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Dar . Rm 





emind the 
of St Paul 
desire to 
d, that we 
business or 
ere oats for 
d a variety 
the latest 
patterns. We also carry a 
fine stock of dress suits, 
opera hats, dress gloves and 
ties. In fact we are com- 
plete outfitters for gentle- 


Cor. 3d & Robert Sts., ST. PAUL. 


lever came so 
:ostly Summer 







insr THE 




NffHAN 96 East Third St., 

rUriU ^^' ^^^^' MINN. 




No. 116 East Third Street, 


Fine Watches, Biarnonds, Jewelry , 

Selid Silver and French Glscks, 




Personal attention given to Fine Watch Repairing 
and Engraving. 












We refer to ex-Gov. J. S. Pillsbury, C. C. Jones, A. G. Wilcox. 
Dr. J. T. Moore and to anyone using our furnace. 


Mason & Davis' Stoves and Ranges. 

Our stock is always complete, and embraces full lines of goods adapted to this 
metropolitan centre of trade, and for over a quarter of a century have furnished 
standard, reliable, high grade goods to the citizens of this c ty and the Northwest. 
^Diamonds, Bronzes, Brasses, Art Metal Goods, Sterling Silver, Stand- 
ard Silver Plated Ware, Fine Pearls and Ivory Cutlery, Mammoth 
Stock of Fine Jewelry, Sculptured Gems in All the Precious Stones. 


(7) • 
A. K. Pruden, Pres. W. F. Foy, Vice Pres. H. W. Voss, Sec. and Treas. 


Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in 

Stoves, Ranges and Furnaces, 







Office and Salesrooms, 

lOO East Third Street 


383, 385, 387 and 389 E. Third Street, 
ST. PAUL, - - MINN. 


BYRON TOWNE, Proprietor. 

Special Rates for Traveling Companies. 

Special Rates for One Week or More. 


Cor. Hennepin Ave. and Fourth St. 







NovELTiKs IN Candy 

gciYors for tlie €[Erman. 

Jjcrncy Sasgets cincl Boxes, Ijtc 

Please accept n 'P'^t of 





Successors to R. A. Lanpher & Co., 

Hatterg, Furrierg, ien^g Furnigherg 

And Shirt NIanuf^acxurers. 



Our Shirt department is the most extensive in the 
city. Orders left the first three days of the week 
furnished the last three days of the week. 

153 East Third Street, 

"^^ 'T^'oZrs HO... Sm. mUU, ffllNN. 



^ H 













Tl^e Best Patroiiized ai^d IQost eon^plete I(iqk 
hi t\i<d City. 

Open Every Morning 10 to 12 ; Afternoon 2:30 to 5 ; Evening 7:30 to 10:30. 

All the Leading Attractions appear at this Rink. 


Band in attendance Every Afternoon and Evening. 

©HE Finest F^ini^. ©he Finest Floof^. 



Stevens ^ ResERTseN, 

71 East Third St., - Saint Paul, Minn. 







EngraYicgs, EtcMngs, Water Colors, Oil Paintings 



Regilding Done on Short Notice and. Low Figures. 

J 14) 

Foss & Starr, 

208 N ic oLLET Avenue, g^ ^^ 209 Hennepi n Ave nue, 


Offer to the public one of the most complete stocks to 
be found in this country. The line embraces 




In almost endless variety of ware, shape and decoration. 


Of the finest quality. 


From best European factories. 


In plain white. 



At the very lowest prices. Remember, we are headquarters for 


And our piices are low. 

Plated Ware, wholesale and retail. We can offer bargains to be 
found in few places, being large buyers. 

( 1-^ ) 

West H0teu 


Largest and Finest Hotel in the Northwest. 

Two Passenger Elevators. Electric Lights. 

All Modern Conveniences of a First-Class Hotel. 

Kitchen and Dining Room Service Unexcelled. 
Rates for Board, $3 a Day and Upwards. c. W. Shepherd, Manager. 




Morrison Block, Cor. Washington and 2d, Aves. S. 

Ttie 01d Reliable GlQttiing Sfsre af Ihe Nsrlhwesl, 

Is always piled from floor to ceiling with the very 


lin all of its Five Great Stories. Our Merchant Tailor- 
ling Department carries the finest Foreign and Do- 
mestic piece goods, with artist cutters and workmen. 
In Ready Made Clothing for Men, Youths and Children 
we always have the very latest novelties in Style and 
Fabric. Every new thing in Furnishing Goods can 
always be found on our counters first, while our Hat 
Departmient has every Block of Soft, Stiff and Silk 
Hat made. Fur Garments, Robes, Blankets and 
Lumbermen's Supplies are a Specialty. Everything 
we sell is guaranteed to be of the best quality and at 
the Lowest Price. Goods sent to any part of the 
country C. 0. D., and if not satisfactory, returned at 
our expense. Send for our Price List. 


IDUAn G:fa^Y 




Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1885, by R. L. Polk & Co., in the 
office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 



Alphabetical List 
of Names, Min- 
neapolis 89 

Alphabetical List 
of Names, St. 
Paul 303 

Calendar 34 

Churches, Minne- 
apolis 41-49 

Churches, St. Paul, 


Etiquette 27-31 

Fire Department, 

Minneapolis 70-73 

Fire Department, 

St. Paul 289 

Fort Snelling 3o 

Hamline 36 

Merriam Park 38 

Minneapolis begins 89 
Op. House Diagram, 

Minneapolis 50 

Opera House Dia- 
gram, St. Paul... 268 
Post Office Dep't..32-33 

St. Paul 259 

Streets, Minneap.. 179 


Streets, St. Paul... 367 

Street Railways, 
Minneapolis 69 

Street Railways, 
St. Paul 288 

Streets and Aven- 
ues, Minneap. ..53 -68 

Streets and Aven- 
ues, St. Paul 271 


Adams, S. H 450 

Anderson & En- 

quist 448 

Asire& Wright 251 

Askew, C. B 295 

Aslesen, K 448 

Bailey, W. G..Opp:2oS 

Baker, J. B 24 

Barker, L. T 452 

Beales, E. V 291 , 

Bernard & Christ.. 450 ; 

Bickley, Wm 49 

Bisbee, Mrs. L. J.. 299 

Bishop Bros 439 

Blaisdell, M. A ... 71 i 

Blodgett, F. E 448 1 

Booth, W. S 84 

Bornholdt, J. H... 452 
Boston One Price 

Clothing House, 
Inside front cover. 
Boston One Price 

Clothing Store .. 16 

Bower, G. B 441 

Bradstreet, Thur- . 

ber&Co 88 

Brigham, J. W 83 I 

Bristol&McArthur ] 
Oj)p. 364 


Bullard Bros 

Burritt,"W. N 

Butts, C. E 

Chantler, A. E 

Chateaugaj' Hotel 
C, M.&St. P. By. 


C.,St.P.,M.&O.Ry 254 


. W. 446 




Clark House 
Clark, Mrs 
Collins, Mrs.M.V. 

Conklin. J. F 

Corbett, J. J 

Crocker Roller 


Cullen, K. P 

Cushman, E. J 

Dallimore, G. A .. 447 

Denton, L. W 449 

De Priest & King.. 448 

Dorner, J. H 81 

Drurv, C. F. & Co. 87 
Dunnigan, J. J.... 363 

Eddy & Son 51 

Edsall, J. W 297 

Egan, P. F 6 

Engel, Dreis & Co. 298 
Eureka Laundry .. 445 
Evening Journal.. 82 
Everson.Mrs.J.M. 365 

Faddis, W. A 29 

Fernald& Wheeler 258 

Fiening, H. W 87 

Fillmore, E. A 176 

Finch. S. E 292 

Floyd, G.W 76 

Ford, Nathan 3 

0pp. inside front cover 

Foss& Starr 14 

Frisbee, W. H 300 

Gibson & Stine 296 

Glenny & Oilman 

Inside hack cover. 

Gratz, W. E 448 

Green, R. E 290 

Groff, C. R Opp.2-r2 

Ilanley, T. W 177 1 

Hanson <fc Blom- 

quist 448 ! 

Heisser Stamp and j 

Engraving Co... 441 

Hopper, L. B 86 , 

Hotel Albion 83 i 

Hotel Lafayette... 252 j 

Howell, G. T 296 | 

Ide, E. R 294 

Ingram, Olson&Co 75 

James, Mrs. K 437 

Johnson, Smith & 

Harrison Opj). 176 

Johnson & Wing .. 443 

Kennedy Bros 451 

Kennedy & Chit- 
tenden 434 

Kellerman,S. E... 299 
Kilvington. W. C. 86 

Kimball. C. G 291 

Kimball, C. R 26 

Kingslev, E.J 437 

Kissell,"D. C 293 

Kodylek, John 297 

Leachman,J.&Son 449 
Lachmund, C. V.. 2.51 

Larson, L. N 449 

Lavman, G. W 448 

Leigh, L.& Co 37 

Leland, W. H 12 

Lemke.Mrs.W.A.. 300 
Luf kin, Drs. J. L. 

&M. H 449 ' 

Lumlev, Charles.. 84 
Lund &Gilbranson 449 

McCourt. D 301 

McGonagle,W. A. 298 
McKey, Jo^ & Co. 

Inside front cover. 

Mackey, F. J 436 

Madison, Peter 290 | 

Mahan & Cumbej' 9 
Malcom's Dancing 

Academv 66 

Markoe, W. F 25 

Marsh, F. J. & Co 298 

Marshall, B. B 87 

Martin & Taft 80 

Mehl, Eugene 252, 292 
Mendenhall, R. J. 85 I 

Merrill, C. A 73 

Milham. E. H 427 

Miller, A. W 449 

Minneapolis Safe 

Deposit Co 178 

M. & St. L. Ry 255 

Misfit C lo thing 

Parlors 299 

Mollov, H. H 23 

Moonev, M. C 449 

Munger, A. S 450 

Murch, M. E 448 

Neumann, Chas.L 299 

Newt, A. F 4.S9 

Nicol.the Tailor.. 291 

N. P. R. R 256 

Northwestern Col- 
lege of Comm'ce 251 
Northwestern C. & 

C. Pavement Co. 73 
Northw. School of 

Phonography 441 

Norton, E.S 270 

Ohio Central Coal 

and Barge Co .52 

Orfir, G.W. & F. D. 425 

Page, Vincent 450 

Paige & Coakley... 448 
Palmquist & Jur- 

gens 301 

Peterson, Lewis... 4.52 

Phillips Bros 449 

Portland Stone Co 176 

Pratt & Sauer 452 

Price, Richard 269 

Proctor & Clarke .. 438 
Pruden Stove Co .. 7 
Putnam.Mrs. C. N 290 
Regelsberger Bros 270 
Renard. F.O.&Co. 177 
Richardson, J. J .. 449 
Rickey, Middl e- 

mist & Taylor... 81 
Robertson, G. L. 

&Co 71 

Robinson & Jacob- 
son 449 

Rugg, A. B 77 

St. Paul Book and 

Stationery Co., 
0pp. inside back cover, 
St. Paul Business 

College 29 

St. Paul Electric 

Works 295 

St.Paul Furniture 

Co 362 

St. Paul Health 

Institute 257 

St. Paul Herald... 364 
St. Paul Milk Co.. 24 
St. P. Roller Mill.. 432 
Sampson, A. S 73 

, Sansome Bros 260 

I Sehaber & Wendt.. 446 
Schlener.J.A.&Co 444 

Schoch, A 294 

Schollert, P 447 

Schulze & Macdon- 

ald 10 

Scott, L. N 268 

Seeger, Robert 424 

Sermon, George... 79 

Sigel, Robert 447 

Slavton, G. E 450 

Smith, C. &Co 449 

Smith Bros 86 

Smith, F.H 426 

Stark & Darrow... 11 

Steele, E. H 16 

Stev.-ns, C. P : 452 

I Stevens&Robertson 13 

Stiefel, J. J 290 

Strouse, E. A 299 

Sunday Gazette ... 49 
Swanson k Ring- 

lund 448 

Tavlor, Mrs. R. V 446 
TaVlor & Caldwell 24 
Thompson, G. R... 452 
Thompson Harness 

Co 78 

Towle, E. L 40 

1 Towne, Byron 8 

^ Travis, J. F 427 

j Tribune Job Print- 
ing Co 83 

TroySfm Laundry 176 
TurnbuU.Geo. W. 295 

Turnquist Brof 177 

Twohey Bros 446 

University Coli- 

1 seuin 74 

I Van Cleve, Priest 

& Kalk 5 

Vanderwarker & 

Nally 66 

i Varaey„L.S.&Co. 177 
Vrooman,Mrs.A.L 87 

! Wales & Co 444 

Warden, A 293 

Warner, Wm 445 

Weitzel & Henry .. 176 
Weinhold, F. C ... 449 

West Hotel 15 

White, L. D 86 

Wilson, J. A 451 

Wilson & Moore... 176 
Winkler, G. H 
Winship, A. L 
Wirth, George 
Wood worth, Mrs. 

R. L 85 

Wright, W. D 447 

Zahm, B. F. & Co. 366 



The Dual City Blue Book claims to be and wishes to be 
nothing more than a social and household convenience. The need 
of a publication which should supply in the family the place of the 
business directory in the counting-room, is one felt in every city. 
To supply that need is the object of the present publication. It is 
not, as erroneously imagined, a local and republican substitute 
for a book of the peerage. It does not pretend to draw a social 
line, above which all names shall be included and below which all 
shall be taboo. The projectors of this enterprise, acting on busi- 
ness principles, have no inclination to play the part of social 
censors. But what they do claim is that they have here produced a 
list of the most prominent householders of the dual cities and the 
adjacent territory, inclusive of Fort Snelling, Hamline and Merriam 
Park, all of which appear in alphabetical order. The very design 
of the work, of course, imposes a certain limit upon its contents 
and liberty of selection. It is, primarily, a directory for the use 
of ladies. It will be found a most convenient book of reference 
in making out a calling list. It directs to places of amusement, 
to public buildings, to places of general resort, and includes a 
valuable shopping guide. And while disclaiming any intention 
of settling the vexed question, "Who are society's elite?'''' the 
publishers have spared no pains in so collecting and sifting infor- 
mation as to secure their work against unwarrantable or offensive 
intrusions, and at the same time to omit nothing that is essential to 
completeness. A unique and valuable feature is the directory by 
streets and numbers. In return for the very great labor and outlay 
involved, they express the hope that this work may become indis- 
pensable in every home within the dual cities and the territory most 
closely united thereto by business and social relations. 


Nature and art, the work of the ages and the hand of man, the 
bounty of creation and the magic of accumulated and accurauhiting 
wealth, combine to render attractive to the visitor and delightful to 
the resident that famous centre of population and of growth in the 
refinements of art and culture which lies within a radius of twenty 
miles from the point where the waters of the Minnesota and those of 
the Mississippi mingle with each other. For considerably more than 
a quarter of a century writer after writer had described this region as 
the paradise of the tourist. The attractions of its lakes and woods 
and streams were dilated upon at length, and the sjjace wherein now 
lies the Dual City was urged upon the notice and the favor of the 
public with something of the same arguments and the same rhetoric 
that are spent upon the wonders of the Yellowstone or the fine moun- 
tain scenery that lies along the great transcontinental routes. In a 
word, the places which are the pride and boast as well as the seat of 
prosperity in Minnesota became most widely known as places of 
resort rather than as places of residence. Nor can this be wondered 
at when one remembers the treasury of natural beauties which are 
collected here, and which are heightened rather than impaired by the 
rapid advances of material prosperity. In this space still lie the 
more than twenty beautiful lakes which were famed and chronicled 
years and years ago. And though the surrounding scenes have lost 
something of their primitive wildness, this is far more than compen- 
sated for by the addition of all the comforts and luxuries that attend 
upon the development of civilization, the rise of great industries, and 
the advance of material prosperity. In another section of the country 
the pleasures of society and social development are to be sought in 
large cities, placed for the most part amid surroundings repugnant to 
health or taste, at the dictation of the requirements of commerce ; the 
pure pleasures of nature are sought elsewhere, in the Adirondacks or 


the White Mountains, or at some one of the thousands of more or less 
fashionable watering places. It is the peculiarly happy lot of the 
residents of the Dual City and its environs that all that which is else- 
where gained at the price of annual tiresome wanderings lies ready at 
their gates. The concentration here of metropolitan wealth and pop- 
ulation promotes social enjoyments and insures a high standard of 
social life, while it has added to instead of detracting from those 
natural charms which long ago made this the goal of hosts of 

Still at the mouth of the Minnesota rise the walls of Fort Snell- 
ing, now softened into harmonious tints by the mellowing pencil of 
time. Still above the green of foliage and the glmt of water are seen 
the white cliffs and the ancient towers, with the nation's flag, a 
bright bit of color,- floating over all. But the scene, appealing as 
strongly as ever to the aesthetic sense, conveys now no thought of 
siege or sally. The frontier block house has become an important 
army post, where are quartered the officers of a department with 
their families. The beauty of the old days is there, but to it has 
been added a new element, — the beauty of cultivation, the possi- 
bility of social enjoyment, and all the humanities that attach them- 
selves to the the aggregation of peoples in great centres. Beautiful 
Minnehaha still casts upon the winds her silver veil, and every acces- 
sory is oflfenseless to the artistic sense. But where hundreds gazed 
upon the famous waterfall a few years ago, thousands now are visit- 
ors ; and in brief space, by the authority of the State, this spot will 
become the centre of a park, such as will have few equals anywhere. 
Minnetonka has suff'ered no subtraction of her charms, although the 
name has now become a familiar one in every corner of the land. 
Xot a feature of her loveliness is marred ; her winding channels, 
wooded shores, sequestered coves and magnificent islands, all are 
there. But these, too, the wand of wealth and civilization has 
touched and gifted with a new and higher character. Cottages and 
villas, witnessing the most exquisite taste, throng the shores. Mam- 
moth hostelries might invite an army to comfortable entertainment. 
Multiplied facilities for transportation supply abundant means of 
access. With every season there come new and greater throngs of 
visitors from abroad. And here the social arts and graces hold their 
court. White Bear, with its similar attractions, its charming walks 


and fresh breezes and ever sparkling waters, repeats the same story 
of the delights of watering place life combined with the conveni- 
ences of home and environed by the atmosphere of a great city. 
Yet this to the people of these cities is not a "resort," is not 
some spot to be reached by the sacrifice of comforts, the inconven- 
iences of travel and the formalities of introduction to a new society; 
it is, in fact and in essence, only a portion of their home. And all 
within the circle, a few of whose points have been thus hastily 
sketched, enjoy the same rare fortune. The rich fields and pleasant 
hills that lie between, the rolling intervales that stretch up to the 
inter-urban boundaries on either side, the charming coppices, the 
glorious heights from which one sweep of the eye takes in an area of 
miles, with rival towers rising on either hand in the dim distance, — 
all this, with attractions undestroyed, but rather perennially new 
and perennially heightened, is the heritage of the people whose lines 
have fallen in the pleasant places of the Dual City. 

The edict which is to make this the centre of urban life in the 
Northwest, as well as the centre of its natural beauties, has already 
gone forth. At the head of navigation must be gathered the com- 
merce of the great valley, and through this gateway passes that of 
the further Northwest. An unequaled water power has built up 
manufactures that have outrun all competition, and are ever adding 
to themselves in a geometrical progression. With one-fifth of the 
population of the State busied within this fateful circle, what could 
ensue but that marvelous development which has taken by surprise 
even a nation accustomed to the miracles of enterprise? Hither 
drifts the commerce of some of the mightiest railway systems of the 
continent. Here is the clearing house for the fioancial operations 
of millions. Here is the centre of supply and of distribution from 
which flows the golden stream of wealth. Statistics everywhere tell 
of these movements of the uge in their own potent language. And 
they have brought with them their invariable accompaniments : 
social development, appreciation of literature and the arts, a newer 
and broader field for intellectual intercourse, a wider humanity. It 
is toward the increase of these metropolitan features that the future 
points. In what is called the inter-urban tract, Hamline has be- 
come a social centre on the one side, while on the other lies Macal- 
ester, with the bright and growing village of Merriam Park near by. 


The establishment of State fair grounds within the dual area aids 
this concentration of population and improvement. The selection 
of another portion for a State park swells the tide. The destiny of 
a metropolis is already upon the dual city. Possessed beyond recall 
of the advantages and beauties given by nature, assisted by the en- 
terprise of tbe most vigorous race the world has ever seen, gathering 
impetus and momentum with the progress of each year, soon is the 
Dual City to behold mirrored in its fortune the fulfillment of that 
daring prophecy of one of America's great statesmen : "Here is the 
place, the central place, where the agriculture of the richest region 
of North America must pour out its tributes to the whole world. In 
our day, studying, perhaps, what might have seemed to others 
trifling or visionary, I had cast about for the future and ultimate 
central seat of the power of the North American people. I had 
looked at Quebec, New Orleans, at Washington and San Francisco, 
and Cincinnati and St. Louis, and it had been the result of my con- 
jecture that the seat of power for North America would yet be found 
in the valley of Mexico, and the glories of the Aztec capital would be 
surrendered in its becoming ultimately and at last the capital of the 
United States of America. But I have corrected that view ; I now 
believe that the ultimate, last seat of government on this great con- 
tinent will be found somewhere within a circle or radius not very far 
from the spot on which I stand, at the head of navigation on the 
Mississippi River. ' ' 

n. 3^oxjXjO"sr's 

Manufactured at 242 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 

The correct and skillful mechanical treatment of Hernia a specialty 
Syringes, Bed Pans, Ice and Water Bags, Rubber Sheeting, etc. 
Surgical Instruments of every description. Apparatus for treat- 
rrent of deformities and extensions of all kinds. 

H. H. MOLLOY, 212 Nicollet Av« , :,iinneapolis, Mian. [Box Coo.] 






Fiiiegti Coqfectioner'gHi^Bfsail Ink 

IILT THE 2<r O X^ TH -^XT E S 1? . 

Goods sent by Express all over the United States. Our reputation for fine 
goods is SECOND TO NONE. An inspection of our goods solicited. We have 
constantly in stock a fine line of Basket Goods, Gernnan Favors and Novelties. 


Ice Cream and Ices delivered fronn all parts of the city all the year round. 

St. ^AUii 0)mi^ (So., 

421 WA.BA.t>HA. St., - St. Paul, NIinn. 




cxjCVEie hointe-^t. 

We respectfully solicit your orders for the above specialties, 
and wiil make prompt delivery to any part of the city. 




Ten miles from St. Paul on the line of the 
St. P. &L D. R. R. 

0) <u a c -^^ 

^ 5 

<i> oT "> -t-- 

*. ° "S^ 0) 

o "^"^ 

C M- 
- (D 


CO w 
c -c 

■- tl 

-o o 

OO -P 

0) « "O 

■* J5 -^ -c 

0) _Q 

(0 ■- 
60— , • 

_Q a> 

_Q — 
tU ^ w -- 3 
0) _.° c 

Q- <D c ^ ^ „ 

■" "S ° ■? - ^' ° 

-.J- S .. « OJ -W- -^ 

■+- o 

bfl 5 


c -^ o _ c •- 

i- in Oi ^^ crs to ^*- 

5 p OJ dj <D JJ t 

^ ^r- --^^^ 

-,. +^ +^ (P >-^ <u 

,- _c o Of- — ?. 

7® Established 1876. ®f 

Member of American Ticket Brokers' Association. 


W Washington Ave. South, Cor. Nicollet Ave, - MINNEAPOLIS. 

Oldest, Largest and Most Reliable Ticket Office in the City. 

Railroad Tickets bought, sold and exchanged at Reduced Rates. Branch Offices 
and connections in all the Principal Cities. 

Hints on Etiquette. 


In the compilation of the following brief, hence incomplete manual, 
the object in view is to present in a concise manner those leading 
rules of etiquette which are universally accepted by good society or 
especially applicable to the social conditions of our dual cities, and it 
is certainly more appropriate for a work of this character than the 
minute details of an exhaustive range which alone would fill a volume. 


At evening parties the name of the arrival is announced to the as- 
sembled guests. 

Persons who meet at a friend's house are presumed to be upon an 
equality' and should not appear suspicious and formal. 

The chivalry of etiquette assumes that the lady is the superior and 
that the gentleman is honored in the introduction. 

Among ladies it is the younger who is introduced to the elder, the 
spinster to the married lady. Those of the same age and social stand- 
ing are introduced to each other, but when a celebrity is present, less 
distinguished persons are presented to her. 

The same applies to gentlemen. 

Friends may introduce friends at the house of a mutual acquaint- 
ance, but an introduction from the hostess is more appropriate. 

Hasty and unauthorized introductions should be avoided ; there 
should at least be some reason to believe that an introduction would 
be agreeable to both parties. 

On meeting after an introduction, it is the part of the lady to 
acknowledge the acquaintance by recognition. 

Among intimate acquaintances it is immaterial who bows first. 

Persons usually limit their recognition of each other to a bow. 


The custom of shaking hands is gradually disappearing from society. 
A lady is not expected to shake hands with a gentleman upon intro- 
duction, nor with a caller when he leaves. A gentleman has no right 
to extend his hand first to a lady. Friends shake hands without re- 
gard to rules. 

At a social gathering a polite bow of recognition is sufficient, and 
better than shaking hands with all whom you happen to meet. 


When making a call, a gentleman will carry his hat into the parlor 
in his hand. If his call is prolonged, he may place his hat on a table, 
but he should not allow his hostess to attend to this. 

When a caller enters, the hostess should rise and may offer him her 
hand if she wishes. When he leaves, she should accompany him to 
the door of the drawing room, if, as is usual, there is no servant to 
open the door. Guests whose age entitles them to special respect, 
should be accompanied to the front door. 

A formal call should not exceed a quarter of an hour. 

Guests who meet in the same drawing room may converse together 
■without introduction, but no future recognition is necessary. 

Calls in return for invitations received should be made within eight 
days after the event. Party calls and dinner calls are properly 
made within three or four days. 

If the hostess has a day the call should be made on her first day 
.after the reception. 

First calls are void if not returned within a month. 

Formal calls are made between 1 and 6 P. m., in the winter, not 
after dark. Ladies not receiving, should be "not at home;" the 
formula "begs to be excused" is not polite. 

A lady in calling, is given a seat beside the mistress of the house. 
Gentlemen callers find chairs for themselves. 

When a lady has a day, a call on her should be made on her day 
if possible. 

Married men who wish to be considered "in society" should call 
with their wives once or twice a year on their friends. 


^FOUNDED 1865.-^- 





S. W. Cor. 7tli and Jackson Sts., 



Indorsed by scores of the greatest business houses of the State, and hundreds 
of Its students now in business. Shows a greater number and a larger propor- 
tion of its students in successful business than any other institution in the 
Northwest. Its merits are well fortified by tangible proof. If you desire to 
obtain a thorough and practical 


and acquire a GOOD BUSINESS HAND, attend this school. Six months' 
careful training will usually qualify students of average ability to fill desirable 
positions of every grade. 

"The Largest, the Oldest and the Best in the Branch of Education to 
which it is devoted. All competitors have been distanced." 

—Si. Paul Pioneer Press. 

Catalogiies containing full particulars and proofs of these statements sent free. 


It is not polite to invite a lady to an entertainment at your house, 
if you have not called on her; an invitation cannot take the place 
of a visit, except in the case of a lady whose age gives her privileges. 

A lady leaves her husband's card with her own; her address should 
not be on her card, unless she is a widow. 

A card should be left for each person called on, but not more than 
three cards at anj^ one house. 

Eesidents will first call on strangers. 

Strangers should send cards with their address to all acquaintances 
whose visits they desire. These cards may be sent by post. 

All cards left personally, should be turned down either across the 
end or at the corner. 

Cards left at receptions are never turned down. 

A lady not in her own house does not rise on the departure of other 

When making calls avoid anything either in conversation or action 
calculated to excite unfavorable remarks. Boisterousness is especially 
to be avoided; so are over-loud talk, whispering, criticisms on religious 
subjects and political disputations. It is exceedingly ill-bred to re- 
peat scandal or to discuss people or topics of questionable character. 


As much care should be taken to exhibit good breeding in public 
places as in drawing rooms or at formal receptions. A true lady or 
gentleman never forgets the conventionalities of life under any cir- 
cumstances. Always be considerate of the rights and feelings of 
others. While it is barely permissible for a gentleman to smoke in 
the streets, it would be exceedingly rude to smoke in the company of 


All invitations require an answer. For receptions where the num- 
ber is limited, such as dinners, etc., the answer must be sent imme- 



Guests should arrive at dinner parties five or t^n minutes before 
the hour named in the invitation. 

On going into dinner, the gentleman of the house passes first with 
the lady who is the oldest, or the stranger, or for whom the dinner 
is given on his arm. At table he places her on his right. The host- 
ess brings up the rear on the arm of the most distinguished gentle- 
man guest, to whom she gives the place at her right at the table. The 
second places are at the left of the host and hostess. 

Cards, plain or ornamented, should be placed at each place with the 
name of the occupant. 

When dinner is over, the gentlemen again offer their arms to the 
ladies and conduct them to the drawing room, where coffee is served. 
After coffee, the gentlemen who smoke retire with the host to the 
smoking room. 


Evening dress is always in order after dark, never in the day time. 
Either white or black ties may be worn with full dress; for balls a 
white tie is better. 

For formal calls, day receptions, etc., the Prince Albert coat with 
light trousers is prescribed. 

Gentlemen are expected to wear gloves on all formal occasions. 

Gentlemen who accompany ladies to the theatre at night should 
always appear in evening dress. 


Look at those by whom you are addressed. 

Do not boast of your birth, education, financial affairs, or your in- 
fluential friends. 

To frequently repeat the name of the T)erson with whom you are 
con^ ersing implies too much familiarity. 


POST OFFICE Department. 


Corner Hennepin avenue and 

Third street. 

O. M. Laraway, P. M. 

St. Paul. 

Corner Wabasha and Fifth 


Dr. David Day, P. M. 

Open from 7:30 A. M. to 7 P. M. on week days; from 9 to 10 A. M. 
on Sundays and holidays. 

Money order department open from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Registered 
letter department from 8 A. M. to 6 P. IM., Sur.days excepted. 

Mail collected from boxes in business centre hourly from 6 A. M, to 
6 P. M. Residence portions from two to four times daily. 


Letters and all matter wholly or partially in writing; 2 cents for 
each Yz oz. or fraction thereof. 


Regular papers or magazines only from publishers to subscribers; 2 
cents per pound. 

Newspapers, magazines and periodicals 1 cent for each four ounces 
or fraction thereof. 


Circulars, books (printed), pamphlets proof sheets, and all matter 
of same general character; 1 cent for each 2 ounces or fraction thereof. 


Labels, patterns, photographs, playing cards, Christmas cards, visit- 
ing and business cards, address tags, blank paper, wrapping paper, 
blotting pads, bill heads, letter heads, envelopes, ornamented papers. 


blank books, samples of cloth, hardware, wooden ware and other 
manufactured articles, seeds, groceries and all other articles of the 
same general character. Rates: One cent for each ounce. 


Liquids, poisons, explosive and inflamable articles, fatty substances, 
fruits or vegetable matter, confectionery, cake, and matter liable to 
decomposition. Substances exhaling a bad odor. Also razors, knives, 
needles and other sharp pointed instruments, unless properly secured 
against injury to the other mail matter or to the persons of those 
handling the same. 


For all matter except single volumes of books, four pounds. 


To all principal foreign countries letter postage five cents. 


On orders not exceeding $10 8 cents. 

Over $10 and not exceeding $15 10 cents. 

" 30 15 cents. 

" 40 20 cents. 

" 50 25 cents. 

60 30 cents. 

" 70 35 cents. 

" 80 40 cents. 

" 100 45 cents. 

A single money order may include any amount from one cent to one 
hundred dollars inclusive, but must not contain a fractional part of a 


Ten cents in addition to the regular postage. 


15 " " 


30 " " 


40 " " 


50 " " 


60 " " 


70 " " 


80 " " 



©ALBNDAF^, 1884 




M T W T F S 

S Ml T Wi T F S 

S M T W T F S 

5 6 
12 13 14 


2 3 



3 4 5 


19 20 21 22 23 24 

25 26 27 28 29 30 31 

61 7 
17 1819 20 2122 23 
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 
31 ... ...; . ... 

2 3 
20 2122 23 24 25 26 

27i28:29l30;...|. ..{... 


4 5 




2| 3 

4( 5 61 7 
18 19 20 21 
25 26 27 28 

li 2 3: 4| 51 6 
7 8 911011 1213 
14 15 16 17 1819 20 

2122 23 
28 2930 

24 25,26i2'; 

20 21 

11 2 3 

8{ 910 

1516 17 

22123 24 

26,27,28 29130 31 




1| 2 

8i 9 


22 23 

29 30 

3| 4 

5i 6 7 
12 1314 

17 1819 20 21 
24 25 26 27 28 

311. ..I. ..I. ..I... 


2 3| 4 

..1 1 

71 8 

12 13 14 15 16117 18 
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 
26 27 28 29130131 ... 

1 2 

8| 9 

15 16 

22 23 

29 30 

3 41 5 6 7 
24 25 26 27 28 




61 7 

li 2 3 4 
8 910 11 
15 16 17 18 
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 
26 27 28 29 30 

2| 3l 4! 5l 6 7! 8 

9 10lllll21314ll5 

16 17 18 19 20 2122 

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 

30i311...L..l... ...I... 

...j 1 2, 3 4 
7 8J 910!ll 


20 2122 23 24 25 26 

27 28 29 30 31 ... ... 



Lieut. G. P. Ahern. 

Miss Alice Alden. 

Sergt. and Mrs. C. H. Alden. 

Lieut, and Mrs. G. Andrews. 

Capt. Charles Bentzoni. 

Lieut. J. Biddle. 

S. B. Bootes. 

Gen. and Mrs. S. Breck. 

George Briges. 

Sergt. G. E. Bushnell. 

Thomas Callaghan. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Creightou. 

Lieut. A. S. Frost. 

Col. W. T. Gentry. 

Lieut. E. F. Glenn. 

E. Hamilton. 

Lieut, and Mrs. L. R. Hare. 

Lieut, and Mrs. C. L. Hodges. 

Major and Mrs. R. P. Hughes. 

Lieut, and Mrs. A. B. Johnson. 

Capt. Gaines Lawson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leppin. 

Lieut, and Mrs. J. A. Lundeen. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mears. 

Mrs. A. G.Miller. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Minor. 

Col. and Mrs J. M. Moore. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Meyers. 

Capt. and Mrs. C. B. Penrose. 

Col. and Mrs. Glover Perin and drs. 

Lieut. C. L. Phillips. 

Henry F. Powell. 

Hugo Reid. 

Capt. and Mrs. C. F. Robe. 

Victor Robertson. 

Lieut, and Mrs. W. A. Rucker. 

Lieut, and Mrs. W. J. Sanborn. 

Fritz Schenk. 

Capt. and Mrs. F. G. Smith. 

Lieut, and Mrs W. F. Stewart. 

Capt. and Mrs. E. J. Stivers. 

Lieut, and Mrs. O. J. Sweet. 

Lieut. C. C. Tear. 

Gen. A. H. Terry and sisters. 

Lieut. R. Tully. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Wahling. 

Lieut, and Mrs. D. B. Wilson. 




F. A. Ackerman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Loren H. Batchelder. 
Rev. and Mrs. J. S. Bean. 

G. R. Bradley. 

Rev. and Mrs. Geo. H. Bridgman. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Broomfield. 

W. A. Burclifield. 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cbamberlin. 

Mrs. M. A. Chance and dr. 

Mrs. Eveline Church. 

Mrs. A. A. Clark and drs. 

T. A. Cone. 

Arthur Z. Drew. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Drew. 

Frank L. Ellis. 

B. Franklin Ellsworth. 

Mr. and Mrs. David Ellsworth and drs. 

Edward H. f^llsworth. 

Miss Lilly P'itz. 

Rev. and Mrs. A. T. Follensbee and drs. 

E. A. Follensbee. 
J. W. Follensbee. 
W. G. Follensbee. 

F. W. Force. 

Rev. and Mrs. 8. G. Gale and dr. 
Rev. and Mrs. C. F. Garvin and drs. 
Miss Daisy Gates. 

E. H. Greeley. 

Mr. and i\rrs. P. H. Greene. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Hall. 

F. W. Hart. 

F. H. Heath. 

Mr. and Mrs. Win. F. Heath. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Higgins and drs. 

F. A. Higgins. 

Rev. and Mrs. G. S. Innis. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Johnson and drs. 

Rev. and Mrs. B.F. Kephart and drs, 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert KirchhoiF. 

Miss Laura Knott. 

Mrs. Lieb and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Long. 

Mr. and Mrs E. F. Mearkle. 

Leroy Mulford. 

J. S. Parker. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Payne. 

G. S. Perry. 

Miss Lulu Powers. 

E. P.Robertson. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rossman. 

Robert Sackett. 

Mr. and Mrs. S W . Searls and dr. 

W. A. Settle. 

D. M. Shannon. 

Miss H. L. Shoemaker. 


W. N. Squire. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Taylor. 

L. J. Van Fossen. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Warner and drs. 

Mrs. Julia Watson. 

G. E. Whipp. 


L. Leigh, Wm. Dampier, 

722 Hennepin Ave. 212 Pleasant Ave. 

L. Leigh & Co., 

nenal DlnectonSj 

o® ^-^^ 


No. 20 West Third Street, 

Open Day and Night. 

Personal attendance always given. 

Telephone at store and residence of Mr. Leigh, No. 722 
Hennepin avenue. 

Sole agents in the Northwest for the Celebrated Stein 

Red Cedar Cloth Covered Caskets. 

Special facilities for business at Fort Snelling, Merriann and 
Union Parks. 

Nine years' practical experience. References — all promi- 
nent Clergymen and Physicians of St. Paul and vicinity. 



Miss M. B. Ackroyd. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bryon P. Baker. 

Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Bardwell and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Bartlett. 

W. W. Bartlett 

Mrs. M. Beekman. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bell. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bell. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Benhani. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Bergstadi. 

Mrs. M. J. Bingham. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Chamberlin. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cook. 

Miss G. R. Crane. 

Mr. and Mrs. 11. J. G. Croswell. 

Thomas H. Croswell. 

]\lr.and Mrs. A.J. Douglass. 

Miss Eunice Dowling. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Dow. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Drew. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Dutcher. 

Mrs.M. F. Eastman. 

E. S. Eddy. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Frost. 

C. M. George. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Graves. 

Mr. artdMrs. G. W. Hersee. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hillman. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hiukel. 

Mrs. H. M. Holmes. 

Mr. and Mrs. W.8. Hunkin. 

E. J. Kellay. 

Jacob Lambert. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Lockwood. 

Mrs. C. A. Long. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Long. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ludwig. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. C. McCoy. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Magnuson. 

Mr. and Mrs. 8. D. Mason. 

Miss Jennie ^[ead. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Merrell. 

A. C. Merrell, Jr. 

Mrs. E. Moore. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Murray. 

Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Nichols. 

John W. Nicols. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Northrop. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. D, Parker. 

Mrs. M. S. Lashuer. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Parsons. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Payne. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Porter. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Prince. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Provost and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Reed, 

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Bobbins. 

Miss D. A. Rogers. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Root. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Searles. 

S. F. Smith. 

INIiss Elfrida Stamm. 

Mrs. F. C. Stevens. 

Miss Ella Stewart. 

Mrs. M. Stewart and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Thompson. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Thrall. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Tiffany. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Topping. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Twiss. 

Miss A. L. Washburn. 

Mrs. F. C. Washburn. 

Geo. L. Washburn. 

J. S. Washburn. 

Miss Emma Weise. 

J. C. Wells. 

G. E. Williams. 

A. C. Woodrufl. 

Mrs. L. S. Woodruff and dr. 

Mf F. Woodruff. 

W. W. Woodruff and dr. 

Miss Irene F. Woods. 

Rev. and ^[rs. John Woods. 

A. A. Wunderlich. 





E. L. TowLE, 




221 nSTlCOLLET -i^-VE.. 


Full Bress guirs a gPEeiALTv 

Ku.ll line of KOREIQN WOOLENS 
constantly on. iTLanci. 




Advent Christian Church — N Fourth nr 
Sixth ave. Rev. C. B. Fellows, pastor- 
Organized, 1808. Membership, Go. 
Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sabbath-school, 12 m. Thursday even- 
ing prayer, 7:30 p. m. 

Church of the Messiah — S e cor Four- 
teenth and Second ave S. AV. J. Hobbs, 
pastor. Organized, Dec, 1877. Mem- 
bership, 25. Sunday services, 10:30 a 
m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 
m. Thursday, prayer meeting, 7:30 
p. m. 


Calvary Church — Cor Twenty-sixth and 
Blaisdell ave. Rev. G. L. Morrel, pas- 
tor. Sunday services, 10:3 I a. m. and 
7:30 p. m. Sabbath- school, 12 m. 
Prayer meeting every Thursday even- 
ing. Church Bible Music, and Liter- 
ary Society every Tuesday evening at 
members residences. 

Central Church — Fourth ave S cor 
Grant. Organized Dec. 30, 1869. Rev. 
F. T. Gates, pastor. Membership, 
220. Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. and 
7: .0 p.m. Sunday-school 12 m. Young 
People's meeting, 6:.30 p. m. Prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m., Thursdays. 

First Baptist Church— Cor Tenth S and 
Harmon pi. Rev. W. T. Chase, pastor. 
Membership, 500. Services, 10:30 a. m. 
and 7:30 p. m. Deacon, J. C. Hoblett. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. 

First Free Baptist Church — N w cor 
Frst ave S and Seventh. Organized 
1851. Rev. John B. Jordon, pastor. 
Membership, 180. Sunday services, 10:30 
a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday-school, 12m. 
Thursday, prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

First German Baptist Church — Twen- 
tieth ave N, nr Lyndale ave. Pastor, 
Rev. F. A. Petereit. Organized, 1885. 
Membership, 30. Services, 10:30 a. m. 
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 2:30 p. 
m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 8 

First Norwegian Baptist — Cor S Seventh 
st and Thirteenth ave. Organized, 
1879. Membership, 80. Sunday serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12 m. Thursday, prayer meet- 
ing, 7:30 p. m. 

First Swedish Baptist Church— Cor 
Twenty-fourth ave S and Riverside, 
opp street car barn. Rev. Frank 
Peterson, pastor. Sunday services, 
10:30 a. m, Young People's services, 
7:30 p. m. Evening service, 7:30. Sab- 
bath-school, 12 m. "Weekly prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m., Thursday. 

Fourth Baptist Church— Cor Eighteenth 
ave and Tenth st N. Rev. Thomas G. 
Field, pastor. Organized Dec, 1881. 
Membership, 155. Sunday services, 
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12 m. Prayer meeting, Tues- 
day and Thursday evening. 

Immanuel Church — Cor Twenty-third 
and Bloomington ave. Rev. Donald D 


MacLaurin, pastor. Organized, March 
25, 1883. Membership, 188. Services, 
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
12 m. Young People's rueeting every 
Monday, 7:30 p. m. General prayer 
meeting every Thursday, 7:30 p. ni. 

Jefferson Street Baptist Mission- 
Jefferson st bet Summer and Broad- 
way. No regular pastor. Sunday 
services, 12 m. Sunday-school, 3:00 
p. m. Sunday, Swedish Baptist service, 
7:30 p. m. Tuesday evening prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

Olivet Church— Cor Fifth and Ninth ave. 
S E. Rev. M. D. Shutter, pastor. Or- 
ganized, 1850. Membership, 160. Sun- 
day services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. 
m. Sunday-school, 12 m. Young Peo- 
ple's prayer meeting, C>:30 p. m. Prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m., Thursdays. 

Broadway Mission of the Olivet Baptist 
Church— Held in M. E. Chapel, Broad- 
way. Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. 

Stephens Avenue Free Baptist Church— 
Cor Stephens ave and Twenty-eighth 
S. Rev. A. A. Smith, pastor. Sunday 
services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sabbath-school, 12 m. 

Swedish Baptist Church — Cor Sixth 
and Twelfth ave S. Rev. Frank Peter- 
son, pastor. Organized, 1871. Mem- 
bership, 385. Sunday services, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
12 m. Sunday, Young People's meet- 
ing, rr.30 p. m. Thursday, prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p m. 

The Zion Baptist Organization (Colored) 
—2715 Twenty-eighth ave S. Rev. 
Alonzo Brown, pastor. Organized, 
Sept., 1883. Membership, 21. Services, 
10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 


Church of the Immaculate Conception — 
Cor Third and Third ave N. Rev. 

James McGolrick, pastor. Organized, 
1868. Sunday services, Mass, 6:30 and 
8:30 a. m. High Mass, 10:30 a. m. Ves- 
pers, 7:30 p. m. Daily Mass. 7:30 and 
8:30 a. m. 

Church of The INIost Holy Rosary— Cor 
S Fifth and Nineteenth ave. Rev. J. 
A. Daly , pastor. Organized, 1878. Mem- 
bership. 2,500. Sunday service, 6, 7, 
8, 9 and 10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 3 
p. m. Vespers, 4 p. m. Daily Mass, 
except Sunday, at 6 and 7 a. m. 

Our Lady of Lourdes — Prince, bet 
Central ave and First ave S. E., Rev. P. 
S. Dagnault, pastor. Organized, 1877. 
Membership, 325 families. Sunday 
services, Mass, 8 a m. High Mttss, 10 
a. m. Vespers, 2:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 1:30 p. m. 

St. Anthony of Padua— Ninth ave N E. 
bet Main and Second st. Rev. Felix 
Tissot, pastor. Sunday service. Mass, 
7:30 a. m., 10 a. m. Sunday-school, 
2 p. m. Vespers, 3 p. m. Mass daily, 
6:30 and 8 a. m. Catechism, 4 p. m. 

St. Boniface — S e cor Second street 
and Seventh ave N E. Rev. Bartholo- 
mew Rajgelj, O. S. B., pastor. Organ- 
ized, 1858. Membership, 180 families. 
Sunday services, Mass, 7:30 a. m. High 
Mass, 10:15 a. m. Sunday-school, 2:30 
p. m. Vespers, 3 p. m. Daily Mass, 8 
a. m. 

St. Clotilde (French) — S s Eleventh ave 
N bet Lyndale ave and Eighth. 
Organized, 1884. Membership, 250. 
Mass, 8 a. m. High Mass, 10 a. m. 
Vespers, 7 p. m. (summer); 3 p.m. (win- 
ter.) Weekly Mass, 8 a. m. 

St. Elizabeth (German) — N ecor Eighth 
and Fifteenth ave S. Rev. Peter 
J. Jeram, pastor. Organized, Nov. 9, 
1882. Membership, 900. Sunday serv- 
ices, First Mass, 8 a. m. High Mass, 
10 a. m. Catechism instructions for 
Children, 2 p. m. Vespers, 3 p. m. Mon- 
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 


and Friday Mass at 8 a. m. Saturday, 
Mass at 7 a. m. 
St. Joseph (Germau) — Fifth bet Eleventh 
and Twelfth aves N. Rev. Father An- 
drew Straub, pastor. Organized, 1869. 
Membership, 230 families. Services, 
Mass, 8 a. m. High Mass, 10:15 a. m. 
Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Vespers, 3 
p. m. Daily Mass, 8 a. m. 


Church of Christ — Cor Portland ave and 
Eleventh S. Rev. Enos Campbell, 
pastor. Organized, 1877. Membership, 
150. Services, Sunday, 10:3O a. m. and 
7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12:15 p. m. 
Wednesday, Ladies' Aid Society meets 
at 2:.30 p.m. Thursday, prayer meeting 
7:30. p. m. Saturday, Mission Band at 
1:30 p. m. 

Swedish Christian Mission — N e cor 
Fourth and Eighth ave S. Rev. E. A. 
Skogsbergh, pastor. Organized, 1874. 
Membership, 400. Services, 10:30 a. m. 
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 2:30 p, 
m. Thursday, preaching, 7:35 p. m. 
Tuesday, prayer meeting 7:30 p. m. 


Bethel and Kindergarten — Second st bet 
Fourteenth and Fifteenth aves S. Sun- 
day-school, 3 p. m. O.J. Griffith, supt. 
Industrial School, every Saturday. 
Kindergarten, 9 a. m. to 12 m. five week 
days; Mrs. E. Morse, chairman. Day 
nursery, 6 a. m. to 7 p. m., Mrs. J. M. 
Shaw, chairman committee. 

Como Avenue Church — Fourteenth ave 
S E bet Como ave and Talmage st. 
Rev. E. L. Morse, pastor. Organized, 
1882. Membership, 33. Sunday serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday- 
school, 12 m. Thursday, prayer meet- 
ing, 7:.30 p. m. 

First Congregational Church — Cor Fifth 
and Third ave S E. Rev. J. L. Scudder, 
pastor. Organized, 1851. Membership, 

286. Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. and 
7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. Young 
People's prayer meeting, 6:30 p. m. 
Prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30 p.m. 

Lyndale Congregational Church — Lake 
st nr Lyndale ave. Rev. Archibald 
Hadden, pastor. Organized, 1884. Mem- 
bership, 60. Sunday services, 10:30 a. 
m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 
m. Thursday, prayer meeting 7:30 p.m. 

Mayflower Congregational Church — S e 
cor Bloomington ave and Twenty-fifth 
St. Rev. Henry F. Tyler, pastor. Or- 
ganized. March, 1884. Membership, 
42. Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. Prayer meeting, 
Thursday, 7:30 p. m. Ladies' prayer 
meeting, Friday, 3 p. m. 

Pilgrim Church — Cor Lyndale ave and 
N Fourteenth st. Rev. C. W. Merrill, 
pastor. Organized, Sept., 1873. Mem- 
bership, 163. Sunday services, 10:30 a. 
m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 
Sunday, Young People's meeting, 6:15 
p. m. Thursday, prayer meeting, 7:30 
p. m. 

Plymouth Congregational Church — Nw 
cor Nicollet ave and Eighth. Rev Rob- 
ert G. Hutchins, pastor. Organized, 
1857. Membership, 850. Services, Sun- 
day, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12 m. Thursday, service, 7:30 p. 
ra. Ladies' Missionary Society, first 
week in each month. Ladies' Aid So- 
ciety, third week in each month. Com- 
munion service and reception of mem- 
bers, first Sunday in January and each 
alternate month. Pilgrim Reapers and 
Pilgrim Gleaners, each alternate week. 

Scandinavian Church of Christ (Congre- 
gational)— Cor Eighth st and Thir- 
teenth ave S. Rev. August Davis, pas- 
tor. Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. and 
7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 3 p. m. 
Wednesday and Friday, prayer meet- 
ing, 7:30 p. m. 

Second Congregational Church— Cor Park 


and Franklin aves. Rev. H. C. Hovey, 
D. D., pastor. Organized, Oct., 1867. 
Membership, 250. Sunday services, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 
m. Sunday, Young People's meeting, 
6:30 p. m. Thursday, prayer meeting, 
7:30 p. m. 

The Open Door — S e cor Jefferson st 
and Thirteenth ave N E. Rev. R. 
A. Torrey, pastor. Organized, Jan., 
1883. Membership, 30. Sunday serv- 
ices, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12:30 p. m. Thursday prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

Vine Congregational Church — E s Twen- 
ty-third ave S bet Lake and Thirty- 
first. Organized, Feb., 1882. Rev. 
Samuel V. S. Fisher, pastor. Sunday 
services, 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. 

Union Congregational Church — Lake st 
west of Lake Calhoun. Rev. George A, 
Hood, pastor. Organization, Feb., 1 884. 
Membership, 30. Sunday services, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Suuday-school, 12 
m. Thursday prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. 


All Saints Church — S w cor Fourth ave 
S and Nineteenth st. L. F. Cole, pastor. 
Organized, Oct., 1871. Membership, 90. 
Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. 
m. Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Sunday 
mission service, 4 p. m. Friday even- 
ing, 7:30 p. m. 

Gethsemane Episcopal Church — Cor 
Fourth ave S and Ninth. Rev. A. R. 
Graves, pastor. Assistant, Rev. C. E. 
Hixon. Organized, 1856. Membership, 
450. Sunday, communion, 8:30 a. m. 
Sunday-school, 9:30 a. m. Services, 11 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Service and Teach- 
ers' meeting, Friday, 7:30 p. m. 

Grace Episcopal Church — Franklin ave 
and Twenty-first S. Rev. S. G.Jeffords, 
pastor. Reorganization, 1883. Mem- 
bership, 70. Sunday services, 10:30 a. 

m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 
Holy communion, second Sunday of 
each month. 

Holy Innocents Chapel (mission chapel 
St Andrews Church) — S e cor Twelfth 
and Twenty-seventh ave N. Rev. J 
W. Prosser, rector. Regular services, 
Sunday 3:30 p. m. 

Holy Trinity Church — Fourth ave SE,cor 
Fourth St. Rev. A. J. Graham, pastor. 
Organized, June, 1852. Membership, 140 
Sunday services, 11 a. m.and 7:30. p. m. 
Sunday-school 10 a m. Communion 
service, first Sunday every month, 12 m. 

St. Andrews Episcopal Church — Cor 
Sixth and Twelfth ave N. Rev. John 
W. Prosser, rector. Organized, 1873. 
Membership, 250. Services, 11 a. m. 
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 9:45 

St. Marks Episcopal Church — S Sixth 
bet Hennepan and Nicollet aves. 
Rev. T. B. Wells, rector. Organized, 
1868. Membership, 200. Services,Sun- 
day 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12:15 p. m. 

St. Pauls Episcopal Church — Hennepin 
ave bet Twelfth and Thirteenth sts. 
Rev. Tread well Walden, rector. Or- 
ganized, 1880. Membership, 210. 
Services, Sunday, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. 
m. Sunday-school, 2:30. 


German Evangelical St. Johns Church — 
Cor Third and Sixteenth ave N. Or- 
ganized, 1869. Membership, 430. Rev. 
R. L. Henschel, pastor. Sunday serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sun- 
day-school, 2 p. m. Bible reading, 
Fridays, 7 p. m. 

S-. Josephs Evangelical Church — Six 
teenth ave N bet Third and Fourth st 
Rev. Ludwig Mack, pastor. Organized, 
1873. Membership, 60. Sunday serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 2 
p. m. 


Zion Evangelical Association — S w 
cor Fourth and Sixth ave N. Rev. E. 
H. Bauman, pastor. Organized, 1871. 
Membership, 110. Services, 10:30 a. m., 
7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12:15 p. m. 
Wednesday and Thursday evening 
prayer meetings, 7:30 p. m. 


Hebrew Reform Congregational Tem- 
ple — Fifth st bet First and Second 
ave S. Rev. Henry Iliowizi, rabbi. 
Organized, 1879. Membership, 60 fam- 
ilies. Friday Sabbath services (sermon 
delivered in English), 8 p. m. Saturday 
Sabbath services, 10 a. m. Saturday 
Sunday-school, 10 a. m. Sunday Sun- 
day-school, 10 a. m. 


Augustan a Church (Swedish Evangel- 
ical Lutheran) — X w cor Eleventh ave 
Sand Seventh. Organized, 1866. Mem- 
bership, 800. Sunday services, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
3 p. m. Temperance meeting, 5 p. m. 
Wednesday preaching, 7:30 p. m. 
Thursday Young People's meeting, 
7:30 p. m. Friday prayer meeting, 7:30 
p. m. Holy communion, first Sunday 
in each month at 10:30 a. m. 

Bethlehem (Swedish Evangelical Luth- 
eran)— Sixth bet Eleventh and Twelfth 
aves N. Rev. A. J. Enstam, pastor. 
Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 
p. m. Sunday-school, 3 p. m. Prayer 
meeting, Thursday evening at 7.30 
The Young People's Literary Society 
meets on Friday evening at 7:40. 

Evangelical Lutheran Ciiapel (Swedish) 
Rev. John Ternstedt, pastor. Services, 
Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
2:30 p. m. 

Immanuel Church — No. 15 Fourth NE. 
Rev. Otto C. Ottesen, pastor. Organ- 
ized, 1875. Membership, 65. Sunday 

services, 10:30 a. m. and 
j Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. 

F:30 p. m. 

Norwegian Lutheran Trinity Church — 
N w cor Fourth and Tenth ave S. 
Rev. M. F. Gjertsen, pastor. Organ- 
ized, 1868. Membership, 750. Services, 
Sunday 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 2.30 p. m. Wednesday, 
Young Men's meeting, 7:30 p. m. 
Thursday service, 7 30 p. m. Friday, 
Young Ladies" Society meets at 7.30 
p. m. 

Our Saviour's Norwegian Evangelical 
Lutheran Church — Cor Seventh and 
Fourteenth ave S. Rev O. P. Vangs- 
nes, pastor. Organized, 1870. Member- 
ship, 1)00. Services, Sunday, 10.30 a. m. 
and 7.30 p. m. Sunday-school, 3 p. m. 
Thursday, 7.30 p. m. 

St. John's English Lutheran Church — 
Eighth ave S bet Fourth and Fifth sts. 
Rev. G. H. Trabert, pastor. Organized, 
June, 1883. Membership, 65. Sunday, 
services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 12m. Thursday prayer 
meeting, 8 p. m. 

St. John's Lutheran Church (German) — 
No. 627 Main st N E. Rev. M. H. 
Quehl, pastor. Reorganized, April, 1881. 
Membership, 45. Sunday service, 10 a. 
m. Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. 

St. Paul's Norwegian Evangelical. 
Lutheran Church — N w cor Fourth 
and Fifteenth ave S. Rev. Ingvald 
Eisteinson, pastor. Organized, 1870. 
Membership, 300. Services, 10:30 a. m. 
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 2:30 p. 
m. Prayer meeting, every Tuesday, 
7:30 p. m, 

Swedish Mission House — Cor Eighth ave 
S and Fourth. 

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church — 
Cor Seventh and Eleventh ave S. Rev. 
John Ternstedt, pastor. Organized, 
1868. Membership, 700. Sunday serv- 
vices, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 3 p. m. Wednesday, regular 


service, 7:30 p. m. Thursday, Young 
People, 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting, 
Friday, 7:30 p. m. 
Trinity German Lutheran Church — Cor 
Fourth and Ninth ave S. Rev. Fred- 
erick A. T.Sievers, pastor. Organized, 
1856. Membership, 100 families. Serv- 
ices, 10:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 2:30 
p. m. In Lent and Advent, Thursday, 
7:30 p. m. 

Methodist Episcopal. 

African M. E. Church — 112 Second st S 

E. Rev. C. W. Newton, pastor. Or- 
ganized, 1869. Membership, 50. Sun- 
day, class service, 10 a. m. Sunday, 
regular service, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Thursday, 
prayer and preaching, 7:30 p. m. 

Centenary M. E. Church — First ave S 
cor Seventh. Membership, 400. Rev. 

F. J. Wagner, pastor Organized, 1866. 
Services, Sunday, 10 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Young Peo- 
ple's meeting, 6:3 ) p m. Classes, Sun- 
day, 9 a. m., 12 m. and Tuesday evening. 

First M. E.Church — University ave S E 
bet Second and Third aves. Rev. 
A. C. Williams, D. D., pastor. Organ- 
ized, 1849. Membership, 310. Sunday 
services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. Prayer meet- 
ing, Thursdays, 7:30 p. m. 

First German M. E. Church— Cor Fifth 
and Fourth ave S. Organized, 1865. 
Rev. Henry Schnitker, pastor. Mem- 
bership, 130. Sunday services, 10:30 
a. m., 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 
Thursday evening, prayer meeting, 7:30 
p.m. Tuesday evening, Young People's 
meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

First Swedish M. E. Church — Ws Sev- 
enth bet Eleventh and Twelfth ave S. 
Rev. Nicholas G. Nelson, pastor. Sun- 
day services, 10:30 a. m., 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m . 

Foss Methodist Church — Cor Fifth and 

Eleventh ave N. Rev. J. M. Bull, 
pastor. Membership, 230. Sunday serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12 m. Prayer meeting, Thurs- 
day, 7-30 p. m. 

Franklin Avenue M. E. Church — Sw 
cor Fifth ave S and Twentieth. Rev. 
C. A. Van Anda, pastor. Organized, 
1873. Membership, 275. Sunday serv- 
vices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sun- 
day-school, 12 m. Young People's 
meeting, 6:30 p. m. Thursday, prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

Hennepin Avenue M. E. Church — Hen- 
nepin ave cor Tenth. Membership, 
320. Rev. John L. Pitner, pastor. Sun- 
day services, 10:30 a. m, and 7:45 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Young Peo- 
ple's meeting, 7 p. m. 

Norwegian M. E. Church — Cedar ave 
cor Third. 

Norwegian and Danish M. E. Church — 
N e cor Thirteenth ave S and Ninth 
street. Rev. F. W. Erickson, pastor. 
Organized, 1873. Membership, 100. Sun- 
day service, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Young Peo- 
ple's meeting, 6:30 p. m. Thursday, 
prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

Second German M. E. Church — S e cor 
Second and Tenth ave. NE. Rev. C. F 
Blume, pastor. Rev. J. C. Huber, as- 
sistant pastor. Organized, 1861. Mem- 
bership, 29. Sunday services, 10:30 a. 
m. and 7 p. m. Sunday-school, 2 p. m. 
Wednesday, prayer meeting, 7 p. m. 

Simpson ^[. E. Church — N w cor Twen- 
ty-eighth and First ave S, Rev. James 
G. Tetor, pastor. Sunday services, 10:30 
a. m., 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 

Taylor Street M. E. Church — Cor Taylor 
andTwenty-fiflh ave N E. Rev. Frank 
I. Fisher, pastor. Organized, 1882. Sun- 
day services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. Young People's 
meeting, 6:30 p. m. Thursday, prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m. 



Third German M. E. Church — Sw cor 
Seventh and Eighteenth aveN. Rev. 
C. F. BInme, pastor. Rev. J. C. Huber, 
assistant pastor. Organized, 1S84. Mem- 
bership, 25. Sunday service^, 10:30 a. 
m., 7 p. m. Sunday-school, 2 p. m. 
Thursday, prayer meeting, 7 p. m. 

Thirteenth Avenue M. E. Church — Cor 
Thirteenth ave S and Tenth. Rev. J. 
B. Starkey, pastor. Organized, 1870. 
Membership, 400. Sunday services, 
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
12 m. Prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30 
p. m. 

Twenty-fourth Street M. E. Church — N 
e cor Twenty-third ave and Twenty- 
fourth street. Rev. David Morgan, 
pastor. Organized, 1883. Membershi]), 
50. Sunday services, 10:30 a. m., 7:30 
p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. Young 
People's meeting, 6:30 p. m. Literary 
Society, Tuesday evening, 7:30 p. m. 
Prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30 p. m. 

Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church — 
Seventeenth ave S and Franklin. Rev. 
John Moses, pastor. Services, 10:30 
a. m., 7 p. m. Sabbath-school, 2 p. m. 
Tuesday evening, prayer meeting, 7:30 
p. m. Class meeting, Thursday, 7:30 p. m. 


Andrew Presbyterian Church — Cor 
Fourth and Eighth ave S E. Rev. Peter 
Stryker, D. D., pastor. Organized, 1857 
Membership, 160. Sunday services, 
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
12 m. Jackson Street Mission Sunday- 
school, 3 p. m. Young People's prayer 
meeting, 7 p. m. Prayer meeting, 
Thursdays, 7:30 p. m. 

Bethlehem Church — N e cor Pleasant ave 
and Twenty-sixth S. Organized, Jan. 
4, 1884. Rev. Joseph Lanman, pastor. 
Membership, 70. Sunday services, 10:30 
a. m., 7:45 p. m. and 12 m. Young Peo- 
ple's meeting, 7:15 p. m. Prayer meet- 
ing, Thursday, 7:45 p. m. 

Bloomington Ave Presbyterian Church 
—Bloomington ave cor Twenty-seventh 
S. Rev. James M. Patterson, pastor. 
Organized, March 7, 1884. Member- 
ship, 76. Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 
p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. Young 
People's meeting, Sunday, 6:30 p. m. 
Prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30 p. m. 

Fifth Presbyterian Church— S e cor 
Lakeside ave and Lyndale ave. Rev. 
Rockwood Macquesten, pastor. Or- 
ganized, 1879. Membership, 70. Sun- 
day services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p.m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. Sunday evening 
prayer, 7 p.m. Thursday, prayer meet- 
ing, 7:30 p. m. Ladies' Wednesday 
prayer meeting, 2 p. m. 

First Presbyterian Church (Park ave)— 
S e cor Tenth and Park ave. Rev. S. M. 
Campbell, D. D., pastor. Organized, 
June, 1835. Membership, 350. Sunday 
services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sun- 
day-school, 12 m. Sunday, Young Peo- 
ple's meeting, 6:30 p. m. Thursday 
evening prayer, 7:30 p. m. 

Franklin Ave Presbyterian Church — S e 
cor Franklin and Twenty-third aves S. 
Rev. I). E. Wells, pastor. Organized, 
1872. Membership, 100. Sunday serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday 
school. 3 p. m. Young People's meet- 
ing, 6:;30 p. m. Prayer meeting, Thurs- 
day, 7:30 p. m. 

Highland Park Church — Tenth bet 
Twentieth and Twenty-first avesN. 
Rev. N. H. Bell, pastor. Organized, 
March, 1884. Sunday services, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
12 m. Weekly prayer and song serv- 
ice, 7:30 Thursday evening. 

Hope Presbyterian Church -Cor Ninth 
ave and Third N. Rev. Thomas B. 
Greenlee, pastor. Organized, May, 1884 
Membership, 38. Services, 10:30 a. m. 
and 7:30 p. m. Sabbath-school, 12 m. 
Pastor's Aid Society Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. 
Thursday eve, prayer meeting, 7:30. 



Riverside Missien — (Presbyterian) 
Twenty-first ave S near Second. Sun- 
day-school, 3 p.m. Wednesday, prayer 
meeting, 7:3J p. m. Kindergarten, Sat- 
urda}', 10 a. m., under the supervisiou 
of Westminster Church. 

Shiloh Presbyterian Church — Harrison 
cor Twenty-fourth ave. SE. Rev. Ebene- 
zer B. Caldwell, pastor. Organized, Sept. 
21, 1884. Membership, 18. Sunday 
services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sabbath-school, 12 m. Young People's 
meeting, 6:3 J p. m. Prayer meeting, 
Thursday, 7:30 p. m. 

Westminster Church — Nicollet ave cor 
Seventh. Rev. R. F. Sample, pastor. 
Organized, August, 1850. Membership, 
800. Sunday services," 10:30 a. m. and 
7:.30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12:1-5 p. m. , 
Young People's prayer meeting, 6:.30 p. j 
m. Prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30 p. I 
m. Ladies' meeting, Thursday, 3 p. m. ' 


Friends Meeting House — Hennepin ave ' 
cor Eighth. A. Y. Talbert, W. W. i 
Wales and Ervin G. Taber, ministers. 
Meml)ership, 200. Sunday services, 
10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 
Thursday services, 10:.30 a. m. Thurs- 
day, prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

Swedenborgian or New Jerusalem — S w. 
cor Fifth ave S and Ninth. W. H. 
Butterfield, leader. Organized, 1866. 
Membership, 30. Sunday service, 10:.30 
a.m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 


Church of the Redeemer (First Univer- 
salists) ^S e cor Eighth and Second 
ave S. Rev. J. H. Tuttle, D. D., pastor. 
Organized, 1859. Membership, 25 '. Sun- 
day services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m 
Sunday-school, 12 m. Thursday, prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

Second Universalist Church — Eighth, 
ave S E bet Sixth and Seventh. Rev, 

L. D. Boynton, pastor. Organized, 1883. 
Membership, 90 families. Sunday serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12 m. 


First L'nitarian (Jewish Synagogue) — 
Rev. H. M. Simm' ns, pastor. Organ- 
ized, 1882. Sunday services, 10:30 a. m 
Sunday school, 12:30 p. m. ■ ■< . 

Free Christian Church (Norwegian). — 
Cor Washington ave S and Thirteenth, 
Rev. Kristofer Jansen, Pastor. Organ- 
ized January, 1882. Membership, 100. 
Sunday services, 10:30 a, m. Sunday 
school, 12 m. Sunday historical lecture, 
8 p. m. Monday evening, 8 p. m., at 
309 Plymouth ave, regular service. 

Young Men's Christian Asso<?ia- 

(Free to all young men all the year 
round.) 519 and 521 Nicollet ave. 

Privileges.— Reading room, over one hun- 
dred papers and magazines. Open 
daily from 9 a. m. to 9:30 p. m. Sun- 
days from 3 to 6 p. m. Boarding house 
register, for the convenience of young 
men wisliing good homes. 'Employ- 
ment department, open daily except 
Sundays, from 10 to 11 a. m. Social re- 
ception and entertainment, last Wed- 
nesday evening of each month. 

Meetings. — Sunday morning at 9:15, i e- 
ginners' bible class. Sunday afternoon 
at 4 o'clock, young men's Bible study. 
Tuesday evening at 7:45, fouag men's 
social religious meeting. P'riday even- 
ing at 7:45, workers' training class. 

OtBcers.— W. M. Tenney, president; C, 
E, Dyer, first vice president; M. B. 
Critchett, second vice president; Ed- 
ward Savage, recording secretary; F. 
A. Chamberlain, treasurer; John H. 
Elliott, general secretary; W. H. 
Holmes, assistant secretary; George 


Warner, assistant secretary Bridge Eiverside ave. C. E. Dyer, president; 
Square branch; Theo. F. Judd, secre- J. G. Nind, secretary; 0. J. Griffith, 
tary railroad department. treasurer; Edwin Sidney Williams, su- 
perintendent; .Samuel B. Beaven, as- 
City ]\Iission. - sistant superintendent. Services every 
Minneapolis City Missionary Society. — j evening, 7:30 p. m. Sunday school, 2:15 
521 Washington ave S. Branch, 2533 p. m. 

The Sunday Gazette. 

Ttie orLl3r F^ Sunday Newspaper 
pu.blishied. in Nlinnesota. 




Subscription Price, $1.50 per Annum, 

Delivered. T3y carrier to any part of the cit_v, or tsy mail, 
postage paid. 




Sixth St., Cor. Nicollet Ave., 

Syndicate Block, - - MINNEAPOLIS. 



— ' ? Stage: 


^ x^i-VEiR^r /g) 

Boarding* Stable, 

E. W. Eddy & Son, 


39 and 41 South Third Street, 


Carriages and. Cou-pes for Calling, 
Parties, Stropping, etc. 

.0— -^^ — aiv^ — Q . 

^^ Telephone 78-3.5^ 





o 55 














1 ^ 














































A Street. 
From Prospect east to Ontario S. E., 
first west of University Ave. 

Adams Street. 
From intersection of Fourth Ave. 
and Fifth Street N. E., north to Seven- 
teenth N. E. 

Arthur Street. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Twenty- 
second, first west of Euclid. 

B Street. 
From Prospect east to Ontario S. E. 

Blaisdell Ave. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
eighth Street, first west of Nicollet 

Bloomington Ave. 
From Franklin Ave. sonth to Thirty- 
eighth Street, first east of Fifteenth 
Ave. S. 

Bluff" Street. 
From Cedar Ave. east to Twentieth 
Ave. S., first south of Mississippi 

Border Ave. 
From Holden northwest to Lakeside 
Ave., first southwest of Highland Ave. 

From Franklin Ave. south to Twenty- 
seventh Street, along Lake of the 

Bradford Ave. 
From Sixth Ave. N. north to Eighth 
Ave. N., one west of Hoag Ave. 

Bridge Square. 
From suspension bridge southeast to 
First Street, continuation of Henne- 
pin and Nicollet Aves. 

Bridge Street. 
From Stone Arch Bridge to Park. 

Broadway Street. 
From Main east to Oak, first south 
of Twelfth Ave. N. E. 

Brook Ave. 
From Fourteenth east to Twenty- 
sixth Street S. E., first south of Como 

Buchanan Street. 
From Division north to Twenty- 
seventh Street N. E., first east of 

Butler Place. 
From Twenty-third Ave. S. to Twenty- 
fifth Ave. S. 

C Street. 
From Prospect east to Ontario. 

California Street. 
From Oregon N. to Twenty-seventh 
Ave. N. E., first east of Grand. 

Canal Street. 
From Fifth Ave. S., southeast to Eighth 
Ave. S., first southwest of river. 

Cedar Ave. 
From Bluff" south to Thirty-eighth 
Street S., first west of Nineteenth 
Ave. S. 

Cedar Lake Road. 
From AVestern Ave. southwest to city 
limits, first west of Thirteenth Street N. 

Cedar Place. 
From Twenty-second Street south to 
Twenty-fourth, first east of Cedar 

Central Ave. 
From suspension bridge northeast to 
Tenth Street. (E. D.) 



Chestnut Ave. 
From Eleventh Street N., west to 
Nineteenth Street N., begins two 
blocks east of Hennepin Ave. 

Chicago Ave. 
Continuation of Eighth Ave. S. from 
Ninth Street S. 

Church Street. 
From A south to Water, first east of 

Como Ave. 
Tenth Ave. S. E. east to Twenty- 
sixth Ave. S. E., first north of Tal- 

Cross Street. 
From Marshall west to Ramsey, first 
north of Thirteenth Ave. N. E. 

Crystal Lake Ave. 
From 1523 Twentieth Ave. N. to city 

D Street, 
From Prospect east to Twenty-seventh 
Ave. S. E. 

Dell Place. 
From Lyndale Ave. east and south- 
east to Forest Ave., first southwest of 
Oak Grove. 

Division Street. 
From Harrison east to Twenty-sixth 
Ave. S. E., first north of Talmage 

Douglas Ave. 
From Mount Curve Ave. west to 
Thirty-first, first north of Summit 

E. Street. 
From Prospect east to Twenty-seventh 
Ave. S. E. 

East Street. 
From Grove east to Twenty-fourth N., 
first south of Summit Ave. 

Eighteenth ave. N. 
From River to Twenty-first, eighth 
north of Hennepin Ave. 

Eighteenth Ave. N. E. 
From Washington east to city limits, 
eighteenth north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Eighteenth Ave. S. 

From Cedar Ave. southwest and south 

to city limits, begins five blocks south 

of Washington Ave. 
Eighteenth and a-half Ave. S. 

From Thirtieth Street S. south to city 

limits, one east of Cedar Ave. 
Eighteenth Ave. S. E. 

From University Ave. to Eighteenth 

Ave. N. E., eighteenth east of Central 

Ave. (E. D.) 
Eighteenth Street N. 

From Western Ave. to Fourth Ave. 

Eighteenth Street S. 

From Nicollet Ave. west to Cedar 

Eighth Ave. N. 

From First Street, southwest to Third 

Street, and from Fifth Street west to 

Twenty-third Street, eighth north of 

Hennepin Ave. 
Eijjhth Ave. N. E. 

Fr^m Sibley to Sixth N. E., Eighth 

north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 
Eighth Ave. S. 

From River southwest to Ninth, 

thence south to city limits, called 

Chicago Ave. 
Eighth Ave. S. E. 

From Main to Ninth S. E., eighth 

south of Central Ave. (E. D.) 
Eighth Street N. 

From 800 Hennepin Ave. north to city 

Eighth Street N. E. 

From Sixteenth Ave. northeast to 

Twenty-third Ave. N. E. 
Eighth Street S. 

From 800 Hennepin Ave. south to 

Eighth Street S. E. 

From 800 Central Ave. to Nineteenth 

Ave. S. E. 
Eighth and a-half Streets. 

From Twenty-second Ave. S. south to 

Twenty-Fourth Ave. 



Eleventh Ave. N. 
From 1100 N. Fourth Street west to 
Twenty-second Street. 

Eleventh Ave. jS". E. 
From River to Broadway, eleventh 
north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Eleventh Ave. S. 
From River south to Thirty-eighth 
Street, eleventh south of Hennepin 

Eleventh Ave. S. E. 
From Main northwest to Como Ave., 
eleventh south of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Eleventh Street N. 
From 1100 Hennepin Ave. northwest 
and north to Twenty-sixth. 

Eleventh Street N. E. 
From Twenty-second Ave. northeast 
to Twenty-sixth Ave. N. E., continua- 
tion of Monroe. 

Eleventh Street S. 
From 1100 Hennepin Ave. southeast to 

Erie Ave. 
From Hennepin Ave. west to St. P. M. 
& M. track, five blocks beyond Twelfth 

Erie Street S. E. 
From River Bed north to Fourth S.E., 
one east of Ontario. 

Euclid Ave. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Twenty- 
seventh Street, one west of Twenty- 
sixth Street N. 

F Street S. E. 
From River east to Huron. (E. D.) 

Ferguson Ave. 
From Lyndale Ave. east to Pleasant 
Ave., first south of Twenty-fourth 
Street S. 

Ferry Street. 
From Marshall east to Main, first north 
of Seventeenth Ave. X. E. 

Fifteenth Ave. N. 
From river west to Thirteenth Street N. 

Fifteenth Ave. N. E. 
From Main east to Monroe Street. 

Fifteenth Ave. S. 
From Cedar Ave. southwest to 
Eighteenth, thence south to city lim- 

Fifteenth Ave. S. E. 
From University Ave. northeast to 

Fifteenth Street N. 
From Hennepin Ave. north to Chest- 
nut Ave. and from Twenty-sixth Ave 
N. to Thirty-fourth Ave. N. 

Fifteenth Street S. 
From Spruce Place east to Twelfth 
Ave. S. 

Fifth Ave. N. 
From River southwest to Twenty- 
second Street, fifth north of Hennepin 

Fifth Ave. N. E. 
From River northeast to Fifth Street, 
fifth north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Fifth Ave. S. 
From 500 Washington Ave. S. south to 
Grant, thence south to city limits. 

Fifth Ave. S. E. 
From Main northeast to Division, fifth 
south of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Fifth Street N . 
From 500 Hennepin Ave. northwest 
and north to Thirty-fourth Ave. N. 

Fifth Street N. E. 
From 500 Central Ave. north to Twen- 
ty-seventh Ave. X. E. 

Fifth Street S. 
From 500 Hennepin Ave. southeast to 
Cedar Ave., thence east to Twenty- 
second Ave. S. 

Fifth Street S. E. 
From 500 Central Ave. to Twenty-sixth 
Ave.S. E. • 

Fillmore Street. 
From Division to Twenty-ninth Ave* 
X. E., first east of Taylor. 

First Ave. X. 
From River southwest to Hawthorne 
Ave., thence west to Thirteenth Street 



First Ave. N. E. 
From Main northeast to Central Ave. 

First Ave. S. 
From Higli southwest to Grant, thence 
south to city limits. 

First Ave. S. E. 
From Main northeast to Fifth Street. 

First Street N. 
From Hennepin Ave. northwest to 
Plymouth Ave., thence north to Thirty- 
third Ave. N. 

First Street S. 
From Hennepin Ave. southeast to 
Cedar Ave., thence east to Twentieth 
Ave. S. 

Forest Ave. 
From Lyndale Ave. east to Shade, sec- 
ond north of Franklin Ave. 

Fort Ave. 
From Twenty-Fourth Street S. south- 
east to city limits, begins one block 
eastof Cedar Ave. 

Fortieth Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. to Thirty-eighth. 

Forty-first Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. to Thirty-eighth. 

Forty-second Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. to Thirty-eighth. 

Fourteenth Ave. N. 

From river west to city limits. 

Fourteenth Ave. N. E. 
From Main east to Fourth Street N. E. 

Fourteenth Ave. S. 
From Cedar Ave. southwest to Eight 
eenth Street, thence south to city 
limits; called Hamilton Ave. from Lake 

Fourteenth Ave. S. E. 
From University Ave. northeast to 
Ninth Street S. E. 

Fourteenth Street N. 
From First Ave. N. north to Thirty- 
fourth Ave. N. 

Fourteenth Street S. 

From Hennepin Ave. southeast to 
Grant, and from Central Park east to 
Eleventh Ave. S. 

Fourth Ave. N. 
From river southwest to Sixth Street N. 

Fourth Ave. N. E. 
From river northeast to Fifth Street, 
thence east to Madison. 

Fourth Ave. S. 
From 400 Washington Ave. southwest 
to Grant, thence south to city limits. 

Fourth Ave. S. E. 
From Second Street northeast to 
Seventh S. E. 

Fourth Street N. 
From Hennepin Ave. northwest to 
Eleventh Ave. N., thence north to 
Thirty-fourth Ave. N. 

Fourth Street N. E. 
From Central Ave. northwest to Broad- 
way, thence south to Twenty-sixth 
Ave. K E. 

Fourth Street S. 
From Hennepin Ave. southeast to 
Franklin Ave. 

Fourth Street S. E. 
From Central Ave. southeast to city 

Franklin Ave. (Twentieth Street S.) 
From Hennepin Ave. east to Riverside 

Garfield Ave. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
ninth S., first east of Lyndale Ave. 

Grand Ave. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
eighth S., first west of Pleasant Ave. 

Grand Street N. E. 
From Thirteenth Ave. N. E. north to 
Twenty-ninth Ave. N. E., first east of 

Grant Street. 
From Nicollet Ave. east to Portland 
Ave., first north of Fourteenth Street S. 

Grove Place. 
East and west across Nicollet Island, 
first north of Central Ave. 

Grove Street. 
From Franklin Ave. north to East, first 
west of Twenty-fourth N. 


Groveland Ave. 
From Lakeview Ave. to Hennepin Ave., 
first north of Mount Curve Ave, 

Hamline Ave. 
From Twenty -eighth Ave. S. E. to 
Twenty-ninth Ave. S. E. 

Hamilton Ave. (Fourteenth Ave. S.) 
From Lake south to Thirty-eighth. 

Harmon Place, 
From Tenth to Sixteenth Streets, first 
south of Hennepin Ave. 

Harriet Ave. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
eighth S., first west of Grand Ave. 

Harrison Street. 
From Division southeast to Twenty- 
ninth Ave. N. E., first east of Van 

Harvard Street S. E. 
From River north to University Ave., 
first east of Union. 

Hawthorne Ave. 
From Ninth Street N. southwest to 
railroad track, first north of Hennepin 

Hennepin Ave. 
From suspension bridge southwest to 
city limits; dividing line for streets 
and avenues north and south. 

High Street. 
From Bridge Square southeast to Sec- 
ond Ave. S., first west of river. 

Highland Ave. 
From Royalston Ave. north and west 
to Lyndale Ave., first northeast of 
Lakeside Ave. 

Hill S. E. 
From "Water east to Oak, first south 

Hillside Place. 
From Groveland Ave. southwest to 
Mount Curve Ave., first east of Twenty- 
third S. W, 

Hoag Ave. ' 
From Sixth Ave. N. north to Eighth 
Ave., first west of Sixth Street N. 

Holden Street. 
From Western Ave. northwest to Lake- 
side Ave., first south of Highland Ave. 

Holme-i Street S. E. 
From Ninth S. E. north to Winter, 
first north of Tuttle. 

Howard Street N. E. 
From Nineteenth Ave. N. E. north to 
Twenty-second Ave. N, E., first east 
of Piatt. 

Huron Ave. 
From Hennepin Ave. west to Twenty- 
fourth N., first south of Erie Ave. 

Huron Street S. E. 
From A Street south to River Road, 
first west of Union. 

Island Ave. 
From suspension bridge around Nic- 
ollet Island. 

Jackson Street N. E. 
From Third N. E. north to Twenty- 
ninth Ave., first east of Quincy. 

Jefferson Street N, E. 
From Third Ave. north to Twenty- 
ninth Ave., first east of Adams. 

Johnson Street N. E. 
From Division north to Twenty-ninth 
Ave. N. E., first east of Lincoln. 

Lake Place. 
From Euclid Ave. east to Twenty-sixth, 
near Lake of the Isles. 

Lake Street. (Thirtieth Street S.) 
From Lake Calhoun east to east city 

Lakeside Ave. 
From Western Ave. north and west to 
Lyndale Ave., first east of Lyndale. 

Lakeview Ave. 
From Mount Curve Ave., west to Thir- 
ty-second S. W., first north of Doug- 
las Ave. 

Laurel Ave. 
From Hennepin Ave. west to Twenty- 
third, first south of Hawthorne Ave. 

Lincoln Ave. 
From Lyndale Ave. west to Twenty- 
sixth, first north of Franklin Ave. 


Lincoln Street N. E. 
From Division North to Twenty-ninth 
Ave. N. E., first east of Buchanan. 

Linden Ave. 
From Twelfth Street N. west to T wen- 
ty-first N., first south of Chestnut Ave. 

Lindley Ave. 
From Franklin Ave. south to city lim- 
its, second west of Nicollet ave. 

Lock wood Street. (Ninth Street, S. E.) 
From Third Ave. to Fifth Ave. S. E. 

Lyndale Ave. N. 
From Hennepin Ave north to city lim- 

Lyndale Ave. S. 
From Hennepin Ave. south to city 
limits, sixth west of Nicollet Ave. 

Madison Street. 
From Third Ave. N. E., north to 
Twenty-ninth Ave., first east of Jeffer- 

Main Street N. E. 
From Central Ave. northwest to Broad- 
way, thence north to Twenty-ninth 
Ave. N. E., first west of Second N. E. 

Main Street,*S. E. 
From Central Ave. S. E. to Eleventh 
Ave. S. E., first south of Second S. E. 

Maple Place. 
Across Nicollet Island, second north 
of suspension bridge. 

Marshall Ave. 
From Oak east to Twenty-fourth Ave. 
S. E., first north of Fifth S. E. 

Marshall Street N. E. 
From Fifth Ave. N. E. northwest to 
Twenty-second Ave.N. E., first west of 

Martha Street S. E. 
From University Ave., north to city 
limits, first east of Mary. 

Mary Place. 
From Eighth Street S. southwest to 
Thirteenth, first west of Nicollet Ave. 

Mary Street. 
From Como. Ave north to Division, 
first east of Tuttle. 

Mary Streets. E. 
From University north to city limits, 
first east of Twenty-seventh Ave. S. 

Mill Street. 
From Twenty-first Ave. N. north to 
Thirty-first Ave. N., first east of First 
Street N. * 

Minnehaha Ave. 
From Cedar Ave. southeast to Thir- 
ty-eighth, first east of Nineteenth Ave. 

Monroe Street. 

From 1 hird Ave. N. E. north to Twen- 
ty-ninth Ave. N. E., first east of Madi- 

Mount Curve Ave. 
From Hennepin Ave. northwest to 
Groveland Ave, first north of Douglas 

Nicollet Ave. 
From suspension bridge southwest to 
Grant, thence south to city limits. 

Nicollet Street. 
From Grove northwest to Maple, 
through centre of Nicollet Island. 

Nineteenth Ave. N. 
From river to Washington Ave., sixth 
north of Plymouth. 

Nineteenth Ave. N. E. 
From Main east to Fillmore N. E., 
Nineteenth north of Central Ave. 

Nineteenth Ave S. 
From Bluff south to Minnehaha Ave., 
nineteenth south of Hennepin Ave. 

Nineteenth Ave. S. E. 
From University Ave. northeast to 
Fifth Street S. E., Nineteenth south of 
Central Ave. 

Nineteenth Ave. S.W. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
ninth, first west of Lyndale. 

Nineteenth Street N. 
From Superior Ave. north to St. P. 
M. & M. track, first west of Lyndale. 

Nineteenth Street S. 
From Nicollet Ave. east to Cedar Ave. 



Nineteenth Street S. W. 

Park Ave. 

From Franklin Ave. north to Henne- 

From Tenth Street south to city 

pin Ave. 

limits, continuation of Seventh Ave.S. 

Ninth Ave. N. 

Park Place. 

From Second Street N. southwest to 

From P>ankliu Ave. south to Thirty- 

Fourth Street, ninth north of Henne- 

eighth, first east of Portland Ave. 

pin Ave. 

Perry Ave. (Forty-second Ave. S.) 

Ninth ave. N. E. 

From Thirf y-first S. south to city limits. 

From River northwest to Broadway, 

Pierce Street S. E. 

ninth north of Central Ave. 

From Division north to Twenty-ninth, 

Ninth ave. S. 

first east of Fillmore. 

From River southwest to Thirty- 

Places Court. 

eighth, ninth south of Hennepin Ave. 

From Fourteenth north to Grant, 

Ninth Ave. S. E. 

Third west of Nicollet Ave. 

From Main northwest to Ninth Street 

Piatt Street. 

S. E., ninth south of Central Ave. 

From Twentieth Ave. to Twenty- 

Ninth Street N. 


From Hawthorne Ave. north to city 

Pleasant Ave. 

limits, crosses Western Ave. two blocks 

From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 

west of Lyndale. 

eighth S., fourth east of Lyndale Ave. 

Ninth N. E. 

Pleasant Street S. E. 

From Nineteenth Ave. N. E. north to 

From river north to A, first west of 

Twenty-ninth Ave. N. E. 


Ninth Street S. 

Plum Street. 

From 900 Hennepin Ave. southeast to 

From Twentieth Ave. N., north to 

Riverside ave. 

Twenty-first Ave. N. first east of First 

Ninth Street S.E. 

Street N. 

From Central Ave. southeast to Tenth 

Plymouth Ave. (Thirteenth Ave. N.) 

Ave. S. E. 

From upper bridge west to Twenty- 

Oak Grove. 


From Vineland Place southeast to 

Polk Street. 

Nicollet Ave., continuation of Seven- 

From Division north to Twenty-ninth, 

teenth Streets. 

first east of Tyler. 

Oak Lake Ave. 

Portland Ave. 

From Sixth Ave. N., north to Eighth 

Continuation of Sixth Ave. S., south 

Ave., first east of Lyndale Ave. 

of Grant. 

Oak Street S. E. 

Portland Place. 

From river north to Fourth Street 

From Franklin Ave. south to Twenty- 

S. E., first east of Walnut. 

fifth S., firs: east of Portland Ave. 

Ontario Ave. 

Prince Street S. E. 

From Lyndale Ave. west to Twenty- 

From Central Ave. southeast to First 

fourth, first south of Laurel Ave. 

Ave. S. E. 

Ontario S. E. 

Prospect Street. 

From river north to B, first east of Oak. 

From Vine Place west to Johnson. 

Oregon Street. 

Prospect Street S. E. 

From Main west to California, first 

From River north to A Street, first 

south of Sixteenth Ave. N. E. 

west of Pleasant Street. 


Quincy Street. 
From Third Ave. N. E. north to Twen- 
ty-ninth Ave. N. E., first east of Mun- 

Ramsey Street. 
From River south to Sixth Ave. N. E., 
first west of Marshall. 

Ridgewood Ave. 
From Lyndale Ave. east and south to 
Franklin Ave., first south of Forest 

River Bed. (River Front.) 
From Huron southeast to Oak. (E. D.) 

River Street N. E. 
From Thirteenth Ave. N. E. north to 
Ramsey, first east of Mississippi river. 

Riverside Ave. 
Continuation of Fourth Street S. from 
Cedar Ave to city limits. 

Rogler Ave. 
From Franklin Ave to Thirty-eighth. 

Rollins Ave. S. E. 
From Fourteenth Ave. S. E. east to 
Twenty-sixth Ave. S. E., second south 
of Como Ave. 

Rollins Street. 
From Fourth Ave. N. E northwest to 
Fifth Ave. N. E., first East of Main. 

Royalston Ave. 
From Highland Ave. north to Sixth 
Ave. N., second east of Lyndale Ave. 

Second Ave. N. 
From River southeast to Sixth Street 
N., second north of Hennepin Ave. 

Second Ave. N. E. 
From River northeast to Central Ave., 
second North of Central Ave. 

Second Ave. S. 
From River southwest to Grant, thence 
south to city limits. 

Second Ave. S. E. 
From River to Harrison, second south 
of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Second Street N. 
From 200 Hennepin Ave. northwest to 
Plymouth ave., thence north to city 

Second Street N. E. 
From 200 Central Ave. northwest to 
Broadway, thence north to Thirty- 
fourth Ave. N. E. 

Second Street S. 
From 200 Hennepin Ave. southeast to 
Cedar Ave., thence east to Twenty- 
second Ave. S. 

Second and a half Street S. 
From Cedar Ave. west to river, first 
south of Washington Ave. 

Second Street S. E. 
From 200 Central Ave. southeast to 
Eleventh Ave. S. E. 

Seventeenth Ave. N. 
From River west to Fourteenth Street 
N., seventeenth north of Hennepin 

Seventeenth Ave. N. E. 
From Marshall Street east to Adams N. 
E., seventeenth north of Central Ave- 
(E. D.) 

Seventeenth Ave. S. 
From Cedar Ave. southwest to Eighth 
Street S., thence south to city limits 
(called Columbia Ave.) from Thir- 
tieth S. 

Seventeenth Ave. S. E. 
From University Ave. northeast to 
Eighth S. E., seventeenth east of Cen- 
tral Ave. (E. D.) 

Seventeenth Street N. 
From Erie north to Chestnut, first east 
of Lyndale Ave. 

Seventeenth Street S. 
From Spruce Place east to Eleventh 
Ave. S. (called Oak Grove) west of 
Spruce Place. 

Seventh Ave. N. 
From River southwest to Fourth 
Street, and from Fifth Street east to 
Lyndale Ave., seventh north of Henne- 
pin Ave. 

Seventh Ave. N. E. 
From River northeast to Washington, 
seventh north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 


Seventh Ave. S. 
From River southwest to Tenth, thence 
south to city limits (called Park Ave, 
south of Tenth). 

Seventh Ave. S. E. 
From River northeast to Division, sev- 
enth south of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Seventh Street N. 
From 700 Hennepin Ave. northwest to 
Second Ave. N. 

Seventh Street N. E. 
From Central Ave. northwest to Nine- 

Seventh Street S. 
From 700 Hennepin Ave. southwest to 
Cedar Ave., thence east to River. 

Seventh S. E. 
From Central Ave. southeast to city 

Seventh and a half Ave. S, 

From Fourteenth S. south to Thirty- 
eighth S 

Shade Street. 

From Nicollet Ave west to Dell Place, 
first south of Oak Grove. 

Sibley Street N. E. 

From Seventh Ave. N. E., northwest to 
Thirteenth Ave. N. E., second west of 

Sixteenth Ave. N. 
From river west to Fourteenth Street 
N., sixteenth north of Hennepin 

Sixteenth Ave. N. E. 

From river north to Fourth Street N. 
E., sixteenth north of Central Ave. 

Sixteenth Ave. S. 

From Cedar Ave. southwest to Eighth 
Street, thence south to city limits, six- 
teenth south of Hennepin Ave. 

Sixteenth Ave. S. E. 
From University Ave. northeast to 
Eighth Street S. E., sixteenth south of 
Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Sixteenth Street N. 

From 1600 Hennepin Ave. north to 
Chestnut Ave. 

Sixteenth Street S. 

From 160 1 Nicollet Ave. east to 

Eleventh Ave. S. 
Sixth Ave. N. 

From river southeast to Fifth Street N., 

thence west to city limits. 
Sixth Ave. N. E. 

From River northeast to Fifth Street 

N. E., sixth north of Central Ave.(E.D. 
Sixth Ave. S. 

From river southwest to Grant, thence 

south to city limits (called Portland 

Ave.) from Grant south. 
Sixth Ave. S. E. 

From river northeast to Division, sixth 

east of Central Ave. (E. D.) 
Sixth Street N. 

From 600 Hennepin Ave. northwest 

and north to Twenty-sixth Street N. 
Sixth Street N. E. 

From Central Ave. northwest to 

Twenty-third Ave. N. E., seventh east 

of suspension bridge. 
Sixth Street S. 

From 600 Hennepin Ave. southeast to 

Cedar Ave., thence east to river. 
Sixth Street S. E. 

From Central Ave. southeast to city 

limits, sixth east of suspension bridge. 
Spring Street. 

From Washington east to Lincoln, first 

south of Summer. 
Spring Lake Place. 

From Twenty-fourth N. west and north 

to Erie Ave., first south of Erie Ave. 
Spruce Place. 

From Grant south to Oak Grove, sec- 
ond west of Nicollet Ave. 
State Street. 

From river north to A Street, first east 

of river. (E. D.) 
Stevens Ave. 

From Grant south to Thirty-Eighth 

Street, second east of Nicollet Ave. 
Sulley Street N. E. 

From Broadway north to Thirteenth 

Ave. N. E. 




^arriai^es, Bu(;J(5ies, 


B xj c i^ B o ^^ i^ r) s , 


guipiiiEi^s, Sleighs, 

220 and 222 Washington Ave. South, 



Summer Street. 
From Washington east to Lincoln, first 
south of Broadway. 

Summit Ave. 
From Lyndale Ave. west to Twenty- 
sixth, first south of Mt. Curve Ave. 

Superior Ave. 
From Hennepin Ave. west to Spring 
Lake, first south of Huron. 

Superior Ave. S. E. 
From Harvard Ave. to Yale Ave. 

Talmage Ave. 
From Johnson east to Twenty-sixth, 
first north of Como Ave. 

Taylor Street. 
From Division north to Thirtieth Ave. 
N. E., first east of Polk. 

Tenth Ave. N. 
From Plymouth Ave. southwest to 
Twenty-second, tenth north of Hen- 
nepin Ave. 

Tenth Ave. N. E. 
From river northeast to Broadway, 
tenth north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Tenth Ave. S. 
From lower bridge southwest to Ninth 
Street, thence south to city limits. 

Tenth Ave. S.E. 
From river northeast to Division, tenth 
south of Central Ave. (E. D ) 

Tenth Street N. 
From 1000 Hennepin Ave. north to 
Twenty-sixth Street. 

Tenth Street S. 
Froiu 1000 Hennepin Ave. southeast to 
Eighth Ave., thence east to 13th Ave. 

Tenth Street S. E, 
From Central Ave. southeast to Harri- 
son, tenth east of river. 

Third Ave. N. 
From river southeast to Sixth Street 
and from Lyndale Ave. west to Twen- 
ty-second,third north of HennepinjAve. 

Third Ave. N. E. 
From river northeast to Harrison, 
third north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Third Ave. S. 
From river southwest to Grant, thence 
south to city limits, third south of 
Hennepin Ave. 

Third Ave. S. E. 
From Main northeast to Division, 
third south of Central Ave. 

Third Street N. 
From Hennepin Ave. northwest to 
Eleventh Ave., thence north to Thirty- 
fourth Ave., third west of river. 

Third Street S. 
From Hennepin Ave. southeast to 
Cedar Ave. thence east to river, third 
west of river. 

Third and a Half Ave. S. 
From Grant south to city limits, bet. 
Third and Fourth Aves. S. 

Thirteenth Ave. N. E. 
From river northeast to Main, thence 
east to Harrison, thirteenth north of 
Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Thirteenth Ave. S. 
From river southwest to Eighteenth 
Street, thence south to city limits, 
thirteenth south of Hennepin Ave. 

Thirteenth Ave. S. E. 
From University Ave. northeast to 
Ninth and from Como Ave. north to 
Division, thirteenth south of Central 
Ave. (E. D.) 

Thirteenth Street N. 
From 1.300 Hennepin Ave. north to 
Twenty-sixth Ave. 

Thirteenth Street S. 
From 1300 Hennepin Ave. southwest 
to Grant. 

Thirtieth Ave. N. 
From River west to Sixteenth Street, 
thirtieth north of Hennepin Ave. 

Thirtieth Ave. S. 
From Ninth Street south to Minnehaha 
Ave., thirtieth south of Hennepin 

Thirtieth Ave. S. W. 
From Douglas Ave. south to Thirtieth 
Street S. (Lake Calhoun). 



Thirty-first Ave. N. 
From river west to city limits, thirty- 
first north of Hennepin Ave. 

Thirty-first Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. south to Minne- 
haha Ave., thirty-first south of Henne- 
pin Ave. 

Thirty-first Ave. S. W. 

From Franklin south to Thirtieth Street 
S., along Lake Calhoun. 

Thirty-first Street S. 
From Boulevard west to 33rd Ave. S. 

Thirty-second Ave. N. 
From river west to city limits, thirty- 
second north of Hennepin Ave. 

Thirty-second Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. south to Minne- 
haha Ave., thirty-second south of Hen- 
nepin Ave. 

Thirty-second Ave. S. W. 
From Douglas south to Franklin. 

Thirty-second Street S. 
From Hennepin Ave. east to Thirtieth 
Ave. S., thirty-second south of river. 

Thirty-third Ave. N. 
From river west to city limits. 

Thirty-third Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. south to Thirty- 
first Street S., thirty-second south of 
Hennepin Ave. 

Thirty-third Street S. 
From Hennepin Ave. east to Minne- 
haha Ave., thirty-third south of river. 

Thirty-fourth Ave. N. 
From river west to city limits, thirty- 
fourth north of Hennepin Ave. 

Thirty-fourth Ave. S. (Titus Street.) 
From Riverside Ave. south to city 
limits, thirty-fourth south of Henne- 
pin Ave. 

Thirty-fourth Street S. 
From Hennepin Ave. east to Minne- 
haha Ave., thirty-fourth south of river. 

Thirty-fifth Ave. N. 
From river west to city limits, thirty- 
fifth north of Hennepin Ave. 

Thirty-fifth Ave. S. (Wells Street.) 
From Riverside Ave. south to Thirty- 
eighth Street, thirty-fifth southwest of 
Hennepin Ave. 

Thirty-fifth Street S. 
From Hennepin Ave. east to Fort Ave. 

Thirty-sixth Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. south to Thirty- 

Thirty-seventh Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. south to Thirty- 

Thirty-eighth Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave. south to Thirty- 

Thirty-ninth Ave. S. 
From Riverside Ave, south to Thirty- 

Twelfth Ave. N. 
From Washington west to Fourteenth 
Street N., twelfth north of Hennepin 

Twelfth Ave. N. E. 
From Water northeast to Main, thence 
east to Harrison, twelfth north of Cen- 
tral Ave. 

Twelfth Ave. S. 
From river southwest to Thirty-eighth 
Street, twelfth south of Hennepin Ave. 

Twelfth Ave. S. E. 
From University Ave. northeast to St 
P., M. & M. track. 

Twelfth Street N. 
From 1200 Hennepin Ave. north to 

Twelfth Street S. 
From 1200 Hennepin Ave. southeast to 

Twentieth Ave. N. 
From river west to Fourteenth Street, 
twentieth north of Hennepin Ave. 

Twentieth Ave. N. E. 
From Marshall east to city limits, 
twentieth north of Central Ave. 

Twentieth Ave. S. 
From river south to Franklin Ave., 
twentieth south of Hennepin Ave. 



Twentieth Ave. S. W. 

From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
eighth Street, second west of Lyndale 

Twentieth Street N. 
From Superior north to St. P., M. & M 

Twentieth Street S. (Franklin Ave.) 

Twentieth Street S. W. 
Fiom Lincoln Ave. north to Superior 
Ave., second west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-first Ave. N. 
From river west to Fourteenth Street, 
twenty-first north of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-first Ave. N. E. 
From Marshall Ave. east to city limits 
twenty-first north of Central Ave. 

Twenty-first Ave. S. 
From Twentieth Ave., southeast and 
south to city limits, twenty-first south 
of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-first Ave. S. W. 
From Hennepin Ave. south to city 
limits, third west of Lyndale Ave. S. 

Twenty-first Street N. 
From Superior Ave. north to St. P., M, 
& M. track, third west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-first Street S. 
From Pleasant Ave. east to Blooming- 
ton Ave., twenty-first south of river. 

Twenty-first Street S. E. 
From Division to section line. 

Twenty-first Street S. W. 
From Franklin Ave. north to Mt, 
Curve, third west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-second Ave. N. 
From river west to Fifteenth Street, 
twenty-second north of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-second Ave. N. E. 
From Main east to city limits, twenty- 
second north of Central Ave. 

Twenty-second Ave. S. 
From river south to city limits, twenty- 
second south of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-second Ave. S. E. 
From Fourth Street N. E., north to 
Marshall Ave. (E. D.) 

Twenty-second Ave. S. W. 

From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
eighth Street, fourth west of Lyndale 
Ave. S. 

Twenty-second Street N. 
From Western Ave. north to Nine- 
teenth Ave. N. 

Twenty-second Street S. 
From Lake of the Isles east to fair 
grounds, twenty-second south of river. 

Twenty-second Street S. W. 
From Franklin Ave. north to St. P. 
M. & M. track. 

Twenty-third Ave. N. 
From river west to Fifteenth, twenty- 
third north of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-third Ave. N. E. 
From Main east to Fillmore, twenty- 
third north of Central Ave. 

Twenty-third Ave. S. 
From Sixth Street S. south to city 
limits, twenty-third south of Hen- 
nepin Ave. 

Twenty-third Ave. S. E. 
From Division to section line. (E. D.) 

Twenty-third Ave. S. W. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
eight, fifth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-third Street N. 
From Superior north to St. P. M. & M. 
track, fifth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-third Street S. 
From Pleasant Ave. east to Blooming- 
ton Ave., twenty-third west of river. 

Twenty-third Street S. W. 
From Franklin Ave. north to Mt. 
Curve Ave., fifth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-fourth Ave. N. 
From river west to Fifteenth Street , 
twenty-fourth north of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-fourth Ave. N. E. 
From Main east to city limits, twenty- 
fourth north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Twenty-fourth Ave.S. 
From Sixth Street S., south to city 
limits, twenty-fourth south of Henne- 
pin Ave. 



^ ESTABLISHED 1878, S^^^ 

253 and 255 Nicollet Avenue, 


Grace, Deportment, Etiquette. Classes to suit all ages and 
grades. Pupils may enter at anytime. Private lessons to 
suit convenience. Hall to rent for private parties. Se- 
lect Clubs, Musicales, etc. Send for circular. 

Member of the American Society of Professors of Dancing, New York City. 

-^E>H0T0GI^APHI6 StUDIO.-^- 

CAB.NET yarimjTJuiTojTkerb ^"^'""^^ 

PHOTOS, t; toJhS h/^ /7 I PHOTOS, 

$5 PER DOZ. i \j!S^}l(icyCl/^^^^ { $5 PER Do2 

625 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 

. — SNEAR WEST HOTEL. 2 — . 


Large Sized Photographs, Oil, India Ink, Crayon and Pastel 
Portraits, from Life or Old Pictures. 



Twenty-fourth Ave. S. E. 
From Division to section line (E. D.) 

Twenty-fourth Ave. S. W. 

From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty 
eighth, sixth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-fourth Street N. 
From Superior north to St. P. M. & M. 
track, sixth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty- fourth Street S. 
From Pleasant Ave. west to fair 

Twenty-fourth Street S. W. 
From Franklin Ave. north to Mt. 
Curve Ave., sixth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-fifth Ave. N. 
From First Street N., west to Twelfth 
Street N., twenty-fifth north of Hen- 
nepin Ave. 

Twenty-fifth Ave. N. E. 
From river east to city limits, twenty- 
fifth north of Central Ave. 

Twenty-fifth Ave. S. 
From Sixth Street S., south to city 
limits, twenty-fifth south of Henne- 
pin Ave. 

Twenty-fifth Ave. S. E. 
From Division to section line (E. D.) 

Twenty-fifth Ave. S. AV. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
eighth, seventh west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-fifth Street S. 
From Lake of Isles east to Riverside 
Ave., twenty-fifth west of river. 

Twenty-fifth Street S.AV. 
From Franklin north to Douglas, 
eighth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-sixth Ave. N. 
From river west to city limits, twenty- 
sixth north of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-.-ixth Ave. N. E. 
From Main east to Fillmore, twenty- 
sixth north of Central Ave. 

Twenty-sixth Ave. S. 
From .Sixth Street S., south to thirty- 
eight Street, twenty-sixth south of 
Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-sixth Ave. S. E. 
From railroad to quarter section line 
(E. D.) 

Twenty-sixth Ave. S. W. 
From Franklin Ave. south to thirty- 
eighth, eighth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-sixth Street S. 
From Boulevard east to Fortieth Ave 
S., twenty-sixth west of river. 

Twenty-sixth Street S. W. 
From Franklin Ave. north to Mt. 
Curve Ave., eighth west of Lyndale 

Twenty-seventh Ave. N. 
From river east to city limits, twenty- 
seventh north of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-seventh Ave. N. E. 
From Main east to city limits, twenty- 
seventh north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Twenty-seventh Ave. S. 
From Sixth Street S., south to thirty- 
eighth Street, twenty-seventh south of 
Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-seventh Ave. S. E. 
j From quarter section line to Yale Ave. 
(E. D.) 

Twenty-seventh Ave. S. W. 
From Douglas Ave. south to thirty- 
eight, ninth west of Lyndale Ave. 

Twenty-seventh N. E. 
From Lake View Ave. south to Doug- 
las Ave., bet. Hennepin Ave. and Lake 
of the Isles. 
i Twenty-seventh Street S. 
, From Boulevard to thirty-eighth. 
I Twenty eight Ave. N. 

From river west to city limits, twenty- 
i eighth north of Hennepin Ave. 
{ Twenty-eighth Ave. N. E. 

From Main east to Fillmore, twenty- 
eighth north of Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Twenty-eighth Ave. S. 
From Sixth Street S.. south to Minne- 
haha Ave., twenty-eighth south of 
Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-eighth Ave. S. E. 
From railroad to Hamline Ave. (E. D.) 


Twenty-eighth Ave. S. W. 
From Franklin Ave. south to Thirty- 
eighth Street, tenth west of Lyndale 

Twenty-eighth Street S. 
From Twenty-fifth Ave. S. W. east to 
Thirty-fifth Ave. S., twenty-eighth 
west of rive^*. 

Twenty-ninth Ave. N. 
From river west to city limits, twenty- 
ninth north of Hennepin Ave. 

Twenty-ninth Ave, N. E. 

From Main east to city limits, twenty- 
ninth north of Central Ave., E. D. 

Twenty-ninth Ave. S. 

From Sixth Street S. south to Minne- 
haha Ave., twenty-ninth south of Hen- 
nepin Ave. 

Twenty-ninth Ave. S. W. 
From Douglas Ave. south to Thirty- 
sixth Street, eleventh west of Lyndale 

Twenty-ninth Street N. W. 

From Lake View Ave. south, bet. Hen- 
nepin Ave. and Lake of the Isles. 

Twenty-ninth Street S. 

From Hennepin Ave. east to Thirty- 
fourth Are. S., twenty-ninth west of 

Twenty-ninth and a half.Stireet S. 
From Nicollet Ave. west to Pleasant 
Ave., bet. Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth 
Streets S. 

Tyler Street 
From Division north to Twentieth 
Ave. N. E., first east of Harrison. 

Union Street 
From river north to A, first east of 

University Ave. N. E. 
From Central Ave. northwest to Broad- 
way, third east of Suspension Bridge. 

University Ave. S. E. 
From Central Ave. southeast to St. 
Paul, third east of Suspension Bridge. 

Van Buren Street 
From Spring north to city limits, first 
east of Jackson 

Vine Place 
From Grant south to Franklin Ave 
first west of Nicollet Ave. 

Vineland Place 
From twentieth Street S. W., east to 
Oak Grove, first south of Superior Ave. 

Warren Street 
From Marshall east to Monroe, first 
south of Twenty-second Ave. N. E. 

Washington Ave. N. 
From 230 Hennepin Ave., northwest to 
Plymouth Ave., thence north to city 

Washington Ave. S. 
From 230 Hennepin Ave. southeast to 
Cedar Ave., thence east to river. 

Washington Street 
From Spring north to Seventeenth 
Ave. N. E., first west of Adams. 

Water N. E. 
From Ninth Ave. N. E. northwest to 
Eleventh Street, first west of Sibley. 

Water Street S. E. 
From Pleasant to Walnut, south of 
State University, river front. 

Waverly Ave. 
From Superior. Ave. south to Grove- 
land Ave. 

Western Ave. 
From 700 First Ave. N., west to city 

Williams Ave. 
From Franklin Ave. south to thirty- 

Winter Street 
From Adams east to twenty-sixth Ave. 
N. E., first south of Spring. 

Yale Ave. 
From Huron to railroad, near State 

Yale Place 
From Eleventh to Grant. 



Minneapolis Street Railway Co. 

Thos. Lowry, President. C. G. Good- 
rich, Secretary. 

Fourth Ave. Line (Green Light)— Start- 
ing from Washington Ave., cor Third 
Ave. N., runs south on Washington 
Ave. to Fourth Ave. S., thence Fourth 
Ave. S. to Twenty-fifth Street, thence 
Twenty-fifth Street to Stevens Ave., 
thence Stevens Ave. to Twenty-eighth 
Street S. 

Sixth Street Opera House and Eighth 
Ave. Line (Red Light) — Starting on 
Hennepin near Washington Ave., runs 
out Hennepin to Sixth Street, south on 
Sixth Street to Eighth Ave. S., Eighth 
Ave. S. to Franklin Ave. (Twentieth 

Plymouth and Cedar Ave. Line (Red 
Light) — Starting from Washington 
and Nineteenth Ave. N., runs south on 
Washington Ave. to Seventh Ave. S., 
Seventh Ave. S. to Fourth Street, 
Fourth Street to Eighth Ave. S., Eighth 
Ave. to Seventh Street, Seventh Street 
to Fifteenth Ave. S., Fifteenth Ave. S. 
to Eighth Street, Eighth Street to Six- 
teenth Ave. S., Sixteenth Ave. S. to 
Franklin Ave (Twentieth Street), con- 
necting with extension running to 
Cedar Ave. and Lake Street. Cars 
going north connect at Nineteenth 
Ave N. with extension cars running 
to Twentieth Ave. N. and Seventeenth 
Street. Parties desiring to connect 
with extension cars without additional 
fare, will take cars carying red flag. 
Flag cars run every fifteen minutes. 

Cedar and Minnehaha Ave. Line (Blue 
Light) — Starting from Washington 
and Fourth Aves. N., runs south on 
Washington to Cedar Ave. (Nineteenth 
Ave. S.) , Cedar Ave. t o Min u ehah a Ave., 

Minnehaha Ave. to Twenty-fourth 
Street, along Twenty-fourth Street to 
Twenty-seventh Ave. S., Twenty-sev- 
enth Ave. S. to Twenty-sixth Street. 

Riverside Ave. Line (White Light) — 
Starting from Twenty-fourth Ave. S. 
and Riverside Ave., runs up Riverside 
to Cedar Ave., Cedar Ave. to Washing- 
ton Ave., Washington Ave. to Sixth Ave. 
N., Sixth Ave. N. to Twelfth Street. 

University and Hennepin Ave. Line (Blue 
Light) —Starting from Fourth Street 
and Thirteenth Ave. S E., runs along 
Fourth Street to Central Ave.. Central 
Ave. across suspension bridge to Hen- 
nepin Ave., Hennepin Ave. to Twelfth 
Street, Twelfth to Hawthorne Ave., 
Hawthorne Ave. to Lyndale Ave. 
(Eighteenth Street N.j 

Monroe Street Line (Blue and Red Light) 
— Starting from Hennepin and Wash- 
ington Aves. runs down Hennepin Ave. 
across suspension bridge out Central 
Ave to Monroe Street, along Monroe to 
Brodway N. E.. connecting at Broad- 
way with extension cars running to 
Harrison Street and Twenty-fifth Ave. 
N. E. Parties desiring to connect with 
extension cars without the payment of 
an additional fare, will take car which 
carries red flag when on main line. 
Flag cars run every thirty-minutes. 

Broadway and Second Street Line (Red 
and White Light) — Starting from cor- 
ner Broadway and Second Street N. E., 
running along Second Street to Cen- 
tral Ave., Central Ave. across suspen- 
sion bridge to Hennepin Ave., out 
Hennepin Ave. to Seventh Street, Sev- 
enth St reet to Western Ave., Western 
Ave. to Fourteenth Street. 

Hennepin, Lyndale and Lake Street 


Line (Green Light) — Starting from 
Hennepin Ave. near Washington Ave., 
running out Hennepin to Lyndale, 
Lyndale to Twenty-seventh Street, 
Twenty-seventh Street to Twenty- 

second Ave. S. W., Twenty-second Ave. 
S. Lake Street (Thirtieth Street), 
Connecting with cars running to Lake 


Telegraph SignaLs. 

First alarm. The number of the box 
from which the alarm is given struck 
four (4) times on all the gongs and 

Second alarm. One-eleven (1-11111111111) 
followed by the number of the box 
struck once. 

Third alarm. Two-eleven (11-11111111111) 
followed by the number of the box 
struck once. 

Second and third alarm combined. 
Three-eleven (111-11111111111) fol- 
lowed by the number of the box struck 

General alarm. Twenty-two repeated 

thus 11-11 11-11 followed by the 

number of the box struck once. To 
this call the entire department will 

Fire out. Three (3) blows on all the 
gongs and bells. If there should be a 
second or third fire at the same time 
the signal will be two (2) for the second 
fire, and three-three (3-3) with an in- 
terval of seven seconds between each 

Company Calls. 

Preceded by five (5) blows, ATTENTION, 
followed by the number of the com- 
pany wanted, and box number struck 

One (1), Hose Company, No. l.| 
Two (2), Hose Company, No. 2. 
Three (3), Hose Company, No. 3. 
Four (4), Hose Company, No 4. 
Five (5), Hose Company, No. 5. 
Six (6), Hose Company, No. 6. 
Seven (7), Hose Company, No. 7. 
Eight (8), Hose Company, No. 8. 
Nine (9), Hose Company, No. 9. 
Ten (10), Hose Company, No. C. 

Hook and Ladder Companies. 

Seven-one (7-1), Hook and Ladder Com- 
pany, No. 1. 

Seven-two (7-2), Hook and Ladder Com- 
pany, No. 2. 

Seven-three (7-3), Hook and Ladder 
Company, No. 3. 

Seven-four (7-4), Hook and Ladder Com- 
pany, No. 4. 


Eight-one (8-1), Steamer; No. 1. 
Eight-two (8-2), Steamer, No. 2. 
Eight-three (8-3), Steamer, No. 3. 
Eight-four (8-4), Steamer, No. 4. 
Eight-five (8-5), Steamer, No. 5. 
Eight-six (8-6), Steamer, No. 6. 
Eight-seven (8-7), Steamer, No. 7. 
Eight-eight (8-8), Steamer, No. 8. 
Eight-nine (8-9), Steamer, No. 9. 
Eight-ten (8-10), Steamer, No. C. 
Whenever a call for a steamer is sent in, 
the hose-cart will follow. 



M. A. BlaAisdrlIa, 

Come'' Eighth Street and Nicollet Avenue, 

Opposite Plymouth Church. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 



A. T. HUNT. 

G. II. I^OBEI^lIlSON ^ ^0., 

IntelligenGe and En]ployinent OfBcs. 





Houses, Farms and All Kinds of Property For Sale, 
Exchange, Rent, dc. 

Office, 22 WasMngton Ave. South, 





Nine-one (9-1), Chemical, No. 1. 
Nine-two (9-2), Chemical, No. 2. 
Nine-three (9-3), Chemical, No. 3. 
Nine-four (9-4), Chemical, No. 4. 
Nine-five (9-5), Supply, No. 1. 
Nine-six (9-6), Supply, No. 2. 


(Made only by Department Officers.) 
Three (3), first fire out. 
Two (2), second fire out. 
Three-three (3-3), third fire out. 
Four (4) blows after an alarm from box 

calls for more pressure. 
Forty-four (4-4), calls for moie pressure 

on still alarms. 
Forty-one (4-1) struck once only, calls for 

pressure in North District. 
Forty-two (4-2) struck once only, calls 

for pressure in South District. 
Chief Engineer's call, 1-2-2. 
First Assistant Engineer's call, 1-3-3. 
Second Assistant Engineer's call, 1-4-4. 
Superintendent F. A. T., 1-5-5, 
Police Patrol, 2-1-2. 

Headquarters Fire Department, 6-9, fol- 
lowed by the number of the box struck 


Liocatioii of Fire Alarm Boxes. 

8. Nicollet Ave. and Fourth Street. 

9. First Ave. N. and Third Street, 

12. City Hall. 

13. Washi gton and Second Ave. S. 

14. Fifth Street and Third Ave. S. 

15. Washington and Sixth Ave. S. 

16. Washington and Tenth Ave. S. 

17. Washington and Fifteenth Ave. S. 

18. Cedar Ave. and Seventh Streets. 

19. Sixteenth Ave. S. and Franklin Ave. 
21. Thirteenth Ave. S. and Eighth Street. 

23. Fourth Street and Eighth Ave. S. 

24. Seventh Street and Sixtli Ave. S. 

25. Sixth Ave. S. and Canal Street. 

26. Fifth Street and Fourteenth Ave. S. 

27. Third Ave. S. and Fifteenth Street, 

28. Nicollet Ave. and Grant Street. 

29. Fourth Ave. S. and Tenth Street. 
32. Hennepin Ave. and Tenth Street. 

34. Hennepin Ave. and Sixth Street. 

35. Thirteenth Street and Hawthorne 

36. Sixth Ave. N. and Fifteenth Street, 

37. Western and Royalston Aves. 

38. Fifth Ave. N. and Nineteenth Street. 

41. Washington and Fourth Aves. N. 

42. Washington and Eighth Aves, N, 

43. Plymouth Ave. and Second Street N. 

45. Third Ave. N. and River Street. 

46. Fourth Street and Sixteenth Ave. N. 

47. Fifth Street and Eleventh Ave. N. 

48. Eighteenth Ave. N. and Second 

49. Plymouth Ave. and Sixth Street N. 

61. Fourth Ave. S. and Franklin Ave. 

62. First Ave. South and Eighth Street. 

63. Eleventh Ave. S. and Seventh Street. 

64. Eighth Ave. S. and Fourteenth Street. 

65. Portland Ave. and Twenty-fourth 
Street S. 

67. Stevens Ave. and Twenty-sixth 

Street S. 
69. Nicollet Ave. and Lake Street. 

121. Fourteenth Ave. S. E. and Fourth 

122. Seventh Ave. S.E. and Fourth Street. 

124. Eighth Ave. S. E. and Seventh Street. 

125. Main Street and Third Ave. S. E. 

126. Fifth Ave. S. E. and Division Street. 

127. Seventh Ave. S, E, and Manitoba 

131, Second Ave. S. E.and Fourth Street. 

132. Central and Island Aves. 

134. Third Ave. S. E. and Ninth Street. 

135. First Ave. N. E. and Sixth Street. 

136. Fourth Ave. N. E. and Fifth Street. 

141. Sixth Ave. N. E. and Second Street. 

142. Summer and Monroe Streets. 

143. Thirteenth Ave. N.E. and Main 


145. Fourth Ave. N.H and Main Street. ' private boxes. 

146. EighthAve. N. E. and Kibley Street. ^j Nicollet House. 

147. Fifteenth Ave. N. E. and Adams St. 72. Academy of Music Building. 

213. Riverside and Twenty-first Ave. S. ~.^ (^. ^^ ^ c;^ p «^hops. 

214. Franklin and Nineteenth Aves. .s. -^ (-. ^^ ^ ^^ p Elevator "B." 

215. Twenty-fifth Street and Twenty- 75. Grand Opera House, 
fifth Ave. S. 251. Washburn Mill A. 

216. Bloomington Ave. and Twenty-fiifth 2r,2. Washburn Mill B. 
Street S. 253. Pillsbury Mill A. 

217. Franklin and Eleventh Aves. S. 3^2. Harvester Works. 

218. Nineteenth Ave.S. and Second Street. 

6. L MERRILL, Proprietor and Dealer in Real Estate, 


4®=" Special arrangements for Families, Parties, Societies, Theatre Companies, 
Excursionists, etc., at reasonable rates. Day boarders will find the best table 
board in the city for the money. Correspondence Solicited. 

The only first-class house in the city having second-class rates. Only four blocks 
from depot of C, M. & St. P. Ry., three blocks from Chamber of Commerce, two 
blocks from Court House and in close proximity to the great flouring mills of 
Minneapolis. Street cars one block from house, affording quick and easy commu- 
nication to business centre of the city. Furniture and bedding entirely' new and 

A. S. S.A.MPSON, President. D. G. Peck, Sec. and Treas. 

Boftbestefn Cement and Concrete Pavement Co,, 



nsphalt ^ Coal Tar Concrete pavement, 

For Walks, Streets, Drives, Crossings, Cellar, Brewery 
and Roller Skating Rink Floors 

Artificial Stone for Buildings and Sidewalks. 

Window Caps and Sills, Door Caps and Sills, Pilaster, Tablets, Water Table, 
Cornice, Ashlers, Steps, Coping, Hitching Posts, Horse Blocks. 

ornamental curbs for flag and hexagon walks. 

Northwestern Agents for Euliher RooJino-. CEMETERY ffORK A SPECIALTY 



University Coliseum 




























(/) ^ 

(d -: 











































































» 77 

^f^ieT O^L-LLEie^-. 

FlETES^ SliliDIO IN HlHE ^mV. 

Large Photos, Water Colors and Crayons a Specialty. 





(Successors to J. Schulte), 







Satisfaction Guaranteed in AllCases. 

No. 3 Pence Opera House Block, 


C. H. XHOrvIPSON, rvlanager. 


GEO, SERMON, M, R, G, V, S. 

-# YeterinarY ® Sargeen, ^ 

m iMHHV^jl m 








Sixlh SI , between NiGsllel and First Aves. %m% 




F. S. Martin. 

RoBT. L. Taft 


304 First Ave. South, 
































5 =5 

















































Estimates, plans and specifications cheerfully furnished for all 
work in our line. We carry a full stock of 

Pipe and Fittings and Brass Goods for Steam, Gas and Water. 





409 J^icollet £i/e., 

i^vd:iiNr2:TE^L.:FOLTS, nvEinsmsT. 

-^ \> 

Weddings and Private Entertainments Furnished. 

China and Silver Provided. 

Fine Chocolates and Confectionery. 





CIRCULATION. - - - 10.000. 


Only Evening Paper in City of Over 100,000 Population, 

Price, = = 2 Cents, 

and has a daily city circulation of over twice all 
other Dailies combined. 


arranged by a large corps of well known editors. 
Sample copies free. Address 





#ob Irinting lo. 

Book Binding, 
Commercial Work. 

Finest and most complete 
Printing and Blank Book Estab- 
lishment in the Northwest We 
are sole agents for the State for 
tliL' Malette Writing Tablet, 
wliich is the most complete ar- 
M cement for binding and pro- 
i ling stationery from being 
-iiiled that ever was invented. 
Furnished at a ver>- small addi- 
tional expense. Write for esti- 
mates. Address, 

C. A. MITCHELL, Manager, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 




Has fine Passenger and Baggage Elevator, Electric Bells, 
Rooms in Suite, Bath and Closets, and is First-Class in all its 
appointnnents No pains will be spared to make it a pleasant 
home for transient or permanent guests. Located on Nicollet 
Ave., convenient to the New Union Depot and all business houses. 

Transient rates, $2.50 per day. 





Walter S. Booth, 

Township and Law Blank Publisher, 


Room 64, New Tribune Building. 

Publishes Booth's Justices, Township and Highway 
Manuals for Minnesota and Dakota. Also, Booth's 
Standard Township and Road Blanks and Records. 


For Minnesota and Dakota. 

Booth's Blanks are carefully prepared and printed on Weston's 
Linen Record Paper, ranking the highest and best in the market. 



pui'B Dorge^tsic Wiqe?. 


704: Si>::tl^ Street South, 


jQAN supply you with Strictly Pure Domestic Wines of his own manufacture, and 
V^ can therefore guarantee every gallon or bottle he offers for sale absolutely free 
from all adulteration, such as logwood, alcohol, oils, spices, extracts or any 
other admixture too commonly used to tone, color or fortify, to keep or in any way 
give them a fictitious appearance or taste, but each and all carry the flavor of the 
fruit they are made from. They are particularly and absolutely a medicinal wine 
(and most and above all others being better and purer than most of other wines). 
They are just the wines for Holy Communion, and can be had by the pint, quart, 
bottle or gallon of varieties more than an>' other house in the state can supply. 
Fermented and unfermented of the following kinds, of various ages, from one to ten 
years old: Still and Sweet Port, Sweet and Sour Catav\ba, Sour and Sweet 
Malaga, Claret, Currant, Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Orange. 
Pineapple, Blueberry, &c., &c., all of the above sold at from fiftv to one hundred per 
cent less than can be bought elsewhere. 




Srowers and Wholesale and Estail Deale-s in 

ffl iim (If mu m hothouse mm 

€5nt Slnweiis, fcr<^^^^ 

L Dcrniiaticns fnr^ 

Designs, Baskets, ^^BB 

^^T Mali'Ips, parties, 

Bnnqiiets, I^tc. g^lB^^ 

^ W ^^cflSings, "I^tc. 

Made up on Short *^^^^ 

sa^ All Orders by Mail Filled 

Notice. ^R 

f^Sk Promptly. 

Greenhouses, First Ave. S. and 18 fh St, 




Mrs R. b, WeeoweRTH, 

55 Royalston Avenue, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN 



Florist and Landscape gardener. 


A Specialty. 
Salesroom. 517 Sixth Ave. South, MINNEAPOLIS, MiNN. 

L. ID. ■'^KrXIITIE], 
FLOI^I^I', -t- QylRDEplEI^ * yipiD •:• QI^OeEI^, 

Keeps Constantly on Hand a Full Line of 

PLANTS, Cut flowers and bouquets. 

A Full Supply of Fruits and Vegetables in their Season. 
3» Central Ave., Nicollet Island, - MINNEAPOLIS. 

l7b. HOPPER'S 

Gem Grocery. 

A Full Line of Staple and Fancy Goods Constantly on Hand. 

Choice Teas and Coffees a Specialty. 

601 Sixth Avenue South, - MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 

E. C. Smith, formerly of 3d and Grant Sts. G. H. Smith. 

FEA¥ELm iM Fourth Ayes. 

Gappiage ^ Blael^smilh ^h©p, 

SMITH Bros., proprietors. 


332 Franklin Avenue, SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 



Perfect Pitting Glove Store, 

402 Nicollet Ave., 


All Styles and Varieties of 
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Gloves. 
Qloves Cleaned and Repaired, 10c. a pair. 
Mail Orders Promptly Filled. 



One Price. MINNEAPOLIS. Repairing a Specialty. 

Solid. Sil-^ex Tl^iaaa-Toles, IS Cesi-ts. 



1308 Washington Ave. N., 


C. F. DRURY & CO., 


Cistern Pumps, Lead Pipe. 


1212 Third Avenue South, - MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 





The most complete and varied assortment of 


In the Northwest, and at reasonable prices. 

Artijtic; purpituri^ apd papey \J/are5, 

For Decoration and Presents. 
Ordered Work carefully Attended to. 


513, 515, 517 Nicollet Ave., 



Minneapolis Names Alphabetically Arranged. 


AS DR. IXGEBRET, 525 7th Ave S. 

Aase E. J., 2202 S. 1%. 

Abbott A. A. 2016 Portland PI. 

Abbott Miss Anstice, n w cor 10th and 

Park Ave. 
Abbott Lieut. A. T. 1115 S. E. 5th. 
Abbott Dr. A. W. 21 S. 10th. 
AbbottE. J.lllS. 13th. 
Abbott E. T. 1120 Chestnut Ave. 
Abbott Mrs. George H. 824 N. 5th, 
Abbott Howard S. 422 10th Ave. S. E. 
Abbott L. T. 818 Nicollet Ave. 
Abbott Seth, 524 Nicollet Ave. 
Abbott W. S. M. 1120 Chestnut Ave. 
Abell A. P. 919 21st Ave. S. 
Abernethy Miss Nettie J. 2101 N. 12th. 
Abernethy W. J. 2101 N. 12th. 
Abraham C. 325 University Ave. N. E. 
Abraham D. C. 1717 5th Ave. S. 
Abraham Miss Eliza A. 1025 Hennepin 

Abraham Max, 1810 4th Ave. S. 
Abraham Miss M. T. 1025 Hennepin Ave. 
Abrahamson John N. 2801 Blaisdell Ave. 
Absalmon L. D. 30Royalston Ave. 
Academy of the Holy Angels, 643 N. 4th. 
AchardC. H.721S. 7th. 
Achard George W. 721 S. 7th. 
Achard M. H. 1018 1st Ave. S. 
Achard Paul E. 1018 1st Ave. S. 
Adair Miss Abby C. 216 S. 10th . 

Adair J. S. 37 N. 17th. 

Adair Miss Mary, 216 S. 10th. 

Adair W. A. 216 S. 10th. 

Adams Abraham S. Minnehaha Ave. nr 

city limits. 
Adams Andrew H. w s Cedar Lake road^ 

7 s of Western Ave. 
Adams Daniel K. 1011 Franklin Ave. S. 
Adams Miss Eliza, 821 S. E. 5th. 
Adams Frank, 501 8th Ave.S. E. 
Adams Mrs. H. L. 821 S. E. 5th. 
Adams Henry R.w s Cedar Lake road^ 

nr Western Ave. 
Adams James, Minnehaha Ave. nr city 

Adams John C. w s Cedar Lake road, s 

of Western Ave. 
Adams Joseph, 1903 Hawthorne Ave. 
Adams Mrs. Mary P. 1917 Hawthorne 

Adams Noah, 1609 S. E. 4th. 
Adams Col. Samuel E. Cedar Lake road 

nr Western Ave. 
Adams School, nw cor 16th Ave. S. and. 

Adams S. H. 1519 4th Ave. S. 
Adams T. F. cor 3d Ave. S. and S. 82d. 
Adams Wm. Minnehaha Ave. nr cit]r 

Adams W. F. 27 Eastman Ave. 
Adams Wm. H. w s 11th bet 28th and. 

29th Ave. N. 


Adams W. P. 600 S. 14th. 
Adamson W. H. 31 Washington Ave. S. 
Adamcourt W. F. 55 Eastman Ave. 
Advent Christian Church, 517 ]Sr.4th. 
Agnew R. B. 710 Western Ave. 
Ahlborn L. C. 411 Nicollet Ave. 
Aich Edwin, 305 N. E. 2d. 
Ainsworth Charles R. 324 S. 8th. 
Ainsworth G. A. Jr. 211 S. 11th. 
Ainsworth Miss Harriet J. 324 S. 8th. 
Ainsworth S. A. 24 Eastman Ave. 
Ainsworth Wm. 117 S. 27th. 
Ainsworth W. G. 211 S. 11th. 
Akers W. E. 163 Island Ave. 
Albee Miss Nellie G. 520 Hennepin Ave 
Albee W. E. 1508 1st Ave. S. 

Alden A. M. 1227 S. E. 5th. 

Alden Miss Bertha F. 1227 S. E. 5th, 
AldeuE. H. 408 S.6th. 

Alden H. 45 Island Ave. 

Alden Miss Jennie M. 1227 S. E. 5th. 

Alden J. W. 2218 N. 12th. 

Alden Lyman, 1227 S. E. 5th. 

Alden Wm. A. 1227 S. E. 5th. 

Aldrich Mrs. Clara A. H. 55 S. 9th. 

Aldrich C. B. 14 N. 10th. 

AldrichF. D. llS.9th. 

Aldrich F. H. 11 S. 9th. 

Aldrich T. C. 14 N. 10th. 

Alexander Mrs. C. E. 2616 Nicollet Ave. 

Alexander R. 325 Washington Ave. S. 

Alexander W. H. 1529 Hawthorne Ave. 

Alexander Mrs. 818 Hennepin Ave. 

Alger A. 903 1st Ave. N. 

Alger Harry, 903 1st Ave. N. 

Alger Dr. I. D. 1227 University Ave. S. E. 

Alger Dr. I. S. 1227 University Ave. S. E. 

Allardt Louis F. 37 S. 11th. 

AUeigh Edward W. 2422 Lincoln. 

Allen Albert E. s e cor Lake and 
Bloomington Ave. 

Allen A. Ed. 717 Bradford Ave. 

Allen A. M. 1313 1st Ave. S. 

Allen C. F. cor 27th and Pleasant Ave. 

Allen Miss Dora, 407 University Ave. S.E. 

Allen Miss Emma, 407 University Ave. 

Allen E. C. 2526 Stevens Ave. 

Allen E. F. 1020 Hennepin Ave. 

Allen Miss Emma S. 407 University Ave. 

Allen Miss Frances E. 407 University 

Ave. S. E. 
Allen Frank N. 407 University Ave. S.E. 
Allen H. H. 727 Nicollet Ave. 
Allen James B. 3144 Cedar Ave. 
Allen Miss Lenore, 1815 Laurel Ave. 
Allen Dv. L. B. 251 Hennepin Ave. 
Allen Miss L. Katie, 5513 Hawthorne Ave. 
Allen Mifes Nettie A. 1920 14th Ave. S. 
Allen Miss Nettie A. 3035 Cedar Ave. 
Allen Mrs. Roxana I. 1815 Laurel Ave. 
Allen Mrs.S. E. 3 Eastman Ave. 
Allen Mrs. S. S. 1813 S. E. 5th. 
Allen Dr. T. E. 3020 2d Ave. S. 
Allen Rev. T. K. 408 4th S. E. 
Allen W.C. 205 S. 17th. 
Allen W. D. 904 Hawthorne Ave. 
Allen W. I. 217 2d Ave. N. 
Allen W. N. 407 University Ave. S. E. 
Allen AV. W. 813 S. E. 5th. 
Allinder Wm. I. 419 13th Ave. S. E. 
AUisonA. B. s w 22d, bet 8th and 9th 

Ave. N. 
Allport Dr. F. West Hotel. 

Aim H. A. 89 Spruce PI. 

Alther C. A. 1214 N. E. Main. 

Althouse Reuben, 1421 S. 7th. 

Altwien Herman, 1031 N. 3d. 

Amberson S. C. 1321 Hennepin Ave. 

Ames Dr. A. A. 927 Western Ave. 

Ames Judge E. B. 1112 2d Ave. S. 

Ames E. L. 1313 S. E. 5th. 

Ames Fred. W. 1604 2d Ave.S. 

Ames J. B.912 Western Ave. 

Ames Mrs. L. A. 91 S. 8th. 

Ames Miss Nettie B. 1311 Washington 

Amidon Miss Mary, 1317 Hennepin Ave. 

Amor James, 328 1st Ave. N. 

Amory John, 1123 1st Ave. S. 

Amory Miss Mary. 1123 1st Ave. S. 

Amory Thos. 1123 1st Ave. S. 

Amorv Mrs. T. C. 1123 1st Ave. S. 


Amsden C. M. Nicollet House. 
Amy A. C. 1809 6th Ave. S. 
Amy W. L. 1809 6th Ave. S. 
An da T. 249 Cedar Ave. 
Anderson Algate, 610 6th Ave. N. 
Anderson Andrew, 1011 S. 22d. 
Anderson A. 131 Washington Ave. S. 
Anderson A. L. 1604 5th Ave. S. 
Anderson Christopher, 901 S. 5th. 
Anderson D. M. 2514 6th Ave. S. 
Anderson :Nriss Edith, 2220 4th Ave.S. 
Anderson Miss Eva, 902 Hawthorne Ave. 
Anderson Miss Hanna, 1822 4th Ave. S. 
Anderson H. A. 1311 Franklin Ave.S. 
Anderson H.N. 1-507 S.Tth. 
Anderson John, 2113 S. 9th. 
Anderson John D. 416 4th Ave. S. 
Anderson John W. 610 6th Ave. N. 
Anderson .Joseph, 1116 Harmon PI. 
Anderson Dr. J. D. 32 Syndicate Block. 
Anderson J. S. 522 2d Ave. S. E. 
Anderson Miss Minnie, 610 6th Ave. N. 
Anderson Ole, 1801 N. 2d. 
Anderson 0. N. 307 Washington Ave. S. 
Anderson Peter, 806 Central Ave. 
Anderson Robert J. 805 11th Ave. S. E. 
Anderson S. 2500 23d Ave. S. 
Anderson W. H. 2607 Stevens .\ve. 
Andress Wm. P. 2501 5th Ave. 
Andrew Wm. 319 Nicollet Ave. 
Andrews A. G. 108 S. 7th. 
Andrews Mrs. Bell, 1406 S. 21st. 
Andrews Miss Delia A. 30 S. 6th. 
Andrews E. B. n w cor Park Ave. and 

Andrews Frederick, 1406 S. 21st. 
Andrews F. E. 610 Hennepin Ave. 
Andrews George C. 527 S. E. 5th. 
Andrews G. H. 329 5th Ave. S. E. 
Andrews Miss Hattie L.329 5th Ave.S.E. 
Andrews Lorin, 1901 Hawthorne Ave. 
Andrews Miss Mabel, n w cor Park Ave. 

and S. 16th. 
Andrews Miss M. A. 707 Nicollet Ave. 
Andrews N. P. n w cor Park Ave. and 

S. 16th. 
Andrews Miss S., M. D. 2105 5th Ave. S. 

Andrews T. F. 527 S. E. 5th. 

Andrews Whipple, Groveland Ave. nr 

Mt. Curve Ave. 
Andrus E. F. 1305 Hawthorne Ave. 
Andrus F. H. 1305 Hawthorne Ave. 
Andrus Mrs. M. S. 1305 Hawthorne Ave. 
Andrus Willard P. 2101 5th Ave. S. 
Angle Dr. E. H. 143 N. 10th. 
Angst Robert, 215 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Ankeny Miss Anna R. 203 S. 9th. 
Ankeny A. T. Western Ave. w of 25th. 
Ankeny Mrs. E. M. 201 S. 9th. 
Ankeny J.J. 1809 Laurel Ave. 
AnkenyW.S. 201S. 9th. 
Anson A.M. 1622 Hawthorne Ave. 
Anson F. H. 628 Washington Ave.N. 
Anson Miss Mae H. 1622 Hawthorne Ave. 
Ansten H. J. 826 4th Ave. S. 
Anthes George, 1128 N. 4th. 
Appleby J. F. 1419 S. 9th. 
Applegate J. C. 3018 Pleasant Ave. 
Applegate Mrs. M. E. 3018 Pleasant Ave. 
Appleton Lawrence, Blaisdell Ave. bet 

32dand 33d Aves. S. 
Applin A. B. 621 7th Ave. S. 
Applin Miss Kate E 621 7th Ave. S. 
Archibald A. R. 2705 Nicollet Ave. 
Armstrong Miss Cora A. 9th s w cor Mary 

Armstrong F. H. 313 S. E. 8th. 
Armstrong Miss Grace B. 9th s w cor 

Mary PI. 
Armstrong Humphrey W. 1300 Linden 

Armstrong Mrs. M. A. 9th sw cor Mary PI. 
Armstrong Solon, 220 S. E. 2d. 
Arndt D. M 527 Hennepin Ave. 
Arnell John H. 3143 18^^ Ave. S. 
Arneson John A. 2616 29th Ave. S. 
Arnold A. G. 229 Washington Ave. S. 
Arnold Ernest, 710 Fniversity Ave. S. E. 
Arnold E. L. 513 8th Ave. S. E. 
Aronson B. 6 Grove PI. 
Aronson J. 6 Grove PI. 
Aronson S. 6 Grove PI. 
Asire Prof. L. Minnehaha Ave. nr city 




Aslesen K. 511 Washington Ave. S, 
Aspinwall Miss Nellie M. 2433 5th Ave. S. 
Aspiuwali S. N. 2433 5th Ave. S. 
Aterberey E. J. 2.306 S. 22d. 
Atherly Mrs. J. W. 511 2d Ave. S. 
Atkins E. F. 1615 2d Ave. S. 
Atkinson Edward A. 251 Nicollet Ave. 
Atkinson John, 1400 Stevens Ave. 
Atterbury G. W. 1519 Nicollet Ave. 
Atty J. H. 2010 3d Ave. S. 
Atwater Judge Isaac, West Hotel. 
Atwater J. B. 76 S. 13th. 
Atwood E. F. 99 S. 14th. 
Atwood E. I. 603 Plymouth Ave. 
Augir Way laud B, 1612 Park Ave. 
Auringer C. F. 235 Nicollet Ave. 
Austin A. C. 621 N. 3d. 
Austin B. N. Nicollet House. 
Austin Dr. E. E. 2601 Stevens Ave. 
Austin Frank E. 2632 5th Ave. S. 
Austin Miss Flora L. 922 5th Ave. S. 
Austin Frank L. 922 5th Ave. S. 
Austin G. E. 2001 Stevens Ave. 
Austin John N. 2011 13th Ave. S. 
Austin Dr. Marshall P. 2507 14th Ave. S. 
Austin Samuel J. 221 N. 4th. 
Avery Edgar C. 816 7th Ave. S. 
Avery Dr. George W. 720 Fourteenth 

Ave. S. E. 
Avery Henry N. 2548 Nicollet Ave. 
Avery J. T. 1918 3)^ Ave. S. 
Axford Harvey, 1022 Nicollet Ave. 
Axtell Miss M.J. 422 1st Ave. S. 
Ayres.J.W. 21 N. 6th. 
Ayres Mrs. SaraB. 609 2d Ave. S. 

B.4.BB E. C. cor. Lyndale Ave. and 
Babcock Courtlandt, 1216 2d Ave. S. 
Babcock J. A. 64 N. 12th. 
Babcock P. M. Ill S. 13th. 
Babcock Walter, 930 14th Ave. S. 
Babson J. N. 1108 1st Ave S. 
Babst H. L. 1303 Hawthorne Ave. 
Babson Joseph Ney, 1108 1st Ave. S. 
Bach E. 508 S 18th. 
Bachelder Miss Lou F. 715 15th Ave. S. 

Bacheller T. T. 4th bet. 33d and 34th 

Aves. N. 
Bachner Ernst, 1006 Western Ave. 
Backdahl A. 325 Washington Ave. S. 
Backus E. W. 501 S. E. 4th. 
Backus George J. 1005 S. E. 7th. 
Backus G. F. 2732 3d Ave. S. 
Bacon J. Henry, 1212 Yale Place. 
Bacon N. I. 2019 N. 10th. 
Bacon Selden, 310 S. 8th. 
Bader Chas. 0. 416 S. 2d. 
Bader Rev. Mannus, 216 7th Ave. N. E. 
Badger Charles H. 1110 Hennepin Ave. 
Badger Geo. A. 1110 Hennepin Ave. 
Badger J. E. 94 Franklin Ave. S. 
Badger Walter L. 1110 Hennepin Ave. 
Baebenroth Fred, 61 S. 10th. 
Bagg Miss Mary W. 823 4th Ave S. 
Bagg S. 824 4th Ave. S. 
Bagley, C. S. 218 University Ave. N. E. 
Bagley George, 722 4th Ave. S. 
Bagley H. F. 1515 Park Ave. 
Baier Rev. Leo. 1827 University Ave. S. E. 
Bailey A. M. 40 S. 10th. 
Bailey Dr. C. M. 527 S. E. 5th. 
Bailey Judge F. B. 41 S. 10th. 
Bailey Miss Jennie E. 813 16th Ave. S. 
Bailey Merrill A. 1401 S. 23d 
Bailey T. B. 1926 4th Ave. S. 
Bailey Wm. C. 913 17th Ave S. E. 
Bailey Wm. H. 39 S. 7th. 
Bain Augustus R. 328 11th Ave. S. 
Bain Benjamin R. 328 11th Ave. S. 
BainH.N. 35S. nth. 
Bain Mrs. T. B. 35 S. 11th. 
BaiidE. P. 1412 6th Ave. S 
Baird J. W. 2622 Stevens Ave. 
Baird Miss Mattie, 802 3d Ave.S. 
Bakeman Frank. 418 1st Ave S. 
Baker Albert B. 701 Oak Lake Ave. 
Baker C. F. 516 S. 9th. 
Baker Eldred, 1814 3}4 Ave. S. 
Baker Mi^-s E. W. 226 S. 10th. 
Baker Frederick A. 1611 S. E.6th, 
Baker Miss Florence M. 1216 S. 8th. 
Baker Geo. H. 1216 S. 8th. 
Baker George N. 912 4th Ave. S. 


Baker H. C. 701 Oak Lake Ave. 

Baker Miss I. A, 1000 1st Ave. N. 

Baker George L. 2215 N. 10th. 

Baker Jason, 93 Island Ave. 

Baker J. F. 630 6th Ave. N. 

Baker J. L. 14 S. 9tb. 

Baker J. T. 2612 22d Ave. S. W. 

Baker Lewis Jr., 257 1st Ave. S. 

Baker :Miss Nellie C. 14 S. 9th. 

Baker R. H. 400 Nicollet Ave. 

Baker Samuel L. 125 S. 5th. 

Baker Miss Sarah M. 728 Hennepin Ave. 

Baker T. A. 1216 S. 8th. 

Baker Willis, 1000 1st Ave. N. 

Baker W. A. Nicollet House. 

Baker W. C. 226 S. 10th. 

Balch Miss Agnes L. 1915 3d Ave. S. 

Balch Miss Alice K. 1915 3d Ave. S. 

Balch Miss A. P. 612 Franklin Ave. S. 

Balch Dan S. 612 Franklin Ave. S. 

Balch Miss Eva D. 612 Franklin Ave. S. 

Balch F. L. 1813 6th Ave. S. 

BalchH. F. 1915 3d Ave S. 

Balch Miss Mamie E. 1915 3d Ave. S. 

Balch R. M. 1813 6th Ave. S. 

Baldwin Albert H. 14 S. 3d. 

Baldwin C. E. 1331 Nicollet Ave. 

Baldwin Mrs. E. C. 25 Grove. 

Baldwin Fred S. 1012 N. 4th. 

Baldwin Dr. F. R. 423 S. 7th. 

Baldwin John W. 715 Bradford Ave. 

Baldwin J. B. 1801 Laurel Ave. 

BaldwinR.J. 423S. 7th. 

Baldwin S. D. 2304 3}/^ Ave. S. 

Baldwin Snell J. 21st Ave. bet 36th and 

37th S. 
Baldwin Wm. H.1012 N. 4th. 
Baliss James H. 242 Nicollet Ave. 
Ball B. W. 2205 Chicago Ave. 
Ball E. J. 2205 Chicago Ave. 
Ball Francis C. 1617 2d Ave S. 
Ball Frank G. 16 N. 10th. 
Ball Harvey, 2205 Chicago Ave. 
Ball Harry V. 1105 AVestern Ave. 
Ball Miss Lilly M. 16 N. 10th. 
Ball Louis H. 2205 Chicago Ave. 
Ball Richard, 811 S. 22d. 

Ballard Walter J. 1422 Vine Place. 

Baltes Jacob, 2605 26th Ave. S. 

Baity J. W. A. 122 S. 5th. 

Bancroft Dr. E. K. 3002 Pleasant Ave. 

Banker D. B. 1706 4th Ave. S. 

Banker Horace B. 820 16th Ave. S. 

Barber D. R. 929 Hennepin Ave. 

Barber E. B. 413 S. 6th. 

Barber E. R. 41 S. 7th. 

Barber J. H. 30 S. 8th. 

Barber J. N. 22 Washington Ave. S. 

Barber Miss Nellie, 612 S. 6th. 

Barber 0. M. 420 1st Ave. N. 

Barber W. M. 727 Nicollet Ave. 

Barber W. B. 413 S. 6th. 

Barber Wm. H. 13.35 Nicollet Ave. 

Barber Wm. S. 15th S. bet Nicollet and 
Hennepin Aves. 

Barbour L. A. 227 S. 12th. 

Barck Samuel, 42 Eastman Ave. 

Barclay Robert H. 27 Eastman Ave. 

Barclay Mrs. Sarah, 2310 5th Ave. 

Barden Rowland, 718 6th Ave. S. 

Bardwell A. E. cor 3d Ave. and 6th S. E. 

Bard well Charles S. 1800 Park Ave. 

Barge Jacob 49 Washington Ave. S. 

Barker A. E. 1311 Washington Ave. N. 

Barker C. P. 17 S.15th. 

Barker Mrs. J. W. 2215 N. 10th. 
; Barker L. T. 1311 AVashington Ave. N. 
I Barnaby E. G. 916 Mary PI. 
[ Barnard Albion, 107 N. 4th. 
. Barnard Arthur H. 28 S. 10th. 

Barnard F. H. 517 9th Ave. S. E. 

Barnard Frank S. 517 9th Ave. S. E. 

Barnard F. M. 107 N. 4th. 
I Barnard H. A. 627 11th Ave. S. E. 
i Barnard T.G. 28 S. 10th. 

Barnes Alex. 1917 Hawthorne Ave. 

Barnes C. W. 808 Hennepin Ave. 

Barnes Mrs. D. C. 604 S. E. 5th. 

Barnes E. H. 413 11th Ave. N. 

Barnes F. H. 8 Washington Ave. S. 

Barnes Miss Gussie, 9 S. 9th. 

Barnes Harry, 226 S. 8th. 

Barnes Isaac A, 45 S. 9th. 

BarnesMiss Irene M. 1917 HawthorneAve. 


Barnes Joseph U. N. 23d cor Summit Ave. 
Barnes Wm. A. 9 S. 9th. 
Barnes W. H. 513 11th Ave. N. 
Barney F. E. 404 S. E. 4th. 
Barney L. S. 49 Eastman Ave. 
Barnum A. F. 1017 1st Ave. S. 
Barnum George H. 1315 S. •24th. 
Barnum John T. 1708 5th Ave. S. 
Barons F. M. Lyndale Ave. bet 25th 

and 26th S. 
Barr W. B. 21 S. 7th. 
Barrett Frank E. 1112 N. 5th. 
Barrett Frank W, 640 6th Ave. N. 
Barrows F. C. 227 S. E. 4th. 
Barrows J. W. 119 S. 12th. 
Barrows Miss Lydia F. 624 2d Ave. S. E. 
Barrows Miss Nettie F. 227 S. E. 4th. 
Barrows W. M. 624 2d Ave. S. E. 
Barrows W. R. 624 2d Ave. 8. E. 
Barry Cornelius H. 416 14th Ave. S. 
Barry C. H. 183 Island Ave. 
Barry James, 502 Adams. 
Barry* John L. 218 S. 12th. 
Barry Wm. P. 2100 10th Ave. S. 
Barse Joseph R. 626 14th Ave. S. 
Barstow Mrs. M. E. West View Ave. 

Prospect Hill. 
Barth Miss Rella, 1 Eastman Ave. 
Barthe C. D. 2019 Portland PI. 
Bartholomew R. H. 906 11th Ave. N. 
Bartholomew Theron, 906 11th Ave. N. 
Bartle H. L. 418 1st Ave. S. 
Bartleson Charles J. 1200 Chestnut Ave. 
Bartlett Miss A. M. 103 S. 6th. 
Bartlett C. S. M. 509 S. 9th. 
Bartlett Miss Carrie, 529 Hennepin Ave. 
Bartlett George D. 1801 Hawthorne Ave. 
Bartlett, J. M. 1801 Hawthorne Ave. 
Bartlett Pliny, 114 S. 17th. 
Barton A. B. Prospect nr University. 
Barton Elijah, 1352 Nicollet Ave. 
Barton Dr. George C. 1352 Nicollet Ave. 
Barton John C. 1352 Nicollet Ave. 
Bartram C. S. 710 1st Ave. N. 
Bass E. H. 1801 Park Ave. 
Bassett E. A. 2609 1st Ave. S. 
Bassett J. B. 25 Eastman Ave. 

Bassett L. 622 University Ave. N. E. 

Bassett Mrs. M. I. 1111 Hennepin Ave. 

Bassett W. L. 25 Eastman Ave. 

Basting T. 829 Hennepin Ave. 

Batchelder Francis L. 715 15th Ave. S. 

Batchelder Frank B. 1907 Chicago Ave. 

Batchelder Miss Lou F. 715 15th Ave. S. 

Bateman Miss Nellie C. 1108 21st Ave. N. 

Bates A. A. 2712 3d Ave. S. 

Bates C. H. 41 1 Grant. 

Bates E. C. 1517 S. 4th. 

Bates Joseph W. 1110 Franklin Ave. S. 

Bates Wm. 321 2d Ave. S. 

Battelle W. H. 423 2d Ave. S. 

Batty Geo. S. 26th bet Lyndale and 

Hennepin Aves. 
Bauman Rev. E. H. 521 N. 4th. 
Bauman George A. 55 Highland Ave. 
Bauman H. J. .55 Highland Ave. 
Bans N. D. 1903 5th Ave. S. 
Bausman A. C. 127 N. 4th. 
Bausman Dr. A. L. 320 S. 10th. 
Bausman Miss Bertha 320 S. 10th. 
Bausman Mrs. M. P. 38 S. 8th. 
Baxter Miss Carrie, 1126 Hawthorne Ave. 
Baxter C. F. 2606 N. 8th. 
Baxter Hector, 12 S. 6th. 
Baxter James, 1316 Harmon PI. 
Baxter John, 1126 Hawthorne Ave. 
Baxter Miss Margaret L. 1922 14th Ave. S, 
Baxter Miss Mary, 1316 Harmon PI. 
Baxter Stephen H. 1531 S. 18th. 
Baxter W. H. 1531 S. 18th. 
Bayless George W. 507 S. 10th. 
Bayne A. Y. 408 Nicollet Ave. 
Beach George, 27 Eastman Ave. 
Beach John, 529 Hennepin Ave. 
Beach Miss Marian P. 2 Grove PI. 
Beach Wm. H. 2 Grove PI. 
Beal A. H. 18 S. 4th. 
Beal Chas. 19 N. E. 5th. 
Beal Eugene, 535 N. 11th 
Beard Frank, 36 S. 17th. 
Beard Mrs. James, Mt. Curve Ave. nr 

Hennepin Ave. 
Beard Henry B. Mount Curve Ave. w 

of Hennepin Ave. 



Beard Dr. R. O. 1221 Nicollet Ave. 

Beardsley B. F. 89 Spruce PI. 

Bearnes J. N. 1219 S. E. 4th. 

Beatty Miss Alice M. 418 S. 9th. 

Beatty Mrs. A. T. 1016 15th Ave. S. E. 

Beatty Miss Bessie C. 318 S. 9th. 

Beatty Mrs. S. C. 318 S. 9th. 

Beatty Wm. T. 318 S. 9th. 

Beaumont Dr. J. F. 208 S. 9th. 

Beck J. B. 509 Hennepin Ave. 

Beckwith C. C. 209 Nicollet Ave. 

Bedbury W. F. 2741 Stevens Ave. 

Beebe Cyrus, 1209 2d Ave. S. 

Beebe Dr. E. 428 3d Ave. S. 

Beebe Franklin, 43 N. 10th. 

Beebe F. D. 2411 N. 10th 

Beebe Roswell T. 614 Franklin Ave. S. 

Beede Edgar C. 423 S. 25th. 

Beede Miss M. Etta 423 S. 25th. 

Beede R. D. 423 S. 25th. 

Beeman H. L. 1711 5th Ave. S. 

Beenian AVm. 10 S. 7th. 

Beeman E. W. 702 University Ave. S. E. 

Beery I. R. 213 S. 4th. 

Beeson D. S. 1334 S. 7th. 

Beeson I. N. 609 7th Ave. S. 

Beeson Miss Nellie, 609 7th Ave. S. 

Behler Charles, 59 S. 12th. 

Behr Mrs. Wilheluiina, 713 1st Ave. S. 

Belden Miss Agnes, 828 S. E. 6th. 

Belden Henry C 828 S. E. 6th. 

Belknap A. L. 43 S. 9th. 

Bell Miss Carrie M. 202 N. 4^1. 

Bell Charles C. 1215 Park Ave. 

Bell David C. 2215 Park Ave. 

Bell Fred W. 2532 Nicollet Ave. 

BellGeo. E. 302N. 4th. 

Bell Henry, 37 S. 13th. 

BellJ.E. 202N. 4th. 

Bell Dr. J. W. 429 Washington Ave. S. 

Bell Rev. N. H. 2013 N.9th. 

Bell S. N. Pleasant Ave. bet 24th and 25th. 

Bell Vernon, 401 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Bells A. J. Nicollet House. 

Belt "W. E. 1028 Hennepin Ave. 

Beltz Austin A. 112 N. 4th. 

Beltz Oliver E. 112 N. 4th. 

Beniis Mss Annie, 906 11th Ave. N. 
Bemis Ernest H. 2218 Cetlar Ave. 
Bendeke Dr. K. 929 loth Ave. S. 
Bendy B. N. 1127 Hennepin Ave, 
Benedict J. F. 749 8th Ave. N. 
Benedict Miss S. C. 103 S. 6th. 
Bengtson A. L. 1806 5th Ave. S. 
Benjamin Joseph B. 732 Franklin Ave. 

