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This Collection is based upon the " Old Dundee 

Collection" of Mr A. C. Lamb, F.S.A.Scot., (died 

1897), presented by Edward Cox. Esq., M.A., of 

Cardean, in 1901. 










Specially prepared for the Worhfrom Ordnance and actual Surveys, 
and Corrected to present date. 




17 & 19 COWGATE. 
18 7 8. 

Price Four Shillings. 



IJOPOGKAPHICAL GuiDE, ... ... ... ... ... 1 

Municipal Ward Boundaries, ... ... ... ... 9 

List of Streets, Squares, Lanes, Entries, &c., ... ... 11 

Public Offices, Buildings, &c., ... ... ... ... 18 

Municipal Lists, ... ... ... ... ... ... 23 

Judicial Lists, ... ... ... ... ... ... 28 

Banking and Insurance Lists, ... ... ... ... 31 

Property and Investment Companies, ... ... ... 37 

Public Conveyances, ... ... ... ... ... 38 

Ecclesiastical Lists, ... ... ... ... ... 43 

Educational and Literary Institutions, ... ... ... 47 

Charitable and Benevolent Institutions, ... ... ... 62 

Miscellaneous Lists, ... ... ... ... ... 60 

Harbour and Shipping Lists, ... ... ... ... 71 

List of Shipping belonging to the Port op Dundee, ... ... 73 

Postal Directory, ... ... ... ... ... ... 77 

General Directory, ... ... ... ... ... ... 91 

Street Directory, ... ... ... ... ... ... 296 

Trades AND Professions Directory, ... ... ... ... 420 

LocHEE Directory, ... ... ... ... ... ... 483 

I Broughty Ferey Directory, ... ... ... ... ... 496 

Newport Directory, ... ... ... ... ... ... 61? 

Tayport Directory, ... ... ... ... 629 

Dundee Rural District Directory, ... ... ... ... 534 

Index to Advertisements, ... ... ... ... ... 648 




Aperdeenshire Association ... 66 
Albert Institute (Limited) ... 62 

Amateur Choral Union 64 

Amateur Musical Society ... 63 

Angling Clubs 65 

Anglo-Indian Christian Union ... 46 

Artillery Volunteers 66 

Bailie or Burgh Court 29 

Bailies 23 

Baldovan Asylum 64 

Band of the Artillery Volunteers 67 
Band of the Dundee RifleVolunteers 67 

Bank Holidays 32 

Banking Companies' Branches ... 31 

Baths, Public 66 

Baxter Park Trustees 56 

Bible Society (Dundee Auxiliary) 46 

Billet Master 24 

Blind, Dundee Institution for ... 56 
Bowling Club, Maryfield ... 65 

Boys and Girls Religious Associat. 45 
British Workman Public House, 



Buildings, Public 

Burgh Court 

Burial Board 

Burial Society, Dundee ... 
Cab Fares ... ... 

Cab Proprietors 

Cab Stands 

Caledonian Railway Co. 
Carriers, Country 


Cemetery Company 

Chamber of Commerce ... 

Chaplain of Prison 

Chemists and Druggists' Association 63 

Chess Club 66 

Choral Union, Amateur 64 

Churches 43 

Circuit Courts 28 


Clergy and Places of Worship ... 43 

Clothing Society 55 

Club and Institute, Dundee Work- 
ing Men's 63 

Coffee Rooms, Working Men's ... 22 

Collector of Customs 72 

Collector of Inland Revenue ... 60 

Commissary Deputies 29 

Commissary Officer 30 

Commissioners for taking Affi- 
davits to be used in English 

and Irish Courts 29 

Committees of Council 23 

Consuls (Vice) for Foreign States 22 

Convalescent Home 51 

Convalescent House 54 

Conveyances, Public 38. 

Corbet Fund, Broughty Ferry ... 516^ 

Corbet Library, Broughty Ferry 516 

Council Officer 24 

Councillors, Common 23 

Criminal Officers 30 

Cruelty to Animals, Society for 

Prevention of 57 

Curling Club, Dundee 65 

Customs, H.M 72 

Day Nursery 63 

Deaf and Dumb, Dundee Institu- 
tion for Education of 51 

Dundee Association for 

aiding the Education of 61 

Dean of Guild 26 

Dock Gates and Signals ... 71 

Dock Masters 71 

Dundee Bible Society 46 

Dundee Burial Board 25 

Dundee Boys and Girls Reli- 
gious Association 45 

Dundee Harmonic Society ... 63 

Dundee Parochial Board ... 26 

Dundee Philharmonic Society ... 64 



Dundee Savings Bank 31 

Dundee Scottish Musical Society ^ 64 
East of Scotland Mill and Factory 

Workers' Protective Association 63 

Eastern Club 65 

Educational Institute of Scotland, 

Local Association of 50 

Exchange Club 66 

Eye Institution ... 66 

Factory Act 62 

Faculty of Procurators & Solicitors 29 

Fairs and Markets 42 

Fast Days 46 

Female Society 55 

Fire Brigade 25 

Football Clubs 65 

Free Library, Museum, and Pic- 
ture Gallery ... ... ... 52 

Forfarshire Bicycle Club ... 65 

Forfar Light Horse 67 

Forfarshire Lunacy Board ... 68 

Foresters' Friendly Society ... 67 

Gardeners' Lodges 67 

Gas Commission 25 

Good Templar Lodges 67 

Governor of Prison 25 

Grocers' Benevolent Society ... 63 

Guild Clerk 26 

Guild Court 29 

Guild Officer ... 29 

Guildrj' Incorporation 26 

Hacknej'Carriages,Regulationsfor 41 

Hackney Carriage Proprietors ... 42 

Harbour Clerk 71 

Harbour Engineer 71 

Harbour Master 71 

Harbour Treasurer 71 

Harbour Trustees 71 

High School 47 

Highland Rifle Volunteers ... 67 

Home, The 55 

Horticultural Society 64 

Hotels and Inns 22 

House Proprietors' Protection As- 
sociation 63 

Humane Society 56 

Pi! OB 

Indigent Sick Society 155 

Industrial Schools Society ... 52 

Infirmary, Royal 53 

Inland Revenue (Excise) ... ]60 

(Stamps & Taxes :60 

Inspector of Poor, Dundee ... 27 

Liff & Benvie 27 

Insurance Companies' Agents ... 32 

Insurance Coys. (Local Boards)... 34 

Investment Companies(Property) 37 

LO.G.T. Lodges 67 

Justice of Peace Clerk 30 

Justice of Peace Court 30 

Justice of Peace Officers 30 

Justices of the Peace 30 

Liberal Association 63 

Library, Free 52 

Liflf and Benvie Parochial Board 27 

Light Keepers (River Tay) ... 71 

Lightship 71 

Lloyds' Surveyors 37 

Lodging House (Model) 56 

London MissionarySociety(Auxi- 

liary to) 46 

Lunacy Board, Forfarshire ... 63 

Lunatic Asylum, Royal 63 

Magistrates and Police Commis- 
sioners of Broughty Ferry ... 515 
Magistrates and Town Council ... 23 

Maltmen Incorporation 26 

Marine Board (Local) 72 

Marine Insurance Companies ... 36 

Markets 42 

" Mars" Training Ship Institution 52 

Masonic Lodges 68 

Matron of Prison 25 

Members of Parliament 23 

Men's Voice Choir 64 

Messengers-at-Arms 30 

Model Lodging-House Association 56 

Morgan Hospital 51 

Mortifications ... 57 

Municipal Wards, Boundaries of 9 

Councillors for 9 

Naturalists' Society 62 

Newspapers and Publications ... 62 

.4 ie Incorporated Trades 

N, kh British Railway Company 

Notaries Public 


Orphan Institution, Royal 

Drange Lodges 

Painters' Association (Masters)... 
Parcel Express Vans 
Parochial Board, Dundee 

Liif and Benvie 

Pilotage, River Tay and Harbour 

I Pilots, List of 

Police Board Committees 

Police Court, Judges of 

Procurator Fiscal of 

Broughty Ferry ... 


, 26 



Police Establishment 
Police Surgeon 
Police Treasurer 

Population of Burgh 8 

Postal, Dieectoey — 
Book Post, Colonial and Foreign 80 

Inland 79 

Government Insurances and 

Annuities 84 

Indian Parcel Post 84 

Mails,Arrivals and Departures of 86 
Miscellaneous Regulations ... 82 

Money Orders 82 

Newspapers, Inland 77 

Colonial and Foreign 78 

PatternPost, Colonial andForeign 80 
PillarLetter-Boxes, where Situ- 
ated,and Hours of Collection 
from ... 

Card Post, Inland 

Card Post, Foreign 

Post Office Savings Bank 
Private Ship, Letters, &c., by 
-Colonial and Foreign 


-Inland Letters 
—Unpaid Letters 

. 81 

, 83 
, 62 
. 25 
. 66 

Receiving Houses, where Situ- 
ated, and Hours of Collection 




Prison Visiting Committee 

Prison Establishment 

Prison Aid Society 

Procurators and Solicitors, Faculty 

of 29 

Property and Investment Com- 
panies 37 

Public Baths, 66 

Public Offices 18 

Railway Carriers 39 

Railway Companies 38 

Reading Rooms, Working Men's 22 

Recreation Grounds 26 

Registrars of Births, &c 27 

Registration Districts ... ... 27 

Rifle Volunteers 66 

Royal Exchange Reading Room 52 

Royal Iniirmary 53 

Royal Lunatic Asylum 53 

Royal National Lifeboat Institu- 
tion (Dundee Branch) 70 

Royal Orphan Institution ... 55 

St Crispin Lodge 67 

Savings Banks 31 

Savings Bank, Broughty Ferry 516 

School Board, Dundee 49 

, Broughty Ferry ... 515 

, Forgan 527 

, Tayport 533 

Schools 47 

Scottish Musical Society 64 

Scottish Ladies' Association for 
Female Education in India 

(Dundee Branch) 46 

Scottish Reformation Society(Dun- 

dee Branch) 45 

Seamen's Friend Society 56 

Session Clerk 46 

Sheriff Court 28 

Sheriff Criminal Officers ... 30 

Sheriff Officers 30 

Sheriff Officers for Counties of Fife 

and Perth resident in Dundee 30 

Sheriffs 28 


Sheriff-Substitutes, Auxiliary 

Shipping Companies 

Shipping belonging to the Port of 


Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mari 

ners' Society 

Sick Society, Indigent 

Stamps and Taxes, Assessor and 

Surveyor of 

Stamps and Taxes, Distributor 

and Collector of 
Stamp Duties (various) ... 
Streets, Squares, &c. 
Supreme Courts, Commissioners 

for taking Affidavits for 
Surveyor (Town) and Master of 


Tay Bridge Railway Company 

Tay Ferries 

Temperance Society 
Tonic Sol-fa Choral Society 



Town Architect 

Town Chamberlain 

Town Clerk 

Town Council Committees 

Town Mission, United Presbyterian 46 

Trades, Nine Incorporated ... 26 







Trades, Three United 526 

Tramway Company ^40 

Trinity House '72 

United Presbyterian Elders and 

Managers Association ... 46 

United Presbyterian Town Mission 46 

University Club 52 

Valuation Assessor ... ... 27 

Visiting Committee for Dundee 

Prison 62 

Volunteer Rifle and Artillery 

Companies ... ... ... 66 

Volunteer Band (Rifle) 67 

Volunteer Band (Artillery) ... 67 

Ward Boundaries 9 

Water Commission 24 

Western Club 65 

Whale Fishing Companies ... 72 

Whist Club, S. & T 65 

Working Men's Club and Institute 63 
Working Men's Coffee and Read- 
ing Rooms 22 

Workman Public House ... 55 

Young Men's Christian Association 51 
Young Men's Christian Association, 

Broughty Ferry 

Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation 51 


18 7 8-79. 


A MORE eligible site for an extensive mercantile, manufacturing, and 
maritime town than that on which Dundee stands could not well be 
selected. The locality in which it has gradually grown to its present 
ample dimensions is the northern bank of the magnificent river Tay, 
where it is two miles wide, and where it affords sufficient depth of 
water for ships of the largest tonnage to enter its commodious and 
capacious Harbour. Viewed from the elevated ground to the north, 
from the river or its southern shore, its situation appears to be at 
once picturesque and appropriate for commercial intercourse. To a 
spectator placed on the verdant summit of the Law (a hill above 
the town standing at an elevation of 571 feet), a panorama of 
great beauty presents itself. In front there is the extensive and ever- 
extending town, the shipping in the port, the flowing river now 
beautifully spanned by the Railway Bridge, and the undulating hills 
of Fife ; to the west the wood-crowned hill of Balgay, and the Carse of 
Gowrie, forming with its hills an amphitheatre of great extent and 
beauty ; to the east the Tay pouring its waters into the sea — the Lights 
of Tay, and the Bell Rock ; on the north, the swelling Sidlaw hills, 
with the variegated landscape lying between, including the expanding- 
village suburb of Lochee, with the other suburban radiations, promis 
ing, at no distant date, to encircle the hill on which the spectator 
stands, until it become the central part of the town. 

Viewed either from the river or from Fife, the prospect is not so 
extensive as from the Law, but it is possessed of great pictorial 
beauty. The wood with which it is adorned at its eastern and western 
extremities has called forth the admiration of travellers, and has led to 
Dundee being called the Lausanne of Scotland. 

" Earth has not anything to show more fair; 

Dull would he he of soul who could pass by 

A sight so touching in its majesty. 

Ships, towers, theatres, domes, and temples lie 

Open into the fields and to the sky. 

All light and glittering." — Wordsworth. 


In laying out the town such favourable advantage has not been taken oJ 
its situation as it afforded ; but improvements are in progress, or are in 
contemplation, which will make it equal in street architecture to any 
provincial town in Scotland. 

The High Street, which forms the central part of the town, is a 
rectangle or oblong square, which formerly measured 260 feet in length 
by 100 in breadth, but its length has been increased to the extent oi 
about 100 feet by the removal of the Trades HaU, a building erected 
in 1776 for the accommodation of the Incorporated Trades, but for a 
number of years used for the business of the Clydesdale Bank. A 
short distance to the eastward, a very ornate building of a triangular 
form and in the Palladian style, has been erected for this Bank. Th( 
business hall is lighted by a dome in the roof. A majestic statue oi 
Britannia stands to the west of the dome, and at the one side of the 
entrance there is a statue of Industry, and at the other one of Com- 
merce ; but the building is not sufficiently elevated to correspond to its 
surroundings. On the south side of the High Street, and immediatelji 
opposite the Bank, is St. Paul's Episcopal Church, built in Gothic 
style of architecture, to plans by the late Sir Gilbert Scott. It 
has a noble tower and spire, rising to a height of 210 feet. On 
same side of street, farther to the west, is the Town House. It 
was erected iu 1734, according to a design by an eminent architect of 
the time. A spire rises from the roof to the height of 132 feet, and it 
has piazzas in the basement, which form a ready shelter when the 
weather is inclement. Though recently enlarged behind, however, tli€ 
building is not now thought to correspond to the extent and importance 
of the town, and it has been proposed to erect new municipal buildings : 
but the expense and the town improvements now iu hand must lead tc 
the proposal being indefinitely postponed. At the west end of the High 
Street, there is a house with a turret at the north-east corner in which 
several Sovereigns have resided, including Queen Mary and her sor 
and grandson, and it was long the abode of several of the old noble 
families. It was the birthplace of Ann, Duchess of Buccleuch, wife oJ 
the unfortunate Duke of Monmouth, who lost his life by rebelling 
against his uncle, James the Seventh. 

From the High Street four streets emerge at its angles — which, with 
their extensions, may be said to have constituted old Dundee — these 
streets are the Nethergate, the Overgate, the Murraygate, and the 
Seagate. The other thoroughfares consisted almost solely of lanes and 
closes. From the High Street, Crichton Street and Castle Street pro- 
ceed southward, leading to Dock Street and the Harbour. Tindal's 
Wynd, St Clement's Lane, and the Vault, were long the only outlets 
from the High Street to the south. Reform Street, a thoroughfare of 


iine architecture and of great uniformity of plan, runs off from the 
north side of the High Street and leads into Albert Square, terminating 
at the General Post Office, and beside the entrance to the High School. 
lit receives on its west side Bank Street, in which the Kinnaird Hall is 
situate. This building was erected chiefly through the exertions of the 
late Lord Kinnard, and was intended for a Corn Exchange ; but the 
farmers could not be induced to resort to it. It is of great extent, and 
well adapted for holding j)ublic meetings, bazaars, &c. In Albert Square, 
the Albert Institute stands, a building erected for a memorial of the 
late Prince Consort, and containing a large hall, the Free Library, a 
Picture Gallery, a Museum of objects in JSTatui-al History, Antiquities, 
&c. The style is Gothic, according to a design by the late Sir Gilbert 
Scott. To the Picture Gallery were lately added thirty-eight paintings 
by various distinguished artists, bequeathed by the late George Duncan, 
Esq., M.P., of The Vine. In Albert Square, the Post Office, the High 
School, the Royal Exchange, and other public buildings have a place. 
The statues of Mr George Kinloch of Kinloch, and Mr James Car- 
m.ichael, engineer, stand on the north side of the Albert Institute. 

The Nethergate leaves the south-west corner of the High Street, and 
proceeds in a westerly direction. An improvement has lately been 
effected at its east end by the removal of the old English Chapel, which 
stood in the middle of the thoroughfare, and left a narrow passage on 
each side. Another improvement would be made by the substitution 
of a handsome stone building for the old wooden land opposite Crichton 
Street, the only erection of the kind now existing in Dundee. It was 
called "Our Ladie Warkstayris," and was an eleemosynary institution 
in Roman Catholic times. On the south side of the street, within a 
narrow entry, a palace once stood called Whitehall, in which Queen 
Mary, as well as others of our Sovereigns, were occasional residents ; but 
fragments of it now only remain. Opposite Union Street, the East, 
South, and Steeple Churches occupy a fine situation, quite apart from 
all the domestic buildings. At their west end is the great square 
tower called the "Old Steeple," which, having been lately reno- 
vated, looks as if it had renewed its youth. The pillar of the 
old ToAvn Cross, which was set up in the centre of the High Street in 
1586, has been re-erected in the south-west corner of the church- 
yard. Union Street, in its j^rogress southward, has the Thistle 
Hall on its west side. At the commencement of its southern 
division there is the Caledonian Railway (Perth) Station, and farther 
along the Station of the North British Railway. It is with the North 
British that the Tay Bridge Company is in • alliance. St Paul's 
Free Church, with a lofty spire rising over its entrance, stands on 
the south side of the Nethergate. Lindsay Street leads northwards 
along by the west side of the Old Steeple and terminates at the County 
Buildings. It has Mr Gilfillan's Church in its southern part. Part of 
the street is still unbuilt upon, but a considerable portion of the ground 
has been secured with a view to the future enlargement of the ex- 
tensive spinning establishment of Messrs Don Brothers, Buist, & 
Co. On the north side of the Nethergate, at the foot of the 
Long Wynd, St Enoch's Church holds a conspicuous place. It has 


two Gothic towers with ornamental pinnacles. Its interior decorations 
are the work of English artists. This church was built for a Free 
Church ; but the majority of the congregation having seceded, it is 
now connected with the Establishment. Opposite St Andrew's Catholic 
Chapel, Tay Street, a wide and handsome thoroughfare, runs north- 
wards. It is chiefly occupied by medical practitioners and educational 
institutions. To the westward of the Catholic Chapel the remains of 
the Hospital stand, an edifice erected for the residence of decayed 
burgesses ; but for about a hundred years it has been devoted to other 
purposes, its revenues being disti'ibuted in out-of-door relief. Farther 
to the west the Nethergate chiefly consists of self-contained residences 
occupied by merchants and others ; and joins the Perth Road at the 
foot of Small's Wynd. 

A short distance along Perth Road is Airlie Place, which leads 
into the fine square called Airlie Terrace. A little farther, at Rose- 
angle, the Magdalen Yard Road leads off in a south-westerly direction. 
The buildings in it are of a very heterogeneous description, consisting 
of elegant villas, workshops, and others of a humble order. Various 
improvements are in course of being made upon Magdalen Green, 
which, when completed, will make it a very attractive and health- 
ful piece of recreation ground. On its north side a number of respect- 
able residences are ranged— the first being The Vine, built and long 
occupied by the late George Duncan, Esq., M.P. 

Along Perth Road, from Roseangle, for about a mile the houses are 
generally of good appearance, but the roadway does not run so straight 
as it might have done. The uniformity is pleasingly relieved by 
two fine churches, each with a handsome spire, standing on the south 
side of the street — St Mark's near the east, and M'Cheyne Memorial at 
the west end. St Peter's Church, also having a spire, is situate about 
midway, on the north side. Farther to the west there are a number of 
residences of great architectural beauty, and situated amid elegantly laid 
out grounds. Windsor Street, which leads from Windsor Terrace to the 
west end of the Magdalen Green, built of light coloured freestone, and 
upon a uniform plan, is a great ornament to the west end. Near its 
south end a railway station has been erected for the convenience of the 
inhabitants of the western division of the tovni. 

The Overgate, the most crowded thoroughfare in Dundee, begins at 
the north-west corner of the High Street, and runs in a westerly direc- 
tion, nearly parallel with the Nethergate. It is by far too narrow for 
the traffic in it ; but something is occasionally done to increase it in 
width. At the West Port it branches out into two divisions, the HawkhiU 
and the Scouringburn. • Blackness Road forms another outlet to the west 
between HawkhiU and the Scouringburn ; and leads to the south-east 
entrance to the Balgay Park. The houses at the east end of Blackness Road 
are of a humble order ; but those to the west are built in a better style. 
St Joseph's Catholic Chapel nearly adjoins it on the south, about the 
centi-al part. The Scouringburn is chiefly occujjied by the operatives 
employed in the numerous works in the neighbourhood. From its north 
side a number of lanes diverge and terminate at that part of the Lochee 
Road which bounds the Barracks on the south. A stream of water 
having its source in the Hill of Balgay supplies the mills with water 


for their steam engines. Among the works that participate in the water 
of the stream are those of Messrs Gilroy, Mr 0. G. Miller, Messrs 
Fergusson, Mr Sharp, and others. Guthrie Street, which continues the 
line of Ward Eoad from Commercial Street, has been extended to 
the Scouringburn, and will divert part of the traffic from the narrow 
and crowded Overgate, the carriage-way being wider and the gradient 
easier. The Scouringburn leads to the populous suburb of Lochee, 
which contains about 15,000 inhabitants, and in which the extensive 
and celebrated linen works of Messrs Cox Brothers are situate. The 
quarries from which the walls of the Harbour of Dundee have for the 
most part been built are also in Lochee. 

Tally Street, Lindsay Street, and Tay Street form the principal cross 
streets between the Nethergate and the Overgate. Tally Street runs 
into Barrack Street, Constitution Road, and the access to the Law. 
Very conspicuous in the lower half of Constitution Road is the num- 
ber of churches of various denominations, mostly plain erections. 
To the westward of the street are the Bleaching Green, the Royal 
Infirmary, and the Barracks, the principal building in which once 
formed the seat of the Constables of Dundee. It subsequently became 
the property of the Douglas family. After it ceased to be a baronial 
residence, it was converted into a woollen factory, and then into a 
Barrack. On the east side of Constitution Road there are a series of 
Crescents, beginning at Laurelbank ; but they are not seen to much 
advantage. Considerably higher up, and near the entrance to the now 
disused tunnel which formed part of the Newtyle Railway, a new place 
of worship has been erected, called the Free High Church. It is of a 
fine Gothic design, and it is intended to have a lofty spire. When 
finished it will form a fine feature in the landscape. 

North from the Barracks a fine series of houses stand called Dudhope 
Terrace. Nearer the Law several terraces of fine buildings, and com- 
manding an extensive prospect, have lately been erected. It is highly 
probable that the whole rising ground up to the cone of the Law will 
soon be fully occupied. 

The Murraygate leaves the High Street at its north-east angle at 
Commercial Street, now in the course of reconstruction. This latter 
street promises to excel in architectural beauty any other thoroughfare 
in the town. It extends from Albert Square to the Harbour, and will 
certainly become a place of great intercourse. The Murraygate pro- 
ceeds in a north-easterly direction till Panmure Street, the Wellgate, 
and the Cowgate meet it. Panmure Street leads to the Royal Exchange 
and to Bell Street. The Wellgate leads to the steep acclivity of the 
Hilltown, on each side of which extensive and populous suburban 
! districts have sprung up. Victoria Road, which occupies the place of 
Ladywell Lane and Bucklemaker Wynd, is of much greater width 
and easier gradient than these old streets were, and is being filled with 
handsome houses of various descriptions suitable to the requirements of 
the place. The Cowgate extends to a little beyond the Cowgate Port. 
That arch is now all that remains of the walls that once enclosed the 
town. It is allowed to stand as a memorial of the celebrated 
martyr, George Wishart, whose name is so intimately associated with 
it. Opposite St Andrew's Street, St Andrew's Church occupies a fine 


situation on tlie rising ground on the north. It now belongs to the 
Kirk- Session ; but it was long the joint-property of that body and the 
Incorporated Trades. The Trades still retain seats in it for churcliing 
their office-bearers on their being elected. At the foot of St Andrew's 
Churchyard, King Street begins. The Glasite Meeting-house, an 
octagonal building, has here a place. Immediately to the east a large 
piece of ground, extending from King Street to Victoria Road, was 
lately purchased, upon which is being erected offices and dwelling- 
houses, as well as a bazaar for the sale of ornamental and other goods. 
Up an avenue to the eastward, the old Infirmary long occupied a con- 
spicuous site ; but the building has been transformed into an educational 
seminary in connection with the School Board. 

King Street terminates where the Dens Brae and St Eoque's Lane 
join it. The line is then continued by Princes Street. Here are situated 
the extensive linen works of Messrs Baxter Brothers. The Dens Burn 
supplies the water for their steam engines as well as for those of other 
works higher up the stream. Princes Street extends to where it is 
joined by Victoria Street from the west, and the Arbroath Poad from 
the east. Along Arbroath Road are Lilybank, and the buildings 
erected on the north division of the Glebe. A short way to the east, 
the Baxter Park is entered through an elegant gateway. The line of 
Princes Street is continued by Albert Street, at the extremity of which 
is the Lunatic Asylum. This Institution, which was opened sixty 
years ago, has been all along distinguished for the excellency of its 
medical and mental training ; but it is soon to be superseded, as it is 
now too much within the bounds of the town. A new Asylum is 
building in a very salubrious situation on the estate of Invergowrie, 
where every improvement for the comfort and cure of those afflicted 
in mind will be introduced. At the Asylum, Pitkerro Road, the 
Forfar Road, Mains Loan, and Dura Street radiate from it. The 
Morgan Hospital occupies a commanding situation between Pitkerro 
Road and the Forfar Road, overlooking the Baxter Park, the town, 
the river, and the hills of Fife. 

The Seagate, which leaves the High Street at its south-eastern 
extremity at Commercial Street, is now undergoing a complete transfor- 
mation in its western part. The antiquated houses of which it was 
chiefly composed are in the course of demolition, and buildings are rising 
in their place more in accordance with modern ideas of street architec- 
ture. St Andrew's Street and Queen Street run into it, while Gellatly 
Street, Trades Lane, Allan Street, and several lanes connect it with Dock 
Street. At one part of the street a spot is still pointed out where Grizzel 
Jeffrey was burned to death for the imaginary crime of witchcraft. The 
Seagate extends to the Dens Burn, where Blackscroft begins. After cross- 
ing the Burn, there stood, till about sixty years ago, a building having 
the appearance of an ordinary farm-house, which formed the residence 
of Mr Constable of Wallace Craigie, whose portrait is so graphically 
given by Sir Walter Scott in his novel of the "Antiquary." The line of 
the street is then continued eastward by Carolina Port, the New Cattle 
Market, and Roodyards on the south, and on the north by Thornbank, 
EUangowan, Taybank, Mayfield, and Craigie Terrace. At the Stanner- 
gate the road is bounded by the river on the south, and by the finely 


wooded grounds around the mansion-liouse of Craigie on the north, and 
terminates at Broughty Ferry. 

Dock Street, a wide and spacious thoroughfare, separating the town 
from the Harbour, extends from the foot of Union Street to the Rood- 
yards. It is bounded on the north side in its western division by the 
Public Warehouses, the Greenmarket, Shore Terrace, the Music Hall, 
shops, offices, and other places of business. Then, after passing Trades 
Lane, by the Dundee Foundry, the Boiling Yards for the Whalers and 
Sealers, the Gas Works, the Cattle Market, &c. The Arbroath Railway 
Station and the Customhouse are on the south side. The Custom- 
house is an imjaosing and elegant edifice. The central part consists of 
a portico of the Ionic order, elevated on a rusticated basement, sur- 
mounted by a pediment, enclosing the Royal Arms of Scotland. 

The Royal Arch, a finely designed structure, intended to com- 
memorate the landing of the Queen at Dundee in 1844, possesses a pro- 
minent position near the north end of the Mid Quay. It was erected 
by public subscription, at a cost of between £3000 and £4000, according 
to a design by Mr Rochead of Glasgow. 

The Harbour consists of four wet-docks, having an area of about 30 
acres, and two dry-docks — one of 500 feet in length, and one of 300, 
admitting vessels of any length or tonnage. At Camperdown Dock 
there is a tidal entrance, and another at King William and Earl Grey 
Docks. For the repair of vessels of moderate size there is a commodious 
patent slip. The money spent upon the Harbour works since 1815 has 
been £800,000. Access is gained to the Ferry Harbour for the accommo- 
dation of the traffic between Dundee and Newport either by South Union 
Street or Craig Street. The Harbour Trustees have now the manage- 
ment of the Ferry, as well as of the Lights of the Tay, the Light-ship, 
and the placing of the buoys laid in the river for the purpose of point- 
ing out its proper channel. The Public Baths stand between the Lock 
of Earl Grey Dock and the West Protection Wall. They belong to 
the Police Commissioners, and are managed by them for the benefit of 
the community. They have lately been reconstructed, and are now in 
a very complete state. 

The vessels belonging to the port are about 200 in number. Several 
of them are of large size and elegant appearance. 

The Railway Bridge, which now so majestically stretches over the 
Tay, was begun to be built on the 7th of February 1871. On the 22d 
of September 1877 the first engine was slowly run over its whole length. 
It is the longest bridge over a tidal river in the world, and was attended 
with many engineering difiiculties, but they were all successfully over- 
come. It consists of 89 spans, varying in width from 27 to 245 feet, 
the roadway being 88 feet above the surface of the water. At the 
Dundee side, the line, while proceeding along the Harbour, has to pass 
through a Tunnel, with the bottom of which the Station is on a level. 
The line has, therefore, to come down from its lofty position at the rate 
of 1 foot in 73 till the required descent has been gained. Passengers 
leaving Dundee descend to the Station by means of stairs at the southern 
extremity of Union Street. The entire length of the Bridge is 2 miles 
and 50 feet. The time usually occupied by the trains in passing along 
it is about seven or eight minutes. After being completed, it was 


examined by General HutcMnson, and severely tested by heavy trains 
being run upon it filled with the material used for making up the ground 
to the north of the Esplanade. This gigantic work was designed by 
Mr Thomas Bouch, civil engineer, — Mr Albert Grothe being the super- 

The construction of a double tramway line from the Post Office to 
Windsor Terrace was begun in the spring of 1877 and completed in 
August. It is understood that the undertaking has been highly success- 
ful, and a Bill has been introduced into Parliament with the view of 
getting the legislative sanction to construct lines in other parts of the 
town, as well as one to Lochee. 

The scheme for bringing water into the town from the Loch of 
Lintrathen (a distance of twenty miles) has been successfully accom- 
plished, so that, with the quantity previously received from Monikie, 
the supply is now both good and abundant. 

The number of places of worship in Dundee is about eighty. 

The leading industry in the town is the manufacture of flax, hemp, 
and jute into the various kinds of cloth for which these materials are 
adapted. About 100,000 tons of Jute are now annually required to 
supply the wants of the trade. When all the miUs and factories are 
in full operation, between 50,000 and 60,000 people are employed in 
them, or in works connected with them. The capital invested is said 
to approach to three millions sterling. Dundee is the chief seat of the 
linen manufacture in Great Britain. 

Other industries have long been successfully prosecuted in the town. 
Engineering, shipbuilding, tanning, cabinetmaking, and other arts are 
extensively practised, and have secured for some of those engaged in 
them considerable celebrity. 

The press of the town now issues four daily newspapers — the 
Advertiser, the Courier <& Argus, the Evening News, and the Evening 
Telegraph, all of which have an extensive circulation. There are also 
two weekly newspapers — the Weekly Neivs and the People's Journal ; 
and two weekly literary periodicals — the People's Friend and the 
Home Journal. A monthly illustrated comic paper, having the title 
of the Piper o' Dundee, lately appeared. The productions of the press 
are increasing in another department. From the larger printing and 
book ]3ublishing offices, volumes are issued which are highly creditable 
to the ability and enterprise of the provincial press. 

Dundee is now amply supplied with public parks or recreation 
grounds. There is the Baxter Park, a beautiful field of about 40 acres, 
purchased, laid out, and endowed by Sir David Baxter, the Barrack Park, 
the Law, the finely wooded Balgay Park, and the Magdalen Green, with 
which is connected the Esplanade, one of the finest marine promenades 
in the country. 

The following are the census returns of Dundee for the last eight 
decades :— 1801, 26,084 ; 1811, 29,716; 1821, 30,908; 1831,45,355; 
1841,66,232; 1851, 78,829; 1861, 91,511; 1871, 121,975. It thus 
appears that the population has been more than quadrupled since the 
present century began ; and it is now estimated at 142,000. 

( 9 ) « 



Ward First. — On the east by the eastern boundary of the burgh ; on the 
south by the river Tay ; on the west by a line commencing at the top of Castle 
street, and thence southward along Castle street to Dock street, and thence 
southward to the Victoria arch at the harbour of Dundee, and thence through 
the centre of said arch in a straight line southward to the river Tay; and on 
the north by Murraygate, Cowgate, King street. Princes street, and the Dundee 
and Arbroath turnpike road to the eastern boundary of the burgh. 

Council Representatives — William Robertson, John Adamson, and Andrew 
G. Kidd. 

Ward Second. — On the south by the river Tay ; on the east by the western 
boundary of Ward First ; on the west by the western boundary of the burgh ; 
and on the north and north-west by a line commencing on the Dundee and 
Invergowrie turnpike road, commonly called the Perth road, where said road 
intersects the municipal boundary, and from thence running eastward along 
the said road and the Nethergate and High street to the top of Castle street. 

Council Representatives — William Brownlee, James Thomson, and James 

Ward Third. — Commencing on the road from Dundee to Coupar Angus, 
commonly called the Lochee road, at a point thereon immediately opposite 
Logie farm steading where an unnamed road leading off said Lochee road to the 
Lawside road begins, and from thence running along said unnamed road to said 
Lawside road, and from thence northward along said Lawside road to the 
Loons road, and from thence westward along said Loons road to the King's 
Cross road, and from thence northwards and around the Lochee area, added to 
the burgh under the Acts twenty and twenty-first Victoria, chapter seventy, 
and twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth Victoria, chapter thirty-six, till such area 
strikes the previously existing municipal boundary at the junction of Gibb's 
lane with Ancrum road, Lochee, and from thence south-eastward in a straight 
line to the point in Lochee road where the boundary now described commenced. 

Council Representatives— William M'Dougall Ogilvie, James Perrie, and 
William Blair. 

Ward Fourth. — On the east by the eastern boundary of the burgh , on the 
south by the northern boundary of Ward First ; on the west by the Wellgate 
and Hilltown ; and on the north and north-east by Ann street of Maxwelltown, 
to its junction with the roadway of Hillbank road and Cotton road, and from 
thence along said roadway to Laing street, and from thence along Laing street 
and Dura street and continuation thereof to the Pitkerro turnpike road, other- 
wise Stobswell road, and from thence along said road to the north-easterly 
boundary of the burgh at Stobsmuir. 

Council Representatives — John Robertson, John Sutherland, and James 

Ward Fifth. — On the south and south-east by the northern boundary of 
Ward Fourth from the eastern to the western termination thereof, and from said 
western termination crossing the Hilltown to Rosebank street, and from thence 
along Rosebank street, to the junction thereof with Constitution street, and from 
thence along Constitution street to its junction with Somerville place ; on the 
west by the road leading from the top of Constitution road northward along the 


west side of Stirling's park and the east side of the Law until it reaches the 
northern boundary of the burgh ; and on the north and north-east bj' the 
north-east boundary of the burgh to the north-easterly point of said boundary 
at Stobsmuir. 
Council Representatives — David A. Bruce, William P. Mitchell, and Robert 

Ward Sixth. — Commencing in Constitution road at the junction of Con- 
stitution street with Somerville place, and from thence running eastward along 
Constitution street to Rosebank street, and from thence running south-eastward 
and eastward by Rosebank street to the Hilltown, and from thence running 
southward bj^ the Hilltown, Wellgate, Murraygate, High street, and Nether- 
gate, to the point where Tally street joins the Nethergate, thence running north- 
wards b)' Tally street, Barrack street, and Constitution road to the point where 
it commenced. 

Council Representatives — George H. NicoU, Frank Henderson, and William 
Philip, jun. 

Ward Seventh. — On the east by Tally street at its junction with the Nether- 
gate, and along Tally street. Barrack street. Constitution road, and the road lead- 
ing from the top of Constitution road northward along the west side of Stirling's 
park and the east side of the Law until it reaches the northern boundary 
of the burgh ; on the north by the northern boundary of the burgh to the 
eastern termination of Ward Third on said boundary; on the west by and along 
the easterly boundary of Ward Third to Lochee road ; and on the south-west 
and south along Lochee road, North Tay street, and South Tay street, to its 
junction with the Nethergate, and thence eastwards^ along the Nethergate to 
the point where it commenced. 

Council Representatives — William Cleghorn, William Thomson, and James 

Ward Eighth — Commencing in the Overgate between South Tay street 
and North Tay street, and from thence running along North Tay street to its 
junction with Lochee road, and from thence along Lochee road to the commence- 
ment of the boundary of Ward Third before described, and from thence west- 
ward by and along the southern boundary of Ward Third to the junction of 
Gibb's lane with Ancrum road, Lochee ; and from thence southwards and along 
the western boundary of the burgh to Blackness road, and from thence along 
Blackness road to its junction with Scouringburn road, and from thence along 
the Scouringburn, West port, and Overgate to the point in the Overgate where 
it commenced. 

Council Representatives — Hugh Ballingall, John Anderson, and Charles C. 

Ward Ninth. — Commencing on the west boundar}' of the burgh in the said 
Dundee and Invergowrie turnpike road, commonly called the Perth road, where 
such boundary is intersected by said road, and from thence running eastward 
along said road and the Nethergate to the junction of the Nethergate with South 
Tay street, and from thence running along South Tay street to its junction with 
the" Overgate and West port, and from thence running westward along the 
Overgate and West port to the Scouringburn road, and from thence running 
along the Scouringburn road to its junction with the Blackness road, and along 
the Blackness road to the western boundary of the burgh, and from thence 
running down said western boundary to the point where it commenced. 

Council Representatives — Alexander Hay Moncur, Duncan Macdonald, and 
James Low. 

( 11 ) 



Adelaide place, N. of and parallel to 

Albany terrace 
Airlie place, 7 Perth road 
Airlie terrace, top of Airlie place 
Albany terrace, N. of Panmure terrace 
Albert street, continuation of Princes 

street to N . 
Albert court, 37 Nethergate 
Albert square, that portion of Meadow- 
side between Reform street and Pan- 
mure street 
Albion passage, 161 Overgate 
Alexander's close, 120 Overgate 
Alexander street, 29 N. Wellington 

street to E. 
Alexandra terrace, 330 Perth road 
Allan street, 157 Seagate to E. Dock st. 
Anchor lane, 48 Henderson's wynd, 

Anderson's close, 95 Rosebank street 
Anderson's entrj', 172 Hawkhill 
Anderson place, 7 William street, 

Annan's terrace, 19 Wellington street 
Ann street, 113 Hilltown to Cotton rd. 
Annfield road, 213 Hawkhill to 164 

Blackness road 
Annfield row, 82 Annfield road to 

Peddle street 
Annfield street, 92 Annfield road to 

Peddle street 
Arbroath road, from top of Princes 

street to E. 
Arctic place, Baffin street 
Argj'le street, 42 Forfar road 
Arklay street, from Dens road to N. 
Arthur street, top of Dallfield walk 
Ash lane, 104 Lochee rd. to Douglas st. 
Ash street, Smellie's lane to Hop street 
Ashton place, 191 Hawkhill 
Asylum lane, 126 Albert street 
Back street, 25 Paterson street to 341 

Loons road 
Baffin street, from 77 Arbroath road 

to Watson street 
Bain square, 12 Cowgate and 6 Well- 
Balbirnie Terrace, 89 Victoria road 
Balfour street, 96 Hawkhill 
Balgaj' street, continuation of Miln- 
bank road to Lochee road 

Balgay view, 16 Wilkie's lane 
Baltic street, 36 Wellgate to Bell st. 
Baltic buildings, W. end of Baltic st. 
Bank court, 112 Seagate 
Bank street, 36 Reform street to Bar- 
rack street 
Barrack road, continuation of Dudhope 

street to the W. 
Barrack street, 59 Overgate to the N. 
Barron's court, 10 Johnston's lane 
Baxter's court, 45 Cowgate 
Baxter street, 41 Balgay street 
Beaconsfield place, 94 Victoria road 
Beechwood terrace, Westpark road 
Beharrie's close, 1 Dallfield walk 
Bell street, 13 Constitution road to 

Baltic street 
Bell street (West), 13 Constitution road 

W. to Lochee road 
Bell street lane, 15 Constitution road 
Bell's close, 44 King street 
Bell's close, 69 Rosebank street 
Bellfield lane 167 Hawkhill 
Bellfield place, 341 Loons road 
Belmont place, 112 to 134 Hawkhill 
Benvie road, from Fyff'e street to 

Mitchell street 
Bernard street, 180 Hawkhill 
Blackheath place, 2(io Hawkhill 
Blackness crescent, 227 Perth road 
Blackness road, 68 Scouringburn to 

the W. 
Blackness street, 190 Blackness road 
Blackness terrace, Perth road, from 

Blackness toll-bar to Clarendon ter. 
Blackscroft, continuation of Seagate 

from St Eoque's lane to E. 
Blinshall street, 47 Scouringburn to 

Lochee road 
Blyth street, continuation of Fleuchar 

street to Balgay street 
Bonnybank road, 80 Victoria road 
Boyack's close, 93 Overgate 
Brewery lane, Polepark road 
Broad close, 228 Overgate 
Brown Constable street, from Crescent 

street to Dura street 
Brown's entry, 220 Hawkhill 
Brown's lane, 28 Session street 
Brown street, 37 West port to Lochee 




Bruce street from Hospital wynd to 

Byron street ■ 
Broughty Ferry road, continuation of 

Blackscroft to E. 
Bruce's entry, 4 Wellgate 
Buckingham terrace, Maryfield 
Butchart's close, 174 Seagate 
Butcher row, from Greenmarket W. to 

Teaman shore 
Butterburn, top of Hilltown 
Byron street, from Derby st. to Leng st. 
Cable's close, 39 Wellgate 
Calcutta place, W. side of Commercial 

street, N. of Exchange street 
Caldrum street, 28 N. George street to 

Main street 
Calendar close, 174 Overgate 
Cameron's close, 90 Murraj'gate 
Campbell's close, 76 High street 
Campbeltown pi., 265 to 277 Hawkhill 
Camperdown court, 22 Barrack street 
Candle lane, 81 Seagate to 61 Dock st. 
Candle close, 214 Overgate 
Carmichael street, Hospital wynd 
Castle street. High st. to Shore terrace 
Castle court, 27 Castle street 
Castlehill, top of Seagate 
Castle lane, from Castle court to Green- 
Cat's close, 82 Scouringburn 
Catherine street, from Eliza street to W. 
Chapel street, 9 Albert square 
Chapelshade, a district N. of Bell street 

to Dudhope street 
Charles street, 51 Wellgate 
Cherryfield, 125 Blackness road 
Church street, 112 Princes street 
Church street, Clepington feus, from 

St Salvador street to Main street 
Church lane, 4 Tally st. to High st. 
Clarendon terrace, 245 to 281 Perth rd. 
Clark street, 38 James street 
Clepington feus, top of Maxwelltown 
Clepington street, from Dundonald st. 

Clinton place, 13 Albert street 
Cochrane street, 37 Lochee road 
Coldside, W. of Strathmartine road 
Commercial court, 3 and 33 Commer- 
cial street 
Commercial street, 17 Albert square to 

40 Dock street 
Commercial street, Maxwelltown, 41 

James street 
Constable street, from St Roque's lane 

to Wallace street 

Constitution road, from Barrack street 

Constitution road (Upper), continua- 
tion of Constitution road to N. 
Constitution street, from top of Con- 
stitution road to Rosebank street 
Constitution terrace, Constitution road 
Corn court, 169 Seagate 
Corso street, 70 Croft's lane 
Cotton road, from junction of Victoria 

road and Dens road to the N. 
Coupar's alley, 12 Wellgate 
Court street, from Dundonald st. to N. 
Couttie's wynd, 38 Nethergate to Fish 

Cowdenknowes, 94 Blackness road 
Cowgate, 127 Murraygate to E. 
Craig street, 29 West Dock street to 

Craig pier 
Craig pier, landing place of Tay ferries, 

S. end of South Union street 
Craigiebank terrace, Pitkerro road, 

opposite Baxter park 
Craigie place, 22 Catherine street 
Craigie street, 73 Albert street to Kem- 

back street 
Craigie terrace, 130 to 150 Broughty 

Ferry road 
Crescent street, 8 Princes street 
Crescent lane, 18 Princes street 
Crichton street, 24 High street to 

Crichton's court, 39 Overgate 
Croft's lane and Peddie street, 245 

Hawkhill to Blackness road. S. end 

Croft's lane, N. end Peddie street 
Cross row, 35 Small's wynd 
Dalhousie terrace, top of Windsor st. 
Dallfield terrace, 22 Dudhope street 
Dallfield walk, 44 Dudhope street 
Daniel street, 138 Scouringburn to 

Blackness road 
Davidson's close, 75 Seagate 
Davidson's court, 67 Seagate 
Deerhorn close, 30 Hilltown 
Dempster's court, 94 Scouringburn 
Dempster street, from Daniel street to 

William street, Scouringburn 
Dens street, 9 Princes st. to Blackscroft 
Dens brae, 100 King street to 127 

Victoria road 
Dens road, from E. end of Victoria 

road to N. 
Derby street, from 19 Hill street to N. 
Dickson's entry, 166 Scouringburn 
Dock street, E. and W. along the Docks 


Dock street, East, from foot of Trades 

lane to E. 

oig's entry, 164 Overgate 

oig's court, 33 Castle street 

on's road, 15 Rosbank road to Con- 
stitution street 

ouglas street, from Dudhope crescent 

to foot of Lower Pleasance 
^ron's close, 201 Overgate 

udhope street, 4 Hilltown to the W. 

udhope crescent, Lochee road 
Dudhope crescent road, from Constitu- 
tion road to Lochee road 
jDudhope place, W. end of Dudhope 

street, N. side 
Dudhope terrace, W. of Somerville pi. 
Duncan's close, 106 Hawkhill 
Duncan's close, 29 Hilltown 
Dundonald street, from Arklay st. to E. 
Dura street, off Dens road to Forfar rd. 
Dyer's pend, 16 Scouringburn 
Edward street, W. end of Scouringburn 
Eliza street, 76 Dura street 
Elizabeth place, 129 Hawkhill 
Elizabeth street, 52 Ann street 
Ellen street, 8 S. George street to Ann 

street, Hillbank 
Ellen street, N., a continuation of Ellen 

street to N. 
Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 
Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Erskine street, 25 Victoria street to 28 

Dura street 
Erskine street, N., 28 Dura street to 

Dundonald street 
Esplanade, from Craig pier. West to 

Magdalen green, fronting the River. 
Euclid crescent, from top of Reform St. 

to Bell St. by both sides of High Sch ool 
Euclid street, E. side of Constitution 

road, opposite Ward Chapel 
Exchange street, 50 Castle street to 

Commercial street 
Fairbairn street, Clepington 
Fairley place, top of Provost road 
Falcon place, 2 Wilkie's lane 
Ferguson's close, 184 Seagate 
Fintry feus, top of Provost road 
Fish market, 9 Greenmarket 
Fish street, from foot of Couttie's wynd 

to Greenmarket 
Fleuchar street, W. end of FyfFe st. 
Ford's lane, 306 Hawkhill to 163 Perth 

Forebank road, 74 Victoria road to 

Ana street 


Forebank terrace, 20 Forehank road 
Foundry lane, E. end of Seagate 
Fyffe street, 66 Polepark road 
Gall's close, 124 Overgate 
Gardner's lane, 57 Upper pleasance 
Gardiner's entry, 3 West port 
Garland place, 22 and 24 Constitution 

road, and 2 to 14 Barrack road 
Gellatly street, 51 Dock st. to Seagate 
Gellatly square, 103 Nethergate 
George street, S., 15 Nelson street to 

22 William street 
George street, N., 199 Hilltown to the E. 
Gladstone place, 32 Dudhope ores. rd. 
Gladstone place, 166 Perth road 
Glamis street, 15 St Salvador street to 

Main street 
Glebe St., 32 Lilybank rd. to Ferry rd. 
Glencarse terrace, 4 Wilkie's lane 
Gordon place, 190 Blackness road 
Gowan's court, 229 Overgate and 21 N. 

Tay street 
Gowrie place, 279 Hawkhill 
Gowrie street, N. of Gowrie place 
Graham place, 171 Princes street 
Grant place, 34 West port 
Gra3''s close, 71 High street 
Gray's square, 137 Rosebank street 
Greenfield place, 156 Perth road to 17 

Magdalen Yard road 
Greenmarket, a square — foot of Crich- 

ton street to the Harbour 
Grove street, foot of Springhill 
Guillan's close, 43 Overgate 
Gunn's close, 150 Overgate 
Guthrie street, from top of North Tay 

street to W. 
Guthrie's close, 103 Overgate 
Harbour close, 66 Hilltown 
Harriet street, 42 Dura street 
Havelock place, 247 Hawkhill 
Hawkhill, West port W. to Perth road 
Hawkhill place, opposite 142 Perth rd. 
Hawthorn place, 152 Lochee road 
Hay's close, 55 Overgate 
Hazel's close, 31 Nethergate 
Hean's lane, 22 Small's wynd 
Heathfield lane, 71 Hawkhill 
Hedge road, 14 Dudhope st. to Arthur 

Helen place, N. side of Lyon street 
Henderson's wynd, E., 15 West port 
Henderson's wynd, W., 93 Scouringb. 
High street, the principal street or 

square in the centre of the town 
Highland close, 83 Overgate 


Hillbank, a district E. of Jamaica st. to 

Dens road 
Hillbank road, from top of Cotton rd 

to Dens road 
Hill street, 30 Strathmartine road 
Hilltown (or Bonnethill), top of Well- 
gate to N. 
Hood's square, 7 Rosebank road 
Hop street, 116 Lochee road 
Horse wynd, 87 Murraygate to 72 

Horsewater wynd, 81 Scouringburn 
Hospital wynd, 290 Hilltown 
Hospital park, a district N. of Hospital 

Hunter street, 50 Scouringburn to 43 

Idvies street, 57 Victoria road 
India buildings, 86 Bell street and 2 

and 4 Victoria road 
Inglewood terrace, Stirling street 
Ireland's lane, 24 Bell street 
Irvine's square, 19 Mid St. to 46 Bell st. 
Isla street, from Main st. to Dens rd. 
Isla street, N., continuation of Isla 

street from Dens road to N. 
Isles' lane, 115 Hawkhill 
Jack's close, 186 Hawkhill 
Jamaica street, 90 Ann street 
James street, 24 Ann street 
Janefield place, 26 Forfar road 
Johnston's close, 258 Hawkhill 
Johnston's court, 164 Hawkhill 
Johnston's lane, 2 Scouringburn 
John street, 12 Dudhope crescent rd. 
Kay's entry, 48 Overgate 
Keiller's entry, 89 Seagate 
Kemback street, 54 Arbroath road 
Key's close, 18 Nethergate 
Kidd street, 15 N. William street 
Kincardine street, 46 Blackness road 

to 97 Hawkhill 
King street, from Cowgate to Princes 

King street court, 12 King street 
King's road, 18 King street 
Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Kinloch street, 106 Rosebank street 
Kinnaird street, 20 Hospital wynd 
Kintore place, Watson street 
Kirk entry, 21 Wellgate 
Kirkcaldy's court, 49 Dock street 
Laburn street, 50 Dudhope crescent rd. 
Ladywell place, foot of Hilltown 
Laing street, 57 Cotton road 
Lamb's court, 16 Crescent lane 


Lamb's lane, 114 Victoria road 
Lansdowne place, 3 Constitution road 
Larch street, 140 Scouringburn 
Laurelbank, Constitution road 
Lawrence street, 15 Milnbank road 
Lawson place, 23 Constitution street 
Leng street. Hospital park 
Lilybank road, 47 Arbroath road to 

Ferry road 
Lime street. West Park road 
Lincoln street. Hospital park 
Lindsay street, N., 115 Overgate to 

Ward road 
Lindsaj' street, S., 23 Nethergate 
Lindsay's close, 32 Scouringburn 
Littlejohn street, Dudhope crescent 
Livingstone place, 85 Upper pleasance 
Long wynd, 75 Nethergate to 194 

Loons road, 150 Strathmartine road to 

Lowden's alley, 157 Hawkhill 
Lowden's pend, 142 Hilltown 
Lumsden's entr}^ 27 West port 
Lyon's close, 2 Blackness road to 61 

Lyon street, 26 Albert street to W. 
Lj'on place, south side of Lyon street 
M'Combe's close, 196 Hawkhill 
M'Cosh's entry, 96 Murraygate 
M'Donald street, 102 Hilltown to 

Arthur street 
M'Gill street, 101 Albert street 
M'Intosh's close, 108 Murraj'gate 
M'Vicar's lane, 144 Perth road 
Macdonald's buildings, 118 Hilltown 
Madeira St., back of Morgan Hospital 
Main street, from top of Hilltown E. 

to Dens road 
Mains loan, from top of Albert street 

Mains road, top of Hilltown 
Magdalen yard road, 116 Perth road 

to Magdalen green 
Magdalen place, 43 Magdalen yard rd. 
Magdalen yard (or green), from Mag- 
dalen ya'rd road to W., fronting the 

Malcolm's pend, 107 Scouringburn 
Malcolm street, 19 Ogilvie street 
Malthouse close, 68 Nethergate 
Manor place, 189 Perth road 
Margaret place, corner of Albert street 

and Victoria street 
Marine parade, S. of Victoria dock 
Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 


ilarion place, 185 Princes street 
tiasonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent 

ilarj'field, a district N. of Albert street 
tiathew's close, 31 Overgate 
Matthew's court, 80 Constable street 
plathewson's close, 139 Overgate 
ilaswelltown, a district N. of Ann St. 
ileadowst., 24 Wellgate to Meadowside 
/leadow place, east end of Bell street 
Meadow entry, 80 Murraygate 
/leadowside, from top of Barrack street 

to Baltic street 
leal's close, 167 Overgate 
flelrose terrace, Court street 
lelville terrace, West Park road 
lethodist close, 51 Overgate 
lid Kirk stile, from Tally street to S. 

Lindsay street 
lid road, 29 Stratbmartine road 
lid shore or Shore terrace, see Shore 

lid street, 49 Constitution road 
lid wynd, 77 Perth road to 232 

liddle street, 69 Princes street to 66 

liller's close, 138 Murraygate 
liller's pend, 15 Scouringburn 
liller's wynd, 51 Perth road to 208 

lill's entry, 54 West port 
liln street, from Brown street to Hen- 
derson's wynd 
nine's W. wynd, 183 Scouringburn 
liln's E. wynd, 171 Scouringburn 
liln's close, 202 Overgate 
lilnbank rd., W. end of Scouringburn 
liln's buildings, 136 Nethergate 
nine's court, 48 Wellgate 
lint close, 51 High street 
litchell St., Locheeroad toBenvierd. 
[organ's buildings, 143 Nethergate 
lorris place, 94 Hilltown 
lorrison's court, 58 Wellgate 
[ortimer place, 12 Mortimer st. 
[ortimer street, from Hospital wynd 

to Byron street 
[orton's square, 31 Wellgate 
[ount pleasant, 134 Hawkhill 
[udie place, 308 Hawkhill 
[udie's close, 54 King street 
[urraj'gate, from E. end of High street 

to the N.E. 

[yles's court, 68 St Andrew's street 
[aim's close, 9 Arthur street 

Napier place, 13 Nelson street 
Nelson street, 68a Victoria road to 

Ann street 
Nelson terrace, 4 Nelson street 
Ness street, 9 Ellen street to 42 

William street, Forebank 
Nethergate, from W. end of High st. 

to Perth road 
New Inn entrj', 67 High street 
Nicoll's close, 12 Blinshall street 
Nicoll's court, 224 Hawkhill 
Nicoll's court, 59 Wellgate 
Nicoll's entry, 13 Arthur street 
Nicoll street, 7 Ward Road 
North street, 69 Strathmartine road 
Norwood terrace, West Park road 
Norwood terrace, 32-44 Thomson st. 
Ogilvie street, from Dura street to N. 
Ogilvie's close, 29 High street 
Ogilvie's road, 7 Constitution street 
Osborne place, 77 Magdalen green 
Overgate, from W. end of High street 

to West port 
Panmure street, from foot of Wellgate 

W. to the High School 
Panmure terrace, N. of Dudhope ter. 
Paradise lane, 17 Dudhope street 
Paradise road, 20 Mid street to Dud- 
hope street 
Park lane, 15 Temple lane 
Park place, 145 Nethergate 
Park street, 112 Lochee road 
Park terrace, 255 Blackness road 
Park wynd, 70 Hawkhill 
Parker square, West Bell street 
Parker street, 26 Dudhope Crescent rd. 
Parker's court, 10 William st.. King st. 
Parker's lane, 36 Small's wynd 
Parkhill place, 132 Blackness road 
Paterson street, 124 Strathmartine rd. 
Paton's lane, 240 Perth road to 57 

Magdalen green 
Peddie's close, 87 Overgate 
Peddle street, see Croft's lane 
Peep-o'-day lane, 145 Blackscroft 
Pennycook lane, 141 Perth road to 288 

Perth road, a continuation of Nether- 
gate from Small's wynd to W. 
Peter street, 101 Murraygate to 84 

Peter's court, 20 Cowgate 
Petrie's entry, 23 Rose street 
Pitfour street, off Balgay street 
Playfair's entry, 10 Hawkhill 
Pleasance (Upper), 67 Lochee road 


Pleasance (Lower), from W. end of 

Douglas street to Lochee road. 
Pole street, 48 Polepark road 
Polepark road, W. end of Scouringburn 

to Lochee road 
Powrie place, 23 Ann street 
Princes street, continuation of King 

street to N.E. 
PuUar's close, 209 Hawkhill 
PuUar's close, 132 Murraygate 
Quarry entr5', 82 Cowgate 
Queen st., 150 Seagate to 75 Cowgate 
Eaglan street, 41 Albert street to 

Kemback street 
Ramsay's pend, 43 Scouringburn 
Ramsay street, 23 Polepark road 
Rankine's court, 79 High street 
Rattray's entry, 78 Bell street 
Rattray street, 13 Ward road 
Reid street, 12 Derby street 
Reform street, from High street N. to 

Euclid crescent 
Rennie's close, 120 Nethergate 
Ritchie's lane, 187 Perth road to 318 

Robertson street, 15 Arbroath road 
Robertson's close, 121 Cowgate 
Rodger's close, 77 Overgate 
RoUo's row, off Bell street lane 
Roodyards, 99 to 115 Ferry road 
Rose street, 15 Arthur street 
Roseangle, see Magdalen Yard road 
Rosebank road, 26 Rosebank street 
Rosebank street, 128 Hilltown to 

Hospital wj'nd 
Rose lane, 37 Rosebank road 
Rosefield place, 179 Blackness road 
Rosefield street, 190 Blackness road 
Roslin terrace. Court street 
Royal Exchange place, Panmure street 
Royal Exchange court, 39 Albert sq. 
Royal Exchange lane, 30 Meadowside 
Roxburgh terrace, top of West Park rd. 
Russell street, 70 Strathmartine road 
Rustic place, west end of Dudhope 

street, south side 
Ryehill lane, 109 Perth road to 262 

St Andrew's street, 31 Cowgate to 116 

St Andrew's place, 18 to 24 Cowgate 
St Clement's lane, 11 High street 
St David's lane, 26 North Tay street 
St James's place, 1 Annfield row to W. 
St Margaret's close, 36 Nethergate 
St Mary's close, 30 Nethergate 


St Mary's street, 79 Upper pleasance 
St Mary's terrace, top of St Mary's s t. 
St Mary's place, top of St Mary's street 
St Matthew place, foot of St Matthew 

St Matthew street, off Broughty Ferry 

road to N. (Glebe) 
St Peter street, 121 Perth road to 270 

St Roque's court, 112 Cowgate 
St Roque's lane, 210 Seagate to King St.; 
St Salvador's close, 13 Overgate 
St Salvador's street, Church street, 

Clepington feus 
Salem street, 59 Constitution road 
Salisbury place, 87 Arbroath road 
Sanderson's court, 222 Overgate 
Scotswood terrace, top of West Parkrd. 
Scott street, Balgay street 
Scott's entry, 136 Princes street 
Scott's close, 97 Overgate 
Scott's close, 12 Nethergate 
Scott's close, 6 Hawkhill 
Scott's angle, 5 Brown street 
Scouringburn, from West port to Pole- 
park road 
Seafleld lane, 214 Perth road 
Seafield road, 210 Perth road to 39 

Magdalen Yard road 
Seagate, from High street to St Roque's 

Sea wynd, 128 Nethergate 
Session street, 11 Scouringburn to 

Guthrie street 
Shamrock street, Marvfield 
Shepherd's close, 202 Hawkhill 
Shepherd's close, 146 Murraygate 
Shepherd's loan, 324 Perth road to 75 

Magdalen green 
Shore terrace, or Mid shore, from foot 

of Castle street to Greenmarket 
Small's lane, 26 Small's wj'nd 
Small's wynd, 1 Perth road to 54 

Smellie's lane, from Henderson's wynd 

to 84 Lochee road 
Smithfield, a district, top of Hilltown 
Smith's pend, 22 Session street 
Soapwork lane, from Irvine's sq. to E. 
Somerville place, top of Constitutioni 

Soutar's close, 4 West port 
Speed's close, 19 Overgate 
Spence's close, 154 Overgate 
Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
Springfield, opposite 156 Perth road 




Springhill, 86 Ferry road to Arbroath 

Springhill place, 72 Ferry road 
Stanley place, 17 Step row 
Step row, 268 Perth road to 61 Mag- 
dalen green 
Stewart's court, 8 St Roque's lane 
Stewart street, 20 Baxter street 
Stirling street, 86 Rosebank street 
Stobswell road, 30 Dura street 
Strathmartine road, from top of Hill- 
town to JSI.W. 
Strathmore street, from Arklay street 

to Court street 
Strawberrybank, 342 Perth road to 79 

Magdalen green 
Sugarhouse wynd, 53 Cowgate to 134 

Tait's lane, 265 Hawkhill 
Tally street, 54 Overgate toNethergate 
Tannage court, 7 Cowgate 
Tannadice street, from Arklay street 

to Court street 
Tay street (North), 249 Overgate to N. 
Tay street (South), 113 Nethergate to 
, 242 Overgate 

Tay square, 12 South Tay street 
Tay street lane, 107 Nethergate 
Tawse's close, 108 Hilltown 
Taylor's lane, 298 Perth road to 73 

Magdalen green 
Temple lane, 30 West port 
Thistle street, 27 Mains road to E. 
Thomson place, 51 Wellgate 
Thomson's pend, 72 Princes street 
Thomson street, 228 Perth road to 55 

Magdalen green 
Thorn place, 219 Blackness road 
Thorter row, 36 Overgate 
Tindal's wynd, 4J High st. to 6 Shore 

Todburn lane, from William street to 

Dens brae 
Todburn entry, 49 Wellgate 
Todd's entry, 175 Overgate 
Trades lane, from St Andrew's street to 

Dock street 
Tulloch's close, 66 Wellgate 
Union close, 25 Nethergate 
Union court, 6 Thorter row 
Union street and S. Union street, 40 

Nethergate to Craig pier 
Union street, Maxwelltown, 80 Ann 

street to N. 
Union street, Joint - Stocks, from 

Charles street to Kirk entry 

Union terrace, E. side of Constitution 

Union place, 274 Perth road 
Ure street, 181 Hawkhill to 136 Black- 
ness road 
Urquhart street, from 172 Scouring- 

burn to Blackness road 
Vault, 17 High street 
Victoria buildings, 12 to 24 E. Dockst. 
Victoria buildings, 1 Victoria road 
Victoria chambers, 10 to 14 Victoria 

Victoria crescent, 116 Victoria road 
Victoria place, S. side of Victoria st. 
Victoria rd.,from Bell street to Dens rd. 
Victoria street, top of Princes st. to W. 
Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 
Victoria terrace, N. side of Victoria st 
View bank terrace, top of Provost road 
Viewforth place, 291 Hawkhill 
Walton street, 170 Scouringburn 
Wallace street, 141 Princes street to 

Wallace's court, 114 Murraygate 
Wallace's pend, 22 Hawkhill 
Wannan's close, 42 West port 
Ward road (South), top of Barrack 

street to North Tay street 
Ward road, from foot of Constitution 

road to North Tay street 
Waterloo place, 73 Annfield road 
Watt street, 190 Hawkhill 
Watson terrace, top of Watson street 
Watson street, from Lilj'bank rd. to E. 
Watson's close, £8 Hawkhill 
Watson's lane, 133 Hawkhill 
Well road, 150 Hawkhill 
Well road, 108 Strathmartine road 
Wellgate, from Murraygate to foot of 

Wellington street, from Victoria road 

to Ann street 
Wellington street, N., a continuation 

of Wellington street to N. 
Westfield avenue, 172 Perth road 
Westfield entry, 200 Perth road 
Westfield lane, 188 Perth road to 35 

Magdalen vard road 
Westfield pla'ce, 186 Perth road to 33 

Magdalen yard road 
West Dock street, W. side of Earl Grey 

dock 5 

West Park road, from Perth road — on' 

the west side of the Cemetery — to 

Blackness road 
West port, W. end of Overgate 



West Protection Wall, from Craig 

Harbour to Tide Harbour, fronting 

the river 
West wynd, 95 Perth road to 248 

Whale lane, E. end of Seagate 
Whitehall close, 22^ Nethergate 
Whiteleys, 147 Nethergate 
Whitton's lane, 32|^ King street 
Whitton's pend, 25 Hawkhill 
Whitton street. King's road 
William street, 118 Scouringburn to 

Blackness road 
William street, 02 King street 
William street, Forebank, from Victoria 

road to Ann street 

William street, N., continuation C( 

William street to N. 
Willison street, 44 Barrack street tii 

N. Lindsay street 
Wilkie's lane, 141 Hawkhill 
Windsor place, 79 to 93 Magdale; 

Windsor street, from W. end of Mag; 

dalen green to Perth road 
Windsor terrace, 229 to 235 Perth roa« I 
Wolseley street , from Dundonald slsl 

Yeaman shore, foot, of Union street 
Teaman's close, 27 Overgate 
Young's close, 18 West port 
Young's close, 51 Hawkhill 


The Rooms marked * are to be let for Sales, Exhibitions, Meetings, <fcc. 

Aberdeen Town and County Bank, 5 Albert square, Meadowside 
Albert Institute Buildings, Albert square, top of Reform street 
Albert Square Free Church, Chapel street, Albert square 

* Albion Hall, 161 Overgate 

* Ancient Mason Lodge Hall, 79 High street 
Ancrum Road Public School, Ancrum road, Lochee 

* Argyle Hall, 1 Overgate 

Balfour Street Public School, Balfour street 

Bank of Scotland, 34 Reform street ; Branch office, 1 Victoria street 

Baptist Church, Kattray street. Ward road 

Baptist Church, Long wynd 

Barracks, approach by Constitution road and Barrack road 

Bell Street U.P. Church, West Bell street, at junction with Constitution road 

Blind, Institution for, 60 Dallfield walk 

Bonnethill Free Church, 203 Hilltown 

British Linen Company's Banks, 83 Murraygate and West port 

Brown Street Public School, 15 Brown street 

* Buchan's Hall, 24 Bank street 
Butterburn U.P. Church, foot of Hill street 
Butterburn Public School, Well road, Butterburn 
Butter Market, 6 Butcher row 

* Camperdown Hall, 22 Barrack street 

Castle Street Independent Church, 24 Castle street 
Catholic Apostolic Church, Dudhope Crescent road, Constitution road 
Cattle Market (New), Carolina port. Ferry road, and East Dock street 
Cemeteries Office, 26 Euclid crescent 
Chalmers Free Church, Hunter street 
Chamber of Commerce, Royal Exchange, Panmure street 
Chapelshade Established Church, 27 Constitution road 
Chapelshade Free Church, 9 Constitution road 
City of Glasgow Bank, 29 Reform street 
Clepington Public School, 54 Cotton road 
Clydesdale Bank, east end of High street 
Collector of Poor Rates for Parish of Dundee, 10 Euclid street 
Do. do. for LifF and Benvie, 37 Nethergate 



ol Commercial Bank, 63 Reform street 
Convalescent House, 14 William street, Victoria road 
Convalescent Home, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 
Court-House Buildings, West Bell street 
Custom-House, Dock street, east side of King William dock 

* Cutlers' Hall, 138 Murraygate 

Deaf and Dumb Institution, 165 Lochee road 

Drill Hall, Parker square. West Bell street 

Dudhope Crescent Road U.P. Church, Dudhope Crescent road 

Dudhope Free Church, Lochee road, opposite Polepark road 

Dudhope Public School, St Mary's place, St Mary's street 

Dundee Advertiser Office, 7 Bank street 

Dundee Courier & Argus and Northern Warder Office, 34 North Lindsay street 

Dundee Institution, Tay square 

Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Company's Office, 5 Shore terrace 

Eastern Club, 3 Albert square 

Euclid Crescent School, Euclid Crescent 

Evening News Office, 21 Cowgate 

Evening Telegraph Office, 7 Bank street 

Excise Office, 31 Bank street 

Farmers' Hall, 6 Vault 

Fire Engine Stations : Central Police Office ; Northern Police Office, 66 Union 

street, Maxwelltown ; west end of Victoria dock, Dundee ; and Police 

Office, Lochee. 
Fish Market, 11 Greenmarket 

* Forfar and Kincardine Mason Lodge, 13 Meadow street 
Free High Church, top of Hospital wynd 

Free Library, Albert Institute buildings, Albert square, top of Reform street 

Free Library Museum, Albert Institute buildings, Albert square 

Gras Commissioners' Office, 16 Meadowside — Works, East Dock street 

Grlasite Meeting House, 4 King street 

Glebe Lands Public School, Glebe street 

•Good Templars Hall, 51 Reform street 

' Gray's Assembly Rooms, 22 Perth road 

Guild Clerk's Office, 10 Meadowside 

Guild Hall, Town House, High street 

Harbour Office, Customhouse buildings, Dock street 

Harbour Clerk's Office, Customhouse buildings. Dock street 

Home," 23 Raton's lane 
Harbour Engineer's Office, Customhouse buildings 
Hawkhill Public School, foot of Croft's lane, Hawkhill 
Hawkhill U.P. Church, 100 Hawkhill 
High School, top of Reform street 

3ill Street Public School, at junction of Hill street with Strathmartine road 
Hilltown Free Church, North Wellington street 
Home Journal Office, 21 Cowgate 
Hull Shipping Company's Office, 5 Shore terrace 
Hunter Street Public School, 19 Hunter street 
[ndustrial Schools : Girls, Ward road ; Boys, Baldovan 
Institution for the Blind, 60 Dallfield walk 

Tames' U.P. Church, Bell street, at junction with Euclid crescent 
Tustice of Peace Clerk's Office, 5 Bank street 

* Kinnaird Hall, 6 Bank street 

* Larch Street Hall, 1 Larch street 

jindsay Street Independent Church, 31 North Lindsay street 

jloyd's Surveyor's Offices, 1 Commercial street and 52 Barrack street 


Lodging-House (Model), 97 Overgate 

Lodging-House (Female), Victoria road 

Logie Established Churcli, Balgay street 

Long Wynd Public School, Long wj'nd 

M'Cheyne Free Church, opposite Blackness gate, Perth road 

Martyrs Free Church, Annfield road 

Meadow side Academj', Constitution road and Mid street 

Morgan Hospital, Forfar road, top of Albert street 

Morison Evangelical Union Church, Meadow place 

Music Hall, foot of Castle street 

National Bank, 71 Reform street; Branches, 115 Hilltown and 248 Perth roadl 

* New Town Hall, 4 and 6 "Vault 

North of Scotland Bank, 24 High street, top of Crichton street 

Ogilvie Free Church, top of Albert street 

Old Scotch Independent Church, 4 Euclid street 

* Operative Mason Lodge Hall, 43 Overgate 

* Operative Tailors' Hall, 51 Overgate 
Original Secession Church, Euclid crescent 
Painters' Hall, 71 High street 

Panmure Street Independent Church, Panmure St., at junction with Euclid cres. 
Parochial Board Office (Dundee parish), 10 Euclid street 
Parochial Board Office (Liff and Benvie parishes), 37 Nethergate 
People's Friend Office, 7 Bank street 
People's Journal Office, 7 Bank street 

* Plasterers' Hall, 7 Tally street 

Police Office, Jail, and Bridewell, West Bell street — District stations, 194 

Scouringburn, 144 Princes street, and 66 Union street, Maxwelltown, 

Dundee ; and South road, Lochee 
Police Treasurer and Collector's Office, 8 Meadowside 
Poor House, Dundee parish, top of Eliza street 

do. LifF and Benvie parishes, 199 Blackness road 

Post Office, top of Reform street ; Receiving Offices at 90 King street, 128 

Hilltown, 142 Scouringburn, and 242 Perth road 
Princes Street Independent Church, 157 Princes street 
Procurator Fiscal's Office, Courthouse buildings, West Bell street 
Public Baths, West Protection wall, Harbour 
Public Warehouse and Weighhouse, 23 Greenmarket 
Railway Stations, South Union street, East Dock street, and Esplanade 
*Reform Street Hall, 61 Reform street 
Registrars of Births, Deaths, and Marriages — see page 27 
Rosebank Established Church, Constitution street 
Rosebank Sessional School, 20 Rosebank street 
Royal Bank of Scotland, 97 Murraj'gate, and 22 Castle street ; Branch offices, 

West port, and 98 King street 
Royal Exchange, Panmure street 
Royal Arch Chapter Rooms, 13 Meadow street 
Royal Infirmarj", Barrack road 
Royal Lunatic Asylum, 109 Albert street 
Royal Orphan Institution, 131 Ferry road 
Russell Chapel, Independent Church, 179 Hawkhill 
St Andrew's Established Church, King street, opposite St Andrew's street 
St Andrew's Free Church, Meadowside, opposite Baltic street 
St Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, 152 Nethergate 

St Andrew's Roman Catholic Schools— Boys, 38 Tay st. ; Girls, 174 Overgate 
St Andrew's School, 2 William street, Victoria road 
St Clement's, or Steeple Church (Established), Nethergate, opposite Union st. 





St David's Established Church, North Tay street 
St Enoch's Established Church, 79 Nethergate 
St David's Free Church, west end of Ward road 
St John's, or Cross Church (Established), South Tay street 
St John's Free Church, Small's wynd 
St John's Free Church School, Park wynd 
St John's Church of England, Logie den, Lochee road 
St Joseph's Koman Catholic Church, Wilkie's lane, Blackness road 
St Mark's Established Church, Greenfield place, Perth road 
St Mary Magdalene's Episcopal Chapel, 11 Blinshall street 
St Mary's, or Parish Church, Nethergate, opposite Union street 
St Mary's Eoman Catholic Church, 34 Forebank road 

St Mary's Roman Catholic Schools — Boys, 32 Forebank road ; Girls, Powrie pi. 
St Matthew's Established Church, Ferry road (Glebe) 
St Patrick's Hall, 381 South Tay street 

St Paul's, or South Church (Established), Nethergate, opposite Union street 
St Paul's Free Church, 116 Nethergate 
St Paul's Episcopal Church, Castlehill, top of Seagate 
St Peter's Free Church, St Peter street 

St Salvador's Episcopal Church and School, North Church street 
Salem Chapel, Salem street, 69 Constitution road 
Savings Bank, 2 Euclid street 
School Wynd U.P. Church, 6 South Lindsay street 
School Board Office, 31 Bank street 
Session Clerk's Office, 112 Seagate 

Sheriff Clerk's Office, Courthouse buildings, West Bell street 
Shore Dues Office, Customhouse buildings, Dock street 
*Smellie's Hall, 50 Barrack street 
Stamp and Taxes Office, 29 Bank street 

Stamps and Taxes — Assessor and Surveyor's Office, 31 Bank street 
*Strathmore Hall, Sea wynd, Nethergate 
Tay Ferries Office and Station, Craig pier, South Union street 
Tay Square U.P. Church, Tay square, South Tay street 
Telegraph Offices — 26 Meadowside, 22 Dock street, and at Railway Stations 
Theatre Royal, 15 Castle street 
*Thistle Hall, 15 Union street 
Thistle Operative Mason Lodge Hall, 15 Vault 
Town Architect's Office, 36 North Lindsay street 
Town House Buildings, south side of High street 
Town Clerk's Office, Townhouse buildings, High street 
Town Chamberlain's Office, Townhouse buildings, High street 
Town Surve}for's Office, 79 Commercial street 

Town's Churches — comprising St Mar3''s, or Parish Church ; St Paul's, or South 
Church; and St Clement's, or Steeple Church, Nethergate, opposite Union st. 
*Trades' Hall, King's road 

Trinity Evangelical Union Church, 62 Victoria road 
Union Bank, 2 Panmure street 
Unitarian Christian Church, 53 Constitution road 
*Victoria Hall, 52 Victoria road 

Victoria Road Public School, King's road, Victoria road 

Victoria Street U.P. Church, Victoria St., at junction with Brown Constable st. 
Victoria Public Markets, 10 King street and Victoria road 
Wallacetown Established Church, Crescent street, opposite Church street 
Wallacetown Free Church, 15 Crescent street 
Ward Chapel Independent Church, foot of Constitution road 
Water Commissioners' Office, 8 Meadowside; Manager's Office, 7 Euclid street 


Weekly News Office, 34 North Lindsay street 

Wellgate Free Church, 45 Dudhope street 

•Wellgate Hall, 69 Wellgate 

Wesleyan Methodist Churches, 17 Ward road and foot of Wellington street 

West End Academy, South Tay street 

Willison Free Church, 56 Barrack street 

Wilson Territorial Free Church, 145 Overgate 

Wishart U.P. Church, 108 Cowgate / 

Working Men's Club, 9 Tay street / 

•Wright's Hall, Key's close, 18 Nethergate / 

Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, 10 Constitution road 


Belgium, T. W. Thorns, 18 St Andrew's place 

Brazil, Thomas Collier, 20 Panmure street 

Chili, George C. Keiller, 33 Meadowside 

D'Haiti, James Cox, Meadow place 

Denmark, : T. W. Thorns, 18 St Andrew's place 

France, P. M. Cochrane, 1 Dudhope terrace 

German Empire, (Consul) H. Quosbarth, 46 Castle street 

Liberia, D. F. Robertson, 1 Roj'al Exchange pi. 

Netherlands, T. W. Thorns, 18 St Andrew's place 

Peru, (Consul) James H. Bell, India buildings 

Portugal, Bernt Petterson, 46 Castle street 

Sweden and Norway, Bernt Petterson, 46 Castle street 

United States, (Consul) Matthew M'Dougall, 81 Murraygate 

United States, (Vicb-Consul; Walter Baxter, 81 Murraygate 

Urugua}', James H. Bell, India buildings 

Spain, J. Julius Weinberg, Panmure street 


Albion Hotel, 15 Tally street, John Richardson 

British Hotel, 4 Castle street, J. Rickard 

Crown Hotel, Shore terrace, Mrs E. Steel 

Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate, Mrs JohnStewart 

Lamb's Temperance Hotel, 60 Reform street, Lamb & Co. 

Mathers' Temperance Hotel, 7 Crichton street, Alex. C. Mathers 

Queen's Hotel, 160 Nethergate, ^ 

Eoyal Hotel, 54 Nethergate, James T. Russell 

Waverley Temperance Hotel, 48 Union street, David Godfrey 

Directors — William Thorns, Chas. Edward, Joseph Westwood, David Bruce, 
Wm. Wilson, George Duncan, James Nicoll, and Thomas Proven. Daniel 
M'Intyre, 87 High street, Treasurer and Secretary. 

Coffee and Reading-rooms— open daily feom 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

8 Wellgate, Keeper, Andrew M'Intosh 

10 South Lindsay street, , George Ballingall 

1 West Dock street, „ John Graham 

60 East Dock street, „ David Robertson. 

16 St Clement's lane, , Richard Wedderspoon 

The following are not connected with the Association — 

7 Brown street Coffee and Reading Room, Wm. Donaldson 

25 Princes street do. do. Herculus Golden 

17 Greenmarket do. do. John Downie 



( 23 ) 


'Teaman, M.P. Local Residence — Craigie CliflF, Ferry Road, Dundee. Address 
in London — House of Commons. 

Edward Jenkins, M.P. Residence — 20 Southwell Gardens, South Ken- 
sington, London, S.W. 

for the BURGH. 

Provost and Chief Magistrate — William Robertson. 

Bailies— John Robertson, First ; William Cleghorn, Second ; Duncan Mac- 
donald. Third ; James Thomson, Fourth ; James Allan, Fifth ; James Low, 

Dean op Guild — Charles Edward. 

Treasurer — William M. Ogilvie. 

Common Councillors— John Adamson, William Brownlee, Andrew G. 
Kidd, William Blair, James Perrie, John Sutherland, Robert Laing, David A. 
Bruce, William Philip, jun., George H. Nicoll, Frank Henderson, William 
Thomson, John Anderson, Hugh Ballingall, Alexander H. Moncur, James 
Gentle, William P. Mitchell, Charles C. Maxwell, and James Cowan. 

COMMITTEES OF COUNCIL.— Law Committee— Councillor Moncur, 
Convener. Bailies Robertson, Cleghorn, Macdonald, and Low ; Dean of Guild 
Edward; Councillors Ballingall, Brownlee, Henderson, Perrie, Ogilvie, Bruce, 
and Sutherland. 

Property and Esplanade Committee — Councillor Nicoll, Convener. Bailies 
Robertson, Cleghorn, Macdonald, Thomson, Allan, and Low; Councillors 
Ogilvie, Gentle, Philip, Mitchell, Anderson, and Adamson. 

Finance Committee — Treasurer Ogilvie, Convener. Bailies Robertson and 
Allan; Councillors Henderson, Moncur, Nicoll, Blair, Bruce, Sutherland, 
Perrie, Adamson, Kidd, Brownlee, and Maxwell. 

Committee on Hospital Fund and Johnston's Charity — Councillor Adamson, 
Hospital-Master, Convener. Bailies Cleghorn, Macdonald, Thomson, and 
Low ; Councillors Perrie, Nicoll, and Kidd. 

Council Harbour Trustees — The Provost, and Four Senior Bailies, ex officio, 
and Councillor Ballingall. 

Council Directors of the High School— The Provost, Four Senior Bailies, 
and Dean of Guild, ex officio ; Councillors Thomson, Philip, Ogilvie, and 

' Council Governors of the Morgan Hospital — The Provost, ex officio, Bailie 
Robertson, and Ex-Bailie Haggart. 

Council Representatives at Meetings of Commissioners of Suppl3', under the 
Sheriff Court- Houses Act, I8S11 — Bailie Macdonald; Dean of Guild Edward; 
Councillors Nicoll, Henderson, Bruce, Maxwell, and Kidd. 

Council Members of Free Library Committee — The Provost, Chairman. 
Bailies Robertson, Cleghorn, and Low ; Councillors Ogilvie, Henderson, 
Adamson, Blair, Maxwell, and Philip. 

Council Commissioners under " Dundee Gas Act, 1868" — The Provost and 
First Bailie, ex officio ; Bailies Macdonald and Thomson ; Councillors Thomson, 
Moncur, and Mitchell. 

Representative Trustee, from the Council, of William Harris's Institution — 
Provost Robertson. 

William Hay, Town Clerk — office, Townhouse buildings. William A. 



Fleming, Town Chamberlain— office, Townhouse buildings. William Alex- 
ander, Town Architect— office, 36 North Lindsay street. 

Graham Laing, Council Officer and Billet-Master, Townhouse buildings. 
Wm. Burness, Inspector of Weights and Measures— office, 27 North Lindsay st. 

Public Analyst — George D. Macdougald, 41 Reform street. 

POLICE BOARD.— The Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council 
are also the Commissioners of Police for the Burgh. The following are the 
Committees appointed by the Board : — 

Police Committee, including Watching, Fire Engines, and Hackney Car- 
riages-Councillor Ballingall, Convener. Bailies Robertson, Cleghorn, Mac- 
donald, Allan, and Low ; Councillors Thomson, Perrie, Philip, NicoU, Blair, 
Sutherland, Kidd, Mitchell, Maxwell, and Cowan. 

Lighting Committee — Councillor Blair, Convener. Bailies Cleghorn and 
Low ; Councillors Perrie, Laing, Anderson, Sutherland, Mitchell, and Maxwell. 

Works Committee — Councillor Brownlee, Convener. Bailies Cleghorn, Mac- 
donald, Thomson, and Allan ; Councillors Philip, Henderson, Laing, Blair, 
Anderson, Thomson, Adamson, Bruce, Mitchell, and Gentle. 

Sanitary Committee, including Cleansing, and Lodging-Houses — Councillor 
Bruce, Convener. Bailies Macdonald, Allan, and Low; Dean of Guild 
Edward ; Councillors Perrie, Philip, Anderson, Blair, Brownlee, Thomson, 
Adamson, Sutherland, Mitchell, Maxwell, and Cowan. 

Finance Committee, including Law — Councillor Maxwell, Convener. The 
Conveners of the Police, Lighting, Works, and Sanitary Committees ; Bailie 
Low ; Councillors Henderson, Nicoll, Ogilvie, and Adamson. 

Recreation Grounds Committee, including Balgay Hill— Councillor Perrie, 
Convener. Bailies Macdonald, Thomson, and Allan ; Councillors Laing, Bal- 
lingall, Brownlee, Philip, Ogilvie, Gentle, and Maxwell. 

Improvement Committee — Councillor Henderson, Convener. All the Mem- 
bers of the Board are Members of this Committee. 

Baths Committee — Councillor Anderson, Convener. Bailies Macdonald, 
Thomson, and Allan ; Councillors Brownlee, Nicoll, Blair, Adamson, Suther- 
land, and Cowan. 

Markets, &c.. Committee— Bailie Thomson, Convener. Bailie Robertson ; 
Councillors Brownlee, Ballingall, and Mitchell. 

Streets Committee^Councillor Thomson, Convener. Bailies Robertson, 
Macdonald, and Thomson : Councillors Ballingall, Philip, Anderson. Mitchell, 
Kidd, Moncur, Cowan, and Perrie. 

Tramwaj's and Turnpike Roads Committee — Councillor Brownlee, Convener. 
Bailies Macdonald, Thomson, Allan, and Low ; Councillors Thomson, Ogilvie, 
Adamson, Blair, Ballingall, Nicoll, Gentle, Philip, and Henderson. 

N.B. — The Provost is a Member of all the Committees of the Board. 

Thomas Thornton, Clerk. James W. Barnet, Depute-Clerk. 

Donald Farquharson, Collector and Treasurer— office, 8 Meadowside. 

William Mackison, Surveyor and Master of Works— office, 79 Commercialst. 

WATER COMMISSION, consisting of all the Members of the 
Town Council of Dundee; and George Halle}', Chief Magistrate, and George 
Philp, Senior Magistrate, of Broughty Ferry. 

Works Committee— Provost Robertson, Convener. Bailies Cleghorn, Mac- 
donald, and Thomson ; Councillors Brownlee, Ballingall, Gentle, Moncur, 
Philip, Laing, Nicoll, Thomson, Cowan, Anderson, Bruce, Sutherland, Mit- 
chell; and Geo. Halley, Chief Magistrate, and Geo. Philp, Senior Magistrate, 
of Broughty Ferry. 

Finance Committee — Councillor Ballingall, Convener. Provost Robertson ; 
Bailies Robertson, Allan, and Low ; Dean of Guild Edward ; Councillors Hen- 


derson, Ogilvie, Nicoll, Blair, Perrie, Adamson, Kidd, Maxwell ; and Geo. 
Halley, Chief Magistrate, and Geo. Philp, Senior Magistrate, of Broughty 

James Watson, C.E., Engineer and Manager— office, 7 Euclid street. 

Donald Farquharson, Treasurer— office, 8 Meadowside. 

N.B. — Notices of bursts of water pipes are requested to be sent to the 
Manager's office, 7 Euclid street, where they will be immediately attended to. 

DUNDEE BURIAL BOARD.— The Provost, Magistrates, and 
Council are the Parochial Board for burial ground purposes. 

Works Committee— All the Members of the Board— John Sutherland, Con- 
vener. Finance Committee — All the Members of the Board— John Sutherland, 
Convener. William Haj', Clerk ; Donald Farquharson, Treasurer. , 

Burial Grounds. — Eastern Necropolis, Arbroath road ; Western 
Necropolis, Balgay hill ; New Burying Ground, Constitution road ; Howff, 
Meadowside; St Peter's, Perth road; St Andrew's, Cowgate ; Roodyards, 
Ferry road ; and Logie Churchyard, Lochee road. 

William R. M'Kelvie, Superintendent. Office, 26 Euclid crescent. Open 
from 9 a.m. till 12 noon, and from 7 till 8 p.m. Offices at the Eastern Necro- 
polis and Western Necropolis open during the daj'. 

RECREATION GROUNDS. — Balgay Hill — James Perrie, 
Convener of Committee. William R. M'Kelvie, Superintendent — office, 26 
Euclid crescent. 

POLICE ESTABLISHMENT. — Central Office, West Bell 
street. District Stations— Western Office, Scouringburn ; Eastern Office, 
Princes street ; Northern Office, Union street, Maxwelltown ; and Lochee 
Office, South road, Lochee. David Dewar, Superintendent of Police and 
Procurator-Fiscal. G. C. Pirie, M.D., Surgeon. Three lieutenants, five 
inspectors, two sanitary inspectors, who are also inspectors of lodging-houses, 
and nine assistants, one detective inspector, eight detective officers, and two 
detective constables, fifteen sergeants, and one hundred and twenty-eight con- 
stables. Total strength, including town force, sanitary staff, and Harbour 
police, 174. 

CLEANSING DEPARTMENT.— Office, 8 Meadowside. James Arthur, 
Inspector. Five foremen and one hundred and forty-four scavengers, carters, 
&c. Stables, Allan street. 

JUDGES OF POLICE COURT.-The Provost and Bailies of the burgh. 
Thomas Thornton, Assessor; James W. Barnet, Depute Assessor. 

PRISON ESTABLISHMENT— William B. Buglass, Governor; James 
W. Miller, M.D., Surgeon; Rev. A. F. Reid, Chaplain and Teacher ; Mrs 
Mitchell, Matron and Female Teacher ; Robert Allan, Head Warder ; Wm. 
Leithara, Clerk. 

FIRE BRIGADE.— Superintendent, Robert Ramsay. Central Station — 
West Bell street ; Captains, D. Hutchison and W. Reid ; Ten firemen. 
Harbour Station — Custom House ; Captain, D. Philip ; Five firemen. 
Northern Station— 66 Union st., Maxwelltown ; Capt., J. Milne ; Three firemen. 
Lochee Station— -45 South road, Lochee ; Captain, A. King ; Three firemen. 

GAS COMMISSION.— Office, 16 Meadowside ; Works, Peep-o'- 
Daj'. Members, ex officio — Provost Robertson, Chairman ; Bailie Robert- 
son, Dean of Guild Edward, James Mitchell, Convener of the Nine 
Trades. Elected Members —From the Town Council— Bailies Macdonald and 
Thomson; Councillors W. Thomson, W. P. Mitchell, Alex. H. Moncur. 
From the Guildry — Alex. J. Warden, A. W. Fairweather, Jas. G. Whitelaw. 


Alex. Duncan. From the Chamber of Commerce— Geo. Carmichael, Alex. 
Maxwell, Geo. Halley, David Cargill, William Y. B. Martin. From the Nine 
Trades — David Anderson, John Black. From the Three Trades— Wm. Fj'ffe. 

Finance Committee — All the Members of the Board — James Mitchell, Con- 
vener. Works Committee — All the Members of the Board— Alexander Max- 
well, Convener. Thomas Thornton, Clerk ; James Matthew, Treasurer ; Boyd 
M. Macrae, Manager of Works. 

Applications for Gas or Meters, and Notices of Escapes of Gas, &c., are re- 
quested to be sent to the Office, where they will be immediately attended to. 

GUILDRY INCORPORATION.— Charles Edward, Dean of 
Guild. Assessors — James Yeaman, M.P., Robert Webster, P. M. Duncan, 
George H. Nicoll, A. W. Fairweather, James Shaw, J. A. Stewart, George 
SherriflF, A. S. Drummond, John Robertson, J. G. Orchar, Jas. Luke, T. S. Ross, 
George Halley, John P. Kyd, William A. Macveigh, Joseph Lindsay, Alex. 
Mathewson. D. Gordon Stewart, 10 Meadowside, Clerk; J. W. Warden, Collector. 

vener; David Rollo, Boxmaster and Clerk. 

Deacons. Assessors. 

Bakers, David Anderson. Alexander Kidd. 

Shoemakers, John E. Mann. Joshua Smith. 

Glovers, James A. Stewart. David Stewart. 

Tailors, P. M. Young. William Brown. 

Hammermen, William Bisset. Thomas Cuthbert. 

Bonnetmakers David Jobson, jun. . John Duncan. 

Fleshers, Alexander Lawson. John Smith. 

Dyers, James Neil. Francis Stevenson. 

Weavers, , T. K. Kinmond. Alex. Fairweather. 

THREE UNITED TRADES.— William Fyffe, Convener; And. 
Smith, Boxmaster; Geo. Haggart, Clerk. Deacons. — Masons — Geo. Sherriff; 
Wrights— Wm. S. Smith ; Slaters — Andrew Buttar. 

MALTMEN INCORPORATION.— Hugh Ballingall, Deacon ; 
Joseph Brown, Boxmaster ; D. Gordon Stewart, Clerk. 

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.— (Incorporated by Royal Charter 
1864), Royal Exchange, Panmure street. James Luke, President; Alexander 
Scott, Vice-President. Directors — H. B. Fergusson, Ex-President ; Alexander 
Gilroy, jun., John Rhind, Jas. Logic, And. Lowson (Arbroath), David Bruce, 
Victor Fraenkl, Robert Lamb, David M'Int}'re. 

Robert Sturrock, Secj'. and; Treas. Moody Stuart & Robertson, Auditors. 
John Cowper and Robert Carnegie, Officers. 

DUNDEE PAROCHIAL BOARD.— Office, 8 Euclid Street. 

General Committee meets on the first Monday of each month, at twelve 
o'clock noon. Members — Thomas Buchan, Chairman ; Thomas Scott, Vice- 
Chairman ; Henry Adams, Charles Scott, Arch. G. Anderson, John Deuchars, 
jun., Geo. Haggart, Arthur Begg, James R. D. Lawson, Patrick Fay, David M. 
Allan, Peter M'lntyre, Daniel Dailly, Robert Milne, Robert Hutton, Alex. 
Smith, James G. Whitelaw, James B. Third, and William M'Waters. 

Poorhouse Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month, at the 
Poorhouse, at twelve o'clock noon. Members— Thomas Buchan, Chairman; 
Thomas Scott, Vice-Chairman ; Daniel Daillj', Robert Milne, David M. Allan, 
Patrick Fay, Arch. G. Anderson, Arthur Begg, John Deuchars, jun., Henry 
Adams, Peter M'lntyre, Jas. R. D. Lawson, Geo. Haggart, and Chas. Scott. 


Henry Jack, Inspector ; Walter Taylor, Collector and Treasurer ; Donald 
Gunn, Poorhouse Governor. 


Court, 37 Nethergate. Patrick H. Thorns, Esq. of Aberlemno, Chairman. 

Committee of Management meets on the last Tuesday of every month, at one 
o'clock afternoon. Members — Duncan Macdonald, Convener; P. H. Thorns, 
James Cox, Kev. John Wilson, D. J. M'Kinnon, Wm. M. Ogilvie, John H. 
Duffus, David M'Donald, And. Ramsay, Alex. B. Donald, Stewart Anderson, 
Wm. Baxter, Lawrence Phin, John M'Ewan, Robert Laing, Robert Lickely, 
John F. Scott, and Daniel Quin. 

Poorhouse Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month, at 7.30 
evening. Members — Duncan Macdonald, Convener ; P. H. Thorns, David 
Buchan, William Brownlee, William Dand, George Caird, Alex. H. Moncur, 
William Muirhead, Andrew Ramsay, Alex. B. Donald, John H. Duffus, David 
M'Donald, Elliot Strachan, William Boyle, Lawrence Phin, Wm. M. Ogilvie, 
James Perrie, and Stewart Anderson. 

Thomas Brown, Inspector and Collector ; Robert Edwards, Assistant In- 
spector; Andrew W. Dougall, Officer; Peter Stewart, Governor of Poorhouse. 

VALUATION OF LANDS ACTS.— Assessor, John Gilbertson, 
31 Bank street ; Collector, Donald Farquharson, 8 Meadowside. This Assess- 
ment is collected along with the Prison Rates, under the direction of the 
^ Finance Committee of the Town Council. 


— 1st or St Peter's District — James Young, Registrar ; Ofiice, 138 Perth road. 
id or St Mary's District — James Anderson, Registrar; Office, 11 Ward road. 
5d or St Clement's District — David Scott, Registrar ; Office, 26 Euclid crescent. 
4ih w St Andrew's District — Finlay Macdiarmid, Registrar ; Office, 16 King 
street, bth or Lochee District — David Neish, Registrar ; Office, 114 High street, 
Lochee. Office Hours, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and from 6 to 8 p.m. ; Saturdays, 
from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Registrations must be effected as follows, viz. : — Births within 21 days ; 
Deaths within 8 da}'S ; Marriages within 3 days ; Vaccinations within 6 months, 
unless certificate of postponement be granted by a qualified Medical Practitioner. 
Parties registering births ought to produce proof of the marriage of the parents. 

Registration Districts. 
For the purposes of the Acts of Parliament relative to the Registration of 
Births, Deaths, and Marriages, those portions of the Parish of Dundee and of 
the United Parishes of Liff and Benvie, comprehended within the boundaries 
of the Burgh of Dundee, are divided into Five Districts as follow : — The First, 
or St Peter's District, to comprehend and include that portion of the Burgh 
within the Boundary commencing at the point where the Parliamentary Boun- 
dary terminates in the River Tay ; thence along said boundarj'- Northwards 
till it joins the Blackness road ; thence along the middle of said road till it 
joins the Scouringburn ; thence along the middle of the Scouringburn and West 
port till it joins South Tay street ; thence along the middle of South 
Tay street, and across the Nethergate and Southwards in a line with, and 
along the West Wall of the Roman Catholic Chapel to the Southern Boun- 
dary of the Burgh. Second, or St Mary's District, to comprehend and 
include that portion of the Burgh within the Boundar}', commencing at 
that point in the River where the Southern boundary of the First District 
terminates ; thence along said boundarj' Northwards to West port, thence in 
a Westerly direction along the middle of the West port, Scouringburn, and 
Blackness road, as far as the road leading to Glenagnes cottage ; thence along 


the middle of said road till it joins a road leading to Balgay street ; thence along 
the middle of Balgay street till it joins the Lochee road ; thence in an Easterly 
direction along the middle of said road to Union place ; thence along the middle 
of the road at Union place in a North- Westerly direction till it joins the Loons 
road ; thence along the middle of that road in an Easterly direction till it joins 
the Old Newtj-le Railway; thence along said Railway to the Tunnel; thence 
along the middle of the road leading from the Southern entrance of the Tunnel 
to the top of Constitution road ; thence along the middle of Constitution road, 
Barrack street, Tally street, and Couttie's wynd, across Dock street till it joins 
West Dock street ; thence along the middle of West Dock street to the River. 
Third, or St Clement's District, to comprehend and include that portion of the 
Burgh within the boundary commencing at that point in the River where the 
Southern Boundary of the Second District terminates ; thence along that 
boundary Northwards along the middle of West Dock street, Couttie's wynd, 
Tally street, Barrack street, and Constitution road to the Tunnel ; thence in a 
line Northwards till it joins the Northern Boundary of the Burgh ; thence along 
said boundary Eastwards as far as the Mains road ; thence in a Southerly 
direction along the middle of the Mains road, Hilltown, and Wellgate; thence 
East along the middle of the Cowgate to St Andrew's street ; thence along the 
middle of St Andrew's street, Trades lane, and the Road on the East side of the 
Customhouse till it reaches the Shipbuilding Yards ; thence along the middle 
of the road on the South side of Victoria Dock till it joins a road leading along 
the East side of the Patent Slip buildings ; thence along the middle of said 
road to the River. Fourth, or St Andrew's District, to include that portion of 
the Burgh comprehended within the Eastern Boundary of St Clement's District 
and the Eastern Boundary of the Burgh. Fifth, or Lochee District, to compre- 
hend and include that portion of the Burgh, commencing at the point in the 
Blackness road where the Western Boundary of the First District terminates ; 
thence along the middle of Blackness road, the road leading past Glenagnes 
cottage, Balgay street, Lochee road to Union place ; thence along the middle 
of Union place and Loons road to the Old Newtyle Railway ; thence along the 
middle of said Railwaj' to the Northern Boundary of the Burgh ; thence along 
that Boundary Westwards and Southwards, to the point in the Blackness road 
before mentioned. 


the trial of criminal cases in Forfarshire, and disposal of certain appeals from 
the Sheriff Court, are held within the Court House, Dundee, twice in the year. 


Sheriff-Clerk's Office, and Procurator-Fiscal's Office, in the New Court Build- 
ings, West Bell street. Small Debt Court held on Tuesdays, at half-past 10 
forenoon ; Debts Recovery and Ordinary Court for Motions and Debates, on 
Wednesdays, at half-past 10 forenoon ; Ordinary Court for Motions, on Fri- 
days, at 10.30, during the Session. Courts are held during the vacation, of 
which the dates are fixed before close of the Session. 

Frederick Lewis Maitland Heriot, Advocate, Sheriff-Depute ; John Cheyne, 
Advocate, Sheriff-Substitute ; George Webster, W.S., Sheriff and Commissary 
Clerk; James Hay, Sheriff and Commissary Clerk-Depute; John Boyd Baxter 
and W. B. Dunbar, Procurators-Fiscal. 

The Sheriff-Clerk's Office is open from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. every lawful day, 
except Saturday's, when it is closed at 1 p.m. 

Peter M'Gregor, Bar Officer of Sherifi' Court. 


DEPUTIES.— Duncan M'Lachlan, solicitor; D. Small, solicitor ; and J. W. 
Thomson, solicitor. 

BURGH OR BAILIE COURT.— Held in the Town Hall every 
Wednesday, at Eleven forenoon. The Bailies, Judges ; William Hay, Town- 
Clerk, Assessor ; J. B. Baxter, Procurator-Fiscal. 

GUILD COURT.— Dean of Guild, Judge ; D. Gordon Stewart, 
Assessor and Clerk of Court ; Office, 10 Meadowside. C. D. Mitchell, 8 Bank 
street, interim Fiscal ; James Macdonald, 44 High street. Officer. 


Supreme Court of Judicature in England — Andrew Hendry, solicitor ; Henrj' 
Gibson, solicitor ; William Thoms. 

High Court of Chancery in Ireland — William Scott, solicitor ; Walter T. 
Currie, solicitor. 

Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, in Ireland — Walter 
T. Currie. 


DUNDEE.— (Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1821).— John Boyd Baxter, 
LL.D., Preses; James Shield, Vice-Preses; George Heron, Treasurer; Alex. 
Agnew, Secretary. 

Members of Faculty. Those marked * are Notaries Public. 

*Agnew, Alex., 11 Reform street 
*Baxter, J. Boyd, Courthouse buildgs. 
*Baxter, Walter, 81 Murraj'gate 
*Bennet, David, 7 Ward road 
*Bisset, Gray, 12 Bank street 
*Boyd, Robert, 20 Reform street 
Boyes, Thomas J. G., 13 Ward road 
*Bruce, John D., 116 Seagate 
Calder, John F. 15 Ward road 
Congleton, Thomas, 20 Castle street 
Currie, Walter T., 5 Bank street 
Camming, A. W., 1 Bank street 
*Dickie, W. B., 9 Ward road 
*Duncan, David, jun., 41 Reform St. 
Dunbar, Wni. B., Courthouse buildgs. 
Fay, Thomas J., 87 High street 
*Gibson, Henrj-, 61 Reform street 
*Grant, J. D., 51 Reform street 
*Gray, James M., 30 Reform street 
Haggart, George, 11 Ward road 
*Hay, William, Townhouse 
"Hendry, Andrew, 32 Bank street 
•Heron, George, 20 Castle street 
Hunter, James, 69 Reform street 
•Johnston, David, 31 Reform street 
Johnston, J. J., 16 Bank street 
•Kerr, William, 26 Castle street 
*Kyd, John P., 22 Euclid crescent 
Leitch, Thomas Alex., 82 High street 

*Littlejohn, D. S., 27 Bank street 
*Littlejohn, Thomas, 27 Bank street 
M'Donald, William, 51 Reform street 
M'Farlane, John, 26 Castle street 
Milne, W. B., 10 Reform street 
*Mitchell, C. D., 8 Bank street 
*Ogilvie, George, 12 Meadowside 
Paterson, James, 15 Ward road 
*Pattullo, James, 1 Bank street 
Paul, Archibald, 9 Ward road 
Reid, Lyle, 12 Meadowside 
Reid, Peter, 31 Reform street 
"Rollo, David, 32 Bank street 
Scott, William, 30 Reform street 
Scrymgeour, John, 31 Reform street 
Shield, James, 22 Euclid crescent 
*Shiell, John, 5 Bank street 
*Small, David, 5 Bank street 
Small, William James, 5 Bank street 
*Smith, Robert, 24 Meadowside 
*Speed, Alexander, 16 Euclid crescent 
*Stewart, D. G., 10 Meadowside 
Stewart, David, 61 Reform street 
*Thomson, J. W., 69 Rel'orm street 
*Thernton, Thomas, 1 Bank street, 
Walker, Robert C, 12 Euclid street 
*Watt, George, 87 High street 
Young, John R., 7 M'ard road 
Young, W. E. E., 7 Ward road 


JUSTICE OF PEACE COURT— The Acting Justices of the " 

Peace for the District, Judges. David Small, solicitor. Clerk and Assessor. 
Walter Thomson Currie, solicitor, Depute-Clerk. 

The Court is held in the Burgh Court-Room, each alternate Monday, at 
eleven o'clock forenoon. The Dundee District comprehends the Parishes of 
Dundee, Mains and Strathmartine, Liff and Benvie, Monikie, Monifieth, 
Murroes, Auchterhouse, and Tealing. 

DUNDEE DISTRICT.— The Earl of Dalhousie ; Lord Ramsay ; Sir John 
Ogilvy, Bart.; James E. Erskine, Linlathen; David Hunter, of Blackness; 
Thomas Kerr, of Grange of Monifieth ; Robert M'Gavin, of Ballumbie : W. O. 
Dalgleish, Mayfield ; James Neish, of Laws ; William Neish, of Clepington ; 
P. H. Thorns, of Aberlemno; R. H. A. Ogilvy, of Baldovan ; John Miller, off 
Craighill; O. G.Miller; J. Ogilvy, Harecraig ; the Sheriff of the County and 
the Sheriff-Substitute for the Dundee District ; George Webster, Sheriff-Clerk ; 
the Provost of Dundee ; the First and Second Bailies of Dundee, for the time 
being; W. E. Baxter, of Kincaldrum, M.P. ; George Armitstead ; James Cox, 
Lochee ; Peter Carmichael, of Arthurstone ; William Lowson, of Balthayock ; 
James Paterson, of Kinnettles ; James Walker, of Ravensby ; Robert Arklay, 
of Ethiebeatou ; Edward Caird, of Finnart ; John Sharp, of Balmuir; D. Small, 
Wm. Thoms, John Laing, Charles Clark, W. W. Renny, Patrick Anderson, 
Thomas Bell, Joseph Grimond, Thomas Smith, Frank S. Sandeman, Charles 
Smith, W. G. Don, Thomas H. Cos, of Maulesden, James Luke, Alex, J. Buist, 
James G. Orchar, Edward A. Baxter, James Yeaman, M.P., Geo. Mackenzie, 
William Cox, of Snaigow, George Gilroy, William Harris, William Moir, M. 
Nimmo, P. G. Walker, A. H. Moncur, H. B. Fergusson, Henri' Gourlay, G. 
LL. Alison, James Cunningham, G. B. Simpson, John Ewan, James PattuUo, 
of Ashmore and Persey, Thomas Thornton, J. W. Thomson, Andrew Hendry, 
William Kerr, William Hay, Henry S. Wedderburn, of Birkhill ; James F. 
Low, Monifieth; Alex. Bell, Balnuith ; Charles Edward; J. E. Lacon, of 
Duntrune ; George Halley. 

street; Thomas Gourlaj', 10 High street, John Matthew, 12 Bank street; 
James S. Mills, 10 High street ; Colin Walker, 61 High street ; William Gouk, 
3 Barrack street ; Robert Scott, 51 High street. 

MESSENGERS-AT- ARMS.— James S. Mills, 10 High street ; 
John Matthew, 12 Bank street ; James M'Donald, 44 High street. 

SHERIFF OFFICERS.— John Matthew, 12 Bank street ; James 
S. Mills, 10 High street ; Thomas Gourlay, 10 High street ; James Bisset, 51 
High street; William Gouk, 3 Barrack street; Robert Scott, 51 High street. 

SIDENT IN DUNDEE.— Thomas Gourlay, 10 High street, and James Bisset, 
51 High street. 

DENT IN DUNDEE.— James S. Mills, 10 High street; Thomas Gourlay, 10 
High street ; Robert Scott, 51 High street. 

COMMISSARY OFFICER.— James S. Mills, 10 High street. 


( 31 ) : 



BANK OF SCOTLAND— Office 34 Reform street, William Moir, Agent ; 
William Freeland, Accountant; Thomas Willock and William Gauld, jun., 
Tellers. Victoria Street Branch — Robert Walker, Agent. London Office — 
Lothbury, E.G. London Correspondents — Coutts & Co.; Smith, Payne, & 
Smiths ; and Bank of England. 

BRITISH LINEN COMPANY BANK— Office, 83 Murraygate. Agent— 
'Thomas Sanderson ; James Martin, Accountant ; David Brand and John M. 
Lowe, Tellers. West Port Branch — James Ireland, Agent. Agents — Smith, 
Payne, and Smiths, London; Bank of England, London, and Branches; Bank 
of Ireland, Dublin, and Branches. London Office — 10 King William street, E.G. 

NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND— Office, Bank buildings, 71 Reform 
street. Jno. Henderson, Agent ; John Colville, Accountant ; David P. Scott 
and James R. Mitchell, Tellers. Branch Office at 115 Hilltown, R. C. Reid, 
Agent ; Bank's London Office— 37 Nicholas Lane, E.G. London Correspon- 
dents : City — Glyn, Mills, Currie, & Go. ; Union Bank of London. West End 
—Coutts & Co. 

ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND— Offices, 22 Castle street, 97 Murraygate, 
98 King street, and West port. Castle street — George Mackenzie, Manager ; 
Geo. W. Boase, Cashier; Robert Millar and David Stewart, Tellers; John 
Welch, Interim Accountant. Murraygate — George Mackenzie, Manager here 
also; William W. Thomson, Sub-Agent; James Simpson, Accountant. King 
street— Robert M. Brodie, Agent; Robert Shepherd, Accountant. West port 
— Henrj' West, Agent; Charle^Batchelor, Accountant. Bank's London 
Office— 124 Bishopsgate street Within, E.G. London Correspondents — Coutts 
& Co., The Bank of England, and Ransom, Bouverie, & Co. 

COMMERCIAL BANK OF SCOTLAND— Office, 63 Reform street. Agents 
— Kenneth W. Henderson and Thomas Cochrane. John Lowson, Accountant ; 
J. D. Muir and Robert Millar, Tellers. Agents in London— London and 
Westminster Bank, and Coutts & Co. 

CLYDESDALE BANKING COMPANY— Office, Clydesdale Bank build- 
ings, East end of High street. Duncan Sidey and Alexander Scott, Agents ; 
John B. Lennox, Accountant. Robert M'Euen and James Smith, Tellers. 
Agents in London — The Clydesdale Banking Company. 

UNION BANK OF SCOTLAND— Office, 2 Panmure street David Scott 
Fergusson, Agent; Thomas Saunders, Accountant; George Black, Teller. 
London Agents— Glyn, Mills, & Go. 

CITY OF GLASGOW BANK— Office, 29 Reform street. Charles G. Ross, 
Agent; George D. Grimstone, Accountant; David Whitton, Teller. London 
Agents — The London Joint-Stock^Bank. 

Low, Agent ; George Angus, Accountant. London Agent — The London Joint- 
Stock Bank. 

NORTH OF SCOTLAND BANK— 24 High street (top of Crichton street). 
A. G. Fleming, Agent; Alexander Gray, Accountant; Robert Paxton, Teller. 
London Agent — Union Bank of London. 

DUNDEE SAVINGS BANK, 1815.— Office, 2 Euclid street, W. E. 
Baxter, M.P., Chairman of the Committee of Management; Thomas Smith 



Deputy-Chairman; William Thorns, Treasurer; Robert Sturrock, Actuary; 
John Miln, Cashier. Open Daily for Eeceipts and Payments from 10 to 3 o'clock 
(with the exception of Saturdays, when the office shuts at 12 o'clock), and 
for Receipts onlj' on Wednesday Evening, from 6 to 8 o'clock, and on Saturday 
Evening, from 5 to 8 o'clock. Open at Broughty Ferry on Saturday evenings 
in British Workman, from 6 to 7.30. 

POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK— Head Office, Post Office buildings, top 
of Reform street. Open every lawful dav, from 9 in the morning till 6 in the 
evening. Receiving Offices— At 128 Hilltown, 90 King street, 242 Perth road, 
and 142 Scouringburn. Open from 9 morning till 6 evening every lawful day 
except Saturday', when the hours of business are from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. Direct 
Government security for the prompt repa3'ment of all deposits. 

HOLIDAYS AT THE BANKS— New Year's Day, Good Friday, First Mon 
days in May and August, Christmas Day; on Parochial Fast Days, open from 
9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 

Accident Insurance Company 
R. A. Miller, 27 Panmure street 

D. W. Barnet, 61 Reform street 
Accident Association of Scotland 
■William Millar, 11 Royal Exchange lane 

Atlas (Fire and Life) 

Gumming & Baxter, 1 Rl. Exchange place 
Corrie, Mackie, & Co., 1 Rl. Exchange pi. 
J. G. Whitelaw, 9 High street 

Belfast (Fire) 

A. C. Johnston, 79 Commercial street 
Britain (Fire) 

David Mitchell,5 Reform st.,r)istrict Agent 
Agents — 

C. B. Roger, 132 Murraygate 
W. Cook, 50 Mains road 

Geo. Galloway. G Dnndonald st. 

