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the drift, vol. 109 


Butler University 









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campus life 


residence life 



108 1 






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In 2008, making connections is easier than ever. With cell phones and high-speed 
internet we can connect with people all over the world in an instant. We fill Facebook 
friend lists with hundreds of people who we might not have seen since third grade. 
However, even with connections coming at us from every direction, the most 
important connections are the ones we make face-to-face within our own community. 

It is impossible to stay isolated at a school like Butler. There are connections that are 
made for us - that crazy freshman year roommate, the classmates we wake up with at 
8 am, the boss for an on-campus job. Then there are connections that we choose - the 
professors we learn from, the roommates we pick, the clubs we join cr tJ-e froirrnities 

and sororities we pledge. Some connections are not as strong 


Iding the 

door for you in Jordan or the stranger cheering next to you in the Dawa Pound 

Interactions come in many forms, some memorahr "ting, out 

ultimately these connections shape our college expert 

campus life 

wpjfnmp wppk hplps freshme n fppj at home 

butler begin nings 

Due to heavy rain during Welcome 
Week, botli Playfair, shown right, and 
Block Party were held in the HRC. 

Junior Kristen English 

greets freshman Andres 
Suazo after Convocation 
Suazo is an international 
student from Honduras 
studying Electrical 


The Class of 201 1 and the 2007 Student Orientation Guides gather outside Clowes Hall to take their class picture. The group formed an "X" with a circle in 
the middle, where the mascot stood. The photo now hangs in C Club with the class pictures from other recent years. 

campus life 
welcome week 

7 — 

I I was nervous about 

starting college, but 

Butler has a lot of great 

opportunities to make it 

easier for the freshmen 

to adjust. 


Chioma Oteh, Freshman 

I "My favorite part about 

Dawg Days was going 

to Kings Island. It really 

gave me a chance to 

interact with my peers." 


Natalie Evans , Freshman 

I "Starting freshman year 
was a bit nerve- 
wracking. I wasn't sure 
what to expect because 
it was a completely new 
experience." ■ ■ 

Walter Stamp, Freshman 

One of the bonding activities during 
Dawg Days was a trip to Kings Island 
theme park in Ohio. 

What was your 
FAVORITE Activity? 

Hypnotist - 45% 
Play Fair -27% 
Comedian - 22% 
Bingo night -6% 

multicultural orientation gets an early start 

dawg days of summer 



greatest fears 

about starting 


30% Work Load 

27% ,^r^ 

23% Dorm Life 

9% Fitting In 

After Convocation, it is a tradition for Student Orientation 
Guides, like junior Dane Suarez, to high-five all the freshmen 
as they exit Clowes and officially begin their college careers. 

Sophomore Jared Rifis leads the Phi Kappa Psi team down 
Hampton Drive during their first ever chariot race against Sigma 
Chi. The chariot race is an old Butler tradition that disappeared 
when Phi Psi's opponent Phi Delta Theta left campus. 

Butler's cheerleaders and 
marching band rouse the 
crowd at the homecoming 
football game. 

Seniors Michael Hole of Delta Tau 
Delta and Betsy Ummel of Schwitzer 
Hall stand on the football field after 
being crowned Butler University 
Homecoming King and Queen 2007. 

Delta Gammas celebrate after 

learning that they won the 
Homecoming points competition. They 
were paired with Delta Tau Delta. 

sga programs kpep the fun coming 

inever a dull moment 


Juniors Monica Lunsford and Joe Gesell enjoy 
singing Karaoke at tlie BU County Fair. 

Out & About in Indy sponsors many outings , some 
even beyond Indy lil(e tlie wliite-water rafting trip. 

Free food at SGA's Midnight Snad is a perennial 
favorite of Butler students, who often line up an hour 
in advance to get their share. 

Students compete in cornhole at SSSoberfest, a part of Spring Sports Spectacular, wliich raises money for tiie Special Olympics. 

flying high 

Soaring high on 
SGA's skydiving trip 

Senior Forrest Heyman 
coming in for a landing 
after jumping from 
10,000 feet. 

he Student Government Association puts on several events each 
year for Butler students. This year their activities included a trip 
to Chicago to see Boradway"s production of Wicked, a trip to 
Greensburg to go skydiving and a trip to go white water rafting. 
Each week SGA also plays a different movie on campus, and 
when the weather is nice they have "drive-in movies" projected 
on a large screen on the mall. 

"I wanted to leave Butler knowing that both inside and outside 
of the classroom I had taken the plunge of stepping outside my 
comfort zone. That day, over 47 Butler students barreled out of 
the threshold at 10,000 feet up and learned that taking the 
jump-whether out of the plane, or into Butler University--will 
leave you excited and forever changed." 
-Forrest Heyman 

campus life 
SGA Programs 

11 — 

Midnight Snack is part of 
Homecoming and 
features food from fast 
food venues lil<eQdoba, 
McDonald's, Marco's 
Pizza, Taco Bell, and 
Dunkin' Donuts. 

Sophomore Allison Brown helps a 
Special Olympics athlete decorate a 
pumpkin for Halloween. 

sga provides an array of fun events 

Students at play 


Midnight Snack 
Weekly Movies 

Exam Jam 

Dance Marathon 

Out & About in Indy 



Java Jams 



Starbucks was packed to 
hear Out of the Dawg 
House sing at the first 
SGA Coffeehouse event 
of the year. 

Zorb Ball races were a unique 
part ofthe first ever BU County 
Fair, held in September. 

danre maratho n supports rilev r hildrpn's hospital 

SO you think you can dance? 

break it down... 


hundred dollars raised for Riley 


hours of dancing and activities 


business sponsors including Donato's 
Pizza and Applebee's 


university making a difference in the lives 
of countless children 

Bulter students bust a move to raise money for the Riley Hospital for Children in 
the HRC gymnasium. 

Some of Butler's finest musical talent, including Out of the 
Oawg House, came togetherfor BUDM's kick-off event, 
Reilly for Riley 

The BUDM Committee worked hard 
throughout the fall semester in prepartion 
for the event. 

The dancers were decked out in red to show their support for Riley 
Children's Hospital. 

Dance Marathon is more than the elearic slide 
and the cha-cha. It consists of a wide variety of 
activities, such as the moon bounce. 

j,;iiiKj.^ijU. j|j< 

Butler men compete in 
a slam dunk 

Teams compete in 
events such as Musical 
Chairs late into the 

The women of Alpha 
Chi Omega prepare for 
a battle in Tug-0-War. 

Lambda Chi Alpha and 
Alpha Chi Omega 
compete in a jousting 

•sjpring sports spectacular 

I wild & crazy If ids 


He Women 

I 1st Alpha Chi 
2nd Theta 
3rd Delta Gamma 

The Men 

[ 1st Celt 

( T 

!; Znd Lambda 


1^ 3rd Sigma Nu 

Hey Arnold poses as one of the many Nideioaeu 
characters present for the costume contest. 

The women of Kappa 
Kappa Gamma and Alpha 
Chi Omega face off on the 
basketball court. 

students get fi t at the hrc 

why we work out... 

^|/lany people work out just because they 


Ike the way the HRC looks 

ome have never worked out before 
ntil they came to college 

[he HRC helps keep off the "freshman 


orking out is a daily ritual for many 
utier students 

e HRC makes working out fun, and not 
St "work" 

Freshman Alex Wallace prepares to do a set of squats in the lower level of the HRC. 

["Ever since highschool I've loved w/orking 
out and staying in shape. The HRC is really 
a great facility for students to do exactly 
that, no matter what their goals are, it 
pretty much has it all. " 

Jay Allen, freshman 


hated working out, I didn't start 
until my roommate 'made' me, and 
now I love it. The HRC makes working 
out fun with its variety of equipment 
and its wonderful atmosphere." 

The HRC is a popular 
place for many students 
and some adults to work 
out and stay in shape 
during the year. 

Sophomore Meg Biallas 
workouts using the 

Zia is a popular place for 
students to get smoothies 
and other snacks after 
working out. 

Freshman Jay Allen spots 
freshman Josh Evans as 
he bench presses. 

campus life 
hrc & relay for life 


total money raised 

President Bobby Fong tries to raise bail money as 
a prisoner in Sigma Nu's jail. Each year, the Sigma 
Nu team "captures" people who must raise bail to 
be released. That money is donated to the 
American Cancer Society. 

The HRC was 
chosen as the 
new location 
for Relay for 
Life this year. 
In 2007, the 
event was 
and prior to 
that it was 
outside on the 

relay for life won't let cancer get a monopoly 

I keep passing "go'' 

Freshmen Erin Murphy, Kim Spartz, Jordan Pflumand senior Emily Reesertal<e 

their turn walking around the track. Each team had to have a representative walking 
from the beginning of the event at 6:30 pm until 1 0:00 am the next morning. 

Phi Kappa Psi's team got comfortable with several couches, a television 
and video games at their campsite in the HRC. Teams who raised the most 
money got campsites with elearicity, and Phi Psi was the winning team 
with donations of $6,255. 

Above: To go along 
with the Monopoly 
theme, junior 
Katie Fodness, 
sophomore Paige 
freshmen Jacl(ie 
Sabol and Jackie 
Sands and junior 
Kate Sheehan 
play the classic 
board game. 
When not walking, 
Relayers stayed 
awake with games, 
music and free 

hiitjpr's top 1QQ students 

the best 

Top 20 students at the April 4th banquet: Forrest Heyman, Devin Shone, Dan Orlovich, Tyler Trueg, Andy Seibert, Kevin Hitchen, Brian Clarke, 
Michael Hole, Matthew Fuss, Tyler Blakley. Katrina Coffey, Amy Best, Abby Frey, Leslie Freischlag, Dr. Bobby Fong, Laura Michel, 
Stephanie Slemp, Rebecca Scherpelz, Bethany Yonker, Katie Doane. 

"Next year I will be traveling abroad to 
University of Auckland In Auckland, 
New Zealand forthe fall semester! I 
then hope to receive an internship and 
take classes to complete my senior year. 

My most valuable experience at Butler 
University has been my involvement in 
Scholars for the Advancement In 
Business Leadership. This organization 
coordinates a scholarship weekend for 
prospeaive business college students, 
for which I was the student coordinator. 
The people were driven, yet fun, and I 
learned a lot about my leadership style 
and the dynamics of working with 

"Next year I am working at JP Morgan as an investment analyst In its Private Client 
Services group in Indy. 

My most valuable college experience was taking the portfolio management class at 
Butler. Approximately 1 6 other students and I managed a portfolio of $ 1 million of 
Butler's Endowment. The class helped connea what I learned in the classroom with 
what I would be doing once I graduated." 

Kevin Hitchen senior, finance 

"Next year, I will be applying for dental school and working 
at the Indiana School of Dentistry doing research on fluoride 
content in teeth. Here at Butler, I will continue to lead as 
the president of the Butler Pre-Dental Society and the 
president of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. 

The most rewarding opportunity 
that I have had at Butler was 
being on the executive board for 
Alternative Spring Break. It was 
an excellent chance to work with 
Butler students and to see how 
much that people can grow from 
simply a week of service with 
reflection time afterwards." 

junior, chemistry 

"Next year I am hoping to attend Indiana University School of Medicine. If 
that does not work out, then I will be getting a job with one of the research 
departments at medical school. 

Being a part of the Greek system at Butler truly enriched my college 
experience. Through the Greek system, especially Delta Gamma, I have 
gained a better sense of myself and have developed incredible relationships. 
I came to understand my strengths as a leader, as well as the most important 
qualities of leadership through my experiences at Delta Gamma. Being 
President was not an easy task, but the personal development it allowed is 

"Next year I hope to work at an 
advertising agency in Chicago 
or New York City and volunteer 
and contribute to the 
community no matter where I 

The last semester of my senior year I studied abroad with the Global 
Adventures in the Liberal Arts program and traveled to Paris, 
London, Belfast, and the English Lake District. It was incredible, 
have been involved in many things at Butler and loved every second 
of my time here, but I learned so much about myself during my 
study abroad experience. It was the perfea end to my 
undergraduate studies." 

"I will run the Port Angeles, WA Fi 
marathon on June 8, 2008 and I am 
joining the finance program 
management sector of Boeing 
Commercial Airplanes. I also plan 
to prepare for law school in fall 

My most valuable Butler experience 
was playing varsity basketball for 
Lingnan University during my study 
abroad in Hong Kong." 


campus life 
top 100 banquet 

17 — 

most outstanding woman 

Michael Hole 
r^ior, biology 


"Next year, I will be attending the 
University of Nebraska- Lincoln to 
pursue a graduate degree in 
Speech Language Pathology 

My most valuable experience at BU 
has been my involvement with 
SGA,BUSF and Alpha Chi Omega. I 
have formed memorable 
friendships and have amazing 
opportunities afforded to me 
because of these three 

tephanie Slemp 

senior, religion 

"Next year, I will be attending lU School of Medicine. 

My most valuable experiences were traveling to 
Quito, Ecuador my freshman summer and Xela, 
Guatemala last May, each for a week. I went to those 
places with the Timmy Foundation at Butler on medical service trips. These 
were some of the best moments of my life. For me, both of these trips 
confirmed that I was supposed to fullfill my life goal of becoming a doctor. 
One of my favorite memories from these trips was seeing a birth for the 
very first time and being able to help out. I will never forget these 
experiences ever and I can't wait until I get to go back." 

Brian Clarke senior, accounting 

"I have accepted a public accounting position 
with Crowe Chizek to work in their Oak Brook, 
Illinois office outside of Chicago after graduation. 

My most valuable experience was the Johnson & 
Johnson Co-op offered through the College of 
Business. During the Fall Semester of my Junior 
Year I lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey and 
worked at Johnson & Johnson's Corporate 
Headquarters. This experience allowed me to 
apply the skills learned in my classes and put 
them into practical use working for a world 
renowned healthcare company such as J&J. The 
experience allowed me to benefit from both a 
business and personal perspective." 

"Next year, my plans 
include spending the 
summer working in 
Uganda at an 
orphanage and 
school. Long-term 
plans (i.e., a job) are 
still unknown, but I 
would like to work in 
international peace 


Learning to appreciate that there are no strictly black and 
white solutions, I value those moments and experiences 
when people dared to question, challenge, learn, and grow. 
Whether this was through working as an RA, hearing the 
right jazz chords, traveling to Uganda, or talking with 
friends and professors, my four years at Butler have led me 
to value the beautiful differences in people that are 
ultimately unifying." 

"Next Year, I will attend Stanford 
University School of Medicine. 

Serving impoverished communities of 
Latin America and Africa during 
medical service brigades has created 
memories and a passion that will 
never fade. I feel very blessed by the 
opportunities to lead and travel at 
Butler. " 

junior Journalism 

"I will be Senior 
Class Vice President 
as well as Features 
Editor for Dawgnet. 
I also will be 
concentrating on 
writing my thesis 
and preparing for 
graduate school. 

My time at Butler has taught me the 
importance of small kindnesses in day to day 
life. This stems from the emphasis on 
volunteering and community involvement on 
campus, which has taught me more lessons 
than I can count. After studying abroad, I've 
learned that simply reaching out to another 
human being can make all the difference. 
Butler has offered me both a solid scholarly 
education and character foundation." 

Susanna Foxworthy W^ 

"Next year I will be continuing pharmacy school for 
my P2 year. I will serve as treasurer for Order of 
Omega and corresponding secretary for Delta Tau 

My most valuable experience at Butler have to be the 
friendships and relationships made through both 
work, student organizations, and social life. These 
individuals have pushed me to be the best person I 
can be while being there when I needed a helping 
hand. I could not imagine what Butler would be like 
without those that have been with me along the 

A 1 


"This summer I will be interning with the US Department 
of Commerce. Next fall I will be a culture and language 
assistant in Spain for a year through the Spanish 
Department of Education. As of right now, I plan on 
pursuing a career with the government. Preferably in the 
foreign service. It is still up in the air. 

My most valuable time at Butler has been my time spent 
studying abroad. I studied a semester in Milan, Italy, a 
semester in Madrid, Spain, two summer semesters in 
Lisbon, Portugal, and a summer semester in Brussels, 
Belgium. I probably learned the most about myself 
during my time spent abroad and learned a great deal 
about different people's culture and languages." 