Benner Franklin, 1623 3d Ave. S. 
Benner Willis. 525 S. 5th. 
Bennett C. C. 221 N. 13th. 
Bennett Geo. 718 Hennepin Ave. 
Bennett H. A. 171 Island Ave. 
Bennett Seminary, n w cor 10th S. and 

Park Ave. 
Benson Aaron W. 834 23d Ave. S. 
Benson Charles, 49 Washington Ave. S. 
Benson David I. 2501 Cedar Ave. 
Benson Max, 2501 Cedar Ave. 
Benson Otto A. 1905 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Benson W. D. 31 S. 13th. 
Bentley W. I. 115 N. 6th. 
Benton C. H. 310 12th Ave. S. E. 
Benton Charles W. 419 8th Ave. S. E. 
Benton H. W. 719 1st Ave. S. 
Benton Miss Mary A. 419 8th Ave. S. E. 
Benton R. C. 1815 Hawthorne Ave. 
Benton AValter S. 102 S. 9th. 
Benton Webster A. 1316 33^ Ave. S. 
Benton W^m. A. 419 8th Ave. S. E. 
Benton W. S. 102 S. 9th. 
Bentson D. 2501 Cedar Ave. S. 
Bentson M. 2501 Cedar Ave. S. 
Berg 0. T. 1533 Franklin Ave. 
Berge ^Mrs. F. R. 212 University Ave. 

S. E. 
Berger John R. 106 N. 5th. 
Bergin G. F. 532 Adams. 
Berglund Robert L. 1919 17th Ave. S. 
Bergstrom Andrew, 826 16th Ave. S. 
Bergstrome C. H. 36 S. 7th. 
Berlin Dr. T. N. 1525 S. 9th. 
Bernard John, 1610 Park Ave. 
Bernstein Edward, 905 Chicago Ave. 
Berry Miss Alice M. 528 S. E. 5th. 
Berry A. C. 1211 1st Ave. N. , 


Berry Miss Blanche P. 528 S. R 5th. 
Berry B. F. 715 S. 14th. 
Berry E. W. 611 7th Ave. S. 
Berry Miss Flora, 300 S. E. 4th. 
Berry F. C. 31 S. 11th. 
Berry Goorge H. 439 Jefferson N. E. 
Berry J. C. 300 S. E. 4th, 
Berry J. M. 528 S. E. 5th. 
Berry Mrs. L. C. 241 4th Ave. S. 
Berry Walter M. 528 S. E. 5th. 
Bertholet E. S. 303 4th Ave. N. E. 
Bertin Mme. 607 7th Ave. S. 
Best A. F. 2004 Park Ave. 
Best James, 625 N. 5th. 
Best W. T. 21 N. 6th. 
Betcher Charles, 728 6th Ave. S. 
Bethel & Kindergarten, 1416 S.2d. 
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, N. E 

cor 20th and Pleasant Ave. S. 
Bettman P. H. 35 N. 16th. 
Beveridge A. McI. 43 Rnyalston Ave. 
Beveridge Benjamin Jr. 43 Royalston 

Beveridge Miss Kate, 43 Royalston Ave. 
Beveridge Miss Nellie, 43 Royalston 

Bevis A. E. 1900 S. 9th. 
Bickley Miss Anna M. 1225 Chestnut 

Bickley Wm. 1225 Chestnut Ave. 
Bickley Dr. Wm. M. 1225 Chestnut Ave. 
Bickmore Daniel, 611 7th Ave. S. E. 
Bicknell A. H. 208 S. 7th. 
Bicknell B. M. 1805 S. E. 4th. 
Bicknell George B. 1919 S. E. 4th. 
Bicknell George 8. Lyndale Ave. bet 42d 

and 43d S. 
Biddle Charles P. 1226 -Nicollet Ave. 
Bidleman F. 13 N. 6th. 
Bidwell E. L. 900 Hawthorne Ave. 
Biele Louis, 427 Nicollet Ave. 
Bigelow A. G. 1001 1st Ave. N. 
Bigelow C. A. 2533 Nicollet Ave. 
Bihler Charles, 59 S. 12th. 
Billings A. L. 21 IS. 14th. 
Billinger C. E. 2812 Stevens Ave. 
Bingham Geo. E. 422 1st Ave. S. 

Bingenheimer Edward W. 1417 N. 4th. 

Bingenheimer Gustave, 1417 N. 4th. 

Bingenheimer Mrs. Margaret, 1417 N. 4th. 

Bintliff E. J. 1806 4th Ave. S. 

Bintliff Mrs. Gershom,1806 4th Ave. S. 

Bintliff L. T. 1806 4th Ave. S. 

Bintliff Miss May, 1806 4th Ave. S. 

Bird M. 806 Washington Ave. N. 

Birdsall B. S. 601 2d Ave. S. 

Birdwell Miss Josephine, 1429 Vine PI. 

Birdwell J. W. 1429 Vine PI. 

Birtch H. W. 118 S. 6th. 

Bisbee Albert J. 916 N. 5th. 

Bisbee Miss Cora A. 916 N. 4th. 

Bisbee Lewis C. 22d n w cor Superior 

Ave. N . 
Bishop C. A. 1?13 1st Ave. S. 

Bishop D. V. 1025 Hawthorne Ave. 

Bishop F. A. 1824 Portland Ave. 

Bishop H. T. 60 Syndicate Block. 

Bishop J. A. 629 S. 8th. 

Bishop J. E. 60 Syndicate Block. 

Bishop J. 11. 56S 6th Ave. N. 

Bishop Miss Nellie, 1313 1st Ave. S. 

Bishop Wm. H. 2414 4th Ave. S. 

Bishop W. J. 1225 Harmon PI. 

Bissell B.C. 1413 8. 8th. 

Bissell Dr. J. H. 8 Grove PI. 

Bittless J. R. 319 2d Ave. S. 

Bixby J. A. 30 8. 11th. 

Bixby Luther, 330 Franklin Ave. S. 

Bixby L. C. 2546 2d Ave. S. 

Black Emil^l905 5th Ave. S. 

Black H. T. 257 1st Ave. S. 

Black John I. 518 8. 8th. 

Black Miss Lottie, 1311 Harmon PI. 

Black ("apt. Mahlon, 226 S. 8th. 

Black W. F. 95 Spruce Place. 

Blackburn Wm. 1232 1st Ave. N. 

Blackburn Wm.R. 999 15th Ave. S. E. 

Blacklin Miss Emma C. 204 N. 4th. 

Blacklin Miss Helen, 204 N. 4th. 

Blackmar Paul, 817 6th Ave S. 

Blackmore Wm. 2314 11th Ave. S. 

Blackwell G. M. 1827 4th Ave S. 

Blackwell S. E. 2508 19th S. W. 

Blackwell S. M. 1827 4th Ave. S. 



Blackwood Robert, 2207 4th Ave. S. 
Blair Felix, 228 Plymouth Ave. 
Blair J. L. 254 1st Ave. 
Blaisdell Miss Ada M. 2244 Nicollet Ave. 
Blaisdell Miss Edith M. 2640 Nicollet 

Blaisdell George L., N. W. cor 24th S. and 

Nicollet Ave. 
Blaisdell H. E. 516 N. E. 4th. 
Blaisdell John T., n. w. cor 24th S. and 

Nicollet Ave. 
Blaisdell Miss Lillian, 516 N. E. 4th. 
Blaisdell Miss Mary A., N. W. cor 24th 

S. and Nicollet Ave. 
Blaisdell Robert, 2640 Nicollet Ave. 
B-aisdell Mrs. Sara A. 2538 61h Ave. S. 
Blaisdell Miss Sarah E., N. W. cor. 24th 

S. and Nicollet Ave. 
Blaise Henry, cor 26th' and Nicollet Ave. 
Blake Anson, 33 S. 7th. 
Blake David, 1016 2d Ave. S. 
Blake E. Sanford 2114 4th Ave, S. 
Blake George, 48 S. 14th. 
Blake J. D. Mt. Curve Ave. bet 23d and 

Groveland Ave. 
Blake Mrs. J. F. 21 N. 17th. 
Blake W.E.325 S. 9th. 
Blakely D. 1216 2d Ave. S. 
Blakeman Wm. 1211 N. 4th, 
Blanchard A. F. 2116 4th Ave S. 
Blanchard, Milton, 325 S. 9th. 
Blecken E. F. L. 507 6th Ave. N, 
Blecl^u Mrs. MaryM. 607 6th Ave. N, 
Blethen A. J. 805 6th Ave. S. 
Blichfeldt John A. 514 17th Ave. S. 
Blinn E. E. 2135 Washington Ave. N. 
Bliss A. S. 2116 2d Ave. S. 
Bliss E. A. 221 S. 9th. 
Bliss F. E. 1014 1st Ave. S. 
Bliss Mrs. Marion C. 2616 Park Ave. 
Bliss Milton, 825 11th Ave. N. 
Bliss Miss Nellie, 825 11th Ave.N. 
Blitz Dr. Adolph, 418 2d Ave. S. 
Blixt G. A. 212 University Ave. N. E. 
Bloch Benjamin, 724 N. 4th. 
Bloch H. F. 95 Spruce PI. 
BlodgettF.E. 310 S. 11th. 

Bloomington Ave. Presbyterian Church, 
n e cor Bloomington Ave. and 27th S. 

Blomquist Miss Amanda I. 1907 11th 
Ave. S. 

Blomquist Andrew, 2003 S. 2d. 

Blomquist Charles A. 1907 11th Ave. S. 

Blomquist Charles A. Jr. 1907 11th Ave. S. 

Blomquist Miss SelmaN.1907 11th Ave. S. 

Bloom Elijah, 1626 N. 8th. 

Blossom George F. 616 6th Ave. S. 

BKime Rev. C. F. 923 2d N. E. 

Bhimenkranz L. li:'3^ Washington Ave. 

Blunt Abbott, 1110 Hennepin Ave. 

Boardman A. J. 30 Oak Grove. 

Boardman Fred H. 16 Oak Grove. 

Boardman K. T. 1519 3d Ave. S. 

Boardman Lorenzo M. 2311 Sth N. 

Boardman Wm. 1222 Nicollet Ave. 
I Boardman W. B. 45 S. 9th. 

Bobb John G. 1517 Chicago Ave. 
I Bode Miss Addie C. 2-548 6th Ave. S. 

Bode A. H. 2548 6th Ave. S. 

Boc^e Miss Carrie F. 2548 6th Ave. S. 

Bode Miss Mabel, 2.548 6th Ave. S. 

Bode W. H. 2548 6th Ave. S. 
I Bodien Rev. Oliver L. 2116 11th Ave. S. 
! Bofferding M.J. 1228 Marshall Ave. N.E. 

BofFerding P. G. 260 12th Ave. N. 
; Bofferding W. H. 260 12th Ave. N. 

Bogardus C. E. 36 Eastman Ave, 
' Bohan T. M. 1330 Grand. 

Bohon J. H, 72 S. 1.5th. 

Boice M. F. 506 .5th Ave. S. 

Boland P. 205 N.E. 2d. 

Bolden Louis, 515 11th Ave. N. 

Bolster Mrs. M. E. 50 N. 12th. 
j Bolster Miss Hattie J. 50 N. 12th. 
I Bolton Miss C. E. 1-529 University Ave. 

: s. E. 

1 Bolton N. H. 1-529 University Ave. S. E. 

Bond E. H. 37 Washington Ave, S. 

Bonfoy Miss *Anna H. 823 22d Ave. S. 
: Bonfoy Samuel, 823 22d Ave. S. 
I Bunnell J. P. 620 4th Ave. S. E. 
j Bonniwell H. H. 1005 S.E. 7th. 

Booth Albert, 623 13th Ave. S. E. 


Booth F. W. 19N. 8th. 

Booth Jonathan 1307 N. 4th. 

Booth Walter S.822 S. E. 4th. 

Booth Walter S. Jr. 2227 5th Ave. S. 

Boran A. F. 924 University Ave. N. E 

Borden R. 718 6th Ave. S. 

Borchert Ferdinand, cor. Cedar Ave. and 

Borgen F. 2526 12th Ave. S. 

Boright Mrs. Washington, 425 13th Ave. 
S. E. 

Bornholdt J. H. 624 6th Ave. N. 

Borst James, 2615 Nicollet Ave. 

Boshart G. G. 902 Hawthorne Ave. 

Boswell Joseph, 3027 1st Ave. S. 

Bostwick A. 15 N. 4th. 

Bostwick Lardner, 917 5th Ave. S. 

Bosworth W. W 426 3d Ave. S. E. 

Botkin S. W. 14 S. 4th. 

Botsford A. E. 1101 N. I3th. 

Botsford Mrs. C. H. 1101 N. 13th. 

Bottineau J. B. 1829 N. 3d. 

Bottineau Miss Lillian, 1829 N. 3d. 

Boughton Miss Nellie, 2201 3>^ Avg. S. 

Bouret AVm., 226 15th Ave. K 

Bourne Miss Louisa, 2703 2d Ave. S. 

Boutell Paul D. 1120 1st Ave. N. 

Boutell Walter D. 1120 1st Ave. N. 

Boutell Wm. T. 1120 1st Ave. N. 

Bovette Edward, 2817 Blaisdell Ave. 

Bovey Miss C. H. n e cor 13th and Har- 
mon PI. 

Bovey C. A. n e cor 13th and Harmon PI. 

Bovey Frank A. 13th cor Harmon PI. 

Bowdish E. S. 1315 1st Ave. S. 

Bowe Miss Mabel S. 3112 Lyndale Ave. 

Bowe Oliver P. 3112 Lyndale Ave. 

Bowe Prosper, 3112 Lyndale Ave. 

Bowen Miss Ada I. 329 S. E. 4th. 

Bowen Miss Anna A. 329 S. E. 4th. 

Bowen Clarence AV. 204 N. 4th. 

Bowen E. D. 329 S. E. 4th. 

Bowen E. H. 611 7th Ave. S. 

Bowen Miss Ida E. 329 S. E. 4th. 

Bowen M. F. s s Mount Curve Ave. cor 
26th N. 

Bower Geo. B. 259 Nicollet Ave. 

Bowers J. I. 213 S. E. 5th. 

Bowers Miss J. C. 213 S. E. 5th. 

Bowman Miss Bertha C. 505 Grant. 

Bowman John R. w s Cedar Lake road 
s of Western Ave. 

Bowman Dr. J. A. 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Bowne W. A. 319 S. 6th. 

Bowles J. E. 21 N. 6th. 

Boyce C. D. 514 2d Ave. S.E. 

Boya Miss S. A. w s Hennepin Ave. bet 
24th and 25th. 

Boyd J. A. room 22 Lindley Block. 

Boyd J. M. 32N. 11th. 

Boyd S. F. 5 Eastman Ave. 

Boyden AV. W. 615 N. 5th. 

Boyer Dr. D. Windsor House, cor Wash- 
ington and 1st Aves. N. 

Boyer R. A. 15 S. 9th. 

Boydin Willis W. 616 N. 5th. 

Boynton Daniel M. 1901 11th Ave. S. 

Boynton H. R. 2633 6th Ave. S. 

Boynton Rev. L. D. 525 8th Ave. S. E. 

Boyson Charles C. 516 loth Ave. S. E. 

Brace C. H. 1106 S. 7th. 

Brace C. L. 41 N. 17th. 

Bracken Miss Julia A. 1127 1st Ave. S. 

Brackett A. H. 629 S. 6th. 

Braekett Dr. A. R. 208 S. 15th. 

Brackett Miss Carrie R. 900 University 
Ave. S. E. 

Brackett C. S. 413 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Brackett W. D. 625 S. 5th. 

Brackett Mrs. Elizabeth, 2001 Stevens 

Brackett Mrs. E. L. 208 S. 15th. 

Brackett F. E. 16 Lindley Block. 

Brackett George A. 625 S. 5th. 

Brackett Miss Grace, 129 S. 6th. 

Brackett H. H. 129 S. 6th. 

Brackett Miss Minnie, 129 S. 6th. 

Brackett Miss Susie B. 625 S. 5th. 

Brackett Miss Sarah, 1021 1st Ave. N. 

Brackett W. G. 900 University Ave. S. E. 

Brackett W. M. 717 S. 17th. 

Bradbury Miss Carrie A. 719 University 
Ave. S. E. 

Bradbury Miss Ella, 1217 Chestnut Ave 


Bradbury Geo. B. 1217 Chestnut Ave. 
Bradbury H. G. 719 University Ave. S. E. 
Bradbury Mrs. M. J. 719 University Ave. 

S. E. 
Braden C. E. 13 Eastman Ave. 
Braden Le Roy W. 2202 4tli Ave. S. 
Bradford Miss Jennie M. 914 12th Ave. 

Bradford John N. 914 12th Ave. S. E. 
Bradford M. C. 628 S. 6th. 
Bradish J. H. 107 S. 5th. 
Bradley Mrs. E. F. 614 S. 16th. 
Bradley J. J. 10 3d Ave. S. 
Bradley Welcome W. 611 9th Ave. S. E. 
Bradshaw Miss A. T. 112 Grant. 
Bradshaw Miss W. C. 112 Grant. 
Bradshaw W. W. 2445 6th Ave. S. 
Bradstreet John S. 525 S. 5th. 
Braesch Albert C. 220 S. 2d. 
Braesch Henry L. 220 S. 2d. 
Bragdon C. J. 2413 6th Ave. S. 
Braly J. M. 412 Nicollet Ave. 
Branagan B. A. 1021 Washington Ave. S. 
Branch Nicholas, 2445 S. W. 28th. 
Brand Charles C. s e cor Lake and 

Williams Ave. 
Brandebiuy E. T. 719 1st Ave. S. 
Brandtjer John, 1107 Western Ave. 
Branu Miss M. Gertrude, 1615 2d Ave. S. 
Brann T. A. 1615 2d Ave. S. 
Brann W. S. 1117 1st Ave. S. 
Branton R. H. cor 6th and 12th Ave. N. 
Brashear Osborne, 427 Nicollet Ave. 
Braslan Chas. P. 42 Eastman Ave. 
Bray Miss Agnes M. 4 Grove PI. 
Bray Dr. Alfred, 1623 S. 5th. 
Bray Miss Clara A. 4 Grove PI. 
Bray George W. 4 Grove PI. 
Bray W. L. 4 Grove PI. 
Brazie Dr. H. W. 1202 3d Ave. S. 
Brearley James M. 1900 11th Ave. S. 
Brearley Samuel L. 1100 S. 8th. 
Breck F. P, 42 Eastman Ave. 
Breck Miss Lizzie M. 42 Eastman Ave. 
Brecke 0. E. 1606 S. 6th. 
Breda 0. J. 1313 S. E. 5th. 
Breding J. 0. 1323 2d Ave. S. 

Breed G. D. 1220 Chestnut Ave. 

Breed H. P. 2101 Western Ave. 

Breed J. D. 1220 Chestnut Ave. 

Breeden H. S. 91 S. 12th. 

Breitenstein Miss Anna, 1617 N. 2d. 

Breiienstein F. W. 1617 N. 2d. 

Breitenstein Miss Louise, 1617 N. 2d. 

Brennan Geo. T. 318 7th Ave.N. 

Brent Everett, 1539 Franklin Ave. S. 

Brett John H. 704 :NIadisou. 

Brewer John C. 727 15th Ave. S. E. 

Brewer Morris P. 1330 First Ave. S. 

Brewis John J. 217 N. 4th. 

Brewster C. E. cor Franklin and Hen- 
nepin Aves. 

Brewster Edmund, 33 S. 7th. 

Brewster Frederick E. 33 S. 7th. 

Brewster H. W. 1114 S. E. 4th. 

Brewster Wm. D. 311 S. 6th. 

Breyer Jacob, 631 S. 16th. 

Bridgeman Salmon, 1515 Hawthorne 

Bridgham B. D. 341 S. 17th. 

Bridgham Ellsworth, 1113 S. 22d. 

Brigger G. 217 S. 5th. 

Briggs C. W. 238 10th Ave. N. 

Briggs Elmer L. Hillside PI. bet Mt. 
Curve and Groveland Aves. 

Briggs Hiram, 1412 Park Ave. 

Briggs James, 618 23d Ave. N. 

Briggs Jared, Hillside PI. bet Mt. Curve 
and Groveland Aves. 

Briggs Oliver F. 15 Maple PI. 

Briggs Otis P. 1412 Park Ave. 

Briggs O. H. 32 N. 10th. 

Briggs W. S. 1001 1st Ave. N. 

Brigham Miss Carrie H. 620 6th Ave. N. 

Brigham H. 22 Highland Ave. 

Brigham J. W. 1917 3d Ave. S. 

Brigham Wm. 620 6th Ave. N. 

Bright Mrs. Jemima, 324 1st Ave. N. 

Brimmer Dr. F. H. 77 S. 14th. 

Brin Miss Ella, 1800 16th Ave. S. 

Brin K. 928 21st Ave. S. 

Brin Louis, 1800 16th Ave. S. 

Brin Samuel, 923 21st Ave. S. 

Brinkman H. J. 1621 N. 3d. 



Bristol Koyal A. 25 S. 13th. 
Bristol W. R. 25 S. 13th. 
Bristoll W. M. 1930 Z%. Ave. S. 
Brittain Fred F. 720 2d Ave. N. E. 
Brittain R. N. 720 2d Ave. S. E. 
Broadbeut R. H. 916 S. 6th. 
Broat R. H. 1029 Hennepin Ave. 
Brockman Wm. H. 609 1st Ave. N. 
Brock way W. S. 529 Hennepin Ave. 
Broderic Miss Johanna E. 1908 Portland 

Broderick R.S. 115 S. 4th. 
Brodie Jas. 410 .3d Ave. N. E. 
Bromley E. A. Windsor House. 
Bronson C. K. 802 3d Ave. S. 
Bronson Robert, 1022 Harmon PI. 
Brooke Clinton, 122 N. 19th. 
Brooke Horace R. 702 7th Ave N. 
Brooke T. P. 921 8th Ave. S. 
Brooks Mrs. A. C. 501 S. 6th. 
Brooks Mrs. A. L. 1312 Harmon PI. 
Brooks Mrs. A. 0. 1826 Nicollet Ave. 
Brooks C. H. 119 N. 10th. 
Brooks Rev. David, 2208 Portland PI. 
Brooks D. D. 1904 Hawthorne Ave. 
Brooks D. E. 517 Hennepin Ave. 
JBrooks Miss Elizabeth P. 1826 Nicollet 

Brooks E. A. 01 Island Ave. 
Brooks Frank C. 2716. Nicollet Ave. 
Brooks Rev. .Tabez, 1708 Laurel Ave. 
Brooks Mrs. J. 627 6th Ave N. 
Brooks Mrs. Sarah T. 1312 Harmon PI. 
Brooks Wm. F. 1826 Nicollet Ave. 
Bros Matthew, 2401 S. 8th. 
Bros Wm. 2401 S. Sth. 
Brosman W. W. 110 Hennepin Ave. 
Broughton A. L. 511 4th Ave. S. E. 
Broughton 0. A. 511 4th Ave. S. E. 
Broughton A. L 511 4th Ave. S. E. 
Broughton W. W. 326ih S. E. 9t.h. 
Brown Mrs. Almira, 228 N. 5th. 
Brown Miss Anna M. 924 S. 7th. 
Brown Baldwin, 703 S. E. 4th. 
Brown Calvin E. 16 Grove PI. 
Brown Dr. Charles P. 1224 Nicollet 


Brown Miss Clara A. 1129 Hennepin Ave. 
Brown C. A. 92 Royalston Ave. 
Brown Cyrus E.425 University Ave. S.E. 
Brown Mrs. C. Virginia, 27 Eastman 

Brown C. W. 314 University Ave. N. E. 
Brown Daniel, 506 8th Ave. S. 
Brown Edward, 425 University Ave. S. E. 
Brown Edwin 0. 629 N 5th. 
Brown Ernest C. 424 1st Ave. S. 
Brown Mrs. Ernestine, 1803 11th Ave. S. 
Brown Eugene J. 61 Highland Ave. 
Brown E. D. 1126 1st Ave. S. 
Brown E. H. 253 Nicollet Ave. 
Brown Dr. E. J. 1831 4th Ave. S. 
Brown E. R. 612 S. Sth. 
Brown Mrs. E. S. 13233^ Nicollet Ave. 
Brown E. W. 1500 Harmon PI. 
Brown F. W. 822 4th Ave. S. 
Brown George H. 3032 25th Ave. S. W. 
Brown Miss Gussie, 1500 Harmon PI. 
Brown Henry, 2G N. 10th. 
Brown H. E. 227 S 6th. 
Brown H. F. 326 S. 7th. 
Brown Mrs. H. Mariah, 2727 Harriet Ave. 
Brown H. W. West Hotel. 
Brown Miss Ida G. 1129 Hennepin Ave. 
Brown Dr. Ira, 19;;l Sth Ave. S. 
Brown J. Frank, Sth Ave. 27th and 

Brown John, s w cor Nicollet Ave. and 

S. 33d. 
Brown John, 609 Madison. 
Brown Mrs. J. A. 627 S. E. 4th. 
Brown J. F. 328 S. 6th. 
Brown J. F. 2632 Sth ave S. 
Brown L G. 822 2d Ave. S. 
Brown J. H. 58 S. 10th. 
Brown J. L. 1117 2nd Ave. S. 
Brown J. L. 407 S. E. 2d 
Brown Leonard, 1621 S. 7th. 
Brown L. A. 1224 Nicollet Ave. 
Brown Rev. L. D. w s Hennepin Ave. 

bet 25th and 26th. 
Brown Lyman F. 312 S. 9th. 
Brown L. W. 1116 S.E. Sth. 
Brown Miss Maud A. 1224 Nicollet Ave. 



Brown Miss Hattie S. 1224 Nicollet Ave. 
Brown Miss Minnie, 13233^ Nicollet Ave. 
Brown Moses, 200 1st Ave. S. E. 
Brown Miss Myrtie B. 1323>^ Nicollet 

Brown Mrs. M. E. 512 3d Ave. S. 
Brown M. F. w s Hennepin Ave. bet 

25th and 26th. 
Brown Orlando W. 1224 Nicollet Ave. 
Brown P. F. w s 19th Ave. nr 24th S. W. 
Brown Robert D. 1302 Stevens Ave. 
Brown R. F. 1331 Nicollet Ave. 
Brown Roland G. 613 1st Ave N. 
Brown Roland G. Jr. 613 1st Ave N. 
Brown Seba S. 1400 Park Ave. 
Brown Wm. 4 Grove PI. 
Brown Wm. 521 Hennepin Ave. 
Brown W. A. s w. cor Nicollet Ave. and 

Brown W. F. 3111 3^^ Ave. S. 
Brow^n W. M. 420 1st Ave. S. 
Brown AVm. O. 1120 Hennepin Ave. 
Brown Mrs. W. 1303 Adams. 
Brown Z. E. 815 Mary PI. 
Browne Miss Anna M.924 S. 7th 
Browne Miss Fannie L. 1107 University 

Ave. S. E. 
Browne H. P. 102 Fniversity Ave. N.E. 
Brownell H. M. 1116 1st Ave S. 
Brownlee :Miss Jennie, 801 S. 8th. 
Bruce E. M. 210 Grant. 
Bruce John J, 824 16th Ave. S. 
Bruce Robert W. 116 S. 13th. 
Bruchhulz A. F. 2243 3^^ Ave. S. 
Bruner George W. 520 Hennepin Ave. 
Brunsell L. M. 2115 S. 22nd. 
Brunson Miss Ella, 1515 S. 9th. 
Bruntoa Miss Maggie, 2209 3>^ Ave. S. 
Brunton Robert, 2209 33^ Ave. S. 
Brush E. A. 329 S. 16th. 
Brush J. A. 329 S. 16th. 
Bryan Abraham, 1109 S. 6th. 
Bryant Miss Edith M. 3032 Hennepin 

Bryant Frederick R. 1022 Nicollet Ave. 
Bryant James, 3032 Hennepin Ave. 
Bryant John, 1516 2d Ave. S. 

Bryant M. E. 1225 S. 9th. 
Bryant T. S. 8 Holden. 
Bryant W. M. 713 Hennepin Ave. 
Brynildsen Gustave C. 516 10th Ave. S. 
Bryton Mrs. Alice, 1112 2d Ave. S. 
Buchanan Wm 264 12th Ave. N. 
Buck Albert O. 222 Plymouth Ave. 
Buck B. F. 1208 N. 3d. 
Buck Harrison. 2700 N. 2d. 
Buckman C. A. Ill S. 13th. 
Buck nam Charles A. 1400 Stevens Ave. 
Bucknell George B. 115 Grant. 
Budde Charles M. 729 6th Ave. N. 
Budette Daniel, 425 Washington Ave. S. 
Budington Miss Annie, 1209 Hawthorne. 
Budington Mrs. A. E. 1209 Hawthorne 

Buell Charles J. n s Franklin Ave. bet 

Lyndale and Pleasant Aves. 
Buell Miss Maude, 13 S. 9th. 
Buell O. S. 13 S. 9th. 

Buerfening Martin, .527 Plymouth Ave. 
Buffington Jesse, 1800 3}^^ Ave. S. 
Buffiington L. S. 83 Highland Ave. 
Bufton Edward, 605 25th Ave. S. 
Bugbee John G. 1023 N. 4lh. 
Bugge John, 715 21st Ave. S. 
Bull B. S. 311 S. 9th. 
Bull Irving J. 311 S. 9th. 
Bull Rev. James M. 1112 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Bull Miss Mary N. 311 S. 9th. 
Bullard F. W. 1813 4th Ave. S. 
Bullard Julius, 1506 S. 24th. 
Bullard J. L. 2410 6th Ave. S. 
Bumb Andrew, 1802 15th Ave. S. 
Bummert John AVm. 912 19th Ave. S. 
Bunco Dr. L. P. 115 S. 10th. 
Bunker F. R. 1320 Harmon PI. 
Bunkley Miss E. H.36 Pleasant Ave. 
Bunnell Geo. AV. 425 Madison. 
Bunting A. B. 301 Hennepin Ave. 
Burdock Mrs. M. M. 1830 14th Ave. S. 
Burferning M. 600 Plymouth Ave. 
Burgess T. C. 406 S. E. 7th. 
Burgtrof A. F. 258 Plymouth Ave. 
Burhans J. E. 79 Royalston Ave. 
Burke F. G. 504 Nicollet Ave. 


Burke H. M. 501, Main N. E. 

Burleigh H. C. 705>^ Nicollet Ave. 

Burleigh Mrs. 315 S. 25th. 

Burnell Edwin, 3132 Minnehaha Ave. 

Burcell George E. 3132 Minnehaha Ave. 

Burnett L. P. 1409 Chicago Ave. 

Burnett Wm. P. 1409 Chicago Ave. 

Burnham A. L. 306 14th Ave. N. 

Burns John S. 2008 3d Ave. S. 

Burr Miss Carrie, 611 N. 11th. 

Burr H. A. 3017 N. 2d. 

Burr M. C. 409 Franklin Ave.'S. 

BurrillMrs. J. F. 427 Nicollet Ave. 

Bursell Kev. W. J. cor 12th and 29th 

Ave. N. 
Burt Miss Eveline, 1029 1st Ave S. 
Burt Dr. Franklin, 700 Hennepin Ave. 
Burt G. E. 2229 N. 11th 
Burt I. K. E. 624 Nicollet Ave. 
Burton Carlos, 1707 Laurel Ave. 
Burton Dr. Frank, 39 N. 17th. 
Burton W. J. 55 Eastman Ave. 
Burwell W. D. 1913 3d Ave. S. 
Burwell W. E. West Hotel. 
Buse Andrew, 1000 N. 4th. 
Buse Ernest, 595 6th Ave. N. 
Bushnell Charles, 629 7th Ave. S. 
Bushnell Charles S. 904 Western Ave. 
Bushnell J. B. 2020 6th Ave. S. 
Busse Henry, 526 Plymouth Ave. 
Busse Miss Louise D. 526 Plymouth Ave. 
Busse Miss Minnie L. 526 Plymouth Ave. 
BuLler Alvin, 507 N. 19th. 
Butler Miss Bertha, n w cor 8th and 16th 

Ave. S. 
Butler C. N. 424 Nicollet Ave. 
Butler Miss Eloise, 1406 5th Ave. S. 
Butler Ezra, 813 S. 21st. 
Butler G. G. 3420 3d Ave. S. 
Butler H. C. n w cor 8th and 16th Ave. S. 
Butler J. G. 127 Grant. 
Butler Mrs. Levi, 28 S. 13th. 
Butler Miss Lr«uise, n w cor 8th and 16th 

Ave. S. 
Butler T. B. 204 Washington Ave, N. 
Butler Miss Zeo. V. n w cor 8th and 16th 

Ave. S. 

Butterfield F. W. 2310 3)^ Ave. S, 

Butterfield J. N. 2159 N. 16th. 

Butterfield W. D. 718 11th Ave. S. 

Butterfield W. H. 2020 6th Ave. S. 

Butters I. H. 821 S. 7th. 

Butters Wm. 821S. 7th. 

Butt Mrs. Edwin, 110 N. 5th. 

Button H. 44 8. 7th. 

ButtsE. C. 5112dAve. S. 

Butts F. E. 2630 5th Ave. S. 

Butz A. M. 38 S. 9th. 

Buxton Miss Bessie, 98 Highland Ave. 

Buxton L. R. 98 Highland Ave. 

Buxton T. H. Nicollet House. 

Buxton T. J. 98 Highland Ave. 

Buxton Wm. 97 S. 14th. 

Buzzell Miss Maude, 1313 1st Ave. S. 

Bye Mrs. Harriet N. 1016 15th Ave. 

Bye Miss Mary A. 1016 15th Ave. S. E. 
Byefield Miss Hattie M. 1136 N. 4th. 
Byerly C.B. 208 S. 9th. 
Byers ISIrs. E. 401 S. E. 4th. 
Byers John F. 913 Hennepin Ave. 
Byorum O. 1522 Franklin Ave. S. 
Byrnes Mrs. Catherine, Western Ave. 

s w cor N. 17th. 
Byrnes Miss Celia, Western Ave. s w cor 

N. 17th. 
Byrnes Hugh, Western Ave. s w cor N. 

Byrnes James A. 1354 Nicollet Ave. 
Byrnes John T. 39 Royalston Ave. 
Byrnes Thomas, 1001 N. 3d. 
Byrnes T. E. 1515 Chicago Ave. 
Byrnes Dr. W. J. 2500 Western Ave. 
Byron W. J. 32 N. 16th. 


ABLE H. G. 1112 1st Ave. 

Cadieux Dr. J. M. 125 Nicollet Ave. 
Cadwell Miss Belle, 516 2d Ave. S. 
Cadwell George L. 516 2d Ave. S. 
Cady E. C. 109 Washington Ave. S, 
Cady Herman, 1618 3% Ave. S. 
Cady I. D. 128 S. 15th. 
Cady Wm. P. 1518 Park Ave. 



Caffrey Wm. 2529 Nicollet Ave. 

Cahill Wm. F. West Hotel. 

Caladine George, 442 Island Ave. 

Calahan Miss Mary, 810 S. 9th. 

Calderwood John F. 1500 4th Ave. S. 

Caldwell Ebenezer B. 2434 Lincoln. 

Caldwell John, 2432 5th Ave. S. 

Caldwell J. E. 114 S. 11th. 

Caldwell Wesley, 917 Hennepin Ave. 

Calhoun C. K. cor 1st Ave. X. and 10th. 

Calhoun J. F. 60 S. 10th. 

Calkins Miss Estella, 1029 1st Ave. S. 

Calkins Dr. P. S. 1029 1st Ave. S. 

Calvary Baptist Church, s w cor Blais- 
dell Ave. and S 26th. 

Caniehl Henry, 500 Plymouth Ave. 

Camp Dr. A. A. Oakgrove cor Vine PI. 

Camp A. E. 1405 S. E. 5th. 

Camp Miss Bertha G. 1405 S. £. 5th. 

Camp F. A. 211 S. 9th. 

Camp Major George A. 25 N. 5th. 

Camp J. H. 2413 S. 7th. 

Camp Miss Lulu M. 25 N. 5th. 

Camp S. A. 615 N. 2d. 

Campbell Alexander, Hoblett House. 

Campbell Alexander Jr. 22 Eastman 

Campbell Dr. Alexander, 1101 Washing- 
ton Ave. S. 

Campbell Miss Carrie E. 902 1st Ave. N. 

Campbell E. A. 2109 Chicago Ave. 

Campbell Rev. Enos, 58 S. 10th. 
Campbell E. Frank, 2024 Portland PI. 

Campbell Geo. 1030 Nicollet Ave. 

Campbell Miss Grace, 310 12th Ave. S. E. 

Campbell Miss Hattie, 1003 1st Ave. N. 

Campbell John, 902 1st Ave. X. 

Campbell John C. 12 X. 8th. 

Campbell John M. 902 1st Ave. N. 

Campbell J. F. 705 Nicollet Ave. 

Campbell J. H. 1916 2y^ S. 

Campbell J. R. 705 Nicollet Ave. 

Campbell L. W. 1100 S. E. 5th. 

Campbell Miss May, 1014 1st Ave. S. 

Campbell Mrs. M. A. 022 S. E. 5th. 

Campbell Robert, 2800 16th Ave. S. 

Campbell R. S. 524 Madison. 

Campbell S. C. 2834 Stevens Ave. 
Campbell Rev. S. M. 402 S. 10th. 
Canan 0. A. 1101 S. 7th. 
Candlin Alfred, 2212 9th Ave. S. 
Canfield A. 0. Windsor House. 
Canning Miss Florence, 416 1st Ave. N. 
Canty Thomas, 311 Hennepin Ave. 
Capen Edwin P. 1108 S. E. 4th. 
Capen Etlwin P. 1516 Hawthorne Ave. 
Cappelen F. W. 800 Xicollt- 1 Ave. 
Capron Charles H. 2007 Cedar Ave. 
Caraway T.^. 1014 13th Ave. S. 
Careins Charles S. 1519 Nicollet Ave. 
Cargill J. F. 508 8th Ave. S. 
Carleton F. H. 1826 6th Ave. S. 
Carleton Wm M. 803 S. 7th. 
Carley J. A. 920 5th Ave. S. 
Carlisle Miss Anna M. 416 S. 10th. 
Carlisle Miss Belle, 2309 5th Ave. S. 
Carlisle, H. J. 416 S. 10th. 
Carlisle James, 416 S. lOlh. 
Carlisle Lewis C. 416 S. lOth. 
Carlson A. W. 1204 Washington Ave. S. 
Carlson C. A. 44 S. Gth. 
Carlson Mrs. F. 1315 Places Court. 
Carlson A. F. 1315 Places Court. 
Carney Miss Delia J. 76 S. 7th. 
Carpenter A. C. 619 1st Ave. S. 
Carpenter A. N. 1300 Hennepin Ave. 
Carpenter Charles, 527 Hennepin Ave. 
Carpenter C. H. 426 1st Ave. N. 
Carpenter C. M. 1117 1st Ave. S. 
Carpenter Dr. G. W. 21 S. 12th. 
Carpenter H. E. 1224 S. E. 5th. 
Carpenter H. L. 801 1st Ave. S. 
Carpenter H. M. 801 1st Ave. S. 
Carpenter L. E. cor Douglas Ave. and 

N. 29th. 
Carpenter Mrs. S. A. 1224 S. E. 5th. 
Carpenter Walter, 2424 Stevens Ave. 
Carr Mrs. Anna, 700 Hennepin Ave. 
Carr Miss Carrie, n w cor S. 10th and 

Park Ave. 
Carr E. B. 721 Washington Ave. N. 
Carr Miss Nellie, 707 Hennepin Ave. 
Carr Robert Y. 2111 .5th Ave. 8. 
Carr W. F. 714 University Ave. S. E. 



Carr W. H. 1711 Lyndale Ave. 

Carrier B. N. 83 Royalston Ave. 

Carrington J. R. Windsor House. 

Carrington L. P. 4033^ Central Ave. 

Carroll I). S. 418 1st Ave. S. 

Carroll Mrs. Ella, Lake Calhoun, 

Carroll Patrick B. 433 10th Ave. S. 

Carson A. C. 800 8th Ave. N. 

Carson J. C. Barlow House. 

Cart Wm. 3219 Cedar Ave. 

Carter O. P. 13 N. 6th. 

Carver J. M. 1423 N. 6th. 

Gary F. 716 6th Ave. S. 

Cary N. H. 2216 Portland PI. 

Case Mrs. A. E. R. 30 N. 10th. 

Case Albert O. 73 S. 11th. 

Case C. E. 1607 Hawthorne Ave. 

Case C. M. 30 N 10th. 

Case C. W. 424 5th Ave. S. 

Case J. C. 508 N. E. 2d. 

Case S. W. 91 Highland Ave. 

Case Warren, 923 5th Ave. S. E. 

Casey C. F. 817 University Ave. 

Casey T. B. 527 1st Ave. S. 

Caskin Miss E. C. 428 S. 8th. 

Cass H. G. 428 2d Ave. S. 

Casseday D. W. 112 S. 9th. 

Casselman M. 735 Monroe. 

Cassidy J. L. 1504 4 h Ave. S. 

Cassidy J. P. 87 S. 12th. 

Cassidy N. R. 30 S. 8th. 

Castle Miss Alma, 523 Hennepin Ave. 

Castle A. H. 306 S. 6th. 

Castle C. M. 523 Hennepin Ave. 

Castle Elliott, 2412 6th Ave. S. 

Castle S. B. 2412 6th Ave. S. 

Caswell L. B. 127 N. 10th. 

Cates Dr. A. B. 518 Nicollet Ave. 

Gates George AV. 628 S. 5th. 

Gaulkins F. W. 21 S. 7th. 

Cauret E. C. cor N. 16th and Hawthorne 

Cauret Miss Viola L. cor N. 16th and 

Hawthorne Ave. 
Cauvet E. C. 1601 Hawthorne Ave. 
Gavan Miss Jennie, 1101 S. 7th. 
Cavan 0. A. 1101 S. 7th. 

Cavanagh H. L. 1115 Western Ave. 
Cavanaugh P. J. 62 N. 16th. 
Caven George, 108 S. 7th. 
Cawcutt Arthur, 1106 1st Ave. K 
Centenary M. E. Church, 1st Ave. S. and 

Center E. H. 55 Eastman Ave. 
Central Baptist Church, Grant cor 4th 

Ave. S. 
Cerf Dr. F. H. 2820 Lyndale Ave S. 
Chadbourn C. N. 804 3d Ave. S. 
Ghadwick Wm. 1702 11th Ave. S. 
Chad wick W. F. 1825 4th Ave. S. 
Chaflfee Rev. J. F. 1112 1st Ave.S. 
Chalker Herbert, 2313 6th Ave. S. 
Chalmers Frederick, 1321 3d Ave. S. 
Chalmers Jas. cor 10th and 1st Ave. N. 
Chalmers Miss Maggie, cor 10th and 1st 

Ave. N. 
Chamberlain A. B. 67 S. 11th. 
Chambeilain Miss Charlotte K. 1227 

Hennepin Ave. 
Chamberlain Miss Emma, 1342 IstAve.S. 
Chamberlain F. A. 112 S. 13th. 
Chamberlain Harlan, 1342 1st Ave. S. 
Chamberlain Miss Hattie,;i342 1st Ave. 

Chamberlain Rev. Henry L. 2420 18th 

Ave. S. 
Chamberlain H. T. 1342 1st Ave. S. 
Chamberlain Miss Ida, 1227 Hennepin 

Chamberlain Miss Mary P. 1227 Henne- 
pin Ave. 
Chamberlain W. H. 1227 Hennepin Ave. 
Chamberlin A. B. 67 S. 11th. 
Chamber! in G. L. 624 Main N. E. 
Chamberlin W. L. 62 S. 12th. 
Chambers Miss Agnes, 600 6th Ave. N. 
Chambers Miss Bertha, 1010 2d Ave. S. 
Chambers Miss Hattie R. 600 6th Ave. N. 
Chambers Miss Ida May, 616 N. 5th. 
Chambers Miss Lucy S. 600 6th Ave. N. 
Chambers Thomas, 1010 2d Ave. S. 
Chambers Thomas, 600 6th Ave. N. 
Champion Charles, 45 S. 9th. 
Ghamplin C. N. 1011 S. 5th. 



Chandler Wm. 328 7th Ave. N. 

Channell S. P. 2000 6th Ave. S. 

Chant Miss Bessie A. 1133 N. 9th. 

Chant G. E. 1133 N. 9th. 

Chant James, 1133 N. 9th. 

Chant John, 18 N. 5th. 

Chapin A. G. 30 Grove PI. 

Chapin H. C. 319 University Ave. S. E. 

Chapin Miss Minnie F. 319 University 

Ave. S. E. 
Chapin Rev. N. C, 319 University Ave. 

Chapin Miss Nellie P. 319 University 

Ave. S. E. 
Chapman Miss Clara, 1116 Chestnut Ave. 
Chapman C. B. 210 .5th Ave. S. E. 
Chapman C. F. 1116 Chestnut Ave. 
Chapman E. G. 3107 1st Ave. S. 
Chapman E. G. 1918 S. E. 4th. 
Chapman Jeremiah, 210 oth Ave. S. E. 
Chapman Lee, 620 S. 14th. 
Chapman Levi, 2817, Blaisdell Ave. 
Chapman Miss Mary 210 .5th Ave. S. E. 
Chapman Dr. 0. S. 1123 4th Ave. S. 
Chapman Dr. West, 1123 4th Ave. S. 
Chapman Wm. 16th near 20th Ave. N. 
Chappell Gideon T. 325 S. 16th. 
Charlton John, cor 24th and 4th Ave. N. 
Chase Arthur B. 905 Franklin Ave. S. 
Chase Daniel, 618 S. 17th. 
Chase Mrs. G. L. 714 University Ave. S.E. 
Chase H. B. 1621 6th Ave. S. 
Chase Rev. H. L. 2750 2d Ave. S. 
Chase H. M. Lake Harriet cor 43d and 

22d Ave. 
Chase Henry R. 2532 9th Ave S. 
Chase H. R. 1427 University Ave. S. E. 
Chase J. 607 S. E. 7th. 
Chase J. H. 1706 Hawthorne Ave. 
Chase J. H. 1427 University Ave. S. E. 
Chase Mrs. M. E. 1706 Hawthorne Ave. 
Chase Capt. M. G. 1521 S. E. 6th. 
Chase Miss Minnie R. 907 Franklin Ave. 
Chases. B. 614 4th Ave. S. 
Chase S. W. 907 Franklin Ave. 
Chase W. H. 34 S. 6th. 
Chase W. P. 729 8th Ave. S. E. 

Chase Rev. W. T. 1413 Harmon PI. 

Chatfield E. C. 30 Eastman Ave. 

Chatfield Miss Lilly, 30 Eastman Ave. 

Chatfield Wm. 30 Eastman Ave. 

Chatterton J. B. Nicollet House. 

Cheesman, Miss Addle, 2628 Stevens Ave. 

Cheesman Mrs. Jennie, 2628 Stevens Ave. 

Cheney Charles H. 1110 Hennepin Ave 

Cheney Isaac 328 S. E. 4th. 

Cheney Miss Jennie L. 328 S. E. 4th. 

Cheney Wm. 24thN. cor Douglas Ave. 

Cherry Miss Belle J. 800 B. 

Cherry Louis H. 2008 B. 

Chesebro F. A. 913 4th Ave. S. 

Chesebro J. F. 913 4th Ave S. 

Chesebro Miss Nellie, 913 4th Ave. S, 

Chesebrough G. L. Nicollet House. 

Chesley C. P. 619 Hennepin Ave. 

Chesnut A. R. 2700 Stevens Ave. 

Chesnut Miss Clara C. 306 S. 11th. 

Chesnut F. L 306 S. 11th. 

Chesnut James, 306 S. 11th. 

Child S. R. 17 N. 1.5th. 

Childrens Home Society, 2200 S. 6th. 

Childs Clarence H. 2412 N. 5th. 

Childs Eugene, 2412 N. .5th. 

Chilstrom C. £. 1412 2d Ave. S. 

Chipman George R. 1529 N. 9th. 

Chowen George W. 502 2d Ave. S. 

Chrissinger I. M. 222 S. 12th. 

Chrissinger Wm. P. 222 S. 12th. 

Christenson J. H. 511 15th Ave. N. 

Christenson M. cor Hennepin Ave and 

Christesen S. P. 1711 2d Ave. S. 

Christian E. M. 57 Eastman Ave. 

Christian George H. s e cor 4th Ave. 
S. and 8th. 

Christian J. A. 725 6th Ave. S. 

Christian Llewellyn, 428 S. 8th. 

Christian P. B. 560 6th Ave. N. 
1 Christianson Peter, 515 15th Ave. S. 

Christie Archibald 57 N. 19th. 

Christie J. A. 910 3d Ave. S. 
i Christie J. W. 1026 Harmon PI. 
I Christopher J. N. 2301 5th Ave S. 
I Chrysler J. G. 422 2d Ave. N. 



Christy Miss Susie, 417 9th Ave. S. 

Church C. F. 18 N. 10th. 

Church Geo. E. 425 S. E. 5th. 

Church of the Most Holy Rosary, cor S. 

5th and 19th Ave. S. 
Church of the Redeemer (First Univer- 

salist), s e cor S. 8th and 2d Ave. N. 
Churchill C. E. 52 N. 12th. 
Churchill Edward E. 1226 Nicollet Ave. 
Churchill George S. 1226 Nicollet Ave. 
Chute Miss Agnes, 16 N. E, 4th. 
Chute Miss Bessie, 16 N. E. 4th. 
Chute D. M. 728 S. E. 4th. 
Chute Chas. R. 1434 Linden Ave. 
Chute James R. 728 S. E. 4th. 
Chute James T. 728 S. E. 3th. 
Chute Miss May J. 16 N. E. 4th. 
Chute Dr. S. H. 16 N. E. 4th. 
Chute Samuel S. 728 S. E. 4th, 
Cilley W. S. 821 11th Ave. N. 
Cirkler Alexander, 30 S. 1st. 
Cirkler C. H. 26 Washington Ave. S. 
City Hall Building, Hennepin Ave. cor 2d. 
Clampet A.B. Lindly-Skiles block. 
Clapp M. D. 1913 3}^ Ave. 8. 
Clapper Wm. J. 1523 6th Ave. S. 
Clark Mrs. Addie, 27th bet Lake View 

and Douglas Aves. N. 
Clark B. F. 2300 3^^ Ave. S. 
Clark Miss B. S. 1621 University Ave. 

Clark Miss Carrie F. 310 S. 9th. 
Clark Charles, 411 2d Ave. 
Clark D. W. 29 Eastman Ave. 
Clark E. A. 87 S. 8th. 
Clark Dr. E. F. 2300 3i^ Ave. S. 
Ciark Frank, 616 6th Ave. N. 
Clark Frank M. 1113 S. 22d. 
Clark Fred H. 707 Hennepin Ave. 
Clark Fred J. 633 S. E. 8th. 
Clark F. L. 1119 Washington Ave. N. 
Clark George A. 809 S. 7th. 
Clark George E. 910 15th Ave. N. 
Clark Geo. W. 32d bet Nicollet and Blais- 

dell Aves. 
Clark G. R. 707 Hennepin Ave. 
Clark Herbert J. 310 S. 9th. 

Clark Dr. H. W. 2300 3>^ Ave. S. 

Clark John, 9 N. 15th. 

Clarke Prof. John S. 413 Monroe E. D. 

Clark J. R. 310 S. 9th. 

Clark John W. 120 21st Ave. N. 

Clark Joseph, 214 S. 5th. 

Clark J. E. P. 2708 Garfield Ave. 

Clark J. W. 120 21st Ave. N. 

Clark Leonard J. 1123 Hawthorne Ave. 

Clark Miss Lillian G, 1108 S. 7th. 

Clark Mrs. L. M. 1108 S. 7th. 

Clark Miss M. A. 1621 University Ave.S.E. 

Clark Miss Mary E. 932 14th Ave. S. 

Clark Mrs Mary J. 120 21st Ave. N. 

Clark Miss Nellie R. 310 S. 9th. 

Clark N. W. Windsor House. 

Clark Orton S. 1309 Places Court. 

Clark P. B. 913 Western Ave. 

Clark Mrs. Rebecca, 2713 Nicollet Ave. 

Clark Robert, 301 Washington Ave. N. 

Clark R. R. 23d Ave. N. cor Lyndale Ave. 

Clark Miss Susie, 29 Eastman Ave. 

Clark S. J. 1621 University Ave. S. E. 

Clark S. S. 307 Washington Ave. S. 

Clark \. B. e s Hennepin Ave. 2 s of 27th. 

Clark Wm. 127 Nicollet Ave. 

Clark W. B. 609 2d Ave. S. 

Clark Wm. H. 1126 1st Ave. S. 

Clark W. M. 501 Monroe. 

Clark Wm. W. 27th bet Lake View and 
Douglas Ave. 

Clarke Alva R. 79 S. W.29th. 

Clarke Charles H. Portland Ave on Dia- 
mond Lake. 

Clarke Francis H. 9 N. 9th. 

Clarke Mrs. M. K. 93 S. l4th. 

Clarke R. L. A, 803 Franklin Ave. S. 

Clarke T. E. 2311 5th Ave. S. 

Clarke Prof. Wm. H. 322 13th Ave. S. E. 

Clary Wm. 312 12th Ave. N. 

Clausen A. C. 615 Lyndale PI. 

Clausen P. 1705 4th Ave. S. 
I Clawson C. A. 1516 6th Ave. S. 
i Clawson F. H. 1516 6th Ave. S. 
I Clay Mrs. E. A. 1815 4th Ave. S. 

Clay School, S. 4th bet 20th and 21st 
I Aves. S. 



Qayton A. H. 39 S. 6th. 
Oeator Wm. 2103 N. 9th. 
Cleator Wm. P. 2101 N. 9th. 
Cleghorn J. D. 1706 Laurel Ave. 
Clemence Miss Allie, 17 N. 8th. 
aemence Miss A. F. 36 N. 12th. 
Clemence Mrs. H. A. 17 N. 8th. 
Clemens Miss Carry, 1012 Nicollet Ave. 
Clement Mrs. A. A. 91 S. 4th. 
Clement E. B. 91 S, 4th. 
Clements R. M. 2731 Stevens Ave. 
Clementson P. J. E. 1626 8th Ave. S. 
Clemment Mrs. Anna, 3028 2d Ave. S. 
demons Ezra, 729 9th Ave. S. 
Clendenin C. C. 46 S. 14th. 
Clerihew A. E. 613 2d Ave. S. 
aerihew Miss M. V. W. 613 2d Ave. S. 
Cleveland Mrs. A. J. s w cor Portland 

PI. and Franklin Ave. 
Cleveland Charles, 520 Hennepin Ave. 
Cleveland Dr. C. E. 1333 Nicollet Ave. 
Cleveland C. S. 626 8th Ave N. 
Cleveland Frank, e s Lake Calhoun s of 

Cleveland George S. s w cor Portland 

PI. and Franklin Ave. 
Cleveland George S. Jr. s w cor Portland 

PI. and Franklin Ave. 
Cleveland H. A. 2529 3)^ Ave. S. 
Cleveland Miss J. L. s w cor Portland PI. 

and Franklin Ave. 
Qeveland R. D. 1610 4th Ave. S. 
Cleveland Dr. Wm. Lake Calhoun nr 

Oeveland W. F. 2409 6th Ave. S. 
Clews Samuel, 39 S. 15th. 
aifford Mrs. C. 507 S. 18th. 
CliflFord Mrs. Mary W. 507 S. 18th. 
CHnt J. M. 1312 S. 5th. 
Clothier Anson A. 716 loth ive. N. 
Clothier J. W. 716 15th Ave. N, 
Clough Mrs. D. M. 1003 S. E. 6th. 
Clough Gerry, 825 S. E. 5th. 
aough Gilbert, 428 4th Ave. S. E. 
Clough J. B. 1302 Linden Ave. 
Clough Miss Lizzie, 3209 Pleasant Ave. 
Clough Miss Nina M. 1003 S. E. 6th. 

Clouser George, 2414 4th Ave. S. 

Cloutier Bernard, 2623 Western Ave. 

Clow James B. 1500 1st Ave. S. 

Clow M. A. 1500 1st Ave. S. 

Clow Samuel C. 1500 1st Ave. S. 

Cobb A. C. 15 S. 9th. 

Cobb E. E. 221 Washington Ave. S. 

Cobb E. R. N. loth nr 7th Ave. N. 

Cobb George W. N. 15th nr 7th Ave. N. 

Coburn G. W. 421 Adams. 

Coburn Miss Harriet, 205 S. 9th. 

Coburn S. 12 N. 10th. 

Cochlan J. S. 903 1st Ave, N. 

Cochran J. W. 610 4th Ave. S. 

Cochrane Miss Anna Y. 1200 5th Ave. S. 

Cochrane Rev. James, 1200 5th Ave. S. 

Cochrane Miss Margaret M. 1307 S.E. 7th. 

Cochrane Mrs. M M. 1307 S.E. 7th. 

Cockburn Dr. J. C. 423 S. E. 6th. 

Cockburn Miss Sarah, 205 S. 17th. 

Cocker H. R. 216 S. 5th. 

CoeA.B. 1700 3d Ave. S. 

Coe Miss Belle L. 1700 3d Ave. S. 

Coe Charles A. 619 13th Ave. S. E. 

Coe E. L. 24 S. 6th. 

Coe Miss Helen B. 619 13th Ave. S. E. 

Coe R. O. 24 S. 6th. 

Coe S, A. 1904 Hawthorne Ave. 

Coe S. E. 1904 Hawthorne Ave. 

Coe Mrs. S. M. 1904 Hawthorne Ave. 

Coe Miss Virginia, 619 13th Ave. S. E. 

Coe Walter F. 619 13th Ave. S. E. 

Coffin Miss Bertha E. 910 7th Ave. S. 

Coffin Charles W. 2110 10th Ave. S. 

Coffin E. S. 910 7th Ave S. 

Coffin G. B. 811 Franklin Ave. S. 

Coffin N. S. 1409 2d Ave. S. 

Coffin Mrs. S. J. 910 7th Ave. S. 

Coffin Wilber F. 1013 16th Ave. S. E. 

Cogger W. B. 1206 S. E. 4th. 

Cohen Mrs. Amelia, 1812 4th Ave. S. 

Cohen D. 417 Washington Ave. S. 

Cohen Miss Hattie, 1420 Washington 

Ave N. 
Cohen Miss Ida. 1812 4th Ave. S. 
Cohen Dr. I. N. 1420 Washington Ave.N. 
Cohen J. 1402 5th Ave. S. 



Cohen Miss Leah, 142 ) Washington Ave. 

Cohen S. 123 Washington Ave. S. 
Colberg Erick O. 1021 S. 22d. 
Colborn Z. C. 220 S. E. 9th. 
Colbrath Hugh, 217 K. 2d. 
Colbrath Miss Lizzie, 217 N. 2d. 
Colbrath W. C. 2800 Hennepin Ave. 
Colburn Chester J. 2020 Cedar Ave. 
Colburn N. I. 820 S. 9th. 
Colburn Otis L. 2020 Cedar Ave. 
Colby C. S. 321 S. 4th. 
Colcord S. H. GOO 15th Ave. S. E. 
Cole Miss Annie B. 916 lllh Ave. N. 
ColeB. F. 800S. 8th. 
Cole Charles, 250 10th Ave N. 
ColeC. L. 2432 5th Ave.S. 
Cole Edwin L 2409 8th Ave. S. 
Cole Emersou, 55 Oak Grove. 
Cole J. F. 516 S. 9th. 
Cole Leroy, 2525 3)^ Ave. S. 
Cole Kev. L. F. 341 S. 19th. 
Cole Mrs. Mary A. 916 11th Ave. N. 
Cole Richard E. 916 11th Ave. N. 
Coleman C. E. 1803 5th Ave. S. 
Coleman C. L. 1706 Laurel Ave. 
Coleman Harvey E. 319 S. 9th. 
Collins Aid. 1428 Vine PI. 
Collins Dr. D. F. 1403 S. 7th. 
Collins Miss. Gertrude, 1428 Vine PI. 

Collins Mrs. M. V. 1514 Vine PI. 

Collins Wm. O.920 26th Ave. S. 

Collom G. H. 425 S. 9th. 
Collom Jessie, 1706 6th Ave. S. 

Collom J. F. 603 7th Ave. S. 

Collom Miss Mary F. 425 S. 9th. 

Collom Wm. F.425S.9th. 

Coloton James, 520 S. 5th. 

Colt E. W. 1022 Harmon PI. 

Colt J. S. 1022 Harmon PI. 

Colton Charles, 318 Nicollet Ave. 

Commons Miss Emma W. 1122 Hennepin 

Commons Frank W. 1122 Hennepin Ave. 

Commons Howard W. 1122 Hennepin 

Commons Wm. 1122 Hennepin Ave. 

Como Avenue Congregational Church, 

918 14th Ave S. E. 
Compton John, 723 S. 15th. 
Comstock E. F. 750 Madison. 
Comstock F. W. 2221 Lincoln. 
Conant C. E. 1415 Spruce PI. 
Conant E. M. 1028 1st Ave. S. 
Conant Geo. 1028 1st Ave. S. 
Conant G. H. 1914 S% Ave S. 
Conary H.R. 2737 Stevens Ave. 
Conary I. P. 2737 Stevens Ave. 
Condit A. J. 45 S. 9th. 
Cone Geo. M. 1018 1st Ave. S. 
Cone I. W. 701 S. E. 6th. 
Cone M. D. 2738 Stevens Ave. 
Cone Miss Nettie M. 2738 Stevens. 
Confer A. L. 316 Plymouth Ave. 
Confer G. W. 314 Plymouth Ave. 
Congdon A. S. 2110 N. 8th. 
Congdon Joseph, 3016 .3d Ave. S. 
Congdon Mrs. Laura A. 2110 N. 8th. 
Conger Charles T. 1029 22d Ave. N. 
Conkey J. H. 2211 3d Ave. S. 
Conkey Miss Maud, 44 S. 12th. 
Conkey R. B. 1724 3d Ave. S. 
Conklin J. F. 1609 Laurel Ave. 
Conlee S. F. 49 Eastman Ave. 
Conner Harrison S. 2434 Portland PI. 
Conner Herbert G. 217 8. 29th. 
Conner J. L. 2718 Pleasant Ave. 
Connor Miss A. A. 1415 University Ave. 

S. E. 
Connor E. H. 1105 S. E. 6th. 
Connor Miss F. E. 1415 University Ave. 

Conrad A. D. 1913 5th Ave. N. 
Conrad A. P. 2439 6th Ave. S. 
Conrad E. A. 2439 6th Ave. S. 
Conrad Miss E. J. 2439 6th Ave. S. 
Conrad Mrs. Mary E. 73 S. 15th. 
Conrad Miss M. S. 2439 6th Ave. S. 
Conrad S. B. 2439 6th Ave. S. 
Conroy Robert L. Lake Calhoun. 
Convent of the Holy Rosary, 1822 S. 6th. 
Converse Henry F. 1011 S. 19th. 
Converse Mrs. Sallie B. 1012 Nicollet Ave. 
Conway Miss Anne, 254 Cedar Ave. 


Conway Francis, 254 Cedar Ave. 

Cook Ai lert L. 1414 N. 4th. 

Cook Alpheus C. 2104 Polk. 

Cook Miss Annie L. 30 S. 7th. 

Cook Cyrus A. 102G 15th Ave. S. E. 

Cook Elwood S. 1603 S. 24th. 

Cook E. W. 1931 4th Ave. S. 

CookG. H. 2228 24th Ave. S. 

Cook H. R. 910 Hennepin Ave. 

Cook Miss Ida, 1414 X. 4th. 

Cook James R. 25 Lyndale Ave. N 

Cook L. L. 329 1st Ave. N, 

Cook Miss Mary E. 68 S. 15th. 

Cook N. M. 1603 S. 24th. 

Cook Rufus, 68 S. loth. 

Cook S. G. 1500 Linden Ave. ' 

Cook W. O. 2747 Stevens Ave. 

Cooke D. B. 423 S. 25th. 

Cooke Jacob H. n s Mount Curve Ave. 

2 e of N. 26th. 
Cooke Frank H. 626 14th Ave. S. E. 
Cooke Wm. 626 14th Ave. S. E. 
Cool H. A. 908 Hennepin Ave. 
Cooley Miss Bessie, 1124 Hennepin Ave. 
Cooley E. E. 1014 Nicollet Ave. 
Cooley Miss Fannie, 854 16th Ave. S. 
Cooley G. W. 3026 Lyndale Ave. S. 
Cooley S. W. 19 9 Crystal Lake Ave. 
Cooley Mrs. Sophia, s w cor Nicollet Ave. 

and 83d S. 
Coolican J. S. 1222 Nicollet Ave. 
Coolican Thomas, 712 1st Ave. S. 
Coolidge C. P. 1126 1st Ave. N. 
Coolidge John A. 1126 1st Ave. N. 
Cooper Barclay, 1111 Hennepin Ave. 
Cooper Fred, 1709 Hawthoine Ave. 
Cooper H. A. 815 8th Ave. S. 
Cooper W. H. 816 Nicollet Ave. 
Cooper W. K. 815 8th Ave. S. 
Coots C. L. 326 S. 5th. 
Coplin Charles 318 S. E. 4th. 
Copson Miss Hattie E. 410 S. 7th. 
Copson Mrs. Mary A. 410 S. 7th. 
Corbett John E. 2416 Bloomington Ave. 
Corbett W. C. 623 S. 15th. 
Corby L. E. 1126 Hennepin Ave. 
Corby L. E. 910 Hennepin Ave. 

Corcoran James J. 1802 N. 4th. 

Corell Miss Mamie, 217 S. 5th. 

Cormerais John, 20 S. 9th. 

Cormerais John Jr. 20 S. 9th. 

Cornelius E. H. 1516 7th Ave. S. 

Cornelius George M. 1516 7th Ave. S. 

Cornell Frank B. 1424 S. 9th. 

Cornman Chas. A. 429 1st Ave. N. 

Corrigan C. E. Windsor House. 

Corrigan J. R. Windsor House. 

Corser Elwood S. cor Vine PI. and 19th. 

Corser F. G. Oak Park. 

Cosby Charles E. 1021 15th Ave. S.E. 

Cosby Oliver L. 917 12th Ave S. E. 

Cosier Albert L. 2402 Bloomington Ave. 

Costigan Wyman, 316 S. E. 4th. 

Cottrell Albert R. 2019 N. 4th 

Cottrell J.Duncan 1019 S. 5th. 

Couch Charles A. 929 Nicollet Ave. 

Couch George. 802 1st Ave. N. 

Couch Geo. S. 902 1st Ave, N. 
I Couch Mrs. C. M. 906 3d Ave. S, 
I Couchman J. J. 229 S. 6th. 

Coughlan Thomas, 226 S. 8th. 

Coughlin J. S. 515 S. 8th. 
j Couillard Mrs. M. J. 3112 3d Ave. S. 

Countryman Miss Gratia A. 1-329 S, E. 
j 6th. 
j Countryman L. N. 1329 S. E. 6th. 

Courtney A. P. 2608 5th Ave. S. 
I Courtney Miss Annie E. 2012 oth Ave. S. 

Courtney Charles, 2012 5th Ave. S. 
j Couse H. K. 808 Hennepin Ave. 
I Cousins Wm. 725 Hennepin Ave. 
I Covell Miss Mamie P. 217 S. 5th. 

Covell Mareus, 214 S. E. Oth. 

Covey I. J. 32 Eastman Ave. 

Covington John 2914 6th Ave. S. 

Cowan Thomas J. 2119 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Cowles Egbert. 629 5th Ave. S. 

Cowles Miss Helen, 29 S. 9th. 
I Cowles Mrs. Josephine, 29 S. 9th. 
' Cowles AVm. 29 S. 9th. 

Cox Miss Harriet M. 2211 Portland Ave. 

Cox R. L. 715 S. 10th. 

Cox S. P. 504 S. 18th. 



Coykendall J. R. 806 6th Ave. S, 

Crafts A. 610 S. E. 5th. 

Crafts Leo. M. 610 S. E. 5th. 

Crafts Miss Lettie M. 610 S. E. 5th. 

Crafts R. H. 2329 S. 6th. 

Craig David C. 4033^ Central Ave. 

Craig John G. 403^4 Central Ave. 

Craig W. H. 2208 6th Ave. S. 

Cramer Harry B. 2025 Minnehaha Ave. 

Crandall L. N. 1130 N. 6th. 

Crandall Porter B. cor 15th and Stevens 

Crandall W. S. 33 Royalston Ave. 
Crane E. P. 307N. E.4th. 
Crane Miss Olive, 2102 Polk. 
Crane Philip, n e cor 4th and Franklin 

Crawford Miss Jane 719 13th Ave. S. 
Crawford L. M. 341 S. 17th. 
Cray W. R. 57 X. 12th. 
Grays James, 527 Hennepin Ave. 
Crego J. W. 614 Hennepin Ave. 
Cressey Wm. 1801 Park Ave. 
Creswell Rev. R. J. 1727 3d Ave. S. 
Creveling Miss Dora, 505 Hennepin Ave. 
Crevier L. P. 1317 Harmon PJ. 
Crew Frank, 2521 ttth Ave. S. 
Crismau Cyrus W. 707 S. 7th. 
CritchettM. B. 525 Nicollet Ave. 
Crittenden A. M., S. 19th near Vine PI. 
Crittenden M. H., 8. 19th nr Vine PI. 
Crittenden Miss Daisy L , S. 19th near 

Vine PI. 
Crocker A. L. 1406 sy^ Ave. S. 
Crocker Frank L. 6th cor 1st Ave. 8. 
Crocker (leorge W. 301 S. 6th. 
Crocker W. G. 301 S. 6th. 
Crockett J. W. 9 N. 15th. 
Crockett W. 800 Nicollet Ave. 
Croftbrt Miss, 1358 Nicollet Ave. 
Croll Benjamin P. 25 S. 7th. 
Crombie Wm. 827 6th Ave. S. 
Crooker E. H. 1302 4th Ave. S. 
Crooker Miss Helen M. 1302 4th Ave. S. 
Crooker J. B. 1302 4th Ave. S. 
Crosby Charles, 509 Hennepin Ave. 
Crosby Mrs. E. 521 Nicollet Ave. 

Crosby G. H. 2647 3d Ave. S. 

Crosby H. M. 2304 S. Lake. 

Crosby John, 820 2d Ave. S. 

Crosby Dr. J. A. 2611 Nicollet Ave. 

Crosby Miss Nettie M. 409 S. 6th. 

Crosby Richard, 418 S. 26th. 

Crosier George, 1520 S. 22d. 

Crosman Charles F. 59 S. 6th. 

Cross D. M. 2550 6th Ave. S. 

Cross Frank, 1312 3d Ave. 8. 

Cross George, 1902 N. 4th, 

Cross H. H. Nicollet House. 

Cross Capt. J. N. 2020 Portland Ave. 

Cross Miss Kate B. 2620 Portland Ave. 

Cross Norton M. 2020 Portland Ave. 

Cross Sterling, 1415 3d Ave. S. 

Crossfield G. D. cor 27th and 3d Ave. S. 

Crossman Miss Cora, 604 Plymouth Ave. 

Grossman C. F. cor Hennepin Ave. and 

Grossman G. W. 604 Plymouth Ave. 
Grosson Henry, 917 6th Ave. S. 
Crouch W. J. 3018 23d Ave. S. 
Crouley Carrie A. 1825 5th Ave. S. 
Crow Henry A. 24X6 14th Ave. S. 
Crow Wm. A. 2448 13th Ave. S. 
Crowe James N. 110 N. 5th. 
Cruikshank Miss Mary, N. W. cor S. 10th. 

and Park Ave. 
Cubberly L. H. 250 Hennepin Ave. 
Culler H. D. Nicollet House. 
Gullough James L. Lyndale Ave. N. 
Gullum Dr. M. B. 48 8. 12th. 
Cummings C. E. 36 8. 7th. 
Cummings Miss Louise C. 325 6th Ave. S.E. 
Cummings Miss Minnie, 325 6th Ave. 

Cummings Robert W. 325 6th Ave. S. E. 
Cummins Miss Annie 1717 3d Ave. S. 
Cunningham Andrew, 2710 Garfield Ave. 
Cunningham MissEmma, 18196th Ave. S. 
Cunnington S. R. 423 2d Ave. S. 
Curtis Mrs.*E. 1022 Hawthorne Ave. 
Curtis F. E. 915 2d Ave. S. 
Curtis T. F. 1032 Hawthorne Ave. 
Curtiss Prof. C. C. 40 Eastman Ave. 
Curtiss Charles H. 2514 loth Ave. S. 



Curtiss Mrs. P. M. 40 Eastman Ave. 
Curtiss Mrs. Z> Maud, 2.'iU loth Ave. S. 
Currier C. W. 2116 4th Ave. S. 
Gushing Frank A. West Hotel. 
Cushman Miss Clara E. 3445 29th Ave. 

S. W. 
Cushman C. M. 411 2d Ave S. 
Cushman E. J. 3445 29th Ave. S. W. 
Cushman J. Frank, 30 S. 6th. 
Cushman Miss Lizzie M. 411 2d Ave. S. 
Cussler F. L. 250 7th Ave. N. 
Cussler J. T. 1019 N. 3d. 
Custer Miss Fannie, 800 Nicollet Ave. 
Cutler A. W. 3111 6th Ave. S. 
Cutler Frank, 1124 1st Ave. S. 
Cutler Fred, 1410 Nicollet Ave. 
Cutler Pemberton 1022 Harmon PI. 
Cutter J. S. 926 S. 4th. 
Glitter Miss Minnie, 926 S. 4th. 
Gutter Miss Rose, 926 S. 4th. 
Gutter S. C. 926 S. 4th. 
Cuzner Edwin A. 214 State. 
Guzner James, n e cor 12th Ave. S. E 

and Talmage. 


AFOE A. H. 221 6th Ave. N. E. 

Dafoe Charles E. 227 6th Ave. S. E. 
Daggett C. D. 1522 4th Ave. S. 
Dagnault Rev. P. S. 18 S. E. 2d. "^""^ 
Dague P. A. TV s Hennepin Aver bet 

24th and 25th. 
Dahl A. C. 1908 Riverside Ave. 
Dahl N. 207 N. 3d. 
Dahl Odin M. 2719 18th Ave. S. 
Dahl P M. 1610 S. 22d. 
Dahlgren Andrew' 728 2d Ave. S. E. 
Dahlgren Rev. Louis, 2211 18th Ave. S. 
Dailey Miss A E. 91i) .3d Ave. S. 
Dailey D. C. 812 13th Ave. S. 
Dailey Frank, 555 6th Ave. N. 
Dailc^ Miss Jennie, 555 6th Ave. N. 
Dailey Miss Lucy, 812 13th Ave. S. 
Dailey Miss Maggie E. 910 .3d Ave. S. 
Dailey M. A. 910 3d Ave. S. 
Dake Mrs. E. V. 1327 S. E. 5th. 
Dale George L. 518 S. 8th. 

Dale Henry S. 518 S. 8th. 

Dales Wm. 624 Nicollet Ave. 

Daly Rev, J. A. 1819 S. 5th. 

Daly R. A. 2501 6th Ave. S. 

Damm Dr. L. F. 1422 S. 6th. 

Dana Edwin W. 31 S. 11th. 

Danenbaum Miss Flora V. 339 S. 17th. 

Danenbaum Wm. 339 S. 17th. 

Danforth E. L. 620 Nicollet Ave. 

Danforth F. L. 2713 Portland Ave. 
, Danforth James B. 2713 Portland Ave. 

Daniels A. 24 S. 6th. 
I Daniels D. A. ^06 3d Ave. S. 
i Daniels Franc B. 21 Eastman Ave. 
I Daniels H. L. 1116 Hawthorne Ave. 
'' Daniels R, A. 2427 N.4th. 

Daniels S. G. 301 Washington Ave. N. 

Danielson C. A. 1024 N. 10th. 
' Danz F. 516 Nicollet Ave. 

Darby W. S. 727 6th Ave. N. 

Darling Frederick, 1100 Hennepin Ave. 

Darling F. O. 1222 Nicollet Ave. 

Darling Mrs. H. K. 2012 Portland Ave. 
! Darling Miss Ina, 1100 Hennepin Ave. 
i Darlirg Joseph D. 1100 Hennepin Ave. 
' Darrow E. N. 411 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Darrow F. L. 2334 5th Ave. S. 

Darrow F. V. 2305 5th Ave. S. 
: Darrow H. G. 2645 3d Ave. S. 

Dartt George B. 1403 2d Ave. S. 

Dartt Mrs. P. L. 1403 2d Ave. S. 

Dashiell Harry, 1229 Nicollet Ave. 

Davenport Benjamin, 1344 S. 7th. 

Davenport E. J. 63 Oak Grove. 

Davenport J. and drs. Vine PI. nr Oak 
j Davenport Mrs. Sarah, 801 S. 8th. 

Davidson A. G. 418 5th Ave. S. E. 
' Davidson A. Y. Windsor Hotel. 

Davidson C. W. 30 S. 6th. 

Davidson E. B. .30 S. 6th. 

Davidson Miss Lillian, 30 S. 6th. 

Davidson Thomas, 2108 Portland Ave. 

Davies C. W. 328 1st Ave. N. 

Davies W. B. 1901 5th Ave. S. 

Davies W. H. 211}/^ >;icollet Ave. 

Davis Miss Ada, 57 Oak Grove. 


Davis Rev. August, 15th Ave. S. nr 

Davis Andrew S. 2614 Lyndale Ave. S. 
Davis A. W. 3016 Hennepin Ave. 
Davis Mrs. A. E. 7131 S. 7th. 
Davis Charles S. 710 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Davis E. A. 713 S. 17th. 
Davis F. F. 225 N. E. 2d. 
Davis H. A. 7 Royalstoa Ave. 
Davis Hartley C. 221 4th Ave. S. 
Davis John, 600 N. 3d. 
Davis John A. 2614 Lyndale Ave. S. 
Davis John A. 2114 Franklin Ave. 
Davis John C. 91 S. 7th. 
Davis John R. 2215 N. 11th. 
Davis J. C. 87 Grant. 
Davis J. H. 912 N. 8d. 
Davis J. S. 1319 3d Ave. S. 
Davis Mrs. Mary, 57 S. 17th. 
Davis Mrs. Mary E. 1100 S. 22d. 
Davis S. L. Windsor House. 
Davis S. L. 1109 Washington Ave. S. 
Davis Warren, 43 S. 9th. 
Davis W. H. 521 4th Ave. S. 
Davis W. N. 256 1st Ave. S. 
Davison C. Wright, Tith cor 8th Ave. N. 
Davison Robert A. 928 S. E. 5th. 
Dawes Joseph G. e s Mt. Curve Ave. 

3d e of N. 26th. 
Dawson J. 201 8. E. 7th. 
Day Miss Addie, 626 S. 7th. 
Day Mrs. Davee Anna, 1313 N. 4th. 
Day Mrs. D. W. C. 613 2d Ave. S. 
Day E. W. 720 7th Ave. S. 
Day Frank H. n s Franklin bet Nicollet 

and Pleasant Aves. 
Day H. E. 2012 24th Ave. S. 
Day H. L n s Franklin between Nicollet 

and Pleasant Aves. 
Day J. W. 226 S. 7th. 
Day Leonard, n w cor Park Ave. and 

S. 26th. 
Day Leonard A. 618 S. 14th. 
Day L. D. 618 S. 14th. 
Day Miss Lizzie, 2206 3>^ Ave. S. 
Day Mrs. M. D. 2715 6th Ave. S. 
Day O. G. e s Hennepin Ave. 5 s of Lake. 

Day R. H. 708 Hennepin Ave. 

Day Thomas M. n s Franklin bet Nicol- 
let and Pleasant Aves. 

Day W. H. 626S. 7th. 

Daynes A. W. 1029 Hennepin Ave. 

Dayton L. C. 800 Nicollet Ave. 

Dealing W. F. 1211 N. 8th. 

Dean H. J. 45 S. 12th. 

Dean Miss Carrie, n w cor S. 10th and 
Park Ave. 

bean Ernest, 621 Washington Ave. S. 

Dean Miss E. J. 612 1st Ave. S. 

Dean Frederick, 1226 5th Ave. S. 

Dean Fred. W. West Hotel. 

Dean George F. 1926 5th Ave. S. 

Dean James H. 729 Washington Ave. N. 

Dean Joseph, 1926 5th Ave. S. 

Dean Mrs. Mary A. 612 1st Ave. S. 

Dean W. E. 1722 5th Ave. S. 

Dean W. J. 1601 3d Ave. S. 

Dear R. L. cor 1st and Washington Aves. 

Dearborn Dr. Brainerd, 26 Washington 
Ave. S. 

Dearborn G. A. 3104 28th Ave. S. W. 

Dearborn J. L. 3104 28th Ave. S W. 

Dearborn Miss 8. Adelaide, 8104 28th 
Ave. 8. W. 

De Armond J. A. 716 15th Ave. N. 
I Dearn George, West Hotel. 
; De Atley E. 1223 S. E. 6th. 

De Camp L. 8. 71 S. 14th. 

De Cantillon Rev. 8. P. 1819 8. 5th. 

Decker W. F. 1227 S. E. 5th. 

Deegan Dr. Wm. 619 Monroe. 

Dertz J. J. 1526 S. 9th. 

DeGernon Vincent, 519 Nicollet Ave. 

De Good H. B. 319 2d Ave. 8. 

De la Barre Wm. 1301 8.7th. 

De Laittre C. L. 2 Highland Ave. 

De Laittre Miss Corinne, 24 Grove PI. 

De Laittre H. M. 121 8. 12th. • 

De Laittre John, 24 Grove PI. 

De Laittre Miss, 521 8. 12th. 

Delamater F. C. 520 8. 5th. 

Delamater J. C. 520 8. 5th. 

De Lancy P. M. 546 6th Ave. 8. 



De La Vergne Lenda, 22 N. 10th. 
Delonais Wm. 435 7th Ave. S. 
DeLong Miss H. M. 801 S. 8th. 
Deloria F. X. 43 N. loth. 
Delvin Hoyt, 522 2d Ave. S. E. 
Demars Antoine, 1833 N. 2d. 
De Mars Louis D. 1135 S. 7th. 
Demeiiles Z. 212 6th Ave. N. 
Demming Richard, 817 Nicollet Ave. 
Demond A. 91 Spruce PI. 
De Mott H. V. 26 Oak Grove. 
Dennett Miss Sarah E. 716 University 

Ave. S. E. 
Dennis C. C. 828 S. 4th. 
Dennis Frank, 1519 4th Ave. S. 
Dennis Dr. G. C. 2422 Portland Ave. 
Dennis Miss Laura C. 828 S. 4th. 
Dennis Miss Nettie S. 2520 N. 9th. 
Dennis 0. P. 629 Nicollet Ave. 
Dennis Wilber, 828 S. 4th. 
Dennis W. H. 629 Nicollet Ave. 
Dennison Miss Clara E. 1108 21st Ave. N. 
Dennison David, 1305 S. E. 7th. 
Dennison Miss Ella J. 1108 21st Ave. N. 
Denton Elon, 15 N. 4th. 
Denton Dr. Lyman W, 2116 6th Ave. S. 
De Puy Mrs. L. R. 1920 6th Ave. S. 
Derickson G. P. 24 Highland Ave. 
Desmond Daniel, 222 N. 19th. 
Desmond Mrs. J. E. 224 S. E. 4th, 
Deterly F. C. 522 N. 13th. 
Deutsch Jacob, 201 S. 12th. 
De Veau Charles, 1407 4th Ave. S. 
De Veau James, 1407 4th Ave. S. 
De Voe C. M. 400 Cedar Ave. 
De Voe Mrs. J. 639 S. E. 8th. 
Dewey C. L. 419 S. 5th. 
Dewey Miss Helen L. 615 7th Ave. S. 
De Wolf J. S. 2220 4th Ave. S. 
Dexter Charles, 163 Island Ave. 
Dexter I. 420 S. E. 7th. 
Deyoe W. S. 61 Island Ave. 
Dhorman Miss Lucy, 1014 2d Ave. S. 
Dibble Mrs. E. J. 629 S. 8th. 
Dickens Chester, 12 N. 5th. 
Dickens George A. 1824 Portland Ave. 
Dickens Thomas, Clark House. 

I D ickenson O. 2705 6th Ave. S. 

I Dickerson Miss Retta, 11 Eastman Ave. 

I Dickerson M. S. 11 Eastman Ave. 

i Dickerson W. R. 1 1 Eastman Ave. 

I Dickey C. N. 903 1st Ave. N. 

j Dickey J. 323 1st Ave. N. 

1 Dickey J. M. 903 1st Ave. N. 

Dickey Mrs. Sarah, 903 1st Ave. N. 

Dickey W. T. 23 Eastman Ave. 
j Dickinson C.E. 715 S. 15th. 
I Dickinson Miss Ella, 712 l^t Ave. S. 
' Dickinson G. L. 1301 1st Ave. S. 

Dickinson Miss M. J. 712 1st Ave. S. 

Dickson George, 800 Nicollet Ave. 

Dieterich John, 1201 Washington Ave.N. 
I Dietz F. H. 310 1st Ave. S. 
; Dieudonne F. S. 1514 6th Ave. S. 
j Diffor Amos, 2515 Lake S. 
I DifFor John, 1915 16th Ave. S. 

Dillin Hiram, 2723 29th Ave S. 

Dillingham Dr. E. B. 710 Oak Lake Ave. 

Dimick Mrs. Mary, n w cor Hennepin 
Ave. and 31st. 

Dinsmore Arthur, 3002 3d Ave. S. 

Dinsmore F. T. 3002 3d Ave. S. 
I Dix S. A. 27 S. 12th. 
i Dixon C. H. 715 1st Ave. S. 

Dobbin J . L. Brigham House. 
I Dobbyn Wm. R. 626 11th Ave. S. E. 
i Dobney G. W. 927 Harrison. 
! Dobson Robert, 524 2d Ave. S. 

Dodge F. B. 620 5th Ave. S. 

Dodge G. H. 918 1.3th Ave. S. E. 

Dodge James A. 419 8th Ave. S. E. 

Dodge L. L. cor 1st and Washington 
Ave. S. 

Dodson Emory F. 1509 Portland Ave. 

Dodsworth H. E. 1924 14th Ave. S. 

Doell J. W. 516 12th Ave. N. 

Doerr Henry, 84 S. 13th. 

Dolan A. J. 814 University Ave. N. E. 

Dole A. M. 114 N. 4th. 

Dole George A. 114 N. 41 h. 

DoUenmayer Albert, 907 1st Ave. N. 

DollenmayerMrs. Amelia, 907 1st Ave.N. 

Dollenmayer Miss Emma, 907 1st Ave. N. 

Dolliver Charles A. 1416 Chicago Ave, 


Dolliver Wm. A. s. e. cor 25th and 3d 

Ave. S. 
Donahue Wm. H. 27 Eastman Ave. 
Donald Albert, 2734 N. 2d. 
Donald F. C. Hennepin Ave. nr Lake. 
Donaldson D. C. 416 S. E. 4th. 
Donaldson L. S. 10 N. 9th. 
Donaldson Wm. 10 N. 9th. 
Donaldson W. H. 826 4th Ave. S. 
Donelson J. M. 1721 33^ Ave. S. 
Donlin Miss C. B. Union nr University 

Donlin C. C. Union nr University Ave. 
Donlin Edward, Union nr University 

Donnell E. C. 1510 Linden Ave. 
Donnell Mrs. Rebecca, 620 S. 19th. 
Donnelly Mrs. Helen E. 1902 33^ Ave. S. 
Donnelly James. 1026 N. 11th. 
Donovan C. J. 156 N. 12th. 
Doolittle C. S. 1714 Hawthorne Ave. 
Doolittle Miss Gertrude A. 1816 16th 

Ave. S. 
Doran .1. W. 422 1st Ave. S. 
Doremus A. J. 2211 8. 8}^. 
Dorman Miss D. A. 604 S. E. 5th. 
Dorner J. H. 409 Nicollet Ave. 
Dorr A. L. 3030 Pleasant Ave. 
Dorr C. D. 702 University Ave. S. E. 
Dorsey Dr. Frederick, West Hotel. 
Douglas Dr. A. C. 2107 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Douglas C. F. 2022 6th Ave. S. 
Douglas E. L. 1303 Washington N. E. 
Douglas G. P. 2022 6th Ave. S. 
Douglas .John, 1123 4th Ave. S. 
Douglass Arthur G. 18 S. 11th. 
Douglass C. M. 45 S. 10th. 
Douglass Ebenzer, 18 S. 11th. 
Douglass Mrs L. A. 45 S. 10th. 
Douglass R. A. 1815 Hawthorne Ave. 
Douglass R. M. 1815 Hawthorne Ave. 
Douglass School, n w cor Franklin Ave. 

N. and 22d. 
Dow Alvin, s s Lake 1st e of Hennepin 

Dow Mrs. Angie C. 1-118 N. 4th. 
Dow H. A. 320 University Ave. S. E. 

Dow J. N. 820 S. 9th. 

Dow Leander A. 1701 N. 9th. 

Dow Miss Louise, 1420 Vine PI. 

Dow Rice S. 22ul Chicago Ave. 

Dow Warren, 1420 Vine PI. 

Dow W. H. 320 University Ave. E. 

Dowdall A. S. 226 2nd Ave. N. 

Downey Edward, 901 7th Ave. S. 

Downey Prof. J. F. 801 S. E. 7th. 

Downey N. 101 Washington Ave. S. 

Downs Henry, 1707 Park Ave. 

Downs John, 1715 Park Ave. 

Doxey E. 0. 250 Hennepin Ave. 

DoyleM. E. 714S. E. 4th. 

Drake Abraham H. 2315 Bloomington 

Drake Charles H. 509 S. 9th. 

Drake Mrs. Harriet S. 2102 Polk. 

Drange John 0. 2414 12th Ave. S. 

Dranger Henry, 70 N. 12th. 

Dranger John, 70 N. 12th. 

Dranger Moses, 70 N. 12th, 

Draper R. H. 21 N. 7th. 

Drenkel George, 2033 6th Ave. S. 

Drennen J. A. 2745 Stevens Ave. 
j Drennen L. J. C. 2820 Park Ave. 
j Drennen R. P. J. 2820 Park Ave. 
j Drew A. J. 504 4th Ave. S. 
] Drew Dr. C. W. 1708 S. 19th. 
I Drew E. A. 9 N. 6th. 
I Drew F. W. 723 9 h Ave. S. 

Drew H. R. 84 ,S. 12th. 

Drew Lincoln, 812 S. E. 8th. 

Drischel F. B. cor 6th and Hennepin 

DriscoU D. 607 Jefferson. 

Druckhammer H. F. A. 175 Island Ave. 

Drullard Solomon, 1516 1st Ave. S. 

Drummond Walter, 58 S. 10th. 

Drury C. F. 309 S. 14th. 

DuBois C. H. 210 Mt. Curve Ave. 
I DuBois Orlin E. 503 12th Ave.S. 
I Dudley D. W. 624 Nicollet Ave. 
I Dudley F. E. 3119 Stevens Ave. 

Dudley Isaac, 222 University Ave. N. E. 

Dudley John, 701 S. E. 5th. 

Dudson O. N. 322 S. 8th. 


Duensing George, 911 6th Ave. S. 

Duensing Louis, 911 6th Ave. S. 

Duensing Miss Louisa, 911 6th Ave. S. 

Duevel Adolph, 1619 N. 2d. 

Duevel August, 1619 N. 2d. 

DufF M. E. 1616 Park Ave. 

Dufresne E. R. 23 N. E. 5th. 

Duhnke Miss Amelia, 2628 Park Ave. 

Duhnke Wm. 2628 Park Ave. 

Dullam O. 441 N. E. 5th. 

Dunbar F. P. 2432 Stevens Ave. 

Dunbar Warren, 2440 Stevens Ave. 

Dunham Frank, 9 Eastman Ave. 

Dunham John, 8 Eastman Ave. 

Duulop A. G. 316 S. 9th. 

Dunn Mrs. A. G. 2400 6th Ave. S. 

Dunn J. M. 721 9th Ave. S. 

Dunn Mrs. Josephine, 721 9th Ave. S. 

Dunn L. A. 2501 Portland Ave. 

Dunn L. W. 1333 Nicollet Ave. 

Dunn Wm. 319 Nicollet Ave. 

Dunnell W. B. 408 Nicollet Ave. 

Dunsmoor Dr. F. A. 226 S. 10th. 

Dunsmoor I. A. 120 S. 17th. 

Dunwoody John, Franklin cor Pleasant 

Dunwoody W. H. 10th cor Mary PL 
Durand George, 723 Nicollet Ave. 
Durgiu E. T. 1705 Laurel Ave. 
Durgin Frank M. 114 Harvard. 
Durham B. 1014 1st Ave. S. 
Durnam John M. 915 20th Ave. N. 
Durrin Charles H. 220 9th Ave. S. E. 
Dutsch J. 201 2d Ave. S. 
Dutton A. E. 420 14th Ave. S. E. 
Duval Henri, 34 S. 8th. 
Dye Dr. A. M. 2201 4th Ave. S. 
Dyer Charles E. 624 University Ave. S.E. 
Dyer Le Roy M. 510 5th Ave. S. 
Dysinger G. W. 129 S. 6th. 


ADS A. D. 2031 Portland Ave. 

Earl Ira C. 1018 1st Ave. N. 

Earle Jeflferson, Judd House. 

Earle 0. K. cor 24th and Hennepin Ave . 

Earnshaw A. G. 107 Island Ave. 

Easter Miss Susan, 1021 1st Ave. N. 

Eastman Alfred F. 716 University Ave. 

Eastman Miss Alice M. Is28 N. 4th. 
I Eastman C. E. 20 Grove PI. 

Eastman Mrs. Caroline C. 24 Grove PI. 
1 Eastman G. H. 18 Grove PI. 

Eastman H. D. 20 Grove PI. 

Eastman Jacob, 1828 N. 4th. 

Eastman J. W. 716 University Ave. S. E. 

Eastman W. H. 822 Hennepin Ave. 

Eastman W. K. 20 Grove PL 

Eastman W. W. 29 Grove PL 

Eastwood Miss C. C. 1003 1st Ave. N. 

Eaton Charles A. 1108 1st Ave. N, 

Eaton F.J. 721 11th Ave. N. 

Eaton H. W.Blo 26th Ave. S. 

Eaton Miss Nellie J. 2510 1st Ave. S. 

Eberman W. S. 1519 Nicollet Ave. 

Ebert C. A. 2027 N. 8th. 

Ebert Miss Emma, 2027 N. 8th. 

Ebert Henry, 2027 N. 8th. 

Ebert Miss Katie, 2027 N. 8th. 

Eckman C. M. 2920 Stevens Ave. 

Eddings George C. 2112 Chicago Ave. 

Eddy A. L. 719 9th Ave. S. 

Eddy E. W. Nicollet House. 

Eddy M. H. 820 2d Ave. S. 

Edgar W. C. 319 University Ave. S. E. 
I Edgerly E. E. 2508 1st Ave. S. 

Edmonds Isaac H. 2431 4th Ave. S. 
I Edmunds Miss Alice F. 805 S. 15th. 

Esten A. H. 1200 S. 3d. 

Edwards Alfred S. 27 Lyndale Ave. 

Edwards Charles E. 1521 Hennepin Ave. 

Edwards Charles L. 500 S. 8th. 

Edwards E. J. 512 S. 7th. 

Edwards E. L. 1521 Hennepin Ave. 

Edwards Miss Flora A. 500 S. 8th. 
i Edwards John, 500 S. 8th. 

Edwards Miss Laura Maude, 500 S. 8th. 

Edwards Miss M. E. 517 N. 5th. 

Edwards T. C. 719 S. 14th. 

Edwards Wm. A, 1012 Nicollet Ave. 

Eells Mrs. C. A. 17 N. 15th. 

Eells Miss Mary, 26 N. lOtli. 

Egan Rev. C. L. 1819 S. 5th. 


Egan Daniel W. 1527 S. 9th. 

Egan J. E. 26 N. 10th. 

Eggleston A. W. 3114 Lyndale Ave. S. 

Eggleston Mrs. Catherine, 1301 11th Ave. 

Egy J. H. cor oth and 8th Ave. S. 

Ehle A. W. 95 S. 12th. 

Ehle C. W. 95 S. 12th. 

Ehle Dr. H. B. 2328 Cedar Ave. 

Ehle Mrs. Mary S. 514 fS. 10th. 

Ehle Willard W. 3035 23d Ave. S. 

Eibel Wm. Lake, 2d e of Hennepin Ave 

Eichhorn Alvin A. 1020 N. 4th. 

Eichhorn Arthur E. 1016 N. 4th. 

Eichhorn Eclujund, 1016 N. 4th. 

Eichhorn Helen Y. 1016 N. 4th. 

Eichhorn Miss Matilda I. 1016 N. 4th. 

EisteiDson Rev. Ingvald. 316 15th Ave. S. 

Eldred C. P. 90 Grant. 

Eldred Wm. H. 726 Hennepin Ave. 

Eldred Wm. L. 726 Hennepin Ave. 

Eldridge Mrs. Melinda, 1825 Washing- 
ton Ave. S. 

Eldridge L. P. 110 S. 12th. 

Electra A. D. 2529 1st Ave. S. 

Elgin M. D. 3016 1st Ave. S. 

Eliel H. H. West Hotel. 

Eliel J. C. 525 S. 5th. 

Elkan Hyman, 703 S. 7th. 

Ellas G. F. 249 Nicollet Ave. 

Eilicott Benjamin W. 412 S. 7th. 

Elliott Dr. A. F. 429 Nicollet Ave. 

Elliot Daniel 1415 6th Ave. S. 

Elliot >iiss Dora E. 1415 6th Ave. S, 

Elliott Mrs. E. 1317 Hennepin Ave. 

Elliot J. H. 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Elliot J. H. 428 2d Ave. S. 

Elliot J. R. cor 10th Ave and 10th S. 

Elliot Mrs. M. E. 1415 6th Ave. S. 

Elliot Wyman, 827 S. 10th. 

Elliott Charles B. 2400 N. 5th. 

Elliott Dayton, 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Elliott Ezra F. 1612 7th Ave. S. 

Elliott Frank, 411 Nicollet Ave. 

Elliott Henry, 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Elliott J. H. 36 N. 12th. 

Elliott John H. 17 N. 8th. 

Elliott Rufus F. 2504 12th Ave. S. 

Elliott Washington S. 1512 21st S. 

Ellis A. C. 1307 S% Ave. S. 

Ellis D. W. Lake s w cor 20th Ave. 

Ellis George B. w s 28th Ave. bet 34th 
and 35th S. W. 

Ellis George L. 913 Franklin Ave. S. 

Ellis G. F. 1000 Nicollet Ave. 

Ellis Mrs. H. 1300 3>^ Ave. S. 

Ellis J. C. cor 28th and Grand Ave. 

Ellis J. H. 1501 Hawthorne Ave. 

Ellis Lyman A. w s 28th Ave. bet 34th 
and 35th S. W. 

Ellis M. R. 1501 Hawthorne Ave. 

Ellis W. E. 924 21st Ave. S. 

Ells C. 2645 1st Ave. S. 

Ellstrom John, 1121 N. 8th. 

Ellsworth Enoch B. 1022 15th Ave. S. E. 

Ehvell George H. 1014 16th Ave. S. E. 

Elwell James T. 903 15th Ave. S. E. 

Elwell Miss Mary W. 1008 16th Ave. S.E. 

Elwell MissMattie L. 1008 16th Ave. S.E. 

Elwell Tallmadge 1008 16th Ave. S, E. 

Eiwin James 1216 Mary PI. 

Elwood Lester B. 118 S. 9th. 

Ely E. R. 1821 4th Ave. S. 

Ely R. S. W. 103 S. 6th. 

Emerson Seth, 923 21st Ave. S. 

Emery Mrs. A. J. 910 University Ave. 
S. E. 

Emery Miss Bertha G. 734 S. 15th. 

Emery Corven E. Pierce bet 24th and 
25th Aves. S. E. 

Emery Elwood, 910 University Ave. S.E. 

Emery Frank B. 2030 Portland PI. 
[ Emery G. D. 76 S. 15th. 
j Emery Dr. G. W. 734 S. 15th. 
I Emmett J. C. 502 5th Ave. S. 
I Enches H. L. 907 5th Ave. S. 
j Ende Edward, 1 Highland Ave. 
' Endsley P. M. 620 S. 16th. 

Endsley Willis, 620 S. 16th. 

Engdahl Robert, 503 Hennepin Ave. 

Engle Miss Blanche, 422 1st Ave. S. 

Engquist Frank, 2309 S. 8)^. 

Earight J. F. 622 Hennepin Ave. 
; Ensign E. W. 209 S. r2th. 


Ensign W. H. 91 S. 8th. 
Enstad Charles P. 2.314 N. 4th. 
Enstam Rev. Andrew J. 1121 N. 8th. 
Eppert C. F. 2016 4th Ave. S. 
Eppert Mrs. E. M. 201G 4th Ave S. 
Eppert Miss E. R. 2016 4th Ave. S. 
Erb Samuel, 1917 N. 3d. 
Erb ^klrs. Susannah, 1917 N. 3d. 
Erhardt George U. Lake w. side Lake 

Erickson Rev. F. W. 328 21st Ave. S. 
Erickson H. G. 203 N. 4th. 
Erickson L. H. 307 Washington Ave. S. 
Ermentrout Chas. H. 1820 Nicollet Ave. 
Ertl Rudolph, 1302 Washington Ave. N. 
Ertsgaard Ole, 2206 Portland PI. 
Ervin Robert, 614 Jefferson. 
Erwin George H. 719 Bradford Ave. 
Erwin R. 614 Jefferson. 
Esselstyn Elmer E. 55 Royalston Ave. 
Estabrooks Eugene, 1518 S. E. 6th. 
Esterley Arthur, 1139 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Estes Chas. 1.325 S. E. 7th. 
Estes I. H. 1901 3d Ave. S. 
Estes Mrs. Julia, 1325 S. E. 7th. 
Estes Miss Lizzie, 1325 S. E. 7th. 
Eustis Charlis B. 14 Grove PI. 
Eustis Mrs. E. S. University Ave. 8. E. 

nr 31st Ave. 
Eustis Frank, University Ave. S. E. nr 

Eustis Fred, University Ave. S. E. nr 

31st Ave. 
Eustis George B. 14 Grove PI. 
Eustis J. B. University Ave. S. E. nr 31st 

Eustis J. M. 631 S. 14th. 
Eustis S. S. 2803 University Ave. S. E. 
Eustis Wm. H. 7 S. 6th. 
Evans Clinton A. 926 13th Ave S. 
Evans George, 722 Monroe. 
Evans George, 532 N, E. Adams. 
Evans G. 706 3d Ave. N. E. 
Evans Dr. 0. J. 707 Nicollet Ave. 
Evans Robert G. 2013 6th Ave. S. 
Evans Robert H. 1123 1st Ave. S. 
Everard J. R. 615 7th Ave. S. 

Everett E. D. 1400 2d Ave. S. 

Everhart Miss Maggie, 1308 Hennepin 

Everington James, 1213 S. 22d. 
Ewing Samuel N. Lake Calhoun. 
EwingT. C. 1216 6th Ave. N. 


AGAN J. A. 2217 6th Ave. S. 

Fairbairn Pr. A. C. 24 Eastman Ave. 

Fairbanks Frank, 808 13th Ave. S. 

Fairchild Egbert H. 807 15th Ave. S. 

Fairchild E. K. 409 S. E. 5th. 

Fairchild F. L. 33 Royalston Ave. 

Fairchild Isaac S. 807 15th Ave. S. 

Fairchild Miss Sarah S. 807 15th Ave. S. 

Fairchild Mrs. Wm. 1317 N. 19th. 

Fairfield Charles F. 912 3d Ave. S. 

Fairfield Mrs. M. 912 3d Ave. S. 

Fairweather Robert, 1505 Hawthorne 

Fales E. B. 2118 6th Ave. S. 

Fales H. G. 215 5th Ave. S. E. 

Fales W. T. 25 S. 12th. 

Fancher J. Delton, 13253^ Nicollet Ave. 

Faries Rev. I. 327 S. 7th. 

Faries Wm. R. 327 S. 7th. 

Farnam H. M. 1112 1st Ave. S. 

Fames E. T. 1317 AVashington Ave. S 

Farnham George C. 913 5th Ave. S. 

Farnham S. W. 726 2d Ave. S. 

Farnham W. H. 406 1st Ave. N. 

Farneworth Ezra Jr. end Mt. Curve 

Farnsworth Wm. 2213 Portland Ave. 

Farr Mrs. S. L. 1919 Nicollet Ave. 

Farrier G. W. 2208 Western Ave. 

Farrington Miss Florence L. 1720 Nicol- 
let Ave 

Farrington Gilson F. 1418 S. 9th. 

Farrington K. M. 122 N. 2d. 

Farrington Luther H. 1720 Nicollet Ave. 

Farrington S. P. 1720 Nicollet Ave, 

Farrington T. 225 N. E. 2d. 

Farwell Miss Belle, 1303 Places Court. 

Farwell E. W. 1303 Places Court. 

Farwell Miss Hattie, 1303 Places Court. 



Faulkner Miss Josie, 2917 1st Ave. S. 
Faulkner Samuel, 2917 1st Ave. S. 
Fawcett Isaac, 720 Franklin Ave. S. 
Fay John, 220 Hennepin Ave. 
Fay Mrs. Mary E. 715 S. E. 4th. 
Federspil N. D. 2004 N. 2d. 
FellowsB.R. 2803 N. 12th. 
Fellows Rev. C. B. 644 N. 13th. 
Fellows H. R. 420 5th Ave. S. E. 
Felt Geo. W. 34 S. 7th. 
Felt Philester, 34 S. 7th. 
Fender W. .T. 903 1st Ave. N. 
Fenno W. 8. 2643 1st Ave. S. 
Fenton Miss Fannie, 75 S. 14th. 
Ferguson Miss C. A. 910 7th Ave. S. 
Ferguson C. M. 818 4th A\e. S. 
Ferguson John Jr. 751 8th Ave. N. 
Ferguson L. T. 628 S. 6th. 
Ferrant E. M. 15 Royalston Ave. 
Ferrin C" F. 2013 5th Ave S. 
Ferris S. C. 1426 Vine PI. 
Fessendcn E. M. Lake bet Nicollet and 

1st Aves. 8. 
Fettertuan John C. 2400 12th Ave. S. 
Fewer John, 1912 S. 4th. 
Field Miss Alice, HOG Chestnut Ave. 
Field Chas. R. 805 15th Ave. S. 
Field Elmer E. 805 15th Ave. S. 
Field Mrs. F. K. 820 1st Ave. S. 
Field George A. 805 15th Ave. S. 
Field J. W. HOG Chestnut Ave. 
Field J. AV. Jr. 1100 Chestnut Ave. 
Field Rev. Thomas G. 1629 N. 9th. 
Fiening H. AV. 1308 Washington Ave. N. 
File D. O. 1108 Harmon PI. 
Fife E. P. 2638 Polk. 
Fife Miss Nellie E. 834 N. 11th. 
Fifield S. G. 1912 5th Ave. N. 
Filbert Christian, 1416 3d Ave. S. 
Fillmo'-e E. A. 329 S. 14th. 
Filteau Charles, 2928 Nicollet Ave. 
Finch S. M. 527 Hennepin Ave. 
Findley S. H. 108 S. 9th. 
Finlay Hugh, 818 S. 10th. 
Finlay R. R. 2000 Hawthorne Ave. 
Finlay W. R. 818 S. 10th. 
Finnegan A. S. 310 Hennepin Ave. 

Finnegan M. P. 66 S. Uth. 
Finnegan Charles, 2307 N. 8th. 
Firkins 0. W. 1530 S. E. 4th. 
Fish Alpha, 1223 S. 9th. 
Fish A. M. 2618 Pleasant Ave. 
Fish Daniel, 1606 5th Ave. S. 
Fish G. M. 105 Island Ave. 
Fish Miss Rose, 1417 20th Ave. N. 
Fish S. A. 1417 20th Ave. N. 
Fisher Mrs. A. Y. 8. 2131 8. Lake. 
Fisher Elmer E. 1602 3% Ave. S. 
Fisher Edwin J. 500 8th Ave. 8. 
Fisher Freeman A. 1421 Park Ave. 
Fisher James G. 1916 Hawthorne Ave. 
Fisher L. G. 900 16th Ave. S. 
Fisher Mrs. Mary E. 2131 S. Lake. 
Fisher Rev. Samuel Y. S. 2131 S. Lake. 
Fisher T.J. 302 S. 6th. 
Fisk B. W. 3020 Lyndale Ave. 
Fisk C. A. 814 14th Ave. S. 
Fisk F. W. 15 Eastman Ave. 
Fisk Warren G. 3018 Lyndale Ave. S. 
Fisk Woodbury, 424 S. E. 5th. 
FiskeF. C. 1124 Hennepin Ave. 
Fitterling W. F. 621 Nicollet Ave. 
Fitzer Mrs. Charles C. 1329 N. 12th. 
Fitzgerald Austin J. 2445 25th Ave. S. 
Fitzgerald Mrs. Catherine 1210 S. 2d. 
Fitzgerald J. J. 322 Gth Ave. N. 
Fitzgerald John P. 1210 8. 2d. 
Fitzgerald Dr. R. J. 257 Nicollet Ave. 
Fitzpatrick F. W. 1106 21st Ave. N. 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. M. A. HOG 21st Ave. N. 
Fix Calvin R. 1318 14th Ave. S. 
Fix David C. 1318 14th Ave. S. 
Flanders Mrs. G. A. 1029 Hennepin Ave. 
Flanery Thomas, 21st Ave. nr 33d. 
Flanigan John B. 520 Madison. 
Flanigan J. E. 11 Eastman Ave. 
Flanigan Dr. C. L. 403 Nicollet Ave. 
Fleckonstein J. 326 4th Ave. S. 
Fleetham John 1003 N. E. 2d. 
Fleming C. H. 3133 3)4 Ave. S. 
Fleming J. E. 3133 33^ Ave. S. 
Flesch Mrs. A. 1826 Chicago Ave. 
Fletcher F. A. 412 S. 16th. 
Fletcher Geo. H. 33 N. 19th. 



Fletcher Henry E. 1026 2d Ave. S. 

Fletcher H. J. 1124 Hennepin Ave. 

Fletcher Loren, West Hotel. 

Flint Henry A. 3031 Lyndale Ave. S. 

Floyd G. W. 11 S. 5th. 

Fogg Dr. C. E. 2514 Stevens Ave. 

Fogleson Charles, 1211 N. 11th. 

Folansbee T. M. 617 1st Ave. S. 

Folds Wm. B. 607 2d Ave. S. 

Folsom Edgar, 329 S. E. 8th. 

Folsom John, 508 2d Ave. S. 

Folsom John A. 529 2d Ave. S. 

Folsom Miss Minnie A. 529 2d Ave. S. 

Folsom S. H. 529 2d Ave. S. 

Folsom W. W. 624 Nicollet Ave. 

Folts Eben D. 1909 Chicago Ave. 

Folwell Mrs. J. B. 1020 S. E. 5th. 

Folwell J. H. 2531 1st Ave. S. 

Folwell Miss Mary H. 1020 S. E. 5th. 

Folwell Prof. Wm. W. 1020 S. E. 5th, 

Foote C. M. 525 S. 10th. 

Foote F. B. 903 Hennepin Ave. 

Foote Fred L. cor 3d Ave. and S. 8th. 

Foote Mrs. H. E. 903 Hennepin Ave. 
Foote Mrs. H. M. 520 Nicollet Ave. 

Foote H. W. 715 S. 17th. 

Forbes Frank, 14 S. 6th. 
Forbes W. H. 2615 29th Ave. S. 
Ford B. H. 1611 33^ Ave. S. 
Ford C. E. 521 9th Ave. S. E. 
Ford Conrad, 729 Cedar Ave. 
Ford Miss E. S. 1611 3^4 Ave. S. 
Ford F. P. 1015 1st Ave. S. 
Ford J. B. 306 N. E. 2d. 
Ford J. L. 69 Royalston Ave. 
Ford Miss J. R. 521 9th Ave. S. E. 
Ford J. R. 69 Pvoyalston Ave 
Ford Luther, 69 Royalston Ave. 
Ford Theo. 700 Hennepin Ave. 
Ford W. W. 710 Western Ave. 
Forler John, 518 N. 5th. 
Forman Miss Evelyn J. 506 S. 7th. 
Forman F. B. 506 S. 7th. 
Forman F. W. 506 S. 7th. 
Forman J. Rollo, 506 S. 7th. 
Forman Miss Kittie E. 506 S. 7th. 
Formo Lewis C. 632 Fillmore. 

Forrest Randolph E. 18 S. 10th. 

ForrestR. B. 607 N. 12th. 

Forrest W. E. w s Hennepin bet 26th 

and 27th. 
Forrester Mrs. E. 307 14th Ave. N. 
Forrester Mrs. M. F. 2d bet 34th and 

35th Aves. N. 
Forsyth Wm. 512 Adams. 
Foss Rev. Cyrus D. 1115 Nicollet Ave. 
Foss C. W. 51 Eastman Ave. 
Foss George O. 812 14th Ave. S. 
j Foss John, 3027 29th Ave. S. 
: Foss J. F. R. 133 S. Grant. 
I Foster Albert, .3310 19th Ave. S. 
I Foster Arthur W. 129 S. 9th. 

Foster A. F. 916 S. 7th. 
[ Foster Mrs. Eliza G. 412 S. E. 4th. 
Foster Miss Flora H. 412 S. E. 4th. 
Foster Fred. P. 3313 19th Ave. S. 
! Foster F. W. 412 S. E. 4th. 
Foster Geo. B. 108 Walnut. 
Foster Miss Grace, 17 S. E. 4th. 
Foster Miss Jessie A. 17 S. E. 4th. 
Foster Miss Laurel, 2216 Portland PI. 
i Foster Dr. L. P. 17 S. E. 4th. 
Foster Miss Myrtle, Cedar Lake road s 

of Western Ave. 
Foster Orrin, Cedar Lake road s of West- 
ern Ave. 
Foster R. H. 1126 1st Ave. S. 
Foster Robert, 1319 S. E. 5th. 
Foster R. O. 519 Nicollet Ave. 
Foster S. E. 1811 Laurel Ave. 
Foster Wm. 129 S. 9th. 
Foster Wm. H. 2813 Blaisdell Ave. 
Fouch Joseph, 418 14th Ave. S. 
Foull J. J. Jr. 18th Ave. N. E. cor Polk. 
Fournie J. L. 1716 5th Ave. S. 
Fowble T. D. 409 S. E. 6th. 
Fowle Mrs. Etta, 1022 Hawthorne Ave 
Fowle John D. 33 N. 16th. 
Fowler Miss Ada R. 2218 5th Ave. S. 
Fowler Charles H. 1212 Yale PI. 
Fowler E. G. 2218 5th Ave. S. 
Fowler G. H. 2218 5th Ave. S. 
Fowler G. W. 2218 5th Ave. S. 
Fowler J. J. 2218 5th Ave. S. 



Frackelton D. S. 210 Grant. 
Francis D. G. 322 1st Ave. N. 
Francis James, 1919 Hawthorne Ave. 
Francis Shepherd J. 2112 17th Ave. S. 
Francisco George W. 409 S. E. 8th. 
Franklin J. W. 1604 5th Ave. S. 
Franklin Lesser, 1421 S. 9th. 
Franklin School n w cor 4th and 15th 

Ave. N. 
Frary Francis L. 113 Grant. 
Eraser Mrs. C. A. 604 Hennepin Ave. 
Eraser C. B. 2401 1st Ave. S. 
Eraser Miss Effie E. 2401 1st Ave. S. 
Eraser George A. 2222 Buchanan 
Eraser Peter V. Uth N.cor Chestnut Ave. 
Fraser Robert, 604 Hennepin Ave. 
Eraser F. H. 410 University Ave. S. E. 
Erear J. K. 309 2nd Ave. S. E. 
Frear W. S. 309 2d Ave. S. E. 
Frederick E. J. 801 S. 8th. 
Frederick Fred. 220 Plymouth Ave. 
Freeman Edward, 43 S. 9th. 
Freeman Miss E. P. 135 Highland Ave. 
Freeman H. W. 135 Highland Ave. 
Freeman J. R. 123 Washington Ave. 
Freeman O. H. 135 Highland Ave. 
Freeman R. G. 135 Highland Ave. 
Freeman Sylvanus M. 2500 N. 8th. 
French C E. 428 S. 8th. 
French Elmer H. Parker House. 
French George, 1123 1st Ave. S. 
French Dr. Geo. F. 1600 Hawthorne Ave. 
French Miss Hattie, 705 S. 18th. 
French H. M. 33 S. 11th. 
French Joseph, 71 Royalston Ave. 
Frenet George A. 622 N. 5th. 
Frey Miss Dora E. 1810 Hawthorne Ave. 
Frey J. S. 1810 Hawthorne Ave. 
Frey H. B. 327 N. E. 4th. 
Friedericks Alois, 1627 Washington Ave. 

Friedericks Fred, 222 Plymouth Ave. 
Friedlander Samuel, 1328 S. 8th. 
Friesk John, 1046 3d Ave. N. E. 
Frink Henry, 108 S. 14th. 
Frink T. H. 108 S. 14th. 
Frisbee C. W. 1127 S. E. 6th. 

Frisselle Dr. M. M. 1418 Vine PI. 
Fritsche Louis E. 1628 N. 2d. 
Frost Miss Alice L. 2313 Portland Ave. 
Frost H. G. 301 Nicollet Ave. 
Frost Jordon C. 2311 6th Ave. S. 
Frost Mrs. S. A. 2219 4th Ave. S. 
Frothingham N. L. 1014 Nicollet Ave. 
Fruen W. H. Glen wood nr Western Ave. 
Frye Geo. B. cor Nicollet Ave. and 8th. 
Fuglee O. M. 2316 S. 22d. 
Fulford George, 723 Nicollet Ave. 
Fuller Charles I. 629 Nicollet Ave. 
Fuller Charles W. 1418 2d Ave. S. 
Fuller Miss Etta, 1913 3>^ Ave. S. 
Fuller Miss Helen M. 629 Nicollet Ave. 
Fuller J. M. 1512 4th Ave. S. 
Fuller W. H. 8 N. 11th. 
Fullerton B. B. 11 S. 9th. 
FuUerton C. F. 1027 1st Ave. S. 
Fullerton Mrs. J. L. 325 S. E. 8th. 
Fultz Otto A. 2011 Minnehaha Ave. 
Furber Miss Bessie L. 814 S. 9th. 
Furber Miss Eva L. 814 S. 9th. 
Furber George M. 903 16th Ave. S. E. 
Furber J. L. 814 S. 9th. 
Futscher John, 1629 N. 2d. 

/^ AGACKI FRANK, 1200 10th Ave. S. 

Gage Edward, Weet Hotel. 

Gage George F. 114 S. 4th. 

Gage H. C. 212 Grant. 

Gage John F. 1311 Hawthorne Ave. 

Gage Walter 23 Eastman Ave. 

Gagnon Napoleon, 1833 N. 4th. 

Gailey J. W. 819 N. 11th. 

Gaines John, 2423 Cedar Ave. 

Gaines Miss Lizzie, 2423 Cedar Ave. 

Galbraith Miss Hattie J. 802 6th Ave. S. 

Gale Miss Alice, 103 S. 4th. 

Gale A. H. 1 Eastman Ave. 

Gale Miss Belle, 1 Eastman Ave. 

Gale A. F. 1620 3d Ave. S. 

Gale H. A. 1 Eastman Ave. 

Gale Samuel C. 103 S. 4th. 

Gale W. S. 523 4th Ave. S. 

Gallagher Edward, 1200 S. 22d. 



Gallagher Mrs. George, 429 Lyndale Ave. 
Gallagher George Jr. 429 Lyndale Ave. 
Gallagher H. P. 1604 2d Ave. S. 
Gallagher Matthew, 429 Lyndale Ave. 
Gallagher Thomas A. 1604 2d Ave. S. 
Gallagher W. D. 429 Lyndale Ave. 
Gallagher Mrs. Z. M. 1604 2d Ave. S. 
Gallow J. M. 20 Hennepin Ave. 
Galpin George R. 256 Plymouth Ave. 
Galpin Henry J. 2.56 Plymouth Ave. 
Galpin M. J. 1328 S. E. 6th. 
Galusha E. B. 25 S. 1.3th. 
Gannon J. N. Clark House. 
Garben A. 75 S. 11th. 
Garbett Joseph 2212 9th Ave. S. 
Garcken Herbert E. 1121 N. .5th. 
Gardiner Miss Mary K. 1014 Hennepin 

Gardiner :Miss M. Louise 1014 Hennepin 

Gardiner Thomas, 1014 Hennepin Ave. 
Gardiner W. H. 917 8. E, 5th. 
Gardner C. W. 1408 4th Ave. S. 
Gardner Miss Elue 929 Hennepin Ave. 
Gardner E. 721 S. 18th. 
Gardner G. B. 3 Royalston Ave. 
Gardner Herbert B. 1404 Vine PI. 
Gardner H. R. 1728 14th Ave. S. 
Gardner Jacob H. 1601 Chicago Ave. 
Gardner Mrs. J. B. 929 Hennepin Ave. 
Gardner J. D. 1313 S. E. 4th. 
Gardner J. L. 2024 4th Ave. S. 
Gardner :Hiss L. L. 715 S. 10th. 
Gardner Miss Nettie, 3 Royalston Ave. 
Garfield Charles M. 1523 Nicollet Ave. 
Garfield Henry S. 1523 Nicollet Ave. 
Garfield H. W. 1723 S^ Ave. S. 
Garfield Mrs. J. M. 1523 Nicollet Ave. 
Garland C. C. 211>^ Nicollet Ave. 
Garland Eugene D. 19th Ave. N. nr city 

Garland George M. Cliftor House. 
GarmleyP. 312N. E.2d. 
Garner L. 1507 S. E. 7th. 
Garrett D. H. 620 1.5th Ave N, 
Garrett G. H. 620 15th Ave N. 
Garrett H, N. 606 Hennepin Ave. 

Garrison Dennis, 616 N. 5th. 

Garvey C. C. Lyndale Ave. nr city limits. 

Garvin J. S. 512 S. 11th. 

Garvin T. H. 512 S. 11th. 

Gaskell Joseph, .38 N. 12th. 

Gaston Mrs. C. E. 1121 Hennepin Ave. 

Gates Miss Alice C. 2.302 Z^ Ave. S. 

Gates Burt P. 2418 Stevens Ave. 

Gates Carroll E. 2418 Stevens Ave. 

Gates Rev. F. T. 1302 4th Ave. S. 

Gates G. C. 2302 3^^ Ave. S. 

Gates Mrs. Rhoda, 2302 3^^ Ave S. 

Gates S. end of Crystal Lake Ave. 

Gaty L. S. 25 S. 9111-. 

Gault R. J. 580 6th Ave. N. 

Gauthier H. P. 1029 N. 3d. 

Gaylord E. R. 2000 N. 11th. 

Gaylord E. S. 2000 N. 11th. 

Gaylord E. W. 1307 S. E. 4th. 

Gaylord Mrs. L. S. 1512 Washington 
Ave. N. 

Gaylord Samuel D. 2000 N. 11th. 

Gayner Louis N. 1722 9th Ave. S, 

Gear Miss Emily L. 1129 1st Ave. N, 
, Gear Mrs. E. G. 1129 1st Ave. N. 
! Gear Miss Grace B. 1129 1st Ave. N. 
' Geble Miss Ada A. 1815 Laurel Ave. 

Gedney C. B. 1904 N. 9th. 

Gedney Miss Kittle C. 3101 N. 2d. 

Gedney Miss Mary A. 3101 N. 2d. 

Gedney M. A. 3101 N. 2d. 

Geer Miss Sarah M. 2221 Cedar Ave. 
! Geesaman A. M. 51 S. 7th. 

Gehritz Wm. F. 1200 Plymouth Ave. 

Geist F. J. 305 14th Ave. N. 
' Gelatt R. B. 3.32 S. 14th. 

George Frank S. 24-39 Lincoln. 

George Capt. James, 24.39 Lincoln. 

George Wm. A. 24.36 Bloomington Ave. 

Gerety Thomas G. 1910 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Gerhard D. M. 128 Highland Ave. 
i Gerhard ^^Irs. H. C. 128 Highland Ave. 
! German Lutheran School, 499 9th Ave. S. 
I Gorrish W. E. 2304 6th Ave. S. 

Getchel Miss Anna M. 2921 N. 2d. 
■ Getchell J. J. 2921 N. 2d. 

Getchell Miss Nettie, 2931 N. 2d. 



Getchell W. H. 1412 Park Ave. 

Getty George F. 2510 1st Ave. S. 

Getz Miss Chi S. 328 1st Ave. N. 

Getz Miss Clara S. 328 1st Ave. N. 

Getz C. F. 328 1st Ave. N. 

Getz Miss Florence A. 328 1st Ave. N. 

Getz Miss Mamie A. 328 1st Ave. N. 

Gibbons J. A. 315 S. 6th. 

Gibbs George T. 1916 3^4 Ave. S. 

Gibbs Wm. J. cor Lyndale and Summit 

Gibbs W.M. 1916 3>^ Ave. S. 
Gibson C. C. 2400 6 th Ave. S. 
Gibson Dr. Edward T. 2525 25th Ave. S. 
Gibson Frederick W. 627 Nicollet Ave. 
Gibson F. S. West Hotel. 
Gibson Henry W. 1010 Western Ave. 
Gibson James 3752 Lyndale Ave. 
Gibson Mrs. Paris, 19 Eastman Ave. 
Gibson Rolph E. 1404 2d Ave. S. 
Gibson Theodore, 19 Eastman Ave. 
Gick Fred Y. s e cor Nicollet Ave. and 

S. 31st. 
Gick R. E. s e cor Nicollet Ave. and S 

Giddings J. H. 315 S. 25th. 
Giddings Dr. W. F. 902 Hawthorne Ave. 
Giessler G. W. 330 S. 14th. 
Gifford George S. 2933 1st Ave. S. 
Gifford H. P. 22 N. 10th. 
Gilford R. L. 31 S. 9th. 
Gilbert Alfred W. 2542 Nicollet Ave. S. 
Gilbert Avery W. 45 S. 9th, 
Gilbert B. H. 914 5th Ave. S. 
Gilbert Miss Emily W. 45 S. 9th. 
Gilbert J. W. 629 7th Ave. S. 
Gilbert Miss Lucy B. 45 S. 9th. 
Gilbert Miss Mary E. 45 S. 9th. 
Gilbert S. C. 714 S. E. 4th. 
Gilbert Thomas J. 2110 16th Ave. S. 
Gilbranson Jacob N. 2400 9th Ave. S. 
Gilbranson Miss May, 2400 9th Ave. S. 
Gile Samuel A. 221 N. 4th. 
Gilfillan George C. 31 S. 11th. 
Gilfillan Hon. J. B. 10th Ave. S. E., cor 

Gilger John W. 3028 2d Ave. S. 

Gilkeson H. Lee, 112 N. 4th. 

Gill J. M 31 S. 9th. 

Gillam Mrs. Helen A. 29 S. 9th. 

Gillam Henry, 1024 S. 5th. 

Gilles Adam, 221 University Ave. N. E. 

Gillespie J. A. 2928 Stevens Ave. 

Gillespie J. S, 1358 Nicollet Ave. 

Gillett H. S. 720 6th Ave. S. 

Gillett Jerome S. 800 B. 

Gillett L. S. 1301 S. E. 4th. 

Oilman Charles, 1509 Stevens Ave. 

Oilman Charles H. 1126 Hennepin Ave. 

Oilman John, 22d bet 5th and 6th 
Aves. N. 

Gilman Miss Mary, 22d bet 5th and 6th 
Aves. N, 

Gilmore D. M. 1600 Laurel Ave. 

Gilmore Eugene 253^ S. 4th. 

Gilmore Frank S. cor Fort Ave. and S. 

Gilmore H. 61 Island Ave. 

Gilmore H. E. 61 Island Ave. 

Gilmore John P. 423 13th Ave. S. E. 

Gilmore Joseph L. 1200 Chestnut Ave. 

Gilmore J. E. 317 2d Ave. S. 

Gilmore J. H. 728 6th Ave. S. E. 

Gilpatrick Charles, 2424 ( edar Ave. 

Oilpatrick Isaac, Hennepin Ave. bet 
28th and 29th. 
j Gilson Hiram 228 Central Ave. 
I Gilson R. K. 1523 6th Ave. S. 
I Gilson W. A. 1523 6th Ave. S. 
I Ginter M. J. 326 4th Ave. N. E. 
I Girrbach, G. F. 1622 S. 5th. 
i Gisslow Lambert, 415 Washington Ave.S. 

Gittelson Miss Bes-sie G. 823 16th Ave. S. 

Gittelson Josiali, 823 16th Ave. S. 

Givins J. H. 211S.9th. 

Ojertsen H. J. Jr. 724 20th Ave. S. 

Gjertsen Rev. M. F. 1218 S. 9th. 

Glanville J. O. 1317 N. 9th. 

Glass F. A. 900 Hennepin Ave. 

Glenn John H. 1626 N. 8th. 

Glenn M. W. 1919 3% Ave. S. 

Glessner Frank, 635 S. E. 8th. 

Glessner AYm. 639 S.E. 8th. 

Gliddeu Miss Lucia, 1006 Ist Ave. N. 



Glynn Lucius E. 1722 9th Ave. S. 

Godart Alexander, 609 23d Ave. S. 

GoddardE. W. 32S.8tb. 

Godfrey F. B. 822 4th Ave. S. 

Godfrey Theodore E. 3029 29th Ave.S.W. 

Godley Charles M. 127 N. 4th. 

Godley Mrs. E. P. cor Grant and Vine PL 

Goheeu Mrs. A. H. 1125 Nicollet Ave. 

Gold G. S. 2001 Stevens Ave. 

Goldsbury James, 205 Kidgewood Ave. 

Goldsbury James Jr. 205 RidgewoodAve. 

Goodale T. H. 1019 S. E. 5th. 

Goodenough Eugene, 818 N. 3d. 

Gooder Joseph A. 801 11th Ave. N. 

Goodfellow R. S. 1006 6th Ave. S. 

Goodhue W. T. 1923 oth Ave. S. 

Goodnow Miss Belle, 70 S. 15th. 
Goodnow James. 375 S. 12th. 

Goodnow John F. 1815 6th Ave. S. 

Goodnow Samuel, 70 S. 15th. 

Goodnow W. C. 70 S. 15th. 

Goodrich Calvin G. 2020 Park Ave. 
Goodrich Miss Ella M. 2018 Chicago Ave. 
Goodrich F. B. 713 S. 8th. 
Goodrich F. D. 1115 3d Ave. S. 

Goodrich George H. 253 Nicollet Ave. 
Goodrich George W. 2018 Chicago Ave. 
Goodrich Miss S. Lydia, 1513 N. Oth. 
Goodspeed Dean, 3036 25th Ave. S. W, 
Goodwin Dr. D. M. 307 S. 6th. 
Goodwin Miss E. L. 121 University Ave. 

S. E. 
Goodwin Franklin, 57 Eastman Ave. 
Goodwin George M. 112 N. 5th. 
Goodwin Dr. R. F. 112 University Ave. 

S. E. 
Gordon H. L. 124 S. 17th. 
Gordon Leroy A. 2107 17th Ave. S. 
Gordon "Wm. 43 S. 9th. 
Gore Victor M. 311 S. 10th. 
Gorham Mrs. J. E. 61 S. 14th. 
Gorham L. R. 61 S. 14th. 
Gorton Leander, 818 1st Ave. S. 1 

Goss Charles M. 2809 Chicago Ave. 
Gossard T. M. 1927 5th Ave. S. 
Gosseline Mrs. M. L. 43 S. 7th. 
Gotshall Charles J. 1812 16th Ave. S. 

Gould George, 73 S. 14th. 

Gould Herbert D. 1014 Nicollet Ave. 

Gould J. E. 44 Eastman Ave. 

Gould J. Frank, s w cor Lake and Lyn- 
dale Ave. 

Gould J. L. 747 Quincy. 

Gould Miss Lucy C. 73 S. 14th. 

Gould Morton, L. 226 S. 8th. 

Gould Wm. 612 1st Ave. N. 

Gould W. W. 2009 S. 6th. 

Goundie Miss Adele, 202 S. 13th. 

Goundie :Mrs. A. H. 202 S. 13th. 

Gove C. L. 623 S. 18th. 

Gowdy Miss Jean, 42 S. 12th. 

Gowen A. N. 409 4th Ave. S. E. 

Gowen F. H. 327 S. E. 4th. 

Gowen F. L. 409 4th Ave. S. E. 

Gowenlock W. H. 151 N. 10th. 
I Grace H. Townsend, 609 2d Ave. S. 
I Graff H. 0. 613 21st Ave. S. 

Graham Rev. A. J. 408 S. E. 4th. 

Graham Dr. B. F. 28 Highland Ave. 
j Graham Miss Carrie E. 3132 Cedar Ave. 
: Graham Dr. D. M. 1527 N. Oth. 
Graham G. W. 613 7th Ave. S. 

Graham Mrs. Jane. 2018 Portland PI. 

Graham John, 1112 S. E. 4th. 
Graham J. R. 305 Washington Ave. S. 
Graham Lyman B. 3132 Cedar Ave. S. 
Graham Peter A. 3343 23d Ave. S. 
Gram Martin, 1911 Chicago Ave. 

Grand Opera, S. 6th bet Nicollet and 1st 

Aves. (See page 50). 
Grant Miss E. 0. 626 Hennepin Ave. 
Grant L. A. 1400 Vine Place. 
Grant School, cor Minnehaha Ave. and 

S. 38th. 
GiatzW.E. 1817 Bluff. 
Graves A. K. 821 11th Ave. N. 
Graves Rev. A. R. 513 7th Ave. S. 
Graves A. S. 12 N. 10th. 
Graves Charles, 627 7th Ave. S. 
Graves Miss Clara H. 513 7th Ave. S. 
Graves C. M. 521 N. 21st. 
Graves Miss Emma L. 627 7th Ave. S. 
Graves Frank E. 904 13th Ave. S. 
Graves G. E. 2214 Portland Ave. 



Graves G. H. 1916 S. 9th. 

Graves J. 227 N. E. 4th. 

Graves J. M. 720 Nicollet Ave. 

Graves Miss L. A. 18 S. 11th. 

Graves L. K. 509 8th Ave. S. E. 

Graves Norman W. 825 11th Ave. N. 

Graves W. H. 2201 .3^ Ave. S. 

Gray Elihu D. HOG N, 5th. 

Gray Frank, 413 Washington Ave. S. 

Gray F. H. 1412 4th Ave. S. 

Gray George 315 S. 6th. 

Gray Lewis 315 S. 6th. 

Gray Miss INlamie, 114 S. 16th. 

Gray T. K. 48 Oak Grove. 

Gray Washington, 203 S. 16th. 

Gray Wm. 1507 S. 21st. 

Gray W. F. 210 14th Ave. S. 

Greeley Jacob, 36 S. 7th. 

Greely Miss Alice M. 513 S. E. 4th. 

Greely Miss Annie L. 313 S. E. 5th. 

Greely C. 313 S. E. 5th. 

Greely Mrs. Harriet. 313 S, E. 5th. 

Greely O. E. 830 4th Ave. S. 

Greely W. Q. 513 8. E. 4th. 

Green A. E. 2504 13th Ave. S. 

Green D. D. 2208 Portland PI. 

Green Elmer E. 3047 21st Ave. S. 

Green Herman, w s 28th Ave. bet S. W 

33d and .34th. 
Green John, n s Franklin Ave. 1 w of 

Green J. W. 217 S. 4th. 
Greene A. S. 1007 Nicollet Ave. 
Greenleaf F. L. 312 S. 7th. 
Greenleaf G. 8. 17 N. 13th. 
Greenleaf Miss M. 902 1st Ave. N. 
Greenlee Rev. Thomas B. 1011 N. 4th. 
Greenly M. H. 3020 8tevens Ave. 
Greenman Eugene, 2200 Nicollet Ave. 
Greenway W. C.334 University Ave.N.E. 
Greer H. A. 1821 4th Ave. 8. 
Gregg Albert, 700 7th Ave. 8. 
Gregg John, 20G University Ave. N. E. 
Gregg Miss Kate, 1012 Nicollet Ave. 
Gregory P. L. 52 N. 12th. 
Gregory 8eeley C. 2703 15th Ave. S. 
Gregory AV. D. 1031 6th Ave. S. 

Gregory W. R. 1614 2d Ave. S. 
Grenell Howard, 1014 Nicollet Ave. 
Grethen Anton, Island Ave. nr R. R. 
Grethen Otto, Island Ave. nr R. R. 
Grevsmuche Mrs. V. 215 University Ave. 

N. E. 
Grevstad Nicolai, 1404 8. 2l8t. 
Gridley Orrin L. 1616 Hawthorne Ave. 
Grieve Fred. 415 Washington Ave. 8. 
Griffin James W. Bloomington Ave. bet 

8. 26th and 27th. 
Griffith D. T. 2906 8tevens Ave. 
Griffith Miss H. M. 1307 4th Ave. 8. 
Griffith Joseph M. 1101 N. 5th. 
Griffith Oscar J. 1307 4th Ave. 8. 
Griffith Wm. 1604 5th Ave. 8. 
Griffith W. R. 12th bet 25th and 26th 

Aves. N. 
Griffiths C. E. 615 Washington Ave. 8. 
Griggs C. M. 117 N. 3d. 
Grimes Miss Ella A. 609 13th Ave. 8. E. 
Grimes .Tonathao T. 609 13th Ave. 8. E. 
Grimes Miss ^Nlary A. 609 13th Ave. S. E. 
Grimshaw Miss Maude, cor Portland 

Ave. and 8. 16th. 
Grimshaw R. C. cor Portland Ave. and 

8. 16th. 
Grimshaw W. H. 51 Highland Ave. 
Grindall C. J. 515 4th Ave. 8. E. 
Grindall E. L. 108 8. E. 8th. 
Grinnell A. 8. 1511 4th Ave. S. 
Grinnell W. E. 1511 4th Ave. S. 
Grist J. 8. Barlow House. 
Griswold Mrs. Alice G. s w cor Park Ave 

and 24th 8. 
Griswold Miss Cora B. 1900 Laurel Ave. 
Griswold Edwin F. 3024 Hennepin Ave. 
Griswold Mrs. E. L. Cedar Lake road nr 

Western Ave. 
Griswold Frank C. 3024 Hennepin Ave. 
Griswold Miss F. A. Cedar Lake road nr 

Western Ave. 
Griswold :Mrs. M. E. 525 1st Ave. S. 
Griswold N. F. cor Park Ave. and 24th 8. 
Griswold W. B. 1900 Laurel Ave. 
Groesback Edwin, cor Minnehaha Ave. 

and 36th 8. 



GrofF L. G. 2000 2d Ave. .S. 
Groff W. H. 2000 2d Ave. S. 
Gronauer Miss B. 69 8. 11th. 
Gronauer J. A. 69 S. 11th. 
Gronauer Miss R. 69 S. 11th. 
Groot Henry, 1229 S. 7th. 
Groot Miss Mary, 1229 8. 7th. 
Gross Fred, 209 Nicollet Ave. 
Grosse Julius, 428 Hennepin Ave. 
Grosse Louis, 428 Hennepin Ave. 
Grosse Max, 428 Hennepin Ave. 
Grosse Paul, 428 Hennepin Ave. 
Groulx Peter, 426 N. 19th. 
Grove John G. 424 1st Ave. S. 
Grove J. W. 1128 Chestnut Ave. 
Gruenberg Aaron, cor 8th Ave. S. and 

Gruenberg John, 626 6th Ave. S. 
Gruman Prof. G. A. 204 N. 4th. 
Grygla Frank, s e cor 22d Ave. and 27th 

S. W. 
Gubbins Wui. H. 62-3 N. oth. 
Gude H. J. 401 S. E. 4th. 
Gude J. C. 401 S. E. 4th. 
Guilder A. R. 55 Royalston Ave. 
Guile "VV. R. 3 Highland Ave. 
Guilford Asa, 55 N. 19th. 
Guilford Jonas, 55 N. 19th. 

Guiwits A. A. Lake View Ave. bet 29th 
and 30th. 

Gulick C. W. 60 N. 12th. 

Gulick J. F. 121 X. E. 7th. 

Gulick Wm. A. 121 N. E. 7th. 

Gumbiner Nathan, 1313 Washington 
Ave. N. 

GunckelP.H. 16 S. 9th. 

Gund Henry, cor 12th Ave. 8. and 5th. 

Gunderson Wui. 117 13th Ave. 8. 

Gunn Wm. 908 19th Ave. 8. 

Gunn W. E. 908 19th Ave. 8. 

Gunneson G. 726 2d Ave. N. 

Gunther H. A. 23 8. 12th. 

Guptill Miss Fannie 8. 141 N. 11th. 

Guscott George, 400 Nicollet Ave. 

Gutgesell C. J. 523 7th Ave. 8. 

Guth John, 121 Nicollet Ave. 

Guth L. D. 121 Nicollet Ave. 

Gutsch 0. 311 Washington Ave. S. 


ADDEN REV. A. 3022 2d Ave. S. 

Hadlield Edwin A. 2638 Pleasant Ave. 
Hael Geo. W. 22d Ave. N. E. nr 12th. 
Hagan Mrs. A. R. 1013 S. E. 6th. 
Hagan Miss Fanny R. 1013 8. E. 6th. 
Hagan Miss Lou E. 1013 8. E. 6th. 
Hageboeck August, 1701 41h Ave. 8. 
Hagemeyer Charles H. 1315 Washington 

Ave. N. 
Hagen J. H. 617 Monroe. 
Haggard George D. 1809 15th Ave. S. 
Haglin C. F. 321 8. 8th. 
Hague J. L. 2611 3d Ave. S. 
Hahn W. 37 S. 13th. 
Haight Elkanah, 2029 6th Ave. S. 
Haight J. O. 2716 2d Ave. 8. 
Haight W. H. 816 S. 10th. 
Haines Albert, Pleasant Ave. nr 28th. 
Haines Allen, 1408 Stevens Ave. 
Hale Mrs. A. T. 421 1st Ave. S. 
Hale Mrs. G. W. 628 Washington Ave.N. 
Hale Mr.s. Irene, 421 1st Ave. N. 
Hale Miss Jessie B. 1800 3d Ave. 8. 
Hale J. M. 1800 3d Ave. 8. 
Hale Miss Lucy L. 421 1st Ave. S. 
Hale L. P. 419 3d Ave. N. 
Hale Miss Mary E. 115 S. 9th. 
Hale Miss Mary T. 4^1 1st Ave. 8. 
Hale Miss Mamie, 628 Washington Ave. 

Hale Miss Nettie, 628 Washington Ave. 

Hale Robert, 115 8. 9th. 
Hale Miss 8. J. 115 8. 9th. 
Hale Maj. W. D. 42 Oak Grove. 
Hale W. E. 1602 Laurel Ave. 
Haley A. L. 2502 9th Ave. S. 
Haley Fred, 2502 9th Ave. S. 
Haley Joseph, 2502 9th Ave. S. 
Haley Miss Katie, 1004 N. E. 2d. 
Hall A. 215 8. E. 7th. 

Hall Mrs. A. B. 112 University Ave. N.E. 
Hall Charles H. 919 21st Ave. 8. 
Hall Charles W, 77 Highland Ave. 



Hall Miss E. A. 725 6th Ave. S. 
Hall C. W. 904 University Ave. S. E. 
Hall Mrs. Ella, 61 Island Ave. 
Hall Miss Emma Louise, 16 S. 9th. 
Hall E. D. 3106 SX Ave. S. 
Hall Frank W. 1529 Hawthorne Ave. 
Hall George B, 113 N. 16th. 
Hall Prof. Gustavus F, 410 Nicollet Ave. 
Hall Henry, 705 Lyndale Ave. 
Hail H. L. 1105 Western Ave. 
Hall Henry M. 93 Spruce PI. 
Hall John C. 2738 Park Ave. 
Hall John G. 1614 S. E. 4th. 
Hall J. D. 1103 Hawthorne Ave. 
Hall J. K. 2200 5th Ave. S. 
Hall J. 0. 119 Nicollet Ave. 
Hall J. R. 2329 Park Ave. 
Hall Miss Lulu E. 77 Highland Ave. 
Hall Dr. L. 77 Highland Ave. 
Hall M. L. 2028 Portland PI. 
Hall Miss M. P. 409 S. 6th. 
Hall Nathaniel, 3900 Western Ave. 
Hall Dr. P. M. 1710 N. 9th. 
Hall R. N. 221 S. 5th. 
Hall S. C. 16 S. 9th. 
Hall S. B. 213 Hennepin Ave. 
Hall Miss 8. J. 409 S. 6th. 
Hall Thomas, 309 N. E. 2d. 
Hallett 1). F. 1905 17th Ave. S. 
Hallo J. F. 16 N. 8th. 
Halloran Miss Ell*n, 34 Highland Ave. 
Halloran Mrs. Mary, 34 Highland Ave. 
Hallowell I. R. D. 1117 1st Ave. S. 
Hallo well M. L. 525 S. 5th. 
Hallowell Dr. Wm. H. 1338 1st Ave. S. 
Hallowell W. P. 525 S. 5th. 
Hallowell Wm. P. Jr. 525 S. 5th. 
Ham Miss C. N. 610 Lvndale Ave. N. 
Ham Dr. G. H. 1402 AVashington Ave. S. 
Ham :Miss Mary A. 610 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Ham M. J. 219 S. 8th. 
Hamblin C. E. n e cor Grove and Frank- 
lin Ave. 
Hamblin J. S. 1310 S. E. 6th. 
Hamblin 1413 S. E. 7th. 
Hambright 1821 4th Ave. S. 
Hamer Collins, 38 S. 8th. 

Hamer M. C. 38 S. 8th. 
Hamer W. S. 32 S. 8th. 
Hamilton E. R. 800 Nicollet Ave. 
Hamilton Mrs. G. H. 2648 Stevens Ave. 
Hamilton Jonathan R. 2014 17th Ave. S 
Hamilton J. G. West Hotel. 
Hamilton L. M. 418 1st Ave. N. 
Hamilton S. I). 129 S. E. 4th. 
Hamilton Thomas, 1203 10th Ave. S. 
Hamlin Grant G. 1500 Hawthorne Ave. 
Hamlin H. A. 622 4th Ave. S. E. 
Hamlin H. O. 1500 Hawthorne A\e. 
Hamlin J. H. 1413 S. E. 7th. 
Hamm C. W. 1524 S. 19th. 
Hamm G. II. 1402 Washington Ave. S. 
Hamm G. H. Jr. 1402 Washington Ave. S. 
Hammon Miss Mary, 3220 6th Ave. b. 
Hammon S. L. 322U 6th Ave. S. 
Hammond Arthur E. 1203 1st Ave. N. 
Hammond Austin S. Lake Harriet. 
Hammond CD- 152 . 3>^ Ave. S. 
Hammond Miss E. F. 41 Oak Grove. 
Hammond H. J. 1925 5th Ave. S. 
Hammond Dr. James II. 114 S. 3d. 
Hampsou Miss Clara M. cor Park Ave. S. 

and 10th. 
Hambright W. G. 1828 4th Ave. S. 
Ilanauer Herman, 1812 4th Ave. S. 
llance Miss E. W. 720 6th Ave. S. 
Ilauce Miss Libbie W. 720 6th Ave. S. 
Hance Dr. S. F. 720 6th Ave. S. 
Hancock H. B. 1025 Hennepin Ave. 
Handy C. E. 910 Hennepin Ave. 
Haney C. F. 1118 6th Ave. S. 
Haney Mrs. Margaret, 2020 Portland PI. 
HanfoidH. C. 504 S. E. 4th. 
Hanke Christoph, Lake Calhoun. 
Hankenson 8. W. 710 N. E. 2d. 
Hankins AV. A. 27 Eastman Ave. 
Hanley M. Frank, 1509 Park Ave. 
Hanley G. A. 1509 Park Ave. 
Hanley James F. 209 S. 9th. 
Hanley J. A. 1509 Park Ave. 
Hanley M. F. 1509 Park Ave. 
Hanley T. W. 703 3d Ave. N.E. 
Hannah Adam, 251 Nicollet Ave. 
Hannah David, 617 1st Ave. S. 



Hannah Kobert. 617 1st Ave. S. 
Hanuon Lorenzo D, 2448 26th Ave. S. 
Hannum Gihuan E. 128 Harvard. 
Hanscome Dr. W. C. 2210 5th Ave. S. 
Hansen Dr. F. E. 503 Hennepin Ave. 
Hansen G. 245 2(1 Ave S. 
Hansen Iver, 816 11th Ave. N, 
Hanson Andrew, 1309 Franklin Ave. 
Hanson Miss Carrie, 724 S. 15th. 
Hanson D. B. 1318 S. 5th. 
Hanson G. A. 201 S. 11th. 
Hanson H. C. 805 17th Ave S. 
Hanson J. B. 30 S. 7th. 
Hanson John, 2213 S. 17th. 
Hanson Miss Kittie, 724 S. loth. 
Hanson Ole, 1621 S. 7th. 
Hanson P. G. 1318 S. 5th. 
Haralson August, 1207 S. 22d. 
Hard John W. 1001 1st Ave. S. E. 
Harden F. P. 3036 25th Ave. S. W. 
Harden Mrs Julia P. 3036 2oth Ave. 

S. W. 
Harden W. S. 1511 University Ave. S. E. 
Hardenbergh C. M. 828 6th Ave. S. 
Hardenbergh F. E. 828 6th Ave. S. 
Harding H. Judd, 2707 Nicollet Ave. 
Harding Dr. H. J. Lake bet Nicollet 

and 1st Ave. S. 
Harding Price B. 2707 Nicollet Ave. 
Hardman J. C. 2731 Stevens Ave. 
Hardy Amos^, cor 15th Ave. S. and 

Franklin Ave. 
Hardy James, 17th bet 4th and 5th 

Aves. N. 
Hare Utley, 1512 Laurel Ave. 
Harford IMrs. E. J. 701 S. 7th. 
Hargrave T. C. 2405 6th Ave. S. 
Harkins C. H. 2102 2d Ave. S. 
Harkness R. F. 8 S. 11 h. 
Harley W. 18 S. 5th. 
Harlin M. J. 1529 S. 5th. 
Harlin P, J. 1519 S. 7th. 
Harmon Mrs. C, 1300 Hennepin Ave. 
Harmon E. A. 421 1st Ave. S. 
Harper G. S. 89 Spruce PI. 
Harper H. L. 34 S. 7th. 
Harper John R. Hennepin Ave. nr Lake. 

Harper J. L. .34 S. 7th. 

Ilarpmann J. 1227 Chestnut Ave. 

Harriman Frank W. West Hotel. 

Harriman Wm. 2742 Stevens Ave. 

Harrington C. M. 804 3d Ave. S. 

Harris Abraham, 811 5th Ave. S. 

Harris A. C. 612 S. 14th. 

Harris Charles T. 609 5th Ave. S. 

Harris F. C. 2032 6th Ave. S. 

Harris Miss Jessie M. 2200 5th Ave. S. 

Harris Mrs. Julia F. 614 S. 14th. 

Harris J. A. 1507 S^ Ave. S. 

Harris Mrs. M. M. 502 S 9th. 

Harris S. A. 300 S. 10th. 

Harris Miss Waitie, 2705 1st Ave. S. 

Harris Wra. H. 2705 1st Ave. S. 

Harrison George, 1112 Nicollet Ave. 

Harrison Hugh, 45 Oak Grove. 

Harrison H. G. 1112 Nicollet Ave. 

Hanison Miss Helen H. 1112 Nicollet Ave. 

Harrison Jas. T. 28 Royalston Ave. 

Harrison Joseph, 28 Koyalston Ave. 

Harrison Josiah P. 2524 15th Ave. S. 

Harrison J. P. 8 S. 7th. 

Harrison Lewis, 1307 Places Court. 

Harrison Miss Mary A. 28 Royalston Ave. 

Harrison Mrs. M. M. 502 S. 9th. 

Harrison Perry, 1112 Nicollet Ave. 

Harrison School, N. 161 h nr Western Ave. 

Harrison T. A. 803 4th Ave. S. 

Harrison Mrs. Wm. H. 802 2d Ave. S. 

Harrison W. W. 113 S. 11th. 

Harroun S. H. 64 N. 12th. 

Harshberger T. P. 22 Grove PI. 

Hart A. J. 1716 4th Ave. S. 

Hart B. B. 1528 Laurel Ave. 

Hart Mrs. Charlotte, 34 S. 17th. 

Hart E. A. 31 S. 5th. 

Hart Francis B. 36 Oak Grove. 

Hart Frank, 248 Hennepin Ave. 

Hart O. B. 1528 Laurel Ave. 

Hart Simeon E. 720 N 4th. 

HartStephenL. 226S. 8th. 

Harter Harry, 426 1st Ave. N. 

Harter Wm. 509 Hennepin Ave. 

Hartigan M. F. 15 Maple PI. 

Hartley Alfred, 3154 21st Ave. S. W. 



Hartley Henry, 1212 S 23d. 

Hartley Miss Minnie, 1103 S. E. 7tli. 

Hartley Mrs. R. B. 1103 S. E. 7th. 

Hartley Wm. 1212 S. 23d. 

Hartman Philip, 616 14th Ave. S. 

Hartshorn H. B. 3201 4th Ave. S. 

Hartson F. C. 110 S. E. 4th. 

Hartson John, 110 S. E. 4th. 

Hartzell W. J. 646 N. 13th. 

Harvey Mrs. A. R. 14 S. 10th. 

Harvey F. C. 617 S. 16th. 

Harvey Mrs. M. B. 1025 Hennepin Ave. 

Harvie J. E. 1089 S. 17th. 

Haseltine B. G. 827 Mary PI. 

Haseltine C. P. 910 7th Ave. S. 

Hasey W. B. 107 S. 6th. 

Hashow C. C. 2217 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Haskell F. W. 333 S. 16th. 

Haskell W. E. 1700 Hawthorne Ave. 

Hastings A. W. 427 8lh Ave. S. E. 

Hastings C. H, 1203 Hennepin Ave. 

Hastings C. L. 29 N. 6th. 

Hatch Charles F. 525 S. 5th. 

Hatch C. F. 622 Hennepin Ave. 

Hatch E. J. 1416 S. 7th. 

Hatch Dr. P. L. 44 S. 11th. 

Hatch R. W. 44 S. 11th. 

Hatfield H. E. 2407 1st Ave. 8. 

Hathaway W. L. 812 3d Ave. S. 

Hatheway C. H. 7 Washington Ave. S. 

Hatschek Leon, 313 S. 10th. 

Hatschek Madam L. 313 S. 10th. 

Haugan A. C. 1322 14th Ave. S. 

Hauschild H. 229 Washington Ave. S. 

Hansen H. L. 1805 5tli Ave. S. 

Haven C. D. 1128 S. E. 4th. 

Haven F. V. 71 Highland Ave. 

Haven H. \. 71 Highland Ave. 

Havens H. R. 35 K 17th. 

Havens Miss Jennie C. 1628 Chicago Ave 

Haver!»tock David, 1418 S. 22d. 

Hawes Miss Bertha L. 1000 S. E. 8th. 

Hawes Miss Carrie M. 1000 S. E. 8th. 

Hawes Miss Hattie M. 1000 S. E. 8th. 

Hawes Joseph, 1000 S. E. 8th. 

Hawes Walter W. 419 S. E. 6th. 

Hawkins A. W. 606 N. r2th. 

Hawkins J. A. 1315 4th Ave. S. 
Hawkins Miss Kate E. 528 2d Ave. S. 
Hawkins Mrs.M. B. 93 S. 13th. 
Hawkins M. P. 528 2d Ave. S. 
Hawkins T. B. cor 32d and 18th Ave S. 
Hawkins W. A. 27 Eastman Ave. 
Hawley A. C. 313 S. 8th. 
Hawley Frederick, 818 Hennepin Ave. 
Hawley F. A. 318 S. Sth. 
Hawley F. S. 1124 Hennepin Ave. 
Hawley Harry, 320 S. 11th. 
Hawley Mrs. L. M. 117 Highland Ave. 
Hawley N. F. 820 1st Ave. S. 
Hawley W. B. 117 Highland Ave. 
Hawthorne D. M. 516 2d Ave. S. 
Hawthorne E. P. 1611 4th Ave. S. 
Hawthorne School, 6th bet 24th and 25th 

Aves. N. 
Hawthorne W. P. Hennepin Ave. nr 

Hay I. M. 526 Hennepin Ave. 
Hay John, 33 S. 10th. 
Hay Lawrence, 1617 2d Ave. S. 
Haycock Elliott, 1111 S. 6th. 
Hay den E. V. 320 S. 11th. 
Hayden J. B. 507 Plymouth Ave. 
Hayes Miss Carrie A. 525 University 

Ave. S. E. 
Hayes Charles, 323 1st Ave. N. 
Hayes Miss Emma L. 525 University 

Ave. S.E. 
Hayes George E. 1018 Nicollet Ave. 
Hayes ALP. 525 University Ave. S.E. 
Hayes Warren H. 818 Nicollet Ave. 
Haymes C. E. 821 8th Ave. S. 
Haymes F. R. 821 8th Ave. S. 
Hayne M. P. Nicollet House. 
Haynes Mrs. A. M. 2325 Washington 

Ave. N. 
Haynes C. E. 821 S. 8th. 
Haynes D. W. 26th N. 10th. 
Haynes Harvey 8. 1108 S. 7th. 
Haynes H. C. 527 Hennepin Ave. 
Haynes James, 2221 6th Ave. S. 
Haynes J. C. 1108 S. 7th. 
Haynes O.F. Ill N. E. 2d. 
Hays Miss A. N. 1309 S. E. 5th. 



Hays B. S. 1309 S. E. 5th. 
Hays Miss Kate M. 1201 N. 6th. 
Hays Lambert, 1201 N. 6th. 
Hayward H. T. 1229 Hennepin Ave. 
Hayward W. W. 1229 Hennepin Ave. 
Haywood R. C. 1500 Vine PI. 
Hazen C. S. 110 S. 16th. 
Hazen Mrs. E. L. 110 S. 16th. 
Hazen John M. 1512 Park Ave. 
Hazer Frank H. 1818 4th Ave. N. 
Hazer James H. 1818 4th Ave. N. 
Hazzard C. D. 2205 4th Ave. S. 
Hazzard S. P. 410 N. E. 5th. 
Head E. C. 2035 Portland Ave. 
Head John W. 34 Eastman Ave. 
Healy Dennis J. 1029 N. 4th. 
Healy Frank, 310 12th Ave. S. E. 
Healy Miss Maggie, 1308 Hennepin Ave. 
Healy M. 2826 Nicollet Ave. 
Heap Miss Jennie, 1216 N. 9th. 
Heard J. M. 1125 Nicollet Ave. 
Heartt Mrs. C. A. 25 S. 7th. 
Heath'Hiram H.27thS. nr Williams .\ve. 
Heath James E. 1222 2d Ave. S. 
Heaton .T. S. 1100 Hawthorne Ave. 
Hebard Frederick, 3123 21st Ave. S. W. 
Heck Elmer, 39 S. 15th. 
Hedderly Dr. A. H. 1820 33^ Ave. S. 
Hedderly D. G. cor 19th and 5th Ave. N. 
Hedderly Edwin P. 928 23d Ave, S. 
Hedderly Dr. T. L. 2708 Garfield Ave. 
HcfFelfinger Alfred S. 1828 3d Ave. S. 
HefFelfinger Charles A. 20 Eastman Ave. 
Heffelfinger C. B. 1828 3d Ave. S. 
HefFerin John, 307 University Ave. S. E. 
HeflFner John, 1814 Franklin Ave. S. 
HefFner Mrs. Katherine, 1814 Franklin 

Ave. S. 
HeflFner Louis, 1814 Franklin Ave. S. 
HeflFner Wm. 1814 Franklin Ave. S. 
Hefti Dr. Frank, 1309 Washington Ave. 

Hefty Mrs.Barbara, 1609 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Hegener R. H. 254 2d Ave. S. 
Heggum Wm. 1212 1st Ave. S. 
Heiberg Christian, 613 23d Ave. S. 
Hein Jacob, 8th cor 16th Ave. N. 

Heinrich Adolph C. 415 22d Ave. 

Heinrich John, 1115 N. 6th. 

Heinrich Julius J. 1114 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Heintzelman T. W. 3040 Pleasant Ave. 

Heisser J. H. 1422 Park Ave. 

Helfrich W. H. 1306 3d Ave. S. 

Hellen B. H. 418 S. 4th. 

Helliwell G. F. 1414 2d Ave. S. 