D. Bickerton, 41 William street 
J. T. Inglis, 33 Dock street 

British Equitable (Life) 
P. Robb, 13 Mid street 
David Mitchell. 5 Reform street 
W. Strachan, 43 Princes street 
John Young, 124 Princes street 

British Legal (Life and Loan) 
James Galloway, 5 Victoria road 

Caledonian Insurance Company 

East of Scotland Branch, 37 Albert sqnare 
E. J. Niven, Resident Secy. Agents — 
PattuUo ifc Thornton, 1 Bank street 
David Anderson, 19 High street 
John Stiven & Son, 15 Cowgate 
Eeid & Johnston, 31 Reform street 
A. W. Gumming, 1 Bank street 
D. S. & T. Littlejolin. 27 Bank street 
A. G. Primerose, 33 Dock street 
Robert A. Glenday, 35 Cowgate 
A. Fairweather, 4 India buildings 
Gumming & Baxter, 1 Rl. Exchange place 
John B. Farquliarson, 1 S. Union street 
Paul & Dickie, 9 Ward road 
William Scott, 20 Cowgate 

Henry West, Royal Bank, West port 

Young & Meldrum, 41 Reform street 

Geo. A. M'Laren, 2 Royal Exchange place 

Walter Baxter, 81 Murraygate 

John Peter, 33 Cowgate 

J. Simpson, 69 Reform street 

John Forsyth, 14 Bain square 

Lumsden & Cowley, Bernard St. Works 

Wm. Philip, jun., 169 Seagate 

Mungo Easson, 49 Meadowside 

David Bruce, 3 Royal Exchange place 

Geo. D, Forbes, East Port Calender 

John S. Buchan, 24 Bank street 

S. H. Barclay, 10 Victoria Chambers 

W. T. Yeaman, Horse wynd 

W. P. Henderson, Campbeltown place 

A. Middleton, 12 High street 

Robert Milne, 43 Castle street 

John Cunningham, 2 India buildings 

P. M. Cochrane, 1 Dudhope terrace 

W. S. Melville, 5 Coupar's alley 

Adam Jack, 19 Cowgate 

David D. Baton, 2 India buildings 

Simpson & Braid, 8 Gellatly street 

Wm. Crighton, 1 Commercial street 

Joseph Fleming, 15 Overgate 

W. Brown Robertson, 83 Seagate 

Thain & Co., 5 St Andrew's street 

Henry White, 11 Meadow street 

Mitchell & Ramsav,5 Royal Exchange lane 

P. A. Stuart, 68 Bell street 

Robert Robertson, 202 Overgate 

Alex. E. Gray, Harbour Chambers 

Adam Small, 2 Reform street 

James H. Martin, 51 West port 

A. L. Webster, 37 Exchange street 

Wm. Chalmers, 10 Bain square 

Thomas Chrystal, 1 N. William street 

W. M. Robertson, Wallace Works 

Alex. Speed, 16 Euclid crescent 

Thomas Doig, 8 North street 

David W. Clarke, 29 N. Wellington street 

A. Hutcheson, 4 Reform street 

Wm. Buchan, 85 Ann street 

D. Neish, registrar, Lochee 



Caledonian (Plate Glass) 

John Stiver), jun., 15 Cowgate 
City of Glasgow (Life) 

A. Ogilvie, 1 Royal Exchange place 

R. A. Miller, 27 Panmure street 

Eobert Smith, 24 Meadowside 

William Scott, ?0 Reform street 

T. Saunders, Union Bank 
Commercial Union (Fire and Life) 

John W. Warden, 3 King street 
County (Fire) 

Joseph Gibson & Co., 33 Dock street 

D. Mitchell, 5 Reform street 

Alex. Tosh, 11 Reform street 

James M. Melville, 39 High street 

Peter Fleming, 44 High street 

John M'Laggan, 35 Commercial street 

James Sturrock, 7 Bank street 

Thos. J. Fay, 87 High street 
Crovfn (Life) 

Eobert Smith, 24 Meadowside 
Economic (Life) 

Alex. Simpson, 122 Nethergate 

John Stiven & Son, 15 Cowgate 

Henry Baxter, 8 Shore terrace 
Edinburgh (Fire) 

D. Mitchell, 5 Reform st., Dist. Manager 

W. Cook, 50 Mains road 

James Seattle, 33 Union street 

P. F. Ireland, 62 Dock street 

Omar Boyd, jun., 183 Scouringburn 

R. Donaldson, 79 Ann street 

'Charles Wilson, 82 Overgate 

D. M. Robertson, 16 S. Church st., Lochee 

Edinburgh (Life) 
East of Scotland Branch, 37 Albert square, 
R. J. Niven, Resident Secretary. Agents — 
George Heron, 20 Castle street 
Alexander Scott, Clydesdale Bank 
Thomes Cochrane, Commercial Bank 
W. Brown Robertson, 83 Seagate 
James H. Martin, 51 West port 
John Dow, 5 Commercial street 
William Robb, 33 Overgate 
William Chalmers. 10 Bain square 
D. E. Mitchell, 8 Meadow street 
Alexander Speed, 16 Euclid crescent 
P. A. Stuart, 68 Bell street 
P. M. Cochrane, 1 Dudhope terrace 
D. W. Clarke, 29 N. Wellington st. 
Alex. Hutcheson, 4 Reform street 
William Philip, junr., 169 Seagate 
M. Easson, 26 Windsor street 
William Crighton, 1 Commercial street 
A. M. Smith, 2 Royal Exchange place 
D. M'Laren, 81 Murraygate 
G. D. Forbes, East Port Calender 
S. H. Barclay, 10 Victoria chambers 
C. Duncan, 61 Dock street 
W. P. Henderson, Campbeltown place 
John Cunningham, 2 India buildings 
David D. Paton, 2 India buildings 
Simpson & Braid, 8 & 10 Gellatly street 


W. M. Ogilvie, Royal Bank, Lochee 
David Neish, registrar, Lochee 

English and Scottish Law (Life) 
PattuUo & Thornton, 1 Bank street 
James Logie, 67 Reform street 
Mitchell & Ramsay,5 Royal Exchange lane 
W. Buchan Ritchie, 18 Cowgate 
Henderson & Mackay, 41 Reform street 
William Millar, 11 Royal Exchange lane 

Equitable (Life) of United States 
Manager for Scotland, William Howat, 81 
St George's place, Glasgow. Agents — 
John Sellar, 13 Ward road 
Peter Matthew, 12 Panmure street 
D. Barclay Brown, 23 St Andrew's street 
John Grieve, 47 Union place, Lochee 
Calder <fe Paterson, 15 Ward road 
W. F. Soutar, 10 Maryfleld terrace 
Edward Parker, 11 Royal Exchange lane 
Thos. Drummond, jun., Mid Craigie 

General (Fire and Life) 
D. G. Stewart, 10 Meadowside 

Guardian (Plate Glass) 
Robert Robertson, 202 Overgate 

Great Britain Mutual (Life) 
Dundee Branch, 10 Reform st. Agents — 
James W. Thomson, 22 Bank street 
Eobert Ferguson, 11 Eoyal Exchange lane 
Joseph W. Dickson, 15 Kinnaird street 
John H. Gibson, 11 Meadow street 
Eobert Smith, 24 Meadowside 
John Young, 124 Princes street 
David D. Fletcher, N. B. Railway office 
Peter Mann, Baxter's buildings, Ferry rd. 
James Irons, 148 Princes street 
David Lindsay, 33 Fairley place 
Peter Ferguson, 70 Albert street 
David Lowson, coal agent, Monifieth 

Great Britain (Fire) 

Dundee Branch, 10 Reform st. Agents 

Eobert Ferguson, 11 Royal Exchange lane 
A. G. Primerose, 33 Dock street 
James W. Thomson, 22 Bank street 
Robert Bell, Trades Lane Calendering Co. 
John H. Gibson, 11 Meadow street 
Joseph W. Dickson, 15 Kinnaird street 
Robert Smith, 24 Meadowside 
John Fraser, 15 St Mary's street 
Alex.Lewis,Camperdown Shipbuilding yd. 
John Young, 124 Princes street 
David Lindsay, 33 Fairley place 
William S. M'Intosh, 15 William street 
Alexander Munro, 20 Pitfour street 
George Kidd, 44 North Church street 
James Irons, 148 Princes street 
Peter Mann, Baxter's buildings. Ferry rd. 
David D. Fletclier, N. B. Railway office 
James N. Moffat, 8 Cleghorn street 

Guarantee Association of Scotland 
W. & R. Ritchie, Union Bank buildings 
T. Ireland, 11 Panmure street 



Guardian (Fire and Life) 
Wm. M. Paton, 19 St Andrew's street 

Imperial (Fire) 
J. M. Lowe, British Linen Bank 
Henry Baxter, 8 Shore terrace 
J. H. Bell, 2 India buildings 
Alex. Bell, 4 India buildings 
W. L. Brodie, 14 Victoria chambers 

Insurance Companj- of Scotland, united 
with Alliance F. & L. Assurance 
*W. T. Currie, 5 Bank street 
Joseph J. Barrie, 45 Albert square 
T. Saunders, Union Bank 
*J. C. Smith, 4 India buildings 
W. Stiven, 31 Reform street 
W. Buchan Ritchie, 18 Cowgate 
K. W. Henderson, Commercial Bank 
* Fire Department only. 

Lancashire (Fire and Life) 
Kenneth W. Henderson, Commercial Bank 
George Guild, 10 Bain square 
Alex. Esplin, 7 Cowgate 
Edward Guild, 8 N. Tay street 
R. M. Greig, 19 Bain square 
R. Shepherd, British Linen Bank 
Daniel Dow, India buildings 
W. B. Simpson, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Robert Sturrock, Savings Bank 

Lancashire and Yorkshire (Accident) 
Robert Robertson, 202 Overgate 

Law Union (Fire and Life) 
John Miln, Savings Bank 
W. D. Barnet, 61 Reform street 

Life Association of Scotland (Life and 
Branch Office, 3 India buildings, Victoria 
road. Archibald Smith, Secy. Agents — 
J. W. Thomson, 69 Reform street 
Shield & Kyd, 22 Euclid crescent 
James Millar, 54 Commercial street 
R. G. Kennedy, 10 Panmure street 
Wm. R. Ireland, 41 Cowgate 
J. M. Lowe, British Linen Co. Bank 
Thomas Congleton, 20 Castle street 
David Eennet, 7 Ward road 
"W. R. R. Thomas, 31 St Andrew's street 
John R. Young, 7 Ward road 
T. A. Leitch, solicitor, 82 High street 
Alexander Ewan, 16 Westport 
J. F. Bell, Agent, City of Glas. Bk., Lochee 

Liverpool, London, and Globe (F. & L.) 
James Crichton, 7 Trades lane 
J. Guthrie, 10 Panmure street 
G. A. Pattuilo, IS St Andrew's street 
John W. Shepherd, 6 Panmure street 
J. D. Luke, Hillside of Balgay 
Peter Matthew, 12 Panmure street 

London and General (Plate Glass) 
David Duncan, jun., 41 Reform street 

London and County (Plate Glass) 
Wm. Millar, 11 Royal Exchange lane 

London and Lancashire (Fire and Life) 
H. M'Donald, 2 Bain squai'e 
T. S. Ross, 12 Cowgate 
David Mitchell, 5 Reform street 
Wm. Millar, 11 Royal Exchange lane 

London Assurance Company (Fire) 
Wm. Gellatly, 4 Royal Exchange place 

London (Guarantee) 
Shield & Kyd, 22 Euclid crescent 

Manchester (Fire) 
A. Ogilvie, 1 Royal Exchange place 
R. Sturrock, Savings Bank 
James Crichton, 7 Trades lane 
A. J. Murdoch, 71 High street 
James Sparks, 41 Cowgate 
Richard L. Baxter, 29 Panmure street 

Marine and General Mutual (Life) 
J. R. Wilson, 46 Castle street 

Mutual, The (Life) 
J. C. Smith, 4 India buildings 

National Guarantee 

Robert Sturrock, Savings Bank 
Kerr & M'Farlane, 26 Castle street 

Northern Assurance (Fire and Life) 
Head Office in Dundee, 2 Cowgate. Dun- 
dee Board of Directors — Wm. Lowson, 
Chairman ; Thomas Couper, Thomas H. 
Cox, William 0. Dalgleish, William 
Harris, Geo. Rough, Andrew Whitton. 
Secretary — Thomas Kyd. Agents — 

Gray Bissett, 12 Bank street 
R. M. Brodie, Royal Bank, 98 King street 
John D. Bruce, 116 Seagate 
David Duncan, jun., 41 Reform street 
J. D. Grant, 51 Reform street 
George Haggart, 11 Ward road 
John Henderson, National Bank 
Heron & Congleton, 20 Castle street 
D. S. <fc T. Littlejohn, 27 Bank street 
William Martin, 10 Reform street 
W. & D. Myles, 11 Reform street 
Daniel M'Intyre, 87 High street 
Pattuilo & Thornton, 1 Bank street 
R. C. Reid, National Bank, Hilltown 
Reid & Johnston, 31 Reform street 
Rollo & Hendry, 32 Bank street 
David Stewart, 61 Reform street 
Moody Stuart & Robertson, 9a Ward road 
Henry West, Royal Bank, West port 
Henderson & Mackay, 41 Reform street 
John M. Watson, 3 Royal Exchange court 

North British and Mercantile (F. & L.) 
Branch ofiBce, 11 Panmure street; Wm. 
Moir, Agent; Wm. Kirkwood, Surveyor. 
Agents — 
John Laing, 10 Panmure street 
Jas. K. Caird, 19 Cowgate 
Henry Gibson, 61 Reform street 
D. Gordon Stewart, 10 Meadowside 
Shield & Kyd, 22 Euclid crescent 
John Ogilvy, Harecraig 
D. M. Watson, Bullionfield 
R. A. Miller, 27 Panmure street 



John B. Young, 1 Royal Exchange place 

James Ronald, 31 Dock street 

Irvine Drimmie, 10 Panmure street 

D. S. Fergusson, Union Bank (Life only) 

R. E. M'Gavin, 9 Royal Exchange lane 

R. Walker, Bank of Scotland, Victoria st. 

Smith & Spence, 14 Victoria chambers 
Ocean, Kailway, and General Travellers 

John Stiven <fc Son, 15 Cowgate 
Pelican (Life) 

Henry Gibson, 61 Reform street 

John D. Brnce, 116 Seagate 

D. G. Stewart, 10 Meadowside 
Phoenix (Fire) 

James Crichton, 7 Trades lane 

John D. Bruce, 116 Seagate 

D. G. Stewart, 10 Meadowside 

J. C. Lindsay, Broughty Ferry 
Provident (Life) 

Joseph Gibson & Co., 33 Dock street 
Provident Clerks Mutual (Life) 

D. Steele, 97 King street 
Provincial Welch (Life) 

C. D. Mitchell, 8 Bank street 
J. G. Whitelaw, 9 High street 

Prudential Assurance Company 

Office— 37 Union street. James Phillips, 
Superintendent of Agents, of whom 
there are upwards of 30 in Dundee. 
Queen (Fire and Life) 

Dundee Board of Directors — John Sharp, 
Chairman ; Thomas Bell, Wm. G. Don, 
O. G. Miller, Thomas Smith. Medical 
Referee — A. J. Duncan, M.D. Resident 
Secretaries— W. & R. Ritchie, Union 
Bankhuildings,6 Panmure st. Agents — 

G.Ll. Alison, wine merchant, 14Panmure st. 

Alex. Agnew, solicitor, 11 Reform street 

E. P. Berg, 6 Panmure street 
A. H. Bell, 2 India buildings 

J. W. Brown, 2 Royal Exchange place 
E. C. Baird, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Alex. Butter, Court House buildings 
James Cuthbertson, 19 Albert square 
G. M. Cox, 1 Meadow place 
Catheart Brothers, Royal Exchange court 
Alexander Emslie, 20 Panmure street 
George Guild, 10 Bain square 
Alex. Henderson, 78 Murraygate 
J. J. Johnstone, 16 Bank street 
William Kinnear, 22 East Dock street 

D. W. Lindsay, 78 Murraygate 
John F. Lyon, 1 Gowrie place 
W. B. Miller, 49 Meadowside 
James Martin, 10 St Clement's lane 
D. R. Mitchell, 8 Meadow street 

James Menzies,Cal.Rly. offlces.S. Union st. 
James Salmond, 6 High street 
Patrick Scott, merchant, 10 Bain square 
W. E. R. Young, 7 Ward road 
Eeliance Mutual (Life) 

John Maclaggan, 35 Commercial street 
J. Ireland, British Linen Bank, West port 
R. M. Brodie, Royal Bank, 98 King street 

A. Mathew, jun., 61 Princes street 

R. Bell, Trades Lane Calendar 

J. C. Lindsay, Royal Bank, Bro'ty Ferry 

J. Robertson, postmaster,- Lochee 

A. J. Murdoch, 71 High street 

A. Agnew, 11 Reform street 

Alex. Mellis, 11 Union place 

David Gellatly, 123 Murraygate 

Royal (Fire and Life) 
A. J. Warden, 3 King street 
J. For.syth, 14 Bain square 
J. S. Norrie, 23 Meadowside 
J. J. Anderson, 8 Panmure street 
J. L. Sievwright, 4 Royal Exchange place 
James A. Rollo, 18 Arbroath road 
Robert Bell, Trades Lane Calender 

Royal Exchange (Fire and Life) 
Robert Small & Co., Yeaman court 

Scottish Amicable (Life) 
D. Farquharson, 8 Meadowside 
Rollo & Hendry, 32 Bank street 
Thos. Willock,Bank of Scotlaud.Reform st. 
Robert Robertson, 202 Overgate 
Walter J. Honeyman, 79 Commercial st. 
T. E. Methven,Cityof Glas. Bank, B.Ferry 

Scottish (Plate Glass) 
David Mitchell, District Manager, 5 Re- 
form street. Agents — 
Alexander Esplin, 7 Cowgate 
James Trotter, 82 High street 
Thomas Bairner, 78 Murraygate 
William Cook, 50 Mains road 
J. R. D. Lawson, 61 Reform street 
D. M. Robertson, 16 S. Church st., Lochee 

Scottish Equitable (Life) 
Office, Bank Court, Seagate. Dundee 
Board of Management — Jas. Walker, 
Chairman; Geo. H. Newall, John Kirk- 
land, James Paterson, & Wm. Thoms. 
Wm. Simpson, 12 EucUd street. District 

Scottish Commercial (Fire and Life) 
Robert Smith, 24 Meadowside 
A. J. Brough, 10 Victoria chambers 
Joseph Gibson <fc Co., 33 Dock street 
R. C. Walker, 12 Euclid street 
James Fullerton, 51 Meadowside 
John D. Bruce, 116 Seagate 

Scottish Imperial Insurance Co. 
Charles G. Ross, 29 Reform street 
G. A. Ogilvie, 51 High street 

Scottish National (Fire and Life) 
Thomas Nicholson, 32 Castle street 
James K. Prain, 20 Castle street 
James S. Young, 38 St Andrew's street 
David Bruce, 3 Royal Exchange place 
James Johnston, 82 JIurraygate 
Reid & Johnston, 31 Reform street 
Robert Laing, 89 High street 
James Small, 19 Ward road 
John Birrell, 1 West Bell street 

Scottish Provident Institution (Life) 
Local Board of Directors— Sheriff Robert- 
son, John Don, George Malcolm, Oliver 



G. Miller, and D. M. Watson. John W. 

Shephrd, 6 Panmure street, Local Secy. 

Agents — 
John Henderson, National Bank 
Robert Sturrock, Savings Bank 
Moody Stuart & Robertson, Ward road 
J. & J. Ogilvie & Reid, 12 Meadowside 

F. Stewart Sandeman, 23 Panmure street 
George C. Keiller, 33 Albert square 

Scottish Union (Fire and Life) 
J. & J. Hunter, 69 Reform street 

G. Armitstead <fc Co., 6 Panmure street 
I). Petrie, 4 Royal Exchange place 

D. Scott, 62 Dock street 
J. R. Wilson, 46 Castle street 
Scottish Widows Fund (Life) 

Branch Office, 9 Panmure street. Honor- 
ary Board of Directors— Sheriff Cheyne, 
Rev. Wm. Wilson, D.D., James Neish, P. 
H. Thorns, Harry Walker, Jas. Ramsay, 
and John Paton. Resident Secretary, 
Thomas P. Peacock. Agents — 
D. Myles, 11 Reform street 
W. Gellatly, 4 Royal Exchange place 
G. M. Kidd, 4 Royal Exchange place 
George Haggart, 11 Ward road 
John Sinclair & Son, 9 Dock street 
James S. Marshall, 14 St Clement's lane 
James Crichton, 7 Trades lane 
J. J. Johnstone, 16 Bank street 
Alex. Campbell, 23 St Andrew's street 
Daniel M'Intyre, 87 High street 
John Scrim geour, Rankine's court 
Thomas Ireland, 11 Panmure street 
Charles G. Ross, City of Glasgow Bank 
Henderson & Mackay, 41 Reform street 
Peter C. Scott, 33 Meadowside 
Robert Baxter, 86 Bell street 
Andrew Willison, 23 St Andrew's street 
Cathcart Brothers, Royal Exchange court 
Staflfordshire (Fire) 
Thomas Bairner, 78 Murraygate 
A. M. Banks, 23 Dock street 
William Bayne, 11 Kinloch street 
D. B. Brown, 23 St Andrew's street 
T. E. Brown, 24 Overgate 
William Davidson, 157 Scouringburn 
John Donaldson, 11 Meadow street 
Fairweather, Steven, & Co., 32 Castle st. 
Thomas J. Fay, 87 High street 

John Ferguson, 3 Coupar's alley 
James Galloway, 5 Victoria road 
D. R. Gibb, 3 Coupar's alley 
Edward Guild, 8 North Tay street 
H. M. Guthrie, 33 Commercial street 
T. A. Leitch, 82 High street 
William Low, 81 Murraygate 
Hugh Martin, 4 Balfour street 
A. Mellis, 11 Union place 
John Midrlleton, 121 Overgate 
R. H. Mitchell, 147 Ann street 
M'DoBald & Muir, 18 Union street 
Wm. M 'Donald, 51 Reform street 
David M'Laren, 81 JIurraygate 
John Maclaren, 71 High street 
John M'Laggan, 35 Commercial street 
David Reid, Rankine's court 
WilHam Ritchie, 13 Meadow street 
Peter Saunders, 2 Mid street 
William Simpson, 12 Euclid street 
A. M. Smith, 2 Royal Exchange place 

Standard (Fire) 
Directors— James E. ErskineofLinlathen, 
W. W. Renny, Frank S. Sandeman, W. 
G. Thomson, Harry Walker. 
District Agent— George C. Keiller, 33 

Agent — Edward Howat, 13 Ward road 

Standard (Life) 
Shiell & Small, 3 Bank street 
Robt. Boyd, 20 Reform street 
D. S. Littlejohn, 27 Bank street 
A. G. Fleming, North of Scotland Bank 

Sun (Fire) 
D. S. Fergusson, Union Bank 
R. Boyd, 20 Reform street 
R. A. Miller, 27 Panmure street 

United Kingdom 
Wm. Murray, 2 High street 

Union, London (Fire and Life) 
G. A. Ogilvie, 51 High street 

Weslevan and General (Life) 
David H. Ferrier, 2 Hilltown 

West of England (Fire and Life) 
W.Y. Blyth Martin, Rl. Exchange buildings 
James Martin, British Linen Co. Bank 

Westminster (Fire) 
D. R. Kyd, 40 Rosebank road 
David Smart, 19 Ccwgate 


British and Foreign Marine Insurance 
Co. (Limited) of Liverpool 
David Bruce & Co., 3 Royal Exchange pi. 
Geo. A. M'Laren, 2 Royal Exchange pi. 
Dundee Mutual Marine Insurance 
Office, 1 Commercial street. Committee— 
P. M. Cochrane, Chairman ; James 
Kilgour, Matthew Allison, John Isles, 

James MoUison, Charles Robertson, 

Geo. M. Kidd, James Scott. George 

Duffus, Surveyor. Duncan Howie.Secy. 

Dundee Freight Insurance Association 

Duncan Howie, Secy. 
Dundee Shipping and Dundee Shipping 
Freight Insurance Associations 
Office, 46 Castle street. Commissioners — 
Thos. Couper, Chairman ; John Brown, 



Chas. Duncan, Jas. B. Robertson, Geo. 
Paris, Matthew Shiells, James Cappon. 
James Finlay, James Millar. Geo. 
Duffus, Surveyor. John R. Wilson, 
East of Scotland Shipowners' Mutual 
Protection Association 
Commissioners — P. M. Cochrane, Thomas 
Conper, John Brown, Wm. Nicoll, J. 
W. Robertson, Dundee; James Smith, 
Arbroath: James Warrack, Montrose. 
Joseph Gibson, 33 Dock street, Secy. 
Maritime Insurance Co. (Limited) of 
James Logie, 67 Reform street 
Merchants Marine Insurance Company 
(Limited) of London 
David Bruce & Co., 3 Royal Exchange pi. 
Northern Marine Insurance Company 
Office, 67 Reform street. Directors — John 
Guild, Chairman: Thos. Couper, Oliver 
G. Miller, W. W. Penny, Thomas Smith. 
Secretary and Underwriter, Jas. Logie, 
67 Reform street 
Standard Marine Insurance Company 
W. Buchan Ritchie, 18 Cowgate 
Ulster Marine Insurance Co. (Limited) 
Duncan Howie, 1 Commercial street 

Union Association of Underwriters 

Commissioners — William Nicoll, John 
Machan, Geo. Welch. J. W. Robertson, 
William Gellatly, William Crichton. 
Alex. Edwards, D. E. Dawson, Wm. S. 
Croudace, Jos. Gibson, 33 Dock sL, Secy. 
Union Freight Association 

Commissioners as above. Joseph Gibson, 
33 Dock street. Secy. 
Union Marine Insurance Co. (Limited) 

James Miller, Commercial street 
Union Iron Sailing Ship Insurance 
Association of Dundee 

Committee — W. 0. Taylor, David Bruce, 
W. S. Croudace, J. W. Robertson, and 
Wm. Nicoll, Dundee; Geo. Duncan, 
London. Jos. Gibson, 33 Dock St., Secy. 
The Union Iron Steamship Mutual 
Insurance Association of Dundee 

Directors — Thomas Couper, R. A. Mudie, 
P. M. Duncan, William Nicoll, James 
Mitchell, John Machan, Dundee; W. 
D. Johnston, Montrose. Joseph Gibson, 
33 Dock street. Secy. 
Lloyds' Surveyors. 

J. L. Linnette, 62 Dock St., for District of 
Dundee.Perth, Arbroath, and Montrose. 

John Sturrock, 52 Barrack St., Engineer 
Surveyor for District of Dundee, Aber- 
deen, and Leith 


DUNDEE JOINT STOCK COMPANY— Established in 1824.— 
Charles Smith, Preses. Alex. B. Robb, Vice-Preses. 

Board of Management — James Thomson, Rennald F. Hunter, David Bruce. 

David G. Bruce, Factor and Treasurer. James Hunter, jun., 69 Eeforni 
street, Secretary and Law Agent. 


SOCIETY. — Directors — George Jack, Chairman ; James Small, Geo. H. 
Nicoll, Alex. Esplin, Alex. Thomson, Jas. M'Intosh, Wm. S. Peddie, Alex. 
Butter, David G. Bruce, William Crabbe, James Whitton, Peter Murray, 
Wm. Ellis. 

Surveyor — Robert Keith. Law Agent — Peter Reid. Secretary and Treasurer 
^James Kennedy Prain, 20 Castle street. 

ING SOCIETY.— Head office, 87 High Street. Directors— Joseph Westwood, 
David Craig, James Gentle, William P. Mitchell, James B. Third, Alexander 
Smyth, John Aitchison, David Cramb, jun., William Wilson, Peter Sime, 
Alex. A. Foote, and David Ferrier. 

William Scott, Secretary and Solicitor. Surveyor — Wm. Simpson. Bankers 
—The Bank of Scotland. Manager— D. M'Intyre, 87 High Street. 


(Limited). — Established for the Erection of Houses for Working Men. Wm. 
Stiven, Accountant, Liquidator. Wm. Scott, 30 Reform street, Solicitor. 


John Anderson, Chairman ; William Thomson, David Crabb, William Alex- 
ander, James Martin, Alexander Forrester, James Duff. 

Surveyors — William Alexander and John Anderson. Solicitors^D. S. & 
T. Littlejohn. Manager and Treasurer— Charles M'Nicoll, 27 Bank street. 


(Limited). — Head office, 13 George street, Edinburgh. Dundee Agents — 
Shield & Kyd, 22 Euclid crescent, and Alex. Agnew, 11 Reform street. 


(Limited). — Head office, 76 George street, Edinburgh. Andrew Paterson, 
Manager. William Scott, SO Reform street, Dundee, Agent. 

— Thomas H. Cox, John Guild, John Sharp, Thomas Smith. Secretarj' — 
Eobert Fleming. Office — 1 Royal Exchange place. 


COMPANY (Limited).— Directors — Earl of Airlie. Chairman; Wm. Lowson, 
Vice-Chairman; James Neish, Thomas Bell, Thomas H. Cox, Thomas 
Couper, John Leng. Solicitors — Pattullo & Thornton. Secretary — Wm. 
Mackenzie, 13 Panmure street. Auditors — Moody Stuart & Robertson. 

COMPANY (Limited). — Directors — Earl of Airlie, Chairman ; Wm. Lowson, 
Vice-Chairman ; James Neish, Thomas Bell, Thomas H. Cox, Thomas Couper, 
John Leng. Solicitors— Pattullo & Thornton. Secretary — Wm. Mackenzie, 
13 Panmure street. Auditors — Moody Stuart & Robertson. 

Oregon Local, Board. — Donald Macleay, merchant, Portland, and Louis 
Fleischner, merchant, Portland. Managers — William Reid, late U.S. Vice- 
Consul, Dundee, and Robert Connel, late of Cb'esdale Bank, Glasgow. 


Scott, President. A. J. Murdoch, Manager, 71 High street. 



Hill, Rossie House, Perthshire, Chairman ; J. C. Bolton, Carbrook, Stirling- 
shire, Deputy-Chairman; John Cowan, Stoneleigh, Greenock; James King, 
Campsie, Glasgow ; Major Green Thompson, Bridekirk, Cumberland ; Sir Thos. 
Gladstone, Fasque, Laurencekirk; Daniel Ainslie, The Gart, Callander; Hugh 
Brown, Glasgow ; William W. Hozier, Mauldslie Castle, Lanarkshire ; James 
Taylor, Starley Hal), Burntisland; James Badenach Nicholson, Glenbervie 
House, Kincardineshire ; John Sharp, of Balmuir. Dundee ; Andrew Buchanan, 
Auchentorlie, Dumbartonshire ; Alexander Crum, Thornliebauk, Glasgow. 

Distance— Railway, 695 miles ; Canal, 52 miles — Total, 747 miles. 

Head Office — 302 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. James Smithells, General 
Manager. Arch. Gibson, Secretary. 

Jas. Whitton, District Goods Manager, Dundee ; D. Conacher, Goods Agent, 
Dundee West Station ; Alex. Lamb, Station-Master, Dundee West Station ; 
James M'Farlane, Goods Agent, Dundee East Station ; James Petrie, Station- 
Master, Dundee East Station. 


and Berwick in the South to Dundee and Perth in the North, including 
Branches, 908 miles. — Directors — John Stirling, of Kippendavie, Dunblane, 
Chairman ; John Beaumont, of Kavensknowle, Huddersfield, Deputy- 
Chairman; The Eight Hon. William P. Adam, of Blairadam, M.P. ; James 
Cox, Clement Park, Dundee ; Sir James Falshaw, Bart., 14 Belgrave crescent, 
Edinburgh ; Peter Garnett, Cleckheaton, Normanton ; Henry Grierson, 8 Park 
Circus place, Glasgow ; George Harrison, merchant, Edinburgh ; Alexander 
Harvie, 16 Elmbank crescent, Glasgow ; Sir William Miller, Bart., of 
Manderston, Dunse ; William Muir, merchant, Leith ; George Robertson, W.S., 
Edinburgh ; Henry J. Trotter, Langton Grange, Gainford, near Darlington ; 
Robert Young, 107 Buchanan street, Glasgow. 

Head Office— 4 Princes Street, Edinburgh. John Walker, General 
Manager ; G. B. Wieland, Secretary ; James M'Laren, General Passenger 
Superintendent, Edinburgh. D. M'Dougall, General Goods Manager, 14 West 
George Street, Glasgow. D. Deuchars, District Goods Manager, Dundee. 
William Dott, Goods Agent, Tay Bridge and East Dock Street Stations. 

• , Station-master, Tay Bridge Passenger Station. 

Cox, Clement Park, Dundee, Chairman ; William Muir, Leith ; John Stirling, 
Kippenross ; G. W. Clark, Glasgow ; James Yeaman, M.P., Dundee ; Sir 
James Falshaw, Bart., Edinburgh. 

This line of railway is in alliance with, and is wrought by the North British 
Railway Company. Goods and Passenger Station at Esplanade. 

EAST COAST RAILWAYS— Office, 33 Cowgate, David Bisset, 


MIDLAND RAILWAY.— Office, 57 Meadowside. J. R. Ben- 
ner, Agent. 

RAILWAY CARRIERS.— J. & P. Cameron, General Carriers, 
Contractors, and Railway Agents for the North British Railway Company, in 
connection with Midland Railwaj-, North Eastern, Great Northern, Lancashire 
and Yorkshire Companies, forward goods to and from London, Liverpool, Man- 
chester, Birmingham, Leeds, Hull, Bristol, and most parts of England ; and 
also to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leith, Granton, Perth, Stirling, Paislej', Greenock, 
Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, Leven, St Andrews, Cupar, Kettle, Ladybank, Strath- 
miglo, Markinch, Leslie ; also Belfast, Dublin, Armagh, Newry, Londonderry, 
Cork, and all parts of the west and south of Scotland and Ireland. 

David Johnstone, Manager, 40 St Andrew's street, and North British Railway 

Mutter, Howey, & Co., 24 Cowgate, Contractors to H.M. War Department, 
Carting Agents for the North British Railway C03'. and East Coast Railways, 
viz.. North Eastern Railway Coy. and Great Northern Railway Coy.— Forward 
and receive Goods to and from all Stations in Scotland, England, and Ireland. 
James Slidders, Manager. 

Wordie & Co., 25 Dock street. Carting Agents for Caledonian Railway. H. 
Grant, Manager. 

Sutton & Co., General Carriers to all parts of the world. Despatches from 
London Daily. James Cant, 14 Crichton street. Agent. 

Globe Parcel Express. — Parcels collected and forwarded to, as well as re- 
ceived and delivered from, all parts of the world. Geo. Montgomerj', stationer, 
64 High street. Agent. 



— The Van leaves Windmill, Castle street, Broughty Ferry, at 9 a.m. and 2 
P.M.; and 62 High street, Dundee, at 11 a.m. and 4.30 p'm. Wm. Thornton, 


— The Van leaves the office. Brook street, Broughty Ferry, at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. ; 
and 40 High street, Dundee, at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. dailj'. Alexander Hume, 









David Peebles, 

David Matthew, 49 Overgate 

Tu. Fri. 

3 p.m. 


David Dick, 

West Railway station 

Tu. Fri. 

3.30 „ 


James Braid, 

5 Yeaman shore 

Tu. Fri 

1 .. 

Bro' Ferry, 

Jas. Longair, i 

John Mustard, 17 Yeaman shore 1 
W. Brown, jun., 13 Greenmarket ) 


1 „ 


Wm. Thornton, 

VV. Brown, jun., 13 Greenmarket 


1 ,. 


D. Hood, 

J. White, 33 West port 


3.30 „ 


Jas. Braid, 

5 Yeaman shore 

Tu. Fri. 

1 ., 

Cupar Fife, 

James Laing, 

17 Yeaman shore 

Tu. Fri. 

1 ,. 


Alex. Duncan ' 

John White, 33 West port 
J. Gillanders, 37 Overgate 


1 .. 

3 ,. 


Thos. Simpson, 

D. Matthew, 49 Overgate 

Tu. Fri. 

2 „ 


Alex. Finlay, 

D. Matthew, 49 Overgate 

Twice daily 


John Findlay, 

James Cowan, 23 Greenmarket 

Twice daily 


David Bell, 

D. Matthew, 49 Overgate 


3 ",. 


David Kermath, 

D. Matthew, 49 Overgate 


3 „ 


John Brown, 

John White, 33 West port 

Tu. Fri. 

4 ., 


Charles Neave, 

Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate 


12 n. 


Thos. Simpson, 

Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate 

Tu. Fri. 



David Lumgair, 

Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate 


1 „ 


John Petrie, 

Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate 




Wm. Stewart, 

Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate 

Tu. Fri. 

3.30 „ 

St Andrews, 

James Braid, 

James NicoU, 5 Yeaman shore 

Tu. Fri. 



Wm. Bluck, 

Wm. Brown, jun., 13 Greenmarket 


1 „ 


George Brymer, 

M. M'Kenzie, 103 Murraygate 

Tu. Fr i. 



A. Hutchison, 

M. M'Kenzie, 103 Murraygate 

Tu. Fri 

11 ,, 


(Limited). — Registered office, 26 Castle street. Directors — Thomas Buchan, 
Chairman ; David Firie, James M'Laren, Roht. G. Stephen, Chas. C. 
Maxwell, William Salmond. Secretary — John M'Farlane. Superintendent — 
John Wright, 188 Perth road. 

OFFICE. Leaving Dalhousie terrace for the Post Office at 8.30, and 
Airlie place at 8.37 a.m. ; and leave the Post Office for Dalhousie terrace at 
8.50, and Airlie place at 8.58 a.m. ; and every 10 minutes until 9.40 p.m. from 
Dalhouse terrace, and 10 p.m. from the Post Office. On Saturda3's until 10.50 
from Dalhousie terrace, and 11.10 p.m. from the Post Office. Extra Cars run 
after 1 p.m. on Saturdays. 

OMNIBUSES, LOCHEE.— The 'Bus leaves the Post Office, 
Dundee, via High street, for Lochee at 9 a.m. ; and leaves Lochee for Dundee 
at 9.30 a m. ; and everj' half hour until 9.30 p.m. from Dundee, and 10 p.m. 
from Lochee. On Saturdays every 15 minutes after 2 p.m. until 10.30 p.m. 
from Dundee, and 11 p.m. from Lochee. 


MORGAN HOSPITAL via VICTORIA ROAD.— The 'Bus leaves the 
High street for the Morgan Hospital at 8 A.M., and every hour until 12 noon ; 
afterwards at 1.30 p.m., and ever^' hour until 9.30 p.m. ; and leaves the Morgan 
Hospital for the High street at 8.30 a.m., and every hour until 12.30 p.m.; 
afterwards at 2 p.m., and every hour until 10 p.m. On Saturdays until 10.30 
and 11 P.M. respectively. 

leaves Polepark road for Craigie terrace at 8 a.m. ; and leaves Craigie 
terrace for Polepark road at 8.30 a.m. ; and every hour until 9 p.m. from 
Polepark road, and 9.30 p.m. from Craigie terrace. On Saturdays until 10 
land 10.30 p m. respectively. 

DOCK STREET 'BUS leaves the High street for the New Cattle Market 
at 8.45 A.M., and every half-hour thereafter until 7 p.m. 

TAY FERRIES—Managed by Dundee Harbour Trustees under 
" Dundee Harbour and Tay Ferries Act, 1873." — John Methven, Superintendent. 
James Stewart, Collector. Station — Craig pier. South Union street. 

A Steamboat sails from Dundee at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 a.m., 12 noon, 1, 2, 3.5, 
4.5, 5.5, 6.6, 7.5, 8.30, 9.15, 10.15 p.m. ; and from Newport every intermediate 
half-hour from 6.30 A m. till 10.30 p.m. 

On Sundays the Steamboat sails from Dundee at 9 and 10 A.m., 1.15, 4.15, 
5, 6, and 8.15 p.m. ; and from Newport at 9.30 and 10.25 a.m., 1.30, 4.30, 5.30^ 
6.30, and 8.30 p.m. 

During the Winter Months the sailings at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sundays are 

HACKNEY CARRIAGES.— Abstract of Bye-Laws enacted by 
the Commissioners of Police for regulating Hackney Carriages. Stands : — 

1. On the High Street, in front of the Town House. 

2. On the Nethergate street, betwixt Tally street and South Lindsay street. 

3. On Meadowside, opposite the Old Burying Ground. 

4. On West side of South Union street. 

5. On the South side of East Dock street, at the West end of the Railway 


6. On Victoria Dock quay, at the East end of the Customhouse. 

7. On the North side of Cowgate, immediately to the East of its junction with 

King street. 

8. In the area in front of the Sheriff-Court buildings. 

Fares : — The following and no higher fares shall be charged : 
For any distance betwixt the High Street stance, or the Meadowside stance, 
and any place within the area embraced within the Lilybank toUbar and Tay- 
bank gate on the east, Blackness and Logie tollbars on the west, and Dudhope 
terrace, Somerville place, head of Bonnethill, and Stobswell (at crossing of 
Forfar and Murroes road, Lunatic Asylum), on the north — One Shilling : And 
should any Hackney Carriage be engaged at an}' stance or place other than 
either of the two before mentioned, the fare shall be only One Shilling for any 
distance traversed within the said area, if not more than from either of said 
stances. The fare shall also be One Shilling within the following circuit where- 
soever within such circuit the carriage may be engaged : namely, within a 
circuit commencing at the foot of Shepherd's loan (Magdalen yard), and passing 
by Shepherd's loan to the junction of Hawkhill and Perth road, and thence 
by Hawkhill and Annfield road, Cherryfield, and Scouringburn, to the junction 
of Milnbank road and Polepark road, and thence to Dudhope Free Church at the 
junction of Lochee road and Polepark road, and proceeding by Dudhope house, 
Dudhope terrace, Somerville place. Constitution street, Rosebank street, Ann 


street, Cotton road, Laing street, and Dura street to Brown Constable street! 
and thence by Lyon street, Raglan street, and Lower Lilybank to Broughtyi' 
Ferry road, and terminating on said Ferry road at Springhill or Carolina port. 

In cases to which neither of the rules prescribed in the immediatelj' preced-< 
ing article may be applicable, the following shall apply, ^ — viz., From any places 
to any other place within five miles from the General Post Office of the burgh. 
if not more than a mile. One Shilling ; and for each additional half-mile, and: 
also for any part of a half-mile. Sixpence additional. 

The foregoing fares to apply to cases where the number of passengers does noli 
exceed four. If five passengers are carried. Sixpence extra, irrespective ol' 
mileage or distance, may be charged. In the case of children under twelvei 
years of age, two are to be reckoned and charged for as one adult. 

When engaged by the hour in shopping or calls, the fares shall be, per houri 
Two Shillings ; and when engaged by the hour in pleasure or country driving,; 
Two Shillings and Sixpence (besides tolls). 

When required to ply after eleven o'clock p.m. to twelve o'clock p.m., a farei 
and a-half to be charged ; after twelve o'clock p.m. to five o'clock a.m., double 
fares ; after five o'clock a.m. till six a.m., a fare and a-half to be charged. 

Luggage not exceeding in weight lOOlbs. shall be taken free of charge ; 
above that weight it shall be liable ^o a charge of Sixpence extra. 

Half fares to be charged for returning by the same carriage (when not en- 
gaged by time), but the carriage not to be detained beyond fifteen minutes, 
unless by agreement. 

If a carriage be required to take up two or more parties at difl^erent places, or 
to go out of the ordinary route betwixt two places. Sixpence extra ma}' be 

When a carriage is called, but not used, a charge of Sixpence shall be allowed 
if the place to which it is called be under half a mile from the nearest stand, 
and One Shilling if beyond said distance. 


Mrs John M. Robertson, 43 Perth road, and 32J King street. 

David Stratton, Royal Stables, 27 Teaman shore. 

Peter Peebles, 55 Perth road. 

James Peters, 12 Park entry, Temple lane. 

Thomas Robertson, Shepherd's loan. 

John Lowden, Powrie place, Ann street, and 142 Hilltown. 

William M'Fee, jun., 16 East Henderson's wynd. 

William Mitchell, 49 Larch street, Cherryfield. 

Andrew M'Nab, 12 Taylor's lane. 

Donald Robertson, 4 Mains loan, Maryfield. 

FAIRS AND MARKETS.— Stobb's Fair, for Cattle, Sheep, and 
Horses, is held on the first Tuesday after the 11th of Julj'. 

Dundee First Faik, for Cattle and Horses, is held on 26th August, if that 
day fall upon a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursda}', or Friday ; but if on other 
days, then the first Tuesday thereafter. Sheep market on the previous day. 

Dundee Latter Fair, for Cattle and Horses, is held on 19th September — 
the same rule applying as with the First Fair. 

N.B. — These Markets are held at the Fairmuir, top of Hilltown. 

" Flit-Fridays,"' or the Term Feeing Markets, are held on 26th May and 
22d November, if these dates fall on a Tuesday or Friday, failing which on the 
first Tuesday or Friday thereafter. 

A Weekly Cattle and Sheep Market is held every Tuesday forenoon, 
at the New Cattle Market, Carolina port. 

Market Days — Tuesday and Friday. 





Mt Mary's (East Church), Nethergate, Rev. Archibald Watson, D.I>. 

>t Paul's (South do. — - — - 

( 43 ) 


{For Addresses, see Professions Directory.') 



5t Clement's (Steeple do.), Do 

3t John's (Cross do. ), Tay street, 

it David's, North Tay street,.... 

it Mark's, Perth road, 

Jt Andrew's, King street, 

Phapelshade, Constitution road,... 

iVallacetown, Princes street, 

Logie, Balgay street, 

Josebank, Constitution street,.. 

it Matthew's, Ferry road, 

Tepington, Clepington, 

it Enoch's, Nethergate, 


St Luke's, 


it Andrew's, Meadow place, 

itJohn's, Small's wynd, 

it David's, Ward road, 

it Peter's, St Peter street, 

it Paul's, Nethergate, 

Ubert square, Meadowside, 

iVillison, Barrack street, 

iVallacetown, Crescent street, 

lilltown, Maxwelltown, 

Dhapelshade, Constitution road,... 

Dudhope, Upper Pleasance, ... 

Chalmers, Hunter street, 

^ellgate, Dudhope street, 

H'Che3'ne Memorial, Blackness gate, 

3onnethill, Hilltown, 

tVilson Territorial, Overgate, 

)gilvie, Dura street, 

tfartyrs, Annfield road, 

ligh Church, Hospital wynd, 


J. Edgar Hill 
Charles R. White 
Peter Grant, D.D. 

Charles M. Grant 

Archibald Bell 
John L. Adamson 
Stewart Galloway 
David B. Cameron 
John Mills 
David R. Robertson 
Hugh George Watt 
Peter Macleod 


James Ewing 
A. O. Laird 
John Dunlop 
John Jenkins 
W. Wilson, D.D. 
Neil Taylor 
Thomas Hill 
James Fenton 
John Macpherson 
George Laing 
Andrew Inglis 
Robert Milligan 
John Duke 
Alexander H. Reid 
James A. Simpson 
George Milne 
John F. Ewing 
John Wylie 
Gavin Anderson 
Thomas B. Dodds 


St Congregation,George's Chapel,S. Lindsay st., Rev. George Gilfillan 

d do. Bell street, ,, James Conway 

d do Tay square, „ J. R. M 'Gavin, D.D. 

th do. Dudhope crescent rd. ,, James Wilson 

th do. (Wishart)j;... Cowgate port, ,, James George 

th do. (James'), Bell street, „ Robert Laurie 


7th Congregation, Butterburn, Rev. David Hay 

8th do. Victoria street, ,, William Rose 

Hawkhill, Hpwkhill, ,, John Taylor 

Ryehill, -(jfF Perth road, ,, James Drummom 

Lochee, „ Arch. B. Connel 


Euclid crescent, Rev. William Robertsci 


Ward Chapel, Constitution road, Rev. Charles Short 

Princes street, •. „ George Campbelel 

Lindsay street, „ William Home; 

Panmure street, ,, W. J. Cox 

Castle street, ,, J. H. Crawford 

Russell Chapel, Hawkhill, ,, John Masson 


Euclid street, Alex. Easson, Elder; John Stewart, Deac( 


Trinity, Victoria road, Rev. Wm. Hamiltc 

Morison, Meadow place, „ James Monie 


Meadowside, Rattray street, J. Henderson and W. Hendersc 

Constitution road, John Morris and George Aimi 

Old St Enoch's, Longw5-nd, Rev. James C. Brow 


The Right Rev. H. W. Jermyn, D.D., Bishop of Brechin. 

fRev. H. Macnamara, Incumbei 

S. Paul's, Castlehill \ " George Grub, Curate 

' I ,, J. J. Dunbar, Curate 

(^ ,, R. R. Lingard-Guthrie 

S. Mary Magdalene's, Blinshall street, f^" J, f" Hunt-' J--'>-' 

Do. Mission, 13 Watson's lane, Rev. S. B. Hodso 

« «„i,r„/i«,.'o mo^;«„f«„ (Very Rev. J. Nicholson, Dean of Brechi 

D. oalvauors, Clepinston, -\tdtat-v u t-\u r^ 

' f' & ' (Rev. J. A. Dunbar Dunbar, Curate 

S. John Baptist's Mission, Albert street, Rev. G. Mooi 

S. Margaret's, Lochee, Rev. G. Morr 

St John's (Iron Church), Lochee road, Rev. Wm. Lane, D.I 


St Andrew's Church, Nethergate, ^^%- ^f'^^.,?''T'^°^,^ Rev ^Iphonsu 
' I Van de Rydt ; Rev. Michael Phelan. 

o* »*■„-„'„ rii T, ivr„^™„iu„ „ (Rev. John Prendergast; Rev. Augustin 

St Mary s Church, Maxwelltown, j ^'Dermott ; Rev. Bruce Geddes. 

St Joseph's, Blackness road, ^^'^\k'T ^t?'""''.^ ^7' ^'^" ^ 

^ ^ ' ( Butti; Rev. Thomas Crumly. 

St Mary's, Lochee, \^'%- ^--ancis Beurms ; Rev. Con. Helfrich 

•' ' ' 1 Rev. James Harris. 

Constitution road, Rev. John Ranki 




J^ing street, Ministers various 


iVard road, Rev. E. Ashton Jones 

/■ictoria road, „ Thomas H. Lomas 


ialem Chapel, Constitution road, Ministers various 

A. High street, Ministers various 

Constitution road, Rev. H. Williamson 

Vright's Hall, Nethergate, Ministers various 


,— This Association is established for the conducting of Sabbath forenoon meet- 
ngs and other religious services for the young. 

Hon. President— Sheriff Fred. L. Maitland Heriot. Hon. Vice-Presidents — 

ev. Dr Watson ; Revs. James Ewing, Charles M. Grant, John Jenkins, A. B 

Donnel, A. H. Reid, D. Hay, J. Duke, James Conwa}^, J. Fenton, Jas. George, 

as. Wilson ; Provost Robertson ; Bailie Macdonald ; A. H. Moncur, Thos. Bell, 

^,ames Cox, W. O. Dalgleish, David Robertson, A. D. Grimond, M. Madougall, 

j" y. J. Buist, J. Cunningham, Wm. Y. B. Martin. 

oil President — Thos. Couper; Vice-President — John W. Shepherd ; Treasurer — 
). D. Patterson ; Secretary— Alex. Murray, 106 Nethergate. 

Directors — David H. M'Intosh, Charles Ferrier, Charles Morris, James 

;!ombe, George Harris, Joseph Shepherd, David Watson, W. M. Dickson, 

Thomas Don, jun. 

Name of Meeting. Wrought Co-opeeatively with 

Taylor's Lane, M'Cheyne Memorial Free Church, 

Ashton Place Hall, St Peter's Free Church. 

iTictoria Hall, Wellgate Territorial Free, Church. 

fVilson, Overgate, Wilson Free Church. 

^* Dallfield Walk, United Presbyterian Mission. 

*(Villison Mission, Willison Free Church. 

Bonnethill, Hilltown Free Church. 

Dudhope, Dudhope Free Church. 

»'t William Street, King Street, West Bell Street U.P. Church. 

Dgilvie Church Ogilvie Free Church. 

Butterburn, Butterburn U.P. Church. 

3amperdown, Lochee, Various Presbyterian Churches, Lochee, 

Park Wynd, St John's Free Church. 

.West Wj'nd, St Mark's Established Church. 

Foundry Lane, D. B. and G. Religious Association. 

Long Wynd, East Established Church. 

Bain Square, Chapelshade Free Church. 

I St Peter Street, St Peter's Free Church. 

Hillbank Mission, Hilltown Free Church. 

Cochrane Street Mission, Dudhope Crescent Road U.P. Church. 

Rosebank, Young Men's Christian Association. 

Wallacetown, Wallacetown Free Church. 

Wishart, Wishart U.P. Church. 

ikiiOgilvie Street,, St Andrew's and Ogilvie Free Churches. 


SESSION CLERK.— William Thorns, 112 Seagate. 

SACRAMENTAL FAST DAYS. —Thursdays before the thir 
Sundays of April and October. 

Charles Smith; Vice-Presidents — Eobert Gardner and William K. M'KelvieHjdJjrt: 
Treasurer — Geo. Teaman; Secretary — Peter Murray. llj,jjl 

Committee — James Lyon, Thomas Clark, James Small, David JeffreyK|(|jii 
James Torrance, A. G. Kidd, George Cruikshanks, James M'Glashan, John "Wt i /g 
Jaffray, James Smith, William A. Scott, A. D. Fleming, James Rae, Roberl ;, j ji 
Luke, John Tullis, William Donald, Walker S. Melville, John Foggie. — Henr; 
Moncrieff, Missionary. 

Watson; Vice-Presidents— George Rough, P. H. Thorns, Thomas Smith' 
Thomas Couper. Committee— William Thorns, H. B. Fergusson, Thomas Raiti 
George Carmichael, Alex. H. Moncur, David Petrie, Thomas Bell, Alexande 
Henderson, Robert A. Mudie, James Paterson, James Cox, James Ramsay 
Secretaries — The Rev. James Ewing and John W. Shepherd. Treasurer — Johi 
Henderson, banker. Depositarian — James Smith, Y.M.C.A. Collector - 
David Kilgour. 

Baxter, Craigtaj-^; Mrs Pitcairn, Fort William house; Mrs Grant, Perth road: 
Mrs Lowson, Graybank; Mrs Thomas Smith, Ashwood ; Mrs A. Taylor; Misf 
Nimmo, Newport ; Mrs White, 18 Springfield ; Mrs Jas. Carmichael, Rustic pi 

President — Mrs Watson, The Manse ; Treasurer— Miss Watson, The Manse 
Secretary — Miss Thow, Park place. 

MISSIONARY SOCIETY.— Rev. Charles Short, Chairman; Rev. William 
J. Cox, Secretary ; George Rough, Treasurer. 

BRANCH. — President — George Jack ; Vice-Presidents — Alexander H. Moncur, 
Captain Falconer, John Matthew, Rose Panton; Recording Secretary — Wm. 
Kyd; Corresponding Secretary — Donald M'Donald; Treasurer — Alex. R-u,,. 
Williamson, 29 Wellington street; Librarians — David Robertson, David Kirk.W , 
The Society meets on the first Wednesday of every month, at 8 p.m., in Free F'' 
Chapelshade Class-Room, Constitution road. 

Protestant Class. — Annual Session, November to March. 

MANAGERS ASSOCIATION.— Consisting of all the Elders and Managers 
elect in the United Presbyterian Churches in Dundee, Broughty Ferry, and 
Lochee. President— Edward Cox; Vice-President- B. M'Crae; Secretary — 
John W. Jaffray ; Treasurer — James Small. Committee of Management con- 
sists of one Elder and one Manager out of each Congregation. 

Spiritual Interests of Europeans in India. — Patron— Right Hon. Lord 
Lawrence, G.C.B. President— Right Hon. Lord Polwarth. 

Dundee Boaed. — A. J. Buist, Chairman ; Rev. Drs Watson, M'Gavin ; 
Rev. Messrs W. J. Cox, A. Inglis, R. Lang, C. M. Grant ; Captain Falconer ; 
Councillor Macdonald ; Messrs Edward Cox, John W. Shepherd, Wm. Cox, ; i 
Jas. Cunningham, A. D. Grimond, William Lowson, William Mackison, W. 
R. Morison, David Robertson, George Rough, Patrick Watson. Treasurer — 
John Henderson, National Bank. 




( 47 ) 


HIGH SCHOOL.— Directors— From the Town Council— Provost 
Robertson, Bailies Eobertson, Cleghorn, M'Donald, and Thomson; Dean of 
Guild Edward; C. C. Maxwell, William Philip, jun., William Thomson, Wm. 
M. Ogilvie. From the Subscribers— John B. Baxter, LL.D., William Thorns, 
John Henderson, Thomas W. Thoms, Robert Sturrock, P. G. Walker, Robert 
iBell, Thomas S. Ross, James Cunningham, jun., George Ogilvie. Teachers — 

Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Mr George Dott. 

Arithmetic (to Boys), Algebra; Descriptive, Physical,) • T^yr.,, -^ . 

and Mathematical Geography, f " ^- J^-U'er, M.A. 

Latin (Boys), Greek, and Classical Geography and) 4 ■,^., -^ . 

History, j " ^ vv uson, ivi. A. 

Latin (for Girls), ,, P. J. Imandt. 

English Grammar, Geography, &c., {^ «ta "' '' J f. ^Sd. 

,, J T (French, , ,, H. Durlac. 

Modern Languages, \q^,^^1,^ ;; p. j_ j^^^^^^ 

Writing, Bookkeeping, Phonography, and Arith-") j ^, 

metic to Girls, f " ''^^^^ ^^^^®- 

Drawing, Painting, and School of Design, ,, Wm. M. Grubb. 

Chemistry and Natural Science, „ F. W. Young. 

Singing, ,, Frank Sharp. 

Plain and Fancy Needlework, ,, Miss M'Kenzie. 

Lady Superintendent — Miss E. R. Carmichael. W. A. Fleming, Townhouse, 
Treasurer; A. W. Gumming, 1 Bank street, Secretary; John Young, High 
School Buildings, Janitor. 

WEST-END ACADEMY.— Head Master— Mr Geo. Clark, M. A. Teachers 
—Writing, Phonograph}', Arithmetic, Algebra, &c., Messrs George Clark, 
Davidson, and Low ; English Grammar and Geography — Senior Classes, Mr 
Rankine ; Junior Classes, Mr Low ; Classics, Mr Rankine ; French and Ger- 
man, Dr Schmidt; Plain and Fancy Needlework, Miss M. Murray; Vocal 
Music, Mr F. Sharp. Janitor, Mrs Hampton. 

Der, M.A., and Alexander Monfries. Branches Taught — English, Messrs Mon- 
fries, Scott, Imrie, and Lundie ; Classics, Mr Brebner ; Mathematics, Mr 
Monfries; French, M. Durlac; German, Herr Imandt; Drawing, Mr Spindler ; 
Gymnastics, Mr Roland ; Singing, Mr F. Sharp. 

TAY STREET INSTITUTION for the Education of Young Ladies.— Con- 
iucted by Miss Russell. Branches Taught — English, Writing, and Arithmetic, 
Mr R. N. Kerr; French, Mrs Kerr, L.A., St Andrews; German, Dr Schmidt; 
Drawing, Mr Grubb ; Music and Singing, Mr Kinross and Mr Richmond. 

Mr IRVINE'S INSTITUTION for the Education of Young Ladies, 17 Tay 
jtreet. Branches Taught — English, Writing, Arithmetic, French, German, 
[talian, Natural Science, Music, Drawing, Dancing, Calisthenics, and Sewing. 
Masters — Messrs William B. Irvine, Imper, Kinross, Sharp, Grubb, Thomson 
3onsidine. Governesses — Misses Cruden, Kidd, Miller, Brown, Foreman, Low. 

EAST OF SCOTLAND INSTITUTION, 31 Tay Street— Conducted by 
Misses Schultzen and Murray. Branches Taught — English, French, Italian 
jerman. Music, Singing, Drawing, Needlework, Dancing, and Gymnastics! 
Teachers— Messrs Durlac, Spindler, Kinross, F. Sharp, Roland, Thomson- 
md English, French, and German Governesses. 


CONSTITUTION HOUSE INSTITUTION, for the Board and Educatioi 
of Young Ladies, 12 Constitution Terrace. Branches taught — English, Writing 
Arithmetic, French, German, Drawing, Elementary Science, Music (Pianoforte 
and Vocal), Dancing, Calisthenics, and Sewing' Teachers— Miss Hodge ; 
Masters, Messrs W. H. Richmond, D. Grubb, and Sergeant-Major Considine 
also English, French, and German resident Governesses. 

YOUNG LADIES' COLLEGE, 21 South Tay Street.— Director— Mr Henry 
Nagel ; Lady Superintendent and Head Governess, Miss Sturrock ; Principa 
English and Mathematical Master, Mr Chas. Williams, B.A., Cantab. ; Frencb 
Master, Mr H. Durlac ; German and Kindergarten Governess, Traulein Stzko ; 
Englisti Governesses, Misses Steel and Campbell; Musical Assistants, Misses 
Bell and Kinnison. 

BELL STREET ACADEMY, 18 Constitution road. Branches Taught- 
English, French, Arithmetic, Drawing, Plain and Fancy Needlework, anc^ 
Music. Teachers— Miss Margaret Edwards and Assistants. 

DUNDEE INSTITUTION for the Board and Education of Young Ladies 
16 Tay Street. Teachers — Misses Milne. 

MEA.DOWSIDE ACADEMY, Constitution road and Mid street.-Branchef 
Taught — All the Branches of an English and Commercial Education, Latin anc 
French Languages, Mathematics, Drawing, Vocal Music, and Plain and Fancj 
Needlework. Teachers — Messrs George Powrie, Douglas, Malcolm, Adamson 
and Miss Mearns. 

EUCLID CRESCENT SCHOOL, Euclid Crescent.— Branches Taught— All 
the branches of an English and Commercial Education, Mathematics, Drawing, 
Plain and Fancy Needlework. Teachers — Mr John Birrell and Assistants. 

PRIVATE SCHOOL, 5 St Andrew's Street.— Teacher— Miss Sinclair. 

INFANT SCHOOL, 39 Nelson Street.— Branches Taught—Reading, 
Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography. Teacher — Miss Mann. 


ST ANDREW'S SCHOOL, 2 William street, Forebank.— Managers-The 
Trustees and Kirk-Session of St Andrew's Parish Church. Branches Taught 
—Elementary Branches, French, Latin, Mathematics, Drawing, Sewing, and 
Knitting. Teachers— Mr James Donaldson, Mr Morgan, Miss Macdonald, an " 

ROSEBANK SESSIONAL SCHOOL, 20 Rosebank street.— Managers— ' 
Kirk-Session. Branches Taught— Elementary, Grammar, Geography, History, 
Music, and Drawing; also Plain and Fancy Needlework. Teachers — Mr ijj, 
Duncan Stewart and Mrs Duncan Stewart. 


ST JOHN'S FREE CHURCH SCHOOL, 36-40 Park wynd.— Managers 
Kirk-Session and Deacons' Court of Free St John's. Branches Taught— All the 
branches of an English and Commercial Education, and Elementarj' Drawing. 
Teachers— Mr J. Mess, Miss Margaret Eraser. 

WELLGATE FREE CHURCH SCHOOL, 45 Dudhope street.— Managers 
—Deacons' Court of Wellgate Free Church. Branches Taught — Ordinary 
Branches. Teacher — Mr William Wilson. 

DUDHOPE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, St Mary's place, Lochee road.— 
Managers — Deacons' Court of Dudhope Free Church. Branches Taught — The 
Ordinary Branches of an English Education, with Plain and Fancy Needle- 
work, Knitting, and Music. Teachers — The Misses Cunningham. 













ST PAUL'S F.C. SCHOOL, 143 Overgate.— Managers— Deacons' Court 
of St Paul's Free Church. Branches Taught — Elementary, Industrial Work, 
and Vocal Music. Teacher— Catherine Thorns. 


S. PAUL'S, Meadow street.— Managers — Rev. R. R. Lingard Guthrie and 
Rev. H. Macnamara. Branches Taught— Elementary. Teacher— Miss Martie. 

S. SALVADOR'S, Church street, Clepington feus. — Manager — Very Rev. 
J. Nicholson. Branches Taught— Elementary, Latin, French, German, Mathe- 
matics, and Drawing. Teachers (Boys' Department)— Mr S. Miller. (Girls' 
Department)— Miss Gilgour. 

S. MARY MAGDALENE'S, Blinshall street.— Manager-Rev. J. W. 
Hunter. Branches Taught — Elementary. Teacher — Mrs Leslie. 

S. MARTIN'S, Smithfield.— Manager— Very Rev. J. Nicholson. Branches 
Taught — Elementary. Teacher— Mr James Stewart. 


ST JOSEPH'S (Girls), Blackness road.— Manager— Rev. J. M'Ginnes. 
Branches Taught — Elementary, Needlework, and Knitting. Teachers— Sisters 
of Mercy. 

ST STEPHEN'S (Boys), Larch street.— Manager— Rev. J. M'Ginnes. 
Branches Taught — Elementarj'. Teachers — The Marist Brothers. 

ST ANDREW'S (Boys), Tay street.— Manager— Rev. R. Clapperton. 
Branches Taught— Elementarj'-, Geometry, Algebra, Bookkeeping, and French. 
Teachers— The Marist Brothers. 

ST ANDREW'S (Girls), Overgate.— Manager— Rev. R. Clapperton.— 
Branches Taught— Elementary, Grammar, Geography, History, French, and 
Music ; also Needlework and Knitting. Teachers — The Sisters of Mercy. 

ST MARY'S (Boys), Forebank road.— Manager— Rev. J. Prendergast, 
Branches Taught— Elementary. Teachers — The Marist Brothers. (Girls). 
Powrie place. — Branches Taught — Elementary, Needlework, and Knitting. 
Teacher — Miss Fitzgerald. 

ST MARY'S, Lochee (Boys). — Manager— Rev. F. Beurms. Branches 
Taught— Elementary. R. Smith, Teacher. (Girls)— Elementary. Miss Morgan, 
Teacher. Infants — Miss M'Enroe, Teacher. 

DUNDEE SCHOOL BOARD.— The Eev. Archibald Watson, 
D.D., Chairman; James Arrott, M. D., Rev. A. B. Connel, Rev. Peter Grant. 
D.D., Frank Henderson, Dr James M'Donald, Duncan Macdonald, Alex. H. 
iloncur, John Boyd Baxter, LL.D., Rev. Neil Taylor, Rev. James Ewing, 
Rev. John Prendergast, William Blair, James Logic, Thaddeus Clancy. 
Thomas Thornton, 1 Bank street, Clerk. Thomas Nicolson, 32 Castle street, 
Treasurer. David M'Laren, 67 Murra^'gate, Architect. John Robbie, 31 Bank 
treet, OflScer. 


i BALFOUR STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL.— Branches Taught— Ordinary 
)ranches of an English Education, English Literature, Mathematics, French, 
domestic Economy, Drawing, Theory and Practice of Music, and Needlework. 
Teachers- Mr William Bertie and Mrs Bertie. One Female Assistant and six 
Pupil Teachers. 

LONG WYND PUBLIC SCHOOL.— Branches Taught— Ordinary branches 
History, French, Drawing, Music, Sewing, and Knitting. Teachers — Mr 
Andrew W. Forbes, Miss Marjory S. Baird, and Assistants. 


BLACKSCROFT PUBLIC SCHOOL, Peep o' Day lane.— Branches 
Taught — Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, Drawing, 
Music. Teachers — Mr Locke and Mrs Davies. 

DUDHOPE PUBLIC SCHOOL, St Mary's place.— Branches Taught— 
English, &c., together with Latin, Mathematics, Drawing, Music, Sewing, and 
Knitting. Teachers — John Yule and Miss Helen Smith. 

HAWKHILL PUBLIC SCHOOL.— Branches Taught— Elementary, Eng- 
lish Literature, Mathematics, Latin, French, Theory and Practice of Music, 
Sewing, Domestic Economy, and Drawing. Teachers — Mr George Caird 
and Miss Mathew ; five Certificated Assistants and nine Pupil Teachers. 
Visiting Master — Mr Frank Sharp. 

BROWN STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL.— Branches Taught— The ordinary; 
branches of an English and Commercial Education, Mathematics, French, 
Latin, Drawing, Music, Sewing, and Knitting. Teachers — Mr William Kohb' 
and Mrs Robb, with two Assistants and five Pupil Teachers. 

VICTORIA ROAD PUBLIC SCHOOL, King's road.— Branches Taught— 
Ordinary branches of an English Education, Latin, French, Algebra, Geometry, 
Drawing, Music, Sewing and Knitting. Teachers— Mr David Wilson and 
Miss Smith; two Certificated Assistants (one Male and one Female), and ten 
Pupil Teachers. 

HILL STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL. — Branches Taught — Ordinary 
branches of an English Education, Latin, French, Singing, Sewing, Knitting, 
and Drill. Teachers— John Butchart, M.A., and Miss Baird ; two Assistants 
and five Pupil Teachers. 

GLEBE LANDS PUBLIC SCHOOL, Glebe place.— Branches Taught— 
Elementary, Latin, Drawing, Music, Sewing, Knitting. Mr John Mudie, 
Headmaster ; Miss M. Reid, Headmistress ; three Assistants, and seven Pupil 

Ordinary Subjects, Latin, French, Higher English, Mathematics, Drawing, 
Bookkeeping, Singing. Teachers— Mr John Gibson and Miss Thomson ; 
Mr F. Sharp, Musicmaster ; three Assistants and six Pupil Teachers. 

CLEPINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOL, 54 Cotton road.- Branches Taught— 
The ordinary branches of an English Education, Knitting, and Needlework. 
Teachers — Mr W. Mudie and Miss Yule. 

WALLACETOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL, Crescent Street.— Branches Taught 
— Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, History, Music, 
French, Drawing, Sewing, and Knitting. Infant Department — Miss V. Taylor. 
Junior Department — Miss Jane Anderson. Headmaster — David Muckersie. 

ST ENOCH'S PUBLIC SCHOOL, Foundry lane.— Branches Taught— 
The ordinary branches of an Elementary Education, with Plain and Fancy 
Needlework. Teacher— Miss Alexander. 

HUNTER STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL. Branches Taught— The ordinary 
branches of an English Education, with Sewing and Knitting. Teacher — Miss! 

BUTTERBURN PUBLIC SCHOOL.— Branches Taught— The ordinary 
branches of an English Education. Teachers — Mr C. Treasurer and Assistants 

TUTE OF SCOTLAND.— Office-Bearers— William S. Peddie, Orphan Insti- 
tution, President; John Gibson, Ancrum Road Public School, Treasurer: 
Stephen Miller, St Salvador's Boys' School, Secretary. 


MORGAN HOSPITAL.— Board of Governors.— £Jar officiis— 
The Provost of Dundee, Sheriff Chej'ne, the Minister of the Parish of Dundee, 
the Dean of Guild, the Convener of the Nine Trades, and the Deacon of the Fra- 
ternity of Maltmen. Elected — by the Town Council of Dundee— Ex-Bailie 
George Haggart and Bailie John Robertson. By the Town Council of Forfar — 
Ex-Bailie Lowson and Bailie John Laird. By the Town Council of Arbroath 
— Provost Shield and Bailie Alexander Reid. Bj' the Town Council of Mon- 
trose — Provost Milne and Bailie Reid. By the Presbytery of Dundee— Rev. 
John Wilson, Liff, and Rev. William Sinclair, Kinnaird. By the Nine Trades 
of Dundee — Peter M. Young and James A. Stewart. By the Directors of the 
High School — P. H. Thoms and J. Henderson. 

Clerk and Treasurer — D. Rollo, 32 Bank street. Auditor — John W. Warden. 
Physician — Dr A. James Duncan. Head master — David W. B. Mitchell, M. A. 
Matron— Mrs Jackson. 


DEAF AND DUMB— 1846. Dudhope bank, 165 Lochee road. Alexander 
and Mrs Drysdale, Superintendents and Teachers, Miss Pattison, Assistant 
Teacher. Meetings for Divine Worship, conducted by Mr Drysdale, held in 
the Institution at the usual hours of Divine Service on Sundays. The Institu- 
tion is open to the Inspection of Visitors every Tuesday and Friday from 
Twelve to Two o'clock. 


OF THE DEAF AND DUMB.— Established 1846. President— The Earl of 
Airlie ; Vice-Presidents, Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. ; George Armitstead. 

Ordinary Directors — The Provost of Dundee, the Sheriff-Substitute of the 
Dundee District, the Dean of Guild, the Convener of the Nine Trades ; 
Eevs. James Ewing, Dr M'Gavin, R. Lang, John Dunlop ; Messrs James 
Cunningham, William Thoms, W. O. Dalgleish, Thomas Smith, John 
Mitchell, R. M'Gavin, William Myles, James S. Ogilvy. John Miln, 2 Euclid 
street, Treasurer. Secretary, Robert Sturrock, 2 Euclid street. 

Constitution road. President — David Robertson. Vice-Presidents — David 
Kyd, Alex. D. Grimond, and Thomas Smith. Honorary Secretaries — Thomas 
Kyd and James Combe. Treasurers — Walker S. Melville and Wm. Nairn. 

Directors— William Mackison, James Logie, David C. C. Laing, Matthew 
M'Dougall, Charles Ferrier, Charles W. Scrimgeour, Thomas Murray, Alex. 
Donaldson, James Paterson, Joseph Shepherd, William M. Dickson, Robert 
Crockatt, Thomas Don, William Doig, David Scroggie. 

Teachers — Science Classes — Frank W. Young, Robert Chambers, jun. Art — 
George Malcolm. General Classes — English Grammar, Composition and Latin 
— William Rankin. Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Writing — David Imrie. Short- 
hand — Thomas M. Davidson. French — H. Durlac. German — P. J. Imandt. 
James Smith, Secretary. 

TION — Rooms, 50 Barrack street. President — Mrs James Steel. Vice-Presi- 
dents—Mrs Alexander Henderson, Mrs C. W. Scrimgeour. Secretaries— Helen 
S. Martin, Agnes Henderson. Treasurers — Lizzie Adam, Jane Anderson. 
Executive Committee — Mrs J. Allan, Mrs James Ewing, Mrs Matthew 
M'Dougall, Mrs J. Jenkins, Margaret Baxter, Jessie Hutton, Isabella Cochrane, 
Mary Godfrey, Euphemia Miller, Marian Jessiman, Elizabeth Dick, Isabella 
Lee, Laura M'Dougall, Christina Beveridge. 

Educational Department — Secretary and Treasurer, Marian Jessiman ; Libra- 
rians, Isabella Cochrane, Laura M'Dougall. 



Albert Institute, Albert square. Committee — from the Town Council— Provost 
Robertson, Chairman; Bailie Robertson, Convener; Bailies Cleghorn and Low; 
Frank Henderson, Wm. M. Ogilvie, C. C. Maxwell, J. Adamson, W. Blair, 
and W. Philip. From the Householders— Rev. Dr Watson, Jas. Arrott, M.D., 
John Boyd Baxter, LL.D., Rev. John Dunlop, John Kennedy, Wm. Y. Blyth 
Martin, James D. Cox, James G. Orchar, John Henderson, David Jobson, jun. 
Chief Librarian and Curator, and Clerk to the Board— John Maclauchlam 
Assistant Librarians — Henry Feggetter, W. Beveridge, D. Douglas. 

UNIVERSITY CLUB.— President— Rev. Dr Watson. Vice-| 
Presidents — Rev. Alexander Stewart, Henry Gourlay. Secretary — Georgej 
Ogilvie, 12 Meadowside. Treasurer — Robert Moody Stuart, 31 Bank street. 

Committee — Dr Macdonald, Alexander Monfries, James F. Stewart, T. J. 
G. Boyes, John Coupar. 


Vice-Presidents— William M. Ogilvie, F.S.A. Scot., and James Durham, F.G.S; 
Treasurer — Allan Mathewson, Cor. Mem. S. A. Scot. ; Secretarv — John Thom- 
son, 53 Meadowside ; Councillors— A. C. Lamb, Frank W. Young, F.C.S., , 
John W. JafFrav ; Curator — John Hood. 

buildings. Under the management of the Committee of the Chamber of Com- 
merce. John Cowper and Robert Carnegie, Waiters. 




Schools— Girls, Ward road; Boys— Baldovan. President — Sir John Ogilvy, 
Bart. Vice-Presidents — Earl of Strathmore, Earl of Southesk, and Right Hon. 
W. E. Baxter, M.P. 

Directors — Charles Smith, George Carmichael, Robt. M'Gavin, John Adam, 
William Thorns, G. H. NicoU, Wm. Lowson, Wm Ritchie, David Robertson, 
W. M. Ritchie, John Henderson, Charles R. Baxter, James Ramsay, Lieut.- 
Colonel Ogilvj', George H. Hill, Henry Robertson, P. M Cochrane, Henry 
Gourlay, John Carmichael. 

Ladies' Committee— Mrs Pitcairn, Miss Symers, Mrs Berry, Miss Miller, Mrs 
Kirkland, Miss Thow, Mrs Lowson, Mrs Ewing, Mrs Cheyne, Miss Neish, 
Miss Nimmo, Mrs W. O. Dalgleish, Miss Walker, Miss Harris, Mrs Mitchell, 
Mrs A. Henderson, Mrs J. B. Nicoll, Mrs T. Smith, Miss Cunningham, Miss 
Boase, Mrs David Carmichael, Mrs Luis, Mrs Laing, Miss M. Maxwell, Mrs 
Fyffe, Miss J. Bell, Miss Pirie. Mrs W. O. Dalgleish, Sec. to Ladies' Committee. 

Interim Secretary — Captain Penton Thomson. Treasurer — David Myles. 
Physician — David Greig, M.D. Superintendent — Captain Thomson. Teacher 
— T. B. Cuthbert. Assistant Teacher — A. Craig. Matron — Miss Thomson. 
Female Teacher — Miss Butter. Workmasters — John Reid, and Wm. F. Hare. 
Janitor— Sergeant Andrew Chalmers. 


Tay, for Homeless and Destitute Boys. Patrons — The Earl of Dalhousie; 
Earl of Camperdown ; Earl of Strathmore ; Sir Robt. Anstruther, M.P. ; 
Sir John Ogilvy ; Hon. Chas. Carnegie ; George Armitstead ; Right Hon. W. E. 


Baxter, M.P.; Edward Ellice, M.P.; C. S. Parker, M.P. ; and Thomas Gray, 
Board of Trade. President — Admiral Maitland Dougall. 

Trustees— Thomas Bell, W. O. Dalgleish, W. W. Renny, Thos. Smith, 
Anthony Trail. Chairman of Committees — W. W. Eennj'. 

General Committee — The Sheriffs-Substitute at Cupar-Fife, Dundee, Forfar, 
Perth; Provosts of Arbroath, Brechin, Cupar- Fife, Dundee, Forfar, Montrose, 
Perth, St Andrews ; Alex. Anderson, Thos. Bell, Alex. J. Buist, Chas. Clark, 
Thos. Couper, William Cox, Jas. Cunningham, Capt. J. O. Dalgleish, R.N., 
W. O. Dalgleish, H. B. Fergusson, G. Gourlay, Joseph Grimond, John Kirk- 
land, John Leng, Wm. Lowson, Jas. Ramsay, W. W. Renny, Geo. Rough, 
Frank S. Sandeman, John Sharp, Thomas Smith, A. Trail, P. Watson; Thomas 
Knox, Edinburgh; David Harris, Edinburgh; A. B. Fleming, Edinburgh; 
Lord Provost of AtDerdeen ; Major Ross, Aberdeen. 

Executive Committee — Thomas Bell, Thomas Couper, Wm. O. Dalgleish, 
John Kirkland, J. Ramsay, W. W. Renny, A. Trail, Chas. Clark, Harry 
Walker, and Thomas Smith. 

Captain-Superintendent of the " Mars" — Captain C. C. Scott, E.N. Surgeon 
— Dr Stewart, Newport. Secretary and Treasurer — George Jack ; Office, 
Custom House buildings, Dundee. 

DAY NURSERY, 29 Brown street.— For children under 5 years 

of age, whose mothers are engaged in work. Matron, Mrs Davidson ; Hon. 
Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs Wilson, Tayside Villa, Magdalen green. 

ROYAL INFIRMARY.— Office-Bearers— President, Sir John 

Ogilvy, Bart. ; Vice Presidents, Earl of Airlie, Earl of Dalhousie, Earl of 
Strathmore, and George Armitstead. 

Committee — David Robertson, Chairman ; George Rough, John Adam, P.M. 
Cochrane, George Carmichael, Rev. R. R. Lingard-Guthrie, John Scrymgeour, 
John Moir, William G. Don, Peter Stuart, Henry Boase, Wm. Y. Blyth Martin, 
Walter Shepherd, Alexander Mathewson, Robert Aitken Mudie, Alexander 
Henderson, Thomas Smith, Rev. William J. Cox. 

The Committee is open to the President, Vice-Presidents, Governors for Life, 
and Treasurers, who are entitled by the Charter to attend. 

Honorar}' Consulting Physicians, James Christie, M.D., G. C. Pirie, M.D., 
J. W. Miller, M.D. Honorary Consulting Surgeons, Matthew Nimmo, sur- 
geon, and David Greig, M.D. Attending Ph3-sician, J. M'Lagan, M.D. 
Attending surgeon, Alex. Campbell, MB. 

Medical Attendants on Out-Patients at their own Houses. — 1 East District 
— D. S. Moon, surgeon, 12 King st. From the North-East and East Boundaries 
of the Burgh to Castle street, Murra}-gate, Wellgate, Hilltown, and Mains road. 

2. Middle District — Patrick Letters.M.B., 2 Forebank road. From Boundaries 
now stated on the East, to Small's wynd. Hunter street, and Blinshall street on 
the W^est. 

3. West District— James M 'Donald, surgeon, 32 South Tay street. From the 
West Boundaries of the Middle District stated above, to Western and North- 
West limits of the town. 

i 4. Lochee District— James K. Lennox, surgeon, Lochee. 

Joint-Treasurers, Robert Sturrock and John Miln, 2 Euclid street. Secre- 
tary, D. Gordon Stewart, solicitor, 10 Meadowside. Medical Superintendent, 
R. W. M'Cosh, M.D. Assistant, A. F. Ferguson. Matron, Mrs R. Strong. 
Collector, James Crow, who is authorised to solicit subscriptions for the 

ROYAL LUNATIC ASYLUM— 1812.— Extraordinary Direc- 
tors — Ex Officlis — The Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore, Lord Lieutenant of 
the County; J. W. Barclay, M.P. for the County; F. L. Maitland Heriot, 


Sheriff of the Count}'; James Teaman, M.P. ; Edward Jenkins, M.P. ; the 
Moderator of the Synod of Angus and Mearns. Directors for Life— The Eight 
Hon. the Earl of Strathmore ; Sir John Ogilvy, Baronet ; William Thorns. 

Ordinary Directors— Za; O^cws— Provost Eobertson, Bailie Robertson, and 
Dean of Guild Edward. For the Nine Trades— James Shaw, A. G. Kidd, and 
William Nicoll. For the Guildry— Peter Kerr, Charles Scott, A. W. Fair- 
weather, and Hugh Ballingall. For the Seaman Fraternity — W. O. Taylor. 
For the Mason Lodges— J. H. Mackay. For the Three Trades— David Hean. 
For the Kirk Session— Eevs. Dr Grant and J. E. Hill. For the Presbytery — 
Eevs. Allan Menzies of Abernyte, and Alex. Stewart of Mains and Strathmartine. 
For the County— Colonel Ogilvy ; James Neish of Laws : G. D. Clayhills 
Henderson of Invergowrie ; and J. E. Erskine of Linlathen. For the Governors 
of the Royal Infirmary — James Christie, M.D., John Adam, James Cunningham, 
Ver}' Rev. Dean Nicolson, George H. Hill, W. W. Renny, George Rough, and 
J. W. Miller, M.D. Sir John Ogilvy, Chairman of Directors. 

Committee of Management — Sir John Ogilvy, chairman; James Neish, 
William Thoms, David Hean, John Adam, and James Shaw. 

Officers — Medical Superintendent, James Eorie, M.D. Matron, Miss Bayne. 
Consulting Physician, Matthew Nimmo, surgeon. Treasurer, Thomas Nichol- 
son, 32 Castle street. Chaplain, Rev. Alexander F. Reid. Secretarj', Robert 
C. Walker, 12 Euclid street. 

BALD O VAN ASYLUM, near Dundee.— Established for the 

. Treatment of Imbecile and Idiot Children. Under the Patronage of Her Most 

Gracious Majesty the Queen. 

Patrons. — The Earl of Southesk, the Earl of Strathmore, the Earl of Airlie. 

Honorary Directors.— *Eev. R. R. Lingard-Guthrie, *Rev. H. Macna 
mara, John Cowan of Beeslack, Professor Martin, Col. J. E. Erskine, William 
Neish, Robert M'Gavin, David Small, Alexander Anderson, John Mitchell. 

Trustees, who are also Directors ex-qfficiis — *Sir John Ogiivy, *Lieut.-Col. 
R. H. A. Ogilvy, *The Right Rev. the Bishop of Brechin, *Rev. Dr Watson, 
*Rev. Alex. Stewart, Mains, *Rev. Robert Lorimer, Free Church, Mains, The 
Very Rev. the Dean of Brechin, *Dr Greig, and *Thomas Nicholson. (Those 
marked * form the Visiting Committee.) 

Physician — Dr Greig. Secretary' and Treasurer — Thomas Nicholson. 
Superintendent — William Douglas. Matron — Elizabeth Douglas. Governess 
— Mary Martie. 


Broughty Ferry. — This Institution was founded in 1876 by the late Sir 
David Baxter, Baronet of Kilmaron, who defraj'ed the cost of erection and 
furnishing, and provided, along with his friends, an endowment of £20,000 for 
the annual maintenance thereof, to v/hich has been added the sum of £5000 
given by Miss Baxter of Balgavies, and £100 anonymously. The building is 
capable of accommodating 50 patients. The Management is in the hands oi 
the Directors of the Dundee Royal Infirmary. David Robertson, Union Grove, 
present Chairman. Medical Officer — Wm. Sang, M.D., Broughty Ferry, 
Mrs Kydd, Matron. David Gordon Stewart, 10 Meadowside, Secretarj' ; 
Robert Sturrock and John Miln, Savings Bank, Treasurers, from whom forms 
of admission can be had. 

CONVALESCENT HOUSE, Dundee, 14 WiUiam street.— 
For the benefit of persons who have been discharged from the Infirmary, and 
others recovering from sickness. Such persons are taken into the Convalescenl 
House for a month. 

Patronesses.— The Right Hon. the Countess of Southesk, The Right Hon. the 
Countess of Airlie, The Right Hon. the Countess of Glasgow, The Right Hon- 


Lady Gray of Gray, The Eight Hon. Frances Lady Kinnaird. Trustees— Sir 
John Ogilvy, Bart. ; David Small ; Eight Eev. the Bishop of Brechin. 

Eesident Lady Superintendent — Miss A. F. Marshall. Honorary Medical 
Superintendent — Dr Maclagan. Honorary Secretary — Miss Sturrock, 2 
■Woodford Villas, Broughty Ferry. Honorary Treasurer — Thos. Willock, Bank 
of Scotland, Dundee. 

EOYAL ORPHAN INSTITUTION— 1815.— Craigie Terrace, 
Ferry road. President — Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. Vice-Presidents — Charles 
Clark, Thomas Bell, James Ffye. 

Directors — Ex-Officiis — The Provost, Parish Minister, Dean of Guild, Deacon 
of the Maltmen, Convener of the Nine Trades, Boxmaster of the Seamen 
Fraternity, and Preses of the Faculty of Procurators and Solicitors. 

Ordinary Directors — Eev. Dr M'Gavin, George Eough, James Spence, 
J. Mills, Duncan Macdonald, William Gellatly, Henry Boase, J. H. Luis, John 
Adam, William Ritchie, G. T. Graham, A. H. Moncur. 

Governesses — Mrs Wra. Lowson, Mrs E. Small, Miss C. Ogilvy, Mrs Chas. 
Clark, Mrs John Sharp, Mrs Alex. Gilroy, Mrs James Adie, Miss Gellatly, Mrs 
Alex. Kinmond, Mrs James Yeaman, Mrs D. Hildesheim, Mrs A. H. Moncur, 
Miss Adamson, Miss Bowman. 

Surgeon— Matthew Nimmo. Treasurer — John Miln, 2 Euclid street. Secre- 
tary— D. Gordon Stewart, 10 Meadowside. Master and Matron — W. S. Peddie 
and Mrs Peddie. 

FEMALE SOCIETY, for Visiting and Relieving Aged Females 
in Distressed Circumstances.— Miss Whitson, President ; Miss Symers, Trea- 
surer ; Miss Miller, 4 Springfield, Secretary. 

CLOTHING SOCIETY.— Mrs Low, 2 HawkhiU place, President ; 
Miss Shaw, Miln's buildings. Treasurer ; Miss Neish, 13 Eoseangle, Secretary. 

INDIGENT SICK SOCIETY.— The Provost, President. Thos. 
Smith, Vice-President. Alex. H. Moncur, Treasurer. D. Gordon Stewart, 
Secretary. James Webster, Collector. 

Directors. — P. H. Thoms, George Eough, Daniel Urquhart, John Adam, 
James Yeaman, M.P., Ales. Henderson, A. D. Grimond, and Alex. Easson. 

Eough. Vice-Presidents — Councillor Moncur, Councillor Philip, J. P. Smith, 
David Kyd, and Eev. T. D. Cameron. 

Hon. Directors — Eev. John Masson, Eev. J. Wilson, Eev. A. Inglis ; John 
Henderson, John Adam, T. E. Methven, H. Martin, James Valentine, George 
Batchelor, Alex. C. Lamb. 

Committee— H. G. Jamieson, Alex. A. Foote, John M'Lauchlan, Thomas 
Williamson, E. J. Niven, Alex. Ewan, David Petrie, John Eobertson, John 
Tulloch, William Eoxburgh, John Sturrock, Wm. Gouk, and John M'Farlane. 

Treasurer, Alexander Hutcheson ; Secretary, James H. Martin, 53 West port. 
i Agent, John Carter, 30 Reform street. 

No. 80 Overgate. Free Reading-Roora. Open from 5.30 a.m. till 9 p.m. 
Evangelical Meetings, Monday and Wednesday. 

Temperance Refreshments at Lowest Charges. Carried on by The Ladies' 
Prayer Union in connection with Intemperance. Keepers — James and Mrs 
Barnett. Hon. Treasurer — William Nairn, 23 Panmure street. 

"' THE HOME.— An Institution for the Reformation of Females, 23 
(I, Paton's Lane. Established 1848. Under the Patronage of Her late Royal 
jg Highness the Duchess of Kent. 


Patronesses— Right Hon. Frances Lady Kinnaird, Lady Scott of Ancrum and 

Patrons— The Earl of Airlie, Earl of Strathraore, Sir John Ogilvv, Bart. 

Committee of Management — Right Hon. Frances Lady Kinnaird, Miss Ogilvy 
of Baldovan, Mrs Walter Shepherd, Mrs Robert Small, Mrs J. H. Luis, Mrs 
Robert Lamb, and Miss Symons. 

Treasurer and Secretary to the Ladies' Committee— Mrs R. Small, 48 Mag- 
dalen Yard road; General Treasurer — Thomas Nicholson, 32 Castle street; 
Physician— Dr Greig ; Superintendent — Miss York; Missionary Visitor — Thos. 

PRISON AID SOCIETY.— President, Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. 
Vice-Presidents — Admiral Maitland Dougall. Sheriff Barcla}', Sheriff Robert- 
son. Directors — Rev. Dr Grant, Rev. Dr M'Gavin, David Hildesheim, Alex. J. 
Buist, Thomas Thornton, James Ramsay, Andrew Coates. Treasurer — Robert 
M'Gavin. Secretary— William Lowson. Agent and Assistant Secretary — 
James Scr^-mgeour, 18 Meadow side. 

EYE INSTITUTION, 84 Murraygate.— Patron— The Earl of 

Extraordinary Directors — The Members of Parliament for the Burgh of 
Dundee, the Provost, and the Senior Bailie. 

Ordinary Directors — Robert M'Gavin, Rev. James Ewing, Jas. Cunningham, 
W. G. Don, James Paterson, John Sharp. 

Treasurer— John Miln, Savings Bank. Secretary — Robert Sturrock. Sur- 
geons — Peter Steven, surgeon, and A. J. Duncan, M.D. 

— President — W. O. Dalgleish ; Vice-Presidents — Rev. Dr Watson, and Geo. 
H. Nicoll. 

Directors— James Yeaman, M.P., Robert M'Gavin, J. G. Orchar, T. S. Robert- 
son, Thos. Smith, William Thorns, Thomas Murdoch, Rev. A. O Laird, Wm. 
Hay, Alexander Mathewson, Alexander Johnston, Wm. Hood, Wm. Lindsay. 

Treasurer— R. B. Ritchie, 6 Paninure street. Hon. Secretary — James Hunter, 
69 Reform street. Manager — J. W. Garraway. 

SEAMEN'S FRIEND SOCIETY— Temporary Chapel and 
Library— Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Company's Hall, Tindal's Wynd. 

Committee of Management— W. W. Renny, James Yeaman, M.P., P. A. 
Feathers, J. W. Robertson, Wm. Crichton, John Machan, Wm. Gellatly, A. 
Trail, Jas. Mills, and W. S. Croudace. Rev. C. A. Piper, Seamen's Minister, 
Treasurer- Joseph Gibson. Secretary— George Jack. 

DUNDEE HUMANE SOCIETY.— President-Sir John Ogilvy. 
Vice-President— Provost Robertson. Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — W. B. 
Milne, 10 Reform street. 

Rev Dr Watson, Rev. James Ewing, Thomas Smith, Charles Clark, Thomas 
Nicholson, John Sharp, William Y. B. Martin, W. R. Morison, George Armit- 
stead, James Ramsaj', Harry Walker, Frank S. Sandeman, George Malcolm, 
John Laing, Alex. Anderson, Patrick Anderson. 

The object of the Association is to improve the Lodging-Houses for the 
labouring classes in Dundee, chiefly by establishing Model Lodging-Houses in 
the town. The Association maintains one such House : — The Victoria House, 
for Males, Scott's close, 97 Overgate. Superintendent — Roy Thomson. 

BAXTER PARK. —Trustees— The Lord-Lieutenant for the 
County of Forfar ; the Member of Parliament for the County of Forfar ; the 


Members of Parliament for Dundee ; the Sheriff of Forfarshire ; the Sheriff- 
Substitute, Dundee District; the Provost, Bailies, and Dean of Guild; the 
Convener of the Nine Trades; the Convener of the Three United Trades; the 
Boxmaster of the Seaman Fraternity ; the Parish Minister ; the Senior iMinister 
of the Free Church in Dundee; the Senior Minister of the U.P. Church in 
Dundee; the Rev. J. Masson; the President, Vice-President, and Ex-President 
of the Dundee Chamber of Commerce; William Ogilvj' Dalgleish of Mayfield, 
appointed by Miss Baxter; Messrs P. Hunter, mechanic, and John O. Aitchi- 
son, tinsmith, as Representatives of the Working Classes. Secretary and Trea- 
surer—William James Small, 5 Bank street. 


ANIMALS.— Honorary President— The Earl of Strathmore. President— Pro- 
vost Robertson. Vice-Presidents — Sir John Ogilvy, William Lowson, Thomas 

Committee— J. J. Weinberg, John Adam, Forbes Marshall, Henry Robert- 
son, Samuel Boase, Alfred W. Pearce, David Jobson, jun., Alex. Hutcheson, 
Robert Nicoll, Henry Boase, Wm. L. Boase, W. Y. B. Martin. 

Joint Treasurers — P. M. Cochrane and John A. Thorns. Secretary — Thomas 
Buist, 16 Castle street. Inspector — William M'Gregor, 46 Charles street. 


Bailie William Rogee's— 1658. — Ten boys receive each one suit of clothes 
and £4 yearly, and education at a Sessional School, also £3, 6s. 8d. as an 
apprentice fee, one half paid at the commencement, the remainder on comple- 
tion, of his apprenticeship. Capital, £1,400, and a superiority, value £18, 2s. 
per annum. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. Factor, John Miln, Savings Bank. 

Miss Euphan Graham's— 1766. — Two female bursars receive £2 per annum, 
and education at a Sessional School. Capital, £200. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. 
Factor, John Miln, Savings Bank. 

Mrs Margarkt Hughes'— 1825.— One poor girl (names of Kirkcaldy and 
PatuUo preferred), receives £2 per annum, and education at a Sessional School, 
from the age of six to twelve 3'ears. Capital, £130. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. 
Factor, John Miln, Savings Bank. 

Mrs Euphan IVIann oe Roger ; oe the Pook Widows' Fund— 1663. — 
Twenty-eight poor widows, above sixty years of age, receive 6s. per month. 
Capital, £2,300, and a superioritj', value £10 per annum. Patrons, the Kirk- 
Session. Factor, John Miln, Savings Bink. 

Charles Anderson's, or Old Man's Fund — 1820. —Twelve old men, 
above 60 years, receive 6s. monthly ; and half the free revenue paid annually 
to the Indigent Sick Society. Capital, £2,269, 6s. 9d. Patrons, the Kirk- 
Session. Factor, John Miln, Savings Bank. 

Gilbert Guthrie's— 1674. — Forty-two poor bo3's receive £2, 6s. 8d. annu- 
ally, with education at a Sessional School, and fifteen receive education only. 
An apprentice fee of £3, 6s. 8d. paid to those who learn trades. Capital, £1,400, 
and feu-duties amounting to £104, 6s. 9d. Patrons, the Magistrates and Kirk- 
Session. Factor, John Miln, Savings Bank. 

Thomas Smith Thomson's Fund for Old Men— 1862.— Six old men above 
j60 years, receive 6s. monthly. Capital, £450. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. 
jFactor, John Miln, Savings Bank. 

Dk John Brown's — 1768. — Twenty-five boys or girls receive each £5 per 
annum, and education at a Sessional School ; also, £8 as an apprentice fee, one 
half paid at the commencement, and the remainder on completing the appren- 
ticeship. Capital, £4,400. Patrons, the Magistrates and Kirk-Session. Factor, 
John Miln, Savings Bank. 

Captain John Ramsay's— 1774.— Three boys, named Ramsay, the sons of 
seamen or brewers, receive £4 yearlj', and education at a Sessional School. £4 


to be paid for preaching of a sermon on the Wonders of Divine Providence. 
Capital, £550. Patrons, the Magistrates, the Dean of Guild, Town Treasurer, 
and Clerk, and the Ministers of St Mary's, the Murraygate, and Overgate Dis- 
tricts, and five Capital Members of the Kirk-Session. Factor, Joha Miln, 
Savings Bank. 

Alexander Whtte's — 1799. — Twenty-eight boys or girls (seamen's chil- 
dren preferred), receive £4 annually, and education at a Sessional School for 
five years. Boys that learn a trade may receive an apprentice fee of £8. Also, 
£10 per annnm " for encouragement of Sunday Schools in Dundee, and for de- 
fraying the expenses thereof" Capital, £3,600. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. 
Factor, John Miln, Savings Bank. 

William Harris's Institdtion. — William Harris, Esq., in 1874 created a 
Trust for the assistance of persons (male or female), who from a better condition 
in life have been reduced to necessitous circumstances (persons who have filled 
menial occupations are excluded). The annual income of this fund is about 
£500. Forty-one pensioners on the roll receive from £10 to £20 per annum. 
Trustees — The Parish Minister of Dundee ; one elected annually by the Town 
Council ; one elected annually by the Dundee Chamber of Commerce, and 
Messrs William Lowson, Thomas Smith, John Sharp, William Thoms, John 
Guild, James Adie, William Eoderick Harris Valentine. Factor, John Miln, 
Savings Bank. 

Ferguson (Dundee) Mortification, Created 1695 — New Scheme op 
Management Approved by Court of Session in 1878. — The income of 
about £4,500 is applied to the maintenance and education of poor boys. 
The bursaries are open to competition, and are tenable for three years at the 
High School, Dundee, and for three years at the University of St. Andrews. 
The number of boys to receive benefit under the Mortification may be any 
number not exceeding six, nor less than two. Patrons — James Webster, 
Aberdovey, the Provost of Dundee (ex officio), Eev. Dr Watson, Rev. Professor 
Knight, St Andrews, SheritF Cheyne, Principal Shairp, St Andrews, and W. 
O. Dalgleish. Factor, William Kerr, solicitor. 

James Webster's— 1789. — The interest of about £7,500 is applied for the 
education of twenty-one bo)'s at the High School, and twenty-seven boj'S and 
twentji^-seven girls at Mr Powrie's School, Factor, William Kerr, solicitor. 

George Brown's — 1695. — The annual income is derived from a ground 
annual of £80 secured over propert}' in the Overgate. The free income of this 
Mortification is divided — one half is devoted to the maintenance of aged poor 
people — and the other to the education and maintenance of poor children. Each 
aged person receives £4 per annum so long as he or she hold their appointment, 
and each child also receives £4 per annum, and holds the bursary for four 
years. Patrons, the Provost, Bailies, Ministers, and Kirk Treasurer. Factor, 
William Kerr, solicitor. 

William Steven or Stephen's — 1720. — The interest of nearly £2,200 is 
annually applied to the education and maintenance of eight boys of the name 
of Stephen or Garden, or sons of decayed merchants. Patrons, the Provost, 
the Minister of St Paul's Established Church, Dundee, and the Lairds of Black- 
ness and Dunniclien. Factor, William Kerr, solicitor. 

Miss Janet Henderson's— 1848. — The Stock is £1,500. Sixteen old women 
each receive an annual allowance of £5 from the revenue. Menial servants are 
strictly prohibited, by the Mortifier's will, from sharing in the benefits of the 
trust. Patrons, Rev. Dr Watson, Rev. James Ewing, Patrick Anderson, and 
John Henderson. Factors, Rollo & Hendr}', solicitors, 82 Bank street. 

James Bullae's — 1804. — The sum of £3,000 aff'ords annually £10 to the 
Infirmary, £5 to the poor of the Nine Trades, and £5 to the poor of the Parish. 
The remainder of the annual rent being for the maintenance and education of 
ten poor boys, and the support of ten old men and women not under 60 years 


of age; those who can trace their pedigree from James Pullar, the Mortifier, 
preferred first ; second, persons of the name of Pullar ; and third, strangers. 
Patrons, the Minister of the Overgate district, twenty members of Kirk- 
Session, Convener and Deacons of the Nine Trades, and their immediate prede- 
cessors in office. Factors, Rollo & Hendry, solicitors, 32 Bank street. 

Geoegk Beuce's — 1738. — To maintain the Mortifier's Library, and to 
educate a boy named Bruce, Gray, or Duncan, or the son of any indigent 
burgess of the burgh of Dundee, for six years at the Grammar School. Th& 
Patrons resolved some years ago to assume an additional bursar. The Stock 
is about ,£400 sterling. Patrons, the Provost, Dean of Guild, Ministers, and 
Senior Master of the Grammar School. Factor, Robert C. Walker, solicitor. 

Mrs Margaret Petrib or Morton's — 1827. — The interest of the bulk of 
her fortune is destined for the maintenance of aged and indigent persons be- 
longing to the town and parish of Dundee, those of the name of Petrie and 
Wighton having a preference, who each receive £4 and upwards per annum. 
There are upwards of 160 pensioners on the roll. Patrons, James Powrie,. 
James Soote, Patrick Anderson, Thomas Bell, William Lowson, and Charles 
Philip. Factor, Robert C. Walker, solicitor. 

James Constable's— 1821. — The interest of about £2,900 is annually applied 
for the education of as many boys as it will maintain at £8 each. Patrons, the 
Provost, Dean of Guild, and Parish Minister. Factor, Robt. C. Walker, solicitor. 

William Henderson's — 1742, — The interest of £470 is applied to the edu- 
cation of about 30 poor boys and girls at a Sessional School. Patrons, the 
Provost, Bailies, Town Clerk, and Ministers. Factor, R. C. Walker, solicitor. 

George Marshall's. — The interest of £500 is divided annually among iive 
old seaman who have served in the Royal Navy. Patrons, the Master and 
Committee of the Trinity House, Dundee. Factor, James Hunter, jun., solicitor,. 
69 Reform street. 

Webster, Speid, Watt, and Johnston's — 1840. — The interest of £5,000 — 
now increased to £6,000— applied in annuities to blind men and women, and in 
educating blind boys and girls : failing whom, to boys and girls having their 
sight, but always limited to the names of " Webster, Speid, Watt, and John- 
ston." Patrons, the Provost, Sheriff-Substitute, Parish Minister, Dean of 
Guild, Convener of Nine Trades. By a supplementary Fund given by the 
late James Guthrie Davidson, Esq., amounting originally to £5,000, and in- 
creased by his deed of settlement to £6,000, the benefits of this charity are 
extended to blind men, women, and children, of other names than the above 
of whom the Trustees may approve. Factor, W. Thorns. 

Ogilvie's Hospital and Mortification for Juveniles— 1808. — The 
present amount of the Funds is about £11,000, besides the heritable property. 
By the will of the Mortifier, the trust is not to come into operation until one 
hundred years after his death, which took place on the 19th April 1825. 
Patrons, the Kirk-Session. Factor, W. Thoms. 

Dr William Guild's — 1656. — The interest of a sum equal to £350 is applied 
to the maintenance of a bursar at the United College, St Andrews. Patrons, 
the Town Council. Factor, the Town Chamberlain. 

George Webster's — 1839. — The interest of £105 is applied towards the 
education of children at Sessional Schools. Patrons, the Provost and Baillies.- 
Factor, the Town Chamberlain. 

Miss Elizabeth Hallyburton's— 1826. — The interest of £1,262 is annually 
divided amongst three, four, or five maiden ladies. Patrons, the Town Council. 
Factor, the Town Chamberlain. 

Mrs Gibson's.— The interest of £100 is applied for the preaching of a sermon 
yearly against Cruelty to Animals. Patrons, the Provost, Dean of Guild, 
Parish Minister, and first Master of the Academy. Factor, Town Chamber- 


James Clark's— 1744.— The interest of £539 is applied for maintaining and ( 
educating two boys. The Town Council presents a list of double the number 
of vacancies to Sir George Clerk of Pennycuik, who from it elects the bursars. 
Factor, the Town Chamberlain. 

Edward Bursary Fund — The interest of £150 is applied for the education 
of one or more bursars at the Classical and Mathematical Departments of the 
High School. Patrons, the Directors of the High School. Secretary, A. W. „ 
Camming, solicitor, 1 Bank street. I 

Alexander Edward's Educational Bequest. — The interest of £1,000 is 
applied for the education of bursars at the High School. Children of employees . 
at Messrs A. & D. Edward & Compan}''s Works to have a preference. Patrons, 
the Directors of the High School. Secretarj', A. W. Cumming, solicitor, 1 
Bank street. 

Anderson Scholarship Fund. — The interest of £1,000 is applied for the 
endowment of two Scholarships at the University of St Andrews, for High 
School pupils. Patrons, the Directors of the High School. Secretary, A. W. 
Cumming, solicitor, 1 Bank street. 

The Misses Baxter of Balgavies Scholarship Fund. — The interest of 
£2,500 is applied for the endowment of two scholarships of £40 each ; and 
the accumulations of income were in 1877 consolidated for the foundation and 
endowment of an additional Scholarship of the value of £20, at the University 
of Edinburgh, in connection with the High School, for the encouragement of 
studies in Mechanics and Engineering. Patrons, the Directors of the High 
School. Secretary, A. W. Cumming, solicitor, 1 Bank street. 

John Grieve's— 1806. — The sum of £393, Is. 3d., mortified for the mainten- 
ance of an indigent lunatic in the Dundee Asylum. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. 
Factor, Treasurer of the Dundee Asj'lum. 

John Lawson's— 1728.— The interest of 2,000 merks Scots, or £111 sterling, 
is applied to the mainteTiance of one bursar, of the name of Lawson or Gray, at 
St Andrews. Patrons, The Town Council. Factor, the United College of St 
Andrews or their Factor. 

Lord Panmure's— 1840. — The interest of £1,000, civen to the Town by the 
late Lord Panraure, is paid annually to the Roj'al Infirmary. 



EXCISE. — Inland Revenue. — Office 31 Bank street. Robert 
Anderson, Collector; Samuel Kitching and Andrew Thom, Clerks; James 
M'Pherson, Supervisor; John Cowie, Alexander Jack, William Y. Shafto, and 
Alex. T. Anderson, Officers, Dundee; Andrew Milne, Officer, St Andrews; 
and Arthur Mason, Officer, St Andrews, for Newport and Tayport. 

STAMPS AND TAXES — Inland Revenue.— Office, 5 Bank 
street. John Shiell, jun , acting Distributor and Collector; William Soutar, 
Isaac Newton, and James Anderson, Clerks. Office Hours, from 10 a.m. till 
4 p.m. ; and on Saturdays, from 10 a.m. till 1 p m. 

John Gilbertson, Surveyor of Taxes, 31 Bank street. James M. Spankie, 
Assessor of Income Tax. William James Small, 5 Bank street, Clerk to 
Income Tax Commissioners. 

various stamp duties. 

Agreement, or any Memorandum of an Agreement, 6d. 

Exemptions— Where the matter is not of the value of £5 ; Agreement for the 
hire of any labourer, artificer, manufacturer, or menial servant ; relating to 


the sale of any goods, wares, or merchandise ; between the master and 

mariners of any ship for wages on any voyage from port to port in the 

United Kingdom. 

Instrument of Apprenticeship, where no premium or consideration, 2s 6d. 

lu any other case — for every £5, and also for an}' fractional part of £5, of the 

amount or value of the premium or consideration, 5s. 

Bill of Exchange of any kind whatsoever (except a bank note) and Promis- 
sory Note of any kind whatsoever (except a bank note) — drawn, or expressed 
to be payable, or actuall}' paid, or endorsed, or in any way negotiated in the 
United Kingdom, where the amount or value of the money for which the bill 
or note is drawn or made 

Does riot exceed £5, Id. 

Exceed £5, and not exceed £10,. .2d. 

„ 10, „ „ 25,..3d. 

„ 25, „ „ 60,..6d. 

Exceed £50, and not exceed £75, ...9d. 
„ 75, „ „ 100,. ..Is. 

„ 100, for every £100, and 
for any fractional part of £100,. ..Is, 

Conveyance or Transfer on Sale of any property (except stock or debenture 
stock or funded debt), where the amount or value of the consideration for the 
sale does not exceed £5, 6d. 

Exceed £5, not ex. £10, Is. 

„ 10, „ 15, Is 6d. 

„ 15, „ 20, 2s. 

„ 20, „ 25, 2s 6d. 

„ 25, „ 60, 5s. 

„ 50, „ 75, 7s 6d. 

75, „ 100, 10s. 

100, „ 125,....12s6d. 

Exceed £125, not ex. £150, 15s. 

150, „ 17.5, 17 6d. 

175, „ 200, £1. 

200, „ 225,..£1 2s 6d. 

225, „ 250, £1 5s. 

250, „ 275,..£1 7s 6d. 

275, „ S00,....£1 10s. 

300, for every £50, and 

any fractional part of £50, of such amount or value, 5s 

Lease or Tack — (1.) For any definite term less than a j'ear : — 

(a.) Of anv dwelling-house or tenement, or part thereof, at a rent not ex- 
ceeding "the rate of £10 per annum, Id. 

(6.) Of any furnished dwelling-house or apartments where the rent for such 

term exceeds £25, 2s 6d. 

(c.) Of any lands or heritable subjects except or otherwise than as afore- 
said, the same duty as a lease for a year at the rent reserved for the 
definite term. 
(2.) For an}' other definite term or for any indefinite term, of any lands or 
^ heritable subjects, where the consideration or any part thereof consists of 
any money, stock, or security, in respect of such consideration, the same 
duty as aconveyance on a sale for the same consideration. 
Where the consideration or anj- part thereof is j'early or otherwise, 
Term not ex- Above 35 but 
ceecling 35 years not above Exceeding 

or indefinite. 100 years. 100 years. 

Rent not exceeding £5, £0 6 £0 3 £0 6 

Above£5,andnotabove£10, 1 6 12 

„ 10, „ „ 15 16 9 18 

15, „ „ 20, 2 12 14 

„ 20, „ „ 25, 2 6 15 1 10 

„ 25, „ „ 60, 5 1 10 3 

60, „ „ 75, 7 6 2 5 4 10 

„ 75, „ „ 100, 10 8 6 

Where the same shallexceed £1'jO, 
then for everv £50, and for any 

fractional part of £50, 5 110 3 

(3.) Of any other kind whatsoever not hereinbefore described, 10s. 


Duties on Legacies, &c. Of the value of £20 or upwards. Duty per cent. 

To children or their descendants, or lineal ancestors of the deceased, £10 

Brother or sister or descendants, 3 

Uncle or aunt, or descendants, 5 

Granduncle or aunt, or descendants, 6 

All other relations or strangers, 10 

The husband or wife of the deceaseed not chargeable with duty. 

Keceipt given for, or upon payment of, money — £2 or upwards, Id. 

Voting Paper. Any instrument for the purpose of voting by any person 
entitled to vote at any meeting, , Id. 


Dundee Advertiser— Established 1801— Office, 7 Bank street. Published 
daily — Price Id ; and Semi- Weekly (Tuesday and Friday) — Price 2d. 

EvEisiNG Telegraph — Established 1877 — Office, 7 Bank street. Published 
every afternoon — Price Jd. 

People's Journal — Established 1858 — Office, 7 Bank street. Published 
«very Saturday morning — Price Id. 

People's Friend — Established 1869 — Office, 7 Bank street. Published 
every Wednesday morning — Price Id. 

Dundee Courier and Argus — Established 1816 — Office, 34 North Lindsay 
street. Published daily — Price |d. 

Courier and Argus and Northern Warder — Established 1841 — Office, 
34 North Lindsay street. Published every Tuesday and Friday — Price Id. 

Weekly News — Established 1855 — Office, 34 North Lindsay street. Pub- 
lished every Saturday morning — Price Id. 

Evening News— Established 1876^0ffice, 21 Cowgate. Published every 
afternoon — Price ^d. 

Home Journal — Office, 21 Cowgate. Published every Saturday— Price Jd. 

The Church Magazine — Office, 10 Castle street. Monthl}- — Price 2d. 

The Dundee Distributor — Office, 26 West port. Monthly — Price Id. 

The Piper o' Ddndee— Office, 112 Nethergate. Monthly — Price Id. 

Fellow's Dundee Almanac — Office, 76 High street. Annually— Price Id. 

The Dundee Almanac — Office, 26 West port. Annuallj' — Price Id. 

Dundee Trade Report Association — Committee Room, 3 King street. 
The object of this Association is to publish weekly a Prices Current, with a 
Report on the Flax, Tow, Jute, Yarn, Linen, and Grain Markets, and any 
statistical information that may be considered useful to the trade. Alex. J. 
Warden, Secretary and Treasurer. 

FACTORY ACT, DUNDEE.— H.M. Inspector of Factories- 
Alexander Redgrave, 10 Whitehall, London, S.W. Assistant Inspector — Dan. 
Walker, Broughty Ferry. Sub-Inspector — Thurlow A. Astley, B.A., 1 West 
Bell street, Dundee. Certifying Surgeons — William Crichton Saunders, 19 
King street ; David Greig, M.D., Tay street ; James K. Lennox, Lochee. 

THE ALBERT INSTITUTE (Limited).— Chairman— John 

Boyd Baxter, LL.D. 

Directors — Rev. Dr Watson ; William O. Dalgleish, James H. Bell, John 
H. Luis, William W. Renny, Robert M'Gavin, James Paterson, Thomas Smith, 
Thos. Bell, James Neish, Alexander Bell, merchants; John A. L. Gloag. 
solicitor; John Don, William R. Morison, John Sharp, Alexander J. Buist, 


Camperdown, Sheriff Cheyne, Col. R. H. A. Ogilvy, James Neish, P. H. Thoms, 
Provost Robertson, Col. Irskine, G. D. C. Henderson, Bailies Robertson, Cleg- 
horn, Macdonald, Thomson. 




FORFARSHIRE LUNACY BOARD. — Earl of Strathmore, 
Major Ogilvy, Sheriff Robertson, P. H. Thorns, Bailie Macdonald, Bailie Low, 
Dean of Guild Edward, Charles Chalmers Maxwell, Provost Will, Provost 
Lowson, Provost Shield, Provost Milne. 

CIATION.— A. G. Kidd, President; Charles Scott, Vice-President; Robert 
Robertson, Treasurer; George Haggart, solicitor, 11 Ward road. Secretary. 
Directors — William Whyte, Thomas Buchan, Robert Milne, David Anderson, 
James Hamilton, William Strachan, Wm. Ilean, A. W. Fairweather, Alex. 
Esplin, John Milne, Thomas Angus, Wm. Dingwall, James Langlands, John 
Mills, William Simpson. 


Classes meet in Technical Science Class-Room. President . Vice- 
President — Charles Kerr, Ph.C. Treasurer — F. Y. Young. Secretary — James 
Russell. Council — A. B. Anderson, Wm. Doig, D. II. Ferrier. 


AND VICINITY.— President— James H. Mackay; Treasurer— Wm. Brown; 
Secretarv — Wm. Norwell, 164 Hilltown. 

PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION— Central Office, 1 Coupar's alley, Dundee. 
James Stewart, General Secretary, 26 Roslin terrace. Court street. 


1854. — President, Wm. Lindsay ; Vice-President, Charles Robertson ; Trustees, 
Robert Webster, Alexander Mathewson, John Scrimgeour ; Committee, Robert 
Stirling, Niel Steel, William Osier, Peter M'Intyre, William Salmond, George 
Lindsay ; Treasurer, Henry Robertson ; Auditor, John Hardy ; Secretary, A. 
W. Gumming, 1 Bank street. 

The Committee meets on the first Wednesday of January, April, July, and 

Easson; Vice-Presidents — Henry B. Fergusson, Harry Walker, Chas. C. 
Maxwell, James Brymer; Hon-Secretaries — Thomas Thornton, William J. 
Small, James Logie ; Acting- Secretary and Treasurer— J. C. Robertson, 9a 
Ward road. 

Trustees — George Armitstead, Robert Mackenzie, James Ramsay, Harry 
Walker, H. B. Fergusson, William Lowson. 

Club-House— 9 South Tay street. Superintendent — James Ferguson. Secre- 
tary and Treasurer — A. Mackay, 41 Reform street. 

— W. O. Dalgleish, President; Edward Cox, R. A. Cox, H. B. Mitchell. 
John Duncan, Treasurer. W. F. Sommerville, Secretary. John Kinross, 

Meets on Thursday evenings at 7.30, in Gray's Assembly Rooms, Perth road. 


! Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore ; President, Jas. G. Orchar. Committee — 

! W. P. Henderson, James Thomson, J. Crawford, D. Brown, W. Smith. Alex. 

Stiven, Treasurer; Thomas Sturrock, 33 Step row. Secretary; S. C. Hirst, 


Meets in Strathmore Hall, Nethergate, every Monday evening at eight 
j o'clock during the Session. 



Battray; Conductor, Spindler; Treasurer, David Low ; Secretarj', George 

Martin; Librarian, Arcliibald Henderson ; and five Members of a Committee. 

Meet for the practice of Classical Music every Thursday evening at eight 
o'clock, in the High School. 


Committee, &c — P. G. Walker, President ; James Johnston, Secretary ; R. O. 
Parker, Treasurer; Montague Cannon, William Crabb, James Brebner, James 
Martin, G. S. Lamb, A. Brown Lyall, J. E. Mitchell, James Mann. Henry 
Nagel, Conductor. 

Meets on Monday evenings at7.30. Two Sessions — 2d Monday in September 
to 1st Monday in Januarj'; 2d Monday in Januarj' to 2d Monday in May. 

