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* These memoirs were compiled by members of the 

family of Washington and Eliza Gibson Duncan, which 
will explain why the two family records are found under 
one cover. The material has been' gleaned from personal 
recollections, old records and letters, and information fur- 
nished by friends. The search covers several years of cor- 

-respondence and investigation and although errors and 
omissions incident to such a work may be found, yet on 

^ithe whole it is correct and authentic. 

^ The few copies distributed should be carefully pre- 

served as it is improbable that a .similar record will again 
be made. 

Dec, 1905 H. W. D. 


King Duncan, son of Malcom II, slain at Both- 
gowan, by McBeth, in 1040, after a six years' reign over 
Scotland, was the first to bear the name. 

In 1355, the Duncans mustered as one of the Scot- 
tish clans. In 1391 one of its members, Duncan Raibert, 
became its head, and it became known as the clan Don- 
achie, and had its seat at Dun Alister at the east end of 
Loch Rannoch, in Perthshire. Nothing now remains of 
the clan but their burial place, neglected and overgrown 
with gigantic thistles and nettles. The clan Robertson, 
"sons of Raibert." absorbed the clan Donachie and took 
its tartan, red and black stripes. The name means "Hill 
Chief" or "Highland Chief," its Gaelic equivalents are 
Donachie, Donacha and McConachie, These are being 
discarded by many for the original name, Duncan. 

The Duncan family crest, is a demi greyhound, 
sittant, issuant, proper, motto, Vivat Veritas, or, as with 
some of them, Duhiisqiie Secundis Rectus, "In every for- 
tune firm." 

The family has been Presbyterian in faith and 
shared in its trials, from the early history of that Church. 
The name does not appear in early Colonial History. The 
first immigrants came to America about 1720-30. Search 
has so far failed to fix with certainty, our original emigrant 
ancestor's name or date of arrival but the following seems 
to be a very probable solution of the question. Rev. 
William Duncan, of Perthshire, was born January 7, 1630, 
suffered martyrdom under Charles second. He had a son 
William, born October 1, 1659, married Margaret McMurdo, 
of Dumfries, had several children, at least five sons — 
among them, Thorn^s, born January 12, 1686 and WilHam, 
born April 197 1692. These and perhaps others of the 
family, (some say there was an Andrew, ) came to America 
in 1722, remained for a time in Culpeper county, Virginia, 
rand later removed to near Chestnut Level, Lancaster 

countv, Pennsylvania. Thgrnas settled at Carlisle, where 
he died Jul}' 9,' 1776, leaving a large family, some of whom 
setlk.] at Lexington, Kentucky, and others in Ilhnois. 

JAMES DUNCAN who was the father of our ances- 
tor ANDREW DUNCAN lived at Chestnut Level. He died 
prior to 1770 and his wife EHzabeth perhaps later, aged 
75 years. The descendants of James Duncan and of 
Thomas Duncan 'were related and kept up their social 
relations until about 1815. From these facts it is a fair 
conclusion that James Duncan was a son of one of the 
emigrant grandsons of Rev. William Duncan of 

JAMES DUNCAN of Chestnut Level, had four sons 
and two daughters, viz., Robert, John, James, Andrew, 
Mary and Elizabeth. Robert lived in Lower Chanceford, 
York coimty. John settled in Fairfield county, Ohio. 
James settled in Beaver countv, Pennsylvania and the 
youngest son was ANDREW DUNCAN Sr.,' of York county. 
Mary married Joseph Reed of Lower Chanceford and 
Elizabeth married Mr. Yocum and lived near Slate Ridge, 

It is probable that James Duncan was a man of 
means as his children had farms in their early days. An- 
drew came to his farm in York county at the age of twenty. 
His neighbor was William Smith, Esq., whose daughter 
Ann he married. The Round Hill Church, and graveyard 
grounds were donated by Andrew Duncan and Smith 
They were its first ruling elders from 1770 and to their deaths 
they served. The organization of the Round Hill church, 
now and for many years, known as Hopewell, dates back 
to 1756. It occupies its third site and fourth building. 
Robert Cathcart, D. D.,was its pastor from 1793 to 1834. 
He was born November 1759, died at York, October 19. 

The old Duncan farm house, or at least a portior 
of it, and the barn, are still in use. All the children o: 
Andrew Duncan were born on this farm. Andrew Duncar 
had a fair education, was a magistrate for many years, hac 
a good library, was a man of intelligence and a useful anc 
respected citizen. In person was of medium height, of i 
muscular frame, had grey-blue eyes, light complexion anc 


dark hair, retained his vigor up to within a short time be- 
fore he died. He was buried at Round Hill, within view 
of his old farm house near Cross Roads. 

In a record of this character brevity is essential, 
but little can be given other than names and dates. Abre- 
viations used are: — b. born; d, died; m, married; bd, 
buried; cem, cemetery. Beginning with the ancestor of 
whom definite information is given, his children form 
the family groups; they and their children, except where 
death occurred in infancy, are numbered in order of birth 
in the family to which they belong. 


Born at Chestnut Level, Lancaster county, Pennsyl- 
vania, March 12, 1750, d. near Cross Roads, York county, 
January 18, 1828. Was twice married. His first wife, 
ANN to whom he was married June, 18, 1772 was b. Decem- 
ber 27, 1755, d. October 15, 1805. She was the 
daughter of William and Catherine Campbell Smith, of 
York county. His second wife ELIZABETH, was the 
daughter of James and Janet Campbell Andrews, of York 
county and a full cousin of the first wife ; their mothers 
were born in Scotland. The second marriage was June 
27, 1809. This wife was born June 24, 1779 in York county 
and died at the home of her daughter Ann E. Andrews, 
in Crawford county, Ohio., December 20, 1853, bd. at 
Eden. Two sons and two daughters were the issue of this 

The children of the first wife were, William, James, 
Andrew, John, Robert, EHzabeth, b. November 2, 1775, d. 
August 16, 1777. Ann, d. in infancy, both bd. at Round 
Hill. One stone marks their grave. Jonathan, Elizabeth 
(2nd) and Catherine. The second wife was the mother 
of Washington, Janet who d. in infancy, Sampson, b. Sep- 
tember 13, 1814, d. January 12, 1820 and Ann Elizabeth. 
The story of their lives and that of their descendants 
follows : 


Was b. March 29, 1773, m. Nancy Merritt of Balti- 
more. He d. March 4, 1853. She d. February 17, 1863, 
bd. at Round Hill. Lived on the old Smith farm now 

owned by their descendants. Had three children, viz., 

(1) CHARLES, b. 18— ,m. Mar>' Purkey, October 
20, 1830, a son William was born in 1835 in York county, 
there were perhaps others. Charles, d. in Illinois about 

(2) JANE, the daughter, m. Robert Gemmel, Dec- 
23, 1830. Lived on the old farm of Andrew Duncan Jr. 
in York county, had several children of whom we have no 

(3) ANDREW, the youngest of William Duncan's 
family, lived and died on the old Smith farm near Cross 
Road's. He m. Miss Miller. He d. some years ago and 
his widow in 1905. They had four daughters and two 
sons. Of these Annie, m. A. R. Gemmel and Alice m. S. 
A. Douglas; both have large families and Hve near the old 
home. Mary and Agnes the other daughters are unmarried 
and are at the old home, as is also William the older son 
who m. Ida S. Saylor has two children. Pearl and Andrew. 
The youngest son Charles, m. Bertha Althouse and lives 
in York county. 


Born Januar}^ 27, 1778, m. Sampson Smith. July 
5, 1798, d. December 22, 1837, lived near Cross Roads. 
Had seven children, viz. : 

(1 ) JAMES, b. April 15, 1804. 

(2) ANDREW, b. July 24, 1808, d. April 18, 1857. 

(3) RICHARD, b. April 14, 1810. 

(4) JANE,b. July 13, 1812, d. 1892, m. John Logan 
who was P. M. at Cross Roads 60 years. He died at an 
advanced age. They had four children, viz.: William S., 
b. July 23, 1840, m. Rebecca Trout, May 2, 1867. She d. 
May 10, 1904. Their five children are, Curtis E., b. March 
29, 1868, m. Nettie Gemmel. Minnie J., b. May 8, 1870. 
Clara M., b. March 22, 1872, m. C. C. Smith. William F., 
b. January 31, 1874, m. Anna M. Miller, and Newton T., 
b. March 24, 1877, m. Gertrude Seitz. The Logans Hve 
at or near Cross Roads. Jane A. Logan, b. August 2, 1842, 
d. Decembar 14, 1856. Martha E. D. Logan, b. Septem- 
ber 13. 1845, d. February 11, 1886. Sarah E. Logan, b. 


June 24, 1848, m. David D. Trout and has a son and 
daughter, both married. 

The other children of Elizabeth Duncan were: 

(5) ANN D., b. April 10, 1814, d. September 5, 

(6) MARTHA M.,b. September 22, 1816. 

(7) SAMPSON, b. September 4, 1819, lived and d. 
near Cross Roads, left a family, one of whom Sampson, 
lives at Cross Roads. 


Born April 3, 1780, m. Martha Manifold, November 
10, 1803, lived in York county, near the State line. His 
children of this marriage were: (1) ANDREW, (2) JO- 
SEPH, (3) GEORGE, (4) HENRY, (5) JAMES and (6) 
SMITH; by a second wife he had a son (7) WILLIAM, 
Descendants of James Duncan are still living but we have 
nothing definite as to their history. 


