / 
To fiich a thing as he ! a Wretch ! a Husband I 
Therefore in juft Aflertion of ftw felf, 
I (hook htm off, ai}d pafsM thofe narrow Vfmts, 
Which Laws conurive in vain for Souls born gregt. 
There is not, muft not be a Bound for Greatnefs ) 
' Power gives a SaBdion, and nnakes all things jijft. • 

B 3 . Ha 1 

1 S The Ambitious Stef^Mother. 

Ha! M6r\a! Vf onhy Lord ! I faw thee nor, 

'So iMify were mv Facultfet in Tboughftf 

Mtr^* Tiie Thoughts of Frincetdwdl in ficted Privacy^ 
Upknown and venerable to the Vulgar ; ^Bvwmg. 

And like a Temple's liinemioft Receflei, 
Kone eaters to behold the hallow'd Myfterie^ 
Unbidden of the God chat divelb whhtii. 

§Jiu. Wife MirxA ! were my Sotd a Temple^ tk 
Vor Gods and Godlike Connfels to tnhabir^ 
Thee only wouk) I chufe of all Mankilld^^ 
To be the Prieft, ftill ^ourM with accefs ; 
Vhofe piercing Wir^ fway'd by unerring Judgyn^t 
ll(fiehc mingle ev'n with aflemUed Gods^ 
When they devife unchangeable Decrees, 
Andean 'em Fate. 

IdhrK. Vhate*er I am, each Faculty, 
The mmoft Power of my exerted Soul, 
Prelerves a Being only for your Service ; 
And when I am not yours, I am no more* 

^. Time fhall not know as End of my Acknow^ 
Hut every Day of our continuM Lives 
Be witnefi of my Gratioide, to draw 
The Knot, which hoMs our common Intoefti clofo ; 
Within (ix Days^ my Son^ my ArtMhim^ 
Equally dear to me as Life and Glory, 
In puUick fhall efpoufe the fair CU^m^ 
And be my Pledge of everlafting Amity. 
' Mirtj^ O Royal Lady ! yotf out*bid my Service j 
And all Returns are vile, but Words the pooreft. 

g«« Enough ! be as thou haft been, flill my Friendii 
I ask no more. But I obferve of late, 
Your Daughter grows a Stranger 10 the Couw \ 
Know you the Canfe ? 

Mirx* A melancholy Girl: 
Such in her Infancy her Temper was, 
Soft even beyond her Sex's Tendernefi^ 
By N jruro^ fntifiJ, and apt to grieve 
For the Miflwps of others, and <b make 


The Jmhitiofis St ef -Mot ben 1 9 

The Sorrows of the wretched VTorU her own : 
Her Clofct aad the Gods Qiare all her time, 
Except when (onlf by (bine Maid attended) 
She leeks (blue Ihady folttary Grove, 
Or br the gentle Murmors of Comt Brool^ 
Sits Mdly liftning to a Tale of Sorrow, 
Tni with her Tears fbe fwdlthe narrow Streahi. 

§lm. It is not well, thefeThoughtf muft be remov'd : 
That eatintg Canker, Grief, with waftful Spite,* 
Preys on the roiy Bloom of Yooih and B^uty : 
But Love (hall oiafe away thefe Clouds of Sadntfr ; 
My Son (hall breathe fo warm a Gale of S^hi, 
As (halldiflblve thofe Icicles, that bang 
Like Death about her Heart. 
Attend us, hohfAfMgas^ to the King, 
Kor ceafe to importune the mighty Gods 
To g^m htm Health, tho aiaSi 1 fear in vain* 

[Exh a«w», Magas, ^nd Afnndantf. 

Manet Mirza. 

Aifrc* This meddling Prieft longs to be found a Fool ) 
Thinks he that Mtmnmj Soldier as he \$^ 
Thoughtlels and dull, will liften to hisSoothii^ ? 
Howe'er, I gave his wife Proposal way, 
Kay, urg'd him to go on ; the &allow Fraud 
Will ruin him for ever with my Enemies, 
And make' him firmly mine, ipiteof his Fears, 
And natural Inconftane^. 
While Choice remains he will be M unftcdcy, 
And nothing but Heceffity can fix him. [Exin 

Entir Artaxerxcs, Memnon, and Attendants. 

Aftax. Methinks, my noble Father and my Friend^ 
We enter here like Strangers, and unlocked for ; 
Each bufy Face we meet, wah Wonder ftarts. 
And feems amaz*d to fee us* 

Mem. Well mav th* ignoble Herd 
Star^ if with bereft Steps tbjsy i|^||wares 

20 The Ambitiotu Shf-Motber. 

Tread on the Lion's Walk ; a Prince's Genius 

Awes with fupiner Greatnefs all beneath him. 

with Wonder they behold the great Arfaces 

Reviv'd again in Godlike Artaxirxeu 

In you they fee him, fuch as oft they did 

Returning from his Wars^ and crowned with Conquefi^ 

When all our Virgins met him on the way. 

And with their Songs and Dances bleft his Triv^mph ; 

Now bafcly awM by faftious Priefts smd Women, 

"l^ey ftart at Majefty, and feem furpriz'dy ^ , 

As if a God had met 'cm. In Honour's Name, 

Why have we let this be? Why have welanguifli'd ? 

And fu£FerM fuch a Government as this 

To wafte our Strengtii, and wear bur £mpir« low*? 

Artax, Curft be the Means by which tbefe Ill8.aro/e> 
Fatal alike to mt as to my Country ; *. 

Which my great Soul, unable to revenge, 
Jfas yet with Indignation only feen. 
Cut ofF by Arts of Coward Priefts and Statefineo, 
Whom I difdain'd with fervile Smiles to court, 
From the great Right which God and Nature gave. 
My Birthright to a Throne. 

Mem. Kor Priefts, nor Statefmen, 
Could have compleated fuch an 111 as that. 
If Woman had not mingled in theMi(chief ^ 
If i4f/fi»//^ had not, by her Charms, 
And all her Sex's Cunning, wrought the Kli^ 
Old, obvious to her Arts,' decay 'd inGrisatittiiy 
Dead to the Memory of what once he was, 
}uft crawling on the Verge of wretched Lifc^ 
A Burden to himfelf, and his Friends Phyi 
Among his other Failings, to forget 
All that a Father and a King could ow« 
To fuch a Son as you were ; to cut you ofiT 
Fro^ your Succeiuon, ftoiti your Hopfes of Emptre^. 
And graft her upftartOfispring on to Royally, 

Artax. But if I bear it. 
Oh may Hive to be my Brother's Slav^. 
The Scorn of thofe' brave IHends that own Wf CauTe } . . 
May you, my Btbec fpum me for a Cowair^ 

' " May ' 

The Jmbitiaus Stef^Mcthtr. 21 

May all my noble. Hmcs of Loye amf Gkny* 
Leave me to vile De^atr. By keaven, my Hkarr 
Sits Ikhter in mv Boram, when I think 
That I this day (hall meet the Boy my Brother,. 
Vhofe young Ambition with a/piring Vf 119 
Dares ev'n to mate my Greatnefi. 

Mfm. Fame, that ^>eaks 
Minutely eveiy Ctrcunmance of Prin^ 
Defcribeshtna bold, and fiercely fond of Power; 
Vbicb ev'9 in fpite of Nature lie afKfts : 
Impatient of Conmiand, and hardly de^og 
' To be controUM by his imperions Mother. 
*T\t iaid too (as no means were left unnyd, 
Which might prepare and fit him to contend 
Vah a Superior R^ht of Birth i^d Merit) 
That Books, and the politer Arts, (which tho(e 
Who know admire) have been his Care % already 
He mingl^ in their Councils, and they triift 
His Youth with Seaets of important Villany* 
TheCrowit9 tai^ht b^ his Creatures to adrnfreUb^ 
Stfle him a God in VTifcbm* 

^r/«x« Be that his Glory : 
Let him with. Pedants hunt for Praife iff Booh% 
Pore out his Life annongft the lazy Gown-men^ 
Grow old and vainly proud in fancy'd Knowl^V 
Unequal to the Task of vaft Ambttioir: 
ilmbition! the DeCre of a^ve SouU^ 
TlMt pufiies- 'em beyond the Boundro f Maiuie 
And elevates the Hero to the Gods* 
But (ee ! my Lcrve, your b^wceous Danglhcer MM^, 
And ev'n Ambitiofv fickens at her fig^ 

Entifr Ameftrii aUmAH 

Hcvenge^ and fierce Defires of Gk)ry, ceafe 
To urge my Pafiions, mafterM by~hier Eyes % 
And onlv gentle Fires noowwarm my Bieaft. 
Amefl. I come, my Father, to attend your Older* 

rr« Memnon. 
Ai#;w« 'Tiswdl; andlwouUhave theeMbcnearme. 

• The 


32* The Ambitious Step^Mdtheti/ 

The Malice of the Fa^ion which I hate, 
VTould vent it felf ev'n on thy lanocen^ei 
Wert thoa not fafe under a Father's Care/ 

Artax. Oh fay a Lover's too ; nor can you hav«^ 
An Intereft in her Safety more than mine* 
Love gives a Right fuperiot ev'n to Nature ; • . 

Or Love is Nature^ in the noUeft meamng 
The Caufe and the Preferver of the World. 
Thefe Arms that long to prefs thee to my fiofom^ 
For ever (hall defend thee. 

Mem. Therefore, nay Son, 
Unto your Care I leave our comtnott Charge $ 
Ttgranes ivitb our Friends expe^^s nay Orders^ 
Thofe when I.havedifpach'd, upon the Inftftilt ^ 
I will return, and meet at your ApartnleEit. [Exit Menu- 
Art ax. Come to my Arms, and let me hide thee there^ 
From all fhofe Fears that vex tlw beating Heart, 
Be fafe and free from all thofe fancy 'd Dangers^ 
That haunt thy Appreheniion* 
Amifn Can you btame me; 
If from Ketirement drawn, and pleafihg. SoUtud^l^ 
I fear to tempt this ftormy Sea the World, 

Whofe evVy Beach isftrew'd wkh Wrecks, of Wretches^ 

That daily perilb in h ? Curft Ambition ! 

Why dofk thou come to trouble my reppfe^ . . 

Who have ev'n from my Infancy difdaim'd thee ? 
Arta^* Ccafe to complain^my Lbvc,and let no x tigfae 

But what brii^Peace and Joy approach thy Breaft^ 

Let me impart my manly Fires to. tbee> 

To warm Ay^Fancy to a Tafte of Glory-; / 

Imperial Power and Porpk: 6reamefs;wait thee^ < 

And fue for thy Acceptance : by the Sun,. 

And by Arfacei^ Head, I vAW not mount 

The Throne of Cyr/#j, but to (hare it with thee, 

Amef. Vain Shews of Happinefs ! Deceitful Pageantry f 

Ah! Prince, hadft thou but known the Joys which dwell 

With humbler Fortunes, thou wouldft qirfe thy iUyalty* 

Had Fat€ allotted us fome obfture Village^. . 

Where only bWft with Life's Neceffities, 

We might We pa&'d in Peace our happy Days, ,, 

° * Free- 


The Ambit iom Stef ^Mother. 27 

free from the Cares wWdi Crowns and* Empires bring • 
There no StepMother, no Ambitious Brother 
No wicked Statefrocn, would with impious Arcs 
Have ftrove to wreft from us our fraall Inheiitance 
Or ftir the Cmple Hinds to noify Fa£h*on ; * 

Our Nights had all been blcft with balmy Slumbers 
And all our Waking Hours been crown'd with Love, 
. Art. Exquifite Chartnior ! naff by OrofmAd^s 
I fweaf, thy each foft Accent melts my Soul : 
n'he Joy of Conqueft, and immortal Triumph, 
Honour and Greatnofs, al^that ,firw the Hero 
To high Exploits, and everiaffing Fame, 
^arows vile in fight of thee. My haughty SouJ, 
By Nature fierce, and panting after Glory, 
Could be content to live obfcure with thee, 
forgotten and unknown of all butmy Ameftns. 

Amtf, No, Son of great Arfaui^ tho my Soul 
Shares in my Sex's. VTeakncis, und would fly * 
Ironi Noife and Fatflion, and from fatal Grcatnefi^ 
yet for thy fake, thou Idol of ray. Heart, 
(Nor will I blufh to own the facred Flame, - 
Thy Sighs and Yows hive kindled in my Breafl) 
Jor thy lov'd fake, fpite of my boding Fears, 
1*11 meet the Danger which Ambition brings. 
And tread one Path witb thee: Nor fhalt thou ]q(c 
The glorious Portion which thy Fate defigns *hee> ^ 
For ^^Amefir'ts^ Fears* 

Art. Give me thofc Fears 5 
For altthings! will be well. 

Amtf. Gr^ it, ye Powers : 

iiis Day before your Altars will 1 kneel, 

^here all my Vows fliall for my. Prince be offerM ^ 
StiH^let Succefs attend him, let iMankiod ' . 

Adbi^n^. him jfouryiflbLe Divinity';. . > ' 
Nor will 1 Importune yOufocmy (elf, ... * 

But fum up all X ask in Artax$nus, 

Art. And doubt not biit the Gods willJcit^ly hear; 
Their Virgin Votary, and grant her Pray'r j 
Our glorious Sun, the Source oi Light and Heat^. ' 
Whofc Ittfluence che^nrs the Wprld he did create^ 

' Shall 


±^ The Ambitiom Stef^Mother. 

Shall (mile on thee from his Meridiaa Skies, 
And own the kindred Beaudes of thy Eyes ^ 
Thy Eyes, which, could his own fair Beams decay, 
Might ihine for him, and bleG die World with Day< 

* ^ 


A c T a 

S C E N E I. M Afartment of ^ Palace. 

Emtr Memnoo «iM/Magas« 

Mm. 89tfiffl| HO^ E who aic wife 'in Courts, my holy 
^^^ Sir, 

Make Friendfiups with theMinifters of 

Nor feek.the Ruins of a wretched Extl^ 
Left there thould be Coma&pon In Misfoctiinei^ 
And make the Alliance fatal 

M4g. Friends like MuntM^ 
Are worth being fought in Danger: Stncf this Ag^ 
Of moft flagitious Note, degenerates 
Ffiom the fiun'd Verme of our Anceftors, 
And leaves but few Examples of tbenr Excdlence^ 
Whom Ihould we feek for Friendfliips butthofe few, 
Thofe happy few, within whofe Breafis alone 
The Footfteps of k)ft Vertue yet remain ? 

Mem. I prithee Peace! for nothing inisbjawict 
The Man thatwouldbcthoi^a Friend, bkeFlattcry, 
Flattery! the meaneft kind of bofe diflembhnfo 
And only usM to catch the g^fleft Fbols ; 
Befides, it ftains the Honour ^ thv Fuj^iij 
Which, like the Gods thou ferv*ft, IhouU be fincere.- 

Af4f.. By that Sincerity, by all thcService 
My Friendftiipcan cxprcfs, I woidd approve it i 

The Amiitious Stef •Mother. ^5 

And the 1 w«at not from P0rfipcHs 
Companion of your Exik, yet my Heart 
Was with you wH ; and what I could I dkl^ 
Befeechiog ev'ry God for your Return : 
Nor were tbofe -Vows in vain, fin«e once again 
'Tis given me to. behold my Friend ; nay more. 
Would you agree, to keep you here for ever. 

Memy The Gods, 'tis true, are juft, and haye^lliop^ 
At length decreed an end of my Misfortunes ^ 
At leaft they ^ive me this, to die with Honour, 
When Life grows vile or burdeiirome, 

Mag.. By me they offer all that you can ask. 
And point an eafy wfiy to ^appinefs. 
Spare then the Wounds our wretched Country fears^ 
The thoufand Ills which Civil Difcord brings. 
Oh ftill that Noife of War, whofe dread AUrms 
Frighten Repofe from Country Villages, 
And ftir rude Tumult up, and wild Difba^ion 
In all our peaceful Cities. 

Aiim* Wimefsfprmc, 
Ye awfid Gods, who view our inmoftThoughti ! 
I took not Arms, till urg'd by Self-deftnce, 
The eldefl Law of Nature. 
Impute not then thbfe Ills which may enfue 
To me, bat thofe who with inceflant Kate 
PinrfiM my lJf% whofe Malice fpreads the f teme 
To everv Far^ that my devoted Fabrick 
May in'tBe upivei^d Ruin burn • 

Mag. And yet ev'n there perhaps you judge too rafhly ^ 
Impetuous Pamori hurries you fo fau^ 
You cannot mark the Advantage of your Fortune. 

Mem» Hasnoctliei.awbeenurg*dtofet'aBrand 
Of foul Difhommr on mv hoary Head ? 
Ha ! Am I not pfofcrib'ci ? 

Mdg. Fovget that Thought, 

That "larring grates- your Soul, and turns the Harnoony 

Of blefled Peace to curft infernal Difcord. 

Hate and kl iital Caufes all (ball ceafe, 

Aqd M9mmnh Name be honourM as of okit _. 

C The 

a6 The Ambitious Step-^Mpther. 

The braveft and the moft fuccelsful Warrior, 

The fortunate Defender of his Country, 

Mem. 'Tis true, (aor will it feem a fidaft CO OWn} 

I have fought well for Ferfia^ and repayM . 

TheBenemof Birth with honeft Service ; 

full fifty Years harnefs'd in ru^ed Stee]^ 

I have endurM the biting Winter's Blaft, 

And the feverer Heats of parching Summer ; 

While they who loird at home on lazy Couches 

Amidf^ a Crew of Harlots and foft Eunuchs, 

Were at my Coft ftcure in Luxury : 

This is a Juftice MirT^A^ felf muft do ni^e* 
Mag^ Even he, tho fatal Accidents have fet * 

A moft unhappy Bar between your Friendfhip* 

Lamenting that there had been Caufe of Enmity, 

And owning all the Merit of your Vertues, 
Will often wifti Fate had ordain'd you Friends. 
Mem. Our God, the Sun, fhall fooner change his 
And all the Impoflibilities which Poets 
Count to extravagance of loofe Deicription, 
Shall fooner be. 

Magm Yet hear me, noble Mnnnon ; 
When by; the Duty of my Priefthood mov'd. 
And in juft Deteflation of the Mifchiefs. 
Intefline Jars produce, I urg'd wife Aifrz^a^ ' 
By his Concurrence, Hdp, and healing Counfels^ 
To flop thofe WQunds at which his Country bleeds ; 
Griev*d at the Thought, hevow'd his whole Endeayour 
Sliould be to clofe thofe Breaches : 
That ev'n Cleander^s Death, and all thofe Quarrels 
That long have nourifli'd Hatred in your Houfes, 
Should be-in Joy of publick Peace forgotten. 

Mem. Ohcouldfi thou charm the Miliceof a Statefman, 
And make him quit his Purpofe of Revenge, 
Thy Preaching might reform the guilty World, 
And Vice would be no more. 

Mag. Nay, ev'n the Queen 

Will bind the Confirmation by her Son, 


The Ambitious Stef •Mother. ty 

And asks the fair Ameftris for Prince Artahan. ■ 

Mtm. V^crc that the only Terms; it were infpoflible.^ 

Mag, You would not ihun the Alliance of a Prince? 

Mem. No ; for it is the Glory of toy Fate, - 
That Art axtr Tits is defign'd my- Son, 
With every Grace and Rbyal Vcrtuecrown'<f ; 
Great, juft, and merciful, iiich as Mankind 
(When, in the in&nt World, (irft Governments* 
B^an by chance) would have deiignM a King;; 

MAg. UAboiuded Power, and Height of Greatncf^, 
To Kings that Luftre^ which we think divine ; , 
The Wne, who know 'em, know they are but Men, 
Kay, fometimes weak ones too: the Crowd Indeed, , 
Who kneel before the Image, not the G6d^ . 
Worftup the Deity their Hands have madtf. - 
The Name of Artahan will be as great 
As that of Cyrii5,, when he (hall poiTelt 
(As fure he (ball) lus Throne. 

Mem. Ha! What means he? 
This Villain Pried ! But hold my Rage a little, 
An^ learn Diffimulation ; 1*11 try him further: (^AJtde. 
You talk in Riddles, when you name a Throne, 
And Artahun ; the Gods, who portion out 
The Lots of Princes, as of private Men, 
Have put a Bar between his Hopes and Empire. 

M0g. What Bar? 

Mem* The beft, an elder Brother's Claim. 

Mag. That's cafilyremovM ; the King their Father 
On juft and weiglicy Reafons has decreed 
His Scepter to the younger ^ add to this, * 
The joint Concurrence of our Perfian Lordly, 
Who only want your Voice to make it firm. 

Mem* Can I, can they, can any honeft Hand, 
Join in an AA like this I Is not the Elder 
By Nature pointed out for Preference ? 
Is not his Right inroU'd amongft thofe Laws 
Which keep the World^s vaft Frame in beauteous Order? 
Ask thofe thou t^m*(t but now, what made them Lords ? 
What Titles bad they had, if Merit only 
— - - - ' C 2 Couli 

-j8 The Ambitms Stef^M^ther. 

Could have coafer'd a BLi^ht ? if Kature had not 
Srrove hard to thruft the worft-deferving firfl^ 
And (lamp'd the noble Matk of Elderifaip 
Upon their bafer Metal ? 

Mag» Sure there may be ' 

Keafons of fb nriuch Power and cogent Force^ 
As may even fet afide this Right of Birth ; 
If Sons have Rights, yet Fathers haye 'em too* 
•Twere an invidious Task to enter into 
The Infolence, and other Faults, which movM 
Royal Ar faces to a juft Difpleafiire 
Againft his eldeft Son, Prince Artaxer^es,' 

Mem, Ha ! dare not for tliy Life, ' 1 charge thee dare- 
not . 
To brand the fpotlefs Vertue of my PrinCc 
VTith Fallhoods of moQ bafe and damnM Contrivance, 
I tell thee, envious Prieft, fhould the juft Gods 
Require fevere Account of thy paft Life, 
And charge Remembrance to dtfpofe thy Crimei^ 
In Rank aiid hideous Order to thy View, ' 
Horror and Guilt of Sod would mak^ t!hee mad. 

Mag. You take the Matter further than I meamc \t % 
My Friend (hip only aims at your Ad vantale^ 
Would point you out a Way to Peace and Honour^ 
And in return of this, your Rage unkindly 
Loads me with Injuries. 

Mem. Piwz^ ! 1 cannot bear thy bafe Diffemblingi 
My honeft Soul, difdairis thee :ind thy Friendfliip. 
How haft thou dar'd to think fo vilely of me, 
That I would cond^cend to thy mean Arts, 
And traffick with thee for a Prince's Ruin ^ 
A PrincQ! the Joy and Honour of Maikind^ 
As much fuperior to the reft of Kings, 
As they themfelves are above common Men ; 
And is the very Image of the Gods, 
Wer't thou not privileg'd, like Age and* Women, 
My Sword (faould r^ch thee, and revenge the Wronj^ 
Thy Tongue has done his iFame* . 
Map Ungrateful Lord ! 

Would'ft thou invade my Lif e, as a Retoni 



The Ambitious Ste^Mother. 29 

Tor ptoflfer*d Love ? But let th*-Event declare 
How great a Good by me (incerdy oSer'd 
Thy dull Rpmanttck Honour has refused* 
And fince I have difcharg'd the Debt I owM 
To former Friendfhip, if the Gods hereafter 
Send Ruin down, and plague thee with Confufion, 
Remember me in vain, and curfe thy Folly. [^Exit Mag. 
Mem. No, my Remembrance treafures honed 
And holds not things like thee; I fcom thy Friendlhfp, 
And would not owe my Life to fiich a Villain: 
But thou art hardly Saint enough to prophefy. 
Were all thy Tribe like thee, it might well ftartle 
Our Lay unlearned Faith, when thro fudr Hand* 
The Knowledge of the God« is reached to Man, 
But thus ihofe Godsinftru^bus, that not all 
(^ho like Intruders thmO: into their Service^ 
And turn the Holy Office to a Trade) 
Participate their facred Influence* 
This then is your own Caufe ; ye awful Powers, 
Revenge your felves^ your violated AUars, 
That thofc who with unhallow'd Hands approach, 
May tremble at your Juftice, [fix// Mcmnon. 

SCENE II. Ti^e Palace. 

Enter the Uueen, Artaban, Mirza, Magas, and Atten- 


Artah. My Brother thea h come? 

MirT^. My Lord, 1 faw him, 
With him old haughty Memnon ; as they pa&*d. 
With fierce Difdain they view'd the gazing Crowd, 
Aad with dumb Pride feem'd to ncgleft that Worfhip 
Which yet the^ wiih'd to find: this way they moy^ 
'Tisfaid to ask an Audience of the King. 

Qj$. Mircal \i$ well, I thank thy timely C»e ; 
Here will we face this Storm of Infolcncc, 
Nor fear the noify Thunder, let it roll^ 
^^;a bm&i aa4 fpend at once its idle Rage« 

C 3 " Artah 

jd The Jmhitimf Stef^Mothe/i 

Artak Why me^ we thus ]ik« ^vraogling AdvocfltoJ^ 
To ui^c the Jufticc of our Caufe with V0^ords ? - 
I hate this Parley, 'tis tame ; if we mtift nseet^ 
Give mexhy Arms, and let us ftakeat onco 
Our Rights of Merit and of Eiderihip^ 
And prove like Men our Title* 

Mirau 'Twere unfafe. 
They come furrounded by a Crowd of Fneods ; 
To drike thro thefe were dangerous aiid rafti. 
Fate waits for 'em elTewhere- with cdrtain Ruin ^ 
from Mirx^ah Hand expeft it* 

6^. Be it fo : 
Aufpicious Sage, I truft thee with my Fortune, 
My Hopes of Greatnefs, do thou guide 'em ally 
For me and for thy felf. My Son give way, 
Kor let thy hafty Youth difhirb with Oiicrs^e 
The prefent neceflary Face of Peace J 
Occafions great and glorious will remaia 
Worthy thy Arnls and Courage. 

Artab. I obey ; 
And willingly refign th' unmanly TaA, 
Words are indeed your Province. 

MirT^., My Royal Miftrefs, 
Prepare to meet with more than briual Fury 
From the fierce Prince aad Memnonm 

g^. Well I know 
The Infolcncc and native Pride pf each. 
With fcurrile Taunts and blacked Infamy 
They load my Name : But let the Wrecchet rail, 
A Woman's Vengeance waits 'em« « 

Mir^;. They are here. 

Enur ArtaxerxeS). Memnoo, and AtUndantSm 

Artax* Ye tutelar Gods, wh^ guard this Royal Fabricl^ 
And thou, O Orofmades^ the Prote^or 
Of the ^cat Ptrfian Race, e'er yet my Father, 
Royal Arfucesy miogle with your Godheads, 
Grant me once more to lay before his Feet 
Eldefi-born, bis once l9v'd ^r/«cirx^/, 


The AmhitioHi Stef^M)iher^ j | 

To offer my Obedience to his Age ; 
All that a Son can owe to fuch a Father. 
You, who with haggard Eyes ftare wiidiy on mt. 
If (as by your Attendance here you (eeno) 
You ferve the King my Father, lead me to him. 

gj^tf. And doft thou wonder that Mankind Ihonld flart. 
When Parricides and Rebels, in deffke 
Of Namre, Ma'^efty, and Reverend Age, 
With impious Force and ruffian Violence, 
Would rob a King and Father of his Life ; 
Cut off his fhorc Remains' ■■■ 

ArtMX^'Bi] fay'dthou. Woman; 
I prithee Peace, and ui^e not a Reply, 
I would not hold Acquaintance i^ith thy Infimy. 

§lu. Ye righteous Powers^ whoie Juftice awes the 
Let not youv Thunders (kef when Crhnes Bke tbe(e 
Stalk in the open Air, . ' 

Artax. Thy Pneft inftruAs thee, 
Elfe fure thou hadft not dar'd to tempt the Gods^^ 
And trifle With their Juftice : Canft thou name it, 
find look on me ? on m^ whom thj oirft Arts 
Haveftrove to bar from native Right to Empire^ - 
Made me a Stranger to a FatherVLove, 
And broke the Bands of Nature, which ottce hdd me 
The neareft to his Heart. 

6^. Had he not reafon, 
When thou with Rebel Iniblence didft dar^ 
To own and to proteA that hoary Rudian $ 

Z^^^fffing to Memiloiu 
And in dcfptte e'en of thy Father's Jilftice, 
To ftir the fa^ious Rabble up to Arms 
For him 5 and make a Murderer*s Caufe thy owtt* (n)^. 
Mem, I had another Name (not Ihotridft thou move 
Infill ting Queen, to words, did not Remembrance 
With Horror fting my Soul tor Tinhafmy 
Thy murdfefd TirikafAs) When by mv fatal Orders, 
And by bis own h^h Cotirage ui^d, ne fell. 
To make thy \yay to guilty Greatiiefs ,eafy« 
I thought him' then a Tcaytor (for tlw An* 


51 The Jmhitios^ Stef^Mother. 

Had taught the Royal Mandate {o to call him) 

Too big for publick Juftice, aod on that Pretence 

Confenced 10 the Snare that catch'd his Life ; 

So nay obedient Hbnefty was made 

The Pander to thy lAift and b!ack -Ambition. 

Except 4he Guilt of that accurfed Day, 

la all my Iron Years of Wars and Danger, 

From blooming Yeudi down to decaying Age, 

My Fame ne'er Ict^w a ^tain of foul Di (honour ^ 

And if that make me guilty, think what thou art. 

The Caufe and the Contriver of that Mifchief. ^ { 

g^M. What, nam'ft thou Tirihaftts / be his Guilt 
Forgotten with his Memory. Think on Cltandir^ 
And let the Furies that inquire for £lood. 
Stir Horror up, and bittereft Remorfe, 

To gnaw thy anxious Soul. Oh great CUander ! \ 

Unwonhy was thy Fate, thbu firft of Warriors, 
- To fall beneath a bafe AiTaflin^'s Stab, ' 
Whom all the thirfty Inftniments of Death 
Had in the Field of Battel (ought in vain. 

Mtm* In fight of Heaven, and of the equal God% 
I will avow that my Revenge was juft ^ 
My injured Honour couTd not ask for lefs : . 
Since he refusM to do a Soldier's Juitice, 
I us'd him as I oughu 

§^. Amazing- Boldnefs 1 
And dar'ft thou call that Aft a Soldier's Juftice ? ^ 
Didfl thou not meet bim with diflembled Friend/bif^ 
Hiding the Rancour of thy Heart in Smiles • • 
When he <whof€ open unfufpefting Nature 
Thought thee a Soldier honeft a& hiiiifelf ) 
Came to the Banquet as fecure of Peace, 
By mumal Vows rtnew'd ^ and in the Revei 3. 

Of that luxurious Day, foi^etting Hate, 1 

And every Caufe of amient Animofity, 
Devoted all his Thoi^hts to Mirth and Frtebdfiiip : 
Then Mtmnon (at an Hour when few are Villains^ 
The fprightly. Juice infiifing gently Thought^ 
And kindling Love ev'n in the coldelk Breafts) 
CacqualwWmiaxheFaw^f War, " <,a. 

The'Amhitious St^fhMulfer. JJ 

Stote on CUander with a Coward'3 Malice^ c 

And firuck him ro the Hearty 

Mem. By the ftern God, 
By Marsy the Patron of my honoured Warf, 
'Tis bafcly falfe. In his own drunken Brawl 
The Boauer fell. I bore his lavilh Tongue, 
Nor thought him worth my Sword, till (his cold Temper 
Warm'd with the Wine) he dar'd mo to the Ck>mbac \ 
Then pleas'd to meet him in that Fit of Valour, 
I took him at bis Word, and (with my Sword 
Drawn againft his in equal Oppodtionj 
I kiird him while it faded. 

Artax, Ceafe we, my Friend, 
This Women's War of railing ^ when cfaey talk,. 
Men fhould be ftill, and let Noife tire it felf» 
I came to find a Father, tho my Fears 
Si^geft the werft of Evils to my Thottg|bt% 
And make roe dread to hear Arfacti ¥att ; 
Lead, MemMn^ to the Prefence* 

,§^i. Prince, youpafsnot; 
Ciuards kttp^ the Boor : the King your Father lives— 1« 

Artax. Ha ! if he lives, why lives he not to me^' 

Why am I thus (hutont and banifh'd froai htn I * 

Why are my Veins rich with bis Royal Blood ? 

Why did he give one Life, if not to ferve him ? 

Forbid me not to wait upon his Bed, 

And watch his (ickly. Slumbers, that my Youth 

May with its Service glad his drooping Age, 

And his cold Hand Qiay blefs me e'er he die* 

Hay, be a' Q^eeit, and rob me of his Cro^a^ 

But let me keep my Right to filial Piety. . 

§^ Well haft .tbon urg'd the fpecious Name of Duty 

To hide deform'd RebeUion : Haft thou not 

With thy falfe Arts poii<m*d his PeoDle*s Loyalty ? 

What meant thy pompous Prog^efi thro the Empire ? 

Thy Y^ ProfuGon to the fadious Nobles, 

Whofe Intereft fways the Crowd, and flir^ up Mutiny ?- 

Why did thy haughty, fierce, difdainfiil Soul . 

Stoop to the meaneft Aru which catch the Vidgar ? 

Herd with 'em, (awa upim *whp and caceft 'em, i 


} 4 The Ambitious Step^Motherl 

Appeal to them, to them relate thy VS^rongs, 
And make them Judges of thy Father's Juftice ? 
Thy cruel and unnatural Luft of Power 
^as fuilk thyjFather more than all his Years, 
And made him wither in a green old Age. 

Artax. Falfe all as Hell: Nor had I arm'dmy Friendi 
But to defend that Right — -« 

gii. Doft thou not come. 
Impatient of Delay to haften Fate \ 
To bring that Death, the lingerins Difeafe 
Would only for a Day or two deter, 

ArtAX. I hear thee, and difdain thy little Malice^ 
That dares to (lain my Vertue with a Crime 
"It views with moft Abhorrence ; but Reproach 
Is loft on thee, fince Modefty with all 
The Vertues that adorn thy Sex is fled* 

g^ Audacious Rebel ! 

ArtAXm Infamous Adiiltrefs! 
Stain of my Father's Bed, and of his Throne ! 

Artah. -Villain ! thou ly'ft 1 Oh Madam give me way^ 
\To the Qtteeny who holds him^ drawing his Sword. 
Whatever bars my Fury calls me bafe,^ 
Unworthy of the Honour of your Son. 

Qii, Hold Artahan / Mv Honour fu£Fers not - 
From his lend Breath, nor mall^ thy Sword profane^ 
With Brawls or BJood the Reverence of this Place^ 
To Peace and facred Majefty devoted. . 
. Artax. Ha ! Who art thou ? 

ArtaK The Son of great Arfaces* 

Art ax. No! 'tis falfe! thy forging Mother's damnM 
Seek for thy Father in that plotting Fellow, 
The Hero's Race difdaims thee. Why doft thou frowo^ ' 
And knit thy boyiQi Brow ? Doft thou dare ought 
Worthy the Rank of the Divine Arfaas ? 
If fo, come forth, break from that Woman's Arm%. 
And meet me with thy good Sword like a Man. 

Artah. Yes ! ArtaxerxeSy yes! thou (halt be met; 

The mi^ty Gods have held us in the Balanccj 

And one of us is doom'd tp link for ever. 

- No? 


The Jmbitiom Stef -Mother. j $ 

Kor can I bear a long Delay of Fate^ 
But wi{h the great Decifion were ev'n aow«' 
Proud and ambitious Prince, I dare like thee, 
M that is great and glorious. Like thine. 
Immortal Thirft of Empire fires my Soul ^ 
My Soul, which of fuperior Power impatient, 
Dtfdains thy Elderfhip ; therefore in Arms 
(Which give the nobleft Right to Kings) I will 
To Death difpute with thee the Throne of Cyrus. 
Art ax. Do this, and thou art worthy of my Angeri 

Energy Divine of great Ambition, 

That can inform the Souls of beardleis Boys, 

And ripen 'em to Men in ^ite of Nature. < 

1 tell thee. Boy, that Empire is a Caufe, 

For which the Gods might wage immortal VTar* 
Then let my Soul exert her utmoft Venue, 
And think at lead thou art Arfacti^ Son, 
That the Idea of thy fancyM Father 
May raife and animate my leiler Genius, 
And make thee fit to meet my Arm in Battel. 

Artab. Oh doubt not but my Soul is charm'd witb 
So much it rivals ev'n the Joy of Knowledge 
And facred Wifdom. What makes Gods divine, 
But Power and Sdence infinite ? 
Hear only this^ our Father prefs'd by Age, 
And a long Train of Evils which that briugs,- . \ 

Languifhes in the lad Extremes of Life; '. ~y^ 

Since thou wouldft blot my Birth with bafe Pifhonour, 
Be this my Proof otf filial Piety, 
While yet he lives, ceaie we our Enmity ; 
Kor let the hideous Noife of War diftnrb 
His parting Soul. 

Artax. I take^hee at thy Word : 

Let his Remains of Life be Pe^ce betwixt u% 

And after that let all our time be War. 

Remember when we meet, fince one muft fall. 

Who conquers and furvives, furvives to Empire. 

\Exutvt fevfrally^ U^un and Ar»b.^ Anax. Menw 
* "* " (jitimfnis. 


1 6 Th Amikioiis Steff-^MtHherl 

MtrZj^ Mpft fortufiateEyvnt ! which gives us more 
Than even our Wifties could have aak*d. This Tnice 
Gives lucky Opportunity for thinkli^ ; 
^ 'Twill lull theft ihoughtltfs Heroes to Sednrity, 

Mag. Th* approaching Fcftivftl will more confirm it ; 

Of all thofefacred Times which heretofore 

Religion has diftinguilh'd from the reft. 

And to the Service of the Gods devoted^ 

This has been ftill mod venerable held ; 

Among the-Vplgar, Toil and Labour cea(es 

With Chaplets crown'd, they dance tathe ihrillPlpc^ 

And in therr Songs invoke thoie milder Deiues, ' 

That (often anxious Life with Peace and Pteafiire } 

Slaves are enfraachisM, and inveterate Poes 

Forget, or at the leaft fufpend their Hate^ 

And meet like Friends. Pernicious Difcord feems 

Out-rooted from our more than Iron-Age : , 

The Gods are worlhfpM wlthainufital*Reverence, 

Since none, not ev'n our. Kings, approach their Temples 

With any Mark of War's dcftrudivc Rage, 

But Sacrifice unarmM. 

Mirx^ «A lucky Thought 

Is in my Mind at once compkatly form\i. 

Like Grecian Pallas id ' the Head of ^ove. 

When Memnon^ ArtaxerxeSy and their Triends, 

Shall, in obedience to the Holy Rites, 

To-aorrow at the Altars bow uoarmM, 

Onhanes with a Party of the Guards, 

Who m my Palace (luillthis Kight be placM, 

May at that private Boor- which opensjnto 

The Temple, rufti at once, and feize 'em* all* 

The Heads once fafe, the mean Jmdhearddfs Crowd 

with Cfife may be dtl^ers'd* 

Mag. What you propofe 

Wears a fuocefiful'Face, ^ere it as innocent: 

An Aft of fiicb outrageous Profonation, 

May (hock the Thou^t^ev'n of our doM Friend^ 

And nake 'em ftart from an abhor'd Alliance, 

- Thaj 

The AmbinQUi Stef-Mother. 57 

Tbat draws the Vengeance of the Gods upon 'era. 

Atirx* Alt thou the firft to ftart a Doubt like that i 
Art thou (whodoft infpire their Oracles, 
And teach 'em to deceive the ea(y Crowd 
In doubtful Phrafe) afraid of thy own Gods ? 
In every change they were on tny fide ftill, , 

And fure they will not leave thee now for Trifles. 
The Gods (hall certainly befriend our Caufe, 
At lead not be bur Foes, nor will they leave 
Their happy Seats (where frep from Care and Pain, 
<B!efs'd inthemfelves alon^ of Man regardlefs, ; 
They loll fercne in everlafting £afe) 
To mind the trivial Bufineft of our V^orld. 

Mag. But more I fear the (iiperftitious Vulgar, 
Who tho unknowing what Religion means. 
Yet nothing moves *em more than asealous Ragg 
lor its Defence, when they believe it violated. 

Mirz. I was to blame to tax thePrieft with Scruples, 
Or think his Care of Intereft was his Confcience* [Aftde* 
My Caution (hall obviate all thy Fears ; 
We wiH give out that they themfelvf s deCgn'd 
To fire the Temple, anci then kill the King. 
Met matter tho it feem not very probable. 
More monftrous Tales have oft amus'd the Vulgar. 

Mag. I yield to your Dire^ion ^ and to (IrengtheA 
The Enterprize, Will ftcretly difpofe 
A Party of my otvn within tne Temple, 
To join with yours. 

A/irj^. It joys my Heart to think 
That I (hall glut my Vengeance on this Memnon ^ . 
That I (hall fee him ftrive in vain, and curfe 
The happy Fraud that caught him. Lik^ a Lion, 
Who long has^reign'd the Terror of the Woods, 
And dar'd the bolde(l Huntfmen to the Combat \ 
Till catch'd at length within foipe hidden Snare, 
With foaming Jaws he bites the Toils that bold him. 
And roars and rolls hi^ fiery Eyes in vam. 
While the furroundino Swains at^plealuie wound him. 
And make his Death their Sport*: • • '** ' 

Thus Wit ftiil gets the Mattery o*er Courage. 

D ^ottj 

g? The AfAhitioas Slrep'Mvthtr. 

Long time uimiatchM in Vartiie feerb (hone, 
And mighry Fame in Fields of Battel won ; 
Till one fine Projca of ttie Stitefman's Brain 
Bereaves him of the'Spbils his Arms diM gain. 
And renders^ his boaftcd trbwcfs Vain. ^ 

<-.*-'- " J • 


ACT til. 

SCENE L AGardenieka^iugtoMirzz^s 


Ciiotu is difcovcr^tf lying on'a Bank of ffbwm^ Beli^ 


5'ON G, ^y-B. Sioic £y^j 

JJ^FON a'flfddyBankrejf0s*J^ 

jq9 Sighini to the GrotJes difctos^d 
The Story of her Careim 

v-f ^ 

The Vo'caI 'Groves gii/efome reli^ 
While they her Notes return ; 

The Waters murmur b^er her Grief, 
And' Echo feemsto mPArUt 

A Swain that heard th€ N*jfnfhsomfiain, 

Ji^ pity of thjt Fair, 
Thus kindly ftrove to cun her Pain, 
' And tafaher Mind (f Can. 


The J^hifiaus, StffMthr. j^ 

^Tis jufi that Love fhould g^v§ you nfl^ 

^Irom Love jour Tormenii came ; 
TrfAf thdt warm Cordial to your MreaJL 

And moot a kinder Flame. 

How wretched muft the Woman prove. 

Beware fair Nymfh, be^wafe^ 
Whofe Folly /corns another* s Lovo^ 

And courts her ownDeffalr*^ 

Clo. Oh Love I Thoa Banc of an unhappy Maid r 

Stai art thoi\bu(y at nay panting Heart? 

StUl doft thou melt my SoiJ with thy fofi Images. 
And make my Ruin pleafing ? Fondly Ihy 

By Gales of Sighs and Floods of dreaming Teaw 

To vent my Sorrows^ and afluage my Pkffions - ^ 

Still frefh Suppliesrenew th' exhaufted Stores. ^ 

Love reigns mv. Tyrant, to himfelf alone 

He vindicates the Empire of n^y Breafl^ 

And bai^fbes^J Thoughts of Joy for ever. 

BW^ V^hy.are yotr ffiH thus aiieho your felf > 
Why db you: feed and <rhcri(h the Difeafc, 
Thafpreys on your dear Life ? Hbw can you hop-a 
To find a Cure for IjoVe in^ Solitude ? 
Why rather chufe you liot to ftiine at Court ? ^ 
And in z, thoufand gay Divcrfions th^ re, * ' 
To loie the Memory of this wretched Paffion I 

Cleo, Alas f B^//>[4, thou haft n^ver known.' 
The fatal Power of a reii^Iefs Love i 
Like that tyenging GuUt that haunts the Impipite. 
In vain yf^ hppp by flying to avoid iti " *^ ' 
In Courts and Temples it p^rfues us ftill. 
And in the louijeft Claipours will be heard ; 
Jt grows a P^rt of us, lives in our Blood, ' 
And every beating Pulfe proclaims its Fbrce^. 
Oh ! (}iioJt not then ths|t I can fhun my Telf } 
The Grave can' qnlv hide me from my Sbrrqws. 

Bel. Alloy ipe then at I'caft to ftiarc yoiir' Griefs, 
Companions in Misf 6/ tunes make 'em lefs j 

40 The Amhhioui Step^Mother. 

And I could fufFer much to make you eafy. 

Cleo. Sit by me, gentle Maid, and while I tcU 
A wrf tchcd Tale of unreguarded Love, 
If thou in kind Companion of my Woes, 
Shalt (igh or died a Tear for my mifliap , 
My grateful E^es (hall pay it back with Incereft. 
Help mc to rail at my i6o eafy Heart, 
That ralhly entertainM this fatal Gucft : 
And you, my Eyes, why were you ftill impatient 
Of any other fight but Artaxerxes ? 
Why did you make my Woman's Heart acquainted 
With ail thethfou&ud Graces and Perfcaions, 
That drefs the lovely Hero up for Coiiqueft? 

Bel. Had you oppos'd this Paffion in \x& Infancy, 
E'er Time had given it ftrcngih, it might have dyM. 

Cko. ^That was the fatal Error that undid me : 
My Virgin Thoughts, and unexpericnc'dl Innocencq^ 
Found not tKc Danger till it was too late. 
And tho when frft 1 faw the charming Prince, 
1 felt a pleafing Motion, at my Heart, , 
Short breathing Sighs heav*d m my panting Bread, 
The mounting; Blood flulh'd in my glowing Face, 
And dy*d my Cheeks with more than ufual Bliiflies 5 
1 thought him furc the Wonder of his Kind, 

And wifh'd my Fate tad given mc fuch a Brother : 

Yet knew not that 1 lov'd, but thought that all, . 

Like me, beheld and blefsM him for ^s Excellence. J 

BeU Sure never hopelefs Maid was.curpM befprc 
With fuch a wretched Paffion', all the Gods V: , . - 
Join to.oppofo your Happinefs ; 'tfs faid ' . ' 
This dily the Prince (hall wed the fair Ameftris. : . 

Cho. No, my Beliz^ay 1 have nevei- known 
The pieafing. Thoughts of Hbpe : Certain Dcfpair 
Was born at once, and with my Love incrcas d. 

BeL Think you the Prince has e'er perceiv d your 

CUo. Forbid it, all yc chaftcr Powers, that favour 
The Modefty and Innocence of Maids : 
No, till my Death no other Bread but ihlnc 
ShiaU e'er panidpatc the fatal Secret.^ 

Tie J^SitfOiu S^p:^Mia£er. 41: 

could I think that he had ever known 
My hidden Flame, Sbaoie Add GonlUnon 
Would force my Virgin Soul to leave her Manfion^ 
Aiid amm Deatbe^:^*. . T . 
Thoanam'ft the f»r Atnefirit^ ididftiboii' not? 

Bel. Madapi, I did. 

Cleo. I envy not her Happinefs ^ 
Tho (ure few of our Sex are blefs'd like her 
In fiich a Godlike Lord. 
Would I had been a Man \ , » 

' With Honour then I m^ht faavcibught his )Friend&np^ 

Perhaps ftom Jong Experience of my Faith, 
' He might have loy'd mc better thfm <he raft». 
Am'dft the Dangers of the horrid War, 
Still had 1 been the neareft x6 -his fide f 
In Courts aod Triumphs lUll had (bar'd his Jbys^ 
Or when the fportful Chace had call'd us forth^. 
Together had we chcer*d our foaming Steeds, 
Together prefs'd the Savage o'er the Blatn : 
And when o'erf4about^d widi the .plea£i^ Toil;. 
Stretch'd on the verdant Soil ;had ^ptiogether*- 
But whictier does my roving l^ncy wander ? 
Thefe are the fick Dreams of fantaftick Lovew^ 
So in a Calenture, the Seamao^lancies 
Green Fields and flowry Meadows on theOcean,. 
Till leaping in, the Wretch is loft for ever. 

Bf /. Try but the oommon ilenicdies of Love,. 
And let a fecond Fkune expd «he^. 

C/m. ImpoffiUe; a» well thou nayft inu^ine^ 
<Wbeii thou complaiii^ pf Heat^at fcorcbing Moooi . 
Another Sun (hall rife to (bine more kindly. 
Believe me, my Belief ^ I am^own 
So fond of the Dflufion that has charm^dmey. 

1 Jhate the officious Hand that oflers Cure. 
BiU Madarn^ Priace ArtabM^ t 

CUq^ My cruel Stars 1 
Do you then -envy me «iy very Solitude f 
But Death, the W^rcwh's^only ReBiedy, 
Shall bide me from your hated Light for.fvec; 

D 3. Enter 

4?^ The JffAitioiis Stef -Mather. 

Entir Artaban. 

ArtaJn Ah! lovdy Mourner^ ftill, ftill wilt thou Hall 
My eager Love with unaufpinous Tears P 
When at thy, Feet 1 kneel, and fue for Pity, 
Or iuftly of thy cold Regards complain. 
Still wilt thou only anfwer we with Sighs? 

CUo. Alas ! nfiy l»ord, what Anfyfrer can I give ? 
If dill I entertain yon with my Grief, 
Pity the Teinper.of a wretched Maid, 
By Nature fad, and born the Child of Sorrow : 
In vain you ask for Happinefs firom me, 
Who want it for my (i\f. • \ 

. Art. Can blooming Youth, 
And Virgin Innocence, that knows not Guilty 
Know any Caufe for Grief? 

C/w. Do but furvcy 
The miferable State of Human Kind, 
Where Wretches are. the general Increafe, 
And tell me if there be not Caufe for Grief. 

Art. Such Thoughts as thcfe, my fair Phibfepher, 
inhabit wrinkled Cheeks and hollow Eves ; 
The Marks which Years fet on the witnerM Sage : 
The gentle Goddels, Nature, wifely has 
Allotted other Cares for Youth and Beamy. 
The God of Love (lands ready with his TorcH ' 

To light it at thy Eyes, but ftill in vain. 
For e'er the Flame can catch *tis drown'd in Tears. 

CMe. Oh! name not Love,, thcworft of all Misfc» 
tunes, , ; 

The common Ruin of my eafy Sex,. 
Which 1 have fworn for ever to avoid^ 
In memory of all tho^ haplefs Maids, 
That Love has plung'd in unexampled Wpes* . . 

Artab, Forbear to argue with that Atigel Fa<!e^ 
Againft fhe PafHon thou wert fortn'd to raife« . 
Alas ! thy frozen Heart has only know» - 
Love in reverfe^ . not tafted of its Joys ; 
The Wiihcs, foft Defircs, and pleafing Paii^ 


The Ambit torn Step-Mother, 4 j 

that centre all in moft exjratick Biifs. r , , 

Oh^ lovely Maid, oiifpend no more'tiiat Treafure 

Of Youth and Charms^ whi<h lavifh Nature' give^ • 

The P4^r4» Gcxidef^ frowns at thy Dela^; i . ' 

By her fahrfelf, and by her. Son (he fwears^ '- 

Thy Beauties are deyoted to her Service. 

Lo ! now fhe flioots her Fires into my Breaft, 

She urges my Deiires, and bids 9ie ieize thee, 

[Taking her H4fid^ and k'tjmt it 
And bear thee as a Vi^im to her Altar, , . * 

^Then offer up ten thouiand thou&nd Joys, 
As an Amends for all thy former CoJdnef^, -^ ■' 

€leo. Forbear, my Lord j or I mui]t fwear to £y 
l^or ever from your Sight, 

Artah* Why doft thou frown. 
And damp the ridng Joy within my Bread ? 
Art thou refolv'd to force thy gentle Nature, 
CompafHonate. to all the World befide, 
knd only to me cruel ? Shall my Vows, 
Thy Father's Interceillon, all \>t vain? -. 

CUo. Why do you urge mv Father's fata] Power,. 
To curfe you with a fad unlucky Bride ?. > . . 
Cad round your Eyes on our gay Eaftern Coun^ 
Where fmiling Beauties, bom to bett<er Fates, 
Give Joy to the Beholders: * ^ 

There bfefs fome haf py Prtacefs wjthyoi^r Vows, i \ 
And leave the p0Of Cm^im to berjorrpws^j . j ;> 

Artab. What Queens ar^ thofe, of mo^ «elc(li^^^in^ 
Whofe Charpcis- can drive thy Image from my Heart? : i 
Ch were they cad in HfTature's f aireft Mold„ ' 
Brighter than Cynfhia*9 fluning Ttain of Stars, 
Kind as the fof teft She that ever clafp'd 
Her Lover, when the Brfdal-Night was paft ^ 
1 fwear I. would prefer thee, O CUoni^^ 
With all thy Scorn aod: coM InflifFereince, 
Would chafe to laQguifli and to die for thee,. . . 
Mich rather thaa be blef^'d, and live for themr 

CUq* Oh Prince ! it is tipo. rauclv^ npr am 1 WQ^thy * 
The Hoaou^pf Jibiu: fi^ffipn^ ^^ 'j^^ ^'d , . 
By certaiiiaadimaftmW^JFate* :'".'.".. 

. I 

44 ^Fhe Jmkifhuif Stef-Mothir^ 

That I can never yield y^u'a ll€t«rn : 

My Thbugh« tr* 4fi lo €lttft* JDU»4 vow*d. 

And I hav^ fworn to (Me her VIryn Votary- 

Artab. ImpoffiWel thou "canft not giveaway 
Mine and thy 4s«hei^s Right, even to the Ck)d«^ J 
Diana will difowflUhe tinjuft Donation, 
Kor favour (lk4i <tn Injttry to Love* 
To every Power Divined witt appeal, 
Vox (H^U thy Beauty bribe ^em to be partial. 
Their Altars now cxpeft ii5 : Come, feirSakft,. 
Arid if thou wilt abide their righteous Doom, 
Their Juftice maft decree my H^ineTs, 
Reward my Saftrtugs, <ind my Interne approve, 
lor they themfelves have felt the Pow'r of Love. 


SCENE It th tmfJe fif t^e Sm^ 

Enter Anaxerxey Am^^i^^ attd AtundanU. 

Artax. *ris dohel *Tisilonei! <^^t me findfoaiewaf 
To tell (he mighty Joy that fills my B^eait, 
Left I grow mad wkh Helghc-of fiwioMs Hiftr 
The holy Prieft has tyM the facoed Knot, 

And my Afmflr^ *iow \s tfil -my- pjwi^ 
Oh thou foft Ci>arBier< thon^c6Hiiig'Svc(eetnefs ! 
lir«hy«rt thou' fiottraiifpwied tfllilike jBtf^ 
I fweM thou kteft not love thy Arianmc^s^ 
If thou art calai in th» ISiKeft of Happiaef^. 

Amifi. Alisl rayiLo#dilftyfia(illgIirafr^y«•MmJ>l«^ 
In vaft fufpence bctwoett Moruly Joy* 
And chilling Fears ; fotoewhat metWiibs^bere is 
That checks my Soiil, and fays '1 was f po bold - 
To quit the Plesffuresof my Wteitt .«t«te 

To barter *eiir for Gares-and ato«oite.L6v€l 

Aftax* Th^fe^irc the FeasS'WWrfMfy^'dliev^ry Bri*^ 
Ana only tcrye Jot' Preliides to her Joys J . 

Short Sighs, iantf ^tfhofe Mbtfoni ^*y««i#, 
Aie Nature^s Calk and ki<aic^w«rttl>^«f • ^ « 

Soon as the friendly .Goddefi of the K^ht, 
Shall draw her Veil of Darkncft o'er thy Bluflief| 
Thefe little cold unneceflfary Doubts - 
Shall fly the Circle of my folding Arms : 
And when I prefs thee trembling to my Bofpni, 
Thou (halcconfefs (if there be room for .VFprds, ; 
Or ex'n for -Thoughts) that all thoft Thoughts are Bltfi; 

Ameft, Yet furely mine are more than common tears* 
Tor, Oh ! my Prince, when my foreboding H^rt 
Surveys th' uncertain State of human Joys,^ 
How fecreftythe Malice of our Far« 
Unfeen purfues, and often blafts our HapfMne& '* ' 
In full Security ; I iufttydread, ^ I 

Left Death or Partings or fbme unfeefl Accidisnt, - ^ 
Much worfe, if poflmie, than each 6( thefe^ 
Should curfe as 'more than ever we were blefs'd. < ' 

Artax. Doubt not the Qod», my^ fair, whoie riglK/ 
tcous Power ' 

Shall favour and prote(V our vertuous%oves. I 

If ^ftill thou apprehen^d'ft approaching Danger^ . - / 

Let us make ha(Fe, and fnatch th' uncertain Joy, ' > 
While Fate is in pur power. / 

Kow let us ftart, ^nd give a loofeto Lor^ , . 

f eaft ev'ry Senfe with mofl hixurrous Pleafure,^' 
Improve our Mfnuces^ make 'em more thanlYears, 
Than Age^ andiev*n live the Life of Gods : 
If after this^ Death or Ill-Fortune conies. 
It cannot injure us^ fince we already .\ 

Have iiv'd^ and been before-hand with our Face* / .[ 

Amtft^ bh ! let me eafe at once nay tender)Hcai%: 
And tell mydearef^ Lord my worft or Fejvs \ . • . r. 
There is an ill which more man Deadi I dread: •• j :* 

Should you, by Time and long Fruition fated. 
Grow faithlefs, and forget the loft Ameftris ^ 
Forget that everlafting Truth you vow'd, 
Tho fure I flioukl not publickly complain, 
Kor to the Gods accufe tm periur^d Prince, } 

Yet my foft Soul would fink beneath die VTeighf 1 ^ 

I fliould grow mad, and curfe my very Beiog4 


And wifli I ne'er had been, or not been lov d. 

' Artax* 

4^ TUAmhftieti^ &4!^g$hn 

Artdx. fi'oft. thou ^r-^wbeiiq^erf happier ^tar&inMr 
for Mlf. 
And with propitious Inlbmss^MftPiirrl^mpc^ 
I>Dft thou invent: ft uiaflicki Bofn^frof Dapggr, 
And fright,tbjf Soul wi«b tWiig$,tbjit.;wfl impp^blfR ?. 
Now by thfi p«tef)^<#QclcQ^ Jj^im^ Vfy^mt^ 
I wlB b«i(?c am^ V/e^igemifift 6wr. thy I^^ 
My £ifi ooipriaioioj; Fajr^ fl^ 4»Mnoc p9y me 
In Joysjtoo|8^«ifer Tihowgh«» for tbipfe Sufpiciaw^? 
The Bands whi<;b, bpl(ii QHt J-6¥C!f v» tall by Satc^ 
Nor (hall decking Tjm^ qr N»i«wj Iflpfe 'em. 
Beyond th^X^OMi&QCf^ 
Love fhatl furrive, imq^orml a^jOHC Sjeip^ t: 
And wh^.ail (Mm wfi'clflm yaniaziirA Skifs^ 
We will be Q^wa taaU tb$ M^ft'^^y^^ 
For the moQ ccMtiftant IMr i}m fCi^t <fe£^'4 
To mlngjb. witl} tfaeii^ Scafs. 

Amtft^ *Th true I *tis true ! 
Nor oi^ht 1 1^. fii(^ea thfi% Qi tny Jj^oi 
The Gods tv^ve fiamji'd tbec (ojTfthe fto^reft P^^^ra 
Of their ^wf BiioettnM^ and pffrfddf Tri^hn- 
O let me iinlc upon thy gernkSpfoqa^., 
And, blufhingy, t^ howl gKt^l^ 1 2^x1 .bU|Jg'<{. 

Forgive me, Mod«%jifi.b«rii I y^W 
That a}i«het£lea&iM&^ ny Yirgiq $jii9AI 
Were poor and trifling to. tht pr^ni^^pwc ; 
A gentle Warm^ mvadcfi my glowing l^^jift. 
And while I fondly gaze u{x)» tlty F4ce^ 
Ev'n ThougHt is lofti in vna^fm l>.4ij^%* 

An^Ax. Oh tboi| ddiciQUft pi rft^ l^i^el ^p^i^T 
Thou art tpa vurick ion foor^SenGai t(i U«^ : . 
The vernal Bloom ao^ FragnUMyf Df ^j^j^e^ : 
Wafted by gbntle Winds, ace to% )ik» rh^ 
From thee, 9s tpom the C^fr'mn C^ieen qF L<);Ye^ 
Ambroiial Qdoqrs flow. \ my ev^y Faculty 
Is charm'd by tihee, and (kinks iniiMri^} Pljsa^f*, 
O glorious God of l>ay^ m firimy forw^iS^ 
And to tfiy -Sifter's auk irefigni thei.WQvl^ 4 
Nor bafte kq i^tft ^igaia, buifbttbcl^^l 

. The jimhi^Oi Sfip-Mother. 47 

L0iig btefs'We withlVcr Aiy, -that th/R^ 
At Moriwnay fina iric ba^^ieft of iflyldfad. 

JEttier Mdxitibtu 

^y Tilhcr'! is Acre an Increafe of Joy ? 

What can ye give, ye Gods, to make it more? 

Mm. Ye Blc^ihgs of -my Age l^WhoinVvten Uitw^ 

The Memory of former wots is loft. 

Oh Prince ! V^ell has this glorious Day repayM 

^y Touth 4nd'ta'66cffperit*ih Of r/a«i* 3eWcc 

Nor had the Gods indulged my vain'eft VTiiBej^ 

Durft I have askM for Rich a Son^as fdu are. 

But I am roughly 'bred, in wordi unknowing, 

l^or can I phrafe my' Speech in apt Expreflioiiy 

To tdt how much J love and honour you : 

Might 1 but live to'fi^htone^ Batter for'yoti, 

Tho with my Life I bought the Viiftdry, 

Tho my old baiWr'd Trunk were hew'd to pieces, 

^ And fcattei'y o'<r *thc Held, yet Ihould l' Weft 

My Fate, atid think my Years wound up widi Honour* 

Art ak' Jy^uht riot, my noble Father, butev'ny«t 

A large Remain of Glory is behind. 

When Civil Difcord fliall be reconciPd, 

And all the NoHe of FaAion hulh*d to Piea.ce, 

Roi^h Gfeece^ alike in Arts and Arms feveVe, 

No more fliall brand the Perfian^^iime with Softne& 

Athens and 5^dr;4'yondrlng, (hall behold us, 

Strid in our Difcipline, undaunted, patient 

Of - War's Acrn Toil, and dread our hoflile Vcrtuc* * 

Tbo(e ftubborn Commonwealths, that proudly dare 

Difdain the glorious Monarchs of the £aft, 

Shall'pay thdir Homage to the Throne of Cyus. 

And when with L^wrels coVcr'd wc return^ ^ 

My Love flsall mtet, and fmiling blefs our Triumph^ 

'While at her Feet 1 lay the Seepters of the World- 

Mtm* Ob glorious Theme ! By iHTeaVn It &es my 

Age, - 

And Undlcf Youth ig^lnlhy cold Veins. 


.48 The Jmbhious Step'Mother. 

Art AX. Ha ! Mirxjl and the Queen ! retire my Fair, 
Ungentle Hate and brawjing Rage (hall not 
Diifurb the Peace, to whkn this happy Day / 
Is doubly facred. Forward, to the Altar. ' 

Q£x#if;»/Artaxerxes, Ameftris, Memnon, and 


Entir at the other D0$r, §lj*eeffj Mirza, and At* 


Mini* Al\ are difpos'd, and Fate but waits our Orders 
For a' deciding Blow. 

§lu. Your Caution was 
Both wife and faithful, not to truft my Son 
Too raflilv with a Secret of this nature : 
The Yoiitn, tho great of Soul, and fond of Glory, 
Yet leans to the fantaftick Rules of Honour, 
Would hefitlte at fuch an AA as this, 
Tho future Empire (hould depend upon it* 

Miric* When Time fball add Experience to that 
With which his early Youthis richly fraught, 
He*ll be convincM that only Fools would lofe 
A Crown for notionary Principles. 
Honour is the unthinking Soldier's Boaft, 
Whofe dull Head cannot reach thofe finer Arts, 
By which Mankind is govern'd^ 

1^. And yet it gives a Luftre 16 the Great^ 
And makes the Croud adore 'em« 

Mim. Your Son fhall reap 
The whole Advantage, while we bear the Guilt ; 
You, Madam, when the facred Hymns are finlQi^d, 
Mufl with the Prince retire \ bur Foes when feiz*d. 
Within the Temple may be bcik fecurM, 
Till you difpofe their Fate. 

Qk. The Rites attend us, [Solemn Mufickis hard. 
This day my Son is Monarch of. ihe-Eaft.* 
• Af/Vjt. Lend us, ye Gods, your Temples but thi^ Day, . 
You (hall be paid with Ages ot Devopon, ^ 

^^ ■ . • ^ And 

The Ambitious Ste f '^Mother ^ 49 

And after this for ever undidurb'd. 
Brood o'er your Anoking Altars. 

[Exeunt ^etn^ Mirza^ and AtundAnts* 


The Scene ofentngy flaws the Altar of the Sun^ Magaf, 
and fever al other Prhfts attending. Solemn Mufick 
is heard : then enter on one fide Memnon^ Artaxerxes, 
Amefb-fS, and Attendants ; on the other fide the 
Hueen^ Mirza, Artaban, Cleone, Cleanthes, and At* 
tendants : they all how towards the Altar, and them 
range themfelves on eath fide of the Stage, while the 
following Hymn is performed in Parts^ and Chorus 
hy the Priefts, 

HYMIJ to the Siin, hy W. Shippen Efy; 

HAIL light, that doubly glads our Sphere^ 
Glory and Triumph of the Tear / 
Hail Feflival, jor ever bleft. 
By the adoring ravifi^^d Eaft ! 

HaU Mithras, mighty Deity ! 
Por Tire and Air, and Earth and Sea, 
Prom thee their Origin derive. 
Motion and Form from thee receive i 

When Matter yet una6ied lay. 
No fooner thou infused thy Kay, 
But the dull Mafs its Power obeyed. 
But a» harmonious World was made* 

Which ftiU, when thou withdrawftthy Beamsj 
An undiftinguifl)*d Chaos feems ; 
Por what are ObjiHi without fight ? 
Or Vifion when involved in Night ? 

. I 


50 The Ambitious lStef^M)ther. 

Night is am tiniv^fiil Grav^ 
Where Things but douhrful Beings have^ 
Till them thy Beams illuminate^ 
And^ as it were, agam cnat$^ 
Chorus,. c^^« 

Hail Softrce of immatndal Tire^ 
That nter began, can n^r escpire^ 
WhofeOrk, with ^reaming Qlories frastght^ 
VaT^tes the Ken of human Thought J 

All thf dependent Spheres abov^ 
By thy VireSii^n fltine and^movfi* 
All purer Beings here 'below. 
From thy immediate EJfence fow» 

What 4s the ^eril of Man but light. 
Drawn down from thy tranfcendent Hetgbt / 
What but 4^InteUeMual Bfi^n ^ 
A Spark of thy immortal Blame? 

Bor as thou ruTfi with gladfame Baye 
The greater World, fo this the lefs \ 
And like thy ownMffisfive Soul, 
Shoots Life and Vig/mr tbroithe v^ioU* 

Since then from Theeatfirft h came. 
To Thesy tho clog^dy it points its Blame ^ 
And confcious offuferiour Birth^ 
Defpifes this unkindred Earth. 
Chorus^ vc. 

Hail Orofmades, Pow*r Divine f 
Permit us teapf reads thy Shrine ^ 

Permit thy Votariej to rAtfe 
Their gratefid Voices to thy Praife^ 

Thou art the Father of our Kings, 

The Stem whence their h^h Unt^t/prings ^ 


The Ambfthus Sttf^Mothtr. 51 

T^f Sfiv^uifn Lord that dots maintain 
Tkeir pMconholl^dand boundUfs Kti^n, 

O thin ajpfl thy drocphg SoHy 
Wjtc Uni hat irac^d our Pcrfian Throng ! 
O may htyet extend his Sway I 
Wi yet ArUces* Ruliohey S 

Ler thy VltiilUy imfarf 
Now Spirits to bis fainting Ktdrt ; 
Let him, liketheey (from whom he fprungj ' 
Be ever Atfivoy ever Toung* 
Choral, c?^» 

When thf Mnpck h ended. Motion, Artaxerxes, Crim 
Uneen^ Artabahj &c, go off as they entered, feverally ; - 
only Mirza comes forward^ and fhe Scene Jhuis \ hf 
looks after KmtRtis going out, and then/peaks^ 

Mtr^. Wliat means thrs foreign Wanlith wiihin mj 
Is tills a titne for any Thought but Veogeance ? 
That fatal Beauty dazTes my weak Senfe^ 
And blafts the RefolutioA of my Soul ; 
My Eyes in contradiction to my Purpofe, 
Still bent to her, and drunk the PoKon in ; 
Vhile I ftood ftupid in fufpence of Thought* 
And now like Oil my flaming Spirits blaze ^ 
My Arteries, my Heart, my Brain is fcorch'd,. 
And I am all one I^ury» Feeble Mira^ f 
Canft thou giveway to fiotage^ and betbroe 
The Jeft of Fools ? No ! 'tis impoflible : 
Revenge Qiall couze, and with her Iron VThipy 
£a(ti forth this lazy Ague from my Blood, 
This Malady of Girls. Remember, ^ate(man^ 
Thy Fate and fotur^ Fortunes bow are forming. 
And (ummon all thy Cbuniels to their Aid, 
Ev'n thy whole Soiu. It wo'nbt be : Amefiris^ 
Still rifes uppermoft in all my Thoughts, 
The Maftec' piece oi liature. The Boy God 

E. 2r I^aujhf 

• • • « 

'^a The Ambinous Stef-Mother. 

Laughs at ray Rage, and triumphs o'er my Tolly* 

[^A tumultuous No'if^ is hiard. 
Ha ! by the Gods 'tis doing ! Now my Stars 
Be kmd^ and make me Mailer of my Wtfh at once* 

Enter Magas. 

But fee the Prieft \ Why doft thoy flare and tremble ? 
Have we fucceeded ? fay ; and cafe my Fears. 

Mag. My Soul is pierc'd with Horror ! Every God 
Seems from his Shrine to threaten us with Vengeance* 
/The Temple reels^ and all its ponderous Roof 
Kods at the Profanation. 

Mirz,. Bafe and fearful ! 
How can thy wretched" Soul conceive (uch Monffiers ? 
Canft thou who would'ft be great be fuperftitious ? 
But 'tis the Coward's Vice. Say, are our Enemies fe* 
cur'd ? 

Mag. They are; the Prince, old Memmon^ and hi* 
Are fn Qrchanes* hands, only Tigranes 
With feme of leflerNote ar<l!ed» 

Mir:ir, No m^itter : 
Thefe are the Soul, the reft a tifelefi MaS^ 
Kot worth our Apprehenfion, 

Mag, Will you ftay. 
To meet the furious Thunder of their Rage ? 

Mirz> I will : Thou may'ft retire, and fummon back 
Thy (catter'd Spirits : Let not the Crowd fee 
Thy Fears \ 'twill make thee vile and cheap among 'em* 

[^Exit Magas» 

Mnttr Artaxerxes, Memnon, and Ame{!ris, Prifoners, 

Orchanes^ and Guards, 

Artax. Slave I Villain ! Anfwei:, (ay bow haft thou 


To do this InfolenCe ? • 

Orch. 1 know my Orders, 

Which from the Queen my Miftrefsi rcceivM) 

^ Who 

T^ JmSitidw Stef ^Mother. ^j^ 

Who will avow her own Authority. 
Art ax. Ha ! from th« C^oi ! She dorft wft^ *t\» 
impoflible ! 
Tis Saciiiege ! 'ds Treafim ! 'c*^X)amiiatioor 
Am I not Artax4rxes / Born to Empire, 
The next Degree to Go(iU* O thotf brip b» San t 
Thae roU'ft above, the Objea of our worbip,, 
Canft thou behold, andt^ not avenge thy Race ? 
Thy in')uc'd Race? If i coidd ought admit 
Unworthy of thy gr«at Origj aal,, 
Let me be doom'd fo fall this ViUaiVs Slave; 
If not !.--^«kWhy am i made die Scorfi of Wretehet 
So much below me; that ikey hanlly flkre* . 
The commoU' Privitqer 0§ Kmd ^ but arer 
As Beafts to Men...i> ■■■ 

Mifh* See where the MafterVillain^flsiiKbr Unmov'd' 
And hardened in Impiety, he laugbv 
At the fidttioMs |uftke of the God^ 
And thinks their Thunder has not Win^s torew^h tisa^ 
lut know the Joy thv Triumph brings is fliort- $: 
My Fate, (if the Gods govern) or at leaii; 
My Mind's beyond thy reachy and fcoms thy Malieer 

Mir^. Dull valiant Faoly thy Riitaistbe'lead^ 
The.moft ignoble Triuaoph oTmy Wit* 
CUander^s Blood V!^f for fubftantial Ven^anv^ 
And when the Thoug^ that labours in my Bf^e^dS^ 
Appears ii^A^ion^ tnoo (halt know the Caufe 
Whyjremais to view thy hated Face^ 
That blaffis rtit with its Prefenoe j thou^ ifaalt know kf 
And curfe thy felf, curft the ill-omen-d Day 
That gave thee Biithy. renouncing all the Gods; 
Tbv (elf of them renouac'd'). (halt (ink to Hell 
In Dittereft Fang^, and min^ with- the Furies. 

Mem*^ Urihallow'dDogy thou ly 'ft ! The ntmoft Force 

df all tliy ftudy'd Ms^i^e «anaot move me : 

Arid if the Gods in' tryal of my Vertue, 

Can yield my life up to thy Hangman's Nfercy ; . 

YH (hew thee With wha(ti|(er the Brave andHoncft 

Can put ofFLifej till tbeu (hak daiwi thy Art%) , 

Tiqf'Wtt(dKed'Ar% and Impotence of Malic«b' 

E 5 - . -- - 2dirx,* 

^ I 

54 71&^ Ambitious Step-^Moiheri 

Adirx* Reft well aflur'd, thou (halt have Cau(e to trr 
The Philofophick Force of paflive Venue. 

Artax. O Death to Gf eatnefs ! Can we fall (b Iow» 
To be the flavifti Objcaj of his Mirth ? 
Shall my juft Rage and violated Honour 
Play the Buffoon^ and minifter to ILaughter ? 
Down, down, my fwelling Heart, hide thy Refchtmemj^ 
Nor proftitute the ruffled Majefty 
Of injurM Princes to the gazing Crowd, 
Mv Face (hall learn to cover the Emotion 
My wounded Soul endures. Ha \ my Ameflris * 
My Love ! my Royal Bride ! the^Spoiler, Giief; 
Defaces every Feature, like the Dduge 
That raz*d the Beauties of the firft Creation ; 
I cannot bear it : Villains, give me way ! 

^He breaks from the Guard that holds hhn^ 
and catches hold of Ameftris^ 
Oh ! let me hold thee in my throbbing Bofom^. 
And (hive to hide thy Sorrows from my fight^ 
I cannot fee thy Griefs ; and yet I want 
The Power to bring Relief. 

Amwf. Ah ! No my Prince ! 
There are no Remedies for Ills like ours ; 
My helplefs Sex by Nature ftands exposed 
To all the Wrongs and Injuries of Fortune i;- 
Defenceltfs in mv felf, you were my Refuge^ 
You are my Lord, to whom fhoukl I complafn^ 
Since you cannot redrefs me ? Were- you- not 
Thc^ Honour, Joy, and Safety of Ameftris .* 
For you alone I liv'd^ with you^ a4one 
1 couhd be happy. Oh my Artaxerxes / 
One Influence guides our confentifig Stars, 
And flill together we are blefs'd or curs'd. 
' Jtf^^ With a mal^nam Joy my Ears drink in^ 
Hear each harmonious Accent, every Glance 
GoestO' my Hearty and ft its tilternate Nfotion9^ 
Of Heat ikoi Cold ; a lazy Pleafure now • 
Thrills nil my Veins, anon Defire grows hor> 
And my old Sinews fimnk before'the Flame. 

Artax* QQQikl And^baroi mewuh^chyAngd'sVoi^^^ 



The Ambitious St ef -Mother. 5 $ 

Sooth and a^age the Fury in my Breaft, 

That urges me to unbecoming PaiCon : 

My Rage grows cool amidft thy foft Complainings ; 

And tho thou talk'ft of Woes^ of Death and Ruin, 

•Tis Heaven to hear thee., 

Amef* Since this fs all our wret^ed Consolation^ 
Let us indulge our Grief, till by long afe 
It grows habitual, and we lofe the Pain. 
Here on the marble Pavement will we fir. 
Thy Head upon my Breaft \ and if Remembrance 
Of cruel Wrongs mall vex thv noble ^eart. 
The Murmur of my Sighs (hall charm the Tumult, 
And Fate fiiall find us c<dm : Nor will the Godl;, 
V7ho here inhabit and behold our Suffertags^ 
Delay ip end our Woes in Immortality, 

Artax. Ha ! fay'ft thou ? Gods ! Yes certain there are 
To whom my Youth with Reverence ftill has bow'd, , 
Whofe Care and Providence are Vertue's Guard ; 
Think then, my Fair, they have noi made us great,. 
And like themfelves, for mtferable £nd6i 

Mir^* Gods might behold her, and forget their WtP 
dom. " ^ [^Afide^* 

But I delay too long. Orchanes^ lend thy Ear. 

FMirza whifpers Orchanes, and ExtK 

Mem. My Children ! you were ftill my Joy and Hap* 
Why am I made your Curfe ? This hated Head", 
To Death devoted, has involved your Innocence 
I^ my Deftniftion. 

[Guards lay hM on Artax. and kantSkxis^ 

Am9f^ Alas, my Father ! , ■ 

An ax* Barbarous Does ! What mean you ? 

Ori;A.<. Convey the Lady to IjQt^Mir^ah Palace^ 
'Tis the Queen's Will (he fhall be there confined- 

Art ax* Thottcanft not mean. fodamnM a.Villany !. . 
Thou dar'ft not ! (halt not part us I Fate cannot do it ! 

Mtm. Curfed Old- Age, why have lliv^ to fee this? 

Offhm Force ^ afunder.. 