— D. Duncan, James Fowler, Alexander Roj', R. Summers, J. M'Dougal, D. 
Reid, P. Scott. D. M'Inroy — Treasurer. John Craik, 22 Hospital wynd — 
Secretary. Alexander Adamson, A.C., Conductor. 

Conductor; James Sharp, Treasurer; A. Christie, Roj'al Exchange court, 

Meets on Mondaj' and Wednesday evenings at eight o'clock, in the West End 
Academy, Tay street. 

DUNDEE MEN'S VOICE CHOIR. — Conductor, Alexander 
Adamson, A.C. ; Secretarj', George Hutcheson, 27 Park wynd; Treasurer, 
John Lamb. 

Meets on Friday evenings at eight o'clock, in Mr Adamson's Class-room, 30 
North Lindsay street. 

mittee — James Scott Marshall, President; Alexander Henderson, Treasurer 
and Secretary; William Edward, jun., R. Macfarlane, George Barrie, A. W. 
Forbes, William M'Intyre. Conductor, R. B. Stewart. 

Meets for the instrumental practice of National Music on Tuesday evenings 
during Session — October to May. 


Earl of Airlie, the Earl af Strathmore, the Earl of Dalhousie, Earl WharnclifFe, 
W. E. Baxter, M.P. ; the Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council of Dundee; 
Dean of Guild Edward, Joseph Grimund, James F. White, James E. Erskine. 

Office-Bearers. — President — James Yeaman, M.P. Vice-Presidents — Duncan 
Macdonald, Edward Moir, Alex. H. Moncur. Manager of Exhibition — Alex. 
Miller. Treasurer — James Hardie, 73 Nethergate. Secretary — D. P. Scott, 9 
Renny place, Broughty Ferry. Committee — Practical — Thomas H. Milne, 
Andrew Pattison, David Black, William Eddie, William R. MKelvie, James 
Johnston, James Wilson, David Mathers, David Gordon. Nurseri/vien—Andyr. 
Sinclair, William Stewart, David CroU. Amateurs — David Rogers, Peter 
Barron, J. D. Ker, J. S. Gray, William M'Leish, W. P. Henderson, John Miln, 
James Low, James Barrie. 

DUNDEE BURIAL SOCIETY— Office, 51 High street.— 
Trustees — Provost Robertson; Wra. Hay, Town-Clerk ; and Robert Chalmers. 

Committee — William Duris, President; William Robertson, 9 Harriet street, 
Secretary; Alex. Lewis, Treasurer; Alex. Welsh, Wm. P. Mitchell, Jas. Hill, 
David Hill, William Penman, Robert Tarbet, Peter Irons. Collectors — Alex. 
Souter, Stewart Anderson, Alexander Norrie, John Milne, James Henderson. 



Pattullo, Dundee, Chairman ; Alexander Taylor, Dunblane ; Alex. Sharp, 22 
Gore Crescent, Victoria Park, London, E. ; David Pirie, Dundee ; Jas. Jamie- 
son, Crudie, near Arbroath. 

John Murray, Superintendent, Secretary and Treasurer. Pattullo & Thorn- 
ton, Agents. 

Mylnefield ; Captain — R. G. Brand ; Secretary — C. G. Gourlay ; Bugler— F. 
Sharp ; Committee — R. G. Brand, C. G. Gourlay, F. Sharp, D. A. Gunn, Martin 

nan. Captain; J. Mills, jun., Treasurer; J. Hay, W. Swan, E. W. Hill, 
F. Sharp ; W. L. Robertson, 15 Blackness street. Secretary. 

Strathmore. Committee — James A. Baxter, Captain; R. Bremner, Lieutenant; 
R. B. Menmuir, 60 Bell street. Secretary ; S. M'Lean, A. Butter, George Sime, 
John Lvon. 

DUNDEE CURLING CLUB— Sir John Ogilvy, Bart., Patron. 
W. Moir, President ; George Halley, Vice-President ; P. G. Walker and J. B. 
NicoU, Representative Members ; Rev. J. W. Hunter, Chaplain; Charles Lyell, 
Treasurer; Robert C. Walker, Secretary. Committee— D. Brown, Alexander 
Johnston, W. Brownlee, D. W. B. Mitchell, J. B. Hay, R. Laing, W. H. 
Fergusson, J. Mitchell, Bailie Robertson. 

MARYFIELD BOWLING CLUB, Madeira street.— President- 
John Robertson. Vice-President — Robert Orchar. Committee — Jas. Mitchell, 
Wra. Miln, Duncan Stewart, Andrew G. Kidd, James W. Lj'on, James Hynd, 
David Air. Secretary and Treasurer — R. Walker. Greenkeeper — David Penny. 

DUNDEE ANGLING CLUB.— President— J. F. Dove. Vice- 
President — James Hamilton. Council of Management — Walter Taylor, T. 
Congleton, J. Mathewson, Wm. Bell, James Robertson, Wm. Hart, D. Rodger. 
Secretary and Treasurer — David Ireland, Commercial street. 


Robb, 51 Crescent street. Secretary — Alex. Alexander, 4 Church street. „Hod. 
Secretary — Robert Corsane, 110 Princes street. 

TAY ANGLING CLUB.— President— Irvine Drimmie. Vice- 
President — Geo. H. Nicoll. Council of Management — John O. Black, John G. 
Stephens, P. A. Sinclair, Wm. Steven. Secretary and Treasurer — David 
Ramsay, 5 Royal Exchange lane. 


Patron — James Yeaman, M.P. President — James Alexander ; Vice-President — 
Harry Anderson. Treasurer — D. Nicoll; Secretary — John Kinnoch, 15 Mid 
street. Committee — W. L. Ross, James Smith, Wm. Smith, James Blustard, 
D. Marr. 

S. AND T. WHIST CLUB, 104 Nethergate.— J. B. Nicoll, 
President; D. Hildesheim, Vice-President. J. C. Lindsay and J. G. Orchar, 
Council. John C. Reid, Treasurer ; R. C. Walker, Secretary'. 

EASTERN CLUB, 3 Albert Square.— J. R Newton, Club- 
master; A. Mackay, 41 Reform street. Secretary. 

WESTERN CLUB, 1 New Inn entry, High street.— President, 
Robert Laing; Hon. Treasurer, John Noble ; Hon. Secretary, Jas. T. Langlands. 
Keeper — James Logan. 



EXCHANGE CLUB, 32 Bank street.— President— John A. 
Thorns ; Vice-President — W. C, Scott ; Treasurer — John Anderson ; Secretary, 
— W. G. Irving ; Council — James Martin, jun., and Alex, Smith. 

DUNDEE CHESS CLUB.— William Lowson, President ; A. B. 
Spence, Vice-President; Patrick Scott, Treasurer and Secretary; Council — 
Thomas Couper, W. N. Walker, C. K. Baxter, G. B. Fraser, J. C. Reid, John 
Kennedy, and David Lindsay. 

The Club meets on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, at seven o'clock, 
in the Club-Room, Albert Institute buildings. 


Hardie, President ; Walter Dunnet, Vice-President ; J. M'Gregor Gordon, 
48 South Tay street, Secretary and Treasurer. 


West Protection Wall. — Formerly managed by a Board of Directors. 
Transferred to the Police Commissioners on 1st January 1871, and now 
managed by them for the benefit of the community. Superintendent — Walter 

The Baths are open daily in summer from 6.30 a.m. till 9 p.m., and in Winter 
from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. 


CORPS. Lieutenant-Colonel — Peter G. Walker. Majors — William R. 
Morison, John Alexander. Captains — George Halley, George Mitchell, 
John F. Emslie, James Rankin, David J. Low, William W. Turnbull, Howard 
Hill. Lieutenants — Alfred G. Primerose, John Nelson, William Kirkpatrick, 
Thomas Anns, James Martin, David A. Watson, Henry Plenderleath. Sub- 
Lieutenants — Wm. Stiven, David Wilkie ; Second Lieutenant — Alexander 
M'Culloch. Adjutant — James Falconer, late Captain 22nd and 74th Foot. 
Surgeons — David Greig, M.D., David M'Ewan, and Alex Campbell. Hon. 
Chaplain — Rev. Archibald Watson, D.D. Secretary— William Kerr. Treas. 
— Robert Moody Stuart. Establishment — 8 Companies, 800 men of all ranks. 


First Administrative Brigade — Dundee — comprising 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 
4th Forfar, and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Kincardine Artillery Volunteer Corps. 
Hon. Col.— James E. Erskine. Lieut.-Col. Commandant — Frank Stewart 
Sandeman, P. Lieut.-Col — John F. Dickson, P. Majors — Wm. C. Thomson, 
Wm. W. Urquhart, P.S. Adjutant— C. W. Townsend, Captain, Royal Artillery. 
Hon. Quarter-Master— David S. Littlejohn. Surgeon — Matthew Nimmo. 

Forfarshire Corps— 1st — Arbroath — Captain Commandant — Joseph 
Fergusson, P. Captains — James B. Webster, P., Edward J. Leslie, P. 
Lieutenants— John Fraser, P., James C. Walker, P., William F. Kydd, P. 
Acting Chaplain— Rev. Frank Mudie. 

2nd — Montrose. — Captain— David Murison, P. Lieutenant— William M. 
T. Paton. Hon. Assistant Surgeon— D. Johnston. Hon. Chaplain — Rev. 
George S. Burns. 

3rd — Broughty Ferry.- Captain-Commandant — William C. Thomson, 
P. Captain — William John Renny, P. Lieutenants — David A. M'Corquodale, 
P., Henry H. Gordon, P., Charles E. Todd, P. Sub-Lieutenant — James 
Guthrie. Acting Assistant Surgeon— Alex. Ramsay Ritchie. 

4th — Dundee — Lieut. Colonel — Frank S. Sandeman. Major— Wm. W. 
Urquhart, P.S. Captains — George C. Keiller, P., Alex. C. Johnstone, P., 
Alex. J. Brough, P., Alex. H. Bell, P., Edward Cox, P. Lieutenants — John 
Dick, P., David Cathcart, P., Thos. G. Ewan, P., W. R. R. Thomas, P. Hon. 
Quarter-Master — Jas. S. Lithgow. Surgeons — Geo. C. Pirie, John W. Wemyss. 



VOLUNTEEE CORPS.— Lieut.-Colonel— David Guthrie. Major — Robert 
Lamb. Captains — James Don, Robert N. Reid, David M. Meldrum, George 
S. Lamb, W. Smith. Lieutenants — John Jessiman, James Armitt. Adjutant 
— James T. S. Richardson, late Captain 78th Highlanders. Hon. Quarter- 
Master — Edward Guild. Hon. Chaplain — Rev. Peter Grant, D.D. 

FORFAR LIGHT HORSE.— Captain— P. A. W. Carnegy, 
of Lour, Commanding. Lieutenant — J. B. Miller. Troop-Sergeant-Major — 
D. Wybrants. Quarter-Master-Sergeant — G. Cramond. Sergeant-Major — 
W. Currie, 193 Perth road. 


Room, 59 Wellgate. Bandmaster— Charles J. Millar, 12 Perth road ; Trumpet- 
Major — Patrick Burns ; Sergeants — John Walch, Alex. Stephen. 


Practice every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings at the High School. 
Bandmaster — Robert Henry Warren; Sergeant — Peter Farquharson^ Corpo- 
rals — James Henderson and Balfour Horsburgh. 


— Meets by advertisement quarterly. Thomas Young, R.W.M. ; Alexander 
Foreman, Treasurer ; Thomas Henderson, 30 North street, Secretar}^ 


on the second Tuesday of each month in Camperdown Hall, Barrack street. 
David Paton, R.W.M. ; C. Winter, Secretary, 60 Hill street. 

FORFAR AND KINCARDINE SHIRES.— Meets by advertisement every 
quarter. John Scott, Brook street, Broughty Ferry, R.W.P.G.M. ; Robert 
Saunders, Brook street, Broughty Ferry, P.G., Treasurer; P. Lorimer, 7 
Derby place, Broughty Ferry, P.G., Secretary. 


Meets by advertisement on the first Tuesday of each month in St David's 
Lodge Rooms, 8 Bank street. Alexander Robertson, R.W.M. ; Jas. Robertson, 
Treasurer ; David Boswell, Secretary, 31 Crescent street. 

LODGE ROYAL ST CRISPIN, No. 10.— Lodge Room, 79 
High street. J. Lowe, M.W.M.; Thos. K. Bo3'd, S.H. ; J. E.Mann, G.M. ; 
James Nicoll, 30 Carmichael street. Secretary. Meets every alternate Wednes- 
day at 8.30 P.M. 


— Registered pursuant to Act of Parliament. — Court Dundee, No. 5715. 
Meets every alternate Thursday, at 7.30 p.m., in the Forfar and Kincardine 
Hall. Ofiace-bearers— D. Stewart, C.R. ; Wm. Mitchell, S.C.R. ; Ed. Quirk, 
Treasurer ; C. Clark, 22 Cherryfield lane. Secretary ; Wm. Chrystal, J.W. ; 
F. Grant, S.W. ; A. Forbes, S.B ; J. Robb, J.B. ; David Steele Moon, Surgeon. 
Honorary Members— James Teaman, M.P., Edward Jenkins, M.P. ; Rev. Dr 
Grant, Frank Henderson, Peter Gray, R. L. Black, John W. Warden, Thomas 
'Enthven, James B. Third, Richard Grieve, Bailie Low, Bailie Macdonald, 
Alexander H. Moncur, John Adamson. 

R.W.G.L. of W.— District Deputy, Alexander Miller, 12 Croft's lane. District 



Chief Templar, D. B. Brown, 74 High street. District Secretary, J. E. 
Montgomerj', S3 "Victoria street. District Lodge meets last Friday of each 
month in Templar Hall, 51 Reform street. 

No Names. Meet, 

138.. .Dundee, Thursday, 8 

210...Balgay, Tuesday, „ 

263...St Paul's, „ „ 

264...Camperdown, Lochee, „ „ 

318...Broughty Ferry, „ „ 

344. ..Commercial, Wednesday, 8.15 

347... Caledonian, Tuesday, 8 

348. ..Tay, Monday, „ 

407. ..Pleasant, Wednesday, „ 

421. ..Scotsman, Monday, ,, 

610. ..Excelsior, Wednesday, ,, 

511. ..Star of Hope, Tuesday, „ 

518...Artizan, Thursday, 

522. ..True Briton, Monday, 

528. ..Belmont, Tuesday, 

578. ..St John's, „ 

590. ..Hope of Lochee, Wednesday, 

608. ..Heather Bell, „ 

627...Rosemount, ,, 

749...Ellangowan, Tuesday, 

794...St Mary Magdalene,... ,, 

828. ..Newport, Monday, 

841. ..Fishermen's Rescue,. ..Saturday, 

851...Monifieth, Monday, 

867. ..Star of Broughty, Tuesday, 

868.. .St James', „ 

896. ..Russell, Thursday, 


599. ..Pioneer of Peace, Wednesday, 

209. ~ 




p.m...Argyle Hall. 

,, ...Martyrs' Hall, Annfield rd. 

„ ...U.P. Church HI. Victoria St. 

„ ...Episcopal school,Marshalst. 

„ ...Good Templar Hall. 

„ ...Smellie's Hall. 

,, ...Smellie's Hall. 

„ ...F. C. School, Maxwelltown 

,, ...Martyrs' Hall, Annfield rd. 

„ ...Trinity Hall, Victoria road. 

,, ...Templar Hall, 51 Reform St. 

„ ...Temperance Hall, Tayport. 

„ ...Templar Hall, 51 Reform St. 

„ ...Templar Hall, 51 Reform st. 

„ ...RussellChapelScl.Hawkhill 

„ ...Park Wvnd School. 

„ ...South Road Hall. 

„ ...51 Overgate. 

„ ...Laing Street Schoolroom. 

„ ...74 High street. 

,, ...Schoolroom, Blinshall st. 

,, ...Free Church School. 

,, ...Beach Mission, Brty. Ferry. 

,, ...Railway Hall. 

„ ...Good Templar Hall. 

„ ...Dallfiekl Mission Hall. 

,, ...Russell School. 

,, ...Temperance Hall, Tayport. 

„ ...74 High street. 

South Road Hall, Lochee 

Star of Freedom, Thursday, 

Degree Templars meet on the second Friday of each Month in Templar Hall, 
51 Reform street. 

JUVENILE LODGES. -District Superintendent, William Smith, 29 Over- 

Names. Meet, Places, 

Star of Peace, Monday, Newport F.C. Schoolroom. 

The Dawn of Scots Craig,. ..Tuesday, Tayport Temperance Hall. 

The Star of Lochee, Wednesday, South Road Hall, Lochee. 

St Paul's, ,, King's Road Hall, Dundee. 

Fear Not, „ Free Church Hall,Monifieth 

Day Star, Thursday, StJohn'sF.C.Scl.Park wyd. 

Star of Tar, , , Mission HI, Ann st.Hillbnk 

Broughty Ferry, Friday, G.T. Lodge Room, Gray st, 

Hope of the Future, Saturday, at 5 p.m Templar Hall, 51 Reform st. 


Union Royal Aech Chapter — No. 6. — William M'Farland, Z. ; J. B. 
Langlands, H. ; Peter M'Glashan, J. ; William Reid, Treasurer; George F. 
Roger, Scribe, E. 

St David's Royal Arch Chapter — No. 164. — Jas. H. Mackay, Z. ; Geo. 
Butchart, H. ; John Wilson, J. : Jas. B. Third, Scribe, E. ; Wm. Frazer, 


Operative — No. 47. — Alexander Henry, R.W.M. ; Edward Bailej', Trea- 
surer ; William Robb, Secretary. 

Ancient — No. 49. — Thomas Buik, R.W.M. ; James Alexander, Treasurer ; 
David T. Martin, Secretary. 

St David's — No. 78. — James H. Mackay, R.W.M. ; David Inveraritj', Trea- 
surer ; James B. Third, Secretary. 

Thistle Operative — No. 158. — J. Pringle, R.W.M. ; James M'Dougall, 
Treasurer ; James Anderson, Secretary. 

Forfar and Kincardine — No. 225. — William M'Farland, R.W.M.; 
William Reid, Treasurer ; George B. Diack, Secretary. 

Caledonian — 254. — William Newton, R.W.M. ; Geo. D. Meldrum, Trea- 
surer; John Chalmers, Secretary. 

Camperdown— No. 317. — Ebenezer Bowman, R.W.M. ; R. Archibald, 
Treasurer ; James Hill, Secretary. 

Albert (Lochee) — No. 448. — James Bruce, R.W.M. ; William Grant, Trea- 
surer; John M'Donald, Secretary. 

Broughty Castle — No. 486. — Alex. Logic, R.W.M. ; James Lowson 
Treasurer; John Chalmers, Secretary. 


No. 10— District Lodge.— Thomas H. Cox, 28 Rosebank road, District 
Master ; William Adam, Depute Master ; David M'Cleary, Secretary ; John 
Williamson, Treasurer. 

No 25— District Lodge.— Samuel Parks, District Master; Edward Denny, 
Depute Master ; Thomas Heaney, Secretary; John Thorns, 34 Carmichael 
street, Treasurer. 

No. 33— The Parent Lodge.— William Johnston, Rosebank street, R.W.M.; 
Francis Stewart, 210 Hilltown, D.M ; John Williamson, Secretary ; Joseph 
M'Cracken, Treasurer. Meets at 14 Caldrum street on the last Monday of the 

No. 34— The Prince of Orange Lodge.— James Mullen, 108 Hilltown, 
R.W.M. ; William Alexander, D.M ; Thomas Henderson, 30 North street, Se- 
cretary ; George Blair, Treasurer. Meets at 14 Caldrum street on the second 
Monday of the month. 

No. 35— Knox Lodge.— Thomas H. Cox, 28 Rosebank road, R.W.M. ; Wm. 
Adam, 16 North Wellington street, D.M. ; David M'Cleary, Secretary ; Peter 
M'Guire, 95 Rosebank street. Treasurer. Meets at 14 Caldrum street on the 
second Wednesday of the month. 

No. 36 — Wishart Lodge. — Edward Denny, 26 Ryehill lane, R.W.M. ; Arnot 
Henderson, Gray's square, D.M. ; Joseph Dale, 12 Hospital wynd. Secretary ; 
John Henderson, 48 Church street. Treasurer. Meets at 10 Nethergate on the 
third Monday of the month at 8 p.m. 

No. 37 — The Enniskillin Standard Lodge. — John Morrison, Hilltown, 
R.W.M. ; Edward Corbit, D.M. ; Albert J. Mullen, Secretary ; John Black, 
172 Hawkhill, Treasurer. Meets at 10 Nethergate, on the second Monday of 
the month at 8 p.m. 

No. 38 — The Dundee Standard Lodge. — John Thoms, 24 Carmichael St., 
R.W.M. ; Robert M'Donald, 27 Caldrum street, D.M. ; David M'Farlane, Se- 
cretary ; Alexander Bailie, Treasurer. Meets at 14 Caldrum street, on the last 
Tuesday of the month at 8 p.m. 

No. 39— The Rosebank True Blue Lodge.— Samuel Parks. R.W.M ; Hugh 
Davis, D.M. ; Thomas Heaney, 19 Powrie place, Secretary ; William Edwards, 


Treasurer. Meets at 14 Caldrum street, on the first Monday of the month at 

8 P.M. 

No. 40— The Ancient Blues.— John Smith, 10 Rosebank street, E.W.M. ; 
George Edgar, Ann street, D.M. ; George Young, Secretarj' ; Adam Logan, 57 
Caldrum street. Treasurer. Meets at 14 Caldrum street, on the third Monday 
of the month at 8 p.m. 

No. 107 — The Ballykillbeg Heroes. — Hugh Graham, 73 Balgay street, 
R.W.M. ; Joseph Steel, D.M. ; Thomas Bease, Mid street. Secretary; John 
Muller, Mid street, Treasurer. Meets at 37 Balgay street, on the first Thursday 
of the month at 8 p.m. 

No. 151 — The Diamond Lodge. — Alex. Dixon, 9 Bernard street, R.W.M. 
Thomas Downie, 7 Annfield row, D.M. ; William M'Kelvie, 5 North Welling- 
ton street, Secretary ; Robert Meek, 32 St Mary street. Treasurer. Meets at 
14 Caldrum street, on the second Tuesday of the month at 8 p.m. 

No. 170 — The Dundee Branch Lodge. — Thomas Campbell, 1 Alexander 
street, R.W.M. ; William Dale, D.M.; John Campbell, 50 Alexander street, 
Secretary ; W. J. Smith, Crabb's land, Tannadice street. Treasurer. Meets at 
14 Caldrum street, on the first Wednesday of the month at 8 p.m. 

No. 173 — Loyal Orange Lodge. — Joseph Rooney, 6 Court street, R.W.M. ; 
John Kearney, DM.; Robert M'Donald, Secretary; William Meechan, 32 
Rose street. Treasurer. Meets at 14 Caldrum street, on the second Thursday of 
the month at 8 p.m. 

No. 444— The Ulster True Blues.— James M'Culloch, 22 Rosebank street, 
R.W.M. ; Joseph Euard, 26 Ogilvie's road, D.M. ; John Andrews, 13 Shepherd's 
loan, Secretary. Meets at 26 Ogilvie's road, on the first Monday of the month 
at 8 P.M. 

BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.— Central Office— Hibernia Chambers, London 
bridge, London. Honorary Agents at Dundee — John Machan, 53 Dock 
street ; David Bruce, 3 Royal Exchange place. 

porated by Royal Charter for the Prservation of Life from Shipwreck. 

Dundee Branch Committee meet in the Shipping Office, J. Hunter, jun., 
69 Reform street, Hon. Secretary. 

Superintendent of Boats and Apparatus at Broughty Ferry and Buddonness 
— G. Thoms. 

( 71 ; 


HARBOUR TRUSTEES.— Harbour Office, and Shore Dues 
OfBce, Customhouse buildings, Dock street. 

For the Town Council- -Provost Robertson; Bailies Robertson, Cleghorn, 
Macdonald, Thomson ; and Councillor Ballingall. 

For the Guildry — Dean of Guild Edward, W. O. Dalgleish, Alex. Mathew- 
son, George Halley, James Luke, and James Shaw. 

For the Nine Trades — James Mitchell, Peter Anderson, Alex. S. Drummond. 

For the Three United Trades— William B. Scott. 

For the Seaman Fraternity — George Welch. 

For the County of Forfar — The Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore, the 
Right Hon. the Earl of Camperdown, P. H. Thorns, Robert M'Gavin. 

For Chamber of Commerce — H. Walker, Alex. Henderson, Dd. Alexander. 

For the Shipowners — Thomas Couper, John Machan, William S. Croudace. 

For the Ratepayers — David Bruce, James Millar, William Nicoll. 

For the Municipal Electors — Thomas S. Ross, William G. Thomson. 

Committees — Finance and Rights — Consisting of all the Members of the 
Board; Mr Walker, Convener. Works — Consisting of all the Members of the 
Board ; Mr Thomson, Convener. Taj' Ferries— Consisting of all the Members 
of the Board ; Mr Machan, Convener. Lighting, Buoying, and Pilotage Com- 
mittee — Consisting of all the Members of the Board ; Mr Couper, Convener. 

William Thoms, Clerk; James Watson, Treasurer; David Cunningham, 
Engineer; Wm. Robertson, Harbourmaster ; David Caiman, Master of Graving 
Docks and Patent Slip ; James Lindsay, Master of Camperdown and Victoria 
Docks ; John Carmichael, Master of King William Dock ; James Cooper, 
Master of Earl Grey Dock ; Thomas Manzie, Piermaster ; Robert Archibald, 
Messenger; W. B. Leighton, Head-weigher and Superintendent of Weighing 
Gear; Captains David Edwards and James Finlay, Surveyors of Cargoes. 

Dock Gates. — The Gates are generally opened two hours before highwater 
at spring tides, and one hour at neap tides. Blue and White Chequered Flags, 
hoisted at the Gate-houses, indicate that the Gates are open. The following 
Signals at Earl Grey Dock indicate Vessels entering the River: — 

Red Pennant, indicates Steamers. 

White Do. „ Ships. 

Blue and Red Square Flag, ,, Barques. 

Red and White Do. ,, Brigs. 

Blue Pennant ,, Schooners or Sloops. 

Day and Night Signals representing Depth of Water on Tide Gauges are 
exhibited at Earl Grey Dock and Camperdown Dock. Signal sheets may be 
obtained at Harbourmaster's office. 

The Pilotage of the River Tay and Harbour of Dundee is now managed by 
the Lighting, Buoying, and Pilotage Committee of the Harbour Trustees. 
David C. Pagan, Collector of Tay Light Dues ; George Taylor, Pilotmaster. 
Pilot Cutters — " Tay," and " Pilot." Masters of Cutters — James Knight and 
John Maclagan. Pilots Licensed by authority of the Trustees — John Chambers, 
John Martin, George Keith, Alexander Ferguson, James White, George Baird, 
Peter Lowson, William Ferrier, Charles Webster, William Wills, Jas. Wilson, 
Frederick Edwards, David Henderson. Supernumeries — James Baird, David 
Lown, William Smith. 

Light Kebpees— Lights of TAT—Buddonness— J. Ogilvie, Principal Light 
Keeper; Thomas Meldrum, Assistant. Tayport— John Greig, Principal Light 
Keeper ; David Pryde and Fleming Bishop, Assistants. 

Light Ship " Abektay." — Master, James Menzies ; Mate, James Cockerell ; 
Superintendent, George Taylor. 


LOCAL MARINE BOARD.— Office, Customhouse Buildings, H I*!^ 

Members — The Provost, ex officio. Elected — William Nicoll, Thomas Couper, ,i €'' 

John Machan, Wm. S. Croudace, David Bruce, and James Mudie. Appointed : '' 
by the Board of Trade — W. W. Renny, Chairman ; George Burnett, John Guild, 

and Captain Maitland Dougall, R.N. . y 

Anthony Trail, Superintendent of Mercantile Marine Office and Examiner in '] ^' 

Seamanship and Navigation; George Jack, Deputy-Superintendent and Secre- i 

tary ; Peter Why took. Second Deputy-Superintendent; James Grant, Surveyor ! 

for Board of Trade and Examiner of Engineers ; S. J. J. Paxton, Shipwright j 
Surveyor ; Alex. Nicol, Clerk and Officer. 

TRINITY HOUSE.— W. O. Taylor, Master ; Charles Duncan, 
Depute-Master ; James Hunter, jun., 69 Reform street. Secretary. 

Leonard Allen, Teacher of Navigation ; James W. Melville, Officer. | 1* 

CUSTOMS.— David C. Pagan, Collector and Surveyor; Robert 
Scott, William Finlay, David A. Davidson, Clerks ; Wm. C. Douglas, Writer ; 
John Melville, Robert Gildea, Wm. Bell, J. W Paddock, Examining Officers, 
and Twelve Out-Door Officers. Patrick Lindsay, Housekeeper and Messenger. I 
Bkoughty Ferry. — Robert H. Bell, Examining Officer ; Five Boatmen. Tat- 
PORT — Peter Matthew, Principal Coast Officer. St Andrews — William Howie, 
Principal Coast Officer. j 



5 Shore terrace, Dundee. Thomas Couper, Manager. 
Dundee and London Trade. Iron Screw Steam-ships— London 762 tons, 

120 horse-power, William Packham, commander ; Anglia, 858 tons, 160 horse- 
power, David Chapman, commander; Cambria, 939 tons, 220 horse-power, D. 
Johnston, commander; Britannia, 937 tons, 250 horse-power, Wm. Speedy, 
commander. Agent in London— James W. Kidd, New Dundee Wharf, 273 

Dundee and Hull Trade. Iron Screw Steam-ship Scotia, 453 tons, 98 
horse-power, Peter Blair, commander. Agents in Hull — Thompson, M'Kay, & 

(Limited). — Office, 1 Commercial street. H. Plenderleath, Manager. Screw 
Steam-ship Pladda, 398 tons, 80 horse-power, William Morgan, commander. 
Agents at Newcastle — Doeg & Co., 31 Quayside. 

street. J. T. Inglis, Agent. Steam-ships Tuskar, Princess Beatrice, and 
Princess Alice. Sailing weekly. Agents at Liverpool — M. Langlands & Sons, 

6 Rumford place. 
These Steamers call occasionally at Aberdeen, Inverness, Thurso, and 


DUNDEE AND ROUEN STEAMERS Periodically. J. T. Inglis, agent. 

East Dock street. David Bruce, Manager. Screw Steam-ships — Narwhal, 
434 tons, 65 horse-power, William M'Lennan, master; Camperdown, 424 tons, 
70 horse-power, John Gravill, master; Polj'nia, 368 tons, 60 horse-power, 
David Kilgour, master ; Esquimaux, 436 tons, 70 horse-power, Charles Yule, 

Antony Gibbs & Sons, London, OviTfERS. — Screw Steam-ship Erik, 412 
tons, 70 horse-power, J. B. Walker, master. David Bruce, Manager. 

TAY WHALE PTSHING COMPANY.— Screw Steam-ships, Victor and 
Intrepid. George Welsh, Whale Lane, Manager. 

Private Owners— Screw Steam -ship Active. George Welch, Manager. 




agers. Steam-ships, Jan Mayen and Nova Zembla. 
Private Owners. — S. S. Ravenscraig. W. O. Taylor & Co., Managers. 


DUNDEE.— May 1878. 

Abbreviations.— Ship, sh ; Barque, bar ; Brig, br ; Brigantine, bn ; Schooner, 
sch ; Sloop, si; Smack, sm ; Steamer, st; Paddle-steamer, p.s. ; Screw- 
steamer, s.s. ; Cutter, cut. 



Owner or Agent. 




G. Welch 




Harbour Trustees 




William Nicoll 




W. 0. Taylor & Co. 




Alexander Davidson 




James Petrie 




D. P. & L. Shipping Co 




Trinity House 




A. More 




W. Thomson 




J. Love 

Arctic St 



W. Stephen 




D. Bruce 




Jas. White 




Wm. Thomson 




Geo. M. Kidd 




Gay & Co. 

Arthurs tone 



D. Bruce 




Jos. Gibson 

Aurora st 



W. Stephen 




James Mudie 




Robertson Bros. 

Balm ore 



Jas. Millar 




Wm. Thomson 

Belle Alliance 



Robertson Bros. 

Betsey C. Milne 



K. M'Kenzie 

Betsey Davidson 



Donald M'Lennan 




T. Millar 




Jas. Clark 




G. Booking 




D. P. & L. Shipping Co 

British Queen 



Wm. Thomson 




W, S. Croudace 

Brothers st 



Andrew Adams 




J. W. Robertson 




D. P. & L. Shipping Co 




D. Bruce 




D. Bruce 




Jas. Millar 

Castle Roy 



Gilroy Brothers 



J. Donaldson 




J. W. Robertson 




J. W. Robertson 





Owner or Agent. 




Alex. Stephen & Sons 

Countess of Derby bar | 


M. & J. Allison 

Countess of Fife 



A. Davidson 

Countess of Rothes bar 


M. & J. Allison 




W. Thomson 




Robertson Bros. 




R. A. Mudie & Sons 




Alex. Stephen & Sons 




Matthew Shiells 




Thomas Couper 




Wm. Thomson 




P. M. Duncan 




W. Thomson 




W. S. Croudace 




Gilroy Brothers 


pad. St. 

Dundee Harbour Trustees 




Wm. Thomson 




D. Bruce 

Earl Dalhousie 



Alex. Stephen & Sons 

Early Morn 



H. S. Bicknell 




Robertson Bros. 




James Love 

Edith Lome 



W. 0. Taylor & Co. 

Edith Mary 



Robertson Bros. 




James Luke, jun. 

Eliz. Dougall 



Wm. Thomson 

Elizabeth Scott 



James Scott 




P. M. Duncan 




Andrew Low 


St. sh 


David Bruce 




Wm. Thomson 




Geo. Walsh 




Henry Gibson 


s. tug 


Dundee Harbour Trustees 

Fear Not 



George Bruce 




John Wallace 


St. sh 

Dundee Harbour Trustees 




James Isles 


St. sh 

Dundee Harbour Trustees 

Fred. Thomson 



Wm. Thomson 




W. 0. Taylor & Co. 

Gil Roy 



Gilroy Brothers 

Gipsy Queen 



J. Miles 




D. Bruce 




W. 0. Taylor & Co. 




Jas. Mitchell 




W. 0. Taylor & Co. 




W. 0. Taylor & Co. 




W. 0. Taylor & Co. 


St. sh 


James Mitchell 




A. Edwards 



W. Smith 




Wm. Nicoll 




John Machan 




Wm. Crammond 





























67 i 











Ida Louise 


Jane Kilgour 
Jan Mayen 

Lady Kinnaird 

Loch Awe 
Loch Leven 
Lord Kinnaird 
Margt. Littlejohn 
Margaret Eeid 
Marian Moore 
Mary Campbell 
Our Queen 


Owner or Agent. 



M. & J. Allison 



Wm. Cook 



Tay Whale Fishing Co. 



Kobertson Bros. 



Kobertson Brothers 

St. bar 


W. 0. Taylor & Co. 



J. W. Eobertson 



Mrs A. Wilson 



E. Brown 



J. W. Eobertson 



W. B. Eitchie 



W. 0. Tajdor & Co. 



Wm. Nicoll 



Andrew Low 



John Machan 



David Bruce 



Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 



Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 



D. P. & L. Shipping Co 



W. B. Eitchie 



J. W. Eobertson 



James Thomson 



John White 






Alexander Edwards 



J. Simpson 



P. M. Cochrane 


M. Shiells 

a bn 


P. M. Duncan 



Wm. Nicoll 



John Machan 





James Mudie 



J. D. Luke 



James Dykes 



John Machan 



D. Bruce 

s. bar 


W. S. Croudace 



G. C. White 



W. S. Croudace 



D. E. Dawson 



W. Crighton 

St. sh 


David Bruce 



Neilson & Taylor 


A. Barron 



John Machan 



E. Colling 



Wm. Nicoll 



G. Welch 



C. Duncan 



W. Cook 


A. M'Bryde 



Geo. Welch 



William Gellatly 



D. Bruce 
















Owner or Agent. 




F. C. White 




J. Cappon 




J. W. Robertson 




John Millar, jun. 




Pilotage Association 




Wm. Cook and J. Irvine 




J. Graham 




Dun. & Newcastle Ship.Co 




David Bruce 




W. Crighton 




P. M. Cochrane 




John Wallace 




James S. Ritchie 




Wm. Thomson 




Alexander Edwards 




P. M. Duncan 




D. P. & L. Shipping Co, 




James Kilgour 




Wm. Cook 




W. O. Taylor & Co. 




D. Bruce 




John Isles 




Charles Duncan 

Star o' Gowrie 

pad. s 


D. Edwards 

St Enoch 



W. S. Croudace 

Storm King 



R. Taylor 




D. Bruce 




W. Thomson 




Wm. Thomson 




Wm. Thomson 




W. Thomson 




John Machan 




Pilotage Association 




P. & 0. Stm. Nav. Co. 



S. Williamson 




P. & 0. Stm. Nav. Co. 




Jas. M'Intosh 




M. & J. Allison 








James Latta 




Joseph Edgar 




James Mudie 


St. bar 


Tav Whale Fishing Co. 




Win. Nicoll 




Wm. Beattie 

William Thrift 



J. Hall 





Alex. Stephen & Sons 

Steamer (800 tons gross) for Neilson & Ta3'lor 
Steamer (1200 tons gross) for D. Scott & Son 

( 77 ) 


POST-OFFICE, DUNDEE— Post-Office Buildings, Top of Reform 


William Gibb, Postmaster. 

On Week Days the Office is open for Postal business from 6.45 a.m. till 9 
p.m. ; and for Monej' Order, Savings Bank, Life Insurance, and Annuity busi- 
ness, from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. 

On Sunday the Office is open for Postal business from 9 till 10 a.m. only, but 
the Letter-Box remains open as on other days. 

For Telegraph business there is attendance continuously during the day and 
jnight, both on Week Days and Sundays. 

For Arrivals and Departures of Mails, see pages 86 and 87 


The rates of postage when prepaid are as follows, viz. : — 

For a letter not above 1 oz.f - - - Id. 
above 1 oz. but not above 2 oz. l|d. 
„ 2 oz. „ 4 oz. 2d. 

„ 4 oz. „ 6 oz. 2Jd. 

,, 6 oz. ,, 8 oz. 3d. 

„ 8 oz. „ 10 oz. 3id. 

„ 10 oz. ,, 12 oz. 4d. 

A letter above the weight of 12 oz. is liable to a postage of Id for every 
ounce, beginning at the first ounce. Thus, a letter weighing between 14 and 
15 oz. must be prepaid Is 3d. 

A letter posted unpaid is chargeable on delivery with double postage ; and a 
letter posted insufficient!}' prepaid is chargeable with double the deficiency.^ „ 
No letter ma.y be above 18 inches in length, 9 inches in width, or 6 inches Jn 
depth, unless it be sent to or from one of the Government Offices. 
For the rates of postage on letters to the Colonies and foreign countries, see 
page 88. 

A letter posted unpaid, or paid only in part, directed to any place abroad to 
which prepayment is compulsory, is sent to the Returned Letter Office, to go 
back to the writer. Letters, however, for Australia and New Zealand, if pre- 
paid as much as one rate (even although the prepayment be insufficient), are 
not detained, but are forwarded charged with the deficient postage and an ad- 
ditional rate. 

A letter posted insufficientl}' prepaid for a place to which prepayment is op- 
tional is sent forward charged ; the value of the stamps, however, being as a 
rule, taken into account. 

No letter for any Colony or foreign country may be above 2 feet in length or 
1 foot in width or depth. 


Under the "Post Office Act, 1870," any publication fulfilling the conditions 

hereafter named can, upon payment of an annual fee of 5s, be registered at 

the General Post Office to pass within the United Kingdom as a newspaper for 

a postage of one halfpennj'. Without such registration no newspaper is entitled 

* Inland Letters are those which pass between places in the United Kingdom, including 
the Isle of Man. the Orkney, Shetland, Scilly, and Channel Islands. 

t If the Weight be exceeded to the smallest extent, even though the balance be merely 
turned, the letter becomes liable to a higher postage. The same rule applies to Letters 
going abroad. To provide, therefore, for errors in scales, &c., it is well to allow a little 
i margin, or to pay the postage of tlie next greater weight. 


to be sent through the post at less than the book rate of postage. The condi' 
tions are as follows : — 

1st. The publication must consist wholly or in great part of political or othe 
news, or of articles relating thereto, or to other current topics, with o 
without advertisements. 
2nd. It must be printed and published in the United Kingdom, must be pub 
lished in numbers at intervals of not more than seven days, and must b: 
printed on a sheet or sheets unstitched. 
3rd. The full title and date of publication must be printed at the top of tht 
first page, and the whole or part of the title and the date of publication 
at the top of every subsequent page. 
4th. A supplement must consist wholly or in great part of matter like tha 

of a newspaper, or of advertisements, printed on a sheet or sheets, or on !"" 
a piece or pieces of paper, unstitched ; or wholly or in part of engravings? Jj 
prints, or lithographs illustrative of articles in the newspaper. Thd - 
supplement must in every case be published with the newspaper, anc 
must have the title and date of publication of the newspaper printed a' 
the top of every page ; or, if it consists of engravings, prints, or litho- 
graphs, at the top of every sheet or side. 
Registration for inland circuktion includes registration for transmissioi 

For each inland newspaper, whether posted singly or in a packet, the postage 
when prepaid, is one halfpenny ; but a packet containing two or more registered 
newspapers is not chargeable with a higher rate of postage than would be 
■chargeable on a book packet of the same weight, viz., one halfpenny for everj 
2 oz., or part of that weight, 

A newspaper post unpaid, or a packet of newspapers posted either unpaid oi 
insufficiencly paid, is treated as an unpaid or insufficiently paid book packet oJ 
the same weight. 

The postage must be prepaid either by an adhesive stamp, or by the use of a 
stamped wrapper. 

No newspaper can now be sent through the post a second time for the original 
postage. For each transmission a fresh postage is required. 

Every newspaper must be posted either without a cover, or in a cover entirely 
open at both ends, so as to admit of easy removal for examination. If this rule 
be infringed, the newspaper is treated as a letter. 

Every newspaper must be so folded as to admit of the title being readily in- 

A newspaper or packet of newspapers which contains any enclosure except 
supplements is charged as a letter, unless the enclosure be such as might be 
sent at the book rate of postage, and the entire packet be sufficiently prepaid as 
a book packet, in which case it is allowed to pass. 

A newspaper which has any letter, or any communication of the nature of a 
letter, written in it or upon its cover, is charged as an unpaid or insufficiently 
•paid letter. 

J:^ packet of newspapers may be above 14 lbs. in weight, nor above two feet 
in length, one foot in width or depth. 


For the rates of postage to the colonies and foreign countries on newspapers 
registered for transmission abroad see page 88. Each newspaper is liable to a 
separate rate of postage, whether sent singly or in a packet, and, if above 4 oz, 
in weight, it is liable to two rates of postage ; and so on. 

The conditions of registration for transmission abroad are the same as those 
for inland transmission ; excepting that for foreign transmission, a newspaper 
imay be published at intervals of thirty-one days ; and that it may be printed 









jbut not its supplement) on sheets stitched together. Moreover, prices current 
ind market reports, (but not private price lists or trade catalogues) may be re- 
gistered as newspapers for foreign transmission, provided that they be published 
,t intervals not exceeding thirty-one days. 

The postage which must be prepaid cannot be paid in money. 

All publications registered for transmission abroad must he posted within eight 
j'jl f?ays from the day of publication, including that day ; and any newspaper posted 
hQore than eight days after the date of publication, as well as any unregistered 
(V, publication, must be prepaid at the book rates of postage. 

The collected numbers issued during the month of a weekly or fortnightly 
publication are not allowed to pass as a monthly publication. 
, Every newspaper must be posted either without a cover (in which ease it 
J bfiust not be fastened, whether by means of gum, wafer, sealing was, postage 
jtamp, or otherwise), or in a cover entirely open at both ends, so as to admit of 
jasy withdrawal for examination. 

Every newspaper must be folded to admit of the title being readily inspected. 
J I No newspaper, whether posted singly or in a packet, may contain any en- 
jlosure except the supplement or supplements belonging to it. 

There must be no writing or other mark on a newspaper sent abroad but the 
lame and address of the person to whom it is sent ; nor anything on the cover 
)ut such name and address, the printed title of the publication, the printed 
lame and address of the publisher or vendor who sends it, and words indicating 
he date on which the subscription to the newspaper will end. 

No packet of newspapers may be above two feet in length or one foot in width 
)r depth. 


The postage is one halfpenny for every 2 oz. or part of that weight. 

A packet posted wholly unpaid is charged with double the book postage ; 
ind if posted partially prepaid, with double the deficiency. 

A book-packet may contain any number of separate books or other publica- 
;ions (including printed or lithographed letters), photographs (when not on 
jlass or in cases containing glass or any like substance), drawings, prints, or 
naps, and any quantity of paper or any other substance in ordinary use for 
vriting or printing upon ; and the books or other publications, prints, maps, 
SBC, may be either printed, written, engraved, lithographed, or plain, or any 
mixture of these. Further; all legitimate binding, mounting, or covering of a 
)ook, &c., or of a portion thereof, is allowed, whether such binding, &c. be loose 
)r attached ; as also rollers in the case of prints or maps ; markers (whether of 
paper or otherwise) in the case of books ; pens, or pencils, in the case of pocket- 
woks, &c. ; and, in short, whatever is necessary for the safe transmission of 
uch articles, or usually appertains thereto ; but the binding, rollers, &c., must 
lot be sent as a separate packet. 

But a book-packet may not contain any letter, or communication of the 
lature of a letter* (whether separate or otherwise), unless it be a circular-letter ; 
lor any enclosure sealed or in any way closed against inspection ; nor any 
>ther enclosure not allowed by the preceding paragraph. If this rule be in- 
ringed, the entire packet is charged as a letter. 

' A book-packet may be posted either without a cover (in which case it must 
lot be fastened, whether by means of gum, wafer, sealing wax, postage stamp, 
ir otherwise), or in a cover entirely open at both ends, so as to admit of the 
ontents being easily withdrawn for examination ;f otherwise it is treated as a 

♦Entries merely stating wlio send the book, &e., or to whom it is given, are not re- 
tarded as a letter. 

t In order to secure the return of packets which cannot be delivered, the names and 
Iddresses of the senders should be printed or written outside, thus — " From — 


letter. For the greater security of the contents, however, it may be tied a 
the ends with string. 

No book-packet may be above 5 lbs. in weight, nor above 1 foot 6 inches ii 
length, 9 inches in width, or 6 inches in depth, unless it be sent to or from on 
of the Government offices. 

When, owing to a great and unusual influx of letters, books, &c., the trans 
mission or delivery of the letters would be delayed if the whole mail were deal 
with without distinction, book-packets may be kept back till the next despatcl 
or delivery. 

Circulars — ».e., letters which are intended for transmission in identical term 
to several persons, and the whole or the greater part of which is printed, en^ 
graved, or lithograpred,— may also be sent by book post. 


For the rates of postage on book- packets to the colonies and foreign countries 
see page 88. 

The limit of size for a book-packet addressed to any place abroad is 24 inchei 
in length, and 12 inches in width or depth. 


The pattern and sample post is restricted to lona fide trade ■patterns ot 
samples of merchandise. Goods sent for sale, or in execution of an order (how- 
ever small the quantity may be), or any articles sent by one private individual 
to another which are not actually patterns or samples, are not admissible. 

The rates of postage for patterns are the same as for books going abroad. See 
page 88. 

Patterns or samples, when practicable, must be sent in covers open at the 
ends, and in such a manner as to be easy of examination. But samples of seeds, 
drugs, and such like articles, which cannot be sent in covers of this kind (but 
such articles only), maj' be posted enclosed in boxes, or in bags of linen, or other 
material, fastened in such a manner that they may be readily opened. 

There must be no writing or printing upon or in any packet except the 
address of the person for whom it is intended, the address of the sender, a trade 
mark or number, and the price of the articles. 


Official Post Cards, impressed or private Post Cards embossed, with a half- 
penny stamp (adhesive stamps not being accepted in payment of the postage) 
may be transmitted between places in the United Kingdom with letters printed 
or written upon the back. 

Both the " stout " and the " thin " cards may be bought singly. The prices 
of the " stout " and " thin " cards respectively are as follows ■.—Stout Cards, 
1, |d; 2, Ud; 3, 2d; 4, 2|d ; 5, Sid ; 6, 4d. Thin Cards, 1, |d ; 2, IM : 
3, Ifd; 4, 2id; 5,3d; 6, S^d. 

The front (or stamped) side is intended for the address only, in addition to 
the printed words " Post Card" and "The address only to be written on this 
side." There must be nothing else written, printed, or otherwise impressed on 
it, nor must there be any writing or printing across the stamp. 

On the reverse side an}' communication, whether of the nature of a letter orl 
otherwise, may be written or printed. Nothing whatever may be attached;! 
nor may the card be folded, cut, or otherwise altered. If any one of these rules; 
be infringed, the card will be charged Id on deliver}'. ' ' 

When, owing to a great and unusual influx of letters, books, &c., the trans- 
mission or delivery of the letters would be delayed if the whole mail were dealt 
with without distinction, Post Cards (unless paid for and posted as late letters) 
may be kept back until the next despatch or delivery. j 



No card other than one of those issued by the Government, or a private card 
impressed with a halfpenny stamp at the Office of Inland Revenue, will pass 
j|, I under a halfpenny stamp, if it bear on it a written communication of the nature 
'^ of a letter. 

Foreign Post Cards may be sent to Canada and Newfoundland, and to all the 
countries comprised in the General Postal Union, with the exception of British 
aitji India. 

Foreign Post Cards with an impressed stamp of IJd each are sold at that rate, 

m land are transmissible to the majority of the countries of the Union without 

ej extra charge. To others, the postage of a Card is in every case one half the 

! rate for a single letter. Adhesive Stamps may be affixed to the ordinary or 

Foreign Post Cards to make up the amount of postage required. 


Letters intended to be sent by Private Ship must be addressed " By Private 
Ship ;" and if bj' a particular vessel, the name of the Ship must be added. 
I The postage of a letter by Private Ship to the British West Indies, except 
Demerara, Jamaica, and Trinidad, is 3d, and to St Helena 4d per J oz. 

Postage Stamps are of the respective values of Jd, Id, IJd, 2d, 2Jd,'3d, 4d, 
n 6d, 8d, Is, 2s, and 5s. The embossed Postage Envelopes are of four sizes, viz., 
lif 4| in. X 3\^ in. (square shape), 4f in. X 2| in., 6J in. X 3 in., and 5^ in. X 3f 
in., and are sold at the following prices:— Size, 4f in. X 3^-g- in. (square shape) 
—4 for 4id, 8 for 9d, 12 for Is IJd, 24 for 2s 3d. Other sizes— 6 for 6U, 12 for 
Is Id, 24 for 2s 2d. 
'' Registered Letter Envelopes, bearing a twopenny stamp embossed on the flap 
for the payment of the registration fee, are of two sizes, 6 in. X 3f in. and 5J 
in. X 3 J in., and are sold at 2:|d each or 2s 2Jd per packet of 12. 

The Newspaper Wrappers are sold at the following prices:— 8 for 4^d. 
16 for 9d, 24 for Is IJd. 


The fee for registering a letter, newspaper, or book packet is twopence. 

No letter or packet addressed to initials or to a fictitious name can be registered. 

Every letter or packet presented for registration must be enclosed in a strong 
envelope, securely fastened. If the letter or packet contains money it must, in 
order to gain the benefit of the guarantee described in the last paragraph under 
this heading, be enclosed in a registered letter envelope sold by the Post Office; 
and if coins are sent, they must on no account be put in loose, but must be 
packed and enclosed in such a way as to move about as little as possible. 

It is prohibited to send to a country of the Postal Union anj- registered 
letter marked on the outside with the declared value of the contents. 

Every letter, &c., to be registered must be given to an agent of the Post 
Office, and a receipt obtained ibr it; and it should on no account be dropped 
into a letter-box. If, contrary to this rule, a letter marked " Registered " be 
dropped into a letter-box, it will, if directed to any place in the United Kingdom 
or the British Colonies, be liable to a registration fee of 8d instead of the ordi- 
nary fee of 2d. 

The registration of letters, &c. makes their transmission much more secure, 
inasmuch as they can be traced through their whole course. Thus the loss of a 
registered letter or packet is a very rare occurrence. Nevertheless large sums 
of money or other articles of great value should not be sent through the post, 
even if registered ; as the machinery of the Department is not arranged with a 
view to such transmissions. If sent unregistered, valuable articles are exposed 
to risk, and offer a temptation which ought not to be created. 


All inland letters which contain coin, watches, or jewellery, even though the; I 
be posted without registration, are treated as registered, and are charged o [, 
delivery with a registration fee of 8d in addition to the ordinary postage. 

Letters containing coin, watches, or jewellery, cannot be accepted for registrar 
tion for any Foreign or Colonial countrj' in the General Postal Union ; and ; 
erroneously registered, they are returned to the senders. 

Letters containing coin for any of the British Colonies not in the Genera 
Postal Union can be registered, and if they are posted without being registered 
they are treated in the same manner as inland letters under similar circumi 

By law the Postmaster-General is not responsible for the safe delivery o 
registered letters or packets, but henceforth he will be prepared to make gooi 
the contents of a registered letter lost while passing through the Post to thh] 
extent of £2 in certain cases, provided that the sender of the letter duly obt 
served all the conditions of registration required ; that the letter was secureK 
enclosed in a reasonably strong envelope; and, if it contained money, that ii 
was enclosed in one of "the Registered Letter Envelopes sold b}' the Post Office 
for the purpose ; that application was made to the Secretar}' of the Post Offici 
immediatelj' the loss was discovered ; and that the Postmaster-General, whosi 
decision shall be final, is satisfied that the loss occurred while the letter was ii 
the custody of the British Post Office, and was not caused by aay fault on thi 
part of the sender. 


The Post Office is not, by law, responsible for any loss or inconvenience whicl 
may arise from the non-delivery, mis-sending, or mis-deliverj' of any letter 
book, or other postal packet (even if the packet be registered) ; nor is th( 
Post Office responsible for any injury which a packet may sustain during it! 

To guard against such injury all postal packets which are likelj' to suffei 
from stamping or from great pressure, should be placed in strong covers ; and 
even with this precaution, no fragile article should be sent through the Post, 
It should be remembered that every packet has to be handled several times; that 
it is exposed to considerable pressure and friction in the mail bag; and that, 
whenever the bag has in the course of its transmission to be transferred bj 
means of the railway apparatus, the risk of injury is much increased. 

Postmasters are not allowed to return anj' letter or other packet to the writei 
or sender, or to any one else, or to delay forwarding it to its destination accord- 
ing to the address, even though a request to such eff'ect be written thereon. 

To discourage the transmission of coin by post, Postmasters, at whose Offices 
Money Order Business is transacted, are permitted, though not compelled, tc 
purchase postage stamps from the public (provided the stamps be not soiled oi 
otherwise damaged), at a charge of 2|- per cent. 

To facilitate the delivery of letters, a letter-box should be affixed to every 


When applying for Money Orders, the public should use the prepared printed bt 
" Application Forms," which are supplied gratuitously at all Money Order 

The commission on inland Money Orders is :— 

For sums under 10s, 2d. 

„ of 10s and under £2, 8d. 

„ £2, „ „ £3 4d. 

„ £3, „ „ £4, 5d. 

„ £4, „ „ £5, 6d. 

„ £5, „ „ £6, 7d. 

For sums of £6, and under £7, 8d. 

£7 „ 

„ £8,.. 




„ £9,.. 



£9 „ 

„ £10,.. 









No order is allowed to contain a fractional part of a penny. 
No Money Order can be issued unless the applicant furnish in full, the sur- 
name and at least the initial of one Christian name, both of the remitter and the 
payee, together with the remitter's address. In the case of Foreign Orders the 
full address of the payee must be given. 

Exceptions. — 1st. When the remitter directs at the time of issue (which he is 
at liberty to do), that the order, by being crossed like a cheque, be made payable 
only through a bank, it is left to his option to give or withhold the name of the 
payee. 2d. If the remitter or payee be a peer or a bishop, his ordinary title is 
ilj suflScient. 3d. The usual designation of a firm is sufficient, except in the case 
of a company trading under a title which does not consist of the names of the 
persons composing it, as the " Carron Company." 

Monej- Orders are issued in the United Kingdom on the following Colonies, 
British agencies, and Foreign countries : — 

The German Empire Prince Edward Island 

Gibraltar Queensland 

Gold Coast St Helena 

Heligoland Seychelle Islands 

Holland Shanghai 

Hong Kong Smyrna 

India South Australia 

Italy Straits Settlements 

Malta Suez 

Mauritius Switzerland 

Natal Tasmania 

New Brunswick United States 

Newfoundland Valparaiso 

New South Wales Victoria 

New Zealand West Coast of Africa 

Norway West Indies 

Nova Scotia Western Australia 

Panama Yokohama 


Berbice (New Amster- 
isini Belize (British Hon- 

British Columbia 

Cape of Good Hope 


Ceylon (Colombo) 



Demerara (Georgetown) 


Dutch East Indies 


Falkland Islands 



The Scale of Commission for Orders payable abroad is as follows : — 
For sums not exceeding 


If payable in Belgium, Denmark, France, German 
Empire, Heligoland, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, 
Gibraltar, Malta, Constantinople, Dutch East 
Indies, Norway, or Smyrna _ _ - - 

If payable in any other place abroad (including most 
of the Colonies) authorized to transact Money 
Order business with this country, _ - - 

s. d. 

s. d. 

s. d. 

s. d. 

09 16 23 30 

10 20 30 40 


1. The charge for telegrams throughout the United Kingdom is Is for the 
Srst 20 words, and 3d for everj' additional five words, i.e., for every additional 
jroup of not more than five words ; the names and addresses of the sender and 
eceiver not being counted. 

2. Distinctive telegraph stamps of the values of one penny, threepence, 
ourpence, sixpence, one shilling, three shillings, five shillings, ten shillings, 
ne pound, and five pounds are issued for the payment of the charges on 
elegrams. Postage stamps are not accepted in payment of telegrams, nor 

,o re telegraph stamps accepted in payment of postage. Telegraph stamps are 
' 1, lot purchased from the public at Post Offices, nor can they be exchanged for 
lostage stamps. 

3. Receipts for the charges on telegrams can be obtained at a cost of 2d each. 


4. When the terminal Telegraph Office, i.e., the office situated nearest to tl 
address, is a Head Post Office, the amount paid for the transmission of 
message covers the cost of delivery within the town postal delivery of that offic 
But when it is not a Head Post Office, the message is delivered free within th 
limit of one mile. 

5. When the addressee resides beyond the above-described limits, portera^ 
is charged at the rate of 6d per double mile (that is, a mile out and a mi 
back), or any part thereof, provided the whole distance to be traversed doi 
not exceed three miles out and three miles back ; but the charge is calculate 
from the boundary of the district within which no porterage is levied. Fi 
instance, if the addressee's residence is a mile and a quarter from the termin 
Telegraph Office, and also beyond the free delivery, the charge for porterag 
would be 6d ; if the distance is above two miles and under three, Is. 


The Post Office Savings Bank is open for bank business during the san 
hours as for Money Orders. 

Deposits of one shilling, or of any number of shillings, or of pounds ar 
shillings may be made by any person at the Post Office Savings Banks pr 
vided that such depositor shall not make deposits amounting to more than £{ 
in any one year ending olst December, or make an}' further deposit when tl 
total amount standing to his credit has reached £150 exclusive of interest. 

The Postmaster-General is empowered, under the Act 27 and 28 Victorii 
cap. 43, to insures the lives of persons of either sex, between the ages of '. 
and 60, for not less than £20 or more than £100. He is also empowered und 
the same Act to grant Immediate or Deferred Annuities of not more than £J 
on the lives of persons of either sex, and of the age of ten years and upwards. 

The persons whose lives are insured, or to whom Annuities are granted by tl 
Postmaster-General, have direct Government security for the payment of tl 
money, at the proper time. 

Forms of proposals for the Insurance of Lives and the purchase of Annuitit 
and all necessary information on these subjects, may be obtained at the Po 


1. Persons wishing to send parcels to any part of British India can do 
through the Indian Parcel Post Agency — established under authority of t' 
Director-General of the Post Office of India — at 122 Leadenhall street, E.( 
and (Branch Office) at 25 Cockspur street, S.W. 

2. The charge for parcels is Is per lb. or fraction of a lb. (prepayme 
optional), covering transit from London to destination in India. Insuran 
may be effected, if desired, at the rate (to be prepaid) of Is up to £3 vah 
2s 6d up to £10 value, and 5s up to £20 value. Indian Customs duty 
chargeable) will be realised from the addressee. 

3. The maximum weight, size, and value of a parcel are: — weight 50 lb 
size 2 feet long by 1 foot broad and 1 foot deep, value £20. 

4. The following are forbidden contents: — Jewellery, watches, precip 
stones, liquids, or articles of a dangerous or damaging nature. I 

5. Mode of Packing and address : — Parcels must be entirely closed ai 
securely packed and fastened, a covering of cloth or waterproof sewn at t 
edges being recommended. The Indian address should be legibly written, wi 
the superscription, " By Indian Parcel Post." 1 

6. A letter of advice, stating name and address on parcel, contents and val 
for Customhouse clearance, with legible signature and address of sender, shoo 
be sent to the office (see Clause 1), with each parcel, accompanied by paymei 
if it be desired to prepay or insure the parcel, jj^ 



7. A Receipt will be given (by the Company) for each parcel received from 
the country, and for other parcels, if required. 

8. Parcels from the country (including all those not booked by the sender or 
their messengers or agents in person at the London Offices) may be forwarded 
to the office in London (see address below) by railway, or any other means 

.^available ; but the parcel with the Indian address, as in clause 5, should in 

^jisuch case be enclosed in an outer covering, bearing the address, " Indian Parcel 

Post Agency, 122 Leadenhall street, London, E.G." The charges for carriage 

to the above address are additional to charges for transit or insurance under 

Clause 2, and may be prepaid to the local carrying agent, or left to be paid on 

delivery in London, and subsequently collected from the addressee. The letter 

^of advice (see Clause 6), with any payment desired for transit or insurance 

" ^(payment by post should be by cheque or money order, payable to A. M. 

Bethune), should be sent to the same address by letter post, and the receipt 

will in such case be forwarded by post. 



Situations of Receiving Houses, Pillar 
Letter Boxes, &c. 

Hours of Collection on 

Week Days. 

*199 Princes Street, Receiving House, 
' 90 King Street, do., 

'^128 Hilltown, do., 

'142 Scouringburn, do., 
"242 Perth Road, do., 

Roseangle (Top of) Pillar Letter 


123 Hawkhill, Pillar Letter Box,... 
1 Tay Street (North), do., 
Hilltown (Foot of), do., 
44 Dock Street, do., 

Carolina Port, do., 

Royal Exchange Letter Box,... 
High Street, Wall Letter Box, 
Perth Road (near Western 

Cemetery, do., 

Constitution Rd. (near top), do.. 
Mains Loan (Foot of) do., 

4 Strathmartine Road, do., 

Newport Boat, Letter Box, 

Logie Feus, Wall Letter Box,... 
Strathmartine (Bridgefoot), do., 


8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 80 

8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 

7 30 



9 45 
8 30 






10 15 

10 30 



12 30 
1 45 


2 30 




12 15 



4 45 








8 45 

6 15 

6 30 



6 16 
6 15 
6 15 
6 15 
6 15 
6 15 



10 45 

Open for Money Order and Savings Bank business from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. 
Saturdays, till 8 p.m. 


T-l 05 05 OS 05 O O fl T-l i-H !N ■* -^ «5 >0 

o o lo eo o «i>o 
(N ■* CO •* rH eo 

«S lO t» t> 00 o» o 


O as -*J 


m ^ c« 



• 2 o S tf : 
^ =* £ ^ 


o> c3 « 

= . '^ 

S ~ 

: - jj .jj — _r 
•*rci c a o, 

Mm m * r 


g J3 oT 

•§ .2 ' s - 
5-Egp,s.-o ^ 

.5 2 2 s«u b^5 
: j3 fc( n 5 • 

o ,ti 

• lit 

'2 ^"^ 

rt ^' 2" § 2' 

?«^"§ ?>• 

J (/J 



So s 

•S o sj 
M 1=1 

•« d 

O .r 

o u 
n o 

1^ fn <ll_( 

'O »— I O Si "^ ca O ® (D 

WOh^pqOE-thJiziP-i ► 

.2-S -5S 
1 ja'p <o o is 

>^ -'? o i-j a 




s - 

eo CO CQ 
to CO to 



«oioco<x>«o eo 05030ff<i(M<>Ji-i (N coco>n<o 

o o o o o o 

S , So 

^ -p; o 

O OO O ufi >o o 

o^C5o;)05C5 o^ oooiot 

o o o o >ra 

rH (M 

S - r - 

lO o lo ^ 

lO 11 lO 

05 as o T-i 

(N (M CO 

g S ;: 

cocococccoeo co^tiiOi-ii-ii-icococraTtiid lO m 
lO >o »o lO >o lo 02 cs o rH ira (N iH c<i (N CO >o «5 in os 

1-1 1-1 i-< lH 

II : : : :'|^,: : : : : : :;^:| : :J^ : 

1« . ■ • -W^ -I ^8 .S . .<!^o :| 

°''S::::'^:;3:::::o,a2:o:: QM.pq 
of . b"'^ "^3 S «« t^ S iT « o" 

■^02 =2go ^° ^ sSgg 

g a o „ c 0.5 ff 'S.g „- T3 

SS-: :--S-o-:.-::t3o:1z:: -g^ m : « 

a-g _§ §)^2 « f^ -^ =* 1 t|-S^ S 

_S» jSt,'^ „ * _,^(U^ fcHM'-' 

= =« : :§3 i-S-a :2 : :„- : :'S5 ::3 : -a^*^.-:^ 

Sr-iC3pa>flmJ:rca,r3(^^Oc/3C3^0COT tT-fl ^0^0^ 



In this Table the Book rate for 4 oz. is given, but to most of the countries mentioned 
1 oz. can be sent for Id. 

Abbeeviations. — alt. alternate; ea. mo. each month; ev. every; E. evening, or the 
5.55 p.m. Mail ; M. morning, or the 2.30 p.m. Mail; Mon. Monday; Tu. Tuesday ; Wed. 
Wednesday; Th. Thnrs. Thursday ; Fri. Friday; Sat. Saturday 

Single Rate 



of Postage for 





Due at 





from Dundee. 



O o 

O *3 

a. d. 



Aden, via Brindisi 

E, every Thursday 

Every Monday 




,, via Southampton ... 

M, every Wednesday 

Every Monday 




Africa (West Coast of) ... 

E, every Friday 

Every Wednesday 





M, 1st &, 16th each month 

15th <fc 30th ea. mo. 




Australia (See the several 

Colonies under their re 

spective headings 

Barbadoes, via Southam. 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th and 30th ea. mo. 




„ by French Pkt. 

E, 4th each month 

15th and 30th ea. mo. 





Twice daily 

Twice daily 





Twice daily 

Twice daily 





E, every Friday 





Twice daily 

Twice daily 





Twice daily 

Twice daily 

2^^ 1 



See British Guiana 





E, 26th June & ev.4thWed. 





E, every Thursday 

Every Tuesday 




Bolivia, via South 

M, 1st and 16th each mo. 

15th & 30th each mo 




„ by French Packet 

E, 4th each month 




„ via Liverpool ... 

E, 24th June & ev.alt.Mofi. 




Brazil, via Southampton. . 

M, 8th and 23d each mo. 




„ by French Pkt. ... 

E, 2d and 17th each mo. 

10th & 30th each mo 




„ via Liverpool 

E, 24th June & ev.alt.Mon. 

24th June (feev.alt.Fri 




British Guiana 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th & 30th each mo 




„ by French Pkt. ... 

E, 4th each month 

26th each month 




Buenos Ayres, via South. 

M, 8th and 23d ea. month 




„ by French Pkt. 

E, 2d and 17th each month 

10th & 30th each mo 




„ via Liverpool 

E,24th June & ev.alt. Mon. 

21st June & ev.alt.Fri 






Every Monday 





M, ev. Tues., Thur.s., & Sat. 

Three times a week 





M, every Thursday 

Every Friday 




,, via United States 

M, ev. Tues.,Thurs., &Sat. 

Every Saturday 




Cape of Good Hope 

E, every Wednesday 

Every Tuesday 




Ceylon, via Brindisi 

E, 20June,<fc ev. alt Thurs. 





„ via Southampton 

M, 26 June & ev. alt. Wed. 





Chili, via Southampton ... 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th & 30th each mo 




,, by French Packet 

E, 4th each month 




,, via Liverpool 

E, 24 June, & ev. alt. Mon. 

22d June & ev.alt. Sat 




China, via Brindisi 

E, June 20,<fe ev.alt. Thurs. 

17th June&ev. alt. Mon 




„ via Southampton 

M, June 26, & ev. alt. Wed. 





„ by French Packet 

M,June27,&ev alt. Thurs. 






E, every Wed. and Friday 

Ev. Thurs., Fri., & Sat 




Cuba, by British Packet... 

M, 1st each month 

30th each month 




, , by Fren eh Packet. . . 

E, 18th and 19th ea. month 

17th & 19th each mo 




„ via United States... 

M, ev. Tues., Thurs., &Sat. 





Twice daily 






M,ev. Tu., & E, ev.Th.<fcSat. 

Every Monday 




France and Algeria 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 





Twice daily 


2ij 1 



Twice daily 

Twice daily 

2i' 1 



Twice daily 



1 ' 




Single Rate 



of Postage for 



Despatched from 

Due at 







s. d. 




E, every Wed. and Friday 

Every Thurs. & Sat. 



Grey Town 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th each month 




M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th & 30th each mo. 




Twice daily 

Twice daily 




Twice daily 

Twice daily 




Hayti, via Southampton... 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th & 30th each mo. 



„ via Liverpool 

E, 8th each month 



„ by French Packet 

E, 19th each month 

19th each month 




Twice daily 

Twice daily 




M, 16th each month 



Hong Kong, via Brindisl 

E, June 20, & ev. alt. Th. 




„ via Southampton 

M, June 26, & ev. alt. Wed. 




India, via Brindisi 

E, every Thursday 

Every Monday 



„ via Southampton... 

M, every Wednesday 

Every Monday 



Ionian Islands 

E, every Mon. and Wed. 

Every Tues. & Sat. 




Twice daily 




Jamaica, via Southampton 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th & 30th each mo. 



by French Pkt. 

E, 19th each month 

19th each month 



Japan, via Brindisi 

E, 20th June, & ev. alt. Th. 




„ via Southampton... 

M,26th June,&ev.alt.Wed. 




„ by French Packet 

M, 27th June, <fc ev. alt. Th. 




Java, via Brindisi 

E, 20th June, <fc ev. alt. Th. 




,, via Southampton.... 

M, 26th June,&ev.alt. Wed. 





E, 24th June,& ev.alt.Mon. 

25th June & ev.alt.Tu. 




E, every Thursday 

Every Wednesday 



Malta, via Italy 

E, every Tuesday & Friday 

Every Mon. & Wed. 




M,27thJune,and ev.4thTh. 

24 June <fc ev.4th Mon. 



Mexico, via Southampton 

M, 1st each month 

30th each month 



„ via Liverpool ... 

E, 8th each month 



„ by French Packet 

E, 18th each month 

17th each month 



„ via New York ... 

M, ev. Tues.,Thurs., & Sat. 









Monte Video, via South. 

M, 8th & 23d ea. month 



„ via Liverpool 

E,24th June,& ev. alt.Mon. 

21st June (Sev.alt.Fri 



„ by French Pkt. 

E, 2d and 17th each month 

10th & 30th each mo. 



„ via Bordeaux... 

E, 12th each month 

20th each month 



Natal, by Cape Packet ... 

E, every Wednesday 




N. Brunswick,by Can. Pkt. 

M, every Thursday 



„ via United States 

M, ev. Tues.,Thurs.,& Sat. 




M, 11 June & ev. alt. Tues. 



New South Wales via San 


M, 19 June, & ev. 4th Wed. 

12 June & ev.4thWed 



,, via Southampton 

M, 26 June, & ev. 4th Wed. 

10 June <& ev.4th Mon. 



„ via Brindisi 

E, 4 July, and ev. 4th Th. 

1st July <fc ev.4th Mon 



N.Zealand, via S. Francisco 

M, 19 June, <fc ev. 4th Wed. 

12 June & ev.4thWed 



,, via Southampton 

M, 26 June, & ev. 4th Wed. 

10 June & ev.4th Mon 



„ via Brindisi ... 

E, 4th July, & ev. 4th Th. 

1st July <fc ev.4th Mon. 




Twice daily 




Nova Scotia, by Can. Pkt. 

M, every Thursday 



„ via United States 

M, ev. Tues., Thurs,,& Sat. 



Old Calabar 

E, every Friday 

Every Wednesday 



Panama, via Southampton 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th & 30th each mo 



„ by French Pkt... 

E, 4th and 19th ea. month 

19th & 26th each mo. 



„ via New York... 

M, ev. Tues., Thurs.,& Sat. 




Paraguay, via South am. 

M, 8th and 23d each month 



„ by French Packet 

E, 2d and 17th each month 

10th & 30th each'ino 






Single Rate 



of Postage for 



Despatched from 

Due at 











s. d. 




See Singapore 

Pern, via Southampton ... 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th and 30th ea. mo. 




„ by French Packet 

E, 4th each month 



„ via Liverpool 

E, 24 June, & ev. alt. Mon. 



Phillippine Islands, via 

Brindisi ... 

E, 20 June, & ev. alt. Th. 

June 17, (Ssev.alt.Mon. 



,, via Southampton 

M, 26 June, &ev. alt. Wed. 

June 24, & ev.alt. Mon. 



Porto Said 

M,ev.Tues., &E,ev.Th.&Sa. 

Every Monday 



Porto Kico, via Southam. 

M, 1st & 16th each month 

15th and 30th ea. mo. 



„ by French Pkt. 

E, 19th each month 

19th each month 








Prince Edward's Island, 

by Canadian Pkt. 

M, every Thursday 



„ via New York ... 

M, ev. Tues., Thurs., & Sat. 



Queensland, via S. Francis. 

M,19th June,& ev.4thWed. 

12 June,& ev.4thWed. 



„ via Southampton 

M,26th June,& ev.4thWed. 

10 June,&ev.4thMon. 



„ via Brindisi ... 

E, 4th July, and ev.4thTh. 

3 June,& ev. 4th Mon. 








Twice daily 









St Domingo 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th and 30th ea. mo. 



St Thomas, via Southam. 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th and 30th ea. mo. 



,, by French Packet 

E, 18th and 19th ea.month 

17th and 19th ea. mo. 




M, every Wednesday 

Every Monday 



Singapore, via Brindisi ... 

E, 20th June,&ev. alt. Th. 

17 Jane,& ev.alt Mon. 



„ via Southampton 

M,26th June, &ev.alt.Wed. 

24 June,& ev.alt.Mon. 




E, every Wednesday 

Every Mon. & Friday 




Twice daily 





M, ev.Tues, &E,ev.Th.&Sa. 

Every Monday 




Twice daily 





Twice daily 





E, every Thursday 

Every Tuesday 




M, ev. Tues., Thurs., & Sat. 




Tasmania,via S. Francisco 

M, 19th June, &ev. 4 Wed. 

1 2 June &ev. 4th Wed. 



„ via Southampton 

M,26th June, &ev.4thWed. 

10 June & ev. 4th Mon. 



,, via Brindisi 

E, 4th July, &, ev. 4th Th. 

1 July, &ev.4th Mon 



Trinidad, by British Pkt. 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th and 30th ea. mo. 



„ by French Pkt. 

E, 4th & 18th ea. month 

26th each month 



United States 

M, ev. Tues., Thurs., & Sat. 

Three times a week 



Vancouver's Island 
Venezuela, via Southamp. 

M, every Thursday 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

Every Friday 

15th and 30th ea. mo. 





„ via Liverpool 

E, 3d each month 



„ by French Pkt. 

E, 4th and 18th ea. month 

26th each month "" 



Victoria, via Southampton 

M, 26thJune, &ev.4thWed. 

10 June <fe ev. 4th Mon 



„ via Brindisi 

E, 4th July, and ev.4thTh. 

1 July, & ev. 4th Mon 



„ via San Francisco 

M, 20th June & ev. 4th Th. 




West Coast of S. America, 

via Southampton... 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

15th & 30th ea. month 




„ by French Packet 

E, 4th each month 




Zanzibar, via Brindisi ... 

E, 27thJune,and ev.4thTh. 

24 June &ev." 4th Mon 




„ Southampton ... 

M, 19 June, & ev. 4th Wed. 

1 July, &ev. 4th Mon 




{ 91 ) 


Abbot, Alexander, sackmaker, 51 Cowgate ; house, 19 

Abbot, James, photographer, 57 Constitution road ; h. 59 

Abbot, James, jun., photographer, 57 Constitution road ; h. Masonic pi. 

Abbot, Peter H., accountant, 4 Eoyal Exchange place ; h. 22 Springfield 

Abbot, Peter, 6 Small's lane 

Abbot, Peter, warper, 7 Ritchie's lane 

Abbot, William, cabinetmaker, 42 King street, and King's road ; h. 115 

Abbot, William, mechanic, 57 Ure street 
Abbot, Mrs Jane, greengrocer, 17 South EUen street 
Abbot, Mrs, wool and fancy goods, small ware and furnishing warehouse, 

100 Nethergate ; h. 22 Springfield 
Abbot, Mrs, manglekeeper, 86 Cowgate 

Aberdeenshire Meat Co., butchers, 20 WeUgate, 13 Hawkhill, & 34 Ann st. 
Aberdeen Town and County Bank, 5 Albert square, James Low, agent 
Aberdein, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 6 South Tay street ; h. 

27 Charles street 
Adam, David, of John Adam & Sons, 37 Rosebank street 
Adam, David, bootmaker, 39 Elizabeth street 
Adam, James, coppersmith, 10 South George street 
Adam, James, flaxporter, 51 William street, Forebank 
Adam, James, tenter, 16 Crescent lane 
Adam, John, & Sons, plasterers, 15 Park lane 
Adam, John, of John Adam & Sons, 37 Posebank street 
Adam, John, of Halket & Adam, Magdalen place 
Adam, Joseph, bootmaker, 10 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Adam, Robert, blacksmith, lock and hinge maker, 36 Nethergate ; h. 3 

Mid Kirk stile 
Adam, Thomas, clerk, Soiith Dudhope Works ; h. 1 Blackness street 
Adam, William, of John Adam & Sons, 101 Hilltown 
Adam, William, grain miller, Balmuir miU 
Adam, William, shoemaker, 29 Todburn lane 
Adam, Mrs Margaret, confectioner, 29 Lochee road 
Adams, Albert E., glover and hosier, 5 High street ; h. 13Westfieldlane 
Adams, Alexander, ironmonger, 121 Hawkhill ; h. Elm place, Hawkhill 
Adams, Andrew, contractor, 19 High street 
Adams, Barbara, coaldealer, 16 Small's wynd ; h. 2 Hean's lane 
Adams, Charles, mechanic, 14 James street 
Adams, Charles, carter, 41 Park wynd 
Adams, David, of Johnston & Adams, 2 Meadow entry 
Adams, David, seaman, 24 Todburn lane 
Adams, Henry, glover, hosier, and shirtmaker, 5 High street; h. 3 

Windsor street 
ADAMS, HENRY S., surgeon-dentist, 89 Murraygate. ^ee Advertisement. 
Adams, James, clerk, Gas Commissioners' office ; h. N. Clepington road 
Adams, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 9 Constitution street ; A. 5 

Stirling street 


Adams, James, weigher and ship's clerk, 13 West Dock street 

Adams, James, grocer and wine merchant, 2 Strathmartine road ; h. 4 
GeUatly street 

Adams, James, blacksmith, 220 Blackness road 

Adams, John, labourer, 31 Crescent lane 

Adams, J. D. & Co., tailors, clothiers, and men's mercers, 42 Reform st. 

Adams, J. D. (of J. D. Adams & Co.), potato merchant, 42 Reform 
street, and Lundie castle ; h. Lundie castle 

Adams, Robert, cagemaker, 18a Small's wynd 

Adams, Robert, inspector, Forfarshire constabulary, Sheriff- Court build- 
ings ; h. 30 Raglan street 

Adams, Robert, joiner, 223 Hilltown 

Adams, Thomas, ironmonger, plumbler, and gasfitter, 205 Overgate ; h. 
Gladstone place, 166 Perth road 

Adams, Mrs Jane, spiritdealer, 12 Castle lane ; h. 3 

Adams, Mrs John, lodgings, 7 Yeaman shore 

Adams, Mrs Peter, manglekeeper, 7 Middle street 

Adamson, Alexander, teacher of music, 30 North Linday street 

Adamson, Charles, ironmonger, 99 Princes street 

Adamson, David, gasworker, 1 Church street 

Adamson, James, & Co., coal, brick, lime, cement, and fire-clay mer- 
chants, brick and tile manufacturers, Victoria buildings. East Dock 
street ; works, Errol 

Adamson, James, of James Adamson & Co., Mount pleasant 

Adamson, John, wholesale grocer, 3 Exchange street ; h. Alva lodge, 69 
Magdalan green 

Adamson, Rev. John Lindsay, Wallacetown Established Church ; h. 1 
Lome terrace, Forfar road 

Adamson, John, shipwright, 22 Lilybank road 

Adamson, Julia, grocer, 184 Blackness road 

ADAMSON, PETER, machinery merchant, 10 Queen street and 131 Sea- 
gate ; h. 31 Queen street. See Adv. 

Adamson, Robert, mechanic, 40 Dura street 

Adamson, Thomas, foreman, 10 Hillbank road 

Adamson, Thomas, ironturner, 141 Blackscroft 

ADAMSON. WILLIAM, wireworker and beUhanger, 49 Nethergate ; h. 37- 
See Adv. 

Adamson, William, builder, 15 Stirling street 

Adamson, William, teadealer, 370 Loons road 

Adamson, William, joiner, 3 Stobswell road 

Adamson, William, calenderer, 17 Clepington street 

Adamson, William, shiprigger, 106 Blackscroft 

Adamson, Mrs C, draper, 35 Victoria street 
Adamson, Miss, Hermon hill, 21 Perth road 
Addison, Alexander, carter, 22 Rosebank street 

Adie, Andrew & James, spinners and manufacturers. West Hender- 
son's wynd ; office, 35 Cowgate 

Adie, Andrew, of A. & J. Adie, Beach tower, Haircraigs 
Adie, James, of A. & J. Adie, Thornbank, Ferry road 
Adie, John, blacksmith, 28 Commercial street, Maxwelltovm ; h. 35 
North Wellington street 


Adie, Mungo, carpet designer, 8 Clierryfield lane 

Adie, Mrs Peter, 11 Rosebank road 

Agnew, Alexander, solicitor and notary public, 11 Reform street ; h. 

14 Douglas terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Agnew, Charles, grocer, 253 Hawkhill ; h. 249 
Agnew, Jolm, weaver, 27 Hospital wynd 

Agnew, Robert, bootmaker, 30 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 
Aimer, George C. , cabinetmaker and undertaker, 9 North Tay street 

and 201 Overgate ; h. 4 Temple lane 
Aimer, James D., of Philip & Aimer, 9 Ellen street 
Ainslie, Archibald, boot and shoe maker, 26 Greenmarket ; h. 8 Parker st. 
Ainslie, J. G., 17 Strawberrybank 
Air, Andrew, mechanic, 15 Caldrum street 

Air, David, of James F. White & Co. , Craigiebank cottage, Pitkerro road 
Air, John, butcher, 58 Blackscroft ; h. 62 
Aird, James, English boot and shoe warehouse, 7 Union street ; h. 11 

Atrth, Mrs, ironer, 2 Havelock place. Croft's lane 
Aitken, Catherine, stationer, 2 Scouringburn ; h. 85 Victoria road 
Aitken, George Shaw, of Maclaren & Aitken, 1 Hermitage place, B. Ferry 
Aitken, Henry, confectioner, 141 Nethergate ; h. 22 South Tay street 
Aitken, Henry M. , currier, 2 Annfield street 

Aitken, James, grocer and wine merchant, 53 Perth road ; h. 5 West- 
field place 
Aitken, John, wine and spirit merchant, 1 73 Princes st. ; h. 2 Graham pi. 
Aitken, John, foreman mechanic, 1 Ogilvie street 
Aitken, Thomas D., merchant and commission agent, 19 Bain square j 

h. St Mary's terrace 
Aitken, Mrs A., draper, 69 Albert street ; h. 75 
Aitkinson, David, seaman, 4 Small's wynd 
Albion Foundry, 28 Hill street ; Beath & Keay, ironfounders 
Albion Hotel, 15 Tally street; John Richardson, proprietor 
Alcorn, William, cutter, 2 Havelock place 
Alexander, Adam, printer, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Alexander, Alexander, storekeeper, 37 St Salvador street 
Alexander, Alexander, ironplaner, 4 Church street. Princes street 
Alexander, Charles, managing proprietor, editor, and publisher of 

Dundee Courier & Argus, 34 Lindsay street ; h. 5 Albany terrace 
Alexander, Charles, jun.. Courier & Argus office ; h. 5 Albany terrace 
Alexander, Charles, moulder, 98 Seagate 
Alexander, David, merchant, agent for the Dundee, Hamburg, and 

Rotterdam steamers, 26 St Andrew's st. ; h. St Phillan's, Newport 
Alexander, David, jun., commission merchant, 33 Exchange street;. 

h. Tofthill, Lochee 
Alexander, David, engineer, 13 West Dock street 
Alexander, David, boot and shoe maker, 249 Hawkhill 
Alexander, Donald, baker, 26 Todburn lane 
Alexander, Helen A. , teacher, St Enoch's Public School, Foundry lane j 

h. 5 Albany terrace 
Alexander, James, brassfounder and plumber, 14 Bank street and 31 

Overgate ; h. 4 South Union street 


Alexander, James, jun., brassfounder, 31 Overgate; h. 27 Nelson street 

Alexander, James, gardener, Morgan Hospital _ 

Alexander, James, cowfeeder, 34 Forfar road B^i 

Alexander, James, slater, 4 Lawrence street 

Alexander, James, lapper, 46 North Churcli street 

Alexander, Janet, 32 Charles street 

Alexander, John E.., commercial traveller, 249 Hawkhill 

Alexander, Joseph, labourer, 28 Cotton road 

Alexander, Mary, dressmaker, 142 Nethergate 

Alexander, Watson, joiner, 65 Arbroath road 

Alexander, William, town architect, and valuator, 36 North lindaajrj 

street ; li. 4 Albany terrace 
Alexander, William, clerk, 42 Dallfield terrace 
Alexander, Mrs Mary, newsagent, 39 William street 
Alexander, Mrs, laundress, 151 Princes street 
Alison, Geo. LLoyd, wine merchant, 14 Panmure st. ; h. Park Place honse« 
Alison, Harry Cecil, clerk. Park Place house, 145 Nethergate 
Alison, Thomas, produce merchant, 17 Exchange street ; h. Dalhousie 

cottage, West Ferry 
Allan, Alexander, solicitor, 21 Union street ; Ji. Carnoustie 
Allan, Alexander S., clerk, 134 Seagate ; h. 10 Wolseley street 
Allan, David M., perfumer and hairdresser, 1 High street; h Westfield 

house, Broughty Ferry 
Allan, David, overseer, 29 Charles street 
Allan, David, fireman, 3 North Church street 
Allan, George, manager, flax department, Clepington Waste Works ; h. 

5 Roslin terrace, Clepington 
Allan, James, & Son, perfumers, 11 and 13Crichton street 
Allan, James, of James Allan & Son, Westfield house, Broughty Ferry 
Allan, Jas, jun., artist in hair, 11 North Tay street ; h. 24J Crichton st. 
Allan, James, china merchant, 38 Dudhope street ; h. 34 Dallfield walk 
Allan, James, engineer, 2 Church street. Princes street 
Allan, Jane, waitress, 4 Step row 
ALLAN, JOHN K., perfumer, hairdresser, and wigmaker, 54 and 56 Reform 

street ; A. 2 Dalhousie terrace See Adv. 
Allan, John, hosier, glover, gentleman's hatter, and shirtmaker, 45 

Reform street ; h. Fernbank, Lochee road 
Allan, John, bookseller and picture-frame maker, 50 Dudhope crescent 

road ; h. 46 
Allan, John, mason, 12 Phin's land, Peddie street 
Allan, Joseph, coal merchant, 15 Baltic street ; ^. 3 Charles street 
Allan, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 157 Overgate ; h. 28 Balfour st. 
Allan, Robert, draughtsman, Blackness Foundry ; h. 1 Mount pleasant 
Allan, Robert, head warder. Prison ; h. 19 Marine place, Hawkhill 
Allan, Robert, packer, 131 Ann street 
Allan, Thomas, painter, 3 Cochrane street 

Allan, William, coal merchant, 4 Crescent lane ; 7i. 14 Hedge road 
Allan, William, butcher, 226 Overgate ; h. 187 
Allan, William, carpenter, 5 Kintore place. Glebe street 
Allan, William, spiritdealer, 147 Hawkhill ; h. 15 Rosefield street IIJ 

Allan, William, engineer, 147 Ann street 








Allan, Mrs, teacher of music, 9 Ward road 

Allan, Mrs, manglekeeper, 23 Ryehill lane 

Allan, Mrs, manglekeeper, 18 Catherine street 

Allan, Mrs, manglekeeper, 39 North Wellington street 

Allardice, James, warehouseman, 15 Glamis street 

Allardice, Peter E,. , 26 Kinloch street 

Allardice, William D., law-clerk, 5 Bank street ; h. 21 Kinloch street 

Allen, Alexander, cowfeeder, 19 Back street 

Allen, Charles B. , clerk, 2 Havelock place 

Allen, Leonard, teacher of navigation, 14 Yeaman shore. Old Trinity 

House ; h. 38 Stanley place. Step row 
Allen, Mrs E. , spirit merchant, 18 Strathmartine road ; Ji. 22 
Allison, James, & Sons, rope and sail makers, 48 Dock street 
Allison, James, of James Allison & Sons, 6 Barrack road 
Allison, Matthew, of James Allison & Sons, Struan place, Newport 
Allison, William, calenderer, 16 Dudhope street 

AUshorn, Alfred E., decorator on glass and commis. agent, 18 Willison st. 
Alston, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 7 High st. ; h. 2 Craigieter. 
Amos, David, clerk, 19 Airlie place 

Anchor Line Steam Shipping Company, 1 Panmure street 
Anchor and Douglas Mills, Anchor lane 

Ajiderson, Alexander, merchant, 1 1 King st. ; li. Maulesbank, Carnoustie 
Anderson, Alexander M'Glashan, M.D., L.R.C.S., Edin., 26 South Tayst. 
Anderson, Alexander, draper's and fancy box maker, 84 Cowgate 
Anderson, Alexander, teacher, 20 Small's wynd ; h. 9 Annfield road 
Anderson, Alexandei-, spiritdealer, 45 Hawkhill ; h. West Newport 
Anderson, Alexander, engineer, s.s. "Britannia"; A. 48 Crescent lane 
Anderson, Alexander, coal merchant, 350 Loons road 
Anderson, Alexander, blacksmith, 54 Princes street 
Anderson, Alexander, mason. Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 
Anderson, Andrew, grocer, 98 Foundry lane 
Anderson, Andrew, billposter, west end of High street 
Anderson, Andrew, plumber, 3 Parker's court, King street 
Anderson, A. G., hairdresser and stationer, 20 Barrack st.;^. 63 Overgate 
Anderson, A. B., chemist and druggist, 38 and 201 Princes street, and 

121 Blackscroft ; h. 60 Albert street 
Anderson, Charles, merchant, 4 and 6 Charles st. ; h. 3 Wellington st. 
Anderson, Charles, painter, 65 Arbroath road 
Anderson, Daniel, clothier, llOHilltown; h. 16 Lawson place 
Anderson, David, of Anderson & Gardner, 3 Reres terrace, Monifieth 

road, Broughty Ferry 
Anderson, David, tailor, clothier, hatter, hosier, &c., 39 Reform street ; 

h. 5 Hawkhill place 
lAnderson, David, baker, 69 Princes street ; h. 12 Erskine street 
[Anderson, David, corn merchant, 29 Dock st. ; h. Ellen Mount, Newport 
lAjaderson, David, watchmaker and jeweller, 84 Scouringbum; h. 18 

Fleuchar street 
Anderson, David, coal merchant, 42 Nelson street ; h. 2 Main street 
Anderson, David, agent, 6 Charles street ; h. 3 South Tay street 
Anderson, David, confectioner, 4 Dock street 
Anderson, David, mechanic, 60 Mains road 


Anderson, David M., mechanic, 2 Craigie street 

Anderson, David, mechanic, 15 Paterson street 

Anderson, David, shoemaker, 22 North Tay street 

Anderson, David, 23 St Andrew's street 

Anderson, David, packer, 5 Ellen street 

Anderson, David, joiner, 23 Rose street 

Anderson, David, calenderer, 10 Hospital wynd 

Anderson, Duncan, of D. & J. Anderson, 67 Ure street 

ANDEESON, D. & J., drapers and clothiers, 14 Polepark road See Adv, 

Anderson, D. & J., tailors and drapers, 222 Lochee road ; h. 224 

Anderson, Ebenezer, house proprietor, Anderson's entry, 172Hawkhill 

Anderson, Francis, of G-. Anderson & Son, 57 Hilltown 

Anderson & Gardner, solicitors, 19 High street 

Anderson, Rev. Gavin, Free High Church ; h. 4 Prospect place 

Anderson, George, & Son, slaters, 4 Elizabeth street 

Anderson, George, of G. Anderson & Son, 57 Hilltown 

Anderson, George, hay merchant, 8 Crichton street 

Anderson, George, grocer and spiritdealer, 39 Cotton road ; h. 41 

Anderson, George, bootmaker, 90 Princes street ; h. 105 

Anderson, George, coal merchant, 98 Albert street ; h. 100 

Anderson, George, draper, (agent for J. Pullar & Sons, Perth), 66 Ami 

street ; h. 68 j 

Anderson, George, carpenter, 7 Wallace street 
Anderson & Glass, jute spinners and merchants, Ladybank Mill, Mi 

street ; office, India buildings, 4 Victoria road 
Anderson, Henry, engineer, 56 Blackscroft 
ANDERSON, JAMES, & SON, rope, twine, tar cloth, and tarred threac 

manufacturers, 118 and 124 Hilltown. See Adv. 
Anderson, James S., of James Anderson & Son, 119^ Hilltown 
Anderson, James, of P. & J. Anderson, 39 North Church street 
Anderson, James H., wine merchant, 18 High street ; h. 20 Overgate 
Anderson, James, registrar of births, &c., 11 Wardrd. ;h.l Mount 
Anderson, James, house proprietor, 31 Springfield 
Anderson, James, house proprietor and wincey manuf. , 224 Lochee rd. 
Anderson, Jas., factory manager, Chapelshade Wks. ; h. 16 Dallfieldtei 
Anderson, James, house and ship painter, 87g Blackscroft 
Anderson, James, cowfeeder, 3 Union place 
Anderson, James, milloverseer, 143 Lochee road 
Anderson, James, woodturner, 33 St Salvador street 
Anderson, James, joiner, 5 Craig street 
Anderson, James, fireman, 65 Lochee road 
Anderson, James, joiner, 106 Ann street 
Anderson, James, late farmer, 46 North Ellen street 
Anderson, James, porter, 15 Alexander street 
Anderson, James, packer, 63 Alexander street 
Anderson, James F. , clerk, 68 Ann street 
Anderson, James, plumber, Fairley place ?| 

Anderson, James, clerk, 7 Park terrace ! 

Anderson, John, & Co. , boilermakers. East Dock street ,' 

Anderson, John, of John Anderson & Co., 40 Kemback street 
Anderson, John, of D. & J. Anderson, Thorn place, 247 Blackness road 



Anderson, John, joiner, 14 Gardner's lane 

Anderson, John, valuator and house factor, 14 New Inn entry ; h. Con- 
stable cottage. West Ferry- 
Anderson, John, linen merchant, 16 Bank street 
Anderson, John, baker, 59 Union street, Maxwelltown ; h. 57 
Anderson, John, jun., clerk, Upper Dens MUls ; h. 10 Roslin terrace, 
Anderson, John, clerk, 43 Union street 
Anderson, John, coal merchant, 11 Craigie street 
Anderson, John, railway guard, 11 South Union street 
Anderson, John, mechanic, 61 Hawkhill 
Anderson, John, shore porter, 28 Todburn lane 
Anderson, John, mason, 44 Cotton road 

Anderson & List, linen merchants, Victoria chambers, 14 Victoria road 
Anderson, Patrick, merchant, Wallace Works ; h. 15 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Anderson, Peter, baker, 32 North Lindsay street ; h. 30 
Anderson, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 39 Union street; li. 12 

Garland place 
Anderson, Peter, of P. & J. Anderson, 25 Main street 
Anderson, Peter, shoemaker, '1 Little John street 

Anderson, P. & J., plumbers, gasfitters, and zincworkers, 58 Ann street 
Anderson, Peter, plumber, Ann street ; li. Fairley place 
Anderson, Peter, seaman, 94 Foundry lane 
Anderson, Robert, collector of Inland Revenue, Inland Revenue Office, 

29 Bank street ; h. Downie villa. Droughty Ferry 
Anderson, Robert, of Anderson & Glass, Laurel terrace, East Newport 
Anderson, Robert, maltman, Pleasance brewery ; h. 24 St Mary's place 
Anderson, Robert, grocer and spiritdealer, 86 Strathmartine road ; A. 92 
Anderson, Robert, grocer, 206 Lochee road ; h. Union place, Lochee 
Anderson, Robert, potato dealer, 3 Union place 
Anderson, Robert, tapper, 11 Mid street 
Anderson, Robert, 4 Pitfour street 
Anderson, Robert, labourer, 25 Ogilvie street 
Anderson, Samuel, coppersmith, 84 Constable street 
Anderson, Susan, milliner, 9 Hawkhill 
Anderson, Thomas, engineer, 20 Queen street 
Anderson, Thomas, lettercarrier, 1 King's road 
Anderson, William, builder, bricklayer, and contractor, 10 Shore terrace 

and West Dock street ; h. Wellgate park, W. Newport 
Anderson, William, budder, Leng street 

Anderson, William, commercial traveller, 8 S. Lindsay st. ; h. Tayport 
Anderson, William, draper, 34 Dudhope street ; h. 4 Dallfield walk 
Anderson, William, manager, Caledon Shipyard; h. 11 Maryfield ter. 
Anderson, WiUiam, market gardener, 66 Polepark ; h. Kirkton of Liff 
Anderson, William E. , bootmaker, 141a Nethergate ; h. 7 Ward road 
Anderson, William G., engineer, 29 Wellington street 
Anderson, William, merchant, 15 Dallfield terrace 
Anderson, William, mercantile clerk, 81 Murraygate; ^. 3 S. Ellen st. 
A-nderson, William, painter, 26 Rose street 
Anderson, William, porter, 47 North Wellington street 
Anderson, William, foreman, 21 St Peter street 
[M I Anderson, William, overseer, 16 Wilkie's lane 


Anderson, William, engineer, Tay Ferries ; h. 8 Grraham place 

Anderson, Mrs Ann, spiritdealer, 37 Victoria road ; h. 48 

Anderson, Mrs George, dressmaker and milliner, 1 Thomson street 

Anderson, Mrs James, coal mercliant, Well road, HawkMU 

Anderson, Mrs Mary A. G. , midwife, 54 Princes street 

Anderson, Mrs Mary, midwife, 13 Ann street 

Anderson, Mrs Robert, lodgings, 8 Charles street ™ 

Anderson, Mrs William, 10 North Tay street ™ 

Anderson, Mrs, flesher, 42 Princes street ; A. 40 ' ^ 

Anderson, Mrs, furniture dealer, 101 Seagate 

Anderson, Mrs, dressmaker, 31 Crescent street 

Anderson, Mrs, manglekeeper, 17 Anntield road 

Anderson, Mrs, broker, 6 Dallfield walk 

Anderson, Mrs, manglekeeper, 8 Small's wynd 

Anderson, Mrs, grocer, 6 East Milne's wynd 

Anderson, Mrs, 15 Asylum lane 

Anderson, Mrs, 1 King's road 

Anderson, Mrs, 366 Perth road ^ 

Anderson, Mrs, 147 Blackness road ^ 

Anderson, Miss Janet G., milliner, 16 Bank street ' ^ 

Anderson, Misses, milliners and drapers, 172 Hilltown; hAI Rosebank st. ^ 

Anderson, Miss, 80 Nethergate ™ 

Andrew, Rev. John, Catholic Apostolic Church ; li. 24 Garland place 

Andrews, Jemima, confectioner, 220 Overgate ; h. 12 Kinloch place 

Andrews, Joseph, of Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, 17 Kinnaird street 

Angus, David, blacksmith, 9 Ford's lane 

Angus, George, foreman to Wordie & Co., 81 Foundry lane 

Angus, George, (of Davidson & Angus), tobacco pipe maker, Paradise lane; 

h. 30 Mid street 
Angus, George, milloverseer, 50 Dallfield walk 
Angus, George, porter, 38 Hillbank road 

Angus, James, tobacconist, 7 Hunter street ; h. 6 Balfour street 
Angus, James, jobbing gardener, 314 Perth road 
Angus, James, iron turner, 51 William street, Forebank 
Angus, James, harbour porter, 36 Pennycook lane 
Angus, Mrs Ann, 106 Princes street 
Angus, Miss, 9 Laing street 

Annan, Miss, Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 
Annfield Works, Shaw, Baxter, & Moon, spinners and linen manufac- 
turers, 246 Hawkhill 
Anns, Thomas, merchant, 51 Meadowside ; h. West Newport 
Anton, James, wine merchant, 131 and 135 Perth road ; h. 133 
Anton, John, dairyman, 26 Watson's lane, Hawkhill 
Anton, Miss Louise, milliner, 52 King street ; h. 26 Victoria street 
Arch Mill, 0. G. Miller & Co., flaxspinners. Brown street 
Archer, Alexander, bootmaker, 17 Polepark road 
Archer, Alexander, lathsplitter, 15 St Mary street 
Archer, Jane, greengrocer, 3 Ireland's lane 
Archer, W. B., shipmaster, 1 Strawberrybank 
Archer, Mrs, 20 Panmure street 
Archibald, John, lamplighter, 16 Seafield road 


Archibald, Robert, messenger to Harbour Trustees, Harbour buildings 

Arklay, David, weaver, 52 Ure street 

Arklay, James, of Kingslaw, 1 Hawkhill place 

Arklay, James, overseer, 26 Kincardine street 

Arklie, Ebenezer, mechanic, 40 Kemback street 

Axklie, Thomas, blacksmith, 51 Crescent street 

Arklie, Thomas, jun., clerk, 1 Salisbury place 

Armitstead, George, & Co., m.erchants, 6 Panmiire street 

Armitt & Grant, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, joiners, and funeral 

undertakers, 115 Murraygate 
Armitt, James, of Armitt & Grant, 20 Bell street 
Armstrong, James, tobacco spinner, 42 William street, Forebank 
Armstrong, William, grocer and spirit merchant, S Daniel street ; 

h. Elizabeth place, 129 Hawkhill 
Armstrong, Mrs, 3 Ritchie's lane 

Arnot, David, of Robertson & Arnot, 10 Garland place 
Amot, John, commission agent, 3 Annfield street 
Arnot, William, mechanic, 4 Mid street 
Arrott, James, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 148 Nethergate 
Arthur, David, & Son, sack manufacturers, 229 Hilltown 
Arthur, James, inspector of cleansing, Allan street 
Arthur, John, (of D. Arthur & Son), draper, clothier, and commission 

merchant, 227 Hilltown ; h. 1 Derby place, Broughty Ferry 
Arthur, Mrs David, 10 Nelson street 
Arthur, Mrs, milliner, 20 Peter's court, Cowgate 
Ashton Works, James K. Caird, manufacturer, 189 Hawkhill 
Aspinall, Richard, milloverseer, 28 Todburn lane 
Astley, Thurlow, B.A., sub-inspector of factories, 1 West Bell street 
AUSTEN, JOHN, optician, 15 Nethergate ; h. 1 St John's Wood terrace, 

West Park road. See Adv. 
Austen, Miss, Berlin and fancy wool warehouse, 52 Nethergate ; h. 34 

North Lindsay street 
Auchterlonie, Thomas, joiner, 6 Alexander street 
Avern, John, joiner, Theatre Royal ; li. SMidkirk stile 

Backman, J., seaman, 11 Annfield row 

Bailey, Edward, fruit and seed merchant, 13 High st.; h. 10 Garland pi. 

Baillie, Jane, dress and mantle maker, 31 Nethergate 

BaiUie, John, cowfeeder, 142 Strathmartine road 

Bain, David D., clerk, 26 St Andrew's street ; h. Newport 

Bain, Donald, pipe-major, 75 Seagate 

Bain, Henry, farmer, Mains of Balgay 

Bain, John, grocer, 12 Dudhope Crescent road ; h. 6 Garland place 

Bain & Ramsay, builders and joiners, 20 Watt street 

Bain, William, of Bain & Ramsay, 304 Perth road 

Bain, William, commission agent, 62 Ure street 

Bain, Mrs Ann, confectioner, 139 Ann street 

Bain, Mrs George, 57 Elizabeth street 

Bain, Mrs G., confectioner, 111 Ann street 

Baird, George, teacher, Victoria Road Public School ; h. 150 Princes st. 

Baird, George mechanic, 150 Princes street 


Baird, George, pilot, 51 Foundry lane 

Baird, Johanna, teaclier, 37 Main street 

Baird, John, clerk, 42 Croft's lane 

Baird, Richard, tobacconist, 15 Victoria road; h. 88 Hawkhill 

Baird, Thos., grocer and spiritdealer, 198 Hawkhill ; Ji. 20 Miller's wynd 

Baird, Mrs P., draper, 1 New Inn entry 

Baird, Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 2 West wynd 

Balbirnie, James, broker and general dealer, 54 Hawkhill 

Balbirnie, Mrs Wilham, 48 William street, Forebank 

Bald, John, of Macgregor & Bald, 18 Union place 

Baldy, James, 34 Dallfield terrace 

Balfour, Alexander, & Co., jute cloth manuf.. Rose Factory, WOkie's lane 

Balfour, Alexander, of Balfour Brothers, 99 Hawkhill 

Balfour, Arthur, house proprietor, 15 Balfour street 

Balfour, Arthur, watchman, 19 Paterson street 

Balfour Brothers, jewellers and watch mamifacturers, 86 High street 

Balfour, David, wholesale and retail grocer, 125 Hawkhill ; h. 3 

Park terrace 
Balfour, David, grocer, Dundonald street 
Balfour, David, labourer, 26 Jamaica street 
Balfour, James M., manager to C. Stewart, 83 High street ; h. 104 

Balfour, John, wright, 20 Miller's wynd 
Balfour, Peter, of Balfour Brothers, 99 Hawkhill 
Balfour, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 125 Murraygate ; h. 1 

Meadow entry 
Balfour, Robert H., manufacturer and merchant, 10 Baltic street ; li. 

Renny place, West Ferry 
Balfour, Robert T., clerk, British Linen Bank ; Ti. 15 Balfour street 
Balfour, Mrs J., eating-housekeeper, 252 Hawkhill; h. 20 MOler's wynd 
Balfour, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 213 Perth road 
Ballantine, James, spiritdealer, 34 Dens road ; h. 19 Lamb's lane 
Ballantine, Peter, farm servant, 23 Paterson street 
Ballantine, WiUiam, mason, 23 Baxter street 
Ballingall, David, wine and spirit merchant, 55 Dock street ; h. St 

Mary's terrace 
Ballingall, George, coffeehouse keeper, 10 South Lindsay street 
Ballingall, Hugh, of Ballingall & Son, 16 Gardner's lane 
BaUiugall & Son, brewers, maltsters, and hop merchants, Pleasance and 

Park Breweries, Lochee road 
Ballingall, William B. , wine and spirit merchant, 55, 57, and 59 West 

port ; h. St Mary's terrace 
Ballingall, Mrs Margaret, St Mary's terrace 

Baltic Linen Works, 26 Annfield rd., Mitchell & Graham, manufacturers 
Baltic Street Calender, 25 Baltic street, W. E. Baxter & Co., merchants 
Balmain, Isaac, joiner, 10 Arthur street 
Band, Charles, fireman, 22 Hillbank road 
Bank Mill, 167 Blackness road, Boase & Mudie, jutespinners 
Bank of Scotland, 34 Reform street, William Moir, agent 
Banks, Alexander, manager, printing department, Dundee Advertiser 

Office ; h. 37 Stanley place, Step row 


Banks, Alexander M., ship agent, 23 Dock street ; h. 8 Albany terrace 
Banks, James, manager. South Anchor Works ; h. 149 Blackness road 
Banks, John, sackmaker, Rosebank Sack Factory ; li. 4 Garland place 
Banks, Mary, milliner, 130 Murraygate ; h. 46 Magdalen Yard road 
Banks, Thomas, overseer, 9 Rosefield street 

Banks, William, sub-editor, Advertiser Office ; h. 3 Dalhousie terrace 
Banks, William, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Constitution 

road ; h. 6 Somerville place 
Banks, Mrs Thomas, spiritdealer, 14 West Dock street 
Bannerman, Alexander, stationer and news agent, 233 Hawkhill ; h. 7 

Mount pleasant 
Bannerman, David, reporter. Advertiser Office ; h. 7 Mount pleasant 
Baimerman, John, joiner, 8 Kincardine street 
Bannerman, William, 7 Lawrence street 
Bannerman, Mrs, broker, 298 Hawkhill 

Barbour, John, commercial traveller for cattle spice, 13 Stirling street 
Barclay, James, paiuter, 21 Mains road 
Barclay, John, umbreUamaker, 38 Hawkhill 
Barclay, John, carter, 84 Dura street 

Barclay, John, ironmonger andmachinemaker, 37 Hilltown 
Barclay, Osborne, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 10 Victoi'ia 

chambers, and Ladybank Factory, Mid street 
Barclay, S. H., of Barclay, Osborne, & Co., 10 Airlie terrace 
Barclay, William, umbreUamaker, 12 Barrack street ; h. 14 
Barlass, William, contractor, 2 Annfield street 

Barnet, James W., solicitor, 1 Bank st. ; h. 3 Woodville pi., Maryfield 
Barnet, James, joiner, 13 Malcolm street 
Barnet, William, feuar, 171 Hilltown 

Barnet, William D., law clerk, 61 Reform street ; h. 70 North Church st. 
Barnett, James, coaldealer, 7 Ash lane 
Barnie, George, spiritdealer, 29 Hawkhill ; h. 25 
Barnie, John, coppersmith, plumber, &c.. East side King William dock ; 

h. 1 West Bell street 
Barns, Mrs, confectioner, 30 Annfield row 
Barr, Alexander, 2 East Henderson's wynd 

Barrie, Alexander, houseagent, 13 Overgate ; h. 12 Seaview place.B. Perry 
Barrie, David, parcel delivery vanman and contractor, 62 Constable 

street ; ^. 10 Middle street 
Barrie, David S., grocer, 23 Balgay street ; h. 86 Annfield road 
Barrie, David, family grocer, 40 Victoria road ; h. 5 Reform street 
Barrie, James, baker, 15 Vault 
BAERIE, JOHN, family grocer and teadealer, 123a Perth road ; /(. 86 

Annfield road. See Adv. 
Barrie, John, farmer and contractor, Lawton farm 
Barrie, Joseph J., merchant and commission agent, 45 Meadowside ; h. 

The Vine, Magdalen green 
BABBIE, PETEB, Eerated water manufacturer, 30 Bell Street lane ; h. 12 

Victoria chambers. See Adv. 
Barrie, Robert, gardener. Royal Lunatic Asylum, 128 Albert street 
Barrie, Robert, mechanic, 24 Lawson place 
Barrie, Thomas, milloverseer, 107 Rosebank street 


Barrie, William A., churchofficer, 18 Nethergate 

Barrie, Mrs Chas. , grocer and spirit mercli. , 126 Strathmartine rd. ; h. 128 

Barrie, Mrs George, 12 Victoria chambers 

Barrie, Mrs George, Lawmill cottage, Coldside 

Barron, James, hosier, glover, and smallware -warehouseman, 38 Nether- 
gate ; h. Braeknowe, Newport 

Barron, James, draper, tailor, and clothier, 24^ Ann street ; A. 13 

Barron, Peter, joiner. West Station ; h. Balgay Lodge, Blackness road 

Barron, Peter C., joiner, Powrie's land, Peddie street 

Barry, David, shipmaster, 4 Balfour street 

Barry, Wm. 0. , merch. , 29 Dock st. ; h. Viewbank ter. , top of Provost rd. 

Bartholomew, James W., ironmoulder, 5 Stirling street 

Bartholomew, John, of Bartholomew & Marshall, 32 Dudhope Ores. rd. 

Bartholomew & Marshall, ironfounders. Star Foundry, 62 Bell street 

Bartleman, John, cashier, 97 Seagate ; A. 65 Constitution road 

Barty, Stewart, coaldealer, 50 Larch street ; A. 16 Cherryfield lane 

Barty, Mrs, confectioner, 170 Ann street 

Bass, Benjamin, restaurateur, 10 Bank street ; A. 8 

Batchelor, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 41 Dallfield terrace 

Batchelor, Chas., accountant, Royal Bank, Westport; A.IO Tof thill, Lochee 
Batchelor, Charles E., of George Batchelor & Son, 15 Balfour street 
Batchelor, David, cabinetmaker, 21 Miller's wynd ; A. 14 Peddie street 
Batchelor, David, coppersmith, plumber, and tinsmith, West side Vic- 
toria dock ; A. 35 Alexander street 
Batchelor, George, & Son, upholsterers, bedding manufacturers, and 

Venetian-blind makers, 22 Union street 
Batchelor, Geo., of G. Batchelor & Son, LiveseyCottage,Wellpark, Newport 
Batchelor, George, joiner, 6 Mortimer street 
Batchelor, William, fishdealer, 40 Hilltown ; A. 38 
Batchelor, William, flax, hemp, and mat hackler, 124 Hilltown ; A. 

5 Fyffe street 
Batchelor, Mrs George, West Craigie 
Batchelor, Mrs James, manglekeeper, 26 Pennycook lane 
Batchelor, Mrs Margaret, 13 West Dock street 
Batchelor, Mrs, lodgings, 22 Airlie place 

Bates, James, commission agent, 25 Dock street ; h. 17 Airlie place 
Bathie, William, of Dodds & Bathie, CoUiston Mains, by Arbroath 
Bathie, William G. , bootmaker and general dealer, 63 Scouringburn 
Bathie, Mrs John, greengrocer, 96 Princes street ; A. 98 
Baxter Brothers & Co., spinners and manufacturers. Dens Works ; 

office, 7 King street 
Baxter, Charles R., wholesale grocer and wine merchant. Horse wynd ; 

A. Magdalen place 
Baxter, C. M., of Geo. H. Baxter & Son, 97 Victoria road 
Baxter, Connar, labourer, 10 E. Henderson's wynd 
Baxter, David, saddler, 5 Castle street ; A. Bloomfield cottage, Newport 
Baxter, David S., shoemaker, 3 Blackness street ; A. 11 Rosefield street 
Baxter, David R. , flesher, 143 Hilltown ; A. 33 Balgay street 
Baxter, David W., of Shaw, Baxter, & Co. , Waterloo villa, Annfield rd. 
Baxter, Edward A., of W. E. Baxter & Co., Ashcliff, Perth road 
Baxter, George H., & Son, manufacturers, 18 William street. King st. 


Baxter, George, manager, Durie & Miller'a, 13 Seafield rd. ; h 35J Step row 
Baxter, George, shoemaker, 30 Bank street; h. 11 Midkirk stile 
Baxter, George, currier, 9 Cockrane street 
Baxter, Henry, commission merchant and produce broker, 8 Shore 

terrace ; h. 31 Nethergate 
Baxter, Hugh, clerk, 72 Hilltown 

Baxtier, Jas., builder, 27 Rosebank st.; h. Caen-loehan villa, Constitution st. 
Baxter, James, china merchant, 95 Hilltown ; h. 6 Arthur street 
Baxter, James, flaxweigher, 3 Allan street 
Baxter, James H., commercial traveller, 18 Balfour street 
Baiter, Jessie, confectioner, 176 Blackness road 
Baxter, John Boyd, solicitor, Procurator-Fiscal, Courthouse buildings ; 

\. Craigtay, Ferry road 
Baxter, Marjory H., underclothing manufacturer, 171 Princes street ; h. 