Matthew Fuss 

"My plans for next year are to teach abroad through the 
Peace Corps or another volunteer organization. 

My most valuable Butler experience was doing an 
independent study with one of my professors, Dr. Ena 
Shelley, about the Reggio Emilia Approach to education 
and then traveling to Reggio Emilia, Italy with Dr. Arthur 
Hochman, Dr. Judith Lysaker, and three other Butler 
students. These experiences allowed me to become 
immersed in and appreciate another culture's values, 
lifestyles, and education practices. Studying and 
traveling with professors and Butler students also helped 
me reflea on what I believe about education and my 
own lifestyle and values." 

jjuktessenMxampus tradlt^ 


Fountain Jumping 

Star Fountain is the most popular for fountain jumping, but this group of RAs went on a mission to jump in 
every fountain on campus. Sophomore Meg Biallas, junior Keny Craig, sophomore Hope England, juniors 
Brittany Zarse and Emily Oury and sophomore Jessica Bowman even went inside in the Irwin Library fountain 
4, Freshmen Emily Spicklemire and Rebecca Taylor, and sophomores Sarah Gore, Jennifer Schwab and 

Laura Doell finished off their year with a dip in Star Fountain. 

Right: Sophomore 

spin on the traditional 
pose with the Bulldog. 

Far Right: Freshmen from 
Schwitzer Unit INW cap 
offtheir year together 
with a picture at the 
Bulldog. The monument 
was donated by the 
senior class of 1997 and 
has been a campus 
landmark ever since. 


Pictures with i: OO^SH^g 

K*.:,, ■■■■ MM isy 

the Bulldog 

campus life 


2. English professor 
[ Marshall Gregory 

invited his Jane 
Austen seminar 
students over to his 
house for a Pride & 
Prejudice pizza 
party. The class, 
including senior 
Gabe Thayer, 
graduate student 
Sakina Alkhalifa, 
senior Michelle 
juniors Amy Milton 
and Jon Garrison, 
watched the six hour 
mini-series after 
reading "Pride and 

1 . The drive-in movie is a familiar Welcome Week tradition, but this year the 
sophomore class took advantage of the new HRC pool to host a "Dive -In Movie." 
More than 70 students watched "Jaws" from the pool. 3. At the President's Dinner 
during Homecoming Week, sophomore Christina Lear and seniors Laura Michel 
and Forrest Heyman got the the chance to dance with President Bobby Fong. 

the random ha 

that make our school unique 

The water in the Norris Plaza fountain is one of the holes on the course designed by seniors Ross 
Lyons and Ryne Kerchner and '07 graduate Zach Brown. Some of the other holes include the 
Schwitzer Hall and Atherton Union signs, the cast iron BU, and Star Fountain. Kerchner said they 
started playing as freshmen after they saw older students doing it. 

Campus Golf 

The chaos of Welcome Week didn't stop sophomore Carlos Lynes from playing on the Mall. 

Blue II sports his trademark bone at a 
basketball game. 

Blue 11 and his dad, Michael 
Kaltenmark, take a break to play. 

Butler Blue II had his share of 
celebrity encounters this year! In 
February he greeted Former Secretary 
of State Colin Powell on his visit to 
Butler. Also, he posed for pictures with 
Jeremy Piven when the artor came 
to campus to campaign for Barack 
Obama. Blue II also welcomed 
Chelsea Clinton and Sean Astin 
during their visit to Butler. 



Blue II takes advantage 
ofa snowy day on 
campus with a jog 
around the mall. 

Many students love getting the chance to play with Blue! Here, Butler University Student Ambassadors Stephanie Tutterow, Brian 
Rochford, Sara Stiles, John Joseph, Lissa Phillips, and Brandon Wiley take some time to hang out with the beloved Butler mascot. 

blue II goes digital 

6 veryone is on the internet these days, and Butler Blue 
II is no exception. This year, Butler's mascot created 
his very own blog. With the help of his dad, Michael 
Kaltenmark, Blue II maintains his blog, keeping 
readers up to date on his day to day life. Blue's blog 
gives readers a glimpse into the life of the most 
beloved bulldog on campus. Readers have the chance 
to catch up on Blue's daily life and learn about his 
habits, likes, and dislikes. Blue's dad also frequently 
posts exclusive pictures and videoes of the beloved 
dog. Check out Butler Blue II and all of his adventures 

Blue II poses with 
Butler's mascot on the 
floor of HinkleFieldhouse. 


He wasn't always that 
size! The now 60 lb. 
English Bulldog was 

just a puppy when he 

started his duties at 

Butler in 2004. 

Blue II joins students 

taking advantage of a 

sunny day to study on 

the mall. 

After a long, hard day of 

work on the Butler 

campus, Blue II likes 

nothing more than to 

fall asleep with all of his 

favorite toys. 

Students celebrate Blue 
ll's 4th birthday with 
him in Starbucks with a 
party sponsered by the 
Butler University Student 



it's a dogs life for butler mascot 


butler blue ll's 
favorite treats 

ice cream 





Blue II keeps an eye on 
things in the lower level 
ofJordan Hall, where he 
keeps regular office hours 
in the Office of University 

^ As the official mascot, Blue II attends all home football and 
basketball games. Above, he recieves his bone after 
welcoming the Butler Bulldogs basketball team onto the 
court. Below, Blue leads the football team onto the field. 


1 Why leave cam pus? 

Senior Alison Chemers and junior Michael 
Burke are crowned Prom Queen and King. 

Sophomore Sara Bell, Junior Collen Heath and Sophomores Anna Paberz, Janessa Goldberg, Claire Williams attend a home football game in the Butler Bowl. 

Oh the college life... 

Sophomores Zac Colby and Christy Indiano 

pose for a picture at the "Seven Deadly Sins" 
party at Sigma Nu. 

"Coming from a 

larger city I was 

nervous there 

wouldn't be 

much to do on 

the weekends, 

but Butler 

always has 


exciting going 


Tyna Korcz, 

There is never a dull moment during the 
weekends for Butler students. They find 
numerous ways to spend time with their 
friends. There are always sporting events 
to watch, and concerts and shows to attend 
at Clowes Performing art center. Many 
students find things to do in Broad Ripple, 
a local hot spot. Students looks forward to 
the weekends to relax with their friends 
and catch up on rest. 



Freshmen Stephanie Rosienski, Anthony Earlandson and 

Brian Fay visit a store in Broad Ripple to try on vintage clothes. 


"You never have to 

worry about having a 

good time when 

you're with your 

girls! It's a GIVEN!" 

Mai Gore 


Exploring downtown Indianapolis, especially in the 
warm weather is a popular weekend activity. 

Sophomores Malia Fleddertnan and Sarah Murrell and Juniors Frehsmen Kelh Johnson, Matt Van Oss, and 

Kimi Slusser and Laura Wunder visit friends that go to Indiana Austin Ph.lhps explore the Indianapolis 

University in Bloomington for a change of scenery and to get outside Museum of Art's beautiful art in the museum s 

ofthe "Butler Bubble." Sardens. 

stude nts earn cash on-campui 

what's in y o ur wa l let? 

here's how it adds up... 


the number of students employed on 
Butler campus throughout the year 

the average pay of on-campus 
' ^ ^^ployees per week 

the percent of students employed 
^^rough BLUE (Butler Links U to 
Employers), a website sponsored by 
the Career Center 

Sophomore tour guide Brian Rochford explains to the tour 
group the housing options Butler offers. Another fact he likes 
to share with tour groups is that Hinkle Fieldhouse was featured 
in the 1986 movie Hoosiers. 

Sophomore Joel Burnette assists Freshman Brenden Hudson with his computer. Burnettee acknowledges, "After 
working at the Help Desk for two years, the most common problem I see is people struggling to use wireless." 

It's fun to meet prospective students. I 
remember the impact campus visits had on 
me. I love being someone who can let 
students and their parents knov/ why 
Butler is such a great place to go to school. " 

Nathaniel Hamilton Freshman 


"It's geat to be able to meet potential 
students and be one of the first people 
instill in them a good impression about 
Butler. I like to think that my tour will 
help influence their college decision. " 

Ashlee Cerda, Freshman 


Sophomore Ben Nicholas 
returns Freshman Chris Brady's 

IDattheHRC. Nicholas recounts, 
"One day while working, one of 
my coworkers (who will remain 
anonymous) accidentally hit the 
siren button on a bullhorn. 
Everybody in the buiding 

Sophomore Matt Chapman, 

right, hasbeenahouseboyatTri 
Delta since the start of the 2008 
spring semester. He confesses, 
"The idea of getting paid to eat 
and to hang out with sorority 
girls definitely influenced my 
decision to work as a houseboy." 

"A good way to remember all the basics of chemistry is to 
become a lab assistant," explains Sophomore Jeni Bishop 
while helping Freshman Emily Dubord with calculations. 

niii|!L!:: hie 


I I've worked as a 
community assistant in 
ResCoforayearand my 
least favorite part of ttie 
job is sorting the mail. 


Jessica Long, Sophomore 

Once vi/hile working at 
Ross, some guy threw up 
in a lobby chair. He tried 
to make it out the front 
door but threw up all over 
the door, too. ■ ■ 

Adam Kegley, Junior 

One of my favorite parts 
about being an assistant at 

Schwitzer is seeing 
everybody as they come in 

and out of the building. 

Nicole Ehlert, Freshman 

Sophomore Ryan Pardieck helps Senior KeilaRobison edit and 
proofread her paper at the Writer's Studio. Pardieck comments, "I 
chose to work in the Studio because I love writing and, as it turns out, 
I love helping people with their writing, too!" 



Do you work on or 
off campus? 

Sophomore Michele Lewis organizes a display of Final Four 
shirts at the Butler Bookstore. She explains, "The Bookstore 
carried the shirt to celebrate the Bulldogs making it into the 

One ofFreshman Lin Liu's 
responsibilities as a worker in 
the Ruth Lilly Science Library is 
to shelve books before closing 
for the evening. The Science 
Library houses materials 
supporting the study of 
biological, computer, physical, 
and pharmaceutical sciences. 





thpatrp rippart mpnt givp<; ;^rtnr<; a chance to shine 

1. In "Marriage," sophomore KienanFinley's character 
considers his life as a bachelor. 2. Students in the Site- 
Specific Theatre class produced a show called "IFred" at the 
end of the semester, which allowed them to explore the 
internet in theatre. In this scene, sophomore Audrey 
Bertaux-Skeirik and junior Michael Burke played with 
the concept of "eye contart" to represent a society where 
humans can't see or communicate well anymore. 



October 3-7, 2007 

The show was made up of three parts. Part 1, below, was a dramatization of the lamentations 
of Jeremiah, from the Bible. In Part 2, called "Tongues,"senior Katie Hannigan, left, played a 
myriad of different parts and was accompanied by a percussionist. 

"The Divinity of Women Project" 

November 29 - December 2 

Senior Joanna Winston speaks as 
a Muslim woman talking about her 
life in the Islamic faith to freshman 
Robert Sollman. 


^^y ,~j^ ^ J ^^r ^B 




theater produaions 


3. The Divinify of VVonien f'roject 4. Senior Laura Kautza applies 
stage inal<e up to senior Michael Hosp for his role in "Marriage," 
Junior Michael Burke explains, "There are make up designers and 
make up heads and assistants who oversee the application of the make 
up and make sure that everything looks good, but it's the responsibility 
of the actors to learn how to apply their own make up to the best of 
their ability." 5. Sophomore Melissa Fenton and senior Carolyn 
Jania perform Part 3 of "Lamentations" in a reprise at the Indianapolis 
Museum of Art. The theatre department wanted to perform the show 
there because the IMA's Roman Art from the Lourve exhibit influenced 
their designs for the show. 


February 27 - March 2 

The five suitors, played by freshman Raphael Schwartzman, sophomore Kienan Finley, freshmen 
Matthew Van Oss and Chris Zeigler, and senior Michael Hosp, corner the matchmaker, played by senior 
Ashley Parks, about the nature of the woman to be matched. 


April 23 -27 

Sophomore Jeff Irlbeck, playing the paralyzed Hamm, listens as 
junior Michael Burke, playing Clov, taunts him with talk of leaving, 
despite the faa that he is also disabled and knows he cannot leave. 



most common injuries to dancers.. 

Juniors Jenny Lewall and Stirling Matlieson portray the grieving lovers of 
Giselle and Albrectit in the graveyard. 

tendonitis, due to overuse, is the most common injury 




nkle Injuries, resulting from a sudden loss of balance 
isting the ankle, are common dance injuries. 

hin Splints, are often caused by running or jumping, 
re very slow to heal. 

uscle Strain is most commonly a result from tearing 
uscle fibers. 

tress Fractures, result from an small event, such as a 
II, are still common among dancing injuries. 

Stirling Matheson as Albrecht, grieves the 
loss of his love Giselle, Jenny Lewall, after 
she dies of a broken heart. 


dance productions 

31 — 

nior Emily Scott dances as a IVIirliton for Clara in the 
nd of the Sweets. 

Seniors Emily Lingen and 
Kevin Wilts dance the 
Sugar Plum pas de deux 
in this year's The 


land of sweets 

a week do dancers 
rehearse for a 

I 2% 1-3 hours 

i 6% 3 -6 hours 

i 48% 6- 8 hours 

33% 8 -10 hours 

11% more than 10 

Clara, played by senior 
Kaitlyn Moody, dances 
with her nevv nutcracker. 

Emily Lingen and Kevin 
Wilts slowly drift away as 
Clara's dream comes to 
an end. 

Jaddina intnaue 

classes get interesting 

LAS English students watch a movie at 
their professor's home after class. 

Students of Dr. Salsbury's tropical field biology 
class conduct research during their spring break. 

Students critique future outdoor plans of the Indianapoli 
Art Museum before hiking to see their future location. 


honors program 


honors program challenges students 

Elizabeth Orr explains lier Hands-on Jesus 
project to Dr. Levester Johnson in Starbucl<s. 

utier finances 

tuition per year: $26,070 

room & board rates per year: S8,960 

miscellaneous fees per year: $878 

adding knowledge, memories and debt to your life: 

Honors students 
from the course 
"Spinning Straw 
into Gold" watch 
as Professor Norm 
Minnick sets fire to 
a juniper tree 
branch in honor of 
the fairy tale, "The 
Juniper Tree." 

- 34 

study abroad 

Big Ben and the 
London Eye in 
London, England. 

studing abroad 101 

t's one thing to learn from books about the history of Paris, the Northern lrelan( 
conflict and the English Lake District landscape that inspired so many artists ant 
poets and quite another to study those subjects on site. Participation in a stud) 
abroad program encourages the exchange of knowledge and understanding, 
and promotes enlightened and responsible citizenship and leadership. 

Butler University offers over 1 1 study abroad programs in over 40 countries to . 
meet the diverse needs of the student population. Students may choose to 
study for a semester, academic year or summer term. The Center for Global 
Education provides study abroad advising and organizes pre-departure and 
reentry sessions to help guide students through the study abroad process, 
and encourages students to begin considering study abroad as part of their 
academic planning in their first year at Butler. 

gift of the gab 

Redman and 
Cornell getting 
ready to kiss 
the Blarney 
Stone for the 
gift of gab in 
Blarney is 
celebrated for 
a stone on the 
parapet that is 
said to endow 
whoever kisses 
it with the 
eternal gift of 
eloquence in 
the power of 
meaning the 
'Gift of the 

1 Sacre Coeur in Paris, France 

2 Mollye Peters visits the Pare 
de la Teted'Or in Lyon, France 
as part ofa program called 
Weekend International Lyon. 

3 Juniors Lisa Scheele, 
Amanda Redman and 
Margot Cornell relax at Park 
Guell in Barcelona, Spain. 

1 1 -_J^sM^ 

Ir-flr; Tin 

le Moulin Rouge in Paris, France is 
mous internationally for the traditional 
ench Can-Can. 

Amanda Redman and Margot 

Cornell pose in front of Notre 
Dame in Paris. 