Born May 23, 1782, d. March 6, 1853, bd. at Findley, 
Ohio, m. Margaret Arnott May 23, 1809. She was b. near 
Melrose, Scotland, was the daughter of Dr. Henry Arnott 
and his wife, Agnes Patterson, who emigrated to Mead- 
stown, Maryland, she d. July 10, 1845, bd. at Findley, 
Ohio. She was a sister of Christine Arnott who m. John 
Duncan. Andrew Duncan was sheriff of York county 
several years. Kept hotel in York and was interested in 
farming and milling business. Removed to near Findley, 
Ohio, about 1840. He had eleven children all b. in York 
county. They were as follows: 

(1) ANNA MARIA, b. February 20, 1810, d. 
September 30, 1835, bd. at 1st Presbyterian Church, York, 

(2) HENRIETTA, b. vSeptember 10, 1811, d. 
February 10, 1874, bd. in York cemetery. M. Jacob De 
Hart Yocum, of York, February 3, 1831. He was b. 
May 31, 1809, d., February 17, 1866. They had five 
children, viz.: — Margaret Ann, b. November 2, 1832, d. 
December 28, 1859, bd. at York. She m. Henry R. Mosser, 


had two children, Henrietta E. and Benj. H. The latter 
named, m. and had five children. 

William I. Yocum. b. April 6, 1835, d. December 
29, 1838. Andrew D. Yocum, b. February' 26, 1838, d. 
June 14, 1889, bd. at Altoona, Pennsylvania. He m. 
Laura M. Gere, April 2, 1868 and had three children, viz.: 
Albert D Sarah G. and AlverdaM., Agnes Eliza Yocum, b. 
November 11, 1840, d. March 12, 1867, m. Albert Hollard 
Carroll, of Baltimore. He died 1880, both bd. m Green- 
mount cem., Baltimore. He was of the "Carrolls of Car- 
rollton." Mar\' F. the last child of Henrietta Duncan 
Yocum, d. April 21, 1843. 

(3) AGNES ELIZA, b. November 20, 1813, d. 
July 10, 1840. bd. at Columbia, Pennsylvania, m. Thomas 
Collins,' had a daughter Catherine S. who m. Dr. Peebles 
and d.' April 1, 1864 at Columbia, Pennsylvania. A son, 
Collins, was born the same day. 

Arnott D. Collins, the only son of Agnes E. Duncan 
d. at Lawrence, Kansas, leaving two sons, James J. and 
Arnott D. 

(4) MARGARET, b. November 22, 1815, d. Janu- 
uary 20, 1872, bd. in York cem., m. WilUam Beitzel, 
April 26, 1836. He was b. July 16, 1809, d. December 12, 
1890 at York. Thev had five children, viz.: — Arnott D., 
b. February 19, 1837, d. September 11, 1849. Clifton B., 
b. October' 3, 1839, m. Annie C. Hay, November 1, 1864. 
He had five children, names not given. 

Alice E. b. November 30, 1841, d. August 27, 1849. 
John Andrew, b. July 23, 1844, d. April 14, 1885. bd. in 
York cem., m. Maria A. Underwood. October 16, 1866 and 
had five children. Mary Julia. "Minnie." b, Januar\' 14, 
1847, the last born of the Beitzel family, lives at No. 12 
Beaver street, York, Pennsylvania. 

(5) HARRIETT, b. February- 9, 1818, d. May — 
1888 in New York. bd. in Greenwood cem.. N. Y. City.m. 
Urban Ogden, lived at Findlev. Ohio. She had five chil- 
dren, viz. :— Florence A., b. 1840, d. 1867, m. George Austin. 

CHfton Arnott, b. 1842, m. Amanda and 

had six children, residence. Ottumwa, Iowa. Helen, b. 
1846, m. G. G. Grady, the celebrated showman. They 
had one child Albert. ' She is now Mrs. Taylor, and lives 
in New York City. 


George, b. 1844, m. and had two children. He d. 
some years ago. 

Clementine, Harriet Duncan's youngest child, d. 
in 1861, aged nine years. 

(6) ANDREW b. January 7, 1820, d. March 27, 

(7) CATHERINE b. January 30, 1821, d. August 
15, 1855, now rests in Wyuka cem., Lincoln, Nebraska. 
She m. John Cochran Ricketts, September 2, 1841. He 
was b. in Fairfield county, Ohio, March 4, 1815, d. at 
Lincoln, Nebraska, June 8, 1894. She had six children, 
viz. : — Andrew Duncan, b. January 29, 1843, lives at Lin- 
coln, Nebraska, m. Mary J. Taylor, September 3, 1867. 
She was b. January 16, 1845, has seven children, to-wit: 
Charles K., b. May 28, 1868, m. Ella Richmond, September 

5, 1889, and has three children. Howard T., b. February 
9, 1871, m. Myra E. Tubbs, April 18, 1900, has two chil- 

Gilbert H., b. January 2, 1873, m. Delia Ham, 
April 17, 1901, has two children. 

Clifton M., b. December 7, 1881, m. Nellie Shields, 
September 9, 1903, has a son Andrew C, b. January 3, 

Clara Agnes, youngest child of Andrew Duncan 
Ricketts, was b. May 28, 1885. Arnott C. the second child 
b. March 18, 1845, m. Louise Lowe, May 1, 1873. She was 
b. February 20, 1848, d. March 28, 1902, had two children, 
viz.: — Eva, b. September 26, 1875, m. Ernest C. Folsom, 
June 13, 1900. She has a son Arnott R. Lowe Arnott, b. 
December 17, 1877, m. Mabel Richards, August 5, 1902. 
She was b. December 31, 1878. 

Arnott C. Ricketts and his son Lowe A. are attor- 
neys at Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Emily J. the only daughter of Catherine Duncan 
Ricketts, was b. June 1, 1847, m. Lewis M. Scothern, Mar. 
26, 1865 and had two daughters, viz.: — Metta M. b, March 

6, 1866, d. September 5, 1868 and Catherine Duncan, b. 
January 14, 1868, m. WilHam McDuff Miller, June 17, 
1896. He d. February 16, 1905 at Lincoln, Nebraska. 

James Kelley Ricketts, b. October 19, 1849, d. 
June 9, 1864. 

John Milton, was born November 25, 1852, 


d October 22, 1881. James Melville the twin brother of 
John Milton, d. May 21, 1901. The three last named are 
bd. at Lincoln, Nebraska, where other members of the 
Ricketts family reside. 

(8) ANDREW ARNOTT, the 2nd son of Andrew 
Duncan Jr. was b. May 21, 1823, d. November 2, 1837, bd 
at 1st Presbyterian Church, York, Pennsylvania. 

(9) MARTHA JANE, the youngest and seventh 
daughter, b. March 9, 1825, d. September 25. 1856, bd. at 
Findley, Ohio, m. Charles T. Fish, Februar>- 8, 1844. He 
was b in McDonough county. New York, March 22, 1823, 
d FelDruary 19, 185G, bd. at Lagrange, Indiana, where 
the family lived. He was one of the f^rst R. R. conductors 
in Ohio. They left four children, viz. :— Margaret Duncan, 
b. August 23, 1845, at Findley, now resides in York, Penn- 
sylvania, and is matron of the Childrens" Home in that city. 

Harriet Viroqua, b. May 5, 1849, in Sandusky, Ohio, 
m. Richard C. Woods, a native of Liverpool, England, 
October 7, 1874, residence, Rolla, Missouri, has one child. 

Glenn Howard, b. July 17, 1875, residence, Sedaha, 

Missouri. . tn 

Kate Augusta, b. August 4, 1851, d. December 16, 

1851 at Lagrange, Indiana. 

Melville Milne, the only son of Martha J. Duncan 

was b. at Lagrange, Indiana, May 10 1853, was married 

twice, has a daughter b. January 17, 1875 who is married 

and has children. 

Melville M. Fish Hves in Norristown, Pennsylvania. 

(10) JOHNSON KELLEY DUNCAN, b. March 19, 
1827, d. at Knoxville, Tennessee, December 1862, of 
typhoid fever, graduate of West Point Mihtary Academy, 
C E. on U. S. Survey, N. P. R. R. and on government works. 
Went to New Orieans about 1856, m. Mary Grimshaw, 
March 9, 1858. General in C. S. A. commanded Forts St 
Phillip and Jackson, seige of N. O. April 20, 28, 1862 
He was 5 feet 9^ inches in height, well made and highh 
esteemed for his social and mental qualities. He is bd 
in New Orleans. Had three children, to-wit: 

Arnott Duncan, b. Nov. 29, 1858, d. September 12 
1859. James Grimshaw, the second child, was b. m Nev 
Orleans, May 21, 1861, m. Martha Terry Helm, of Carroll 


ton, Miss., Mav 1, 1886, has four children, viz. : — Brooke H. 
b. December 1.8, 1887. Arnott K., b. December 11, 1889. 
James H., b. February 15, 1891 and Donald P. b. February 
13, 1893. The family resides in New Orleans. 

Mary Kell, the daughter of Gen. Duncan was b. 
April 29, 1863, m. Frederick W. Parham, M. D., December 
15, 1892, hadsix children, viz.: — FredB.,b. November 13, 
1893, Duncan, b. April 27, 1895, Mildred, b. October 9, 
1896, Lister, b. December 23, 1897, d. September 17, 1901, 
Mary L. b. October 26, 1899 and Landfried, b. June 29, 
1902, d. March 8, 1904. The family resides in New Or- 

child of Andrew Duncan, Jr., b. September 29, 1830, d. 
July 2, 1862 of fever in camp near Natchez, Mississippi, bd. 
there, m. Rose Quitman, daughter of Gen. Quitman, C.S.A., 
June 2, 1861. He was instructor in the military academy 
and college at Frankfort, Kentucky, then engaged in civil 
engineering, joined the Confederate army in which he was 
Colonel. He was of fine presence, six feet one inch in 
height. Left a son WilHam P., b. November 22, 1862, d. 
June 24, 1888 at Natchez, Mississippi. An old letter of 
Andrew Duncan, dated January 1, 1853, to Washington 
Duncan, speaks about a family re-union of all the children 
at Findley, in October, 1852, the last meeting together. 