Aft* Hew o£F nay Liflabs^^ ye Dc^s'! 1 wliiitot^loefe 


Oh Devils ! Doadr Ml fui4es ! my Wife !. n« k)v*(t 

, AmeUm 

Anuf. My Lord ! my Ifiisbaad ! ■ 

Orchanes and ong Pmft^ $f the Gtkirdi firce' Axaaurxef 
and Memnon offgne wa% and titg othgr POriy bgarg 
Amefifis mopkgp*- 

M^inftr' Nfirz^v 

JMh^. Tlias^ym noft oeble Mkchief ! it ftung honi%. 
Twas Luxiu^ of VeflgpjMice— «-^*cwa6 pat iU 
To keep aloof $ thefeboideitoucBeaAsrlieve^Paw^ 
Ami vn^ kav»rcratck*<l: Tile Wife BaoM aot allow* 
,A poffibility to Fortune's Malice. 
KoW t^thie r«fli 'y, tMs-Srinee^ 1^0' Husband ! dies^: 
To-morrOw's Daiwu brings histaod Mwnn&n^s Facesr 
This N^t let ^4m defpain,; aind- ban^ and vage^ 
And to the wooden Pekies Withifi' 
TelVfr^ticl^Tales :> my Hottifr(hall pafs-mcfrepleafingly^ 
tf Ldve (which yet I know not) can give Pleiuwrer 
Love r \rha«i» lA^ ? tbel^il&on of a Boy^ 
That^ f^ds hie time in- laabiefs atf d' Sonneis ;■ 
Xoft is the Aj^petitef d Man y and ftaU' 
Be fated, till it loath the cloying Banquets 
The Wifd bf hilBiaii Braih]^aile: 
To tafte tbefe Pleafuresy btirinott dwdl Vf0tk*haii' 
They mar and dull the faculty of Thijikitfg.:^ 
OAei Nigbi^I iafeb iliay indulge in Ksofy 
'Tis politick Lewdnefs^ and affifbmJT VengeMce^ 
I will ffo^ youngs atidrfutftii on tier Cfaanm^ 
Her lunaoUS'Sweets ;' then riimff. from her Asttiky. 
The naufeoai^ momentary! Joy foif ei^ 
And be my^ ielf agaia ;. a«d» be VFife wd^ Qitsit, 

The Ambitious Stef-Motfjer. 57 




SCENE I. tBePalacr. 
Enter Artaban and Cleanthes. 


IIS ba(e and iinptous! Where are the 

Shall keep Mankind in Order, if Re- 

And publick Faith be violated ? 'Tis an Injury 
That beards both Gods and Men, and dares their 7uftice« 

Clean, The fearful Crowd already take th' Alarm, 
Break o^Tcheir folemn Sports, their Songs and Dances, 
And y^dly in tumultuous Confbrt fotn ; 
Mifchief and Danger fits in ev*ry Face, 
And while they dread the Anger of the Qo^^ 
The Wife wlio know th* ESe^s of popular Fury, 
Prom them exped that Vengeance which ihcy fear. 

Artah. The facred Power of Ma jefty, which (hotM 
Forbid, owns and, protects the Violence ; 
It muft not, (hall not be : Who deals a Crown 
By Arts like thefe, wears it unworthily* 

Clean. The Queen your Mother, Sir? fhewill expe& 
You Ihould approve that h£k her Power has done. 

Arfab. I'll meet her as I ought, and Ihow my fistf 
\^orthy the noble Rivalfhip of Empire. 

Enter the ^een^ Mirza, and Attendants* 

flu. My Son, I come to joy you of a Crown 

Apd Glory certain now j your Fate at length, 

Has mafter'd that malignant li)0uence 

With which it ftrugard long ; You arc a King, 


^8 tht AmhitimsStef^Mothifi 

^tfnt greateft that our Eafiern World beholds ;. 
And tho my wtdowM Bed be Caufe for Grief^ 
Yet for dif fake^ mj Sofi> I pf t!0^%^ 
ArfMfs is no tnott. 

Artah. *Twerc vain and fooHih 
To mourn his Death ~Wi<h dsr^iftdni^ Sorrow \ 
Por tho he dy'd the greateft of our Race^ 
Yet fince decaying Age had funk him low^. 
And all theoiative Majefty was loft, 
Twas dme the Sou! (hould feek for Immortality^ 
And leavethe weary Bo<fy to enfoy 
An honourable Reft from Care and Sicknefs : 
Peace to his hAit^ and eternal Farat 
Dwell with his Memory ; white W6 who Hve 
L6ok back with Bmfulatidff oa his G^NiKne^ 
And with laborious Ste[>s ftrive ta- afdend 
That Height, where oate he faw 

gt>f. Thou- haft akeajdy 
Attaia'd the lofty SuaXBit^of his Glory; 
His Throne »fe^ the» but to fit and fill k; 

Artab. No, Madam, when the Godti chufe wordiy Suh* 
On whom to pkce fuch Greatne&» they furround 
The gloriooi Prite with Toil and thorny Danger^ 
And bid ^e Man who would be Greats dare gi^atly- 
Be in for dull Elder Brothers to poflefs 
Without defervina V nM^c'sa. nobles Claims, 
Nor wilV I taftie the Godlike Jeys of Power. 
Till Men and Gods with Juftice (hall confofs 
^is' barely tkdi^eward Of what I meant.. 
Qt^ What mteaosr sriy S«mi ? 
JHaK To Wi^cftle for a. Crown t , « . ^ 

g«. With what f antaffick Stasdow woridft Aott- ftftYC^t 
The hai^hty Rival of thy Hopes is fallen j 
He live» indeed,, buf 'tis to grsM% thy Tfiuclipb^, 
• And bow before thee ; then be fwept away 
Jike the JtifimiBmbiianoeef ah idle Dfeam|: 
Which tho of YeflferaigM) i^^ttW fbrgotteo* 

Artab. It grieve» me iftwh to fay^ my R<^yal Motfieri 
I cannot taki a Grown opoo thtfe Tet«% 


The j/kf^itiom Step-Mother. 5 ^ 

Tho even from your'Hands: The confciDusYcrtue 
That wkticflfes within my Brcaft for Glory, 
Joints me £p Qreatneis by the Paths of Honoiir, 
And tn^es me to do as a Kinp oughr. 
That would not wear his Purple as the <>lfc 
Of impious Treachery and bafe Deceiu 

§lu. Amazement turns my Senfesl Or I dream ! 
for fure thou anil not X9ean fo.poor a Polly. 
im^ thou been bred in the .wife Ans of fin^pire? 
Jeen early t^tmbt to know the Worth of Powei t 
And wouldYltnou lofe the ^Iden Opportunity 
'With which thy Fortune courts thee, fora No^oa ? 
An empty Sound of Vertue ? A dry Maxim, 
197hich Pedants have devisM for Boys to canvas? 
Can my Son think fo meanly ? Go, fet h-ee 
:(SinceHonour bids) this ]jc>rdly Elder Broth«:, x 
Bow like a Slave before him, wah his Pleafures^ 
iVnd live dependent on his fcanty Penfion ; 
He may. reward thyifervilc Loyalty, 
And make thee Ruler of fome petty Province^ 
In recompence of .Royalty giv*n wp. 

Artab. No I (tho Immlb confefs I would nOt hold htai 
Cai^ht in a ViUain's Snare, nor do a Murder 
tJnworthy Of a Hangman) yet to death 
I ftill defy him as my mortal Foe. 
And fince my Father's Fate diflbWes that Trucc^ 
To which I noqd rngag'd, 'tis War again* 
Ao^dft the fteeiy Squadrons will I feek ' 
This haughty Brodrier, by his Friends furrou&'ded. 
And back'd with all th' Advan^ages.of his Birth, 
Then bravdy prove upon him with my- Sword ^ 
Hefalfely brands me tor a'bookilh Coward, 
That Nature's Error only gave him Preferences 
Since Fate meant me the KiQg. 

g^. A Mother's Care is watchful for thy Safety, 
Elfe wert thou loft, thou honourable Fool ; 
Long mtght'ft thou vainly hunt in bloody Fields 
Per that Advantage which thy willing Fortune 
Kow reaches to thy Hands ; In Battels with 
UACertw Wings the wavering Goddefs flies, 

6o The Amhhious Stef^Mothf^n 

And oft with partial Haad befiows her Favour 

On Fools and thick-skuird Heroes ; (ei'ze her now^ 

While (he Is thine, or (he is loft for ever. | 

Artab* No matter, let her fly \ the Eagle Vertue 
Shall foar beyond Jier, and command her flight ; 
Fortune is not my Miftre(s, but my Slave. ^ \ 

IPofterity, that reads the Name of Artabdu 
In the Records of Empire, (Hall' not bki(h ! 

To think I plotted with a knavi(h PrieH^ 
^he Scandal of his venerable Funfkion, 
And Mark of thd Gods Vengeance, to betray 
A Prittie my Enemy ; as if being confcious ^ 

Of leflcr Worth, and of unequal Courage, 
I durft not fairly ftrive with him for Greatnefs* 
Let the abhor'd and impiQUS Treachery 
Obfcurely die, unknown to future Ages ; 
Or if our Shame mud; be delivered down. 
By all the Kingly Hopes that fire my Soul, 
It (hall hot pafs without a Brand of Punilhment. 
§lu. *Tis wondrous well ! Young Man, you king iC 
You mean to be renown *d for early Juftice, 
And mark your oftenta tious Love of Vertue, 
£v'n in their Bloods who lift you up to Power : 
Perhaps we too our felf muft be arraign'd 
Before your puny Bar, and feel your Ax } 
nVill be a noble Subje£^ for your Praife, 
And yield much Matter to declaiming Flatterers. 
Artab. You, Madam, are my Mother, Nature blindf . 


And bids me fee no Faults in her that bore me ; 
Thofe other Slaves that dare. 

gi^. May be immortal. 
For ought that thou canft do to caufe their Fate* 
Is not thy Power the Creatine of ray Favour, 
Which in precarious wife on me depending, 
Exiftsby my Concurrence to its -Being? 
Miftaken Youth ! Whofe giddy Brain, Ambirion 
Has, like the Fume of drunken Vapours, turn'd ; 
Think'ft thou that I whofc Soul was (orm'd for Sway, 


The Ambitious Step'-Mother. 6y 

Vould lay the goMen Reins of Empire dowa ? 
Or truft 'em to the Guidance of a fioy^ 
Who. (hall difpole of me, or thofe that ferve me. 
According to the Diffcatesof old Mortals, « 
His bearded Tutor gleans from mufty Authors. 

Artab. Nay then *tis time I fhould exert my felf } 
And tho yon gave me Birth, yet from the Gods 
(Who made my Father be as he was, Royal^ 
And ftampt the Mark of Greatnefs on my Soul \ ) 
I claim my Right to' Empire : may I fall 
Vile and forgotten, if -I ever own 
Any (uperior Being but thofe <kK}s. 

§l«. Thou rav'ft ! And haft forgot me. 

Artab* Kq, you are 
^y Mother, and a Woman, form'd to obey^ 
On that Condition all Sexes Privileges 
Are founded, the creating Hand has rnkM 
Softnefs and Beauty in your Compoiition, 
To charm and bend the Mind of Man, impatient 
Of the ignoble Pleafure ; you were made for 
The Weaknels and Neceflities of Nature: 
111 are your feeble Souls for Greatnefs fuited ^ 
I>e(ire of Government is monftrOus in you, 

Qu. Thou mighty Goddefs, Nature ! Boft thou hear 
This Rebel Son ! This infolcnt Upbraider 1 
Still fondly nurs'd in my indulgent Bofom ! 
To build whofe future Greatnefs to the Skies, "* 

My anxious Soul has laboured more than when 
I felt a Mother's Sorrow for his Birth: 

Ungrateful Boy !- 

ICnow, Fool ! That vaunt*ft thy felf upon thy Manhood, 
The great^ft He that rougher KinJ e'er h'ad, 
Mufthave confefsM W'oman's fupcrior Wit, 
And own'd our Sex's juft Prerogative. 
Did not a Mother's Fondnefs plead hard for thee. 
Thy Head Qaould pay the Forfeit of thy Infolence^ 
For know, young King, that 1 am Fate in Perfea, 
And Life and Death depend upon my Pleafiire. 

Artab. The World would be well govem'd, (hould 

the Gods 

5 Depiite 

62 The AmhitiMs^if^Mothtr. 

Depute their Pc^'kkiicetoVVtQOxa's'Cafe, 
And truft them with the fate of Kkigt aad fimpires. 
&u. Yei thou art fafe! Away ! nor tempt >nie futther^ 
. The Patience ev'n of Gods themfeWes! has Imitt^ 
Tho they -with long forbearance view Man's ioBy* 
Yet \i thou ftill perhft to darocny Power, 
Like them- 1 may beurg'd to I00& my Vengeance, 
And tho thou wer*t nny Creature, ftcike thee dead. 
M'tr^, ^Befeech you. Sir, retire; tkeQneenyOurMo* 
Labours with wifeft Forcfight fen your Good, 
And is incensed to feeyoa thwart that Fitrpofe. 

Artab. What is the Good ofGr«atsiers but the Power? 
Madam, I leave you ; my own tmiate Vertue ' 
Arms me agatnftyour Rage, unfoft and impotent • 
Wait but the great Soccefs my Soul divines. 
And you will own your little joggling Arts 
Have only icrv*d toobftrud a while my Glory, 
And skreen this eUer Srotfaer from my Conqueft. 

[Exit Aaaban and CleaiMhey; 
S». Some envious Pow'r ^bove,£)me hdftile D$m9n^ 
Works under-hand agatnft my Wronger Genius, 
And countermines me with Domeftick Jars* 
Malicious Chance ! ' When all abroad was fafe. 
To dart an unfcen Danger from my felf ! 
M'trjia / Didft not thou mark the haughty Boy ? 
With what afluming Pride he own'd his dariog ? 
And cUimM Superiority of Power ? 
Oh can 1 live and bear to becomroll'd ? 
To (hare the Pleafure of (iipreme Command 
With hiai or any one ? Oh Artemifa J 
Didft thou difdain Subje^kion to a Husband, 
The proudeft Title of that Tyrant Man ? 
And canft thou yield t' a Boy? A Son ! By Kacore 
And grateful Duty to Obedience bound ? 

Mir%* Madam, let me intreat you, by the God^ 
To calm your juft Reftntments : Meddling Fortune, 
(Whofe Malice labours to perplex the Wife) 
Ifv not prevented, will unravel all 
Thofe bner Arts, which we with Care have wove. 


Th4 AmUtiotn Stif -Mother. 6} 

The Priace, led on by tbit pernicious Honour^ 

May fet/tbe Pds'oers fr«e ; think^ if that happen, 

Toif^hat aOiOck of Face we ftand exposed. 
Sit. 'Tis true ! tbi»^x>)ith Honour ruint a}L 

Ridiculdus Notion ! as: if Selfriotere^l 

Were, not the firft.and nobied Law of Nature* 

Say then, wi(e Lord> and let thy ready Wiry 

Still prefent to it felf, avert this Blow* 

Mirz,, One Method, tho uf^cnde, yet remain* 

To remedy the Fears this 111 prodtices ; 

This inftant let a Guard confine the Prince, 

E'er he can gain< the Ucios t' efleA that MUcbief 

He meditates ag^nfthim(elf and us: 

T^omorrow, ,early as the Morning, dawns 

Thefrifimers Ml (hall die ; that once difparch'd. 

This raging Fit of Honour, will relait^ 

And give huxi Lpifiire to- coafidet cooUy • 

Tb* Advantage of his Fortune*: ^ 

Q^ YoufavttiCea&ih; . 
And tbo I feav htshat^ty TempeirwiU 
But badly brook Con&iemenr,, be muft learn 
To be^ritas he can ; pecbaps ^twill bend hinv^ 
And make bts Youth more pliant to my Will. 

Mirx,. Your Oxders cannot be difpatchM top^foofi^ 

'Xach Minute of the flying Hours is- precious. 
ffu* The Eunudi Bagcas ! let him attend us^ 

. He mall te^ivelnftrudione on tbt Inftant. 


SCENE II. Uixz^'s Palace. 

Enur Cleone m Man^s Hahit^ vtith 4i l>4rk'^jmtb^rn^ 

CZrtf. Ye g(;mler Powers who viewoiir Cares with 2irjf^ 
Lend your Compaffion to the poor Amtfirk t 
Oh my BtUxA i was not tfay Spul woundefl» 
To hear (when now we pa£lby her Apartmeqt) 
Vofi f ierdngj Aocqpits of her loud Comjplaiomgi ? 

1 2 If 

^4 The Jmhitious Step^Motheri 

By Heaven my aching Heart bleeds for her Sufferings 

SeL 'Tisfuce (he feeU the bitt^reft Pangs of Woe;^^ 
And were not all my Thoughts to you dtyoit6^ 
Her Grief woufd deeply fink into my Soul. 
Why will you tempt alone ten thoufand Dangers? 
Your Father's and the furious Queen's Refentments? 
The cruel Guards, and all thofe fetal Accidents, 
^hk\i in the Horror of this dreadful Night ' 
Might fliake the Refplution of a Man ? 

CUo. Prithee no more 5 thou know'ft I am refolv'd^ 
And all thy kind Advice is urg'd in vain. 
Thy fond miilaking Fears prefent the Danger 
More dreadful than it is : this Mafter-key ^ 
Admits me thro that Pafl^c to the Temple, 
By which the Guard*, who feiz'd th' unhappy Priacc- 
i;his Morning, cnter'd ; that of all the reft 
Is only left unguarded,, and from thence,* 
Affifted by the friendly Veil of Night, 
We may conduft him thro my Father'^ Palace • 
In fefety to the Street ; there undiftingiiilh'd 
Amongft thf^ bufy difcontented Crowd, 
That (warm in murmuring Heaps, he may retire |. 
Nor lliall my Father or the Queen e'er know. 

The.pious Fraud my Love was* guilty ofl 

Bel. Yet ftill I fear 

Cleo. No more ! Retire and leave me. 
My drooping Heart fits lighter than it's wont^ 
AtJid chearfully prefages good Succefs* 

BeU Where fhall I wait you ? 

Clec* At my own Apartments , . . . - ^ 
- Beh The mighty^Gods proteft yows 

Cif (7. Softly ! Retire. rffxi> Bclizai- 

What Noife was that? The Creature oF my Fears; 

In vain, fond Maid, wouldft thou belye thy Sex, 

Thy Coward Soul confefles thee a Woman, 

j^fooUfh, rafh, fond Woman. Where am I -going ? 

To fave my Godlike H«ro ! Oh my Heart Y 

It pants and trembles ; fure 'tis Joy, not Fear : 

The Thought has:given me Courage ; I fliall fave him,* 

That Diriing of my^ Ejcs. What if 1 faH ?. 

^" Then* 

'^nicA Death if iQ mjr reach^ aod ends cny ScMTOHMr. 

[shewing a Jhtmfit 
'VThydoft thou (hake, my .Hand; and fear to grs^. 
This IndnuneBt of Fate ? If 1 fncceed^ 
Yet Artaxerxm will not live for me ; 
Jl^qid my Defpair will want tby friendly Aid. 
!I!>eath ev'ry way Aiuts np my sloonav Profpeft« 
Sf then there be that Lctht and Elyfium 
"Which Rriefts and Poets tell, to tlut dait Streaaa 
My Soul, ,oi Life impatient, (hall make hafte. 
«One heading Draught my Qtiiet Ihall reftorc^ 
Jixvl 1<04^ Aitgotcea ne'er difiuib me more. 

s c E ^ E in. 

jii Nights' Seme of the Temfie of theSuK* 

£nur Art»tences and Memnom 

ArtMX^ Stid 'tis in vaini This idle Ragie is yaia^!! 
And yet, my fwelling Pafiidns will have way^ 
And rend my labouring Breaft till they find vent* 
Was it for this, ye cruel Gods, you made me 
<3reat like your felves, andasaKing, to be 
Your facred Image? !^asitbut for this? 
To be cut down, and mangled by vile Hands^ 
Like the falfe Objeft of miftaken ^W^orfhip ! 
Whv rather was 1 not a peafant Slave .? 
£red from iny Birth a Drudge to your CreatfOfl,^ 
And to my deftin'*d Load inured betimes P 

Mem. The Malice of our fate were not com(4ea% 
fiad we not been by iuft degrees/ to Happine(s 
^(sM, only to be p'ung'd the deeper down 
Jn an Abyfs of Woes* Early Succefs 
Met and attended all my youthtul Wars ; 
•And when! ruQiM amidft the dreadful Battel^ 
The weaker Gtmi of our Afian Monarchs 

66 The Ambitiom Stef-MotVefi 

Shrunk from the Force of a Superior Fate ; 
O'cr-matchM they fell, and by my Sword were fwepc 
Uk< common Beings from the glorious Ficld^ 
Then was the Day of joyous Triumph, then 
My Soul was lifted high, ev*n to the Stars. 

l^inow! What am I now? O damn'd IUv€rfi^'o£t 

Fortupe ! 
l^ow when my Age would be indulged in Eaf<^ , 
And joy in Pleafure of my former Fame^* 
How I am curs*d ; held at a Villain's Mercy,* ^ 
My Foes Derifion, and the Scorn of Cowards.- . 

.Art ax. Oh ! Torttire-of xxx^ Soul! dama'd rackfiig^ 
Thought ! ^ 

A^ not I too referv'd for fervile Vaflalage? • 
To be the Subjed of a Boy's Command ? 
A.' Boy by Nature fet beneath my Sway p 
Aiid born to be my Slave ! Shall he tr]umpb>^ 
AudJbid me live.or di.e ? Shall be dtfppfe^ 
Hjs beardlefs Vifage to a fcornful Smile, 
A;id tell me that hi* Pleafure. is. my^ Fate ? 
1^ ! my difdainful Soul (ball flruggle out 
And once from its difhonour'd ManGon. . 

Mem. Ob .!. R^yal Thought ! Nor fliall they keey o 
'Ahho its common Means be not in reach. 
Shall my old Soldier's outiide rough and hardy, ^ 
Scarr'd o'er with many an honourable Mark, 
Be cag'd 6>r p^blick Scorn p Shall a Dog tell me, . 
Thus didd thou once, and now thou art my Slave ;, , 
My Foot fhall fpurn.theej. tread upon thy Neck, . 
And tran\pj,e in the Duft thy Silver. Hairs^P 
Shall I not tathet choak ? Hold in my Breath ? 
Qr/mear fomc Wail or Pillar with my Brains p 

Artax^JSagt, or fome God (hall fave us from Di(honoui« . 
Bet, Q my Father ! Can we take our flight, 
Tho 10 the Stars, and leave my Love behind ? 
^JRhere is (he now ? Where is my'Quccn !. my Brijc ! . 
i^ Charmer! mjAfneJIns/ - 

Mem. Speak not p'f her, ^ 

iiar4a<^ Npt fpcak ! ^ 



Jhe Jinbitiotis Step-Mother. ^ 

litm. Nor think of her if poffible. 

Art ax. ^V^as (he not fnatch'd, torn from my helplefi 

Whilft every God look'd on and faw the Wrong, 

Heard her loud Cries, which vainly ftrove to rouze 

Their flow unready Vengeance ? Wat (he not 

Forced from my panting Bofom (yet I live ! ) 

Ev*ri otTOur Bridal Day? Then, when our Flames 

Were kindly )oinMy and tnade but one Defire ^ 

Then, whettfhe fiah'd and gaz-d, and blufh'd and figh*d ; ; 

When- every Touch, when every Joy grew fiercer. 

And thofe that were behind were more thaa morul. ' 

Tolofe her then J Oh ! •' 

And yet you bid me think of her no more. 

lidtm* I do ^ for the bare mention turns my 'Biim^, 
And ev'n now I border upon Madnefs y 
So dreadful is the very ApprehenCiot^ 
Of what may be. 

Artax. .Can we make Thought go back ? ' 
Will it not turn again, cleave to our Breads^ ' 
And urge remembrance till it fting us home ? 
Ha ! ^Now the ehaftly Sceiae is (et before, me ; : 
And as thou faid'ft it runs me to Bldtadton. 
Behold her Beauties, form'd for Kings to ferye^ ^ 
Hek] vile, and treated like an abjc^ Slave t 
Helpleft aniidft her cruel Foes flie ftandf, • 
I^fulting Artemfa mocks her Tears, 
And bids h^r call the Gods and me in vam.- 

Alem^ Would that ^PTere all. 

Art ax. Ha! Whither would'ft thdu drive me ? : 

MtM. Di^ you b'ke me confider! that Dog MtrxAfi.^ 
Early to Hell devoted, and khe Furies^ , 
Born, nurs 'd, and bred a Villainy you woukl fear ; 
The worfl "Etfeds his Malice <ould exprefs 
On Venue which he hates, ^ when in bis power*. 

ATta;Si. What is.the worft > 

Mem. What my oHfaltritig Tbngu& c. 
Trembles to u^er ^ goatifii Luft and Rape. 

Arta^C* Ha ! Rape ! 'If there areGods, it is imppffible.-. 

M^m^. Ob ! drcadfid laiagt foi a .^het's Thought, 

^ The AtfAUht»Sfef-Moth9r, 

To have Ws only CWW, ^ ^** ???''» 

The Joy of SigK and Comfort of hu Agp, 

Dragg'd by a villain Slave, his rutWefs Hand- 

Wo^d « her Hair, to fometemotfe dark Cell, 

A ScMJe for Howor fit,, there to be Wotted 

By his fool Ldft, nil Appedte te gora'd. 

Xit me grow favage&ft, let this oW Ha.4 

TTha ofthasblefs'd her, in het BJoodbe drentbdl 

Let roe behold tier dead, dead at my foot. 

To fpare a Father's greater Shame and Sorrow. ^ 

Artax. A Father! What?.a Fatbe^^sWag^WmtM? 
A Husband, and a Ixarer* If it can be. 
If there is fiich a hoardedCwfe to-ftofOir . ., 
Transfix me eowj ye Gods, now let. yo« Thunder 
fall on my Head, and ftrikeme to the Cenue, 
Left if 1 (hould furvree my minM.Honour . 

And injur'd Love, lltouJd eV^n o^^V^,^^^ 
Run banning and blafpbemine througMhe^-piU, 
And with mf Ex€«atiofls W^t yow A««0»pp«« , 
Irom kneeling at y«« AUaw. 

Entm Clooae whi *«»«?* L4Mbir»^^K*y. 

CU«. 7W» way the edwng Accent, feem to come i 
J^-a^lc wretched Princel Oh <«^««,»-« »"«»» 
And vet refiife to lend yoor-Ald, . ye,Gods^ 

iwx. This Gloom'of horrid Night fuas well my Sod. 

toVe, Sorrow^ confcio«s Worth,. «<» lf&^*<^' 
Stir liad Conlufion «n my tob'nng Aseaft, 

And l^Bi«tt<»'*' *-*"**•' - 

The State of ^/>««r*<% P*f«^.^»«^L^ 
Not onepoor Ump to<heer the «l'««''if^«. 
Sf tK^e holy I.a«se«v4 S^ve^ M«d.r«^. 
Villains OiatCrofles wait tor, are not uid thus, 

«/«« Ha< wheiKC iWs <ilci|«» of Li^ht? 

Th Ambitious Step-^Mothtr. 6^ 

It brings an end of V^retcbednefr. 

cUo. Speak lower ; 
I am a^Friend : long live Prince Artaxtrxin 

Art ax. WHat V^et€h art tbou thathairff me with t 
Curfe ? 1 

Gome from that Cloud that muffles up thy Face^ 
And if thou had: a Dagger, (hew it boldly : 
We wifli to die. 

Clto. Think better of my Errand, 
f bring you Bleflings, Liberty and Life, 
And come the Minifter of bappter Fate: ' 

^\Tufns the Light on her filfl 
l^ow down my Blood ! tiown to my trembling Heart, 
ITor fparkle in my Vifage to betray me. [AJidf*^ 

Artax. Ha ! as I live, a Boy ! a blufhing Boy f 
Thou wer*t not form'd fure for a Murderer's Omce \^ 
Speak theUf and tell me what and whence thou art* 

Cleo. Oh ! ' feek not t6 unveil a trivial Secret, 
Vhich known«iixiports you not. I am a Tomh- 
Abandoned to Nfisfortunes from my Birth, 
And never knew one Canfe to joy in Life^ . 
But this that puts it in my p0wer to fa^d^ 
A Prince like Artaxerxes. Ask no more, * 

But follow through the Mazes that i tre«d»^ 
Until you find your fafety. 

Artdx. Thus forbidding 
Thou giv'fl: me caufe t'enquire : Are then the Guards^ 
That wheii the Ilay went down, with ftrideft Watch 
Obferv'd the Temple*Gates, remov'd or fled? 

Cleo. They are not, but with numbers reinforc'di 
Keep every Paflage ^ only one remains 
Thro Mirza*s Pjuac^ open, to your Flight. 

Mem. Ha! Aitrza J there's Damnation in his Nam^ 
Ruin, Deceit, and Treachery attend itj 
Can Life, can Liberty, or Safety come 
From him ? or ought that has an Int'reft in htm ?^ 
Rather, fufped this feigning Boy his laflniment, , 
To plunge us deeper yet, if poffible. 
In Mifery ; perhaps lome happy Accident^ 
As yet to us unknown^ greferveS'US froia,. • 

. I 

7a Tbe 'AmbhiaaS'Sup'^i^hm,. 

"fhe utmoft Malice of his Hate^- wi»le here^ • 
This fets his wicked Wit at work to draw'uii 
Fonh from this holy Pkice \ moch kk^im < be r 
7hc Pris*ners of the Gods^ than wear, hisFiiltferftr 

CTeo. ITtifortunate Sufpicion ! What (hall I fijrr 
To urge *tm to be fafe^ and. ycr prefckye 
My wretched felf unknown *? 

Art AX. Surely that Face 
Was not defign'd to hkk dtifleinbled Malkc : 
Say, Touth, art thou of i9^ir«a's Houfe, fas furetbott'innft^ 
If thou pretend'ft to lead us that way forth) 
And caaft thou be a Friend of Artaxerxes ^ 
Whom that fell Dog, that Minifttr of Devils^ . 
With moft'opprobrious Injuries has loadedv: 

CUoi Tho I am his, yetfure 1 never QiatfM 
Hts Hate ; (halt 1 confefsaiidown »y Shanf ? 
Oh Heavens! mm [)^^ 

Mem» Mafk^h^unveadyTraytorflaawlets;) 

Half'bred ^nd pf the muogrel Stuaiift of MifoMt^ 

He has not Art encragb tohid^ tbeChesiv. 

His deep-defigi|iogiI«ord had beitep ptottodtf i 

Away ! thinks U fo poorlf of owf Wit,.. 

To gull us with a Novkc ? If our^-Fate 

Has giv*n us up^ and mark'dus for Deftraftfiftn^ 

Tell him, we are refolv'd to nmeei itberc. 

C/m. Yet hear me. Prince, fince yon fufpcft «e^feftl 
By Mifsut^ t^ eoJlaaMf you^ know 1 fervc^. 
OhGodsJ ta wkat unrL reduced 1 (4^A)— — *W» 

Som^ God coii^affiofliAieof^ yoar Woeft.iiMdUrr'4« 
A Woman's Pity iohec fofeer fipeaft ; 
And •ris for beu I come to ghreyouLibertf* 
l4>cg;yoti^ to behove me* ' \$h$vf$i}fk 

Artax. See, he woepr:! 

Mitn. The waiting Tetrr flood ready fof 'CommaiM?^ 

And atfW'ibiey ftow to varnift the falfe Tale. 
Artax. His DaQ^> fay^ft th^a? i b*T« feea tte 
Maid, 2 

Doft thou ferve her ? Aad tOvUibe ftiMk bep to me f 

rjisanimUkd^lUddlc ^^ 

The Ambhiofu St ef -Mother. 71 

Mnn. Peirhapsr 'tis meant, 

^*rhat (he ivbo ihares bis poifonous Bloody SaiX (haye 

cThePieafureof his Vengeance, and inure 

The Woman's Hands and Eyes to Deadxaad Jifirchidw 

Bui thou her Xnftrument, be gone and hj^ 

The Face of Piinces is not Sport for Girls. 

CUo. Some envious Power blafts my pious Purpofi^ 
And nought but Death remains; O that by .that 
I might perfuade him to believe and t^uft me \ 
And fly that Fate which with ihe MoroJng waits AiiB. 

I gneve, my Lord, to find your hard Si|(pidoa 
I>ebars me from preferyiog yx>ur dear XJKj^ 
(Which not your own Amifiris wiflKS more) 
To-morrow's Dawn (Oh ! let me yet prevail) 
The cruel Queen refolves (hall be youc:laft. 
Oh fly ! Let me conjure you, faveyour felf. 
May that mod awful God tbatliere is worfliipVi 
Deprive me of his Vhearful fieaiQS for .ever. 
Make me the \irretched'ft thiij||g be (cts while Ixntf^ 
And after Death the loweft ottbe Dai^'xl, 
If I have any thought but for your (afety. 

Art AX* No, . I have found the Malice of tny Mi(b«fi^ 
Since I refus'd her Love when (he wasiprp&r'4 
By her ambitions Father for my Bride, 
And on a worthier Choice beftow'd my Heartg 
She VOWS Revenge on me for flighted .Scanty* 

Clto. Mv Lord, you do ber moil HXUnanly.m^fq^ 
She ownsine Merit of the fah.Amifiwy 
Nor ever durft jm^^ae (he def^rv'd you* 
Oh ! fpare that Thought, nor blot her Virgints.Faii|e» 
hi.(Ilence ftill (he wonderVl at your Vertues, 
Blefs'd you, nor at her own ill Fate, repin'd ; 
This wounds her moft, that you fu(pe& uokijidfy 
Th' .officious. Piety that would have &y'd ,you« 
Carelefs of an offended Father's. K«|ge{ 
For you alone ^concfm.'d,, (he cba^^d 09;^gmide you 
When Midnight Sleep had cJo&y obfcryi^g^y^, . 
Safe thro hp r Fathcii^swiih this Kcyf^. 
And jf 1 met with any that durft bar ' ' 

' Tour 

ya Thei Jmbitious Stef'^Motherl 

Yoar Pail^ge forth, fiie bid me greet him thus- 

^ [Stabs herfe^ 
Artajr. {catching her asjhefalls^ What haft thou do^icL 
rafliBpyf • 

CU^* Giv*n you the laft, 
And only Proof renaam*d, that could convince you 
I held ygur Life much dearer than my own. 

Mtm* Horrid Amazement chills my vei;y Veins! 
CUo. Let me conjure you with my lateft Breath, 
Make hafte to (eize the means that n>ay preferve yon • 
This • Key amidft the Tumult: of this Night [Giving the 
••VP'iU open you a way thro MirjM^s P^lace^ 'KeY» 

May every Gpd affift and guard your Flight ; 
And, Oh ! when all. your Hopes of Love and Gloiy 
Are crown'd with juft SiicCefs, will you be good. 
And think with Pity on the loft Cleone. 

jirtaxj^tvi thoufand difmal Fancies crowd my Thoughts ^ 
Oh ! is it pofHble tbou canft be ihe. 
Thou moft -unhappy Fair>one ? • 

C/w. Spare my Shame, 
Nor call the Blopd, that flows to give me Peace^ 
Back to my 'dying Cheeks. Can you forget 
Who was my Father ? And remember only 
How much I wifti'd I had defer v'd your Friend fliip ? 
l^v^^ let my Tongue grow bold, and fay, your Love 5 
p^t 'Dwas not in my Face. 

Artax. What fball I fay. 
Tor witnefs how my grateful Heart is touchM ? * 

l^ut, *0h ! why would'ft th^u give this fatal Inftance ? • > 
Why haft thou ftaia'd me with thy Virgin Blood ? 
I fwear, fwe^t Saint, for thee L could forgive 
The •Malite of thy Father, tho he fecks 
My Life and Crown ; thy Goodnefs might atone 
Ev'n for a Natioii*s Sins \ look up and live^ * 
And thou fliak ftiU be near me as my Heart. 

Cleom Oh charming Sounds \ that gemlylull my Sold 
To cvcrlafting Reft 5 I fwear *tis more, 
More Joy to die thus blefs^d thian to have livM 
A Monarch's Bride 5 may every Blefling wait you 
Ia War aad Peace, ftill may you be the greateft^ 

" ' The ' 

^e Amhithus Stef^Mother* 7 j 

The Favourite of theOods, and Joy of Uttummmm 
I faint ! Ohl let me lean upon your Arm— — 

jlrtax. Hold up the Light, my Father ; Ha ! flat 
Swoons ! 
T'he Iroa-hand of Dea^ is onher Beauties, 
And fee, like Ullies Aipp'd with Froft, they langui/b, 

Mem. My tough old Soldier's Heart melts at the Sigh^ 
And an unwonted Pity moves my Brcaft. 
Ill-fated Maid, too good for that damn'dRace, 
From which thou drew'ft thy Being 1 Sure the Godi^ 
Angry c*er while, will be at length appeas*d 
With this egr^ious Vidim : let us tempt 'em 
Now while they fcem to fmile. • 

Artax^ A Beam of Hope, 
Strikes thro my Soul, like the firft infant JUght^ 
That glanc'd upon the Chaos j if we rcadx 
The open City, Fate may be ours again ; 
Sot Oh ! whatever Succcfs or Happinefs 
Attend my life, ftill fair unhappy Maid, 
Still fhallthy Memory be my Grief and Honour* 
On one fix'd Day in each returning Year, 
Cyprcfi iand Myrtle for thy Sake 111 wear, 
Ev'n my Ameftrh thy hard Fate fliall mourn. 
And withfrcfh Rofcs crown thy Vii^in Urn^ 
Till, in ElyiPum blcfs'd, thy gentle Shade 
ShaOl own my VoWs of Sorrow ; joftly paid. [Exemu 


<5 ACT 

,■ • . ... ! 

^4 T^^ Ambitious Stef^Mother. 



SCENE I. Uim's Palace. 

Eitir Mirza, Magas, and Attendants with Ligbtu 

IdirZ' H^^^ H O ! You o'er-rate the Danger*. 

Ai4^. If I do, 
We err in the Extreams^ fince jou e> 
fteem it 

As much too lightly ; thm^ you tlien 'tis nothing. 
This horrid Jar of Tumult and Confufion ? 
Heads white with Years, anj vers*d in long Experience^ 
Who yet.^emember all the di^erent Changes 
A roUmg* Age (Mro^uces^ cannot call ^ 
To Mind one Inftance dreadful as .this Night^ 
Infernal Di(cor4 Hideous to behold. 
Hangs like its evil Genius o'er the City, 
And fends a Snake to every vulpr fireaft. 
Fromi feveral Carters ^e m9d iR^abble fwanoii 
Arm'd with the Infttuments of hafty ftiage, 
And in confus'd di(brderly Array 
Moft formidable march: metr diflering Clamours^ 
Together join'd, compofe the deafning. Sound ^ 
Arm ! Arm ! they cry, Religion is no more^ 
Our Gods are flighted, whom if we revenge not. 
War, Peftilence, and Famine will enfiie. 
And uniyerfal Ruin fwallows ^1* 

'Mfrz:.*h Crew of mean unthinking heartlefi Slaves, 
With eafe ftirr'd up to Mudny, and quell'd 
With the fame ea(e, with like Esepreflions ihew ' 
Their Joy or Ai^er, both are Koife and Tumult:* 
Add ftill when Holidays make Labour ceafe, 
Toey meet and Ihout ; do tbefe deferye our Fear$ ? 

% ' 

^he Ambitious Stef^Motber. n ^ 

Mag. Mod certainly they may \ \i we conCder 
Each Circumftance of Peril chat concurs; 
Tigranesy with the reft that '(cap'd the Temple^ 
Are mixM amongft this Herd^ and ui^e the Wrongs 
Which with the Gods their Prince and Memnon fuffer. 
Mirv^. Nor lieed we fear ev'o'that, fafe in tbi Airf 
And Nuniber of our Friends, who treble theirs : 
For tbrs road Rout th^t hutn and fwarm together 
For want of fomewhat to employ their F<dly, ^ 
Indulge 'em in their Fancy for Religion, 
^hou and thy holy Brotherhood of Piielby 
Shall in Proceffion bear the facred Fire, 
And all pur golden Gods ; let their Friends ^ge 
If ftill they look not kindly as of o^ : . • ' 
*Tis a moft apt Amufemenc for a Cfowd j 
They'l gaze, and gather routed ;he gaudy ^eWt 
And quite forget the Tl)0ughts of ^fut^ny. •' * 
AQuardihaUwaityoii. , 

Mag, Why gonolyoii too with us ? • ' 
They hold ytnir Wifdom in moft high regard. 
And will be greatly fway'd by your Perfwadony 
Th' occafion is well wdrth yoiir Care and Pre^nce* 

Mtrx^» O ! you*! not need my Aid : Bcfides, my Friend, 
My Hours this Night are deftin'd to a Task ^ ^ 
Of more import, than are the Fates of Millions 
Such grovelling Souls as theirs. . As yet the Secret 
It immature^ nor worth your prefent Knowledge : 
To-morrow that and all my Bread: is yours. 
I nauft; pot, dare not truft nim with my Weaknefs, V 
*Twill mark me for his Scorn ; *tisyet (bme VTifdom, > 
If we muft needs be Fools, to bide our Folly. [Jfide.} 
Mag* He means the Prisoners death, let him engrofsl] 
The People's hate, monopolize Damnation, > 

I will be (afely ignorant of Mifchief. [/ffi^'J] 

Hereafter, when your Wifdom (hall think fit 
To (hare thofe Thoughts, and truft^em with yourFriend, 
I (hall be pleas'd to know ; this in(^ant Hour, 
My Cares are all employed on my own Province, 
^hichhaftes me hence. 

Mirz* May all your Gods aflift you« V Exeunt* 

^ Q 2 SCENB 

'itious Stef-MotSir^ 

:ene n. 


Ttt in MirzaV Palace^ 
ter Ameftrisw 

bear, ye ever graddusGods ? 
oy m our Misfortunes^ ^ 
th of our frail Vertue, 
U ? Can ought be added ? 
^her ! ye dear Names 
ppaefswas (iunm'd, 
^^ of ]Fate done with you ? 
3 fure ! That's paft a doubt *^ 
Prince ! My I^d>cr ! Ob my 



^er Mirza* 

IS (except alone tbofe Tears) 

, ihe charm*d the God, 

ranger to her Bed ; 

Gnefi of the World^ 

cnce, t'employ 

m her Beauty* 

e while, had 1 been ^^viy 

i tobedeceiv'd 

'h ceafe thy Tears! . ^ ■ ■ 

ack, or if the Grave and thod . 

Q my Fate to theirs } 

\ fllent Vault, 

tep till Death's kind Hand 

y LQrd's dear fide, 

eternal Slumber. 

Form afluage thofe Tears, 

I nor let your Breaft ' 

not War with fiur ones : 


The Ambitious Stef-Mother. ^^ 

Slit wifli ^ou would efface thofe ugly Thoughts, 
That live in your Remembrance to perplex you; 
Let Joy, the Native of your Soul^ return. 
And Love's gay God Ct unillng in your Eyes^ 
As e'rft he did ; I wifh you wondrous well. 
And would fo fully recompence the Lofs ' ' 
You fondly mourn, that when you count the Gains, 
Your felf fliould own your fortunes are well chang'd.. 

Amef. Oh impious Comforter ! talk'ft thou of Joy^. 
When Nature dilates onlv Death and Horror, 
Is there a God can break the Laws of Fate ? 
And give me back the precious Lives Tve loft ? 
What nam'ft thou Recompence ?. Can ought atona ^ 
For Blood P A Father's and a Husband's £Iood ? / ' . 
Such Comfort brings the hungry midnight Wol^' 
When having flain the Shepherd, fmear'd with Gore, 
He leaps anudft the helpleu bUa,ting Flock. 

MirX* Away with this Perverfenefs of thy Sex, 
The{e foolifh Tears, thefe peevifh Sighs and Sobbings! 
Look up, be gav, and chear me. wrtb thy Beauties, 
And, to thy wiuil.will indulge thjr fancy, ., 

Not all the imagin'd Splendor of the Gods 
Shall match thy Pomp, fublimely Qialt thou Qiine, 
The Boaft and Glory of our Aftan World ; 
Kor ihall one She of all thy towring Sex 
Out-rival thee (thou Ipvely Fair) in Power, 
Oh think on Power, on Power and Place fupreme. 

Amt{. There is but .one, one only thing to think on. 
My murdered Lord/ and his dark gaping Grave, 
That waits undos'o impatient of my coming. 

Mir\n Ohirften, gentle Maid, while 1 impart / ^ 

A Story of fuch fofmefrto thy Ear, 
A» (like the Halcyon brooding o'er the Waves) 
,May with its Jnflue^ce IhiQi thy ftoi;my Gjfiefs. 

Amef. Begipne/ and it dipu bear'ft pn^ Thpught b( 

In that bard Brcall; Oti leave me to my'ii^f^ ' 
Kor by thy Piefence, hideous to mySoui, 
AodbprpdConfolatioAs, ftrive,t9.add. . 

C 3 • To 

78 # The Arnbitiotis Step-^Motheri, 

To my full Woes tbat fwell'd without thy help. 
All ready rife and bubble o'er the M^rgen, 

Miri. What if 1 talk'd of Love? 

Amif. Of Love ! Oh Monfter ! 

Mirzj^ If Love be monftrous, fb is this fair Filime, 
This beauteous World, this Canopy, the Sky ; j 

That fparkling (bines with Gems of Light inDumerablc^ ' 

And fo art- thou and I, (ince Love made all } I 

W4io kindly rccbncil'd the jarring Atoms I 

In friendly League, and bid -em oe a World, 
frame not thy loVely Mouth then to blafpheme 
Thy great Creatdr, thou art his^ and made for 
His more peculiar Service ; thy br^ht Eyes^ 1 

Thy moift red Lip, thy riling fnowy Bofbm^ 
Thy every Part was made to fumifli Joy, 
£.V'n to a riotous Excels of Happineis ; 
Oh give me but to tafte thy blifsful Charms, 
i^nd take my Wealth, my Honour, Power, takeal^ 
'AH, allforRecompcnce. 

u^f«ir/^ Execrable Wretch! 
Thus! Is it thus thou wouldft afiuage my Sorrows ^ 
When thy inhuman bloody Cruelty, 
Kow with redoubling Pangs cleaves my poor Heart, 
Com'ft thou befpotted with the recent Slaughter 
To proffer impious Love ? Accurfed Fiend ! 
Horror and Grief (hall turn me to a Fury^ 
Still wfth my echoing Crie$ I wilt purfue thee. 
And haHoo Vengeance in thy guilty Ears ; * 
Vengeance for Murder \ for my Prince's Murder \ 
Ani for my poor old Father ! Think not Vilbin, 
Who art the Plague and Scourge of human kind. 
That there is Peace for thee, whilft 1; run naad 
With raging Sofrow ; Vcng<eance, Vengeance waits tbet. 
Great as hay Woes! — ^— My dear ! dear! Artaxerxer/^ ~ 

JMrri^. laim not lucky at ttie glof&ng Arc 
Of catching Girls with words^ but 'tis no matter, 
?orce is a lure Refort,' and when at laft 
Tierce as a towring F^con from her Height^ 

IfiooptoftrikctbePieV, itismyowfit t4fi^* 

^^ ^-. obftinaim 

The Ambitioui Step-Mothtrl jf 

Obftinate Fool, how dar'ft tiiou crofs my fifties? 
Since the fame Hand that hasraveng'd me^well 
Upon my other Foes commands thy Fate j 
Ino Mercy in Compafllon of thy Beauty 
Keach but her Hand to (aye thee, yet if iffg'd^ 
Kevenge may ftill take place : think well on thaf» 

jtfmf* That, that is all the Mercy which I ask^ 
Indulge thy thirfty Malice in my Blood, 
And haften me to Peace. My Woman's Heart 
Shall gather all its little Stock of Courage 
To arm ihe for the Blow* Tho Death be terrible, 
Ghafily and pale, yet I will joy to meet him ; 
tAy better Life already is deflroy'd, 
Imperfed now, and wai\ting half my fel^ 
I wander here in vain, and want thy Hand 
7o guide and re-unite me to my Lord. 

MitT^* Alas! thou hafl not read aright thy Deftiny, 
Matter of much Import requires thy iSe, 
And (Ull detains thee here : Come,, Til inftrud thee. 
And put thee in the way of Fate's Dcfign. 

[^Layiifg hM on kit. 

jimef. Unhand me. Villain I 

Mir^. Nay, you nuifl not iin^e, 
,Kor frown, and look askew ; fantaflick Sex ! 
That put Men on the Drudgery to force you 
To your own Satisfaftion. 

Amef, Let me so, 
Abhor'd, detefled Monfter ! ShaH he brave toui 
You awful God9 ? Shall not your Lightning blaft hnn ? 

idirl(. Oh no ! Your Gods have Pleafures of their 

Some mortal Beauty charms the wanton ^ovf^ 
Within whofe Arms he revels^ nor has leifurc 
* To mind tby fooliih Screaming. 

Amef^ Hear me now, fweet Heaven, 
Save me, ye Gods ! Ohfave me ! faveme ! (aveme ! 
Idirx* Come, come along! youfceyottftriveinvaui. 

^Strrtfk^ tmb heu 
Jimif. Is there w bope of Aid fiomGods or Men ? 

^o T^e Ambithfis Stef^Motheu 

Oh let me turn to thee then, kaeel to thee, 
And with my Pray'rs and Tears implore thvPity. 
lAirx,. Speak, for Enchantment dwells upon thy 
And ail the fluttering Spirits in my Blood 
Dance nimbly on to the celeftial Sound, 

Amif, What fliall I fay to move him to Companion ?- 
Thus groveling, proftrate thus upon the Earth,' 
Let me conjure you, fpare my Virgin-Honour, 
Spare to commit a Wrong to you unprofitable,. 
Yet woffe to me-than Torments, Rack^. and Peath ^ 
ICiil me, (he li|ft of my unhappy Race, 
And let old Memnon*s Name with me be loft. 
If Death be not enough. Jet me hv« wretched, 
PuU off thefe ^obes, and doath me like a Slave, 
Then fend me out to labour at fome Village, . 
Where { may groan beneath a cruol ^fter. 
Be hardly us'd, and want ev'n food and Raymeiit } 
TiU Cold, and Dirt, and Poverty (ball change. 
And make me loath^me af ray Fellow- Wretches. 
.Oh ! Let my Rags claim only this one Privilege^ ' 
To wrap me in the 'Grave a fpotlefs Maid. 

Mir^» That Tongue which pieadsmakes all Intreating 
Thy every Mption, each complaining Accttit 
Warms me afrelh, ^ and uiges new Defire y 
Thou art, thou muft be mine, nor Heaven, nor Eanh, 
Nor die confpiring Power of Hell Ihall fave ,tbee ; 
I long CO lofe my Age in thy Embraces, 
-To bask and wanton in, thy ^rmeif San^ . 
Till a new Youth ihoor thro me. 

Amef. Cbaft Diana^ 
And thouihe Cuar<liaQ of the Marriag^e-Bed, 

/ [Getting lcaf$ from him 
Thon Royal Jfiwiw, Oh proted thy Votary. 
: Mirz^ My jaded Age and wetik enervate Limbs 
•Faltcv and Xbvink unequal to their pBS^e. , . ' ' 
Jj^ithe^ yield, come, yield, and be a Queen ^ 

[Uyiui hfi m bir H^* 
'^' ^ ' Yield^ 

The Ambitious Stef^Mottnr. 8i 

Yidd, and be any thing ! I cannot bear 
Thefe fierce conVYiIfiye Starts^ diis nging flame 
That drinks my filood. 

Amtf. Oh never, never, never ! 
A Caofe like this wiU turn me to a Fighter, 
To my laft Qafp, to Death I will refift/ 

^sr;^.' My coward Strength, doftthou go back from 
Rouze, and deferve the Pleafiire thov wouldft tafte* 

Am$f, Umpanly Traytor ! — — feize hip all ye Fiends • 

h$ tht Sirit^UJhi drsws his own Poniard and JIabs him» 

Mirza/tfW»f •] Danmation, Oh my Heart ! the otffed 
Has (buck me to the Earth. 

Amef. There fink for ever I 
Norrife again to plague die wretched World. 
' Jdir!(. My heated Blood ebbs out, and now too latt 
My cooler Reafbn bids me cur(e my Folly ; 
On Idiot, Idiot ! to be caught fo poorly ; 
Vhere are thy fine Arts now ? Unrayei'd all^ 
Mangl'd and cut to Pieces by a Girl ! 
Oh Shame of WiOom ! When Revenge was fiirei 
And Fate was in my Grafp, to lofe it all, 
K^led the noble Game, and run out my Years, 
On the purfiiit of Joys I could not tafte ; 
My Memory muft be the ]eft of Boys. 

Amef. My boafted Courage finks at fight of Blood, 

[^Letting fall th$ Poniards 
Tho juftly fhed, and I grow ftiff with Horror. 

[MitTssL asutnpting to rifi^ falls again* 
Attrz* It w'ont be ! Life gufties out amain. 
And I ihall die without Revenge or Aid ; 
What I^oife is that ? without there. Help ! 

[Tramfling witbcuu 
Amef. 6h Heavens i 
WBat will become of me ? 


% 2 The AmbUious Step-Mot hen 

Enter OrchsLtits hajlifym 

Orc^. My Lord ? Where, are yoii ? 
Bleeding! and on the Ground! Wh^t wretched A^ 

dent ? ■ ■ 

Then Fate refblves to make this Night compleatj 
Such as fucceeding Horrors ne'er (haU match. 

Mht(. Oh my Orchanes ! I am fallen vilely. 
And this laft part of Life will fully all 
The Wifiioip and Renown of what is paft, 
Methought thou talk'dft of Horrors, fpeak 'em boldlj^^ 
And try if ought can iadd to thi^Confuflon. 

Onh. Prepare, my Lord, and fummon all your Wi(^ 
Your utmoft Con^ancy of Soul to heia r ■ ■« 

Mirz. No more ! I cannot wait thy Preparation J 
X^et the ill ?tMrtuQe take i^e as it finds me. 

Or eh. Then hear it thus 5 your paught^r's dead— — i 

Mlr:(, My Daoghter ! 
Thy Words have met with an unguarded Side, 
And pierce ev'n thro my SouL Say, How? Where ? 
Teil me ! ■ »■ 

Orch. As with a Guard I kept the Temple- Gates,. 
1 heard old Memnon and the Prisoner Prince 
Loud as the roaring O^an in a Storni, 
Echoing their Rage thro the vaft founding Dome, . 
When on a fiiddcu, c*er the Night had gain'd , 

Four Houra at ny>ft> the Noife was huQiM in Silence^ 
Wond'nng and curious of the Canfe, 1 enter'd. 
And found. Oh Grief to Sight ! your lovely Daughter 
Drefs'd like a Boy, then warm,, and newly dead. 
One Wound was on her Breafb. Whf (he was ther^ 
Or how, we know not ; to compleat the 111, 
The Prisoners both are fled. 
. ^"ii^x^ fled \ *tis impoffible. 
Ha iVjiich way ? wliither ? how ? they could not ftr ! 

Amef. O wondrous Turn of Joy ! Are they not dead 

^ ' then? , 


The Ambithus Stef -Mother. 8| 

/^^JjjThcy could not Ycapc the Guards j no other 

Remain'd biit yours, and cv*n that was faft. 
Upon the inftant I befet each Avenue 
Which to your Palace leads ; happily as yet 
They are not pafs'd from thence, 

jimef. Guard 'em, ye Gods! 

Mirg(. Pind 'cm asain, Orchanes, e'er I die. 
Or I am more than double damn'd j this Loft 
Is worfe than mine, worfe than my Daughter's death: 
i Tk death of my «.evcnge. Malicious Fomwe » 
«ic took the Moment when my WiCdom nodded 
And ruin*d , me at once. O doaung Fool » * 

Thou Fool of Love, and of pernicious Woman « 

'L-H^*^^ '^^^"^^ ^^^ °^ -^^ Revenge ! 
will not thy Cordial keep back flying Life ? 
It (hall ! Or€hanesdr2% that Trayt'rcfs to tne. 

Ame/l Oh if thoU art a Man, I charge thee loaC. ^ ^ 
And fcorn his bidding, fcorn to be his lave ^^^"^ 
A Devil's Drudge in Mifchief. Save me froni DeatlL 
Ibvc p&y on my You^h, Oh iparc my YowW^^ 

OrchanespwWx Ameftris down to ISxzsu 

K\^vi* Hearken not to her; drag her, pull her downi 
aiaU ^ef^^^nboz&of thee, while I die Cfaildlefi ? - 

No, to Cleones Ghoft thou art a Viftim. 
Oh couW I but Mve. feen diee with thofe Eye* . 
I view thee now^ 1 Bad been wife and (afe • 
That Face fliaU make no more Fools ixK this VTorR 
I>own ! bear thy fatal Beauties down to Heli ' 

And 07 if thou can'ft charm amongft the Dead > 
Die Witch ! Enchamrefi die ! ^ 4mB^,h^ 
Amef. Ah ! Mercy. Heavens ! ^® m^Mi^^ 

Now \Orchanes. hafte and tell the Queen. 

My lateft Brcatk %j for her..^Something I would 

,I«pQr«nno her Service .1 breatbSrt?"'^^ 

; "^ ^ lifr 

84 The Ambitious Stef^^Mother. 

Lifeftays in pain, and firuggles to be gone, 

1 ftrivc in -vain to hoU it— —^ Ha 1 ^hat mean 

Thefe fleeting Shades that dance before my Si^t ? 

*Tis Death,^ I feel it plain ; the dreadful Change 

That Nature &ms zt Death ! •— — X>«atb ! ..i-i««What 

is Death? 
*Tis a yaft Difquifitlon, Friefts and Scholars 
Enquire whole Ages, and are^t in Doubt; 
My Head turns round ! ....1.^1 cannot form one Thought 

That pleafes me about it, Dying — ' muft refolve me. 

QNfirza dies* 
Amif. Oh my liard Fortune! Muft I die I die now? 
yffhsxk Artaxerxes ckVLs and bids me live. 
His dear loy'd Image ftays my parting Soul, 
And laakes it linger in its ruinM Houfe. 
Ha ! (lure he*s dead 1— .^'tis fo, and now he ftiands 

[^Looking on Mirza« 
Arraigned before the dread Impartial Judges, 
Toanfwer to a long Account of Criines ; 
Had I but (farength, perhaps my Fate may yet [R^fi^Z* 
7 idxtont a way to fave me. 
My Love and Father make Life worth taiy Cai-e^ 
Alas ! My Blood flows faft ^ tbismy I thinks 

[Goes off faintly. 

{^nfer at the ether fide Artaxentes and Memnon, with 
Sword and Dark- Lanthorn. 

Mem* I& ! h^e are Lights, hoI4 up thy Ved^n^ - 
Son. ' ^ 

. Arfaoc^ And fee Blood, and a Body on the ^oor : 
What means this Scene of Death ? What Wretch art 

thoii? ' 

Oh all ye fufter Powers ! 'tisr J^irvfii^ (ee^ \ 
He ieems now dead. 

Mem, Damnation then is now to bim^ ' 
And if there be one deeper Fit of Sepulchre^' 
One Flague above the reft in tbofe dack Regjionsj 


The Ambitious Step-Mother. 8 $ 

Jle as the moft sibandonM Dog may claim it, 
And vie for Preference with Devils themfelycs; 

Ri-enter Aoi^vis. 

Amifi The Doors are guarded, Face has. dos'd iqp 

Artax, Ha! art thou my Amefirh ! * 
Mtm. Oh my Daughter 1 S^^^*j run to htn 

Amef. Are ye then come at laft to blcfs my Eyes, 

Which could not dofe without one parting View* 

Oh hold me, or I fink !- 

Mem. Alas! my Child. 

Artax. My cruel Fair, why art thou pale and faint? . 
Ha, whence this Blood ? Oh killing Spe£bicle ! 

Amef. Forth from my Heart the crimfon River flow^^ 
My lavifh Heart that haftily confumes 
Its fmall Remain of Life : Oh lay me gently 
On my laft Bed the Earth, whofe cold hard Bofom 
Muft mortly be the Place of my long Reft« 

Idef^. iffhsLt have w^ done ? or, Oh ! if we tiaye 
yffhsLt has thy Innocence done to merit this ? 

Amef. That Villain Mirxa 

Mem. Ha ! Say, what of him ? 

Amef. OS^x*^ moft brutal Outrage to mv Honour. 

Artax. Oh ye eternal Rulers of tne World, 
Could you look on unmov'd ? But fay, inftruft mej 
That I might bow before the God that fav'd thee. 

Amef Sure 'twas fome chafter Power that made me 
And taught my trembling Ifand to find the way 
With his own Poniard to the Villain's Heart. 

Mem. Thou art my Daughter ftill ! Oh noble k&Xon ! 
That gives in Death an interval of Joy. 

Amef }uft in that Hour of Face a Villain enter'd^ 
By whofe Aftiftance t*he revengeful M}rx»a 
Forc'd nie to (hare Death with him* 

Artax. 'Tis paft, 'tis paft j [Xym^ d^wn. 

' H And 

$6' The Ambitions Stef-Motherl 

And ali thof^Tires that lighted up my Soul^ 
plorvand bri^f^t Ambition languilh now. 
And leatve me dark and gloomy as the Grave. 

Oh thou fbft dying S^eetnefi ! Shall I rage 

4iid <ur(emy fdf ? Curie ev'n the Gods }mmmjQ\^ qq • 
I anithe Slave of Fate, and bdw beneath 
The ]Load that preiles me j am iSmk to ^Bartb^ 
And ne'er (hall rife again : here wil^ I iic 
Apd, gaze till X am nothing. 

Af^f. Alas ! my Lord, 
Fain would I flrive to bid you not be fad. 
Fain would I chear your Grief, but *ds in vain ; 
I know by my own Heart it is impoflible ; 
For wehavelov'd too well 6h mournful Kfuptials! ■ 
Are chefe the Joys of Brides ? Indeed 'tis.har<^ 
^is viery hard to part ; I cannot leave you. 
The agonizing Thought difirafts me \ hold me. 
Oh hold me raft, Death (hall not tear me from you. 

Artax. Oh could my Arms fence thee from DefUny« 
The Gods might launch their Thunder on my Head^ 
flague me with \ltats treble to what I feel i, 
^With Joy I would endure it all to fave thee. 
yffhWi iball I (ay ? What Ihall I do to fave thee ? 
jGrief (hakes my Frame, it melts my very Temper { 
My manly Conftancy and Royal Courage 
Hun gufiiing thro my Eyes ; Oh my AmeftrU / 

Amef* And fee my Father ! his white Beard \i wei 
With the fad Dew. 

M$m» I try'd to man my Heart, 
But could not ftand the Buffet of this Tempeft, 
|t tears me up -«^My Child ( Ha ! art thou dying I 

Amef. Indeed I am very fick, Oli hoU me up ! 
|i4y Fain tncreafei , an4 a cold damp Dew 
Hangs on my Fape. Is there no Help ? ]^oEa(e ? 
Have I your Arm^ my JLoye ? 

Artax. Thou haft my Heartf • 
poft thou yet hold ? 
. Am^. Say, will you not forget me 
^hen I am &id (0 ynQulder in the Tomb ? 

The Aphitm^ S^if-Motjfif. $4 

'*Tis furcyou will not, ftUl there will bcroom 

For my iLemembr^nce in your noble Heart '• ^ 
I know you lov*d me truly': Now ! I faint \ 

Oh Diicld me, Ihicld ine from that ugiy Fantom, ' ^' 

The Cave of Death ! S[ow dark and deep ft is! ^ 

I tremble at the Sight .*tis hideous Horror ; ' 

The Gloom groWs o'er n^c L^t me not lie there. [ 

Artax* There Life gave way, and the faft rofv Breittr 
ir ent ,in that Sigh. Death, like a brutal Vjftor ' 
Already enterM, widi rude hajle defaces * 

The lovdy Frame he has maftcr'd ; fee how fdon ' 
Thefe ftarry Eyeis have loft their Light artrfLuftre « 
Stay, let me dofe their Lids. Now for the reft. 
Old Mmnon / Ha ! Grief has transfixed hU Brain 
And he perceives me not! -—.Now What of thee > 
Think'ft thou to live, thou Wretch ? Think not of aiw 

. thii^; ^ 

Thought is Dami^atipn, 'tis the Plague of peyils " 
To think, on what they are. i^nd fee, this Weapon 
Shall Ihield njc from it, plunge me in Forgetfulnefs, 
E*cr the dire Scorpion, Thought, can rouze to fting me^ 
Lend me thy Bofom, my cold Bride : HI Fortuhe 

^Lying hy hffm 
Has done its wo^, and we (hall part no mor? - 
Wait for me, gentle Spirit, fince the Staj« ' 
Tpgedier muft receive usi [Stahs himfilfj] Oh welt 

aim'd !" 
How fooliih is the Coward> Fear of Ceath \ 
Of Death, the gentleft ,' »fureft way to Peace. 

[Memnoti fiauds fookifJ£ on the ^odii/rome time ., 

a^d then fpM^s. ' •' *'' 

Mem. Yet Will I gaze J Yet ? Tho my Eyes scowftifF 
And turn to Steel or Marble t Here's a Sjio^t 
To blefs a Father J Tb^fc ! Thefe were pur Gifts, 
.Y.rbq>in^eoMs Gods ! Vou'l fpare my Thank's for Vm^ 
You gave me ?eing tpb, * and fpurn me out 
To hoary WretchcdncTs 5 away, 'twas Cruelty :' 

H 2 Oh 

S8 The Ambitious Step-Mother. 

Oh ciirfed, curff d« curfed fourfcore Years, 
Ye Heap of Ills, ye mondrous Pile of Plagues ! 
Sure they lov.'d well, the very Streams pf Blood, 
That flow TroiK) their pale Bofoms, meet and mingle* 
Stay^ let me view 'cm better— ^Nay, 'tis thusi» . ■ 
If thou art like thy Mother ShcdyM too 

Where h (he > Ha ! that Dog, that Vilhin Mlrza / , 

He bears her ftom me ; Shall we npt purfue ?> 
The Whirl of Battel comes acro{^ me, fly! 
Be gone 1 They IhallTiiot, dare not brave me thus ! 
Hey, 'tis a glorious Sound ! ruDi on, my Prince^ 
We'll fiart, and. reach the Goal of Fate at once. 

[Runs of. 

Entetj on the other Jide, ^lueen^ and Attendants 

. with Lights*, 

§lu. Why am J fummon'd with this Call of Death? 
This is no common Iluin ; Artaxerxes ! 
And Memnon^s Daughter ! MirzA thou art fallen 
In pompous Slaughter : Could not all thy Arts, 
That dolcM about Deftrudion to otir Enemies, 
Guard thy own Life from Fate ? Vaifi Boaft of Wifdom, 
That with f antaftick Pride, like bufy Children, 
Builds Paper Towns and Hou(es, which at once 
The Hand of Chance o'erturns and loofly fcatters. 

I Att. Oh difmal Sight I [Looking out. 

Sju. What h It frights thy Eyes ? . 

I Att* Old Memnonh Body. 

gi». *Tis a grateful Horror. 

I Att. Upon the Floor the batterM Carcafs lies 
Weltring in Gore, whilft on the marble Wall 
A dreadful Mafs of Brains, grey Hair, and Blood 
Is fmear*d in hideous Mixture. 

Q^. Fierce Defpair 
Has forc'd a way for the impetuous Soul. 
'Tis well, he is in peace .- What means this Tu- 
mult I ' [ShouT^ Clajhing of Swords. 


The Ambitious Stef ^Mother. 89 

Entir an Officer ^ his Swprd drawn. 

Pffic. .Ply, Madam, left your Per(ba be not fafef 
Tlie Traytor Bag$ai^ to wnofe Charge you trufied 
The Prince your Son, has drawn the Guards to join htm {* 
And now aflifted by the furious Rabble, 
On every (Ide they chaise thofe few who keep 
This Place and the Temple, with loud Out-cnef, 
Proclaiming that they mean to free the Pris'ners. 
Otchanes^ e'er I fled to give you notice, 
TtXi by the Priace's hand ; theragine Torrent 
Bore down our weak Refiftance, and purfuing 
With furious Hafie, ev'n trod upon my Fligbt : 
This Inftant brings 'em here. 

/{«• Let 'em come on, 
I cannot fear ; this Storm is raisM too late, 
I fland fecur'd of all I wifli already. 

[Shout and Clajhing of Swords againi 

Enter Artaban, Cleanthes, and Attendants^ their 

Swords drawn* 

Arielh.^ Then Vertue is In vain, fince bafe Deceh 
And Treachery have triumph'd o'er the Mighty. 
Oh Nature ! Jetmetiirn my Eyes away, 
Xefl I am blafted by a Mother's fighc. 

g«. Ungrateful Relxl ! Do thy impious Arn» 
Purfue me for my too indulgent Pondnefi 
And Care for thee? 

Art ah. VTdl has that Care been ihewn ; 

Have you not foully flain'd my faaed Fame ? 

Look on that Scene of Blood ; the dire Efieds 

Of cruel Female Arts. But oh what Recompence ! 

"V^hat can you ^ve me for my murdered Love ? 

Has not the Labyrinth of your fatal Counfeb 

Involv'd my fair, my lovely, lofk CUona i 

By our bright Gods I fwear 1 will aficrt 


90 ' The Ambit ioiu Stef^Mather} 

Tlie Majefty of Manly Government, 
Kor wear again your Chains : Still as our Mother ^ 
iBe honoured ; nue amongft your Maids and Eunttchs,' 
Kor mingle in our State, where mad Confiifipn 
Shakei the whole Frame, to boaft a^ Woman's Cunning,' 

g^* Thou talk'ft as if thy infant Hand couldgrafp, 
Qukfe, and command the Fortune of the Vorld^ 
But thou art young in Power. Remember, Boy^ - 
Thy Father, once the Hero of his Age, 
Was proud to be theSubjed of my Sway, 
The Warrior to the Woman's Wit gave way. 
And found it was his Intereffc to obey. 
And dofl thou hope to (hake off ffiy Command > 
Doft thou ? the Creature of my forming Hand. 
When I afiert the Power thou dar^ft invade. 
Like Heaven, I will refolve to be obey'd. 
And rule or ruin that which opce I made. _ 

\Pxit fluttn anS Attendants'^ 

\4rtak. Let .a Gi^rd wait the Qpeen : Tbo Naturo 
For Reverence to her Perfon, jealous Power 
Muft watch her fubtle and ambitious Wit. 
Haft thou fccur'd the ipapious Pricft, Cteanthes .< 
Magasf that Wretch that proflttutes our Gods. 

CU^9. Already he has met the Fate he merited. 
This Nieh( the Hypocrite^ in grand ProctlGoa 
March'd thro the. City to appeafe the People, « 

And bore the G6ds along to aid his PurfK^fe : 
When on a fudden, like a Hurricane, 
That ftarts at once, and muffles all the Ocean, 
Some Fury more than mortal feiz'd the Crowd $ 
At once they rufli*d, at once they cry'd Revenge ; 
Then (hatched, and tore the trcmblipgPrieft to pieceSi 
What was moft ftrange, iv> Injury was offcr'd 
To any erf the Brotherhood befide. 
But all their Rage was ended in his Death : • 
Like formal Tuftice that feverely firikes, 
And in an inftant is fereneand aim. 

Artab. Oh my Ckantkfs^ do but (aft thy Thoughts 

' " Back 

The Jtuhithtu Stef-Mothtr. gx 

Back on the recent Story oF Ms Night ; 

And thou with me wilt wonder, and coofefi 

The Godi are great and juft. Well have you mark'<^ 

Ccleftial Foweii, vour r^hteoiu DecelUtion 

Of Sacrilege, of bale and bloody Treachtiy, 

May thii Example guide my futlire Sway ; 

Let HpDOur, TniA, and Jufijce crown my Re^ 

Ne'er let my Kingly Word be given in vain, 

Sut ever facred with my Foes remain. 

On thefe Foundatioiu Qiall my Empire ftan<^ 

The Gods Aiall vindicate my juft Command, 

^Ud ffiani that Cower they uufib] to mj HW^ ^ 


•*- 3 ♦ 


m t 

. 'if i 

BOOKS Sold h M.-. Wellington. 

OTid Travefly : A Burlefque, Poem on Ovid's E- 
piffles. The fourth Edition. By Capt. Alexander 
Madclj^ of Grays'lnn. 

Lee^s Works, in two Vols. 

Mr. Wyfhgrey^s Vhy$^ in one Volume. 

Five Love.Letters from a Nun t6 a Cavaher. Tranf- 
lated by Sir Roger VEftrange. Wiih the French on the 
oppofite Page, for the Benefit of the Cui^jous in either 
language. Price i r. 

The comical Hiftory of Wrancibn^ fattrically expoCng 
Folly and Vice in Variety of Humours and Adventures, 
cranilated by feveral Hands, and adapted to the Humours 
of the prefent Age. 

The Lover's Secretatj ; ot the 'Adventures of Linda" 
miray a Lady of Quality. Written with her own Hand 
to her Friend in the Country. In four Parts. Revis'd 
and Corrected by Mr. The. Brown. Price 2 s. 

The Art of Love, a Poem dedicated to the Ladies, hj 
Charles BofkinSy Author of the Tragedy of Boadicea^ 
Queen of Britain. 

The Novels of the late ingenious MonH Scarron^ &ith« 
fiilly tranilated, viz,, i. The fruitless Precaution. 2. The 
Hypocrites. 3. The innocent Adultery. 4, Thiejadge 
in his own Caufe. 5. The Rival Brothers. 6. The in- 
vifible Mifbefs. 7. The Chaftifement of Avarice. 8. 
The unexpeded Choice. Done into Englijhy with Ad- 
ditions. By jF. i>. £fq^ The fourth Edition, Cor- 

Incognita ; or Love and Duty reconciled. A Novel* 
Writ by Mr. Congreve. Price i s. 6 d. 

Mrs. Behn*s Plays entire, in two Volumes in OdavOi 

I I .All her Hiflories and Novels, in one V oL 


^ ' 






Written by N. ROtFE^ Efqj 


Magnus ad al$mm 
Futmaai Euphraien helh^ Viaorqme volentes 
JPit Pt^Mlos datjuray viamque afftSat Ofyntp^. 

Virg. Georg. 4. 

The Fifth Edition. 


Printed for 3^. T. and Sold by T. Jamacy, at the 

-rfirjfr/ without Tcmflt-Bar. MDCCXX. 

- c 


^ \ 1 A 


,♦ K 

To the Right Honourable 


- Lo&D MARQ.UIS of 


(J^ow D^e of IDrvoftJbirf, J 

My Loxn, 

ig Very Bodftt aowibfbll of Baflnefl 

B that things of th!tklDd,whicharegcDe- 

S ralh takcD for the £Ricrt»iameat of 

B Ictuire Hoars oDiy, look like Impciti- 

^ nenceaadintetriiptioa. I am tare it is 

k Reafon why I ought to beg Youc -- 

' Ijordflrip's Pardon,for troubling You with thisTra- , 

gcdy;Natbat that Poetry has iC ways been^d will. 

nil] be,theEiitenaJntneQt of all wile Men, that have 

uy Delicacy in their Knowledge ; Yei at fo crtiical 

a Jondareas this is, I moit confefs, I think Your 


ftirs, which at this time feem to Demand You. It is- 

that happy Turn which Youc lioidlbip has to Bafir 

ncfi^hat ri^t Undctftanding of YoatCouiKry's In- 

A J . teteft. 


tereff /and that conftant Zeal to purfae it, that ja(f 
ThiDking, that ftrongand perfuafive Elocution, that 
firm and generous Rcfolut ion, which upon all Oc* 
cafions You have ihewnia Parl!athcnt$;andtoadd, 
that which is the crowning good Quality, Your . 
Lordfhfp's continual Adherence and Uufhaken Loy«- 
alry to His prcfcntMajeftyi which make You at this 
Tidir fo nefcilary to the P^blick. I mud confeft, 
(tho' thereli fto P«t in YoqrLttrdrfilp^'CJharaaer, 
but Whatthe World ihould be fond of) I cannot help 
IRftirigui/18ng thecal! Inffance very particularly : ft 
la doing (raetkfnks) fuch a Juftic.c to Gdpdnefs, to 
Greatjiefs, and to Right Rcaipn« thatPo(lerity.witr 
believ^jheri dodid hd t» Man 6f ffioi^Soiis^ but 
what muft have agjfe^ Wlth:y0V Lordfliip in it. 
When the next Age ftatt WMfth* Hiftory of this^ 
What Excnfe can they make for thofe who did not 
Admirlp a Ptutc^wtw Li^baf i^^eit a Sf ric$ offeood 

Offices done to Mankind ? When they fhall reckon 
up his Labours from the Battle of Semff^ to fome 
Glorious Afiion, which (hall be his Lift (and which 
I thevefore^hope isVeryfer'fW)ovMfK)m thePrefin|^ 
Time) Will tney eror beKowthat heeould have beei^^ 
tdo welt lov*d, or toofliithfully ftrv'dand defended T 
The Great Thin» which he did before we had that 
iifiniediate Intereit fn him, which we now ^happily 
have, IS a nobleand j dftSubj eft for Panegy rick ;but 
i.% Benefits done to Others, can never toudi us fo' 
foaiibly as ttiofe wei«ceiveoiir fe!ves,tho^theAdi* 
Otis may be equally great ^ro,intthtnks, I can hard* 
]y have Patience to rus batk to hia haviQg ftvM his ^ 
own Country, when I conflder he has fineedone the 
fame for Us ; Let that be fiifitciem to Us, for all we 
can (ay of him, or do for him. What Dangers «id 
D^iicultfes has^be not ftraiKied through, for the Ho* 
noin: and Safety of ^heft Kingdoma r 'Tit a com** < ' 


mon Pnife, and what every one fpeaks, to fiy. He 
hfts contioually exposM b!& Li& for his People ; bar 
there are fome Thiog^ u^ore particalar in his Cha^ 
rader^ fo|neThii^s rarely found am ongft the Po- 
licies of Princes ; a ^al for Religion, moderated 
by Reafoni without tbel^age and Fire of Perfecuti^- 
on ; a charitable Compaflion for thole who cannot 
-be coovinc'd) and an unalterable Perfeverance in 
tfaofe Principles of whofe Truth he is fatisfyM ;. 
a ddke of War for the fake of Peace ; and of 
Peace for the Good and Honour of his SubjeSs 
equally with his own ; f pious Cf re for compofing 
Fa^ions^ tbo' to foment them might make him 
Arbitrary \ and a generous Ambition that only aima 
At Power t, tq enable him to do Good to all the 
teft of (h« Worldv I ai^t add here, ibat In violin 
Ue and Religious Obferraoce of his Royal Word,, 
which.the bm Part of the PowVs of Ei$r9p€ have fo 
fi[f(|Uentiy 4nd lb hpppily^ for them^Ives, depended^ 
upon in ibe^greateft Emergencies. But as this Vir-- 
ineis geaieralKy reckoned as no more tban< that com« 
mon Honefly, which the mcaneflMan wouldbluih 
td t>e Without^ fo it canhardly claima Place amongft 
tine more particitlar Eiceltendes of a Great Prince. 
It were to be wifli'd, indeed^ that the World were 
Honeft to fuch a Degree, and that there were not thatt 
fcaodaloua DefeS of qommon Morality. Certainly 
nothing <tasi be more (hoiking toi^umanity, t9 the 
Peace and Order of the World y nothing can ap-^ 
prOach nearer to that favage State of Nature, in^ 
which eyevy Man is to eat his Fel low if <he can mafter 
him, than an avowM Liberty of breal:ing thro* all - 
the moft iblemn Engagements of poblick Faith. 
Tis fome&idg that brands a Man with an Infamy,, 
which nothing can extenuate or wipe out; hemay< 
ptotefi and pretend to explain his Meaning, but the 

A 4 World: 

Eftftle 'Dedicatdry. 