1 Graham place 
Baxter, Peter M,, surgeon, L.R.C.S.E., 17 King street 
Baxter, Peter, porter, 44 King street 
Baxter, Robert, & Co., manufacturers, India buildings 
Baxter, Richard L. , agent, 29 Panmure street ; h. Eden lodge 
Baxter, Robert, ship joiner, 78 Constable street 
Baxter, Ronald, enginedriver, 7 Garland place 

Baxter, Thomas D., of Gumming & Baxter, The Terrace, West Newport 
Baxter, Thomas H, , grocer and ironmonger, 48 and 50 Blackness road ; 

h. 2 Kincardine street 
Baxter, Thomas, joiner, 14 Garland place 
Baxter, W. E., & Co., merchants, Baltic buildings 

Baxter, Right Hon. William E., M.P., of W. E. Baxter & Co., Kincal- 
drum, Forfar ; Ashcliff, Dundee ; and 35 Queensgate terrace, Ken- 
sington, London, S.W. 
Baxter, Walter, solicitor and notary public, U.S. Vice-Consul, 81 Mur- 

raygate ; h. Maryfield 
Baxter, Wm., coal merchant, N. B. Mineral yard ; h. 21 Todburn lane 
Baxter, William, mason, 24 Carmichael street 
Baxter, William, mechanic, Livingstone place, Lochee road 
Baxter, William, ironturner, 3 Hilltown 

Baxter, William C, tailor and clothier, 21 Catherine street 

Baxter, Mrs David, 9 Mortimer street 

Baxter, Mrs George, 2 Ford's lane 

Baxter, Mrs James, greengrocer, 28 Hilltown 

Baxter, Mrs, manglekeeper, 74 Princes street 

Baxter, Mrs John M. , Eden lodge 

Baxter, Mrs John, Craigie, Ferry road 

Baxter, Mrs Jessie, stationer, 19 Princes street ; h. 17 

Baxter, Mrs William C, 44 King street 

Baxter, Mrs, confectioner, 37 Larch street 

Baxter, Miss M. A., of Balgavies, EUengowan, 104 Ferry road 

Baxter, Misses, 3 King street 

Bajaie & Duckett, boot manufacturers, 48 High st. , and 2 & 4 Overgate 

Bayne, William, housefactor, 11 Kinloch street 

Bayne, Miss Jane E., matron, Royal Lunatic Asylum, 109 Albert street 

Beagin, James, warper, 25 Clark street 


Beagrie, George Brown, gardener, Taypark, Harecraig 

Bean, James, clerk, 8 Croft's lane 

Beat, Charles, greengrocer, 2 Thorter row ; h. 3 

Beat, John, lithographer, Grant's place, 42 West port 

Beat, John, calender overseer, S. Dudhope Works ; h. 42 St Mary's pi. 

Beat, William, fireman, 16 Crescent lane 

Beath, David, currier, 8 Crichton street 

Beath, James, currier, 32 Dudhope street 

Beath, John, (of Beath & Keay), grocer, 24 William st. ; h. 20 S. George st. 

BEATH & KEAY, ironfounders, Albion Foundry, 28 Hill street. See Adv. 

Beaton, Mrs N"., spiritdealer, 106 Hilltown ; h. 19 Calder's square^ 

Beats, Alexander, slater, 68 Bell street 

Beatson, Mrs, grocer, 20 Alexander street 

Beatt, Robert, manager, Camperdown Rivet Works ; /*. 5 Baffin street 

Beattie, Alexander, builder, 306 Perth road 

Beattie, Alexander, labourer, 70 Caldrum street 

Beattie, Charles, confectioner, 9 Overgate ; h. 20 

Beattie, James, confectioner, 5 Thorter row ; h. 77 Overgate 

Beattie, James, confectioner, 33 Union st. ; h. Agra house, E. Newport 

BEATTIE, JOHN, baker, 308 Perth road and 185 Blackness road; h. 193 

Perth road. See Adv. 
Beattie, Peter, confectioner, 71 Overgate ; h. 77 
Beattie, William, brushmaker, 11 Roslin terrace. Court street 
Beattie, Mrs, lodgings, 138 Perth road 
Beatts, Charles, auctioneer, valuator, and agent, 8 Bank street ; li. 

Small's cottage. West Ferry 
Beatts, David Budge, warehouseman, 32 South Tay street 
Beatts, John M., auctioneer and valuator, 5 Reform street ; h. 1 Thomley 

terrace, Madeira street 
Beedie, George, weaver, 13 Blackheath place 
Beedie, Thomas, beamer, 10 Ashton place 
Begbie, John, assistant inspector of poor, Dundee Parochial Board Office ; 

h. 17 North Wellington street 
Begbie, William, compositor, 68 St Andrew's street 
Begg, Andrew, milloverseer, 34 Ogilvie's road 
Begg, Arthur, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 50 Reform street 
Begg, Arthur, of Arthur Begg & Son, East Somerville place 
Begg, Arthur, greengrocer, 42 Dui-a street ; A. 1 Harriet street 
Begg, David G., of A. Begg & Son, East Somerville place 
Begg, Henry, of Garth & Begg, 5 Park terrace 
Begg, John, brewer, 16 St Mary's place 

Begg, Peter, librarian. Advertiser Office; h. the Cottage, Hill Street School 
Begg, William, grocer and spiritdealer, 109 Perth rd. ; h. 3 Ryehill lane 
Begg, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 69 Murraygate 
Begg, Mrs, 12 King street 

Beharrie, James D., confectioner, 103 Victoria road 
Behn, Mbller, & Co. , merchants, 4 India buildings 
Behrens, John G., accountant. Thistle cottage, Maryfield 
BELFAST FIRE INSURANCE CO., A. C. Johnstone, 79 Commercial street, 

agent. See Adv. 
Belgium, Vice-Consul for, T. W. Thorns, 18 St Andrew's place 


Bell, Adam, gardener, 153 Perth road ; h. 214 

Bell, Alexander H., mercliant, 2 India buildings ; h. Taycliff, Harecraig 
Bell, Alexander, commission and export mercliant, 4 India buildings, 

Victoria road, ; h. Homebank, West Ferry 
Bell, Rev. Arch., M.A., Chapelshade Established Church ; h. Dunedin 

cottage. Shamrock street 
Bell, David, joiner and funeral undertaker, 70 Caldrum street 
Bell, David, grocer, 261 Hawkhill ; h. 19 West wynd 
Bell, George, pawnbroker, 78 Cowgate ; A. 11 Panmure street 
Bell, Hay, stationer, Dundonald street 
Bell, James H. , export and commission merchant, Peruvian Consul, and 

Vice-Consul for Uruguay, 2 India buildings ; h. Riverleigh, Perth rd. 
Bell, James, & Sons, wholesale grocers and teadealers, N. Lindsay street 
Bell, James F., of James Bell & Sons, East Somerville place 
Bell, James, of Bell & Sime, Balgay terrace 
Bell, James, grocer, 82 Lochee road 
Bell, John W. , merchant, Belmont, 15 Perth road 
Bell, Jolin, tobaccospinner, 16 King's road 
Bell, John, lapper, 3 Glamis street 
Bell, John, mason, 13 Cleghorn street 
BeU, John W., lapper, 3 Ellen street 
BeU, Mary, grocer, 34 North Wellington street 

Bell, Eannie, & Co., wine merchants, 44 Reform st. ; D. Brown, agent 
Bell, Robert, 4 Airlie place 
Bell, Robert, cowfeeder, 13 Cleghorn street 
Bell, Robert, secretary, Trades Lane Calender ; li. Clarendon villa, 

BeU, Robert, milloverseer, 15 Lyon place 
Bell, Robert, ship'wright, 8 Arbroath road 
SeU, Robert, of William Sime & Co. , 42 Balgay street 
3ell & Sime, timber merchants, Balgay Saw Mills and Marine parade 
Bell, Thomas, merchant and floorcloth manufacturer, Belmont Works, 

118 HawkhiU ; h. Belmont, 15 Perth road 
Bell, Thomas, jun., merchant, 16 Windsor street 

BeU, Wm., merch. , Belmont Works ; h. HawkhUl House, 10 Hawkhill pL 
BeU, WiUiam, tailor and clothier, 10 High street 
BeU, William P., of James Bell & Sons, 12 Victoria chambers 
BeU, WUliam, examining ofhcer H.M. Customs ; h. 3 Arbroath road 
BeU, William, mechanic, 5 Milnbank road 
BeU, Mrs Agnes, East Somerville place 
BeU, Mrs J., milliner, 72 Princes street 
BeU, Mrs R., 26 Union street 

BeU, Misses, teachers, 20 Cowgate ; h. Brown street, Broughty Ferry 
BeU, Mrs, grocer, 29 Miller's wynd 
BeU, Mrs, Taycliff, Harecraig 
Belmont Works, 118 Hawkhill, Thomas BeU, merchant and floorcloth 

Jenner, J. R,, agent. Midland Rail. Co., 57 Meadowside ; A. Barnhill, 

Broughty Ferry 
Sennet, Alexander, retired shipbuilder, 16 Annfield street 
iennet, David, soUcitor and notary, 7 Ward road ; h. 27 Springfield 


Bennet, David, joiner and cartwright, 20 E. Henderson's wynd ; h. 11 

Bennet, Hector, fruit and potato merchant, 85 King street j 

Bennet, Richard, labourer, 32 Hillbank road 

Bennet, William, coaldealer, 33 Miller's wynd ; h. 39 i 

Bennet, William, boot merchant, 227 Overgate ; h. 11 Littlejohn street 

Benny, Jemima A., dress and mantle maker, 6 Polepark road 

Benvie, James, mason, 91 Peddie street 

Ben vie, John, joiner, Marion place, 185 Princes street 

Benvie, William, calenderer, packer, and sack manufacturer, 21 King 
street ; h. 9 Somerville place 

Benvie, W. H. , calenderer, packer, and sack manufacturer, 21 King st. ; 
h. Forebank terrace 

Bernard Street Works, 27 Bernard st., Lumsden & Cowley, calendererff 

Berrie, Mrs George, 24 Euclid crescent 

Berry, James, of Milne & Berry, Burnside terrace, Carnoustie 

Berry, John, ohairmaker, 10 North Ellen street 

Berry, Patrick, coaldealer, 10 Kinnaird street ; h. 14 

Berry, Thomas, yarn and linen merchant and manufacturer, 41 Cowgate 
h. 5 James place, Broughty Ferry 

Bertie, James, ship carpenter, 26 St Roque's lane 

Bertie, James, joiner, 18 Bellfield lane 

Bertie, Thomas, cooper, 24 St Roque's lane 

Bertie, William, teacher, Balfour Street Public School ; A. 10 Airlie ter, 

Bett, Cuthbertson, & Co., flax merchants, 19 Albert square 

Bett, Helen, grocer, 52 Hilltown 

Bett, James, plumber, 26 Bell street 

Bett, William C, blacksmith, 31 Step row 

Bett, Miss, 3 Springfield 

Beveridge, Alex., dairyman, North Clepington road 
Beveridge, George, clerk, 6 Benvie road 
Beveridge, Meldrum, police sergeant, 21 Kincardine street 
Beveridge, Mrs Christina, confectioner, 120 Lochee road 
Beveridge, Mrs, manglekeeper, 23 Park wynd 
Bewick, Peter, clerk, 22 West wynd 
Bickerton, David, clothier, 41 William street, Forebank 
Billington, John, prison warder, 53 Lochee road f. 

Biunie, Alexander, mUlforeman, 3 Mitchell street I 

Binny, James, clerk, 4 Park terrace ' 

Bird, Thomas, gasfitter, 18 Meadowside 

Birmingham, Matthew, pawnbroker, 182 Scouringburn ; A. 176 
Birnie, Alexander, baker, Annfield street ; h. 77 Peddie street I 

Birnie, Alexander, cabinetmaker 12 St Mary's place ; 

Birnie, David, moulder, 1 Mains loan '; 

Birnie, Edward, engineer and machine merchant, 101 Hilltown ; li 3 
James street | 

Birnie, Robert, moulder, 4 Isla street [ 

Birnie, Mrs, lodgings, 43 Union street \ 

Birrell, Agnes, 28 King street ' 

Birrell, Alexander, H. , clerk, South Dudhope Works ; h. 1 W. Bell slj, 
Birrell, John, teacher, Euclid Crescent School ; li. 1 West Bell street ! 
Birrell, J. W., clerk, 6 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 


Birse, Thomas, clerk, 12 Elizabeth street 

Birse, William, foreman, 30 Court street 

Bisset, Alexander, fireman, 29 North Tay street 

Bisset, Andrew, tailor, 5 William street 

Bisset, Charles, gardener, Fernbrae, Perth road 

Bisset, Chris. J., C.E. and architect, 5 Reform street ; h. 22 Airlie place 

Bisset, David, agent. East Coast Railway Companies, 33 Cowgate ; h. 

King street, Broughty Ferry 
'1 [Bisset, George S., clerk. North Clepington road 
Bisset, James, sheriff and J. P. officer, 51 High street; h. 74 Blackscroft 
iBisset, James, baker, 151 Ann street ; h. 153 
Bisset, James, timekeeper, 4 Annfield street 
*' Bisset, Thomas, feuar, 99 Lochee road 
Bisset, Thomas, joiner, 45 Nelson street 
pISSET, WILLIAM, saddler, 57 Reform street ; h. East Somerville 

place. See Adv. 
Bisset, William, printer, 3 Annfield row 

■Bissett, Gray, solicitor, 12 Bank st. ; h. Gowanbank, Broughty Ferry 
Black, Alexander D. , flax inspector, 20 Dallfield terrace 
Black, Andrew, 4 Lawrence street 
Black, Charles, newsagent, 68 Dudhope street 
Black, David L. , painter and paperhanger, 9 Shore terrace ; h. 10 
Black, David, landscape gardener and contractor, 17 Park place 
Black, David, clerk, 6 Rosefield street 
Black, David, dockgateman, 30 Balfour street 
Black, Ebenezer, jobbing gardener and greengrocer, 204 Hawkhill 
Black, Euphemia, teacher, Butterburn Public School ; h. 87 Peddie st. 
Black, George, traveller, Balbirnie terrace, 111 Victoria road 
Black, George, clerk, 30 Raglan street 
Black, George, fitter, 74 Dura street 

Black, James, bootmaker, 51 Nethergate ; h. 13 Park entry. Temple lane 
Black, James M., tinsmith, coppersmith, zincworker, and gasfitter, 96 

Murraygate ; h. 1 West Bell street 
Black, James, confectioner, 197 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Blackheath 
Black, James A., law clerk, 1 St Peter street 
Black, Rev. James, 8 Park terrace 

Black, John J. W., merchant, 23 Peter street ; h. 14 Raton's lane 
Black, John O., baker, 12 Hawkhill; h. 10 
Black, John, & Son, bakers, 61 Albert street 
Black, John, baker, 26 Albert street 

Black, John, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Gellatly street ; h. 4 
Black, John, gardener, 32 Pennycook lane 
Black, John, boot and shoe maker, 103 Lochee road 
jBlack, John, blacksmith, 16 Queen street 
[Black, John, joiner, 1 Thistle street 
Black, John, overseer, 10 Lawrence street 

Black, Robt., manager, Baltic Linen Works ; hA Havelock pi., Croft's lane 
Black, R., & Co., general dealers, 108 Victoria road ; h. 9 Lamb's lane 
Black, Thomas, milloverseer, 282 Perth road 
lack, Thomas, tenter, 4 Cleghorn street 
lack, Wm. M., mercht., 30 Meadowside; A.Almondbank villa, Carnoustie 


Black, William, baker, 1 Elizabeth street ; h. 88 Rosebank street 
Black, WilliaEQ, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 94 Murraygate ; 

h. 7 Cowgate 
Black, William, joiner, 24 Dallfield terrace 
Black, Mrs David, baker, 5 North Lindsay street ; h. 7 
Black, Mrs Isabella, spiritdealer, 137 Blackscroft ; A. 61 Ferry road 
Black, Mrs James, manglekeeper, 48 Dallfield walk 
Black, Mrs Thomas, 87 Peddie street 
Black, Miss E. D., dressmaker, 20 Dallfield terrace 
Blackadder, Robert, architect and C.E., 41 Reform st. ; h. 20 Windsor stil 
Blackie, Matthew, commission merchant and auctioneer, 123 Murraygate; 

h. Tayport 
Blackie & Son, publishers, booksellers, and bookbinders, 37 Unioni 

street; J. Brown, agent 
Blackie, Thos., manager, Taybank Works ; h. St Matthew st., Ferry rd. 
Blackie, William M., clerk. Bank of Scotland ; h. Broad street, Tajrport 
Blacklaws, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 154 and 156 Nether- 
gate ; h. Gowrie street 
Blacklaws, Mrs, 90 Seagate 

Blackness Factory, Blackness road, Kinnear, Fithie, & Co., manufacturers 
Blackness Foundry, Larch street, Urquhart, Lindsay, & Co, engineers 
Blackness Works, Urquhart street, Herman Re6, manufacturer 
Blackwood, Henry, manager of Dundee Crated Water Manufacturing 

Co. Limited, 21 Magdalen Yard road 
Blackwood, John, coal merchant, 86 James street 
Blair, David, shoemaker, 35 Hilltown ; h. 14 Dallfield terrace 
Blair, David, clerk, 56 Dura street 
Blair, David S., pastry baker, 28 Catherine street 
Blair, Francis, blacksmith, 58 Crescent lane 
Blair, James, bookseller, 40 Wellgate ; h. 219 Overgate 
Blair, James, railway clerk, Salisbury place, Arbroath road 
Blair, James, cabinetmaker, 17 Dudhope street ; h. 3 John street 
Blair, John, wine merchant, 48 Scouringburn ; Ti. 9 Strawberrybank 
Blair, John, clerk, 100 Annfield road 
Blair, Peter, shipmaster, 4 Dock street 
Blair, Robert, tenter, 11 Robertson street 

Blair, Thomas H., grocer, 4 Hunter street ; h. 9 Strawberrybank 
BLAIR, WILLIAM, bookseller and stationer, 40 Wellgate ; /;. 3 Baltic 

street. See Adv. 
Blair, William B. , clerk, 7 Helen place, Lyon street 
Blair, Mrs Mary, spiritdealer, 50 Bell street; h. 68 
Blair, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Helen place, Lyon street 
Blakeney, Thomas S., of Moon, Langlands, & Co., 4 Craigie ter., Ferry rd. 
Blues, Mrs, 144 Seagate 
Blyth, Alexander, joiner, 11 Blackness street 
Bljrth, Andrew, baker. Smith's court, 153 Hawkhill 
Blyth, David, joiner and builder, Annfield street ; h. Woodrifi' terrace, 

Bl3i;h, James, painter and paperhanger, 1194 Hawkhill ; h. l72 
Bl3rth, James, gardener, Farington Hall 
Blyth, James, gas-stoker, 90 Blackscroft 



Blyth, John B., tailor, 17 Glamis street 

Blyth, Thomas, seaman, 91 Seagate ^ 

Blyth, William, glazier, 156 Hawkhill ; h. 129 

Blyth, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 4 Hospital "wynd ; li. 10 

Boase, Alfred, of Boase & Co., Claverhouse 

Boase & Co., yarn bleachers, yarn millers, and calenderers, Claverhouse, 

Trottick, and 33 St Andrew's street 
Boase, George William, banker, Royal Bank, Castle street ; h. 3 Wind- 
sor terrace 
iBoase, Henry, spianer and manufacturer, Wellfield Works ; office, 4 

India buildiiigs ; h. 3 Clarendon terrace 
Boase, Henry S., M.D., F.R.S., &c., Seafield House, 1 Magdalen place 
Boase, Henry S., Wellfield Works ; h. 3 Clarendon terrace 
Boase & Mudie, jutespinners and manufacturers. Bank Mill Works, 167 

Blackness road 
Boase, Samuel S. , of Boase & Mudie, 8 Westfield place 
Boase, Wm. L., & Co., hemp and flax spinners and manufacturers, 62 St 

St Andrew's st. 
Boase, WiUiamL., of William L. Boase & Co., 1 Airlie place 
Boath, David, contractor, 229 Perth road 
Boath, James, 229 Perth road 

Boath, William S. , clerk, Town Chamberlain's office ; h. 64 Dura street 
Bogue, John, waste merchant, 10 Small's lane ; Ji. 56 Kinloch place 
Bogue, Mrs Janet, spiritdealer, 28 Scouringburn ; li. 24 
Boland, Patrick, & Co., tailors, clothiers, &c., 11 and 22 HawkhiU ; h. 9 
Bonar, James, boatbuilder, 38 William street, Forebank 
Bonar, Helen, confectioner, 109 Hilltown ; h. 63 Dallfield walk 
Bonar, Thomas, slater, 47 North Wellington street 
Bond, Alfred E., grocer and provision merchant, and wholesale egg 

merchant, 95 Victoria road ; h. 93 
Bond, John, late spiritdealer, Balbirnie terrace. 111 Victoria road 
Bonella, John, blacksmith, 3 Annfield row 
Bonthron, Helen, confectioner, 34 Scouringburn 
Booth, Allan, millwright, 1 Shepherd's loan 
Booth, James, veterinary surgeon, 224 Lochee road 
Booth, David, blacksmith, West Henderson's wynd ; h. 109 Lochee rd. 
Booth, Mrs, 11 Panmure street 
Borrie, David, joiner, 2 Blyth street 

Borthwick, Alex. , Berlin wool repository, 5 Queen's Hotel buildings 
Borthwick, Walter, bellhanger, 10 Lawrence street 
Boswell, David, of M'Naughton & Boswell, 31 Crescent street 
Bothwell, William, police sergeant, 12 Dura street 
Bow, Christina, dressmaker, 28 Balfour street 
Bowbridge Works, 65 Mains road, J. & A. D. Grimond, spinners 
Bowden, Miss Lavinia, Parisian milliner, mantle and dress maker, 130a 

Nethergate ; h. 38 Seafield road 
Bower, David, watchmaker, 35 Panmure street ; Ti. 12 Garland place 
^''' Bower Mill, Blinshall street, John Sharp, manufacturer 
Bowes Brothers, printers, 4J High street 
Bowes, George, joiner, 40 St Mary's place 
Bowes, John, of Bowes Brothers, 38 Seafield road 


Bowes, John Y., boot and shoe maker, 64 Hawkhill and 3 St Peter street 

h. 40 St Mary's place 
Bowie, James, confectioner, 26 Parker street 

Bowman, Alexander, collector. Advertiser Office ; h. Cottage pl.,B. Ferr 
Bowman, David, grocer, 1 Roslin terrace, Court street 
Bowman, Bbenezer, painter and paperhanger, 189 Princes street ; It. 47 
Bowman, Mrs, 172 Perth road 

Boyack, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 23 Panmure street 
Boyack, Alexander, of A. Boyack & Co., Links villa, Broughty Ferry^ 
Boyack, James, waste merchant, 72 Constable street ; h. 63 King stree 
Boyack, James, ropemaker, 76 Caldrum street 
Boyack, William, (of William Boyack & Co.), merchant, Calcutta; h 

Broughty Ferry 
Boyack, William, & Co., merchants, 2 India buildings 
Boyd, David T. , merchant, 23 Panmure street ; h. Glasgow 
Boyd, David, shoemaker, 62 Dudhope street ; h. 24 Dallfield walk 
Boyd, George, wine and spirit merchant, 1 10 Blackscroft ; A. 106 
Boyd, James, of Jas. Keiller & Son, Clarendon villa, Seafield, B. Ferry 
Boyd, James, cabinetmaker and joiner, 18 Nethergate ; h. 6 Perth roac 
Boyd, James, tailor, 8 St Clement's lane 

Boyd, John, hairdresser and perfumer, 4 S. Tay street ; h. 28 Balfour st 
Boyd, Margaret, manglekeeper, 29 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Boyd, Omar, sub-postmaster and grocer, 142 Scouringburn ; h. 48 
Boyd, Omar, jun., grocer and spirit mercht., 183 Scouringburn; h. 178 
Boyd, Robert, solicitor and notary, 20 Reform st. ; h. Taybank, Newpor' 
Boyd, Thomas, jun., clerk, 48 Blackscroft 
Boyd, Thomas H., bootmaker, 20 Overgate 

Boyd, Miss Eliza, milliner, 14 N. Church street ; h. 131 Ann street 
Boyd, Mrs James, 1 Craigiebank place, Pitkerro road 
Boyes, Thomas J. G., solicitor, 13 Ward road ; h. 1 Prospect terrace. 

Broughty Ferry 
Boyle, Charles, H.M. Customs, 31 Victoria road 
Boyle, James, ale and porter bottler, 18 James street 
Boyle, James, mechanic, 8 Kincardine street 
Boyle, John, dyer, Seafield Works ; h. 36 Taylor's lane 
Boyle, John, general dealer, 11 Alexander street 
Boyle, Robert, paper-ruler, 40 Carmichael street 
Boyle, William, grocer, 122 Scouringburn ; h. Balgay Park terrace 
Boyle, William, broker, 10 Barrack street ; li. 14 
Boylen, Michael, labourer, 2 Milne's West wynd 
Boyne, Miss, draper, 5 Springhill place. Ferry road 
Boyter, Alexander, tobacconist, 38 Greenmarket ; A. 43 Castle street 
Boyter, John, clerk, 43 Castle street 
Boyter, Robert, architect's assistant, 43 Castle street 
Boyter, Mrs James, china merchant, 104 Hawkhill 
Boyter, Mrs, house proprietor, 18 Bellfield lane 

BRADFORD, JOHN S., china, crystal, and stoneware merchant, 3 Green- 
market ; glass and china merchant, 132 Nethergate ; rag, rope, and 
waste merchant, Clepington Steam Waste Works, Arklay street and 
18 Baltic street ; h. The Sycamores, 1 Albany terrace. See Adv. 
Bradley, James, overseer, Baltic Linen Works ; h. 209 Hawklull 


Bradley, Jolin, 9 Meucliar street 
Brady, Ann, grocer, 19 N. Wellington street 
Brady, Owen, grocer, 10 Park street 
Brady, Peter, bottler, 8 Blackness road ; h. 6 
Braid, Charles D. , of Simpson & Braid, 7 South Ellen street 
Braid, Robert, joiner, 29 St Salvador street 

Brand, David, teller, British Linen Bank ; h. Hillbank, Newport 
Brand, Isabella, dressmaker, 35 Constitution road 
Brand, James, clerk, D. P. & L. Shipping Co. ; A. Hillbank, Newport 
Brand, William, Mylnefield House, Mylnefield 
Brandt & Luhrs, flax merchants, 37 Meadowside 
Brannan, Michael, labourer, 44 Mid street 
Brazil, Vice-Consul for, Thomas Collier, 20 Paiunure street 
Brean, Mrs, dressmaker, 214 Lochee road 

Brebner, Jas., M.A., teacher, Dundee Institution; h. 2 Scotswood terr, 
Brechin, James B., publisher, bookbinder, and account-book manufac- 
turer, 76 High street ; li. 2 Tay Street lane 
Breckenridge, Mrs, lodgings, 8 Parker street 
Bremner, Andrew, of Smart & Bremner, 28 Kincardine street 
Bremner, David, joiner, 34 Ash street ; h. 14 Albany terrace 
Bremner, Jolm, labourer, Tannadyce street 

Bremner, Robert, cabinetmaker, 51 Hilltown ; li. 88 Rosebank street 
BREW, WILLIAM, family grocer and wine merchant, 77 and 79 Nether- 
gate ; h. 184 Perth road. See Adv. 
Bricknal, Alexander, clerk, 35 Constitution road 
Briggs, Thomas, oilcloth and tarpauling manufacturer, of Manchester ; 

office, 53 Cowgate 
Briggs, William, coal agent, 3 Roslin terrace 

Briggs, William, asphalt manufacturer, E. Dock street ; h. Arbroath 
3rinmer, George, shopkeeper, 18 Airlie place 

JRIMNER, JAMES, wine and spirit merchant, 16 Dock street ; h. IS 
Airlie place. See Adv. 

British and Foreign Metaline Co., manufacturers of metaline and 
engine iiacking, Wallace court, Mui'raygate ; office, 5 Royal 
Exchange court 

British Hotel, High street and 4 Castle st., Joseph Rickard, proprietor 

British Linen Company Bank, 83 Murraygate, Thomas Sanderson, 
; agent ; West port, James Ireland, agent 

5i'odie, George, watchmaker, 1 Littlejohn street 

5rodie, James, boot manufacturer, 93 Perth road ; h. 2 Annfield road 

kodie, James, gasfitter, 117 Ann street 

5rodie, John, boot and shoe maker, 22 Arbroath road 

Jrodie, John, f actoryworker, 5 Annfield row 

5rodie, John, porter, 17 St Mary street 

Brodie, R. M. , banker and solicitor, Royal Bank, 98 King street ; h. 
Reres terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Jrodie, W. Lyon, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, Taymouth 
Linen Works, Carnoustie ; office, 14 Victoria chambers 

Brodie, Walter Lyon, of W. Lyon Brodie & Co., 14 Victoria chambers 

Jrough, A. J., of Storrier, Brough, & Co., 6 Clarendon terrace 

irough, David, tenter, 9 Baxter street 


Brough, George, glazier, 127 Eosebank street 

Brough, Lawrence, tobacconist, 9 Cowgate ; h. 13 Dudhope street i 

Brown, Alexander, dockgateman, 16 St Andrew's street 

Brown, Alexander, foreman fitter, 98 Princes street 

Brown, Alexander, draper, 94 Princes street ; h. 53 Victoria street 

Brown, Alexander, street porter, 23 S. George street 

Brown, Andrew H. , corn mercbt., Guthrie st. ; h. Ferry bouse, B. Ferry 

Brown, Andrew, clerk, 30 Nortb Lindsay street 

Brown, Andrew, joiner, 17 Nortb Wellington street 

Brown, Ann, manglekeeper, 68 Dura street 

Brown, Cbarles R., waiter, 179 Blackness road 

Brown, Cbarles M., clerk, 36 Netbergate 

Brown, Colin, stationer and tobacconist, 74 Hawkbill ; 7i. 4 Lawrence st. 

Brown, David, agent for Bell, Rannie, & Co., wine merchants, 44Refonri 

street ; h. Beach cottage, Brougbty Ferry 
BROWN, DAVID, plumber, brassfounder, and gasfitter, 55 South Tayst. 

and Gowan's court ; 1i. Camperdown cottage, Baldovan. See Adv. 
Brown, David, wine and spirit merchant, 23 Overgate ; h. Cardrona, 

Forfar road 
Brown, David, of John Brown & Son, 76 Strathmartine road 
Brown, David, merchant, 3 Craig street 

Brown, David, commission agent, 6 S. Union st. ; A. 14 Strawberrybant 
Brown, David, optician, 27 Craigie street 
Brown, David, stableman, 9 Crescent street 

Brown, D. Barclay, merchant, 23 St Andrew's street ; h. Brougbty Ferry 
BROWN, D. B., auctioneer and valuator, 74 High st. ; li. 18 Nethergate 

See Adv. 
Brown, Edward, seaman, 43 Milnbank road 
Brown, George, shipmaster, 18 Arbroath road 
Brown, George, clerk, 7 King street ; h. 3 South George street 
Brown, George, porter, Mortimer place 
Brown, George, bellhanger, 9 Parker street 

Brown, Rev. James C, Long Wynd Baptist Church ; h. 20 Springfield 
Brown, James, stationer, 41 Victoria road ; li. 39 
Brown, James C, draper, 81 High street ; h. 132a Nethergate 
Brown. James, plumber, brassfounder, and gasfitter, 55 South Tay st. 

h. 122 HawkhUl 
Brown, James, oilbroker and commission agent, 6 Dallfield terrace 
Brown, James, pawnbroker, 90 Hilltown ; h. 59 Wellgate 
Brown, James, coaldealer, 16 Scouringburn ; h. 80 Hill street 
Brown, James, dairyman, 17 Malcolm street j 

Brown, James, gardener, Crawford Lodge, Perth road \ 

Brown, James, book-keeper, Greenlaw place ^ 

Brown, James, railway servant, 46 Constable street 
Brown, James, tailor, 2 Gardner's lane 
Brown, James, mechanic, 204 Lochee road 
Brown, James, plasterer, 9 Glamis street 
Brown, James, toUkeeper, Lilybank Toll 
Brown, James W., merchant, 2 Royal Exchange place ; h. 2 Thomley gj 

terrace, Madeira street 
Brown, John, & Son, builders, 96 Strathmartine road 


Brown, John, of John Brown & Son, 96 Strathmartine road 

Brown, John, of Brown & Todd, 13 West Dock street 

Brown, John, baker, 102 and 104 Sconringburn 

Brown, John, blacksmith, 24 Rose street 

iBrown, John, clerk, Magdalen place, Clepington road 

Brown, John, agent, Mortimer place 
Brown, John, mason, 7 Helen place, ] 

Lyon street 
Brown, John, millwright, 60 Hill street 
Brown, John, carter, 2 M'Gill street 
Brown, John, weaver, 5 Don's road 
Brown, John, mechanic, 64 Croft's lane 
Brown, John, labourer, 38 Dura street 
Brown, J. W., merchant, 2 Royal Exchange pi. ; h. 2 Thornley terrace, 

Madeira street 
Brown, Patrick, broker and watchdealer, 218 Overgate ; /(. 214 
Brown, Peter, joiner, 20 N. Ellen street 
-Brown, Peter, clerk, 133 Princes street 
'Brown, P. & M. , turners, 14 Candle lane ; h. 108 Seagate 
Brown, Robert, calender manager, Wallace Works ; h. 103 Victoria rd. 
Brown, Robert, jun., bootmaker, 33 Reform st. ; h. Kilnburn pi., Newport 
Brown, Robert, chief engineer, H.M.S. "Challenger"; h. 246 Perth road 
Brown, Robert, moulder, 36 Dura street 
Brown, Robert C, clerk, Balbirnie terrace, 91 Victoria road 
Brown, Robert, fireman, Fairley place 

Brown, Thomas, & Co. , merchants and manufacturers, 4 India buildings 
Brcwn, Thomas, & Son, house painters, 47 Perth road 
Brown, Thomas E. , of Robertson & Co., 6 Shore terrace 
iBrown, Thomas, of Thomas Brown & Son, 174 Perth road 
•Brown, Thomas, inspector of poor for Liff and Benvie, 37 Nethergate ; 
I h. Balgay terrace. Logic street, Lochee 
'Brown, Thomas, joiner, 15 St Mary street 
Brown, Thomas, blacksmith, Mnewells 
Brown, Thomas, carter, 25 Asylum lane 
Brown & Todd, shipwrights, boatbuilders, and mastmakers, East end 

Camperdown dock 
Brown, William, of Thomas Brown & Son, 174 Perth road 
Brown, William, jun., salt merchant and commission agent, 13 Green- 
market ; h. 8 Garland place 
rown, William, manager, Boase & Co. 's Calender ; Ji. 85 Victoria road 
rown, William, grocer, 45 Scouringburn ; /;. 38 
Town, William, warehouseman, 53 North Church street 
■rown, William, mason. Hawthorn place, 154 Lochee road 
Town, William, Rustic place, 65 Constitution road 
^rown, William A., 11 Clarendon terrace, Perth road 
■rown, William, calender worker, 31 Victoria road 
■rown, Mrs Archibald, manglekeeper, 14 Ireland's lane 
irown, Mrs Isabella, 1 Viewforth place 
Town, Mrs James, 3 Gowrie place 

■rown, Mrs James, spiritdealer, 17 Victoria road ; h. 11a 
rown, Mrs John, grocer, 49 Victoria road 
irown, Mrs John, 18 King's road 


Brown, Mrs Margaret, 9 Wellington street 

Brown, Mrs Robert, grocer, 6 Rosebank street 

Brown, Mrs William, 43 Castle street 

Brown, Mrs, greengrocer, 7 St Andrew's street 

Brown, Mrs, manglekeeper, 2 Brown street 

Brown, Mrs, Tannadice street 

Brown, Mrs, 240 Perth road 

Brown, Miss Alice B., 1 West Bell street 

Brown, Miss Kate, grocer, 21 Blackness street ; h. 14 Annfield street 

Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 6 Benvie road 

Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 88 Hawkhill 

Brown, Miss, 1 Gowrie place 

Brown, Misses, teachers, 13 Osborne place 

Brownlee, W. & R., builders and joiners, 40 Small's wynd 

Brownlee, William, of W. & R. Brownlee, 1 Clarendon terrace 

Bruce, Alexander, joiner, 47 Elizabeth street ; h. 28 North George street 

Bruce & Campbell, blacksmiths and cartwrights, 49 Forebank road 

Bruce, David, & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 3 Royal Exchange pL 

Bruce, David, of David Bruce & Co. , 4 Douglas terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Bruce, David G. , house-agent and valuator, 67 Seagate ; h. 24 Euclid cres. 

Bruce, David, wine and spirit merchant, 24 Wellgate ; h. 2 Meadow st. 

Bruce, David, moulder, Dundonald street 

Bruce, David A., of Bruce & Campbell, 32 Ann street 

Bruce, George, baker, 152 Princes street ; h. 150 

Bruce, George, baker, 2 Ramsay street 

Bruce, James, brassfinisher and gasfitter, 23 Ogilvie's road 

Bruce, John, architect, 31 Bank street ; h. Cadzow castle, Newport 

Bruce, John P., clerk, 43 Candle lane ; h. 110 "Victoria road 

Bruce, John W., baker, 249 Blackness road 

Bruce, John, mechanic, 1 North William street 

Bruce, John D., solicitor and notary, 116 Seagate; h. Sunnybank, 61 

Magdalen green 
Bruce & Luckie, engineers, &c. , East side King WiUiam dock 
Bruce, Peter, grocer, 27 Strathmartine road ; A. 25 
Bruce, Peter, butcher, 92 Scouringburn ; h. 1 Heathfield lane 
Bruce, Peter, sackmaker, 10 Park wynd ; li. 8 Lavrrence street 
Bruce, Robert, accountant, 10 Raton's lane 
Bruce, Robert, confectioner, 8 Wallace street 
Bruce, Robert, joiner, 4 Phin's land, Peddie street 
Bruce, William, of Bruce & Luckie, 7 Victoria street 
Bruce, William K., of James Keiller & Son, 9 Clarendon terr., Perth rd. 
Bruce, William, waiter, 7 Ireland's lane 
Bruce, William, spirit merchant, 47 Caldrum street ; h. 41 
Bruce, William, manager, Logie Works ; h. 202 Scouringburn 
Bruce, William, gardener, 10 Janefield place 
Bruce, Mrs, grocer, 306 Hawkhill 
Bruce, Mrs, dressmaker, 41 Main street 
Bruce, Mrs, manglekeeper, 1 Rosebank road 
Bruce, Miss E., lodgings, 176 Perth road 
Bruce, Miss J., tobacconist, 115 Hawkhill ; A. 21 Isles' lane 
Brunton, Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 2 Idvies street 



Brush, Samuel, of Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, 2 Somerville place, east 

BRYDEN, JOHN, & SONS, bellhangers, venetian-blind makers, &c., 
Calcutta buildings, Commercial street. See Adv. 

Brjrmer, Alexander, hammerman, 13 North Ellen street 

Brymer, David, blacksmith, 70 Constable street ; h. 2 Craigie street 

Brymer, John, boot and shoe maker, llj Scouringburn ; h. 9 

Brymer, Mary, manglekeeper, 44 Dudhope street 

Brymer, Thomas, draper, 161 Scouringburn ; h. Balmerino 

Brymer, Mrs, 8 Lamb's lane 

Bryson, David S., clerk, 30 Raglan street 

Bryson, John, joiner, 30 Raglan street 

Buchan, Alexander, jun., mechanic, 6 Blyth street 

Buchan, Andrew, mechanic, 2 Gardner's lane 

Buchan, David, baker, 85 Perth road 

Buchan, David, cowfeeder, 179 Blackness road 

Buchan, John S., valuator and house proprietor, 24 Bank street ; h. 12 

Buchan, John, engineer, 49^ Peddie street 

Buchan, Sarah C, teacher, 7 Ward road ; h. 35 Cowgate 

Buchan, Thomas, auctioneer and valuator, 24 Bank street ; h. 12 Straw- 
berrybank, and Balhousie, Largo 

Buchan, William Young, merchant, 35 Cowgate 

Buchan, William, confectioner, 72 Bell st. ; h. Elsinore pi. , 3 Hilltown 

Buchan, William, insurance agent, 85 Ann street 

Buchan, Mrs James, 34 Tait's lane 

Buchanan, W. S., manager. Trades Lane Calendering Company ; h, 7 
Clarendon terrace 

Buchart, John, M.A., Hill Street Public School ; h. 9 Union terrace 

Budd, W. Glover, innkeeper, 31 High street; h. 62 Commercial street 

Buddo, Rob. , commiss. agent, 42 Candle lane ; h. The Cottage, Tayport 

Buglass, William B., governor of Prison ; h. Prison buildings, W. Bellst. 

Bulk, Alexander, tinsmith. 111 Victoria road 

Bulk, George, of Bulk & Reoch, 120 Nethei-gate 

Bulk, George, mechanic, 22 Catherine street 

Bulk, Henry, of W. & H. Bulk, 125 Nethergate 

Buik, James, van and lorry builder, HE. Bell st. ; h. 54 King st., B. Perry 

Buik, K. Hewat, 125 Nethergate 

Buik, Peter, mechanic, 22 Catherine street 

Buik & Reoch, coachbuilders, 59 Yeaman shore 

Buik, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 77 Seagate ; h. 1 King's road 

Buik, W. & H., rope and sail makers, 17 Dock street 

Buik, William H., of W. & H. Buik, 1 Viewforth place 

Buist, Alex. J., of Don Brothers, Buist, & Co., Reresmount, B. Ferry 

Buist, David, compositor, 6 Phin's land, Peddie street 

Buist, Henry, manager, Rockwell Works ; h. Rockwell house, Coldside 

Buist, James, of Gillespie & Buist, 21 Kincardine street 

Buist, James, of Donaldson & Buist, 28 Todburn lane 

Buist, J. H., of Packard Buist & Sons, 31 Exchange street 

Buist, Richard, & Sons, upholsterers and cabinetmakers, 16 Castle st. ; 
workshop, 50 Gellatly street 

Buist, Thomas, of Richard Buist & Sons, 2 Viewforth place 


Buist, Mrs C, laundress, 149 Blackness road 

Buist, Mrs Richard, of Ricliard Buist & Sons, 31 Exchange street 

Buist, Miss, tobacconist and stationer, 58 Princes street 

Bunch, Peter, confectioner, 141 HawkhUl ; h. 1 Wilkie's lane 

Burch, John, chinmey-sweeper, 123 Blackscroft 

Burden, James, wine and spirit merchant, 47 Union st ; h.l Airlie ter. 

Burgess, George, merchant, 2 Royal Exchange pi. ; li. 222 Perth road 

Burgess, John, painter, 204 Lochee road 

Burk, Thomas, ropemaker, 175 Lochee road 

Burness, Archibald, fishdealer, 146 Hawkhill ; h. 51 Lochee road 

Burness, William, inspector of weights and measures, 29 North Lindsay ' 

street ; h. Dalhousie terrace 
Burnet, Da\rid, wine and spirit merchant, 1 and 3 Stirling street ; li. 

Inglewood terrace, 88 Rosebank street 
Burnett, Alexander, clerk. East station ; li. 16 Wilkie's lane 
Burnett, Alexander, lettercarrier, 24 Lilybank road 
Burnett, George, & Co., merchants, 2 India buildings 
Burnett, G eorge, of George Burnett & Co. , Seafield Cottage, B. Ferry 
Burnett, George, sanitary officer, Sanitary Depot, Epidemic Hospital, 

Burnett, Thomas, porter, 17 Craigie street 
Burns, Alexander B., shipmaster, 12 Benvie road 
Burns, Andrew, 203 Scouringburn 
Burns, Charles D. , butcher, 21 Dallfield terrace 

Bums, G. & J., steamship owners, and agents for Cunard Line, 11 Pan- 
mure street 
Bums, James, clerk. Royal Bank, Murraygate ; h. 3 Peter street 
Burns, James, coachtrimmer, 17 Long wynd 
Burns, Peter, harbour porter, 7 Pennycook lane 
Burns, Thomas, storekeeper, 7 Lyon street 
Burns, William, messenger. Royal Bank, Murraygate ; h. 3 Peter street 

Burns, Mrs, grocer, 199 Lochee road. 

Burns, Mrs, lodgings, 8 Charles street 

Bums, Mrs, manglekeeper, 276 Perth road 

Burridge, Mrs, lodgings, 37 Nethergate 

Burry, Peter, carter, 32 Bell street 

Burt, Mrs David, 2 Annfield road 

Bushell & Co. , tea merchants, 68 Wellgate 

Butchart, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 27 Overgate ; h. 51 
Yeaman shore ; 

Butchart, Alexander, stationer, 11 North Wellington street i 

Butchart, Alexander, factory worker, 29 South George street 

Butchart, George, jun., baker, 64 Wellgate; li. 1 Morrison's court 

Butchart, George, carter, 88 Hill street | 

Butchart, George, 16 Forebank road 

Butchart, Isaac, millworker, 374 Loons road 

Butchart, James F. , manager. Bow Bridge Works ; h. 4 Wellington st. 

Butchart, James R., basket manufacturer and fancy goods merchant, 
30 Overgate ; h. 110 Princes street 

Butchart, John, of Butchart, Lindsay, & Co., 14 Panmure terrace i 

Butchart, John, tenter, 26 Seafield road | 


Butchart, Lindsay, & Co., spinners and manufacturers of hemp car- 
peting, manilla matting, sacking, &c., Dundee Linen Works, 31 
Constitution street 

Butchart, Peter, manager, Dens Road Factory ; h. 31 Cotton road 

Butchart, Thomas, mechanic, 193 Blackness road 

Butchart, William, engine driver, 15 Catherine street 

Butchart, William P., of Morison, Anderson, & Butchart, 9 Wellington st. 

Butchart, Mrs Alexander, 24 Cricht on street 

Butchart, Mrs D., 88 Princes street 

Butchart, Mrs John, 2 Windsor street 

Buttar, Andrew, slater and slate merchant, 31 Hawkhill 

Butter, Alexander, moulder, 54 James street 

Butter, Alex. , book-keeper, Methven & Norrie's ; h. 4 Renny pi. , W.Ferry 

Butter, Alexander, clerk, Procurator Fiscal's office ; h. 5 Gowrie place 

Butter, Christina, teacher. Industrial School ; A. 24 Thomson street 

Butter, James, wine and spirit merchant, 54 S. Tay st. ; h. 225 Overgate 

Butter, Peter, tailor, 127 Cowgate 

Butter, Mrs David, confectioner, 56 James street 

Butter, Mrs, 41 Caldrum street 

Butter, Miss Jessie, confectioner, 67 Caldrum street 

Byers, Mrs, 12 Peter street 

Byres, William, clerk, 9 Ellen street 

Cable, John, late joiner, 4 Balfour street 

Cade, A. H. (Richards & Co.), merchant, 14 Victoria chambers ; h. 

The Cliff, Newport 
Cadogan, Mrs Mary Ann, dressmaker, 10 South George street 
Caird, George, teacher, Hawkhill Public School ; h. 14 Thomson street 
Caird, James K., manufacturer, 19 Cowgate ; h. 8 Magdalen Yard road 
Caird, Thomas, mechanic, 204 Lochee road 
Caird, William, builder and quarry master, Yeaman shore and Rose- 

rnill quarry ; A. West Denhead, Coupar- Angus 
Caird, Mrs John, Viewbank, Blackness road 
Cairncross, Henry, 61 Constitution road 
Cairnie, James, loilloverseer, 7 Blyth street 
Cairns, Arthur, powerloom overseer, 11 Cleghorn street 
Cairns, James, woodturner, 2 Ness street 

Cairns, Robert, colliery agent, 30 Dock st. ; A. 1 James pi., B. Ferry 
Caithness, David, mechanic, 8 Arm field street 
Caithness, Francis, agent, carting department, Caledonian Railway, 

West station ; A. 15 Louise terrace. West Ferry 
Caithness, John, shipmaster, 13 Victoria street 
Caithness, John, engineer, 2 Ogilvie's road 
Caithness, William, mechanic, 8 Annfield street 

Calder, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 225 Hilltown ; A. 223 
Calder, Alexander, jun., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Milnbank 

road ; A. 6 Benvie road 
Calder, John F. , of Calder & Paterson, Comerton house, Fife 
Calder, John, dairyman, 22 Rosebank road 
Calder, John G., cashier and book-keeper, 20 Castle street ; A. Arbroath 



Calder, William R., commercial traveller, Victoria Dock Sawmills ; h. 

11 Louise terrace, West Ferry 
Calder, Mrs Joseph, 28 King street 

Caldwell, Alexander, bookseller and publisher's agent, 3 Charles street 
Caldwell, Alexander, book agent, 3 North Church street 
Caledonian Loan Company, pawnbrokers, 1 New Inn entry 
Caledonian Oil Mills, 2 Blackscroft ; Wilson & Sons, linseed-cake 


street ; D. M'Intyre, manager. See Adv. 
Caledonian Railway Stations, East Dock street and South Union street ! 

Goods Offices, Yeaman shore and East Dock street 
Callan, Bernard, watchmaker, 26 Bell street 
Callander, James, grocer, 108 Lochee road ; h. 110 

Callen, Thomas, surveyor of roads, India buildings ; h. Broughty Ferry 
Caiman, David, superintendent of Graving Dock and Patent Slip ; office, 

1 Bridge end ; h. head of Patent Slip 
Caiman, James P., moulder, 16 Dudhope street 
Caiman, John, shipwright, 98 Blackscroft 
Caiman, Peter, clerk, head of Patent Slip 
Caiman, Mrs., milliner, 127 Nethergate ; h. 20 Airlie place 
CALVERT, ARTHUR, watchmaker and jeweller, 44Wellgate; /i.48. ^&QAdv. Ci" 
Cameron, Alexander, hairdresser, 47 Princes street 
Cameron, Alexander, late merchant, Gowanbank, Lochee road 
Cameron, A. S., property agent, 61 Reform st. ; h. Barnhill, Bro. Ferry 
Cameron & Company, drapers and clothiers, 55 Victoria road 
Cameron, Daniel, grocer, 12 Fish street 

Cameron, Rev. David B., M.A., Rosebank Parish Ch. ; h. 2 Garland pi. 
Cameron, David, collector. Water Commis. ; h. 9 Brown Constable st. 
Cameron, David, cabinetmaker, 106 Victoria road 
Cameron, David, tailor, 49 Cotton road 
Cameron, George, engineer, 10 Exchange street 
Cameron, John, tailor and clothier, 95 Murraygate 
Cameron, J. & P., carriers and contractors, 40 St Andrew's street 
Cameron, Patrick, tailor and cutter, 17 Dallfield walk 
Cameron, Peter, of Cameron & Co. , Balbirnie terrace, 101 Victoria road Cai 
Cameron, Robert, tailor, 23 Castle street j ^ 

Cameron, Robert, mason, Mortimer place, 12 Mortimer street 
Cameron, Mrs John, spiritdealer, 24 N. Tay st. ; h. 2 St David's lane Cai 
Cameron, Mrs, dressmaker, 104 Ann street Ci" 

Cameron, Mrs, 8 Lawrence street 
Campbell, Alexander, M.B., P.R.C.S., 140 Nethergate 
Campbell, Alexander, merchant, 23 St Andrew's street ; h. Salem cot- 
tage. Prospect terrace. East Newport 
Campbell, Alex. B. , publishing agent, 30 Dock street ; k. 8 Croft's lane Ca| 
Campbell, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 91 Princes street ; h. 89 (^ai 

Campbell, And. A., hatter and hosier, 110 Ann st. ; h. 6 North EUen st, 
Campbell, Ann, confectioner, 3 St Salvador street 
Campbell, Charles, gardener, 30 Miller's wynd 
Campbell, Daniel, currier, 1 Littlejohn street 


Campbell, David, house prop, and factor, 3 Larch st. ; h. 4 Westfield pi. 

Campbell, David, fishdealer, 18 Dudhope Crescent road 

Campbell, Donald, grocer, London Tea and Coffee mart, 8 Dudhope 

Crescent road ; h. 51 Lochee road 
Campbell, Donald, schoolmaster, 38 South Tay street ; h. Newport 
Campbell, Rev. Geo., Princes St. Congregational Church ; h. 4 Lome ter. 
Campbell, Hugh, of Bruce & Campbell, 31 Victoria road 
Campbell, Henry, 3 Milne's East wynd 
Campbell, Isabella, waitress, 44 Croft's lane 
iCampbell, James M., manufacturer and commission merchant, 23 

Panmure street ; h. 3 South Ellen street 
Campbell, James, waste and rag merchant, 21 Gellatly street and Temple 

lane ; h. Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Campbell, James, milloverseer, 26 Alexander street 
Campbell, James, baker, 2 Middle street 
Campbell, James, carter, 30 Court street 
Campbell, John, flesher, 286 HiUtown ; h. 29 Hill street 
Campbell, John, confectioner, 40 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 
Campbell, John, riveter, 11 Harriet street 
Campbell, John, 6 Urquhart street 
Campbell, John, shipmaster, 318 Perth road 
Campbell, J. & E., milliners, 284 Hilltown ; h. 29 Hill street 
Campbell & M'Lauchlan, coal merchants, 54 Gellatly street 
Campbell, Peter, butcher, 32 West port ; h. 7 Park entry 
Campbell, Philip, seaman, 28 Dallfield walk 
Campbell, P. & P., dyers and cleaners, 33 Nethergate 
Campbell, Robert C. , clerk, 6 North EUen street 
Campbell, Robert, 26 Russell street 
Campbell, Thomas, flesher, 4 Wellgate ; h. 48 Wellgate 
Campbell, Walter, L.D.S., R.C.S., Eng. and M.O.S., dental surgeon, 

27 South Tay street 
Campbell, William, butcher and poulterer, 191 Perth road ; h. 199 
Campbell, William, lather, 4 Hill street 
Campbell, Mrs P., Morton square, 31 Wellgate 
Campbell, Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 6 North Ellen street 
Campbell, Mrs, 304 Perth road 
Camphuis, Gerrit W., civil engineer, 7 Ward road 
Canning, Mrs, confectioner, 18 Barrack street ; h. 187 Overgate 
Cannon, Montague, merchant, Seafield Works ; h. 19 Strawberrybank 
Cant, David, flesher and dairyman, 10 Dudhope Crescent rd. ; A. 15 Ash In. 
Cant, George, railway servant, 61 Lochee road 
Cant, George, stower, 26 Kidd street 
Cant, George, porter, 16 Queen street 

Cant, James, bookseller, 14 Crichton street ; /;. 61 Nethergate 
Cantlay, George, joiner, 21 Pitfour street 

Cappell, John, wiadsor and cane chairmaker, 16 and 18 Ireland's lane 
Caraway, Owen, grocer, 169 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Bellfield lane 
Cardwell, Matthew, manager to D. M'Gregor, spiritdealer, 57 Dock 

street ; h. 14 Garland place 
Carey, David R. , commercial traveller, 72 BeU st. ; h. 7 William street 
Carey, David, clerk, BlinshaU Street Hackle Works j li. Liff Station 



Carey, Robert, foreman fitter, 4 Rosefield street 

Cargill & Co., bleachers, yarnmillers, and yarn merchants, Dundee (fjCai 

Bleach Works ; office, 23 Cowgate 
Cargill, David, of Cargill & Co., Longhaugh I jtai 

Cargill, John, agent for S. Lawson & Sons, Hope Foundry, Leeds ; /t. 66' 

Cargill, Miss Margaret, 49 Castle street 
Carlan, Mrs Peter, grocer, 46 James street 
Carlin, Hugh, coaldealer, 29 Kincardine street 
Carlin, Michael, 12 Dempster street 
Carlisle, Mrs James, 86 Nethergate 
Carlyle, George, clerk, 28 Couttie's wynd 

Garment, James, bookseller and stationer, 19 Reform st. ; h. 3 Craig st.t 
Carmichael, David, of James Carmichael & Co., 10 Dudhope terrace 
Carmichael, Finlay, sawyer, 15 Mid road 

Carmichael, George, of James Carmichael & Co., 11 Dudhope terrace 
Carmichael, James, & Co., engineers, millwrights, boilermakers, &c.,, 

Ward Foundry 
Carmichael, James, of BaKter Brothers & Co., Springhill house 
Carmichael, James, leather merchant, 13 and 15 North Tay street, and» 

14 South Lindsay street ; h. 51 Park wynd 
Carmichael, James, jun., engineer, 3 Rustic place, Dudhope street 
Carmichael, J., bleacher, Baldovanfield ; li. Roineach Mh6r, Strathmartine 
Carmichael, John, factoryworker, 55 North Church street 
Carmichael, John, dockmaster, King William dock ; h. 56 Blackscroft 
Carmichael, Peter, of Baxter Brothers & Co. , Arthurstone, Ardler, Meigle 
Carmichael, Thomas, of Dawson & Carmichael, 44 Seafield road 
Carmichael, Mrs James, 4 Somerville place 
Carmichael, Mrs Margaret, spiritdealer, 22 St Clement's lane 
Carnegie, Alexander, 26 Raglan street 
Carnegie, Ann, grocer, 122 Hilltown 
Carnegie, Francis Pirrie, hide, skin, and tallow merchant. Public 

Slaughter House, Carolina port ; h. 1 Nelson street, Perth 
Carnegie, Jas. W., wholesale grocer, 5 Exchange st. ; h. 16 S. Lindsay st. 
Carnegie, Robert, waiter. Royal Exchange ; li. 4 RoyalExchange place 
Carr & Co., warehousemen, 10 Reform street 

Carr, David, wine and spirit merch.,116&118Scouringburn; /i.7lLogiest. 
Carr, John, turner, Fairley place 

Carr, Michael, of Carr & Co. , Taycliff House, East Newport 
Carr, William, manager. Bank Mill ; h. 23 Baxter street 
Carrick, Richard, boilermaker, 23 Crescent street 
Carrick, William, blacksmith, 2 Bain square 
Carrie, James A., wine and spirit merchant, 179-183 Overgate; h. 

Dalhouse terrace 
Carrie, Stewart, mate, Tay Ferries Steamer ; h. 67 Lochee road 
Carrie, Mrs James, 24 Mortimer street 

Carrie, Mrs, stationer and tobacconist, 52 Blackness road ; h. 54 
Carrie, Mrs, grocer, 25 Small's wynd 
Carrie, Miss, dressmaker, 23 Small's wynd 
Carrolan, Peter, coaldealer, 34 Larch street ; h. 35 
Carroll, Christopher, commercial traveller, 28 Couttie's wynd 


Carroll, John, grocer, 71 Caldrum street 
Carrutli, Peter M., medical botanist, 37 High street 
Carruthers, David, tinsmith, 58 Larch street 
Carswell, Alexander, flaxdresser, 32^ King street 
Oarswell, Andrew, grocer, 24 Alexander street ; h. 70 Victoria road 
Carswell, David, grocer, 148 Murraygate ; A. 70 Victoria road 
Carswell, David, joiner, 22 Kincardine street 
Carswell, Thomas, shoemaker, 9 Malcolm street 
Carter, John, temperance agent, 30 Reform street 
Casey, James P., waiter, 196 HawkhUl 
Cassidy, James, confectioner, 296 Hawkhill 
Cassidy, James, bricklayer, 54 King street 

Castagnino, John, carver and gilder, and mirror silverizer, 8 S. Union st, 
Catanach, Charles, grocer, 96 Blackscroft 
Cathcart Brothers, merchants, 114 Murraygate 

Cathcart, David, of Cathcart Brothers, Hill terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Cathels, John, fireman, 53 William street, Forebank 
Cathie, Mrs, 49 Croft's lane 
Cathmoir, John, saddler, 7 Lyon street 
Cathrew, James, woodturner, 31 St Salvador street 
Cathrew, Patricks., joiner, 25 St Salvador street 
Cathro, Alexander, carpenter, 150 Princes street 
Cathro, Thomas, messenger, National Bank ; h. 2 Ann street 
Cathro, Mrs, 31 Caldrum street 
Cator, William, overseer, 35 Milnbank road 
Caw, Charles, 23 Panmure street 

Caw, William, restaurateur, 25 Panmure street ; h. 23 
Cawfield, Bridget, bookseller, 38 and 40 Forebank road 
Central Club, 21 Church lane 

Chalmers, Alexander, floorcloth manufacturer, 32 Wellington street 
Chalmers, AJexander P., manager, Constable Works ; h. 51 Crescent st. 
Chalmers, Andrew, carter, 39 Victoria street 
Chalmers, Bell, of B. & J. Chalmers, 31 Ash lane 
Chalmers, B. & J. , contractors and cowf eeders, 31 Ash lane 
Chalmers, David, sackmaker, 30 Long wynd ; h. 32 
Chalmers, David, carter, 4 Victoria square 
Chalmers & Dewar, spinners and manufacturers, Hop street 
Chalmers, George, plasterer, 14 Gardner's lane 
Chalmers, James, of B. & J. Chalmers, 31 Ash lane 
Chalmers, James, of William Chalmers & Son, Edmonton place, B. Ferry 
Chalmers, James, manager, Tay Works ; h. 4 Constitution terrace 
Chalmers, James, newsagent, 20 Scouringburn 
Chalmers, James, milloverseer, 29 Dalltield terrace 
Chalmers, John, cashier, 3 Balfour street 
Chalmers, John, chemist, 135 Nethergate ; h. 143 

Chalmers, John, grocer, 27 Union st., Maxwelltown ; h. 36 Jamaica st, 
Chalmers, John M., tailor, 21 Miller's wynd 

Chalmers, John, twinespinner, 128 Blackness road ; h. 225 Overgate 
Chalmers, Peter, stationer and newsagent, 128 Hilltown ; h. 126 
'halmers, Robert, manager. Dens Mills ; h. 3 Craigiebaiik terrace 
jhalmers, Rt., jun., manager. Lower Dens Works ; /(. 3 Craigiebank ter. 


Chalmers, William, & Son, spinners and manufacturers, Scouringburn 

Works, 16 Milne's East wynd 
Chalmers, William, of Chalmers & Dewar, 36 Jamaica street. 
Chalmers, William, of William Chalmers & Son, Edmondton pl.,B. Ferry 
Chalmers, William,boot and shoe maker, 17 Overgate ; h. 4 West Dock st. 
Chalmers, William, clerk, 10 Bain square ; h. 3 Craigiebank terrace 
Chalmers, William, engineer, Greenlaw place 
Chalmers, Mrs David, 3 Balfour street 
Chalmers, Mrs Christina, 8 Mortimer street 
Chalmers, Mrs D. , 50 Croft's lane. 
Chalmers, Mrs, 18 EusseU street 

Chambers, Alexander, draper, fancy warehouse, 11 Constitution street 
Chambers, Alexander, powerloom tenter, 46 Bell street 
Chambers, Alfred G., music teacher, 10 Croft's lane 
Chapelshade Works, James Malcolm & Sons, spinners and manufacturers, 

42 Bell street 
Chapelton, David, grocer, 163 Hilltown ; h. 159 
Chaplain, Mrs, lodgings, 143 Nethergate 

Chaplin, John, weigher, N.B. mineral yard; A. 8 Graham place 
Chapman, David, shipmaster, 8 Yeaman shore 
Chapman, James, confectioner, 113 Murraygate ; h. W. Newport 
Chapman, John, confectioner, 119 Perth road 
Chapuy, Clarisse E. , teacher of French and music, Rattray street 
Charles, John B., M.A., English master, High School; h. 14 James 

place, Broughty Ferry 
Cheape, William R. , baker, 14 New Inn entry 

Cheyne, John, advocate, sheriff-substitute of Forfarshire, 7 Airlie place 
Cheyne, William, grocer, 28 Wilkie's lane ; h. 36 Pennycook lane 
Chisholm, James, grocer, 16 Arthur street ; h. 18 

Chisholm, James, cork manufacturer, 9 N. Lindsay st. ; li. 18 Arthur st. 
Chisholm, John C. , tailor and clothier, 67 Murraygate ; h. 2 Rosebank st. 
Chisholm, Miss Maggie, staymaker, 9 N. Lindsay street ; h. 18 Arthur st. 
Christie, Alexander, ironturner, 10 Lawrence street 
Christie, Andrew, of Robert Christie & Son, St Mary's terrace 
Christie, Andrew, iron shipbuilder, 73 Lilybank road 
Christie, Andrew, ironturner, 51 Blackscroft 
Christie, Charles, fruit and potato merchant, 48 King street ; h. 23 

St Andrew's street 
Christie, Charles, mechanic, 103 Victoria road 
Christie, David, game and fish merchant, 70 Hawkhill, and 81 King st., 

h. 61 Hawkhill 
Christie, David, farm overseer, Magdalen place, N. Clepington road 
Christie, David H., draper's assistant, Balbirnie terrace, 101 Victoria rd. 
Christie, E., baker, 90 Hawkhill 

Christie, Geo., merch., 11 Cowgate ; h. Friarton grove, 57 Magdalen green 
Christie, George, engineer, 9 Parker street 
Christie, James, M.D., 2 Magdalen Yard road 
Christie, James, draper, 21 Airlie place 

Christie, James, coal merchant, 46 Strathmartine road ; h. 7 Mains rd. 
Christie, John, painter, 56 South Tay street ; h. 9 Union place 
Christie, John, grocer, 3 North George street ; h. 230 Hilltown 


Christie, Jolm, of M'Grady & Christie, 1 Victoria square 
Christie, John, contractor, 11 Erskine street 
Christie, John F., grocer, 30 Dallfield terrace 
Christie, John M., confectioner, 11 South Union street 
Christie, Mary, greengrocer, 60 Hawkhill 

Christie, Nimmo, of S. & N. Christie, Binns of Blackness, 362 Perth rd. 
Christie, Robert, & Son, butchers, Livingstone place, Lochee road 
I Christie, Robert, of Robert Christie & Son, St Mary's terrace 
iChristie, Robert K., clerk, 33 Dock street ; h. Longf organ 
'Christie, Robert, joiner, 31 Main street 
i Christie, Robert, shoemaker, 5 North Ellen street 

'Christie, Sinclair, of S. &N. Christie, Binns of Blackness, 362 Perth rd. 
Christie, Stewart, watchmaker, 6 High street 

Christie, S. & N. , manufacturers and merchants, 3 Royal Exchange court 
iChristie, Thomas, grocer, 10 Dallfield walk 
Christie, Walter C, grocer, 26 Hilltown ; h. St Mary's terrace 
Christie, Wm. S., draper, 109 Murraygate ; 7i. Anderson pi., William st. 
Christie, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 31 Ann st.; h. IIQJ Hilltown 
Christie, William, joiner, 26 Alexander street 
Christie, Mrs James, 9 Bell street 

Christie, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 2 Dudhope Crescent road 
Christison, David, ironturner, 17 Princes street 

Christison, John, brassfinisher, turner, and fitter, 34 William street 
Christopher, David B., coachtrimmer, 249 Hawkhill 
Ohrystal, James, joiner, 24 Temple lane 
Dhrystal, Jas. , locomotive foreman, Caledonian Railway ; h. 2 Perth rd. 

'hrystal, Thomas, merchant and commission agent, 1 North WiUiam st. 

Ihurchman, William, labourer, 28 Arbroath road 

Uity of Glasgow Bank, 29 Reform street ; C. G. Ross, agent 

lancy, James, assistant draper, 1 Annfield street 

ilancy, Peter, assistant draper, 1 Annfield street 

jiancy, Thaddeus, warehouseman, 25 Scouringburn ; h. 37 Step row 

"iJlapperton, Rev. Robt., St Andrew's R. C. Church ; h. 150 Nethergate 
lark, Alexander, warehouseman, 18 Todburn lane 

!lark, Alfred, horse slaughterer, Janefield ; h. 25 Nethergate 

lark, Charles, Westfield cottage, 11 Westfield place 

I!lark, Charles, clothier, 88 Annfield road 
lark, Charles, traveller, 7 Wolseley street 

iZlark, Charles, joiner, 15 North William street 
stifclark, David W., teller. National Bank, 115 Hilltown ; h. 13 Albert st. 

Clark, David, coal merchant, 30 Cochrane street 

L/lark, David, warper, 22 West wynd 
lark, David, hawker, 112 Cowgate 

jlark, D. R., & Son, printers, 31 Castle street 

I)lark, D. R., of D. Pi,. Clark & Son, Queen street, Newport 

Clark, Euphemia, confectioner and fruiterer, 168 Scouringburn 

plark, George, bootmaker, 66 Dura street ; h. 52 

51ark, George, M.A., teacher, West End Academy ; h. Bellevue terrace, 
rl I East Newport 

plark, Henry, brassfinisher and gasfitter, 7 Ireland's lane 

plark, Jacob, printer. Advertiser office ; h. 4 Havelock place 


Clark, James, greengrocer, 26 Dudhope Crescent road 

Clark, James, painter, 8 Fish street 

Clark, James, mechanic, 26 Bell street 

Clark, James, compositor, 18 Lawrence street 

Clark, John, commission agent, 7 Rankine's court ; 1i. 3 Roxburgh ter. 

Clark, John, manager, Hillbank Works ; h. 5 Roslin. terrace 

Clark, John, compositor, 21 Balgay street 

Clark, John, lapper, 4 Ben vie road 

Clark, John, herbalist, 20 Charles street ; h. 71 North Church street 

Clark, John, gardener, 28 Pennycook lane 

Clark, John, coal merchant, 14 Lowden's alley 

Clark, Joseph, contractor, 4 Ash lane 

Clark, Mary, grocer, 135 Hawkhill ; A. 11 Kincardine street 

Clark, Michael, broker, 14 Blinshall street 

Clark, Michael, 4 Milne's East wynd 

Clark, Patrick D., clerk, Gladstone place, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 

Clark, Robert, foreman turner, 118 Albert street 

Clark, Robert, printer, Advertiser office ; h. 2 Gardner's lane 

Clark, Susan, cook, 294 Perth road 

Clark, Thomas, late blockmaker, Gladstone place, 32 Dudhope Cres. road 

Clark, WiUiam, 25 Dallfield terrace 

Clark, William, commercial traveller, 23 Castle street 

Clark, William, compositor, 18 Thomson street 

Clark, Mrs, manglekeeper, 17 Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 

Clark, Mrs Alex., spiritdealer, 167 Scouringburn ; h. 1 Milne's E. wynd 

Clark, Mrs Archibald, lodgings, 8 Charles street 

Clark, Mrs, 53 Magdalen green 

Clark, Mrs, grocer, 33 Crescent street 

Clark, Mrs, manglekeeper, 27 Hill street 

Clark, Mrs, grocer, 35 Caldrum street ; h. 37 

Clarke, David W., joiner and builder, 51 N. Wellington street ; h. 29 

Clarke, Henry, fruiterer, 25 Constitution road ; h. 27 

CLARKE, JOHN G., cabinetmaker, turner, and upholsterer, King's road ; 

/*. 4 Mid street. See Adv. 
Clarke, Peter, lamplighter, 15 North Wellington street 
Clarke, WUliam, wine merchant, 52 Overgate ; A. 23 Strawberrybank 
Clarke, Mrs, 20 Airlie place 
Cleary, Mrs, grocer and spiritdealer, 38 Mains road; h. 11 Well roadj 

Cleghorn, Alexander, chemist and druggist, 17 Step row 
Cleghorn, William, merchant and jutespinner. Garden Works ; office, 35 

Albert square ; h. Logic house 
Cleland, Alexander, dairyman, 89 Victoria road ; h. Balbirnie terrace 
Clement, Andrew, tobacconist, 39 Main street 

Clements, Benjamin, officer, Wesleyan Church, Wardrd. ; h. Rattray st. 
Clepington Spinning Co., jutespinners, Clepington Spinning Works, 

Dens road 
Cliff, Samuel M. , hacklepin maker, 14 Lawrence street 
Cloudsley, Adam, coachpainter, 8 Brown street 
Cloudsley, James K., clerk, 6 Salisbury place, Arbroath road 
Cloudsley, John, grocer and confectioner, 13 Springhill place 


Cloudsley, Mrs D., spiritdealer, 104 Blackness road 

Clougli, John, turner, 21 Balgay street 

Clunie, Douglas, joiner, 7 Thistle street ; h. 2 Russell street 

Clunie, Robert, fruiterer, 102 Ann street ; h. Ancrum road, Lochee 

Clunie, Mrs Amelia, fishdealer, 7 Castle court 

Clyde, Thomas, mechanic, 33 Wilkie's lane 

Clydesdale Banking Co., High st. ; D. Sidey and Alex. Scott, agents 

Coats, Alexander, late spiritdealer, 7 North Lindsay street 

Coats, Mrs John J., 249 Blackness road 

Cobb, George, iiaxdresser, 106 Lochee road 

Cochran, James, insurance agent, 87 King street 

Cochran, John, mason, 18 North Ellen street 

Cochran, Margaret, chemist and druggist, 119 Murraygate ; h. 2 Peter st. 

Cochrane, David, blacksmith, 1 Baxter street 

Cochrane, George L., sorter, G.P.O. ; h. Dura street 

Cochrane, John, mechanic, Lindsay's land, 123 Lochee road 

Cochrane, Joseph, furniture dealer, 76 Constable street 

Cochrane, James N., baker, 195 Perth road 

Cochrane, Peter M. , merchant, and Vice-Consul for France, 1 Dudhope 

Cochrane, Robert, coal merchant, 217 Blackness road 
Cochrane, Thomas, banker. Commercial Bank of Scotland, 65 Reform 

street ; h. 3 Seaward place, Broughty Ferry 
Cochrane, William, commission agent, 8 Alexander street 
Cochrane, Mrs, 14 King street 
Cochrane, Mrs, missionary, 95 Murraygate 

Cockburn,J., & Campbell, wine merchts., 55 Reform st.; R.Sturrock, agent 
Cockburn & Company, milliners, ladies' and children's outfitters, &c., 

Lome House, 126 Nethergate 
Cockburn, Mrs Ellen, 8 Butcher row 

Cockburn, Mrs, of Cockburn and Company, 126 Nethergate 
Coghill, Willia;m, cooper, 19 Middle street 
Cohen, John, confectioner, 57 King street 

Coldstream, John, chandler, Ladybank Works ; h. 72 Hilltown 
Coleman, John, of O'Hara & Coleman, 64 James street 
Collier, Frank, merchant, Yeaman shore ; h. Brae cottage, B. Ferry 
Collier, Thomas, & Company, merchants, 20 Panmure street 
CoUier, Thomas, of Thomas Collier & Co., 10 BalgiUo ter., B. Ferry 
Collier, WiUiam, waiter, 37 St Salvador street 
Collins, Charles, milloverseer, 59 North Church street 
CoUins, Hugh, artist, 10 Shore terrace ; h. Bridge house, B. Ferry 
Collins, James, general dealer, 9 Castle lane 
COLLINS, WILLIAM, wine and spirit merchant, 25 Castle street ; h. 33. 

See Adv. 
Collins, Mrs Isabella, tailoress, 9 William street, Forebank 
Collins, Mrs, 8 Benvie road 

Colman, Thomas, calender worker, 49 Cotton road 
Colman, William, shipmaster, 5 Park terrace 
Coluron Mill, Guthrie Street, 0. G. Miller & Co., flaxspinners 
Colville, David, grocer, 2 Dock street, and contractor, 50 Lindsay street ; 

h. 4 Dock street 


COLVILLE, JAMES, woodturner, 21 N. Tay st. ;7t. 225 Overgate. See Adv. 

Colville, John, accountant, National Bank ; h. Lochee 

ColviUe, Thomas, grocer, 17 Ann street 

Colville, Wm., grocer and spiritdealer, 163 Perth road ; h. 1 Ford's lane 

Comar, William, of W. W. Cooper & Co. , TayAdew terrace, E. Newport 

Combe, James, wholesale grocer, 7 and 8 Dock street ; h. 4 Airlie terrace 

Combs, William, traveller, 20 Derby street 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, 63 Reform street ; K. W. Henderson and 

Thomas Cochrane, agents 
Commercial Street Works, 29 Commercial street, Maxwelltown, Alex. 

Fairweather & Co., manufacturers 
Comrie, John, wholesale provision merchant, 7 and 9 Charles street ; k. 

32 William street, Forebank 
Comrie, Miss, 31 Lawrence street 

Conacher, Alexander W., accountant, Blackness cottage, Tait's lane 
Conacher, Daniel J. , iish merchant, 93 Hilltown ; h. 94 
Conacher, David, goods agent, Cal. Rail., West station ; h. 16Seafieldrd. 
Conacher, John, joiner, 4 Baxter street 
Conacher, Joseph, 28 Hillbank road 

Congleton, Thomas, of Heron & Congleton, Wellgate park, W. Newport 
Connell, John M. , boot and shoe maker, 26 and 28 Nethergate ; A. Tay 

terrace, Newport 
Connell, Mrs William, grocer, 34 BeU street ; h. 32 
Connelly, Mrs Mary, grocer and spiritdealer, 14 Brewery lane ; /t. 18 
Connelly, Mrs, 71 Constable street 
ConnoUy, John, confectioner, 10 Daniel street 
Connolly, William, furniture dealer, 17 Hunter street 
Connoly, Patrick, 130 Scouringburn 
Connoly, Thomas, grocer, 11 Horsewater wynd 
Connon, Mrs Matthew, manglekeeper and washer, 81 Blackscroft 
Considine, Jeremiah, serjeant-major, 1st F.R.V., 179 Blackness road 
Constable, James, warehouseman, Mortimer place 
Constable, James, jun., clerk, 17 DallJ3 eld terrace 
Constable, John, tinsmith, 9 Hunter street 
Constable, John, fireman, 200 Perth road 
Constable, Robert, foreman fitter, 2 Graham place 
Constable, Robert, blacksmith, 2 Parker's court 

Constable, William, overseer, 7 Harriet street I 

Constable Works, Dura st., Malcolm, Ogilvie,& Co., spinners and manufs. 
Constitution House, Institution for Board and Education of Young 

Ladies, 12 Constitution terrace ; Miss Hodge, teacher 
Convey, Mrs, confectioner, 4 William street. King street 
Conway, Rev. Jas., Bell Street U.P. Church ; h. Shamrock st., Maryfield 
Conway, Mrs, 16 Clark street 

Coogan, James, cooper, 234 Hawkhill ; h. Gordon's land, Balgay street 
Coogan, John, collector, 31 Balgay street 
Coogan, Mrs Bernard, wine and spirit merchant, 82 Annfield road ; h. 

2 Annfield row 
Cook, Andrew, painter, 8 Kincardine street 
Cook, James, cartwright, 2 Gardner's lane 
Cook, John, mat manufacturer, 12 Nethergate 




Cook, John, auctioneer and boot mercli.,42 Hilltown ; li. 30 Tindal's wynd 
Cook, Peter, coachman, 134 Nethergate ; A. 16 Lawrence street 
Cook, Robert, clerk, Dundee Foundry ; h. 62 Blackscroft 
Cook, Samuel, confectioner, 14 Isla street 
Cook, Thomas, housefactor, 7 Parker street 
Cook, William, insurance agent, 50 Mains road 
Cook, William, joiner, 15 Hunter street 
Cooke, William, porter, Victoria square 
Cooke, William, coachman, 17^ South Wellington street 
Cookery, School of, 1 St Clement's lane, Mrs Maclagan, 136 Nethergate, 

honorary secretary 
Cooper, Alexander, baker, 66 Blackscroft 

Cooper, Andw., grocer and wine merch., 160 Ann st.; h. 1 N. William st. 
Cooper, James, late spiritdealer, 42 Croft's lane 
Cooper, John 0., baker, 40 Annfield row 
Cooper, John, of Grant & Cooper, West Newport 
Cooper, John G., clerk, 4 Lawrence street 
Cooper, John, road surveyor and farmer, Clepington house 
Cooper, John A., jun., contractor, Clepington 

Cooper, Peter, blacksmith, 51 Elizabeth street ; h. 43 Princes street 
Cooper, William, joiner and builder, Irvine square ; ^. 11 Reform street 
Cooper, W. W., & Co., clothiers, 7 and 9 Reform street 
Cooper, William W., of W. W. Cooper & Co., The Willows, Carnoustie 
Cooper, Mrs James, spirit merchant, 208 Overgate ; A. 7 N. Lindsay st. 
Cooper, Mrs John, 17 Graham place. Princes street 
Cooper, Mrs W. K., grocer, 3 Milnbauk road 
Corr, John, damper, 219 Blackness road 
Copley, S., & Co., tobacconists, 20 Nethergate 

Cornwall, Edward, pawnbroker, 17 Meadow st. ; h. 2 Melville terrace 
Corrie, Mackie, & Co., merchants, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Corrie, Wm. Hill, of Corrie, Mackie, & Co., 3 Oxford terrace, Edinburgh 
Corsane, Robt. G.,bookseller,stationer and newsagt.,112 Princes st.; A.llO 
Costley, James, slater, 96 Hill street 

Cottage Factory, E. Dock street, John Moir & Sons, manufacturers 
Coupar, James, officer, Bell Street U.P. Church; /*. 6 Bell street 
Coupar, James L. , physician and surgeon, 9 King street 
Coupar, James, foreman carter, Rattray street 
Coupar, James R., clerk, 67 Reform street ; h. 19 Airlie place 
Coupar, James, mechanic, 19 St Peter street 
Coupar, John, & Son, drapers and clothiers, 89 King street 
Coupar, John, of John Coupar & Son, Balbirnie terrace, 89 Victoria road 
Coupar, John G., factory manager, 24 North George street 
Coupar, John L., of Mustard, Forsyth, & Coupar, Balbirnie terrace 
Coupar, John, mechanic, 159 Ann street 
Coupar, William, baker, 51 Perth road 
Coupar, William, carter, 15 John street 
Coupar, Mrs, confectioner, 40 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Coupar, Mrs, 6 Benvie road 
Coupar, Mrs, 86 Constable street 
Coupar, Mrs, Blackheath house, Annfield road 
Couper, A., jeweller, 19 High street 


Couper, Alexander, mecliaiiic, 80 Ure street 

Couper, Chas. , ship and insurance agent, 35 Cowgate ; h. Dudhope house 

Couper, Hugh, upholsterer, 18 King street ; h. 38 Jamaica street 

Couper, James 0., baker, 30 Princes street ; h. 32 

Couper, John, of Allan Edward & Co., 7 Windsor terrace 

Couper, Thomas, manager, Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Coy., 
5 Shore terrace ; h. Dudhope house 

Couper, Thomas, jun., of James Paterson & Co., Dudhope house 

Couper, William, tobacconist and stationer, 196 Blackness road 

Couper, William, foreman pipelayer, Gas Coinmission ; li. 5 Parker st. 

Couper, WUliam W., traveller, 22 Bellfield lane 

Cousin, Alexander, fireman, Victoria crescent, Victoria road 

Couttie, William, sawyer, 10 Ashton place 

Coutts, Charles, confectioner, 260 Hawkhill 

Coutts, David, joiner, 28 Seagate 

Coutts, James D., carpenter. 111 Blackscroft 

Coutts, John, clerk, 9 Airlie terrace 

Coutts, Joseph, mechanic, 63 Ure street 

Coutts, Mrs Ann, 107 Blackscroft 

Coventry, Helen, grocer, 168 Ann street 

Coventry, James, officer. Unitarian Church ; h. 53 Constitution road 

Cowan, James, merchant, Weigh-house, 23 Greemnarket ; h. 1 Castle 
terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Cowan, Thomas, mason, 2 Lawrence street 

Cowans, David S. , of J. Cowans & Son, 1 Newington terrace, B. Ferry 

Cowans, John, & Son, wine merchants, 71 High street 

Cowans, John, of J. Cowans & Son, 5 East Brook street, B. Ferry 

Cowgate Calendering Company, calenderers and packers, 56 Cowgate 

Cowie, Edwin D., town porter, 11 Thorter row 

Cowie, James, turner, 35 Crescent street 

Cowie, John, mason, 12 North Ellen street 

Cowley, John, 33 Isles' lane 

Cowley, William, of Lumsden & Cowley, 33 Isles' lane 

Cowley, Mrs Isabella, grocer, 11 Castle lane 

Cowpar, James, of Speed & Cowpar, Waterloo place, Annfield road 

Cowper, John, waiter, E. Exchange Reading-room; h. Exchange buildgs. 

Cowper, John, clothier, 115 Overgate ; h. 10 Garland place 

Cowper, Miss, 6 Shore terrace \ 

Cowperthwaite, William, engineer, 13 West Dock street 

Cox Brothers, merchants, flax and jute spinners, powerloom linen and 
jute carpet manufacturers, bleachers, dyers, and calenderers ; 1 
Meadow place, Dundee ; Camperdown Linen Works, Lochee ; 10 
Lawrence lane, Cheapside, London ; 23a Portland street, Man- 
chester ; and 97 Union street, Glasgow 

Cox, David, clerk, 14 Gardner's lane 

Cox, Edward, merchant, Camperdown Linen Works ; li. 18 Windsor st. 

Cox, George A., of Cox Brothers, Beechwood, Lochee ; and Inver- 
trossachs, Perthshire 

Cox, Geo. M., merch., Camperdown Linen Works ; li. Beechwood, Lochee 

Cox,Henry S. , merch. , 1 Meadow pi. , Dundee, and Calcutta ; /;. 9 Windsor st. 

Cox, James, of Cox Bros., and Vice-Consul D'Haiti, Clement park,Lochee 


Cox, James C, merclit.,CamperdowiiLinenWorks; 7j.Beecliwood,Lochee 

Cox, James D., & Co., m^erchants, 8 Panm.ure street 

Cox, James D., of James D. Cox & Co., Woodford villa, Seafield, B. Ferry 

Cox, Robert A., merchant, 8 Panmure street ; h. Yewbank, Bro. Ferry 

Cox, Thos. H. , of Cox Bros. , Duncarse, Dundee ; and Mauiesden, Brechin 

Cox, Thomas, butcher, 183 Lochee road 

Cox, Thomas H. , fireman, 28 Rosebank road 

Cox, William, of Cox Bros. , Foggyley, Lochee ; and Snaigow, Perthshire 

Cox, WUliam, broker, 33 James street ; h. 19 

Cox, Rev. Wm. J., Panmure Street Congregational Church ; h. 10 Airlie pi. 

Coyle, Michael, spirit merchant, 21 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Viewforth place 

Coyle, Patrick, spiritdealer, 43 Ann street ; li. 2 Viewforth place 

Coyle, William, jobbing gardener. High street 

Coyle, Mrs John, 60 Bell street 

Crabb, David, builder, 11 Clepington street 

Crabb, David, of D. & W. Crabb, 7 SomerviUe place 

Crabb, D. & W., slate merchants, 25 Brown street 

Crabb, James, calenderer, 10 HOI street 

Crabb, John D., riveter, 21 Brown street 

Crabb, John F., waiter, 4 Speed's terrace, Hawkhill 

Crabb, William C, of D. & W. Crabb, 7 SomerviUe place 

Crabb, William, mason, 97 Glebe street 

Crabb, William, jun., clerk, 8 Lawrence street 

Crabb, Mrs, 2 Elmbank, Miller's wynd 

Crabbe, Alexander, shoemaker, 17 North Wellington street 

Crabbe, David S. , grocer and spirit merchant, 127 Blackness road ; h. 2 

Rosefield street 
Crabbe, William, manager, Pleasance Works ; h. Dudhope cottage, 16 

Gardner's lane 
Craig, Alexander, housefactor, 3 Barrack street ; h. 17 Croft's lane 
Craig, Alexander, tenter, 42 St Mary's place 
Craig, Andrew, mason, Fairley place 
Craig, David, wholesale and retail warehouseman, 102 Overgate ; h, 46 

Castle street 
Craig, David, factory manager, 7 Lyon street 
Craig, James, draper, 117 Perth road ; h. 2 Park terrace 
Craig, James, clerk. Dens Works ; h. 27 Nelson street 
Craig, James, flaxdresser, 21 Charles street 
Craig, John, hosier, glover, and shirtmaker, 75 High street; h. 164 

Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Craig, Matthew L. , wholesale and retail draper and milliner, Victoria 

house, 1 Victoria road ; h. 5 
Craig, Peter, spirit merchant, 62 King street ; h. 4 South Union street 
Craig, Thomas, stationer, 51 Albert street ; h. 47 
Craig, WiUiam, late of Post-office, 129 Hawkhill 
jCraig, Mrs, 13 Ure street 

[Craigen, Alexander, joiner, 247 Blackness road 
Craigie, James, plumber, 214 Lochee road 
Craigie, James, gardener, Union grove ; h. 32 Union place 
Craigie Works, Robertson street; Gibson, Robertson, & Co., spinners 

and manufacturers 


CraigieYardWareliouse Co., 45 Meadowside ; Joseph J. Barrie, manager f 

Craik, David, clerk, 13 Stirling street 

Graik, George, grocer and spiritdealer, 118 Hawkhill 

Craik, James, grocer and prov. merch., 59 Scouringbum; h. 194 Hilltown 

Craik, John, grocer and provision merchant, 22 Hospital wynd, and 2! 

Kinnaird street ; h. Carnoustie 
Craik, William, joiner, 6 Eoslin terrace 
Craik, William, railway gatekeeper, 51 Foundry lane 
Craik, Misses, confectioners, 26 Strathmartine road 
Cramb, David, & Son, bootmakers, 16 Nethergate 
Cramb, David, jun. , of D. Cramb & Son, 34 Lawson place 
Cramb, David, mechanic, 27 South George street 
Crammond, David, night v^atchman, 68 St Andrew's street 
Crammond, George, Craigie cottage. Ferry road 
Crammond, Samson, commercial traveller, 39 High street 
Crammond, Mrs George, 31 Charles street 
Cramond, Mrs, Huntly cottage, Forfar road 
Cranmer, Mary, draper, 54 Dura street ; h. 2 Eliza street 
Cranston, Elizabeth, missionary, 7 Mid street, Chapelshade 
Crawford, David, porter, 12 Yeaman shore 
Crawford, James, of Paton & Crawford, 13 Dudhope street 
Crawford, John, grocer and provision merchant, 63 Peddie street, and 

42 Polepark road ; A. 38 
Crawford, Messrs, boot and shoe manufacturers, 53 Overgate ; h. 55 
Crawford, Peter, carter, 12 Yeaman shore 
Crawford, Thomas, tobacco spinner, 6 North Ellen street 
Creagh, James, grocer, 7 Edward street 
Crerar, Alexander, moulder, 24 Hunter street 
Crerar, Ann, laundress, 41 Miller's wynd 

Crichton, Andrew, flax merchant, 74 Constable st. ; li. 90 Blackscroft 
Crichton, Charles, mason, 13 North Ellen street 
Crichton, G. & M. , gold and silver smiths, 64 Nethergate 
Crichton, James, merchant and agent, 7 Trades lane ; h. Hillside house. 

Broughty Ferry 
Crichton, James, lapper, 3 Derby street 
Crichton, James, of Crichton & Sinclair, 71 Perth road 
Crichton, James, spirit merchant, 5 Wellgate ; h. 3 Charles street 
Crichton, J. & J., dressmakers, 32 South Tay street 
Crichton & Sinclair, joiners, 13 Greenfield place 
Crichton, Thomas, mason, 157 Ann street 
Crichton, Thomas, draper, 48 Ann street ; li. 32 
Crichton, Thomas, grocer and confectioner, 214 HawkhiU 
Crichton, William M., of G. & M. Crichton, 6 Airlie terrace 
Crichton, Mrs Alexander, 31 Magdalen Yard road 
Crichton, Miss, 8 Tay street 
Crighton, Betsy, grocer, 23 Main street 
Crighton, George, mechanic, 35 Lower pleasance 
Crighton, James, commission agent, Laing's buildings. Commercial 

street ; h. Eglantine cottage. West Ferry 
CRIGHTON, JOHN, plumber, gasfitter, &c., Ill Cowgate ; h. 29 Lyon 

street. See Adv. 



Crighton, John, joiner, 10 Ryehill lane 

Crighton, William, shipbroker, and agent to Lloyd's, 1 Commercial street; 

h. 5 Somervile place 
Crighton, Mrs Isabella, grocer, 206 Lochee road ; h. 210 
Crighton, Mrs J., 27 Step row 
Crighton, Mrs, lodgings, 23 St Andrew's street 
Croal, John, harbour porter, Arctic place, Arbroath road 
Croal, Mrs, 35 Kincardine street 

Crockatt, John, & Son, veterinary surgeons. South Ward road 
Crockatt, John, grocer, 13 Polepark road 
Crockatt, William, overseer, 15 Polepark road 
Crockatt, Miss, 142 Nethergate 
Crockett, George, 18 Arbroath road 
Crockett, James, warehouseman, 14 Dura street 
Crockett, John, mason, 11 Glamis street 
Crockett, John, ironmoulder, 184 Seagate 
Crockett, Robert F., clerk, 18 Arbroath road 
CroU, David, of D. & W. Croll, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
CROLL, D. & W., nurserymen and seedsmen, 48 Castle st. See Adv. 
Croll, Frank, draper. Manor place, 207 Perth road 
Croll, George, of Lee, Croll, & Co., 6 Cleghorn street 
Croll, James, builder, 1 Blackheath, Hawkhill 
CroU, J., & Co., drapers, &c., 217 and 219 Perth road 
Croll, William, grocer, 14 and 16 Arbroath road 
Croll, Mrs A., grocer, 34 Cotton road 

CroU, Mrs John, house proprietor, 1 JSTorth Wellington street 
Crook, Alexander, patternmaker, 3 Fyffe street 

Crooks, Rt., ironmonger, 46 King st. ; A.Bramblebank cottage, W. Newport 
Croom, Alexander, of Pirie & Groom, 36 Small's wynd 
Cross, Alexander, commission agent, 33 Albert square ; h. Newport 
Cross, John, of W. Scott & Co., 25 Forebank road 
Croston, Mrs Thomas, Gladstone terrace, 166 Perth road 
Croucher, Charles, messenger, 7 Ireland's lane 

Croudace, WiUiam S., shipagent, 39 Cowgate ; h. Elmbank, Bro. Ferry 
Crow, Andrew, harbour porter, 21 Todburn lane 
Crow, David, house proprietor, 7 Westfield lane 
Crow, George, clerk, 4 Shepherd's loan 
Crow, Mrs, 27 Wolseley street 
Crowe, David, of W. & S. Strong, 16 Rose street 
Crowe, James, confectioner, 62 HawkhiU 

CROWLIE BROTHERS, ink manufrs., 105 and 111 Hilltown See Adv. 
Crowlie, John, of Crowlie Brothers, 61 Reform street 
Crowlie, J. P., warehouseman, 23 Castle street 
Crowlie, Wm., draper, 8 and 10 Princes street ; h. 3 Crescent street 
CROWN HOTEL, 1 Shore terrace ; Mrs E. Steel. See Adv. 
Cruden, James, joiner, 9 Cochrane street 
Cruden, Stewart, tea merchant, 10 Parker street 

Cruickshank, Alex. L., factory clerk, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
Druickshank, Ann, 50 Kemback street 

Cruickshank, Charles, clerk. Police chambers ; /;. Phin'sland, Peddiest. 
Druickshank, Charles L., clerk, 6 Park street 


Cruickshank, George, waste merchant, 6 Park street 

Cruickshank, James, coachbuilder, 30 Lawson place 

Cruickshank, James, joiner, 17 Mid street ; h. 17 North Wellington st. 

Cruickshank, Richd., commis. agent, 25 Dock st. ; /(. Mount Tabor, Perth 

Cruickshank, William, coal merchant, 8 St Roque's lane; h. Arklay street 

Crystal, Peter, goods office, Cal. Rail. ; h. Fort street, Broughty Ferry 

Culross, Thomas, factory overseer, 6 EUzabeth street 

Gumming, A. W., solicitor, 1 Bank st. ; h. 5 Balgillo ores., Bro. Ferry 

Gumming, Alexander, ship-plater, 67 Constable street 

Gumming & Baxter, merchants, 1 Royal Exchange place 

Gumming, David, spirit merchant, 1 Powrie pi. ; h. 88 Rosebank street 

Gumming, George, merchant, 1 Royal Exchange court ; h. 3 Albany ter. 

Gumming, Geo., of Gumming & Baxter, Victoria chambers, 10 Victoria rd. 

Gumming, James, moulder, 73 Hospital wynd 

Gumming, Wm., manager, Glepington Waste Works ; h. 2 Roslin ter. 

Gumming, Mrs, ironer, 21 Powrie place 

Cunningham, Alexander, builder, Downfield 

Cunningham, Ghas., ship and insur.brkr., 81 Murraygate; h. 26Windsor st. 

Cunningham, David, civil engineer, Work's office. Harbour chambers ; 

h. Rosehill cottage, West Newport 
Cunningham, Jas., of Malcolm, Ogilvie, &Go., Douglas house, W. Ferry 
Cunningham, James, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 1 Cowgate ; 

k. 1 Bain square 
Cunningham, John L., merchant, 3 Blackness ter., 241 Perth road 
Cunningham, Michael, 14 Larch street 
Cunningham, Robert T., clerk, 103 Victoria road 
Cunningham, Thomas, pastry baker, 152 and 64 Ann street, and 96 

Victoria road ; h. 1 Union street, MaxweUtown 
Cunningham, Thomas, grocer, 9 Alexander street 

Cunningham, Wm. , mechanical engineer. Ward Mills ; h. 10 Windsor ter. 
Cunningham, Wm. 0., of Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., 1 Alton ter., W. Ferry 
Gurmingham, Mrs Andrew, 26 Windsor street 

Cunningham, Misses, teachers, Dudhope Indust. School ; 7i. 103 Victoria rd, 
Gunnison, David R. , blacksmith, 2 Roslin terrace 
Cupar, Elizabeth, confectioner, 117 Cowgate 
Curr, David, baker, 76 Blackscroft 
Gurr, Mrs, Roseville, Ferry road 
CUERIE, J., & CO., rag and waste paper merchants, 1 East Henderson'; 

wynd. See Adv. 
Currie, Walter T., of Shi ell & Small, Beechwood house, by Coupar Angus 
Currie, William, waiter, 23 Clark street 

Currie, W., serjeant-major, Forfar Light Horse, 193 Perth road 
Currie, Mrs, fancy wool repository, 131 Nethergate ; 7i. 1 Viewforth pi. 
Currigan, Peter, coaldealer, 3 St Mary's street ; h. 138 Lochee road 
Cuthbert, Andrew, collector, 14 Wolseley street 
Cuthbert, George, of Thomas Cuthbert & Son, 6 Dudhope place 
Cuthbert, James, grocer, 154 Hilltown ; h. 121 
Cuthbert, James, gardener, 6 St Peter street 
Cuthbert, John, shoemaker, 20 St Peter street ; h. 29 
Cuthbert, Robert, joiner, 237 Blackness road 
Cuthbert, Thomas, & Son, coachbuUders, 4 Meadowside 


Cuthbert, Thomas, of Thomas Cuthbert & Son, 6 Dudhope place 
Cuthbert, William, mechanic, 7 Ellen place, Lyon street 
Cuthbert, Mrs Andrew, 28 Ogilvie's road 
Cuthbert, Mrs, 72 Ann street 

Cuthbertson, Jas., of Bett, Cuthbertson, & Co., Jessieman ter., B. Ferry 
Cuthill, William, mechanic, 2 Brown street 

Cuthill, William, plasterer, and officer, St Andrew's Parish Church ; h. 
25 Charles street 

DADSWELL,Wm. S., OfBce of Inland Revenue, 95 Seagate ; h. 69 Perth rd. 
Dailly, Daniel, baby linen, underclothing, drapery, and remnant ware- 
house, 61 and 63 Nethergate ; h. 65 
Dair, James, confectioner, 35 Small's wynd 
Dakers, James, tailor and clothier, 1 Mortimer street 
Dale, David S., watchmaker, 74 High street; h. 13 Stirling street 
Dale, John, mill-foreman, 70 Ure street 
Dale, Thomas, porter, 13 Stirling street 
Dalgairns & Co., wine merchants, 4 Shore terrace 
Dalgairns, David, late overseer, 15 Blackness street 
Dalgairns, Mrs Peter, 3 Craig street 
Dalgairns, Mrs, grocer, 218 Hawkhill 
Dalgety, George, flesher, 104 Princes street ; h. 106 
Dalgety, John, horsedealer. South Ward road ; h. 152 Perth road 
Dalgety, Mrs, 32 Alexander street 

Dalgleish, William 0., of Baxter Brothers & Co., Mayfield, Ferry road 
Dallas, David, overseer. Lower Dens Works ; h. 3 Crescent street 
Dalrymple, David, timekeeper, Wallace Foundry ; h. 1 Church street 
Dand, Charles,, 10 Reform street ; h. 6 Havelock place 
Darcy, Luke, lemonade manufr, 96 Blackness road ; h. 3 Blinshall street 
Dargie, George, carter, 89 Peddie street 
Dargie, James, of J. & W. Dargie, 38 Main street 
Dargie, J. & W., builders, 241 Hilltown 
Dargie, William, clerk of works, Peter's court, 20 Cowgate 
Dargie, William, of J. & W. Dargie, 36 Main street 
Dargie, William, blacksmith, 28 Anntield row 
Darke, James W. , writer, H. M. S. Unicorn ; h. 30 Union place 
Darling, Alexander, rigger, 1 Mitchell street 

Darling, Thos. , clerk to NicoU & Son, 1 Ward rd. ; li.'\ iewbank, Mains i-d. 
David, James, clerk, 68 James street 
David, Jane, grocer, 153 Hilltown ; h. 151 
David, John, bootmaker, 12 Princes street ; It. 8 Craigie street 
David, Thomas, clerk. Ward Foundry ; h. Greenlaw place, Clepington 
David, Thomas, builder, 151 Hilltown 
David, Mrs, manglekeeper, 18 Mains road 
Davidson, Agnes, dressmaker, 93 King street 

Davidson, Alex., & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 4 India buildings 
Davidson, Alex., of Alex. Davidson & Co., 2 Madeira street, Maryfield 
Davidson, Alexander, enginedriver, 31 Catherine street 
Davidson, Alexander, gatekeeper, Royal Lunatic Asylum 
Davidson, Alexander, brassfounder, 3 Cochrane street 
Davidson, Andrew, merch. and com. agent, Balbirnie ter., 89 Victoria rd. 



Davidson & Angus, cheese blockmakers, 23 Dudhope street 

Davidson, Arclubald, of Davidson & Angus, 25 Main street 

Davidson, David A., clerk, H.M. Customs ; h. 90 Albert street 

Davidson, David D., butcher, 20 Hawkhill ; h. 38 Hunter street 

Davidson, David, moulder, 27 St Salvador street 

Davidson, David, ironfounder. Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent rd. 

Davidson, Donald, shoemaker, 76 Strathmartine road 

Davidson, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 20 Union place 

Davidson, George R., tobacconist, 115 Perth road 

Davidson, George, dockgateman, 11 Middle street 

Davidson, George, coal merchant, 50 James street ; h. 68 

Davidson, George, overseer, 39 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 

Davidson, James A., commercial traveller, 4 Gellatly street 

DAVIDSON, JAMES N., pharmaceutical chemist, 12Sa Nethergate ; h. 21 

Westfield place. See Adv. 
Davidson, James, temperance hotel, 16 Greenmarket 
Davidson, James, cashier, Ladybank Leather Works ; h. 20 Caldrum st. 
Davidson, James, 34 Windsor street 
Davidson, James, shopkeeper, 68 Bell street 
Davidson, James, carter, 2 Kidd street 
Davidson, James, joiner, 7 Blackness street 
Davidson, James, carter, 27 Brown street 
Davidson, John, collector, 7 Morrison's court, Wellgate 
Davidson, John, storekeeper, 43 Ure street 
Davidson, John, fruiterer, 175 Lochee road 
Davidson, John, traveller, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Davidson, John, blacksmith, 21 Balgay street 
Davidson, J. L., clerk, 40 Dallfield terrace 
Davidson, Mitchell, night watchman, 47 Croft's lane 
Davidson, Robt. B. , watchmkr. and j eweller, 62 Nethergate ; h. 1 Victoria sq. 
Davidson, Robert, 31 Miller's wynd 
Davidson, Robert, packer, 24 Temple lane 

Davidson, Robert, cutter, Owler's Boot Factory ; h. 2 Ness street 
Davidson, Roy, mason, 13 Ogilvie's road 

Davidson, William, jun., com. agent and merch., 13 West Dock street 
Davidson, WiUiam, insurance agent, 157 Scouringburn 
Davidson,Wm.,ironmonger, plumber, and gasfitter, 36 Poleparkrd. ; h. 38 
Davidson, William, overseer, 11 Blackness street 
Davidson, William, brassfinisher, 9 North Wellington street 
Davidson, William, lapper, 41 Milnbank road 
Davidson, Mrs John, wine merchant, 12 Dens road 
Davidson, Mrs J. S., 9 Magdalen Yard road 

Davidson, Mrs Wm. , dress and mantle maker, 46 Dudhope Crescent rd. 
Davidson, Mrs, 28 Court street 
Davidson, Mrs, dressmaker, 118 Albert street 

Davidson, Miss Maggie, dressmaker, 4 South George street, Forebank 
Davidson, Miss, confectioner, 49J Dock street ; h. 34 N. Lindsay street 
Davie, Alex. , of P. & A. Davie, Anderson pi., William street, Forebank 
Davie, Charles, clerk, 86 Albert street 

Davie, James, & Co., commission agents, 33 Commercial street 
Davie, James, of James Davie & Co., Balbirnie ter.. Ill Victoria road 


Davie, James, mechanic, 42 Kincardine street 
'Davie, Oliver, calender worker, 16 Belltield lane, Hawkhill 
Davie, Peter, of P. & A. Davie, 32 Dallfield terrace 
DAVIE, P. & A., house painters, 46 Victoria road. See Adv. 
Davie, Mrs, greengrocer, 88 Blackscroft 
Davie, Miss Margaret, 2 Dalhousie terrace 

Dawson & Carmichael, drapers, tailors, hatters, &c. , 38 West port 
Dawson, D. R., merchant, 2 India buildgs. ; 7i. Rothiemay,Clepingtonrd. 
Dawson, George, waiter, 79 Lochee road 
Dawson, James, cooking-house keeper, 12 Pole street 
Dawson, John, of Dawson & Carmichael, 253 Blackness road 
Dawson, Oswald, carpenter, 19 Constable street 
Dawson, William, joiner and cartwright, 48 Constable street 
Dawson, WUliam H., joiner, 8 Arbroath road 
Dawson, William, draper, Rose cottage, Shamrock street 
Dawson, Mrs William, confectioner, 15 Arthur street 
Dawson, Mrs, 3 Ogilvie street 
Dawson, Mrs, dressmaker, 2 Daniel street 
Day, John, winding overseer, Nicoll's court, 224 Hawkhill 
Deacon, John, stoker, 18 BeU Street lane 
Deadrick, Colin, retired shipmaster, 1 Commercial street 
Deans, George, milloverseer, 57 Mains road 

Deas, James, draper and hosier, 3 High street ; h. 30 N. Lindsay street 
Deas, John J., sewing machine merchant, Ryehill house, 774 Perth road 
Dempsey, Denis, law-clerk, 24 Meadowside ; h. Longforgan 
Dempster, Alexander, clerk, 5 Park terrace 
Dempster, David, shoemaker, 5 Park terrace 
Dempster, John, seaman, 28 Mortimer street 

Dempster, William F. , bootmaker, Ladywell place ; h. 3 Parker street 
Dempster, William, joiner, 17 Dudhope street 

Dempster, Mrs Christina, fishdealer, 12 Fishmarket ; h. 17 Crichton st. 
Dempster, Mrs John, 31 S. George street, Forebank 
Denmark, Vice-Consul for, T. W. Thorns, 18 Cowgate 
Dens Road Factory, Dens Road ; John Laing & Sons, manufacturers 
Dens Works, 2 Princes st. ; Baxter Bros. & Co., spinners and manufact. 
Deuchar, John, jun., merchant, 33 Cowgate ; h. 14 Springfield 
Deuchars, Alexander, mechanic, 18 Pennycook lane 
Deuchars, David, mechanic, 50 North Ellen street 
Deuchars, David, goods manager, N. B. Railway, Tay Bridge station. 

Esplanade ; h. 13 Victoria street 
Deuchars, John, chimneysweeper, 5 Ford's lane 
Devany, James, grocer, 47 King street ; h. 15 Victoria street 
Devany, James, ironturner, 5 Parker's court, King street 
Dewar, Andrew, overseer, South Dudhope Works ; h. 3 Ure street 
Dewar & Christie, drapers, 109 Murray gate ; and cotton-yarn agents 

and miU furnishers, 1 1 Cowgate 
Dewar, Daniel, of Chalmers & Dewar, 8 Osborne place 
Dewar, David, superintendent of Police, Central Police Chambers, 

West Bell street ; h. 5 Windsor terrace 
Dewar, David, blacksmith, 1 Meadow entry 
iDewar, Duncan, shopman, 30 South Tay street 


Dewar, John, cartwright, 35 Crescent lane ; h. 78 Princes street 

Dewar, Walter, draper's assistant, 16 Kinloch street 

Dewar, Wm. D.,of Wm. Dewar&Co., 1 St Jolin's' Wood ter., W.Park rd. 

Dewar, William, mechanic, 10 Ashton place 

Dewar, Miss, 20 Airlie place 

Dewars, John, grocer, 64 Hilltown ; h. 61 

Day, A., M.A., L.L.M., H.M. Inspector of Schools, 11 Douglas terrace, 

Broughty Ferry 
Dick, Alexander, eatinghouse keeper, 42 Larch street 
Dick, Alexander, bootcutter, 7 Ward road 
Dick, Andrew, musician, 8 Park terrace, Blackness road 
Dick, David, eatinghouse keeper, 6 Scouringburn ; h. 42 
Dick, Francis, 43 Overgate 
Dick, George C., draper, 12 Annfield street 

Dick, Rev. Harry L., assistant. South Church ; h. 134 Nethergate 
Dick, Isabella, dressmaker, 11 Nethergate 
Dick, James, hay merchant, 40 Lochee road ; A. 51 
Dick, James, butcher, 5 North Church street 
Dick, James, house proprietor, 14 St Mary's place 
Dick, James, foreman, 220 Blackness road 
Dick, Jessie & Margaret, booksellers and stationers, 62 Wellgate ; h. 44 

King street 
Dick, John G. , tea, spice, &c. , agent, 87 High street; h. 94 Nethergate 
Dick, John, merchant and agent, 10 Panmure street ; h. 12 Newington 

terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Dick, John W., joiner, 12 Kinloch street 
Dick, John, foreman, 37 Dura street 

Dick, R. & J., guttapercha boot and shoe manufacturers, 21 Overgate 
Dick, Thomas, cloth inspector, 28 William street, Forebank 
Dick, Thomas S., mason, 3 Fairley place 
Dick, Thomas, 11 Milnbank road 
Dick, William, sanitary officer, 143 Lochee road 
Dick, Mrs Elizabeth, tinsmith, 20 Kirk entry ; ^.31 Charles street 
Dick, Mrs, draper, 52 Princes street ; li. 54 
Dick, Mrs, 199 Perth road 

Dick, Miss J. C, milliner, 37 North Church st. ; h. 38 Hillbank road j 
Dickie, David, wholesale ironmonger, 19 Overgate ; h. 3 Viewforth place / 
DICKIE, JAMES A., wireworker, beUhanger, &c., 19 Barrack street ; h. 22.' 

See Adv. 
Dickie, William B., of Paul & Dickie, 29 Strawberrybank 
Dickie, Mrs Joseph, 31 Charles street 
Dickson, William, of G. H. Nicoll & Co., 27 J Tait's lane 
Dickson, Mrs, 40 Cotton road 
Dingwall, Thomas, tenter, 216 Perth road 

Dingwall, William, joiner, 33 Forebank road ; h. 7 Kinloch street 
Dingwall, William, feuar, 76 Strathma,rtine road 
Distillers Company (Limited) ; Daniel Robertson, district agent, 1 Royal 

Exchange place 
Dixon, George, of Kinnison & Dixon, 20 Bell street 
Dixon, Henry G. , sawmaker, ironmonger, tool, cutlery, and fancy ware 

merchant, 41 High street ; A. 39 


Dixon, William (Limited), coalmasters, 81 Murraygate ; Charles S. 

Keid, agent 
Dixon, William, 12 Benvie road 
Dobie, William, seaman, 7 Ireland's lane 

Dobson, Mrs, toy merchant, 123 Nethergate ; h. 40 Seafield road 
Docherty, Mary Anne, confectioner, 66 Blackness road 
Doctor & Fleming, merchants, 51 Meadowside 
Doctor, John, clerk. Post Office ; A. 32 St Ann street, Lochee 
Doctor, William, milloverseer. Manor place, 207 Perth road 
Doctor, Mrs, 4 Benvie road 

Dodds & Bathie, agricultural auctioneers, 19 High street 
Dodds, Thomas M., of Dodds & Bathie, Victoria place, Broughty Ferry 
Doig, Ann, cowfeeder, 50 Strathmartine road 
Doig, James, mason, 30 Forfar road, Maryfield 
Doig, James, seaman, 95 Victoria road 

Doig, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 35 Wellgate ; h. 4 Morrison's court 
Doig, John, out-station sergeant of pensioners. Barracks ; h. 8 Parker st. 
Doig, John, mechanic, 24 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Doig, Margaret W., stationer, 90 King street ; h. 31 Nelson street 
Djoig, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 57 and 59 Albert street ; h. 2Q 
Doig, Thomas, of Mann & Doig, 30 Forfar road 
Doig, Thomas, draff merchant, 14 North street 
Doig, William, house proprietor, 6 St Peter street 

Doig, William, chemist and druggist, 1 Castle st. ; h. Forebank terrace 
Doig, Mrs, sicknurse, 11 Union place 

Doig, Miss Isabella, manglekeeper, 7 Morrison's court, Wellgate 
Doig, Miss Margaret, Anderson place, 5 William street, Forebank 
Don Brothers, Buist, & Co. , flax and jute spinners, Ward Mills, Barrack. 

Don & Duncan, manufacturers. King's Cross works 
Don, Francis, factory overseer, 23 Rose street 
Don, James, & Co., china, glass, and earthenware merchants, 28 and 30 

West port 
Don, James, of Don & Duncan, 21 William street, Forebank 
Don, James, of James Don & Co., Alma terrace. West Newport 
Don, James, fireman, 102 Caldrum street 
Don, John, of Don Brothers, Buist, & Co., and William & John Don 

& Co., The Lodge, Broughty Ferry 
Don, Robert, currier, 16 Wilkie's lane 
Don, Thomas, 2 A thole terrace, Maryfield 

Don, Thomas, jun., clerk, with A. Low & Son ; /;. 2 Athole ter.. Maryfield 
Don, William G., of Don Brothers, Buist, & Co., and W. & J. Don & 

Co. , Invereighty house, near Forfar 
Don, William & John, & Co., powerloom linen manufacturers. Ward. 

Mills, Barrack street, and at Forfar 
Don, Mrs, 6 Greenfield place , 

Donachie, John, porter, 26 Clark street 
Donaghey, Mary Ann, grocer, 78 Blackness road 
Donaghey, Martha, laundress, 6 Pole street 
Donald, Alexander, photographer, 17 Wellington street 
Donald, Alexander, mason, 60 Polepark road 


Donald, Andrew, warehouse keeper. Customs Bond, 81 Seagate ; h. 13 

Balfour street 
Donald Brothers, manufacturers and merchants, 20 Panmure street 
Donald, David, of Donald Brothers, Seafield, Broughty Ferry 
Donald, David, butcher, 140 Princes street ; h. 142 
Donald, David, lodgekeeper, 15 Paterson street 

Donald, George, brassfinisher, 7 Watson's lane r 

Donald, George, jun., engraver, 2 Gardner's lane '" 

Donald, George, tailor, 160 Hilltown 

Donald, James, manufacturer, 8 Panmure street ; h. Elmwood, Lochee 
Donald, James, moulder, 15 Graham place 
Donald, John, plumber and brassfounder, 4 and 6 Gardner's lane ; A. 61 

Lochee road 
Donald, Mary, grocer, 67 Princes street 
Donald, Thomas, tailor, 11 Clepington street 
Donald, WiUiam, confectioner, 204 Overgate ; h. 201 
Donald, Mrs James, lodgings, 11a Victoria road 
Donaldson, Alexander, porter, 31 Strathmartine road 
Donaldson, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 33 Nelson street ; h. 

35 Alexander street 
Donaldson & Buist, cartwrights and joiners, 30 Union st., Charles st. 
Donaldson, Charles, mason, Dundonald street 
Donaldson, David, grocer, 89 Hilltown 
Donaldson, David, mechanic, 6 Erskine street 
Donaldson & Edwards, plasterers, 32 Caldrum street 
Donaldson, George, of Donaldson & Buist, 27 Charles street 
Donaldson, James, teacher, St Andrew's School ; h. Salisbury place 
Donaldson, James, clerk, Post-ofhce ; h. 43 Dallfield terrace 
Donaldson, James, tailor and clothier, 6 Lamb's lane 
Donaldson, John, yarn and linen merch., 11 Meadow street ; h. Crescent 

bank, Newport 
Donaldson, John, tinsmith and gasfitter, 1 Middle street 
Donaldson, John, calenderer, 3 Pennycook lane 

Donaldson, Robert, cutler, locksmith, and sawtrimmer, 197 Scouringburn 
Donaldson, Robert, surgeon- dentist, 66 Wellgate 
Donaldson, Robert, tailor, 79 Ann street ; h. 85 
Donaldson, Thomas S., milloverseer, 35 Todburn lane 
Donaldson, William, hairdresser, 14 Blackness road 
Donaldson, William, of Donaldson & Edwards, 32 Caldrum street 
Donaldson, William, coffeehouse keeper, 7 Brown street ; h. 9 Hawkhill 
Donaldson, Mrs Archibald, ironmonger, 189 Blackness road 
Donaldson, Mrs, cabinetmaker, 162 Ann street 
Donn, Robert, compositor, 4 Havelock place, Croft's lane 
Donnelly, John, lathsplitter, 55 Rosebank street ; h. 2 Ogilvie's road 
Donnet, John, clerk, 10 St Andrew's st.; h. Plevna cottage, Macgill st. 
Dorward, James, moulder, 17 Annfield row 
Dorward, William, grocer, 68 Strathmartine road 
Dorward, Mrs James, 36 Carmichael street 
Dorward, Mrs, lady's nurse, 59 Wellgate 
Dorward, Mrs, midwife, 20 Ferry road 
Dott, George, teacher. High School ; li. Union pi., Monifieth rd., B. Ferry 


Dott, William, goods agent, N.B. Railway Co., Tay Bridge station, and 

East Dock street ; h. II Baffin street 
Dougald, Jolm, grocer, 18 Bernard street 
Dougall, Ingelby, cliina merchant, 28 Rosebank street 
Douglas, Andrew, & Co. , spinners, manufacturers, and merchants, West 

Ward Works ; office, 8 Panmure street 
Douglas, Andrew, of Andrew Douglas & Co., Elmbank, 6 Union terrace 
Douglas, David, grocer and wine merchant, 4 Crichton street ; /(. 