Helm H. C. 528 14th Ave. S. E. 

Hemenway P. P. 39 N. 10th. 

Hemiup N. H. 604 S. E. 5th. 

Hemperley W. M. 511 S. 9th. 

Hempstead AVm. 16 N. 8th. 

Hempstead Wm. Jr. 16 N. 8th. 

Hemsteck John, 622 Hennepin Ave. 

Hench W. R. 719 University Ave. S. E. 

Henderson Miss A. M. 76 8. 7th. 

Henderson Miss Annie, 711 2d Ave. S. 

Henderson Miss C. R, M. D. 76 S. 7th. 

Henderson Miss M. C. 18 S. 9th. 

Henderson Mrs. N. Z. 817 Nicollet Ave. 

Henderson R. R. 18 S. 9th. 
I Henderson Prof. C. L. 2450 Pleasant Ave. 
i Hendrix F. N. 2714 Nicollet Ave. 
! Hendrix Henry W. 3035 19th Ave. S. 
I Hendrix Miss Julia M. 2714 Nicollet Ave. 

Heneage Mrs. Mary B. 1404 2d Ave. S. 

Henion J. W. 1220 1st Ave. N. 

Henkle A. W. 1301 Washington Ave. N. 

Hennessy Edward H. 617 S. 26th. 

Hennessy F. D. 1629 Washington Ave. N. 

Henry C. 228 University Ave. N. E. 

Henry Dr. John, 2809 Chicago Ave. 

Henry G. A. S. 607 S. 6th. 

Henry H. C. 2013 2d Ave. S. 

Henry L. W. 1115 Hennepin Ave. 

Henschel Rev. R. L. 290 16th Ave. N. 

Henshaw Mrs. J. F. 820 N. SX- 

Henyon J. W. 1120 1st Ave. N. 

Hepp Charles, 1316 3>^ Ave. S. 

Herber W. S. 125 S. 5th. 

Heritage Joseph B. 2502 13th Ave. S. 

Hernlund J. W. 1903 Western Ave. 

Herod Mrs. Dorothy, 111 Grant. 

Herrick A. E. 1812 3d Ave. S. 

Herrick C. L. 2450 Pleasant Ave. 

Herrick E. AV. 35 S. 8th. 



Herrick F. H. 3100 3d Ave. S. 

Herrick Rev. H. N. cor Pleasant Ave. 
and 25th. 

Herring H. P. 813 S. E. 7th. 

Herrick Nathan, 1800 3d Ave. S. 

Herrick R. D. 35 S. 8th. 

Herrick W. W. 900 1st Ave. N. 

Hersey Ed. F. Windsor House. 

Hertogs Joseph A. 429 S. 6th. 

Herzog Philip, 1227 4th Ave. S. E. 

Herzog P. W. 107 University Ave. S. E. 

Hesler Miss Ada V. 912 Nicollet Ave. 

Hewes Herbert, 26 N. 10th. 

Hewett Seth M. 2512 3d Ave. S. 

Hewins Mrs. Emeline, 3024 21st Ave. 
S. W. 

Hewitt Mrs. A, D. 518 13th Ave. S. E. 

Heylman I).. C. 14th S. 4th. 

Heywood C. H. 37 S. 6th. 

Heywood Frank, 1406 8. 20th. 

Heywood H. C. 821 8th Ave. S. 

Heywood Silas M. 2051 5th Ave. S. 

Hiam Miss Carrie E. 112 N. 4th. 

Hiam Miss Fannie A. 112 N. 4th, 

Hiam Miss Mary C. 112 N. 4th. 

Hiam Wm. H. 112 N. 4th. 

Hickcox James H. 425 N. 11th. 

Hickey Joseph, 717 19th Ave. S. 

Hicks H. C. 1321 S. E. 6th. 

Hicks Henry G. 720 .3d Ave. S. 

Hicks Miss Minnie, 720 3d Ave. S. 

Hicks Mrs. Sophia, 720 3d Ave. S. 

Hicks W. K. 1816 15th Ave. S. 

Hidden Jason, 1909 5th Ave. S. 

Higbee Dr. A. E. 716 3d Ave. S. 

Higbee Dwight R. 2305 Portland Ave. 

Higgins Chauncey, 400 S. 6th. 

Higgins George E. e s Hennepin Ave. 7 
s of Lake. 

Higgins Henry R. 407 S. 5th. 

Higgins Miss Lizzie, cor Hennepin Ave. 
and S.AV. 34th. 

Higgins Miss Lottie E. 400 8. 6th. 

Higgins J. C. 400 S. 6th. 

Higgins M. L. s w cor 34th and Henne- 
pin Ave. 
Higgins Samuel S. 220 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Higgins Rev. Stephen, 3104 Blaisdell 

Higginson George N. 2206 18th Ave. S. 
Hildreth Miss Sophia, 43 S. 9th. 
HildrethMrs.S.M.43 S. 9th. 
Hilgard K. Emil, 1117 1st Ave. S. 
Hill Albert H. 309 S. 7th. 
Hill Allen, 51 S. 8th. 
Hill Miss Anne E. 309 S.7th. 
Hill Miss Clara L. 900 7th Ave. S. 
Hill Miss Cora Y. 1406 2d Ave. S. 
Hill C. R. 1110 8th Ave. N. 
Hill E. 607 Quincy. 
Hill Geo. G. 116 S. 17th. 
Hill Henry, 309 S. 7th. 
Hill Horace M. 51 S.8th. 
Hill H. C. 70 Royalston Ave. 
Hill Miss Ida, 309 S. 7th. 
Hill J. W. 253 1st Ave. S. 
Hill Dr. R. J. 46 S. 11th. 
Hill Samuel, 46 S. 11th. 
Hill Samuel II. 76 S. 1.3th. 
Hill Walter, 203 S. 17th. 
Hill Walton, 1519 N. 8t.h. 
Hill Wm. S. 309 S. 7th. 
Hill W. B. 1406 2d Ave. S. 
Hill W.H. 2618 1st Ave. S. 
Hille F. 222 Hennepin Ave. 
Hilliker A. M. 520 S. 8th. 
Hilliker Miss Frances E. 520 S. 8th. 
Hilliker J. A. 1519 3d Ave. S. 
Hilliker Mrs. M. A. 520 S. 8th. 
Hillman C. G. 02 S. 11th. 
Hillman S. D. 1112 5th Ave. S. 
Hills W. F. 205 N. E. 2d. 
Hillyer Dwight, 1713 S. 22d. 
Hi 1st ad C. 265 Cedar Ave. 
Hilton Roscoe, 39 S. 11th. 
Himmelsbach C. 115 N. 1st. 
Hinch Dr. August, 511 University Ave. 

N. E. 
Hinch Miss Laura, 511 University Ave. 

N. E. 
Hinchclitfe Alfred, 1107 3d Ave. S. 
Hineline -Mrs. R. S. 900 8th Ave. S. 
Hineline W. S. 1226 Nicollet Ave. 
Hinkle F. S. 314 S. 7th. 


Hinkle W. H. 903 Hennepin Ave. 
Hinman Paul S. 2931 20th Ave. S. W. 
Hinsch Dr. A. L. 511 University Ave. 

N. E. 
Hirsch I. J. 2209 Portland Ave. 
Hirschfeld Max, 25 S. 7th. 
Hirt John, 2831 28th Ave. S. 
Hitchcock Frank, 826 4th Ave. S. 
Hixon Butler, 520 S. 5th. 
Hixon Rev. C. E. 513 7th Ave. S. 
Hoag Charles, 2528 N. 8th. 
Hoagland Mrs. S. L. 26 Oak Grove. 
Hobart M. P. 329 S. 10th. 
Hobart W. C. 329 S. 10th. 
Hobbs H. W. 1620 S. E. 5th. 
Hobbs Rev. W. J. 1306 2d Ave. S. 
Hoblit J. C. 30 S. 7th. 
Hobron J. M. 810 3d Ave. S. 
Hochstaetter Wm. 415 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Hodge George W. 1417 S. 23d. 
Hodges Edwin J. 413 S. 25th. 
Hodges Zenas, 800 Nicollet Ave. 
Hodgson Isaac, 7 Eastman Ave. 
Hodgson Isaac Jr. 7 Eastman Ave. 
Hodgson Wm. G. 7 Eastman Ave. 
Hokson Miss F. M. 520 S. E. 4th. 
Hoeffler Miss Elenora, 70 Highland 

Hoeffler Miss Martha, 70 Highland Ave. 
Hoeffler Philip, 70 Highland Ave. 
Hoen Peter H. cor 27th and 5th Ave. S. 
Hoenigsberg M. 601 University Ave. 

S. E. 
Hoerlein S. F. 408 S. 7th. 
Hoflf M. I). 406 10th Ave. N. 
Hofflin J. R. 1521 Nicollet Ave. 
Hofflin Mrs. M. A. 114 S. 16th. 
HoflFman A. M. 228 20th Ave. N. 
Hofl'man C.A. 2128 S. 15th. 
Hoffman E. G. 212 S. 15th. 
Hoffman Henry, 1217 N. 6th. 
Hoffman J. 823 3d Ave. N . E. 
Hogan J. H. 2 Highland Ave. 
Hoit G. H. 1027 6th Ave. S. 
Holbrook Miss Bessie, 1800 Nicollet Ave. 
Holbrook C. N. Windsor House. 
Holbrook E. H. Jr. 1800 Nicollet Ave. 

Holbrook Mrs. E. R. 29 Eastman Ave. 
Holbrook F. G. 1124 Hennepin Ave 
Holbrook F. W. D. 325 S. 16th. 
Holbrook Wm. R. 29 Eastman Ave. 
Holcomb Alex. 1809 5th Ave. S. 
Holcomb C. J. 1809 5th Ave. S. 
Holden George H. 729 Cedar Ave. 
Holderness W. F. 2705 Portland Ave. 
Holdridge A. C. Clark House. 
Holdridge L. E. e s Hennepin Ave. 1 s of 

Hollins H. 0. 1323 Harmon PI. 
HoUis D. A. 602 Hennepin Ave. 
HoUis W. G. 227 S 6th. 
HoUister W. M. 3012 Stevens Ave. 
Holman Miss M. B. 1423 S. E. 5th. 
Holmberg J. P. 167 Nicollet. 
Holmes Mrs. C. A. 615 S. 8th. 
HolmesC. B. 45S. 9th. 
Holmes Enoch, 410 S. 7tl). 
Holmes E. D. 1313 S. E. 4th. 
Holmes F. A. 1904 llih Ave. S. 
Holmes F. E. 615 S. 8rh. 
Holmes F. H. 1222 Henuepin Ave. 
Holmes H. A. 124 State. 
Holmes H. W. 820 University Ave. S. E. 
Holmes Miss Jessie F. 37 N. 19th. 
Holmes J. B. 37 N. 19th. 
Holmes J. B.412 N. £. 4th. 
Holmes Mrs. Lucy E. 31 Royalstou Ave. 
Holmes Miss M. C. 31 Royalston Ave. 
Holmes Mrs. Rachel A. 1222 Hennepin 

Holmes Miss Rachel G. 37 N. 19th. 
Holmes S. L. 45 S. 9th. 
Holnus AV. H. 1081 1st Ave. N. 
Hoist John, 2001 N. 11th. 
Holt Miss Alice 8. 700 S. 10th. 
Holt A. 47 Washington Ave. S. 
Holt Mrs. Caroline R. 622 14th Ave. S. E. 
Holt C. E. 700 S. 10th. 
Holt E. E. 1406 4th Ave. S. 
Holt George, 903 1st Ave. N. 
Holt G. L. cor 1st Ave. and N. 9th. 
Holt Miss Lydia R. 6l.'2 14th Ave. S. E. 
Holt Miss Mary E. 622 13th Ave. S. E. 
Holton Albert, 122 Central Ave. 



Hoi way Edward W. 1931 5th Ave. S. 
Holway George N, 2114 4th Ave. S. 
Holway J. A. 826 4th Ave. S. 
Holway Wm. N. 2714 Park Ave. 
Holzschuh Mrs. J. 426 Washington Ave. 

Holzschuh J. J. 426 Washington Ave. N. 
Homan John S. 728 Hennepin Ave. 
HoodC. H. 516 S. lOtli. 
Hood Edmund B. .30;« Lyndale Ave. S. 
Hood Miss Emma, 516 S. 10th. 
Hood Rev. George A. Lake nr city limits. 
Hood Miss Mary G., M. D. 516 N. 10th. 
Hood Mrs. M. A. 516 S. 10th. 
Hooker Frederick, 40 Royalston Ave. 
Hooker Wm. 2208 5th Ave. S. 
Hooper T. J. 2605 Stevens Ave. 
Hoopes S. E. 2.39 4th Ave. S. 
Hoopes Wm. T. 241 4th Ave. S. 
Hopkins Fred J. yo S. 10th. 
Hopkins Harry, ,30 S. 7th. 
Hopkins Miss Jennie, 52.3 4th Ave. S. 
Hopkins Miss Madge, 1217 Nicollet Ave. 
Hopkins P. H. 213 Nicollet Ave. 
Hopkins Wm. P. 1217 Nicollet Ave. 
Hopkins Mrs. N. 523 4th Ave. S. 
Hopkins W. M. 523 4th Ave. S. 
Hoppe Fred A. 1401 S. E. 4th. 
Hoppe John E, 1401 S. E. 4th. 
Hoppe Miss Laura, 1401 S. E. 4th. 
Hopper L. B. 616 S. 7th. 
Hoppin Miss Clara, 227 3d Ave. S. E. 
Hoppin J, 227 3d Ave. S. E. 
Hopwood F. P. 2001 Franklin Ave. 
Horan Miss Elizabeth, 110 20th Ave. 8. 
Horan F. J. 27 N. 10th. 
Hornung Adam, 1010 8. 5th. 
Horr A. E. 425 S. E. 4th. 
Horr Miss Lizzie, 425 S. E. 4th. 
Horton Miss Addie S. 1220 Linden Ave. 
Horton G. W. 228 20th Ave. N. 
Horton J. H. 1220 Linden Ave. 
Horton J. H. Jr. 1220 Linden Ave. 
Horton Miss Nellie M. 1220 Linden Ave. 
Horton Miss Z. E., M. D. 1.30 S. 15th. 
Hosmer Charles S. 609 1st .\ve. N. 
Hosmor Lewis, 15 S. 5th. 

Hotchkiss Mrs. Sarah J. 516 Nicollet Ave. 
Hotchkiss Franklin W. 925 25th Ave. S. 
Hotchkiss Wm. A. 925 25th Ave. S, 
Houde Miss Ida M. 612 1st Ave. S. 
Hough L. S. 526 Hennepin Ave. 
Houghton (ieorge, 520 University Ave. 

S. E. 
Houliston Wm. 1326 5th Ave. S. 
House Charles H. 1125 S. E. 5th. 
House J. M. 1125 S. E. 5th. 
House Miss Lizzie A. 1125 S. E. 5th. 
Housel E. J. 2001 Minnehaha Ave. 
Houser Nathaniel T. 1819 4th Ave. S. 
Housel P. M. 919 21st Ave. S. 
Hovenden E. R.620 1st Ave. S. 
Hovender Miss Grace, 620 1st Ave. S. 
Hovender Mrs. M. A. 620 1st Ave, S. 
Hovey Miss Helen C. 1519 Park Ave. 
Hovey Rev. Horace C. 1519 Park Ave. 
How Joel F. 114S. E. 6th. 
Howard A. T. 800 Nicollet Ave. 
Howard A. W. 827 6th Ave. S. 
Howard H. I. 1017 1st Ave. S. 
Howard J. C. 1015 S. 5th. 
Howard L. H. 1024 Hennepic Ave, 
Howard Mrs. P. W. 87 S. 14th. 
Howard Stephen H. 1121 1st Ave. S. 
Howard W. W. 1510 4th Ave. S. 
Howe Miss Addie E. 719 13th Ave. S. 
Howe Amelia S. 1800 Western Ave. 
Howe Eben, ISOO Western Ave. 
Howe H. L. 17 N. E. oth. 
Howe I. E. 2201 :i% Ave. S. 
Howe Mrs. Mary E. 719 13th Ave. S. 
Howe Miss Mary S. 719 13th Ave. S. 
Howe S. C. 713 2d Ave. S. E. 
Howell E. W. 228 S. 9th. 
Howell D. R. 2217 6th Ave. S. 
Howells Miss Clara, 313 S. 10th. 
Howells >[iss T. W. 313 S. loth. 
Howes AV. L. 36 S. 13th. 
Howland Mrs. E. S. 2627 1st Ave. S, 
Howlett Miss Cora B. 504 S. 8th. 
Howlett James P. 504 8th Ave. S. 
Howser George C. 3134 18th Ave. S. 
Hoy Miss Annie, 703 N. E. Main. 
Hoy Miss Esther, 703 N. E. Main. 



Hoy J. M. 703 N. E. Main. 

Hoy Michael, 703 N. E. Main. 

Hoyt A. O. 145 S. 14th. 

Hoyt C. G. 628 S. 16th. 

Hoyt Mrs. L. A. 112 8.E. 4th. 

Hoyt R. L.214 University Ave. S. E. 

Hubbard Mrs. Annie E. Groveland in- 
Mount Curve Ave. 

Hubbard G. F. 27 Eastman Ave. 

Hubbard H. L. 1601 2d Ave. S. 

Hubbard .1. M. 1407 4th Ave. S. 

Hubbard L. P. 2015 2d Ave. S. 

Hubbard Miss:Margaret T. 2015 2d Ave.S. 

Hubbard Miss Mary, 916 6th Ave. S. 

Hubbard Orrin, 916 6th Ave. S. 

Hubbard R. M. 804 6th Ave .'<. 

Hubbard W. H. 1126 Hennepin Ave. 

Hubbell C. H. Oak Grove bet Hennepin 
Ave. and Spruce PI. 

Huber Rev. J C. Plymouth nr Washing- 
ton Ave. 

Hudson F. H. 1218 Nicollet Ave. 

Hudson G. S. 1218 Nicollet Ave. 

Hudson Horace B. 1722 11th Ave. S. 

Hudson L. P. .3044 Williams Ave. 

Huey A. S. 903 6th Ave S. 

Huey G. E. 702 S. E. 4th. 

Hughes Miss Belle, 38 Oak Grove. 

Hughes Miss Clara, 255 2d Ave. S. 

Hughes H. J. 1101 S. 22d. 

Hughes Miss Jennie A. 1816 4th Ave. N. 

Hughes John, 1816 4th Ave. N. 

Hughes Miss Mary W. 1005 S. E. 7th. 

Hughes T. E. 38 Oak Grove. 

Hughes Wm. M. 1005 S. E. 7th. 

Hughes W. J. 719 .3d Ave. N. E. 

Hughes W. S. 1.348 Jefferson. 

Huhn Charles, 119 N. 9th. 

Huhn George, 219 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Hulbert C. S. 800 6th Ave. S. 

Hulbert Miss H. B. 800 6th Ave. S. 

Hulbert T. H. 216 S. 7th. 

Hulmberd John E. 1909 Chicago Ave. 

Hume N. T. .52 S. 12th. 

Humphrey Miss Elsie, 1504 1st Ave. S. 

Humphrey H. E. 1.504 1st Ave. S. 

Humphrey H. H. 1522 4th Ave. S. 

Humphrey J. E. 2111 N. 10th. 

Humphrey L. O. 728 Nicollet Ave. 

Humphrey Dr. M. 728 Nicollet Ave. 

Hunt Miss Annie K. 309 Plymouth Ave. 

Hunt Mrs. A. M., M. D. 1916 4th Ave. S. 

Hunt A. T. 2903 1st Ave. S. 

Hunt Bernhardt, 309 Plymouth Ave. 

Hunt C. L. 4th Ave. S. bet 8th and 9th. 

Hunt Frank H. 1916 4th Ave. S. 

Hunt G. F. 243 Hennepin Ave. 

Hunt James B. w s 19th Ave. 2 n of 28th 
I Hunt J. S. 828 4th Ave. S. 
I Hunt Peter B. 309 Plymouth Ave. 

Hunt Thomas A. .56 Royalston Ave. 

Hunt W. A. 624 Nicollet Ave. 
! Hunter Andrew, 1320 S. .5th. 
I Hunter C. H. 829 2d Ave. S. 
j Hunter C. P. 621 11th Ave. S. E. 

Hunter David, 527 2d Ave. S 
I Hunter Miss Fay, 1226 Nicollet Ave. 
I Hunter Mrs. N. J. 126 Nicollet Ave. 
! Hunter Samuel, 1320 S. 5th. 
j Huntington INlrs. E. M. 1620 3d Ave. S. 
I Huntington ¥. W. 904 Western Ave. 

Huntington Harry B. 3.38 S.14th. 
I Huntington H. W. 425 12th Ave. S. E. 

Huntington Dr. Jones. 121 N. 4th. 
I Huntington Miss L. M. 25 N. 5th. 

Huntington W. AV. 1225 Harmon PI, 

Huntress C. O. 1514 Lake. 

Huntsman Miss M. P. 1520 5th Ave. S. 

Huntsman R. H. 1520 5th Ave. S. 

Hurd Miss Alice, 1700 Hawthorne Ave. 

Hurd B. C. 1700 Hawthorne Ave. 

Hurd C. C. 218 2d Ave. S. E. 

Hurd J. M. 1125 Nicollet Ave. 

Hurd Dr. N. R. 1223 S. E. 6th. 

Hurlburt Miss Annie, 43 S. 11th. 

Hurlburt R. F. 1625 3dAve. S. 

Hurlburt Mrs. P. B. 620 S. 5th. 

Hurley Addison L. 2021 4th Ave. S. 

Hurley H. P. 2021 4th Ave. S. 

Hurley T. F. 47 S. 9th. 

Husen C. E. 38 Eastman Ave. 

Hush Alfred B. 1829 3d Ave. S. 

Hush Geo. B. 1829 .3d Ave. S. 



Hush V. G. 10th cor 2d Ave. S. 
Hussey F. B. 520 S. Sth. 
Hussy Miss Mattie L. 520 S. Sth. 
Hussey N. B. 520 S. Sth. 
Hutchins Mrs. Caroline, 1125 1st Ave. N. 
Hutchins C. L. 1500 S. E. 5th. 
Hutchins Dr. E. A. 1125 1st Ave. K 
Hutchins Miss Fannie C. 30 S. 13th. 
Hutchins Francis L. 1812 15ih Ave. S. 
Hutchins George H. 43 N. 17th. 
Hutchins Henry, 43 N. 17th. 
Hutchins Henry C. 1812 15th Ave. S. 
Hutchins J. D. 2113 3d Ave. S. 
Hutchins Miss Nellie L. 43 N. 17th. 
Hutchins Rev. Robert G. 30 S. 13th. 
Hutchins T. H. 35 N. 17th. 
Hutchison Prof. J. C. 3806 Nicollet Ave. 
Hutchison Miss Adele S., M. D. 34 S. Sth. 
Huxmann Dr. F. A. 55 13th Ave. N. E. 
Huy G. E. 903 6th Ave. S. 
Hyatt Asher, 229 N. 19th. 
Hyatt E. B. 2403 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Hyatt John D. 229 N. 19th. 
Hyde Miss Ella F. 2221 Cedar Ave. 
Hyde Mrs. L.M. 622 N. 5th. 
HydeWm. E. 816 17th Ave. S. 
Hymes A. W. 917 Hennepin Ave. 
Hyser Geo. G. 507 N. 4th. 

TDE Wm. H. 2308 3^^ Ave. S. 

Hiowizi Rev. Henry, 1719 Sth Ave. S. 
Ingalls W. B. 719 S. 14th. 
Inge Dr. Z. M. P. 37 S. 3d. 
Inglee E. P. 1 Eastman Ave. 
Inglis James, 1226 Nicollet Ave. 
Inglis James S. 810 3d Ave. S. 
Ingram Manville D. 916 1st Ave. N. 
Inks B. F. 1632 Hennepin Ave. 
Inks W. T, 1632 Hennepin Ave. 
Innis Col. Robert S. Nicollet House. 
Ireland C. H. 212 S. 4th. 
Ireys V. S. West Hotel. 
Irish H. C. 1507 Hawthorne Ave. 
Irons Chas. A. 21 S. 7th. 
Irvine Dr. J. H. 251^^ 6th Ave. S. 
Irving School, 17th Ave. bet 27th and 

Irving Wm. F. 626 1st Ave. N. 
Irwin D. K. 15 S, 5th. 
Ismon Harry, J. 1524 S. 18th. 
Iverson Miss Emma, 611 6th Ave. N. 
Iverson Frederick M. 611 6th Ave. N. 
Iverson James, 611 6th Ave. N. 
Ives A. H. 601 4th Ave. N.E. 
Ives Wm. P. 613 N. 4th. 

TACKSON A. B. 715 S. 16th. 

Jackson Ellridge D. 1013 Hawthorne Ave. 
Jackson E. C. 35 S. 11th. 
Jackson F. L. 719 Bradford Ave. 
Jackson G. F. 1916 Hawthorne Ave. 
Jackson Isaac, 516 S. Sth. 
Jackson J.G. 98 Franklin Ave. S. 
Jackson J. H. 319 Nicollet Ave. 
Jackson R. F. 98 Franklin Ave.S. 
Jackson School s w cor 15th Ave S. and 

Jackson W. B. 1011 N. 5th. 
Jackson W.B. 43 S. 11th. 
Jackson Wm. M. 1919 Nicollet Ave. 
Jacobs Benjamin, 621 2d Ave. S. E. 
Jacobs Samuel, 108 N. 5th. 
Jacobson N. 1037 3d Ave. N. E. 
Jacoby C. L. 17 S. 7th. 
Jacoby Geo. G. 701 S. Sth, 
Jacoby W.H. 17 S. 7th. 
Jacquinet Nicholas, 3d Ave. N. bet 3d 

and 4th. 
Jafltray E. G. 250 Hennepin Ave. 
Jatt'ray J. P. 250 Hennepin Ave. 
Jatfray R. M. 250 Hennepin Ave. 
James D. 1222 2nd Ave. S. 
James F. G. 49 S. 3d. 
James John E. 1 Eastman Ave. 
James J. T. 906 3d Ave. S. 
James Mrs. K. 504 Nicollet Ave. 
James M. A. 118 Hennepin Ave. 
James Ralph, 1222 2d Ave. S. 
James Rev. W. A. 1910 Hawthorne Ave. 
James Willis A. 2932 Stevens Ave. 
Jameson Bert, 821 Washington Ave. N. 
Jamison Robert, 1419 S. E. 5th. 
Janney E. M. 87 S. 13th. 



Janney Miss M, A. 110 S. 13th. 

Janney P. M. 24 S. 10th. 

Janney P. S. 1712 'S}4 Ave. S. 

Janney T. B. 24 S. 10th. 

Janney T. J. 89 Spruce PI. 

Jansen Rev. Kristof 2419 Nicollet Ave. 

Jaquess 0. D. 71 Royalston Ave. 

JarvieR. R. 1314 S. 5th. 

Jay Wm. 909 Franklin Ave S. 

Jefferson Miss Annie H. 1021 S. E. 4th. 

Jefferson Mrs. C. A. 1021 S. E. 4th. 

Jeflferson School, s w cor 7th and 1st 

Ave. N. 
Jeffery G. A. 2311 4th Ave. S. 
Jeffery J. J. 2311 4th Ave. S. 
Jeffery Miss Mary A. 2311 4th Ave. S. 
Jeffery Thomas, 2000 3d Ave. S. 
Jeffords Rev. S. G. 845 16th Ave. S. 
Jeffrey James, 31 S. 5th. 
Jeffries E. ^y. 1711 3d Ave. S. 
Jenison Minet G. 46 S. 12th. 
Jenison Miss S. A. 700 Hennepin Ave. 
Jenkins C. H. 2023 Stevens Ave. 
Jenkins D. T. 2906 Stevens Ave. 
Jenkins Miss E. B. 2423 15th Ave. S. 
Jenks Arthur L. 720 13th Ave. S. 
Jenks Gustavus A. 720 13th Ave. S. 
Jennings Wm. 616 S. 4th. 
Jennison Miss Clara E. 1108 21st Ave. N. 
Jennison Miss Ella J. 1108 21st Ave. N. 
Jennison Dr. G. M. 46 S. 12th. 
Jennison James, 19 Eastman Ave. 
Jenson James, 2401 Chicago Ave. 
Jeram Miss M. Ursula, 1410 S. 8th. 
Jeram Rev. Peter J. 1410 S. 8th. 
Jerman Dr. "W. L. 2800 Stevens Ave. 
Jerome Miss Hattie M. 50 N. 12th. 
Jervis R. B. 225 2d Ave. S. 
Jewell Wm. 1907 33^ Ave. S. 
Joannin G. 1623 N. 3d. 
Jodon George, 2601 1st Ave. S. 
Jordon George, 2537 Stevens Ave. j 

Jordan Miss Mattie L. 2537 Stevens Ave. 
Jordon Miss Minnie B. 2537 Stevens Ave. i 
Johnson Alfred, 1808 10th Ave. S. ! 

Johnson Andrew, 900 16th Ave. S. [ 

Johnson Andrew P. 1723 11th Ave. S. 

Johnson Anthony, 3927 Pleasant Ave. 
Johnson Asbery, 509 Hennepin Ave. 
Johnson Dr. A.E. 19 N. E. 2d. 
Johnson Miss A. H. 928 Nicollet Ave. 
Johnson A. W. 517 3d Ave. S. 
Johnson Charles, 1326 S.5th. 
Johnson Charles, 509 Hennepin Ave. 
Johnson Hon.Chas. W. 1215 Nicollet Ave. 
Johnson Charles W. 52 Highland Ave. 
Johnson C. J. 228 S. 28th. 
Johnson David B. 112 Hennepin Ave. 
Johnson Miss Edith E. 821 S. E. 6th. 
Johnson Miss Elizabeth AV. 1212 Hen- 
nepin Ave. 
Johnson E. H. 623 7th Ave. S. 
Johnson E. M. 403 University Ave. S. E. 
Johnson E. W. 614 Hennepin Ave. 
Johnson Frank A. 723 S. 8th. 
Johnson Frank L. 41 N. 10th. 
Johnson Geo. B. 2904 1st Ave. S. 
Johnson George D. 1221 S. 23d. 
Johnson Granville N. 1025 Western Ave. 
Johnson G. 1305 S. 14th. 
Johnson G. F. 1524 S. 9th. 
Johnson H. S. 1207 N. 10th. 
Johnson Miss Isabel, 2509 N. 6th. 
Johnson Mrs. I. C. 821 S. E. 6th. 
Johnson John L. 1113 S. 21st. 
Johnson John P. 8 20th Ave. S. 
Johnson J. C. 1212 Hennepin Ave. 
Johnson J. Fred. 1212 Hennepin Ave. 
Johnton J. H. 6 N. 11th. 
Johnson J. I. 2826 Stevens Ave. 
Johnson J. K. 425 Washington Ave. S. 
Johnson J. Otto, 2110 Minnehaha Ave. 
Johnson J. W. 928 Nicollet Ave. 
Johnson L. A. 329 University Ave. S. E. 
Johnson L. G. 329 University Ave. S. E. 
Johnson Miss Mae H. 41 N. 10th. 
Johnson Miss Mary E.1212 Hennepin Ave. 
Johnson Mrs. O. B. 928 Nicollet Ave. 
Johnson 0. J. 2411 Cedar Ave. 
Johson P. 1121 N. 3d. 
Johnson R. J. 1620 Hawthorne Ave. 
Johnson S. J. 616 S. 16th. 
Johnson Miss S. N. 1212 Hennepin Ave. 
Johnson Seth S. 2031 Portland Ave. 


Johnson AV. C. 329 University Ave. S. E. 

Johnson W. E. 821 S. E. 6th. 

Johnson W.H. 1328 S. 8th. 

Johnston Andrew. 1110 Hennepin Ave. 

Johnston E. A. 337 S. 14th. 

Johnston George H. 2023 Stevens Ave. 

Johnston Miss Lulu, 2023 Stevens Ave. 

Johnston Miss Maud, 337 S. 14th. 

Johnston P. O. 141G S. 7th. 

Johonnot L. C. 409 Grant. 

Jonas Miss Fannie, 1514 N. 2d. 

Jonas Joseph, 1514 N. 2d. 

Jones A. D. 917 Hennepin Ave. 

Jones A. L. 557 2d Ave. S. 

Jones A. P. 1308 Hennepin Ave. 

Jones Byron, 1308 Hennepin Ave. 

Jones Miss Carrie, 918 1st Ave. S. 

JouesC.C. 4529 S.E. 4th. 

Jones C. P. 38th cor Pleasant Ave. 

Jones C. S. 2529 3d Ave. S. 

Jones Daniel, 1126 Hennepin Ave. 

Jones D. P. 2005 3d Ave. S. 

Jones D. W. 28 S. 8th. 

Jones Miss Edith, 908 Hennepin Ave. 

Jones Elisha, 1023 1st Ave. S. 

Jones Miss Ella L. 1308 Hennepin Ave. 

Jones Miss Emma, 1308 Hennepin Ave. 

JonesE.C. 1529 S.E. 4th. 

Jones Mrs. E. R. 1117 1st Ave. S. 

Jones E. S. 2005 3d Ave. S. 

Jones George E. 114 S. 9th. 

Jones Geo. W. 908 Hennepin Ave. 

Jones Harry AV. 88 S. 14th. 

Jones Hervey R. 725 9th Ave. S. 

Jones H. H. 31 S. 5th. 

Jones H. J. 719 University Ave S. E. 

Jones H. W. 93 Grant. 

Jones Jesse G. 918 1st Ave. S. 

Jones John, 1920 14th Ave. S. 

Jones John E. cor Nicollet Ave. and 7th. 

Jones John J. 1201 Franklin Ave. S. 

Jones Josiah, 1501 Park Ave. 

Jones J. M. 817 S. 8th. 

Jones J. G. 1308 Hennepin Ave. 

Jones Miss Myra C. 1111 1st Ave. K. 

Jones Miss Nellie 1902 N. 4th. 

Jones 0. W. 2523 Portland Ave. 

Jones R. D. 2015 Stevens Ave. 

Jones R. F. 900 1st Ave. N. 

Jones R. H. 2028 33^ Ave. S. 

Jones Samuel 0. 903 N. 9th. 

Jones Mrs. Sarah, 702 7th Ave. N. 

Jones S. 722 N. 4th. 

Jones Thomas E. 221 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Jones T. X. 310 Plymouth Ave. 

Jones Viva D. 83 Royalston Ave. 

Jones Wra. 2529 3d Ave. S. 

Jones Dr. W. A. 516 Nicollet Ave. 

Jones W. B. 626 Quincy. 

Jones W. H. 1622 1st Ave. S. 

Jones W. O. Barlow House. 

Joralemon E. E. 22d Ave. S. W. nr 30th. 

Jordan Arthur N. 615 S. 18th. 

Jordan Prof. Charles M. 615 S. 18th. 

Jordan Dr. C. M. 422 1st Ave. 8. 

Jordan John B. 1621 2d Ave. 3. 

Jordan J. F. 57 S. 10th. 

Jordan Nelson, 615 S. 18th. 

Jordan Miss Rosalie, 200 S. 15th. 

Jordan R. W. 707 Nicollet Ave. 

Jordan W. A. 200 S. 15th. 

Joslin Miss Mary E. 324 S. 8th. 

Joy H. M. 417 S. 5th. 

Joy Samuel H. 1601 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Joy S. W. 1404 Vine PI. 

Joys Charles M. 514 S. 10th. 

Joyslin J. C. 1203 Hennepin Ave. 

Judd Miss Mary C. 814 S. 7th. 

Judd W. S. 629 S. 8th. 

Judson Miss Abby A. Harmon PI.* bet 

10th and 11th. 
Judson Fred, 322 S. 8th. 
Judson Miss F. E. 402 S. 10th. 
Judson Institute, Harmon PJ. bet 10th 

and 11th. 
Julicher Joseph, 1506 Park Ave. 
Jumper T. P. 23 Eastman Ave. 
Jurgens Frank, 290 16th Ave. N. 

TT^AESTNER J. D. 59 Royalston Ave. 

KalkC.N. 3oS. nth. 
Kalkhoff Robert C. West Hotel. 
Kalmbach M. F. 415 S. E. 4th. 



Kammerer M. 4:15 Marshall. 
Kantrowitz James, 1020 1st Ave. X. 
Kantrow-itz Joseph, 1020 1st Ave. N. 
Karker E. S. 2221 6th Ave. S. 
Karker S. B. 2221 6th Ave. S. 
Karrick H. L. 4th S. E. nr 16th Ave. 
Kartgaard K. 2415 N. 4th. 
Kassube Mrs. C. 1121 S.E. 4th. 
Kavana Thomas D. 109 N. 4th. 
Kavanaugh Mrs. Jean, 514 S. 10th. 
Keach W. H. 505 Henu pin Ave. 
Kearney H. R. 52 N. 12th. 
Kearney J. S. 1715 4th Ave. S. 
Keating James, 623 6th Ave. N. 
Keating Thomas J. 623 6th Ave. X. 
Keeier C. A. 1801 5th Ave. S. 
Keeler C. J. 416 2d Ave. N. 
Keeier M. R. 1801 5th Ave. S. 
Keene Abner P. -56 Royalston Ave. 
Keene Albert G. 56 Royalston Ave. 
Keene J. F. 823 Mary PI. 
Keene .Mrs. M. A. 56 Royalston Ave. 
Keep Miss Emma, 520 Hennepin Ave. 
Kees Fred, 37 S. Uth. 
Kees Mat bias, cor Lake View Ave. and 

N. 29th. 
Keese J. W. 625 S. 8th. 
Kehoe J. H. 29 Lyndale Ave. 
Keidel Otto L. 520 N. 3d. 
Keiler W. L. 2505 Stevens Ave. 
Keith A. A. 3212 Nicollet Ave. 
Keith Arthur M. 514 S. 9th. 
Keith Miss Gertrude A. 1350 Nicollet Ave. 
Keith Mrs. G. H. 210 S. 9th. 
Keith ,Tohn, 26 N. 10th. 
Keith Dr. M. C. 4332 Lyndale Ave. S. 
Keith Dr. Samuel, 1350 Nicollet Ave. 
Keller Martin, 2123 N. 2d. 
Kelley Miss Annie J. 1908 S. 9th. 
Kelley A. F. 303 S. 5th. 
Kelley Dr. E. S. 1420 Laurel Ave. 
Kelley H. H. 1301 S. E. 5th. 
Kelley L W. 731 9th Ave. S. 
Kelley J. M. 1908 S. 9th. 
Kelley L. E. 1203 1st Ave. N. 
Kelley Miss Mary C. 1908 S. 9th. 
Kellie W. M. 518 S. 5th. 

Kellogg Miss Gertrude A. 1111 1st Ave. N. 
Kellogg Mrs. J. A. 1408 Stevens Ave. 
Kellogg W. B. 31 Lyndale Ave. 
Kelly Miss Alice C. cor 4th and 8th Ave. 

Kelly Miss Annie E. cor 4th and 8th 

Ave. N. 
Kelly Anthony, cor 4th and 8th Ave. N. 
Kelly A. A. 2704 3d Ave. S. 
Kelly Mrs. E. 719 Jetferson. 
Kelly E. A. 318 1st Ave. N. 
Kelly Miss Georgia, cor 4th and 8th 

Ave. N. 
Kelly Miss Jennie, 711 7th Ave S. 
Kelly John. C. 907 5th Ave. S. 
Kelly R. L. West Hotel. 
Kelly T. H. 611 N. 4th. 
Kelly Wilson, 711 7th Ave. S. 
Kemmis Jasper H. 414 9th Ave. S. 
Kemp J. L. 1703 S. E. 4th. 
Kemp Miss M. E. 1703 S. E. 4th. 
Kempton Wm. G. 1801 15th Ave. S. 
Kenuston Fred E. 822 16th Ave. S. 
Kendall Frank 1136 N. 4th. 
Kendall Miss 114 S. 11th. 
Kendrick Mrs. G. S. 614 S. 15th. 
Kenddck J. W. 124 S. 15th. 
Kenealy Hugh, 1720 4th Ave. S. 
Kennedy Allen. 2314 Park Ave. 
Kennedy A. E. 424 1st Ave. N. 
Kennedy A. W. 20 N. 10th. 
Kennedy Daniel, 2314 Park Ave. 
Kennedy E. J. 428 University Ave. S. E. 
Kennedy H. A. 721 Washington Ave. N. 
Kennedy J. A. 428 University Ave. S. E. 
Kennedy John, 502 2d Ave. S. E. 
Kennedy Mrs. Mary, 20 N. 10th. 
Kennedy Miss Mary E. 428 University 

Ave. S. E. 
Kennedy S. W. 2616 Nicollet Ave. 
K. nnedy Thomas F. 1507 Lyndale Ave. 

Kenner Miss Lizzie J. 326 S. 7th. 
Kenney E. S. 2316 4th Ave. S. 
KentC. E.28N. 10th. 
Kent D. H. Clark House. 
Kent Harry E. 800 University Ave. S. E. 




Kent H. M. 800 University Ave. S. E. 

Kenyon A. F. 29 N. 6th. 

Kenyon A. H. 16 S. 10th. 

Kenyon Miss E. E. n w cor S. 10th and 

Park Ave. 
Kerker F. X. 1309 Washington Ave. N. 
Kerr G. W. 2017 S^ Ave. S. 
Kerr James, 427 Nicollet Ave. 
Kerr Miss Mary, 1111 1st Ave. N. 
Kerr Miss Mary 414 S. 14th. 
Kerr Mathias, Lake View Ave. nr 29th. 
KerrT.S. 95 Grant. 
Kerr W. J. 1812 N. 4th. 
Kerrick J. H. 1307 Hawthorne Ave. 
Kerrick Thos. D. 718 Washington Ave.N. 
Kerridge Miss Alice M. 617 N. 4th. 
Kerridge Alfred W. 617 N. 4th. 
Kerridge Charles E. 617 N. 4th. 
Kerridge George 617 N. 4th. 
Kerridge Harry G. 617 N. 4th. 
Kertsou J. E. 813 N. E. 2d. 
Kertson Dr. W. F. 224 Central Ave. 
Kesler C. G.20 Washington Ave X. 
Kesler Jacob, Quincy bet 24th and 2oth 

Aves. N. E. 
Kessel E. V. K. 72.") Quincy. 
Ketcham J. S. 1109 N. 3d. 
Keyes Andrew S. 400 Nicollet Ave. 
Keyes Charles D. 823 5th Ave. 8. 
Keyser Emanuel, 1715 5th Ave. S. 
Kibler Miss Agnes S. 1413 2d Ave. S. 
Kibler J. B. 1413 2d Ave. S. 
Kidder F. B. 1124 Hennepin Ave. 
Kiehle Miss Ada M. 2801 6th Ave. S. 
Kiehle I). L. 2801 6th Ave. S. 
Kiehle Miss Louise G. 2801 6th Ave. S. 
Kilbourne A. B. 818 Nicollet Ave. 
Kilbourne L. D. 818 Nicollev Ave. 
Kilgore Miss Eleanore, N. 12th bet 26th 

and 27th Ave. 
Kilgore F. 0. 615 7th Ave. S. E. 
Kilgore Miss Mary, N. 12th bet. 26th and 

27th Aves. [ 

Kilgore Wm. N . 12th bet 26 and 27th Aves. j 
Kilpatrick Thomas, 1018 S. 5th. I 

Kilvington Dr. S.S. 256 1st Ave. S. \ 

Kilvington W. C. 253 1st Ave. S. , 

Kimball Dr. B. W. 2313 Bloomington Ave. 

Kimball C. R. 1300 3X Ave. S. 

Kimball E. J. 1309 Hawthorne Ave. 

Kimball Herbert W. 1505 Lyndale Ave.N. 

Kimball H. A. 413 N. 3d. 

Kimball Dr. H. H.cor 24th and SdAve. S. 

Kimball Leonard, cor 28th and Park Ave. 

Kimball L. J. 1309 Hawthorne Ave. 

Kimball Mrs. Mary E. 2542 Nicollet Ave. 

Kimball Wm. J. 1603 33^ Ave. S. 

Kimble J. C. Mt. Curve Ave. nr 23d, 

Kind A. A. 620 S. 17th. 

Kindervater A. E. 317 12th Ave. N. 

Kmdseth Gustave, 1322 14th Ave. S. 

King Miss AlzadaB. 1603 4th Ave. S. 

King Archibald D. 1122 Hennepin Ave. 

King A. D. 1122 Hennepin Ave. 

King Miss C. 821 S. 7th. 

King Miss C. A. 2012 Portland Ave. 

King Eli, 1603 4th Ave. S. 

King Miss Florence M. 926 2d Ave S. 

King F. A. B. 72 S. 14th. 

King George S. 1423 S. 8th. 

King :\[iss Hattie M. 1423 S. 8th. 

King Herbert, 1602 N. 16th. 

King Mrs. II. 72 S. 14th. 

King II. H. 606 6th Ave. S. 

King ISIiss Isabel, 306 S. 7th. 

King John, 1611 Laurel Ave. 

King J. S. 72 S. 14th. 

King J. S. 2012 Portland Ave. 

King Kimball W. 325 Franklin Ave. S. 

King Miss Lilla. 1509 Stevens Ave. 

King Miss Martha A. 1603 4th Ave. S. 

King O. B. 16j3 4th Ave. S. 

King Preston, 41 Island Ave. 

King P. C. 909 N. 9th. 

King T. S. 926 2d Ave. S. 

King W. L. 1013 University Ave. 

King Col. Wm. S. 41 Island Ave. 

Kingman Mrs. A. E. 2022 2d Ave. S. 

Kingman Miss E. L. 50l 8th Ave. S. E. 

Kingman J. R. 2022 2d Ave. S. 

Kingsland J. F. 1104 S. 8th. 

Kingsley Chester, 1008 15th Ave. S. E. 

Kingsley E. B. 212 Grant. 

Kingsley Miss E. J. 611 Nicollet Ave. 



Kingsley E. W. 212 Grant. 
Kingsley Miss Minnie, 212 Grant. 
Kinkle J. P. 519 3d Ave. S. 
Kinnard O. B. Pleasant Ave. nr 28th. 
Kinne A. A. 701 S. 7th. 
Kinne I. B. 701 S. 7th. 
Kinney Charles, 2018 Portland PI. 
Kinney Dr. J. K. (56 Highland Ave. 
Kinney Miss Mildred S. 66 Highland Ave. 
Kinney 0. D. 903 1st Ave. N. 
Kinsell Leonard, 1801 4th Ave. S. 
Kinsey Miss Fannie 1. 1513 Park Ave. 
Kinsey Isaac P. 1513 Park Ave. 
Kirby Mrs. S. E. 504 Nicollet Ave. 
Kirk A. II. 181 Island Ave. 
Kirk .T. V. W. cor Lake and Grand Ave. 
Kirkbridge G. B. 525 S. 5th. 
Kirkwood Hugh, 614 Hennepin Ave. 
Kirtland Miss L. E. 1401 S. E. 6th. 
Kirtland :Hiss M. A. 1401 S. E. 6th. 
Kistler James, 521 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Kistler Dr. J. M. 536 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Kitchel Stanley R. 128 Highland Ave. 
Kitchen Mrs. S. C. 1016 2d Ave. S. 
Kitten A. H. 845, 16th Ave. S. 
Kittredge Mrs. C. L. 611 9th Ave. S. E. 
Kittredge Miss Helen, 611 9th Ave. S. E. 
Kittredge T. 1021 S. E. 4th. 
Kleeberger Orrin, 3010 Hennepin Ave. 
Klein W. L. 924 S 7th. 
Klitziu Mrs. G. F. 300 N. E. 4th. 
Knaeble Andrew, cor Lake View Ave. 

and N. 29th. 
Knapp J. D. 2205 3)^ Ave. S. 
Knapp J. D. C. 2201 4th Ave. S. 
Knappen P. L. 807 7th Ave. S. 
Kneeland Eben 813 Franklin Ave. S. 
Kneisly Miss Ella, 1415 Vine PI. 
Kneisly Miss Evelyn, 1415 Vine PI. 
Kneisly G. W. 1415 Vine PI. 
Knerr B. F. 1816 Portland Ave. 
Knettle G. W. 91 Highland Ave. 
Knickerbocker George 45 S. 7th. 
Knight Mrs. C. M, 2013 5th Ave. S. 
Knight Henry, 1316 Place Court. 
Knight Dr. H. A. 526 Hennepin Ave. 
Knight Miss Martha, 2013 5th Ave. S. 

Knight Miss Sarah A. 803 4th Ave. S- 

Knight S. H. 2018 Chicago Ave. 

Knight Mrs. S. H. 803 4th Ave. S. 

Knight W. K. 304 1st Ave. S, 

Knittle Albert, 727 Hennepin Ave. 

Knittle Robert, 1023 6th Ave. S. 

Knoblauck Aloi.s, 123 Washington Ave. S. 

Knoblauch Anton, 42 N. 10th. 

Knoblauch F. 123 Washington Ave. S. 

Knoll Frederick, 2401 S. Sth. 

Knowlan O. L. 1st Ave. N. nr4th. 

Knowles A. H. 719 Washington Ave. N. 

Knowles Henry, 2508 Stevens Ave. 

Knowles Mrs. J. M. Franklin nr Pleas- 
ant Ave. 

Knowles W. L. 2014 5th Ave. S. 

Knowlton D. W. 30 S. 7th. 

Knowlt(.n M. L. 1307 S. E. 4th. 

Knowlton Wm. W. n e cor 16th and 
Franklin Aves. 

Koehl Dr. J. 1 13 Nicollet Ave. 

Koon Judge M. B. 321 S. 9th. 

Korn Adam, 2110 Washington Ave. N. 

Kortgaard K. 2415 N. 4th. 

Kost F. J. 1709 N. 2d. 

Kohlhaas Philip, 1805 Sth Ave. S. 

Kraft J. F. 1301 Hawthorne Are. 

Kreech A. W. 716 6th Ave. S. 

Krech P. C. 76 S. 13th. 

Krech Wm. 76 S. 13th. 

Kreuger Henry, Windsor House. 

Kreutz Oscar, 507 12th Ave. S. 

Kriedeman Wm. 1027 N. 3d. 

Krieg A. C. 2021 Portland PI. 

Krudop Miss Annie M. 2520 N. 9th. 

Kruger K. K. 2205 3J^ Ave S. 

Krum J. D 501 S. E. 4th. 

Krussow W. J. 1210 N. 3d. 

Kummerer M. C. 717 S. 10th. 

Kyle James M. 619 N. 9th. 

Kynaston Mrs. Catherine, 657 N. 9th. 

Kynaston J. D. 657 N. 9th. 


Lachmund Prof. Ernest, 822 4th Ave. S. 
Lackore Fred W, 2200 Portland PI. 


Lackore Horace L. 2200 Portland PI. 

Ladd Henry E. 87 S. 8th. 

Ladd P. M. 87 S. 8th. 

Ladd Sumner, 1313 Washington Ave. N. 

La Due Frank H. 808 Hennepin Ave. 

Lafliier H. Ill Washington Ave. S. 

Lafro Peter, 1905 N. 2d. 

Laird J. P. 920 S. E. 7th. 

Laird R. B. 928 S. E. 7th. 

Laing R. W. 2117 S. 3d. 

Laliberte Dr. L. 102 Central Ave. (E. D.) 

Lamb C. E. 143 N. 10th. 

Lamb Miss Eugenia, 106 Highland Ave. 

Lamb Miss Grace, 106 Highland Ave. 

Lamb Rev. J. D. 2824 Nicollet Ave. 

Lamb Mrs. May E. 106 Highland Ave. 

Lambert W. H. 1416 S. 23d. 

Lamborn Edward, 714 1st Ave. N. 

Lamont Wm. 907 5th Ave. S. 

Lamoreaux L. A. 752 8th Ave. N. 

Lamoreaux M. L. 752 8th Ave. N. 

Lamoreaux 0. A. e s 20th bet 19th and 

Crystal Lake Aves. N. 
Lamoreaux P. G. 752 8th Ave. N. 
Lamp H. J. 1810 S. 2>^. 
Lampe Chas. O. 315 5th Ave. S. 
Lamson C. H. 509 Hennepin Ave. 
Lanctot O, 3113^ 10th Ave. N. 
Landers Miss Ada T. Groveland Ave. nr 

Hill Side PI. 
Landgraeber C. C. 1108 Harmon PI. 
Landies B. F. 427 Nicollet Ave. 
Landis Wm. H. 2026 Portland PI. 
Lane F. P. 84 Royalston Ave. 
Lane James L. 625 8th Ave. S. E. 
Lane John K. 218 S. 12th. 
Lane J. B. 802 S. E. 6th. 
Lane J. W. 21 Washington Ave. S. 
Lane Miss Lizzie M. 625 8th Ave. S. E. 
Lane L. M. 907 S. E. 7th. 
Lane Miss Minnie K. 625 8th Ave. S. E. 
Xane Miss Mittie B. 625 8th Ave. S. E. 
Lane R. A. 529 Hennepin Ave. 
Lane Mrs. Velona, 625 8th Ave. S. E. 
X<ane Wm. n w cor S. 10th and Park Ave 
Lang Charles V. 328 1st Ave. N. 
Lang Frederick J. 835 22d Ave. S. 

Lang F. B. 326 Nicollet Ave. 
Langdon Miss C. D. 29 S. 10th. 
Langdon C. S. 29 S. 10th. 
Langdon J. W. 419 Oak Lake Ave. 
Langdon R. B. 29 S 10th. 
Langdon W. G. Oak Lake Ave. 
Lange H. 619 S. 4th. 
Lange J. 445 Monroe. 
Langerman A. 500 Plymouth Ave. 
Langerman F. 601 University Ave. S. E. 
Langley C. A. 27th nr Lake View. 
Langlev S. D. 117 N. 3d. 
Langworthy C. H. 1213 S. 12th. 
Langworthy F. F. Hennepin nr Lake. 
Lanman Rev. Joseph, 2525 3d Ave. S. 
Lanphere A. C. 620 S. 17th. 
Lanphear Wm. K. 1106 Lyndale Ave. N. 
La Pierre Dr. J. W. B. 2302 S. Lake. 
Lara M. 807 7th Ave. S. 
Laramee Louis, 600 N. 3d. 
Lara>va John B. 2229 13th Ave. S. 
Laraway Miss Frances, 1212 Ist Ave. S. 
Laraway F. M. 63 N. 15th. 
Laraway 0. M. 63 N. 15th. 
Larkin Miss Nellie, 2614 Lyndale Ave. S. 
Larscn James, 1728 11th Ave. S. 
Larson Anthon, 1 .29 S. 7th. 
Larson A. 307 Washington Ave. 
Larson 0. C. A. 119 Royalston Ave. 
Larson Peter A. 355 Hennepin Ave. 
Lasher C. W. 1801 Washington Ave. N. 
Latham A. B. 3103 Pleasant Ave. 
Lathrop C. E. 416 1st Ave. N. 
Lathftp P. M. 118 N. 7th. 
Latz Dr. A. W. 1204 Washington Ave. S. 
Latz F. W. 1401 Washington Ave. S. 
Latz Dr. H. E. 1816 S. 2^. 
Lauderdale E. 1. 13^^ S. 4th. 
Lauderdale F. W. 1><24 N. 8th. 
Lauderdale J. W. 723 Nicollet Ave. 
Lauderdale W. H. 75 Royalston Ave. 
Lauer H. N. 322 Hennepin Ave. 
Laughridge Dr. H. 526 Hennepin Ave. 
Lauizheiser Will, 67 N. 10th. 
Lavigne F. 1304 Washington Ave. S. 
Lawlor James, 110 S. 12th. 
Lawrence Albert, 2418 4th Ave. S. 


Lawrence A. H. 345 S. 14th. 
Lawrence Miss Cora E. 345 S. 14th. 
Lawrence D. E. 1629 S. E. 4tb. 
Lawrence Mrs. E. A. 345 S. 14th. 
Lawrence E. W. US. 12th. 
Lawrence F. C. 89 Grant. 
Lawrence H.E. 2^16 ith Ave. S. 
Lawrence H. W. "West Hotel. 
Lawrence J. C. 216 University Ave. S. E. 
Lawrence J. W. 700 1st Ave. N. 
Lawrence L. C. 12 S. 7th. 
Lawrence Mrs. S. 314 University Ave. S.E. 
Lawrence Mrs. Sarah L. 2201 3^ Ave. S. 
Lawrence AVm. 151 N 10th. 
Lawrence Dr. W. D. 228 S. 8th. 
Lawrence W. H. 622 S E. 5th. 
Lawrence W. M. 1922 Z}4 Ave. S. 
Laws G. H. 55 Royal^ton Ave. 
Lawson Miss Grace M. 329 1st Ave. N. 
Lawton H. H. 900 11th Ave. N. 
Lawton R. H. 422 1st Ave. S. 
Layman C. B. 2818 Cedar Ave. 
Layman C. M. 2929 Cedar Ave. 
Layman G. W. 529 9th Ave. S. 
Layman Jerome G. 117 S. 27th. 
Layman Martin. 2929 Cedar Ave. 
Leach John A. 1832 5th Ave. S. 
Leaman Mrs. Bina, N. 17th nr 4th. 
Learned Miss Emma F. 1105 1st Ave. N. 
Learned James E. 1105 1st Ave. N. 
Learned John U. 1105 1st Ave. N. 
Leary Wm. 918 19th Ave. S. 
Leathers L. L. Lake Calhoun. 
Leavitt E. K. 1129 S. 8th. 
Leavitt Josiah, 425 S. E. 4th. 
Leavitt J. J. 1411 S. 8th. 
Leavitt R. C. 425 S. E. 4th. 
Leavitt Samuel, 811 loth Ave. S. 
Leavitt \V. C. 2439 Bloomington Ave. 
Leber W. C. 913 Washington Ave. N. 
Leber J. Cedar Lake Ave. nr Western Ave. 
LeBron John, 1702 Western Ave. 
Leddy Mrs. B. 415 Jefferson, 
Lee B. A. 27 S. 12th. 
Lee Charles, 323 1st Ave. N. 
Lee C. H. 1112 S. 22d. 
Lee J. W. 1228 S. E. 4th. 

Lee Mrs. M. B. 2029 N, 12th. 

Lee Wm. 301 Washington Ave. 

Lee W. H. 325 S. 8th. 

Leeds C. S. 14 S. 9th. 

Leeds Mrs. H. A. 14 S. 9th. 

LeFever A. H. 2201 3d Ave. S. 

Leltwich T. J. 129 Nicollet Ave. 

Leftwich T. H. 1310 3}^ Ave. S. 

Legg G. B. 1608 3)4 Ave. S. 

Legg Henry F. West Hotel. 

LeGros Miss Fannie C. 1108 21st Ave. N. 

Lehmaier Eugene, 701 S. 8th. 

Lehmann C. A. 1608 N. 4th. 

Lehmann E. 1021 Hennepin Ave. 

Leib Adam, Oak cor. 4th. 

Leich Mrs. Frederick, 421 2d Ave. S. E. 

Leighton Eben, 1143 N. 8th. 

Leishton George A. 1143 N. 8th. 

Leighton Herman, 803 S. E. 4th. 

Leighton Horace N. 1149 N. 8th. 

Leighton N. G. 1623 Laurel Ave. 

Leland Charles, 1815 Hawthorne Ave. 

Leland C. C. 1815 Hawthorne Ave. 

Leland W. H. 84 S. 6th. 

Leman I. P. 717 S. 15th. 

Lemon J. C. 517 N. 15th. 

Lennon James, 509 Hennepin Ave. 
I Lennon J. G. 1000 S. 7th. 

Lent Mrs. Lizzie, 111 Island Ave. 
I Leonard Miss A. 72 S. I4th. ^ 

Leonard Chas. F. 85 S. 13th. 

Leonard Claude B. 719 9th Ave. S. 

Leonard Miss Gertrude, 427 2d Ave. S. 

Leonard J. E. 415 X. E. 4th. 

Leonard J. Halstead, 407 Nicollet Ave. 

Leonard Dr. L. D. 605 Franklin Ave. 

Leonard R. H. 29th Ave. N. cor 12th. 

Leonard S. S. 609 S. 15th. 

Leonard Dr. Wm. H. 427 2nd Ave. N. 

Leonard Wm. H. 22 N. E. 6th. 

Leonard Dr. W. E. 223 S. Uth. 

Leonard W. R. Windsor House. 

Leppla Mrs. Lena, 829 20th Ave. S. 

LeRoy Robertson, 1830 3>^ Ave. S. 

Le Sage J. H. 3503 S. W. 35th. 

Lestico Louis, 408 N. 4th. 

Letno Frank, 530 Adams. 



Leubner Paul, 1805 N. 2d. 

Levering A. Z. 1604 1st Ave. S. 

Levering Thomas M. 31 Oak Grove. 

Levi A. 1628 5th Ave. S. 

Levi A. L. 901 Chicago Ave. 

Levi G. L. 901 Chicago Ave. 

Levin James, 1006 N. 4th. 

Leviston C. W. 182.3 4th Ave. S. 

Levy L. J. 118 S. 17th. 

Lewis A. C.619 1st Ave. S. 

Levris A L. 1723 9th Ave. S. 

Lewis A. O. 1610 4th Ave. S. 

Lewis Miss Cornelia, 656 Hennepin Ave. 

Lewis C. E. 5 Eastman Ave. 

Lewis Mrs. E. 1123 1st Ave. S. 

Lewis E. B. 818 Nicollet Ave. 

Lewis Miss E. L. 1801 Laurel Ave. 

Lewis Frank A. 915 1st Ave. S. 

Lewis Frank B. 815 2d Ave. S. 

Lewis Gano, 915 1st Ave. S. 

Lewis H. T. 818 Nicollet Ave. 

Lewis Miss Hattie, 607 S. 15th. 

Lewis Miss Helen M. 915 1st Ave. S. 

Lewis Homer, 1801 Laurel Ave. 

Lewis I. 101 N. E. 4th. 

Lewis Miss Jennie M. 2818 Nicollet Ave. 

Lewis Dr. J. M. 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Lewis Miss Lillie. 61 Lyndale Ave. 

Lewis M. G. 915 1st Ave. S. 

Lewis M. W. 815 2d Ave. S. 

Lewis Richard, 607 S. 15th. 

Lewis Miss 8. J. 607 S. 15th. 

Lewis T. D. 61 Lyndale Ave. 

Lewis Wm. M. 1626 3d Ave. S. 

Lewis W. C. 3 Eastman Ave. 

Libbey G. W. 2617 Nicollet .Ave. 

Llbby A. C. 823 Mary PI. 

Libby A. J. 424 Nicollet Ave. 

Libby E. G. 410 S. E. 6th. 

Libby H. A. 571 7th Ave. N. 

Lillibridge H. F. 629 6th Ave.S. 

LillisMiss Hattie P. 1329>.^ Nicollet Ave, 

Lincoln Alonz©, 610 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Lincoln Mrs. G. W. 625 S. 16th. 

Lindley Dr. A. H. 1528 Hennepin Ave. 

Lindley Clarkson, 1528 Hennepin Ave. 

LindleyD. S. 14S. 4th. 

Lindley Dr. S. 1528 Hennepin Ave. 
Linn James, 624 Nicollet Ave. 
Linn Dr. J. J. 6 Washington Ave. S. 
Linnell Miss C. cor Park Ave. and 24h. 
Linton A. H. 79 S. 6th. 
Linton A. L. 2425 4th Ave. S. 
Linton Miss E. F. 521 20th Ave. N. 
Linton Samuel S. 1031 6th Ave. S. 
Linton Thomas, 218 S 5th. 
Linton Dr. Wm. B. 710 13th Ave. S. E. 
Litchfield Mrs. P. H. 504 Nicollet Ave. 
Little A. M. 1522 4th Ave. S. 
Little F. E. 523 S. 10th. 
Little H. M. 523 S. 10th. 
Little John, cor N. 17th and Laurel Ave. 
Little J. C. 533 S. 10th. 
Little Dr. J. W. 1545 Franklin Ave. 
Little L. B. 613 Hennepin Ave. 
Little M. I. 707 Hennepin Ave. 
Little M. O. 1825 5th Ave. S. 
Little M. V. 707 Hennepin Ave. 
Little O. O. 1^03 5th Ave. S. 
Little S. F. 311 S. E. 8th. 
Little W. L. 523 8. 10th. 
Littlefield C. F. 1324 Harmon PI. 
Littlefield E. E. 1324 Harmon PI. 
Littlefield H.C.2702 University Ave.S.E. 
Littlefield Miss May, 1324 Harmon PI. 
Litz Wm. 814 S. E. Gth. 
Livezey Wm. B. 3017 Jst Ave. S. 
Lloyd R. E. 252 2d Ave. S. 
Lochren Hon. Wm. 422 10th Ave. S. E. 
Lochrin T. 724 3d Ave. N. E. 
Locke Dr. D. A. 529 N. 20th. 
Locke Edwin, 13 S. 13th. 
j Locke Miss Ella G. 13 S. 13th. 
I Locke Miss Ella S. 529 N. 20th. 
' Locke John. 729 S. 17th. 
Lock wood E. L. 507 S. E. 5th. • 
Lockwood J. E. 507 S. E. .5th. 
Lockwood Miss Mary C. 507 S. E. 5th. 
I Lockwood P. E. 202 S. 14th. 
[ Loewenstine D. D. C. 1' 21 Hennepin Ave. 
1 Lofgren F. A. 2314 Bloomington Ave. 
Lofgreu P.J. 609 21st Ave.S. 
Logan Geo. W. 1018 S. E. 7th. 
I Long A. M. 723 S. 16th. 



Long Miss Eva L. 723 S. 16th. 
Long E. H. Ill University Ave. S. E. 
Long F. B. Groveland Ave. nr Hill Side. 
LongJ. H. 420 1st Ave. S. 
Long W. O. 420 1st Ave. S. 
Longbrake L. L. 717 S. E. 4th. 
Longfellow 1). W. 1710 4th Ave. S. 
Longfellow Levi, 1025 Nicollet Ave. 
Loomis A. P. 622 S. 17th. 
Loomis Dr. G. T. 2214 6th Ave. S. 
Lord C. H. 72 Royalston Ave. 
Loring A. C. S. 15th nr Yale PI. 
Loring C. M. 525 S. 5th. 
Loring Rev. Levi, 1023 15th Ave. S. E. 
Lortang G. P. 2003 13th Ave. S. 
Lothmann Wm. 47 S. 7th. 
Loughridge Dr. H. M. 258 1st Ave. S. 
Lougie C. D. 1103 S. E. 5th. 
Lougie Mrs. Samuel, 1100 S. E. 5th. 
Louis Mrs. M. E. 2020 Portland PI. 
Lounsbery A. C. 611 7th Ave. S. E. 
Love Dr. H. B. 2011 Cedar Ave. 
Lovell C. P. 306 S. 8th. 
Lovejoy Mrs. A. M. 1013 University Ave. 
Lovejoy Miss Ellen J. 2418 .Stevens Ave. 
Lovejoy J. A. 1013 University Ave. S. E. 
Lovejoy L. K. 1013 University Ave. S. E. 
Lovejoy M. C. 2418 Stevens Ave. 
Lovejoy S. B. 1609 Hawthorne Ave. 
Lovering John, 300 S. 4th. 
Lovering Miss Julia, 509 S. 9th. 
Lowell F. B. 11th Ave. S. E. nr 7th. 
Lowry Miss Annie, 36 S. 7th. 
Lowry S. R. 1514 Vine PI. 
Lowry Thomas, Hennepin cor Grove- 
land Ave. 
Loye Edwin P. 65 N. 12th. 
LoyeS. B.65N. 12th. 
Loye Wm. P. 65 N. 12th. 
Lucas Fred. 67 N. 10th. 
Lucas G. A. 12 Highland Ave. 
Lucas J. T. 21st nr Lincoln. 
Lucas John T. cor Nicollet Ave. and 7th. 
Luckow Mrs. Elise, 717 9th Ave. S. 
Lucks O. J. 509 Washington Ave. N. 
Lucy J. A. 615 1st Ave. N. 
Lueck F. 209 S. 5th. 

Lufkin Dr. J. L. 2045 6th Ave. S. 
Lum Dr C. E. College Hospital. 
Lum S. 0. 109 Highland Ave. 
Lumley Chas. 704 S. 6th. 
Lumsden D. J. 407 S. E. 5th. 
Lund P. F. 3221 Lyndale Ave S. 
Lundell G. 110 S. 3d. 
Lupton R. P. 2329 10th Ave. S. 
Lusk S. W. 2022 N. 10th. 
Lyall Wm. 1217 S. E. 4th. 
Lyford Miss A. A. 510 3d Ave. S. 
Lyford C. C. 309 2d Ave. S. 
Lyke Mrs. Ida, cor 36th and 21st Ave. S. 
Lyle J. H. 828 4th Ave. S. 
Lyle Robert, 3205 4th Ave. S. 
Lyman F. W. 525 Hennepin Ave. 
i Lyman G. R. 1810 8th Ave. S. 

■ Lynch Miss Jennie, 66 S. 11th. 
Lynch Miss Mary, 1811 6th Ave. S. 
Lynch S. J. 1211 Harmon PI. 

Lyon MissAraelia,2313Bloomington Ave. 

Lyon C. B. 1623 University Ave. 
j Lyon D. B. 501 S. E. 5th. 
I Lyon Franklin 313 17th Ave. S. E. 
[ Lyon Heber N. 501 S. E. 5th. 
i Lyon H. M. 514 5th Ave. S. E. 
I Lyon Miss Mary, 501 S. E. 5th. 
1 Lyon AV. H. 5 Union Building. 
I Lyons J. E. 2010 6th Ave. S. 

■ Lyons M. 628 Quincy. 
Lyte F. A. 1222 S. E. 5th. 


cALLISTER C. 2618 N. 8th. 

McAllister D. H. 816 S. E. 8th. 
McAllister Geo 2417 Portland Ave. 
McAllister H. A. 3100 N. 2d. 
McAllister J. C. 3100 N. 2d. 
McAllister P. W. 2812 N. 11th. 
McArdle J. B. 211 8(h Ave. N. 
McAuley C. 726 Hennepin Ave. 
McCabeErvin, 2.i0 14th Ave. N. 
McCabe M. C. 250 14th Ave. N. 
j McCabe Walter, 250 14th Ave. N. 
McCaffery M. J. A. 9 N. 9th. 
McCague Wm. 416 1st Ave. N. 
McCallum J. G. 903 1st Ave.N. 



MeCaun F, J. 410 7th Ave. S. 
McCann W. F. 410 7th Ave. S, 
McCarron A. P. 2024 5th Ave. S. 
McCart Dr. T. S. 1307 13th Ave. S. 
McCarter Wm. Jr. 300 7th Ave. N. 
McCarthy Nathaniel, 1309 Places Court 
McCarthy T. J. 343 S. 17th. 
McCaiiley J. M. 317 S. 9th. i 

McClaiu Wm. 607 6th Ave. N. 
McClary Rev. Thomas, 820 S. E. 4th. 
McClay J. H. 2916 1st Ave. S. 
McCleave Mrs. Hall, 2d Ave. S. nr 7th. 
McClelland G. W. 86 S. 13th. 
McClelland H. K. 86 S. 13th. 
McClure W. B. 100 N. E. 5th. 
McCluskey W. W. 316 Nicollet Ave. 
McCollom W. II. 1220 Chestnut Ave. 
McConnell David, 1224 Nicollet Ave. 
McConnell J. A. 609 N. 3d. 
McCord A. C. 620 S. 15th. 
McCord D. W. 620 S. 15th. 
McCord H. A. 620 S. 15th. 
McCord W. B. 620 S. 15th. 
McCormick Mrs. Martha, 1229 S. 7th. 
McCormick W. R. 511 2d Ave. S. 
McCracken A. E. 729 20th Ave. N. 
McCracken Mrs. M. A. 1623 University. 
McCracken Thomas, 722 21st Ave. N. 
McCrary Wm. 525 S. 5th. 
McCuaig J. T.218S. 12th. 
McCuUough Alex. Hennepin ur Lake. 
McCuUoch A. S. 1400 Stevens Ave. 
McCuUoch xMiss Flora, 1400 Stevens Ave. 
McCulloch J. F. 3010 Hennepin Ave. 
McCuUoch J. L. 33 Lyndale Ave. 
McCullough Mrs. R. A. 1321 3d Ave. S. 
McCullough Miss Sarah B. 2601 1st Ave. S. 
McCune Alexander, 111 S. 13th. 
McCune James, 328 Nicollet Ave. 
McCurdy G. G. 1712 S. 22d. 
McCurdy Rev. T. A. 1014 2d Ave. S. 
McDonald A. F. 828 13th Ave. S. 
McDonald D. D. 47 S. 9th. 
McDonald Miss Edith, 1510 4th Ave. S. 
McDonald Mrs. E. B. 626 Hennepin Ave. 
McDonald F. S. 1212 S. 8th. 
McDonald Miss Kate, 626 Hennepin Ave. 

McDonald J. W. .321 S. 25th. 
Mc Donald Miss Mii nie, 2737 Stevens Ave. 
McDonald M. 1352 Nicollet Ave. 
McDonald Miss Nellie E. 1212 S. 8th. 
McDonaldP. IIIS. E. 2d. 
McDonald R. Windsor Hotel. 
McDonald Wm. 1510 4th Ave. S. 
McDougall A. J. 1100 1st Ave. N. 
McDougall Frank, 1100 1st Ave. N. 
McDougall G. A. 2032 Portland PI. 
McDougall J. A. 1100 1st Ave. N. 
McDougall W. J. 538 Adams. 
McDuonough F. W. 816 Nicollet Ave. 
McElhinny Miss H. 1502 Nicollet Ave. 
McEwen A. J. 1905 5th Ave. N. 

McEwen G. E. 1905 5th Ave. N. 

McEwen J. S. Clark House. 

McFarland DeWitt C. 2620 29th Ave. S. 

McFarland Miss Myra 1801 Western Ave. 

McFarlane Miss Jennie, 522 S. 5th. 

McFarlane J. G. 1801 Western Ave. 

McFarlaue J, G. Jr., IsOl Western Ave. 

McFarlane W. W. 123 N. 19th. 

McFeeters Joseph, 427 Nicollet Ave. 

McGann Miss A. 713 Hennepin Ave. 

McGann Miss Gertrude, 728 N. 4th. 

McGaughy W. 424 1st Ave. N. 

McGibbons G. W. 2312 5th Ave. S, 

McGinley E. H. 42 S. 12th. 

McGlauliin E. 0. 2640 .3>^ Ave. S. 

McGolrick Rev. Henry, 216 N. 3d. 

McGolrick Rev. James, 216 N.3a. 

McGovern John, 1728 2d Ave. S. 
I McGrail James, 37 S. 3d. 

McGrath T. W. 1004 N. E. 2d. 

McGregor A, 620 Nicollet. 

McGregor A. Lindley Block. 

McGregor D. C. 701 Bradford. 

McGregor Dr. J.W.413 Washington Ave.S. 

McGregor John, 2203 Washington Ave. N. 

McGregor R. A. 93 Grant. 

McGuire Miss Giles, 1518 S. E. 6th. 

McGuire M. 1518 S. E. 6th. 

McHerron Mrs. J. H. 317 S. E. 4tb. 

McHerron Wm. 28-34 1st Ave. S. 

McHugh J. Y. 49 Washington Ave. S. 

McHugh S. Peter, 2818 Nicollet Ave. 



Mcllvaine Miss Caroline, 617 1st Ave.N. 
Mcllvaiue J. S. 617 1st Ave. N. 
Mclntire Miss Aunie E. 1430 Vine PI. 
Mclntire Miss F. H. 21 S. 9th. 
Mclntire H. H. 1430 Vine PL 
Mclntire W. T. B. 21 S. 9th. 
Mclntyre Mrs. J. A. 1833 Portland Ave. 
Mclntyre J. H. 1833 Portland Ave. 
Mclntyre Miss M. E. 1833 Portland Ave. 
Mclntyre S. D. 1833 Portland Ave. 
Mclntyre W. B. 620 S. 19th. 
McKahan Miss S. E. 3212 Nicollet Ave. 
McKay G. W. Williams Ave. nr 2(Jth. N. 
McKeeby F. S. 815 S. 7th. 
McKenney M. 336 N. E. 4th. 
McKilligan Wm. 1329^^ Nicollet Ave. 
McLannen Miss Hannah, 409 S. 6th. 
McLaughlin Mrs. Abbie, 43 S. 10th. 
McLaurin Wm. D. 1116 Harmon PI. 
McLean Miss Flora B. 107 Prince. 
McLean H. 418 Hennepin Ave. 
McLean Mrs. Isabella, 1914 6th Ave. S. 
McLean M. H. 44 N. 10th. 
McLean Pt. H. 825 21st Ave.S. 
McLean Mrs. L. M. 107 Prince. 
McLean Wm. 825 21st Ave. S. 
McLean Wm. R. 618 6th Ave. N. E. 
McLeod J. E. 1518 Nicollet Ave. 
McMichael Isaac, 612 S. 6th. 
McMillan Miss Carrie E. 13 Eastman Ave. 
McMillan Miss Edith, 13 Eastman Ave. 
McMillan Miss Emily D.505 10th Ave.S. E. 
McMillan James, 13 Eastman Ave. 
McMillan John, 2520 1st Ave. S. 
McMillan Neil, Lindley Block. 
McMillan P. D. 505 10th Ave. S. E. 
McMillan W. F. 1717 3d Ave. S. 
McMullen Arthur, 1128 Hennepin Ave. 
McMullen A. E. 619 S. E. 4th. 
McMullen Geo. Chestnut Ave. cor N. 16th. 
McMullen James, 204 S. E. 4th. 
McMullen Robert, 1214 Chestnut Ave. 
McMullen W. H. 204 S. E. 4th. 
McMullen Dr. R. S. 1617 3d Ave. S. 
McNair Miss Agnes, 13th cor Lyndale Ave. 
McNair B. P. 314 S. E. 5th. 
McNair D. W. 1200 2d Ave. S. 

McNair H. W. West Hotel. 
McNair Isaac, 814 S. E. 5th. 
McNair Miss L. M. 1200 2d Ave. S. 
McNair Miss Sarah P. 814 S. E. 5th. 
McNair W. W. 13th cor Linden Ave. 
McNair Will W. 814 S. E. 5th. 
McNaughton J. C. 729 S. 18th. 
M cNeir George, 13 S. 9th. 
McNiece W. D. 623 15th Ave. S. E. 
McNiven D. J. 3304 Cedar Ave. 
McNulty Miss T. 56 S. 10th. 
McNulty W. J. 1102 S. 7th. 
McPhee Angus, 924 23d Ave. S. 
McPherson H. C. 1015 Western Ave. 
McQuade Wm. 2304 Portland Ave. 
MoRoth O. H. 808 Hennepin Ave. 
McSween Dr. J. F. 8 S. 11th. 
McVean D. 1120 1st Ave. S. 
Maben C. B. 17th N. nr 5th Ave. 
MacCauley C. 726 Hennepin Ave. 
MacClary J. S. 316 S. E. 6th. 
Macgregor R. A. 93 Grant. 
Macintosh P. R. 12th nr 28th Ave. N. 
Mack Rev. Ludwig, 290 16th Ave. N. 
Mackey Miss Callie E. 216 S. 7th. 
Mackey Mrs. Cornelia, 216 S. 7th. 
Mackey F. J. 301 8. 7th. 
Mackey J. F. 310 1st Ave. S. 
MacKusick F. E. 109 University Ave. S. E. 
MacLaurin Rev. D. D. 2315 15th Ave. S. 
MacLean G. E. 57 Eastman Ave. 
MacMullan James, 1211 Chestnut Ave. 
Macomber Mrs. E. L. 2207 N. 12th. 
Macomber J. F. 918 Chicago Ave. 
Maquesten Miss Ada S. 1822 4th Ave. N. 
Macquesten Rev. R. 1822 4th Ave. N. 
Macroth 0. H. 13 Eastman Ave. 
Macurdy Daniel, 56 S. 12th. 
Macurdy A. 3128 18th Ave. S. 
Maddock John, 2123 Lincoln. 
Madison J. D. 402 N. E. 3d. 
Madison W. L. 333 N. E. 5th. 
Maes Miss Emma, 1715 S. E. 4th. 
Maes Mrs. Lucy, 1715 S. E. 4th. 
Magill H. B. 323 1st Ave. N. 
Magoon Mrs. Matilda, 3014 Grand Ave. 
Mavhaffev Dr. A. L. 428 2d Ave. S. 



Mahoney Miss M. 39 Royalston Ave. 
Mahoney Stephen, 504 S. E. 4th. 
Mailer D. J. 407 14th Ave. S. E. 
Maish Louis, 800 .3d Ave. S. 
Majer A. E. 928 Hennepin Ave. 
Malcolm Dr. D. 27 S. 12th. 
Malcolm Prof. II. "W. 2.51 Nicollet Ave. 
Malmsten August, 1121 S. 8th. 
Manley Mrs. A. J. 024 Nicollet Ave. 
Manley W. H. 2908 Stevens Ave. 
Mann Mrs. G. T. 1512 6th Ave. S. 
Mann J. C. 47 Washington Ave. S, 
Mann Mrs. Mattie H. 728 S. E. 4th. 
Manney Mrs. S. W. 1610 4th Ave. S. 
Manning Dr. Joseph, 1421 S. E.Gth. 
Mansfield E.D. 75 S. 11th. 
Marble G. L. 1724 11th Ave. S. 
Marble IMiss Pearl M. 1724 11th Ave. S. 
March Miss Louise F. 2207 N. 12th. 
March S. A. 2207 N. 12th. 
March W. C. 1916 6th Ave. S. 
Marchand Dr. P. 228 Plymouth Ave. 
Marchant G. W. 1917 3d Ave. S. 
Markham Monroe, 31 S. 11th. 
Marks J. M. 209 S. 16th. 
Marren F. M. 407 S. 5th. 
Marsh Miss Ada B. 227 S. E. 4th. 
Marsh A. T. 57 Oak Grove. 
Marsh C. A. J. 324 Franklin Ave. 
MarshC. K. 1116 S. 7th. 
Marsh Mrs. F. B. 1512 S. E. 6th. 
Marsh J. T. 2702 3d Ave. S. 
Marsh Mrs. Mary H. 2426 llth Ave. S. 
Marsh W. C, B cor Oak. 
Marshall Miss Ada, 328 S. 14th. 
Marshall Alexander, 927 22d Ave. S. 
Marshall A. G. 1510 Vine PI. 
Marshall B. B. 817 Nicollet Ave. 
Marshall C. R. 817 Nicollet Ave. 
Marshall Mrs. E. J. 328 S. 14th. 
Marshall G. L. 1510 Vine PI. 
]^arshall James, 719 8. 17th. 
Marson W. J. 327 S. E. 4th. 
Marston Jason, 1300 N. E. Adams. 
Martin Alfred V. 925 7th Ave. S. 
Martin Mrs. Annie S. 1409 2d Ave S. 
-Martin C. J. 602 S. 10th. 

Martin C. M. 520 5th Ave. S. E. 
Martin C. O. 412 S. E. 6th. 
Martin C. T. 823 8th Ave. S. 
Martin E R. 1409 2d Ave. S. 
Martin F. S. 304 1st Ave. S. 
Martin G. W. 1409 2d Ave. S. 
Martin H. L. 521 S. E. 4th. 
Martin H. M. 211 Nicollet Ave. 
Martin Mrs. J. A. 823 8th Ave. S. 
Martin J. D. 1929 3d Ave. S. 
Martin J. M. 425 University Ave. S. E. 

Martin J. V. 625 S. 19th. 

Martin Mrs. Maggie, 511 1st Ave. S. 

Martin Miss M. E. 823 8th Ave. S. 

Martin O. J. H. 908 N. 4th. 

Martin P. W. 1124 Hennepin Ave. 
' Martin P. Wright. 1510 1st Ave. S. 

Martin R. M. 3748 Lyndale Ave. S. 
' Martin W. R. 1103 Hawthorne Ave. 
i Martty L. 109 Plymouth Ave. 

Marx J. 2203 5th Ave. S. 

Mason C. S. 823 S. 9th. 

Mason G. A. 1126 Hennepin Ave. 
1 Mason G. M. 536 Adams. 

Mason G. W. 256 Plymouth Ave. 

Mason Mrs. J. A. 1314 S. E. 6th. 

Mason J. W. 1019 N. 4th. 

Massolt Fred, 17th Ave. N. nr 2d. 

Massolt Wm. 1619 N. 8th. 

Matchan G. L. 2805 Lyndale Ave. S. 

Matchette Wm. 1000 Nicollet Ave. 

Mather George H. Ill Grant. 

Mathes E H. 2901 N. 2d. 

Mathes Mrs. H. M. 2901 N. 2d. 

Mathews A. C. 1535 S. 24th. 

Mathews F. B. 613 Hennepin Ave. 

Mathews Miss H. E. 1710 llth Ave. S. 

Mathews Miss Isabella 1710 llth Ave. S. 
, Mathews Miss Kittle, 1710 llth Ave, S. 
I Mathews Lyman llth nr 28th Ave. N. 
I Mathews M. S. 29 Lyndale Ave. 
1 Mathews P. M. Nicollet Ave. nr 27th. 
I Mathews Miss Rose, 1710 llth Ave. S. 
I Mathews R. P. 1216 6th Ave. N. 

Mathews Selah, 1710 llth Ave. S. 

Mathis W. D. 1328 S. 8th. 

Matile G. E. 36 Washington Ave. S. 



Matter Wm. 206 Central Ave. 
Matthews Miss H. M. 1315 Places Court. 
Matthews Joseph, Clark House. 
Mattison Miss Lucy F. 34 S. 9th. 
Mattison S. H. 34 S. 9th. 
Mattson H. 1127 Hennepin Ave. 
Maul J. A. 519 Washington Ave. N 
Maxcy Charles H. 1110 1st Ave.N. 
Maxcy Warren G. 1120 1st Ave. N. 
Maxwell E. F. 2421 16th Ave. S. 
Maxfield Kinsey, AVindsor Hotel. 
May E. M. 418 Nicollet Ave. 
May F. M. 418 NicoUet Ave. 
May Joseph, 504 Nicollet Ave. 
May Miss Mary C. 1202 S. E. 4th. 
Mayal Frank, 26 N. 10th. 
Mayer John, 1205 N. 5th. 
Mayer J. A. 121 Nicollet Ave. 
Mayham C. L. 2026 20th Ave. S. W. 
Mayhew G. S. 1422 S. 7th. 
Mayhew Joseph, 1422 S. 7th. 
Mayhew P. H. 1422 S. 7th. 
Mayo E. D. 2015 9th Ave. S. 
Meacham P. S. 2627 1st Ave. S. 
Mead Miss E. H. 50 X. 12th. 
Mead G. H. 19 S. 10th. 
Mead Mrs. J. M. 83 S. 8th. 
Meader Mrs. S. B, 601 2nd Ave. S. 
Meader W. F. 501 S. 8th. 
Mealey W. P. 1501 2d Ave. S. 
Mearkle E. F. 1125 Nicollet Ave. 
Meek C. A. 1305 S. 7th. 
Meddaugh Miss M. 330 Franklin Ave. S. 
Meddock Miss Florence M. 2123 Lincoln. 
Meek B. F. Jr. 518 13th Ave. S. E. 
Meeker Daniel W. 35 N. 19th. 
Meldal Louis, 25 Highland Ave. 
Melendy S. W. 37 S. 7th. 
Mellen H. S. 104 S. 13th. 
Mellin Dr. M. 213 Plymouth Ave. 
Melony E. F. 616 N. 12th. 
Meloy Miss Hattie, 43 S. 9th. 
Melville Wm. 516 6th Ave. N. 
Menage H. G. 2026 3d Ave. S. 
Menage L. F. 2026 3d Ave. S. 
Menard A. L. 300 Plymouth Ave. 
Menard Joseph 300 Plymouth Ave. 

I Mendel C. L. 20 Oak Grove. 
' Mendenhall C. J. 30 N. 16th. 

Mendenhall R. J. 1800 Stevens Ave. 

Menzel Gregor, 827 Nicollet Ave. 
j Mercer H. W. 2801 17th Ave. S. 

Mercer T. E. 25^ S. 4th. 
' Merion Miss Nettie, 1815 Chicago Ave. 

Merion Oliver, 1818 Chicago Ave. 

Merrell Albert, 3024 2d Ave. S. 

Merriam A. B. 208 S. 15th. 
! Merriam Miss C.S. 1527 Hawthorne Ave. 
i Merriam Edward, 208 8. 15th. 

Merriam F. W. 816 2d Ave S. 

Merriam G. N. 828 2d Ave. S. 

Merriam ^liss J. L. 828 2d Ave. S. 

Merriam Mrs. L. 816 2d Ave. S. 

Merriam Miss L. S. 208 S. 15th. 

Merriam R. RidgewoodAve. nrLyndale. 

Merriam W. F. 1527 Hawthorne Ave. 
I Merrick A. N. cor Nicollet Ave. and 18th. 
j Merrick Miss Lydia B. cor Nicollet 
i Ave. and 18th. 

i Merrick L. A. cor Nicollet Ave. and 18th. 
' Merricks J. K. 1412 N. E. 6th. 

Merrill A. E. 1410, Stevens Ave. 

Merrill Andrew T. 411 N. 3d. 

Merrill C. A. 2817 S. 26th. 
> Merrill C. A. cor 6th Ave. S. and 4th. 
i Merrill Rev. C. W. 1701 N. 9th. 

Merrill E. J. 80 Royalston Ave. 

Merrill Miss Estelle C. 1400 Nicollet Ave. 

Merrill E. A. 1400 Nicollet Ave. 

Merrill Rev. E. W. 1525 N. 9th. 

Merrill F. A. 411 N. 3d. 

Meriill E.B. 1350 Nicollet Ave. 

Merrill G. C. 80 Royalston Ave. 

Merrill Miss H. M. 452 S. 7th. 

Merrill Mrs. J. AV. 411 N. 3d. 

Merrill Miss Mina N. 1400 Nicollet Ave. 

Merrill Miss M. W. 50 S. 8th. 

Merrill Miss Nellie L. 1410 Stevens Ave. 
i Merrill O. C. 422 S. 7th. 
; Merrill Dr. Wm. H. 411 N. 3d. 
I Merriman Arthur, 927 S. E. 7th. 

Merriman J. H.927 S. E. 7th. 
j Merriman 0. C. 927 S. E. 7th. 
; Merriman 0. C. Jr. 927 S. E. 7th. 



Merriman Miss Rose H. 927 S.E. 7tli. 

Merritt C. C. 2214 4th Ave. S. 

Merritt Miss Ella J. 2301 17th Ave. S. 

Merritt Jacob, 27 S. 12th. 

Merritt J. E. 2206 Portland Ave. 

Merritt G. D. 2214 4th Ave. S. 

Merritt Mrs. Weston, 92G 2d Ave. S. 

Mertz Mrs J. K. 926 S. 4th. 

Mervine Mrs. Caroline, 1121 N. 5th. 

Messinger Mrs. P. H. 4332 Lyndale Ave.S. 

Meter Lewis H. 602 Plymouth Ave. 

Metcalf Mrs. N.H. 1115 Hennepin Ave. 

Metcalf Thomas, 522 S. 5th, 

Metcalfe George, 1101 11th Ave. N. 

Methley John, 2406 12th Ave. S. 

Mettke Hans, 43 8. 9th. 

Mettke Prof. H. M. 714 1st Ave. N. 

Metzger Rev. C. V. 1819 S. 5th. 

Metzger J. K. 93 S. 14th. 

Meyer Christian, 602 23d Ave. S. 

Meyers F. 1131 N. E. 4th. 

Meyers Simon, 34 I-Iastnian Ave. 

Meyers Jacob, 629 Oak Lake Ave. 

Michaels J. L. 2203 5th Ave. S. 

Michaels J. R. 568 7th Ave. N. 

Michener A. H. 224 Grant. 

Michener K. (". 109 (irant. 

Middh'mist Wm. H. 13'jl 11th Ave. N. 

Middleton R. W. 2.'6 S. Sth. 

Miles G. M. 2106 3d Ave. S. 

Milham Wm. 1100 S. Sth. 

Mill Peter, 41 S. 15th. 

Millar Alexander, 929 22d Ave. S. 

Millard Miss Annie L. 29 Eastman Ave. 

Miller Albion, 891 Franklin Ave. 

Miller Ambrose, 31 8. 11th. 

Miller August, 2805 Chicago Ave. 

Miller A. M. 31 S. 11th. 

Miller A. R. 17 Eastman Ave. 

Miller A. R. Jr. 17 Eastman Ave. 

Miller A. J. 125 S. 5 th. 

Miller A. W. 60 S. 12th. 

Miller Charles C. 500 N. ISth. 

Miller Charles J. 2429 4th Ave. S. 

Miller C.C. 1926 14th Ave. 8. 

Miller C. D 1337 Nicollet Ave. 

Miller C. 8. 15 Eastman Ave. 

; Miller C. 8. 200 8. 13th. 

I Miller Daniel B. cor Lake and Grand Ave. 

Miller Miss E. B. 2118 8. 4th. 

Miller Miss Ella, 143 N. 10th. 

Miller Mrs. E. L. 828 8. 7th. 

Miller George, 114 N. E. 2d. 

Miller G. C. 39 Washington Ave. S. 

Miller G. H. 21 Eastman Ave. 

Miller G. H. 2805 Chicago Ave. 
I Miller G. T. 17 Eastman Ave. 

Miller Henry, 814 3d Ave. 8. 

Miller John, 1315 8. 5th. 
, Miller John, 1405 N. 4th. 

Miller John M. West Motel. 
■ Miller J. G 1020 1st Ave. S. 
I Miller J. O. B. 1238 Chestnut Ave. 

Miller J. W. 3103 6th Ave. 8. 
, Miller Miss Kate E. 1402 Nicollet Ave. 

Miller Miss Lillie IC. 814 3d Ave. S. 

Miller Miss Mabel M. 1402 Nicollet Ave. 

Miller Mrs. Maria, 201 University Ave. 

Miller Mrs. Martha, 36 S. 7th, 
1 Miller Miss Matilda, 1926 4th Ave. 8. 

Miller Miss Mattie E. 17 Eastman Ave. 
I Miller Mrs. M. B. 1425 N. 6th. 

Miller Miss ]\[. E. V. 503 Hennepin Ave. 

MillerO.W. 500 N. 13th. 

Miller T. H. 21 Eastman Ave. 

Miller L. J. 1408 3}4 Ave. S. 

Miller W. A. 1402 Nicollet Ave. 

Miller W. R. 417 Nicollet Ave. 

Milligan J. G. 1202 S. E. 4th. 

Milligan Miss M. C. 1202 8. E. 4th. 

Mills A. E. 800 Nicollet Ave. 

Mills Edward, 1930 14th Ave. 8. 

Mills F. B. 1201 4th Ave. 8. 

Mills George E. 1630 Hennepin Ave. 
Mills M. B. 1630 Hennepin Ave. 
Mills W. H. 320 Plymouth Ave. 
Milne Miss 8. Y. 810 3d Ave. 8. 
Miner A. L. 1928 Portland Ave. 
Miner J. E. 3022 22d Ave. 8. W, 
Miner Miss L. D. 1928 Portland Ave. 
Miner Miss M. E. 1928 Portland Ave. 
MinerM. H.47 8. 9th. 
MinogueE. 1105 Adams. 
Mitchell Charles A. 1014 1st Ave. N. 



Mitchell Miss Ella B. 1217 Chestnut Ave. 
Mitchell G. A. 504 Nicollet Ave. 
Mitchell J. R. 220 N. 5th. 
Mitchell Dr. L. C. 525 S. 5th. 
Mitchell Miss L. P. 1107 1st Aye. N. 
Mitchell Dr. S. H. 424>^ 3d Ave. N. E. 
Mitchell Dr. W. H. 607 Hennepin Ave. 
Mittwer F. 1510 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Mittwer John. 1510 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Moak D. C. 71S. 11th. 
Mobeck Alex, 213 Hennepin Ave. 
Modisette J. A. 412 S. 10th. 
Moe J. 0. 2118 Portland PI. 
Moelchart L. 313 Plymouth Ave. 
Moeser S. 620 University Ave. N. E. 
MofFett Dr. J. B. 1214 Linden Ave. 
Moffett J. P. 310 9th Ave. S. 
Moffett R. L. 1214 Linden Ave. 
Moffett Wm. F. Minnehaha nr city limits. 
Moffett W. Z. 1214 Linden Ave. 
Moffitt Silas, 1025 Western Ave. 
Mohler W. B. 1818 6th Ave. S. 
Moles Mrs. E. J. 110 S. 13th. 
Molloy H. H. 1022 Harmon PI. 
Molyneaux J. W. 125 S. 5th. 
Monahan T. H.2oth Ave. N. cor Lyndale. 
Monasch Isidor, 209 8th Ave. N. 
Monroe A. C. 44 Royalston Ave. 
Monroe J, Hyde, 66 S. loth. 
Monroe J. L. 404 Franklin Ave. S. 
Monroe Miss L. G. 44 Royalston Ave. 
Monroe Mrs. J. A. 44 Royalston Ave. 
Monson Paul, 100 N. E. 5th. 
Montgomery Miss B. E. 720 11th Ave. S. 
Montgomery Dr. G. R. 624 Nicollet Ave. 
Montgomery Rev M. W. 720 11th Ave. S. 
Moody Miss Carrie, 1422 S. 7th. 
Moody Charles, 15 Maple PI. 
Moody F. C. 110 Highland Ave. 
Moody F. T. 49 X. 19th. 
Moody H. L. 110 Highland Ave. 
Moody W. H. 1422 S. 7th. 
Mooney John E. 904 loth Ave. S. E. 
Moor E. B. 1510 Linden Ave. 
Moore A J. 639 N. 12th. 
Moore Benjamin, 316 Plymouth Ave. 
Moore B. F. 1714 4th Ave. S. 

! Moore C. W. 908 S. 7th. 

Moore C. W. 140 Highland Ave. 

Moore C. W. Jr. 140 Highland Ave. 

Moore David, 58 S. 10th. 

Moore Miss F. A. 211 S. 12th. 

Moore G. A. 1119 S. E. 6th. 

Moore H. L. 301 S. E. 4th. 

Moore Prof. H. L. 1410 Nicollet Ave. 

Moore I. L. 626 1st Ave. N. 

Moore James P. 30 S. 7th. 

Moore Joseph B. 1515 4th Ave. S. 

Moore Josiah, 9()8 S. 7th. 

Moore Prof. J. G. 2810 University Ave.S. 

Moore J. B. 1515 4th Ave. S. 

Moore Or. J. E. 1610 Park Ave. 

Moore Dr. J. T. 1515 4th Ave. S. 

Moore J. W. 828 16th Ave. N. 

Moore Mrs. L. R. 1515 4th Ave. S. 

Moore Miss Mabel L. 140 Highland Ave. 

Moore S. D. cor 29th and Lindley Ave. 
I Moore Wm. J. 808 Hennepin Ave. 
j Mooie W. E. 902S. 7lh. 
i Moore W. S. 2206 4th Ave. S. 
I Morawetz M. J. 17 Royalston Ave. 
' More W. A. 222 Plymouth Ave. 

Moreland D. 333 S. 16th. 
j Morey M. 920 Chicago Ave. 

Morgan Mrs. A. C. 200 S. 15th. 

Morgan Rev. David, 2316 S. 24th. 

Morgan E. D. 712 Western Ave. 

Morgan Dr.K. S. 314 S. 6th. 

Morgan W. P. 1710 S. 19th. 

Morison H. G. O. 85 S. I4th. 

MorongG. W. lllS. 27th. 

Morphy Miss M. 1422 Vine PI, 

Morrill Mrs. 0. B. 425 7th Ave. S.E. 

Morrill Miss Florence, 425 7th Ave. S. E. 

Morrill F. L. 2532 Chicago Ave. 

Morrill Rev. G. L. 25 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Morrill Miss Marion E. 425 7th Ave. S. E. 

Morrill Mrs. M. J. 522 Nicollet Ave. 

Morris Miss A. Pierce cor 18th Ave. N. E. 

Morris D. C. Pierce cor 18th Ave. N. E. 

Morris Edward, 2105 N. 12th. 

Morris G. C. 91 S. 7th. 

Morris J. C. Pierce cor 18th Ave. N. E. 

Morris Miss Maria, 700 Hennenin Ave. 



Morris S. W. Pierce t-or 18th Ave. N. E. 

Morris Walter, 420 1st Ave. N. 

Morris Wm. 723 Nicollet Ave. 

Morris W. J. 1318 N. 6th. 

Morrison Clinton, cor 24th and 3d Ave. S. 

Morrison Hon. D. cor 24th and 3d Ave. S. 

Morrison Mrs. Elizabeth, 222 (irant. 

Morrison Miss Eva, 3015 N. 2d. 

Morrison E. B. 627 Nicollet Ave. 

Morrison Mrs. E. C. 208 S. 7th. 

Morrison F. 2809 N. 2d. 

Morrison Hugh, 1900 10th Ave. S. 

Morrison Levi B. 2617 Nicollet Ave. 

Morrison Mrs. M. D. 1416 Chicago Ave. 

Morrison Robert, 1121 1st Ave. 8. 

Morrison S. D. 3015 N. 2d. 

Morrison W. K. 15 S. 9th. 

Morse A. T. 26 S. 7th. 

Morse Charles, 317 S. 8th. 

Morse Prof. C. H. 338 S. 17th. 

Morse Elisha, 2402 4th \xe. S. 

Morse Rev. E. L. 1023 15th Ave. S. E. 

Morse F. L. Hawthorne cor N. 19th. 

Morse G. A. 2402 4th Ave. S. 

Morse H. C. 1201 1st Ave. N. 

Morse Miss Minnie L. 2402 4th Ave. S. 

Morse Samuel, 1710 Hawthorne Ave. 

Morse Willard, 59 N. 15th. 

Morse W. A. 1231 Chestnut Ave. 

Morse W. W. 59 N. 15th. 

Mortimer E.W. 540 6th Ave. N. 

Mortimer F. L. 2528 Chicago Ave. 

Mortland J. K. 1714 Hawthorne Ave. 

Mortley E. M. 1403 3d Ave. S. 

Morton C. H. Nicollet House. 

Morton Miss Flora E. 812 16th Ave. S. 

Morton H. D. 24 S. 6th. 

Morton Miss Louise H. 717 S. E. 4th. 

Morton Miss Nora, 812 16th Ave. S. 

Moses C. 133^ S. 4th. 

Moses C. B. 1511 Hawthorne Ave. 

Moses Miss Delia M. 1511 Hawthorne. 

Moses Ellis, 1809 Hawthorne Ave. 

Moses Elmer H. 13>< S.4th. 

Moses Rev. John, 2223 Bloomington Ave. 

Moses J. H. 1720 4th Ave. S. 

Moses Miss Sadie, 131^ S. 4th. 

Mosher A. G. 3034 Lyndale Ave. 
Mosher H. K. 47 8. 9th. 
Moulton Mrs. E. 702 University Ave.S.E. 
Moulton E. H. cor 3d Ave S. and 24th. 
Moulton F. C. 1102 S. 7th. 
Moulton G. E. 702 University Ave. S.E. 
Moulton G.F. 1102 S. 7th. 
Mouso R. 1505 S. 22d. 
Mower W. S. 30 S. 11th. 
Mowry Miss Ella F. 424 S. 7th. 
I Mowry Frank, 424 S. 7th, 
Mowry Liscom, 424 S. 7th. 
Mudgett C. A. 2617 Nicollet Ave. 
Mueller Christopher, 2815 6th Ave. S. 
Muldoon J. D. 2120 18th Ave. S. 
Mulford A. D. 525 S. 5th. 
Muller ,Tohn B. 2118 S. 4th. 
Mullin L. 20 Oak Grove. 
Mullin Z. T. 20 Oak Grove. 
Mumford C. E. Barlow House. 
Mumford J. A. 3037 Lyndale Ave. 
Munger A. S. 1335 Nicollet Ave. 
Munger Miss Ida, 38 Oak Grove. 
Munger Miss May A. 1339 Nicollet Ave. 
Munro Fred. 32 Eastman Ave. 
Munro Weed, 32 Eastman Ave. 
Murch J. II. 12 N. 10th. 
Murch Mrs. M. S. 304 Plymouth Ave. 
Murch Rev. S. P. 1115 Hawthorne Ave. 
Murdock Dr. A. J. 2500 Bloomington Ave. 
Murdock Mrs.E. F. 2500 Bloomington Ave. 
Murison James, 202 S. 13th. 
Murphy Ira F. 217 S. 9th. 
Murphy J. F. 411 Nicollet Ave. 
Murphy T. 1225 Chestnut Ave. 
Murray Miss Annie, 1023 Hennepin Ave. 
Murray A. H. 20 N. 6th. 
Murray C. B. 67 S. 11th. 
Murray Miss Delia 26 N. 10th. 
Murray D. H. 1023 Hennepin Ave. 
Murray Miss Helen, 26 N. 10th. 
Murray J. A. 2532 Nicollet Ave. 
Murray Dr. J. W. 20 N. 6th. 
Murray Miss Mary 1023 Hennepin Ave. 
Murray Mrs. M. A. 26 N. 10th. 
Murray T. B. 912, 3d Ave. S. 
Murrav Wm. B. 20 N. 6th. 



Murray Dr. W. N. 328 Nicollet Ave. 
Murton S. J. 1010 Nicollet Ave. 
Muther Wendelin 1707 N. 8th. 
Myers H. M. 10 S. 7th. 
Myers J. M. 721 Nicollet Ave. 
Myers Mrs. L. L. SSth S. cor Pleasant Ave. 
Myers Miss Maud, 721 Nicollet Ave. 
Myers Dr. W. D. 514 3d Ave. S. 

•T^AEGELE LAMBERT, 2012 N.8th. 

Naegle Miss M. R. 2d Ave. S. ur 7th. 

Naegle 0. E. 1101 N. Gth. 

Nagle A. A. 1014 Nicollet Ave. 

Nagel E. cor 1st Ave. S. and 18th. 

Nally T, F. G2o Hennepin Ave. 

Nally T. J. 2.")()i Stevens Ave. 

Nash Edgar, 14 N. 9th. 

Nash Mrs. F. A. 513 7th Ave. S. 

Nash F. E. 14 N. 9th. 

Nash G. W. 3135 3d Ave. S 

Nash Miss J. P. 825 .S. Gth. 

Nash M. W. 513 S. Gth. 

Nay John, 97 Spruce PI. 

Naylor G. M. 1418 Spruce PI. 

Neal Miss Alice, 2414 Gth Ave. S. 

Neal Mrs. Francis, 2414 Gth Ave. S. 

Nealy Walter, 1515 Laurel Ave. 

Neiler H. J. 19 N. 10th. 

Neiler Miss Mamie, 51G S. 8th. 

Neiler S. E. 516 S. 8th. 

Neiler W. E. 51G S. 8th. 

Neill Wesley, 49 S. 9th. 

Nellins J. S. 17 Hennepin Ave, 

Nelson A. F. 1401 N. Gth. 

Nelson B. F. 1024 University Ave. S. E. 

Nelson C. E. 835 N. 11th. 

Nelson C. L. 2030 4th Ave. S. 

Nelson F. G. GOO Hennepin Ave. 

Nelson H. B. 33 N. IGth. 

Nelson J. A. 504 oth Ave. S. 

Nelson Miss Kate, 1024 University Ave. 

Nelson Miss Kate F. 411 S. E. 8th. 

:Nelson Mrs. M. 1024 University Ave. S. E. 

Nelson Nelson H. 611 23d Ave. S. 

Nelson Rev. N. G. 1223 S. 21st. 

Nelson Dr. Petrus, 614 S. 16th. 

Nelson Samuel, 2405 13th Ave, S. 

Nelson Thomas, 600 Hennepin Ave. 

Nesmith E. M. 617 1st Ave. S. 
' Nettleton Gen. A. B. 927 5th Ave. S. 

Nettleton Miss Carrie M. 927 5th Ave. S> 

Nettleton E 818 Hennepin Ave. 

Nettleton S. T. 801 11th Ave. N. 

Neumeier J. C. 247 2d Ave, N. 

Neumuth F. 424 2d Ave. N. 

Nevens F. W. 2611 1st Ave. S. 

Nevens Mrs. P. E. 2611 .1st Ave. S. 

Nevins G. H. 625 S. 1.5th. 

Nevitt O. J., S. 25th nr Summit. 

Nevius G. L. 237 Nicollet Ave. 

Newell A. T. Lindley Block. 

Newell G. R. 10th cor 1st Ave. S. 

Newgord Julius, 20 3 Washington Ave. 

Newhall E. P. 3137 Cedar Ave. 

Newlon R. H. 1605 3d Ave. S. 

Newman Mrs. E. A. 31 S. 11th. 

Newman R. M. 822 S.E. 6th. 

Newsou Miss J. R. 3212 Nicollet Ave. 

Newson L. A. 3212 Nicollet Ave. 

Newstrom R. 303 Plymouth Ave. 

Newt A. F. 504 S, 18th. 

Newton Rev. C, W. 108 S. E. 2d. 

Newton Niss Helen, 1210 Yale PI. 

Newton H. E. 1505 Portland Ave. 

Newton P. B. 2300 10th Ave. S. 

Newton T. R. 2300 10th Ave. S. 

Newton W. A. 1210 Yale PI. 

Nexsen Elbert, 1620 S. E. 4th. 

Nichols Albert, 3200 Portland Ave. 

Nichols A. F. cor .32d and 2d Ave. S. 

Nichols A. L. .50 S. 4th. 

Nichols Miss Florence,2521 Portland Ave^ 

Nichols J. P. Nicollet House. 

Nichols J. P. 74 Lyndale Ave. 
[ Nichols W. F. 875 16th Ave. S. 
I Nicholson John, 1124 1st Ave. S. 
i Nickell J. H. 108 S. 7th. 
i Nickels F. C. 30 S. 7th. 
I Nickerson F. M. 1626 3d Ave. S. 
; Nicklin S C. 2315 4th Ave. S. 

Nicol David, 2.54 2d Ave. S. 
, NicolG.L. 1010 S. 21st. 
I Nicol J. B. 1010 S. 21st. 



Nimocks Miss Carrie, 30 Grove PI. 
Nimocks C A. 30 Grove PI. 
Nimocks F. E. 212 S. 9th. 
Nimocks Mrs. M. A. 212 S. 9 th. 
Nimocks W. A. 212 S. 9th. 
Nimmons G. R. 52G Hennepin Ave. 
Nind J. G. 903 1st Ave. N. 
Nind J. Newton, 122 Highland Ave. 
Nixon Mrs. Ann, 2332 5th Ave. S. 
Nixon E. B. 1909 Franklin Ave.S. 
Noble Mrs. Almira, 910 15th Ave. N. 
Noble Dr. James, Clark House. 
Noble J. H. Hennepin Ave. nr 27th. 
Nolan Miss Celia A. .520 Hennepin Ave. 
Noonan Miss Katie 1004 N. E. 2d. 
Norcross Arthur, 142 N. 10th. 
Norden Rev. Horace, 2008 B. 
Nordlien M. P. 1821 N. 2d. 
Norenberg F. D. 1 20th Ave. S. 
Norlin Miss Emma 89 Grant. 
Norred E. S. D., M. D.624 Nicollet Ave. 
Norris Miss Louise, 30 S. 13th. 
Norris W. H. 31 S, 13th. 
North A. H. 604 Hennepin Ave. 
Nonhup Mrs. A. 228 20th Ave. N. 
Northrup Prof. Cyrus, 1010 S. E. 3d. 
Northrup Jesse E. 42 Eastman Ave. 
Northrup W. G. 802 4th Ave. S. 
Northway C. C. 1364 Nicollet Ave. 
Northway W. P. 1364 Nicollet Ave. 
Norton Capt. A. 2216 4th Ave. S. 
Norton Miss Carrie B. 715 S. E. 4th. 
Norton H. A. 715 S. E. 4th. 
Norton Mrs. S. B. 2527 33^ Ave. S. 
Noteware Mrs. E. R. 500 S. 8th. 
Nott Mrs. L. I. 917 5th Ave. S. 
Nott Wm. S. West Hotel. 
Nougaret Rev. L. 725 11th Ave. N. 
Nowack, M. 301 Washington Ave. S. 
Noxon W. E. 1410 Nicollet Ave, 
Noyes Miss Adella 718 1 1th Ave. S. 
Noys Mrs. Jane N. 3017 Stevens Ave. 
Nudd W. H. 529 2d Ave. S. E. 
Nunn A. H. 1005 S. E. 7th. 
Nui^baun. M. 724 N. 4th. 
Nutt 0. 251 Hennepin Ave. 
Nutter F. H. 2218 N. 12th. 

Nyberg N. 405 S. E. 5th. 

Nye D. B. 2010 Buchanan. 

Nye Dr. W. F. 400 Plymouth Ave. 

Nye W. G. 408 Plymouth Ave. 

Nygaard Marcus, 2118 11th Ave. S. 


BRIEN E. A. West Hotel. 

O'Brien F. G. 347 S. 17th. 

O'Brien Wm. 1020 S. 5th. 

O'Brien Wetmore, 411 S. E. 8th. 

O'Connor T. H. 122 S. 5th. 

O'Donnell E. G. 3d Ave. S. nr 27th. 

O'Neil C. E, 21st Ave. nr 21st N. 

O'Neil Miss Marion G. 41 N. 11th. 

O'Neil Miss Martha H. 41 N. 11th. 

O'Neil N. B. 41 N. 11th. 

O'Neill Rev. Patrick, 216 N. 3d. 

Odell H. A. West Hotel. 

Odell Robert R. 2727 Harriet Ave. 

OdettG. 404S. E. 7th. 

Odium George, 14 S. 11th. 

Ofstie J. E. 218 7th Ave. N. 

Oftedal Prof. S. 713 21st Ave. S. 

Ogden Archibald, 1728 N. 9th. 

Olds L. I. 19.30 31^ Ave. S. 

Oleson I. A. 2714 Park Ave. 

Olin H. M. 8I0 S. 10th. 

OliverMrs. S. E, 306 S. 6th. 

Oliver W. W. 2503 Stevens Ave. 

Olmstead David, Clark House. 

Olmstead Miss 8. H. 1008 University Ave. 

Olmsted Mrs. I. F. 818 Nicollet Ave. 

Olson S. E. 213 Nicollet Ave. 

Olson P. A. 1503 Franklin Ave. S. 

Olson Wm. 2922 1st Ave. S 

Oman J. E. 2226 Portland PI. 

Orchard Fred, 427 Nicollet Ave. 

Orff F. D. 29 S. 9th. 

Orff G. W. 1923 Portland Ave. 

Orr T. A. 28 Eastman Ave. 

Orr Mrs. E. 416 1st Ave. N. 

Orth A. H. 12i8 Marshall. 

Orth E. F. 79 12th Ave. N. . 

Orth John, 1228 Marshall. 

Orth J. W. Grant nr 14th Ave. N. E. 

Ortman Ernest, 514 S. E. 5th. 



Orton Dr. H. N. 1201 Western Ave. 
Orvis J. J. 7 S. rtth. 
Osander P. 423 N. 2d. 
Osborne G.J. 1117 IstAve.S. 
Osborne Mrs. Susie 109 N. 4th. 
Osborn Miss Jennie, 1000 11th Ave. N. 
Osgood C. N. 1707 S. E. 4th. 
Osgood J. D. 1711 3d Ave. S. 
Oswald Miss Emma, 1322 Hennepin Ave. 
Oswald H. A. 1115 N. 6th. 
Oswald John C. 1-322 Hennepin Ave. 
Oswa d J. G. ilOO 20ih Ave. N. 
Oswald Miss Lizzie, 1322 Hennepin Ave. 
Ottesen Rev. Otto C. 15 N. E. 4lh. 
Ougheltree D. 1344 1st Ave.S. 
Oustad Christian, 327 S. oth. 
OverJock E. AV. 219 N. E. 2d. 
Overlook H. T. 43 S. 15th. 
Overlook J. H. 43 S. 15th. 
Overlook Mrs. Katie, 2512 3d Ave. S. 
Overlook R. S. 43 S. 15th. 
Overm re George, 2022 4th Ave. S. 
Overmiie M. S. 19th Ave. cor 24th S. W. 
Overmire Silas, 2022 Park Ave. 
Oviit A. B. West Hotel. 
Ovitt Miss Cora, 827 6th Ave. S. 
Ovitt Miss Graoe F. 827 6th Ave. S. 
Owen L. F. 2009 Oth Ave. S. 
Owens Dexter, 2519 6th Ave. S. 
Owens Mrs. J. 609 N. 3d. 
Owens J. L. 2800 21st Ave. S. 

X>ABODY, E F. 808 3d Ave. S. 

Packard L. F. 257 Nicollet Ave. 

Paddock G. B. 218 S. 12th. 

Pa^e A. A. 2535 Chicago Ave. 

Page Rev. E. H. cor 10; h and 22d Ave. N. 

Piige E. H 818 Hennepin Ave. 

Page Miss Liela.cor 10th and 22d Ave.N. 

Page Wm. 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Page W. B. 6 Highland Ave. 

Page W. W. 208 Grant. 

Paige Miss Emma. 92 > Western Ave. 

Paige G. W. 2201 4th Ave. S. 

Paige Howe, 926 Western Ave. 

Paige Rev. J. A. 926 Western Ave. 


Paine Frederick, 1623 3d Ave. S. 

Paine J. A. 817 Nicollet Ave. 

Paine J. M. 2200 Nicollet Ave. 

Paine Miss Lizzie M. 2200 Nicollet Ave. 

Palmer A. A. 11th nr. 27th Ave. N. 

Palmer C. M. Ill S. Oth. 

Palmer Miss E. E. 99 S. 13th. 

l»almer J. G. 2102 2d Ave. S. 

Palmer J. J. 1215 Harmon PI. 

Palmer Miss Luc.v, 102 University Ave. 

Palmer Rev. Lyman, 1026 15ih Ave. S.E. 

Palmer Dr. L. R. 1212 S. E. 5lh. 

Palmer L. R. 65 N. 12th. 

Palmer R. S. 2oth N. 10th. 

Palmer S. G. 1700 Laurel Ave. 

Palmer T. L.535 S. 18th. 

Palmer W. B. 51 Eastman Ave. 

Palmer W. F. 1317 Harmon PL 

Palmer W. H. 75 S. 14th. 
: Palmt'S A. J. 2428 17 ih Ave. S. 
j Parcher F. M. 1591 Linden Ave. 
I Parcher Wihuot, 1704 5th Ave. S. 
I Pardee W. S. 1029 22d Ave. N. 
I Paris A. W. 802 3d Ave.S. 
i Paris J. H. cor 10th Ave. S. ard 8th. 

Parke Mrs. H. E. 1700 Hawthorne Ave. 
' Parker G. D. 418 3d Ave. N. 

Parker Edwin, 908 S. E. 7lh. 

Parker E. O. 2100 Lake. 

Parker Mitis Florence E. 619 4th Ave. S. 

Parker Frank A. 2222 S^ Ave. S. 

Parker H. M. 57 N. 12th. 

Parker H. M. 614 4th Ave. S. 

Parker G. A. 516 S. E. 4th. 

Parker J. L. 7-38 Franklin Ave. 

Parker J. M. 19J6 Chicago Ave. 

Parker Dr. J. A. 200 S. 13th. 

Parker L. D. 39 Oak (irove. 

Parker Samson, 700 Franklin Ave. 

Parker W. A. 329 2d Ave. S. 

Parkhurst Homer, 1402 Hennepin Ave. 

Parkhurst O. 1402 Hennepin Ave. 

Parkinson J. T. 1907 4th Ave. S. 

Parks H. 96 Royalston Ave. 

ParmeleeC. M. 125 8. 5th. 

Parmelee G. E. 39 N. 12th. 

Parmer»ter C. E. 2020 N. 16th. 



Parrott O. W. 345 S. 17th. 

Parry C. M. 429 5th Ave. S. 

Parry J. H.cor Franklin and 12th Ave. 

Parry Mordecai, 429 5th Ave. S. 

Partlow Wm. 228 Plymouth Ave. 

Partridge F. W. 28 Eastman Ave. 

Partridge G. H. 1010 1st Ave. N. 

Partridge H. A. 2713 Nicollet Ave. 

Patch F. A. 82f) 13th Ave. S. 

Patch W. W. 826 13th Ave. S. 

Patnode J. W. 1800 Western Ave. 

Pattee Charles J. 112 N. 5th. 

Pattee E. S. 210 S. 9th. 

Pattee Frank E. 2117 14th Ave. S. 

Pattee I. 88 Grant. 

Pattee J. O 814 S. 7th. 

Pattee W. S. 112 N. 5th. 

Patten D. H. lOlG 1st Ave. S. 

Patten Homer L. 1016 1st Ave. S. 

Patten James. 1100 S. 7th. 

Patten W. .T. 1016 1st Ave. S. 

Patterson Rev. .T. M. 2718 15th Ave. S, 

Patterson J. C. 26 N. 10th. 

Patterson L. A. 1500 1st Ave. S. 

Patterson R. E. 1508 Park Ave. 

Patterson R. H. 1412 4th Ave. S. 

Patton Dr. E. A. 1228 2d Ave. S. 

Paul A. C. 13 S. 9th. 

Paul J. H. 871 16th Ave. S. 

Paulson John, 2527 1st Ave. S. 

Paulson J. H. 2809 9th Ave. S, 

Paulson M. A. 89 S. 12th. 

Paulson Mrs. ]Mary J. 2809 9th Ave. S. 

Pauly James, 19 Nicollet Ave. 

PausH. A. 104 Royalston Ave. 

Paxton Mrs. M. A. 411 Nicollet Ave. 

Payne D. W. 410 4th Ave. N. E. 

Payne Mrs. W. W. 76 S. 7th. 

Peacock J. H. 13 N. 9th. 

Peake C. H. 2019 Portland Ave. 

Peakes Miss Caddie, 2216 4th Ave. S. 

Peakes J. D. 2216 4th Ave. S. 

Pearce H. 110 S. 3d. 

Pearson G. W. 312 S. 8th. 

Pearson Dr. John, 923 S. 5th. 

Pearson Miss Mary, 912 3d Ave. S, 

Pearson S. W. 1101 Harmon PI. 

Pease Mrs. C. B. 1211 Chestnut Ave. 

Pease Miss Gertie. 1211 Chestnut Ave. 

Pease Miss Jennie C. 1211 Chestnut Ave. 

Pease R. M. S. West View Ave. 

Peavey F. H. 1600 3d Ave. S. 

Peavey Lynn, 421 Washington Ave. S. 

Peck Miss Addie, 633 S. 14th. 

Peck Charles B. 259 Hennepin Ave. 

Peck C. L. 633 S. 14th. 

Peck D. G. 331 Hennepin Ave. 

PeckD. L. 2314 S. 7th. 

Peck H. C. 1507 6th Ave. S. 

Peek H. N. 1711 Hawthorne Ave. 

Peck Miss Ida M. 821 3d Ave. S. 

PeckO. H. 18>^ S. 9th. 

Peck W. L. 1st cor Washington Ave. S. 

Peckham F. 509 Hennepin Ave. 

Pedean Martin, 251 8th Ave. N. 

Peebles I. J. 316 S. 10th. 
I Peebles Thomas, 710 University Ave, S. E» 
I Peet Miss Belle, 1201 Hennepin Ave. 
i Peet F. T. 1201 Hennepin Ave. 

Peet Wm. 1201 Hennepin Ave. 
I Peet Wm. Jr. 1201 Hennepin Ave. 

Pelt H. S. 3015 Stevens Ave. 
I Pelton Miss Ella B. 2523 2d Ave. S. 

Penherthy J. W. 1527 Franklin Ave. S. 

Pence J. W. Nicollet House. 

Pen field W^ C. 326 Nicollet Ave. 

Penney F. C. 401 Franklin Ave. S. 
: Penney R. L. 16 S. 12th. 
' Penney T. E. 259 1st Ave. S. 

Penniman G. W. 120 N. 10th. 
I Penrith C. H. 312 12th Ave. N. 

Penrose Miss Mary, 927 1st Ave. S. 

Peoples I. J. 316 S. 10th 

Percival F. J. 1614 2d Ave. S. 

Perigrine S. W. 308 1st Ave. N. 

Perkins A. A. 21st Ave. S. nr 33d. 

Perkins Mrs. E. A. 1504 1st Ave. S. 

Perkins E. P. 3027 Portland PI. 

Perkins Miss Grace M. 701 University* 

Perkins G. D. 701 University Ave. S. E. 

Perkins James, 1504 1st Ave. S. 

Perkins J. T. 1504 1st Ave. S. 

Perkins J. W. 32 Eastman Ave. 

Perkins Mts. M. M. 1329>^ Nicollet Ave. 



PerrineC. K. 1820 4th Ave. S. 
Perrine S. C. 2916 Nicollet Ave. 
Perrott R. W. 1336 1st Ave. S. 
Perrott W. H. 1336 Ist Ave. S. 
Perry Bethuel, 1510 Franklin Ave. 
Perry B. L. 1614 Laurel Ave. 
Perry Mrs. Eunice C. 1614 Laurel Ave. 
Perry E. E. 1510 Franklin Ave. 
Perry J. Frank, 1015 1st Ave. S. 
Perry P. H. Lyndale Ave. cor 26th N, 
Perry R.L. 1207 Hennepin Ave. 
Perry Wesley, Nicollet Ave. cor S. 34th. 
Peteler Frank, cor Lake and Lyndale. 
Petereit Rev. F. A. 1401 N. 6th. 
Peters A. C. 300 5th Ave. S. 
Peters A. E. 827 Minnehaha Ave. 
Peters Courad, 2748 Cedar Ave. S. 
Peters C. F. 2748 Cedar Ave. 
Peters F. D. 25 S. 7th. 
Peterson C. H. 423 S. 11th. 
Peterson Rev. Frank, 1025 S. 22d. 
Peterson H. C. 119 Royalston Ave. 
Peterson H. L. 423 S. 11th. 
Peterson J. F. 848 16th Ave. S. 
Peterson N. P. 1315 S. 7th. 
Petran Charles. Mt Curve N. 26th, 
Petran W. Mt Curve Ave. nrN. 26th. 
Petran Wm. A. Lake View Ave. cor N. 

Pettengill C. S. 1307 Hawthorne Ave. 
Petterson S. 1539 Franklin Ave. S. 
Pettibone G. R. 22 N. E. 5th. 
Pettibone H. D. 1325 S. E. 5th. 
Pettit Miss Bessie, 10th cor 2d Ave. 8. 
Pettit C. H. 10th cor 2d Ave. S. 
Pittit F. R. 810 6th Ave. S. 
Pettit Miss Gertrude R. 927 1st Ave. S. 
Pettit Miss Lillian E. 927 1st Ave. S. 
Pettit Wm. 927 1st Ave. 8. 
Pettit W. L. 503 Hennepin Ave. 
Phelps Miss Belle M. 124 S. 16th. 
Phelps C. M. 60 Highland Ave. 
Phelps Miss Emma, 2000 2d Ave. S. 
Phelps E. J. 2323 Park Ave. 
Phelps Frank, 726 1st Ave. N. 
Phelps H. W. 124 S. 16th. 
Phelps J. B. 507 S. 18th. 

Phelps Miss Lucy, 124 S. 16th. 
Phelps Miss Susie E. 145 N. 10th. 
Philbrick C. S. 814 University Ave. S. E. 
Philbrook C. B. 30 S. 7th. 
Philbrook Mrs. E. C. 30 S. 7th, 
Philbrook Miss Nellie G. 30 S. 7th. 
Phillips Alonzo, 518 S. 5th. 
Phillips Rev. Bradley, 1502 Nicollet Ave. 
Phillips Bradley Jr. 115 S. 12th. 
Phillips Edgar, 518 S. 5th. 
Phillips Dr. Edwin, 258 1st Ave. S. 
Phillips M. G. 1502 Nicollet Ave. 
Phillips Walter, 323 8. 6th. 
Phipps Wm. Hennepin Ave. nr 24th. 
Pickard F. W. 1300 S. E. 6th. 
Pickard Mrs. 8. R. 818 4th Ave. S. 
Pickens F. F. 48 Syndicate Block. 
Picket Rev. Moses, 818 Nicollet Ave. 
Pickett C. AV. 2105 5th Ave. 8. 
Pickett E. M. S. 717 S. E. 4th. 
Pierce Mrs. A. W Vine PI. 
Pierce E. F. 65 Royalston Ave. 
Pierce Miss Hattie C. 39 8. 9th. 
Pierce Samuel, 39 8. 9th. 
Pierce T. W. Lake Calhoun. 
Pierro Nicholas, l-iOO N. 9th. 
Pierson A. 129 Washington Ave. S. 
Pierson F. G. 331 8. 18th. 
Pierson Harry, 1123 1st Ave. 8. 
fPierson J. H. 406 Franklin Ave. 8. 
Pierson Robert. 28 N. 8th. 
Pike W. A. 2525 University Ave. S.'E. 
Pilkington John, 1806 15th Ave. S. 
Pillsbury Alfred F. 1005 8. E. 5th. 
Pillsbury Hon. C. A. 927 2d Ave. 8. 
Pillsbury Rev. C. D. 31 Lyndale Ave. 
Pillsbury C. F. 1817 Laurel Ave. 
Pillsbury Fred C. 312 S. 10th. 
Pillsbury George A. 225 8. 10th. 
Pillsbury Hon. John 8. 1005 S. E. 5th. 
Pillsbury Miss Minnie, 225 8. 10th. 
Pillsbury Miss Minnie B. 1817 Laurel Ave. 
Pillsbury Miss Sadie B. 1005 8. E. 5th. 
Pillsbury Miss Sue M. 1005 8. E. 5th. 
Pinckney E. A. 500 Plymouth Ave. 
Pineo Dr. W. P. 723 1st Ave. S. 
Pinger H. E. 2017 11th Ave. S. 



Pinkerton W. C. 27 Royalston Ave. 
Pinkham P. C. Grove cor Franklin Ave. 
Piper Carl, 1008 Western Ave. 
Pippen J. Davis, 1225 S. 22d. 
Pitcher Mis. Emily L. 2732 3d Ave. S. 
Pitner Rev. J. L. 17 N. 10th. 
PiJtman G. W. M. 700 Hennepin Ave. 
Place Miss Ada, 1400 Places Court. 
Place E. B. 1400 Places Court. 
Place Miss Lilly, 1400 Places Court. 
Place W. H. 101 N. E. 4th. 
Plachy James, 2436 Bloomington Ave. 
Plank H. V. 55 Eastman Ave. 
Plank R. 114 S. 4th. 
Plant Henry, 729 1st Ave. S. 
Plant H. T. 322 S. 14th. 
Plant J. C. 2653 Portland Ave. 
Plant Mrs J. D. 2651 Portland Ave. 
Plant Miss Katherine, 2651 Portland Ave. 
Plant Miss Mary. 720 1st Ave. S. 
Plum Mrs. W. L. 1528 Laurel Ave. 
PlummerC.S. 226S.8th. 
Plummer Frank, 1341 1st Ave. S. 
Plummer F. A. 529 2d Ave. S. 
Plummer Mrs. H. F. 2532 Nicollet Ave. 
Plummer Miss Hattie M. 507 S. E. 4th. 
Plummer J. A. 5o7 S. E. 4th. 
Plummer J. C. 507 S. E. 4th. 
Plummer J. R. 4201 1st Ave. S. 
Plummer Mrs. L. P. 1117 2d Ave. S. 
Plummer Mrs. M. 1301 Washington Ave. 

Plummer Orlando, 67 N. 10th. 
Plummer 0. W. .3200 oth Ave. S. 
Plummer S. H. 609 Hennepin Ave. 
Polk A. D. 29 S. 12th. 
Polly A. H. 256 1st Ave. S. 
Pomeroy A. A. 135 Highland Ave. 
Pomeroy Miss Carrie R. 145 N. 10th. 
Pomeroy Mrs. E. F. 145 N. 10th, 
Pomeroy J. L. 42 S. 8th. 
Pond C. M. 56 Highland Ave. 
Pond H. W. 1513 N. 6ih. 
Pond S. W. Jr. 1.513 N. 6th. 
Pool E. S. 23 N. 2d. 
Porter A. W. 1521 S. E. 6th. 
Po.ter Miss Cora A. 1118 5th Ave. S. 

Porter C. O. 308 14th Ave. N. 

Porter E. D. Corao Ave. 

Porter Mrs. Eunice, 1621 S. E. 6th. 

Porter G. W. 522 S. 8th. 

Porter G. W. 1118 5th Ave. S. 

Porter H. R. 624 S. 17th. 

Porter Isaac W. 1020 Nicollet Ave. 

Porter Mrs. John, 1212 Hennepin Ave. 

Porter M. A. 1118 5th Ave. S. 

Porter W. F. 2628 12th Ave. S. 

Poi ter W. R. 95 Spruce PI. 

Porter W. S. 1118 5th Ave. S. 

Port erfield T. J. 2701 15th Ave. S. 

Potter A. H. Franklin cor Euclid Ave. 

Potter A. R. 24 S. 13th. 

Potter A. P. 1922 3% Ave. S. 

Potter Charles. 18 S. 10th. 

Potter E. G. 12 Cedar Lake Ave. 

Potter Mrs. N. L. 2020 5th Ave. S. 

Potter Wm. H. 8 Cedar Lake Road. 

Pottle J. H. 1627 Chicago Ave. 

Pottle J. M. 1627 Chicago Ave. 

Pottner Joseph 24.36 Bloomington Ave. 

Potts Samuel, 1809 3^^ Ave. S. 

Pow G. VV. 1829 11th Ave. S. 

PowellC. F. 1025 S.E. 5th. 

I'owell R. W. 13 S. 9th. 

Powell Wm, 14 6 Vine PI. 

Powell Dr. W H. 2740 1st Ave. S. 

Power Rev. T. L. 1819 «. 5th. 

Prather Dr. U. C. 727 2nth Ave. N. 

Pratt Miss Annie N 2636 1st Ave. S. 

Pratt A. B. 215 University Ave. N. E. 

Pratt A. M. 1212 Yale PI. 

Pralt Miss Carrie, 522 S. 5th. 

Pi att C. H. 727 S. E. 6th. 

Pratt C. M. 1832 4th Ave. S. 

Pratt Dr. D. L. 1728 3>^ Ave. S, 

Pratt E. A. 26 S. 13th. 

Pratt E. C. 200S. E. 5th. 

Pratt F K, 2715 Stevens Ave. 

Pratt F. W. 1033 N. 3d. 

P.attG. C. 301 N. E. 2d. 

Pratt Harry, -321 S. 9th. 

Pratt H.W. 321 S. 9th. 

Pratt H. W. 217 S. 5th. 

Pratt Miss Jessie A. 727 S. E. 6th. 



Pratt Mrs. J. E. 522 S. 5th. 

Pratt Lendorous, 718 2d Ave. S. E. 

Pratt Mi5S Maud, 321 S. 9th. 

Pratt Robert, 1603 N. 9th. 

Pratt Wra. 920 N. E. 2d. 

Pray A. F. 625 S. 7th. 

Pray 0. A. 625 S. 7th. 

Pray S. F. 624 Nicollet Ave. 

Prentice Mrs. A. M. 822 4th Ave. S. 

Prentiss A. G. 29 N. 6th. 

Prescott Mrs. E. A. 719 University Ave. 

Pressy E. H. West Hotel. 

Preston Chas. P. 333 S. 14th. 

Pretlow Miss D. H. 409 S. 6th. 

Price E. B. 1815 4th Ave. S. 

Price M. N. 1815 4th Ave. S. 

Price W. W. 1221 Mary PI. 

Prichett John, 1610 1st Ave. S. 

PriestE. B. 35S. 11th. 

Prince C. E. 2410 N. 6th. 

Prior C. H. 306 S. ?th. 

Prior Miss Nellie D. 306 S. 7th. 

Proctor C. A. 604 Hennepin Ave. 

Proctor Miss Gertrude, 322 13th Ave. S. E. 

Proctor Prof. H. 1.322 13th Ave. S. E. 

Prosser Rev. J. W. 1101 N. 5th. 

Provan J. J. 1825 Washington Ave. S. 

Pruen F. E. H. 1358 Nicollet Ave. 

Pruss L. W. Clark House. 

Pryor L. C. 626 1st Ave. N. 

Pulford Wm. 1015 S. 5th. 

Purchase J. R. 300 S. 6th. 

Purkiss Wm. 931 Nicollet Ave. 

Putnam C. C. 2212 4th Ave. S. 

Putnam Dr. C. W. 2212 4th Ave. S. 

Putnam Edward, 323 1st Ave. N. 

Putnam F. L. 1408 Park Ave. 

Putnam J. H. 1408 Park Ave. 

Putnam L. D. 2814 Nicollet Ave. 

Putnam Wm. 14'>8 Park Ave. 

Putnam W. C. 2810 Taylor. 

Pyle E. W. 1600 S. E. 4th. 

Pyle H. J. 604 S. 14th. 

/^UADE WM. 628 Plymouth Ave. 
Quarles J. ^r. 827 6th .\ve. S. 

Quehl Rev. M. H. 625 N. E. Main. 
Quilliard G. V. 1020 1st Ave. S. 
Quinby T. F. 1503 3% Ave. S. 
Quinn J. B. 313 10th Ave. N. 
Quinn Thomas, 1728 3d Ave. S. 
Quint L. E. 417 S. 5th. 

T3ACKLIFF MRS. H. B. 1403 S. 22d. 

Rad cliff Joseph, 578 6th Ave. N. 

Raddin S. A. 520 Hennepin Ave. 

Ragan Wm. 1414 Vine PI. 
I Rainey Dr. T. G. 322 Nicollet Ave. 

Rainey Miss Minnie B. 1116 1st Ave. S. 
I Rain- y T. R. 1116 1st Ave. S. 
I Rajgelj Rev. B. 216 7th Ave. N. E. 

Ralph Wm. 1016 2d Ave. S. 

Ramsey Wra. A. 102 S 9th. 

Rand Mrs. A. B. West Hotel. 

Rand A. C. 7th cor 6th Ave. S. 

Rand A. T. 6th Ave. cor 10th S. 

Rand F. C. cor. 6th Ave. S. and 7th. 

Rand Levitte, cor. 6th Ave. S. and 7th. 

Rand R. R. 808 6th Ave. S. 

Rand Wm. W. 12 19th Ave. S. 

Randall J. H. 1611 2d Ave. S. 

Randall Mrs. Lillian, 91 S. 4th. 

Randall R. W. 1721 S. E. 4th. 

Rankin R. J. 2536 3d Ave. S. 

Ransom Wm. B. 1225 Harmon PI. 

Rapp Miss Grace, 1001 N. 8th. 

Paths Mrs. Margaret, 260 12th Ave. N\ 

Rauen Miss Mary, 1101 N. 6th. 

Rauen Peter, 1101 N. 6th. 

Rauen Miss Susie, 1101 N. 6th. 

Rawson Dr. J. B. 300 Nicollet Ave. 

Ray J. H. 115 S. 12th. 

Raymond J. F. 2017 5th Ave. S. 

Rea John P. 23 Grove PI. 

Read C. F. 428 1st Ave. S. 

Read F. E. 414 Nicollet Ave. 

ReadL. Y. 616 1st Ave. S. 

Read Mrs. M. D. 616 1st Ave. S. 

Read Miss Mary M. 30 S. 7th 
I Read W. N. 30 N. E. 5th. 

Recher George, :^26 Plymouth Ave. 
I Record J. H. 1014 1st Ave. S. 



Redfield Wra. W. 1817 6th Ave. S. 

Reed Mrs. A. F. West Hotel. 

Reed C. F. 400 Nicollet Ave. 

Reed J. A. 822 4th Ave. S. 

Reed L. A. 827 7th Ave. S. 

Reed Robert, 626 16th Ave. N. 

Reed S. A. 17 N. 15th. 

Rees Mrs. Catharine, 1610 4th Ave. S, 

Rees Chas. 1610 4th Ave. S. 

Rees Gustavus, 910 Hawthorne Ave. 

Rees Julius, 506 S. 18th. 

Rees Miss Louisa S. 1610 4th Ave. S. 

Reese W. P. 620 S. 14th. 

Reeves C. McC. 328 S. 10th. 

Reeves Miss Olive, 1100 S. 7th. 

Reeves T. H. 727 University Ave. S. E. 

Reeves Vincent, 2d N. nr 35th Ave. 

Reichard G. A. 419 3d Ave. N. 

Reid A. M. 912 Nicollet Ave. 

Reid E. Y. 820 2d Ave. S. 

Reid F. M. 35S. 9th. 

Reid Dr. H. M. 31 Oak Grove. 

Reid John, 207 N. 19th. 

Reid Miss Katie L. 31 Oak Grove. 

Reid Miss Libbie G. 410 S. 6th. 

Reid L. M. 33 S. 9th. 

Reid Wm. P. 1406 5th Ave. S. 

Reinersten IL J. 413 Washington Ave. S. 

Remick E. 401 S. E. 4th. 

Remnien T. E. 607 5th Ave.S. 

Renard F. O. 415 Washington Ave. S. 

Heno A. N. 506 2d Ave S. 

Reno J. C. 506 2d Ave. S. 

Ressler Samuel, 2030 4th Ave. S. 

Rexford Manson, 3041 28th Ave. S. W. 

JReutelsterz John, 515 N. 19th. 

Jleynolds Mrs. Anna S. 422 S. 7th. 

Reynolds Miss Clara E. 21 8. 13th. 

Reynolds C. E. 21 S. 13th. 

Reynolds Mrs. L. S. 1014 1st Ave. S. 

Rhame M. D. 100 A. 

Rhomberg Prof. J. J. 628 8th Ave. N. 

Rhuart Mrs. M. S. 1015 3d Ave. S. 

Rice F. E. 2630 29th Ave. 8. 

Rice V. L. 1018 1st Ave. N. 

Rich Miss Gertrude B. 900 Hennepin Ave. 

Hich J. D. 900 Hennepin Ave. 

Rich J. E. 1121 1st Ave. S. 
Rich S. M. 22 Highland Ave. 
Rich Capt. W. W. 529 8th Ave. S. E. 
Richards E. E. 222 Plymouth Ave. 
Richards F. G. 2201 16th Ave. S. 
Richards P. C. 2518 6th Ave. S. 
Richards Samuel C. 2021 16th Ave. S. 
Richards W. J. 17 S. 7th. 
Richardson Alvorado, 2010 N. 9th. 
Richardson A. M. 119 S. E. 7th. 
Richardson Mrs. Anna, 719 1st Ave. S. 
Richardson F. P. 91 S. 14th. 
Richardson H. J. 29 Washington Ave. S 
Richardson James G. 15 S. 5th. 
Richardson J. J. 64 S. 12th. 
Richardson Miss M. C. 2323 Park Ave. 
Richardson P. C. 2518 Portland Ave. 
Richardson Mrs. Ruth C. 2323 Park Ave. 
Richardson Prof. T. J. 36 S. 7th. 
Rickard C. T. 701 S. E. 7th. 
Ricker Harvey, 203 S. 11th. 
Ricker Mrs. Nancy, 224 S. 8th. 
Rickey Miss Grace L. Ill S. 7t.h. 
Rickey James, 111 S. 7th. 
Rickey Miss Laura, 111 S. 7th. 
Rickey Miss Nellie, 111 S. 7th. 
Ridgway J. A. 1920 Portland Ave. 
Ridgway Morris I. 143 N. 10th. 
Riebeth August, 531 N. 21st. 
Riegel C. P. 91 S. 13th. 
Rinehart Mrs. E. A. 1521 Chicago Ave. 
Rinehart Orville. 1521 Chicago Ave. 
Ringlund N. 1929 8. 2%. 
Rinker Andrew, 1015 Harmon PI. 
Ripley Col. G. C. 310 8. 8th. 
Ripley Dr. Martha G. 48 S. 8th. 
Ripley R. H. 1700 Hawthorne Ave. 
Ripley Wm. W. 48 S. 8th. 
Ripper Edwin, 616 0th Ave. 8. 
Rising A. G. 71 8. 11th. 
Ristine Miss May, 20 Oak Grove. 
Ritchie W. H. 2429 4th Ave. 8. 
Ritchie Wm. 323 1st Ave. N. 
Rivet L. R. 621 Monroe. 
Robach G. A. 20th Ave. N. cor 14th. 
Robb J. G. 1517 Chicago Ave. 
Robbins C. A. 1411 4th Ave. S. 


Robbins C. H. 1413 S. Sth. ■ 

Robbins F. A. 326 Nicollet. Ave. 
Robedeau C. T. cor Yale PI. and S. 15th. i 
Roberts Miss C. E. University Ave. nr [ 
29th Ave. S. E. I 

Roberts C. H, 1813 Laurel Ave. 
Roberts D. W. 122 N. 10th. i 

Roberts E. W. 726 19th Ave. S. 
Roberts Dr. G. F. 52 N. 11th. 
Roberts H. O. 2442 Portland PI. j 

Roberts H. P. 1222 2d Ave. S. j 

Roberts J. Walter, 27 N. Sth. j 

Roberts N. H. 2521 Cedar Ave. 
Roberts Mrs. Sophia L. 51 Highland Ave. 
Roberts W. P. 50 N. 11th. 
Roberts Z. University Ave. nr. 29th S. E, j 
Robertson Alexander, 1812 Nicollet Ave. 
Robertson Le Roy, 1830 S% Ave. S. 
Robinson Miss Addie, 603 S. 7th. 
Robinson A. C. 1506 3>^ Ave. S. I 

Robinson A. J. 2206 6th Ave. S. I 

Robinson C. N. 1905 N. Sth. | 

Robinson C. H. 603 S. 7th. | 

Robinson Chas. 1711 3d Ave. S. ' 

Robinson D. L. 19 S. 10th. ' 

Robinson Mrs.E. S. 1017 Hawthorne Ave. 
Robinson E. H. 628 14th Ave. S. E. 
Robinson F. W. 1000 Nicollet Ave. 
Robinson Fred. 1000 Nicollet Ave. 
Robinson G. R. 1326 1st Ave. S. 
Robinson G. W. 529 6th Ave. S. 
Robinson Mrs. Haidee,1000 Nicollet Ave. 
Robinson H. H. 1017 Hawthorne Av-e. 
Robinson J. A. 334 Hennepin Ave. 
Robinson J. A. 1516 1st Ave. 
Robinson J. M. 603 S. 7th. 
Robinson J. W. 108 S. 7th. 
Robinson J. T. 120 S. 17th. 
Robinson Reuben, 629 S. 14th. 
Robinson Stacy C. 1013 N. 4th. 
Robinson S. C. 1812 Park Ave. 
Robitshek Joseph, 2016 Portland Ave. 
Robson L. A. 826 Hennepin Ave. 
Rockford W. E. 401 Washington Ave. S. 
Rockey Mrs. Ann, 1500 Hawthorne Ave. 
Rockwell Mrs. B. D. 46 S. 12th. 
Rockwell E. D. 46 S. 12th. 

Rockwood C. J. 33 N. 19th. 

Rodgers W. F. 1368 Nicollet Ave. 

Roeller M. 1212 S. 7th. 

Rogers C. A. 522 S. 5th. 

Rogers Dr. C. E. 411 N. E. 2d. 

Rogers Mrs. C. S. 626 Hennepin Ave. 

Rogers C. W. 1.501 N. 11th. 

Rogers Fred. 1727 2d Ave. S. 

Rogers J. T. 2016 3d Ave. S. 

Rogers Joshua, US. 12th. 

Rogers J. G. 1609 Chicago Ave. 

Rogers Miss L. M. 28 S. Sth. 

Rogers Miss Tillie A. 11 S. 12th. 

Rogers Rev. E. E. 1512 Vine PI. 

Rohne C. W. 2616 2.3d Ave. S. W. 

Rolf L. A. 509 Hennepin Ave. 

Rolfe Miss E. A. 1500 Laurel Ave. 

Rolfe J. H. 1.500 Laurel Ave. 

Rolfe Miss M. D. 1500 Laurel Ave. 

Rollins C. G. 1120 6th Ave. S. 

Rollins D. B. 600 University Ave. S. E. 

Rollins Fred M. 307 S. E, Sth. 

Rollins M. B. 629 S. E. 6th. 

Rollins Miss M. 600Univer.«;ity Ave.S. E. 

Rolbt Rev. Charles, 1614 S. E. 4th. 

Rolph Wm. T. 320 13th Ave. S. E. 

Rood C. L. 58 S. 10th. 

RootG. H. 408S. 7th. 

Root J. M. 207 S. 11th. 

Hoot J. S. 827 Sth Ave. S. 

Rosbache Wm. D. 38 Eastman Ave. 

Rose A. H. 321 S. E. 4th. 

Rose Charles, 13>^ S. 4th. 

Rose E. J. Nicollet House. 

Roseberry R. C. 2515 Portland Ave. 

Roseberry T. C. 2515 Portland Ave. 

Rosenfield I. cor. 5th Ave. S. and 15th. 

Rosenfield S. cor. 5th Ave. S. and 15th. 

Rosenfield M. cor. 6th Ave. S. and 15th. 

Rosenberg H. 400 S. 4th. 

Ross D. A. 3.53 Franklin Ave. 

Ross L. T. 625 S. 19th. 

Rossnian E. AV. 1009 1st Ave. N. 

Rothie W. L. 1317 Washington Ave. S. 

Rothschild Cyrus, 1703 Sth Ave. S. 

Rothschild Hermann, 426 2d Ave. N 

Rothschild Samuel, 1814 4th Ave. S. 



Rouen Jacob, 228 Plymouth Ave. 

Rounds Rev. J. cor. N. loth and 22d Ave. 

Rounds L. H.corN. loth and 22d Ave. 

Roundy E. N. 1001 N. 8lh. 

Rowe A. M. 561 7th Ave. X. 

Rowe C. H. 1623 Hawthorne Ave. 

Rowe Miss Lillian, 800 Nicollet Ave. 

Rowe Wnj. H. 1520 1st Ave. S. 

Rowell H. H. S. 1106 1st Ave. N. 

Rowell Mrs. Mary R. 1106 1st Ave. N. 

Rowell Wm. A. 627 S. 15th. 

Rowland Miss Rebecca, 410 S. 6th 

Rowlen Mrs M. 3119 21st Ave. S. W. 

Rowlen John, 3119 21st Ave. S. W. 

Rowley M.I). 22 S. nth. 

Roy Le Dr. J. B. 121 Nicollet Ave. 

Rudd Martin, 108S. E. 4th. 

Rugg A. B. 221 Nicollet Ave. 

Rugg E. I. 509 Hennepin Ave. 

Rube J. F. 2922 Stevens Ave. 

Rundell F. P. 1508 1st Ave. S. 

Runge A. H. 908 N. 5th. 

Runyan E. M. 345 S. 14th. 

Russell Charles, 1400 Stevens Ave. 

Russell C. E. 3116 28th Ave. S. W. 

Russell C. E. 74 S. 14th. 

Russell C.H. 119 N. 10th. 

Russell Rev. C. L. 1419 1st Ave. S. 

Russell E. G. 2307 4th Ave. S. 

Russell F. B. 2800 Hennepin Ave. 

Rui-sell Frederick, 2800 Hennepin Ave. 

Russell G. V. 109 Grant. 

Russell H. D. 521 Hennepin Ave. 

Russell John, 2800 Hennepin Ave, 

Russell R. D. 1312 Harmon I'l. 

Russell R. M.corBlaisdellAve.and33d S. 

Russell R.P. 2800 Hennepin Ave. 

Russell R. P. Jr. 122 N. 10th. 

Russell T. L. 611 S. 15th. 

Russell Wm. L. 3116 28th Ave. S. W. 

Russell Wm. M. 128 Washington Ave. N. 

Rust G. S. 1114 Hennepin Ave. 

Rutherford Capt. C. Buchanan nr 26th 

Rutherford John, 1618 33^ Ave. S. 
Ryan J. S 515 S. 8th. 
RyanS. W. 2100 N. 10th. 


AARBACH EDMUND, 149 N. 10th. 

I Sabin H. H. 101 Grant. 
I Sacre Bertie L. 1.301 Hennepin Ave. 
I Sacre James T. 1-301 Hennepin Ave. 
, Sadler W. H. 800 Nicollet Ave. 
j Saeger Thomas, 1900 6th Ave. S. 

Saeger Wm. 1917 oth Ave. S. 
; Sage Ezra C. 1614 Park Ave. 
I Saque Wm. S. 716 8th Ave. S. 
j SahlgaardMiss Jeanette,1919 17th Ave.S. 
i Sahly Wm. 529 Plymouth Ave. 
' St. John Miss Allie, 521 Hennepin Ave. 

St. John Dr. I. C. 806 3d Ave. S. 
! Salisbury Dr. A. H. 27 Highland Ave. 
I Salisbury Fred, 1003 S. E. 6th. 
j Salisbury M. F. 719 11th Ave.S. 
I Salisbury T. G. 119 S. E. 7th. 

Salmon G. A. 1207 Hennepin Ave. 

Sammis T. A. 1714 Hawthorne Ave. 

Sample J. N. 1127 Ist Ave. S. 

Sample Rev. R. F. 1127 1st Ave. S. 

Saujpson A. S. 120 S. 5th. 

Samuels G. R. 2540 Bloomington Ave. 

Sanborn Abram, 912 1st Ave. N. 
' Sanborn C. B. cor 6th Ave. S. and 28th. 

Sanborn S. S. 912 1st Ave. N. 

Sandell John A. 4<'9 Lyndale Ave. N. 
, Sanford W. 1X86 S. 13th. 
' Sanford R. H. 1401 S. E. 6th. 
i Sargent C. E. 2020 S. 21st. 

Sargent Mrs. E. A. 1113 S. 6th. 
' Sargent E. B. 1344 1st Ave. S. 

Sargent MissG. H. 1520 Hawthorne Ave. 

Sargent Mrs. Lois, 915 2d Ave.S. 

Sargent W. M. 1520 Hawthorne Ave. 
^ Sarles Miss A. 1800 Hawthorne Ave, 
i Sarles Miss J. 1800 Hawthorne Ave. 

Sarles S. B. 1800 Hawthorne Ave. 
! Satterlee Miss Alice, 2929 1st Ave. S. 

Satterlee F. E. 924 1st Ave. N. 

Satterlee M. P. 416 3d Ave. S. E. 

Satterlee, Rev. R. B. 2929 l»t Ave. S. 

Satterlee W. E. 416 3d Ave. S. 

Satterlee Rev. W. W. 924 1st Ave. N. 

Sauer R. G.513 Washington Ave. N. 

Saunders George, 2601 Stevens Ave. 



Saunders H. J. 2918 1st Ave. S. 

Saunders N T. 319 Nicollet Ave. 

Savage Edward, 24 N. 8th. 

Savage E. A. 106 S. 6th. 

Savage Frank. 2820 Park Ave, 

Sawyer C. F. 326 S. 5th. 

Sawyer George, 2614 Grand Ave. 

Sawyer O. M. 2015 6th Ave. S. 

Schaefer Jacob, 1901 6th Ave. S. 

Schafler Mrs. E. W. 12 S. 6th. 

Scherf Charles, 1023 N. 3d, 

Schilling Miss Frances, 9 i5 Chicago Ave. 

Schlegel von Fred, 2316 6th Ave, S. 

Schlener Miss Bertha, 32 Grove PI. 

Schlener J. A. 32 Grove PI. 

Schlesinger Louis, 505 S. 8th. 

Schloss A. 611 4th Ave. S. 

Schmidt Emil, 61 Island Ave. 

Schmidt R. F. 923 8th Ave. S. 

Schnitker Rev. Henry, 511 4th Ave. S. 

Schober G. 228 N. E. 2d. 

Schockweiler John, 1418 Hennepin Ave. 

Schoening Misses, 113 S. 2d. 

Schoff John, 903 1st Ave. N. 

Schofield C. E. 20th Ave. S. cor 31st S. W. 

Schofield Miss Mary, 2306 4th Ave. S. 

Schonberg Henry, 614 Nicollet Ave. 

Schoonover George, 717 1st Ave. S. 

Schulte George H. 912 4th Ave. S. 

Schulte J. 47 Washington Ave. S. 

Schutz J. M. 34 Eastman Ave. 

Schultz Theo. P. 1315 Place Court. 

Schurch John, 2619 Western Ave, 

Schuyler Mrs. 313 S. E. 17th. 

Schwap.pach M. 501 14th Ave. N. 

Schweitzer E. E. 2442 Portland PI. 

Scott A. E. 117 N. E. 2d. 

Scott A. F, 112 S. 12th. 

Scott Andrew L. 32 N. 10th. 

Scott A. M. 18 S. 10th, 

Scott A. W. 810 S. 9th. 

Scott E. B. .509 Hennepin Ave. 

Scott G. L. 7 Washington Ave. S. 

Scott G. W. 345 Franklin Ave. S. 

Scott H. Clay, 2015 5th Ave. S. 

Scott J. H. 640 6th Ave. N. 

Scott R. R. 902 Hawthorne Ave. 

Scoville A. J. 1416 Linden Ave. 

Scribner David McC. 1502 Vine PI. 

Scripture B. 222 N. E. 4th. 

Scripture Mrs. E. M. 216 N. E. 4th. 

Scudder F. J. 521 8th Ave. S. E. 

Scudder Rev. John L. 425 8th Ave. S.E.. 

Scudder M. C. 521 8th Ave. S. E. 

Scudder Miss N. V. 521 8th Ave. S. E. 

Sea Frank M. 40 S. 7th. 

Seaman Louis, 22d nr. 8th Ave. N. 

Searles J. D. 931 Nicollet Ave. 

Sears N. M. 911 3d Ave. S. 

Seaver L. S. 1511 Park Ave. 

Seavey A. P. 2611 1st Ave, S. 

Seavey F. P, 2611 1st Ave. S. 

Secombe C. C. 1326 2d Ave. S. 

Secombe T>. A. 927 S. E. 4th. 

Secombe Miss Emma T. 1326 2d Ave. S.. 

Secombe E. A. 927 S. E. 4th. 

Secombe W. D. 927 S. E. 4th. 

Sederborg J. E. 229 20th Ave. S. 

Sedgwick C. S. 2018 Portland PI. 

Sedgwick Samuel, 2018 Portland PI. 

Sedgwick S. P. 2018 Portland PI. 

Seehof J. J. 903 1st Ave. N. 

Seeley H. T. 1106 S. 8th. 

Seeley I. C. 135 Grant. 

Seemann Jacob, Victoria Hotel. 

Segelbaum Max, 257 Nicollet Ave. 

Segelbaum Sander, 1826 Chicago Ave. 

Selden H. E. 14 S. 10th. 

Selden L. H. 706 Hennepin Ave. 

Selden Misses, 14 S. lOih. 

Selkregg George, 43 S. 9th. 

Selleck Miss Nellie, 619 1st Ave. S. 

Semple F. B. 722 6th Ave. S. 

Serle S. W. 2014 .3d Ave. S. 

Sermon George, 1114 N. 5th, 

Servey G. L. 802 3d Ave. S, 

Sessions Miss A. Lyndale Ave. nr Linden^ 

Sessions M. H. Lyndale Ave. nr Linden^ 

Sewell M. W. 217 S. .5th. 

Sexton F. A. 1000 11th Ave. N. 

Seymour Beldon Jr. West Hotel. 

Seymour F. A. 74 S. 14. 

Shackleton Mrs. E. 827 6th Ave. S. 

Shadewald J. W. 1109 N. E. Marshall. 