Juniors Lisa Scheele, Amanda Redman and 
Margot Cornell look out over the city of ■ 
Barcelona, Spain and the IVIeditterranean Sea. ; 

On a hike in the 
Lake District, 
students sit on 
Sweden Bridge, a 
typical Cumbrian 
packhorse bridge, 
which is located 
just a short walk 
fronn Ambleside. 
The river that 
flows beneath the 
bridge, Scandale 
Beck, tumbles 
down the valley in 
a succession of 
pools and 


Mollye Peters and her 

sister Sandra at the 
Champs Elysees in the 
direction of the Arc de 
Triomphe in Paris, France 

Juniors Bo Djogo, 
Amanda Redman, 
Margot Cornell and Lisa 
Scheele pose in front of 
the Eiffel Tower. 

Mollye Peters poses 
with friends by the 
London Bridge in 
London, England. 

hiitlpr<;tiiHpnts Study abroad 

Matthew Tapp& politics 

was immediately interested in my internship with the Indiana Senate. 
My internship required fulfilling any roles requested by Senator Kenley. 
However, the most significant part of my work was sitting through 
committees and public testimonies, while working side-by-side with 
the man responsible for most of the legislation that is a prevalent issue 
to Indiana citizens' property tax. 

It has been very interesting to be able to have an inside look on the 
issues. It is very fascinating to hear all of these discussions and observe 
the process towards an equitable, uniform, and permanent property 
tax reform system. 

This internship has given me a glimpse of what it's like to serve in 
state government, and has inspired me to move ahead with my career 
ambition to study law. 

Casey Blodgett { 
event planning 

completed my event planning internship with Internship and Career Services here 
at Butler. My responsibilities included: planning two department secretaries 
luncheons, helping plan A Night at the Columbia Club event (a networking 
opportunity for young alumni and students), planning the events of this summer's 
Brain Gain program, coordinating six focus groups for Internship and Career 
Services involving the Internship and Career Fairs currently offered, setting up, 
sending out and tracking surveys for the Internship and Career Prep Program and 
helping to plan this year's Internship and Career Services Field Day on April 22. 

What I have enjoyed most about this internship is my freedom to be as creative 
as I want. I am able to work independently, but know that I have support around 
me in case I have questions, need a second opinion, or am facing an obstacle I am 
uncertain of how to handle. I am very excited that this internship has allowed me 
to discover an industry in which I thoroughly enjoy the work. My experiences here 
have also helped me better define my potential career path. 


I have real world experience 

Alicia Gillespie & non-profits 

did an internship at both Make-A-Wish Foundation and Indy Hub Inc. At Make-A-Wish I took referrals from 
medical professionals and met with families to help them with paperwork. I also assisted the development 
team in event planning and creating original ideas for calendars, folders, and new specialized gifts for the 
children. At Indy Hub Inc. I was the Events and Media Manager. I helped promote and plan several events 
and managed the website. I also helped increase awareness of Indy Hub and the city of Indianapolis. 

I am really interested in non-profit work personally and possibly professionally. Both internships allowed 
me to have hands-on involvement in things that interest me and not just one department. I really liked 
that I was given freedom to try new ideas and take the internship to the next level. 

I think my most memorable moment at Make-A-Wish was when I helped put a Thomas the Train playhouse 
together for a little boy. I took two of my friends and we drove out to their farm house in northern Indiana. 
The playhouse was amazing and took several people and many hours to assemble. We spent the whole day 
with the family of seven and it will be a day I will always remember. At Indy Hub I was able to go to the 
Crystal Heart Awards. The best part was at the after party when I met Haley Joel Osment! 

Gillespie, right, at her non-profit internship 
with Make-A-Wish. 



Laura Hazelton& publishing 

y internship consisted of researching and fact-checking articles for the National Geographic 
magazine. I got to tall< to the writers and photographers and talk to people all over the world. It 
was so surreal! 

I was most excited about the fact that I had read the magazines for years, and that I was able to 
actually work for a publication that I had so much respect for and enjoyed so much. Also, working 
in headquarters in Washington DC was amazing. It was right in the middle of DC and within walking 
distance of the White House. It was one of the best experiences I've had during my time at Butler! 

My most memorable moment was when I was able to sit in on my first photo screening meeting, 
when all of the head editors and Chris Johns, the editor in chief, get together with the writer(s) and 
photographer(s) of an article and meet in this room that's equipped with a screen and low lights to 
go through all of the photographs and discuss how the story is going to be laid out. It was so 
intimidating to be in those meetings with so many incredibly talented people, but it was amazing 
at the same time to be able to take part in it. 

Nate Harter& government 

his summer I had the fantastic opportunity to intern with the Indiana Lt. Governor's Office. Specifically, I worked for the Office of Community and 
Rural Affairs (OCRA), which funds, establishes and develops programs that aid rural communities throughout Indiana. These programs help 
communities create their own visions of themselves, and then gives them the resources to make it happen. My jobs included filing, answering 
phones, creating spreadsheets, and traveling to these small communities alongside other OCRA employees. We tried to gather an idea of their 
needs, and then we would help them through the grant application process so that they could get the money for those things they needed. 

Just as exciting were the conferences. Indiana is bursting at the seams with initiative regarding rural and community development. The leading 
movement is the Rural Indiana Strategy for Excellence by 2020, or RISE 2020, which is a statewide organization that helps communities network 
and plan to create wonderful places to live, work, and play. I also helped run a conference dealing with bringing broadband internet to rural 
homes and communities. 

So far I have not mentioned my favorite part of the summer. I thoroughly enjoyed working in downtown Indianapolis, which teems with life 
and energy. Having been raised in one of those small, rural communities, I thoroughly enjoyed the bustle of the streets and the grandeur of the 
monuments and architecture. It was a rewarding summer, and I won't forget that Butler helped make it happen! 


Jessica Largent & sports entertainment 

y internship was with the Community Relations Department of Pacers Sports and Entertainment. I spent my time responding to both player and Larry 
Bird fan mail, facilitating autograph sessions, coordinating the High Five Book Exchange (a pre-game activity where 12 children ages 6-14 make a 
tunnel for the players to run through when they enter the court for warm up. The kids then sit on the bench for the entire warm-up and after the 
National Anthem each player shakes hands with one of the kids and gives him or her an autographed book). I also helped facilitate the weekly Reading 
Timeouts. This was when the community relations department, usually along with a mascot and maybe a player or pacemate, goes to an elementary 
school and reads to a group of students for an hour. 

The thing that excites me most about this field is that every employee rallies together for a common cause of making the team and the organization 
a beneficial and enjoyable experience for fans. 

I was around the team a lot during my internship, so they provided many memorable experiences. But my most memorable experience will be the 
reaction of one particular High Five participant after the completion of the pregame event. This was the child's first NBA game, and I had picked him 
at random to fill an opening in the group. He gave me the cutest and most sincere thank you that I have ever received, and I knew right then the 
meaning of a community relations department. 



butler's boy band? the five seniors of OOTDH 

Ken Malcolm Tyler 

Clevenger Rogers Blakley 

Butler's all-female a capella group, Freshly Brewed, performs at Reilly for Riley. The event raises money to support Riley 
Children's Hospital. 

Out nf the Dawg Hniisp and Frpshly Brewed 




41 — 

1 . Freshman Sondra Jeske, juniors Austin Byl and 
Adrianne Henderson, and sophomore Lyndley Clarkson 

take a canal tour of Amsterdam on the BU Wind Ensemble 
European Tour. 2. Freshman Jimmy Gilkey and sophomore 
Nate Hamilton hold up sophomore Danielle Hebe! at the 
2008 KKY/TBS North Central District Convention in 
downtown Indianapolis. 3. Freshmen Wil Horton and 
Jimmy Gilkey sell programs for the Bands of America Grand 
Nationals at the RCA Dome. KKY and TBS raised over $2,000 
during the three-day event, 4. Junior Val Grudzien (2nd 
from left) poses with seniors Kristi Temple, Bethany 
Godar, and Laurel Lucore at the NCD Convention. 

TBS members freshman 
Brett Reardon, senior 
Emily Reeser, and 

freshman Jordan 
Pflum take their official 
photo together at the 
North Central District 
Convention. The Butler 
chapters of KKY and TBS 
planned and hosted the 
convention at the Hyatt 
in downtown 
Indianapolis. Hundreds 
of collegiate members 
from around the 
Midwest attended. 

kappa kappa psi and tau beta sigma 

ADrenaline Officers 
at Block Party. 

ADrenaline's trip to Wasliington D.C. 
for the AAF National Student 

Senior Kara Albert with 
the annual PRSSA PR Night 

Members of 




club travel 



D.C. for the 







Members of the new ADrenaline advertising club 
attend the American Advertising Federation's 
National Student Conference in Wfashington D.C. 

Aalpha Kappa Psi work on team-building 
at the high ropes course. 

Alex Rose, Tru Patel, Robbie Person, Maranda ; 
Stevens, Mallory Love stand in the lobby of a 
hotel in Chicago, IL after attending Success 
Institute from Butler. 

professional cluhs nffpr ^ t^^\9 nf 

the real world 

Senior Ashley Hardy 
President of ADrenaline 

have been involved in Adrenaline since Spring of 07. 1 was a member at first and 
eventually worked up to be President of Adrenaline the Spring of 08. Currently we 
have 40 plus members, but about 1 5-20 are really active each semester. 

Our goal is to first and foremost make sure everyone is getting the real world 
experience in the Public Relations and Advertising business. Our other goal is 
working towards finalizing our Applied Arts Magazine competition that we are 
involved in currently, whether we place or not, this experience will help everyone 
out in the long run. 

My most memorable experience has been the great trip we had last year to 
Washington DC for the American Advertising Association Conference. We learned a 
lot and it helped bring ideas to the table. 

business clubs & fraternities 

43 — 


Members of 
AKPsi eating 
dinner at an 
during tlie 
trip to 
Illinois for 
the Success 
Institute is an 
annual series 
of leadership 
and business 

jra Albert with four members from 
niversity of Indianapolis' PRSSA 
lapter at Butler PRSSA's PR Night. 

AKPsi at the spring Block Party. 

Matt Fuss, Kelley Spillson, Kat 
Greenlee, and Meghan Moed at 
AKPsi's Bowling Party. 


Lauren Maxwell signs 
students up to join PAWS 
at Block Party. 

Sarah Literal siiows off 
tier presentation for 
Project Wellness. 

Earth Week's table 
outside Starbucks 
displays giveaways. 

Sophomores Mia Claxton and New recycling centers 
Laura Doell explaining Healthy are placed throughout 
Eating at Project Wellness. campus. 

how you 
can h 

Vikki Kramer from 

the College of 
Education and 
freshman Brenden 
Hudson promote 
ECO Friendly ideas 
for Butler Students. 

promote awareness 
of environmental 
issues such as 
recycling and waste 
control to Butler 
students so they 
can easily help 
make a difference." 
Brenden Hudson, 


National Collegiate Alcoho 
Awareness Week 
is sponsored by: 



Wellness for 
^y Students 

advocacy at butler university 



amha<;<;arinr<; f or chiidrpn fnrii'; nn ;\f \\ Q 

The executive board displays 
their banner and poster at 
the Lost Boys of Sudan event 
in March. The poster shows 
how much money they 
raised for Ugandan children. 

Marcus Hagberg raises 
money and awareness 
during a give-back 
event at Noodles & 
Company in Broad 

Seniors Michael Hole and Keith Adams and 

freshman Marcus Hagberg trade T-shirts with 
two speakers from the Lost Boys of Sudan at an 
event in the Reilly Room. 

Sophomore Jennifer 
Pignolet and senior 
Rebecca Scherpelz 

play with a group of 

children at a school in 


Asian Student Organization 

International Club 

be like 

On February 7, 2008 

ASIA helped Butler 

University bring in 

the the year of the 

rat. For the Chinese 

New Year, also 

known as the Lunar 

New Year, students 

and faculty 

celebrated with 

food, stories, and a 

lion dance. Here 

Junior Kazuyuki 

Enda feeds the lion 

with some money, 

another important 

tradition of the 

Chinese New Year. 

On February 3, 20008, the 
International Club went 
downtown for their ice- 
skating event where Senior 
Yen-Jung Chen demonstrated 
how they skate in Taiwan. 

During Sangam'sHoli 
Festival students attempted 
to eat ten peppers in thirty 
seconds. Despite having a 
winner, none were able to 
completely eat all ten. 

At a fun rendition of the 
chicken dance, students 
were asked to participate 
with the mariachi band at 
Latinos Unidos'Starbuck 


the ethnic clubs bring diversity to the butler bubble 

ethnic clubs 


Where are you from? 

sk a student at Butler "Where are you from?" and the most common response will 
be from Indiana, followed closely by Illinois or any other surrounding Midwestern 

However, this year Butler's ethnic clubs produced numerous events to bring some 
diversity to the Butler bubble and give international students and students with 
mixed heritage a little taste of home. 

Groups like ASIA and Sangam gave students a chance to eat the traditional foods of 
China and India. Latinos Unidos povided a night of music and dancing. While not 
pictured, the Black Student Union displayed the latest in Greek fashions, and the 
German Club gave an outlet for stress during final week in spring. All of Butler's 
ethnic clubs provided ways to spice up our lives. 

Butler students got a taste 
of Indian culture at the Holi 
Festival on March 28, 2008. 
Freshman Caitlin Haycock 
tattoo, applied and ate 
Indian food courtesy of 
Mehndi Indian Restaurant, 
while watching traditional 
Indian dances. 

vv ■ 

On March 26th, 
2008 the 
ethnic group. 
Latinos Unidos, 
provided a 
night of music 
and dancing 
featuring a 
performance by 
Marciachi Sol 
Jalisciense at 

during popular 
songs like 
"Tequila" and 
"La Bamba." 

1 . The lU Medical Studnt Dance Crew 
performed some traditional Indian 
dances during Holi. 

2. Junior Elizabeth Huggins and Senior 
Nana Omori attempt to perform their 
own Lion Dance at the Chinese New 

3. Seniors Chelsea Coding and Jamie 
Hutchinson pause for recognition for 
their hard work at the International 

Junior Ashley Kohl takes a 
paddleboat ride on the lake 
during Campus Crusade for 
Christ's Fall Retreat. 

A group of CRU members sing at the base of the 
carillon in Holcomb Gardens. 

religious group mpmhpr<; rnnn prt on a spiritii;^! IpvpI 

1. Alpha Phi 
Omega members 
get a workout 
planting trees as 
one of their 
projects. 2. Alphi 
Phi Omega's 2008 
initiates pose for 
their formal 
initiation picture. 

Members of 
College Mentors 
for Kids pause for 
a picture with 
some of their 
buddies during an 
activity at the Star 
Fountain on the 
mall. Butler's 
chapter of College 
Mentors for Kids 
works with 
approximately 80 
students from 
James Whitley 
Riley and William 
A. Bell Elementary 
Schools in 

1. Junior Laura 
sophomore Chelsea 
Jensen, both Alpha 
Phi Omega members, 
give blood at the on- 
campus blood drive 
that the service 
fraternity organized. 

2. Alpha Phi Omega's 
Relay for Life team 
poses for a group 
picture. 3. Freshman 
Kaitlin Bohlander 
and sophomore 
Matt Tyner make 
Valentine's Day cards 
together for the 
Julian Center, which 
helps local victims of 
domestic violence. 

servirp rliihs makp a Hiffprpn rp in thp rnmmimity 


service clubs 

51 — 

1. Senior larod Wilson 

helps a student make a 
hand turkey while 
volunteering with Damar 
Services, an organization 
that assists local children 
with developmental 
disabilities. 2. Sophomore 
Caitlin McCaffrey, a 
member of College 
Mentors for Kids, pauses 
for a picture with her 
mentee, Dominique. 

Two local 
school students 
display their 
drawings of 
their dream 

teaching. Their 
class made a 
quilt of the 
dreams during 
an Indianapolis 
Public Schools 
program for 
Latino students 
that is assisted 
by members of 
Butler's JUNTOS 

College Mentors for Kids is 
broken up into "buddy 
families," which includes 
pairs of Butler students and 
their IPS buddies as well as 
a Butler student who serves 
as General Manager and 
facilitates activities for the 





Kappa Alpha Theta 

Delta Gamma 

Pi Beta Phi 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Delta Delta Delta 

"Greater service, greater progress." 

slogan of sigma gamma rho sorority, inc. 

ccording to the president of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, 
Inc. Alexandria Crumble, "Sigma Gamma Rho women 
are women of integrity, character, and high standards" 
who "strive for excellence in every endeavor of their 

These attributes are shown in their service to 
organizations like Operation Big Book Bag and Project 
Wee Saver. It is also found in their support of 
organizations like the March of Dimes Birth Defects 
Foundation and the National Council of Nergro Women. 