Born August 1, 1784, d. at Xenia, Ohio, August 15, 
1849 of Asiatic cholera, m. Christine Arnott, May 4, 1809 
She was a daughter of Dr. Henry Arnott, of Melrose, 
Scotland. She d. in 1878, both bd. at Xenia, Ohio, to 
which place they removed from near Cedarville, in 
1845. Went to Greene county, Ohio, in 1817. They had 
four daughters and one son, the latter dying in youth. 
The children, except the two youngest were b. in York 
county, Pennsylvania. The stor}^ of the daughters is as 
follows : — 

(1) NANCY, m. David Barr and lived in Xenia. 
He d. in 1866, she in 1900, both bd. at Xenia. Their 
children were, Cannie, who m. Rev. Barr, he d. in 1903. 
She lives in Philadelphia. Julia, the other daughter, m 
Rev. Littell, and lives in Pittsburg. 


(2) MARY, m. Dr. Banks of Cincinnati, he d. 
about 1870 and she some later, had a son, John Duncan 
Banks, who d. some years ago in Cincinnati, aged 35, a 
daughter, Fannie, lives in Cincinnati, and a little one d. 
in infancy. 

(3) ANGELINE, m. Rev. John McLain, moved 
to Monmouth, IlUnois, where he d. over 30 years ago. 
The family then moved to Red Oak, Iowa. Mrs. McLain 
d. at an advanced age recently. Her children were, Amott 
a professor in Tarkio College, Missouri, Joseph, an attorney 
who d. in Monmouth, Illinois. Elizabeth Christine, m. 
Rev. Johnson, both of whom are dead. Duncan McLain, 
the youngest child, has a family and is a prosperous farmer 
near Red Oak, Iowa. 

(4) HENRIETTE, John Duncan's youngest 
daughter, m. John Alexander, of Philadelphia. He d. 
many years ago, she more recently, left a son. 


Bom January 24, 1787, d. May 20, 1827, near Ohio- 
ville, Beaver county, Pennsylvania. He m. his cousin, 
Elizabeth, daughter of James Duncan, brother of Andrew 
Duncan, Sr. This James Duncan must have gone ''West" 
at the close of the Revolution. Robert Duncan had three 
sons and two daughters of whom we have but little account. 
One son, Andrew, went to Illinois, he had a son Milton. A 
daughter Mrs. Savage, lived near Cross Creek, Washington 
county, Pennsylvania. The record of this family is lack- 
ing to complete the history. 


Born July 11, 1789, d. May 8, 1880, at Xenia, Ohio, 
m. David Williamson, of Maryland, June 19, 1809, he d. 
at Xenia, October 18, 1858 at which place both are bd. 
They lived seven years in York county, removed to near 
Frankfort, in Washington county, later lived in Jefferson 
and Tuscarawas counties, Ohio. They went to Greene 
county, Ohio, in 1835, buying several hundred acres of 
choice land near Xenia. They raised a fine family of ten 
children whose history follows, viz. — 

(1 ) WILLIAM, b. in York county, Pennsylvania, 

April 1, 1810, d. near Findley, Ohio, May 24, 1894, m. Jane 
McCrosky, April 3, 1838. She was b. July 15, 1813 in* Vir- 
ginia, d. December 11, 1877. Their children were, Gran- 
ville, b. July 13, 1839, was in 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 
d. from wounds received in battle, July 18, 1862. Madison, 
b. March 13, 1841 in same Regiment, d. March 1, 1862, 
from same cause, both bd. at Cannonsburg, Ohio. 

Harvey, the 3rd child, b. December 15, 1842, m. 
Marie McConnell, April 9, 1868, has six children, residence 
Mt. Corey, Ohio. Catherine, b. December 30, 1845, m. 
W. A. Crawford, has three children, residence, Cannons- 
burg, Ohio. David, b. December 11, 1847, m. Hannah 
McKinley, has three children, residence, Portland, Indiana. 
Amanda, b. April 27, 1850, m. John McKinley, has one 
child, residence Cannonsburg, Ohio. Mary Irene, youngest 
daughter, was b. February 22, 1852, m. James Hall. 
William, the last, was b. February 19, 1854, m. Anna 

(2) ANN WILLIAMSON, b. in York county, 
Pennsylvania, April 5, 1812, d. near Sidney, Ohio, Septem- 
ber 25, 1868, m. Andrew Ritchey, March 28, 1833, had 
three sons and three daughters, viz. : — Charles, lost both 
legs on the R. R. when a young man. Kept news-stand 
at depot in Dayton, Ohio, now in Chicago. 

David, m. and lives near Sidney, Ohio. Essemiah, 
m. Mr. Kelley. She is dead. Adaline, m. Mr. Stewart, 
lives in Iowa. Jonathan, m. and lives near Cincinnati, O. 

(3) ANDREW DUNCAN, second son, b. January 
30, 1815 in York county, Pennsylvania, d. near Xenia, 
Ohio, in 1892, m. Isabella Collins, April 11, 1838. They 
had one daughter and four sons, viz.: — Henrietta, m. 
Rev. J. W. McNara. She d. in Milwaukee, in 1904. Wal- 
ker, lives near Xenia, Ohio, has two children, viz. : — Grace 
m. Rev. David Gordan, are missionaries in India. The 
other daughter m. an attorney of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Collins Williamson is a minister of the U. P. Church, 
as is also his brother Wilson. Rolla, the youngest child 
of Andrew Duncan Williamson, lives in Xenia, Ohio. 

(4) JOHN, b. April 1, 1817 in Washington county, 
Pennsylvania, d. — 1899, near Cedarville, Ohio, m. Jane 
Kyle, March 17, 1842. She d. many years ago. They 
had one daughter, Kate, who m. Robert Jackson, she is 

3 17 

now a widow, and two sons, one, Samuel, m. Miss Collins, 
David, the other, m. Miss McMillan, both live near Cedar- 
ville, Ohio. 

(5) MARGARET, b. August 1, 1820, in Washing- 
ton county, Pennsyhania, d. at Xenia, August 31, 1857. 

(6) DAVID, b. November 16, 1822, in Jefferson, 
county, Ohio, d. October 10, 1885, in Syracuse, New York, 
m. Margaret J. Marshall, April 5, 1848. She d. 1858, near 
Cannonsburg, Ohio, leaving three daughters, viz. : — Ella, 
d. at the age of 19 years, Josephine, m. a minister of the 
U. P. Church and lives in Syracuse, New York. Cora, 
the youngest, d. in 1882, near Cedarville, Ohio. 

(7) SMITH, b. in Jefferson county, Ohio, April 
5, 1825, d. September 19, 1849, at Xenia. 

(8) JONATHAN DUNCAN, b. April 5, 1827, in 
Jefferson county. Ohio, now Hves at Cedarville, Ohio, m. 
Martha A. McMillan, June 2, 1849. They had seven child- 
ren,, viz.: — Anna C, m. Rev. Young, a native of Ireland. 
She d. December 25, 1899 and Mr. Young several years 
previously. They had one son now a minister. John C, 
the oldest son of J. D., lives at the old home, and has two 
sons. Nettie, m. Samuel Anderson, has two daughters 
and one son, lives near Cedarville. Robert D. lives on 
the old farm and has one son. Ella, m. Robert Bryson, 
has one son and two daughters, Leila, m. William Deane, 
lives in Springfield, Ohio, has a son. Erma, the voungest 
child of J. D. Williamson, d. July 15, 1892, in her 21st year. 

(9) ESSEMIAH, b. in Jefferson county, Ohio, 
October 17, 1829, m. Rev. David Donnan, June 27, 1855. 
He d. November 4, 1897, at Cochranton, Pennsylvania, 
where the family resides. They had six children, three 
of whom d. in childhood. Fred, b. 1860, d. 1893 two 
daughters, Luella and Mar>^ live with the mother. 

(10) ROBERT, youngest child of Catherine Dun- 
can Williamson, was b. February 23, 1833. in Jefferson 
county, Ohio, graduate of Franklin College, licensed to 
preach June 27, 1857, m. Phebe Cruikshank, of Troy, New 
York, May 11, 1859, for 30 years pastor of U. P. Church in 
that city, now retired, had three sons, viz.: — Isaac H., b. 
April 23, 1860, m. Fannie L. Lee, has a son Robert D. 

Esek B., b. February 6, 1862, m. AUce Morrow. 


She d. April 17, 1895. He was second lieutenant, 201st 
New York Regiment, in Spanish War of 1898, lost his 
health in the service and d. May 10, 1900, bd. at Albany, 
New York. 

William, T. the youngest child, b. July 13, 1863, m. 
Louise M. Dennis, residence, Troy, New York. 


The tenth and last child of Andrew and Ann Smith 
Duncan, was b. November 14, 1791, d. near Monmouth, 
Illinois, September 10, 1876. Settled on a farm near 
Frankfort Springs, Washington county, Pennsylvania, 
June 18, 1815, on which he remained until 1854, then 
removed to near Monmoth, Illinois, m. Letha Swearingen, 
who d. 1833. Their five children were, Sarah Ann, Basil, 
Thomas Kelly, William and Washington, the latter d. 
when a child. Jonathan Duncan, married again in 1835, 
his second wife was Agnes Leeper, who d. at Monmouth, 
in 1899, in her 83rd year. They had eleven children, viz.: 
Robert L., Isephena R., Samuel Harper, Andrew, James 
K., Agnes Jennette, Arnott, Charles M., Washington, who 
d. in infancy, Frank C. and Ida Belle, the latter being the 
youngest grandchild of Andrew Duncan Sr. 