ShadrickR. H. 1121 Hennepin Ave. 
Shafer J. B. Nicollet House. 
Shaffer Miss Jane, 1500 7th Ave. S. 
Sharp Dr. L. N. 829 8th Ave S. 
Shatto C. W. cor Cedar and S, 26th. 
Shattiick A. R. 2008 3d Ave S. 
Shattuck Miss Lottie S. 2008 3d ave S. 
Shaw Albert, 820 1st Ave. S. 
Shaw F. W. 93 Spruce PI. 
Shaw F. H. 1503 6th Ave. S. 
Shaw G. K. 1205 Hennepin Ave. 
Shaw Hon. J. M. 527 S. 9th. 
Shaw Misses, 527 S. 9th. 
Shaw Misses, 906 6th Ave. S. 
Shaw Mrs. S. F. 820 1st Ave. S. 
Shaw W. S. 621 S. 4th. 
Shea J. A. Nicollet House. 
Shearer J. D. 1313 1st Ave. S. 
Sheehan Dr. Lyuian, 828 S. 7th. 
Sheetz Joel, 34 Eastman Ave. 
Sheldon A. C. 250 Hennepin Ave. 
Sheldon Mrs. S. 429 Nicollet Ave. 
Sheldon W. A. West Hotel. 
Shelley W. H. 1603 6th Ave. S. 
Shepard E. R. 213 5th Ave. S. E. 
Shepard H. L. 1619 3>^ Ave. S. 
Shepard James R. 810 S. E. 6th. 
Shepard L. N. 1620 Hawthorne Ave. 
Shepherd Chas. W. West Hotel. 
Shepherd G. B. 1605 1st Ave. S. 
Shepherd N. S. 1103 1st Ave. N. 
Sheppard Chas. 2317 Washington Ave. N. 
Sheppard C. E. 1812 Park Ave. 
Shepley O. H. 313 13th Ave. S. 
Sherburne C. K. 50 N. 12th. 
Sherburne D. R. Windsor Hotel. 
Sherer J. D. 1313 1st Ave. S. 
Sheret A. A. 610 Hennepin Ave. 
Sherman S. J. 424 Nicollet Ave. 
Sherwood Cedric, 114 S. 3d. 
Sherwood Eugene, 28 N. 10th. 
Sherwood Mrs. L. 114 S. 3d 
Sherwood M. R. 114 S. 3d. 
Sherwood M. M. 114 S. 3d. 
Sherwood Miss S. P. 723 8th Ave, S. 
Shibley Mrs. J. R. 411 Nicollet Ave. 
. Shillack Matilda, 1811 4th Ave. S. 

Shipman H. C. 113 S. 27th. 
Shipman "W. H. 527 Hennepin Ave. 
Shockey C. C. 1320 4th Ave. S. 
Shockey D. R. 1320 4th Ave. S. 
Shoemaker F. A. 312 Hennepin Ave. 
Shores A. J. 340 S. 17th. 
Shove A. L. 12th nr. 30th Ave. N. 
Shove C. B. 1121 4th Ave. S. 
Showers E. 419 Washington Ave. S. 
Shuart I. J. 1st Ave. cor 3d. 
Shuey A. M. 65 Highland Ave. 
Shuey Miss Fanny, 65 Highland Ave. 
Shuey Miss Florence, 65 Highland Ave. 
Shuler B. P. 828 4th Ave. S. 
Shuler R. G. 1115 8. 7th. 
Shuman G. W. 1401 Chicago Ave. 
Shutter Rev. M. D. 403 S. E. 2d. 
Sibley W. F. 225 S. 5th. 
Siddall F. P. 2732 Stevens Ave. 
Siddall W. A. 2732 Stevens Ave. 
Sidle C. K. 403 S. 7th. 
Sidle H. G. 403 S. 7th. 
Sidle H. K. 403 8. 7th. 
Sidle J. K. 2d Ave. S. nr. 8th. 
Sidle Miss S. B. 403 8. 7th. 
Sievers Rev. Fred, 413 9th Ave. S. 
Sikes A. Ij. P. 248 Hennepin Ave. 
Sikes S. R. 1918 Portland Ave. 
Silloway C. P. 3020 1st Ave. S. 
Simmons Chester, 710 S. 12th. 
Simmons C. W. 224 S. 8th. 
Simmons Rev. H. M. 2410 Nicollet Ave. 
Simmons Mrs. M. E. 615 7th Ave, S. 
Simons J. A. 814 Nicollet Ave. 
Simons Parker, 617 1st Ave. S. 
Simons Misses, 617 1st Ave. S. 
Simons Wm. A. 1224 Nicollet Ave. 
Simpson Dr. Chas. 815 S. E. 6th. 
Simpson D. F. 12 N. 8th. 
Simpson G. H, 1523 Laurel Ave. 
Simpson S. 416 8. E. 6th. 
I Sims 8. A. 2650 Park PI. 
j Sinclair J. H. 1517 S. E. 6th. 
I Sinnot T. G. 520 S. 18th. 
Sinsheimer Jacob 213 8. 11th. 
' Siskron E. Pleasant cor Franklin Ave. 
Skaro Dr. J. G. 405 N. E. Jefferson, 



Skiles T. D. oOi) S. 7th. 

Skinner Dr CM. 1428 Washington AveS. 

Skinner G. A. 240 12th Ave. N. 

Skinner L. J. 15 N. 6th. 

Skinner O. B. 1217 N. 12th. 

Skog A. W. 1026 2d Ave. S. 

Skogsberg Rev. E. A. 617 8th Ave. S. 

Skoll Jacob, 6 S. 11th. 

Skutle L. O. 2416 Portland PI. 

Skyles Miss C. 1605 3d Ave. S. 

Slafter J. C. 830 4th Ave. S. 

Slagle Dr. C. G. 307 Plymouth Ave. 

Slater Edwin S. 1507 Hawthorne Ave. 

Slater M. 26th cor. Grand Ave. S. 

Slayton G. E. 2321 19th Ave. S. 

Sleavin J. J. 105 S. 2d. 

Sleeper G. T. 512 3d Ave. S. 

Sleeper E. W. 2221 Cedar Ave. 

Slenker M. C. 401 S. 18th. 

Sloan J. R, 28th cor. 3>^ Ave. S. 

Sloane Wm. A. 2438 Portland PI. 

Slocum Frank, 1610 3d Ave. S. 

Slocuni N. 3014 2d Ave. S. 

Slosson T. M. 419 S. E. 6th. 

Sly W. W. 565 6th Ave. N. 

Small C. C. cor. 14th and 28th Ave. X. 

Small Mrs. Jane B. 31 S. 8th. 

Small S. S. 31 S. 8th. 

Smeltzer J. D. 2114 4th Ave. S. 

Smith Albee, Mt. Curve Ave. 

Smith Dr. A. 1311 Washington Ave. N. 

Smith Rev. Andrew, 95 S 28th. 

Smith Miss Annie L. 513 4th Ave. S. E. 

Smith A. D. 614 N. 10th. 

Smith Ad. C. 525 S. 5th. 

Smith A. G. 1721 9th Ave. S. 

Smith A. J. 1533 Franklin Ave. 

Smith A. M. 1515 S. 9th. 

Smith Dr. A. N. 2107 5th Ave. S. 

Smith Dr. A. T. 401 S. 6th. 

Smith Bert E. 2625 Lyndale Ave. 

Smith Mrs. B. P. end of N. 24th. 

Smith B. W. 1324 Hawthorne Ave. 

Smith C. N. 2625 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Smith Charles H. 624 S. 19th. 

Smith Charles W. 314 S. 8th. 

Smith Dr, Cvrus. 1103 S. 7th. 

Smith C. H. 3037 Grand Ave. 

Smith C. W. 1570 Hillside Ave. 8. 
! Smith D. L. 2625 Lyndale Ave. 
' Smith D. C. 5J9 Hennepin Ave. 
I Smith Edmund, 2440 Stevens Ave. 
i Smith E. A. 902 University Ave. S. E. 
I Smith Miss Emily, 1416 Vine PI. 
I Smith E. C. 2520 S^ Ave. S. 
f Smith Ezra L. 2813 Cedar Ave. S. 
i Smith E. K. 927 S. E. 6th. 
' Smith Frank, 2022 5th Ave. S. 

Smith Fred L. 415 S. E. 5th. 

Smith F. A. 2530 14th Ave. S. 

Smith F. A. 98 Highland Ave. 
; Smith F. H. 322 Nicollet Ave. 
I Smith F. W. 1915 16th Ave. S. 
I Smith G. F. 326 S. 11th. 
I Smith George H. 513 4th Ave. S. E. 
I Smith G. W. 908 S. 8th. 
I Smith G. W. 25 S. 12th. 
I Smith H. Alden, 45 Island Ave. 
I Smith Hartley D. 66 S. 15th. 
; Smith H. W. 2616 Lyndale Ave. S. 

Smith H. A. 223 S. 9th. 
■ Smith H. A. 1128 S. E. 4th. 

Smith H. B. 1508 Laurel Ave. 
I Smith H. H. 2028 N. 1st. 
! Smith James, 1328 Washington Ave. S, 
! Smith Dr. James A. 2222 6th Ave. S. 

Smith Jason W. 415 S. E. 6th. 

Smith John A. 520 Hennepin Ave. 

Smith John J. 318 7th Ave. N. 

Smith J. E. West Hotel, 
i Smith J. F. 1111 Hennepin Ave. 
I Smith J. F. 1124 Nicollet Ave. 

Smith J. G. 526 3d Ave. S. 
; Smith J. L. 100 Royalston Ave. 
i Smith J. P. 902 University Ave. S. E. 

Smith J. S. 3133 Stevens Ave. 

Smith Lafayette, 1406 N. 2d. 

Smith L. H. 501 Lyndale Ave. N. 
I Smith Miss Louise, 302 S. 9th. 

Smith Mrs. L. B. 618 S. 14th. 
i Smith L. D. 15 N. 4th. 
[ Smith Mrs. Mary, cor 6th and 1st Ave. S. 
j Smith Miss Mary I. 324 13th Ave. S. E. 
! Smith Mrs. M. M. 902 I'niversity Ave. S. 



Smith N. C. 612 Ave. N. 

Smith O. F. 411 Nicollet Ave. 

Smith O. W. 1124 1st Ave. S. 

Smith Richard, 39 S. 6th. 

Smith R. G. i:n3 S. E. 5th. 

Smith Seagrave, 1515 Hawthorne Ave. 

Smith Sidney, 302 S. 9th. 

Smith Simon, 1026 2d Ave S. 

Smith T. F. 321 2d Ave. S. 

Smith T. J. 500 8th Ave. S. 

Smith T. L. 1121 Hennepin Ave. 

Smith V. M. 324 13th Ave. S. E. 

Smith Wm. C. 1816 17th Ave. S. 

Smith Wm. G. 1703 Laurel Ave. 

Smith Dr. W. H. F. Clark House. 

Smith W. K. 100 Royai.ston Ave. 

SmyserMiss Ella, 102 8. 9th. 

Snell H. D. 116S. 6th. 

Snider Hon. S. P. Mt. Curve cor 23d. 

Snyder Frank C. 828 1st Ave. 8. 

Snyder F. B. 410 8. 10th. 

Snyder Miss Minnie, 410 8. 10th. 

Snyder 8. P. 410 8. 10th. 

Soderstrom Alfred, 569 6th Ave. N. 

Sorentz Charles, 252 7th Ave. N. 

Soule C. H. 143 N. 10th. 

Sowle H. A. 1410 4th Ave. S. 

Sowle L. T. 1410 4th Ave. S. 

Sparks Charles H. West Hotel. 

Spaulding F. W. 1529 Hawthorne Ave. 

Spaulding N. H. 522 Nicollet Ave. 

Spaulding Dr. 8. M. 2025 3>^ Ave S. 

Spaulding Dr. Wm. A. Franklin nr Lyn- 

dale Ave. 
Spear C. H. 2711 22nd Ave. 8. W. 
Spear Miss Grace M. 817 S. 8th. 
Spear G. W. 1632 Hennepin Ave. 
Spear L. W. 1029 S. E. 4 th. 
Spear O. E. 817 S. 8th. 
Speedy John, cor. 24th and Euclid Ave. 
Spence C. R. 1911 Nicollet Ave. 
Spencer C. H. 1912 33^ Ave. 8. 
Spencer i . 8. 57 8. 12th. 
Spencer W. Q. 1021 1st Ave. N. 
Spicer C. B. 921 Nicollet Ave. 
Spiegel C. V. 581 8th Ave. N. 
Spink J. L. 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Spinney Dr. A. B. 37 S. 3d. 
Spinney Dr. N. 8. 113 Pleasant. 
Spooner H. V. 1368 Vine PI. 
Spottswood C. C. 725 S. 17th. 
Spottswood W. C. 725 S. 17th. 
Sprague C. E. 1.362 Vine PI. 
Sprague D. W. 6 Highland Ave. 
Sprague E. W. 506 Central Ave. 
Sprague F. G. 323 l^t Ave. N. 
Sprague Miss Sarah E. 1408 4th Ave. S. 
Sprague W. T. 1500 4th Ave. S. 
Spriggs Mrs. Mary, 1013 S. E. 6th. 
Spring Dr. W. P. 200 8. E. 4th. 
Springer Mrs. E. H. 1511 University Ave. 
Springer J. D. 1604 S% Ave. S. 
Springer W. H. 2405 Chicago Ave. 
Springgate J. L. 917 Hennepin Ave. 
Sproat Miss Abbie, 48 8. 8th. 
Sproat C. L. 48 S. 8th. 
Spry G. H. 1909 Park Ave. 
Squires C. D. 320 S. E. 4th. 
Squires R. B. .320 8. E. 4th. 
Stacy C. L. 1314 4th Ave. S. 
Stacy E. P. 1314 4th Ave. S. 
Stafford C. F. 32 N. 11th. 
Stafford Miss Grace, 1111 1st Ave. N. 
Stafford L. 1111 1st Ave. N. 
Stafford M. J. 1111 1st Ave. N. 
Stafford O. C. 1111 1st Ave. N. 
Stafford V. H. 17 S. 7th. 
Stagg S. C. 2006 Western Ave. 
Stahl Mrs. M. R. 719 8. 14th. 
Stabler E. 2116 3d Ave. S. 
Stalnaker Wm. H. 615 8. 26th. 
Stamwitz C. F. 300 University Ave. S. E. 
Staniwitz C. G. 300 University Ave. S. E. 
Stamwitz F. W. 300University Ave.S.E, 
Stamwitz Misses, 300 University Ave. S. 
Stanchfield Miss E. G. Prospect Hill. 
Stanchfield L. L. 2628 6th Ave. 8. 
Stanfield G. F. 2423 4th Ave. S, 
Stanley Miss Ida, 1516 1st Ave. S. 
Staples J. C. Division cor 13th Ave. 8. E. 
Stark Dr. T. F. 134 Highland Ave. 
Stark F. G. 1826 41 h Ave. S. 
Starkey Rev. J. B. 1223 8. 7th. 
Starr B. F. 205 Washington Ave. S. 


Starr C. M. University Ave.S. E. nr 29th. 

Starr F. W. 83 Grant. 

Starr J. E. 402 S. 7th. 

Starr W. H. 1114 Chestnut Ave. 

Starry L. N. 1630 Hennepin Ave. 

Stearns G. P. 826 2d Ave. S. 

Stebbins Miss Amanda, 1419 8th Ave. S. 

Stebbins Mrs. C. M. 1519 Chicago Ave. 

Stebbins E. S. 32 Oak Grove. 

Steel N. L. 521 N. 2d. 

Steele Chas. G. 15 N. 11th. 

Steele E. H. Groveland nr Mt. Curve Ave. 

Steele Mrs. Eliza, Groveland nr Mt.Curve. 

Steele Dr. J. A. 103 S. 9th. 

Steele Wni. E. 1404 Linden Ave. 

Steers Dr. J. E. 251 Hennepin Ave. 

Stein H. 29 8. 5th. 

Stephen M. G. Lake Calhoun. 

Stephens Biyant, 501 S. 8ih. 

Stephens C. E. 50 S. 4th. 

Stephens R. 912 N. 3d. 

Stephens Dr. W. 0. 1915 4th Ave. S. 

Stephenson C. A. 1027 Hawthorne Ave. 

Stephenson H. N. 119 S. 12th. 

Stephenson M. A. 1027 Hawthorne Ave. 

Stirling J. C. 24th Ave. N. E. nr Pierce. 

Stern F. J. 507 S 8th. 

Sterrett Miss Mary J. 1413 3d Ave. S. 

Stetler L. E. 719 1st Ave. S. 

Stetson C. C. 12 S. 6th. 

Stetson E. W.25S. 4th. 

Stetson F. L. 22S. E. 2d. 

Stetson George, 1210 1st Ave. N. 

Stetson Walter F, 30 S. 7th. 

Stetson W. C. 119 N. E. 5th. 

Stevens Miss Annie, 1724 Nicollet Ave. 

Stevens C. E. Liiidley Block. 

Stevens C. N. 1724 Nicollet Ave. 

Stevens C. P. 1724 Nicollet Ave. 

Stevens Mrs. D. R. 2421 16th Ave. S. 

Stevens E. A. 1221 S. 8th. 

Stevens .Miss Frances H. 527 S. 10th. 

Stevens F.E. 117 N. 3d. 

St. vens (ieo. 1124 1st Ave. S. 

Stevens J. E. Jr. 108 S. 7lh. 

Stevens Col. J. H. 527 S. inth. 

Stevens J. W. 422 1st Ave. S. 

Stevens L. C. 1804 3>^ Ave. S. 

Stevens L. H. 624 S. 17th, 

Stevens Miss Mary, 1724 Nicollet Ave. 

Si evens Miss Oriua, 527 S. 10th. 

Stevens S. F 612 1st Ave. N. 

Stevens Mrs. S. K. 317 S. 8lh. 

Stevens Mrs. Violet. 603 Plymouth Ave. 

Stevens Miss Wenmiah, 12.1 S. 8ih. 

Stevens Wm. 1416 Vine PI. 

Stevens W. L. 7ii8 Knh Ave. S. 

Stevenson Wm. 923 -5th Ave S. 

Stewart A. E. 109 Island Ave. 

Steward C. W. 13 H 14th Ave. S. 

Stewart D. A. 3 31 1st Ave. S. 

Stewart Mi>s E I. V. 2200 S. 0th. 

Stewart Misses, 1st Ave. S. 

Stewart L. 'SI. 412 Hennepin Ave. 

Stewart N. A. cor .2ih Ave. and 28th S. 

Stickney Miss E. J. 207 11th. 

Stickney Mrs. Louisa, 1503 3^^ Ave. S. 

Stickney Mrs. O. P. 1408 4th Ave. S. 

Stile- S. B. 801 Franklin Ave.S. 

Stillman Mrs. E. C. 2120 3d Ave. S. 

Stillman G. C. 2120 3d Ave. S. 

Stillman R. L. 2120 3d Ave. S. 

Siillwell Mrs. Mary E. lolO Nicollet Ave. 

Stimson D. T. 709 S. I4th. 

Stinchtield Miss Florence, 1416SprucePL 

Stinson S. W. 262 12th Avr. N. 

Stirling Thomas, 93 Nicollet. 

Stock Miss Mamie, 1703 Laurel Ave. 

Stockton Dr. E. H. 101 Central Ave. 

Stock.! ale W. S. .3 S. 12th. 

Stoddard Dr. C. S. 2 S. 26th 

Stoddard James, 918 8th Ave. S. 

Stoft Jacob, 1827 11th Ave. S. 

Stone Mrs. B. A. 1302 4th Ave. S. 

Stone B. E. 112 S. E. 4th. 

Stone Edwin, 96 Franklin Ave. S. 

Stone Jacob. 162(t 1st Ave. S. 

Stone J. W. 1015 1st Ave. N. 

Stone S. G. 505 Madison. 

Stoneman A. C.3I8 1st Ave. S. E. 

Stonemau O. A. 3014 Grand Ave. 

Storer E. W. Windsor Hotel. 

Stout J. C. 611 Franklin Ave. S. 

Stout Mrs. M. Y. 805 Franklin Ave. S. 



Stout Miss Zilla L. 611 Franklin Ave. S. 

Stow A. W. 3 N. 9tli. 

Stowell C. A. 310 14th Ave. N. 

Stowell Mrs. C. E. 310 14th Ave. N. 

Stowell W. A. 310 14th Ave. N. 

Straight A. L. 21 S. 12th. 

Strait H. H. 33 S. 11th. 

Stratton A. M. 917 16th Ave. S. E. 

Straub Rev. Andrew, 1127 N. 4th. 

Straw F. L. 402 16th Ave. S. E. 

Streeter A. J. 1518 N. 4th. 

Strickland W. P. 522 Nicollet Ave. 

Stringham J. C. 413 15th Ave. 

Strohmeier Rev. Andrew, 413 6th Ave. N. 

Strohmeyer H. L. 823 Nicollet Ave. 

Strong A. G. 505 Nicollet Ave. 

Strong Miss Blanche, 728 Hennepin Ave. 

Strong E. H. 20 Seidel Block. 

Strong Sj'lvester, 95 Highland Ave. 

Strothman E. E. 1037 N. 3d. 

Strothman J. H. 629 S. 15ih. 

Struck C. F. 717 9th Ave. S. 

Stryker H. C. 628 University Ave. S. E. 

StrykerH. B. 628 University Ave. S. E. 

Stryker Misses, 628 University Ave.S. E. 

Stryker Rev. P. 628 University Ave. S.E. 

Stuart D. W. 1811 Portland Ave. 

Stuart Edward, 4100 Lyndale Ave. 

Stuart G. A. 1015 Nicollet Ave. 

Stuart Dr. J. H. 1811 Portland Ave. 

Stull G. R. 25th nr Franklin Ave. 

Sturtevaut Hon. C. C. 23 S. 13th. 

Sturtevant Miss Jeanette, 23 S. 13th. 

Sturtevant O. B. 353 Franklin Ave. S. 

Sturtz Mrs. B. B. 1519 Nicollet Ave. 

Sublette G. W. 2616 1st Ave. S. 

Sulley Mrs. Ann, 2320 S. 6th. 

Sullivan Cornelius, 1515 Stevens Ave. 

Sullivan D. G. 727 N. 5th. 

Sullivan J. M. 40 N. 10th. 

Sullivan T. W. 2:^48 5th Ave. S. 

Sully Mrs, S. H. 1501 Hawthorne Ave. 

Summerl E. 328 1st Ave. N. 

Summers George, 17 S. 12th. 

Summers G. H. 45 S 9th. 

Summers Misses, 17 S. 12th. 

Summerside Mrs. Mary, 1410 Stevens Ave. 

Summerville Mrs. M. L. 504 S. 18th. 
Sumner W. A. 13.32 S. 7th. 
Sumner W. L. 1123 Hawttiorne Ave. 
Sunde Reinert, 1705 Franklin Ave. 
Sundell A. C. 582 6th Ave. N. 
Sutherland Byron, 710 8tli Ave. N. 
Sutherland J. B. Jr. 1025 Harmon PI. 
Sutherland L. L. 1025 Harmon PI. 
Sutton C. A. 1318 3d Ave. S. 
Sverdrup George, 7th Ave. cor S. 21st. 
Swaine Miss Blanche, 1112 Harmon PI 
Swanson C. J. Nicollet House. 
Swanson Dr. J. 1834 4th Ave, S, 
Sweat Dr. J. P. 19 Eastman Ave. 
Sweeney C. H. 20 Oak Grove. 
Sweet E. P. Hill Side PI. 
Swensen P. P. 3124 Minnehaha Ave. S. 
Swenson Lewis, 2204 S. ly^. 
Swett O. T. 702 S. E. 4th. 
Swift Mrs. Chloe, 1800 Stevens Ave. 
Swift L. 1204 Chestnut Ave. 
Swift L. Jr. 1204 Chestnut Ave. 
Swinburne J. W. 2821 S. 26th. 
Swindells G. H. 2627 S. E. 9th. 
SykesE. T. 105 S. Oth. 
Sykes W, W. 105 S. 9th. 
Syme Mrs. E. B. Ill S, 13th. 
Syme Miss Mary E. Ill S. 13th. 

rpABOUR J. B. 1706 Linden A 

Taft R. L. 304 1st Ave. S. 
Taintor C. D. 103 S. 6th. 
Taintor W. S. Hennepin Ave. nr 26th. 
Tait W. M. 910 University Ave. S. E. 
Talbert Rev. A. V. 1423 S. E. 5th. 
Talbert Dr. C. S. 2511 5th Ave. S. 
Talbot Miss A. M. 525 Hennepin Ave. 
Talbot F. M. 1510 Linden Ave. 
Tallmadge S. D. 1310 1st Ave. S. 
Tamm J. W. 818 S. 5th. 
Tanner A. B. 1001 Chicago Ave. 
Tanner G. W. 1001 Chicago Ave. 
Tanner Wm. L. 1424 5th Ave. S. 
Tanner W. A. 31 S. 5th. 
Tarbell Wm. J. 63 S. 10th. 
Tavlor Mrs. A. A. 76 S. 7th. 



Taylor A. B. 2211 Park Ave. 
Taylor A. E. 822 4th Ave. S. 
Taylor Bancroft, 13>^ S. 4th. 
Taylor Benjamin, 2200 Chicago Ave. 
Taylor Dr. B. L. 620 S. 5th. 
Taylor E. A. 226 Hennepin Ave. 
Taylor F. C. 1904 35^ Ave. & 
Taylor George, 45 S. 9th. 
Taylor G. E. 818 Nicollet Ave. 
Taylor G. W. 1222 Nicollet Ave. 
Taylor H. 1026 Harmon PI. 
Taylor H. P. 620 1st Ave. S. 
Taylor Mis.s .Jennie, 1026 Harmon PI. 
Taylor James, 400 Nicollet Ave. 
Taylor J. C. 10 Oak Grove. 
Taylor J. G. 409 S. 9th. 
Taylor J. S. 1026 Harmon PI. 
Taylor Wra. 1026 Harmon PI. 
Taylor W. N. 1917 S]4 Ave. S. 
Teachout G. M. 1-506 4th Ave. S. 
Teall B. F, 1510 6th Ave. S. 
Telfer G. F. 613 2d Ave. S. 
Telfer W. G. 613 2d Ave. S. 
Tennant G. H. 422 S. E. 6th. 
Tenney Mrs. E. C. 927 .5th Ave. .S. 
Tenney W. M. 1200 2d Ave. S. 
jnneyson Miss H. 2401 Chicago Ave. 
.Rev. John, 1315 S. 7th. 
35 Pioyalston Ave. 
reT^^PRjrge, 509 Hennepin Ave. 
Terry Mrs. L. H. 44 S. 11th. 
Teter Rev. J.G. 216 S. W. 29th. 
Tew C. H. 2710 3d Ave. S. 
Thams Dr. T. 2106 Bloomington Ave. 
Thayer A. R. S. 2019 3d Ave. S. 
Thayer Charles E. .52 N. 11th. 
Thayer E. H. 1416 2d Ave. S. 
Thayer H. H. 1222 Nicollet Ave. 
Thayer Miss Kate S. 52 N, 11th. 
Thayer S. R. 523 Hennepin Ave. 
Thayer Mrs. 8. P. .52 N. 11th. 
Thian L. R. 1344 S. 7th. 
Thisselle Wm. A. 33 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Thomas A. C. 1503 Hennepin Ave. 
Thomas George W. 108 S. 7th. 
Thomas G. H. 1300 13th Ave. S. 
Thomas Howard, 1.322 S. E. 6th. 

Thomas H. F. 108 S. 7th. 

Thomas J. R. 401 Nicollet. 

Thomas J. "W. 2013 Stevens Ave. 

Thomas Urial, 2538 1st Ave. S. 

Thomas Dr. U. D. 612 1st Ave. S. 

Thomas W. H. 40 Oak Grove. 

Thompson A. D. 607 8th Ave. S. 

Thompson Miss Belle, 123 S. E. State. 

Thompson C. H. Mt. Curve nr Hennepin. 

Thompson C. T. 512 S. 9th 

Thompson Miss Clara L. 519 S. 8th. 

Thompson D. G. 37 N. 12th. 

Thompson D. T. Claris. House. 

.Thompson E. H. 123 S. E. State. 

Thompson E. P. 1905 5th Ave. S.' 

Thompson G. W. 24-54 Bloomington Ave. 

Thompson J McK. 123 S. E. State. 

Thompson J. H. 1516 Hawthorne Ave. 

Thompson Josiah, 3035 Cedar Ave. S. 

Thompson Josiah Jr. 35 S. 8th. 

Thompson J. H. -520 Hennepin Ave. 

Thompson J. L. cor 4th Ave. S. and 28th. 

Thompson M. G. 2314 Portland Ave. 
j Thompson N. R. 519 S. Sth. 
j Thompson Mrs. P. E. 411 N. E. 2d. 
! Thompson R. B. 2224 Bloomington Ave. 
; Thompson R. T. cor 20th Ave. and 36th. 

Thompson Mrs. S. A. 95 S. 14th. 

Thompson Thomas, 1-509 N. 3d. 

Thompson W. G. 12th nr 29th Ave. N. 

Thomson Miss Carrie, 721 Hennepin Ave. 

Thomson Mrs. C. M. 721 Hennepin Ave. 

Thomson James P. 1911 Nicollet Ave. 

Thomson Miss Mary S. 1116 Harmon PI. 

Thori M. P. 309 Nicollet Ave. 

Thorn Mrs. Mary 1030 Nicollet Ave. 

Thorne Mrs. M. E. 718 Hennepin Ave. 

Thornburgh John, 86 S. 12th, 

Thornton David, 143 N. 10th. 

Thresher F. L. 402 S. 7th. 

Thuraas A. C. 1-520 1st Ave. S. 
Thurber Dexter, 525 S. 5th. 
Thurston Bradley, 39 S. loth. 
Thurston J. S. 578 6th Ave. N. 
Thurston Mrs. Mary A. 578 Gth Ave. N. 
Thurston Miss Nettie, 1216 Harmon PI 
Thurston R. B. 578 6th Ave. N. 


Thurston Dr. R. L. 307 S. 6th. 
Tibbetts S. B.718 Hennepin Ave. 
Tice Miss Clara, "26 Eastman Ave. 
Tice E. S. 5 Eastman Ave. 
Tice Wm. H. 26 Eastman Ave. 
T\M T. W. 25 S. 121 h. 
Tillinghast Wm. R. 318S. 11th. 
Tillotson Dr. H. B. 246 Nicollet Ave. 
Tilton Miss Chloe, 401 S. 6th. 
Tilton F. 0. 619 1st Ave. S. 
Timmerman Miss Emma, 1611 2d Ave. S. 
Timmins O. A. 1027 Franklin Ave. S. 
Tindolph F. M Nicollet Ave. ur 32d S. 
Tinkelpaugh Mrs. J. B. 1312 S. E. 6th. 
Tipple A. U. 35 Royalston Ave. 
Tipple C. A. 35 Royalston Ave. 
Tirrell C. B. 2454 Blooinington Ave. 
Tischer H. 1613 University Ave. S.E. 
Tisdale C. B. 306 University Ave. N. E. 
Tisher Rev. F. I. 2500 Buchanan. 
Tissot Kev. Felix, 9th Ave. N. E.nrMain. 
Titesworth G. W. 1527 S. 7th. 

Titus H. N. 428 1st Ave. S. 

Tobin P. W. Mt.Curve Ave. nr Hennepin. 

Todd E. I. 1918 9th Ave. S. 

Todd J. &. Johnson cor 26th Ave. N. E. 

Todd R.C. 1918 9th Ave. S. 

Todd S. C. 517 Lyndale Ave. N. 

ToddS. D. 504 S. E. 4th. 

Todd Dr. W. A. 424 N collet Ave. 

Todd Wm. T. 1417S. E. 6lh. 

Tolman J. D. 2215 Buchanan. 

Tomlinson F. J. 1710 3J4 Ave. S. 

Tomlinson Mrs. Phebe, 1710 S% Ave. S. 

Tomlirson Reuben, 428 1st Ave. S. 

Tomlinson Miss Virginia, 1326 2dAve.S. 

Tompkins Irving, 412 S. 14th. 

Tooker S. C. 29 S. 10th. 

Torrey Rev. R A. 1348 N. E. Adams. 

Torrance C. M. 1209 S. 7th. 

Torrance Eli, 1218 Nicollet Ave. 

Torrance Ell, 1501 4th Ave. S. 

Ti.ucey F. D. 1347 Nicollt-t Ave. 

Toucey J. C. 1347 Nicollet Ave. 

Tousley E.M. 2436 Stevens Ave. 

Tousley J. H. 2617 Western Ave. 

Tousley J. W. 2438 Stevens Ave. 

Towers Dr. F. E. 1 119 Washington Ave. N. 

Towers J. J. 1627 S. 7th. 

Towers S. I. 903 N. 3d. 

Towle E. L. 31 Royalston Ave. 

Towler S. H. 1309 Stevens Ave. 

Town Josiah, 920 1st Ave. N. 

Town Mrs. J. P. 920 1st Ave. N. 

Town Misses, 920 1st Ave. N. 

Town S. A. 92 J 1st Ave. N. 

Towne Byron, Clark House. 

Towne H. A. 1416 Linden Ave. 

Townsend C. 1011 1st Ave. N. 

Townsend Miss Emily, 426 S. 6th. 

Townsend E. B. 19 S. 13lh. 

Townsend E. H. 320 University Ave. S.E. 

Tow use n J L. R. 19th S. 1:5th. 

Townsend Wm. 503 Hennepin Ave. 

Traberl Rev. G. H. 724 S. 5th. 

Tracher Mrs. Flora, 1511 Hawthorne Ave. 

Tracy C. W. 1805 Laurel Ave. 

Trader W. S. 9 )0 7th Ave. S. 

Traeger A. C. 1428 N. 5th. 

Trafton T. B. 620 Washington Ave. N. 

Trainor F. 99 Highland Ave. 

Trask A. K. 53 N. 12th. 

Trask A. M. 1413 Harmon PI. 

Trask E. L. 53 N. l.'th. 

Trask E. W. 701 S. E. 5th. 

Trask W. N. 1016 4th Ave. S. 

Trask Z. W. 521 Hennepin Ave. 

Travis C. L. 2005 S. 9th. 

Travis John F. 1409 3d Ave. S. 

Trea'lwell W. H. 1209 Hawthorne Ave. 

Tremain L. H. 1331 Washington Ave. N 

Treptau Mrs. Mary, 2628 Park Ave. 

Treptau Miss Theresa, 2)2S Park Ave. 

Trevette Miss E. L. 315 S. 6th. 

Trimble A. J. Mt. Curve Ave. cor 23d. 

Tripp J. S. 206 Lake. 

TrippW.W. 119 8. 6th. 

Trost Dr. J. V. 904 Western Ave. 

Trowbridge C. T. .1150 21st Ave.S. W. 

Trubey E. B. 2603 Nicollet Ave. 

True W^. G. Windsor House. 

Truesdale H. C. .38 N. 12th. 

Truesuale W^ H. 116 Highland Ave. 

Truesdell E. W. 905 13th Ave S. E. 



Truesdell V. 1703 Washington Ave. N. 
Truman B. H. 39 S. 15th. 
Truman R. H. 2323 Franklin Ave. S. 
TrumpflF Albert, 333 S. 18th. 
Trushel I). R. 1029 Hennepin Ave. 
Trussell A. N. 1107 1st Ave. N. 
Trussell Mrs. H. M. 1107 1st Ave. N. 
Tryon Wm. 1808 5th Ave. S. 
Tubbs H. L. 2743 1st Ave. S. 
Tucker Henry, 1212 1st Ave. S. 
Tucker Mrs. T. C. 602 Hennepin Ave. 
Tucker Z. R. 802 4th Ave. S. 
Tunstead E. 829 16th Ave. N. 
Tunstead Mrs. John, 829 16th Ave. N. 
Tupper D. W. 1113 S. E. 4th. 
Turnbull G. W. cor 19th Ave. and 24th. 
Turnbull Misses, 82 S. 12th. 
Turnbull R. AV. 82 S. 12th. 
Turnbull Wm. 2814 Nicollet Ave. 
Turner G. N. 1121 N, 4th. 
Turner Harvey J. 1123 N. 4th 
Turner Howard A. 29 N. 6th. 
Turner Mrs. Mary E. 1121 K. 4th. 
Turnquist F. G. 143 S. 17th. 
Turnquist J. A. 816 19th Ave. S. 
Tuttle H. H. West Hotel. 
Tuttle J. C. 800 4th Ave. S. 
Tuttle Rev. J. H. 800 4th Ave. S. 
Twichell Mrs. L. L. 400 S. E. 9th. 
Twine Miss Anna A. 222 S. 8th. 
Twine Major F. W. 222 S. 8th. 
Twichell Miss M. E. 10th S. cor Park 

Tyler Eben, 2017 9th Ave. S. 
Tyler H. F. 2446 16th Ave. S. 

Ave. S. 
Uglow J. J. 1313 1st Ave. S. 
Underwood J. M. 1102 Franklin Ave. 
"Upton C. H. cor 5th Ave. S. E. and 

Upton R. P. 22 Grove. 
Upton Wm. 710 University Ave. S. E. 
Upton W. A. 22 Grove PI. 
Utter Miss Alice, 826 Hennepin Ave. 
Utter Stanley, 3024 21st Ave. S. W. 


XT^AIL O. C. 2206 3% Ave. S. 

VailS. T. 22S. 11th. 

Van Alstein Mrs. K. 1114 Chestnut Ave. 
Van Anda Rev. C. A. 2025 Portland Ave. 
Van Anda F. M. 2025 Portland Ave. 
Van Anda H. C. 2025 Portland Ave. 
Van Antwerp J. S. 51 Syndicate Blk. 
Van Cleve C. E. 603 S. E. 5th. 
Van Cleve E. M. 520 S. E. 4th. 
Van Cleve H. .'^. 604 S. E. 5th. 
Van Cleve Gen. H. P. 603 S. E. 5th. 
Van Cleve Dr. S. H. 603 S. E. 5th. 
Vanderburgh .Tudge C. E. 923 S. 7th. 
Vanderburgh Wm. H. 923 S. 7th. 
A'an Derlip J. R. 1222 Nicollet Ave. 
Vandervoort Hiram, Lake Calhoun. 
Vanderwarker H. H. 625 Hennepin Ave. 
Vanderwarker John, 619 Hennepin Ave. 
Van Deusen H. R. 3113 6th Ave. S. 
Van Duzee W. D. 715 S. 10th. 
Van Dyke A. I. ISOO Laurel Ave. 
A'an Dyke W. J. ISOO Laurel Ave. 
Van Etten Gilbert, 1418 Vine PI. 
Vangsnes Rev. O. P. 1606 S. 6th. 
Van Leeuwen J. J. 1411 N. 4th. 
Van Norman Miss Bessie, 83 S. 6th. 
Van Norman J. D. 22d Ave. N. cor 12th. 
-Van Norman L. P. 83 S. 6th. 
Van Norman Misses, 1916 Chicago Ave. 
Van Norman W. D. 1916 Chicago Ave. 
Van Norman W. P. 22d Ave. N. cor 12th. 
Van Order Cyrus, 2011 6th Ave. S. 
Van Sickler A. S. 225 3d Ave. S. E. 
Van Slyke Webb, 13 N. 6th. 
Vanstrum C. G. 1827 Chicago Ave. 
Vanstrum C. W. 1327 Washington Ave. N. 
Vanstrum F. O. 1827 Chicago Ave. 
Vanstrum F. T. 1813 Chicago Ave. 
Vanstrum N. cor 38th and Stevens Ave. 
Van Valkenburg A. S. 21 N. E. 5th. 
Van Valkenburgh E. 1107 15th Ave. S. E. 
Van Vleck INIrs. P. L. 2112 Chicago Ave. 
Van Voris Wm. F. 820 S. E. 6th. 
Van Wert C. G. 73 S. 15th. . 
Varney Miss Dora B. 114 S. 4th. 
Varney I. H. 114 S. 4th. 


Varney L. S. 49 Eastman Ave. 
Vaughn Wm. 1100 Hawthorne Ave. 
Veitch F. W. 700 Hennepin Ave. 
Veland A. 47 Washington Ave. S. 
Velie C. D. 14 S. 9th. 
Vergho C. A. 208 S. 4th. 
Verrill H. J. 318 S. E. 5th. 
Vetter George, 60 N. 16th. 
Vinal C. L. 710 University Ave. S. E. 
Vincent D. W. 1601 S. 8th. 
Vinter Fred. J. 61 Lyndale Ave. 
Von Ende August, 902 N. 5th. 
Vonkuster E. 6.35 Marshall. 
Vose Z. rope, .329 1st Ave. N. 
Vrooman Mrs. A. L. 30 S. 7th. 


ADE G. W. 44 Highland Ave. 

Wadhams S. F. 24 N. 8th. 
Wadleigh C. B. 1417 S. E. 6th. 
Wadleigh Ira, 509 Hennepin Ave. 
Wadsworth F. H. 629 7th Ave. S. 
Wadsworth II. H. 629 7th Ave. S. 
Wadsworth H. J. 2.543 3d Ave. S. 
Wadsworth H. L. 2543 3d Ave. S. 
Waecker M. 102 Central Ave. 
Wagner A. 108 S. 4th. 
Wagner A. J. 1628 Chicago Ave. 
Wagner A. J. 427 Nicollet Ave. 
Wagner D. R. 1628 Chicago Ave. 
Wagner Rev. F. J. 711 1st Ave. S. 
Wagner H. W. 51 S. 7th. 
Wagner Miss L. A. 1.308 Hennepin Ave. 
Wagner Misses, 1628 Chicago Ave. 
Wagner W. A. 614 6th Ave. S. 
Wagoner H. V. 1216 Harmon PI. 
Waite Dr. Henry, 5 S. 10th. 
Waite H. B. 5 S. 10th. 
Waite Misses, 5 S. lOtli. 
Wakefield i\Iiss Anna, 1812 Nicollet Ave. 
Wakefield Mrs. Anna, 1812 Nicollet Ave, 
Wakefield E. E. 125 Grant. 
Wakefield G. W. 103 S. 9th. 
Wakefield Jarvus, 409 Madison. 
Wakefield T. C. University Ave. N. E. 
Wakeman E. B. 514 S. 10th. 
Wakeman Miss Jennie E. 514 S. 10th. 

Wakeman L. E. 514 S. 10th. 

Walden Miss Mary Lee, 26 S. 11th. 

Walden Rev. Treadwell, 26 S. 11th. 

Waldo C. L. 2019 3)4 Ave. S. 

Waldron C. J. 324 1st Ave. N. 

Waldron H. B. 324 1st Ave. N. 

Waldron Miss Lou, 324 1st Ave. N. 

Waldron Robert, 52 Royalston Ave. 

Waldron W. S. 324 1st Ave. N. 

Wale J. Jr. 317 5th Ave. N. 

Wales Miss Alice, 823 Mary PI. 

Wales Charles E. 14th cor Place's Court. 

Wales D. P. 120 Washington Ave. S. 
I Wales Miss Florence, S23 Mary PI. 

Wales Miss Nettie, 823 Mary PI. 

Wales S. S. 1306 S. 21st. 

Wales Wm. W. 823 Mary PI. 

Walke Mrs. Charles, 1129 Hennepin Ave. 

Walker A. G. 1124 Hennepin Ave. 

Walker A. M. 88 Grant. 

Walker F. C. 88 Grant. 
! Walker (i. M. 803 Hennepin Ave. 
j Walker G. R. 212 S. 4th. 
! Walker Miss Julia, 803 Hennepin Ave. 
I Walker P. B. 726 1st Ave. N. 
1 Walker P. E. 1124 Hennepin Ave. 

Walker Miss Sarah, 404 Franklin Ave. S. 

Walker T. B. 803 Hennepin Ave. 

Walker William M. S N. 11th. 
] Wall T. R. 226 Hennepin Ave. 
j Wallace H. De. 712 1st Ave. S. 
, Wallace J. P. 327 2d Ave. S. 
I Wallace J. P. 1406 Lawerence. 
j Wallace Percival, 327 2d Ave. S. 
i Wallace Wm. 312 12th Ave. S. 
I Wallihan G. P. 3105 1st Ave. S. 
I Walls C. II. 3403 N. 2d. 

Walrath A. P. 2211 4th Ave. S. 

Walrath J. W. 87 Grant. 

Walsh Joseph. 219 8th Ave. N. E. 

Walsh Mrs. J. S. 517 S. 10th. 

Walsh Matthew, 1828 S. 23^. 

Walsh Michael, 1218 S. 23d. 

Walston Thomas, 122 Nicollet Ave. 

Walters G. B. 60 N. 11th. 

Walters J. A. 39 Ridgewood. 

Walton Albert, 22d ur 6th Ave. N. 



Wanvig J. O. 1104 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Wanvig Marc, 1104 Lyndale Ave. N. 

Ward John, 400 Nicollet Ave. 

Ward Mrs. John, 21 Eastman Ave. 

Ward J. E. 35 S. Washington Ave. 

Ward Mercein 723 S. 15th. 

Warden D. C. 1416 5th Ave. S. 

AVarden F. H. 2503 Stevens Ave. 

Warden G. E. 2503 Stevens Ave. 

Wardwell Mrs. M. T. 908 1st A^e. N. 

Warman J. A. 728 6th Ave. S. 

Warner A. J. 15 S. 9th. 

Warner A. L. 323 S. 9th. 

Warner C. F. 211 S. 12th. 

Warner C. N. 227 S. 7th. 

Warner F. R. 338 N. E. 5th. 

Warner Geo. 36 N. 12th. 

Warner G. E. 617 6th Ave. S. 

Warner G. F. Cedar Lake. 

Warner Mrs. J. 727 S. E. 6th. 

Warner J. J. 103 S. 6th. 

Warner Miss Lillian G. 103 S. 6th. 

Warner N. F. 419 S. 18th. 

Warner R. G. 338 N. E. 5th. 

W arnock J. 8. 1408 Nicollet Ave. 

Warnock J. M. 1408 Nicollet Ave. 

Warren G. H. 3443 29th Ave. S. W. 

Warren H. J. 727 9th Ave. S. 

Warren L. P. 1409 3d Ave. S. 

Warren Wni. M. cor 1st Ave. S. and Grant. 

Washburn C. H. 1 Eastman Ave. 

Washburn F. L. cor 22d and Stevens Ave. 

Washburn John, 1517 Park Ave. 

Washburn Mrs. M.E.22d and Stevens Ave. 

Washburn Hon. W. D. 22d and Stevens 

Washburn W. D. Jr. 22d and Stevens Ave. 
Washburn W. P. 700 Central Ave. 
Wass Miss Annes T, M.D. 1129 S. 7th. 
Wass John, 1129 S. 7th. 
Wass Miss Lizzie R, M.D. 1129 S. 7th. 
Waterbury D. M. 28 8. 11th. 
Waterhouse J. F. 656 Jeiferson. 
Waterman A. E. 501 S. E. 4th. 
Waterman D. H. 929 8th Ave. S. 
Waters James, 1830 31^ Ave. S. 
Waters J. E. 43 Washington Ave. S. 

Watkin W. L. 114 Grant. 

Watson Miss Anna W. 613 9th Ave. S. E. 

Watson A. H. 1005 N. 8th. 

Watson A. K. 931 Nicollet Ave. 

Watson G. E. 2747 1st Ave. S. 
' Watson H. P. 1228 Nicollet Ave. 

Watson John, 1228 Nicollet Ave. 

Watson Miss Nellie, 525 N. 20th. 

Watson Richard, 525 N. 20th. 

Watson Wm. 147 N. 10th. 

Watts Mrs. C. C. 62 N. 12th. 
I Way C. M. cor 14th Ave. S. E. and 16th. 
j Weaver G. L. 2210 Bloomington Ave. 
I Weaverson Fred, cor Broadway and 9th. 
! Webb H. C. 1400 Harmon PI. 
I Webber C. C. 14 S. 9th. 

Weber H. W. cor Lake and Hennepin Ave. 
j Weber J. cor Lake and Hennepin Ave. 

Webster Charles M. 915 S. E. 6th. 
; Webster C. C. 524 17th Ave. 
: Webster E. F. 1622 1st Ave. S. 
' Webster E. R. 103 S. 6th. 

Webster Henry, 2518 19th Ave. S. W. 
, Webster H. G. 20 N. 8th. 
j Weeden T. C. 52 Highland Ave. 
I Weeks C. W. 427 S. E. 6th. 

WeeksH. A. 56N. nth. 
' Weeks J. W. 1201 Western Ave. 
; Weeks Dr. T. E. 504 S. E. 4th. 
i Weinhold E. H. 1831 4th Ave. 
j Weinhold F. C. 1831 4th Ave. S. 
; Weiskopf David, 211 Chicago Ave. 
! Weiskopf Henry 810 S. 15th, 

Weiskopf Mrs. R. 1605 2d Ave. 8. 
I Weiskopf Wm. 1605 2d Ave. S. 
I Weitzner Abram, 803 S. 8th. 
I Weitzel E. F. 411 4th Ave. S. 
] Weitzel L. E. 411 4th Ave. S. 
1 Welch Wm. 321 Lyndale Ave. N. 
I Weld J. O. 927 Washington Ave. N. 

Weller J. H. 613 7th Ave. S. 

Weller Miss Marian E. 16 S. 12th. 

Welles H. T. 1700 Hennepin Ave. 

Welles Misses, 1700 Hennepin Ave. 

Wells Jas. M. 1315 S. E. 7th. 

Wells Dr. C. L. 1010 Nicollet Ave. 

Wells C. W. 2500 Stevens Ave. 



Wells Rev. D. E. 2229 S. 8^. 

Wells Mrs. Genevieve, 1326 5th Ave.S, 

Wells Rev. T. B. 33 S. 6th. 

Welsh L. D. 811 S. 8th. 

Welsh L. D. Jr. 811 S. 8th. 

Welty B. F. 526 Hennepin Ave. 

Wendell F. H. 200 S. 13th. 

Wensinger John, 339 N. E. 2d. 

Wentworth Dr. S. S. 246 Nicollet Ave. 

Wenzel C. E. 2429 Cedar Ave. 

Wertman W. F. 1600 Oak Lake Ave. 

Wescott E. A. 242S Bloomington Ave. 

Wessel Mrs. A. 800 Nicollet Ave. 

Wessler F. S. 1015 1st Ave. S. 

Wesselhoeft Mrs. G. F. 428 1st Ave. S. 

West Miss Alice, 46 Eastman Ave. 

West Mrs. A. M. 1314 S. E. 6th. 

West B. J. Jr. 1412 4th Ave. S. 

West C. J. 1037 N. 3d. 

West David, 310 7th Ave. S. 

West E. B. 46 Eastman Ave. 

West Col. John F. West Hotel. 

West John, 116 S. 13th. 

Westcott Dr. G. R. 1909 Hawthorne Ave. 

Westin Henry, 1822 4th Ave. S. 

Weston A. T. 702 6th Ave. N. 

Weston Mrs. Eunice E. 1920 14th Ave. S. 

Weston Miss Eva B. 1920 14th Ave. S. 

Weston Geo. E. 3026 Lyndale Ave. S. 

Wetherbee Miss Adeline, 320 S. 11th. 

Wetmore Livingston, 329 1st Ave. N. 

Wetmore Theodore, 329 Ist Ave. N. 

Weymouth L. S. 600 loth Ave. S. E. 

Whaley C. F. West Hotel. 

Whallon Mrs. G. W. 522 S. 8th. 

Wheatou G. A. 119 S. E. 4th. 

Wheeler Miss A. T. 424 S. 7th. 

Wheeler Charles F. 17 N. 6th. 

Wheeler C. E. 503 Hennepin Ave. 

Wheeler C. H. 68 S. 15th. 

Wheeler D. B. 800 Nicollet Ave. 

Wheeler D. N. 424 S. 7th. 

Wheeler E. S. 126 S. 15th. 

Wheeler Geo. E. 99 S. 12th. 

Wheeler Harry L. West Hotel. 

Wheeler J. H. 424 S, 7th. 

Wheeler M. S. 1409 2d Ave. S. 

Wheeler Wm. 11 N. 6th. 
Wheeler W. B. Nicollet House. 
Wheelock Wm. 609 2d Ave. S. 
Wheelwright J.O.F. 1126 Hennepin Ave. 
Wlietstone Dr. A. S. 504 Nicollet Ave. 
Whidden Abel, 527 2d Ave. S. E. 
Whisler A. L. 1708 3% Ave. S. 
Whisler Rev. .John, 1708 S}4 Ave. S. 
Whitaker Mrs. C. S. 1901 6th Ave. S. 
Whitall Charles D. 1216 Harmon PI. 
Whitcomb G. R. 2S08 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Wlntcomb J. cor Bloomington and 27th. 
Whitcomb J. S. 1725 3^ Ave. S. 
Whitcomb Lyman, 1717 Laurel Ave. 
Whitcomb Mart, 1200 1st Ave. N. 
Whitcomb 8. O. 1501 Hennepin Ave. 
White C. B. 12 N. 9th. 
White Edwin, 616 Franklin Ave. S. 
White Fred. H. 2310 5th Ave. S. 
White G. H. 614 Hennepin Ave. 
White M. C. 1423 S. E. oth. 
White 8. L. 1423 S. E. 5th. 
White Wm. H. 2900 Lyndale Ave. S. 
White W. J. 1417 Laurel Ave. 
Whitehouse T. W. 38 S. 9th. 
Whiteman W. C. 409 Grant. 
Whithey C. H. Lake cor Hennepin Ave. 
Whiting Nelson P. 2622 3^^ Ave. S. 
Whitman John, 706 Hennepin Ave. 
Whitmore Mrs. Emily, 118 S. 9th. 
Whitmore H. B. 1620 3% Ave. S. 
Whitmore J. A. 1620 S% Ave. S. 
Whitmcrre Miss IVfary B. 118 S. 9th. 
Whitmore T. A. 2650 Pleasant Ave. 
Whitney Mrs. A. B. 2110 5th Ave. S. 
Whitney C. D. 63 S. ICth. 
Whitney C. E. 723 12th Ave. N. 
Whitney J. C. 1404 6th Ave. S. 
Whitney J. C. 723 12th Ave. N. 
Whitney J. H. 1404 6th Ave. S. 
Whitney R. L. 227 S. 5th. 
Whitney S. N. 227 S. 5th. 
Whitney Miss Winona, 1404 6th Ave. S. 
Whitney W. C. 611 2d Ave. S. 
Whitney Wm. J. 2200 4th Ave. S. 
Whitson L. H. 2524 1st Ave. S. 
Whittelsey E. J. 1020 1st Ave. S. 


Whittier C. A. 2204 33^ Ave. S. 

Whittier G. 1602 S}4 8. 

Whittier J. D. 617 S. 16th. 

Whittier J. W. 422 1st Ave. S. 

Wilberg Rev. George, 2225 S. 22d. 

Wickes Mrs. A. A. 418 2d Ave. S. 

Wilber H. J. 828 1st Ave. S. 

Wilbur Miss Jennie P. 27 Highland Ave. 

Wilbur P. R. 504 S. 18th. 

Wilcox Maj. A. J. 148 Highland Ave. 

Wilcox A. S. 1228 S. E. 4th. 

Wilcox Mrs. Belle, 1024 Nicollet Ave. 

Wilcox C. C. 1228 S. E. 4th. 

Wilcox John F. 524 S. E. 6th. 

Wilcox Mrs. M. L. 1228 S. E. 4th. 

AVilcox M. C. 1124 1st Ave. S 

Wilde L. J. Clark House. 

Wilkinson A. P. 13 Washington Ave. S. 

Wilkinson C. M, 16 S. 10th. 

Wilkinson Irving, 13 Washington Avo.S. 

Will Lambert, 1429 N. 4th. 

Willard A. T. 924 1st Ave. N. 

AVillard Miss Eva, 1121 Ist Ave. S. 

Willard G. H. 135 Grant. 

Willard Mrs. S. B. 108 S. 9th. 

Willard W. A. 108 S. 9th. 

Willet Girard, 68 S. 15th. 

Willey A. N. 2514 Bloomington Ave. 

Willford J. L. 2014 Blaisdell Ave, 

Williams Miss Abbie, 423 8. E. 5th. 

Williams Miss Alice, 820 S. 8th. 

Williams Rev. A. C. 423 S. E. 5th. 

Williams A. H. 825 8th Ave. S. 

Williams A. P. 2006 Western Ave. 

Williams A. T. 408 S. 7th. 

Williams Mrs. A. W. 30 S. 7th. 

Williams B. 529 Hennepin Ave. 

Williams C. A. Tribune Building. 

Williams Charles S. 1913 S. E. 4th. 

Williams Charles, 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Williams Miss C. 1000 Nicollet Ave. 

Williams Mrs. C. H. 33 Royalston Ave. 

Williams D. G, 213 S. 4th. 

Williams E. E. 1220 S. 22d. 

Williams Rev. Edwin S. 1729 11th Ave. S. 

Williams Miss E. C. 30 8. 7th. 

Williams E. G. 621 Lvndale PI. 

I Williams Miss E. L. 423 8. E. 5th. 
Williams Mrs. E. 8. 717 8. E. 4th. 
j Williams George, 931 Nibollet Ave. 
Williams George, 319 3d Ave. 8. E. 
Williams George A. 423 8. E. 5th. 
Williams Henry R. 837 15th Ave. 8. 
Williams Jay C. 327 8. 6th. 
Williams John M. 1913 8. E. 4th. 
Williams John M. 609 Franklin Ave. S. 
Williams Joshua, 1628 Laurel Ave. 
Williams J. M. 1208 Hennepin Ave. 
Williams Mrs. J. 8. 327 8. 6th. 
Williams Dr. J. W. 2934 23d Ave. 8. 
Williams Mrs. K. T. 2719 Nicollet Ave. 
Williams Miss Lucy, 908 8. 7th. 
Williams L. D. 829 8. E. 7th. 
Williams L. D. 1514 8. E 6th. 
Williams L. H. 1321 2d Ave. 8. 
Williams Miss Marcia, 327 8. 6th. 
Williams Miss Mary A. 820 S. 8th. 
Williams Miss Mary E. 423 S. E. 5th. 
Williams Nelson, 820 8. 8th. 
Williams R. E. 1922 14th Ave. 8. 
Williams 8. M. Cedar Lake. 
Williams S. B. 210 Grant. 
Williams 8. G. 210 Grant. 
Williamson C. E. 120 N. 10th. 
Willis G. M. 624 4th Ave. S. E. 
Willis I. B. 47 8. 9th. 
Willits A. G. 422 2d Ave. N. 
Willson H.H. cor Hennepin Ave. and 3l8t. 
WillsonH.N.cor Hennepin Ave. and 31st. 
Willson W.8. cor Hennepin Ave. and 31st. 
Wilson Charles H. 1014 1st Ave. N. 
Wilson David, 828 Hennepin Ave. 
Wilson Mrs. E. B. 13.'5 Hawthorne Ave. 
Wilson E. W. 1325 Hawthorne Ave. 
Wilson F. P. 1910 Franklin Ave. 
Wilson F. P. 2348 5th Ave. 8. 
Wilson George E. 215 8. 11th. 
Wilson Mrs. G. H. 99 8. 13th. 
Wilson Miss Helen E. 505 8th Ave. 8. E. 
Wilson Miss H. K. 1300 Hawthorne Ave. 
Wilson Miss Helen S. 626 Hennepin Ave 
Wilson 1. P. 215 8. 11th. 
Wilson Mrs. I. F. 526 Hennepin Ave. 
Wilson J. F. 1.509 Laurel Ave. 



Wilson J. K. 2513 8d Ave. S. 

Wilson J. P. 1705 3>^ Ave. S, 

Wilson J. P. 505 8th Ave. S. E, 

Wilson Miss M. 0. 1300 Hawthorne Ave. 

Wilson M. D. 2530 3^ Ave. S. 

Wilson M. D. 2026 5th Ave S. 

Wilson Samuel, 1015 Nicollet Ave. 

Wilson Mrs. S. E. 53 S. 10th. 

Wilson T. W. 828 Hennepin Ave. 

Wilson W. J. 210 Grant. 

Wilson W. G. 300 Madison. 

WilsonW.A. 112N. 5th. 

Winchell C. H. 86 S. 12th. 

Winchell Prof. N. H. 10 S. E. State. 

Winchester G. H. 505 Nicollet Ave. 

Winecke Henry, 84 S. 13th. 

Wing N. J. 411 Grant. 

Wing S. I. 1110 S. 7th. 

Wingate C. E. Lincoln ur 22d Ave. N. E. 

Wingate John H. 1230 8th N. 

Wingate.Mrs. M. E. Lincoln nr 22d Ave N. 

Wingate W. S. Lincoln nr 22d Ave. N. E. 

Winship Chas. A. 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Winship Chas. A. Jr. 700 Hennepin Ave. 

Winship Frank W. 624 Hennepin Ave. 

Winslow C. M.402S. 7th. 

Wiuslow I. M. 402 S. 7th. 

Winston F. G. West Hotel. 

Winston Fred. II. 1108 S. E. 4th. 

Winston Mrs. K, A. 628 S. 16th. 

Winston P. B. 1826 Park Ave.S. 

Winston W. 0. 1st cor Washington Ave.S. 

Winter E. S. 1535 Franklin Ave. S. 

Winter G. S. 851 16th Ave S. 

Wishart J. R. Chicago Ave. cor S. 33d. 

Wisner W. H. 3 Eastman Ave. 

Witchie E. E. 2105 N. 9th. 

Withrow W, H. 108 Hennepin Ave. 

Witzel W. C. 114 S. 16th. 

Wolbert G. W. 1221 Nicollet Ave. 

Wolcott J. R. 1508 1st Ave. S. 

Wolford Peter, 726 1st Ave. S. 

Wolford Wm. L. 59 S. 10th. 

Wolfrum Mrs. Chas. 312 N. E. 5th. 

Wolverton B. 108 S. 7th. 

Wolverton J. A. 802 6th Ave. S. 

Woodworth R. L. 55 Royalston Ave. 

Wolverton Will 0. 802 6th Ave. S. 
Wood A. B. 2921 32d Ave. S. 
Wood Charles J. 1609 S. 6th. 
Wood George H. 207 S. 12th. 
Wood Harry A. 204 N. 4th. 
Wood H. D. 73 S. 7th. 
Wood H. P. 605 7th Ave. S. 
Wood J. E. 2609 Nicollet Ave. 
Wood J. P. 2609 Nicollet Ave. 
Wood Miss L. D. 1415 University Ave. 
Wood M. E. 30 S. 7th. 
Wood S. H. Park Ave. cor S. 34th. 
Wood W. S. 3114 Portland Ave. . 
Woodard C. F. 1828 5th Ave. S. 
Woodard Dr. F. R. 875 16th Ave. 
Woodard J. S. 1823 15th Ave. S. 
Woodburu G. W. ^9 N. 12tli. 
Woodburn Mrs. Mary, 22 Eastman Ave. 
Woodcock F. W. 1005 S. E. 7th. 
Woodford James E. 1123 1st Ave. S. 
Woodhull Miss Clara, 27 Eastman Ave. 
Woodhull Mrs. M. A. 626 11th Ave. S. E. 
Woodhull Miss Mary, 27 Eastman Ave. 
Woodling Dr. M. E. 326 Nicollet Ave. 
Woodman C. S. 1720 3}^ Ave. S. 
Woodman J, J. 3537 29th Ave. S. W. 
Woodman P. M. 1510 Linden Ave. 
Woodmansee D. 702 University Ave. S. E. 
WoodrtiflF C. S. 3416 N. 5th. 
Woodruff J. D. 1214 S. 8th. 
Woodruff J. H. 2527 2d Ave. S. 
Woodruff M. B. 2530 3d Ave. S. 
Woods Charles H. 33 S. 10th. 
Woods Mrs. J. 33 S. 10th. 
Woods Mrs. M. J. 149 Highland Ave. 
Woods W. S. 6th Ave. S. nr 31st. 
Woodward A. M. 189 Island Ave. 
Woodward C. J. 427 2d Ave. N. 
Woodward Miss Effie E. 108 S. 7th. 
Woodward Eugene, 108 S. 7th. 
AVoodward F. A. 1517 S. 9th, 
Woodward H. B. 24 N. 10th. 
Woodward P. G. 108 S. 7th. 
Woodward W. W. 1122 Hawthorne Ave. 
Woodworth B. N. 127 Grant. 
Woodworth E. S. 127 Grant. 
Woodworth J.I). 1-9 Highland Ave. 


Wood worth Snow, 127 Grant. 
"Woolf Jay F. 2830 Nicollet Ave. 
Woolf R. 11. 2820 Nicollet Ave. 
Woollett R. N. 2715 Nicollet Ave. 
WooUey F. P. 15 S. 9th. 
Woolley J. G. 1400 S. 9th. 
Woolrough J. H. 1609 S. E. 4th. 
Woolsey D. W. 309 5th Ave. S. 
Woolsey J. U. 309 5th Ave S. 
Woolsey Miss M. E. 309 5th Ave. S. 
Woolsey W. B. 219 S. E. 5th. 
WoosterE. D. 15 S. 9th. 
Works S. D. 615 6th Ave. S. 
Worman J. A. 728 6th Ave. S. 
Worthingham Emery, 214 S. 4th. 
Worthington A. W. 1826 4th Ave. S. 
Worthington Miss Katie, 2019 6th Ave. S. 
Worrall J. C. 1515 Nicollet Ave. 
Warman W. W. 711 21st Ave. S. 
Wright A. 22 S. 12th. 
Wright A. J. 1117 N. 3d. 
Wright Miss A.M. 1219 S. E. 4th. 
Wright B. S. 1000 1st Ave. N. 
Wright Mrs. C. A. Bloomington nr 26th. 
Wright C. B. 41 S. 11th. 
Wright E. A. 22d S. 12th. 
Wright F. B. 1501 Hennepin Ave. 
Wright G. F. 7.30 S. 15th. 
Wright Miss Hattie L. 22 S. 12th. 
Wright Miss Hattie M. 921 S. 7th. 
Wright Henry T. 2306 4th Ave S. 
Wright Rev. J. A. 1212 S. E. 5th. 
Wright Miss Myrta E. 1212 S. E. 5th. 
Wright Miss M. L. 404 W. 20th. 
Wright Robert, 1613 S. E. 6th. 
Wright R. R. 1219 S. E. 4th. 
Wright S. C. 516 13th Ave. S. E. 
Wright T. J. 203 N. 4th. 
Wright Mrs. S. W. 614 S. 16th. 
Wright Wm. 41 S. 11th. 
Wright W. M. 14 N. 9th. 
Wunder J. C. 906 N. 5th. 
Wyant F. C. 23d Ave cor. N. 24th. 
Wyman C. C. 5065th Ave. S. 
Wyman D. F. 1605 S. 24th. 
Wyman H. F. 226 S. 8th. 
Wvman J. T. 1724 3^ Ave. S. 

Wyman Mrs. Mary J. 1704 5th Ave. S. 
Wyman O. C. 1010 1st Ave. N. 
Wyman R. 1010 Western Ave. 
Wyman W. T. 225 S. 8th. 

^V7"ALE WASHINGTON, 36 S. 13th. 

Yarnall Frank, 327 Nicollet Ave. 

Yarnall Dr. Wm. 37 S. 7th. 

Yates B. G. 732 S. 15th. 

Yates G. W. 2011 Chicago Ave. 

Yaton H. D. 90S Hennepin Ave. 

Yeaton A. H. 522 Nicollet Ave. 

Yeaton H. D. 908 Hennepin Ave. 

Yeaton W. H. 2427 4th Ave S. 

Yelland L. B. 2 Highland Ave. 

Yerxa A. S. .500 5th Ave. S. 

Yerxa J. B. 500 5th Ave. S. 

Y'erxa M. W. 823 5th Ave. S. 

York John, 2300 N. 5th. 

Young Miss Amelia, 1329 Hawthorne Ave. 

Young Miss A. 721 Washington Ave. N. 

Young Judge A. H. 2018 18th Ave. S. 

Young Mrs. Chas. 1329 Hawthorne Ave. 

Young Charles E. 2100 18th Ave. S. 

Young E. A. 2100 16th Ave. S. 

Young Miss Fannie W. 28 S. 10th. 

Young Howard J. 427 Nicollet Ave. 

Y'oung J. De, 400 Third Ave. S. 

Young Miss Jennie, S. 10th cor Park Ave. 

Young John, 2109 N. 8th. 

Young Mrs. E. A. N. 12th cor Linden Ave. 

Young J. C. 519 3rd Ave. S. 

Young Miss Kate, 30 S. 7th. 

Young Dr. T. M. 1416 20th Ave. N. 

Young Winthrop, 1107 University Ave. 

Young W. S. 1117 1st Ave. S. 

nf AHN F. H. 1419 8th Ave. S. 

Ziegler Calvin, 254 14th Ave. N. 
Zeigler C. C. 2123 Lyndale Ave. N. 
Zier Dr. E. E. 1125 Nicollet Ave. 
Zimmerman August, 576 6th Ave. N. 
Zimmerman Miss Bertha, 1111 N. 4th. 
Zimmerman F. D. 30 N. 10th. 
Zimmerman Henry, 1111 N. 4th. 
Zoch Prof. H. E. 414 Nicollet Ave. 





T'lO Hennepin. Ave., = N/Cinneaf^olis. 




Office and Works. 99 to 105 Spruce Place, between 13th and Grant, 


Bop^jpLAND Stone, poi^ Building eui^poses, 

Plain or Ornamental. Also Steps, Edgings, Side and Lawn Walks. 




book: case^s, cabinets and easels. 

Fine Custom Work and Repairing a Specialty. 

428 Second Ave. South, cor. Fifth St., MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 

G. E. Wilson. W, J. Moore. 

Si^OY Steam Ijaundi^y, 

503 Second Ave. South, cor. Fifth St., MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 

Goods called for and delivered to any part of the city free of charge. 
Express charges paid one way on goods from outside of city. 

Chas. W. Johnson. Fred. L. Smith. L. Harrison. 




L ietgei^iric «- ]e)ir)diriq «er *C)peoi0:ny . 

iK\^i mi\K^i^ Solicited. 

Estimates Give:k on Application. 


©HE Fashionable ©Amoi^. 


Sidle Block, Room 3. 







Eonghton, MifSin & Co., J. R. Osgood & Co., Fords, Howard & Halbertj. 


F. O. Renard. Lambert Gisslow. 

r^- o- i^Eisr.i^i^iD az, CO-, 

(P. O. .Address, Box 420.) MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 

Western Land Commissioners Real Estate Agts.. 


100,000 acres of the best Railroad Land In Southern Minriesota and 

Northern Iowa. 


_.^.^-r H K^°<>— 


President, C. H. Pettit. Treasurer, J. F. R. Foss. 





This Company has for rent Burglar and Fire Proof 
Boxes for the safe keeping of valuable papers, securi- 
ties, jewelry, etc., which afford Perfect Protection, 
and are under the sole control of the renter. 

The attention of fannilies contemplating temporary absence 
from the city, is called to the ^Company's vaults as a place for 
safe keeping of valuables, receipts for which are given by the 

Jewelry when not in use, and valuables of all kinds are 
not safe in dwelling houses. Store them in the vaults of this 
Company, where they will be Absolutely Secure. 



Minneapolis :Names Arranged According to 

Adams Street. 

532 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Bergin. 
536 Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Mason. 
538 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McDoiigall. 

1105 Mr. and Mrs D. Minogue. 
1300 Mr. and Mrs. J. Marston. 
1348 Rev. and Mis. R. A. Torrey. 

B Street — (Aeu- iS'oj/ie Beacon.) 

800 Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Gillett. 
800 Miss Belle J. Cherry. 
2008 Rev. and Mrs. Horace Worden. 


Oak Air. 

Mr. and Mrs. AY. C. Marsh. 

Blaisdell Avenue. 

2801 Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Abramson. 
2813 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Foster. 
2817 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barette. 
2817 Levi Chapman. 
3104 Eev. and Mrs. Stephen Higgins. 

Nr. S2d. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Appleton. 
Cbr. S. SSd. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Russell. 

Blooiiiington Avenue. 


Dr. and Mrs. T. Thams. 
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Weaver. 
Rev. and Mrs. John Moses. 
R. B. Thompson. 
Dr. and Mrs. B. W. Kimball. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Lofgren. 
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham H. Drake. 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Cosier. 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Corbett. 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Wescott. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pottner. 

2436 James Flachy. 
2436 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. George. 
2439 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Leavitt. 
2454 Mr. and Mrs. Chesley B. Tlrrell. 
24.54 Gay lord W. Thompson. 
2500 Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Murdock. 
2500 Mrs. E. F. Murdock. 
Nr. S. 26(h. 

Mrs. Caroline A. Wright and drs. 

James E. Whitcomb. 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Griffin. 



Bradford Avenue. 

715 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Baldwin. 
717 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Allen. 

719 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Jackson. 
719 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Erwin. 

Bucliaiian Street. 

2010 Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Nye. 

2215 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Tolman. 

2222 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fraser, 

2500 Rev. Frank I. Fisher. 
Nr. 25th Ave. 

Capt. and Mrs. George Rutherford. 

Cedar Avenue. 

729 Mr. and Mrs. George II. Holden. 

729 Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Ford. 
2007 Mr. and Mrs. Charles IT. Capron. 
2011 Dr. and Mrs. II. B. Love. 
2020 Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Colburn. 
2020 Otis L. Colburn. 
Cor. 22d. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Borchert. 
2218 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Beuiis. 
2221 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Sleeper. 
2221 Miss Ella Hyde. 
2221 Miss Elizabeth F. Hyde. 
2221 Miss Sarah M. Geer. 
2411 Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Jt»hnson. 
2429 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wenzel. 
2433 Mr. and Mrs. John Gaines. 

2434 Mr. 
2501 Mr. 
2521 Mr. 
Cor. 26fh. 
2748 Mr. 
2748 Mr. 
2813 Mr. 
2818 Mr. 
2929 Mr. 
2920 Mr. 
3035 Mr. 
31.32 Mr. 
3144 Mr. 
3219 Mr. 
3304 Mr. 

and Mrs. Charles Gilpatrick. 
and Mrs. Max Benson, 
and Mrs. N. H. Roberts. 

and Mrs, 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs. 
and Mr.«!. 
and Mrs, 
and Mrs, 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs, 
and Mrs 

Chas. W. Shatto. 
Conrad Peters. 
Charles F. Peters. 
Ezra L. Smith and dr. 
Charles B. Layman. 
Martin Layman. 
Clarence M. Layman. 
Josiah Thompson. 
L. B. Graham and drs. 
James B. Allen. 
William Cart. 
. Donald J. McNiven. 

Cedar Lake. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Warner. | Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Williams. 

Cedar Lake Avenue. 

Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Foster and dr. 

Mr. and :Mrs. E. D. Scott. 

W. H. Scott. 

F. C. Scott. 

Mrs. M. J. Scott. 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bowman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mwin G. Potter. 

Central Avenue 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. II. Potter. 

Col. and Mrs. Samuel E. Adams. 

Henry R. Adams. 

John C. Adams. 

Miss Cora Weston. 

Mr. aiid Mrs. Andrew H. Adams. 

102 Meinrad Waecker. 

105 Dr. Thonias L. Laliberte. 

206 Mr. and Mrs. William Matter. 

224 Dr. W. F. Kertson. 

228 Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Gilson. 

329 A. N. Gowen. 

403 John G.Craig. 

403 David C. Craig. 

403 Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Carrington. 

506 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Sprague. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Washbnrn. 

806 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Anderson. 




1100 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Field, Jr. 
1106 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Field and dr. 
1114 Mrs. K. B. Van Alstein. 
1114 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Starr. 
1116 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Chapman. 
1116 Miss Clara Chapman. 
1120 Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Abbott. 
1120 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. M. Abbott. 
1128 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Grove. 
1200 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bartleson. 
1200 J. L. Gilmore. 
1204 Mr. and Mrs. L. Swift, Jr. 
1211 Mrs. Jane C. Pease and drs. 
1211 James McMullen. 

Cliicago Avenue — {See 

900 Mrs. R. S. Hineline. I 

901 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Levi. ! 
901 A. L. Levi. 

905 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bernstein. 
918 Mr. and Mrs. James Stoddard. ! 

920 Mrs. S. F. Morey. 

921 Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Brooke. 

923 Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Schmidt. 

929 Mr. and IMrs D. H. Waterman. i 

1401 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Shuman. 
1401 A. B. Tanner. 
1401 George Tanner. 
1409 Mr. and Mrs. Wni. P. Burnett. 
1409 L. P. Burnett. 

1416 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Polliver. 
1416 Mrs. Margaret D. Morrison. 
1419 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Zahn. 
1419 Miss Amanda Stebbins. 
1515 Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Byrnes. 
1617 Mr. and Mrs. John G. Robb. 
1519 Mrs. C. n. Stebbins. 
1601 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gardner. 
1609 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rogers. 

1626 Mr. and Mrs. P. J. E. Clementson. 

1627 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Pottle. 

1627 James M. Pottle. 

1628 Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Wagner and drs, 
1628 Alfred J. Wagner. 

1628 Miss Jennie C. Havens. 
1810 Mr. and >[rs. G. R. Lyman. 


1214 Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMullen. 

1217 Mr. and Mrs. G. Bradbury and dr 

1217 Miss Ella B. Mitchell. 

1220 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McCollom. 

1220 J. I). Breed. 

1225 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bickley and dr. 

1225 William Bickley, Jr. 

1227 Mr. and Mrs. J. Harpmann. 

1231 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Morse. 

1235 Mr. and Mrs. T. Murphy. 

1238 Mr. and Mrs. J. O. F. Miller. 

Cor. 16th. 

Mr. and Mrs. George McMullen. 

also Eighth Avenue South.) 
1813 Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Vanstrum. 
1815 Mr. and Mrs. OKver Merion and dr. 
1826 Mr. and Mrs. Sander Segelbaum. 

1826 Mrs. A. Flesch. 

1827 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Vanstrum. 
1827 F. 0. Van.strum. 

1906 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Parker. 

1907 Frank B. Batchelder. 

1909 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hulmberd. 

1909 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Folts. 

1911 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gram. 

1916 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Van Xorman 

and drs. 
2011 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Yates. 
2018 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Goodrich and dr. 
2018 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Knight. 
2109 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Campbell. 

2111 Mr. and Mrs. David Weiskopf. 

2112 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Eddings. 
2112 Mrs. P. L. Van A'leck. 

2200 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Taylor. 

2201 Mr. and Mrs. Rice S. Dow. 
2205 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ball, Jr. 
2205 Bert W. Ball. 

2205 E. J. Ball. 

2205 Louis H. Ball. 

2401 Mr. and Mrs James Jensen. 

2401 Miss Hannah Tennyson. 

2407 Mr. and3Irs. Wm. H. Springer. 

2409 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Cole. 



2528 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Mortimer. 
2532 Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Morrill. 
2536 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Page. 
2805 Mr. and Mrs. August Miller. 

Douglas Avenue. 

I Cbr. S. 29tfi 

2809 Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Henry. 
2809 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Goss. 
Xear SSd. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. AVishart. 

Cor. S. 21st. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Speedy. 

Mrs. and Mrs. L. E. Carpenter. 

Eastman Avenue. 

1 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gale and dr. 

1 Miss Bella J. Barth. 

1 J. E. James. 

1 C.H. Washburn. 

3 Mrs. S. E. Allen. 

3 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lewis. 

3 G. W. Grosskopf. 

3 R. F. Armstrone. 

5 Mr. andMr. S.F. Royd. 

5 Mr and Mrs. C. E. Lewis. 

5 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Tice. 

7 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hodgson. 

7 W. 8. Hodgson, 

7 I. W. Hodgson.' 

9 Mr. and Mrs. John Dunham. 

9 Frank Dunham. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. M. 8. Dickerson and dr. 
11 W. R. Dickerson. 
13 Mrs. C. E. McMillan and dr. 
13 James McMillan, 
13 Otto Macroth. 
13 C. E. Bradeu. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Fisk. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Miller. 
17 iSlr. and Mrs A. K.Miller and dr. 
17 A. R. Miller, Jr. 
17 George T. Miller. 
19 Mrs. Paris Gibson. 
19 Theodore Gibson. 
19 Dr. J. P. Sweat. 

19 James Jennison. 

20 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Heffelfinger. 

21 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Miller. 
21 Mrs. John Ward. 

21 Miss Nellie M. Miller. 

21 Franc B. Daniels. 

22 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Campbell, Jr. 

22 Mrs. Mary Woodburn. 

23 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Dickey. 
23 Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Jumper 

23 Walter Gage. 

24 Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Fairbairn. 

24 S. A. Ainsworth. 

25 Mr. and Mrs. W. L.Bassett. 

25 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bassett. 

26 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Tice and drs. 

27 Mrs. C. Virginia Brown. 
27 Wm.A. Hankins. 

27 Robert H. Barclay. 
27 W. F. Adams. 
27 G. F. Beech. 
27 Geo. F. Hubbard. 

27 Wm. H. Donahue. 

28 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Partridge. 

28 T. A. Orr. 

29 Mrs. E. R. Holbrook. 
29 Wm. R. Holbrook. 
29 Miss Susie Clark. 

29 Miss Anna L. Millard. 

29 D. W. Clark. 

.30 AVm. Chatfield and dr. 

SO Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Chatfield. 

32 Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Covey. 

32 J. W. Perkins. 

32 Weed Munro. 

32 Fred. Munro. 

34 Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Sheetz. 

34 Simon Meyers. 

36 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bogardus. 

38 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Rosbache. 

38 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Huser. 

40 Prof, and Mrs. C. C. Curtiss. 

40 Mrs. P. M. Curtiss. 

42 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Breck and dr. 



42 F. P. Breck" 

55 Mr. and Mr. E. H. Center. 

42 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Northrop. 

55 Mrs. P. Hyde. 

42 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. P. Braslan. 

55 H. F. Adancourt. 

44 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gould. 

55 W. J. Burton. 

46 E. B. West and dr. 

55 H. V. Plank. 

49 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Varney. 

57 Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Christian. 

49 Mr. and Mr. S. T. Conlee. 

77 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Goodwin. 

51 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Foss. 

Eighteenth Avenue Sonth. 

2018 Judge and Mrs. A. H.Young and dr. 
2100 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Young. 
2120 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Muldoon. 
2120 Miss Emma M. Muldoon. 
2206 Mr. and Mrs. George N. Higgiuson. 

2211 Rev. and Mrs. Louis Dahlgren. 
2420 Rev. Henry L. Chamberlin. 
3128 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Macurdy, 
3134 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Howser. 

Eighteenth Street South. 

331 Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Pierson. 
401 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Slenker. 
419 Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Warner. 
504 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Newt. 
504 Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Wilbur. 
504 S. P. Cox. 

504 Mrs. M. L. Summerville. 

505 Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Palmer. 
507 Mr. and Mr. J. B. Phelps. 

507 Mrs. C. Clifford and dr. 

520 Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Sinnott. 

615 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Jordan. 

615 Prof. Charles M. Jordan. 

615 Arthur N. Jordan. 

623 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Gove. 

729 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McNaughton. 
1531 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baxter. 
1531 S. H. Baxter. 

Eighth Avenue North. 

209 Mr. and Mrs. Isador Monasch. 
251 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pedean. 
581 Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Spiegel. 
626 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Cleveland. 
628 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rhomberg. 
710 Mr. and Mrs. Byron Sutherland. 

749 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Benedict. 

751 Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson Jr. 

752 Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Lamoreaux. 
752 L. A. Lamoreaux. 

752 M. S. Lamoreaux. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Carson. 

Eighth Avenue Sonth. 

500 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Smith. 

500 Edwin J. Fisher. 

502 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spear. 

504 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Howlett and dr. 

506 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brown. 

617 Rev. and Mrs. E. A. Skogsbergh. 

716 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Sague. 

815 Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Cooper. 

815 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Cooper. 

821 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Haynes. 
821 Mr, C. E. Haynes. 
821 F. R. Haynes. 
823 Mrs. J. A.. Martin and dr. 
823 C. T. Martin. 
827 Mr, and Mrs. J. S. Root. 
829 Dr. and Mrs. L, N. Sharp and dr, 
{Fo7- continuation of Eighth Ave. South see 
Chicago Ave.) 



Eighth Avenue South £ast. 

417 Prof, and Mrs. J. A. Dodge. 

419 Prof. C. W. Benton. 

419 Mrs. W. A. Benton and dr. 

425 Rev. and Mrs. .1. L. Scudder. 

427 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hastings. 

501 Mr. and ^frs. Frank Adams. 

501 Miss E. Louise Kingman. 

501 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wilson and dr. 

509 Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Graves. 

521 Mrs. M. C. Scudder and dr. 

521 F. J. Scudder. 

525 Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Boynton. 

529 Capt. and Mrs W. W. Rich. 

625 Mr, and Mrs. James S. Lane and drs. 

625 Mrs. Velona Lane. 

729 Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Chase. 

Eighth Street North. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell. 

12 I). F. Simpson. 

17 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Elliott. 

17 Mrs. H. A. Clemence and dr. 

20 Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Webster. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Savage. 

24 Mrs. S. F. Wadhams. 
■Cbr. 15/ Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pierson. 
1001 Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Roundy. 
1001 Miss Grace Ranp. 
1003 Mr. and Mrs. Austin H. Watson. 
1121 Mr. and Mrs. John Ellstrom. 
1121 Rev. Andrew J. Enstam. 
1143 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Leighton. 
1149 Mr. and Mrs. Horace N. Leighton. 
1210 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wingate. 
1619 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Massolt. 

1626 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Glenn. 
1626 Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Bloom. 
1707 Mr. and Mrs. Wendelin Muther. 
1824 Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Lauderdale. 
1905 Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Robinson. 
2012 Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Naegele. 
2027 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ebert and drs. 
2027 Henry Ebert. 

2109 Mr. and Mrs. John Young. 

2110 A. S. Congdon. 

2110 ]\Iiss Laura A. Congdon. 

2307 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Finnegan. 

2311 Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo M. Boardman 

2500 Mr. and Mrs.Sylvanus M. Freeman. 

2528 Mr and Mrs. Charles Hoag. 

2606 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Baxter. 

2618 Mr. and Mrs. Charles McAllister. 

Eighth Sti 

28 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Jones. 
28 Miss L. M. Rogers. 

30 Mr. and ]\Irs. N. R. Cassidy. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Small. 

31 Mrs. Jane B. Small. 

32 Mr. and Mrs W. S. Ilamer. 
32 E. W. Goddard. 

34 Miss Adele S. Hutchison, M. D. 
34 Miss E. F. Whitmore. 

34 Henri Duval. 

35 E. W. Herrick. 
35 R. D. Herrick. 

35 Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Thompson, Jr. 

38 Mr. and Mrs. Collins Hamer. 

38 M. C. Hamer. 

38 Mrs. M. P. Bausman. 

eet South. 

45 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Pomeroy and dr. 

48 Wm. W. Ripley. 

48 Dr. Martha G. Ripley. 

48 Charles L. Sproat. 

48 Miss Abby L. Sproat. 

50 Miss M. W. Men-ill. 

51 Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hill. 
51 Horace M. Hill. 

83 Mrs. J. M. Mead and drs. 
83 H. C. Mead. 
87 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Ladd. 
87 P. M. Ladd. 
87 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Clark. 
91 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ensign. 
91 Mrs. L. A. Ames. 
222 Major and Mrs. F. W. Twine and dr. 



224 Mrs. Nancy Ricker. 

226 Capt. and Mrs. Mahlon Black and dr. 

226 S. L. Hart. 

226 Thomas Coughlan. 

226 Wm. T. Wyman. 

226 H. F. Wynian. 

226 Richard Middleton. 

226 M. L. Gould. 

226 H. E. Barnes, Jr. 

226 C. S. Plummer. 

228 Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Lawrence. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Lovell. 

310 Col. and Mrs. George C. Ripley. 

310 Seldon Bacon. 

312 Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Pearson and drs. 

313 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Hawley. 
313 A. C. Hawley. 

317 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morse. 
316 Mrs. S. K. Stevens. 
321 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Haglin. 
324 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Ainsworth. 

324 Miss Mary E. Joslin. 

325 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Lee. 
Cor. 4th Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Christian. 
428 Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Christian. 
428 Miss E. C. Caskin. 
428 C. E. French. 
500 Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards. 
500 C. L. Edwards. 

500 Mrs. E. R. Note ware. 

501 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Meader. 
501 Bryant Stephens. 

505 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schlesinger. 
507 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Stern. 
515 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Coughlin. 

515 J. S. Ryan. 

516 S. E. Neiler and dr. 
516 W. E. Neiler. 

516 S. G. Neiler. 

516 Isaac Jackson. 

518 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Dale. 

518 Henry S. Dale. 

519 Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Thompson and dr. 

520 Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Hussey. 
520 F. B. Hussey. 

520 A. M. Hilliker. 

520 Miss F. E. Hilliker. 

520 Miss M. A. Hilliker. 

522 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Porter. 

522 Mrs. G. W. Whallon and dr. 

615 Mrs. C. A. Holmes. 

615 F. E. Holmes. 

625 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Keese. 

629 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Judd. 

629 Mrs. E. J. Dibble. 

629 Mrs. J. A. Bishop. 

701 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. G. Jacoby. 

701 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lehmaier. 

713 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Goodrich. 

723 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Johnson. 

723 O. W. Oestlund. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Cole. 

801 Mrs. Sarah Davenport. 

801 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Frederick. 

801 Miss H. M. De Long. 

801 Miss Jennie Brownlee. 

803 Mr. and Mrs. Abram Weitzner. 

811 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Welsh. 

811 L.D.Welsh, jr. 

817 Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Spear and dr. 

817 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jones. 

820 Mr. and Mrs.Nelson Williams and dr. 

820 W. S. Williams. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. G. Will Smith. 
1100 Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Brearley. 
1100 Wm Milham. 
1104 J. F. Kingsland. 
1106 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Seely. 
1121 Mr. and Mrs. August Malmsten. 
1129 Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Leavitt. 
1212 Mr. and Mrs. F S. McDonald and dr. 
1214 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Woodruff. 
1216 Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Baker and dr. 
1216 George H. Baker. 
1221 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Stevens and dr. 
1307 Dr. and Mrs. T. S. McCart and dr. 
1328 Dr. and Mrs. S. Friedlander. 
1328 W. D. Mathis. 
1328 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Johnson. 
1410 Rev. Peter J. Jeram. 

1410 Miss Mary Ursula Jeram. 

1411 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Leavitt. 
1413 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Robbins. 



1413 B. C. Bissell. 

1601 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Vincent. 

1421 Mr. and Mrs. L Franklin. 

2401 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bros and dr. 

1423 Mr. and Mrs. George S. King and dr. 

2401 Wm. Bros. 

Cor. 16th av. 

2401 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Knoll. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Butler and dr. 

Eiglitli and a Half Street South. 

2211 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Doremus. [ 2229 Rev. and Mrs. D. E. Wells and dr. 

Eiglitli Street South East. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Grindall. 

311 Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Little. 

313 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Armstrong. 

325 Mrs. J. L. Fullertou. 

329 Edgar Folsom. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. George Francisco. 

411 Mr. and Mrs. Wetmore O'Brien. 

633 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Clark. 
6-i5 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glessner. 
639 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Glessner. 
639 Mrs. J. De Vol. 
812 Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Drew. 
816 Mr. and Mrs. D. H. McAllister. 
1000 Mr. and Mrs. .Joseph Hawes and drs. 

Eleventh Avenue North. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Barnes. 

513 E. H. Barnes. 

515 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Boldue.. 

721 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Eaton. 

725 Rev. L. Nougaret. 

801 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gooder. 

816 Mr. and Mrs. Tver Hansen. 

821 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Cilley. 

821 Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Graves. 

825 Mr. and Mrs. Milton Bliss and dr. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Lawton. 

906 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Bartholomew. 

906 Iheron Bartholomew. 

906 Miss Annie Bemus. 

916 Mrs. Mary A. Cole. 

916 Richard E. Cole. 

916 Miss Annie B. Cole. 
1000 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Sexton. 
1000 Miss Jennie Osburn. 
1101 Mrs. and Mrs.Geo. Metcalfe and drs. 
1301 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. IL Middlemist. 
1301 Mrs. Catharine Eggleston. 

Eleventh Avenue South. 

328 Mr. and Mrs. Benj. R. Bain. 
328 Agustus R. Bain. 

718 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Butterfield. 

719 Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Salisbury. 

720 Rev. and Mrs. M. W. Montgomery 

and dr. 
1702 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chad wick. 
1710 Mr. and Mrs. S. Mathews and dr. 

1723 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Johnson. 

1724 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Marble and dr. 

1728 Mr. and Mrs. James Larsen. 

1729 Rev. and Mrs. E. S.Williams and dr. 
1803 Mrs. Ernestine Brown. 

1827 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stoft. 
1829 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Pow. 

1900 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brearley. 

1901 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Boynton. 
1904 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Holmes. 
1907 Mr. and Mrs.C A. Blomquist and dr. 
1907 Charles A. Blomquist, Jr. 

2116 Rev. and Mrs. Oliver L. Bodien. 
2017 Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Pinger. 
2118 Mr. and Mr. Marcus Nygaard. 
2314 Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Blackmore. 
2426 Mrs. Mary H. Marsh and dr. 



£leventli Avenue Sotxth £ast. 

621 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hunter. 
626 Mr. and Mrs. Wuj. R. Dobbyn. 
626 Mis. M. A. Woodhull. 

628 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Barnard. 
Nr. 1th. 

Hon. and Mrs. F. B. LowelL 

Eleventh Street North. 

6 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Johnson. '' 

8 ifr. and Mrs.W. H. Fuller. 

8 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Walker. 

8 C. F. "Warner. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Steele. 
30 Herbert Putnam- 
32 J. M. Boyd. 

40 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Williamson. 

41 Mr. and Mrs. X. B. O'Neil and drs. 
50 Mr. and Mrs. AVm. P. Roberts. 

52 Dr. and Mrs. George F. Roberts. 

52 Mrs.S. P. Thayer and dr. 

52 Charles E. Thayer. 

56 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Weeks. 

60 Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Walters. 
141 Miss Fannie S. Guptill. 
425 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hickcox. 
535 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Beal. 

■ 611 Miss Carrie Burr. 
619 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kyle. 
834 Mi-s Xellie E. Fife. 
1211 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foglesong. 
j 1501 Mr. and Mrs. C. Wesley Rogers. 
{ 2000 Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Gaylord. 
; 2000 E.R. Gaylord. 
I 2000 E. S. Gaylord. 
i 2001 Mr. and Mrs. John Hoist. 
2105 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Scott. 
, 2215 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Davis, 

2229 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Burt. 
! Nr. 2&tk ave. 

! Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Palmer. 

j Nr. 2Sth ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Adams. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Mathews. 

Eleventh Street South. 

6 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Skoll. 

8 Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Hilton. 

8 Dr. and Mrs. J. F. McSween. 

8 R. F. Harkness. 
14 Mr. and Mrs. George Odium. 
18 Mr. and Mrs. Ebenezer Douglass. 
18 Arthur G. Douglass. 
18 Miss Lucy A. Graves. 
22 Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Vail. 
22 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Goodsell. 
22 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Rowley. 
26 Rev. Treadwell Walden and dr. 
28 Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Waterbury. 
30 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bixby. 
30 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Mower. 

30 Herbert Putnam. 

31 Mrs. E. A. Xewman. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Berry. 

31 A. M. Miller. 

31 Monroe Marknam. 

31 E. W. Dana. 

31. Mr, and Mrs. G. C. Gilfillan. 

33 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. French. 

33 H. H. Strait. 

35 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Jackson. 

35 Mrs. T. B. Bain. 

35 H. N. Bain. 

37 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Kees. 

37 Louis F. Allardt. 

41 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wright. 

41 Charles B. Wright. 

43 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Jackson. 

43 Miss Annie Hurlburt. 

44 Dr. and Mrs. P. L. Hatch. 
44 R. W. Hatch. 

44 Mrs. L. H. Terry. 

46 Dr. and Mrs. R. J. Hill. 

46 Samuel Hill. 

60 Mrs. M. O. Green. 

62 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Hillman, 



66 Dr. and Mrs. M, P. Finnegan. 

67 Mr. and Mrs. A. B Chamberlin. 

69 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gronauer and drs. 
71 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Moak. 
71 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Rising. 
75 Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Garben. 
75 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Mansfield. 

113 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Harrison. 

114 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Caldwell. 
114 Miss Kendall. 

Cor. 2d Ave. 

Judge and Mrs. E. B. Ames. 

Mrs. Fred Bryton. 
201 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hanson. 
203 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ricker. 
207 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Root. 
211 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Ainsworth. 
211 W. G. Ainsworth. 

213 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sinsheimer. 

215 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac P. Wilson. 

215 G. E. Wilson. 

223 Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Leonard. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Chesnut. 

306 Miss Clara C. Chesnut. 

310 F. E. Blodgett. 

318 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Tillinghast. 

320 Mrs. Adeline Wetherbee. 

320 Miss Adelaide Wetherbee. 

320 Harry Hawley. 

320 E, V. Hayden. 

326 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Smith. 

423 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Peterson. 

423 H. L. Peterson. 

512 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Garvin. 

512 T. H. Garvin. 

Fair Oaks. 

Mr. and Mrs.W. D.Washburn and dr. | W. D. Washburn, jr. 

FifteeiitU Avenue North. 

620 Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Garrett. 
620 G. II. Garrett. 
716 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. De Armoud. 
716 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Clothier. 

716 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Clothier. 
910 Mr. and Mrs. George E. Clark. 
910 Mrs. Almira Noble. 
226 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bourat. 

Fifteentli Avenue South. 

316 Rev. and Mrs. Ingvald Eisteinson. 

413 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stringham. 

514 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Christiansen. 

715 Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Batchelderand dr. 

805 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fields. 

805 Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Field. 

805 Elmer E. Field. 

805 Miss Alice F. Edmunds. 

807 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Fairchildand dr. 

807 Isaac S. Fairchild. 

811 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Leavitt. 

837 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Williams. 

929 Dr. and Mrs. Karl O. Bendeke. 

929 Miss C. Neilson. 
1711 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Beeman. 

1801 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Kempton. 

1802 Mr. and Mrs. A. Bumb. 

1806 Mr. and Mrs. John Pilkinton and dr 

1815 Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Hutchins. 

1815 H. C. Hutchins. 

1823 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Woodard and dr 

1823 C. F. Woodard. 

2315 Rev. and Mrs. D. D. MacLaurin. 

2315 Miss Ella MacLaurin. 

2703 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Gregory. 

2718 Rev. and Mrs. James M. Patterson. 

Fifteenth Avenue South Fast 

516 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Boyson. 
600 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Wevmouth. 

{Holmes Street). 

623 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. McNiece. 
903 Mr. and Mr.s. James T. Elwell. 



1008 Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kingsley. 

1023 Rev. E. L. Morse. 

1021 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cosby. 

1026 Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus A. Cook. 

1022 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Ellsworth. 

1026 Rev. and Mrs. Lyman Palmer. 

1023 Eev. and Mrs. Levi Loring and dr. 

1107 Mr .and Mrs. E.P.Yan Volkenburgh. 

Fifteenth Street North. 

9 Mr. and Mrs. John Clark. 

9 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Crockett. 
17 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Reed. 
17 Mrs. C. A. Eells. 
17 C. P. Barker. 
17 Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Child. 
43 Mr. and Mrs. F. X. DeLorea. 
59 Mr. and Mrs. Willard Morse. 
59 W. W. Morse. 
63 Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Laraway. 
63 F. M. Laraway. 
Or. Linden Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. M.Parcher. 

Cor. Linden Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Cook. 
517 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lemon. 
519 Mrs. M. E. Edwards. 
Nr. 6th Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Corser. 
Nr. 7th Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. George "W. Cobb. 

J. W. Cobb. 

E. R. Cobb. 
Cor. •22d Ave. 

Rev. and Mrs. John Rounds. 

Lincoln H. Rounds. 

Fifteenth Street South. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Truman. 

39 Bradley Thurston. 

39 Samuel Clews. 

39 Elmer Heck. 

41 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mill. 

43 Mr. and Mrs.R. S. Overlook. 

43 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Overlock. 

43 H.T . Overlock. 

66 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Monroe. 

66 Hartley D. Smith, 

68 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. AVheeler. 

68 Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Cook. 

70 W. C. Gowlnow. 

70 Samuel Goodnow. 

70 Miss Belle Goodnow. 

72 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bohn. 

73 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Van Wert. 
73 Mrs. M. E. Conrad. 

76 Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Emery. 
Cor. Vine Place. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W.Birdwell and 
Nr. Grant. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Loring. 
124 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kendrick. 
128 Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Cady. 
130 Dr. Z. E. Horton. 


200 Mrs. A. C. Morgan. 

200 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jordan and dr. 

208 Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Brackett. 

208 Mr. Mrs. A. B. Merriam and dr. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. A. HuflF. 

214 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hoflfman. 

519 Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Crane. 

607 Mr. and Mrs. R. Le>vis and drs. 

607 Miss Ella North. 

609 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Leonard. 

620 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McCord. 

620 H. A. McCord. 

620 D.W. McCord, 

620 W. A. AVhittick. 

623 Mrs. W. C. Corbett. 

625 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Nevins. 

627 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Rowell. 

629 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Strothman. 

715 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dickinson. 

717 Mr. and Mrs I. P. Lennan. 

724 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Peterson. 

724 Miss Kittie Hanson. 

724 Miss Carrie Hanson. 

734 Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Emery and dr. 

810 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weiskopf. 



Fiftli Avenue North. 

315 Mr. and Mrs. Charles 0. Lampe. 

317 Mr. and Mrs. J. Wale, Jr. 
1905 A. J. McEwen. 
1905 George E. McEwen. 

1905 Miss Sarah McEwen. 
1905 Miss Maggie McEwen. 

1912 Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Fifield. 

1913 Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Conrad. 

Fifth Avenue South. 

309 Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Woolsey and dr. 
309 D. W. Woolsey. 
424 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Case. 
429 Mr. and Mrs. Mordecai Perry. 
429 C. M. Parry. 
500 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Yerxa. 
500 J. B. Yerxa. 
502 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Emmett. 
504 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Nelson. 
506 Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Boice. 
506 C. C. Wyman. 
510 LeRoy M. Dyer. 
607 Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Remmen. 
609 Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Harris. 
614 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Parker. 
620 Egbert Cowles. 
620 F. B, Dodge. 
Oor. Sth. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewellyn Christian. 
811 Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Harris. 
823 Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Yerxa. 
823 Charles D. Keys. 
907 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lamont. 
907 Miss Eugenia Warner. 
907 H. L. Enches. 
907 J. C. Kelly. 

913 Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Farnham. 

914 Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Gilbert. 

917 Judge and Mrs. Lardner Bostwick. 

917 Mrs.L. I. Nott. 

927 Gen. and Mrs.A.B.Nettleton and dr. 

927 Mrs. E. C. Tenney. 
Cor. 10th. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pettit. 
1112 Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Hillman. 
1118 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Porter and dr. 
1118 Mark A. Porter. 

1118 G. W. Porter. 

1200 Rev. and Mrs. James Cochran and dr. 

1326 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Houliston. 

1326 Mrs. Genevieve Wells. 

1402 Mr. and Mrs. J. Cohen. 

1406 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Reid. 

1424 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Tanner. 

^'r. 15th. 

Mr. and Mrs. I. Rosenfield. 
1520 Miss M. P. Huntsman. 
1520 R. H. Huntsman. 
1604 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Griffiths. 
1604 A. S. Anderson. 
1604 J. W. Franklin. 
1606 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fish. 
1628 Mr. and Mrs. A. Levi. 

1703 Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Rothschild. 

1704 Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot Parcher. 
1704 Mrs. Mary J. Wyman. 

1708 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Barnum, 
1711 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Beeman. 

1715 Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Keyser. 

1716 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Fournil. 

1717 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Abraham. 
1719 Rev. and Mrs. Henry Iliowizi. 
1722 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dean. 

1801 Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Keller and drs. 
1803 Mr. and Mrs. Ora O. Little. 
18':3 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Coleman. 

1805 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hauser. 
1S05 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Kohlhaas. 

1806 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bengtson. 

1808 Mr. Wm. Tryon. 

1809 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Holcomb. 
1809 Mr. Alex. Holcomb. 

1823 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Woodard and dr. 
1823 C. F. Woodard. 




Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Little. 

Miss Carrie Crowley. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Pratt. 

Johu A. Leach. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Davies. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Thompson. 

Eniil Block. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hidden. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Saeger. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Goodhue. 

Miss E. A. Goodhue. 

H. J. Hammond. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dean. 

T. B. Bailey. 

George F. Dean. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Gossard. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Holway. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Courtney. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Courtney a.nd dr 

Mrs. C. M. Knight and dr. 

C. F. Ferrin. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Knowles. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay Scott. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Raymond. 

Mrs. N. L. Potter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. McCarron. 

Mr. and Mrs. :M. D. Wilson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Silas L. Heywood. 

Mr. and Mrs. Willard P. Andrus. 

Miss S. Andrews, M. D. 

C. W. Picket. 

Dr. and Mrs. A. N. Smith. 

Mrs. H. B. Whitney. 

2111 Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Carr. 

2200 Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Hall. 

2200 Miss Jessie M. Harris 

2203 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Michaels. 

2208 Mr. and Mrs. AVra. Hooker. 

2210 Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Hanscome. 

2218 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Fowler and dr. 

2218 J. J. Fowler. 

2218 G. W. Fowler. 

2218 E. G. Fowler. 

2227 Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Booth, jr. 

2301 Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Christopher. 

2305 Mr. and Mrs. F. \. Darrow. 

2309 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Carlisle and dr. 

2310 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. H. White. 
2310 Mrs. Sarah Barclay. 

2312 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. McGibbons. 

2313 Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Clarke. 
2332 Mrs. Ann Nixon. 

2334 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Darrow. 
2348 L. D. Baker. 
2348 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Sullivan. 
2432 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cole. 

2432 Mr. and Mrs. John Caldwell. 

2433 Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Aspinwall and dr. 
2501 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Andress. 

2511 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Talbert. 
2630 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Butts. 
2632 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Brown. 
2632 Frank E. Austin. 
Nr. 27th. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Brown. 
3200 Mr. and Mrs. Orville W. Plummet. 

Fifth Avenue South £ast. 

210 C. B. Chapman. 

210 Jeremiah Chapman. 

210 Miss Mary Chapman. 

210 Miss M. L. Chapman. 

213 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Shepard. 

215 Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Fales. 

329 Mr. and Mrs. G. H.Andrews and dr. 

418 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Davidson. 
420 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Fellows. 
514 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lyon. 
520 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Martin. 
Cor. 1th. 

Mr. and Mrs. C.H.Upton. 

Fifth Street North. 

18 John Chant. 

25 Maj. and Mrs. G. A. Camp and dr. 

25 Miss L. M. Huntington. 
106 Mr. and Mrs. J R. Berger. 



108 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jacobs. 

110 Mrs. Edwin Butt. 

110 James N. Crowe. 

152 Mr. and Mrs. AViu. S. Pattee. 

152 Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Pattee. 

152 Mr. and Mrs. George M. Goodwin. 

228 Mrs. Almira Brown. 

518 Mr.aud Mrs. John Forler. 

616 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Garrison. 

616 Miss Ida May Chambers. 

616 Willis W. Boyden. 

622 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Frenet. 

622 Mrs. L. M. Hyde. 

623 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Gubbins. 
625 Mr. and Mrs. James Best. 

629 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O. Brown, 
824 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Abbott. 

902 Mr. and Mrs. A. Von Endeand dr. 
906 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wunder. 
908 Mr. and Mrs. August H Runge. 

1011 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Jackson. 
I 1101 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Griffith. 
I 1101 Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Prosser. 
I 1106 Mr. and Mrs. Elihu D. Gray. 
{ 1112 Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Barrett. 
! 1114 Mr. and Mrs. George Sermon. 

1121 Mrs. Caroline Mervine. 

1121 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Garcken. 

2300 Mr. and Mrs. John York. 

2400 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Elliott. 

2410 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Prince. 

2412 Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Childs. 

2412 C. 11. Childs. 

2416 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Woodruff. 

17 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Howe. 

21 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Van Valkenburg 

22 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Pettibone. 

22 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Leonard. 

23 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Dufresne. 
30 Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Read. 

100 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McClure. 
100 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Monson. 

Fifth Steet North East. 

119 Mr. and Mrs. W, C. Stetson. 
312 Mrs. Chas. Wolfriim. 
338 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Warner. 
338 Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Warner. 
401 Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Hazzard. 
401 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Madison. 
441 Mr. and Mrs. O. Dullam. 

Fifth Street South. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Floyd. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. H. IT. Jones. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Tanner. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. James Jeffrey. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hart. 
120 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Sampson. 
125 C. M. Parmelee. 
125 A. J. Miller. 
125 W. S. Herber. 
125 J. W. Molyneaux. 
214 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clark. 
217 Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Sewell. 
217 Miss Mamie P. Covell. 

217 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Pratt. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Linton. 
221 Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Hall. 

225 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Sibley. 

227 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Whitney. 


227 S. N. Whitney. 
303 Mr. and Mrs. A. F 
326 Chas. F. Sawyer. 
417 Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Quint. 
417 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Joy. 
419 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Dewey. 
Cor. 5th av. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Shaw. 
518 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Kellie. 
518 Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Phillips. 
520 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Delamater. 
520 Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Delamater. 
520 Mr. and Mrs. James Colton. 
520 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hixon. 
522 Mrs. J, E. Pratt and dr. 
522 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Metcalf. 
525 Willis Benner. 
525 J. S. Bradstreet. 



525 Jefferson Earle. 

923 Dr. and Mrs. John Pearson. 

525 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eliel. 

1010 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hernung. 

525 Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Hallo well. 

1011 Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Camplin. 

525 Wm. P. Hallowell, jr. 

1015 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Howard. 

525 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hatch. 

1015 Wm. Puiford. 

525 G. B. Kirkbride. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kilpatrick. 

525 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lor in g. 

1019 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cottrell. 

525 Col. and Mrs. Wm. McCrory. 

1020 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O'Brien. 

rr25 Dr. and Mrs. L. C. :Mitchell and dr. 

1312 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Clint. 

525 :\Ir. and Mrs. A. D. Mulford. 

1314 Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Jarvie. 

525 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Smith. 

1318 Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Hanson. 

525 Dexter Thurber. 

1318 D. B. Hanson. 

612 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Brown. 

1320 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hunter. 

620 Dr. and Mrs. B. L. Taylor. 

1320 Andrew Hunter. 

620 Mrs. P. B. Hurlbiit. 

1.326 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson. 

625 Mr and Mrs. G. A. Brackett. 

1529 :Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Harlin. 

625 W. D. Brackett. 

1622 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Girrbach. 

628 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gates. 

1623 Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Bray. 

724 Rev. and Mrs. G. H. Trabert. 

1819 Rev. J. A. Daly. 

Cor. 8th av. S. 

1819 Rev. T. L. Power. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Egy. 

1819 Rev. C. L. Egan. 

818 Mr and Mrs. J. W. Tamm. 

1819 Rev. E. P. DeCantillon. 

901 Mr. and Mrs.Christopher Anderson. 

1819 Rev. C. V. Metzger. 

Fifth Street South East. 

22 Robert Butler. 
200 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Pratt. 
209 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Pratt. 
213 Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Bowers. 
213 Miss J. C. Bowers. 
219 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Woolsey. 
307 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. M. Rollins. 
313 Mr. and Mrs. C. Greely and dr. 
313 Mrs. Harriet Greely. 
318 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Verrill. 
318 Geo. McGregor. 
407 Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Lumsden and 

409 Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Fairchild. 
415 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Smith. 
423 Rev. and Mrs. A. C. Williams and 


423 George A. Williams. 

424 Mr. and Mrs. Woodbury Fisk. 

424 Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Smith. 

425 Mr. and Mrs. George E. Church. 

501 Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Lyon and drs. 

501 Heber N. Lyon. 

507 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lockwood and 

507 E. L. Lockwood. 
514 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ortman. 
527 Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Andrews. 

527 George C. Andrews. 

528 Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Berry and drs. 
528 Walter M. Berry. 

603 Gen. and Mrs. H. P. Van Cleve. 

603 Pr. and Mrs. S. H. Van Cleve. 

604 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Van Cleve. 
604 Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Hemiup. 
604 Mrs. D. C. Barnes. 

, 604 Miss D. A. Dorman. 

609 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McNair. 

610 Mr. and Mrs. A. Crafts and dr. 
610 Leo M. Crafts. 

622 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lawrence 


622 Mrs. M. A. Campbell. 
701 Mr. and Mrs. John Dudley. 
701 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Trask. 
813 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Allen: 

813 Mrs. S. S. Allen. 

814 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac McNairand dr. 
814 B. P. McNair. 

814 Will W. McNair. 

821 Mrs. H. L. Adams. 

821 Miss Eliza Adams. 

825 Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Clough. 

917 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gardiner. 

928 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Davison. 
1005 Hon. and Mrs. J. S. Pillsbury and drs. 
1004 Alfred F. Pillsbury. 

1019 Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Goodale. 

1020 Prof, and Mrs. W. W, Folwell and dr. 
1020 Mrs. J. B. Folwell. 

1025 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Powell and dr. 

1025 A. C. Alden. 

1100 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Campbell. 

1100 Mrs. Samuel Lou gee. 

1103 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Lougee. 

1115 Lieut, and Mrs. A. T. Abbott. 

1116 Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Brown. 
1125 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. House. 
1125 Charles H. House and dr. 

1212 Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Wright and dr. 
I 1212 Dr. L. R. Palmer. 
[ 1222 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Lyte. 
j 1224 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Carpenter. 
; 1224 Mrs. S. A. Carpenter. 
I 1225 Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Alden. 

1227 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Alden and drs. 

1227 Wm. A. Alden. 
} 1227 Prof. W. F. Decker. 

1301 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Kelley. 
. 1309 Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Hays. 
j 1313 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Ames. 
j 1313 Mr. and Mrs. R. G.Smith. 

1319 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foster. 
I 1325 Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Pettibone. 
; 1327 Mrs. E. V. Dake. 

1405 Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Camp and dr. 

1419 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jamison. 

1423 Rev. and Mrs. A. V. Talbcrt. 
j 1423 Mr. and .Mrs. M. C. White. 

1423 S. L. White. 

1423 Miss M. B. Holman. 

1500 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hutchins. 

1620 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hobbs. 

Nr. Wh. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Williams. 

First Avenue North, 


S. W. Perigrine. 

Ml-, and Mrs. E. A. Kelly. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Francis. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Spooner. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Putnam. 

Wm. Ritchie. 

Charles Lee. 

F. G. Sprague. 

Charles H. Hayes. 

J. Dickey. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. WaUlron and dr. 

Harry B. Waldron. 

Charles J. Waldron. 

Mrs. Jemima Bright. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Getz and drs. 

Charles F. Getz. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lang. 

Mr. and Mrs. .Tames Amor. 

329 Mr. and Mrs. Z. P. Vose. 

329 Miss Grace M. Lawson. 

329 Theodore Wet more. 

329 Livingston Wetmore. 

406 Mr. and Mrs. AV. H. Farnham. 

416 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lathrop. 

416 Wm. McCaugue. 

416 Mrs. E. Orr. 

416 Miss Florence Canning. 

418 Mr. and :\Irs. L. 'SI. Hamilton. 

418 Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Hansen. 

420 Mr. and Jlrs. Walter Morris and dr. 

424 Mr. and Mrs. W. McGaughy. 

4:^0 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harter. 

430 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carpenter. 

430 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harter. 

612 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gould. 

612 Samuel F. Stevens. 



612 N. C. Smith. 

613 Mr. and Mrs. Roland G. Brown. 
613 Roland G. Brown, Jr. 

615 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lucy. 

617 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mcllvaine and dr. 

626 Mr. and Mrs. I. L, Moore. 

626 L. C. Pryor. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Lawrence. 

710 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bartram. 

714 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lamborn. 

714 Prof. H. M. Mettke. 

726 Mr. ana Mrs. P. B. Walker and dr. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Jones. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Boshart. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Her rick. 

902 Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell and dr. 

902 John M. Campbell. 

902 Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Couch. 

902 George Couch. 

902 Mrs. M. T. Wardwell. 

902 Miss M. Greenleaf. 

903 Mrs. Sarah Dickey. 
903 C. N. Dickey. 

903 J. M. Dickey. 

903 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Nind. 

903 Mr. and Mrs. W, J. Fender. 

903 Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. Kinney, 

903 A. Alger. 

903 Harry Alger. 

903 George Holt. 

903 James McCallum. 

903 John J. SchoflF. 

903 John S. Cochland. 

907 Mrs. Amelia DoUenmayer and dr. 

907 Albert DoUenmayer. 

912 Mr. and Mrs. A. Sanborn, 

912 Mrs. S. S. Sanborn. 

916 Mr, and Mrs. M. D. Ingram. 

920 Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Town and dr. 

920 Mrs. J. P. Town and dr. 

924 Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Satterlee, 

924 Frank E. Satterlee, 

924 Mrs. Mary Satterlee. 

924 Mr, and Mrs, A, T. AVillard. 

1000 Mr, and Mrs, Willis Baker. 

1001 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bigelow. 
1003 Miss Hattic Campbell. 

1003 Miss Clara Eastwood. 
1006 Miss Lucia Glidden. 

1009 Mr. and Mrs, E. W. Rossman. 

1010 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Partridge, 

1010 0. C. Wyman. 

1011 Mr. and Mrs. C. Townsend. 
1014 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Mitchell. 

1014 Charles H. Wilson. 

1015 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stone. 
1018 Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Rice. 
1018 Ira C. Earle. 

1020 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kantrowitz. 

1020 James Kantrowitz. 

1021 Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Spencer. 
1021 Miss Susan Easter. 

1100 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McDougal. 

1100 J. A.McDougall. 

1100 Frank McDougall. 

1103 Mr. and airs. N. T. Shepherd. 

1105 Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Learned and dr. 

1105 J. E. Learned. 

1106 Mrs. Mary Rowell. 

1106 H. H. Sibley Rowell. 

1107 Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Trussell. 
1107 Mrs. H. M. Trussell. 

1107 Miss L. P. Mitchell. 

1108 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Eaton. 

1110 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Maxcy. 

1111 Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Stafford and dr. 
1111 L. Stafford. 

1111 Miss Mary Kerr. 

1111 Miss Gertrude Kellogg. 

1120 W. D. Boutell. 

1125 Dr. and Mrs. E. A, Hutchins. 

1125 Mrs. Caroline Hutchins. 

1126 Mr. and Mrs. J, A, Coolidge. 
1126 Mrs. C. P. Coolidge. 

1129 Mrs. E. G. Gear and drs. 

1200 Mrs. and Mrs. Mart Whitcomb. 

1201 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Morse, 
1203 Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Kelley. 
1203 Arthur E. Hammond, 

1210 George Stetson, 

1211 Mr, and Mrs. A. C. Berry. 
1220 Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Herrion. 
2015 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Buschjost. 



First Avenue South. 

253 W. C. Kilvington. 

256 Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Kilvington. 

256 A. H. Poller. 

256 W. N. Davis. 

257 H. T. Black. 

257 Lewis Baker, Jr. 

258 Dr. Edwin Phillips. 
304 F. S. Martin. 

304 R. L. Taft. 

329 Mr. and Mrs. Z. Pope Vose. 

418 Mr. and INIrs. H: L. Bartle. 

418 Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Carroll. 

418 Mr, and Mrs. Frank Bakeman. 

420 Miss Annie W. Long. 

420 Miss S. R. Long. 

420 Miss M. Alves Long. 

420 J. H. Long. 

420 W. 0. Long. 

420 G. F. Hall. 

420 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brown. 

421 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Harmon. 

421 Mrs. A. T. Hale and drs. 

422 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Binglunu. 
422 Mr, and Mrs. J. W. Whittier. 
422 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Cornman. 
422 Dr. and Mrs. C. M. .Jordan. 

422 J. W. Doran. 

422 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Stevens. 

422 R. H. Lawton. 

422 Miss M. N. Axtell. 

422 Miss Blanche Engle. 

428 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Read. 

428 Mrs. G. P. Wesselhoeft. 

428 Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Titus. 

428 Reuben Tomlinson. 

525 Mrs. M. E. Griswold. 

612 Dr. and Mrs. U. D. Thomas. 

612 Mrs. Mary A. Dean and drs. 

616 Mrs. M. D. Read. 

616 Louis y. Read. 

617 Mr. and Mrs. P. Simons and drs. 
617 Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Folansbee. 
617 Dorr Thomas. 

617 David Hannah. 
617 Robert Hannah. 

619 Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Tilton. 
619 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Lewis. 

619 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Carpenter. 

620 Mrs. ]\r. A. Hoveuden and dr. 
620 H. P. Taylor, 

711 Rev. and Mrs. F. J. Wagner. 

712 Mrs. M. J. Dickinson and dr. 
712 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coolican. 

712 H. De Wallace. 

713 Mrs. Wilhelmina Behr and dr. 
713 Judge Andreas Ueland. 

715 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Dixon. 

715 Frank E. Dixon. 

717 Mr. and Mrs. George Schoonover. 

719 Mrs. Anna Richardson. 

719 H. W. Benton. 

719 L. E. Stetler. 

719 E. T. Brandebury. 

720 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Plant and dr. 
723 Dr. W. B. IMneo. 

726 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wolford. 

801 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Carpenter. 

801 H. L. Carpenter. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. Leander Goitou. 

820 Mr. and Mrs. N. F, Hawley. 

820 Mrs. F. K. Field. 

820 Mrs. S. F. Shaw. 

820 Albert Shaw. 

828 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wilber. 

828 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Snyder. 

915 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Lewis and dr. 

915 Mr. Gano Lewis. 

915 M. G. Lewis. 

918 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse G. Jones and di 

927 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pettit and drs. 
1014 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Record. 
1014 Miss ^[ay L. CampVjell. 

1014 Mrs. L. S. Reynolds. 

1015 Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Perry. 
1015 F. P. Ford. 

1015 F. S. Wessler. 

1016 Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Patten. 
1016 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Patten. 

1016 Homer L. Patten. 

1017 Mr. and Mrs. H, I. Howard. 



1017 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Barnum. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Cone. 
1018 Mrs. M. H. Achard. 

1018 Paul E. Achard. 
1020 Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Quilliard. 
1020 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Whittelsey. 
1020 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Miller. 
1023 Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Jones. 

1027 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. FuUertou. 

1028 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Conant. 

1028 E. M. Conant. 

1029 Dr. and Mrs. P. S. Calkins and dr. 
1029 Miss Eveline Burt. 

1108 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Babson. 
1112 Rev. and Mrs J. F. Chaffee. 
1112 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Farnani. 
1112 H. G. Cable, 
lllfi Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Rainey and dr. 

1116 H. M. Brownell. 

1117 Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Osborne. 
1117 Mrs. E. R. Jones. 

1117 I. R. D. Hallowell. 
1117 C. M. Carpenter. 
1117 K. Eniil Hilgard. 
1117 W. S. Brann. 
1117 W. S. Young. 

1120 Mr. and Mrs. D, McVean. 

1121 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rich. 
1121 Miss Eva Willard. 

1121 S. 11. Howard. 

1121 Robert Morrison. 

1123 Mrs. E. Lewis. 

1123 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Woodford. 

1123 Mrs. T. C. Amory and dr. 

1123 Thomas Amory, 

1123 John Amory. 

1123 George French. 

1123 Robert H. Evans. 

1123 Harry Pierson. 

1124 Mrs. L. W. Tucker and dr. 
1124 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. AVilcox. 
1124 John Nicholson. 

1124 George Stevens. 

1124 O. W. Smith. 

1124 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Foster. 

1124 Frank Cutler. 

1126 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Brown. 

1126 John Nicholson. 

1127 Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Sample and dr. 
1212 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Heggum. 

1212 Miss Frances Larraway. 

1212 Henry Tucker. 

1301 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Dickinson. 

1310 Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Tallmadge. 

1313 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bishop. 

1313 Miss Nellie Bishop. 

1313 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Uglow. 

1313 James D. Shearer. 

1313 A. M. Allen. 

1313 Miss Maude Buzzell. 

1315 Mrs. :\I. A. Bowdich. 

1315 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Nichols. 

1326 Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Robinson. 

1330 Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Brewer. 

1330 A. H. Nunn. 

1336 Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Perrott. 

1336 W. H. Perrott. 

1338 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Hallowell. 

1341 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plummer. 

1342 Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Chaimberlain. 
1342 Harlow Chaimberlain. 

1344 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ougheltre. 

1344 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Sargent. 

1419 Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Leighton. 

1419 Rev. C. L. Russell. 

1500 Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Clow. 

1500 S. C. Claw. 

1504 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Humphrey. 

1504 Mrs. E. A. Perkins. 

1504 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Perkins. 
! 1508 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wolcott. 
I 1508 W.E. Albee. 
' 1508 F. P. Rundell. 

1510 Mr. and Mrs. P. W. :Martin. 

1516 Mr. and Mrs. Solomon DruUard. 
, 1516 Mrs. Ida Stanley, 
i 1520 Mr. Mrs. A. C. Thuras. 
I 1520 Wm. H. Rowe. 
I 1604 Mr. and Mrs. A. Z. Levering. 
! 1605 Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Shephei-d. 
j 1610 Mr. and Mrs. John Prichett. 

1620 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stone. 

1622 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jones. 

1622 Edward F. Webster. 



Cor. ISth. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Nagel. 
2401 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Fraser and dr. 
2407 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Hatfield. 
2508 Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Edgerly. 
2510 Mr. and Mrs. George F. Getty. 
2510 Miss Nellie J. Eaton. 
2520 John McMillan. 
2524 L. H. Whitson. 
2527 Mr. and Mrs. John Paulson. 
2529 A. D. Electra. 
2531 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Folwell. 
2538 Mr. and Mrs. Urial Thomas. 
2601 Mr. and Mrs. George Jodon anddrs. 
26i»l Miss Sarah B. McCullough. 
2609 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bassett. 
2611 Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Seavey. 
2611 A. P. Seavey. 
2611 Mrs. P. E. Nevens. 
2618 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hill. 
2627 Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Meacham. 
2627 Mrs. E. S. Howland. 

2648 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fenno. 

2705 Mr. and Mrs.Wm. H. Harris and dr. 

2740 Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Powell. 

2743 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Tubbs. 

2747 Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Watson. 

2834 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McHerron. 

2903 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Hunt. 

2904 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Johnson. 

2916 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McClay. 

2917 Mr. and Mrs. S. Faulkner and dr. 

2918 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Saunders. 
2922 Mr. and Mrs. Wra. Olson. 

2929 Rev. and Mrs. R. B.Satterleeanddr. 
2933 Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Gifford. 

3016 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Elgin. 

3017 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Livezey. 
3020 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Sillloway. 
3027 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boswell. 

3031 ]\[r. and Mrs. D. A. Stewart and drs. 
3105 Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Wallihan. 
3107 Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Chapman. 

First Avenue South East. 

200 Mr. and Mrs. Moses Brown. 

318 Mrs. A. C. Stoneman and drs. 

First Street North. 

115 Mr. and Mrs. C. Himmelsbach. | 2028 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Smith. 

Fourteenth Avenue North. 

250 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. MeCabe. 

250 Walter McCabe. 

250 Ervin INlcCabe. 

254 Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ziegler. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Burnhara. 

308 Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Porter. 

310 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stowell. 

310 Mrs. C. E. Stowell. 

310 Clarence A. Stowell. 

501 Mr. and Mrs. M. Schwappach. 

Fourteenth Avenue South. 

210 Mr. 
416 Mr. 
418 Mr. 
616 Mr. 
626 Mr. 
628 Mr. 
812 Mr. 
814 Mr. 
932 Mr. 

and Mrs. W. F. Gray, 
and Mrs. C. H. Barry, 
and Mrs. Joseph Fouch. 
and Mrs. Philip Hartmann. 
and Mrs. J. R. Barse. 
and Mrs. E. H. Robinson, 
and Mrs. George 0. Foss. 
and Mrs. C. A. Fisk. 
and Mrs. T. L. Clark. 

932 Miss Mary E. Clark. 
1301 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Steward. 
1318 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Fix. 
1318 C. R. Fix. 
1318 D. C. Fixjr. 
1322 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Haugan. 
1322 G. G. Kindseth. 
1328 Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Lunke. 
1920 Mrs. Eunice E. Weston and dr. 



1920 John Jones. 

1926 Miss Matilda Miller. 

1920 Miss Nettie A. Allen. 

1930 Mrs. Martha M. Burdick. 

1922 Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Williams. 

1930 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mills 

1922 Miss M. L. Baxter. 

2117 Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Pattee. 

1924 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Dodsworth. 

2507 Dr. and Mrs. M. P. Austin. 

1926 Mr, and :\Irs. C. C. Miller. 

Fourteenth Avenue South £ast. 

407 Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Nailer. 
420 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Button. 
528 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Helm, 
622 Mrs. Caroline R. Holt and drs. 
622 F. A. Johnson. 
626 Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Cooke. 

626 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cooke. 

62S Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Robinson. 

628 H. R. Robinson. 

628 F. L.Robinson. 

727 Dr. and :Mrs. George M. Avery. 

Fourteenth Street South. 













Place's Court. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wacks and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Clendenin. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Blake. 

Mrs. J. E. Gorham. 

L. R. Gorham. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. S. DeCamp. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. B. King. 

Miss A. Leonard. 

Mrs. H. King. 

J. L. King. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gould and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H, Davis. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Seymour. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Russell. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Palmer. 

Miss Fannie Fenton. 

Dr. and Mrs. F. F. Brimner. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. G. O. Morison. 

Mrs. P. W. Howard. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. AV. Jones. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Richardson. 

Mrs. M.K.Clarke. 

J. K. Metzger. 

Mrs. S. A. Thompson and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. AVm. Buxton. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Atwood. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Frink. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Frink. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Hoyt. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Billings. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Plant. 

328 Mrs. E. J. Marshall and drs. 

330 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Giessler. 

331 Mr. and Mrs. S. J. LiUie. 

332 :Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Plant. 
332 Miss Adele Stone. 

332 R. B. Gelatt. 

333 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Preston. 

337 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Johnston and di 

338 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Huntington. 
345 Mrs. E. A. Lawrence and dr. 
345 A. H. Lawrence. 

345 E. M. Runyan. 
412 Mr. and Mrs. Irving Tompkins. 
414 Mrs. Mary Kerr. 
600 Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Adams, 
612 Mrs. Julia F. Harris. 
612 A. C. Harris. 
614 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bromley. 
616 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jennings. 
618 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Day. 
618 Leonard A. Day. 
620 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chapman. 
620 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Reese. 
629 Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Robinson. 
631 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Eustis and dr. 
633 C. L. Peck and dr. 
709 Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Stinson. 
719 Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Edwards. 
719 W, B. Ingalls. 
719 Miss M. R, Stahl, 
2530 F. A. Smith. 



Fourth Avenue North. 

1818 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hazer. I 1822 Rev. and Mrs. R. Macquesten and dr. 

1818 Frank H. Hazer. I 

Fourth Avenue North Fast. 

303 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bertholet. 
410 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Payne. 

412 Mr. and Mrs. J. 
601 A. H. Ives. 

B. Holmes. 

Fourth Avenue South. 



Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Weitzel. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Drew. 

Rev. and Mrs. Henry Schnitker. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Davis. 

Hartley C. Davis. 

Mrs. N. Hopkins and dr. 

W. M. Hopkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Gale. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cochran. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Schloss and dr. 

Miss Ilattie Stein. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Chase, 

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Parker. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Bagley. 

Rev. J. H. Tuttle. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Tuttle. 

Mr. and :Mrs. W. G. Northup. 

Z. R. Tucker. 

T. A. Harrison. 

Mrs. S. H. Knight. 

Mrs. Abigail Knight. 

C. M. Ferguson. 

Mrs. A. M. Prentice. 

F. B. Godfrey. 

J. A. Reed. 

F. W. Brown. 

A. E. Taylor. 

Prof. Ernest Lachmund. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Bagg and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Donaldson. 

J, A. Halway. 

Frank Hitchcock. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hunt. 

J. H. Lyle. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Shuler. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dennis. 

Mr, and Mrs. Otto E. Greely. 

J. C. Slafter. 

912 Mr. and Mrs. George N. Baker, 

912 George H. Schulte. 

913 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Chesebro and dr. 
913 Fred Chesebro. 

915 Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Chesebro. 
1121 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Shove. 
1123 Dr. and Mrs. 0. S. Chapman. 
1123 Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas. 
1201 I\Ir. and Mrs. F. B. Mills. 
1302 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Crooker and dr. 
1302 E. H. Crooker. 
1302 Rev. F. L. Gates. 
1302 Mrs. B. A. Stove. 
1307 Mr. and 'Mrs. O. J. Griffith and dr. 
1314 Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Stacy. 

1314 C. L. Stacy. 

1315 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hawkins. 
1320 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Shockey. 
1320 D. R. Shockey. 

1406 Mr. and ilrs. E. E. Holt. 

1406 Miss Eloise Butler. 

1407 Mr. and Mrs. James DeVean. 
1407 Charles DeVean. 

1407 J. M. Hubbard. 

1408 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gardner. 
1408 Mrs. O. P. Stickney. 

1408 Miss Sarah E. Sprague. 

1409 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Robbins. 

1410 Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Sowle and dr. 
1410 H. A. Sowle. 

1412 Mr. and Mrs. B. J. West, jr. 

1412 R. H. Patterson. 

1412 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Gray, 

1500 ]Mr. and Mrs. John F. Calderwood. 

1500 W. T. Sprague. 

1501 Mr. and Mrs. Ell Torrance. 
1504 Mr. and Mrs. J. L.Cassidy. 

1 506 Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Teachout. 



1510 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Howard. 
1510 Wm. McDonald. 

1510 Miss Edith McDonald. 

1511 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Grinnell. 

1511 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Grinnell. 

1512 Mrs. J. M. Fuller. 

1515 Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Moore. 

1515 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Moore. 

1515 Mrs. L. R. Moore. 

1519 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Adams. 

1519 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dennis. 

1522 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Daggett. 

1522 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Humphrey. 

1522 A. M. Little. 

1603 Mr. and Mrs. O. B. King and drs. 

1603 Eli King. 

1610 Mrs. Catherine Rees and dr. 

1610 Charles Rees. 

1610 Miss A. 0. Lewis. 

1610 ilrs. S. W. Manney. 

1610 Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Cleveland. 

1611 Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Hawthorne. 
1701 Mr. and Mrs. Hageboeck. 

1705 Mr. and Mrs. P. Clausen. 

1706 Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Banker. 
1710 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Longfellow. 

1714 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Moore. 

1715 Mr and Mrs. J. S. Kearney. 

1716 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hart. 
1720 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Moses. 
1720 Hugh Kenealy. 

1728 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Gardner. 
1801 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kinsell. 
1806 Mrs. Gershom BintlifT and dr. 
1806 C. J. Bintliif. 
1806 L. T. BintliflF. 

1810 Mr. and Mrs. Marx Abraham. 

1811 Mrs. Matilda Shillock. 

1812 Mrs. Amelia Cohen and dr. 

1812 Mr. and Mrs. H. Hanauer. 

1813 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bullard. 

1814 Samuel Rothschild. 

1815 Mr. and Mrs. M. X. Price. 
1815 E. B. Price. 

1821 Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hambright. 
1821 E. R. Ely. 
1821 H. A. Greer. 


1822 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Westin. 

1822 Miss Hanna Anderson. 

1823 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Leviston. 

1824 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Kimball. 

1826 Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Stark. 

1827 Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Blackwell. 
1831 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Cook. 
1831 Dr. E. .L Brown. 

1831 F. C. Weinhold. 

1831 E. H. AVeinhold. 

1834 Prof, and Mrs. J. Swanson. 

1907 Mr. J. T. Parkinson. 

1915 Dr. and Mrs. W. 0. Stephens. 

1916 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hunt. 

1920 Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Perrin and drs. 

2016 Mrs. E. M. Eppert and drs. 

2016 C. F. Eppert. 

2021 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hurley. 

2021 A. L. Hurley. 

2022 Mr. and Mrs. George Overmire. 
2024 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gardner. 
2030 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nelson. 
2030 Mr. and Mrs. S. Ressler. 

2114 Mr. and Mrs. George N. Hoi way. 
2114 Mr. and Mrs. E. Sanford Blake. 
2114 J. D. Smeltzer. 

2200 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Whitney. 

2201 Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Dye. 
2201 J. D. C. Knapp. 

2201 G. W. Paige. 

2202 Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy W. Braden. 
2205 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hazzard. 
2205 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Moore. 

2207 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackwood. 

2211 Mr. and Mrs. A. P. AValrath. 

2212 Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Putnam. 
2212 C. C. Putnam. 

2214 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Merritt, 

2214 Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Merritt. 

2216 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Peakes and drs. 

2216 Capt. and Mrs. A. Norton. 

2220 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. DeWolf. 

2220 Miss Edith Anderson. 

2306 Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Wright. 

2306 Miss Mary L. Schofield. 

2307 Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Russell. 

2311 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jeffery and dr. 



2311 George A. JeflFery. 

2418 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lawrence. 

2311 George Page. 

2423 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Stanfield. 

2315 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Nicklin and drs. 

2425 Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Linton. 

2316 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Kenney. 

2427 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Yeaton. 

2402 Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Morse and dr. 

2429 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Richie. 

2402 G. A. Morse. 

2429 C. J. Miller. 

2414 Mr. and Mrs. George Clouser. 

2431 Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Edmonds. 

2414 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Bishop. 

3201 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hartshorn. 

2416 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Lawrence. 

3205 Mr, and Mrs. Robert Lyle. 

2416 Nathan Morehouse. 

Fourtli Avenue South £ast. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Gowen. 
409 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Gowen. 
428 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Clough. 
511 Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Broughton. 
511 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Broughton. 

515 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Grindall. 
620 J. P. Bonnell. 
622 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Hamlin. 
624 Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Willis. 
1206 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cogger, 

Fourtli Street North. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Smith. 

15 A. Bosterwick. 

15 Elon Denton. 
107 Mr. and Mrs. A. Barnard, 
107 Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Barnard. 
109 Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Kavana. 
112 Mr. and Mrs. "W.H. Hiam and drs. 
112 A. A. Beltz. 
112 H. L, Gilkeson. 
112 O. E. Beltz. 
114 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Dole. 
114 G. A. Dole. 

121 Dr. and Mrs. Jonas Huntington, 
127 Mr, and Mrs. C. M. Godley. 
127 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bausman. 
202 Mr, and Mrs. J. E. Bell and dr. 

202 G. E. Bell. 

203 S. J. Wright. 

203 H. G. Erickson. 

204 Miss Helen Blocklin. 
204 Miss E. C. Blocklin. 
204 Prof. G. A. Gruman, 
204 C, W, Brown. 

204 H. A. Wood, 

217 Mr, and Mrs. John J. Brewis. 
221 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Austin. 
507 Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Hyser. 

521 Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Bauman. 

613 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Ives. 

617 Mr. and Mrs. G, Kerridge and dr. 

617 H, G, Kerridge, 

617 A, W, Kerridge. 

617 C. E. Kerridge. 

720 Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Hart. 

722 Mr. and Airs. S. Jonas. 
Nr. Uh Ave. 

Mr, and Mrs, A. Kelly and drs. 

724 Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Nusbaum. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver J. H. Martin. 

916 Mr, and Mrs, Albert J. Bisbee. 

916 Miss Cora A. Bisbee. 
1000 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Buse. 
1011 Rev. and Mrs. Thomas B. Greenlee. 
1016 Mr. and Mrs. E. Eichhorn and drs. 
1016 Arthur Eichhorn. 
1020 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Eichhorn. 
1111 Mr. and Mrs.H. Zimmerman and drs. 
1121 Mr. and Mrs. George Turner. 
1121 Harvey G, Turner, 

1127 Rev, Father Andrew Straub, 

1128 Mr. and Mrs. George Anthes. 
1211 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Blakeman. 
1307 Mr. and Mrs, Jonathan Booth, 
1405 John Miller and dr. 



1411 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Van Sveenwen. 

2415 Mr. and Mrs. K. Kortgaard. 

1418 Mrs. Angle C. Dow. 

Nr. 34th Ave. 

1429 Mr. and ISIrs. Lambert Will. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Bacbeller. 

1518 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Streeter. 

Fourth Street North East, 

15 Rev. Otto C. Ottesen. 

16 Dr. and Mrs. S. H. Chute. 
101 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Place. 
112 Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Stone. 
327 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Frey. 

327 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Day. 
336 Mr. and Mrs. M. McKenney. 
516 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Blaisdell and dr. 
1131 Mr. and Mrs. F. Meyers. 

133^ Mr. and Mrs. C. Moses and dr. 

13% E. H. Moses. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Llndley. 

14 D. C. Heylman. 

18 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Beal. 

91 Mrs. A. A. Clement. 

91 E. B. Clement. 

103 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Gale and dr. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. A. Wagner. 

114 Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Yarney and dr. 

115 R. S. Broderiek. 

212 Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Ireland. 

Fourth Street South. 

212 G. R. Walker. 

213 I. R. Beery, 

418 Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Hellen. 

822 F. W. Brown. 

828 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dennis and dr. 

828 Wilber Dennis. 

926 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Cutter and drs. 

926 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cutter. 

926 Mrs. J. K. Mertz. 
1507 E. C. Bates. 
1912 Mr. and Mrs. John Fewer. 
2118 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Muller and dr. 

Fourth Street 

17 Dr. and Mrs. L. P. Foster and drs. 
110 F. C. Hartson, 
110 Mr. and Mrs. John Hartson. 
112 Mrs. B. E. Stone, 
112 Mrs, L. A. Hoyt. 
119 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Wheaton. 
119 George Wheaton. 
129 Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Hamilton. 
2110 Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Spring. 
200 L. 0. Smith. 

204 Mr. and Mrs. James McMullen. 
204 W. H. McMullen. 
227 Mr. and Mrs F. C. Barrows and dr, 
227 Miss A. B. Marsh. I 

300 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Berry and dr. 

301 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Moore. 

316 Mr. and Mrs. Wyman Costigan. 

317 Mrs. J. H. McHerron. 

318 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coplin. 
320 Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Squires. 
320 C. D. Squires. 

South East. 

321 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rose. 
327 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Go wen, 

327 W. J. Marson. 

328 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Cheney and dr. 

329 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Bowen and drs. 
401 Mr. and Mrs. E. Remick. 

401 Mrs. E. S. Byers. 

401 H. J. Gude. 

401 J. C. Gude. 

401 F. E. Barney. 

408 Rev. and Mrs. A. J. Graham. 

408 Rev. and Mrs. T. K. Allen. 

412 Mr. F. W. Foster. 

412 Mrs. Eliza G. Foster and dr. 

415 Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Kalmbach. 

416 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Donaldson. 
425 Mr and Mrs. R. C. Leavitt and dr. 
425 Mr Josiah Leavitt. 

425 Mr and Mrs. A. E. Horr. 
501 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Krum. 
501 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Waterman. 



501 E. Backus. 

504 Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Todd and dr. 

504 Dr. and Mrs. T. E. Weeks. 

504 Stephen Mahoney. 

507 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Plummer and dr. 

507 J, A. Plummer. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Greely and dr. 

516 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Parker. 

520 Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Van Cleve. 

520 Miss Fannie M. Hodson. 

521 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Martin. 
619 ]\Ir. and Mrs. A. E. McMullen. 
627 Mrs. J. A. Brown. 

702 Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Swett. 

702 Mr. and Mrs. George Huey. 

703 Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin Brown. 
714 Mrs. M. E. Doyle. 

714 S. C. Gilbert. 

715 Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Norton and dr. 
715 ]Mrs. Mary E. Fay. 

717 Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Longbrake. 

717 Mr. and Mrs. E. M. S. Pickett. 

717 Mrs. E. S. Williams and drs. 

728 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Chute. 

728 D. M. Chute. 

728 J. R. Chute. 

728 S. S. Chute. 

728 Mrs. M. H. Mann. 

803 Mr. and :Mrs. llennan Leighton. 

820 Rev. and Mrs. Thos. McClary. 

822 Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Booth. 

927 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Secombe. 

927 Willis Secombe. 
1021 Mrs. C. A. Jefferson. 
1021 Miss Annie H. Jefferson. 
1021 Mr. and Mrs. T. Kittredge. 
1108 Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Winston. 

1112 Mr. and Mrs. John Graham. 

1113 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Tupper. 

1114 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Brewster. 
1121 Mrs. C. Kassube. 

1128 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Haven. 

1128 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Smith. 

1202 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Milligan. 

1202 Miss Mary C. May. 

1206 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cogger. 

1217 Wm. Lyall and drs. 

1219 Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Wright and dr. 

1219 Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Bearnes. 

1227 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Herzog. 

1228 Mrs. M. L. Wilcox. 
1228 C. C. Wilcox. 
1228 A. S. Wilcox. 

1228 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lee. 

1301 Mr. and Mrs! L. S. Gillette. 

1307 Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Knowlton. 

1307 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Gaylord. 

1313 E. D. Holmes. 

1313 J. D. Gardner. 

1401 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Hoppe and dr. 

1401 John E. Hoppe. 

1529 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Jones. 

1529 E. C. Jones. 

1530 Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Firkins. 
1609 Mr. and Mrs. Noah Adams. 
1609 Mr. and Mrs. J. Woolnough. 
1614 Rev. and Mrs. C. Rollit and dr. 
1614 C. C. Rollit. 

1620 Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Nexsen. 

1629 Mr. and :Mrs. D. E. Lawrence. 

1703 Mr. and Mrs J. L. Kemp and dr. 

1707 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. N. Osgood. 

1715 Mrs. Lucy Maes and dr. 

1717 Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pickett. 

1721 Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Randall. 

1805 B. M. Bicknell. 

1906 J. C. Berry. 

1913 Mr. and Mrs. J. M.Williams and dr. 

1913 C. S. Williams. 

1918 Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Chapman. 

1919 Mr. and Mrs. George B Bicknell. 

Franklin Avenue North. 

Cor. Grove. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hamblen. 
P. C. Pinkham. 

Cor. Euclid. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Potter. 
Nr. Arthur. 

Mr. and Mrs John Green. 



Franklin Avenue - 

Nr. I/yndale Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Buell. 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Monroe. 

Mrs. Sarah L. Walker. 
Nr. Pleasant Ave. 

Dr. and Mrs. "W. A. Spaulding. 

Mrs. J. M. Knowles. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Dunwoodz. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Siskron. 
Nr. Nicollet Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Day and dr. 

H. L. Day. 

F. H. Day. 
94 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Badger. 
96 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stone. 
98 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Jackson. 
98 R. F. Jackson. 

324 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. J. Marsh. 

325 Mr. and Mrs. Kimball W. King. 
330 Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bixby. 
330 Miss Mertie Middaugh. 

330 Mrs. Louisa Bixby. 

345 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Scott. 

353 Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. Sturtevant. 

353 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Ross. 
Cor. ith Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Crane. 

401 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Penney. 

406 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Pierson and dr. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Burr. 
Cor. Portland Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Miner and drs. 

605 Dr. and Mrs. L. D. Leonard. 

609 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Williams. 

611 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stout and dr. 

612 Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Balch and drs. 
614 Mr. and Mrs. Roswell T. Beebe. 

{Twentieth Street South.) 

616 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin White. 
Cor. Portland PL 

Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Cleveland. 

G. S. Cleveland, jr. 
720 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Fawcett. 

732 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Benjamin. 

733 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Parker. 
801 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Stiles. 
803 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. A. Clarke. 
805 Mrs. M. Y. Stout. 

811 Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Coffin. 

813 Mr. and Mrs. Eben Kneeland. 

891 Mr. and Mrs. Albion Miller. 

905 Arthur B. Chase. 

937 Mr. and Mrs. S. W, Chase and dr. 

913 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Ellis. 
1011 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Adams. 
1027 Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Timmins. 
1102 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Underwood. 
Cor. 12th Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Parry. 
1201 John J. Jones. 
1309 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hanson. 
1309 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Wales. 
1431 Rev. and Mrs. A. Davis. 
1503 Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Olson. 
1510 Mr. and Mrs. Bethuel Perry and drs. 
1510 E. E. Perry. 
1522 Mr. and Mrs. 0. Byorum. 
1527 J. W. Penberthy. 
1535 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. AVinter. 
1545 Dr. J. W. Little. 
1705 Mr. and Mrs. Reinert Sunde. 
1910 Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Wilson. 
2001 F. P. Hopwood. 
2323 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Truman. 
2414 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Davis. 

Grand Avenue. 

2614 Mr. and Mrs. George Sawyer. 
Cbr. 2m. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ellis. 

3014 Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Stoneman. 
3014 Mrs. Matilda Magoon. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Starr. 
Mrs. E. P. Godlev. 

Grant Street. 

I 87 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Walrath. 
I 87 J. C. Davis. 


88 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Walker. 

127 B. F. Woodworth. 

88 Mr. and Mrs. Irvine Pattee. 

127 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Butler. 

89 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Lawrence. 

133 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. R. Foss. 

89 Miss Emma Norlin. 

135 Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Seeley. 

91 Prof, and Mrs. C. V. Lachmund. 

135 G. H. Willard. 

93 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Macgregor. 

208 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Page. 

93 H. W. Jones. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Williams. 

95 Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Kerr. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Frackelton . 

101 Mrs. D. Herod. 

210 S. G. Williams. 

101 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Sabin. 

210 W. J. Wilson. 

101 Mrs. F. Hampson. 

210 E. M. Bruce. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Coppage. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Kingsley and d 

108 Miss Eva Fenton. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Kingsley. 

109 Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Russell. 

222 Mrs. Elizabeth Morrison. 

Ill Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Mather. 

224 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Michener. 

113 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Frary. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Whiteman. 

114 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Watkins. 

409 Prof. L. C. Johonnot. 

125 Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Wakefield. 

411 Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Wing. 

127 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Woodworth. 

411 Dr. and Mr. C. H. Bates. 

Grove Place. 

2 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Beach and dr. 

4 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bray and drs. 

4 Wm. Brown. 

6 Mr. and Mrs. J. Aronson. 

8 Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Bissell. 
14 Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Eustis. 
14 C. B. Eustis. 
16 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Brown. 
18 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Eastman. 
20 Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Eastman. 
20 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Eastman. 
20 W. K. Eastman. 

22 Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Upton. 
22 W. A. Upton. 

22 T. P. Harshberger. 

23 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Rea. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. J De Laittre and dr. 

24 Mrs. C. C. Eastman. 

25 Mrs. E. C. Baldwin and drs. 

29 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Eastman. 

30 C. A. Nimocks and dr. 
30 A. G. Chapin. 

32 Mrs. Bertha Schlener. 
32 John A. Schlener. 

Nr. Douglas. 

Grove Street. 

I Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Nevitt. 

Groveland Avenue. 

Nr. Mt. Curve Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Steele. 

Mrs. Eliza Steele. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Andrews. 

Mrs. W. E. Hubbard. 
Nr. Hillside PL 

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Long. 
Miss Ada T. Landers. 

Harmon Place. 

1015 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rinker. 
1022 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Molloy. 
1022 J. S. Colt. 

1022 E. W. Colt. 

1025 Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Sutherland. 

1025 J. B. Sutherland, jr. 



1026 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Taylor. 

1311 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Palmer. 

1026 J. S. Taylor. 

1311 Miss Lottie Black. 

1026 J. W. Christie. 

1312 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Russell. 

1108 Mr. and Mrs. D. 0, Fife. 

1312 Mrs. Sarah T. Brooks. 

1108 C. C. Landgraeber. 

1316 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Baxter and dr. 

1112 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Swaine and drs. 

1317 Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Crevier. 

1116 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anderson. 

1320 Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Bunker. 

1116 Mrs. M. S. Thomson. 

1323 Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Hollins and dr 

1116 Wm. D. McLaurin. 

1324 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Littlefield. 

1215 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Palmer and drs. 

1324 E. E. Littlefield. 

1216 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. D. Whitall. 

1400 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Webb. 

1216 Miss Nettie Thurston. 

1413 Rev. and Mrs. AV. 1 . Chase. 

1225 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Huntington. 

1413 A. M. Trask. 

1225 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ransom. 

1500 Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Brown and dr. 

1225 W. J. Bishrepp. 

Harriet Avenue. 

2727 Mr. and Mrs. R R. Odell. 

I 2727 Mrs. H. Brown. 

Hawthorne Avenue. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Bidwell. 

902 Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Boshart. 

902 Dr. W. F. Giddings. 

902 Robert R. Scott. 

904 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Allen. 

910 Mr. and Mrs. G. Rees. 
1017 Mrs. E. S. Robinson. 
1017 H. H. Robinson. 
1022 Mrs. E. Curtis. 
1022 T. F. Curtis. 
1022 Mrs Etta Fowle. 
1025 Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Bishop. 
1027 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Stephenson. 
1100 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Vaughan. 
1100 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Heaton. 
1103 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hall. 
1103 Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Martin. 

1115 Rev. and Mrs. S. P. Murch. 

1116 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Daniels. 
1123 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Sumner. 
1123 Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Clark. 

1126 Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn Baxter and dr. 
1209 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Treadwell. 
1209 Mrs. A. E. Budington and dr. 
1300 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Wilson. 
1303 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Babst. 
1305 Mrs. M. S. Andrus. 

1305 F. H. Andrus. 

1305 E. F. Andrus. 

1307 Mr. and Mrs. .T. H. Kerrick. 

1307 C. S. Pettengill. 

1309 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Kimball. 

1309 Mrs. L. J. Kimball. 

1311 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Gage. 

1325 Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Smith. 

1325 Mrs. E. B. Wilson. 

1329 Mrs. Charles Young and dr. 

1500 Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Hamlin. 

1500 G. G. Hamlin. 

1500 Mrs. Ann Kockey. 

1501 Mrs. S. N. Sully. 

1501 Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Ellis. 

1505 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fairweather. 

1507 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Case. 

1507 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Irish. 

1507 E. E. Case. 

1507 Edwin S. Slater. 

1511 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Moses and dr. 

1511 Mrs. F. E. Tracher. 

1515 Mr. and Mrs. Seagrave Smith. 

1515 Mr. and Mr. Salmon Bridgeman. 

1516 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thompson. 
1516 Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Capen. 

1520 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Sargent and dr. 



1527 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Merriam and dr. 

1714 J. K. Mortland. 

1529 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hall. 

1800 Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Sarles and drs. 

1529 W. H. Alexander. 

1801 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bartlett. 

1529 F. W. Spaulding. 

1801 G. D. Bartlett. 

1600 Dr. and Mrs. G. F. French. 

1809 Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Moses. 

1601 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Cauvet. 

1810 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Frey and dr. 

1609 Mr. and Mrs, S. B. Lovejoy. 

1815 Col. and Mrs. R. C. Benton. 

1613 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Rowe. 

1815 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Leland. 

1616 Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Gridley. 

1815 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leland. 

1620 Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Shepard. 

1815 R. M. Douglas. 

1620 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Johnson. 

1819 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Morse. 

1622 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Anson and dr. 

1901 Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Andrews. 

1700 Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Hurd and dr. 

1903 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Adams. 

1700 Mrs. H. E. Parke. 

1904 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Coe. 

1700 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Haskell. 

1904 Mrs. S. M. Coe. 

1706 Mrs. M. E. Chase. 

1904 Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Brooks. 

1706 J. A. Chase. 

1909 Dr. and Mrs. G. R. Wescott. 

1709 Mr. and Mrs. R. 11. Ripley. 

1910 Rev. and Mrs. W. A. James. 

1709 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cooper. 

1916 Mr. and Mrs. G. F, Jackson. 

1711 Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Peck. 

1917 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Barnes and dr. 

1711 Mr and Mrs. Samuel Morse. 

1917 Miss M. P. Adams. 

1714 Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Sammis. 

1919 Mr. and Mrs. James Francis. 

1714 C. S. Doolittle. 

2000 Mr. and Mrs. R, R. Finlay. 

Hennepin Avenue. 

251 Dr. L. B. Allen. 

251 Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Steers. 

Cor. ^th. — Clark House. 

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Towne. 

Thomas Dickens. 

J. N. Gannon. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holdridge, 

D. H. Kent. 

J. S. McEwen. 

Joseph Matthews. 

.Tames Noble. 

David Olmstead. 

S. W. Pruss. 

Dr.W. H.F.Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Thompson. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Wilde. 
418 Mr. and Mrs. H. McLean. 
Ck)r. 5th.— West Hotel. 

Col. John T. West. 

Dr. and Mrs. Allport. 

Judge and Mrs. Isaac Atwater. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Brown. 

W. E. Burwell. 

W. F. Cahill. 

F. A. Cushing. 

F. W. Dean. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Dearn. 

Dr. Frederick Dorsey. 

H.H. Eliel. 

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Fletcher. 

Edward Gage. 

F. S. Gibson. 

J. G. Hamilton. 

Robert C. KalkhoflF. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Harriman. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Kelly. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Lawrence. 

H. F.Legg. 

H. W. McNair. 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Miller. 

W. S. Nott. 

E. A. O'Brien. 

H. A. Odell. 

A. B. Ovitt. 


F. H. Peavey. 

525 Mrs. H. D. Lyman and dr. 

E. H. Fressy. 

525 Wm. Brockway. 

Mrs. A. B. Rand. 

526 Mrs. I. F. Wilson. 

Mrs. A. T. Reed. 

526 Miss H. S. Wilson. 

Belden Seymour, Jr. 

526 Dr. H. A. Knight. 

W. A. Sheldon. 

526 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Hough. 

C. W. Shepherd. 

526 Dr. Henry Loughridge. 

J. E. Smith. 

526 Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Hay. 

C. H. Sparks. 

527 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Knittle. 

H. H. Tuttle. 

527 James Crays. 

C. F. Whaley. 

527 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hayner. 

H. L. Wheeler. 

529 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. 


529 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Lane. 

503 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 


529 Miss Carrie Bartlett. 

503 Mr. and Mrs. R. Engdahl. 

Cor. 6(h. 

503 W. L. Pet tit. 

C. F. Crosman. 

503 Miss M. E. Y. Miller. 

600 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nelson. 

503 C. E. Wheeler. 

602 Mrs. T. C. Tucker. 

505 W. H. Kreach. 

602 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Hollis. 

505 Miss Dora Creveliug. 

604 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Proctor. 

509 Mr. and Mrs. C. H 


604 Robert Eraser. 

509 J. B. Beck. 

604 Mrs. C. A. Eraser. 

509 Mr. and M^rs. Harter. 

604 C. A. North. 

509 Asbery Johnson. 

606 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Garrett. 

509 Charles Johnson. 

607 Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Mitchell. 

509 James Lennon. 

610 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Andrews. 

509 Frank Peckham. 

610 Miss Mat tie Washburn. 

509 S. H. Plummer. 

610 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Sheret. 

509 L. A. Rolf. 

613 L. B. Little. 

509 E. I. Rugg. 

613 E. C. Whitney. 

509 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. 


614 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Kirkwood. 

509 George Terry. 

614 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Johnson. 

509 Mr. and Mrs. Ira Wedleigh. 

614 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. White. 

517 Mr. and Mrs. D. E 


614 J. W. Crego. 

520 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. 


619 Mr. and Mrs. John Vanderwarker. 

520 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cleveland. 

624 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Winship. 

520 Miss C. A. Nolan. 

625 H. H. Vanderwarker. 

520 Miss Emma Keep. 

625 T. F. Nally. 

520 George W. Bruner 

626 Mrs. E. B. McDonald. 

520 G. R. Nimmons. 

626 Mrs. C. S. Rogers. 

520 J. H. Thompson. 

626 Miss N. A. Grant. 

521 Mr. and Mrs. Z. W 


700 Mrs. Anna Carr. 

521 Miss Allie H.St. John. 

700 Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Bowman. 

521 Mrs. H. D. Russell 

700 Dayton Elliott. 

p2\ Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 


700 J. H. Elliott. 

"523 Mr. and Mrs. C. M 

Castle and dr. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fields. 

523 S. R. Thayer. 

700 Theo. Ford. 



700 Miss S. A. Jennison. 

917 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Springgate. 

700 Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Lewis. 

917 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hymes. 

700 Miss Maria Morris. 

928 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Major. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Page. 

929 Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Barber. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. M. Pittman. 

929 Mrs. J. B. Gardner and dr. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Spink. 

1014 Mr. and Mrs. T. Gardner and drs. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winship. 

1021 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Lowenstine. 

700 Charles Winship, Jr. 

1023 Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Murray and drs. 

706 Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Selden. 

1024 Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Howard. 

707 Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Little. 

1025 Mrs. M. B. Harvey. 

707 M. V. Little. 

1025 H. B. Hancock. 

707 Miss Nellie Carr. 

1028 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Belt. 

707 Fred. H. Clark. 

1029 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Broot. 

713 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Byrant. 

1029 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Daynes. 

713 Miss A. McGann. 

1100 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Darling and dr. 

718 Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Thorn. 

1110 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Badger. 

718 S. B. Tibbetts. 

1110 C: H. Badger. 

718 Mr. and Mrs. George Bennett. 

1110 W. L. Badger. 

721 Mrs. C. M. Thomson and dr. 

1110 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnston. 

726 Capt. and Mrs. Wm. H. Eldred. 

1110 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cheney. 

726 Wm. L. Eldred. 

nil Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Smith. 

728 Mr. and Mr. J. S. Iloman. 

nil Mr. and Mrs. Barclay Cooper. 

803 Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Walker and dr. 

nil Mrs. M. I. Bassett. 

803 G. M. AValker. 

1114 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Rust. 

808 Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Barnes. 

1115 Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Henry. 

808 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. La Due. 

1115 Mrs. N. H. Met calf. 

808 Wm. Moore. 

1121 Mrs. C. E. Gaston. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. Levi Moon. 

1121 Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Smith. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Page. 

1121 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Shadrick. 

818 Frederick Hawley. 

1122 Mr. and Mrs. W. Commons and dr. 

822 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Eastman. 

1122 F. W. Commons. 

828 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Wilson. 

1122 H. W. Commons. 

828 David Wilson. 

1122 A. D. King. 

829 ]\[r. and Mrs. T. Basting. 

1124 Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Walker. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. J. I). Rich and dr. 