Sigma Gamma Rho tries to emulate VIP otherwise 
known as visibility in co-sponorships and partnerships, 
importance or impact in education, history and 
tradition, and progress in membership, fostering 
relationships and leadership development. 

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. introduced strolling competitions to the c 
sororities at Butler. As a conclusion to the night, Joanna King and Alexandria 
Crumble showed the contestants how it is really done. 

The alpha chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.: Joanna 
King, Elizabeth Crumble, TaNisha Bellamyy, Le'Deana 
Brown, Allison Baker and Alexandria Crumble. 

Sisters in real life and in Sigma Gamma Rho, 
Alexandria and Elizabeth Crumble, 

proudly display the heritage of their sorority, 
which was founded in 1922. 


sigma gamma rho prnmotes progress 




his year the Order of Omega's officers, Kate Vincent, Abby Frey, 
Michelle Ekern and Ross Lyons received a plaque recognizing the 
Butler chapter as outstanding. 

The Order of Omega is a national Greek Leadership Honor Society. 
The Nu Upsilon Chapter was started at Butler in 1995 and contains 
over fifty students recognized for their outstanding scholarship. 

This year's largest events included Greeks Leading Greek and Greek 
Excellence Awards. Greeks Leading Greeks allow all chapters to 
come together and listen to keynote speakers. The Greek Excellence 
Awards presents the top fraternity and sororities in categories such 
as Outstanding Campus Involvement, Outstanding Scholarship, and 
Greek Man/Woman of the year. 

53 ^ 


participated in 
the Black Student 
Union Annual 
Fashion Show. 
Members from 
the different 
modeled the 
newest trends in 
t-shirts for Greeks 
to wear. This 
partnership with 
BSU was 
organized by 
President of 
Panhel Hannah 
and VP of Special 
Events Gina 

The Panhellenic Associaiton is 
the coordinating body for the 
sororities on campus. This 
group organizes formal 
recruitment and promotes 
opportunities among all the 
sororities on campus in 
scholarship, membership and 
leadership along wih service 
and social activities. 

panhellenic council andorder of omega 

The Butler students left their mark by creating a bulldog pawprint on one of the trails they helped to build. Although ,;se 
rocks are just decorative, one of the tasks involved in the trail projea was using rocks to create anti-erosion water ba ' 




Number of 
volunteer hours 
logged by the 30 
students and 3 
professors who 
went on the trip 

Dollars raised by 
members in three 
months through 


fundraisers, and 

donations to pay 

for the trip 

While many students were 
enjoying spring break fun in the 
sun, ASB members were 
underground in Saltpeter Cave 
in Tennessee, helping to pick up 
trash and dean up damage from 
vandalism. For the past few 
years, ASB has done hurricane 
relief work, but this year they 
decided to take a new direction. 
This year's trip had an 
environmental focus with 
projects like cleaning the cave 
and working on the Cumberland 
Trail. Says ASB executive 
member senior Forrest 
Heyman, "We wanted to think 
outside the box. We considered 
many possibilities, but this one 
best fit our needs." 

l.The main project of the 
week was working on the 
Cumberland Trail. Advisor 
Jill Mattingly, junior 
Amanda Rutherford 
and freshman Christy 
Hazuka use fire rakes to 
remove duff and prepare 
the trail for hikers. 

2. Junior Chelsea Sher 
and sophomore Jennifer 
Liu enjoy ultimate frisbee 
during their free time. 
Other fun activities during 
dance and watching the 
Horizon League 
Championship on TV. 

3. Butler students are led 
onto the trail by "Wagon 
Masters," site leaders 
who teach volunteers 
trail-building techniques. 

alternative snrinn hrp;^k t;^kp^ a npw. f^rppn Hirprtinn i 

alternative breaks 

55 — 

1. Freshman Janelle Yambert said, ' We were cleaning up a house that had burned down a few years ago and I was the lucky one to find the toilet and it 
still had well...feces in it! Yuck!" 2. Senior Noah Schleuter takes a break to play with the neighborhood dog named "Scruffy". 3. On the last full day, 
students had an afternoon off to explore the local sights, including a hike through the mountains, where senior Laryssa Becker and junior Katy 
Kaesebier found a waterfall to walkthrough. 

iiii|«iy ~ 

may simply live 

Fall Break may be short, but with 
40 Butler students, a few days 
can make a big impact. Last 
October, 40 Butler students 
undefined to Neon, Kentucky for 
the 13th annual Fall Alternative 
Break service trip. The students 
split into several groups and 
worked to dig a ditch, clean up 
the remainder of a house after a 
fire, install insulation, and painfi 
the outside of a house. Junior 
Katy Kaesebier, who will serve 
as FAB president in 2008, said 
the trip "gave us the opportunit] 
to immerse ourselves in the locat 
culture as well as form and 
strengthen friendships with 
other Butler students and trip 
advisors, and learn many thingi 
about ourselves." 


Butler has been 

For every hour the 

involved with the 

volunteers put in, 

Housing Oriented 

$10 was taken off 


of a mortgage 

Established for 

from H.O.M.E.S. 

Service i 

through a sweat 

(H.0.M.E.S.)for14 1 

equity program. 

years | 

One group of 
students worked 

to paint and 
insulate an older 
woman's house. 

They ate lunch 

witii her while 
enjoying stories 

from her life 

Frank Council of 

the Pulse Office 

says, "It is 

estimated that 

50,000 students 

across the country 

take part in 

alternative breaks 

each year . 

fah-ulQus servicer 

fall alternative break 

busf campus events 


For Blue H's birthday on March 27, BUSF hosted an all 
campus birthday party complete with free cupcakes, 
games, and Polaroid photos with the birthday dog. 
Freshman Nicole Ehlert mans the party table with 
advisor Jennie Jones and Dean Irene Stevens. 

The mascot stretches before BUSF's 
annual Bulldog Jog Race in March. 
The race goes all around campus and 
raises money for several scholarships 
the group sponsors. 


Part of BUSF's mission is connecting with future 
Butler students, so the group invited prospective 
students to attend a home men's basketball game 
and get the real Butler student experience. This was 
a new event for 2008, along with Blue H's Birthday. 

mm^- : 

The executive board and three freshmen attended a 
conference with other student foundations in February at 
Michigan State University, home of Sparty. BUSF was 
named the Outstanding Organization in their distria. 

Sophomore Brian Zahn and freshman Kelsey Adams worked together to plant this tree on College Avenue. 
BUSF aims to "connect with students of the past, present and future." One way they achieve this is service 
projects that include the Young Alumni Board. The club completed two service projects this year, including 
planting trees for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. 

Student foundation cnnnpcts students of all generations 


I busf&dawg pound 

57 — 

.argest student organization on campus sets new record in attendance 

utier University is home to over 115 student organizations, each varying in membership 
size. The Daw/g Pound is the largest organization on campus, boasting record numbers in 
attendance this school year with over 1300 members. 

The staggering 1300 members participate in one of the student body's main roles: the 
vital support group for Butler athletics. A typical trademark for members are painted faces 
accompanied by the 2007-2008 tie-dyed shirt. 

Beginning in 2001, the purpose of the Daw/g Pound was to boost attendance and overall 
involement at Butler basketball games, a goal that was obviously achieved. Each year 
students who choose to participate in the organization pay a fee that helps pay for 
organization events. All Butler students receive free admission to all boys' and girls' 
basketball games, but Dawg Pound members earn exclusive rights to court-side seating. 

Ty Anderson and Jeff 

Yambert support the boys' 
basketball team with wigs 
and painted faces and 


nds up... 

The ecstatic 
Butler Dawg 
Pound raises 
their hands on 
February 23rd 
against Drake at 
the membership 
is the right to 
cheer for the 
home team with 
courtside seats. 
Regardless of 
their seat, Butler 
supported to the 
best of their 
abilities, assisting 
the men's 
basketball 30-4 













i v^ ^k, 

\?^ 1 



^^-<^' -^ji 





1. The Dawg Pound 
celebrates after the boys' 
basketball team win the . 
Horizon League >;' 

Championship. 2. With 
the help of the Butler 
cheerleaders, the Dawg 
Pound continues to yell. 
3. A group of students 
dress up for the March 1 
game versus Detroit. 

dawg pound supports team during intense competition 


BUMB director Dr. David 
McCullough, leading the 
crowd in the national 
anthem, is infamous 
among band members 
for his unique phrases. 
Explains junior Darren 
Williams, "a Muckism is 
something that Muck, 
and only Muck, would 
think of saying and 
unless you stretch your 
imagination and think 
really hard, you don't 
quite get what he means 
the first time." 

selected muckisms. 

memorable quotes from 
director david mccullough 

^ "It was dark. They were big." 

2 "Five pounds of crap in a two pound bag!" 

3 "Whatever we're paying you is not enough.' 

4 "I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me." 

butler smrit. 

and tradition... 

According to a survey of BUMB members, the most 
popular band tradition is the fireman song that 
members sing in the stands at football games, 
supplemented by the colorguard's fireman hats. 
Freshman Adam Weaver says, "It's so innocent 
until the last word." 

Freshman Jimmy Gilkey is one 

of three tenor drummers who 
wore crazy hats while playing in 
the stands. This tradition was 
passed down to the new 
drumline members. 

After playing at Family Weekend events, trumpet players 
freshman Casey Brege, senior Laurel Lucore and 

sophomore Nick Leon march back to the Butler Bowl. It is 
tradition for seniors like Lucore to switch their capes to 
display the Butler "B" at their last game. This tradition dates 
back to the early 1990s when the uniforms were new. 

For the last 
game of the 
year, drill 
formations such 
as this line-up 
were designed 
by senior 
members of the 
band. Seniors 
also chose the 

selections which 
included "The 

marching han d sprpads Invpnf hiitlprtraditinn 

marching/basketball bands 

59 — 

NCAA 2008 

The band traveled to Birmingham, 
Alabama for the first and second 
rounds ofthe Men's NCAA 
Tournament. Freshman Katie Klym 
said, "It was like Spring Break a week 
late, but not everybody gets to go on 
spring break with the Butler 
basketball team!" 

Middle: The second game 
fell on Easter Sunday, so 
Student Affairs made 
"Tournament Baskets" for 
all the students on the trip, 
and senior Joanna 
Golando dressed as a 

Right: To get into the spirit 
before the first game, 
freshmen Brett Reardon, 
Mike McFall and Chris 
Hammer paint each 
other's faces. 

ibove, top: The trumpet section poses in front ofthe hoop at the first round. Above, botttom: Although he still plays in the band regularly, 
rumpet player Nick Friedman could not attend the trip with the band because he graduated in 2007. Senior Scott Fisher bought a doll and' 
amed it Nick. He said, "Since the actual Nick Friedman could not go, we improvised and used a stand-in. " j,t^ ■ ■ 

they call 

■ * kle "home" 

Besides the basketball 
^ __ r ^j«<^~;i^^"# i #--*tfL|J»y^»' <<«Hk^VI^^^H#!i::^l-3^^Jl^B^^HRK9 ^^^^% few Butler 
8*^"' % l^^jf ^ ^kl^R nIF * U^ ^^^|^Sfc^l.*^^niliM».WBBl^Bi^^^H students spend as 

much time in Hinkle 
members of 
Basketball Band, who 
played at a total of 37 
men and women's 
games. They 
experienced a record 
turnout for the Ohio 
State game on 
December 1st, 
pictured herewith 
seniors Ashlee Miller 
and Tricia Arturi and 
Christina Lear and 
Nicole Dores in the 
front row. 

most exciting game: 

Butler Men's Basketball 
vs. Ohio State 

most spirited 

trumpet player 
Scott Fisher 

After four years of playing trumpet in BUBB, senior Scott Fisher was voted "Most Spirited" by his fellow members. He said, "I would have to say I am the most spirited 
member because I am always yelling louder than anyone in Hinkle, especially for the women's games." 

the impression they give r 

basketball band is all about spirit 

Butler's cheerleaders 
get the crowd hyped 
during a timeout at a 
packed men's 
basketball game. 

1. Members of Butler's dance team smile as 
they dance for the crowd during halftime at 
a home men's basketball game. 2. 
Sophomore Kylene Buczynski leads the 
crowd in the tradition of holding their hands 
up during Butler free throws at home 
basketball games. 3. Freshman Chris 
Polhamus tops a diamond head formation 
at a men's basketball game. 4. The dance 
team entertains the crowd during halftime. 


Practicing in Hinkle Fieldhouse 
on March 20 are freshman 
Matt VandenElst and seniors 
Adam Rickabus, Matt 
O'Neal and Kyle Obergfell. 

dance groups/karate 

61 — 

Annie Rybak, 

along with the 
rest of the line, 
makes shoto- 
uke, also 
referred to as a 
block. The club, 
consisting of 13 

members, meets 
four times a 
week. Butler's 
Shotokan Karate 
Club began in 
1998, and 
continues to 
shape and mold 
its participants. 

Senior Instructor Dr. John 
Teramoto shows the 
students the proper 
technique. Teramonto is 
also the President of Blacl( 
Belt Council forthe 
Shotokan Karate Club. 

The Shotokan Karate Club warms 
up under the direction of Senior 
Instruaor Dr. John Teramoto. 


"[The club] is dedicated to the perfection 
of the character of the student." 

Jesse haines, captain 

ost martial arts institutions in the United 
States are thought of as a sport, an activity 
that draws in trophies and awards. Butler 
University's Shotokan Karate Club does not 
particularly follow the stereotypical 
American l<a rate club. 

According to Haines, the aim of Butler's 
Shotokan Karate Club is to "be very 
genuine and very hard on ourselves during 
practice, always striving to do our best and 
make strong, effective blocks and attacks, 
both mentally and physically." The club 
tries to produce individuals who are 
humble, genuine, strong, and kind. 

Although rooted and dedicated to the 
traditional practice of karate, Butler's 
Shotokan Karate Club has earned several 
awards. One recognition includes achieving 
the Shotokan Karate of America's Central 
Dojo of the Year award on several 
occasions, most recently in 2007. 

martial arts club instills humility and kindness 


help make the 
swim club 

unique and 
separate from 
other Butler d 

The club has 

only existed for a 

single school year. 

It began in October 

of2007 in hopes 

of attracting 
Butler swimmers. 

it up... 

The womens' lacrosse 

club team raises their 

sticks, displaying the 

team bonding and 

unity they possess. ^^^ 

There are 30 HH[;' ' 


members on the club ^^Hk 

^ j3^9 

team, and according ^^^H 

Diefenbach, the ^^^H 

students have "all ^^^|ff 

different levels of i^^HI 

experience." Many of ^^^Hj 
the women started . 'HIP 

the Spring Semester £M*' 
while others played hPB ,1/ 
in high school. Es ^fi 


Many clubs 
become exhausting 

due to high 
membership. The 
swim club has 14 
members active in 

the club's 


At their first meet 
on February 2 at 
the Hoosier Classic 
meet at Indiana 
University, Butler 
finished fourth 
out of six teams. 

Besides the girls' 

swim team, club 

members practice 

in the HRC pool. 

Practices are 

evenings from 


Pictured in the top 
left picture are 
Altepeter, club 
president Chris 
Gordon, Charles 
Gehring, frestiman 
Brenden Hudson, 
and Travis Cheney. 
Pictured rigtit is 
Travis Cheney, 
stretching and 
listening to music. 
Bottom left is 

two rlnhs portray thp wnrk nppfipri tn pxcpI 


lacrosses swimming 

63 — 

^■' ..-:.:'-' '"/^^ 

osse clubs... 

Ml ' ' 

The men's lacrosse club 

l^nB ; 

team won their first 


game against Ball State 


in overtime, according to 


club president Michael 


Diefenbach. He added 


that they are "looking to 

join a college dub league 

next season." 

:" '■ "■ 

The women's lacrosse 

p. i r—-"'^!^^ 

club team is in its fifth 


year, and in its second 

year in a league that 

competes with other 



^^' i -TW^ 


At one of their 
meets is Kellie 
Lutgen and 

head coach 
Mel Goldstein. 