World has generally too much Indignation for th^ 
Affront, to i>€ar it at that eafie rate. Miniftcrs and 
Secretaries of State, may difplay their own Parts iil 
Memorials, with as much Pomp and Flourifh as 
they pleafe : I fancy the common Anfwer upon fuch 
Occaiions will always be. You have deceived us 
grofly, and we neither can nor will truft you any 
more. When this Vice comes amongft Men of the 
firfl Rank, it is the more (hocking, and I could wiih 
there were none fuch, to whofe Charge it might be 

Some People (who do me a very great Hononr 
m it) have fancyM, that in the Perfon otTameriafte 
I have alluded to the greateft Charader of the pre-^ 
fcnt Age, I don't know, whether I ought not to 
apprehend a great deal of Danger from avowing t 
Defign like that. It may be a Task indeed worthf 
the greateft Genias, which this, or any other Time 
has produced : Bat therefore I ought not to (land 
the (hock of a Parallel, leaft it fhould be Iben, to my 
Difad vantage, how far the Hero ht^tranfit^d ^9 
Poet^s Thought. There are many Features, *€!$ 
true, in that Great Man's Life, not unlike His Mtf- 
jefty: HisCoorage, his Piety, his Moderation, his 
Jufiice, and his Fatherly Love of his People, but 
above all, his Hate of Tyranny and Oppreffion, 
and his zealous Care for the common Good of 
Mankind, carry a large Reiemblance of him : Se* 
veral Incidents arealike in their Stories; and there 
wants nothing to his Majefly but fUch a deciding 
Viftory, as that by which Tamerlane gave Peace to 
the World. That is yet to come; but I hope Wb 
may reafonably exped it from the Unanimity of 
the prefent Parliament, and fo formidable a Force 
as that Unanimity will give Life and Vigour to. 



Efffile dedicatory. 

If Your Lord (bfp can find any Thing in thisPoenr 
like a Prince, who is fo iuftly the Objcft of Your 
liordlhip's, and indeed of the World's Veneration^ 
I perrnade mj felf it will prevail with You to for- 
give every thing elfl that You find amifs. . Yotf 
will ezcufe the Faults ia Writing, for the Good- 
nels of the Intention. I hope too, Your Lord- 
(hip will not be difpleas'd, that 1 take this Oppor- 
tunity of renewing the Honour which I formerly 
had, to be known to Your Lordfhip, and which 

fives me at once the Pleafure of ezpreffing thofe 
nft and Dutiful Sentiments I have for hisMajefiy^ 
and that flrong Inclioattoni which I. have always 
hiui to be though^ 


3%vr Lvrifelfs woft ObeMenty 

BtimbU. Servant ^^ 





Spoke by Mr. Bi^rTEiiTow. 

Hinm t^ed UMgtTf oit luvui higher fifwih 
^AoHthofe that teil ihf fame by mdkt Herois vMf. 
B'ith Fhajurey Rome and Gnat Augufios, hedrd 
Arms imdtht Mm Jung By th§ Mantuan Bard-^ 
2n ffst$ of Time, the facred Stery thesj 
4nt( Cacfar ii»i his ^mfire ftM fiervives. 
tike htm^ ( th(f' miuh tmeqtud to hts Ttme f 
Our J^thr mtkes a fim^ Bmce hhiheme: 
^gh vkh the- fweihefi ifrtmes m Arfh^ he fMy 
Had fMi^, Mid fi^d fat ki» Qemti^s Gmd^ 
T^$ fright not JFmMt, Met. feme^ m iSkm tf Bkid, 
Safe under him his httffy People Jkte, , \ . . 

And grievd at diftance for their Neighiows Tate, 
Whilft with Succefs, a Turkiih Mmmrdi Cremid, 
Like Jfreading Tlajney deformed the Nations round-^ 
With Stverd and Fire he forc'd Aa/A/%m^ m^ « 
To Lawlefs Tow'r, and Umverjkl Svay : 
Some objeB States, far Tear the Tj/rantjohti 
Others^ Gold their Liberties re^fh 
And venal Vrincos f>ld their MJ^ht Bivk^,^ 
nil He»v% the growing Evil ti^re^efs, " 
Sent Tamerlane to give the World a Peace, 
The Hero rouz% affertsthe Glorious Caufe^ 
And to the Tkldifie eheerfkl Soldier drams: 
Abound in Crowds his vaUarJ Leaders waitf 
A>Mious for Glory, and fecure of Fate j 
Well f leased, once more to venture on hh Side, 
And prove that Faith again which hadfo oft been trfd. 
Toe peaceful Fathers, who in Senates meet. 
Approve an JEnterpritefo fufi, fo Great', 
WmU with their Prince's Arms, their Voice thus join*df 
Gams hsUf the Praife of having fan/d Mankind. 
^ JBt/» 01 aCirchy' where like this the Fair 
' Were mtt, tie fright Affembfy did declare 
Their Houfe with one Qmfent were for the Wkr^ 
Each ur£d her Lever to tmfhe/i^ his Sword, 
And never fiari a ManiAobi^e his Word, HffiHS 


Tkus fii^d, thi S^mii mt0tir0 Danger pr^s\ 
jTMt Arms wen cr^mii Abread with jufi Stucefi^ 
.And Uefi m Inme wiik Bemify ami with feace. 



iSpoken by Mr. W i l k s, at the Revival . 
of the Play,. Nm. S\ U^^- 

\Ji7ELL ateyeu met to fee what Thanks we fay, 

^^ To him, who Jav'd us on t^is glorious Day, 
"The Tefter Sun fhehaffy Hm Sqre^ 
.And the nam gavi him to BritaDilia'ii^#i ; 
As if Hem^nis Care wou'd h0ve if underfiood. 
Bis firfi Bmfhpnent here i»as fsMck Good, 
Trom litm our Author firove his frince to faint j 
And tho* his Strokes are weak^ and Celtmrs\fMn$i . 
Tet take am$ mere his Utbot&s htgood Part^ 
And ffare bad Numberf for an tonefl Heart, 
Ohl mof.ekegf^atOr^alfl&vive^ 
And in our grateful Thoughts for ever live; 
Bis Vfiufe our Children's Children JiaU confefs. 
And A^ pt to come Imfnortal William hltfi, 
Beholft how thick his Bounties round us eroudy 
€>«jr Treedomy "Laws and feafe, by, him beflow^d: 
He our aid Line of Omqi^ring JSngs refhr^d. 
And prve us from Plantaganet a Lords 
oar fo^/ Ceorgfe, at iiSofi reve^*d Commands, 
Tojuft& Leagues fubmi$ th mkhbYmg Lahdsi 
Aadfifendfhe wicked fPbrk tf-M^ng Hands, 
Nor is his Good^fi to his own cofMd, * ' 

Bm giv*ft a get^M Largefs to MnnMiuf: 

See how kmd Providence has fast him fii^ 

To flant his Olives in the Frox^n, A2m| 

Tb Sid the rage of barbarous Nations ces^, y 

^,fi$thtl^ rugged VAn^World to. f^act. 

^If^horeniiffjfeVmik^f^Hfioro, . L ! 

jM thear his M^\¥&*fifi^ Shore / 

Oh! when, indulgent to the film Fra/r ' - *" 

^y'W^*!?^ ^7^ ^^'^^^ fr^ C^*> l^rr 

' /. 

Jiicnv9 tU Seepiif from his Jttteous H4nJ, 

jfyd bkfs the fi&us Guardian tfthe Landf 

TUn JMl thai RfM Race, whofi PwpV Ues kvf, 

H^ofe ftMfm Nicks wish JndiffifHim. iep. 

No more with jmtUfs Rage the Land mokft. 

But in^their Country in her Xkig ke blefi: 

Jib wiflj'd Return fubmijpve JhaH th^ meet, ' 

Jbd weef Repent kfg at hisgyacms Feeti 

No longer let his Mercy bft eomplahh 

But Jhew him that he hat not ffan^d m vam. 

Dramatis Perfonae. 



BajMUt, Emperor of the lUrks, 

jixalla, an Italian Prince, General 7 

and Favourite of Ttmerlaue, 3 
Ifynefes, a Grecian Prince* and a ? 

Chriftian, > 

Stratoeles his Friend, 
Prince of Taouis, Kinfman and 7 

Genera] to Tameriane, 5 

Omar, a Tart^ General, 
Wrvim, }?arthianG€nm!i& to? 
Zama, f Tamerlane, £ 
Haly, Favourite Eunuch to BajasM, , 


Arpafut, a Greaan Princefs, 
S^mut, Daughter eiBajatut. 

Tarthian and Tmar Soldiera . 
Mutes belonging to Bsjax^t. 
Other Attendants. 

SCENE, Tamerlane's C^mpf near 
J^prU in Gaktia. 

Mr. Booth. 

Mr. Wdkif. 

Mr. X>iggs. 

Mr. Ryan. 

'Mx, Thurmond, 
fAr.Boman, Sen.' 
Mr, Roman, Jun. 
lAr, Miils, Jan. 

}Ari, Ol^Uld. ^ 
Mrs. Smtkw* 



SCENE htf„re Tamerlane*/ Ttwt. 

ti»r th* rriaet if TaniU. Zanu uni Htrmi. 

FriKttf TAlSAtS. 

(A I L to the Sun ! from whofe retminv 
Ught * 

Tke chearfii) SoUicT*! Arini oewLuftTetake,* 
Wu ever fach ■ glorioiu Ftce of Wirf 
See, &om tUi Height ! bow allGitilinw'i Phmi 
With Nations namberlefi are cotefA vftx\ -^ 

Who, Ukca Deluge, hide the Face cS Etitli, ■■' 

And leave 119 ObjcA in the Tift Horizon, 
But ^itt'riog Armt, and Skiei. 

Z»m. Our Ajum WotU 
From thii important Day cxpedt a Lord, 
Thli Day tbey hope in End of aD their Woc^ 
Of Tyranny, of Bondige, and OppreflSon, 
From our ViAoioiii £mp^, Tmnrimi, 

" m 

% Ta MB It LANE. 

Mr. Vdl bts otir U^ Mk teafr'd him •«: 
The Soourge of kkWkft Prid^ aiid dire AfflMtioo, 
'tlie gre»t Afcoger of tke grotniag World. 
Vdl hM lie worn dieftcred CauTe of Jtiftke 
Upon his proip'rotts Sword : approring Heay'n 
StiO aowQ'd the Righteous Warrior with Succefi \ 
At if he (aid. Go forth* and be oajf Champ ion» 
Thou nioft like me of kU mj Works bel6W. 

Pr. No Lui! of Rule, the common Vice of Kjngs> 
M» fap i aws "b t A ttS^ hf hot'hrnn'ch Prieftn 
111 had beneath RcHgien'f fpecious Name, • ' \ 
E'et Ww his'temp'rate Cotirage to'thsFl^ : 
But to redrcfi an injur'd People's Wrongs, 
To fave the weak One from the ftrong Oppreflbr, 
Is all hb Eod of War; and when he dnWs ^ 

The Sword to punifh, like relenting Heav'n, 
He ieems UDwiiliog tb defaee his Rind. 
. Mr. So *ich hisSofti in oyiery virtuous Grace, ' 

Thaty'iiad not Nature made him Greatr by Birth, 
* YfR afi th0 fifftrf hd M^brhun ibr. thm Friend : 
TIk ChriAJan FrhMpe AxmIU, wctHj bred 
In pdUh'd Arts ]of EHf^fem Gomn -/ 
Forhim fqe&kf5hiaika(iye;A«jr» •- - ^. , . 

And lives a happy fi^'j^^s Servioe. 

Tr. Pleas'd H^ttii fpf](k Mamicrs of that-Pxince* • ,• 
Our mighty Loi|)tia IfvffhftohtsFriendihip^ . r 
Tho' Ommt, and the T^rMrl^qnls repine^ • 
And loudly tax their Monarch aa tpfr partial. 

Zam. E'er thomid Uo«r f»f ^Ni^t, , iicom Tent io TcQ% 
Unweary'd|r»t^'4e.npfnf»o^sHoftJbe.pafi, ; - 

Viewing with ^are6d£|^tiaeh.&i^fal.Q9;yrtcr If . ) 
yhilftfromiiis*«fal,.fsfroi5^I¥^ r | 

>^> The 

* •*.■«*# 

Great j^sh «tt^ <H]r Emperor^ Leido^ 
To Vidoiy, and EverMlirfjj ?ai»fe. 

Mr. Hear you of B/ifittM* f 

Tr. Late la the Evening >v 

A Slavei of near Attendance on his Perftn, 
*ScapM to otir Catnj : From him we leamM, ^Tfntt 
With Rage redoobled, fbf the ttght prcparef 5 
Some accidental faffion fires his Brjeaft* 
(Loyc, as 'tis thought, for a ftir Of 0dm Captive) 
And adds new Horror to his native Fury : 
For five returning Suos, fcarce was he (een 
By any the mod: favour'd c^ his Court, 
Bpt^n laibivions Ea(c, among his Women, 
Liv^ from the War tetir'dj or clfe, alone 
In fuUcn mood iat meditating Plagues^ 
And Ruin to the Work)* 'till yeiler Morn, 
Like Fire that Jab'rtng tqpwards rends the Earth* > 

He burft with Fury from Us Tent» commandisjj; \ 

AU ihouid he re^iy fqr the Fight, this Day. 

Znm, I know his Temper weOy finoe> in his Court j 
Companion of the bcayft.-^Jf^'s EmbafTy, 
I oft obiei^'d^ hing^ Proud, Impatient , 

Of ought Supcnof»eHta of. Hfav'By that made him« ^. . , 
Fond of ^al& Glory, of the ^tvage^Pow'r , • V 

Of ruling without lUafiui, of s;o;^fonnding . • t 

JuA, asd Unjvft, by an IJob^unded Will ; " 
By whom Retigioa* Moa^uy,^ ail the Bands > % 

That, oi^shtrlo h^ th(r ;>(Vriia§ Wojfl^ iA Pca^e^ 
Were held tl^Tiri^^^^^te^Scif^ r 

To draw their eaiif ]^^qg{^Qi|rr^o P^l««^9% . « 

Mr. Thrice, by biir Law ^Sm^^ imhthm^ 

•«: • ^ * Bjr 

' 1 

By the WorU's Lord, aod Maker, lafting Peace ^ - • 

With our great Maficr, «ul his Royal Friend 

The Grecum Emperor j as oft regardlefs 

Of plighted Faith, with moft Ua-KJng]y Bafenefs, 

H' has ta'en th' Advantage of their abient Arms, 

Without a War proclaim^^d, or Caufe pretended, i 

To wafte with Sword and Fire their fruitful Fields: . ' 

Like fome accurfed Fiend» who 'icap'd from Hell,, 

Poifons the balmy Air thro' which he flies. 

He blaftt the bearded Corn,, and loaded Branches,^ 

The laboring Hind's heft Hopes,and marks his way with ruiiL 

f^. But fee! his Fate, the mighty Tkmirime 
Comes like the Proxy of enquiring Heav'n, 
To Judge, and to Kedrefs. 

[thuri/h rf Trumfns, 
BUir Tamerlane, GfinrJst smd »$h€r Aitindfmts, 

TMm. Yet, yet a little, and deftru^ive Slaughter 
Shall rage around, and marr this beauteous Profpe^^j. 
Pais but an Hour, which fhuids betwixt the Lives 
Of Thobiands and Eternity : What Change 
ShaU hafty DeatM make in yon gUtt'ring Plain? 
Oh thou fell Monfier, War! That in a Moment 
Lay'ft waile the nobleft part of the Qettion, 
The Boaft and Mailer-piece of the Gr^t Maker, 
That wears in vain th'Impreffion of his Image, 
Unprivileged from thee. 
Heakh to our Friends, and to •ur Arms Succefs, ^ 

[2> $he Trmee, Zama mtd Mir, 
Such M the Cauft for which we fight deierves. 

Tr. Nor can we ask beyond what Heav'n beAiW^ 
Preventing ftill oOr Wiflies. See, Great Sii) 
The univerfiQ Joy your SokBcrs WW* • ' 
Omen of profp'roua. Battle* 

Tamer la n e. s 

Impatient of the tedioas Night in Armi 
Watchful they ftood expeding op'ntog day; 
And now are hardlf by their Leaders held 
From darting on the Foej Kke ahot Goor/cr, 
That bounding paws the mouldering Soil, difflatning 
The Rein that checks htm, eager for the Race. 

Tarn. Yes, Prince, I mean to give a looie to War: 
This Morn, jiMMttOf with my fmrthim Horfe 
Arrives to join me: He, who like a Stoxm 
JSwepr with his flying Sqoadrons all the Plain 
Between Jngms^swiiky and yon tall Moantaan^, 
That feem to reach the Qouds; and now he comes 
Loaden with Spoits^ and Gonqueft to oiy Aid, 

Znm. Thefe Ttumpeu fpeak Us Prcfence 

SaNr Axalla i»M Mtm^ MoneTes, Stntocks, mi SeKmt 


[Ax»lh kmd$ H TaflaerlaQ^\ 
; apiMi. Virdcome) thou worthy Partner of my Launplsb 
,Thoa Brother of my Choice, a Band more Sacred 
Than Nature's brittle Tyc. By holy Friendftiip ! 
Glory and Fame flood ^11 for thy Arrivali 
My Soul fcem'd wanting in its better half, 
And laoguilbM for thy Abfence, like a Prophet, 
That waits the Infpiration of his God. 

Ax. My'^mpcror! my ever Royal Mafter! 
To whom my fecrct Soul more lowly bends. 
Than Forms of outward Worfliip can exprcfs; 
How poorly does your Soldier pay this Goodnefs, 
Who wears his every Hour of Life out for you? 
Yet 'tis his All, and what he has he offers j 
Nor now difdaio, tVcept the "Gift he brings, 


This carneft of yo^r E«rt^ii€. . Sd>, my iMb 
The noWcft Prt*c, tluit wcr gnic'd my Arm: 
Approach my Fab ? ' ■■ 

Tarn. Th»« iodoe*t» <33pq«ciia . , 
And weH tt> be iitvMdd far irl^ Ck»>9^ ^vt.: ^ * 
The BloomMdif Oj^Ptof FJow'r^ vOiMf^Bemtf^ 
Softacft aadfiireeceft loooconoB (he wc«iis» 
And looks Hbe Nttare lit the Wory'sBrASpnagi 
But fay, jtxaUm ■ ' ■ '^ ■■ * 

«Se/. Moft< Retiown\i in ^fiaf* [JEMflftsif m Taut; 

Look wkh OMttpaffios •!) a Csqilxrtf Mikfc 
Thotfaara of Holbltf fijopdrnor id: my Birdir 
Deri v'd from J^af f , preveat that IMmf. .1 

ti^hiefrerefy Sabjoft oflyaiir Fortaaa fiids) ^ ^ « ^ 
•ITtaF k Kht fitwiidB of Ambitious Man, 
lirh©ttt»» the4ttiCH*it X¥Wkl fo^^ Slb^Mi -^ 

Whilft our'wcak Sex, iaca^bfc? of wrongs 
•Oft dthtf fMe mm Vthtkge of Safety. 

!>»». ItUiifm^kn.l Rife, RoyM ftfeW, tfiepriAfcof Itogligr 
Pays HOM^, ttot receives it froni flie Pair : (^^*»^**« 
Thy angry f iather fiercely call? tae forth. 
And urges mc unwillingly tt) Arm ; 
yet, tho* our frowning Battels menace peatb 
And mortal Conflid, think not that we hold 
Thy Innocence and Virtue as our Foe. 
Here, till the Fate of ^4 is decided, 
In Safety flay. *fb Morrow is your own. 
Nor griere for who may Conquer, or who lolcj 
Fortune on either Tide (hall wait thy WiAicf. 

Sil. Where (hall my Wonder and my Praife b^inl 
From the fucccfiful Labours of thy Arms? 
Or from a Theme more foft, and full of Peace, 


Tam brlaiTe/ 7 

Thy Merqr, and thy Gcotleneft ? Ohl Tk/mrismX 

Wbat can I pay Jtisee for tiitt noble U%e 

But grateful Praifet So flejMr'o k^^i9 paid. 

Give Peace, ye Powers above, Peace to MiiikM5 

Nor let my Father wage Hoeqnd "Wtir, 

Againft the Foree of fuch wMd Vtituet* (Ffo^tf 

Tarn. Hea?'n hear thy pious Wiih/ -^B«t fince oar 
Lookftdtficly on Futurity, till Firte 
berermiae for w, ke>tl!y Beaiqr'' S»firty* 
Be my AxaUaH Care $ In v^bbfc glad Eyes > 
I read what J07 the pleafing Senrice gfvet him. 
Is there amoQ^ft thy other PrbHiers ought [tb kitih! 
Worthy our Koowlcdjge? 

jfx. This brave Man, my Lord, f Pbmrl^ to Mon^ 

With long Rcfiibuice held the Combat doubtfttf : 
liic ftaty, prcli with Numbers, feon grew faint, ' ' 
And would have left their Charge an eaHe Prey : 
Whilft he aloile, andannted at nie odds, 
Tho' kopelefs to eicape, fbnght weD and firmly i 
Nor yielded, 'till o^ermatch'd by ttany Hands, 
He ieem'd txy fhame our Conqueft, whilft he owaMlt. 

Zkns. Thou Q>eak*ft htm as a Soldier Ihould a SokMer, 
Juft to the Worth he finds. I would not war p^Monefhf 
With ought that wotrs thy virtuous Stamp of Greatnefi; 
Thy Habit i^aks thee Chriilitn—— Nay, yet more^ 
Idy Soul {eems pleas'd to take Acquaintance with thee» 
As if ally'd to thine: PttJttips 'tis Sympathy 
Of honctb Minds ; like ^triUgs wound tip in Mufick, 
Where by one touch, both utter the fime Harmony: 
Why art then then a Friend to Aj(«x«r? 
And why my Enemy ? 

Mm. If Hunatt Wiliiooi 


9 T A M B R L A N E. 

CouM point oat crery ACdon of our lives. 
And &y. Let it be thus* ia ipight of Fat^ 
Or partial Vottaafit then I had not been 
The Wretch I am. 

Turn. The Brave meet crery AiJddent 
With equal Mindi : Think nd>ler of thy Foe^, 
Than to account thy Chance in War an £yil. 

Mm. FaTj far from that) I rather hoU it grievous 
That I was forc'd er'n but to feem your Enemy j 
Nor think the bafenefs of a vanquifh'd Slave 
Moves me to flatter for precarious Life> 
jOr ill-bought Freedom, wheir I (wear by Hieav'af 
Weie I to chufe from all Mankind a Mafier*, 
It fhould be Tamirlm», ^ 

Tarn. A noUe Freedom 
Dwells with the Brave, unknown to fiiwntngSyoopbltlttr 
And claims a Frivil^e of being believ'd. 
I take thy Praiie as earneft^of thy Frjcndlhip* 

difyih Still you prevent the Homage I ihouU ottal 
O Royal Sir/ let my Misfortunes plead. 
And wipe away the hoftile Mark I wore^-~f . , 
i was, when not long fince my Fortune hail'd me, 
Bk&'d to my wifli, I was the Prince Momfisi 
Born and bred up to Greattiefk^ witnefs the Bloodi 
Which thro* fucceffive Heroes Veins ally'd. 
To our Gnek Emperons^^ roll'd down ta mo 
Feeds the bright FlanUfHiif Glory in my Hearts 

Turn. Ev -n that ! that Princely Tye (hould bind thee tomei;^ . 
If Virtue were not more than all ABiance. 

2iib». I have a Sifter (O {evere Remembrance !) ' 
Our Noble Hou&s, nay, her Sex's Pride: 
Hot think my Tongue too kviih, if I fpcak her . 
I . Fsir 

Tamer-lane. o 

Fair « the ^me «f Virtue, md yet Chafte 
As It* cold ftecept», wife beyond ba Scr 
And blooming ,YotttIi , foft „ ftagiWag Merer. 

Such « flie WM, to fiy Ibwely lor'd her. 
TjST •" "y^"^'» ««>!*« : From our Infimcy 

_TilI not long finee her Vem were kindly pfirtted 
To a young Lord, the E,jual of her Birth; '^^ ' 

^S^S^V ^'^' "^ '^^ Vproaching. • 
When iaitUefi tsfsiut (upon whofi Honour, 

W^fudden War broke in upon the Count^. 
Secure of Peace, and for Defence unte^ly. ^ 

Tmt. Let Majefty no more be held Divine 
Since Kings, who are calPd God*, profane thcmfclve, 

Mm. Among the Wretchct. whom that Dduge fwL 
Away to Slaray, my felf .od Sifter I'ff' ^cpt 

Thm paffing near the Frootien to the Cbort, 
(Which waited for her Nuptial.) we« 6xt«^i, 
And made the Captim of the Tyrwtt-. 1^ ' 

Sc«n a. w^Teach-d hi. Court, we found our Ufi« 
Beyondwhatweexpea«d.iair and noble- ^^ 
Tw^ then the Storm of your riaoriona Arm. 
I;ooW bbck, ««lfeemy to thre^en. wh«2 p,-* ^ 
f By oft repeated Inflanccs} to draw ^ "^ P^ «« 

5^<l Iitt Poipofc, he more fiercely told mT 
2!L»y -*MS^ my lot-d Sifter-. Fai ^ 
JWW on my Cttui^ ftewn for him. 
iTf ^^ to hrid my fclf at nothing! 
»»t for te fik^ to wati the Blow fiom te. 


fp Tame kv^ WS. 

I bouncl my Service to the Man I liarod. 
$iz Days are paft» fince by the SnitanV Order 
I left the Pledge of my Return behind> 
And' went to guard this Princafs to his Camp : , 
The reft the bnure *AxdkCB Fortune teUs jrou* 

Tmn, Wi&ly the Tyiant ftrove to pl^ophia Qks&. 
By leaguing with thy Virtue: But juft Heaven* 
His torn thee from fai&Side, and left him naked 
To the avenging Bolt thatidrives npoQ htm: 
Forget the Name of Oip|ive». aiid 1 ^jHi - 
I could as^ell reftore that Fair One's FraedopAi, 
WhoTe Lofs hangs heavy on thee : Yet e'er Night 
Perhaps we may deferve thy Friendlhip nobler; 
Th^ approaching Storm- may cA tb}r'ShfpwiedcU\Vteid 
Back to thy Arms.: Till' ti^at be paft, finee War. 
(ThQ* in the juftefi Canfe) is e^ doubtf^^. . 
I will not ask thy Sword to aid. nay Vi^ory<» 
Left it (hotdd hurt that Hofla^ #f thy. Valoiir 
Our common Foe dettun$« - 

Mm, hotM^iuut 
Bend to his Yoke repinin^Shwea hf ftiro^ 
Y0U9 Sjr, havf&«nd«nq|»]erw«y jCOEmpire^ - 
Lord of the williog^ Worlds 

Turn. Ob, mj ^^xMf't 
Thou haft a teouder Soul, gpt for ComtMffien^' 
And art thy felf a Lover $ad% Fricad : 
Does not this Ponce'j Fortune mofve thy Tefti^f 

Ax. Yes, Sir. I mourn thie br««e ifym/mBn^i. 
The Merit of his yirt|iel)$undiyBBatQM 
With difidvenfrona Chance: . Yet^Pni^fe^/nIlawtflle^ ^ ' 
Allow me*£x];qpieaceofaLQver . L- • 

To lay, onePjerlbnt vibptn your Story meatie^jd,; : 


y^nmoM^tlm BridcgHoMb ofjaur isotetoms Sifkr. 

Mir: T did: Ofc^ nioA aljcarft! 

.i£». tJuult nrlat ilrfeeir, 
Dafli'd in thcfm^cmfs of his Exfd^ttion; 
IThcn wtoi ih* a^jHlMwhiiig Minute of FoMfaM 
Had wound Imaginaiioa to the iMiglitli^ 

Mm, He Uv^ he docs; 'tk trntt 
He lives; but how? To bea.Oog, aiiddeid» 
Were Pandife to fuch a State as Jns: 
He holds down Life as CSiildfen do a PotsoOy 
With ftrong RehiaanceanflbcoiifvliUivc StraggMi^ 
WhiJft his Mbfommrt prefr faiaa tq dilgDi^ if, \ / 
74W99. Spare the iB iP c mb f an oB^ *tts a dBefttkidt* 
And addf tp^iK Mjtfortnne hf Teptatiog it. 
The Revolution of <a Bay may. brii^' 
Such Ttfrnaak IteiWn it ftlf .eou^ fcaroo hane pronv's^ 
Far, far befood thy WHb: Let th^t Hope chear tbee. 
Hafte, my AxMh to di^foA, with Safirty, 
Thy beaHC«oo8 Change^ and' on the Ffip icrcog^ 
The Pain whldiAbfimce gives;; thy other Cam,' ; 
Hondnr and Arma, novr lw»flaon thy Atteadtoiee } 
Now do thy Office well^ my Soul> r t memhtf 
Thy Ouft; the CKifi»of^Hea>v*A.aad injorM £Arth* 
O thou Supreme! if thy great S^rtt warias 
My glowing Brcaft, and fires my Soul to Arw, 
Grant that my Sword, affiiled by thy,Po:ivV,, 
This Day may Peace and Happifltfftrr^Qiir, 

lExeufjt 7amflriaBev:M^eft9ft Stc^eclf^ ^jim$e ef 


jfx.;iIJi^ Battle call% aod<bidrine lnft<i tddcive.thoc,.' 
Oh! Selimd^ ! But let DcftrudHon watt :! 

Are there not Hours enough for BMbd and Sliughtei^ 
This Moment (hall be Love's, and I will wade it 
In (oh Cwbf^inttiga, for t]iy Sigha and Coldn^s, 
Tor thy forgetful .Goljiiels; icTon at BirxA,: . It-.. m 

When in thy Father'^ Court my Eyes (ii!ft 4>wn'd thee« 
Fairer than Light, the Joy of their behol^iog^ ' ■ - 
Even then thda wto not thus. 

5^/. Art not thou chang'd? 
Chridian Axilla: Art thou ftill the fimc? 
Thofe were the gentle Hours of Peace, and thou 
The World*^ good Angel, that didft kindlf join 
Its mig|hty Mafters in harmonious Friendfiup: 
But ficce thofe Joys, that once were oors, are Idft, 
Forbear to mention 'em, and talk of Wid* $ 
Tdt of thy Coaqueft, and my Chains, AxaiU. 

Ax. Yet I will Kften, fair unkind Upbraider, 
Yet I will liften to thy charming Accents* 
Altho* they flaakc me curfe my Fame and Fortune^ 
My Laurel' wreaths, and all die glorious Trophies^ 
For which the VaKaat blee d ■ i- O h! thou unjuft. one, 
Doft thou then envy nie dlis fmall Return 
My niggard Fate has made fi>r all the Mourntngs, 
For all the Pains, for aU the fleeplefi Nights 
That cruel Abfence brings? 

• Set. Away,' Deceiver •, 
l^will not hear thy foothfaig : li it thus 

'ifWt Chriftian Lorers prove tlie Faith they fwour? 

Joe War arid Slavery the foft Endearments 

With wldcb they court the Bemties tfaiy admire? 


T A M ■ H L A W B. S| 

'Twis wcD fflf Heire waKantioiii •£ bdiermg 
Tlijr Vowi» ind dqr PMvftng. Kaow, mj ConqiKnir, 
Thj Sword Iitf vBoquifli'd to the hilf of SWfamh 
Her Soul difihtnt tlij Vidorr- 

jCiir. Hear, fwcet Heanr'ii» 
Hear the fair Tyrant, how (he wrefts Love's Lawi^' 
As ihe had YOwVi my Rain! What is Gonqueft^ 
What Joy have I from that but to behold thee> 
To kneel before thee, and withJifted Eyes 
To view thee, as Devotion does a SaiAt« 
"With awful> trembling Pkafiire: Then to (wear 
Thott art the Qtf cen and Msftrels of my Soul? 
Has not ev'n Tatmrl^m (whole Word, next HcavVs; 
Makes Fate at iecood hand) bid thee difctgum 
Thy Fears? and doft thou call thy felf a Slave? 
Only to try how far the fid Imfffcffion 
Can fink into 4m^f 

Sd. OkjlmdU! 

Ought I to iKar yoaf 

jti(. Come hack, ye Hours* 
And tel myiiAM wkit Oie hai done: , 
BriflghKlc the Time, when to her Father^s Court 
I came AmhaflTader of Pace from TmrnrUmei 
When hid by codcioiis Darkncfi and Di^uife. 
I paft the Dangera of the watchfiil Ouards, 
Bold as the Youth wk nightly fwam the JKIrife^^ 
Then, then Ihe warnot ftvom the Foe of . Love^ 
When, as my Soul coofell tta Flame, and fiiVI 
In flMwiog Sounds for Pity, flie frown'd rardyv 
But, l^nfltiiig, heard me tel the gentle Tale: 
Nay, even OMifeft, aud ^1 me IbfUy, fij^U^ 
She thooflte titfm wm no Guik in Love like |i^ 

5#l. Young md umkf HU la tie Wbrkh &He Arts, 
I fliBcry Love, to ileal upon mj Softocft 
And warm tne wirfi a JimbijiBt gujJtWS fkrne: 
Yes, I have heard thee fwcar a thouland times. 
And call the eonfdouf Pow'rs t)f Heaven to witnefi 
The ttndcrU tnicft,. everiafttftg ISflkwi: 
But, Oh! *tispaft5 and f will «hai^ Rememfeaacc 
To banifli the ifend Image from my Soul: 

Since thou art IWom the 1^ of Royal JkMiB»#, 
I have refoVd to hate tbot. 

jtM. U h pofflUe ! 
Hate is not in thy Nature; thy wfaok Frame 
Is Harmony, without one jarring Atom. 
Why doft thou force thy Eyes to wear this Gbidneftr 
It damps tht "Spthi^s of Life. Ohf'bid me He, 
Much rather bid me die, tf frbe tru^ ^ 

That thou haft fwom to hate -nr. - - i 

SeL Let Life and Death - i. 

Wait the Decifion of the bloody Fietf; ' 
.Nor can thy Fate (niy Conqueror) defend 
Upon a Woman's Hate. Ttt fhice'ytTd nige ^ 
A Power, which once, perhaps f-htdj ftere i* ' ' 
But one Requeft that I can mi^ke with*ttoiioar. 
jtx. Oh! name iti fay !-i-— -L^ ^ • '.. ♦♦ . 

Stl, Forego your Right of Wif, * * 

And render me this Inftant to my Fatfter* ' * 

jix. InippiSble! ■ TheTumdt of tlieBiittie, 
That hafies to join, cuts off ^ Means of Gbmmene 
Betwixt the' Armies. ' ^ 

a/. Swear then to perform it^ ^' " ■ 
Which V«ibe*er the Chinee' <|f Vsff determtect- • ' ' 
©tuny fiiftlnflance. ' ' * 'd M , • 




Jix. By the Sacred Bilajeftj i 

Of Heav'a, to whrna wrkneili Ii«»i*crtiiM^ 
Yes, I will gire thee this fivcrcftFr^of 
Of m7S«4'*,vQw'dPer«tiai, IwiUprtfwHktifl^ . 
(Thou Cruel, tocqminiQdit!) I wiU pertwitb ^Ci^ 
As Wretches th^t are doiihthi] of Sbereafttr, 
Part with their Liyes, unwilling^ fech aid terliil 
Aqd treqil^liag at Futwty* But is there ^iihinm' .. 

No fmall Retm dbai: Hoaow caft afiM 
For all this Wa&^ ^f Lovf ? 

M The Giftaof Gaptiiy«f 

Wear (bmeirittt of CoBftfmn «i< gnMroM Miadb 
Di&in to ipve, wlim Fmcdon of the Ghoaae 
Does but {ma waadag^ 

^. Wh;^! sot one kiad t^ookf ['BwnjMnc 

Then thou art chaogVi indeed. * Hark! I am &tBflM»ti 
And thop wilrfe^d ma forth lilGeoae unUefa'd$, 
Whom Fortune has fipc&ken, aad ill Fate 
Mark'd for DeftruOi^. Thy fiirprioiog CMdnefi 

Hangs on my $QiiJ» a»^ W<igh^ my <GoQn^ dow»^ 
And the fif]^ feebly %km I meet fliaD raz^ me 

From all Rememl)fi|fiept Nor is lAk or FItme 

Worthy my iQnf, laicc I a^a loft to , thee. . [Grf^ 

£»/. Ha! Goeft thovkl^ iha Fight *. 

Ax, I do>-<-^-^Farawdl "^ i > ■< 

^ jprl^} afftd po more! A Sigh heaves in myBicaft, 
A94 Aofft^ IbrittgUigg Aeccntsoa my Toi^e» 
Elfe, &re, I fhouIdJhflyejMd^JfiN^^ttti^ vyofe^ 
And made our F/p€i«i0l9f|9i^t .« 

.^. Give it- 1]^y. r f 

The niggard l|9«ffipr« l4«rili)ri«rlM;I^ 

f6 Tamerlane. 

Jrf. Fate perinps has fet 
This Paqr, the Feriod of dif Life, and Oooqiiefts, 
And I ihall ftr thee bom at Efening back, 
A breatfalefir Goarles— Oh! Can I think on that. 
And hidenqr Sotrowi?— ^— No t hey wiH hare Wlqr» 
And aU the Vital Air» that Life that drawt in, 
Irrcndcf'd hack in Sght. 

jlx. The mnnnViog Gale reyives the droopingFlaine^ 
That at thj Goldnefi laoguiih'd io'mj Eieafts 
So breathe the gentle Zcphjrt oH the Spring, 
And waken Cftry Plant, and od'rouf Flower, 
Which Wmter Vroft had Mailed, to new Life. 

Sd. To Cat thee for thia Moment, and no mor e ' ■ 
Oh! hdp me to refblve againft this Tendernefs, 
That charms my fierce Uefeiitmcnt^» and picfents thee 
Not as thou art, mine and my Father's Foe, 
But as tiKNi wert, when firfl thy moving Accents 
Won me to hear ^ when, as I liften'd to thee^ 
The htppy Hoars pail by us aapercci?*d. 
So was my Soul fix'd to the ibft Enchantment 

jix. Let me be flill the £ime, I am, I noft be: 
If it were pofllible my Heart coold lliif » 
One Look from thee wonld call it back ifgWi 
And fix the Wanderer for ever tlnne. 

$fL Where is mytoafkd Riefiikidoa nowt 

Oh! Yes! Thon art tbejlame,' my Heart joins wkfc thecib 

And fy betray me wiH believe tfaee ftill: 
It u-ances to the Sounds that moAi itfirA* 
And owns at once the Weaknefi of my Soul: 
So when loine skilFul Artifk Mket the Strk^ , 

fluTfiain MbMM^ 


Ta mbk lam I. 

And fbree US to oooMi our Grief, and Pkduie. 

^hi\ jixMUA, &y <bft tfaw aoi pity 

My vtleTs loaocenc^ mi ntj VcndaA? 
Oh\tmkthet in>m m^ or I die witli lAiAtay; 

^». No*— «->ke me nther gtt«, for ever peu^ 
Attd Ueft the new-born Glories thit «dom thee^ 
From Cray Bkifli, tliat kindles is liij Cheeky 
"Ten liieofind little Lovers tad Graces Qm^ 
To mrel in theRo fer 't Waot Ke^ Iptm/m 

Tkif csnoof Tniiapetcdbtr Mdtim oM fiom 

Sd. Mj Fears increaf^ and ioMy prefi me new : 
I cli$«e tkr, if thjSmfd amm^mb mg Faikr^. 
Stop for a Moment, and rcmemfier ma. 

.il^ Oh! doobi not, iRii Ids Life lUI k my Qn^ 
Ki^dcsrcr than mj owa m ^ 

M Gdaid dbrler me toe. 

^Ar. Oht Mnir/ thou haft idbe^dmfQjda^ 
Thr odhie ardonr of the Wsi^ with Lcm 
tUtnmingt hrighllj bums witUa mjr Brcafl^ 
Aad bidi |M bo ftcno of alLhereafice.. 
So ehesirs fimie pioos Sunt a d^ni^ Sinnerr 

ticmbHiig at the Thoogfat of Pains to enow) 
OeavVs ForgtraK6» and the Hopes of Mercy I 
At length the Tnmuk of hts Sod appeas*d» 
And c?ecy 0oobt and amdoas Scn^ eas^'dr 

BnU^, he proves the darkr uaotftaiaRondU 
The Peaos*. his Jwly Comforter beAow'^ 

GiudasbaaM^pfotoftshimJikeaGnaKKanGod. [SyAxal 

JtfsmHS*8dinia Md- Outtds, 
ftl. in nin sBAru a Love-fick Viigtn tries^ %. 

AteAs to fraavn, and iieems ftverdy wifi^ > 

iiVfaalochcattha.fvarjLovci'sKyos. . y 

»» If 

If the iearirmiA Itir Ptty ftmes to iwhrfe, 
And pleads, with Tenddmefi, t^Csnifir of Lorej 
Nature aiTerts h^ Empire ih Imt HeiH, 
And kindfy ttkes the faithfdf Lom's^ Part. 
By Love, btr feft #nd Natttrc thusljetray'tf, ' 
No more !he thifts in Pride's ftntkftick Aid, 
But bids hor Ijes tiiirfcrs the yieiaihgl^. ' 

I ii 1 111 


IBntv MiMlffrt, . 

Xftvi. *-pIf B atl^fc) BbfiMA W the Wifr !b o^rv^. ' 

-1^ And Shbgtit^, that^fiom 'jeAdr Mwm t^EtMi 
With Giant Stcpfr, pift fWdirt^ b^ the FieH, ' * 

BefmearU and horrid wftli the ta>bd bFMtM^- ' ^ 
Now wearj fitsiaitt^g tfie fnafe^^neaf^^ ' 

And fhiifiba^i^'^ her ¥rcy V iMbtle firom tf is Gmip I 
The ehedftl feunds of Viftory, and tiwteAMnet 
Beat the high Ai'di of Hcav\i : lieciding. Fate, ' 

That Crowns bim with thfe S^ioib of llich a &af , ' 
Ajasgiv'nita^un fiatncftolthc Wortd ^ ; i *. 
that ftiortly (hjJItt tfe. '" ' ' ' ^ * • X&flkr RHttodcS; 
fAjMitoiUs! " •• ^*''' •' 

MofthappUyretiteMj>!^!WkH* ^ 
^ou bringft ihe anjr jdy ? " * '• ' * '' 

Sirs, With mjr beftlMligcnde, - ' ^ 

ui Night, I ktve^nqid^d^f whtt-conlMtti ]pM. i » -••' 

i ^ Scarce 

Ta m te r «l Ik i^'if, v^ 

Scarce vm ^ Sua, wlio Oionr %spoa thttiowoi^ 

Of the paft Day, funk to the Weftern Ooew^ 

IK^hen by Permidxoo fifom tixfc PlPiaes ifeMA% 

1 mixt among thr Ttttiak of the Warriott^ 1 

RMnnivg fixMa the /Battle: Rue a TiToap 

Of hardy Varthians red with honeft Wound«g I 

Confeft the Con^iieft,\ th«y liaii^fi dbftrvVi : 

There a «ie)efted Cee^i 0f tMrndRd Ofpil?es» 

Sore wkh uti{>r6tittbie Ifyrts, imd grMftiiig 

Uad^ new llotuiage, fblkmM IMf aft^ 

The haughty TidorVHedss tee ttat, Whtdi fi^' 

Crown'd^Ae Jhiecd&'dF 9lii^^^teir, was ^^tM^ 

FalPn like a proud Archangel from the Hei^ 

Vhere onea ^evtti mUt to Majeffy DMhe) ^* 

knthron'd he-fte* dewnto tl(r vie Defcemt: • 

AndtiOivntfit]^a81averbi2toh! lofpetfe 

The Ka^, At Ftefeenefi, imd the lDdignati<»t i 

It bars all Words* and cuts Defcrfptiba fliort. 

^Mit. Hen he is ftM-f that domci^ wMchl an in^, 
Portended Ruin $ he has iQ^this Blaze, 
And fhall diftr^d the World with Fears ao more;. 

Sure it nouil bode tne iv^, for oft 1^ Sllul 
Has Aarted into Tamiik at his Namc^ 
As if my Guarc^an Angd took th* Alarm, 
At the Approach of Somewhat mortal to me: 
But 6y, my ytioMl, ^Ym haaHft tlmi of Mif^t 

For there my TiNHigkts^ my cvarjr Cub ia cemery. 
StTM. Tho^ Ml tMtt furfoii fiiil I beat my Savdu^ 
Tet nothing certain oould I gain, bai tUi, 
That in the Pillage of the Mtail ToK, 
Some Women wwa taMRb Prnrnar^, tv4Mi tUi Mmiiriat 
Were toba eCvM lotbaSiiipMt^yieiri. 

B4, Their 

ae T A M E R L A N B. 

Viiinr Hmm,md QnKticf« tbo* •& iiifiurin|> 
I covld not kani. 

Mm. Thai teQft my Soul KB Umw 
Bcncatli UoccrtMBtj, tad anxtoof Deubr, 

The Mind*! worft State. ThtTjmttkKumgwm 
But a Half-eaie. 

AiTA Twas fiyd, ttpt ftr fmn heftfle 
The OpctfCf wen to wak the Bmperoi^i MSigft 

Mm. Halle me to find tbc Pkoe. Obf myjfrftfif^ 
Shan we not meet?. Wlqr liangt mj Heart tlnia fceavf 
like Death withio my Bolbmr Oh! Ids'wtlt 
The Joy of Meeting paya the Faagaof Ah&MCw 
EUe who codd bear kl 

When thy bfVi 9^ fhattUcfi my Eyca apta^ 
Then I will own» I ou^ not lo oompUn^ 
Sinee that fweet Hour if worth whok Tcara of Piihi, 

SCENE U. n$ hfiii ^ i^ Mi^f^M 

Symfb$9y e/ fFarSh Mf/Mt. 

jMUar Tamcfluie. Azda, JVinM ^ Twmt, Zams^ Min^MH 

SMkrt $tid mhir Mmdmau 

jgx. From this Au^dons Day die FmiMm Mama 
Shan date its Krth of Eimiire, aod extend 
Ev'n from the dawning Baft fto atmoft XhA 
The Limits of ks Sway. 

fr.tfT. Nations nnkooaro, 
Where yet the JlamM Eagks never Bew» 
ShaQ pay theit Homa|^ to Vidorioos ^vaariaw, 


Ban boood bf fitfri nd NOUfift Itaii^ 
Waitf oo.hif Arms. 

Hm. It is too Biiidi» jouidnfi wm 

lake in Ufiofcr in tbe borvow'i Attrihdn 
Of fajw^a HetT*n : On w« rlrpnipiifl ««f«t. 
&ali Man, this PIgmjv with a Qyt^tMM 
Vaant oC ^imfdf, and %, Tbof fai?c I dow tki$ls 

Oh! vain Pretence to Grcatoefi ! JUfce the Mom. 
We borrow all die Bf%btne(^ wbich lee bo^. 

I>Brk iaoar fishcii and Q&lefi! IftbatHand. 
Tbit rakt tbe Fate of Battels ftrifce &r m. 
Grown ua witbF«ne> and^giJd oar Oaj with Hdoonr^ 
*Twere mod vngrateM to diibwn thesBeaefii» 
And a nog at e a Rraife Which If not ova. 
JUt, Widi ioch nnlhakffn Temper of the Soul 

T^ bear die ffarcBi^g Tide of praTpVoHs Fortoneb- 
la to defervethat P^rtonr: In AdvcHicys 

Tbe Mind powa toogh bf biiieting tbe Ten»pcS|, 

Whicbt in Soceefi difiblviiB|i finiu to ea&». 

And ]ofa.aUlier.Finnne& 

^*nn^^Po ^^mm m * ^^p^o^ppne* • • 

GoaU I f«if<t:l4imjuBlaiif >ai tbott^rti 
Woidd not^thto WinteK*a C(^ or Snminer'a R^;%^ 
8ickneii» or Thb& andllimgprj »aU theTiraia 
Of Niitnre*a damoeoui.^ppetitcs, afiating, 
An e^ii^^R%)]itia Kings and common Men» 
RqpiroTe osc (fa%>^--^No---«-4f I Jboaft of oogblB^^ 
Be te« CO have been HeavenV happy- lAftrunyrnt, > 
The meanaof <Jood'«><aU tny FeUow-<Ircaitttceff i 
lUi iM lUMCtbift Praifei 

For ever wait the BiRJ^etar; ieip^ attt ^it^het 
Give khn ten thooiafid thoufind Dijs of Lifev 
Aad every fhf like iM. ^beCiptive Si^te, • 
tierce m hif BMb^ M<! A Sit FM'i^ii^iig, 
Attends yo4rfter^l^li; 
ZSmi. Left Urn tppftncii« 

Whenlfiirfiy^llttWoftftbPfeii ' * '^ 

Tke wiki Defihii»6to» whiA tltj fid'ce AmbttfoH^ ' -■'■ ^ 

Has dealt amoflg Moikhld, (fir many Widovrs 

Aiid 1iel]^6rpliaM itts tti^ Bimfe fiA^ 

That half our EaUem WMd this tHjm HfoMtri) 

Well maj I ia bcliaHFbfilea?\i and Eartk 

Dcm^ Abm t^ Attmemctiefdr this 'WW»^. ' ^ 

nB«^. Mik^ thy detiisid to tfaoie tfaat'm^^ TC^rr 
Kaow, I am ftyi 6ejobd iti itnd' tho^ro^ttmie 
(Curfe^oa dttt'changc&g Deity dlf^0o]$4' \ 
Has ftript me 6f theThda kid Poxap of Gitafacfit 
That Out-£de of a Kiag, yet M my ^oaJ» 
Fiztiygk,andofitlelfdooedependaikt» • " 

Iseier FreemlRdyd, aad-crVifl^, .» 

As at th^liead orBfttfcW ddes defie'tfaee: ' < ^ ^ 

I kaow wifit fQ^\ the<ato€e'^f Wa^«SJg»^fl; - '• 
Aad dare tfaee tio the life ba% ^rk»' rde 9]^edfhKi|^^^ J 
This After-g^e of Words is Whit itioft irks kie^ < K 

Spare <hat, aad for the rcft'gf^qata B » ■ ' . ' 


Snu. W^waskfortKeVoria;' ■ . ': 

TA^BQ^ItAN^, >3 

VrexfEmt im IMmdif Pasl^ kj cool Debatii 
P^eveating-yrpAefol Wir^ fuch SbmM oar^taoeki^ 
Have been, had'ft.thou but held io juft r^r4 
The San^itj of Laagves fo.ofteo fwprn to. 
Oin'ft thou believe tbf V$fifhttf or .what's more. 
That Po w'r Supc«ain» . whk^ made thee, and thjr Prepbet^ 
Will, vrith ImpunUyr let part.tbtt Breach 
Of (acred F>itb f iv*q to. the Ooyal Gretk I 

Bmj. Thou Pedaot T#er|l Jial art thou a KXog 
Vof&£t of iaaed PowV; .Heav'ns dUrliog Attribute, 
And dofi thou prate of {L^fgues, and Oftth-s aad Prophetal 
I hate the Qrnk (P«rditi^«oo Jus NaoM;) 
As I do thee, and would have met joubotb*' 
As Death does human ^{ature, for-Deftruf^ioo. 
Tarn. Onftlefi ip-hate U p9t ofbuaDi^aJufld^ , 

The ftriv^.Brute that h^mfs io Wopda reoa^te^ . 

And Defart»i|Fiidfi tf9ft apt; the feacffjl Tt^^^» > 

If Hunger, or fomc. lojurj froveke sof . . . 
Bmj. Can a Kiqg wdota Quie; when Empke^l. 

Goon? What it he bora fo^, fc«it Ambitioa? . 

ft is his Hipfgocft 'tis:his ptfl ef Nature^ 

The H^We Appetite ^nVl^ iviU be Adsfy 'd, : . 

And liJke t)ie;Fe0i ^God^ «^kes hm Immortyl : 
Tmn. Henceforth I f9)ji)l|y>t woodcc we weseJo^s, 

Since Souls that diiflap S^ by : liliatltf e hate^ . 

A^Oceng f^fBtsinf fiprbids theii.' U.nten«\ 
B4^'. T& nobk Fire that.warms nie does ipdfed : 

Tranfcend thy Qot^nds, Ij^^pkas'd.we ^ifTcrr - 

Kor think alike, . . . . ^ ,. 

Tmn. Noi for 1 tjy^fp ji^^ ^^w^ ,. \ /. j. 

Thou Kke a Moi^)i |r^. iyd|^i|b;i|alffuli PideiK^ .• r 

Mature flaru h^^m^MM^Mt^ ^Jgm?/ i : . r 

^4 Ta M E.IL l a n b. 

On thy roogh Mafi, and 0iffk\l tbee for a M«v, 
Now conrdoQi of her Error, flie difckiint tii^, 
As form'd for ber 

'Vis trae» I am a Ktn^ as thoa haftbeen: 
Hoaour, and Glory too l»?e bcea my dm $ 
But tiio' I dare face Death* and aS the Daogers, 
Which furious War wears in its bloody Front, 
Yet would I choTe to fix my Fanic by Fwco, 
By Juftice. and by Mercys and to jna& 
hly Trophiits on th^ Bleffings of Mankind ; 
Nor would I bay the Empire of dr World 
With Ruin of. the People whom 1 fway. 
Or forfeit of my Honour. 

B0f. Prophet; I thank thee.— 
Damnation!--^Codd'ft thoa rob mt of my Glory, 
To dreis up this tame King, this pieadiing Derv^ f 
Unfit for War, thou (houkfft htw^Wd ftcure 
In lazy Peaces and with ddtating Senates 
Shared a ptcearious Scepter, &te tamely ftiB, 
And let hM Faxons canton out thyiPow'r, 
And wrangle for the Spoils they robb'd thee off 
Vrhilft I CcHrie on the Power that ftopa my Ardoor!^ 
Would, like a Tempeft, rufli amidft the Nation^, 
Be greatly terrible, and deal, like Alksi 
My 9iDpj Thunder on the frighted World. 
"ram. The World !--**twottki be too Kttki 
Thoa wouki^ft icde Heav\ u ■ 

M0f, I wouU:— — Away-, my Sod 
Dtfiiains thy Confcrencep 

Tarn, Thoa vain rafh Things 
That with gigantick Inlolenoe, haft i$^i 
To Bft thy wretched fiHf shore tibo Stasia 

Tm m E R L il n b* 15 

Amd nafie widb Pow'r Mmigjbtyi mem trc c-IM' 

B19. n*bfiilfe!IamiiotfUriiftdmoi^I]i^bc,ii. 
At kaft my SM idblirca to^kecp lier Scaer^s ^^ 

And ibmis to nke Acqnatsmoe with iU Fortime. 
Tmm^ Ahndft bcocatli mj Piry art tlioB B^^ 
$mec, while th'aveagiiig Haod^ Ifar'a is on thee». 
And pfcfib to the Duft thy fwaUiog Sodp 
Fool-hardy with the ftronger thon comcadeft} 
To wJiai Taft heights had thy taamlt^His Temper 
Been liurry'd, if Siiccefi JM crowaM thy Wiflioi 
Sajr. what had ^toe|ffea^i|t^^oohad'ftcol^9^lcfy^ 

«-/• O, gbrioos Thought! By Hcar-nl I willenjoyA., 
Tho* hot » Fancy i Imagination flnil. 
Make room to entertain the. iraft Idea« 
Oh ! Iwd I been the Mafter hut of Ycilcrdayv 

The World, the World had «t mej and for thee, 
I had na'd thc^ as. thou art to me,— ~.^ Dog, . 
The Objeft of my Scorn, and mortal Hatred: 
I wouU hare taught thy Neck to^know my wo^ht,. 

And mounted from that Fodtibtol to myrSaddBe^. 
Then, ^riien thy daUy favile Task wasdoi^B, 
I wonU have cagf'd thee, for the Soorn of Siare^ 

•Tin th«i had?ft begg^itoditi and er^n that Mercf 
1 had den/d Thee ; Now thou know% my Min4^ 
And qoeftion me no farther. 

33mp. Wbll^doft thoo teach nie 
Wh^ Joftioe ihould ixaa froa» thee: Mankind 
Wifh one Gonfent cry oat for Vengeance on thee* 
Landiy they call, to cut off this League-breaker, 
Thia wild Delboyenfiom the Face of Earth. ' i 

Be/. Dott, and rid Ay flnitog sodat oMe 
OfittworflFcar. . : • . 

t6 TaM ERL A'N B;. 

- Tm9. Whf Qept the Tlraader, 
Tint (hottld luif« arm'tf thy /Idd(«OrtQr» - 

And giv'o thco P6WV, c^tf fcftfcr SOfiitat litiV 
To (haktc the Soul of AMiiiAiMtf Hadft ttoo «» Am 
To make thee kwM, ttio|i (l)oiild*ft Ittve provM k oftmc^ 
Atnidft tive Sweat «ttl &]ood of yMdcr FieU» 
When, thro' the Ttorni^ of the Wtr» I fought tl^e,. 
Fenc*d in with Nitioof. 

30] . Qfl-fe upon the 9itf 9^ : • 
That fated us to^iiferenf ^cncf of Sbvghterl ' 

Ohl oouidimy Sword hifO mat thtcl*.. > 

atal. Thou had^fbthen, 
As noW) been in iiiy'PHiWVs'aod hM thf Life-* 
Dependant oil my >Gift .•«-«— ^Yet< Bsfimgff 
I bid thee, X.iye . S o^nauch my Sool ^fflaini» 

Tha^thott ikonU'fk thinks I can fearoo^ht-butHeMr'a: 
Nay monrj could'ft tho«rfbf«gct tby«bfinaI.fMficei[ 
And form thy fdf to UtaiiOod^ liwooidbid the^ 
Livei an^ be till a Kiajgrthi&rhotMni^^ tem . 
What Man^lhoi&i be t«^ Man,' la War rtmembfiog ; 
The Common Tyc, «nd.Bh>tiierl»oii of ftiod. ' 
This Royal Tent» ivitliiueh <^ thy t fo mM d k n. ^ 

As can be Ibsnd^ fhaU^att vpiaiKth^ Sa*tioes 
Nor wiUiInfe inyiPortnae, t07dtmlnd . ? ' - 

Hard Terms of Peace, bcit:fuckiMthoonBagr^il*ciinrf' - ' 
With Honour, I vfithHomAiiau^roctairt.'*-' 

^i«*« Ihkfk me. 

B4j\ Ma! fiy'ft thou — npir ■■ .morftophet^a Vcogettcc . 

If thou (halt ^y my Ffiieai)*^jiiipith %fiti|iire.. . - i 
DaninationiHLthfci.thouifvM^ ,.;. 

GiTC me agvnmy Chaiosa that I ttu^jcmtmtMbf > r^) 
• T "And 

. TiAlAi: £BLL A KX^' %)f 

And grarffic iiiy -Rage : Or/ -if thOfd urifc 
Be a 7aih1r«d» «na pkjr'wkli tkjrPcnbtkHit. 
R««litft)ber rm tiiy fae. wA Ints tbee 4c|idly. 
Thy Folly on thy HcmI! : . ^ 

7200. Be ftill m^ Foe} 
Great Minds (MkeUw^ii) are ples^ in 4oiagg««4 
Tho» the Ungrateftili^jeaii of tlim Ftrdvt 
Are barren m t«torn': Thy lliifabmi Pride* 
That fpurns the geatte'Oikeof Httlnaiiityi . 
Shall, in 4ftiy HtiMur tnvii,'«K^ l% I>(^«f^, , 
Ihave done, a» i oight^' Virtoe ftiU dpei 
With Scorn, tbe Mcp€es% Warld wgai^, 
Whoe 4KbJea>^<mk de goeU, and hflp^Rewvd; 
Above the worthlefi Tiopfatts Men can ra^e* 
She 6ekt im Honours^ Wcakh, opratiy Prsftie* 
But withher.lei& her W, dr.CMAefi^.Bay«. . 

[ptewtf Ta«BrlaQO>.A{ny^» {rTK* ^Tas 

Deep from the h|t«| %h|. of Mail, ^irf Dipy^, 
Wher«» llMv G^l^tof^ friwily Darkncf^' . 
My Soul may bi^ ^lcaijj*^.p^*its Aijg^fli... 

0». Our Rojil ^Il|b#cr wV^» wkh «oble ui^gr, ', , 
Make your M^ftsp|u^Iig|^,Jte 

J^-, I tcU thff^ SkYi|> J^rq;(bf<A tapfla ,^iti; riop^ 
AiuiaUii^]^iniafi8^«te&)(^.pc^^ . 

1 ^i!9M.Q^y» :^cpa&i»: miJVmm'^itituLwfs* 
Ha! whcr^e^4m J thua? ■ . / Pcydition fdze pe 
But my cold Blood «ua& (hiv'jdog. to«i9y, Heact^ 
As at fbmc Faii(QPsi;diatia 4^:Qf l^.^glit, ' 

^i^dreac^^i^jp,!;^^ ' ^^ 


The Rage, aadP fiercer FaAbes of ffljr Biciffr 

Are loa in n^^r ^^^ rftf ^ r jft(|f r 

Ai. Ob, Emperor! for wMe Inrd Fttroor Prnphet;^. 
AiDd all the Heroes of thy fiicred Rooe i 

Are fid in Paniltle, thj faitkfal tMfi \ 

Tlie sEivcof a}l tl^ Pledbreiy in tint Rmn^ ' 

Thb univcHU Sbipwiock o£ thf Fof|piei» ' 

Hat githei'd up tbit Traftve for cbf Anne : . \ 

Nor cv'n the ViAor, fan^ j Tmrnkmrn^ 
(By whofe Con)nian4>,onee mocc^^thj Sieve bdboidtthee^ 
Denies this Bleffiag tosthee, bnt with Honour 
Renders thee back thy Qaeen, thy beaweoos Brides 

9t^. OhI had her Byc9» with Pity» fien mj Sonow^o 
I&d Ihe the Softneft of «> tender Bride* 
HeaVo cottM not have beilow'd a peater Bkffiagi 
And Lov« had made amends for Lafs of Empire. . 
But ii^ what Ftfy divcHi opon h« Charms I. 
What Ligfatding flaflies from her angry Bycsl 
"With amaUgnanr)Oy lbem#sinfRmnr 
Etcu Beanteonrtn her Hatredf' KA Out cbarvs me. 
And awes my fierce tomnkoons Smd to Love. 

^. And dsr^ thou hope, thou Tyrant! Raviiierlf 
net Heav^ has any Joy in ftore fior thee? 
Hook back upon the Sunr of Vfay paft Ilft^ 
Where Tyiamiy, Oppreifi6o# and ln)nl^|0ei 
Berjury, Mttders, fwetthe Usck Acconntf 
Where 16ft ^4^4*^ Wioo^iland Ueedmg AdK 
t9ly hft recorded Cfivnt% but Ueiv*il has fonttl the^% . 

At length the tardy Vengeance has o'crta'en'thee. I 

lly weary Soul Aiall btear a little kmger 1 

The pain of Lift, to call for Jnftice on^ thee.' 
JP^ri^ once ooinpIdKiy fink o» th^ 

Aad loft tiie mmiorj$(9af^nmgim§i Thte. 

9itf. Thoa TvMtl I dunk tlieefor it.^— Bcpcrvcffe 
And mnfter ttt tl^ Womta in thy Souls 
Good flie widi <3iirie% be a fcrjr Wife, 
Thtt I n^r fitog <tf tUs tttno Lonsi tod bote tkoft. 

' V* £mo M o odc ti 

Bi>a€tiklil««] HaWKeep llijrTcflqpcr^Htet^ MrHle 
AtmSofcrkPicftace. [ahnii 

^Am. It b .^«^A--Lam oa^ lliV ca^ 
-SkMct oa te xofie Mora ftiB bicika opott nc^ 
Aiid CoiMoiv^ like tha Nif^fawwhokfano «hil% 
GiiOi wif bcCofc tte GoUm Datao flie hriiigft 

1^ wjlaoaray iJOMw* Wo J HiW QaiiimI toitwat 

Ita; Vbf does % ftoMAlg B»oiaa 
Vor oo doa f orm of Forj r b it firtBge 
ye ftooM aaaot here Oa iii| M Bl a o i lo MBiMm^ 
lkeCt|pchrcioroaaooaMonaiMiarorw«# ' 
Nor fliwdmtim woaAv. tktt ny 9amdftaafi^ 
jKloaa tiao Foitooo ot Incfeanoos mmoumo^ 
Wkn thoo with Natiooa ft^tbe tekd ShoiCb 
Widk inlf die: warriflg World opos diy fida, 
Coddtt ooe tell op i0doft Wf diaadfbl BaiAiii 

Tbac aofh'd diea^avttk its Ihock. Tlqr Mco can witacib. 
Tbafe Oowfti4i» dM fafiiok fQB ift lio QmoImIi^ 
bfy Sword was HOC onaAifO.. 

Where |i aqr DWfbcr, «Im« life A*#/ dloo kaft;. 

■etiayVllMr to tlie nrMPt ar ofm «H)«fiit 

Fab wkk tbj rkm» didft lofe kr lilw ft Qnravdi 


And like ft Cowwd flow* wouldtft caft tkrhUne 
On FofNKic, md ill Stan. 

Mm. Ha! faid^i^ €k>Q liloe ziOomttM 
What SanaitjT, wlmt Mijeftyr Diria^ ' 

HafbtMiyK eOy to pmtAxbee'kc^mT^V^ ' ' 
That thus thou dar'ft ta WMttgitli^ 
' BMf\ Q^, fhaa tki^^ 
'AimI knovir me fbr thy Lord— 

*toi*l tell thM^ Tyraiit, ' 

When in the PHde isf f^m^dba iall^on iagV 
Wh<:#tat<e'ilf Idd tft(Hi'^fv«ft'T(iibljir^^V^ . 

Bj proftrati^^Wi^di^, Kir* wiiK ftMrjHv SbiiI|« . } 

Kor greater thaa Mmnfesj bora %f « fUa • : *' 
Royal, and Great as thine: What art tlfas oow thtlll| ' 
The Fate of War 1MB* let ^k&emfA'dkt :Lo99f ft )« 
And Captives (like tlw Sobjdaa p€ t}m)Oni9e) i 
Lofing4fftrilAiiAH iert!% loae. owuiiiua LomL 

AnAwlbAyiUr, ouffeclyMe» ohcatmg IHn^^ 

Ha! Yet thcitiV fymttUBnagi. Hear mcv thou Qmflkii 

Thou lefm that 9ilNr with aie.«.«^TfeJou ImfMmi* 

Thou Boafttr of (hy HMtftyl The* Lyar ! 

But take lier to thet bkk* 

Mow to expkwe aiy Prifai-^i-^ If ir Mi|< 

Aooiher A^ Mie tUi^ the ft§lllk& l^uttMr r* 

(If JM^/r^ri lie not) waader tkoi t* Hdli;< > • v 

From icorching Fiamea to chillteg ^mt ta i bsf f wii^ ^ 

Then Mm thdr VMtt to PiMi«m9 a^^ 

And only prove ttriecy of Wn» 

^SiMlMt flh|iOet 4Mv illflr* 
4^. Stay, BMfSxHt Idurge thee by my Wrongs! 


' * 

.T4\'M*B R Lam £• ft 

StajT, aad uofold i Tale «f ft> much Ftorror, 

As only fits thy tMng — Ok^ JihfU^ I 
Man. Why doft thov vreepF i;»4i)rithk twipcattaQt Ptfibft*' 

That ftops dif fHIcMig TdngMefltoiPt o« Mf Ifanef * 

Oh, fpcak! unvdi «lklk Wjrfltfry tffWrf^W* 

And ditwtfte ^6ihnt]'Seeiie, at oncir, I0 9igkri - 
^r^. llidu iit Ufi^nie, ii]^»flHitt^; «nd«Ml^ '^ 
Mm. I #tll not ^dikk 'tift lb) widte t Ju^e Ad% 

Wlult thue '^*i i^f'ii fD feM thM lof fifty Atmi 

For while I llglk i|p<Mi thy ptfttMg Mf(Mli» 

Tbe liii reMiinhrabce^f«ft Woin trioft. * 

Of Evils oVei^; vifl f^Httcmnfe: . ...>.: I 
Oqt Woes are likethfe^fc^itae'SfcaJtel mrtik v /^ : i 
Where Fate qw bfflhQ-v cry »h ^pe g jtf Dy> 

Bfo». By ^1 thriteitoAlcfc' «Ki cMftt Cf«barflMo% . 
Of our paft ha^ f ehergo «ii^ my ^4tfH/ihi . 
ToeafeinySkfeilcifC^viiliyrlsifeiilftvi^^ . ; , ,v 
Ac once theatmoft Malice of my F^W - . !.» ^ 

u«r^. Take then thy wffifML ^« if irf 1 4i|bft; ;. 
Still Partner of my Mirti ^^G^cpM'A tim^ Utt^ . \ 
The Sultan's Qum^ iilActi .^ tepmout TysM^ 
Softnm^f]iefMn4eaMfioK:MeiiF«if fab.Tenijpcrt - 
With gentle ilpniflfc f m if 'pf^' €f hif ^ifiW, - 
Amax'^^al'lfalsA^d&^fMMiiSitai^ : .^ .. -^ 
I ftarfcd into'*|Mf»'j|||||0^«l«H - 
(tW ^ w niij^ rtr *fwew 5f<«?r i!|U^; :;.... : 
Atlaft, as fIyti9.te.4teut9P^l^^iPfll^u i. ' .7 i - ' 
With lifted Haadf , «id ffttiimilS ^y^ i «w«*4 . - 
The Fraud; wWAvcrtifn'weikftwereaadehisf'm'ii^ 
Confcioai of my ife^htppj Focqg^ ^ dcwig . ^ 

H Tambrlani» 

forAyim IMe, I fared thee l» pue ia 
Thy borfowM Nan^of Broilkr, mtoe of Siiort 
Hidiagi bcBath dm Vetf die Qcn^ Tie, 
Oar nofoal Vows iu4 mide l^cm die Pri^ 
KiDdiiag to Rife it Ivmif of my Storj, 
Tlien^ it ftb lie cryU TUok** dio» thy Vow^ 
Giv^n tat Sbre fliaD her aw fiom thy BcMliof ? 
Then M dfee Met praooimce die Iteriiee Rttti^ 
Wkkfc he fcttemU wliilft Aricltag with Ddpeir, 
I oTd ia wn die Powln of HetT^ to aid me. 

Mm. ViSaiii} Imperial ViUfll— ^Qh, dieCowiraf 
'iM^ by Ui Giilk» 010* iHckM ^ Force Md Fow«r». 
Hederftflot t»oiy.iioeflfoir UaForpefef 
Btt hi my MftMo lileo krUag Thief 

Heie on my TVeafiv^ taiat oocottDiBd ae^ 

jtf. Hadtfaeyiiockepemefiofl»diemni»ofI>Be4^ 
Yoi|^ttHig didhe llflle» of dMUaa Sufeini^ 
1 hod done »de^Vaie Mwder on my Sool 
kre the radit ilafei, that waiwd oir hii l^flL. 
IHoa forced me to h fa f 

lad barmy faoey Aem-tlK gofltf Scene) 
Letmit Thoi^cmcr» M thebcAe Miod 
Ihoaid moflcr Ach a TVna of modboaalfluceil 
Aa fvmikl ^fliaft oae* Oh! leaonethcarft* 
Thoolordy iloaid*or9«9«eM^ where allmf|9yf 
Were treafiir'd op. t^hape dMetMM'ihHil 
Thw torn mttallid'fiom my oBfer WUbaat 
BotlwiUhafedwefromUm. Wmmbm 
(The SovcRijp ^mgr <tf Bijoity on Barth|.> 
Wialdo me J^IHce on thia mi|^ Ifc olha r^ 
And render hock dij Beaodm t» MMgir^ 

Tame r l an b. ji 

Atf, And who (hallreiidcr back myPetoe, njHoooor^ 

The fpotkff whitends W nqr Virgin Soul? 

Ah! no, Mmfrfef^think not I wtU erer 

Bring a polluted Love to thy chtfte Arms : 

I am the Tyraac't Wife. Ok fatal Title ! 

And, in the fight «f all the Sttntt, hafc fWom, 

By HoQOor» Wooianhood, and Uufhtng Sfaafiie» 

To know no lecond Bride-bed, hot my Gnnre. 
Mm. I fwear it mufl not b^ fince fttl my Eye 

Finds thee as heav'nly white, as Angd ptire^ 

As in the earliefi Hours of Life thou wert. 

Nor art tlioa his, but mine; thy firft Vow*s minr« 

Thy Sou! ta mine . 
jfrf. Oh! think not, that thcFow^r 

Of nioft perihafive Eloquence an make me 

Forget, IVe been anotber^s, been'his Wife; 

Now by my Bluflies ! by tiie ftrong GonfiifioQ, 
Asid Anguilh of my Heart ! Ipare m^ MSwi^, 

Nor urge my trembfing Virtue to the Prec^ce. 
Shortly, (oh! very lhort]y)if my Sorrows 
Divine aright, and Hear'ii be gradoos to ne^ 
Beath lUI diSahre the fatd OU^atioQ. 
Aai gjhre me op to Peace; to that bleft Place 
Where the Good reft from Gtfc afi amdoos Life. 

Mm. qhf tevch m^ thoa fiur Sajnt;, like thee tofuftri 
Tcadiiac; with haidj Piety, to combat 
The prdeot Disi inftroft my Eyes to pad 
Thftttinowboiindsof life, thULnlof Sonwir* 
Aal witliboU Hopes to view tha Reafaaa bqronir 
Tkok diftant Beanties of the fatmc State. 

TdL me» ^tfifit,'-'^, vriuit Joys are thofa 
liat vvak b crtwtt tiK Wfelch wte fiiffHTs 


J4 TAMJiM.4 Wl. 

Oh! toil mi^ and 6i& ^iliag-F^^Ii. 

^jfrp, Iihagino iomiewbal cpquiiicdf $o^ 
Which Fancy cannot paipr, whif b the pka&'d Mind 
Can barely know:, uoaUe to defgribe itj 
Imagine, 'tis a Tra^ of fndicis Joyi^ 
Without Satiety^ oc In^cinifrtioa^ 
^ Innagine, 'ti& to meet* and p^t qq m^re, - 

Mim. GraiLt,. gentk Heav^Or tjbat fuch a^ay be ourL^t! 
Let us he Weftjtcgeth ffn i ■■ > ■ ' O h ! my S^yil I 
Build on that ]^pe, and let it arm tkj Coun^j^^ 
To ftruggle with the Storok, th?^ parts, us now. 

Arp. Yes! my Momfut now the Sui^ riilB, 
TheTwelling Scsl bfeaks in betwe^ Qur Barkf» 
And drives us to out Fate on diilercnt Rocks. 
Farcwd!— tny So»l liye^ with thec^- 

Mm. Death is parting. 

mm .- 

Tis the lafl: fid Adieu 'twixt Spulfnd B^fp v .. 
But this is fomewhat woijCb ^-^ xny Jay, m jr Cosfifort, 
All that was jeft in Xaf^ fleets «fer thfic. 
My aking Sight, bangs on tby j^ting^Bemici^ 
Thy lovely Eyei 9!i drown'd hf f lofltlf qk Soc^MK*! . 
Sofinks the letting , Sim beneath the WmK> '^ . ' .. . C 
And leaves the l>,p^h]c($.WQ9dsr • ., . • ^ 
Benighted s^d f orjorn..-: — Th^ withiad Eyf%..t . 
Westward he turns, .to. 9iark tbe^igbt's deayy .; 
Tih having loft the laft faint QUnii^ qS Xhf^ . - :. . 
Chcarlef«» in dacknefi, lie furfucs ids w^jr. > 

f ' ••* ^,' *i. * = » / • i' 

TiA.MS RLAV.B. fj^ 


S C E N E the Infide of the Royal Tent. 

"Enter Axalkj SeUma, md. Jfmm MtmisMs^ 

^./^ AN there be oa^ m Love, bcjrimd x\k% fkoof, 
^^ TiiisweiidVous^roo^ I ghre tbee ef mj-Feitli^ 
To tear tbce froon my Meedkig BoToin tki«? 
To rend the Striogt of Ult, ce fet tiwe free^ 
And yield thee to a crod f edwr's Pewer^ 
Foeto rayHopct? What cw'ft thou |n^ nw fc^^ 
What bot thy felf (drtu Angol) fe this Itmkmt&l 

Sii. Thoiid#ii ttfhnHd«ie» Beggat as 1 vai. 
And urge vtUt with my Pevetty o^ Loee. 
Perhqxs the» thiiiklfl, Yji MtUng te a Maid 
To fimggle thn>^ tiM( Nieettift of her Sac 
The Blu(h0i» and the Fears^ and owe fte Wci: 
Thou thank'jft, 'tianethiog ior my aatkfi Heatt 
To owit my V^takads, aiid. dbefttfs tty Tlriwi^; 

^<£». Oh! yss, I own it^ iqrtfihaiiinU Bm oc'qr Jwpi 
A Sound of ib much kapture. ib mu^ Ji^., 
Not V*iefs»' raflmuMBta*- iMHMriirWii^ Birds^ 

Not cttHfcd'NaiBCi^ ioot 4ih^ ecD»iriiii| Sphesca 
Utter fiidi Harmoiqr*. m «Ai» my AApMi 
With dows-caft Loote a»4 Bl^flMt iai4**^ lo] 
^. AndyetilMa£]^:i 4 j»^j l % g y d t^i 
tfwear the laHaern griH)»JMi4)<^fyccnTyf,. . 
And Lore be Juabb.iM««r •lUhf,T4Vll4^3y4 

' ' ' Thou 

* •* ^ » * 

|< Ta m b r l a m e. 