1124 Miss Bessie Cooley. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Glass. 

1124 A. G. Walker. 

903 Mr. and Mrs. AV. H. Hinkle. 

1124 F. S. Hawley. 

903 F. B. Foote. 

1124 H. J. Fletcher. 

903 Miss H. £. Foete. 

1124 F. C. Fiske. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Couse. 

1124 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kidder. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Vines and dr. 

1126 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hubbard. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Yeaton. 

1126 J. 0. P. Wheelwright. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Cool. 

1126 Daniel Jones. 

910 Mr. and Mrs. Jule Mayer. 

1126 Charles Gilman. 

910 C. E. Handy. 

1127 Mr. and Mrs. H. Mattson. . 

910 H. R. Cook. 

1128 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McMullen. 

913 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Byers. 

1129 Mrs. Charles Walke. 



1129 Wm, 0. Brown. 

Nr. Summit Ave. 

1129 Miss Clara A. Brown. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hawthorne. 

1129 Miss Ida G. Brown. 

W.N. Haw. home. 

1201 F. T. Feet. 

Cor. 2^th. 

1201 Miss Belle Peet. 

Mr. and Mrs. 0. K. Earle. 

1201 Wm. Peet. 

Nr. 1\th. 

1203 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Joyslin. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Phipps. 

1203 C. H. Hastings. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Dague. 

1205 Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Shaw. 

Nr. lUh. 

1207 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Perry. 

Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Brown and drs. 

1207 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Salmon. 

M. F. Brown. 

1208 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Williams. 

Cor. 2Uh. 

1212 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Johnson. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Smith. ■ 

1212 J. F, Johnson. 

2605 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Forrest. 

1222 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Holmes. 

Nr. 2&th. 

1222 Mrs. R. A. Holmes. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Taintor. 

1227 Mr. and Mrs. AV. H. Chamberlain. 

Nr. 21th. 

1229 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hayward. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Holdridge. 

1300 Mrs. Charlotte Harmon. 

Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Clark and dr. 

1300 Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Carpenter. 

Nr. 2m. 

1301 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Sacre. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Noble. 

1301 Bertie L. Sacre. 

2800 Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Russell. 

1308 Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Jones. 

2800 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Colbrath. 

1321 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Amberson. 

2800 John Russell. 

1322 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Oswald and dr. 

Nr. 29th. 

1402 Mr. and Mrs. 0. Parkhurst. 

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gilpatrick. 

1402 H. 0. Parkhurst. 

Cor. Lake. 

1418 Mr. and Mrs. John Schockweiler. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Weber. 

1501 Mr. and Mrs. S. 0. Whitcomb. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Weber. 

1501 Mr. and Mrs. F, B. Wright. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Withey. 

1503 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Thomas. 

Nr. Lake. 

1521 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Edwards. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Langworthy. 

1521 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Edwards. 

Mr. and Mrs. 0. G. Day. 

1528 Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Lindley and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Higgins. 

1528 Dr. S. H. Lindley. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Donald. 

1528 Clarkson Lindley. 

3010 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McCulloch. 

Nr. nth. 

3010 Orrin Kleeberger. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Mills. 

3016 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Davis. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Starry. 

3016 J. R. Parker. 

1632 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Inks. 

3024 Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Griswold. 

1632 B. F.Inks. 

3024 Edwin F. Griswold. 

1632 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Spear. 

3032 Mr. and Mrs. James Bryant. 

1700 Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Welles. 


1700 Miss Henrietta Welles. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Willson. 

1700 Miss Catherine Welles. 

H. N. Willson. 

Nr. Vineland PL 

W. S. Willson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lowry. 

Mrs. Mary Demick. 



Cor. Mth. 

1 Mr, and Mrs. 

2 Mr. and Mrs. 
2 Mr. and Mrs. 

2 Mr. and Mrs. 

3 Mr. and Mrs. 
6 Mr. and Mrs. 
6 Mr. and Mrs. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. 
22 Mr. and Mrs. 
22 H, Brigham. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. 

25 Mr. and Mrs. 

27 Dr. and Mrs. 

28 Dr. and Mrs. 
51 Mr. and Mrs, 
56 Mr. and Mrs. 

60 Mr. and Mrs. 

61 Mr. and Mrs. 

65 Mr. and Mrs. 

66 Dr. and Mrs. 
71 Mr. and Mrs. 
77 Dr. and Mrs. 
b3 Mr. and Mrs. 


Edward Ende. : 

C. L. De Laittre. i 
J. H. Ilogan. 
L. B. Yelland. I 
W. R. Guile. I 
W. B. Page. 

D. W. Sprague. 
, G. A. Lucas. 

L. M. Rich. 

G. P. Derickson. 
Louis Meldal. 

A. H. Salisbury. 

B. F. Graham. 
. W. H. Grinishaw. | 

C. M. Pond. j 
C.M.Phelps. I 
Eugene J. Brown. 1 
A. M. Shuey and drs. i 
J. R. Kinney and dr. 
F. V. Haven. 
L. Hall and dr. I 
L. S. Buffington. I 

Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Higgins and dr 

91 Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Case. 

91 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Knettle. 

95 Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Strong. 
98 T. J. Ruxton and dr. 
98 L. R. Buxton. 

98 Mr. and Mrs.F. A. Smith. 

99 Mr. and Mrs. F. Trainer. 
106 INIrs. M. E. Lamb and drs. 

109 Mr. and Mrs. S. 0. Lum. 

110 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Moody. 
110 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Moody. 

116 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Truesdale. 

117 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hawley. 
117 Mrs. L. M. Hawley. 

122 Mr. and Mrs. J. Newton Nind. 
128 Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Kitchel. 
128 Mrs. H. C. Gerhard. 

128 D. M. Gerhard, 

129 Mr. and Mrs. .1. D. Woodworth. 

134 Dr. and Mrs. T. F, Stark. 

135 Mr. and Mis. R. G. Freeman and dr. 
140 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Moore and dr. 
148 Maj. and Mrs. A, G. Wilcox. 

Hillside Place. 

Nr. Groveland Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Briggs. 

Elmer L. Briggs. I 

Holm«s Street. 

(See Fifteenth Avenue South East.) 

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Sweet. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Smith. 

Island Avenue. 

41 Col. and Mrs. W. S. King. 

41 Preston King. 

45 Mr. and Mrs. H, Alden Smith. 

61 Mrs. Ella Hall. 

61 E. H. Brooks. 

61 H. Gilmore. 

61 M. L. Schmid. 

61 W. S. Deyoe, 

93 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Baker. 
105 Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Fish. 
107 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Earnshaw. 

109 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. SteM'art. 

Ill Mrs. Lizzie Lent. 

Nr R. R. 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthon Grethen. 
163 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dexter. 
163 Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Akers. 
171 Mr. and Mrs. H. A, Bennett, 
181 Mr, and Mrs, A. H. Kirk, 
183 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Barry. 
189 Mr, and Mrs, A, M, Woodward. 


liake Calhoun. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Vaudervoort. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Lockard. 
Dr. Wm. Cleveland. 
Frank Cleveland. 

Mrs. Ella Carroll and dr. 

Mr. and L. L. Leathers. 

Mr. and Mrs. George U. Erhardt. 

Lake Street — {Thirteejith Street Soidh.) 

Nr. Hennepin Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. AVm. Eibel. 
206 Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tripp. 
Cor. Lyndale Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Gould. 
Cor. Grand Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Miller. 
Nr. Nicollet Ave. 

Dr. and Mrs. H. J. Harding. 
Cor. Bloomington Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Allen. 


Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Ellis. 
2100 Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Parker. 
2131 Rev. and Mrs. S. Y. S.Fisher. 
21.31 Mrs. A. V. S. Fisher. 
2302 Dr. and Mrs. J. W. B. La Pierre. 
2304 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Crosby. 
Nr. City Limits. 

Rev. and Mrs. George A. Hood. 

Lake View Avenue. 

Cor. 29th. 

Mr. and ilrs. Mathias Viees. 
Andrew Knaeble. 

Nr. 29th. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Guiwits. 
Cor. 3Uf. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Petran. 

Liaurel Avenue. 

1420 Dr. and Mrs. E. S. Kelley. 

1500 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rolfe. 

1500 Miss E. A. Rolfe. 

1500 Miss M, D. Rolfe. 

1508 M. and Mrs.H. B. Smith. 

1512 Mr. and Mrs. Utley Hare. 

1523 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Simpson. 

1528 Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Hart. 

1528 Mrs. W. D. Plum. 

1600 Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Gilmore. 

1602 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hale. 

1609 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Conklin. 

1611 Mr. and Mrs. John King. 

1614 Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Perry. 

1614 Mrs. E. C. Perry, 

1623 Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Leighton. 

1628 Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Williams. 

1700 Mr. and Mrs, S. G, Palmer. 

1705 Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Durgin, 

1706 Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Smith. 

1706 C. L. Coleman. 

1706 Miss Mamie E. Stock. 

1706 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cleghorn. 

1707 Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Burton. 

1708 Prof, and Mrs. J. Brooks and dr. 
1717 Mr. and Mrs. Lyman AVhitcomb. 
1800 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Van Dyke. 

1800 A. H. Van Dyke. 

1801 Mr. and Mrs. H. Lewis and dr. 
1801 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Baldwin. 
1805 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tracy. 
1809 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ankeny, 
1811 Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Foster. 

' 1813 Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Roberts. 
1815 Mrs. R. I. Allen and dr. 
1815 Mrs. Ada A. Greble. 
1817 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Pillsbury and dr. 
1900 Mr. and Mrs.W.B.Griswold and dr. 



Liincoln Street 

2123 Mr. and Mrs. J. Maddock and dr. 
Nr. 22d Ave. 
, , Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wingate. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wingate and drs. 

Mrs. Mary E. Wingate. 
2434 Eev. and Mrs.Ebenezer B.Caldwell. 
2439 Capt. and Mrs. James W. George. 

liinden Avenue. 

1214 Dr. J. B. Moffett. 

1214 W. Z, Moffett. 

1214 R. L. Moffett. 

1220 Mr. and Mrs. J..H. Horton and drs. 

1220 J.H. Horton, jr. 

1300 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Armstrong. 

1404 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Steele. 

1416 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Towne. 

1416 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Scoville. 

liyndale At 

25 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cook. 
25 Rev. and Mrs. G. L. Morrill.^ 
27 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Courtright. 
27 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Edwards. 
29 Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Matthews. 
29 J. H. Kehoe. 
31 Rev. C. I). Pillsbury. 
31 W. B. Kellogg. 
33 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Thisselle. 
33 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McCulloch. 
Cor. Linden Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Sessions and dr. 
61 Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Lewis and dr. 
61 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. J. Yinter. 
74 Mr. and Mrs J. P. Nichols. 
215 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Angst. 

219 Mr. and Mrs. George Huhn. 

220 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Higgins. 

221 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Jones. 
321 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Welch and dr. 
321 V. J. Welch. 

401 Mr. and Mrs. Yernon Bell. 

1434 Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Chute. 

1500 Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Cook, 

1501 INIr. and Mrs. F. M. Parcher. 
1510 Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Woodman. 
1510 F. M. Talbot. 

1510 *E. C. Donnell. 

1510 E. B. Moor. 

1706 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Taboiir. 

enue North. 

409 Mr. 

and Mrs. J. 

A. Sandell. 

411 Mr. 

and Mrs. E 

N. Darrow. 

413 Mr 

and Mrs. C. 

S. Brackett. 

415 Mr 

and INIrs. AV 

ni. Hochstaetter. 

517 Mr. 

and :\[rs. S. 

C. Todd. 

521 Mr 

and Mrs. James Kistler. 

536 Dr. 

J. M. Kistler. 

1104 Mr 

and Mrs. J. 

0. AYanvig. 

1104 Marc Wanvig. 

1112 Rev. and Mrs. James M. Bull. 

1505 Mr. 

and Mrs. H 

W. Kimball. 

2107 Dr. 

and Mrs. A. 

C. Douglas. 

2123 Mr. 

and Mrs. C. 

C. Ziegler, 

2217 Mr. 

and Mrs. C. 

C. Hashow. 

Cor. 26th 



and Mrs. P 

H. Perry. 

2625 D. L. Smith and dr. 

2625 C. N. Smith. 

2625 B. E. Smith. 

2627 Mr. 

and Mrs. E 


2627 C. H. Childs. 

2808 Mr 

and Mrs. G 

R. Whitcomb. 

Cor. Summit Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Gibbs. 
Nr. 26th. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Barons. 
2614 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Davis 

L,yndale Avenue Soutli. 

2614 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Davis. 
2616 Mr. and Mrs. Hiram W. Smith. 
2801 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Matchan. 
2820 Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Cerf. 
2900 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. White. 



3020 Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Fisk. 

3112 Prosper Bowe. 

3026 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cooley. 

3114 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Eggleston. 

3026 G.E.Weston. 

4100 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stuart. 

3034 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Mosher. 

Nr. 43d. 

3037 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mumford. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Bicknell. 

3112 Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. Bowe and dr. 

4332 Dr. and Mrs. M. C. Keith. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver F. Briggs. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moody. 

Main Street North East. 

625 Rev. and Mrs. M. H. Quehl. 
Maple Place. 

I 15 M. F. Hartigan. 

3Iarsliall Street. 

635 Mr. and Mrs. E. Vonkuster. 
1228 Mr. and Mrs. John Orth. 

1228 Alfred H. Orth. 

1228 Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Bofferding. 

Mary Place. 

815 Mr. and Mrs. Z. E. Brown. 

823 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wales and drs. 

823 J. F. Keene. 

823 A. C. Libby. 

827 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Haseltine. 

916 Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Barnaby and di 

]>liniieliaha Avenue. 

3124 Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Swensen. 
3132 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Burnell. 
Nr. City Limits. 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Moffett. 

Prof, and Mrs. L. Asire. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Adams. 

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham S. Adams. 

Monroe Street. 

413 Prof, and Mrs. John S. Clarke. 
619 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Deegan. 

722 Mr. and Mrs. George Evans. 
735 Mr. and Mrs. M. Casselman. 

Mount Curve Avenue. 

Nr. Hennepin Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Tobin. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Thompson. 
210 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Dii Bois, 
Nr. Hillside PL 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Beard. 

Mrs. James Beard. 
Oyr. N. 2M. 

Capt. and Mrs. S. P. Snider. 
Nr. N. 23d. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kimble. 

Nr. N. 26th. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cook. 

Wensel Petran. 

C. Petran. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Dawes. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albee Smith. 
Cor. N. 26th. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Bowen. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Farnsworth. 
I Cor. Groveland Ave. 
I Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Blake. 



Nicollet Avenue. 

19 Mr. and Mrs. James Pauly. 
113 Dr. and Mrs. J. Koehl. 
121 Dr. John B. Le Roy. 
125 Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Cadieux. 
221 A. B. Rugg. 
246 Dr. S. S. Wentworth. 
246 Dr. H. B. Tillotson. 
251 Prof, and Mrs. H.W. Malcolm. 
259 Mr. and Mrs. Max Segelbaum. 
259 George B. Bower. 
300 Dr. J. B. Rawson. 
322 Mr. and Mrs. F. 11. Smith, 
322 Dr. T. G. Raiuey. 
326 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Penfield. 
326 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Robbins. 
326 Dr. M. E.AVoodling. 
328 Mr. and Mrs. James McCune. 
328 Dr. W. N. Murray, 
403 Dr. C. L. Flannigan. 
409 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dorner. 
414 Prof. Hermann E. Zoch, 
414 F. E. Read. 

417 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. ZSIiller. 

418 Mr. and Mrs. E. M. May and dr. 
418 Mr. and Mrs. F. M. May. 

424 Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Sherman. 

424 Dr. W. A. Todd. 

427 Mrs. J. F. Biirrill, 

427 B. F. Landis. 

427 Louis Biele. 

427 A. J. Wagner. 

427 James Kerr. 

427 Fred. Orchard. 

427 Wm. Clark. 

427 Osborne Brashear. 

427 Joseph McFeeters. 

429 Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Elliot. 

429 Miss Emma Sheldon. 

429 Mrs. S. Sheldon. 

504 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph May, 

504 Mrs. K. James. 

504 Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Burke. 

504 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Mitchell, 

504 Mrs. P. H. Litchfield. 

504 Mrs. S. E. Kirby. 

504 Dr. and Mrs, A. S. Whetstone, 
516 Mr. and Mrs. F. Danz. 
516 Dr. W. A. Jones. 
516 Mrs. Sarah J. Hotchkiss, 
518 Dr. A, B. Gates. 
Syndicate Block. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. F, Pickens. 

Dr. J, D. Anderson. 

Dr. Frank Burton. 

H. T. Bishop. 

J. E. Bishop. 

Dr. R, J. Fitzgerald. 

Dr. R. L. Thurston. 
520 Mrs. H. M. Foote. 
522 Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Critchett. 
522 Mr. and Mrs. A, H. Yeaton. 
522 N, H. Spaulding, 
522 Mr. and Mrs. W, P. Strickland, 
522 Mrs. M. J. Morrill. 
524 Seth Abbott. 
611 Miss E. J. Kingsley. 
614 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Clampet. 
614 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schomberg. 

620 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Danforth. 

621 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Fitterling, 
624 Mr. and Mrs. W. W, Folsom. 
624 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hunt. 
624 Mr. and Mrs. Neil McMillan. 
624 Mr. and Mrs. A. McGregor, 
624 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Dudley. 
624 Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Dales, 

624 Mr, and Mrs. James Linn, 
624 Mrs. A. J. Manley, 
624 Dr, G. R. Montgomery. 
624 Dr. S. D. Norred. 
624 Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Pray. 
627 Mr. and Mrs. F. W, Gibson. 
627 E. B. Morrison. 
629 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dennis. 
629 0. P. Dennis. 
629 Mrs. Helen M. Fuller. 
629 Charles I. Fuller. 
Cor. 1th. 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jones. 
707 Dr. 0. J. Evans. 


101 Miss M. A. Andrews. 

1005 Mr. and Mrs. S.Wilson. 

707 R. N. Jordan. 

1007 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Greene. 

720 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Graves. 

1010 Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Wells. 

721 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Myers and dr. 

1010 Mrs. Mary E. Stilwell. 

723 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morris. 

1010 Stephen Murton. 

723 George Fulford. 

1012 Mrs. S. B. Converse. 

723 J. W. Lauderdale. 

1012 Wm. A. Edwards. 

723 Mr. and Mrs. George Durand. 

1012 Miss Carry Clemens. 

727 Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Allen. 

1012 Miss Kate Gregg. 

727 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Barber. 

1014 Mrs. Belle Wilcox. 

728 Dr. and Mrs. Otis M. Humphrey. 

1014 Herbert D. Gould. 

728 L. 0. Humphrey. 

1014 Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cooley. 

800 Mrs. A. E. Mills. 

1014 A. A. Nagle. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ballard. 

1014 Howard Grenell. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hamilton. 

1015 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Stuart. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. George Dickson. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hayes. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. F. AV. Cappelen. 

1020 Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Porter. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Howard. 

1022 Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Bryant. 

800 Miss Lillian Rowe. 

1022 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ax ford. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sadler. 

1025 Mr. and Mrs. Levi Longfellow. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Dayton. 

1030 Mrs. Mary Thorn. 

800 Mr. and Mrs D. B. Wheeler. 

1030 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Campbell. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. Zenas Hodges. 

1112 Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Harrison. 

800 Mrs. Fannie Custer. 

1112 Perry Harrison. 

814 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Simons. 

1112 George Harrison. 

816 F. W. McDunnough. 

1115 Bishop and Mrs. C. D. Foss. 

817 Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Marshall. 

1125 Mrs. A. H. Goheen. 

817 C. R. Marshall. 

1125 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Heard. 

817 Mrs. N. Z. Henderson. 

1125 Prof. E. F. Mearkle. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Lewis. 

1215 Hon. and Mrs. C. W. Johnson. 

818 H. T. Lewis. 

1217 Mr. and Mrs. ^Y. P. Hopkins and dr. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Abbott. 

1218 Mr. and Mrs. George S. Hudson. 

818 Mrs. I. F. Olmsted. 

1218 F. H. Hudson. 

818 Rev. Moses Pickett. 

1218 Eli Torrance 

818 George R. Taylor. 

1221 Dr. and Mrs. R. 0. Beard. 

818 W. H. Hayes. 

1221 G. W. Wolbert. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Kilbourne. 

1222 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walston. 

827 Mr. and Mrs. G. Menzel and dr. 

1222 Wm. Boardman. 

912 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Reid. 

1222 G. W. Taylor. 

912 Mrs. Ada V. Hesler. 

1222 J. S. Coolican. 

928 Mr. and Mrs. J.W.Johnson and dr. 

1222 H H. Thayer. 

928 Mrs. O.B.Johnson. 

1222 F. 0. Darling. 

929 Mr. and Mrs Chas. A. Couch. 

1222 J. R. Van Derlip. 

931 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Purkiss. 

1224 Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Brown. 

931 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Searles. 

1224 Dr. and Mrs. Chas. P. Brown. 

1000 Mrs. Haidee A. Robinson. 

1224 Mrs. L. A. Brown and dr. 

1000 Frank W. Robinson. 

1224 Wm. Plank. 



1224 Raby Plank. 

1224 Wm. A. Simons. 

1224 David McConnell. 

1226 Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Cliurchill 

1226 Mrs. N. J. Hunter and dr. 

1226 James Ingils. 

1226 W. S.Hineline. 

1226 E. E. Churchill. 

1226 C. P. Biddle. 

1228 Mr. and Mrs. John Watson and dr. 

1228 L. T. Watson. 

1228 H. P. Watson. 

1229 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dashiell. 
13233^ Mrs. E.S. Brown and drs. 
132.53^ Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Fancher. 
1329)^ Mr. andMrs. Wm. McKilligan. 
13293^ Mrs. M. M. Perkins. 

1329)^ Miss Hattie P. Lillis. 

1331 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Baldwin . 

1331 R. F. Brown. 

1333 Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Cleveland. 

1333 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Miller. 

1333 Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Dunn, 

1335 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Munger. 

1335 Wm. H. Barber. 

1350 Dr. and Mrs. S. Keith and dr. 

1350 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Merrill and drs. 

1352 Dr. and Mrs. G. C. Barton. 

1352 Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Barton. 

1352 John C. Barton. 

1352 Mr. and Mrs. M. McDonald. 

1354 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Byrnes. 

1354 John Cummings. 

1358 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Gillespie. 

1358 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. H. Pruen. 

1364 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Northway. 

1364 C. C. Northway. 

1368 Mr. and Mrs. ^\. F. Rodgers. 

1400 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Merrill, 

1400 IMiss Estelle C. Merrill. 

1400 Miss Mina N. Merrill. 

1402 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Miller and drs. 

1408 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Warnock and dr. 

1408 J. M. Warnock. 

141 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Moore. 

1410 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Cutler. 

1410 W. E. Noxon. 

1502 Rev. and Mrs. Bradley Phillips. 

1502 M. G. Phillips. 

1502 Miss Hattie McElhinny. 

1515 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Morrall. 

1518 ]Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McLeod and drs. 

1518 James N. McLeod. 

1519 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Atterbury. 
1519 Mr. andMrs. W. S. Eberman. 
1519 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Careins. 
1523 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hofflin. 
1523 C. M. Garfield. 

1523 H. S. Garfield. 

1523 Mrs. J. M. Garfield. 

1720 Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Farrington and dr. 

1720 L. H. Farrington. 

1724 Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Stevens. 

1724 Miss A. M. Stevens. 

1724 Miss M. F.Stevens. 
I 1724 C. N. Stevens. 
j 1800 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Holbrook, jr. 
i Nr. 18th. 

iSIr. and Mrs. A. N.Merrick and drs. 
j Louis A. Merrick. 

I 1812 Mrs. Anna L. Wakefield and dr. 
I 1812 Alexander Robertson. 

1820 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. ?:rmentrout. 

1826 Mrs. A. O. Brooks and dr. 
, 1826 Wm. F. Brooks. 
I 1911 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Thomson. 

1911 C. R. Spence. 

1919 Mrs. S. L. Farr. 
I 1919 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Jackson. 
I 2200 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Paine and dr. 

2200 Asa Paine. 

2200 Eugene Greenman. 

Cor. 24th. 
I Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Blaisdeil and drs. 

G. L. Blaisdeil. 
I 2410 Rev. and Mrs. H. M. Simmons. 
■ 2419 Rev. and Mrs. Kristofer Janson. 

2529 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Caffrey. 

2531 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Slocum. 

2532 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bell. 
2532 Mrs. H. F. Plummer. 

2532 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Murray. 
2542 Mrs. Mary E. Kimball. 
2542 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gilbert. 


2548 Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Avery. 
2603 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Trubey. 
2609 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wood. 
2609 J. E. Wood. 
2609 Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Crosby. 

2615 Mr. and Mrs. James Borst. 

2616 Mrs. C. E. Alexander. 

2616 S. W. Kennedy. 

2617 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Libbey and drs. 
2617 C. A. Mudgett. 

2617 L. B. Morrison. 

2640 Mr. and Mrs. R. Blaisdell and dr. 

2705 Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Archibald. 

2707 Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Harding. 

2707 H. J. Harding. 

271.3 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Partridge. 

2713 Mrs. Rebecca Clark. 

2714 Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Hendrix. 

2714 Miss J. M. Hendrix. 
Nr. 28ih. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Mathews. 

2715 Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Woollett. 

2716 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Brooks. 
2719 Mrs. K. T. Williams. 

2814 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Putnam. 

2814 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Turnbull. 

2818 Mr.andMrs.S.P.McHughes and dr. 

2824 Rev. and Mrs. J. D. Lamb. 

282G Mr. and Mrs. M. Healy. 

2916 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Perrine. 

2916 H. G. Darrows. 

2928 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Filteau. 

Cor. Slst. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Gick. 

Fred. V. Gick. 
Cor. 32rf. 

Mr. and ^Irs. W. A. Broom. 
Nr. 32d. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Tindolph. 
I 3212 Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Newsom and dr. 
3212 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Keith. 
3212 Miss S. E. McKahan. 
Cor. 33(/. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Broom. 
a>r. Sith. 

Wesley Perry. 
3806 Prof, and Mrs. J. C. Hutchins. 

Cor. 24fh. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Turnbull. 
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Overmire. 

Nineteenth Avenue Soiitli East. 

Nr. 24th. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Brown. 
2508 Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Blackwell. 
2518 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Webster. 

Nineteenth Street North. 

33 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Rockwood. 
.33 G. H. Fletcher. 
35 D. W. Meeker. 
.35 Miss Annie M. Meeker. 
37 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Holmes. 
39 Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Moody. 
55 Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Guilford. 
55 Asa Guilford. 

119 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huhn. 

122 Clinton Brooke. 

123 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McFarlane. 
207 Mr. and Mrs. John Reid. 

222 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Desmond. 
229 J.D.Hyatt. 
229 Mr. and Mrs. Asher Hyatt. 
507 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Butler. 

Nineteenth Street South. 

Kr. Vine PL 

Mr. and Mrs. M. H.Crittenden and dr. 

A. M. Crittenden. 
.341 Rev. L. F. Cole. 
620 Mr. and Mrs. AV. B. Mclntyre. 
620. Mrs. Rebecca Donnell. 

624 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Smith. 

625 Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Ross. 
625 J. Y. Martin. 

1708 Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Drew. 
1710 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Morgan. 


Ninth Avenue South. 

413 Rev. and Mrs. Frederick Sievers. 

414 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kemmis. 
717 Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Struck. 
719 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Leonard. 
719 A. L. Eddy. 

721 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dunn. 
723 Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Drew. 
725 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Jones. 
727 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Warren. 
729 Mr. and Mrs. Ezra demons. 
731 Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Kelley. 
1721 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Smith. 


3 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. W. Stow. 
9 M. J. A. McCaffery. 
9 F. H. Clarke. 
10 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Donaldson. 

10 L. S. Donaldson. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. White. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Peacock. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. Janus G. Nind. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Nash. 
14 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Wright. 
14 F. E. Nash. 
45 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Summers. 

657 Mrs. Catherine Kynaston. 
909 Mr. and Mrs. P. C. King. 


9 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barnes and 

11 Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Aldrich. 
11 F. D. Aldrich. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Buell and dr. 
13 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Paul. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. George McNeir. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Baker and dr 
14 C. S. Leeds. • 

14 Mrs. H. A. Leeds. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Warner. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Boshart. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Boyer. 
15 E. D. Wooster. 
15 F. P. Woolley. 
15 A. C. Cobb. 
15 W. R. Morrison. 

1722 Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Gayner. 

1918 Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Todd. 

1918 E. I.Todd. 

2015 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Mayo. 

2017 Mr. and Mrs. Eben Tyler. 

2400 Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Gilbranson. 

2502 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haley. 

2502 A. L. Haley. 

2532 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Chase. 

2809 Mrs. Mary J. Paulson. 

2809 J.H.Paulson. 

Street North. 

1133 Mr. and Mrs. J. Chant and dr. 
i 1133 George E. Chant. 

1317 Mr. and Mrs. James Oglanville. 

1400 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pieyro. 
I 1529 Mr. and Mrs. George R. Chipman. 
I 1603 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pratt. 

1629 Rev. and Mrs. T. G. Field. 

1700 Rev. and Mrs. C. W. Merrill. 

1700 Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Merrill. 

1710 Dr. and Mrs. P. M. Hall. 

1904 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Gedney. 

2010 Mr. and Mrs. A. Richardson. 

2013 Rev. and Mrs. N. H. Bell. 

2105 Mr. and Mrs. E. Witchie. 

Street South. 

dr. j 16 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hall and dr. 
16 Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Gunckel. 
18 Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Henderson and dr 
18 Mr. and Mrs. O. H, Peck. 
20 Ml", and Mrs. John Cormerais. 

20 John Cormerais, jr. 

21 W. T. B. Mclntire and dr. 
25 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Gaty. 
29 Mrs. Hellen A. Gillam. 
29 Mrs. Josephine Cowlesand dr. 
29 Wm. Cowles. 
31 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Gill. 
31 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Gifford. 

33 Mr. and Mrs. L, M. Reid. 

34 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Mattison and dr. 



Cor. Mary PL 

Mrs. M. A. Armstrong and dr. 
35 Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Reid. 
38 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Whitehouse. 

38 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Butz. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pierce and dr. 
43 S. M. HildretU and dr. 

43 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gordon. 

43 Warren Davis. 

43 George Selkregg. 

43 Edward Freeman. 

43 A. L. Belknap. 

45 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gilbert and drs. 

45 Chas. Champion. 

45 Geo. Taylor. 

45 Wm. Boardman. 

45 G. H. Summers. 

45 Chas. B. Holmes. 

45 Isaac A. Barnes. 

45 S. L. Holmes. 

45 A. J. Condit. 

47 Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Mosher. 

47 Mr. and Mrs. D. D. McDonald. 

47 M. H. Miner. 

47 T. F. Hurley. 

47 W. B. Boardman. 

49 Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Neill. 

55 Mrs. Clara A. H. Aldrich. 
102 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Benton. 
102 Wm. A. Ramsey. 

102 Miss Ella Smyser. 

103 Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Steele. 
103 G. W. Wakefield. 

105 Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Sykes. 

105 W. W. Sykes. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Findley. 

108 Mrs. S. B. Willard. 

108 W. A. Willard. 

111 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Palmer. 

112 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Casseday. 

114 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Jones. 

115 Mr. and Mrs. R Hale and drs. 
118 Mrs. Emily Whitmore and dr. 
118 L. B. Elwood. 

201 Mrs. E. M. Ankeny and dr. 

201 W. S. Ankeny. 

208 Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Beaumont. 

210 Mrs. G. H. Keith. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Pattee. 

211 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Givins. 

211 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Camp. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Nimocks. 
212 Mrs. M. A. Nimocks. 

212 F. E. Nimocks. 

217 Mr. and Mrs. Ira F. Murphy. 

228 Mr. and Mrs. H- A. Smith. 

302 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Smith and dr. 

310 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Clark and drs. 

310 Herbert J. Clark. 

311 Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Bull and dr. 

311 Irving J. Bull. 

312 Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Brown. 

316 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Dunlop. 

317 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McCauley. 
818 Mrs. S. C. Beatty and drs. 

318 Wm. T. Beatty. 

321 Judge and Airs. M. B. Coon. 

321 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Pratt and dr. 

321 Harry Pratt. 

323 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Warner. 

325 Mr. and Mrs. Milton Blanchard. 

325 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Blake. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. John G. Taylor. 

425 Wm. T. Collom and dr. 

425 Geo. H. Collom. 

502 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Thompson. 

502 Mrs. AI. M. Harris. 

509 Mrs. Julia Lovering and dr. 

509 C. S. M. Bartlett. 

514 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Keith. 

516 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Baker. 

516 J. F. Cole. 
i 518 Mr. and Mrs. John I. Black. 

518 John F. Black. 

527 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Shaw and drs. 

810 A. W. Scott. 

814 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Furber and drs. 

820 Mr. and :Mrs. J, N. Dow. 

820 Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Colburn. 
, 1218 Rev. and INIrs. M. F. Gjertsen. 
I 1400 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Woolley. 

1418 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Farrington. 

1419 J. F. Appleby. 

I 1424 Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Cornell. 


1515 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Smith. 

1515 Miss Ella Brunson. 

1517 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Woodward. 

1526 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Sabin. 
2005 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Travis. 

Nintli Street Sovith East. 

220 Mr. and Mrs. Z. C. Colborn. 
314 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Covell. 
319 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Coleman. 
326 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Broiighton. 

400 Mrs. L. L. Twichell. 

517 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Barnard. 

517 F. S. Barnard. 

521 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Ford. 

Oak Grove. 

10 Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark Taylor. 

16 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Boardman. 

20 Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Mullin. 

20 Miss Mary Ristine. 

20 L. Mullin. 

26 Mr. and Mrs. II. V. De Mott. 

26 Mrs. S. L. Hoagland. 

29 Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Levering. 

29 C. H. Hubbell. 

30 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Boardman. 

31 Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Reid and dr. 

32 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Stebbins. 
34 Mr. and Mrs. F, B. Hart. 

38 Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Hughes. 
38 Miss Ida Manger. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Parker. 

40 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thomas. 

41 Maj. and Mrs. W. D. Hale. 
41 Miss E. F. Hammond. 

45 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Harrison. 
48 Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Gray. 
55 Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Cole and dr. 
57 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Marsh. 
57 Mrs. A. Davis. 
57 Miss Ada Davis. 
60 Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Camp. 
63 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Davenport. 
{For co)itinuation of Oak Ch'ove see Seven- 
teenth Street S.) 

619 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Langdon. 
619 AV. G. Langdon. 
629 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Meyers. 
701 Mrs. M. J. Baker and drs. 
701 H. C. Baker. 

Oak L.ake Avenue. 

701 A. B. Baker. 
701 C. H. Baker. 

710 Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Dillingham 
715 Mr. and >[rs. Adolph Bradford. 
1600 Mr.andMrs.W.T.Wertman and dr. 

Park Avenue. 

1400 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Brown. 
1408 Miss Elizabeth L. Putnam. 
1408 Franklin L. Putnam. 
1412 Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Briggs. 
1412 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Briggs. 
1412 W. H. Getchell. 

1421 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Fisher. 

1422 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Heisser. 
1501 Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Jones. 

1508 Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Patterson. 

1509 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ilanley. 
1509 M. F. Hanlev. 

1511 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Seaver. 

1512 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hazen. 

1513 Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Kinsey. 

1515 Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Bagley. 

1516 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Cornelius. 

1517 Mr. and Mrs. John Washburn. 

1518 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Cady. 

1519 Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Hovey and dr. 
Cor. 16th. 

E. B. Andrews and dr. 
N. P. Andrews. 
1610 Dr. J. E. Moore. 



1610 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bernard. 

2323 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Phelps. 

1612 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Elliott. 

2323 Mrs. Ruth C. Richardson and dr. 

1612 W. B. Augir. 

Cor. 24th. 

1614 Mr. and Mrs. Ezra C. Sage. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Phelps. 

1616 Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Duff. 

Mrs. R. C. Richardson. 

1707 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Downs. 

Miss M. C. Richardson. 

1715 Mr. and Mrs. John Downs. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Griswold and dr. 

1800 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bardwell. 

Miss Carrie E. Linnell. 

1801 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bass. 

Cor. 26th. 

1801 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cressey. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard r>ay. 

1812 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Robinson. 

2616 Mrs. Marion C. Bliss. 

1812 Charles E. Sheppard. 

2628 Wm. Duhnke and dr. 

1826 Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Winston. 

2628 Mrs. Mary Treptau and dr. 

1909 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Spry. 

2714 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. N. Holway. 

2004 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Best. 

2714 Ivar A. Oleson. 

2020 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Goodrich. 

2738 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hall. 

2022 Mr. and Mrs. S. Overmire and dr. 

Cor. 28th. 

2211 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Kimball. 

2211 Miss Hattie M. Cox. 

2820 Mr. and Mrs. L. J. C. Drennen. 

221.5 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Bell. 

2829 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hall. 

2215 C. C. Bell. 

2830 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Savage. 

2314 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kennedy. 

Cor. Uth. 

2314 A. G. Kennedy. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Wood. 

Park Place. 

26.50 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Sims. 

Place's Court. 

1303 E. W. Farwell and drs. 
1307 Mr. and Mrs. L. Harrison. 
1309 Mr. and Mrs. Orton S. Clark. 
1309 Nathaniel McCarthy. 
1315 Mrs. F. Carlson. 
1315 Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Schultz. 

1315 0. F. Carlson. 

1315 Miss Hattie M. Matthews. 

1316 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Knight. 
1400 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wales. 

1400 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Place and drs. 

Pleasant Avenue. 

2450 Rev. and Mrs. H. N. Herrick. 
2450 Prof, and Mrs. C. L. Herrick. 
2618 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Fish. 
2638 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hadfield. 
2718 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Conner. 
3030 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Dorr. 
3002 Dr. and >[rs. E. K. Bancroft. 

3118 J. C.Applegate. 
3018 Mrs. M. E. Applegate. 
AV. 3l5<. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Latham. 
3650 Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Whitmore. 
3927 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Johnson. 

Pleasant Street. 

113 Dr. X. S. Spinney. 


109 Mr. and Mrs. S. Martty. 
213 Dr. M. Mellin. 
228 Dr. and Mrs. P. J\rarchand. 
307 Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Slagle. 
314 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Confer. 


1120 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Rollins. 

1404 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Whitney and dr. 

1412 Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Baird. 

1415 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Elliot and dr. 

1.500 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Newton. 

1509 Mr. and Mrs. Emory F. Dodson. 

1510 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Teall. 
1512 Mrs. G. T. Mann and dr. 
1514 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Dieudonne. 
1516 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ciawson. 
1516 F. H. Ciawson. 
1523 Mr. and Mrs. AV. A. Gilson. 
1523 R. K. Gilson. 
1523 Wm. J. Clapper. 
Oor. mh. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. and dr. 
1603 Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Shelley. 
1621 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Chase. 
1706 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Collom. 
1811 Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Stuart. 
1813 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Balch. 
1813 R.M. Balch. 

1815 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Goodnow. 

1816 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Knerr. 

1817 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W. Redfield. 

1818 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Mohler. 
1820 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McCormick. 
1824 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bishop. 
1824 G. A. Dickens. 
1826 Mr. and Mrs. Frank II. Carleton. 
1833 Mrs. Julia A. Mclntyre and dr. 
1833 J. H. Mclntyre. 
1833 S. D. Mclntyre. 

1900 Mr. and Mrs. T. Saeger. 

1901 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schaefer. 
1914 Mrs. Isabella McLean and dr. 
1916 Mr. and :\Irs. Wm. C. March. 
1918 Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Sikes. 
1920 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ridgway. 

Plymoutli Avenue. 

316 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Confer. 
316 Benjamin Moore. 
400 Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Nye. 
408 Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Nye. 


1920 Mrs. L. R. De Puy. 

1923 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Orff. 

1928 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Miner and drs. 

2000 Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Channell. 

2009 Mr. and Mrs. L. F.Owen. 

2011 Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Van Order. 
I 2012 Mrs. II. K. Darling. 
j 2012 J. S. King. 
I 2012 Miss C. A. King. 

2013 Mr. and Mrs. R. G.Evans, 
j 2016 Mr. and Mrs Joseph Robitshek. 

2019 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Peake. 

2019 Miss Kate Worthington. 

2020 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bushnell. 

I 2020 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Butterfield. 

2022 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Douglas. 

2022 G. P. Douglas. 
j 2025 Rev. and Mrs. C. A. Van Anda. 

2025 F. IM. Van Anda. 

2025 H. C. Van Anda. 

2031 Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Eads. 

2045 Dr. J. L. Lufkin 

2045 Mrs. M. Hale Lufkin, M. D. 

2108 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davidson. 

2116 Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Deuton. 

2118 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Fales. 

2206 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Merritt. 

2206 A.J. Robinson. 

2208 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Craig. 

2213 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Farnsworth. 

2214 Dr. and Mrs. G. T. Loomis. 
2214 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Graves. 

i 2217 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fagan. 
j 2217 D. R. Howell. 

2221 Mr. and Mrs S. B. Karker. 

2221 Mr. and Mrs. James Haynes. 
I 2222 Dr. and Mrs. James A. Smith. 

2304 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gerrish. 
I 2305 Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Higbee. 


2310 Mr. and Mrs. William McQuade. 

2311 Jordori C. Frost. 

2313 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Chalker 

2314 Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Thompson. 
2316 Mr. and Mrs. F. von Schlegel. 
2400 Mrs. A. G. Dunn. 

2400 C. C. Gibson. 

2409 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cleveland. 

2413 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bragdon. 

2414 Mrs. Francis JTeal. 

2417 Mr. and Mrs. George McAllister. 

2422 Dr. and Mrs. G. E. Dennis. 

2439 Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Conrad and drs. 

2439 E. A. Conrad. 

2439 S. B. Conrad. 

2501 Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Dunn. 

2501 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Daly. 

2514 Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Anderson. 

2515 Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Roseberry. 
2515 R. C. Roseberry. 

2518 Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Richards. 

2519 Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Owens. 
2521 Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Crew. 
2521 Miss Florence M. Nichols. 
2523 Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Jones. 
2528 Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Stanchtield. 

2538 Mrs. Sara A. Blaisdell. 

2548 Mr. A. H. Bode and drs. 

2548 W. H. Bode. 

2620 Capt. and Mrs. J. N. Cross and dr. 

2620 Norton M. Cross. 
j 2633 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Boyuton. 
! 2651 Mrs. John D. Plant and dr. 

2653 Mr. and Mrs Jas. C. Plant. 

2705 Mr. and Mrs. 0. Dickenson. 

2705 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Holdeness. 

2713 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Danforth. 

2713 F. S. Danforth. 

2715 Mrs. M. D. Day. 

Cor. 2Sth. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Sanborn. 
Miss Josie Hubbard. 

2801 Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Kiehle and drs. 

2815 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mueller. 

3103 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Miller. 

3113 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Van Deusen. 

3114 Mr. and Mrs. AV^alter S. Wood. 
3200 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nichols. 
Cor. Zoth. 

I Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus A. Smith. 

I Nr. Diamond Lake. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Clarke. 

Portland Place. 

2016 Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Abbott. I 2030 

2018 Mrs. Jane Graham. ! 2032 

2018 Charles Kinney. ^ 2118 

2018 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Sedgwick. 2208 

2020 Mrs. M. Haney. 2208 

2020 Mrs. M. E. Louis. 2216 

2021 Mr, and Mrs. Clement D. Barthe. 2226 
2021 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Krieg. 2484 
2024 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell. 2442 

2026 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Landis. 2442 

2027 Mr. and Mrs, Ellet P. Perkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Emery. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. A. McDougall. 

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Moe. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Green. 

Rev. David Brooks. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Gary. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Oman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison S. Conner. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Schweitzer. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Roberts. 

Prospect Street. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Barton and dr. 
Nr. Lyndale. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Merriam. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walters. 
205 Mr. and Mrs. James Goldsburv. 



Koyalston Avenue. 

3 Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Gardner and dr 

7 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Davis. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Ferrant. 
17 Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Morawetz. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Pinkerton. 

28 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Harrison. 

30 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Absalmou. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. E. L Towle. 

31 Mrs. Lucy E. Holmes and dr. 

33 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Crandall and dr. 

33 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Fairchild. 

35 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Tipple. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Byrnes. 

40 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hooker. 
44 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Wade. 
44 Arthur C. Monroe. 

55 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Woodworth. 
55 A. R. Guilder. 

55 G. H. Laws. 

56 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Keene. 

59 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Kaestner. 
65 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Pierce. 
69 Mr. and Mrs. Luther Ford. 

69 J. L. Ford. 

70 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hill. 

71 Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Jaquess. 

71 Joseph French. 

72 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Lord. 

75 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lauderdale. 
79 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Burhans. 
83 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Merrill. 
83 Edgar J. Merrill. 
83 Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Jones. 

83 Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Carrier. 

84 Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Lane. 
92 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Brown. 

100 Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Smith. 
104 Mr. and Mrs, H. A. Paus. 
119 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Peterson. 

Second Avenue South. 

309 Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Lyford. 

316 J. R. Purchase. 

317 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gilmore. 
319 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bittless. 
319 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. De Good. 

411 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Cushman and dr. 

418 Dr. and Mrs. Adoloh Blitz. 

418 Mrs. A. A. Wickes. 

423 IMr. and ^Irs. W. H. Battelle. 

423 S. R. Cunnington. 

427 Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Leonard and dr. 

428 Dr. and Mrs. A.L. Mahaflfey. 
428 Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Cass. 
502 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Chowen. 
506 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Reno and dr. 
.506 Alexander N. Reno. 

508 Mr. and Mrs. John Folsoui. 

511 Mr. and Mrs. W. K. McCormick. 

511 Mrs. J. W. Atherly. 

511 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Butts. 

516 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Cad well and dr. 

527 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Jones. 

527 Mr. and Mrs. David Hunter. 

528 Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Hawkins and dr. 

529 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Folsoui and dr. 
529 John A. Folsom. 
529 F. A. Plumuier. 
601 Mrs. S. B. Meader. 
601 B. S. Birdsall. 
607 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Folds. 
609 Mrs. Sarah B. Ay res. 
609 Wm. Wheelock. 
609 Mr. and Mrs.W. B. Clark. 
609 H. Townsend Grace. 
611 Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Whitney. 
613 Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Telfer. 
613 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Telfer. 
613 Mrs. D. W. C. Day. 
613 Mr. and Mrs. A. M.Clerihew and dr. 
613 A. E. Clerihew. 
620 Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Jerome. 
628 Mr. and Mrs. John Crosby. 
Nr. 1th. 

Mr. and >[rs. J. K. Sidle. 

Miss M. R. Naegle. 

Mrs. H. McCleave. 
726 Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Farnham. 
802 Mrs. AVm. H. Harrison. 



815 Mr. and Mrs. M. AV. Lewis. 

815 Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Lewis. 

816 Mrs. L. Merriaru. 
816 F. W. Merriam. 

820 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Eddy. 
820 Mr. and Mrs. E. Y. Reid. 
822 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Brown. 
826 Mr. and Mrs. George P. Stearns. 

828 Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Merriam. 

829 Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Hunter. 
915 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Curtis. 
915 Mrs. Lois Sargent. 

926 Mr. and Mrs. T. S. King and dr. 

927 Hon. and Mrs. C. A. Pillsbury. 
Cor. lOt/i. 

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Pet tit. 
1010 Mr. and Mrs. T. Chambers and dr. 
1014 Rev. and Mrs. T. A. McCurdy. 
1014 Miss Lucy Dhorman. 
1016 Mr. and Mrs. David Blake. 
1016 Wm. Ralph. 
1016 Mrs. S. C. Kitchen. 
1026 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Fletcher. 
1026 Mr. and Mrs. Simon Smith. 
1112 Judge and Mrs. E. B. Ames. 
1112 Mrs. Alice Bryton. 
1117 Mrs. L. P. Plummer. 
1117 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Brown. 
1200 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Tenney. 
1200 D. W. McNair. 
1200 Miss M. L. McNair. 
1209 Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Beebe. 
1216 Mr. and Mrs. Courtlandt Babcock. 
1216 David Blakely. 
1222 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph James. 
1222 James E. Heath. 
1222 H. P. Roberts. 
1228 Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Patton. 
1306 Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Hobbs. 
1326 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Secombe and dr. 
1326 Miss Virginia Tondinson. 
1400 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Everett. 

1402 Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Finlay. 

1403 Mrs. P. L. Dartt. 

1403 George B. Dartt. 

1404 Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Gibson. 
1404 Mrs. Mary B. Heneage. 

1409 Mrs. Annie S. Martin. 
1409 G. W Martin. 
1409 E. R. Martin. 
1409 N. S. Coffin. 
1409 M. S. Wheeler. 

1413 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kibler and dr. 

1414 G. F. Helliwell. 

1501 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Mealey. 

1516 Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant. 

1517 Mr. and :N[rs. F. C. Ball. 
1517 L. L. Hay. 

1601 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hubbard. 
1601 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Robertson. 
1604 Mrs. Z. M. Gallaher. 
1604 Thos. A. Gallaher. 
1604 H. P. Gallaher. 

1604 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. W. Ames. 

1605 Mrs. R. AVeiskopf and dr. 
1605 AVm. Weiskopf. 

1611 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Randall. 
1611 Miss Emma Timmerman. 
1614 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Gregory. 

1614 F. J, Percival. 

1615 Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Brann and dr. 
1615 E. F. Atkins. 

1617 Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Ball. 
1617 Lawrence Hay. 
1621 Rev. and Mrs. John B. Jordan. 
1711 Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Christesen. 
1728 Mr. and Mrs. John McGovern. 
Cor. 18/A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Rogers. 
2000 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Groflf". 
2000 L. G. Groff. 
2000 Miss Emma Phelps. 
2013 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Henry. 
2015 Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Hubbard and dr. 
2022 Jos. R. Kingman. 
2022 Mrs. A. E. Kingman. 
2102 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Palmer. 
2102 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Harkins. 
2116 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Bliss. 
2527 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. AVoodruff. 
2546 Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bixby. 
2716 Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Haight. 
2750 Rev. and Mrs. H. L. Chase. 
3016 Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Thompson. 



3020 Dr. and Mrs. T. E. Allen. 

2028 Mrs. Anna Clemment. 

3022 Rev. and Mrs. A. Hadden. 

Cor. 23d. 

3024 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Merrell. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Nichols. 

3028 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gilger. 

Second Avenue South !East. 

309 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Frear. 
514 Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Boyce. 
522 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Anderson. 
524 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dobson. 
529 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Nudd. 

621 Mr. and Mrs. B. Jacobs. 

624 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Barrows and dr. 

624 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Barrows. 

720 Mr. and Mrs". R. N. Brittain. 

720 Fred. F. Brittain. 

Second Street North. 

423 Mr. and Mrs. P. Osander. 

521 Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Steel. 
•2809 Mr. and Mrs. F. Morrison. 
2901 Edwin H. Mathes. 
2901 Mrs. H. M. Mathes and drs. 

3000 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McAllister. 

3015 Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Morrison and dr. 

3017 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Burr. 

3100 Mr. and Mrs.H.A.McAlllster and dr. 

Second Street North £} 

19 Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Johnson. 
217 Mr. and Mrs. HughColbrath anddr 
219 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Overlock. 
225 Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Davis. 
228 Mr. and Mrs. G. Schober. 
305 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Aich. 
309 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hall. 

315 Dr. and Mrs. Adolph Ortman. 
337 Mr. and Mrs. John Wensinger. 
411 Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Rogers. 
411 Mrs. P. E. Thompson. 
923 Rev. and Mrs. C. F. Blume. 

1003 Mr. and Mrs. John Fleetham. 

1004 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. McGrath. 

Second Street South 

18 Rev. P. S. Dagnault. 
22 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Stetson. 
108 Rev. C. W, Newton. 

Ill Mr. and Mrs. P. McDonald. 
403 Rev. and Mrs. M. D. Shutter. 

Second and a Half Street South. 

1810 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lamp. 1916 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Camj>bell. 

1816 Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Latz. 1929 Mr. and Mrs. N. Ringlund. 

1828 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Walsh. 

Seventeenth Avenue South. 

514 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Blichfeldt. 

524 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Webster. 

816 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Hyde. 
1816 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Smith. 
1905 Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Hallett. 

1919 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Berglund. 
2014 Dr. and Mrs. J. R Hamilton. 
2107 Mr. and Mrs. Leroy A. Gordon. 
2112 Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd J. Francis. 

Seventeenth Avenue South £ast. 

313 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Lyon. I Cor. 4th. 

325 Mr.andMrs.R.W.Cummingsanddrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Martin. 

' 913 Mr. and Mrs. AVm. C Bailey. 


Seventeenth Street Nortli. 

41 Mr. and Mrs. H. Hutchins and dr. 
41 George H. Hutchins. 

21 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Draper 
35 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Hovens 
37 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Adair. 
41 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Brace. 


^Jh Ave. 
C. B. Maben. 

Seventeentli Street South — {See also Oak Grove.) 

114 Mr. and Mrs. Pliny Bartlett. 618 

116 Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Hill. 624 

118 Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Levy. 622 

120 Mr. and Mrs. Irving Diuismoor. 622 

120 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Robinson. 713 

124 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gordon. 713 

143 Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Turnquist. 715 

338 Prof, and Mrs. C. H. Morse. 717 

339 Mr. and Mrs. W. Danenbaum and dr. 719 

340 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Shores. 725 

341 Mr. and Mrs. B. D, Brigham and dr. 725 
343 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McCarthy. 727 
345 Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Parrott. 729 
347 Mr. and Mrs. F. G. O'Brien. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chase. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Stevens. 

Mrs. Rhoda Odell. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Loomis. 

Mrs. A. E. Davis. 

E. A. Davis. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. "W. Foote. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brackett. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall. 

C. C. Spottswood. 

W. C. Spottswood. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lindnian. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Locke. 

Seventh Avenue North. 

218 J. E. Ofstie. 

252 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sorentz. 
300 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McCarter, jr. 
318 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Smith. 
328 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chandler. 

561 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Rowe. 
568 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Michaels, 
571 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Libby. 
700 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gregg. 
702 Mr. and Mrs. Horace R. Brooke. 

216 Rev. Bartholmew Rajgelj, O. S. B 
216 Rev. M. Bader, O. S. B. 

Seventh Avenue North £ast. 

Cor. 3fain. 
I Capt. and Mrs. Michael Hoy and dr. 

Seventh Avenue South. 

513 Rev. and Mrs. A. R. Graves. 615 

513 Mrs. F. A. Nash. 621 

513 Rev. C. E. Hixon. 623 

525 Dr. and Mrs. Ingebret Aas. 629 

603 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Collom. 629 

607 Madame Bertin. 629 
609 Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Beeson and dr. 629 

611 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bowen. 711 

611 E. W. Berry. 711 

613 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Weller. 720 

613 G. W. Graham. 725 

615 Mrs. M. E. Simmons. 807 

615 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Everard. 807 

Miss Helen Dewey. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Applin and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Johnson. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gilbert. 

H. H. Wadsworth. 

F. H.Wadsworth. 

Charles Bushnell. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Kelly. 

Miss Jennie Kelly. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Day. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Mayer. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Knappen. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Lara. 


816 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Avery. 

910 E. S. Coffin. 

827 Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Reed. 

910 Miss C. A. Ferguson. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Trader. 

9-5 Mr. and Mrs! Alfred Martin. 

900 Miss C. L. Hill. 

{For continuation of Seventh Ave. South see 

901 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Downey. 

Park Ave.) 

910 Mrs. S. J. Coffin and dr. 

Seventh Avenue Soiitli East. 

425 Mrs. D. B. Morrill and drs. 
611 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bickmore. 

611 A. C. Lounsbery. 

615 Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Kilgore. 

Seventh Street South. 

8 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Harrison. 


10 Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Beeman. 


10 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Myers. 


12 Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Lawrence. 


17 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jacoby. 


17 C. L. Jacoby. 


17 V. H. Stafford. 


17 W. J. Richards. 


21 Mr. and Mrs. V. \\. Caulkins. 


21 Chas. A. Irons. 


25 Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Croll. 


25 Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Peters. 


25 Mrs. C. A. Heartt. 


26 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Morse. 


30 Mrs. E. C. Philbrook and dr. 


30 C. B. Philbrook. 


30 M. E. Wood. 


30 C. L. Sproat. 


30 Mr. andMrs. .T. ('. Hoblit. 


30 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hanson. 


30 Mrs. A. W. Williams and dr. 


30 Mrs. A. L. Vrooman. 


30 Miss K. K.Young. 


30 Walter Stetson. 


30 Mr. and Mrs. James Moore. 


30 Harry Hopkins. 


30 Fred. Hopkins. 


30 F. C. Nickels. 


33 Mr. and Mrs. Ednumd Brewster. 


33 F. E. Brewster. 


33 Mr. and Mrs. Anson Blake. 


34 Mr. and Mrs. Philester Felt. 


34 G. W. Felt. 


34 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Harper. 


34 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Hart. 


Mrs. Charlotte Hart. 
Mrs. Martha Miller. 
Prof. T. J. Richardson. 
C. E. Cummings. 

C. H. Knapp. 

Miss Jennie Goodnow. 
Miss Carrie Canning. 
Miss Florence Eddy. 
Miss Lillian Hayes. 
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Melendy. 
Dr. and M»s. Wm. Yarnall. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baily. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Barber. 

D. R. Barber. 
Mrs. M. Gooseline. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Button. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Knickerbocker. 

Wm. Lothmann. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Wagner. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Marsh. 

Mrs. Mary Davis and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Wood. 

Miss A. M. Henderson. 

Miss R. Celia Henderson, M. D. 

Mrs.W. W. Payne. 

Miss D. J. Carney. 

Mrs. A. A. Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. G.Woodward and dr. 

Eugene Woodward. 

B. Wolverton. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Robinson. 

J. E. Stevens. 

George W. Thomas. 

H. F. Thomas. 



108 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Nickell. 

506 J. R. Fornian. 

Ill Mr. and Mrs. JamesRickey and drs. 

512 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Edwards. 

21 T) Mrs. Cornelia Mackey and dr. 

Cor. 6ih Ave. 

216 T. H. Hulbert. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Rand. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bicknell. 

T. C. Rand. 

218 Mrs. E. C. Morrison. 

L. S. Rand. 

226 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Day. 

603 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Robinson and dr. 

227 Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Warner. 

603 C. H. Robinson. 

301 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mackey. 

603 J. M. Robinson. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Prior and dr. 

306 Miss Isabella King. 

309 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill and drs. 

309 A. H. Hill. 

309 ^Y. S. Hill. 

312 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Greenleaf. 

314 Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Hinkle. 

326 Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Brown. 

326 Miss Lizzie Kenner. 

327 Rev. and Mrs. I. Faries. 
327 W. R. Faries. 

341 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McCarthy. 
402 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. AVinslow. 
402 I. M. Winslow. 
402 F. L. Thresher. 

402 J. E. Starr. 

403 Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Sidle. 
403 Miss S. B. Sidle. 

403 H. K. Sidle. 

403 C. K. Sidle. 

408 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Williams. 

408 S. F. Hoerlein. 

408 G. H. Root. 

410 Mrs. M. A. Copsou and dr. 

410 Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Holmes. 

410 E. W. Holmes. 

422 Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Merrill and dr. 

422 Mrs. A. S. Reynolds and dr. 

423 Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Baldwin. 

423 Dr. F. R. Baldwin. 

424 Mr. and Mrs. Liscom Mowry and dr. 
424 F. L. Mowry. 

424 J. H. Wheeler. 

424 D. N. Wheeler. 

424 Miss A. F. Wheeler. 

500 Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Skiles. 

506 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Forman and drs. 

506 F. B. Forman. 

625 Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Pray. 

625 A. F. Pray. 

626 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Day and dr. 
701 Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Kinne. 

701 A. A. Kinne. 

701 Mrs. E. J. Harford. 

703 Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Elkan. 

707 Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Crisman. 

721 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Achard. 

721 G. W. Achard. 

803 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Carleton. 

807 Mrs. Lillis Tenney and dr. 

809 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Clark. 

814 Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Pattee. 

814 Miss M. C. Judd. 

815 Mr. and Mrs. F. S. McKeeby. 
821 Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Butters. 
821 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Butters. 
821 Miss Cornelia King. 

828 Mrs. E. L. Miller. 

828 Dr. and Mrs. Lyman Shehan. 

902 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Moore. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Moore. 

908 Miss L. H. Williams. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Moore. 

916 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Foster. 

923 Judge and Mrs. C. E. Vanderburgh. 

923 W. H. Vanderburgh. 

924 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Klein. 
924 Miss Anna Brown. 

1000 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Lennon. 
1100 Mr. and Mrs. James Patten. 

1100 Miss Olive Reeves. 

1101 Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Cavan and dr. 

1102 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Moulton. 

1102 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McNulty. 

1103 Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus Smith. 
1106 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brace. 



1108 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Haynes. 

1315 N. J. Peterson. 

1108 H. S. Haynes. 

1332 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sumner. 

1108 Mrs. L. M. Clark and dr. 

1334 Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Beeson. 

1110 Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Wing. 

1344 Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Davenport. 

1115 Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Shuler. 

1344 Louis Thian. 

1116 Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Marsh. 

1403 Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Collins. 

1129 Mr. and Mrs. John Wass and drs. 

1416 xMr. and Mrs. P. 0. Johnston. 

1129 Mrs. Martha McCormick. 

1416 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hatch. 

1135 Mr. and Mrs. L. I). Be Mars. 

1421 Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Althouse. 

1209 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Torrance. 

1422 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Mayhew. 

1223 Rev. and Mrs. J. B. Starkey. 

1422 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mayhew. 

1229 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groot and dr. 

1429 Mr. and Mrs. A. Larson. 

1301 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. De la Barre. 

1507 Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Anderson. 

1305 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Meek. 

1519 Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Harlin. 

1305 F.S. Meek. 

1621 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Brown. 

1305 W. N. Wright. 

2314 Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Peck. 

1315 Rev. and Mrs. John Ternstedt. 

2413 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Camp. 


404 Mr. and Mrs. G. Odett. 
406 Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Burgess. 
607 Mr. and Mrs. J. Chase. 
701 Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Rickard. 
801 Prof, and Mrs. J. F. Downey. 
813 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Herring. 

907 Mr. and :Mrs. L. M. Lane. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Parker. 
927 Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Merrinian. 
927 O. C. Merriman, jr. 

927 Arthur Merriman. 

Street South East. 

I 927 J. H. Merriman. 
I 928 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Laird. 
928 R. B. Laird. 

1005 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hughes and dr. 

1005 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Woodcock. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Logan. 

1103 Mrs. R. B. Hartley and dr. 

1315 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. M. Welles. 

1325 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Estes and dr. 

1325 Mrs. Julia Estes. 

1413 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Hamblin. 

Sixteenth Avenvie North. 

290 Rev. and Mrs. R. L. Henschel. 828 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Moore. 

290 Rev. and Mrs. Ludwig Mack. 
626 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reed. 

820 Mr. 

822 Mr. 

823 Mr. 

824 Mr. 
82 ; Mr. 
845 Mr. 
848 Mr. 
851 Mr. 
871 Mr. 
875 Dr. 
875 Mr. 

and Mrs 
and Mrs, 
and Mrs, 
and Mrs, 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs, 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs. 
and Mrs. 


Horace B. Banker. 
Fred. E. Kenaston. 
J. Gittelson and dr. 
John J. Bruce. 
Andrew Bergstrom. 
A. R. Kittell. 
J. F. Peterson. 
George S. Winter. 
J. H. Paul. 
F. R. Woodard. 
W. F. Nichols. 

829 Mr. and Mrs. E. Tunstead. 
829 Mrs. John Tunstead. 

Avenue South. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnson. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Fisher. 
1800 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brin and dr. 
1812 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Gotshall. 
Cor. Franklin. 

A. E. Hardy. 
Wm. W. Knowlton. 
1915 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Smith. 
2100 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Young. 
2110 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gilbert. 
2201 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Richards. 



2421 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Max>vell. 2446 Rev. and Mrs, Henry F. Tyler. 

2421 Mrs. D. R. Stevens. I 2800 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell. 

Sixteenth Avenue South !East. 

402 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Straw. j 1008 Mr. and Mrs. T. Elwell and drs. 

903 Mr. and Mrs. George M. Furber. 1013 Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Coffin. 

m Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Stratton. I 1014 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Elwell. 






Sixteenth Street North. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Byron. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Nelson . 

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Fowle. 

Mr and Mrs. P. H. Bettman. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Yetter. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Cavanaugh. | 

Sixteenth Street South. 
Mrs. E. L. Hazen. 
Charles Hazen. 
Mrs. M. A. Hofflin. 
Miss M. F. Gray. 
W. C. Witzel. 

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Phelps anddrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Marks. 
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. D. Holbrook. 
Gideon T.Chappell. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Brush. 
E. A. Brush. 

Mr. and Mrs.F. W. Haskell. 
D. Moreland. 
Mrs. E. F. Bradley. 

Sixth Avenue North 

1602 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert King. 
Nr. 20ih Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chapman. 
2021 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Parmenter. 
2159 Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Eutterfield. 

614 Mrs. G. S. Kendrick. 
614 Mrs. S. M, Wright. 
614 Dr. Petrus Nelson. 

616 Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Johnson. 

617 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Harvey. 
617 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Whitten. 
620 Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Endsley 
620 Willis Endsley. 
723 Mr. and Mrs. A. M.Long and dr. 
625 Mrs. G. W. Lincoln. 
628 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Hoyt. 
628 Mrs. K. A. Winston. 
631 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Breyer. 
715 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Jackson. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cornell. 
Rev. and Mrs, A. Strohmeier and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Mortimer. 
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. De Lancey. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dailey. 
Miss Jennie Dailey. 
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Christian. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sly. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bishop. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Soderstrom. 
Mrs. Mary A. Thurston. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Radcliffe. 
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Gault. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Sundell. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Buse. 
Mr. and Mrs. T. Chambers and drs. 

607 Mrs. M. M. Blecken. 

607 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. L. Blecken. 

611 Mr. and Mrs. James Iverson and dr. 

611 F. M. Iverson. 

616 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark. 

620 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brigham and dr. 

624 Mr. and Mrs J. H. Bornholdt. 

627 Mrs. J. Brooks. 

627 Miss Olive Moore. 

630 Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Baker. 

640 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Scott. 

640 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Barrett. 

727 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Darby. 
1216 Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Mathews. 
1216 T. C. Ewing. 


Sixth Avenue South. 

251)^ Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Irvine. 
Cor. Ath. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Merrill and drs. 
529 G. W. Robinson. 

614 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wagner. 

615 Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Works. 

616 Mr. and Mrs. George Blossom. 

616 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ripper. 

617 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Warner. 
629 Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Lillibridge. 
716 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Krech. 
718 Mr and Mrs. Rowland Barden. 
720 Dr. and Mrs. S. F. Hance and dr. 
720 H. S. Gilbert. 

722 Mr and Mrs. F. B. Semple. 

725 J. A. Christian. 

725 Miss C. A. Hall. 

728 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wornian. 

728 Charles Betcher. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Hulbert and dr. 

802 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wolverton. 

802 Miss Hattie J. Galbraith. 

802 W. 0. Wolverton. 

804 Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hubbard. 

805 Mr. and Mrs. A. J.Blethen. 

806 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Covkendall. 

808 Mr, and Mrs. R. R. Rand. 
810 Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Pettit. 
817 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blackmar. 
827 Mrs. E. Shackleton. 
827 Mr. and Mrs. .T. M. Quarles. 
827 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Crombie. 
827 Miss Grace F.Ovitt. 
827 Miss Cora Ovitt. 

827 A. W. Howard. 

828 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hardenbergh. 
828 F. E. Hardenbergh. 

903 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Huy, 
906 Miss C. V. Shaw. 
906 Miss F. A. Shaw. 
906 Miss M. R. Shaw. 

910 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Haseltine. 

911 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Duensing and dr. 
911 George Duensing. 

916 Mr. and Mrs. O. Hubbard and dr. 
Cor. lOih. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Rand. 
1006 Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Goodfellow. 
1031 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Linton. 
1031 W. D. Gregory. 

{For continuation of Sixth Ave. 8. see Port- 
land Ave.) 

Sixth Avenue South £ast. 

325 Mr.andMrs.R.W.Cummingsanddrs. | 728 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gilmore. 


11 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wheeler. 
13 Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. Carter. 
13 Webb Van Slyke. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Skinner. 
17 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wheeler. 
20 Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Murray. 
20 W. B. Murray. 

20 A. H.Murray. 

21 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Best. 
21 Mr. and Mrs. J. AV. Ayers. 
29 Mr. and Mrs A. F. Kenyon. 
29 C. L. Hastings. 

29 H. A. Turner. 
29 A. G. Prentiss. 
113 Mr. and Mrs. George B. Hall. 

Street North. 

115 Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Bentley. 
I 1101 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rauen and drs. 
! 1101 Mr. and Mrs. E. Naegele. 

1115 Mr. and Mrs. .John Heinrich. 

1115 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Oswald. 

1130 Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Crandall. 

1201 Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Hays and dr. 

1318 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Morris. 

1401 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Nelson. 

1401 Rev. and Mrs. F. A. Petereit. 

1425 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Carver. 

1425 Mrs. M. B. Miller. 

1527 Dr. and Mrs. D. M Graham. 

1513 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Pond. 


Sixth Street South. 

7 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Orvis. 

7 Will. H. Eiistis. 
12 Mrs. E. W. Schaffer. 
12 Hector Baxter. 
14 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Forbes. 
24 Mr. and Mrs. R. 0. Coe. 
24 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. H. Wendell. 
80 Mr, and Mrs. E. B. Davidson and dr. 

33 Rev. and Mrs. T. B. Wells and dr. 

34 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Chase. 
79 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Linton. 

83 Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Van Norman. 

84 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leland. 
84 Mrs. Mary Smith. 

84 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Crocker. 
103 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Warner. 
103 C. D. Taintor. 
103 Mr. and Mrs. R. S. W. Ely. 
103 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Webster. 
118 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Birtch. 
129 Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Brackett and drs. 
227 Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hollis. 
227 H. E. Brown. 
229 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Coiichman. 
.300 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Purchase. 
301 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Crocker. 
301 W. G. Crocker. 
3^2 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Fisher. 

306 Mrs. S. E. Oliver. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Castle. 

307 Dr. and Mrs. i-. M. Goodwin. 
307 Dr. R. L. Thurston. 

328 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Brown. 

400 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Higgins and dr. 

400 Chauncey Higgins. 

401 Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Smith. 
401 Miss Cloe Tilton. 

413 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Barber. 

413 E. B. Barber. > 

429 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hertogs. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Nash. 

612 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac McMichael. 

628 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bradford. 

629 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Brackett. 
825 Mrs. J. P. Nash. 

916 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Broadbent. 
1109 Mr. and Mrs. A. Bryan. 
1111 Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Haycock. 
1115 Mrs. E. A. Sargent. 
1422 Dr. and Mrs. L. F. Damm. 
1503 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Shaw and dr. 
1507 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Peck and dr. 
1606 Rev. and Mrs. 0. P. Vangsnes. 
1609 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Wood. 
2320 Mrs. Ann SuUey. 
2329 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Crafts. 

Sixth Street South East. 

] 14 Mr. and Mrs. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. 

410 Mr. and Mrs. 
412 Mr. and Mrs. 

415 Mr. and Mrs. 

416 Mr. and Mrs. 
419 Mr. and Mrs. 
419 Mr. and Mrs 

422 Mr. and Mrs. 

423 Dr. and Mrs. 
427 Mr. and Mrs. 
524 Mr. and Mrs. 
524 F. E. Wilcox. 
629 Mr. and Mrs. 

Joel F. How and dr. 
T. D. Fowble. 
E. G. Libby. 
C. O. Martin. 
J. W. Smith. 
S. Simpson. • 
Walter W. Hawes. 
. T. M. Slosson. 
G. H. Tennant. 
J. C. Cockburn. 
C. W. Weeks. 
J. F. Wilcox. 

M. B. Rollins. 

701 Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Cone. 

727 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pratt and dr. 

727 Mrs. J. Warner. 

802 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lane. 

802 George A. Lane. 

810 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Shepard. 

815 Dr. and Mrs. Charles Simpson. 

820 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Van Yoris. 

821 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Johnson. 

821 Mrs. I. C. Johnson and dr. 

822 Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Newman. 

828 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Belden and dr. 
915 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Webster. 
927 Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Smith. 


SIXTH STREET S. E. Cont'd .— STE\ Els S AYE. 

1003 Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Cloiigh and dr. 

1003 Fred. Salisbury. 

1119 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Moore. 

1127 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Frisbee. 

1223 Mr. and Mrs. E. De Atley. 

1223 Dr. and Mrs. N. R. Hard. 

1300 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Pickard. 

1310 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hamblin. 

1310 C. N. Hamblin. 

1314 Mrs. A. M. West. 

1314 Mrs. J. A. Mason. 

1329 Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Countryman. 

1401 Miss M. L. San ford. 

1401 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Sanford. 

1401 Miss L. E. Kirtland. 

1401 Miss M. A. Kirtland. 

1417 C. B. Wadleigh. 

1417 Mrs. H. L. Wadleigh and dr. 

1417 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Todd. 

1421 Dr. and Mrs. J. Manning and dr. 

1512 Mrs. F. B. Marsh. 

1514 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Williams. 

1517 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sinclair. 

1518 M. McGuire. 

1518 Miss Giles McGuire. 
1518 Eugene Estabrooks. 
1521 Mrs. Eunice Porter. 
1521 A. W. Porter. 
1527 Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Chase. 
1611 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Baker. 

Spruce Place. 

89 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Janney. 

89 B. F. Beardsley. 

89 G. S. Harper. 

91 Mr. and Mrs. A. De Mond. 

93 Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Shaw. 

93 Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Hall. 

95 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Black. 

95 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Porter. 

97 Mr. and Mrs. John Nay. 
1416 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Conant. 
1416 Miss Florence M. Stinchfield. 
1418 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Naylor. 

State Street. 

10 Prof, and Mrs. N. H. Winchell. 
123 J. M. Thompson. 
123 E. H. Thompson. 
123 Miss Belle Thompson. 


1302 Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Brown. 

1.309 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Towler. 

1400 Mr. and Mrs.A.S. McCuUoch and dr 

1400 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Buchnam. 

1400 Charles Russell. 

1400 John Atkinson. 

1408 Mrs. J. A. Kellogg. 

1408 Mr. and Mrs. Allan Haines. 

1410 Mr, and Mrs. A. E. Merrill and dr. 

1410 Mrs. Mary Summerside. 

1515 Mr. and Mrs. C. Sullivan and dr. 

1800 Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Mendenhall. 

1800 Mrs. Chloe Swift. 

2001 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Gold. 

2001 Mrs. Elizabeth Brackett. 

2001 G. E. Austin. 

123 Miss Minnie Thompson. 

124 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Holmes. 
214 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Cuzner. 


2001 F. G. Hopwood. 

2013 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Thomas. 

2015 Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Jones. 

2023 Col. and Mrs. G.H. Johnston. 

2023 C. H, Jenkins. 

2418 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Gates. 

2418 B. P. Gates. 

2418 M. C. Lovejoy. 

2418 Miss E. J. Lovejoy. 

2424 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carpenter. 

2432 Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Dunbar 

2436 Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Tousley. 

2438 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tousley. 

2440 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dunbar. 

2440 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Smith. 

2500 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. AVells. 


2503 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Warden. 

2737 Miss Minnie McDonald. 

2503 F. H. Warden. 

2738 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Cone and dr. 

2503 W. W. Oliver. 

2741 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bedbury. 

2514 Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Fogg. 

2742 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harriman. 

2526 E. C. Allen and dr. 

2745 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Drenneu. 

2601 George Saunders. 

2747 Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Cook. 

2601 Dr. and iNfrs. E. E. Austin. 

2800 Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Jermau. 

2700 Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Chesnut. 

2812 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Billings. 

2715 Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Pratt. 

2908 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Manley. 

2731 Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Clements. 

2932 Mr. and Mrs. Willis A. James. 

2732 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Siddall. 

3012 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hollister. 

2732 F. P. Siddall. 

.3015 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Pell. 

2737 Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Couway. 

3020 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Greenly. 

2737 H. R. Conway. 

Tentli Avenue Nortli. 

238 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Briggs 
31114 Mr. and Mrs. 0. Lanctot. 

313 Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Quiuii. 
406 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Hoff. 

516 Mr. and Mrs.Giistav C. Brynildsen 
Nr. 8th. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Paris. 
1900 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Morrison. 

Tenth Avenue South. 

2100 Mr. and Mrs. AV. P. Barry. 
2110 Mr. and Mrs. Charles AY. Coffin. 
2300 Mr. and :^[rs. T. R. Newton. 
2329 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Lupton. 

Tenth Avenue South £ast. 

402 Hon. J. B. Gilfillan. j 422 Miss Birdie Abbott. 

422 Judge and Mrs. Wm. Lochren. 505 Mi*, and Mrs. P. D. ^SIcMillanauddr. 

422 H. S. Abbott. I 

Tenth Street North. 

12 :Mr. and Mrs. S. Coburn. 
12 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Graves. 
12 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. March. 
14 T.C. Aldrich. 
14 C.B. Aldrich. 

16 Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Ball and dr. 

17 Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Pitner. 

18 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Church. 

19 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Neiler. 

20 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kennedy. 
20 Mrs. Mary Kennedy. 

22 Mr. and Mrs. Seneca De La Yergne. 

22 James De La Yergne. 

22 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Giffi)rd. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Woodward. 

26 Mrs. M. A. Murray and drs. 

26 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Haynes. 

26 John Keith. 
26 J.C.Patterson. 
26 J. E. Egan. 
26 Henry Brown. 
26 Miss Mary Ellis. 
26 Herbert Hewes. 
26 Frank Mayal. 

26 R. S. Palmer. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hnran. 

28 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sherwood. 
28 C. E. Kent. 

30 Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Zimmerman. 

30 Mrs. A. E. R. Case. 

30 C. M. Case. 

32 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Scott. 

32 O. H. Briggs. 

39 Mr. and ^[rs. P. P. Hemenwav. 



40 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Sullivan. 

143 Dr. E. H. Angle. 

41 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Johnson and dr. 

145 Mrs. E. F. Pomeroy and dr. 

42 Mr. and Mrs. Anton Knoblauch. 

145 Miss S. E. Phelps. ' 

44 Mrs. M. H. McLean. 

147 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Watson. 

67 Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Plummer. 

149 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Saarbach. 

67 Fred. Lucas. 

151 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lawrence. 

119 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brooks. 

157 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gowenlock. 

119 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Russell. 

614 Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Smith. 

120 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Williamson. 

1207 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Johnson. 

120 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Penniman. 

2019 Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Bacon. 

122 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Roberts. 

2022 Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Lusk. 

122 Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Russell, jr. 

2100 Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Ryan. 

142 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Norcross. 

Cor. lid Ave. 

143 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Ridgway. 

Rev. and ISIrs. E. H. Page and drs 

143 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Soule. 

F. A. Page. 

143 Mr. and Mrs. David Thornton. 

2215 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Baker. 

143 C. L. Lamb. 

2215 Mrs. J. W. Barker. 

143 Miss Ella Miller. 

Tenth Street South. 

5 Dr. and Mrs. Henry Waite and drs. 

5 H. B. Waite. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Selden and drs. 
14 Mrs. A. R. Harvey. 
16 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Kenyon. 
18 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Scott. 

18 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Potter. 

19 Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Robinson. 
19 G. H. Mead. 

21 Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Abbott. 
24 Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Janney. 
24 P.M. Janney. 
28 Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Barnard. 
28 Miss Fannie W. Young. 

28 A. H. Barnard. 

29 Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Langdon and drs. 
29 C. S. Langdon. 

29 S. C. Tooker. 
Cor. Mary PL 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dun woody. 
33 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Woods. 
33 Mrs. J. Woods. 

40 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bailey. 

41 Judge and Mrs. F. B. Bailey. 

43 Mrs. Abbie McLaughlin and drs. 
45 Mrs. L. A. Douglass. 

45 C. M. Douglass. 

57 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Jordan. 

58 Mrs. S. E.Wilson. 

58 Rev. and Mrs. Enos Campbell. 
58 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dnimmonil. 
58 Charles Rood. 

58 D. M. Moore. 

59 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wolford. 

60 Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Calhoun. 

61 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Baefenroth. 
63 Mr and Mrs. C. D. Whiting. 

Cor. Isl Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Newell. 
115 Dr. and Mrs. L.P. Bunce. 
Cor. 2d Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Hush. 
210 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pettit and dr. 
216 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Adair. 
216 Mrs. Mary Adair and dr. 

225 Hon. and Mrs. Geo. A. Pillsbury. 

226 Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Dunsmoor. 
226 Miss E. W. Baker. 

300 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Harris. 

312 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. C. Pillsbury. 

313 Miss T. W. Howell. 
313 Miss Clara Howell. 


313 Miss Callie Howell. 

523 H. M. Little. 

313 Madam L. Hatschek. 

625 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Foote. 

313 Leon Hatschek. 

527 Col. and Mrs. J. H. Stevens and drs 

316 Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Gore. 

Cor. &h Ave. 

316 Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Peebles. 

Mr. and Mrs. T.B.Casey. 

320 Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Bailsman and dr. 

602 Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Martin. 

328 Mr. and Mrs. C. McC. Reeve. 

Cor. Park Ave. 

329 Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Hobart. 

Miss E. E. Kenyon. 

329 W. C. Hobart. 

Miss Anstice Abbott. 

402 Rev. and Mrs. S. M.Campbell and dr. 

Miss Carrie Dean. 

402 Miss F. E. Judson. 

Miss Carrie Carr. 

410 Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Snyder and dr. 

Miss Mary Cruikshauk. 

410 F. B. Snyder. 

Miss Jennie M. Youngs. 

412 Mr. and :Mrs. J. A. Modisette. 

Miss M. E. Twitchell. 

416 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Carlisle and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lane. 

416 H. J. Carlisle. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Holt and dr. 

416 L. C. Carlisle. 

708 Mr. and Mrs. AV. L. Stevens. 

514 Mr. and Mrs.E. B.Wakeman and dr. 

712 Mr. and Mrs. Chester Simmons. 

514 L. E. Wakeman. 

715 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Cox. 

514 C. M. Joys. 

715 W. D, Van Duzee. 

514 Mrs. M. S. Ehle. 

715 Miss L. L. Gardner. 

514 Mrs. Jean Kavanaugh. 

717 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Kummerer 

516 Dr. Mary G. Hood. 

816 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Haight. 

516 Mrs.M. A.Hood. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Finlay. 

516 Miss Emma Hood. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Finlay. 

516 C. H. Hood. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Olin. 

517 Mrs. J. S.Walsh. 

827 Mr. and Mrs. Wymau Elliot. 

523 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Little. 

Ck)r. 10th Ave. 

523 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Little. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Elliot 

523 W. L. Little. 

Third Avenvie Nortli £a!«t. 

424 Dr. and Mrs. S. H. Mitchell. 

428 Dr. and Mrs. E. Beebe. 
512 Mrs. M. E. Brown. 
514 Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Myers. 
517 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Johnson. 
526 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Smith. 
716 Dr and Mrs. A. E. Higbee. 
720 Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hicks and d 
720 Mrs. Sophia Hicks. 
Cor. Sth. 

Fred. L. Foote. 
800 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Maish. 
802 Mr and Mrs. A. W. Paris. 

I 703 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hanley. 
Avenue South. 

802 Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Bronson. 

802 Miss Mattie Baird. 

802 George Servey. 

804 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Harrington. 
j 804 C. N. Chadbourn. 
I 806 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Daniels. 
[ 806 Dr. I. C. St. John. 
j 808 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Pabody. 
j 810 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hobron. 

810 Miss S. V. Milne. 

810 Mr. and Mrs. James Inglis. 

812 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hathawav. 



814 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller and dr. 

906 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. James. 

906 Mrs. C. M. Couch. 

910 Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Dailey and dr. 

910 Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Christie. 

912 Mrs. M. Fairfield. 

912 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Fairfield. 

912 Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Murray. 
1107 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hinchcliffe. 
1115 Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Goodrich. 
1202 Dr. and Mrs. K. W. Brazie. 
1306 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Helfrich. 
1312 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Farnani. 
1312 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cross. 

1318 Mr. and INIrs. C. A. Sutton. 

1319 Mr. and Mrs. .T. S. Davis. 

1321 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Chalmers. 
1321 Mrs. R. A. McCullough. 
1321 L. H. Williams. 
1403 Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Mortley. 
1409 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Travis. 
1409 Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Warren. 
1413 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kibler and dr. 
1413 Miss Mai\v J. Sterrett. 

1415 Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Cross. 

1416 Mr. and Mrs. Christian Filbert. 
1519 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hilliker. 
1519 K. T. Boardman. 

1600 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Feavey. 

1601 Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Dean. 
1605 Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hurlburt. 
1605 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Mewlon. 
1605 Mrs. C. J. Skiles and dr. 
1610 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Slocum. 
1617 Dr. and Mrs. R. S. Mc^NIurdy. 
1620 Mr. and Mrs A. F. Gale. 
1620 Mrs. E. M. Huntington. 

1623 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Paine. 
1623 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Benner. 
1626 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Lewis. 
1626 Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Nickerson. 
1700 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Coe and dr. 
1711 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Osgood. 
1711 E. W. Jebbins. 
1717 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. McMillan. 
1717 Miss Annie Cummins. 
1724 Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Conkey. 






I 1829 

! 1829 

I 1901 

i 1913 

I 1915 


' 1917 


















Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hale and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Herrick. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Herrick. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Heffelfinger. 
A, S. Heflelfinger. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hush. 
G. B. Hush. 

Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Estes. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Biirwell. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Balch and drs. 
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Marchant. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brighani. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Martin. 
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jeftery. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Jones. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Shattuck and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Serle. 
]\rr. and Mrs. J. T. Rogers. 
]Mr. and Mrs. A. R. S. Thayer. 
Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Menage. 
H. G. Menage. 
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Miles. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Stabler. 
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Stillman. 
Mrs. E. C. Stillman. 
G. C. Stillman. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Conkey. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Moulton. 
Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Kimball. 
Clinton Morrison. 
Hon. and Mrs. D. Morrison. 
Mr. and Mrs. 8. M. Hewett. 
Mrs. Katie Overlock. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Wilson. 
Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Lanman. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Jones. 
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Woodrufi'. 
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rankin. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wadsworth. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Wadsworth. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hague. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Darrow. 
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Crosby. 
Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Marsh. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Kelly. 



2710 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tew. 

3112 Mrs. M. J. Couillard. 

2712 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bates. 

3135 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Nash. 

2732 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Backus. 

Cor. S2d. 

15002 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dinsmore. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Adams. 

:]002 Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Dinsmore. 

3420 Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Butler. 

.•5100 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Herrick. 

Third Avenue South East. 

225 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Van Sickler 
227 Mr. and Mrs. J. Hoppin. 
227 Miss Clara Hoppin. 
319 Mr. and Mrs. George Williams. 
416 Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Satterke. 

416 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Satterlee. 
4273^ Dr. S. H. Mitchell. 
Cor. 6ih. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bardwell. 

Third and a Half Av 

1300 Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Kimball. 1914 

1300 Mrs. H. Ellis. 1916 

1307 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ellis. 1916 

1310 Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Leftwich. 1917 

1316 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hepp. 1918 

1406 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Crocker. 1919 

1408 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Miller. 1922 

1503 Mrs. Louisa Stickney. 1922 

1503 Dr. and Mrs. T. F. Quinby. 1930 

1507 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Harris. 1930 

1525 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hammond. 1930 

1603 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Kimball. 2019 

1604 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Springer. 2025 
1611 Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Ford and dr. 2028 

1618 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cady. 2201 

1619 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Shepard. 2201 

1620 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Whitmore. 2201 
1620 H. B. AVhitmore. 2201 
1712 Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Janney. 2204 
1720 Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Woodman. 2205 

1724 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wyman. 2206 

1725 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Whitcombe. 2209 

1727 Rev. and Mrs. R. J. Creswell. 2213 

1728 Dr. D. L. Pratt. 2222 
1804 Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Stevens. 2300 
1806 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BufRngton. 2300 
1820 Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Hedderly. 2300 
1830 Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Le Roy. 2302 
1830 Mr. and Mrs. James Waters. 2302 
1902 Mrs. Helen E. Donnelly. 2302 
1904 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Taylor. 2304 
1907 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jewell. 2310 
1912 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Spencer. ; 2520 

enue South. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Conant. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Gibbs. 

W. M. Gibbs. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Avery. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Glenn. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Lawrence. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Potter. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Olds. 

Mr. and Mrs. AV. M. Bristoll. 

Miss A. C. Olds. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Waldo. 

Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Spaulding. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Jones. 

Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Howe. 

Mrs. Sarah L. Lawrence. 

Miss Nellie Boughton. 

W. H. Graves 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Whittier. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Kruger. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Vail. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Brunton and di 

Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Bruchholz. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Parker. 

Dr. and Mrs. E. F. Clark. 

Dr. H. W. Clark. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Clark. 

]\Irs. R. Gates. 

G. C. Gates. 

Miss Alice C. Gates. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Baldwin. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Buttefield. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Smith. 


2529 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Cleveland. 

2530 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Wilson. 
2622 Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Whiting. 

2640 Mr. and Mrs. E. O. McGlauflin. 
3106 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Hall and dr. 
3111 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Brown. 

Third Street North. 

216 Rev. James McGolrick. 

216 Rev. Henry McGolrick. 

216 Rev. Patrick O'Neill. 

411 Mrs. J. W. Merrill. 

411 F. A. Merrill. 

411 Dr. Wm. H. Merrill. 

411 A. T. Merrill. 

501 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Sanders. 

■600 Mr. and Mrs. L. Laraniee. 

600 John Davis. 

€21 A. C. Austin. 

818 Mr. and Mrs. Eugefce Goodenough. 
1019 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cussler. 
1027 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kriedemann. 
1037 Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Strothman. 
1037 C. J. West. 

1109 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ketchum. 
1117 ISIr. and Mrs. A. J. Wright. 
1509 Thomas Thompson. 
1829 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bottineau. 
1917 Samuel Erb. 
1917 Mrs. Susannah Erb. 

Third Street South. 

37 Dr. A. B. Spinney. 
37 Dr. Z. M. P. Inge. 
114 Dr. James H, Hammond. 

1200 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Edsten. 
2117 Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Laing. 

Thirteenth Avenue South. 

313 Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Shepley. 

719 Mrs. Mary E. Howe and drs. 

720 Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus A. Jenks. 
720 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Jenks. 
812 Mr. D. C. Dailey. 

S12 Miss Lucy Dailey. 

1014 Mr. and Mrs. Tallas F. Caraway. 
2011 Mr. and Mrs. John N. Austin. 
2405 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Nelson and dr. 
2448 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Crow. 
2501 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Heritage. 

Thirteenth Avenue South £ast. 

320 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Rolph. 

322 Prof, and Mrs. H. I. Proctor and dr. 

322 Prof. W. H. Clarke. 

324 Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Smith and dr. 

425 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Gilmore. 

518 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Meek, jr. 

518 Mrs. A. D. Hewitt. 
609 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Grimes and drs. 
619 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Coe and drs. 
623 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Booth aud dr. 
905 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Truesdell. 

Tliirteenth Street South. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Locke and dr. 
€or. Harmon PL 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bovey. 

F. A. Bovey. 
19 Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Townsend. 
19 E. B. Townsend. 
21 C. E. Reynolds and dr. 

23 Hon. and Mrs. C. C.Sturtevant and 


24 Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Potter. 

25 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Galusha. 

26 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Pratt. 
28 Mrs. Levi Butler. 

30 Rev. and Mrs. R. G. Hutchins and dr. 


31 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Norris acd dr. 

99 Miss E. E. Palmer. 

36 Mr. and Mrs. Washington Yale. 

104 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Mellen. 

37 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hahn. 

110 Mr. and Mrs.E. J. Moles. 

37 H. H. Bell. 

110 Miss M. A. Janney. 

76 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Krech. 

Ill Mrs. E. B. Symes and dr. 

76 Paul Krech. 

Ill Alexander McCune. 

76 J. B. At water. 

Ill E. J. Abbott. 

76 S. H. Hill. 

Ill Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Harrison. 

84 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Doerr. 

Ill Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Babcock. 

84 Henry Wineche. 

112 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Chamberlain. 

85 Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Leonard. 

116 Mr. and Mrs. John West. 

86 Mr. and Mrs. H. K. McClelland. 

200 Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Parker. 

86 G. W. McClelland. 

200 C. S. Miller. 

86 W. D.Sanford. 

200 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Wendell. 

87 Mr. and Mrs. E.'M. Janney. 

202 Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Lockwood. 

91 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Riegel. 

202 James Murison and dr. 

93 Mrs. M. B. Hawkins. 

202 Mrs. A. H. Goundie and dr. 

93 T. B. Hawkins. 

202 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Weaverson. 

99 Mrs. G. H. Wilson. 

Tliirteentli Street North. 

17 Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Greenleaf. 
21 Clinton E. Reynolds and dr. 
Cor. lAnden Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McNair and dr. 
221 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bennet. 
500 Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Miller. 
500 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.Miller. 

522 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Deterly. 

644 Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Fellows. 

646 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hartzell. 
Cor. nth Ave. 

Mr. and M^s. W. H. Middlemist. 
1101 Mrs. C. H. Botsford. 

Twelfth Avenue North. 

723 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Whitney. | 723 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Whitney 

Twelfth Avenue South. 

2406 Mr. and Mrs. John Methley. I 2526 Mr. and Mrs. F. Borgen. 

2414 Mr. and Mrs. John 0. Drauge. 

2628 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Porter. 

Twelfth Avenue South East. 

310 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Benton. 
310 Frank Healy. 
310 Miss Grace Campbell 
Cor. 4th. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Haven. 

425 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Huntington. 
914 Mr. and Mrs. John N. Bradford. 
917 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver L. Casby. 
Cor. Talmadge. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Cuzner. 

Twelfth Street North. 

Cor. Linden Ave. 

Mrs. E. A. Young. 
36 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Elliott. 

Miss A. F. Clemence. 

Geo. Warner. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Thompson. 



38 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gaskell. 

606 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hawkins. 

38 H. C. Truesdale. 

607 Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Forrest. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Parmelee. 

610 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Melon y. 

39 G. W. Woodburn. 

639 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Moore. 

50 Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Sherburne. 

Cor. 8th Ave. 

50 Miss Emma H. Mead. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Wright Davison. 

50 Mrs. M. E. Bolster and dr. 

1217 Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. Skinner. 

50 Miss Hattie M. Jerome. 

2029 Mrs. M.B.Lee. 

52 Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Gregory. 

2100 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Abernethy. 

52 H. R. Kearney. 

2207 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. March and dr. 

52 C. E. Churchill. 

2207 Mrs. E. L. Macomber. 

53 Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Trask. 

2218 Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Nutter. 

53 E. L. Trask. 

2218 J. W. Alden. 

57 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cray. 

Nr. 2m Ave. 

57 Mr. and Mrs. 11. M. Parker. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Griffith. 

60 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gulick. 


64 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Babcock. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kil gore and drs 

64 Mrs. S. H. Ilarroun. 

Cor. 29th Ave. 

65 Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Loye. 

Rev. andMrs. W.J.Bursell. 

65 Wm. P. Loye. 

Nr. 2dth Are. 

65 Edwin P. Loye. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Thompson. 

65 Mr. and ISIrs. L. R. Palmer. 


62 (old) Mrs. C. C. Watts and drs. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Shore. 

70 Mr. and Mrs. John Dranger. 

Twelfth Street South. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers and dr. 

11 E. W. Lawrence. 

16 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Penney. 

16 Miss Marian E. Weller. 

17 Mr. and Mrs. G.Summers and drs. 
21 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Straight. 

21 Pr. G. W. Carpenter. 

22 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Wright and dr. 

23 Mr. and Mrs. W, S. Stockdale. 
23 H. A. Gunther. 

25 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Tidd. 

25 Mr. and Mrs. Gilman W. Smith. 

25 W. R. Bristol. 

25 W. T. Fales. 

27 Mr, and Mrs. S. A. Dix. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lee. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Merritt. 

27 Dr. R. W. Polk. 

27 Dr. and Mrs. D. Malcolm. 

29 Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Polk. 

45 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Dean. 

46 Mrs. B. D. Rockwell. 

46 E. D. Rockwell. 

46 Dr. G. M. Jennison. 

48 Dr. and Mrs. M. B. Cullum. 

52 Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Hume. 

56 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Macurdy. 

57 Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Spencer. 
59 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bihler. 

62 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Chamberlin. 
64 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Richardson. 
82 Mr.andMrs. R.W.Turnbullanddrs. 
84 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Drew. 

86 Mr. and Mrs. John Thornburgh. 

87 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cassidy. 
89 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Winchell. 
89 Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Paulson. 
91 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Breeden. 
95 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ehle. 

95 C. W. Ehle. 

99 Mr. and Mrs. George E. Wheeler. 
112 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Scott. 


115 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Eay. 

115 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Phillips. 

119 Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Stephenson. 

119 J. W. Barrows. 

121 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. De Laittre. 

201 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Deutsch. 

207 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Wood. 

209 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ensign. 

211 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Warner. 

211 Miss F. A. Moore. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Barry. 

218 George B. Paddock. 

218 John K. Lane. 

218 James T. McCuaig. 

222 Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Chrissinger. 

222 Wm. P. Chrissinger. 

.375 Mr. and Mrs. James Goodnow. 

228 Mrs. A. Xorthup and dr. 
228 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Horton. 
228 A. M. Hoffman. 
727 Dr. and Mrs. U. C. Prather. 
915 Mr. and Mrs. John M, Durnam 

Twentieth Avenue North. 

Cor. Uth. 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Robach. 

1416 Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Young. 

1417 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Fish and dr. 

Twentieth Avenue South. 

SoSl Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Thompson. 

3012 Mr. and Mrs. George G. Sanborn. 
3137 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Xewhall. I 

Twentieth Avenue South West. 

2626 Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Mayham. I Cor. Slst. 

2931 Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Hinman. I Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Schofield. 

Twenty-first Avenue South. 

328 Rev. and Mrs. F. W. Erickson. 
609 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Lofgren. 
711 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Warman. 
713 Mr. and Mrs. S. Oftedal. 
825 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. McLean. 

825 Wm. McLean. 

924 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Ellis. 
2201 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Malcum. 
Kr. 3.3d. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Perkins 

Twenty-first Avenue South West. 

3119 Mr. and Mrs. John Rowlin. j 3150 Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Trowbridge. 

3123 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hebard. I 

Twenty-first Street North. 

521 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Graves. | 531 Mr. and Mrs. August Riebeth. 

Twenty-first Street South. 

1010 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Nicol. 
1010 George Nicol. 
1113 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Johnson. 
1223 Rev. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Nelson. 

1306 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Wales.' 
1404 Mr. and Mrs. Nicolai Grevstad. 
1512 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Elliott. 
2020 Charles E. Sargent. 

Twenty-second. Avenue North. 

726 Mr. and Mrs. G. Gunneson. | Cor. I2th. 

1029 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Pardee. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Van Norman. 

I AV. P. Van Norman. 


Twenty-second Avenue South. 

415 Mr. and Mrs. Alolph C. Heinrich. 
823 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bonfoy and dr. 
S35 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Lang. 

Twenty-second Avenue South "West. 

2612 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Baker. 
Cor. 21th. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grygla. 

927 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Marshall. 
929 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Millar. 

2721 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Spear. 
3022 Mr. and Mrs. Julius E. Miner. 

Cor. Stevens Ave. 

Hon.and Mrs.W.D. Washburn and d 
W.D.Washburn, jr. 
610 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Skemp. 
811 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ball. 
1025 Rev. and Mrs. Frank Peterson 
1213 Mr. and Mrsi James Everington. 

Twenty-second Street South. 

j 1710 Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Dahl. 

1712 Mr. and Mrs. George G. McCurdy. 

1713 Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Hillyer. 
2225 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson. 
2225 Mr. and Mrs. George Wiberg. 
2306 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Atterberey. 
2316 Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Fuglee. 

1505 Mr. and Mrs. B. Mouso. 

Twenty-tliird Avenue South. 

609 Mr. and Mrs. A. Godart and drs. 
611 Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Nelson 
613 Mr. and Mrs. Christian Heiberg. 
834 Rev. and Mrs. Aaron W. Benson. 

2934 Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Williams. 
3018 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Crouch. 
3035 Mr. and Mrs. Willard W. Ehle. 

Nr. Summit Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Barnes. 
Xr. Mt. Curve Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Steele. 

Twenty-third Street North. 

Mr. and Mrs. Whipple Andrews. 

Mrs. Anne Hubbard. 
Mrs Eliza Steele. 

Tw enty-third Street South. 

1218 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walsh. ] 1416 Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Lambert. 

1221 Mr. and Mrs. George D. Johnson. I 1417 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hodge. 
1401 Mr. and Mrs. Merrill A Bailey. I 

Twenty-fourth Street North. 

North End. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Jay Smith. 
Mrs. B. P. Smith. 
Mrs. Sarah Partridge. 

Cor. Douglas Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cheney. 
Cor. Uh Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Charlton. 
Cor. 2M Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Wyant. 

Twenty-fourth Street South. 

1603 Dr. and Mrs. N. M. Cook. I 1605 Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Wyman. 

1603 Elwood S. Cook. I 2316 Rev. and Mrs. David Morgan. 


Twenty-fifth Avenue South. 

()15 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bufton. I 925 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Hotchkiss. 

1123 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stevenson and dr. I 2525 Dr. and Mrs. Edward T. Gibson. 

Twenty-fifth Avenue South TVest. 

;W32 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Brown. I 3036 Mrs. J. P. Hardin. 
3036 Mr, and Mrs. Dean Goodspeed. I 3036 F. P. Hardin. 

Twenty-fifth Street South. 

413 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hodges. 

423 Mr. and :Mrs. R. D. Beede and dr. 

423 E. C. Beede. 

Cor. 3d Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Dolliver. 
315 J. H. Giddings. 
321 Mr. and Mrs. John W. McDonald. 

423 D. B. Cooke. 

Twenty-sixth Street South. 

Nr. JAndale Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Batty. 
Cor. Grand Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Slater. 
2 Dr. C. S. Stoddard. 

418 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crosby. 

615 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Stalnaker. 

617 Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Hennessy. 
2817 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Merrill. 
2821 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Swinburne. 

Twenty-eighth Avenue South "West. 

3041 Mr. and Mrs. Manson Rexford. 
3104 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Dearborn and dr. 
3104 G. A. Dearborn. 
3116 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Russell. 

3116 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Russell. 
Nr. dnth. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman A. Ellis. 

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Ellis. 

Twenty-ninth Avenue South West. 

Nr. Lake Calhoun. j 3443 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Warren. 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Stephen. 3345 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Cushmanand dr. 
3029 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Godfrey. 1 3537 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Woodman. 

Twenty-ninth Street South West. 

79 Mr. and Mrs. Alva R. Clarke. I Cor. Lindley Ave. 

216 Rev. and Mrs. James G. Teter. I Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. IMoore. 

University Avenue North East. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Tisdale. 
325 Mr. and Mrs. C. Abraham. 
511 Mr. and Mrs. A. Hinsch. 

102 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Browne and dr 
110 Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Stockton. 
206 Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Wakefield. 
218 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bagley. 
228 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry. 

620 Mr. and Mrs. S. Moeser. 

University Avenue South East. 

107 Mr. and Mrs, P. W. Herzog. 
109 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. MacKusick. 
Ill Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Long. 

112 Dr. and Mrs. R. F. Goodwin and dr- 

201 Mrs. Maria Miller. 

300 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Stamwitz and drs. 



300 C. F. Stamwitz. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Kent. 

300 F. W. Stamwitz. 

800 H.E. Kent. 

307 Mr. and Mrs. John Hefferin. 

800 Miss Ella Wassemer. 

314 Mrs. Samuel Lawrence. 

813 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Baker. 

319 Rev. and Mrs. N. C. Chapin and drs. 

814 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Philbrick. 

319 H. C. Chapin. 

820 Mr. and Mrs. H. AV. Holmes. 

319 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Edgar. 

900 Wm. F. Brackett and dr. 

320 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Dow. 

900 W. G. Brackett. 

320 W. F. Dow. 

902 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Smith. 

320 G. H. Townsend. 

902 Mrs. M. M. Smith. 

329 Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Johnson. 

902 J. P. Smith. 

329 W. C. Johnson. 

904 Prof and Mrs. Christopher Hall. 

329 L.A.Johnson. 

904 Prof, and Mrs. C. W. Smith. 

403 Mr.andMrs.E. M.Johnson. 

910 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Tait. 

407 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Allen and drs. 

910 Mrs. A. J. Emery. 

420 Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Rollins. 

910 Elwood Emery. 

425 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Martin. 

1013 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lovejoy. 

425 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Brown. 

1013 Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Lovejoy. 

428 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kennedy and drs. 

1013 A. S. Lovejoy. 

520 Mr. and Mrs. (Jeorge Houghton. 

1013 Mrs. A. M. Lovejoy. 

525 Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Hayes and drs. 

1024 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Nelson. 

600 Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Rollins and dr. 

1024 Miss Kate Nelson. 

624 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dyer. 

1024 Mrs. M. Nelson. 

628 Rev. and Mrs. P. Stryker and drs. 

1107 Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Young. 

628 H. C. Stryker. 

1227 Dr. and Mrs. I. D. Alger. 

628 H. B. Stryker. 

1227 I. S. Alger. 

701 Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Perkins and dr. 

1427 Mr and Mrs. J. H. Chase. 

702 Mrs. E. Moulton. 

1427 H. R. Chase. 

702 G. E. Moulton. 

1511 Mrs. E. H. Springer. 

702 Mr. and Mrs.C. B. Dorr. 

1511 W.S. Harden. 

702 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Woodmansee. 

1621 Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Clark and drs. 

702 S.C.Gilbert. 

1623 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Lyon. 

702 E. W. Beeniis. 

1623 Mrs. M. A. McCracken. 

710 Mr. and Mrs.C. L. Vinal. 

1827 Rev. and Mrs. Leo Baier. 

710 Wm. Upton. 

2525 Prof, and Mrs. W. A. Pike. 

710 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest .\rnold. 

2702 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Littlefield. 

714 Mrs. G. L. Chase. 

2803 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Eustis. 

714 Prof. W. F. Carr. 

2810 Prof, and Mrs. J. G. Moore. 

716 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Eastman. 

2850 Prof, and Mrs. Chas. N. Hewitt. 

716 A. F. Eastman. 

Nr. 29th Ave. 

716 MissS. E. Dennett. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Starr. 

719 Mrs. M. J. Bradbury and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Z. Roberts and dr. 

719 H.G. Bradbury. 

Nr.^Ut Ave. 

719 Mrs. E. A. Prescott. 

Mrs. E. S. Eustis and drs. 

719 WillR. Hench. 

Fred. Eustis. 

719 H. J. Jones. 

Frank Eustis. 

727 ]Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Reeves. 

J. R. Eustis. 


Vine Place. 

1368 Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Spooner. 

1400 Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Grant. 

1400 Mrs. A. Pierce. 

1402 Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Bell. 

1404 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Gardner. 

1404 S. W. Joy. 

1414 Maj. Wm. Ragan and drs. 

1414 Mrs. E. (.illing. 

1415 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Kneisly and dr. 

1416 Mr. and Mrs. W. Stevens. 

1416 Miss Emily Smith. 

1417 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Brown and dr. 

1417 J. D. Brown. 

1418 Dr. and Mrs. M. M. Frisselle. 
141^^ Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Van Etten. 
1420 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dow and dr. 
1422 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ballard. 

1422 G. F. Webber. 
1422 Miss M. Morphy. 

1426 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Powell. 
1426 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Ferris. 

1428 Mr. and Mrs. Aid Collins and dr. 

1429 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Birdwell and dr. 

1430 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mclntire. 
1430 Miss A. E. Mclntire. 

1500 Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Haywood. 
1502 Mr. and Mrs. I). M. Scribner. 
1510 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Marshall. 
lolO A. G. Marshall. 
1512 Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Rogers. 
1514 Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Lowry. 
1514 Mrs. M. V. Collins. 
Nr. Oak Grove. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Davenport and drs. 
Cor. 19th Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Corser and drs. 
2014 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Willford. 

Wasliington Avenue North. 

Cor. 1st Ave., Windsor House. 


Mr.andMrs. C.R. 



D. R. Sherburne. 


L. C. Barnett. 


D. B. Burdette. 


A. 0. Canfield. 


C. E. Corrigan . 


J. R. Corrigan. 


A. Y. Davidson. 


W. G. Davis. 


Dr. J. H. Hammond. 


C. N. Holbrook. 


Henry Krueger. 


J. M. McCartney. 


J. L. Record. 


James Shehan. 


E. W. Storer. 


T. E. Sturtevant. 


A. P. Sykes. 


W. G. True. 


301 Mr. and Mrs. S G. 



301 Robert Clark. 


426 Mrs. John Holzschuh. 


426 J. J. Holzschuh. 


Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Lucks. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Maul. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Trafton. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Anson. 

Mrs. G. W. Hale and drs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. D. Kerrick. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Carr. 

A. H. Knowles. 

H. A. Kennedy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Jameson. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Leber. 

Henry Leber. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Weld and dr. 

^[r. and Mrs. F. L. Clark. 

Dr. F. E. Towers. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Dieterich. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Henkle. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Fiening. 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hefti. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Kerker. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Barker. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Barker. 

Dr. Albert Smith. 

Sumner Ladd. 


1327 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Vanstrum. 
1331 Mr. and Mrs, L. H. Tremaiu. 
1420 Dr. and Mrs. I. N. Cohen and drs. 
1512 Mrs. L. S. Gaylord. 
1627 Mr. and Mrs. Alois Fredericks. 


Cor. Hennepin Ave., Nicollet House. 
C. M. Amsden. 

B. N. Austin. 
W. A. Baker. 
A. J. Bells. 

L. H. Buxton and dr. 
J. B. Chatterton. 
G. L. Chesbrough. 
H. H. Cross. 
H. D. Culler. 
E. W. Eddy. 
Col. R. S. Innis. 

C. H. Morton. 
J. P. Nichols. 
T. A. Orr. 

E. J. Rose. 
G. L, Scott. 

1703 Mr. and Mrs. Verdlne True.-dell. 
1801 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lasher 
2110 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Korn. 
2135 Mr. and Mrs. E, E. Blinn. 
2203 Mr. and Mrs. John McGregor. 

Avenvie South. 

J. B. Shafer. 
J. A. Shea. 
C. J. Swanson. 
W. J. Van Dyke. 
36 G. E. Matile.' 
49 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Barge. 
142 Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Ham. 
205 B. F. Starr. 
401 W. E. Rock ford. 
415 F. O. Renard. 
419 Mr. and Mrs. E. Showers. 
421 Lynn Peavey. 
1204 Dr. A. W. Latz. 
1304 Mr. and Mrs. F. Lavigne. 
1401 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Latz. 
1428 Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Skinner. 
1825 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Provan. 


710 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ford. 

904 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Huntington, 

904 Dr. and Mrs. J. V. Frost. 

912 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ames. 

913 Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Clark. 
926 Rev. J. A. Paige and dr. 
926 Howe Paige. 

926 Miss Emma Paige. 

927 Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Ames. 
1006 Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Bachner. 
1008 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Piper. 
1010 Mr. and Mrs. R. Wyman. 
1025 Mr. and Mrs. Silas Moffitt. 
1025 G. N. Johnson. 
1107 Mr. and Mrs. John Brandtjen. 
1115 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Cavanagh. 
1201 Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Weeks, 
1201 Dr. H, N. Orton. 


Cor. nth. 

Mrs. Catherine Byrnes and dr. 

Dr. W. J. Byrnes. 

Hugh Byrnes. 
1702 Mr. and Mrs. John Le Bron 
1800 Mr. and Mrs. Eben Howe and dr. 

1800 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Patnode, 

1801 Mr. and Mrs. J, G. McFarlane and dr. 
1801 J. G. McFarlane, jr. 

2006 Mr. and Mrs. A. P.Williams. 

2006 S. C. Stagg. 

2006 Miss Nettie Stagg. 

Ck)r. 2\st. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Breed. 
2201 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Ankeny. 
2208 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Farrier. 
2617 Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Tousley. 
2623 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cloutier. 
3900 Mr.andMrs. Nathaniel Hall. 

Nr. 2Gth. 

Williams Avenue. 

I Mr. and Mrs. G. W. McKay 



Yale Place. 

1210 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Newton and dr. I Nr. loth. 

1212 Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Bacon. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Robedeau. 

1212 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Pratt. , 

Formerly Professor of "Advanced Classes" at the Berlin Conservatory (Germany). 

Ernest Lachimund, 

(Violoncello, Piano and Theories.) 

Recommendations from noted Royal professors in Berlin. ■[ ^"""^ 15, 408 NiCOUet Ave., 
^ ^ \ over Dyer & Howard's. 


Occupying Entire Third Floor, 250 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis. 

For young men and women 
and Business men. Write for 
circulars giving full informa- 
tion. Life Scholarships:— 
Book-keeping, $iSi, Penman- 
ship (plain & ornamental), $io ; 
Academic Studies (including 
Arithmetic, Grammar, Reading, 
Spelling, Com. Law, etc.), $20; 
Entire Course, when paid in ad- 
vance, $35. See us before ar- 
ranging elsewhere. Address, 

Roo M 44, Mackey-Legg Block, 
rlicollet yiveriiie, - • ]VIiiiiieapolis, ]VIirin. 

Instruction in Freehand Drawing, Landscape, Flowers and Still 





8 1,000 Reward! 

If proven impure. Every can warranted un- 
iform full strength — and free from alum, &c. 

Endorsed by Dr. E. G. Love, N. Y^ Prof. 
Collier, U. 8. chemist, Washington; Prof. J. 
A. Dodge, state university, Minn.; Dr. Alex. 
J. Stone; Dr. H. A. Boardman; Dr. Dedolph; 
Dr. Jones; Prof. Weigbrecht, St. Paul, and 
the medical world wherever it is tested. 

C. K. GKOFF, Mfg., St. Paul. 

Sold only in cans by all Grocers. 



V^. a. BAILEV, 

355, 357 and 359 Rosabel Street, 

Special care taken of Household Furniture. Merchandise of al 
descriptions received for Storage and Transfer. 




R A I L W A Y 

Owns and operates nearly 5,000 miles of Road in Illinois, 
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Dakota. 


EOSWELL MILLES, - - Gen'l Managsr. A. C. BIED, - Gen'l Freight Agent. 

J. F. TUCEEE, - - Ass't Gen'l Manager. A. V. H. CAEPENTEE, - Gen'l Pass. Agt. 

J. -I. -CLAM, - - -Geal-Supt fi, X -HEAFFOED, - Asst. " " 


For Sale at extremely low prices in 33 thriving towns in Iowa 
platted by the 


g^^Now is the time to invest before the best lots are sold, or 
prices advanced. Send for pamphlets and maps to 


Milwaukee, Wis., 


Marion, Iowa. 

100;,000 ACRES 

Of Wisconsin Valley Railroad Lands for sale in Marathon and 
Lincoln Counties, VVISCONSIN, at from I3 to $s per acre, in 
parcels to suit buyers. Terms of payment arranged satisfactorily 
to purchasers. Long time and low rate of interest. For all 
desired information, address 


Land Commissioner, Agent Wisconsin Valley R. R. Lands, 






— -wAND-w- — 





To Chicago and all points East, 

To Des Moines and all points South, 

To Onnaha, Kansas City and 

All points Southwest. 

Passengers, whether in Sleepers or Day Coaches have no change of cars between the 
above name(;i cities. 




Gen'l Traffic Manager. Gen'l Passenger Agt., St. Paul, Minn. 


— -^XR AV ELI NGx=-- — 


on business or pleasure, you should select the route 
offering the 


and least changes of cars. 

The Trains of The 


Are Composed of 




Celebrated Rock Island DINING CARS, running Through between 

And Chicago, St. Louis and Des Moines Without Change, connecting in Union Depots 
with Trunk Lines to and from All Points East, Southeast, South and West 

^^;^::;:^ Baggage Checked to Destination and Fare Always as Low as 

■l^^^^~^ by any other route. 

Secure Sleeping Car accomnnodations. Full and reliable 
infornnation from 


199 Third Street, Corner Sibley, 

or. Brown &. Knebel, agents. 

Union Depot, ST. PAUL. 

E. P. Capen, Ticket agent, 

No. 3 Washington Ave. S.. Under Nicollet House, 


Union Depot, MINNEAPOLIS. 








Runoing llifougli an Atenue of Agricultural, Mineral and Grazing Wealth, 



WM CHAIR CARS between Si. Paul and Fargo oo Daj Trains, 


First-Glass Equipn^ent, Solid Road Bed and Steel Rail Tracks, 

Enable this road to make the quickest time with greatest safety. For solid com- 
fort, sure connections, and the best accommodations, patronize the Northern Pacific. 

T. F, OAKES, C. S. FEE, 

Vice Pres. and Gen'l Mang'r. St. Paul. ' Gen I Pass. Agt., St. Paul. 


^\, I aul rlealtp cinstitute^ 

Cor. Fourth and Cedar Sts. (Union Block), 



(Dedigatbd Bajphs. 




Are rapidly and permanently cured by 
our treatment. 








'^ 1 



Stock Complete in All Departments. 

"We ain] to please our custon^ers," and invite you to cali at your leisure. 


230 & 232 E. Seventh St., - SAINT PAUL. MINN. 

mnh CITY BliQE B@®K 



Jos. A. Sansome. Wm. E. Sansome. 


Furniture Removing. Storage . Ware housing , 

Packing, Forwa rd! n g a nd Repair ing, 

S T E A M Powe r Carp et C le^a n i n g , 

tESPECTFULLY call special attention to their several 
branches — having at considerable cost and outlay in- 
creased their facilities to execute efficiently and expedi- 
tiously work entrusted to their care. The class of workmen 
employed by Sansome Bros, is only such as are very steady, 
fully experienced, and especially adapted for the work, being 
used to careful handling of fine furniture, etc., thereby insuring 
a very great advantage and ultimate satisfaction to the owner 
of goods. We have introduced a commodious enclosed and most 
complete Lock-up Furniture Removing Spring Van, fitted and 
padded throughout, whereby Household Goods, Paintings, 
Pianos, Glass, China and other valuables of any description 
can be removed in all weather, without packing, to any part of 
the city or country. The above mode obviates inconvenience 
of having goods moved in small loads and exposed to dust and 
rain. We use the Patent Truck for the removal of Pianos, 6lc. 
Having obtained at considerable cost the sole right of use in 
St. Paul, we have now in running order, one of the best Patented 
Steam Power Carpet Cleaning Machines ever invented, This 
machine thoroughly cleans the carpet, raises the pile and 
gives an appearance equal to new. Practical carpet layers 
always on hand. 

Advances Made on All Goods in Storage. 

For rates and other Information apply to 

Pdrnitare ReniQvers, Shippers and diaretiQasemen, 

412 Sibley Street, SAINT I^AUL, ^IINN. 

Telephone Connection. Branch Offices in All Parts of the City. 




East St. Paul Baptist Church — S e cor 
Reaney and Cypress. Organized, Nov. 
17, 1883. Membership, 45. Rev. R. W. 
Arnold, pastor. Preaching at 10:30 a. 
ni. Sunday-school at 3 p. m. Young 
People's meeting, 7:30 p. m. Sunday. 
Bible study, 7:30 p. m. Monday. Prayer 
meeting, 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. 

First Baptist Church — Cor Ninth and 
Wacouta. Organized, 1849. Member- 
ship,404. Rev. R. R. Riddell, D.D., pastor; 
Rev. H. E. Norton, assistant. Services, 
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. in winter and 
8:00 p. m. in summer. Mid-week meet- 
ing, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Young 
People's meeting, 6:45 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12:15 p. m. 

First German Baptist Church — N w cor 
Canada and Thirteenth. Organized, 
1873. Membership, 100. Rev. H. Schulz, 
pastor. Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. 
m. Sunday-school 9 a. m. Prayer 
meeting, Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. 
Mission Chapel (First German Baptist 
Church) — Cor George and Stryker ave. 
Rev. Henry Schulz, pastor. Organized, 
1884. Sunday services. 3:30 p. m. Sun- 

day-school, 2:30 p.m. Preaching, Thurs- 
day, 7:30 p. m. 

First Swedish Baptist Church — Cor. Col- 
lins and Burr. Organized, 1873. Mem- 
bership, 340. Rev. A. Tyernlund, pastor. 
Services, Sunday, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. 
m. Sunday-school, 9 a. m. Young Peo- 
ple's meeting, 7:.30 p. m. Friday. Prayer 
meeting, Thursday, 7:30 p. m. 

Fort Street Mission Chapel— 1046 West 
Seventh. (In connection with First Bap- 
tist Church.) Organized, 1882. Rev. H. 
E. Norton, pastor. Sunday services 
10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday-school, 
3 p. m. Prayer meeting, Tuesday, 7:30 
p. m. John E. Biggs, superintendent. 

Norwegian Danish Baptist Church— Cor 
Winnipeg and Park ave. Rev. J. B. 
Sunth, pastor. Membership, 40. Serv- 
ices, Sunday, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Wednesday, 7:;30 p. m. 

Pilgrim Church (Colored) — Cedar near 
Thirteenth. Membership, 100. Rev. 
R. T. Hickman, pastor. Services, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
12:30 p. m. 

Woodland Park Baptist Church — Cor 
Selby and Arundel. Organized, 1883. 
Rev. Hubert C. Woods, D. D., pastor. 
Membership, 105. Morning service, 



10:30. Sunday-school, 12:15. Wm. M. 
Bushiiell, superintendent. Evening 
service, young people's, 6:45. Regular 
service, 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting, 
Wednesday evening at 7:30. 


Right Rev. Thomas L. Grace, bishop of 
Menith. Right Rev. John Ireland, 
bishop of St. Paul. Very Rev. A. Ra- 
voux, vicar general. Rev. J. C. Byrne, 

Cathedral of St. Paul — Sixth, n e cor St. 
Peter. Organized, 1851. Membership, 
4,700. Rev. John Shanley, Rev. P. Dan- 
ehy. Mass, 6 and 9 a. m. High Mass, 
10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 3 p. m. 
Vespers, 7:30 p. m. 

Assumption Church (German) — Ninth 
cor Franklin. Organized, 1856. Mem- 
bership, 500 families. Very Rev. Val- 
entine Stimmler, 0. S. B., prior. Rev. 
Simplicius Wimmer, O. S. B., Rev. Ber- 
nard Locnikar, 0. S. B., Rev. Stanis- 
laus Preiser, 0. S. B., Rev. Udephonse 
Molitor, 0. S. B., asst. priests. Mass, 
7 a. m.; for children 8:30 a. m. High 
Mass and sermon, 10:30 a. m. Sunday- 
school, 2:15 p. m. Vespers, 3 p. m. 

Church of the Sacred Heart (German) — 
Cor Dawson and Arcade. Organized, 
Dec. 14, 1881. Membership, 800. Rev. 
Charles Koeberl, pastor. Services: 
Mass, 7:30 a. m. High Mass, 10:30 a. m. 
Sunday-school, 3 p. m. Vespers, 3:30 
p. m. All a. m. services one-half hour 
later and all p. m. services one-half 
hour earlier in winter. 

Church of St. Louis (French) — S e cor 
Wabasha and Exchange. Organized, 
1869. Membership, 500 families. Rev. 
C. Genis, pastor. Low Mass, 7:30 a. m. 
High Mass, 10 a. m. Sunday-school, 
2 p. m. Vespers, 3 p. m. Daily Low 
Mass, 8 a. m. 

St. Adelbert Church (Polish)— Cor Gaul- 
tier and Charles. Organized, 1881. 
Membership, 1,000. Rev. A. D. Majer, 
pastor. Mass daily at 8 a. m. High 
Mass on Sunday at 10:30 a. m. Sunday- 
school at 2:30 p. m. in winter and 3:30 
p. m. in summer. Vespers, 3:30 p. m. 

St. Francis de Sales Church — N w cor of 
James and Daly. Sunday services: 
Mass, 8 a. m.; High Mass, 10 a. m. Ves- 
pers, 3 p. m. Sunday-school at 2 p. m. 
Week day services, 8 a.m. Priest, John 
N. Stariha. Incorporated, 1884. Mem- 
bers, 280 families. 

St. Josephs Church — S w cor Cari'oU and 
Virginia ave. Organized, 1874. Mem- 
bership, 1,200. Low Mass, 7:30 a. m. 
High Mass and sermon, 10:30 a. m. 
Sunday-school, 3.30. p. m. Vespers, 7 

St. Marys Church — N w cor Ninth and 
Locust. Organized 1867. Membership, 
3,500. Rev. L. E. Caillet, pastor; Rev. 
James J. Keane, assistant. Low Mass, 
6:30 a m. Mass, 8:30 a. m. High Mass 
and sermon, 10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 
3 p. ra. Vespers, 4 p. m. 

St. Patricks Church — Cor Mississippi 
and Case. Rev. D. A. Reilly, pastor. 
Organized, December, 1884. Member- 
ship, 85 families. Sunday services: 
Mass, 8 a. m. High Mass, 10:30 a. m. 
Sunday-school, 3 p. m. Vespers, 7:30 
p. m. Daily Mass, 8:30 a. m. 

St. Michaels Church — Cor Gorman ave 
and Colorado, 6th ward. Organized, 
1868. Membership, 1,500. Rev. P. J. 
Gallagher, pastor. Services, 8 and 10:30 
a. ra., and 7:30 p. m. 

St.Stanislaus Church (Bohemian)— West- 
ern ave, cor Goodhue. Organized, 1870. 
Membership, 1,500. Rev. H. Povolny 
pastor. Services: Mass, 7:30. High, 
10:30. Vespers, 2:30 p. m. Week day 
services, 8 a.m. daily. Saturday-school, 
10 a. m. 



Disciples of Christ— Y. M. C. A. rooms, 
366 Wabasha. Organized, Oct. 15, 1882. 
Rev. Leander Lane, pastor. Services, 
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school. 
12 m. Holy Coraniiinion every Sun- 


Atlantic Congregational Church — Cor 
Bates ave and Conway. Organized, Feb. 
6, 1883. Rev. Elihu H. Votaw, pastor. 
Membership, 67. Services, 10:30 a. m. 
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 
Prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m., Wednes- 
days. Young People's meeting, 6:45 p. 
m., Sunday. All evening services half 
hour later during summer. 

Pacific Congregational Church — Acker 
bet Mississippi and Buffalo. Organized, 
1882. Membership, 45. Rev. E. C. 
Evans, pastor. Services, Sunday, 10:30 
a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. 
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. 

Park Congregational Church — Cor Mac- 
kubin and Holly ave. Organized 1883. 
Membership, 65. Services, Sunday, 
10:30 a. m. ahd 7:30 p. m. Prayer meet- 
ing, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 12 la. 

Plymouth Church — Cor Wabasha and 
Summit ave. Organized, 1858. Rev. M. 
McG. Dana, D. D., pastor. Services, 
Sunday, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sun- 
day-school, 12:lo p. m. Wednesday, 
7:30 p. m. 


Chapel of the Ascension — S e cor Isabel 
and Clinton ave, 6th ward. Rev. Wm. I 
C. Pope, B. D., rector. Services, 3:30 
p. m. Sunday-school, 3 p. ra. j 

Chapel of the Resurrection — S e cor De ; 
Soto and Minnehaha. Rev. Wm. C. j 
Pope, B. D., rector. Services, Sunday, 1 
3:30 p.m. Sunday-school, 3 p. m. | 

Christs Church — Cor Fourth and Frank- 
lin. Organized, 1850. Communicants, 
450. Rev. Mahlon N. Gilbert, rector. 
Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Holy Com- 
munion, first Sunday in the month, 
10:30 a. m.; third Sunday, 8:00 a. m. 
Chapel, Randolph cor View. Serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 2 p. m. 

Church of St. John the Evangelist— Cor 
Ashland ave and Mackubin. Opened 
28th August, 1881. Membership, 250. 
Rev. E. Jay Cooke, rector. Sunday 
services at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, summer, 3 p. m ; win- 
ter, 2:30 p. m. 

Free Church of the Good Shepherd— N e 
cor Twelfth and Cedar. Organized, 
1868. Membership, 300. Rev. Wm. C. 
Pope, B. D., rector; Rev. James G. St. 
Lawrence, assistant. Services, daily, 
9:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Wednesdays 
and Fridays, 12 m. Sundays, 10:15 and 
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Minor holy 
days, 6:30 a. m. Sunday-school. 9:30 
a. m. 

St. Pauls Church— Ninth, cor Olive. 
Organized, 1856. Communicants, 530. 
Rev. E. S. Thomas, rector ; Edwin 
Johnson, lay assistant. Services, 11 a. 
m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school 2:30 
p. m. 

Chapel, Mississippi cor Case. Serv- 
ices, 3p.m. Sunday-school, 2:30 p.m. 

Dayton Bluff Mission— Odd Fellows Hall, 
cor E 4th and Bates ave. Rev. E. S. 
Thomas, rector. Chapel of Ease to St. 
Pauls Church. Communicants 50, 
Under the management of an auxiliary 
vestry. Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. 
Sunday service and sermon, 3 p. m. 


Emanuel Church (Evangelical Associa- 
tion)— Eleventh, cor Pine. Organized, 
1856. Membership, 150. Rev. Chris- 
toph Brill, pastor. Services, 10:30 a. 



m. and 7:30 p. ni. Sunday-school, 9:15 
a. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:30. 
Chapel, Burns ave cor Earl. Preach- 
ing, 3:00 p. m. Sunday-school, 2 p. m. 
Zions Church of the Evangelical Associa- 
tion — N w cor Winifred and Cam- 
bridge. Organized, 1883. Membership, 
80. Rev. Frank R. Plantikow, pastor. 
Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sun- 
day-school, 9:30 a. m. 


Mt. Zion Congregation — Temple, s w cor 

Tenth and Minnesota. Membership, 

75. Rev. Judah AVechsler, rabbi. 

Services, 7:30 p. m. Friday, 9:30 a. m. 

Saturday, alternately, in German and 

Sons ot Jacob Congregation— 24 College 

ave. Organized, 1874. Membership, 

43. Rev. Barnet Rosenthal, rabbi. 

David Goldman, acting president. 

Services, 7 p. m., Friday, 8 a. m. and 6 

p. m. Saturday. 


First Svpedish Evangelical Lutheran- 
Woodward ave, cor Stillwater. Organ- 
ized, 1854. Communicants, 600. Rev. 
A. P. Monten, pastor. Services, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:45 p. m. Sunday-school, 
2:30 p. m. Sunday-school at 943 Pt. 
Douglas, 3 p. m. 

German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity— 
Cor Wabasha and Tenth. Member- 
ship, 801'. Rev. M. Tirmenstein, pastor. 
Sunday services, 10 a. m. and 2:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Bible lessons, 
Wednesday evening, 7:30. 

Immanuel Church (German Lutheran)— 
S e cor Goff ave and Dearborn. Organ- 
ized, 18 0. Membership, 300. Rev. J. 
A, Hoyer, pastor. Services, 10 a. m. 
summer; 10:30 winter. Sunday-school, 
2 p.m. 

Memorial Church (English Evangelical 
Lutheran) — Sixth, bet Franklin and 
Exchange. Organized, 1883. Member- 
ship, 50. Rev. A. J. D. Haupt, pastor. 
Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:45 
p. m. Sunday-school, 12 [m; Wednes- 
day, 8 p. m. 

Norwegian Lutheran — Cor Fourteenth 
and Canada. Organized, 1884. Rev. 
Martin Hanson, pastor. Sunday serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 2 p. m. in winter, and 9 a. m. 
in summer. 

Chapel, Fairview ave. Sunday-school, 
9 a. m. 

Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Trinity 
Church— 233 Fifteenth. Organized 
1870. Membership, 250. Rev. Rasmus 
Anderson, pastor. Sunday services, 
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Thursday, 
7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 2 p. m. 

Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church 
— Cor Canada and Thirteenth. Organ- 
ized 1869. Rev.Wm. M. H. Peterson, 
pastor. Membeiship 300. Services, 
10:.30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 2 p. m. 

Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church 
— Cor Orleans and King. 

St. Johns (German Lutheran)— 8 .s 
Eighth, bet Locust and Willius. Or- 
ganized, 1872. Membership, 500. Rev. 
Otto Hoyer, pastor. Services, 10:30 a. 
m. and 7:.30 p. m. Sunday-school, 2 p. 
m. winter, and 9:30 a. m. summer. 

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Mission 
House— Cor Bradley and Patridge. 
Organized, 1874. Membership, 350. 
Rev. John F. Soderstrom, pastor. Serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sun- 
day-school, 2:30 p. m. Prayer meeting, 
Friday, 7:30 p. m. 

Zion Church (German)— S w cor Ninth 
and Rosabel. Organized, 18G3. Com- 
municants, 260. Rev. E. Rolf, pastor. 
Services, 10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 
2:30 p. m. 




African M. E.— N w cor Fuller and 
Elfelt. Rev. R. Knight, pastor. Meets 
for worship, Sundays, 10:30 a. m. and 
7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. 
Prayer meetings, Wednesday even- 
ings, 8 p. ni. Organized, May, 1874. 
Membership, 40. 

Bates Ave. M. E.— E s Bates ave, bet 
Ravine and Euclid. Organized, Oct. 
9th, 1882. Membership, 46. Rev. F. 
0. Holnian, pastor. Services Sunday, 
10:30 a. m, and 7:30 p. m. Class meet- 
ing at 12 m. Sunday-school, 3 p. m. 
Prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m., Wednesday 
evening. Evening services half hour 
later in summer. 

Clinton Ave. M. E.— Isabel, cor Clinton 
ave, 6th ward. Organized, 1871. 
Membership, 110. Rev. W.S.Matthew, 
pastor. Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 
p. m. winter, 8 p. m. summer. Young 
People's meeting, Sunday, 6:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. Wednesday, 
prayer, 7:45 p. m. 

Eaton Ave M. E. Mission.— S e cor Eaton 
and Chicago aves. Organized, 1883. 
Membership, 10. Rev. S. G. Smith, 
pastor. Services, 4 p. m. Sunday- 
school, 3 p. m. 

First German M. E. — N e cor Rosabel 
and Sixth. Organized, 1852, Member- 
ship, 300. Rev. Richard Fickenscher, 
pastor. Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. 
m. Sunday-school, 2 p. m. winter, 9:15 
a. m. summer. 

First M. E. — Summit ave, junction West 
Third. Membership, 220. Rev. S. G. 
Smith, D, D., pastor. Services, 10:30 a. 
m. and 7:30 p. m. winter, 8 p. m sum- 
mer. Sunday-school, 12 m. Prayer 
meeting, Monday and Wednesday, 7:30 
p. m. 

First Norwegian M. E. — N w cor Broad- 
way and Thirteenth. Organized, 1875. 
Membership, 100. Rev. L. A. Larson, 

pastor. Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 
p. m. Sunday-school, 12:15 p. m. 

Grace M. E. — Hopkins, bet Bradley and 
Burr. Organized, 1873. Membership, 
250. Rev. John Stafford, pastor. Serv- 
ices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. winter, 
8 p. m. summer. Sunday-school, 12 m. 

Jackson Street M. E. — Jackson, n w cor 
Ninth. Organized, 1848. Membership, 
300. Rev. Robert Forbes,pastor. Sunday 
services, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30p. m. Sun- 
day-school 12 m. Gen.G. C.Smith, supt. 
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. 

Rice Street Chapel— 557 Rice St. 
Services, 7:30 p. m. Sabbath-school, 3 
p. m. 

King Street M. E. Chapel— King St. 
nr Ohio. Rev. John Pemberton, pastor. 
Organized, 1882. Membership, 30. Sun- 
day services, 10:30 a. m. Sunday- 
school, 12m. Wednesday, prayer meet- 
ing 7:30 p. m. 

Scandinavian M. E.— Tenth, cor Tem- 
perance. Organized, 1854. Member- 
ship, 110. Rev. Oscar J. Stead, pastor. 
Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 3:30 p. m. Week-day 
services. Tuesday and Thursday at 
7:30 p. m. 

Second German M. E.— Bradley, nr Pat- 
ridge. Organized, 1875. Membership, 
205. Rev. Charles C. Miller, pastor. 
Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 
Sunday-school, 2 p. m. Prayer meet- 
ing, Wednesday, 7:30. Young People's 
meeting, Friday, 7:30. 

Third German M. E. — Cor Livingston and 
Delos. Organized, January, 1885. Rev. 
John G. Bauer, pastor. Services, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 


Bethel Mission— Cor Sixth and Rosabel. 
Robert Smith, chaplain. Sunday serv- 
ices, 3:30 p. m. 

Central Presbyterian— Cedar, opp Ex- 




change. Organized, 1852. Member- 
ship, 350. Rev. R. F. Maclaren, pastor. 
Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 
p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. Prayer 
meeting, Wednesday, 7 p. m. 

Dayton Avenue — Dayton ave, n w cor 
Mackuhin. Organized, 1874. Member- 
ship, 225. Rev. M. D. Edwards, pastor. 
Services, Sunday, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 
p.m. Sunday-school, 12 m. Prayer meet- 
ing, Wednesday, 7:45 p. m. 

East Presbyterian — S s Ross nr E Sev- 
enth. Organized, August, 1884. Mem- 
l)ership, 36. Rev. J. P. Dysart, pastor. 
Services, Sunday, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. 
m. Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. F. L. 
Hoxsie, superintendent. Wednesday 
prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

First Presbyterian — Lafayette ave, cor 
Woodward. Organized, 1849. Member- 
ship, 160. Rev. Nathaniel West, D. D., 
pastor. Services, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 
p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. Young 
People's meeting, Sunday, 7:30 p. m. 
Pastor's Bible class, Monday, 7:30 p. m. 
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 
p. m. 

Fort Street Church — N e cor Seventh 
and McBoal. Mission organized, 1875. 
Church organized, April 6, 1884. Rev. 
Sam'I G. Anderson, pastor. Services, 
10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
9 a. m. Membership, 30. 

House of Hope — N w cor Fifth and Ex- 
change. Organized, Dec. 24, 1855. Mem- 
bership, 575. Services, Sunday, 10:30 
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 
2:30 p. m. Edward B. Kennedy, super- 
intendent. Prayer meeting, Wednes- 
day, 7:30 p. m. T. C. Field, clerk board 
of trustees. 

Merriam Park Presbyterian — Organized, 
March 24, 1884. Rev. John Woods, pas- 
tor. Sunday services, 10:45 a. m. and 
7:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 12 m. Wed- 
nesday, prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. 

West Side Presbyterian — Cor George 

and Stryker ave. Rev. C. C. Herriott, 
pastor. Sunday services, 10:30 a. m. 
Sunday-school, 12 m. Prayer meeting, 
7:30 Wednesday evening. 

Keformed Episcopal. 

Calvary Church — Grand ave, cor Milton. 
Rev. Edward D. Neill, rector. Organ- 
ized, February, 1884. Sunday services, 
10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 3 p. m. 

Frieden's Reform Church— S. e. cor 
Reaney and Forest. Organized, 1881. 
Reorganized, 1884. Martin Yitz, pas- 
tor. Membership, 35. Services in Ger- 
man, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sun- 
day-school, 2 p. m. 

Swedeiiborgian (or New Jerusa- 

Church— E s Market, bet Fourth and 
Fifth. Organized, 1873. Membership, 
29. Rev. Edward C. Mitchell, iiastor. 
Services, 10:30 a. m. Sunday-school, 
11:45 a.m. 


Unity Church — E s Wabasha, opp Sum- 
mit ave. Organized, 1872. Member- 
ship, 170. Rev. Clay MacCauley, pas- 
tor. Services, 10:30 a. m. Sunday- 
school, 12:15 p. m. Unity Club and its 
branches meet on the week days. 

United Evangelical. 

St. Pauls Church (German Evangelical 
United Protestant)— N e cor Eleventh 
and Minnesota. Organized, 1879. Mem- 
bership, 250 families. Rev. Charles 
Rumpf, pastor. Services, 10:30 a. m. 
and from Sept. 1st to April 1st, 7:30 p. 
m.; from April 1st to Sept. 1st, 9 to 10 
a. m. and Sept. 1st to April 1st, from 2 
to 3 p. m. Sunday-school, 2 p. m. 



Western Seamen's Friend Society Aux- 
iliary, St. Paul — 

President — 'R. Blakeley. 

Vice President — S. F. Bunnemann. 

Secretary — H. L. Pilkingtou. 

Treasurer — Vv. W. Jolinson. 

Chaplain — Robert Smith . 

Bethel services in Chapel, cor Sixth and 
Rosabel, every Sunday at 3 p. m. 

Young Men's Christian Associa- 

Cor Wabasha and Ninth. 

Officers. — A. E. Rood, president ; D. R. 
Noyes, first vice president ; C. W. 
.Hackett, second vice president ; Na- 
than Ford, third vice president : R. M. 
Newport, fourth vice president ; Thos. 
Cochran, jr., resident member inter- 
national committee; A. C. Anderson, 
treasurer; F. W. Southworth, record- 
ing secretary ; John R.Hague, general 

Privileges.— Gymnasium, first-class, with 
competent instruction, entirely new 
apparatus, heated by steam, open day 
and evening. 

Bath Rooms, 3 tubs, 2 standing showers, 
5 marble washbowls, all with hot and 
cold water, dressing rooms and lockers. 

Members' Parlor, for members only and 
their friends, furnished by the ladies 
of the churches, with piano, easy 
chairs, books, games, etc. 

p]vening Classes in shorthand, penman- 
ship, vocal music, elocution, drawing, 
or in such branches and studies as a 
popular desire among the members 
may call for. 

Lectures and Familiar Talks on science, 
business, health, etc., by prominent 
men, to which all membership tickets 
will admit with one friend. 

Monthly Social Receptions, by the ladies 
of the churches, special and trade re- 

A Literary Society, for training in dec- 
lamation, debate, parliamentary us- 
ages, etc. 

The Travelling Men's and College 
Students' Tickets, entitling the holder 
to the before mentioned privileges in 
any association he may visit in the 
United States or Canada. 

Letters of Introduction for members to 
other cities, when traveling. 

A Reading Room, quiet, well lighted and 
furnished with leading illustrated 
papers and magazines open from 8:30 
a. m. to 9:30 p. m., and Sundays 2:30 to 
6:30 p. m. 

A Library, of 1,000 volumes, dictionaries, 
R. L. Polk & Co's directories, gazetteers 
and other valuable books of reference. 

A Writing Table, supplied with writing 
materials and stationery. 

Reception and Conversation Room, sup- 
plied with chess, checkers, and other 

Reception Committee, composed of 
young men, present each week-day 
evening, to welcome members and 

City Mission. 

Rev. E. R. Irmseher, missionary, 695 
Otsego ave. 

Committeemen — Rev. M, McG. Dana, D. 
D., Rev. E. S. Thomas, W. L. Wilson, 
C. W. Hackett, H.Knox Taylor. 

A joint meeting of the Ministerial Asso- 
ciation of St. Paul and the officers of 
the Ramsey County Bible Society was 
held on Friday, Sept. 29, 1882, at the 
rooms of the Y. M. C. A. The Rev. E. 
R. Irmseher was engaged under the 
direction of the committee to act as 
general city missionary and Bible 
agent. He is authorized to collect 
funds for the prosecution of this work 
and will render a regular monthly re- 
port. Any correspondence relative to 
his work may be addressed to Mr. H. 
Knox Taylor, St. Paul. 




Seating Capacity, 2,200, 

Located on Wabasha Street, between Third and Fourth. 




Open Every Night in the Week witl) Standard Attractions. 



Ueipei^inai^y Sui^geon, 

Graduate of Montreal Veterinary College, 

167 West pouptli gtpeet, - ^aint Paul, ]VIinnesota, 

"Wliere tae tias lately built a most complete 

Veterinary Infirmary, 

F^or ttie receptiorL of All Domestic Animals 

The Infirmary contains Operating Room, Turkish Bath, 
Cooling Room and Box Stalls for patients requiring special 

You are invited to inspect the Infirmary at your conven- 

Night calls promptly attended to. 






Staple and Paocf Groceries, Vegetables and Fruits. 

219 E. Seventh St., 

Saint Paul, Minn. 



fflONEY ^0 LCOAN. 

' -jg-, ■ 


City Property a Specialty. 


S^^ Jacl^scn St., - ^t. ^aul, Minn, 


To Move to National German Bank Building May ist. 

Collection of Rents and Care of Property for Non-Residents. 



From Magnolia n. to Geranium, first 

w. of Cortland. 

From 750 Sylvan to Minnehaha, first 

n. of St. P. M. & M. track. 

From Dunedin Terrace s. w. to Concord, 

first e. of State. 

From Lake Como n. to city limits, 

second w. of Como Ave. 

From 788 Cortland e. and n. to city 


From 70 State e. to Plane, first s. of 


From Atwater n. to Geranium, first w. 

of Rice. 

W. end Winifred, around Alice Park. 

From Mississippi River n. e. to Com- 
mercial, first s. of Conway. 

From 380 State e. to river, first n. of 


From 390 Brott s. w. and s. to city 


From York n. e. to Crescent, first e. of 


From Susan s. w. to Concord, second e. 

of State. 

I Ann. 

From 336 Banfill s. to St. Clair, first e . 

of Western Ave. 
i South city limits in Sixth AVard. 

From Grace n. to St. Clair, first e. of 


From 820 Conway n. to city limits, 

first w. of Mendota. 
! Arch W. 

From Jackson w. to Rice. 
Arch £. 

From Jackson e to Columbia. 

From 590 Lafayette Ave. n. to city 
j limits. 
Armstrong Ave. 

From Drake w. to Milton. 
Arthur Ave. 

From 542 Susan s. w. to Concord. 

From 4.39 Summit Ave. n. to city 

I Ash. 
! From 121 Pennsylvania Ave. n.e. to 

' Ashland Ave. 

From 102 Western Ave. w. to Daly. 

From Fifteenth n. to Sherburne Ave., 

first e. of Jackson. 
Ashton PI. 

Bet. Glencoe and Arch, Linden and 


From Gotzian n. to city limits. 





From Sylvan w. to Western Ave., iirst 

From Arcade e. to Earl, first s. of Min- 

n, of Sycamore. 


Augusta E. 


From Goff Ave. e. to Eaton, first n. of 

From river s. to Ohio, seventh w. of 


Dakota Ave. 

Augusta W. 


From Goflf Ave. w. to Bidwell, first n. 

From Indiana Ave. s. to Robie, first 

of Morton. 

w. of Bidwell. 

Aurora Ave. 

Belmont Ave. 

From 696 Robert s. w. to Grant and w. 

From Charlton w. to river, first s. of 

to Kent. 


Avon N. 

Belvidere E. 

From 800 Summit Ave. to Division 

From Goflf Ave. e. to Hoyt Ave. 


Belvidere W. 

Avon S. 

From Goflf Ave. w. to Bidwell, first s. 

From 800 Summit Ave. to St. (lair. 

of Curtice. 



From Bidwell w. to Chippewa, first s. 

From Victoria w. to city limits, first s. 

of King. 

of St. Clair. 



From river w. to Partition Plat, third 

From 780 Jackson w. to Rice, third n. 

s. of St. Clair. 

of University Ave. 



From Forbes w. to Duke, first s. of 

From Prospect Terrace s. to city limits. 

Goodrich Ave. 

first w. of Winslow. 



From Acker n. e, to Westminster. 

From Maple e. to Earl, first s. of Hud- 


son Ave. 

From river w. to Partition Plat, first s. 


of St. Clair. 

From 661 N. Western Ave. w. to city 



From river n. w. to Omaha Ry. Shops, 

Bluflf E. 

first s. of Randolph. 

From 670 Wabasha n. e. to Robert. 

Bates Ave. 

Bluflf W. 

From Plum n. w. to North, second e. 

From 670 Wabasha w. to 350 Rice. 

of Hoffinan Ave. 



From 428 State s. e. to Wilder Ave. 

From Grace s. to Stewart Ave. 



From Fifth n. to North and from Beau- 

From Missouri e. to Wisconsin, fifth S: 

mont n. to city limits, first e. of Burr. 

of river. 

Brewster Ave. 


From Wabasha n. to Minnehaha, sec- 

From DeSoto e. to Bedford, first n. of 

ond e. of Rice. 




From Lafayette Ave. n. to St. P. M. & 

From 520 North n. to Minnehaha. 

M. track. 




From river n. w. to Mt. Airy. 

From the river n. w. to E. Fourth, first 
w. of Commercial. 

From Conway n. v,\ to Grove, first e. of I Canton. 


From Missouri e. to AVisconsin, seventh 
s. of river. 

From Meadow e. to Cambridge, four- 
teenth s. of river. 

Brown Ave. 
From northern to southern boundary 
Sixth Ward. 

From Lafayette Ave. e. one block, sec- 
ond n. of AVoodward. 

From Logan s. to city limits. 

From 326 Rice w. to city limits. 

From 418 "Western Ave. w. to Oneida, 

first s. of Jefferson Ave. 

From 962 Cortland e. to city limits. 

From 870 Cortland e. to AVestminster. 

From river n. w. to E. Bluff. 

From 652 Oakdale Ave. e. to Campbell, 

first s. of Prescott. 

From Oregon s. to foot of bluff, third 

e. of Dakota Ave. 

From 740 McKenty n. to Cleveland. 

From Greenwood Ave. e. to Hitchcock's 


From 219 Dakota Ave. w. to Chicago 

Ave. AA'. 

From 172 Acker n. to Granite. 

From 678 Eaton e, to Campbell, first s. 

of Central. 

From Gaultier w. to Arundel, third n. 

of Sycamore Ave. 
Burns Ave. 

From 902 Mound e. to English. 
Burton PI. 

N. s. Mt. Airy, opp. Broadway. 

From 490 Grove s. to North and from | Charles. 

Collins n. to city limits, first w. of j From 539 Rice w. to old city limits 

Butternut Ave. 

From the river w. to Sixth Ave., s. old 

city limits. 

From Martin s. one blk., first w. of 


From 292 Susan s. w. to Concord. 

From 624 AVoodbury s. e. to Hoyt Ave., 

first s. of Concord. 

From 264 E. Ninth n. w. to 149 \^al- 



From Isabel s. to city limits, first e. of 

Chatsworth N. 
j From 980 Summit Ave. n. to Lake 

Chatsworth S. 

From Summit Ave. s. to Randolph. 
Cherokee Ave. 

From Ohio s.w. and s. to city limits, first 

w. of Ottawa. 

From river n. e. to Main, second of s. 

Hudson Ave. 


From river s. to St. Lawrence, eleventh 

e. of Dakota Ave. 

Chestnut S. 
From river n. w. to Summit Ave. 

Chicago Ave. 
From 174 Dakota Ave. e. to State. 

Chippewa Ave. 
From King s. to city limits, second w. 
of Cherokee Ave. 

From 78 E. Aurora Ave. n. to Univer- 
sity Ave. 

From 206 Thomas n. to Minnehaha. 

From Minnehaha n. to city limits, first 
w. of De Soto. 

From Western Ave. w. to Oneida, first 
s. of Grace. 


From Mississippi River n. e. to Burns 
Ave. third s. of McLean Ave. 

From Chambers w. to Lake Como, sec- 
ond n. of McKenty. 

From 180 Goodrich Ave. s. w. to West- 
ern Ave. along the C. M. & St. P. track. 

From 840 Grace s. to Randolph. 

Clinton Ave. 
From Morrison s. to Robie, fourth e. of 
Dakota Ave. 

From 416 Fenton s. e. to Cambridge. 

From 470 Superior s. to Cascade, third 
w. of Western Ave. 

College Ave. E. 
From 560 Wabasha to 562 Cedar. ' 

College Ave. W. 
From 5.59 Wabasha to .314 W. Third. 

From 630 Lafayette Ave. e. to Bed- 

Colorado E. 

From 358 GofFAve.e. to Greenwood Ave. 
Colorado W. 

From 358 Goff Ave. w. to Winslow Ave. 

From 200 Glencoe n. to Pennylvania 


From river n. w. to E. Sixth, first w. 

of Hoffman. 
Como Ave. 

From 572 Rice n. w. to city limits. 

From river s. e. to city limits, first s. of 

Dakota Ave. 

F'rom 1060 Rice w. to Western Ave. 

From State e. to Fenton, sixth s. of 


From Brook n. e. to Maple, thence e. 

to English, first s. of Third. 

From 10.52 De Soto e. to Forest. 

From 211 Eighth n. w. to 198 Norris. 

From Minnehaha n. to city limits, first 

e. of Oakland Cemetery. 

From river s. to Perry, si.xteenth e. of 

Dakota Ave. 

From Case s. and e., first e. of Missis- 

From St. Clair s. to Grace, second e. of 


From St. Clair s. to Grace, first e. of 


From 721 Tuscarora s. w. to Bay. 

From Bidwell e. to Hoyt Ave, first s. of 

Tyler and Gates. 




From Water s. to Plato Ave, second e. | 

From 122 Dale w. to city limits. 

of Dakota Ave. 



From 260 Ramsey s. to Goodrich Ave. 

From Suburban Ave. n. to Maryland, 


first e. of Forest. 

From Goodrich s. to Von Minden. 

Dakota Ave. 


From Wabasha St. bridge s. to city 

From 618 Randolph s. and s. e. to 



Dale K. 


From 620 Summit Ave. n. to city limits. 

From Water s. to Plato Ave, fourth e. 

Dale S. 

of Dakota Ave. 

From Summit Ave. s. and s. e. to Pleas- 


ant Ave. 

From 500 Goodrich Ave. s. to Randolph. 


Dunedin Terrace. 

From 644 Jefferson Ave. s. to W.Seventh 

From 175 State s. e. 



From river s. e. to Indiana Ave., fifth 

From river n. w. to 174 W. Seventh. 

w. of Dakota Ave. 



From 1159 Mound n. to Maryland, first 

From 632 Arcade e. to English, first s. 

e. of Cypress. 

of Margaret. 

Eaton Ave. 

Dayton Ave. 

From Oregon s. to Belvidere, third e. 

From junction Summit Ave. and Third 

of Goff Ave. 

to city limits. 


Dearborn E. 

From 580 Minnehaha n. to city limits. 

From 569 Goff Ave. e. to State. 


De Bow. 

From 571 Rice w. to city limits. 

From 275 Grove n. to Minnehaha. 



From river s. e. to Channel, first w. of 

From Bedford n. e. and e. to Green- 

Dakota Ave. 

brier Ave., first n. of St, P. A D. Ry. 



From Sixth u. w. to Seventh, first n. of 

Delaware Ave. 


From Baker s. to city limits, first w. of 


Cherokee Ave. 

From Wabasha n. e. to St. P. M. & M. 


track and from St. P. & D. track n. e. 

From 198 Scheffer n. to Maryland. 

to North, first n. of Seventh. 

Delos E. 


From 402 Dakota Ave. e. to State. 

From W. Seventh w., second w. of 

Delos W. 

Tuscarora Ave. 

From 402 Dakota Ave. w. to Bellows. 



From 562 Cedar n. e. to Jackson and 

From Eugene e. to river. 

from Broadway n. e. to Olive. 

De Soto. 


From Woodward Ave. n. to city limits, 

From 284 Charles n. to Minnehaha, 

second w. of Bradley. 

third w. of Rice. 


Elizabeth E. 

Fairmount PI. 

From 624 Goff Ave. to State. 

From Dale to St. Albans, first s. of 

Elizabeth W. 

Goodrich A^e. 

From 624 Goflf Ave. w. to Bidwell. 

Fair view. 


From 24 Valley n. to Arch. 

From 128 Acker n. to Agate. 

Farrington Ave. 


From 318 Summit Ave. n. to Atwater. 

From 517 Rice w. to citv limits. 



From Westminster e. to Phalen, first 

From river n. e. to Wilkin, first w. of 

n. of Minnehaha. 



Elm (Sixth Ward). 

From river s. to Clyde, ninth e. of Da- 

FuUerton's Add, first west of river. 

kota Ave. 

Elward Alley. 


From 902 Phalen n. e. to city limits. 

From 670 Jackson n. e. to 661 Broad- 



From 242 Burns Avenue to city lim- 

Fillmore Ave. E. 


From 92 Dakota Ave. e. to State. 


Fifth E. 

From 299 Grace s. to Cascade. 

From 364 Wabasha n. e. to Maple. 


Fifth W. 

From Mississippi river n. e. to Com- 

From 364 W^abasha w. to Third. 

mercial, second s. e. of Conway. 



From 820 Division n. to St. Anthony 

From river s. to Bellows, sixth w. of 


Dakota Ave. 



From Eugene e. to river, first s. of 

From McLean Ave. s. e. to Main, first 


n. of Hoffman Ave. 



From Summit Ave. s. to Oakland, sec- 

From Commercial n. e. to Maple, 

ond w. of Western Ave. 

second s. of Conway. 



From McCallum Fenton, seventh 

From Minerva s. to boundary Cou- 

s. of river. 

ture's Add, third w. of river. 

Forbes N. 


From 220 Ramsey n. and n. w. to 

From river s. to Clintoji Ave, sixth e. 

Pleasant Ave. 

of Dakota Ave. 

Forbes S. 

Exchange E. 

From 220 Ramsey s. to C. M. & St. P. 

From 498 Wabasha to Cedar. 


Exchange W. 


From 497 Wabasha to W. Ninth. 

From 939 McLean n. to Maryland, first 

Exchange N. E. 

e. of Mendota. 

From 181 W. Third to W. Ninth. 


Exchange S. 

From 219 W. Third n. to W. Tenth. 

From W. Third to Elm. 


From 650 Cedar n. w. to Broadway. 


Fourth E. 


From 326 Wabasha n. e. to High. 

From 614 Linden e. to 625 Mississippi. 

Fourth W. 

Goff Ave. 

From 333 AVabasha w. to 7 Corners. 

From Issabel s. to Bid well's Add. 



From 602 Arcade e. to English, first s. 

From C. M. & St. P. Ry. w. to Duke, sec- 

of Dawson. 

ond s. of Goodrich Ave. 


Goodrich Ave. 

From Margaret n. to E. Seventh, first 

From 111 Wilkin w. to city limits. 

e. of Earl. 

Gorman Ave. 

Franklin N. 

From 35 E. Winifred s. to Bidwell's 

From 146 W. Third to 50 W. Ninth. 


Franklin S. 


From 146 W. Third s. to Elm. 

From 1266 Conway n. w. to Margaret. 



From Arcade e. to Tell, first s. of High, 

From 277 AVestern Ave. w. to Victoria. 


Grand Ave. 

From 962 Eice w. to city limits. 

From 49 Lawton w. to city limits. 



From 423 Rice w. to city limits. 

From 827 Cortland e. to Mississippi. 



From Grace s. to Jefferson Ave., third 

From 42 E. Bluff n. to Bianca. 

w. of Bay. 

Greenbrier Ave. 


From 170 E. Seventh n. to city limits. 

From 410 Pleasant Ave. s. to Goodrich 

Greenwood Ave. 


From Oregon s. to Concord, fifth e. of 


Dakota, Sixth Ward. 

From 715 Eaton e. to Concord, first s. of 

Greenwood Street. 


From Phalen Creek u. to city limits, bet. 


Forest and Cypress. 

From 248 University Ave. n. to Minne- 



From Barnes Ave. n. to Hastings Ave., 


second e. of Earl, 

From boundary Suburban Hills n. to 


Burns Ave., second e. of Earl. 

From 740 Goodrich Ave. n. to Front. 



From 786 Buffalo e. to Vale. 

From 600 Canada e. to St. P. & D. track. 

George E. 

Hague Ave. 

From Dakota Ave. e. to Concord, first 

From 145 Dale w. to city limits. 

s. ofRobie. 

Hall Ave. 

George W. 

From 32 Prospect Terrace s. to city 

From Dakota Ave. to Mohawk, first s. 


of Robie. 


Geranium E. 

From Cambridge s. e. to Wilder. 

From 1112 Abell e. to Earl. 


Geranium W. 

From Drake w. to W. Seventh, first s. ol 

From 1112 Abell w. to Western Ave. 

Randolph, nr. Omaha shops. 





From 544 Tell e. and s. e. to city limits. 

From 560 De Soto e. to St. P. & D. R.R. 

Hand Ave. 

second n. of Woodward Ave. 

From 348 Front n. to city limits. 


Harris Ave. 

From Minerva s., first e. of Eugene. 

From Como Park s. to St. P. M. & M. 

Hoyt Ave. 

track, first e. of Simpson Ave. 

From Halstead s. e. and s. to city 



From 263 Prescott s. to city limits. 


Harvester Alley. 

From Grotto w. to city limits, third n. 

From Atlantic n. e. to city limits, first 

of Minnehaha. 

n. of St. P. M. & M. track. 


Hastings Ave. 

From river s. to Plato Ave., third e. of 

From 136 Main e and s. e. to city 

Dakota Ave. 


Hudson Ave. 


From Canal n. e. to Maple, thence e. to 

From 988 Rice w, to Arundel. 

Earl, second s. of Conway. 



From Greenbrier e. to Arcade. 

From Greenbrier e. to Arcade. 

Hennepin Ave. 


From 91 N. Dale w. to Lexington Ave. 

From 86 Mill s. to Chicago Ave. 