In addition to 
coaching the 

Swimming Club, 
Goldstein also 
coaches for INDY 
Swimfit. The 
workouts and 
practices are 
designed by 
Goldstein, and 
participate in as 
many practices 
and meets as 
their schedules 

Resting at one of his meets is 
freshman Brenden Hudson. Hudson 
partidpated in the swim club this 
school year. 

cycling club... 

1 . Senior Andrew Kramer pedals uphill during the Cross 
Country Race at the Moutain Bike National Championships in 
Banner Elk, North Carolina. 2. Sophomore Joel Burnette 
flies over some rocks during the Downhill Race at Nationals. 

3. Andrew Kramer handles his bike skillfully as he races 
through the trees during a race at Michigan Tech University. 

4. Andrew Kramer leads junior Cory Layton and sophomore 
Aaron Buxser in Purdue University's Team Time Trial. 


1. Junior Nick Luchtefeld 

carries oars out to the racing 
shell. 2. Sophomore Jordan 
Anderson, juniors Kyle 
Ehmke and Nick Luchtefeld 
and senior Alex White carry 
the shell out to race on Eagle 
Creek. 3. The same crew passes 
beneath a bridge. 4. 
Sophomores Casey Farrell, 
Carolyn Ebbens, Katy Taylor, 
Jessica Ciccarello and 
Katarina Koch, junior Ida 
Nininger, and seniors Agatha 
Zurawski and Laura Ellis 
prepare to drop their eight 
person shell into the water 

club sports offer a varipty nf at hletic nppnrtiinitips 

equestrian club... 

1 . Senior Jenna Drechsler pauses for a picture 
while practicing at a local barn. 2. Freshman 
Kari Maxwell approaches a low jump at 
Meadow View Stables, a local barn where the 
team practices for hunt and jump events. 3. 
Sophomore Jennifer Pignolet trots near the 
stables. 4. Freshman Libby Thompson takes 
advantage of a cool fall day to brush up on her 
riding skills. 

if^^f'S^-^W: :■■ - *Tf-i 



At the end of l^l^ vvjar's season, three players were named to the 
2007 All-Pioneer Football League Team: senior brothers Chris and 
Mike Marzotto, along with junior Jordan Quiroz. 

When asked about being a team leader, Jordan says, "Becoming a 
team leader demands discipline, integrity, and honesty. This includes 
a good work ethic, always being on time, and admitting when you 
are wrong. People look up to me because I don't just talk about what 
I am going to do, I just do it. The statistics speak for themselves. So I 
believe that my actions speak louder than words." 

This season was the last time team leaders and brothers Chris and 
Mike Marzotto will play football together. Mike says, "Playing with 
Chris made my experience much more enjoyable. Having the total 
trust of Chris allowed both of us to play harder and let it all out on the 
field." Chris adds, "Playing with Mike was one of the best experiences 
of my life because we had grown up together and we each knew how 
much time, work, and sacrifice we had put into our entire career. To 
play with him was a great honor and something I will cherish for the 
rest of my life." 


W 42-14 


W 44-14 

St. Josephs (Ind) 


Missouri Rolla 

W 28-21 (OT) 

San Diego 


Drake University 



L 42-37 

Morehead St. 



L 44-32 




L 24-16 

The team runs out onto the field at the beginning of a game. The Bulldogs started off this year 4-0, 
their best since 1 994. Junior Jordan Quiroz said the difference this year was because of "confidence 
our program, coaches, and players. What added to this confidence was our work ethic, strength as a 
team, and support of our coaches and fans." 

set, set, hike! 

1 . Junior iVlark Kwiatkowski takes down a member 
of the opposing team during Butler's homecoming 
game against San Diego. 2. The team sings to the 
crowd after a home game. Senior Chris Marzotto 
explains, "Victory or defeat, we sing it after every 
game to thank the parents and the fans who came to 
support us." 3. Sophomore tailback Scott Gray runs 
for a tounchdown during the Albion season opener. 
Butler won 42-14. 4. Senior quarterback T.J. Brown 
searches for the open man before completing a pass. 


football & volleyball 

69 — ^ 

iSophomore Brittany Awai sweeps low for the dig as 
teamates Freshman Katie Daprile (7) and Junior Nina 
Inic (4) watch. Awai stands firm when she states, 
"Spandex is awful!" 

Sophomore Porshia Allen (17) and 
Senior Michelle DeGeeter (6) block 
against Northern Illinois at the Butler 

Junior Dana Daprile, a setter far fiiitler, [jrepares to 
serve the volleyball. She comments, "Whenever I 
serve, the only thought on my mind is to get an 
ace. aggressive!" 

the scoreboard 

Jacl(sonville-W 3-1 

Chicago State-W 3-0 




2, L 3-2, L 3-0, L 3-0, 

Tennessee Tech-W 3-1 

W 3-2, L 3-1, L 3-0 

Utah Valley-L 3-0 


Northern lllinois-L 3-1 

Wright State-L 3-2 

East Tennessee-W 3-0, 




Indiana State-W 3-0 

Green Bay-W 3-2 

Youngstown State-W 3-2 


Cleveland State-L 3-1, 

L 3-0, W 3-2 

"When I walked into the gym as the only senior, 

I wasn't sure what to expect and even though it 

didn't end how I wanted it, it ended up being 

one of the best seasons of my career 

Senior Michelle DeGeeter 


The girls prepare for the match. Senior Michelle DeGeeter explains, "This is the way we start out 
every match. It is our final team huddle in which we remind each other what to focus on and to get 
pumped up before the first point. 


can you dig it? 

Sophoniore Kenzie Kokta, 
freshman Cara Burchett and 
sophomore Abbie Kaul work 
together to keep the ball away 
from the opposing team. 

Sophomore Lindsey 
Fox receives a pass and 
prepares to dribble the 
ball downfield. 

1 . Sophomore Carrie Twyman 

passes the ball to an open 
teammate downfield. 2. 
Sophmores Kenzie Kokta, 
Lindsey Fox, Morgan Cox , 
Abbie Kaul and Carrie Twyman 
show offtheir game day shirts. 3. 
Junior AngieMuir attempts a 
penalty kick as teammates Kenzie 
Kokta and Jenny Southard 
prepare to keep the ball downfield 
4. Sophomore Lindsey Fox 
narrowly clears the ball away from 
three opposing players. 

-»- ^ f 

team earns best record since 2002 

Jwomen's soccer 


71 — 

Sophomore David Giarratana battles for the ball 
in a home game against Evansviile. 

Teammates congratulate freshman 
midfielder Brett Heinz after scoring a goal. 

Freshman Kyle Pateros passes the ball toward 
the goal avoiding a Green Bay defender. 

the scorPho;ii-fl 

TO OatCmcmnati 

L3 vs Milwaukee 

T 1 1 vs Xavier 

T 0-0 vs Green Bay 

W 3-2 vs St Francis 


W 4-0 vs Sacramento State 

LI -Oat Loyola 

T 0-0 vs Western Kentucky 

W 2-1 at Cleveland State 

T 3-3 vs Appalachian State 

W 5-1 vs Detroit 

L 3-0 vs Northwestern 


W 2-1 at Northern Illinois 

W 3-1 vs Wright State 

L 3-2 vs Dayton 

W 4-3 vs Detroit Mercy 

W 4-1 at Valparaiso 

LI -Oat Green Bay 

L 2-0 at Indiana 

L 3-2 vs Evansvilie 

Junior Frank Patano, 

laternamed the team's 
MPV, celebrates after 
scoring a goal. 

Freshman Ben Sippola 
prepares to clear the ball 

bulldogs finish the year winning five of last six matches 

The Horizon League's 
^eniols Michelle Hawes Newcomer of the Year her 
and Tiffany McLoughlin freshman year, sophomore 
were 6-2 in conference Molly Casperson went 1 9-1 2 
doubles. in singles during the '08 season. 

wo men's scoreboard.. 

L 5-2 vs Bowling Green 

W 4-3 at Ball State 

L 7-0 at Miami (Ohio) 


L 7-0 at Indiana 

W 6-1 at Wright State 

L 5-2 vs Illinois State 

W 7-0 at Valparaiso 

L 5-2atXavier 

W 4-3 vs Cleveland State 

W 7-0 at Green Bay 

W 4-3 at Detroit 

W 6-1 at Milwaukee 


L 7-0 vs Toledo 

L 5-2atUIC 

W 7-0 vsYoungstown State 

W 4-0 vs Detroit 

W 8-1 at Indianapolis 

L 4-3 vs UIC 

W 7-0 at Dayton 

men's scoreboard... 

L 7-0 at Western Michigan 


L 7-0 at Michigan State 


L 7-0 at Ohio State 

W 5-2 at Dayton 

L 7-0 at Northwestern 

W 4-3 VS Indiana State 

L 7-0 at Wisconsin 

L 4-3 at Toledo 

L 6-1 at Purdue 

W 5-2 at Wright State 

L 6-0 at Kentucky 

W 7-0 vs Youngstown State 

W 4-3 vs Illinois State 

W 4-3 vs Cleveland State 

L 4-3 vs Xavier 

L 4-3 at UIC 

L 4-3 vs Duquesne 

W 4-0 vs Valparaiso 

W 6-1 vs Bradley 


W 6-1 vs Valparaiso 

W 4-0 vs Green Bay 

W 4-3 vs Green Bay 

I think our team chemistry is 
really strong this year, and rea 
helps motivate people to win. 
We have also all been really 
dedicated, which has shown in 
some ofthe tougher matches 
that we have ended up winning 
Michelle Hawes, senior 

the dawgs serve it up 


Senior Tiffany McLoughlin 

is ready for the next match. 
McLoughlin went 16-10 in 
singles during her final year 
as a Bulldog. 

Senior Sam Brown prepares 
to serve in a singles match. 
Brown totaled five wins in 
singles play and nine wins in 
doubles play. 


I track & cross country 

73 — 

per's cross country teams take a team picture with their championship banners after both the men's 
fit women's teams place first at the Horizon League Championship in October. 


The women's cross country teain poses for a group 
picture before practice. 

xc scorPboard 

M-5thof23;W-7thof20 at Purdue 
M-20th of 23; W-13th of 21 at Notre Dame 
IVI-13th of 15 at Bradley 
M-lst of 9; W-lst of 10 at HL Championship 
M-15th of 30; W-5th of 30 at NCAA Regionals 

trac| jjfillilljfQ^'^^ 

M-4th of 7, W-3rd of 7 at HL Championship 
M-5th of 8, W-4th of 5 at Gerald England 
IVl-4th of 8, W-4th of 8 at HL Championship 

The women's cross 
country team poses for a 
picture in front of the 
Butler athletic banner. 

Members of the cross 
country team get psyched 
before a competition. 

men's and women's XC win horizon league championsliip 

■. ajrs!rj.?^A"3BWBi 

h; -am-first attitude 
liivi the chemistry we had 
wsrs what set this team 
apartfrom any other team 
I've ever played on." -Ben 

Senior Avery Jukes said of 
his time as a Bulldog, "Since 
transferring to Butler I have 
not only grown as a 
basketball player, but also 
as a young man." 

the scoreboard... 

W 51-45 at Ball Sate 
W 76-48 vs Indiana State 
W 60-47 at Evansville 
W 79-65 vs Michigan 
W 84-78 vs Virginia Tech 
W 81-71 vs. Texas Tech 
W 65-46 vs. Ohio State 
W 53-46 at Detroit 
L 43-42 at Wright State 
W 79-68 vs Florida State 
W 83-64 vs Bradley 
W 78-66 at FL Gulf Coast 

W 57-55 at Southern IL 
W 73-65 vs. Valparaiso 
W/ 66-55 at Loyola 
W/ 74-65 vs Green Bay 
W/ 72-56 vs Milwaukee 
L 56-52 at Cleveland St 
W 78-69 at Youngstown 
W 63-50 vs Loyola 
W 73-57 vsUIC 
W 71 -68 at Valparaiso 
W 62-57 at Green Bay 
W 83-75 at Milwaukee 

W 89-73 vs Youngstown 
Wf 51-46 vs Cleveland St 
W 51-46 at UIC 
L 71 -64 vs Drake 
W 66-61 vs Wright State 
W 65-3 Ivs Detroit 
W 66-50 vs UIC 
W 70-55 vs Cleveland St 
W 81-61 vsS Alabama 
L 79-61 vs Tennessee 

IThis season was a special 
experience because of achieving 
the school season record of 30 wfins 
w/hile having the whole campus 
being unbelievably supportive. 
" AJ Graves, senior 

1 . Freshman Matt Howard fends 
off the opposition's defense. 2. 
Members of the Dawg Pound cheer 
Butler on to another victory. 3. ^ 
Freshman Shawn Vanzant passes 
to a teammate. 4. Senior Pete 
Campbell helps the Dawgs beat 
Cleveland State 51-46. 

dawgs pound out another great season 


75 — 

Head Coach Beth Couture uiks strategy with 
Sophomore Susan Lester during a game versus 
Green Bay. 

jg the scorPbnarri 

W 63-52 vs. Monmouth 
W 62-59 at Miami 
W 83-70 vs. Indiana State 
W 77-46 vs. Oakland City 
W 81-75 vs. Evansville 
W 72-62 vs. Tenn. State 
W 70-55 vs. IPFW 
W 66-49 at Ball State 
L 77-69 at Valparaiso 
W 61-50 at Loyola 
W 72-57 at UIC 
L 73-58 vs. Green Bay 
L 65-50 vs. Milwaukee 

W 72-62 at Detroit 
L 70-65 at Wright State 
L 65-61 vs. Cleveland State 
W 63-48 vs. Youngstown St 
W 56-48 vs. UIC 
L 67-64 vs. Loyola 
W 75-73 at Milwaukee 
L 84-59 at Green Bay 
L 65-60 vs. Wright State 
W 67-63 vs. Detroit 
W 61-60 at Youngstown St 
W 77-55 at Cleveland State 
W 66-58 vs. Valparaiso 

Our main quote for the year 
was "52 WEEKS." This was, 
constant reminder to us that 
we had to work hard the entire 
year, in order to be the best 
team that we could be. 
Cassie Freeman, senior 


lady dawgs write history with best record in a decade 

Ci'i:? 2008 season, Tyler 
T«pe says, "Our team is 
learning how to face 
adversity and we are 
striving to defy the odds." 

The Bulldog offense string 
together a series of hits at 
Bulldog Park. 

the scoreboard... 

W0of4 at Kentucky 

WO of Ivs Cincinnati 


W1of2 atYoungstown 

W of Ivs Taylor 

W0of2 at Cleveland State 

W of Ivs Indiana Tech 

W Oof 2 vs Dayton 


Wl of 3 at Valparaiso 


W of 1 at Indianapolis 


W ofl at Louisville 

W of 1 at Louisville 

W of2 at Milwaukee 

WlofSvs Milwaukee 

W of2vs Valparaiso 

W 1 of 1 at Marian 

W ofl at Indiana 


W of 3 vs Cleveland 

Wl of Ivs Indiana Tech 

WO of 3 vs Wright State 

'As a student athlete, I have 
built some great relationships 
with my teammates. These are 
the guys that you spend most 
of your time with, and it's nice 

(knowing there's 35 guys that 
have your back regardless of 
the situation. 
Jon Dages, senior 

I.JuniorRyanKruszkasays "We 
are a team, play as a team, and win 
as a team" of chemistry on the field 
and in the dugout. 2. The infield 
meets on the mound to talk 
strategy. 3. Junior Austin Nickol 
bats vs. IPFW 4. Freshman Jared 
Wagoner takes the mound. 

root, root, root for the bulldogs 




baseballs Softball 

Right-handed pitcher, Junior 
NikkiNaffziger went 7-1 Ion 

the season. 

the scoreboard 

W 2 ofS at Georgia Classic 


W 6 of 10 at Rebel Spring 

WO of Ivs Eastern Illinois 

W1of2vs Loyola 

W0of2 at Indiana State 

W1of2 at Ball State 

W1of2vs Wright State 

W0of2vs Purdue 


Wlof2vslL- Chicago 

WO of 2 at Valparaiso 


W0of2 at Green Bay 

W1of3 at Cleveland State 

s a team, the offense 
batted an average of .238 
and scored 121 runs over 
the course of the season. 