TImni (houkPft coinplani of ought, uajuft diuB^i 

Ax. Why Wis I cfcr bkft^-^Whjr \% Rcmcaibnaco 
Rioli with a tfaoufiod pfcafing Images 
- Of paft Snjoynocnts, &ice 'da but to plague me? 
When thou art mine no more^ what will it eafi me 
To think of all the Golden Minutei paft. 
To think that thou wert kind, and I waa happj : 
But like an Angel falPn Aom Blifi, to curjjb 
My prefisnt State, and moora the Heaven I Ve loft. 
Sd. Hope better for iu both} nor let thy Fears,. 
Like an unhicky Omen croTs my way. 
My Father roogb, and ftormy in his Nature, 
To me Was always gentle, and, withFondnefi 
Paternal, erer met me with a Nefliog. 
Oft when Oftienoe had ftir'd him to fuch Focy, 
That not grave Cooniellors for Wiicbm famVi» 
Mor hardy Gaptaias that had fought his Battel 
Prefimi'd to fpeak, but ilmdc with awful Dread, 
Were hulbM as Deaths yet has he fmil'd on me, 
Kift me, and bid me otter all my Purpofe^ 
Till, with my idle Prattle, I had footh'd Urn* 
And won him froin hia Anger. 

jfic. Oh! IkaoWt 
Thoo haft a Toogoe to chirm the wiideft l^brnpera;, 
Hends would forget Co gMe^ andSav^Bodb 
StwdftiU, dbd fefe thdr nemieli, but eo iMar tiic«> 
As if they had Refleihiii, and 6^ Reafim 
Fodake « left Enjoyment for « |^!eilitf. 
■at ohi when I molfe cech CircumlaiKC^ 
Mf Ghrtftian Fttth. my tevioe doUy boutf . 
To VmmUmiKf Maften'md my Mend: 
TdLs)e(mj CbraMr) if nqr fem we viHil 


TaMEHL A N B. 37 

Think what khuuas for me, if the fiote Suhaii 
Shook! doom tby Beauties to anotiieT'i Bed? 

Sil, 'Til a (adTluMights bat Co appoifc thj-Doabtl^ 
Here, in the awfiil 'Sight of Heav'a, I row* 
No Pow'r (b«U e'er diyide me from thy Lo?e, 
Ey^n Duty (hail not force me to be falie 
My cruel Stars may tear thee from my ArMs, 
But never from my Hearty and when the Maids 
Shall yearly come with Gariandft of itcQi Piov/rs, 
To mourn with piou« Office o'er my Grave, 
They ihail fit £ully down, and weeping teO, 
How well I lov*d, how much I fuffer'd for thee. 
And while they grieve my Fate, ihall pra'ifc my Conftancyr 

Am. But fee! the Sultan comes! -*-— * my beating Hcirt 
Bounds with eznUtog Motion $ Hope and Fear 
Fi^t with alternate Conquefl in my Brcaft*. ^ ^ 

Oh! Can I give herefrom me? Yie^ ber op? 
Now oMmm, thou God of Lore, fmce Honour triumph?, 
And crowni his cruel Altars with thy Spoils. 

Enter Bajazet. 

Baj^ To have a nanfeous Gourtefie forced on me 

Spigbt of my Will, by an iniiilting Foe, 

lhL\ they wouM break the Fierpoiers of my Temper, 
And make me (upple fbr their (lavifliTuipofe: 
Curfe on tlKir iawning Arts; from Heav'n it ielf 
1 wou'd not, on fuch Terms, receive a Benefit, 
But fpum it bade upon the Giver's Hand. 

SiL My Lord i my Royal Father ! C Selima ernes formtard 

B^. Ha! what art thou ? Z^ **^' ^ Bajaaet. 

What heavenly Innocence? that in a Form 
So kttowa.«flp to^ haft leftth^ FaradlTc, 
•^rir C For 



38 T'AMB^RX A NE. j 

For joylflft Mfos, jfbr thii Pfaceof Woe ! 
Art thou my St^msf 

Sd* Have 70a fbrgdt tiie? 
Alas my Piety » thcn< in* rmn ; 
Your Selim4, your Daughter wfiom j(m hv^i. 
The Foodling once of her dear Father's Anoh 
Is come to claiiii her Share » his Misfortunes; 
To wait, and tmd ham with oMecpiious Dkity ; 
To fit, apd" weep ibr evei^ Care he ftels; 
To help to wear the tedioas Mfoutes out, 
To fofren BoQdago^ and: the ImA of fimpire. 

Biij. Now by oue Esopfactf. If my wounded Mind' 
Coiiidkaow a Thought of Peaces irwonldbe iMws 
£y'9 from tby- pratin^ftifinicy thoii wert 
My jQy» my little Aa^; fiodiiig 0>mfM< 
Came with thee Aii to. ghdi me : Now Ptti euiVd^ 
£?'n in thee too { Reproach aod> lukmf 
Attend.the Chnftian Dog, fta. whona thou Were tnt(Mh 
To fee thee here! — f-^'twerebetttr fee thoe dead; 

Ax. Thus Tamirlofiip to Royal Bsjdzety I 

With iCing^y Greeting £sod$^ Sincewith th*H»a¥e^: j 

( The bloody BusMa of the Fight onceebM^- 
Stern Hate an4 Oppofition ought taoeaft^ | 

Thy Queen, already to. tlqr- Amis Mftoi^i. < 
Receivt this tectmdGik, thy; hiK9QM»Qaagiilers * 
And if there* be ought, ftflther tft thy Hfiifli^ I 

Demand with Hooomv and oMn tft fptdf. * - 

• Bn^. Bear back t% fuUbii) ^rectif|g;to thf Mtllr^ 
Tell him I'll none oa't: Had ho been a Godi 
All hit Omnipotence couid oot reQiore 
My Fame diminiil^'d* l^otAmtft^mm^i . t : : . 

Ta ue & l a k £'• 131^ 

The Radiancf of Mijeftf edip&U. 

For ought bdid^ it is ilor wwihw^ Carei 

The Giver, oad httGifts^tteixBthbOeatii me* 

^AT. Enough <^ Wibr thd ^mmnded Eartk hai koowiri 
Weary at length, and waacd with DeArudioo, 
Sadly (he reaw her rtiin'd Ihtid^ to (heiir 
Her Cities humbled, and her Countij^s fpoil'd. 
And to her mighty Maftm foes fbr Peace. 
Oh ! Sultan ! by the ?ow'r DfViae I fwcar J 
Vink Joy I wott'd refign ^he Sm^gs Tsophiaf 
la Blood and Bank gain'd, ijoold I attone 
Tfie &tfl Bleach 'twixt tliee mi Trntmhrn-^ 

And tli^nk a 6oldier> Gtej watt bcftow'd. 
To buy Mnakiadu Peace. 

£^\ And wjpfitnit thou ^ 

That doft prefiuao 4Qr|iM#it0 ^wto the R^ 
Of angry Kia§$? 

Ax. A Prince born of the nohM^* 
And of a Soul that anfvrera to that Birth, '^ 

That dares not bnt do weU.. TluMt doft pot on 
A forc'd forg^lae^; thus not I9 know m^, 
A Gue0 to lat^y^ to thy Coufft» thcnmectiflg 
On gentler Term^ ■ j , 

Of brave ^x4^^ l^stfic, yet whca your Daughter 

Shall tell, how w^ll,^ how nobly, fhe wis us'di 

How light this gallant Pnoce made all her Boodagpi 

MoCt fare the Royai^ A y^gy wU>own» 

That Honour»fta»4riMW»ced a^ fiifh (ioodnc6> 

Nor cii ft i i >M «naKA's F W^jfliifyqBis^thaa pay it. [^Il-i- 

S4;\H%l:t^flW'ft ^^ : iiat /ob4 Girl >—Go--» 'tis not 
ibd when thou. ^fiiui^deilx^ , 

C a . ftofd 

^4^ Tamsrlai«s. 

From a vile Chriftian, and thy FatiiePs Foe* 
Thou didft an hOt diflumeft to thj Race$ 
Henceforth, nnlefs thou meaa'ft to cancel all 
My Share in thee, and write thy ielf a Baftard; 
Die, Starve, know a«y Etil, any Paki, 
Rather than tafie a Mercy from thcie Dogt. 
Sd. Alas^l AxalUl 
Ax. Weep not, lovdy Maid^ 
I fwear, one pearly Drop from tholfe fair Zjes 
Would over-'pay the Sertke "of my Lift j 
One Sigh from thee has made a hrgt Amends 
For all thy angry Father's Frowns, and Flercenefi. 

B0^. Oh! my cnrs'dForttitieL-^i~amIfaU*Q tfanslow? 
Diflionoor'd td my Face/ Thou ^Mr^Mjtom Things 
Thoa Qodl how haft diou diu^d to lift thy Ejti 
Up to the Sacral Race df'm^hty OlrMk«if • 
WhomKii^, whom ev'n our Prophet's h«lyO£&pring 
At Diftance have beheld ; ' and what art tiiou ? 
What glorious Tides blazon out thy BirA? 
Thou vile OMurity ! Ha!-^— fity ——thou ba& one. 

jix. Thus chaltengfij Virtue, modeft as ihe i^ 
Stands up ta do her ielf a common Juftic^ 
To anfwer, and aflert that inborn Merits 
That Worth, which confaoos to her >ielf (he feeb. 
Were Honour tohefcan'd by long Deibent» 
From Anceftors IHuftrious, I could vaunt 
A Lin<^e of the greateft, and recount 
Among my Fathers, Names of andent Storyt, and God4ike Patriots, who iuhdoM 
The World by Arms, andVtrtuer and being B0mmt 
Scotn'd to be Kings; but that b^ their own Praife» 
Nor ^ill 1 borrow Merit from the Dead^ 



JUj &\( in Undefiarver. I could prove 
fity Frieodibip foch* as thou mighfft deign t'aeiaepe 
With Honour, when it cpmes with frimdij Offiee^ 
To render back thy Crown, and former Greatnefs:* 
And yet ev'n thic, er'n all ispoor, when StUms 
With matchkfs Worth wetglis dawn the adiMrfe Sctle» 

Bmj, To give me baek what Yefterday took from xoei\ 
Wou'd be to giva like Heav'o* when having fint(h'd 
This World, (the goodly Work of his Creation) 
He bid his Rmurite, Mui» be Lofd of aiL * 

But this ,. 

Ax. Nor is this Gift beyaixl my Pnwer 1 - 
Oft bas the mig^. Midfter o£ my Arms 
UrgVi me, with k^ Anabitioa-to demand '■ 
Crowns and Dominions from his bonnteoiu Powcri: 
Tis titie» I wav'd the Profifcr, and have heU it 
The worthier Choice, to. wait.upon his Virtue^ 
To be the Friend and Fsurtner of his War^ 
Than to be 4^'s Lord : Nor wonder then. 
If, in the Confidence of fuch a FriendKhqiy 
I promife boldly for the Royal Gtw» * . 

Thj^ Crown, and Empire. 

Bmj. For our Daughter thus 
Mean'ft thoo to barter? hal I teB tfaee» Ghrtftian; 
There ia<Imt one, one Dowry^ thoo canft pve. 
And I can ask, worthy my Daughter's Love. 

AMi Ohl name the mighty Ranibm, task my Pawa^' 
Let there be.Danger, Difficulty, Death, 
T'cnha^oe the Prioe. 

24 I takethee at thy Woi4> 
Sring me the XtMr'a HokI. 

^. Ha! 


.That Umf^t tliat dcadlj Poiiba^ vtof Gkajl 
Ax, IN^tgioiu! Horcidv* 
J'f/. Left! for^ferloA! 

JSi^'. An4 cMildtt ^wa iMfr^oibriboaiemtlMWi^fife ? 
IVith a TiJrPeacefaitcii'idiop^ta Avail T<rms? 
With tribotai^ ICinglhip.? -»-**-' No "**f^«o watfit 
A Recompeoce finoan'ine, ^ito mfReveoge. 
TheT^r/jritJDgriBane, I ^caftoflit hear iiam j 
One HcaVn and Sarth emntnarhM .as iotlif ' 
S^ll fhall wt iiate, and with Defiance, dead^ 
Keep Rage aliv^ Jitt jo&ft'be lodb fas ortr $ ... 

As if two Sons ihonU moot dn the Mori^ian^ . 

And ftrive in fi#f £iOinbrte&rdhc 29/bp* 
Wccp'ft dioa, fond 4&i«if iioHr^ % iQMg» aaifaidbar; 
I charge thee, ibire'Aifi iSkre teoa^thf RecDendb^oei 
Hate O.all hiepiouf uKthoci 4^ «mc» «ad ^oia 
To curfe thj Fatbcv^s 'Fooi. ' ^U^Ji^ Udm ImHtmi^ 

5^/. Updone fiv«ver I 
Kow Tyrant Duisf , M 4Ji*a yat ^Anff% 
.There is no more to give «ho«. O AxdUjf 

[ Bajazet leads out Selima> /hi Mimg kick m ^oaBii. ^ 
. jfx. 'Tis what I fcar'd$ Fooi ithat f waa e^htj : 
The Cowflvd iLove, dham! omAd not bear her fr«wn, • 
Has wrought Hfi aw«i Qndoii^. fedw^ ^%i flow. 
The Tyrant's Rogtf)»ei7aib«pon hcr'Kcwr.* ^ * ' ' 

FieroAtyihe ft»m$y 'iht*w6eps« aod figjhi, aod*4rttnhle»» 
But fwears at length, 404hiBi|f:.oii.iiiie n»*i|M»e« * - 
He bad me lake her.— — But oh! graci«as UattNOPt 
Upon what Terms? My S^ul yetitmMcm^ k^ 
And (lands, but halF recovered of iMr«firi||ht*l 
The Head of Tsmerlme / moailrous Impiety ! 
'. . ^" Bkcdt 

•fe«d, bleed to jacatfc, icf Htart, *e VirtBC^ Martyr. 

Ob, £fli|)eror, I own I«Hgiit lio gj?e tfac 

Some notler Mtrk, ^hu Dyi^, of a^ Pnili. 

Then let tlie Pains I led jaj PriendOMp |rov«, 

Tif «|#iiiur todic, than ^onft.^p love. {£a^ Aidl£ 

S C £ K £ U. TwKrIane'j Cmi^. 

a^w ^vCT-^JJf Monefes^ mid^Btmm ^ T«ums. . 

Ma. If I not prdk wliM^oii (is LriTttiv, 
Tou woQld «mfi Wnla Jetanger fo yoor Sa'tioe» 
To live neKtattofiAuciiBMr fiwi ^ Emperar.\ 

iV. Moft wilHii^, iljo* im^1Stm ftvAat MoneM 
^We mud: entreat yoafiiyi Ic Wliitai prffn«e.v 

Jim. Hit CdiMdL rfMfiwfti, ■ 

I¥. No; t^ AAir 
Is not of EarO^ ktit HmT^«-*^a Holf Mn; 
(One wkMaiour P^«9iiit% bMr odb fixiO «il0ni^ 
Koffis Upn in CoBlfrcftdO. 

2f4m. Hours of IUp%kM* 
IQpookdIf of Itaceib ciiha aRarcmcr, 
Mor will be kMonvpteiL . 

IV. What lufAifinca 
Imports, we kapvr D^r Iwt wkh omeft Siite 
Tlis Miva ke bfnfd A<taittaMe. Our peat Mafier^ 
(Than whom ime bows mofle kwHgr to h^h Hea^o } 
In reverend Ri^ard fa^ AH d«l bear 
Relation 10 Rtfiigbo, ami* on Notict 
Of bis Re y e >> ceeenr'il Asm on the bfliftt 

Miw. Wf 9viil.itM4 Ua PMire. ' [tmmf. 


44 TaM SRL-A N B* 

JEnrir Tanerhne mtd m Denrift . *' 

2;«»._Tk(m Um^ ne thy Credentials from theHigheft^^ 
From Alis, and our Prophet : Speak thy Meffig^*^ _ 
It muft import the bell and BoUeft Ends. ^ J 

ZVr. Thus fpeaks our Holj ild^slafm^ who hu gt^^thce 
To reign, and conquers lUdoft^thou repay 
The Bounties of his Hand, unmmdful of ' '*^ ^ 
The Fountain, whence thy Streams of Greatncfi ^fw^ 
Thou haft forgot high Heav'to, haft beaten down, . 
And trampled on Re^gion's.Sanditj. 

T4i99«. Now, as I am a SoUkPt and a Kiof^ '/ "^ 
( The greateft Names of Honour) do hoe make * ' 
Thy Imputation out, and iSaiMrUt 
Shall do thee ampfe JulUce od Umfelf $ 
So much the Saaed Name o£ Ha^o awes me^ 
Cou'd I (Ufped my Soul of harbouring ouj^t 
To its Diihonour, ' l imM Search it ftrtd^y , 
And drire th'o^^mdtng Thought with Fury forth. 

Der. Yes, thou haft hurt our Holy Prophet's Honour, • 
By foftering the pernicious Chriftian Se^s 
Thofe, whom hirSwoid purlh*d with fd Deftn]Aiol^ 
Thou tak'ft into thy Bolbm, to thy Councils » 
They are thy only Friends: The true BeScTera 
Mourn to behoU thee favour thia j§xmS0. 

Tom I fear me, thou oiir.go*ft the F»o|^Mt*s Older! * 
And brittg'ft his venerable Name^ to (Mttt ' 
A Rudenefs iil becoming thee to ufe. 
Or me to fu£Eer. When thou nam'ft my Friend, 
• Thou nam'ft a Man beyond a Monk^ dileernii^, ' 
y trtuot)s, and Great, a Warrior, ahd a Piiaoe. 

2>fr. He is a Chriftian } there our Law condenaas him, 
AlthD' he were even all thou fpcak^ and more; 

Tambrlanb. 45*. 

tmn. TisfaUes no Law Diyioe condemns the Virmottf, 
For di£Gaing from the Rukt jour Schools devUc^ 
Look round, how Providence beftowf alike. 
Sunfhine and Rain, to blefs the fruitful Year, 
On different Nations, all of diffierent Faiths^ 
And (tho' by fcveral Mames and Titles worfhipp'dX 
Heaven takes the various Tribute of their Praiic j 
Since all agree to own, at kaft to mean. 
One \f!^ one greateft, qiily Lord of All 
Thus when he view'd the many Forms of Nature, 
He found that all was good, and blcft the fair Variety: 
' i>fr.Moft Impious,and Prophane !-Day,frown not,Princc; 
Full of the Prophet, I defpiie the Danger 
Thy angry Power may threaten: I command thee : 
To hear, and to obey v fincc thus^fays UMmtt ; 
Why have I madethee dreadful to the Nations? ^ 
Why have I giv'n thee Conqueft? but to fpread ' 
My (acred Law ev^n to the utmoft Eiarth, . 
Aiid make my Holy IdiccM the World's Worfhipi; ^ 
Oo on, and whcrefoe'er thy Arms ihall profper. 
Plant there the Prophet's Name: with Sword and Firie, .^ 
Drive out all other Faiths, and Jet the World. . 

TMtn, Had he but comnunded • 

My Sword to oooqucr aU, to make the World *. 
Know bat one Lord, the Task were not (b hard^ j^' 
Twcre but to do what has been dosue already %, y\ 
And t'M/iS^'s Son, «AdG<;^ did a^ much: . 
But toiiAdoe tfa* unconquerahie Mind, 
T# oiakeonerResfHi haye the fame ^ffc^ : * 
Upon. alii Api^di^fifioajti to force this,, . 
^ thti MiM»» juft to think»,« thpftap^i^ i^PLrf , i l: -' 
*^^ 9-S ' rmp<^ 



4<f> T A ^ B R C A if R 

Impoffible ! ,1jrn]ds Sofib were alike 

In all, wfaidi difiejr now Uk.e Human faces.' 

Der. WeB might the Holy jCapfe jbe cany'd par 
If Muffeknen did QO>t pssike War pn }dujfidmeii» 
Why hobi^H t]|,ou Captive a believing Monarch? 
Now, as thou (ipp'ft to *icape tli^ Prophet's Curfe» ' 
Releaie the Royal Bi^azet, a^d join 
.With Force united, ^o deftroy the Cl^fUatts. 

T0m. 'Tis weit-lVe (o^nd the Cf^ that movVl thy CeaL 
What jhfdioin^ Politiciaii fpt thee on. 
In hopf^s to fright me th^s way tp eompliance? 

Dtr. Our Prophet only. y , 

Tgm, N o I t hou doft belie him. 
Thou Maker of new faiths ! that dar*(l to buUd 
Ay fond |nventiops on Rdigion*^ Nainie. 
Retigion's ^ultre is by native Innocence 
Divinely pure, aa^ iinip)^ from aP Arts; 
Yon daul^ anf) drefs her like a common M\ftre&, 
The Harbt of your Fancies^ and by adding 
Falijp Bcai^tic;, whiph (he wants not, )xiak<; tl)e World 
Sttfpcd):, her Angel'^ Face ui foul beneath. 
And wo* not bear all Lights. Hence! I have found the^. 

23lr. IhavebutoneRefoi;t. Now aid me. Prophet. [^i^.> 

Tct have I i[qme)yh^t further to unfrid $ 

CHnr Propl^ (peaks to thee in Thunctep— »thpi ■ 

I* life Dervife araws M t^nuM^d Dsg^, mid iffm l# 
jl«^ Ttmerhtte.' 

23wi.No> VilIaiB,iicav'a b watdrfal«te its Woiihippmj. 

' [Wi^g $bt l>i^i9fmn him* 

And \Ms the Mvrdiorci^ Puqpoie. Thittk iboaWMK^ • 

Think on the Pains thaft wak sl^ OrwK^ aft4»|imhto ' r 

Wheal Ibitdo^ 

v«.,»^^« -^ , 

TC "MIR I. A HI. 47" 

« • 

XKtf*. *TishitDe»tk«tlaft, ' 

AM I wU fo&r grMdy for the Ouifis 
That ur^d me firft to the bold Deed. 

Tmn. Ofa^ impioas! 
EnthuiiflfiB thus makes Villaias Martyit . 
[P/M^.] It (hall be fo— Tp die ! *ewere « Reward— —- 
Now learn the difference 't\vixt thy Faith aod mine; . 
Thine bids thee lift thy Dagger tp my Throat* 
Mine can forgire the Wrong, and bid thee iivei 
Keep thy own wicked Seaet,, and be fafe^ 
If thou continu'ft fHU to be the fame, 
'Tis Puniihment enough to be a Villain; 
If thou repent*ft» I have gain'd^ene to Virtue/ 
And am, in that, rewarded for my Mercy. 
Hence! from my Sight! — ^It (hocks njy Soul, to think - 
That there is fudi a Monfter in my Kind. [£xtf Dc^vilev 
Whither will Man's Impiety extend? 
Oh gracious Heav'nl do'ft thou with-hbld thy Thuoder, , 
When bold kS^xa take thy Name upon 'ena. 
And fwear, they are the Champions of thy Caufe ? ' 

IntfT Monefes. 

Af00. Oh,' Emperdr ! before whofc awful Throne 7 kneefhg j 
Th' AfBkded never knc^ in vaiv for julHce« 5 '/Tao), 
Undone, and rutn'd, blafted in my Hopes, 
Here let mfe fall before your (acred Feet, 
And groan out my Misfortnnes, Mil your Pity,' 
(The M Support and Refuge that is left me) . 
Shall raife me item the Ground, and bid me live. 

Tfim, Rife, Prince, nor let me reckon up thy Worth> ^ 
And tell how boldly That might bid thee ask. 
Left I (houU make ft Merit of my Juftice, 
The comnoa Debt I owe to thee, to All^ > 


»- i 

Tamerl AK e. 

£v'q to the meaneft of Mankind* the Charter 

Bj which I claim my Crown, and Hcav'n's ProteftfoB r 

Speak then as to a King» the Sacred Kame 

^Where PowV is kxigU for Righteous Ends alone. 

Mtn. One 00)7 Joy, one Bleffing, my fond Heart 
Had fix'd its Wiflies on, and that is kifl:$ 
That Sifier, fcur whofe fafety my fad Soul 
Endured a thouiand Fears. 

Tarn, I well remember. 
When ere the Battels join'd, I fiw thee firil, 
With Grief uncommon to ^ Brother's Love, 
Thou toldit a moving Tale of her Misfortune;, 
Such as befpoke my Pity^ Is there ought 
Thou canft demand from Friendfliip? ask and have it. 

mm. TiT&y Oh! let me entreat your Royal Goodneist 
Forgive the Polly of a Lover's Caution^ 
That foi^d a Tale of Falihood to deceive you :. 
Said r /he was my SiHer 2— Oh I 'tis faUe, 
She hokis a dearer Intereft in my SouJ^ 
Such as the do&ft Ties of Blood ne'er knew : 
An Jnt'reft, fuch ai Po w'r. Wealth and Honour 
Can't buy, but Lovc^ Love only can befiowi 
She was the Miftrefi of my Vows, my Bride^ 
By Cootraft nine^ and long ere this» the Priel^ 
Had ty'd the Knot for ever, had not Bsj^x M 

Tmn. Ha! JB^>u#-— If f et hirPowV witk-^iolda 
?!he Cau6 of ^ thy Sorrows, all thy lears, 
£v'n Gratitude for once (haD gala upon hipa, 
Spight of his Savage Temper, to reflore her. 
This Morn a Soldier brought a Captive Beauty, 
Sad tho' Ihe fccm'd, yet of a Form moft rar^ . 
By much the Qohkft Spoilof ail thcFJeld: 

TA'MBRL A NB. jfft^ 

M%lit hvc forgot bk Vfrtoe tt her fight 
Struck wi(h t p^^tOag Woeder, Ibehdd her,. 
Til] by a Slave that waited netr her Perfbn, 
I leurnt (he f\ria the Cafittve Sultan's Wifes 
Strait I forbid my Eyea'the daiiferoiis Joy 
Of gazing king* and fent her to her Lord. 

Mm. There was M^mfis loft.— —-Too lore my Heart, 
(From the &rfk mention of her woodfrons Ghafms) 
Prcfagi'd it cou'd be onlf my ArfMfU^ 

Mm, Yes^ mj Aifi^.^. 

Tmn. Sore I miflake, oriiun I would roiftake thte^ 
I nam'd the Q^cen of B^j^xjttt hu Wife. 

Idm. His Queenl his Wife! hebrUigs that holy Tttb ^ 
To varmih o'erthe monftrons Wroi^ hb has doaemeL' 

Tim. Alaal I fear a^ Prtncc» thf Griefs, are juftj 
Thou art indeed unh appy" " 

Mm. Can you pity me. 
And not redrefs? •Oh, RoyallkMMrter / \^Xmimi,' 
Thou Socconr of the Wretched, reach tfajF Mercy, ' 
To (ave me from the Grave» and from- OhUWoil^ 
Be gracious to the Hopes that wait my Youth. 
Oh! let ho^ Sorrow blaft ttC) left I witherr 
And fall in. vile DifliOAOur. Letthp Jvtftico 
Keftore mamy .^i^^pi^&M give her bade. 
Back to my Wiihes, to myTianfports give her^ 
To my foody >rvft]0&,.bleedtng^ dying Bofomj 
Oh! giYe Iier to .mo yet whilo I hftYe Lif^ 
To blcis the^fop theiBoutity^ Ob, ArftifUt < 
^Xmi». Unhi^py Royal Youtfay wl^ doft thoa wH^- 
What Honour mvft deny} Hails Ac not 

His Wife, whom he hat wedded^ wtMSi ^fit ^ 
i^ woaki*ft thott JuTe mj pirdd FfiiaiMiif^bfvA 
Thai holy Kirat, wriaA't/i once, dl Mttki«i ■> 
Agree to hold Saaed, and XJiidiflhivabie? 
The Bnital Violesce' wo«U Mil my Joftiee, ^ 
And brand me with a TfPtM'i Juiied NaiMe 
To late Poftcrity, . : < . 

Mw, Are then tke Vows, 
The holy Vowi we i ief il te n d in^Hcay^itt i. _ 

But common Air ? < 

TiMv. Could thy fond L6v« fce|^ 

The Violation of a firft Enjoyment ? - 

Bat Soffow haa diftiirb\l and hwt thy Mind. 

B^ Perhaps it has> and like an idle Madmilin»' . 
Tittt waqdora with a Tnm.of hootmg Be^V 
I da >9 thffy&nd' tUngt to fiiaow my &eiCbs. 
Then lei me Bj^ lUki huar mj f oWct with me - 
Jar, far from the WorldV^tghtt Honour, and Pia^ \ 
Arms, and the glorious War ihaUhe forgotten t 
No nolile Arnnd ^ Otcatndi, or Aibbition, 
Shall wake my drowfie Sdnttom hei'dead tte^ ' 
Tan the ]tA Trump do fummon. ' 

r«99. Let thy tirtue : 
Stand up, and anfwtv -ti thcfe wanii^ Piffioii^, ' ' ^ 
That Yex thy maidy' Temptf . Frnft the momenr- 
When firft I faw tbse, finiietfctiig won^raue n<^ ' 
Shone thr^' thy Form, and won my Friendfhip fc^ thee^ 
Without the fi^ious Form of bog Acqnaia«aneer . 
Nor will I loie thee poorly^ for a WO<immi. ^ ' ' 

€ome droop no moi^ thou ihpda with biepiirliie 
True QiinMliu tili>we rift to ImmcrWty} '' 
Thou flialt forgetlMe kflb Cmh U m^ fii, ^ -' ■''*'- 


Tamerlane. 54? 

Tbott flialt» and help me to reform the World. 

^ Mm, ^ tjie good Grniui iiN|rnt hi| saorttfChire^: . 

To fly the evil Fate, that ftiU^parfiiet him. 

Till it have wroa|lit his Ruin. Saaed X^irwrUir^ 

Thy Words are as the Breath of Angels to me: 

But oh! too deep thtf woQD4illg. Grief is fi«t 
For any Hand to heal. 

Tmm, This Dull Defpnr 
Is the Soul's Lazine(s^: Rooft fo theCombit, 
And thou art iure to conquer. War flul tciofo theef . 
The Sound of Arms ihall wake thy martiiil Afdoiv^ 
And aire this amorous Sickncfttif thy Soul, 
Begun by Sloth, and nun*d by too much Eale$ 
The idle God of Lore fupinely dreams, 
Amidfb inglorious Shades and -purltng Stveamsr . 
In rofie Fetters, and fantaftick Chains, 
He binds deluded Maidsand fimpie 0waias, * , 

With fbft Enjoyments, woors 'em fo foigot- 
The hardy Toils, and Labours of fht Gfcii**' 
But if the warlike Trumpofe^s hnid Aha«t 
To TirtooHs KGa excite, and manly Armss 
The Coward Boy avows his abje^ Fear, .. ^r^\ 

On filken Wings SuUtme he cats tfap Atr, . > 

Scar'd at the noble Noift, oad Thndcr of tl» Wtf^ J . 





SC E N'E-RijaictV TV*/. 

t HiMb ifi mi «hr Denrife 

Ifif. nro *(cape with Life from an Attempt like thkr 1 

"^ Demmdi mf-Woodcr ja%» 

But 'tifl^e l^fiociple of liis'iicw Faicb r 
Yis what his Chriftiao FaTOurites have in^ii^d» 
Vho foodlf make a Merit of ForgfTeneff* 
And give their Foes a ieoond Opportunit]r» 
If the firftBl^w(houkl.mi(s;sf-«- Failing to&nre^ 
The Sokin to my wifli, and ev'n de^Mirinj^. 
Of fiirtiier meaof > t'eficd his Liberty, 
A kidrj AccideBt setrievVi 1117 Hopes. 

Ha The Prophet, and our Mafbr will reward 
Thy Zcil in their behatf j hot ipeak thy Purpofe. 

Ver. Jttft ent^ing here I met the 7lm» Genera^ . 
Fierce Omur^ 

'Hm. He commands^ if I miilakp not) 
This Quarter of .the Army, and oor Guards. 

Iktf,.The {kmci by his (tern Afped, and the Fi)^ea 
That kindled in his Eyes^ I gueis*d the Tumult 
Some Wrong had rais'd in his tempeftuous Soul; 
A Friendship of old Date had gi/n me Privilege,' 
Td ask of his Concerns; In fliort, I learn'd. 
That burning for the Sukan's beauteous Daughter^! 
He faad^bcg'd her, as a Captive ot the War^ 
From TJNMim^ but meeting with deniat, 

Tamkrlane. ft 

of wbat he thought his Services might daim> 

LondJj he ftoriiis, aad cor&s the hMlNm^ 

As caafe of this AftoAt : I join'd his Rage^ 

And added to his Injuries the Wn>Rgs 

Our Plt>phet'dai]y meets from this jixsttd, ' 

But (ee, he comes. Improve what I ihaD tell; 

And an we wi(h is ours . ' ^ 

6m: Wo ' if I forgive it, . ' 

DiihoQOttr bkft my Kamej was it for this /' 

2kat I direfted his firft Steps to Greatnefs ? 
o^t lAm to dimb, anJmaSe him what he is? , ^ 
When our gnat Qm firft bent his Ejes towards him» ^ 
(Then petty Prinee of imhU) and by me 
Perfuaded/ raised' Mm to his Dihightet^s Bed^ 
CalTd him' his'Sloii, and Sdcceifllbr of Empiric^ ;' ^'* 

Was it far this, f bit HIce a'^Rock I fiood» 
AndflemmM tfaeTbntiit ofoUrT^Mt^r Loid^^ . ^ 
Who.fcorn'd his upljburt Sway ? When CM$$ 
In bold Rebellion drew' or'n half the Pronocct 
To own his Caufe h like his better Angel. 
Stoqd by his (baking Throne, and fixt it &ftf 
And am I now fo \aSt to his Hemembrancet ^ " 
That when I adc a Captiye, he ffaa!) td) m^ 
She is AxMCt Right, Ul Chiriftiitil Miiiios. 

Vir. Allow me, TaUaiit Ormt, to dimundp " 
Since injur'd thus, why right you not your it&\ 
The Priw you ask is in your Power. " . 

Of9». It is, " 
And I will feize it, in delight of H m m l mi w 
And that iMftn Dog. 


Kif. What nec^ jfif Forces 
Wlieii every Thii^g c^cucs Jo XEjeet jronr WiflMpl 
Oar mighty Maficr midd.8Pt wiib«<Sp« ; .. 
Nobler thao Omsri hmm a Father's hflfd 
Rccrive that D^ttghtcr>,, which ttqgtjttcfal^fwij^itof! 
Has to joar Worth to/U 

Or». Now by my Arms, 
]t will be^fatf Rerqp^. What will yoor Saltan- 
Give to the Man that fiffiSi rt^tfi his Liberty, 
Mis Crown, and give him Pjpw'r to wreej^jys. Hatted 
Upon his greateft Foe? , . ; 1,,. ■< 

Bs. AllJhe can asl^ ', / , : * .'r. . Jj . .- 

And far heyond his Wift . i i " '\\ i . /j^i^fif^i^ 

Qw. Thefe Trumpets fpeak .. . ,. 

The Emperor's Approach}, he Qmt$^ jonce mere* ,. 
To dtfior Tenpspf Peacej retire / ■■>ipitlftt . , ^ 
J will know farthier^^ ho ^yiv .4(adly id om^ 
And curfe mic, tsppikp i(l-Apt nyajf '. . » ^_ 
His Hate» wi;!^ re^ibuttbo ifvl| as.;7iqmL .U^MMl^ 

1. ■" "• 

A S O N<S to tlasf. Bf % Uij: 

I 3 • - . ! 

|Jt^i«. Mm Waff, 

S$m9 Tfrtmt has fojftfs^d, j 

fis^*ir fvip CMsf^ M 6l^. , » : . 

M/ pwf\ Arpafia hUs ^mftij^ 

Cmjwes Ihei, Mt to lofim 'Diy- 
, Jfn Oije0 pf her Q»f. 

Ihm by mr Jtivttt 0r9 9fimfi 9Pmif^ 

Arf. ohf r>mh\ tfcoYi j^ti^ ^«/ bpm» nmstBft^.^ 

In tediouf bpcaat^Mlpf ^by Pwfle: 

Why fiai^ tj^ thp^i&BK) ttMNifa^ ppcurs AiOlinMik 

To take xhfi yfJ^sX^t^ in? tf Jto» Ke%i$xa 

Guards every PaflagiQ, ;ind iorty^iS ipy jbitramx ? w ii i^ ii 

j^ifffMi could bleed, nod JP^M fv^UiRW^FicCi 

When urg'd witb Crjefr l)cjrond i» m^al Suftc^OI^ 

But here it inuft nor be. Think liieQ^ 4^M^ 

Tniak on the SaCBed DidtlQtnf thj Pait% 

And let that arm thj Virtue, taj«rfiMU 

What Onv^c Daughter dotft n(kt.«*-<--Jil« JtifM^ 

And dare to he uofaappf . ' . 

JSitfir Tamerlane, md,4ttfiidmiu. 
Tm. Whpn S^rtiwCfTiiaks iyon ^ Soldkrc Awi;^ 
And adds ey'^i BcMity ta adoKo hu Q»aqiicfl;, 
Tet (he ordains, the f iiir ihpiiU toi««pr«i9 Sch% 
No Sorrows to pirilufie Jtheir Jovslfr £yni>f 
But fliould be us'd ev'n ooblgr, asier fid& 
The Queen and 4Spdd<;fs of the Wmorf^ Vmm%^s nm^. 
Such Welcome, i|s « Camp jcaa give, im MtaMfc : 
We hope yiNi^N^jpoear^l ltliMllb«l«rgpK, . 
A«iJ|ctttr as it may,. 4/^"^ 

fi T A M S K. L^A N X^ 

«l^. Siaee I have bora 
Tliat mUenblc Mark of fatd Greatnefs'y 
I have forgot all difirence of Conditions,. 
Scepters and Fetters are gnmn equal to me» 
i^nd the beft Change, mj Fate can bring, is Death... 

Turn. When Sbrrow dwdls in fuch an Angel Forai» 
Veil may we gac6» that thofe above are Moumeri^i,. 
Virtue is wrong4; and bleeding Innocence 
Suffers Same wond'rous Violation Kere^ 
To make^the Saints look fad. O^! teach ogr power 
Tb €Xui thdfr fls, which you unjuflly fuAr» . 
Left Heav'n fliould wrefl: it from imy \d\t Hmd, 
]f I look on, and fee yon weep in vsto. 

jtf. Kot that my Soul difdains the generous Atd^ 
Thy Royal Goodne(s profRcrs; but oh! Empcrorj» 
If iFnot in my I^te to be made happy : 
Mor wiD I liften tethe Cos'ner, Hopej 
Bu( ft£d refol vU to bear the beating Stdrm^ 
That roars ^Iffonn^me, fafe in this alpnc* 
That I am not rfflmortal->*-^11io* 'tis haii#^ 
*Tis wond'rous hard, wheii I remember thee 
(Dear Native Gnece) and you, ye weeping Maids* 
That were Companions of my Virgm youth: 
My nobleParents! Ohr the g^of Heart! 
The-nuigs, that, for unhappy me, bring down 
Their reverend Agerto the Grave with Sorrow:- 
And jet that i$ t- Woe fiirpaffiH|r'at^ 
Ye Saints and Angeis» give me of*your Cbciftaiicy»\ 
If you ezped I (hi^'endure it kmg. 

aSMP. Why ia ny Pity all, that I jcaa give 
To Teartilike yoursi And yet I fear \is all) 
Mor dace I aik» what inig^ Lo6 you fflomi . 



Tamkrlane. 57 

Left Hottoor fliould forbid to give it Uck. 

jirf. No, TanuriMne, not <Bd I mean thou (houM'fL 
But know (tko' t« the weaknefs of 07 Sex 
I yield thefe Teari) my Soul is more than Man, " 
Think I an bom a GmK nor doubt my Virtue; 
A GreA ! firom whole hm*d Anceftors of old, 
S#im drew the Patterns of her boaftcd Heroes : 
They muft be mighty Evils, that can yaaquifli 
A SfMrtm Courage, and a Chriftian Faith. 

EMer Bap^ei 

MajcTo knbw no thought of Reft! (o ha?c the Mind 
Stifl miniftring fre(h Plagues/ as in -a Grcle, 
Where one Diftionour treads upon another; 
What know ^ Fiends beyond it?. — ;. * Ha ! by Hell! / 

£* Sim£ Arp. tmd Tuf, 
There wanted only this to make me mad. , 

Comet he to triumph here? to rob my Loyc? 
And vioiate the laft retreat of Happineis? 

Tkm. Bat that I read upon thy frowning Btpw, / . v 
That War yet Jim, and rages In thy Breaft^,, 
Onoe more, (in pity to the fuff'ring World) t . 
I meant to ofe Peace . 

Bfj. And meanl thou too t • ^ 

To treat it with our Emprefs? and to Iwtar ' . r 

The Spoils, which Fortune pve thee» tpsh^ Caroara? 

Arf. What won'd the Tyrant ? [^Z^ 

* Biij. Seek'ft thon thus our Friendfti^? 
Is this the iUyal Uii«^ tbott^did'ft bcraft? 

Ikm» The boyling Paffion that diftuxbt thy $oul, . 
%tC94i Cloads arwind* and makes thy Pui^ofi: dark.-^ 
Unriddle whit tl|y myftic Fnry ^s at. 

aiy.Isit^RMdlr?-^rTl^^Am . 


M I 

There in in7 Sfiamc Ww judge itic thbdi a ftk#tin 

Andcqusd HttVni if this (Scmaid Hot Rage! 

The Pctfant-ttind, begot; and bom to^Slkvcry. ; 

Yet dareff aflfert a Husbind't fecred Right, 

And guard his honiely Couch from Vioktiort. 

And (hall a Mdnarch tamely bear the Wrongs ^ 

Without compltiniiig? 

Tmn, If I coald have wrong'd thee, . 
If confcious Virtue, and all-judging Heiv^h 
Stood not between, to hst uogovcrnV! Appctitr, 
' What hindered, but in fpight of thee, my Captive, 
I might have us'd a Viaor*s bouodleft Power, 

And fated every Wild my Soul could form? 
But to fcciire thy Fears, know, B^'atit, 
«is is among the things I dare not do, ^^^^^ 
B^ By Hell! •tis falfc I elfe, wheitfbteattrthotfpfdiJIft? 
Whiit cam^lfthou for, but to undo mjUb^Tf 
I found thee holding amorow Parley with Iief. 
gtaingr and glotinjf on k^ wanton Eyes, 
And bangahihig for ttdifiir«« yet to comc^, 

My Life, I know, it the dfcvoted Pricci 

But take it, I am weary of the Pain. _ 

Tarn. Yet t^cr thou raiWy urge tf y Rage too ftr,v 
I warn thee to take feed, I am a Man, 
And' have-the fttlMes cotrfmon to Matt% Niwrev. 
the flcry See© ofWfath are in my Temper, 

And may be Mown up Wfb ^^^^ « «*^' ^^.^ ^. 
As Wifflom cann^ rule: iSnow thoft hafr tQMW iiie, 

Ev'n in ^ nicdf, tcndereft ftorti «r ««^ 
Wf ttomrarV^wHch, lilto'Pbw^ft ^iaa«*^^ 

Thy Breath ha« HMW^fn/fidr ^^^^'^^^^l^^^' 
Andmilk*WftrrVai«^^l«^^ ^'^. 



jfrf, Atb! ftand I here an iile Looker on ? 
To fee my Innocence murder'd and mangled ^ 
Bj" barbarous Hands? nor can revenge the Wrong. 
Art tfaoa a Man, and* dar^d thou ufe mc thua ? ^To E^, 
Hail thou not torn me from mj Native Cottotry? 
From the dear Arms of my lamenting Friends? 
From my Soiil's Peace, and from my injnr'd Love) 
Haft thott not ruln'^, Uotted me for ever, 
AuA driv'a me to the Brink of black Dei^r ? 
iMhh irin thy Malice y«r, to add, 

A Wottttd mdre deep; to fiilly'mjr. white Name^. 

JRy*. Yes, thou haff thy Sexes Virtue^ 
Tlwir Aiftaiation, ?ride, Hi-nature Nbiie^ 
Pronenefs to chinge, ev'n from t£e Joy that pleased. VnK 
So gneioas it your Idol, dear Variety^ , . 
Thai fox another JLovje you woiddTforeM . 
An Angd^s fdrm, to nplingle with ^Demn^ 
Through every State, and R'anliof Men you winder^: 
Till ev'b your large Experience, takes in ^ 
The'^cMbeat Nations of the peopled Earthy 

Arp, Why ftbght'ft thou j^oi from thy own Impious Trihe 
A Wife, like one 6^ Aefe? Hk itiidiWy t^ace 
( If huctee P^kurii fi^s forth fiich) affords. ' 
Gnecit ibriB!taftd'^it|;ittk f^lttk, add pi6us Matrons,. 
Teems not wli^Mbolfert;^^yoii'r l%rl^{/^ Wivesj 
Whom gaaiMdBitiCKhBs haggard and deformM, 
Whom Walls Mi'Barrihdle koneft by Conffaraint. 
Know, I deteft, like iM^ tlir Crime thou flient;ion'ili 
Not tMi»tt6^et^t^fiuti^ thou Tyrant: 
Datthatmy 8Mi!}d!lifHba#t>i^vh6flceit4^n^ , 
Sitf aBp6to^4iieitiP^^ ;;....: 

l-:-. " And 


o Ta m e a l a n Ei 

And fcoms to mingle with t Tlioaglit £b oieaa. 

Tom, Oh Pity! that » Greatnds b divine 
Should meet a Fate (b wretched, fb unequal. 

Thou blind and wilful, to the Good that courts thee ^ [1> Baj • 

With open-handed Bounty He^v'n purfues thee, 

i^nd bids thee (undeierving as thou art, 

And monftroua in thy Crimes) be happy yet: 

Whilft thoii, in Fury, do'ft awt thf Bleffings.^ j, • . ^^, 

And art an evil Genius to thy £clf . • •. : >.t<L 

B0J. No-^Thou! thpu art i;n^greate(ICurfi^onE^q^!i^ 
Thou, who ha A robb'd me 9f my CrQ,fv^ and gjofy;^ f^ 
And noi«^^^fQ'A me to the Verge of LifCj^ -..-«/ • ' 
To fpoil me of my Hooour. Thou!, thou. H7P0criteJ[ 
That v^car'ft a Pageant out-fidp Shew of Virt^i^ 
To coyer the hot Thoughts, that glow m(bi«^ ., . , . 
ThburankAdi^terer! ' , ^ ..' \ ,: ./.r/ . :.: 

Tmn, .Oh! That thoi^ wert . ^. , . / . 

The Lord of all thpfc fhou/ands, that Ij^ brfiatUpTs ; . i 
On yonder Reld of Bipod'; That I again . / . . 
Might hunt thee b the Face of Death and Dan^, 
Tlurough the tumultuous Battle, and there forfje'thoc; 
Vanguifli'd and finking underneath ipy ArnA* \ 
^o own, to haft trad^c'd m«, lik^ a Villain. . ^ • 

B^. Hai^docs it gall thee, Tmarl Bj Revenge^.. 
It joys me inucht ^o find thou, feePft my Fury. : . ,^ ^ 
Ycs!'Iwin,Eccho to t£upe, thou Adultq«r! , r, ,-r .-^^ 
Thod doft profane the Name of King and Soldier^ ' 

And like'aRuffian-Bravocam'ft witkFoKf . y ; 

To violate the Holy Mavriage-Bed, 

turn. Wer't thou not (b^^ J)/ thytabj^SiMi^' . . - 
The CaphVc of my Swprd^ ^MfiM ^»W^V • nv . / : 
My Brefth. like Thuidiy» ,$ipi#.9D^^ .. . : 

I . An* 

T ▲ M X R L A N B. 61 

And doom thee dead, this inflaoi, With t Word. 

Baj, *Tis^iSbi my Fate's above thee, and thou diic'ft not.' 

Tam, Ha ! dare <x>t ? Thou liaftrais'd mj pond'rotts Rage.' 
And now it falls .to au(h thee at a Blow. 
A,Gu9d:therci-^5eize>and dr^ him to his Fate. 

»\* / I* IBmerM Qfmd^ thy fiizs ^jaztU 

Tyrant, 1*1} di t doable Juftice on thee. 
At once revenge my fdf, and all Mankind. 

Baj. Well doft thou, e'er thy Violence and Luft 
Invade my Bed, thus to begin with Murder; 
Drown all thy Fears in Blood, and fin &curely; 

„^am. Away!- 


Arf, kneelaijgj} Oh Clay I I charge thee, byHenown! 
By that bright Glory, thy great Soul purfuc^! < • 
C^ buck the, Doom of Death. 

Tifm. Fairinjur'd Excellefice, 
Why doft thou kneel, and wade fuch preciolis P^ay'rs, 
(As might ev^tt bribe the Saints to partial Juftice) 
For one to GoodneTs Mtf who firft undid thde, ^^ 
Who ftill purfues, and aggravates the Wrong. - 

Baj. By AWa! no»— I will not wear a Life - 
Bought with fu^h vile Di(honour-«Death (hall free me * 
At once from Tnf^imy, and thee, thou Traytrefi! 

Arf, No matter, tho* the vvhiftling Winds grow loud. 
And the rude Tempcft roars, 'tis idle Rage, 
Oh! mark ittwt. . Biit let thyfteady Vktue 
Bticonftant to its Temper-, fave Ins Life, ' « 

And fave Arfafia from the fport of Talkers.' 
Think, how the bude, n^iag W6rid (halltofs ■- 
T^y migb^Kame about, in fcurril Mirth; 
Shall brand<thy Vdngeabc^, as a foul Deiigti, 
And make fuch monflxouftjiegends of our Lives, 

• *^^ D ^i 


As late Poittitj Ihdl Utdt Id neadUiigJ 

T/M^. Oh iiiatciik& ViitiKj Yes.I wifl ob^ 
Tho' UggMd ift tlie Rice, admirlig jrac^ 
I will purfue the fhiiUB§ Fath thoa traidtt. 
^ultiA, he &fe» Rfiafifttrcfimies: iier Binptrf^ C rb¥G$utrJb^ 
Airi I am cool tyia u -^ JB ei sc we break off, irekafi^j, 
JjtSt further Speecb.teiiU aufltOer anv Ri^r ^ 
Vilely from dangerous Faflkmi I scttett^ 
To keep a Cooqiieft which wat hard to gjttt 
And oh! 'tis tkqe I 4ioa*4 for Fliglit picpae^ 
A War moft fatal kam to tlieiasit thoe,. 
And all my Rebel-blood aflifts thriw:- 
One MiMBcvt ^Qie> aod 1 104 late fhafi 6o4 
That Lore'a the ftroogeft Pnw'r that Ifudait ongr'thelliiul^ 

lExk Tamerkflc foUnmtfy Ai ^Gmmuk. 
fiiijf. To what new Shamir what Pbgtie an Ireierv'i ? 
Why di4 my Stan feftifi; me to dki w<arm? 
While yet my Ref^ State flood iuiimpeach*d» 
Nor knew the Curie of hm^ QM.ahofejaMP; 
Then too (altha' by force I Qfi^pt tlie Jo)i>. 
My Love was fafe, iior §ck t;hf?iack of doubt) 

Why haft tfaott IbvcVl this fiaoiieoQf W<9 11^ m 

Is it to triumph Ofvr me? ^p-«» Butl.wiH. 
I will be free, I wiU fiwpt thee ail; 
The Bitter and the Sweet; the Joy and Puifik 
Death (hall expunge at once, and eafipiviy Sqm1». 
Prophet, take notice. I diTd^ thy^FmdU^^ j 

Thy fragrant Bow'rs» a^id eweriafting S|Mide9« 
Thou haft pkc'dSj^omantbetiV and all th^ Joys aso.laiatoJ. 

' tMxk BaiaTitff 
Jbf. A litde longer yet» be ftrong^ my Hearu 
A little longer kt the bufie Spifits 
Kr^ on their chearful roundi It wo' not be^ 

Lov«, SoHOW, moAihe Sting of vieft^Mtck: 
Succeeding diie MollMr istlieir Ctiar^ 
Like Drops of ettiiig Water oa clie MMbie» 
At kngth hive wvra my Wafted Cosrage dova: 
I wifl indulge flhe Woman in n^ 8l>nl^ 
And give a Idofe to TiBri» aad to InapaticMn;. 
Death i&at laft my due, aad I wiH liave it.-«-«> 
And iee, the poov Mmrn/ks comet ta take 
One iad Adieu> and then we parr for orcr. 

Mm. Already am I onwavd of my way; 
Thy tuneful Voice conoes Hkc a hollow Soimd 
At diftance ta my Masfs, fidy^ Eyes g^wr heavy» 
And all dir glorious Lights of Ueav*a look dim} 
*Tis the Jaft Office cbey ihafl ever do me> 
To Tsw.tbw once^ ami thcorto dbfe anidie. 

jtrf, Alas! fa«e«r happy hate w^lnn, Mimrfif, 
Ye gentle Dnjo* chat onxxmtrt wur yrimt Joj^ . 
Did every chearful Momii^hrii^ aiongi 
No Fe«s» no |6doaiSs» no ai^iry Paceitts, 
That for ooefuali Bicths» ov Fortmet foranoU; 
But Love^ ttat^kioifiy jmaUour flteasiifl^. to Uefr vm^ * 
Made us a Blefik^too to aiDfadaioi. 

Mm. Oh! Caftnotthy Rememhr^oe hack, jtifa/uh 
*t\s Grief tfiu»»fr*te* "Hr Kftwiffcioft I 
Bbt let this laft of hours he pcactfol Sorrow; 
Here let nie ioeal, an^pay my Uteft Vows? 
Be witnefs all ye Saints, thoa Heavla and-^ Naturei 
B6 wita#(j|of my Ti«ch> fop yoo^ hwe biowti k^ 
Be witnA, tiw Faev«r kow » ^cafaicw 
lo^dHithb W»fldi oon'^l oOUs nke.JKfn^; 
Be witncfi, that I iirt Imt in ^df^t^ 

Da Aai 

64 Tamehlanis. 

Aodoh! be witneCsvthat jier Loiislia^kifl'd me.' 

Arf, While thou art (peaking. Life b^ins to fail. 
And every tender Accent chills like Death, 
Oh! let me hafte then yet, e'er Daj dedines. 
And the long Night prerailt once more, to tell thee 
What, and how dear Mmefes has been to me. 
What has- he not been ?--4AM the Names of LoTe» 
Brothers, or Fathers, Hual>ands, all are poor : 
Mfnefa is my felf, in my fond Heart, 
£v*n in my vital Blood he lives and reigns; 
The laft dear Otjeft of my parting Sod 
Will be Manifisi the laft Breath chat lingers 
Within my panting Breaft, (hall (igh Idomfis. 

Mm. It is enough! Now to thy Reft, my Soul, ' 
Thfe World and thou liave made an ebd at oace. 

Arp. Faiif would I ftill detain thee^ hold thee fttU? . 
Nor Honour can forbid, that we together i 

Should (hare the poor few Minutes that remain ; '. 
I fwear, methinks this (ad Society 
Has fomewhat plea(ing in it.— -Death's dark Shader 
Seem, as we Journey on, to lole their Hornirr j i..- 
At near approach the Mtofters form'd by ^Fear , 
Are vanifht all, and leave the ProTped dear: 
Amidft the gloomy Vale, a.^eiUng Scene 
With Flow'rs adom'd, and never-fediagi^eeQy ^ / 
Inviting (lands to take the Wretched in. 
No Wars, no Wrongs, no Tyrant$, no Defpaift 
Difturb the Quiet of a Pkce ^ fair,* 
But injur'd Lovers find ISUtuum there. . [Bxnm^ 

ApTfT 3ajazet, Omar* Haly. imdrii^ Dervi(e. . 

JB^'.Now by the glorious Tomb, that fhrineiour Prophet* 
By M9ecif% (acred Tcmpk! herel fwearf , • 


Ta me k l a N £. 6^ 

Odt Daughter is thy Briie; and to that Gift 

Such Wealth, fuch Pow'r, fucbHoiioars w^ I add. 

That Monarchs (hall wish Ea^j view thy State, 

And own, Thou art a Deoly-God to them* 

Thou haft giv'n ale 'What I wifli'd; Power of Revenge, 

And when a King^rewardsj 'tUiimple Retrihdtion. 

Om, Twelve Tturtitr Lords, each ^tent iiihtiTribe» 
Haveiworn to own oiyCauie, and draw their Thouiandf 
To Morrow, froji^^h'ungratefaJ TmMmit ildti 
The Day declining ieemc to yield to Night> • 
£rer little more than h^lf hdr Olurtb be ended* 
In an aufpicioos Hour prepare for Flight \ • 
The Leaders of the Troops tUo^ which we pa(^ 
Rais'd by my Pow'r.-^devotlMl to my «e«ric^, '"r '■ ' 
Shall xsakt our Paf!2ige fecret,' and fecure. 

Dff. Already/^migibty Soltan, ar^thou'fife» 

Sinceby yon paffing Torches Light, I goefi* '/..> 

To his Pavilion-TJMwrteis retires,' : . ^ V - ^ 

Attended by a. Trab of waiting* Cottttiers. / > 

All, who remain within theft T«tt|^ ^aie thine. 

And hail thee, as their Lord. « 

Ha, th' r^4&m Prinoe, ' - 

With fad Mamfn are not' yet gone forth. 

£«; . Ha ! With our C^een a&d Daughter ? 

Om. They arc oursj . ^ ' 
I markt the Slaves, who' waited on Ax0^\ 
They, when the Emperor paft out, prefton. 
And mingled with th6 Crowd, nor niift their Lord: 
He is your Pirii^«e^^ Sir^ I g^Ihis »oaieht» 
To feize, and bring him, to receive his Doom: 


S«j. Hafte, U^t follow, and ftoire the Ornk^ 
• * D 3 Him 

_ I 

€6. Ta M E H i. A M <•: 

Him too I wilk CO katp wkU^ Mf f (M^er. [fykOitf 

Der, If my Stad Lor^^yennk Ms Skft io ipeak, 
I would advift lo %agc. .> < m < t i ' ii liUGi^ 
Till wc are £if€ WffllMi tkc IViMhMi P^ivcr: 
HiiiAy t0«iir Mei^t of SAqr* taagr we jMld^ 
And, could jFoa gin jiioi to lOft jrour Fl^lx* 
It n%itt knpofc TOtt nracb. 

09. ThoD €kma£cm weUi 
And tho'I toe JkH«, imfMu^ChH^mtk 
And to mj mortal £ofnij devoted* . . 

Yet to leoire.fiif Likrcf» and Vei^geaiMq^ 
I wifh be now were oof s« 

Dir. Ai^ fie! A^cmml 
Fortune cqpentj^ p^gi^ Aie ofitvti your aide> . 
Andt with this firft fair Qtkni^ ^^wUtSh 
She wooet joth tOffin^ jier. Ortme of yeAeRkqr. 
Smp: Omar iM#iAjiali%l>iS/ll«fb Sdimi^MMi^ agiftg^ 

jiM. I wo' not caU thee Vtttata* M t mMqw 
Too holy for thy Qeteee to tesak t6f faid^ 
And turn a ^kcM. to/9'4ftOtf a Maftelw 
Is an Ingratitude unmatch'd on VMkt ^ 
The firil revolting Angel's Pride couM-^o^ 
Do more, than thou haftniooo. Thou Ga^^ well 
And keep'ft the Uack Omginal.ia view, 

Om. Do, Rage, and vainly call upon th^ MaAor» 
To &v€ his Miniovi Ayr A^i>9afe' hai -oai|ght thi^, 
Afld I will make :ti|NBe aiafii-that food PrdiKiiptiMQ> 
That fet thee 'OOt «o rival 49e. in -^iqI^* 

JB4 Chriftian, IhoUt]^Tate«i«!yP^?%fii '. . ^^ . 
One oniy way ramaias to ^Mcrcy open* , 

Be Partner of my Flight, and my Revenge, 
And thou m &fe^ Thf^^thtfChM^i* Death; 

Ta mer lame^ ^ 

2>er. 1 co0)are jfoo* %bU- 

Tour Jlml M ^icvoctd to Deflruaieii, [itja* n Otoa^l 

Kor wxMild^beSiilciA now ^efb* Ins Fate 

9^ for oar common fefet y ■■■■Liffien fmtlier. ^f#t^|^«m- 

•^x. Then briefly tlaii. IVordi if the Chmcc, 1 mike^ 
^iMne, novttoiltiir'ki, •my Maftcsr and my 
Has Intereft in my Life, «fi4 MUhall elMm it. 

iU/. Thea take % Wifii Qdl in our 

Sd, My Father* 
Jr|et yoa hive Mt iMm tb drfl tne oft 
And tora me orit^ to%r«ABr in MiifbitiiiMi 
If yet mf Voice be ^gtflcioya io yoor btfi) 
If yet my Boty jaaifliy Levo etfend oot» 
Oh! caU yoor Sestnioebad^ oiiid^^aM lAaiflbt 

JB4f\ lUfb, SriftN) ibfc «m Mb^ei to die^ 
Who durfl» i9kh AiMm Piole, mA« my Mercy: 
Yet, for thy iake» once more I ofier Ufe. 

SfH* 5<tDe Angel whifper ao'ny anadous Soul 
What I (Kail do to&ve fim.---«-Oli1 Axdki 
I« it ib eafie to thee, to ferftke mtk 
Ca^lft 4hoii fdbhre, Mvith aQ thbcoU Indiiiarinoe, 
Never to fee me mere? To kaTCtae here 
The miferable Mourner of ti^ Fatt* 
Condema*d, to waAe my WidoVd Viqjia YontB, 
My tedioiiB Qays and N^ta io loody Weeping, 
And>Mr-the Voice of (Oom£oft more? 

Ax. Search not too deep the Sorrow* of my Breaftf 
Thou fay'ft, I am sndiflerent, and cold. 
Oh! is it poffible, my J^ ftoold teB 
So tittle of the l(^ting Slorm widuii, 

D 4 P* 

Oh ! turn thee from me, 6?e me firom^ tfaj BeMde^ * 
Fsdfiiood tnd Ruin all looL lovely there. 
Ob! let my lal^nng Soal yet ftruggle thro ' ■ ■ ■ * 

] wil l 1 would reiblve to die, and kswe thee. 

B^'. Then let him die.»-*He trifles with my Faroors 
I have too long attended his Refolres. . 

Sel, Oh } day a Minute* yet a Midute k>oge»f [»Daj« 
A Minute isalictieSpacein Life: 
There i$ a kind Confeoting in his I^ec ; 
And I Ihall win him to your Royal WilL 
Oh I ray Axsdls, ieem but to conieot-^— *[1> AxaHa ^. 
Unkind and pruel, will you then d» oothng I* 
I find, I am npt worth thy kaft «f iCMfes. ' ■? 

jUt. Oh! hbaiir not to hiag Diftoaouv ct me: ■ <? 
I could bear. 8]<terf% PlH^ Add, Poverty^ > . : :^ 'J 
Thofe mortal E?il8 worfe thaflDtfith, jbK tlMe/* 
But thi s. It has the force of Fate againftus; '• *' 

And cannot be, ^ *.' 

SeL See, fte^ Sur, he rdenti, [2» Bajaibet. 

Ah*eady he inclines to own your Gaiile: ' ' • * 
A little longer, and he is all- yours. ' * <• . 

Bii/. Then mark how for a Father's fondnefl]^letts> 
Till Midnight I.defer the Death he merits. 
And give him up till then to thy Perfuaiioni 
Ifby that time lie meietf my Will, he lives; 
If not, thy felt fhalt own, he dies With Juftice. 

Ax, 'Tis but to lengthen Life upon the Rack; ' "■ 
I am reiblv'd already. • » . .:-. 

5#/. OhlbeftiU, .-.•,:.. ^ 

Nor raihly urge a Rutn on us both; ^' ^ 

'lis but a moment more I have to five thee. 


Be kind, auQ»dou$ u^a tp my. Pj^j'^j ■.'::?' 
More for my Lotc, than for nay iaf> I fear; j .. 
Negled Mankind awhile* and make bim^Il tkf. Care, y^ 

... [£xM^ ^ailaifN^ S^f^\ 

0«i. He is. 

Baj. 'Tis well — ^My Squl perceives retunitngGstatQr& 
As Nature feels the Spring. Ligbdy. (hfc b<NiB4s» ^ /'«* 
And (hakes DifhonouTt hke a Busdeo, iroift hi^j, .J; • \ 
Once roare Impfri^, awfui.aod her iclf^< \ '. : . ^ » 

So when of old* y<fv€ horn the "Ikms fied^. ^ ^ : ' 
jimmon*srvfAisiFTonxhis ra^ant Fa^ee IklytAi ; .i i 
And all the Majefty of Heay'n layhid^ < . 
A|t length by Fate to Pow'r Divioe reftprVl^, l _ ' 
His Thunder taught the. World to )uioyjK,i<^ l^^vd* u\: 
The God grew, terrible aga^» ai)d was i^f^ai^or'^- 

'' ^' - ■-'- 

A C 'T- V. S CE'N 'E • ^k'-- V. • 

SCENE BajtietV ?Wt . i .. .: . ' 

jB»^«* Arpafia. ' m . • 
^^. QUre 'tis a Horror,' noiorc.tiiipjn.Rai^fis^^^ ^ 

O That Xits upon t^ Mf 5, f ?^?- ifj^^Mli " rllr 
Some ruJing:Fiend.hangM»tTve.dufky' Air, . > ^ •^... 

And fcajtcrs Ruip, Death, and. wild piftra'<^j09,^.^rr»- ^^-^ 
O'er all the wretched. Rac/c irf Man below : .^ .* \. .„ , ^^r^ 
Not long ago^^f: T«if ft Jf g^aftly^SJajre^.r;' \i i ' -^i Vl.iA 
Rufh'd in, M^or^j¥«^iV fe^? ffX Stg^^'i^d c^^ .'. -: ^ 
0>Sl|fc fcUlg ^<^ t^^y *^^ ^^^ drooping Spirits,, 
,. . ' Dx 'J^^at 

And jctf. tntwSmS^. mtbc jgtont Sytfit '^Ortiipt^ 

ifis Mtaiilcr appears. 

B#«r Bajazet 4111^ Hal/^. 
^. ikfite1» »^.] The reft Ileare 
To thj di4itf?d^ Mr ok! 017 'ftfithfttl Hii^, 
Another QUft has tikeci wp%]i^ MaSttt^ 
9pight ol the hi^wrtyo^ Tempts in my $6t$ 
Slight of the Bangs, wtidi J#<io«Se has coft mej 
l^s haughty ^Nhbwi Wigns irMiM fiiy If ciR : 
lb vain I ftrive to pdt her fi^om iny Thoughts, 
"ft) drive her ottt witih Ctti^fe, and 'R«vc»ge ; 
Still (he <^wn^^ek Vkt ^ retkng Tide, 
lWE!l»b8«#h9e, htft Inut i«(Brte «|^ 
Attd fwellsabove the Beach. 

-8ii..Wh3r wears my Lord 
Aa anxtoQS Thought, for what his FowV eommaods ? 
Vhca ifilan hapff Hoiir, fwL iha^f ^e 16^ 
Have bom the Emprefs, from amidft your Foe^ 
She mn& he ytarik he «&}y, 4indialI'yoQa'i. 

Mff. Oo that depends ^y Fear. TesJ I muft ham hev^ 
1 •wn> I ,wiO qot^.cattooc go without her^ 
But JKich is the Conditibn of cfur TBght, ••> 

That ftoold '(he not cotilfcnt, 'twould hazstrdai]» 
^o hear her hence by fbtce: 'fhos 1 retblve tlim» 
Bj Threats, and Prayers, by ev'fy way to movt kpi 
IC attproraii oot> Force is left, at ti^ti 
jyui 1 Will iet Life, Ettpore on the Vtoti^ 
T« keqp^ tet flone^-^ nar» to wait*i»f V/fB. 

when Itft we paictciy 'twis on tmm Termi^ 
Let the remembraaoe di^ 4ir kitmy think 
TJuit jealous Rage is l>ut a hi&y Flame;, 
^That blazes out» when Love too iierc^lj iwrns. 

jirf. For thee to wrong me^ And for ipe to fuffer» 
Is the hard Leflbn that my Sod has learnt; 
And now I ftand pr«far'd for all to come: . 
Nor is it worth my kifiiie to^iitii^uifl^ 
di Lore, or Jealoufie commit the violen^^ .. 
Each have aliJce<been fatal to my Pcace^ 
Confirqiing nae a Wretch, and thee a Tyrants 

Bmj, Scill to deform thy ^ntle Brow with Frowmf , 
And (till to,bc pcFFerfeJ It is a manner 
Abhorrent from the foftoefs of thy Sex: 
Women, like Summer Stormy, a while are dovdy^. 
Bnrft out in Thunder, and fmpetuous Show'rs; 
But. fbait the Sun of Beauty dawns abroad^ 
And all the fair Horizon is ier^ne. 

Arf. Then to retrieve the.Honoor.of nvy Scx,k 
Here I difckum that Chaqging, and Incon&incy j 
To Thee I willbe ever, as I am. 

Baj, ^Thw &j% I am a Tyrant, think fo ftiQ^ . ' 

And let it warn thy Prudence, to la/.hokl : 
On i!ie good Hour of Peaces that courts thee now ^ 
Souls form'diike mine, brook being fcorn'c], but i%:, 
Be well advis'd, and profit by my Patience 
It^is a ihort-liv'd Virtue... "^ 

Arf. Torn thy llycs ' 

Back on the Story of my Woes, Bsirbariai^ ^ 
Thou that baft violated all Rei|>e^5 
Due to my Sex, and Honour of my Births . 
Tfaoi;.bru^ |laTifber( that haft undone me,^ . 

J I 

7^ TamtealaKe. 

Ruin'd my Love! Can I have Peace with thee? 
Impoffiblc! firft Heav'n and H<-11 fhalljoin. 
They only differ more. 

Baj, 1 lee, 'tis vain. 
To tourt thy ftubborn Temper with Endearments. 
- Refolve this moment, to return my Love, "^ 
And be the willing Partner of my Flight,. 
Or by the Prophet's holy Law! thou dy'ft. 

Arf, And doft thou hope to fright me with that Fantome ? 
Death ! *Tis the greatcft Mercy thou can'/l give 5 
So frequent are the Murders of thy Reign, 
One Day fcarce ^fling by unmark*d with Blood, 
That Children, by long uTc, have learnt to fcorn it: 
Know, I difdain to aid thy treaoh'rous purpofe,' 
And ftou'dft thou dare to force me, with my Cries 
I will call Heav'n and Earth to my Affiftance. 

B^'. Gonfuiion! doft thou brave me ? But my Wrath 
Shall find a Paffiigc to thy fwelling Heart, • '., 
And rack thfcc worfe, than all the Pains of Death. ; ' ;" . 
That Grecian Dog, the Minion of thy Wiftes, 
Shall be dragged forth, and biitchdrM in thy fight; 
Thou jhalt behold him, when his Pangs are terrible,* 
Then, when he Aares, tnd gafps, and ftruggjcs ftrongly,; 
Ev'n in the bittertft Agony of dying j 
'Till thou (bait rend thy Hair, tear out thy Eyes, 
And curfe thy Pride, while lapplaud my Vengeance.^ j 

jirp. Oh! fatal Imaga! All my Pow'rs give way," ' 
And Refolution fickens at the Thought J 

A Flood of Paflion rifes in my Bread, 
And labours fiercely upward to my Eyes. 
Comr, all ye great Examples of my. Sex, ^ 

Chaft Virgins, tender Wives, and pious Matrons j 



Ta M£ r l a N £\ 73 

Yc holy Martyrs^ who, with wond'rous Faith, 
And Confhncjr wifiiakonrhave iiiftafn'd * .^ '\ 

The Rage of crud Mcn^ afid fiery Perfeditiofl ^ 
Conie'to mjr Aidj and twch ma toidcfie .. 
The Malice.of this Fiend. I feeJ, I feel ♦ 
Your feared Spirit arm nie to Refifiaoce. * , ' "" 

Yes, Tyrant, I wil! ftand this Shock of Fate; " 
Will live to tiiumph o'er thee, for a Moment; ' 
Then die wclJplcQsU and -follow my Mofkjh. • \"^ ' • * 
I Baj. Thou talk^ft' it #efl: But talking is thjr' Privilege, 
*Tis all the boaff ed Courage 6f thy Sex*; ^ ' * 
Tho', for thySottl, thou ikf 'ft not imcct the Danger.' 

Arp. By ^ my Hopesof Happtnefsf T'^fhrr' 
My Soul is come within her Ken of Heav*!!; 
Charm'd with the Joys and Beauties df that Place, 
Her Thoughts, and all her Cares fhe fixe^ there; . - 
And *tis in vain for thee to rage b^oW: • . > i ..» . 

Thus Stars (hirii BHj^t, and %eep tftefr Place abovej ■ ' ^^ 
Tho* rufSin^' Winds dicfortri this lower' World. 

JBaj. This Moment is the Tryalj • -^ - ' ' ' ' 

,/&^.' Let ittjome; 
This Moment then Ihall (hew I am a Grttk, ' • 
And /peak my 'Country's Courage in my Suff'rmg. - • 

Baj. Here, Merly, T difclaim tbtc, Mark nie>Trtlt!«(s J 
My Lave prepares 1 vrafhn to tiy Pride, - ■- ' - ^' 
And when it greets th(». next, 'twill be irf^ldad, [Sx, Ba}, 

Arp. My Heart beats hfghei^,. and ^mytttta»Ttf6^irits*< ^ 
Ride fwifH/ tlftfb' thftrWi^te ?Ghanners rbund : ^ • - 

J*Tis the laft Blaze of Life : Nati»e revives 
Like a dim winking Unlf^, thi^t flafh^s bt%ht?y • > ^ 
With parting Light, aYid flTaitf1^<*N»k>fJ)reW.'- ' *^ ' - 
And fe^ t^^'kft iJFSM^tlrl i»«ilUndi ^-i <>^^ ? - '^ ' ■ 
* ' • '' Death 

Death aod Mamfis txftm t^jetiwr !• mei 
A« if mj Stars, thg^Jnei fe^oog bMA irnd» 
Grewr kind at bft, tsd gavic ine all I HvHh. • 

witk « Qvj^ 1^ F«^ mid S»m-jtmg. M 

Mn.. I trharge y«k O ye Mioiicit of I^iM^ • 
Be fwift IQ atcotc jrour ^Aer'a Will 
Bear me to my ^drfM/k^. let sit tefi her. 
The Tjriant i&<grown kiind. Ho bids <aie gst^ 
A«d die. beneath her Fee(^ A Joy fhoots thro' ; 
My drooping Breaft» » oftea^ wheaute Tnitti^- 
Has calTd .my youthf«14fd«nr. forth tpBitteU . r i 

High iO'.my lUxpcs, >aod ranfht with the •Soi^ . I 

1 have rufh'd eager «n «iiEiidft the teemoft^ 
To purchafe Vidory, or glorious Death* 

.dr^. If it be Happiaeis, alai ! to die^ 
To lye forgotten in theiUeac GsvfCi 
ToLc>fe.andOiory iaft»«ndfcon»«&png . , 

The great Creator's W«rks vjqfttiq^'A and btotte^ . ' ; ^^ 
Then Tcry jVortly lhall^W^|)QlhhelMippy^v 

Mm, There is no Room for Doubt, 'us-ctirtBin VSJk^ 
The Tyrant'js crne^ Violent thy la&f 
Akeady Xeem moreili|^^.«orhaf «y Sool^ 
One wir^Bted Ottilt Mpofi ReBicmbEaoo% ^ 
To make me drod ti^e juftke-pf h^^te^ . , 
Bat (Unding now 'Oft the hft Verge -^f Ufi^ / 
Boldly I Ticw the yaft Abjik^ fitcraity. 
Eager to phu^ and kgntfiPf Wosahehiad aarl . 

Arf^, By all the Truth ^ 4im*f0t}hwu I yoyfl i J 

To die! appears^ very Notkii^ tonae; . , 

But oh ! Mai^, Ihqcdfl I laot #9W^: . 

Somewhat to Lo9^ >aii4'i9 ^f SeveslTcniBMM&r 


This very NMr, I omU ^ut liff nrf Sal^» 
VtAcutaxSiwi^, bttt<obdboidthoedici " ' ■■■: 
Nature flirinksin me at the dreadfd Tlitfli^, 
Nor can my Conftancy foftam thisDJow^ 

A^. Sinee tlwa m irm*4 idt dl tiiiagt^aftcir Dett V . 
Wliy "fhouU tiie Foaip.aaKl Preparation of it 
Be AigktM t» %hy Eyes ? Theie^ nDt a faift, 
Which Age, t» ^ckneft brtn^ the koft Oiibricr^ 
That vdit$ my ^rt of this iine Frame» 
Is full % glials.: M that tthe l^d Ms 
i» much» muc:^ Mofe. '■■ ■ ■ ■ And lee, I ^ to prove «tw 

X«^ A ASv/^; ie film tkt^, i^ f^er the S<nih/lmSi 

4$ Mmsfts. 

-4rf . Think e'dr we part! , 

- Mwi. Of what? 

^. Of fimiethkig ibft^ 
Tender and kind,, of Komeithittg^ tlmoiANini fid. 

2to« My Tongue is at a Lo6» . i 

ThougJiti crowd OthA, ^ Kaaie isid Pre ldt» 
My kindeft} tnidll demfti \i^kj6ft^ai 

4rf. I have a thoufind, thoufind timgk lo ucter» 
A thou£ind naote to hisar ydt. BarUiHua.ViileiQSl 
Give n^e a Minnie. Speak^to m^, Mm^ 

Mbn. Speak to chee? Tli ite BtiflscA e£ «i|^ Uk^ . , 
•Tis all the Uft.I h«^ fiw«rili*: AiTv . • , . 