From Suburban Ave. n. to Hastings 

From 636 Wabasha s. w. and w. to 

Ave., first e. of Earl. 



Indiana Ave E. 

From Butternut Ave. n. e. to Bay, bet. 

From 146 Dakota Ave. e. to State, Sixth 

river and Stewart. 


Heylin PI. 

Indiana Ave W. 

N, s. Glencoe, bet. Lynden and Co- 

From 149 Dakota Ave. w. to Ethel. 




From 811 Grotto w. to city limits. 

From C. M. & St. P. track n. to Burns 


Ave., first e. of Earl. 

From View w. to Milton, third s. of 



P^om intersection of Fourth e. to En- 1 Irvine Ave. 

glish, third n, of Conway. 

From Walnut s. w. to Western Ave, 
first n. of Pleasant Ave. 

From 76 W. Third s.w. to Washing- Irvine Park. 

Hoffiuan Ave. 

Froiu river n. w. to E. Seventh, first e. 

of Phalen Creek. 
Holly Ave. 

From 65 Western Ave. n. to Dale. 

From Arcade n. e. to Margaret, second 

n. e. of Maple. 

Franklin bet. Chestnut and Sher- 

Isabel E. 
From 428 Dakota e. to 430 State. 

Isabel W. 
From 427 Dakota Ave. w. to Ohio. 

From Greenbrier e. to Arcade, end of 
city limits. 





From river n. w. to Sycamore, crosses 

From 633 Rice w. to citv limits 

Third at 159. 



From 666 Rice w. to Western Ave. 

From 451 S. Western Ave. w. to old citv 



From Milton w. to city limits, first n. 


of Minnehaha. 

From 260 St. Anthony Ave.>n. to Uni- 


versity Ave. 

From Gaultier w. to Western Ave. 

Jefferson Ave. 

first n. of Sycamore. 

From 355 S. Western Ave. w. to 

Laurel Ave. 


From 134 Nina Ave. w. to Dale. 



From 992 Arkwright e. to Arcade. 

From 668 North, n. to St. P. A, D. R. R., 


first w. of Greenbrier. 

From Mississippi e. to city limits, fifth 


n. of Case. 

From 1020 Arkwright e. to Arcade. 



From 549 Minnehaha n. to city limits. 

From 470 Summit Ave. s. and s. e. to 



From river n. w. to Grace, third e. of 

Lee Ave. 


From 620 Drake w. to W. Seventh, near 


Omaha shops. 

From 1240 Burns Ave. n. to Hastings 



From 181 Ramsey s. to Goodrich Ave. 


Leslie Ave. 

From Minerva s. to Demo, first w. of 

From 49 X. Victoria w. to city limits. 


Levee, Lower. 


From Robert n. e. to Sibley. 

From 202 Dayton Ave. n. to Fuller. , 

Levee, Upper. 


From St. Peter s. w. to Elm. 

From Bay w. to Milton, first s. of [ 

Lexington Ave. N. 

Randolph. [ 

Western boundary of city from Sum- 


mit Ave. to McKenty. 

From 559 Summit Ave. n. to Minne- 

Lexington Ave. S. 


Western boundary of City from Sum- 


mit Ave. s. to Otto Ave. 

From 122 State e. to Court, third s. of 


the river. 

Fullerton's Add., Sixth Ward, second 

King. ! 

w. of river. 

From 608 Bidwell w. to Cherokee Ave, 

Lightner PI. 

first s. of Stevens. 

From St. P. M. A M. track n. to Syca- 


more, first w. of Jackson. 

From Conway n. w. to Grove, Seventh 

Lincoln Ave. 

e. of Broadway. 

From 48 Oakland s, w. and w. to city 

Lafayette Ave. 


From .372 Grove n. and n. e. toDe Soto. 




From 137 Valley n. to Arch. 

From 495 Summit Ave. n. to Minne- 



From 29 Douglas to Western Ave. 



From 389 Grove to 400 Woodward 

From Sylvan w. to Rice, fifth n. of 




Livingston Ave. 

From Mississippi e. to city limits. 

From Eaton & Morrison's Add. s. to 

fourth n. of Case. 

Belvidere, second e. of Goff Ave. 



From Clermont n. w. to Hastings Ave, 

From river n. e. to Main, first s. e. of 

first s. w. of Mound. 

McLean Ave. 

Manitoba Ave. 


From Sylvan w. to Rice, third n. of 

From river n. w. to Lafayette Square, 


fourth e. of Broadway. 

Manomin Ave. 


From the river s. to city limits, second 

From (,'anton e., first s. of Tuscarora. 

w, of Ohio. 



From 254 VMh n. to St. P. M. & »I. track. 

From Hastings Ave. n. w. to Green- 


brier Ave, first n. e. of Bates Ave. 

From 234 Nelson Ave. n. to Fuller. 


Louisa E. 

From Greenbrier e. to English, second 

From 594 Goff Ave. e. to State. 

s. of Minnehaha. 

Louisa W. 

Maria Ave. 

From 594 Goff Ave. w. to Bidwell. 

From 116 McLean n. w. to North. 



From river s. to Perry, third e. of Mis- 

From 214 Fuller n. to Minnehaha. 



Lucy E. 

From 73 W. Third to 98 W. Sixth. 

From Goff Ave. e. to Hoyt Ave., first s. 

Marshall Ave. 

of Belvidere. 

From 241 Louis w. to Marshall Ave. 

Lucy W. 

and from 242 Western Ave. w. to city 

From Goff Ave. w. to Bidwell, first s. of 





From 394 Park Ave w. to city lim- 

From 1172 Marion w. to "Western Ave., 


first s. of city limits. 



Northern boundary of city limits, from 

From 80 Wilkin e. to Douglas. 

Dale e. to Earl. 



From 149 Florida s, to Channel. 

From 288 Front n. to city limits. 



From Chambers w. to city limits. 

From 106 George s. to Louisa. 

McLean Ave. 


From 116 Hoffman Ave. n. e. and e. to 

From Truxton e. to Greenbrier Ave, 


first n. of North. 




Monroe PI. 

From Vose s. to Clyde, first e. of 

From 415 Grove n. to Patridge. 

Fen ton. 

Morrison E. 

Mendota Road. 

From 205 Custer to e. boundary Hitch- 

From Water up s. bank of Mississippi 

cock's add. 


Morrison W. 


From Custer East, seventh s. of riv- 

From Hudson Ave. n. to city limits, 


first e. of Arcade. 

Morton E. 


From 679 GofFAve. to Eaton, first s. of 

From Snelling s. to city limits, first e. 


of Victoria. 

Morton W. 

Merchants Ave. 

From 679 GoflF Ave. w. to Chippewa 

From St. Clair s. to river, Kinney, 

Ave., first s. of Baker. 

Bind & Trader's Add, second w. of 



From river s. e. to Indiana Ave., fourth 


w. of Dakota Ave. 

From 610 W. 7th w. to Duke. 



From Hastings Ave. s. e. and e. tu 

From Victoria w. to city limits, first 

(ieneva, first e. of Main. 

n. of Front. 

Mt, Airy. 

Milton N. 

From 597 Fairview Ave. e. to 581 De 

From 920 Summit Ave. n. to Division 


Ave. and from Minnehaha to Hub- 

Mt. Hope. 


From s. boundary Bell's Add. to 207 

Milton S. 


From 920 Summit Ave. s.tocity limits. 

Mt. Ida. 

Minnehaha E. 

From Rivoli e. to De Soto, first s. of 

From 722 Rice e. to city limits. 


Minnehaha W. 

Mt. Vernon. 

From 722 Rice w. to city limits. 

From Arch n. to Pennsylvania Ave. 



From Eugene e. to river, Couture's Add. 

From 451 Myrtle n! to Grace. 



From river n. w. to Bluff, second e. 

From L'Orient e. to 549 De Bow. 

of Wabasha. 



From river n. w. to Grove, sixth e. of 

From river s. to St. Lawrence, tenth e. 


of Dakota Ave. 

Nelson Ave. 


From 168 Summit Ave. w. to Western 

From 248 Grove n. to city limits. 




From river s. to Perry, fifteenth e. of 

From Western Ave. w. to Arundel, 

Dakota Ave., Amb's Add. 

first n. of Minnehaha. 

Mohawk Ave. 


From Cherokee Ave. s. to city limits, 

From E. Seventh n. to C. St. P. M. & 

third w. of Ohio. 

0. track, first east of Phalen. 





From Cambridge s. e. to boundary From 556 De Bow e. to Stillwater. 

Brown & Jackson's Add., first n. e. of 


From Fenton e. to boundary Hitch- 
cock's Add., thirteenth s. of river. 
Nina Ave. 

From 281 Summit Ave. to 280 Selby 

Ninth E. 

From 466 AVabasha n. e. to Grove. 
Ninth W. 

From 466 Wabasha w. to Oak. 

From 578 Temperance n. e. to Canada. 

From 602 De Soto e. to E. Seventh, first 

s. of Collins. 
North Carolina. 

From Neurer n. to Como Ave., first w. 

of Western Ave. 

From St. Clair to C. M. & St. P. Ry., 

first w. of Western Ave. 
Oak N. 

From 255 W. Third n. to College Ave. 

From 255 W. Third s. w. to Ramsey. 
Oakdale Ave. 

From 595 State s. to city limits. 


From intersection Isabel and Concord 

s. w. to Winifred. 

From 556 St. Clair s. to Randolph. 

From river n. w. to intersection Wash- 
ington and Hill. 

From 180 Robie s. to Sidney, first w. of 


From Greenbrier e. to Arcade. 

From Victoria w. to city limits, second 

n. of Front. 

From intersection Florida and McCal- 

lum e. to Fenton. 

From Cherokee Ave. s. to Page, first e. 

of Manomin Ave. 

From Stewart Ave. n. to Snelling, first 

s. of Bay. 
! From Como Ave. n. to Cleveland, second 

w. of Dale. 
Osceola Ave. 
' From 192 S. Grotto w. to Victoria. 

From 562 Summit Ave.s. e. to Pleasant Otsego. 


From Lafayette Ave. n. to Mt. Ida, first 
w. of De Soto. 

From E. Seventh n., first e. of Atlantic. Ottawa Ave. 


From Morton s. to city limits, first w. 

From Gorman Ave. e. to Eaton., first ! of Mohawk Ave. 

s. of Winifred. 

Otto Ave. 
From Stewart Ave. w. to city limits, 

From 138 Ethel s. w. and s. to city old southern boundary of city limits 


From River n. w. to Grove, second n. 

e. of Broadway. 

From 1103 Rice w. to Western Ave. 

Owasco Ave. 

From 156 Grotto Ave. w. to Victoria. 
Oxford N. 

From 1040 Summit Ave. n. to Pills 

bury, seventh w. of Dale. 



Oxford S. 


From 1040 Summit Ave. s. to Goodrich 

From Alabama s. to St. Lawrence, 

Ave., seventh w. of Dale. 

fourteenth e. of Dakota Ave. 

Pacific Ave. 

Plato Ave. 

From 332 Forest e. to Hester, first s. 

From 216 Dakota e. to State. 

of Hastings Ave. 

Pleasant Ave. 

Page E. 

From 275 W. Sixth s. w. to Benn. 

From 707 Goff Ave. e. to Concord, first 


s. of Morton. 

From Commercial n. e. to Maple, first 

Page W. 

s. e. of Hndson Ave. 

From 707 Goff Ave. w. to Winnebago, 


first s. of Morton. 

From Missouri e. to Wisconsin, sixth 


s. of river. 

From 404 Oneida tv. to Victoria. 

Point Douglas. 


From Maple e. to Earl, first s. of Con- 

From Milton n. e. to Snelling, first n. 


of W. Seventh. 


Park Ave. 

From 928 Cortland e. to Mississippi. 

From 197 Martin n. to city limits. 

Portland Ave. 

Park PI. 

From 378 Summit Ave. to city limits. 

Bet. St. Peter, Rice, Summit and Col- 


College Aves. 

From 66 Douglas w. and s. w. to Good- 


rich Ave. 

From river w. to Partition Plat, second 


s. of St. Clair. 

From 613 North n. to Minnehaha. 



From Lafayette Ave. e. to St. P. & D. 

From 620 Oakdale Ave, e. to Campbell, 

track, second n. of Grove. 

first n. of Central. 

Payne Ave. 


From intersection Decatur and Beau- 

From 324 Broadway n. e. to Brook. 

mont n. to Magnolia. 

Prospect Terrace. 


From Dakota Ave. w. to Bellows, fronts 

From 600 Jackson e. to Mississippi. 

on river. 

Pennsylvania Ave. 


From 670 Rice e. to Stillwater. 

From intersection Wilkin and Sher- 


man w. to Summit Ave. 

From Missouri e. to Wisconsin, eight 


s. of river. 

From C. St. P. M. & 0. track e. to Ark- 



From 1180 Dawson to city limits. 



From river to city limits. 

From Chatsworth w. to city limits, 


fourth n. of Minnehaha. 

From Hoffman Ave. n. e. to Maple, first 


s. e. of Conway. 

From river n. w. to Grove, first n. e. 


of Broadway. 

From Iglehart n. to Fuller, first w. of 



Reaney. 1 Rutland. 

Edgerton to Phalen, first s. of Farquier. i From river s. e. to St. Lawrence, Thir- 

jiiaito. ' teenth e. of Dakota Ave. 

From St. P., M. & M. track e. to Ark- St. Albans N. 

aright. i From680SummitAve.n. to Minnehaha. 

Rice. I St. Albans S. 

From 130 College Ave. n. w. and n. to From 680 Summit Ave. S. to Goodrich 

city limits. 

From Goodrich Ave. s. to Randolph. 
From river n. e. to Etna, second s. e. of 
McLean Ave. 
From Pages to Belvidere, fourth e. of 
GofF ave. 
From 810 Lafayette Ave. n. to ISIinne- 

From river to Acker. 
From river s. e. to Oregon, seventh e. of 
Dakota Ave. 
Robie E. 
From Dakota Ave. e. to city limits, first 
s. of AVinifred. 
Robie W. 
From Dakota Ave. w. to Orleans, first 
s. of Winifred. 
From Chambers w. to Como Ave., first 
n. of McKenty. 

From St. Clair s., first w. of Victoria. 

From 329 Rice w. to Mackubin. 
From river n. w, to Eighth, third n. e. 
of Jackson. 

From Sylvan e. seventh n. of Case. 
From Edgerton e. to Atlantic Ave., 
first n. of Farquier. 
From Phalen Creek n. to city limits, 

St. Anthony Ave. 

From 393 Rice w. to city limits. 
St. Clair. 

From C.M.& St.P.track to old city limits. 
St. Lawrence. 

From'178 State e. to Wisconsin. 
St. Paul. 

From 304 Grove n. to Pennsylvania Ave. 
St. Peter. 

From .35 W.Third to 113 University Ave. 

From Sylvan e. to Dell, second n. of Case. 

From intersection Wabasha and E. 

Third n. e. to Jackson. 
Selby Ave. 

From 320 W. Third w. to city limits. 
Seminole Ave. 

From Morton s. to Belmont, first w. of 

Seventh E. 

From 428 Wabasha n. e. to city limits. 
Seventh W. 

From 428 Wabasha s. w. to city limits. 

From 514 Rice e. to 673 Canada. 
Sherman . 

From the river n. w. to Pleasant Ave. 

From Mississippi River n. e. to Main 

third s. of Hudson Ave. 

From river n. w. to Eighth. 

From Bidwell Winnebago, first s. 

of Page. 

From Gotzian e. to city limits, second 

n. of Conway. 




From Atwater n. to Wayzata, second , From 190 Western Ave. w. to Duke. 

w. of Rice. 

Susan E. 
From Goflf Ave. e. to Arthur Ave. 

From Edgerton e. to Forest, fifth n. of Susan W. 


From 461 GofF Ave. w. to Ohio. 
j Sycamore. 

From Arcade n. w. to Seventh, third From Farrington Ave. e. to Cortland.. 

n. e. of Maple. 
Sixth E. 

From 402 Wabasha e. to Arcade. 
Sixth W. 

From 402 Wabasha w. to College Ave. 

From 34 Wilkin to Douglas. 

From Orrin w. to Chatsworth. 

From 518 De Bow e. to Stillwater. 

From St. Peter s. w. to Goodrich Ave. 

From 552 Cooper e. to 549 Canada and 

from 554 Broadway e. to 557 Pine. 

From river s. e. to Oregon, s. to Susan, 

s. w. and s. to Snow. 

From 574 Bidwell w. to Mohawk Ave., 

first s. of George. 
Stewart Ave. 

From 674 Tuscaroras. city limits. 

From 335 Grove n. to Williams. 
Stryker Ave. 

From Prospect Terrace s. to city limits, 

second w. of GofF Ave. 

From 89 Douglas w. to Western Ave. 
Suburban Ave. 

From Mound e. to Hester, first n. of 

Burns Ave. 
Summit Ave. 

From 600 Wabasha s. w. and city 

Sunfish Lake Road. 

From Sidney s. w. beyond city limits. 


From Conway n. to High, first e. of 


From Eighth n. w. to Thirteenth. 

From State e. to Plum, second s. of 

Tenth E. 

From Wabasha n. e. to Grove. 
Tenth W. 

From Wabasha s. w. and w. to College 


From intersection Earl and Beech s. e. 

to Hancock. 

From State e. to Wisconsin, fourth s.of 

Third E. 

From Wabasha n. e. to Arcade. 
Third W. 

From Wabasha w. and n. w. to .'Summit 


From 608 Wabasha e. to 513 De Bow, 

From 190 Come Ave. w, to city lim- 
Thorn Ave. 

From 340 Mound e. to Geneva, first s. 

of Burns Ave. 

From river n. to St. Clair, first e. of 


From 666 Wabasha s. w. to Rice. 
Toronto Ave. 

From St Clair s. to Randolph. 





From intersection North and Eighth 

From junction Third and Maple e. to 

to Maury. 




From Stewart Ave. w. to Milton, fourth 

From C. M. & St. P. Ry. to Pleasant 

s. of Randolph. 




From 580 Cedar e. to 579 Jackson. 

From 739 Minnehaha n. to Magnolia. 



From Goff Ave. e. to Eaton, first s. of 

From river s. e. to Chicago Ave., second 


w. of Dakota Ave. 

University Ave. 


From 670 Jackson w. to city limits. 

From Acker n. e. and n. to York, first 


e. of Mississippi. 

From State e. to Fenton, eighth s. of 



From 696 Jackson n. e. to Arch. 



From Acker n. e. to York, second e. of 

From 672 St. Clair s. to Tuscarora. 




From 208 Robie s. to city limits. 

From 782 Jackson s. e. to 672 Broadway. 

Washington N. 

Van Buren. 

From 109 W. Third to W. Seventh. 

From 691 Rice w. to Victoria. 

Washington S. 

Van Ingen. 

From 1128 W. Third to Elm. 

From De Bow e. to Westminster, first 


s. of Minnehaha. 

From Moses w. to Belle, from Concord 

Victoria N. 

e. to State and from Missouri Wis- 

From 871 Summit Ave. n. to Lake Como. 

consin, first s. of river. 

Victoria S. 

Waverly PI. 

From 871 Summit Ave. s. to Otto Ave., 

Bet. Westminster and Stillwater, .sec- 

city limits. 

ond n. of Grove. 



From 784 Grace s. to W. Seventh. 

From Sylvan w. to Simcoe, fourth n.of 



From 763 Jackson w. to 547 Rice. 


Virginia Ave. 

From 586 St. Clair s. to Randolph. 

From 345 Summit Ave. n. to Atwater. 


Von Minden. 

From 780 E. Minnehaha n. to Mag- 

From 225 Dousman to Western Ave. 




From 314 Greenwood Ave. e. to bound- 

From 871 Edgerton e. to Walsh. 

ary Hitchcock's Add. 

West End Ave. 


From river w. to Partition Plat, first 

From river n. w. to Bluff. 

north of river. 


Western Ave. N. 

From river n. w. to Spruce, second e. 

From 378 Ramsey n. to city limits. 

of Jackson. 



Western Ave. S. 

Winslow Ave. 

From 378 Ramsey s. to C. M. & St. P. 

From 96 Prospect Terrace s. to city 

Ry track. 

limits, first w. of Stryker Ave. 



From 528 Lafayette Ave. n. to city 

From Jackson w. to Rice, fourth n. of 


University Ave. 



From Dale e. to Payne Ave., second n. 

From river s. to Perry, eighteenth e.of 

of Farquier. 

Dakota Ave. 

Wilder Ave. 


From n. e. boundary Brown & Jack- 

From Dakota Ave. e. to Clinton Ave. 

son's Add., s. w. to Concord. 



From junction Campbell and Prescott 

From 142 Ramsey s. to C. M. & St. P. 

s. to city limits. 




From AVhitall n. to Case, first e. of 

From 640 Mississippi s. e. to Still- 



Woodward Ave. 


From 510 Stillwater e. to St.P. & D. track. 

From river n. w. to Grove, fifth n. e. of 



From Clinton Ave. s, e. and e. to bound- 


ary Hitchcock's Add., eleventh s. of 

From river w. to boundary Partition 


Plat, fifths, of St. Clair. 


Winifred E. 

From river s. e. to St. Lawrence, twelfth 

From Dakota Ave. e. to Andrew, first 

e. of Dakota Ave. 

s. of Susan. 

Wyoming E. 

Winifred W. 

FromGoff Ave. e. to Hoyt Ave., second 

From Dakota Ave. w. to ( )hio, first s. of 

s. of Belvidere. 


Wyoming W. 


From Goff Ave. w. to river, first s. of 

From Baker s. to city limits, first w. of 


Chippewa Ave. 


Winnipeg Ave. 

From 62 n. Dale w. to A'ictoria. 

From Sylvan w. to Rice, second n. of 



From C. M. & St. P. Ry. w. to Western 


Ave., second n. of St. Clair. 

From 810 Charlton w. to the river, 


first s. of Belmont. 

From 842 Mississippi e. to Poorest. 




St. Paul City Railway Company. 

Thomas Lowry, president; C. M. Winch, 
vice president ; C. Morrison, treas- 
urer ; J. H. Randall, secretarj' ; A. L. 
Scott, superintendent. 

West Seventh Street Line (Red Light)— 
Starts corner Fourth and Sibley, runs 
west on Fourth to W. Seventh Street, 
thence southwest on Seventh to Lee 
Ave. Cars run every eight minutes. 
Last car leaves Sibley and Fourth at 
10:34 p. m. 

East Seventh Street Line (Green Light) 
— Starts corner Oak and Ramsey 
streets, runs east on Ramsey Street to 
West Seventh, thence east on AV. Sev- 
enth and E. Seventh streets to Kittson 
Street. Cars run every ten minutes. 
Last car leaves Kittson Street at 10:40 
p. m. 

Ramsey, Fourth and Mississippi Line 
(Yellow Light) — Starts corner Oak 
and Ramsey streets, runs east on Ram- 
sey to W. Seventh, thence east on W. 
Seventh to W. Fourth Street, thence 
on W. Fourth and E. Fourth to Jack- 
son Street, thence north on Jackson to 
Thirteenth Street, thence on Thir- 
teenth Street to Mississippi Street, 
thence north on Mississippi Street to 
Williams Street. Returning, runs south 
on Mississippi to Grove Street, thence 
west on Grove to Pearl Street, thence 
southwest on Pearl to Jack.son, thence 
on regular track to Oak and Ramsey. 
Cars run every twelve minutes. Last 
car leaves Mississippi and Williams 
streets at 10:23 p m. 

Lafayette Ave. Line (White Light) — 
Starts corner Oak and Ramsey streets, 
runs east on Ramsev Street to W. 

Seventh, thence east on W. Seventh to 
W^. Fourth Street, thence on W. Fourth 
and E. Fourth to Jackson Street, 
thence north on Jackson to E. Seventh 
Street, thence east on E. Seventh to 
Locust Street, thence north on Locust 
Street to Lafayette Ave., thence north- 
east on Lafayette Ave. to Collins 
Street. Cars run every eight minutes. 
Last car leaves Collins Street at 10:32 
p. m. 

St. Anthony Hill Line (Green Light) — 
Starts from Laurel Ave. and Dale 
Street, runs east on Laurel Ave. to 
Western Ave., thence north on West- 
ern Ave. to Nelson Ave., thence east 
on Nelson Ave. to Summit Ave., thence 
on Summit Ave. to Rice Street, thence 
south on Rice Street to West Tenth 
Street, thence east on West Tenth 
to Wabasha Street, thence south on 
Wabasha to E. Fourth Street, thence 
east on E. Fourth Street to corner Sib- 
ley. Extension cars run from Laurel 
Ave. station (^ corner Laurel Ave. and 
Dale Street) on Dale Street, to Grand 
Ave., thence west on Grand Ave. to 
Victoria Street. Run every half hour. 
Parties desiring to connect with exten- 
sion cars without additional fare will 
take car carrying red flag, when on 
main line. Flag cars run every thirty 
minutes. Regular cars run every six 
minutes. Last car leaves corner Sibley 
and Fourth streets at 10:27 p. m. 

University Line (Blue Light) —Starts 
corner Kent Street and University 
Ave., runs east on University Ave. to 
Rice Street, thence south on Rice 
Street to Martin Street, thence south- 


east on Martin Street to St. Peter 
Street, thence on St. Peter to Iglehart 
Street, thence east on Iglehart Street 
to Wabasha Street, thence south on 

Wabasha Street to E. Fourth, thence 
west on E. Fourth to corner Sibley. 
Cars run every nine minutes Last car 
leaves 10:24 p. m. 



The alarm is struck on the Engine 
House gongs and City Hall bell in this 
way: 34 and pause of two seconds 
between each blow; a pause of 6 sec- 
onds between the 3 and 4, and a pause 
of 14 seconds after striking 4 before it 
strikes 3 again. 

Fire Alarui Stations. 

13 Third and Seventh. 

14 Third and Washington. 

15 Eagle and Washington. 

21 Third and Wabasha. 

22 Grand Opera House. 

23 Third and Minnesota. 

24 Third and Jackson. 

25 Third and Wacouta. 

26 Pine and Prince. 
34 Fourth and Sibley. 
36 Fifth and Minnesota. 
42 St. Peter, nr. Seventh. 
46 Seventh and Wacouta. 
48 Seventh and Willius. 
52 Fifth and Bedford. 

57 Tenth and Broadway. 
61 Eighth and Jackson. 
63 Eighth and Minnesota. 
65 Exchange and Wabasha. 
68 Ninth and Oak. 
72 Summit and St. Peter. 

75 Twelfth and Robert. 

76 Fourteenth and Canada. 
83 Martin and Rice. 

85 Como and Rice. 

86 Valley and Jackson. 

91 Nash and Mississippi. 

92 Lafayette and Westminster. 

93 Hopkins and Bradley. 

115 Acker and Buffalo. 

116 Minnehaha and Sylvan 
214 Commercial and Third. 
218 Fifth and Maria. 

221 Maple and Seventh. 
223 Greenbrier and Reaney. 
238 Arcade and AVallace. 
248 Forest and Seventh. 
263 Frank and Seventh. 
416 Ramsey and Leech. 
421 Third and Summit. 
423 Josette and Carroll. 
453 Western and Dayton. 
461 Western and Seventh. 
464 AVebster and Seventh. 
468 Kent and Summit. 

471 Mackubin and Selby. 

472 Mackubin and Rondo. 

473 Mackubin and University. 
512 Dale and Laurel. 

714 Fairfield and Dakota aves. 
716 Fairfield and State. 

747 Delos and Clinton. 

748 Isabel and Dakota. 
Chemical Engine Companies. 

Chemical Engine No. 1, Eighth and Min- 

Chemical Engine No. 2, cor. Arcade and 
Hook and Ladder Companies. 

No. 1, St. Peter nr. Seventh. 

No. 2, Eighth and Minnesota. 


Steam Fire Engjine Companies. 

No. 3, Leech, s. w. cor. Ramsey. 

No. 4, Tenth, cor. Broadway. 

No. 1, St. Peter nr. Seventh. 

No. 5, s. e. cor. Selby Ave. and Mackubin. 

No. 2. Wacouta, bet. Sixth and Seventh. 

No. 6, s. w, cor. Delos and Clinton Ave. 



64 E. Seventh St., atlaubach asachse-s hardware store, St. Paul. 

j8®=" Carpet Laying and Cleaning Done on Short Notice. ■=g5& 

Practical Carpet Layer z^ Fitter, 

•h^hades and Curtains Illade and Rung-"^ 

Carpet taken up, beaten by steam. - - - Renovating done on the floor. 

New Carpets Sewed and Laid for - - - - ^c. per yard. 

Old Carpets Laid for - - - - - - 3c. per yard. 

Corner Ramsey and Forbes Sts., ST. PAUL. 

Jjetd-ies >:c- Orr)pl0yrr)er)f ^^ (^ftice. 


50 West Fourth St., - ST. PAUL, MINN 

Office Hours Arom 9 ▲. M. to 6 F. U. Beliable help always on hand. 



Q'TIEFEL'S PARK is a pleasant summer resort, located on Eaton Street, be- 
^^ tween Morton and Page, and about four' blocks Southeast of the Garfield 
^■^ School. Ice Cream and all kinds of refreshments supplied. Families can be 
supplied with fine native wines at reasonable rates, from our own vineyard. 


67 E. Third St., 




-*> Splendid Assortment of Suitings, Trouserings and Overcoatings.-^ 


London Fancy Plaids, English Meltons, Kerseys, Scotch Tweeds, Etc. 


Suits to order, from - - - $20 00 

Trousers, - _ _ _ - 5 OO 

Overcoats, - - - - 18 00 

Out of town orders solicited. Samples and rules for self measure sent anywhere upon application. 






General Railroad and Steamship Ticket Agent, 

SO? Jackson ^t., nppnsitP ]V[er,cIiaiits Jfctel, ?t. ^aul. 



S. E. Finch, 


JOS, SGIlill iOTTliE ii m mi 












Finest (Sonpegtionei^y, 


Boxes filled with the Inimitable Confections, Chocolates 

and Crystallized Fruits of this house nnake one 

of the most acceptable presents to offer 

©ocieiies, Keslivcrls, ©cr)ools ar,d jc>0:r)quGfs Hurr)isr)ea Gtl 
\fflr)olGsaic r(afcs. 

38X Wabasha St. } st. paul, minn. { 49 East Third St. 



Stationery, School Supplies, 

ffeW I^cniidies, Chemicals, Patent ]V[edicines, Perfumery 



Only Pure Drugs used. Calls at Night or by Telephone Promptly 
attended to. 






Foreign and Domestic 

274 and 276 East Seventh Street, Saint Paul, Minn. 


The Largest Store, the Largest and Best Assorted Stock]]of 
Goods, which are sold at Retail or Wholesale at Lowest Prices. 


North •Star* Dairy, 

E. R. IDE, Proprietor, 


Pure Milk and Sweet Cream In large or small quantities. Choice Creamery 
and Dairy Butter, Buttermilk, Sour Milk, Cottage Cheese, Fresh Eggs. Full 
Cream Cheese, Extra Heavy Cream for Whipping a Specialty, Extra Choice 
Butter from our own Dairy. 




Clbg^i^ig Bells 




Electric Gas LigMing, Hedical Apparatus and Electroplating. 

Sli. ^AUli CliBGrPI^IG ^OI^I^S, 
Office. 7 Gilfillan Block, ST. PAUL, MINN. 


iiery and Boarding ^taWs 

J. O'DoNNELu's Old Stand, 



^ Best Single tCur^nnuts in tl^ie 6itg. ^ 



Ort Qmbroideny. 

Late of the Philadelphia School of Art Needlework. 

Rooms, 374 Exchange Street, opp. House of Hope, 



Miss M. C. Stine. Miss M. R. Gibson. 


G. T. Howell Prop'r. 

Bif oup qeW ppoce^^ lace curtairi^ lool^ equal to qeW. 


18^ ^ESt SEYEntll St., 
Near Seven Corners, - ST. PAUL, MINN 



Real [state,Loan and Insufance Broker, 


Collection of Rents and care of Property for Non-Residenis. 


. — SALSOS — • 


52 Leech Street, - - St. Paul, Minn. 

21 . 


Book Binders, 

860 and S62 Jacl^son gt., - - ^Mljli TJ=L\Sh, ]V[I]^]^. 

Binding, Ruling, Printing of Every Description 

Promptly and Neatly Executed. 

Edge Gilding, Embossing and everything pertaining to the 
business executed in a superior manner. 

LAW BOOKS, MAGAZINES AND MUS16 Bound in All the Various Styles. 

We beg to announce that we have bought out BELL &. SON'S 
Grocery, 182 Concord Street, West St. Paul. 


Staple ^ FariGY (^rscerie^ ^ Previ^ieri^, 

Oysters a Specialty. 


All Goods Delivered Promptly. 


Samuel G. I(ellei^mann, 

k)py • fe[0©d.s, • lyofi6r)Sj • vf^(2i:sr)ir)C]?cs, ■ ISoiczs 

And Gents' Furnishing Goods, 

8q2 East Seventh St., - ST. PAUL, MINN. 

43 EastThird Street, St. Paul. 

Merchant Tailors' Misfits and Uncalled for Garments received Daily; these we sell at 

Suits made for $25.00 - - - _ _ ^e sell for §12.00 

30.00 -----."" 14.00 

•40.00 « » IgQQ 

45.00 -----."« 20.00 
• Pants from $4.00 to ?9.50; one-half the original price. 

jV[iriinErj anfl Jaiicy <5[Oc5s 

280 West Seventh St, - SAINT PAUL, MINN. 


News and Stationery, 



Imported and Domestic (Cigars, Always Fresli, 
252 W. Third St., - . - ST. PAUL, M NN 


W. H. Rrisbie, 




Saint JPauIv, MLinn 





Wreaths, iSrosses, 


House and Bedding 

Bouquets, i^^^^^K Made to Order, 

Cor. 03.x and plinth gts., ^t. PAIJL, ]\Iipl]^. 


]i. lURRITT, 

29 Mannheimer Block, St. Paul. 

cJ'o Gilt cPahon:>: 

cH'aviu^ added a new dcpaztmcnt -io cut ^aCCev^ 
wc now ma/ic a :^pcciaflu of cyUatainQ and ^ccovuhi^ piclma 0^ 
anu Sind. Gin faciCUia fot oid dooz cPdoh^tap/l^ ate of Mc vct^ 


Gallery Corner Seventh and Robert Streets, Saint Paul, Minn. 
SiUina^ Su Cippcintmciit. 

m p. li. Kinship, e 


491 Collins Street, Saint Paul, Minn. 

Tuning by the Year at Special Rates. Repairing in all Its branches 
and Strictly First-Class. Orders received by Mall. 

N. B.~Mr. W. stands at the head of his profession in this vicinitv for superior ability ■ 

ID. ^^cCOTJI^T, 

^uraeon Dentist, 

Office, 41o E. Ttti St., = St. PauL, NIinn. 













UJ "O 




o ^ .. 







to the 








CO ^ - 
_ o ^ 

< z 

-^S $ ui 


St. Paul Kames Alphabetically Aeeaxged. 


BBE MRS. ABBY F. 181 Eamsey. 

Abbey F. D. 390 Dayton Ave. 

Abbott Dr. E. J. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Abbott F. C. 548 Cooper. 

Abbott Philip, 498 Dayton Ave. 

Abbott T. A. 487 Ashland Ave. 

Abbott W. P. 487 Ashland Ave. 

Abel Julius, 509 Stillwater. 

Abeles Mrs. E. 333 E. 9th. 

Abeles H. S. 333 E. 9th. 

AberleD.312 11th. 

Acker Mrs. A. 255 Pearl. 

Acker George S. 123 W. 4th. 

Ackerly A. A. 117 Patridge. 

Adams A. L. 385 Rondo. 

Adams Miss Charlotte, Crocus Hill. 

Adams George, 416 8th. 

AdamsG. H. 416 8th. 

Adams Miss Helen M, 630 Hague Ave. 

Adams John Q. Crocus Hill. 

Adams R. L. 1003 Farquier. 

Adams W. E. 416 8th. 

Adams W. H. 293 Jackson. 

Adams Wm. S. 287 Prairie. 

Adix Emil, 66 W. 10th. 

Adix Otto H. 25 Tilton. 

Adler S. N. 210 14th. 

Agnew G. Harry, Manomin cor Stevens. 

Ahern S. J. 139 W. 5th. 

Albenberg Adolph, 223 8th. 

Albrecht C. A. 54 Aurora Ave. 

Albrecht C. G. 327 E. 7th. 

Albrecht Ernst, 334 8th. 

Albrecht Moritz, 176 15th. 

Alexander Gen. E. B. 117 Virginia Ave. 

Alexander T. K. 19 Tilton. 

Alexander T. T. 123 Western Ave. N. 

Alexander W. S. 563 Westminster. 

Allen Col. A. Merchants Hotel. 

Allen Maj. C. J. 301 Laurel Ave. 

Allen Ehle, Merchants Hotel. 

Allen Mrs. E. Merchants Hotel. 

Allen E. L. 413 Holly Ave. 

Allen F. W. 39 E. 9th. 

Allen George H. 508 Canada. 

Allen John A. 421 Robert. 

Allen Joseph, 492 DeBow. 

Allen J. C. The Portland. 

Allen J. H. 277 Grove. 

Allen J..P. 575 Canada. 

Allen Miss M. M. The Portland. 

Allen W. J. 202 Pleasant Ave. 

Allen W. R., 202 Pleasant Ave. 

Allie James, 126 W. Fairfield Ave. 

Allis E. C. 369 X. Washington. 

Allis Frederick, 529 Holly Ave. 

Allis H. L. 529 Holly Ave. 

Allis Lorenzo, 529 Holly Ave. 

Allyn C. H. 487 Marshall Ave. 

Alness A. L. 527 Broadway. 

Altman Herman, 1105 Ross. 

Ambler Dr. Ellsworth M. 693 E. Third. 

Ames C. W. 233 Western Ave. X. 

Ames John H. 136 Xina Ave. 

Ames Joseph H. 136 Xina Ave. 



Ames Wm. H. 136 Nina Ave. 
Amos Dr. Edwin X. 309 Bates Ave. 
Amos Wm. H. 536 Ashland Ave. 
Amsden Joel, 115 Viola. 
Ancker Arthur B. 19 College Ave. E. 
Anderson Adna, J\[etropolitan Hotel. 
Anderson Arthur C. 675 St. Peter. 
Anderson A. W. 724 Farquier. 
Anderson Francis W. 675 St. Peter. 
Anderson G. W. 318 Walnut. 
Anderson Hans P. 258 Iglehart. 
Anderson John H. 739 St. Peter. 
Anderson Miss Julia A. 675 St. Peter. 
Anderson Rev. Rasmus, 219 15th. 
Anderson Wm, 432 E. 9th. 
Andrews C. D. 691 Conway. 
Andrews Dr. G. F. 255 W. 5th. 
Angell J. F. 121 Western Ave. N. 
Angell W. H. 121 Western Ave. N. 
Angelroth Henry, 355 N. Franklin. 
Apitz Mrs. Doris, 320 Oak. 
Appleton Miss M. E. 366 Laurel Ave. 
Appleton Samuel, 366 Laurel Ave. 
Arey James B. 188 E. 10th. 
Aries M. H. 78 College Ave. W. 
Armbruster H. 616 Linden. 
Armbruster Joseph, 575 Bradley. 
Armington J. F. 659 E. 6th. 
Armstrong Albert, 51 W. 5th. 
Armstrong Bazil W. 100 W. 4th. 
Armstrong Miss Fannie, .370 N.Exchange. 
Armstrong Miss Fannie E. 265 13th. 
Armstrong Mrs. F. R. 370 N. Exchange. 
Armstrong George C. 252 Summit Ave. 
Armstrong Mrs. G. W. 252 Summit Ave. 
Armstrong James D. 252 Summit Ave. 
Armstrong J. H. 560 De Soto. 
Armstrong J. Henderson, 265 13th. 
Armstrong John M 389 St. Peter. 
Armstrong L. S. 265 13th. 
Armstrong Wm. N. 252 Summit Ave. 
Arnold Elias, 486 Carroll. 
Arnold Miss I. B. 479 Pleasant Ave. 
Arnold Miss Isa M. 486 Carroll. 
Arnold Jacob, 501 Ellen. 
Arnold Rev. Ruel W. 691 E. 5th. 
Arnold Wm. R. Clarenden Hotel. 

1 Arosin E. C. 277 E. 14th. 

Arper Charles F. 159 Ellen. 

Arth Peter, 170 W. 9th. 
I Arthur I. H, 623 Lincoln Ave. 
j Ash Carl, 917 Freemont. 
j Ash Christopher, 917 Freemont. 
I Ash H. S. The Portland. 
I Ashton W. M. 228 E. 15th. 
I Askew C. B. 57 W. 3d. 
I Askew Miss Kate, 608 Ashland Ave. 

Atherton Irving E. 113 Summit Ave. 
I Atkinson Dr. Clara E. 58 W. 4th. 
j Atkinson John, 329 Grove. 
I Atwater E. 266 Selby Ave. 
j Auerbach Maurice, 388 Summit Ave. 
j Auerbach Miss Nellie F. 388 Summit Ave. 
j Austin B. N. 544 St. Paul. 
I Austin Geo. 0. 350 E. 7th. 

Austin James C. 521 Mississippi. 

Austin John S. 255 W. 5th. 

Austin Miss Leonore, Ramsey, nr Forbes. 

Austrian Julius, 478 E. 9th. 

Averill Miss Anna M. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Averill Gen. John T. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Avery Wm. D. Windsor Hotel. 

Ayd Rudolph, 1033 W. 7th. 

Ayer D. S. 910 Armstrong Ave. 

BAAREN JOHN G. Winifred n w 
cor Gorman. 
Babcock C. J. 698 Conway. 
[ Babcock Mrs. D. C. 201 Pearl. 
Babcock Dwight M. 170 Western Ave. N, 
Babcock Miss Mary L. 170WesternAve.N. 
Backus C. J. 2/ Summit Ave. 
Bacon E. N. 454 Ashland Ave. 
Bacon George Y. 257 Summit Ave. 
Bacon J. K. 325 Jackson. 
Bacon L. C. 92 Tilton. 
Bacon Miss L. G. 257 Summit Ave. 
Bagley G. W. 495 Iglehart. 
Bagley Millard F. 472 Marshall Ave. 
Bagley N. R. 495 Iglehart. 
Bagley Pearley D. 472 Marshall Ave. 
Bahe Henry, 159 Carroll. 
Bahurmann G. 847 Reaney. 
Bailev Abraham, 662 Yale. 


Bailey Miss Ada, Dale cor Ashland Ave. 

Bailey A. 0. 216 Nelson Ave. 

Bailey Miss E. A. 663 St. Peter. 

Bailey E. H. 61 Iglehart. 

Bailey J. A. Dale cor Ashland Ave. 

Bailey Mrs. J. S. 663 St. Peter. 

Bailey Miss M. A. Dale cor Ashland Ave. 

Bailey Otis B. 739 Burr. 

Bailey W. F. s e cor Cortland and Yillard. 

Bailey Wm. G. 216 Nelson Ave. 

Bailly Charles P. 222 Arundel. 

Bailly Frank C. 222 Arundel. 

Bailly Mrs. J. M. 222 Arundel. 

Baird Maj. George W. Clarendon Hotel. 

Baird J. B. 530 Temperance. 

Baker Benoni, Winslow House. 

Baker H. E. 585 Canada. 

Baker H. L. 120 Iglehart. 

Baker Henry S. 168 Pleasant Ave. 

Baker J. B. 421 Wabasha. 

Baker J. 569 Canada. 

Baker Dr. J. F. 382 Wabasha. 

Baker J. H. Merchants Hotel. 

Baker Lewis, AVindsor Hotel. 

Baldwin Alonzo M. 55 Wilkin. 

Baldwin Alfred R. 312 Maria Ave. 

Baldwin B. C. 681 Yale. 

Baldwin C. H. 81 Western Ave. N. 

Baldwin J. B. 520 St. Paul. 

Baldwin James B. 356 Market. 

Baldwin Miss Mabel E. 681 Yale. 

Baldwin S. T. 482 Laurel Ave. 

Baldwin Miss Susie A. 356 Market. 

Baldwin Miss T. A. 520 St. Paul. 

Baldwin Dr. Wm. 484 Marshall Ave. 

Baldy John P. 411 Ashland Ave. 

Baldy Milton L. 411 Ashland Ave. 

Baldy Miss Mary K. 411 Ashland Ave. 

Baldy Miss Sallie F. 411 Ashland Ave. 

Ball Richard A. s w cor 4th and St. Peter. 

BallT. 420 E. 10th. 

Ballard F. E. 525 Robert. 

Ballard J. A. 157 Carroll. 

Ballard Dr. H. C. 233 E. 7th. 

Ballard J. H. 851 E. Winifred. 

Ballard W. W. 599 Lafayette Ave. 

Ballard W.AV. 179Tvondo. 

Bamford Miss Henrietta, 237 E. 10th. 

Bancroft F. L. 333 (}rove. 

Banholzer Wm. Drake cor Stewart Ave. 

Banning Frederick D. 75 Wilkin. 

Banning Miss Mary A. 75 Wilkin. 

Banning W. L. 75 Wilkin. 

Banning Wm. L. jr. 75 Wilkin. 

Banta W. C. B. 66 W. 10th. 

Barber F. 624 Wabasha. 

Barclay Alex. 532 Lafayette Ave. 

Barclay J. A. 236 Spruce. 

Barden E. R. 758 E. 7th. 

Barker Mrs. E. A. 520 St. Paul. 

Barker Miss Ida M. 520 St. Paul. 

Barker Jerome, 441 N. Fort. 

Barker J. A. 148 Nina Ave. 

Barker J.J. 203 W, 5th. 

Barnard F. C. 549 Stillwater. 

Barnard J. H. 215 Spruce. 

Barnes Mrs. Adah, 594 Selby Ave. 

Barnes Miss Lou, 338 Dayton Ave. 

Barnes Richard H. 415 N. Exchange 

Barnum A. K. 345 Summit Ave. 

Barnum Frank, 876 Beech. 

Barnwell Wm. A. 510 Canada. 

Barr J. A. 291 Pleasant Ave. 

Barr Wm. A. 280 Pleasant Ave. 

Barrett D. B. 314 E. 7th. 

Barrett E. F. 14 W. 4th. 

Barrett W. G. 31 E. 10th. 

Barrett Wm. P. 540 Cooper. 

Barringer A. N. 592 Wabasha. 

Barrington Miss Daisy, 452 Minnesota. 

Barrington Dr. P. J. 452 Minnesota. 

Barrows Morton, 185 Pleasant Ave. 

Barry Mrs. Garrett, 673 St. Peter. 

Barry John E. 368 Carroll. 

Barry Miss Marie, 673 St. Peter. 

Barstow C. D. n w cor De Soto and Mt.Ida. 

Barstow Daniel B. 757 Burr. 

Barta F. 573 De Bow. 

Barteau W. L. 7 Benz Block. 

Barteau William L. 50 W. 5th. 

Barthell George, 516 W. 7th. 

Bartlett A. M. 150 Indiana Ave. 

Bartlett Miss Ada Z. 550 St. Paul. 

Bartlett T. A. 550 St. Paul. 


Bartlett Miss Lula B. 550 St. Paul. 
Barton E B. 246 Dayton Ave. 
Barton Frank H. 246 Dayton Ave. 
Barton T. n s W. 7lh, nr city limits. 
Barton T. D.246 Dayton Ave. 
Bartram Frank, 162 Pleasant Ave. 
Barwise Miss A. E. 132 8th. 
Barwise J. G. 637 De Bow. 
Bascom Alpheus W. 661 Burr. 
Bass F.B. 69 Sherburne Ave. 
Bassford A. 576 Ashland Ave. 
Bassford E. P. Iglehart, cor Arundel. 
Bateham A. P. 603 Jackson. 
Bates J. W. 350 E. 7th. 
Bates Miss Lillian, 350. E. 7th. 
Bates Will 0, 618 St. Peter. 
Bauer Charles, 309 E. Winifred. 
Baugh John, Hotel Astoria. 
BaumbachHon. F. von. Clarendon Hotel. 
Baxter Russell, 200 Dayton Ave. 
Bayard Frederick L. 39 Summit Ave. 
Bayless S. L. 288 Dayton Ave. 
Bazille Mrs. Anna J. 13 E. 9th. 
Bazille Miss Emma, 13 E. 9th. 
Bazille E. W. 534 Cedar. 
Bazille J. A. 199 University Ave. 
Beach Miss Mary J. 698 Conway. 
Beal Dr. 0. A. 418 Dakota Ave. 
Beales E. V. 68 Douglas. 
Beals James B. 496 Portland Ave. 
Beals S. J. 475 Holly Ave. 
Beals Mrs. S. B. 289 Selby Ave. 
Bean Mrs. Amanda C. 408 N. Oak. 
Bean Dr. C. E. Merchants Hotel. 
Bean Capt. Ed. S. 408 N. Oak 
Beardslee Geo. L. 335 Grove. 
Beardsley N. S. 654 Broadway. 
Beaumont Miss Carrie M. Windsor Hotel. 
Beaumont Irwin, Windsor Hotel. 
Beaumont J. I. Windsor Hotel. 
Beaupre Bruno, 379 E. 10th. 
Beaupre Miss Georgie, 379 E. 10th. 
Beaupre Miss Marie, 379 E. 10th. 
Becht Mrs. G. W. 462 Dayton Ave. 
Becht Mrs. Sarah B. 142 Ramsey. 
Beck Miss Annie A, 633 Yale. 
Beck Edwin F. 633 Yale. 

Beck E. S. 633 Yale. 

Beck George F. 633 Yale. 

Becker Edwin C. 431 8th. 

Becker George L. 612 Lafayette Ave. 

Becker R. A. 358 Waverly PI. 

Becker Wm. A. 612 Lafayette Ave. 

Beebee Isaac H. 344 E. 10th. 

BeecherDr. Samuel A. 507 Wabasha. 

Behnke A. F. 169 Carroll. 

Belden A. 579 St. Paul. 

Bell Chas. N,125 W. 5th. 

Bell Edward, 129 W. 5th. 

Bell Edwin, 517 Grant. 

Bell Capt. Edwin, 293 Dayton Ave. 

Bell E. C. 539 Robert. 

BellEdwin J. 137 W.5th. 

Bell Frederick, 455 Marshall Ave. 

Bell George, 303 Somerset. 

Bell Geo. W. H. 200 Concord. 

Bell Mrs. Jane, 445 Marshall Ave. 

Bell J. H. 115 Dakota Ave. 

Bell R. W. 350 Minnesota. 

Bell W. E. 533 Lafayette Ave. 

Bell Wm. H. 1024 Ross. 

Belote Col. Erastus C. 417 8th. 

Belote Miss Carrie A. 417 8th. 

Belote Miss Hattie E. 417 8th. 

Bend Miss Isabel H. 239 Summit Ave. 

Bend W. B. 2.39 Summit Ave. 

Benedict C. H. 144 E. 11th. 

Benedict H. L. 320 Louis. 

Benezet J. S. 552 Wabasha. 

Benham V. R. 578 Cedar. 

Benjamin Wm. D. 85 8th. 

Bennett Miss Florence E. 69 Summit Ave. 

Bennett G. W. 54 Kent. 

Bennett J. E. n e cor 7th and Reaney. 

Bennett R. J. 269 Rice. 

Bennett S. T. 400 Selby Ave. 

Bennett W. R. Ill Viola. 

Benoit Frank, 876 Beech. 

Bentley C. F. 335 Somerset. 

Bentley J. S. 406 Wabasha. 

Bentley Miss Luella K. 335 Somerset. 

Benton Miss Emma C. Ann, nr Banfill. 

Benton Mrs. Edwin K. Ann, nr of Banfill. 

Benton James V. H. Ann, nr Banfill. 


Benz George, 83 Douglas. 

Benz George, jr. 83 Douglas. 

Benz Miss Lottie, 83 Douglas. 

Berbeck F. S. 491 Laurel Ave. 

Berbrick Joseph, 481 University Ave. 

Berge O. F. 629 Hague Ave. 

Bergfeld Joseph, 270 E. 9th. 

Bergfield Mrs. M. 98 Garfield. 

Bergh C. C. 566 Cedar. 

Bergh X. X. 240 Iroquois. 

Bergman David, 381 8th. 

Bergmann George, 321 Ravoux. 

Bergmann Gottfried, 456 St. Peter. 

Bergman Miss Ida, 38r 8th. 

Bergman S. 381 8th. 

Bergsma P. A. 216 Arundel. 

Berkey John A. 234 Dayton Ave. 

Berkey Capt. Peter, 153 College Ave. 

BerkmanC. C. 34E.6th. 

Berlandi Wm. 180 Concord. 

Bernard Wm. 695 E. 7th. 

Bernhard Charles, 516 Brewster Ave. 

Berreau E. Aurora Ave. nr Rice. 

Berrian A. F. 247 Selby Ave. 

Berrian Mrs. M. A. 247 Selby Ave. 

Beninford E. F. 520 Robert. 

Berrisford F. J. Pleasant nr Western Ave. 

Berrisford Thos. Pleasant Western Ave. 

Berry Fred.S. 473 Iglehart. 

Berry Miss Gertrude, 473 Iglehart. 

Berry Mrs. M. A. 473 Iglehart. 

Berry M. L. 35 E. 9th. 

Berryhill C. J. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Bethune Robert A. 7 Irvine Park. 

Bettingen John C. 349 N. Franklin. 

Bettingen J.W. 349 N. Franklin. 

Betz Mrs. J. G. 668 E. oth. 

Betz Louis, 668 E. 5th. 

Beulke Edwin C. 351 Mt. Ida. 

Beulke Wm. A. 355 8th. 

Beyer Adam, 407 Rondo. 

Bickel Miss Emma, 342 W. 3d. 

Bickel Miss Ida, 342 W. 3d. 

Bickel J. H. 342 W. 3d. 

Bickel Wm. 342 W. Third. 

Bickel W. F. .342 W. 3d. 

Bicknell H. P. Windsor Hotel. 

Biebighauser John J. 865 Burr. 
1 Biegler C. A. 515 Iglehart. 

Bielenberg Frederick, 745 St. Peter. 

Bierce Arthur, 168 Pleasant Ave. 

Bigelow Miss Alice R. 247 S. Exchange 

Bigelow Dr. A. T. 36 Oakland. 

Bigelow Charles H. 181 College Ave. W, 
; Bigelow Chas. H. jr. 181 College Ave. W. 

Bigelow Geo. L. 181 College Ave. W. 

Bigelow Horace E. 249 S. Exchange. 

Bigelow H. R. 249 S. Exchange. 

Bigelow Lewis S. 249 Exchange. 

Bigford Marcus A. 400 Marshall Ave. 

Biggs Edward H. 105 Western Ave. X. 

Bigler C. R. 411 Selby Ave. 

Bigue P. J. cor Mill and Edward. 

Billings Chas. E. 348 Market. 

Bingham Miss Angle M. 536 Dayton Ave. 

Bingham Miss Grace, 536 Dayton Ave. 

Bingham Francis, 258 Pleasant Ave. 

Birchall C. B. 361 Iglehart. 

Birchall Ernest, 400 Marshall Ave. 

Bird F. E. 540 Lafayette Ave. 

Bird W. H. Merchants Hotel. 

Birmingham T. F. 402 E. 5th. 

Birmingham W. F. 402 E. 5th. 

Bisbee Mrs. L. J. 230 W. 7th. 

Bishop Charles H. 193 Mackubin. 

Bishop Gen. J. W. 193 Mackubin. 

Bishop Miss Minnie, 545 Laurel Ave. 

Bishop W. W. 545 Laurel Ave. 

Bjorklund A. G. 741 Jessie. 

Bjornstad J. 628 Jackson. 

Blabon Joseph W. 348 E. 9th. 

Blanchard J. W. 630 Hague Ave. 

Black J. T. 291 Selby Ave. 

Blackford Samuel, 274 E. 7th. 

Blackman W. P. 24 College Ave. W. 

Blaikie James, 129 Western Ave. X. 
] Blair Miss Amanda, 276 Pleasant Ave. 
I Blair Mrs. Elizabeth, 276 Pleasant Ave. 

Blair Frank P. 276 Pleasant Ave. 

Blakeley G. S. 525 Jackson. 

Blakeley Miss Xellie, 525 Jackson. 

Blakeley Capt. R. 525 Jackson. 

Blakeley W. 525 Jackson. 

Blakemore A. H. 14 E. 7th. 



Blakemore W. C. 8 W. M. 

Blakeney D. A. 176 14th. 

Blanchard Geo. H. State nr Concord. 

Blanchard J. W. 630 Hague. 

Blankenhorn Win. 125 W. 5th. 

Blasdel G. D. 534 Robert. 

Blasdell Harvey, 467 Webster. 

Blase Theo. E. 382 Wacouta. 

Biasing Herman A. 311 Bates Ave. 

Blason George, Metropolitan Hotel. 

Bliss Brigham, 564 Marshall Ave. 

Bliss F. C. 95 Mackubin. 

Bliss W. I. 397 .Jackson. 

Blodgett Fred. S. 330 AV.3d. 

Blodgett Mrs. H. F.330 W. 3d. 

Blom John, 507 Bedford. 

BloodT. L. 76 11th. 

Blos.som R. N. 203 W. 5th. 

Bly Oscar, 854 Point Douglas. 

Board George W. 373 N. Oak. 

Board man Dr. C. H. 503 Wabasha. 

Boardman H. A. 389 Grove. 

Boardman Miss H. H. 503 Wabasha. 

Bock Walter W, 236 Smith. 

Bockstruck Henry, 295 Josette. 

Bodelsen H. 673 Canada. 

Bodin John, 660 De Soto. 

Boenisch Bernard W. Ellen bet Western 

Ave. and Mackubin. 
Boeringer Miss Jennie, 119 E. Colorado. 
Boeringer George W. 54 E. 3d. 
Boeringer Peter, 119 E. Colorado. 
Boeringer Peter N. jr. 119 E. Colorado. 
Boeringer Wm. E. 119 E. Colorado. 
Boggs Mrs. Eliza P. 561 Pine. 
Bohler J. 252 Virginia Ave. 
Bohn Gebhard, 348 11th. 
Bohn George W. 51 Hoflman Ave. 
Bohon W. J. 314 S. Franklin. 
Bohrer J. M. 564 AVestminster. 
Bohrer Miss L. 0. 564 Westminster. 
Bohrer Miss May, 564 Westminster. 
Bohrer Mark E. 564 Westminster. 
Bohrer Z. C. 176 Pearl. 
Boldthen J. cor Burns Ave. and Clerm ont 
Bole Dr. R. S. 484 Rice. 
Bolton A. H. 309 W. 3d. 

Bolton Miss Lucy, 706 Conway. 
Bomeisler L. E. Windsor Hotel. 
Bond J. D. 137 W. 5th. 
Bond T. S. 581 Westminster Ave. 
Bonney George L. 586 Temperance. 
Boos Martin, 194 Rondo. 
Booth Edwin L. 22 College Ave. 
Borer Miss Frankie I. 507 Stillwater. 
Borer F. A. 507 Stillwater. 
Borer Miss Lettie E. 507 Stillwater. 
Borer Urs, IGl College Ave. W. 
Borden W. H. 84 Tilton. 
Borgstrom N. M. 234 W. 6th. 
Borum T. W. 306 W. 3d. 
Borup Miss Georgie W. 506 De Bow. 
Borup Gustav J. 506 De Bow. 
Borup Harold, 2 Monroe PI. 
Borup Miss Helen W. 506 De Bow. 
Borup Miss Sophie C. 506 De Bow. 
Borup Theodore, 408 Woodward Ave. 
Bosch Leander, Canada cor 10th. 
Boston O. S. 20 E. Isabel. 
Bostwick F. A. 542 Lafayette Ave. 
Boswell F. E. 475 Broadway. 
Bott Fred. W. 326 Maria Ave. 
Bott Peter, 326 Maria Ave. 
Boucher Prof. F. C. 271 Williams. 
Bouquet Edward, 379 N. Washington. 
Bourne Miss Jennie G. 311 Dayton Ave. 
Bourne W. B. Hotel Astoria. 
Bourne Capt. W. R. 311 Dayton Ave. 
Bouse Nicholas, 575 Westminster. 
Bousquet C. E. 413 N. Exchange. 
Bousquet Frank X.413 N. Exchange. 
Bowden H, P. 980 E. 7th. 
Bowden J. W. 980 E. 7th. 
Bowden R. S. Windsor Hotel. 
Bowdin John H. 15 E. Isabel. 
Bowen Capt. E. C. 153 Virginia Ave. 
Bowen W. H. 555 De Bow. 
Bower Thomas, 296 Pleasant Ave. 
Bowers Aaron, 366 Walnut. 
Bowlin Miss Annie. 287 Grove. 
Bowlin Jeremiah, 57 11th. 
Bowlin P. J. 287 Grove. 
Boxell R. J. 428 Rice. 
Boyce H. W. 476 E. 5th. 



Boyd A. P. Dale cor Martin. 

Boyd Dr. E. A. 576 Mississippi. 

Boyd G. B. Martin cor Dale. 

Boyd J. R. 576 Mississippi. 

Boyd R. A. 436 Fuller. 

Boyden Miss Alice, 459 Portland Ave. 

Boyden Miss Helen, 459 Portland Ave. 

Boyden Miss Jessie, 459 Portland Ave. 

Boyden J. C. 459 Portland Ave. 

Boyden Miss Laura, 459 Portland Ave. 

Boyer S. V. 611 Laurel Ave. 

Boyle J. T. 21 E.oth. 

Boyle M. J. 364 N. Exchange. 

Boyle Peyton, 511 Grand Ave. 

Boynton C. H. 172 Nina Ave. 

Brack Benjamin, 42i) Marshall Ave. 

Brack G. M. 464 Holly Ave. 

Brack Rev. John M. 429 Marshall Ave. 

Brackett Col. A. B. 349 Sherman. 

Bradbury Mrs. Mary A. 105 8th. 

Braddock W. S. 43^^ W. 3d. 

Braden W. H. 503 E. 7th. 

Braden W. W. 346 Dayton Ave. 

Bradley A. 381 E. 7th. 

Bradley Miss Libbie E. 394 Laurel Ave. 

Brain ard H. L. 693 E. 7th. 

Bramblett W. R. 436 N. Fort. 

Bramhall Wm. Ely, 43>^ W. 3d. 

Branch Mrs. Mary, 216 Bates Ave. 

Brand Miss Stine, 49 E. 6th. 

Brandenberg Henry, 411 Fort. 

Brandenhorst J. H. 438 E. 9th. 

Branston Mrs. Lizzie, 494 Collins. 

Brant Samuel, 242 Maria Ave. 

Brann Mrs. Mary, 753 Case. 

Brawley Miss Ida M. 126 Kent. 

Brawley W. B. 126 Kent. 

Brayton S. F. jr. 348 Winifred. 

Breed Samuel S. 474 E. 8th. 

Breen Mrs. E. J. 420 Iglehart. 

Breen F. L. 420 Iglehart. 

Breen Miss Mary L. 561 St. Peter. 

Breen Mathias, 561 St. Peter. 

Breen T. M. 463 Aurora Ave. 

Breen W. H. 420 Iglehart. 

Breg Wm. 344 Sherman. 

Breidert H. W. F. 399 Walnut. 

Breidert Mrs. J. H. 399 Walnut. 

Brennan Miss Frances A. 231 Spruce. 

Brennan James, 478 St. Peter. 

Brennan John C. 506 C llins. 

Brennan John J.Goodrich Ave. ur West- 
ern Ave. 

Brennan J. J. 224 W. 6th. 

Brennan Miss Laura X. 231 Spruce. 

Brennan Miss Maggie, 231 Spruce. 

Brennan Mrs. Mary, 231 Spruce. 

Brennan Thos. 514 Collins. 

Bresette Capt. J. B. 167 Kent. 

Bresette Miss Louise H. 167 Kent. 

Brett Walter, 693 E. 3d. 

Breuer Mrs. Frank, 344 Charles. 

Breucker Henry, 157 Charles. 

Brice Frank H. 348 Market. 

Brice Mrs. Patrick, 679 Burr. 

Briggs M. E. Dale cor St. Anthony. 

Briggs Dr. W. S. 203 E. 7th. 

Brigham J. L. 317 Somerset. 

Brighton Miss B. Y. 624 Wabasha. 

Brill Rev. Christoph, 543 Pine. 

Brill Hon. H. R. 155 Western Ave X. 

Brill Miss Zella M. 457 Ashland Ave. 

Brill W. S. 457 Ashland Ave. 

Brinckerhotf Cornelius, 290 Iglehart. 

Brink Mahlon S. 50 W. 4th. 

Brink Wm. H. 37 HoflFman Ave. 

Brisbin J. B. 278 W. 7th. 

Brisbine Dr. A. G. 259 Pleasant Ave. 

Brisbine A. S. 229 Pleasant Ave. 

Brisbine Miss H. C. 229 Pleasant Ave. 

Brisbine J. J. 229 Pleasant Ave. 

Bristol H. M. 429 Laurel Ave. 

Broderick Miss Fannie, 463 Marshall Ave. 

Broderick John, 463 Marshall Ave. 

Broderick Joseph, 463 Marshall Ave. 

Broderick Miss Mary, 463 Marshall Ave. 

Broderick Dr. Wm. P Grand Ave. cor 

Bronson B. L. Minnehaha cor Cypress. 

Bronson Mrs. L. Minnehaha cor Cypress. 

Bronson W. E. 653 Lincoln Ave. 

Brooks Rev. Cyrus, 88 Main. 

Brooks Harry B. 114 Iglehart. 

Brooks L. L. C. 73 AVestern Ave N. 



Brooks Miss Olivia D. 88 Main. 

Broome J. H. n e cor Rice and Martin. 

Brown Albert D. 624 Wabasha. 

Brown Allen L. 182 E. 10th. 

BrownC. J.343E. 5th. 

Brown C. M. 544 Cooper. 

Brown Miss Ella M. 198 13th. 

Brown E. A. 286 8th. 

Brown E. H. 137 E. 3d. 

Brown Frank S. 364 N. Exchange. 

Brown G. H. 669 Dayton Ave. 

Brown George II. 365 Bates Ave. 

Brown Dr. G. V. I. 260 8th. 

Brown Horace, 77 Summit Ave. 

Brown H. D. 440 Iglehart. 

Brown H. W. 57 Iglehart. 

Brown James H. 364 Robert. 

Brown Joseph, 1177 W. 7th, 

Brown Col. J. B.513 Stillwater. 

Brown J. H. 634 E. Sixth. 

Brown Milton G. 235 Western Ave. 

Brown Myron, 588 St. Peter. 

Brown M. W. 57 Iglehart. 

Brown N. S. 262 13th. 

Brown Wni. 374 Pleasant Ave. 

Brownell C. B.579 Bradley. 

Bruce Miss J. E. 148 Virginia Ave. 

Bruggemann John, 194 S. Oak. 

Bruggeniann J. F. 186 S. Oak. 

Brundage E. W. 200 (old) 13th. 

Branson B. Albert, 485 Patridge. 

Brunson B. W. 485 Patridge. 

Brunson Charles B. 485 Patridge. 

Bryant C. S. 300 Kent. 

Bryant E. R. 128 Eaton Ave. 

Bryant Frederick S. 364 N. Exchange . 

Bryant F. E. 157 Iglehart. 

Bryant Jane, 157 Iglehart. 

Bryant J. C. n e cor Susan and Clinton. 

Bryant Dr. J. H. 776 Lincoln Ave. 

Bryant Miss M. J. 157 Iglehart. 

Buchmeier Frank, 255 Richmond. 

Buchta Anton, 407 Michigan Ave. 

Buck G. W. 626 St. Paul. 

Buekhout J. J. 382 Wabasha. 

Bucklew W. H. 39 E. 9th. 

Buckley C. H. 480 Cedar. 

Bucknum W. M. 175 Pleasant Ave. 

Buechner A. 589 St. Paul. 

Buehner Philip, 237 E. 7th. 

Buell Wm. E. 238 Maria Ave. 

Buell George W. 566 Marshall Ave. 

Bullard Miss Clara L. 348 Grove. 

Bullard J. H. 348 Grove. 

Bullard P. J. 348 Grove. 

Bullard W. H. 346 Grove. 

Bullis Edward C. 318 E. Winifred. 

Bullitt John C. 484 Cedar. 

Bunker Miss Anne C. 361 Summit Ave. 

Bunker Charles S. 361 Summit Ave. 

Bunker Miss Mary E. 269 Nelson Ave. 

Burbank Elbridge A. 305 Grove. 

Burbank Henry C. 284 W. 7th. 

Burdiek Miss Fannie J. 571 Westminster. 

Burdick J. W. 424 Selby Ave. 

Burdiek R. C. 581 Westminster. 

Burdick W. C. 424 Selby Ave. 

Bures M iss Lizzie M. 41 W. Exchange. 

Bures Nicholas, 41 W. Exchange. 

Burger Joseph, 837 Fremont. 

Burgess Miss L. M. 80 Igleliart. 

Burgon Philip, 351 N. Franklin. 

Burgoyne P. E. 510 St. Paul. 

Burk Wm. 186 14th. 

Burk W. M. 492 Dayton Ave, 

Burke Mrs. Johanna, s w cor Wood and 

Livingston Ave. 
Burke J. 0. 696 Conway. 
Burke M. B. 202 E. 9th. 
Burke Dr. Richard, cor Richmond and 

Jefferson Ave. 
Burkhard Miss Lydia, 172 Hoffman Ave. 
Burkhard Miss Juliette, 172 Hoffman Ave. 
Burkhard J. P. 172 Hoffman Ave. 
Burkhard Wm. R. 172 Hoffman Ave. 
Burm S. 566 Robert. 
Burmand Mrs. Eugene, 46 W. 4th. 
Burmand Eugene M. 46 W. 4th. 
Burnett H. A. 226 13th. 
Burnett J. A. 666 Yale. 
Buruham Dr. F. R. 175 W. 7th. 
Burnham Lucius, 194 14th. 
Burnhoff Fred. 149 W. 3d. 
Burningham A. J. 498 Robert. 



Burnside H. B. 655 Ravine. 
Burr S. W. 343 Waverly PI. 
Burr Judge W. T. 343 Waverly PI. 
Burris James S. 145 Iglehart. 
Burritt W. N. 29 Maunheimer Blk. 
Burroughs Mark, 622 Grand Ave. 
Burrows Wm. 470 Marshall Ave. 
Burt H. E. 545 Ashland Ave. 
Burtis Miss C. B. 223 Farrington Ave. 
Burton Dr. E. D. 31 E. 5th. 
Burton Wm. E. 466 Iglehart. 
Burwell J. H. 163 Nina Ave. 
Busch H. A. 206 E. 9th. 
Busch Wm. H. 270 8th. 
BuschmannMrs. A. 358 Maple. 
Bush A. K. 480 Cedar. 
Bush Frank, 433 Dayton Ave. 
Bush M. B. 344 Sherman. 
Bushnell A. R. Windsor Hotel. 
Bushnell Wm. M. 224 Virginia Ave. 
Busse Mrs. L. L. 540 Park Ave. 
Butler Charles AV. 39 E. 9th. 
Butler Edward B. 146 Nina Ave. 
Butler Patrick, 23 College Ave. E. 
Butt Edward J. 372 N. Exchange. 
Butt E. W. 372 N. Exchange. 
Butterfield F. 573 Lafayette Ave. 
Butterfield J. F. 358 Banfill. 
Byers W. Y. 303 Goodrich Ave. 
Byrne Wm. 420 Minnesota. 


ABANNE J. C. 360 E. 9th. 

Cabanne J. R. 360 E. 9th. 
Cabanne Mrs. S. M. 360 E. 9th. 
Cabery John, 130 W. 4th. 
Cadwell 0. C. 424 Selby Ave. 
CadyF. M. Clarenden Hotel. 
Cafterty L. D. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Cahill Thomas, 453 Mackubin. 
Cahill Wm. 550 Wabasha. 
Caillet Rev. L. E. 407 E. 9th. 
Caine Mrs. Mary, 584 Wabasha. 
Calderwood E. E. 275 E. 7th. 
Caldwell H. 284 Williams. 
Callahan D. J. 308 S. Oak. 
Callahan J. G. The Portland. 

Callender F. E. Windsor Hotel. 

Cameron Miss Eva, 287 Stewart Ave. 

Campbell Frank, 135 Iglehart. 
i Campbell Frank G. 309 S. Exchange. 

Campbell Ered. H. 309 S. Exchange. 
I Campbell H. H. 446 Maria Ave. 

Camen H. 571 Stillwater. 

Campbell H. 135 Iglehart. 

Campbell J. S. 192 E. loth. 

Campbell J. W. 535 Cooper. 

Campbell Miss Kate L. 83 Summit Ave. 

Campbell Miss May L. 236 E. 9th. 
I Campbell T. B. .309 S. Exchange. 
' Campbell W. A. 14 Summit Ave. 
{ Campbell W. E. 236 E. 9th. 
I Campbell Wm. M. Louisa cor Livingston 
i Ave. 
I Cannon C. H. 967 Hudson Ave. 

Cantwell W. W. 130 Western Ave. N. 

Capehart A. R. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Carbin J. H. 34 W. Bluft'. 
I Card E. M. 50 W. 4th. 
1 Cardozo Miss Eva, 249 Nelson Ave. 

Cardozo B. N. 525 Mississippi. 

Cardozo Miss Deborah 535 Westminster. 

Cardozo G. N. 535 Westminster. 
i Cardozo I. N. 249 Nelson Ave. 

Cardozo Miss Julia, 535 Westminster. 

Cardozo Levi N. 535 Westminster. 

Cardozo Miss Nellie, 249 Nelson Ave. 

Cardozo P. N. 237 14th. ^ 

Cardozo Ralph N. 5.35 Westminster. 

Cardozo Miss Rebecca, 249 Nelson Ave. 

Carel F. C. 403 Jackson. 

Carle F. A. 168 Nina Ave. 

Carlson G. 274 Kent. 

Carlson John M. 175 Iglehart. 

Carlson J. P. 344 E. 7th. 

Carlton T. S. 142 E. 9th. 

Carnochan Peter, 284 E. 10th. 

Carnochan Robert A, 284 E. 10th. 

Carothers Dr. W. H. 495 Bradley. 

Carpenter C. H. 129 W. 4th. 

Carpenter Charles H. 220 Virginia Ave. 

Carpenter C. W. 497 De Bow. 

Carpenter Miss Edna, 403 Summit Ave. 

Carpenter H. G. 776 Grand Ave. 



Carpenter Warren, 403 Summit Ave. 
Carr Miss Kittie, 232 E. 10th. 
Carrere J. F. 176 E. Eobie. 
Carrier Milo 494 Collins. 
Carrington R. A. 358 E. 9th. 
Carroll Miss Eva, 217 E. 10th. 
Carson Miss Fannie, 454 Summit Ave. 
Carson J. H. 103 S. Forbes. 
Carson Miss Kate, 454 Summit Ave. 
Carson Miss Mary, 454 Summit Ave. 
Carson Wm. 454 Summit Ave. 
Carson Wm. Morris, 482 Holly Ave. 
Carter H. W. 339 E. 9th. 
Carter J. C. 671 Otsego Ave. 
Carter S. B. 180 Thomas. 
Carter Wm. H. 686 Armstrong Ave. 
Carver ]Miss Helen, .302 Walnut. 
Carver H. L. 302 Walnut. 
Cary Miss E. Annie, 525 Ashland Ave. 
Cary Mrs H. L. 525 Ashland Ave. 
Cary S. M. 326 8th. 
Cary W. H. 525 Ashland Ave. 
Case Wm. W. 74 Summit Ave. 
Casey Miss Anna, 287 E. 10th. 
Cassel Dr. K. H. E. 325 E. 7th. 
Castle Capt. H. A. 208 Nelson Ave. 
Castle Miss Nellie, 208 Nelson Ave. 
Castner W. H. 819 Marshall Ave. 
Cathcart Alex. B. 76 Wilkin. 
Cathcart Alex. H. 76 Wilkin. 
Cathcart John W. 76 Wilkin. 
Cathrae J. H. 321 Walnut. 
Catlin Fred. M. 163 Pleasant Ave. 
Cattell Edward J. 31 E. 10th. 
Caulfield John, 429 Holly Ave. 
Caulfield Miss Maria. 429 Holly Ave. 
Cavanagh Francis C. 192 E. 10th. 
Cavanagh Gerald W. 192 E. 10th. 
Cavanagh Mrs. Helen, 192 E. 10th. 
Cavanagh J. R. 485 North. 
Cavanagh Miss Libbie, 192 E. 10th. 
Cavanagh Miss Mary, 192 E. 10th. 
Cavanagh Mrs. Capt. W. 192 E. 10th. 
Cavenaugh Ralph W. The Portland. 
Cavender A. H. 197 8th. 
Cavender C. A. 613 North. 
Cavender Miss Jessie, 613 North. 

Cavender Miss Lizzie, 197 8th. 

Cavitzel C. 158 W. 9th. 

Cech M. C. 275 Banfill. 

Chace J. C. 48 Oakland Ave. 

Chadwick Avery, 313 Nelson Ave. 

Chadwick Miss Ella, 313 Nelson Ave. 

Chaffee Miss H. L. 473 North. 

Chamberlain C. D. 277 E. 15th. 

Chamberlain Dr. J. W. 7 Tilton. 

Chamberlaine R. L. The Portland. 

Chambers C. M. Sherman House. 

Chandler Miss Alice B. 229 E. 9th. 

Chandler Miss Anabel. 229 E. 9th. 

Chandler Miss Fannie, 229 E. 9th. 

Chandler J. A. 229 E. 9th. 

Chandler John A. jr. 229 E. 9th. 

Chanson Louis, Grand Central. 

Chantler Alfred E. 255 W. 5th. 

Chapel C. E. 315 Josette. 

Chapin Miss Blanche I. 163 Iglehart. 

Chapin E. L. 89 11th. 

Chapin Miss Sarah D. 163 Iglehart. 

Chapin Mrs. Sarah H. 163 Iglehart. 

Chapin Walter L. 163 Iglehart. 

Chapman Albert W. 162 E. Isabel. 

Chapman F. L. 444 Dayton Ave. 

Chapman J. B. The Portland. 

Chapron Miss Sarah E. 54 W. 5th. 

Charles H. A. 700 Preble. 

Charles S. E. 190 14th. 

Chartier Joseph, 638 Jackson. 

Chartier Louis, 418 Ellen. 

Chartrand E. A. 212 Nelson Ave. 

Chase C. W. 410 Eichenwald. 

Chase F. H. 258 Norris. 

Chase Miss Florence L. 323 Grove. 
; Chase George, 286 Pleasant Ave. 

Chase H. S. 323 Grove. 

Chase N. W. 685 St. Peter. 

Chase Sumner V. 449 Fort. 

Chatfield H. I. 22 College Ave. W. 

Chauven Mrs. J D. 49 W. P^xchange 

Cheevers Mrs. C. 616 Temperance. 

Cbeevers John H. 616 Temperance. 

Cheney E. L. 374 N. Exchange. 

Chester C. H. 150 E. Indiana Ave. 
; Child C. G. 214 Carroll. 



Chipley M. D. 531 St. Paul. 

Chipiuan E. W. 306 W. 3d. 

Chipnian Frank E. 232 Central. 

Chipman F. J. 306 W. 3d. 

Chislett Herbert G. 137 VV^4th. 

Chislett Howard R. 137 W. 4th. 

Chislett John, 137 W. 4th. 

Chislett John, jr. 137 W. 4th. 

Chislett Miss Kate E. 137 W. 4tli. 

Chislett Miss M. Luciele, 137 W. 4th. 

Chittenden E. S. 95 Wilkin. 

Chittenden Mrs. L. B. 673 Hen nepin Ave. 

Chittenden X. S. 95 Wilkin. 

Chivrell Samuel W. 612 Canada. 

Chrest J. P. 831 Burr. 

Christian G. H. 567 Grant. 

Christopher Miss E. 168 Pleasant Ave. 

Christopher E. A. D. 858 De Soto. 

Cillis Barthel, 741 Minnehaha. 

Clafty James, 960 E. 7th, 

Clapp J. H. 219 Spruce. 

Clarendon Hotel, 400 and 410 Wabasha. 

Clark Mrs. Anna J. 247 Sherman. 

Clark A. E. 404 Ashland Ave. 

Clark Mrs. A. J. 247 Sherman. 

Clark Miss B. S. 1621 University Ave. 

Clark Charles A. 429 Ashland Ave. 

Clark Charles A. 247 Sherman. 

Clark C. F. 487 Marshall Ave. 

Clark C. F. 49 Dale. 

Clark Greenleaf, 102 W. 3d. 

Clark G. W. 368 Dayton Ave. 

Clark James T. 53G Lafayette Ave. 

Clark John-, 438 Rice. 

Clark Kenneth, 484 Lafayette Ave. 

Clark Miss Lillie K. 247 Sherman. 

ClarkL. M. 352E. 9th. 

Clark Mrs. Mary, 237 8th. 

Clark Mrs. Mary, 129 W. 4th. 

Clark Miss Mary C. 247 Sherman. 

Clark Mrs. M. J. 358 Market. 

Clark N. R. 500 North. 

Clark Oliver J. 443 X. Fort. 

Clark 0. R. 494 Stillwater. 

Clark P. M. 307 Somerset. 

Clark Robert, 247 Sherman. 

Clark R. W. Clarendon Hotel. 

Clarke C. E. 415 E. 7th. 

Clarke C. W. 656 De Bow. 

Clarke F. B. 236 Summit Ave. 

Clarke Miss Kate, 223 Western Ave. 

Clason George B. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Cleary James, 108 S. Forbes. 

Clemens John C. 176% Charles. 

Clement Miss Lizzie, Auroracor Arundel. 

demons A. S. 696 Armstrong Ave. 

Cleveland H. H. 311 W. 3d. 

Cleveland H. J. 482 Cedar. 

Cleveland J. R. 311 W. 3d. 

Cleveland R. A. 331 Minnesota. 

Cleveland R. M. 679 Dayton Ave. 

Clinch Mrs. M. G. 546 Sel])y Ave. 

Cline Martin, 959 Clark. 

Clough David, 201 Cayuga. 

Clough W. P. 727 St. Peter. 

Clum M. J. 17 E. Bluff. 

Cobb Mrs. A. E. 684 Wabasha. 

Cobb D. S. 297 Pleasant Ave. 

Cobb Geo. A. 366 Exchange. 

Cobb W. A. 519 Broadway. 

Coburn Chas. H. 628 Wabasha. 

Coburn H. A. 628 Wabasha. 

Coburn Mrs. J. D. 628 Wabasha. 

Cochran Mrs. E. D. 64 12th. 

CochranG. C. 64E. 12th. 

Cochran Thomas jr. 59 Western Ave. X. 

Cockey W. P. 24 College Ave. 

Coe D. C. 613 Laurel Ave. 

CoflFers A. E. 52 Fairfield Ave. W. 

Coffers A. E. jr. 52 Fairfield Ave. W. 

Coffers Miss Ella H. .52 Fairfield Ave. W. 

Coffers Miss Laura, 52 Fairfield Ave. \V. 

Coggswell Mrs. A. B. 689 Ravine. 

Coggswell T. S. 689 Ravine. 

Colbert V. S. 128 Kent. 

Colburn Mrs. Mary, 24 College Ave. W. 

Cole Miss Florence M. 792 Lincoln Ave. 

Cole Hon. G. E. 10 Davidson Block. 

Cole Harry K. 24 College Ave. 

Cole Myron W. 376 Market. 

Cole Xathan, 35 E. 9th. 

Coleman C. P. 325 Jackson. 

Coleman T. W. 153 Nina Ave. 

Coleman AV. X. 234 13th. 




Coleman W. H. 128 W. 5th. 
Coles W. E. 344 Martin. 
Colgrave G. H. jr. 216 E. 7th. 
Colgrave H. W. 216 13th. 
Colgrave Mrs. Jennie S. 216 13th. 
Collier Wm. K. 61 12th. 
Collins G. C. 556 St. Peter. 
Collins J. C. 411 Rondo. 
Collins J. F. 50 Aurora Ave. 
Colter C. 472 Cooper. 
Colter C. W. 643 Dayton Ave. 
Colter W. J. 502 Stillwater. 
Colton 0. C. 544 Cooper. 
Combs Harry A. 193 Pleasant Ave. 
Combs W. S. 193 Pleasant Ave. 
Comfort Allen H. 259 W. 5th. , 
Comfort Henry W. 410 Iglehart. 
Comfort O. H. 410 Iglehart. 
Comings E. D. The Portland. 
Comings Miss L. J. 339 Selby Ave. 
Comnick A. W. 705 Ravine. 
Comstock C. H. 550 Ashland Ave. 
Comstoek Mrs. E. M. 467 Iglehart. 
Conaughton Frank, 297 Nelson Ave. 
Condit A. D. 567 Broadway. 
Coney J. C. 531 Stillwater. 
Confarr Walter, 194 McBoal. 
Confer S. Calvin, 266 Maria Ave. 
Congdon C. A. 325 S. Franklin. 
Conger Fred. 16 W. Exchange. 
Conger Dr. N. H. 424 Wabasha. 
Conhaim J. 682 Canada. 
Conhaim Morris, 577 Cedar. 
Conhaim Morris jr. 577 Cedar. 
Conradt H. 410 Carroll. 
Conrath Edward, 79 11th. 
Constans Miss Anna B. 544 Jackson. 
Constans Mrs. Catherine, 544 Jackson. 
Constans Wm. 544 Jackson. 
Conver Wm. H. 377 Dayton Ave. 
Converse Blinn, 224 Colborne. 
Converse Miss Minnie, 224 Colborne. 
Cook John B. 76 Wilkin. 
Cook Melvin M. 486 E. 6th. 
Cook Miss Minnie S. 110 Iglehart. 
Cook Stephen C. 421 Holly Ave. 
Cook W. H. 1009 Farquier. 

Cook Mrs. W. W. 110 Iglehart. 

Cook W. W. 320 E. 5th. 

Cooley J. M. 44 W. Fairtield Ave. 

Cooley Miss Lillian C. 551 Wacouta. 

Cooper E. 636 De Bow. 
I Cooper H. C. 219 Grove. 
I Cooper H. J. 243 Spruce. 

Cooper J. F. Oakland Ave. nr Page. 

Cooper J. W. 614 De Bow. 

Cooper Thomas C. 469 Marshall Ave. 

Copeland G. F. 502 Collins. 

Copley C. W. 482 Ashland Ave. 

Cordo Frank I. 470 Iglehart. 

Cor lies W. 461 8th. 

Corning Edward, 55 Western Ave. N. 

Corning Gardner, 55 Western Ave. N. 

Corning John W. L. 481 Dayton Ave. 

Cornish Wm. D. 540 Summit Ave. 

Cornman Miss A. 507 Marshall Ave. 

Cornman Miss Ella, 507 Marshall Ave. 

Cornman Mrs. Susan, 507 Marshall Ave. 

Cornwell Mrs. H. E. 378 Summit Ave. 

Cory Henry W. 218 E. 7th. 

Coryell Mrs. Amelia, 688 De Soto. 

Costello James, 350 Goodrich Ave. 

Costello J. E. 205 Norris. 

Costello Mark, 281 Rice. 

Costello R. J. 229 13th. 

Cottrell Dr. S. P. Windsor Hotel. 

CovellH.A. 348 Market. 

CovodeH. L. 40E.3d. 

Cowley A. M. P. 55 S. Forbes. 

Cowley A. S. 55 S. Forbes. 

Cox A. L. 526 Holly Ave. 

Cox B. A. 416 E. 10th. 

Craig A. L. 208 McBoal. 

Craig C. E. 211 Spruce. 

Craig M. 303 Nelson Ave. 

Craig W. Gordon. 195 W. 5th. 

Craig Robert, 96 Mackubin. 

Craig Robert A. 299 Rice. 

CranWm. H. 124 W.oth. 

Crane F. M. 157 Kent. 

Crary E. H. 572 Cedar. 

Crary Dr. W. H. 35 E. 10th. 

Cratsenberg A. A. 245 Nelson Ave. 

Crawford Alex. 20 Iglehart. 



Crebb Miss Josie, 535 Carroll. 

Creighton John B. 245 McBoal, 

Cremer "\V. J. 450 N. Oak. 

Crippen H. S. 194 Summit Ave. 

Crissey P. E. 729 Yale. 

Crocker J. 445 Wiibasha. 

Croghan Miss Mary, 43 Mackiibin. 

Crooks Chas. 68 Wilkin. 

Crooks S. Stearns, 289 E. 10th. 

Crooks Col. Wm. 68 Wilkin. 

Croonquist A. P. 749 Jessie. 

Croonquist John, 225 E. 7th. 

Cropsey G. H. Inter Ocean Hotel. 

Crosby O. 67 Rivoli. 

Crosby S, P. 120 E. 3d. 

Cross Geo. W. 112 Western Ave. N. 

Cross Mrs. L. P. 344 Dayton Ave. 

Cross P. 177 E. 7th. 

Crosson James W. 49 W. Exchange. 

Crow Wm. R. 334 Jackson. 

Crowley C. M. Dakota Ave. cor Sidney. 

Crowley John P. Dakota Ave. cor Sidney. 

Crowley Philip, Dakota Ave. cor Sidney. 

Crummey G. B. 549 Marshall Ave. 

Crump Mrs. E. 419 E. 10th. 

Culbertson F. R. 633 Wabasha. 

Culbertson W. A. 4-35 Summit Ave. 

Cullen Chas. 119 W. 4th. 

Cullen James, Cherokee Ave. nr Ohio. 

Cullen Kimball P. 1-38 W. 4th. 

Cullen Miss M. C. 59 Tilton. 

Cullen 0. O. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Cullen W. L. 335 Bates Ave. 

Cullum R. H. 336 Maple. 

Culverwell J. .503 St. Peter. 

Cumbey Wm. N. 520 Pine. 

Cumming G. M. 200 Dayton Ave. 

Cummings Miss E. Y. 21 W. Exchange. 

Cummings Lorenzo R. 628 E. 4th. 

Cummings Mrs. M. 21 W. Exchange. 

Cummings Miss M.A. 21 W. Exchange. 

Cummings Samuel, 32 Iglehart. 

Cummings Wm. J. 21 W. Exchange. 

Cummins L. C. 100 E. 7th. 

Cummisky C. C. 563 Canada. 

Cunningham Geo. W. 67 W. 10th. 

Cunningham J. W. 495 Portland Ave. 

Cunningham Wm. .393 Walnut. 
Cunningham Wm. 334 Goodhue. 
Curry Mrs. A. B. Windsor Hotel. 
Curry Harry, Windsor Hotel. 
Curry M. B. The Portland. 
Curtice D. L. 80 Iglehart. 
Curtis F. S. 490 Dayton Ave. 
Curtis H. R. 410 Holly Ave. 
Curtis Henry Y. 615 Jackson. 
Curtis Mrs. Phebe A. 539 Marshall Ave. 
Curtis T. P. 400 Marshall Ave. 
Curtis U. B. 260 Ramsey. 
Curtis Walter W. 120 Iglehart. 
Curtis Wm. E. St. James Hotel. 
Curtiss D. A. 2'j2 Pleasant Ave. 
! Cushing George W. 487 Broadway. 
Cust H. H. Hotel Astoria. 
Cutler Edward H. 360 Summit Ave. 
Cutler W. G. 476 Cedar. 
Cutting Miss Anna C. 16 Summit Ave. 
Cutts F. D. 158 Custer. 
Czeikowitz R. D. 365 Cedar. 

ADMUN DR. W. E. 129 W. 4th. 


Dahl Mrs. C. 136 13th. 

Dahl E. W. 136 13th. 

Dallas Wilber C. 947 DeSoto 

Dallimore G. A. 27 W. 5th. 

Dalrymple Oliver, 341 Grove. 

Daly James A. 461 Ohio. 

Damkroger Henry, .355 Maria Ave. 

Damkroger Miss Sarah, 355 Maria Ave. 

Damler F. W. 382 Cedar. 

Damm Dr. L. F. 1422 S. 6th. 

Uamon Geo. T. 176 Charles. 

Dampier AVm. 212 Pleasant Ave. 

Dana Rev. Malcolm M. 15 E. 10th. 
[ Dana Miss Mary L. 283 Goodrich Ave. 

Dana S. E. 283 Goodrich Ave. 

Dana Wm. A. 344 E. 10th. 

Danahey Rev. Patrick, 6th nr St. Peter. 
' Daniels Miss Abby H. 640 St. Peter. 

Daniels Lewis, 368 N. Exchange. 

Danneberg C. E. 22 E. 3d. 

D'Anse Miss May, 276 Goodrich Ave. 

Danser A. C. 39 Summit Ave. 

Danz Jacob, 223 Grove. 



Danz Jacob jr. 157 W. 6th. 

Darling J. H. 508 St. Paul. 

Darr M. M. Hotel Astoria. 

Darragh Mrs. Edward, 540 Olive. 

Darrah Miss M. E. 554 St. Peter. 

Davenport Alfred, 29 Douglas. 

Davenport Geo. C. 640 Mississippi. 

Davenport Dr. James, 133 W. 3d. 

Davenport James, 29 Douglas. 

Davenport Paifus, 29 Douglas. 

Davidson Miss Daisy W. 390 Broadway, 

Davidson Edward E. 513 Jackson. 

Davidson Col. James H. 390 Broadway. 

Davidson J. X. 141 11th. 

Davidson R. Y. 513 Jackson. 

Davidson Miss Sallie M. 513 Jackson. 

Davidson Wm. F. 513 Jackson. 

Davies Daniel, 312 Maria Ave. 

DaviesMrs. E. C. 529 Laurel Ave. 

Davis C. B. 921 Lincoln Ave. 

Davis Capt. C. E. 544 Selby Ave. 

Davis Hon. C. K. 130 Farrington Ave. 

Davis D. R. 565 Lafayette Ave. 

Davis Edward, 453 Wacouta. 

Davis E. L. 921 Lincoln Ave. 

Davis Frank A. 706 Conway. 

Davis Fred. G. 9 W. 9th. 

Davis F. W. 223 Farrington Ave. 

Davis H. C. 229 E. 9th. 

Davis Maj. H. N. 130 Farrington Ave. 

Davis James H. 248 Maria Ave. 

Davis John E. 47 Dale. 

Davis Leo, 287 Bantill. 

Davis S. Lee, 158 Pleasant Ave. 

Davis Thomas, 665 E. 4th. 

Davis Dr. Wm. 409 Laurel Ave. 

Davison Charles, 648 Division. 

Davison C. B. 364 E. Ninth. 

Davison Miss H. M. 589 Marshall Ave. 

Davison Mrs. Mary E. 381 Ellen. 

Dawley Miss Ella D. 757 Dayton Ave. 

Dawson Miss Emma, Robert cor Bluff". 

Dawson J. F. 441 W. 7th. 

Dawson Miss Laura L. Robert cor Bluff'. 

Dawson Samuel, 25 E. 10th. 

Dawson Wm. Robert cor Bluff". 

Dawson Wm. jr. 25 E. 10th. 

Day Charles B. 274 Dayton Ave. 

Day Charles F. 257 W. 5th. 

Day Charles W. 257 W. 5th. 

Day Dr. David, 274 Dayton Ave. 

Day David H. 274 Dayton Ave. 

Day Miss Ada, 257 W. 5th. 

Day Miss Emma, 257 W. 5th. 

Day F. D. 470 Iglehart. 

Day Julius B, 200 Dayton Ave, 

Day L. J. 470 Iglehart. 

Day Miss May L. 470 Iglehart. 

Dayton Mrs. E. 82 Iglehart. 

Deacon H. C. 482 Cedar 

Deacon Mrs. Katherine, 546 Selby Ave. 

Deacon W. (i. 546 Selby Ave. 

Deakin Wm. Snelling nr Summit Ave. 

Dean Miss Alice M, 353 Summit Ave. 

Dean Miss Amelia B. 353 Summit Ave. 

Dean Miss Caroline N. 353 Summit Ave. 

Dean Wm. B. 353 Summit Ave. 

Deane Albert J. 421 Laurel Ave. 

Deane E. M. 421 Laurel Ave. 

Dearborn George H. 395 Walnut. 

Dearing Samuel, George cor Charlton. 

Deathe R. G. 228 Norris. 

De Camp Miss Georgie, 283 Dayton Ave. 

DeCamp Silas O. 485 Marshall Ave. 

Decker Adam, 79 11th. 

Decker Miss Carrie, 79 11th. 

Decker George, 7911th. 

De Coster C. C. 301 Grove. 

Dedolph Dr. Frederick, 304 E. 7th. 

Decks Geo. M. 203 Central. 

Defiel Michael, 205 S. Oak. 

Defoe Mrs. Agnes M. 119 W. 4th. 

De Force W. J. 484 Cedar. 

De Graff" Col. Andrew, Merchants Hotel. 

De Graff" Chas. A. Merchants Hotel. 

De Graw Miss Jane, 597 Cedar. 

De Graw John, 597 Cedar. 
i De Graw S. R. 595 Cedar. 
I De Groot W. E. 309 E. 6th. 
j De Haas Frederick, 774 E. 6th. 
I De Jonker Henry C. 1140 Ross. 
I De Lacy Charles, 24 Oakland. 

Delamere T. J. 382 8th. 
I Delaney Andrew, 287 E. 10th. 


Delancy Martin, 143 Western Ave. S. 

Delano F. C. 244 E. 10th. 

Delano F. R. 244 E. lOlh. 

Dell Fred. 546 Ashland Ave. 

Dell Eobert, 302 Goodrich Ave. 

Deller Charles, 143 AV. 4th. 

Dellinger G. W. 443 Ashland Ave. 

Dellinger Miss Jennie, 443 Ashland Ave. 

De Long D. 833 Mound. 

De Long G. W. 833 Mound. 

Demeules Adolph, 7 E. 9th. 

Demeules Louis, 7 E. 9th. 

De Mores Marquis, 353 N.Washington. 

Denipsey George, 443 York. 

Dennis Edward M. 312 Nelson Ave. 

Dennis MissElizabeth G. 312 Nelson Ave. 

Dennis Willard S. 312 Nelson Ave. 

Dennison Mrs. M. 70 Summit Ave. 

Dennison Miss Nellie, 70 Summit Ave. 

Denny Dr. C.F. 165 E.7th. 

Denslow Dr. L. N. Windsor Hotel. 

Densmore Wm. Earl, nr Reaney. 

De Pew J. A. 765 Burr. 

Depew J. C. 837 Minnehaha. 

Depew R. H. 501 Hopkins. 

DettlofF H. 109 State. 

De Turk Jay H. 591 Ashland Ave. 

Detwiler John, 531 Laurel Ave. 

Devitt A. E. 301 E. 7th. 

Devlin Mrs. E. 401 Livingston Ave. 

Devlin James A. 401 Livingston Ave. 

De Vol W. G. Windsor Hotel. 

Dewey Dr. J. J. 196 Acker. 

Dewey Dr. J. J. 303 Somerset. 

De Witt Miss Alice, 454 Summit Ave. 

DeZouche George L. 477 Iglehart. 

Dibb T. J. 600 Jackson. 

Dibble C. A. 237 Western Ave. N. 

Dicker Wm. Henry, 903 Burr. 

Dickerman A. E. 364 N. Exchange. 

Dickerman C. E. 429 Ashland Ave. 

Dickerman W. H. 364 N. Exchange. 

Dickerson J. S. 489 Broadway. 

Dickinson D. A. 118 Virginia Ave. 

Dickinson S. G. Windsor Hotel. 

Dickson T. H. 521 Ashland Ave. 

Diedrieh Wm. 2o7 Stewart Ave. 

Dieter George W. 352 Waverly PI. 

Dieter W. F. 100 11th. 

Diether Mrs. Bernhard, 481 North. 

Diether Miss Carrie A. 481 North. 

Diether Chailes, 481 North. 

Diether Samuel B. 488 Collins. 

Dillingham F. 190 Iglehart. 

Dillon James, 254 Commercial. 

Dillon Miss Mary, 254 Commercial. 

Dimmitt H. W. 15 W. Exchange. 
I Dingle Joseph, 121 E. Isabel. 

Dion John B. 671 Bedford. 

Dion L. N. 446 St. Anthony Ave. 
Dippo Wm. S. 661 E. 4th. 
D.stel L. 12 AV. Bluff. 
Ditman Mrs. Mary A. 21 College Ave. E 
Dittmann C. M. 433 Holly Ave. 
Dixon W. H. 468 Ashland Ave. 
Doble Mrs. Ella, 348 E. 9th. 
Doble I. P. 348 E. 9th. 
Doble L. S. 348 E. 9th. 
Doble Mrs. Mary, 348 E. 9th. 
Doble W. C. 348 E. 9th. 
Dobson John J. Harvard cor Bunker. 
j Dodd Mrs. Helena, 231 Bunker. 
! Dodge E. F. 53 Summit Ave. 
i Dodge Miss Jane E. 539 Holly Ave. 
Dodge John H. Merchants Hotel. 
Dodge J. AV. 292 Olmsted. 
Dodge Levi, 25 AV'. 5th. 
Dodson AV. P. 75 12th. 
Doe AV. A. 184 AVinifred. 
Doherty A. M. 457 Ohio. 
Doherty J. AV. 608 AV. 7th. 
Doherty Miss 'M. F. 6th cor Broadway. 
Dohm F. AV. 189 McBoal. 
Dohrman J. C. 396 Dayton Ave. 
Dolby AV. A. 546 Robert. 
Donahue J. H. 453 Selby Ave. 
Donohue Miss Lillie, 558 St. Peter. 
Donohue P. 558 St. Peter. 
Donaldson Gilbert, 603 Jackson. 
Donaldson J. AV. 548 Cedar. 
Donaldson AV. T. 424 E. 9th. 
Donnelly H. C. 129 AV. 5th. 
Donnelly Dr. Ignatius, 336 E. 7th. 
Donnellv J. G. 347 Prairie. 



Donnelly James G. 388 Minnesota. 

Donnelly James R. s e cor 7th and Pine. 

Donnelly John, 633 Yale. 

Donnelly John G. 347 Prairie. 

Donovan Miss Ellen, 413 N. Franklin. 

Donovan John, 413 N. Franklin. 

Donovan Mrs. J. J. 349 Rondo. 

Doran C. B.261 Grove. 

Doran Frank B. 201 Susan, 

Doran James, Merchants Hotel. 

Doran James W. 261 Grove. 

Doran Michael, Merchants Hotel. 

Dorion Dr. Chas. N. 367 N. Washington. 

Dorn Mrs. H. 231 Bunker. 

Dorr R. R. 486 Portland Ave. 

Dorrance G. W. 279 W. 7th. 

Dorsey Mrs. A. C. 571 Jackson. 

Dorsey Harry A. 571 Jackson. 

Dorsey Miss Mary H. 64 Tilton. 

Dorsey W. A. 571 Jackson. 

Dougan H. 229 13th. 

Dougan H. V. 77 Summit Ave. 

Dougan Robt. H. 437 Marshall Ave. 

Dougher John E. Merchants Hotel, 

Dougher Patrick, St. James Hotel. 

Dougherty Frank, 318 Walnut. 

Dougherty Miss May, 599 Randolph. 

Dougherty Miss T. C, 599 Randolph. 

Douglass Dr. A. D. 754 E. 7th. 

Douglass Charles W. 259 W. 5th. 

Douglass L. 754 E. 7th. 

Douglass W. A. 144 11th. 

Dow Dr. J. D. 7th cor Washington. 

Dowlan F. S. 232 Mt. Airy. 

Dowlan John, 232 Mt. Airy. 

Dowlan Miss Mary L. 232 Mt. Airy. 

Dowlan Miss Sara R. 232 Mt. Airy. 

Dowlan AVm. 64 Iglehart. 

Downing Robert H, 366 Bates Ave, 

Doyle Andrew, 296 Sturgis. 

Doyle John, 363 N. Franklin. 

Doyle Wm. M. 618 E. 3d. 

Drabble Charles J. 28 Iglehart. 

Drake A. M. 509 Lafayette Ave, 

Drake Miss Carrie A. 509 Lafayette Ave. 

Drake E, F. 509 Xafayette Ave. 

Drake Henry C. Moore's Block. 

Drake H. T. n e cor Cedar and 10th. 

Drake J. H, 365 Grove. 
I Drake Miss Mary F. 509 Lafayette Ave, 
i Draper F. G, 449 8th. 

Draper Miss Lizzie E. 461 8th. 
^ Draper L. V, 461 8th, 

Draper Walter, 461 8th. 

Dreher Otto, 187 Ramsey. 

Dreis Miss Maggie, 46 W. 9th. 

Dreis Martin, 217 Carroll. 

Dreis Peter J. 465 St. Peter. 

Dreves Henry A. 118 E. Colorado. 
j Drew Mrs. E. M. 168 Pleasant Ave. 

Drew Socrates, 573 Ohio. 

Drew T. 516 Ashland Ave. 
' Drewry E. cor Truxton and Minnehaha, 
j Drezmal Alexander, 202 E. 9th. 
I Driscoll A. B. 598 St. Peter. 
I Driscoll Fred. 598 St. Peter. 
j Driscoll Fred. jr. Metropolitan Hotel. 
I Duerr W. R. 331 E. 3d. 
t Duffy John, 528 Collins. 

Duford John B. n s Robie 1 e of Andrew, 

Dufrene xVlfred, 81 Sherburne Ave. 

Dufrcne Miss Ida May, 81 Sherburne Ave. 

Dufrene MissStella A. 81 Sherburne Ave, 
I Dunbar Miss A. H. 360 Summit Ave. 

Dunbar C. T. The Portland. 

Dunbar George, 60 W. 4th. 

Dunbar R. H. 215 Pearl. 

Duncan C. H. 482 Laurel Ave. 

Duncan E. O. 58 W, 4th, 

Duncan F. E. Aruudel cor Marshall Ave, 

Duncan Joseph W, 366 Carroll. 

Duncan Mrs. Mary, 542 Mississippi. 

Duncan Mrs. M. 482 Laurel Ave. 

Duncan Miss Mary B. 366 Carroll. 

Duncan T. B. 366 Carroll. 

Dunlap Dr. C. R. 571 Ashland Ave. 

Dunlap J. F, 344 Sherman, 

Dunn Charles, 381 Fort, 

Dunnigan J. J. 467 Robert. 

Durage J. J. Metropolitan Hotel, 

Durkee R. A. 58 Prospect Terrace. 

Durocher L. C. 638 Jackson. 

Dwyer F. P. 441 Fort. 

Dwyer Frank, 206 University Ave. 



Dwyer J. A. 500 Cooper. 
Dwyer Dr. P. J. 473 Park Ave. 
Dwyer P. V. 543 Ashland Ave. 
Dyer D. M. 130 Nina Ave. 
Dyer H. W. 649 Canada. 
Dyer L. 319 Grove. 
Dyer W. J. 513 Grand Ave. 
DysartEev. J. P. 1064Farquier. 
Dysinger S. D. 223 Spruce. 
Dyson W. 327 E. 6th. 

EAGAN JOHN, 8 w cor Dayton Ave. 
and Grotto. 
Eagan Miss Minnie, Dayton cor Grotto. 
Eager R. AY. 47 Summit Ave. 
Eastman Dr. A. M. 186 Summit Ave. 
Eastman Samuel W.419 Livingston Ave. 
Eastman S. W. 401 N. Franklin. 
Eaton A. G. 175 Pleasant Ave. 
Eaton B. B. Merchants Hotel. 
Eaton C. 518 St Paul. 
Eaton C. E. Windsor Hotel. 
Eaton C. L. 244 E. 9th. 
Eaton S. S. 2-*4 E. 9th. 
Eaton S. S.jr. 244E. 9th. 
Eaton Thos. G. Windsor Hotel. 
Eaton W. H. 518 St. Paul. 
Eaton W. S. 670 Jackson. 
Eddy A. M. 569 Holly Ave. 
Eddy E. AV. 202 E. 9th. 
Eddy H.W. 249 13th. 
Ede Clayton, 415 E. 7th. 
Edgerton Albert, 240 AV. 7th. 
Edgerton J. AA\369 N.AVashington. 
Edgren Miss Julia, 588 Burr. 
Edgren Prof. J. A. 588 Burr. 
Edsall J. W. 309>^ Jackson. 
Edwards Rev. M. D. 423 Laurel Ave. 
Edwards A\^. C. 17 S. Forbes. 
Egan John, 286 Lisbon. 
Egan J. J. 573 Laurel Ave. 
Egan Martin, 308 Maria Ave. 
Egan P. F. 80 Kent. 
Egan Wm. 442 Ashland Ave. 
Ege Miss Alice L. 698 Hudson Ave. 
Ege A. L. 698 Hudson Ave. 
Eggert August, 747 AVeide Ave. 

Eggleston Charles, 882 Armstrong Ave. 

Eggleston M. R. 882 Armstrong Ave. 

Eggleston R. D. 231 Pearl. 

Eibert Maximilian, 18 College Ave. E. 

Eisenmenger Louis, 455 AA'abasha. 

Ekman Carl, 263 13th. 

Ekman Henry, 569 Lafayette Ave. 

Eldred F. B. 493 Laurel Ave. 

Eldredge Miss Carrie, Dayton corA'ictoria. 

Eldredge J. A. s e cor Dayton and A'ictoria. 

Elfelt Abram S. 32 Irvine Park. 

Elfelt C. C. 229 AVestern Ave. N. 

Elkins Jas. N. 370 N. Exchange. 

Eller H. C. 575 Holly Ave. 

Ellerbe Miss Rebecca, 193 Mackubin. 

Files Joseph, 450 AVabasha. 

Elliott A. C. 11 Alice. 

Elliott A. N. 679 Dayton Ave. 

Elliott Rev. Henry, 13 Alice. 

Elliott Mrs. 0. AV. 48 AV. 4th. 

Ellis J. J. 1145 AA'. 7th. 

Ellis Matthew, Merchants Hotel. 

Elmer H. N. 1181/^ W. 3d. 

Elmquist J. G. 276 E. 7th. 

Elmquist S. J. 222 E. 7th. 

Elmund F. E. cor Arcade and Reaney. 

Eltzner R. AA^ 687 E. 7th. 

Elwell Miss Amarett F. 41 Mackubin. 

Elwell Miss Eunice E. 41 Mackubin.- 

Elwell Mrs. F. E. 41 Mackubin. 

Elwell G. AV. n e cor 13th and Broadway. 

Ely AV. AV. 114 Dale. 

Emeny AVm. 208 Pearl. 

Emerson E. R. 658 Mississippi. 

Emerson H. E. 291 AAllliams. 

Emerson J. K. 503 Mississippi. 

Emery Miss Celia, 168 Pleasant Ave. 

Emery Mary E.,M. D. 433 DaytonAve. 

Emery Miss Pauline, 168 Pleasant Ave. 

Enderlen Albert, 452 Sibley. 

Enderton C. H. 24 College Ave. W. 

Enderton AA^m. 24 College Ave. W. 

Endsley AV. C. 580 Cedar. 

Engberg Oscar, 317 E. 7th. 

Engel Adolph, 385 AValnut. 

Engel Douglass, 24 Steele Block. 

Engel Frank, 442 Carroll. 



Engel J, 24 Steele Block. 

Engels Miss Bertha, 530 Mississippi. 

Engels Frank, 530 Mississippi. 

Engels Miss Helen, 530 Mississippi. 

Engels Lewis, 530 Mississippi. 

Engels Paul, 530 Mississippi. 

Ensor Miss Neville R. 285 Pleasant Ave. 

Eppstein A. H. Hotel Astoria. 

Erger Leonard, 43 W. Exchange. 

Erskine.T. K. 906 Juno. 

Erskine Miss Margaret K. 906 Juno. 

Erwin W. W. 481 Iglehart. 

Espe E. H. 562 Bradley. 

Espy Maj. John, 74 Summit Ave. 

Essery R. W. 399 Hoffman Ave. 

Esterley Charles A, 258 Pleasant Ave. 

Estes Howard, Windsor Hotel. 

Evans Clark, 226 Nash. 

Evans Mrs. Emma, 565 Westminster. 

Evans E. D. 229 Nash. 

Evans E. W. 565 Westminster, 

Evans George B. 196 Central. 

Evans Prof. R. H. 482 Cedar. 

Evans Wm. 565 Westminster. 

Evans Miss Sadie, 226 Nash. 

Evarts Hamilton, 362 Maria Ave. 

Evarts N. B. 309 E. 6th. 

Everson Mrs. J. M. 480 Cedar. 

Ewing Benjamin, 321 E. Robie. 

Exley George J. 170 Eaton Ave. 

Eylesnin Clara E. 624 Dayton Ave. 

Eyles F. J. 624 Dayton Ave. 

Eyles Miss Jennie M. 624 Dayton Ave. 


ABEL PHILLIP. 273 Goodhue. 

Faber Charles, 7th nr Oak. 
Faber Paul J. 302 E. 7th. 
Faddis Miss S. B. 551 Stillwater. 
Faddis Prof. W. A. 551 Stillwater. 
Faddis W. I. 551 Stillwater. 
Fahey Fergus, 712 St. Peter. 
Fahnestock Louis, 248 Dayton Ave. 
Fairbanks J. W. 16 Summit Ave. 
Fairchild Miss Carrie, 135 Summit Ave. 
Fairchild Chas. C. 135 Summit Ave. 
Fairchild Miss Florence, 135 Summit Ave. 

I Fairchild Henry S. 135 Summit Ave. 
' Fairchild Josiah, 321 Pleasant Ave. 

Fales Edward L. 19 W. Delos. 

Fales Grenville, 25 W. Delos. 

Fales Miss Maggie M. 19 W. Delos. 

Fales Willard A. Delos nr Hall Ave. 

Fallihee Miss Annie F. 517 Aurora Ave. 

Fallihee J. W. n e cor Kent and Charles. 

Fallihee Patrick, 517 Aurora Ave. 
j Fandel Henry, 23* Pleasant Ave. 

Fandel J. B. 136 Isabel. 

Fanning C. E. 495 North. 

Fantle Chas. 404 E. 10th. 

Farber Mrs. A. 579 Robert. 
I Farber Herman H. 579 Robert. 
' Farnham E. L. 376 Wacouta. 
! Farnham W. H. 507 Wabasha. 

Farnsworth Mrs. Ellen, 570 Wabasha. 

Farnsworth Miss Lou, 570 Wabasha. 

FarnumE. J. 127 W. 5th. 

Farr Miss Bessie, 59 11th. 

Farrar F. W. 40 Oakland Ave. 

Farrar Mrs. J. M. 596 Jackson. 

Farrell M. B. 295 Carroll. 

Farrington C.219 Pleasant Ave. 

Farrington John, 219 Pleasant Ave. 

Farrington Miss Sue, 219 Pleasant Ave. 
! Farwell Frank B. 399 8th. 

Farwell F. W. 255 Farrington Ave. 

Farwell George L. 549 Olive. 

Farwell H. B. 753 Case. 

Farwell Lyman, 399 8th. 

Farwell W. T. 583 Marshall Ave. 
, Fassbind Franz, IT W. 9th. 
! P'assbind Miss Regina, 17 W. 9th. 

Faulkner J. F. 43>^ W. 3d. 

Fauntleroy T. T. 488 Cedar. 

Fawkner George S. 286 Pleasant Ave. 

Fay Ernest, 216 Bates Ave. 

Fay M. W. 513 Wabasha. 

Fee Charles S. 560 St. Paul. 

Feeley Dominic, 687 De Soto. 
i Feely James, 354 Ramsey. 

Feeser Louis, 310 Wabasha. 

Felton Dr. G. H. 740 E. 7th. 

Ferguson Charles, 366 N. Exchange 

Ferguson Paul D. 420 Woodward Ave. 



Fern aid C. J5. 65 Summit Ave. 
Fernald H. A. 65 Summit Ave. 
Fernholz Mrs. Anna, 234 W. 9tb. 
Ferrey Edgar S. 301 Olmsted. 
Ferrey :Nrark E. 801 Olmsted. 
Ferrey R. E. 301 Olmsted. 
Ferris Benjamin F. Sherman House. 
FerrisC. W. 84TiIton. 
Fertig Geo. W. 90 E. Colorado. 
Fetscb Adam, 11 Iglehart. 
Fickenscher Eev. Richard, 297 E. 6th. 
Field Miss Chattie E. 521 Marshall Ave. 
Field H. W. 619 Jackson. 
Field T. C. 23 Iglehart. 
Fifield Wm. F. 701 E. 4th. 
Filbert H. H. 139 W. 3d. 
Fillebrown J. W. 788 Lincoln Ave. 
Finch Miss Callie, 975 Hudson Ave. 
Finch Miss Clemence E. 432 Summit Ave. 
Finch Dudley B. 172 Summit Ave. 
Finch F. M. 377 N. Washington. 
I inch George R. 432 Summit Ave. 
Finch Sherman, 335 E. i: th. 
Finch Sherman E. 975 Hudson Ave. 
Finck Adam, 265 Pleasant Ave. 
Finehout H. 273 Grove. 
Fink F. W. 907 Burr. 
Finn C. W. Moore's Block, 7 Corners. 
Finn H. S. Moore's Block, 7 Corners. 
Finn Wm. 13 W. 9th 
Finnigan Peter, 483 Whitall. 
Fischbein Haskell G. 151 Iglehart. 
Fischbein Morris, 151 Iglehart. 
Fischer Conrad, 643 Burr. 
Fischer Frances, cor 8th and Robert. 
Fischer John, 396 Exchange. 
Fischer Louis, 110 College Ave. W. 
Fish Charles T. 419 Eaton Ave. 
Fish John B. 475 Carroll. 
Fisch Leslie B. 475 Carroll 
Fisher A. W. 234 Spruce. 
Fisher C. H. 653 Division. 
Fisher Charles "W. 484 Collins. 
Fisher F. W. 2.34 Spruce. 
Fisher Louis E. 13 W. 10th. 
Fisher Dr. W. F. 547 Broadway 
Fisher W. H. 784 Grand Ave. 

FiskN. P.497North. 

Fisk R. C. 497 North. 

Fitch T. W. 47 Summit Ave. 

Fitz J. H. 254 Farrington Ave. 

Fitzgerald E. 24 College Ave. 

Fitzgerald M. W. 186 E. 3d. 

Fitzgerald Robert, 475 Hopkins. 

Fitzgibbons P. F. 5-50 Ashland Ave. 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, 273 Dayton Ave. 

Fitzsimmons J. C. 568 Laurel Ave. 

Fitzsimons Dr. W. cor Rice and ^Martin. 

Flagg Dr. S. D. .393 E. 9th. 

Flammer Eugene, 188 W. 7th. 

Flandrau Hon. C. E. 385 Pleasant Ave. 

Flarsheim M. H. 312 E. 11th. 

Fleckenstein Fred. 366 E. 9th. 

Fleckey J. H. 209 W. 9th. 

Fleckey Wm. 209 W. 9th. 

Flescbman Miss Mary, 523 St. Paul. 

Fliegner Ferdinand, 715 St. Peter. 

Flint Geo. J. 47 S. Forbes. 

Flint 0. B. 125 Viola. 

Florence J. W. 143 W. 4th. 

Flournoy A. G. Reaney nr Earl. 

Flournoy Richard T. 229 8th. 

Flower Mark D. 428 Ashland Ave. 

Flower M. T. C. 428 Ashland Ave. 

Flynn Nicholas J. 19 Hoffman Ave. 

Fogg F. A. 401 8th. 

Fogg F.G. 373 Grove. 

Follett Frederick, 168 Pleasant Ave. 

Folsom A. D. 250 Rice. 

Folsom S. P. 880 Bradley. 

Folsom S. P. jr. .521 Whitall. 

Foltz George F. 537 Ohio. 

Foord Miss Beth L. 194 E. 10th. 

Foos John, 377 Oak. 

Foote J. H. 304 Selby Ave. 

Footner W. J. 31 E. 10th. 

Forbes Rev. R. .541 Robert. 

Forbes T. W. 544 Cooper. 

Ford A. P 229 Spruce. 

Ford D. K. 625 Portland Ave. 

Ford Edward A. 173 Carroll. 

Ford Frank, 43^^ W. 3d. 

Ford John T, Metropolitan Hotel. 

Ford J. T. 6.54 Yale. 


Ford Nathan, 527 Dayton Ave. 

Ford Miss Mabel K. 425 Portland Ave. 

Ford Miss Nellie W. 625 Portland Ave. 

Foreman S. E. 214 E. Winifred. 

Forepaugh Miss A. M. 276 S. Exchange. 

Forepaugh Joseph L. 276 S. Exchange. 

Forepaugh Miss M. L. 276 S. Exchange. 

Forest Miss C. E. 637 St. Peter. 

Forest J. M. 637 St. Peter. 

Forest S. A. 637 St. Peter. 

Forney J. A. 542 Cooper. 

Forsyth Miss Elizabeth M. 652 Wabasha. 

Foster A. G. 478 Summit Ave. 

Foster Harry G. 478 Summit Ave. 

Foster H. M. 480 Cedar. 

Foster James H. 188 E. 7th. 

Foster S. E. 258 Norris. 

Foulke W^m. 256 Farrington Ave. 

Fowler A. H. 501 Holly Ave. 

Fowler Charles E. Clarendon Hotel. 

Fowler James jr. W. 7th nr Victoria. 

Fowler Miss Jennie, 290 Iglehart. 

Fowler Mrs. S. A. 290 Iglehart. 

Foy Wm. F. 587 Canada. 

Francis Dr. S. O. 534 Collins. 

Frank S. 222 E. 10th. 

Franklin C. G. Moore's Block. 

Eraser Hjugh, 161 Ellen. 

Eraser Vi. H. 551 Ashland Ave. 

Eraser Miss Katie, 123 Western Ave. 

Freaney W. J. 54 Iglehart. 

Fredericks J. T. 561 Lafayette Ave. 

Fredericks W^ H. 16 E. 3d. 

Freeman Dudley, 50 W. 5th. 

Freeman George W. 354 Bates Ave. 

Freeman Henry, 617 E. Fourth. 

Freeman H. J. 5S8 St. Peter. 

Freeman James G. 588 St. Peter, 

Freeman Russell, 4 Benz Block. 

Freeman Mrs. S. A. 610 Lincoln Ave. 

French A.F. 521 Broadway. 

French L. W^ 521 Broadway. 

Frey Miss Johanna, 621 E.5th. 

Frey Miss Julia, 621 E. 5th. 

Friend Charles 554 Broadway. 

Friend Charles, jr. 554 Broadway. 

Friend Frank R. 554 Broadway. 

I Frikart Frederick, 362 Jackson. 

Frisbee W. H. 122 E. 3d. 

Frisbee D. P. Clarendon Hotel. 

Frost L. L. 491 Laurel Ave. 

Frost N. R. 605 Dayton Ave. 

Frost T. E. 417 Ashland Ave. 

Frost W. A. Windsor Hotel. 
I Fry Christian,. 527 Lafayette Ave. 
I Frye Mrs. Ann E. 185 Pleasant Ave. 
1 Frye J. P. 437 Laurel Ave. 

Frye L. W. 185 Pleasant Ave. 

Fryer E. L. 126 Kent. 

Fuller Miss Abby A. 181 Ramsey. 

Fuller C. A. 519 Broadway. 

Fuller Mrs. Cynthia S. 129 W. 4th. 

Fuller Henry H. 129 W. 4th. 

Fuller Jennie, INI. D. 433 Dayton Ave. 

Fuller J. L. 213 13th. 

Fuller Mrs. J. S. 241 AV. 7th. 

Fuller W. S. 235 14th. 

Fulton John F. s w cor 4th and Jackson. 

Funk Charles, 2"8 Goodrich Ave. 

Funk C. R. 519 Stillwater. 

Funk Edward, 733 E. 5th. 

Funk Frank, 278 Goodrich Ave. 

Funk Frank jr. 278 Goodrich Ave. 

Funk Rev. Philip, 336 Maria Ave. 

Funk Wm. 519 Stillwater. 

Furness Mrs. M. R. 265 S. Exchange. 

Futvoye George C. 297 Nelson Ave. 


ADBOIS F. W. 185 Lafond. 

j Gage Miss Frances C. 699 Ravine. 
I Gage (i. M. 699 Ravine. 
I Gale Mrs. M. E. 114 Dale. 

Gall Hermann, 530 University Ave. 
I Gallagher Rev. P. J. Wood cor Gorman. 

Gallien E. J. 321 Josette. 

Gallup Benjamin, 394 University Ave. 

Gallup Miss Cora, 394 University Ave. 
I Gallup Nathan, 497 Holly Ave. 
I Galusha Miss H. 138 Iglehart. 
I Galusha Howard H. 138 Iglehart. 
{ Galusha Reuben B. 138 Iglehart. 

Gamble Mrs. Eliza B. 475 Summit Ave. 
I Gamble James, 475 Summit Ave. 


Gannett G. L. 173 W. Third. 

Ganyaw Napoleon B.395 Livingston Ave. 

Ganyaw Wm. 395 Livingston Ave. 

Gardner H. R. 6 Greenwood Ave. 

(iarland Fields V. 325 Goodrich Ave. 

Garland Mrs. Mary A. 95 Garfield. 

Garland R. D. 624 Summit Ave. 

Garland Miss Susan, 62-i Summit Ave. 

Garland W. H. 624 Summit Ave. 

Garland W. H. jr. 624 Summit Ave. 

(iarlough J. H. 100 Dakota Ave. 

Garrison I. A. 550 Ashland Ave. 

Gasper Wm. C. 173 W. 3d. 

Gasser M. M. Winslow House. 

Gaston Wm. G. 70 Iglehart. 

Gaston Wm. K. 70 Iglehart. 

Ganard C. C. 208 14th. 

Gates Miss Carolyn A. 513 Stillwater. 

Gates Miss Emma A. 122 Summit Ave. 

Gates Miss Florence, 450 Dayton Ave. 

Gates Hiram D. 122 Summit Ave. 

Gates James H. 122 Summit Ave. 

Gates J. H. 64 E. 7th. 

Gates L. J. 450 Dayton Ave. 

Gates W. G. 513 Stillwater. 

Gauger A. F. 559 De Soto. 

Gault Miss Lucy A. 223 Western Ave. N. 

Gault S. B. 223 Western Ave. N. 

Gauthier A. J. 933 W. 7th. 

Gauthier E. H. 933 W. 7th. 

Gauthier Dr. H. P. 933 W. 7th. 

Gauthier Miss Julie, 933 W. 7th. 

GavinJ. J. 106 12th. 

Gay W. H. 515 Wabasha. 

GeerDr.E.F. 159 Ellen. 

Geer E. S. 292 W. 3d. 

Gteiselman Jacob, 250 Rice. 

Geist Emil, 275 W. 6th. 

Geist Miss Kate, 127 W. 3d. 

Geist Miss Marie, 127 W. 3d. 

Genis Rev. C. 510 Cedar. 

George Frank, 24 College Ave. W. 

George H. 257 Selby Ave. 

George Louis, 16 W. Exchange. 

George Mrs. M. C. 257 Selby Ave. 

George Wm. 360 Nelson Ave. 

George Wm. D. 237 8th. 

Gerber A. A. W. 401 Aurora Ave. 
Gerner August, 170 W. 9th. 
Gerner 0. 112 W. 6th. 
Gersting Otto, 490 Collins. 
Getty Wilmot S. 509 Wabasha. 
Gibbons F. W. 534 Lafayette Ave. 
Gibbs C. H. 339 E. 9th. 
Giberton Adrian, International Hotel. 
Gibson Miss Celia, 542 St. Peter. 
Gibson Miss Dora, Merchants Hotel. 
Gibson Mrs. J. E. 229 Summit Ave. 
Gibson Miss M. R. 374 N. Exchange. 
Giesen P. J. 13 W. 3d. 
Gifford Miss M. E 514 Ashland Ave. 
Giflfbrd Thomas, 171 Cayuga. 
Gilbert Cass, 471 Ashland Ave. 
Gilbert Charles B. 87 Summit Ave. 
Gilbert C. B. 83 Virginia Ave. 
Gilbert C. A. 649 Summit Ave. 
Gilbert Mrs. E. W. 471 Ashland Ave. 
Gilbert Miss Grace E. 649 Summit Ave. 
Gilbert Hattie H. 83 Virginia Ave. 
Gilbert Henry L. 642 North. 
Gilbert H. S. 83 Virginia Ave. 
Gilbert Miss Jennie C. 83 Virginia Ave. 
Gilbert L. A. 649 Summit Ave. 
Gilbert Rev. M. N. 155 W.4th. 
! Gilbert Matthew P. 411 Fort. 
Gilbert Mrs. N. A. 83 Virginia Ave. 
Gilbert Samuel, 471 Ashland Ave. 
Gilboy J. W. 179 Genesee. 
Gilchrist Andrew, 484 Lafayette Ave. 
Gilfillan C. D. 415 E. lOlh. 
Gilfillan Hon. James, 287 S. Exchange. 
Gilman H. 194 E. 10th. 
Gilman Mrs. A. N. 529 Ashland Ave. 
Gilman Miss Jessie C. 314 W. 3d. 
Gilman John M.314 W. 3d. 
Gilman Miss Kittie C. 314 W. 3d. 
Gilman Victor C. 529 Ashland Ave. 
Gilmartin F. J. 69 W. 3d. 
Ginder Chas. 355 Olive. 
Glanville Miss Blanche E. 695 E. 5th. 
Glanville J. O. 695 E. 5th. 
Glanville Miss May, 695 E. 5th. 
Glass James E. 561 Burr. 
Glenny G. B. 259 Sherman. 



Glidden Harry M. 633 Wabasha. 
Glidden Miss Jingie, 633 Wabasha. 
Glidden S. S. 633 Wabasha. 
Godfrey W. J. Birch nr Cypress. 
Godfrey Miss L. 652 Wabasha. 
Godfroy G. W. 652 Wabasha. 
Goettel Mrs. A. E. 352 E. 6th. 
Goettel Miss Georgia, 352 E. 6th. 
GoettelJohn, 352 E. 6th. 
Goforth W. C. 203 W. 5th. 
Goggin G. P. 890 Armstrong Ave. 
Golden T. F. llli^ E. 7th. 
Goldsmith J. M. 337 E. 3d. 
Gooch Charles E. 254 Rice. 
Good Emanuel, 364 Broadway. 
Goodell Mrs.M. H. 375 Oak. 
Goodenow Henry P. 246 Norris. 
Gooding Rodney C. 549 St. Paul. 
Goodkind Benjamin L. 272 W.7th. 
Goodkind Miss Fanny, 272 W. 7th. 
Goodkind L. 272 W. 7th. 
Goodkind Wm. 272 W. 7th. 
Goodrich Aaron, 411 E. 10th. 
Goodrich A.J. 259 Dayton Ave. 
Goodrich Mrs. A. P. 535 Jackson. 
Goodrich A. W. 567 Lafayette Ave. 
Goodrich Dr. C. H. 259 Dayton Ave. 
Goodrich E. E. 367 Dayton Ave. 
Goodrich Earle S. 17 Igk'hart. 
Goodrich F. L. 35 Summit Ave. 
Goodrich Henry E. 371 Sibley. 
Goodrich Miss L. B. 345 Sherman. 
Goodrich S. E. 367 Dayton Ave. 
Goran Joseph, 157 University Ave. 
Gordon Charles W. 486 8th. 
Gordon Miss Kate, 486 8th. 
Gordon Richards, 486 8th. 
Gorman E. S. 64 AV. 4th. 
Gorman Miss Mattie S. 251 Rice. 
Gorman R. L. 251 Rice. 
Gorman Wm. O. 45 W. 10th. 
Goss Miss Jessie R. 188 E. 10th. 
Goss Miss Louisa, 206 Dunedin Terrace. 
Goss Wm. H. 364 Bates Ave. 
Gossard Chase C. Sherman House. 
Gosslee Miss M. E. 516 Ashland Ave. 
Gottschammer Silas J. Neill, nr 7th. 

Gotzian Mrs. Adam, 318 Hoftman Ave. 
Gotzian Conrad, 254 E. 10th. 
Gotzian Miss Hattie, 254 E. 10th. 
Gotzian Miss Helen, 254 E. 10th. 
Gotzian Paul, 254 E. 10th. 
Gould Miss Jennie, 544 Wabasha. 
Gove Horace F. 483 Selby Ave. 
Gove Winthrop, 483 Selby Ave. 
Grace James, 335 Iglehart. 
Grace John, 335 Iglehart. 
Grace Thomas, 132 W. 5th. 
Grace Rev. T. L. 6th nr St. Peter. 
Grace Thomas P. 130 W. 5th. 
Graham Patrick, 237 W. 9th. 
Grange Richard A. 179 Pleasant Ave. 
Granger James N. 76 Western Ave. 
Granger Walter N. 35 E. 9th. 
Granger Col. Warren. 33 E. 9th. 
Grant Charles, .501 North. 
Grant Charles B. 511 Holly Ave. 
Grant C. L. 251 13th. 
Grant Mrs. E. A. 484 Cedar. 
Grant George J. 462 Holly Ave. 
Grant H. P. 338 Dayton Ave. 
Grant W. H. 194 Pleasant Ave. 
Grant W. H. jr. 194 Pleasant Ave. 
Gravel F. X. 92 11th. 
(Jravel Frank X. jr. 310 E. 5th. 
Graves M. E. 45 W. 5th 
Graves Wm. F. 246 Farrington Ave. 
Gray Mrs. A. J. 155 Western Ave. N. 
Gray Charles, 225 14th. 
Gray Elmer, 514 Hopkins. 
Gray H. A. 310 Sherman. 
Gray H. L. 489 North. 
Greaves Frank, 344 Sherman. 
Green Mrs. E. S. 196 E. Robie. 
Green Joseph C. 310 Nelson Ave. 
Greene Mrs. Alida, 507 Marshall Ave. 
Greene Charles L. 412 E. 10th. 
Greene Miss E. B. 289 Selby Ave. 
Greene O. C. 17 Summit Ave. 
Greene P. H. 167 "Virginia Ave. 
Greenleaf C. J. 541 Grant. 
Greenwood Ruford P. 344 Sherman. 
Greer Spencer O. 53 Iglehart. 
Gregg H. S. 483 Ashland Ave. 


Gregg J. A. 483 Ashland Ave. 

Gregg J. C. 250 Nelson Ave. 

Gregg J. W. 19 S. Forbes. 

Gregg W. C. 483 Ashland Ave. 

Gregory C. C. 493 Selby Ave. 

Gregory Mrs. E. M. 114 Iglehart.* 

Gregory Jehiel, 28 College Ave. W. 

Gregorj' Miss Laura A. 28 College Ave. W. 

Greve Abraham, 14 S. Forbes. 

Greve Miss Doretta, 44-5 Summit Ave. 

Greve Herman, 445 Summit Ave. 

Greve Siegmund, 14 S. Forbes. 

Greve Miss Sophie, 14 S Forbes. 

Grewe A. C. 274 E. 7th. 

Gribben J. P. 147 Western Ave. N. 

Gribble Edwiu, 24:5 Farrington Ave. 

Griffin F. F. 154 Western Ave. X. 

Griffin Miss Nellie, 154 Western Ave. N. 

Griffiug Frank B. 216 Nelson Ave. 

Griffith Miss Carrie V. 578 Wabasha. 

Griffith J. H. 578 Wabasha. 

Griffith Miss Mary 0. 578 Wabasha. 

Griggs C. M. 474 Summit Ave. 

Griggs Col. C. W. 474 Summit Ave. 

Griggs G. W. 421 Robert. 

Griggs Miss H. D. 474 Summit Ave. 

Griggs H. S, 474 Summit Ave. 

Griggs John W. 507 Wac outa. 

Griggs J. W. jr. 221 Grove. 

Grimshaw B. J. 215 Norris, 

Griswold Dr. Charles, 133 E. 9th. 

Griswold G. G. 240 Dayton Ave. 

Griswold H. G. 268 Iglehart. 

Griswold L. D. 241 E. 14th. 

Griswold W. W. 728 Grand Ave. 

Groat B. F.419 E. 10th. 

Groat P. B. 419 E. 10th. 

GrofF Charles R. 311 Pleasant Ave. 

Gronewold A. J. 369 Fuller. 

Grote H. 2 W^abasha. 

Grove Mrs. P. F. 417 Ashland Ave. 

Grubi Mrs. Augusta L. 824 Margaret. 

Grubi Wm. 824 Margaret. 

Grunhagen H. 549 Laurel Ave. 

Guiterman Mrs. Alexander, 537 Jackson. 

Guiterman A. 537 Jackson. 

Guiterman Miss Elmira, 5.37 Jackson. 

Guiterman Miss Lena, 537 Jackson. 
Guiterman L. A. 537 Jackson. 
Guiterman S. A. 537 Jackson. 
Gunip Miss Agnes, 628 Temperence. 
Gunip Miss Ann, 624 Temperance. 
Gunip Miss Elizabeth, 624 Temperance. 
Gunvitz G. E. 591 Westminster. 
I Gurney Dr. G. L. 88 Tilton. 
Gurney Miss Luella, Sherman Block. 
Guthrie A. 495 De Bow. 
Gutsche H. W. 519 Dayton Ave. 


A AG JOSEPH, 118 Leech. 

Haas George, 67 E. 3d. 

Haas H.S. 400 W. 7th. 

Haas J. Q. 250 W. 3d. 

Haas L. H. 400 W. 7th. 

Haas Philip, 67 E. .3d. 

Haas William, 46 W. 5th. 

Habighorst Henry, 441 Wacouta. 

Hachmann Wm. F. 317 S. Exchange. 

Hackett C. W. Hotel Astoria. 

Hadfield F. W. 334 Iglehart. 

Hadley J. E. 548 Cooper. 

Haehler A. H. 704 Burr. 

Haeussler Martin, 167 W. 3d. 

Hager F. D, 96 Virginia Ave. 

Hager Robert, 29 Arundel. 

Hagg J. 118 Leech. 

Haggenmiller J. E 569 Robert. 

Haggerty Charles, 300 Goodrich Ave. 

Hagler John E. 9 E. 9th. 

Hague John R. 183 Nelson Ave. 

Hahn Joseph, .563 St. Peter. 

Hainert F. H. 531 Laurel Ave. 

Hains Mrs. Charles, Court Block. 

Haldeman Benjamin F. 81 Hoffman Ave. 

Haldeman M. C. Viola 2 west of Jackson. 

Hale Dr. Charles E. 122 Iglehart. 

Hale Henry, 630 Lafayette Ave. 

Hale Mrs. Robert, 99 Western Ave. N. 

Hale Mrs. R. J. 356 Bates Ave. 

Hale Mrs. W. B. 90 E. 12th. 

Hall Albert S. 178 Western Ave N. 

Hall A. \V. 541 Stillwater. 

Hall Edward, 429 Ashland Ave. 



Hall George W. 85 Mackubin. " 

Hall Hezekiah, 89 Summit Ave. 

Hall H. E. 263 Iglehart. 

Hall H. P. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Hall H. R. W. 437 Dayton Ave, 

Hall Miss Louisa W. 102 Western Ave. N. 

Hall Lee, 556 Wabasha. 

Hall L. W. 102 Western Ave. N. 

Hall Maj. 8th bet Broadway and Wacouta. 

Hall M. George, 28 E. 10th. 

Hall Rev. Richard, 89 11th. 

Hall Samuel E. 177 Pleasant Ave. 

Hall Mrs. Sarah, 21 W. 5th. 

Hall Miss Sarah R, 85 Mackubin. 

Hall T. D. 85 Mackubin. 

Hall P. H. 717 Farquier. 

Hall Mrs. W. S. 178 Western Ave. N. 

Halliday Mrs. M. C. 299 Sherman. 

Halloran Miss S. 149 Pleasant Ave. 

Hollowell C. A. .133 Robert. 

Hallowell E. M. 533 Robert. 

Hallowell G. W. 533 Robert. 

Hamaker J. S. 279 E. 10th. 

Hamilton Edward F. 431 8th. 

Hamilton Miss Ellen W. 21 Tilton. 

Hamilton George A. 431 8th. 

Hamilton H. H. 21 Tilton. 

Hamilton H. R. P. 383 Fort. 

Hamilton Miss Jane H. 21 Tilton. 

Hamilton Mrs. J. C. 74 11th. 

Hamilton John F. 65 W. 10th. 

Hamilton Miss Mary P. 21 Tilton. 

Hamilton Miss Minnie B. 637 De Bow. 

Hamm Theo. Minnehaha cor Greenbrier. 

Hamm Wm. Greenbrier cor Minnehaha. 

Hammond E. 695 Preble. 

Hammond Gen. J. H. 677 St. Peter. 

Hammond Miss Mary, 677 St. Peter. 

Hammond Miss Sophie V. 677 St. Peter. 

Hanback Julius, 486 Iglehart. 

Hand Dr. D. W. 136 W. 4th, 

Hand Maj. G. D. 206 E. 9th. 

Hand H. E. 243 Spruce. 

Hand Miss Laura, 528 Broadway. 

Hanft S. V. 554 De Bow. 

Hanggi Joseph, Marion cor Ellen. 

Hanley John C. 257 8th. 

Hannaford F. P. 546 St. Paul. 
. Hannaford J. M. 546 St. Paul. 

Hansen John, 287 Banfill. 

Hanson A. L. 267 15th. 

Hanson Mrs. C.W. 437 Marshall Ave. 

Hanson Frank E. 437 Marshall Ave. 

Hanson Fred. W. 580 Ashland Ave. 

Hanson H. Winslow Ave., nr Colorado. 

Hanson H. J. A. .566 Cedar. 

Hanson J. B. 213 14th. 
: Hanson J. Haven, 437 Marshall Ave. 
, Hanson Rev. M. G. 267 14th. 

Harbaugh D. L. 90 Western Ave. 

Harbaugh Springer, 73 Western Ave. N. 

Hardacre ileorge W. 468 Rice. 

Hardenbergh P. R. L. 382 E. 10th, 

Hardenbergh W. Adams, 382 E. 10th. 

Harding Alexander, Metropolitan Hotel. 

Hardy Mrs. Helen, cor Yiola and Grant. 

Hardy J. B. 208 W. 3d. 

Hardy Nicholas, 202 S. Oak. 

Hare Charles C. 27 Wilkin. 

Hare Robert N. 117 E. Susan. 

Harlow Dr. Alonzo, 518 St. Paul. 

Harlow F. A. 518 St. Paul. 

Harlow Miss Rachel M. 518 St. Paul. 

Harper A. C. 344 Sherman. 

Harper George C. 364 E. 9th. 

Harris C. A. 360 Nelson Ave. 

Harris J. H. 952 E. 7th. 

Harris Philip S. 117 College Ave. 

Harris Wm. H. 50 E. 7th. 

Harrison F. W. 482 Cedar. 

Harrison .lames, 68 Summit Ave. 

Harrison Miss Kate E. 68 Summit Ave. 

Harrison L. L. 600)^ Cedar. 

Harrison M. C. 336 Banfill. 

Harrison AVm. 634 St. Paul. 

Harshberger J. F. 564 Decatur. 

Hart Miss Alice, 599 Westminster. 

Hart Rev. H. H. 49 E. 11th. 

Hart Henry M. 243 Summit Ave. 

Hart John 599 Westminster. 

Hart J. J. 66 George. 

Hart Miss Mary, 243 Summit Ave. 

Hart Samuel T. 243 Summit Ave. 

Hart W. L. 243 Summit Ave. 



Hartfield E. G. 700 Burr. 

Hartman C. L. 548 Burr. 

Hartman Charles W. 244 Maria Ave. 

Hartman Gustav, 261 E. Robie. 

Hasenwinkle Henry, 188 loth. 

Haskell H. P. 498 E. 7th. 

Haskell Dr. P. S. 227 Virginia Ave. 

Haskell Wm. H. 222 E. Winifred. 

Haslett A. D. 65 Western Ave. X. 

Haslett Miss Mary M. 65 Western Ave. N. 

Hastings Lewis M. 211 Spruce. 

Hatch Benton, Windsor Hotel. 

Hattensaur Capt. E. 5th cor Maria Ave. 

Hatstat Miss E. A. 82 Iglehart. 

Hat Stat John, 82 Iglehart. 

Haupt Pvev. A. J. D. 312 Summit Ave. 

Haupt C. E. 849 Grand Ave. 

Haupt F. H. 453 Wabasha. 

Haupt Frank S. 312 Summit Ave. 

Haupt Gen. Herman, 312 Summit Ave. 

Haupt Herman jr. 312 Summit Ave. 

Haupt J. C. 453 Wabasha. 

Haupt Miss M. C. 312 Summit Ave. 

Hausdorf Charles F. 77 AV. Isabel. 

Hauser Charles, Walsh Ave. nr R. R. 

Hauser Paul, Walsh Ave. nr R. R. 

Hauser Paul jr. Walsh Ave. nr R. R. 

Hauser R A. 554 Cooper. 

Hawkes Thomas B. 1109 W. 7th. 

Hawkins Mrs. A. G. 309 E. 6th. 

Hawkins Miss Ada L. 309 E. 6th. 

Hawkins Miss E. C. 527 Marshall Ave. 

Hawkins Miss Grace, 428 Ashland Aye. 

Hawkins Capt. Isaac N. 527 Marshall Ave. 

Hawkins T. A. 537 Canada. 

Hawks J. M. 264 Dayton Ave. 

Hawley J. B. 426 Rondo. 

Hay W. S. 31 E. 10th. 

Haycock John E. 417 Selby Ave. 

Hayden J. B. 374 Dayton Ave. 

Hay den M. 519 Broadway. 

Hayes B. 718 Farquier. 

Hayes F. C. 96 E. 3d. 

Hayes George A. 163 Pleasant Ave. 

Haynes Mrs. H. W. 303 Grove. 

Haynie E. C. 255 Rice. 

Hayward Mrs. J. 240 Dayton Ave. 

I Hazzard George H. Lake Como. 

Healey Miss Joseph, 240 Lafayette Ave- 

Heaney W. D. 74 11th. 
j Heard I. V. D. 655 Grand Ave. 
! Heaton Geo. AV. 231 Norris. 
' Heberhart Charles E. 303 Sherman. 

Hechtman Miss Clara A. 276 Pleasant Ave. 

Hechtman Miss Delia 0. 276 Pleasant Ave. 

Hechtman Henry, 276 Pleasant Ave. 

Hechtman Miss Lillian 276 Pleasant Ave. 

Heffernan ^Irs. Jane E. 505 De Bow. 

Heffernan Miss M. J. 505 De Bow. 

Heffernan W. E. 505 De Bow. 

Heiberg Miss N. 372 N. Exchange. 

Hein M. 558 Robert. 

Heine H. W. 290 Williams. 

Heineman Gustave, 652 E. 5tii. 

Heinrich C. 337 Bates Ave. 

Heinrich Miss Laura E. 338 Bates Ave. 

Heisinger Frederick, 706 Randolph. 

HeisingerMissHenriettaC.7i;6 Randolph. 

Heis Frank, 344 Sherman. 

Heiss Alvin, 564 Westminster. 

Heiss W. A. 564 Westminster. 

Helfenstein J. A. 148 Nina Ave. 

Helfenstein Mrs. J. A. 148 Nina Ave. 

Heller W. C. 853 Burr. 

Hemenway E. A. 137 W. 3d. 

Hemenway E. L. 194 E. 10th. 

Hemenway H. C. Windsor Hotel. 

Hemminghouse Wm. 442 Dayton Ave. 

Hendricks Wm. .343 Banfill. 

Hendrickson E. A. .308 Selby Ave. 

Hendy Wm. C. 344 E. 9th. 

Henly Henry, 134 E. Colorado. 

Henuessy E. M. 413 E. 10th. 

Hennessy Patrick M. 413 E. 10th. 

Hennessy Miss Winifred, 413 E. 10th. 

Henry Joseph, 557 Pine. 

Herbert George, 601 Randolph. 
I Herbst H. H. 339 Selby Ave. 

Hermen .lulius, 258 Bates Ave. 

Herriott Rev. C. C. 643 St. Paul. 

Herrmann Edward, 249 Bates Ave. 

Herrmeyer C. 695 E. 7th. 

Herrmeyer H. F. 695 E. 7th. 
1 Herron J. D. 21 E. 5th. 



Hersb N. 607 Jackson. 

Hertz J. L. 251 Josette. 

Herwegen Mrs. C. 37 W. 3d. 

Herzog C. E. 171 14th. 

Hess Charles B. 295 Olmsted. 

HessE. S, 317 Chestnut. 

HessG. E. 449E. 7th. 

Hetherington John J. 1G6 Pleasant Ave. 

Hevener Darius R 211 8th. 

Hewitt Mrs. Allie, 376 N. Oak. 

Hewitt Dr. G. A. 125 W. 4th. 

Hewitt James B. 376 N. Oak. 

Hewitt Walter, 376 N. Oak. 

Hewson S. J. 581 Westminster. 

Heyderstaedt, F. V. 625 St. Peter. 

Heyman Edwin, 32 S. Forbes. 

Heyman Hugo, 32 S. Forbes. 

Heyman Miss Jennie, 32 8. Forbes. 

HeymelC. W. 168 Smith. 

Hibbard J. M. 39 E. 9th. 

HigbeeDr. C. G. II.jE. 9th. 

Hlgbee 0. S. 115 E. 9th. 

Higgins C. H. Hotel Astoria. 

Higgins C. R. 8th n e cor Cooper. 

Higgins J. A. 417 E. 10th. 

Highhouse Albert M. 700 Burr. 

Highhouse J. C. 170 Dakota Ave. 

Highhouse J. J. 700 Burr. 

Hiland James H. 69 Iglehart. 

Hilderbrand D. 313 8th. 

Hill Miss Adah Mae, 2 Phalen Ave. 

Hill Albert, 334 W. 3d. 

Hill Alfred J. 406 Maria Ave. 

Hill Miss Carrie A. 2 Phalen Ave. 

Hill Charles P. 5, 1. 0. 0. F. Block. 

Hill Charles W. 2 Phalen Ave. 

Hill James A. 255 Rice. 

Hill James J. 259 E. 9th. 

Hill John C. The Portland. 

Hilliard W.P. 479 Iglehart. 

Hillis J. G. Nelson cor Farrington Ave. 

Hillis J. D. S. Nelson cor Farrington Ave. 

Hillis Oscar B. 470 Ashland Ave. 

Hillman G. N. 615 Lincoln Ave. 

Hillman Herman, 442 Wabasha. 

Hinds A. A, 247 Western Ave. N. 

Hippler Edwin, 359 Marshall Ave. 

Hippler Mrs. W. 459 Marshall Ave. 
Hirsch Alphonse, 224 Central. 
Hirst James H. 158 Pleasait Ave. 
Hirst Robert A. 660 E. 3d. 
Hixon Charles H. 235 W. 5th. 
Hjortsberg Victor, 475 Park Ave. 
Hobart A. A. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Hocking Alfred, 246 13th. 
Hodge L. D. 422 Marshall Ave. 
Hodges M. B. 408 Laurel Ave. 
Hodges Miss Margaret E. 408 Laurel Ave. 
Hodgman H. N. 358 Nelson Ave. 
Hodgson Mrs. C. L. 518 Dayton Ave. 
Hodgson Edward J. 518 Dayton Ave. 
Hodgson E. J. 210 Nelson Ave. 
Hodson Arthur E. 381 E. 6th. 
Hoffman Mrs. E.553 Ashland Ave. 
Hoflfman F. 196 E. 10th. 
Hoffman Jacob, 551 St. Peter. 
Hoffman J. H. 196 E. 10th. 
Hoffman J. K. 472 Collins. 
Hoffman L. P. 449 W. 7th. 
Holbrook ISIiss Carrie A. 445 Laurel Ave. 
Ilolbrook Mrs. Fanny, 445 Laurel Ave. 
Ilolcomb W. W.210 13th. 
Holcombe Miss Adele, 302 S. Exchange. 
Holcombe Edward R. 302 S. Exchange. 
Holcombe E. V. 302 S. Exchange. 
Holcombe Wm. S. 302 S. Exchange. 
Holden Miss Eleanor E. 1J35 W. 7th. 
Holl Miss Clara, 370 Hoffman Ave. 
Holl Miss Josephine, 118 Leech. 
Holl Miss Lena, 370 Hoffman Ave. 
Holl Mathias, 370 Hoflfman Ave. 
Holliday Thompson M. 428 Wabasha. 
Hollingsworth C. F. 373 N. Oak. 
Hollis A. L. 513 St. Paul. 
Hollister W. C. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Holloway Miss Addie M. 456 Ashland Ave. 
Holloway Enoch, 757 Dayton Ave. 
Hollo waj^ John, 456 Ashland Ave. 
Holloway J. C. 456 Ashland Ave. 
Holman O. E. 575 Dayton Ave. 
Holmes Albert H. 321 Chestnut. 
Holmes E. S. 288 Rondo. 
Holmes G. R. 509 Cooper. 
Holmes Henrv, 123 Viola. 



Holmes John F. 190 S. Oak. 

Holmes J. P. s w cor Aurora and Arundel 

Holterhoff Augustus, 75-1 Burr. 

Holterhoff E. L. 754 Burr. 

Holyoke T. G. 409 Laurel Ave. 

Hood J. A. 13G Western Ave. N. 

Hooker A. E. 467 E. 7th. 

Hope H. C. 328 11th. 

Hooper Arthur H. 939 De Soto. 

Hopkins G. F. 475 Broadway. 

Hoppin Henry P. 371 N. Washington. 

Hopson W. H. Moore's Block. 

Horman John, 286 E. 7th. 

Horn Miss Agnes, 563 St. Peter. 

Horn A. E. Walnut cor Irvine Park. 

Horn D. C. 312 Walnut. 

Horn Frank, 281 University Ave. 

Horn H. K. 62 Iglehart. 

Horn Henry J. AValnut cor Irvine Park. 

Horn Miss Mary, 563 St. Peter. 

Horn Miss P. F. Walnut cor Irvine Park. 

Home Miss Allie, 555 Cooper. 

Home A. 531 Stillwater. 

Home Win. Y. 401 N. Exchange. 

Hornick Charles W. 20 College Ave. 

Hornsby Augustus H. 132 Dearborn. 

Horsnell Mrs. N. Manomin cor Stevens. 

Horst C. L. 63 12th. 

Horst D. W. 226 Western Ave. N. 

Horst Dr. E. F. 342 8th. 

Horton Mrs. F. P. 14 Tilton. 

Horton F. W. 22 College Ave. 

Horton H. H. The Portland. 

Horton Miss Ida S. 113 Farrington Ave. 

Horton J. A. 36 Davidson Block. 

Horton James B. 186 S. Oak. 

Horton J. H. 395 E. 9th. 

Horton Miss L. A. 65 W. 10th. 

Horton Rev. T. S. 72 Douglas. 

Horton W. R. 14 Tilton. 

Hosmer W. J. 1176 E. 7th. 

Hospes Otto G. 404 Holly Ave. 

Hoster G. E. 510 Canada. 

Hostetter Abraham W. 382 Walnut. 

Hough F. E. 81 12th. 

Hough Sherwood, 81 12th. 

Houlton Horatio, 367 Walnut. 


Houpt Dr. C. H. 523 Mississippi. 

How Jared S. 509 Wabasha. 

Howard George W. 22 College Ave. 

Howard Mrs. Jane L. 422 Laurel Ave. 

Howard Robertson, 303 Dayton Ave. 

Howard Thomas, 521 Wabasha. 

Howard Wm. D. 60 W. 4th. 

Howard Willis F. 211 Spruce. 

Howard W. H. 422 Laurel Ave. 

Howard W. W. 249 Louis. 

Howe Allen C. 56 W. 4th. 

Howe H. J. 701 E. 3d. 

Howe John D. Merchants Hotel. 
I Howell Francis Babcock, 448 E. 9th. 

Howell G. T. 182 W. 7th. 
I Howell W. S. 452 Dayton Av«. 
I Howes B. C. 436 Ashland Ave. 

Howes S. K. 436 Ashland Ave. 
Howlet George, 81 Western Ave. 
Hoxsie F. L. 257 McBoal. 
Hoxsie J. B. Windsor Hotel. 
I HoyerRev. I. A. 422 8th. 
I Hoyer Rev. Otto D. 422 8th. 

Hoy t Dr. H. F. W. 5th cor Washington. 
I Hoyt J. F. 538 Robert. 
I Hubbard Miss Ellen M. 574 Wabasha. 
\ Hubbard E. D. 588 St. Paul. 

Hubbard Gov. L. F. Merchants Hotel. 
I Hubbard W. H. 574 Wabasha. 
i Hubbell E. R. 261 Rice. 
Hubbell Miss H. May, 227 Dayton Ave. 
Hubbell J. B, 227 Dayton Ave. 
Hubbell J. B. jr. 227 Dayton Ave. 
Hubert Joseph, 103 W. 10th. 
Hudner 'Wm. P. Viola nr Brewster. 
Hudson J. R. 540 Canada. 
Huelster Rev. August, 79 W. Isabel. 
Huelster Henry F, 737 E. 5th. 
Huelster Miss Sadie T. 735 E. 5th. 
Hughes Charles E. 600 Grand Ave. 
Hughes Frederick, St. James Hotel. 
Hughes G. R. 600 Grand Ave. 
Hughes James S. 467 Iglehart. 
Hughes L. A. 464 Ashland Ave. 
Hughes Lewis G. 651 St. Peter. 
Hughson E. E. 397 Dayton Ave. 
Hughson George F. 397 Dayton Ave. 



Hughson G. H. 397 Dayton Ave. 

Hull C. T. 595 Cedar. 

Hull Edward A. 675 De Soto. 

Hull F. A. 601 Lafayette Ave. 

Hull James B. 613 Linden. 

Hull Miss Lucy, 260 Summit Ave. 

Hull Miss Nancy, 260 Summit Ave. 

Hullsiek E. H. 620 St. Paul. 

Hullsiek Miss Ida P. 51 (old) De Soto. 

Hullsiek John H. 51 (old) DeSoto. 

Hullsiek Miss Minnie J. 51 De Soto. 

Humason Chas^S. 108 College Ave. W. 

Hume Seward L. 344 E. 10th. 

Humphrey Miss Alice M. 646 Wabasha. 

Humphrey MisS Belle S. 646 Wabasha. 

Humphrey H. B. Windsor Hotel. 

Humphrey J. D. 646 Wabasha. 

Humphrey J. K.665 E. 7th. 

Humphrey V. R. 665 E. 7th. 

Huna Frank, 307 Robert. 

Hunington Edward, 50 W. 5th. 

Hunt G. A. 249 13th. 

Hunt Randell, 130 Summit Ave. 

Hunt Mrs. W. E. 69 Sherburne Ave . 

Hunter Mrs. C. M. 69 Iglehart. 

Hunter F. W. The Portland. 

Hunter Miss H. E. 495 North. 

Hunter M. C. 69 Iglehart. 

Hunter R. L. 536 Robert. 

Hurd Wm. H. The Portland. 

Hurley Frank, 482 Cedar. 

Hurt A. R. 518 Robert. 

Hurtt Mrs. S. M. 202>^ 13th. 

Hussey C. C. 961 Hudson Ave. 

Hutchinson Dr. H. 1143^ W. 3d. 

Hyde Eugene, 275 8th. 

Hyman A. 20 College Ave. 

Hyman T. J. 586 Laurel Ave. 

Hyndman Wm. H. .509 Wabasha. 

yDE E. R. 442 John. 

Ife Walter. 211 Pearl. 
Illingworth W. H. 517 North. 
Utner C. H. 320 Spruce. 
Imerson J. W. 94 Fairfield Ave. 
Ingalls Albert M. 453 Whitall. 

Ingalls Edward, 137 Dale. 
Ingalls N. P. 453 Whitall. 
Ingalls Walter N. 453 Whitall. 
IngersoU Miss Anna J. 197 Nelson Ave. 
IngersoU D. W. 197 Nelson Ave. 
IngersoU Frederick G. 197 Nelson Ave. 
IngersoU Henry G. 197 Nelson Ave. 
IngersoU Miss Isabel D. 197 Nelson Ave. 
IngersoU Truman W. 197 Nelson Ave. 
Ingham Edward, 563 Ashland Ave. 
Ingham J. E. 199 W. 5th. 
Ingles Charles J. 50 W. 5th. 
Ingles H. L.295 Laurel Ave. 
Ingles John E. 50 W. 5th. 
Ireland Rev. John, 6th nr St. Peter. 
Ireland Richard, 133 W. 5th. 
Irmscher Rev. E. R. 695 Otsego Ave. 
Irvine C. G. 279 Nelson Ave. 
Irvine Mrs. J. R. 105 Summit Ave. 
Irwin Mrs. Martha T. 558 St. Paul. 
Ismond Mrs. R. L. 612 Lafayette Ave. 
Iverson E. C. 188 E. Fairfield Ave. 
Ives H. C. 519 Grand Ave. 
Ives John H. Hotel Astoria. 
Ives S.E. 519 Grand Ave. 