The team has only improved 

over the last four years. We all 

get along really well and that's 

what makes us successful. 

Amy Hyerczyk, junior ■ 


diamonds are forever 

• se wc;ri?.V5 sv;ir;ueam gets 
wUmpK i;i) ay F;iitier mascot Blue 
il. Another source of 
encouragement this season was 
coach Maurice Stewart who 
would would say, "Get you some!" 

Smiles were plentiful after 
the conference in Cleveland. 
Freshman Brianne Owens 

comments, "The best times 
usually come out at 
conference, which makes 
everyone happy!" 


the scoreboard... 

1134-60 vsEvansville 

W 144-129 at Rose- 

L 145-49 Saint Louis 


L 135-57 vs Valparaiso 

LI 32-1 24 vs 

L 188-42 vs Illinois State 


L 165-60 vs 

LI 03-74 at Green Bay 

Youngstown State 

L 54-39 at Xavier 

L 246-45 vs Milwaukee 

L 113-66 at lUPUl 

L 228-46 vs N.Dakota 

8th: 44, 68, 103, 143 at 

8th: 46, 143 at House of 

Horizon League 

Champions Invitational 


Swimming is something that comes from the 
heart, what makes or breal<s the season is the 
dedication and the love one has for the sport. 

Stephanie Moles, sophomore 

get you some 


1. Slicing through the water. 

Sophomore Kendall Wormley 

takes a breath as she swims the 

butterfly. She comments, "While 

swimming lots of songs go 

through my head." 2. Fifteen-year 

swimmer. Junior Sarah Lynne 

Gates swims freestyle. 3. Junior 

Sarah Lynne Gates, Junior Katie 

Kreuger, Sophomore Momo Wilson, and Senior Elizabeth Shafer pose at Conference. The 

girls comprise the 200 freestyle relay team. 4. Sophomore Anna Taylor and Sophomore 

Momo Wilson take a break from the pool to study. Wilson states, "As a student athlete, you 

have to use your time wisely. During the season, swimming takes up a significant part of our , 

lives, but maintaining our grades is still very important. We often find ourselves studying in 

between races-we don't waste a single moment.' 




swimmings fans 

79 — 

it's a way of life 

ence life 

Many students living in residence halls enjoy going off-campus together. Above, ResCo residents take a break 
from studying to hang out at various off-campus events. 

[Sophomore Ross Resident Assistant 
Jesse Beer goofs off while 
working at the front desk. 

Freshmen Jennifer Wood, Stacy 
Smoler, Katelynn Dooley, and 
Caroline Bloemker celebrate 
Halloween as characters from the hit 
TV show, "The Office". 


In Ortober, the Schwitzer Hall Government sponsored a trick-or-treat event for children of Butler faculty members, 
followed by a Halloween party for Schwitzer residents. Left: Freshmen Sarah Gott and Emily Pflaum take a stroll 
around the halls before heading to the party. Center; Freshmen Jessi Grostefon and Kelly McKenna pose with a trick- 
or-treater. Right: Dressed as an ice cream cone, sophomore Sarah Murrell participates in a costume contest. 

comic relief 

residence life 


83 — 

Students enjoy the freedom and friendship of dorm life 

Bsident Assistant Eric Henry takes a moment to goof off in the halls of Ross. 

Freshman Kristin Crider lifts up a spoonful of chocolate cake batter while freshman 
IWary Andorfer opens her mouth wide for a bite. The cake was part of a "Lord of the 
Rings" party the girls had with a group of friends in Ross. 

Freshmen Kayla Sumner and Carolyn 
Schweinfurth pose with their RA Emily Oury at 

the All Hall Fall Ball. The dance was held at the 
Riverwalk Banquet Center and all students living 
in residence halls were invited to attend. 

ResCo residents Kiesha Gray, Alicia Hamadanchi, and Eric 

Jackowiak prepare to start the Bulldog Jog. 

freshmen Randy Richterand Kyle 
VondenBenken share some Ross Love. 

residence life 

Phi Kappa TsT 

Sigma Nu 

residence life «*^ 


Sigma Chi 

Ericka Alexander 

Haded Alqassis 

Sarah Anderson 


Kymbrielle Anglin Lyndscy Antu 


Marianne Barnetl 

Joseph Bartish 

Laryssa Becker 

Crystal Bermudez 

GencN ie\ e Bernini; 

Kimbcrly Casper Jennifer Chernowsky 

Stephen Chrislopherson Care\ Cioehina 

91 - 

Elizabeth Goerlitz 

Jordan Goetzke 

Matthew Goldey 

Bryana Green 

Michelle Green 

93 — 

Alici.i [li'jhMiiilli 

Adam Hilliard 

Melissa Hintniann Christopher Hodgson 

Michael K. Hole 

Erin Kelley 

Bluke Kendall 

Shavvnu Kennedy 

95 — 

Class of 3Q08 

Leah Maslerson 

Carolyn P. Mazzar 

Jennifer McAtee 

Paiac McCracken 

97 — 

Fatoumata Sakho 

Shannon Saliny 

Shanna Sauhert 

Nathan Schaefer 

99 — 

Laura Van Weclden 

101 — 


Joellen Workman 

Amanda Yandell 

Taylor Yandell 


Class of gOOQ 

Tyler Anderson 
Robh Barbauld 
C'ailhn Banley 
Rachel lieeson 
Siephaiiie Belzunce 
Ashley Bonlrager 

Joseph Bowman 
Kaitlin Bradley 
Sharon Brill 
Katherine Bunten 
Samaniha Campbell 
Megan Clearwaters 

Charlotte Dial 
Jenna Drechsler 
Megan Drudy 
Kari Edison 
Daniel Engelhardt 
Kelly Ferriell 

Emily Fetcho 
Janna Fett 
Chad Fetzer 
Jennifer Fitzgerald 
Katy Flack 
Susanna Foxworthy 

Jason Gergely 
Joseph Ge 
Lauren Giannini 
Myra Guttner 
Christopher Habig 
Kristin Haggarty 

103 — 

n»^ nf 30og 

Cynthia Halfman 

Mollie Hiipakka 

Kegan Hoover 

Ashley Jaquess 

Lucas Johnson 

Linda Lawder 

Ruthic Leeth 
Joseph Legrand 

Monica Lunsl'ord 
Jennifer Macke 

Paul Mackow iak 
Victoria Maliaa 

Timothy Maurer 

Ann McCullough 

Rishi Megha 

Lauren Miklavcic 

Chad Miller 

Kate Millett 

Hannah Muehlbauer 

Jessica Mull 

Melissa Nemec 

Divyesh Patel 

Lindsey Pitts 

Sarah Rodenbartier 

Emily Ross 


Amanda Rutherford 

Thomas Ryan 

Kyle Schaftler 

Christopher Scroggin 

Katherine Sheehan 

Kclh Sherwood 

Julia Shimku 

Emily Shrock 

Laura Siemianowski 

Jacob Skierkouski 

Class of gQOg 

Monicii Sopiar/ 
Meghan Spcidcl 
Audrey Stauff'cr 
Aiimnda Sleek- 
Tyler Stuck 
Dane Suarez 

Sara Thomas 
Helena Torres 
Courtney Travers 
Tyler Trueg 
Ashley Underwood 
Jenna Underwood 

Amy Vogelsinger 
Kathryn Wagner 
Eric Weiher 
Nicole White 
Jenna Widmann 
Jared Wiebel 

105 — 

Nina Abraham 
Erica Aloi.. 
Slephanic Allepeter 
Slephanie Baer 
Andrew Baker 
Mallhew Baum 

Andrea Beale 

Lauren Bceson 

Sara Bell 

Brock Benefiel 

Victoria Berlsch 

Meghan Biallas 

Natalie Binkholder 

Lauren Binning 

Sean Brady 

Stephanie Brey 

David Briley 

Lydia Bringerud 

Katharine Brinson 

Michael Brockman 

Joel Bumette 

Nathan Buursma 

Alisha Cahuc 

Lena Ceranski 

Kaitlin Cherichello 

Jacob Cleek 

Katherine Cox 

Cara Dehekker 

Ashley Dick 

Carlv Donoghiic 

Kathryn Dudek 
CaroK n Ebbens 
Lauren Ebersolc 
Kathryn Farmer 
Wendy Fodslad 
Paige Formsm.i 

ClaM of 3010 

Juliiinnc Frotnmcycr 
Jana Fuclhcnh 
Derek Gaul 
Blake Gchring 
l.uke Grceson 
kchecca Groesbeck 

Nancy Hall 
Caitlin Handler 
l.rin Hcmmclgarn 
Kelscy Hendricksun 
Rachel Henry 

Blake Hensley 
Samuel Hialt 
David Hibbler 
Jillian Hodge 
Nicholette Hodgson 
Tyler Holmes 

Thomas Holobyn 
Kimberly Huber 
Christina Indiano 
I'ranci Irvin 
Amy Kel lough 
Randi Kellv 

Andrew Kenney 
Kathryn Kersey 
Brent Kochert 
Lindsey Kovener 
Erin Lambert 
Jessica-Marie Langsdon 

Christina Lear 
Ashley Lecount 
Chad Lesczynski 
Laura Liggett 
Brian Livingston 
Wends Loder 

107 — 

Jonathan Lope/ 

Kara Lozanovski 

Carlos Lynes 

Matthew Malcolm 

Erikaa Mann 

Dakota Manuel 

Monica Marek 

Kelsev Martin 


Diane Malacale 

Andrew McCarths 

Cavan McGinsie 

Christopher McGuire 

Kelsey Mcllrath 

Anna Michel 

Francisco Miyares 

Morgan Mounsey 

Chelsea Murray 

Christopher Murray 

Jessica Nelson 

Andrew Nemeth 

Kristina Niehoff 

Kelly O'connell 

Joseph Orchowski 

Anna Paherzs 

Megan Pardieck 

Ryan Pardieck 

Kelly Patrick 

Nicholas Perry 

Kimberly Phifer 

Corey Phillippe 

Kalysa Porter 

Mark Presto 

Albert Price 

Conn Reade 

Robert Redden 

Class frf 201 Q 

Jared Ritls 
Jonathan Riley 
Michael Rine 
Brian Rochford 
Vicki Rubio 
Sarah Ryan 

Kelsey Sanders 
Stacey Scheidler 
Caitlin Schmitz 
Jennifer Schwab 
Ryan Shean 
Daniel Spilsbury 

Sara Stiles 
Katelyn Studabaker 
Jessica Tackett 
Sarah Taylor 
Renee Thomas 
Mackenzie Tyler 

Jennifer Vanhom 
Ryan Waggoner 
Heather Wagner 
Logan Walton 
Ashlee Ward 
Laura Warner 

lara Wasikowski 
Scott Wentz 
Andrea Wenzel 
Stephanie West 
Claire Williams 
Ryan Williams 

Karen Williamson 
Kathryn Wilson 
Katie Wishnew 
Kendall Wormley 
Meredith Zafian 
Sara Zentz 

— 109 — 

Kassandra Adani'- 
Nicole Akerman 
Courtney AlbcT^ 
Denice Almucle-Cariasd 
Dcema Alshawa 
Claire Aronson 

Shelly Arthur 

Anianila Backs 

Ana Baracaldo 

Michaela Begle / 

Casey Brege ""* 

Hilary Broderick ^ 

Jacqueline Brown 

Gretchen Buhrke 

Lauren Bull 

William Burke 

Laura Byers 

Nicholas Caldicott 

Chelsea Carr 

Lauren Carroll 

Matthew Chapman 

Chelsea Collier 

Annie Collins 

Lisa Convalle 

Kristin Crider 

Jenny Crouse 

Elizabeth Cupp 

Ashley Digiorgi 

Derek Doti 

Nicole Ehlert 

Kristen Evensen 

Robert Foote 

Nikki GersdorIT 

James Gilkey 

Hannah Goodman 

Ann Goven 


Jcssi GrostetVin 
Bllcn Gusluf'son 
Christopher Hammer 
Brillynn Hansen-Girod 
Christine Ha/.uka 
Michelle Henrith 

Abigail Herron 
Summer Hiestand 
Kathryn Hileman 
Rachel Hiler 
Wil Horton 
Spenser Isdahl 

Kelly Jackson 
Ryan Kamaruddin 
Hlhan Kingen 
Kylee Kirk 
Knsten Kline 
Katie Klym 

Katherine Kolar 
Brianna Lamoso 
Paula Lehlane 
Sarah Leon 

auren Levine 
Mark Lewis 

Anthony Liszewski 

Kellie Lutgen 

Tracy Mai 

Sarah Elizabeth Mannon 

David Martin 

Sara McDermand 

Michael McFall 
Jessica McKee 
Jennifer McKibben 
Laura McNutt 
Meghan McVey 
Andrea Melcher 


Melissa MenU 

Vincent Mei/ 

Samaiuha Minnetie 

Erin Murpliy 

Maham Mushlaq 

Rachel Nealis 

Cathryn Niehaus 
Caitlin O'riordan 
Katie Ohiwinc 
Kvndall Ostermann 
' Michelle Pallnie 
Morgan Pepnieici 

Claire Petersen 

Austin Philiiiis 

Jacquelyn Proffiu 

Brett ReardDH 

Christine Roorda 

Lily Rupp 

Elizabeth Sahagun 

Raphael Schwartzman 

Mark Seitter 

Benjamin Sgro 

Nicholas Shepherd 

Jennifer Shook 

(Crista Sorenson 
Kimberly Spartz 
Emily Spicklemire 
Walter Stamp 
Nichole Steffen 
Anna Steinmetz 

Alexandra Steussy- 


Emily Steu art 

ethany Stuckeme\ cr 

Erika Thompson 

Catherine Torma 

John Venable 

Class of 2011 

Megan Veverka 
AuhiL-y Villincs 
lilKMU. Vioi 
K.ilhryn Vdllnicr 
Juscph Wadlinglon 
\lL-jun Walkur 

Jennilci Werner 
Diontc' Wiggins 
Britne Wimmer 
Alicia Wojciechowski 

113 — 


Oiskhniijk Villyi'i; i.> lilt spul in Inijy I' I iixutj- ypiirlsniml 
I i\ int-: ! 'if^'v oI'II-t p-Myi ;iirwiii |ii;> I i kc s^nJiiiu y Wiin r<:>f>in!*, 
■VNcrtisi; c<|uipfnifiiK linniis<;inirls. pool & iiKia'! 
^ ^. !>UKJt;nl LJisctnmIs! 







CALL 293-5CJ41 f^ 

62rd & GEORGETOWN ^| 

improving lives, 
enhancing careers. 

Jt :-:art.s rjjffritU the id^a U-ot helping people wquU 

I:h h yiHril :.i»>fr- Vby :p '■r' jl.jify. 

mi-iiht supp&ft a farriilvm bKViCfi lUin 
pursuit ijF the di??m tci help pKiT^.e It-^ 
llHa'.li'ihfi Lr.H«. 

Fo! cvtt Iflfl yHfs.. MtH'o t*j'li WiLgr-c^ns arcund 
the ssTiE idea thstthe drejii cf CQunsE~.in3 pi'jents 

Hii:l rliriiigliig Ir.vv twi/cai^ iH^|;'y. A.-;, ri pfurilviry 

and healthci'c ccfncany fc^-Mhl and fun f* 

ph.jiTTiKijts, ijur '.ijp prir<-it>' ^r -sbput imp-ij.Trj] 
t-|iii.l.ily nr lirg Chi'Ct^ll {Mi-i^riJl^J^d, piArAtSiAnSi 
patKnt ca-t. 

This 'phamiici'-fint' philccc^zV-'j cffen treirendous 

r;|:|:i'ii ll.r'iil w-:. li':- -A-urt diiVirMy ivll ll y-ia^ \sM UiTv ;iiii1 

■:nrt:h your cjr-^:r. 
Id :.Mn msre jbout hew Walnrcc-^ Mr help qtm/ 

J'C." •eciMr. visil:; "WW-Twplgr^vnij^j^ibij: 

jr call tcU-fiEt l^SG6-?a7-5«Z. 