The brief history of these children follows: — 

(1) SARAH ANN, m. WilHam McCandlass, he 
was killed in the Civil War, had six children, Thomas, 
William, Arnott, Mary Isephena and Hattie, residence 
McComb, Illinois 

(2) BASIL, M.D., served in the Union army, was 
twice m. had five children, d. at McComb, 1877. 

(3) THOMAS KELLEY, m. Mary A. Robbins, of 
Pittsburg, both d. 1897, leaving three children, viz.: — 
Isephena, Mary and John. 

(4) WILLIAM, d. at Monmouth in 1897. 

(5) ROBERT L., attorney, d. at Monmouth, 
September 1, 1905, he m. Alice Dalzell, had three children, 
viz.: — Charles, Joseph and Mary. He had been for many 
years a great sufferer from wounds received in the Union 

(6) ISEPHENA R. m. Geo. Foster, of Texas, he 
was killed in the Confederate service.^^She again married; 


Captain Collier of Memphis, Tennessee, being her second 
husband. She is a widow and resides at Monmouth, 111. 

(7) SAMUEL HARPER, m. Barbara Gordon, 
has three children, viz.: — Charles, Maude and Rosco, res- 
idence, Seaton. Illinois. 

(8) ANDREW, d. in infancy. 

(9) JAMES KELLY. M. D. m. Lillian Hefferman. 
had six children, \iz.: — Mabel A., Nellie R., Lillian J., Ida 
B., Gale W., and Frank M. Dr. Duncan was an officer on 
board U. S. S. Manitoii during the Civil War and received 
a medal for distinguished bravery, present residence is 
Culbcrtson, Nebraska. 

(10) AGNES JENNETTE, m. Joseph W. Milligan, 
of Monmouth, March 16, 1871, he d. May 8, 1879. They 
had three children, viz.: — Ella M., m. William Spence, 
1893, she d. in Los Angeles, California, October 13, 1902. 
Eva, m. Albert Dennis, April 6, 1898, d. July 17, 1898, 
both bd. in Rosedale cem., Los Angeles. Mrs. Milligan 
m. John W, Harris. March 29, 1887. The surviving daugh- 
ter, Leila E. and Mr. and Mrs. Harris, reside in Los 

(11) WASHINGTON 2nd, d. m infancy. 

(12) ARNOTT L.. m. Caroline Gilmore, had seven 
children, \iz.: — Lemoyne, G., Mary A., Fred F., James A., 
Jonathan Kelly. Frank L. and Harland H.. all married 
l>ut one. Arnott resides near Monmouth, Illinois. 

(13) CHARLES M., M. D., lives at McCook, Neb- 
raska, wife's name not given, has four children, viz.: — 
Grace, Avis, Rex and Gretchen. 

(14) FRANK C. the youngest grandson of Andrew 
Duncan Sr., has been twice married, his first wife, Clara 
Runkel, d. in 1889, his second wife is Belle McElwrath. 
Frank lives in McCumb, Illinois, and has tw^o children, 
viz.: — Jonathan and Mary. 

(15) IDA BELLE the last of the family d. in 1886, 
in Omaha. She m. William King, left one child, Jennette 
Lynn King. 

The foregoing record contains as full an account of 
the descendants of ANDREW DUNCAN, SR. and his wife 
ANN SMITH, as can be giyen from material at hand, it is 
jjrobably correct and complete so far as it goes. 


We now pass on to the record of the Andrews branch 
of the family. ANDREW DUNCAN, SR., and his wife 
ELIZABETH ANDREWS had four children, of whom two 
died when young. Janet, d. an infant and Sampson, b. 
September 13, 1814, d. January 12, 1820. The record 
and story of the other son and daughter follows; 


Was bom on the old York county farm March 28, 
1810, d. at Bucyrus, Ohio, June 7, 1888, bd. in Oakwood 
cem. in that town, m. ELIZA, youngest daughter of John 
and Jannette Coe Gibson, at her parent's home in Seneca 
county, Ohio, December 22, 1836, Rev. Dunton performed 
the ceremony. ELIZA GIBSON was b. in Jefferson county, 
Ohio, near Steubenville, March 11, 1810, d. in Bucyrus, 
January 27, 1890, bd. in Oakwood cem. He was over six 
feet in height, spare and muscular, had a good constitution 
and escaped serious illness to the last. He was a man of 
intelligence and had strong religious convictions.. On 
the death of his father, the care of the farm and family 
devolved upon Washington. Of the original plantation 
there were about three hundred acres and some personal 
effects left to Elizabeth Duncan and her children by the 
Will of Andrew Duncan Sr., the farm was very poor and 
was sold for $3.00 per acre. The entire estate, when debts 
were paid, amounted to about $900.00. The children of 
the first wife, except Catherine, had been previously pro- 
vided for. Washington and a friend, Anderson, in the 
Fall of 1831 "footed it over the mountains" into Ohio, 
returning in June 1832. In May 1833 the family went 
West by wagon, with them went a negro lad, John Jackson 
and Rebecca Livingston of mixed blood. They reached 
Tuscarawas county, Ohio, in about a month, in November 
the same year arrived on the quarter section of land, pur- 
chased from the government at $1.25 per acre. The pa- 
tent to which was signed "Andrew Jackson, President." 
This farm is in Texas Tp., Crawford county, two miles and 
one half south of the Base line. Here the children were 
born. In 1877 the old farm was sold and the family 
moved to Bloomville, Seneca county, and in June 1886 to 

The children of Washington Duncan were, Sarah 

Jane, Andrew Cathcart, John Kendall Gibson, Ann Eliza- 
beth, Ce )iq pnylin e. Polly Ellen, Art 
Hugh "Welch. Their history follow??' 

(1) SARAH JANE. b. September 1, 1837, m. 
Henry W. Myers, a native of Pennsylvania. June 7, 1864, 
Rev. S. Cook, officiating. Mr. Myers had charge of schools 
in Agency City, Osceola and Creston.Iowa. and at Hastings, 
Nebraska, at which places the family lived from 1SG6 to 
1905, when they removed to Tropico, near Los Angeles, 
California. They have two daughters, viz.: — Ida I. D. 
and Hattie T. both born in Agency City, Iowa. 

(2) ANDREW CATHCART. b. June 13. 1839. 
enlisted in company K.. 49th O. V. I. Capt. James Pat- 
terson, January 1862. captured at Chicamauga, September 
20, 1863 and died in Andersonville prison. October 1, 1864 
of starvation, bd. in National cemetry, Andersonville, Ga. 
He was of medium height and well made. 

(3) JOHN KENDALL GIBSON, b. May 25, 1841. 
enlisted in company G. 49th O. V. I., in August 1861, was 
killed at Chicamauga, in the forenoon of Sunday, Septem- 
ber 20, 1863, bd. in the National cem. at Chattanooga. 
He was over six feet tall and muscular. 

(4) ANN ELIZABETH, b. April 8, 1843, m. Lewis 
C. Feighner, attorney, a native of Ohio, May 25, 1882. 
Rev. Hart performing the ceremony, at Bloomville, Ohio, 
now resides at the home in Bucyrus, at which her parents 

-/I (5) CELIA EMELINE. b. July 22, 1845, m. John 

W. Canary, attorney, November 8, 1866, he was b. in Cleve- 
land, Ohio, July 5, 1843, d. August 30, 1900, in Bowling, 
Green, Ohio, to which place they went in 1868. 
He was in company A. 8th Ohio Vol. Inf., during the Civil 
War. They had three sons and two daughters, viz. : 
Russell Duncan, b. October 15, 1867, at the old 
Duncan home, Crawford county, m. Angie O. Buchanan, 
at Hiawatha, Kansas, February 22, 1891, has two children, 
Wayne B.. b. January 3. 1892, Gladys D. b. July 31, 1896, 
Julia, d. in infancy. He l£i L,.£jdb^n , the oldest daughter, 

I was b. March 5, 1870, m Bowling Green,, Ohio. 

^ John W., b. Arpil 17, 1872. d. August 30, 1872. 

Spencer Andrews, b. May 13. 1874. m. Lucy L. 


Chaney, of Bowling Green, December 8, 1903 and has a 
little son, John Sumner Canary, b. January 7, 1905. 

Irene M. the youngest child of Celia E. Duncan Can- 
ary, was b. January 8, 1884, m. Frank C. Moores of Toledo, 
Ohio, June 11, 1904. 

(6) POLLY ELLEN, b. October 22, 1847, m. James 
M. Smith, a native of Virginia, at Bloomville, Ohio, May 
14, 1878, had three children, viz.: — Arthur G., b. in Tiffia, 
February 23, 1879, his twin sister d. when a few weeks old. 
Hugh C, b. in Bloomville, December 30, 1881, he m. Leila 
Z. Hendricks, of Ada, Ohio, November 30, 1905. The 
family resides in Ada, Ohio. 

(7) ARTHUR MCDOWELL M. D., b. January 
18, 1850, m. Adelaide H. Young, of New Lisbon, Ohio, 
April 9, 1890, she d. very suddenly at Bucyrus, Ohio, June 
24, 1899 and her infant son perished with the 
in Oakwood cem. They had three daughters now with 
Dr. Duncan in Los Angeles, to which city he removed from 
Bucyrus, in 1903. They are, Carol A., b. March 11, 1891, 
Ethel EHzabeth, b. April 20, 1892 and Lois E., b. January 
30, 1894. 

(8) HUGHjyj:j,gH, attorney, youngest child of 
Washington Duncan, b. August 29, 1852, m. Gertrude 
May Memberry, near Selma, California, January 25, 1894, 
Rev. Louis Sanford officiating. She was b. April 5, 1866 
near Clarno, Greene county, Wisconsin, her parents were 
James Memberry, deceased, a native of Devonshire, Eng- 
land and Martha Bowman of Quebec, Canada. The chil- 
dren of Hugh W. and Gertrude M. Duncan were, Estella 
Eliza, b. November 4, 1894 at No. 1970 Lovelace avenue, | 
d. at No. 762 Garland avenue, Sunday, September 20, I 
1903, of valvular disease of the heart, buried in Rosedale | 
cem. Arthur Gibson, b. at No. 1970, Lovelace avenue. May | 
3, 1897. Attorney Duncan has resided in Los Angeles | 
since November 2, 1887, address No. 762 Garland avenue. 