Stand off ye SUvtfsl To idl fhe^ ltai'«y Heart 
Is fuU of tl^'f ibat «v\i at iUm dread MMDcnt 
My fond Eyes gaze Wttk .|ey 4nd iUptQfe<>a thit^ 

76 Tamerlane. 

Inter Btjasteti» Haly, mdAnendtmfs^ 

Maj. H«! wbtrefore lives tliM Dog? Be quidc> yc ^l^Krea^ 
And rid me of the Paikt. 

Mon. For only. Dcathr . > , . . j.. 

And tfatilafi: Nigbt can fitut oftt my Arfafia. . 

[7l[w MiMiei Jhm^le Moncier. 

jfrp. Oh! difmsd^ 'tis not to be horn.. Ye Aioralifts* 
Ye Talkers, what arc aH your Precepts now? , 

Patience! Diftra^ion! bkft the Tyrant; blaftl>in>! . 
Avenging Lightnings^ fhatch him hence,- ye Fiends! 
Love^ Death! Mmefis! Nature can-no mpie, . . . 
Riiin is on her, and fttt finks at on^e. L^^.Jh^^u^^^iL 

Baj, Help, Hafy, raife her ttp» lod bear her out. 

Jif*. Alas! (he faints. / ^ , ; . . , 

u^. No» Tyrant, ^tis in vain; 
Oh-! I am now beyond thy cruefPbw'r : . . . 

The peacefn}^ Skmbec of die Grave is an, me> .<.... i 
Ev'n all the tedious Day of Life Tve wkiider'd*.! : - rt ' . . 
BewiUer'd with Misfortunesj ^ • / v ' : . . ; . • 

At length ^tis. Night/ :aad I have^reaeh'd my: tionotfl: 

Forgetting all thie Toils and Troubles pstA,^ ^ 

Weary Vi\ by me dowtt> and ileep 'ciU-^-Oh ! [Sife diet^. 

Baj. Fly, ye Slaves, . . '. 

And ^tchmc Cardials* ITolhcfliairt not dte/{ > 
SpightofherfulknPiude,TiihoklinLifc^ .:. k > i .;>.; 
And ftTrce ke* to> beA)kfl:^agnDfl her Will. : :.-*'. ./l 

Ba, Already 'tis beydndtlie Power nofArt^^- . 
For fee a deadly Cdld-has IroUe the<Bflo64 • "^ 

The pliant Limbs grow feift ^and lofc their VStii ' ■ 
And all the animating Fire is quenched : . ■ r, i . ^. 
Ev*n Beauty too is <kad^«A>afhy Fale^ - :. ^ a iuu :,>:*/ 
Cvows o'er the Rofes, the red Lips have hik 

'J " .V ? 

Tamehxane. 77 

Thdr flagraat Hei^» fbr Wtet of that fweet Breath 
That Ueft 'cm with its Odours as it paft. 

Bof. Can it be poffible^^ Can Rage and Grief> 
Can Love and Indignation be fo fierce, 
So mortal in a Woman's Heart ? CdbfeftMt * 
Is (he efcap'd then? What is Royalty f v ' ' 
If thofe, chat are my Shivet, and flioakl'liveM Ae^ '"^ 
Can die> and bUDdEttfiee to my PMwr. '^ .it * 

AMnfotMrrUk \'^' 

Di^. Tht fiKaiit 0w«r ftnds, toieBthyG^eaittefii ' 
The Hour of Flight' ia^ corner and ur^s rialte/' ' -^ - 
Since he^cr^>ir a:iMrM's-PaWHott, '* ^ ' ' 
JBiagbt Tt^opilof croii9diii|[^ 'ftrdies^ Who frOflU diiesce- 
On either Haid tetcb far iaibitht Klght. 
•Aafftehi toiCorm i ftmkig Fiont cf Battel;' 
JftlM>U, e?'n frmh this Place tfaod miy*ft ^ceirii *em: 

B0j. ^jjM^f yes! they tafta Day around *em, 
And thcwf lain fteibs thick.i^ wfch^tars, as Hear'n. 
Ha! or my Eyes at'e hUkt they move tMir Way. 
*Tis certain fa. '%; lf«i^» t^' «iir Daughe^. [Bx.Hi^. 
Let fome iimre the Chriftita Prtoce^iiMfi^ 
We win be gone this Minate.. 

Ow. Loft! Uiadone! ' '* - 

Baj, What rocan'ft thou^ * - i . . 

Om. AH our HofM dftFfig&t'are loftj * ' '"^ ' 

Mrvm and Z4M^ wtti die F^trtkian Horie, ^^ 

£ncl^\i9 round, thty lf«ld us iti a l^il: 
BJfi^ >Ha r wUbuce this iukxptttid OiK^ of Chance f 
Om, Too late I learnt, that early h>' the l^ight 

A^kvc'was taSMif by the WmA Order, 


f9 T^um9i%gLnE^ 

To p«fs the Gttiid; I dove fke'Viibui down, 

Wbp yielded to bit Fiiglrt i hut tiiat's poor VengWBCt. 

TJkat Fugitiveiuii ttif^d ifie GMkip «|hii ns. 

And UDpercciT'd by FtvUuT of tlw Nighr^ 

In SiJence thcgr bifC nrarefa^d to intercsept «• - 

JBMf. My I^ngbior! oh j the Ttskxe&i , j 

I>»Jj -¥ei^ 1^ .btf« 

Will buy Us PiT0i2niM*f Ulc^ mi mf Termi. 

Qm; WkbthffcftwFrieiidsIlM, 1 inratiluier 

Revenge lha]l fweeeen Rlnu Mi4:^friii >ay nm, - 

JS^iivHUy>wM8cittnt.M^;.'' v. - 
Ai;. See wbeve f^f flom^H ^vith wdttidiflefbMedlliii^ 

With l^vtJi^Midhidi lb llr^lftteFim> O?^*^ 
.Aft iJF AMdorft ey'n diiavow the FaKhood. 
Hop^ft tbfMi totflMkc AmtfMb with nnA\%g Itaiflb 
For my ^<;K>wa, -^fHliii6nxriiifeed Vci^geiMiaB?^ 
UogratefulMMf tkf Faibtfr'sCHtfiii 
Bfii^JRrth the Minian o£ber fboKfii llauti 
He dice tills Miameot^ " ■ ■ ' ^ .. 

H0. Would I could not fpeik u : ' 

The Crime of fatal Lo«e$ ^tut ^tnre who fled,\ 
By whom we are undone^ was that dittM^. ' 

JMf. Hat fiy*ft thoo?. ■ r ,, „, > 

ga. Hid beneatbtiiat wte hff^rm €m \ . (' . 

The Priacefs ^buad, a Itkaaa io^ iia Efcapik . ; I 

f«j. lam undooerf «v'a j^mirr baa 4liMai«i'4 P«a; ^ 

My Faifaer! ha^ I Ml yon aH^--«-'^*r^My Patberl k 

jB«/. Talk'ft thou of Nature? who liatbi0bcirr8aeBdi! 
Thou art my Bum^ abou Wktibl 4hocLtofiait Kpirickfeh 


But I will ttudy to be Awigi^ cmd, 
I win forget the Jofy 4>f my foadaeff $ 
IMve an the Ftflier from my Bro^ j|ow faileli tiief. 
Tear thee to Pieces, drialE t]^.ti«jbcheroiif Bloa4 
And make thee atiTwer all my ffctt lUrc^: 
Nowi lK>w, thou Traitreis. [Oj^ /# Attf i^^ 

4*/. Phwe^ the PoQmd deq^l ^fttt bfiiiuiti^iim^ 

The Life my Father gave ihail hear liis Siiamtm. 
And iifaeat the Wound ■ » Start Jipt, aofed 
Mj Heart's warm JBlood ^ih 4»t opoa jour ilflgi^ . 
Sitiee fiEum jour fipii^ I drew ^ Purple ^tson^ 
And I mtt^^jT it had^ if jroiidemaiid it, 
M0j. Heacc! £roia«)rTJ|K>i^t$Xti»9i| loft ftlcali^t: 
, Wcakoe|«4 . _ .. 
Htft 4^11 not giV'nu^e up a l^ir/? befnaj^ ii>e ? 

5:^/. bhi not f^r Wbrjdi^ not of'n for dl«ht |)c;^ « 
Love, or t^e Prophet'^ Paradiiic can fivc^ 
Amidfl the^Ffat;^ and Sorrows of my Sovd, 
Ainidft, the thou&n^ Pains of anzioiu Tnidrrne%^ .,/ 
I made the gentle Und.^/iAi /^viaar» 
Your Uie» jour.Ckowo, and JHonour A\oirfd hmAfc^ 
9M*j^W^\iiSfy Soiddddains the vile Dependance. 
Noi let oierathe^di^ die4ikca Kingt . 
Shall I M down it the proud TartM^s Foof, 
And &j> Haire Me^j on me? Hai^k, they come« [Shtth 
Dtfgrace will overtake my liogring Hand : 
Die then, thy Father's Shames and thioe^ die witii Ae^ 

SeL For Heaven^ for Pity*^ Sake. 
l^^^omoKt, 4ioa.Trifler! .^ 

Ha! dar'ft thou bar my Will? Tear off her Hold, 

8o T A M^* R l^A N t. 

SiL Vkat not for Life? Should I not plead for Life? 
When Nature teaches ev'a the brute Creation, 
To Mel ftft that, her beft, her nobleft Gift. 
Look on my Eyl», whom you'fb 6ft have kid;, 
And fwore, they were jcKATb6& Wd Queen's my Mo^ 

■ • ' ther'a." ••.;/■• ^-^ ' ^ 

Briiold '«nk now fbreaming'fbr Mercy, Mercy! 
Look on fne, nd deaf Ine, if yetican) 
*Tis but for Life I heg, is that « Boon 
So liard l«r me t*obCaiii ? or you to grant ? ^ 
Oh! fyue one! fparc your SMimM, my Patter. ' * 

IBaj, A haj Skith hangs oh mf Refolutioa i 
IthmfSOmi a ^ ■ i ■ Hat What? my Child? ' 
And can I murder her?--— 'Dreadful Ift^ination! ,^ . 
Again the^ cAiie..' t leave M: to my Fbes! ' lsh9Ht[ 
And (hidi they triumph is'er the Race of j4;4X«f/ 
pie sa99Mi Is that a Father's Voice? -* 

Roufe, rouft my Fury ! fis Ike dies, the Vi6Hm 
To my loii Hopd. * Odt! cmt i thed foolifli Mature ! 
JufUy (he (hares the Ruih fhe itai'tnkde: . 
Seiie her, ^ ye Slaves, uid JOSrangle her' this Mtonseot. 

Srf. oh ! let me die by you !' tehild* my Brcift ! ' ' 
J wo'not (brink \ oh! fave me but from thefe. 

XTffi Mmis fiix4 htrl 

Bfl\ Difpatch. 

Sei, ^ut fdr a Moment, while I pray. 
That Hea¥'n may guard my Royal Father. 

B^'. Dogs! ... :^ » '. -'. 

Sil That you majr ooly-ble6 die,' ere I die. [Skmit. 
BW. Yc tedious VilH^ns! then the Work is mine. 


TaMB!RI;AN£^ di 

As Ba)«(et nms M Sdima with his Swords 'Btitr Ta- 
merlancy Axalla, c^. Axalla gets b^tmm Bajazet mti 
SeKma, . whAfi Tamerlane md the rifi drive Bajazet 
and his Mutes off the Stf^ge, 

Ax. And am I come to £ive tliee? Ohl mj J07! . 
Be this the whiteft Hour of all my Lifei 
This one Succefs is more titan all my Wars* " , 
The nobkft, deareft Glory of my Sword. 

Sd, Alas, Axalla^ Death has been around mc^ 
My Coward Soul fiill tromUes at the Fr^^ 
And feems but half fecure, ev'n in thy Arms. 

Ax. Retire, my Fair, and let me. guard thee forth; 
Blood and tumultuous Slaughter are about iis» 
And Danger in her uglieft Forms is here; . . ; . 

Nor will tlie Pleafure of my Heart be fulL 
'Till all nay Fears are ended in thy Safety. 

[SxuMir Aaealla, M/ Seliiiia. 

Sffter Ttmaknc, the fmee ef Tanais, Zama, Mima, 
mii Soldiers'i with Bajazet, Oaunr^ md ^Dervifi 

Tsm. Mercy at length gtVesup her poKeftrf Soepter, 
And Juftitt. flcndy taJ^s her hira to governs 
'STis a rank WodS, and asks her ketneft Sword, 
To cut up Villainy of monftrous Growth. 
Zsm^t take Care, that with the earlieft Dawn, 
Thole Taitors meet the Fate, their Treafon merits. 

IFoiatmg f Omar /md the Dervife. 
Ht Baj.] For thee, thou Tyrant, whoie oppreiliTe Violence 
Has ruin'd thofe, thou ihouki'fb prote^ at home, 
IVhofe Wars, who& Slaughters, whofe Af&flinatioos, 
( That baieft Thiril of Blood, that Sin of Cowards) 
Who& Faith (o often m^Ut and always violated,. 



S^ Tambrlane. 

Ihvt torn tk'Oifaicc of HaMf^B, aiiil Pfagae of Emhk 

What Pttaiiuiieiie h oqtial to tbj Crimes ? 

VInDoaitt, thjr Rage (teiignM for me, be thiac: 

Cbs*d in a Cage, like (bme deflrudire Beaft, 

rfl hai^ th^ b^m about* m pubiick ^iew, 

A great Example of thatrigbteout Vengeance ,, 

Tbat waits ofr Craelty, and Kde like thine. 

Bmj, It is bencntk me, to declne mjr l^te, 
I ftand paaftr'd to meet tbj utmoft Hate: 
Yet thiok no^ I wPX long tfcj Triumph fee,. 
None want «he Means, when the Soul dares be free} 
111 coffc thae with my laft^ my parting Breath} 
And keep tba Cawrageof my Life in Death; 
Then boldly vcncttre on iHat World ankno wtt» i 

It cannot ufc mo worie, than this has done. 

iBxit Eajazet ^imdid. 

nm. WAM the vaiir Eilcds of Earth-bom Prtde» 
That ftoraU H^vVa Uws^ a«lall.itr Pow^ Mfi% 
Tte«»riitiifrH9ii4.«AidiiQraii»<fir6rt^ fsrger, 
And fondly (ay, I nude my ieif be great: 
Bat. js^ ^lldeJib«v«baite dNv S^yv ' 
And teach evV»-.IUflipavhatHflMnaga ttey (NMdi paji. 
Who then B^lft bdk. wJieft mudfol to Obqr. 

'^ii^^ :■::;: , ^ 

EP I- 


E P I L O G U E. 

Spoke bjrMn. Bracbgirdle, 

Too well w€ firm whm mt^ kmite Sem mtr Ik^t 

InFitf HdjfwrfamCmitmih^, 


Andfix'd oa€t mm% Am flMng CMe Htn. 

The Lyre ym hn^khdf ApdM$ 9m/k% 

Bi purs iht Task t§ win tmd wmt Ins Bsfs* 

Jim HMfis wiTfxhfnft* Jk fiifstm H'tstt 

f0 9imitdmt 0Br^eB$^tmdiim, 

Pli fiUof^ firm j/MT HonMt^ k0 $jf Ckmet; 

Jis Jmi 'Brlksmm Uftm Wmir ^ 9f^ mi Fmvde; 

Jimt had ^inyW pnt^thw fi fmr mkm ym linfd, 

PPhen 9fh mid TUafim mere in tncfi rerpsefl i 

H^hm cbenrffd JheattntmiA Cm^ds^rtm grac^di 

Mm t^fofi grod V»ys 'i^ futfy arefaft: 

Nom fi^r Refrnmfs in m emfiy fit, 

H^h iMe Books, as ma lA^ure^ fiu 

T0 take Notes, and ffve Evidonce 'l^i^ ITiV. 

Th0fi mho men erne onr iMardst mn^i ^fimhmti 


With careful Brmo 4CTemV Mf VillV4«f wyeev 

Jtsdask, mhodUBkSm^kir^mfp^^'-''--^ 

0$ar Wmd has Ufi it > PL -F#fc<r. Jtm firry fa^tt 

Ha*t a £oo4 Mao, ^ ^'^ matjtrtkt Court: 



Ht iim Gtvtrmu^jeiH file fir Grud; 
^ Want if Mtril, f^t againfi » FLue: 
Bf Sfight u titmi mait, ajul ficam t'fffcfi 
^ who tire npferm^, Oi England'* Sati, 
I^ Whig » Tory, mf Sidi frrvmU, 
StiU 'til hii cm0mt trhiikgt to nut. 
.^tethtr, that ihi Tax mi fVar ituy OMJe, 
TMi tf the DMk, of Apjou'f Bigkt, mdftKii • 
Ani, frim Spiin'j »ifi Examftr, it fm- tM^ 
A Vut-y^ «f tht wigb^ UmtMrcb't tnaiingi 
Wh* JhuU mil Bj^s md Lderiiti numm, 
Aad Ei^Ih LMtibyimifd Onigmu tx^. 

Cmt, UmM thtfi P«&vb, md filkm WU i 
Htrt uncmmd^d yMt mm/ n jEtw^pomf Jk: 
Wt'UnetMr Jiftr with ^ert^dtd fit. 
Wt'U takt gm aU, t^» m y^m nm CmJ M m u, 
Think ycu Qruu Mm, md wv^nm VtiitituBu. ■ 
And ifym Jlifte th$ Ofrnmimt w* mski ym, 
it* Brentford Frinui vHf Jmtm^mm ulu ym. - 

■F I N I s. 


{ » ^ 

■'■'*: ' ■> , 

■V .JV 

W - V < 

V > 


» I" 

>» -'* > 

it' . '•■■■• 

■■'V- .. 


, •• ... ',.■•' 
' ■ J' > 

i ■ ' : 

--.^K •. 


Fair Penitent. 



Written by N: ROJI'f, -Efqv 

^wfl mirirt, M mtr'Un ti, firroqut 'nvtrti doUrcoi. 

Virg. JEi. Lb. +, 

^be Third Edition. 


„.7'e»/&»;andfoIdby' ,.. 

Blatk Swaa without Tem^U-Uar. 1718. 

Printed for J. Tenlhti; and fold by ?. Brown at the 



Grace th Dotchess 


R M N T>, 

[he Privilege of Poetry 

1 for it Ttny be the Vanity 

I of the Pretenders to it ) 

J h» giyea 'em a' kind of 

pretend, <t ths dma 

l^e, CO '^ Favour of theft, whoia> 

A 3 their 

• D E D I C7 AT I O N. 

their high Birth and excellent Qua- 
lities have plac'd^in a very dittin* 
guifljing manner above the rett of 
the World* If this be not a receivM 
Maxira, yet I am fure I anil to wifli 
it were , that I m^y have at leaft 
fome kind of Excufe for laying this 
Tragedy at your Grace's Feet> I 
have too much reafon to fear that 
it .may prove but an indifferent En- 
tertainment to Your Grace, fince if 
I have any way fucceeded in it, it 
h^s been;in defcribing thofe violent 
Pailions which have^ been always 
Strangers to fo happy a Temper, and 
fa noble and fo exalted a Virtue as 
,Your Grace is Miltrefs of. Yet for 
all this, I cannot but confefs |hc Va- 
nity which I have,, to hope that There 
may be Something fo moving in the 
Misfortunes and Diftrefs of the Play, 
IS may be notaUogeth^r unworthy 
of Your Grace's Pity. TRis is one of 
the main Defigns of Tragedy, and to 


D.E D I C.^4 T I N. 

excite this generous Pity in thegreat- 
eft Minds, may pafs for fome kind of 
Succefs in this way of Writing. I 
am fenfible of the Prefamption I am 
guilty of by this Hope, and how much 
it is that I pretend to in Your Grace's 
Approbation ; if it be my gpod For- 
tunie' to meet with any little Sha^re of 
it, I fhall always look upon Jt as 
much more to me than the general 
Applaufe of the Theatre, or even the 
Praife of ,a good Critick. Your 
Grace's Name is the bell ProteAioa 
this t Play can hop6 for,, fince the 
World, ill-natur'd as it is,, agrees in 
an univerCal Refpe6ij and Deference 
for Your Grace's iP^rfon and Cha- 
r after. In *fo cenforious an Age as 
this is, where MaFice furnifties out 
all the Publick Converfations, where 
every Body pulls and is pulPd to 
pieces of cpurfe, and where there is 
hardly. fuch a thing as being merry, 
^ut at another's Expence ; yet by a 


V n D t c A T 1 on. 

|Ubiick dfi^ uacomittoif Jofiice to rfte 
Dutcheft 6f Or«w»^, HerNatuehas 
ftever been metttion'd, but as it ought, 
tho* She has Beauty enough to-pfo^ 
voke Detradfion ffdm the Faireft 
of Her own' Sesr, and Virtue e* 
ftough ro make the Lobfe athf DU1b» 
hue of the othtr (a very for midabfe 
JParty 3 Her Enetnie*. Inftead of this 
ihey agree to fty nothing of Her buu 
what She defefvesr That Met Spifii 
is worthy of Her Birth ; HerSweef* 
6efe, of the Love aftd; RefpeA of ail 
the World ; Her Fiety, of Mer Rdi- 
gloft 'r Her Service, of Her Royal Mi* 
Irefs ; att6 Her Beamy add Troth, of 
Her Lord j that m (hort evetT" part of 
Her Charafter is Jutt, ^nd that She H 
the beft Reward for one of tlie great- 
' eft Hero's this Age has pfoducM. This, 
Madam, is what You ffluft allow Pec* 
pie every where to fay j rhofe whom 
You fhall leave behind Yiou in Eng-^ 
land will have {emetfaing'fanber ro 


D E V I C A T I N. 

add, the-Lofs we fhall fufFer by your I 
.Grace's journey to/r^Aai!r^;theQueen's 
Pleafure, and the Impatient Wifhes 
>of .that Nation are about todepriveus 
of Two of our Publick Ornaments.But 
there is no arguing againfl: Jleafonsfo 
prevalent as thefe. . .Thofe who fliall 
Jament your Grace's Abfenqe will yet 
sacquiefoe in the Wifdom and Juftice 
of Her MajeXly's Choice •• Among all 
whofe Royal Favours none cou'd be 
fo agreeable, upon a thoufand Ac- 
counts> to that People, as the Duke 
of drmond. With what Joy, what Ac- 
clamations fliall they meet a Govern- 
or^ who befide their fornrer Obligati- 
ons to His Family, has fo lately ven- 
tured His Life and Fortune for their 
Prefervation ; What Puty, what Sub- 
miffion fliall they not pay to that Au- 
thority which the-Queen has delegated 
to a Perfon fo dear to 'em? And with 
what Honour, whatRefpeft fliall they 
receive Your Grace, when they look 



opoto YdiT astheNobleff andBeftPaf- 
tem Hct Majefty cdu'd fcfld *€», cH 
tier own Ro^r^l Ooodbefs, and Pbrfcs 
ml Vif raeij ? They fhafi behead Yotir 
Grace with the fatfieWeaftnutfte Eftg- 
tijh ihatl take when eter it fliaf! 6e 
their good FofCune to fee Yotafet«rik 
sigahJto YoarKafire C«Ju!M?fy.ftl^&«gw 
idftd^Gtst Grace is become a^PUbfiek 
Coficenr, and aisf your going a way w4H 
he attended with a general Sorrow^ 
fo YotiT Rbmrti ftatf give a* geaefai 

9 Jtjy r and to cone of thofe mxtff^ 
taosi tfnir to>. 

ao^ Obedient i and 

N» Rowe. 



^(Aen ijy Mn Betterton. 

LO^NG has the ^tat^ftk^i ^ Bm^is tm 
The temmon Btis^mp^filH Ih^ck Scnu, 
Jb if Misfffrtum tmufi m T!hnm bft SeM^ 
And4mm€m%i§ m^hMpff but ^ QreMt, 
I}§arif, *tis trm^ mck bufi tin Onm b§ wmtfi 
And mMHf mt tht mk fttj UtumVsem^t 
9f Hmtigit Wm mi (m§ h ^td EMms p^. 
Few an tht Joys kt kntws, mdflmthis Hmrstf^^ 
Stmmtik ^thft mitb fftmdtrvHmmf kt^^ 
Btttfrr rtmoti, nadma, higher Sfkeri, 
We mW «» fkf what we ne*er eon flfon^ 
Like d'0m Battles «f the Pole smd Swede, 
^0nch fmgal Citizens e'er Cefn read, 
Car^fifir who /hail fail or whofitccnd. 
Ihenfire anJmmb^rhmt mtr Jimher f^efe, 
A tnelamhelyTale tf private ffoes: 
2^ Frinees kere i^ sifal^ hemoatif 
Butyotfjhali meet with Semws like jntr 9wn j 

smjta imfmm luta^ kismgUt enm. 

As hardly as Ambitiott dns the Great $ 


Bow fierce the Tenth with Jey and Rttftttre hthtt, 

And hew to Death fir Beauty hfi ht mourns. 

Let no nice Tafie the Poet^j Art ttrraign^ 
If feme frail vicious CharaSers he feign : 
UU H^ites fhot^d ft'di let Natttrk ho his Care, 
Mix Shades withLsghts, andnotpamt all things fidr^ 
But Jhew yott Mm and Womm as they aire. 
mtk Htfirmm It mSairhahad mj^, 
Tomta Btifify^omflmd^fwm^ 

Many in many^arts art hfofim t* otfcel. 
But 'twtrt too-hard for fhtotoa^ aUwoBi 
Wwmju/lfy Ufijhould throt^h oaeh Scene eommoad. 
The Maid, the Hlfe, the M^efs, and thoWrimdi 
A«i 4gt^ 'tis true, has one great hfiatseofim^ 
-dbid Utm'n m ft^mndt $ba$ Out a^S^i 

Dramatis Perfonas; 


^a6ltoaJo6Imm0f,Gc^ot,I»thtr7^^ Bowman; 
Altamont, m y^mgUHid^ mLtmewUb^ ^ • - 

Sciolco. J 

Horatio, hU Ffitnd. Mr. ficttcrton. 

Lothario, n young Lord, Enemy to AL 1^ PowclL • 
tatnoQC, J ' . 

Roffano, ^if FrW. Mr, Baily* « 


Calift», Jytiughur to Sciolto. , A/w* Barry.' 

Lavinia, Si/ier to Alttmoot. ^ »^A^1 Aff;.BraOTtrd 
^ Horatio. . . . - ^ . ^ v. 

l>icilla, Confiimt to Ctm%. ' IbO'i. PHneiir. 

/ . • ' . ' vr 

Servants to Sciolto. 

SCENE Sciolto'x P4t/^^ and Qariffg^ 
mtb fome fartvf the Street near ii^ in 






SCENE » Cariin behi^ing to Sciolto'j PW«f. ' 

Es/ir Altimost mJ Hontio. 

A.hT AUO^T. 

IE T tbii aurpicious Da]' be ever (acred. 
No Maaining^DO Misfonuaei btppen , 
Let ic be marki for TriampEu ind Re^ 
Let hippy Loveri ever milce it bolj. 
Chute it to blcA tbeir Hopei, ind crowa iheii Wifliei, 
Tbis bappy Day that ^vei me my Ch/jSa. 

nW' Yet, ^MffwM i to Day thy better Sura 
Are join'd, to Ibcd thtir kindeft Influence oa thee : 
Swflr**! noble Hand, thu nit'd thee fiifl. 
Half dead and drooping,o'er tb; Fithpt'a Giaye, 

8 Com- 

•^ Yhe Fair PtNiTENT. 

Compleats its Bounty, and retfores thy Name 

To that high Rank and Luftre which it boafted, 

Before ungntcfuUSema had forgot 
'The Merit of thy Godlike Father's Arms; 

Before that Country which he long had ftnr'd,' 
■in watchful Councilf, and ia Winter Camps, 

Had cad oS bis white Age to Want and Wretchednefs/ 
;;And made their Court to fadion by his Ruin. 

Ah* Oh great Sc$§ho\ oh my more than Father! 
'Let me not live, but at thy very Name 
My eager Heart fprings up, and leaps with Joy, 
:Whea 1 forget the vaft vafi Debt I owe thoc, 
Forget ! (but 'tis impoflfible) then let me 
Forget the Ufe and Privilege of Reafon. 
Be driven from the Commerce of Mankind, 
To wander in t^ Defart among Brutes, 
^ To bear the various Fury of the Seafons, 
The Night^s unwholfom Dew and Noon-day^ Heat, 
To be the Scorn of £arth, and Curfe of Heav'n. 

Hot. So open, fo unbounded was his Goodneis, 
at reached ev'h me, becaufe I was thy Friend. 
When tfait Great Man 1 tev'd, thy Noble Father, 
'Bequeathed thy gentle Sifter to my Arms, 
His iaft dear Fiedge and Legttey of Friendihip, 
That happy Tye made mt SeMtp's Son i 
He caird us his, and with a Partnt's Pondiiers 
Indu1g*d us in his Wealth, bleft us with Plenty, 
Heard all our Cares, and (weeteii'd LcTveit fdf« 

Ait. By Heav'n, he found my Fortunes ib abiodoo'd* 
That nothing but a Miracle coi^ raife 'em ; 
My Faiher'a Bounty, and the State's Ingratifnde, 
Had firipM him bare, nor left kirn (y'a a j^arc i 


73&f Fair Pen itjent; 9 

Undone my fdf, and fiokmg with bis Roki, 

I had no Wealth to brwg, notfaiog to fnccovr hloi» 

But fruitlefs Tears. 

Hot. Yet what tboa cou'dft then didflv 
And didft it ltk« ft Soa i wheo his hard Credkors; 
Urg'd and a(IiAed by JjMbmrkfi father, 
( Foe to thy Uovfe, and Rival of their Greatnefs ) 
By Sentence of the atnA Law, forbid 
His yenenble Corps to raft in £arth, 
Thou ({ftfH thy felf a RiDfom for his BoMs { 
With Piety uncooMneiii didft gtte up 
Thy hopeful Yooth to Slaves who ne'er knewMerqr* 
Sour» uorelenttng* Mooy»loviog ViHains, 
Who laugh at homaa Natose and Forgivenefir* 
And aic like Viends the Faftdrs for I>eftni6tioQ: 
Heav'o, «o<ho bebieldtlie pioas Ad, approv'd it, 
And bad ScioU^*% Bounty be its Prexy» 
To blefs tby filial Virtue with Abufidance. 

Jilt. But fee he comes, the Atithor of my Happiaefi,' 
The Man who fav'd my Life from deadly Sorrow, 
Who bids my Days be bleft with Peace and Plenty, 
And iadsfiesmy Soul with Love and Beauty. 

£gaif Sctolto, U tmu u Altamont tmd tmhiUit Urn] 

Set, Joy to thee, Jlltgnum ! Joy to my felf ! 
Joy to this hflppy Moro, that makes thee mine. 
That kindly grants what Nature had deny'd me. 
And matoes me Father of a Son like thee. 

Jit. My Father! oh let me unlade my Breaft, 
Ponr oujt the fuUnefs of my Soul before you, 
Show ev'/y tender, evVy gratcfiil Thought, 
This wond'rous Goodnds ftnrs. But 'tis impoiEble, 
And Utterance aii ii vile f finee I can only 

B a Swear 


4 The Fair Penitent.; 

Swear you reign herc» but never tell how much* 

Seu It ia enoughs I know thee thou art honeft ; 
Gjodnefs inna'e, and Worth hereditary 
Are in thy Mind i thy noble Father's Virtues 
Spring. freOiIy forth, and bloflbm in thy YouthJ 

jUt. thus Heay'n frdb nothing rais'd bis fairCreationf 
And then with wond'f ous Joy beheld its Beauty, 
Well pleai'd to fee the ExcellenqB he gaye. 

Se'u Oh noble Youth! I fwear fince firft I knew thee» 
£v'n from that day of Sorrows when I faw thee, 
Adorn'd and lovely in thy filial Tears, 
The Mourner and Redeemer of thy Father, 
I fet thee down and feal'd thee for my own : 
Thou art my Son» ev'n nearone as Cdifim. 
HorMtio and Lnvinia too are mine j [ Bmh^eis Horatio* 
All are my Children, and {hall (bare my Heart* , 
But wherefore wafte we thus this happy Day } 
The laughing Minutes fummon thee to Joy, 
And with new Pleafures court thee as they pa6 ; 
Thy waiting Bride ev'n chides thee for delaying. 
And fwears thou com'ft not with a Bridegroom's l^fle. 

Jilt. Oh 1 could I hope there was oneThought oiAltummn^ 
One kind Remembrance in Oil^d% Bread, 
The Winds, with all their. Wings, wouki be too flow 
To bear me to her Feet. For oh/ my Father, 
Amidft this Stream of Joy that bears nie on, 
Bkft as I am, and honour*d in your Fiiendih p. 
There is on^ Pain.that hangs upon my Heart. 

Sc'u Whatmeans my Son ? 

jllt^ When, at your Interceflioo^ 
Laft Night Q^lifiti yieUed. to my Happiaeis, 
Juft ere we parted, as I ftal'd my Vows 


The Fair Penitent. $ 

With Hapture on her Lips, I found her Cold, 

As a dead Lover's Statue on his Tomb s 

A rising dorm of Pailion (hook her Breafl*, 

Her Eyes a piteous (how'r of Tears let fall. 

And then (he iigh'd as if her Heart were breakiog. 

AVith all the tendered Eloquence of Love 

I beg'd to be a Sharer in her Grief \ 

But fhe» with Looks averfe, and Eyes that froze me, 

Sadljf reply'd> her Sorrows were her own. 

Nor in a Father's Pow'r to difpofe of. 

Set, Away! it is the Cofenage of their Stx^ 
One of the common Arts they praQife on uf. 
To iigh and weep, then when their Hearts beat high, 
With expe^ation of their coming Joy : 
Thou htft io Camp^ and fighting Fields been bred^ 
Unknowing in the Subtleties of Women ; 
The Virgin Bride, i^ho fwoons with deadly Fear, 
To fee the end of all her Wishes near. 
When bluftiing from the Light aqd pubUck E^tt, 
To the kind Covert of the Night (he Hies, 
With equal Fires to meet the Bridegroom moves. 
Melts in blf Arms, and with a loofe Hie loves; [ Extmi] 

IfUir Lothario mid Roflkno. 

L0tb. The Father and the Husband ! 

Hoff, Lf t them paff > 
They faw us not. 

L$th. I care not if they did, 
Ere^long I mean to meet 'em Face to Fae«*, 
And s^ 'em with my THumph o'er Cali/ia, 

Roff, Ydi^lovVJ her once. 

Loth, Ilik^dher, wpu'd have marry 'd ber> 
But that it pleas'd her Father to refufe me, • 

B 3 To 

4 The Fair PENitEKT. 

To make this Honourable Fool ber Husband* 
For which, if I forget him, may the Shame 
l mem to brand his Name with, ftkk on mine. 

Ji$Jf She, gentte Sou), was kinder than tier Fatherl 

Lcth. She was» and oft in private gave me hearing, 
*Till by long Kft'ning to the fooching Tale, 
At length ber cade Heart was wholly mine. 

Jtoff. I h«ve heard you oft defcribe her, Haughty. Infolent,' 
(And fierce with high Difdain $ ir moves my wonder, 
.That Virtae thus def<toded, (hoold be yielded , ' 

-A Prey to loofc Dcfir«» 

Loth. Hear, then Til tett thee; 
Once io a lone, and fecret Hour of Night,' 
When ev'ry Eye was closM, and the pale Moonf 
And Stars alone, (hone confcious of the Thefr,. 
Hot with the Tufean Grape,, and high in Bloody 
H«p*iy I Aole unheeded to ber Chamber. 

Kojf. That Minute fbre waa lucky. 

Loth, Oh 'twas great. 

I found the Fond, Believing, Love-fick MiM,' 

Loofe, unatirU warm, tender, full of Wities i 

VltrccQefs and Pride, the Guardians of ber Honour^ 

Were charm'd to Reft» and Love alone was wakingZ 

Within her rifing BofMn ail was calm, 

As peaceful Seas that know no Storms, and only 

Are gently lifted up and down by Tides. 

I fnatch'd the glorious, golden Opportmutf^ 

And with prevaiKog, yootfefnl Ardour preft iicr,' 

Till with ihort Sighs, and murmuring Rehidaiice» 

The yielding Fair One gave me perfed Happinefi. 

Ev'n all the livc-long Night we paft in BUfv 

In Ecftafiec too fierce to kft for ever $ 

- ^^ 

The Fair Penjten'p. 7 

'Ac length, the Morn and cgld Indifference came^ 
Whea fully fated v^ith the lu(cioui Banquet, 
I hallily took leave, and left the Nymph 
To think on what was paA, and figh alonel 

Rojf You faw her foon ag^io* 

Loth. Too foon I faw her j 
For obi that Meeting was not like the former; 
I found my Heart no more beat high with TrznCportf 
No more 1 dgh'd, and languilh'd for Enjoyment ^ 
'Twas pail« and Reafon took her turn to reign» 
While ev'ry Weakoefs .fell before her Throne. 

Kof What of the Lady ? 

Lath, With uneafie Fondnefa 
She bung upon me, wept, and figh*d, and fwofe 
She was fs^done i ulk'd of a Prieft and Marriage, 
Of flying with me from her Father's Pow'r i 
Caird evVy Saint and blef&d Angfl down, 
To witnefs for her that flie was my Wife. 
I ftarted at that Name. 

Rfiff. What Anfwer made you ? 

L$th, t^onci but pretending fudden Pain andlllneiS' 
Efcap'd the Pcrfccation ^ two Nights (ince, 
6/ Milage urg'd, and frequent Importunity^ ^ 

Again I faw her* Strait with Tears and Sighs, 
With fwelling Breafls^ with Swooning, with DiftraQioQ» 
With all the Subtleties and powerful Arcs 
Of willful Woman labVing for her purpofe, 
Again (he told the fame dull naufejus Tak. 
Unmov'd, I beg'd her fpare th' ungrateful Subje^] 
Since I refolv'd, that Loye and Peace of Mind _ 

Might ffouriHi long inviolate betwixt as. 
Never to \o94 it with the Marriage Chain > 

B 4 That 

5 The Fair Penitent. 

That I wculd dill retain her in my Heart, 
My ever geotle Mi(h*ef5, and ny Fnend ; 
But for thofe other Names of Wife and Husband, 
They only meant Ill-nature , Cares, and Quarrels. 

KjBjf. How bore (he this Reply? 

Loth. Ev'o as the £artb, 1 

When ( Winds ^pent up, or eating Fires beneath I 

^ Shaking the Mafs) (he labours with Deftfodioo* 
At firft her Rage was dumb, and wanted Words^ 
But when the Storm found way, 'twas wild and loud. 
' Mad as the Prieftefs of the T^elphick God, 
Eothufiaftick Paflion fwcU'd her Breaft, 
Eolarg'd her Voice, and raffled all her Form ; 
Proud, and difdainful of the Love I profFer'd, 
She caird me Villain! Monfter ! Bafe ! Betrayer! 
At lafl, in very bitternefs of Soul, 
With deadly Imprecations on her felf. 
She vow'd feverely ne'er to fee me more \ 
Then bid me fly that minute; I obey'd^ 
And bowing left her to grow cool at leifurel 

VLfiff, She has relented fince, elfe why this MefTageJ 
To meet the Keeper of her Secrets here 
This Morning? 
* Loth. See the Perfon whom you nam'd. 

^tir Lncilla. 
Well, my EmbalTadrefs, what mud we treat of ? 
Come you to menace War and proud Defiance, 
Or does the peaceful Olive grace your Meffage } 
Is your Fair Miftrefs calmer ? does (he foften ? 
And rauft we love again } Perhaps (he means 
To treat in Junfture with her new Ally, 
And make her Husband Party to th' Agreement. 


The Fair Penitent. 9 

^ Lml Is this well done, my Lord i Have you put off 

All Seofe of haman Nttore ? keep a little, 

A little Pity to diftingutfli Manhood, 

Left other Men, the' cruel, fhoold difclaim you, 

And judge you to be number^ with the Brutei. 

iMh, I fee thou'ft learnt to rail. 

iMeiL iVe learnt to weep \ 
That L^flbn my fiid Miftreft often gives me i 
By Day (he leeks Ibme melancholy Shade, 
To bide her Sorrows from the prying World j 
At Night (he watches all the long long Hours, 
And liftens to the Winds and beating Rain, 
With Sighs as loud, and Tears that fall as faft« 
Then ever and anon (he wrings her Hands, 
And cries, Falle, falfe U$hari9\ 

Loth. Oh no more! 
I fwear thoult fpoil thy pretty Face with Crying, 
And thou haft Beauty that may make thy Fortune % 
Some keeping Cardinal (ball doat upon thee. 
And barter his Church Treafure for thy Fre(hnefs. 

LmiU What! (hall 1 fell my Imiocence and Youth* 
For Wealth or Titles, to perfidious Man! 
To Man! who makes his Mirth of our Undoing! ^ 
The bafe, profeft Betrayer of our Sex : 
Let me grow old in all Misfortunes el(e, 1 
Rather than know the Sorrows of Culijls, 

Loth. Does (he fend thee to ebide in her behalf? 
rfwear thou doft it with fo good a Grace, 
That I cou'd almoft love thee for thy frowning. 

LHcil. Read there^ my Lord, there in herown (ad Lines 

JVhich bcft can tclj the Story of her V/ocs, 

10 The Pair Pekitent, s^ 

That Grief of Heart which your Uakindnefs gives her: 
Lothario uais ] 

Tow CrmUy-^^^^Obtdimci to mj Taiher givt my Hand 

To Altamoat. 
By Heav'n! 'tis well; fuch e?ef be the Gifts, 
With which I greet the Man whom my Soirl hatcs.[-<0<fe» 

But to go on ! 
, pptjh Heart Htmcur-^-^ toofiuthUfs""^ 

Wedknefs to mo^rffw lafl Ihw^/«— /^^ Califta, 

Women I fee can change as well as Men i 

She writes me here, forfaken as I am,' 

That I (hould bind my Brows with mournful WilloWt 

For , (he has given her Hand to Altamont: 

Yet tell the Fairlnconftant—— 

Lucil, How; my Lord ? 

Loth. May, no more angry Words, fay to Ciiiflit% 
The humbled of her Slaves (hall wait her Pleafhre $ 
If (he can leave her happy Husband's Arms, 
To think upon (o lod a thing as I am. 

Lucil, Alas! for pity come with gentler Looks j 
Wound not her Heart with this nnmanly Triumph j 
Ard tho' you love her not, yet fwear you do. 
So flrill DilTerobling once be virtuous in you. 

Loth, Ha! who conves here ? 

l^ucll The Bridegroom's Friend, HorMth, 
He muft not fee us here -, to morrow early 
Be at the Garden Gate, 

Loth, Bear to my^ Love 
My kindeft Thoughts, and fwear I will not fail heri' 

[ Lothario putting up the Litter haftifyy drofs it tti 

ho goes out. 
lExeunt Lothario and VLqU^o otfo way^ LuciUa 
mother* Enter 

TI}e Fair FENrrENx. iir 

Enter Horacio. 
H0r. Sure *th the very Error of my Eyes: 
Waking I dream, or I beheld Loikario j 
He fcem'd conferring with CaliJIa^s Woman .- 
* At my approach they ftarted, and retir'd. 

What Bufincfi cou'd he have here, and wifh her T 
I know he bears the noble Alumont 

Pi-ofcft and deadly Hate What Paper's this ? 

iTaking up the Letten^ 
Ha ! to Lotharici ---'a Death! CaliJIa*^ Name ! [ Opening it. 
Confufioa and Misfortune ! [ KeaJs. 

YOUR Cruelty has ai length Jetirmir/'d me, emd I havg 
refolv'J this Morning to yield a perfcH Obedience to my 
JMher, And to give my Hund to Ahamont, m fpight of my 
. Weaknefsfor the folfe Lothario. 7 could afmoft wifh I hud 
that Heart, and that Honour to hflow with if, which yon 
have robb'd me of : 

Damnation! to the reft [ Rtads agam^ 

"But oh \ Ifiar, could I retrieve 'em I (hodd again k undone 
by the too faithlefs, yet too lovely Lothario j this it the lajt 
weaknefs vf my Penr and to morrov Ihjtil h the Ufi in yphich 
I mil indulge rfiy Eyes. Lucilla Jhall conduit yeu if you art^ 
hind enough to let me fee you ,. it fhallbe the lafi Trouble yot^ 
fiallmietmithjrom^ . 

The loft Califlih 

The loft indeed! for thou art gone as far 
As there can be Perdition, Fire and Splphur, 
Hell is the fole Avenger of fuch Grimes. 
Oh that the Rwa were bot all chv own I 

%_ __ . ,.* ■Maw. ^ ^ ^ ..pawM , III — — T— I I w ^ V •- " - ^^ — "— ■ * - 


IX The Fair Penitent. 

Thou wilt cv'q make thy Father carfe his Age, 
At 6gbt of this black Scrowl, the geatle AltMnont, 
(For oh ! I know his Heart is fet upon thee) 
Shall droop and hang his difcontented Head, 
Like Merit fcorn'd by inlolent Authority, 
And never grace the Pablick with his Virtue?!— ^ 
Perhaps ev'n now he ga^es fondly on her, 
And thinking Soul and Body both alike, 
Bleflcs the perfcd Workmanlhip of Heav'n ; 
Thea %hing, to bis ev'ry Care fpeaks Peace, 
And bids his Heart be fatisfy'd with Happinefs. 
Oh wretched Husband ! while (he hangs about thee 
With idle BlandiHimenrs, and plays the fond one, 
Ev'n then her hot Imagination wanders, 
Contriving Riot, and loofe fcapes of Love j 
And while (he clafps thee clofe makes thee a Monfter. 
What if Tgive this Paper to her Father? 
It follows that his Ju(lice dooms her dead,- 
And breaks his Heart with Sorrow j hard Return, 
For all the Good his Hand has heap'd on us ; 
Hold, let me take a Moment's Thought. 

Bnttr Lavinia. 
Lav\ My Lord / 

Truft me ir joys my Heart that I have found you.' 
' Enquiring wherefore you had left the Company, 
Before my Brother's Nuptial Rites were ended, J 

They told me you bad felt fomc fudden lllnefs 5 1 

Wh?re are you fick ! Is it your Head ? your Heart ? : 

Tell me my Love, and eafe my anxious Thoughts,!, 
S*hat I may take you gently in my Arms, 
Sooth jou to Reft, and foften all your Pains. 
Hot. It were unjuft, no let me fpare my Friend, 

The Fair PenitenI^. 15 

Lock up the fatal Secret in my Breaft, 

Nor tell him that which will aado his Qaie& 

Lav. What means my Lord? 

Hon Ha! faidfl thou my Lavinm ? 

Lav, Alas ! you know not what you make me fafier. 
Why ar« you pde ? Why did you ftart and tremble ? 
Whence is that Sigh ? And wherefore are your Eyei 
Severely rais'd to Heav'n f The (ick Man thus. 
Acknowledging the Summons of his Fate* 
Lifts up his feeble Hands and Eyes for Mercy, 
And with Confiifion thinks upon las Audit. 

Hfir* Oh no / thou haft mtftook my Sickoefs quite, 
Thefe Pangs are of the Soul. Wou'd I had met 
"Sharped ConvulGons, fpotted Peftilences, 
Or any other deadly Foe to Life, 
Rather than heave beneath this load of Thought; 

L4V. Alas, what is it ? Wherefore turn you from me f 
Why ^id you falfly call me your Eavmia, 
And fwear I was Horatio's better half. 
Since now you mourn unkindly by your felf. 
And rob me of my Partnerfbip of Sadnefs l . 
Witnefs you Holy Pow'rs. who know my Truth, ( 

There cannot, be a Chance in Life fo miferable* 
Nothing fo very hard but I could betr it, 
Much rather than my Love (hould treat me coMly, 
And i)(e like a Stranger to his Heart. 

H&r. Seek not to know what I wouVihide from all 
But moft from thee. I never knew a Pieafure, 
Ojght that was joyful, fortunate, or good. 
But ftrait I ran toblcfs thee with, the Tidings, 
And laid up all my Happinefs with thee : 
Bat wherefore, wherefore lliould I give thee Pain ? 


14 7%e Fair Penitent. 

Then fpare vae, I conjure thee, ask no lurther } 
Allow my melincholy Thoogbts thi» privilege. 
And let 'em brood in iecret o'er their Sorrows.' 

Litv» It is enough, chide not, and all if weU; 
Forgive me if I faw you fad, Hcnui^, 
And ask'd to weep oat part of your Afisfortunea^ 
I wo' not prefi to know what yoa forbid me. ^ 

Yet) my lov'd Lord, yet yoo mud grant me thif^ 
Forget your Cares for this oneiiappy Day* 
Devote this Day to Mirth, and to your Alimnm ; 
For his dear lake let Peace be in your Looks. 
£v'n now the jocund Bridegroom wants your Wifltet, 
He thinks the Pried has but half bleft his Marriage, 
*Till fab Friend Hails him with the found of Joy. 

H»r. Oh never/ never I never! Tbon art innocent^ 
Simplipty from ID, pure native Truth, 
And Condoor of the Mind adorn thee ever ; 
But there are fucb, fuch falfe ones in the World, 
'Twott'd fill thy gentle Soul with wild Amaiement 
To hear their Story told. 

L/rv. Falfe one;, my Lord f 

Hot* Fatally Fkir they are, and in their Smtles; 
The Graces, little Loves, and young DeOrea tnhabic j. 
But all that gaze upon 'em are osdone. 
For they are falfe $ luxurious in cheir Appetiteff^ 
And all the Heav*n they hope for is Variety : 
One Lover to another dill fucceeda, 

Another, and another after that, j 

And the lad Fool it welcome as the former ; ] 

*Till having k)v'd his Hour our, he gives place* 
And mingles with the Herd that went before him.' 

X.4 V* Can there be ibch \ And have they peace of VHoH i 
' " Have: 

7**^ Fair Pbkitewt. i^ 

Hm tlwjp in all tbe Scnet of their chingiiig 
' One happy Hour t if Womni ire fuch tb'ingt. 
How (vai I form^ To different from my Sex! 
Mjr little Heart It ticiafy'd with you, 
YoQ take up ill her room ; m in a Cottige 
Wlticfa hubouri fame Bnighied Princely Stmger,' 
Where the good Man, proud of bia Hofpitaljty, 
Yie}dt all hi* homely Dwelling to fail Guefi, 
And hardly keeps ■ Comer far himfelf. 

Hit. Ob were they all like thee Men would adore 'cm» 
And all the Bui'nefi of their Liret be loriagj 
The Nuptial Band fhou'd be the Pledge of Peace, 
And all Oomeftick Carea and Quirreb ceafe { 
The World (hou'd learn to low by Virtnooa Knlej,' 
And Marriage be no more the Jea of Pooli. t£xr«w. 


tS The Fair Penitent, 


SCENE, a Halh 
Enter Catifta and Lucilla. 
Cui'n B <ittnib for ever, filenc as the Grave, 

JLJ Nor lee thy fond ofBtious Lore dtAurb 
My folemn Sadnefs, with the found of Joy. 
If thou wilt footh me, tell fome difmal Tale 
0[ pining Difcontenr, and black Defpair ; 
.For oh/ IVe gone around thro' all my Thoughts, 
But all are Indignation, Love, or Shame, 
And my dtit Peace of Mind is loft for ever. 

Ltic. Why .do you follow^ Aill that wand'ring Fire» 
That has mif-led your weary Steps, and leaves you 
Benighted in a WilderneTs of Woe ? 
That falfe Lothario] Turn from the Deceiver i 
Turn, and behold where gentle Ahammtt 
Kind as the fofteft Virgin of our Sex, 
And faithful as tbe fimple Village Swain, 
That never knew the Courtly Vice of Changing, 
Sighs at your Feet, and wooes you to be happj^ 

CaU A^tjt I think not of him. My fad Soul 
Has form*d a difmal melancholy Scene, 
Such a Retreat as I wou'd wi(h to find ; 
An unfrequented Vale^ o'er grown with Trees 
Moffie and old, within whole lonefome Shade, J 

Ravens, and Birds ill oaien'd, only dwell ; ") 

No Sound to break the Silence, but a Brook 
That bnbliog wind's among the Weeds : no Mark 
Of any Homan Shape that had been <here, 

" "' Unlcft 

The Fair Penitent* 17 

Unlcfs a Skeleton of fome poor Wretch, 

Who faad long (ince, like me, by Love undone^ 

Sought that fad Place out to defpair and die in, 

Luc. Alas for Pity !, 

Ci/. There I fun wou'd hide me. 
From the bafe World, from MaHce, and from Shame \ 
For 'tit the folemn Counfel of my Soul, 
Never to live with publick Lofs of Honour: 
*T\% fix*d to 6\t, rather than bear the lofolence 
Of each afPeaed She that tella my Story, 
And blfiOfea her good Stan that Ihe u virtuous.' 
To be a Tale for Fools/ Scom'd by the Womev; 
And pity'd by the Men ! oh infupportable! 

Jmc. Can you perceive the mantfeft Dcaruaion; 
The gaping Gulph that opens juft before you. 
And yetm(h on, tho' confcious of the Hanger ( 
Oh hear me, hear your ever faithful Cfeatuiei 
Bf all the Good I yviih, by all the 111 
My trembling Heart forebodes, let me intrait ymij 

Never to (be this fatthle£i Man again: ^ 

Let me forbid Jus coming. 

Co/. On thy Life 
I charge thee no \ my Gemas drives me' oni 
I mufi, I will behold him once again ; 
Perhaps it is^be Crifis of my Fate, 
And this one Enterview fhaii end my Cirea*. 
My lab'ring Heart, that fwells with Indigoation, 
Heaves to difcharge the Burthen \ that once done, 
The bufie thing (bali red within its Cell, 
And never beat again. 

IMC. Truft not to that \ 
Rage is the (horted Paflion of o\ir Soolst 


x8 7he Fair Penitent* 

Like narrow Brooks tha; rife with fuddea Show*is» 

It fwdls in haftcy and falls again as foon \ 

Still as it ebbs tbe fofccr Thoagfati flow in. 

And the Deceiver Love fupplies its f^ace. 

^ Cf/. I have been wrong'd enough, to arm my Temper 

Agunft the fmooth Delufion \ but alas / 

(Chide not mj Weaknefs, gentle Maid, bet pity me) 

A Woman's Softnefs bangs about me ftill : 

Then let me bluih, iiod tell thee all my Folly* 

I fwear I. could not fee the dear Betrayer 

Kneel at my Feer, aod figh to be forgiven* 

Bat my relenting Heart woQ)d pardon all. 

And quite forget 'twas he that hA undone me.* 

iMCfA^ Ye (acred Powers, wboie gmcioos Providenc* 
Is watchful for- oar Good, guard me from Men, 
From their di^tfiil Tongues^ their Vewi aifd Flatteries ^ 
Still let m« ptfii negleAcd by their Eyei» 
Let my Bloom wither, and my Form deeay, 
That none mty think it worth his while to Tuin me^ 
And fatal Love may never be my Bane. 

CttL Ha! JJlHnmt i C^ifia now be wary* 
And guard thy Soul's Accefles with Diflembliog ; 
Nor let this Boftile Husband^s Eyes explore 
The warring Paffiona, and tumultuous Thoughts^ 
That rage within thee, and deform thy fUafoa.. 

Baer Altamont. 

^f* Be gone my Cares, I give you to the Winds* 
Far to be born» far from the happy Altmnont % 
For from this facred 2Er4 of my Love* 
A better Order of fucceeding Days 
Come fmiliog forward, white and lucky tll» 
CikUfin is the Mifiseft of the Year, 


Tie Fair Pi;nit1;nt* i^ 

Shie crowns the SeafoDi with aufpiciou* Beauty, 
And bids ev'o ill my Hours be good and joyful, 

CsL If I was ever Miftrefs of f^ch Happiii^y 
Oh! wherefore did I play th' unthrifty Fool, 
And wading all on others, leave my felf. 
Without one Thought of Joy to give me Comfort f 

Alt, Oh mighty Love! Shall that fair Faoeprofao0 
This thy great Feftival with Frowns and Sidnefs / 
1 fwear it (ha* not be, for I will wooe thee 
With Sighs fo moving, with fo warm a Traofport> 
That thou (halt catch the gentle Flame from m?^ 
And kindle into Joy. ^ 

G«/. I tell (h^ Aluimmu 
Such Hearts as opra were never pairM abovc^ 
111 fuitcd to each other \ jom'd,. not mafich'ds 
Some fullen loflueace, a Fo« to both, . 
Has wrought this fatal Marriage to UQdo ttt> 
Mark bat the Frame and Temper of our Mindst 
How very much we differ. E/a this Day, 
That fills thee with fuch Ecftafie ^od Tranfport, 
To me brings nothing that (hould make me' blefs ir» 
Or think tt better than the Day before, 
Or any other in the Courfe of Time, 
That dully took its turn, and was forgotten. 

Alt. If to behokl thee as my Pledge of Happmelf,^ 

To know none fair, none excellent befide thee i 

If ftill to love thee with unweary'd Conftancy, 

Through evVy Seafon, ev'ry Change of Life, 

Through wrinkled Age, through Sicknefs and Misfortune, 

Be worth the leaft Return of grateful Love, 

Oh then let my Cd0ii blefs this Day, 

And fet it down for happy. 


to TZt^Fair Peniten't. 

Cal. Tts the Day 
In which my Father gave my Hand toAliiunm^ 
As fuch I will remember it for ever. 

Bitur Sciolto, Horatio, and Lavinta. 

Sci Let Mirth go on, let Plcafure know no plufe^ 
But fill Dp ev'ry Minute of this Day, 
'Tis yours, my Children, (acred to your Loves \ 
The glorious Sun himielf for you looks gay. 
He (hiaes for Altsmmf and for CMlifta. 
Lee there be Mufick^ let the Mafter touch 
TheTprightly String, and foftly^breathtng Flute, 
Till Harmony ronfe evVy gentle Paflion, 
Teach the cold Maid to lofe her Fears in Love, 
And the fierce Youth to hngnifli at her Feet. « 
Begin, ev*a Ageit (elf is chear'd with Mufick, 
It wakei a glad Remembrance of our Youth 
^aUs bade paft Joyi, and warms as into Tran(porr« 

ilUri m :Mmmmmm of hit^k mU Dtrndngl 



Bj Mr. CO NQRE r E. 


AHflayl ah turn! ah whithtr would ymfli, 
Too charming, too nlmtUfs Maid i 
Jfolkw not to Conquer, but to Di$ : 
You offhi fearful are afraid. 


The Fair Penitent, xi 


U vain I mil $ firjhtt likiJUiting Air^ 

Whm fnfi by fomilimpifhiom Wmd, 
Jiks firifiit from $h% Vnc% 9f my DifiMir^ 

Nor cnfU MM iity'mg L^k MM. 

Se'u Take care my Gatea be opeo; bid all Welcome j 
All who rejoice with me to Day are FxieDdi; 
Let each iodulge his Genius each be glad, 
Jocund and free, and fwell the Feaft with Mirth. 
The fpr^htly Bowl (hall chearfully go round* 
None fliali be grave, nor too feverely wifei 
Lodes and Difappointments, Cares and Poverty^ 
The rich Man's Infolence, and great Man's Scorn, 
In Wine ihall be forgotten all. To- Morrow 
'Will be too foon to thiiik, and to be wretched* 
Oh / grant, Ye Pow<rS| that I may fee thefe happy, 

[fimtrng to Alt. tmd Caliila \ 

Compleatlyblefl, and I have Ltfe^ough; 
And.4eave the reft indiflierently- to Fate. [ Eximt. 

M4fMr Horatio. 
Sor. What if» while all are here intent on Revelling, 
1 privately went forth, and fonght JMhrnw ? 
This Letter may be foi^'d $ perhaps the Wantonnefs 
Of his vain Youth, to ftain a Lady's Fame $ 
Perhaps his Malice, to diftorb my Friend. 
Oh no! my Heart forebodes it muft be true. 
Methought ev'n now 1 markM the ftarts of Guilr, 
That (hook her Soul $ tho' dsmn*d Diflimnlatioo 
Skreen'd her durk Thoughts, and fet to publick View 
A fpacious Face of Innocence and Beau^. 
Oh falfe Appeiiraacel What is all our Sovcnignty, 

^z The Fair Pbnitekt, j 

Our boafted Pow'r ? when they oppofe their Arts, 

Still they prevaU, imd we a« found their Fools* 

With fuch ihiooth Looks, and many « geatfo Word, 

The firft fair She beguil'd her eafie Lord ; j 

Too blind with Love and Beauty to beware. 

He fell unthinking in the fatal Snare i 

t4or could believe, that fuch t Heav'oly Face 

Hadbargain'd with the Devil, to damn her wretched Race. 

S C E N E 11. 
S C E N E^ The Street near ScioItoV PiJacel 

ISnttf Lothario and lioi!kn#« 
L$th. Tb tell thee then the Purport of my Thougfatt - 
^he Ldb of this fond Pamper wotild not give^e 
A momcot of Dlfquiet, were it not 
My Infttwment of VeugeaDce on this jUtAmmi: 
Therefore I m«ta to wait Ibme Opportunity 
Of fpeakiog with th6 Maid we fkw this Morning, 
Rtf/. I wifli you. Sir, to think upon the Danger 
Of beiiig fecn } to Day their Friends are round ^em. 
And any E^, that lights by chance on you, 
Shall put your Life and Safety to the Hazard. 

[ 7% emftr ^f/RXs. 
twHr Horatb. 
H^. Still 1 muft doubt ibme Myftery of Mif<9iief, 
Some Artifice beneath i Litimnt^$ Father 
I knew him welL be was (agadous, eunmng. 
Fluent in Words, and bdd in peaceful Goundb** 
tat of a cold, Qoadive hand in War. 
Xet wkh tteft Coward*! Virtues be ondid 


y^^ Fair Penitbkt. 13 

My anfuTpeding, valiant, honeft Friend. 

This Son, if Fame miftakea nor, is more ho^. 

More open, and untrtful -«^Ha! he's here! [SHmghim, 

Loth, Damnation ! He again !«— -* This fecond dme 
To Day he has crolbme like my evil Genios, 
Hifr. I fought you. Sir. 
Loth* *Tis well then I am found. 
Hor. 'Tis well you are ; The Man who wrongs my Friend 
To the £arth*s utraofl Vtrgc I would purfuej 
No Place, tbo' e^r (o holy, fhould prbtedl him; 
No Sh9^ that artful Fear e'er form'd ifaould hide him; 
*TiU he fair Aofwcr made, and did me Joftier. 

Loth, Ha ! doft thou know me? that I am Lothnrk} 
As great a Name as tht^ proud City boafts of. 
Who is this mighty Mao then, this Horath, 
That I fliould bafely hide me from his Anger, 
Left he (bould chide me for his Friend's Di^eafure? * 
Hor. The Brave, 'ris true, do never fliun the Light, 
Juft are their Thoughts, ^nd open are their Tempers, 
Freely without Di^uife they love and hate. 
Still are they found in the fair face of Day, 
And Heav'n and Men are Judges of their Adions. 

i^fi^. Such let 'em be of mine; there's not a Purpofe, 
Which ny Soul ever (ramM, or my Hand afted» 
But I could well have bid the World look on. 
And what I once ^urft do, have dar'd to juftifie* « 

Mor. Where was this open Bbldnefs, tl^s free Spirit } 
When but this very Morning I furpriz'd thee. 
In bafe, diftioneft Privacy, confoking 
And bribing a poor tiiercenary Wretch, 
To iell her Lady's Secrets, ftata her Honour^ 
And with a f orgM Coa^vaacc blaft W Virtae i 

X4 The Fair Penitent. 

At Sight of me thou fiedfi/ 

LQth. Ha! FledJrom thee ? 

Hw. Thou fled'^ ;iod Guilt wu on thee, like a Thtef» 
A Pilferer defcry'd ia fome dark Corner, 
Who there had lodged, with mifcbievous Intent 
To rob and ravage at the Hour of Reft, 
And do a Midnight Murder on the Sleepers. 

jMhn Slave! Vilhunl 

[Offers to 4^09, Ro^fmo kpltls brn. 
- R0j(/rHold, my Lord! think where you are. 
Think bow uniafe, and hurtful to your Honour, 
It were to urge a Quarrel in this Place, 
-And (heck the peaceful City with a Broil. 

L$th, Then fince thou doft provoke my Vengeance, know 
I wou'd not for this City V Wealth, for aU 
Which the Sea .wafts to our LiinriMn Shoar, 
But. that the Joys I reap'd with that fond Wanton, 
The Wife of Mtamm^ (hou'd be as publick 
As is the Noon-day Suo, Air. Earth, or Water, 
C3r any common Benefit of Nature ; 
Think'fl thou I meant the Shame (hou'd be conceaPd? 
Oh no! by Hell and Vengeance, all I wanted 
Was fome fit Medenger to bear the News 
To the dull doating Husband ^ now I have found \iAmi 
And thou art he^ 

Hw, I hold thee bafc enough. 
To break through Law, and Tpurn at Sacred Order, 
And do a brutal Injury like this \ 
Yet mark me well, young Lord, I think CtXtfiA 
Too Nice, too Noble, and toe Great of Soul, 
To be the Prey of fuch a Thing as thou art. 
*Twas bafe and poor, unworthy of .a Man, 


The Fair Penitent. %^ 

^o forge a Scrowl fa.villaaoas and iooie» 
And Mark it «|th<^. noble Lady's tiunti 
Thcie are the oaeaOy dtflumeft . Artt x>f Gowardfi 
' Strangers, to Manhood, and to glorious Dangers j 
'Who bred at Homean Idleneft and Rior, 
^Ranfack for^Miftrefies th* unwholfome Scews, 
And never know the worth, of virtuous Love. 

L»tb. Think'ft thou tforg'dthe Lectftr ? Think (qM\, 
Till the bread Shanae comei. ftaring in thy Face». 
And Boys (hall hoot the Cuckold as he paflcs. 

Hot. Away, no Woman cou'd defcend fo low : 
A skippiogr dancing, worthlefs Tribe yooate. 
Fit only for your (elves, yon Herd together -y - 
And when the circling GUfs warms your vain Hearts, 
You talk of Beauties that you never faw, 
And fancy Raptures that you never Jcnew. 
r Legends of Saints, who never yet had Being, 
Or being, ne'er were SaintSi ar« not £o falfe 
Aa the fond Tales which you recount of Love.' 

L^tk. But that I do not hold it worth my Leifure,' 
I cott'd produce fuch damning Proof— — 

H0r. Tis falfe, 
'You blaft the Fair with Lies becaufe ihey feorn^ou,^ 
Hate you like Age, like Uglinefs and Impotence : 
Rather than make you bleft they wou'ddie Virgins,. 
And flop the Propagatibn of Mankind. 

L$ih, It is the Curfe of Fools to foe fecure. 
And that be thine and Jltmnmf$ : Dream on, 
.^Dor think upon my Vengeance 'till thou feel'd it« 

Ji»f, Hold, Sir, another Word,. and then farewel^ 
Tho* I think greatly of C«/ij^«*s Virtue, 
And hold ic fai- beyond thy Pow'r to hurt i 

C • Yet 

Yet u (he (hare* the Hrtwor wf «iF ^M>m, , 
That Treafure of « 8oWi*, Irtgfct wi«h Blaod, 

And kept M lafc'i&pemn, I ««* wtAave . - 
( Mark me. yewg Sir) M v«J «mb«1«I*W?*'- 
Learn to reftrain thelioeKeetft*'*?"""* 
•TiV heW yoii irt too hwflb. wheh yotf*« Met 
Among year flet bf FeoW, trik »f yoaf Owfi, 
Of ffl«, »f Wh*e^»f Hitefis, «t«l foorSeJwj 

Tis fafer, tad beco«e»^«« l*«*^?f '^•. ^ 
' I«i&. What if we i»a6 bi^rcBd dw Alami Orter? 

And, in D«fi»««*»***^*° **"**"' , r 
Indulge our gayer Ttoqtf.». tet laughter loOfo 

And ufe bis facr^ frittwUttp for omrMitth. 
Btr. 'tis wai! Sir, fou«e!ple»&nt*— , 

r,(«fc. By the Joy*, « . ^^ 

Wliich yet my S«l h«imo»»o?W.p«rfcM. 

1 would not ttfmtfide fhw »y =»wft ««««. 
Tho' aU thy Force^ere ami'dtt bar my W«y«» 
But like the BiKi*, ^ett Nature', tippy Cottimonw^ 
That haunt i« W.ods, in Mead*, .od flPW r# Ctcdetm.. 
RiHe the Sweets, end «ifte the choiceft Fruiw. 
Yet fcorn to ask the Lordly Ownera leav* 

Hw What Uberey *•« «to frefempttwui Youlh, 
That thoBfl«m'dft d*e pto»eke me uUch^y ^ 
But hencefdrth, Bdy, 1 vMm *• ftu» my W»lkH 
If in the Bounds of yoo loAiddeii .PWce 
Again thdu'rt foand, aBpeft a Pmriflimeirt, 
Such as great Souls, iaipati«at«f ajx Iiyury, ^ 
Ex»a from thofc who wroBf 'em muah, ma Dm\i 
Or fometbiog worfe , «> injor'd Husband'. VettgCmoo 
Shall print a thoufand Wounds, tear thy fine Form, 
And fcatter thee to all the Wind, of Hun'o. 

71&e Fair PxNiTENt. vf 

jj^h. Is then mj Way in GvMtk prefcrib'd. 
By a Dependant on the wretched Aktmm. 
A talking. Sir, .that bravi^ls for him in Tavernf^ 
And vQUchtt for his Valoiir's Reputation M 

Hot. Away, thy^ Speech |s fouler than thy Manners. 

l^h. Or if there be a Naooe mare vilc^ hii Parafic^ 
A Beggar's Parafite ! — -• 

Hwr. Now learn Hamaoity, 

£ Oj^ U Jbrik$ htm, Roi&no itUirfc/es* 
Since Brutes and Boys are onljr taught with Jlows; 

Loth. Damnation! [Z%J3r4iv« 

:Bjf£i Hold, this goes no fi^ther hpre. 
Hiuuiot 'cis too much; already lee. 
The Crowd are gathVisg to as. 

UtL Oh Rfiffatw ! 
Or give me way or thou*rt no more my Friend 

lUj^ S€akp^s Servants too have ta'en th' Alarm i 
You'U be oppreft by Nambers, beadvis'd. 
Or 1 muft force you hence; take'c on my Word, 
Yott (ball have Jnftice done you on Hormi0, 
Put up, my Lord. 

Loih, This wo* not brook deisy; 
Weft o( the Town a Mile, among the Rocks, 
Two Hours e'er Nooti to morro,w I txped thee. 
Thy fii^le Hand to mine. ^ 

H^r. Ill meet thee there. 

Loth. To morrow, oh my better Stars! to morrow 
Exert your Influences (hine ftrongly for me } 
*Tis not a common Gonqueft I wou'd gain, 
^ce IL9VC9 as weU as Arms, muft grace my TriumpbJ 
' ' ^ ££xeasss Lothario mtd Roflano? 

C X M0r^ 

z8 The Fair Penitent. 

HDfl Ttvo Hoars e'er'Nooti to isorrowl ba ! e'er thtC 
He lees Ca/^a ! ob untbiofciag Fool— ^ 
Wbit if I urg'd her witb the Crime and Danger ? 
If tnj' Spark from Heav'a ramain nnqiiench'd 
Withia her Breift, my Breath perhaps may wake it; 
. Cou'd I bat profper there, I wou'd not doubt 
My Combat with thit loud vaia-glorioui Boafler. 
Were you, ye Fair, but eautioua whom ye tiuff. 
Did yon but ttunk bon/Ccldam Fooli are juA. 
So many of your Sex wou'd not, in vain, 
Of broken Vowa and faiiblefi Men complaia. 
Of all tbe nrioni Wretcbei Love has made. 
How-few have been by Men of SenTe becray'd? 
Coovinc'd by RetloD, tbey yOHr Pon'rconfeA, 
Pleas'd to be bt[>py, ai you're pleai'd to Ue&, 
Aod confciont of your Worth, cib nerer love yon left. 


the Fair Penitent: -rj 


S C E^ N E' an Afarment in ScloHb'i ViUcfl 

later Sctolco md Califtt. 
Set. TWJO'W by my Life, my Honour, *6m too much; 
•LA Have I not markM thee wayward as thou art, 
Pcrvcrfe and fullcn all thia Day of Joy ? ' 
When evVy Heart wai chear'J i and Mtrth weutiround* ; 
SOrrow» Difpleafore, and repining AnguiHi 
Sate on thy Brow*, iikeibme maligoanc Planet, 
Foe to the Harveft, and the healthy Year, 
Who fcouls ad? erie, and locvs upon the World-^ 
When all the other Stars, with gentle A(pe€t, 
Propitious (hine^ and ^meaning Gopd to Man«- 

Oi/. Is then the Task of Daty half performed? 
Has not your Daughter giv*n her felf to Almm<mh 
Tielded the native Freedom of her Will, 
To an Imperious Husband's lordly Rule, 
To gratjfie a Father's Aera Command f 

ScL Dod thou complain ? 

Ci/. For pity do not frown then-^ 
If in defpight of all my vow'd Obedience^ 
A Sigh breaks out, or a Tear, falls by chance ; 
For oh ! that Sorrow which has drawn your Angei^ . 
Is the fad Native of CallfiiCs Bread, 
And once pofTeft will never quit its Dwellingr- 
Till Life, the Prop of all, (hall lea^ the Buildings 
To tumble down, and moulder iato Ruia« 

C 5 ; Sti. 

30 75&eFAlR PBNITBNTr 

ScL Now by the facred Daft of that dear Saint, 
Ybat was thy Mother, by her wondVoiu Goodncfs, 
Her foft, her tender, moft complying Sweetaefs, 
I fwe* ibose Mien Thougfbt tbtft ftuns the Ufjttt, 
Lnrkt underneath that Sadnefs in thy Viftge. 
6ut mark me well, tho' by yod Retven 1 love thee, 
As much, I think, at a fond Parent ctfi } 
Yet fliott'da thou ( which the Po wVi abo?^ foiWd > 
E'er ftain the Honour of thy Name with kifamy, 
I caft thee off, at one whofe Impious Hands 
tindi twt afunder Nature's ncareft Ties, 
Which once divided never join again. 
To day, I have n^ade a noble Youth thy Hftsband, 
ConOder well his Worth, reward his Love# 
Be willing to be happy, ^i tb<A irt fe. 


Col, How hard is the Conditloii of our Sex, 
Thro' evVy Stale of Life the ^aves of Matt f 
In all the dear delightful Days of Youth, 
A* rigid Father diaates to our Wills, 
And deals out Pleafure with a fcaoty Hand ; 
To his, the Tyrant Husband's Reign fucceeda 
Froud with Opinion of fuperior Reafon, 
He holds Domeftick Bus'oeis and Devotion 
All we are capable to know, and fliuts us. 
Lake Ctoyfter'd Ideots, from the Worki*s Acquaintance, 
And aH the /oys of Freedom ; wherefore are we 
Bora with high Souls, but to aficrt our ftlves, 
Shake off this file Obedience they exaSt, 
And cUnm an equal Etopire c^er the World f 

Tfttf Fair PBNif *NT. 31 

K«r* Shc^i k«ro! ytt«li.i nf TotgiBft it it 4 bfi: ^ 
Teach me^ fooif V0V«'f, tkat happy Art of Spcfcfa, 
To drcTs my AufMb «p iagamui W«rdflii 
Socb as may §tMf fteal iap9» hw Soul, 
And never waken the tempc^atis Paffinna^ 
By HetveA fl^ fveeps ) «««^F4»ifive ine» Faif C/iilg/il«f 
If I preramt'OftFkrinkgc «f Ffmidft^ 
To join my Grief to yours, and mourn the fivtls 
That hurt your Peace* and quenob thole Ejtet in Tear^ 

C4/. To fififi oniook'd htoamf private Sorrow. 
Speaks not the Matt of Honour^ nor the Friend» 
But rathjir«Mai the ftpy« 

Hot. \hikkMf did ! 
For oh! atliMroaejea acevle tMMAy» 
I OMne td prove mj kK €»^»Wnsad. 
Cs/, Yon arc my Htosband*^Frieaid, the Waad ofj A^^mu . 
.»r. Are yon not one f Are yon not jMd by fieav o» 
Each intfrwdven with the other's Fate f 
Are you not mix'd Hfce Streams of meeting Rivers, 
Whofc blended Waters are no morediftingiiiih'd^ 
But reul info the Sea, one common Wood I 
Then, who can give fats Pncfflffhipr but to one ? 
Who can be Ahtimm\ and not Ctilifial% ? 

CW. Force, and the WiH* of our Imperious Rulers, ' 
May bind two Bodies in one wretched Chain 1 
But Mhids win ftill look back to thcir^own ChoicCi 
So the poor Captive in ^ Fgrcign Realm, 
Stands on the $hpar, and f^n^s his iVilhes back 
To the dear Native Land from whence he came 
U9r. When Sotis that ihdu*d agree to Will the ftnie, 

C 4 r To 

S^ 7%^ Fair Peniipenx., 

To have one comooon Objed for their Wiflie», 
Look different v^aye regirdlef* of each other. 
Think what a Trainrof Wretcbednel&enrues, 
Lofe ihail be banifh'd from^tbe Genial Bdi,: 
The Night (hall all be iondy and unqdet,: 
i\nd ev'ry Day (hall be a Day of Cares.- 

C«/. Then all the boafted Office of thy FMeadihip>/. 
Was but to tell Caiifts what a Wretch (he isi'. 
Alas ! what needed that? 

H^vOhl rather fay, 
1 came to tell her how (be might be bappy^ : 
'To footh the fecret Angnilh of her Son!, 
To comfort that Fair Mourner^ /that forlorn one.' 
And teach her Seeps to know the. Paths of Peace.' 
CuL Say thou to whom this Paradiiie ta koowo. 
Where lies the blifsfd Region ? Mark my; way to iu 
For oh! *ti|.ftire, I ioDg to be »t Reft. - 

Jftr.Tlie^*-;— to be Good is to be Happy ^—r- Angela 
Are happier than Mankind, b:caure they are better. 
Guilt is the fourcc of Sorrow i 'tis the Fiend, 
The avenging Fiend, that follows us behind 
With Whips and Stings i the bleft know none oT thisi 
But nA in everlafting Peace of Mind, 
And find the height of all their Heav'n is Goodnefs* 

CmI And what boU Parafite's officious Tongue 
Shall dare to tax C4/i/?4*s Name with Guilt ? 