BuHbt UnhrtrSity 

lC{i|l«9« flJ Pli3Fing«y 

Class «f 200e 

7^ ^T'^T ^l T'*''^ * 
Wsl.Qfeen5 r"ti;rrri.siri[t;- - 

!ri tht Uvts i:f our patic-i"i 

eifp'j?;?!' •V^ ttflwnifr- Irrti'j'it.ii!!. Ill 
I^ltqirm^ pnzrnlr:: and 3LTi;i7iK 

ManytEHilurers dI! Interiiar Window Csv^rln^s 

Congratulatjotis and Best of Luck 
to the Sutler Graduates of 2DD8I 

IIBIBT^ctinfllDgfirDriire * Flsltersjnd3ai3a IG033 
mil^l-2$n • Fax (317) 577-2610' 

Phwe: 317-632-Q494 

Fas: 317-e31-5^7 




Supplying all of your residential and comm&idal stona, 
marbte, granite, terrazzo and lile needs. Indianapolis., ir 

Do you want to see your ad here in the 

2009 Driftl 

Contact Emily Spidlemire - espicl( 

Abbott, Emily 1 20 
Abraham, Nina 136 
Acklin, Emily 120 
Adams, Kassandra 140 
Adams, Keith 54 
Adams, Kelsey 74 
Adier, Meghan 120 
AI(ande,Olusina Vincent 0.120 
Akerman, Nicole 140 
Albers, Courtney 140 
Albert, Kara 56, 57, 120 
Alexander, Ericka 120 
Alkhalifa, Sakina23 
Allen, Jay 14 
Allen, Porsshia 91 
Almuete-Cariaso, Denice 140 
Aloia, Erica 136 
Alshawa, Deema 140 
Altepeter, Stephanie 84, 136 
Anderson, Bess 42, 59 
Anderson, Jordan 86 
Anderson, Sarah 120 
Anderson, Ty 75 
Anderson, Tyler 133 
Andorfer, Mary 113 
Anglin, Kymbriellel20 
Ansley, Kassie29 
Antosik, Lyndseyl20 
Argus, Edward 120 
Aronson, Claire 140 
Arthur, Shelly 140 
Atkins, Sam 5 
Awai, Brittany 91 


Backs, Amanda 140 
Baer, Stephanie 136 
Baker, Allison 70 
Baker, Andrew 136 
Barber, Jeffrey 120 
Barnett, Marianne 120 
Bartish, Joseph 120 
Baum, Matthew 136 
Bauman, Kelsey 112 
BauzaOgazon, Juan 120 
Beale, Andrea 136 
Bechtold, Sara 120 
Becker, Laryssa 73, 120 
Beer, Jesse 112 
Beeson, Lauren 136 
Beeson, Rachel 133 
Bell, Sara 28, 136 
Bellamy, TaNisha 70 

Belzunce, Stephanie 133 
Benedetto, Jules 115 
Benefiel, Brock 136 
Sensing, Tara 120 
Bermudez, Crystal 120 
Berning, Genevieve 120 
Bertaux-Skeirik, Audrey 36 
Bertram, Jennifer 121 
Best, Amy 18, 121 
Biallas, Meghan 136 
Billmeier, Brian 121 
Binkholder, Natalie 136 
Binning, Lauren 136 
Bishop, Jeni 30 
Blodgett, Casey 46, 121 
Bloemker, Caroline 112 
Blue, Austin 29 
Bohlander, Kaitlin68 
Boltz, Anna 115 
Boncela, Christina 121 
Bonfils, Courtney 121 
Bontrager, Ashley 133 
Booziotis, Kristyl21 
Bowman, Jessica 22 
Bowman, Joseph 133 
Bradley, Kaitlin 133 
Brady, Chris 30 
Brady, Sean 42, 136 
Brecheisen, Amy121 
Brege, Casey 76, 140 
BreitenbachJr., Eric121 
Brey, Stephanie 136 
Briley, David 136 
Brill, Sharon 133 
Bringerud, Lydia136 
Brinson, Katharine 136 
Brockman, Michael 136 
Broderick, Hilary 140 
Brolsma, Kevin 121 
Brooks, Jennifer 121 
Brown, Allison 11 
Brown, Candyce 101 
Brown, Jacqueline 140 
Brown, Le'Deana 70 
Brown, T.J. 90 
brown, tori 8, 16, 118 
Bull Lauren 140 
Bunten, Katherine133 
Burke, Michael 28, 34, 36, 37 
Burke, William 140 
Burnette,Joel30,86, 136 
Butler, Adam 121 
Butler, Jessica 121 
Buursma, Nathan 136 
Buxser, Aaron 86 
Bybee, Dana 121 
Byers, Laura 140 
Byl, Austin 55 

Caldicott, Nicholas 140 
Caliendo, Peter 121 
Campbell, Samantha 133 
Cantrell, Gina71 
Cantrell, Reginal3 
Carr, Chelsea 140 
Carroll, Lauren 140 
Cartabuke, Katie 112 
Casper, Kimberly 121 
Ceranski, Lena 136 
Chapman, Matt 30 
Chapman, Matthew 140 
Chapman, Paige 15 
Chemers, Alison 28 
Chen, Yen-Jung 64 
Cheney, Travis 84 
Cherichello, Kaitlin 136 
Chernowsky, Jennifer 121 
Chew, Daisy 121 
Christopherson, Stephen 121 
Ciccareilo, Jessica 86 
Ciochina, Carey 121 
Clarke, Brian 18, 19, 122 
Clarkson, Lyndley55 
Clearwaters, Megan 133 
Geek, Jacob 136 
Clevenger, Ken 50 
Clevenger, Kenneth 122 
Clifford, Kalin 133 
Clinkingbeard, Alix28 
Cobb, Laura 122 
Coffey, Katrina 18 
Cohen, Adam 51, 62, 63 
Colby, Zac 28 
Collier, Chelsea 140 
Collins, Annie 140 
Convalle, Lisa 140 
Cooper, Joel 67 
Cornell, Margot 44, 45 
Cote, Aaron A. 122 
Couture, Beth 101 
Cox, Katherine136 
Cox, Morgan 94 
Crabtree, Natalie 122 
Craig, Kenneth 133 
Craig, Keny 22 
Crider, Kristin 113, 140 
Crouse, Jenny 140 
Crumble, Alexandria 70 
Crumble, Elizabeth 70 
Cupp, Elizabeth 140 


Daily, Kelsey 133 
Daprile, Dana91 

Daprile, Katie 91 
Davis, Lyndsay 122 
Deangelis, Brenda122 
Dec, Amanda 133 
DeGeeter, Michelle 91 
Dehekker, Cara136 
Dellaria, Nicole 133 
Destefano, Anne 122 
Devine, Jill 133 
Dezego, Aubrey 122 
Dial, Charlotte 133 
Dick, Ashley 136 
Diefenbach, Jessica 84, 122 
Diefenbach, Michael 85 
Digiorgi, Ashley 140 
Dimaio, Amanda 122 
Djogo, Bo 45 
Donoghue, Carly136 
Dooley, Kateiynnl12 
Dores, Nicole 77 
Doti, Derek 140 
Doty, John 122 
Drechsler,Jenna87, 133 
Drudy, Megan 133 
Dubord, Emily 30 
Duffy, Lindsey 122 
Duke, Christopher 122 


Earlandson, Anthony 29 
Ebbens, Carolyn 86, 136 
Ebersole, Lauren 136 
Eddie, Michael 122 
Edens, Weston 122 
Edison, Karl 133 
Egan, Rachael122 
Egwu, Eberenna122 
Ehlert, Nicole 31, 74, 140 
Ehmke, Kyle 86 
Eikenbary, Rebecca 122 
Ekern, Michelle 71 
Elder, Danielle 123 
Ellis, Laura 86 
Elsahy, Shereen123 
Enda, Kazuyuki64 
Engelhardt, Daniel 133 
England, Hope 22 
English, Kristen 6 
Evans, Josh 14 
Evans, Natalie 7 
Evensen, Kristen 140 


Farmer, Kathryn 136 
Farrell, Casey 86 
Fay, Brian 29 
Fay, Emily 123 

Fenton, Melissa 37 
Ferriell, Kelly 133 
Fetcho, Emily 133 
Fetzer, Chad 133 
Finley, Kienan 36, 37 
Fisher, Scott 77 
Fitzgerald, Jennifer 133 
Flack, Katy 133 
Fleck, EmiM 23 
Fledderman, Malia 29 
Flynn, Laura 68 
Fodness, Katie 15 
Fodstad, Wendy 136 
Foland, Suzanne 123 
Fong, Bobby 15 
Foote, Robert 140 
Formsma, Paige 136 
Fox, Lindsey 94 
Foxworthy, Susanna 19, 133 
Freeman, Cassie 101 
Freier, Stephanie 123 
Freischlag, Leslie 18, 123 

Frey, Laurie 123 
Friedman, Nick 77 
Fuelling, Dane 123 
Fullilove, Felicia 123 
Fuss, Matthew 18, 19, 123 

Garden, Niki 123 
Gardner, Daniel 123 
Garrison, Jon 23 
Garrison, Jonathon 42 
Gastaldi, Lauren 29 
Gates, Sarah Lynn 104 
Gates, Sarah Lynne 104 
Gaul, Derek 137 
Gehring, Blake 137 
Gehring, Charles 84 
Gergely, Jason 133 
Gesell, Joseph 133 
Giannini, Lauren 133 
Gilkey, James 140 
Gilkey,Jimmy55, 76 
Gillespie, Alicia 46 
Glass, Lydia 123 
Godar, Bethany 55 
Goding, Chelsea 65, 123 
Goerlitz, Elizabeth 123 
Goetzke, Jordan 123 
Golando, Joanna 77 
Goldberg, undefined Janessa \ 
Goldey, Matthew 123 
Goldstein, Mel 85 

Goodman, Hannah 140 
Gordon, Chris 84 
Gore, Sarah 22, 115, 157 
Gott, Sarah 112 
Gray, Kiesha 113 
Gray, Scott 90 
Grechesky, Dr. Robert 41 
Green, Michelle 123 
Green, Mike 89 
Greeson, Luke 137 
Gregory, Marshall 23, 42 
Groen, Emily 124 
Groesbeck, Rebecca 137 
Grostefon,Jessi112, 141 
Grudzien, Val55 
Gustafson, Ellen 141 


Habig, Christopher 133 
Hagberg, Marcus 54 
Haggarty, Kristin 133 
Haines, Jesse 81 
Halfman, Cynthia 134 
Hall, Nancy 137 
Hamadanchi, Alicia 113 
Hamilton, Nathaniel 30 
Hammack, Lindsay 124 
Hammer, Chris 77 
Hammer, Christopher 141 
Hammonds, Alicia 124 
Hampton, Amanda 124 
Handler, Caitlin 137 
Hanford, Heather 137 
Hannigan, Katie 36 
Hansen-Girod, BritlynnUI 
Hardin, Diane 43 
Harmon, Alyson 124 
Hartman, Jeremy 124 
Hawes, Michelle 98, 124 
Hawley, Phillip 124 
Haycock, Caitlin 65 
Hazelton, Laura 47, 124 
Hazuka, Christine 141 
Hazuka, Christy 72 
Heath, Collen 28 
Hebel, Danielle 55 
Hedge, Carrie 124 
Hein, Bradley 124 
Heinz, Brett 95 
Hemmelgarn, Erin 137 
Henderson, Adrianne 55 
Hendrickson, KelseyllS, 137 
Henrich, Michelle 141 
Henry, Eric 113 
Henry, Rachel 137 
Hensley, Blake 137 
Herron, Abigail 141 

Hertzler, Kristina124 
Hess, James 124 
Heustis, Brittany 124 
Heyman, Forrest 10, 18 
Hiatt, Samuel 137 
Hibbler, David 137 
Hiestand, Summer 141 
Highsmith, Alicia 124 
Hileman, Kathryn 141 
Hiler, Rachel 141 
Hilliard, Adam 124 
Hintmann, Melissa 124 
Hinze, Meagan 48 
Hitchen, Kevin 18 
Hodge, Jillian 137 
Hodgson, Christopher 124 
Hodgson, Nicholette 137 
Hole, Michael K. 124 
Hole, Michael 9, 18, 19, 54 
Holland, Cory 125 
Holmes, Tyler 137 
Holobyn, Thomas 137 
Hoover, Kegan 134 
Horner, Jeremy 125 
Hosp, Michael 37 
Howard, Matt 100 
Howell, Stephanie 125 
Hradek, Marissa 68 
Hrubey, Zane42 
Hubbard, Sheehan 115 
Huber, Kimberly137 
Muggins, Elizabeth 65 
Huhnke, Jennifer 125 
Hunter, Brett 50 
Hutchinson, Jaime 65 
Hutchinson, Jamie 125 
Huynh, Viet 125 
Hyerczyk, Amy103 
Hyler, Samantha125 


Indiano, Christina 137 
Indiano, Christy 28 
Inic, Nina91 
Irvin, Franci 137 
Isdahl, Spenser 141 
Izynski, Eric 125 


Jackson, Kelly 141 
Jania, Carolyn 37 
Jaquess, Ashley 134 
Jarrett, BrandilOS 
JehL Elaine 125 
Jensen, Chelsea 68 
Jeske, Sondra 55 
Joanna, King 70 

Johnson, Kelli 29 
Johnson, Lucas 134 
Johnson, Michael 125 
Johnson, Phillip 125 
Jones, Aaron 125 
Jones, Jennie 74 
Jones, Kristin 125 
Jordan, Lesley 42 
Joseph, John 24 
Juranek, Elizabeth 125 

Kaesebier, Katy 73 


Kaltenmark, Michael 24 

Kamaruddin, Ryan 141 

Kaskie, Megan 125 



Kautza, Laura 37 

Kegley, Adam31 

Kelley, Erin 125 


Kelly, Colleen 29 

Kelly, Randi 137 

Kendall, Blake 125 

Kennedy, Shawna 125 

Kenney, Andrew 137 

Kenney,Anne13,115, 157 

Kern, Joshua 125 

Kersey, Kathryn 137 

Ketterman, Korey126 

Khatri, Samreen126 

Kidd, Adam 112 


King, Joanna 70 

King, Ryan 126 

Kingen, Ethan 141 


Kirk, Kylee 115, 141 

Kirkpatrick, Jessica 126 

Kline, Kristen 141 

Klym, Katie 141 

Kmak, Kathryn 126 

Koch, Jaime 126 

Koch, Katrina 86 

Kochert, Brent 137 

Koenig, MikailallS 

Kohl, Ashley 66 

Kokta, Kenzie 94 

Kolar, Katherine141 

Kovener, Lindsey 137 

Kramer, Andrew 86, 126 

Kramer, Katie 126 


Kraning, Casey 126 

Kreuger, Katie 104 

Krisher, Cassandra 126 

kristen malone, biliary brodrick 115 

Kristinat, Elizabeth 126 

Kruszka, Ryan 102 

Kwiatkow5ki, Maik90 
Kyle, Kevin 126 


Labas, Benjamin 126 
Labeau, Luke 126 
Lambert, Erin 137 
Lamont, Denisel26 
Lamoso, Brianna 141 
Landes, Michaen26 
Langsdon, Jessica-Marie 137 
Largent, Jessica 126 
Larkin, Sarah 126 
Larsen, Kathleen 56 
Latta, Amber 127 
Lawder, Linda 134 
Layton, Cory 86 
Lear, Christina 42, 77, 137 
Leblanc, Paula 141 
Lecount, Ashley 137 
Legrand, Joseph 134 
Leon, Nick 76 
Leon, Sarah 141 
Lerum, Anne 127 
Lesczynski, Chad 137 
Lester, Susan 101 
Levine, Lauren 141 
Lewall, Jenny 38 
Lewis, Marcus 127 
Lewis, Mark 141 
Lewis, Michele 31 
Liggett, Laura 137 
Lilly, Jon 127 
Line, Tiffany 127 
Lingen, Emily 39 
Liszewski, Anthony 141 
Liszewski, Elisal27 
Literal, Sarah 51, 62, 63 
Liu, Jennifer 72 
Liu, Lin 31 

Livingston, Brian 137 
Loder, Wendy 137 
Logsdon, David 127 
Lohse, Keith 42 
Long, Jessica 31 
Lopez, Jonathan 138 
Lozanovski, Kara 138 
Lucore, Laurel 76 
Lunsford, Monica 10, 134 
Lutgen,Kellie85, 141 
Lux, Jennifer 127 
Lynes, Carlos 23, 138 
Lyon, Michele 127 
Lyons, Ross 71, 127 