Was the youngest and last survivor of the Andrew 
Duncan Sr. family. She was b. June 26, 1817 and d. at 
Bucyrus, Ohio, December 2, 1899, childless. She m. 
Arthur Andrews, February 22, 1838 and until 1885, when 


they removed to Bucyrus, lived one mile north of Wash- 
ington Duncan's farm. They acquired considerable prop- 
ertv, were liberal and highly esteemed. Their old farm 
home was a gathering place for all. Andrews was b. 
September 16, 1808, in Chester county, Pennsylvania, d. 
suddenly August 20, 1890, in Bucyrus. Both are buried 
at the old Eden Presbyterian Churchyard which is part of 
the farm on which they spent 47 years. 

The following information in regard to the families 
from whom the wives of Andrew Duncan Sr. came, is of 
family interest. 


William Smith was b. about 1718 and d. in 1793, 
his wife Catherine Campbell of Scotland later, were very 
early settlers in York county, near Cross Roads, the old 
farm being now occupied by descendants of their grandson 
William Duncan. William Smith was a magistrate, an 
elder in the old Round Hill or Hopewell Church and no 
small figure in his day. They had four daughters and 
one son, the latter d. in his 26th year unmarried. The 
daughters were, ANN who m. ANDREW DUNCAN, SR. 
Margaret, m. Col. John Kelly, of Lower Chanceford, Sarah, 
m. Robert Gemmel, of Hopewell Twp., and Catherine, the 
youngest, m. Samuel Fulton, of Baltimore and moved to 
Washington county. Of the family of Elizab^;th Andrews, 
Andrew Duncan Sr.'s second wife, we have a fuller account 
as follows : 



JAMES ANDREWS, b. in Derry, Ireland and his 
wife, Janet Campbell, sister of Catherine Campbell Smith, 
in Scotland. Of the Campbell family it is said that 
during the persecutions of the Presbyterians one young 
woman was tied to a stake on the seashore and drowned 
by the inflow of the tide. The Andrews family also suffered 
for the faith and were in the seige of Londonderry, April 18, 
1690 to August 1690, both families were of good stock, and 
the ANDREWS-CAMPBELL family fine specimens of the 
Scotch-Irish race. There were three sons and five daugh- 
ters in this family, to-wit: — John, Robert, James, Ann, 
Nancy, Jane, Mrs. Downing and Elizabeth, some of 
whom were born in Ireland. We have the following ac- 
count of them, viz.: — 

John was drowned in the Susquehanna river; Robert, 
d. about 1840 and James d. February 13, 1843. The last 
two are bd. at Round Hill. Ann, m. but seems to have 
been left a widow in early life, she d. 1850 at York, in her 
93rd year, her husband's name was Gordon. One daugh- 
ter m. Mr. Downing. They both d. in Belmont county, 
Ohio, in 1834, had three sons, William, John and Alex., 
who also lived in Belmont county. There were at least 
two daughters, names not known. 

Nancy, m. Mr. Gallagher, settled in Belmont county, 
and d. 1850. She had a son Thomas and two daughters, 
Nancy and Ann, who d. in Perry county, Ohio, at an ad- 
vanced age, unmarried. 

Jane, b. 1773, m. James Griffith, in York county, 
moved to Belmont county, Ohio, he d. in 1822, she d. in 
1853, near Rushville, Perry county, Ohio. They had 
three sons, James, Joseph and William, and three daugh- 
ters, Patsey, Betsey and Martha, all born in York county, 
Pennsylvania. Of William and Joseph we have no account. 
Betsey, m. a Mr. Paden, Patsey and Martha lived near 
Rushville, did not marry. Of James Griffith we have a full 


account. He was b. in 1807, m. Ellen Lee, in Belmont 
county, Ohio, settled in Texas Tp., Crawford county, Ohio. 
In 1830 his wife, d.May 10, 1857 and he, in January 1863, bd. 
at Eden. They had eight children, viz.: — Robert, Jane 
Ann, Joseph Vance, Martha Ellen, Miriam, Priscilla, and 
two children who died in infancy. Robert, attorney, d. 
in Detroit, Michigan, in 1886. Jane Ann, m. Harvey Pat- 
terson, d. April 1859, had one child, Jimmie, d. April 2, 
1864. Joseph Vance, m. Ellen Patterson, he d. November 
1886, had five children. 

Martha Ellen, d. in Kansas, in 1891. 

Miriam, m. Martin Berry, have several children, live 
at Junction City, Kansas. Priscilla, the youngest child 
b. December 20, 1846, m. Mr. Davidson, she d. 1899 at 
White City, Kansas, leaving three sons, viz.: — Robert L., 
William and James. 

ELIZABETH, the youngest child of James and 
Janet Campbell Andrews, b. in York county, Pennsylva- 
nia, June 24, 1779, m. ANDREW DUNCAN, SR., June 27, 
1809, d. December 20, 1853, having been paralyzed in 
speech and in one side for eight years previous to her death. 
The account of her descendants has been given. 



Old families of the name are found in England, 
Scotland and Ireland. The Scotch family has for escutch- 
on three keys, crest, a stork wounding herself and feeding 
her young with her blood, motto, ''Caslestes Pandels 
Portal.'' The English branch, storks in various forms 
and the Irish, for coat of arms a lion rampant and crest, a 
stork's head, the common use of the stork shows kin- 

Many of the names have been distinguished in art, 
literature and the law. In Colonial history they appear 
about 1720. One of Gen. Washington's god-fathers was 
Major Thomas Gibson. The Pennsylvania Gibsons were 
from Ireland and Presbyterians. Three brothers from 
Ireland settled in the Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania, 
in 1720. Sons of one of these emigrant brothers were 
Gen. John Gibson, b. 1740, in Lancaster county, d. 1822, 
at Pittsburg, bd. at Bradock. He was identified with 
the early history of the Ohio river region and to him Logan, 
Chief of the Mingoes, told his troubles, known as "Logan's 
Speech" as interpreted by Gibson to Thomas Jefferson 
and by him given in its present form to the public. The 
other son was Gen. George Gibson, b. 1747, d. December 
14, 1791, from wounds received in the battle of The Miami 
with the Indians. He was the father of John Bannister 
Gibson, b. November 8, 1780, at Carhsle, Pennsylvania, 
d. May 3,1853, having been judge of the Supreme Court 
of Pennsylvania, for thirty-five years. He studied law _y-.j^ ry /' 
at Carlisle, with his cousin, Thomas Duncan.—, /L^at^x, /^ X/ '^^Y^^***- 

A comparison made of the portraits of Judge Gibson ^ . ' ^P' 
and John Gibson of Seneca county, Ohio, and of their Z^^"*^*^"^! 
physical and mental characteristics show an unmistakable — ^ 
kinship. This together with nearness in age and locality ^^ 
of birth gives probability to the presumption that they J^ 
were cousins. ^^ 

The Gibsons were early identified with the history 


of Western Pennsylvania, and served in both the Revoluj 
tion and Indian wars. As to names we find that WiUiai 
and Capt. James Gibson, were members of the Presbyterj 
ian Church at Rock Springs, Washington county, 1768-^ 
1794. A Mary Gibson who d. at the age of 71 is buried 
there. In the Spring of 1781 the wife of one John Gibsoni 
was killed by the Indians in Fayette county, Pennsylvania.] 
The wife of Gen. John Gibson 1740-1822 was Ann, daugh- 
ter of Robert McDowell. A John Gibson who ser\'ed 
in the Revolution, married Sarah McDowell. The ancestrv 
of JOHN GIBSON of Seneca county, Ohio, is not definitely- 
shown by any record obtained so far. He said his father 
was an officer in the Revolution, and as he had an uncl< 
by the name of McDowell, the foregoing gives some clui 
to his parentage. His parents died when he was quiti 
small and he together with two brothers, was sent to ai 
uncle McDowell, in Kentucky. Ashe did not return to hi! 
birthplace until man grown, such family records as ma] 
have existed were perhaps lost or fell into other hands. 
Of the three brothers sent to Kentucky, one was killed 
by the Indians. Of the other we have no account. He 
had two half-brothers, viz. : — James and Robert Gibson, : 
one of whom was an officer in the army. 

The following is in the records of the descendants 
of JOHN GIBSON and is authentic history: 


Born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, May 18,' 
1778, died near Melmore, Seneca county, Ohio, "April 
12, 1852 aged 73 years, 10 months, 24 davs." He m. 
JEANNETTE COE, February 19, 1801. She was bom in 
Washington county, Pennsylvania, January 6, 1782. "died 
May 5, 1865, aged 83 years, 3 month, 29 days." Both 
buried at Block Meeting house graveyard. John Gibson 
was about six feet in height, spare and well muscled, capa"- 
ble of great endurance as proven in the days of flat boating 
on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, a business in which he 
engaged in early days. His eyes were blue, hair dark 
and complexion fair. He was an expert cabinet maker 
and builder, having served his apprenticeship in the trade 
under John Kendall, in Kentucky. Many of the early 
settlers in Seneca county, were buried in coffins made by 


him. His wife was of sturdy build and fair. She came of 
good Colonial Presbyterian stock, her ancestry having a 
place in these memoirs. The Gibsons perhaps lived for 
a year or two after their marriage in Pennsylvania, then 
moved to near Steubenville, Jefferson county, Ohio, the 
County Infirmary, now occupying land once a part of 
their farm. He built and kept the "Black Horse Tavern," 
near Steubenville. In October 1821 they removed to 
lands on Buckeye run, near Melmore, Seneca county, at 
which time he was well off for those days. The double log 
house in a few years gave place to a good brick one now 
in use. They had five daughters and six sons all born in 
Jefferson county except the youngest, James Allen. They 
were, Sally, Polly, Hetty, Patty, EHza, Robert McDowell, 
Moses Coe, John Kendall, Benjamin Milton, WiUiam 
Harvey and James Allen. They were much alike in phy- 
sical and mental characteristics, blue eyes, dark brown 
hair and fair complexion. They were of kindly disposi- 
tion, of a poetic and sanguine temperament and possessed 
rather remarkable memories and power of expression. 
In business matters they were venturesome and went into 
speculations in later life, which proved disastrous. 