Hot. None (hou'd 5 but 'tia a bufie, talking WorW, 
That with licentious Breath blows like the Wind, 
As freely on the Palace, as the Cottage. - 

CuL .What myflick Riddle lurks beneaththy Words;. • 
Which thou wott*d(Lfccm.unwilling to exprefs. 


The Fair Penitent. 3^ 

'A« if it meant Difhonour to my Virtue ? 
Away with the ambiguous ihuffling Phrafe» 
Aod let thy Oracle be uuderftood. 

Hot, Lothmp\ 

Col. Ha! what wouMftthou mean by/ktm*?' 

fitff. U$A»h and CMliftmi Thus they jda 

Two Names, which Heav'o decreed (hou'd never meet » 

Hence have the Talkers of this populons Oty^ 

A (hameiiil* Tale to tell for pubUck Sport, 

Of an unhappy Beauty, a Mfe^ Fair one« ' 

Who plighted to a noble Youth her Faith; 

.When (he had giv'a her Honour to a WretcbJ 

'Gf/. Death/ aod Gonfufion! Have 1 liv'd to this ? 
Thus to be treated with unmanly lofolcnce! 
To bo the Sport of aloofe Ruffian's Tongue i<^ : 
Thus to be us'd! thus! like the>vileft Creaturey , 
Jhtt ever was a Slave to Vice and lafamy. . 

Abr* Ey Honour and fair Truch, you wrong me much*- 
For on ,my Soul nothing ^ut*firong Nece(Iity» 
Cou*d urge.;ny Tongue co this ungrateful Office : 
I- came vsricb (tror^Relu^nce, as if Death . 
Had ilood^ acf pIs' my Way, to fave your Honour, 
Yours and Seiolt0\ yours and Alttuncnfi^ 
Like one who ventures chro' a burning Pile, ^ 
To five his tender Wifc» with all her Brpod < 
Ot little Fondlings, from the dreadtul Ruin. 

Cs/. la this! Is this the famous Friend of AlsmnmP^ 
For noblct Worthy and Deeds of Arms reno.wa'd f 
If this ! this Tale-bearing, Officious Fellow^ 
That watchea for Intelligence from Eyes^ . . 
Thia wrctchd[ Argnsoi a jealoiil Hosband*. 

.C s^ That 

^4 Thf Fair pBNiTzinr. 

7hat fillf hif etfie Ban with monftcoiM Taks, 
And makeahifli left, and rave, aod wreak at Icflgth 
Bloody Revenge on his defencclefi Wife $ 
Who gniitleff dies, bedmfe her Fool ran mad. 

lUr* Ala! tki$ Rage M vain i for if joat Fame^ ; 

Or Peace be worth joof Care^ yon 9Mift hi catas* 
Add Hileato thb «ieeBt are left te fate ''eA. i 

*Ti8 now the iQtkf Mifiitte fif yoor AlCi^ 
Bj me your Genm ^)ei^» by me if waitei yw; 
Never to fee that corA Lsih4in» oioiv, ^ 

Unicfi you mean to be de^'4 be lhtion'd» 
By all your tirdious Maidc and noble MalroBai 
Ufllefi foU have deVoted this rare fieaury . i 

To Infamy, Difeafes» Proftit»tttn^i**— 

Cd. DilhbBoor blaft thee, Mb, vnmanatrV tfivtl 
That dar'ii forget my Birth and hixti Sey, 
And- (hock me with the fade unhallaw'd Sound. 

tCl^. Here kfli^, imd in the awfel Fue of Heav\i; 
Breath out a foteoui V«w, never Co (be, 
Hor tbitdc, tf polTiblc, on fakn that ruin'd thee} 
Or by my AltMmont^t dear fife I Iwear, 
Thii Paper ! ——Nay you mufi not fly ! — Tlda Paper, 

This guilty Pa^r<haR divulge your Shamr— — 

Ctd, What liiean'^ thou by that Paper ? WfaatContrivance 
Haft thou been forging todecdve my Father^ 
To tdrn liis Healt i%«lnft hh vrretched Daughter, 
That j^tmimt and thou may fhare bit Weiltli ? 
A Wrong like this wiH make ineev*n forget 
The Wcakncfs of my Sex— ^ lor « Sword, 
To urge my Vengeance en the VJUainli Hand 



The F A J » l* Ji M T B« T^ 3S 

That forg'd timiScrtml. 

H9r. BtM<, can diu b9^#rg'4 1 ^ 
Set where Cdifiaft NaiQe— *-*• 

Ca. To Atoms thvf, [X^^rfV i^* 

That lot me ittr the ftlt» ^t(led FtliW4i 
The wicked, lying Afideooe ot 9hliq[it. 

JHiffa QoishlCofi I 

Cd. Heocefortb, thoa offieioni (Potl» ' 
Meddle nQ^snote; n^r dare or'o on thy Ulfl 
To breith an Acoent tlmt ina|p i^uch my Vytpe t 
f am my fidf <!he Guar^itn of my HoooUfi 
And wo' not bear fo iafdent a ldo9Jl»r« 

tlMUr Alumont. 

Jit. Where is my fife, my Loft, my durcmB Bride, 
Joy of my Heart, and Healuce of my B^9$t 
The Wi(h, the Cart, Mid BiM'aeit of my YoQth ? 
Oh/ let me find her, fnatdi her to my BreAft ! 
And teH her ihe ddays my Blift too long, 
'Till my foft Sool ev*o fickess with Defire. 
Dtforder'd!^— i^and in Tears! fftrmi^ tool 
My Friend is in AflMze T^—^iMiic can it me^a / ,. 
Tell me, Ct/^ii, who las done ohee wrong. 
That my farift Swoid may find out the Qf qnderj 
And do thee ample Juffiee, 

Ct/. Tur A to him* 

Alt. HwMk } ^ 

Oil. To chat hfalent. ^ 

Alt* My Friend! ^ 

Cou\l*e do thill Ht, who was half my fclf !; 


3^ 7Z*^ Fair PesiTE-N^ii. 

One Faith has ever boond us, and. one Realbn . 
Guided our Willi: Have I not (bond him joft, 
Honeft as Tnith it (elf ? And coa'd he break 
The S^naity of Friendibip ? CoaM he wound 
Tile Heart of Aliamm in his Oili/la } 

CsL I thoDght what Juftiee I Ihoo'd find horn thee f> 
Go fawn npon him; liften to his Tale, 
Applaud U» hlaiicc, that wou'd blaft my Fame, * 
JM treat me like a common Pit>fiitote. 
Thoa art perhaps Gonf^ratetn his Mifchief, 
And wilt believe the Legend* if he tells it. 

Jilt. Oh Impious/ Wbatprefitmptaous Wretch fliaOdi^i - 
To offer at an Injury like that ? > 

PHefthood, nor Age^ nor Cowardiie it felf, 
Sfasdl fave'liira from the Fury of 'my Vengeanoes* 

CmI. The Man who dar'd to do it was J9«r«i»»{ '~ 
Thy darliiTg Fjiend! *Twas Akiittmt\ Hdnaitl 
But mark me well ! While thy divided Heart 
Dttata on a Villaia that has wrohg'd roe thus, .r 
No Force /hall drag me^o thy hated Bed ; 
1^ csn my cruet Father's PowV do more 
Thsn flitot me in a Cldyfter; there, well pleas'd* ^ , 

Religious Hankies wHl l* leari^ to bear, . - i 

To fafti'^nd freeze at Midnight Hours of Pray'r sr-\ 
Nor think it hard, within a lonely Cell, 
With.- MeUncholy, fpeecMefs Saints tbdwellj . 
But blefs^'the.Djy 1 to that Refuge ran, 
Free f ron) th« Marriage Chain, and^from that Tyrant,^ Man; . . 

[ JExf/ Califla. 
> Alt, Sbe'sgonej.and*asile went. Ten thonfaodFirea 
Shot from her angry E)es, as if (h^ meant 


The FAIRfFBHltlJRT, jy- 

. Ite well to keep the cruel Vow Ibe made. 
Mow M thou irt M Mto, H^rsith, ull me. 
What meanf thii vM Goafufioa ia thj Looki? 
Af if thoa wert at variance -with thy felf, 
Madncfs and Reafon combating within thee. 
And thou wert doubtful which Aicu'd^get the bettety^^ 

Hpt. I^wott'd be dumb for ever, but ifay <Fate . 
Has otherwifc decreed it) thou hail ieea^ 
That Idol of thy Soul,, that fair CMlifisi 
Thou haft beheld bM Tem. 
jilt, I have feen-her weep,. 
I have leen that lovely 4me, that dear Oil^^ 
Gomplainmg in the Bitterfiefs of Sorrow, 
That thpu ! my Friend ! Bar^k ! thou hadft wroog'd her* 
Hw. That I have wrong'd her! Had her Eyes been fed 
From that ridiStream which warms her Heart,aadnuarf)er'd 
For ev'ry latling Tear a drop of Blood,. 
It had not been too much). for (be has ruin'd thee, . 
£v'n thee, my jUitmnm$\ She has undone thee. 

AU. Doft thou join Ruin with CnHfi^'t Name ? . 
What u fo £dr, (b exquidtely good ? 
Ii^ sot more than Paiatiog.caa ezprefs/- ^ 
Or youthful Poets (ancy, wheo tlhey love ? \ 

Does the. not come, Ijkc Wiidom, or good Fortune^ 
fCepleat with Blefliogs, giving Wealth and Honour r ^ 
The Dowry which flie brings- is. Pe^ce and Plcafure, 
And everlaftiog Joys are in her Arms. 

Hbr. It. had been better thou.hadil liv'd a Beggar^ . 
And fed on Scrap at great Measiuriy Doors,- , 
Than to have match'd with one fo iaire,fo fatal— ^ 
jfb. It is too much for Frieodfliip to allow tbce; 


^ Tke Fa in Pr»xTBKif, 

Becanfe I tamdj bore the Wroog tkoa liidft to; 
Thon dofk avow the harb^roQs. bratal Part. 
And nrgeihe Isjury ev^n to mj Face. 

HiT. I fee ihe has got Pofleffioa of thy Hear^^ 
She has charm*d thee, like a Shtii> to her Btd, 
With Looks of Love> and with enebatttuig Sooildii 
Too lace the Rocks and Qotck-fiuids will appear. 
When thou art wreckt upon the laithMf Shear, 
Then vainly wilh thoa hadft not left they Friend, 
To follow her Delafioo. 

Jtlf. If thy Friendfl^p 
Do chortiflily deny my Ldve a "Room, 
It is not worth my heeping, t ^daim if . 

H0». Canft thoa fe fqon forget what f vt been to tliecf 
I fharM the Task of Nature with thy^Fathm*, 
And fbrm'd wkh Care thy oroexperiencM Yotith 
To Virtue and to Arms. 
Thy ndble Father, oh thou light young Man ! 
WottM he have us'd me thus? One Fdrtaffe feci us; 
For his was ever tnincj mine his, and both 
Together flourifli'd and together fdl. 
He call*d me Friend, like thee ? wouM he hikve left me 
Jhus r for a Woman? nay, a vfleone too ? ' 

Alt. Thou canft not, darYl not mean it, (peak f^ain; 
Say, who is vile F but dare not name OillJIa, 

H9i^, I had not (poke at firjl, unlefs compell'd, ' 
And lorc'd to dear my CAU but fince thus urg^d, 
I muft avow I do not know a yiler. 

jA. Thou wert my Father's Friend»helov'd theeweOj 
A kiiid of venerable Mark of him 
Hangs round thee, and proteds thee from my Vengeance : 

■ I 

Ths Fair PE^zTBNt. 3^ 

I cmnoty dare aot lift my Sword agftinft A^, 
Bat henceforth never let ae fee thee more. 

H9r. I love thee ftill, ttngrateful as thou art, 
And niuft,iind nrill preferve thee frQm Diflionoiir» 
Ev'n in defpight ol.tljfc. LmUsUm: 

jUi. Let go my Arm. 

J»w. If Ronottr^be ihy Cari|^ if thou wou'dft Brc; 
Without ti;^ Name of credulous ^ttal Hathaod* 
Avoid thy Bride, Oun her detefted Bed, 
The Joyi it yieldi are daih'd ivith Poyiba*-~ 

J^f, Off/ 
To urge am but t Mioute more ii fiitaL 

i20r. She ia pottuted ! (binM ! 

Alt. Madacfip and 
Eut hence! 

Ai0r. Dlflionour'd by the Man you bate •« 

Al$. i fwithee^oofe me ytt, for tbf o«ra lake* 
If Life be vvorth the keeping i ■ ■ 

irar. By iMbsurk. ' 

Aii. Perditiott take thee, Vilkdo, for the falfliood. 

Now nothing bii£ thy Life can make Atonement. . 
jFfor. A JUow ! Thou kaft ua^d me 

jUu This to thy Heart" ■ > ■ 

Hw. Yet hdd!-^-^ By Heaven hia Fathcr'a in his Face; 
Spight of my Wrongs my Hoart ranao'erwitiiT6adcraefs» 
And I iceu'^ rather die my ielf, than i)ort him. 

Udi. Defend thy lel^ for by my much wvon£fd Love* 
I (Wear the poor Evafion fh^ not ftte theesi 



k6 The Fa I r P e n i t eN t:r 

m. Yet hold! tbou know'ft I dare ! T^hink how 

We've liv'd- 

C^A*'J Altamont frf/« «r 
Horatio, vbo ripires. 
Nay ' ttca'tis brutal Violence ! And thus, 
Thtti Nature bids me guard the Uft (he gatre.^^^ ^^^ 

LavWa ^^rn tmd^fms hitwm their Smrds. 

t4i;. MyBrothcrl MyWrf^m! itis pofliblef 
Ob « turn your cmri Swords upon £»feiw^: 
If you muft quench your impious Rage m Blood. 
Behold, my Heart (hall gi?e you all her Store, 
To five thofe dearer Streams that flow frotn your j^ 

Ah •TisweUthouhaftfoundaSafcguardi nonebutthis. 
No Pow'r on Earth cou'd favc thee from my Fury. 

I^. Oh fatal, deadly Sound I 

Hw. Safety from «hee ! , „ * . ' 

Away vainBoyi Haft diou forgot the Oevercnce . 
Due to my Arm; thy firft, thy great Example^ 
Which pointed out thy way to noble Daring. 
And ftew'a thee what it was to be a Man? . 

jUi;. What bufie, medling Fiend. what FoctoGoodncfk. 
Could kiudlefuch a Difcord ? Ob .1 lay by' 
. Thofe moftufigentle Looks, ani angry V/eapons, >. 
Uolefi you mean my Griefs , and killing Fears, ^ 

Should ftretch me out at- your^elentlefi Fecti 
A wretched Coarfc. the Yiaim of your Fury . 

Htff. Ask'a thou whaimadeusFocsrcwaibafc Ingratitudo 
•Twss fuch a Sin to FriendOiip, as Heaven's A«ercy, 
That ftrlves wkhMan's untoward, monftroui Wickcdnefs, 
ILiweary'd with Forgiving, fcarce cou'd p^don.. 


Tbt Fair Penitert. 41^ 

H^ who was all to me. Child ! Brother ! Friend! 
With barb'rous bloody Malice, fought my Life. 

j^\ ThoB art my Silkr, and I would not make tbeo 
The lonely Mowner pf » widowVf Bed, 
Therefore rb'y HoclAnd's Ltfe is faftf $ but warn htm^t 
Ko more to knewthis HofpitableRoof, . 
He has but ill repaid S^Wi Bounty-; 
We muf^'^ot meet i 'tis dangerous i f arewel. 

f I'Ht isgoingy Lavinia holds hihil • 

Lav. Stay Attkmmt\ my Brother fhy, if ever 
Nature, or what is nearer much than Nsture^* 
* The kind Cdnfent of^our agreeiog Minds. . 
Have made us dear to one another, flay, 
And fpeake one gentle Word to your H&rath^- 
Behold, his Anger melts he longi to love you; ' " ^ 
To call you Friend, then preft you hard, with aU' 
The tender, fpeechlefs Joy of R6cdndlements. 

jih. It cannot, iha* not be !<-«*— you muft not hold me* 

Ldv. Look kindly then f * 

Jib. Each Minute that 1 flay. 
Is, a| new Injury to fair Califis. 
From thy falfe Friendfhip, to her Arms Til dy i 
There, if in any'paufe of Love I reft, 
Breatbtefs withBlifs', upon her panting Breafly' . 
In broken, melting Accents I wiUfwear, 
Henceforth to truft my Heiarc with none but her ; 
Then own the (Oys, which on her <]harmf attend.' 
Have more than paid me for my faithlefs Friend, 

[ Altamont hrniksfrwn Lavinia, smdSfiit.: 

Hfir. Oh raife thee, my Lavinm, from the Earth \ - 
It isioo mucbi this Tlde-of flowing Grief> . 

4* Thi Faik Peniient. 

This wond'roue wafieof Tean» (60 msch to ff9ti - 
l^n iingratcfiil Frkod,. ae4 crod icoilifi!* 

Ztfkris there not caoff f^r Wwping 9 QVHotM^ 
A Brother and « Httthwd were mf Trm6u>c, 
*Twas aU'the littk Wealth) that poor Isvmm 
Sav'd from the Shipwreck of her Patber'a Fortiue«» 
Ooe half U loft already, if thos loav'ft aie» 
If thou fliould'ft prove uokiad to m^ •• 4iH»ml^ 
Whom (hall I fiad to pity xa^ Dtftreft* 
To have CompaiSoo 00 % belpleia. Wandtrer^ 
And give her where to ky her wietebcdHead \ 

Uof. Why dofi: thott wowid me evitb thy feftCoflt^ 
platoings ? 

Tho' AUmum be iMt^ «ri oft mt hyrilf » 
Tec think not I impote hit CrioMt to ihM 
Talk not of beiog foi&fce^^ for 1*8 iKipAer; 
Next to my Hei^» my certain Plcrice^of ffapptoda* 
HeavV ^M^flA'd diee gentle, fair, aodfoUt of Qop^ffcf^ 
And 0iade thee all my Portion hov on Sarib i 
It gave thee to me> at a laige emeodf. 
For Fortnne, Friends, and aE the World befido. 

£«v« Then yoa millbve me ftiU« cbeufli mo tirerA 
And hide me from Miafortune in yQur Bofom: 
Here end my Cares, nor will llofip ode Thought, 
How we (hall live, or purchaie Food and Ralmenr. 
The holy Fow% who dothca che feafeled F^th, 
With Woodv with Froit8».withFlQw'£S,end verdant GiaA, 
Whole hoontoous Hand feeds the whole Brute Cccatioo, 
Knows all our Wanta* and has enoogh to give ns. 

Bw* From QmM% from Fallhood 4nd InconAancy* 

To fome more boneft diiUot CKior we'll go, 

^ * ■ Nor 

The Faivi. Penitekt. 41 

Nor will r be bekolding to in'y Coanirr, 
For oi^bt but titw, tlie Partner of my FHglir. 

Lmv, Yei, I will follow thee ; forfake, for thee, 
M; Cpootrj, Bt'ttther, Friettlr, e»'a all,! biTCi 
Tho* miac't a little all t jet were it mors. 
Aod better hr, it tima'i be left for thee. 
And all that I won'dkcep fliouM be Htrttif. 
So when the Hwehant ftw hit VeftI bft, 
Tho* lieUy Freigbtcd from a FareJga CoaS, 
Gladly, for Ufe, the TreaTun be wou'd give i 
And only wifhei t« cfape, lad Utc. 
Gold and hit Gnu Bo mere employ fait Mind, 7 

Bat driving o'er the Billawi wilh the Wind, ^ 

Qeavei to oocluthbt nanlb •adksveitBe ifftMiiad.^ 


^- Tie Fair. PENiTENr. 


SCENE, a GarJeffl 

E»^#^ Altatnonr. 
^// TTJ I T H what unequal Tempers arc'wc fbrmM f 
W oitt Day tbcSoul fupine with Eifc and Fiilae6» 
Reveb fecure, and fondly tells herfcif. 
The Hour of Evil can rtturn no more ; 
The rext. the Spfirits pall*d, ^nd fick of Ri6t> 
Turn all (o Difcord, and wcbate our Beingsf ' 
Curfe the pMl Joy, and think it FoUy^all; 
And Bitteraefs, and Anguifh. Oh! laft Night f 
What has ungrateful Beauty paid me back, 
For all that Mafs of Friendfliip which I fquander'd ? 
ColdoeA, Averfion, Tears> and fullen Sorrow, 
Daih'd all my Blif;, and damp'd. my Bridal Bed. 
Soon as the Morning dawn'd, (he vanifh'd from me, 
Releaflefs to the gentle Call of Love. ' 

I have loft a Friend, and 1 hav« gafn'd-*w-.t Wife! " 
Turn not to Thought my Brain $ ^t let' me find > 
Some unfrequented Shadei there lay me .down, . 
And let forgetful Dulnefs ffeal upon iiaeji^ 
To foften and aflwage this Fain of Tfaiiaking« [ Exit7 

Mn$ir Lothario "jtifi/ Califta. 
JJthi ^Wtep not my Fair, but let the God ofl/ive- 
Laugh in thy Eyest and Revel in thy Hearty 
Kindle again his Torch, and hold it high. 
To light as to new Joys $ nor let a Though^ < 

, / Of: 

Of Difcord, orPifquiet pad, moleil thee 
Bot to a long ObIi?ion give thy Cares* 
And let ot melt the prefenc Hour in Blifs. 

C4/. Seek not tofooth me with thy falfe Endearments^ 
To Charm me with thy Softnefi : 'cis in vain : 
Thou cM*ft no more betray, nor I be ruin'd. 
The Hours of Folly, and of fond Delight, 
Are wafied all and fled $ thofe that remain 
Are doom'd to Weeping* Anguifli and Repentance.^ 
1 come to charge thee with a long Account, 
Of all the Sorrows 1 have known iilready. 
And all I have to come 1 thou haft undone me. 

Uth. Unjuft CdlifitiX Doft thou call it Ruin, 
^To Love as we have .done $ to melt, to languilh. 
To wi(h for Jbmewhat exguifitely Happy, 
And then be blcfl ev*n to that WxWs height? 
^0 die with Joy, and flrait to live again, 
^peechlefs to gaze, and with tumultuous Tranfport— — ^ 

en/. Oh ! let me hear no more, I cannot bear it, 
'Tis deadly to Remembrance }.let that ^ight. 
That guilt J Night, be blotted from the Year, 
^ Let not the Voice of Mirth, or Mufick know it; 
Let it be'datk and defolate, no Stars 
To glitter o'er it j let it wifli for Light. . 
Yet want it flill, and vainly wait the Dawn; 
For 'twas the Night that gave me up to Shame; 
To Sorrow, to perfidious, fUfe LothMth. 

LHhMtkt this* ye Pow'cs, mark how the Fair Deceiver 
Sadly complaitis of violated Truth $ 
She calls me falfe, ev'n She, the faithlefs She, 
"^hom Day aad Nigbcwhom Heaven and Earth have heard 

-*"' : ~ ■"' ■" ^-Sighiog 

4^ The Fair Pei^iteni. 

Sighiog td vo^, and teaderly protcft. 
Ten thoafand times, She would be only mine? 
And yet, behold* (he has^iv'o her fdf away, 
FttdTrom my Armi and wedded to another, 
Ev'o to the Man whom mo$ I bate on Earth« 

CiU, Art thou fo bafe,, to upbraid me with a Qimet 
Which nothing but thy Cruelty could caufe! 
If Indignation, raging in my Soul» 
For thy unmanly Infolence and Scprn, 
UrgM me to do a Deed of Defpe^ation, 
And wound my felf to be reveng'd on |tbec« 
Think whom I AouM d^ote to 0cath andllelt» 
Whom Curfe^ as my Uodper, but loibari^i 
Hadft thoti been Jtfftr not all S€i0ko*s PowV, ' 

Not all the \^W8 and Pray'r3 of fighing AlismM^ • 
Could have prcvail'd, or won me to forfake thee^ 

"Uth. How -iiave 1 faii'd in JuSice or in Love? 
Burns not m^ Flame as brightly ts at the firfi ? 
£v'n now my Heart beats Jiigh* I knguifh for thee^ 
My Tranfports are .ar 6erce, as firoqg my Wifhes, 
As if thou hadft never bleft me with my Beauty* 

Cd. How didft thou dare to think that I wopld live 
A Slave to bafe Defires, andbr^ital Bleafures> 
To be a wretched Wanton for thy Lei^, 
To toy, Slid wafte ^n dour of idle Time w^hjt 
l|Iy Soul difdaina tbi^e &r (a mean a T^oqght. 

jMh> The <lrivipg Storm QfPaffioo.willliJure.wajr* 
And I muft yield before ks wer't (hQUcaloo^ 
Love, the poqr Crimiaa], wJyom thou hafl dooip'd. 
Has yet a thouiand tender things to plead. 
To chasm thy Rage, and n^tigate hii Fate« 

Ba^ MM Am Altiiiioftr. 
jfft. 1 haire loft Aj Teaee-da! do I five, ana wakef-*^ 
Ol. Hadfl thdtt biM troe, botir hafiipy had 1 l)€eri? 
Not lAJMMww, tut elioii hadft been my Lord. 
Bat wJieref6re iiAm*d I HapjulHeis widi Ace t 
It il for il!«e, for thee, that I tm tattti 
For thee, mj ^kettt S^Vekth Hottr atratgiii me; 
Cans :ine toMlWer fot tty Virtue AaiA'd, 
Mf filoi!66tti^/ltb Aee-, for thee ft haaitti me, 
With tlem sMd tdH^itigV^ogeance on m6 ; 
With jUfmmt coihpiaitfii^ fb/ hx# Wfoog^— — 
-^., Behold him lierc > — tCmhijtfin^i^J. 

Cnl, Ah!—*-. l^iitttfig, 

Al$* The Wretch ! vHioto thoa haft rnade^ 
Garfes and 'Sorrotvs haft thoa heapVf upon him, 
Audi VmgHh^ il the tm\f Oood is Idti [ Drtti^ng. 
Uth. Thoa h^lft I4ta tte fomeWhit aiiatlrares,*^cistrtte. ' 
But Love and War take tufns^Hke Day and Nj|^j 
And litth Preparation ftms my tttta. 
Equal to bdth, and arm'd for tiiher titU. 
We*re long bean Foes, this moment ends oof Quarivl % 
Earth, Heav'n and fair Cs^p^ jndge the Combat. 
Cai. Diftradion! Coryl Sorrow/ Shame! andBeath/ 
^/•Thoo baft talk'd tt>oinoch,thy Bttath is Poifon to mc;» 
It taints the ambient An*; this for my Father, 
This for SMto^nndttm laft for JHuofmi. 

IThtylitghti Lothario is wcmMaum^ iwia, 40/ 

Z$ib, Oh' AUmMm ! tbf Genius is the ftri^nger. 
Thou haft prevaiPd / — ^-My Heree ambitious Sod 
Dcdining droops, and all her Fires grow paki 

^ Tb0 Fair Pen mteni:. 

Yet let not this Advant^^e (well thy Pridff* 
I Coi^ueKd in my turn, in Love I Triiimph'd: 
Thofe. Joyf are lodg'd beyond the reach of Fate $ 
That fweet Revenge comes fmilingto my Thovghti^ 
Adorns my i^. and chear$my Heart in dying* . [tDm^ 
OA. And what remains for me? Befet with Shame i 
Eacompafs'd round with Wretchednefs, there is 
But this one way, to break the Toil and Ycape. 

\^Sht CAUhts up Lothario'i ^wsri, Mui pftrU9 kiUhn 
filf \ Alcamont rmi to heff and vnf^yitfrom her. 

AU. What means thy frantick Rage I 

CaL Off! let me go. 

Jilt, Oh! thoa haft more than murder'dmr^ yetfiill, 
ScHI art thou here! and my Soul ftarts with Horror, 
At thought of any Danger that may reach thee. 

,Gf/i Think'ft thou I mean to live ? to he forgiven ^. 
Oh ! thou hafi known iuit little of Cslifis i 
If thou hadft never heard my Shame, if only 
The midnight Moon, and ^ent Stars had feen it; 
I would not bear to be reproach'd by them. 
But dig down deep to find a Grave beneath* 
And hide me from their Beams. 

^c/tfi/^ipf/^/^J What ho! raySon! 

Ah. It is SMo calls i come near, and find me,' 
The wretchcd'ft Thing of all my Kind on Earth, 

C4/. Is it the Voice of Thunder, or niy Fatheti 
Madnefs! Confofion ! let the Storm come on, , 

ijju the tumultuous Roar drive all upon me, 
Da(h my devoted Bark ; ye Suiges, break i( ; 
trisfor my Ruin that the Tcmpcft sifes, 


Tbe Fair PbnitjentJ 49 

When I am loft, funk to the bottom lov7» 
Peace (hall return^ and ^ be calm agaio* 

Satw Sdako, _ 

ScK Ev'tt ndw 'B^fm leap'd tbe Ganlen Wall^-^ . 

Ha! Death bu been amoog yo«t-«->Oh my Fears/ 
Laft Night thou hadft a dift'reooe with thy Friend, ¥ - 
. The Caofe thon gav'ft me for it was a damn'd ooe i 
Didft thou not wtoogthe Man who toVl thee Truth? 
Aniwer me ^pid t '" ■ ■ 

Ak, Oh! iMvfs.menotto fpeafe, 
Ef*o now my Heart is breaidflg, and the mention 
Will hy me dead before yon i fee that Body, 
And goefi my Shame! my Ruin! oh €Mfia\ 

Set. It if enoo^! bat 1 am flow to Execute, 
And JuftTcelii^erf in my laey Hand s 
Thus let me wipe DiOiononr from my -Name; 
And cue thee from the Earth, thou Stain to GoodoeiL*.: 

[ Offm u *itf CalUla, Altamot^-foW km, • 
Alt. Stay thee, Sditf, thou ra(h Father ftay. 
Or turn the Point on me, 4Uid thft>' my Breafi 
Gut out the Moody Paflage to Grig&fi 
So fliall my IkOve be pcrfed*, while for her 
I die, for whom alonei wtfh'd to livc« 

6a. No, Akmmt\ my Heart, that fcom*d thy Love, ! 

Shall never be indebted to thy Pity; 
Thus torn, defaced, and wretched as I ieem, 
StiD I have ibmethkig of 8eMi^% Virtue. 
Tetl yes, my Father, I ap|rfaad thy Joftice, j 

Strike home, and I wiH bleftthee for the Blow; » \ 

Be merdfol, and free me from my IVmi, 
n[is tarpi "ttt terrible, and I oou'd curfe 

D The 

59 . The. Via i r : P Sn jit e lix 

Tbecbearful Daj^ Mca, Etreb, and'Heair^a, sndTiicei « 
Ev'n thee, thou veoerablegooif'.Old Maa,. 
For being Author of a Wretch like me. 

Alt. Liften not to the Wildocfs of her Rariflg, . 
Remember Nature / fheo'd thy Daughter's Murder 
Defile that Hand, fo juft» :£> great in Arms, , 
Her Blood wooM reft, upon thee to Poftcrity« ' 
Pollute thy Name, and ^liUy :a]l thy Wars. * 

Cn/, Have I not wrong'd his»gentle Nalture much f: 
And yet behold him pleadtfig for my life, r 

Loft as thou art, to Virtue, oIi.CmI^mI 
I think thou canft not bear to be outdone ; 
Then hafte to die, and be oblig'd noioiore. 

SeL Thy pious Car« has giv'^a me time to thiak^ • 
And fav'd me from« (Prime $• then reft iQy)$wMf»:. ' r 
To Honour have I kept theecirer facrcd, v^r 
Noff Will 1 ftain thee with a raih Reveogei i 

Bob, mark me well, J will hatte Juftice done ; 
Hope not to bear away thy Crtmes unpunifti'dt 
I will fee Juftice executed oa thoe, , 
Ev'n to a R0f»4» ftridodsr And thou, Natttre; 
Or whatfoe'er thou -art that plead*ft wtchitt flp^^ . 
he ftill, thy tender Stmgliogs are in .vain. 

Ciii.Thenam I doom'd tolive, mdbear your Trininphi^ 
To groan beneath your $corn and fierce Upbraidiogt^ 
Daily to be reproach'd, and have my.Mifery 
At Morn, at Koon and Night told over to ipir. 
Left my Remembrance might grow picifol. 
And |;rant a Moment's Intefval of Pcacij i . , 
Is this, is tbi« the Mercy pf a father I , 
1 only beg to die, and he dcjuff.iyie, ... 



»« Biw r . Ill 1 




TiJ^ Fair Pekitent. ri 

W. Hence f«m my^ht.thy Father cannot beuthee- 
¥lf with thy Inftmy to fome dark Cell ' 
Where on the Confinei of Eternal Nigbr, 
Mourning Atofortune, Cares and Anguifli dt^ll, 

And Death and Hell dcteftcd Rule maintain i 
There howl out the remaiBder of thy Ufc, 
And ^wiih thy Nanpc may bcno more remcmber'd' 
Oa. Yet, I will fljj to fome fuch difmal Place, ' 
And be more cQ^a than ^ou can wifli I werej 
TMi fatal Form that drew on my undoing, 
Fafting. and Tears, and Hardfliip (hall deftroy^ 
Nor Light, nor Food, oor Comfortwill I knw. '^ 

No^oaght.th4.t majr coptinue hated Ufe. 
Then when yoii fee me meagre, wao, and chane'd 
Stretch'd It my Lei^tb, and dying in my Cave * ' 

On that cold Earth' I mean /hall he my Grave, 
Perhaps you may relent, and iigbing fay. 

At length her Tears h^ve wafh'd her Stains away. 

At length* 'tis time her Punifliment (hou'd ceafe/ 

Ke thoii, poor fufPr ing Wretch, and be at peace. 

Sc$, Who of my Servants wait there f ' 

On your Lives . 

Take care my Doors b^ guarded well, that none 

Pafs our, or enter, but by my Appointment, i 

^t. There is a fatal Fury in your Vi6^^ 
It blades fierce, and m^iac^s Ddffrudjtign ; ' ; ^ 

My father, I am fick of many Sbrrows, '^^ ^ ^\ 

P. \ Iv'a 

i' •»' 


•^■* .--3 

^r 21&^. Fair Penitent. -> 

Even Q0V7 my eafie Heart is breaking with *em. 

Yet, above idl» obe Fear diilrads mc moft, 

I tremble at the Vengeance which jqu meditate* 

Co the poor, faitUeft, lovely, dear Cslifta. 

Scl Haft thou not read what brave Virginm did 2 

5Vith his own Hand he flew bis only Daughter, 

To fave her frodi the fierce Ikcinifvh^$}jdki 

He flew her y^t anfpotted , to prevent 

TheSham'e which (he might know.Then what.flipu'dl do?-« 

Bot thou h'afl t|*d my Hand*— -I wo' not kill her | 

Yet by the Ruin flielias brought upon us, ^ 

The common Infamy that brands^us both> 

She (ha' not Ycape« 

^^ Yoii mean that he Ihall dye theh^ ^^& 

Scu Ask roe not what, nor hpw i have refoIv'd« 

For all within is Ararchy and Uproar, '\ 

Oh AltMmmt ! what a vaft Scheme of Jpy^ -- "": '^ *^' .. 

Has this one Day deftroyM ! Well did I ho^ '- 

This Daughter wou'd have blefl my latter Days«^ ^ 

That I (hou'd live to fee you the World'f Wdhdcr_j 

So happy, great, and good, tint none were like ^oBv 

While I, from bufie Life and Care ftt freei. 

Had fpcnt the Bv'niiig of my Age at honie, 

Among a little pratling Race of yours : 

There* like an old Man talk'd t while, and (hen, 

;Lain down and flept in Peace. InAead of tbis^ 

Sorrow and Shame muft bring me to my Grave; 

Oh ^||unn her I danm her ! 

'Bntir s Sirvawf, . 
sSir. tttm yodfelf, my Lord j .^' . ' 

Mtfim, who but iio\¥ efcap'd theGsrdfn; 

The Fat«. Penitent. s3 

Hm gathered io the Street a Band of Rioteri, 

Who threaten you> aiid all your Friends, with Roin, 

Uokfi Uiharh be return'd in fafety. 

to*. By Hcav'n, their Fury rifcs to my Wifh, 
Nor (haU Misfortuae know my Houfe alooe. 
But thoQ, Ltibit'w, and thy Race, fhall pay me» 
^or all the Sorrows which my Age is citrft witfaj 
I think my Name as gr«at, my Friends as potent. 
As any in the Sute \ all (hall be fummon'd, * 

J know that all will join their Hands to ours» 
And vindicate thy Vengeance. Raifis the Body. 
And bear it in i his. Friends (hall buy him dearly^ 
I will have Blood for Ranfon : When our Force 
Is fall, ^d arm*d, we (hall cxpe^ thy Sword, 
To join with ii$, and facrifice to Jullice.-*[ £xfVScteko. 
£ Ihi Btdy rf Lothario is eMrritd cfi hy Strvtrnts* 
Mamt Altamonf. 
Jilt. There is a fhipid Weight upon my SenTet i 
A dtfmal fullen' Scillncfs, chat fucceeds 
^e Storm of Rage and Grief, Ijkt £Ient Deaths 
After the Tumult and the Noi(e of Lifew 
Wou'd it were Death, as fure ^cis wond*roas like It, 
For I am fick of Living; my Sobl's pall'd. 
She kindles not with Ai^er or Revenge } 
Love wasth* informing, adive Fire withiQ» 
Now that is quench'd, the Mafi forgets to movc^ 
And longs to mingle with iU kindred Earth: 

V [ if timHkmu mif§ mtk cUJkmg tfSwinJs. 
ss Mt « Utile i^hmte, 

I> » Jif IT 

54 7*^^ Fair Penitent. 

JE9/ir Lavinia, with two Servanfs, thtk Swards 


Lav, Fly, fwiftly fly^ to my Hffraiio's Aid, 
Nor lofe your vain^ officious Cares oo me; 
Bring me my Lord, my Husband to tny Arms i 
He is Lavm^% Life, bring him me fafe. 
And I (hall be at eafe, be well and happy. 

[ Exiunt Urvantsl 
I jftf. Art thou Ldvmis J Oh! what barb'rous Hctfl 
Could wrong thy poor, defencelefi Innocence, 
And leave fuch marks of more than favage Fury ? 
- Lav. My Brother/ Oh my Heart is full of Fears i 
Perhaps cv'n now my dear Hbr4/w bleeds.— 
Not far from hence as paffing to the Port, 
By a n)2d Multitude we were furronnded. 
Who ran upon us with upfifted Swords, 
And cry'd aloud for Vengeance, and Lotharip, 
My Lord, with ready Boldnefs (food the Shock, . 
To (halter me from Danger, but in vain, 
Had not a Party, from ScioJtoh Palace, 
Rufh'd out, and fnatch'd me from amidft the Fray. 

Ah. What of my Friend ? . 

Lav. Ha / by my Joys *ci« he> [ Lookhfg m\ 

He lives, he comes to blcfs roe, he is iafe! ; 

2»/«r Horatio, wi^ two or thru Sirvants, their 

SworM. drawn, 

i 5#rv. *Twereat the utmoft hazard of your Life 
To vftiture forth agam. *tili we arc ilronger ^ 
Their Number trebles ours. 

Hot. No matter, let it ; 
D^th if not half fo (hocking as that Traitor. 


, The. FaIK PENITBNii ^Jf 

My boned Soul is mad with Indigoation, 
To cbiok her Pfflionefs could be (o thas*d. 
As to mifltke chat Wretch, and call him Friend i 
I cannot bear the Sight. 

Jilt. Open thou Etnh» 
Gape wide/ and take me down to thy ifsrk Bofom^ 
.To hide me from H^4^/<?. 

Hor^ Oh L4vhn4, 
Believe not but I joy to C<e thee fafe : 
Wou'd our ill Fortune had not drove ui hithffi 
I cou*d ev'n wi(h, we rather had been wreckt 
On any other Shoar, than fav'd on thif. 

Lav, Oh lee us bicfs the Mercy that preferv'd oa« 
That graciooj Pow'r that fay'd ut for each other : 
And to adorn the Sacrifice of Praife. 
Oder Forgivenefs too i be thou like Heav'n, 
And put away th' Offences of thy Friend, 
Far, far from thy Remembrance. 

jils, I havemarVd him. 
To fee if one foigiving Glance (loi^tthe:^ 
If any Spark of Friendftiip were alive, 
That wou'd, by Sympathy, at meeting glow, 
And drive to kindle up the Flame anew i 
* ris loft, *tis gone, his Soul is quite edrang'dg 
And knows me for its Counter-part no more* 

Hw, Thou know'ft thy Rule, thy Empire in Horgti^ 
Nor caaft thou ask in viin, command in vain, 
Where Nature^, Reafoo, nay where Love is Judge i 
But when you urge my Temper, to comply 
With what it mod abhors, I cannot do it« 

Lav. .Where didft thou get this fiillen gloomy Hatei? 

D 4 It 

S6 Tbef AiK Peijitent. 

l< was notlo thy Nature to be tinsi 
Gome pat it off, and let tby Heart be chcarfu?. 
Be gay again* and know the Joya of FriendOiip^ 
The Tnift, Secority, and mutoal Tendernefsr 
The double Joys> where each is glad for both s 
Friendniip^ the Wealthy the kH Retreat and Strength; 
Secure againfi ill Fortune, and the World. 

H§r. I am not apt to take a light Offence. 
But patient of che Failings of my Friends, 
And wiHing to forgive $ bat when an Injury 
Stabs to the Heart, and rou&s my Refeotmenrt 
^ (Perhaps it is the Fault of my rode NaiOre) 
I own I cannot eafily forgive it 

Alt. Tfaou haft forgot me 

HffT. No. 

Alt. Why are thy Eyca 
Impatient of me then, fcomful and fierce ? 

Hot, Bccaufe they fpeak the meaning of my Heirt; 
Bccanfe they are honeft, and difdain a ^^am. 

Alt, I have wrong'd thee much, Bfiratio* 

H9r. True, thou haft ; 
When I forget it, may I be a Wretch, 
Vile as thy felf, a falfe perfidious Fellow, 
And infamous, believing, Brittjh Husbandi 
Ait. Fve wrong'd thee much^and Heav'n has well aveng'd te« 
I have not, fioce we parted, been at Peace, 
Nor known one Joy fincere; our broken Friendlbip 
Porfu'd me to the laft Reti^ti>f Love, 
Scood glaring like aGhoft,and made me cold with HorroK 
Misfortunes on Misfortunes prefi upon me, 
Swell o*v my Head, like Waves, and dafli me down. 



The Fair PENiTBNt. 57 

Sorrovr, Remorft, tnd Shame, have toro my tenl, 
fhej Inng Kke Winter oo m j Youthful Hopet, 
Atud bhft the Spring and Promiie of m j Yean 

Lmh So FlowVs are gathered to adorn a Grave, 
To lofe their Fndtmeb amoogft Booet and Rottenners, 
And have their Odoort Aided io the Daft, 
GaofI thoo hear thia, thcu cruel, haid IUnUi$} 
Canft thou behold thy Altunum undone ^ 
That geade, that dear Youth ! canft thoobebold bim»- 
His poor Heart broken, Death in his pale Vifi^e,^ 
And groaning out his Woes, yet ftand uomov'd ? 
H§r. The Brave and Wife I pity in Mistoftttte* 
But when Ingratitude and Folly fufters, 

\ 'Tis Weaknefs to be touch'd. 

! Jih. I wo' not ask thee 

To pity or foigive me, but confcfr, 
' Thiji Scorn, this lafofence of Hateis Juft ; 
Tis G>oftancy of Mind, and^ manly in thee. 
But oh I had I been wroog'd by thee, HtrMti^ 

\ There is a yielding Sofrnefi in my Heart > 

[ Gou*3 ne*er have ftood it our, bat f had rjn, 

I With fireaming Eyes, and open Arms, upon tbe^ >: 

! And preft thee dofe, dole! 

B»r, I muft haer no more. 
The Weaknefsts contagiouf, I fhaUcatch it». ' • 

r^ And be a tame fond Wretch. 

Lmv. Where wou'dft thoo go ? ^ 
Wou*dft thou part thus ? You (har not, 'cir impodi^Ie ; ~ 
For I will bar thy PstftSige* kneeUng thus; 
ftrhapi* thy cruel Hand may fpum me p^ ~ 
^ti will throw my Body in thy wa^^ I 

^5^8 !Tbe FAiR.PiNJtTBNT. 

And tboti (halt tramplfi o'er my fiithf ul^Boibia, .. 
Tread oil me, woand m?, kill me e*er thou pafs, 

Jilt. Urge not in Vaip thy pious Suit, Ltiwn'm, 

have enough to rid me of my Pain. ' . . 

CdiftA, thou hadft reach'd my Heart before ; 
To make all (ore, my Friend repeats the Blow ; 
Bat in the Grave our Cars (hall be forgotten. 
There LoVe andFriend(hip ceafe. [ JMs, 

[ LaWnia rwts to him, $ni mJiMv^s U fniji Urn, 

Lmv, Speak to me Jhnnnom*^ 
He faints/ he dies! Now turn end (ee thy Triumph $ 
My Brother! But our Cares Cball end together j. 
Here will 1 lay me down by thy dear Side, 
Bemoan thy too hard Fate, then (hare it with tbee» 
And never fee my cruel Lord again. 

[ Horatio rtmi to Ahamonr, 4»W vAifis khn hf his Jntks. 

Hor. It is to(5 much to bear ! Look up my jUtammtl 
My ftubborn, unrelenting Heart has kiil'd him. 
Look up and blefs me, tell me that thou liv'ft. 
Oh! 1 have urg'd thy Centleneis too far^ 

t IHtnvivu, 

Do thpu and my JUwiniA both forgive mei v ' j^ 

A Flood of Tendernefs comes o'er my Soul ^ 
I cannot fpeak! Hove! forgive! and pity thee« - 

Alt. I thought that nodiing cou'd have ftay'd my Soul* 
That long ere this her Flight had reach'd the Scars ^ 
But thy known Voice has lur'd her back again« 
Methinks I fain wou'd fet all right with thee. 
Make up this moA unlucky Breach, and t^en, 
Wi'h thine and Heav*ns Forgivenefs on my Soul^ . * 
Shrink to my Grave, and be at eafe lor ever.' . 

.The Fair Penitent, j? 

Hot, By Hcit'd my Heart bjeedj for thee ; et'n thi« 
I £m1 thy PjDgi of diiippoinced layo. ( Momcat 

I» it nfit pity th»t tl^s Youth Ihou'd fiil. 
That all thii woad'roai Goodiiefi (haa'A be loft, 
And dM World sfwr knvw it r oh my AhtimmX 
Give ras thy Sorrowi, Jet me bear 'em for tbce.. 
And fhdter ibtc from Ruin. 

Lmv. Oh my Brother t 
Tbiok not but we will l^re ia all thy Woei, 
Well fit all Day, and tell fad Takt of Love, 
And when wc light upon ibme faithlcfi Womia, 
Some Beaocy, like Cdift», falfe tad iiir, 
Wdl fix our Grict, wd our Compluaing there { 
We'll curie the Njmph thit drew the Rain on, 
.And mourn the Yooch tb)c wai like thee undonei 


£o The Fair Pcnitbkt. 



SCENE // a R^^mhunf with BUck; cm atfefide^ 
liOtharioV B^ 9» « aier ; on #i&e o^A»r, « l^/r 
«(;/>^ tf &)»// imd tftbfr Bmns^ a Book^ mul m 
Lamp on it, 

Caliila is difewir'd m m Cmcb in Black, hir Hair htmgmg 
iorfi and difirdered ; Afur Mupck and a Song^ jbirifu 
mid cwmii pnHurd^ 


H£ ^R, )f#« Midm£ht fbam^ms, hearl 
YoH who pale and van Mffear, 
^indfill th§ Writch, wb$ waltts, with Iiar» 
Ton who wander, finam, and gnan, 
Bjoimd thi Manjms mc$ your vim, 

YvH. whom ftillyoHT Crimes ufbraid, 
Tom, who re/I net with the dead i 
IProm the Coverts where pu fray ^ 
Where you lurk, and [hun the Day, 
Irom the Channel, and theTemki 
Hither hajteye^ hither eetm* 

CMde Caiiftaybr Btlay, 
Tell her, Ytsfer beryetefiay % 
9ld her M^ and come away. 


t « 


Tbe Fair Pskitsht. ^ 

Su tbt S$xtm 1^ bit Sf0d$, 
Sm Hf Gr0fv§ tikmiji msiiii 
JJfim, Tm M#> U thy Kaell^ 
Tins M^ h Of fsfiig Bell. . 

Cc/* 'Til weU ! theiip Sirienm SonadMhii Pomp of Hmor 
Are fit to feed tiie Frenzy In my Soul, 
Hcre*s rQOfn for Meditttian, e?*ii to M^neft; 
Tin tbe Mind biiffft with Thinking s tbit dnll flnmo 
Sleeps in the Socket i five tbe Book wu left 
To tell me Something ^r-^for Inftmftion thfn 
lie teachei holy Sorrow, and Contrition* 

And Pefdtencei 1» it becometn Art then f 

A Trick thMji hzj, dull, loxorioas Gown-meo 
Can teach us fo do over $ Til no more on't $ 

I have more real Aifguih in my Heart, 

Than all their Eedant Difcipline e'er knew. 

What Chamel has been'rifled for thefe Bones ? 

Fie! thisis Pageantry^*— — they kx>k uncoothiy; 

Bat wbat^f that ? If he or (he that own'd 'eni» 

iSafe from Diiqniet, fit, and fmile to fee ' 

The Farce, their miferable Relicks play. . 

But here's a Sight is terrible indeed ^ . ' 

Is this that HsMigfaty, Gallant, Gay Lptkarb^ [ 

That dear perfidious— Ah!— —bow Pale h^ looks ! . 

How Griiii with clotted Blood* and tbofe dead £ycs! 

Afcend ye Qhofts, fantaftick Form) of Night, 

In all your difiPrent, dreadful Shapes afcend, 

Att4 natch the prefent Horror if yon can. 



JBntir S66[t6% 
"" Sci This Dead of Night, thh^tenr Hoar of Darknefs, 
Nature for Red ordain'd, and Toft Repoft^ 
T^nd yet Diftra^ioo, and ttuntiltudQl Jai's» 
Keep all our frighted Citizeni awake; 
The Senate, weak, divided and irrefolute, i 

Want Pow'r to fuccoor the afflifted State. : 

Vainly in Worda and Idng Debatea they^re WUb^ 
\Vhile the fierce l^adBona focMrn their peacefti] Otiau 
And drown the Voice of Law tn Noife and Anarchy. 
Anudll the general Wr^ck, tfe«f where Iheflanda^ ^ 

like Httm, in the Night, When 'noy was fack'd, 

Spe^atrefk of the Mifchief which (he made* i 

CaL It is Sehlu ! be thy felf^ my Soul i 
' Be ftrong to bear his faral Itvdignatioo, 
That he may feethou art hot loft fo far. 
But fomeWlutt'fBll of his great Spirit lives . 
In the forlorn (Mfia.' 

S$i. Thou wert once 
M7 Daughter. 

Cs/. Happy were it I had dj'd, ^ ] 

And never loft that Naioie. 

S$i. That> fometbiog yctj ' ^ 

T/)OV wer't the very Darling of my Age 1 ' • 
1 thought the Day too (hort toga^e upon tb«e, ' 
Thift all the fileffings I cou'd gather for thee, ' 
By Cares 6n Earth, and by my Prayers to Heavfo^ J 

Were little for my Fondoeft to beftow j ^ 

}¥hy didft (hou dim to FoUy then, and curie me^ 

A poor imper^A Copy of my Father/ ^ 

Where Goodnds, «nd the firength of mioly Vimie, 
Was thioly planted, and the id?e Void '!.',' 
Fill'd up with light Belief^ and eafie Foodnefs s ' 
It was» becaufe I lo?'d, and was a Woman. 

Sfi. Hadftthou been honeft^ chouhadftbeena Cberubio^ 
Bat of that Joy« as of a Gem long loft. 
Beyond Redemption gone, think we no more. 
Haft^tbou e'er dar'd romeditate on Death? 

Cm. I ha?e> aion the end of Shame and Sorrow.' 

Sa. Ha! anfwer me! fay, haft thoo cooly thought f 
*Tis not the Scoick's Leflbns got by Rote, 
The Pomp of Words, and Pedant Diftertations, 
That can fiiftain thee in that Hoar of Terror : 
Books have taught G) wards to talk nobly of iti 
Bot wiien the Trial corner, they fiarr, and ftand agaft; 
Haft thou confider'd what may happen after it f 
How thy Account may fiand, and what to.apfwer? 

CaL I iiave turnM my Eyes inward apoq my felf. 
Where fool Offence, and Shame have laid all wafte j 
Therefore my Soul abhors the wretched Dwelling, 
And longs to find ibme better placeof Reft, 

Sit. *Tis juftly thought, and worthy of that Spirit 
That dwelt in ancient Latian Breafts, when BM^e 
WasMiftrcfij^of the Wprld. I wou'd go on, - ' 

And tell thee all my Purpofc, but it flicks, ' . ' ^' 
H^e at my Hearty and cannot find a way. . ^ 

Cai. Then fparc the Tcffing, if it be a Pain;' * 

And write the Meaning witl^ your Ponyard here; » 

Sci. Oh! truly gucfi;d-.fcen thou this t^cmbliriglBanct:: 

' -' ""'TSfc' 

«^ 7»e Pair Pbnimht: 

Tbri€C Jiifiice Dr|f d ««— tnd tbrioe the flack'niog Silicic 
Foigot tbeir Office, tad confcft the Father} 
At length the fidibora Virme his prevail'd, 
It mnft, it mafi be fo— -Oh ! take it theo, 

V^fld know the reft antaughi. 

Cd, I Uttderftaod you» 
It is but thus, and both are fatisfy'd. 

{^ShoffiTi to Ml herf^t Sciolto catches held rfker Arm^ 

jSci. A Moment, give me yet a Moment's fpace i 
The ftern, the rigid Jadge has been obey'd ; 
Now Nature, and the Father claim their tarns i 
I have held the Ballance with an Iron F)and> 
And put off ev'ry tender^ human Thought, 
To-doom my Child to Death i but fpare my Eyei 
Ttie Oiolt nnoatural Sigbr^ leaft their Strings crack; 
And^my old Brain Tplit, and grow mad with HorroK 

CA Ha! Is it poffible? and is there yet 
SoQie little, dear Remain of Love and Tendernefs. 
For poor, imdoi^ CallJU, in your Heart f 
^Sd.'Ohi when 1 think what Pleafure I^took in theel 
,Vhat Joys thou gav'ft me in thy pratling Infancy, 
Thy fprightly Wit, and early Uoomiog Beauty, 
Howl have Hood, and fed my Eyes upon thee, 
ifbita lifted op my Handsi and wondering, bfeft thee I 
1^ my firoo| Grief, my Heart ev*n melts within me, 
IrtOHfd cprfe Nature, and that Tyrant, Honour, 
^or making me thy Father, and thy Judge §' 
JIlMNi^flrt mj Daughter ftiU. 

Oil For that kind Word, 
Jluif kt me falli tUnxs hnaHf to tk $irtli^ ^ 


Ti&r Fair pBHiTENt. 6f 

Wfep. oa yaar Feet, iod bk& f ou for this Goodnefs) 
Oh ! 'tti too much for this olFendiog Wretch,! 
This P^cide, that Murders with her Crimes, 
Shortens her Father's Age, and cuts him off, 
£''er little more than half his Years be number'd. 
Seh Wou'd it were other wi fe" ' ■ b ut thou mud die %" ■* 
d/. That I muft die! it is my on^y Comfok; 
^ t>eath is the Privilege of human Nature, 
And Life without it were not worth our taking } 
Thither the Poor, the Ptis'ner, and the Mourner, 
Fly for Reiief, and lay their Burthens down. 
Come (hen, and take me now to thy cold Arms, 
Thou meagre Shade & here let me breathe my lafl« 
Charai'd with my Father's Pity and Forgivenefs. 
More than if Angels tun'd their GoMea Viols, • 
Aud fting a Rsf«/if» to my parting Soul. 
Set. I amfummou'dhenc^e'erthismyFj^eiidsexpcdme^ 
There is I know not what of lad Prefage, 
That tells me, I (hall never fee thee more § 
If it be fo, this is our lad Farewell, 
And thefe the parting Pangs which Katnre feels» 
When AngttiOi reads the Heart-ftrings---Oh! my t>avghter f 

OiL How think thou, ourfl CMlsfts^ now behold 
The DefolatioD, Horror, Blood and Rain, 
Thy Crimea, and ^tal Folly fpread around. 
That loudly cry foi* Vcngeante on thy Head i 
Yet Heav'n, who knows our wedc, inq^erfDd Miciirea, 
How htind with Paffions, and how prone to eWly 
Makes not too-^id Enquiry for OfttfceSy 
Biit ia acon'd by Pfenitence and PrayV < 


'^ W .The Fa I r F* n it knV. 

Cheap Reconpence / here 'twould not be receit '4> 
Nothing but Blood can make the £xpiition» 
And deanfe the Soul fronii inbred, deep PoUutiofl. 
And fee, another iojur'd Wretch is come, 
To all for Juftice ixpm my tardy (Hand. 

jfifiisr Alttmont. 

Jk. ihil to you Horrors! M>1 thou Honfe of Death! 
And thou the lovj^y WAxtk of thcfe Shades, 
Whofe Beauty gUds thcimore than midn^ht Darkneifp 
And nvakes it grateful as the Diwn of Day. 
Oh! take me in a FellowwMoumer with thee, 
I'll number Groan for Grofto» and'Tear fipr Tetr i 
And wl|ien the Fovmaio ot tby Eyetar^dryr 
Mine flqillfupply the Stream*^ lad w^P fo** bo|h«' 

C4/. I l^nojev:' tbe^ weik t|ip%^rt the iojur*d Ahgrnm h 

Thou com'ft tQ )irge me-,w,ith the W<<E>ngaJba*doaefbee' 

.Bu^kn^w I4iuid upon the Brink of LifjPj 

Aad in a Mon^ent <meao,lQ fet me {fc9 

From Shame^ AQditby.ypbr«idi9g« 

Alt. Falfly, falfly ... '. 

Doft th9u acc^fe ^c i , wben djjd I camplm* 

Or murmur at jny. Face P.F^r fbee i baye 

'J^P/got.the Temper of UaliMn Husbands, 

And Fondoefithas prftaul'd uppnrlUvqige} 

I bore my load #f InUvij w'fxfk ,{{9^ce» 

As Holy Men do Pimi(hf>Q^a(ftiip|n Hf^'Oj , 

Nor thougt« it band, bscnife ic cpipe.froin t|we;i . . 

Ob ! t\»n fosbid DieAo^to .i|i9Hi-i»-t|)y Lofs^ 

To wi/h £bo9fr better Faoe M rol'd oar, I#oy^^ . 

And that Cali^ had been minei imd cnie^ 

•. . . o/. 



The Fair Peniti^kt. <</ 

QiL (A ! jUtMmu 'til hard for Souls like mine. 
Haughty and fierce, to yield they have done amifs % ^ 
But oh! behold my proud, difilainful Heart» 
Bends to thy gentler Virtue j yes, I own, ^ 

Such is thy Truth, thy Tehdernefs and Love^ 
Such are the Graces that adorn thy Youth, ^ 

That were I not abandon'<l' to fieftrudion, 
With thee I might haye liv»<^, for Ages bicft, ' 
And dy'd in Peace within thy faithful Arms. 

Alt, Then Happinefs \% (lill within our reach $ 
* Here let R^menjbrance lofe our pafl Misfortunes, 
Tear all Records that hold the fatal Story; 
Here^ let our Joys begin, ' from hence go on 
In long fuccefliy^ Order. 

Cul. T^hat ! in Death? 

Alt,, Then art thou fix'd to die But, be it foj 

We'll go together, my adventVous Love ' 
Shall follow thee to thole uncertain Beings \ 
^Whether our lifclcfs Shades areldoom'd to wander^^ 

In'gloomy Groves, with drfcbntcntcd Ghofta, 
Or whether thfo* the upper Air we fleet, 
And tread t^e Fields of Light, flill Til purfue thee, 
^ill Fate ordains xliat we (hall part no more. 

Qi/« Oh no ! Heav'n has (pme better Lot in (tore 
To Crown \hce with 5, live, and be happy long j 
Ijve for fome Maid that fhall deferve thy Goodnefs, 
"Some kind Unpradis'd Heart, that never yet' 
Has li^en'd to the falfe one^ of thy Sex, 
Nor known the Art^ of ours i (he (hall rew:ard the^ 
Meet thee with Virtues equal to thy own, 

/ ' ' Chirm 

49 The Fair Pbnitbnt. 

Cbarm thee with Sweetncfi, Bcaatf* and with Tmtb^ 
fc bleft In thee alone, and tboa in her. 

Enttr Horatiob 

At. Now moorn in Jeedt yc niiferabk Pair« 
For now the Meafiife of your Woeaia ML 

jik. What doft thou meam Btrmk ? 

Hm*. Oh ! 'tis dreadfol : 
The great, the gpod 5fM9 dies Aia |I(Hiieiit. 

Grf. My Father/ 

^/. That's a deadly Stroak ioJced* 

Har. Not long ago he privately went fbrth» r " 

Attended hur by few, and tbofe tinhiddeii ; 
I heard which way he rook, and ftratt fQr&'d LlflB* , 
Bat found him compafs'd by tmlmn^g FaAioo^ 
Almoft alone» amidft a Crowd of Foeii 
Too late we brooght btm Aid, and droire them hacki 
£*er that hia frantick Valonr had provok'd 
^The Detth he feem*d to wifli for firom their Swoidi. 

Ga/* And doft thoa bear me yet, thoo petioit Earth i 
Doft thou not laboor with my mnrd'rooa Wdght ? 
And yon. ye ghtt'riog heavenly Hoft of Stara» 
Hide yonr Fair Heads in Qonds, or I (hall bkft yoOt 
For I am all Contagion^ Death, and Rain, 
And Nature fickens at me } refi thoa World, 
This Paricide Ihall be thy Plague no more \ 
.That, thus, I fet thee free. iSt^s ktfif* 

ttr. Oh! fatal Raflinefs. 

Jlh. Thoa doft inOruft me well ^ to lengthen life, 
Is but to trifle now. 

[ Altamont^cfi u kiH bimfe^i Horatio fnvmU 
him^ mi m^t hU Swvii from him* 

STA^ Fair P«i;fiTENT. 6^ 

H#r. Ha! wbac means 
The fraQtick Abamm ? Some Foe to Bibii 
Hai breathed on pf'ry Bieafi Gentagtoiis Forj, 
And Epidemick Madnefi. . 

Xnttr Sciolco, puk md 6Mfi fitffwtii Ij Smumu 

OtL (Amy Heart! 
Well may'ft thoa fi^, fpr fee tbe Spring that fed 
Thy Vital Stream is rafted, tnd rum lovr« 
]^y Father ! will yds v^om at Jaft forgive me. 
If titer all my Crimci, and all your Su£Prfngi» 
I caH you once again by that dear Name t 
Will yon forget my Shame, and thofe wide WoUttdib 
Lift op your Hand» and blefs me e'er I go 
Down to my dark Abode. 

ScL A!$s ! my Daughter ! 
Thott had raftly ventured in a ftormy Sea, 
Where Life, Famr, Virtue, all were wreck'd and loft < 
, But fure thou haft born thy part in all the Aogiiifli, 
. And ffheted with the Fainj then reft ia Peace, 
Lee Silence and Ohli? ion bide thy Name, 
And five thee from tbe Malice of Pofieritys 
And may'A thpu find WithHeav*n the lame Forgifentl^' 
Ai with thy Father here.— ^^— Die, and be happy. 

Cd/. Celeftial Sounds! Peace dawni opon my Soul, 
And e?Vy Pain growi left.— Oh ! gentle Ahimm, 
Think not too hardly of me when I'm gone^ 
Bu( pity me<-*— -Had I bat early known 
Thy wondVpos Worth, thou excellent yonif Muit 
We had been happier both : -*«»Nbw *tii coo late. 
And jet my Eyei take Pleafiire to hehoU thee. 
Thou art theii^laftdearOtKat'«>ligcy,Heav'fl/ i^Mi 

-X I 


7^' The FAik'^PEi^iTEN'T; 

Jilt. Gold/ detd and cold! and jetthoaart^obchangM, 
Bat lovely fiill! Hadft cboo a thoafand Fanhs» 
What Heart (b hard, what Virtue fo levere. 
Bat at that Beaaty muft of force relented, 
Meltbi to Pity, Love, and to Forgiven'efs ? 

Set. Oh! tarn thee from that faul Obje^^s Ahmm$, 
G>ine neir, and let me blefi thee e'er I die. 
To thee, and brave Hfirush I bequeath' ' 
My Forcanes.2— -Lay me by thy Noble Father, 
And love my Memory as thou haft done his. 
For thoa haft been my Son*— -6b! gracious Heav'n I 
Thou that haft endlefs Bleffings ftill in ftore. 
For Virtue, and for filial Piety, 
Let Grief, Diigrace, and Want be far away. 
But multiply thy Mercies on bis Head} ' 
Let Honour, .Greatnefs, Goodnefs, fiill be wich him, 
And Peace in allhis *Wa} «— [ri# £fs. 

Jilt. Take, take it all i 
To thee, Horatio^ I rcfign the Gift, 

While I purfue my Father and my Ijove, 

An^ find my only Portion in rhe Grave. 
lior. The Storm of Grief b^ars ^ard upon his Youth, 

And bends him like a drooping TTower to Earth. 

Raife him, and bear^him in. ^ [ Altamont h cMrritd tf 

By fuch Examples are we taught to prove. 

The Sorrows that attend unlawful Lovej 

Death, or /pmeworfe Misfortunes, foon*3Tviae ' 

The injfir'd Bflddgrooin from "his guilty Bride : 

If you would have!t^ Nuptial tJiuoa laft, 

L^ Virtue ^ |hc Bond that tics it fe». .' F ixmuimmis. 



1 . X , 

L _ * 1 ^ 

i Spoken by Mrs. - B it a c e g i r jd *, b, who* -. 


I yr O Ufa the Iripfing Da^e could find no FavMr^ 

A Diorly Jh$ ftud fir Brodch of good Bi^aniiour\ 
I ^OT could hot loving fiusbmis Vondmfs five her, 
I Italian Ladies lead hut fimvy thesy 
I '3^e's ^othlfkl* dealing loiekEbpkgPffoesi 
I 7%Mi 'tis, becMtfa thefe Hmkands are eity*d 

^y Tor CO of Laws t which for themfelves they model 

With Tides ef old frefcri^tions they confine, 

TheRightofMarriage-rsde telshHr'Mio tino, 

^d Huf, and Domineer by Right Divine, 

Had we the tov^rt we*d make the Tyrtmts knowl ' 

What 'tis to fail in Duties which they owe ; 

Wi'd teach tho fasmtVmg Squire, who loves t0 roam^ - 

^ergttfiJ of his own dear Spotsfi and Home i 

Who Snores a$ Night fupinely byherSider . 

Twas no$for this the Nuptial Knot was.tyid. 

The fhddmg Tettyfigger, and the Cit, • 

Huve Uam'd at leafi this Modem wof^ofWif : 

Mofh sU'hredffenfelefi Rogue, tho'ne*erfi dull. 

Has th* Impudence ttjBnk his Wifi a Fool; 

Hejpmds the Night Sfhere merry Wags refoiti 

With joking Clubsy and ^ghteen-Pmiy Fort, 

WhHo fhe poor SouVs contented t^regule, 

^ Sy fad Sea-cele lin, mtb Wigs md Ah. 




f ]tm UMiU ('«' irmg Cmfitmcj m Fitfiim^ 
Jm Mm m»fi fiff h^» ibi Rrfarmuin, 
VmJiMll thtGtUmjIii tfUvt ntmt, 
St Tmiii fk btr wm^Tini Uw ( {Ml ii^un', 

Mmn^rHMrrydUMfJMi usfibitH'^i ■ 
PbiUii Jh^l nilhutht Ctmurjfiia, 
gw CM»v*lt i» Tf»n t» kttf M lt£ms Lent.' 
Imtfuatihdl tufi, ndpmAmt SamJM i», 
^U tSfitil Uv* IB PtKt, iikt wtf yii Uim mtdj. 


• / 

■ i 

TZJ. Jhi dutrmit' ™T«W 



Written by N. ROIFE, Efqj 

RMrfms quid r&tMs, ^ quid Sapitutia faffit ' 
Utilt frtftfrnt Nabit txtmplttr Ufyffem. 

Hortt. Epifl. Lib. I. Ep{ft ^^ 

The Third Edition. 


L N D isT: 

Printed for 3^. T, and Sold by T. Jauncy^ at the 
Angtl without TtmfU-Bar. M DCC XX. 



Written by N. ROWE^ Efqs 

Stuhorum Regum fef Popnlornm foniimt aflns^^-^ 
Rurfus quid Viitns^ iff quid Sapientia foffit ' 
Utilf frofefuit Nobis €xentplar Ulyffew. 

Hortt.Epift.Lib.i.Epm. i. 

The Third Edition. 


Printed for J. T. and Sold by T. Jauncy^ at the 
^ngtl without TcmfU-Bar. M DCC XX. 



;:! '.1 

, To the Right HoDourable 

' Sidney Lord Godolphini 

Lord Higb-TreaJUrer of England, 4»t/ 
Knight of the mofi Noble OrJer of 
the Garter. 

HF thofaCires In which the Serrlce 
p of a Great Queen, and the Lot« 
I of Your Country, hare fo jofllyen- 
I i gag'd Your Lordthip, woald allow 

E any heiCmt to tun back and retncm- 
ber thoft Arts and Studies, which 
wert once the Grace and Emertainmcnt of Your 
Lordfliip^ Yonth ; I have Prefumption enough 
to hope, (hat this Tragedy may, lome Time or 
€Kher, find an Hour to divert Your Lordftiip. 
Poetry, which wai fo T«ierri>lB to former Ages, 
as in many Placti to make a Part of tha'r Re- 
ligious Worfliip, aod evflry where to be had in 
A3 the 

the hM^R Ifooour «^ Eftcem, hat miftrably 
latigtmi'd and been dcfpif'd^ for i«wt of thiu^ 
Favour aod Procefiipn Wfaicb it fowd in cite 
famoiss Angnfim Age. Since ihen^ si vwj be 
afiTerted wTtfaoat my Paniatby lo tiie prtftnr 
Time, it never Kad ^ fiuitr Pro^ft of itftiiig 
up its Head, and returning to its former JUpa- 
tatioo, than now : And tb^. beft Retfon can be 
given for it, is, that it feems to have a particu- 
lar Hope from, and Dependence upon, Your 
Lordfhip; and xo eweft ali jufr Encoaragemenr, 
when thofe Great Men, who have the Power 
to protefi it, have So delicate aod poAite a Tafte 
' and Underftandmg of its true Value. The Re- 
fioring and Preferving any Part of Learning, is 
fo generous an Adion in -it fcl^ thut \i naturaUjr 
Alls Ipto Yomr L<irdftfp*s Pfovface, finceevcrjr 
^^hiirg^ that flM^ ii^iy^ tot jmpit)vii tha Miad^. has 
a Kight to the Patronage of ii^ ^^^^ aq4 f ni- 
vcrfal a Genius for Knowledge as Your Lord* 
ihip's. It 7S indeed a Piece of good Fortune, 
upon which I cannot help congratuIa|ing the 
prefent Age, that there is lb Great n Man, at a 
Tiffic, wh?n iherf i> £b great ao Qccafion for 
Mm. Thf DiviiioQs which Yoqt Lordihip hUa 
heal'di the Tempei; w^u^tv You have reftor'd to 
<wir Ckma^S) and tihat indefati^l^ Care and 
X)iiigeiice wlpch You hve n«*d in preferTiog our 
Peace ai^ Hoo^, av^ fil#neica fo virtuoufly and 
Iq QfafonAbly ^ftfecrM Qp€>n Your Coiniiry» ta 
flmll draw the Piailes of all wife Meir, aod the 
FleflfcBgp $>f aU goo4 Men i^poa Yo»r Xx>rd(Iiip*f 
Naene* And wW iho(e wnfafQ^aWei Fends 
luid Afiunofitie^^ whkh keep Feaioii. iih% iWt 
be fciKry-d in filmce. mk fer|9tteQ. 4kaft groat 
raUifilL 6QQd Mi^«( HBwerttljf nebMwtedg'd, 


M. die btppy EflSbd of'Yoor LorrfAip^s ' moft 
eqyiul Temper i^ rigbt Underfttnding, That 
this Glorious End may very fuddenly fucceed 
to your Lordihiys'CaQdor and generous Eodea- 

a^: £94^» 


{Xkfk iMti^ifi^m^Ohtihu^^ 

s - » 

HmU$ Smuna^ 

« . <« t. 

c • 

H Rowrj 

- • ♦ ■ ' 

A 4 


Spoken by Mt.Betterton. 


Our Amhw treats ym with ^Virtuous Wifei ' 
A iMy* vho, ftr Twenty Tears, wiihfiood 
The frejpng Iftftaaces rf lUjh md BM: 
Her Husb/mdy ft ill a Mm rf Senfe refuted. 

Left her tu rife Eighteen, tofeek Renevm, 

And Battle for a Harlot otTroj Jbvmi 

Te fill his Place, frejh Levers came in Shoals^ 

Much fuch as new-a-Days are Cupid*/ Ti»ls, 

Som^ Ue^ ef-WU^^^' the trnft fart were Tools. 

They fent her Billets doux, and Pre/ems manff. 

Of ancient Tea and Thericlcan Clnna; 

Piaird at the Gods, toafied her o*er and o*er, 

VrefsdatHer, danc'd, and fought, andfigh'd, md fwore\ 

Injhort, did all that Men could do to have her. 

And dannid themfetves to get into her Favour-, 

'^Mt tdl invfiffiz-ithe Virtuous Dnme flood Buff, 

And Ut "^efhifM ihatjhe was Coxcomh Proof. 

Mefiieurs the Beaux, what think you rf the Matters 

Dm'tyou Relieve aW Homer eivm to Flatter f 



T/tvmri, with w^htd IrtifuJmct, dtmmJ, 
Ilk i» fVamm'i Utnlmifi t»-»hhftmdi ^ ,- 
. Ct*fi i» ii vtm, md gh* A* Stie iMr diui j. 
Our EngtiCh Iffiwi Jlmll t^vt thii Smy trm; 
fPi hmM fur ehafi* Pendope'i, wfitmmv 
Their WOWi BmEi, mi wiut-^irLiadrtinmn ■ 
tn hmvt mf Hmts tec, wh* brmvily btmr, 
Sat fmn thth mm», tht Dmpri if tin l^tn 
Who curtUfi tftht Wmttr Stafm't Rt^, 
Nrm mh txtbrt, mdmnmCMttingatf, 
Bwffi Ki/ibtt t» BMlmtbtirCtUfmmtmfdgMh 
.^U r^Ji jifinuti »a, te fhit tUlfirU R^f^ 
'^uh »t th* ccnfimt Lsioiin eftht Sun, 
jfhtfi »&v», ilerimt CtKrfi u wwr (fiWi - ; 
^ tti, whtn hnet htfmti, »M tu 'tit Night, 
&iUh*g>*i ta,»>Uitadtte tdmlPiridthulig/ht.^- 
l4^y«ufirrvii'M0idfiMl^jmM, : 

E P 1 L O G U E. 

Spake by Mrs. Brnagirdle^ 

JTJSTgmg H Ufki H9tttr, m ^ 9$mn 
IJiipp'J, and eame i^ain M hgymf ff0^ i 
Toufee how ill nvf- L9ve koi knn fffuM, 
ThM lam likef thrmid dk Ualdi 

^^etlcknuUs rndfttflke Hfm^ntmh 
I to the mods am ordered back agmn^ 

Jo Madam Cinthli, artd her fTtr^Thdfr* 

*Jis an ttficoffsforfobk JJfk fhef had ; ' 

^ead of^hf Kad Down^ ihe 3Shm W 

With Skins tfBea/fs, mth ZiOtfer and hkfi bfinadi 

K# ISmuKg Tbilets do their Ohamhrs grace^ 


Wiih ?e»aerf0^^7^^ 0id^tbuJle^fi^f^;Fam^ 

'But in ly^ame efCempiexion, they, 

ZJke arrant Houfmivee, rife by Break of Daj^ 

CHt a bremt Cmfi^ faddle their Iflag^, and Mmnting^ 

jt fiem of the grem-Siekmfi ride Wmitifg: 

TMT Sal, and Harts4mm DrofSt thiy dealnet mj 

7^ hame no Vafenrs, mr no witty Sft^fft. 

No Coffee to be bad*, and famtoi^ 

As to the Tea, thej drink 'tit tittflfyeoldi 


jlr Cmvufmmh mtbhtg cm he mmfkt 

Cm Tbpick then, 0s her$j dfis jIUtfH fmlt 
ffiP§^ammrMr$typmH 0TkfmtorilS% 

Thtrt is f9» 90tthlxT!hmg ibr/ em d^ibt m» 
7her$ #rviM] Indian HoHfis, n dnf in 
j^ fmPf.Sti^^md dmfi f^Of Screeth 

lb whij^jtpsf io^BiHir m jpk m .i 1 . 1 fwnf. 

TbeiA OofL «* fArettf • hUt tfaeyVe tediy d ^ t 

The ItaKll^^Who «dHHi hwe ^iM^t to meet jmi 

m kmfmym hMihmd Biikig : S$a iffme 
Tbrigk; »dntfl, Cmury Tox- HtM rn^ 'mmU immi 
njk Mr GMifi, mdhtr U/udmCimf, * ' 







^> ■' ^ ^ 

> ' ■• T 

-H *-. 

t • 

^ . . . .' k 

* I 

' . ^ • V / * » . # * 


•^ r 

- » 

M:r N., 

Vlfps, Ksng of 2/^4^4, coiiceal'd for ^ . 
fomt Time under tlie Ntine cif >MfvBM»»'^^ 

* i , 



2*flw. CNe^gHworiiffl'MnfcV'J^ " 

^gmm^ : : r'Pret€adcr^tOftiie<J[ueen. ^Mr; M£2lrr^ 

':^Bw*4M5few,Son to P^j^/iad P^^rfy. <r MsilSmk. V 
jpamms, a Nobleman of IthacM, fecredy? |y]f jfyjfhmi fr 
in Love with the Qpec^ ^ ^ ,, :^^ « ,^ P / 

... *.% ^ * A <• k . p. .. .^ ; • . 