Macke, Jennifer 134 
Mackowiak, Paul 134 
Maddock, Laura 67 

Mai, Tracy 141 
Malcolm, Matthew 138 
Maliga, Victoria 134 
Mann, Darren 127 
Mann, Erikaa 138 
Mannon, Sarah Elizabeth 141 
Manuel, Dakota 138 
Marek, Monica 138 
Martin, Adam 127 
Martin, Beth 29 
Martin, David 141 
Martin, Kelsey 138 
Marvin, Johanna 51, 62, 63, 127 
Marzotto, Chris 90 
Marzotto, Mike90 
Massey, Eric 138 
Masterson, Leah 127 
Matacale, Diane 42, 138 
Matheson, Stirling 38 
Maurer, Timothy 134 
Maxwell, Kari 87 
Maxwell, Lauren 51, 62, 63 
Mazzara, Carolyn P. 127 
McAfee, Jennifer 127 
McCaffrey, Caitlin 69 
McCarthy, Andrew 138 
McCracken, Paige 127 
McCullough, Ann134 
McCullough, Dr. David76 
McDermand, Sara 141 
McFall, Michael 141 
McGinsie, Cavan138 
McGuire, Christopher 138 
Mcllrath, Kelsey 138 
McKee, Jessica 141 
McKenna, Kelly 112 
McKibben, Jennifer 141 
McLoughlin, Tiffany 98 
McMullen, Chris 127 
McNutt, Laura 141 
McVey, Meghan 141 
Mego, Natalie 128 
Melcher, Andrea 141 
Mengel, Amanda 128 
Menke, Melissa 142 
Metz, Vincent 142 
Michel, Anna 138 
Michel, Laura 18, 19, 128 
Miklavcic, Lauren 134 
Miller, Ashlee 77 
Miller, Chad 74, 134 
Miller, Emily 128 
Millett, Kate 134 
Milton, Amy 23 
Minnette, Samantha142 
Minor, Sara 128 
Miyares, Francisco 138 
Moles, Stephanie 104 
Monroe, Jessica 128 

Montgomery, Brent 128 

Patten, Lindsey 129 

Moody, Kaitlin 39 

Pauii, Cora 129 

Moore, Rachael 53, 128 

Pauszek, Lindsey 56 

Mounsey, Morgan 138 

Pepmeier, Morgan 142 

Muehlbauer, Hannah 71, 134 

Perkins, Tyonka 129 

Mueller, Ashley 128 

Perry, Nicholas 138 

Mull, Jessica 134 

Peters, Mollye 44, 45 

MulvihiH, Abraham 128 

Petersen, Claire 142 

Mulvihill, Thomas 128 

Pflaum, Emily 112 

Murnane, Mackenzie 128 

Pflum, Jordan 15, 55 

Murphy, Erin 15, 142 


Murray, Chelsea 138 

Phillippe, Corey 138 

Murray, Christopher 138 

Phillips, Austin 29, 142 

Murrelf Sarah 29, 112 

Phillips, Lissa 24 

Mushtaq, Maham142 

Pignolet, Jennifer 54, 87 


Pitts, Lindsey 134 

Piven, Jeremy 24 

na,na8, 16, 115 

Porter, Kalysa 138 


Poteracki, Michael 129 

Nealis, Rachel 142 

Powell, Colin 24 

Nelson, Christina 29 

Presto, Mark 138 

Nelson, Jessica 138 

Price, Albert 138 

Nelson, Jessie 42 


Nemec, Melissa 134 


Nemeth, Andrew 138 

Newman, Brittany 128 

Quiroz, Jordan 90 

Nicholas, Ben 30 


Nickol, Austin 102 

Niehaus, Cathryn142 

Radliff, Lauren 129 



Nininger, Ida86 


Norman, Amy 128 


North, Derek 128 

Redden, Robert 138 

Redman, Amanda 44, 45 


O'brien, Kathleen 128 

Reynolds, Meghann 129 

O'brien, Tyler 128 

Richter, Randy 113 

O'conneH, Kelly 138 


O'Neal Matt 81 

Riddle, Brooke 129 

O'riordan, Caitlin 142 



Riley, Jonathan 139 

Ohiwine, Katie 142 


Olmstead, Kathryn128 

Robinson, Molly 129 

Omori, Nana65 

Robison, Keila31 

Orchowski, Joseph 138 



Rodenbarger, Sarah 134 

Orr, Elizabeth 34, 43, 128 

Rogers, Malcolm 50 

Ostermann, Kyndall142 

Roorda, Christine 142 


Rose, Alex 129 

Otto, Erin 128 

Rosienski, Stephanie 29 

Oury, Emily 22, 113 

Ross, Emily 56, 57, 134 

Owens, Brianne 104 



Ruble, Alissa 134 

Runes, Jennifer 129 


Rupp, Erica 142 

Pallme, Michelle 142 

Rush, Kati 129 

Pandya, Bhavana Upendra 129 

Rutherford, Amanda 72, 134 

Pardieck, Megan 138 

Ryan, Sarah 139 


Ryan, Thomas 134 

Park, Cha 129 

Rybak, Annie 81 

Patel, Divyeshl34 
Patrick, Kelly 138 


Sabol, Jackie 15 

Sahagun, Elizabeth 142 

Sal<ho, Fatoumata129 

Saliny, Shannon 129 

Sanders, Kelsey 139 

Sands, Jackie 15 


Schaefer, Nathan 129 

Schaffler, Kyle 134 

Scheele, Lisa 44, 45 

Scheidler, Stacey139 


Scherpeiz, Rebecca 18, 19, 54, 130 

Schleuter, Noah 73 


Schneidder, Pat 60 

Schwab, Jennifer 22, 139 

Schwartzman, Raphael 37, 142 

Schweinfurth, Carolyn 113 

Scott, Emily 39 

Scott, Ingrid 115 

Scroggin, Christopher 134 

Sechler, Joel 130 


Seitter, Mark 142 

Sell, Kristin 130 

Sgro, Benjamin 142 

Shafer, Elizabeth 130 

Shaneyfelt, Kara 130 

Shaw, Kenneth Aaron 130 

Shaw, Megan 130 

Shean, Ryan 139 

Sheehan, Kate15 

Sheehan, Katherine134 

Sheets, Mallory 130 

Shepard, Rachel 130 

Shepherd, Nicholas 142 

Sher, Chelsea 72, 130 

Sherwood, Kelly 134 

Shimko, Julia 134 

Shive, Jessica 130 

Shone, Devin 18 

Shook, Jennifer 142 

Shrock, Emily 134 

Siemianowski, Laura 134 

Simko, Carolyn 130 

Skierkowski, Jacob 134 

Slagel, Jessica 130 


Slemp, Stephanie 18, 19, 130 

Slibeck, Lauren 130 

Slusser, Kimi 29 

Smith, Alex 29 

Smith, Aubrey 130 

Smith, Christopher 130 

Smoler, Stacy 112 

Snyder, Loren 130 

Sollman, Robert 36 

Soomers, Alette 130 

Sopiarz, Monica 135 

Sorenson, Krista142 
Spartz, Kim15 
Spartz, Kimberly142 
Spear, Jonathan 60 
Speidel, Meghan 135 
Spicklemire, Emily 22, 142 
Spilsbury, Daniel 139 
Spreadbury, Cynthia 68 
Stafford, Amy 131 
Stamp, Walter 7, 142 
Stark, Eric 131 
Stasik, Meredith 131 
Stauffer, Audrey 135 
Steele, Amanda 135 
Steele, Kristen 67 
Steffen, Nichole 142 
Steinmetz, Anna 142 
Steussy-Williams, Alexandra 142 
Stevens, Irene 74 
Stewart, Emily 142 
Stewart, Maurice 104 
Stiles, Sara 24, 139 
Stock, Tyler 135 
Stuckemeyer, Bethany 142 
Suarez, Dane7, 135 
Suazo, Andres 6 
Sumner, Kayla 113 

Tackett, Jessica 139 
Tallitsch, Molly 131 
Tamble, Phoebe 131 
Tapp, Matthew 46 
Tarble, Martin 131 
Taylor, Anna 104 
Taylor, Katy 86 
Taylor, Rebecca 22, 67 
Taylor, Sarah 139 
Taylor, Trent 131 
Temple, undefined Kristi 55 
Temple, Kristina 131 
Templin, Scott 67 
Tepe, Tyler 102 
Teramoto, Dr.JohnSI 
Thayer, Gabe 23, 42 
Thayer, Robert 131 
Thomas, Renee 139 
Thomas, Sara 135 
Thompson, Erika 142 
Thompson, Jiyun 131 
Thomson, Libby 87 
Todd, Natalie 131 
Tolen, Megan 131 
Torma, Catherine 142 
Torres, Helena 135 
Travers, Courtney 135 
Trojnar, Michael 131 
Turkot, Taylor 131 

Tutterow, Stephanie 24 
Twehues, Ashley 131 
Twyman, Carrie 94 
Tyler, Mackenzie 139 
Tyner, Matt 68 


Underwood, Ashley 135 
Underwood, Jenna 135 
Urazov, Lachin131 
Urbiel Rose 131 


Van Oss, Matthew 37 
Van Weelden, Laura 132 
Van Wyk, Kristen 114 
Vanhorn, Jennifer 139 
VanOss, Matt 29 
Venable, John 142 
Veverka, Megan 143 
Villines, Aubrey 143 
Vincent, Kate 71, 132 
Vior, Briana143 
Voegele, Brett 132 
VondenBenken, Kyle 113 
Vosburgh, Nicholas 132 


Wadlington, Joseph 143 
Waggoner, Ryan 139 
Wagner, Heather 139 
Wagner, Kathryn 135 
Wagoner, Jared 102 
Walker, Megan 143 
Wallace, Alex 14 
Walton, Logan 139 
Ward, Ashlee 139 
Warner, Laura 139 
Watkins, Ashley 132 
Weaver, Adam 76 
Webster, Douglas 132 
Weiher, Eric 135 
Wentz, Scott 139 
Wenzel, Andrea 139 
Werner, Jennifer 143 
West, Stephanie 139 
White, Alex 86 
White, Nicole 135 
Widmann, Jenna 135 
Wiebel Jared 135 
Wiggins, Dionte' 143 
Wilderson, Jason 132 
Wiley, Brandon 24 
Willems, William 132 
Williams, Claire 28, 139 
Williams, Darren 76 

Williams, Ryan 139 
Williamson, Karen 139 
Wilson, Elizabeth 135 
Wilson, Jarod 69, 132 
Wilson, Kathryn 139 
Wilson, Momo 104 
Wilts, Kevin 39 
Wimmer, Britne143 
Winston, Joanna 36 
Wishnew, Katie 45, 139 
Wojciechowski, Alicia 143 
Wolfe, Jessie 91 
Wood, Jennifer 112 
Workman, Joellen 132 
Wormley, Kendall 104, 139 
Worth, Ellen 132 
Wunder, Laura 29 

Yandell, Amanda 132 
Yandell, Taylor 132 
Yonker, Bethany 18, 135 
Young, Adam 132 
Young, Chris 112 
Yunus, Nishaat22 

Zafian, Meredith 139 
Zahn, Brian 74 
Zarse, Brittany 22, 135 
Zatulovsky, Michelle 23, 42 
Zeigler, Chris 37 
Zurawska, Agatha 86 

yearbook staff 

Editor in Chief - Christina Lear 

Co-Editor -Sean Brady 
Design Editor- Jarron Lincoln 

Section Editors 

Campus Life - Abby Herron 
Organizations - Jarron Lincoln and Krista Sorenson 
Sports - Dee Dee Lehner and Beth Smedinghoff 
Residence Life - Emily Spicklemire and Jessica Largent 

Staff Members 

Morgan Pepmeier 
Jackie Sabol 
Jonathan Spear 


Jon Irons 

Britlynn Hansen-Giroux 

Jon Riley 

Thank you to everyone who submitted photographs or 
surveys, especially the following who provided us with 
a large number of photos: 

Austin Athman 

JuliDoshan and The Collegian 

Jacqui Mahuren 

Brent Smith 

Brad Ward 

At the end of my freshman year last spring, I was certainly not aspiring to be Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook. In fact, I wasnt even sure if I'd have time to fit 
yearbook into my schedule. However, when all the former editors graduated, I was left as the sole survivor. I was faced with a decision - 1 could take on the 
yearbook and do the best I could, or I could say no and there would be no book. I love being in college and I especially love Butler, and I think that we have so many 
great stories to tell about our experiences here. Not only do we want to cherish these stories in the years after graduation, but we need to pass on our stories to 
the next generation of Butler students. So, I said yes and the journey began. 

I only have one year of yearbook experience from high school, but luckily my Naperville North High School yearbook partner-in-crime, Sean Brady, also attends 
Butler and agreed to help me out. We began the year as a staff of two people. Our recruitment slogan was "Join the Yearbook Revolution!" because we figured if 
we were going to do this, we might as well make it better. We started off with an enthusiastic staff of about twenty people and then we realized that changing 
this yearbook really would be a total revolution. With new online software, a new staff structure, a new advisor and a new relationship with our publisher, we had 
so much to learn. Some people weren't able to stick it out through the trials and changes and so we lost a lot of our staff members. However, I think we've finally 
figured it out and I am so proud of the core group of staff that made it to the very end. All but three of them were freshmen, and yet our little group of 
underclassmen has managed to publish an entire book. 

We hope that you enjoy some of the changes we have made. To my knowledge, this is the first year that Butler has had an all-color yearbook. We also 
attempted to include organizations and stories that haven't been covered in the past, so that we could better reflect what life at Butler is really like. Lastly, we are 
trying a more professional look and journalistic style that we hope will make the book more fun to look at and read. We didn't accomplish everything we hoped, 
but this publication has come a long way. I am so excited to see what next year's staff can do with it. 

itor s note 

To the staff: you guys are amazing! You have accomplished so much in your first year of college and your future potential is so great. Thank you for all of your 
hard work and for sticking with us even through the chaotic times, whether or not I bribed you with lollipops. Special thanks go out to Jon Riley and Jon Irons, our 
amazing photographers, who were always so willing to help me out. And thanks to the Collegian for helping us out with photo coverage when we couldn't get 
everything. We admire your photography and are so glad to include some of it here. Thank you also to Julie Pakenham, our advisor, and Mike Conlon from Jostens 
for supporting me throughout the year. 

My friends, although indirectly involved, have also had a huge impact on this book. Thanks for being so helpful and not hating me when I continually harassed 
you for pictures, quotes or surveys. Without you all,! think about half of this book would be empty. 1 am especially grateful to Forrest Heyman and Kalin Clifford, 
who actually offered to help me with the book when they saw how stressed I was! Despite not being on staff, both of them put in hours of work. Thanks for being 
amazing friends. Lastly, but most lovingly, I must thank my roommates Katie Fodness and Jill Devine. Not only are they the two most amazing women I know, 
but they put up with my mess, kept me company on those late nights of working (okay, every night), and always made me laugh or offered to drive to Taco Bell 
when yearbook/life got too stressful. 

In the end, this book is not perfect - but what in college ever is? All we can hope for is that we had fun doing it, met some cool people and maybe learned a little 
along the way. I have certainly enjoyed learning more about all of you who are featured in this book. I am glad that the yearbook can be one small tribute to all 
the amazing things Butler students accomplish and all the fun times we share. Please help out the 2009 staff by sharing your stories and photos with them so that 
we can do an even better job next year. As you read this book for the first time, I am studying abroad in Spain, but I can't wait to retum home and see how 
amazing the next Drift will be. 

Viva la revolucion! 

Christina Lear 
2008 Editor in Chief 


Whether you're finishing your first year at Butler or wrapping up your college 
career, look back on your time here and think about the connections you've made. 
Think about your very first day at Butler and how many people have come into your 
life since then. Maybe you met an amazing professor who helped you figure out your 
dream career. Maybe you met your best friend, your first love, or the group of friends 
you'll still call in fifty years. 

Even if the connections end here, hold on to this book and remember all the 
wonderful connections you had. Remember the smiles and the inside jokes, the 
meetings and the road trips, the late nights studying and the amazing weekends. 
Most importantly, don't forget - it's never too late to reconnect. 


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