Their story and that of their descendants is here 
briefly told: 


Born May 17, 1802, d. April 1, 1864, at her home 
two miles south of Melmore, Ohio, and is bd. at Block 
Meeting House, the Gibson burial place. Her sickness 
was of a few hours only, "Spotted fever" which within 
a few days carried off three more of the Gibson family. 
November 25, 1819, she m. Wilham Patterson, he was b. 
January 17, 1791, d. July 7, 1847. He was sheriff of Seneca 
county in 1830, and it is' said induced John Gibson to move 
to Seneca county, having previously made an inspection 
of that region himself. They had four sons and four daugh- 
ters, viz.: — EHza Ann, John, Harvey, James, Sallie, Rob- 
ert, Ellen and Martha. 

(1 ) ELIZA ANN, b. November 3, 1823, d. February 
21, 1903, near Melmore. She m. Robert Cooper Steele, a 
native of Pennsylvania November 19, 1846, he was b. 
December 1, 1819, d. January 22, 1899, both bd. at Bloom- 


\'ille, Ohio. They lived in Bloom Twp. for several years, 
then moved to a farm one mile south of Melmore, about 
1868, on which they died. They had three sons and three 
daughters, viz.: — William P., b. September 1847, d. at 
Tiffin, Ohio, August 20, 1905, bd. at Bloomville. James, 
b. December 1850, m. Rowena Frankhauser, December 
1882, he d. August 9, 1903 at Bloomville, at which place 
he is bd. He left one child, Marie P., b. Januarv 12, 1889. 
Eliza E., b. March 27, 1853, m. Dr. Thomas J. West, May 
17, 1883. He was b. August 18, 1836, d. at Tiffin, Novem- 
ber 18, 1903. They had five children, viz.: — Robert K, 
b. August 21, 1884, Mary and Martha, b. March 12, 1886. 
Martha d. October 29, 1886. James Herbert, b. December 
14, 1889 and Margaret Ann, b. August 11,1891. Robert 
G. the youngest son, b. February 14, 1857, m. Grace Brun- 
dage. He is a doctor and resides at ?iielmore 

Mary Louise and Martha Alice Steele, the youngest 
of the Steele family, live at Tiffin. 

(2) JOHN, b. July 20, 1825, m. EHzabeth Baker, 
davighter of Samuel Baker, of Melmore, November 24, 1852, 
has a son, Hal., who m. and lives at Melrose, Ohio, and a 
daughter Blanche who m. Edmund Staley and has three 

(3) HARVEY, b. April 25, 1827, and d. a few 
years ago near Moberly, Missouri. He m. Jane Ann Grif- 
fith, daughter of James Griffith, 1857. She d. April 1859, 
leaving a son "Jimmie" who d. April 2, 1864 of "Spotted 
fever," Harvey m. his second wife, Celia Holmes about 
1863, she d. of "Spotted fever," April 6, 1864, being the 
third death in the Patterson family of the same disease 
within a week. After going to Missouri, Harvey remarried 
had children of whom we have no record. 

(4) JAMES, attorney, b. January 6, 1829, d. 
November 19, 1886, at Springfield, Missouri, in which 
city he resided for twenty years previously, m. Mary 
Ellen Fisher of Tiffin, 1853, was Capt. of Co. K. 49th O. 
V. I. and after going to Missouri, was district Attorney, 
for several years. He left two sons, James and John, and 
two daughters, Jessie and Lizzie. 

(5) SALLIE, b. January 14, 1831, m. Henr>' 
Gregg, of Melmore, March 12, 1857. He d. suddenly of 
heart failure in the depot of the New York, St. Louis and 


Chicago R. R. at Chicago, October 7, 1893. They had 
four children, viz.: — Edward P., b. June 24, 1858, d. 
November 1905. He m. Annie Myers, of Weston, Ohio, 
May 4, 1885 and left a daughter, Nellie, b. July 7, 1887. 
William H., the second son, b. December 10, 1859, d. 
August 10, 1902. Mary E. "Mell," b. April 16, 1862. 
Benjamin G., youngest, b. November 24, 1863, d. January 
26, 1904. Mrs. Gregg and her daughter reside in Toledo. 

(6) ROBERT, b. September 2, 1833, went to 
California in 1858 with Dr. Gibson and others, after spend- 
ing several years there went to Arizona. He was a type 
of thousands of young men who went to the gold fields, 
spent their lives in wandering from one camp to another, 
until old age came on. In 1900 James Steele and family 
spent the winter in Arizona. Patterson visited them. 
They were the only and the last, of his relatives he saw 
after leaving home in 1858. He d. February 12, 1903 at 
Florence, Arizona. 

(7) ELLEN, b. April 13, 1836, d. at Springfield, 
Missouri, 1880, m. Joseph Vance Griffith, son of James 
Griffith, February 1858. He d. November 1866, in Kan- 
sas, was found dead beside his horse from which he had 
fallen while on a deer hunt, heart failure. They had five 
children, from last accounts they were living near Spring- 
field, Missouri; they were, Fred, Jennie, Cora, Oscar and 

(8) MARTHA, the youngest of the Patterson 
family, was b. March 12, 1839, m. John Gregg, son of 
Andrew Gregg and brother of Henry, November 29, 1858. 
He d. in Toledo, October 30, 1904. They had five chil- 
dran, viz.: — Clinton, b. October 16, 1859, killed by being 
thrown from a horse in 1871. Sallie, b. May 5, 1861, m. 
J. Collins, of Toledo, 1880. He d. July 2, 1903, had a son 
Floyd, b. March 25, 1884, resides in Toledo. Charles, 
b. May 1, 1863, was killed in a Stave Factory in Bairds- 
town, Ohio, May 13, 1877. Dollie, b. April 7, 1868, m. 
Frank Gearing, September 1893. Lives in Findley, Ohio, 
and has two sons, viz.: — Gregg, b. March 25, 1898 and 
Robert L., b. October 27, 1899. 

Mattie or Maude, the youngest of the family of 
Martha Patterson, lives with her mother in Toledo. 






Born December 9, 1803, d. at Green Springs, Ohio, 
June 6, 1869, bd. at Tiffin, M. Hugh Welch, September 
18, 1823. He was b. February 18, 1801, d. September 16, 
1884 and is bd. at Tiffin. He was six feet four inches in 
height and athletic, as a young man spent some time with 
the Indians in Ohio before the settlers came. Was one 
of the early judges of Seneca county, but gave most of his 
time to farming. Lived in early years a few miles west of 
the Gibson home, then moved to a farm on which a portion 
of South Addition of Tiffin is built, then about 1866 went! 
to Green Springs. In this family were two daughters and 
one son, the latter dying at four years of age and is bd. in 
the Sw w i ii3 graveyard, west of Melmore. The daughters 
were Eliza Jane and Maria, dates of birth are lacking. 

(1) ELIZA JANE, m. WilHam Watson, lived sev- 
eral years one mile north of Melmore and about 1866 
moved to near McClure, Henry county, Ohio, where he d. 
about 1880, and where some of the family now reside. 
There were ten children in this family. They were 
as follows: — Hugh Welch, who married Miss Jackson, 
d. 1879, leaving a daughter. Mary, m. a brother of Hugh 
W.'s wife and d. years ago, leaving a son. Maria, d. near 
Melmore at the age of three years from the effects of a 
burn. William V. is a doctor and lives at Florence, Col- 
orado. James, m. and lives in Henry county, his brother 
David lives with him. Leonard the youngest son, d. 
November 7, 1905 at the age of twenty -nine years. Irene, 
m. Dr. Eifer, lives at Mal^nta, Ohio. Annie, d. in infancy. 

(2) MARIA, the youngest daughter of Polly 
Gibson, was of fine physique, dark hair and eyes and rather 
swarthy like her father. Her fine voice and other natural 
gifts seem to have given her advantages which it was her 
ambition to turn stageward, but fate decided otherwise. 
She m. Frank McBride, in 1865. Two daughters were 
born, viz.: — Minnie and Adah, the latter d. in 1888, leav- 
ing two children and Minnie lives in Toledo. Maria Welch 
d. 1888 and her husband some years before. 


Born October 22, 1805, d. September 6, 1847 and 

is bd. at Old Sycamore, Wyandotte county, Ohio. She 
m. James Law Harper, 1824. Rev. James B. Finley, 
first missionary to the Wyandotte Indians, officiating. 
Harper was b. April 1793 in Western Pennsylvania, d. 
July 14, 1871 bd. at the Union Church, near his farm in 
Wyandotte county. He was sheriff of Crawford county 
two terms. They had five children, viz.: — Samuel Mc- 
Dowell, John Gibson, Jane, Ellen and James Franklin. 
Their record is as follows: J"^3.2883H 

(1) SAMUEL McD., b. December 25, ^825, d. 
in Sedgwick county, Kansas, November 21, 1879, m. Miss 
Pancost, 1848 or 1849. She d. 1855, leaving a daughter 
Florence, b. February 4, 1850. She m. Mr. Leeper who 
recently d. in Toledo, the family home. Florence has 
four boys. Harper was Capt. in the 49th O. V. L 1861-1865 
At the conclusion of the War he returned home and m. 
Miss Poole, went to Kansas about 1875. He left three 
sons of the last marriage now living near Moscow, Kansas. 