Myrtle cottage, Ancrum road, Lochee 
Douglas Foundry, Blinshall street ; Thomson Brothers & Co. , machine 

Douglas, James, seedcleaner, 44 Tindal's wynd ; h. 25 Stirling street 
Douglas, John, of Douglas & Smith, 2 Airlie terrace 
Douglas, Peter, upholsterer, 47 Victoria road 
Douglas, Robert, mason, 17 Glamis street 
Douglas, Robert, clerk, 10 North Tay street 
Douglas & Smith, engravers and lithographers, 8 Crichton street 
Douglas, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 8 Brovra street 
Douglas, Wm. C, writer, H.M. Customs ; h. 184 Perth road 
Douglas, Mrs H., grocer, 24 Balfour street ; h. 12 
Douglas, Mrs, eatinghouse keeper, 5 Hawkhill 

Dove, John F., merchant and commission agent, Peter's court, 20 Cow- 
gate ; h. Kilnburn place, Newport 
Dove, William, merchant, 23 Panmure street ; h. Newport 
Dow, Alexander, late grocer, 38 Hunter street 

Dow, Alexander, coal merchant, 26 Hawkhill ; h. 18 Kincardine street 
Dow, Daniel, merchant, spinner, and manufacturer, 2 India biiildings ; 

h. Beechwood terrace, West Park road 
Dow & Duncan, iron, steel, and metal merchants, 5 Commercial street 
Dow, James, potato merchant and market gardener, 56 West port ; 

h. North cottage, Blackness 
Dow, James, late shipmaster, 120 Nethergate 

Dow, James, sheriff-criminal-officer. Courthouse ; /i. 1 Mount pleasant 
Dow, John, of Dow & Duncan, Victoria cottage, West Newport 
Dow, Margaret, lodgings, 30 Tay street 
Dow, Patrick, accountant, D. P. & L. Shipping Co. ; h. 17 Magdalen 

Yard road 
Dow, Peter, grocer and spirit merchant, 179 Perth road; h. 14 Stanley 

place, Step row 
Dow, Thomas, clerk, 253 Blackness road 
Dow, Walter, barman, 34 William street, Forebank 
Dow, William, mechanic, 5 Blyth street 

Dowall, William P., of Alex. A. Miln & Co., Pitalpin house, Lochee 
Dower, Robert, wine and spirit merch. , 1 West port ; /*. 88 Hawkhill 
Dowie, George, clerk, 9 Roslin terrace, Clepington 
Downie, James, shipmaster, 1 Viewforth place 
Downie, James, beamer, 1 Mitchell street 
Downie, Jessie, 33 Forebank road 
Downie, John, coffeehouse keeper, 17 Greenmarket 
Downie, Peter, shoemaker, 7 Arthur street 
Drimmie, Allan, confectioner, 23 Barrack street 


Drimmie, Irvine, commission and insurance agent, 10 Pamnure street ; 
Ji. Springbank, Monifietli 

Dron, James M. , clerk, Salem street, 59 Constitution road 

Dron, James M., clerk, Tay Works ; A. 42 St Mary's place 

Dron, Thomas, clerk, 14 Wellington street 

Dron, Mrs David L., 10 Somervile place i 

Dron, Mrs Robert, Salem street, 59 Constitution road 

DRUMMOND, ALEXANDER S., liouse decorator, 67 Nethergate ; h. Salis- 
bury villa, 5 Blackness terrace. See Adv. 

Drummond, Rev. James, Ryehill U. P. Church, Perth road ; h. 1 Beech- 
wood terrace, West Park road 

Drummond, John, overseer, 4 Fleuchar street 

Drummond, Peter, joiner, 224 Lochee road 

Drummond, Robert, 4 Havelock place. Croft's lane 

Drummond, Thomas, farmer. Mid Craigie 

Druramond, Thomas, jun. , insurance agent. Mid Craigie 

Drummond, Mrs A., 138 Nethergate 

Drummond, Mrs Eliza, 7 Westfield lane 

Dryburgh, George, ironmoulder, 23 Baxter street 

Dryden, Jas., of Robertson, Dryden, & Co., Kilnburn pi., E. Newport 

Dryden, James, jun., of Robei-tson, Dryden, & Co., 5 EUen street 

Dryden, James, serjeant of Harbour Police, 4 Idvies street 

Dryden, James, dairyman, 10 Carmichael street 

Dryden, James, lapper, 93 King street 

Dryden, Joseph, butcher, 91 Hawkhill ; li. 21 Elizabeth street 

Dryden, Peter, dairyman, 21 Elizabeth street 

Dryden, Wm., of Robertson, Dryden, & Co., Kilburn pi., E. Newport 

Dryden, William, millwright, 58 Dallfield walk 

Drysdale, Alexander, teacher and superintendent. Deaf and Dumb 
Institution, Dudhopebank, Logic den 

Drysdale, David, church-officer, Free High Church ; h. 14 Mortimer st. 

Drysdale, Thomas, clerk with John Sharp ; li. 23 Dallfield terrace 

Duchars, James, factory-overseer, 17 North Church street 

Dudhope Tan Works, Smellie's lane and Brown street ; H. Henderson 
& Sons, tanners, curriers, and leather merchants 

Dudhope Works, Douglas street ; W. Fergusson & Sons, manufacturers 

DufF, Alexander, mechanic, 5 Rustic place , 

Duff, Alexander, foreman. Cleansing Department, 11 Stirling street | 

Duff, Alexander, ironmonger, 27 Step row 

Duff, Alexander, milloverseer, 27 Polepark road 

Duff", David, draper and hosier, 144 Murraygate ; h. 1 Mid street 

Duff, David, grocer, 215 Overgate 

Duff, James, late printer, 69 Nethergate 

Duff, John M., saddler, 5 Barrack street ; /;. 60 Hill street 

Duff, John, grocer, 176 Hilltown ; h. 174 

Duff, John, goods porter, 7 Ireland's lane 

Duff, Peter, confectioner, 89 Scouringburn '• 

Duff, Peter, inspector of Police, 144 Princes street 

Duff, Peter, cowfeeder, 103 Victoria road 

Duff, Samuel, bootcloser, 2 Meadow street, Wellgate 

Duff, Mrs, 1 Church street. Princes street 


Diiffus, George, surveyor of shipping, 234 Perth road 

Dufliis, John, porter, 2 Kirk entry, Wellgate 

Duffus, John H. , house proprietor, 2 Gowrie place 

Duflfus, Spinks, upholsterer, Albert court, Nethergate 

Duffus, William, of Fowler and Duffus, 53 Ann street 

Duffus, Mrs, midwife, 151 Princes street 

Duffas, Miss Catherine, baby linen warehouse, 11 Wellgate; ^.37Union st. 

Duffy, Francis, bottler, 21 Hean's lane ; h. 14 Small's lane 

Duguid, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 1 Ford's lane 

Duirs, William, ironturner, 114 Lochee road 

Duke, Andrew, boilermaker, 10 Middle street 

Duke, A. M., manager to Lindsay & Low, 87 Ure street ; h. 67 

Duke, Rev. John, Wellgate Free Church ; h. 6 Albany terrace 

Duke, John, stationer and joiner, 101 Ann street 

Dumbrake, Alexander, fireman, 13 Derby street 

Dunbar, Eglantine, lodginghouse keeper, 71 High street 

Dunbar, Rev. James J., assistant curate of St Paul's Episcopal Church, 

and curate in charge of All Saints Church, Glencarse; h. 8 Garland pi. 
Dunbar, William B., solicitor, procurator-fiscal, Courthouse buildings ; 

h. 12 Westfield place 
Dunbar, Mrs John, lodgings, 11a Victoria road 

Duncan, Alexander, & Sons, reed and camb manufacturers, 30 Hilltown 
Duncan, Alexander, of Alexander Duncan & Sons, 5 Victoria road 
Duncan, AJex., builder, Soapwork lane ; h. Tayview ter., E. Newport 
Duncan, Alexander, of Robertson & Duncan, 12 Raton's lane 
Duncan, Alexander, coaldealer, 14 Alexander street ; h. 17 
Duncan, Alexander, shipmaster, 11 South Union street 
Duncan, Alexander, slater, 33 Stirling street ; li. 29 
Duncan, Alexander, milloverseer, 20 Ellen street, Forebank 
Duncan, Alexander, seaman, 25 North Tay street 
Duncan, Andrew, architect, 31 Bank street ; h. 10 Wilkie's lane 
Duncan, Andrew, tobacconist and stationer, 114 Scouringburn ; A. 110 
Duncan, Archibald, flesher, 47 Constitution road 
Duncan, A. B., of Don & Duncan, 14 Union place, Lochee 
Duncan, A. James, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 144 Nethergate 
Duncan Brothers, merchants, spinners, and manufacturers, Wallace 

Works, Hilltown ; office, 5 Pamnure street 
Duncan, Charles, shipchandler, 61 Dock street ; h. 17 Airlie place 
Duncan, Charles, 21 Pitfour street 
Duncan, Charles, mechanic, 117 Ann street 
Duncan, David, jun., solicitor and notary, 41 Reform street ; h. 125 

Nethergate, and The Castle, Newport 
Duncan, David, clerk, 18 Dallfield terrace 
Duncan, David, stower, 4 Mortimer street 
Duncan, David, clerk, 29 Hilltown 
Duncan, David, millworker, 56 Mains road 
Duncan, David R., 5 Parker street 
Duncan, Edward, builder, 24 North street 
Duncan, Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 41 Victoria road 
Duncan, George, manager, Ward Street and Lower Pleasance Mills ; h. 

9 Bonnybank road 


Duncan, George A. , telegraphist, 86 Albert street 1 

Duncan, George, joiner, 200 Perth road 

Duncan, James, & Co., merchants, 33 Cowgate ; h. The Brae, Alyth 
Duncan, James B., of Duncan Brothers, Craigie, Ferry road 
Duncan, James, painter and paperhanger, 221 Hilltown ; h. 223 
Duncan, James, butcher, 3 Victoria road, 136 Murraygate, and 148 

Hilltown ; ^. 36 Victoria road 
Duncan, James, manager, Miln Street and Bower Mills ; h. 62 Ure st. 
Duncan, James, ironturner, 67 Blackscroft 

Duncan, James, grocer and confectioner, 43 Wilkie's lane ; h. 27 
Duncan, James, of Winter, Duncan, & Co., St Mary's terrace, Downfield 1 
Duncan, James, shoemaker, 16 North Ellen street 
Duncan, James J. , 27 Dock street ; h. 1 Constitution terrace 
Duncan, James, gardener, 11 Springhill 
Duncan, James, mechanic, 69 North Church street 
Duncan, James, seaman, 23 Charles street, Wellgate 
Duncan, James, 21 Lawrence street 
Duncan, James, railway porter, 10 Eosebank street 
Duncan, John, Chapelshade Works ; h. Marrbank house, 2 Paradise rd. 
Duncan, John F. , of Duncan & Kittles, 14 Garland place 
Duncan, John, of Duncan Brothers, Craigie, Ferry road 
Duncan, John, of Winter, Duncan, & Co. , Kilnburn place, Newport 
Duncan, John M., book-keeper, Seaiield Works ; A. 16 North Ellen st. 
Duncan, John, dairyman, 7 Laing street 
Duncan, John, butcher, 161 Perth road; h. 153 
Duncan, John, feuar, 32 Eosebank street 
Duncan, John, shoemaker, 69 Lochee road ; h. 67 
Duncan, John, seaman, 29 Hilltown 
Duncan, John, joiner, 6 Eosefield street 
Duncan, J. C. , of Dow & Duncan, 6 Wellington street 
Duncan & Kittles, painters and decorators, 66 Bell street 
Dtincan, M., draper, 20 Strathmartine rd ; h. 11 Well rd., Smithfield 
Duncan, Michael S., bootmaker, 75 Princes street ; h. 2 Middle street 
Duncan, Patrick J. , clerk, W. E. Baxter & Co. ; h. The Hermitage, ' 

Broughty Ferry 
Duncan, P. M., coal agent and steam- ship owner, 27 Dock street ; A. 1 

Constitution terrace 
Duncan, Robert, mason, 26 Union place 
Duncan, Robert, joiner, 51 William street, Forebank 
Duncan, Robert K., clerk, 5 Parker street 
Duncan, Thomas, joiner, 31 Nethergate ; h. Newport 
Duncan, Thomas, mason, 22 North street 
Duncan, Thomas, joiner, 8 Fish street 
Duncan, Victor, birddealer, 195 Lochee road ; h. 193 
Duncan, William, grocer, 47 North Church street 
Duncan, William, agent, Scottish National Insurance Co., 35 Cowgate ; 

h 44 Seafield road 
Duncan, William, North Sea pilot, 14 Maryfi eld terrace 
Duncan, William H., architectural draughtsman, 9 Bonnybank road 
Duncan, William, confectioner, 24 West port ; h. 4 Temple lane 
Duncan, William, stationer, 62 Blackscroft 


Duncan, William, seaman, 13 Mortimer street 

Duncan, William, foreman, 10 Exchange street 

Duncan, William G., butcher, 127 Hawkhill; h. 33 Annfield road 

Duncan, Mrs David, milliner and dressmaker, 53 Alexander street 

Duncan, Mrs Mary, 67 Murraygate 

Duncan, Mrs John, Lower Craigie, Ferry road 

Duncan, Mrs, manglekeeper, 70 Constable street 

Duncan, Mrs, 12 Cotton road 

Duncanson, Alexander, mechanic, Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 

Duncanaon, James, clerk, 15 Stanley place. Step row 

Dundas, David, clerk, 86 Albert street 

Dundas, James, ironturner, 14 Annfield street 

Dundas, James, milloverseer, 3 Laing street 

Dundee Advertiser, John Leng, managing proprietor, editor, and pub- 
lisher, 7 Bank street 

Dundee Crated Water Manufacturing Co. (Limited), 21 Magdalen Yard 
road, Henry Blackwood, manager 

Dundee Calendering Co., calenderers, 48 St Andrew's street 

Dundee Co-operative Association, grocers, 42 Victoria road, William 
Phillips, manager. 

Dundee Courier and Argus, Charles Alexander, managing proprietor, 
editor, and publisher, 34 North Lindsay street 

Dundee and District Tramway Co. (Limited), 188 Perth road ; regis- 
tered office, 26 Castle street 

Dundee Eye Institution, 84 Murraygate 

Dundee Foundry, East Dock street ; Gourlay Brothers & Co., engineers 

Dundee, Francis, coal merchant, 232 Hilltown ; h. 25 Powrie place 

Dundee Gas Commissioners' Office, 16Meadowside, Jas. Matthew, treas. 

Dundee Hat Company, hat manufacturers, 93 High street 

Dundee Institution for the Blind — basket, bedding, and mat manufac- 
turers — 60 Dallfield walk ; branch sale shop, 34 High street 

Dundee Linen Works, Constitution st. ; Butchart, Lindsay, & Co., manuf. 

Dundee & Liverpool Steam Shipping Office, 33 Dock st. ; J.T.Inglis,agent 

Panmure street. See Adv. 

A. J. Murdoch, manager. See Adv. 

Dundee & Newcastle Shipping Company (Limited), 1 Commercial street ; 

[ H. Plenderleath, manager 

Dundee Provident Property Investment Company, 15 Ward road ; David 
Wilkie, manager ; Calder & Paterson, secretaries 

Dundee Parochial Board Office, 6 & 8 Euclid street 

Dundee, Perth, & London Ship. Co. , 5 Shore ter. ; Thos. Couper, manager 

street. See Adv. 

Dundee Polar Fishing Co., Marine parade ; W. 0. Taylor & Co., 18 
Dock street, managers 

Dundee Police & Water Commissions — Treasurer's Office, 8 Meadowside ; 
Donald Farquharson, treasurer 

Dundee Professional Supply Association (Limited), 26 & 28 Bank street ; 
John R. Mitchell, manager 


Dundee Public Warehouse Company ; T. S. Eoss, manager, 12 Cowgate 

DUNDEE SAVINGS BANK, 2 Euclid street ; Robert Sturrock, actuary. 
See Adv. 

Dundee Shipping and Dundee Shipping Freight Insurance Associations, 
46 Castle street ; J. R. Wilson, secretary 

Dundee Seal & Whale Fishing Co., Whaleyard, East Dock street;; 
David Bruce, 3 Eoyal Exchange place, manager 

Dundee & Shetland Fishing Co. ; James Allison & Sons, managers, 48 i; 
Dock street 

Dundee Water Commission — Engineer's Office, 7 Euclid street ; James 5 
Watson, engineer and manager 

Dundee Workman Public House Without Drink, 80 Overgate 

Dunlop, Rev. John, Free St David's ; h. 10 Panmure terrace 

Dunn, Alexander, lapper, 4 Pitfour street 

Dunn, James, labourer, 12 Bell Street lane 

Dunn, James, joiner, 41 North Wellington street 

Dunn, James, grocer, 213 Perth road 

Dunn, Mrs James, 42 Thomson street 

Dura Works, Dura street, P. & J. Walker, spinners and manufacturers 

Durham, James, of John Durham & Son, Wingate place, Newport 

Durham, John, & Son, wholesale stationers, printers, engravers, litho- 
graphers, and account-book manufacturers, 49 High st.& 13 Overgate 

Durie, John, painter and decorator, 22 Cowgate ; h. 20 

Durie & Miller, manufacturers, 13 Seafield road 

Durkie, David, baker, 78 Dura street and 54 Ann street ; h. 3 Eliza st. 

Durlac, H., teacher, High school; h. 24 Springfield 

Duthie, Mary, grocer, 24 Catherine street 

Dye, Alfred, seaman, 4 Benvie road 

Dye, Charles, chimneysweeper, 96 Murraygate, and 63 Perth road 

Dye, James, chimneysweeper, 15 John street 

Dyer, Peter, joiner, 8 Hunter street 

Dyer, John, milloverseer, 13 Balfour street 

Dykes, James, steamtug owner, 46 Castle street 

Dysart, William, warper, 8 Cleghorn street 

Eadie, Robert, shoe merch. , 25 Overgate ; h. Athole pi. , 13 Arbroath rd. 

Easson, Alexander, late manufacturer, 13 Wellington street 

Easson, Andrew, carter, 36 North Wellington street 

Easson, James, late grocer, 23 Janefield place 

Easson, John, & Son, cork manufacturers, 28 Barrack street 

Easson, John M. , draper, 79 Overgate ; h. 8 Strawberrybank 

Easson, John, china and hardware merch ,90 Scouringburn ; /; . 6 Lawrence st. 

Easson, Thomas, of J. Easson & Son, Fairview cottage. East Newport 

Easson, William, mason and chimneysweeper, 12 Lawrence street 

Easson, Mrs George T. , 43 Hospital wynd 

East, Alfred, chairmaker, 45 Nelson street 

EAST, FRANCIS, chair manufacturer, 45 Nelson street ; h. 9 Maryfield 

terrace. See Adv. 
East Port Calender, 100 Cowgate ; Strachan, Kinmond, & Co.,caIenderera 
East Mill, Session street ; 0. G. Miller & Co., flaxspinners 
Eastern Club, 3 Albert sq., J. R. Newton, clubmaster ; A. Mackay, sec* 


Eastern Co-operative Society (Limited), 1 Erskine st., and 105 Ann st. 
Eaton, James, labourer, 6 Thorter row 

Edgar, Henry, bottler, 51 Rosebank street ; h. 59 North Church street 

37 Albert square ; resident secretary, R. J. Niven. See Adv. 
Ednie, John, overseer, 7 Janefield place 
Edward, Allan, & Co., merchants, 8 Panmure street 
Edward, Trustees of A. & D., & Co., Logic Works ; q^ce, 206 Scour 'burn 
Edward, Charles, of Edward & Robertson, Rock lodge, Harecraig 
Edward, Charles D., watchmaker, 8 Croft's lane 
Edward, D. W. , commission agent, 26 Alexander street 
Edward, David, boilermaker, 174 Seagate 
Edward, David, mason, 7 Mid street 
Edward, James H., grocer and wine merchant, 84 High street ; h. 12 

Union place, Lochee 
Edward, John, tailor, 2 High street 

Edward, John S., shipmaster, Tay Ferries ; h. 27 Yeaman shore 
Edward, Joseph, turner, 66 Rosebank street ; h. 26 Alexander street 
Edward, Kenrick A., of Allan Edward & Co., Farington hall, Perth rd. 
Edward, Peter, 26 Hillbank road 
Edward & Robertson, architects, 12 Bank street 
Edward, William, jun., grocer, wine and spirit merch., 92 Princes street, 

85 and 87 High street, Lochee ; h. Daisybank, Maryfield 
Edward, William, overseer, 52 Larch street 
Edward, William, lapper, 7 Clepington street 
Edward, William A., book-keeper, 304 Perth road 
Edward, Mrs Allan, Farington hall, Perth road 
Edward, Mrs, broker, IS Scouringburn 

Edwards, Alex. , shipowner, 23 Dock street ; /;. Wellgate house, Newport 
Edwards, David, steamboat owner, 1 Commercial street 
Edwards, David, surveyor of cargoes, 63 Constitution road 
Edwards, George, blacksmith, 28 Crescent lane ; h. 58 
Edwards, James, seaman, 4 South Union street 

Edwards, Margaret, teacher, Bell Street Academy ; h. 19 Ward road 
Edwards, Robert, clerk, 42 Annfield road 
Egan, Miss Margaret, grocer, 19 Urquhart street 
Eggo, George A., superintendent, Telegraph office ; A. 5 Ellen street 
Elder, David G., baker, 62 Scouringburn, and 166 Blackness road ; h. 66 


Elder, David, housefactor, 4 Reform street ; h. Commercial street 
Elder, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 137 Blackness road 
Elder, James, baker, 108 Princes street ; h. 110 
nider, James, seaman, Gray's close, 71 High street 

Ider, John, feuar, 8 Daniel street 
Elder, John, labourer, 9 Baffin street 
Elder, Robert, seaman, 10 Ireland's lane 
Elder, Thomas, carpenter, 129 Perth road 

Elgin, Scott, confectioner, 88 Murraygate ; /«. 3 Mid Kirk stile 
Elgin & Son, confectioners, 125 Overgate 
ElHot, Mrs Agnes, 108 Blackness road 
SUis, George, milloverseer, 28 Polepark road 
i 10 


Ellis, James, mason, 11 Dallfield walk 

Ellis, Mary, furnishings, 20 Cochrane street 

Ellis, William, agent for Fairbairn, Kennedy, & Naylor, Leeds ; h. 24 

Euclid crescent 
Ellis, William, tailor and clothier, 250 Perth road ; h. 213 
Ellis, Mrs George, 185 Princes street 
Elmslie, Stewart, coffeehouse keeper, 30 Arbroath road 
Embacher, Richard, clerk, •Jaff6 Bros. & Co. ; h. St John's Wood terrace 
Emslie, Alexander, merchant, 20 Panmure street ; h. 4 Hawkhill place 
Emslie, John F., of Grierson, Emslie, & Co., 4 Hawkhill place 
Enright, Patrick, cutter, 1 Lowden's alley 

Branch office, 13 Ward road. See Adv. 
Erentz, C. H., shipbroker, 33 Dock street ; h. 13 West Dock street |! 

Esplin, Alexander, housefactor and valuator, 7 Cowgate ; h. Glencarse 
Esplin, James, overseer, 6 Lawrence street 
Esplin, James, joiner, 8 Alexander street 
Evans, Arthur, seaman, 85 Cowgate 
Evans, Ezekiel A. , ropespinner, 9 Temple lane 
Evans, John, messenger, 36 Rose street 

Evening News Office ; Peddie, Hutcheson, & Co. , 21 Cowgate 
Evening Telegraph, John Leng, managing proprietor and publisher, 7 

Bank street 
Ewan, Alexander, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 16 West port I 

and 165 Hawkhill ; A. 26 Isles' lane 
Ewan, Charles, carter, 18 Ness street ■.. 

Ewan, Francis M., of Ewan, Young, & Co., Viewbank, Broughty Perry ;. 
Ewan, John, of Ewan, Young, & Co., Edenhall, West Ferry vi 

Ewan, Robert, cellarman, 40 St Mary's place ' 

Ewan, Young, & Co., spinners and manufacturers. Verdant Works, j 

Henderson's wynd ; office, 32 Cowgate ■ 

Ewart, Joseph, labourer, 26 Ogilvie's road 
Ewing, David, mason, 10 Rose lane 

Ewing, David, coal and potato merchant, 22 Commercial st. , Max. ; h. 23 \ 
Ewing, Rev. James, St Andrew's Free Church ; h. 12 Laurelbank i 

Ewing, Rev. John F., Ogilvie Free Church ; h. 12 Laurelbank 'j 

Exchange Club, 32 Bank street ; W. G. Irving, secretary 

Fair, James, overseer. Water Commission ; A. 87 King street 

Fair, John, grocer and wine merchant, 33 Princes street ; A. 123 i 

Fair, Samuel, cabinetmaker, 15 Seafield lane ! 

Fairful, David, coachman, 9 Tay Street lane 

Fairley, George, mason, 2 South Union street 

Fairley,James,A.R.LB.A.,of M'Cullochfe Fairley, 13 Pittst., Portobelk 

Fairney, Catherine, broker, 86 Blackness road ; h. 80 

Fairweather, Adam B., hairdresser, 28 Hawkhill ; A. 31 

Fairweather, Alex., & Co., powerloom jute manufacturers, Commercia] ' 

street, Maxwelltown 
Fairweather, Alexander, (of A. Fairweather & Co.), merchant, 4 India 

buildings ; A. 1 St Peter street 


Fairweather, Alexander, shipmaster, s.s. "Active," 10 Craigie street 
Fairweather, Alexander, cowfeeder, Lawside road 
Fairweather, A. & S., shoemakers, 1 Crichton street 
Fairweather, Charles, overseer, 41 Todburn lane 

Fairweather, Daedalus G., porkbutcher, hamcurer, and provision mer- 
chant, 50 Wellgate ; Ji. 8 Morrison's court 
Fairweather, David, of Isabella Scott & Co., 72 Lochee road 
Fairweather, David, meter inspector, 60 Anntield road 
Fairweather, George, butcher, 66 Hawkhill ; h. 36 Havelock place 
Fairweather, Henry, of Harris & Fairweather, 17 Thomson street 
Fairweather, James, merchant, 33 Albert square ; A. 1 St Peter street 
Fairweather, James, builder, 4 Hill street ; /*. 25 
Fairweather, James, grocer, 40 King street ; h. 32J 
Fairweather, James, clerk, 6 Alexander street 
FAIRWEATHER, JAMES G., civil and mechanical consulting engineer. 

See Adv. 
Fairweather, J. A., of Fairweather & Sons, 7 Union terrace 
Fairweather, J. B., commission agent, 35 Cowgate ; li. 11 Bonnybank rd. 
Fairweather, John S., clerk, 49 St Andrew's st.; h. Whitehouse, Murroes 
Fairweather, John, of Fairweather, Steven, & Co. , 1 St Peter street 
Fairweather, J., tobacconist, 101 Murraygate 
Fairweather, John, clerk, Ashton Works ; h. 2 Strawberrybank 
Fairweather, Joseph, sculptor, Arbroath rd. and Victoria rd. ; h. Arctic pi. 
Fairweather & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, 13 Peter street 
FAIRWEATHER, STEVEN, & CO., coal merchants and commission agents, 

32 Castle st. See Adv. 
Fairweather, William, 22 Annfield row 
Fairweather, William, steelyard keeper, 32 Small's wynd 
Fairweather, William, lapper, 4 Lawrence street 

Fairweather, W. P., bookkeeper and accountant, II Bonnybank road 
Fairweather, W. R., & Co.,hamcurers and egg importers, 19 & 21 Hilltown 
Fairweather, Wallace R. (of W. R. Fairweather «& Co.), commission agent, 

19 Cowgate 
Fairweather, W. W. , of Fairweather & Sons, 7 Union terrace 
Fairweather, Mrs David, 142 Nethergate 
Fairweather, Miss Esther, 79 King street 
Fairweather, Mrs James T., 7 Union terrace 
Fairweather, Mrs James A., 9 Ward road 
Fairweather, Mrs William, 1 St Peter street 
Falconer, Charles M. , of Halket & Adam, 1 Gowrie street 
Falconer, James, adjutant of Volunteers, Drill hall ; h. 7 Springfield 
Falconer, James, furnishing ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasiitter, 35 and 

37 Nethergate ; A. 142 
Falconer, James, confectioner, 160 Overgate 
Falconer, James, shoemaker, 43 William street, Forebank 
Falconer, John, tenter, 43 Ure street 
Falconer, John, cabinetmaker, 27 West port 
Falconer, Joseph, merchant and agent, 13 Panmure street 
Falconer, Richard, ironmonger, 35 Nethergate ; h. 142 
Falconer, William, cashier, carting department, West station ; h. 1^ 
Thomson street 


Falconer, William, accountant, 32 Castle street 

Falconer, Mrs Janet, manglekeeper, 3 Tait's lane 

Falconer, Miss Mary, staymaker, 13 St Andrew's street 

Farelly, Patrick, furniture dealer, 17 Scouringburn 

Farmer, Alexander, furniture dealer, 32 Hunter street 

Farmer, William, moulder, 10 Church street, Wallacetown 

Farnham, George, spiritdealer, 15 West port ; h. Grant's pi. West port 

Farquhar, Agnes C, draper and milliner, 64 Princes st. ; h. 7 Castle st. 

Farquhar, David, packer, 47 Crescent street 

Farquhar, George, stoker, 174 Ann street 

Farquhar, George, gardener, West park, Perth road 

Farquhar, James W., banker, British Linen Co. ; h. Tay ter., E. Newport 

Farquhar, William, contractor, 200 Hilltown ; h. 198 

Farquharson, Alexander, woodturner, 68 James street 

Farquharson, Alexander, coachman, 23 Arbroath road 

Farquharson, David G., house agent, 3 Barrack street ; h. 356 Perth rd. 

Farquharson, Donald, Treasurer of Police and Water Commissions, 8 

Meadowside ; h. Ardalbank, Newport 
Farquharson, Duncan, night watchman, 7 Constable street 
Farquharson, Finlay, clerk. Police Commissioners' Office; h. 8 Meadowside 
Farquharson, George, manager, 38 Barrack street 
Farquharson, George, hardware merchant, 8 Hawkhill 
Farquharson, James, hosier, glover, hatter, miUuier, and shirt manufac- 
turer, 108 and 110 Nethergate ; A. 18 Baton's lane 
Farquharson, James, of Garvie & Farquharson, 3 Scott street 
FARQUHARSON, JOHN, & CO., coal, brick, lime, and cement merchants, 

1 South Union street. See Adv. 
Farquharson, John, of J. Farquharson & Co., Ashbank villa, E. Newport 
FARQUHARSON, JOHN, plumber, brassfounder, gas engineer, and bell- 
hanger, 36 and 38 Barrack street ; h. 38. See Adv. 
Farquharson, John, jun., plumber and ironmonger, 177 Perth rd. ; A. 175 
Farquharson, Robert C, of R. W. Farquharson & Son, Forthill, B. Ferry 
FARQUHARSON, ROBERT W., & SON, watchmakers and jewellers, 73 High 

street. See Adv. - 
Farquharson, Robert, & Son, glaziers, 114 Murraygate 
Farquharson, Thomas, of Joseph Gibson & Co., Bay cottage, W. Ferry 
Farquharson, Walter, house proprietor, 61 Scouringburn 
Farquharson, William, clerk, 38 Barrack street 
Farquharson, Mrs William, 3 Scotswood terrace 
Farquharson, Miss, dressmaker, 29 St Peter street 
Farrell, Lewis, broker, 22 Scouringburn ; h. 24 
Farrell, Michael, hat manufacturer, 83 King street ; A. 79 
Farrell, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 188 Blackness road 
Farrow, John B., mariner, 69 Blackscroft 

Faulkner, William, grocer and coaldealer, 36 Rosebank street ; Ji. 34 
Fawcett, James, woodturner, 42 Constable street 
Fay, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 140 Scouringburn and Daniel street ; 

h. Waterloo place 
Fay, Patrick, draper and clothier, 49-55 Scouringburn ; h. 7 Hawkhill pi. 
Fay, Thomas J., solicitor, 87 High street 
Fealey, Lawrence, potato merchant, 48 Alexander street 


Feams, William, town porter, 20 Greenmarket 

Feathers, James, of Peter A. Feathers & Son, Somerville house, B. Ferry 
Feathers, Peter A., & Son, opticians and chronometer makers, 43 Dock st. 
Feathers, Peter A., of P. A. Feathers & Son, Somerville house, B. Ferry- 
Feathers, Mrs James, 6 Shore terrace 

Feggetter, Henry, assistant librarian, Free Library ; h. 27 Bank street 
Fender, George, mechanic, 23 Union street, Charles street 
Fenton, Charles, late engraver, 11 Thomson street 
Fenton, George, 117 Blackscroft 

Fenton, Rev. James, Wallacetown Free Church ; /;. 15 Maryfield terrace 
Fenton, John, potato and coaldealer, 16 Charles st.; A. 31 Victoria road 
Fenwick, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, agent for the Lion Brewery 

Co., London, 97 Nethergate ; h. Viewbank house, Craigie terrace 
Fenwick, Miss B. F., dressmaker, 39 Wilkie's lane 
Fenwick, Mrs, midwife, 49 Wellgate 
Ferguson, Alexander, pilot, 48 Blackscroft 
Ferguson, Daniel, boilermaker, 4 Mains loan 
Ferguson, David, clerk, 22 Victoria street 
Ferguson, David, mechanic, 11 Well road, Butterburn 
Ferguson, DaAdd, plumber, 196 Hawkhill ; h. 21 Lawrence street 
Ferguson, Donald, carter, 43 Main street 
Ferguson, George, weaver, 32 Bell street 

Ferguson, George, butcher, 74 Scouringburn ; h. 21 Balgay street 
Ferguson, Graham, pawnbroker, 5 Powrie place ; h. 110 Victoria road 
Ferguson, Henry, wholesale grocer, 87 and 93 Seagate ; h. 79 King st. 
Ferguson, Henry, detective officer, 194 Scouringburn 
Ferguson & Hunter, plumbers, gasfitters, and zinc workers, 189 Hilltown 
Ferguson, James, greengrocer, 240 Overgate ; h. 16 St Clement's lane 
Ferguson, Rev. John, M.A., assistant, St Mark's ; h. 17 Westfield lane 
Ferguson, John, merchant, 3 Coupar's alley, Wellgate 
Ferguson, John, shoemaker, 1 1 St Andrew's street ; h. 103 Seagate 
Ferguson, John, seaman, 85 Victoria road 
Ferguson, John, shoemaker, 37 Ann street 
, Ferguson, Peter, porter, 39 North Church street 
Ferguson, Robert, & Sons, sailmakers, 34 Commercial street 
Ferguson, Robert, of Robt. Ferguson & Sons, 2 Home terrace, West Ferry 
Ferguson, Robt., jun., of Robt. Ferguson & Sons, 2 Home ter., West Ferry 
Ferguson, Robert, oil merchant, mill and factory furnisher, merchant 

and agent, 11 Royal Exchange lane ; h. Forebank terrace 
Ferguson, Robert, clerk, 46 Castle street ; h. 76 Albert street 
Ferguson, Stephen, salt merchant and commission agent, 21 North Tay 

street ; office, 34 Commercial street 
Ferguson, Thomas, seaman, 5 Dallfield walk 
Ferguson, Thomas, mechanic, 32 Bell street 
Ferguson, William, of Ferguson & Hunter, 187 HUltown 
Ferguson, Mrs John, 36 Nethergate 
Ferguson, Mrs, 30 Nethergate 

Fergusson, David S., banker, Union Bank ; h. 4 Panmure street 
Fergusson, George, engineer, 31 Balgay street 

Fergusson, Henry B., of William Fergusson & Sons, 13 Airlie place 
Fergusson, James A, , merch., 4 Royal Exchange pi. ; h. Tayside, W. Ferry 


Fergusson, James, collector, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 78 

Murraygate ; h. 76 Albert street 
Fergusson, Peter, insurance agent, 70 Albert street 
Fergusson, R. M., solicitor, 1 Mid street, Constitution road 
Fergusson, Thomas, 6 Cleghorn street i. 

Fergusson, William, & Sons, linen manufacturers, Dudhope Works ; * 

office, 4 Royal Exchange place ' 

Fergusson, William H., of Wm. Fergusson & Sons, 13 Airlie place ^ 

Fergusson, William, warehouseman, 13 Annfield row ^ 

Fernie, James, of Scott & Fernie, 49 Small's wynd '^ 

Fernie, John, engineer, 2 Graham place 
Ferrier, Alexander, butcher, 25 Lochee road ; h. 51 
Ferrier, Charles, of Ferrier & Laird, 8 Vault ^ 

Ferrier, Charles, clerk, 1 Forebank terrace 
Ferrier, David H., chemist and druggist, 2 Hilltown and 4 Strath- 

martine road ; h. Forebank terrace 
Ferrier, David, joiner, 13 North Church street 
Ferrier, George, printer. Courier and Argus office ; A. 6 Victoria square ' 

Ferrier, George H., merchant, 12 Victoria chambers ; h. 5 Seafield 

terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Ferrier, James, clerk, 6 Polepark road 
Ferrier, John, joiner, 309 Loons road 
Ferrier & Laird, provision merchants, 159 Overgate 
Ferrier, Michael, mason. 111 Lochee road 
Ferrier, Mrs Margaret, lodgings, 7 South Union street 
Ferrier, Mrs Mary, grocer, 29 Back street, Coldside 
Ferrier, Mrs, grocer, 149 Lochee road 
Ferrier, Mrs, lodgings, 46 Castle street 
Ferris, Miss Catherine, grocer, 51 Hospital wynd ; h. 59 
Fettes, Charles, clerk, 26 Balfour street 
Piddes, Robert, joiner, 27 Wellington street 
Finan, James, grocer, 155 Lochee road 
Findelton, David, butcher, 196 Seagate ; h. 45 Blackscroft 
Findlater, Geo. R., clerk, 1 King street ; h. Earle house, Bro. Ferry 
Findlay, Charles (of C. Findlay & Co.), manufacturer, 48 Rosebank st.; 

h. 14 Victoria chambers 
Findlay, Charles, powerloom manager, 8 Dallfield terrace 
Findlay, C, & Co., cambmakers, 44 Rosebank street 
Findlay, David, harbour porter, 2 Dens brae 

Findlay, George, accountant, H. Smith & Co.'s ; h. 165 Princes street 
Findlay, George, of Andrew Reid & Co., 3 South Ellen street 
Findlay, George, tailor and clothier, 150 Overgate 
Findlay, James, joiner, 8 Carmichael street 
Findlay, James, factory manager, 29 North Wellington street 
Findlay, John, sewing-machine agent, 34 Bank street ; h. Gladstone 

cottage, Maryfield 
Findlay, John, overseer, 12 Lawrence street 
Findlay, William, baker, 21 Dudhope street 
Findlay, Mrs David, grocer, Fairley place 
Findlay, Mrs David, 8 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
Findlay, Mrs J., 4 Morrison's court, Wellgate 


Findlay, Mrs, lodgings, 48 Crescent lane 

Findlay, Mrs, 42 North Ellen street 

Finlay, Charles S., clothier and draper, 73 Caldrum street ; h. 38 

Finlay, Isabella, dressmaker, 27 West port 

Finlay, James, blacksmith, 54 Gellatly street ; h. 22 Barrack street 

Finlay, James, tailor, 12 Hospital wynd 

Finlay, John, grocer, 29 Clepington street 

Finlay, William, grocer, 1 Arthur street 

Finlay, Mrs, 12 Perth road 

Finlay, Mrs, 213 Perth road 

Finlayson, Alexander, packer, 36 Pennycook lane 

Finlayson, Barbara, 6 M'Vicar's lane 

Finlayson, George, draper and milliner, 27 Princes street ; /;. 31 

Finlayson, James, stationmaster, Westend Station ; h. 1 Speed's terrace, ■ 

Tait's lane 
Finlayson, Jane, 17 Well road, Butterburn 
Finlayson, John, bootcloser, 61 Hawkhill 
Finlayson, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 8 Albert street. ; /*. 110 

Princes street 
Finnin, Michael, confectioner, 83 Lochee road ; A. 4 St Mary street 
Fisher, Alexander, grocer, 125 Rosebank street 
Fisher, George, mechanic, 27 South George street 
Fisher, George, calender manager, Tay Works ; h. 13 Cleghorn street 
Fisher, John, manager, Dundee Calendering Co.; A.Binns cottage,Perth rd. 
Fisher, John, hairdresser and stationer, 37 Perth road ; A. 68 
Fisher, John, porter, 10 Dura street 
Fisher, John, joiner, 38 Dallfield walk 
Fisher, Peter, merchant. Isles' lane ; h. W Thomson street 
Fisher, Peter, mechanic, 65 Arbroath road 

Fisher, William, editor. Evening Telegraph ; h. 16 Seafield road 
Fisher, William M., L.D.S., R.C.S. Eng., dental surgeon, 10 S. Tay st. 
Fisher, William H., tinsmith & gasfitter, 18 Vault ; /i. 2 St Clement's lane 
Fisher, William, currier, 19 Lawson place 
Fisher, Mrs Duncan, 14 Garland place 
Fisken, David, mechanic, 34 Carmichael street 
Fitchet, George, grocer, 41 King street ; h. 39 
Fitchet, James, warehouseman, 2 Crescent lane 
Fithie, David, of Kinnear, Fithie, & Co. , 1 Gowrie place 
Fithie, William S. , manager, Blackness Factory ; h. 6 Tait's lane 
Fithie, Mrs D., 6 Tait's lane 

Fitzgerald, Mary T., teacher, St Mary's R.C. School ; h. 24 Powrie place 
Fitzgerald, Thomas, beamer, 70 Dura street 
Fitzpatrick, Mrs, grocer, 7 Horsewater wynd 
Flanagan, Daniel, grocer, 9 Polepark road 
Flanagan, Mrs, grocer, 131 Scouringburn 
Flanagan, Mrs, general dealer, 192 Seagate 
Fleet, Mrs, 65 Nethergate 
Fleming, Alexander, grocer and wholesale beer merchant, 181 and 183 

Hawkhill ; h. 13 St Peter street 
Fleming, Alexander, grocer, 26 Dallfield terrace 
Fleming, Alexander, grocer, 2 Ure street 


Fleming, Alexander D., clerk, 3 Nelson street j 

Fleming, Alexander, lapper, 7 Clepington street ; 

Fleming, Andrew P., of D. H. Fleming & Sons, 5 Rustic place j 

Fleming, Alex. G., agent, North of Scotland Bank, 24 High street ; h. 90 1 
Balgay terrace, Lochee i 

Fleming, Charles P., of D. H. Fleming & Sons, 9 Albany terrace i 

Fleming, David, builder, Miller's wynd ; h. 57 Cowgate I 

Fleming, David N., clerk. Blackness Foundry ; h. 49^ Croft's lane \ 

Fleming, David, grocer, 19 Ogilvie street ' 

Fleming, David, ropemaker, 61 Ure street 

Fleming, David H. , of D. H. Fleming & Sons, 9 Albany terrace 

Fleming, D. H., & Sons, jute spinners and manufacturers, Gray Street 
Works, Lochee, and Rosebank Factory ; office, 5 Bain square 

Fleming, Douglas & Co., flax and jute merchants, 19 Cowgate 

Fleming, George, tailor, 7 Parker street 

Fleming, George, provison merchant, 13 Vault 

Fleming, James, of John Fleming & Son, 8 Laurelbank 

Fleming, James, wholesale ironmonger and saddlers' furnisher, 31 
Yeaman shore 

Fleming, James, of J. & J. Fleming, East Somerville place 

Fleming, James, ironmonger, 26 Victoria road ; h. 25 

Fleming, James H., manager, Rosebank Factory; h. 65 Hospital wynd 

Fleming, James P., clerk, 2 Wilkie's lane 

Fleming, James, flax inspector, 106 Annfield road 

Fleming, James, compositor, 141 Ann street 

Fleming, John, & Son, wholesale grocers, 7 and 8 Dock street 

Fleming, John, timber merchant, Camperdown Sawmills ; h. 17Airliepl. 

Fleming, John W., of Salmond & Fleming, 2 Cedar villa, B. Ferry 

Fleming, John, invoice clerk. East station ; h. 138 Perth road 

Fleming, John I., clerk, 24 Bank street 

Fleming, Joseph, clothier, 15 Overgate ; k. 1 Scotswood terrace 

Fleming, J. & J., wholesale London, Birmingham, and Sheffield ware- 
housemen, and importers of French and German goods, 1, 3, 5, and 
7 Overgate 

Fleming, Peter, Government emigration agent, 44 High street ; h. Brae- 
side villa. West Newport 

Fleming, Peter, manager, Blackness Works ; h. 2 Wilkie's lane 

Fleming, Peter, seaman, 138 Perth road 

Fleming, Robert, secretary, Scottish American Investment Trust, 1 
Royal Exchange place; h. 3 Lansdowne place 

Fleming, Robert H., manufacturer, Hillside Works, 112 Hilltown ; 
office, 19 Bain square ; h. 7 South George street 

Fleming, Thomas, enginedriver, 2 Eliza street 

Fleming, Wm. Adam, town chamberlain, Townhouse ; k. 3 Nelson st. 

Fleming, William, late grocer, 13 Springfield 

Fleming, William, of Doctor & Fleming, 10 Union terrace 

Fleming, Mrs John, 10 Union terrace 

Fleming, Mrs John, 31 Magdalen Yard road 

Fleming, Mrs, laundress, 40 Princes street 

Fleming, Miss, lodgings, 26 Union street 

Fleming, Miss, lodgings, 14 New Inn entry 



Fletcher, Amelia, boot and shoe wareho. , llSLAnngt. ; h. 2 Forebank ter. 

Fletcher, Robert, late spirit merchant, 2 Forebank terrace 

Fletcher, William, gardener, 187 Overgate 

Flight, William, engineer, 46 Magdalen Yard road 

Flight, WiUiam Gr., cabinetmaker, 14 Bernard street 

Flood, Edward, grocer, 12 Mortimer street 

Foggie, Andrew H., of W. E. Baxter & Co., 13 Clarendon terrace 

Foggie, James, builder and joiaer, 14 Raglan st. ; li. 4 Woodville place, 

Foggie, John, clerk, 3 Dallfield terrace 

Foote, Alexander A., of Wm. Foote & Son, 18 Alexander street 
Foote, Andrew A., joiner, 20 North Ellen street 
Foote, James, steward, 6 Victoria square 
Foote, William, & Son, smiths, 33 Rosebank street 
Foote, Mrs Christina, furnishings, 49 Perth road 
Foote, Mrs William T., 28 Kincardine street 

Forbes, Andrew W., teacher, Long Wynd Pub. School ; h. 3 Parker st. 
Forbes, David, grocer and spirit merchant, 20 Hospital wynd ; h. 30 
Forbes, David, meal store, 12 HiUtown ; h. 43 Kinloch place 
Forbes, David, grocer, 1 Fyffe street 

Forbes, Geo. D., clerk, East Port Calender; h. Amelia cottage, Carnoustie 
Forbes, Helen, 2 Baxter street 
Forbes, James & Peter, confectioners, 77 Hilltown 
Forbes, James B., agent, Rustic place, 5 Dudhope street 
Forbes, James, mechanic, 46 Seafield road 
Forbes, John, engineer, 12 Benvie road 
Forbes, John, manager to Jos. Johnston & Sons, fish merchants, 13 Union 

street ; h. Wellgate park. West Newport 
Forbes, John H., sackmaker, 109 Cowgate ; h. 3 WilHam st., Forebank 
Forbes, Peter, joiner, 18 Wilkie's lane ; A. 16 
Forbes, Peter, sanitary officer, 11 Glamis street 
Forbes, Robert, moulder, 5 Annfield row 
Forbes, Robert, tailor, 7 Ireland's lane 
Forbes, Samuel, painter, 5 Wolseley street 

Forbes, William, storekeeper, D., P., and L. Shippiug Company; h. 8 
St Andrew's street 

'orbes, Misses, milliners, 143 Blackscroft 

"ord, Robert, calender worker, 4 Eliza street 

'ord, Mrs Ann, 8 Crichton street 

'ordyce. Miss, 3 Gowrie place 

'orebank Dye Works, Victoria road ; J. & F. Stevenson, dyers 

'oreman, Alexander F., plumber, 10 Dens brae 

'oreman, James, clerk, 131 Blackscroft 

'oreman, John, grocer and draper, 210 Hilltown ; h. 9 Kinloch street 

'oreman, John, grocer, 125 Lochee road ; h. 127 

'oreman, Robert, tailor, 30 Nethergate 

'orest, Adam, coffeehouse keeper, 1 1 Mains road 

fOEFARSHIRE BUILDING SOCIETY, Chas. M'NicoU, 27 Bank street, 
manager. See Adv. 

orman, Jessie, dressmaker, 32 Union street 

orrester, Alexander, baker, 115 and 117 Nethergate ; h. 119 


Forrester, David, mercliant, 29 Dura street ; h. Pitkerro road 

Forrester, Isabella, grocer, 123 Victoria road 

Forrester, Mrs J., china merchant, 129 Rosebank street 

Forsyth, David, spirit merchant, 151 Overgate ; A. 25 Hawkhill 

Forsyth, James, solicitor's clerk, 20^ Thomson street 

Forsyth, James, cutter, 12 North Ellen street 

Forsyth, John, of Mustard, Forsyth, & Coupar, 21 Strawberrybank 

Forsyth, Peter, overseer, 62 Peddie street 

Forsyth, Thomas, tenter, 81 Hospital wynd 

Forsyth, William, plasterer, 28 North street 

Forwell, William, biscuit manufacturer, 146 HUltown ; h. 150 

Fotheringham, Peter, mason, 46 Kemback street 

Fotheringham, William, joiner, 8 Smellie's lane 

Fowler & Duffus, French polishers, 7 Tally street 

Fowler, James, of Fowler & DufFus, 12 Croft's lane 

Fowler, William, baker, 13 Dallfield walk 

Fowler, Mrs, 4 Ashton place 

Fox, Charles, milloverseer, 8 Pole street 

Fox, John K., ironmonger, 26 Seafield road 

Fox, Matthew, labourer, 20 Jamaica street 

Fox, Robert, milliner, 56 Wellgate ; h. 4 Morrison's court 

Fox, Robert, confectioner, 117 Victoria road 

Fraenkl, Victor, of JaiT^ Brothers & Co., 10 Windsor street 

Frain, William, & Co., china and glass merchants, 19 Castle street 
Frain, Wm., of Wm. Frain & Co., Francesville, Tayviewter.,E. Newpojt 
Frances, Samuel, calenderer, 20 Dens brae 

Francis, Miss Emily, professor of singing, 20 Airlie place 

Fraser, Alex., tailor and clothier, 17 N.Wellington st. ; h. 8 Alexander si. 

Eraser, Alexander, carver and gilder, 40 Barrack st. ; h. 2 Shore terrace 

Fraser, Alexander, currier, 8 Charles street 

Fraser, Alexander, tenter, 16 Annfield street 

Fraser, Alexander, police constable, 36 Cotton road 

Fraser, Alexander, joiner, 14 St Mary's place 

Fraser, Alexander, engineer, 35 Arbroath road 

Fraser, Andrew, railway guard, 1 1 Church street. Princes street 

Fraser, Charles, flax inspector, 7 Ellen street 

Fraser, David, joiner, 53 Strathmartine road 

Fraser, David, dairyman, 142 Overgate ; h. North Bank, Longf organ 

Fraser, Donald, draper and silk mercer, 191 Overgate ; A. 11 Thomson at, 

Fraser, Donald, coal merchant and sackmaker, 22 Barrack street ; 
47 Yeaman shore 

Fraser, Duncan, mason, 24 Queen street 

Fraser, George B., wine merchant, 1 Commercial st. ; A. 17 Westfield jil, 

Fraser, George, wholesale fruit merch.,108 Scouringburn; A. 2Rosefield ^i\ 

Fraser, George, of Thomson & Fraser, 2 Shore terrace 

Fraser, Hugh, painter, 17 Annfield row 

Fraser, James, grocer and provision dealer, 84 Hawkhill ; A. 80 

FRASER, JAMES, valuator and curio collector, 125 Nethergate ; h. 151 
Westfield lane. See Adv. 

Fraser, John, embroidery designer, &c., 53 Nethergate; h. 55 

Fraser, John S., artist, 13 Westfield lane 


iPraser, John, housefactor and insurance agent, 17 St Mary's street 

Fraser, Jolin, ticket writer, 73 Seagate 

Fraser, Jolin, clerk, Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Fraser, Margaret, teacher, St John's F.C. School ; h. 19 Polepark road 

Fraser, Peter, corkcutter, 38 Hilltown ; h. 16 Kinloch street 

Fraser, Peter, lathsplitter, 48 James street, Maxwelltown ; h. 4 Hill st» 

Fraser, Peter, joiner, 31 Baxter street 

Fraser, Thomas, gamedealer, poulterer, and potato merch., 236 Perth rd. 

Fraser, Thomas, bootmaker, 13 Kinnaird street 

Fraser, William, stationer, 22 Hilltown 

Fraser, William A., agent, 4 Reform st.; h. Salem cottage. Constitution rd. 

Fraser, Mrs Ann, grocer and garden seed merchant, 8 Arbroath road 

Fraser, Mrs Jane, spiritdealer, 15 Princes street ; h. 28 Todburn lane 

Fraser, Mrs, manglekeeper, 30 Cotton road 

Fraser, Mrs, manglekeeper, 5 Cherryfield lane 

azer, David,& Son, joiners and shuttle and picker makers,201 Hilltown 
■azer, David, of David Frazer & Son, 201 Hilltown 
'razer, James C, of David Frazer & Son, 6 Alexander street 
'razer, Miss Ann, grocer, 136a Hawkhill ; h. 4 Kinloch place 

Free Library, Museum, and Picture Gallery, Albert square ; John 
Maclauchlan, librarian and curator 
'reir, Alex., millmanager, Ward Works ; h. 32 Dudhope Crescent road 
'reir, James, manager to D. Shepherd, confectioner ; h. 13 Mid street 
' ench, Alexander, confectioner, 132 Overgate ; /;. 21 Lawrence street 
'ranch, George, coal merchant, 22 Isles' lane ; h. 21 Lawrence street 
'riedlander, Edward, merchant, India buildings ; h. Quarry house, 

^ullarton, A., & Co., publishers and booksellers, 30 Dock street 

[FuUarton, James, merchant, 51 Meadowside; h. 33 Magdalen Yard road 

(Fyfe, Andrew, shipwright, 162 Ann street 

Pyfe, Archibald M., of Fyfe & Robertson, 18 Airlie place 
George, T., fishdealer, 146 Princes street 
George, tinsmith and gasfitter, 49 Constitution rd.; h. 31 Victoria rd. 

pPyfe, James, teadealer, 80 High street ; h. 24 Meadowside 

fjie, James, of Scott & Fyfe, Woodbank, Tayport 

Fyfe, James, spiritdealer, 40 Scouringburn ; h. 42 

Eyfe, John, mechanic, 33 Wellington street 

|fYFE & ROBERTSON, marblecutters ; flooring, wall and fireplace tiles j 
lis I monumental sculptors, &c. ; showrooms, 41 Reform street ; steam- 
power works. East Dock street. See Adv. 

Pyfe, William, carpenter, 22 Peter street 

S'yffe, Alexander, solicitor, 38 North Wellington street 

?yfFe, David, ship carpenter, 3 Westfield place 

j'yffe, James, plumber, gasfitter, brassf ounder, tinsmith, and zincworker, 
95Nethergate ; and 11 High st., Newport; /;. 63 Constitution rd. 

IS'yffe, James, French polisher, 47 Victoria road and 4 Idvies street ; k.. 
8 Crichton street 
?yffe, John, confectioner and sugar toy manufacturer, 33^ Rosebank st. 
?yffe, John W., & Co., slaters, 14 Bank street ; h. 12 
?yffe, John, spirit merchant, 70 Strathmartine road ; h. 6 Russell street 
•"ytfe, William, slater, 30 Blackness road ; /*. 7 North Lindsay street 


Fyffe, William, clerk, Camperdown Shipyard ; h. 56 Blackscroft 
Fyffe, Mrs James, 16 Bank street 

Gabriel, James, carter, 26 Annfield row 

Gafnay, Lawrence, police constable, 213 Hilltown 

Galbraith, WiUiam, clerk, 5 Bank street 

Galbraith, Mrs James, confectioner, 4 Constitution street 

Gall, John, commercial traveller, 13 Peter street ; h. 26 Arthur street 

Oall, Thomas, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 18 Dallfield walk, anljl 

grocer, 42 Dudhope street ; h. 7 Parker street 
Gall, Wm., ironfounder and blacksmith, 178 & 180 Seagate; h. 87 King sj;. 
Gall, Wm., coppersmith, 22 Union place 
Gall, Mrs, grocer, 24 Union place 
Gallacher, James, grocer's assistant, 28 Russell street 
Gallacher, Michael, grocer, 22 Derby street 

Gallacher, Wm. , chimney sweeper and soot merchant, 121 Cowgate 
Galloway Bros., chemists and druggists, 123 Hilltown ; h. 32 S. Tay s 
Galloway & Co., coopers, 39 Tindal's wynd 

Galloway, DaAdd F., grain and flour dealer, 9 & 11 Brown st. ; h. 8 Tay sd, 
Galloway, David, of Galloway & Co., 16 Bain square 
Galloway, David, late tailor, 1 Stobswell road 
Galloway, David, grocer, 9 Watson street 
Galloway, David, lapper, 23 Queen street 
Galloway, Edward, blacksmith, 19 Derby street 

Galloway, James, blacksmith and cartwright, 39 Strathmartine rd.; A. 4^ 
Galloway, James, tinsmith, gasfitter, and ironmonger, 266 Hawkhill ; 

11 Mid wynd 
Galloway, James, assurance ^gent, 5 Victoria road 
Galloway, John, ironmonger, tinsmith and gasfitter, 237 and 239 Hill ■ I 

town ; h. 92 Strathmartine road 
Galloway, John, coal merchant, 15 Park street ; h. 13 
Galloway, John, boot and shoe maker, 61 Milnbank road ; h. 59 
Galloway, John, baker, 9 Parker street 
Galloway, Rev. Stewart, Logic Parish Chxirch, Balgay terrace, Lochee 
Galloway, William, family grocer, 41 Balgay street ; h. 39 
GaUoway, William, A.M., Ph. D., M.D., physician and surgeon, 3^ 

South Tay street 
GALLOWAY, WILLIAM R., tailor and clothier, 84 King street ; h. Monil- 

fieth. See Adv. 
Galloway, William, stevedore, 58 Constable street j 

Galloway, Mrs, grocer, 182 Seagate j 

Galloway, Miss, 2 Windsor terrace I 

Gamble, Robert, cowfeeder, 115 Rosebank st. ; h. 117 
Gamble, Robert, coaldealer, 57 Rosebank street ; h. 59 
Gamble, Samuel, sergeant of police, 144 Princes street 
Gannaway, Henry G., draughtsman, Camperdown Shipyard ; h. 26 

Victoria street 
Garden Works, Ben vie road ; WiUiam Cleghorn, merchant and spinner 
Gardener, Alex. G., ironmonger, blacksmith, and tinsmith, 164 & 166 

Overgate ; h. 57 Ferry road 
Gardiner, Alex., bootcloser. Small's land, Paradise lane 


Gardiner, Jas., inarketgardener,grocer,aiidstationer,183 Hilltown; h. 181 

j^ardiner, James, confectioner, 67 Wellgate ; h. 2 Taylor's lane 

jrardiner, Jolin, blacksmitli, 13 Blackheath place 

Grardiner, Thomas, milloverseer, 45 William street, Forebank 

jrardiner, Mrs Alex., manglekeeper, 26 Dudkope street 

jrardiner, Mrs Isabella, grocer, 5 Kincardine street 

j-ardiner, Mrs, 2 Ness street 

j-ardner, Robert, of Anderson & Gardner, 12 Janefield place, Maryfield 

3ardyne, David, joiner, 11 Baffin street 

j-ardyne, James, late baker, 3 Stanley place. Step row 

jargan, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 16 Temple lane ; h. 14 

parland, Thomas, shipowner, 39 Overgate ; h. 1 Blackness terrace 

&arraway, John W., manager, Institution for Blind, 60 Dallfield walk 

Grarry, Mrs, confectioner, 2 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 

arth & Begg, ironmongers, 42 Barrack street 
jarthley, John, shipmaster, 15 Speed's terrace 
3arvie & Farquharson, joiners, 48 Balgay street 
jfarvie, George, builder, 15 Blackness street 
&arvie, George, joiner, 10 Rosefield street 
jarvie, James, of Garvie & Farquharson, 28 Kincardine street 
jarvie, Samuel, waste merchant, 12 Park wyd. ; h. Mudie pi., Ford's lane 
jas Commissioners' Office, 16 Meadowside ; Jas. Matthew, treasurer 
3-audie, William, mechanic, 4 Wallace street 
iauld, James, draper, 94 Dudhope street ; h. 82 

jauld & Laburn, slaters and slate merchants, Lab urn St., Dud. Ores. rd. 
jauld, William, of Gauld & Laburn, 6 Garland place 
iauld, William, jiin., teller, Bank of Scotland; h. 6 Garland place 
Javine, J. M. & M., pawnbrokers, 146 Murraygate 
Javine, William, blacksmith, 174 Seagate 
Javine, Mrs James, 146 Murraygate 
Jeake, Henry, pianotuner, 9 Balfour street 

Jeddes, Alex., wood merch., East Dock st. ; h. 16 Kintore pi., Watson st. 
Jeddes, Rev. Bruce, St Mary's R.C. Church, 22 Powrie place 
Jeddes, Daniel B., of D. Geddes & Son, 21 Miller's wynd 
leddes, David, of D. Geddes & Son, 21 Miller's wynd 
[eddes, D., & Son, saddlers, 41 Perth road 

rsddes, James, tailor and clothier, 68 King st. ; A. 55 Hay's land, Baffin st. 
teekie, Alex., mechanic, 11 Cleghorn street 
reekie, Allan, mechanic, 28 Kincardine street 
reekie, Catherine, draper, 78 Ure street ; h. 80 
reekie, John, mechanic, 143 Lochee road 
ireekie, John, jun., wright, 80 Ure street 

reekie, Wm., mechanic, Barnagore Jute Works, Calcutta; h. 18 Blyth st. 
reekie, William, spiritclealer's assistant, 36 Ogilvie's road 
reekie, Mrs B., spiritdealer, 56 Hilltown ; h. 54 
r-ellatly, Alexander, blacksmith, 79 Princes street 
rellatly, Alexander, mechanic, 1 Derby street 

reUatly, David, joiner and lathsplitter, 10 Derby street ; h. Downfield 
J^ellatly, David, merchant and commission agent, 123 Murraygate ; 
li. Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 

eUatly, James, carter, 4 RusseU street 


Gellatly, James, flesher, 30 Dallfield walk 

Oellatly, John, coachpainter, 191 Hilltown ; li. 39 Wellgate 

Gellatly, John, mason, 19 Malcolm street 

Gellatly, John, chimney-sweeper and soot merchant, 77 Overgate 

Gellatly, William, & Co. , linseed crushers, oil-cake manufacturers, amid & 

oil refiners, Tay Seed and Oil Works, Stannergate ; office, 4 RoyalJ 

Exchange place 
Gellatly, William (of Wm. Gellatly & Co.), merchant, 4 Royal Exchange; 

place ; h. Af3eck castle, Craigton, by Carnoustie 
Gellatly, William, auctioneei and valuator, Gladstone place, 166 Perth rdi 
Gemmell, David, clerk of works, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Gemmell, Samuel, photographer, 7 Fish street ' 

Gentle, James, builder, corner of Commercial street, and High street; 

h. 28 Springfield | 

Gentle, William, printer, 51 Overgate ; h. 12 Garland place j 

George, Rev. James, Wishart U.P. Church ; h. 9 Nelson street I 

George, Robert, bottler, 8 and 10 Church street ; h. 51 Crescent street 
German Club, 36 Victoria road | 

German Empire, Consul for. Hermann Quosbarth, 46 Castle street 
Gethins, Owen, draper, 96 King street ; h. 10 Middle street 
Gethins, Peter, confectioner, 17 Middle street ; h. 19 
Gethins, Mrs 0., grocer and spiritdealer, 8 Middle street ; h. 10 
Getthins, Michael, grocer and spirit merchant, 30 Henderson's West 

wynd ; h. 28 

Gibb, David, flax merchant, 16 William st.. King st. ; h. 10 Airlie terracfe 
Gibb, David R., merchant and commission agent, 3 Coupar's alley; a. 

10 Paton's lane 
Gibb, David, mason, 72 North Church street 
Gibb, Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 45 North Church street 
Gibb, James, photographer, 5 1 Victoria street ; h. 13 
Gibb, Joseph, ironmonger, 6 Havelock place 

Gibb, William, postmaster ; A. Post Office building, 2 Euclid crescent 
Gibb, William, mechanic, 12 Benvie road 
Gibb, Mrs James, 10 Wellington street 
Gibb, Mrs William, 87^ Blackscroft 
Gibb, Mrs, 7 Park place 
Gibson, Alexander, graindealer, 209 Hmtown 
Gibson, Alexander, tailor, 3 Hilltown 
Gibson, Agnes, baker's shopkeeper, 153 Scouringburn 
Gibson, Alexander, plasterer, 10 Roslin terrace. Court street 
Gibson, Andrew, upholsterer, 25 Kinloch street 
Gibson, Ann, confectioner, 166 Ann street 
Gibson, Charles, carting contractor, 22 Rosebank street 
Gibson, Daniel, painter, 26 Cochrane street 
Gibson, David, of O'Kane & Gibson, 31 Princes street 
Gibson, David, packer, 15 Lyon street 
Gibson, George M., rope and twine manufacturer, 76 Cowgate, and 

M 'Donald street ; h. 118 Hilltown 
Gibson, Henry, notary public, solicitor, commissioner for taking afli- 

davits in the Supreme Court of Judicature in England, 61 Reform 

street ; h. Mount Rosa, Broughty Perry 


(ribson, Isaac, currier, 53 William street 

Gibson, James S., mason, 98 Princes street 

Gibson, James, washing-board maker, 6 Cleghorn street 

Gibson, Jane R., dressmaker, 61 Crescent street 

Gibson, John H., flax and yarn merchant, 11 Meadow st. ; h. The Grove, 

Broughty Ferry 
Gibson, John, irondresser, 20 William street, Forebank 
Gibson, John, harbour porter, 13 Dudhope street 
Gibson, Joseph, & Co., marine insurance brokers, 33 Dock street 
Gibson, Joseph (of J. Gibson & Co.), average stater, 33 Dock street ; h. 

Ellislea, West Ferry 
Gibson, Joseph, sen., 2^ High street 
Gibson, Kenneth, plasterer, 4 Temple lane 
Gibson, Robertson, & Co., spiimers and manufacturers, Craigie Works, 

Robertson street 
! Gibson, Thomas, stationer and newsagent, 169 Scouringbum ; h. 1 Milne's 

E. wynd 
Gibson, William, of Gibson, Robertson, & Co., Invertay, West Ferry 
Gibson, William, jun., of Gibson, Robertson, & Co., Invertay, W. Ferry 
Gibson, William, goods receiver, 29 Hilltown 
Gibson, Mrs, manglekeeper, 16 James street 
Gibson, Mrs, 332 Perth road 
Giffin, Andrew, cutter, 4 Gowrie place 
Gilbertson, John, surveyor of taxes, and lands valuation assessor, 31 

Bank street ; h. \\ Castle terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Gilchrist, Alexander, machine merchant, Laburn street, Dudhope Cres- 
cent road ; h. Balbirnie terrace, Victoria road 
Gilchrist, Henry, wine merchant, 16 W. Dock st. ; h. 28 Wellington st. 
Gilchrist, Mrs David, 6 Morrison's court 
Gilchrist, Mrs, teacher, 13 St Peter street 
Gilchrist, Mrs, 40 Hillbank road 

Gildea, Robt., H.M. Customs ; h. Lower Crescent house, Magdalen green 
GUfillan, Rev. George, U.P. Church, S. Lindsay st. ; h. 5 Paradise road 
GUgour, Jessie, teacher, St Salvador's School ; h. 9 St Salvador's street 
Gilheaney, A. & B., grocers, 6 Hunter street ; h. 8 
Gill, David, joiner, 2 Hillbank road 
GiU, William, lecturer, 108 Rosebank street 
Gillan, John, tailor, 86 Blackscroft 
GILLAN, PETEE, & CO., tinsmiths, coppersmiths, gasfitters, &c., 9 Meadow 

entry, and Cotton road. See Adv. 
Gillan, Peter, of P. Gillan & Co., Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Gillanders, John, grocer, 37 Overgate ; h. 26 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Gillanders, Robert, grocer, 26 Union street, Maxwelltown 
GILLESPIE & BUIST, house painters and decorators, 107 Hawkhill. See^lc^i;. 
GiUespie, Hay, of Gillespie & Buist, 55 Kinloch place, Hawkhill 
Gillespie, James, currier, 13 Mid street 
Gillespie, James, mechanic, 38 Kincardine street 
Gillespie, Peter, joiner, 35 North Wellington street 
Gillespie, William, milloverseer, 16 Blyth street 
Gillesjjie, Miss, dressmaker, 145 Princes street 
Gillies,, Ann, stationer and tobacconist, 57 Hawkhill 


Gillies, Archibald, painter, Small's land. Mid street ) 

Gillon, Isabella, dressmaker, 123 Murraygate ( 

Gilroy, Alex., jun., of Gilroy Bros. & Co., Craigie house, Ferry road I 
Gilroy Brothers & Co., merchants and manufacturers, Tay Works ; officel 

1 Lochee road [ 

Gilroy, George, of Gilroy Bros. & Co., Castleroy, Broughty Ferry 
Gilroy, George, jun., & Co., manufacturers, Scott Street Linen Works i 

office, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Gilroy, George, jun., of G. Gilroy, jun., & Co., 14 Airlie place 
Gilroy, Thomas, of Lyell, Gilroy, & Co., Moniiieth 

Gilruth, George; grocer and winemercht., 1 Glamisst.; h. 31 Kinloch st. 
Gilruth, John, 120 Perth road 
Gilruth, Peter, late merchant, 1 Panmure terrace 
Girdwood, George, engraver, lithographer, letterpress printer and; 

mercantile stationer, 7 Albert sq.; printing offices, New Inn entry 
Glass, Alexander, shipmaster, 43 Constitution road 
Glass, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 17 St Andrew's street 
Glass, Andrew H., grocer and spiritdealer, 43 Balgay street ; A. 45 | 

Glass, Chas. C, of Anderson & Glass, North street, St Andrews ' 

Glass, George, grocer and spiritdealer, 44 Gellatly street ; h. 50 
Glass, James, teacher of writing, arithmetic, and book-keeping. High 

School ; k. 2 Tay Street lane 
Glass, Jane, dressmaker, 21 Cotton road 

Glass, Robert, sackmaker, 8 Candle lane ; A. 8 E. Brook street. B. Ferry 
Glass, Mrs, 28 King street 
Glass, Misses, dressmakers, 200 Blackness road 
Glenday, Charles, blacksmith, 204 Lochee road 

Glenday, John P. , clothier and hatter, 28 Victoria road ; /;. 3 Hilltown 
Glenday, Robert A., merchant and commission agent, 35 Cowgate ; fi. 

Tayview, Newport 
Glenn, Thomas, carter, 45 Milnbank road 
Glennie, George, insurance agent, 27 Baxter street 
Glenny, Mrs H. K., 30 Springfield 
Gloag, Alexander, clerk, 4 Dock street 

Gloag, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, StobsweU ; h. 4 Mains loan 
Gloag, James, warehouseman, 21 Mains road 
Gloak, David, shipmaster, 37 Union street 
Godfrey, C. T., merchant, 73 Cowgate ; h. 21 Airlie place 
Godfrey, David, temperance-hotel keeper, 46 & 48 Union street 
Gold, David, carter, 22 Blackness road 
Gold, James, watchman, 2 Cherryfield lane 
Golden, Hercules, coffeehouse keeper, 25 Princes street ; h. 23 
Golden, Mrs Jane, grocer, 101 Lochee road 
GONNELLA, JOSEPH, importer of Italian sculpture, and figure maker, 4 

Seawynd; h. Albert court, 37 Nethergate. See Adv. 
Goodall, James, mechanic, 44 Croft's lane 
Goodchild, Jason, of Goodchild, Moir, & Co., 61 Nethergate 
Goodchild, Moir, & Co., copper-rope lightning conductor manufacturers, 

and chimney stalk repairers, 61 Nethergate 
Goodlet, Isabella, draper, 34 Polepark road ; h. 4 Lawrence street 
Goodlet, John, engineer, 40 Balgay street 


Gordon, Alex., & Co. (of Arbroath), flaxspinners and manufacturers; 
office, Eoyal Exchange 

Gordon, Alexander, of Alex. Gordon & Co., Ashludie, Monifietli 

Gordon, Alex., baker, 44 Dallfield walk 

Gordon Brothers & Co., corn merchants, 32 Castle street 

Gordon, Cecelia, draper, 5 Hunter street ; h. 38 

Gordon, David T., commission manufacturer, 75 Hilltown; A. 6 Buck- 
ingham terrace, Maryfield 

Gordon, David, clerk, 32 Ann street 

Gordon, David, bootmaker, 58 Wellgate ; h. 82 Dudhope street 

Gordon, David, prison vs^arder, 24 St Mary's place 

Gordon, Donald, corn and hay merchant, 62 Blackscroft 

Gordon, James, of Gordon Bros. & Co., Sylvan house, Newport 

Gordon, James, cashier and book-keeper, 5 Rustic place 

Gordon, James, grocer, 44 Princes street 

Gordon, James, joiner, 27 Annfield road 

Gordon, James B., clerk, Balbirnie terrace. 111 Victoria road 

Gordon, James, bookseller, 40 Hawkhill 

Gordon, John, grocer, 6 Dura street ; h. 8 

Gordon, John, blacksmith, 34 Croft's lane ; h. 12 

Gordon, John, jun., jutespinner, Buchanan Works ; office, Metaline Co., 
Wallace court ; h. Carnoustie 

Gordon, Joseph, 15 Springfield 
5J! Gordon, J. MGi-egor, traveller, 48 South Tay street 

Gordon & Matthew, drapers, 161 Hilltown 

Gordon, Robert, tailor, Police Chambers ; h. 18 Kincardine street 

Gordon, Robert, plumber and gaslitter, 3 Blackscroft; h. 4 Foundry lan« 

Gordon, Thomas, china merchant, 80 Strathmartine road ; h. 82 

Gordon, Thomas, bootcloser, 14 Dudhope street 

Gordon, Wm., merchant, 1 Royal Exchange pL; A.Cosey cottage, B.Ferry 

Gorman, James, coal merchant, 12 Belllield lane 

Gorrie, Agnes, 3 Hill street 

Gorrie, David, assistant-inspector of poor, 8 Euclid st. ; h. 3 Gowrie pi. 

Gorrie, David, joiner, 6 Rosefield street 

Gorrie, John, ropemaker, 50 Croft's lane 

'Gorrie, John, mason, 31 Lower pleasance 

Gorrie, Peter B., dentist, 11 South Tay street 

Gorrie, Richard, spiritdealer, 34 Castle street ; h. 17 Crichton street 

Gorrie, William, tailor, 94 Hawkill 

Gorty, John, baker, 11 Kincardine street 

Gouk, William, sheriff- officer, 3 Barrack street; A. 34 Catherine street 

Gourlay Brothers & Co., engineers and shipbuilders, Dundee Foundry, 
East Dock street, and Camperdown Shipbuilding yard 
i Gourlay, Gersham, of Gourlay Brothers & Co., The Gows, Invergowrie 
ourlay, Henry, of Gourlay Brothers & Co., Balgay house 
ourlay, James, hay and straw merchant, 41 Yeaman shore; h. 30 H. 

liindsay street 
ourlay, Jane, draper, 79 Ure street 
Gtourlay, Thomas, sheriff- officer for the counties of Forfar, Perth, and 
Fife, ]0 High street ; h. 4 Gowrie place 

ifJoiirlay, Thomas, draughtsman, 3 Allan street 


Gourlay, William, evangelist, 25 Windsor street 

Gourlay, Mrs, grocer and spiritdealer, 87 Blackscroft 

Gove, Mrs, draper, 23 Wolseley street 

Gow, Alexander, builder, 59 Crescent lane 

Gow, Allan C, & Co., managers of State Steam Sliip Co., Limited ; 

represented by Charles Cunningham, 81 Murraygate 
Gow, A. G., «& Co., merchants, Baltic chambers, 9 Bell street 
Gow, Alexander G., of A. G. Gow & Co., 5 Craigie terrace 
Gow, Charles, calender-overseer, Verdant Works ; h. 70 Ure street 
Gow, Charles, carter, 17 Temple lane 
Gow, James, painter, 15 St Mary street 

Gow, John JR-., gunmaker, 27 Nethergate ; h. 3 Westfield lane 
Gow, John, grocer, 92 Overgate 
Gow, Robert, cabinetmaker, 34 North Church street 
Gow, William, general dealer, 5 John street 
Gow, Mrs G., dressmaker, 17 North Wellington street 
Gow, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 24 Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 
Gracie, James, foreman labourer, 224 Lochee road 
Gracie, William, grocer, 42 Catherine street 

Graham, David, furniture dealer, 238 Hawkhill \ 

Graham, Francis, of Hunter & Graham, 10 Dallfield terrace 
Graham, George T. , of Mitchell & Graham, Greyfield house, Ann field rd, 
Graham, James, bookseller, 163 Overgate ; h. 23 Louise ter., W. Ferry 
Graham, John, coffeehouse-keeper, 6 W. Dock street ; h. 4 
Graham, John, plasterer, 123 Lochee road 
Graham, Mary, milliner, 226 HawkhiU ; h. 224 
Graham, Robert, flaxdresser, 68 Hill street 

Graham, Robert, bookseller, 163 Overgate ; h. 25 Kinloch place, HawkhiU 
Graham, William S., book-keeper, 13 Kinnaird street 
Grahame, John, provision-dealer, 30 Dudhope st.; h. 6 Dallfield terrace 
Grandy, Miss, dressmaker, 43 Small's wynd 

Grant, Alex. S., grocer and wine merch., 26 Princes st.; h. 13 Albert st., 
Grant, Alex., carpenter, 24 Crichton street 

Grant, Andrew, butcher, 270| Hawkhill ; h. 2 Mudie place, Ford's lane 
Grant, Rev. Charles M., B.D., St Mark's ; A. 9 Airlie place 
Grant, Charles, auctioneer, 3 New Inn entry ; h. 31 Rosebank road 
Grant & Cooper, tailors, clothiers, and shirtmakers, 130 Nethergate 
Grant, David, potato merchant and greengrocer, 185 Seagate, and Mid 

Kirk stile ; h. 24 Bank street 
Grant, Duncan, greengrocer, 24 Ann street 
Grant, Frederick, tailor and clothier, 197 Perth road ; h. 199 
Grant, George, provision-dealer, 27 Small's wynd 
Grant, Hugh, agent for Wordie & Co. , 25 Dock street ; h. West Ferry 
Grant, Hugh, of Armitt & Grant, 70 Victoria road 

Grant, James D., writer, 51 Reform st.; h. Duntrune terrace, W. Ferryj 
Grant, James A., of Grant & Cooper, West Newport 
Grant, James, Board of Trade surveyor, Customhouse ; h. 2 Taymouth 

place, Broughty Ferry 
Grant, James, brushmaker, 41 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 
GRANT, JOHN, grainmiller, Craigmills, Strathmartine. See Adv. 
Grant, John, boot and shoe maker, 39 Main street 



Grant, John, clerk, 140 Perth road 

Grant, Rev. Peter, D.D., St John's (Cross) Church ; h. 140 Perth road 

Grant, Peter, coal merchant, 120 Nethergate ; h. 129 Hawkhill 

Grant, Thomas, market gardener, 11 Albert street ; h. Old Craigie 

Grant, William, butcher, 36 Dudhope street ; A. 13 

Grant, William, mechanic, 16 Wolseley street 

Grant, William, bootmaker, 7 Crescent street 

Grant, Mrs J., grocer and spiritdealer, 184 Hawkhill ; h. 44 Croft's lane 

Grant, Mrs Peter, cowf eeder, Ninewells 

Grant, Mrs, Campbeltown place, Hawkhill 

Grant, Miss Helen, 5 Rustic place 

Grant, Miss, dressmaker, 3 Glamis street 

Gravill, John, shipmaster, s.s. " Camperdown," 14 Union street 

Gray, Alexander, accountant. North of Scotland Bank ; h. 15 William st. 

Gray, Alexander E., clerk, Harbour Chambers ; h. Brown st., Carnoustie 

Gray, Alexander, spiritdealer, 37 Constitution rd.; h. 20 St Clement's lane 

Gray, Alexander, pickermaker, 27 Crescent lane 

Gray, Andrew, mat merchant, 49 Caldrum street ; h. 51 

Gray, Andrew, P., planemaker, 4 Ellen street ; h. 19 Wellington street 

Gray, Andrew, 3 Lilybank road 

Gray, Bernard, bottler, 52 Alexander street ; h. 11 Union street. Max. 

Gray, Charles, coal, lime, cement, and fire-clay goods merchant, 5 Gel- 

latly street ; h. 6 Garland place 
Gray, Charles, dairyman, 15 Back street 

Gray, David, wine merchant, 22 and 24 Polepark road ; h. 2 Scott st. 
Gray, David, grocer, 18 Bruce street 
Gray, David, warehouseman, 88 Princes street 
Gray, Elizabeth, grocer, 207 Hawkhill 
Gray, Francis, grocer, 192 Hilltown ; h. 194 
Gray, George H., clerk, 1 Meadow place ; h. 5 Ellen street 
Gray, George, wood merchant, 145 Princes street 
Gray, Henry, spiritdealer, 5 and 7 Hilltown ; h. 13 Arbroath road 
Gray, Isabella, confectioner, 63 Caldrum street ; h. 59 
Gray, James, of J. & J. Gray, 20 Perth road 
Gray, James M., solicitor, 30 Reform street ; h. Carnoustie 
Gray, James, joiner, 61 Hilltown ; h. 94 
Gray, James A., clerk, Allan cottage, 72 Hilltown 
Gray, James, joiner, 1 Ash lane 
Gray, James, joiner, 30 Back street 
Gray, James, shuttlemaker, 90 Hill street 
Gray, James, police constable, 86 Hill street 
Gray, James, clerk, 4 Mid street 
Gray, Jean, grocer, 55 Ure street 
GRAY, J. & J., venetian-blind makers, cabinetmakers, joiners, and funeral 

undertakers, IS, 20, and 22 Perth road. See Adv. 
Gray, John (of J. & J. Gray), licensed valuator, 18 Perth road ; /;. 20 
Gray, John, sackmaker, 29 Watson's lane ; h. 29 St Peter street 
Gray, John, Maybole boot and shoe warehouse, 10 Overgate ; h. Maybole 
Gray, John, packer, 17 Lilybank road 
j Gray, John, joiner, Thorn place, 249 Blackness road 
Gray, John, currier, 9 Cochrane street 


Gray, Jolin, sailmaker, 33 Castle street 

Gray, J. Scott, of G. H. NicoU & Co., 63 Constitution road 

Gray, Peter, cowfeeder and greengrocer, 28 Stratliniartine road ; h. 30 

Gray, Robert, Koslin terrace, Clepington 

Gray, Robert, flesher, 100 Princes street ; h. 98 

Gray, Robert W., draper, Annan's terrace, 19 Wellington street 

Gray, Thomas, joiner, 17 Croft's lane 

Gray, Thomas Scott, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 164 Nethergate 

Gray, William, draper, tailor, and clothier, 63 Hawkhill ; h. 177 Black- 
ness road 

Gray, William, of Hutchison & Gray, 9 Airlie terrace 

Gray, William, mason, 36 Hospital wynd ) 

Gray, William K., carpenter, 6 Ogilvie's road 

Gray, Mrs Isabella, pawnbroker, Well rd., Hawkhill; ^.1 Mount pleasant 

Gray, Mrs Peter, butcher, 5 Mains road ; li. 11 Well road, Butterburn \ 

Gray, Mrs, confectioner, 6 Cotton road 

Gray, Mrs, 21 Glamis street 

Gray, Miss H. , 1 St Peter street 


See Adv. 

Green & Bennett, boot, shoe, and clog makers, 123 Overgate 

Green, John, stationer and Catholic bookseller, 46 Scouringbum ; A. 54 
Blackness road 

Green, John, baker, 92 Hill street 

Greenfield, J. S., cashier, Tay Foundry, 7 Victoria street 

Greenshields, Samuel, saddler, 68 Seagate ; li. 184 ! 

Grego, Donald, photographer, 43 Nethergate ; h. 22 Barrack street I 

Gregor, James, fruiterer and birdstuffer, 12 Tally st. ; A. 37 Kinloch pi. 

Gregory, Benjamin, police constable, 35 Cotton road 

Gregory, John, builder and joiner, 6 Park place ; A. 13 

Gregory, John, porter, 9 Malcolm street 

Greig, Alexander, night watchman, Dens Foundry ; h. 47 Princes street ! 

Greig, Andrew, Assoc. Inst. C.E., Burgh Surveyor's Office ; A 9 Ward rd. 

Greig, Charles, seaman, 23 St Peter street 

Greig, David, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 25 Tay street 

Greig, David, blacksmith, 65 Arbroath road i 

Greig, James, fireman, 3 Ford's lane j 

Greig, James, draper's assistant, 9 Ellen street 

Greig, John, of J. & C. Greig, 28 Tait's lane 

Greig, John, mechanic, 17 Constitution street 

Greig, John, seaman, 65 Blackscroft 

Greig, Joseph, tailor, 1 North George street 

Greig, J. & C, grocers and spiritdealers, 4 Hawkhill 

Greig, Peter, labourer, 10 North Tay street 

Greig, Robert L. , agent for Arthur & Co., Glasgow, 24 Bank street ; h. 
6 Castle terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Greig, Robert M 'Gavin, merchant, 19 Bain square ; A. 1 Dalhousie ter. 

Greig, William, manager, Heathfield Works j A. 85 Hawkhill 

Greig, William, warper, 78 Rosebank street 

Greig, William, sailnaaker, 159 Ann street 


Greig, Mrs David, 3 Rustic place 

Greig, Mrs John, manglekeeper, 83 Princes street 

Greig, Mrs, 238 Perth road 

Grewar, Mrs, midwife, 46 Kincardine street 

Grey, George, shoemaker, 80 Constable street 

Grierson, Emslie, & Co., merchants, 49 St Andrew's street 

Grieve, Alex. , water- inspector, 7 Euclid street ; h. Clepington reservoir 

Grieve, Charles, carter, 21 Glamis street 

Grieve, Elizabeth L., draper, 14 Ferry road ; h. 143 Blackscroft 

Grieve, Euphemia, milliner, 86 King street ; 85 Victoria road 

Grieve, George, fireman, 45 North Wellington street 

Grieve, Isabella, 109 Victoria road 

Grieve, James, mechanic, 81 Hospital wynd 

Grieve, James, overseer, 31 Baxter street 

Grieve, John G., 1 New Inn entry 

Grieve, John, traveller, 16 Wilkie's lane 

Grieve, Peter, stableman, 6 Castle court 

Grieve, Richard, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Dundonald street and 

1 Clepington street ; h. 2 Dundonald street 
Grieve, Robert, paper-ruler, 3 Vault ; h. 85 Victoria road 
Grieve, Mrs Janet, late grocer, 36 Pennycook lane 
Grimond, Alex. D., of J. & A. D. Grimond, Whiteleys, 147 Nethergate 
Grimond, Alex. M., 1 King street ; h. Carbet castle, Broughty Ferry 
Grimond, David, of J. & A. D. Grimond, 12 Castle terrace, B. Ferry 
Grimond, George W., of J. & A. D. Grimond, St Margaret's, B. Ferry 
Grimond, J. & A. D., merchants, spinners, and manufacturers, Bow 

Bridge Works, and Maxwelltown Works ; o_ffice^ 1 King street 
Grimond, Joseph, of J. & A. D. Grimond, Carbet castle, B. Ferry 
Grimond, William, shipwright, 105 Princes street 

Grimstone, George D., accountant. City of Glasgow Bk. ; h. 31 Reform st. 
Grindlay, David, baker, 37 Lochee road ; h. 33 
Grothe, Albert, civil engineer and contractor, 7 Ward road ; h. Baronial 

cottage, Newport 
Grub, Rev. George, F.S.A., St Paul's Ejnis. Church ; h. Castlehill house 
Grubb, David S., teacher of drawing and painting, 47 Yeaman shore 
Grubb, William, factory manager, Pleasance Works ; h. 15 Brewery lane 
Grubb, William, clerk, 11 Robertson street 

Grubb, Wm M., teacher. School of Art, High School; h. 51 Yeaman shore 
Grumbrecht & Petri, merchants, 27 St Andrew's street 

Ritchie, Union Bank buildings, Panmure street. See Adv. 
GuUd, Edward, Avine and spirit merchant, 8 N. Tay st.; A. Carnoustie 
Guild, George, confectioner, 7 Erskine street 

Guild, George, merchant, 10 Bain square; h. Morton square, 31 Wellgate 
Guild, George, house proprietor, 16 Elizabeth street 
Guild, James, draper, 16 Todburn lane 

GuUd, James, grocer, Mudie place, 312 Hawkhill ; 17 Ford's lane 
Guild, James, cashier, Caledonian Railway, East station; A. 26 Raglan st. 
Guild, James, engineer, 7 Brown Constable street 
Guild, John S., marine engineer, 19 Dallfield terrace 
Guild, John, of J. & R. Guild, Bayfield, Broughty Ferry 


Guild, John, mill-overseer, Dens Works ; Ti. 23 Charles street 

Guild, John, manager, Eamsay Works ; h. 22 Blyth street 

Guild, J. & E., merchants, 1 Eoyal Exchange place 

GuUd, Eobert, of J. & E. Guild, Taymount, Broughty Ferry 

Guild, Wm. , manager. Cottage Factory, E. Dock st. ; h. 59 Ferry road 

Guild, Mrs, 199 Hilltown 

Gunn, Donald, governor of Dundee Poorhouse ; h. Poorhouse 

Gunn, Donald, police constable, 70 Eosebank street 

Gunn, George, compositor, 14 Annfield street 

Gunn, John, M.B. & CM., 91 Victoria road 

Gunn, John, baker, 23 Blackness road 

Gunn, Miss Maggie, matron, Dundee Poorhouse 

Guthel, Andrew, of D. & A. Guthel, 51 N. Wellington street 

Guthel, David, of D. & A. Guthel, 7 Muirton road, Lochee 

Guthel, D. & A., joiners, 35 Hilltown 

Guthrie, Alex., of Jas. & Alex. Guthrie, Kilnburn villas, Newport 

GUTHRIE, ALFEED, modeller and plasterer, agent for the Athenian Marble 

Co., UN. Lindsay st. ; h. Tollbank cottage, Lochee road. ^e& Adv. 
Guthrie, Andrew, commission agent, 6 Havelock place 
Guthrie, Charles, seaman, 26 Lawson place 
Guthrie, David, sailmaker, 10 North Tay street 
Guthrie, Edward G., tobacconist, 9 Union street; h. 155 Perth road 
Guthrie, George W., baker, 39 and 41 Constitution road ; h. 43 
Guthrie & Henderson, merchants, 10 Panmure street 
Guthrie, H. M., tea merchant and commission agent, 33 Commercial 

street ; h. 155 Perth road 
Guthrie, James & Alexander, jutespinners and merchants, Seabraes 

Mill ; office, 10 Panmure street 
Guthrie, James, of J. & A. Guthrie, Hope park, Broughty Ferry 
Guthrie, John, lapper, 95 Hospital wynd 
Guthrie, Eev. E. E. Lingard, Taybank house. Ferry road 
Guthrie, Captain William, 55 Magdalen green 
Guthrie, William, labourer, 43 Constitution road 
Guthrie & Anderson, Misses, dressmakers, 104 Eosebank street 
Guthrie, Mrs, spiritdealer, 78 Hawkhill ; h. 18 Nethergate 
Guthrie, Isabella, 139 Blackscroft 
Guthrie, Miss, 55 Magdalen green 

Habenton, David, weaving overseer, 20 Dudhope Crescent road 

Hackett, John, lapper, 40 Constable street 

Hackney, Mrs Margaret, grocer, 19 Hospital wynd 

Haddo, Thomas, colliery agent, 42 Seafield road 

Haddon, James K., clerk, 6 Eosefield street 

Haddon, John, & Son, merchants, 37 St Andrew's street 

Haddon, John, of John Haddon & Son, 2 Bellevue cottages, Bro'ty Ferry 

Haden, Arthur C, violinist, 12 Perth road 

Hagan, Francis, grocer and spiritdealer, 245 Overgate ; h. Grant's place. 

West port 
Hagan, Mrs, grocer, 84 Hilltown ; h. 78 

Hagart, James F. , clerk. Police Commissioners' Office ; h. 84 Bell street 
Haggart, George, solicitor, 11 Ward road ; h. 4 Windsor terrace 



Haggart, George, builder, Ardlebank villa, 4 Panmure terrace 

Haggart, Jokn, cabdriver, 7 Ireland's lane 

Haggart, Peter, corn mercbant, 20 St Andrew's street ; A. Downfield 

Haggart, William, currier, Ladybank Leather Works ; h. 9 Bell street 

Hain, David, grocer and potato mercbant, 9 and 10 Springbill pi. ; h. 3 

Hales, James, manager, Dundee Calender ; h. 45 Cowgate 

Halket & Adam, manufacturers, rope, twine, and sail makers, 24 Dock st. 

Halket, Mrs, 15 Rosefield street 

HaU, Alexander, joiner, 17 St Mary street 

Hall, Charles, broker, 72 Blackscroft 

Hall, George, chimney sweeper, 27 West wynd 

Hall, Guthrie, sailmaker, 3 Scott street 

Hall, James, general and insurance agent, Mudie place, Hawkhill 

HaU, WUliam, spiritdealer, 4 Baltic street ; h. 2 

Halley, Andrew, 14 Eliza street 

HALLEY BEOTHERS, hacklemakers. South Ward road. See Adv. 

HaUey, David, of Halley Brothers, Woodmuir villas. West Newport 

Halley, David, stockbroker, 3 Royal Exchange place ; h. Camperdown 

street, Broughty Ferry 
Halley, Francis, of Halley Brothers, Woodmuir villas. West Newport 
HaUey, George, of WiUiam Halley & Sons, 12 Douglas terrace, Bro. Ferry 
Halley, William, & Sons, spinners and manufacturers, Wallace Craigie 

Works, 2 and 4 Ferry road 
Halley, William W. , 4 Blackness terrace 

Halley, Wm., jun.,commis. agent, 2 India buildings; h. Barnhill, B.Ferry 
Halley, Mrs George, 27|- Tait's lane 
Halliburton, Ann, confectioner, 12 Polepark road 
Halliburton, Robert, officer, Willison Free Church ; h. 8 Parker street 
Halliburton, William, mill- manager, 8 Kinloch street 
Hamilton, James, London and Paris boot and shoe warehouse, 98 

Nethergate and 105 Victoria road ; h. Roslyn cottage, Tait's lane 
Hamilton, John, clerk, 16 North Ellen street 
Hamilton, Joseph, machinist, 14 Lawrence street 

Hamilton, Rev. William, Morison E.U. Church ; h. 1 Viewbank terrace 
Hamilton, Mrs, grocer, 2 Session street 
Hampton, John, joiner, 5 Wolseley street 
Hampton, WiUiam, gardener, 11 Ford's lane 
Handyside, George, shoemaker, 35 High street 
Hanna, William, coal merchant, 38 Lochee road ; h. 51 
Hanton, George, law clerk, 14 Lawrence street 
Hanton, George, reedmaker, 28 North George street 
Hanton, James, contractor, 24 Todburn lane 
Hanton, Matilda, china merchant, 60 King street ; h. 54 
Hardacre, Thomas, coal merchant, 52 Blackscroft ; h. 46 
Hardie, James, pharmaceutical chemist, 68 High st. ; h. 4 Laurelbank 
Hardie, James, of W. P. Laird & Sinclair, 3 Rustic place 
Hardie, James, photographer, 50 Victoria road ; li. 48 
Hardie, John M., of Hardie & Smith, 16 Annfield road 
Hardie, John, HawkhiU place, 19 Perth road 
Hardie, John, potato merchant, 73 Hilltown ; h. 37 Ann street 
Hardie, John, 2 Paton's lane 


Hardie, Robert A., clerk, 5 Gowrie place 

Hardie & Smitli, manufacturers, Seafield Road Factory 

Hardie, Stewart, spiritdealer, 129 Princes street ; h. 51 Crescent street 

Hardiman, Martin, confectioner, 104 Annfield road 

Hare, William F., brushmaker, 24 Caldrum street 

Harkins, Mrs, 2 Wolseley street 

Harkis, Charles, dockgateman, 130 Seagate 

Harkis, John, sailmaker, 9 Parker street 

Harley, Louis, of William Harley & Sons, 7 Dallfield terrace 

Harley, William, & Sons, fruiterers, 35 Reform street 

Harley, Mrs Samuel, midwife, 7 Ireland's lane 

Harper, George, clerk, Gas Office ; A. 31 Reform street 

Harris, Arthur, of Harris & Fairweather, Elmbank house, E. Newport 

Harris, Charles, auctioneer and valuator, 22^ Nethergate ; A. 18 

Harris & Fairweather, auctioneers and appraisers, Kirkland pi. , Ward rd. 

Harris, George, stonecutter, 13 Graham place 

Harris, George, architect's assistant, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate 

Harris, James, tailor, 56 Dudhope street 

Harris, James, coal merchant, 179 Blackness road ; h. 166 I 

Harris, William, late merchant, Bellfield house, Ferry road I 

Harris, Mrs, general dealer, 88 Dudhope street 

Hart, James, grocer, 75 Peddie street ; h. 40 St Mary's place 

Hart, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 25 Arbroath road ; h. 8 j 

Hart, William, accountant, property and insurance agent, 41 Reform ( 

street ; h. Alma house, West Newport 
Harvey, David, carpenter, 57 Mihabank road 

Harvey, Silvester B., stampcutter, 22 St Andrew's st. ; A. 29 Peter st. 
Harvey, Mrs, 30 Milnbank road 
Hassan, John, lodgings, 15 Greenmarket 
Hastie, William, clerk, 46 Seafield road 
Hatschek Brothers, merchants, 13 Panmure street 

Hawthorn, Edward, cooper and joiner, 50 King street ; A. 54 j 

Haxton, John, manager. Garden Works ; h. 12 Benvie road 
Haxton, John, jun., manager, Kinnear, Fithie, & Co. 's ; h 2 Lawrence st. i 
Hay, Alexander, secretary, Ironmoulders' Association, 32 North Ellenst. 
Hay, Alexander, carter, 14 New Inn entry 
Hay, Benjamin, furniture dealer, 161 Seagate 
Hay, Charles, of J. & C. Hay, 3 Baffin street 

Hay, Rev. David, of Butterburn U.P. Church ; h. 11 Nelson street 
Hay, George, painter, 16 Nelson street 

Hay, James R., grocer, 1 Baffin street ; h. !]3 Arbroath road 
Hay, James, solicitor, and Sheriff and Commissary Clerk-depute, Sheriff 

Court buildings ; Ti. Ashton villa, Logieden 
Hay, James, joiner, 4 Rosefield street 
Hay, James, clerk, 14 Thomson street 

Hay, John B., of J. &. C. Hay, Salisbury place, 93 Arbroath road ' 

Hay, J. & C, builders and contractors, Salisbury pi., 93 Arbroath rd. 
Hay, Lizzie J. , teacher, Polepark Works School j h. 14 Thomson street 
Hay, Thomas, mechanic, 106 Annfield road 
Hay, Thomas, cooper, 84 Blackscroft 
Hay, Thomas, joiner, Ninewells 


Hay, William, solicitor, town-clerk, Townhouse ; h. 23 Magdalen Yard 

road, and Montpelier 
Hay, William, restaurateur, 93 Murraygate ; h. 62 Commercial street 
Hay, William A. , machine merchant, 24 Queen st. ; h. 4 Temple lane 
Hay, Mrs Rachel, greengrocer, 167 Perth road 
Hay, Mrs, 132 Blackness road 
Hazell, William, grocer, Forebank terrace 
Headrick, Mrs Mary, 4 Wellington street 
Hean, David, 42 Magdalen Yard road 
Hean, Peter, wine merchant and Italian warehouseman, 47 Reform st. j 

A. Rosemount, East Somerville place 
Hean, Thomas, inspector of lighting, Gas Office ; h. 10 K Ellen street 
Hean, Mrs Peter, Rosemount, East Somerville place 
Heathfield Works, 73 Hawkhill ; James Paterson & Co. , manufacturers 
Heggie, Alexander, stationer and tobacconist, 98 Rosebank street 
Heggie, Alexander, pawnbroker, 117 Blackscroft ; h. 9 Middle street 
Heggie, George, joiner, 50 North Ellen street 

Heggie, James, fruit and potato merch., 119 Hawkhill; 7t. 5lKinlochpl. 
Heggie, James, joiner, 18 Ellen street 
Heggie, John, grocer and wine merchant, 120 Ann street ; h. 1 Monifieth 

road, Broughty Ferry 
Heggie, John, 60 Hill street 
Heggie, William, tailor, 44 Blackscroft 
Heigh, John, joiner, 61 Cowgate 
Henderson, Alexander, jute spinner and manufacturer, South Dudhope- 

Works ; drawer, No. 22, Royal Exchange ; h. West park, Perth road 
Henderson, Alexander, of Henderson & Co. , 2 Clarendon terrace 
Henderson, Alex. ,houseagent,78 Murraygate; /i. Reid cottage, Carnoustie 
Henderson, Alexander, blacksmith, 23 Catherine street 
Henderson, Alexander, 246 Perth road 

Henderson, Archibald H. S., clerk, 20 Stanley place, Step row 
Henderson Brothers, shipping agents (Anchor Line), 1 Panmure street 
Henderson, Charles, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 197 Hilltown ; A. 

6 Alexander street 
Henderson & Company, silk mercers, 65 and 66 High street 
Henderson, David, family grocer and wine merchaiit, 242 and 244 Pertb 

road ; h. Inveramon, Perthshire 
Henderson, David, factory overseer, 15 Mortimer street 
Henderson, David, porter^ 8 Charles street 
Henderson, David C, clerk, Havelock place, 249 Hawkhill 
Henderson, Frank, of H. Henderson & Sons, 4 Clarendon terrace 
Henderson, George David Clayhills, commander, R. N., Invergowrie 
Henderson, George, tailor and clothier, 1 King's road 
Henderson, George, shipwright, 9 Church street. Princes street 
Henderson, George, patternmaker, 8 North street 
Henderson, H., & Sons, tanners, curriers, and leather, tallow, oil, hide^ 

and bark merchants, Ladybank Leather Works, Victoria road 
Henderson, James, accountant and shipowner, 8 Euclid crescent ; h. 

Downiemount, Tayport 
Henderson, Jas., trimming and small ware warehouseman, 70 Nethergate- 
Henderson, James, of H. Henderson & Sons, 10 Dudhope place 


Henderson, James, late cashier, Moon, Langlands, & Co., 70 Victoria rd. 

Henderson, James, dair3mian, 22 Bonnybank road 

Henderson, James T., cloth inspector, 16 St Mary's place 

Henderson, James, broker, 181 Scouringburn ; li. 178 

Henderson, James, confectioner, 39 Larch street 

Henderson, James, ironship fitter, 9 Middle street 

Henderson, John, & Sons, spinners and manufacturers, Lindsay St. Works 

Henderson, John, agent, National Bank of Scotland, 71 Reform street ; 

h. Bank house, 1 Albert square 
Henderson, John, jun., of Guthrie & Henderson, 1 Albert square 
Henderson, John, wine and spirit merchant^ 17 Constable street ; A. 19 
Henderson, John, clerk, 12 Panmure street ; A. 17 Croft's lane 
Henderson, John, of John Henderson & Sons, Park place ( 

Henderson, John, joiner, 3 Paradise road ( 

Henderson, John, collector, 37 Main street 

Henderson, J. H. F., manufacturer, Don's road ; h. 5 South George street. 
Henderson, Kenneth W., agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland, 65 

Reform street ; li. Bellefield, Magdalen green 
Henderson & Mackay, accountants, 41 Reform street 
Henderson, Patrick, naturalist and taxidermist, 48 Barrack street ; h. , 

38 Scouringburn 
Henderson, Richard, of John Henderson & Sons, Springgrove cottage, 

170 Nethergate | 

Henderson, Robert, contractor, 25 Mid road 

Henderson, Robert, provision merchant, 224 Overgate ; h. 148 Ferry rd. 
Henderson, Thomas P., brassfounder, 1 Harriet street 
Henderson, William, of John Henderson & Sons, Park place 
Henderson, William, coffeehouse keeper, 34 Hillbank road I 

Henderson, William G. , grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 96 Hawkhill ; ' 

h. 6 BaKour street 
Henderson, William, watchman, 77 Hospital wynd 

Henderson, William, warehouseman, 35 Stirling street j 

Henderson, William P., commission agent, Campbeltown pi., Hawkhill | 
Henderson, William, prison warder, 12 Annfield street 
Henderson, Mrs David, 7 Milnbank road 
Henderson, Mrs Elizabeth, grocer, 34 Pennycook lane 
Henderson, Mrs Mary, wine merchant, 195 Blackness road ; h. 1 Black- 
ness street j 
Henderson, Miss Mary Ann, 29 Windsor street 
Henderson, Mrs Thomas, 10 Dallfield terrace 
Henderson, Mrs, 7 East Henderson's wynd 
Henderson, Mrs, confectioner, 11 Wolseley street 
Hendry, Andrew, of RoUo & Hendry, Braeknowe, Blackness road 
Hendry, Charles, engineer, 31 Wellgate j 
Hendry, David B., linen manufactr., 3 Coupar's alley; h. 5 Fleuchar street 
Hendry, David, engineer, 32 Princes street I 
Hendry, John, of Hendry & Williamson, 141 Ann street I 
Hendry, John, saddler, 114 Seagate; h. 130 
Hendry, William B. , milloverseer, 65 Arbroath road 
Hendry & Williamson, butchers, 145 Ann street and 170 Perth road 
Hendry, Mrs S., lodgings, 8 Crichton street I 



ennessy, James, wine and spirit merchant, 126 and 128 Scouringburn ; 

and grocer, 25 Hilltown ; h. Lawside house 
HENRT, ALEX., & CO., drapers, hosiers, and glovers ; manufacturers 

of millinery, baby-linen, and ladies' underclothing ; and sewing 
; machine agents, 140 and 142 Murraygate. See Adv. 
^Henry, Alexander, of A. Henry & Co., 6 James place, Broughty Ferry 
Henry, A. & S. , & Co. , manufacturers and merchants, 57 Meadowside 
Henry, Charles, clerk. East Station ; h. 26 Eaglan street 
Henry, David, 3 Magdalen Yard road 

Henry, John J. H., salesman, 53 Reform street ; h. 13 Panmure street 
Henry, John, feuar, 29 Stirling street 
Henry, William, cowfeeder, 371 Loons road 
Henry, Miss, lodgings, 29 Union street 

Henry, Mrs William, grocer and spiritdealer, 24 Victoria street 
Henry, Mrs, 12 Cotton road 

Hepburn, Robert, house proprietor, 44 Ure street 
Hepburn, Mrs James, grocer, 42 Ure street 
Herbert, John, moulder, 3 Thomson street 

Heron & Congleton, solicitors and notaries public, 20 Castle street 
Heron, George, of Heron & Congleton, Home house. West Ferry 
Heron, Robert, umbrellamaker, 15 Vault 
Herschell, Richard, of Herschel & Richardson, 56 Dura street 
Herschell & Richardson, blacksmiths, 88 Dura street 
Herschell, William, coal merchant and contractor, 88 Dura street ; h. 5 

Rennie place, West Ferry 
Hess & Co. (branch of Frankfurter & Hess, Stuttgart), merchants, 3 King st. 
Heyde, Julius, merchant, 4 India buildings ; h. Bismarck villa, W.Ferry 
Higgins, Bernard, carter, 16 Nelson street 
Higgins, Mrs Margaret, late grocer, 9 Ritchie's lane 
High, George, joiner, 18 Kirk entry; h. 53 Wellgate 
High, John, bootmaker, 7 Wellgate ; h. 19 Bain square 
Hill, Alexander, tailor, 115 Murraygate 

Hill, Alexander G. , clerk, Larchfield Works ; h. 2 Annfield row 
Hill, Charles, of M. & C. Hill, Ashbank, Magdalen green 
Hill, David, janitor, Clepington Public School ; h. 164 Ann street 
Hill, David, grocer and spirit merchant, 46 Blackness road ; h. 44 
Hill, George, of Young & Hill, Rustic place, 3 Dudhope street 
Hill, George H., corn merchant, 5 Nelson street 
Hill, George, bootmaker, 18 Ferry road ; h. 30 
Hill, George, mechanic, 2 Gardner's lane 

Hill, Howard, calenderer, Lady well Calender ; h. 5 Nelson street 
Hill, James, seaman, 55 King street 
Hill, James, blacksmith, 21 North street 

Hill, Rev. James Edgar, M.A., B.D., St Paul's Church ; h. Albany ter. 
Hill, John, deputy superintendent of police, 135 Lochee road 
Hill, John, cabinetmaker, 23 Stirling street 

HiU, Margaret, teacher, St Mary's R.C. School ; h. 24 Powrie place 
Hill, Miller, of M. & C. Hill, Ashbank, Magdalen green 
Hill, M. & C., spinners. West Dudhope Mill, Anchor lane 
Hill, Peter, mason, 26 Temple lane 
Hill & Renny, merchants, 2 Royal Exchange place 


Hill, Rev. Thomas, Willison Free Church ; h. 2 Dudhope terrace 

Hill, William F., solicitor, 5 Bank street ; h. Fairley place 

Hill, William, mason, 78 Princes street 

Hill, William, jun., clerk, and conductor of Old Steeple Bellringers, 78 

Princes street 
Hillbank Spinning Co. , spinners and manufacturers. Dens road 
Himsworth, George, grocer and ironmonger, 30 Albert street ; h. 86 
Hindley, Walter H., & Co., merchants, 51 Meadowside 
Hinksman, John, fishcurer, 202 Seagate ; h. 40 Blackscroft 
Hird, George S., C.E., Tay Bridge Tunnel Works ; h. 30 South Tay st.^ 
Hirst, Samuel C, teacher of music, 11 South Tay street ; 

Hislop, Geo., superintendent of weighing, Harbour ; h. 4 Havelock placet 
Hislop, James, family grocer, tea and coffee dealer, 38 Union street ('h.. 

Bloomfield house, Newport ; 

Hives & Tennant, of Leeds, flaxspinners, 8 Panmure street ; 

Hodge, Ann, teacher, Constitution house, 12 Constitution terrace ! 

Hodge, David S., clerk, 4 Lawrence street j 

Hodge, David, sub-editor, Dundee Advertiser ; h. 1 Victoria square 
Hodge, Jas., chemist and druggist, 249 Overgate ; h. 12 Constitution ter.' 
Hodges, N. W., manager, Theatre Royal ; h. 37 Nethergate 
Hogg, David, of T. J. & D. Hogg, Forfar { 

Hogg, George, mason, 69 Caldrum street 
Hogg, George, jun., mason, 72 North Church street 
Hogg, George, sorting clerk, Post-office ; ^. 38 Ann street ' 

Hogg, James, of T. J. & D. Hogg, 51 Watson street 
Hogg, James, late millmanager, 17 Croft's lane 
Hogg, John, draper, 133 Ann street 
Hogg, Thomas, of T. J. & D. Hogg, 32 Caldrum street 
Hogg, T. J. & D. , builders, 74 James street , 

HOGG, WILLIAM, boot and shoe maker, 16 Panmure st.; h. 24 Forebank I | 

road. See Adv. \ 

Hogg, William, grocer and spiritdealer, 4 Hilltown, and 55 Dudhope 

street ; h. 53 Dudhope street 
Hogg, Mrs Elizabeth, 21 Thomson street 
Hoile, Mrs John, 13 Windsor street 
Holdheim, Otto, merchant, 10 Victoria chambers 
Holmes, Miss Jane, 25 Springfield 
Holt, John, clerk, East Station ; h. 38 Kemback street 
Home, Caroline, private school, 139 Seagate 

Homoeopathic Dispensary, 3 South Tay street ; Dr Stiles, medical oflBcer 
Honeyman, James, cowfeeder, 16 North street ; h. 18 
Honeyman, Walter J., accountant and stockbroker, 79 Comctnerciai 

street ; li. 21 Airlie place 
Hood, Alexander, mason, 4 Derby street 
Hood, David, H.M. Customs ; A. 62 Ann street 
Hood, David M. , merchant, 14 Garland place 
Hood, George, mechanic, 62 Ann street 
Hood, Helen, confectioner, 15 St Salvador's street 

Hood, James, of Smith, Hood, & Co. , 4 Gladstone place, Broughty Ferry 
Hood, Janet, 4 Meadow street 
Hood, William, of Smith, Hood, & Co. , 2 Gladstone place, B. Ferry 


Hop Street Works, Hop street, Chalmers & Dewar, spinners 

[Hope, John, druggist's assistant, 16 South Lindsay street 

Horn, John, shoemaker, 24 Hill street 

I Home, Alexander, of Mackay & Home, 27 Lilybank road 

'orne, Thomas H., wine and spirit merchant, 102 Blackscroft; li. 84 
'Home, Rev.Wm., Lindsay St. Congregational Ch.; h. 5 MagdalenYard rd. 

Horsburgh, John, railway porter, 13 Mid street 

Hosie, Charles, engineer, Fairley place 

Hosie, Peter, officer. Martyrs Free Church ; 7t. Annfield road 

Hossick, Alexander, & Co., tea merchants and confectioners, 103 
Hawkhill ; h. 114 Belmont place 

Hossick, Alexander, H. M. Customs ; h. Ashbank cottage, Forfar road 

Houchin, Mrs Jane, 26 Bell street 

Houston, A. & J., chimney sweepers, 13 Pennycook lane 

Houston, James, chimney sweeper, 87 Hawkhill 

Houston, William, chimney sweeper and soot merchant, 202 Hawkhill 

Hovell, James, foreman mechanic, 180 Blackness road 

Hovell, Joseph, manager, Larchfield Works ; h. 2 Isles' lane 

How, David P., of Mackie & How, 34 North George street 

HOWARD, THOMAS R., boot and shoe maker. Grove place, Perth road ; 
h. 15 Rosefield street. See Adv. 

Howat, Edward, merchant, 13 Ward rd. ; h. Bannatyne house, Newtyie 

Howden, Walter C. , Rustic place, 65 Constitution road 

Howe, George, joiner, 5 West wynd 

Howe, John, of Robertson & Howe, Fairley place 

Howe Machine Company (Limited), sewing machine manufacturers, 34 

I Bank street ; John Findlay, agent for Forfarshire 

iHowie, Duncan, average- stater and marine insurance broker, 1 Com- 
mercial street ; h. 4 Reres terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Howie, George W., watchmaker and jeweller, 26 King street; h. 32^ 

Howie, Peter, manager, Lilybank Foundry ; h. 12 King street 
'Howie, Thomas S., tailor and clothier, 122 Princes st. ; h. 7 Lyon st 

Hoy, Henry, confectioner and stationer, 18 Kinloch street; h. 16 

Hoy, Margaret, grocer and spiritdealer, 141 Lochee road ; h. 143 

Hudson & Mitchell, dressmakers, 142 Perth road 

Hudson, Thomas, millwright, 18 Thomson street 

Huggins, Andrew, greengrocer, 210 Perth road 

Hughes, Charles, house proprietor, 120 Overgate 

Hughes, F., blockmaker, King William dock, East side ; h. 2 Ogilvie's rd. 

Hughes, Guy, feuar, 41 Forebank road 

Hughes, James, feuar, 13 Park entry 

Hughes, Mrs, 1 Windsor terrace 

Hull, Joseph D., watchmaker and jeweUer, 116 Murraygate ; A. 90 

Hume, Alexander, bootmaker, 6 Step row 

Hume, Alexander, stonecutter, 21 Nelson street 

HUME, DAVID, & SON, biscuit manufacturers and ship store merchants, 
Calcutta buildings. Commercial street. See Adv. 

Hume, David, clerk, 17 Catherine street 

Hume, David, sawmiller, 29 Hilltown 

Hume, George T. , of David Hume & Son, Struan place. East Newport 

Hume, William, manager, Seafield Works ; h. 16 Shepherd's loan 


Hunt Brotters, clothiers and outfitters, 77 High street : 

Hunt, Ninian, of Hunt Brothers, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry- 
Hunt, Wi]liani, of Hunt Brothers, Ambrose street, Broughty Ferry 
Hunter, Adam, clerk, 1 Royal Exchange ; h. Invergowrie 
Hunter, Alexander, confectioner, 44 Scouringburn ; h. 42 ' 

Hunter, Alexander, grain merchant, 12 Hilltown i. 