I^wwr, Tattw to Tifaw^K^^*. . . Mr,B«iwpi^. 

MMm4ttfy an eld Servant, and fMth(«I|p J%fif* i 

OrMmmsy a ^mm»> OAqer. Mq^g^ng^to J^^ 

,W O M E N. 

P«ri^, Qoem of hbgiM. Mrs. Bjiv^: 

^;iffMM«t» Dau^tcr to EmymMdha. Mrs. J^Mfr A. 


^#vm/ Stmian 4M^ Ithacan OJficefs mi S$Ukrs, with $dm 
Attindtmu, Mm mid Wmtn. 




' set N't,' 4faU<:t: '■■'■■ 

Birth. , 1 1 .;,.,:. , 

[ Uigc not Uh IJaMiin of/19; Race 

J. V^ymi, .■,..■A-..X-^^:^^^■ .: ,3 

:-,i ^,■'.■^ : - : .! I •»-■ . - \„ .■: ■, ... . 

Bom of .1%^ «i4 aerirt ,fro?if3>Wf : , 
For "[if the Curfe of mjghtj I^qds oppntftf. ' . , 

To think whtc their StiU is, an*i yrh^ ic Ihon'dhe: ,., 
Impttiat of their Lot tlf^mfin.fio'celjr, : ' . 
And CflL the JLf w» of ProTidnKC nns^wd. 
Um. And thBcfofc weff tboii 01^ to Ttrtniw^'lCiiov^ 

And Wifdotn eirl;' planted in tfij Soul, 

That thou might* ft knaW to lule thy fiery Paffionfc 

■y^ bind tbeir Rage, ud fhj their headlMic CoUric, - 

1 « 

14 /U liTSS-MS. 

To bear witl^ Accidctttt, toi <y*ry Cbttft 

Of vdrtoui Uft^ to fir^B^ witt AdrerC^, ^ 

Tq wain the LoSnc of tte Rightii^ Qii$k 

TtUtbey^ in th«tf own ' good appointed Howri /\ 

$liall bid thy better D%js come fiorth at oco^ \ 

A long and (bining Train i *t31 tbou well pkas'd 

Shalt bow» and blefi thj Fate» and own the Gods are juft, 

7ri, Tkoa-pnident Gtritk ancK Father of py lioatK 
F9iglve mf Tran^ts, if i €xm to htt 
Tho4lev>aMto t^ Sacfad Precapti duc^ • 
*Tia a juft Rage and honeft Indignation. 
Ten Years ran round e^ Thpy was doom^l to Ui» 
Ten tedious StimmeiiB and ten Wmtrrs more 
By turiis have changed the Seafons fince it fefl;^ 
And yet we mcmm ipy Godj|koFat^ei^ ^ 
As if the GrdimAims had ne'er prevaird, 
BtftTm and |Mbrfiyi:ii¥MMpiit*4the War- 

lUn. Tho' abient, yet if Oracles are true, 
kl^liVei and i^aii retu rn ■ ■ ■ ' W hme-^^m ht miaSrv*^ 
Purfii'd by hoftile IhyWn Oods, lit Peril 
Of tiie Wafte Depart or the fbtn^ Z^P^ 
Or Nations wild as both* yM €oarage> WU3oA» : 
An<r Mhr, OtnSrdran bf^hi^ Arm, it wiik him. • . 

3>/. And oh! to what doertlK God's Care referve bim 
Vhere istheTriuiiJ^hJMd^gofi^t^^ ^ 

What fwm {fiaB be fung to bkft his Laboitfs: 
Whst Voice of Joy (haB d-y, Hail King of BkMCsi 
Riot, and Wro^g, and wofiiM>efiilitioB» 
%eado'er the wf^ched Lafld, ftalltUft his tjcsi 
And make him'^cOrfe the Day of Ms iKeturn,' ^ ^ • 

Mm. Your Cuef^ tjie Stranger JEfbm. 

^ • ^ ' • And 


V L r S S £ S, 1$ 

And by the pt»X V^Jf^s^ trvij welcome } 

I Oil thou moft worthy JS^hih thou th^^ wert 
' In Youth Companion of my Father^ Arms, 

And Parmer of his Hcffti does ir not griere Thee 

To fee the Honour of his Royal Name 

Ddpis'd and fet at nou^t } his State oVr-run, 

DevourM and parcelled out by Slares fb vile. 

That if oppos'd te him *twoa*d make Comparifeii - 

Abfuid and monflrous feem^ as if ta mate ^-^ 

A Mole-HiD with 0/^/«f ? 

JEsb, He was my Friend, ' 
I think \ knew him : And; to dd Mm righty 
He was a Man ind eed N ot as then are, - ^ 

A Rioter, or D«er of foul Wrongs; 
But boldly jttft, and more Kke what Man ftioa'a be. ^ <* 

Tel From Mom 'till Noon, from Morn ^ till 
Shades darken, . * 

^rom Evening 'riS the Morning dawns ag^, ' 
Lewdness, Confofion, Infblence, and Uproar, 
Are all the Bus'nefs of their gtrihy Heivs; < ' 

The Cries of Maids enfort\), the Roariif Dnmkakl< 
Mixt witk the l»raying'jBf theMnflrefs YMk « > 

Who minifters to Mtnh, ting tibre^ the pyac^ l I 

And eccho to the Areh of HeaVte^th^ Crittesi. ' ' ^ 
Behold! ye Gods, wte judge betwixt ^ydur Qraaterea^^ > 
Behold the Rt?A of the gftn[l'{%j)b!' ; 

Utm. Doubt not but a& their ditinea, aail A ^y 
. Wrongs : ". Z 

Arc judg'i hy J»i»^ aaiefial Jftiwai- , : ...ii 

Suffer the Foohsokogk ml feU feoorit 
This is their Day,»^Wt thow sr»ne MM y ^ V 
I Fi>» Vengeance and Ofl^j^s, ' ~.. 7". 

I ^1*. Till that Day, i 

A I 

That Day of Rccompencc and righteous Jafticc, 
Learn thou, my Son,' the cruel Arts of Courts j 
X^cam to di^cmbic Wrongs, to fmile at Injuncs, . 
And fuffcr Crimes, thou want'ii the tower to punifk j^ 
Be cafic, aflfable, familiar, friendly, 
search, and know aU Mankind's myflerious. Way?, 
But trull the Seqct of thy Soul tonone; 
Believe me, feventy Years, and all the Sorrows 
That feventy Years bring with *cm, thus have taught me> 
Thus only, to be fafe in fuch a World as this is. 

Imir Antinous. 

j^. Hail to thee. Prince 5 thou Son of great Vljjfes, 
Off-fpring of Gods, moft worthy of thy Race} 
May ev'ry Day like this be happy to thee, 
Ffttitioi) and Suc^cfi attend thy . Wilhes, . ., 
And everlaifting Glory crown thy Youth. 

Tel, Thou grect'ft, me like a Friendt— Come ncae 

May I believe that Om^of my ^Hapjunefs,. 
That! Joy whfch dances in thy chearful Eyes? . 
Or doft thotty f«r thouikiM^w'it my fond fbnd,Heai^ 
Doft thou belsiy mc^to deceitful Hopes,,,. ..5 ; .. , 
Androothiiie.likeaalnjEi^nlv.withaTale'. ... 

Of /bme F^^qtj, fomcdeaijOplight,.. , | 

.Which thou didft never pwiftofe to beftowf | 
V Am. By CythenA^s Altar and her Dovef , 
By all the gentle Fires that bum before her^ i ' 
I hast the kindeft Sotnldl tahkfi your Ear wkii»V 
Nay and the tmeftttoo, I'll fipreaf I thinks - 
That ever L««^4itadli^io|:cii€rrtiifpir^^ J . ^:. 
3^2. Ha! from Si9nMnth$} u f ,<^ \ 

jbH. From the fair Stmambi, ': ; ^ :i : v 'k *^ 
ttm gentle, the forgivin g ^ 


3>/. Soft, my jtnhwutt . . 
Keep the dear Sccrctiafej Wi^ctg^J ^d; Ag^ , \ 
Realbn pcnrcrfcljr Vhcn tJbey Jucfgc^ pf (.py/K. 
A Bus'nefs of a Moment calls r^R fa^,} . . . : [» Mbotorl 
That tnded I'D attend the Qaeien ::'tiyi thpa« -^ '■ ^ 
MSns/or, the nobk Stranger is tl^ Care. . ; .. 

Fly with me to fome fife, fbmc facred P/'ivacy, • " 

There charm inj Sep&s wit|i SfmamU^ Ac^etMsb* : 'j- I 
There pour tj|i j Sjdm into^/ Love-£f^ ,^0|t]J»j * > v 
And heal my Caipfk for ever. | iExmf^Tt)pniaM Anti 
y/Efk' Thif ^.qothSficaker,.^' . . . ;^ i ^^^ ^r. \ 
This fupple Courtier. is. in Favour with you. ^ 
Markt you the Prince? how at th|s .Man^s Approach 
The FiercenoG/ I^ge^ ajuf PrWe Qf,^Yp|4tib.declff*dj;: ,r .' 
His c*»ogag* y i%^ w^rc a Fprpi l5pffi£Wtlp«KV/c f •- \ 
And cv'ry fiaturc tpji^a fofifcr^.J^^ • : »; o II*. ut/v 
As if his Soul bcat;09,foaK ;if w EmpldTment,: ( >wo^ 
Of different Purpofe frep^ theThoughtrtefeseyi .iv/ u * 
Had fumn^oa'^ other €QMnfth,,9tta Paffibns; 
And d^fther^Ja tgay.fant^flidk Garh . .. . ^ 

Fit for th' Adventure :jrhicb ih^ .m^vit to pr6ire^ 

IdM. Thc^ ftin^, J wfeoft Temper .:• :.u -. 
Is open as'th^iPS^, ^uqfiiifpe^jug, ct -.. J l > o.. 
Eftcems him as defio^^ |Oj ^}s S$rfH4. r : l /i t . 'i ; \ 
Wife, Brave, andfJ|ift;f;Aftdifinjq3^ys:lat«kR^urtt v .'.li 
From N^Tlor'/ Cour; 9t fyli, he flillhas held him ' 
In. more efpecialrNearnefe toihi^HcaBt.. 

JEih. Tif 5^f and fi^owrspfi^p^^ youth:.. . 
Tell hijj3i,||f .^u^^top fjff5r---5f,^ m,iilpolt/««< ;i.^^ iiT 
You faidhc,wa5a|)W(jcV.,j. .^.j ^.^i > ^..f p, m ..j .t T 

..Mw. True, he was i j 

"^ Noble 

r » 

t, . , < « • 

»8 V LTS S E S}^ 

Noble by Birth, and mighty in his VTcM, ' ' ' 

Proud of the FatriefsNamcind!*eoptc*$ftjiifc, ' ' .' ^ 
By Gifts, by MMIy C»Bt«' and Eloquence; '^. " ' " ' 
He won ta<i Herd' of l3rifcio»« to' thipk him . ' /' ' '' ' ''' 
Ev'n wArthy t« ftppfy hii Maffert Kacel 

'^h. Unthinking; changeable, nbgratefulZSr^^f^l 
But Mmr ! fiy, the Qtrcfen! Cou*d (he forget 
Tie Difference 'twixt XJlyJfts and his Sfevc? 
Did not<ter S^l refiait the tfolation;, : ^ r- - .: : ' 
And fpight.irf alf At Wngi Jhfe liboit^ indcr; ^ , '' 
BA 1h» AmKefotr ani prcfuiriptuous' tbVc ^ / 

Mw. Still Great and Rojtfl In 'the' W6rft of FortHn§t. 
With native PowV and Majifty j|rfay*d, ' ^ 

She aw*ct tfiTs raft /AmM with her Frown : ' 
Taughrlto te^i^M his Ajea iffiSid to t^ 
Andowttllli^fii,mb»05f--^H«JJt<A*rcbi^^^ ' '^ 
And full of guilty «drtw«wthe^^ ' ^ 

Vow*d toMpeaotheArln|l2Hteeh«4riiire '- • " ' ' "^ 
But with Hniiifiy k^tijzViiMiei'^ iicQr..^. -•. r.T.- i. :. ) 

To purge hisFsini^, attd Wigh til^dtilHi^ «^ 

JEth. Deceit and Artifice! theTtnH tdo flidM^: " 
Habitual Evils fddom chtagt lb ibon. 
But many Days muft pafs, andiBan]^8io*roM> • * . • 
Confdous Remorfe and Akiguilh miAU ft&,; » 
To curlr^Defire, to brtak tSe ihibbcrin ?«^&]« ■^^' 
And work a fecond NttuiFein tfiife iSIM$ » ^^ ' '' 
E'er Virtue cab ^m^ th^ Place ihe kilbj • 

Tis elie Diffimubtion- But no ttibtt. 

The ruffling Train of Suiters are at hanft 
Tliofe mi^ty Oindidatcs for Love and Emittrei 
*TisweU the Gods are mad, when tfat^ daie liope 
To merit their beft Gifts by Riot aadlbnuSicc; 


v I r s s £^. If 

Smr Pelydamai) Ageoor, ThMn, EpUJtti, 
md Attindmits. 


TpL Oar Souls are am of Tuoe, we langai A iU» : 
Nor does the fwcei retHraiflg of the Oawa 
Chear with its ufiial Mirth our dtowzy Spiritli 
That droopM beneath the lazj leaden Night. 

Jfgm. Can we, wlio fwear we love* fmik ot be gq^ 
When our fair Qtieen, the Qoddeft of our Vowf» 
She that adorns our Mirth. aM|p)ds;oqr Dajr> . . >, .. i 
With-holds the Beams that tafy can revsiif qf P ; 

Iho. Night moft involve the Woi^d 'till (he i|ppcii£:] 
The Flowers in painted Meadd^s hasig their Hewifbr . 
The Birds awake not to their Morally Soqgf» j 

Nor early Hinds jxoew their conflaot Labours, : 
Ev'n Nature feems tp Qumber 'titthier CalL - i V 
l^egardlcfi of th' Appi^chi of en/. Qjibm thfi . .• rx 
* ' j^. Wtij it (be th^ withrJieUr thj^pulfltf k: qp94^ 
Why does (be gi¥e thofi^ Hours ,^$t (h^ T^piijejpn^t 
To Tears, Pcrvcr(cnc6, fad to fuJJen Pfp^t; . 5 . - 
Whik yaifriy here we wafte our! lu&j ilrPUth» 
In Expedation of the uncertain Blcfling? . , } 

Fol For twic^ two Year^ this coy this erud Beau^. 
Has mock'd our Hopes, and croft *eo^ wjth Debf s^ ^ 
At length the female Artifio^ 19 pWnt 
The Riddle of her my(&ck Web is known, 
Which e'er her (econd Choice flic (wore to weave j. 
While ftill tbe fecret Malice of the Night 
Undid the Labours of the former Day* 

jigm. Hard are the Laws of Love's deCfotick RuW • 
And ev'ry Joy is trebly bought with Paiaj 
'Crown we the Gt»)>Iet then, and call on Bsahu ^7 

tef AfCf Xbxi joUy God of laughing FleafareSt , / 

Bid eVVy Voice of Harmony awake, .... f 

%o V L rss E s. 

AfM% Lyrf> and Hirmes taneful Shell; 

Let Wine and MuficVjoyn tpfWcIl*thcTriu,nipl^ 

To footh ttbeafie Thought, and lull Defirc. 

Mth. Is tYfis the Rev'ir^ce due to facred ^ut y. 
Or thefe the Rights the Cyfrum Goddefs claims T 
Xhc& rude licentious Orgyes are for Sa^r/, 
Ai^ f«eh the drunk'es Homage which they pay 
To oldfSHetms nodd^flg on his A(s. 
But £e it as it may; it iptafe you wcB; , 

i^. What ft^sthfc Slave? 

39^; QlkF'tis the iSnarlef,'^/^, 
A pri^flel'd f alkcr — tSfVc hiih leave to rail j 
Or fend fw Jirwr forth, his fellovi^ Drole, 
/nd let *em yhj a Match* of Mirth before ui, 
And Laughter be the Prize to crbwn the Viftori 

M. And 'doftthdtaanfwer to Reproof withU^^^ 
Bte dii fo fliH, anii lie whafthou vwt borAj 
Stick' to thy fltiti ve i^e, atid &orn InRru^on: 
Oh FoDy! V^t'anTSmpifc haft ttou here! ; 

.What Tempki (hall be rais'd to Aee ! What Crowd* 
Of flavoring, bootiBg, fepfelefi, ibameful Ideots 
Shall werAiip'at thy ignominious Altars/ 
While Princes 'are thy Pricftsr 

P«/. Why (hou^dft thou think, " 
O'erwecniner Tnfblent, Unmaflncr^ Slave,' 
Thar Wifcldm does forfake the Wealth,' the Honour^ 
And full Profpirity of Princes Courts, \ ' 
To dwell with Rags and Wrctchcdnefs like thine? 
Why doft thou call him Fool ? 

J&h. Speech is mpfl free. 
It is fw^s Gift' to all^ Mankind in common. 
Why do'ft thou callme poor, and think me tyittchedr 

fH. Bccaufc thou' art fo. 


■ » 

V L r S S E S. %i 

J&b: AoCvret to thj Ct% > ' 

And let it ferrc foi'tlice and for thy Friendt 

Jlgm. He talks like Oracles, obfcare and (tMtt, 

Mth, I wou'd be underftood, but Apprebeniioa ' ■ ^' 

Is not thy Talent «^ Midnight Surfejts, Wlne^ 

And painful undigefted Morning Fumes, 
Have marr'd thy Underilanding. 

Efh. Hence, thou MifcrcantI 
Mj Lords, this Railer is not to be bom. 

JEfh, And wherefiye art: thou bom, thou puUiek ' 
ThovL T/raat, born to be a Katiod's Pnnifliment j ' 
To fcourge thy guilty Subjeds for their Crimes, 
And prove Heav'n's harped: Vengeance? 

Eph, Sputn hitn hence, 
And tear the rude unhallqw'd Railer*s Tongue; 
Forth frona his Throat. 

JEtb. If brutal Violence 
And Loft of foul Revei^ ffaouVI Urge tbep O0»: : ' ' 
Spight of the Queen and Hofpitabk fwt, 
T'opprefs a Stnuo^, ixngle and unamBi*d, 
Yet mark me well, I .was not bora thy Vtffid$ 
And wert thoii ten times, greater than thoa art«^ / 

And ten times more a King, thus wouM I meet thee^ ^ .7 
Thus naked as I am^^I woa'd oppofe thee. 
And fight a Wonaui't >Qattel; withmy Haiid^ 
E're thou (hou'dft do o^ Wrong, and go ui^imiifaM. 

B^. Ha! doa thott brav« me, Dog? [CMx^ «^M JEth. 

Tkf. Avant! 

Pii. Bcgon! .: ' ;•...* 

' . , ;&M»r Eiifymddmff. ' ^ ---•" 

£Mr. ;9^1iat Eboghtor ^IjoUcbm aadthti Ni^fi' - '^' 

Whtt Fury 1»|P[» y9§» MiiBd iIkI Sksd^ \ i - * • » 


'■f '■" 

» t .' / k 

M, V L T s sr E s. 

To vex the peaceful Morn with Rage aaid Uprattr f 
lEach frowning Vifagc douUj dy'd with Wfath, ^ 
Your Votoes m tiunalnidus Ctoours f ais'd. 
Venting Reproich, Ad ibning fttwig Coscentioii, 
Say you have been at Variance— —Speak, yePmceSk 
Whence grew th* 0cca(ton> 

JEth. King of Samos^ hear me. 
To thee, as to a King, worthy the Nanie, 
The Majefty and Rig^ Divine of Pow*r, 
Bdkil^ I^are append — ^ This Kiftg of Smj^ti 

[?mting f Ipfaidtes. 
This Ifland Lord, this 'Monarch of a Rock, 
fie and his Fdiow PrinocB these, yon' Ba&d 
Of eating, drinking Levers, have in Scorn 
Of the Gods Laws, and Strangers facred ftMskgt. 
Offered me feed Oficnce and inoft timmnly Injuriev. 

jg«r. Away! It is too much— —You i^frong yooff 
Honours, [Jbifcllrtm. 

And ftain the LnAl-tf 0f y»«r Aoyal Vatnes, ^ ^ 
To brawl and wsangle With a Thing beneath youi 
Are we not Chief oa^ latth, and pbcM aloft? 
And when we poorly ^(loof to mean Revenge, 
We (land ddws'd, aiid level wtthtfae Slave 
who jbadlydses OS ^tM^-lM vtiirl>Aance. 

^h. HencefoTMTd ke Ike^^bM ^f^idler^l^A ' \ 
To curb the hndefs I^iCenetdf lifs'S|ic)edi, ' '' ' 
Let hihd be d«H^ We Wdte^efRrookhhPinRfaig.;] 

SMT, ^toi ¥k)u air too b ittet ' ■■ li^Bat mritim'i 

Let e?*ry jarring Sound of Difcord ceafi, • ' '^ ^^ •^'' ' 
Tune aU your Thoughnwid m^UfA to^an^s Praile^ 
To Bey^» tbai*«i&ii MiMniiid'*{>h«dillt^dtte&lEe^ 
Breaks like the D^Ote fritiiilw^teufidliMlA'^'' 


For fie when circled wkb A Crpivd of Jbk Ooes^ 
Freih as the Spring, and fragnuit as its Flowen^ i 
Y^ <}jieen appears^ jrour Godd^, your I^iukft. 

''Smer the ^^$m mithUkiii^ mlnher jUmdm$. 
2>ri»4 thus oil CjwrAw Ibad/Top, 
Or by JEwv/a's Stream \fS9^ to the Chice 
Her Virgia Train* a Thoufind lovdj Nymphs 
Of Form Q^k^all. Tiioopt^ bar Side, . 
Amidft a llioufand N/oiphs the Goddofi (hmda coaM^ 

In ^eaptjc lyi^T, ^ f^ert Dfarxoe» 
Supream and Emineqt. 

Jgji. If thefe fw«et Souttdfit 
This hiunbk fiiwsing EhqA^ lUs fidtUeft Flttterj^ 
If thefe known Acts eoii'd heal my wounded Soul, 
Gon'd recompQace the 9ofrawf of my Dtys, 
Or ib«th the Sigiungs of my lone^ Nigliiis ' - 
Well alight yoa hope to woe sie to y<mr WiAea, 
And win my Heart^wich ywr 6M Tdn of Lotei - 
But fince whatever r«e tsSfeei &tjnr Lxi, 
From V^ the Wii|da and Seas, aha Gpdaand yoi^' 
Is deeply writ wlthia mf &1 iRoneoihrance, 
Knaw» Princes, all your Eloqoenoe is rain. 

jtgm. If tbo6 br(cht}Ejpo6.tfcat waftc tUr UgkU 
withWeepaqgt . : . . :' 

Woa*d kindly Udm^^ktm utgrntr^fUofrnti 
BehoklheciffiHrsWAis rtmrimg Qpaen. 
His Cfowa, lmUSt,lm nrariaithM ^<Ml$, 
What Joys foe'er, or Loft or fimphv yidi, 
To b]eftllQrlbtiireDiya»^4od4iMfce'kmJhappt|^a^^^ 

Z)^. Mine, aadjhdittlDageof iBy#eb|||»)Wii0^^ 
^. I cannot Co#C }!tei vtitbai 'rnkxaM,'-^ ■ ^ ' ' 
With eaOe aod^ %pc^ctoi^ fiNui(^gi«ii#^ . ' ^ 

** > • 




»4 V LTS S B >. 

Made to be fpoke iii Tah^^^^-*-*^ut be tay Queen, 
And leave my plain ipoke Love to prove its Merit. 

^.« And am I yet to Icarri your Love, your Faitb? 
Are not my Wrongs gone np ; to fieaV'n againA you? 
Do they not ftand befort: the Throne of ^^ir, 
And call inceflant en his tardy Vengeance? 
What Sun hasfhone that has not fien youi' In&lence* 
Your waflefiil Riot, asid your impious Mirths 
Y«ur Scorn of Old iMma* fttblc Age, . ' 
Of my Son's Youth, aiad of tsiy Wbmatfsr WdikneTs! 
Ev*n in my Palace, here, my lateft Refiige, ^ ; * 
(For you are Lords of all beiides in fihscs,) '\ 
With Ruffian Violence and niurd'roas Rage ' ' 
You menace the Defenoelds and the Sftranger ; 
And from th' unhofpitable Dwelling drive ^^ 

Safety and friendly Peace. . ' ' /. 

JEtk. For matters not; '- '*'* '^ 

WrongisttecPortibnliMilof f<fcble Age;'' ; ' * •* ' 
My toilfome.Len^of 'Days> fefl of^ KaVtaii^tjrie ' 
What *cis to £^i]^le with* the Fraud and Pbwei£il> ' 
But 'tis for thy unhappy Fate, fair Queen, 
*Tis to behold thy Beauty and thy Virtue, 
Tranfirpideat both, worthy the Goidt whd gM 'etn,- " 
And worthy of thdr Care, tofee*em?]eft,- ' ; ^' • 
Abandon'dandforftken'torode Outf^,^ ' ^ -^ 
And made a Prize fotDfiinkafdft^ ^tis for'fhis^ ' 
My Soul tak<Uiirie wttiun, aad vainly urges .'' c^-' 
My cold enervate Hand Yaflert thy Ganfe,' 

^. A^l theyiGbbrntfaeWeakncCof^'i^'iAge^^ ' 
As of gqr Scjxrr^-Bvt'mirk me wdtyerPiiiace^ /( > 
Whae!efjiiQQ0gft)KH| dares ^ lift hirlliiMi <*^<^''^^ ' "^ 
Againft the hkMTyrlkad oTAbnkl Man? < ^ ' ' A 



♦ r 


V L r S S E S. xs 

Him wiU I hold my Word mj deadlidft For* 
Him (hall my Curfe^ and Reycoge putfue. 
And mark' him from the reft with moftidiftiog^ifli'd 

Eph, That you are weak, defencelefs and oppreft. 
Impute not to the Gods, they have befriended yiu. 
With lavifh Hands they fpread their Gifts before you^ 
What Pride, Rcv,engc, what wanton Love of Change* 
Or Woman's Wiih can ask, behold, we ofier you. 
Curfc the Pervcrfene6 of your ftubborn Will then, 
That h&s delay'd your Choice, and in that Choice your 

^. And muft I hear this fttU, and ftill endure ic? 
Oh. Rage/ Difhonour! wretched, heiplefi Queen ! 
Refurn, return my Hero, my Utyffts: . 
Bring him again, you cruel Seas and Winds, 
Trty and Aduk'roas Paris are n& more$ 
Reilore him then, you righteous GodsofGreecit 
T'avesge himfilf and me upon tfaefe^Tyrants, 
And do a ieoond Juftice ^ere at home. 

Eur. Amongft the mighty Mants of the Greeks . 
Great Names, and fam'd for higheft Deeds in War» 
His honoured Shade refts from. the Toils of life 
In everlafting IndolencMud Eafe, 
Carelefs of all your Pray*rs and vain Complainings, 
Which the Winds bear away, and icatter in their Wan* 

Turn thoie bright. Eyes then, from Defpair and Death, 
And fix your better Hopes among the Living, ' ^ 
Fix 'em on One^ who dares, who can defend you, 
One worthy of your Choice. 

^u. If my free Soul t 

M^il ftobp to this nocqual bard Condition, 

B If 

»< ^ LTS S E S. 

If I muft oMfe tikis ieeomr hlted^ Cktictt 
Yet by ConnubaJ J^i9»»iKre I Orau^ • 

KoneihaS fucceed my Ldrd> hot tkt braire Ivttft 
That dares'i^Fenge me well upoa the reft. 
Then lee wfh«e««r dlres to Lore beMd, 
Be, Itke my ibrmer fftft^ tnadb fbr War, 
Able to befidthe Bovtr^ tfid tofi the%ear ; 
Tor erVy 'W^<X]g ftislAjiv'd Qaeen ii» fbaUd, 
Let him revenge and pqr it l»ith a Wound; 
fierce from the Shmghter let the Vidor cone* 
And tell me thM tny P^oes have met ditir Deoms 
Then plight his Faith upon his bloody Sww^ 
And be what my W^ tvas, nsy beft, toy dMeft Lord. 
[BjseMtf f^nUm, Hfantor* mid AiMUmi. Eur. 
£ph. Agen. Thwn* tnd Boly. foUnM^g, 

JEth. O matchleft Proof of Faith and Love o n c haugM , 
Left in the Mde* the wifhing Wai^th of Yovfeb, 
For ten long Years, «nd tto bi^ Years to that. 
And yet fo true! Beiet with ftrohg ABiresicnts, 
With Youth, pitwd Pomp, and ibft bewfe cfaag PlertoeJ 
>Tis wonderful! and Wives in taker Times 
Shall think it sdl the Pbifery of Wit, 
A Fable curioufly contrivM t'lqpbraid 
Their, fickle eifie Faiths and mock thM for thttf 

But fee! the Samim King returns. 

lEmir Eurymaefaoi. 

Eur. I fought you 
Amidft the Croud of Princes, who Attend 
The Queen to fmu^s Temple 

^h. When I worfliip, 
And bow tny feif bobre t]seaWfal6od«ft 




I miiigle not witk thdCt whm Comm thcttr Utm, 
Wkh ragtag* k«t«i, i(Mfe» v^hpliiaM Ormids, 
Who £ike dKGodi ibr GlattMu like ftieoHftlvw; 
C«r. This fuUm GftH»» tliis moody I>lfeoAtefH;, 
, Sits cm thee wcU, mad I ipfkud thy Aager; 
Thy juft Dsfiitin oftfais yccatioas Rout; 
Yet all ire not like tkefe i nor oug^t thy Qu^rrd 
Be.carry'd on oo aD Masknd jo eomnon. 

JEth, Perhaps the untaught Plainiieft of my Words, 
May make you think my Manners radc and fiyage: 
But know my Country is the La«d of LSierty ^ 
HdMeia^s happy Ifle, that gare me Bath, 
Forbids not «ny to- i^k plain and truly ; 
Sincere and apen are we, roughly Hondl, 
Upright in Deed, flho' fimple in our Speech* 
As meaning not to Flatter, or 0£Rmd ; 
i The Ule«f Words we hziTC^ but not the Art, 
And ev'n as Nature dilates, fi> we fpeak. 

£»r. Now by great ffim, Guardian of our Samos, 
In ftroog Defcription haft thou w«ll exprcft. 
That ittttly VirtiK' I wou'd naakc a Friend of. ^ 
Nor thou, brave JEthmt {halt difdain our Amity, 
Qur p|i»fler\i Love ; for know that King;, like Gods, 
With all Thh^ good'idom their own Creation, 
And where their Favotir fixes, diere is Happinefs^ 
i JEth. Yes, Sir, you are a King, a great one too^ 

I My huAMer Bthh has caft me far beneath you. 
And made me for the prdTerM Gra(!e unfit $ 
Fricndihip def^hts in equalFellgg^lhip, 
WhtNT Pairity oflbilik aid mottt^ Offices 
Engage both Sides alike, and keq> thejalance ev'i^ * 
*Tis Udcfome to a geb'rous grateful Soul, 
\ To be oppftft* bcteith i Load Of Favours* 

B 1 stin 

x^ V L rs s E s. 

Stil^ to deceive, tnd ruo in Debt to Frieiid(hip« 
Without the Pow'r of payiog.ibmetliing bade. 

£«r. I know thee grateful j juft and gen'rous Minds 
Are always £b$ nor is thy Pow'r £6 fcanty 
But that it may vye with a King's Munificence, 
May make me a large Amends for all my Bounty, 
May blefi me with a Benefit I want. 
And gi^e me that which nay Soul moft doGrcsi 
The Queen — — 

JEtb, Hqw, Sir, the Queen! 

Eur. The Beauteous Queen, 
That Summer-Sun in full Meridian Glory, 
Brighter than the faint Promife of the Springs 
With Bleffings ripenM to the Gatherer's Hand, 
Mature for Joy and in Perfedion lovely i 
Ev'n (he! 

The Pride of Gmee, the Wi(h of youthful Princes, 
Seirere, and Cold, and Rigid, as (he is. 
Looks gently on thee JEthmit ihe beholds thee 
With kind Regard, and liftens to thy CounTels. 

JEth. Be (till thou beating Heart! [4/!^«.] Well, Sir. 
go on. 

Emr, No more, there needs no moce^ thy pterdag WiC» 
I read it in thy Eyes, hath found my Purpoie. 
Be favourable then, be friendly to mej • 

Nay, I'll conjure thee, by my Hopes, by thine. 
Whether they follow Wealth, or Power, or Famc^ 
Or what Defires ibe*er warm thy old Breaft, 
Couniel me, aid me, teach me, be my Friend. 

Mth. Suppofe me fuch, what (hou'd my .Frieadibip, 
, profit you ? . 

Eur, O by Ten Thousand Ways ! has not that Agp 
That turn'd thy rey'rend Locks To SUirer Whiter 


Has St not gtv'ii theeSkiD ta Womankind, 

Sagacious WiCiom to explore their Subleties, 

Their coy Avcrfionf, and their eager Appetites, 

Their falfe Denials, and* their fecret YicUings ? 

Yet more, thy Friendfhip with her former Lord, 

Gives thee a Right to fpe^k, and bo believM. 

JEsh*: Then you wou'd have me woe her for yoa, 

wm her j 

This Queen, this Wife of him that was my Friend? 

Eur^ Thou fpeak'ft me well of him that was thy Friend t 
His Death has broke thofc Bonds of Love and Friend* 

And left sae free and worthy to fucceed 
Bdth in her Hearts and thine. 

j£ih. Excafe me, Sir, 

Nor think I meant to queftioa your high Worth. 

I am but ill at PraUing, or my Tongbe 

Had ^ke the great Things that my Heart thinks of you 

Suppofe me wholly yours-— -* Yet do you hold 

This Sovereign Beauty made of fuch light Stuff, 

So like the common Changelings of her Sex, 

That he that flatter'd, figh'd, and fpoke her fair, 

Cou'd win her from her ftubborn ReiblutioQ 

And chafte Refenr'dnefs, with his fweet Perfuafion ? 

Ettr. No, were Ike, form'd like them, flie were a 
Conqueft ^ . 

Beneath a Monarch's Love, or JEtM$ Wit. 

Not but I think, (he has her warmer Wiflies, 

'Twere monflrous elfe, and Nature had deny'd 

Her cboiceft Blefling to her iaireft Creature ^ 

Her foft Defires that fteal abroad unieen» 

Like Silver Cymlna aiding from her Orb, 

At^ead of Night to young Eadimm's Arms. 

B 3 JSMif^ 

JEsb, How! tkiok ymkl -^But lb 'm $rvit it mtf W» 
The beft .of all the Sex is bat a Woman» . 
And why Ihou'xi Nature hpta|c bn Rule for One? 
To make Ooetrue, whea all the reft are falie? 
To find tfaoTe Wifties then, thofe fond Defir cf , 
To trace the fulibiiift Hausti of wanton Ap^tc^ 
51m xnuft be tr^^d. 

JBur. That to thy Care, my ^thm. 
Thy Wit and watchful Frlendiiip I comaMnd. 

JEih, Yes, Sir, be cortaia oa't, (he (haQ be tsfii 
Thro' all the wiot^ng hta^es of her Tbo^bt«» 
Thro' all her Joys, her Sorrows and her Fears, 
Thro' all her Truth aod FaJSio^d 111 piirfisf h»i, 
She (hall be fubtkr than Deceit it {tH, 
And profpcroufly Wicked, if (he '(cape ne. - 

Ettr, ThwLVt ipay Gtt^m, aadmy h yp iy ftDwrt 
Depend upon thy Pffmdqnoe $nd Bdde. 
Tfaia Dtkf, at bm Vifitw^ ff4Hn fnmh Akar^ 
I have d>t»o'4 ap Hour of ptisat« Confereace; 

JEth, What! Prmtc^ Smi you! Twv » Mvk tf Fi*^ 
▼our, ,1 

Di(Hngui(bly kind. 

£»r. Somewhat I urg'd 
That much eoncersM her HoMwr, and bet Safetji» 
Nay tv'n the Life of her btlov^i Tekmafibttf, 
Which to her Ear alone I wou'd difdofe: 
Thou (halt be prefen t ' i ■ . H owl mean to prove ber. 
Which way to (hake tbe Temper of her Sou), j 

And where thy Aid may (land aie sioft in Aead!* 
1 win inftruA thee as we pa(s doog. 

JEfh, I wait yoH, Sir. 

^ur. Nor doubt of the S«ccefi» j 

Tl^sfittbbom Btaucy tM be taagbt OomplMiicc; 



Fair Daughter of tlie Ooaan, fntiof ^^mt$^ 

Thou Joy of Gods and Ii&b, ai&ft my.Pufpofci 

Thf q/prus and 9K£ir4.iiavea whik. 

Thy P^ifAiM GfOf ea, and fwoce f^^^iWHiSp 

To fix thy Enii^iM ia this n^god lOii 

Bring all thy Firea fitttt cvary. Lover thcN^ . 

T& warm thit ca^r, this crasl itwuok F«tr« . 

Let her no raaraifirom Nat«r«'s4«M«a be ftec. 

But learn Obedience to thy |vcoi Decrct , 

Since Goda tfaeaaiihBBa fidboMt to i^ and Thee. 





Ibtim Antinou^ Ckon mid Areas* 

JbUf »nriS thus, my Fellow-Citizens aad FrieodSk 
'' 'Tis thus unhappy Zr^4w» muft gnwT _ 
Beneath the Bondage of a Foreign Lord; 
A needy upfUrt Race of hungry Strangers 
Shall fwarm upon the Land, cat its laaeafe, 
Devour the Labours of the toiling Hind, 
And gather all the Wealth and Honours of oar Hk. 

CU, The fiften Minions of the Smmm Court, 
To Lord it o'er the Province (hall be fenr. 
To rde die State> to be the Chiefs in War, . 
kD^ lead our hardy tthmgas to Batde. 
Freedom and R%ht (hall ceafe; our Com, Wme, Oyl, 
The Fatnefi of the Yev, fball aU be thei^i 

a 4 Our 


3x V L T S S E S. 

Our Modeft Matrons, «nd ear Virgin Daoghtcrc 
Ey'n ail we hold moft dear, f]^ll be the SpcMJ, 
The Prey of our imperious haughtjr Mafors. 
Arc, Would I cou'd £iy I did not fear theie E?ils. 
^t. O honefl Arcm,, *tis too plain a Danger. 
The Queen, rcquir'd by publick Voice to Wed, 
Td end at once the Hopes and riotous Conoourie 
Of Princely Gueits, contending for her LoTe, 
O'er-pajGTuig all the nobkft of oui' lile. 
Inclines to fix her Choice on proud Eutymaeifus, 

C2e. Why rides the SMmian Fleet within our Harbour, • 
But to fupport their Tyrant's Title here/ 
With Caufes feign'd they linger long, pretending 
Rude Winter Seas, with Omens that fcrbid 
The frighted Mariner to leave the Shoarj 
While ifepttm froooths his Waters for their Pai&ge» 
Arid gently whUliing Winds invite their Saib, 
As if they w!(h*d to wafl them' back to Samos. , 

Arc, Vlylfes is no morci the partial Gods, 
Who^vour'd Mam and his haplefs Race, 
Have pour'd their Wrath on his devoted Head« 
And now in ibme far diflant Realm, exposed 
To glut the Vulture's and the Lyon's Ma.w« 
Or in the Oozy Bottom of the Perp, 
Full many a Fathom down, the Hero lyes^ 

And never (hall return What then remains? 

But that our C^nntry flj to thee for Succour, 

{To AntinousI 
To thee, the nobkil of the Lords oflthdca-^ - 
And fince, (b Fate ordains, our Queen mud Wed* 
Ee thou her fecond Choice, be thou our Ruler, 
And iave oux t^ation from a foreign Yoke. 

V JO rs s E s. 3-3^ 

Ani* You ve my Frieodsy and over-rate my Worth, 
But Witncfs for mc, for you ftill have known me, • 

When c^cr my Country's Service calls, me on, 
Na Eoterprifcc fo doubtful, or Co dangerous,. / 

But I will boldly prove it, to prcfevc thcc^ 
^h Ithacny from Bondage. 

CU. Wherefore urge you n«t - 
Your Suit among the; refl!! 

Ant. The auel Queen 
Rejedis my hum)4e Vow< with angry Scorn; 
And when I once preium'd to fpeak my Paflionr 
She caird it lofolencc— Since then I ve Gaove 
To hide th' unlucky FoUy, fcom all £yes 
But yours, my Friends, who view my naked Soul. 

Arc^ Avow your FIa;ne in publick,. cellthe Wodd. 
Ant hum is worthy of a Queea; 
So many valiant Hands fbali own ypur Caufci 
So (hall^ the Voice in I$Ibma be for you. 
The Queen ihall own your Love has made her great,. 
And giv'n her back an Empire (he had io^. 

jifa» Think not I dream the Hours of Life awayr 
Supine, and negl^ent of Lore and Glory j 
No, Areas, nOr my a&ive Mind is bufie. 
And 0tiU>has labour'd with a vaft Defign ; 
E'er long the beauteous Birth will be diiclos'd,^ 
Then (haU your Pow'rs'conae fowh^ your ^ Swrordt: and* 

And maiifeft the Love you bear Anthtout'i 
Till then be ftill— —To favour my Defign, 
With low fubmi(fions, with obfequious Duty, 
And^Vo^f^ OfFriendfliip fit to fiocter Boy» wilh^ 
Tve wound my felf into ibt Prince's He^rt. 

34 V LTS SSS. 

Ck. Tts fikt tlie Love&k Tooth doles et^ii to X)mtk 

Ant. Let it go o n ■■ ■ ■ ' tM > connAgr Doty^ 
And futes mj Parpoft wcB ■ » T he Youth bj NiCm 
Is adive, fierj, bold, tud gr«ae of Souls 
Love is the Bane of all thefe NoUe Qoalhies, 
The ficklj fit, that paSs Amhitioo^s Appetite^ 
And therefore hare I niirs'd the fond Dilbft, 
iQ^nring lazy Wiihes, Sighs and Luigoiftii^s» 
Una^ve dreming Sloth, tfui woanniiih SolbeTs^ 
To freeze his Vctos, and quench his manly Fires. 
The froward God of Lope, to boaft his PowVi 
Has iMred of late {bene Ikde Jars betKPcen '«flD$ 
Bnt 'twas ny Cire to recoiMik their Follies, 
And if my Augury deoaiTes oie one. 
This Day a Prieft in private mdics *em one, 
Unknown or to the Qnecn, o» to iMfymulmh 

But fee! They ooa n n i i cci i iu 'i ■ iifciw 

iMsr Tekmachus 0hd Semanthe. 
Do, Sigh, and Smile, 

And print thy Lips apoo the loft while Haad-i 
Scq^Cers and Growns are Trifles none rtgird. 
That can be bkft with fiich t joy u this is. 

iMaimm hMu Ck. 0m4 Arc* 
3W. Yes, my 9mumki% Kill I will co«ipUn» . 
Still } wift Buirmur at thee, ornd iW4 
For all that Pain thou g^v^ft my Heart bat wm* 
Whit God, «?erfe Ki lonocenee nd Imi^ 
Cou*d fhake thy gentk Soul wUiiticI a Slorm ?' 
Juft at that hqipy MooMni, when the F»Mt 

Had jotifd ow Hipdk (hott Aartfdft as Bentkhid IkvA . 

An44ghing cry'dft. Ah! no! it is impoffibk! 

V LTSS E S. 3f 

5!fiiii. And yet, oh 017 IofVI Lor4i jct f am j<mrh 
This Hand has giyen me to yoo, and this Heart, 
This Heart that akci with Teaderaefi; con&rm'd it. 

Til. And yet thoa art not minc ^ cife why thia 

Why art thott wet with Weepings at the Earths 
When vernal ypvi deiccnds, in gentle Show'rs, 
To caufe Increafe, and blefi the Infant Year» 
When ey'ry fpiry Gra6» and painted Flow*r, 
Is hung with pearly Drops of Heavloly Rain? 

Sem. Ye Woods and Phins, and ail yt Virgin 

Happy Companions of thole Woods and Plains, 

Why was I forcVI to leave your chearfol Felbw(hip» 

To come and loie mj Peace of Mind*at ItifocM^ 

And oh! Simmthi, wherefore didft thou liften 

To that dear Voice? why didd thou break thy Vow, 

Made to the Hantrefi Qiwrlmi and her Train ? 

Ah! lay, fond Maid, &y wherefore didd thoa love? 

Til. Alas! my gentk Lov^ iiow have I wroog'd 
By what unwilling Crime have t offfoded? 
Tliat thus with ftreamsng Eyes thou fhonld*ft com^ain» 
Thus daAi nay Joja, ui^ qaench thofe Holy Fires, 
By yellow »fmmi% Torch fo lately i ghted : 
Thus ftain this bleikd'Day, our Bridal Day, 
With the 4ecefi«d Omen of thy Sorrows. 

Sm. Of what Ihou'd I accule thee? thou art NoUe, 
Thy He«rt is ibft, is pitiful an^ tender $ 
And thott wSc never wrong the poor ^mmoit. 
And yet ► 

M. What mean'ft thoa 7 

Snm, What hafe we been doiogf . 


Til A Deed of Happiaefi. 

Sim, Are we not marry'd ? 

Til. Wc are and like the careful, thrifty Hind, 

IVho provident of Winter fills his Storea 
With all the various Plenty of the Autumn* 
We've hoarded up a mighty Mafs of Joy, 
To laft for all our Years that are to come. 
And fweeten evVy bitter Hour of Life. 

Stm. Fain wou'd I £}oth my Soul with thefe fwcct 
Forget the Anguf (h of my waking Gu-es» 
Ad(d all th^fir boding Dreams that haunt my Slumbers^ 
Laft Night, when after many a heavy Sigh, 
And many- a painful Thought, the God of Sleep, 
Infenfible and ibft, had ftole upon me$ . 
Methought I found me by a murmVing Brook, 
Heclio'd at Eafe upon the flow'ry Margin 3. 
And thou, thou firft and lail of all my Tk>ught8, 
Thou dear, eternal Obje& of my Wiihea, 
Cioie by my Side wert laid - j 

liL Delightful Vifion ! . ^ 

And oh! oh Pity that it was not real. 

Sem. A while on many a pleafing Theme we talk%. 
And mingled fweet Pifcourfe^ when on the fudden,. I 

The Cry of Hounds, the jolly Hootfman's HorD» 
With all the chearful Muiick oS the Chace, 
Surpriz'd my Ear— and ftrait a Tivop of tNymphiw 
Once the dear Partners of my Virgin Heart, \ 

Flew lightly by us, eager of the Sport j \ 

.Laft came the Goddefi, great iMnds Daughtes, 
With more than niortal Grace (he ftood con&ft^ 
I (aw the Golden Quiver at her Back, 
And heaid the ibunding of her Silver Bow» 


.V L rS S E S, 37 

AbaOi'd I roie, and lowly made Obeyfance ^ 
But (he, nat fweet, nor affable, nor imiling^ 
As once ihe wont, with flern Regard beheld mef. 
And wherefore d«(l thou loiter here, ihe laid. 
Of me, thy Fellows, and our Sports unmindful? 
Return, thou Fugitiva^ nor vainly hope 
To drefs thy bridal Bed, and wade thy Youth 
In- wanton Pleafuresr and inglorious Love^ 
A Virgin, at my Altar wcrt thou Vow'd, 
'Tis iix'd by Fate, and thou art mine for ever; 
With that (he fnatck'd a Chaplet from my Hand> i 
Which for thy Head in Fondnefs I had wove. 

And bore mc fwiftly with her: In my Fiight;- 

Backwards, methou^ht, I turn'd my Eyes to thee. 
But found thee not, for thou wert vani(h*d from ne^p 
And in thy Place my Father lay extended 
Upon the Earth, a bloody Ultle& Goarlss 
Struck to the very H^rt, I (hriekt akMid^ 
And waking, fouxid my Tears upon my Pillow, 

Til. Vex not thy peaceful Soul, my fair Smantb^^ 
Nor dread the Aoget of the awfiil Gods, 
Safe in thy Native oaoffeodiog Iimoetnce. 
Still when the golden Sun withdraws his. Beams, 
And drowzy Night invades the weary World. 
Forth flies the God of Dreams^ fiu^taftick Mfi^fheust. 
Ten thottiand mimick Fantoms fleet around hina. 
Subtle as Air, ftnd vtrioqi io their Natures, 
Each has Ten Thouftnd Thouiand dilf *rent Formsy 
In which they dancf confus'd before the Sleeper, 
While the vain God laughs to behold what Paia 
Imaginary Evils give Mankind. 

Sim, Not happy Omens that ^rove our Wi(hes,^ 
Whea bright with Flames the diaixSal Altar Maes,, 

"" \ "^ •" AaJ 

5« V L TS S E S.' 

And the good Gods are gracious to oar 0£feriiigs» 
Not Oracles tfacmfelTes, that fpeak us happy, 
Gou'd charm my Fears, and IvtU my froward Sorrows* 
Like the dear Voice of him whom my Soullores; 
£v*n while thou fpok'ft my Breaft begun to glow» 
I felt fweet Hopes, and Joy, and Peace r et ufnii^ 
' And aQ the Fires of Life were kindled up anew. 
• 7>/. Hencethen, thou meager Gkre, ill bodi^ Me* 

Anzioas Diiqaiet, and heart-breaking Griefs 
Fly to your Native Seats, where deep below 
Old Night and Horror with the Furies dwtl^ 
Lore and the joyful Genial Bed diidaim you^ 
To Night a Thoufind little laughing Ofidt 
Shall be our Guard, aad wakeful walch around u^| ' 
No Sound, no Thought ftiaU enter to diftnrb us. 
But faarcd Silence rmg^i unlefi, fbmctimes, 
.We figh and murmnr with Excefi of Hs^nc6. 

Sim. Alas, ny Lord! 

3^/. Again that moumfiil Sound! 

Sm. What other Fain is this? what other Feai^ 
So difF^cnt quite fton what I felt befeie? 
AkemateNeat and CoUiMot thro' ny Vcin%. 
Now a chill Dew hangs hMff on my Irow, 
And now ^ritii gcstie Waracb I gk>w i^o'or^ 
Short are ny Sighs, and nimbly beats my neart> 
I gaze on thee with Joy, aod yet I tyemUe, 
'Tis Fain and PkaTurt blended, both it onct, 
fTis Life and Death, or Ibmething move tftan either r 

IW. Thus untry'd SiMicrs, when the Trunvpet Aundi^ 
Cxpe^ the Combat with uncertiin Falftonsi 
Thus Kature fpeAt in ontipcriene^d Maids^ 
And jdm tftey bhrfb, and tint ifo theo *^ tremblr. 




V L rs S E S. 3? 

Ac Eyen» when the QueeB rcttfes to Reft, 
111 meet thee ime, uA tike thee to my Antts* 
Thy bell» thy furtft Refuge . *'** ■ ■■» >■ ^ 
But fee! the Stnuiger ^ZAKmi ciDmcf» fetire» 
I wou'd aot have his watchful Eye oh&nre ut . 

tmer JEthoa. 
I charge thti loiter not* but haAe to Ueft me> 
Hafte» at th' tppoiotad Hour- 


Tfajnk with what eager Hopes* what Ragt I bun^ 
For eir'ry tedious Mituite how I noum ^ 
Think, how I ealt the* Cruel £ar thy Stiy» 
And break my Heart with Grief, for thy unkind Deiay. 
« {Ex mm t Tclpmachus mi SemE. 

M^, Ha! what, b cbfii ! how cautieiii to avoif^ 
As who (hou'd iiy. CM Mao yoa are too Wile, 
What has my Youth to do wi^ your Infinidiooa^ 
While Folly is (b plea&oft to my TaOe^ 
And damn'd De(buAkm weart a face fo fiur^ 
ThM^mmm lUif it Hapfy m, hie Arts: 
His Dauber, v(o w'4 a Vii^ to llaanj 
Is hcoi^ tayb^ the Wanton here at l^nusl 
No matter for Rdigioos let tkoGodi 
Look to their Rites ^wft t nai; the Yoodi. grows Imi^ 
Juft to their WMh ! md ftrears him&lf thekr VaflU. 
His Mother kSkm% omi-^-^BM fc ft i .i ■ Theyeonej^ 
Now to put on the Fl«Mlifl-^^ That's ntf Ofict; 
2Smip sW ^i^MOP 0kk JBBnMttacliuaft 

j^. Hare I i|ot aoCirer'd ofi^ It k ia wan. 

In vain to urgs oie with this hatefol Sub^f • 

As thou art NoUf^ pi^ vm^ Mwymrkm^ 

Add not aew Wcidpfe of Sonmro t» im nq% 

' Th^ 

Af3 ^ LT S S E S^. 

That drag too flow, too heavily along. 

Compel me not to cur& mj Life, mjr 6eing» 

To curfe each Morn, each chearfiil Morn, tfaat dawns 

With healing Omfbrt on its balmy Wings, 

To ev*ry wretched Creature, but my fclf ; 

To me it brings more Pain, and iterated Woes. 

£«r. Oh God of Eloquence, bright IImiVs Son! 
Teach me what more than mortal' Grace of Speech^ 
What Sounds can move this fierce relentlefs Fair, 
This cruel Queen, that pityleis beholds ** ~ 

My Heart that bleeds for her, my humble Knees 
In abje& lew SubmifTion bent to Earth, ' 
Tcr deprctcate her Scorn, and beg in vain, • 

One gracious Word, one fevourabie Look, 

,<^. Count back the cedioos Years, fince firft my 

^ Hero 

Forfook the& faithfol AroM to War with Troy-^ 
And yet in all that kmg, long Trad of Time, 
Witnefs, ye ehafter Powers, if e'er my Thoughts "" 
Have harbout'd any other Gaeft but him ; 
l^emembcr, KJng of Ammt, whit 1 have been, • I 

Then think if I caa change *— M$hm\ ttimt near. 

Good h(meft Man! \mm rare i^ truth 'ifke thine ! 
Thou greac Ex^niple of « Loyal^riendf 

Mth, Oh Lady; iparc that Prtifcj if fewHke mc 
Arc Friends, yet-iiMe have^ver lov'4 like you 5 
Why whit t mighty ^pace is twenty Y«ars ? ' j 

rris irkfome to Remembianct, to Hiok back \ 

Vpon your Youth, tiat happier P»t •f Life; 
Like ibme fair Field, of rich and fertile Soil^ 
That might have bkft the OWoer with Abundance/ 
Btttkft uQiiecdiM^likeaterea.1^ j 


V L rs S E S. 4» 

Lies fcnceldsy wilda nncultiTatey and wtfte. 
" ^u. Alas! ■ 

Eur, Were Youth and Beauty giv'n in vain? 
Why were the Gods fo Javiih of their Gifts, 
To one> whole fi^en Pride negle^s to ufe 'em^ 
As if (he fcom*d the Care Heav'n took to make her 
Happy ? 

JEih. More than enough of Sorrow have you known y 
Give Eafe at length to your afflidled SouI> 
Be comforted, and now while Time is yonrs^"* 
Ttfte the good things of Life^ yet e'er they periih^ 
Yet e'er the. happy Seafon pafs away. 

^M. What Sov'reign Balm, whsuheav'nly hcaUngArt^ 
Can cure a Heart fo torn with Grief as mine« 
Can Aay this never-ceafing. Stream of Tears, 
And once more make my Senfes know Delight ? 

Mftr. What God can work that Miracfe but Love? 
Lo?e, who diipenfes Joy to He^v'if it felfa 
And , chears his Fellow-Gods more than their Neftar, . 
*Till wrapt with vaft^ unutterable Plcafures, 
Such as Immortal Natures only know. 
Each owns ius Pow'r, and blefles the fweet Boy. 

^M, Now Mfhm, by thy Friendfhip to my Lorct» 
Anfwer, I charge thee, to this cruel Kiogj 
Demand if it be Noble to prophane, ' 
My Virtue thus, with loofc diflioncft Courtlhip. 

JEsh, Are Lovq and Virtue thea fuch Mortal Foes, 
That they muft never meet ? 

^u. Never with m^, 
Uolei's my Lord return^. 

JEth, Vain Expedlation! 

^. Ha! Surely I miilookt whatfaid'A thoo, 

JEthan f 

4^ V L rS S E S; 

JEih. That you have waited kngtbr thsft-j^etorn^ 
Wafted too much of Uf^ aixl caft away 
ThoiS? precious Hours, that might have been empIojU 
Toi«tter ufe thaa Weepii^. 

^. This Jfrom thee ! 
Oh lalthlefs f Troth is ▼anifii'd then indeed. 
Oh -«i*w»*— art thou too— ^become my Enemy \ 

JE$b. If> to reward your Faith to loft ^yjf^h 
1 pray the Gods to heap their Kefllings on you> 
To mak^e you Miftref^ of % mighty Nation, 
An Empire greater, nobler than your own, 
And crown yon with this valiant Monarch^ Lovef 
If this be fi&mity, you may accufe tee. 

^. Doft th(m.&lMcit for him ? doft tlfioa dare 
Invade my Peace, my Viitue? 

JEdt. Not ftir him. 
But for the coopuooo ^appinefl of both. 

^11. Traitor I no naore — at length thy wicked Atts^ 
Thy Mfe diflrmbkd FriendQiip for mj. l^id^ 
Thy Pious Journey hither for his fake, | 

Thy Care of me, my Son« and of the State, i 

Thy Prai&» thy CounHels, and thy (hew of Virtue,' \ 

So holy, fo adorn'd with Reverend Age, 
All are reveal'd, and^hou confeft a Villain ^ 
^iie, and the Ibrdid Love of Gain have»caugfat thee i 
Gold has prcvail'd upon thee to betray me, 
' And bargain for my Honour with this Prince. 

{Poimkig to Eurymaefaus. 
JE$h, It grieves me I OtkoH you^-^-fiire I am, ^ 

1 meant it as a Friend. 

Jg«. Hence from my Sight! 

£w. JEdM9h no mor cj Since Love and vrSmg 

Friendflvp^ ^ 


V L T S S E S. ' 4 J 

Employ thdr piaiuOAois in tm » 
Learn we heneoipvcb ffon thk impemiM Besuty,. 
Learn wcw ft#9» ber ExampJt to b* cniel: 
And tho' our fofter FaffioDs xsoft uo&tisfjMy 
Yet the morefieroe> tfat auiiily, wtd th» rooglw 
ShaU bt laMg'd and riot to BaoeA. 
Up then Ravoige^ and arm ihac tlioii feD Fury; 
Up then, and Aaka thy faaadrad Iroft Whips» 
To Day I row to fiottct to tlwe» 
AtOt (lake tbjr hwiirf Tlarft witk DfaQj^ts of Royat 
^ What ftyi the Tyrant ^t4!i^.} ^^^^jmsidmL 
What fatal Pprpaft haa thy Hbtrt eonceiv\if 
What meMS that Riga that lightem in thy Eyes ? 
That flaihes fiarce, and aanaeai DeAm^on ? 

JEmt. Tto koilNnt Fkc of Lofo pveviils no mwti 
And now another mightwr Ftma ibeeeeds; 
Vaunt not too fixMt, oar triumph in thy Seom; 
For know, proud Q^MOi, in i(^|ght of thjDiflWy 
There U a Way ar'a yet to aaacb thy Heart. ^ 

Thou haft a San, the Dirliag of thyEyei 

^. Ohiatal Thought! f 

Fear, like the Hand of Death, has f^2'd my Heart; 
€old, chilling Gold««i«'niyion ! Oh my IklimfuhmT 
JBA, That IMka was home— —sow. Virtue, hold 
thy own. I4f^l 

tur. Know then, that Son is 19 my PowV, and 
His frail wMOtiBn Bafaigat my Pleafure, 
And when I frown, Dorth and Deftruftion, greedy. 
Watchful, intent like Tygers on their Prey, 
Start fnddtn forth, and feize the hdplds ipy. 


44* V LT5 S E S. 

Three Hundred chofen Warriorf from my Fleet, 
V/bo undifcern'd, in Parties* and by ideatth. 
Late came a-ihore, now wait for my Commatids; 
Think on 'em as the Minifters of Fate, 
For when 1 bid 'cm execute, 'tis done. 

^. If, as my Soul pre&ges from thofe Terrors 
'Which gather on thy flero, tempelluous Brow, 
Thou art feverdy bent on Death and Vengeance, 
Yet hear me, hear a Wretche's only Pray'f , 
Oh (pare the Innocent, fpare my HfUmaehtUt 
Let not the Ruffian's Sword nor murd'rous Viokace 
Cut off the Noble Promife of his Youth, 
Oh fpare him, and let all thy Rage fall here; 
Remember 'twas this haughty, ftubborn Qpeen 
Refus'd thy Love, and let her feel thy Hate. 

Ettr, A iecret Joy glid^ thro' my fiiiten Heart/ 
To fee fo fair a Suiter kaed before me. - 
But what have I to do with Thoughts like theft 1^ 
JEthwh go l^,ar this Ring to bold Ceramtirf 
The Valiant Leader of Qur $4i»r/iil Band; 
My laft of .Qrders* which this Morn I gave him,; 
Bid him perform ^ hade thou, and fee it done.- 

^. Stay, I conjure thee, JEdm^-^-^Crud Kiag ! 
Speak> anfwer me, unfold tUs dreadful Secret: 
V/here ppints this fuddcn, dark, .myAerioas Mtfchiefi^ 
Say, at the Head of what devoted Wretch 
This winged Thunder ainiSi*«*Say, while my Fears 
Have left me vet a little Life to hear thee. 

Mur, Already doft thou dread the gathering ^totm. 
That gtuinbles.'in the Air, preluding Ruin h 
But mark the Stroke, keep all thy Tears for that. 
Too foon it {ball be told>the c ■■■ ■ JEtkoih benoe* 



V L rs S E S, 4^ 

^. MMng iEthon.] Not for thy Life No not'tiU 

thott haft heard me. [lb Eurymachus. 

T«o well, alas! I underftand my Fatej 
'bow have I hccn among the hapj^y Mothers 
CalTd the moft happy, now to be mod miierable: 
The barren, comfortlefs fate down and wept, 
When they compared their Marriage Beds with mine; 
The fmitful, when they boafted of their Numbers^ 
With Envy aild unwilling Praife, confeft. 
That I had all their Bleffings m my One«, 
Our Virgins, when they met him, (ighM and biu(h'd, 
Matrons and Wives beheld him as a Wonder, 
And gazing Crowds purfu*d and bleft him as he pafs^d. 
But then his Youth ! his Tenderne(s! his Piety! 
Oh my Telemachm! my Son! my Son! 

lEur. And what are all thefe Tears and helplds Wait 

What poor Amends to injur*d Love iand me? 

How have I m^urnM thy Scorn, unkind and oiiel? 

'How have I melted In unmanly Weeping? 

How have I taught the ftubborn Rocks of ItboMf 

And all the foilbdin$: Shore to eccho my Complainings? . 

And' haft thou e'er relented? Now mourn thou« 

And nitirmur not, nor think thy Lot too hard. 

Since cqikal Jiifticepays thee but thy own. 

^tf. Oh didft thou know what Agonies I feel. 

Hard as thou art, thou would*ft have Pity on me: 

]>eath is too poor a Name, for that means Reft, 

But 'tis Defpair— -'tis g^ad tormenting Rage, 

•Tis terrib k > * tii bitter Pai n ' it is 

A Mother's Mourning for her only Soa. 

jEsk. Now» now her hd)0(iring Heart is rent with 



4« V LTS S E S, 

Oh Nature, how affe^ng are tby Sorrows! 

How intmog, mdtidg in a Mother's £yes! 

So 9iher ^flbfri /, to the Pinypm Shore, 
^Wept for her Soa> fbreknowii^ of his Fate, 
"The Sea-Njmphs fate around, aiid joyn'd their Tears* 

Vrhile from his loweft Deep old Father Ocean 

Was heard to groan, ib pity of their Pain. [4|SUr. 

&if« Fair Mourner -rife' Thus far thou haft pvc- 

If, to attonc for al] I have endut*d» 

For all thy cold Ncgle^, thy Arts, Delaji^ 

For lA my Yeah of adxious Expedadon» 

This Night thou give thy Beauties to my Annas 

This Ni^t ! For Love, impatient of my Wrongs 

Allows not evVi a Mtiment^s (pace beyond it» 

The Prince, thy lovM TkUmadm, fliall live, 

feaSXyitagst and Diftreft (hall never know thee more. 

^^M^Oh Shame! Oh Modefiy I Connubial iJsudi 
And fpotkis Purity! Ye Heav'niy Tsain! 
Have I fvefirvM you in my (ecret Soul, 
To give you up at laft, thfcn plunge in Gu^t, 
AbandoAUto Di(honour and PoUutioni » 
Ohitttcr! never! let me firft be raok!d, 
Tom, roRter'd by the Winds, piung;:d in thcDoq»* 
Or bound tcaAdlt the Flames— Oh friendly Eacth 
Open thy Bofiime^-«— And thou Frpjhfim, 
Infernal 9^«i#, mig^ Qoasn of Shades, 
Receive ttfe to thy dark, thy dreadfiil fimpire* 
And hider me, (ave me from this Tyrant'^ Ftfry; 

Aifr; 0h radung racking, Pain J9i SeaxtlUmg^t 

£«r. Hence! hence thou Triier .Love ! fttnd^ atain 
Dt^vtf t 


VLrSSES. 47 

I caft, I te» diee ^* i iTfiJui, hum^ 

FwIwiU^riit.tfceeof Low!— — «£»-«, ^ 

Of Deatl»JofM,dMfi<«,Jg»aJChii»» 

.E«r. Away, tiwa LwtCMr] p» j^^ 

.«r*. Tken I i»ia«t>.. L««*«. 

Xmt. Lor*! 

And fct«lr ft«d «pm myl^^^ 
GcatJy a»fell, ttebrittiy Sew ftotn Ifaw^ 
Or , let thy kind coBfcating Eyes fpeak for riw^ 
And bring me tfe iWett TidiMt.tiwn tk* Fft**. 
She yickb ! ImmonriGofc ! ifte #i(*ki ^ ^^' 
g^ WkeK^itlnr 

Where is my Soaf o ttU me, UhcUtt 

Swear M iMfiMbe-ftoft ftoed AiubmUmhi 

Sw«ar my afaBwfcw-fa frt»ft»iit,Dtager. 

. ^; '^^^ tt«« 3»w, KidMr of ^ QB*M-- 

And tho« blue ift^«B», and thou «|g<w>««^ "^ 

"«r. all ye greater aMi ye MS* Pnrcrt, 

That Rule « HWWB, « i«rt. in Soia, and jion 
While t» a^ Quee* an thU ftvHradliWwr 
That Royal ¥«i*« that ba« tovSd 8m ie-fiftL. * 
Nor die^ imlefi hit MoAar w^4iif-Fa(e. * 
At Night, a Rftft. hr«MM dBti^ Q^ 
la private (haU aiMd et'l^ AfMmett; 
TWwMeTiell Gi-»*^wrb«,^ tudfipicrOdawfc. 
The God* «f Mmagi «g*«f himmmSS^^^ 



I win renew my Vows, and at thy Feet 

nerote ern all my Pow'rs to thy Command. _ 

&u Tfll then be kind, and fcaw me to my felf j ^ 
l^c me to vent the Fulnefi of my Breaft. 
PoBT out the Sorrows of my Soul done, 

And figh my fclf. if !«<«"« » ^J. . 

Oh ih^ d«r Youth, for whom I fed agam 

My Throes, and twice endure a Mother s Pam j 

WeUhad I dv'ctto lave thee, oh my Son. 

Well to prcferve thy Life, had giv'n nny own; ■ 

But when the Thoughts of former Days return. 

When my loft Virtue, Fatne, and Peace I mourn. 

The loys which ftiU thou gav'ft me I forget. 

aZ own I bought thee at a Pri« too great. [Ex. <*e^. 

"^ Atl^we have prev-Td: F^. Doubt and 

Shame, » . r _ 

And the difputed Field at laft ia ow. 

!»* Yes! you have conquer'd.have approved your ftlf 
A Mafter in the Knowledge of the Sex.^ 
What then remains but to pi«p« «« Tnumph. 
To rifle aU the Spoils of Capdve Be«ity. _ 
And reap the fweet Reward of yoot paft Labours 
WhatAf the Prince* 

£w He lives, but mult be mine. 
And my StmmtM» Love the Band to hold him s 
But to to-morrow's Dawn leave we that Cm, 
The pr^ent Day. for deep, fiw vaft Defigna, 

And hardy Execution is decreed. 

This Night, according to their wonted Riot. 

The Rival Princes mean to hoU a Fetfc 

jbA I nwrk'd but bow the mighty Prepalttioo, 
When to the HaU the fweating Shva p«ft i* 

V L r S S E S. 49 

Bending beneath the maffie Gobkti Weight* 
Whofe each capacious Womb, fraught with rich Juice 
Drawn from the Cbian and the Labitm Grape, 
Portended witlels Mirth, vain Laughter, Beading, 
Contentious Brawling, Madnei^, Miichief, and foul 

While to appeafe the Gkitton's greedy Maw 
Whole Herds are flain, more than fuffice for Hecatombs, 
Ev'n more than Zeal, with pious Prodigality, 
Beftows upon the Gods to fieed their Priefts with. 

Bit. Then mark me well: or e*re the rdwling Night 
Have finifti'd half her Courie, the fumy Vapours 
And mounting Spirits of the deep-drunk Bowl, . 
Shall (eize the Brains of thele Caroufing Lovers $ 
Then flialt thou, JEtboni with my valiant Samms^ 
^ Arm'd and appointed all at thy Command, 
Surround the Hall, andt on our common Foes 
At once Revenge my Queen, thy felf and me. 
_ JEfh, Ha! At a Blow !r— .'tis juft — ^*tis greatly thought! 
By fove^ th' Avenger, 'twill be noble Slaughter i 
Nor doubt the. Event, I anfwer for 'em all, 
£v n to a Man. 

Eur. Thine then be all the Care, 
While I with Ibfter Pleafures down nsy Hours, - 
And revel in PeHght. 

JEth. How ! At that Hour ! [SMrtmf. 

Ha ! -- — In Enjoyment ! Can that be ? 

Eur, It muft. 
Fierce for the Joy, in Secret, and alone 
I'll fteal upon my Love. 
^JE^^9tMy\ that were well! 
Alone you muft-—— 

f V L rs S B s, 

Eut. Nose but tkecoafisoiif Bric ft : ■ i 


Thtt too fnaft be tkf Cast* to cbttlp onfi fiiidiAil. 
One for the PisrpoCb fit. 

JEib. Moft worlhj OSlc^t l^^ 

Ofls to iroor Wiftf try'd io thele pionf Scoeetip 
My Frioid of ancient Date, is now in ith0tn,i 
Him fworn to Setrctf]^ «p4 whV |ppqRarM» 
I will iflftnift to m9k yo9. wilh die (^^n. 

j&r. Thea be profkious, iiovie ! 

JEtb. Anrftlious^frcqee! 
Shoot aH ihy Fir«i» and w^kf ID/ flut9b'rLn|; ft^ge, 
Let 1117 poft Wroflf % let IndignaNoo vuk 
Uj Age to emuliie i»jr yi^tfa^ Pi;^, 
Let the fljqrii FttrF«|fp^f ^ Vno^ /ttCi^> 
Let Riot* ^ift, wi prpiKi lojuftice i>ked. 
Grant me but tl|i^ jo Go(U» wbo^y^Hrm^H 
I ask no othqr Blift ^v fixQd Cdigbt^ 
Nor ear/ Tii^ Q |C,4ng« tly^ ft#a il^igbt. 



Enter JEthon, Mentor offd Euznatas, 

JEib. T F Virtue be abandon^, M tnd gone. 

No matter for the Means that w'rought the 
Rumj ^ 

Whether the ?mp of Pl«|iirc i^n^'i befWe her. 
Allu ing to the Sea&, or dreadlui bannr 
Cime arm'd with all its Terrors to the Oafef, 
She (hoaU have held the Battd to tW^ 

Mtn. Think on whtt hiird, oa wh«t wenml ^«. 
Virtue, betray'd within by Woaun's W<nkmt(k, 
Befct without with mightj^ Fears wdFJaticruv 
Maintains the doabtfol Conflia-^snre ittUT 

Hare kept the Holy |H»»ri«e,W MohlKi 
If aBonrGfvsjiw Wives «a not likjtifettBj ' 
That praiie the Qiieen mj R^ Miflwfi merits 
ar^. And oh iqaywe w ms Mokoded Wori/ 
Forc'd fi«a, J^jo the bJomft Psngsof Sors^' 
When iercc cooflidi^s f^gkn A wiSri; ' 

Like aU the IWipdf « *Ky Jet toB&jBJOd the Mrf- - 
When wild Diftraaion niPd— Oh m« «* A^ 

A BleoMlh op hir ftjr. her|,«chle6 fL • 

-»A. Oh A«i8ftr, «a4 Ammk. tohfcHr^vf 

Thefc Eye. beheld her yielding C^rfcd^l " 

Beheld her h> tl,e«wi««. King's EibIkm.. ^^ 
That rowb hij 1^ Wue$,maad tkc SwaM^ 

C A Roarlnjj 


5» V L rs 5 E S. 

Roaring and jdiing on tiie father Shores 

Was noK To'tenlble, To irkfotne to ffie. 

As when I faw his Arms infold Fmehfe, 

I heard the fatal Compa^ for to Nights 

The Jojs which he propos'dj nor ihc,deny'd— • ] 

But fee (he ooaaes - fl 

Jfo; How much oniyce t Bride ! ^ 

JSmer tke ^$tim. 
Behold her Tears, ice comfordefs Affiidioii, 
Anguilh, and helpleis, defolate Misfortune 
Writ in her Face. 

JEtk, Retire; I woi^d obfenre het, 
[Men. mid Eum. rttirt id the biuk Vm rf tke Stage* 

^. And doft thon dhly weep> ShaB that put off ; 

Th' approaching Hour of Shame, or five thy Son ? ' 

Thott weep*ft, and yet thp ietting San deicends 
Swift to the Weftcm Waves, and guilty Night/ 
Hafty to fpread her Horrors o*er the World, 
Ridei on the dusky Air, ■ And now it comes, 

The &tal Idoment comes, ev*n that dread Time 
When Witdhes meet to gather Herbs on Graves, 
When di(a»itentcd Oliofts (Make their Tomb«^ 
And ghaftlyrfoam about, and doleful Groan, 
And \qxk\ the Soeech-Owl focams, and beats the 

With deadly Wtngs^ And faurk I^More dfcadfiii yet. 
Like Tbrmm Tinm to unhappy FbUtm^, 
The furious Bridegroom comes-— The Tyrant! Ra* 

vifier.! . i 

And ice! The Shade of my moch injui^d Lord 
Starts up to blail met^-Hence!— -Begon, you Horrors^ 
For I wkl Ude me in the Arau of Death, 

An& { 

V L rs s E s: 5-3 

And think on you no mor»-**That Trajtor here! 

[Sgmg ^rhoa. 

JEth. Hai], betttteous Qp^^- 'I^heGodof Lov«fakites 
And thus by great EttfymMchus he fpeaki -: 
Be Sorrow and Misfortune on thy Foes, 
But let thy Days be crown'd with fmifing Peace, 
Content, and everkfting Joy dwell with thee. 

^. Com'ft thou to greet me with the Sounds of Joy? 
Thou Meilenger of Fate!— * So the hosrfe Ravea 
Croaks o'er the Manfion of the dying Man. 
And often warns him with this difmal Note, 
To think upon his Tomb. 

JEth» Or I roillook^ ' , 

Or I was bid to treat of gentler Mattera. 
Kindly to ask at what aufpicioas Hour,. 
Your Royal Bridegroom and the Prieft fHould wait yoa« 

^. Twy well iny boding Heart foretold thy Ty- 
4ingr . ' 
Now what Rcjly ?— *^Tfiere is no Room for Choice, 
*Tis one Di^ee of Infamy to dotd)t,, 
What mull be muft be Let me then refbhre, 

'Tis oq]]^jhus-*-no more-^nd I am free. lAfib. 

Say to the Ssmum King, thy Mailer, thus i 
when MmiUns and the Fate oi Greta 
Summoned my Lord to Thyt he left behind him- 
None worthy of his Place In Love or Empire^; 

JEth. How, Lady !—*— Whither poinu her Meaning 
now ? I4r^. 

^. Say^too, IVe held his Merit in the Balance^ 
But find the Price of Honour b rouoh greater. 
That 'twere aa Ideot's Bargain to exclumge 'em^ 
Tct tell him. tQo» I hare my Sa^i Weaknefiii 
. / €3 ' Ihard 

fi, V L rs S E s. 

I have a Mother's Foddflefi in my ^fcs» 
And lU her teader Paffions in my Hear^ 

JEtk. Ay, there! 'Th there Ihe's toft I l^/uk^ 

^. Kor can I bear 
To iee what morcj far more thaa Lift I }ey io. 
My only Tkdgt of Lovc» my Lord's dear Imag^ 
My Son hy bloody Hands mangled and murdlr'd} 
(Oh terrible to Nature !) Therefore one> 
One Remedy atone is left to iare me^ 
To flueU me from a Sight of ib much HomiS 
And telJ EMtyrmfkus^ I find it—^ here. 

ISktufers *0ftsiS btrfilfi Mthon Mcka Mi ^ 
hn Arm mdjirtymth^, 

JEth. Forbid iw Gods ! perifh the Tyrant rather. 
Let Smm be no more. 

^M. Off! Off, thou Traitor! 

Give way to my jaft Rage! Oh tirdy Ifandt 

To what hftft thou betray'd mcl Let mo fo. 

Oh fet me, kt me die, or I will curie thee^ 

Till Hctf (hali tremble at ^^ Imprccatiooi» ! 

Till Hcav'n (hall blaft thee toft !-^-^ undone im c?cr* 

JEtK Oh Tffider ihat, I am! UcainX £««mk/! 

Come to my Atd!-*-^Eo cfelm but to a Moment* 

And wait to fee what Wonden 1% will ihcw eki(. 