(2) JOHN G. b. February 25, 1829, d. December 
25, 1829. 

(3) JANE, b. August 23, 1831, m. Stephen Y. 
Bowers, July 21, 1853. He d. April 23, 1861, leaving a 
son , Brink, born 1854, and died 1903, and two 
daughters,one of whom, Cora, b. 1856, m. John Laugabaugh, 
moved to Kansas and d. in 1899, leaving three children. 
The youngest daughter, Mattie, b. 1859, m. Horatio 
Markley and d. 1900 in Morrow county, Ohio, leaving two 
daughters and one son. Jane Harper remarried and lives 
near Seal P. O., Wyandotte county, her second husband's 
name is Morris. 

(4) ELLEN, youngest daughter of Hetty Gibson, 
was b. July 12, 1833, m. Thomas Reynolds in 1854, present 
residence, Chicago. She has a son John and two daugh- 
ters, one of whom, Alice, m. Mr. Conklin and lives in Chi- 
cago. Cora, the other, m. John H. Bogue, and lives in 
St. Louis. 

(5) JAMES F., the youngest of the Harper family 
was b. December 1, 1836, and d. in Sedgwick county, 
Kansas, in 1890, was 2nd Lieutenant in 49th O. V. L, m. 
Julia Jaqueth in 1867, left one son, now married, living 
near Moscow, Kansas, and a daughter, also married, 
living at Goddard, Kansas. 



Born June 17, 1807, d. June 9, 1808, she was bd. 
in Jefferson county. 


The fifth and youngest daughter of John Gibson, 
was bom March 11, 1810 at the old Jefferson county home, 
d. January 27, 1890, in Bucyrus, Ohio, and rests in Oak- 
wood cem. in that citv. On December 22, 1836 at the 
Gibson home, she m. WASHINGTON DUNCAN, of York- 
county, Pennsylvania, who was b March 28, 1810 and d, 
at Bucyrus, June 7, 1888. As an account of the children 
of this branch of the Gibson family has been given a place 
in the memoirs of the descendants of ANDRE'W' DUNCAN 
SR., onlv the names of the eight children of Eliza Gibson 
need be'given here. They were, (1) SARAH JANE, (2) 

In this connection should be recorded the name of 
REBECCA LIVINGSTONE, who came with the Duncan 
family to Ohio and after the marriage of Washington, 
made her home with the Gibsons until her death in 1856. 
She was part Indian and was remembered as an intelli- 
gent and devoted member of the household. She is buried 
beside the elder Gibsons. 

(6) ROBERT McDowell GIBSON. 

Bom May 22, 1812, d. May 20, 1878, at Bairdstown, 
Wood county, Ohio, and is bd. one mile north of that 
place. M. Laura S. Hough, at Melmore, April 20, 1847, 
she was b. July 30, 1823, in Delaware county, Ohio, d. 
September 13, 1904, at Lansing, Michigan. He studied 
medicine with Dr. Bates, in Melmore in 1844, practiced 
there until 1854, then removed to Tiffin, spent two years 
in California, returning home by sea, arriving in New York- 
the day Fort Sumpter was fired upon, April 1861. In 
early practice he became infected and the later years of 
his life was a great sufferer, losing an arm from that cause ' 
about two years before his death he removed to Bairds- 


town. He died of heart failure after retiring to bed, his 
family not knowing he had passed away until in the morn- 
ing. There were a son and daughter in this family, viz. : 
Don Reznor and Delia Hough. The story of their lives 

(1) DON REZKOR, b. at Melmore, February 26, 
1852, d. at Tiffin, August 12, 1905, after many years of 
suffering from spinal disease. October 17, 1883 he m. 
Lucy McNeal, b. October 21, 1862, in Summit county, 
Ohio, had two children, viz.: — Robert A., b. June 2, 1886, 
d. Jime 5, 1886, Edna EHzabeth, b. at Tiffin, August 7, 

(2) DELIA HOUGH, b. in Tiffin, July 1, 1859. 
m. Ralph W. Morse, a dentist of Lansing, Michigan, where 
the family resides. Their three children are, Robert M., 
b. July 1, 1889, Laura E., b. April 9, 1891 and Marian, 
b. October 2, 1895. Delia is the youngest grandchild of 
John Gibson, now living. 


Born October 25, 1814, d. September 26, 1893, 
very suddenly of heart failure, at Butler, Indiana, while 
on his way from Kansas to his old home in Ohio, having 
spent a few days at the World's Fair, at Chicago. He m. 
Mary Jane Steele, a sister of Robert Cooper Steele, Novem- 
ber 8, 1838. She was b. May 2, 1817, d. July 26, 1900, 
both are b. at Tiffin. For about forty years they lived on 
a farm four miles West of the Gibson home, then removed 
to Winfield, Kansas, where the two youngest daughters 
now reside. Had eight children, viz.: — John Kendall, 
James Steele, Jane Eliza, William, Alfred, Mary, Mattie 
and Margaret. Their record follows: 

(1) JOHN K., b. August 12, 1839, m. Kate Beery 
in 1861 by whom he had a daughter Mattie, who m. Mr. 
Ireland. She has a son, Loyd, and lives in Fostoria, Ohio. 
John K. was a lieutenant in the 49th O. V. I., was wounded 
by gunshot in the head in the battle at Alanta, Georgia, 
was sent home and in June, 1865 died from the injuries, 
is bd. at Mexico, near the old home. 

(2) JAMES S., b. August 2, 1842 was in the 49th 
O. V. I. and was killed by cannon shot in the afternoon 


of Sunday, September 20, 1863, battle of Chicamauga. 
Buried in the National cem. there. 

(3) JANE E., b. September 27, 1844, m. George 
Gries, September 10, 1874 and lives at Tiffin. Had five 
children, viz.:— Marv, b. November 28, 1875, d. May 11, 
1880. Carrie G., b' September 20, 1877. Bessie M., b. 
January' 18, 1881. George G., b. August 12, 1883 and 
Rosco W. b. November 1, 1885. 

(4) WILLIAM, b. September 29, 1847, d. January 
9, 1851. 

(5) ALFRED, b. May 2, 1850, m. Clara H. Eaton, 
in 1877 and lives at Butler, Indiana, has a daughter Grace, 
and had a son who died in infancy. 

(6) MARY, b. September 27, 1852, resides in 
Winfield, Kansas. 

(7) MATTIE, b. March 7 1855, resides in Win- 
field, Kansas. 

(8) MARGARET, youngest child of Moses Coe 
Gibson, b. October 24, 1858, d. in infancy. 


Was born November 13, 1816, and died August 8, 
1841 and lies beside his parents and sister Sally in the old 
graveyard on the "Base Line" where once stood the pioneer 
church known as the Block Meeting House. He was a 
graduate of the class of 39 or 40 Washington-Jefferson 
College ; in the history of that famous institution is known 
as "Paul" Gibson, from his unusual mental powers and 
eloquence. His last speech was at old Fort Meigs, June 
1840, before a vast assembly among them, Gen. W. H. 
Harrison, the elder. He had nearly completed his law 
studies in the office of Rawson and Pennington, at Tiffin, 
when he was stricken with typhoid fever and returned to 
the old farm to die. His untimely death was a sore trial 
to his friends and a national loss. 


Born November 15, 1818, died at Gibsonburg, Ohio,. 
October 24, 1872 and is bd. one mile south of that place. 
He was the last of the family to leave the old farm. On 


the death of his mother, the farm was sold and the great 
amount of effects which accumulate on a place occupied 
by a large family for many years were sold at auction and 
many articles which would now be prized as heir looms 
fell into the hands of strangers. Benjamin, m. Martha 
Corbett in 1865 and after the sale in the spring of that 
year, moved to Portage, Wood county, Ohio and later 
to a farm, upon a portion of which the town of Gibsonburg 
now stands. He met his death from being crushed under 
a tree which he was felling, but lived a great sufferer for 
some weeks after the accident. He left a son (1 ) FRANK 
who may be living but has not been heard of for many 
years and two daughters, viz.: — Cora and Emma. ^ ^ 

(2) CORA, m. Ira C. I^e^?*prosperous farmer, /¥^^^^^^ 
lives near Tiffin and has one son and two daughters. 

(3) EMMA, m. Mr. Scott and also Hves near 

The widow of Benjaimn M. Gibson, d. 1876 and is 
bd. in the Searles graveyard southeast of Tiffin. 

Gibson was a Capt. in the 136th O. V. I., but did 
not see much service in the War. 


Was born May 16, 1821 and died at Tiffin, Ohio, 
November 22, 1894. At the age of twenty-one studied 
law in the office of Rawson and Pennington, in Tiffin. 
Became an accomplished speaker in early life and for many 
years preceding his death, was recognized as one of the 
great orators of his time. May 25, 1847 he m. Martha 
Matilda Creeger, at Tiffin, Rev. Franklin Putnam officiat- 
ing. Mrs. Gibson was b. at Graceham, Maryland, February 
26, 1823 and d. at Tiffin, August 16, 1903, both are bd. in 
the Tiffin cem. Gen. Gibson organized and was the Col- 
onel of the 49th Regiment O. V. I., leaving for the front 
September 10, 1861. Subsequently he was brigade com- 
mander, and in 1880 Adjutant General of Ohio. At a 
gathering of distinguished leaders of the Republican party 
in Columbus, Ohio, February 13, 1894 after one of his best, 
as it was fated to be one of his last speeches, he nominated 
William McKinley, as the standard bearer of the party 
for the campaign of 1896. It is said that General Gibson 


made more speeches, and his voice was heard by more 
people, than any man in the Republican party. 