Hunter, Charles, draper, Gladstone place, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 1 
Hunter, Charles, cabinetmaker's manager, 40 Union street \ 

Hunter, David, of Blackness, 15 Lee crescent, Portobello | 

Hunter, David, of Hunter & Graham, 8 Park terrace 
HUNTER, DAVID, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 4 and 5 Tally street ana 

8-19 Church lane ; h. 40 Union street. See Adv. 
Hunter, David, gardener, Balgay House lodge 
Hunter, David, 9 Mount pleasant, Hawkhill 
Hunter, David, mechanic. Fairly place 
Hunter & Graham, mill, factory, and engineers' furnishers, Rattray 

street. Ward road 
Hunter, James, jun., of J. & J. Hunter, 146 Nethergate, and Willow^ 

bank, Carnoustie i 

Hunter, James, grocer and potato merchant, 37 Lawrence street 
Hunter, James, fishdealer, 80 Annfield road ; A. 2 Annfield row 
Hunter, John J., of Ferguson & Hunter, 119 Nethergate 
Hunter, J. & J., solicitors, 69 Reform street 
Hunter, Rev. Joseph W. , St Mary Magdalene's Episcopal Church ; h 

Parsonage, 15 Park place 
Hunter, Patrick, clerk, Tay Works ; h. 6 Park terrace 
Hunter, Patrick, sen., engineer, Tay Works ; /t. 8 Balfour street 
Hunter, Rennald F., of J. & J. Hunter, Home lodge, Broughty Ferry 
Hunter, Robert, architect, 41 Reform street ; A. Tay terrace, E. Newport 
Hunter, Thomas B., clerk. Royal Bank ; h. 3 Dalhousie terrace 
Hunter, William, draper, 15, 17, and 19 Wellgate ; h. 10 Laurelbank 
Hunter, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 160 Perth road 
Hunter, Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, 158 Hilltown ; h. 150 
Huntly, William, late engineer, 42 Seafield road 
Hurst, George, overseer, 32 Rosebank road 
Hurst, John, grocer, 43 Rose street 
Husband, James, overseer, 28 Ryehill lane 
Husband, Margaret, Bible reader, 24 West wynd 

Husband, Peter F., solicitor, 31 Reform st.; h. Campbeltown pL, Hawkhill 
Husband, Wm. , tenter, 2 Melrose terrace, Clepington 
Husband, Mrs, 5 Gowrie place 

Husband, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 5 Victoria road 
Hutchen, William, tailor and clothier, 6 High street 
Hutcheon, Francis, shopkeeper, 24 Dock street ; h. 1 West wynd 
Hutcheson, Alex., architect, 4 Reform st. ; A. Herschel house, B. Perry 
Hutcheson, Charlotte, confectioner and greengrocer, 77 Scouriagburn ; 

A. 8 Small's lane 
Hutcheson, James, commission merchant, 11 Royal Exchange lane; h.\ 

St Mary's terrace, Downfield i 

Hutcheson, James, calenderer, 25 Wellington street ! 

Hutcheson, Robert, fireman, Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 


Hutcheson, Thomas, porter, 30 North Lindsay street 

Hutcheson, William S., of Peddie, Hutcheson, & Co., 48 Wellgate 

Hutchings, Walter, commission agent, 100 Victoria road 

Hutchison, Charles, joiner, 54 Bell street 

Hutchison, David, of Philip & Hutchison, 57 Cowgate 

Hutchison, David, enginedriver, 38 Perth road 

Hutchison, E. & W., drapers, 154 Ann street 

Hutchison & Gray, sack manufacturers, 29 Albert square, Peep-o'-Day 

Factory, 12 Session street, 23 Dudhope street, and 90 Blackness rd. 
Hutchison, Henry A., surgeon- dentist, 6 Shore terrace 
Hutchison, James, of Hutchison & Gray, 3 Viewforth place 
Hutchison, John, blacksmith, 32 Mid street ; h. 22 Arthur street 
Hutchison, Stewart, cojEfeehouse keeper, 156 Scouringburn ; h. 154 
Hutchison, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 80 Ann street ; //.. Eose 

villa, Maryfield 
Hutchison, Thomas, enginedriver, 14 Kincardine street 
Hutchison, William, of E. & W. Hutchison, 110 Victoria road 
Hutchison, Mrs E., grocer, 9 Rosebank road ; h. 7 
Hutchison, Mrs Helen, 2 Airlie terrace 
Hutchison, Mrs, lodgings, 37 Nethergate 
Hutchison, Miss E., of E. & W. Hutchison, 110 Victoria road 
Hutchison, Mrs, china merchant, 30 North Church street 
Hutton, Alexander, clerk, 26 Raglan street 
Hutton, Charles P., mechanic, 48 Blackscroft 
Hutton, David, blacksmith, 3 Laing street 
Hutton, David, church-officer, 41 Hawkhill 
Hutton, David, pickermaker, 1 SpringhiU, Ferry road 
Hutton, James, clerk, 13 Blackness street 

Hutton, James, architect. Burgh Surveyor's office ; h. 185 Princes st. 
Hutton, Robert, coffeehouse keeper, 208 Hilltown ; /;. 54 Princes st. 
Hutton, Robert, file manufacturer, 16 Cotton road ; h. Edinburgh 
Hutton, Robert, feuar, 32 Isles' lane 

Hutton, William, warehouseman, Craigie yard ; h, 16 Queen street 
Hutton, William, mason, 22 Blackscroft 
Hutton, Mrs Helen, 29 Lyon street 
Hutton, Mrs Thomas, 7 Blackscroft 
Hutton, Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, 210 Seagate 
Hynd, David, brassfounder, plumber, and ironmonger, 72 Victoria road ; 

h. 14 Forebank road 
Hynd, James, house and ship painter, decorator, and paperhanger, 59 

Dock street ; h. 2 Nelson terrace 
Hynd, John, cabinetmaker, 41a Victoria road 
Hynd, Peter, 2 Forfar road 

Hynd, William B., hatter, 128 Murraygate ; h. 95 
Hynd, William, blockmaker, 26 Court street 
Hyndman, Daniel, general dealer, 3 Arthur street 

Imandt, p. J., German master. High School ; k. Ashley house, B. Ferry 
Imlay, Alexander, joiner, cabinetmaker, and upholsterer, 132 Seagate, 

and 29 Queen street ; A. 130 Seagate 
Imlay, James, brushmaker, 174 Seagate 


Imper, A., teacher of modern languages, 2 Airlie terrace ' 

Imrie, Charles, of Wilkie & Imrie, 3 Thorter row 

Imrie, James, sawmiller, 46 Bell street 

Inglis, Rev. Andrew, Dudhope Free Church ; h. Balgay terrace, Lochee 

Inglis, Henry, clerk, 8 Dallfield terrace 

Inglis, James, coach painter, 23 Lawson place 

Inglis, James, carpenter, 34 Annfield row 

Inglis, Jeffrey T., shipping agent, 33 Dock st. ; h. Balgillo rd., B. Ferry 

Ingram, Alexander E., confectioner, 75 King street 

Ingram, Wm. , coffeehouse keeper, 62 Blackness rd. ; h. 204 Lochee rd. 

Inland Revenue Office, 31 Bank street i 

Inland Revenue Duty Free Warehouse, 95 Seagate ; J. Watson & Co. ' 

Innes, David, butcher, 10 Crichton street ; h. Mylnefield feus 

Innes, David, newsagent and stationer, 205 Perth road 

Innes, James, vanman, 38 Dallfield terrace 

Innes, William, sawmaker and tool merchant, 3 Castle street ; h. 7 

Inrig, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 3 Barrack st. ; h. Victoria crescent 

Inverarity, David, harbour weigher, 107 Murraygate 

Inverarity, Thomas D., St Matthew's place, Ferry road 

Inverarity, Mrs, dressmaker, 3 Ann street 

Ireland, David, of Ireland, Leitch, & Co., Vine cottage, Camperdown 

street, Droughty Ferry 
Ireland, George, house proprietor, 26 Hunter st.; h. Tayview, Perth rd. 
Ireland, George, coaldealer, 7 Wolseley street 
Ireland, James, agent, British Linen Company Bank, 41 West port ; h. 3 

Home terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Ireland, James, of Ireland & Maclaren, TayA'iew, Perth road 
Ireland, John, picker and shuttle manufacturer, 11 Ireland's lane; h, 4 

Leebank terrace. West Ferry 
Ireland, Leitch, & Co., coal merchants, coal exporters, and steamship 

owners, Calcutta buildings, Commercial street 
Ireland & Maclaren, architects, 81 Murraygate 
Ireland, Paterson F., ship and insurance broker and commission agent, 

62 Dock street ; h. William street, Tayport 
Ireland, Thomas, accountant, 11 Panmurest. ; h. Youngsdale pi., Newport 
Ireland, W. R., & Moncur, manufacturers and merchants, 41 Cowgate 
Ireland, William R., of AV. R. Ireland & Moncur, Gladstoneter.,Monifieth 
Ireland, Mrs, confectioner, and register office for servants, 4 Perth road 
Irons, Agnes, grocer and spiritdealer, 235 Hilltown ; h. 62 IST. Church st. 
Irons, Alex. , coal and potato merch., Gowan's court ; h. 7 Victoria square 
Irons, David R., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 75 Caldrum street 

and 39 Main street ; li. Clarendon villa, Downfield 
Irons, James, hairdresser, 148 Princes st. ; h. Baxter's land, Watson st. 
Irons, John, manager to Adam Will ; li. top of Provost road 
Irons, William D., grocer, 30 Bell street 

Irvine, David, confectioner and grocer, 24 Dudhope Crescent road 
Irvine, James, carter, 6 Bell Street lane 

Irvine, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 179 Hilltown ; h. 68 James street 
Irvine, William Balfour, teacher, Institution for the Education of Young 

Ladies, 17 Tay street 
Irvine, Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 61 Reform street 


Irvine, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 9 Ward road 
Irving, David W., bacon curer and provision merchant, 43-47 Yeaman 

shore ; h. 1 Bank street 
Irving, W. G., & Co., merchs. and com. agents, 11 Eoyal Exchange lane 
Irving, William G., of W. G. Irving & Co., 30 Tay street 
Isdale, E. H. , merchant, 4 Reform street ; h. Leuchars lodge, Fife 
Isles, David, joiner, 4 Roslin terrace 
Isles, David, clerk, 14 Fleuchar street 

Isles, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Beaconsfield place, 7 William street 
Isles, John, shipowner, 33 Castle street 
Isles, Robert, draper, 2 Union street 
Isles, William, warehouseman, 57 Cowgate 
Isles, Miss, 1 Gowrie place 

Izatt, Miss, basketmaker, 34 Princes street ; A. Ill 
Izatt, William, coal merchant. East Station ; h. Ill Princes street 

Jack, Alexander, Inland Revenue officer, 29 Isles' lane 

Jack, Betsy, grocer, 18 Bell street 

Jack & Co., fiaxspinners, Logic Works, Montrose; office, 115 Murray gate 

Jack, David, of Jack & Co., 3 Wellington street 

Jack, George, secretary, Local Marine Board, Customhouse buildings ; 

h. Maybank, 17 Magdalen Yard road 
Jack, Henry, inspector of poor, 8 Euclid street ; h. Westfield cottage, 

Broughty Ferry 
Jack, James, fireman, 14 South George street, Forebank 
Jack, John, of NicoU & Jack, 3 Arbroath road 
Jack, John, veterinary surgeon and smith, 5 Small's wynd 
Jack, Peter, tobaccospinner, 56 Blackscroft 
Jack, Robert, carpenter, 67 Seagate 
Jack, William, grocer, 50 Hill street ; h. 52 
Jack, William, greengrocer, 42 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 
Jack, Mrs James, miLliner, 104 Nethergate 
Jackson, Alexander, assurance agent, 2 Mortimer street 
Jackson, James, mason, 7 Ireland's lane 

Jackson, John, grocer, 58 Hill street 

TACKSON, J. W., photographer, 134 Murraygate ; h. 7 Stirling st. ^&eAdv. 

lackson, Peter, cutter, 42 Reform street ; h. 26 Union place 

lackson, Robert, tailor, 40 Fleuchar street 

Jackson, Thomas, mechanic, 38 North street 

Tackson, William, millfurnisher and commission agent, 31 Overgate ; 
h. 13 St Peter street 

Jackson, William, blacksmith, 15 Wolseley street 

f^ackson, Mrs, dressmaker, 27 Mains road 

Jackson, Mrs, confectioner, 16 Kidd street 

fackson, Mrs, matron, Morgan Hospital, Maryfield 

[aff6 Brothers & Co., merchants, 134 Seagate 

faffray, James, of JafFray & Smith, 2 Russell street 

[aflfray, John, spirit merchant, 49 West port ; h. 42 

affray, John \V. , manager to R. Stiven, machine merchant ; h. Palma 
cottage, Macgill street 

affray & Smith, blacksmiths, 35 and 37 Strathmartine road 



Jamaica Works, Jamaica street, Mustard, Forsyth, & Coupar, spinners 

and manufacturers 
Jameson, George, mercliant, 4 Royal Exchange place ; h. Seafield house, 

Broughty Ferry 
Jameson, JohnC., assistant Town-clerk, Townhouse ; h. Carron cottage, 

E. Newport 
Jamie, David, lapper, 37 St Salvador street 
Jamieson, David, joiner, 8 Roslin terrace 

Jamieson, George, storekeeper, Tay Works ; h. 13 Ellen street 
Jamieson, Henry G., coal and lime merchant, 31 Trades lane; Ji. 32 

William street, Forebank 
Jamieson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 50 Dock street ; h. ^ 

Gellatly street 
Jamieson, James, blacksmith, 41 William street, Forebank 
Jamieson, John, seaman, 8 William street. King street 
Jamieson, John, & Co., clothiers, 90 and 91 High st., and top of Seagate 
Jamieson, John, coffeehouse keeper, 20 Laing street 
Jamieson, Martin, carpenter, 150 Princes street 
Jamieson, Peter, carter, 8 Morrison's court, Wellgate 
Jamieson, William, spirit merchant, 118 Lochee road; h. 116 
Jamieson, Miss Margaret, 47 Yeaman shore j 

Jarman, Joseph, wine and spirit merch. , 9 Crichton st. ; h. 18 Fleuchar st. 
Jefifers, Miss, hosier, 47 Wellgate ; h. 83 Albert street ( 

Jefferson, James, spirit merchant, 79 and 81 Scouringburn ; A. 75 ' 

Jeffrey, David, manager. Verdant Works ; A. 2 Lawrence street I 

Jeffrey, James, joiner, 51 North Wellington street 1 

Jeffrey, John, station policeman. East Station ; h. 2 High street 
Jeffrey, Mrs John, 60 Croft's lane \ 

Jenkins, Edward, M.P., 20 Southwell gardens, South Kensingtons 

London, S.W. j 

Jenkins, Rev. John, St Peter's Free Church ; A. 11 Airlie place 
Jermyn, Right Rev. Hugh Willoughby, D.D., Rishop of Brechin ; h\ 

Oakville, Harecraig ; 

Jessiman, George, timber merchant, 135 Seagate, and Dock Street Saw- 
mills ; h. 137 Seagate, and Rosebank cottage, Monifieth rd., B. Ferry. 
Jessiman, John, merchant, 135 Seagate ; h. 137 
Jessiman, Mrs George, lodgings, 68 St Andrew's street 
Jobson, David, jun., oil and paint merchant, 17 and 18 West Dock 

street ; h. Hazel villa, 22 Raton's lane 
Jobson, James A., 4 Garland place 
Jobson, John, mechanic, 30 William street, Forebank 
Jobson, Mrs, Crawford lodge, Perth road 
Jobson, Miss, Crawford lodge, Perth road 
Johnson, Charles, seaman, 39 Exchange street 
Johnson, Mrs Charles, 131 Ann street 
Johnston & Adams, drysalters, 82 Murraygate 

Johnston, Alexander, architect, 20 Reform street ; h. 4 Union terrace 
Johnston, Alexander, clothier, 32 Castle street 
Johnston, A. C. , merchant and commission agent, 79 Commercial streeti, 

li. 6 Newington terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Johnston, David, shipmaster, s.s. " Cambria," 3 Craig street 


Johnston, David (Reid & Johnston), solicitor and notary, 31 Reform st. ; 

h. 30 Springfield 
Johnston, David, shoemaker, 43 Gellatly street 
Johnston, James, of Johnston & Adams, 9 Craigie terrace 
Johnston, Jas., (of Johnston & Martin), plasterer, 4 and 6 Ireland's lane; 

h. Bright cottage, Forfar road 
Johnston, James, bootmaker, 32 Polepark road ; h. 10 Rosebank street 
Johnston, James, general dealer, 232 Hilltown ; h. 24 Jamaica street 
Johnston, James, grocer, 86 Dudhope street 
Johnston, James L., clerk, 22 Dens road 
Johnston, John, tailor and clothier, 34 Barrack street ; h. 38 
Johnston, John, pawnbroker, 256 Hawkhill ; h. 258 
Johnston, John, shipmaster, 3 Salisbury place, Arbroath road 
Johnston, John, baker, 14 Small's lane 
Johnston, John, currier, 47 North Wellington street 
Johnston, Joseph, & Sons, fishmongers, 13 Union street 
JOHNSTON & MARTIN, cement merchants, 22 Bell street. See Adv. 
Johnston, Pat. L., linen merchant and manufacturer, 11 King street; 

h. Albertford villa, Forfar road 
Johnston, Robt., grocer and spiritdealer, 174 Hawkhill; li. 54Kinlochpl. 
Johnston, Thomas, baker, 49 King street 
Johnston, Thomas, goods receiver, 104 Ann street 
Johnston, William, chaplain, Dundee Poorhouse ; Ji. 5 Bafiin street 
Johnston, W. Sibbald, yarn merchant and bleacher, 79 Commercial 

street ; h. Kiltonga, Newtownards, Co. Down 
Johnston, William, solicitor, 61 Reform street ; h. 23 Castle street 
Johnston, Mrs James L., grocer and provision merch., 20 Dens rd. ; h. 22 
Johnston, Mrs, 8 Erskine street 
Johnstone, David, agent for J. & P. Cameron, 40 St Andrew's street ; 

h. Links villa, Broughty Ferry 
Johnstone, George, blacksmith, 204 Lochee road 

Johnstone, H . M. , milliner and dressmaker, Grove place, Perth road 
Johnstone, John, ropemaker, 3 Kincardine street 
Johnstone, John, clerk, 7 Euclid street ; It. 42 Carmichael street 
Johnstone, Joseph J., solicitor, 16 Bank st. ; h. St Phillan's pi., Newport 
Johnstone, William, coaldealer, 20 Blackness road ; h. 22 BaKour street 
Johnstone, William, shoemaker, 28 Balgay street 
Johnstone, Mary Jane, laundress, 22 Balfour street 
Jolly, John H., accountant, British Linen Bank, West port ; h. Arbroath 
Jolly, John, milloverseer. 2 Hillbank road 
Jolly, John, engineer, 6 North Ellen street 
Jones, Andrew, wholesale provision merchant, 12 South Lindsay street; 

h. King street, Broughty Ferry 
Jones, Rev. Edw. Ashton, Ward Road Wesleyan Ch. ; h. 7 Albany ter. 
Jones, Isabella, milliner and draper, 195 Princes street ; h. 197 
Jones, John, hatter, 221 Overgate ; h. 197 Princes street 
Jones, John, of Mitchell & Jones, Grove, West Ferry 
Jones, Robert, confectioner, 216 Lochee road ; h. 214 
Joss, Charles, mechanic, 8 Cleghorn street 
Junor, John, attendant. Royal Asylum ; h. 1 Stobswell road 
Justice, David, ropespinner, 3 Constitution street 


Justice, David F., teacher of music, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

Justice, Edward, porter, 20 Jamaica street 

Justice, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 10 and 11 Tally street j 

h. 27 Dallfield terrace 
Justice, William, engineer, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

Kane, Andrew, tobaccopipe manuf., 7 Heathfield lane ; h. 9Hawkhill 

Kane, Paul, traveller, 3 Mid Kirk stile 

Kay, Alexander, & Co., wine merchants, 54 Overgate 

Kay, Alexander, manager, Chapelshade Works ; h. 4 Dallfield terrace 

Kay, John, wholesale grocer, 8 Kirk entry ; h. Tay terr. , E. Newport 

Kay, Mitchell D., accountant with Lipman & Co. ; h. 2 Airlie terrace 

Kay, T. & W., butchers, 183 Princes street ; h. 7 Unionbank, Lochee 

Kay, Mrs James, 3 Rustic place 

Keay, Alexander, clerk, South Dudhope Works ; li. 193 Blackness road 

Keay, Catherine S., dressmaker, 51 High street 

KEAY, DAVID, blacksmith, engineer, and machine maker, Hillbank Iron 

Works, North William street ; h. 164 Ann street. See Adv. 
Keay, James, millwright, 38 North Wellington street 
Keay, James, compositor. Advertiser Office ; h. 13 Dudhope street 
Keay, John, boilermaker, 20 South George street 
Keay, Peter, blacksmith, 35 North Wellington street 
Keay, William, sackmaker, 3 Queen st. and 4 Main st. ; h. 13 Lamb's lane 
Keay, William, of Beath & Keay, 25 Hill street 
Keay, William, tailor and clothier, 203 Blackness road 
Keay, Mrs Andrew, dressmaker, 53 William street, Forebank 
Keddie, Peter, 35 Park wynd 
Keenan, Charles, grocer, 23 Derby street 

Keenan, William, warehouseman, Gilroy Bros. ; 1i. 211 Hawkhill 
Keenan, Mrs Elizabeth, grocer and spiritdealer, 120Scouringbum ; /*. 157 
KeUl, John, of Lawson & KeiU, 19 St Peter street 
Keill., Margaret, tea merchant, 44 Victoria road ; h. 4 Garland place 
Keill, Robert, confectioner and preservemaker, 21 North Lindsay st. ; 

h. Albert court, Nethergate 
Keill, Mrs, 184 Perth road 
Keiller, George C. , merchant, Vice-Consul for Chili, and agent Standard 

Fire Office, 33 Meadowside ; li. Temple hall, Longforgan 
KeUler, James, & Son, wholesale confectioners ; works. Chapel street, 

Albert Square ; retail shop, 2 Castle street 
Keiller, John M., of James Keiller & Son ; h. 9 Clarendon terrace 
Keiller, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 76 North Church st. ; h. 74 
Keiller, John, fish salesman aiid auctioneer, 10 Fishmarket ; h, 8 

Crichton street 
KeUler, William, pattern storekeeper, 45 Blackscroft 
Keillor, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Caldrum street ; h, 12 
Keillor, Thomas, engine-driver, 8 Kincardine street 
KeUlor, William, fruit and potato merchant, 26 Mid street 
Keir, George, tailor, 21 Hilltown 

Keir, William, jeweller, 43 Wellgate ; h. 5 Park terrace 
Keir, Mrs, midwife, 44 Polepark road 
Keith, Alexander, coachman, Taypark, Perth road 


Keith, E. Dodds, farmer and auctioneer, 6 High street ; h. Nether Balgay 

Keith, George, pilot, 31 Crescent street 

Keith, John, seaman, 3 Castle lane 

Keith, Robert, architect and valuator, 87 High street ; li. 3 Osborne pi. 

Keith, Robert, seaman, 54 King street 

Keith, William, poulterer and greengrocer, 186 Perth road ; li. 184 

Kelly, Hugh, joiner and cabinetmaker, 23 North William street ; h. 25 

Kelly, Michael, grocer and spirit merchant, 84 Princes street ; h. 88 

KeUy, Mrs, spiritdealer, 320 Hawkhill ; h. 322 

Kelman, Alex., Banks' Clearing-house messenger, 54 Commercial street 

Kelman, George, baker, 116 Ann street ; h. 8 North Ellen street 

Kelman, James, grocer and spiritdealer, 6 North Tay st. ; h. 3 West port 

Kelman, Wm., wine and spirit mercht., 247 HawkhiU ; h. 5 Gowrie pi. 

KELT, ALEX., watchmaker and jeweller, 104 and 106 Murraygate ; A. 

102. See Adv. 
Kendall, John, seaman, 1 John street 
Kennedy, George, tailor, 16 Elizabeth street 
Kennedy, Henry, pensioner, 21 North Wellington street 
Kennedy, James S., of R. G. Kennedy & Co., 4 Home terrace, B. Perry 
Kennedy, John, of Kennedy & Rae, 10 Garland place 
Keimedy, John L., watchmaker and jeweller, 108a Princes st.; h. 110 
Kennedy, John, blacksmith, 10 Church street, Princes street 
Kennedy, John, dairyman, 18 Step row 

Kennedy, John, late Art teacher, Riversdale, 372 Perth road 
Kennedy, John, 193 Perth road 
Kennedy, John, vandriver, 14 Paton's lane 

Kennedy & Rae, hemp and wirerope and sail makers, 32 Dock street 
Kennedy, Robert G.,of R. G. Kennedy & Co., 2 Balgillo crescent, B.Perry 
Kennedy, R. G., & Co., manufacturers and merchants, Wellington 

Works ; office, 10 Panmure street 
Kennedy, William, blacksmith, 17 Wilkie's lane ; li. 15 Watson's lane 
Kennedy, William, grocer, 54 Constable street 
Kennedy, Mrs, 36 Dallfield walk 
Kennedy, Mrs, 58 Jamaica street 
Kenneth, James, assurance agent, 19 Butcher row 
Kenneth, James, calender manager, Dens Works ; h. 9 Lyon street 
Kenney, Frank, tailor, 14 Fish street 
Kenney, John, general dealer, 14 Fish street 

Kenny, Frank, wine and spirit merchant's assistant, 229 Hilltown 
Kenny, Mrs, grocer, 343 Loons road 

Ker, William W., stationer, 91 Glebe place, Lily bank road 
Keracher, James, bootmaker, 57 Loehee road and 191 Princes street ; 

li. 51 Loehee road 
Kermack, William, mason, 185 Princes street 
Kermath, Mrs Agnes, lodgings, 7 Castle lane 
Kermath, Catherine, manglekeeper, 1 Pennycook lane 
Kermath, Mrs, 1 Viewforth place 
Kerr, Alexander, commission agent, 2 Paton's lane 
Kerr, Charles, pharmaceutical chemist, 56 Nethergate, and 181 Perth 

road ; h. 1 Windsor place 
Kerr, Charles, 10 Brown street 


Kerr, David S., watchmaker and jeweller, 242 Overgate ; h. 1 Gowrie pi. 
Kerr, James (of Potter & Kerr), wholesale bootfactor, 3 Wellgate ; h. 

Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Kerr, James M., surgeon dentist, 24 Step row 
Kerr & M'Earlane, solicitors, 26 Castle street 
Kerr, Patrick, grocer, 36 Blackscroft 
Kerr, Peter, merchant, commission and emigration agent, ship and 

insurance broker, 31 Dock street ; h. Bonnybank house, Victoria 

road and 2 Nelson street 
Kerr, Robert N., teacher, 47 South Tay street ; h. \ Gowrie place 
Kerr, William, of Kerr & M'Farlane, Nethergate house, 158 Nethergate 
Kerr, William, & Co., ironmongers, 235 J Hilltown ; h. 15 Stirling street 
Kerr, Mrs William, 24 Step row 
Kerr, Mrs, 64 Croft's lane 
Kerr, Mrs Thomas, 13 Thomson street 

Kerr, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 201 Blackness road 
Kerr, Miss E., 10 Graham place. Princes street 
Kettle, James, mechanic, 59 Milnbank road 
Kettles, James, plasterer, 35 Constitution road 
Kettleson, Alexander C, confectioner and toy merchant, 5 Blackscroft; 

h. 108 Seagate 
Key, George, harbour porter, 2 Crescent lane 
Key, George, toll-collector, Logie toll 
Key, James, butcher, 163 Hilltown; A. 119 
Key, Thomas, butcher, 60 Dura street ; h. 2 Eliza street 
Key, William, blacksmith, 109 Lochee road 
Key, Mrs Henry, 207 Perth road 
Kidd, Alexander, baker, 34 North Ellen street, 38 Victoria road, and 

13 Constitution street ; h. 36 North Ellen street 
Kidd, Alexander, mechanic, 3 Lawrence street 

Kidd, Andrew G., baker, 179 and 181 Princes street, 70 King street, 
124 Murraygate, 185 Overgate, and 10 Baffin st. ; h. 161 Princes st. 
Kidd, David, & Son, builders, 20 Mid street 

Kidd, David, of David Kidd & Son, Lansdowne place, 1 Constitution rd, 
Kidd, David, joiner, 44 Polepark road 
Kidd, David B., tailor, 90 Seagate 
Kidd, David, engineer, 8 Graham place 
Kidd, David, shoemaker, 105 Victoria road 
Kidd, George, bootmaker, 44 North Church street 

Kidd, George M., of William Gellatly & Co., 2 Victoria place, W. Ferry 
Kidd, Helen, waitress, 228 Perth road 
Kidd, James, draper, 18 Princes street ; h. 45 
Kidd, James, grocer and provision merchant, 19 Alexander street ; h. 

14 North Ellen street 

Kidd, James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Albert st. ; li. 2 Arbroath rd. 

Kidd, James, coal merchant, 19 Clerk street ; h. 170 Ann street 

Kidd, James, dairyman, 58 Constable street 

Kidd, James, agent, 17 Kinnaird street 

Kidd, John S. , grocer, 52 North Church street ; h. 54 

Kidd, John, of David Kidd & Son, Lansdowne pL, 3 Constitution road 

Kidd, John, brassfounder, 8 Graham place 


Kidd, John, carpenter, 6 Polepark road 

Kidd, Jonas, wine and spirit merchant, 75 and 77 N". Church st. ; h. 73 

Kidd, Joseph, tenter, 4 Parker's court. King street 

Kidd & Lindsay, joiners, 212 Hilltown 

Kidd, Peter, of Kidd & Lindsay, 33 Stirling street 

Kidd, Robert, potato raerchant, 14 Greenmarket ; 7t. Dalhousie terrace 

Elidd, Thomas, spirit merchant, 5 and 7 North Tay street ; A. 3 

Kidd, Thomas, pictureframer, 104 Dura street 

EIDD, WILLIAM, bookseller, manufacturing stationer, printer, and litho- 
grapher, 112 Nethergate ; h. 120. See Adv. 

Kidd, William, house proprietor, 99 Victoria road 

Kidd, William, foreman mechanic, 13 St Mary street 

Kidd, William, printer,- Advertiser Office ; h. 13 Ann street 

Kidd, William, dockgateman, 1 Middle street 

Kidd, Mrs John, 45 Princes street 

Kidd, Mrs, 133 Blackness road 

Kidd, Mrs, 86 Nethergate 

Kidd, Mrs, manglekeeper, 31 North Tay street 

Kiddie, Andrew, baker, 68 Blackness road ; h. 80 

Kiddie, Hugh, joiner, 42 William street 

Kiddie, Robert, manager, Mid Street Mill ; h. 38 Milnbank road 

Kiddie, Robert, shoemaker, 44 Charles street 

Kiddie, Miss A., milliner and dressmaker, 206 Overgate; 7t.80 Blackness rd. 

Kidney, James, proprietor of People's Institute, 24 Bank street ; h. 9 
Glamis street 

Kidney, William, sackmaker, Don's road ; li. 62 William st. , Forebank 

Kilgour, Amelia, dressmaker and confectioner, 55 Lochee road 

Kilgour, Andrew, baker, 20 North Ellen street 

Kilgour, David, shipmaster, 27 Lilybank road 

Kilgour, David, officer St Andrew's Free Church ; h. 7 Morrison's court 

Kilgour, George, of Kilgour & Meek, 2 Annfield street 

Kilgour, James, book-keeper, 37 Nethergate ; h. 105 Princes street 

KILGOUR & MEEK, monumental sculptors, 41 Annfield road. See Adv. 

Kilgour, Robert, cooper, 3 King's road ; h. 6 Bruce street 

Kimball & Morton, sewing-machine manufacturers, 52 Reform street 

Kincaid, George, engineer, 35 Forebank road 

King, James, coal merchant, 7 Eliza street ; h. 29 Catherine street 

King, William D. , lapper, 27 Queen street 

Kinmond, John G., clerk. Trades Lane Calender ; h. 22 Raglan street 

Kinmond, Luke, & Co., spinners, manufacturers, and merchants, 
Pleasance Works ; office, 10 Victoria chambers 

Kiimiond, Thomas K., of Strachan, Kinmond, & Co , Hermon hill, W. 

Kinnaird, David, blacksmith, Lowden's cottage, 41 Elizabeth street 

Kinnear, David, overseer, 49 Ure street 

Kinnear, Fithie, & Co., spinners and manufacturers, 121 Blackness road 

Kinnear, Henry, of Kinnear, Fithie, & Co., 274 Tait's lane 

Kinnear, James, grocer and wine merch., 1 N. Church st.; h. 19 Glamis st. 

Kinnear, James, butcher, 162 Hawkhill ; h. 36 Kinloch place 

Kinnear, John T. , tailor, clothier, and shirtmaker, 8 Reform street ; h. 
1 Wellpark terrace, Newport 


Kinnear, John, jun., provision merchant, 14 West port ; h. Union 

cottage, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Kinnear, John, hay merchant, 156 Seagate ; h. 3 Allan street 
Kinnear, Peter, mason, 8 Benvie road 

Kinnear, Thomas, sanitary inspector, Police Chambers ; A. 4 Park terrace 
Kinnear, William, shipbroker and commission agent, Victoria buildings, 

22 East Dock street ; h. 32 William street, Forebank, and Balkello 
Kinnear, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 304 Hawkhill; h. 

Campbeltown place, Hawkhill 
Kinnear, William, mason, 224 Lochee road 

Kinnell, John, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Constitution rd.; h. 2 Bell st. 
Kinnes, George, coal merchant, 41 Ryehill lane ; h. 43 
Kinnes, James, of J. & W. Kinnes, 55 Ferry road 
Kinnes, J. & W. , builders and plumbers, 54 Victoria road 
Kinnes, William, cowfeeder, 49 Strathmartine road 
Kinnes, William, of J. & W. Kinnes, Hillbank cottage, Lamb's lane 
Kinnes, Robert, clerk, Tay Whale Fishing Co. ; h. 37 Stirling street 
KINNISON & DIXON, painters and decorators, 3 Union street. See Adv. 
Kinnison, James, of Kinnison & Dixon, 43 Constitution road 
Kinnison, William, stationer, 125 Victoria road 
Kinnoch, John, printer, 15 Mid street 
Elinross, John, teacher of music, 24 Euclid crescent 
Kirk, John, traveller, 2 Rosefield street 
Kirk, Mrs, grocer, 49 Balgay street 
Kirkcaldy, George, mechanic, 15 St Mary street 
Kirkcaldy, Thomas, plumber, 7 Stirling street 
Kirkcaldy, William, carter, 19 Wellington street 

Kirkland, David R., of John Kirkland & Son. 41 Magdalen Yard road 
Kirkland, John, & Son, timber merchants, Sawmills, Victoria Dock 
Kirkland, John, of John Kirkland & Son, Pinegrove, Perth road 
Kirkpatrick, John, commission agent, 81 Murraygate ; h. Park house, 

Dallfield terrace 
Kirkpatrick, William, clerk, Chapelshade Works ; h. 4 Windsor street 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs, Park house, Dallfield terrace 
Kirkpatrick, Misses, teachers, Park house, Dallfield terrace 
Kitching, Samuel, clerk of Inland Revenue, Viewbank, top of Provost rd. 
Kittles, Henry, of Duncan and Kittles, 13 Lawson place 
Knight, David, superintend, of Markets and Slaughterhouse, Carolina port 
Knight, James, shipcliandler, free and bonded store dealer, 42 Dock st. ; 

/i. 13 West Dock street 
Knight, James, river pilot, 1 Morrison's court, Wellgate 
Knowles, John, sorting clerk, Post Office ; h. 42 St Mary's place 
Knowles, Wm., dairyman, 82 Blackness rd. ; h. New Jersey, by Tealing 
Knuck, Henry, traveller, ] 1 Roslin terrace, Court street 
Kolmyer, Mrs, feather cleaner, 2 Parker's court. King street 
Kyd, David, manufacturer, 37 Rosebank road ; h. 40 
Kyd, John P. , of Shield & Kyd, Duntrune terrace, West Ferry 
Kyd, Thomas, fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries, secretary of Northern 

Assurance Company, 2 Cowgate ; h. 366 Perth road 
Kydd & M'Cauly, joiners and builders, 98 Albert street 
Kydd, Richard P., of Kydd & M'Cauly, 98 Albert street 


Laburn, George, slater, 17 Dudhope street 

Laburn, James, of Laburn & Liadsay, 54 Dallfield walk 

Laburn & Lindsay, slaters, DallHeld terrace 

Laburn, Robert W., of Gauld & Laburn, 81 Hospital wynd 

Ladybankv Leather Works, Henry Henderson & Sons, Victoria road 

Ladybank Mill, 34 Mid street, Anderson & Glass, spinners and manufrs. 

Ladywell Calender Works Co., calenderers, Victoria road 

Laing, Alexander, of Willison & Laing, 10 Ferry road 

Laing, Alexander, painter, 43 Alexander street 

Laing, David C. C. , of John Laing & Sons, 3 Westfield place, Bro. Ferry 

Laing, Rev. George, Free Chapelshade Church ; h. 8 Panmure terrace 

Laing, Graham, 11 Reform street 

Laing, George S., Customhouse officer, 4 North Ellen street 

Laing, James, clerk, 17 Graham place 

Laing, James, engineer, 2 M 'Vicar's lane 

Laing, James, pictureframe maker, 9 Ward road 

Laing, John, & Sons, jute spinners, and powerloom linen manufacturers. 

Dens Road Factory, and Stobswell Works ; office, 10 Panmure st. 
Laing, John, of John Laing & Sons, Kellyfield, near Dundee 
Laing, Robert, builder, 82 High street ; h. 3 Greenfield place 
LAING, ROBERT, grocer and wine merchant, 89 High street; h. 74 

Seagate. See Adv. 
Laing, Thomas, mechanic, 67 Lochee road 

Laing, William R. , of John Laing & Sons, Kellyfield, near Dundee 
Laing, Miss H., frenchpolisher, 22 Long wynd 
Laing, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 80 Nethergate 
Laing's Patent Overhead Hand-Stitch Sewing Machine Co. (Limited), 2 

India buildings ; D. R. Dawson, secretary 
Laird, Rev. Alex. 0., St John's Free Church, Manse, Whiteleys, 151 

Laird, Alexander, grocer and spiritdealer, 127 Hilltown; h. 125 
Laird, Andrew, overseer, Baxter Brothers & Co. ; h. 185 Princes street 
Laird, David, of Ferrier & Laird, 41 Kinloch place, Hawkhill 
Laird, David, mason, 2 Cherryfield lane 

Laird, John B. , clerk, 26 St Andrew's street ; h. 5 Wolseley street 
Laird, John, engineer, 125 Hilltown 

Laird, W. P., & Sinclair, nurserymen and seedsmen, 73 Nethergate 
Laird, Mrs W. , chemist and dentist, 26 West port ; branch, Monifieth ; 

h. High street, Monifieth 
Lamb, Alexander C, of Lamb & Co., 8 Garland place 
Lamb, Alexander, station-master, West Station ; h. Station buildings 
Lamb, Alexander, booking clerk. East Station, 94 Glebe place 
Lamb, Archibald, traveller, 28 Greenmarket 
Lamb & Co., hotel-keepers and confectioners, 64 Reform street 
Lamb David, of R. & D. Lamb, 8 Airlie place 

Lamb, David, detective inspector. Police chambers, West Bell street 
Lamb, James W., of Lamb & Co., 6 Garland place 
Lamb, John, architectural draughtsman, 30 Carmichael street 
Lamb, John, joiner, 37 Todburn lane 
Lamb, John, fireman, 34 William street, Forebank 
pamb, K. & D., merchants, 12 Victoria chambers, Victoria road 


Lamb, Robert, of R. & D. Lamb, 12 Windsor street 

Lamb, Samuel, tenter, Baltic Linen Works ; h. 13 Cleghorn street 

Lamb & Scott, linen manufacturers, Brecbin ; office, 12 Victoria chambers 

Lamb, Mrs, grocer, 168 Hilltown 

Lamb's Temperance Hotel, 64 Reform street ; Lamb & Co., proprietors 

LAIUB, Mrs S., billposter and deliverer, 11 Thorter row. See Adv. 

Lamb, Mrs Thomas, Lamb's Temperance Hotel, 64 Reform street 

Lamb, Mrs William, manglekeeper, 28 Kinloch street ; A. 24 

Lamb, Miss Eliza, Lamb's Temperance Hotel, 64 Reform street 

Lambert, John, merchant, 57 Meadowside ; h. 18 Union place 

Lamond, Andrew, & Co. , manufacturers, Laing Street Works 

Lamond, Andrew, of A. Lamond & Co., 11 Forebank road 

Lamond, James A., cashier, Larchfield Works ; h. 3 Kincardine street 

Lamond, Jessie, dressmaker, 18 Alexander street 

Lamond, John, hairdresser, 65 Princes street ; h. 48 Blackscroft 

Lamond, Peter, joiner, 38 Hunter street 

Lamond, Mrs Thomas, 13 Dudhope street 

Lamont, Alexander, sawtrimmer, Balbirnie terrace, 91 Victoi-ia road 

Lamont, James, patternmaker, 9 South George street 

Lamont, John, calenderer, 17 North Wellington street 

Lamont, William, enginedriver, 69 Arbroath road 

Lancett, Thomas, of Lowson & Lancett, 144 Perth road 

Lane, Rev. William, D.D., incumbent, St John's Episcopal Church of 

England, Lochee road ; A. The Parsonage, 36 Thomson street 
Lang, Rev. Robert, 3 Tay square 
Langlands, Alexander, manufacturer of tar-cloth, &c., 35 Hilltown ; 

h. 9 Dallfield terrace 
Langlands, Alexander, foreman, 1 Asylum lane 
Langlands, David & William, machine screw makers, 8 Hean's lane 
Langlands, David, of D. & W. Langlands, 6 Hean's lane 
Langlands, George, pickermaker, 12 Caldrum street 
LANGLANDS, GEORGE, Jun., shuttle and picker maker, 161 HiUtown ; 

A. 18 Caldrum street. See Adv. 
Langlands, James, house proprietor, 19 Asylum lane, James' park 
Langlands, James, clerk, 3 Springhill 
Langlands, James S., architect, 4 St Mary street 
Langlands, James, currier, 26 Paterson street 

Langlands, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 5 Crichtonst. ; A. 3 Thorter Row 
Langlands, P. & G., bakers, 55 and 310 Hawkhill; A. 61 
Langlands, Robert, bookseller, 18 Peter street 
Langlands, William, of D. & W. Langlands, 6 Hean's lane 
Langlands, William, teacher, 4 St Mary street 

Langlands, William, cashier, 24 Cowgate ; A. 4 Melrose ter. , Court st. 
Larchfield Works, Larch st. , James Prain & Sons, spinners and manufs. 
Laskie, William, commission agent, 31 Dock street ; li. 121 Hawkhill 
Latto, Alexander, clerk. Commercial Bank ; A. 1 Helena place, Lochee 
Latto, David, greengrocer, 46 Catherine street 
Latto, George, slater, 1 Thistle street 

Latto, William D. , editor. People's Journal, Albjm cottage, Shamrock st. 
Latto, William, spirit merchant, 209 Overgate 
Lauder, Peter, draughtsman, 15 Thorn place, Blackness road 


liaugHin, Michael, grocer, 15 Dallfield walk ; A. 17 
Laurie, Alexander, police constable, 9 Baffin street 
Laurie, Alexander, clerk, 10 Panmure street ; A. 4 S. George street 
Laurie, Andrew, ship carpenter, 27 Paton's lane 
Laurie, James, landscape and practical gardener, 16 Seafield road 
Laurie, Rev. Robert, James' tJ.P. Church ; h. 12 Airlie place 
Law, Alexander, millmanager, top of Provost road 
Law, David, slater, 16 Lawrence street 
Law, Francis, joiner, 110 Lochee road 

Law, James, wine and spirit merchant, 196 Overgate ; h. 198 
Law, James C, clerk, 19 Cowgate ; h. 14 Paton's lane 
Law, John, slater, 46 Foundry lane ; h. 52 Constable street 
: Law, John, tinsmith, 8 Blackscroft 
Law, John S., clerk, 1 Mount pleasant, Hawkhill 
Law & Murray, confectioners, Ladywell place, Victoria road 
Law, Wm. M. , shipcarver, E. side King WiUiam dock ; /t.52 Constable st. 
i Law, Mrs, grocer, 31 St Peter street 

Lawless, Michael, of Thomson & Lawless, 28 Kincardine street 
Lawrence, Alexander, coal merchant, 32 West wynd ; h. 2 Waterloo pL 
Lawrence, James, harbour porter, 53 Princes street 
Lawrence, John P., clerk, 122 Nethergate ; h. 47 Yeaman shore 
Lawrie, Thomas, confectioner, 16 Springhill place ; A. 2 
Lawrie, William, & Co. , drapers and clothiers, 36 and 40 Reform street 
Lawrie, William, of William Lawrie & Co., 2 Laurelbank 
Lawrie, William, jun., of William Lawrie & Co., 2 Laurelbank 
Lawson, Alexander, lime, brick, and coal merchant, N. B. Station, East 

Dock street ; h. 12 Craigie street 
LAWSON, ANDREW, chemist and druggist, 65 Perth road, 27 Hilltown,. 

and 100 King street ; h. 10 Paton's lane. See Adv. 
Lawson, Andrew, jute inspector, 12 Parker street 
Lawson Brothei-s, general printers, Hazel court, 31 Nethergate 
Lawson, Charles S., of Lawson Brothers, 120 Nethergate 
Lawson, Charles, mason, 33 Catherine street 
Lawson, David S., of William Lawson & Sons, 3 Cowrie place 
Lawson, David, butcher, 24 Princes street ; h. 1 Crescent lane 
Lawson, David, 2 Somerville place 
Lawson, James B., wine and spirit merchant, 106 and 108 Overgate, and 

27 South Lindsay street ; h. 3 Windsor place 
Lawson, James R. D., housefactor, 61 Reform st. ; h. Ill Hawkhill 
Lawson, James, of Lawson Brothers, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate 
Lawson, James, draper and clothier, 10 and 12 South Union street ; h. 

Kilburn place, Newport 
Lawson, James, flaxdresser, 24 Parker street 
Lawson, Jane, broker, 33 Hunter street 
Lawson, John S., of William Lawson & Sons, 224 Perth road 
Lawson & Keill, painters, 248 Perth road 
Lawson, Robert, of William Lawson & Sons, 224 Perth road 
Lawson, Robert, builder, 247 Blackness road 
iLawson, William, & Sons, rope, twine, and sail makers, tarpauling and 

waterproof-cover manufacturers, Tay Rope Works, 2 Thomson st. 
j Lawson, William, of Lawson & Keill, 10 Paton's lane 


Lawson, Wm., wine and spirit merch., 22 Nethergate ; h. 5 Windsor st. 
Lawson, William, commission merchant, 13 Dock street ; li. Monifietli 
Lawson, Mrs H., grocer and spiritdealer, 2 Rose st. ; h. 219 Hilltown 
Lawson, Mrs Jane, 27 Lyon street 
Lawson, Mrs William, 2 Bell street 
Lawson, Miss M. J., teacher, 15 Step row 
Leaburn, John, warehouseman, 2 Arthur street 

Leaburn, Michael, auctioneer, fishsalesman, and general dealer, 1 Fish- 
market ; h. 13 Vault 
Leaburn, William D., general dealer, 7 Castle lane 
Leadbetter Brothers & Co., linen manufacturers, 53 Meadowside 
Leadbetter, John, of Leadbetter Brothers & Co., Lismore, Bro. Ferry 
Learmonth, John, & Son, boot manufacturer, 38 S. Tay st. ; sale-shops, 

95 Overgate, 51 Wellgate, 20 Victoria road, and Newport 
Learmonth, John, of J. Learmonth & Son, East Newport 
Learmonth, John, jun., of J. Learmonth & Son, 36 Stanley pi., Step row 
Leask, Charles, overseer, 9 Harriet street 
Leask, Thomas, watchmaker, 22 Wellington street 
Leask, Mrs Alex., 3 Dalhousie terrace 
Leask, Mrs, Union close, 25 Nethergate 

Lee, CroU, & Co. , engineers and ironf ounders, Lawside Foundry 
Lee, John F. , of Lee, Croll, & Co. , 25 Constitution street , 

Lee, John, shipmaster, 61 Cowgate 

Lee, Robert A. M., clerk, D. P. & L. Shipping Co.; h. 25 Constitution st. 
Lee, William, house-proprietor, 60 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Lee, William, engineer, 1 Viewforth place 

Lee, Mrs William, 25 Constitiition street I 

Lee, Miss J., 133 Princes street 
Lees, Alexander, collector, 18 Wolseley street 

Lees, Robert, manager for the Singer Manufacturing Co., 128 Nethergate 
Lees, Samuel, general hardware merchant, 81 Overgate and 102 Nether- 
gate ; h. View villa, West Ferry 
Leggatt, Henry, clerk, Forebank terrace 
Leggatt, William, carpenter, 10 Bellfield lane 
Leggatt, William, mechanic, 26 Raglan street 
Lehfeldt, Martin, clerk, 134 Seagate ; h. 176 Perth road 
Leighton, Alexander, foreman mechanic, Tay Works ; A. 11 Isles' lane 
Leighton, David, wine mercht., 76, 78, and 80 Seagate ; 7t. 10 Victoria rd. 
Leighton, John, mechanic, 249 Blackness road 
Leighton, William B. , head weigher. Harbour ; h. 48 Crescent lane 
Leighton, William, confectioner, 10 Scouringburn 
Leishman, William, powerloom dresser, 110 Lochee road 
Leitch, Andrew, of Ireland, Leitch, & Co., Hill crescent, Newport 
Leitch, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 93 King street, and stationer, 

4 Alexander street ; li. 93 King street 
Leitch, John, spiritdealer, 47 Castle street ; li. 3 Castle lane 
Leitch, Thomas A., solicitor, 82 High street; h. Hermitage terrace, 

Broughty Ferry 
Leith, Allan, confectioner and stationer, 216 Hawkhill 
Leith, James, machine bootcloser, 22 Barrack street ; h. 26 Bell street 
Leith, Thomas, of T. & A. Leith, Temple place, 18 West port 


Leith, T. & A., drapers, tailors, and clothiers, Bee Hive Warehouse, 18 

and 20 West port 
Leng, John, & Co., printers and publishers, Dundee Advertiser Office, 

7 Bank street 
;Leng, John, of J. Leng & Co., managing proprietor, editor, and publisher 

of Dundee Advertiser, 7 Bank street ; h. Kinbrae, Newport 
Lennox, John B., accountant, Clydesdale Bank ; h. 3 Taymouth terrace, 

Broughty Ferry 
iLennox, William, mechanic, M'CuUoch's land, Arklay street 
Leonard, Richard, spiritdealer, 76 Hilltown ; h. 72 
Leonard, Mrs Agnes, 5 Victoria road 
LESLIE, ALEX., ship and ornamental carver, 105 Seagate ; h. 144 Perth 

road. See Adv. 
Leslie, George, of Tay Shipbuilding Company, 11 Panmure street 
Leslie, Peter, steward, 200 Perth road 
Leslie, William D., hairdresser and perfumer, 38 Dock street and 200 


Leslie, William M., overseer. Courier and Argus Office ; h. 12 Croft's lane 
Leslie, Mrs James, 68 Bell street 

Leslie, Mrs John K., Salem cottage, 59 Constitution road 
Leslie, Mrs M., teacher, St Mary Magdalen's School; h. 34 Kincardine st. 
Leslie, Miss, dressmaker, 7 1 M agdalen green 
Lesslie, Alexander, hairdresser, 23 Weligate ; h. 39 
Lesslie, Ann, hosier, 18 Castle street ; h. 8 Victoria square 
Lesslie, Charles, clerk, 8 Victoria square 

Lesslie, David K., hairdresser, 59 King street ; h. 39 Weligate 
Lesslie & Halley, drapers, 199 Hawkhill ; h. Thorn pi., 249 Blackness rd. 
Lesslie, Peter, porter, 2 St David's lane 
Lesslie, William, ship's-clerk, Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 
Letters, Patrick, M.B.,C.M., physician and surgeon, 33 Hawkhill ; /t. 

2 Forebank road 
Leuchars, Mrs, confectioner and fruiterer, 238 Overgate 
Lewis, Alexander, timekeeper, Camperdown Shipyard ; h. 93 King st. 
Lewis, Robert, collector. Police Treasurer's office ; h. 7 William street 
Lewis, Samuel, coaldealer, 29 Lower pleasance ; h. 33 
Lickley, Alexander, housef actor, 10 Rosefield street 
Lickley, Robert, builder, 220 Perth road ; h. 218 
Liddel, James, lapper, 60 William street, Forebank 
Liddle, Grindlay, picture-frame maker, 20 King's road ; h. 18 
Life Association of Scotland, 4 India buildings, Archibald Smith, Secy. 
Lightfoot, F. H., organist and choirmaster, teacher of music, 51 Meadow- 

Lilburn, John, grocer, 45 Lochee road ; li. 51 
Lilburn, James, grocer, 15 Ann street ; h. 13 
Lilburn, J. & E., grocers, 106 Seagate ; h. 2 Meadow entry 
Lilburn, Robert, hay and corn merchant, 2 Meadow entry 
Linder, Alfred, bricklayer, 161 Lochee road 

Linder, Luke, &, Co., bricklayers and builders, Stanley place, 21 Step row 
Lindsay, Alexander, merchant, 35 Cowgate ; h. Broughty Ferry 
Lindsay, Alexander, provision merchant, 5 Temple lane ; h. Perth 
Lindsay, Alexander C, architect. Commercial street ; h. 19 Annfield st. 


Lindsay, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 18 Kincardine street J 

Lindsay, Alexander, warehouseman, 93 Cowgate g 

Lindsay, Alexander, mason, 38 North Church street ''\ 

Lindsay & Anderson, terra cotta and fire clay manufacturers, East 

Dock St., foot of Peep-o'-day lane ; works, Lilliehill, Dumfermline 
Lindsay, Charles B., collector, Gas Office; h. M'Culloch'sland, Arklayst. 
Lindsay, David S., shipchandler, 136 Perth road 

Lindsay, David W. , commission agent, 78 Murraygate ; h. 4 Gowrie pi. 
Lindsay, David, collector, 33 Fairley place 
Lindsay, Elizabeth, ironer, 19 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Lindsay, Isabella R., confectioner, 12 Scouringburn 
Lindsay, James, dockmaster, Camperdown Dock ; h. 7 Cowgate 
Lindsay, James S., engineer, 36 Milnbank road j 

Lindsay, James, dockgateman, 28 Long wynd 

Lindsay, James, joiner, 11 Balfour street j 

Lindsay, James, gardener, Hazel Hall, Perth road 1 

Lindsay, James, 8 Dudhope terrace ' 

Lindsay, Jessie, milliner, dressmaker, and mantlemaker, 103 Ann street ; 

h. 33 Wellington street 
Lindsay, John, sack manufacturer, 7 Union st. Max. ; h. 129 Hawkhill 
Lindsay, John, of Kidd & Lindsay, 21 Stirling street 
Lindsay, John, of Laburn & Lindsay, 13 Dallfield terrace 
Lindsay, John, merchant, 10 Victoria chambers ; 7i. 8 Dudhope terrace 
Lindsay, John, accountant, 5 Bank street ; h. 42 Peddie street 
Lindsay, John, grocer, 152 Lochee road 

Lindsay, Joseph, of Urquhart, Lindsay, & Co., Viewbank, Blackness rd, 
Lindsay & Low, wholesale grocers, bread and biscuit bakers, Allan 

street ; retail shoiDS, 168 Perth road, 109 Hawkhill 87 Ure street, 

47 William street, 60 Seagate, 62 Dura street, 186 Scouringburn, 

and 15 St Salvador street 
Lindsay, Mary A., grocer and spirit merchant, 70 Ann street ; h. 68 
Lindsay, Patrick, housekeeper and messenger, Customhouse 
Lindsay, Robt., mercht. and mauufr., 6 Panmure st. ; /;. 8 Dudhope ter. 
Lindsay, Robert, funeral undertaker, 26 Powrie place ; h. 13 Ann street 
Lindsay & Scott, glass merchants, glaziers, and zinc and lead window 

makers, 47 Overgate 
Lindsay Street Works, North Lindsay street, John Henderson & Sons, 

spinners and manufacturers 
Lindsay, Thomas, of Lindsay & Scott, 1 Bain square 
Lindsay, William, of Buchart, Lindsay, & Co., 8 Dudhope terrace 
Lindsay, W^illiam L., potato merchant, 31 Wellington street ; h. 33 
Lindsay, William (of Lindsay & Low), grocer, 36 Wellgate 
Lindsay, William, confectioner, 55 Albert street ■ 

Lindsay, William R. , draughtsman, 2 Graham place 
Lindsay, Mrs James, 75 Hospital wynd 
Lindsay, Mrs John, grocer, 92 Cowgate ; li. 94 

Lindsay, Mrs William, grocer and spirit merchant, 134 Hawkhill ; A. 132 
Lindsay, Mrs, 17 Westfield lane 
Lindsay, Mrs, 1 Cleghorn street 
Lindsay, Mrs, 12 Lawrence street 
Lindsay, Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 5 Reform street 1 


Lindsay, Misses, private school, 5 Airlie terrace 

Lindsay, Miss, grocer, 17 Harriet street 

Linn, John, grocer and dairyman, 30 Dudhope Ores. rd. ; h. Fairley place 

Linn, Mrs, 2 Park terrace 

Linn, Mrs, manglekeeper, 12 Court street 

Linton, William, caleuderer, 12 Catherine street 

Lipman & Co., merchants, India buildings. Bell street 

Lister, William, carpenter, 68 St Andrew's street 

Literary Institution (Y. M. C. A.), 10 Constitution rd. ; Jas. Smith, sec. 

Lithgow, Misses, dressmakers, Miln's buildings, 138 Nethergate 

Littlejohn, David S. (of D. S. & T. Littlejohn), clerk to the Broughty 

Ferry Police Commissioners ; h. Balgillo cottage, Broughty Ferry 
Littlejohn, D. S. & T., solicitors and notaries public, 27 Bank street 
Littlejohn, James, teacher. North Clepington road 
Littlejohn, James, warehouseman, 1 Paterson street 
Littlejohn, Thomas, of D. S. & T. Littlejohn, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 
Littlejohn, Mrs Elizabeth, newsagent and stationer, 14 High street ; h. 

5 Windsor place 
Livie, David, boatbuilder, Victoria dock ; li. 16 Crichton street 
Livingston, Alexander, fireman, and ofl&cer Albert Square Free Church; 

h. 25 Charles street 
Livingston, David, carpenter, 125 Princes street 
Livingston, William, wine and spirit merchant, 6 St Clement's lane 
Livingstone, Alex., potato merchant, 103 Hilltown ; h. 53 Hospital wynd 
Livingstone, Mrs Wm., ladies' nurse, Annan terrace, 19 Wellington st. 
Lochgelly Iron and Coal Co. (Lim. ), coal and iron masters ; office for 

Dundee and N. of Scotland, 18 Cowgate, W. Buchan Ritchie, agent 
Lochhead, Samuel, baker, 57 North Church street 
Locke, John, 40 Kemback street 

Locke, Robert, teacher, Blackscroft School ; h. 35 N. Wellington street 
Lockhart, George, salesman, 10 Stanley place, Step row 
Logan, James, keeper. Western Club, 1 New Inn entry. High street 
Logic, Jas., insurance broker, 67 Reform st.; h. 13 William st., Forebank 
Logic, John, bootmaker, 32 Overgate ; /t. 31a Croft's lane 
Lomas, Rev. Thos. H., Victoria Road Wesleyan Church; h. 1 Madeira st. 
London Clothing Company, drapers and clothiers, 114 Murraygate ; 

David Buik, manager 
London & Counties Tea Co., teadealers, 112 Murraygate 
London and Newcastle Tea Co., 13 Wellgate and 75 Overgate 
London Printing and Publishing Co. (Limited), publishers, 6 High st. ; 

R. Mackay, agent 
Loney, Catherine C, dressmaker, 31 Reform street 
Longair, James P., clerk, Victoria Road Calender ; A. 11 Cleghorn street 
Longair, William, of James Paterson & Co., Lawmill cottage, Coldside 
Lonie, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 872 Blackscroft 
Lonie, John, water inspector, 38 Carmichael street 
Longmuir, W. F. , insurance-agent, 18 Nethergate 
Lord, George H., machinery merchant, auctioneer, and valuator, 68 

Cowgate ; h. Victoria road, West Ferry 


Lordburn Spinning Company, spinners of hemp, flax, and tow yarns 

and twines, 3 Coupar's alley ; works, Lordburn, Arbroath 
Lorimer, Adolphus, of Lorimer Brothers, Albion cottage, Coldside 
Lorimer Brothers, millinery and fancy goods warehouse, 118 Murraygate 
Lorimer, Henry, strawbonnet and millinery warehouse, 37 Reform st. ; 

h. Albion cottage, Coldside 
Lorimer, James, strawhatter, 231 Overgate ; h. Monifieth 
Lorimer, John, strawbonnet and millinery warehouse, 37 Reform street ; 

h. 1 Taymouth place, Broughty Ferry 
Lorimer, Robert, of Lorimer Brothers, 25 Kinloch street 
Lothian, Mrs, dentist, 74 Nethergate 
Louden, Mrs Agnes, grocer, 33 Small's wynd 
Loudon, Robert, draper, 2 Graham place 
Lounan, Mrs Anne, 17 Airlie place 
Low, Alexander, & Son, spinners and manufacturers, Hillbank Linen 

Works ; office, India buildings, 2 Victoria road 
Low, Alexander, spirit merchant, 34 King street ; h. 32^ 
Low, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 11 Hilltown; 7i. 25 Victoria road 
Low, Alexander, pawnbroker, 64 Scouringburn ; h. 21 Lawrence street 
Low, Alexander, messenger, Bank of Scotland ; h. 24 Bank street 
Low, Alexander, blacksmith, 91 Hospital wynd 
Low, Andrew B., of Alex. Low & Son, Pitkerro house 
Low, Andrew, of G. & A. Low, 4 Idvies street 
Low, Ann, 20 Bell street 
Low, Charles, agent, 19 Airlie place 
Low, David, flax and jute spinner, Ann Street Works, and Keath Mill, 

Blairgowrie ; office, 1 Royal Exchange place ; h. Alexandra terrace, 

330 Perth road 
Low, David J., manager, Victoria Road Calendering Co. ; h. 3 Nelson ter. 
Low, David, manager. Upper Mills, Baxter Brothers & Co. ; 7i. 9 Ellen st. 
Low, David, wholesale confectioner and preserve manufacturer, 42 and 

44 Long wynd ; h. 24 South Lindsay street 
Low, David, draughtsman, 84 Blackscroft 
Low, David, tailor, 45 Todburn lane 
Low & Duff, engineers, brassfounders, and coppersmiths, Albert 

Machine Works, 146 Overgate 
Low, George B. , sample cutter, 18 Dura street 
Low, George, of G. & A. Low, 4 Idvies street 
Low, G. & A., joiners, 31 Overgate and 14 Bank street 
Low, James F. , machinemaker, Moniiieth Foundry ; office, 20 Castle st. 
Low, James, agent, Aberdeen Town and County Bank, 5 Albert square ; 

h. Westfield avenue, Perth road 
Low, James (of Lindsay &Low), grocer and wine merchant, 11 and 13 

Hunter street, and grocer 304^ Perth road ; h. 25 Thomson street 
Low, James, of Low & M 'Donald, 48 Victoria road 
Low, James, boot and shoe maker, 6 Albert street ; h, 4 
Low, James, mason, 214 Lochee road 

Low, John, & Co., drapers, dressmakers, and milliners, 48 West port 
Low, John, of John Low & Co., 24 Garland place 
Low, John, coal merchant, 13 Bell street ; h. 7 Ellen street 
Low & M 'Donald, grocers, 69 and 71 Wellgate 



Low, Mary, grocer, 78 Blackscroft ; h. 76 

Low, Peter, lapper, 30 Mid street, Chapelshade 

Low, Robert, grocer and teadealer, 35 Ann street ; h. 45 Todburn lane 

Low, Robert, of Low & Duff, Albert house, 37 Nethergate 

Low, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 11 Victoria road ; h. 3 Ellen street 

Low, Thomas, teacher. West End Academy ; k. Watson street 

Low, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 47 Strathmartine road ; ^. 45 

Low, William, Advertiser Office ; h. 82 High street 

Low, William, merchant, 81 Murraygate ; h. 26 Maryfield 

Low, William, warehouseman, 17 Lawson place 

Low, William, clerk, 32 William street, Forebank 

Low, William, mechanic, 18 Ellen street 

Low, Mrs C, confectioner, 129 Blackness road 

Low, Mrs C, pawnbroker, 6 Walton street; h. 21 Lawrence street 

Low, Mrs E. , manglekeeper, 14 Tindal's wynd 

Low, Mrs John, 44 High street 

Low, Mrs John, 2 Hawkhill place 

Low, Mrs Peter, 107 Rosebank street 

Low, Mrs Thomas, 10 Airlie terrace 

Low, Mrs, grocer, 13 Lawrence street 

Low, Mrs, manglekeeper, 8 Hillbank road 

Low, Miss Betsy, 46 Dudhope street 

Low, Miss Janet, draper, 90 Dudhope street 

Low, Miss Maggie, dressmaker, 4 Idvies street 

Lowden, David, grocer, 26 Carmichael street 

Lowden, Jane, stationer, 27 North Wilham street 

Lowden, John, coach proprietor and funeral undertaker, 142 Hilltown 
and 26 Powrie place ; h. 142 Hilltown 

LOWDEN, M., ladies' hairdresser and milliner, 6 Queen's Hotel buildings, 
160 Nethergate ; h. 2 Dalhousie terrace, Perth road. See Adv. 

LOWDEN, WM., photographer, 10 Constitution terrace, and Constitution 
street. See Adv. 

Lowden, William, tenter, 35 Annfield road 

Lowden, William, cabinetmaker, 2 St David's lane 

Lowden, Mrs Isabella, spiritdealer, 8 Greenmarket ; A. 4 S. Union st. 

Lowden, Miss, 3 William street, Scouringburn 

LOWDON, GEORGE, optical and physical instrument maker, 23 Nether- 
gate; h. Downfield. See Adv. 

Lowdon, William, boot and shoe maker, 28 Victoria street 

Lowe, Charles D., of David Lowe & Co., 28 King street 

Lowe, David, & Co. , sailcloth and linen merchts. , 7 Rl. Exchange court 

Lowe, David, of David Lowe & Co. , 4 East Brook st. , Broughty Ferry 

Lowe, David, hairdresser, 19 Ann street 

Lowe, James, coachman, 16 Bell street 

Lowe, Robert, teacher of dancing. Thistle Hall, Union street ; h. 2 
Morgan terrace, Forfar road 

Lowe, Thomas, cork manufacturer. 111 Cowgate; A. 45 Strathmartine rd. 

Lower Dens Works, 1 St Roque's lane, Baxter Bros. & Co., flaxspinners 

Lownie, Mrs, confectioner, 211 Hilltown 

Lowrie, Christian, of P. & C. Lowrie, 18 Pennycook lane 


Lowrie, James, seaman, 29 Brown street 

Lowrie, Peter, of P. & C. Lowrie, 18 Pennycook lane 

Lowrie, P. & C., tobacco-pipe manufacturers. Well road, Hawkhill 

Lowrie, Robert, shoemaker, 24 Dudhope street 

Lowrie, William, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 20 Blackness road; h. 2 

Lowson, David, dockgateman, 16 Bell street 

Lowson, George, assistant School Board officer ; h. 4 Rosefield street 

Lowson, James G., silkmercer, 92 Nethergate ; li. Blackness crescent 

Lowson, James, joiner, 4 North Ellen street 

Lowson, John, & Son, merchants, 107 Murraygate 

Lowson, John, accountant. Commercial Bank ; li. Lilac cottage, Carnoustie 

Lowson, Marion C, cabinet and fancy goods warehouse, and register 

office for servants, 85 High street ; A. 47 Magdalen green 
Lowson, & Lancett, clothiers, 17 Reform street 
Lowson, Peter, of Lowson & Lancett, 32 Stanley place. Step row 
Lowson, William, of John Lowson & Son, Graybank, 166 Nethergate, 

and Balthayock, near Perth 
Lowson, William, jun., of John Lowson & Son, Graybank, 166 Nether- 
gate, and Balthayock, near Perth 
Lowson, William, packer, 134 Seagate ; h. 53 Dudhope street 
Lowson, Mrs George, spirit merchant, 29 Constitution road ; h. 27 
Lucas, Mrs, lodgings, 21 Dock street 
Xiuckie, John, blacksmith, 4 Tindal's wynd 
Luckie, Robert, of Bruce & Luckie, 43 Castle street 
Luckie, Mrs John, 20 St Clement's lane 

Luhrs, Hermann, of Brandt & Luhrs, 1 Cedar villas, Broughty Ferry 
Luis, John H., of Jaff6 Brothers & Co. , Cidhmore, Perth road 
Luke, David S., of Kinmond, Luke, & Co., The Gunge, West Ferry 
Luke, David, printer, 17 North Wellington street 
Luke, George, slipper manufacturer, 8 Cochrane street 
Luke, James, & Co., jute spinners and manufacturers, Ericht Liuen 

Works, Blairgowrie ; office, 10 Victoria chambers 
Luke, James (of Kinmond, Luke, & Co., and of James Luke & Co.), 

shipowner, 10 Victoria chambers ; h. Broomhall, West Ferry 
Luke, James, draper, 60 Wellgate ; /;. 1 Morrison's court 
Luke, John D., commis. agent, drawer, Rl. Exchange; li. Hillside of Balgay 
Luke, John L. (of Kinmond, Luke, & Co. ), merchant and manufacturer ; 

A.. Maluke house, Seafield, Broughty Ferry 
-Luke, Peter, farmer. Logic farm, Lochee road 
Luke, Reginald, gardener, 37 Seafield road 
Luke, William, confectioner, 94 Caldrum street 
Luke, Mrs Ann, lodgings, 17 Crichton street 
Luke, Mrs, lodgings, 7 Parker street 
Lumgair, Andrew, shipwright, 141 Seagate 
Lumsden & Cowley, calenderers, bagmakers, and packers, Bernard 

Street Calender, 27 Bernard street 
Lumsden, David, of Lumsden & Cowley, Mary cottage, Broughty Ferry 
Lumsden, Jas., plane and tool maker, 20 S. Lindsay st. ; h. 32 Dudhope st. 
Lumsden, John, grocer, 90 Rosebank street ; A. 5 Stirling street 
Lumsden, John, collector for assurance society, 36 Victoria street 
Lumsden, William, general foreman, Harbour Works ; h. 4 Gellatly st. 


Lunan, Alexander, dairyman, 65 Albert st. ; 1i. West March of Balmuir 
Lunan, Alex., goods receiver, Trades Lane Cal. Co. ; h. 34 William st. 
Lundie, Alexander, china merchant and broker, 31 Lochee road ; A. 33 
LUNDIE, Mrs JAMES, bookseller and stationer, 8 Nethergate ; h. 75. 

See Adv. 
Lyall, A. B., of A. B. Lyall & Co., 7 James' place, Broughty Ferry 
Lyall, A. B., & Co., merchants, 3 Royal Exchange court, Albert square 
Lyall, John, waste merchant, 57 Cotton road ; h. 24 Carmichael street 
Lyall, John, currier, 16 South George street 
Lyall, Robert, powerloom manager, Constable Works ; h. Greenlaw pi., 

Clepington road 
Lyall, Robert, mason, 302 Hawkhill 
Lyall, William, lieutenant of police, 43 Croft's lane 
Lyall, William, fruit merchant, 7 Greenmarket ; h. 2 Butcher row 
Lyall, Mrs Thomas, fishdealer, 2 Fishmarket ; Ti. 4 Fish street 
Lyall, Mrs, dressmaker, 31 Dura street 
Lyell, Charles, of Lyell, Gilroy, & Co., Monifieth 

Lyell, Gilroy, & Co., jute spinners, Monifieth ; office, 3 Panmure street 
LyeU, James C. , of Lyell, Gilroy, & Co. , Monifieth 
Lyell, Miss, dressmaker, 143 Nethergate 
Lynch, Joseph, teadealer, 40 Watson's lane 
Lyon, Rev. David, 31 Reform street 
Lyon, David M., grocer, 79 Hospital wynd 
Lyon, David, 1 Hinshall street 
Lyon, James W., joiner and funeral undertaker, 12 Jamaica street ; A. 13 

Union street, Maxwelltown 
Lyon, John M., dispenser. Royal Infirmary 
Lyon, John, confectioner, 195 Overgate ; h. 183 
Lyon, John F., sorting clerk. Post Office ; h. 1 Gowrie place 
Lyon, William, clerk. Post Office ; h. 16 Bell street 
Lyon, William, storekeeper, 5 Ogilvie street 
Lyon, Mrs, midwife, 198 Overgate 

M'Adams, Mrs, grocer, 8 Johnston's lane 

M'Allister, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 17 Rosebank road ; 

h. 30 Rose street 
M'Allister, John, officer, St Paul's Episcopal Church ; h. 87 High street 
M'Allister, William, blacksmith, 27 Queen street 
M'Andrew, Alexander, police constable, 194 Scouringbum 
M'Andrew, Mrs, broker, 13 Elizabeth street 
M'Ara, Daniel, boilerfelter, 69 Crescent street 
M'Ardell, James, draper, 7 Barrack street ; h. 12 Balfour street 
M'Ardell, Mary, general dealer, 30 Hawkhill 
M'Arthur, James, draper's salesman, 18 Lawrence street 
M 'Arthur, Jeremiah, ropemaker, 30 Penny cook lane 
M'Arthur, John, city missionary, 25 Isles' lane 
M'Arthur, John, jun. (of M'Arthur & Thomson), billposter, 12 Bank st.; 

h. 23 Isles' lane 
M'Arthur, John, provision dealer, 27 Wilkie's lane 
M'Arthur & Thomson, auctioneers and valuators, 14 Euclid crescent 
M'Arthur, WiUiam, coffeehouse keeper, 188 Scouringbum 


M'ARTNEY, J., ironmonger, tinsmith, gasfitter, plumber, and mill fur- 
nisher, 51, 53, and 55 West port ; workshop, 6 BlinshaU st. See Adv. 
M'Artney, Mrs James, Hollybank, 7 Panmure terrace 
M'Artney, Mrs, confectioner, 8 Annfield row 
M'Bain,' Alexander, teacher, Morgan Hospital 
M'Bain, Colin, plasterer, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
M'Bain, George, cashier, James Keiller & Son's ; h. 57 Ure street 
M'Beth, David, of D. M'Beth & Son, 20 Raglan street 
M'Beth, David, jun., of D. M'Beth & Son, 10 Albert street 
M'Beth, D., & Son, plasterers, 18 Raglan street 
M'Burney, Charlotte, 11 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
M'Cafferty, Betsy, provision dealer, 149 Princes street 
M'Cafferty, Thomas, shoemaker, 1 Horsewater wynd 
M'Caffiray, Hugh, joiner, 132 Blackness road 
M'Caflray, Mrs, furniture dealer, 20 Hunter street 
M'Call, Alexander, jewellery, hardware, and fancy goods merchant, 150 

Murraygate ; h. 24 Constitution road 
M'Call, Andrew, blacksmith, 27 Kinloch street 
M'Cann, Michael, confectioner, 38 Rose street 
M'Cann, Peter, grocer, 38 James street ; h. 36 
M'Cauly, Thomas, of Kydd & M'Cauly, 98 Albert street 
M'Cauly, Mrs, grocer, 16 Pennycook lane 

M'Cheyne, John, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 49 Reform street 
M'Cheyne, John, of John M'Cheyne & Co., The Terrace, West Newport 
M'Cleary, William, police constable, 144 Princes street 
M'Combie, Andrew, warehouseman, Guthrie street ; h. 10 S. George st. 
M'Connachie, M. & M., milliners, mantle and dressmakers, 94 Annfield 

road ; h. 1 Annfield street 
M 'Conn ell, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 217 HiUtown ; h. 223 
M'Connell, Thomas, grocer, 186 Scouringburn 
M'Cormack, James, grocer, 14 Mortimer street ; h. 22 
M'Cormack, John, bottler, 55 Union st., MaxwelltoAvn ; h. 21 Glamis st. 
M'Cormack, Peter M., painter and glass stainer, 80 Hilltown ; h. 78 
M'Cormick, Alexander, ropemaker, 9 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
M'Corquodale, Duncan, waiter, 7 Tally street 
M'Corquodale, WUliam, harbour porter, 5 Wallace street 
M'Cosh, R. Neaves, M.A., M.D., medical superintend., Royal Infirmary 
M'Cosh, Misses, 20 Airlie place 

M'Cracken, John, housepainter and paperhanger, 202 Blackness road 
M'Crae, Boyd M., gas engineer. Gas Works ; h. Peep-o'-Day house, 13 

Ferry road 
M'Creery, John, milloverseer, 16 Lawrence street 
M 'Crone, John, of J. M 'Crone & Son, 5 Victoria road 
M'Crone, John, & Son, bread and pastry bakers, 55 Wellgate 
M'CuUoch, Alex., A.I.C.E., of M'Culloch & Fairley, 22 Euclid crescent 
M'Culloch, Bella, dress and mantle maker, 6 Alexander street 
M'Culloch & Fairley, civil engineers, architects, ordained surveyors 
and valuators, 22 Euclid crescent; and 1 India buildings, Edinburgh 
M 'Curdy, Bernard, grocer and spiritdealer, 23 Ann st.; h. 29 Powriepl. 
M 'Daniel, Peter, grocer and spiritdealer, 4 Scouringburn ; h. 9 Hawkhill 
MacdiarmidjFinlay, registrar of births, &c. , 16 King st.;h. 3 South Tay st. 


M'Diarmid, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 57 Victoria road ; A. 25 
Macdonald, Alex., merchant and manufacturer, 28 Cowgate ; h. Tooba 

cottage, Newport 
M 'Donald, Alexander, confectioner, 170 Hawkhill ; h. 172 
Macdonald, Alexander J., hosier and haberdasher, 134 Murraygate ; h. 

Collinswood terrace, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 
M 'Donald, Alexander, lodgings, 130 Overgate 

Macdonald, Alex., manager, Scott Street Linen Works ; h. 3 Scott st. 
Macdonald, Allan, spirit merchant, 77 Murraygate ; h. 19 Airlie place 
M 'Donald, Angus, blacksmith, 7 Lyon street 
Macdonald, Benjamin T., clerk, 25 Stanley place, Step row 
M 'Donald, Charles H., sewing machine agent, 52 Reform street ; Ti. 

Balbirnie terrace, 101 Victoria road 
M 'Donald, Daniel, house proprietor, 214 Overgate 
Macdonald, David, grocer and spiritdealer, 80 King street, and grocer 

and house proprietor, 56 North William street ; h. 3 Charles street 
M'Donald, David, grocer, 213 Hawkhill 
M'Donald, David, sen., feuar, 19 Todburn lane 
M'Donald, David, houseagent, 1 M'Donald street, Hilltown 
M'Donald, David, office porter, Tay Works ; h. 18 Hunter street 
Macdonald, Duncan, 24 Thomson street 
M'Donald, George, blacksmith, 126 Princes street 
M'Donald, George, tailor, Logic crescent, 197 Lochee road 
M'Donald, George, fireman. Garden Works ; h. 31 Baxter street 
Macdonald, Henry, merchant, 2 Bain square ; h. 32 Thomson street 
Macdonald, Henry, of Macdonald & Muir, Newport 
M'Donald, Hugh, clothier and outfitter, 2 Wellgate and 22 Panmure 

street ; h. 20 Panmure street 
M'Donald, Hugh, coal merchant, 15 Kidd street 
M'Donald, James, cabinetmaker, 68 Constable street 
M'Donald, James, clerk. Bank Mill Works ; h. 193 Blackness road 
M'Donald, James, surgeon, 32 Tay street 

M'Donald, James, messenger-at-arms, 44 High st. ; h.W Westfieldlane 
M'Donald, James, grocer and confectioner, 56 Dallfield walk 
M'Donald, James, cartwright, 4 North Ellen street 
Macdonald, James, waiter, 89 Princes street 

Macdonald, Jane J. , teacher, 2 William st. ; 7i. 1 1 Brown Constable st. 
Macdonald, Janet, 142 Nethergate 
Macdonald, John B. , produce broker and commission agent, Rankine's 

court, High street ; li. 20 Airlie place 
Macdonald, John C, merchant and agent, 53 Cowgate ; li. 9 S. Ellen st. 
M'Donald, John,grocer and spiritdealer, 215 Hawkhill ; h. 73 Annfieldrd. 
M'Donald, John, grocer, &c., 50 Fleuchar street 
M'Donald, John, bookseller, 22 Willison street 
Macdonald, John, lapper, 7 Kirk entry 

Macdonald, Michael, wine and spirit merch., 168 and 170 Overgate; h. 174 
Macdonald & Muir, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and funeral under- 
takers, 18 and 20 Union street 
M'Donald, M. F., draper and milliner, 151 Perth road 
M'Donald, Peter, shoemaker, 35 Crescent street 
M 'Donald, Peter, harbour porter, 24 Todburn lane 


M 'Donald, Robert, mason, 14 Pliin's land, Peddle street 

M 'Donald, Sinclair G-., wine, spirit, and provision merchant, 212 Over- 
gate ; h. n Park place 

M'Donald, William, solicitor, 51 Reform street ; k. 125 Netliergate 

Macdonald, William, baker, 6 Greenmarket ; h. 24 Crichton street 

M'Donald, William, spiritdealer, 94 Blackscroft ; h. 90 

Macdonald, William, joiner, Douglas Foundry; h. 7 Balfour street 

M'Donald, William, mechanic, 23 Baxter street 

Macdonald, Mrs A., 36 Nethergate 

M'Donald, Mrs Margaret, manglekeeper, 20 St Mary's place 

M'Donald, Mrs Jessie, spirit merchant, 177 Overgate; h. 175 

M'Donald, Mrs Mary, fishdealer, 3 Fishmarket; h. St Margaret's close 

M'Donald, Mrs, seamstress, 126 Perth road 

M'Donald, Mrs, sicknurse, 2 William street, King street 

M'Donald, Mrs, 36 Victoria street 

Macdonald, Miss, 24 Crichton street 

Macdougald, George D., public analyst, 41 Reform street ; h. Maryfield 
terrace. East Newport 

Macdougald, J. W., & Co., waste merchs., 59 S. Tay st., and 228 Overgate 

Macdougald, John W., of J. W. Macdougald & Co., Ahna house. West 

M'Dougall, John, baker, 11 Barrack street 

M'DougaU, John, baker, 50 Polepark road 

M'Dougall, Matthew, U.S. Consul, 81 Murraygate ; h. 5 Windsor place 

M'Dougall, Peter, tailor, 60 Bell street 

M'Dougall, Robert, plumber, 6 Bell street 

M'Dougall, Mrs, grocer, 24 Dens brae 

M'Dowell, Clatworth, boot and shoe maker, Annfield house, Annfieldst. 

M'Dowell, William, tenter, 34 Jamaica street 

M'Erlain, John, traveller, 4 M 'Vicar's lane 

M'Euen, Robert, teller, Clydesdale Bank ; h. King street, B. Ferry 

M'Ewan, Archibald, clerk, 95 Peddle street 

MacEwan, David, M.B., CM., 9 Tay square 

M'Ewan, David, of J. Walker & Co., 21 Airlie place 

M'Ewen, James, collector, 52 Kemback street 

M'Ewan, John, & Son, bootmakers, 78 King street 

M'Ewan, John, jun., bootmaker, Grant's place, 40 West port ; h. 42 

M'Ewan, Matthew W., of J. M'Ewan & Son, Beaconsfield place, 
7 William street 

M'Ewan, Robert, tailor, 12 Seafield road 

M'Ewan, Thomas, evangelist, 15 Balfour street 

M'Farland, Wm., lessee. Theatre Royal and Music Hall ; h. 10 Shore ter. 

M'Farlane, Alexander, milloverseer, 19 Mortimer street 

M'Farlane, Andrew, painter, Hawthorn place, 156 Lochee road 

M'Farlane, Andrew, calenderer, 2 Graham place, Princes street 

M'Farlane, David, boilermaker, 12 Craigie street 

M'Farlane, Duncan, shoemaker, 26 Bell Street lane 

M'Farlane, David H., clerk. West Station; h. 113 Brook st., B. Ferry 

M'Farlane, George, joiner, 6 Dallfield terrace 

M'Farlane, Jas., goods superint., Cal. Rail., E. Station; A. 142 Nethergate 

M'Farlane, James, engineer, Dundee Foundry ; h. Beach house, B. Ferry 


M'Farlane, James, steward, 27 Yeamau shore 

M'Farlane, J. & E.., stampcutters, 44 Cowgate ; h. 42 St^^Mary's place 
M'Farlane, Jolm, of Kerr & M'Farlane, East Newport 
M'Farlane, John, monumental sculptor, stonecarver, and marblecutter, 

East Dock street ; h. 6 Craigie street 
M'Farlane, John A. G., overseer, Courier & Argus Office; h. 18 Lawsonpl. 
M'Farlane, John, painter, 22 Carmichael street 
M'Farlane, John, spirit merchant's assistant, 19 Union place 
M'Farlane, John, woodturner, 34 Court street 
M'Farlane, Peter, hreman, 4 Parker's court. King street 
M'Farlane, Samuel, coal merchant, Arbroath Station ; h. 22 Temple lane 
M'Farlane, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 112 Lochee rd. ; h. 110 
M'Farlane. Thomas, calenderer, 21 St Salvador street 
M'Farlane, William, spiritdealer, 39 Lochee road; h. 3 Cochrane street 
M'Farlane, William, police constable, 194 Scouringburn 
M'Farlane, William, mason, 33 Forebank road 
M'Farlane, William, manager, Ashton Works ; h. 2 Ure street 
M'Farlane, William, gatekeeper. New Slaughterhouse; h. 53 Glebe pi. 
M'Farlane, William, officer, Panmure Street Church ; A. 16 Bell street 
M'Farlane, Miss M., dressmaker, 22 Temple lane 
M'Faulds, Mrs, midwife, 12 Pennycook lane 
M'Fee, Robert, mason, 10 Benvie road 

M'Fee, William, cab proprietor, 18 East Henderson's wynd'; h. 12 
M 'Gavin, David, baker, 206 Hawkhill ; h. 45 Miller's wynd 
M 'Gavin, Elizabeth, lodgings, 6 Wellgate 
M'Gavin, Francis H., grocer and wine merchant, 208 Hawkhill ; h. 36 

North Lindsay street 
M'Gavin, Rev. James R., D.D., Tay Sq. U.P. Church ; k. 7 Magdalen pi. 
M'Gavin, Robert, Tannage court, 7 Cowgate ; h. Ballumbie r '7^ 
M'Gavin, Robert E., & Co., manufacturers and merchants^7^ Royal 

Exchange lane 
M'Gavin, Robert E., of R. E. M'Gavin & Co., Taychff, Tayport 
M'Gee, James, irondresser, 66 Kemback street 
M'Gill, James, draper, 56 North Church street 

M'Gill, John, bootmaker, 48 Dudhope Crescent road; h. 6 Parker street 
M'Gill, Mrs, 43 Cotton road 
M'Gillivary, Mrs, confectioner, Tannadice street 

M'Giverin, James, bookseller, tobacconist, and fancy goods warehouse- 
man, 12 West port ; h. 5 Lochee road 
M'Glashan, David, fishdealer, 83 Scouringburn ; h. 7 Castle court 
M'Glashan, James, manager, South Dudhope Mill ; h. 132 Hawkhill 
M'Glashan, James, jun., clerk, 132 Hawkhill 
M'Glashan, Peter, manager. Sea Braes Mill ; h. 6 Perth road 
M'Glashan, William, mechanic, 62 Princes street 
M'Glashan, Miss J., teacher, 132 HawkhiU 
M'Gonagall, William, weaver, 19 Raton's lane 
M'Gourke, Patrick, greengrocer, 14 Session street 
M'Govern, Bernard, grocer, 14 Union street, MaxweUtown 
M 'Govern, Edward, grocer, 26 Small's wynd ; h. 2 SmaU's lane 
M'Grady & Christie, wholesale grocers, 8 North Lindsay street 
M'Grady, Henry, of M'Grady & Christie, Binrock, Perth road 


Macgregor, Alexander, teacher, 33 Cowgate 

M'Gregor, Alice, teacher, St Paul's F.C. School ; h. 34 N. Lindsay st. 
Macgregor & Bald, linen merchants, British Hotel buildings, High st. 
M'Gregor, David W., wholesale and manufacturing stationer, paper- 

merch., printer, and lithographer, 108 Murray gate; h. 5 Westfieldlane 
M'Gregor, David, of Thomson & M'Gregor, 21 Jamaica street 
M'GREGOR, DAVID, shuttlemaker, turner, and pickermaker, 21 North 

Tay street ; h. 166 Perth road. See Adv. 
M'Gregor, David, confectioner, 12 Parker street 
M'Gregor, Donald, street porter, 184 Seagate 
M'Gregor, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 57 and 58 Dock street ; 

h.Vj Airlie place 
M'Gregor, Duncan, fireman and gas-stoker, 6 Smellie's lane 
M'Gregor, Francis, jun., manager, Miln Street and Bower Mills ; A. 3 

Parker street 
M'Gregor, George, clerk, 10 Panmure street ; h. 48 Kinloch place 
Macgregor,Hector,bookseller,stationer,and bookbinder, 16 Overgate; Ti. 14 
M'Gregor, Jessie, confectioner, 29 Princes street ; h. 43 
M'Gregor, John, merchant, 23 Panmure street ; Ji. 17 Dudhope street 
M'Gregor, John, waste merchant, 6 James street ; A. 18 Arbroath road 
M'Gregor, John, turner, 29 Queen street ; h. 34 North Lindsay street 
M'Gregor, John, blacksmith, Fairley place 
M'Gregor, Peter, Courthouse keeper, and bar officer. Sheriff Court ; 

Sheriff Courthouse, West Boll street 
M'Gregor & Reid, butchers, 132Scouringburn, and 189 Blackness road 
Macgregor, Robert G, of Macgregor & Bald, East Newport 
Macgregor, Thos. , calender manager, Polepark Works ; A. 14 Dallfield ter. 
M'Gregor, Walter, superintendent of Baths ; A. 80 Nethergate 
M'Gregor, William, contractor, 20 Hill street ; A. 14 
M'Gregor, William, draper, 155 Hilltown ; A. 159 
M'Gregor, Mrs, fishdealer, 119 Ann street ; A. 50Gellatly street 
Macguckin, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 25 Lower Pleasance ; A. 3 

Ramsay street 
Macguckin, Michael, pawnbroker, 222 Hawkhill ; A. 224 
Macguckin, Peter, grocer and spiritdealer, 264 Hawkhill ; A. 3 Ramsay st. 
Macguckin, William, grocer and spiritdealer, 97 Hawkhill, and 2 Kin- 
cardine street ; A. 3 Ramsay street 
M'Guire, John, pictureframer, 1 1 Powrie place 
M'Guire, John, clerk, 10 StRoque's lane 
M'Guire, Mrs Eliza, manglekeeper, 14 St Mary's street 
M'Guire, Mrs Peter, spiritdealer, 70 Dudhope street ; A. 19 James st. 
Machan, John, shipbroker, 53 Dock street ; A. Bellevue, West Ferry 
Machan, Robert N., shipchandler, and agent for Rah tj en's patent anti- 

fouling composition, 54 Dock street ; A. 16 Renny pi., W. Ferry 
Machar, William, 26 North George street 
Machar, Mrs George, 10 Morrison's court 
M'Hardie, Mrs, confectioner, 15 Well road, Butterburn 
M 'Hardy, Edward & Robert, grocers, 16 Ann street ; A. 8 N. EUen st. 
M 'Hardy, James, clerk, Forebank terrace 
M'Hardy, William, fireman, 18 Bell Street lane 
M'Innes, James, clerk, Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 


M'lnroy, Catherine, 14 Thomson street 

M'Intosh, Andrew, ironmonger, plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 40 and 
121 Ann street ; workshop, 13 ; h. 157 Hilltown 

M'Intosh, And., manager. Working Men's CofFeerooms, 8 Wellgate ; h. 6 

M'Intosh, Charles, engineer, 32 Fleuchar street 

M'Intosh, Charles, porter, Dundee Poorhouse 

M'Intosh, Daniel, mechanic, 93 Lochee road 

M'Intosh, David H., meal merchant, 142 Hawkhill ; Ti. 1 Mount pleasant 

M'Intosh, David, butcher, 4 Dundonald street 

M'Intosh, Donald, manager. Dens Works; h. Anderson pi,, 5 William st. 

M'Intosh, Donald, jun., 6 Alexander street 

M'Intosh, Gilbert, insurance agent, 7 Rosefield street 

M'Intosh, H., baker, 23 Scouringburn ; h. 1 Kincardine street 

M'Intosh, James, manager. East Mill, Guthrie street ; h. 28 Isles' lane 

M'Intosh, James, contractor, Craigie Quarry and Blackness road ; h. 85 
Albert street 

M'Intosh, James, leather merchant, 1 Willison st. ; h. 15 William st. 

M'Intosh, James, inspector of police, Northern Police Station, 66 Union 
street, Maxwelltown 

M'Intosh, James, tobacco manufacturer, 22 West port ; h. 18 

M'Intosh, James, officer, James' U.P. Church ; h. 28 Euclid crescent 

M'Intosh, James, jun., leather cutter, 15 William street, Forebank 

Macintosh, James, confectioner, 152 Scouringburn ; h. 6 Bellfield lane 

M'Intosh, James R., butcher, 10 Wellgate ; h. 6 

M'Intosh, John, porter. Royal Infirmary 

Macintosh, John, confectioner, 171 Hawkhill ; h. 6 Bellfield lane 

M'Intosh, John, engineer, 54 Princes street 

M'Intosh, Margaret, grocer, 20 Craigie street 

M'Intosh, Robert, 10 Albert street 

M'Intosh, Thomas, of Taylor and M'Intosh, 20 Miller's wynd 

M'Intosh, Thomas, gingerbeer manufacturer, 23 Mid street ; h. 4 Church 
street. Princes street 

M'Intosh, William, painter, 23 Nelson street 

M'Intosh, William, clerk, 15 William street, Forebank 

M'Intosh, William, cowfeeder, 42 North George street ; A. 40 

M'Intosh, William F., rigger, 40 Blackscroft 

M'Intosh, Mrs A., lodgings, Havelock place, 249 Hawkhill 

M'Intosh, Mrs John, 9 Brown Constable street 

M'Intosh, Mrs Peter, grocer, 36 Back street 

M'Intosh, Mrs Robert, china merchant, 44 Union street, Maxwelltown 

M'Intosh, Mrs, confectioner, 12 Wolseley street 

M'Intosh, Mrs, spirit merchant, 27 Blackness road 

M'Intosh, Mrs, 33 Blackscroft 

Macintyre, Angus, of Macveigh, Macintyre, &Co., Brook st., Bro. Ferry 

M'lntyre Brothers, bleachers and yarn merchants, 30 Meadowside ; 
bleachfield, Balunie 

M'lntyre & Co., spinners and manufacturers, Erichtside Works, Blair- 
gowrie ; office, 29 Cowgate 

M'lntyre, Daniel, public accountant, 87 High street ; h. Newport 

M'lntyre, David, of M'lntyre Brothers, Baluniefield 

M'lntyre, Donald, insurance agent, 32 Mains road 


M'lntjrre, Jas., of W. A. M'Intyre & Co., Greenfield house, Pitkerro rd. 
M'lntyre, John, draper and clothier, 24 Small's wjmd ; h. 35 Hawkhill 
M'Intyre, John, spirit merchant's assistant, 2 Gardner's lane 
M'Int3rre, Peter, 4 Roxburgh terrace, West Park road 
M'Intyre, Peter, agricultural auctioneer and cattle salesman, 6 High st. 

h. Denfind, Monikie 
M'Intyre, William A., & Co., bleachers and yarn merchants; works, 

Douglasfield ; office, 29 Cowgate 
M'Intyre, William A., of William A. M'Intyre & Co., Blairgowrie 
M'Intyre, William P., of M'Intyre Brothers, Baluniefield 
M'Intyre, Wm., blacksmith, 20 Kirk entry ; h. 19 Union st., Charles st. 
M'Intyre, William, clerk, 130 Seagate 
M'Intyre, Mrs John, 13 Maryfield terrace 
M'Intyre, Miss, dressmaker, 28 Long wynd 
M 'Isaac, Alexander, grocer, 86 Ferry road 

M'Kaig, Catherine, grocer and spiritdealer, 14 N. Wellington st. ; h 22 
M'Kaig, Samuel, grocer, 250 Hilltown ; h. 248 
Mackay, Adam, mason, 2 Ness street 
M'Kay, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 27 and 29 North Church 

street ; h. 33 
M'Kay, Alexander, of Geo. Gilroy, jun., & Co., 1 Leebankter., W. Ferry 
Mackay, Angus, house proprietor, 2 Ann street 
Mackay, A. , of Henderson & Mackay, BarnhUl, Broughty Ferry 
M'Kay, Charles, grocer, 7 Milne's East wjmd 
M'Kay, Charles, mechanic, 57 Mains road 
M'Kay, Charles, carter, 9 Craig street 
M'Kay, George, cooper, 68 St Andrew's street 

Mackay, George B., chemist and druggist, 47 Scouringburn ; h. 20 
Union street, and Tay street, Newport 

M'Kay, George, overseer. Ward Works ; h. 11 Stirling street 

Mackay & Home, grocers and tea merchs. , Ferry rd. and St Matthew st. 

M'Kay, James, milloverseer, 21 Kincardine street 

Mackay, James H., of J. Mackay & Son, 71 High street 

Mackay, James, jun., watchmaker and jeweller, 71 High street 

Mackay, James J. , traveller, 40 Hillbank road 

M'Kay, James, coaldealer, 19 Elizabeth street ; h. 33 Caldrum street 

M'Kay, James, grocer, 23 and 25 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Mackay, John, minister of Catholic Apostolic Church ; h. 20 Union st. 

Mackay, John F., hacklemaker, 10 Peddie street 

M'Kay, John, sergeant of police, 18 St Mary's place 

M'Kay, James, confectioner, 19 Edward street 

Mackay, John, street porter, 12 Tindal's wynd 

Mackay, J., & Son, painters, decorators, and paperhangers, 42 Castle st. 

M'Kay, Kenneth, book-deliverer, 6 Annfield row 

Mackay, Margaret, pawnbroker, 19 North Lindsay st. ; h. 4 Mid st. 

Mackay, Peter, solicitor, 19 Ward road ; h. Park house, Hospital wynd 

Mackay, Robert, publishing agent, 6 High st. ; h. 3 Magdalen Yard rd. 

Mackay, Robert B., of Mackay & Home, 10 Glebe place, Lilybank road 

Mackay, Robert, grocer, 3 Scott street 

Mackay, Robert, street porter, 7 Castle court 

M'Kay, Thomas B., shipmaster, 4 Gowrie place 


Mackay, William S., watchmaker and jeweller, 11 High street; h. 20 

Union street, and Tay street, Newport 
Mackay, William, of J. Mackay & Son, 71 High street 
Mackay, William, grocer, 73 Rosebank street 
M'Kay, William, clerk, Inglewood terrace, 88 Rosebank street 
M'Kay, William, police constable, 95 Hospital wynd 
Mackechnie, Angus, 99 M 'Grady's land. Glebe street 
M'Kechnie, David, shipmaster, 10 Garland place 
M'Keith, John, of M 'Keith & Robertson, 4 Kinloch street 
M 'Keith & Robertson, stair- railers and cabinetmakers, 103 J and 105- 

Hill town 
M'Kelvie, William Ross, C.E., cemetery architect, landscape gardener, 

and superintendent of cemeteries and parks, 26 Euclid crescent ; 

A. 12 Dallfield terrace 
M'Kendrick, Andrew, joiner, 12 N. Wellington st, ; h. 21 Nelson street 
M'Kendrick, Andrew, joiner, 16 St Mary's place 
M'Kenna, Matthew, grocer and wine merchant, 68 and 70 Blackscroft ;. 

h. 41 Lilybank road 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, overseer, 35 Wilkie's lane 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, tobacconist and newsagent, 86 Hilltown 
Mackenzie, Alexander, quarrier, 145 Lochee road 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, calender manager, 22 Watt street 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, taxidermist, 45 Crescent street 
M'Kenzie, Christopher, detective. Central Police Office, West BeU st. 
M'Kenzie, Colin, clerk, Mid Street MiU ; h. 26 Bell street 
M'Kenzie, David, draper, tailor, and clothier, 124 Hawkhill ; and rope 

and twine manufacturer, 128 Blackness road ; h. 122 Hawkhill 
M'Kenzie, David, lemonade maker, 5 Milnbank road 
M'Kenzie, Duncan, wine and spirit merch., 11 Victoria st.; h. 9 Albert st. 
M'Kenzie, Frank, hacklemaker, 68^ Blackness road 
Mackenzie, George, manager, Royal Bank of Scotland, Castle street ;. 

h. Craiglee, W. Ferry 
M'Kenzie, George, plumber, 29 Hospital wynd 
Mackenzie, George, bootmaker, 39 Princes street 
M'Kenzie, Hector, accoucheur, 203 Overgate 
M'Kenzie, Hugh, coaldealer, 9 Mid wynd ; h. 13 Paton's lane 
M'Kenzie, Isa. E., teacher, 38 Seafield road 
M'Kenzie, James, grocer, 52 Mains road 
M'Kenzie, James, ironturner, 42 Scouringburn 

Mackenzie, Jas., serated water manufr., 20 Temple lane ; h. 38 Hunter st.. 
Mackenzie, John, housefactor and account collector, 3 Thorter row ; h,. 

Havelock place, 249 Hawkhill 
Mackenzie, John, grocer, 6 William street. King street 
Mackenzie, John A., stereotyper, Advertiser Office ; h. 1 Gowrie street 
Mackenzie, John, milloverseer, Beaconsfield place, 7 William street 
M'Kenzie, John, picture-frame maker, 163 Lochee road 
M'Kenzie, J., & Co., bakers, 314 and 316 Hawkhill 
M'Kenzie & M'Burney, paraphernalia one shilhng store, 150 and 152 

M'Kenzie, Murdoch, grocer and wine merchant, 103 Murraygate ; h. S^ 

South Ellen street 


Mackenzie, Peter, clerk, 21 Dock street 

Mackenzie, Robert S., family victualler, ham and bacon curer, 111 

Overgate, and 15 and 17 Victoria street ; h. 7 South Ellen street 
Mackenzie, Robert, merchant, 87 High street ; h. 30 Magdalen Yard rd. 
M'Kenzie, Robert, of Robertson & M'Kenzie, 36 Victoria street 
M'Kenzie, Robert, draper, 50 Hawkhill 
Mackenzie, William, stockbroker, 13 Panmure street ; h. 7 Castle 

terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Mackenzie, William, bookseller and publisher, 14 Union street ; James 

Stevenson, agent 
M'Kenzie, William, of M'Kenzie & M'Burney, 99 Victoria road 
Mackenzie, William, potato merchant, 23 Albert street ; h. 13 
M'Kenzie, William, upholsterer, 104 Nethergate 
M'Kenzie, Mrs D., china merchant, 101 Perth road ; h. 103 
M'Kenzie, Mrs Margaret, grocer, 4 Thorter row ; h. 6 
M'Kenzie, Mrs, furniture dealer, 19 Victoria street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs, 136 Princes street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs, 11 Asylum lane 

M'Keran, John, sewing machine agent, 6 Polepark road 
Mackie, Alexander D. , of Mackie & How, 36 North George street 
Mackie, David, of Corrie, Mackie, & Co., St Katherine's, West Ferry 
Mackie, David, farmer and dairyman, 234 Overgate ; h. Huntly farm, 

Mackie, David, joiner, 42 Cotton road 
Mackie & How, joiners, 13 Caldrum street 
Mackie, James, wholesale provision and egg merchant, 10 and 12 Charles 

street ; h. Fyvie, Aberdeenshire 
Mackie, James, blacksmith, 136 Princes street ; h. 185 
Mackie, James, mason, 26 Isles' lane 
Mackie, John, joiner, 5 Lawrence street 
Mackie, Robert, pastry baker, 45 Cowgate 
Mackie, Thomas, water inspector, Lawton reservoir 
Mackie, Thomas, joiner, 62 James street 
Mackie, William, boots. Lamb's Hotel ; h. 24 Bank street 
Mackie, William, engineer, Marion place, 185 Princes street 
Mackie, Mrs Ann, lodgings, 3 Lansdowne place 
Mackie, Mrs, 14 New Inn entry 
M'Kinlay, John, baker, 113 Cowgate 
M'Kinlay, John, carpenter, 19 Constable street 
M'Kinnon, Daniel J., chemist and druggist, 116 Hawkhill ; h. 114 
M'Kinnon, Daniel, general dealer, 5 Strathmartine road 
Mackintosh, D. & D. , commission agents, 33 Commercial street 
Mackison, William, O.E., F.R.I.B.A., burgh surveyor, 79 Commercial 

street ; h. 8 Constitution terrace 
M 'Knight, David, milloverseer, 43 Blackscroft 
Maclagan, Thomas J., M.D , 136 Nethergate 
M 'Lagan, William, retired shipmaster, 1 Pennycook lane 
M'Laggan, Alexander, blacksmith, 16 Candle lane ; h. 1 Middle street 
M'Laggan, John, commission merchant, 35 Commercial street ; h. St 

Phillan's place, Newport 
M 'Landers, Alexander, general dealer, 109 Princes street 


Maclaren & Aitken, architects, 24 Bank street 
M'Laren, Alexander, grocer and wine merchant, 44 and 46 William 

street ; h. 19 
Maclaren, Alexander, draper, 18 Hilltown ; h. 82 Dudhope street 
M'Laren, Alexander, joiner, 14 Gardner's lane 
Maclaren, David, (of Ireland & Maclaren), architect of the Dundee 

School Board, 81 Murraygate ; h. 1 Gowrie street 
M'Laren, David, officer, Hilltown Free Church ; h. 42 North Ellen street 
M'Laren, David, grocer, 80 Cowgate 
M'Laren, Donald, grocer and wine merchant, 104 and 106 Albert street ; 

h. 13 Victoria street 
M'Laren, George A., commission merchant and insurance agent, 2 Royal 

Exchange place ; h. Marchbanks, Broughty Ferry 
Maclaren, George G. , draughtsman, 24 Bank street ; h. Ferrybank, 

Cupar, Fife 
Maclaren, James, of Maclaren & Aitken, Ferrybank, Cupar, Fife 
M'Laren, James, winding overseer, 16 Bell street 
M'Laren, John, marblecutter, 47 Yeaman shore ; h. 13 West Dock st. 
M'Laren, John, of Pringle & M'Laren, 4 Balfour street 
Maclaren, John, agent, 71 High street ; h. Dalhousie hotel, Carnoustie 
M'Laren, John, family grocer, 19 Stirling street ; h. 14 Constitution st. 
M'Laren, John, cowfeeder, 72 Princes street 

M'Laren, John, bootmaker, 110a Princes street ; h. 2 Forebank road 
M'Laren, Richard, carter, 7 Yeaman shore 

M'Laren, Robert, manager. The Vine, 26 Overgate ; h. 26Kinloch place 
M'Laren, Thomas, blacksmith, 89 Princes street 
M'Laren, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 55 Cotton road ; h. 53 
M'Laren, William, hotel waiter, 9 Parker street 
M'Laren, Mrs, grocer, 15 Erskine street ; h. 53 Cotton road 
M'Laren, Mrs, grocer, 1 Lawrence street 
M'Laren, Miss, 133 Blackness road 
M'Lamey, Agnes, ready-made clothes merchant, 30^ Hilltown ; h. 19 

Butcher row 
M'Lauchlan, Alexander, milliner and draper, 2 Dudhope Cres. rd. ; h. 32 
M'Lauchlan, George B., flesher, 43 Union street 
M'Lauchlan, James, contractor, 142 Perth road 
Maclauchlan, John, chief librarian and curater, Free Library and 

Museum ; h. 2 Viewforth place 
M'Lauchlan, John, contractor, 7 John street 

M'Lauchlan, John, manure merchant, Douglas street; h. 3 Cochrane st. 
M'Lauchlan, John (of Campbell & M'Lauchlan), bagmaker, 23 Cotton 

road ; h. 5 East Links place, Broughty Ferry 
M'Lauchlan, Walter, late coachbuilder, 56 Blackscroft 
M'Lauchlan, William, contractor, 11 Hop street 
M'Lauchlan, William, compositor, 1 Mount pleasant 
M'Laughlin, Denis, manager. United Assurance Society, 132 Murraygate 
M'Laughlin, Euphemia, 14 Thomson street 
M'Laughlin, William, assurance society agent, 132 Murraygate 
M'Lean, Agnes, coffeehouse keeper, 107 Princes street 
M'Lean,Alex., grain and potato merch., 34 Greenmarket; A. 3 Castle lane 
M'Lean, Alexander, coal merchant, 23 Jamaica street ; A. 64 


M'Lean, Alexander, joiner, 2 Havelock place, Croft's lane 

M'Lean, Charles, blacksmitli, 31 Overgate ; h. 6 Thorter row 

M'Lean, Charles, batkman, Public Baths ; h. 48 Wellgate 

M'Lean, David, joiner, Fairley place 

M'Lean, David, joiner, 62 Jamaica street 

M'Lean, George, carpenter, 111 Princes street 

M'Lean, James, merchant, 23 Panmure street ; Ti. 2 Craigiebank place 

M'Lean, James A., ironmonger, 197, 199, and 201 Overgate ; h. Grant's 

place, 42 West port 
Maclean, James, cabinetmaker, 4 Bell Street lane ; h. 20 Bell street 
M'Lean, James, shoemaker, 7 Alexander street 
M'Lean, James, mason, 29 North Wellington street 
M'Lean, John, & Co., coal, brick, and lime merchants, 9 Ward road 
M'Lean, Peter, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, cigar importer, tobacconist, 

and fancy goods merchant, 38 South Tay street ; h. 7 Tay square 
M'Lean, Peter, 2 William street, Scouringburn 
M'Lean, Peter, traveller, 26 Hawkhill 

M'Lean, Richard, fishdealer, 11 Fishmarket ; h. 35 Fish street 
M'Lean, Thomas, spiritdealer, 38 Wellgate ; h. 23 Charles street 
M'Lean, William, fruit and potato merch., 12 Albert st. ; h. Fontainbleau 
M'Lean, William, engineer, Fairmuir ; h. Fairley place 
M'Lean, Mrs Helen, manglekeeper, 40 William street 
M'Lean, Mrs, tobacconist, 10 Perth road 
M'Lean, Mrs, dressmaker, 7 Ann street 

M'Leish, Alexander, railway porter, 24 Glebe place, Lilybank road 
M'Leish, James, commission agent, 21 Church lane 
M'Leish, John, cartwright^and blacksmith, 34 Ash st. ; h. 109 Lochee rd. 
M'Leish, John, traveller, 43 Main street 

M'Leish, WiUiam R., of Robertson & M'Leish, 16 Westfield place 
M'Leish, Mrs Catherine, 6 Castle court 

M'Leish, Mrs Jas., servants' register, and boot warehouse, 21 Church lane 
M'Leish, Miss J., fancy warehouse, 59 Nethergate 
M'Lennan, Duncan, dairyman, 1 Greenfield place 
M'Lennan, Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 21 Peter street 
M'Lennan, Isabella, china merchant, 121 Princes street ; A. 119 
M'Lennan, John, sergeant of police, 144 Princes street 
M'Lennan, John, grocer, Arctic place Arbroath road 
M'Leod, Alexander, shuttlemaker, 138 Hilltown ; h. 10 Rosebank road 
M'Leod, Alexander, millforeman, 14 St Mary's place 
M'Leod, Ann, dairykeeper, 7 Willison street 
M'Leod, David, boot manufacturer, 28 Overgate 
M'Leod, Donald, toUkeeper, 235 Perth road 
M'Leod, Donald, draper, 16 Paterson street ; h. 18 
M'Leod, David H., baker, Lawhill Bread Factory, Hill street 
M'Leod, Esther, tobacconist, 66 Nethergate ; h. 46 Dudhope Cres. road 
M'Leod, James, tenter, 44 Ure street 
M'Leod, James, grocer, china, hay, and straw merchant, and dairyman, 

22 Cotton road ; h. 20 
M'Leod, Jessie, 3 Paradise road 

Macleod, Rev. Peter, of St Luke's Church, Lochee ; h. Albany terrace 
M'Leod, William, concrete builder, 56 Caldrum street 


M'Leod, William, cabdriver, 40 Seafield road 

M'Leod, Mrs, 126 Murraygate 

M'Manus, Bernard, wine and spirit merchant, 155 Scouringburn ; h. 157 

M'Manus, Charles, bottler, 3 Dempster street ; h. 157 Scouringburn 

M'Math, J. & W., bakers, 206 Seagate; h. 20 Glebe place 

M'Millan, Alex., manager, Clepington Spinning Co. ; h. 74 N. Church st. 

M'Millan, Bernard, builder and contractor, 4 Shepherd's loan 

M'Millan, James, chemist, 194 Hawkhill, and 89 Victoria road ; h. 2 

Park terrace 
Macmillan, John, agentN". B. Rail. Co.,TayBridge Station ; h. 2 Raton's lane 
M'Millan, John, cowfeeder, 374 Perth road 
M'Millan, John, builder, 12 Shepherd's loan 
M'Millan, Michael, greengrocer, 168 Hawkhill 
M'Millan, Mrs, 5 Gowrie place 
M'Minn, William, grocer, 19 Ogilvie's road 
M 'Mullen, Michael, confectioner, 65 Wilkie's lane ; h. 67 
M'Nab, Alexander, late leather merchant, 33 Castle street 
M'Nab, Andrew, cab proprietor, 14 Taylor's lane ; h. 31 Speed's land, 

Union place 
M'Nab, Charles G., of Scott & M'Nab, 15 Meadow street 

M'Nab, Daniel S., baker, 12 Lowden's alley 

M'Nab, George R., clerk, 1 Coupar's alley, Wellgate 

M'Nab, John, cork manufacturer, 5 Charles street ; h. 24 Carmichael st. 

M'Nab, William S., leather merchant and shoe furnishing warehouse, 
1 Vault ; h. 7 Park entrance. Temple lane 

Macnab, Mrs, midwife, 1 Kirk entry 

M'Nair, John, draper, 1 Ure street 
I Macnamara, Rev. Henry, of St Paul's Episcopal Church; A.Castlehill house 

Macnaughton, Angus, lieutenant's assistant, Police Chambers ; li. 11 
Stirling street 

M'Naughton & Boswell, brassfounders, plumbers, and gasfitters, 7 
Ireland's lane 

M'Naughton, William, of M'Naughton & Boswell, 2 Isles' lane 

Macnaughton, William, confectioner, 185 Perth road ; h. 14 Step row 

M'Naughton, Mrs Agnes, coffeehouse keeper, 43 Lochee road 

M'Naughton, Mrs J., boot merchant, 113 Overgate ; h. 120 Perth road 

M'Neely, William, broker, 48 Long wynd ; h. 202 Overgate 

M'Neill, Margt. , grocer and spiritdealer, 167 Hawkhill; h. 6 BeUfield lane 

Macneill, Mrs John, 68 Bell street 

M'Nicoll, Alexander, poulterer, and register office for servants, 91 
Nethergate ; h. Baldovan 

M'Nicoll, Alexander, jun., clerk, Burman house, Baldovan 

M'Nicoll, Charles, accountant, 27 Bank street ; h. 32 Dudhope Ores. rd. 

M'Nicoll, James, joiner, 31 Step row 

M'Nicoll, John, bootmaker, 8 Perth road; Ti. 36 Small's wynd 

M'Nicoll, John, canvasser, N. B. Rail. Co. ; h. 8 North EUen street 

M'Nicoll, Mrs Susan, grocer, 31 Larch street 

M'Nicoll, Mrs, 119 Nethergate 

M'Nidder, Peter, manager, Camperdown Shipyard; A. Ill Ferry road 

Maconachie, John, cabinetmaker, 9 Ward road 

Maconachie, Lauchlan, draper and clothier, 86 Princes street ; A. 98 


Macphail, John P., late teacher, Annfield house, Annfield street 

Macpherson, Alexander, working jeweller, 67 Murraygate 

M'Pherson, Alexander, clerk, 193 Blackness road 

Macpherson, Colin, potato merchant, 83 Ann street ; h. 85 

M'Pherson, David, clerk, 30 Balfour street 

M'Pherson, Hugh, bootmaker, 9 Kincardine street 

Macpherson, James, supervisor of Excise, 31 Bank street ; h. Monifieth 

road,, Broughty Ferry 
M'Pherson, James W., egg merchant, and commis. agent, 26 Willison st. 
Macpherson, Rev. Johii, Hilltown Free Church ; h. 6 WoodviUe place 
Macpherson, Mrs Charles, 1 West Bell street 

M'Pherson, Mrs S., grocer, 31 Craigie street ; h. 52 Kemback street 
M'Quattie, David, carter, 95 Lochee road 

M 'Queen, David, packing-case maker, 56 St Andrew's st.; h. 7 Cowgate 
M 'Queen, David, gardener, 225 Perth road 
M'Queen, Mrs Matthew, spirit merchant, 24 Hilltown ; h. 20 
Macrae, Alex. , grocer and spiritdealer, 250 Hawkhill ; A. 8 Paton's lane 
M'Kae, David, of Myles & M'Rae, 126 Princes street 
M'Rae, Duncan, fruiterer, 24 Union street ; h. 146 Nethergate 
M'Rae, George, outfitter, 36 Greenmarket ; h. 3 Castle lane 
M'Rae, James, millmanager, 10 Cleghorn street 

Macrae, Wm., plumber and gasfitter, 20 WiUison st. ; h. 28 Couttie's wynd 
M'Rea, James, plasterer, 67 Seagate 
M'Ritchie, Alexander, coppersmith, tinsmith, and plumber, King 

William dock ; A. 108 Seagate 
M'RITCHIE, ALEX., plasterer, 29 Temple lane ; h. 1 Airlie ter. See Adv. 
M'Ritchie, Ann, cook, 3 North Ellen street 
M'Ritchie, George, 31 Wellgate 
M'Ritchie, Isabella, 8 Arbroath road 
M'Ritchie, James, house proprietor, 27 Crescent street 
M'Rither, John, tinsmith, 56 Croft's lane 
M'Tavish, John, confectioner and joiner, 223 Perth road 
Macveigh, Macintyre, & Co., merchants, 21 Albert square 
Macveigh, William A., of Macveigh, Macintyre, & Co., Tay view terrace, 

East Newport 
M 'Walter, Alexander, shawl merchant and silk mercer, 12 and 14 

Reform street ; h. 12 Dudhope terrace 
M'Walter, James, moulder, 33 North Ellen street 
Macwaters, William, hallkeeper, Victoria and Lome Halls, 52 Victoria 

road, and Trades Hall, top of King's road ; h. 48 Victoria road 
M'Wee, John, fireman, 2 Fleuchar street 
M'Wee, James, law clerk, 2 Fleuchar street 

M'Whiney, Samuel, coaldealer, 39 Small's wynd ; A. 177 Blackness road 
M 'Williams, Bernard, weaver, 31 Hospital wynd 
M'William, Robert, hallkeeper. Thistle Hall, 15 Union street 
Magee, Francis, warehouseman, 116 Overgate ; h. 7 North Lindsay st. 
Magee, Joseph, barber, 25 Polepark road ; A. 67 Lochee road 
Mahony, James 0., pawnbroker, 43 HawkhiU ; A. 41 
Maiden, Charles, butcher, 120 Rosebank street ; A. 25 Kinloch street 
Maiden, David, stationer, 24 Hawkhill ; A. 10 North Tay street 
Maiden, James, potato and provision merchant, 110 Hawkhill ; A. 114 


Mailler, James, jun., grocer, 268 Hawkhill ; h. 16 West wynd 

Mailler, James, officer, St Mark's Ch.; h. St Mark's Mission, 16 West wyd. 