TACASSY A. F. 122 E. 3d. 

Jackson C. F. 67 Irvine Park. 
Jackson F. 476 Ashland Ave. 
Jackson John, 329 E. 7th. 
Jackson John N. 598 St. Peter. 
Jackson O. S. 582 Minnesota. 
Jacob G. P. 466 Iglehart. 
Jacobs Dr. J. L. 47 Summit Ave. 
Jacobs Dr. T. H. 80 Western Ave. N. 
Jacobs Mrs. J. A. 80 Western Ave. N. 
Jacobs Thomas P. 80 Western Ave. N. 
Jacobson Hon. J. P. 493 HoUy Ave. 
Jaggar J. W. 113 Farrington Ave. 
Jaggar Mrs. Sarah E. 113 Farrington Ave. 
Jaggard Edwin A. 126 E. 3d. 
Jamar James H. 569 Selby Ave. 
Jamar Miss J. H. 492 Dayton Ave. 
Jamar M. S. 215 Spruce. 
James F. 586 Canada. 
James G. W. 586 Canada. 



James H. C. 303 Grove. 

James Howard, 35 E. 9tli. 

Jamieson L. D. 412 Wabasha. 

Jannotta Signer A. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Jaynes H. S. 792 Lincoln Ave. 

Jebb Thomas F. 757 St. Peter. 

Jeflferson E. C. 206 Nelson Ave. 

Jehle John, 477 Marshall Ave. 

Jellett J. I. Maple nr 7th. 

Jenkins Edward L. 417 E. 10th. 

Jenkins George J. 278 Central. 

Jenkins Herbert, 275 8th. 

Jenkins I. R. 293 Selby Ave. 

Jenks J. R. Merchants Hotel. 

Jenness Mrs. M. E. 163 N. Forbes. 

Jennings Mrs. E. 538 Cooper. 

Jennings J. D. 591 Ashland Ave. 

Jennison S. P. Clarendon Hotel. 

Jensen Andrew, 689 De Soto. 

Jensen C. J. 617 De Bow. 

Jerrard F. B. 454 Ashland Ave. 

Jervis J. J. 327 E. 6th. 

Jessrang John, 316 Eice. 

Jett J. B. 210 W. 5th. 

Jevne C. M. 380 Dayton Ave. 

Jewett Wm. P. 579 Broadway. 

Jilson Frank B. 30 Iglehart. 

Johns Walter, 21 College Ave. E. 

Johnson Archibald, 118 Iglehart. 

Johnson A. E. 318 Somerset. 

Johnson A. E. 306 S Exchange. 

Johnson Benj. E. 497 Marshall Ave. 

Johnson Charles, 497 Marshall Ave. 

Johnson C. Park Ave. cor Bianca. 

Johnson C. I. 204 13th. 

Johnson C. W. 337 Selby Ave. 

Johnson Edwin, 383 E. 9th. 

Johnson Eugenio A. 497 Marshall Ave. 

Johnson Frank I. 686 Burr. 

Johnson F. W. G. 281 Olmsted. 

Johnson Gates A. 219 Louis. 

Johnson G. A. jr. 219 Louis. 

Johnson Miss Hattie M. 79 Hoffman Ave. 

Johnson Henry, Park Ave. cor Bianca. 

Johnson Henry S. 439 Laurel Ave. 

Johnson James C. 573 Robert. 

Johnson J. H. 530 Eobert. 

Johnson Miss Lucy R. 224.Colborne. 
Johnson Miss M. A. 396 S. Exchange. 
Johnson Paul A . 306 S. Exchange. 
Johnson Gen. R. W. 439 Laurel Ave. 
Johnson Dr. T. H. 14 Summit Ave. 
Johnson W. B. 466 Portland Ave. 
Johnson W. C. 314 S. Franklin. 
Johnson W. E. 333 Banfill. 
Johnson Wm. R. Fairfield Ave. cor Eva- 
Johnston A. 499 St. Paul. 
Johnston A. D. S. 237 Dayton Ave. 
Johnston Charles L. 537 Holly Ave. 
Johnston C. A. 518 Ashland Ave. 
Johnston C. H. 518 Ashland Ave. 
Johnston D. S. B. 237 Dayton Ave. 
Johnston Miss Grace, 518 Ashland Ave. 
Johnston Wm. H. H. 520 Summit Ave. 
Johnston W. P. 95 8th. 
Johnstone E. E. 245 Selby Ave. 
Johnstone Mrs. J. W. 245 Selby Ave. 
Jones Albert E. 275 8th. 
Jones A. E. 497 Broadway. 
Jones Clarence, 542 Ashland Ave- 
JonesC. 416 Carroll. 
Jones H. C. 431 Dayton Ave. 
Jones John, 21 W. 10th. 
Jones Miss J. J. 47 W. 3d. 
Jones Miss M. V. 491 Ashland Ave. 
Jones Samuel R. 483 Marshall Ave. 
Jones Dr. Talbot, 325 Jackson. 
Jones T. C. 100 Western Ave. N. 
Jones Walter George, 731 Burr. 
Jones Wm. G. 219 13th. 
Jones W. O. 675 St. Peter. 
Jordan W. B. 43 N. Forbes. 
Joy John M. 488 Iglehart. 
Joy W. I. 646 Canada. 
Judd C. E. Dayton Ave. cor Victoria.- 
Judd Samuel, 491 Ashland Ave. 
Judson E. H. 405 Dayton Ave. 
Jurgens P. 32 W. Bluff. 
Jurgensen H. 536 Broadway. 
Jurka Anthony, 16 Douglas. 

AESE FREDERICK, 346 Maria Ave. 


Kahlert Justus, 277 S. Oak. 
Kahn Hugo, 222 E. 10th. 


Kahn Isaac, 222 E. 10th. 
Kalman Arnold, 192 Summit Ave. 
Kavanagh Joseph R. 485 North. 
Kavanagh Patrick T. 217 E. 10th. 
Keane Rev. James J. 407 E. 9th. 
Kearney J. R. 642 Canada. 
Keating James, 394 Carroll. 
Keefe J. H. 252 Norris. 
Keefe P. H. 500 Laurel Ave. 
Kegan L. 245 Norris. 
Keigher Patrick, 293 Rice. 
Kellam H. A. 963 Hudson Ave. 
Keller Mrs. A. E. Eichenwald cor 6th. 
Keller C. E. Eichenwald cor 6th. 
Keller L. S. Eichenwald cor 6th. 
Keller S. 496 Stillwater. 
Keller W. C. 389 Minnesota. 
Kellermann S. E. 822 E. 7th. 
Kellett Edwin A. 32 Iglehart. 
Kelley Mrs. E. 530 Marshall Ave. 
Kelley G. H. 142 University Ave. 
Kelley Wm. H. 142 University Ave. 
Kelliher Maj. John, 166 Summit Ave. 
Kellogg C. H. 115 Summit Ave. 
Kellogg C. M. 528 Temperance. 
Kellogg Miss Ella M. 115 Summit Ave. 
Kellogg I. S. 423 Wabasha. 
Kellogg John L. 376 Hall Ave. 
Kellogg Martin N. 26 College Ave. W. 
Kellogg Rodney P. 26 College Ave. W. 
Kelly Mrs C. T. 596 Canada. 
Kelly John F. 632 E, 4th. 
Kelly M. D. 498 Collins. 
Kelly P. H. Hoffman Ave. cor Euclid. 
Kelly Misses, Hoffman Ave. cor Euclid. 
Kelly AVm. Louis, 27 Sherburne Ave. 
Kelly The Misses, 27 Sherburne Ave. 
Kemp R. A. 199 14th. 
Kemp W. S. 538 Lafayette Ave. 
Kemper Wm. H. cor 6th and Rosabel. 
Kenna Mrs. J. A. 550 Stillwater. 
Kenna J. J. 550 Stillwater. 
Kenna W. I. 550 Stillwater. 
Kennard F. A. 535 St. Paul. 
Kennedy D. 87 W. 3d. 
Kennedy E. B. 95 Mackubin. 
Kennedy Jeremiah C. 436 Iglehart. 

Kennedy Lawrence F. 82 Tilton. 

Kennedy Mrs. Martin S. 82 Tilton. 

Kennedy M. F. 315 Dayton Ave. 

Kennedy P. J. 82 Tilton. 

Kennedy R. S. 533 Dayton Ave. 

Kennedy Thomas W. 470 Iglehart. 

Kennedy Walter B. 210 W. 5th. 

Kenny John, 429 E. 6th. 

Kenny Terence, 437 E. 6th. 

Kenny T. J. 473 Brewster Ave. 

Kenrick Edwin F. 26 Iglehart. 

Kent Mrs. E. 251 Farrington Ave. 

Kent Mrs. George E. 46 E. Fairfield Ave. 

Kent George K. 251 Farrington Ave. 

Kent Samuel G. 226Dunedin Terrace, 

Kenyon C. B. 359 E. 6th. 

Kenyon Edward S. 701 E. 3d. 

Kenyon Hezekiah H. 701 E. 3d. 

Kenyon M. D. 294 Prairie. 

Keogh Frank, 351 9th. 

Kerker J. T. 1095 W. 7th. 

Kerr Charles D. 69 Summit Ave. 

Kerr T. A. Mitsch Block. 

Kerr T. L. 270 Pleasant Ave. 

Kershaw Wm. 879 Conway. 

Kerst Conrad A. 856 Franklin. 

Kerwin John, 68 11th. 

Ketcham Miss S. P. 436 Ashland Ave. 

Keyes Miss Annie, 481 Iglehart. 

Keyser Wm. B. T. 1183^ W. 3d. 

Kibbee C. W. 128 Western Ave. N. 

Kiefer Col. A. R. 190 E. 7th. 

Kienzler Herman, 137 W. 5th. 

Kilroy James P. 656 Burr. 

Kimball Charles G. 385 N. Washington. 

Kimball Miss E.G. 385 N. Washington. 

Kimball J. H. s w cor 7th and Jackson. 

Kimball Lewis, 473 North. 

King C. C. 526 Robert. 

King James, 132 Nina Ave. 

King J. R. 231 W. 7th. 

King Miss Minnie, 132 Nina Ave. 

King Miss Nellie A. 526 Robert. 

Kingsbury D. L. 87 Summit Ave. 

Kingston Wm. 576 Portland Ave. 

Kinkaid Wm. H. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Kinsler Herman H. 139 W. 5th. 


Kirby J. N. 3d cor Oak. 

Kirby Julien 129 W. 4th. 

Kirk A. P. 658 Broadway. 

Kirk Mrs. M. D. 374 Woodward Ave. 

Kirk R. A. 109 Summit Ave. 

Kirk W. D. 374 Woodward Ave. 

Kirke W. T. 491 Ashland Ave. 

Kirkpatrick F. S. 488 Cedar. 

Kirsch H. C. 140 Dakota Ave. 

Kissel D. C. 321 W. 7th. 

Kittelson Charles, 318 Somerset. 

Kittle E. D. 983 Hudson Ave. 

Kittson A. W. Summit cor Dayton Ave. 

Kittson J. E. Summit cor Dayton Ave. 

Kittson L. C. Summit cor Dayton Ave. 

Kittson Misses, Summit cor Dayton Ave. 

Kittson N. W, Summit cor Dayton Ave. 

Klein Mathias, 325 Jackson. 

Kline John, 9 E. Bluff. 

Kling Joseph, 348 E. 9th. 

Knapp C. D. 291 Pleasant Ave. 

Knapp Mrs. Jennie M. 155 Ellen. 

Knapp Joseph, 471 Marshall Ave. 

Knauff H. W. 459 Laurel Ave. 

Knauft Benjamin F. 318 Hoffman Ave. 

Knauft C. F. 334 E. 10th. 

Knauft Ferdinand, 318 Hoffman Ave. 

Knauft Miss Julia, 318 Hoffman Ave. 

Knauft G. A. 519 St. Paul. 

Kneass S. H. 32 College Ave. 

Knebel G. H. 544 Lafayette Ave. 

Knight Mrs. A. L. 225 Farrington Ave. 

Knight Miss Gertrude, 678 De Bow. 

Knight William, 256 Dayton Ave. 

Knowles John P. The Portland. 

Knox A. M. 93 Tilton. 

Knox Miss Caroline, 7 Irvine Park. 

Knox C. 92 Tilton. 

Knox E.C. 92 Tilton. 

Knox H. M. 7 Irvine Park. 

Knox Miss Jessie B. 77 Summit Ave. 

Knox Mrs. R. C. 77 Summit Ave. 

Knox Miss Zilla, 92 Tilton. 

Knudson Charles, 286 Bates Ave. 

Koch Mrs. Emma, 169 W. 6th. 

Koch J. H. 358 Maple. 

Koch Matt, 50 W. 9th. 

Kodylek John, 54 Leech. 
Koeberl Rev. Charles, 618 Arcade. 
Koenig Arthur, 757 E. 6th. 
Koentel Henry J. 421 Marshall Ave. 
Koentel Peter F. 419 Marshall Ave. 
Koester Wm. F. St. James Hotel. 
Kolff Cornelius G. 472 Laurel Ave. 
Konantz Adolph, 224 Pleasant Ave. 
Konantz Dr. C. F. 416 Wabasha. 
Konantz Edward A. 224 Pleasant Ave. 
Konantz Mrs. W. 224 Pleasant Ave. 
Kopp Rev. Fred. 297 E. 6th. 
Kopper Edward, 354 E. 9th. 
Kosch J. H. 358 Maple. 
Krahmer E. F. 207 E. 7th. 
Krai Thomas, 14 Douglas. 
Krank Miss Rosa, 569 Park Ave. 
Krank Mrs. S. 559 Park Ave. 
Krauch Walter, 444 Maria Ave. 
Kraushaar Henry, Milton cor St. Clair. 
Krch Francis A. 365 Goodhue. 
Krieger Allen C. 708 E. 3d. 
Krieger Mrs. Caroline, 708 E. 3d. 
Krieger Charles 0. 718 E. 3d. 
Kroystad Henry, 309 E. 6th. 
Krolik Abraham, 205 E. 10th. 
Krolik Miss Emma, 205 E. 10th. 
Krolik Max, 205 E. 10th. 
Krugmeier, Charles F. 212 Maria Ave. 
Kuby Mrs. M. 159 Smith. 
Kuck Miss Gertrude, 518 Bradley. 
Kuck Wm. F. C. 518 Bradley. 
Kueffner Otto, 523 Carroll. 
Kuether Charles, 816 Margaret. 
Kuhl Bernard, 402 E. 10th. 
Kuhles George F. 382 Bates Ave. 
Kuhlman E. 515 Iglehart. 
Kult Frederick, 58 W. Fillmore Ave. 
■y- ACHAXCE C. 109 Fairfield Ave. i:. 

Lacy Eugene O. 240 Maria Ave. 
Ladd W. R. 103 Pleasant Ave. 
Laflin Luther, 35 E. 9th, 
Lahr Miss Annie M. 178 Main. 
Lahr Nicholas, 178 Main. 
Lains G. H. 489 VV abasha. 
Laird W. P. 287 Davton Ave. 



Lamb Albert N. 250 E. Robie. 

Lamb George W. 579 Broadway. 

Lamb Henry, 579 Broadway. 

Lambert Charles A. 504 North. 

Lambert E. F. 575 Portland Ave. 

Lambie D. D. 640 Wabasha. 

Lambie James, 30 Oakland Ave. 

Lamborn Col. C. B. 671 St. Peter. 

Lambrecht Franz, 767 Park Ave. 

Lamprey Uri L. 29 E. Bluff. 

Lamson George W. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Landis J. J. Hotel Astoria. 

Lane E. F. 462 Lincoln Ave. 

Lane John W. 29 Douglas. 

Lane Leander, 23 W. 5th. 

Lang Charles A. 159 Lafond. 

Lang Mrs. Frederick, 159 Lafond. 

Langellier A. L. 37 Irvine Park. 

Langford Mrs. Chloe, 302 Sherman. 

Langford N. P. 291 S. Exchange. 

Langley H. Wm. 603 Lafayette Ave. 

Langton John H. Clarendon Hotel. 

Langton Joseph F. 3 College Ave. 

Lamphear Mrs. Louise, 722 Lincoln Ave, 

Lanpher Obed P. 325 8th. 

Lanpher Morris, Sycamore cor Cortland. 

Lanpher R. A. 383 Dayton Ave. 

Laramy J. H. 909 Farquier. 

Laramy J. Y.909 Farquier. 

Larkin Miss Fanny E. 167 Virginia Ave. 

Larkin John P. 167 Virginia Ave. 

La Rose Azarie C. 352 Livingston Ave. 

La Rose D. C. 352 Livingston Ave. 

Larpenteur Miss Martha J. Dale cor St. 

Anthony Ave. 
Larpenteur A. L. Dale cor St. Anthony. 
Larpenteur E. L. 59 \V. Exchange. 
Larpenteur W A. Dale cor St. Anthony. 
Larsen H. J. 527 Broadway. 
Larsen Rev. L. A. Broadway cor 13th. 
La Salle Harry, 379 N. Washington. 
Lathrop C. 513 Jackson. 
Lathrop C. A. 306 W. 3d. 
Lathrop W. B. 161 Goodrich Ave. 
Laubach J. A. 192 Colborne. 
Lauderdale J. W. 94 Fairfield Ave. E. 
Laurent George, 326 Wabasha. 

Lavelle R. St. James Hotel. 

Law A. E. 549 Stillwater. 

Law W. A. n w cor Aurora and Virginia. 

Lawler D. W. 509 Wabasha. 

Lawrence Charles G. 348 Grove. 

Lawrence Miss Emma, 750 E. 7th. 

Law^rence Miss Jessie W. 211 Spruce. 

Lawrence J. F. 750 E. 7th. 

Lawrence J. H. 113 Mackubin. 

Lawrence J. J. 750 E. 7th. 

Lawson John, 232 E. Robie. 

Lawton Albert M. 348 E. Winifred. 

Lawton Charles B. 348 Winifred. 

Lawton Miss Emma, 348 E. Winifred. 

Lawton Dr. George, 480 Grand Ave. 

Lawton Jonathan, 348 E. Winifred. 

Lawton Ransom M. 298 E. Winifred, 

Learned C. E. 558 Ashland Ave. 

Learned E. A. 558 Ashland Ave. 

Leask Richard F. 208 14th. 

Leasure Dr. Daniel, 391 Dayton Ave. 

Leasure Miss Edith, 391 Dayton. 

Leasure James C. 391 Dayton Ave. 

Le Blanc G. G. A. 56 E. 7th. 

Le Claire Miss H. 168 Western Ave. 

Lee A. G. Clarendon Hotel. 

Lee Dr. Chas. E. 129 Western Ave. N. 

Lee Joseph, 618 St, Peter. 

Lee Wm. 500 8th. 

Lehnen Nicholas, 107 S. Forbes. 

Leigh L. L. 722 Hennepin Ave. 

Leithauser M. 895 Fremont. 

Leitner John P. 320 S. Oak. 

Leitner Mrs. K. 187 Ramsey. 

LemkeE. F. 158W.6th. 

Lemke Mrs. W. A. 238 W. 9th. 

Leonard Azel S. 113 Summit Ave. 

Leonard Charles, 580 Portland Ave. 

Leonard Egbert W. 587 Marshall Ave. 

Leonard Henry M. 763 Burr. 

Leonard John J. 258 Commercial. 

Leonard R. E. 580 Portland Ave. 

Leonard T. E. 664 Cherry. 

Leopold A. B. 567 Lafayette Ave. 

Lesh John, 290 Prairie. 

Lessing Sigmund, 247 Nelson Ave. 

Leue Gustav, 317 S. Exchange. 



Leiie Miss Ida, 317 S. Exchange. 

Leue Miss Pauline, 817 S. Exchange. 

LeveridgeB.H. 200 W. 9th. 

Levin John, 967 Bradley. 

Levy H. L. 100 Dakota Ave. 

Levy M. 497 Stillwater. 

Lewis Curtis G. 731 St. Peter. 

Lewis C.P. Clarendon Hotel. 

Lewis F. H. 507 Holly Ave. 

Lewis F. S. 90 Tilton. 

Lewis George R. 656 Hennepin Ave. 

Lewis John, 656 Hennepin Ave. 

Lewis John B. 583 Holly Ave. 

Lewis L. S. 306 W. 7th. 

Lewis M. R. 678 De Bow. 

Lewis Robert P. 505 "Wabasha. 

Lewis R. J. Inter Ocean Hotel. 

Leyden John, 4.56 Ada. 

Libbey A. S. 458 Carroll. 

Libbey E. I). 458 Carroll. 

Libbey Miss Faustina H. 458 Carroll. 

Libby C. H. 609 Lafayette Ave. 

Libby Mrs. Mary, 422 Iglehart. 

Lichtenberger Jean M.276 Goodrich Ave. 

Liddell M. B. 428 Laurel Ave. 

Lienau Alexander A. 139 E. Susan. 

Lienau Charles H. 212 Concord. 

Lienau Oscar, 212 Concord. 

Lienau T. A. 139 Susan. 

Lightner W. H. USy, W. 3d. 

Like W. A. 892 Beech. 

Lincoln Charles F. 179 Pleasant Ave. 

Lincoln Isaac, 179 Pleasant Ave. 

Lincoln Isaac jr. 179 Pleasant Ave. 

Lindeke Albert H. 467 6th. 

Lindeke Charles H. 476 Bradley. 

Lindeke Miss Emuia A. i~ Bluff. 

Lindeke Frank W. 77 Bluff. 

Lindeke Miss Rose, 77 Bluff. 

Lindeke AVm. 77 Bluff. 

Lindeke Wm. A. 280 Rice. 

Linden James R. 901 Beech. 

Lindner F. A. 144 W. Isabel. 

Lindsley Miss Frances, 457 Arundel. 

Linse Rev. H. E. 324 Concord. 

Lion N. K. 143 E. 3d. 

Lipke Charles F. 585 Bradley. 

List R. G. 54 E. 7th. 

Littell H. M. 601 Dayton Ave. 

Little Miss Annie, 185 14th. 

Little Dr. J. B. 259 McBoal. 

Livingstone Crawford, 574 St. Peter. 

Livingstone J. B. cor Sth and Rice. 

Livingstone R. M. 327 8th. 

Lloyd F. H. 609 Reaney. 

Lobdell J. E. 596 Canada. 

Lockey Joseph, Clarendon Hotel. 

Lockwood Charles, w s Ann 1 n of W. 7th. 

Lodge W. O. 458 Drake. 

Lohlker Adam H. 314 8th. 

Long Alexander G. 481 Marshall Ave. 

Long Miss Delia, 443 Carroll. 

Long Miss Lilly A. 443 Carroll. 

Loomis Miss Annie J. 95 Virginia Ave. 

Loomis F. F. 95 Virginia Ave. 

Loomis F. H. 95 Virginia Ave. 

Loomis Miss Lizzie M. 95 Virginia Ave. 

Loomis Wm. E. 364 X. Exchange. 

Lorent A. R. 442 Wabasha. 

Lothrop L. R. 269 Farrington Ave. 

Lott B. W. 548 St. Anthony Ave. 

Lott Charles F. 548 St. Anthony Ave. 

Lott Miss Edith L. 548 St. Anthony Ave. 

Lott Kennedy F. 548 St. Anthony Ave. 

Lotz Miss Josephine, 132 Western Ave. N. 

Lotz Thomas S. 132 Western Ave. N. 

Loux S. R. 85 8th. 

Lovell Mrs. A. 265 15th. 

Lovell George J. 265 15th. 

Lovell W. H. 265 15th. 

Lovenstein Levi, 512 De Bow. 

Lovering J. L. 488 Cedar. 

Lowe W. H. 220 Nash. 

Lowell Mrs. Mary A. 62 College Ave. W. 

Loweth Charles F. 120 Iglehart. 

Lownsbury A. W. 162 Nina Ave. 

Luckert Mrs. Mary, 480 Iglehart. 

Ludington Thos. E. 275 E. Sth. 

Lufsky Arthur J. W. 315 Somerset. 

Lufsky Robert, 144 College Ave. 

Luley Miss E. E. 391 Sth. 

LuleyF. E. 391 Sth. 

LuleyF. W. 391 Sth. 

Lull Mrs. M. W. 281 Goodrich Ave. 



Lund Charles, 705 Bedford. 

Lund Fred. 699 Bedford. 

Lunn Osmon, 1146 Ross. 

Lunt John, 491 Broadway. 

Lusk J. W. 557 Dayton Ave. 

Lutz P. C. 222 Nash. 

Lyman Edward B. 47 Sherman. 

Lynch J. M. Clarendon Hotel. 

Lyon Rev. D. C. 402 Laurel Ave. 

Lyon E. B. 356 Market. 

Lyon Miss Fannie M. 402 Laurel Ave. 

Lyon Dr. Louis, 239 AVestern Ave. N. 

Lyon T. M. 70 i Conway. 

Lyons Miss Anna M. 232 E. 10th. 

Lyons E. M. 527 Lafayette Ave. 

Lyons Miss Frankie, 232 E. 10th. 

Lyons Levi, 254 Ramsey. 

Lyons Maurice, 232 E. 10th. 

Lyons Nathan, 28 Forbes. 

Lyons P. F. St. James Hotel. 

Lytle Miss Bessie, 337 Somerset. 

Lytle E. 337 Somerset. 

Lytle H. C. 559 St. Paul. 

Lytle W. S. 559 St. Paul. 


cADAM JOHN, JR. 463 Iglehart. 

McAfee H. J. 550 Dayton Ave. 
McAfee James, 477 Portland Ave. 
McAfee N. 477 Portland Ave. 
McAllister John H. Clarendon Hotel. 
McArdle Thomas W. 321 Iglehart. 
McArthur F. E. 547 Laurel Ave. 
McArthur Mrs. H. 547 Laurel Ave. 
McArthur M. A. 7 Virginia Ave. 
McAuly T. W. 381 Robert. 
McBride C. B. 400 Bruno. 
McCafferty James J. 144 E. 3d. 
McCaig James, 200 Dayton Ave. 
McCaine Miss Adelaide M. 611 Canada. 
McCaine Daniel, 611 Canada. 
McCaine David, 609 Canada. 
McCaine Mrs. H. J. 358 Market. 
McCaine Miss Jennie E. 194 Pleasant Ave. 
McCall John C. 372 Maria Ave. 
McCammon Miss Anna M. 135 Dale. 
McCardy Miss Annie, 448 Iglehart. 

McCardy J. J. 448 Iglehart. 

McCarron F. J. 279 Prairie. 

McCartey Henry Carleton, 70 Tilton. 

McCarthy Charles I. 133 W. 5th. 

McCarty T. J. 360 E. 7th. 

McCauley Frank P. 881 Burr. 

McCauley John, 314 Spruce. 
' McCauley Miss Mary, 314 Spruce. 

McCauley Wm. S. 955 Burr. 

McCaw D. M. 163 Pleasant Ave. 

McClanahan Edward B. 357 McBoal. 

McClellan Carswell, ISO! Western Ave. N. 

McClellan J. G. 307 Grove. 

McCloud D. H. 534 Selby Ave. 

McClung H. T. 460 Iglehart. 

McClung J. W. 460 Iglehart. 
j McClung Miss Nellie, 460 Iglehart. 

McClure Mrs. Ann, 609 Marshall Ave. 
I McClure John, 609 Marshall Ave. 

McClure J. M. C.Western Ave. cor Martin. 

McClure Mrs. Lydia S. 285 Pleasant Ave. 

McClure Miss Sarah C. 385 Pleasant Ave. 

McClurg Miss Mary F. 5 .9 Lafayette Ave. 
i McColloch John, 554 Holly Ave. 

McConnell John, 50S Canada. 

McConnell Samuel, 416 W. 7th. 

McConnell S. B. 344 Dayton Ave. 

McConville C. J. 555 De Soto. 

McCormick Mrs. C. Elfelt cor Lafond. 

McCormick Findley, 433 Ashland Ave. 

McCormick T. F. Elfelt cor Lafond. 

McCourt D. cor Cook and Greenbrier Ave. 

McCourt Edward, 194 Central. 

McCoy H. J. 306 W. 3d. 

McCulloch John 554 Holly Ave. 

McCullough Miss A. 49 W. Exchange. 

McCullough E. P. 49 W. Exchange. 

McCullough Jay S. 250 Norris. ' " 

McCullough Miss M. 49 W. Exchange. 

McDonald E. E. 24 Davidson Block. 

McDonald E. S. Hotel Astoria. 

McDonald John H. 444 8th. 

McDonald W. H. 129 W. 4th. 

McDonald W. H. Clarendon Hotel. 

McDonnell P. R. 537 Ohio. 

McDonnell Miss Mary, 553 Ashland Ave. 

McDowellR.G. 336 W.3d. 



McElroyMiss C. L. 139 Western Ave. N. 
McElroy Miss M. 139 Western Ave.N. 
McEnany Grant, 24 College Ave. W. 
McEnany Robert, 24 College Ave. W. 
McEvoy G. B. 192 E. 10th. 
McEwen D. H. 592 Marshall Ave. 
McFarland Walter, 725 Edgarton. 
McFarlin J. H. 325 Goodrich Ave. 
McGann George, 572 Cedar. 
McGee Charles, 693 E. 7th. 
McGeehan Joseph, 726 St. Peter. 
McGill A. R. 651 Wabasha. 
McGonagle W. A. 182 Concord. 
McGovern Terence, 82 Leech. 
McGovern Thomas, 200 Central. 
McGrath W. L. Snelling Ave. cor Laurel. 
McGrortyMrs. Bridget, 388 8th. 
McGrorty Miss Eugenie F. .388 8th. 
McGrorty Miss Geraldine B. 388 8th. 
McGrorty Walter W. 528 Grove. 
McGrorty Judge. W. B. 388 8th. 
McGuire Miss Alice, .388 X. Fort. 
McGuire Dr. F. 357 Jackson. 
McGuire James F. 351 X. Franklin. 
McHenry J. A. 240 W. 7th. 
McHenry Mrs. M. E. 240 W. 7th. 
McHie George E. 374 X. Exchange. 
Mcllrath Charles, 378 Summit Ave. 
Mcintosh Mrs. M. 557 St. Paul. 
Mclntyre C. W. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Mclntyre Miss Katie C. 212 14th. 
Mclver Miss Annie M. 263 Rice. 
Mclver F. F. 263 Rice. 
Mclver Mrs. E. 263 Rice. 
McKay Miss Lila, 666 Wabasha. 
McKelvey Jas. L. 421 Robert. 
McKenna Miss Blanche, 313 Laurel Ave. 
McKenna James, 313 Laurel Ave. 
McKenney Edward, 376 St. Peter. 
McKey Charles D. 307 Laurel Ave. 
McKey Edward V. 89 Mackubin. 
McKey Joseph, 235 Summit Ave. 
McKibbin Joseph, 64 Tilton. 
McKiernan Mrs. H. A. 80 Iglehart. 
McKinlay D. A. 252 Rice. 
McKown W. M. 484 Carroll. 
McLagan Edward, 586 Temperance. 

McLain C. M. 42 W. 5th. 
McLaren John F. jr. 601 Holly Ave. 
McLaren Miss J. F. 65 Iglehart. 
McLaren R. X. 65 Iglehart. 
McLaurin MissLurline, 465 Hopkins. 
McLean A. 231 Western Ave. X. 
McLeod A. D. 141 E. 3d. 
McLeod Angus, 22 College Ave. W. 
McLeod M. R. 22 College Ave. W. 
McLoughlin Henry, 56 W. 4th. 
McMain Robert W. Sherman House. 
McManigal F. R. 296 Iglehart. 
McManigal W. A. 173 Carroll. 
McManus Mrs. Ida A. Ramsey nr Forbes. 
McManus Miss Mary M. 445 Wabasha. 
McManus Miss Shirley Ramsey u r Forbes. 
McMasters S. Russell, 17 Iglehart. 
McMillan J. T. Sherburne cor Jackson. 
McMillan S. J. R. Metropolitan Hotel. 
McMurphy James A. 340 Banfill. 
McMurran J.Royall, The Portland. 
McMurran Samuel, The Portland. 
McXally M. J. 9 W. 9th. 
McXamara Francis, 405 Jackson. 
McNamee Edward, 568 Selby Ave. 
McXamee Mrs. Eliza, 741 St. Peter. 
McXames P. 654 Division. 
McXeale C. A. 203 W. 5th. 
McXeill Gregg, 560 St. Paul. 
McXicol Robert, 356 Ramsey. 
McQuaid W. ^L 654 Hague Ave. 
McQuillan Louisa, 397 E 10th. 
McQuillan Miss Mary, .397 E. 10th. 
McStay John J. 719 St. Peter. 
McSweeney L. E. 519 Broadway. 
McYay H. J. Tuscaora nr Milton. 


AAS R. Y. 349 Robert. 

Mabon E. L. 82 W. Bluff. 
Mabon J. W. 82 W. Bluff. 
Mabon Miss Laura, 82 W. Bluff. 
Mabon Miss Xellie, 82 W. Bluff. 
MacCarthy Gen. C. M. 616 Mississippi 
MacCarthy D, F. .503 De Bow. 
MacCarthy J. C. 612 Mississippi. 
MacCarthy Miss J. M. 616 Mississippi. 


MacCarthy Miss Mary, 616 Mississippi. 
MacCauley Rev. C. 77 Summitt Ave. 
Macaulay W. J. 388 Woodward Ave. 
Macdonald Dr. A. 343 E. lOtli. 
Macdonald E. D. 663 Bedford. 
Macdonald James, n e cor Elk and Agate. 
Macdonald John, 388 Woodward Ave. 
Mack Henry, 265 Nelson Ave. 
Mackay Robert G. 76 Tilton. 
Mackenzie Alex. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Mackey J. A. 592 Jackson. 
Mackey J. S. 333 Jackson. 
Mackin J. F. 321 Chestnut. 
Macklett Miss Clara A. 249 Spruce. 
Macklett O. C. 249 Spruce. 
Mackubin C. C. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Mackubin Miss Kate, 242 Summit Ave. 
Maclaren Rev. R. F, 544 Wabasha. 
MacLean Archibald, 231 Western Ave. N. 
Madigan Miss Mary, 399 Iglehart. 
Madigan Miss Margaret, 399 Iglehart. 
Madison George C. 260 Maria Ave. 
Magee Mrs. M. L. 519 Broadway. 
Maginn J. E. 1024 Farquier. 
Magoffin S. M, 297 Pleasant Ave. 
Magraw Dr. Charles E. 315 Grove. 
Magraw Frank E. 315 Grove. 
Magraw Thomas E. 315 Grove. 
Magraw Wm. E. 315 Grove. 
Mahan Isaac L. Hotel Astoria. 
Maher Miss Mary, 322 S. Franklin. 
Mahle Wm. G. 442 Olive. 
Mahler C. F. 125 Virginia Ave. 
Mahler J. H. 521 Marshall Ave. 
Mahoney Edward, 197 Pearl. 
Mainzer Adolph, 431 Fort. 
Mainzer Miss Agnes B. 431 Fort. 
Mainzer Jacob, 431 Fort. 
Majer Rev. A. D. 241 Charles. 
Makinson E. J. Clark ur York. 
Makinson J. W. 655 De Bow. 
Malcolm T. W. 711 Lincoln Ave. 
Mandehr Henry, 274 Banfill. 
Mann Edward H. 578 St. Peter. 
Mann F. R. 276 Arundel. 
Mann Harry W. 578 St. Peter. 
Mann J. C. Clarendon Hotel. 

Mann Mrs. Katherine, 444 Laurel Ave. 

Mann Lewis D. 578 St. Peter. 

Mann R. C. 525 Laurel Ave. 

Mann Walter, 444 Laurel Ave. 

Manner Prof. Wm. 19 McKinney Block. 

Mannheimer Emil, 272 W. 7th. 

Mannheimer Jacob, 342 Pleasant Ave. 

Mannheimer Robert, Metropolitan Hotel. 

Manning James, 49 W. 9th. 

Manning John, 49 W. 9th. 

Manning Miss Lizzie, 411 Fort. 

Manning Thomas, 212 14th. 

Mansfield J. K. 613 Jackson. 

Manship Charles H. 304 Nelson Ave. 

Manson Mrs. A. I). 571 Ashland Ave. 
I Manson Robert, 571 Ashland Ave. 

Manton Charles H. 26 W. Winifred. 

Manvel Allen, 285 E. 9th. 

Manvel Miss Florence, 285 E. 9th. 

Manvel Miss Hattie G. 285 E.9th. 

Marcus A. 108 Dakota Ave. 

Marden Mrs. A. M. 500 Laurel Ave. 

Marion Miss L. 491 Collins. 

Mark Andrew, .383 Wabasha. 

MarkertGeo. 566 Wabasha. 

Markert George jr. 566 Wabasha. 

Markoe Dr. James C. 630 St. Peter. 

Markoe John A. 630 St, Peter. 

Markoe Lorenzo J. 630 St. Peter. 

Markoe Ralston J. 630 St. Peter. 

Markoe Wm. 630 St. Peter. 

Markoe Wm. F. 630 St. Peter. 

Marr Louis, 690 Conway. 

Marrett T. B. 348 E. 9th. 

Marschinke Charles, 250 Central. 
I Marsh F. J. 182 Concord. 

Marsh Geo. S. 212 Nelson Ave. 

Marshall Miss Christiana, 57 E. 10th. 

Marshall George L. 302 Sherman. 

Marshall Capt. Jas. M. Clarendon Hotel. 

Marshall Mrs. J. A. 194 E. 10th. 

Marshall J. E.St. James Hotel. 

Marshall Mrs. L. W. 129 W. 4th. 

Marshall Miss Matilda, 57 E. 10th. 

Marshall Wm. K. 107 11th. 

Marshall Wm, R. 302 Sherman. 

Mart D. 229 Spruce. 



Marti George, 108 Dakota Ave. 

Martin G. W. 645 Reaney. 

J^lartin Henry, 206 Dunediu Terrace. 

Martin Martin, 262 Commercial. 

Martin Mrs. M. 507 Cooper. 

Martin M. P. 152 Farrington Ave. 

Martin Paul, 206 Dunedin Terrace. 

Martini Piudolph, 552 Bradley. 

Martinke Ludwig, 131 W. 3d. 

Marty John, 450 E. 7th. 

Marvin C. P. 117 A^irginia Ave. 

Marvin James, 400 Marshall Ave. 

Marvin Rev. Josiah, 409 Iglehart. 

Marvin Richard, 505 Wabasha. 

Marvin R. F. 50 Dale. 

Marye J. L. jr. 479 Broadway. 

Mason W. F. 542 Wabasha. 

Mason W. M. 542 Wabasha. 

Masterson Thomas F. Ill Virginia Ave. 

Matheis Charles, 10 Irvine Park. 

Matheis John, 307 Walnut. 

Matheis John jr. 307 Walnut. 

Matheis Miss Lillie, 307 Walnut. 

Matheis O. C. 307 Walnut. 

Matheis Wm. 307 Walnut. 

Matheny George H. 181 Pleasant Ave. 

Mather W. D. 252 Xorris. 

Mathes E. F. 382 E. 7th. 

Mathes Jacob, 382 E. 7th. 

Mathes Miss Jennie, 382 E. 7th. 

Mathew Rev. W. S. 120 E. Isabel. 

Mathews H. D. Merchants Hotel. 

Mathews R W. 420 Holly Ave. 

Mathews W.D. 344 Sherman. 

Matson Wm. T. 691 Ravine. 

Matter Oscar, 279 W. 7th. 

Matterson Bela C. Colborne cor St. Clair. 

Matteson Mrs. Caroline, 240 Colborne. 

Matthews Miss Clara J. 724 Burr. 

Matthews D. A. 509 De Bow. 

Matthews James, Clarendon Hotel. 

Matthews Thomas A. 724 Burr. 

Matthey L. C. 23 College Ave. E. 

Mattocks Mrs. J. E. 586 Canada. 

Maxfield L. H. 322 S. Exchange. 

Maxfield W. T. 14 E. 7th. 

Maxwell J. C. 649 Portland Ave. 

May Fred. 265 loth. 

May Lewis L. 265 15th. 

Mayall H.753 E.7th. 

Mayall S. 753 E. 7th. 

MaybellR. J. 649 Canada. 

Mayer Rev. A. D. 241 Charles. 

Mayhew Jeremiah, Reaney nr Earl. 

Mayhew W. E. Reaney nr Earl. 

Mayo Mrs. A. T. 727 Grand Ave. 

Mayo C. E. 551 Broadway. 

Mayo Miss E. F. Iglehart nr St. Peter. 

Mayo The Misses, 551 Broadway. 

Meacham F. E. 1075 Farquier. 

Mead A. A. 282 Prairie. 

Mead Bennett A. 474 8th. 

Mead Charles, 15 N. Forbes. 

Mead Miss Charlotte, 293 Pleasant Ave. 

Mead F^abius J. 176 Charles. 

Mead George H. 293 Pleasant Ave. 

Mead Warren H. 293 Pleasant Ave. 

Mead W. L. 221 Western Ave. N. 

Mealy Michael, 45 W. Exchange. 

Meckel Henry, 463 North. 

Medicke E. F. 531 University Ave. 

Meeker Stillman, 440 Fort. 

Mehl Edward J. 24 E. 3d. 

Mehl Eugene, 24 E. 3d. 

Mehl E. T. 24 E. 3d. 

Meier A. 151 W. 5th. 

Meier Edward J. 277 E. 10th. 

Mellgren A. E. 320 Goodrich Ave. 

Melvin Michael, 10 S. Forbes. 

Menk Charles F. 246 14th. 

Menk Theo. H. 79 Mt. Airy. 

Mercer F. C. 266 E. 9th. 

Merell A. Frank, Clarendon Hotel. 

Merriam Col. J. L. 481 Willius. 

Merriam J. W. 486 Willius. 

Merriam Robert H. 486 Willius. 

Merriam W. R. 25 University Ave. 

Merrick Albert H. 493 Broadway. 

Merrick Edward A. -^93 Broadway. 

Merrick W. H. 539 Holly Ave. 

Merrihew Frank, 39 Summit Ave. 

Merrill Daniel B. 200 E. 10th. 

Merrill D. D. 131 College Ave. 

Merrill D. D. jr. 131 College Ave. 



Merrill Geo. W. 669 Division. 

Merrill Henry A. 669 Division. 

Merrill John J. 667 Otsego Ave. 

Merrill M. L. 637 De Bow. 

Merrill Morris 0. 140 W. 5th. 

Merrill Spencer O. 669 Division. 

Merritt A. J. Mississippi cor Granite. 

Merritt Dr. Charles E. 224 Susan. 

Messer A. 39 Mackubin. 

Messer S. 39 Mackubin. 

Metcalf Geo. P. 488 Ashland Ave. 

Metcalf Dr. Geo. R. 39 W. 5th. 

Metcalf O. M. 39 W. 5th. 

Metcalf Thomas D. 488 Ashland Ave. 

Metcalf T. M. 553 Ashland Ave. 

Metcalf The Misses, 553 Ashland Ave. 

MetcalfW. H. 359E. 6th. 

Metcalf Wm. M. 553 Ashland Ave. 

Mettler Jacob, 155 W. 3d. 

Metz Charles E. 658 E. 6th. 

Metz J. B. .582 Ashland Ave. 

Metz Llewellyn, 582 Ashland Ave. 

Metzdorf John,31 W. 10th. 

Metzger Mrs. Louisa, 266 W. .3d. 

Metzger Paul, 266 Goodhue. 

Meyer Charles, Oakdale Ave. nr Bunker. 

Meyer Charles F. 625 E. 4th. 

Meyer H.J. 241 Oak. 

Michaud Achille, 84 E. Robie. 

Michaud Charles, 129 Iglehart. 

Michaud D. 555 St. Peter. 

Michaud D. H. 415 N. Exchange. 

Michaud Narcisse, 268 Rice. 

Michael Bernard, 181 University Ave. 

Middlebrook Mrs. J. 89 Summit Ave. 

Middleton A. W. 217 Spruce. 

Middleton Harvey, 545 De Bow. 

Middleton James, 618 E. 5th. 

Miles C. C. 90 12th. 

Miles C. C. jr. 90 12th. 

Miles G. W. 90 12th. 

Milham E. H. 249 E. 7th. 

Millard D. W. 84 Iglehart. 

Millard Julian, 84 Iglehart. 

Miller Mrs. Catherina, 234 W. 5th. 

Miller Rev. Charles C. 510 Bradley. 

Miller Charles M. 631 Westminster. 

Miller Dr. Clinton C. 631 Westminster. 

Miller C. W. 607 Lincoln Ave. 

Miller Mrs. Emily H. 565 Canada. 

Miller F. C. 565 Canada. 

Miller George, 286 Pleasant Ave. 

Miller G. A. 765 W. 7th. 

Miller Hubert H. 435 Rice. 

Miller H. H. 565 Canada. 

Miller Hugh M. 177 E. 15th. 

Miller Mrs. J. A. 1020 Farquier. 

Miller Mrs. Jane E. 245 W. 7th. 

Miller J. D. 125 Virginia Ave. 

Miller Mathias, 59 W. 10th. 
j Miller M. D. 25 College Ave. W. 
! Miller Mrs. M. J. 214 Carroll. 
I Miller M. T. 691 Yale. 
! Miller N. D. 593 Westminster. 

Miller O. G. Grand Central Hotel. 

Miller Stephen, 348 Maria Ave. 

Miller W. A. 562 Stillwater. 

Milligan C. A. 5 Tilton. 

Milligan Mrs. E. D. 5 Tilton. 

Milliken W. B. 21 E. 5th. 

Millis O. E. 226 13th. 

Milnerl.W. 35W. 10th. 

Milner Warren, 194 E. 10th. 

Milnor Miss Frances L. 50 Aurora Ave. 
j Miner J. 256 Goodrich Ave. 

Minor Henry E. 47 E. Dearborn. 
I Minturn Miss L. 556 St. Peter. 
I Minturn R. R. 202 E. 9th. 

Mitchell C. W.538 Cooper. 
I Mitchell Rev. E. C. 534 Summit Ave. 

Mitchelson George, 376 Robert. 

Mitsch George, 237 Pleasant Ave. 

Mitsch George J. 470 St. Peter. 

Mock Emil, 28 8. Forbes. 
I Mock Jacob, 28 S. Forbes. 

Moeller J. H. 327 Somerset. 

Mohler A. L. 370 Exchange. 

Monfort C. J. Windsor Hotel. 

Monfort D. A. 282 Dayton Ave. 

Monfort F. D. 282 Dayton Ave. 

Monfort George R. AVindsor Hotel. 

Monroe W. S. The Portland. 

Monten Rev. A. P. 325 Olmsted. 

Montgomery Hugh B. 49 W. 4th. 


Monty W. H. 666 Wabasha. 

Moon D. H. 176 Summit Ave. 

Moore Adolphus, 315 BanfiU. 

Moore A. L. 169 Western Ave. N. 

Moore C. A. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Moore Miss Ellen F. 232 Pearl. 

Moore Mrs. Frances M. 95 Wilkin. 

Moore Frank, 25 S. Forbes. 

Moore Gardner S. 170 Western Ave. N. 

Moore George G. 232 Pearl. 

Moore George W. Hotel Astoria. 

Moore H. J. 558 Robert. 

Moore James E. 263 S. Oak. 

Moore Miss Julia H. Ill Virginia Ave. 

Moore Miss N. F. 232 Pearl. 

Moore Richard, 179 Pleasant Ave. 

Moore R. C. H. 95 Wilkin. 

Moore Stewart L. 293 Pleasant Ave. 

Moore Wm. S. 232 Pearl. 

Moore W. S. jr. 232 Pearl. 

Moreau Ernest, 218 E. 7th. 

Morehead J. B. 312 S. Oak. 

Morehous Miss Grace E. 446 Dayton Ave. 

Morehous J. E. 446 Dayton Ave. 

Morgan Frank M. 550 Stillwater. 

Morgan Isaac D. 340 Banfill. 

Morgan J. M. 340 Banfill. 

Morgan Theodore, 22 College Ave. 

Morganstern A. 546 Lafayette Ave. 

Morganstern Jacob, 546 Lafayette Ave. 

Moritz W. F. Western Ave. cor Fuller. 

Morley Rev. John H. 725 Dayton Ave. 

Morris C. A. F. 184 Summit Ave. 

Morris C. J. A. 128 Summit Ave. 

Morris Mrs. Henry, 34 N. Forbes. 

Morris Misses, 184 Summit Ave. 

Morris Thomas, 175 Ellen. 

Morrison H. R. 669 Canada. 

Morrison J. C. 669 Canada. 

Morrison J. H. 122i^ W. 3d. 

Morrison Samuel, 496 Jackson. 

Morrison W. C. 496 Jackson. 

Morrissey Frank R. 159 W. 6th. 

Morrensen A. W. 527 Livingston Ave. 

Mortimer Daniel, 337 Iglehart. 

Morton W. S. 144 Nina Ave. 

Moss Mrs. A. B. 317 Chestnut. 

Moss A. P. 317 Chestnut. 

Moss H. L. 239 S. Exchange. 
I Mossberg C. J. 22 College Ave. W. 
j Mott Edwin, 27 Summit Ave. 

Mott Mrs. Eliza J. 27 Summit Ave. 

Mott Dr. F. C. 27 Summit Ave. 

Mott George C. 27 Summit Ave. 

Mould C. T. 162 Virginia Ave. 

Muckey Dr. F. S. 168 Western Ave. N. 
j Muehlenbrueh Daniel, 632 Jackson. 
! Mueller August, 191 E. 7th. 

Mueller John, 273 Louis. 

Muench Adolph, 653 E. 5th. 
; Muench Dr. Herman, 618 E. 6th. 

Muggley Joseph, 461 Fort. 

Muir A. 409 Ashland Ave. 

Mullen Alex. 112 Dakota Ave. 

Mullen Daniel, 45 Summit Ave. 

Mullen Daniel jr. 45 Summit Ave. 

Mullen John, 45 Summit Ave. 

Mullen J. J. 911 Juno. 

Muller C. F. 449 Selby Ave. 

Mulliken Walter K. 538 Marshall Ave. 

Munger R. C. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Munro John, 941 Rice. 

Munson John E. 623 Lincoln Ave. 
j Murphy Miss A. G. 516 Jackson. 

Murphy Mrs. P. E. 227 Iglehart. 

Murphy Mrs. Harriet, 100 W. 4th. 

Murphy Dr. J. H. 516 Jackson. 

Murphy J. H. 166 Prescott. 

Murphy Miss May F. 516 Jackson. 

Murphy P. E. 227 Iglehart. 

Murray A. K. 591 Ashland Ave. 

Murray S. A. 591 Ashland Ave. 

Murray Miss Winnie C. 161 Nina Ave. 

Murray Hon. W. P. 161 Nina Ave. 

Myers Tbeo. B. Hotel Astoria. 

Myers W. H. 561 Cooper. 

Myrick Col. J. R. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Myrick Miss, Metropolitan Hotel. 

Myrick Nathan, 255 W. 7th. 

Myrick Wm. 255 W. 7th. 

Myron James C. Viola cor Jackson. 

Myron W. F. Acker nr Mississippi. 



•^ly ABERSBERG DR. J. W. 495 Still- 

-^^ water. 

Napier Colin, 505 Brewster Ave. 

Napier The Misses, 505 Brewster Ave. 

Nasli Albert S. 175 Pleasant Ave. 

Nash Charles P, 175 Pleasant Ave. 

Nash George A. 175 Pleasant Ave. 

Nattrass E. T. 631 E. .3d. 

Nattrass John W. 631 E. 5th. 

Nattrass The Misses. 631 E. 5th. 

Naumann Adolph, 721 E. 4th. 

Naylor Mrs. M. 504 Selby Ave. 

Naylor W. A. 594 Selby Ave. 

Neely Charles S. 280 Pleasant Ave. 

Neff Henry, 345 Waverly PI. 

Neff John, 651 Otsego Ave. 

Neill Rev. E. D. 515 Portland Ave. 

Neill Miss Minnesota, 515 Portland Ave. 

Nelson Andrew N. 517 Grant. 

Nelson C. 673 Canada. 

Nelson C. 415 E. 7th. 

Nelson Charles E. G31 De Bow. 

Nelson Miss Emma B. 20 E. 10th. 

Nelson E. N. 313 Olmsted. 

Nelson Frederick, Agate nr Elk. 

Nelson.Dr. John C.227E. 7th. 

Nelson 0. M. 313 Olmsted. 

Nelson P. 602 Decatur. 

Nelson Judge R. R. 29 E. 10th. 

Nesbett G. H. 643 Portland Ave. 

Nettleton F. H. Randolph nr city limits. 

Nettleton G. B. Randolph nr city limits. 

Nettleton W. M. Randolph nr city limits. 

Neuhausen Carl, 97 W. .3d. 

Newberg Mrs. S. 494 Stillwater. 

Newel Stanford, 251 Dayton Ave. 

Newell F. B. 653 Canada. 

Newell W. F. 118U W. 3d. 

Newington Mrs. Caroline, 153 Nina Ave. 

Newman Alured, 479 Pleasant Ave 

Newman George, 625 Jackson. 

Newman Miss Ida A. 479 Pleasant Ave. 

Newport Luther E. 217 Summit Ave. 

Newport Col. R. M. 217 Summit Ave. 

Newson Maj. T. M. 291 Stewart Ave. 

Newson The Misses, 291 Stewart Ave. 

Newton Mrs. C. A. 580 St. Peter. 

Newton Rev. E. 565 Robert. 
Newton Wm, 227 Bunker. 
Nichols A. S. 739 Grand Ave. 
Nichols Charles, Metropolitan Hotel. 
Nichols F. S. 433^ W. 3d. 
Nichols Miss Kate W. 230 E. 9th. 
Nichols Miss Lizzie A. 739 Grand Ave. 
Nichols M. P. 230 E. 9th. 
Nichols S. H. 739 Grand Ave. 
Nichols Wm. A. 649 Portland Ave. 
Nichols W. L. 379 N. Washington. 
Nicolai F. C. 657 Hague Ave. 
Nicolay A. H. 598 Jackson. 
Nicoll Wm. R. 1135 Bradley. 
Nicols Henry, 139 Summit Ave. 
Nicols J. Ross, 177 Nelson Ave. 
Nicols Miss Saidee, 139 Summit Ave. 
Nicols Mrs S. T. 139 Summit Ave. 
Niebaum J. H. 735 E. 5th. 
Niedhamer F. L. 465 Hopkins. 
Nienhauser C. P. 656 Stillwater. 
Nienhauser F. A. 653 Burr. 
Nienhauser J. E. 556 Stillwater. 
Nininger A. Ramsey, 242 Summit Ave. 
Nippolt A. 528 Broadway. 
Nissen D. W. 281 University Ave. 
Nixon W. S. 297 Grove. 
Noble A. 297 W. 3d. 
Noble A. B. Hennepin Ave. cor Avon. 
Noble Miss A. C. 681 St. Peter. 
Noble Frank E. 110 Iglehart. 
Noble H. S. 681 St. Peter. 
Noble W. J. 141 11th. 
Noble Mrs. W. R. 681 St. Peter. 
Noble W. W. 110 Iglehart. 
Nockin Bernhard J. 412 E. 10th. 
Nockin Miss Olga, 412 E. 10th. 
Nolan Edward A. 419 Marshall Ave. 
Nolte Mrs. Caroline, 365 E. 9th. 
Norcott John, 680 Hennepin Ave. 
Nordin A. F. 304 Carroll. 
Norquist Otto, 924 Fremont. 
Norren N. Reaney nr 7th. 
Norris Jewitt, 449 Fuller. 
Norris J. M. 400 Laurel Ave. 
Norris John W, Manheimer Block. 
Norris Miss May E. 398 Laurel Ave. 



North Mrs. Mary, 39 E. 9th. 
Northrop F. W. 629 North. 
Norton E. L. 275 8th. 
Norton E. S. 503 Marshall Ave. 
Norton Henry M. 322 Jackson. 
Norton Rev. H. E. 819 Tusearora. 
Norton I. E. 93 E. 9th. 
Noyes C. P. 294 Summit Ave. 
Noyes Daniel R. 366 Summit Ave. 
Noyes Miss Helen G. 366 Summit Ave. 
Noyes Will C. 491 Broadway. 
Nutting G. H. 397 Dayton Ave. 


BRIEN HON. C. D. 51 McBoal. 

O'Brien Mr&. Dillon, 635 Lincoln Ave. 

O'Brien H. J. 635 Lincoln Ave. 

O'Brien James, Case nr Westminster. 

O'Brien Miss Jennie M. 635 Lincoln Ave, 

O'Brien John D. Goodrich Ave nr Dale. 

O'Brien Mary E. 635 Lincoln Ave. 

O'Brien P. 194 McBoal. 

O'Brien Thomas D. 633 Lincoln Ave. 

O'Connor Edward, 616 Mississippi. 

O'Connor Michael J. 75 Iglehart. 

O'Donnell Martin, 531 Cooper. 

O'Gorman Henry, 426 Selby Ave. 

O'Grady P. 370 Carroll. 

O'Halloran Dennis, 149 Pleasant Ave. 

O'Leary John J. 552 Marshall Ave. 

O' Leary Samuel F. 552 Marshall Ave. 

O'Leary The Misses, 552 Marshall Ave. 

O'Neill John, 217 8th. 

O'Neill J. 579 Jackson. 

Cakes G, L, 473 Marshall Ave. 

Oakes Mrs. J, B, 503 St. Paul. 

Oakes T. F. 353 N. Washington. 

Ober Edgar B, 282 W. 7th. 

Ober George E. 282 W. 7th. 

Ober Mrs. H. M. 281 Goodrich Ave. 

Ober Robert P. 282 W. 7th. 

Ober Robert P. jr. 282 W. 7th. 

Odell J. T. .363 Dayton Ave. 

Oertel A. J. 397 Pleasant Ave. 

Oertel Charles W. .397 Pleasant Ave. 

Oertel E. W. .397 Pleasant Ave. 

O.licer Harvey, 577 St. Peter. 

! Ogden H. S. 53 Iglehart. 

j Ogden The Misses, 53 Iglehart. 

Ogden John, 623 Si. Peter. 
I Ogden Miss Maria, 623 St. Peter. 
i Ohage Dr. Justus, 258 Pleasant Ave. 
' Olds J. E. 483 North. 

Olive J. F. 39 W. 10th. 

Oliver Miss Blanche, 224 Virginia Ave. 

Oliver Henry C. Sherman House. 

Oliver J. J. Clarendon Hotel. 

Olivier Frank O. 314 Josette. 

Olivier John B. Oak cor College Ave. 

Olivier The Misses, Oak cor College Ave. 

Olmsted C. E. D. 11 Tilton. 

Olsen Miss A. M. 129 E. 7th. 

Olsen J. A. 129 E. 7th. 

Olslager F. L. 453 Wacouta. 

Olson G. S. 562 Decatur. 

Ongman Rev. John 479 Collins. 

Oppenheim Ansel, 275 Summit Ave. 

Oppenheimer August, 580 St. Peter. 

Orcutt J. F. 381 Ellen. 

Ordway L. P. IIS^^ W. .3d. 

Orgren Rev. August B. 694 York. 

Orme Henry, 1135 W. 7th. 

Orr Thomas, 48 College Ave. W. 

Orton Miss L. C. 167 Farrington Ave. 

Osborne E. F. 48 W. Exchange. 

Osborne Joseph, 483 Otsego Ave. 

Osgood B. S. 474 Pleasant Ave. 

Osgood H. E. 474 Pleasant Ave. 

Otis Arthur G. 175 Pleasant Ave. 

Otis Charles A. 226 Summit Ave. 
; Otis Charles E. 79 Summit Ave. 

Otis E. R. 583 Ashland Ave. 

Otis Mrs. George L. 226 Summit Ave. 

Otis G. W. 226 Summit Ave. 

Otis Mrs. Grace E. 583 Ashland Ave. 

Otis Ira C. 583 Ashland Ave. 

Otis Miss Mattie E. 226 Summit Ave. 

Otis Miss Mamie, 226 Summit Ave. 

Ottensmeyer Henry, 262 Goodrich Ave. 

Otto C. A. 824 E. 7th. 

Otto Fred. 666 Arcade. 

Ovenshire C. E. 467 North. 

Ovenshire Mrs. C. L. 471 North. 

Overpeck R. A. 319 11th. 


Overton J. B. 727 Grand Ave. 
Owens Dr. Jay, 172 Western Ave. N. 
Owens J. A. 399 Holly Ave. 
Owens The Misses, 399 Holly Ave. 
Ozmun Aaron M. 37 E. 10th. 
Ozmun E. H. 326 Wabasha. 

T>AAR MISS CLARA A. 10 Iglehart. 

Paar Herman, 10 Iglehart. 

Pace Henry, 533 Stillwater. 

Paine Channing, Windsor Hotel. 

Paine Miss Charlotte, 216 Arundel. 

Paine Mrs. Charlotte, 344 Dayton Ave. 

Paine Henry, 354 Jackson. 

Paine Parker, 211 8th. 

Paine Parker jr. 211 8th. 

Painter Mrs. E. J. 523 De Bow. 

Painter F. M. 523 De Bow. 

Painter J. D. H. 514 De Bow. 

Painter S. T. 522 De Bow. 

Palmer Mrs. A. H. 626 De Bow. 

Palmer C. B. 249 E. 10th. 

Palmer E. C. 26 E. Exchange. 

Palmer J. H. 626 De Bow. 

Palmer T. R. 610 Holly Ave. 

Palmes George, 260 Summit Ave. 

Palmes Miss Marion L. 260 Summit Ave. 

Palmes Miss Gertrude, 260 Summit Ave. 

Palmquist Alfred, 161 W. 6th. 

Pannell J. F. 655 De Soto. 

Pardee Reginald, 640 Canada. 

Parish Miss Hattie E. 243 Louis 

Parish W. F. 253 Louis. 

Parker Charles D. 339 Selby Ave. 

Parker C. N. 232 Glencoe. 

Parker C. R. 684 Wabasha. 

Parker Miss Ella, 335 E. 10th. 

Parker Mrs. Ella B. 335 E. 10th. 

Parker F. S. 232 Glencoe. 

Parker George B. 335 E. 10th. 

Parker J. J. Hotel Astoria. 

Parker Theodore E. 375 N. Oak. 

Parkhurst Mrs. C. C. 961 Hudson Ave. 

Parkinson J. B. 325 S. Franklin. 

Parlin Leslie, 18 Phalen Ave. 

Parmelee Charles H. 190 S. Oak. 

Parmely G. T. 273 15th. 

Parsons H. L. 420 E. 10th. 

Parsons Samuel, 43 W. 5th. 

Parsons Samuel N. 43 W. 5th. 

Parsons Theodore D. 392 University Ave. 

Parsons Mrs. W. L. 220 Pleasant Ave. 

Partridge Geo. AV. 128 W. 5th. 

Partridge H. E. 287 Dayton Ave. 

Pasel Otto C. 345 Maple. 

Passavant August, 334 8th. 

Passavant Charles, 587 Reaney. 

Patridge E. W. 551 Westminster. 

Patridge Mrs. M. E. 551 Westminster. 

Patterson Miss Ella, 758 E. 7th. 

Patterson Harry O. 635 St. Peter. 

Patterson Dr. H. S. 758 E. 7th. 

Patterson Mrs. Mary E. 635 St. Peter. 

Patterson Dr. R. H. 754 E. 7th. 

Patterson Mrs. Susan, 758 E. 7th, 

Paul Charles, 245 Summit Ave. 

Paul R. C. 657 North. 

Payne F. A. 307 Somerset. 

Payne Willard T. 943 De Soto. 

Payte Mrs. E. 326 Maple. 

Peabody A. M. 29 Arundel. 

Peabody C. P. 547 Canada. 

Peabody P. Smith, .337 Maria Ave. 

Pearce H. M. 354 E. 9th. 

Pearce J. F. 257 Carroll. 

Pearce Dr. T. J, 656 Cherry. 

Pearce Wm. G. 305 Grove. 

Pearson Mrs. M. E. 506 Jackson. 

Pease C. R. 66 Douglas. 

Pease D. J. 597 Ashland Ave. 

Pease W. F. 48 Dale. 

Pease W. W. Hotel Astoria. 

Peck Piatt S. 50 W. 5th. 

Peck T. L. St. Peter cor 9th. 

Peck U. A. 181 Rondo. 

Pederson Jacob, 362 Pleasant Ave. 

Pendergast Miss Mary A. 11 Summit Ave. 

Pendergast W. W. 11 Summit Ave. 

Pendleton Miss Cornelia A. 187 E. 9th. 

Penner John J. 148 Ramsey. 

Penner Wm. 289 Stewart Ave. 

Penniman E. P. 259 Selby Ave. 

Pennock Geo. E. 217 8th. 



Pennock Mrs. Sarah, 747 Burr. 

Pepper A. H. 558 Robert. 

Perkins Andrew L. 21 W. 5th. 

Perkins E. B. 174 1.5th. 

Perkins Miss Mabel, 197 E. 9th. 

Perkins Norman, 28 College Ave. 

Perkins W. L. 197 E. 9th. 

Perry A. W. 621 Hague. 

Perry Frank M. 442 Dayton Ave. 

Peter Julius. 496 St. Paul. 

Petermann Adam, 290 Goodhue. 

Petersen Rev. W. M. H. Canada cor 13th. 

Peterson Andrew, 681 Otsego Ave. 

Peterson N. H. 394 Iglehart. 

Peterson T. C. 394 Iglehart. 

Petrew A. W. 161 W. 6th. 

Petsch Charles H. 561 Jackson. 

Petter J. W. 556 Stillwater. 

Pettibone C. A. 261 Rice. 

Pettibone Mrs. H. 261 Rice. 

Pettigrew E. 491 Ashland Ave. 

Pettit George, 102 W. 3d, 

Peyer E. J. 185 Lafond. 

Peyer Frank X. 275 W. 5th. 

Peyer 1. 1. 463 St. Peter. 

Pfaender Miss Josephine, 33 College Ave. 

Pfaender Wm. jr. 52 Aurora Ave. 

Pfaflf Martin, 656 De Soto. 

Pfankuch H. 326 E. 10th. 

Pfeifer John, 216 Pleasant Ave. 

Pfeifer Peter, 442 Wabasha. 

Pfister John, 215 E. 7th. 

Phillips C. F. 503 Patridge. 

Phillips F. G. 887 Juno. 

Phillips J. J. 283 Dayton Ave. 

Phillips 0. W. 211 Spruce. 

Phillips S. C. 661 Burr. 

Phillips Wm. H. 460 Wabasha. 

Piatt R. F. 286 E. 10th. 

Pieper H. F. 634 Yale. 

Pieper W. F. 634 Yale. 

Pierce Arthur G. 510 Beaumont. 

Pierce Miss Helen E. 178 College Ave.W. 

Pierce Miss Kate, 122 Summit Ave. 

Pierce 0. H. 576 Cedar. 

Pierce R. A. 599 Rice. 

Pierce S. G. 499 Laurel Ave. 


Pierce S. L. 178 College Ave. W. 

Pierson A. T. C. 380 N. Washington. 

Pierson Miss Lida B. 330 N. Washington. 

Pilkingtou H. L. 151 Summit Ave. 

Pinains J. 634 De Bow. 

Pinch J. W. 673 Hennepin Ave. 

Pinska Frank W.end of Greenbrier Ave. 

Pirrung August, 168 Poplar. 

Pitts Miss Fannie A. 681 Dayton Ave. 

Pitts Thomas, 681 Dayton Ave. 

Plantikow Rev. F.Winifred nr Cambridge. 

Piatt Jerome, Hotel Astoria. 

Platte Wm. 298 Banfill. 

Plechner B. H. 555 Westminster. 

Plimpton F.W.Rice cor University Ave. 

Plummer Charles E. 161 W. 3d. 

Plympton Miss A. G. 60 W. 4th. 

Plympton Mrs. A. L. 60 W. 4th. 

Poirier A. 232 Carroll. 

Pollard S. W. 26 College Ave. 

Pollock J. D. 433 Portland Ave. 

Pollock N. M. 433 Portland Ave. 

Pollock S. F. 152 Isabel. 

Poison O. St. James Hotel. 

Pomeroy Mrs. Marion, 120 E. Isabel. 

Pomroy Dr. Benjamin, 167 W. 4th. 

Pomroy J. H. Jackson cor University Ave. 

Pomroy Miss L. Jackson cor University. 

Pond D. W. 608 Canada. 

Pond J. C. 612 Canada. 

Pond Maj. James P. 50 W. 5th. 

Ponsonby Frank D. 530 Olive. 

Poole E. L. 194 E. 10th. 

Pope Mrs. G. 417 Woodward Ave. 

Pope Rev. Wm. C. 51 12th. 

Popp C. E. 588 Portland Ave. 

Porten Wm. 465 Fort. 

Porter Mrs. E. M. 501 Mississippi. 

Porter John J. 254 Iglehart. 

Porter Miss M. L. 153 College Ave W. 

Postell Richard, 320 E. 10th. 

Postlethwaite A. G. 418 E. 10th. 

Postlethwaite Miss Margaret, 64 12th. 

Potter Miss Annie F. 351 Grove. 

Potter S. 397 Jackson. 

Pottgieser J. M, -545 Park Ave. 

Potts Mrs. A. A. 417 Woodward Ave. 



Potts C. J. 417 Woodward Ave. 

Pouud George C. 187 Concord. 

Poupeney Aaron, 366 Walnut. 

Povolny R. H. Western Ave. nr Superior. 

Powell Archie O. 101 Wilkin. 

Powell Henry, Inter Ocean Hotel. 

Power Charles M. 137 Western Ave. N. 

Power George C. 403 Laurel Ave. 

Power J. B. 137 Western Ave. N. 

Powers A. J. 45 W. 5th. 

Powers E. F. The Portland. 

Powers Fred. E. 45 AV. 5th. 

Powers G. 637 Linden. 

Prather H. R. 297 Olmsted. 

Pratt Miss Franc H. 682 Dayton Ave. 

Pratt Miss Grace M. 682 Dayton Ave. 

Pratt Mrs. H. A. 682 Dayton Ave. 

Pratt R. V. 622 Grand Ave. 

Premer F. W. 344 Webster. 

Prendergast J. C. 555 Robert. 

Prendergast M. R. 408 Ashland Ave. 

Prendergrast T. A. 405 Ashland Ave. 

Prescott C. A. 313 Dakota Ave. 

Presley George, 193 W. 6th. 

Presley Miss Maggie, 350 E. 7th. 

Prest Albert J. 348 Market. 

Prest Frederick G. 348 Market. 

Prest Samuel L. 348 Market. 

Preston Miss Annie, 47 Summit Ave. 

Preston Miss Belle, 47 Summit Ave. 

Price Dr. D. C. 459 8th. 

Price H. V. 537 Robert. 

Price I. H. 220 Mackubln. 

Price L. H. 215 14th. 

Price Richard 167 W. 4th. 

Price W. W. 459 8th. 

Priedeman J. S. 145 Nina Ave. 

Priem Prof.F. W. H. 362 AV. 7th. 

Prince Miss Emma, 487 8th. 

Prince Miss Frances A. 487 8th. 

Prince Miss Grace M. 487 8th. 

Prince G. T. 591 Lincoln Ave. 

Prince John S. 487 8th. 

Prince John S. jr. 487 8th. 

Prince Miss Mary A. 487 8th. 

Pritz Wm. H. 727 Burr. 

Proctor B. 15 E. Bluff. 

Propping Ferdinand, 275 Banfill. 

Proudfit Stanley, 297 Grove. 

Provost Benjamin A. 212 E. 10th. 

Pruden Allan K. 282 Pleasant Ave. 

Pruden Miss Kate 225 Farrington Ave. 

Prudhomme L. P. 638 Jackson. 

Pugh A. 88 McLean. 

Pugsley James B. 453 AVhitall . 

Punnett E. K. 69 12th. 

Purcell Miss Minnie E. 706 St. Peter. 

Purdy G AV. jr. 388 Woodward Ave. 

Purdy W. F. 632 Yale. 

Purple W. L. 600 Jackson. 

Purvis John, Viola nr Jackson. 

Pusch Charles F. 27 AV 10th. 

Putnam Mrs. C. M. 50 AV. 4th. 

Putnam Douglas, 217 Summit Ave. 

Putnam J. T. 333 Nelson Ave. 

Putnam Miss Marion R. 333 Nelson Ave. 

Pyle J. G. 233 Iglehart. 

/^UACKENBOSS W. A. 518 St. Paul. 

Quehl P. L. 73 11th. 

Quick Miss Cora, 651 De Soto. 

Quick H. B. 651 De Soto. 

Quinby J. C. 207 Nelson Ave. 

Quinn Capt. James B. 247 Nelson Ave. 

Quinn Dr. J. A. 329 Jackson. 

Quissenberry R. T. 206 E. 9th. 


ACE J. P. 667 Otsego Ave. 

Radcliff A. M. 363 Dayton Ave. 
Radcliff Charles S. 363 Dayton Ave. 
Radcliflf Miss Como, 363 Dayton Ave. 
Radcliffe E. S. 218 Virginia Ave. 
Raguet Mrs. Emma, 496 Jackson. 
Ralls Miss S. F. 538 Robert. 
Ramaley David, 11 Summit Ave. 
Ramaley David jr. 11 Summit Ave. 
Ramaley F. AV. 450 AVabasha. 
Ramaley J. H. 11 Summit Ave. 
Ramaley Mrs. S. B. 450 AVabasha. 
Ramaley Miss Sarah K. 11 Summit Ave. 
Ramsey Hon. Alex. 265 S. Exchange. 



Randall E. D. K. 197 8th. 

Randall Edward E. 234 McBoal. 

Randall E. H. 234 McBoal. 

Randall F. A. 115 E. 7th. 

Randall Henry E. 234 McBoal. 

Randall Miss Jennie E. 234 McBoal. 

Randall J. H. 637 Otsego Ave. 

Randall L. M. 374 N. Exchange. 

Randall Miss Mary E. 197 8th. 

Raney C. E. 56 W. 4th. 

Rank Adolph, 606 Dayton Ave. 

Rankin C. H. 344 Sherman. 

Rankin Dr. J. A. 357 Jackson. 

Ranney Geo. H. 107 Virginia Ave. 

Ransford H. 375 Maria Ave. 

Ransom R. W. 210 Nelson Ave. 

Rantoul Robert, 420 E. 10th. 

Rapp C. F. 426 N. Exchange. 

Rail G. Adam, 2 E. George. 

Rauen F. W. 301 Carroll. 

Raymond E. M. 204 E. 10th. 

Raymond G. 63 W. 10th. 

Raymond J. E. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Raymond Miss, Metropolitan Hotel. 

Read W. C. 123 Western Ave. 

Ready Wm. H. 1120 Ross. 

Reaney Mrs. M. A. 581 Canada. 

Reardon Timothy, 179 14th. 

Redpath Henry, 935 Burr. 

Reed Charles H. Maria Ave. cor 6th. 

Reed F. M. 607 Jackson. 

Reed George B. 372 Robert. 

Reed Miss Louise A. Maria Ave. cor 6th, 

Reed L. E. Maria Ave. cor 6th. 

Reed T. 467 Marshall Ave. 

Reese G. W. 261 W. 5th. 

Reese Miss Jennie, 261 W. 5th. 

Regelsberger E. 526 Canada. 

Regelsberger L, 526 Canada. 

Renthal Eugene, 520 St. Peter. 

Reid R. J. 448 Wabasha. 

Reilly Rev. D. A, Mississippi nr Case. 

Reilly J. F. 343 Martin. 

Reilly Philip, 565 Dayton Ave. 

Reinbold E. H. 672 De Soto. 

Reinecker Frederick J. 702 E. 3d. 

Reis Hon. George, 243 W. 6th. 

Relf Miss Hermine, 566 St. Peter. 
Relf Richard, 566 St. Peter. 
Remer A. T. 312 Rice. 
Remer John, 185 Rondo. 
Remick Louis B. 246 Maria Ave. 
Remick W. A. Hotel Astoria. 
Remmey Mrs. M. J. 464 Ashland Ave. 
I Rentz John, 81 Iglehart. 
Renz G. A. Como Park. 
Repke W. F. 226 Mt. Airy. 
Reynolds 0. J. 297 Sherman. 
Reynolds W. F. 297 Sherman. 
Reynolds AVm. H. 19 E. 9th. 
Rheaume 0. L. 31 N. Forbes. 
Rhode Wm. A. 34 Hoflfman Ave. 
Rhodes F. B. 841 Fremont. 
Rhodes Mrs. Lydia, 555 Summit Ave. 
Rhodes Nicholas G. 738 Burr. 
Rhodes Wm. 555 Summit Ave. 
Rice Miss Annie, 187 E. 9th. 
Rice Miss Annie, 415 Holly Ave. 
Rice Miss Emma, 415 Holly Ave. 
Rice Arthur G. 401 Ashland Ave. 
Rice Charles 0. 415 Holly Ave. 
Rice Hon. Edmund, 187 E. 9th. 
Rice Edmund jr. 25 Sherburne Ave. 
Rice F. E. 391 Patridge. 
Rice Hon. Henry M. 285 Summit Ave. 
Rice Miss Jessie, 442 8th. 
Rice Justus B. 442 8th. 
Rice Mrs. Ruth A. 415 Holly Ave. 
Rice Miss Virginia, 187 E. 9th. 
Rich Wm. T. 185 14th. 
Richards Edward, 207 14th. 
Richards F. A. 435 W. 7th. 
Richards M. V. 694 Burr. 
Richards W. B. 148 Nina Ave. 
Richardson Harris, 172 Nina Ave. 
Richardson Mrs. H. M. 293 Pleasant Ave. 
Richardson John C. 397 Ashland Ave. 
Richardson Leslie P. 293 Pleasant Ave. 
Richardson L. H. 482 Dayton Ave. 
Richardson Miss M. F. 397 Ashland Ave. 
Richardson W. H. 474 Marshall Ave. 
Richeson Dr. Wm. 540 St. Paul. 
Richmond C. B. 243 Spruce. 
Richter Fred. Wabasha cor 5th. 



Richwine P. J. 395 Walnut. 
Riddell Rev. R. R. 249 E. 10th. 
Riddell W. Y. 556 De Bow. 
Rider R. Edwin, 61 E. Third. 
Ridler Thomas J. 310 Sherman. 
Riebe G. Cherokee Ave. nr Mohawk. 
Rietzke Herman W. 246 Selby Ave. 
Rietzke Mrs. W. 246 Selby Ave. 
Riggs Charles, 441 Selby Ave. 
Riggs Dr. C. Eugene, 153 Arundel. 
Riheldaffer Rev.J.G. St. Anthony nr Dale. 
Riheldaffer J. H. 642 Hennepin Ave. 
Riley Cornelius, 291 Laurel Ave. 
Riley F. J. 291 Laurel Ave. 
Riley T. 394 Laurel Ave. 
Riley W. C. 291 Laurel Ave. 
Ringwald Charles, 266 Goodrich Ave. 
Ringwald Ernest, 266 Goodrich Ave. 
Ringwald M. A. 266 Goodrich Ave. 
Risser J. W. 255 W. 5th. 
Ritchat Frank, 907 Burr. 
Ritchie H. G. 346 Grove. 
Ritchie Dr. Park. 563 Jackson. 
Rittenhouse C. E. 410 Laurel Ave. 
Ritten house Mrs. J. S. 640 Wabasha. 
Ritter W. H. 155 Iglehart. 
Roake A. H. 18 N. Forbes. 
Robb C. E. 341 Nelson Ave. 
Robb Miss Emma, 341 Nelson Ave. 
Robb Miss Hattie, 341 Nelson Ave. 
Robb Mrs. M. A. 341 Nelson Ave. 
Robb Dr. W. B. 341 Nelson Ave. 
Bobbins Miss Bertha, 669 Jackson. 
Bobbins D. M. 669 Jackson. 
Robbins Miss Emily A. 669 Jackson. 
Robbins Miss Hattie, 334 Sherman. 
Robbins Mrs. J. B. 137 E. 7th. 
Robbins Uts. S. L. 233 S. Franklin. 
Robert Alonzo B. 251 Nelson Ave. 
Robert Miss Carrie, 251 Nelson Ave. 
Robert Frank jr. 638 Jackson. 
Robert L. A. 251 Nelson Ave. 
Robert Miss Lizzie M. 519 Robert. 
Robert Mrs. Sarah A, 519 Robert. 
Roberts Dr. F. L. 353>^ Jackson. 
Roberts Hugh W. 640 Canada. 
Roberts T. M. 65 W. 7th. 

Robertson C. D. 223 Pearl. 

Robertson C. E. 223 Pearl. 

Robertson George C. 59 Summit Ave. 

Robertson G. O. 59 Summit Ave. 

Robertson J. C. 223 Pearl. 

Robertson John S. 221 8th. 

Robertson Wm. G. 286 W. 7th. 

Robinson Arthur E. 233 Spruce. 

Robinson C. H. 264 Dayton Ave. 

Robinson G. H. Rondo nr Dale. 

Rochat George 100 W. 3d. 

Roche John W. 323 Summit Ave. 

Roche Miss Maria H. 323 Summit Ave. 

Rochette Frank S. 292 Duke. 

Rochette Henry, 292 Duke. 

Rochette Stephen, 292 Duke. 

Rockwell Dr. C. B. 69 Union Block 

Rockwell Miss Gertrude P. 218 Mackubin. 

Rockwell P. A. The Portland. 

Rockwell Samuel, 218 Mackubin. 

Rodger Wm. 370 Wacouta. 

Rodgers W. J. 181 Pleasant Ave. 

Roe A. L. 56 E. 7th. 

Roedler August, 118 W. 6th. 

Roehrich Gustav, 836 Dawson. 

Roese Carl, 491 Mississi{)pi. 

Rogers Mrs. Anna E. 270 8th. 

Rogers Arthur H. Arundel cor Marshall. 

Rogers C. S. 355 Grove. 

Rogers Edward G. 217 Dayton Ave. 

Rogers Miss Emma, 472 Collins. 

Rogers Frank W. 344 Ramsey. 

Rogers Miss Jennie E. 666 Wabasha. 

Rogers John jr. 343 Robert. 

Rogers J. N. 117 Farrington Ave. 

Rogers Richard H. 472 Collins. 

RohrMiss V. 309E. 6th. 

Rohrer S. F. 165 Smith. 

Rolf Rev. Ernst, 274 E. 9th. 

Romans W. J. 215 Pearl. 

Romer F. J. 197 Ramsey. 

Ronicker Robert, 538 Cooper. 

Ronsheim S. Ill Leech. 

Rood A. E. 507 Marshall Ave. 

Rood J. L. 228 Pearl. 

Rosche Miss Ella, 400 Woodward Ave. 

Rose Albert N. 262 8th. 



Rose Emil, Plum nr Main. 

Rose Isidor, 262 8th. 

Roselle D. E. 45 Dale. 

Rosen Emil, 1144 Bradley. 

Rosenegk A. X. 372 Pleasant Ave. 

Rosenthal Rev. Barnet, 613 13th. 

Ross W. G. 739 St. Peter. 

Rossell James M. 459 Dayton Ave. 

Rossum Rudolph, 557 De Soto. 

Rotert Rev. Wm. 236 Maria Ave. 

Roth C. 2V6 Kent. 

Rothschild Henry, 467 Temperance. 

Rothschild H. 67 Park PI. 

Rothschild Joseph, 27 W. 3d. 

Rouleau C. 84 E. Fairfield Ave. 

Routh Miss Anna, 19 E. 10th. 

Routh Dr. G. E. 226 Virginia Ave. 

Routh Dr. J. W. 19 E. 10th. 

Rowe John, 529 Westminster. 

Rowley O. 1012 E. 7th. 

Rowley S. N. 70 Douglas. 

Roy Dr. L. M. A. 51 AV. 4th. 

Ruddy Miss H. E. 140 E. 10th. 

Ruddy James, 140 E. 10th. 

Rudeen John, 329 E. 7th. 

Rudolph Charles, Susan cor Clinton. 

Ruflf AVm. 65 Summit Ave. 

Rugg G. P. 610 Lincoln Ave. 

Rugg H. P. 251 Summit Ave. 

Rugg Mrs. P. D. 728 Grand Ave. 

Rumney Miss Harriet L. 621 Jackson. 

Riimney Miss Xettie B. 621 Jackson. 

Rumohr L. J. 469 Dayton Ave. 

Rumpf Rev. Carl, 319 Josette. 

Rundle F. A. 244 W. 3d. 

Rundlett Leonard W. 199 Virginia Ave. 

Runyon W. S. 356 Fort. 

Rusche Mrs. E. 497 Iglehart. 

Rusche Louis, 497 Iglehart. 

Rusher Miss ^L C. Windsor Hotel. 

Rusher Mrs. M. D. Windsor Hotel. 

Rusher Walter D. Windsor Hotel. 

Russ John, 144 11th. 

Russell A. F. 382 E. 9th. 

Russell E. H. 382 E. 9th. 

Russell Mrs. Matilda J. 383 E. 9th. 

Rutherford H, V. 547 De Bow. 

Rutherford R. A. 74 11th. 
Ryan Dennis, 400 Woodward Ave. 
Ryan J. A. 287 Sherman. 
Ryan John, 301 Iglehart. 
Ryder Miss Georgia, 139 8th. 
Ryder Miss Jennie, 139 8th. 
Ryder Merrill, 139 8th. 
Ryder Miss Susie, 139 8th. 
Rytterager Nicolay, 647 Canada. 


kBTN Major J. A. 75 12th. 

Sache Wm. R. 169 Hubert. 

Sachse H. C. 58 11th. 

Sadd T. W. 577 Decatur. 

Sahlgaard Hagbarth, 324 S. Exchange. 

St. Aubin J. B. University nr Park Ave. 

St. John C. R. 215 Pearl. 

St. Lawrence Rev. J. G. 178 14th. 

St. Peter Isaiah, 361 Stryker Ave. 

St. Pierre I. O. 597 Fairview. 

Sales George, 449 St. Peter. 

Salisbury G. H. 41 Mackubin. 

Salvador Baron Albert, Windsor Hotel. 

Sanborn Miss Annie W. 15 Iglehart. 

Sanborn E. P. 46 Sherman. 

Sanborn G. G. 15 Iglehart. 

Sanborn Gen. J. B. 506 Jackson. 

Sanborn Mrs. X. 249 14th. 

Sanborn Walter H. 143 Virginia Ave. 

Sandell John, 393 E. 7th. 

Sander Theodore, 521 Mississippi. 

Sanders Miss Blanche, 451 Wacouta. 

Sanders J. H. 271 Summit Ave. 

Sanford David, 602 Canada. 

Sanford David jr. 602 Canada. 

Sanger E. G. 23 E. Bluff. 

Sansome Joseph A. 415 Wacouta. 

Sansome W. E. 415 Wacouta. 

Sargent Edwin A. 237 Xelson Ave. 
[ Sargent Henry C. 46 Hoffman Ave. 
[ Sargent Miss J. D. 545 Westminster. 
I Sargent W. C. 545 Westminster. 
' Sargent W. H. 1076 Farquier. 
'> Sattler H. T. Hotel Astoria. 

Sattler J. B. 333 E. 9th. 
' Sauer Casper, 521 Dayton Ave. 



Sauer John, 270 Maria Ave. 
Saunder Miss Carrie F. 523 Laurel Ave. 
Saunders E.N St. Peter cor Summit Ave. 
Saunders M. L. 258 Dayton Ave. 
Savage A. B. Crocus Hill, Goodrich Ave. 
Savage C. A. Crocus Hill, Goodrich Ave. 
Sawyer Miss Bessie W. 38 Grove. 
Sawyer Edward, 38 Grove. 
Sawyer Geo. M. 61 Dale. 
Sawyer J. D. 281 Olmsted. 
Sawyer Miss Sarah E. 61 Dale. 
Sawyer W. G. 61 Dale. 
Sayles Joseph, Ohio nr Robie. 
Scarratt M. F. 22 W. Exchange. 
Schaber Mrs. Margaret, 681) Minnehaha. 
Schauffler Charles C. 164 Ellen. 
Scheffer Albert, 621 E. 5th. 
Scheffer Alfred, 410 Maple. 
Scheffer Charles F. 17 Summit Ave. 
Scheffer Miss Ella, 410 Maple. 
Scheffer Hermann, 410 Maple. 
Scheffer Miss Kittie, 17 Summit Ave. 
Scheffer Mrs. Louis, 410 Maple. 
Scheffer Miss Myra, 410 Maple. 
Scheibe Charles T. 40 W. 4th. 
Schenck C. 499 W. 7th. 
Schenck Wilkins, 494 Carroll. 
Schickler George, 214 14th. 
Schiermann John H. 518 De Bow. 
Schiffmanu Dr. A. F. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Schiffmann Dr. R. 79 Hoffman Ave. 
Schifler Prof. August, 201 W. 6th. 
SchillingC.F. 442 Olive. 
Schillinger John, 345 Nelson Ave. 
Schillo John, 409 Park Ave. 
Schlatter Henry, 166 Smith. 
Schlattman Henry, 666 Cherry. 
Schlick Frank jr. 467 N. Fort. 
Schliek A. H. 414 N. Fort. 
Schliek C. H. 414 N. Fort. 
Schliek Edward H. 409 N. Oak. 
Schmidt Charles D. Merchants Hotel. 
Schmidt Charles G. 424 W. 7th. 
Schmidt Christian, 556 Bradley. 
Schmidt Dr. Edgar T. 265 E. 9th. 
Schmidt Martin H. 166 Ellen. 
Schmitz Frederick R. 117 S. Forbes. 

Schmitz N.50 College Ave. W. 
Schmitz P. J. 117 S. Forbes. 
Schneider C. W. 323 Grace. 
Schnittger C. H. 279 E. 7th 
Schnittger H. W. 279 E. 7th. 
Schoch Andrew, 410 8th. 
Schoch George, 395 Maria Ave. 
Schoemaker Garrett, De Soto n r Farquier. 
Schoenfield Victor, 381 Iglehart. 
Schollert P. 365 Fuller. 
Schonarth Miss Annie, 13 W. Exchange. 
Schonarth Miss Maggie, 13 W. Exchange. 
Schonarth Peter, 13 W. Exchange. 
Schonarth Peter jr. 13 W. Exchange. 
Schooley M. H. 409 N. Fort. 
Schoonmaker James, 223 Spruce. 
Schornstein Wm. Hudson cor Bates Ave. 
Scholt H. A. 500 Ohio. 
Schram George A. 52 College Ave. 
Schroeder Frederick, 253 Carroll. 
Schroeder Henry A. 183 Goodrich Ave. 
Schroeder H. W. 16 E. 6th. 
Schroeder John N. 244 Hoffman Ave. 
Schuler M. C. 347 Robert. 
Schuttee Henry, 194 E. 7th. 
Schulin Dr. Carl, 258 Ramsey. 
Schultz F. J. 49 E. 6th. 
Schultz M. A. 464 Carroll. 
Schulz Mrs. F. W. 165 McBoal. 
Schulz Rev. Henry, 639 Canada. 
Schulze Albert, 714 Reaney. 
Schulze Carl, 411 8th. 
SchulzeF. J. 411 8th. 
Schulze.John H. 10 Iglehart. 
Schulze T. A. 366 E. 9th. 
Schumacher Gustave, 654 E. 6th. 
Schumacher Louis, 369 Martin. 
Schurmau Charles S. 180 E. Robie. 
Schurmeier Albert, 412 Rosabel. 
Schurmeier B. F. 265 E. 9th. 
Schurmeier Mrs. Caroline, 265 E. 9th. 
Schurmeier Gustave T. 265 E. 9th. 
Schurmeier Henry, 77 Summit Ave. 
Schurmeier Hubert, 412 Rosabel. 
Schurmeier Miss Ida, 265 E. 9lh. 
Schurmeier John H. 412 Rosabel. 
Schurmeier Theodore L. 189 Virginia Ave. 



Scburmeier Wm. H. 357 E. lOtb. 

Schutte D. 552 Westminster. 

Schutte Miss Florence 552 Westminster. 

Schutte Henry. 194 E. 7th. 

Schutte H. A. 552 Westminster. 

Schutte Wm. E. 369 Dayton Ave. 

Schwabs A. M. 251 W. 6tb. 

Schwarz Anton, 174 W 9th. 

Schwemler Nicholas, 108 Dakota Ave. 

Scott A. L. 223 Arundel. 

Scott Edward, Clarendon Hotel. 

Scott Edward, 481 Marshall Ave. 

Scott Eugene G. 481 Marshall Ave. 

Scott F. A. 547 Broadway. 

Scott L. N. 22 Grand Opera House Blk. 

Scott Miss M. J. 85 [Mackubin. 

Scott 0. W. 481 Marshall Ave. 

Scott Robert B. 22 Grand Opera House. 

Scott Roland, 481 Marshall Ave. 

Scott T. 242 Virginia Ave. 

Scotten Fred, s e cor Birch and Forest. 

Scotten George, s e cor Birch and Forest. 

Scoville Mrs. B. 592 Jackson. 

ScribnerE. A. Portland Ave. cor Arundel. 

Scribner E. E.Portland Ave. cor Arundel. 

Scribner J. H. Portland Ave. cor Arundel. 

Seabury Channing, 425 8th. 

Seager G. L. 645 Reaney. 

Sealy Edward, 563 Canada. 

Sealy Miss Eleanor, 563 Canada. 

Sealy Miss Jeannett, 563 Canada. 

Searle H. R. 679 Dayton Ave. 

Searle Olaf 0. 198 E. 10th. 

Seavey George W. 231 W. 7th. 

Secor C. E. 372 N. Exchange. 

Seddon Isaac 618 Canada. 

Seeger John A. n w cor Ohio and Isabel. 

Seeger Robert, 218 Maria Ave. 

Seeger Wm. 654 E. 6th. 

Seeleck J. H. 47 Summit Ave. 

Seibert Frederick, 203 E. 10th. 

Seibert George, 203 E. 10th. 

Seibert George jr. 203 E. 10th. 

Seibert Herman E. 203 E. 10th. 

Seibert Miss Louise, 203 E. 10th. 

Seidel Joseph E. 640 Mississippi. 

Seixas I. B. 244 Louis. 

Seixas J. C. 257 Louis. 
Seley Charles A. 1064 Farquier. 
Semmer Henry J. 500 W. 7th. 
Semple A. M. 233 S. Franklin. 
Semple Miss Florence, 556 Selby Ave. 
Semple H. C. 489 Broadway. 
Semple Miss Julia S. 556 Selby Ave. 
Senkler Dr. A. E. 177 Virginia Ave. 
Serenyi Count Victor, 689 E. 7th. 
Severance E. 168 Pleasant Ave. 
Severn Wm. C. 579 Marshall Ave. 
Sewall Miss H. R. 481 Carroll. 
Sewall J. S. 481 Carroll. 
Sewall Miss S. W. 481 Carroll. 
Sewell C. 634 De Bow. 
Sexton James, 321 Chestnut. 
Seymour Clement, 162 W. 9th. 
Seymour A. 155 Nina Ave. 
Shackford E. L. 347 E. 10th. 
Shackford L. G. 347 E. 10th. 
Shadle H. W. The Portland. 
Shafer Miss Martha, 387 Maria Ave. 
Shallis J. R 601 Canada. 
Shandrew Charles, 65 W. 10th. 
Shandrew Miss E. J. 724 Hennepin Ave. 
Shandrew J. C. 724 Hennepin Ave. 
Shank M. A. 685 Jackson. 
Shank Wm. S. 6.38 Canada. 
Shanley F. C. 122 Fairtield Ave. E. 
Shanley Rev. John, 6th nr St.Peter. 
Shanley Miss Mary, 126 Fairfield Ave. 
Shanley M. D. 126 Fairfield Ave. 
Sharwood C. K. Beaumottt cor De Soto. 
Sharp Thomas, Clarendon Hotel. 
Shaw W. B. 644 Wabasha. 
Shawe Miss Alice M. 402 E. 9th. 
Shawe Miss Essie M. 402 E. 9th. 
Shawe G. A. B. 402 E. 9th. 
Shearen James W. Merchants Hotel. 
Sheire Miss Hattie M. 600 Linden. 
Sheire H. R. 345 E. 9th. 
Sheire Monroe, 345 E. 9th. 
Sheire Romaine. 600 Linden. 
Shepard D. C. 324 Dayton Ave. 
Shepard F. P. 325 Dayton Ave. 
Shepard J. W. 243 S. Washington. 
Sherbrooke Miss J. G. 469 Davton Ave. 



Sherburne M. T. 168 Smith. 
Sheriff George, 400 Holly Ave. 
Sherin E. 316 Maria Ave. 
Sherin Samuel, 316 Maria Ave. 
Sherman Miss E. B. 280 Pleasant Ave. 
Sherman Nelson, 280 Pleasant Ave. 
Sherwin Z. H. 521 Broadway. 
Sherwood George W. 387 Maria Ave. 
Sherwood 0. F. Josette cor Dayton Ave. 
Shields Litton E. 341 Maria Ave. 
Shields Miss Sarah, 550 Wabasha. 
Shiels Mrs. L. M. 68 Wilkin. 
Shimonek Dr. A. 399 Walnut. 
Shinners James S. 374 Fort. 
Shipman B. J. 77 Summit Ave. 
ShirkE.W. 615 Holly Ave. 
Shook Daniel, 607 Jackson. 
Short John G. 16 E. 7th. 
Short Mrs. Mary, 690 Bedford. 
Shultz Clinton M.60 W. 4th. 
Shurick John S. Inter Ocean Hotel. 
Shutte Wm. E. (Seorge cor Charlton. 
Sibley C. F. 417 Woodward Ave. 
Sibley Gen. H. H.417 Woodward Ave. 
Sibley H. S. 514 Ashland Ave. 
Sidgreaves Charles, 421 N. Exchange. 
Siebold Frederick, 778 E.6th. 
Siegenthaler G. 98 Garfield. 
Siemes Peter, 659 E. 6th. 
Sigel Robert, 27 E. 9th. 
Sigler W. H. 440 Wabasha. 
Silliman Geo. B. 299 Sherman. 
Simmer Jacob, 482 Mississippi. 
Simmon Adam, 49 W. 9th. 
Simmon Karl, 27 College Ave. E. 
Simmons Miss Cora, 162 S. Washington. 
Simon A. H. 186 E. 7th. 
Simon Fred. 312 11th. 
Simonet J. C. E. 7th cor Wacouta. 
Simons Dr. Alonzo J. 118 W. 3d. 
Simons Miss Fannie F.205 Pearl. 
Simons G. H. Sherman House. 
Simons Miss Mary F. 205 Pearl. 
Simons Judge Orlando, 205 Pearl. 
Simonton Edward, 514 Summit Ave. 
Simonton Dr. T. D. 83 Summit Ave. 
Simpson Dan. P. 57 12th. 

Simpson H. T. 327 E. 9th. 
I Simpson Mrs. J. H. 2 Monroe PI. 

Simpson Mrs. Mary, 490 Dayton Ave. 
I Simpson Mrs. Mary A. 337 Bates Ave. 
i Simpson Miss M. H. 598 Selby Ave. 
! Simpson W. D. 479 Broadway, 
I Singleton N. M. 358 E. 9th. 
j Sirois J. B. 85 Iglehart. 
I Skidmore Edwin T. 173 W. 3d. 
i Skidmore Thomas H. jr. 173 W. 3d. 
I Skinner George E. 229 Summit Ave. 

Skinner James H. 229 Summit Ave. 

SlackF. W.953E.7th. 

Slack H. W. 320 Cherokee Ave. 

Slater Mrs. Sarah, 51 McBoal. 

Slater T. 804 Grand Ave. 

Slayton C. W. 655 Hague Ave. 

Slayton E. 579 St. Paul. 

Sleeper Julien, 574 Holly Ave. 

Sleppy Wm J. 684 Dayton Ave. 
[ Sloan Dr. James, 358 Maria Ave. 

Sloan Samuel G. Metropolitan Hotel. 
I Smalley E. V. 85 Virginia Ave. 
j Smead C. R. 260 Ramsey. 
I Smeaton T. 18 Chicago Ave. 
I Smith Miss Alice M. 539 De Bow. 

Smith Miss Annie, 30 S. Forbes. 

Smith Mrs. Annie, 506 Cedar. 

Smith A. T. 462 Iglehart. 

Smith B. W. 461 Dayton Ave. 

Smith Miss Carrie A. 445 Laurel Ave. 

Smith Col. Chas. C. 530 Olive. 

Smith Charles T. 97 Hoffman Ave. 

Smith Chester R. 528 Marshall Ave. 

Smith C. C. H. 445 Laurel Ave. 

Smith Dr. C. E. 145 W. 5th 

Smith D. D. 513 De Bow. 

Smith Edgar B. 427 Selby Ave. 

Smith Miss Ella, 539 De Bow. 

Smith Dr. E. G. 103 W. 3d. 

Smith Fred. W. 85 8th. 

Smith F. A. 462 Iglehart. 

Smith Dr. F. E. 26 W. Exchange. 

Smith George H. 487 North. 

Smith Goorge H. jr. 487 North. 

Smith George W. 519 Bradley. 

Smith G. S. 513 De Bow. 


Smith Harry M. 229 W. 7th. 

Smith Miss Helen M. 229 W. 7th. 

Smith Miss Henrietta C. 539 De Bow. 

Smith Henry, 300 Iglehart. 

Smith Henry C. 57 IRh. 

Smith Miss H. M. 295 Dayton Ave. 

Smith H W. 487 North. 

Smith Henry Y. 223 Grove. 

Smith Howard T. 684 Burr. 

Smith H. T. 545 St. Paul. 

Smith Hon. James jr. 589 De Bow. 

Smith James L. 30 S. Forbes. 

Smith James Morton, 539 De Bow. 

Smith John C. 214 S. Oak. 

Smith Joseph, 68 E. Colorado. 

Smith Joseph H. 234 Xorris. 

Smith J. L. 379 Woodward Ave. 

Smith J. M. cor Jenks and Mississippi. 

Smith Kiugsland, 295 Dayton Ave. 

Smith Louis B. 200 E. 10th. 

Smith Mrs. L. P. 403 Laurel Ave. 

Smith Miss Mary Alice, 539 De Bow. 

Smith Miss Mary F. 487 North. 

Smith Miss Mary F. 97 Hoffman Ave. 

Smith Miss Mina, 245 W. 7th. 

Smith Miss M. Kate, 513 DeBow. 

Smith Mrs. Pascal, 445 Laurel Ave. 

Smith Miss Retta, 539 DeBow. 

Smith Robert, 15 Alice. 

Smith R. A. 245 W. 7th. 

Smith Miss Rose, 350 W. 3d. 

Smith Miss Sophie, 497 Stillwater. 

Smith Rev. S. G. 350 W. 3d. 

Smith Theo. F. .39 Summit Ave. 

Smith Thomas. 30 S. Forbes. 

Smith Truman M. 97 Hoffman Ave. 

Smith T. H. 648 Reaney. 

Smith T. W. 243 13th. 

Smith Miss Una E. 513 De Bow. 

Smith Walter B. 185 Pleasant Ave. 

Smith Webster, 392 E. 9th. 

Smith Maj. Wm. 125 College Ave. 

Smith Wm. C. 229 W. 7th. 

Smith Wm. U. 97 W 10th. 

Smith Willis G. 245 W. 7th. 

Smyth Miss Fanny L. 466 Portland Ave. 

Smyth H. M. 466 Portland Ave. 

Smyth Miss Louise, 466 Portland Ave. 

Smyth Miss Margaret, 466 Portland Ave. 

Smyth Miss Mary G. 466 Portland Ave. 

Snapp John L. 484 Cedar. 

Sneathe H.J. 370 N. Exchange. 

Snell Mrs. H. M. 548 Dayton Ave. 

Snell G. E. 548 Dayton Ave. 

Snell Miss Grace L, 548 Dayton Ave. 
j Snodgrass Robt. G. 96 University Ave. 
I Snow F. E. 650 Wabasha. 

Snow I. N. 146 Pleasant Ave. 

Snow Miss Stella, 650 Wabasha. 

Snow W. P. 582 Canada. 

Snyder Dr. Edgar, 303 Jackson. 

Soderstrom Rev. John, 522 Bradley. 
j Sohns Henry C.269 Banfill. 
! Solhberg Dr. Olof, 323 E. 7th. 

Solomon N. E. 270 AV. 7th. 

Somers Edmund T. 214 Dunedin Terrace. 

Somers R. S. 563 Lafayette Ave. 

Somers W. A. 215 Susan. 

Sommers B. 26 Iglehart. 

Sorenson A. N. 316 W. George. 

Souder J.B. 867 Burr. 

Southall J. H. 621 Jackson. 

Southard I. M. 211 W. 7th. 

Southey Charles, 368 N. Exchange. 

Southward Miss A. M. 126 Fillmore Ave. 
: Spalding Mrs. E. M. 153 Nina Ave. 
i Sparrow Frank E. 127 E. 3d. 
I Spates S. P. 486 Iglehart. 

Spaulding B. F. 536 Dayton Ave. 

Spaulding Miss Grace, 3 E. 10th. 

Spaulding Miss Lucy, 3 E. 10th. 

Spear Charles, 436 Laui-el Ave. 

Spear Miss Emma, 24 W. 9th. 

Spear J. H. 24 AV. 9th. 
j Speer J. S. 424 AVabasha. 

Spencer Clinton, 166 Pleasant Ave. 

Spencer Dr. Edward C. 233 Walnut. 

Spencer Miss Ida M. 339 E. 6th. 

Spencer J. A. 233 Walnut. 

Spencer J.B. 339 E. 6th. 

Spencer AVm. A. 233 AValnut. 

Spencer AV, A. jr. 233 Walnut. 

Spengler AA'm. R. 146 E. Delos. 
I Spiegel Ernest, 52 Prospect Terrace. 



Spiel Miss Annie, E. 6th nr Bates. 
Spiel C. W. cor 7th and Broadway. 
Spiel Joseph T. 6th nr Bates Ave. 
Spiel Otto, 495 North. 
Spindler Edwin G. 760 E. 6th. 
Spindler E. R. 760 E. 6th. 
Spindler Samuel P. 760 E. 6th. 
Spink Frank H. 933 W. 7th. 
Spink Miss Julia 491 Stillwater. 
Spink J. H. 491 Stillwater. 
Spink Peter, 933 W. 7th. 
Spooner H. AV. 551 Westminster. 
Sprague I. B. B. 267 S. Oak. 
Sprague J. W. 481 Rice. 
Sprague Wm. C. 256 Farrington Ave. 
Spranger Joseph F. 563 Jefferson Ave. 
Sprott J. R. 580 Ashland Ave. 
Sproule O. H. Robie, nr Winslow Ave. 
Squire H. H. 701 E. 3d. 
Squires George C. 99 Mackubin. 
Squires Rev. John, Bradley cor Maryland. 
Squires Mrs. Mary E. 99 Mackubin. 
Squires Miss S. A. 99 Mackubin. 
Stackemann Julius H. ()6 E. 7th. 
Staehle George H. 132 Summit Ave. 
Stahlmann Mrs. Christopher, 855 W. 7th. 
Stahlmann Miss E. D. 855 W. 7th. 
Stahlmann Henry C. G. 877 W. 7th. 
Stamm Dr. G. 33 College Ave. 
Stampfer Nathan, 233 Spruce. 
Stanch field G. M. 321 Chestnut. 
Standish Mrs. G. A. Aurora cor Virginia. 
Stannard W. L. 22 College Ave. W. 
Stanton Mrs. Ruth, 119 \V. 5th. 
Stanton W. C. 129 W. 4th. 
Stanton W. S. n w cor 3d and 7th. 
Staples James, 890 Armstrong Ave. 
Stapleton J. A. 633 North. 
Stapleton Miss Julia M. 708 E. 3d. 
Stapleton Miss Mary E. 708 E. 3d. 
Stariha Rev. John, 657 James. 
Starkey Edward C. 1000 Farquier. 
Starkey Capt. James, 34 Indiana Ave. 
Starkey Wm. 1040 Farquier. 
Starkweather Homer A. 726 Burr. 
Starkweather Miss Louise, 471 North. 
Starkweather Perrv, 471 North. 

Starr J. R. 607 Jackson. 
Statler T. K. 140 E. Isabel. 
Stead Rev. Oscar J. 413 Josette. 
Stearns J. K. 269 Farrington Ave. 
Stearns S. C. 21 E. 3d. 
Stebbins Mrs. A. I). 295 Laurel Ave. 
Stedman Mrs. W. P. 653 Portland Ave. 
Steele Miss Clara M. 227 E. 10th. 
Steele Dr. John, 227 E. 10th. 
Steele Miss Mary H. 439 Laurel Ave. 
Stees C. J. Clarendon Hotel. 
Stees John A. 155 Virginia Ave. 
Stees Miss Sarah K. 488 (jrand Ave. 
Stees Washington M. 488 Grand Ave. 
Stein Henry, 163 E. Isabel. 
Stein J. G. Windsor Hotel. 
Stem A. H. 210 Nelson Ave. 
Stephens W. A. 551 Wacouta. 
Stephenson B. W. 564 Marshall Ave. 
Stephenson Mrs. C. L. 564 Marshall Ave. 
Stephenson F. W. Sherman House. 
Stephenson Miss Mattie E. 564 Marshall. 
Stern Miss Emma A. 312 11th. 
Stern Louis, 556 St. Peter. 
Sternberg Alex. 125 E. 9th. 
Sternberg Herman, 145 E. 3d. 
Sterrett F. R. 51 Summit Ave. 
Sterrett Miss Nettie W. 51 Summit Ave. 
Sterrett Miss Tillie M. 51 Summit Ave. 
Sterrett Miss Vinnie B. 51 Summit Ave. 
Sterrett W. T. 51 Summit Ave. 
Stetson Isaac M. 415 E. 7th. 
Stevens E. H. 46 College Ave. 
Stevens Dr. F. A. 46 College Ave. 
Stevens Hiram F. 281 Grove. 
Stevens H. E. cor St. Pecer and 7th. 
Stevens James V. Windsor Hotel. 
Stevens J. W. 211 E. 9th. 
Stevens R. H. 655 St. Paul. 
Stevenson Charles H. 310 Maria Ave. 
Stevenson E. T. 294 Olmsted. 
Stevenson John A. 645 Portland Ave. 
Stevenson Mrs. Susan, 294 Olmsted. 
Stewart F. M. Magnolia cor Greenbrier. 
Stewart John, 242 1.3th. 
Stewart J. C. 649 Canada. 
Stewart Mrs. J. H. 349 N. Washington. 


Stewart Dr. J. H. 349 N. Washington. 

Stewart Ronald, 203 W. 5th. 

Stickney A.B. 184 Smith. 

Stickney Miss Katherine, 184 Smith. 

Stickney Miss Lucy A. 184 Smith. 

Stickney Samuel C. 184 Smith. 

Stickney Mrs. U. M. 163 N. Forbes. 

Stiefel J. J. Eaton cor Morton. 

Stierle A. 618 E. 6th. 

Stierle Charles, 53 E. 3d. 

Stiles C. H. 431 Dayton Ave. 

Still H. E. 164 Farrington Ave. 

Stillman Thomas, 99 W. 3d. 

Stilwell E. J. 220 Ramsey. 

Stilwell Hiram, 216 Ramsey. 

Stimmler Rev. Valentine, O. S. B. St. 

Benedicts Priory, 9th opp Exchange. 
Stine Miss M. C. 374 N. Exchange. 
Stobie Charles A. 129 W. 4th. 
Stock H. F. 206 Maria Ave. 
Stockenstrom Herman, 577 St. Paul. 
Stockton Wm. 567 Grant. 
Stokes Mark S. Jackson cor 12th. 
Stokes S. S. 157 E. 4th. 
Stoltz Jacob, 40 College Ave. 
Stone Albert, 162 S. Washington. 
Stone Dr. A. J. 301 Summit Ave. 
Stone C. E. 256 Ramsey. 
Stone C. G. 306 W. 3d. 
Stone Mrs. Eliza, 687 St. Peter. 
Stone Miss EUaG. 220 E. 9th. 
Stone E. K. jr. 162 S. Washington. 
Stone George C. 220 E. 9th. 
Stone G. M. Clarendon Hotel. 
Stone H. A. 562 Robert. 
Stone Miss Helen G. 687 St. Peter. 
Stone J. W. 243 Pearl. 
Stone Lane K. 255 Summit Ave. 
Stone L. M. 548 Dayton Ave. 
Stone Miss M. E. 6o7 St. Peter. 
Stophlet S. 633 Hennepin Ave. 
Stoughton J. M. 243 Nelson Ave. 
Stout J. C. 787 Grand Ave. 
Stoven George, 676 Stryker Ave. 
Stowe N. C. 257 McBoal. 
Stowell Charles E. 421 Marshall Ave. 
Stowell Miss Ida, 565 Canada. 

Stower R. E. 122 E. 3d. 

Stratton W. S. 218 Virginia Ave. 

Straus Charles, 233 Spruce. 

Strauss Charles, 401 Pleasant Ave. 

Strauss D. 539 Stillwater. 

Streissguth Edward, 654 E. 5th. 

Streissguth Gtto, 654 E. 5th. 

Strickland Wm. G. Hotel Astoria. 

Strickland W. H. 399 Hoffman Ave. 

Strong C. D. 351 Grove. 

Strong F. P. 542 Lafayette Ave. 

Strong Miss Hattie, 486 Marshall Ave. 

Strong J. J. 225 Spruce. 

Strong Miss L. 486 Marshall Ave. 

Strong Miss May, 486 Marshall Ave. 

Strong O. R. 509 State. 

Strong, R. 0. 486 Marshall Ave. 

Strong R. O. jr. 486 Marshall Ave. 

Strong Wm. L. 243 E. Winifred. 

Strong W. X. The Portland. 

Strouse H. 16 McQuillan Block. 

Strouse Leopold, 281 W. 7th. 

Strouse Max, 281 W. 7th. 

Stubbs Wm. H. Clarendon Hotel. 

Studebaker J. 223 Norris. 

Sturley Edward, 301 Iglehart. 

Sturman Z. H. 598 Selby Ave. 

Stutson Joseph D. 500 North. 

Summers Edward B. 298 E. Susan. 

Summers John, Windsor Hotel. 

Summers W. T. Windsor Hotel. 

Sumwalt E. T. 558 St. Paul. 

Sunth Rev. J. B. 40 Valley. 

Sutherland B. 595 Cedar. 

Sutmar L. H. 378 8th. 

Sutton M. 282 W. 3d. 

Swain A. 345 St. Anthony Ave. 

Swain J. A. 531 Carroll. 

Swainson J. Minnehaha cor Arkwright. 

Swan Miss M. Allie, 521 Robert. 

Swan Mrs. M. B. 521 Robert. 

Swank David, 301 Sherman. 

Swartz T. J. 22 W. 5th. 

Sweeny R. O. 552 Wabasha. 

Sweet Henry B. 480 Collins. 

Sweet T. R. 91 Summit Ave. 

Swem Thomas M. 689 St. Peter. 



Swenson H. A. 443 Marshall Ave. 
Swenson J. A. 443 Marshall Ave. 
Swenson Miss Olive A. 443 Marshall Ave. 
Swift Charles H. 207 Norris. 
Swift H. 207 Norris. 
Swinton W. H. 328 11th. 
Swisher F. S. 699 Lincoln Ave. 
SymondsG. J. 324W. 3d. 

rriABOR CHARLES, 297 Grove. 

Taft C. 645 Mohawk Ave, 
Talbot Joseph C. 478 Collins. 
Talcott Mrs. E. A. 213 Spruce. 
Talcott H. C. 213 Spruce. 
Tallmadge A. S. 415 E. 10th. 
Talman John jr. 3 Tilton. 
Tapley Geore N. 125 AV. 5th. 
Tarbox C. S. Windsor Hotel. 
Tarbox Mrs. Frances G. 140 W. 5th. 
Tarbox J. B. 137 College Ave. 
Taylor A. B. 277 ISth. 
Taylor Miss Bessie, 45 Iglehart. 
Taylor C.B. 293 W. 7th. 
Taylor E. 139 E. 10th. 
Taylor E. H. C. The Portland. 
Taylor H. K. 45 Iglehart. 
Taylor James G. 237 8th. 
Taylor James K. 45 Iglehart. 
Taylor J. M. 605 Lafayette Ave. 
Taylor J. W. 161 Pleasant Ave. 
Taylor Miss Kate C. 565 Dayton Ave. 
Taylor Miss Kate K. 45 Iglehart. 
Taylor L. 200 Dayton Ave. 
Taylor L. C. 182 14th. 
Taylor Mathew, 203 W. 5th. 
Taylor O. L. 163 Pleasant Ave. 
Taylor Mrs. R. V. 243 £. 7th. 
Taylor S. M. 269 Nelson Ave. 
Taylor Prof. S. S. 91 Sherburne. 
Taylor Miss Virginia, 71 Iglehart. 
Taylor Col. Wm. H. H. 71 Iglehart. 
Teasdale T. W. 309 Grove. 
Teel Leila A. 155 12th. 
Teeple A. V. 565 Portland Ave. 
Tegeler Fred. 987 Hudson Ave. 
Teil Miss L. 344 Sherman. 

Teltz John, 21 Bluff. 
Teltz Curt, 21 Bluff. 

Terry Miss Belle, 523 St. Paul. 

Terry F. W. 522 St. Paul. 

Terry John C. 523 St. Paul. 

Terry Thomas L. 384 Pleasant Ave. 

Thayer The Misses, 313 Nelson Ave. 

Thayer S. O. 313 Nelson Ave. 

Thayer W. W. 418 Wabasha. 

Theobald Mrs. E. 284 Pleasant Ave. 

Theobald Wm. 297 Goodhue. 

Thomas Rev. E. S. 383 E. 9th. 

Thomas E.S. 635 North. 

Thomas Dr. H. 70 Fairfield Ave E. 

Thomas Mrs. Julia, 582 Ashland Ave. 

Thomas W, W. Robert s e cor 6th. 

Thompson A. E. 197 14th. 

Thompson Miss Alice M. 413 Jackson. 

Thompson Mrs. B. 297 Pleasant Ave. 

Thompson Charles, 379 Woodward Ave. 

Thompson Charles, 3.57 Grove. 

Thompson Charles E. 413 Jackson. 

Thompson C. J. Forbes cor Pleasant Ave. 

Thompson George, 158 Pleasant Ave. 

Thompson Mrs. H. 379 Woodward Ave. 

ThompsonHorace E. 379 Woodward Ave. 

Thompson Houison, 292 Iglehart. 

Thompson John J. Windsor Hotel. 

Thompson Dr. J. W. 7 Tilton. 

Thompson Ralph D. 45 N. Forbes. 

Thompson Miss Sidney, 292 Iglehart. 

Thompson Mrs. S. A. Clarendon Hotel. 

Thompson Miss Sophia J. 7 Tilton. 

Thomson S. C. 482 Cedar. 

Thorn Miss Mattie, 14 Summit Ave. 
j Thorn Wm. 14 Summit Ave. 
I Thorne Mrs. S. P. 424 E. 9th. 

Thorne Wm. 415 E. 10th. 

Thornquist John T. 462 Rondo. 

Thrall N. C. Merriam Park. 

Throop C. G. 547 Laurel Ave. 

Thurman I. B. 535 Robert. 

Thurston C. B. 495 Summit Ave. 

Thurston C. E. 63 W. 10th. 

Thurston The Misses, 495 Summit Ave. 

Thurston Wm. H. 495 Summit Ave. . 

Thwing J. E. 217 8th. 



Tidball Mrs. M. E. 698 Conway. 
Tierney J. A. 417 Robert. 
Tileston W. M. 155 W. 3d. 
Tillman A.L. 403 N. Exchange. 
Timberlake W. S. 21 Arundel Ave. 
Timerman B. D. 167 Farrington Ave. 
Timerman Miss H. 167 Farrington Ave. 
Timerman Wm. 0. 490Iglehart. 
Timerman W. S. 167 Farrington Ave. 
Tinker Wm. H. 1145 Bradley. 
Tipper G. H. 290 Rice. 
Tirmenstein Rev. Martin, 14 Iglehart. 
Tisdale Henry B. 565 Jeft'erson Ave. 
Titcomb Prof. C. G. 546 Cooper. 
Titcomb Miss L. M. 546 Cooper. 
Tod A. G. 74 nth. 
Todd Wm. 357 N. Franklin. 
Tompkins T. S. 419 E. 10th. 
Topping John C. 440 Fort. 
Torbet K. 72 Mt. Airy. 
Torrance Wm. 599 Holly Ave. 
Tostevin J. F. 550 De Bow. 
Tostevin W. R. 32 Indiana Ave. 
Tourtellotte J. E. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Towlerton Miss H. 361 Iglehart. 
Towlerton Mrs. AV. J. 361 Iglehart. 
Tozier Miss C. E 13 N. Forbes. 
Tracy Charles L. 356 Bates Ave. 
Traphagen Charles G. 354 Fort. 
Treacy M. 113 Valley. 
Treanor Bernard A. 344 Ramsey. 
Treanor John R. 344 Ramsey. 
Treasure Edwin, 300 Kent. 
Treherne H. S. 49 W. 10th. 
Trenholm A. W. 559 Cooper. 
Trott Charles C. 460 8th. 
Trott Hermann, 460 8th. 
Trott Miss Louise, 460 8th. 
Trudeau Alexis, Concord cor Susan. 
Truesdel E. J. 497 Marshall Ave. 
Truesdell J. A. 246 Farrington Ave. 
Truesdell W. A. 406 Iglehart. 
Trumbull A. J. 565 Robert. 
. Trumbull Miss Flora J. 565 Robert. 
Tubbesing Charles, 392 E. 6th. 
Tucker H. 685 St. Peter. 
Turcotte J. A. 578 Cedar. 

Turnbull Mrs. D. B. 215 Norris. 
Turnbull G. W. 343 N. Exchange. 
Turnbull Miss Jennie K. 391 Patridge. 
Turner C.W. 253 13th. 
Turner W. A. 229 E. 9th. 
Turpin Mrs. Eulalie, 29 Central. 
Tusler H. M. 47 Kent. 
Tuthill F. H. 532 Canada. 
Tuttle Miss Itasca, .346 Market. 
Tuttle M. C. 346 Market. 
Tuttle Wilson S. 346 Market. 
Twohy John, 276 Goodrich Ave. 
Twohy John jr. 276 Goodrich Ave. 


LRICI E. W. 619 North. 

Upham Dr. A. T. 557 Cooper. 
Upham F. A. 557 Cooper. 
Upham T. J. 557 Cooper. 
Upham Henry P. 249 E. 9th. 
Upham Mrs. J. A. 557 Cooper. 
Upson Asa L. 485 North. 
Uttley P. L. 285 E. 10th. 

■XTANAME W. E. 286 Selby Ave. 

Van Auken Mrs. C. 657 AVestminster. 
Van Auken C. H. 657 Westminster. 
Van Auken Miss X. L. 657 Westminster. 
Vance Miss Carrie E. 414 E. 10th. 
Vance Charles L. 229 8th. 
Vance Miss Grace 1. 102 Western Ave. N. 
Vance J. 102 Western Ave. X. 
Vance Robert A. 229 8th. 
Vance S. W. 414 E. 10th. ♦ 
Vanderburgh W. H. 157 W. 3d. 
Vandersluis G. A. 475 Rondo. 
Vanderwarker Miss L. A. 317 E. 9th. 
Vanderwarker ]\Irs. M. A. 340 Banfill. 
Vanderwarker S. W. Marshall nr Kent. 
Vanderwarker W. H. 204 14th. 
Van Duyne Frank, 826 E. 7th. 
Van Duzee Chas. A. 589 Wabasha. 
Van Duzee E. M.636 Wabasha. 
Van Duzee F. X. 622 Wabasha. 
Van Gorder, E. F. 220 Virginia Ave. 
Van Gorder Mrs. H. 220 Virginia Ave. 



Van Hoven Henry, 293 Stewart Ave. 

Van Hoven Peter H. 289 Stewart Ave. 

Van Pelt James, Sherman House. 

Van Sant J. C. 236 Norris. 

Van Slyke Wm. A. 11th cor Pine. 

Van Voris M. F. 497 Laurel Ave. 

Varney E. C. 124 Iglehart. 

Vars John W. 486 Cedar. 

Veazie Wm. H. 432 Rondo. 

Venne John, University Ave. nr Marlon. 

Venzke E. A. Snelling Ave. nr Summit. 

Venzke Louis, Snelling Ave. nr Summit. 

Verbeck F. S. 491 Iglehart. 

Verity A. E. Winifred nr Cambridge. 

Vermilye D. B. 306 W. 3d. 

Verplanck Joseph D. 509 Cooper. 

Verplanck P. 394 E. 10th. 

Vervais Joseph O. 407 N. Exchange. 

Vetterling Dr. H. C. 203 E. 7th. 

Veuve C. J. 761 W. 7th. 

Victor Solomon, 15 W. Exchange. 

Vilsmeyer J. J. Wallace cor 3d. 

Vincent John A. 289 Mackubin. 

Vincent W. L, 294 Prairie. 

Vinton M. E. 309 Dayton Ave. 

Virtue George A. 344 Sherman. 

Virtue G. J. 344 Sherman. 

Virtue J. F. 344 Sherman. 

Vitz Rev. Martin, 797 Farquier. 

Voak Dr. J. E. 671 Mohawk Ave. 

VogtF. H. 139 E. 10th. 

Von Deyn Wm. F. 324 Bates Ave. 

Von Goetzen G. 148 Western Ave. N. 

Von Unruh H. 274 E. 7th. 

Vosburgh Dr. J. B. 399 Walnut. 

Votaw Rev. Elihu H. 698 E. 5th. 


AGENER JOHN, 582 Wabasha. 

Wagener John jr. 582 Wabasha. 
Wagner Nicholas, 29 W. 9th. 
Wait J. W. 386 E. 6th. 
Wakefield F. M. cor Birch and Forest. 
Wakefield Miss Jessie, Birch cor Forest. 
Wakefield Wm. cor Birch and Forest. 
Waldo R. V. V. Clarendon Hotel. 
Waldt Arthur, 317 E. 9th. 

Wales Miss J. N. 495 North. 

Walker C. L. 644 Dayton Ave. 

Walker George, 84 Tilton. 

Walker Dr. J. Godfrey, Windsor Hotel 

Walker R. A. 399 Selby Ave. 

Wall A. 427 Laurel Ave. 

Wall J. C. 394 Ashland Ave. 

Wall Whitney, 394 Ashland Ave. 

Wallace Mrs. A. E. 255 W. 5th. 

Wallace Lieut. G. D. 226 Summit Ave. 

Wallace Mrs. Mary, 366 Pleasant Ave. 

Wallace Mrs Wm. 255 W. 5th. 

Waller Mrs. Elizabeth, 158 Pleasant Ave. 

Waller J. D. 67 Irvine Park. 

Wallich A. P. 359 N. Franklin. 

Walrath Mrs. Belle M. 430 Wabasha. 

AValrath H. S. 430 Wabasha. 

AValsh Mrs. Anna B. 391 Fuller. 

Walsh George W. 360 E. 9th. 

Walsh H. B. 487 Laurel Ave. 

Walsh J. R. 487 Laurel Ave. 

Walsh R. A. 165 W. 4th. 

Walsh Silas B. 43i^ W. 3d. 

Walter Henry, 200 Pleasant Ave. 

Walter Michael, 770 E. 6th. 

Walter Moritz, 198 Pleasant Ave. 

Walter Miss M. S. 65 Western Ave. N. 

Waltlier Dr. Edward, 203 8th. 

Walther The Misses, 203 8th. 

Walthers T. G. 596 Ashland Ave. 

Wampler A. J. 331 Jackson. 

Wanamaker AV. H. 109 Summit Ave. 

Wann John, The Portland. 

Wann T. L. The Portland. 

Wanner Anthony, 277 W. 6th. 

Wantland C. E. 200 Dayton Ave. 

Wanzer A. W. 527 De Bow. 

Wanzer Charles, 295 Grove. 

Ward Charles F. 471 E. 7th. 

Ward Eugene, 545 Marshall Ave. 

Ward John J. 293 Prairie. 

Ward Prof. R. Curtiss, 160 W. 3d- 

Wardell A. 388 Wabasha. 

Ware R. B. 597 Lincoln Ave. 

Warfield Henry jr. 700 E. 4th. 

Warne Mrs. E. 21 E. BluflF. 

Warne J. 19 E. Bluflf. 



Warner Mrs. Abby, 730 St. Peter. 
Warner Miss Annie, 730 St. Peter. 
Warner Siting F. 439 8th. 
Warner E. S. 20 College Ave. W. 
Warner Mrs. H. E. 585 Canada. 
Warner John M. 742 St. Peter. 
Warner John K. 486 Collins. 
Warner Lucian, 21 Aurora Ave. 
Warner Reuben, 173 College Ave. 
Warner Rev. S. B. 465 North. 
Warner W. P. 315 Summit Ave. 
Warren Miss Annie, 422 Iglehart. 
Warren Alva H. Hotel Astoria. 
Warren A. P. 417 Holly Ave. 
Warren Charles H. 419 E. 10th. 
Warren C. I. 3d cor Robert. 
Warren George H. 422 Iglehart. 
Warren G. L. Marshall Ave. nr Arundel 
Warren J. F. 535 Canada. 
Warren J. W. 431 Ashland Ave. 
AVarshauer M. 509 Stillwater. 
Warwick Henry, 216 13th. 
Wasden Mrs. M. A. 373 N. Washington, 
Washburn C. H. 170 E. Third. 
Washington L. G. 579 St. Peter. 
Washington Miss Mary W. 579 St. Peter. 
Washington Mrs. Richard, 579 St. Peter. 
Waterman Charles, 560 Burr. 
Waterman Mrs. M. C. 259 Selby Ave. 
Waters L. H. 390 Sherman. 
Watkins E. M. 525 Holly Ave. 
Watkins S. S. 27 Hoffman Ave. 
Watkins V. M. 525 Holly Ave. 
Watrous W. C. 340 W. 3d. 
Watson G. A. 283 Olmsted. 
Watson John J. 673 St. Peter. 
AVatson J. R. 283 Olmsted. 
AVatson Ralph E. 647 Portland Ave. 
AA'atson S. H. 558 Robert. 
AVay John, 507 Ashland Ave. 
AA'ay Miss Kate M. 429 Marshall Ave. 
AVeare Mrs. J. S. 234 Spruce. 
AA'eatherby C. C. 570 AA'abasha. 
AVeatherby C. N. 366 N. Exchange. 
AA'eatherby 0. C. 364 X. Exchange. 
AA' ebb Edward, 482 Marshall Ave. 
AA^ebb E. 557 St. Paul. 

Webber Jeremiah, 131 AA'. George. 

Webber The Misses, 131 AA^ George. 

AA'eber Fredolin, 275 Goodrich Ave. 

AA^eber Henry, 271 Louis. 

AVeber H. L. 535 Carroll. 

Weber J. 650 Selby Ave. 

AVeber Mrs. Sophia, 212 Summit Ave. 

AVeber Miss Sophia H. 212 Summit Ave. 

AVechsler Rev. Judah, 536 Canada. 

AVedelDr. Henry R. 101 AV. 3d. 

Wedelstaedt Dr. E. K. 243 E. 10th. 

AVedelstaedt Miss Elizabeth, 243 E. 10th. 

AVedelstaedt Miss Emma, 243 E. 10th. 

Wedelstaedt Dr. Henry, 243 E. 10th. 

AVedelstaedt Henry E. 243 E. 10th. 

AVedelstaedt Miss Olga, 243 E. 10th. 

AA^eed James H. 163 Farrington Ave. 

AVeed P. J. 163 Farrington Ave. 

AA^egman J. AA'. 103 S. Forbes. 

AA^eide C. A. B. 504 Canada. 

AVeide Prof. J. A. 34 X. Forbes. 

AVeide J. R. 592 Caijada. 

AVeide AV. R. 530 De Bow. 

AVeis Oswald, 249 Louis. 

AVeis AV. 118 AV. 10th. 

AVeiss A. C. AVindsor Hotel. 

AVeiss Philip, 626 Temperance. 

Weiss Zsigo, 315 8th. 

AVeitbrecht George, 469 Xorth. 

AVelch Dr. J. M. 560 Portland Ave. 

Weld Mrs. M. A. 481 Dayton Ave. 
, Wellington R. H. 776 Grand Ave. 
j AVellington S. A. 244 14th. 
i AA^ellisch Robert, Rondo nr Dale. 

Wells E. F. 200 Dayton Ave. 
' Wells Guy, 459 Dayton A\e. 
; Welz F. R. Clarendon Hotel. 

AA'emyss R. J. 48 College Ave. W. 

AVendt L. 523 Collins. 

AVenger J. M. 314 Market. 

AVenzell Henry B. 124>^ W. 3d. 

AVerner Ernst, 412 E. 10th. 

AVerner Mrs. M. 298 E. 7th. 

West F. C. 625 Summit Ave. 

AVest Francis T. 200 Dayton Ave. 

AA^est H. D. 260 Rice. 
I AVest J. B. 88 Park PI. 



West Miss L. B. 90 Park PI. 

West P. 630 Wabasha. 

West Robert, 113 Viola. 

West W. 625 Summit Ave. 

West W. C. 90 Park PI. 

West fall W. P. The Portland. 

Westlake E. J. 582 Ashland Ave. 

Westlake Dr. J. A. 478 Cedar. 

Weston G. D. 641 Wabasha. 

Westover Joseph, 1129 Beech. 

Wetherald Miss Agnes E. 235 14th. 

Wetherald C. F. 235 14th. 

Wetherald S. J. 235 14th. 

Wetherbee Mrs. C. M. 478 Summit Ave. 

Wetherbee Miss Fannie, 478 Summit Ave. 

Wettleson J. H. 106 12th. 

Wetzel Frank, 297 Sturgis. 

Whaley John, 561 De Bow. 

Wharton Dr. Alfred, Windsor Hotel. 

Wharton Miss, Windsor Hotel. 

Wheat H. L. Clarendon Hotel. 

Wheaton Dr. C. A. 351 N. Washington. 

Wheaton Miss Nellie, 65 W. 10th. 

Wheden Miss Helen M. 362 W. 7th. 

Wheeler J. H. 214 Pearl. 

Wheeler L. G. 668 Wabasha. 

Wheeler O. D. 554 Stillwater. 

Wheeler O. H. 668 Wabasha. 

Wheeler Rush B. 429 Ashland Ave. 

Wheelock J. A. 421 Summit Ave. 

Wheelock Miss Katie, 421 Summit Ave. 

Whitacre Charles, 321 Walnut. 

Whitacre R. B. 267 W. .5th. 

Whitaker E. A. 540 De Bow. 

Whitaker J. H. 540 De Bow. 

White Miss Bessie G. 86 Western Ave. N. 

White Mrs. E. J. 409 Iglehart. 

White E. T. 462 Fuller. 

White E. W. Clarendon Hotel. 

White Maj. George Q. 86 AVestern Ave. N. 

White Miss Helen M. 89 Douglas. 

White Henry H. 89 Douglas. 

White John W. 299 Pleasant Ave. 

White Joseph, 344 Sherman. 

White L. E. 513 Wabasha. 

White Mrs. M. E. 75 12th. 

White Mrs. Prescott, 193 Pleasant Ave. 

White R. J. T. The Portland. 

White T. C. 395 Selby Ave. 

White G. 44 W. 5th. 

White T. S. 89 Douglas. 

White W. G. 297 Dayton Ave. 

Whitehorne G. A. 165 Iglehart. 

Whitehorne Geo. B. 212 Nelson Ave. 

Whiteman James H. Hotel Astoria. 

Whiteman Miss Mary P. Hotel Astoria. 

Whiting Mrs. F. B. 530 Carroll. 

Whiting Mrs. L. J. 122 Virginia Ave. 

Whiting Miss Mary, 295 Grove. 

Whiting S. B. 530 Carroll. 

Whitman Mrs. Allen, 13 N. Forbes. 

Whitman Dr. A. F. 414 Jackson. 

Whitman John M. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Whitman J. W. 515 Ashland Ave. 

Whitman Miss L. 445 Laurel Ave. 
: Whitney A. E. 260 Ramsey. 
j Whitney Mrs. Bertha L. 279 Goodrich. 
I Whitney Mrs. C. T. 575 Canada. 

Whitney L. A. 266 Selby Ave. 

Whitney Miss Nina B. 279 Goodrich Ave. 

Wiard Miss Matie, 592 Jackson. 

Wichman George, 731 E. 5th. 
j Wight R. C. 113 Mackubin. 

Wilcken F. J. 340 Pleasant Ave. 

Wilcox Mrs. M. R. 513 Grand Ave. 

Wilde F. F. 375 Livingston Ave. 

Wilder A. H. 427 AVoodward Ave. 

Wilder Mrs. Evelyn, 427 Woodward Ave. 

Wiley Miss Fannie, 237 W. 9th. 
i Wiley Robert C. 237 W. 9th. 
] Wilgus A. B. 560 Portland Ave. 
I Wilgus E. P. 560 Portland Ave. 
^ Wilgus J. N. 258 Susan. 
' Wilkes A. P. 433 Ashland Ave. 

Wilkin Hon. Westcott, 77 W. 3d. 

Wilkinson Albert, 356 Market. 

Wilkinson John, Merchants Hotel. 

Will Mrs. Julia H. 163 W. 3d. 

Willard A. J. 573 Lafayette Ave. 

Willard Charles A. 220 Virginia Ave. 

Willard R. L. 194 University Ave. 

Willcox Wm. H. Metropolitan Hotel. 

AVille D. A. 315 Bates Ave. 

Willes C. L. 240 S. Franklin. 


Willes Miss Mary S. 240 S. Franklin. 
Willey Mrs. Stephen, 49 Dale. 
Williams A. E. 407 Holly Ave. 
Williams Miss Carrie T. 246 Norris. 
Williams Chas. H. 205 W. 9th. 
Williams Dr. C. 108 AV. 3d. 
Williams E. T. 5S9 St. Peter. 
Williams The Misses, 589 St. Peter. 
Williams Miss Fannie L. 565 Robert. 
Williams Frank E. 253 Selby Ave. 
Williams H. A. Harvard cor Prescott. 
Williams Henry L. 81 Western Ave. N. 
Williams J. Fletcher, 29 W. oth.Jj 
Williams J. F. A. 407 Holly Ave. 
Williams Miss Kate, 424 Selby Ave. 
Williams Miss Katie, 29 W. 5th.^ 
Williams Miss Lizzie E. 246 Norris. 
Williams L. M. 246 Norris. 
Williams M . B. 22 College Ave. 
Williams M. K. 282 Rondo. 
Williams M. M. 583 St. Peter. 
Williams Owen J. 55 Wilkin. 
Williams Miss Susie, 29 W. 5th. 
Williams S. C. 459 Iglehart. 
Williams Will R. 583 St. Peter. 
Williams Mrs. Z. R. 372 Wacouta. 
Williamson G. E. 39 E. 9th, 
Williamson M. H. 306 Sherman. 
Willis H. B. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Willis J. W. 652 Wabasha. 
Willits Mrs. George, 494 Dayton Ave. 
Willius F. and Family (abroad). 
Willius Gustav, 408 Hotfinan Ave. 
Willoughby A. S. 521 Wabasha. 
Willoughby John H. 26 College Ave. E, 
Willrich Gebhardt, 105 Summit Ave. 
Willson C. M. 130 W. 4th. 
AVillson Miss C, M. 373 N. Washington. 
Willson Wm. 179 Pleasant Ave. 
Wilmot C. B. 580 Cedar. 
Wilmot C. H. 580 Cedar. 
Wilmot W. E. 580 Cedar. 
Wilson Mrs. Adeline, 334 E. 6th. 
Wilson Alexander, 541 Broadway. 
Wilson Mrs. E. J. George cor Charlton. 
Wilson George L.591 Lincoln Ave. 
Wilson J. D. 16 W. BlufT. 


Wilson Miss Maggie, 297 Grove. 

Wilson Miss M. Lizzie, 541 Broadway. 

Wilson 0. G. 669 Mississippi. 

Wilson Thomas P. 335 Mackubin. 

Wilson Wilford C. Windsor Hotel. 

Wilson W, F. 451 North. 

Wilson W. L. 335 Mackubin. 

Wimley Miss M. C. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Winch C. M. The Portland. 

Wing W. E. 428 Rondo. 

Wimmer Rev. S. 9th cor Franklin. 

Winker Miss Annie M. 364 E. 6th. 

Winker Mrs. M. 364 E. 6th. 

Winker W. J. 364 E. 6th. 

Winkler G. H. Union Block. 

Winne Dr. J. H. 105 Isabel. 

AVinship A. L.491 Collins. 

Winslow A. H. De Soto s e cor North. 

Winslow John F. Winslow House. 

Winslow Wm. Winslow House. 

Winslow Wm. H. De Soto s e cor North. 

Winston B. C. 523 Laurel Ave. 

Winter A. 6 E. Ninth. 
' Winter E. W. 415 Summit Ave. 

Winter Miss L. C. 415 Summit Ave. 

Winters Mrs. J. A. 400 Marshall Ave. 

Wirth Dr. C. 86 Tilton. 

Wirth George, 468 Portland Ave. 

Wirth J. 543 Broadway. 

Wiseman George S. Milton cor Iroquois. 

Wisnom Samuel, 600 Cedar. 
, Witherill C. H. 372 Livingston Ave. 

Witherle Dr. C. B. 60 W. 4th. 

Withy Mrs. R. E. A. 349 Gorman Ave. 

Witt Wm. 264 Selby Ave. 

Woerner C. Collins cor Bedford. 

Wolcott S. S. 114 Dale. 

Wold O. 0. 555 Cooper. 
WolflF Albert, 407 Josette. 
j Wolflf J. R. 200 Western Ave. N. 
j Wolfsberg Julius, 88 Tilton. 
' WolterstorflF, J. H. 334 E. 6th. 
AVood C. L. 255 Sherman. 
Wood Edward C. 255 Sherman. 
AVood E. H. 43 E. Indiana Ave. 
AA'ood Prof. Frank, 161 AA' . 3d. 
, AVood Henry F. 640 St. Peter. 


Wood J. D. 257 W. 3d. 
Wood Lewis, 123 Viola. 
Wood Miss Mary, 255 Sherman. 
Wood W. H. 640 St. Peter. 
Wood Mrs. W. R. 640 St. Peter. 
Woodbourne Fred. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Woods Rev. H. C. 158 Arundel. 
Woodward Chas. N. 487 Iglehart. 
Woodward Geo. B. 244 Farrington Ave. 
Wooley G. W. 295 Josette. 
Woolsey J. 11. Merchants Hotel. 
Wooster W. Z. 724 Hennepin Ave. 
Worley Adam, 274 Pleasant Ave. 
Wormwood G. R. 641 Bedford. 
Woormwood Miss J. 141 Woodward Ave. 
Worthern Charles H. 379 8th. 
Wrenshall C. C. 276 8th. 
Wrenshall Miss Mary C. 276 8th. 
Wright B. F. 571 Holly Ave. 
Wright Charles H. 223 Walnut. 
Wright F. P. 123 Summit Ave. 
Wright Miss Helen D. 373 8th. 
Wright I. P. 223 Walnut. 
Wright T. F. 399 Walnut. 
Wright Thomas P. 502 Stillwater. 
Wright Wilson D. 373 8th. 
Wright W. H. S. 253 Selby Ave. 
Wuerz H. 151 W. 3d. 

Wulf J. Fred. Hudson Ave. nr city limits. 
Wyand W. L. 625 Jackson. 
Wyer Miss M. E. 549 Olive. 
Wyland N. B. .368 N. Exchange. 
Wyllie George, 610 Temperance. 

"YT'ALLOP A. W. 205 14th. 

Yandes J. W. 144 Main. 
Y'anz Jacob, 284 Pleasant Ave. 
Yoerg Anthony, 215 W. Isabel. 
Yoerg Anthony, jr. 197 W. Isabel. 
Yorke T. H. 634 Randolph. 
Young D. E. 3d cor Oak. 
Young E. A. 390 E. 9th. 
Young Hon. George B. 21 E. 10th. 
Young H. H. 665 Division. 
Young Miss Jessie, 665 Division. 
Y^oung John S. 110 W. 3d. 
Y''oung ]Mrs. Mary, Robert cor 10th. 
j Youngman C. W. 205 E. 7th. 

^ADIK A. 205 E. 10th. 

Zahm B. F. 141 Valley. 
Zahonyi Julius, 165 University Ave. 
Zeige C. E. 259 E. Robie. 
Zenzius Conrad 55 W. Exchange. 
Zenzius Mrs. Emily, 55 W. Exchange. 
Zenzius Miss Eugenie, 55 W. Exchange. 
Zenziuz Gustav, 55 W. Exchange. 
Zenzius Miss Stella, 55 W. Exchange. 
Zimmerman C. A. Windsor Hotel. 
Zimmerman E. 0. 702 E. 7th. 
Zimmermann Bernard, 246 Pleasant Ave. 
Zimmermann E. 527 DeBow. 
ZoUman F. Wm. Hotel Astoria. 
Zachau Charles, 191 S. Oak. 
Zwick W. F. 239 Goodrich Ave. 

Joseph Hanggi. Frank M. Cady. Ernst Medicke. 




Counters, Desks, Sideboards, Wood Mantels, 
Office and Factory, 162 and 164 W. Fifth St., - ST. PAUL, MINN. 

Interior Hard Wood Finish a Specialty. 



T_ J_ ^xj:L-i:Tic^^L.isr, 



. — SA SPECIALTY. 2 — . 

0.0.0 E. Seventh St., 

Ias f itter. 

Latest Desi^Ds, 
Largest and Most Goinplete Stock 


Gas Fixtui^es 

In the City. 



St. Paul Herald. 

Published Every Saturday at 
41 Kast TThird St., = St. F*aul, JVIinn. 

The only S06IETY PAPER putlished in Xt. Paul. 

The St. Paul Herald Has 





Than Any Weekly Paper Published in the Northwest. 

It contains contributions from a list of the BEST WRITERS 
in the country. 

' It is INDEPENDENT on all questions, and adapted to the 
requirements of every class of readers. 

It caters to, and receives the support of, the very best people. 


Subscription price: $1.50 per year, in advance. 

Editor and Proprietor. 


ComnierGiQl aijd flQUufaGturing 




• Ill^llfX' 


— 11^ — 

BapK ^ QouQty w]Ov\ a Specialty, 

— m^ — 

Sole Agents for the iNortli-west, for l.evison & 
Blythe*s CliaMipioii Inks ancl Mucilege. 

— u^i — 



^^^^ Fashionable-^ 









's. K 


4:14 Wabasha Street, 





From the Most Renowned Manufacturers. 


St. Paul Names Arranged According to Streets. 

Alice Street. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. Auren C. Elliott. I 15 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith. 

13 Rev. and Mrs, Henry Elliott. I 

Ann Street. 

Nr. Banfill. j Nr. 1th. 

Mrs. E. K. Benton and dr. Mr. and Mrs. Wni. De Groot. 

James Y. H. Benton. I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lockwood. 

Arcade Street. 

618 Rev. Charles Koeberl. I Cor. Minnehaha. 

666 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Otto. I Mr. and Mrs. John Swainson. 

Armstrong Avenne. 

686 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Carter. 890 Mr. and Mrs. James Staples. 

696 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Clemons. 890 G. P. Goggin. ^ 

882 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eggleston. | 910 Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Ayer. 

Arundel Street. 

21 Mr. and Mrs. AVm. S. Timberlake. 222 Mrs. J. M. Bailly. 

29 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Peabody. 222 Chas. P. Bailly. 

29 L. F. Gralphs. 222 Frank C. Bailly. 

29 Robert Hager. j 223 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Scott. 

153 Dr. and Mrs. C. Eugene Riggs. Cor. Marshall Ave. 

158 Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Woods. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rogers. 

216 Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Bergsma. 276 Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Mann. 

216 Miss S. E. Paine. j 385 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Adams. 

216 Miss Charlotte Paine. I 

Ashland Avenue. 

394 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wall. I 397 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Richardson and dr. 

394 Whitnev Wall. I 401 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Rice. 


404 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Clark. 

507 Miss M. C. Way. 

405 Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Prendergast. 

514 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Sibley. 

408 Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Prendergast. 

514 Miss M. E. Gilford. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. A. Miiir. 

515 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Whitman. 

411 Mr. and Mrs. P. Baldy and drs. 

516 Mr. and Mrs. T. Drew. 

411 John P. Baldy. 

516 MissM.E. Gosslee. 

411 Milton L. Baldy. 

518 C. H. Johnston. 

417 Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Frost. 

518 Miss Grace Johnston. 

417 Mrs. P. F. Grove. 

518 Charles A.' Johnston. 

428 Mr. and Mrs. M. T. C. Flower. 

521 Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Dickson. 

428 Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Flower. 

525 Mrs. H. L. Cary. 

429 Mr. and Mrs. Rush B. Wheeler. 

525 Miss Annie E. Cary. 

429 Charles A. Clark. 

525 W. H. Cary. 

431 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Warren. 

529 Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Gilman. 

433 Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Wilkes. 

529 Mrs. A. N. Gilman. 

433 Findley McCormick. 

542 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jones. 

436 Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Howes. 

543 Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Dwyer. 

436 Miss S. P. Ketchen. 

545 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Burt. 

442 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Egan. 

546 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Dell. 

443 Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Dellinger and dr. 

550 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Garrison. 

454 Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Bacon. 

550 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Comstock. 

454 F. B. Jerrard. 

550 Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Fitzgibbon. 

456 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Holloway and dr. 

551 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Eraser. 

456 John Holloway. 

553 Mrs. E. HoHman. 

457 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Brill and dr. 

553 Miss Mary McDowell. 

464 Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hughes. 

553 Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Metcalf and dr. 

464 Mrs. M. J. Remiuey. 

553 Wm. M. Metcalf. 

467 Mr. and Mrs. F. Jackson. 

558 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Learned. 

468 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dixon. 

558 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Learned. 

470 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar B. Hillis. 

563 Mr. and Mrs. E. Ingham and dr. 

471 Mrs. E. W. Gilbert. 

571 Mrs. A. D. Manson. 

471 Samuel Gilbert 

571 Robert D. Manson. 

471 Cass Gilbert. 

571 Dr. C. R. Dunlap. 

482 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Copley. 

576 Mr. and Mrs. A. Bassford. 

483 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gregg. 

580 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. AV. Hanson. 

483 H. S. Gregg. 

580 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sprott. 

483 W. C. Gregg. 

582 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Westlake. 

487 Mr. and Mrs. T. A Abbott. 

582 Mrs. Julia Thomas. 

487 Wm. P. Abbott. 

582 Burdett INIetz. 

488 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Metcalf. 

582 Llewellyn Metz. 

488 Thomas D. Metcalf. 

583 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Otis. 

491 Mr. and Mrs. S. Judd. 

583 Ira C. Otis. 

491 Miss M. V. Jones. 

591 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Jennings and dr. 

491 Ed. Pettigrew. 

591 Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Murray. 

491 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Kirke. 

591 S. A. Murray. 

507 E. J. Way. 

596 Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Walther. 

507 John Way. 

597 Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Pease. 


13 Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Lynch. 
17 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. S. Loveland 
17 I. H. Loveland. 
21 Lucien Warner and dr. 
50 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Collins. 
54 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Albrecbt. 
Nr. Rice. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Berreau. 

Aurora Avenue. 

Cor. Virginia Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Law. 

Mrs. G. A. Standish. 
401 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. W. Gerber. 
Cor, Arundel. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Holmes. 

Miss Lizzie Clements. 
463 Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Breen. 
517 Mr. and Mrs. P. Fallihee and drs. 

Banfil Street. 

Mrs. Edwin K. Benton and dr. 
269 H. C. Sohus. 

315 Mr. and Mrs. A. Moore and dr. 
333 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Johnson. 
336 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Harrison. 

340 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac I). Morgan. 

340 Mrs. M. A. Vanderwarker. 

340 J. A. McMurphy. 

340 J. M.Morgan. 

358 Mr. aild Mrs. J. F. Butterfield. 

Bates Avenue. 

216 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fay. 337 Mrs. Mary A 

216 Mrs. Mary Branch. 3-38 Mr. and Mrs. 

249 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Herrmann. 354 Mr. and Mrs. 

258 Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hermen. 356 Mr. and Mrs. 

309 Dr. Edwin X. Amoss, 1 364 Mr. and Mrs. 

311 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Biasing. 365 Mr. and Mrs. 

315 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Wille. 360 Mr. and Mrs. 

324 Mr. and Mrs Wm. F. Yon Deyn. 382 Mr. and Mrs. 

335 W. L.Cullen. i 

. Simpson. 
C. Heinrich and dr. 
George W. Freeman. 
Charles L. Tracy. 
Wm. H. Gross. 
George H. Brown. 
Robert H. Downing. 
George F. Kuhles. 

Bedford Street. 

641 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Wormwood. 
663 Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. McDonald. 
671 John B. Dion. 
690 Mrs. Mary Short. 

699 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Lund. 
703 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lund. 
703 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Blom. 

Beecli Street. 

876 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barnum. 
876 Frank Benoit. 

892 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Like. 

901 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Linden. 

Bircli Street. 

Cor. Forest. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Scotten. 
Bet. Forest and Cypress. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wakefield and dr. 

F. M. Wakefield. 
Nr. Earl. 

Mr. and :srrs. W. J. Godfrey. 



9 Mr. ana Mrs. J. Klein. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. B. Proctor. 
17 Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Clum. 
19 Mr. and Mrs. J. Warne. 
21 Mrs. E. Warne. 
21 John H. Teltz. 

Bluflf Street East. 

23 Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Sanger, 

29 Mr. and Mrs. Uri L. Lamprey. 

32 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jurgens. 

77 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lindeke and drs. 

77 Frank W. Lindeke. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. Libere Distel 
16 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wilson. 
34 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Carbin. 

Bluff Street West. 

Cor. Rice. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mabon and drs. 
Ernest Mabon. 

495 Dr. 
476 Mr. 
510 Rev 

518 Rev 

519 Mr. 
522 Rev 
548 Mr. 
552 Mr. 
556 Mr. 


and Mrs. W. H. Carothers. 1 

and Mrs. Charles H. Lindeke. 
. and Mrs. Charles C. Miller. 
. and Mrs. Wm. Kiick and drs. j 
and Mrs. George Wm. Smith. 
. and Mrs. John F. Soderstrom 
and Mrs. John Menz and drs. 
and Mrs. Rudolph Martini, 
and Mrs. Christian Schmidt. 


575 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Armbruster. 

579 Mr and INIrs. Charles B. Brownell. 

585 Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lipke. 

880 Mr. and Mrs. Simeon P. Folsom, jr. 

967 Mr. and Mrs. John Levin. 
1135 Mr.«nd Mrs. Wm.R. Nicoll. 
1145 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. IL Tinker and dr. 
Cor. Maryland Ave. 

Rev. and Mrs. John Squires. 

Brewster Avenue. 

475 Mr. and Mrs. T. J.Kenny. I 

505 Mr. and Mrs. Colin Napier and drs. I 


390 Col. and Mrs. J. H. Davidson and dr, 
Bet. Sth and mh, The Portland. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. J. T. White. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Cavenaugh. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Westfall. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Allen and dr. 

F. W. Hunter. 

W. H. Hurd. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Hopkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Boswell. 

J. L. Marye jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. AV. S. Monroe. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Simpson. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. C. Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Callahan. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Comings. 

Manty B. Curry. 

H. W. Shadle. 

)16 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bernhard. 


Samuel McMurran. 

J. Royall McMurran. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Horton. 

J. C. Hill. 

T. L. Wann. 

John Wann. 

R. L. Chamberlaine. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Ash. 
487 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cushiug. 
489 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dickerson. 
489 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Semple. 
491 Mr. and Mrs. John Lunt. 
493 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Merrick and dr. 
493 E. A. Merrick. 
497 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Jones. 
519 Mrs. M. L. Magee. 
519 Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Haydeu. 
521 Mr. and Mrs. L. W. French. 


o21 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sherwin. 
521 A. F. French. 

527 Mr. and Mrs. A. L.Alness. 

528 Mr. and Mrs. A. Nippolt. 
528 Miss Laura Hand. 

536 Mr. and Mrs. H. Jurgensen. 

541 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. "Wilson and dr. 

543 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wirth. 

547 Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Fisher. 

547 F. A. Scott. 

551 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Mayo and drs. 
554 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Friend. 
554 Charles Friend jr. 
554 Frank R. Friend. 
567 Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Condit. 
579 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Jewett. 
654 N. S. Beardsley. 
Cor l^th. 

Rev. and Mrs. L. A. Larson. 

Bun* Street. 



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Waterman. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Glass. 

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Jennings. 

Prof, and Mrs. J. A. Edgren. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Nienhauser. 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kilroy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Phillips. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alpheus W. Ba.scom. 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brice. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Johnson. 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Highhous. 

Albert M. Highhous. 

Mr. and Mrs. Emil G. Hartfield. 

A. H. Hoehler. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Matthews and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Pritz. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Starkweather. 

731 Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Jones. 

738 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Rhodes. 

747 Mrs. Sarah Pennock. 

754 Mr. and Mrs. Augustus HolterhofF. 

757 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Barstow. 

763 Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Leonard. 

76o Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Depew. 

831 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Chrest. 

853 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Heller. 

865 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Biebighauser. 

867 J. B. Souder. 

881 Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. McCauley. 

903 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henry Dicker. 

907 Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Fink. 

907 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ritchat. 

935 Mr. and Mrs. H. Redpath. 

955 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. McCauley. 

Canada Street. 

504 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. B. Weide. 

508 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Allen. 

510 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hosier. 

510 W. A. Barnwell. 

526 Mrs. A. Regelsberger and drs. 

526 Edward Regelsberger. 

526 Louis Regelsberger. 

532 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Tuthill. 

536 Rev. and Mrs. Judah Wecshler. 

540 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hudson. 

547 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Peabody. 

563 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sealy and drs. 

565 Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. 

565 Miss Ida Stowell. 

565 H. H. Miller. 

565 F. C 

. Miller. 

569 Mr. 

and Mrs. J. Baker. 

575 Mr. 

and Mrs. J. P. Allen. 

575 Mrs 

C. T. Whitney. 

581 Mrs 

M. A. Reaney. 

585 Mr. 

and Mrs. H. E. Baker. 

585 Mrs 

H. E. Warner. 

585 J. F 

. Warren. 

586 Mr. 

and Mrs. F. James. 

586 G. W, James. 

586 Mrs 

J. E. Mattocks. 

587 Mr. 

and Mrs. W. F. Foy. 

592 Mr. 

and Mrs. J. R. Weide and dr 

594 Mrs 

G. Lowry. 

.596 Mrs 

C. T. Kelly. 



601 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Shallis. 

602 Mr. and Mrs. D. Sanford. 
602 D. Sanford jr. 

608 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Pond. 

609 Mr. and Mrs. David McCaine. 

611 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCaine and dr. 

612 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pond. 
612 S. W. Chivrell. 

618 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Seddon. 
Cor. ISth. 

Rev. and Mrs. W. M. H. Petersen. 

638 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Shank. 

639 Rev. and Mrs. Henry Schulz. 

640 Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Pardee. 
642 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Kearney. 


Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Joy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicolay Rytterager. 

Mr. and Mrs. R.!J. Maybell. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Jennings. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dyer. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stewart. 

Mrs. Nellie E. Newell. 

Dr. F. B. Newell. 

J. C. Morrison. 

Herbert R. Morrison. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hill and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Bodelsen. 

O. G, Hedenbergh. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Conhaim. 

Carroll Street. 

157 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ballard. 

159 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bahe. 

169 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Behnke. 

173 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McManigal . 

177 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Miles. 

214 Mrs. M. J. Miller and dr. 

214 Mr. and Mr. C. G. Child. 

217 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dreis. 

232 Mr. and Mrs. A. Poirier. 

253 Mr and Mrs. Fred. Schroder. 

257 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Pearce. 

295 Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Farrell and dr. 

301 Mr. and Mrs. F. AV. Rauen. 

307 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Nordin. 

366 Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Duncan and dr 

366 Joseph W. Duncan, 

368 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Barry. 

370 Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Grady. 

410 Mr. and Mrs. H. Conradt. 

442 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Engel. 

458 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Libbey and dr, 

458 Mr. A. S. Libbey. 

464 Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Schultz. 

475 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Fish. 

481 Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Sewall and drs. 