For a history of this member of the family of John 
Gibson, The "Life and Speeches of General Wm. H. Gibson" 
by David Dwight Bigger, D. D., will be found satisfactory. 
General Gibson had four children, all born at Tifhn. They 
were, Ella, William Ernest, Milton Harvey and Jennie 
Matilda, of whom the record reads: 

(1 ) ELLA, b, March 5, 1850, m. Dallas P. Dildine, 
of Tififin, September 25, 1872 and had four children, viz.: 
Cora G., b. July 24, 1873. Gibson P., b. July 21, 1875, m. 
Marie Mills, October 5, 1904 and Hves at Lima, Ohio. 
Laura M., b. October 19, 1880, d. October 31, 1881. The 
youngest child of Ella Gibson, Helen G., was b. October 
24, 1882. The family reside at No. 2475 Robinwood 
avenue, Toledo, Ohio. 

(2) WILLIAM ERNEST, b. August 28, 1854, d. 
September 23. 1878 at Tiffin^ at which place he is buried. 
His sicknesss was for a few days only and resembled yellow 
fever. He was of fine physique and a young man of much 

(3) MILTON HARVEY, b. December 12, 1858, 
d. January 21, 1862, very suddenly of membranous croup; 
his father was then at Camp Wood, Kentucky. 

(4) JENNIE MATILDA, the youngest child of 
Gen. Gibson and the youngest of the grand children of 
John Gibson, was b. April 21, 1861 and d. at Barnesville, 
Ohio, October 13, 1897. February 10, 1891 she m. Edwin 
Bradfield, of Barnesville, at which place she is buried and 
her husband and her two little boys reside. These sons 
are WilHam G.,b. April 30,1892 and Edmund S. b. April 9, 


The youngest of the family of John and Jeannette 
Coe Gibson, was b. in Seneca county, Ohio, February 3. 
1823 and d. November 26, 1898 at Chapman, Kansas, and 
is bd. there. M. Margaret A. Poole, December 19, 1850. 
She was born in Frederick county, Maryland, October 10, 
1825 and is today the only one living of the Gibson family 
of the second generation. They lived for many years on 
a farm two miles north of Sycamore, Wyandotte county, 


then moved to Kansas about 1879. Had three children, 
viz. : — Albert Eugene, Frank Marion and AHce O. 

(1) ALBERT E., was b. in Seneca county, Decem- 
ber 27, 1851, m. LilHe, daughter of Thomas Griffith, Decem- 
ber 16, 1875. Of this marriage were born seven children, 
viz.: — Frances G., b. at Sycamore, Ohio, December 2, 
1876. James Coe, b. at the same place, November 18, 
1878. WilHam G., b. August 21, 1881 at Chapman, Kan- 
sas. Emily M., b. January 14, 1884 at Council Grove, 
Kansas. Homer W., b. September 24, 1886. Robert R., 
b. March 23, 1889 and Jay G., b. April 1, 1890, d. Septem- 
ber 7, 1890. The three last named were b. at Chapman, 
Kansas. The family resides in Kansas City, Missouri. 

(2) FRANK MARION, b. September 18, 1853, d. 
September 17, 1880 at Chapman, Kansas, and was buried 
at that place. 

(3) ALICE; the youngest child of James A. Gib- 
son, was b. October 11, 1856 and d. of "Spotted fever" 
April 8, 1864 and rests beside her grandparents in the old 
"Block Meeting House" graveyard. She was the fourth 
one of the Gibson relatives who died of the same dread 
disease within eight days. James A. Gibson was a Capt. 
of reserve troops in 1862-1864 and like the whole family 
was patriotic and energetic in support of the Union. Dur- 
ing the troublous days of the Civil War, no assembly lacked 
an eloquent speaker to defend the Federal administration 
if a Gibson were present, indeed it may be said of them 
all as was said by President McKinley in his address at 
the funeral of Gen. Gibson, of him, "His piety was broad 
enough to include every creed, and his patriotism wide 
enough to cover the whole country." 

We now pass to the record of the family from which 
the wife of JOHN GIBSON came, and from it, it will be 
seen that no mean heritage fell to JEANNETTE COE 



ROBERT COE, sometimes spelled Cooe, was bap- 
tized 1596 and his wife Anna 1591 in Long Melford, Suffolk 
county, England, and on April 30, 1634 with their three 
sons, John, Robert and Benjamin, sailed from Ipswich, 
England in the ship Francis, Captain John Cutting, mas- 
ter, arrived in Boston, After living in Hempstead, New 
York and other places, settled with other Presbyterian 
families on Long Island and was one of the founders of 
the town of Jamaica and an organizer of the Church there, 
conceded to be the oldest Presbyterian Church in the 
United States, having an unbroken history to the present 
congregation. Here Robert Coe, was a judge and deputy 
high sheriff. He d. 1688, his wife Anna about 1674. 
He had a second wife, Jane Smith, a widow. 

Of the three sons, BENJAMIN, m. Abigal Carman, 
he was prominent in the affairs of his time, dying at Jamaica 
Long Island, about 1702. He had sons, Benjamin, Daniel, 
John and Joseph. Of the four sons, JOSEPH, m. Judah 

. They were living at Jaimaca as late as May 

1714. Then with others moved to Morristown, New 
Jersey, where he was an elder in the Presbyterian church, 
last met with the church session, November 8, 1759, being 
then an old man he probably died shortly after, had two 
sons, Joseph and Benjamin. Of these BENJAMIN, m. 
Rachel Pruden, b. 1716, d. at Morristown, New Jerse}'', 
December 20, 1776, he was probably b. about 1714 and d. 
at an advanced age, perhaps in Washington county. Pa. 
He was a memebr of the Morristown Church as early as 
1745, being demitted from that church to Redstone, Pa., 
September 12, 1777. There were the following children 
of this marriage, viz.: — Ebenezer, b. 1740. Daniel, b. 
1741. Phede, b. 1743. Patience, b. 1745. Uzal, b. 1747. 
Benjamin, b. 1748. Moses, b. August 18, 1750. Patience, 
(No. 2), b. 1755. Peter, b. 1753. Rachel, b. 1757. Jane 
b. 1759. Elizabeth, b. 1761 and Titus, b. 1767. It must 


always be borne in mind that in old records the dates of 
baptism and not of birth of child is the custom followed. 
Of this numerous family of Benjamin and Rachel 
Pruden Coe, all were no doubt born in Morristown and 
some married there. At least three sons are enrolled in 
the Revolution roster of soldiers of that war. Several, 
if not most of the family went "West" which was then the 
Ohio River region, of these pioneers one of the sons MOSES 
was the father of Jennette Gibson. 

MOSES COE, b. in Morristown, New Jersey, August 
18, 1750, m. Sarah Howell, March 26, 1778. She was of 
Welsh descent, whether of the famous family of the How- 
ells of Philadelphia and Morristown, or of some other 
Welsh family of that name is not clear. They moved to 
Washington county, Pennsylvania, where he was an elder 
in a Presbyterian Church as early as 1791 and a buyer 
and seller of land as early as 1793 and had a mill and was 
an owner of lands in Jefferson county, Ohio, which by his 
will dated March 27, 1813 and probated March 30, 1813, 
were divided between his two elder sons, Benjamin and 
Moses. The elder Moses Coe, d. in Washington county, 
Pennsylvania, March 28, 1813 and his wife Sarah Howell 
April 26, 1813. At the present writing we have no record 
where they were buried or of what Church they were 
members. They had a large family of whom we have 
this record: viz. 

Esther, b. June 19, 1779,m. Daniel Crane. She was b. 
in New Jersey, the rest in Pennsylvania, which would in- 
dicate that Moses Coe, moved to Washington county, in 
1779-1780. Rachel, b. January 26, 1781. 

JEANNETTE, b. Januarv 6, 1782, m. JOHN GIB- 
SON, February 19, 1801. She d. May 5, 1865 (See Gibson 
family. ) 

Elizabeth, b. November 29, 1783. 

Benjamin, b. October 15, 1785, m. Elizabeth Bell, 
February 5, 1811. Some of his descendants resided at Win- 
tersville, Jefferson county, Ohio, within recent years. 

Llewellyn, b. November 20, 1787. 

Mary, b. November 21, 1789, m. Mr. Allison. 

Moses, b. December 27, 1791, m. Esther Harrah. 

Sarah, b. July 19, 1794, m. Mr. Kerr or Carr. 

Phillip, b. August 10, 1798. 


11 100? ' ^- ^^"""^^ ^' ^^^^' "^^ ^^n^ Gladden, April 
11, 1822, a son, Joseph, was residing in Springfield, Mass. 
at a late date. Daniel lived and died in Union county, 
Ohio, near Millford. Some of the family moved to near 
Galesburg, Ilhnois. One of the sons was lost on an ex- 
plonng trip m the eariy history of Ohio and was never 

Recent research has traced the family back to John 
Coe in Essex county, England, 1403 and to Jefifr\^ Coo in 
Norfolk county, England, 1458. The family type is strong 
m all the branches, blue eyes, light brown hair, fair and 
fresh complexion, good voices and fond of music We 
are indebted to David Coe, Secretary of the Coe Associa- 
tion, for much of the history of the family; his address is, 
Stratford, Conn. 

In concluding this record attention is called to the 
incomplete history or lack of certain data in regard to the 
ancestry of James Duncan of Chest ut Level, Lancaster 
county, and of John Gibson of Washi,. ton county Penn- 
sylvama, (1778-1852.) Any informati n in regard to , 
this or any other matter of interest, to complete, correct 
or add to this record will be gratefully received by the 
person responsible for this attempt to perpetuate the brief 
history of some of the pioneer families of America. 

762 Garland Avenue, Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 1905.