Mair, Alexander D., engineer, 81 Albert street 

Mair, John, joiner, 52 Constable street 

Mair, William, joiner, 2 Annfield road 

Mair, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Osborne place 

Maitland, Edward F., of Baxter Bros. & Co., Hazel hall, Perth road 

Maitland, James, leathercutter, 126 Princes street 

Maitland, Thomas, of Baxter Brothers & Co., Peres cottage, B. Ferry 

Malcolm, Alexander, of James Malcolm & Sons, Viewbank house, 7 

Dudhope terrace 
Malcolm, Alexander, confectioner, 25 Ann street 
Malcolm, David, cabinetmaker, 7 King's road ; li. 51 Overgate 
Malcolm, David P., manager. Constable Works ; h. 2 Dudhope place 
Malcolm, George, of Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., Inverlaw, Dudhope 
Malcolm, George, art teacher, 10 Constitution road ; h. 4 Gowrie place 
Malcolm, James, & Sons, jute spinners and manufacturers, Chapelshade 

Works, 42 Bell street 
Malcolm, James, upholsterer, 13 West Dock street 
Malcolm, John, merchant, 37 Albert square ; h. 5 Panmure terrace 
Malcolm & NicoU, builders, 8 and 10 Cleghorn street 
Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., jute spinners and manufacturers, Constable 

Works, Dura street ; office, 2 Royal Exchange place 
Malcolm, Robert, of James Malcolm & Sons, Forthill house, B. Ferry 
Malcolm, Robert, of Malcolm & McoU, 6 Cleghorn street 
Malcolm, William F., & Co., merchants, 12 Cowgate 
Malcolm, William, carpenter, 13 West Dock street 
Malcolm, William, grocer, 171 Overgate ; A. 25 North Lindsay street 
Malcolm, William, fireman, 38 Ann street 
Malcolm, Mrs James, 5 Panmure terrace 
Malcolm, Mrs William, midwife, 28 Charles street 
Malloch, James, clerk, 14 North Ellen street 
Malloch, John, joiner, 18 Hunter street 

Mann, Betsy, grocer and provision merch., 1 HawkhUl ; h. 35 Brown st. 
Mann, David, of Mann & Myles, East Newport 
Mann & Doig, builders, 11 Malcolm street 
Mann, George, & Co., wholesale grocers and commission merchants, 

Wallace court, Murraygate 
Mann, George (of George Mann & Co.), grocer and wine merchant, 42 

Wellgate ; h. Hawthornbank, 9 Panmure terrace 
Mann, Henry, of Mann & Doig, 19 Malcolm street 
Mann, James, merchant, 19 Cowgate ; h. 2 Albany terrace 
Mann, John, shipmaster, 3 Castle lane 
Mann, John E., of Robbie & Mann, 28 Annfield row 
Mann, John, blacksmith, 67 Lochee road 
Mann & Myles, builders, 16 Step row 
Mann, Maria, teacher, 39 Nelson street ; h. 6 Castle court 
Mann, Robert, plasterer, 52 Rosebank street 
Mann, William, shoemaker, 13 Mains road ; h. 2 Main street 
Mann, William, of George Burnett & Co., 1 Seafield terrace, Bro. Ferry 


MannjWilliam, of George Mann & Co. , Hawthorn bank, Pamnure terrace 

Mann, Mrs Margaret, 6 Castle court. 

Manners, Mrs G. C, boot merchant, 84 Overgate ; h. 82 

Manson, Sinclair, painter, 64 North Church street 

Manson, Mrs Charlotte, lodgings, 11 South Union street 

Manzie, David, painter, 21 Charles street 

Manzie, John, dockgateman, 5 Robertson street 

Manzie, Thomas, piermaster, Harbour ; h. 1 Meadow street 

Maritime Insurance Co. (Limited) of Liverpool, 67 Reform street ; James 

Logic, agent 
Markie, Patrick, grocer, 40 James street ; h. 43, 
Marnie, Adam, dairyman, 99 Albert street 
Marnie, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant, 9 West port ; h. 10 

Shore terrace 
Marnie, James M., boatbuilder, Esplanade ; li. 23 Castle street 
Marnie, John, painter, 50 North Ellen street 
Marnie, Mrs David, lodgings, 23 Castle street 

Marquis, Cecil J. , accountant, 32 Castle st. ; h. Terrace, West Newport 
Marquis, James, haircutter and wigmaker, 32 Castle street 
Marquis, William H., ornamental hair manufacturer, 90 Nethergate ; h. 

B. Newport 
Marr, James, bootmaker, 19 James street 
Marr, Thomas, bootmaker, 17 James street 
Marr, Thomas P., clerk, Hawthorn cottage, top of Provost road 
Marr, Mrs, lodgings, 43 Union street 
Marshall, Andrew, family grocer and wine merchant, 23 Lilybank road ; 

h. 3 Watson terrace, Glebe street 
Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, manufacturers, 16 Rose lane 
Marshall, Catherine, milliner, 76 Nethergate ; h. Campbelton place 
MARSHALL, DAVID, painter, 27 Barrack st. ; h. 51 Meadowside. ^eeAdv. 
Marshall, David, mattressmaker, 10 South George street 
Marshall, David, funeral undertaker, 33 and 35 Scouringburn 
Marshall, Daniel, provision merchant, 167 Overgate 
Marshall, James Scott, agricultural auctioneer and commission agent, 

14 St Clement's lane ; h. Dryburgh house, Lochee 
Marshall, James H., assistant grocer, 348 Perth road 
Marshall, James, waiter, 31 Polepark road 
Marshall, John, grocer, 92 Annfield road ; h. 88 
Marshall, John, cutter, 35 Brown street 
Marshall, Peter, of Bartholomew & Marshall, 68 Bell street 
Marshall, Walter, of Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, 15 Nelson street 
Marshall, William, night-watchman, 84 Bell street 
Marshall, Miss A. P., matron. Convalescent House, 14 William street 
Marshall, Miss, lodgings, 20 Panmure street 
Martie, Miss A., teacher, St Paul's Episcopal School, 19 Meadow st. ; h. 

30 South Tay street 
Martin, Alexander T., fireman, 41 William street 
Martin, David, & Co. , merchants, 10 Bain square 

Martin, David, slater, 39a Victoria rd.; h. Balbirnie ter., HO "Victoria rd, 
Martin, David C, 31 Isles' lane 
Martin, David F., engineer, 20 Ness street, Forebank 


Martin, David, milloverseer, 39 Dallfield walk 

Martin, David, mechanic, 36 Pennycook lane 

Martin, George, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 22, 26, 
and 28 South Lindsay street ; h. 24 

Martin, George, ropespinner, 61 Caldrum street 

Martin, George, shoemaker, 59 Caldrum street 

Martin, George, clerk, 27 North Ellen street 

Martin, Hugh, coal merchant and housefactor, 10 High st. ; liA Balfour st. 

Martin, Isabella, hardware merchant, 177 Hilltown ; h. 69 Crescent st. 

Martin, Isabella, manglekeeper, 122 Perth road 

Martin, Jas. H., ironmonger, 51, 53, and 55 West port ; h. 7 Panmure ter. 

Martin, James, jun. , of Johnston & Martin, 5 Balfour street 

Martin, Jas., accountant, B. Linen Bank ; h. Bank house, 83Murraygate 

Martin, James, property and insurance agent, and valuator, 10 St Cle- 
ment's lane ; h. Hopebank, East Newport 

Martin, James, of Primerose & Martin, 12 King street 

Martin, James, jun., merchant, B. Linen Bank house, 83 Murraygate 

Martin, James R., draper, 96 Nethergate ; A. 94 

Martin, James, mason, 1 Graham place. Princes street 

Martin, James, shipwright, E. side King William dock ; h. 40 Blackscroft 

Martin, Jessie, grocer and spiritdealer, 64 Albert st. j ^. 2 Craigie st. 

Martin, John, grocer, 24 Mid road ; h. 60 North street 

Martin, John, dairyman, top of Provost road 

MARTIN & MELDRUM, tobacco manufacturers, 67 High street. See Adv. 

Martin, Peter, tenter, Bank Mill Works ; h. 23 Baxter street 

Martin, Peter, shoemaker, and officer Trinity Church, 15 Ellen street ; 
h. 58^ Victoria road 

Martin, Thomas, foreman turner, 62 Blackscroft 

Martin, William B., glazier and glass merchant, 23 Kincardine st.; h. 25 

Martin, William Y. Bly th, b Royal Exchange buildings ; h. Blyth house, 

Martin, Wm. , solicitor and notary, 10 Reform st.; h. Hillside, Newport 

Martin, William M., merchant, 49 Meadowside ; h. 8 Union terrace 

Martin, W., currier and leather merch., 101 Hilltown; A. 34 Dallfield walk 

Martin, Mrs John, lodgings, 4 Church street, Princes street 

Martin, Mrs, 3 Airlie place 

Mason, Jas. B., chemist and druggist, 124Scouringburn; h. 13 Balfour st. 

Mason, James L., clerk. Thorn place, 253 Blackness road 

Mason, Samuel, shoemaker and birddealer, 19 Dudhope st. ; h. 44 King st. 

Mason, Mrs William, 4 Airlie terrace 

Massie, Andrew, joiner, 3 Phin's land, Peddie street 

Masson, Rev. John, Russell Congregational Chapel ; A. 324 Perth road 

Masson, Thomas, mechanic, 75 Ure street 

Masterton, David, baker, 30 Barrack street ; h. 25 

Masterton, David, flaxdresser, 43 Nelson street 

Masterton, D. & J., grocers, wine and spirit merchants, 99 Murraygate 

Masterton, Mrs D., of D. & .J. Masterton, 74 Seagate 

Masterton, Mrs John, 5 Buckingham terrace 

Matches, Robert, police constable, 11 Cleghorn street 

Mather, David, house proprietor, 4 Fleuchar street 

Mather, Alexander C, hotel proprietor, 7 Crichton street 


Mathers Brothers, oilmen, furnishers, commissioners, and dealers, 9 

Bain square 
Mathers, David, hotel keeper, 7 Crichton street ; h. 2 Willison street 
Mathers, James Petrie, baker, 105 Murraygate 
Mathers, Robert, solicitor, 18 Euclid street 

Mathers, Robert, of Mathers Brothers, Olivebank, 2 Wellington street 
Mathers, R. M., baker, 21 Victoria rd. and 37 Cowgate ; h. 5 Victoria rd. 
Mathers, Samuel R. , of Mathers Brothers, Tayview, Mains loan 
MATHERS' TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 7 Crichton street; Alex. C. Mathers, 

proprietor. See Adv. 
Mathers, Mrs Robert, sen., Olivebank, 2 Wellington street 
Mathers, Mrs, 19 Springfield 
Mathers, Mrs, 107 Murraygate 
Mathers, Mrs, 86 Albert street 

Matheson, Alex., draper, outfitter, milliner, and trimming warehouse- 
man, 34 Wellgate ; tailor and outfitter, 21 West port ; h. 33HLllto-wn 
Matheson, Alex., iile manufacturer, 21 N. Tay st. ; h. 10 Annfield st. 
Matheson, John, broker, 4 Johnston's lane ; h. 93 Nethergate 
Mathevr, Alexander, grocer, 16 Princes street ; h. 61 
Mathew, Alexander, jun. , accountant, 93 High street ; h. 61 Princes st. 
Mathevr, Betsy M., teacher, Hawkhill Public School ; h. 22 Airlie place 
Mathew, George, restaurateur, 2 East Dock street ; h. 74 Seagate 
MATHEW, JAMES P., & CO., general letterpress and lithographic printers, 

publishers, commercial stationers, paper-rulers, and bookbinders, 

17 and 19 Cowgate. See Adv. 
Mathew, James P., of J. P. Mathew & Co., 22 Airlie place 
Mathew, John D., clerk, 17 and 19 Cowgate ; h. 22 Airlie place 
Mathew, Mrs Charles, of Gordon & Mathew, 150 Hilltown 
Mathew, Mrs George, grocer, 14 Mains road 
Mathew, Mrs, feuar, 194 Hilltown 

Mathewson, Alex., of Mathewson & Son, Terrace house, Constitution rd. 
Mathewson, Allan, of Mathewson & Son, Terrace house, Constitution rd. 
Mathewson, Alexander G., 24 Garland place 
Mathewson, Elizabeth, grocer and wine merchant, Gladstone place, 28 

Dudhope Crescent road ; h. 36 Dallfield terrace 
Mathewson, John, of Mathewson & Son, Terrace house. Constitution rd. 
Mathewson & Son, wholesale tea merchants, 21 Union street 
Mathieson, James, shoemaker, 6 Crichton st. ; h. Grant's pi., West port 
Mathieson, John, lodginghouse keeper, 40 Union street 
Mathieson, Murdoch, bootmaker, 186 HawkhUl 
Mathison, Barbara, lodgings, 14 Garland place 
Mathison, Peter, lathsplitter, 7 Hill street 

Matthew, David, & Co., bed and table linen manufacturers, 123 Perth rd. 
Matthew, David, grocer and tea merchant, 49 Overgate ; h. 9 Kilnbum 

place, Newport 
Matthew, George, blacksmith, 51 Victoria street 
Matthew, James, treasurer, Dundee Gas Commission, 16 Meadowside; 

k. 20 Castle street 
Matthew, James, blacksmith, 126 Princes street 
Matthew, Jessie, draper and milliner, 128 Hawkhill ; k. Falcon place, 

2 Wilkie's lane 


Matthew, John M. , powerloom manager, Tay Works ; h. 2 Gowrie place 

Matthew, John, messenger, British Linen Bank ; h. Horse wynd 

Matthew, John M., clerk, 10 Benvie road 

Matthew, Peter, merchant, 12 Panmure street ; h. Elm grove, W. Ferry- 
Matthew, Peter, confectioner, 30 Dura street 

Matthew, Robert, clerk, D. P. & L. Shipping Co. ; h. 20 Castle street 

Matthew, William, milloverseer, 4 Park street 

Matthew, William W., painter. Paradise lane, 30 Mid street 

Matthew, Miss, dressmaker, 71 High street 

Matthew, Mrs D. , Waterloo place, 73 Annfield road 

Matthew, Mrs James, 27 Constitution street 

Matthews, Geo. D., stockbroker, 41 Reform st.; h. 2 Louise ter., B. Ferry 

Maule, David, clothier, 86 Overgate ; h. 38 Seafield road 

Maule, David, joiner, 21 Kincardine street 

Maurice, Alexander, slater, 50 Crescent lane ; A. 185 Princes street 

Maver, George, lettercarrier, 26 Bell street 

Maver, Mrs, confectioner, 39 Rosebank street ; h. 37 

Mawer, James, confectioner, 165 Scouringburn 

Maxwell, Alexander, flaxspinner, Tay Street Mill ; office, 9 Bain square ; 
h. 59 Magdalen green 

Maxwell, Charles C, 11 Windsor street 

Maxwell, David, water inspector, 7 Euclid street ; h. 5 Temple lane 

Maxwell, George F., 59 Magdalen green 

MAXWELL, JAS., rope and twine spinner, 20 Hill st. ; h. 12. See Adv. 

Maxwell, James, clerk, patentee of the self-acting safety lock for rail- 
way and other carriages, 57 Ferry road 

Maxwell, Thomas F., clerk, Royal Bank, Murraygate ; /t. 9 Middle st. 

Maxwell, William, baker, 17 Hean's lane ; h. 15 

Maxwelltown Works, 46 Elizabeth st., J. & A. D. Griniond,manufacturers 

May, George, joiner, 34 Main street 

May, John A., houseagent, 104 Caldrum street 

May, Mrs D., 38 Main street 

May, Mrs Thomas, grocer, 66 Princes street 

Meadows, James, traveller, 12 Garland place 

Mealmaker, William, slater, Lowden's alley ; h. 27 West port 

Mearns, Charles, clerk, 40 Perth road 

Mearns, George, clerk, West Station ; h. 4 Park terrace 

Mechan, James, grocer and wine merch., 60 Blackscroft ; h. 10 Albert st. 

Mechan, Margaret, grocer, 64 Blackscroft ; h. 62 

Mechan, Mrs Elizabeth, wine and spirit merch., 52 West port ; h. 54 

Mechan, Mrs, grocer, 89 Blackscroft 

Mechesney, Andrew, ironmonger, 112 Scouringburn, and 19 and 21 
West Henderson's wynd ; h. 110 Scouringburn 

Mechesney, Andrew, grocer, 11 Park wynd 

Meek, David, draper and clothier, 113 Perth road ; h. 16 Step row 

Meek, Marshall, of Kilgour & Meek, 38 Ure street 

Meek, Mrs David, 42 William street, Forebank 

Meekison, James, baker, 16 Hilltown ; h. 20 

Meekison, Thomas, shipmaster, 27 Charles street 

Meikle, Mrs, stationer, 35 Rosebank street 

Meiklem, Mrs Mary, midwife, 7 Overgate 


Meldrum Alex., superintendent. Model Lodging House, 92 Victoria road 
Meldrum, Andrew M., of Young & Meldrum, Tay terrace, E. Newport 
MELDRUM, DAVID M., umbrellamaker and India-rubber merchant, 

13 and 15 Reform street ; h. West Newport. See Adv. 
Meldrum, Donald, clerk, 3 Athole place, Arbroath road 
Meldrum, Donald, bookkeeper, 8 BafSn street 
Meldrum, George D., grocer and wine merchant, 16 Commercial street, 

Maxwelltown ; h. 24 North Ellen street 
Meldrum, Simpson, 18 Airlie place 

Meldrum, William, tailor and clothier, 3 Temple lane ; h. 13 Park entry 
Mollis, Alexander, 11 Union place, Perth road 
Mellis, Mrs David, 10 Kinloch street 
Melville, Alexander, joiner, 84 Strathmartine road 
Melville, Charles, turner, 15 North street 

Melville, David, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Polepark road ; h. 6 
Melville, David, upholsterer, 16 Elizabeth street 

Melville, D. , boot and shoe maker, 6 West port ; h. 13 Stanley pi., Step row 
MelviUe, Henry, warehouseman, 53 North Church street 
Melville, James W., shipmaster, 103 Seagate 
Melville, John, spirit merchant, 96 Ann street 

Melville, John, examining officer, H.M. Customs ; h. Forebank terrace 
Melville, John, commercial traveller, Forebank terrace 
Melville, Margaret, spirit merchant, 15 Scouringburn ; h. 225 Overgate 
Melville, Robert, enginefitter, 98 Albert street 
Melville, Robert, cabinetmaker and joiner, 216 Overgate, and 14 Small's 

wynd ; A. 31a Croft's lane 
Melville, Walker S. , merchant and commission agent, 5 Coupar's alley ; 

h. Forebank terrace 
Melville, William, grocer and wine merchant, 229 and 231 Hawkhill ; h. 

33 Tait's lane 
Melville, William H., draper, clothier, and milliner, 29 High st. ; A. 11 

Melville, Mrs George, stationer, 1 Constitution street 
Melville, Mrs R., 2 Dalhousie terrace 
Melville, Mrs, grocer, 5 Malcolm street 
Melville, Mrs, confectioner and fruiterer, 204 Seagate 
MelviUe, Mrs, 98 Albert street 

Melvin, Alexander, bootmaker, 41 Small's wynd ; h. 38 Park wynd 
Menarey, Thomas, general dealer, 182 Overgate 

Menmuir, Mrs Margaret, grocer, 24 Barrack street ; h. 60 Bell street 
Menzies, David, foreman. Gas Work ; h. 5 Ferry road 
Menzies, George, edge-tool dealer and sawmaker, 41 Wellgate ; h. 106 

Ajxnfield road 
Menzies, James, stationer and confectioner, 15 and 24 Albert street 
Menzies, Jas., wine and spirit merch., 57Locheerd. ; h. 2 Gardner's lane 
Menzies, James, shipmaster, 17 Croft's lane 
Menzies, Jessie, confectioner, 65 Lochee road 
Menzies, John, bootmaker, 23 St Salvador street 

Menzies, John, water inspector, 7 Euclid street ; h. Stobsmuir Reservoir 
Menzies, Peter, of Menzies and Robertson, 106 Annfield road 
Menzies, Robert, 17 North Tay street 


Menzies & Robertson, grocers and wine merchants, 164 Blackness road 

Menzies, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 8 Charles street 

Menzies, Miss H., china merchant, 159 Perth road ; h. 23 Croft's lane 

Menzies, Mrs John, 2 Arbroath road 

Merson, George, musicseller's assistant, 5 Reform street 

Mess, James, teacher. Free St John's School, 36 Parkwynd; h. 9 Balfour st. 

Methven, Andrew, cabinetmaker, 38 Carmichael street 

Methven, John, superintendent, Tay Ferries ; h. 26 Union street 

Methven & Norrie, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and funeral undertakers. 

124 Nethergate 
METHVEN, SIMPSON, & CO., musicsellers to the Queen, 122 Nethergate ; 

workshop, Yeaman shore. See Adv. 
Methven, Thomas, joiner, 6 Alexander street 
Methven, Mrs William, 13 Dudhope terrace 
Methven, Misses, 7 Sea wynd 
Mevins, John, currier, 46 Charles street 

Mid Street Spinning Co., spinners. Mid St. Mill ; office, 8 Panmure st. 
Mid Wynd Works, 25 Mid wynd, James Scott & Sons, manufacturers 
Middleton, Charles, factory overseer, 111 Princes street 
Middleton, George, bootmaker, 154 Hawkhill ; A. 152 
Middleton, James, baker, 5 Mid wynd ; h. 3 Kincardine street 
Middleton, William, joiner, 51 Lochee road 
MIDDLETON, Miss ANN, bookseller and stationer, Pillars, 12 High street ; 

li. 1 Bank street. See Adv. 
Midland Railway Co., 57 Meadowside and N. B. Railway station 
MUl, Charles, calenderer, 68 Ann street 
Mill, James, grocer, 30 Charles street 
Mill, James, joiner, 16 Lawrence street 
Mill, James, blacksmith, 56 Dura street 
Mill, John, clerk, 2 Lawrence street 
Mill, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 51 Victoria road 
Mill, Mrs A., fruiterer, 2 Hawkhill ; A. 54 West port 
MiU, Mrs, 1 Step row 
Mill, Mrs, manglekeeper, 5 Laing street 
Millam, George, housef actor and joiner, 18 Ann street 
Millan, Peter, pawnbroker, 106 Caldrum street ; h. 104 
Millan, Miss, dressmaker, 45 Cowgate 

Millar, Alexander, landscape gardener, 4 Well road, Hawkhill 
Millar, Andrew, traveller, 33 Castle street 
Millar, Andrew B., mason, 7 Parker street 

Millar, Charles James, bandmaster, 59 Wellgate ; A. 12 Perth road 
Millar, Charles, teacher, King St. School, King's rd.; A. 108 Rosebank st. 
Millar, David G., porter, 2 Hillbank road 
Millar, David, meal and corn merchant, 35 Lochee road 
Millar, David, shipbuilder, 16 Nelson street 
Millar, George, butcher, 73 Overgate ; A. 7 Rustic place 
Millar, George, grocer, 1 Wolseley street ; A. 3 
Millar, George, clerk, 17 Princes street 
Millar, George, overseer, 93 Peddie street 
Millar, James, ship, insurance, and forwarding agent, Clydesdale Bank 

buUdings, Commercial street ; A. Tayview vflla, West Newport 


Millar, James, grocer and spiritdealer, 45 Constitution road ; A. 43 

Millar, James, hatter, 59 Hawkhill ; h. 142 Pertli road 

Millar, James, inspector of works, 5 Parker street 

Millar, James, gardener, 27 Forebank road 

Millar, James, tailor, 143 Lochee road 

Millar, James, clerk, 34 Wilkie's lane 

Millar, Jane, dressmaker, 87| Blackscroft 

Millar, John F., cashier, 1 King street ; h. HoUybank, Newport 

Millar, John, broker, 106 Rosebank street ; A. 6 Kinloch street 

Millar, John, commission agent, 10 Exchange st. ; h. Glamis road, Forfar 

Millar, John, gardener, 15 Lawson place 

Millar, John, blacksmith, 48 Overgate 

MiUar, Lewis F., musician, 82 Dudhope street 

Millar, Margaret B., boot and shoe merchant, 117 Murraygate ; h. 43 

Constitution road 
Millar, Mungo, grocer, 5 Church street, Princes street 
Millar, Patrick B., commission agent, 82 Bell street ; h. 14 Baton's lane 
Millar, Robert, teller. Commercial Bank ; h. 61 Reform street 
Millar, Robert, banker, 22 Castle street ; /;. 3 Magdalen Yard road, and 

Coupar Angus 
Millar, Robert, fireman, 3 Thomson street 

Millar, Robt., butcher, 87 Murraygate and 117 Hawkhill; h. ISNethergate 
Millar, Robert, tailor, 43 Princes street 
Millar, Robert, sailmaker, 11 Balfour street 
Millar, Thomas, grocer, 102 Rosebank street ; h. 100 
Millar, Thomas, shipmaster, 8 Yeaman shore 

Millar, Thomas M., clerk with J. Bryden & Sons ; h. 19 Wellington st. 
Millar, William, grocer and wine merchant, 8 Tally street and 102 

Victoria road ; h. 3 South Ellen street 
Millai-, William, draper, clothier, and auctioneer,76 Dura st.; A. 2 Eliza st. 
Millar, William, armourer and hallkeeper. Drill Hall, Parker square 
Millar, William, ironmonger, 191 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Ashton place 
Millar, William, clerk, 31 Seafield road 
Millar, William, foreman, Gas Works ; h. 7 Ferry road 
Millar, William, mechanic, Fairley place 
Millar, Mrs B., grocer and spiritdealer, 53 Mains road ; h. 55 
Millar, Mrs John, Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 
Millar, Mrs, Forebank terrace 
MiUar, Mrs C, grocer, 17 Mid wynd 
Millar, Mrs D., 31 Seafield road 

Miliar, Miss W., dress and mantle maker, 142 Perth road 
Miller, Alex., hemp cloth manufacturer, 44 Ann street ; h. Rowanlea, 

Broughty Ferry 
Miller, Alex,, retired supervisor of Inland Revenue, 6 Havelock place 
Miller, Alexander, of Miller & Smith, St Mary's terrace 
Miller, Alexander, clerk, 7 Dallfield terrace 

Miller, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 61 Wellgate ; h. 25 Victoria road 
Miller, Alexander R., joiner, 11 Cleghorn street 
MiUer, Charles, manager, Wellfield Works ; h. Salisbury place 
MiUer, James W., M.D., L.R.C.P. Ed., 23 Tay street 
Miller, James M., grocer and spirit merchant, 1 Kinloch street ; h. 4 


Miller, James, carver and provision dealer, 23 Victoria road ; h. 5 Kirk 

MUler, James, collector, Gas Office ; h. 8 Roslin terrace 
Miller, James, cartwright, 1 Jolmston's lane 
Miller, James, mason, 31 Main street 
Miller, James, storekeeper, 35 North Wellington street 
Miller, John, cabinetmaker, 280 Hilltown 

Mnier, Oliver G., of 0. G. Miller & Co., Panmure house, Muirdrum 
MiUer, O. G., & Co., flaxspuiners, Arch, Column, South, New South, 

North, and East Mills ; office, Meadow house, 49 Meadowside 
MUler, Peter, brassfinisher, 18 Bell Street lane 
Miller, Richard A., agent, 27 Panmure street ; h. 6 Westfield place 
Miller & Smith, bootmakers, 48 Reform street 

MUler, Stephen, teacher, St Salvador's School ; A. 9 St Salvador street 
MUler, Thos. Y., reporter, Courier and Argus Office ; A. 38 Croft's lane 
MiUer, Thomas, asylum warder, 6 Isla street 
MiUer, WUliam, public accountant, 11 Royal Exchange lane ; h. 32. 

Mikibank road 
MUler, W. B., merchant, Meadow house ; h. 20 Airlie place 
MUler, William B., 17 Lawrence street 
MUler, Mrs Mary Ann, lodgings, 3 EUen street 
MUler, Mrs, sen., 11 South Tay street 
MiUer, Misses Blair, 4 Springfield 
Miller, Miss, house proprietress, 26 Back street 
MUler, Miss, 18 Step row 

MiUigan, Rev. Robert, Chalmers Free Church ; h. 27 Windsor street 
MiUs, Benjamin H., 12 St Mary's place 

MUls, Chas., commis. agent, 23 St Andrew's st. ; A.Victoria house, Tayport 
MUls, David, manufacturer, 26 Rosebank street ; h. 24 
MUls, Elizabeth, confectioner, 43 Commercial street, MaxweUtown 
MiUs, James, shipmaster, 12 Maryfield terrace 
MiUs, James S., writer and accountant, 10 High street ; A. Wallbank, 

16 Paton's lane 
MiUs, James, of John & A. MUls, 11 WeUington street 
MiUs, James, flax merchant, 5 Bain square ; A. Bellevue terrace, Newport 
MiUs, James, house proprietor, 85 Victoria road 
MiUs, John & A., linen manufacturers, 47 Cowgate 
MUls, Rev. John, M.A., St Matthew's Church ; A. 10 SomervUle place 
MiUs, John, house proprietor, 85 Victoria road 
MiUs, William R., merchant, mill-furnisher, and commission agent, 49 

St Andi-ew's street ; A. 1 Janefield place 
MiUs, Mrs David, 12 Nelson street 
MiUs, Mrs J. T., Morgan's Castle, 143 Nethergate 
MUn, Alexander A., & Co., merchants, spinners, and manufacturers, 

Pitalpin, Lochee ; office, 29 Panmure street 
MUn, John, accountant and cashier, Dundee Savings^^Bank ; A. Tay view, 

East Newport 
MUn, Robert, jobbing joiner, 8 Ash lane 
MUn Street Mill, Blinshall street, John Sharp, spinner 
MUn, Thomas, reed and camb manufacturer, 12 Baltic street ; A. 39' 

Constitution street 


Miln, William, grocer, wine and spirit naerchant, 46 Ann street ; h. 38 

North George street 
Miln, Mrs B., house proprietress, Belmont place, 114 Hawkhill 
MUn, Mrs James, 202 Perth road 
Mihi, Misses, teachers, 19 Janefield place, Maryfield 
MUne, Alexander, & Co., coal merchants, 17 Cotton road 
Milne, Alexander, grocer, 14 Springhill place ; h. 90 Perry road 
Milne, Alexander, clerk, 4 Dallfield terrace 

Milne & Berry, grain merchants and produce brokers, 11 Shore terrace 
Milne, Charles, mechanic, 13 Graham place 
Milne, David H., clerk, 7 King street ; h. 2 Viewforth place 
Milne, David, housefactor, 164 Overgate ; h. 127 Ferry road 
Milne, David, pawnbroker, 4 West port ; h. Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 
Milne, David, butcher, 104 Overgate ; k. 17 Dudhope street 
Milne, David, blacksmith, 2 Middle street 

Mihxe, Duncan W., joiner, 241 Hill town ; h. Greenlaw place, Clepington 
Milne, Francis, mahogany and general timber merchant, 38 Small's wynd 
MUne, Eev. George, Wilson Free Church ; h. Cherryfield house, 123 

Blackness road 
MUne, George, gasmeter inspector, 53 Balgay street 
Milne, George, grocer, 5 Erskine street 

MUne, Isabella, mUliner and dressmaker, 49 Albert st. ; h. 185 Princes st. 
MUne, James, baker, 1 1 Scouringburn, and Brook st. , Broughty Ferry 
MUne, James H., tolDacco manufacturer, 121 Murraygate ; h. 123 
MUne, James, grocer and spirit merch., 94 King st. ; h. 39 Todburn lane 
Milne, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 192 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Watt st. 
Milne, James, coal merchant, 20 Hillbank road 
MUne, James, printer, 41 North Wellington street 
MUne, James, joiner, 2 Cleghorn street 
Milne, James, grocer, 46 Princes street ; h. 48 
Milne, James, sawmiller, 27 Park wynd 

MUne, John, miUer and corn merchant, 60 Foundry lane ; h. Mill of Mains 
MUne, John, house proprietor, 52 Polepark road ; h. 16 Springfield 
Milne,John,tobacconist,stationer, and printer, 36 Dudhope Cres. rd. ; h. 32 
Milne, John, of Milne & Berry, 15 Strawberrybank 
Milne, John, plasterer, 114 Rosebank street 
MUne, Mary, stationer and tobacconist, 98 Ann street 
Milne, Robert W., cabinetmaker, 19 Kinloch street 
Milne, Robert, clerk of works, 43 Castle street 
Milne, Robert, joiner, 126 Princes street 
MUne, William, general and house furnishing ironmonger, 18 Overgate ; 

h. Struan place. East Newport 
MUne, William B., solicitor, 10 Reform street ; h. 274 Tait'slane 
MUne, WUliam, clerk, 45 Meadowside ; h. Salisbury place 
Milne, Mrs Alexander, grocer and spiritdealer, 107 Lochee road 
MUne, Mrs Alexander, dressmaker, 105 Princes street 
Milne, Mrs David, wine and spirit merchant, 116 Cowgate 
MUne, Mrs Henry, dressmaker, 45 King street 

Milne, Mrs M. . berlin wool and fancy goods warehouse, 67 Perth rd. ; /i.71 
MUne, Mrs Robert, Abbotsford cottage, Forfar road 
MUne, Mrs, cook and preserve-maker, 15 Springhill place, Ferry road 


Milne, Miss, milliner, 5 Coupar's alley, Wellgate 

MUne, Miss, teacher, 32 Bank street 

Milne, Miss, teacher, 15 Tay street 

Milton, Thomas, baker, 28 Fyffe street 

Minto, John D., late spirit merchant, 4 South George street 

Minto, William, brush manufacturer, 32 Barrack street 

Mitchell, Alexander, & Son, brassfounders, plumbers, and gasfitters, 1 

to 5 Magdalen Yard road and 118 Perth road 
Mitchell, Alexander, of Alexander Mitchell & Son, Downfield 
Mitchell, Alexander, jun., of Alex. Mitchell & Son, 3 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Mitchell, Alexander L., victualler, 46 Polepark road; h. 44 
Mitchell, Alexander, steamboiler coverer, 6 and 8 Candle lane ; h. 31 

Exchange street 
Milne, Alexander, miUoverseer, 2 Bruce street 
Mitchell, Alexander C. , coachbuilder, 22 St Mary's place 
Mitchell, Alexander, assistant manager. Gas Works ; h. 101 M 'Grady's 

land. Glebe street 
Mitchell, Alexander, bootmaker, 28 Ann street ; h. 53 Baffin street 
Mitchell, Alexander, grocer, 17 Tindal's wynd 
Mitchell, Alexander, printer, 146 Murray gate 
Mitchell, Alexander, lishdealer, 15 Butcher row 
Mitchell, Andrew, dairyman, Fairmuir toll 
Mitchell, Charles D. , solicitor and notary public, procurator-fiscal of 

Dean of Guild Court, 8 Bank street ; h. 4 Athole terrace, Maryfield 
Mitchell, Charles, upholsterer, 1 Mount pleasant 
Mitchell, David W. B., M.A., headmaster and house- governor, Morgan 

Hospital, Forfar road 
Mitchell, David, insurance broker and property agent, 5 Reform street ; 

A. Gladstone place, 3 Parker street 
Mitchell, David, of Mitchell & Wighton, 62 Blackscroft 
Mitchell, David R., of Mitchell & Jones, 4 Garland place 
Mitchell, David, confectioner, 29 Dallfield walk ; h. 31 
Mitchell, David, grain merchant, 6 Daniel st. ; h. Smith's land, Peddle st. 
Mitchell, David, late fruiterer, 14 Union street 
Mitchell, David, shipmaster, 2 Kirk entry, Wellgate 
Mitchell, George, of Mitchell & Strachan, 5 Queen street 
Mitchell, George, family grocer and wine merchant, 26 High street ; h. 

9 Park place 
Mitchell, George G., grocer, 164 Perth road ; h. 40 Seafield road 
Mitchell, George, mason. North Clepington road 
Mitchell, George J., printer, 22 St Mary's place 
Mitchell, George, carpenter, 5 Macgill street 
Mitchell, George, timekeeper, 13 South Ellen street 
Mitchell & Graham, spinners and manufacturers, Baltic Linen Works, 

Annfield road j office, 8 Cowgate 
Mitchell, Henry B. , clerk, 3 Craig street 

Mitchell, Henry B., & Co., flax merchants, 38 St Andrew's street 
Mitchell, Henry B., of Henry B.Mitchell & Co., Terrace house, Nethergate 
Mitchell, James, & Co., seed crushers, oil refiners, and pavement mer- 
chants, 5 Reform street 
Mitchell, James, of James Mitchell & Co., 3 Douglas terrace, Bro. Ferry 


Mitchell, James, shipbroker, 43 Candle lane ; h. Harecraig, West Ferry 
Mitchell, James, corn merchant, 33 Exchange street ; h. 2 Maryfield ter. 
Mitchell, James, of Mitchell & Stewart, 3 Baffin street 
Mitchell, James, manager, Dundee Linen Works ; h. 33 Stirling street 
Mitchell, James, telegraph constructor. Engineering Department, General 

Post Office ; h. 119^ Hilltown 
Mitchell, James, law-clerk, 24 Meadowside ; h. 7 Salisbury place 
Mitchell, James A. P., clerk, D. P. and L. Shipping Co.; h. 3 Craig st. 
Mitchell, James, bootmaker, 124 Lochee road 
Mitchell, James, woodturner, 5 Catherine street 
Mitchell, J. & A., boot and shoe makers, 10 Constitution street 
Mitchell, James, cabinetmaker, 6 Kinnaird street 
Mitchell, James, joiner, 62 Croft's lane 
Mitchell, James S., draper, 8 Park terrace, Blackness road 
Mitchell, John, merchant, 8 Cowgate ; h. Polepark house, and Arngask, 

Mitchell, John, jun., of Mitchell & Graham, Polepark house 
Mitchell, John A., coal agent, 6 St Andrew's street ; h. 6 Craigie terrace 
Mitchell, John, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 187 Princes st. ; h. 185 
Mitchell, John R., manager, D. P. S. A. (Limited), 26 and 28 Bank street ; 

h. 1 Dalhousie terrace 
Mitchell, John, butcher, Ladywell place ; h. Roslin house, Provost road 
Mitchell, John, confectioner, 24 Wellington street 
Mitchell, John, 5 Ritchie's lane 
Mitchell, John, blacksmith, 10 Roslin terrace 
Mitchell & Jones, merchants and manufacturers, upholsterers, furnishers, 

cabinetmakers, and bedding manufacturers, 8 Meadow street 
Mitchell, John D., of J. D. Adams & Co., 9 Airlie terrace 
Mitchell, Margaret C, matron. Prison, West Bell street 
Mitchell, Peter D. , of Mitchell & Ramsay, Alma cottage, Monifieth 
Mitchell & Ramsay, merchants, millfurnishers, and oil merchants, 5 

Royal Exchange lane and 15 Bell street 
Mitchell, Robert, Clifton villa, Perth road 

Mitchell, Rev. Robert, M.A., assistant. East Church ; h. 12 Perth road 
Mitchell, Robert H., house proprietor, 147 Ann street 
MITCHELL & STEWART, coal, lime, brick, and cement merchants, 32 

Castle street. See Adv. 
Mitchell, Stewart, house agent, 5 Queen street ; h. 25 LiLybank road 
Mitchell & Strachan, sculptors, 5 Queen street 

Mitchell, Thomas, grocer and wine mercht., 11 Union st.; h. 21 Airlie pi. 
Mitchell, Thomas, confectioner, 34 Arbroath road 

Mitchell & Wighton, plumbers, brassfounders, and gaslitters, 92 Seagate 
Mitchell, William, plumber and gasfitter, 69 Cowgate ; h. 57 
Mitchell, William, wine and spirit merch., Cherryfield lane; /t.49 Larch st. 
Mitchell, William P., house proprietor, 17 North Wellington street 
Mitchell, William, confectioner, 6 Strathmartine road 
Mitchell, William, enginedriver, 31 Kintore place, Watson street 
Mitchell, William, joiner, 28 Polepark road 
Mitchell, William, shoemaker, Steven's land, Dundonald street 
Mitchell, William, street porter, 6 Castle court 
Mitchell, William, engine tenter, 75 Seagate 


Mitchell, William, agent for Lindsay & Anderson, East Dock street ; h. 

15 BaiSn street 
Mitchell, Mrs A., grocer, 78 Albert street 
Mitchell, Mrs D. Bower, 6 Airlie place 
Mitchell, Mrs David, 22 Windsor street 
Mitchell, Mrs E., confectioner, 104 Seagate 

Mitchell, Mrs Isabella, wine and spirit merchant, 186 HiUtown ; h. 159 
Mitchell, Mrs Isabella, spiritdealer, 37 Princes street ; h. 31 
Mitchell, Mrs John, grocer and spiritdealer, 71 Princes st.; h. 1 Kemback st. 
Mitchell, Mrs, midwife and sicknurse,89 Hospital wyd. and 1 Mortimer st. 
Mitchell, Mrs, manglekeeper, 9 North George street 
Mitchell, Mrs, 29 Union street 
Mitchell, Mrs, 18 Hawkhill place 
Mitchell, Mrs, 160 Scouringburn 
Mitchell, Mrs, 13 Eliza street 

Mitchell, Miss E., china and fancy goods merchant, 33 Constitution rd. 
Mitchelson, Alexander, millforeman, 31 Hunter street 
Mitchelson, Alexander, jun., patternmaker, 35 Hunter street 
Moffat, William, milloverseer, 10 Cleghorn street 
Moir, Albert, tobacconist, 22 King street ; h. 79 Albert street 
Moir, Ann, grocer, 143 Seagate 
Moir, David, 17 Maryfield terrace 
Moir, David, carpenter, 101 Victoria road 

Moir, Edward, of John Moir & Son, Craighead villa, East Newport 
Moir,Prederick B.,wine and spirit merchant,8 Bell st. ; h.Z Arbroath rd. 
Moir, James, salesman. West of Scotland Boot Depot ; h. 54 North 

Ellen street 
Moir, John, & Son, linen manufacturers. Cottage Factory, East Dock 

street ; office, 27 Cowgate 
Moir, John, of John Moir & Son, 10 William street 
Moir, Philip, commission agent, 5 Bain square 
Moir, Robert, blacksmith, 35 Lawrence street 
Moir, William, agent, Bank of Scotland, and North British and Mercantile 

Insurance Co., 34 Reform street ; h. 2 Bank street 
Moir, William, brassfounder, 35 Kincardine street 
Moir, Mrs John, 10 Middle street 
Moir, Mrs, 220 Blackness road 

MoUison, David S. , confectioner, 230 Overgate ; A. 2 St David's''lane 
Mollison, Graham, joiner, 7 Blackness street 

MoUison, James, of Tay Shipbuilding Co., 1 Westfield pi., West Ferry 
Mollison, James, shoemaker, 173 Overgate ; A. 2 St David's lane 
Mollison, James, flax porter, 27 Queen street 
Mollison, James, tailor, 26 Isles' lane 

Mollison, John, milloverseer, Dens Works ; h. 18 Arbroath road 
MoUison, W., joiner and cabinetmaker, 14 Small's lane ; h. 11 Marine 

place, Hawkhill 
' Mollison, Mrs J., baker, 41 Union street ; h. 43 
Moncrieff, Henry, U.P. missionary, Dallfield walk ; h. 38 "Victoria st. 
Moncrieff, James, baker, 1 SpringhUl place. Ferry road ; h. 2 
Mpncrieff, James, cabinetmaker, 40 St Mary's place 
—Moncrieff, Rev. John M., M.A., assistant. East Church ; h. 14 Garland pi. 


Moncrieff, R. & W., jute manufacturers, 4 India buildings ; works, 

Methven, Perthshire 
Moncrieff, William W., of E. & W. Moncrieff, 2 Viewforth place 
Moncrieff, Mrs William, 2 Viewforth place 
Moncrieffe, Miss, 6 Victoria square 

Moncur, Alexander, & Son, manufacturers, Victoria Works, Ure street 
Moncur, Alexander H., of A. Moncur & Son, Rockfield, 283 Perth road 
Moncur, Alexander, cowfeeder, 24 Mains road 
Moncur, Alexander, mechanic, 25 Victoria road 

Moncur, David, family grocer, 87 and 89 Milnbank road ; h. 12 Blyth st. 
Moncur, David, hardware merchant, 25 Strathmartine road 
Moncur, David, shoemaker, 1 Stewart street 
Moncur, James, of Ireland & Moncur, Taybank, Monifieth 
Moncur, Mary Ann, grocer, 53 King street ; h. 54 
Moncur, William, glass, china, and hardware merchant, 143 Hawkhill ; 

h. 2 Wilkie's lane 
Moncur, William, sorting clerk, Post Office ; h. 26 Hawkhill 
Moncur, Mrs, manglekeeper, 13 Temple lane 
Moncur, Miss G., basket and fancy goods warehouse, 114 Ann street ; h. 

49 Small's wynd 
Monfries, Alexander, teacher, Dundee Institution ; A. 4 Tay square 
Monie, Rev. James, Morison E. U. Church ; h. 17 Lilybank road 
Monro, Mrs Ann, grocer, 26a Hawkhill 
Monro & Son, bakers, 13 West port 
Montgomery, George, mercantile stationer and bookseller, and agent for 

Milner's safes, 64 High street ; h. Brewhead house, Liff 
Montgomery, James, boot and shoe maker, 125 Blackscroft 
Moodie, David, merchant and manufacturer, 5 Bain sq. ; h. 12 Annfieldrd. 
Moodie, David, of D. Moodie & Co., Balmuir 
Moodie, D., & Co., bleachers and yarn merchants, Balmuir ; office, 49 

Moodie, David, milloverseer, 50 Mains road 
Moon, Charles, M.B., CM., 94 Nethergate 
Moon, David Steel, physician and surgeon, 15 King street 
MOON, LANGLANDS, & CO., warehousemen, Albion House, 40 Nethergate. 

See Adv. 
Moon, Miss, 2 Gowrie place 

Mooney, Richard, stoker, Gas Works ; h. 69 Constable street 
Moor, Rev. Gilbert, 118 Albert street 

Moore, James, district superint.. Pearl Life Insur. Co., 37 Dallfield ter. 
Moore, John, railway guard, 1 Thomson street 
Moore & Weinberg, merchants, 13 Panmure street 
Moram, Margaret, 26 Tait's lane 
Moram, Robert, gardener, 9 Ford's lane 
Moran, John, millforeman, 38 Blackness road 
More, David M., draper's assistant, 2 Havelock place 
More, Thomas W. , grocer, 99 Overgate 
Morgan, James, potato merchant, 64 Dura street 
Morgan, John, teacher, Annan terrace, 19 W^ellington street 
Morgan, Richard D., clothier, outfitter, and boardinghouse keeper, 35 

Trades lane 


Morison, Anderson, & Butchart, spinners, manufacturers, and mercliants, 

Wallace Works, Dens road 
Morison, W. R.,of Morison, Anderson, & Butchart, Balgillo house,B. Ferry 
lUCOBRIS, ALEXANDER, basketmaker and cooper, 82 Nethergate ; h. 22 

Strathmartine road. See Adv. 
Morris, Alexander, draper's assistant, 11 Waterloo place 
Morris, Andrew N., clerk, 2 Gardner's lane 
Morris, David, engineer, 89 Lochee road 

Morris, George, bookseller, stationer, &c., 72 High st.; A. 6 Somerville pL 
Morris, Isabella, draper, 137 Hawkhill 
Morris, James, mechanic, 1 Blackheath, Hawkhill 
Morris, James, cooper, 88 Overgate ; h. 90 
MOBBIS, JOHN, basket manufacturer, 17 Long wynd ; h. 14 Temple lane. 

See Adv. 
Morris, John, boot and shoe maker, 206 Hilltown, 33 Ann street, and 9 

Albert street ; h. 96 Strathmartine road 
Morris, Thomas, powerloom manager. Bank Mill ; h. 8 Lawrence street 
Morris, William, manager to P. Nucator, brassfounder ; h. 78 Bell street 
Morris, William, cowfeeder, 44 Strathmartine road 
Morris, William, engineer, 72 King street 
Morris, Mrs William, 69 Reform street 

Morris, Mrs, mantlemaker and dressmaker. Grant place, 42 West port 
Morris, Mrs, cowfeeder, 56 Strathmartine road 
Morrison, David, butcher, 164 Scouringburn ; h. 157 
Morrison, David, grocer and spirit merch., 107 Victoria rd ; A.Victoria ores. 
Morrison, David, clerk, Beaconsfield place, 7 William street 
Morrison, Geo., sergeant instructor, 1st F.R.V., Drill Hall; h. 3 Mid st. 
Morrison, James, agent, 13 North Wellington street 
Morrison, James, manager, Laing Street Factory ; h. Victoria crescent 
Morrison, John, draper, 16 Hospital wynd ; h. 14 
Morrison, John, joiner, 22 Dudhope Crescent road 
Morrison, John, overseer, 35 North Wellington street 
Morrison, Peter W., tobaccospinner, 13 Ellen street 
Morrison, Richard, bookseller, 11 Reform street 

Morrison, Robert, photographer, 2 Sea wynd ; h. 46 Dudhope Cres. rd. 
Morrison, Robert B. , clerk, 3 Viewf orth place, Perth road 
Morrison, Robert, clerk, 16 North Ellen street 
Morrison, Ronald, late grocer, 2 Bruce street 
Morrison, Thomas, hawker, 13 Bellfield lane 

Morrison, Wm. B. , merch., 30 Cowgate ; h. Albertford villa, Maryfield 
Morrison, William, tanner, 1 Littlejohn street 
Morrison, Mrs, butcher, 138 HawkhiU ; h. 6 Balfour street 
Morrison, Miss, 98 Blackscroft 
Mortimer, Ann, cook, 29 Yeaman shore 

Mortimer, Robert, boxmaker, 93 Overgate ; h. 18 Beaconsfield place 
Mortimer, William, fireman, 20 St Mary's place 
Morton, Andrew, manager, Stobswell Works ; h. 5 Stobswell road 
Morton, Geo. , wine merchant, 28 N. Lindsay st. ; h. 25 Strawberrybank 
Morton, James, clothier, 19 Union st. ; h. Maryfield terrace, E. Newport 
Morton, Jessie, dressmaker, 118 Albert street 
Morton, John, warehouseman, 32 Ann street 


Morton, Jonathan A., of Luke, Linder, & Co., 21 Stanley place, Step row 

Morton, Robert, cutter, 3 Craig street 

Morton, William J. , clerk. Shore Dues OflBce ; h. 2 Dalhousie terrace 

Moss, Samuel, brassfounder, 9 Hean's lane ; h. 7 

Motion, Robert, draughtsman, 12 Fleuchar street 

Moug, Alexander, greengrocer, 262 HawkhiU 

Moutrie, Robert, Customhouse officer, 15 Annfield street 

Mowat, David, blacksmith, 2 Lawrence street 

Moyes, Lawrence, general dealer, 28 Couttie's wynd 

Muat, Thomas, cook, 21 Dock street 

Muckersie, David, teacher, Wallacetown Public School ; h. 4 Craigie st. 

Muckersie, James, provision merchant, 212 Lochee road ; h. 214 

Mudie, Charles, tinsmith and gasfitter, 101 Overgate ; h. 90 

Mudie, George, hairdresser, 98 Dudhope street ; h. 96 

Mudie, George, mechanic, 67 Lochee road 

Mudie, Grace, confectioner, 32 Arbroath road 

Mudie, James R., accountant and stockbroker, 2 Royal Exchange court ; 
h. Struan place. East Newport 

Mudie, James, of R. A. Mudie & Sons, Rowanbank, Broughty Ferry 

Mudie, James, feuar, 304 Loons road 

Mudie, James, mechanic, 3 Cochrane street, Lochee road 

Mudie, John, mechanic, 13 Mid wynd 

Mudie, John, teacher, Glebe Lands School ; h. 17 William st., Porebank 

Mudie, John, general dealer, 36 Hawkhill 

Mudie, P. Spence, of Boase & Mudie, Seabourne, Broughty Ferry 

Mudie, Robert, of R. A. Mudie & Sons, Prospect place, Broughty Ferry 

Mudie, Robert A., of R. A. Mudie <& Sons, Seabourne, Broughty Ferry 
Mudie, R. A. , & Sons, coal merchants and shipowners, 26 & 28 E. Dock st. 
Mudie, Robert, draper, 170 Scouringburn ; h. 2 Urquhart street 
Mudie, William, teacher, Clepington Public School ; h. 3 Athole terrace, 

Mudie, Mrs J., 27 St Peter street 
Muir, David, machine-fitter, 7 Ireland's lane 
Muir, David, lapper, 11 Kincardine street 
Muir, George, tailor and clothier, 71 High street 
Muir, John D., teller. Commercial Bank ; h. 2 Elmbank 
Muir, John, confectioner, 14 Hilltown ; h. 20 
Muir, John W., shoemaker and grocer, 25 Croft's lane ; h. 31 
Muir, Robt., wigmaker and haircutter, 39 Castle street; h. 80 Nethergate 
DiniB, THOMAS, colliery agent and coal merchant, 63 Yeaman shore. 

See Adv. 
Muir, William, of Macdonald & Muir, 80 Nethergate 
Muir, Mrs, grocer, 59 Perth road ; h. 61 

Mulligan, Christopher, greengrocer, 24 West Henderson's wynd 
Mulloy, Christopher, bottler, 2 Blinshall street ; h. 35 St Peter street 
Mundie, Andrew, grocer and confectioner, 47 Lochee road 
Mundie, Robert, twinespinner, 14 Dudhope street 

Mungo, Br., teacher.StMary'sR.C. School,Forebank rd.; A.Forebank house 
Munro, Andrew, joiner, 214 Lochee road 
Munro & Co. , engineers, Temple lane 
Munro, David, grocer, 75 and 77 Lochee road ; A. 79 


Munro, David, ironmonger, 12 Crichton street ; li. 27 Strawberrybank 
Munro, Donald, wine and spirit mercbant, 118 Seagate and 70 St 

Andrew's street ; h. 20 Cowgate 
Munro, Jobn, mecbanic, Arctic place, Arbroatb road 
Munro, Peter, blacksmitb, 3 Allan street 
Munro, Robert, porter, 14 Court street 
Munro, Robert, bootmaker, 3 Lawrence street 
Munro, W. & S., manufacturers of extract of soap, paste blacking, &c., 

Dundee Cbemical Works, Tait's lane 
Munro, William (of W. & S. Munro), trimming warehouseman, milliner, 

and ladies' bat blocker, 123 Hawkhill ; h. 29 Tait's lane 
Munro, Mrs E., provision merchant, 11 Greenmarket ; h. 49 Castle st. 
MURDOCH, ALEXANDER, cabinetmaker, joiner, and funeral undertaker, 

13 Crescent street and 6 Crescent lane ; li. 51 Crescent st. See Adv. 
Murdoch, Andrew J., commission agent, 71 High street; h. Hillbank 

cottage. Thistle street 
Murdoch, Alexander, jun., joiner, 49 Crescent street 
Murdoch, David, joiner, 55 Crescent street 
Murdoch, David, engineer, 1 1 South George street 
Murdoch, George, flaxdresser, 11 Lower pleasance 

Murdoch, Geo. , clerk, Wallace Works ; It. Ashbank cottage, Maryfield. 
Murdoch, James, writer, 3 Salisbury place, Baffin street 
Murdoch, Thomas, of W. L. Boase & Co., 2 Dalhousie terrace 
Murdoch, Mrs Alexander, china merchant, 31 Victoria street 
Murison, James, merchant, 40 St Andrew's street ; h. 8 Windsor street. 
Murison, Patrick, of Thomson, Shepherd, & Co., Seafield lodge, 75 Mag- 
dalen green 
Murison, William T., mercht., 3 Royal Exchange place; h. 10 Clarendon 

Murphy, James, gardener, Elmslea, Perth road 
Murphy, William, mason, 20 Blyth street 
Murray, Agnes H., confectioner, 11 Springhill place 
Murray, Alexander, carver and gilder, 42 Magdalen Yard road 
Murray, Betsy, grocer, 29 Polepark road ; A. 27 
Murray, Charles, foreman moulder, 29 North Wellington street 
Murray, David, mason, 14 Ogilvie's road 
Murray, Donald, mail guard, 13 South Ellen street 
Murray, Elizabeth, of M. & E. Murray, 40 Perth road 
Murray, George, blacksmith, 2 Gardner's lane 

Murray, George, Customhouse officer, Baxter's buildings, Watson street 
Murray, James, blacksmith, 54 Bell street 
Murray, James, manager, Dudhope Works ; h. 3 Balfour street 
Murray, James, reporter. Courier and Argus ; h. 200 Blackness road 
Murray, James, overseer, 89 Peddie street 
Murray, John, superintendent. Western Cemetery, Perth road 
Murray, John, ship steward, 23 Charles street 
Murray, John, clerk, 117 Ann street 
Murray, Margaret, of M. & E. Murray, 40 Perth road 
Murray, M. &E., grocers and drapers, 155 Scouringburn 
Murray, Peter, powerloom manager. Dens Works ; h.l Nelson street 
Murray, Robert B., compositor, 4 Watson street 


MURRAY, THOMAS, carver, gilder, and printseller, 106 Nethergate ; h. 6 
Perth road. See Adv. 

Murray, William, insurance agent, 2 Higli street 

Murray, William (of Aberdeenshire Meat Company), flesher, 20 Well- 
gate, 13 Hawkhill, and 34 Ann street ; A. 53 HUltown 

Murray, William, out-door officer, Customhouse ; h. Annan's cottage, 
17i Wellington street 

Murray, William, joiner, 20 Miller's wynd ; h. 10 Peddie street 

Murray, Mrs Ann, grocer, 20 St Mary street ; h. 18 

Murray, Mrs, lodginghouse keeper, 87 Overgate ; h. 93 

Murray, Miss, of Schultzen & Murray, 24 Tay street 

Murray, Miss, 1 Graham place 

Murray, Mrs, 18 Dempster street 

Mustard, Forsyth, & Coupar, spinners and- merchants, Jamaica Works, 
Jamaica street 

Mustard, John, of Mustard, Forsyth, & Coupar, Grove place, Perth road 

Mustard, John, meal and corn merch., 17 Yeaman shore ; h. 48 S. Tayst. 

Mustard, William, confectioner and pastry baker, 38 King street ; h. 21 
Lilybank road 

Mustard, Mrs Adam, 141 Seagate 

Mutrie, Mrs Janet, 35 Constitution road 

HUTTER, HOWEY, & CO., railway agents, carriers, and contractors ; 
agents for !N. B. Railway Co., 24 Cowgate, and Tay Bridge Station, 
South Union street ; James Slidders, manager. See Adv. 

Schleselman, agent, Victoria chambers, 12 Victoria road. ^eeAdv. 

Myles, Andrew, Napier place, 9 Nelson street 

Myles, Alexander, house joiner, 18 Todburn lane 

Myles, A. B. , clerk, 22 Airlie place 

Myles, David, of Myles & M'Eae, Annfield house 

Myles, David, of W. & D. Myles, 1 Dalhousie terrace 

MYLES, JAMES, grocer and wine merchant,42 High street; ^.44. See Adv. 

Myles, John, carter, 19 Tait's lane 

Myles & M'Eae, painters and decorators, 81 Princes street 

Myles, Thomas, of Mann & Myles, 16 Step row 

Myles, Thomas, dairyman, 34 Hunter street and 22 Albert street 

Myles, William, painter. Dens Works ; A. 113 Blackscroft 

Myles, William, of W. & D. Myles, 67 Magdalen green 

Myles, W. & D., accountants, 11 Reform street 

Myles, Mrs, tailoress and machinist, 27 Crescent street 

Myles, Mrs, 24 King's road 

Myles, Mrs James, 40 Croft's lane 

Myles, Mrs James, 7 Ellen street 

Myles, Mrs Richard, 1 Ford's lane 

Nagel, Henry, teacher of music, 21 South Tay street ; h. 10 Tay square 

Nairn, James, tailor, 19 Glamis street 

Nairn, John, shipmaster, 18 Albert street 

Nairn, William, clerk, 23 Panmure street ; h. Floralbauk, Maryfield 

Nairn, Mrs Charles, 34 Thomson street 

Nairn, Mrs William, Floralbank, Maryfield 


Napier, George, clerk, 70 Seagate ; h. 13 Arbroatli road 

Napier, Eennie, mason, 31 Balgay street 

Napier, Mrs, confectioner, 182j Hawkhill 

NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, 71 Reform street ; John Henderson, 
agent. Branch, 115 Hilltown ; Richard G. Reid, agent. See Adv. 


Nationar St earn -Ship Company (Limited), Clydesdale Bank buildings ; 
James Millar, agent 

Naulty, Michael, grocer, 6S Blackness road 

Neave, David, & Co., shipsmiths, East side King William dock 

Neave, David, of David Neave & Co., 70 Victoria road 

Neave, Thomas, of David Neave & Co. , Low's land. King's road 

Neave, James, packer, 18 Ellen street 

Neave, John, manager, Victoria Brewery ; h. 53 Dudhope street 

Neaves, Miss, 38 Seafield road 

Neil & Co. , general drapers, 66, 68, 70, and 72 Overgate 

Neil, James C, of Neil & Co., 3 Long wynd 

Neill, Alex. M., grocer and spirit merchant, 19 Hill street ; h. 23 

Neill, James, 27 Yeaman shore 

Neill, William, manager, Forebank Works ; h. 107 Ann street 

Neilson, George, foreman dresser, 10 Watt street 

Neilson, Henry P., of Scott & Neilson, 10 Watt street 

Neilson, John, shoemaker, 15 Hawkhill 

Neilson, John, baker, 4 Wallace street 

Neilson & Taylor, steamship owners, and coal merchants, 10 Shore ter. 

Neilson, William H. (of Neilson & Taylor), grain merchant, 7 Hawkhill ; 

h. Rose cottage, Lochee 
Neish, Alexander, overseer, 13 Shepherd's loan 
Neish, Elizabeth, 13 Magdalen Yard road 
Neish, James, of Laws, Laws house, Newbigging Post 
Neish, James L. , draper and clothier, 21 and 23 James street ; h. Sham- 
rock street, Maryfield 
Neish, James S., reporter, Courier and Argus ; h. 33 Kinloch pi., Hawkhill 
Neish, James, landscape gardener, 9 Blackheath, Hawkhill 
Nelson, John, clerk, 7 King street ; /;. 3 South George street 
Ness, Alexander, milloverseer, Steven's land, Dundonald street 
Ness, William, clerk. Advertiser Office; /;. 38 Ann street 
Ness, Mrs Thomas, draper, 35 and 37 West port ; h. 47 Magdalen green 
Ness, Mrs, grocer, 93 M 'Grady's land. Glebe street; h. 95 
Netherlands, Vice-Consul for, T. W. Thorns, 18 Cowgate 
Newbigging, James, grocer, 15 Kinloch street 
Newton, Isaac, clerk, 27 Seafield road 

Newton, William, clerk, Dudhope Works ; h. 15 Balfour street 
Nicholson, Alexander, engineer, 12 North Ellen street 
Nicholson, Finlay, overseer, 21 Tait's lane 
Nicholson, James H. , brush manufacturer, 40 Castle street ; workshop, 

20 Exchange street ; h. Noblestown cottage, Forfar road 
Nicholson, Thomas, accountant, treasurer for Newtyle Railway, Lunatic 
Asylum, School Board, and The Home, and treasurer and secretary 
for Baldovan Asylum and Orphanage, 32 Castle street ; h. Greybank, 
22 Magdalen Yard road 


Nicliolson, Mrs, china merchant, 10 Strathmartine road 

Nicol, Da^^d, of D. & W. Nicol, 8 Eliza street 

Nicol, David G., shipmaster, 42 Croft's lane 

Nicol, D. & W., butchers, 100 Ann street 

Nicol, James Archibald, stereotyper, 7 Lyon street, door 16 

Nicol, John F., clerk with Mutter, Howie, & Co. ; h. 28 Balfour street 

Nicol, John, enginedriver, 13 Asylum lane 

Nicol, Joseph, shoemaker, 9 Clepington street 

Nicol, William, of D. & W. Nicol, 8 Eliza street 

Nicoll, Alexander, of A. & J. Nicoll, 21 Windsor street 

NicoU, Alexander, of Malcolm & Nicoll, 8 Cleghorn street 

Nicoll, Alexander, quarrier, 30 Carmichae] street 

Nicoll, Alexander, painter, 35 Wilkie's lane 

Nicoll, A. & J., spinners and manufacturers, Ward Works, S. Ward rd. 

Nicoll, Charles, confectioner, 18 Crichton st. ; h. 24 Sharp's lane, Lochee 

Nicoll, David, late manufacturer, 7 Park terrace, Blackness road 

NICOLL, DAVID, soda water manufacturer, 22 Balgay street. See Adv. 

Nicoll, David M., commission merchant, 19 Bain square 

Nicoll, David, grocer, 162 Scouringburn ; h. 44 Polepark road 

Nicoll, David, fishingtackle maker and stationer, 43 Hilltown ; h. 21 

Powrie place 
Nicoll, David, eatinghouse keeper, 24 Session street 
Nicoll, David, blacksmith, 223 Hilltovra 
Nicoll, Elizabeth, grocer, 26 Caldrum street 
Nicoll, Elizabeth & Jane, dressmakers, 12 Garland place 
NICOLL, G. H., & CO., ironmongers, 18 and 20 Bank street. See Adv, 
Nicoll, George H., of G. H. Nicoll & Co., Taybeach cottage, West Ferry 
Nicoll, George, of Nicoll & Jack, 48 Blackscroft 
Nicoll, George, cutter, 42 Reform street ; h. 9 Airlie terrace 
Nicoll, George G., pastrybaker, 2 Taylor's lane 
Nicoll, George, warehouseman, 18 Nelson street 
Nicoll & Jack, ship and general blacksmiths, Victoria dock 
Nicoll, James, of A. & J. Nicoll, Magdalen place 
Nicoll, James, grocer, 5 Yeaman shore ; h. 7 
Nicoll, James, of W. & S. Strong, 1 Dalhousie terrace 
Nicoll, James C, grocer and wine merch., 121 Perth rd. ; h. 1 St Peter st. 
Nicoll, James B., wine merchant, 9 and 13 Nethergate ; h. 3 Park place 
Nicoll, James P., messenger. Commercial Bank ; li. 61 Reform street 
Nicoll, James, family grocer, 14 Nethergate ; h. 4 Magdalen Yard road 
Nicoll, James, of J. & W. Nicoll, 29 Step row 
Nicoll, James, manager, Dura Works ; A. 10 Albert street 
Nicoll, James, basket manufacturer, 12 Overgate ; A. 13 
Nicoll, James, clerk, 3 Royal Exchange place ; h. 23 Baxter street 
Nicoll, James, joiner, 27 North Ellen street 
Nicoll, James, carter, 7 Annfield row 
Nicoll, Jessie, milliner, 35 Hawkhill ; h.'J Rosebank road 
Nicoll, John, merchant, 27 St Andrew's street ; h. 4 Fintry pi., B.Ferry 
Nicoll, John, of Dalgairns & Co., West Newport 
Nicoll, John, spirit merchant, 202 Lochee road ; A. 204 
Nicoll, John S., grocer, 25 Victoria street ; A. 23 
Nicoll, John, shipmaster, 8 Wallace street 


Nicoll, John, clerk, 27 Bank street ; h. 13 Ambrose st., Broughty Feriy 

Nicoll, Jolin, joiner, 23 Crichton street 

Nicoll, John M., 15 Kinnaird street 

Nicoll, J. & W., blacksmiths, 103 Perth road 

NicoU, Peter, draper, 97 Hilltown ; h. 108 

Nicoll, Peter H., of Nicoll & Son, 1 Craigie terrace 

NICOLL, ROBERT, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, BeU Street Hall, 14 

Constitution road ; h. 1 Rattray street. See Adv. 
Nicoll, Robert, cowfeeder, Coldside 
Nicoll, Robert, late grocer, 1 Tay square 
Nicoll, Robert, tenter, 14 North Ellen street 
Nicoll & Son, iron merchants, 1, 3, and 5 Ward road 
Nicoll, Thomas, of Nicoll & Son, 1 Craigie terrace 
Nicoll, Thomas, jun., ironmonger, 79 Murraygate ; h. 38 Croft's lane 
NicoU, Thomas, bricklayer and furnace builder, 21 Nelson street 
Nicoll, Thomas, 7 Rosebank road 

Nicoll, William, lime merchant and shijDowner, 53 Dock street ; h. 33 
NicoU, William, grocer, 26 Rosebank road 

NicoU, WiUiam, blacksmith, 26 Tindal's wynd ; h. 62 Blackscroft 
NicoU, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 150 Scouringburn ; h. 14S 
Nicoll, William, coal merchant, 18 Dudhope street; A. 16 
NicoU, William, grocer, 87 Victoria road 
NicoU, William, timekeeper, 7 Annfield row 
NicoU, WiUiam, overseer. Dens Works ; h. 45 Victoria street 
NicoU, William C, bootmaker, 85 Princes street 
NicoU, WiUiam, warehouseman, 7 M 'Grady's land, Watson street 
NicoU, Mrs David, basketmaker, 79 Hilltown 
NicoU, Mrs Helen, grocer, 52 Croft's lane ; h. 50 
NicoU, Mrs Margaret, spiritdealer, 17 Vault 
NicoU, Mrs Mary, spiritdealer, 48 Charles street 
NicoU, Mrs, milliner and draper, 55 HiUtown ; h. 1 Blyth street 
NicoU, Mrs, confectioner, 59 Strathmartine road 
NicoU, Mrs, 45 Victoria street 

NicoU, Miss M. B., stationer and tobacconist, 21 Victoria street 
Nicolson, Geo. L., assistant editor, Courier & Argus ; h. 7 Park terrace 
Nicolson, Very Rev. James, M.A., Dean of Brechin, incumbent of St 

Salvador's Church ; h. 9a William street, Forebank 
Nicolson, James, lapper, 7 Mid street, Chapelshade 
Nicolson, Mrs Ellen, 11 South George street 
Niddrie, George, shoemaker, 138 Princes street 
Niddrie, Mark, mechanic, 6 M 'Vicar's lane 
Nimmo, Matthew, surgeon, 5 Airlie place 
Niven, David, & Son, butchers, 19 Crichton street 
Niven, David, sen., of David Niven & Son, Tay terrace. East Newport 
Niven, John C., of David Niven & Son, 41 Cowgate 
Niven, Robert J., resident secretary Edinburgh Life Assurance Co., and 

Caledonian Insurance Co. (Fire Department), 37 Albert square ; 

h. Rosebank house. Rose street 
Niven, William, fireman, 51 Watson street 
Niven, Miss, teacher, 19 Seafield road 
Niven, Mrs, lodgings, 103 Seagate 


Nixon, Robert, grocer, 4 Peter street ; h. 12 

Nixon, William L., pianoforte tuner, 46 Seafield road 

Nobel's Explosives Company, Limited ; Charles Cunningham, 81 Murray- 
gate, agent 

Noble, David, grocer and wine merchant, 81 Lochee road and 4 Dudhope 
Crescent road ; h. Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Noble, David, late lettercarrier, Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent rd. 

Noble, Hugh, of Williamson & Noble, Beaconsfield pL, 110 Victoria rd. 

Noble, John M., clerk, 28 East Dock street ; h. 123 Murraygate 

Noble, John, painter, 238 Lochee road ; h. 236 

Noble, Mrs Thomas, lodgings, 89 Murraygate 

Noddle, Robert, ironmonger and general dealer, 28 Dudhope street ; h. 40 
DaUfield walk 

Norrie, Alexander, collector, 2 Hillbank road 

Norrie, Charles, & Sons, merchants, calenderers, and bleachers, Meadow- 
side Calender, 23 Meadowside 

Norrie, Charles, of Charles Norrie & Sons, Broughty house, B. Ferry 

Norrie, David H. , of Charles Norrie & Sons, Somerville bank, B. Ferry 

Norrie, David, foreman carter. West Station ; h. 16 Seafield road 

Norrie, John S., of Charles Norrie & Sons, 13 Panmure terrace 

Norrie, William C, of Methven and Norrie, Brooklea, Broughty Ferry 

Norrie, William, printer and publisher, East Somerville place 

Norrie, William H., merchant, 23 Meadowside ; h. Camphill house, 
Broughty Ferry 

mure street ; William Kirkwood, surveyor. See Adv. 

North British Railway (Tay Bridge) Station, Esplanade, South Union st. 

North Dudhope Works, 56 Henderson's West wynd ; Wybrants Bros. , 

North and East Mills, Session street ; 0. G. Miller & Co., flaxspinners 

North of Scotland Banking Company, 24 High street, top of Crichton 
street ; A. G. Fleming, agent 

NORTHERN ASSURANCE COMPANY, 2 Cowgate ; Thomas Kyd, secretary. 
See Adv. 

James Logic, secretary. See Adv. 

Northern Maritime Insurance Company (Limited) of Newcastle-on-Tyne; 
Ross, Martin, & Co., 81 Murraygate, agents 

Norval, John, irondresser, 31 Annfield road 

Norway, Vice-Consul for, Bernt Petterson, 46 Castle street 

Norwell, Joseph, shoemaker, 162 Overgate ; h. 164 

Norwell, William, painter, paperhanger, and glazier, 162 and 164 
Hilltown; h. 160 

Nucator, Peter, brassf ounder, gasfitter, and plumber, 20 and 22 Meadow- 
side ; works, 78 Bell street ; A. 8 Greentield place 

O'Brien, James, shoemaker, 35 Polepark road 

O'Connor, Matthew, joiner and funeral undertaker, 105 and 116 Hill- 
town ; h. 114 
O'Farrell, George, pawnbroker, 14 North Tay st. ; h.TH. Lindsay st. 
Ogg, Alexander, clerk, 7 Baffin street 


Ogilvie, Alexander, plasterer, Salem street, 59 Constitution road 

Ogilvie, Alexander, shipping porter, 80 Constable street 

Ogilvie, Andrew, stock and share broker, 1 Royal Exchange buildings ; 

h. Viewpark, West Ferry 
Ogilvie, David, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Dock st. ; h.TS. Union st. 
Ogilvie, David, shoemaker, and officer Chapelshade Parish Church ; h. 

17 Dudhope street 
Ogilvie, David, clerk, 5 Reform street ; h. 2 Queen street, Tayport 
Ogilvie, David, lettercarrier, 6 Dallfield terrace 
Ogilvie, David, gas inspector, 13 Derby street 

Ogilvie, George, of J. & J. Ogilvie &Reid,Westlands, Harecraig,W.Fen'y 
Ogilvie, James, clerk to J. & W. Smith ; h. Newtyle 
Ogilvie, James, blacksmith, 3 Derby street 
Ogilvie, James, boiler inspector, 3 Baffin street 
Ogilvie, James R., cabinetmaker, 6 Annfield street 
Ogilvie, John, grocer and wine merchant, 52 and 54 Scouringbvirn ; h. 

193 Blackness road 
Ogilvie, John, foreman mechanic. South Anchor Works ; h. 21 Hilltown 
Ogilvie, John, bootmaker, 6 St Roque's lane 
Ogilvie, John, bottler, 31 Balgay street 
Ogilvie, J. & J., & Reid, solicitors, 12 Meadowside 
Ogilvie, Peter, coaldealer, 44 Step row ; h. 29 Paton's lane 
Ogilvie, Robert, tailor, 59 Rosebank street 
Ogilvie, William, milloverseer, 62 Rosebank street 
Ogilvie, William, jun., cabinetmaker, 36 Small's wynd; h.2 Viewbank ter. 
Ogilvie, William, ship joiner, 69 Rosebank street 
Ogilvie, William, 14 Garland place 

Ogilvie, Wm., sen., timber merchant. Small's wynd; h. 2 Viewbank ter. 
Ogilvie, Mrs Charles, 1 Ogilvie's road 
Ogilvie, Mrs John, 25 Nethergate 
Ogilvie, Mrs James, 122 Hawkhill 
Ogilvie, Mrs Mary, grocer, 26 Charles street 
Ogilvie, Miss, dressmaker, 150 Overgate 
Ogilvy, Alexander, & Sons, commission merchants and manufacturers, 8 

St Andrew's street 
Ogilvy, Alexander, of Alexander Ogilvy & Sons, 7 Greenfield place 
Ogilvy, Sir John, Bart, Baldovan house 
Ogilvy, John, factor to Lord Dunglass ; h. Harecraig 
Ogilvy, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 67 Hilltown ; h. 14 Garland place 
Ogilvy, George A., houseagent, 51 High street; h. Monifieth 
Ogilvy, William, dairyman, 10 Balfour street 
Ogilvy, Mrs, grocer, 25 Step row 
Ogilvy, Mrs, 133 Blackscroft 

O'Hara & Colman, coal merchants, 49 Forebank road 
O'Hara, John, of O'Hara & Colman, 2 M 'Donald street, Hilltown 
O'Kane & Gibson, joiners and funeral undertakers, 10 Crescent lane 
O'Kane, James, of O'Kane & Gibson, 9 Middle street 
Oliver, Hugh, manager, Annfield Works ; h. Mudie place, Ford's lane 
O'Neile, James, liquid blacking maker, 34 Hospital wynd 
O'Neill, Francis, confectioner, 95 Princes street ; h. 97 
O'Neill, Patrick, surgeon accoucheur, 70 Overgate; h. 63 Hospital wyd. 


Orchar, James G., of Robertson & Orcliar, Angus lodge, West Ferry 
Orchar, Robert, engineer, Wallace Foundry ; h. 3 Madeira street 
Orderly Room, Tenth Forfarshire Rifle Volunteers, 12 New Inn entry; 

Capt. J. T. S. Richardson, adjutant 
Orderly Room, First Forfarshire Rifle Volunteers, Drill Hall 
Orderly Room, Fourth Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers, and Head 

Quarters of the First Adminstrative Brigade Artil.Vols., DriU HaU 
Oregon & Washington Trust Investment Company (Limited), 13 Pamnure 

street ; William M'Kenzie, secy. 
Ormond, Robert, confectioner, 45 Wellgate ; h. 49 
O'Rourke, Matthew, undertaker, 25 Temple lane ; h. 41 Long wynd 
Orrock, David, minister of Catholic Apastolic Church; h. 87 Hospital wyd. 
Osborne, R. E., of Barclay, Osborne, & Co., Bellevue ter., E. Newport 
Osier, George, ironmonger, 20 High st. ; A. 3 St Phillan's pi. , E. Newport 
Osier, William, wholesale teadealer and grocer. 111 J Hawkhill ; grocer, 

wine and spirit merchant, 158 Scouringburn ; and grocer, 77 Perth 

road ; h. 2 Gowrie place 
Osier, William, lathsplitter, 6 South George street ; h. 20 Wellington st. 
Osier, Mrs, 6 Shore terrace 

Ostler, Mrs Isabella, confectioner, 30 Ogilvie's road 
Oswald, James, bootmaker, 18 Dens brae 
Oswald, Mrs Joseph, 1 Mid street, Constitution road 
Ovenstone, Charles B. , clerk with Mitchell & Graham, 10 Garland place 
Ovenstone, George, currier, 2 Mid street 
Ovenstone, William, shipmaster, 10 Garland place 
Owen, Mrs Mary, china merchant, 21 Ann street 
Owens, Bernard, confectioner, 22 Bruce street 
Ower, C. & L. , civil engineers and architects, 32 Bank street 
Ower, Charles (of C. & L. Ower), A.I.C.E., 150 Ferry road 
Ower, Leslie, of C. & L. Ower, 150 Ferry road 
Owler, Peter, boot and shoe manufr., 29 Commercial st., 91 Murraygate, 

29 West port, and 87 Scouringburn ; h. 10 Union place, Perth road 
Owler, Peter, confectioner, 132 Hilltown 

Owler, Mrs George, straw hat and bonnet maker, 170 Blackness road 
Oxley, William, & Co., brush manufacturers and mill furnishers, 4 

Willison street and 52 Barrack street 

Packham, William, shipmaster, 28 King street 

Paddock, Joseph W., Custom's ofScer, 47 Yeaman shore 

Pagan, David C., collector of customs. Customhouse ; A. Bro. Ferry 

Page, Alex., printing machinist, Advertiser Office ; h. 31 Dallfleld ter. 

Palmer, David, coachman, 198 Perth road 

Panton, R., manager, loan office, 6 Bain square ; h. 19 Wellington street 

Pargiter, William, stampcutter, 49 Todburn lane 

Paris, Allan, blacksmith, 82 Cowgate ; h. 16 Annfield row 

Paris, Andrew, seaman, 6 Castle court 

Paris, George, late shipmaster, 5 Rustic place 

Park Brewery, Hop street, Ballingall & Son, brewers 

Park, James, police-constable, 15 Clark street 

Parker, Alexander, of A. & S. Parker, 36 Small's wynd 

Parker, A. & S., waste merchants, 36 Small's wjmd 


Parker, Charles, & Son, engineers and machine makers, Clepington 
Foundry ; office, 3 Royal Exchange court 

Parker, Edward, spinner and manufacturer, 1 1 Royal Exchange lane ; h. 
4 Laurel terrace, Newport 

Parker, Michael, shoemaker, 180 Overgate ; h. 183 

Parker, Robert 0., of Charles Parker & Son, 11 Panmure terrace 

Parker, Robert, coaldealer, 8 Cherryfield lane 

Parker, Samuel, of A. & S. Parker, 36 Small's wynd 

Parker, William W., manager, Wm. Walker & Co.'s, 38 South Tay st.; 
h. Laurel terrace, Newport 

Parkin, John, hosier, 8 Hill street 

Parks, James, hay merchant, 31 Trades lane ; h. 69 Hilltown 

Parr, James, inspector of police, 35 Kincardine street 

Parr, John, inspector of police, 144 Princes street 

Paterson, Alexander, hairdresser, 45 Castle street 

Paterson, E. & M., dressmakers, 4 Morrison's court 

Paterson, James, & Co. , merchants, spinners, and manufacturers. Heath- 
field and Lawside Works 

Paterson, James, of James Paterson & Co. , Kinnettles, by Forfar 

Paterson, James, of Calder & Paterson, 44 Magdalen Yard road 

Paterson, James C. , clothier, 64 Commercial street ; h. 21 Airlie place 

Paterson, James, grocer, 20 Elizabeth street 

Paterson, James, 7 Park place 

Paterson, John,tobacconist and stationer,121 Overgate ; h. 34 Wilkie's lane 

Paterson, John, feuar, 12 Main street 

Paterson, John, shipmaster, 33 Castle street 

Paterson, Robert, joiner, 9 Annfield row 

Paterson, William, draper, 67 Scouringburn ; h. 247 Blackness road 

Paterson, Mrs John, milliner and dressmaker, 20 Albert street ; A. 19 
Lyon street 

Paterson, Mrs William, wholesale seedling potato merchant, 40 Union st. 

Paterson, Mrs, confectioner, 169 Blackness road 

Paterson, Mrs, 3 Tay Street lane 

Paton, AJexander, wine and spirit merchant, 12 and 14 Ladywell place, 
Victoria road ; h. 10 

Paton & Crawford, tailors and clothiers, 82 High street 

Paton, David D., commission agent, 2 India buildings ; h. 9 Ellen street 

Paton, David, fruiterer, 1 14 Victoria road ; h. 2 Lamb's lane 

Paton, David, printer, 2 Wilkie's lane 

Paton, George, of J. & G. Paton, 82 High street 

Paton, George, seedsman, 48 Victoria road 

Paton, James, of J. & G. Paton, 82 High street 

Paton, James & George, stationers, paper- rulers, and account-book manu- 
facturers, 16 High street (Pillars) 

Paton, John & George, iiaxspinners, 10 St Andrew's street 

Paton, John G. of J. & G. Paton, The Wild, Broughty Ferry 

Paton, Lawrence, shoemaker, 3 M' Donald street 

Paton, Robert P. , shipmaster, 74 Seagate 

Paton, Stewart, gardener, 233 Blackness road 

Paton, Thomas, late shipmaster, 5 Wallace street 

Paton, Thomas, mechanic, 27 Isles' lane 


Paton, William, of Paton & Crawford 17 Dallfield walk 

Paton, William M., commission mercliant, 19 St Andrew's street; A. 

Shamrock street, Maryfield 
Patrick, John, ship carpenter, 95 Murraygate 

Patrick, John, plasterer, 20 Union street, Max. ; h. 38 Elizabeth street 
Patrick, Peter, ship carpenter. Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 
Patrick, Robert, tailor, 23 Crichton street 
Patrick, Mrs William, 44 High street 
Patrick, Mrs, 85 Cowgate 

Patterson, Alex. R. C, of Sommerville & Co., View Firth, Monifieth 
Patterson, Alexander, draper and clothier, 56 Overgate ; Ti. Maybank, 

Patterson, Alexander, shipmaster, 28 Polepark road 
Patterson, Alexander, wright, 97 Princes street 
Patterson, David, assistant sanitary inspector, 16 Lawson place 
Patterson, David, flaxdresser, 124 Hilltown 

PATTERSON, JAMES, ironmonger, 72, 74, and 76 Bell street. See Adv. 
Patterson, James, draper, 13 Arbroath road 
Patterson, James, mason, 4 Graham place 

Patterson, Peter, family grocer and provision merchant, 94 Victoria rd. 
Patterson, Samuel, lodgings, 19 Butcher row 

Patterson, Thomas, grocer and wine merchant, 84 Dura st. ; h. 3 EUiza st. 
Patterson, Thomas M., ironmonger, 72, 74, and 76 Bell street ; h. 16 

Wilkie's lane 
Patterson, William, sanitary inspector, 14 Lawrence street 
Patterson, Mrs James, Glencarse terrace, 4 Wilkie's lane 
Patterson, Mrs, 8 Blackscroft 
Patterson, Mrs, 184 Seagate 
Pattison, Andrew, superintendent of Baxter Park ; h. South lodge, 

Arbroath road 
Patton, James, 31 Long Avynd 

Patton, Robert, coal agent, 63 Yeaman shore ; h. 1 Dalhousie terrace 
PattuUo, George A., merchant, 18 St Andrew's st. ; Ji. Westfield house 
Pattullo, James (PattuUo & Thornton), of Ashmore and Persey, solicitor 

and notary, 1 Bank street ; h. Abertay, Broughty Ferry, and 

Ashmore, Blairgowrie 
Pattullo & Thornton, solicitors and notaries public, 1 Bank street 
Pattullo, Mrs, dressmaker, 2 Graham place 
Paul, Andrew A., stationer and newsagent, Victoria Arcade buildings, 

King street ; h. 7 Mid street 
Paul, Archibald, of Paul & Dickie, Pauline house, 29 Springfield 
Paul & Dickie, solicitors and notaries public, 9 Ward road 
Paul, Eliza, grocer, 203 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Blackheath 
Paul, George, weigher, Dudhope Tan Works ; h. 7 Mid street 
Paxton, James, wine and spirit merchant and grocer, 17 and 19 West 

port ; h. 23 Thomson street 
Paxton, S. J. J., surveyor to Board of Trade, Customhouse ; h. Salem 

cottage, North Clepington road 
Payne, Hamilton, grocer, 15 Shepherd's loan 
Peacock, James, bonesetter, 24 Bellfield lane 
Peacock, James, moulder, 45 Crescent street 


Peacock, Thomas P., resident secretary, Scottish Widows' Fund Mutual 
Life Assurance Society, 9 Panmure street ; h. Newport 

Pearce, Alfred W., of Pearce Brothers, 1 Balgillo crescent, Broughty 

Pearce Brothers, engineers, Lilybank Foundry, 60 Arbroath road 

Pearce, Henry Jones, of Pearce Brothers, Edengrove, Arbroath road 

Pearman, James, organist, 28 South Tay street 

Pearson, Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 10 Watt street 

Pearson, James, commission agent, 82 Princes street ; h. 123 

Pearson, James, plasterer, 22 Annfield road 

Pearson, Joseph, umbrellamaker, 51 King street ; h. 49 

Pearson, William, proprietor of billiard room, 8 Bank street 

Pearson, William, corn merchant, 29 Dock street ; h. West Ferry 

Peat, James, clothier, 52 High street ; h. Balcaskie villa, W. Park road 

Peat, Peter Y., millmanager, Seatield Works ; h. 2 Lawrence street 

Peattie, David, seaman, 4 Lyon place, Erskine street 

Peattie, David, guard, 1 Macgill street 

Peddie, Daniel, family grocer and wine merchant, 199 Princes street ; A. 
83 Albert street 

Peddie, Hutcheson, & Co., printers and publishers, Evening News, 19 
and 21 Cowgate 

Peddie, James (of Peddie, Hutcheson, & Co.), Thornley ter., Maryfield 

Peddie, James, coaldealer, 70 Lochee road 

Peddie, William S., house governor and teacher, Royal Orphan Institu- 
tion, Craigie terrace. Ferry road 

Peden, William, coachman, 110 Victoria road 

Peebles, David A., china merchant, 221 Hawkhill ; h. 227 

Peebles, James H., grocer, Phin's land, Peddie street 

Peebles, John, dairyman, Ninewells 

PEEBLES, PETER, coach proprietor and posthorse master, 55 Perth road. 
See Adv. 

Peebles, Thomas, joiner, 29 Eyehill lane ; h. 8 Paton's lane 

Pellow, John, printer, 76 High street ; h. 24 Bank street 

Pender, John, of Wood & Pender, 94 Hawkhill 

Penman, James, bookseller, 35 Cowgate ; h. 23 Forest road, Edinburgh 

Penman, James, cooper, S3 Foundry lane ; h. 35 M 'Grady's land, 
Lilybank road 

Penny, Peter, saddler, harness, and collar maker, 37a Victoria rd ; h. 85 

Penny, Mrs James, 1 Pennycook lane 

Pennycook, James, gardener, Blackness road 

People's Friend Office, 7 Bank street, John Leng, managing proprietor 
and publisher 

People's Journal Office, 7 Bank street, John Leng, managing proprietor 
and publisher 

Pepper, George, spiritdealer, 58 James street ; h. 68 

Pert, John, shiprigger, 11 Crescent street 

Pert, Mrs Elizabeth, 74 Dudhope street 

Pert, Mrs, 32 Raglan street 

PERTH DYE WORKS, P. & P. Campbell, dyers and cleaners, 33 Nether- 
gate. See Adv. 

Peter, Charles, accountant, 197 Princes street 


FETEB, DAVID, horsedealer and contractor, 39 Hilltown and 12 East Dock 
street ; h. Prince's ^aLla, 39 Hilltown. See Adv. 

Peter, David, clerk of works, 9 Park entry- 
Peter, H. & T., flaxspioners, Kirkland Works, Leven ; office, 14 Bain sq. 

Peter, Jas. F. , builder and contractor, 5 Mount pleasant ; h. 129 Hawkhill 

Peter, James, mechanic, 26 Blytk street 

Peter, John, merchant, 33 Cowgate ; h. 35 Seafield road 

Peter, Robert, mechanic, 17 Brewery lane 

Peter, Robert, blacksmith, 17 DaUfield walk 

Peter, Mrs D., egg merchant, 3 Johnston's lane 

Peters, Alexander, confectioner, 15 Crichton street ; h. 17 

Peters, Andrew, confectioner, 81 Milnbank road 

Peters, David, builder, 17 Annfield road 

Peters, James, coach proprietor and mail contractor, 12 Park entry 

Peters, James, marine engineer, 141 Ann street 

Peters, John, joiner, Lindsay's land, 137 Lochee road 

Peters, John, gardener, 15 Springhill 

Peters, Thomas L., of William Strong & Co., 304 Perth road 

Peters, Thomas M., ironmonger, mill and factory furnisher, and com- 
mission agent, 73 Wellgate ; h. 266 Hilltown 

Peters, Tobias, watchmaker, 57 Strathmartine road 

Petrie, Archibald, late shipmaster, 26 Victoria street 

Petrie, David, merchant, 4 Royal Exchange place ; h. 7 Wellington st. 

Petrie, David, late teacher, 43 Park wynd 

Petrie, David, foreman to Wordie & Co. ; h. 1 Crescent lane 

Petrie, George, antiquarian and general bookseller, 27 North Lindsay 
street ; h. 43 Constitution road 

Petrie, George, & Co., drapers and clothiers, 22 Princes street and 
Crescent lane i 

Petrie, George, saddler, 30 Castle street ; ^. 32 ' 

Petrie, James, L.R.C.S.E., 35 HawkhiU 

Petrie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 33 Wellgate ; li. 1 Meadow st. 

Petrie, James M., tobacconist, 75 Wellgate ; h. 7 Cowgate 

Petrie, James P., stationmaster,E. Station; h. Anderson pi., 7 William st. 

Petrie, James, basketmaker, 24 New Lin entry 

Petrie, James, tailor, 20 Bell street 

Petrie, John, of Petrie & Porter, 38 Logic street, Lochee road 

Petrie, John, starcher, 10 Croft's lane 

Petrie, John, shoemaker, 18 Bell Street lane 

Petrie, M. «& J., milliners, 144 Hawkhill 

Petrie & Porter, slaters, 37 Lower pleasanee 

Petrie, Robert, grain merchant, 201 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Blackheath place 

Petrie, Robert, grocer, 105 Nethergate 

Petrie, Samuel, tailor, 8 Parker street 

Petrie, Thomas, joiner, 1 Dallfield walk 

Petrie, Thomas, mechanic, 8 North Ellen street 

Petrie, William, manager, South Mill, Tay Works ; h. 2 Rosefield street 

Petrie, Mrs Ann, lodgings, 7 Cowgate 

Petrie, Mrs John, lodgings, Kidd's land, 8 Charles street 

Petrie, Mrs J., wiue and spirit merchant, 60 Princes street ; h. Livonia 
cottage, Maryfield 


Petrie, Misses, paper-rulers, 46 Reform street 

Petrie, Miss M., 3 Craig street 

Pettersen, Bernt (of Quosbarth, Pettersen, & Co.), Vice-Consul for 

( Portugal, Norway, and Sweden, 46 Castle st. ; h. Brook viUa, B.Ferry 

Phelan, Rev. Micliael, St Andrew's R. C. Church ; h. 150 Nethergate 

Philip, Aimer, & Co., wholesale tea and coffee merchants, Sugarhouse wynd 

Philip, Charles, calenderer, 56 Cowgate ; h. 4 William street, Forebank 

Philip, David, of Philip & Hutchison, 10 Exchange street 

Philip, David, of Philip & Aimer, Salisbury cottage, Forfar road 

Philip, George, tenter, 21 Wellington street 

PHILIP & HUTCHISON, slaters, 67 Seagate. See Adv. 

Philip, James B., tea and coffee merchant, Sugarhouse wynd ; h. Salis- 
bury cottage, Forfar road 

Philip, James, house proprietor, 23 Watson's lane 

Philip, James, grocer, 14 Paterson street ; h. 12 

Philip, John B., calenderer, 56 Cowgate ; h. 6 William street 

Philip, John, stonedresser, 32 Ash street 

Philip, Joseph, of Watson & Philip, 17 Airlie place 

PHILIP, WALTER, joiner and funeral undertaker, 63 Rosebank street ; h. 
159 Hilltown. See Adv. 

Philip, William, jun., joiner and builder, 169 Seagate; h. 6 Garland place 

Philip, Mrs, 8 North Ellen street 

Philip, Mrs David, 70 Ure street 

Philips, William, assurance agent, 44 Balgay street 

PhUlips, Charles, blockmaker, East end Camperdown dock ; h. 43 
Constitution road 

Phillips, James, insurance superintendent, 37 Union street 

Phillips, Stewart, spiritdealer, 28 Rose street 

Philp, George, merchant, 41 St Andrew's st. ; h. 5 Castle ter., B. Ferry 

Philp, Thomas B. , merchant, 41 St Andrew's street ; A. Livelybank, 
66a Victoria road 

Phin, David, plasterer, 33 South George street 

Phin, James, of Whyte & Phin, 108 Hilltown 

Phin, James, grocer and spiritdealer, 189 Perth road ; h. 2 Ritchie's lane 

Phin, Lawrence, spiritdealer, 96 Scouringburn ; h. 94 

Phin, Peter, confectioner, 39 Polepark road 

Phinn, Thomas, seaman, 2 High street 

Phinn, William, cloth measurer, 3 Parker street 

Phinn, William, clerk, 42 Peddie street 

Piper, Rev. C. A., seamen's missionary, 60 Dock street ; h. 3 Paton's lane 

Pirie, Alexander, cowfeeder, 77 Ure street ; h. 76 

Pirie, Alexander, packer, 13 Blackscroft 

Pirie, Andrew, waiter, 20 Airlie place 

Pirie & Croom, patentees and makers of machines for trimming paper- 
hangings, 23 Crichton street 

Pirie, David (of Pirie & Croom), painter and decorator, 21 Crichton 
street ; h. 6 Windsor terrace 

Pirie, George G, M.D., L.R.C.S., Edin., 43 South Tay street 

Pitcairn, John, carter, 36 Paterson street 

Pitkethly, Mrs David, sicknurse, 6 Union court, Thorter row 

Player, Joseph, bootmaker, 10 Ben vie road 


Pleasance Brewery, Lochee road, Ballingall & Sons, brewers ; office, 6 

Hop street 
Pleasance Works, 128 Lochee rd., Kinmond, Luke, & Co., manufacturers 
Plenderleath, Henry, manager, Dundee and Newcastle SteamsMp Co., 

1 Commercial street ; h. 2 Panmure place, Broughty Ferry 
Polack & Co., merchants, 17 Bell street 

Polack, Rudolph, of Polack & Co. , 8 Clarendon terrace, Perth road 
Polepark Works, Polepark road, Henry Smith & Co. , manufacturers 
Police and Water Commisioners' Office, 8 Meadowside, Donald Farquhar- 

son, treasurer 
Pollack, Matthew, 1 William street, Scouringburn 
Pollock, John, joiner, 9 Ogilvie's road ; h. 2 
Ponton, Edward, sergeant-major Royal Artillery, and drill instructor, 

Drill Hall ; A. 12 Garland place 
Pope, Arthur G. , of W. & A. Pope, Beaconsfield place, 100 Victoria rd. 
Pope, James, grocer, 52 Foundry lane ; h. 50 
Pope, William S., of W. & A. Pope, 10 Ferry road 
Pope, W. & A., grocers and drapers, 83 and 85 Blackscroft 
Porter, Andrew, plasterer, 18 Court street 

Porter, George, milloverseer, Dundee Linen Works ; h. 20 Lawson place 
Porter, James, keeper Balgay Park ; A. South lodge 
Porter, James, of Petrie & Porter, 37 Lower pleasance 
Portugal, Vice-Consul for, Bernt Pettersen, 46 Castle street 
Potter, Alexander, bootmaker, 76 Murraygate ; h. 10 North Ellen street 
Pow, James, fish merchant and gamedealer, 20 and 22 Crichton street ; 

h. New road, Broughty Ferry 
Powell, Robert, waiter, 31 Balgay street 
Powrie, Alexander, grocer, 2 Dallfield walk ; A. 8 
Powrie, Archibald, 42 Croft's lane ^ 

Powrie, David, wine and spirit merch., 15 Dock st. ; A. 51 J Yeaman shore 
Powrie, George, teacher, Meadowside Academy; A. Parisville, Clepington 

Powrie, Henry, builder, 30 Caldrum street 
Powrie, James, builder, 7 Sjjeed's terrace, Tait's lane 
Prain, James, & Sons, spinners and manufacturers, Larchfield Works, 

Walton street ; office, 24 Cowgate 
Prain, James, of James Prain & Sons, 5 Dudhope terrace 
Prain, James, jun., of James Prain & Sons, 5 Dudhope terrace 
Prain, James, tailor, 62 Princes street 
Prain, James A., traveller, 11 South Union street 

Prain, James K., agent, 20 Castle street ; A. Somerville bank, B. Ferry 
Praia, John E., of James Prain & Sons, Albany terrace 
Prain, John S., sorter, Post Office ; A. 60 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Prain, Mrs R., 18 Air lie place 

Prain, Mrs William, draper, 9 Wellgate ; A. 14 Victoria chambers 
Prain, Miss, dressmaker, 133 Perth road 

Prendergast, Rev. John, St Mary's R.C. Church ; A. 22 Powrie place 
Preston, David, grocer, 20 North Church street; A. 18 
Preston, James, feuar, 18 North Church street 

Preston, Mrs, milliner and draper, 190 Hilltown; A. 23 James street 
Preston, Mrs, furniture dealer, 3 Hunter street ; A. 16 Annfield row 


Primerose & Martin, manure and feeding stuffs merch.ants, and commis- 
sion agents, 33 Dock street 
Primerose, Alfred G., of Primerose & Martin, 12 Maryfield terrace 
Pringle, James, house decorator, 23 Constitution road ; /(. 19 
Pringle, John, of J. Croll & Co., 219 Perth road 
Pringle & M'Laren, joiners, 43 Foundry lane 

Pringle, Thomas, bootmaker, 120 Hawkhill ; h. 18 Stanley pi.. Step row 
Pringle, William, cashier, Northern Assurance Co.; h. 4 Gowrie place 
Pringle, William, of Pringle & M'Laren, South Brown street, B. Ferry 
Pringle, Mrs E. , ladies' nurse, 25 Stanley place, Step row 
Proctor, Allan, of D. Proctor & Sons, Herschell house. Hill st., B. Ferry 
Proctor, David, jun., of David Proctor & Sons, 12 Nelson street 
Proctor, David P., of D. Proctor & Sons, Herschell house, Hillst.,B. Perry 
. Proctor, D., & Sons, merchants, Coupar's alley 
Proctor, George, coal merchant, 3 Mount pleasant ; h. 13 Isles' lane 
Proctor, James, cambmaker, 21 North Tay street ; h. 25 HawkMU 
Proctor, James, coal merchant, Mount pleasant ; h. 214 Perth road 
Proctor, James, joiner, 11 Glamis street 
Proctor, James T. E., manager to Robert Webster, grocer, 1 HiUtown ; 

h. 35 St Salvador street 
Proctor, John, overseer, 28 North Church street 
Proctor, John, printer, 62 Blackscroft 

Bank street, agents. See Adv. 
PROPHET, JOHN R., photographer, gilder, and framemaker, 58^ and 59 

Wellgate ; h. 35 Constitution road. See Adv. 
Prophet, William, clerk, Tay Works ; k. 26 Kidd street 
Proudfoot, John C., architect, 7 Stanley place, Step row 
Proudfoot, John, commer. traveller for A.& R.Tod,Leith, 1 Dallfield ter. 
Proudfoot, Peter, clerk, Post Office ; h. 10 Rosebaak street 
Proven, Thomas, officer, Ryehill U. P. Church ; h. 8 Mid wynd 
Pryde, Alexander, carter, 20 Mortimer street 
Pryde, George, shiprigger, 15 Wolseley street 
Pullar, James, warper, 48 Union street, Maxwelltown 
PuUar, John, of Pullar & Stewart, 21 North William street 
PULLAR, J., & SONS, dyers to the Queen, 47 Nethergate ; works, Perth. 

See Adv. 
Pullar, Robert, grocer, 21 Croft's lane ; h. 64 
Pullar, Samuel, baker, 46 Ovcrgate ; h. 44 
PULLAR & STEWART, bellhaugers, venetian-blind makers, and joiners, 

79 Commercial st. ; works, 17 to 21 North William st. See Adv. 
Pullar, Mrs David, 1 M 'Vicar's lane 
PuUen, Mrs, lodgings, 16 South Lindsay street 
Purgavie, James, police constable, 76 Hill street 
Pyot, George, cowfeeder, 21 Back street 
Pyott, Jessie, manglekeeper, 12 St Andrew's street 
Pyott, David S. W., engineer, Dens Foundry ; h. 22 Victoria street 

QtJAKRiER, James, baker, 91 Lochee road ; h. 109 

QUEEN INSURANCE COMPANY, Union Bank buildings, Panmure street. 
See Adv. 


Quia, Barfcholemew, calenderer, 19 Lower pleasance 

Quin, Christopher, confectioner, 52 Hawkhill 

Quin, Daniel, grocer, 168 Blackness road 

Quin, John, labourer, 23 Arbroath road 

Quin, Patrick, china merchant, 159 Scouringburn ; h. 157 

Quin, Mrs, 16 Dempster street 

Quinn, Edward, bottler, 21 North EUen street ; h. 22 

Quinn, Michael, grocer, 19 Watson's lane 

Quirk, Edward, perfumer and fancy goods dealer, 72 Hawkhill ; h. 2 

Park wynd 
Quirk, John, winding foreman, 1 Watson's lane 
Quosbarth, Hermann (of Quosbarth, Pettersen, & Co.), Consul of the 

German Empire ; h. Fernbrae, West Newport 
Quosbarth, Pettersen, & Co., shipbrokers, 46 Castle street 

Rae, a. Stewart, of G. Stephen & Son, 1 Hermitage terrace, Camphill, 

Broughty Ferry 
Rae, Alexander, plumber, 224 Lochee road 
Rae, Andrew, joiner, 33 Rosebank street ; 7«. 19 Nelson street 
Rae, George, dairyman, North Clepington road 
Rae, Hugh, seaman, 46 Bell street 
Rae, James, of Kennedy & Rae, 157 Perth road 
Rae, Thomas, carter, 18 Bell Street lane 
Rae, William, milloverseer, 6 Mid road 
Rae, William, mechanic, 223 Hilltown 
Rae, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 40 Perth road 
Raitt, Thomas, missionary, 42 Magdalen Yard road 
Ralph, William, shipsteward, 26 Mid street 
Ramsay, Alex., market gardener, 158 Strathmartine road 
Ramsay, Alexander, boilermaker, 3 Parker street 
Ramsay, Alexander, powerloom tenter, 15 Graham place 
Ramsay, Alexander, joiner, 7 Roslin terrace 
Ramsay, Andrew, of Bain & Ramsay, 3 Taylor's lane 
Ramsay Brothers, wholesale confectioners and preserve manufacturers, 

13 Park wynd 
Ramsay, David, & Co., plumbers and brassfounders, 27 and 29 Trades lane 
Ramsay, David, of David Ramsay & Co. , 38 Perry road 
Ramsay, David, of Mitchell & Ramsay, 10 Victoria chambers 
Ramsay, David, commission agent, 3 Balfour street 
Ramsay, David, collector, Scottish Legal Society, 14 Ogilvie's road 
Ramsay, David, blacksmith, 19 Crescent lane 
Ramsay, George, jeweller, 20 Queen street 
Ramsay, George, blacksmith, 35 Wilkie's lane 
Ramsay, George, seaman, 9 Victoria street 
Ramsay, Helen, cook, 4 M 'Vicar's lane 
RAMSAY, JAMES, chronometer and watchmaker, goldsmith, and jeweller, 

8 High street; h. Primrose bank, West Newport. See Adv. 
Ramsay, James, merchant, 10 Panmure street ; h. Dunmore, Perth rd. 
Ramsay, Jas. ,& Co,, rivetmakers, Dundee Rivet Works, Camperdown dock 
Ramsay, James, shipbroker, commission and insurance agent, Victoria 

buildings, 10 East Dock street ; h. King street, Broughty Ferry 


Ramsay, James (of Ramsay Brothers), grocer and spiritdealer, 172 

Scouringburn ; h. Glencarse terrace, Wilkie's lane 
Ramsay, James, grocer, 229 Blackness road 
Ramsay, James, cowfeeder, 150 Strathmartine road 
Ramsay, James, baker, Albert court, 37 Nethergate 
Ramsay, James, calenderer, 18 Dens brae 
Ramsay, James D., farmer, Menzieshill 
Ramsay, John, commission and insurance agent, 3 Barrack street ; h. 

71 Perth road 
Ramsay, John, coaldealer, 46 Rosebank street ; h. 48 
Ramsay, John, clerk. Mid Wynd Works ; h. 304 Perth road 
Ramsay & Reid, slaters, 9 Meadow street, and 6 Union street, Charles st. 
Ramsay, Robert, of Ramsay & Reid, 59 Wellgate 
Ramsay, Robert, shoemaker, 26 Bell street 
Ramsay, Robert, clerk, 18 Cowgate ; h. 26 Hawkhill 
Ramsay, William, of Ramsay Brothers, Belmont place, 132 Hawkhill 
Ramsay, William, confectioner, 150 Hawkhill ; h. 23 Ashton place 
Ramsay, William, police constable, 3 Glamis street 
Ramsay, William, mechanic, 15 Lawrence street 
Ramsay, William, skinner, 114 Lochee road 
Ramsay, Mrs E., milliner, 5 Scouringburn ; h. 28 Balfour street 
Ramsay, Mrs George, china merchant, 23 Polepark road 
Ramsay, Mrs John, confectioner, 69 Perth road ; h. 71 
Ramsay, Mrs, midwife, 8 Marine place, 80 Hav/khill 
Ramsay, Mrs, 22 Blackscroft 

Rankin, James, of Rankin & Thomas, Craigiemount, Maryfield 
Rankin, Rev. John, Catholic Apostolic Church ; k. 22 Constitution road 
Rankin & Thomas, linen manufacturers, 31 St Andrew's street 
Rankine, Jane, boot and shoe merchant, 121 Hilltown ; h. Forebankter. 
Rankine, William, teacher, West End Academy ; h. 1 Lowden's alley 
Rattray, And., grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 83 Foundry lane; h. 81 
Rattra}', Andrew, machinemaker, 31 Balgay street 
Rattray, Andrew, gardener, 6 Bell street 
Rattray & Co., hat manufacturers, 127 Murray gate 
Rattray, George, coaldealer, 45 Hospital wynd ; h. 14 Kinloch street 
Rattray, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 32 Nethergate ; h. The 

Retreat, Grange of Errol 
Rattray, James, & Co., linen merchants, &c., 123 Murraygate 
Rattray, James, of James Rattray & Co., 4 Craigiebank place 
Rattray, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 228 Hilltown ; h. 229 
Rattray, James, dairyman, 50 Magdalen Yard road 
Rattray, John, house and insurance agent, and valuator, 51 Tay st. ; h. 53 
Rattray, John, joiner, 3 Castle lane 
Rattray, John, 2 Laurelbank 
Rattray, John, warehouseman, 32 Ann street 
Rattray, Thomas, late manufacturer, 3 Castle lane 
Rattray, Mrs, grocer, 10 Blackscroft 
Rattray, Miss, dressmaker, 21 Kincardine street 
Rattray, Miss, 12 Springfield 
Rea, James, grocer and wine merchant, 32 Victoria street ; h. Reabella 

cottage. Shamrock street 


Rea, James, clerk, 34 Dallfield terrace 

Rea, Robert, cabinetmaker, 38 and 81 Blackscroft ; h. 16 Lyon place 

Reary, George, bookcanvasser, 149 Locbee road 

Reddie, Mrs M. M., milliner and dressmaker, 332 Hawkbill 

Re6, Hermann, merchant and manufacturer, Blackness Works ; office, 

13 Panmure street ; h. 8 Gillespie terrace, St Andrews 
Reeding, Patrick, grocer and spiritdealer, 171 Scouringburn 
Reekie, Charles, joiner, 78 Bonnybank road 
Reid, Rev. Alexander F., chaplain. Prison; h. 17 Osborne place 
Reid, Rev. Alexander H., M'Cheyne Free Church ; h. 17 Windsor at. 
Reid, Alexander S., hairdresser, 223^ Hilltown 
Reid, Alexander, ropemaker, Bellfield lane ; h. 2 Step row 
Reid, Andrew, & Co., merchants, 21 St Andrew's street 
Reid, Andrew, woodturner, 2 Roslin terrace. Court street 
Reid, Charles S., agent, 81 Murraygate ; h. 20 Cowgate 
Reid, David, commission merchant, 7 Rankine's court ; h. 13 W. Dock st. 
Reid, David, rope and twine maker, 128 Blackness rd. ; h. 5 Baton's lane 
Reid, David L. , assistant timber measurer. Shamrock street 
Reid, David, grocer, 51 Strathmartine road ; h. 53 
Reid, David, shoemaker, 7 North Church street 
Reid, David, clerk, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
Reid, George, mechanic, 66 Constable street 
Eeid, George, clerk, 249 Hawkhill 
Reid, Helen, grocer, 26 North Church street 
Reid, James, & Co., musicsellers and stationers, 14 Cowgate 
Eeid, James, of M'Greger & Reid, 193 Blackness road 
Reid, James C, clerk, 98 Albert street 
Reid, James, timber measurer, Docks ; h. Shamrock street 
Reid, James S., warehouseman, 7 Hill street 
Reid, James, bookdeliverer, 81 Peddie street 
Reid, James, blacksmith, 2 Middle street 
Reid, James, gardener, 243 Blackness road 
Eeid, James, calender overseer, 13 Ure street 
Reid, James, plumber, 33 Yeaman shore 
Reid, James, blacksmith, 6 Baxter street 
Reid, Jessie, manglekeeper, 22 Charles street 
Eeid, John C. , clerk, British Linen Bank ; h. 18 Airlie place 
Eeid, John, butcher, 174 Scouringburn 

Reid, John, collector. Police Treasurer's Office ; h. 81 Hospital wynd 
Reid, John, mechanic, 21 Polepark road 
Reid, John, clerk, 12 Meadowside ; h. 3 Arbroath road 
Eeid & Johnston, solicitors, 31 Eeform street 
Reid, Lyle, of J. & J. Ogilvie & Eeid, 27 Magdalen Yard road 
Eeid, Peter, of Eeid & Johnston, Eockfield, 281 Perth road 
Reid, Peter, hairdresser, 9 Barrack street ; h. 113 Princes street 
Reid, Peter, draper, Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 
Reid, Eichard C, agent, National Bank, Hilltown ; h. 142 Nethergate 
Eeid, Eobert, clerk, 1 1 Well road, Strathmartine road 
Eeid, Thomas, North Sea pilot, 8 St Andrew's street 
Eeid, Wm., general and saddlers' ironmonger, 34Union st.;A.10Pamuure st. 
Reid, WUliam, tobaconist, 135 Blackness road 


Eeid, William, tailor, 83 M 'Grady's land, 9 Lilybank road 

Reid, William, of Ramsay & Reid, 96 Dudhope street 

Reid, William 0., tailor, Crabb's land, Clepington street 

Reid, W. B., & Co., merchants and commission agents, 38 St Andrew's st. 

Reid, W. B., of W. B. Reid & Co., 3 Gowrie place, Hawkhill 

Reid, W. W., manager, Dundee Flour Mills ; h. 2 Craigiebank terrace 

Reid, Mrs David, tobacconist, 9 Thorter row ; h. 3 Rustic place 

Reid, Mrs George, 24 Crichton street 

Reid, Mrs Mary, grocer, 16 Hunter street ; h. 18 

Reid, Mrs Thos., toy merchant and stationer, 36 Union st. ; h. 4 Craig st. 

Reid, Mrs, manglekeeper, 8 Wolseley street 

Reid, Mrs, grocer, 34 Dura street 

Reilly, Mrs Catherine, 93 Blackscroft 


Rennie, Alexander, ironmonger and tinsmith, 147 Princes street ; h. 145 

Rennie, Alexander, coffeehouse keeper, 148 Seagate ; h. 20 Queen street 

Rennie, James, milliner and sewing-machine agent, 70 Wellgate ; h. 66 

Rennie, William, commercial traveller, Steven's land, Dundonald street 

Rennie, Mrs E. , stationer and tobacconist, 53 Victoria road 

Rennie, Miss C, milliner and dressmaker, 2 Graham place. Princes st. 

Renny, William W., of Hill & Renny, 8 Douglas terrace, B. Perry 

Reoch, Alexander, of Buik & Reoch, 61 Yeaman shore 

Reoch, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 104 Hilltown; h. I 

M 'Donald street 
Reoch, William, housefactor, 94 Hilltown 
Reoch, Miss, milliner, 16 Elizabeth street 
Rettie, William, family victualler, 15 Dudhope street ; and grocer, 110 

Rosebank street ; /;. 20 St Mary's place 
Revel, John D., beltmaker, 131 Ann street 
Rew, Helen, dressmaker, 48 Victoria road 

Rhind, H. Stewart, merchant, 10 Bain square ; h. Woodhaven, Newport 
Ehind, John, merchant, 10 Bain square ; h. Embden house, B. Ferry 
Richards &Co., spinners, bleachers, and linen manufacturers, 14 Victoria 
chambers ; ivories, Aberdeen, Montrose, Eubislaw, and Craigo ; Lon- 
don warehouse, 45 Bread st. ; Manchester warehouse, 87 Piccadilly 
Richardson, Charles, druggist, 46 Wellgate and 12 Ferry road ; h. 35 

Constitution road 
Richardson, David, of Herschell & Richardson, 25 Ogilvie street 
Richardson, John, hotelkeeper, Albion Hotel, 15 Tally st. and 48 Overgate 
Richardson, John, mason, 99 Lochee road 

Richardson, William, salesman, Pleasance Brewery ; h. Hop street 
Richmond, William H. , teacher of music, 28 South Tay street 
Richmond William, sen. , teacher of music, 28 South Tay street 
Rickard, Joseph, British Hotel, High street and 4 Castle street 
Ricklin, Werner, clerk, Hop Street Works ; h. 9 Ward road 
Ritchie, David, flaxspinner, 10 Panmure street ; works, Tayport ; h. 