Guard her upon ydar Utes^ renUmb^r tfaa^ 

Guard her from et'ry InlhUmtnt of Dittthj 

Sooth ftdd affivage her Grief, till my RtQiro 

Unfold the mighty Secret of her Fate, 

And onee more reconcile her ^ol to Peace. [Mm. Mx^^ 

^. And are you too my Foci? hare yon con%if^d 

And joinM with thac fUih JBtbm to beirity me9 

Here fit theedivM tkci, homUy in At ^(tlkt^ 

Here ^ 

V L TS S E S. fs 

Here tt, a poof, forlorn* abaadoaM Woman^ 
Caft not fliy E/eft up !• yon' a&ure Firmament, 
Nor hope Relief fnm thente, the Oods arc pkylefs. 
Or bufie in their Ucatr'n* ani thou not worth their 

And oh! oh! caft ^m not on Earthy tb feek 
For Succour from the faithlcfs Race of Man; 
hitkm thOtt art fbrfaken and alone, 
Hope am for Help, where there is Jnone to help thee, 
Biat thinik 'tis Defolation all about thee. 

Min, Far be that Thought, to think you are forfakcnj 
Cods and good Nkn (hall mdke you flill their Cafe. 
And oh! far, be it from your Faithful Servants, 
l^or iH ttiofe Honours mad Ambiifton toils for. 
For all the Wealth that bribes the World to Wickedneft* 
For Hopes or Fears, for Pleafures or for Pains, 
To leave our Royal Miftrcfi m DiArefs. 

SMm. At length Time'a Ptikefs coiAti, abd that greact 
For which £> many tedious Years rowVd routid, ] 
At length the white, the fmiling Minute comes. 
To wipe the Tears from thof^ fair Eyes for ever; 
That Good we daily prayM for, but prayM hopdefSl,^ 
That Good, which ev^n the Prefcicnce of the Ooda 
(So doubtfully was it fet down in Fate,) 
Uncertainly fore^w, and darkly promised. 
That Good, one Day, the happieft of our Lives, 
Freely and fortunately bring& to paft. 

Urn. And harki vindi^TC ^^t prepares his Thunder , 

Let the Wroog-doer and the Tytaat trtmblei 
The Gods areprelent with u s ■ .And behold ! 
The iblid Gloom of Might is jrent ^nder, 

G4 Wh& 


While Floods of dazling, pare aeftherial light, 

Break in upon the Shades-— She comes. She coinesV 

Paliss, the Fau't^els of mj Maker's Arnasy 

And fie where terrible in Arms, Majeftick", 

Celeftial and ineffably effulgent. 

She Shakes hec dreadful JE^h from the Clbtids ! 

Bend, bead to £arth, and own the prefent Dettj. 

[lir Tkfmdm sgMkh 
pbi Smt opens 4^#, M»d Sfsovtrs Pallas m 
the dcuds. P% *»««/. 

Sum. Daughter of mighty fave, Thmim fMm. 

Be favourable! oh! oh! be propitious. 

And iaye the finking Hou(e of thy Vlylfis. 
Men, Goddefi of Arts and Arms» thoo Uue-ej'd 
Be favourable! oh! -—oh! be propitous. 
And glad thy Suppliants with foroe chearfu! Omen, 

^. Virgin, begot and born ofjwo iloiic, 
Chafte, Wife, Vi^oriQus, if by thy Affiftance 
The Grnks wtre well aveng'J on Pcrjui'd Ihy, 
If by thy Aid, my Lord from Thrman iJufus 
Obtain'd his fiiowy Steeds, and brought fuccefifiiV 
Thy fatal Image to the Tents of Greece i 
Once more be favourable-— —be propitious, 
Reftorc my Lord — Dr if that be dcny'd. 
Grant me to (hare his Fate, and die with Honour/ 
[Tkmiler agam—Jhe Scene clofes ahie-'Jfjfjf rifiJ] 
Men. TheGoddefs fmiles— Mod happy be the Omenf 
And to the Left aufpicious rowls the Thunder. 

Imtr ^thon, er Ulyffes, wnhent his Di^uifi, 
mnfmficentli Arn^d mid Hn6ited. 
^. What other God art thou ?-«— -Oh (acred Form \ 

\ di««m I rive!-*- Why put'ft thou on this Semblance? 


V^L rS S E S. 57 

What fliali I all thee? Say, fpeak. anfwer me. 

ISbi MdvMncis two or throo Stops looking mrmuMy. 

Son of iMortisl King! My Lord! Ulypfl 

XJlyJf. Why doft thou gaze? Am I fo drcadfti^ 


Is there fo mach of JEthon ftill about me? ' 

Or haft thou-— is it poftible— forgot me ? 

Do's not thy Heart acknowledge fbmetluhg here? 
^. Nay 'tis, 'tis moft impoflible to R^afon. 

But what have I to dawitfa Thought or Realbn? 

Thus Mad» Diftraded^raging^with my Joy, 

I'll ru(h upon thee, clalp thee to myBofomy. 
And if it be DelufioD, let me die. 
Here let me fink to everlafting Reft,' 
Juft here, and never never think again. 

XJlyJf, No, live thou great Example of thy Sex i 
Live for the World, for me, and for thy felf, 
Uimumber'd Bleflmigs, Honours, Tears of Happinefs,' 
drowns from the .Gods, cnrich'd with brightdl Stars>^ 
All Heav'n and Earth united in Applaufe, 
Wait, with Officious Duty,, to reward thce.^ 
Live to enjoy ev'n all thou haft deferv'd, 
Thatfttlnefi of Dcligf\t, of which thefe Arms 
And this tranfporting Moment givesnhee Earoeft. 

^H^ I gaseupon thy Face, and fee thee here^ 
The fulleif Pow'rs below, who rule the deadj ^ 
Have liftei^'d to my Weeping, and releatedj* /: 

Have £mt thee from £^um back^to mcf 
Or from the Deep, from Sdhgreen N^^timo's Seats 
Thou'rt riien like the Day-S^, or from Heav'n 
Some God hu brought thee on the Wings o£ Wimb| 
Oh Ecftacy i-^Bat an that I can know. 
Is.thatI wake and li?e» and thou art here. 

^yff. trvj^ I forgive tbee now, ye toib Sthd Perils 
Of my paft Life* well are you paM tt one*. 
For this the fakhlcfs Syrtns fung in vaiti. 
For this I fcap'd the Den of moh(!rous toiyphOHi, 
Fled from Cafyfjir's Bonds, and Ctrci*s Charms, 
For this fcTcn Days, and (even lon|5 l^inter Nights* 
Shipwrack'd I floated on a diriviog Maft • 
Toft by the Surge, pierc'd by the bitter BJafb 
Of bleak North- Winds, and drchch'd in the chiB Wav^ 
I ftroTe with all the Terroris of tht Deep. 

^u. Yes thou haft born it all, 1 kftdw thdii hdt, 
Thefe Wars, tvinds, Magick, Mohftdr^, til f6r me. 
Bkft be the gracious Gods that giwt th6e to tne! 
Say then ! Oh how fhatl I rewdfd thy Labours! 
But I Will fit and Itften to thy Story, 
While thou recount^ft it o'er; and Wll6il thou fpeak*ft 
Of Difficulties hard and near to Death, 
I»J1 pity thee, and anfwer with toy TtttfS; 
But when thou com'ft to fay h6^ the God* fil^ 

And bow thy Virtue ftruggl^d thfottgh the thtngct. 
For Joy, 111 fold thee thiis with feft EndeaTj^fienits, 
And crown, thy Coi\gueft with tdi Thdn£uid KsfEis. 

Vfyjf It is a heavy and a rueful Tate, 
But thou wtk kindly {hare Ivith me id at Thhig^: 
It (hafibetoUl thee then, whatever I fitttr'd, 
Sinee^ in a hickkfi Hour, I firft fet dut» 
E/n to that time, when fcarcc r^vicc teti thfs pafl^ 
As from Hdsda homeward boufid to MfidSf 
A Storm overtook and wrack'd me on the Caaft$ 
Akme and Naked was T caft a-niore. 
And only to thefe faithful Two mad« KMwa, 
Tili^titf (houti poinl me oift CimtOppoawaStyi 



Oiloe more to (etze »y Rig^ in thee and Empire. 
AfiwL *Tis hard, mjurioa^ m OfEmot to Vkt^e^ 
To iotemipc your Jofi, ye lUyal Pair, 
But oh forgive your fakhfiil 9erimat*s OatttioOt 
Think where you are, what Eyes ooalicMOt Chance 
May bring to pry into the hasppf S«oret» 
Untkaely to difclofe the fatal Birth, 
And raflily bring it immature to Light. ^ 

XJtyff. Mimr, thos wani*ft «t wd^-^^fUtii^ mp Lof>i. 
^M. What, mud ^fMPc part alNody f 
Ull^/ For a M«meat, 
Like Waves divided by the ^dwg B«k, 
That meet again, and mfogle «i befoe. 
^. Be (ure it be not Iragv. 
USiy/ Sweet, it fta* not, 
I'll meet thee ibon, and briog our ouitiial Bkfii^ 
Our Son fiacreafe the joj^ 

^. I muft obey yoo. 
Remember weM how feng thon hall been abfisst. 
And what a poor Aoacndt ihii ibort Esji^ment mahif 

Oh I (hall die #ith IboDg dciretp ibe thee. 
Mall think this one impatient liinaae inon^ 
Than all thy kmg, longTwenty^Yearsbefore.fKor^Mf^^ 
JBMff m fki mk$r Dm Telemaehua. 

2>/. The Queen my Mother, paft (he not this Way? 

Min. She did, my Lord, ev*n now, 

Tii Saw you not too 
The Smiikn Prlncefs, fair Stmanthe, with htfr? 
Say, went they not together ? 

1^/. Might I r|cafc> 



I think it is not- fit they, were together; 

For whCTcfbre (hcmVi the Qucco of IfhMca 

Hold Commerce with the Daaghcer of BMrymMebm7^ 

Pardon mc. Sir, 1 fear you are offended. 

And think thi« Boktacfi docs not fit a Stranger. 

Tel. Tis true thou ait a Stranger to my Eyes, 
And yet, methaoght,. thou fpok'A with -«ifawrr 

Voice, • 

S*?e, that th* untoward Purpofc of thy^ Words 
Secm*d harih, ungentle, and not like my Friend. 

U^ Whatever I feem, bdicvc me, priocelj Youth,;. 
Thou haft not ooe,^otte dean (Ueded Matc^ 
That ought ftand before me b thy Hearty. 
Tho' from your tender Infancy 'till nowh 
He dwelt within thy Bofom, thou in his,: 
Tho' ev*ry.Tear has knit the Band more dofer 
.Tho' Variance never knew you, but complying 
Each ever yielded to the other's Wilhes, 
Tho' you have toil'd and refted» kugh'd and moum\^ 
And ran thro» every part of^her, 
Tho' he was all thy Joy, and thou ^ hb, 
Yet fure he never lov'd thee more* than Pdo^ 

Te/. Whoe'er thou ast, (fior tho' thoa ftiUaxI 

JSihm, " ' . 

Thou art not he, but fomethinj^ mere and greater,) 
I feel the. Force of ev'ry Word thou fpeak'ft. 
My Soul is awM with reverential Fear, 
A Fear not irkibme, for *ti9 miz'jd with Love, 
Ev'n fiich a F^o^as that we woifljp Heay'n with>, 
Ch Pardon if I err, for if ihou art not 
jS^hmh my Father's Friend, thou art fome G<kL 

Iflff If barely to have been thy Father's Friend' 
Cott'd m«tc thee to inch teod^, juft Regards, 


V>L r S SB S. 6i^ 

Thus, kt me thus indulge thy filial Virtue, 

[^Em&racmg him* 
Thus prefsthee in iny Arms, my Pious Son, 
And while my fwclh'ng Heart runs o'er with Joy, 
Thus tell thee, that I anni, I am thy Father. 

2>/. Ch moft amazing!——— 
" Mm. Yes, my Royal ChargCi 
Ac length behold thy God-like Sire, Ufyjfes, 
Bleft be my Age, with all its Cares and Sorrow^c.. 
Since it is lengthen'd out to (ee this Day» . 
To give thee back, thou dear entrufled. Pledge,^ 
Thus worthy as thou jurt, to thy great FathCT's Armsr 
Til. Oh 'tis moft cwain fo, my Heart confcfle* 
My Blood and Spirits*, all .the Pow*rs of Life, 
Acknowledge hetc the. Spripg fropa whence they 
came^ . ' 

Then let me bow me, caft me at his Tttt,^ 
There pay the hOiQble Homage of my Duty, 
There wet the Earth before Hm with my T^rv, 
The faithful Witne0e$ of Love and Jdy, 
And when my Tongue for Rapture can no,more>- 
Siiknt, with lifted Eyes, 111 praiJfe the Gods, 
ffhio gaye me back my King, my Lord, my Father.- - 
XJlyJf Oh siie, thou Offfpring of my Nuptial Joys^ ;, 
Son of my Youth, and Glory of my Strength; 
kob not thy Father's Arms of fo muchf Treaftirci . 
But kt US m^, as J^i .and Nature meant us*.. 
Thus, like a Psur of vcrj faithful Friends : "^ 

(And tho' I made harfh Mefition of 4By Lore, , 
Oh dro<^ not ^t the Name} By blue-e/d Fa&u ^ 
I meapt it .not in angry, chiding^Mopdj 
But with a tender and a ftnff Con^ 


6% V LTS S E S. 

Reminded thee of what thou ow'ft to Honour. 

Tfi When I forget it, may the worft Affli^lions," 
Your' Scorn, your Hate, and rnfamyo'ertak^me^ 
Be that th* important Bus'nefi of mj Life, 
Let me be task'd to hunt for it thro* Danger, 
Thro' all the Roar of the tumultuous Battel, 
And dreadful din of Arms ; there tf I fail. 
May Cowards iay Tm not XJl)iffe^ Son, 
And the great Author of our Race difclalm me. 

friff Oh Nohlenefs innate! Oh Worth diTinct 
^therial Sparks ! that (peak the Hero's Lineage, 
How are you plcafing to me?— —So the Eaglfr, 
That bears the Thunder of our Grand/ire fcvt. 
With Joy behokis his hardy youthful O^sprtof 
Forfike:the Neib, to try his tender Pinions, 
In the wide nntrad Air^ 'till bolder grown 
Now like a Whirlwind, on the Shepherd's Fold 
He darts precipitate, and gripes the Preyj 
Or fixing on (bme Dragon's Icaly Hide, 
Eager of Combat, and his future ^eal^ 
Bears him^doft, rehi^ant, and in Tain 
Writhing his fpiry Tail. 

7>/. I wouM be a^Te, 
Cet mc a Name diAingaiAi'i from the iteti 
Of common Men, a Name worthy my Krth^ 

Vfyff, Nor (hsdt thou want th* Occafion, lu^;^ 
courts theei \ ' '* 

Stands ready, and demands thy Courage now. 
Were I indeed as other fathers are, . 
Did I but Men to (oft Natttre's Voice*, 
1 fliou'd not urge thee to this high Exploit, 
??? ^^' ?? *»"«g« thcc fme, k britigs thee thlMff. 


V LTS S E S. 4i 

7ti. Now hf tke God of War fi> ttocih <be bettOTi 
Lee there be Honour for yoar Son to whi. 
And be the Danger ne^ (b rude and deadty* 
No matter, 'twill enhance the ?tiie the tactt. 
And make it lovely in a braye Man^ Ejei 
So Hydrs's and Chirfur^*! form'd in GMi 
Sic graceful underneath the nodding Phime, 
And terribly adorn the Soldier's Helm. 

Vfyjf fcnow then, on this important Night depends 
The very Crifis of our Fate; to-Nig1tt,^ 
The fktping Vengeance of the Gods Antll wake» 
And fpeak Confufion to our Foes in Thunder, 
Juftice entrufts her Swoid to this fight Haiid» 
And I will fee it faithfully emptoy'd. 

Tel, By Virtue and by Arms \is noble Work, 
I burn'impatient for it* " -Oh nay Fithei', 
Give me my Portion of the glorious Labour. 

Utyjf. One more immediate Danger fhrtfllbs thy 

That to avert, mud be thy pious 'Ore, 
While Mtnm, with ^HmM and our felf. 
Backed by a choien Band, (whom how prepirV« 
How gather^i to Our Aid, the prefling Hour 
Albwt mft now to teH,) invade yon* Dninksnii^ 
Jmmerf^ in Riot, cardefi, and defying 
The Gods as ^aMes, ftart upon '^m Mte, 
And fend their goiky Souls to howl bdow, 
• Upon the Banks of SffSi While this is dlw^' 
Dar'ft thou defend thy Mother f 
. Til. Oh! to Death, 
Affinft united Nations wou^d t fhttd 
Her SokKer, her ^Defence, my fio^ Breaft 
Oppos'd againft the Rage of their wh<rfe Warji 

'^ ■■ " %U 

64' I^L T s s Es: 

She is fo good, fo worthy to be fought for. 

The (acred Caufe wou'd make my Sword fuccefsfu]^. 

And gain my Youth a mighty NaTic in ^.rms. 

XJlyff. Theixpr^vc the P^nl, and cnjojr ihc Fame. 
E'rc the Mid-hour of ro « lirg Night approach. 
Remember wcU to plaat thee at that Doof, 
Thou know*ft it opens to the Queen's Apartment. 
To bind thee yet more firm } for oh. my Son, 

{Drawmghis Svwd,. 
With powerful Oppofition jbalt thou ftrive, . 
Swear on my Swoiid, by thy own filial Piety, . 
By all our Race, by-PaliMs and by y^ve, . 
If any of thrfc curfcd Foreign* Tyrants, 
Thofc Rivals of rhy Father's Love .and Honour, .. 
Shall dare to pafi thro' that forhiddea Entrance,^ 
To take his Forfeit life forithe.Intrufion». 

2>/. I fwear ■ ■■ And . may my Lot in fiitareL 


[Telemachus Itnedt imi hjfa the Swerd^ 

Be gcx)d or Evil but as 1 perform it, 

XJtjff. Enough 1 do believe thee. . 

lidbn. Hark! my Lotdl, 

How loud the Tempeft roars! The bellowiag Voice . 

Of wild enthufiaftick raging. Mirth, . 

With Peals of Cbmour ihakes the vaulted Roof. 

Te/. Such furdy isithc.Saundpf mighty Armies :; 
la Battel joii^'dsJif. Cities fickVl at Midnight^ 
Of ntaoy Waters, and united Thunders s 
My gcn'rous Sod takes fire> and half repiaes» . 
To think (He muft not Ihare the gknrioiis Daflfov . 
Wbcre Ninnfacrs wait you* wortlif of jrour Swoidc. 



V L rS S E S". 6s 

Viyff. No moF^ tboti haft ihj Gbarge, look wtB tothati 
For theie* theCe riotoos Sons of Noife snd Uproar^ 
I know their Forc^ and know I am Vfyjfes, 
So j^ave looked down upon the War of Atoms^ 
And rade tumukuotts Ohi»/, when as yet 
Fair Natiire» Form, and Order had not Being, 
But Diicord and Confufion troubled alls 
Calna and ftrene upon his Throne he fiite, 
Fix'd there by the eternal Law of Fate, 
Safe in himfelf, becauft he knew his PoVr i 
And knowing what he was, he- knew he was fteure. 



JMcr Telemachiu inU Antinoui. ' 
Ant. HTHE ICing retiirn'd}SoloogconceaNinAfr4Air 
^ JEihm the King? What Wordf cm £yak mj 

Td. Yes, my Animm$t 'tis, moft amastin^ 
^is all the mighty working of tM Cod9, . 
Un&archalak ^xA dark to human Eyes : 
But oh, kt me conjure the$ by opr Friendlbipt . 
Since to thy faithful fi^ea(L akvte IVe tiufted 
The fiital Secret, to preferve it iafe, 
As thou wott'dft4k> the l^ife of thy TfUmnchus. 

jtnt. Wrong not the Truth of your devoted Slave,. 
To think he wou'd betray you for whole WorkU, 
Have you not faid^it, that your own dear Lifei 

— -— , - And: 

46 V L rs S E S, 

A«iail your R«)ral Race* dcfoiidi Bp#o k} 

Far from my lips ^nMn my Bre$Sk 1% loBCf it| 

Nor breath it ib^ to my iUf itoa% 

Left Ibme officious mamraraig WiimI fiiouU tdl i^ 

And babbling EccWs calcb thcliMc SmM. 

JW. No, tlMii art ania« iiich haf e I etcr Ibimd tkcei 
Bat bafte, my Frieali> aail fiuamon to thy Aid 
VW Forcrtbe flMTtrnds •£ the Titnt aliovN A«t» 
Then with thy fwiMI Dilipildi fttxn. 
Since, as I orgVI to th^ beftNrt, it tliay 
Import tht Safety of taj IWyal Parc*ti» 
Some bkck Defi^ is by theie Stnnger-Frincet 
Cbotriv^d againft the Honour of the Qtieen. 

jtM. £'rc Night almfie fUiioiir raft avottod 
Olirttted Parties ftcrethr diijkis'd 
Betweeirthe Pakce-Gardens and the Sea $ 
Bold dew ilfais and^M 1 4ifpatdM 
To ftarch the Truth; thKt kftown, vrithiafie to Nift 
And arm our Citizens for your. Defence: 
• £'re this th^ llave ohtj'd Ae^ when Vvt johVl 
The Potf^r cheir Diligenee has drawn togttheri, 
m wait fo« have again upon th« Inflttit* 

{BtfAf Antinoua^ 

2tf . Oh Lon, h«w are thy proefioas» fweeieft Miautos 
Thus ever croft, thus vext with Difippointmentat 
Now Pride, now Fiddenefi» lantafticic <^tarrds 
And fulien Gxtdnefs give us Pain by tumsi 
Malicious medliag Chance is drer buCe 
To king us Fears, Diiquiet, «nd Dekys} 
And ev V at )aft, when after all our wtttiig, 
Eageri we think to fiiatch the dear-bought Mi(«» 
Ambition caHs us to its lulkn Cares, 

And Honour fterfi» inapatiflBt of KtgldSt^ 


V LTS S E s. •; 

Commands us to ftrgtt our MtA aad Pleafiirci«r 
As if we had boao nuidt for aoogltf but ToA, 
And L0v« w€fe a»t ihe Bdt'aefrof «ir Lifcs, 

£Mr. The Priaoe y«t Imtc! Twice We I Ib^M fiiM 
To pais ia |;Mri?ate to the Qoetti's ^artiaaM^ 
Bat §emi htm ffitt aiteadiag at tbe Doori 
Wfatttoui Icmean? 

ZW. It is SmmMi*% FcAer I 

Hal Sure the G«ds« ta pitjr tif oHLovtsf 

Have deftin'd him to '&$f€ Ulfj/tt^ Vengeance* 

Eur, How comet i^ gentle Yeutb> when WisM a^ 

Chcar ey'rf fUart tO Night, and biatfli G^ei 
I find theepenfively akMie» avoiding 
The Pleafiires and Coni|MMikifM of Ay Titmk, 
And like tht fighing ttive Cf ionrow, waAiag 
The tedious Time in mebacholf Thought f 

TtL Behold the Ruins of mjr Rojtl HOvift^ . 
My Father's AbftAon ami mf MotiiCff*s Gric^ 
Then tell mc if 2 haiw mot CaoA toogiOK 
To mourn, to ptae away my Youth io SodoeA. 

£^. Oar tfanghm once Was woat lo fiMot yoof , 
Beliare m^ (he has Rei^ee to com^sio> 
If you pfefer your Solitude to hers 
While heipe you Ibj^dtfeonfokte and sminigi 
Lonely the fits, the tc&der*hcttted Mftid> 
And kindly thinks of you, and mouros your Abffiicek 

Tel. The conftant, fiiithlul Serrtct of my liSc» 
My Days and Nights devoted aU to Iier, 
Poorly repay the f«ir Smmthi^i OoodAofe: 


«S V L r 5 S E s. 

Yet thcf are hers, er^i all mj Years are hers>' 
My preleat Youth, my fiiture Age is hers, 
AU bat this Night, which here I've fwdm to paG» 
Revdviog many a fid and heavy Thought, 
And ruminating on my wretched Fpitanet. 
JEur. How! here! ■ to pais it here! ■ 

Hi. Ev'nhefe, my Lord. 
I Bur. Fantaftick Acctdcpt! Whence cott'd thit 

come/ [^4^- 

Well, Sir^ poriiie your Thoughts^ 1 havefi>me Matten 
Of great and high Import, which on the Inftant 
I muft deliver to the Queen, your Mother. 

Tel. Wiiate'er it be^ you muft of Force dday it 
'Till Morning. 

E$tr. How, delay it! ^^tis imyMk. 

But wherefore? —Say, 

Til The QdecQ is gone to Rcftt 
Oppreft and wafted with the Toil of Sorrows* 
Weary as miierable palnfiii Hinds, 
That labour ail the Day to get Vm Food, 
She ieeks fome Eafe^ fome Interval of Carea, 
From the kind God of Sleep, and fweet RepofeJ. 
E're (he retirM fhe left moft etnBt CcminEiaod^. 
Uone fiiou'd approach her *till the Morning^ Dawn« 

Stir. Whatever thoie Orders were, I have my Rcafoor 
To think my felf eacccpted: ■■ And whoe'er 

Brought you the Meilage, through officious Hafte 
Miftook the Queen, and has informUf on wrong. 
T$l. Not fo, my Lordj for as I honour Truth, 
Ev'o fiMi her ielf did I receive the Charge. 

Emr. Vezadon and Delay 5— Then 'tis thy own. 
Thy Error, and thou heard'ft not what (he iaid. 

i teU tboe. Prince^ 'tis at her. own Reg[tieftj, 



V L rs S E s. 

Rer Bidding, that at this appointed Hour 
I wait her here, detain me then no more 
With tedious vain Replies for I muft pafs. 

Tfl* .Were it to any hut Stmrnabe's Father, 
That Miftrefs of my Reafon and my Pa(Ik>ns, 
Who charming both makes both fubmit alike. 
Perhaps I (bou'd in rougher Terms have anfwer'd. 
But Mre imperious Love demands Refped, 
Conftrains ray Temper, to my Speech gives Law, 
And 1 muft only fay Y6u annot pafe. 

Eur. Hzi — Who (hall bar me? 

TiL Witbthc gcntkft Words 
Which Reverence and Duty can invent 
1 will intreat you not to do a Violence, 
Where nought is nteant to you but worthieft Honour. 

finr. Oh trilling, idle Talker!— — know, my Pur- 
Is not of fuch a light, f^taftick Nature, 
That I (houMt^uit it for a Boy*s Intreaty. 
More than my Life or Empire it imports, 
Afl that good Fortune or the Gods can do for me 
Depends upon it, and I wiU have Entrance. 

Ttf. Nay then *tis time to (peak like what I am. 
And tdl you, Sir, you muft not, nor you (ha' not. 

Stsr», 'Twcre fafer for thy raih, unthinking Youth 
To (land the Mark of Thunder, thsoi to thwart mc^ 
Beware left I forget thy Mother's Tinrs, 
The Merit of her foft complying Sorrows, 
Dreadful in Fury left I ru(h upon thee» 
CraJp thy frail Life, and break it like a. Bubble, 
To he dtflblvM, and mixt with common Air, 

2W. Oh 'til long fince that I have leimt to hold 

My I^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ Sf^^ ^'* 


ifo V LTS S B S, 

Nor mem to render k on aby Terms, 
Unlefs thole He«v*nlj Donors ask it back- 

fiur. Know'ft tboH wbat *th to (empt x Rige like 
Bat Itften to iqe, and rqpent thf fo&y. 
This Night, this Night ordain'd •£ old for KSh 
Mark'd from the tcSt of the re?<^ving Year, 
And let apart for Happinefs by Fate, 
The charmitig Queen, thy Mother, is my Bri^ 

M. Coafufioa! Oirfes on thp Tongoe that fyckt 

£ur. To Night (he yidds, e?*B for thy ftke the 
To Night the kifdy Miier g^own tadu^fn; 
Reveals her Stores of Beauty long rcftrv^d. 
She bids me reve) with the hidden Treafiirc; 
And pay my (elf for all her Years of CoUncis. 

Td. Perdition on tbf FaUhoc4! 

Bm, Dare not then 
To crofs my TrapCports long^i if thoudcifl. 
By all the Paipgs of dffappointed Love, (Ar^mny« 

m force my Way, thus through ihy Heart's beft MlMPid, 

3>/. How is my Piety a«d Virtue loft 
And a]) the Heair'nly Fire ^tinft within me! 
I hear the fitcred Namp of her ifcat bore me 
Tiadvc'd* diiboQQitf'd bjr a Ruffiaa'a Tongue 

And am I tame! Lofi^ and ye ibflxx ThfNig|k4^ 

I ff^ you to the Wixkds. Know, Kmg oCteHHn 

Thy Breath, like p^fiilmtial Blafta, iofofti 
The Air, and grows offcnfiye to the Gods: 
If thou but wbifper pjpe Wiond morcu 4)Q^ Aw^ 
Againft iQy Vg^j^ F^mf. it is %!)&. 


Ut. BrarM hf t P » y! ' • Boy ! the NMc't 

Yet moift upon hk LIpf ■ fceM e in Inhacft 
tSvfing the firH Ru^MCBtf of Manliood, 
WiUi atven^ uo^radi/d yet. tnd uooonfirmVI. 
Ok Shame to Ann&!«— Bafe I hare bora too bog* 
Fly fwift, avoid the Tcmpsft of my Fury, 
Or thos rU poor it in a Whiriwiad en tbc»» 
Dafh thee to Atoms th«% and toft thee loond Chfe 

Til. I laugh at dl that Rage, aodthiul meet it. 

Im. Hdl and Gonfiifioa!*-*— to thy Heart.«i 
This Greeting I 

Sir. The Foriea Mow thoi^ [fiory madm /UU 

^flMO halftrack moto the Earth, Uaflod mf Hopo^ 
The partial Gods are le^'d with thee agunft me* 
To load me with Difioppiir^^-'-Kih my FontiiOi! 
Where is my Nsioae ia ArfOip the hoafted Tii^^hj^ 
Of my paft life for erer toft, defac'dt 
And raWfli'd from me by »lwMiii6 ^ili«f . 

.«lM#^4aM»«hisdvit^Mf nHkv^tomb 
yf!hj wooU ym wrgi «er {JB^ ^iapjf»9tim^ 

But let me p»fir mf. fubs, and dio ow H ^otd. 

2W. AodfiefceOokayeftpdertolhrEeiriii 
The ta|ife Sonatt gii^ OBt im|«riMii^ 
And with> guilty DdogtJaiiiadhf QroMOd; 
M»1help«t iiaail wk» ho lmw J k imm . {»iir« 

7x V LT 5 S E S. 

£nr. Let there be nooe^ no Wkaift of aa^ Sliamc^ 
Kot let officious Art prefume to offer 
Its Aid* fori haTeli?'d toobngal.oidy; ' 

Emer Semanthe. 
Sem. Sure I have (bid too long, snd wkik I fitt 
Sadlj attendee to the weeping <^eeii. 
Hearing her tell oiSotrovn upon Sorrowl, 
Ev'n to a lamentable length of Woe, . 

Th' appointed Hour of -Love f afs'd by unheeded; • 
My Lord perhaps will chide $ oh no!— He's gelitle» 
And will not uige riie with my fir(^ Offence. 
Juft as I enter'd here the Bird of Night 
jU-boadiBg ihriekfd, and ftrait» methought» I heard 
A low complaining Voice, that feem'd to murmur . 
At fome hard Fate, and groan to be rdiev'd. 
Ye gracious Gods, *be good to my TelemMdnu! ' . * ^ 

Et0', Hal What art thou that dbft thy HoftHe 
Offer to Heav*n for my Mortal Foe? 

$§^: Guardians of Innocence, ye holy Pow'rs, 
Defend me, five me. 

JCmt. Art ^lou not S'e/iMMT^ I 

Sm. My Father l" ■ ■OnthcGftound ! ' ^x)dy 

and Pale! [tMrnrnx t$ kim, tmdkmttagi^hM* 

Oh Horror! Horror f^^-^Speak tome^pfiay who- — 
What curfisd Hand has done this dreadful Deed ? 
That with my Cries J may cafl.oat for Juftice, 
Call to the Gods, and to my dear Ikipnacbmr : 
For JufHoe on my Royal fifbisf& Murderer. I . 

Ew. If these be yet one God will Kikfr fat ^m^ 

CfJltcit Um^ riotoiilu feiiii^HiiuiPi ''•.••'• t 

to taia iowafitffit,- mi Fve, aad firiftiDefthiaioa. 

V L rSSsBS, 79 

Robby mc of Glory, Ut^ andUfip— ^ I^UfmAut. 
Sem. What fiijf* my FaUlcrJ— n^— it is impoOiblcr 

He could oo^^muU m)i^{os[Smm^i''S^ii^7r^ 

* Biifr Tdeniadi«<* 
IW. AhsV-'^^^^thcKr is noti^ n oi r i^^' 'P o Hidp>-*-5r 

ISm. And fee kr beirs ^e l^pliy of ku^Ceii^efts 
Beliold his Sword y^ nttklng'Wilh itiy 61«od| . . 
Then doubt oo more, nor ask whom- tHsiriUchi^dft 
curit$ o .. ■ - - 

It is Ttkfimdms^-'^ oo^wliini revengr inc,i . % 

But on titk mMthut ■ Why dal toretkecT • . 
A helpkfs Orfpkfli in W F<MFeiga Latad, 
But for Tilmidmi Wko tws aelrtttii thae? 
jrimachtts — ^ Why 4«tkflCis^alid Father ^ . : . 
StretchM on the fiartb *tx»t(i>«Dd lAblsfi CMfb^ 
Inglofkmstadfbi>got(<Hi^''-'*-^Ml^2^^ ^ plk^\ 

£^; CrtXelt^^taikind a&d (tfuci!^^ 

L Sh$f0imrMfitlk ^ffiif^ ^i If iMjWkMfyk. 

2W. She Aiffts^ 
Her Cheeks are cold, and ikt'^ imin Me(ft^' 
Hangs ta^y^Mi^hdr iM^M^^^^Mkci jf¥ti^ Simimi} '^ 
Oh let me raiic thee froiQ tUl^eltof'Dealhi .' 

[]^mg hit fl^ mi4fi^w^m in'U$:'Am^^ 
Lift up thy" £^«a-^:-WU^^slM)Mttt^^!^klt& me?' 

^Sitm Ln ^ttCe fiMSjit ili«tl(e-«f e«l:y Sttifl^ 
Let me not Am^ iM^faM^ iitt^'^MA^Wkf ^ 
After that:-S^^«id'A«ie vM^iiiMMr'S^tmP 
J^herc am I ■0Wl24J#l]«jin^u4dl|tf^^itlte!^ 
Stand oil& aadilifiMQ^flf^frwil^^ 

I " P ~ * Swiftiir 

Y+ ^ LTS S 3 S/ 

Sw&et than Lighiyiigf Wiflds or winged Tinef 
Fljr from thee *tUl there be wImIc WcrUs to pm tt«^ 
^TiUTIatnre ftx her Barriers to divide us» 
Her frozen Hegions, and her ku*iii0g T^wts, '■' ■ 
Till Dasger, Death and Helltk»^Qd hptwurt asr 
And make it Fate that we (hall never«ieec. 

Tei. *Tis juft; I own thf Rage is ja^t^Sinutmhii 
iZach fatal Circum&iioe, itdspng s^nfUmei ... 
trhen if thy Heart ieverdy is refold >. , , 

Never to Itftan when I pkad tor Mei^cy» 
Tho* Piety And Honour join with Lov^j / , . 
Jiodhumyy at thf.Fe^it mafcelott^eefT^w: 
If thos art deaf todl, then (bis alone 
Is left me, to receive my Doom, and die. t 
\ Sem. Are Love, are Piety and Honour. Parricides I 

/ Are they like thee ?. Do they delight in J|lood>. . 
Oh no! Celeftiid Sweetacfs dwielb wi^^tbem^ 
Friendly Forgiveness ^Septk^cfn and Pi^ace»_ 
Mercy ai^. Joy $ but th^u haftvidaM ....:>.. 

The Sacred Tnun> brought Murthep in amd^gft *emc 
And fee, difpleas'd, to Heav'n they take their Flighf^. . 
Aijd luvc abindon'd tte iad la^for e?ar^ 

Tel, It fudden Fury have not chang'd tiiee ^lit^ \ ^ 
If there be any qf^fimmhaiGfu .j. » . 
One tender I'^oi^gl^ of that 4ear M«id,reB^uiuagi if i » 
Vet, I conjurq.!t^e, hear I9|B, , ^ ... ; .;::;.: »:, ..»^ 
, JBM»,,*Ti5JniV4iii, ... . . sw ., 
And that Jcno wn Voice an never chicm .me more. 
\ TfL Be Witoeifi for n^e, Hcavin, with what ^iu6btt9e» 

My Hand was Uftod for this Fatal Stroke ^ • . :i • t ■^ 
WithIn}ojpi« whH*>Maphci^.cwWi/l#ttewkj I; i^ :'. 
With Vio)(Si}i^» with proud iniiilt9igJS^«ro«: i a • t»J' V 
And ignomii^(iu% 1^i|rw^i«aa .Vvflll>«ri9ll9)fii^ ,ilQ I v * c 
t : U Loag 


V L rss £ S,' 7/ 

Long, Itfiig, I ttrore with rifing Indferiatfoii; ' - 

And long repefiy my fwcWrig, youthfar Rage; 
I groan'd, and felt an Agony within: 

Twas bafd indeed -but to my felf Ifiid, 

It IS Smmht's Father, and Pfl bear it 

Tfcefc hatt, tumiiltuoos, momentary Paffions? ' ' 

Wfcat wouW not I harebom for thee, thou cruel Ui' 

For thee, fo foully was my Heart fet on thee" ' 

Forgetful of ifly tender, helplefj Sex. 

I would hnre wander-d «rer the wide World, « ' 

Known all Oilamitiea and all Diftreflea 

Sicknefi and Hoager. Cold and bitter Wanti • ^ 

For thee retir-d within fome gloomy Cave ' 

Till I had been a Sftry to Poflerityj - 

•Till Maids, in After-times, had fiid;'fefelwH ' ' - 
Hownsucblhefuftr-dfortheManfliefov'd. ' 

OF^ thofe Mifenes Mankind is bom to " 

WuAfop thy >aktfl would «fuft?._But oi« 

Mincwat ainraeri-aierererTaski - 

The Queen, my. Mother, knitted to my Chtte^; 

My Royal Fathir'a Honour, and myown ■ " . ' 

The Wedgfcs of eternal Fame or Inft my 

United urg'd, and caUVI upon my Sword 

^..Wiut.4s*is^ain,faHtaftiek Pageant, Hoaitfr.' 
Thisbufy. angry tllngi flia* ftitterir Difcord ' '■ •' 

ABioBg.d».Al^»jr PHnces of the Eirtl, • • - ' •' 
And fets the madding Nations in arUproa? • ' ' ^' 
But kt it be the Worlhip-tfT'tlte oteati X " ' ' * 

^ • • » » Well 

f ■■ 

Wdi haft thoa wam'd me, and !*& make it miaei 
Yes, Prtnoe, its dread Command fba^ be ob^*d» 
Our Smmsm Arms (hall pour Deftnidkm oo you* 
Your ydkiw Hanreftsand your Towns ihaH \AaA» 
The Sword%aU rage, and univcrfal Waifingi 
Be heard amoogft the Mothers t>f your IdmM, 
fTiO War it filf grow weary and relent ■: ■ . 
^nd that ppor bleeding ]^x9g be ^eit refcn^d., 

](M. HaJte.then> and let the Trampet: ibwid to Armi» 
'SimmaMz yei^{caoce ihall detail i 
IPrepare for Slaughter «nd wade-wiftiiig:ftuif|| 
Frcpare to fed her Wrad^ ye wretched Uhsutmx 
Lift not a Sword, nor/bend a Bow agw^ her. 
But aH like me, with low Submiffion meet hei^. 
And let ns ji^d «p out devoted Lives, 
Nor once implore hierMercj-*^! 
Oud Semmthf has forgot to perfkm.t 
For Blood. Deftradion 9td Rcv^ge Ibe cdkf 
ilndGentlencfi and Love are Straogpn tobfr» 
^ ^Sim, Lovel— Did*(l thou fpeak' of UMre?-«OE jlk 

dm'd Thought! 
Behold it there ? behold the Love thou bea?ft nsel 

Behold that ! that !-^more dreadful than iUdi^ 
It drives my Soul back to hqr ipmafk Seats, 
vAad freezes' every ftsiPmng limb to MsrUe. 
ISeeft thou that gaping Wound, add that blade Blood 
Congealing on that pale; thataihy Breaftl 
Thep mask the Face--«^how ?m ftod B.ige» .whh;^ ^ 
The Agonies oifDeathfit freih^upfuitifi) . 
Thb was my Father — >Wfl|» there: im^oa;fi«tfi,. - 
yo Hand butthipe ? i ..i m . ■ 
ZW, Withm iny>iwiMlft«:. 

I ftfc 

V L rs s-E Si rr 

I fdt the Sted, before it reacfc'd to liis. 

How muc?& tbe more liappy is his Lot ?' The Sleep 

Of Death is on him, an4 he is in Peace;, 

Ifrhile I, eondemn'd to Hv^e, muft mourn for him,. 

Afourii for my fcif, and, to coitipfeat my A^Toes, 

Feel d! thy l^ains redoubled on IC^YMchus. 

Stm I know thou hat'ft me, and that deadly 6]bvl^ 
Was fkieaht to (to a Murthcr 'oti'Senmahei 
But oh ! it needed &6t, for thj tJiikindncrs^ 
Hadheeii as fktilito itM as thy Sword*. 
If one cold Looky one angrjr \i^ord had told me» 
That thou wcrfe bhthgfd„sind L Waigrown a Biirthcn.t*^ 

I" Ihould hair^ Utiderftbbd thv ^niel Purpoiii, 
Sate down tb weep, and hrdke my Hegrt and dy'dj 

T«/. It is tqo much* abd t will bear no more^ 
Oh th6ix tlnjafti ithba 'lofefljr iTalfe Adtulb, 
How haft thoQ wroiigfct mf tender, ftltUul Lore, 
In i|»ight of aH thde Hdiors of my Gmk, 
And that mslignant Fate diat doom'd nk to its 
In (pjghtofa^ I wiO ajypeal to tifee 
Sv'ii to thy ielfr hihuman as thon art. 
If ever Mtid was yet bebvfd tiefbre thee: 
With fuch ReartHBfl^, d^, anidons P(Ondiiefi, 
As that with which tiif Sbol defircs my dear Shmknihe^ 

Sem. E)etelleS Be the l^ame of Love fbr era ! 
Hena^tdi let afy MUds1« wArnU by me. 
No &ore to tr^ft your fereafts that heave wi^ ^ghing, . 
Toiar movlkig Acicedts, and yonr indtti^ E^es; 
Wheoe'er you boaft yoinr Truth, then let *em tiy you^ 
Then fcora yoii, for 'tis then yw mean Deceiviiig j . 
if yet there Oiddd ftinae fend BdBever be, 
I^ thefi&b hiAi beiiiray^tlie Wr^ 

&3. like 

7? V LTS S E S. 

Like tliee, the loH. rq)enti]|g Fool difcbim. 
For Crown5» Ambition, and jroiw Idol, Fame; 
When warm, when languifhing with fwcct Delight, 
Wiihing ihe meets him, maj he^laft her Sight, 
With fuch a Murther on her Bridal Night, {Bxnl 

M. Now arm thee for the Conflift, oh my Sou), . 
And fee how thou can'ft bear Simmak^i Lofsj 
For (he is loft-^moft certain* gone irrevocahk^ 

* Mentor nor JEthm now, my King, my Father 

Shall need fupbraid me with th'uithappy Paffionj 
Ha! that has wak*d a Thought— Tis certain (6, 
And this is all the Work of cruel Policy: . 
The Danger of the Queen was from Ettrymacim, 
Therefore my Sword was choien to oppofe it. 
That it might cut the Bands of Love afunder^ 
Oh Dreamer that I wasl'- 

Eofer ' Antiaous, Cleon mdhtca whb S§USni , . 

^w. My Lord,: where arc you? .. ' , > 

Thus to his Son, our King, the great X%gks^ / 
By me commands, Your Rc^al Mother's Daager 
Is now no more, fince all the Rival Priaces 
Are in the Hall beiet, and ev'n this Moment 
Revenge and Slaughter arc. let loofc among *em j 
Hafte then to joio your God-like Father'a Armfi» - 
To bring your pious Vakmr to his Aid, .■ ^ 
And (hare the CpuqucA and the Glory with him* \ 
Tel Ha ! Com'il thou from the Hidl, 4^itinoHi t 
.Ant, Ev*n now, my Lord, as J was hafting hither 
It was my Chance to meet my. Royal Mailer j . * • 

Ejiger with Joy I threw me at his Feet, 
With wond'ious Grace he rais'd me and embrac'd mc. 
Then bid me fly to bear iiis Orders, tp ypu., 
By the loud Cries^ the Sl^ottt^*««dxUft^pf Ak^o^^ 

. ' Which, 

Which, juft as J i^adkft hiiOs ilruck mj Ear, i 
I guefs c'cf, this, the Combat is begun. 

Ttl. Yes, yes, nay Friend, that Danger of the Queen 
Isnov^ no^moFe^r—^Mcivrcvcr, be thou near 
To guard iicr« fioiuf port her, left the Terrors ^ 
Of this tiunultuous,. this-moft dreadful Night, 
May (hake her Soul:'— I will obey the King,. 
And gladly lofe the Ltfe,fae^g^ve me, for him. 
And fince the Pkafure of my Days is Ipft, " ' 

since Vff\ Youth's dearpfl, only Hopes are crois'd;, 
P«|^lc56 f^^ai I'll ruih into the war, ' 
Provoke the liffed'Sf^prd. and pointed Spear, 
*Till all o^cr WoujhIs I fink •midft. the Slain, 
And blefs the fncndly. Hand that rids me of my PJ^in; 

dtm. Behold, my Lord/. and woddir herewith ^s^ 
The Samian. King t " | \ i ■ 

Am. EmymM^ i '\ '—T tf Ke^ 
jurprifing Accident"!-^ Whence camie this $Iow? \ ^■ 
BfH 'tis no matter, j^ce it mak^s for us, 
lior have w« -Time to waile in vain Enquiry ; 
Let it GiScc thac,i¥e have loft, an Enemy. 
Hafte to the Queen, my CUm, and perfuade htf 
To tcfSi her Safety with us in the City: 
If ike refufe, bear her tway by Force. 
po you attend him.^- 

Arc. Had you ta'eamy Counfel, 
The Prince ihou'd not have 'icap'd u«i 

jfnt. jircas, no! 
J^ Life like his is but a fiogle Stake, 
Unworthy the Contention it might coft: 
Gainin^he Queen, I have whoe'er I wiA; 
Fear of the SMimm and the fubtk King 

D 4 Forbad^ 



«© 1) L rs s ss. 

Forbad my coming with. a flronger Pbwtr, ; ' 
l^ thcjh^tz'tn th* AIarm|, and turn'^ u]>oh til: 
Therefore I ^l/it fafcf by a Wile; 
To work upon the iTQuth^ an^ &nd him heiicef^ 
And tftat way gain Adtnittance to his Mother. 

Are. Out fins^dtnsp who give the King for Ibil^ 
Shall deem this T^Ie of his Return a FalMe; 
Or tho' they lhou*d believe it, yet will j6in us. 
And with- ivaitfid Arms aflift your Catife. 
Why do we linger then f ' Heard you Hat €ty ? 

SttcceTsful C2m»,' of {i)s 1^/ey poflcisV), 
Leads ustbe Way^ ^i haftens to the 0tj. 

Vfst. Come on, and kt jthe aafty 6m*d Vljifi$ 
RepiMjW/agp, by feapwgr Frauds ,exccll'd.. . 
Let the foruken Husband vainly mourn, . 
His tedious Labours, apd la; late Ketuni| ^"^^ 
In vain to P^«x ^d to 7«^'e *iQ6mptuh, 
That T^ and HeHw are r^viv\i jagaiii. 
Pol&(s*d, like happy fans^ pf the Fair, 

ru lengthen out iny Jpys with Ten Vwrs' , 

Aad think (be reft of pfe beQc^th a Lbvet^ C4re. 

'lA i. 


« ^ m '• *■ 

^-M .J 


. « ii ' ' • '>: •it 

»t « ." L 

.. 'A- 'C * 

'' *■ ' • ri . - . ' • i» 

i I V » >. '. • .^; I 

V L rS^S ES. 80 


SCENE ike dJf. 

Itaer fipirMy Mcsktct 0Dd!ExLVoaea9. 

turn. \717 Here is the Jojr, theBdaftof Conqueft now^ 
'^ '^ In v«ii wq triiimph o'er our. foreign Tyrant«> 
So ibon to pcrifh bj donoieftick Foet; 
V^hy flione thp|;rcat Vl0i dreadful fierce - 
As M^ffr/, and.mi^ty as fhUfit4umfwl ' , 

Why reeks yon' Mari»|e P^v«nefit with the Sbughten 
Of Riva^ Kif^s that fell ben^tb Us^word, 
Vldlims to injnrUHonoucand Revenge? 
Since by tfec fetalError 4>f IkUmachHs,^ 
The Prize for which we faught^ the Qdccn, is lolEi 
Itf yielded up a Prey to falfe i^^B^ioMr;. 

Mn. Hetniftedmthe.holj; Naroeof Friendfliipy 
And, coofdfii9 oitiis ow9 Upr^cnefi,^ thought . 
The Mao whom he had pkc'd fo nttr his Heart \ 
Had (har^daswellUs Virtues a$ his If ovc; 

Mum. Ho^W b<^s ^Prince tlus Chabcd ? 

Stretch'd on the>da«]ru^wbQUQi3Qe i^ lict^i 

Nor had my PrtiyYs ^Tors t^,|ow^ to aii.h/aj j . 
l^»m^ moUMriefi.M l^mk bU Ejtcs tre ^^^-^ 
Aad then anooA^ ftots and caftt 'edi .ufmif^^' 
And g»Mbi§» f^ Im^^'^caaxA of Ijkav'n, ^, 
M|: Mother! ^ j .^SimiMEif^!' aftd say. JiAothetl . ^ 

8i V LT S S E S. 

turn. The King, whofe equal Tenper, like the Gods, 
^*as ever calm aod coofhot to it felf, 
Scruck witly (he (iidd^, unexpedcd EviU 
Was mcfv'd^^tb Rage; ^d chfd him fitom his Sight' 
But now returoing to the Father's Fondnefsi 
He bad me feek hind out, >(j^eak Comfort to him, . 
And bring him to his Arms. 
• Mxi. Where haveydu icft : 
Oiir Royal Maftcjr ? 

^um. Near the Palace-Gate^ 
Attended by thofc few, thofe faithful few. 
Who dare be loyal at a time like this. 
When ev'n their utmoft Hope is but to die for him. 

A£m. That bft Relief, that Refuge of Defpair 
Is all I fear is kft us ^ . From the City 

Each Moment brings the growing Danger nearer i 
There's not t Man in iri&a^4( but arms; 
A thouiand blading Fire^ make bright the Streets, 
Huge ga)>bling Crowds gather, and ronl along 
Like roaring Seas that enter at a Breach $ 
. The ncighbVing Rocks, the Woods, the Hills, the Dak^ 
Ring with the deaf ning Sound, while boU Rd)ellion 
With impious Peak of Acclamation greets 

Her trait'rous Chief Antimus,^ — Where i> then 

One Glimpie of Safety, when We hardly number ' 
Our Friends a Twentieth Part of this fierce M(;^itude? 
2m9». Yet Tf^oxt^ the ^atmmnSi by whofe Arms affiffced 
We late prevail'd againfl the riotous Woers, 
By iome finifter Chance have learnt the Fate 
Of their dead Monarch, and call feud for Vengeance; - 
With doudy 'Brows the fullen Captains gatlii» 
In murm'ring Ct'Oii'ds around their 'weeping {^inoeft^ . 
Ji^ if they wait^ from her fiM>urnfu]^ Lipt 
-.1 The 


• ) 

The Signal for Delbo^on, froni hOt 
Ca£^iig sfcw M^|er to eacrinfe tlieir.Rs^e^ 
And vowing to repay her Tears with Blood- 
But fee (he cofoes attended with herGuard.-** 

Men. Retire, and let us hafte to feck the Prince : 
This Danger threatens him: If he {hott'd moet 'enif 
His Piety would be repaid with Death | 
Mor cou'd his Youth or God-like Courage fave him» 
Unequally opprefs'd 9J)d crufh'd by Nunobcrs. 

[£xeMff^ Mentor ovi/ £un)seus« 

Sfter two Sami$ti GafMhifi md^SoUiers-y fim$ beamg th^ - 
Scdy rf Eurymachua: Semaathe foUtvmg with Officers 
eind jUtendnnts, 

Sem. Ye valiflHit Soman Chiefs, ye faithful FoUowets 

Of your unhappy Kingr juftly perform 

Your pious Office to his (acred Relicks, 
Bear to your Fleet his pafi;, his bloody Coarfes 

Nor let bisdilboseented Ghoft repine,- ' ' 

To think his ihjuf'd Afh^s ihaO be mix'd 

With tHe defefM Earth of cruel Ithaca. 

I Cap, Ob» Royal Maid, whofe Tears Idolr loyery 
€IQ thee* 

Whofe Csm the Gods fhaH favour and lewaid. 

Queen of our $mtm. oami do wfann we offer. \f } 

Our humble Honia^, to whoir jt^ Condmaiid | 

We vow Qhedstoacc, fii£fer not the Seaman. 

T'unfurl his Sails^ . 0i ctfll the Windt to fwdl 'cm,. 

'Till the fierce Sold»r have mdulp^U his Ragd, 

•Tin from the cdrkd Darlings of :thdrYi»j«th» . .... j 
- Andfromiiie^fiiireiltof.tfieir^tVti^n.Daughtcnry' . ^^ 

We've chofcYtteifimdrVti^ijais for a Sacrifice^ > ,: * ] 

T'appeflfcriho/iiMfyiofnoM liiittkcr'^ . ^ / 

V', r « • •. '- ' T ■♦ 

84 ULTSSSS^.^ 1 

Sm. Now!' aew Stnmohtf ' Wilt'ttbu ntfeie^dfe- 
Murth'rc^^ V * /l 
Wilt tfcu<lircd-thdr Vengeance where to ftrike? f4®f* ' 
Oh, my fid Heart ! ■ ■ Hafte to difpofe in Safety 
Your vcttcrabfe Load; and if you Wd htm, 
If you rcqicmbcir what he once was to you, 
How great, how good and padous, ^i<ld this Vtoot 
Ofcarly Faith and Duty to his Daughter? ' ' ' '' - 
Rcftrain the Soldier^s Fury, »till I naine 
The V?retch by whom my %oyal'Mtiler fifl). 
Let fame attend the Body to the Shore, 
The reft be near, and wait mc.« — — 

the Scmii Bfd waif a$ M:a. VifiMtm. 

T^. ^hj was I born? wby &ot iototbe Worid^ 
Crdain'd for mifchievous Mifikieda^ and fated 
To be the Curfe of thentha^gaTemc Imgf * ' 
^y .wai this Maft tik^kn ^ooi tMi ^np of Mietei^ 
Where innocent and ienieiers it had reftc4 
To be indu'df with Ftxm, sad vexU vfintlt MotiM^ 
How happy had it bemtarlaHtfeirlBtwni^. • j 

If &arrenneiliHMtblcfi^dinpMbther% Aedlt ' 

Kor had ihe bccif diftoaoHfed tlieB, ncMr Mv 
Nor cur ft^thc ftt^ Hmv in #faidl ft» bwre ni(6 & 
Love had notAwa.offioiEW<farA iawib a » 
Kor had that >IHik Oiie/|iiMHi«i| a PAthM L»fiu • 

Sam. Wh^Hrin^Conqpaidteolli^M^^ J 

]» that, wh0,«and%f is tiw dteattMd N%ht 
Stgh&out ber ttenoMthliadi awiMttiiiiillMintt }> 
H ^!* " ■ h ot thou art 2Wlei0i4«k«r«— — »kl Darkacft 
Stili ^pmd her gh)OBif Bteitk a'b tfcj Vifig^ 


And hide thee 'iW>m tbofe wieepiiig Ejes f«r ever. 
Tel. Tes, veH thy Eyes, or turn' 'lein far from^mc^ 

For who can take Delight to gaze on Mtiery ? 

Fly from the Moan, the Cry of the affli^%d». 

From the Coinf^nrng of a wotinded Spirit, . 

Left my contagious. Griefs, take hM on thec,\ 

And ev'ry Groan I utter pierce thy Heart*. , i 

Sem^ Oh dt^ enchaatiflg Sorrows i ncff r^wa^ 

The Voice of Mooniiag' half £> fiveet*-^- oh who^ . 

Can lidea to the Somid^ and not be rnovU 

Not bear a Part h'ke me, and (bare la all his Pain? [^A* - 

2>/. But iffwrfaaps tfcy FeUow-Gret$ure'^ Sufferings . 
Are grown a Pleafure to thee, (for ite ! ! 
Much art thou idter'd) then in mAbdhoU 
Moije than enough to fitisfic thy Cruelty ^^ . ,' 

Behold £&» here the feorn^. tho-enfierFri&e . ' 
Of «-|«ro«efl»g:^ feithlrfs, Viflain Friendi" 
I have bejray 'd' mf MMicr« I betiayU fcer^, 
Evla J, her SoiH \whoia'.witbifo nEi4ii|r Carais 
She nurft aadfondhidiafiief teodcD Bofeni* . 
Wou'd I hac» dy^\} bttfiiiv J i&v isUa Bay ! 
iMt her> I forfook hergn Difikt& 
Andg#H!krto thoiMoi^ of # AcfiAMe; .. ^ 

The too hM 9bftaa» «£ikeiptourQnettti. ... 
lor her my %ipiiikfge and ImU their ^treaolv: 

Tho'weUdMvkaof^:wfeaeanfe4iqFihadi»^^ . 
To kvifli tU theif Tiears^ E p{tylhai»-.. b .. . .7 ; i' 
r flMrtf fir ift)w'^d??ifMM|»:ittt; 1^ tltec^ r 
WhateVr the righteous Gods hare made thmifiSb^ 
Juft is the imnn m^k^ti^^hyilOiiiiHk 
T#/. *Tis J tiBlis a&r 4tti4 & 1^^ hbsr wfl dfl^vvm r 

VKft^fitieaGe and Sohinjflion to the BUfw, 
" " N« 

86 VLTS SE S: 

Nor is it fit tbat Yuch a Wretch as t am * 
Should walk widi Face erea upon the Eardii '^ 
And hoH Society withMan — j- oh therefore- . : 
Let me conjure thee by thofe tender Ties 
Which held us once, when I was dear to thee,^ 
And thou to me, as Life to hvii^ Creatures* 
Or Light iod Heat to unhre^ Nature, 
The Comfort and Condition of its Being, 
Compkat th* impcrfed Vengeance of the Godj> 
Odl forth thd valiant AiiMMttf to thy Aidi ■ \ . 

Bid 'cm ftrikc here, and here revenge-— — 

Sem. Oh hdd^ ' 
Stay thy rafli Tongue, nor kt it fpeak of Horrors 
That may be fatal to* * 
JbL What mean'ft thou? ^ 

Stm, Something - i - i . : . 

for which I want a Nanle— i>*i*UdKtft ttoneiUte? : 

Ko conicious £ar to c^tch the guilty Sound? 
Konctoupbnid my Woikoeis,'oaUsicPar|icidc, , 
And charge me as confenting to the Muf ther ? 
For oh mj Shame! my ^anel ImuB. Coitfefs it, ,. v 
1^' Piety and Honour <iirg'd.ni0>on»i: ^ ,,^ f y ,; t.; . 
Tho' Rage and Grief had wrou^^jhelo Dittn^im^ :. L 
I dbfftjidr, ^xMiTa'nbt, woA'd aot^diwlaccufe tlM^. / . 

Xd. And wheivfore art thou jtbel'ciftil In im? i r 
Oh donotkiad me with that Burthen. Lift» . 
17nleft tfam £^ me LQve» to chear my-jLlbpm : . ■. 
Tell me, SmmA$^»ii^ jt.tbu5 ^. ; ; t \"'. ..: . 
The Bride and BvidegnMta.n^ lims t«l^ i 

Mfarain|^-> :. !>•- n :, ,i< -f,,-/; .:•.>-•.:.'. ■«- 1;.-, .^ - 
This Bittcrncfs rft^ie^i «id.thift>iM»»lif^I - \i •; [- ' 
Arc thefe tbr Portion «£oifr li^iiial, UigM. 

d'f \C 

V LTS S E S. 87 

Sim. But thou, thou only didd prcY^t the Joy, 
'Tis thou haft tum'd the Bkffing to a Curfe; 
Live therefore, live, and be, if it be poiCble, 
As great a Wretch as thou haft made Stmamhe. 

Til, It fhali be (b, — I will be faithful to thc^. 
For Days, for Months, for Years I will be miferable, 
Protrid my SulPriogs tv'o to hoary Age^ 
And linger out a tedious JLtfe in Paini , 

In Q>ight of Sicknefs, atid a broken Heart* 
I will endure for Ages to obey thee. 

Sem. Oh never (halt thou know Sorrows like miae» 
Never defpair, never be cur«'d, as I am. 
tcs I will open my afflicted Breaft, 
And fadly (hew thee cv*ry fccrct Pain, 
Tho' Hell and Darknefs with new Monfters teem^t * 
Thp' Furies hideous to behold afcend,, 
Tofs their infernal Flames, and yell around me: 
Tho' my oftended Father's angry Ghoft 
Shou'd rife all pale and bloody juft before me, _ ^ ^ 

*rill my Hair ftarted up, my Sight were blafted. 
And ev'ry trembling Fibre (hook with Horror i 
Ye t i' ye t I ■ o h yet I muft confefs I lore thccj 

Tel. Then let our envious Stars oppoie in vain 
Their baleful Influence, to thwart our Joys ^ 
My Lpvc (hall get the better ofour FWc, \ ' •' 

Prevent the Malice of that hard Decree, ' • *• • T 

That feem'd to doom us to eternal Sorrov^; ' * 
And yet in Ipight of all we will be happy. ^ 

^'^. Let not that vain> that faithkls Hope ideenyi 
thee, ' * < , ' 

For 'tis refolv'd, *tis>certainly decreed, 
Fix'd as that Law by which Imperial J^ifit • ' • 

According to his Pfeicience and his PoWx^ 


Ordains the Sons of Men to Good or fivfl: 
Tii certain, ev'n our Love and all the MisVies 
Which noufi attend that Love, are not, more certaiit»\ 
Than that thissMoment we mull part for ever. 
TiL How ! r~Paxt , for ever? — - Thatfy a way in* - 

To make us Mifeabfe. — ^Ts thwc none* , 
No other lad Alter oative of Gtibi 
No other Choice. but this P-^- What, mufb wepartfe^^ 

Sem, Oh figh'aot^ nor compbto— ^Ts not thj (&A4 . 
Stain'd with my Father's^ BIbod ? Juftice and Nature, 
The Gods, demand It, and we muft obey: 
Yes, 1 muff go, the preffiDg^^ Minutes call me, 
Where theft fond Ejres ITiali never fee thee more. 
Ho more with laiigufihing Delight gazeon theb, 
Feed on thy Face,, and fin my Heart with Vleafiim 
Where P^T and Night (hall; fefew bn^'aaothet, 
TeduHis. alike and irkibme^ and alike 
Wafted In weary XQuelineis: and N^^nkig. 
tkf. Hete then, my. SouT, take tfij'PSewtr ofSS^ . 

That and Smiimhi^iy^tpg^Sa f»4 thee : 

Hencefondi renounce sdl^cimmerce wfth the ^^14, , 

Nbr hear> iim; iber nor oQce rc^d what pa^ 

I^ mighty Kin^ contend* amSitidus Youtk 

^jipa^Sy tli^ tetaL Snilons conk and^; 

Spring, SUoiQier, Atttunm» ' with their; frttttfbl Pfi^ 

Afid Winter wi^iti fiKrer troft, te N|W 
mfj^jr in vain her varioBsWidj^'^cllftre thjKe^ '* 

«Ti^wfetchedall/'tisalliiotw^nli^&yCai^ . 
^is all II WiUernefi.widioiit AatMitk* 

V L rS S ES. h 

Sm. One hR, one guilty Proofs Imw nu^ I hnre 

tlUSf I 

fForpw it Codsi; Orsfww aid ikje 5/iwmim 
Shall .bring tbce f|o,» ^jf, e'er I ^rt from /ri<i^A. 
That done, VU haft^. .HI fly, as I hwc (worn 
For thy lov'd Qk^ f«r from tfw Sight of Mao, 
^ly to the j«tUe& W^kh/aod Acred Shadea, 
Where DryMils and t^ Moi^itapa-Nymphf^refort|, 
There Ixjg the ni|^ p^t|ep to pity m» 
_ 7<^ end toy Woes, and kt me on their Hills 
Like Cjffmijp^ inow a movnfol Tree; 
Or mek like tl^ng t^MJ td i^^outitai^: 

reZ/Sbceritcf divides us;thte» fitice I mvtt loTeiklfi 
For Pity's &kew for LoveVdi 'raicr cie 
Thtts langttiflfaj^ tfcttf tjAog to tpptiMch ehffj: 
And £gh my laO; Adieil^ar Aj^iSilfiniir w ; : -i 

Fertnit me thus, KiMfttaflb'By Aem4 / 
To prcfi thWWhif man, kffnSi^tty 'Srsmth 

Thuspaiit, $gaitM^m^^^ 

Tim for lily llffW Mmditl gkbi^ t^ 
Thoa bdR^^-^Oott ^y Joy-^^^Jiotf 16ft MiMAlt 

«ww. R» mr 1 coii»iriifttti---^*«f tlk^*ar 
Tie cruel Gods fortld,' i^tlMv tksf ptatvmi'' i^^^^^r^tsc^ 
Rciiiembqr i^ b h VcfaeoBxy ffli^, m^<l>b4 ' ' : 
Perhaps AotTwat forget te|'1>ut?nd tAaftter,' ^ ' -^ '^ 
I will be trie Ho diec, ipr^^e thee'ei^, ' '^ - / 
ThcfidCbmpanlobofthisfaJtiM ' ^*h«s^^ 

While lift and Thoiight reiti^in, and When at hSk 
I ftel thd Icy Hand of Oeath prorail. 
My Hcart-firiBigs brffk* and all my Senfes fail, 
rilfizthy I]hagein,ii;iyclb&igt:ye, ^ ' 
^ thy dear Nam^'ihdi kftHe'^v^ttM die. 'Ijm. 

90 V LrS;S Ejfl 

Mema Tdemachoi. 

7^. And wbither wilt tliou wlusdier, thda ferk^m ' \ 
Abtadon'i^ Wretch !----^Thc^tig thy ftAcrcotiiet^ 
FI7 from his ahgrj Frown^N^' mattet whither. 
Seek for the darkeft Cevcrt of the Night, 
Seek out for Death, land fee if that can Ude tbee. 
If there be any Refoge thon canft prove. 
Safe fr«m puifiiiiig'SorroWf Shaine,' and abxiaus Lore.-' 


' ' • • • 

t^jf To tkwbl if tlKTt be Jaftice with thr Goft» 
Or if thej care for ou|^bd9«, were ifnfi«it.: 
Oift have I tryVi» and efar Ibinid^m hitifii^ 
In all the various Fctilabfttj^tifi^ 
In Battels, in tkrsmdft of flanlB^ll«|Sf ! 1 

In £tmmjStB^ ift thofe.dr«a4 IVfgpfBt viiiiqiSr^ ' ^ . .< 
Swarthy CMbifriaMrhave^tbdr 4lfk AM^ ,. • r^ ^ ;. ; 
Divided from this World, a^id Boi^e^eff on Hfl^ 
Ev'a thCK the Pcovidenceof- ^e ^pras vrilh m^ 
Defended*. dMrU invi^ bore me thro* the Dangpfi^ ^.^ 
,N<«^Hs*^^^Hicefi9or^i^yViitiie,k^ . ^.. .„ . 
Th^^ wii'dfiQar'tlukn^tu;^ ■<< 

JBW)^ ^ fc«Ue ia ew Qand, fb fi^ 
Wc bopc^^not Safety froift our frlv!^, but th?«i. .' 
il Aft? our King^ we truft» in theb thou Her«^ , ; 
favour'd-of HeavHi, in all thy Wars yiAprioiis. ' 
But fte where proud Rebellion cpmes againft thce^ 

Securely fierce, utd breallung Ik>1<1 pefiance 1' 
Nqw let QUr Cputms abd W Fai^'bq try'd. 

' 5 ,. 




And if, unequjd to thj gjtezt Example, 

We cannot conquer like thee^ >et we caadie for tliee. , • 

SboHti Drnms and Trumfiti: Then inUr AntinoU5» Qeoa 

and Soldms,^ 

Ant. IVliat Md Invader of our Law$, and Ffcedom» 
Ufurps the Sacred Name of Kmg of Zifil&MA? 
Who dares to play tin Tyrant in oar Stat<^ 
And in deipight of hoi]ntable}^0ve» 
Defames our Ifknd with the B)ood qf ^teangersf , > . 

Vlyjf. Haire you foi^t me then, fo^,^ai of Ithaifafj 

Did I for this, amongft the Gr^efl^HeroeSi. 

Go forth to Battel in my Country *s Cau^? . 

Have I by Arms, and by fucccisful Cpuhfeb, 

Deferv'd % Name from Afitfs wealthy Shorea, 

Ev'n to the Weftem Ocean, to thofi; Bounda 

That mark the great JiUdiJ yitmoft MbQi9r%. : / - . T 

And am^Iyeta Strangcv^h^e-rr- at homer. 

jba^ Aqd .whcreCwre; didft thou IqiTe \Wt .di&nt 

Nationif,^.: .. . ^ ,.^,^, , ; . ..,..• 

Xhrough which thy Name a^ migjkty.; Deeds werr 

fF«^? - . . . - * 

We never fought to know thee,, and npw known 

Rqprd thee not, unlefs it be to^puniQi ^. s ' 
Thy Violation of our publick Peace. 
Vtyif, And doft thou dare, doft thou, audackma- 
Slave, ' . ' . „ 

Thou rafli Mifleader of this giddy Crowd, ' ^ 

Doft thou prefume to match thy lelf with me, 
To judge between a Monarch and his People? 
If Heav'n had not appointed me thy Mafter, 
Yet it had made^ me {bnriethifag oiore than thou art, ' ' 
Then when it had Qiade ^e what I ^m-.-l^/j^/. 



9^ V L rs S E s, 

Jba. Then be Xn^es\ jSccho it fl^sud, 
hvA iTee WliaVHomage (hefe will pay tlie Sound; 

Tdl •«» tlic Story of your ii^an Wari, 

How A^fr drove yon faeadlong to the ihdst^ 

And threw his holllHe Tires amFdft yoqr ^Pfeet i 

Then mark i(rith what Apf^laufe ' they will receiye 

Snr, Cobnfrfmien, 'WJH yoii re^ehge tie ^Inoe* 
ife iJrandcW^ '\ii$ «ain, aWJoiii Wfth thef 

Cmn$s. jbitmusf}tmmsi ' ' 

Atn. what of your MohairchV 

Onrna. DriVe him put to B'atiiftiineii^. 

Wyff. Were there no G<kis \A flTdv^n, or ifttt t%ef 
And }^vi had^Mnj^ (^i|oli(i ^Iddtii nu^ 
And ^artDrftnldiQti &mnpik CSIiSefes like Aiiie} 
¥et» T^tor, Kop^ not thoti td '£^ from J^olit^ 
Nor let refacnious ^Tumberi fwdl thjr, PHdei ' 
for \nbw,*C)iy[Siii alone fiMclent ' ' ' 

To punllh thee, and on thy perjur'd Ifead 
Revenge the tV^ongt of Love and iiSjut^d Maj^* 

Am. And fie I fiasd prepiaf*d to meet thjr V^ 

txert thy Itiogly l^w^r^ andf fainmba aS 
Thy ufefol Artrand Cpunge to thy Aid» 
And finee thjjr faithful 'X>mmd9 \i ablent. 
Since valiant ^/Vmt* with his Sevenfold Shidd» 
No more (ball interpofi 'twixtHic^ and Danger. 
Invoke thofe friendly Godf whofi Ctre thou arty 
And let them iave thee^ nbW iitiert t&j Caufe> 
Md rtendtr bac)L to thy deff4ano|r Arms:. 


Thebcaateous Qaeeo, whom in idjrightof Aeoi ^ 
And thee this iiappy^ Night l^mtdc my Proe. •: • 

Vlyjf. Hear this, ye Cods 1 He triujmphs inxht Rapew . 
Mod g^dfiom^Vilhinfi .n. Bat we paule teio 2oQg$ * 
Oa then, and tempt our Fate, .my gallant Friends, 
From this Defier of the Gods, this Moofter, • 
Let us redeem my Queen, or die together : 
And, equal to our ffea£ ^oiefather'a Fame, 
Deicend and j6in thofe Demy-*Gods. of Oreui^ 
Who with thet^ l^lood enrich'd the X»4m/«» PJaiiiB, ' 

To Tindioatie^ a Hasband's facred Right. _ 

Jbu. What means that fiidden ThoadeiMrlap of Tu4 
Art thou not >^f/ii?*— — Thou art faint and bloody. 

Jbrc. \ have JRtaid ycu^elaA Office of my FrieodlhifS 
Scarce have I Brtat^ ^pcak your Danger'; 
The furious 5/n^imr,;)ed^by yoong reZfivr/M&Mf, 
Refiftlcfs, fierce, and bearing all before 'em, 
Have from the Caftle forc'd the (captive Queen \ 
Ftr'd with Sucoefs, they^^ive our fisiinung Troops, 
And hither urge tfheir Way with chr«itning Cries, 
Loudly demaoNHng^oiir detroted Head, 
A juft Atonetneat for their murthet^'Lopd: 

VtjS' Geleftial?dw*ri!-ye<jtordi2(iis df the Juitf ^ 
This wond'rous Work ill yoi^^ anfl'y<&rri bo a|I the 

^te. ^onfilfioili^-'^Wi^erefiMe didft not thou 
claim » 

My Innocence, tnd^if^MTMm'df iMr Errdr? 

Att^ Bdiold thdii WottftOKtlMugii^rUck my|Kui% 

94 V LTS S E S. 

Is haftiiig feithy and judge my Truth by them ?> 
Whatever I oou'd I urg'd in thy Detence, 
But all was vain > with clamorous Impadeoce 
They broke upon my Speech, and fwore 'hvas fiUp. 
Their Queen, the fair Semamhi, had aecus'd thce» 
And fix'4 her Royal Father's Death on th«& 
If any Way be left yet, faaAe and flyj 
Th' inconftant fiutMe^ hhtuemu jdia with tei. 
And all is loft — ">. hat dearer Pledge than life 
Can Friendfliip aikl Behold I give ttibr thee. : 

Viyg. They coaie, Saccefs and Happtnefi attend us, 

fslUs and my vidorious Son fight fnr as. 
Ara. Thou j^d thy Gods at lail have got the better. 

[2% Ulyfi^ 

Yet know I fcom to fiy \ that great .Ambition,: . 

ThatlMd mefirfi a^re to Love and £m|»re, . 

Still Wigbtly bums, and animates my Soul. 

Be true, my Swdfd, and let me fidl fcveng'd. 

And ril forgive ill Fortune all befides. 

[Ulyfles, Antinous, (mi thnr Pmksfigbf. 

B9$ir Tdenmchus, Ceraunus, md Samian SoUhn^ th^ 
jom UlyfTes, md drive Mtitifw, Clecm^ md^ tbe t^t 
4pf tht St^. Hm Jnatt-^ m Door. Ulyil^^. «r iim 
ethmrtbe ^um^ fAcntpf 094 AitendMnti. > . 

.:;Wji:^rMyQsieerJlMyLpve!i ,. . .^C^^* 
^. My Hero! My Vfyffesf 

Ooce more thou art reOorVl, on^ more I hqU tboe^ 

At length the Gods have prov'd us to the utmoftj. ; 

Areiatisfy'dw*'?i5l^t|w»rbiv?,iKidurU .. ^ ef t: 
j^ii]ewr.wiB|#iftiior:p|irfe«f,in^ ^ ,.; 

jTis not in Wofds to tdl dee what IVe fat, is . , 

t The 

VbeSATrawiand'tbcPean, ev'n fcti'tKaaUei 
Ev'n yet litefHtctlUufi ]bock tny Sod, ' 
And hardly ytaM ni Wonder.Dnd to }<tf.' 

Un. A Turn ft ha^, and To uoexpe^tal, 
HcDC but thofe over-ruling PowVi who caut'd ic, 
Coo'd h^TC fordeen; Tht beaoMous Smiim Priocefii 
Witbin wliore gentle Bicafi, Rewnge and TeadaoeCt * 
t«agftnn«> |>nd Ipag maintsin'd a doubtful Coafli&i 
At length wu nnquiHi'd by prerailing Lovej 
Aod happiJj to Are the Prince, imputed 
To falle JtttiMu), her Fither't Deitlii 
Hnr'n has apprOT'd the Fnod of food Afledioo, 
TIk juft Deceit, i Follhood fiir u Tnitb. 
Since 'tit to thit alone vr6 awe four Saietjr, 

Eater Telenucluu. 
TU. Here let me kned, and with mj Tears uom 

Tbe rafti OSatea of mj beedlefi Youtl^ 

Hete oHer the4>fi Twpbiei of m}' Swonl, 

And once nJOK bafl m c FathecKinaof AitMit. 



The SI 


To bear thri &d-%fMtnk Gadi n>:fi7»i ^ 

Joy like the chearfiil^Spauig- d^fmjita^. 

And none but your unluppy Son Ihall moam, 

tny/. Like thee the t$agt of partinj; Lore Vre 


94 ntLTS S $ S. 

tAj Hean fike thine hts bled — — t -Bm ^! mj Sur 

Sigh not, nor of, the coniotM Lot compluf t. 

Thou that irt bom a MMi artbora to Pauii , 

For Proof, bHtoU mr-teriiaiH twei«j.Ycar« 

>11 fpcDt in Toil, .aBdOMnifU.iB C*m : , . ,^' 

^ri» true, tbt fftnwa Gadf^Mc l^od^ }aft,, . .^,^ 

foA wgU rewaid mc Iktc ibr ^,1117 S^rifiwi pall, . ,:v 

FIX J s. 

• 1