484 Mr. and INIrs. W. M. McKown. 

486 Mr. and Mrs. Elias Arnold and dr. 

494 Mr. and Mrs. Wilkens Scbenck. 

523 Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kueffner. 

530 Mrs. F, B. Whiting. 

530 S. B. Whiting. 

531 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Swain. 
535 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Weber. 

Case Street. 

JVr. Westminster. I 753 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Farwell, 

Mr. and Mrs. James O'Brien. I 753 Mrs. Mary Brann. 

Cedar Street. 

476 Mr, and Mrs, W, G. Cutler. 

478 Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Westlake. 

480 Mrs. H, M. Foster. 

480 Mrs. J. M. Everson. 

480 C. H. Buckley. 

480 Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bush. 

482 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Thomson. 

484 Mrs. E. A. Grant. 
484 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. De Force. 
488 Mr, and Mrs. J. L. Lovering, 
506 Mrs. A, Smith. 
510 Rev. C. Genis. 
Cor lOth. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Drake. 


532 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bazille. 

580 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Endsley. 

548 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Donaldson. 

580 C. B. Wilmot. 

566 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bergh. 

580 C. H. Wilmot. 

566 H. J. A, Hanson. 

580 W. E. Wilmot. 

572 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Crary. 

595 Mr. and Mrs. S. R. De Graw. 

576 Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Pierce. 

595 B. Sutherland. 

577 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Conhaim. 

597 Mr. and Mrs. John De Graw. 

577 Morris Conhaim jr. 

597 MisS Jane De Graw. 

578 Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Benham. 

600 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wisnom. 

Central Street. 

194 Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCourt. I 224 Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Hirsch. 

196 Mr. and Mrs. George B. Evans. 232 Mr. and Mrs Frank E. Chipman. 

100 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGovern. ' 278 Mr. and Mrs. George J. Jenkins. 

Charles Street. 

176 Mr. and Mrs. iabius J. Mead. j 241 Rev. A. Majer. 

176 Mr. and Mrs. George T. Damon. 343 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Isherwood. 

178 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Clemens. I 344 Mrs. Frank Breuer. 

Cherokee Avenue. 

320 H. W. Slack. j Nr. King. 

Nr. Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Riebe. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Cullen. I 

Cherry Street. 

656 Dr. and Mrs. T, J. Pearce. I 664 Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Leonard. 

656 Mrs. M. J. Dougherty. I 666 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schlattman. 

Chestnut Street. 

317 Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Moss. I Nr. Oak. 

I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Faber. 

Colboi'ne Street. 

192 Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Laubach. | 240 Mrs. Caroline Matteson. 

224 Mr. and Mrs. B. Converse and dr. I 

College Avenue !East. 

18 Mr. and Mrs. M. Eibert. 

19 Dr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Ancker. 
23 Mr. and Mrs. P. Butler. 

26 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Willoughby. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. Karl Simmons. 

33 Dr. and Mrs. G. Stamm. 

33 Miss Josephine Pfaender. 

34 Mr. and.Mrs. James Wheeler. 
40 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stoltz. 

College Avenue West. 

20 Mr. and Mrs. A. Hynian. ! 22 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Morgan. 

20 C. W. Horniek. 22 E. L. Booth. 

22 H. I. Chatfield. I 22 W. L. Standard. 



22 G. W. Howard. 

78 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Aries, 

22 C. A. Mossberg. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Humason. 

24 Mrs. Mary Colburn. 

110 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fischer. 

24 Daniel Morgan. 

117 Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Harris. 

24 W. P. Blackman. 

125 Maj. and Mrs. Wm. Smith. 

24 M. B. Curry. 

131 Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Merrill. 

24 W. P. Cockey. 

131 D. D. Merrill jr. 

24 Grant McEnany. 

137 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Tarbox 

25 Mr. and Mrs. M.D.Miller. 

153 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Berkey. 

26 Mr. and Mrs. Martin N. Kellogg. 

153 Miss M. L. Porter. 

28 Mr. and Mrs. Jeheil Gregory and dr. 

161 Mr. and Mrs. Urs. Borer. 

28 W. D. Gregory. 

173 Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Warner. 

28 Norman Perkins. 

178 Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Pierce. 

46 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Stevens. 

178 Wilson L. Pierce. 

46 Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Stevens. 

178 Miss Helen E. Pierce. 

48 ]Mr. and Mrs. Rowland J. Wemyss. 

181 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bigelow. 

48 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Orr. 

181 George L. Bigelow. 

52 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Schram. 

181 Charles H. Bigelow jr. 

62 Mr. and Mrs. Mary A. Lowell. 

Collins Street. 

472 Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Hoffman. 494 Mr. and Mrs. Milo Carrier. 

472 R. Harry Rogers. 498 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Kelly. 

478 Mr. and Mr-s. Joseph C. Talbot. 502 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Copeland. 

479 Rev. and Mrs. John Ongman. 506 Mr. and :Mrs. John C. Brennan. 

480 Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Sweet. 514 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Brennan. 
484 Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Fisher. 523 Mr. and Mrs. L. Wendt. 

486 Mr. and Mrs. John R. W^arner. 528 Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy. 

488 Mr. and ISIrs. S. B. Diether. j 534 Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Young. 

490 Mr. and Mrs. Otto Gersting. | 534 Dr. and Mrs. S. A. Francis. 

491 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Winship. ; Cor. Bedford. 

491 Miss L. Marion. I Mr. and Mrs. C. Woerter. 
494 Mrs. Lizzie Branston. 

Colorado Street £ast. 

68 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith. 

118 Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Drevis. 

119 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Boeringer and dr. 
119 Peter N. Boeringer. 

119 Wm. E. Boeringer. 

126 Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Kent. 

134 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Henly. 

Concord Street. 

Nr. Susan. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Trudeau. 
180 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Berlandi. 
182 F. J. Marsh. 
182 W. A. McGonagle. 
187 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Pound. 

200 Mr. and Mrs. George W. H. Bell. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Lienau and drs. 

212 Oscar Lienau. 

320 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Linse. 

324 Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Linse. 



690 Mr. and. Mrs. L. Marr. 

691 Mr. and Mrs. C. I). Andrews. 
696 Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Burke. 
698 Mrs. M. E. Tidball. 

Conway Street. 

698 C. J. Babcock. 
700 Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Lyon. 
706 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Davis. 
879 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kershaw. 

Cooper Street. 

472 Mr. and Mrs. C. Colter. 546 

507 M. Martin. , 548 

509 Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Holmes. 548 

509 J. D. Verplanck. 555 

535 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell. 1 557 

538 Mrs. E. Jennings. 557 

540 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barrett. 557 

540 Wm. P. Barrett. 557 

544 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Forbes. 559 

544 0. C. Coltou. 561 

544 C. M. Brown. i 

Prof, and Mrs. C. G. Titcomb and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Abbott. 

J. E. Hadlev. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. 0. Wold. 

Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Upham and dr. 

Fred. J. Upham. 

Frank A. Upham. 

Mrs. John A. Upham. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Trenholm. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Myers. 

Cor. Villard. 

100 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Levy. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. A. Marcus. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Schwemler. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Marti. 

115 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bell. 

140 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Kirsch. 

Cortland Street. 

I Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bailey. 

Crocus Hill — {See Goodrich Avenue.) 

Dakota Avenue. 

170 Mr. and :\[rs. J. C. Highhous. 
313 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Prescott. 
418 Dr. 0. A. Beal. 
Cor. Sidney. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Crowley. 
C. M. Crowlev 

Dale Street. 

45 Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Roselle. 

47 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Davis. 

48 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Pease. 

49 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Clark. 

49 Mrs. Stephen Willey. 

50 Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Marvin. 

61 Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Sawyer and dr. 
61 W. G. Sawyer. 
Cor. Ashland Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bailev and drs. 

John F. Bailey. 
114 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Wolcott. 
114 Mrs. M. E. Gale. 
137 Mr. and ]Mrs. Edmond Ingalls. 
Cor. St. Anthomj Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs.A.L. Larpenteur and di 

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Briggs. 

George A. Larpenteur. 

Willis A. Larpenteur. 

Dayton Avenue. 

200 Francis T. West. 
200 James McCaig. 

200 L. Taylor. 

200 C. E. Wantland. 





E. F. Wells. 
Russell Baxter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Rogers. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Hubbell and dr. 

J. B. Hubbell jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Berkey. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. S.B. Johnston. 

A. D. S. Johnston. 

Mrs. G. G. Griswold. 

Mrs. J. Hayward. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Barton. 

F. H. Barton. 

E. B. Barton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fahnestock. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Newel. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Knight. 

Mr. and Mrs. M.L.Saunders and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs, A. J. Goodrich. 

Dr. C. H. Goodrich. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Robinson. 

J. M. Hawks. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitzpatrick. 

Dr. and Mrs. David Day. 

David H. Day. 

Chas. B. Day. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Monfort. 

F. D. Monfort. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Phillips. 

Miss Georgie D. Camp. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Bayless. 

Capt. and Mrs. Edwin Bell. 

Kingsland Smith. 

Miss H. M. Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. White. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Howard. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Vinton. 

Capt. and Mrs. W. R. Bourne and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. F.. Kennedy. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Shepard. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Shepard. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Grant. 

Miss Lulu Barnes. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. B. McConnell. 

Mrs. E. A. Paine. 

Mrs. L. P. Cross. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Braden. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Radcliff" and dr. 




Charles S. Radcliflf . 

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Odell. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Goodrich. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Conver. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Jevne. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Lanpher. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Abbey. 

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Leasure and dr. 

James C. Leasure. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dohrman. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hughson. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Hughson. 

G. H. Nutting. 

E. A. Judson. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jones. 

C. H. Stiles. 

Miss Mary E. Emery, M. D. 

Miss Jennie Fuller, M. D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bush. 

Mr and Mrs. H. R. W. Hall. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hemminghouse. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Perry. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Chapman. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Morehouse and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Gates and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Howell. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rossell. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Browne. 

Mrs. G. W. Becht. 

Mrs. L. J. Rumohr and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. L. Corning. 

Mrs. M. A. Weld. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Richardson. 

Mrs. Mary Simpson. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Curtis. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Burk. 

Mrs. J. H. Jamar. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Abbott. 

Mrs. George Willets. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sleppy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hodgson, 

Mrs. C. L. Hodgson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Casper Sauer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Ford. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Kennedy. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Spaulding. 



536 Miss Grace Bingham. 

669 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Brown. 

536 Angie M. Bingham. 

679 Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Elliott. 

548 Mrs. H. M. Snell and dr. 

679 R.M.Cleveland. 

548 Mr. G. E. Snell. 

679 H. R. Searle. 

549 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Gutsche. 

681 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pitts and drs. 

550 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. McAfee. 

682 Mrs. H. A. Pratt and drs. 

557 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lusk. 

725 Rev. and Mrs. John H. Morley. 

565 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Reilly. 
565 Miss Kate C. Taylor. 
575 Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Holman. 
601 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Littell. 

605 Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Frost. 

606 Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Rank. 
643 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Colter. 

De Bow 

492 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allen. 

495 Mr. and Mrs. A. Guthrie. 

497 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Carpenter and dr. 

505 Mrs. Jane E. Heffernan and dr. 

505 W. E. Heffernan. 

505 Miss Jane A. Faucett. 

506 Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Borup and drs. 
509 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Matthews. 
512 Mr. and Mrs. Levi Lovenstein. 
514 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. H. Painter. 
518 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schiermann. 
523 Mrs. E. J. Painter and dr. 

527 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wanzer. 

527 E. Zimmermann. 

530 AV. R. Weide. 

539 Hon. and Mrs. J. Smith jr. and drs. 

539 James Morton Smith. 

545 Mr. and Mrs. H. Middleton. 

Cor. Grotto. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Eagan and dr. 
757 Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Hollo way. 
757 Miss Ella D. Dawley. 
Cor. Victoria. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eldredge and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Judd. 


547 Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Rutherford. 
550 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Tostevin. 

554 Mr. and Mrs. S. Y. Hanft. 

555 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bowen. 
561 Mr. and Mrs. John Whaley. 
614 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cooper. 
617 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jensen. 
626 Mrs. A. H. Palmer and dr. 
626 J. H. Palmer. 

636 Mr. and Mrs. E. Cooper. 

636 Mr. and Mrs. H. Onken. 

637 Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Merrill. 
637 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Barwise. 
637 Miss Minnie B. Hamilton. 
655 Mr. and Mrs. J. "W.Makinson. 
678 Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Lewis.. 
678 Miss Gertrude Knight.. 

Decatur Street. 

562 Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Olson. I 577 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Sadd. 

564 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Harshberger. I 602 Mr. and Mrs. P. Nelson. 

Delos Street. 

19 Miss Maggie M. Fales. 
25 Mr. and Mrs. Grenville Fales. 
146 Wm. R. Spengler. 

De Soto Street. 

51 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hullsiek and dr. j Wm, H. AVinslow. 

Cor. North. 533 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Ganger. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Winslow. | .555 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. McConville.. 

Nr. Hall Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. AVillard A. Fales 
19 Edward L. Fales. 




557 Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Rossum. 
560 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Armstrong. 
651 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Quick and di 

655 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Pannell. 

656 Mr. and Mrs. Martin PfaflF. 

661 Mr. and Mrs. A Langworthy. 
666 Mr. and Mrs P. H. Moeller. 
670 Mr. and Mrs. E. 11. Reinbold. 

675 Edward A. Hull. 
Cor. Mt. Ida. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Barstow. 
Nr. Minnehaha. 

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Schoemaker. 
689 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jensen. 
858 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. D. Christopher. 
943 Mr. and Mrs. Willard T. Payne. 

Division Street. 

633 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Miller. 
648 Mr. and Mrs. C. Davison. 

653 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Fisher. 

654 Mr. and Mrs. P. McNames. 

I 655 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Young. 
669 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Merrill 
669 Henry A. Merrill. 

Douglas Street. 

16 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Jurka. 

29 James Davenport. 

29 Alfred Davenport. 

29 Rufus Davenport. 

66 Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Pease. 

68 E. V. Reals. 

70 Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Rowley. 

72 Rev. and Mrs. T.C. Horton. 

83 Mr. and Mrs. George Benz and dr. 

89 Mr. and Mrs. True S. White. 

Duiiedin Terrace. 

206 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martin. 
206 Henry Martin. 
206 Miss Louisa Goss. 

214 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Somers. 

214 E. T. Somers. 

226 Mr and Mrs. Samuel G. Kent 

Eliclienwald Street. 

Cor. 6th. 

Mrs. Annice E. Keller and drs. 
C. E. Keller. 

Louis S. Keller. 
410 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Chase 

Eighth Street. 

85 Mr. and Mrs. S, R. Loux. 

85 Fred. W. Smith. 

95 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Johnston. 
105 Mrs. Mary Bradbury. 
139 Mr. and Mrs. Merrell Ryder and drs. 
197 E. D. K. Randall and dr. 
197 Mr. and Mrs. A.H.Cavender and dr. 
203 Dr. and Mrs. E. Walther and drs. 
211 Mr. and Mrs. Parker Paine. 
211 Parker Paine jr. 
211 Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Hevener. 
217 Mr, and Mrs. J. E. Thwing. 
217 Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Neil. 
217 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Pen nock. 

227 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ro1)ertson. 

223 Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Albenberg. 

229 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vance. 

229 Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Flournoy. 

229 Charles L. Vance. 

237 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Taylor. 

237 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. George. 

237 Mrs. Mary Clark. 

257 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hanley. 

262 Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Rose. 

262 Albert N. Rose. 

270 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Busch. 

270 Mrs. A. E. Rogers. 

275 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Norton. 


276 Mr. and Mrs. C. C.Wrenshallanddr. 

416 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Adams. 

286 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Brown. 

417 Mr. and Mrs. E C. Belote and drs. 

313 Mr. and Mrs. D. Hildebrand. 

422 Eev. and Mrs. Otto Hoyer. 

314 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Lohlker anddrs. 

422 Rev. I. A. Hoyer. 

315 Mr. indMrs. Z.Weiss. 

425 Mr. and Mrs. Channing Seabury. 

320 Dr. and Mrs. Geo. Y. I. Brown. 

431 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Hamilton. 

325 Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. Lanpher. 

431 Edwara F. Hamilton. 

326 Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Gary. 

431 Edwin (\ Becker. 

334 Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Albrecht. 

439 E. F. Warner. 

342 Dr. and Mrs. E. F. 

442 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rice and dr. 

373 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wright and dr. 

444 Mr. and Mrs. John H. McDonald. 

378 Mr. and Mrs. L H. Sutmar. 

459 Dr. and Mrs. D. C. Price and dr. 

379 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Worthen. 

459 Mr. and Mrs. F. (i. Draper. 

381 Mr. and Mrs. S. Bergman and drs. 

459 W. W. Price. 

381 David Bergman. 

460 :Mr. and Mrs. H. Trott and dr. 

382 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. De Lamere. 

400 Charles C. Trott. 

388 Mrs.Capt.AVm.B. Me'Jrorty and drs. 

461 Mr. and .Mrs. Wm. Corlies. 

388 Judge Wra. B. McGrorty. 

461 Mrs. L. V. Draper and dr. 

391 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Luley and dr. 

461 Walter Draper. 

391 F. E. Luley. 

474 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Breed. 

399 Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Farwell. 

474 B. A. Mead. 

399 Lyman Farwell. 

486 Richards Gordon and dr. 

401 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Fogg. 

486 C.W.Gordon. 

404 Mr and Mrs. M. O'Brien. 

487 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Prince and drs. 

410 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schocb . 

487 John S. Prince jr. 

411 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schulze. 

500 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lee. 

411 F. J. Schulze 

Kleventh Street. 

Rev. H. H. Hart. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Bowlin. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Sachse. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Kerwin. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Quehl. 

Mrs. J. C. Hamilton. 

W. D. Heaney. 

A. G. Tod. 

R. A. Rutherford. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Blood. 

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Decker and dr. 

George Decker. 

79 Edward Conrath. 

89 Rev. and Mrs. Richard Hall. 

89 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Chapin. 
100 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Dieter. 
141 Mr. and Mrs. J. X.Davidson. 
141 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Noble. 
312 Mr. and Mr;s. D. Aberle. 
312 Fred. Simon. 
312 Miss Emma A. Stern. 
319 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Overpeck. 
341 Mr. anflMrs. W. A. Van Slvke. 

Cor. Lafond. 

Mrs. C. McCormick. 

£lfelt Street. 

I T. F. McCormick. 

Exchange Street £ast. 

26 Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith 


Exchange Street West. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. P. Schonarth and drs. 
45 Mr. and Mrs. M. Mealey. 
48 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Osborne. 
51 Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Wagner. 
55 Mrs. Emily Zenzius and drs. 


G. W. Turnbull. 

Mr, and Mrs. Frank S. Brown. 

Wm. E. Loomis. 

M. J. Boyle. 

Fred. S.Bryant. 

A. E. Dickerman. 

W. H. Dickerman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wetherby. 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cobb. 

Charles Ferguson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Daniels. 

Charles Southey. 

N. B. Wyland. 

Mrs. F. R. Armstrong and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Mohler. 





55 Conrad Zenzius. 

55 Gustav Zenzius. 

59 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Le Febvre. 

59 E. L. Larpenteur. 

Street North. 

370 H. J. Sneathe. 

372 Mr. and Mrs. C E. Secor. 
j 374 Miss M. E. Stine. 
! 374 Miss M. R. Gibson. 

374 Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Randall. 

374 E. L. Cheney. 

374 George McHie. 

401 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Y. Home. 

403 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tillman. 

407 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Vervais. 

413 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bousquet. 

413 Frank X. Bousquet. 

415 Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Barnes. 

421 Mr and Mrs. Charles Sidgreaves. 

426 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Rapp. 

Exchange Street South. 

239 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Moss. I 

249 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Bigelow and dr. 
249 Lewis S. Bigelow. 
249 Horace E. Bigelow. 
265 Hon. Alexander Ramsey. j 

265 Mrs. M. R. Furness. 
276 Mr. andMrs.J.L.Forepaughanddrs. 
287 Hon. and Mrs. James Giltillan. 
Cor. Sherman. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Langford. 
302 Mr. and Mrs. E.Y. Holcombe and drs. 
302 Wm. S. Holcombe. 

:>02 Edward R. Holcombe. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Johnson. 

306 Paul A. Johnson. 

309 Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Campbell. 

309 Frank G. Campbell. 

309 Frederick H. Campbell. 

317 Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Leue. 

317 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Hachmann. 

317 Miss Pauline Leue. 

322 Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Maxfield. 

324 Mr. and Mrs. H. Sahlgaard. 

44 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cooler. 

52 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Coffers and drs. 

52 A. E. Coffers jr. 

70 Dr. and Mrs. H. Thomas. 

94 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lauderdale. 

Fairfield Avenne. 

94 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tmeson. 
122 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Shanley. 
Cor. Era. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Johnson and dr. 

Fairvieiv Street. 

597 Mr. and Mrs. I. 0. St. Pierre. 



Farquier Street. 

714 Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Hall. 

718 Mr. and Mrs. B. Hayes. 

797 Rev. and Mrs. Martin Yit/. 
1000 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Starkey. 
1009 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cook. 


113 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jaggar. 

113 Miss IdaS. Horton. 

117 Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Rogers. 

130 Gov. and Mrs. C. K. Davis. 

130 Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Davis. 

152 Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Martin. 

163 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Weed and drs. 

163 Paul J. Weed. 

164 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Still. 
167 Mr. andMrs. W.S. Timerman anddr. 

' 167 Bert D. Timerman. 
167 Miss L. C. Orton. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Partridge. 
223 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Davis. 
223 Miss Carrie B. Burtis. 

1024 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Maginn. 
1064 Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Dysart. 
1064 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Seley. 

1075 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Meachauj. 

1076 Mr. andMrs. W. H. Sargent. 


Nr. Selby Ave. 
225 Mrs. A. L. Knight. 
225 ^liss Catherine Pruden. 
243 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gribble. 
214 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Woodward. 
246 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Graves. 
251 Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Kent. 
251 Mrs. E. Kent. 

254 Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Fitz. 

255 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Farwell. 

256 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Foil Ike. 
256 Wm. C. Sprague. 
269 Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Stearns. 
269 Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Lothrop. 

Fifteenth Street. 

174 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Perkins. 
174 Mrs. L. M. Rice. 

176 Mr. and Mrs. M. Albrecht. 

177 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Miller. 

188 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haseuwinkle. 
219 Rev. andMrs. Rasmus Andersen. 
265 Mrs. A. Lovell. 
265 George .T. Lovell. 

265 W. H. Lovell. 

265 Mr. and Mrs. L. L. May. 

265 Fred. May. 

267 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hanson. 

273 Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Parmely. 

652 Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Heinemann. 

277 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Tavlor. 

21 Henry Powell. 

21 J. F. Boyle. 

21 G. H. Cropsey. 

21 R. J. Lewis. 

21 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Millikin. 

21 Dr. E. D. Burton. 

21 J. D. Herron. 
310 Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Gravel jr. 
320 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cook. 
402 Mr. and Mrs.T. F.Birmingham. 
476 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Boice. 
618 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Middleton and dr. 

Fifth Street East. 

621 Mr. and Mrs. Albert SchefFer. 
I 621 Miss Julia Frey. 
621 Miss Johanna Frey. 
631 Mr. and Mrs. John Nattrassand drs. 
631 John W. Xattrass. 
631 Edward T. Nattrass. 

652 Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Heinemann. 

653 Mr. and Mrs. A. Muench and drs. 

653 Emil Muench. 

654 Mr. and Mrs. Otto Streissguth. 
654 Edward H. Streissguth. 



Co7: Maria Ave. 

731 Mr. 

and Mrs. G. Wichman and dr. 

Capt. and Mrs. E. Hattensaur. 

733 Mr 

and Mrs. Edward Funk. 

691 Kev. and Mr.s. Ruel W. Arnold. 

735 Mr 

and Mrs. John H.Niebaiim. 

695 Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Glanvllle and drs. 

737 Mr 

and Mrs. F. Huelster. 

698 Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Votaw and dr. 

21 Mrs. Sarah Hall. 

21 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Perkins. 

23 Mr. and Mrs. Leander Lane. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Dalllmore. 

29 Mr. and Mrs. J. Fletcher Williams. 

29 J. Fletcher Williams. jr. 

39 Dr. and Mrs Geo. R. Metcalf. 

39 O. M. Metcalf. 

43 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. McLain. 

43 Samuel Parsons. 

43 Samuel N. Parsons. 

44 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. White. 

45 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Powers. 
45 Fred. E. Powers. 

45 M. E. Graves. 

46 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Haas. 

50 Benz Block. 
Piatt S. Peck. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. ( lifTord. 
Maj. James P. Pond. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Barteau. 
Dudley Freeman. 
Russell Freeman. 
John E. Ingles. 
Chas. J. Ingles. 

51 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Armstrong. 

124 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Cran. 

125 Mr. and Mrs. George N. Tapley. 
125 Wm. Blankenhorn. 
125 C. N . Bell. 

128 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Partridge. 
130 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Grace. 

Fifth Street West. 

132 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grace. 

133 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ireland. 

133 Mr. and Mrs. Charles. I. McCarthy. 

134 Mr. and Mrs. P. Frank O'Halloran. 
137 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bond. 
137 Herman Kienzler. 
140 Mr. and Mrs. M. 0. Merrill and dr. 
140 Miss Grace Merrill. 
140 Mrs. Frances G. Tarbox. 
145 Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Smith 
151 Mr. and ilrs. A. Meier. 
195 Mr. and Mrs. M. Gordon Craig. 
199 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ingham. 
203 Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Taylor. 
203 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Goforth. 
203 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McNeale. 
203 Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Blossom. 
203 Ronold Stewart. 
203 Mrs. Sttwart and dr. 
203 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Barker. 
210 .Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Kennedy. 
210 J. B. Jett. 
234 Mrs. Catherina Miller. 
255 Mrs. Wm. Wallace. 
255 A. E. Chan tier. 
255 Dr. G. F. Andrews. 
257 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Day and drs. 
257 Chas. W. Day. 
259 Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Comfort. 
261 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Reese and dr. 
267 Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Whitacre. 
275 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peyer. 

Forbes Street North. 

13 Mrs. Allen Whitman. 43 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Jordan. 

13 Miss C. E. Tozier. \ 45 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Thompson. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mead. 1 45 Ralph D. Thompson. 

29 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Roake. i 103 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wegman. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Rheaume. 163 M. E. Jenness. 

34 Mrs. Henry Morris. 163 Mrs. U. M. Stickney. 

34 John A. Weide. I 


10 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Melvin. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Gre ve and dr. 

14 Siegmund Greve. 

17 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Edwards. 

19 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gregg. 

25 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moore. 

28 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mock. 

28 Emil Mock 

30 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith. 

30 Miss Annie Smith. 

30 James L. Smith. 

Forbes Street South. 

30 Thomas S. Smith. 

32 Mrs. Johannah Heyman and dr. 

32 Hugo Heyman. 

32 Edwin Heyman. 

47 Mr. and Mrs. George J. Flint. 

55 A. S. Cowley. 

55 A. M. P. Cowley. 

107 Mr. and Mr. Nicholas Lehnen. 

108 Mr. and Mrs. James Cleary. 
117 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Schmitz and di 
117 Frederick R. Schtnitz. 


354 Charles G. Traphagen. 

356 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Runyon. 

362 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sloan and drs. 

374 Mr. and Mrs. James S. Shinners. 

381 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunn. 

383 H.R. P. Hamilton. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Schooley. 

411 Mr. and Mrs. H. Brandenberg. 

411 Miss Lizzie Manning. 

411 Matthew P. Gilbert. 

414 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Schliek. 


414 August H. Schliek. 

431 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mainzer and dr. 

431 Adolph Mainzer. 

440 Mr. and Mrs. Stillman Meeker. 

440 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Topping. 

443 Oliver J. Clark. 

449 Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Y. Chase. 

461 Mr. and INIrs. Joseph Muggley. 

467 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schliek. 

467 Frank Schliek jr. 

Fourteenth Street. 

176 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Blakeney. 

178 Rev. J. G. St. Lawrence. 

179 Mr. and Mrs.T. Reardon. 
182 Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Taylor. 

185 Wm. T. Rich. 

186 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Burk. 
190 Mrs. S. E. Charles. 

194 Air. and Mrs. Lucius Burnham. 
197 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Thompson. 
199 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Kemp. 

204 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Vanderwarker. 

205 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Yallop. 

207 Mr. and Mrs. E. Richards and dr. 

208 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Morey. 
208 C. C. Gossard. 

208 R. F. Leask. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Adler. 
212 Mr. and Mrs. T. Manning. 

212 Miss Katie F. Mclntyre. 

213 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hanson. 

214 George Schickler. 

215 Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Price. 
235 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fuller. 
235 S. J. Wetherald. 

235 Miss Agnes E. Wetherald. 
237 Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Cardozo. 
241 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Griswold. 
244 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Wellington. 
246 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Menk. 
267 Rev. M. G. Hanson. 
277 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Arosin. 

22 Court Block. 
L. N. Scott. 

Fourth Street East. 

I Robert B. Scott. 

I Mrs. Charles Hains. 


663 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Dippo, [ 701 

665 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davis. I 721 

700 Mr. and Mrs. H. Warfield jr. I 

Fourth Street 

46 Mrs. Eugene Burnand. 
46 Eugene M. Burnand. 

48 Mrs. O. W. Elliott. 

49 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B.Montgomery. 
.50 Mrs. C. M. Putnam. 

50 E. M. Card. 

50 Mr. and Mrs F. E. Duncan. 

51 Dr. and Mrs. L. M. A. Roy. 
.54 Mrs. Isabella Redmond. 

56 Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Howe. 

56 Henry McLoughlin. 

56 C. E. Raney. 

58 Dr. Clara E. Atkinson. 

58 Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Duncan. 

60 Mrs. A. L. Plympton. 

60 Dr. C. B. Witherle. 

60 George Dunbar. 

60 Wm. D. Howard. 

74 Dr. C. E. Smith. 

75 Dr. E. J. Abbott. 

100 Mr. and Mrs. Bazil W. Armstrong. 

100 Mrs. Harriet ^lurphy. 

119 Mrs. Agnes M. Defoe. 

119 Mrs. Eliza Lane. 

119 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cullen. 


Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Fitield. 
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Naumann. 


Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Acker. 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hewitt. 

Mrs. C. S. Fuller. 

H. H. Fuller. 

C. A. Stobie. 

Dr. W. E. Dadnum. 

W. H. McDonald. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Willson. 

Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Hand. 

Mr. and Mrs. JohnChislett and drs. 

John Chislettjr. 

Howard R. Chislett. 

Herbert G. Chislett. 

Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Cullen. 

Rev. and Mrs. M. N. Gilbert. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Walsh. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Price. 

B. A. Pomeroy. 

Winslow House. 

Mr. and Mrs. Benoni Baker. 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Winslow. 

Wm. A. P. Winslow. 

Anton C. Weiss. 

M. M. Gasser. 

FrankUn Street North 

349 Mr. and Mrs. JohnC. Bettingen. 
351 Mr. and Mrs. James F. McGuire. 

355 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Angelroth. 

356 C. A. Kerst. 

357 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Todd. 

359 Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Wallick. 
363 Mr. and Mrs. John Doyle. 
401 Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Eastman. 
413 Mr. and Mrs. John Donovan. 
413 Miss Ellen Donovan. 

233 Mrs. S. L. Bobbins. 

233 Miss A. M. Semple. 

240 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Willes and dr. 

314 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Johnson. 

Franklin Street South. 

314 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bohon. 
325 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Congdon. 
325 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Parkinson. 

Fremont Street 

837 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burger. 

841 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Rhodes. 

895 Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Leithauser 

917 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ash. 
924 Mr. and Mrs. Otto Norquist. 



Fuller Street. 

Mr. and Mi s. A. J. Gronewold. I 462 Mr. and Mrs. E. T. White. 

449 Jewitt Norris. 

€br. Siurgis. 

Godfrey Siegenthaler. 

Garfield Street. 

I 95 Mrs. Mav A. Garland. 

George Street. 

2 Mr. and Mrs. G. Adam Rau. 
131 Mr. and Mrs. J Webber and drs 

Cor. Charlton. 

Mr. and INIrs. Samuel Bearing. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Shutte. 
Mrs. Emma J. Wilson. 

Gleiicoe Street. 

Cor. L' Orient. I 232 Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Parker. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ehrmauntraut. 1 232 Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Parker. 

266 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Metzger. 
273 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fabel. 
290 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Theobald. 
290 Adam Petermann. 

Gooclliue Street. 

365 Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Krch. 

430 John Lewis. 

449 Mr. and Mrs. George F. Gregg. 

Goodricli Avenue. 


Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Lathrop. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Zwick. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Miner. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Otteusmeyer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ringwald. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Twohy. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Litchtenberger. 

Miss May D'Anse. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Funk. 

Mr. Frank Funk jr. 

Mrs. Charles Funk. 

Mrs Bertha L. Whitney and dr. 

Mrs. H. M. Ober. 

Mrs. M. W. Lull. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Dana and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dell. 

303 Mr. and Mrs. W. Y. Byers. 
320 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Mellgreu. 
325 Mr. and Mrs. Fields Y. Garland. 
350 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Costello. 
Nr. Westei-n Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Brennan. 
Y>. Bale. 

Mr. and Mrs. John D. O'Brien. 

Mrs. Sarah Slater. 
Crocus Hill. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Savage. 

Charles A. Savage. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Adams. 

Mrs. Charlotte Adams. 

John W. Adams. 

Gorman Avenue. 

Cor. Wood. I 349 Mrs. Emma Withy. 

Rev. Peter J.Gallagher. I 

Grand Avenue. 

480 Dr. and Mrs. George 0. Lawton. i 511 Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Boyle. 

488 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Stees and dr. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dver. 








Mrs. M. R. Wilcox. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ives. 

S. E. Ives. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Little. 

Mr. and :\Irs. C. E. Hughes, 

G. R. Hughes. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Pratt. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Burroughs. 

Mr. and Mrs. I. V. D. Heard. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Overton. 

:Mrs. A. T. Mayo. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Griswold. 

:\Ir. and Mrs. A. N. Nelson. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bell. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Greenleaf. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C;. Cooper. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Griggs jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Smith. 
Jacob Danz. 

(old) Mr. and Mrs. E. Sawyer and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jamrs W. Doran. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Finehout. 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Allen. 
Mr. and Mrs. Iliram F. Stevens. 
P. J. Bowlin. 
Miss Annie Bowlin. 
Mr. Chas. Wanzer. 
Miss Mary Whiting. 
Mr. and Mrs. W, S. Nixon. 
W. P. Westfall. 
Stanley Proudfit. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. De Coster. 
Edwin De Coster. 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. James. 
Mrs. H. W. Haynes and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs.W. G. Pearce. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bur bank. 
J. GalesMcClellan. 
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Teasdale. 

I 728 Mrs. P. D. Rugg. 

I 739 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Nichols and dr. 

j 739 A. S. Nichols. 

I 776 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Wellington. 

I 776 Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Carpenter. 

784 Mr. and Mrs. W, H. Fisher. 

787 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stout. 
I 804 Mr. and Mrs. T. Slater. 
' 849 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Haupt. 
Coj\ 3Ii/ton. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Palmer. 
' Dr. Wm. P. Broderick. 


567 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Christian. 

569 Mr. and INlrs. Wm. Stockton. 


315 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Magraw. 

315 Dr. Charles E. Magraw. 

315 Wm. E. Magraw. 

315 Frank E. Magraw. 

319 Mr. and Mrs. L. Dyer. 

323 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Schneider. 

323 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Chase. 

323 Miss Florence L. Chase. 

329 Mr. and Mrs. John Atkinson. 

333 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Bancroft. 

335 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Beardslee. 

341 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Dalrymple. 

346 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. BuUard. 

348 Mrs. P. J. Bullard and dr. 

348 J. H. Bullard. 

348 C. G. Lawrence. 

351 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Strong. 

351 Miss Annie F. Potter. 

355 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Rogers. 

357 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson. 

365 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Drake. 

373 Mr. and Mrs. F. A Fogg. 

.389 Mr. and ISIrs. H. A. Boardman. 

Hague Avenue. 

621 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Perry. 

629 Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Berge. 

630 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Blanchard. 
630 Miss H. :S[. Adams. 

654 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. McQuaid. 
855 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Slayton and dr. 
057 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Nicolai. 



633 Mr. and Mrs. S. Stophlet. 

642 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Riheldatfer. 

656 Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Lewis and dr, 

655 John Lewis. 

673 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pinch. 

673 Mrs. L. B. Chittenden. 

680 Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn Norcott. 

722 Mr. and Mrs. L.Leigh. 

Hennepin Avenue. 

724 Mr. and Mrs. J. (". Shandrew. 
724 Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Wooster. 
724 Miss E. J. Shandrew. 
728 Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Shandrew. 
728 Miss Sarah Shandrew. 
Cor. Avon. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Noble. 

Hoffman Avenue. 

iSIr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Fljnn. 
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman S. Watkins. 
Mr. and Mrs. Win. A. Rhode. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Brink. 
Mr. and Mr<. Henry C. Sargent. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. .Stewart. 
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bohn. 
Dr. and Mrs. R. Schiffnian. 
Miss Hattie M. Johnson. 
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Haldeman. 
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Smith and dr. 
Charles T. Smith. 



Mr. andMrs.W.R.Burkhard and drs. 

J. P. Burkhard. 


Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Kelly and drs. 

John Kelly. 

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Schroder. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Knauft antl dr. 

Benjamin F. Knauft. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Holl and drs. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Strickland. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Willius. 

HoUy Avenue. 

399 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Owens and drs. 

400 Mr. and Mrs. George Sheriff. 
404 Mr. and Mrs. Otto G. Hospos. 
407 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. A. Williams. 
407 A. E. Williams. 

410 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Curtis. 

413 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Allen and df. 

415 Mrs. Ruth A. Rice and drs. 

415 Charles O. Rice. 

417 Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Warren. 

420 Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Mathews. 

421 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Cook. 
429 John Caultiekl. 

429 Miss Maria Caulfield. 

433 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Dittmann. 

462 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Grant. 

464 George M. Brock. 

475 Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Beals. 

482 Mr. and Mrs. Wni. Morris Carson. 

493 Hon. and Mrs. J. P. Jacobson. 

497 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Gallup. 


Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and :Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mrs. Mary J. 
Mr. and Mrs 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Miss Jane E. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 

A. H. Fowler. 
F. H. Lewis. 
Charles B. Grant. 
V. M. Watkins andd r. 

A. L. Cox. 
Frederick Allis. 

. Charles L. Johnston. 

W. H. Merrick. 


John McCoUoch. 

B. F. Wright. 
Julien Sleeper. 
H. C. Filer. 

A. M. Eddy. 
Johu B. Lewis. 
Wm. Torrance. 
John F. McLaren. 
T. R. Palmer. 
E. W. Shirk. 


Hopkins Street. 

465 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Niedhamer. 

465 Miss Lurline McLaurin. 

475 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fitzgerald. 

485 Mr. and Mrs. David Klinefelter. 

501 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Depew. 

505 Mr. and Mrs. John Lapray and dr. 

Hudson Avenue 

698 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Ege and dr. 
905 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Johnson. 
961 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Parkhurst. 
961 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hussey. 

963 Mr. and Mrs. H. A, Kellam. 
967 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cannon. 
975 Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Finch and dr. 
987 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Tegeler. 


Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schulze. 

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Fetsch. 

Rev. and Mrs. Martin Tirmenstein. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Sanborn and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. R. McMasters. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Goodrich. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Crawford. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Kenrick. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Drabble. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Jilson. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kellett. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cummings. 

Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Taylor and dr. 

James K. Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs H. S. Ogden and dr. 

S. 0. Greer. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Freaney. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Brown. 

H. W. Brown. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bailey. 

Mr. and Mrs. H.H.Horn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dowlan. 

Gen. and Mrs. R.N. McLaren and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hiland. 

Mrs. C. M. Hunter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. K. Gaston. 

Wm. G. Gaston. 

Col andMrs.W.H. H. Taylor and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. J. O'Connor. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Curtice. 

Mrs. H. A. McKiernan. 

Miss L. M. Burgess. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schroeder. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hatstat. 

Mrs. E. Davton. 

rt Street. 

82 Miss. E. A. Hatstat. 

84 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Millard. 

84 Julian Millard. 

85 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sirois. 
85 Miss Odille Sirois. 

110 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W. Noble. 
110 Mrs. W. W. Cook and dr. 
110 Frank E. Noble. 
j 114 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Brooks. 
114 Mrs. E. M. Gregory. 
118 Mr, and Mrs. Archie Johnson. 
120 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Loweth. 
120 H.L.Baker. 
122 Dr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Hale. 
124 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Varney. 
129 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Michaud. 
135 Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Campbell. 
135 Frank Campbell. 
138 Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Galusha and dr. 
138 H.H. Galusha. 
14o Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Burris. 
151 Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Fischbein. 
151 Morris Fischbein. 
155 Mr. and Mrs.W. H. Ritter. 
157 Mrs. Jane Bryant. 
157 F. E. Bryant. 

165 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Whitehorn. 
175 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Carlson. 

189 George Wyllis. 

190 Mr. and Mrs. F. Dillingham. 
227 Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Murphy. 
233 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Pyle. 
254 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Porter. 
258 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Anderson. 
268 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Hall. 


290 Mr. and Mrs. C. Brinckerhoff. 

460 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McClung and dr. 

290 Mrs. S. A. Fowler and dr. 

463 Mr. and Mrs. John Mo Adam jr. 

292 Mr. and Mrs. H. Thompson and dr. 

466 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Burton. 

301 Mr. and and Mrs. Edward Sturley. 

466 Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Jacob. 

321 Thomas W. McArdle. 

467 Mrs. E. M. Comstock. 

334 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hadfield. 

467 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hughes. 

335 Mr. and Mrs. James Grace. 

470 Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Day and dr. 

337 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mortimer. 

470 Thomas W. Kennedy. 

361 Mrs. W. J. Towlerton and dr. 

470 Frank I. Cordo. 

361 C. B. Birchall. 

473 M.S. M. A. Berry and dr. 

394 Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Peterson and dr. 

473 Fred. S. Berry. 

394 T. C. Peterson. 

477 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. De Zonche. 

406 Mr. and Mrs. W. A Truesdall. 

479 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hilliard. 

409 Rev. and Mrs. Josiah Marvin. 

480 Mrs. Mary Liickert. 

409 Mrs. E. J. White. 

481 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Erwin. 

410 Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Comfort. 

481 Miss Annie Keys. 

410 Henry M. Comfort. 

486 Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Spates. 

420 Mrs. E. J. Broen. 

486 Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hanback. 

420 F. L. Breen. 

487 Mr. and Mrs. C. N, Woodward. 

420 W. H. Breen. 

488 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Joy. 

422 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Warren and dr. 

490 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 0. Timerman. 

422 Mrs. Mary Libby. 

495 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bagley and drs. 

436 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kennedy. 

495 N. R. Bagley. 

440 Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Brown. 

497 Mrs. E. Rusche and dr. 

443 Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Bassford. 

495 Louis Rusche. 

448 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McCardy. 

515 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Biegler. 

459 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Williams. 

515 Mr. and Mrs. E. Kuhlman. 

43 Mr. and Mr. E. H. Wood. 
43 Wm. B. Wood. 

Indiana Avenue !East. 

I 150 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Chester. 
I 150 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bartlett. 

Indiana Avenue West. 

32 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Tostevin. 

I 34 Capt. and Mrs. James Starkey. 

Irvine Street. 

7 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Knox and dr. 
10 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matheis. 
32 Mr. and Mrs. Abram S. Elfelt. 
37 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Langellier. 

67 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Walley. 
67 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Jackson. 
Cor. Walnut. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Horn. 

Isabel Street East. 

105 Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Winne. I Cor. Greemvood Ave. 

120 Rev. and Mrs. W. S. -Mathew. Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Statler. 

120 Mrs. Marian Pomeroy. 152 S. F. Pollock. 

121 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dingle. 162 Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Chapman. 
136 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Fandel. I 163 Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Stein. 


Isabel Street West 

77 Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hausdorf, 

79 Rev. and Mrs. August Huelster. 
14i Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Lindner. 
197 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Yoerg jr. 

215 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Yoerg and dr. 
221 Mr. and Mrs. John Seeger. 
225 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Irvine. 

Jackson Street. 

303 Dr. Edgar Snyder. 

315 E. M. Card. 

325 Dr. Talbot Jones. 

329 Dr. J. A. Qiiinn. 

331 A. J. Wampler. 

353>^ Dr. F. L Roberts. 

357 Dr. J. A. Rankin. 

397 Mr. and Mrs. S. Potter. 

403 F. C. Carel. 

413 Mrs. James Thompson and dr. 

413 Charles E. Thompson. 

414 Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Whitman. 

496 Mr. and Mrs. W. C.Morrison and dr. 

496 Samuel Morrison. 

496 Mrs E. Raguet. 

506 Gen. and Mrs. J. B. Sanborn. 

506 Mrs. M. E. Pearson. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Davidson anddr 

513 Edward E. Davidson. 

513 R. Y. Davidson. 

513 C. Lathrop. 

516 Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Murphy and drs. 

525 Capt. and Mrs. R. Blakeley and dr. 

.525 Wm. Blakeley. 

525 Sheldon Blakeley. 

525 Geo. S. Blakeley. 

535 Mrs. A. P. Goodrich. 

537 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Guiterman. 

537 L. A. Guiterman. 

544 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Constansand dr. 

561 Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Petsch. 

563 Dr. and Mrs. Park Ritchie. 

571 Mrs. A. C. Dorsey. 

571 H. A. Dorsey. 

571 W. A. Dorsey. 

579 Mr. and Mrs. .James O'Neill. 

592 Mrs. B. Scoville. 

592 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Nicolay. 

592 Miss Matie Wiard. 

596 Mrs. J. M. Farrar. 

600 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Purple. 

600 T. B. Dibb. 

603 Mr. and Mrs. G. Donaldson. 

613 J. K. Mansfield. 

615 Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Curtis. 

619 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Field. 

621 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Southall. 

621 Miss Nettie B. Rumney. 

621 Miss Harriet L. Rumney. 

625 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wyand. 

625 Mrs. E. Hitchcock. 

628 Mr. and Mrs. J. Bjornstad. 

632 Mr. and Mrs. D Muehlenbruch. 

638 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robert Jr. 

669 Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Robbins and drs. 

670 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Easton. 
685 Mr and Mrs. M. A. Shank. 

Josette Street, 

Cor. Dayton Are. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Sherwood. 
251 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hertz. 
295 Henry Bockstruck. 
298 Mr and Mrs. M. Lux. 

314 Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Olivier. 
319 Rev. and Mrs. Carl Rurapf. 
321 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gallien. 
407 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolff. 
413 Rev. and Mrs. Oscar J. Stead. 

Juno Street. 

906 Dr. and Mrs. J. K. Erskine and dr. | 911 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mullen. 



Kent Street. 

47 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Tusler. 

54 Mr. and Mrs. G. W.Bennett. 

80 Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Egan. 
126 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Fryer. j 

126 Miss I. M. Brawley. I 

126 W. B. Brawley. 
128 Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Colbert. 
157 Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Crane. 


509 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Drake and drs. 
509 Alexander M. Drake. 
509 Miss Mary F. McClurg. 
527 Mr. and Mrs. Christian Fry. 
527 E. M. Lyons. 

532 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Barclay 

533 W. E. Bell. 

534 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Gibbons. 
536 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Clark. 
538 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Kemp, 
540 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Bird. 
542 Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Strong, 
542 F. A. Bostwick. 
544 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McLaren. 
544 G. H. Knebel. 
546 Mr. and Mrs. J. Morgaustern. 

167 Capt. and Mrs. J. B. Bresette. 
274 Mr. and Mrs. G. Carlson. 
276 Mr. and Mrs. C. Roth. 
300 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Treasure 
300 C. S. Bryant. 
Cor. Charles. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fallihee. 


Mr. and 
Mr. and 
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Wm. M. 
Mrs. R. 
Mr. and 

Mrs. A. Morganstern. 

Mrs. J. T. Fredericks. 

Mrs. L. F. Collins. 

Mrs. R. S. Somers. 

Mrs. D. R. Davis. 

Mrs. A B. Leopold and di 

Mrs. A. >\ . Goodrich. 

Mrs. A. J. Willard. 

Mrs. J. F. Butterfield. 

Mrs.F. A. Hull. 

Mrs. H. Wm. Langley. 

Mrs. J. M. Taylor. 

Mrs. George L. Becker. 


L. Ismon. 

Mrs. Henrv Hale. 

Liaurel Avenue. 


Mr. and Mrs.Cornelius Riley and dr. 421 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Ingles. 421 

Mrs. A. D. Stebbins. ! 422 

Maj. and Mrs. C. J. Allen. ' 422 

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. McKey. : 423 

Mr. and Mrs. James McKenna. 427 

Miss Blanche McKenna. , 428 

S. Appleton and dr. 436 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Riley. 439 

Miss Libbie E. Bradley. 439 

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Norris and dr. 439 

Rev. and Mrs. D. C. Lyon and dr. 444 

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Power. 444 

Mrs. L. P. Smith. 445 

Mrs. M. B. Hodges and dr. | 445 

Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Davis. ; 445 

T. G. Holyoke. 445 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rittenhouse. 457 

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Deane. 

Albert J. Deane. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Howard. 

Mrs. Jane L. Howard. 

Rev. and Mrs. M. D. Edwards. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Wall. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Liddeli. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Shea. 

Gen. and Mrs. R. W. Johnson. 

Harry S. Johnson. 

Miss Mary Steele. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mann and dr. 

Mrs. Katherine P. Mann. 

Mrs. Pascal Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. H. Smith. 

Mrs. Fanny Holbrook. 

Miss Carrie A. Holbrook. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Frye. 



457 Miss L. Whitman. 

459 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Knauft'. 

472 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Kolff. 

482 Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Baldwin. 

482 Mrs. M. Duncan. 

482 C. H. Duncan. 

487 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Walsh. 

487 Henry B. Walsh. 

491 Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Frost. 

491 Mrs. J. E. Langdon. 

497 M. F. Van Vores. 

49.3 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Eldred. 

499 Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Pierce. 

500 Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Keefe. 
500 Mrs. A. M. Marden. 

523 Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Winston. 

525 Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Mann. 

529 Mrs. E. C. Davies. 

529 W. H. Kane. 

531 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hainert. 

531 Mr. and Mrs. John Detwiler. 

535 Mr. and Mrs. John Haeusler. 

545 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bishop and dr. 

547 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Mc Arthur. 

547 Mrs. H. McArthur. 

547 C. G. Throop. 

549 Mr. and Mrs. H. Grunhagen. 

568 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fitzsirumon. 

573 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Egan. 

586 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hyman. 

611 Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Boyer. 

613 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Coe. 

Licech Street. 

54 Mr. and Mrs. John Kodylek. 
82 Mr. and Mrs. Terence McGovern. 
Ill Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Ronshein. 

118 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haag. 
118 Miss Josephine Holl. 

Liincoln Avenue. 

462 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Lane. 
591 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Wilson. 
591 Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Prince, 
597 Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Ware. 
607 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Miller. 
610 Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Rugg. 
610 Mrs. S. A. Freeman. 
615 Mr. and Mrs. (i. N. Hillman. 
623 Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Arthur. 
623 John E. Munson. 
635 Mrs. Dillon O'Brien and drs. 
635 T. D. O'Brien. 

635 H. J. O'Brien. 

653 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bronson. 

699 Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Swisher. 

711 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Malcolm. 

776 Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Bryant. 

788 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fillebrown. 

792 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Jaynes. 

792 Mrs. M. L. Lanphear. 

792 Miss Florence M. Cole. 

921 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Davis. 

921 C. B. Davis. 

600 Mr. and Mrs. R. Sheire and dr 
613 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hull. 

Linden Street. 

1 613 Jabez Clark. 

Liivingston Avenue. 

352 Mr. and Mrs. Azarie C. La Rose. 
372 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Witherill. 
Cor. Wood. 

Mrs. Johanna Burke. 

395 Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Wilde. 

395 Napoleon B. Ganyavv. 

419 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Eastman. 

527 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Martensen. 


Nr. Nehou Ace. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Johuson. 

G. A. Johnson jr. 
2U Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Seixas. 
249 Mr. and Mrs. W. AV. Howard. 
249 Mr. and Mrs. Oswald "Weis. 

Louis Street. 

253 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Parish. 

253 Miss Hattie E. Parish. 

271 Mr. and Mrs Henry Weber. 

273 Mr. and Mrs. John Mueller and di 

320 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Benedict. 

Cor. Livingston Ave. 

Louisa Street. 

I Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Campbell. 

McBoal Street. 

165 F. W.Schulz. 

187 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dohni. 

194 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Brien. 

194 Walter Confarr. 

208 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Craig. 

51 (old) Hon. and Mrs. C. D. O'Brien. 

51 (old) Mrs. Sarah Slater. 

234 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Randall and dr. 

234 Henry E. Randall. 

234 Edward E. Randall. 

245 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Creighton. 

257 Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Stowe. 

259 Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Little. 

Cor. Mound. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. A. Messer. 
39 Mr. and :Mrs. S. Messer. 
41 Mrs. F. E. Elwell and drs. 

41 Mr. 

and Mrs. 



. Salisbury. 

85 Mr. 

and Mrs. G. 


.Hall and d: 

85 Miss M. J. Scott 

85 T. D. Hall. 

89 Mr. 

and Mrs-. 




95 Mr. 

and Mrs. 




95 Mr. 

and Mrs. 




96 Mr. 

and Mrs. 

Robert Craig. 

99 Mrs 

;. Mary E. 

Squires and dr. 

Cor. Greenbrier Ave. 

McLean Avenue. 

I Mr. and Mrs. A. Pugh. 

Mackubin Street. 

I 99 George C. Squires. 

113 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lawrence. 

193 Gen. and Mrs. J. W. Bishop. 

193 Charles H. Bishop. 

193 Miss Rebecca EUerbe. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rockwell. 

218 Miss Gertrude P. Rockwell. 

220 Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Price. 

289 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vincent. 

335 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wilson. 

3So T. P. Wilson. 

Magnolia Street. 

I Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Stewart. 

3Iain Street. 

88 Rev. and Mrs. Cyrus Brooks and dr. | 178 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Lahr and di 
144 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Yandes. I 375 Mr. and Mrs. H. Rans^ord. 

3Ianomin Avenue. 

Cor. Stevens. 

Mrs. Xancv Horsnell. 

S. George Horsnell. 
Geo. Harry Agnew. 



326 Mrs. E. Payte. 
336 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Culluni 
.345 Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Pasel. 
358 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Koch. 

Maple Street. 

358 Mrs. A. Buschmann. 

410 Mrs. Louis Scheffer and drs. 

410 Herman Scheffer, 

410 Alfred Scheffer. 

Margaret Street. 

816 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kuether. | 824 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Grube. 


184 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W. Smith. 

206 Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Stock. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Krugmeier. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seeger. 

236 Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Rotert. 

238 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Buell. 

240 Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Lacy. 

242 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Brant. 

244 Mr. and Mrs.C.W.Hartman anddrs. 

246 Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Remick. 

248 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Davis. 

260 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Madison. 

266 Mr. and Mrs. S.Calvin Confer. 

270 Mr. and Mrs. John Sauer. 

284 Mr. and Mrs.F. Wm. Zollman. 

308 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Egan. 

310 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Stevenson. 

312 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Davies. 

312 Alfred R. Baldwin. 

31G Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sherin. 

316 E. Sherin. 

326 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bott. 


326 Fred. W. Bott. 

336 Rev. and Mrs. Phillip Funk. 

337 Mr. and Mrs. P. Smith Peabody. 
341 Mr. and Mrs. Litton E. Shields. 
346 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Kaese. 

1 348 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Miller. 

.355 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Damkroger. 
t 358 Dr. and Mrs. James Sloan. 

360 Mrs. Rebecca P. Davis. 

662 Mr. and and Mrs. Hamilton Evarts 

372 Mr. and Mrs. John C. McCall. 

375 Mr. and Mrs. Haskel Ransford. 
Cor. m. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Reed and dr. 
Charles H. Reed. 

.387 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Sherwood. 

387 Miss Martha Shafer. 

395 Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Schoch. 

406 Alfred J. Hill. 

444 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krauch. 

446 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H.Campbell. 

314 J. M. Wenger. 
314 J. M. Wenger jr. 
Cor 4th. 

E. S. Gorman. 
346 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Tuttle. 
346 Miss Itasca Tuttle. 
.346 Wilson S. Tuttle. 
348 Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Brice, 
348 Charles E. Billings. 
348 Frederick G. Prest. 

Market Street. 

348 Albert J. Prest. 

348 Samuel L. Prest. 

356 James B. Baldwin. 

356 Miss Susie A. Baldwin. 

356 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilkinson. 

356 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Lyon. 

358 Mrs. M. J. Clark. 

358 Mrs. H. J. McCaine. 

376 Mr. and Mrs. Myron W. Cole. 

Marshall Aveune. 

400 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Bigford. 
400 Mrs. J. A. Winters. 

400 James Marvin. 

419 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Nolan. 



419 Mr. and Mrs. P. F. KoempeL 

485 Mr. and Mrs. S. 0. DeCamp. 

421 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Koempel. 

486 Mr. and Mrs. R. 0. Strong and drs. 

421 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stowell. 

486 R. 0. Strong jr. 

422 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Hodge. 

487 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Allyn. 

429 Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Brack. 

497 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Johnson. 

429 Rev. John M. Brack. 

497 Charles Johnson. 

429 Miss Kate M. Way. 

497 Benjamin Johnson. 

437 Mrs. C. W. Hanson. 

497 E. A. Johnson jr. 

437 J. Haven Hanson. 

497 E. J. Truesdell. 

437 Frank E. Hanson. 

503 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Norton. 

437 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Dougan. 

503 Mrs. Mary A. Norton. 

443 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Swenson. 

507 Mrs. Susan Cornman and drs. 

443 Henry A. Swenson. 

507 Mrs. Alida Green. 

443 Miss Olive A. Swenson. 

507 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Rood. 

455 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bell. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Van Ame. 

455 Mrs. Jane Bell. 

521 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mahler. 

459 Mrs. AV. Hippler. 

521 Miss Chattie E. Field. 

459 Edwin Hippler. 

527 Capt. and Mi-s. I. N. Hawkins and dr. 

463 Mrs. B. Broderick and drs. 

528 Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Smith. 

463 John Broderick. 

529 Mrs. P. A. Curtis. 

463 Joseph Broderick. 

538 Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Mulliken. 

467 Mr. and Mrs. T. Reed. 

545 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ward. 

469 Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Cooper. 

549 Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Crummey. 

470 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Burrows. 

552 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. O'Leary and dr. 

471 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knapp. 

552 J.J. O'Leary jr. 

472 Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Bagley. 

552 S. F. O'Leary. 

472 M. F. Bagley. 

Nr. Kent. 

473 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Oakes. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Vanderwarker^ 

474 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Richardson. 

564 Mrs. C. L. Stephenson and dr. 

477 Mr. and Mrs. John Jehle. 

564 B. W. Stephenson. 

481 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scott. 

566 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. BulL 

481 A. G. Long. 

579 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Severn, 

481 E. G. Scott. 

583 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Farwell. 

481 0. W. Scott. 

587 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Leonard. 

481 Roland Scott. 

589 Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Davison and drs. 

482 Mr. and Mrs. E. Webb and dr. 

592 Mr. and Mrs. D. H. McEwen. 

483 Mr. and Mrs.S. R. Jones and dr. 

609 Mr. and Mrs. John McClure. 

484 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Baldwin. 

609 Miss Ann McClure. 

Cor. nice. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Broome. 

343 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Reilly. 

344 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Coles. 

Cor. St. Clair. 

Martin Street. 

369 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schumacher. 
Cor. Western Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. McClure. 

Milton Street. 

I Mr. and Mrs. Kraushaar. 


Cor. Ctreenbrier Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Haiuru 
Win. Hamm. 
689 Mrs. Margaret Schaber. 

Minnelialia Street. 

741 Mr. and Mrs. Barthel Cillis. 
Cor. Cypress. 

Mrs. Laura Bronson and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Bronson. 

Minnesota Street. 

388 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Donnelly. I 452 Dr. and Mrs. P. J. Barrington. 
420 Mr. and Mrs. Wni. Byrne. I 452 Miss Daisy Barrington. 

Mississippi Street. 

482 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Simmer. 

491 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roese. 

501 Mrs. E. M. Porter. 

503 Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Emerson. 

503 Miss H. C. Laclaire. 

521 Theodore Sander. 

523 Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Houpt. 

525 Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Cardozo. 

530 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Engels anddrs. 

530 Paul Engels. 

530 B. Frank Engels. 

542 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Morse. 

576 Dr. E. A. Boyd. 

576 James R. Bovd. 

612 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. MacCarthy. 
616 Gen. C. M. MacCarthy. 
616 Miss Mary MacCarthy. 
638 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Horrigan. 
640 Mr, and Mrs. Geo. C. Davenport. 
640 Jos. E. Seidel. 
658 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Emerson. 
669 0. G. Wilson. 
Cor. Granite. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Merritt. 
Nr. Case. 

Rev. D. A. Reilly. 
Cor. Jenks. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith. 

645 Calvin Taft. 

2 Mrs. J. H. Simpson. 

MoliaAvk Avenvie. 

1 671 Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Voak and dr. 
Monroe Place. 

I 2 H. Borup. 
Mound Street. 
833 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. De Long. | 838 D. De Long. 

Mt. Airy Street. 
72 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Torbet. | 232 John Dowlan anddrs. 
79 Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Menk. 232 F. S. Dowlan. 

226 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Repke. I 

Nasli Street. 

220 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lowe. | 226 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Evans and dr 

222 Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Lutz. I 226 Clark Evans. 

Nelson Avenue. 

177 Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross Nicols. 

183 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hague. 

197 ]\rr.and:Mr>^. D.W. I ngersoll anddrs. 

197 F. G. IngersoU. 
197 T. W. IngersoU. 
197 H. G. IngersoU. 



206 Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Jefferson. 

207 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Quinby. 

208 Capt. and Mrs. H. A. Castle and dr. 
210 Mr. and Mrs.E. J. Hodgson. 

210 A. H. Stem. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Whitehorn. 

212 E. A. Chartrand. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. George S. Marsh. 

216 Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Bailey. 

216 Wm. G. Bailey. 

216 Frank B. Griffing. 

216 A.C. Thomson. 

237 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Sargent. 

243 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Stoughton. 

245 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Cratsenberg. 

245 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Paulk. 

247 Capt. and Mrs. J. B. Quinn. 

247 Sigmund Lessing. 

249 Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Cardozo anddrs. 

250 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gregg. 

251 Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Robert and drs. 
251 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Robert. 

265 Mr. and Mrs. H. Mack. 
269 Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Tavlor. 



Miss May E. Bunker. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Irvine. 
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Futvoye. 
Francis Conaughton. 
Mr. and Mrs. M. Craig. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Man ship. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Green. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Dennis and dr. 
Willard S. Dennis. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Chadwick and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Thayer and dr. 
Farrington Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. St. C. Hillis. 
James G. Hillis. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Putnam. 
Miss Marian R. Putnam. 
Mrs. M. A. Robb and drs. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Robb. 
Dr. W. B. Robb. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Schillinger. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Hodgman. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Harris. 
Wm. George. 

Nina Aveuvie. 

130 Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Dyer. 

132 Mr. and Mrs. James King and dr. 

136 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ames. 

136 Wm. H. Ames. 

136 Joseph H. Ames. 

144 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Morton. 

145 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Priedeman. 
148 Mrs. E. C. Helfenstein. 

148 J. A. Helfenstein. 
148 J. A. Barker. 
148 E. B. Butler. 
148 Miss Butler. 

148 W B. Richards. 

153 Mr. and Mrs. T. AV. Coleman. 

153 Mrs. Caroline Newington. 

153 Mrs. E. M. Spalding. 

155 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Seymour. 

161 Hon. and Mrs. AV. P. Murray and dr. 

162 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Lownsbury. 

163 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Burwell. 
168 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Carle. 
172 Mr. and Mrs. Harris Richardson. 
172 C. H. Bovnton. 

Nintli Street East. 

6 Winter Andrew. I 35 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cole. 

7 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Demeules. 35 Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Berry. 
7 Adolph Demeules. ( 35 Col. Warren Granger. 

9 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hagler. 35 Howard James. 

13 Mrs. A. J. Bazille and dr. 35 Luther Laflin. 

35 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Gray. 39 Mrs. Mary North and dr. 

35 Walter N. Granger. i 39 G. E. Williamson. 


39 W. H. Buckelew. 


39 C. W. Butler. 


89 F. W. Allen. 


39 J.M. Hibbard. 


93 Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Norton. 


Cor. Robert. 


Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Higbee. 


0. S. Higbee. 


125 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Sternberg. 


133 Dr. and Mrs. Charles Griswold. 


133 Charles H.CJriswold. 


142 T. S.Carlton. 


187 Hon. and Mrs. E. Rice and drs. 


187 Miss Cornelia A. Pendleton. 


197 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Perkins. 


202 Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Minturn. 


206 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Busch. 


206 Maj. G. D. Hand. 


205 R. T. Quissenberry. 


211 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stevens. 


220 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Stone and dr. 


230 M. P. Nichols. 


230 Miss Kate W. Nichols. 


236 Mr. and Mrs. AV.E, Campbell and dr. 


244 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Eaton. 


244 C. L. Eaton. 


244 S. S. Eaton jr. 


249 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Uphani. 


Cor. Canada. 


Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hill. 


265 Mrs. Caroline Schurmeier and dr. 


265 Benjamin F. Schurmeier. 


265 Gustave T. Schurmeier. 


265 Dr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Schmidt. 


266 Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Hoadley. 


266 Frank Mener. 


266 Edward Vermilion. 


266 Rudolph Neff. 


266 Edward Owen. 


270 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bergfeld. 


274 Rev. and Mrs. Ernst Rolf. 


285 Mr. and Mrs.Allen Manvel and drs. 


305 Mrs. C. E. F. Nolte and dr. 


317 Mr. and Mrs. Otto Zimmermann. 


317 Arthur Waldt. 


317 Miss Aurora Waldt. 


317 Miss L. A. Yanderwarker. 


Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Simpson. 

Mrs. E. Abeles. 

Mr. and Mr. J. B. Sattler. 

Emanuel Sattler. 

H. S. Abeles. 

Mr.andMr. C. A. Gibbs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Sheire. 

Mrs. Mary Doble. 

Mrs. Ella Doble. 

L. S. Doble. 

W. C. Doble. 

Joseph Kline. 

I. P. Doble. 

T. B. B. Marrette. 

L. M. Clark. 

J. W, Blabon. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Pearce. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kopper. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keogh. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Carrington. 

N. M. Singleton. 

Mrs. S. M. Cabanne. 

Mr and Mrs G. W. Walsh. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cabanne. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Harper. 

C. B.Davison. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Fleckenstein. 

T. A. Schulze. 

Mrs. Matilda J. Russell. 

E. H. Russell. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Russell. 

Rev. E. S. Thomas. 

Edwin Johnson. • 

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Young. 

Mr. and Mrs. Webster Smith. 

Dr. and Mrs. S. D. Flagg. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hortou. 

Mr. and Mrs.G. A. B. Shaweanddrs. 

L. F. Shawe. 

Rev. L E. Caillet. 

Rev. J. J. Keane. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Donaldson. 

S. P. Thorne. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Anderson. 

Mrs. Annie Anderson. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brandhorst. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Howell. 


450 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Clark. 
450 Mrs. Andrew Gilchrist. 

478 Mr. and Mrs. Julius Austrian. 
478 Edwin Austrian. 

Nintli Street West. 

9 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. G. Davis. 
9 M. J. McNally. 
17 Franz Fassbind and dr. 
24 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Spear and dr 
29 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Wagner. 
46 Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Dreis and dr. 
50 Mr. and Mrs. M. Koch. 
Cor. FranMin. 

Rev.Simplicius Winimer. 

158 Mr. and Mrs. C. Cavitzel. 

162 Mr. and Mrs. Clement F. Seymour. 

180 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Rapp. 

190 A. Gerner. 

200 Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Leveridge. 

205 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Williams. 

205 Chas. W. Williams. 

237 Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wiley and dr. 

2.38 Mrs. W. A. Lemke. 

Norris Street. 

207 Mr. and Mrs. 
207 H. Swift. 
207 Fred. Swift. 
215 Mr. and Mrs. 
215 Mrs. D. B. Tu 
223 Mr. and Mrs. 
228 Mr. and Mrs. 
231 Mr. and Mrs. 
234 Mr. and Mrs. 
236 Mr. and Mrs. 

Charles H. Swift. 

B. J. Grimshaw. 


J. Studebaker. 

R. G. Deathe. 

G. W. Heaton. 

Joseph H. Smith. 

J. C. Van Sant. 

236 A. C. Van Sant. 

243 Mr. and A^rs. Zsgio Weiss. 

246 Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Williams and drs 

246 Henry P. Goodenow. 

250 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McCullough. 

252 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Keefe. 

252 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Mather. 

258 Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Foster. 

258 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Chase. 

North Street. 

463 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meckel. ' 491 

465 Rev. and Mrs. S. B. Warner. 491 

467 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Ovenshire. 495 

469 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Weitbrecht. 495 
471 Mr. and Mrs. P. Starkweather anddr. 495 

471 Mrs. C. L Ovenshire. 497 

473 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kimbar. 497 

473 Miss H. L. Chaftee. 500 

481 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Diether and dr. 500 

481 Mrs. Bernhard Diether. 501 

483 Mr. and Mrs. J E. Olds. 504 

483 Mrs. H. M. Olds. 613 

485 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cavauagh. 619 

485 Asa L. Upson. 629 

487 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Smith and dr. 633 

487 George H.Smith jr. 635 

487 Herbert W. Smith. j 642 

487 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gray. ' 657 

Mr. and Mrs, W. F. Wilson. 

Mrs. Agnes Wilson. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Fanning. 

Miss H. E. Hunter. 

Miss J. N. Wales. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Fisk. 

R. C. Fisk. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Stutson. 

N. R. Clark. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grant. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. F. Lambert. 

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Cavender anddr. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ulrici. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Northrop. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stapleton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Thomas. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Gilbert. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Paul. 


Oak Street Nortli. 

373 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hollingsworth. 
373 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Board. 
375 Mr. and Mrs. Theo. E. Parker. 

375 Mrs. N. H. Goodell. 

376 Mrs. Allie Hewitt. 
376 Walter Hewitt. 
376 James B. Hewitt. 

377 Mr. and Mrs. John Foos. 
408 Mrs. A. C. Bean. 

408 Capt.Ed. S. Bean. 

409 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schliek. 
450 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Cremer. 

Cor. College, Ave. - 

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Olivier and drs. 

Oak Street South. 

186 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bruggemann. 
190 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Holmes. 

190 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Farmelee, 

191 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zschau. 
202 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hardy. 
205 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Deliel. 
214 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Smith. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Seng. 
241 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Meyer. 
263 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Moore. 
267 Mr. and Mrs. I. B. B. Sprague. 
277 Mr. and Mrs. Justus Kahlert. 
308 Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Callahan. 
312 J. B. Moorhead. 

Oakland Street. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. De Lacy. | 40 Mr. and Mrs. F. AV. Farrar. 

30 Mr. and Mrs. James Lambie. 42 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Chace. 

36 Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Bigelow. I 

Ohio Street. 

537 Mr. and Mrs. P. R. McDonnell. 

Olive Street. 

355 Mr. and Mrs. Charles 'binder. 
442 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Mahle. 
442 C. F. Schilling. 
530 Col. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith. 
5.30 Frank D. Ponsonbv. 

540 Mr.s. Edward Darragh. 

540 T. J. Murray. 

549 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Farwell. 

549 Miss M. E. Wyer. 

281 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. G. Johnson. 

281 J. D. Sawyer. 

283 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Watson. 

283 G. A. Watson. 

292 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dodge. 

294 Mrs. Susan Stevenson. 

294 E. T. Stevenson. 

Olmsted Street. 

295 C. B. Hess. 

297 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Prather. 

301 Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Ferrey. 

301 Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Ferrey. 

301 Edgar S. Ferrey. 

325 Rev. and Mrs. A. P. Monten. 

Otsego Avenue. 

637 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Randall. 
651 Mr. and Mrs. John Net!'. 
667 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Merrill, 
667 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Race. 

671 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Carter. 
681 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Peterson. 
683 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Osborne. 
695 Rev. and Mrs. E. R. Irmscher. 



409 Mr. and Mrs. John Schillo. 

473 Dr. P. J. Dwyer. 

540 Mrs. L. L. Busse and drt*. 

88 Mr. and Mrs. J. B.West. 
90 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. West. 

Park Avenue. 

] 559 Mrs. S. Krank and dr. 

767 Mr. and Mrs. Franz Lambrecht. 

Park Place. 

I 90 MissL.B. West. 

Patridge Street. 

17 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Adams. j 485 Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Brunson, 

391 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Rice. 485 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Branson. 

391 Miss Jennie K. Turnbull. | 485 B. Albert Brunson. 


176 Mr. and Mrs. Z. C. Bohrer. 

201 Mrs. D. C. Babcock. 

205 Judge and Mrs. O. Simons and dr. 

205 H. A. Simons. 

208 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kmeny. 

211 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ife. 

214 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wheeler. 

215 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Dunbar. 


215 C. R. St. John. 
215 W. J. Romans. 
223 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Robertson. 

231 Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Eggleston. 

232 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Moore and dr. 
232 George G. Moore. 

243 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stone. 
255 Mrs. A. Acker and dr. 

Pine Street. 

520 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. N. Cumbey. i 561 Mrs. Eliza P. Boggs. 

543 Rev. and Mrs. Cbristopher Brill. I 


146 Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Snow. 

149 Mr. and Mrs. D O'Halloran and dr. 

158 S. Lee Davis. 

158 Miss Nellie C. Davis. 

158 Harry L. Davis. 

158 Mrs. Elizabeth Waller. 

158 James H. Hirst. 

158 Henry Schmitz. 

158 Peter Schmitz. 

161 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor. 

162 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bartram. 

163 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Ladd. 
163 Oscar L. Taylor. I 
163 George A. Hayes. j 
163 FredM. Catlin. I 
163 D. M. McCaw. 

168 Mrs. E. M. Drew. j 

168 H. S. Baker. ' 

168 Arthur Bierce. 


168 Frederick Follett. 

168 E. Severance. 

175 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Nash. 

175 Charles P. Nash. 

175 A. G. Eaton. 

175 Arthur A. Otis. 

175 Wm. Buckman. 

179 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Lincoln and dr. 

179 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Lincoln jr. 

179 Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lincoln. 

179 Richard A. Grange. 

179 Richard Moore. 

181 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Matheny. 

185 Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Frye. 

185 Miss Ann E. Frye. 

185 Morton Barrows. 

185 W. B. Smith. 

193 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Combs. 

193 Harrv A. Combs. 



193 Mrs. Prescott White. 

194 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Grant. 
194 W. H. Grant jr. 

194 Miss Jennie E.McCaine. 

198 Mr. and Mrs. Moritz Walter. 

200 Mr. and Mrs. Henrj' C. Walter. 

202 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Ciirtiss. 

202 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Allen. 

202 W. R. Allen. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dampier. 

216 Mr. and Mrs John Pfeifer. 

219 Mr. and Mrs. J. Farrington and dr. 

219 Wm. C. Farrington. 

220 Mrs. W. L. Parsons. 

224 Mrs. Wilhelmina Konantz. 

224 Charles F. Konantz. 

224 Edward A. Konantz. 

224 Adolph Konantz. 

229 Dr. and Mrs. A. G. Brisbine and dr. 

229 J. J. Brisbine. 

229 A. R. Brisbine. 

246 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Zinimeruiann. 

258 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bingham. 

258 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Esterley. 

265 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Finck. 

270 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kerr. 

274 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Worley. 

276 Mr and Mrs. H. Hechtman and dr. 

276 Mrs. E. Blair and dr. 

276 Frank P. Blair. 

280 Mr. and Mrs. N. Sherman and dr. 

280 Wm. A. Barr. 

280 Charles S. Neely. 

282 Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Pruden. 

284 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Yanz. 

284 Mrs. Elizabeth Theobald. 

285 Dr. and Mrs. Justus Ohage. 

285 Miss Neville R. Ensor. 

286 Mr. and Mrs. George S. Fawkner. 
286 George Chase. 

286 George Miller. 
291 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barr. 
291 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Knapp. 
293 Mrs. Helen M. Richardson. 
293 Leslie P. Richardson, 
293 W. H. Mead. 

296 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bower. 

297 Mrs. Benjamin Thompson. 
297 Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Magoffin. 
297 D. S. Cobb. 

299 Mr. and Mrs. John W. White. 
319 Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Groff. 
321 Mr. and Mrs. J. Fairchild and drs. 
340 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Wilcken. 
342 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mannheimer. 
362 Mr. and Mrs. J. Pederson. 
366 Mrs. Mary Wallace and drs. 
372 Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Rosenegk. 

384 Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Terry. 

385 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Flandrau. 
385 Mrs. Lydia S. McClure and dr. 
397 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Oertel and dr. 
397 Edward W. Oertel. 

397 Albert J. Oertel. 
401 Mrs. C. Strauss. 
401 Charles Strauss. 
474 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Osgood. 
474 H. E. Osgood. 
479 Alured Newman. 
479 Miss Ida Arnold. 
Nr. Western Jve. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berrisford. 

Portland Avenue. 

433 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Pollock. 
433 N. M. Pollock. 
Cor. Arundel. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Scribner. 

Edward A. Scribner. 

James H. Scribner. 

466 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smyth and drs. 

468 Mr. and Mrs. George Wirth. 

477 Mr. and Mrs. James L. McAfee. 

477 N. McAfee. 

486 Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Dorr. 

495 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cunningham. 

459 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Boyden and drs. 490 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Beals. 
466 Mr. and Mrs. Welcome B. Johnson. 560 Mr. and Mrs. A. B. AVilgus. 


560 E. P. Wilgus. 

625 Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Ford and dr. 

560 Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Welch. 

643 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Nesbett. 

565 Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Teeple. 

647 Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Watson. 

575 Mr. and Mrs. E. F.Lambert. 

649 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Nichols. 

576 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kingston. 

653 Mrs. W. P. Stedman. 

580 Mr. and Mr.s. Charles Leonard. 

659 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Maxwell. 

580 R. E. Leonard. 

Prairie Street. 

279 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. McCarron. 
282 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Mead. 
287 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Adams. 
290 Mr. and Mrs. John Lesh and drs. 

293 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ward. 

294 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Kenyon. 
347 Mr. and Mrs. John G. Donnelly. 

Preble Street. 

€95 Mr. and Mrs. E. Hammond. | 700 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Charles. 

Prescott Street. 

166 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Murphy. I Cw. Harvard. 

I Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Williams. 

Prospect Terrace. 

52 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Spiegel. I 58 Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Durkee. 

58 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Durkee. I 

Ramsey Street. 

142 Mrs. Sarah B. Becht. 
148 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Penner. 
181 Mrs. Abby F. Abbe. 
181 Miss Abby A. Fuller. 
187 Mr. and Mrs. Otto Dreher. 
187 Mrs. K. Leitner. 
197 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Romer. 
216 Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Stilwell. 
Nr. Forbes. 

Mrs. Ida A. McManus and dr. 

Miss Lenore Austin. 

220 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Stilwell. 
254 Mr. and Mrs. Levi Lyons. 
256 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stone. 
258 Dr. and Mrs. Carl Schulin. 
260 Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Smead. 
260 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Whitney. 
344 Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Rogers. 
344 Bernard A. Treanor. 
344 John R. Treanor. 
354 Mr. and Mrs. James Feely. 
.356 Mr. and Mrs. Robert McNicol. 

Kandolpli Street. 

601 George Herbert. 

706 Mr. and Mrs. F. Heisinger and dr. 

Nr. City Lim ifg. 

Mr. and Mrs.W.M. Nettleton and drs. 
George 0. Nettleton. 
Frederick H. Nettleton. 

655 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Burnside. 
689 Mrs. A. B. Coggswell. 
689 T. S. Coggswell. 

Ravine Street. 

691 Mr. and Atrs. Wm. T. Matsou. 
699 Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Gage. 



Reaney Street. 

587 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Passavant. 

609 Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Lloyd. 

009 Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Lloyd. 

645 G. L. Seager. 

645 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Martin. 

714 Mr. and Mr§. Albert Schulze. 

738 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Murphy. 

Nr. Seventh. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. Norren. 
Nr. Earl. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Flournoy. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mayhew and drs. 
Nr. Frank. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mayhew. 



Mr and Mrs. J. Geiselman 

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. FoLsom 

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Gorman and dr 

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. McKinlay 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hill. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Haynie. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. West. 

Mrs. H. Pettibone. 

Charles A. Pettibone. 

E. R. Hubbell. 
Mrs. E. T. Mclvor and dr. 

F. F. Mclver. 

Mr. and Mrs. Narcisse Michaud 
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Bennett 
Mrs. V. Theobald. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Costello 
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Tipper. 

Rice Street. 

296 Mr. 

298 Mr. 

nd dr. 

299 Mr. 

312 Mr. 

316 Mr. 

Cor. Mart 


428 Mr. 

435 Mr. 

438 Mr. 

468 Mr. 

481 Mr. 


482 Mr. 

484 Dr. 

941 Mr. 

599 Mr. 

and Mrs. P. Keigher and drs. 
, and Mrs. J. D. Durie. 

and Mrs. Robert A. Graig. 

and Mrs. A. T. Remer. 

and Mrs. John Jessrang. 

W. Fitzsinions. 

and Mrs. R. J. B xeli. 

and Mrs. H. H. Miller. 
, and Mrs. John Clark. 

and Mrs. G. W. Hardacre. 
, and Mrs. J.W. Sprague. 

and Mrs. Edwin Fox. 

R. S. Bole. 

and Mrs. John Munro. 
. and Mrs. R. A. Pierce. 

Robert Street. 

John Rogers jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Schuler. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brown. 

Mrs. M. M. Bunker. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dunnigan. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burninghani. 

A. J. Burninghani. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Hurtt. 

Mrs. Sarah A. Robert and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Berrislord. 

Mrs. Mary Young 

Mrs. M. B. Swan and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. King and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Johnson. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hallowell. 

C. A. Hallowell. 

G. W. Hallowell. 

534 Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Blasdel. 

535 Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Thurman. 

536 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hunter. 
538 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hoyt. 

538 Mr. S. F. Ralls. 

539 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bell. 
541 Rev. and Mrs. R. Forbes. 
546 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dolby. 

555 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Prendergast. 

558 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Pepper and dr. 

558 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Moore. 

558 S. H. Watson. 

558 M. Hein. 

562 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Stone. 

565 Mr. and Mrs.A.J. Trumbull and drs. 

565 Rev. and Mrs. E. Newton. 

565 Miss Flora J. Trumbull. 

ROBERT ST. Co7it\l. — ST. PAUL ST. 


566 Mr. and Mrs. S. Burns. 

Cor. Bluff. 

569 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Haggenmiller. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dawson and drs 

579 Mrs. A. Farber. 

Samuel E. Dawson. 

579 H. H. Farber. 

706 Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson. 

Kobie Street. 

S4 Mr. and Mrs. Achille Michaud. 
176 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Carrere. 
180 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Schurman. 
250 Mr. and Mrs. Albert N. Lamb. 
259 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Zeige. 
261 Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Hartmau. 

321 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Ewing. 
Nr. Andrew. 

Mr. and Jlrs. John B. Duford. 
Nr. Winslow Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Sproule. 

Rondo Street. 

411 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Collins. 
Nr. Kent. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Robinson. 
Robert VVellisch. 
Nr. Dale. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Smith. 
Cor. Dale. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Larpenteur. 

Rosabel Street. 

412 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schurmeier. | 412 Albert Schurmeier. 

175 Mr 

and Mrs 



179 Mrs. W. W. Ballard 


181 Mr. 

and Mrs 

U. A. 


185 Mr. 

and Mrs 



194 Mr. 

and Mrs. 

Martin Boos 

282 Mr. 

and Mrs. 

M. K 


288 Mr. 

and Mrs. 

E. S. 


385 Mr. 

and Mrs. 

A. L. 


407 Mr. 

and ;Mrs. 



Ross Street. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs Joseph Y. Laramy. 
1105 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Altman. 
1120 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Ready. 

1140 Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. De Jonker. 
1146 Mr. and Mrs. Osmon Lunn. 

St. Anthony Avenue. 

340 Mr. and Mrs. A. Swain. J 548 Kennedy F. Lott. 

548 Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Lott and dr. Nr. City Limits. 

548 Charles F. Lott. I Rev. J. G. Riheldatfer. 

St. Paul 

496 Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter. 

499 Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnston. 

503 Mrs. J. B. Oakes. 

508 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Darling. 

510 Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Burgoyne. 

518 Dr. and Mrs. Alonzo Harlow and dr. 

518 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Eaton. 

518 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Harlow. 

518 Miss Rachel M. Harlow. 

518 W. .\. (^uaekenboss. 


519 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Knauft. 

520 J. B. Baldwin and dr. 

520 Mrs. E. A. Barker and dr. 

523 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Terry. 

523 Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Terry. 

523 Mrs. Belle Terry. 

523 Miss Mary Fleschman. 

523 J. C. Terry jr. 

531 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Chipley. 

.535 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Kennard. 

ST. PAUL ST. C'on/'(/. — ST. PETER ST. 

540 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Richeson. 

544 Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Austin. 

545 Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Smith. 

.546 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hannaford. 

546 F. P. Hannaford. 

549 Mr. and ;Mrs. Rodney C. Gooding. 
549 Mrs. C. W. Gooding. 

549 Mrs. Elizabeth Berger. 

550 Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Bartlett anddrs. 
557 Mrs. M. Mcintosh. 

557 Mr. and Mrs. E. Webb. 

558 Mr. and Mrs. E. T, Sumwalt. 

558 Mrs. Martha T. Irwin. 

559 M.and Mrs, W. S. Lytle. 

559 H. C. Lytic. 

560 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Fee. 
560 Gregg F. McNeill. 

577 Mr. and Mrs. H. Stockenstrom. 
579 Mr. and Mrs. A. Belden. 
579 Mr. and Mrs. E. Slay ton. 

588 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Hubbard. 

589 Mr. and Mrs. A. Buechner. 
620 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hullsiek. 
626 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Buck. 
629 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lutz. 
634 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harrison. 
643 Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Herriott. 
655 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Stevens. 

St. Peter Street. 


5th, Windsor Hotel. 

Wm. L. Avery. 

Lewis Baker. 

Dr. J. F. Baker. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. I.Beaumont and dr. 

Irwin J. Beaumont. 

H. P. Bicknell. 

R. S. Bowden. 

L. E. Bomeisler. 

A. R. Bushnell. 

Dr. S. P. Cottrell. 

Mrs. A. B Curry. 

Harry Curry. 

Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Denslow. 

W. G. De Vol. 

S. G. Dickinson. 

C. E. Eaton. 

T. G. Eaton. 

Howard Estes. 

C. G. Franklin. 

E. S. Gorman. 

Benton Hatch. 

H, C. Hemmenway. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hoxie. 

H. B. Humphrey. 

C. J. Monfort. 

C. R. Monfort. 

Channing Paine. 

Mrs. M. D. Rusher and dr. 

W. D. Rusher. 

J. G. Stein. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Summers. 

W. T. Summers. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Thompson and dr. 

Fred Turnbull. 

Dr. and Mrs. A. Wharton and dr. 

W. C. Wilson. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Zimmermann. 
376 Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKenney. 
389 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Armstrong. 
456 Gottfried Bergman n. 
470 Mr. and Mrs. George J. Mitsch. 
478 Mr. and Mrs. James Brennen. 
506 C. L. Horst. 

555 Mr. and Mrs. D. Michaud. 

556 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stern. 

558 Mr. and Mrs. P. Donohoe and drs. 
561 Mr. and Mrs. M. Breen and drs. 
563 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hahn and drs. 
566 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Relf. 
574 Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Livingston^ 

577 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Officer. 

578 Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Mann. 
578 Louis D. Mann. 

578 Harry W. Mann. 

579 Mrs. Richard Washington and dr. 

579 Lawrence G.Washington. 

580 Mrs. and Mrs. A. Oppenheimer. 
580 Mrs. C. A. Newton. 

583 Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Williams. 
586 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Freeman. 
586 H. J. Freeman. 

ST. PETER ST. Cont'd. — SEI.BY AYE. 


588 Mr. and Mrs, Myron Brown. 

589 Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Williams anddrs. 
598 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Driscoll. 

598 A B. Driscoll. 
598 J. N. Jackson. 
<9. W. cor. Summit Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Saunders. 
618 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lee. 
618 Will. 0. Bates. 
623 Mr. and Mrs. John Ogden. 
623 Miss Maria Ogden. 
625 Mr. and Mrs. F. Y. Heyderstaedt. 
630 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Markoe. 
630 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Markoe. 
630 Ralston J. Markoe. 
630 Lorenzo J. Markoe. 
630 John A. Markoe. 
635 Mrs. Mary E. Patterson. 
635 Harry 0. Patterson. 
637 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Forest and dr. 
637 J. M. Forest. 
640 Mrs. W. R. Wood. 
640 Henry F. Wood. 
651 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Hughes. 
671 Col. and and Mrs. C. B. Lamborn. 
673 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Watson. 
673 Mrs. Garrett Barry. 




Miss Marie Barry. 

Mr. and Mrs. F.W.Anderson and dr. 
A. C. Anderson. 

Gen. and Mrs. J. H. Hammond and 

Mrs W. R. Noble and dr. 
Harry S. Noble. 
Mr and Mrs. H. Tucker. 
Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Chase. 
Mrs. Eliza Stone and drs. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hogle. 
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Swem. 
Miss M. E. Purcell. 
Mr. and Mrs. Fergus Fahey. 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. McStay. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGeehan. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Clough jr. 
Wm. P. Clough sr. 
Mrs. Abey Warner. 
Miss Annie Warner. 
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Lewis. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Anderson. 
W. G. Ross. 
Mrs Eliza McNamee. 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Warner. 
Frederick Bielenberg. 

Selby Avenue. 

245 Mrs. J. W. Johnstone. 

245 E. R. Johnstone. 

246 Mrs. \V. Rietzke. 

246 Herman Rietzke. 

247 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Berrian. 
247 Mrs. M. A. Berrian. 

253 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. S. Wright. 

253 Frank E. Williams. 

257 Mrs. M. C. George. 

257 H. George. 

259 Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Penniman. 

259 Mrs. M. C. Waterman. 

264 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Witt. 

266 Mr. and Mrs. E. Atwater. 

266 L. A. Whitney. 

268 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Yaname. 

289 Mrs. S. B. Beals and dr. 

289 Miss E. B. Greene. 

291 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Black. 
293 Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Jenkins. 
295 Mr. and Mrs. T. C. White. 
304 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Foote. 
308 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hendrickson. 
337 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Johnson. 
339 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Parker. 
339 Miss L. J. Comings. 
339 H. H. Herbst. 

399 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Walker. 

400 Mr. and Mi s. S. T. Bennett. 
417 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Haycock. 
424 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Burdick. 
424 W. C. Burdick. 

424 0. C. Cadwell. 

426 Mr. and Mrs. Henry O'Gorman. 

427 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Smith. 
441 Mr. and Mrs. C. Riggs. 


441 Dr. C. E. Riggs. 

556 Mrs. Julia S. Semple and dr. 

449 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Muller. 

568 Mr. and Mrs. E. McNamee. 

483 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Gore. 

569 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jamar. 

483 W. S. Gore. 

594 Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Naylor. 

493 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Gregory. 

594 Mrs. M. Naylor. 

534 Mr. and Mrs. D. H. McCloud. 

594 Mrs. Adah Barnes. 

.544 Capt. and Mrs. C. E. Davis. 

598 Mr. and Mrs. Z. H. Sturman. 

546 Mrs. K. Deacon. 

598 Miss M. H. Simpson. 

546 Mrs. M. G. Clinch. 

650 Mr. and Mrs. J. Weber. 

546 W. G. Deacon. 

655 Mr. and Mrs. C. W.Slayton. 

Seventli Street East. 

11 W. C. Blakemore. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Blakemore. 

14 W. F. Maxfield. 

54 R. G. List. 

56 Mr. and Mrs. G. G. A. Le Blanc. 

66 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stack emann. 
100 Mr. and Mrs. L. ('. Cummins. 
11 13/^ Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Golden. 
129 J. A. Olson. 
137 Mrs. J. B. Robbins. 
Cor. Jackson, Internifionnl Hotel. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kimball. 
165 Dr. C. F. Denny. 
186 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Simon. 
191 Mr. and Mrs. August Mueller. 
194 Henry Schutte. 
197 Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Lanberg. 
197 F. J. Upham. 
203 Dr. W. S. Briggs. 
203 Dr. H. C. Vetterling. 
205 Mr. and Mrs. C. "W. Youngman. 
207 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Krahmer. 
207 Dr. W. S. Briggs. 
215 Mr. and Mrs. John Pfister. 
218 Henry W. Cory. 
222 Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Elmquist. 
227 Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Nelson. 
233 Dr. H. C. Ballard. 
237 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Buehner. 
Cor. Waco lit a. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Simonei . 
243 Mrs. R. V. Taylor. 

249 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Milham. 

250 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Brown. 
274 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Greve. 

274 Mr. and Mrs. H. Von Unruh. 

276 Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Elmquist. 

279 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Schnittger. 

279 H. W. Schnittger. 

286 Mr. and Mrs. John Herman. 

298 Mrs. M. Werner. 

301 Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Devitt. 

304 Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Dedolph. 

314 Mr. and INIrs. D. B. Barrett. 

317 Oscar Engberg. 

325 Dr. K. H. E. Cassel. 

327 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Albrecht. 

329 Mr. and Mrs. John Rudeen. 

336 Dr. Ignatius Donnelly. 

344 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Carlson. 

350 Mr and Mrs. Geo. O. Austin. 

350 Miss Maggie Presley. 

350 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bates and dr. 

381 Mr. and Mrs. A.Bradley. 

382 jNIr. and Mrs. Jacob Mathes and dr. 
382 E. F. Mathes. 

393 Mr. and Mrs. John Sandell. 

396 Mr. and Mrs. E. Munson. 

398 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Mun.son. 

415 Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Stetson. 

415 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Clarke. 

415 Clayton Ede. 

415 C. Nelson. 

449 G. E. Hess. 

467 Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Hooker. 

498 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Haskell. 

503 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Braden. 

665 Mr. and Mrs. James K. Humphrey. 

665 Van Rensselaer Humphrey. 

689 Count and Mrs. V. Serenyi. 


695 Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Herrmeyer. 

695 C. Herrmeyer. 

695 Wm. Bernard. 

702 Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Zimmermann. 

740 Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Felton. 

750 Mr. and Mrs. J.J.Lawrence anddrs. 

750 J. F. Lawrence. 

753 Mr. and Mrs. S. Mayall and drs. 

753 Harry H. Mayall. 

754 Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Patterson. 
754 Dr. A. D. Douglass. 

758 Mrs. Susan Patterson and dr. 

758 Dr. H. S. Patterson. 
758 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Barden. 
822 S. E. Kellermann. 
826 F. Von Duyne. 
Cor Reaney. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bennett. 

952 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Harris. 

953 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Slack. 
980 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bowden. 
980 H. P. Bowden. 

1012 Mr. and Mrs. O. Rowley. 
1176 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hosm3r. 

Seventh Street West. 

175 Moore^s Block. 

H. C. Drake. 

Dr. F. R. Burnham. 

Dr. G. A. Renz. 

W. H. Hopsoii. 

C. W. Finn. 

H. S. Finn. 

W. S. Stanton. 
188 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Flammer. 
211 Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Southard. 
229 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Smith and dr. 

229 Harry M. Smith. 

230 Mrs. L. J. Bisbee. « 

231 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. King. 

231 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Seavey. 
240 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McHenry. 

240 Mrs. M. E. McHenry. 

241 Mrs. J S. Fuller. 

245 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Smith and dr. 

245 Willis G. Smith. 

245 Mrs. Jane E. Miller. 

255 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Myrick. 

255 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Myrick. 

270 Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Solomon. 

272 Mr. and Mrs. L. Goodkind and dr. 

272 E. Mannheimer. 

272 Leo Goodkind. 

272 Wm. Goodkind. 

272 Benj. L. Goodkind. 

278 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Brisbin. 

279 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Matter. 

279 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Dorrance. 

281 Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Strouse. 

282 Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Ober. 
282 George E. Ober. 

282 R. P. Ober jr. 

282 Edgar B. Ober. 

284 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Burbank. 

286 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G, Robert.son. 

293 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Taylor. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Lewis. 

321 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Kissel. 

362 Prof, and Mrs. F. W. H. Priem. 

400 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Haas. 

416 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McConnell. 

424 Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Schmidt. 

435 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Richards. 

449 Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Hoffman. 

499 Mr. and Mrs. C. Schenk. 

500 Henry J. Semmer. 

608 :Mr.and Mrs. J. W. Doherty. 

761 C. J. Veuve. 

855 Mrs. C. Stahlmann and dr. 

877 Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Stahlmann. 

933 Dr. and Mrs. H. Gauthier and drs. 

933 Peter Spink. 

933 F.H.Spink. 

933 Miss Julia Gauthier. 
1033 R. Ayd. 

1095 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Kerker. 
1135 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Orme. 
1145 Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis. 




Nr. City Limits. 

Rudolph Barton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Barton. 

Slierburne Avenue. 

25 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rice jr. 
27 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Kelly and drs. 
Cor. Jackson. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McMillan. 

Miss Nellie C. Myron. 

69 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Bass. 

69 W. E. Hunt. 

81 Mr. and Mrs. A. Dufrene and drs. 

91 Prof, and Mrs. S. S. Tavlor. 

Sherman Street. 

46 (old) Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Sanborn. 

47 Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Lyman. 
247 Mrs. Anna J. Clark and drs. 

247 Robert Clark. 

247 C. A. Clark. 

255 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Wood and dr. 

255 Edward C. Wood. 

259 Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Glenny. 

287 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ryan. 

297 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Reynolds. 

297 Orlando J. Reynolds. 

299 Mr. and Mr. S. M. Halliday. 

299 Mrs. M. C. Halliday. 

299 George B. Silliman. 

301 Mr. and Mrs. David Swank. 

302 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Marshall. 
302 George L. Marshall. 

302 Mrs. C. Langford. 

303 Mrs. and Mrs. C. E. Heberhart. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Williamson. 

310 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gray. 

310 T. J. Ridler. 

344 Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Virtue. 

344 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greaves. 

344 Eugene Hatch. 

344 A. C. Harper. 

344 Ruford P. Greenwood. 

.344 J. F. Dunlap. 

344 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Mathews. 

344 Joseph White. 

344 Frank Heiss. 

344 George A. Virtue. 

344 Miss Hattie Robbins. 

344 Miss Jennie Lancaster. 

344 Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Bush. 

344 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Virtue. 

344 C. H. Rankin. 

349 Col. and Mrs. A. B. Brackett. 

Cor. 4th, Sherman House. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Ferris. 

F. W. Stephenson. 

C. W. Gossard. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Oliver, 

Sibley Street. 

C. M. Chambers. 
G. H. Simons. 

Mr. and Mrs R. W. McMain, 
452 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Enderlen. 

Sidney Street. 

Cor. Dakota Ave. i Cornelius M. Crowley. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Crowley. | John P. Crowley. 

16 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Schroeder 
34 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Berkman. 
49 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Schultz. 
49 Miss Stine Brand. 

Sixth Street East. 

297 Rev. and Mrs. Richard Fickenscher 
309 Mrs. A. G. Hawkins and dr. 
309 Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Evarrs. 
309 Miss V. Rohr. 



309 Henry Krogstad. 
309 Mr, and Mrs. W. E. De Groot. 
327 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jervis. 
327 Wm. Dyson. 

334 Mrs. Addie AVilson. 

335 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wolterstorff. 
339 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Spencer and dr. 
352 Mrs. A. E. Goettel and drs. 

352 John Goettel. 

359 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Metcalf. 

359 C. B. Kenyon. 

364 Mrs. M. Winker. 

364 W. J. Winker. 

386 J. W. Wait. 

392 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Tubbesing. 

429 Mr. and Mrs. John Kenny. 

437 Mr. and Mrs. T. Kenny. 

467 Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Lindeke. 

618 Mr. and Mrs. A. Stierle. 
618 Dr. Herman Muench and dr. 
624 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brown. 
654 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Seeger. 
654 Gustav Schumacher. 

658 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Metz. 

659 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Siems. 
659 J. T Armington. 

668 Mrs. J. G. Betz. 

6(58 Louis Betz. 

738 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spiel. 

757 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Koenig. 

760 ilr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Spindler. 

760 Edwin G. Spindler. 

770 Mr. and Mrs. M. Walter. 

774 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. De Haas. 

778 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Siebold. 

Sixth Street West. 

JVr. St. Peter. 

Eev. T. L. Grace. 

Rev. John Ireland. 

Rev. Patrick Danahey. 
112 O. Gerner. 
118 Mr. and Mrs. August Roedler. 

158 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Lemke. 

159 Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Morrissey. 

161 Mr. and Mrs. A. Palmquist. 

201 Prof. August Schifler. 

243 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Reis. 

251 Henry Justus. 

251 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Schwabe. 

275 Mr. and Mrs. Emil Geist. 

277 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wanner.. 

Smith Street. 

158 Wm. Geisenheyner. 

159 Mrs. M. Kuby and dr. 
159 E. M. Kuby. 

159 A. C. Kuby. 

160 Mr. and Mrs. Moses T. Sherburne. 

165 Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Rohrer. 

184 Mr. and Mrs. A. B.Stickney and drs. 

184 Samuel C. Stickney. 

236 Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Bock. 

Somerset Street. 

303 Mr. and Mrs. George Bell. 
303 Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Dewey. 
307 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Payne. 
307 Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Clark. 

317 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Brigham. 

318 Mr. and Mrs. C. Kittelson. 

318 A. E. Johnson. 

327 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Moeller. 

335 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bentley and dr. 

335 C. D. Bentley. 

337 Mr. and Mrs. E. Lytle and dr. 

Spruce Street. 

211 Mr. and Mrs. Willis F. Howard. I 211 O. W. Phillips. 

I 211 L. M. Hastings. 

211 Miss Jessie W. Lawrence. 


213 Mrs. E. A. Talcott. 

213 H. C. Talcott. 

215 Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Jamar. 

215 J. H. Barnard. 

217 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Middleton. 

225 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Strong. 

229 Mr. and Mrs. D. Marx. 

231 Mrs. Mary Brennan and drs. 

233 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Stampfer. 

233 Charles Straus. 

233 Arthur E. Robinson. 

234 Mrs. J. S. Weare and dr. 

234 F. W. Fisher. 

234 A. W. Fisher. 

236 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barclay. 

243 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Cooper. 

243 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Richmond. 

243 H. E. Hand. 

249 Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Macklett and dr" 

314 Mr. and Mrs. John McCauley. 

320 Mr. and Mrs.C. H. Iltner. 

State Street. 

104 Mr. and Mrs. E. Langevin. 

104 G. W. Langevin. 

109 Mr. and Mrs. H. Dettloff. 

Nr. Concord. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Blanchard. 

Stewart Avenue. 

275 Frank Poppler. 

287 ]\Ir. and Mrs. Wm. Diederich. 

287 Miss Eva M. Cameron. 

289 Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Van Hoveu. 
291 Maj. and Mrs. T.M. Newson and drs. 
293 Mr. and Mrs. H. VanHoven and drs- 

Stillwater Street. 

491 Mr. and INIrs. J. H. Spink. 
491 Miss Julia Spink. 

495 Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Nabersberg. 

496 Mr. and Mrs. S. Keller. 

497 Mr. and Mrs. M. Levy. 
497 Miss Sophie Smith. 

502 Mr. and Hrs. W. J. Colter. 

502 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Wright. 

507 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Borer and drs. 

509 Mr. and Mrs. Julius Abel. 

509 Mr. and Mrs ^M. Warshauer. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Gates and dr. 

513 Col. J. B. Brown. 

614 Mrs. Mary L. Hones. 

519 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Funk. 

619 C. R. Funk. 

531 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Conev. 

531 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Harmer. 
533 Henry Pace. 
539 Mr. and Mrs. D. Strauss. 
541 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hall. 
549 Mr. 11 ud Mrs. A. E. Law. 

549 F. C. Barnard. 

550 Mrs. J. A. Kenna. 
550 W. I. Kenna. 

550 J. J. Kenna. 

550 F. M. Morgan. 

551 Prof, and Mrs. W. A. Faddisanddr. 
551 W. I. Faddis. 

554 Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Wheeler. 
562 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Miller. 
494 Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Clark. 
494 Mrs. S. Newberg. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. D. Ramaley and dr 

11 D. Ramaley jr. 

11 J. H. Ramaley. 

11 W. W. Pendergast and dr. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thorn. 

Summit Avenue. 

14 Miss Mattie Thorn. 

14 W. A. Campbell. 

16 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fairbanks. 

16 Miss Anna C. Cutting. 

17 Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Greene. 



Charles F. Schefler. 
Miss Kittie Schetfer. 
Mrs. E. J. Mott. 
X>r. F. C. Mott. 
G. C. Mott. 
Edward Mott. 
C. J. Backus. 

Mr. aud Mrs. F. L. Goodrich. 
J. B. Day. 
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. F. Smith. 

A. C. Danser. 
Frank Merrihew. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Bayard. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mullen and dr 

John Mullen. 

Daniel Mullen jr. 

Miss Annie Preston. 

Miss Bella Preston. 

T. W. Fitch. 

Dr. J. L. Jacobs. 

K. W. Eager. 

J. H. Seeleck. 

Miss E. J. Glover. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Sterrett anddrs. 

W. T. Sterrett. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Dodge. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Robertson. 

G. ('. Robertson. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Fernald. 

Mr. and Mrs. AVm. Ru£F. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Harrison and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. D. Kerr. 

Miss Florence E. Bennett. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Turner. I 

Mrs. M. Dennison and drs. 

Major and Mrs. John Espy. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Dougan. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Knox. 

Rev. and Mrs. C. MacCauley. 

B. .T. Shipman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schurmeier. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Otis. 

Dr. and Mrs. T. D. Sinionton. 

Miss Kate L. Campbell. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Kingsbury. 

C. B. Gilbert. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hezekiah Hall. j 

89 Mrs. Jane Middlebrook. 

89 Mrs. E. B. Bidwell. 
105 Mrs. J. R. Irvine. 
10.5 Gebhard Willrich. 
109 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Kirk. 
109 W. H. Wanamaker. 
11.3 Mr. and Mrs A. S. Leonard. 
113 I. E. Atherton. 

115 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Kellogg and dr. 
122 Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Gates and dr. 
122 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Gates. 

122 Miss Katie Pierce. 

123 Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Wright. 
128 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. A. Morris. 
130 Mr. and Mrs. Randall Hunt. 
132 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Staehle. 

135 Mr. and Mrs. H.S.Fairchild anddrs. 
135 Charles C. Fairchild. 
139 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nicols. 
139 Mrs.S. T. Nicols and dr. 
151 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Pilkington. 
160 Maj. and Mrs. John Kelliher. 
172 Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Finch. 
176 Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Moon. 
184 Mr. and Mrs. C. A.F. Morris and dr. 
186 Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Eastman. 
192 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kalman. 
Cor Dayton Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Kittson and drs. 

Xorman Kittson. 

J.E. Kittson. 

L. C. Kittson. 

A. W. Kittson. 
212 Mrs. Sophia Weber and dr 
217 Col. and Mrs. R.^[. Newport and dr. 
217 Douglas Putnam. 
217 Luther E. Newport. 
226 Mrs. George L. Otis and drs. 
226 Charles A. Otis. 
226 George W. Otis. 
226 Lieut, and Mrs. Geo. D. Wallace. 
229 Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Skinner. 
229 James H. Skinner. 
229 Mrs. J. E. Gibson. 

235 Mr. and Mrs. Jos. McKey. 

236 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Clarke. 

239 Col. and Mrs. W. B. Bend and dr. 


242 Mr. and Mrs. A. Ramsey Nininger. 

242 Miss Kate Mackubin. 

243 Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hart and dr. 
24:^ S. T. Hart. 

243 W. L. Hart. 

245 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Paul. 

251 H. P. Rugg. 

252 Mrs. G. W. Armstrong. 
252 G. C. Armstrong. 

252 Wm. N.Armstrong. 

252 J. D. Armstrong. 

255 Mr. and Mrs. Lane K. Stone. 

257 Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Bacon and dr. 

260 George Palmes and drs. 

260 Miss Lucy Hull. 

260 Miss Nancy A. Hull. 

265 Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Sanders. 

275 Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Oppenheim. 

285 Hon. and Mrs. H. M. Rice and dr. 

291 Miss May J. Newson . 

294 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Noyes. 

301 Dr. and Mrs. Alex. J. Stone. 

312 Gen. and Mrs. H. Haupt and dr. 

312 Rev. A. J. I). Haupt. 

312 H. Haupt jr. 

312 Frank S. Haupt. 

315 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Warner. 

323 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roche. 

326 John W.Roche jr. 

345 Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Barnum. 

353 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Dean and drs. 

300 Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Cutler. 

360 Miss A. H Dunbar. 

361 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bunker and dr. 

366 Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Noyes and dr. 
378 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mcllrath. 
373 Mrs. H. E. Cornwell. 
388 Mr. and Mrs. M. Auerbach and dr. 
403 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Carpenter. 
415 Mr. and Mrs. E, W. Winter. 
421 Mr. and Mrs. J. A.Wheelock and dr. 
432 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Finch and dr. 
435 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Culbertson. 
445 Mr. and Mrs. H. Greve and drs. 
454 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Carson and dr. 
474 Col. and Mrs. C. W. Griggs and dr. 
474 Herbert S. Griggs. 

474 C. M. Griggs. 

475 Mr. and Mrs. James Gamble. 
478 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Foster. 
478 Mrs. C. M. Wetherbee and dr. 
478 Harry Foster. 

495 Mr. and Mrs. C.B.Thurston and dr. 

495 Wm. H. Thurston. 

514 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Simonton. 

520 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. H. Johnston. 

534 Rev. and Mrs. E. C. Mitchell. 

540 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cornish. 

555 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rhodes. 

555 Mrs. L. Rhodes. 

624 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Garland and dr. 

624 R. D. Garland. 

624 W.H.Garland jr. 

625 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. West. 
625 F. C. West. 

649 Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Gilbert and dr. 
649 C. A. Gilbert. 

Susan Street. 

117 IVIr. and Mrs. Robert N. Hare. 
Co7\ Clinton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Julian C. Bryant. 

Charles Rudolph. 
139 Mr. and Mrs, Theo. A. Lienau. 
224 Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Merritt. 

258 Mr. and 3Irs. James N. Wilgus. 
265 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lucas. 
298 Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Summers. 
Nr. Charlton. 

Mr. and ]\Irs. John W. Enright. 

Temperance Street. 

528 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Kellogg. 
586 Mr. and Mrs. Edward McLagan. 
586 George L. Bonney. 
616 Mrs. Catherine Cheevers. 
616 John H. Cheevers. 

624 Mrs. Ann Gunip. 
624 Miss Elizabeth Gunip. 
624 Miss Agnes Gunip. 
Cor. 13 th. 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wei 



Tenth Street £ast. 














































Mrs. Sarah A. Stover and drs. 

Rev. and Mrs. M. McG. Daua. 

Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Routh and dr. 

Hon. and Mrs. Geo. B. Young. 

Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Dawson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dawson jr. 

Judge and Mrs. R. R. Nelson and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. "\V. J. Footner. 

Edward J. Cattell. 

Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Crary. 

John W. Crary. 

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Ozmuu. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Ruddy. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brown. 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Arey. 

Miss Jessie R. Goss. 

Mrs. Capt. W. Cavanagh and drs. 

Gerald W. Cavanagh. 

Mrs. J. A. Marshall and drs. 

E. L. Hemenway. 

E. L. Poole. 
H. Gillman. 
Warren Milner. 
Miss Beth. L. Foord. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Hoffmann. 

J. H. Hoffmann. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Smith. 

Daniel B. Merrill. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Seibert and dr. 

George Seibert jr. 

Hermann E. Seibert. 

Frederick Seibert. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Krolik and dr. 

Max Krolik. 

Abraham Zadik. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Provost. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Kavanagh. 

Miss Eva Carroll. 

Dr. John Steele and dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Lyons and dr. 

Miss Kittie Carr. 

Dr. and Mrs.H.Wedelstaedt and drs. 

Henry E. Wedelstaedt. 

Dr. Edward K. Wedelstaedt. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Delano. 

F. C. Delano. 

249 C. D. Palmer. 

2.54 Mr. and Mrs. C. Gotzian and drs. 

254 Paul Gotzian. 

277 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Meier. 

279 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hamaker. 

284 Mr. and Mrs. P. Carnochan. 

284 Robert A. Carnochan. 

285 Mr and Mrs. P. L. Uttley. 

286 Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Hall. 

287 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Delany. 
287 Miss Anna Casey. 

289 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Crooks. 

326 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pfankuch. 

334 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Knauft. 

335 Mrs. E. B. Parker and dr. 
335 George B. Parker. 

335 Sherman Finch. 

343 Dr. and Mrs. A. Macdonald. 

344 Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Beebee. 
344 Wm. A. Dana. 

344 Seward L. Hume. 

347 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Shackford. 

347 L. G. Shackford. 

357 Mr. and Mrs. AV. H. Schurmeier. 

379 Mr. and Mrs. B. Beaupre and drs. 

379 Miss Henrietta Bamford. 

382 Mr. and Mrs. P.R. L. Hardenbergh. 

382 W. A, Hardenbergh. 

394 Mr. and Mrs. P. Yerplanck. 

397 Mrs. Louise ilcQuillan and dr. 

402 Mr. and Mrs. B. Kuhl. 

404 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fantle. 

411 Aaron Goodrich. 

412 Mr. and :Mrs. B. J. Nockin and dr. 
412 Robert Rantoul 

412 Charles L. Greene. 

413 P. M. Hennessy. 

414 Mr. and ]\rrs. S. W. Vance and dr. 

415 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Tallmadge. 
415 Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Gilfillan. 

415 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thorn. 

416 Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Cox. 

417 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Higgins. 

417 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Jenkins. 

418 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Postlethwaite. 

419 Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Groat. 


TENTH ST. EAST Cont'd. — THlllI) ST. WEST. 

419 Mrs. E. Crump. 
419 T. S. Tompkins. 

420 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Parsons. 

Tenth Street West. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Fisher. 

21 Mr. and Mrs. John Jones. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Pusch. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. J. Metzdorf and dr. 

35 Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Milner. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Olive. 

49 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Treherne. 

49 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moflfett. 

56 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Baker. 

63 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith. 

63 Mr. and Mrs. G. Eaymond. 
63 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thurston. 
65 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shandrew. 
65 Miss Lizzie Horton. 
65 MissE. F. Wheat on. 

65 John F. Hamilton. 

66 Mr. and Mrs. Emil Adix. 

67 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cunningham. 
103 Joseph P. Hubert. 

118 Mr. and Mrs. \V. AVeiss. 

Third Street East. 

16 W. H. Fredericks. 
16 W. F. Koster. 
24 Mr. and Mrs. E. Mehl. 
24 E. T. Mehl. 
Cor. Cedar, St. James Hotel. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Dougher. 
54 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Boeringer. 
67 Mr. and Mrs. G. Haas and dr. 
67 Philip Haas. 
Mannheimer Block. 
W. N. Burritt. 
122 A. F. Jacassy. 
122 R. E. Slower. 
122 W. H. Frisbie. 
126 E. A. Jaggard. 
137 E. H. Brown. 
143 Mr. and Mrs. N. K. Lion. 

143 H. Sternberg. 

144 James J. McCafferty. 
Cor. Jackson, Merchants Hotel. 

Col. and Mrs. A. Allen. 

Ehle Allen. 

Mrs. E.Allen. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Baker. 

Dr. C. E. Bean. 

W. H. Bird. 

Michael Doran. 

James Doran. 

Mathew Ellis. 

Col. Andrew De Graft". 

Charles A. De Graff". 

Mr. and Mi's. John H. Dodge. 

Gov. and Mrs. L. F. Hubbard. 

John D. Howe. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Jenks. 

H. D. Mathews. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Reed. 

Capt. and Mrs. C. D. Schmidt. 

James W. Shearen. 
618 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Doyle. 
660 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hirst. 
663 Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Weber. 
693 Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Ambler. 
701 Mr. and Mrs Hezekiah.H. Kenyon. 
701 E. S. Kenyon. 

701 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Squire. 

702 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. J. Reinecker. 
708 Allen C. Krieger. 

708 Mrs. Caroline M. Krieger. 

Third Street West. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Giesen. 

37 Mrs. C. Herwegen. 

43 Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Nichols. 

43 Wm. ElyBramhall. 
43 Silas B. Walsh. 
43 J. H. Faulkner. 



43 Frank Ford. 

133 Dr. James Davenport. 

47 Miss J. J. Jones. 

137 E. A. Hemenway. 

5'1}4 Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Askew. 

139 H. H. Filbert. 

69 F. J. Gilmartin. 

149 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Brunhoft". 

77 Hon. Westcott Wilkin. 

151 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wuerz. 

87 D. Kennedy. 

155 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mettler. 

97 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Neuhausen. 

155 Mr. and Mrs. AV. M. Tileston. 

99 Thomas Stillman. 

157 W. H. Vanderburgh. 

100 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rochat. 

ICO Prof, and Mrs. R. Curtiss Warde. 

101 Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Wedel. 

161 Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Knapp. 

102 Greenleaf Clark. 

161 C. E. Plummer. 

102 George Pettit. 

163 Prof. Frank Wood. 

103 Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Smith. 

163 Mrs. Julia Will. 

108 Dr. C. Williams. 

167 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Haeussler. 

108 Dr. Alonzo J. Simons. 

173 Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Skidmore. 

110 John S. Young. 

173 T. H. Skidmore. 

114 Dr. and Mrs. H. Hutchinson. 

173 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Gannett. 

Cor Washington, Metropolitan Hotel. 

173 Wm. C. Gasper. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Mclntyre. 

180 Mr. Fred. Brunhotf. 

Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Abbott. 

250 Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Haas. 

Gen. and Mrs. J, T. Averill and dr. 

252 Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Flournoy. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Blason. 

257 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wood. 

L. D. Cafferty. 

266 Mrs. Louise Mctzger. 

A. R. Caphart. 

282 Mr. and Mrs. M. Sutton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Clason. 

297 Mr. and Mrs. A. Noble. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Driscoll jr. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Chipman. 

John T. Ford. 

306 F. J. Chipman. 

Alexander Harding. 

306 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Borum. 

Signor A. Jannotta. 

306 D. B. Vermilye. 


306 C. G. Stone. 

Hon. and Mrs. S. J. R. McMillan. 

306 C.A.Lathrop. 

Col. and Mrs. J. R. Myrick and dr. 

306 H. J. MCoy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nichols. 

309 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bolton. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Raymond and dr. 

311 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cleveland. 

J. M. Whitman. 

313 H. H. Cleveland. 

Mr. and Mrs. AVm. H. WiUcox. 

314 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Gilmau and drs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Willis. 

324 G. J. Symonds. 

118>^ AV.H. Light ner. 

324 Charles Symonds. 

118% H. N. Elmer. 

330 Mrs. H. F. Blodgett and drs. 

my^ W. F. Newell. 

330 F. S. Blodgett. 

1181^ L. P.Ordway. 

334 Mr and Mrs. Albert Hill. 

1181^ Wm. B. T. Keyser. 

336 R.G. McDowell. 

1223^ J. H. Morrison. 

340 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Watrous. 

127 Miss Marie Geist. 

342 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bickel and drs. 

127 Miss Kate Geist. 

34-> John H. Bickel. 

131 Mr. and Mrs. L. Martinke. 

342 Wm. F. Bickel. 

133 Dr. James C. Markoe. 

350 Rev. and Mrs. S. G. Smith. 



136 Mrs. C. Dahl. 

136 E.Dahl. 

200 Mr. and Mrs. E. \V. Brundage. 

2023^ Mrs. S. M. Hurtt and drs. 

204 Mr, and Mrs. Moberg. 

204 Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Johnson. 

210 Mr. and Mrs.'W. W. Holcomb. 

216 Mr. and Mrs. Henrj' Warwick. 

216 Mrs. Jennie S. Colgrave. 

216 H. W. Colgrave. 

219 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Jones. 

223 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Fuller. 

226 Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Millis. 

226 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Burnett. 

229 Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Costello. 

Thirteenth. Street. 

229 Mr. and Mrs. H. Dougan, 

235 Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Coleman. 

236 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heaton. 
242 Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart. 
246 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hocking. 
249 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Eddy. 
249 Mr. and Mrs. G. A.Hunt. 
249 Mrs. N.Sanborn. 
251 Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Grant. 
253 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Turner. 
263 Carl Ekman. 
265 Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Armstrong and dr. 

Cor. Broadway. 

G. W. Elwell. 
613 Rev. and Mrs. Barnet Rosenthal. 


3 Mr. and Mrs, John Tahuan jr. 

5 Mrs. E. D. Milligan. 

5 C. J. Milligan. 

7 Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Thompson. 

7 Miss Sophia J. Thompson. 

7 Dr. J. W. Chamberlin. 
11 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. D. Olmsted. 
14 Mrs. E. P. Horton. 
14 W. R. Horton. 
19 Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Alexander. 
21 Hays Hamilton and drs. 
21 H. H. Hamilton. 
25 Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Adix. 
€4 Joseph McKibbin. 
64 Miss Mary H. Dorsey. 


70 IMr. and Mrs. H. C. McCartey. 
76 Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Mackay. 
82 Mrs. Martin Kennedy. 
82 P. J. Kennedy. 
82 Lawrence Kennedy. 
84 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Walker, 
i 84 W. H. Boden. 

86 Dr. and Mrs. C. Wirth. 

88 Dr. and Mrs. G. L. Gurney. 

88 Mr. and Mrs. Julius Wolfsberg. 

90 Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Lewis. 

92 Mr. and Mrs. C. Knox and dr. 

92 A. M. Knox. 

92 E. C. Knox. 

92 L. C. Bacon . 

51 Rev. Wm. C. Pope. 

57 Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Simpson. 

61 Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Collier. 

64 Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Cochran. 

64 Mrs. E. D. Cochran. 

64 Miss Margaret Postlethwaite. 

69 Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Punnett. 

75 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sabin. 

Twelfth Street. 

75 Mrs. Emma E. White. 
75 W. P. Dodson. 
81 Mr. and Mrs. S. Hough. 
81 F. E. Hough. 
90 C. C. Miles and dr. 
90 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Hale. 
: 90 G. W. Miles. 
106 J. H. Wettleson. 

University Avenue. 

Cor. Jackson. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Pomroy and dr. 

N'r. Robert. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Hanley. 


25 Mr. and Mrs. 

W. R. Merriam. 

Nr. Park Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs 

J. B. St. Aubin. 

96 Mr. and Mrs. 

Robert G. Snodgrass. 

142 Mr. and Mrs 


157 Mr. and Mrs 

Joseph A. Goran. 

165 :N[r. and Mrs. 

Julius Zahonyi. 

177 Mr. and Mrs. 

John Venne. 

181 Mr. and Mrs. 

B. Michel. 

194 Mr. and Mrs 

Reuben L. Willard. 

198 Mr. and Mrs 

Wm. S. Adams. 

199 Mr. and Mrs 

J. A. Bazille. 

202 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Marsh and dr. 

202 Frederick J, Marsh. 

206 Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Dwyer. 

281 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Horn. 

281 D. W. Nissen. 

392 Theodore D. Parsons. 

894 Mr. and Mrs. B Gallup and dr. 

401 Mr. and Mrs. G. Boos. 

481 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berbrick. 

501 Mr. and Mrs. H. Winkle. 

5H0 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gall. 

531 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Medicke. 

40 Rev. and Mrs. J. B. Suuth. 
113 M. Tracy. 

Valley Street. 

I 141 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Zahi 

Viola Street. 

Cor. Jackson. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Myron. 
Nr. Jackson. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Haldeman. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Purvis. 
€k>r Cfrani. 

Mrs. Helen Hardy. 

Nr. Brewster. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Hudner. 
Ill Mr. and Mrs. W. R.Bennett. 
115 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Amsdeu. 
123 Louis Wood. 
123 Henry Holmes. 

Virginia Avenue. 

V. Smalley. 

H. Loomis and drs. 

7 N. A. McArthur. 
83 Mrs. N. A. Gilbert and drs 
83 H. S. Gilbert. 
83 C. B. Gilbert. 
85 Mr. and Mrs. E, 
95 Mr. and Mrs. F 

95 F. F. Loomis. 

96 Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Hager. 
107 Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Ranney. 
Ill Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Masterson. 
Ill Miss Julia H. Moore. 

117 Gen. E.B.Alexander. 

117 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Marvin. 

118 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Dickinson. 
122 Mrs. L.J. Whiting. 

125 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Mahler. 
125 J. D. Miller. 

143 Mr. and :Mrs. Walter H. Sanborn 
143 Miss Josephine E. Bruce. 

155 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stees. 

162 Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Mould. 

163 Capt. and Mrs. E. C. Bowen. 

167 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Larkin and dr. 

167 P. H. Greene. 

177 Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Senkler. 

189 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Schurmeier. 

199 Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Rundlett. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. RadcliflFe. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Straton. 

220 Mr. and Mrs. H. Van Gorder and dr. 

220 F. E. Van Gorder. 

220 C. A. Willard. 

220 Charles H. Carpenter. 

224 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Bushnell. 

224 Miss Blanche Oliver. 

226 Dr. and Mrs. G. E. Routh. 

227 Dr. and Mrs. P. S. Haskell. 
242 Mr. and Mrs. T. Scott. 




380 Hotel Astoria. 

John Baugh. 

H. H. Cust. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Darr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hackett anddr, 

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Higgins. 

John H. Ives. 

J. J. Landis. 

George W. Moore. 

J. J. Parker. 

W. W. Pease. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Piatt. 

W. A. Remick. 

Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Sattler. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Strickland. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Warren. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Whiteman. 

Wm. L. AVhiteman. 
382 Dr. J. F. Baker. 
382 J. J. Buckhout. 
388 A. Warden. 
Cor. 6t/i, Clarendon Hotel. 

F. R. Welz. 

Hon. Fred, von Baumbach. 
C. E. Fowler. 
J. M. Lynch. 
W. H. ^McDonald. 
J. J. Oliver. 
A. B. Roberts. 

G. M. Stone. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sharp. 
Mr. and Mrs. R. V. V. Waldo. 
Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Wheat. 

406 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Bentley. 

416 Dr. C. F. Kouantz. 

418 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Thayer. 

423 Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Kellogg and dr. 

430 Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Walrath. 

440 W. H. Sigler. 

442 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pfeifer. 

442 A. R. Lorent. 

442 Herman Hillmann. 

448 R. J. Reid. 

450 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Files. 

450 Mrs. S. B. Ramaley. 

460 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Phillips. 


503 Dr. and Mrs.C. H.Boardraananddr. 

505 Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Lewis. 

505 Mr. and Mrs. R. Marvin. 

507 Dr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Beecher. 

507 W. H. Farnham. 

509 J. S. How. 

509 W. S. Getty. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. L. E. White. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Fay. 

515 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gay. 

521 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howard. 

542 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Mason. 

542 W. M. Mason. 

544 Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Maclaren. 

544 Miss Jennie Gould. 

550 Wm. Cahill. 

552 Mr. and Mrs. R. 0. Sweeny. 

552 J. S. Benezet. 

566 Mr. and Mrs. George Markert. 

570 Mrs. Ellen Farnsworth. 

570 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wetherby. 

570 Miss Lou Farnsworth. 

570 0. L. Messer. 

574 Mr. and Mrs.W. H.Hubbard anddr. 

578 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. GriflBth and drs. 

582 Mr. andMrs. John Wagener and drs. 

582 Mr. John Wagener jr. 

584 Mrs. Mary M. Caine. 

589 Mr. and Mrs. (,'. A. Van Duzee. 

592 Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Barringer. 

624 Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brown. 

624 Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Brown. 

624 Miss B. V. Brighton. 

624 F. Barber. 

628 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Coburn. 

628 Mrs. J. D. Coburn. 

628 Charles H. Coburn. 

633 Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Glidden and dr. » 

633 Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Culbertson. 

633 Harry M. Glidden. 

636 Mr. and Mrs. E. M, Van Duzee. 

636 Fred. N. Van Duzee. 

640 Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Lambie. 

640 Mrs. J. S. Rittenhouse. 

641 Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Weston. 
644 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Shaw. 


646 Mr and Mrs. J. D. Humphrey and 

652 Miss Lotta Godfroy. 


666 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Monty. 

646 J. Wilkinson. 

666 Miss Jennie Rogers. 

650 Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Snow and dr. 

666 Miss Lilla McKey. 

651 Mr. and Mrs. A. R. McGill. 

668 Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Wheeler. 

652 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Willis. 

668 Mr. and Mrs. 0. H.Wheeler. 

652 Miss. E. M. Forsyth. 

684 Mrs. A. E. Cobb. 

652 Mr. and Mrs. (i. W. Godfroy. 

684 C. R. Parker. 

Wacouta Street. 

370 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rodger. 
372 Mrs. Z. R. Williams. 
376 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Farnham. 
441 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Habighorst, 

441 Henry E. Habighorst. 

453 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis. 

507 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Griggs. 

^^aliixit Street. 

Cor. Iijine Park. 


Mr. and Mrs.H. J. Horn and dr. 


Alexander E. Horn. 


223 Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Wright. 


223 Charles H. Wright. 


233 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Spencer. 


233 J.A.Spencer. 


233 Edward C. Spencer. 


302 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Carver and dr. 


307 Mr. and Mrs. John Matheis. 


307 Oscar Matheis. 


307 Will Matheis. 


307 John Matheis jr. 


321 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whitacre. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cathrae. 
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Poupeney. 
Aaron Bowers. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Houlton and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hostetter. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cunningham. 
Mr. and Mrs. George H.Dearborn. 
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Richwine. 
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Wright. 
Dr. and Mrs. A. Shimonek. 
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. A'osburgh. 
Mrs. J. H. Breidert. 
H. W. F. Breidert. 

"Walsli Avenue. 

Nr Farquier. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hauser and drs. 
Paul Hauser jr. 

Chas. Hauser. 

Mrs. Catherine Haas 

"Wasliington Street North. 

349 Mrs. Dr. 
349 Dr. J. H, 
351 Dr. and 
351 Dr. E. C. 
353 Mr. and 
353 Marquis 
367 Dr. and 
369 Mr. and 
369 Mr. and 
371 Mr. and 

J. H. Stewart. 
, Stewart 

Mrs. Charles A. Wheaton. 

Mrs. T. F. Oakes. 
and Marchioness De Mores. 
Mrs. Charles N. Dorion. 
Mrs. J. W. Edgerton. 
Mrs. E. C. Allis. 
Mrs. Henry P. Hoppin. 

373 Mrs. M. A. Wasden. 

373 Miss E. M.Willson. 

377 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Finch. 

379 Mr. and Mrs. Harry La Salle. 

379 Mrs. W. R. Nichols. 

379 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bouquet. 

380 Mr. and Mrs. A.T.C. Pierson and dr. 
3^5 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Kimball and dr. 

Cor. 1th. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Williamson. 


Washington Street South. 

162 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stone. I 243 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shepard. 

162 Miss Cora Simmons. I 

"Waverly Place. 

343 Judge and Mrs. W. T. Burr. 
343 Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Burr. 
352 Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Dieter. 

354 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Miller. 
358 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Becker. 

Western Avenue North. 

28 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kibbee. 


55 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Corning. 


59 Mr. and Mrs Thomas Cochran jr. 


65 A. D. Haslett and dr. 


65 Miss M. S. Walter. 


73 Mr. and Mrs. L. L. C. Brooks. 


76 Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Granger. 


80 Mrs. J. A. .Jacobs. 


80 Dr. T. H. Jacobs. 


80 T. P. Jacobs. 


81 Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Williams. 


81 George Howlet. 


81 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Baldwin. 


86 Maj. and Mrs. G. Q. White and dr. 


90 Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Harbaugh. 


99 Mrs. Robert Hale. 


100 Mr. and Mrs. T. ('. Jones. 


102 Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Hall and dr. 


102 Mr. and Mrs. J. Vance and dr. 


105 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Biggs. 


112 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Cross. 


119 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Hart. 


121 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Angell. 


121 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Angell. 


123 Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Alexander. 


123 W. C. Read. 


123 Miss Katie Frazer. 


128 Mr. and Mrs, C. W. Kibbee. 


128 Miss Carrie E. Kibbee. 


128 Mrs. D. Stebbins. 


129 Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Lee. 


130 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cantwell. 

132 Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Lotz and dr. 

Mrs. and Mrs. J. A. Hood. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Power. 

C. M. Power. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Gribben. 
Wm. C. Gribben. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Von Goetzen. 
Mr. and Mrs. F. F.. Griffin and dr. 
Judge and Mrs. H. R. Brill. 
Mrs. A. J. Gray. 
Dr. and Mrs. F. S. Muckey. 
Miss Hectorine Le Claire. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Moore. 
Mr. and Mrs. D, M. Babcock and dr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gardner S. Moore. 
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Owens. 
Mrs. W. S. Hall. 
Albert S. Hall. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. McClellan. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wolff. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Mead. 
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Gault. 

D. W. Horst. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Elfelt. 
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald MacLean. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ames. 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton G. Brown. 
Charles F. Brown. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dibble. 
Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Lyon. 
Mrs. A. A. Hinds. 


Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Moritz. 
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G. Hohn. 

W^estern Avenue South. 

143 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Delaney. / Cor. Superior. 

Rev. H. Povolny. 



Westminster Street. 

529 Mr. and Mrs. John Rowe. I 564 

535 Mr. and Mrs. G.N. Cardozo and drs. ; 565 

535 R. N. Cardozo. 565 

535 Levi N. Cardozo. 565 

545 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Sargent. 575 

545 Miss J. D. Sargent. 581 

551 Mrs. M. E. Patridge and dr. 5S1 

551 E. W. Patridge. 581 

551 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Spooner. 591 

552 Mr. and Mrs. D. Schutte and dr. 593 
552 H. A. Schutte. 599 
555 Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Plephner. 631 

563 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Alexander. 631 

564 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bohrer and drs. 631 
564 Mark E. Bohrer. 657 
564 W. A. Heiss. 657 

Alvin G. Heiss. 

Mrs. Emma Evans, 

Wm. Evans. 

E. W. Evans. 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bouse. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Burdick and dr. 

T. S. Bond. 

S. J. Hewson. 

G. E. Guiwitz. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Miller. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hart and dr. 

Mrs. L. A. Miller and dr. 

Dr. Clinton C. Miller. 

Charles M. Miller. 

Mrs. C. Van Auken and dr. 

C. H. Van Auken. 

AVliitall Street. 

453 Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Ingalls. 

453 Walter N. Ingalls. 

453 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Pugsley. 

483 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Finnigan. 
521 Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Folsom. 

Wilkin Street. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hare. 

55 Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo M. Baldwin. 

55 Mr. and Mrs. Owen J. Williams. 

68 Col. and Mrs. Wm. Crooks. 

68 Charles Crooks. 

68 Mrs. L. M. Shiels. 

75 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Banning and drs. 

75 Frederick D. Banning. 

75 Wm. L. Banning jr. 

76 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Cathcart. 
76 J. W. Cathcart. 
76 A. B. Cathcart. 
76 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cook. 
82 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Davis. 
95 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Chittenden. 
95 Niles S. Chittenden. 
95 Mrs. Frances M. Moore. 
101 Mr. and Mrs. Archie O. Powell. 

Williams Street. 

271 Mr. and Mrs. Prof. F. C. Boucher. I 290 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Heine. 
284 Mr. and Mrs. H. Caldwell. I 291 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Emerson. 

Williiis Street. 

Cor. 9fh. I JohnH. Merriam. 

Col, and Mrs. John L. Merriam. I Robert H. Merriam. 

Winifred Street East. 

Cor. Gorman. 

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Baasen. 
209 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bauer. 
214 Mr, and Mrs, S, E. Foreman. 

222 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Haskell. 
Nr. Cambridge. 

Rev. and Mrs. F. R. Plantikow. 
^Ir. and Mrs. A. E. Verity. 



298 Mr. and Mrs. Ransom M. Lawton. 
316 Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. BuUis. 
348 Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawton and dr. 
348 Albert M. Lawton. 

348 Charles B. Lawton. 

348 S. F. Brayton jr. 

351 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ballard. 

Nr. Colorado. 

Henry Hanson. 

Winifred Street West. 

26 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Manton. 
Winslow Avenue. 

I Mr. and Mrs. George Ossmann. 

Woodward Avenue. 

374 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. Kirk. 

374 Mrs. M. D. Kirk. 

379 Horace E Thompson. 

379 Charles Thompson. 

379 J. L. Smith. 

388 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Macaulay. 

388 John Macdonald. 

400 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ryan. 

400 P. H. Rasche. 

400 Miss Ella Rasche. 

408 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Born p. 

417 Gen. H.'H. Sibley. 

417 C. F. Sibley. 

417 Mrs. G. Pope. 

417 Mrs. A. A. Potts. 

417 C. J. Potts. 

420 Paul D. Ferguson. 

427 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wilder and dr. 

427 Mrs. E. Wilder. 

632 Mr. and Mrs. \V. F. Piirdy. 

633 Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Beck and dr, 
633 E F. Beck. 

633 George F. Beck. 

634 Mr. and Mrs. Wni. F. Pieper. 
634 Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Pieper. 
636 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Dickev. 

Yale Street. 

■ 654 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Ford. 
662 Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Bailey. 
666 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burnett. 
681 Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Baldwin and dr. 
691 Mr. and Mrs. N, 1 .Miller. 
729 Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Crissey. 



Yaper StoYes, Street liarnps ^ Sasoline. 

Fine mechanical UJork in Stee', Iron, Brass, Ivory, etc. 

Repairing and JobMng of All Kinds. Repairing Parasols and Fancy Articles, 

196 K. Seventh St., Saint F'aul. 


Embracing Names and Addresses of Eeliable 
Houses Properly Classified. 

Academic Studies. 

Northwestern College of Com- 
merce, 250 Hennepin Ave., ^VUinne- 
Academies and Seminaries. 

.ludson Institute, Harmon PI. bet 10th 
and Eleventh, Minneapolis. 

St. Josephs Academy, cor Nelson 
and Western Aves, St. Paul. 
Annunciators . 

Martin & Taft, 304 1st Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis. {See page SO.) 

St. Paul Electric Works, 7 Gilfillan 
Block, St. Paul. {See page 29.5.) 

Fisk B. W., Room ofi, Tribune Build- 
ing, Minneapolis. 

Haley Joseph, Office over Security 
Bank, Hennepin Ave., cor X. 3d, Min- 

Hayes "Warren H., 408 Nicollet Ave., 

Hodgson & Son, 219 Nicollet Ave., Min- 

Long & Kees, Kasota Building, Min- 

Read Frank E., Interior Decorating 
and Artistic Furnishing a Specialty, 
room 45 Eastman Block, Minneapolis. 

Struck C. F., cor Nicollet Ave. and 2d, 



£rcliitects and 

gupeniitendents , 
259 First Avenue South, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Plans, Specifications and Estimates fur- 
nished for all classes of Public and Private 
Buildings, Churches, Monumental Designs 

Whitney W. Channing, rooms 34 and 
35 new Tribune Building, Minneapo- 

Ife Walter, Court Block. St. Paul. 

Wirth George, n \v cor 4th and Rob- 
ert, St. Paul. {See page 302.) 

Art Dealers. 
Stevens & Robertson, 71 E. 3d, St. 

Paul. {See page 13.) 

Art Decorations. 
Rickey, Middlemist & Taylor, 412 

and 414 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 
{Seepage 81.) 



Art Embroidery. 
Kingsley E. J., 611 Nicollet Ave., 

Minneapolis. {See page 437.^ 
Stine & Gibson, 374 N. Exchange, St. 

Paul. {See page 29&.) 

Art Furniture. 
Bradstreet, Thurber & Co., 513 to 

517 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. {See 

page 88.) 
Fernald & Wheeler, 23* to 2.32 E. 

7th, 8t Paul. {See page 2r>S.) 

Art Galleries. 
Stevens & Robertson, 71 E 3rfl, St. 

Paul. {See page 13.) 
Wales & Co., 425 Nicollet Ave., Min- 
neapolis. {See page 4^14.) 

Artistic Gas Fixtures. 
Dunnigan J. J., 220 E. 7th, St. Paul. 
{See page :^m.) 

Artists' Materials. 
Stevens & Robertson, 71 E. 3d, St. 
Paul. {Seepage 13.) 

Artificial Limbs. 
Malloy H. H., 242 Nicollet Ave., Min- 
neapolis. {See page 2{i.) 

Klein M. 325 Jackson, St. Paul 

Artificial Stone. 
Northwestern Cement and Con- 
crete Pavement Co., 331 Hennepin 

Ave., Minneapolis. {Seepage 73.) 
Artistic Pottery. 
Glenny & Gilman, 21 E. 3d, St. Paul. 

{See inside back cotter). 
Collins Mrs. M. V., Nicollet Ave., 

Minneapolis. {See page 251.) 
Lovering Miss Daisy, 509 8. 9th, Minne. 

Cole Miss Florence M. room 30 Man n- 

heimer Block, St. Paul. 
Kodylek John, 320 W. 7th, St. Paul. 

{Seepage 297.) 

Mr. S Mrs. F. H. Smith 

322 Nicollet Avenue, 

Portraits enlarged to any size and fin- 
ished in Crayon, Water Colors or India 
Ink, from Photographs, Tin Types, Da- 
guerreotypes, etc. 

We will guarantee to satisfy our patrons 
with every picture we undertake. 

We will be happy to call on parties in 
the city, or answer inquiries by mail re- 
specting orders to anyone in or out of the 
city. Terms moderate. 

Artists' Materials. 

Hough Sherwood, 19 E. 3d, St. Paul 

Stevens & Robertson, 71 E. 3d, St. 
Paul. {See page IS.) 

Wales & Co., 425 Nicollet Ave., Min- 
neapolis. {Seepage 444.) 

Baking Powder Mnfrs. 

Groff C. R., 346 and 348 Sibley, St. Paul. 
{See opp page 252.) 

Barber Shops. 

Baker B., 232 6th Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Myers S. AV., 1814 Franklin Ave. S., 

Robinson & Jacobson,lll!t Washing- 
ton Ave. 5., Minneapolis. 

Thompson G. R., 226 4th Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis. {Seepage 4o2). 

Zenopolski M. G., 445 E. 7th, St. Paul. 

St. Paul Electric Works,7Gilfillan Block. 
{See page 295.) 

Bonnets and Hats. 
Blaisdell Mrs. M.A., 800 Nicollet Ave., 
1 Minneapolis. {See ]:)age 7\.) 

Book Binders and Blank Book 

Engel, Dreis & Co., St. Paul. {See 
page 298.) 



(3. F. ©r^AVis, 

Blank Book Manufackef 

. — SAND 5 

General Book Binder, 

247 and 249 Hennepin Av. 

Telephone No. 157-5, 

jVfiiinEcipolis, JV^inn. 

Books and Stationery. 
Hough Sherwood, 19 E. od, St. Paul. 

E. H. WlhmU, 

Bookseller and stationer, 

340 i^ast SpYcntli Street, 



Frames to Order, School Supplies. 
Latest Issues of the Press, etc. 

St. Paul Book and Stationery Co. 

127 E. 3d. St. Paul. {See opp inside 
hack cover.) 

Boots and Slioes. 
Bornholdt J. H., .515 Washington Ave. 

X., Minneapolis. [Seepage 452.) 
Hawes & Williams, 210 Central Ave.. 

Lovering J. S., 368 Wabasha, St. Paul. 
SchUek & Co., So to 89 E. 3d, St. Paul. 

I Bottlers. 

Finch S. E., cor Sibley and Levee, St. 
Paul. {See page 292.) 

Bowling Alley. 
Niederhoefer Jacob, s s Clay 2d e of 
Richmond, St. Paul. 

Brass Goods. 
Skidmore & Gannet, 173 W. 3d, St. 


Brass and Zinc Signs. 
Peterson E. E., Central Sign Works 4 
Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Bric-a-Brac Ware. 
Foss & Starr, 209 Hennepin Ave., Min- 
neapolis. {Seepage 14.) 

Brick Mnfrs. 
Johnson Frank A., 723 S. 8th, Minne- 
Peterson N. P., 1315 S. 7th, Minneapolis. 

Burglar Alarms. 
St. Paul Electric AVorks, 7 Giltillau 
Block. (See page 295.) 

Cabinet W^ork. 
Bradstreet, Thurber & Co., 513 to 
517 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. {See 
page 88.) 
! Candy Baskets. 

i Taylor & Caldwell, 517 Nicollet Ave., 
I Minneapolis. {See page 24.) 
I Candy Mnfrs. 

Mahan & Cumbey, 31 and 33 E. 3rd, 

St. Paul. {See page 9.) 
Taylor & Caldwell, 517 Nicollet Ave., 
:siinneapolis. {Seepage24.) 
Carpet Cleaners and I.,ayers. 
Green K. E., cor Pamsey and Forbes, 

St. Paul. (Seepage 290.) 
St. Paul Steam Carpet Cleaning 
Works, Smith & Farwell, Proprietors, 
333 E. 7th, St. Paul. (Telephone con- 

Sansome Bros., Steam Poner Carpet 
Cleming, 412 Sibley, {Seepage 260.) 



Carpets, Oil Clotlis, Etc. 

Folds & Griffith, 505 and 507 Nicollet 
Ave., Minneapolis. 

MclVtillan Neil, .SI S. 5th, Minneapolis. 

Smith & Farwell, 333 E. 7th, St. Paul, 
(Telephone Connection.) 

Carriages, TTagons and Sleighs* 

Cushman E. J., 220 and 222 Washing- 
ton Ave. S., Minneapolis. {Seepage62.) 

McFeeters & Bvirtt, Proprietors 
3d Ave. Carriage Shops, 1209 3d Ave. 
S., Minneapolis. 

Koeller M., 246 and 248 2d Ave. S., Min- 

St. Paul Carriage Co. 389 Minnesota 
St. Paul. {See page 366.) 

Smith Bros., 332 Franklin Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis. {See page 86.) 

Stark & Darrow, Fine Carriages, Har- 
ness and Horse Furnishings, 623 and 
625 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. {See 
page 11.) 

Page Vincent, 341 Exchange, St. Paul. 

Reimer Wm., 576 Hall Ave., St. Paul. 

Zahm B. F. & Co., 389 Minnesota, St. 
Paul. {See page 3&G.) 


Dorner J. H., Fine Caterer, 409 Nicollet 
Ave. Minneapolis. {See page 81.) 

Glenny & Gilman, 21 E. 3d, St. Paul. 
{See inside back cover.) 

Chimney Sweepers. 

Eastman Charles, 249 N. 14th, Min- 

Madison Peter, 582 11th, St. Paul. 
(^ee page 290.) 

James Mrs. K.,Room 31 Sidle Block 
Minneapolis. {See page 4Z7 .) 

Lockwood W. H., Room 5, 233 E. 7th, 
St. Paul. 

Chocolate Goods. 

Taylor & Caldwell, 517 Nicollet Ave. 
Minneapolis. {See page 24.) 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Kennedy &Cliitten den, 317 Wabasha, 
St. Paul. {See page 434.) 

Cistern Filling. 

Hale A. P., -525 Robert, St. Paul. 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors. 
Brj-nildsen Gustav C, 516 10th Ave. 

S., Minneapolis. 

Cloaks and Suits. 
Ingram, Olson & Co., 213 and 215 

Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. {Seepage 

Eehmaier Eugene, 325 Nicollet Ave., 

Mannheimer Bros., cor 3d and Min- 
nesota, St. Paul. 

Clothes Renovator. 

Hilyard JamesK.,468Robert,St.;PauI. 

Boston One Price Clothing Store, 

cor Washington Ave. and 2d Ave. S., 
Minneapolis. {See page 16.) 

Boston One Price Clothing House, 
cor 3d and Robert, St. Paul. {See inside 
front cover.) 

Coal and Wood. 

Burton C. & Co., 16 S. 3d, Minneapolis. 

Oliio Central Barge and Coal Co., 
400 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, (See 
page 50.) 

Claftey James, 960 E. 7th, St. Paul. 
Colleges and Schools. 

Bower George B., School of Phonog- 
raphy, 259 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 

Northwestern College of Com- 
merce, 250 Hennepin Ave., Minne- 
apolis. {See page 251.) 
SkogsbergliKev. E. A., cor 13th Ave. 
S. and 8th (2d Congregational Church), 

St. Paul Business College, cor 7th 
and Jackson, St. Paul. {Seepage 29.) 




May E. M & Son, 418 Nicollet Ave., 

Mahan & Ciimbey, 31 and 33 E. 3d, 

St. Paul. {See page 9.) 
Smith Louis B., 133 E. 3d, St. Paul. 
Smith T. H., 648 Reaney, St. Paul. 
Warden A., 388 Wabasha and 49 E. 

3d, St. Paul. (See page 293.) 

Contractors and Bviilders. 

Adams S. H., 1519 4th Ave. S., Minne- 

Christiansan Martin, 1221 N. 9th, 

Crosby G. H., 2647 3d Ave. S., Minne- 

Griffith W. K., N. 12th bet 25th and 
26th Aves., Minneapolis. 

Hinman Paul S.. 2931 20th Ave S. W.- 

Hutcliins F. L. & Son, rear 1812 loth 
Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Klarquist J. P., 3736 2d Ave. S., Minne- 

Marble G. L. <t Co., room 73, 325 
Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis. 

Moe John 0, 2118 Portland PI., Minne- 

Nelson Eric, 2217 16th Ave. S., Minne- 

Richardson J. J., 62 and 64 S. 12th, 

Larson L,. N., cor 13th and Minnesota, 
St. Paul. 

Lewis John, Stone Mason and Tuck 
Pointer. Jobs for Stone Pointing 
taken in any part of the State, 430 
Goodhue, St. Paul. 

Sayles & Morrill, w s Ohio bet Robie 
and Winifred, St. Paul. 

Taft Calvin, 645 Mowhawk Ave., St. Paul. 


Lehmaier Eugene, 325 Nicollet Ave., 


Giesen Mrs. P. J., 13 W. 3d, St. Paul. 
C utlery . 

Foss & Starr, 209 Hennepin Ave., 
Minneapolis. {Seepage 14.) 

Kennedy Bros., 36 Washington Ave. 
S., Minneapolis. {St-e page Ao\.) 

Miller Bros., 304 and 306 Hennepin 
Ave., Minneapolis. 

Cutlers and Grinders. 

Hegener K. H., Razors Concaved and 
Steam Grinding in General. All Kinds 
of Fine Cutlery, 212 1st Ave.S., Minne- 

Cut and Rough Stone. 

The Cook & Hyde Stone Co., 816 17th Ave. 
S., Minneapolis. 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Foss & Starr, 209 Hennepin Ave., Min- 
neapolis. {Seepage 14.) 

Johnson & Wing, 423 Washington 
Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Glenny & Gilman, 21 E. 3d, St. Paul. 
{See inside hack cover.) 

Ide E. R., Dairyman, St. Paul. (See 
page 294.) 

Dancing Academy. 

Malcolm Mr. & Mrs. H. W., 253 and 
255 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. {See 
page 66.) 

Evans Prof. R.H.,Sherman Hall, St. Paul. 

Dental Instruments. 
Molloy H. H., 242 Nicollet Ave.,Minne- 

apolis. (See page 2'6.) 

Giddings Dr. W. F., 526 Nicollet Ave., 

Spaulding Dr. W. A., 522 Nicollet Ave., 

Bigelow Dr. A. F., Room 85 Union 

Block, St. Paul. 



Ciillum Dr. K. H., 211 E. 7th, St. Paul- 
McCoiirt Dr. D., 415 E. 7th, St. Paul. 

{Seepage 301.) 
Roberts Dr. F. L.,353>^ Jackson, St. Paul. 
Schiffman Dr. A. F., 11 E. 3d, St. Paul 
Simonton Dr. T. D., 40 E. 3d, St. Paul. 

Billiard Bros., 116 E. 3rd, St. Paul. 

( SeejxtgeA.) 

Egan P. r., 11.=) E. 3d, St. I'aul. {Se^ 
page G.) 

Elliot J. R., 251 Nicollet Ave., Minne- 

Eiistis Brothers,318 Nicollet Ave., Min- 

Door Plates and House Numbers. 
Minneapolis Stencil Works, 201 

Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 

Doors, Sash, Blinds an<i Mouldings. 
Moeller, Pederson & Co., cor Gth 

and Cedar, St. Paul. 

Draperies and Shades. 

Bradstreet, Thurber & Co., Syndi- 
cate Block, Minneapolis. (See pageSS.) 

Folds & Griffith, 505 and 507 Nicollet 
Ave., MinVieapolis. 

Fernald & Wheeler, 2.30 to 232 E. 7th. 
St. Paul. (See page 2riS.) 

Smith & Farwell, 333 E. 7th, St. Paul. 

Dress and Cloak Makers. 

Andrews 3Iiss M. A., Parisian Plait- 
ing a Speciality,707 Nicollet Ave. .Min- 

Berry Mrs. L,. C, 241 4th Ave. S., Min- 

Blanchard Mrs. A. F., 2116 4th Ave. 
S., Minneapolis. 

Butterfield Miss Alice, 404 S. 14th, 

Caswell Mrs. M. E., 127 N. 10th, Min- 

Day Mrs. E. W., 720 7th Ave. S., Min- 

I Hodge A. I.., 2538 1st Ave. S., Minne- 

Miirch Mrs. M. E., 1115 Hawthorne 
Ave., Minneapolis. 

Peck Miss Ida M., 821 3d Ave. S., Min- 

Anderson Mrs. A. AV., 724 Farquier, 
St. Paul, 

Babcock Mrs. D. C, 201 Pearl, St. 

Duncan Mrs. Mary, 542 Mississippi, 
St. Paul. 

Mannheimer Bros., cor 3d and Min- 
nesota, St. Paul. 

Miller Mrs. John A., 1020 Farquier, 
St. Paul. 

Spear Mrs. C, 436 Laurel Ave., St. Paul. 

Drullard Solomon, Model Drug Store, 
62S Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 

Overlook Bros., 226 Central Ave., Min- 

Schofield & Knapp, 2201 4th Ave. S 

Williams J. W., 2934 Fort Ave., Min 

Weinhold's Pharmacy, cor 4th Ave 
and S. 19th, Minneapolis. 

Hainert F. H., 374 Dayton Ave., St 

Kissel D. C, s w cor 7th and Ramsey 
St. Paul. (See page 29S.) 

Simmon Karl, 331 Jackson and cor 3d 
and Market, St. Paul. 

Stierle E., 302 E. 7th, St. Paul. 

Wold O. O., 227 E. 7th, St. Paul. 
Dry Goods and Notions. 

Craig Bros., 403 Central Ave, E. D., 
Minneapolis. Dry Goods, Fancy Goods 
and Notions. Our motto "Best Goods 
for the Least Money." Goods always 
new and fresh. 

Fiening H. W., 130» Washington Ave. 
N., Minneapolis. (Seepages'.) 

Goodfellow R. S. & Co., 247 and 249 
Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 



Ingram Olson & Co., 213 and 215 Nic- 
ollet Ave., Minneapolis. {See page 75.) 
Leliinaier Eugene, 325 Nicollet. Ave., 

Lewis Peter, 1422 and 1424 Washington 

Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Keefe P. H., cor Laurel .Vve. and Mar- 
ie iibin, St. Paul. 
Kellermann S. E.,822 E. 7th, St. Paul 

{Seepar/e 299.) 
Maniilieimer Bros., cor 8d and Min- 
nesota, St. Paul. 

Dyers and Scourers. 
Hornving Adam, 27 S. 4th, Minneapo- 
Noblot & Montant.Proprietorsl' rench 
Steam Dyeing and Scouring Works, 255 
3d Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Priester J. X., 10 S. 2d, Minneapolis. 
Weitzel & Henry, 710 Hennepin Ave., 

Fvahlert J. C, 128 W. 3rd, St. Paul. 

Electric Works. 
Northern Electric Co., 3 S. 5th, 

Askew C. B., 366 Jackson, St. Paul. 

{Seepage 295.) 
St. Paul Electric Works, Electric 
Bells, 7 Gimilan Block, St. Paul. (*e 
page 295.) 

Embroidery Materials. 

Kingsley E. J., 611 Nicollet Ave., 
Minneapolis. (See page 437 .) 

Donaldson J. W. & Co., 139 E. 7th, St. 


Sclilener John A. & Co., 425 Nicol- 
let Ave., Minneapolis. {See page .) 

Mellgren A. E., 27 E. 3d, St. Paul 

Norquist & Co., cor 9th and Willius, 
St. Paul. 

Fancy Articles Repaired. 
Robert Seeger, 196 E, 3d, St. Paul. 
{See page 424.) 

Fancy Goods. 
Goodfellow R. S. & Co., 247 and 249 

Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 
Women's Industrial Exchange, 613 

Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 
Donaldson J. W., 139 E. 7th. St. Paul. 

Fancy Grocers. 
Griggs & Co., 190 and 192 E. 5th, St. 


Fancy Ware and Bric-a-Brac. 
Bradstreet, Tliurber & Co., 513 to 

517 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. {See 
page 88.) 


Miller Bros., 304 and 306 Hennepin 
Ave., Minneapolis. 

Fine Art Works. 
Varney L,. S. & Co., 412 Nicollet Ave., 
Minneapolis. {See pnge 111 .'\ 
Fire Alarms. 
St. Paul Electric Works, 7 Gilfillan 
Block, St. Paul. (See page 295.) 
Fire Kindlers. 
Acme Kindler Co., 923 S. 4th, Min- 

Fishing Tackle. 

Kennedy Bros., 36 Washington Ave. 

S., Minneapolis. {See page 451.) 

Fish, Oysters and Game. 

Booth A. & Sous, 60 E. 3d, St. Paul. 


Kilvington W. C, 517 6th Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis. (SeepageSG.) 

MendenhallR. J., 15 S. 4th, Minne- 
apolis. {See page S5.) 

Smith C. A., cor. 6th Ave. S. and 35th, 
Minneapolis. {P. 0. Box 136.) 

White L. D., 39 Central Ave. Minne- 
apolis. {See page 86.) 

Lemke Mrs. Wni. A., s e cor Oak and 
9th, St. Paul. {See page 300.) 

Venzke Bros., Snelling nr Summit 
Ave., St. Paul. 








I— I 



We guarantee the Orange Blossom to be 
the CHOICEST FLOUR MADE, as well as 
the cheapest— taking all its properties into 
account. Manufactured by 










Flour and Feed. 
Bernard & Christ, 714 Preble, St. 

Thompson & AVilley, 1400 Franklin 

Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Flouring Mills. 
St. Paul Roller Mill, (See page 432.) 
Schaber & Wendt, Phalen Creek, St. 

Teuber Herman, Proprietor City 

Mills, 583 Lafayette Ave., St. Paul. 

Flo^ver Preserver. 

AVoodvvorth Mrs. K. L., 5.3 Itoyal- 

ston Ave., Minneapolis. {See page 85.) 

Fruits and Confectionery. 
Smith L. B., 133 E. 3d, St. Paul. 

Funeral Directors. 
Leigh L. & Co., 20 W. 3d, St. Paul. 

{See page 37.) 

Fur Dealers and Importers. 

Vetter George, 15 S. 3d, Minneapolis. 

Kyder Merrell, 339 Jackson, St. Paul. 

Schuzle John H. & Macdonald, 1.53 

E. 3d, St. Paul. {See page 10. ) 

Martin & Taft, .304 1st Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis. {See page %0.) 
Van Cleve, Priest & Kalk, 19 X. 3d, 

Minneapolis. {Seepage^.) 
Pruden Stove Co., 100 E. 3d, St. Paul. 

{See page 7.) 


Bradstreet, Thurber & Co., Syndi- 
cate Block, Minneapolis. {See page 88.) 

Fillmore E. A., 528 2d Ave. S., Min- 

McMillan Neil, 31 S. 5th, Minneapo- 

Stevens Charles P., 9 to 13 S. Fifth, 
Minneapolis. {See page -^52.) 

Fernald & Wheeler, 230 and 232 E, 
7th, St. Paul. {See jiage 2o9,.) 

Smith & Farwell, 333 E. 7th, St. Paul, 
St. Paul Furniture Co., 162 and 164 

W. 5th, St. Paul. {Seepage 362.) 

Gas Fixtvires. 
Benner Brothers, 16 S. 4th, :Minne- 

Dunnigan J. J., 220 E. 7th, St. Paul. 
{See page '6&Z.) 

Robert Seeger, 196 E. 7th, St. Paul. 
{See page 424.) 

General Household Goods. 
Holmes & Van Valkenberg, Dealers 
in General Household Goods, New and 
Second-hand; also full line of Hard- 
ware, 504 Central Ave., Minneapolis. 

General Store. 
Ege A. L. & Son, 698 Hudson Ave., St. 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

Boston One Price Clothing H