Anerley villa, Newport 
Ritchie, David A., clerk, 4 Havelock place 
Ritchie, George, shipmaster, 197 Princes street 

Ritchie, James S. , shipowner, 53 Dock street ; h, 4 Tay terrace, B. Ferry 
Ritchie, James, general dealer, 97 Lochee road ; h. 99 


Ritcliie, James, butcher, 41 Ann street 

Ritchie, James, mason, 10 North Tay street. 

Ritchie, John, merchant, 31 and 33 Blackness road ; h. 28 Fleuchar st. 

Ritchie, John, agent for Bernard & Co., Leith Distillery, 132a Nethergate 

Ritchie, John, accountant, Evening News Office ; h. 2 Westfield place 

Ritchie, John, church-officer, St Mary Magdalen's ; A. 7 Blinshall street 

Ritchie, John, clerk, Steven's land, Dundonald street 

Ritchie, Joseph, clerk with James Keiller & Son ; k. 16 North Ellen st. 

Ritchie, Joseph, bootmaker,. 9 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Ritchie, Malcolm, spirit merch., 102 Blackness road ; h. 2 Wilkie's lane 

Ritchie, Mungo, auctioneer and appraiser, 51 Overgate ; h. 4 Tay terrace, 
Broughty Ferry 

Ritchie, Mungo, blacksmith, 26 Long wynd 

Ritchie, Patrick D., clerk, Dundee Calender ; A. 16 Hawkhill place 

R,itchie, Peter, tobacconist, 207 Overgate ; h. 214 

Ritchie, Robert B., of W. & R. Ritchie, Longf organ 

Ritchie, Robert D. B., printer, 4 Shepherd's loan 

Ritchie, Thomas, clerk, D. P. & L. Shipping Co. ; h. 6 Shore terrace 

Ritchie, Thomas, restaurateur, Livingstone place, Lochee road ; h. 109. 

Ritchie, William, & Son, merchants, 41 Cowgate 

Ritchie, William, sen., merchant, spinner, and manufacturer. Ward 

Street Mill ; h. Elmslea, Perth road 
Ritchie, William M., of W. & R. Ritchie, 23 Windsor street 
Ritchie, William C, clerk, British Linen Bank ; h. Elmslea, Perth road 
Ritchie, William, merchant and manufacturer, 13 Meadow street ; h. 

Eoselea, Coupar-Angus 
Ritchie, W. Buchan, ship and insurance broker, 18 Cowgate ; h. 2 Wood- 
bine terrace, Newport 
Ritchie, W. & E., accountants and stockbrokers, resident secretaries of 
the Queen Insurance Co., Union Bank buildings, 6 Panmure street 
Ritchie, Mrs James, spirit merchant, 1 Campbeltown place, HawkhiU ; 

A 4 Speed's terrace 
Ritchie, Mrs Pi.. , draper, 69 Hawkhill ; k. 6 Perth road 
Ritchie, Mrs William, grocer, 23 Wellington street 
Ritchie, Mrs, draper, 167^ Hill town; h. Ballfield, Lochee 
Ritchie, Mrs, dressmaker, 36 North Ellen street 
Ritchie, Mrs, lodgings, 43 Castle street 
Robb, Alexander B., baker, 3 Brown street ; k. 5 
Robb, Alexander, shipwright, 9 Stirling street 
Robb, Charles, tobacconist, 10 Ann street ; h. 4 
Robb, David, spirit merchant, 21 Wellgate ; h. 19 Bain square 
Robb, David, warehouseman, 67 Lochee road 
Robb, David, mason, 20 Union place 
Robb, George, coal merchant, 29 Ogilvie's road ; A. 27 
Robb, James, greeucloth merchant, 35 Constitution road 
Robb, James, butcher, 195 Hawkhill ; h. 18 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane ; 
Robb, James, greengrocer, 282 Hilltown ; A. West Clepington house 
Robb, James, dairyman, 25 Albert street 

Robb, John, provision merchant, 131 Hawkhill; A. 1 Watson's lane 
Robb, John, blacksmith, 38 Hillbank road 
Robb, Joseph, pawnbroker, 190 Scouringburn ; h. Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 


Robb, Peter, agent and collector^ 13 Mid street 

Robb, Peter, spiritdealer, 122 Overgate ; A. 2 Dudhope Crescent road 
Robb, Robert, ironturner, 51 Crescent street 
Robb, Robert, police sergeant, 29 Kinloch place, Hawkhill 
Robb, Thomas, reader. Advertiser Office ; h. 31 Step row 
R^obb, William, teacher, Brown Street Public School ; h. 32 Dudhope 

Crescent road 
Robb, William, clothier, 33 Overgate ; A. 21 Airlie place 
Robb, William, gardener, 8 Shepherd's loan 

Robb, Wm., clerk, Lindsay St. Works; A. Beaconsfield place, 7 William st. 
Robb, Miss E., milliner, 102 Princes street 
Robb, Mrs J., manglekeeper. 111 Rosebank street 
Robb, Mrs, grocer, 1 Strathmartine road ; h. 3 
Robbie, George, grocer, 2U2 Hilltown ; h. 200 
Robbie, James, grocer, 33 Dura street 
Robbie, John, School Board officer, 31 Bank street ; A. Fearn cottage, 

Robbie & Mann, bootmakers, 38 High street 
Robbie, Mrs Alexander, of Robbie & Mann, 13 Park lane 
Roberts, Frank, organ builder, Campbeltown place, Hawkhill 
Roberts, James, plumber, 22 Anntield road 
Roberts, James, fishdealer, 9 Fishmarket ; h. 8 Crichton street 
Roberts, James D. , watchmaker, 49 Hawkhill ; A. 24 Hunter street 
Robertson, Alexander, merchant, 5 Reform street ; A. 9 Home terrace, 

Broughty Ferry 
Robertson, Alexander, of A. & W. Robertson, 51 1 Yeaman shore 
Robertson, Alexander, of P. Robertson & Son, 1 1 Nethergate 
Robertson, Alex. , cashier, Wallace Works : A. Anderson pL, 7a William st. 
Robertson, Alex., overseer, Kinmond, Luke, and Co.'s ; A. 101 Douglas st. 
Robertson, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 49 and 51 Victoria street ; A. 51 
Robertson, Alex., cabinetmaker and funeral undertaker, 61 Hilltown 
Robertson, Alex. J., wine and spirit merch., 113 Hilltown ; A 3 Ann st. 
Robertson, Alexander, house proprietor, Ryehill, 228 Hawkhill 
Robertson, Alexander, of Robertson & Howe, Fairley place 
Robertson, Alexander, confectioner, 14 East Dock street 
Robertson, Alexander, tobacconist, IS East Dock street ; A. 16 
Robertson, Alexander, late grocer, 100 Victoria road 
Robertson, Alexander, spirit merchant, 9 Cochrane street 
Robertson, Alexander, waiter, 25 Clepington street 
Robertson, Alexander, gardener, 6 Lawrence street 
Robertson, Alexander, skinner, 37 Ash street 
Robertson, Alexander, fruiterer, 9 Hilltown 
Robertson, Alexander, mechanic, 17 Glamis street 
Robertson, Andrew, cashier, Wallace Foundry ; A. 4 Madeira street 
Robertson, Ann, grocer, 19 Mains road 
Robertson & Arnot, commission merchants, 49 Castle street 
Robertson, A. & E., dressmakers, 9 Mains road 
ROBERTSON, A. & P. M„ auctioneers, 25 Union street. See Adv. 
Robertson, A. & W., coachbuilders, 55 Yeaman shore 
Robertson, Bethune. grocer and spirit merchant, 38 Balgay street ; A. 

8 Cleghorn street 


Robertson Brotliers, sliipbrokers and coal exporters, 25 Dock street 

Robertson, Charles, of Robertson & Amot, 3 Dudhope terrace 

Robertson, Charles, of Robertson Brothers, Rockfield, Tayport 

Robertson, Charles, painter, 7 Ireland's lane 

Robertson, Charles, provision dealer, 36 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Robertson, C. J., cashier, 49 Castle street ; h. 1 Mid street 

Robertson & Co., hosiers and umbrellamakers, 24 Overgate 

Robertson, David, Union grove, 65 Magdalen green 

Robertson, David, of Robertson & Stewart, 2 Strawberrybank 

Robertson, Rev. David R., B.D., Clepington Church ; h. 17 Nelson st. 

Robertson, David, coffeehouse keeper, 60 Dock street ; li. 43 Candle lane 

Robertson, David, collector, 45 Victoria road 

Robertson, David, account collector, 4 Ann street 

Robertson, David H., draper, 13 Panmure street 

Robertson, David, mason, 7 Castle lane 

Robertson, David, gasfitter, 2 Roslin terrace, Court street 

Robertson, David, porter, 68 St Andrew's street 

Robertson, David, jun., clerk, 21 Cotton road 

Robertson, David, gamekeeper, 17 Robertson street 

Robertson, Daniel F. , Consul for Liberia ; commission agent, 1 Royal 

Exchange place ; h. Craigiemount, Tayport 
Robertson, l3onald, cab proprietor, 52 Cotton road 
Robertson, Donald, joiner, 66 Ure street 

Robertson, Dryden, & Co., merchants and manufrs., 5 St Andrew's st. 
Robertson & Duncan, builders and contractors, 1 Commercial street 
Robertson, D. & W. , iron and steel merchants, agents for yellow metal, 

sulphur, and copper, 14, 16, and 18 Exchange st., and 36 Castle st. 
Robertson, D., manager to J. Watson & Co.; h. 103 Seagate 
Robertson, Edwin, joiner, 117 Ann street 

Robertson, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 34 Todburn lane ; h. 1 Mount pleasant 
Robertson, Francis, confectioner, 2 Cherryfield lane 
Robertson, George, horsehirer, 2>2h King street ; h. 28 
Robertson, George, china merchant, 50 Blackscroft 
Robertson, Geo. H., produce broker, 8 S. Lindsay st. ; h. 1 Viewforth pi. 
Robertson, George, of Fyfe & Robertson, 9 Victoria street 
Robertson, George, of Robertson & M'Kenzie, 7 Malcolm street 
Robertson, George, organist, St Salvador's Church ; h. 11a Victoria rd. 
Robertson, George, confectioner, 82 Ann street ; h. 84 
Robertson, George, cooper, 16 St Andrew's street 
Robertson, George, patternmaker, 12 Fleuchar street 
Robertson, Geo. W.,& Co., importers of American goods, 4 India buildings 
Robertson, George W. , of G. VV. Robertson & Co.,Woodside, W. Newport 
Robertson, George, joiner, 9 Blyth street 
Robertson, Harry M., shopman, 41 HawkhiU 
Robertson, Helen, ironer, 18 Nelson street 
Robertson, Helen, dressmaker, 184 Perth road 

Robertson, Helen B., family victualler, 3 Crichton st.; ^.95 Murraygate 
Robertson, Henry, produce broker, 8 Lindsay st. ; A.Eden grove, Fifeshire 
Robertson, Henry, tobacconist, 60 Overgate ; h. 31 Victoria road 
Robertson & Howe, timber merchants and bobbin turners, Fairmuir 

Turning Works, Mains road 


Robertson, Hugh, engineer, 31 Crescent street 

Robertson, James B., of Robertson Brothers, Tayport 

Robertson, James C.,of Moody Stuart & Robertson, 1 Craigiebank terrace 

Robertson, James D., wine and spirit merchant, 10 Nethergate ; h. Old 

Brewery house, Inchture 
Robertson, James D., grocer and pro\'ision merchant, 8 Glebe street ; h. 

13 Kintore place 
Robertson, James S., of D. & W. Robertson, Taypark house, W. Ferry 
Robertson, James W. , ship and insurance broker, 46 Castle street ; h. 

Catherinebank, Harecraig 
Robertson, James, & Co. , shirtmakers and clothiers, 38 Castle street 
Robertson, James, agent, 4 Lawson place 

Robertson, James, of Robertson & Duncan, Reres Feus, Broughty Ferry 
Robertson, James, of J. Robertson & Co. , Balbirnie terrace. 111 Victoria rd. 
Robertson, James, mahogany merchant, East Dock street ; A. Walnut 

cottage, Monilieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Robertson, James, of J. & W. Robertson, 106 Annfield road 
Robertson, James, grocer and spiritdealer, 157 Seagate ; A. 87 King st. 
Robertson, James, plumber, gasfitter, and ironmonger, 128 Princes st. ; 

A. 2 Graham place 
Robertson, James, inspector of police, 194 Scouringburn 
Robertson, James, grocer, 23 Lochee road 
Robertson, James, woodturner, 18 Ellen street 
Robertson, James, plasterer, 55 Hospital wynd 
Robertson, James, sawyer, 2 Idvies street 
Robertson, James, clerk, 47 Yeaman shore 
Robertson, James, jeweller, 20 Bellfield lane 
Robertson, James, mason, 237 Blackness road 
Robertson, James, mechanic, 6 Small's lane 
Robertson, James, mechanic, 1 Bernard street 
Robertson, James, mechanic, 38 Main street 
Robertson, James, milloverseer, 39 Main street 
Robertson, Jane, grocer, 17 Fish street 
Robertson, Jessie, cooking depot, 9 Ann street 

Robertson, John, & Son, wholesale grocers and wine merchs. , 83 Seagate 
Robertson, John, of Gibson, Robertson, & Co., 1 Craigiebank terrace 
Robertson, John, of John Robertson & Son, 14 Clarendon terrace 
Robertson, John, of M'Keith & Robertson, 92 Rosebank street 
Robertson, John Earl, of James Spence & Co., Tnvercarse, Perth road 
Robertson, John, of James Spence & Co. , Tay mount, Balgay 
Robertson, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 70 Scouringburn ; A. 

Falcon place, Wilkie's lane 
Robertson, J ohn, photographer, 5 1 A Per th rd. ; A . 8 Waterloo pi . , Annfieldrd. 
Robertson, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 27 N. Wellington st. ; A. 41 
Robertson, John M., architect, 33 Albert sq. ; A. 2 Church st., B. Ferry 
Robertson, John, millmanager, Caldrum Works ; A. 89 Hospital wynd 
Robertson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 204 Perth road ; A 71 
Robertson, John, fishmonger, 257 Hawkhill ; A. 255 
Robertson, John, bootmaker, 30 King street ; A. 36 Cotton road 
Robertson, John, baker, 137 Perth road 
Robertson, John,' clerk, 320 Perth road 


Robertson, John, postal telegraph clerk, 6 Eoslin terrace, Court street 
Robertson, John, baker, 48 Bell street, and restaurateur, 19 Springhill 

place, Ferry road ; A. 46 Bell street 
Robertson, John K., baker, 73 Lochee road ; h. 71 
Robertson, John, sawmiller, 6 Polepark road 
Robertson, John, joiner, 3 Ure street 
Robertson, John, johier, 6 Arthur street 
Robertson, John, tailor. Elm place, 121 HawkhiU 
Robertson, John, jun., joiner, 3 Ure street 
Robertson, John, printer, 6 Annfield street 
Robertson, John, mason, 204 Lochee road 
Robertson, J. & W., boot and shoe makers, 21a Miller's wynd 
Robertson & M'Kenzie, painters and paperhangers, 92 Dudhope street 
Robertson & M'Leish, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchants, 

33 North Lindsay street 
Robertson, Margaret, dressmaker, 29 Hill street 

Robertson, Matthew, wine and spirit merch., 1 & 3 Mains road; h. 4 Hillst. 
Robertson & Orchar, engineers, millwrights, and machinemakers, 

Wallace Foundry, Brown Constable street 
Robertson, P., & Son, poulterers and gamedealers, 30 Union street 
Robertson, Peter, wholesale cabinet and venetian-blind manufacturer, 

83 & 85 Hilltown ; h. 85 
Robertson, Peter, of Slimman & Robertson, 1 Kemback street 
Robertson, Peter, blacksmith, 79 King street 
Robertson, Peter M., of A. & P. M. Robertson, 86 Nethergate 
Robertson, Peter, commission agent, 6 Balfour street 
Robertson, Robert, house and insurance agent, 202 Overgate ; h. 4 

Temple lane 
Robertson, Robert, draper, 74 & 76 King street ; h. Salisbury place, 93 

Arbroath road 
Robertson, Robert B., clerk, 12 Victoria chambers ; h. 21 Louisa terrace, 

Broughty Ferry 
Robertson, Robert, of Menzies & Robertson, 4 Park terrace 
Robertson, Robert, calenderer, 10 Ashton place 
Robertson & Stewart, linen drapers, 118 Nethergate 
Robertson, Samson, house proprietor and joiner, 67 Lochee road 
Robertson, Stewart, joiner and cabinetmaker, 73 Scouringbum ; work- 
shop, 26 Horsewater wynd 
Robertson, Thomas S., of Edward & Robertson, Riverview, West Ferry 
Robertson, Thomas, clerk and hallkeeper, 43 Overgate 
Robertson, Thomas, cab proprietor, Shepherd's loan ; h. 4 
Robertson, Thomas, flax inspector, 25 Victoria road 
Robertson, Thomas, flour miller, 31 Balgay street 
Robertson, Thomas, blacksmith, 54 North Ellen street 
Robertson, Thomas, miller, 16 Jamaica street 
Robertson, Thomas H., 59 Wellgate 
Robertson, Thomas, commercial traveller, 15 Step row 
Robertson & Watt, watchm^akers and jewellers, 24 Victoria road and 

8 West port 
Robertson, William, of Robertson & Orchar, Balmore, Newport 
Robertson, W. Brown, of John Robertson & Son, 1 Wellington street 


Robertson, William, of A. & W. Robertson, 12 Garland place 
Robertson, William, of J. & W. Robertson, 21 Miller's wynd 
Robertson, William, of Robertson & Watt, 48 Victoria road 
Robertson, William, late iron merchant, Taypark house, West Ferry 
Robertson, William F., of D. & W. Robertson, Taypark house, W.Ferry 
Robertson, William, harbourmaster, Harbour chambers, Dock street 
Robertson, William, commission agent, Rankine's court, High street ; 

h. 9 Airlie terrace 
Robertson, Wm L., teacher, Hawkhill Public School ; li. 15 Blackness st. 
Robertson, Rev. Wm. , Original Secession Church ; h. 1 E. Somerville pi. 
Robertson, William, manager. Anchor & Douglas Mills; A. 44 Poleparkrd. 
Robertson, William, contractor, 20 Nelson street 
Robertson, William, plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 108 Hawkhill ; 

h. 106 ; workshops, Kincardine street 
Robertson, William, baker, 212 Hawkhill, h. 14 Ford's lane 
Robertson, Wm. M., clerk, Wallace Works ; /*. Salisbury pi. Arboathrd. 
Robertson, William, manager, Belmont Factory ; h. 36 Small's wynd 
Robertson, Wm., tobacconist, confectioner, and stationer, 217 Hawkhill 
Robertson, William, coal merchant, 68 Caldrum street ; h. 66 
Robertson, William, shipmaster, Magdalen place, North Clepington road 
Robertson, William, overseer, 16 Lawrence street 
Robertson, William M'Loed, clerk, 253 Blackness road 
Robertson, William, joiner, Albert court, 37 Nethergate 
Robertson, William, mechanic, 3 Kincardine street 
Robertson, William, police constable, 7 Ann street 
Robertson, William, baker, 18 Parker street 
Robertson, Mrs Andrew, 288 Hawkhill 
Robertson, Mrs Alexander, 22 Ogilvie's road 
Robertson, Mrs Alexander, 7 Ure street 
Robertson, Mrs Barbara, flesher, 50 Union street ; h. 40 
Robertson, Mrs James, 12 Hill street 
Robertson, Mrs J. M., coach proprietor, 45 Perth road 
Robertson, Mrs Simon, 23 Springfield 
Robertson, Mrs, dressmaker, 33 Todburn lane 
Robertson, Mrs, 17 St Andrew's street 
Robertson, Miss Agnes, confectioner, 80 Dudhope street 
Robertson, Miss J. F., 26 Springfield 
Robertson, Miss M., dressmaker. 78 Bonnybank road 
Robertson, Miss S., dressmaker, 72 King street 
Robertson, Mrs, pawnbroker, 6 Bain square ; h. 38 Peddie street 
Robertson, Miss, tobacconist, 80 Princes street ; h. 78 
Robertson, Miss, dressmaker, 79 King street 
Robinson, Fleming, & Co. (of London), 19 Cowgate 
Robinson, John, sawmaker, 68 St Andrew's street 
Rockwell Works, Coldside, William L. Boase & Co., manufacturers 
Rodger, Alexander, butcher, 40 Princes street 
Rodger, David, of Rodger & Whyte, 2 Springfield 
Rodger, Francis, plasterer, 13 Glamis street 
Rodger, Isabella, dressmaker, 13 Blackheath place 
Rodger, James, dairyman. North Lawton 
Rodger, James, engine-fitter, 60 Bell street 


Rodger, Jane, draper, 11 Nortli George street ; h. 13 

Rodger, John, clerk, 20 Hill street 

Rodger, Robert B., confectioner, 61 Cowgate 

Rodger, William, linguist, 86 Nethergate 

Rodger & Whyte, tea merchants, 28 Castle steeet 

Rodger, Mrs Alexander, Morton square, 31 Wellgate 

Rodger, Miss, 2 Seafield road 

Rodgie, Alexander, grocer's assistant, 138 Scouringbum 

Rodney, David, temperance hotel and restaurant keeper, 7-11 S. Union st. 

Rodney, Margaret, confectioner, 153 Lochee road 

Roger, Alexander, pavement merchant and builder, 24 Willison street ; 

h. 13 N. George street 
Roger, Alex., photographer and stationer, 65 Hawkhlll ; /i. 16 Marine place 
Roger, Catherine, lodgings, 6 Castle street 
Roger, Charles, 40 Union street 

Roger, Charles, confectioner, 40 South Tay street ; A. 42 
Roger, Charles B. , merchant and commission agent, 132 Murraygate ; 

h. St Helen's, Downfield 
Roger, C. & J., photographers, 42 South Tay street 
Roger, George, joiner, 2 Meadow street 
Roger, James, mason, 11 Rosefield street 
Roger, John, grocer, 18 King's road 

Roger, Robert, of R. G. Kennedy & Co., St Helen's, Downfield 
Roger, Miss, 1 Gowrie place 

Rogers, Andrew B. , ironturner, 82 Constable street 
Rogers, James S., artificial manure and sulphuric acid manufacturer, 

Rosemill Chemical Works, Strathmartine 
Rogers, James, joiner, 6 Tait's lane 
Rogers, William T. , stevedore, 143 Blackscroft 
Rollo, Alexander, plumber, 52 Constable street 
RoUo, David (of Rollo & Hendry), joint agent for Royal Bank of Scotland, 

Lochee ; A. Bloomfield, Lochee 
RoUo & Hendry, solicitors, 32 Bank street 
Rollo, James, milloverseer, 15 North street 
Rollo, James, enginefitter, 6 Janefield place, Marylield 
Rollo, James A., writer, 12 Meadowside ; h. 18 Arbroath road 
Rollo, Mrs M., manglekeeper, Miln's court, 48 Wellgate 
Ronald, James, corn merch., 31 Dock street; h. Ravenscraig, Newport 
Ronald, John, keeper of Kinnaird Hall, 6 Bank street ; /t. 4 
Ronney, James, carver and gilder, 36 William street, Forebank 
Roper, H. W., & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 4 India buildings 
Roper, Henry W., of H. W. Roper & Co., 25 Janefield place 
Rorie, James, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., physician. Royal Lunatic Asylum; h. 

4 Craigiebank terrace 
Rose Factory, 18 Wilkie's lane, Alexander Balfour & Co., manufacturers 
Rose, Rev. Wm., Victoria St. U.P. Church ; h. 5 Woodville pl.,Maryfield 
Rose, Mrs James, 48 Hilltown 

Rosebank Factory, Rosebank road, D. H. Fleming & Sons, manufacturers 
Rosenstern, F., & Co., jute and linen merchants, 73 Cowgate 
Ross, Alexander, wholesale grocer, 23 Victoria street 
Ross, Alexander, foreman pipelayer, Gas Works ; h. 5 Constitution st. 


Ross, Alex. R. .British wine manufacturer, 13 Panmure st. ; h. 8 Roslin ter. 

Ross, Alexander, shoemaker, 125 Perth road 

Ross, Andrew, fireman, 106 Blackscroft 

Ross, Charles G., agent, City of Glasgow Bank ; h. Daisybank, Maryfield 

Ross, David, messenger, Clydesdale Bank ; h. Clydesdale Bank buildings 

Ross, David, grocer and spiritdealer, 119 Cowgate 

Ross, David, criminal officerj 44 Seafield road 

Ross, George, harbour porter, Beaconsfield place, 7 William street 

Ross, George T., spiritdealer's assistant, 13 Cleghorn street 

Ross, Gustavus, spiritdealer's assistant, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Ross, James D., builder, Rosefield place 

Ross, James T. , detective officer, Police Chambers, West Bell street 

Ross, James, clerk, 21 Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

Ross, John, clerk, 2 Annfield row 

Ross, John, tobacconist, 23 North Ellen street ; h. 27 

Ross, John, upholsterer, 8 Lawrence street 

Ross, John, cabinetmaker, 62 North Church street 

Ross, John, mason, 38 North street 

Ross, Martin, & Co., marine insur. brokers and merchts., 81 Murraygate 

Ross, Neil, bottler, 21 Lilybank road 

Ross, Robert, greengrocer, 211 Perth road ; h. 213 

Ross, Robert S., spirit merchant, 10 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 

Ross, Thomas S., merchant, 12 Cowgate ; h. 3 Balgillo terrace, B. Ferry 

Ross, Thomas, inspector of works. Burgh Surveyor's office 

Ross, Thomas, heel and toe plate maker, 35 Hilltown 

Ross, William, wine and spirit merchant, 173 Hilltown ; h. 171 

Ross, William, grocer, 8 Constitution street 

Ross, William, foreman painter, 17 Crichton street 

Ross, William R., sawmiller, 26 Bell street 

Ross, William, mechanic, 23 Rose street 

Ross, William L. M'K., clerk, 38 Elizabeth street 

Ross, Mrs, 27 Nelson street 

Rotterdam, Glasgow, and Dundee Steamers via Grangemouth, Charles 
Cunningham, 81 Murraygate, agent 

Rough, Alexander, baker, 17 Hospital wynd ; h. 13 

Rough, George, merchant, Tayside villa, 2 Osborne place 

Rourke, John, gardener, 8 Hunter street 

Rowan, Edward, pawnbroker and jeweller, 65 Overgate ; h. Rowan 
villa, W. Ferry 

Rowan, Mary, grocer and spiritdealer, 66 Scouringburn ; h. 37 Hawkhill 

Roxburgh, James, foreman moulder, Tay Foundry ; h. 5 Harriet street 

Roxburgh, William, draper and hatter, 93 and 95 Hawkhill, and 1 Kin- 
cardine street ; A. 13 St Peter street 

Roxburgh, Miss, 5 Park terrace 

Roy, Helen, ironer, 35^ Step row 

Roy, James, jun., bricklayer, 2 Havelock place 

EOY, JOHN L., diesinker, '70 Bell street. See Adv. 

Roy, John, milloverseer, 15 Powrie place 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 22 Castle street, 97 Murraygate, 98 King street, 
and 36 West port 

B07AL HOTEL, 54 Nethergate, Jas. T. Russell, proprietor. See Adv. 


Ruddiman, John, cabinetmaker and joiner, 3 Thomson street 

Ruffell, Wesley F., sergeant-instructor, 4th F.A.V., Drill Hall; h. 57 

Croft's lane 
Russell, David, & Co., merchants, 35 Cowgate 
Russell, David, & Son, consulting chemists, 111 Nethergate 
Russell, David, of David Russell & Co., Hill terrace, Broughty Ferry 
RusseU, James, of D. Russell & Son, 45 Tay street 
Russell, James T. , proprietor. Royal Hotel, 54 Nethergate 
RusseU, John, bootmaker, 38 Ann street 
RusseU, Robert, mechanic, 13 North Wellington street 
Russell, Thomas, blacksmith, Russell lane, west end Victoria road ; 

k. 85 Victoria road 
RusseU, Miss, teacher, 47 Tay street ; h. 45 

Rutherford, Alexander C, secretary Glasgow Guardian Society for Pro- 
tection of Trade, 1 1 Panmure street 
Rutherford, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 56 North Ellen st.; A. 24 
Rutherford, Jas., wine and spirit merch., 74 Murraygate ; h.lO AirUe pi. 
Rutherford, John, 38 Rosebank street 

Rutherford, Mrs, grocer and spiritdealer, 6 Temple lane ; h. 8 
Ruthven, Robert, butcher, 45 Albert street ; h. 26 

Ruthven, Mrs, grocer and spirit merchant, 4 Daniel street ; h. 7 Kin- 
loch place, HawkhiU 
RydtjRe v. Alphonsus Van de, St Andrew's R. C. Church ; A,. 150 Nethergate 

Sabiston, James, mechanic, 30 Victoria street 

Saddler, James, cooper, timber merchant, and corn crusher, King WUliam 

dock, and East Dock street ; h. Baxter's land, Ferry road 
Sadler, David, bootmaker, 169 Princes street ; h. 86 Albert street 
St Clair, Alex., jeweller, 24 Nethergate ; h. Woodbine house, Newport 
St Mary's Sisterhood, 10 King street 
St Roque's Works, 2 Constable street, Morison, Anderson, & Butchart, 

Salmond, David, commission agent and engineer, 31 Isles' lane 
Salmond & Flenung, wholesale grocers, provision merchants, and tea- 
dealers. Commercial street 
Salmond, Frank, of J. & F. Salmond, 2 Airlie terrace 
Salmond, James, of J. & F. Salmond, Lansdowne place, 3 Constitution rd. 
Salmond, J. & F. civil engineers, 6 High street 
Salmond, John, mechanic, 2 Bell Street lane 
Salmond, Peter 6., confectioner, 50 Princes street ; h. 48 
Salmond, William, of Salmond & Fleming, 7 Airlie terrace 
Salomon, Julius, merchant, 19 Bain square ; h. 14 Windsor street 
Samnuggur Jute Factory Co. (Limited), spinners and manufacturers ; 

office, 45 Meadowside 
Samson, Alexander, 4 Wellington street 
Samson, David, cabinetmaker, 229 Overgate ; h. 187 ; loorkshop, 21 

North Tay street 
Samson, George, of Hugh Samson & Sons, 12 WUliam street 
Samson, Hugh, & Sons, manufacturers. 1 1 Meadow street 
Samson, James W., wine and spirit merchant, Victoria crescent ; 
h. Salisbury place, Arbroath road 


Samson & Unna, mercliaiits, 51 Meadowside 

Samson, Mrs George, grocer, 5 St Peter street 

Samson, Mrs Hugh 4 Wellington street 

Samson, Mrs James, 36 Victoria road 

Samson, Miss Betsy, dressmaker, 36 Victoria road 

Samson, Miss, dressmaker, 33 Wellington street 

Samson, Misses, 2 Gowrie place 

SAMUEL, THOMAS, bookseller and stationer, 60 Victoria road; A.25Seafield 

road. See Adv. 
I Sandeman, Charles S., merchant, 23 Panmure street ; A. 5 Ealgillo 

terrace, Seatield, Broughty Ferry 
Sandeman, David, & Co., merchants, 29 Panmure street 
Sandeman, Frank S., jute and cotton spinner, and manufacturer, 23 

Panmure street ; h. Stanley, Perthshire 
Sandeman, George, accountant, 116 Seagate ; h. Forebank terrace 
Sandeman, Hugh, bootmaker, 30 Bank street ; h. 17 Airlie place 
Sandeman, John, baker, 15 Strathmartine road 
Sandeman, John, clerk, 7 Ellen street 
Sandeman, Patrick, of P. Sandeman & Co., 5 Ellen street 
Sandeman, P., & Co., chemists and druggists, 17 High street 
Sandeman, Robert, housefactor, and officer, Wallacetown Free Church ; 

h. 16 Nelson street 
Sandeman, Mrs John, baker, 15 North George street 
Sanderson, Thomas, agent, British Linen Bank, 83 Murraygate ; k. 9 

Douglas terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Sanderson, Mrs Peter, 59 Princes street 
Sandilands, James, foreman tenter, 10 Carmichael street 
Sands, John, shoemaker, 23 Blackscroft 
Sang, Edward, gardener, AshclifT ; h. 350 Perth road 
Saunders, Jane, stationer and tobacconist, 24 Bell street 
Saunders, John M., grocer and spirit merchant, 33 Alexander st. ; h. 35 
Saunders, P. , currier and leather merch. ,2 Mid st. ; h. 63 Constitution rd. 
Saunders, Robert, joiner, 42 Dallfield walk 
Saunders, Thomas, accountant. Union Bank ; h. Hillside cottage, 20 

Caldrum street 
Saunders, William C, surgeon, 19 King street 
Saunders, Mrs Charles, 12 Wellington street 
Scarlett, William, undertaker, 8 Ann street and 65 Scouringburn 
Schleselman, George, district agent, Mutual Fire Insurance Corporation, 

Guaranteed, 12 Victoria chambers 
Schmidt, J. H. E., Ph.D., teacher of languages, 9 Ward road; h. 8 

Castle terrace, Broughty Ferry 
School Board Office, 31 Bank street 

Schultzen & Murray, principals of East of Scotland Institution, 31 Tay st. 
Scobie, Anderson C, coal merchant, 9 Annfield street ; h. 14 
Scott, Alex. , agent, Clydesdale Bank ; h. Ashbank villa, E. Newport 
Scott, Alexander, of H. & A. Scott, Riversdale, Perth road 
Scott, Alexander, of David Scott & Son, bootmakers, 24 Euclid crescent 
Scott, Alexander, of Scott & Fernie, 1 Lowden's alley 
Scott, Alexander, shoemaker, 1 4 Ann street; h. 23 Union st., Nethergate 
Scott, Alexander, railway porter, 5 Tay Street lane 


Scott, Alexander C, millfurnisher, grocers' outfitter, and general iron- 
monger, 74 Overgate ; li. 32 Tait's lane 
Scott, Andrew, late builder, 8 Dudliope place 
Scott, Andrew, grocer, 97 Ann street ; A. 13 Soutli Ellen street 
Scott, Andrew, warehouseman, 75 Seagate 
Scott, Andrew, gardener, 36 Seafield road 
Scott, Andrew, dockgateman, 2 Erskine street 
Scott, Arthur, foreman blacksmith, 30 North EUen street 
Scott, Charles, tobacconist, 20 Ann street ; A. 19 Wellington street 
Scott, Charles, messenger, 46 Reform street 
Scott, David, & Son, marine insurance brokers, ship brokers, and 

average staters, 62 Dock street 
Scott, David, & Son, bootmakers, 40 High street 
Scott, David, of James Scott & Sons, 8 Windsor terrace, Perth road 
Scott, David, jun., of David Scott & Son, Dock st., Struan pL, Newport 
Scott, David, of David Scott & Son, Dock street, Struan place, Newport 
Scott, David, registrar of births, &c. , 26 Euclid ores. ; h. 8 Victoria sq. 
Scott, David, asphalt contractor, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown ; h. 24 

Forebank road 
Scott, David, manager, 114 Murraygate ; h. St Mary's place 
Scott, David P., teller, National Bank ; A. 9 Renny place. West Ferry 
Scott, David, tobacconist, 115 Ann street 
Scott, David, brewer, 32^ King street 
Scott, Donald, newsagent, 50 Dura street 
Scott, Edward F., enginefitter, 36 Kemback street 
Scott, Elias H., clerk, 16 Annfield street 
Scott, Eliza P., milliner, 16 Bell street 
Scott, Eliza, coffeehouse keeper, 53 Forebank road 
Scott, Elizabeth, 44 Peddie street 
Scott & Fernie, builders and joiners. Small's wynd 
Scott & Fyfe, manufacturers, 16 Cowgate ; works, Tayport 
Scott, Gavin, blacksmith, 47 Victoria road 
Scott, George, janitor, Hawkhill Public School, Croft's lane 
Scott, George, flesher, 2 Russell street 
Scott, George L., joiner, 20 South George street 
Scott, Henry, upholsterer, 107 Nethergate ; h. 2 Tay Street lane 
Scott, H. & A., canvas and linen manufrs., Tayfi eld Works, Seafield lane 
Scott, Hugh, of H. & A. Scott, Broadhaugh, Newport 
Scott, Isabella, & Co., spirit merchants, 84 Lochee road 
Scott, Isabella, of Isabella Scott & Co., 72 Lochee road 
Scott, James, & Sons, manufacturers. Mid Wynd Works, Mid wynd 
Scott, James, & Sons, cabinetmakers, joiners, and funeral undertakers, 

42 Foundry lane, 71 Blackscroft, and 84J Seagate ; h. 91 Seagate 
Scott, James, of Jas. Scott & Sons, manufrs. , Hyndf ord cottage, Perth rd. 
Scott, James, shipowner, 7 Craigie terrace, Ferry road 
Scott, James, clerk, 64 Commercial street ; h. 6 Balfour street 
Scott, James, grocer, 78 Hill street 
Scott, James, carpenter, 16 St Andrew's street 
Scott, James, seaman, 84 Murraygate 
Scott, James, tailor, 19 Pitfour street 
Scott, Jas., & Son, grocers and tea merchants, Baxter's land, Watson st. 


Scott, John C, of James Scott & Sons, manufacturers, 4 HawkMU place 
Scott, John, of Lindsay & Scott, Kilnburn place. West Newport 
Scott, John, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 29 Wellgate ; h. 84 

Strathmartine road 
Scott, John, confectioner, 109 Ann street 
Scott, John, clerk, 4 Blyth street 
Scott, John, ironmonger, 14 Lawrence street 
Scott, John, painter, 134 Princes street 
Scott, John, tailor, 1 Hunter street 
Scott, John, joiner, St Mary's place 

Scott & M'Nab, shuttle and buffalo-picker makers, 53 Dallfield walk 
Scott, Mary A. , teacher, St Andrew's Sessional School ; li. 134 Princes st. 
Scott, Morrice, compositor, 47 Dallfield walk 
Scott, M. A., clothes calenderer, 89 Cowgate 
SCOTT & NEILSON, carvers and gilders, 225 Overgate. See Adv. 
Scott, Peter, stationer and tobacconist, Beaconsfield pi. , 112 Victoria rd. 
Scott, Peter, powerloom manager, Polepark Works ; h. 43, St Mary's pi. 
Scott, Peter, mason, 2 Hunter street 
Scott, Peter C. , of P. & D. Scott, Binns of Blackness 
Scott, P. & D., manufacturers, 33 Meadowside 
Scott, Richard, teacher, Dundee Institution ; h. 8 Airlie terrace 
Scott, Richard, joiner, and pictureframe maker, 48 Blackscroft 
Scott, Robert, late shipmaster, 148 Perth road 
Scott, Robert, of Scott & Fyfe, 
Scott, Stewart, moulder, 22 Mid road 

Scott Street Linen Works, Scott street ; G. Gilroy, jun., & Co., spinners 
SCOTT, THOMAS, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 17 Union street ; h. 

Invertay, East Newport. See Adv. 
Scott, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Fish st. ; h. 36 Nethergate 
Scott, Thomas C, manager. Hop Street Mill ; h. 4 Lawrence street 
Scott, Thomas, shoemaker, 29 Lawrence street ; h. 6 
Scott, Thomas, harbour porter, Beaconsfield place, 7 William street 
Scott, Thomas, enginefitter, 20 St Mary's place 
Scott, William, & Co. , manufacturers, 25 Forebank road 
Scott, William, solicitor, 30 Reform street ; h. Carmelbank, West Perry 
Scott, William A., carver, gilder, and picture dealer, 13 Shore terrace ; 

h. Woodriff terrace. East Newport 
Scott, William B., joiner, 32 Constable street ; h. 8 Dudhope place 
Scott, William C, tanner and wool merchant, 1 Park street, Lochee 

road ; h. Retreat, 370 Perth road 
Scott, William, house proprietor, 1 Laurelbank 
Scott, William, 354 Perth road 

Scott, William, Abbotsford house, 5 Scotswood terrace, West Park road 
Scott, William, of Scott & Neilson, 98 Princes street 
Scott, William H., shuttlemaker, 17 Lyon street 

Scott, William T., clerk. Water Treasurer's Office ; h. 16 Victoria street 
Scott, William, 3 Craig street 
Scott, William, hairdresser, Campbeltown place 
Scott, Mrs Elizabeth, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Thorter row ; h. 

Camphill, Broughty Ferry 
Scott, Mrs Isabella, greengrocer, 6 Glebe street 


Scott, Mrs J. Home, 6 Springfield 

Scott, Mrs M. P., tobacconist, 88 Nethergate ; h. 16 Bell street 

Scott, Mrs William, 8 Laurelbank 

Scott, Mrs, stationer, 127 Perth road 

Scott, Mrs, midwife, 150 Overgate 

Scott, Mrs, 25 Forebank road 

Scott, Mrs, 20 Peter street 

Scott, Mrs, 9 Cleghorn street 

Scott, Miss Anne, 7 St Peter street 

Scott, Miss, dressmaker, 24 Bank street 

Scott, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 28 South Tay street 

buildings, district secretaries. See Adv. 

Scottish American Investment Trust, 1 Royal Exchange ; Robert Flem- 
ing, secretary 

12 Euclid street, district inspector. See Adv. 

Scottish Loan Company, pawnbrokers, 5 Meadow entry, and 1 Rosebank 
street ; sale-shop, 32 Victoria road ; George Stevenson, manager 

SCOTTISH NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. ; Thos. Nicholson, 32 Castle street, 
local secretary. See Adv. 

W. Shepherd, local secretary, 6 Panmure street. See Adv. 

SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND Mutual Life Assurance Society ; Thomas P. 
Peacock, resident secretary, 9 Panmure street, See Adv. 

Scouringbum Works, 16 Milne's E. wynd, W. Chalmers & Son, spinners 

Scrimgeour, Charles W. , of John Scrimgeour & Sons, Elimbank, Newport 

Scrimgeour, David, trimming and fancy goods warehouseman, 2 Nether- 
gate ; h. Albany terrace 

Scrimgeour, David, manager. Column Mill; h. Ward house, 30 Session st. 

Scrimgeour, George, Albany terrace 

Scrimgeour, Jas. S., painter and decorator, 66 Victoria rd.; ^.4 Parker st. 

Scrimgeour, John, & Sons, wholesale provision merchants, Rankine's 
court, and 32 High street 

Scrimgeour, John, of John Scrimgeour & Sons, Albany terrace 

Scrimgeour, John, of Reid & Johnston, East Newport 

Scrimgeour, John, confectioner, 24 King street ; h. 22 Constable street 

Scrimgeour, John, grocer, 2 Caldrum street 

Scrimgeour, Robert, grocer, Dundonald street ; h. 4 Wolseley street 

Scrimgeour, Thomas, mechanic, 39 Park wynd 

Scrimgeour, William D., clerk, 10 Euclid street; h. 30 Isles' lane 

Scrimgeour, Mrs James, 1 Coupar's alley 

Scrimgeour, Mrs, grocer. 206 Perth road ; A. 44 Seafield road 

Scroggie, David, of H. Henderson & Sons, 1 Morgan terrace 

Scroggie, Edward, traveller. H. Henderson & Sons ; h. 24 Garland place 

Scroggie, R. V., of W. O. Taylor & Co., Kilnburn place, Newport 

Scrymgeour, James, A.B.S.E., insurance agent, and assistant secretary 
and agent. Prison Aid Society, 18 Meadowside 

Scrymgeour, John, baker, 4 Nethergate ; h. 6 

Seabraes Mill, 2 Perth rd., J. & A. Guthrie, spinners and manufacturers 

Seafield Road Factory, Seafield road, Hardie & Smith, manufacturers 


Seafield Works, Taylor's lane, Thomson, Shepherd, & Co., spinners, 

manufacturers, and dyers 
Sears, Mrs S. , dress and mantle maker, 10 North Ellen street 
Selbie, Francis, bootmaker, 53 Albert street ; h. 71 
Selbie, John, shoemaker, 75 Annfield road 

Selbie, Joseph, bootmaker and private waiter, 228 Blackness road ; h. 226 
Sellar, John, resident secretary. Equitable Life Insurance Society of 

U. S., 13 Ward road ; h. Fearn cottage, Clepington road 
Sellars, John, enginedriver, 22 Lilybank road 
Sellars, John W., traveller, 27 Cotton road 
Senior, Joseph, clerk, 153 Perth road 

Session Clerk's Office, 112 Seagate, William Thorns, session clerk 
Shafto, William Y., officer of Inland Revenue, 95 Seagate ; h. 3 Lome 

terrace, Forfar road 
Shand, David, joiner and dairy produce dealer, 52 Ann st.; h. 22 Ness st. 
Shand, George, shipmaster, 9 West wynd 
Shand, J. N. , ironmonger, Havelock place, 249 Hawkhill 
Shanks, William, restaurateur, 3 Mid Kirk stile 

Shannon, Francis, coal merchant, 69 Tay street ; h. 54 Blackness road 
Sharp, Alexander, tailor, 2 St Clement's lane 
Sharp, David, bootmaker, 29 Victoria road 
Sharp, Frank, teacher of music, 38 Thomson street 
Sharp, James, manager, Stannergate Oil Mills ; Ji. Stannergate 
Sharp, James, clerk, 6 Garland place 
Sharp, John, flaxspinner, manufacturer, and merchant, Mihi Street and 

Bower Mills ; h. Fern hall, Ferry road, and Balmuir 
Sharp, John, lettercarrier, 26 Mid wjmd 
Sharp, Peter, draper, 14 Dudhope Crescent road 
Sharp, Peter, mason, 14 Annfield row 
Sharp, Robert, blacksmith, 3 Ann street 
Sharp, William, clothier, 52 Wellgate ; /j. 6 Garland place 
Sharp, Misses, 29 Magdalen Yard road 
Shaw, Baxter, & Co., spinners and manufacturers. Temple MiUs, North 

Tay street, and Annfield Works 
Shaw, James, of Shaw, Baxter, & Co., Adderley, Monifieth 
Shaw, James, confectioner, 149 Perth road 

Shaw, Jessie G. , teacher. Hunter Street Public School ; h. 9 Balfour st. 
Shaw, John, & Co. , restaurateurs, 4 High street; and grocers, 6 Castle st. 
Shaw, John, of John Shaw & Co., 4 High street 
Shaw, John F., joiner and builder, Lowden's alley ; h. Glencarse terrace, 

4 Wilkie's lane 
Shaw, John, sub-inspector of cleansing, 2 Middle street 
Shaw, John, confectioner, 71 High street 
Shaw, Mrs, Miln's buildings, 138 Nethergate 
Shaw, Misses, 5 Springfield 
Sheach, Robert, jun., builder and contractor, 33 Commercial street ; 

h. 12 Kinburn place, Newport 
Sheach, William, bootmaker, 7 Overgate 

Shearer, Alexander, shipcarpenter, 26 William street, Forebank 
Shearer, Edward, grocer, 3 Dallfield walk ; h. 1 
Shearer, James, police constable, 12 St Mary's place 


Shearer, Patrick, grocer and confectioner, 19 Annfield road 

Shearer, Mrs, 17 Janefield place, Maryfield 

Shearer, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 7 Morrison's court, Wellgate 

Shepherd, Alexander, contractor, 52 Caldrum street ; h. 50 

Shepherd, David, wholesale confectioner, 72 BeU st. ; h. 48 Seafield road 

Shepherd, David, baker, 117 Hilltown 

Shepherd, David, lathsplitter, 9 Parker street 

Shepherd, Edward, clerk, 28 Cowgate ; h. 8 Prospect place 

Shepherd, George, tobacco spinner, 145 Seagate 

Shepherd, Isabella, draper, 82 Hilltown ; h. 78 

Shepherd, James, warehouseman, 27 South George street 

Shepherd, John W. , merchant and insurance agent, Union Bank build- 
ings, 6 Panmure street ; h. 8 Prospect place 

Shepherd, John, lathsplitter, 28 Parker street ; h. Masonic place, 46 
Dudhope Crescent road 

Shepherd, John, coachman, St Helen's cottage, Perth road 

Shepherd, John S., slater, 34 Catherine street 

Shepherd, Joseph, joiner, property agent, valuator, and auctioneer, 28 
Cowgate ; workshop. 111 ; /i. 8 Prospect place 

Shepherd, Robert, British Linen Bank ; h. 4 Maryfield terrace 

Shepherd, Robert, joiner, 13 Paterson street ; h. 9 

Shepherd, Robert, tailor, Paradise lane, 17 Dudhope street 

Shepherd, Thomas, baker, 137 and 139 Nethergate ; A. 143 

Shepherd,Walter,of Thomson, Shepherd, & Co., Union mount, 7 Perth rd. 

Shepherd, William, lettercarrier, 29 Hilltovra 

Shepherd, Mrs A. , housekeeper, S. and T. Whist Club, 104 Nethergate 

Shepherd, Miss Catherine, baker, 4 St Clement's lane ; h. 28 J High street 

Sherret, James, gardener, 39 Alexander street 

Sherriff, Geo. , of Sturrock & Sherriff, Rosemont cottage, Forthill, B. Ferry 

Sherriff, George, manager to R. A. Mudie & Sons, 26 East Dock street 

Sherriflf, James, grain and provision merchant, 77 Princes street 

Sherriff, Thomas, insurance agent, 8 North Ellen street 

Sherriff, William, joiner, 10 Mains road 

Shield, James, of Shield & Kyd, Annan lodge, Broughty Perry 

Shield & Kyd, solicitors, 22 Euclid crescent 

Shields, Daniel, dairyman, 76 James street 

Shiell, John, of Shiell & Small, 19 Windsor street 

Shiell & Small, solicitors, 5 Bank street 

Short, Rev. Charles, M.A., Ward Chapel ; h. 4 Nelson terrace 

Short, Edward, shoemaker, 102 Blackness road 

Short, Miss, dressmaker, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate 

Sibbald,Mrs George, market gardener, 25 and 27 Wellgate ; h. Drumgeith 

Sidey, David, sawyer, 39 Wellgate 

Sidey, Duncan, agent, Clydesdale Bank ; h. Craighead house, E. Newport 

Sidey, John, joiner, 2 Annfield row 

Sidey, Thomas, inspector of buildings, 141 Ann street 

Sidey, Thomas, clerk, 35a Victoria road 

Sidey, William, painter, 18 Alexander street 

Sidey, Miss, dressmaker, 35a Victoria road 

Sievwright,JohiiL.,merch., 4 Royal Exchange pi. ; A. Eifer lodge, Newport 

Silvie, David, confectioner, 114 Overgate ; A. 112 


Sim, Donald, grocer, 120 Princes street ; h. 126 

Sim, James, blacksmith, 7 Malcolm street 

Sim, Joseph, clerk, 67 Reform street ; h. 35 Constitution road 

Sim, Mrs John, Waterloo place, 75 Annfield road 

Sim, Mrs John, 27 Lyon street 

Sime, David, blacksmith, 7 Ireland's lane 

Sime, John, clerk, 26 Bell Street lane 
Sime, John, joiner, 8 Parker street 

Sime, Peter, of Bell & Sime, Balgay terrace, Lochee road 

Sime, William, & Co., joiners, Scott street 

Sime, William, of William Sime & Co., 16 Kincardine street 

Sime, William, wine and spirit march., 6 and 8 Ferry rd. ; h. 1 Graham pi. 

Sime, Mrs David, 1 Commercial street 

Sime, Mrs David, tobacconist, 12 Kincardine street 

Sime, Mrs John, 41 Seafield road 

Sime, Mrs Peter, joiner, 5 North Lindsay street ; h. 77 Overgate 

Simmers, Adam, ironmonger, 10 North Ellen street 

Simmers, James, clerk, Commercial Bank ; h. 51 High street 

Simpson, Alex., of Methven, Simpson, & Co., Gowanbank, Lochee road 

Simpson, Alexander, accountant and insurance agent, 41 Reform street; 
Ji. Woodriffe terrace, Newport 

Simpson, Alexander, joiner, 6 Polepark road 

Simpson, Alexander, grocer, 61 Peddie street ; h. 59 

Simpson, Rev. Alexander Ronald, 125 Ferry road 

Simpson, Andrew, clerk, 20 Dudhope Crescent road 

Simpson & Braid, shipchandlers, 8 and 10 Gellatly street 

Simpson, David, of Simpson & Braid, Calcutta buildings, Commei'cial st.- 

Simpson, David, shipmaster, 6 Raglan street 

Simpson, Edward, diver, 31 Step row 

Simpson, Rev. James A., Bonnethill F. Ch. ; h. 2 Woodvillepl.,Maryfield 

Simpson, James, accountant. Royal Bank, Murraygate ; h. 6 Raglan st. 

Simpson, James, blacksmith, 18 Polepark road 

Simpson, James, 20 Bell street 

Simpson, James, mason, 37 Baxter street 

Simpson, Jane, cowfeeder, 38 Forfar road 

Simpson, John, solicitor, 69 Reform street ; h. Daisy cottage, Tayport 

Simpson, John, draper and clothier. Arcade buildings, King street ; 
h. 3 Sydney place, Monifieth road. Droughty Ferry 

Simpson, John, tenter, 23 Baxter street 

Simpson, John, police constable, 4 Cleghorn street 

Simpson, John, Baptist minister, 4 Albert place 

Simpson, Mary, 14 Church lane 

Simpson, Peter, mechanic. Masonic place, 44 Dudhope Crescent road 

Simpson, Robert, seaman, 16 Catherine street 

Simpson, Walker, joiner, 13 Blackheath place 

Simpson, William, inspector of agents, Scottish Equitable Life Assur- 
ance Society, 12 Euclid street ; h. Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Simpson, William, architect, 14 New Inn entry ; h. 32 Springfield 

Simpson, William, mechanic, 24 Charles street 

Simpson, William, tenter, Fairley place 

Simpson, WiUiam H., woodcarver, 1 St Peter street 


Simpson, William G-., joiner, 9 Balfour street 

Simpson, Mrs, grocer, 80 Caldrum street 

Simpson, Mrs, 48 South Tay street 

Simpson, Mrs Sarah, 21 Rosebank street 

Simson, Alexander M., confectioner, 36 Ann street ; h. 38 

Simson, William B. , commission merchant, 1 Royal Exchange place 

Simson, Mrs, 1 Peter street 

Sinclair, Alexander R., ironturner, 2 Gardner's lane 

Sinclair, Andrew, of W. P. Laird & Sinclair, Fountainbrae, Monifieth 

Sinclair, George, family grocer, tea and wine merchant, 288 and 290 

Hilltown ; h. Cluny cottage, Clepington road 
Sinclair, John, & Son, commission merchants, 9 Dock street 
Sinclair, John, of John Sinclair & Son, Cedarbank, Barnhill 
Sinclair, John, jun., of John Sinclair & Son, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 
Sinclair, John, fruit and vegetable merchant, 18 Temple lane 
Sinclair, John, baker, 34 North Church street 
Sinclair, Moorhead, & Co., merchants, 81 Murraygate 
Sinclair, Robert, M.B., 1 South Tay street 
Sinclair, P. A. , grocer and wine merchant, 65 King street 
Sinclair, Stewart, confectioner, 84 Blackness road 
Sinclair, Mrs Christina, laundress, 11 Cochrane street 
Sinclair, Miss B. G. , teacher, 5 St Andrew's street 
Singer Manufacturing Co., sewing machine manufacturers, 128 Nethergate; 

Robert Lees, manager. 
Sinnette, James L., M.I.N". A., surveyor to Lloyd's Register of British 

and Foreign Shipping, 62 Dock street ; h. St Roque's cot., W. Ferry 
Sivewright, Alexander, 2 East Henderson's wynd 
Sivewright, Robert, foreman riveter, 13 Clepington street 
Skea, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 113 Hawkhill; /*. 121 
Skene, James, house proprietor, 3 Park terrace 
Skeoch, Charles, & Son, spindle and flj'er makers, Stewarton ; Robert 

Ferguson, 11 Royal Exchange lane, agent 
Skinner, James, manager, St Roque's Works ; h. 25 Crescent street 
Skinner, James, warehouseman, 69 Crescent street 
Skinner, Mrs John, milliner, 99 Perth road 
Skinner, Mrs John, 5 Rustic place, Dudhope street 
Slater, Emily, tobacconist, 58 South Tay street ; h. 28 
Slidders, Alexander, cattle salesman, 105 Cowgate 

Slidders, David M., carting contractor, 18 Candle lane ; h. 124 Seagate 
Slidders, Jas. , railway contractor's agent, 24 Cowgate ; h. 47 Yeaman shore 
Slimman, George, of Slimman & Robertson, 17 Graham place 
Slimman & Robertson, lathsplitters, 4 Wellington street 
Small, Adam, hat manufacturer, 2 Reform street ; h. 11 Osborne place 
Small, Mrs J., 11 Osborne place 
Small, Alexander, baker, 41 Hawkhill 

Small, Andrew, spirit merchant, 41 Scouringburn ; h. 26 Hawkhill 
Small & Boase, hemp spinners and twine manufacturers, 64 St Andrew's 

street ; works, Hawkslaw, Leven 
Small, Charles, glazier, 17 Dudhope street 
Small, David, of Shiell Small, Grayhouse, by Longforgan 
Small, David L., coaldealer, 2 Stewart street ; h. 20 Baxter street 


Small, David, 14 Paton's lane 

Small, David, mason, 1 Peter street 

Small, Helen, dressmaker, 2 Craig street 

Small, James, commission and insurance agent, 19 Ward road ; h. Para- 
dise lane, 30 Mid street 

Small, James, inspector of buildings, 17 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 

SmaU, James, broker, 118 Overgate; 7i. 120 

Small, John, joiner, 12 Russell street ; h. 10 

Small, Robert, traffic superint., Cal. Railway ; h. 48 Magdalen Yard road 

Small, Robert, & Co., coal, lime, and cement merchants, and brick and 
tile manufacturers, Yeaman court 

SmaU, Robert, greengrocer, 35 Princes street 

Small, Thomas N., Avine and spirit merchant, 43 Hawkhill; h. 38 
Hunter street 

Small, Thomas, bootmaker, 23 Hilltown ; h. 21 

Small, William J., of Shiell & SmaU, EUenbank, 1 Perth road 

SmaU, WiUiam, 4 Airlie terrace 

SmaU, William, mason, 10 Pennycook lane 

Small, William, jun., fishdealer, 64 Dudhope street 

SmaU, WiUiam C. , grocer, 58 Dudhope street 

SmaU, WiUiam, porter, 55 Walton street 

SmaU, Mrs James, fanuly grocer, agent for W. & A. GUbey, wine and 
spirit merchant, 73 Albert street ; h. 12 Craigie street 

SmaU, Mrs James, 232 Perth road 

Small, Mrs John, dressmaker, 72 Hilltown 

Small, Mrs Rachel, 24 Crichton street 

SmaU, Mrs Thomas, 7 TaUy street 

Small, Mrs, 39 Exchange street 

SmaU, Mrs, 29 Peter street 

SmaU, Miss, dressmaker, 29 Peter street 

Smart, Alexander S. , manufacturer, Rosebank st. ; h. 10 Milnbank road 

Smart & Bremner, joiners, 11 Paton's lane 

Smart, David, clerk, 230 Perth road 

Smart, George, of Smart & Bremner, 28 Kincardine street 

Smart, George, tobacconist, 54 Wellgate ; h. 59 

Smart, George, sawmaker, 5 Willison street 

Smart, Henry, foreman boilermaker, 9 North WeUington street 

Smart, James, tobacconist, 2 Crichton street ; h. 10 Reform street 

Smart, James, joiner, 30 West wynd ; h. 13 Ford's lane 

Smart, James, joiner, 15 Ford's lane 

Smart, John, grocer and provision merchant, 7 Constitution street ; h. 2 
OgUvie's road 

Smart, John, cowfeeder, 61 Hospital wynd 

Smart, John, mechanic, 14 North Ellen street 

Smart, Robert, taUor and clothier, Mudie place. Ford's lane 

Smart, Mrs J., draper, 135 Princes street 

Smeaton, William, plumber, 2 Dens brae 

Smeaton, Mrs, 1 Hunter street 

Smibert, Mrs, 124 Seagate 

Smieton, David A., of James Smieton & Sons, 1 Douglas terrace, B.Ferry 

Smieton, Harry A., of James Smieton & Sons, 5 Douglas terrace, B.Ferry 


Smieton, James, and Sons, merchs. and manufrs., 12 Victoria chambers 

Smieton, Thomas A., of James Smieton & Sons, Panmure villa, B. Ferry 

Smieton, Mrs, lodgings, 6 Kirk entry 

Smillie, Mary Jane, dress and mantle maker, 38 Commercial street 

Smillie, Richard, 91 Seagate 

Smillie, Thomas, clerk, 33 Cotton road 

Smillie, Mrs Helen, grocer, 38 St Mary's street ; li. 14 St Mary's place 

Smith, Alex. T. , family grocer and prov. merch. , 45 Union st. ; A. 3 Long wynd 

Smith, Alexander, late builder, 6 Panmure terrace 

Smith, Alexander, manager, Tay Foundry ; A. 17 Janefield place 

Smith, Alex., house proprietor, 75 Arbroath road ; h. 2 Roxburgh terrace 

Smith, Alexander, of Douglas & Smith, 16 Seafield road 

Smith, Alex., merchant, 11 Royal Exchange lane ; h. 1 Viewforth place 

Smith, Alex. M., commis. agent, 2 Royal Exchange pi. ; h. 16 Fleuchar st. 

Smith, Alexander, shipmaster, 31 Balgay street 

Smith, Alexander, railway porter, 11 Mid street 

Smith, Alexander, horse slaughterer, 4 Cochrane street 

Smith, Alfred, clerk, 3 Royal Exchange pi.; h. 3 Gladstone pi., B. Ferry 

Smith, Andrew, of Smith & Son, 16 Airlie place 

Smith, Andrew, of Smith, Hood, & Co., 360 Perth road 

Smith, Andrew, builder, 51^ Yeaman shore 

Smith, Andrew, painter, 9 Pitfour street 

Smith, Andrew G., railway guard, 11 Annfield row 

Smith, Andrew, lettercarrier, 17 Dudhope street 

Smith, Archibald, secretary, Life Association of Scotland, 4 India 

buildings ; h. 227 Perth road 
Smith, Arklay, ship carpenter, 31 Princes street 
Smith, A. Watson, of T. & A. Smith, 39 Magdalen Yard road 
Smith, Bernard, broker, 34 James street 

Smith, Charles, & Son, joiners and cabinetmakers, 12 Queen street 
Smith, Charles, clerk. Water Treasurer's OfHce ; h. Dundonald street 
Smith, Churchill, & Scribner, merchants, Baltic buildings, 55 Meadowside 
Smith, Daniel S., clothier, 23 Reform street ; h. 12 Garland place 
Smith, David B., of Smith, Spence, & Co., 16 Airlie place 
Smith, David R. , flax inspector, 9 Cochrane street 
Smith, David, of J. & W. Smith, 2 Panmure terrace 
Smith, David, grocer and wine merchant, 187 Perth road 
Smith, David, manager, Clepington Foundry ; A. 20 Wellington street 
Smith, David, book deliverer, 72 North Church street 
Smith, David, blacksmith, machine and tool maker, 101 Hilltown ; h, 

7 Rosebank road 
Smith, David, baker, 126 Murraygate ; h. 20 Hilltown 
Smith, David, clerk. Commercial Bank ; h. Terrace bank, Carnoustie 
Smith, David, engineer. Ward Foundry ; h. 5 Parker street 
Smith, David, leather cutter, 7 Ireland's lane 
Smith, David, commercial traveller, 2 Gardner's lane 
Smith, David, 4 Derby street 
Smith, Da\'id, carter, 17 Brewery lane 

Smith, Edward, clerk, Bank of Scotland ; h. Terrace bank, Carnoustie 
Smith, F. C, 2 Viewforth place 
Smith, George, of Jaffray & Smith, 20 Hill street 


Smith, George C, manager, Ward Foundry; h. 13 Park entry 

Smitli, George, manager, Seagate Sawmills ; h. 9 Mid street 

Smith, George, lettercarrier, 1 Bank street 

Smith, George, calenderer, 18 Wellington street 

Smith, George, shoemaker, 75 Perth road ; h. 1\ 

Smith, George, shoemaker, 118 Eosebank street 

Smith, Helen, teacher, Dudhope Public School ; h. 10 Panmure street 

Smith, Henry, & Co. (Henry Smith & Co.), merchants, spinners, and 

manufacturers, Polepark Works ; office, 10 Panmure street 
Smith, Henry, stationer, tobacconist, and fancy goods merch., 32 Dura st. 
Smith, Hood, & Co., coal merchants, 3 Yeaman shore 
Smith, H. H., clerk, Trades Lane Calender ; h. 2 Craig street 
Smith, James, of Henry Smith & Co., Fei-nbank, 14 Dudhope terrace 
Smith, James, of Smith, Laing, & Co., Taygrove, Newport 
Smith, James E., flax inspector, 10 Bain square ; h. 43 Candle lane 
Smith, James R., of Hardie & Smith, 304 Perth road 
Smith, James S. , of Charles Smith & Son, 69 Cowgate 
Smith, James M., 1 Johnswood terrace, West Park road 
Smith, James, teller, Clydesdale Bank ; /(. 2 Panmure terrace 
Smith, James, secretary Y.M.C.A., 10 Constitution road ; h. Newport 
SMITH, JAMES, veterinary surgeon, 18 Long wynd and West wynd ; A. 

20 Long wynd. See Adv. 
Smith, James, bootmaker, 215 Perth road ; h. 213 
Smith, James S., di-aper, Peter's court, 20 Cowgate 
Smith, James, boot and shoe maker, 16 Alexander street ; U. Manor 

place, 215 Perth road 
Smith, James, grocer, 105 Ann street ; h. 27 N. Ellen street 
Smith, James, greengrocer, 193 Princes street; h. 7 Victoria street 
Smith, James, clerk, Victoria Dock Sawmill ; h. 14 Charles street 
Smith, James, boot salesman, 35 High street ; h, 39 Overgate 
Smith, James L., clothier, 3 Vault 
Smith, James, tailor, 39 Dallfield terrace 
Smith, James, joiner, 13 Blackness street 
Smith, James, blacksmith, 18 Kincardine street 
Smith, James, confectioner, 44 Hawkhill 
Smith, James, joiner, 22 Raglan street 
Smith, James, porter, 177 Blackness road 
Smith, James, clerk, 108 Hilltown 
Smith, James, joiner, 115 Blackscroft 
Smith, James, overseer, 31 Balgay street 
Smith, Jane, grocer, 6 Hill street 

Smith, Jessie, teacher, Victoria Road Public School ; h. 10 Panmure st. 
Smith, John C, commission merchant, 4 India buildings; h. 4 Kilnbum 

place, Newport 
Smith, John G., confectioner, 113 Nethergateand 31 Union street; h. 29 
Smith, John, School Board officer, Greenlaw place 
Smith, John, casli collector, 12 Hawkhill place 
Smith, John, furniture dealer, 15 Urquhart street; h. 11 
Smith, John, bottler, 3 Castle lane ; h. 6 Castle court 
Smith, John, joiner, 1 Springhill 
Smith, John, greengrocer, 1 Annfield row 


Smith, John, ship carpenter, 31 Victoria road 

Smith, John, porter, 9 North WeUington street 

Smith, Johnstone, grocer, Stannergate 

Smith, Joshua, spirit merchant, 35 and 37 Dudhope st. ; A. 178 Perth rd. 

Smith, J. P. , clothier and outfitter, 23 and 25 Pi,ef orm street and 78 

High street ; h. Cullen villa, West Park road 
Smith, J. & W. , waste merchants, 22 and 24 Exchange street ; office, 

Calcutta buildings. Commercial street 
Smith, Laing, & Co., flax and jute spinners, Russell Mill, Cupar, Fife ; 

office, 7 Royal Exchange court 
Smith, Mary J. P., teacher, Clepington School ; h. 72 Albert street 
Smith, Mary Ann, 17 Nelson street 

Smith, Mitchell, provision merchant, 15 West Dock street ; h. 13 
Smith, Peter C, bootmaker, 13 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Smith, Peter, joiner, 11 Shepherd's loan 

Smith, Robert, solicitor, 24 Meadowside ; h. 5 Victoria place, B. Ferry 
Smith, Robert, of J. & W. Smith, 2 Panmure terrace 
Smith, Robert, of T. & A. Smith, Tay Brae cottage, Newport 
Smith, Robert, confectioner, 93 Rosebank street 
Smith, Robert, shipmaster, 26 Victoria street 

Smith, R. B., grocer and grain merch., 36 Princes st. ; A. 9 S. George st. 
Smith & Son, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and valuators, 81 and 65 

Nethergate and 164 Overgate 
Smith, Spence, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 14Victoria chambers 
Smith, Susan, waitress, 6 St Peter street 
Smith, Thomas, of Henry Smith & Co. , Ashwood, Harecraig 
Smith, Thomas Y. , wine and spirit merchant, 60 Rosebank street ; h. 4 

Garland place 
Smith, Thomas H. , grocer, 20 Arthur street 
Smith, Thomas, engineer, Isdale's land, Dundonald street 
Smith, Thomas, mason, 17 Croft's lane 

Smith, T. & A. , cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 41 and 43 Nethergate 
Smith. Walter, porter, 3 Castle lane 
Smith, William, of Smith & Son, 11 Balfour street 
SMITH, WILLIAM, wine and malt liquor merchant, 5, 9, and 11 Vault ; 

h. Union cottage, Newport. See Adv. 
SMITH, WILLIAM, hatter and hosier, 47 High street ; h. Tay terrace, East 

Newport. See Adv. 
Smith, William, boot manufacturer, 27, 29, and 58 Overgate, and 92 

High street ; h. 5 Parker street 
Smith, William, confectioner, 58 William street, Forebank 
Smith, William, contractor, 57 Foundry lane ; h. 51 
Smith, William, shipmaster, Dundonald street 

Smith, William, assist. School Board officer, Greenlaw pi., Clepington rd. 
Smith, William A., mechanic, 7 Parker street 

Smith, Wm. R., manager, Lindsay Street Works; h. 32 Dudhope Cres.rd. 
Smith, William, mechanic, 35 Kincardine street 
Smith, William, corkcutter, 1 Mitchell street 
Smith, William, brassfinisher, 31 Princes street 
Smith, William, mechanic, 215 HUltown 
Smith, William, compositor, 4 Havelock place 


Smith, Mrs Alexander, 28 Thomson street 

Smith, Mrs Alexander, 13 Speed's terrace 

Smith, Mrs D., 143 Nethergate 

Smith, Mrs Fenton, lace renovator, 75 Nethergate 

Smith, Mrs Helen, grocer, 188 Overgate 

Smith, Mrs Helen, 2 Craig street 

Smith, Mrs James, draper, 56 Hawkhill ; h. 58 

Smith, Mrs James, Baltic chambers, 9 Bell street 

Smith, Mrs John, 2 Panmnre terrace 

Smith, Mrs J. , spiritdealer, 56 and 58 King street ; h. 54 

Smith, Mrs Peter, Rose villa, 285 Perth road 

Smith, Mrs, grocer, 27 Lawrence street 

Smith, Mrs, grocer, 44 Hilltown ; h. 66 

Smith, Mrs, confectioner, 84 Caldrum street 

Smith, Mrs, seaman's boardinghouse-keeper, 39 Exchange street 

Smith, Mrs, grocer, 80 Blackscroft ; h. 117 

Smith, Mrs, lodgings, 119 Nethergate 

Smith, Mrs, confectioner, 25 Annlield vow 

Smith, Mrs, 53 Arbroath road 

Smith, Miss Anne, grocer, 144 Overgate 

Smith, Miss A. O., 2 Viewforth place 

Smith, Miss B., grocer, 77 Cowgate ; A. 61 

Smith, Miss M. , milliner, 69 Cowgate 

Smith, Miss Rachel, 241 Perth road 

Smollon, Charles, foreman labourer, 8 Blinshall street 

SmoUon, James, quarrier, 157 Scouringburn 

Smyth, Alexander, houseagent, 3 Barrack st. ; h. 35 Dallfield terrace 

Smyth, David, clerk, 88 Albert street 

Smyth, Mrs, 9 Airlie terrace 

Snaddon, Paul, spirit merchant, 29 Ann street ; h. 29 Powrie place 

Sommerville & Co., merchants, and agents for the Equitable Fire Insur- 
ance Co., 30 Meadowside 

Sommerville, William F., of Sommerville & Co., Monifieth 

Sorlie, James, pavier, 57 Foundry lane 

Soutar, Alexander, broker, 23 Lower pleasance 

Soutar, Andrew, gardener. Ferry Road Gardens, Craigie 

Soutar, David, insurance agent, 27 Step row 

Soutar, D. B. , millmanager, 24 Fleuchar street 

Soutar, David, shipmaster. Grove place, Perth road 

Soutar, George, fruiterer. Manor place, 209 Perth road 

Soutar, James, carpenter, 93 King street 

Soutar, James, mechanic, 109 Lochee road 

Soutar, James, assurance agent, 129 Hawkhill 

Soutar, John, milliner and general draper, 21 and 23 Princes street ; h. 
10 Marytield terrace 

Soutar, Margaret, stationer and confectioner, 37 King street 

Soutar, Margaret, draper, 145 Hawkhill 

Soutar, Robert, furniture dealer, 155 Overgate ; h. 154 

Soutar, Wm., grocer and spirit merch., 2Greenmarket ; h. 15 Balfour st. 

Soutar, William F. , clerk, 10 Maryfield terrace 

Soutar, Mrs George, lodgings, 6 Havelock place 


Soutar, Mrs James, wine and spirit merchant, 151 Scouringburn ; k. 149 

Soutar, Mrs James, 2 Viewforth. place 

Soutar, Mrs Maryanne, lodgings, 8 Garland place | 

Souter, James, ropemaker, 1 West wynd 

Souter, James, shoemaker, 5 Bellfield lane I 

Souter, Jolm, tenter, 4 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Souter, Mrs James, confectioner, 95 Perth road ; h. 1 West wynd 

Souter, Mrs James, furnished apartments, 17 Airlie place 

Souter, Mrs Margaret, house proprietress, 108 Seagate 

Souter, Mrs Mary, millinery and juvenile warehouse, 43 Reform street ; 
h. 78 Murraygate 

South Anchor Works, 42 Henderson's West wynd, A. & J. Adie, spinners 

South Dudhope Works, 50 Henderson's West wynd, Alex. Henderson, 

South Mill, Guthrie street, 0. G. Miller & Co. , flaxspinners 

SOUTTER, GEORGE, & CO., rope and twine manf rs. , 88 Hilltown. See Adv. 

Soutter, George, of George Soutter & Co., 54 Hilltown 

Spain, Vice-consul for, J. Julius Weinberg, 13 Panmure street 

Soutter, Samuel, rope and twine manufacturer, top of Provost road 

Spalding, David, grocer, 71 Rosebank street 

Spalding, James, spiritdealer, 155 Princes street ; h. 5 Wallace street 

Spalding, James, joiner, 2 Ness street 

Spalding, John, house proprietor, 68 North Church street 

Spalding, Mrs, 11 Strathmartine road 

Spankie, James M., assessor of income-tax, 31 Bank street ; h. 9 Urest. 

Spankie, William S. , clerk, 98 Albert street 

Sparks, James, merchant and commission agent, 41 Cowgate ; h. 4 
Wellington street 

Speakman, James, Fairley place 

Speed, Alexander, solicitor and notary public, 18 Euclid crescent ; h. 
Campbelton place, Hawkliill 

Speed & Cowpar, reed and camb manufacturers, 18 Kirk entry, Wellgate 

Speed, George, draper, 106 Scouringburn; A. 2 William st., Scouringburn 

Speed, George, of Speed & Cowpar, 3 Hilltown 

Speed, James G., of William Speed & Son, 2 Ford's lane 

Speed, William, & Son, wine merchants, 169, 171, and 173 Perth road 

Speed, Wm. (of W. Speed & Son), house proprietor, Campbelton pi., Hawkhill 

Speedy, William, engineer, 31 Charles street 

Speedy, William, shipmaster, 2 Peter street 

Spence, Alexander B., L.PuC. S.E., surgeon dentist, 6 Shore terrace 

Spence, Andrew, smith, horseshoer, and cartwright, 9 Gellatly street ; 

h. Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Spence, Charles, iiaxdresser, 47 Hilltown ; h. St Mary's place 
Spence, David, draper, 99 Hilltown ; h. 101 
Spence, George, confectioner, 40 Polepark road ; A. 38 
Spence, George, fruit merchant, 1 Union street ; /*. 48 Wellgate 
Spence, George C, of Smith, Spence, & Co., 10 Springfield 
Spence, Henry, blacksmith, 128 Blackness road ; k. 28 Watson's lane 
Spence, James, & Co., general warehousemen, 22 to 30 Reform street 
Spence, James, of James Spence & Co., Coventrybank, Perth road 
Spence, James, draper, clothier, and hatter, 99 Hilltown ; h. 101 


Spence, James, overseer, 4 Cotton road 

Spence, James, milloverseer, 24 Bruce street 

Spence, John L., spiritdealer, 5 New Inn entry ; h. 31 Exchange street 

Spence, Maxwell, tobacconist, 203 Perth road 

Spence, Robert, sailmaker, 874 Blackscroft 

Spence, Mrs Isabella, 30 Victoria street 

Spiers, Felix W., restaurateur, Tay Bridge Railway Station, Esplanade 

Spiers, Henry, joiner, 6 Balfour street 

Spiller, William, grocer, 178 Ann street 

Spindler, James G. H., teacher of drawing, 3 Kingst.; h. 17 Airlie place 

Spindler, John C, teacher of music, 31 Reform street 

Spindler, William G., professor of music, 31 Reform street 

Spink, James, shipmaster, 3 Wolseley street 

Spink, James, milloverseer, 19 Union place, Perth road 

Spreull, Andrew, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 37 Yeaman shore; h. 31 


Stalker, A. & M., fruit and potato dealers, 101 Nethergate 

Stalker, Mrs P., of A. & M. Stalker, Union place, Perth road 

STANDARD FIRE OFFICE (Limited), 33 Meadowside, George C. KeUler, 

district agent. See Adv. 
STANDARD MARINE INSURANCE CO. ; W. Buchan Ritchie, 18 Cowgate, 

agent. See Adv. 
Standfield, John W. J. , pianoforte tuner, 249 Hawkhill 
STARK, ALEXANDER L., auctioneer, 7 Royal Exchange court; h. Brook 

vQla, Broughty Ferry. See Adv. 
Stark, George, contractor, 218 Lochee road 

Stark, John C, butcher, 15 Constitution street; h. 17 Kinnaird street 
Stark,Richd.,grocer and spirit merch., 175 Scouringburn; h. 4 Fleucharst, 
Stark, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 35 Brown street 
Stark, Mrs James, grocer, 41 Dallfield walk ; h. 119^ Hilltown 
Stark, Mrs J., dressmaker, 31 Lyon street 

State Steam Ship Company, 81 Murraygate, C. Cunningham, agent, 
Steedman, William, currier, 95 Victoria road 
Steel, Alexander, gardener, 4 Isla street 
Steel, David, grain and potato merchant, 30 and 32 Greenmarket ; K 

Stirling park 
Steel, E. Buchanan, tea merchant, 61 Overgate ; h. 29 Isles' lane 
Steel, James, potato merchant, 35 Hospital wynd ; h. 8 
STEEL, JAMES, teadealer, 15 High street ; A. 2 Airlie terrace. See Adv, 
Steel, John, housefactor, 27 Bank street ; h. 103 South road, Lochee 
Steel, Niel, teadealer, 61 Overgate ; h. 6 Prospect place 
Steel, William, steamloom dresser, 32 Bell street 
Steel, Mrs E., hotelkeeper. Crown Hotel, 1 Shore terrace 
Steel, Mrs John, Victoria crescent, Victoria road 
Steele, David H. , wine merchant, 97 King street ; h. 95 
Steele, George M., clerk, 7 Parker street 

Steele, James, of Moon, Langlands, & Co., 12 Clarendon terrace 
Steele, John, clerk, Gladstone terrace, 166 Perth road 
Steer, Edwin, foreman confectioner at J. KeiUer & Son's, 14 Garland pL 
Stenhouse, Mrs, 6 Havelock place 


Stephen, Alexander, & Sons, shipbuilders. Marine parade 

Stephen, David, Courier and Argus Office ; h. Campbelton pl.,Hawkhill 

STEPHEN GEORGE, & SON, iron, steel, metal, oil, fence wire, and nail 

merchants, mill furnishers, and general ironmongers, 29 Castle 

street ; warehouses, Doig's court and Castle court. See Adv. 
Stephen, John, blacksmith, 231 Hilltown ; A. 34 Alexander street 
Stephen, Robert Gibb, of G. Stephen & Son, 1 Somerville place 
Stephen, William, of Alex. Stephen & Sons, Helenslea, West Ferry 
Stephen, William W., solicitor, 5 Bank street ; h. 3 Park terrace 
Stephen, Mrs George, 1 Somerville place 
Stephen, Mrs John, 56 Dura street 

Stephen, Mrs Margaret, fancy goods merchant, 188 Seagate 
Stephen, Mrs William, grocer, 7 Raton's lane 
Stephens, George G. , agent for Henderson Brothers, 1 Panmure street ; 

• h. Rannoch cottage, Monifieth 
Stephenson, John, 1 Milne's West wynd 

Stephenson, William, inspector of works, 5 Park terrace. Blackness road 
Steven, Alexander, mechanic, 41 Lilybank road 
Steven, Alexander, clerk, 28 North George street 
Steven, David, & Sons, waste merchants, Raglan street 
Steven, Da^'id, foreman, 20 Dura street 
Steven, James, of Fairweather & Steven, 84 Rosebank street 
Steven, James, of David Steven & Sons, 23 Victoria street 
Steven, John, grain merchant, 167 Seagate ; h. 57 Cowgate 
Steven, John, potato merchant, 14 Hunter street ; h. Mylnefield feus 
Steven, John, clerk, Morton square, 31 Wellgate 
Steven, Peter, F.R.C.S.E., and L.F.P.S., 11 Tay square 
Steven, Peter, joiner, 9 Malcolm street 
Steven, Robert, clerk, 123 Princes street 
Steven, Isabella, dressmaker, 37 Blackscroft 
Stevens, J., & Co., dressmakers and milliners, 99 Victoria road ; h. 35 

Alexander street 
Stevens, Miss, draper, milliner, and dressmaker, 7 Scouringburn ; h. 47 

Stevenson, Alexander P., of A. & J. Stevenson, 18 West port 
Stevenson, A. & J., bookbinders, 10 New Inn entry 
Stevenson Brothers, dyers and cleaners, 222 Hilltown and 80 Murraygate 
Stevenson, Francis, of J. & F. Stevenson, 1 Nelson terrace 
Stevenson, George, of J. & F. Stevenson, Woodville place 
Stevenson, George, manager, Scottish Loan Company ; h. 8 Balbirnie 

terrace, 89 Victoria road 
Stevenson, James, of J. & F. Stevenson, Oak lodge, 69 Constitution road 
Stevenson, James, agent for Wm. Mackenzie, publisher, 14 Union street ; 

h. 10 Airlie terrace 
Stevenson, James, of Stevenson Brothers, 1 Nelson terrace 
Stevenson, James M., of A. & J. Stevenson, Beaconsfield pL, 6 Lamb's lane 
Stevenson, John, of Stevenson Brothers, 1 Nelson terrace 
Stevenson, John, joiner, 3 Paradise road 
STEVENSON, J. & F., dyers and finishers, Forebank Dye Works, Victoria 

road. See Adv. 
Stevenson, Rae J., drawing-master, 21 Dock street 


Stevenson, Robert M., piano and harmonium tuner, 2 Ford's lane 

Stevenson, William, winding overseer, 18 Lawson place 

Stevenson, William, tailor, 214 Lochee road 

Stevenson, William, late lettercarrier, 35 Nelson street 

Stevenson, Mrs John, 49 Seafield road 

Stevenson, Miss J., confectioner, 167 Hilltown 

STEWAKT, ALEXANDER, wine merchant, 50 Castle street. ; h. Vicarsford,, 

West Ferry. See Adv. 
Stewart, Alexander, of PuUar & Stewart, 1 Cowrie street 
Stewart, Alexander, cooper and lastmaker, 24 Todbum lane 
Stewart, Alexander, butcher, 26 Polepark road ; h, 28 
Stewart, Alexander, housefactor, 31 Victoria road 
Stewart, Alexander, jun., law clerk, 230 Hilltown 
Stewart, Alexander M., clerk, 14 Graham place 
Stewart, Alexander, joiner, Hawthorn place, 156 Lochee road 
Stewart, Allan D., late clerk of Inland Revenue, 249 Hawkhill 
Stewart, Andrew, sub-editor. Advertiser Office ; h. 2 Havelock place 
Stewart, Andrew A., of Robertson & Stewart, Albert court, Nethergate 
Stewart, Andrew, ship and ornamental carver, 4 Queen st.; A.4 Watson st. 
Stewart, Archibald, clothtinisher, 42 William street 
Stewart Brothers, manufacturers, Kinnaird Works, 40 Ogilvie's road ; 

hox, No. 11 Royal Exchange 
Stewart, Charles, of Stewart Brothers, 6 Constitution terrace 
Stewart, Charles, boot manufacturer, Castlehill, Commercial street ; 83 

High street ; and 41 Overgate ; A. Edinburgh 
Stewart, Charles, clerk, 28 Cowgate ; h. 17 Kinnaird street 
Stewart, Charles, tailor, 8 North Ellen street 
Stewart, Christina, milliner, 12 Ann street ; h. 9 Ellen street 
Stewart, David, solicitor, 61 Reform street ; h. 6 Constitution terrace 
Stewart, David, teller. Royal Bank ; A. 4 Park terrace 
Stewart, David, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 109 Nethergate ; h. 

27 Constitution road 
Stewart, David, of John Wallace & Co. , 5 Greenfield place 
Stewart, David Gordon, solicitor and notary public, 10 Meadowside ; h. 

Brook Street house, Broughty Ferry 
Stewart, David, wine merchant, 59 Overgate and 1 Barrack street ; h. 

19 Airlie place 
Stewart, David, eatinghouse-keeper, 143 Perth rd. ; h. 4 Pennycook lane 
Stewart, David, clerk, 36 Croft's lane 
Stewart, David, glazier, 11 Mid Kirk stile 

Stewart, Donald, joiner, 46 Cotton road; h. 41 William street, Forebank 
Stewart, Donald, plasterer, 3 North George street 

Stewart, Duncan, grocer, wine and spirit mercht., 101 Albert st. ; h. 103 
Stewart, Duncan, teacher, Rosebank Sessional Schools; h. 22 Rosebank st. 
Stewart, Duncan, patternmaker, 9 Ellen street 

Stewart, George, of John Stewart & Sons, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Stewart, George, of Watson & Stewart, 138 Murraygate 
Stewart, George, manager, Caldrum Works ; h. 12 North Ellen street 
Stewart, George, house proprietor, 9 Westfield place 
Stewart, George, book-keeper, 23 Stanley place, 21 Step row 
Stewart, George, mason, 48 Cotton road 


Stewart, Hugh, butcher, 19 North Ellen street ; h. 34 Alexander street 
Stewart, Isabella, draper and smallware merchant, 133 Nethergate, and 

grocer and fruiterer, 167 Princes street ; h. 133 Nethergate 
Stewart, James, secretary, East of Scotland Mill and Factory Workers' 

Protective Association, 1 Coupar's alley ; h. 5 Roslin ter., Court st. 
Stewart, James, of Mitchell & Stewart, 29 Crescent street 
Stewart, James A., of Stewart Brothers, 6 Constitution terrace 
Stewart, James F. , Dundee Advertiser ; h. 2 Windsor place 
■Stewart, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Lochee road; h. 2 Dudhope 

Crescent road 
Stewart, James, copper and tin smith, 3 Gellatly street ; h. Brook street, 

Broughty Ferry 
Stewart, James, grocer, 42 Blackscroft ; li. 95 
Stewart, James, coachman, EUangowan ; h. 104 Ferry road 
Stewart, James, cloth finisher, 26 Bell Street lane 
Stewart, James, commission merchant, 6 Viewbank terrace 
Stewart, James F. , collector, Tay Ferries ; h. 7 Yeaman shore 
Stewart, James, joiner, 107 Ann street 
Stewart, James, moulder, Fairley place 
Stewart, James, currier, 69 Ure street 
Stewart, James, coachman, 27 Nelson street 
Stewart, James, beamer, 42 William street, Forebank 
Stewart, James, 37 Croft's lane 

Stewart, Jane, baby linen warehouse, 72 Nethergate ; h. 108 Murraygate 
Stewart, Jane, 13 Butcher row 
Stewart, John, & Sons, nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 66 and 68 

Commercial street ; nurseries, Broughty Ferry 
Stewart, John A. , of John Stewart & Sons, Cedarlea, Broughty Ferry 
Stewart, John A., portrait painter, 65 Nethergate; A. West Newport 
Stewart, John, dental surgeon, 3 South Lindsay street 
Stewart, John, potato merchant, 9 Yeaman shore ; h. 22 S. Tay street 
Stewart, John, millmanager, 3 Wolseley street 

Stewart, John, horsebreaker, 122 Strathmartine road ; h. 20 Derby st. 
Stewart, John, clerk, 7 King street ; li. 7 Airlie terrace 
Stewart, John, ironmonger, 7 North Lindsay street 
Stewart, John, mechanic, 9 Victoria street 
Stewart, John, joiner, Annan's terrace, 19 Wellington street 
Stewart, John, upholsterer, 51 Dallfield walk 
Stewart, John, draper, 24 Bank street 
Stewart, John, shoemaker, 19 North Church street 
Stewart, John, feuar, 40 North street 
Stewart, John, joiner, 11 Balfour street 
Stewart, Margaret, spiritdealei-, 20 St Clement's lane 
Stewart, Mary, fruiterer, 45 Overgate ; h. 24 Crichton street 
Stewart, Mary, broker, 148 Hawkhill ; h. Marine place, SO Hawkhill 
Stewart, Peter, governor, Liff and Benvie Poorhouse, Viewfield, Black- 
ness road 
Stewart, Peter, japanner, painter, and glass gilder, 108 Murraygate ; h. 

26 Dallfield walk 
Stewart, Richard, watchmaker, 1 Mitchell street 
Stewart, Robert, general and emigration agent, 9 St Andrew's street 



Robert, spirit mercliaiit, 42 Union st. ; h. 31 Brook st., B. Ferry 

Robert, milloverseer, 37 Cotton road 

Robert, clerk, Parocbial Board Office ; h. 23 St Andrew's street 

Robert, foreman carpenter, 11 Baffin street 

Robert, bootmaker, 3 Watson street 

Robert, spirit merchant, 135 Hilltown 

Robert, calenderworker, 66 Hill street 

Robert D. , tailor, 30 Nethergate 

Thomas, hairdresser, 5 Elizabeth street ; h. 34 Alexander street 

Thomas, builder, 39 Small's wynd ; h. Stewart's ter., Barnhill 

Thomas, flaxdresser, 11 Mid street 

William, of John Stewart & Sons, Cedarlea, Broughty Ferry 

William, jun., of John Stewart & Sons, Cedarlea, B. Ferry 

William M. , manager, Manhattan Works ; h. 1 Melrose terrace 

William, & Co. , merchants, 2 India buildings 

William, jun., of William Stewart & Co., Newtyle 

William, carver and gilder, 54 Barrack street ; A. 227 HiLLtown 

William, grocer, 17 St Salvador st.; h. 51 N". Wellington st. 

William, coachman, 9 Tay Street lane 

William, coffeehouse keeper, 147 Seagate ; h. 31 Queen street 

Wm., shoemaker, 36 Overgate ; h.Zl Morton's square, Wellgate 

William, grocer, 65 Ure street 

William R. , hacklemaker, 59 Cotton road ; A, 1 N. William st. 

William, 9 Forebank road 

William, 7 South Ellen street 

William C, 82 Hill street 

Mrs A., lodgings, 119 Nethergate 

Mrs David, 1 Westfield avenue 

Mrs Duncan, 13 Croft's lane 

Mrs D., lodgings, 30 Nethergate 

Mrs James, grocer and wine merchant, 180 Hawkhill ; h. 172 

Mrs William, grocer, 14 Bell street ; A. 16 

Mrs, house proprietress, 36 Caldrum street 

Mrs, spiritdealer, 185 Scouringburn ; h. 178 

Mrs, confectioner, 161 Hawkhill 

Mrs, 98 Princes street 

Mrs, 21 Lyon street 

Miss A. , innkeeper and stabler. Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate 

Miss, dressmaker, 1 Bernard street 

Miss, furniture dealer, 10 and 12 Hunter street 

Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 35| Step row 
Stiles, Henry R., grad. Med. Dept., N.Y. Univ., medical officer, Homoe- 

pathic Dispensary, 3 South Tay street ; h. 1 
Stiles, Robert, teacher of music, 8 Panmure street ; h. 166 Perth road 
Stirling, George, factory manager, Wallace Works; h. 100 Victoria road 
Stirling, Robert M'D. , agent for Joseph Travers & Sons, London, 9 Dock 

street ; h,. 1 West Bell street 
Stiven, Alex. C. , bookkeeper. Burgh Surveyor's Office ; h. 29 Step row 
Stiven, David, patternmaker, 7 Balfour street 

Stiven, Edward B., flax and yarn merchant and spinner, 3 Coupar's alley; 
h. Bridgefoot, Strathmartine 


Stiven, James, millfurnisher and woodturner, 30 East Dock street, and 

Scotscraig Mill, Tayport ; h. 33 Seafield road 
Stiven, John, & Son, merchants and commission agents, 15 Cowgate 
Stiven, John, of John Stiven & Son, Binnericht, 368 Perth road 
Stiven, Peter, oil merchant, 3 Coupar's alley; A. 11 Strawberrybank 
STIVEN, ROBERT, machine merchant, Exchange buildings, and 1 Ex- 
change street ; h. 9 Springfield. See Adv. 
Stiven, Robert, china merchant, 47 Hawkhill 

Stiven, William, of John Stiven & Son, Binnericht, 368 Perth road 
Stiven, William, accountant and insurance agent, 31 Reform street ; h. 

Harecraigs, West Ferry 
Stobie, Thomas, ironmonger, plumber, and tinsmith, 35 King street ; h. 

9 Royal Exchange lane 
Stockman, Samuel, mechanic, 33 North Church street 
Stocks, David, brace and belt manufacturer, 130 and 132 Princes street 
Stocks, Thomas C, joiner, 18 Constable street ; h. 130 Princes street 
Stoddart, Mrs Susan, 3 Constitution street 
Stonehouse, Mrs, wine merchant, 36 Scouringburn ; h. 38 
Stoole, James, musician, 1 Bank street 
Stoole, James, patternmaker, 62 North Church street 
Stoole, Miss, music teacher, 1 Bank street 
Stoole, Misses, dressmakers, 115 Murraygate 
Stormont, David W., blacksmith, 33 Baxter street 
Stormont, Mrs Helen, manglekeeper, 10 Mortimer street 
Stormonth, Mrs Catherine, stationer and confectioner, 194 Seagate 
Storrar, William M., saddler, trunk, portmanteau, and bag maker, 

30 High street ; h. 4 Castle terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Storrer, James, wine and spirit merchant, 26 Overgate ; h. Elsinore 

place, 3 Hilltown 
Storrier, Allan, slater, 241 Hilltown ; h. 2 Main street 
Storrier, Andrew, engineer, 14 New Inn entry 
Storrier, Andrew, 1 Westfield lane 
Storrier, Brough, & Co. , spinners and manufacturers, Tay Bank Works ; 

office, 12 Victoria chambers 
Storrier, Charles, mason, 31 North street 

Storrier, P. L., of Storrier, Brough, & Co., Airliebank, 11 Perth road 
Storrier, Robert, blacksmith, 10 Bell street 
Storrier, Robert, mason, 31 North street 
Storrier, Mrs, 1 Westfield lane 
Stott, James, hatter, feather dresser, &c., 28 Princes street and 1 

Murraygate ; h. Commercial street 
Strachan, Alexander, spirit merchant, 20 and 22 SmaU's wynd ; h. 49 
Strachan, Alexander I. , clerk, Gas Office ; h. 5 Parker street 
Strachan, Andrew, teacher. Dens Works School ; h. 22 Victoria street 
Strachan, Charles, rope and twine maker, 128 Blackness road ; h. 23 

Croft's lane 
Strachan, David, of Strachan & Mitchell, 19 Cowgate 
Strachan, David, late millmanager, 34 Stanley place, Step row 
Strachan, Ellen, tobacconist, 78a King street 
Strachan, George, clothier and outfitter, 81 Hilltown ; h. 101 
Strachan, James, clerk, Jaff6 Brothers &Co.; h. Victoria cottage, Newport 


Strachan, James, overseer, 38 Blackness road 
Strachan, John, blacksmith, 13 Cleghom street 
Strachan, John, mason, 36 Pennycook lane 
Strachan, John, mason, 100 Hawkhill 

Strachan, Kinmond, & Co., calenderers, East Port Calender, 100 Cowgate 
Strachan, Peter, grocer, 2 Alexander street ; h. 7 Watson street 
Strachan, Thomas, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 177 Princes street 
Strachan, Thomas, of Thomas Strachan & Son, 185 Princes street 
Strachan, William, housefactor and property agent, 43 Princes street 
Strachan, William, clerk, 17 Speed's terrace, Hawkhill 
Strachan, Mrs, 10 Tay square 
Strathern, David, grocer and wine merchant, 89 and 91 Perth road ; h. 

4 Fleuchar street 
Strathern, John, jun., wholesale merchant and commission agent, 53 

Yeaman shore ; h. 5\^ 
Strathern, Mrs John, spirit merchant, 223 and 225 Hawkhill ; h, 227 
Straton, William, restaurateur and wine merchant, 18 Reform street ; 

h. Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Stratton, Andrew, feuar, 17 Hop street 
Stratton, David, coach proprietor, Royal stables, and spiritdealer, 42 

Overgate ; h. 19 Albert square 
Stratton, William, broker, 165 Perth road ; h. 175 

Strong, W. & S. , wine and spirit merchs. , and shipstore dealers, 34 Dock st. 
Strong, William, & Co. , commission merchants, 20 Dock street 
Strong, William, of W. & S. Strong, and W. Strong & Co., 1 Magdalen pi. 
Strong, Mrs Rachel, matron, Royal Infirmary 
Strong, Miss, 21 Springfield 

Stronner, David, grocer and spirit merch. , 14 Princes st. ; h. 2 Crescent lane 
Stronner, David, timekeeper, Victoria Road Calender ; h. 8 Charles st. 
Stronner, James M., wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 14 Princes 

street ; h. Tay terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Stronner, John S. , machine fitter, 20 Queen street 
Stronner, Robert, porter, 1 Harriet street 
Stronner, Thomas, engineer, 20 Queen street 
Stronner, Mrs David, 25 Robertson street 
Stuart, Alexander, late grocer, Fernbank, Logic 
Stuart, George, musician, 62 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 
Stuart, James, collector. Gas Commission, II Blyth street 
Stuart, John, joiner, 2 Havelock place 
Stuart, Moody, & Robertson (Moody Stuart & Robertson), chartered 

accountants, 9 Ward road 
Stuart, Peter A. , clerk, Forebank Works ; h. 68 BeU street 
Stuart, Peter, late baker, 2 Buckingham terrace 
Stuart, Robert Moody, of Moody Stuart & Robertson, 3 Airlie terrace 
Stuart, William, brewer, St Mary's terrace 
Stuart, Mrs D., 68 Bell street 
Stuart, Mrs Robert, 21 Jamaica street 

Sturdie, Frank, coachman, Farington Hall lodge, Perth road 
Sturdie, Miss Mary, milliner, 201 Perth road ; h. Farington Hall lodge 
Sturrock, Alexander, gymnast and calisthenics teacher, 36 Commercial 
i street, Maxwelltown 
i 18 


Sturrock, Alexander, joiner, 54 Bell street 

Sturroek, Charles, farmer and cowf eeder, 2 Dens street ; h. Ballumbie 

Sturrock, Ebenezer, saddler, 66 Strathmartine road 

Sturrock, James, of Sturrock & Sherriff, Woodend cottage, B. Ferry 

Sturrock, James, dyer, 28 Lawson place 

Sturrock, James, hairdresser, 81 Cowgate ; h. 79 

Sturrock, James, joiner, 9 Annfield row 

Sturrock, John, engineer, 52 Barrack street ; h. 3 Rustic place 

Sturrock, John, overseer, 42 Annfield road 

Sturrock, Robert, actuary. Savings Bank, and secretary to the Chamber 

of Commerce, 2 Euclid street ; h. 1 Balgillo terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Sturrock, Robert, tailor, 58 Crescent lane 
Sturrock & Sherriff, builders, Dudhope Crescent road 
Sturrock, Thomas, clerk, 33 Step row 

Sturrock, Thomas, precentor, Parish Church, Mains ; h. 33 Step row 
Sturrock, Mrs James, 16 Forebank road 
Sturrock, Mrs, 7 Airlie terrace 
Sturrock, Miss, mantlemaker, 3 Craig street 
Sturrock, Misses, 6 Wellington street 
Sullivan, Mrs, grocer, 256 Perth road 
Summers, Richard, draper's assistant, 1 Westfield avenue 
SUN FIEE OFFICE, D. Scott Fergusson, Union Bank, agent. See Adv. 
Sunney, Bartholomew, coal merchant, 55 Watson st. ; h. 18 Victoria st, 
Sunney, Daniel, grocer, 104 Blackscroft 

Sunnie, Jas., wine and spirit merchant, 34 West port ; h. 4 Temple lane 
Sunter, Robert, bootmaker, 40 Alexander street 
Surveyor to Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping, J. L. 

Sinnette, 62 Dock street 
Sutherland, George, shipmaster, 53 William street, Forebank 
Sutherland, James, nail, heel, and toeplate maker, South Ward road ; 

h. 4 Mid street 
Sutherland, James, enginefitter, 21 Pitfour street 
Sutherland, John, joiner, glazier, and funeral undertaker, 45 Forebank 

road ; h. West Clepington house 
Sutherland, Kenneth, cutter, 20 Panmure street 
Sutherland, Peter, police constable, 2 St David's lane 
Sutherland, Thomas, grocer, 190 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Watt street 
Sutherland, Mrs J., shoemaker, 112 Hawkhill ; h. 21 Isles' lane 
Sutherland, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Daniel street 
Suttie, John, toll-collector, 18 WiUiam street, Forebank 
Suttie, James, mason, 6 Lamb's lane 
Sutton, Alexander, grocer's assistant, 81 Peddie street 
Swadel, Samuel, confectioner and pastrybaker, 86 Scouringburn ; h. 157 
Swan, Alexander, Advertiser Cilice ; h. 2 Viewforth place 
Swan, Amelia, draper, 131 Blackness road ; h. 133 

Swan, David, fireman, 18 Todburn lane j 

Swan, Robert, fireman, 172 Ann street I 

Swan, Thomas W., printer, 31 Hawkhill | 

Swan, William, carpenter, 2 North street 1 

Swan, Mrs J., 32 Princes street I 

Sweeney, John, spiritdealer, 37 Castle street ; h. 14 Rose street 


Sweeney, Wm., grocer and spiritdealer, 11 Arthur street ; h. 14 Rose st. 
Swinton, Thomas, coachbuilder, 17 Small's wynd ; A. 18 Park wynd 
Sword, Mrs, cowfeeder, 15 Back street 
Sydie, David, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 18 Hawkhill; h. 3 

Johnston's lane 
Symers, James, clerk, 27 Dock street ; h. 38 Croft's lane 
Symers, Miss, St Helen's, Perth road 
S3rmon, Henry, engineer, 8 Graham place 
Symmers, Alexander, sawmiller, 17 Caldrum street 

Tainsh, Alexander, stationer and tobacconist, 8 Polepark road ; h. 10 

Tait, Alexander, blacksmith, 3 Baxter street 

Tait, Charles, foreman diver, Tay Bridge ; /t. 6 Havelock place 

Tait, James, gardener, 37 Tait's lane 

Tait, Robert, joiner, 101 Hilltown ; h. 223 

Tait, William, wine and malt liquor merchant, 68 Hawkhill ; h. Glen- 

agnes cottage, 191 Blackness road 
Tarbat, James, china merchant, 166 Hawkhill ; h. 132 
Tarbet, George, machinist, 9 Middle street 

Tarbet, James, wine and spirit merchant, 31 Overgate ; h. 12 Bank st. 
Tarbet, John, blacksmith, 13 Bonnybank road 
Tarbet, Robert, agent, 35 Cowgate 
Tarbet, Miss Jane, 19 Constitution street 
Tares, William, grocer, 190 Overgate ; h. 202 
Tasker, Alexander, grocer, 6 Shepherd's loan 

Tasker, Andw., grocer and spirit merchant, 28 Albert st.; h. 15 Bafifin st. 
Tasker, Mrs, grocer, 112 Albert street 
Taws, James, mechanic, 108 Hilltown 

Taybank Works, Arbroath road, Storrier, Brough, & Co., manufacturers 
Tay Shipbuilding Co. , 4 Marine parade 

Tay Street Works, 28 North Tay street, Alexander Maxwell, flaxspinner 
Tay Whale Fishing Co., East Whale lane, George Welsh, manager 
Tay Works, 2 Lochee road, Gilroy Brothers & Co. , manufacturers 
Tajrfield Works, Seafield lane, H. & A. Scott, linen manufacturers 
Taylor, Andrew, & Co., manufacturers of carpeting, mattings, &c., 15 
I Forebank road 

Taylor, Andrew, of Andrew Taylor & Co., Dalhousie ter., West Ferry 
Taylor, David G. , of Andrew Taylor & Co. , 143 JSTethergate 
Taylor, David, mechanic, 1 Baxter street 
Taylor, David, overseer, 4 Cleghorn street 
Taylor, David, milloverseer, 55 Alexander street 
Taylor, David, calenderer, 30 North Ellen street 
Taylor, George, of Taylor & M'Intosh, 64 Croft's lane 
Taylor, George, pilotmaster. Pilot Office, King William dock; h, 143 

Taylor, George, brewer, 19 Constable street 
TAYLOR, JAMES, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 13 Victoria road ; h. 14 

Victoria chambers. See Adv. 
Taylor, James, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 44 West port ; h. 42 
Taylor, James, superintendent in Forfarshire Constabulary, Courthouse 

buildings ; A. 17 Mortimer street 


Taylor, James, compositor, 69 Hospital wynd 

Taylor, James, baker, 22 Annfield row 

Taylor, James, tailor and clothier, 21 Powrie place 

Taylor, James, 76 Dudhope street 

Taylor, James, sorter, Post Office ; h. 102 Hill street 

Taylor, James, turner, 3 Poslin terrace. Court street 

Taylor, John D., painter, decorator, and glazier, 81 Ann street ; h. 62 

Taylor, Eev. John, Hawkhill U.P. Church ; h. 73 Annfield road 

Taylor, John, engineer, 3 Parker street 

Taylor, John, collector, 10 North Tay street 

Taylor, John, currier, 174 Seagate 

TAYLOR & M'INTOSH, rope, twine, sail, tarpaulin, and waterproof-cover 

makers, 6 Shore terrace, and 51 Magdalen green. See Adv. 
Taylor, Mary Ann, of Taylor & Watson, Annan ter., 19 Wellington st. 
Taylor, Eev. Neil, Albert Square Free Church ; h. 4 Dudhope place 
Taylor, Eobert, of Neilson & Taylor, Sydney place, Laurelbank 
Taylor, Eobert, fishdealer, 76 Hawkhill ; li. \ Heathfield lane 
Taylor, Eobert, of Cameron & Co., 36 Cotton road 
Taylor, Thomas, spiritdealer, 181 Seagate ; Ji. I West Whale lane 
Taylor, Eobert, tinsmith, 26 South Ellen street 

Taylor, Thomas, & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers,llPamnure st. 
Taylor, Thomas, of Thomas Taylor & Co. , Cambustay, Broughty Ferry 
Taylor, Thomas, seaman, 25 Ogilvie street 
Taylor, Walter, collector and treasurer, Dundee Parochial Board, 10 

Euclid street; h. Abercraig, West Ferry 
Taylor & Watson, drapers, 26 Ann street 
Taylor, William 0., of W. 0. Taylor & Co., 15 Airlie place 
Taylor, William, carpenter, 52 Kemback street 
Taylor, William, bootcloser, 15 Victoria street 
Taylor, William, house proprietor, 1 Stobswell road 
Taylor, William M., lettercarrier, 55 Alexander street 
Taylor, William, french-polisher, 4 Arthur street 

Taylor, William, teacher of music, Balbimie terrace, 111 Victoria road 
Taylor, William, gardener, 73 Perth road 
Taylor, William, mechanic, 8 Cherryfield lane 
Taylor, William, mechanic, 129 Hawkhill 
Taylor, W. 0., & Co., shipowners and ship and insurance brokers, 18 

Dock street 
Taylor, Mrs Peter, 26 Mid wynd 
Taylor, Mrs, 33 Dallfield terrace 
Taylor, Mrs, 25 Seafield lane 
Taylor, Mrs, draper, 104 Victoria road 
Taylor, Mrs, lodgings, 6 Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 
Taylor, Misses J. & J., grocers, 42 Charles street ; h. 40 
Taylor, Miss, grocer, Helen place, 1 Lyon street 
Tearney, Peter, grocer, 11 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Temple Mills, 33 North Tay street, Shaw, Baxter & Co., spinners and 

Templeman, William, boot and shoe maker, 52 Bell street ; h. 46 
Tennant, Charles, & Co., manufacturing chemists (of St Rollox, 

Glasgow), 33 Cowgate 


Tennant, Jas., agent for Charles Tennant & Co., 33 Cowgate; A.Carnoustie 
Thackeray, Henry, music teacher and pianoforte tuner, 12 Perth road 
Thain & Co., rope and twine spinners, merchants, and manufacturers, 

Bonnybank "Works ; office, 5 St Andrew's street 
Thain, Herbert W., of Thain & Co., Westbank, 26 Magdalen Yard road 
Thain, Jane, 21 Thomson street 

Thallon, EolDert, tailor and clothier, 12 Garland place 
Third, Alexander, machinefitter, 16 Hillbank road 
Third, James B., of Westwood & Third, 144 Perth road 
Third, Thomas, officer, Tay Square Church ; h. 30 Small's wynd 
Thorn, Andrew, 36 Victoria road 

Thorn, Andrew, jun., Inland Revenue clerk, 36 Victoria road 
Thorn, John, confectioner's assistant, 44 Dallfield terrace 
Thomas, William R.R., of Rankin & Thomas, Roxburgh ter.,West Park rd. 
Thompson, David, mechanic, 227 Blackness road 

Thompson, Durie L., musicseller, 134 Nethergate ; h. 15 Osborne place 
Thompson, James, lodgings, 11 Fish street 
Thompson, James, mason, 6 Raglan street 
Thompson, John, draper, 45 Park wynd 
Thompson, Thomas, engineer, 224 Lochee road 
Thompson, William B., engineer and shipbuilder, Tay Foundry and 

Caledon Shipyard ; h. Tayview, Forthill, Broughty Ferry 
Thorns, Archibald M'L., merch., Seafield Works; A. 36 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Thorns, Catherine, teacher, St Paul's P.C. School; h. 97 Victoria road 
Thoms, John A., flax merchant, 30 St Andrew's street; h. 7 Windsor st, 
Thoms, P. H., 18 St Andrew's place ; h. Crescent house, Perth road 
Thoms, T. W., 18 St Andrew's place ; h. 6 Windsor place 
Thoms, William, clerk to Harbour Trustees, Harbour chambers, and 112 

Seagate; h. 36 Magdalen Yard road 
Thoms, William, broker, 191 Scouringburn 
Thoms, Mrs, 3 Pitfour street 
Thoms, Miss, 146 Nethergate 

Thomson, Alex. , & Sons, wholesale stationers, printers, &c. , 22 Bank st. 
Thomson, Alex., jun., of Alex. Thomson & Sons, 11 Somerville place 
Thomson, Alex. G., engineer, Douglas Foundry; h. 8 Hometer., B. Ferry 
Thomson, Alexander P., bleacher, 4 Osborne place 
Thomson, Alexander, Bon- Accord villa, 8 Somerville place 
Thomson, Alexander, china merchant, 43 Victoria road ; h. 35a 
Thomson Brothers & Co., engineers, millwrights, and machinemakers, 

Douglas Foundry, Blinshall street 
Thomson, Charles James, accountant, 18 Albert street 
Thomson, David, of J. P. Mathew & Co., 8 Garland place. Barrack road 
Thomson, David, of Thomson & M'Gregor, 74 Ann street 
Thomson, David, grocer, 6 Castle street ; /;. 40 Step row 
Thomson, Douglas, joiner and packingbox maker, 29 Constable street ; 

li. 45 Cotton road 
Thomson & Fraser, tobacconists and stationers, 3 Shore terrace 
Thomson, George, policeman, 14 Dens road 
Thomson, Isabella, matron. Industrial Schools, Ward road 
Thomson, Jas W., of Alex. Thomson & Sons, 2 Duntrune ter., W. Ferry 
Thomson, James, printer, 143 Blackscroft 


Thomson, James, of Thomson Brothers & Co. , 3 Somerville place 
Thomson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Rose street ; h. 29 
Thomson, James, of M 'Arthur & Thomson, 7 Mid street 
Thomson, James, assistant burgh surveyor, 79 Commercial street ; li. 

24 Garland place 
Thomson, James, spiritdealer, 77 Rosebank street ; h. 75 
Thomson, James, grocer and spiritdealer, 251 Hilltown ; h. 1 Main st. 
Thomson, James, pawnbroker, 6 and 8 Peter street ; h. 15 Exchange st. 
Thomson, James, shoemaker, 91 Seagate ; h. Tayport 
Thomson, James, grocer, 15 Mains road ; A. 7 
Thomson, James C, accountant, 18 Albert street 
Thomson, Jane, confectioner, 169 Hilltown 
Thomson, Jane, 11 Nethergate 
Thomson, John W., solicitor, 69 Reform street ; h. Springbank house, 

Thomson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 64 and 66 King street ; h. 72 
Thomson, John, jun., plumber, brassfounder, and gasfitter, 44 Castle 

street ; h. 10 Exchange street 
Thomson, John, commission agent, 10 Shore terrace ; 7i. WUlowbank, 

BamhUl, Perth 
Thomson, John, clerk, 53 Meadowside ; h. Elmbank, Perth road 
Thomson, John, blacksmith, 10 Catherine street 
Thomson, John, mechanic, 36 Ure street 
Thomson, John, 11 Nethergate 
Thomson, Joseph, clerk, 24 Garland place 
Thomson & Lawless, plasterers, 22 Hean's lane 
Thomson & M 'Gregor, builders and contractors, 9 Elizabeth street 
Thomson, Margaret, manglekeeper, 4 Ramsay street 
Thomson, Peter, sub-editor. Courier and Argus ; h. 44 Croft's lane 
Thomson, Robert, coal merchant, Tayport ; h. 13 N.Wellington street 
Thomson, Robert, grocer, 20 Polepark road ; h. 10 Dalliield terrace 
Thomson, Robert, platelayer, 29 St Salvador street 
Thomson, Robert, foreman moulder, Livingstone place, Lochee road 
Thomson, Robert, draper, 68 Bell street 

Thomson, Roy, superintendent, Model Lodginghouse, 97 Overgate 
Thomson, Shepherd, & Co., jute spinners, and manufacturers of carpets, 

mattings, sackings, &c., Seafield Works; office, 27 Albert square 
Thomson, Thomas E., painter, 32 Scouringburn 
Thomson, William C, corn and commission agent. Candle lane; 1i. 

Camperdown house, Broughty Ferry 
Thomson, WUliam G., of Thomson Brothers & Co., Fairfield, Harecraig 
Thomson, William W., sub-agent. Royal Bank of Scotland, Murraygate ; 

h. Bank house, 97 Murraygate 
THOMSON, WILLIAM, feather merchant and gamedealer, 78 Nethergate ; 

h. Ruthvenbank, 156 Perth road. See Adv. 
Thomson, William, merchant and shipowner, 8 Euclid crescent ; h. 

Floralbank, Newport 
Thomson, William, confectioner, 208 Blackness road 
Thomson, William, of Thomson & Lawless, 37 Union street 
Thomson, William, confectioner, 69 Hilltown ; A. 16 Crescent lane 
Thomson, Wdliam, coaldealer, 24 Taylor's lane ; h. \S 


Thomson, William, grocer, 87 Lochee road 

Thomson, William, mason, 229 Lochee road 

Thomson, William, clerk, 51 Larch street 

Thomson, William, coachman, 30 New Inn entry 

Thomson, William, signalman, 47 North Wellington street 

Thomson, William, carter, 21 Mains loan 

Thomson, William, blacksmith, 5 Robertson street 

Thomson, Mrs David, confectioner, 88 King street and 143 Princes 

street ; h. 43 Todburn lane 
Thomson, Mrs H., manglekeeper, 16 Kinloch street 
Thomson, Miss Jane, draper, 219 Hawkhill 
Thomson, Mrs John, of Thomson & Eraser, 2 Shore terrace 
Thomson, Mrs Mary, 13 West Dock street 
Thomson, Mrs Peter, 214 Perth road 
Thomson, Mrs, 2 Paterson street 
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 5 South Tay street 
Thorburn, Norman, retired warrant officer, 38 Main street 
Thorburn, William M'Leod, wholesale and family grocer, wine and 

spirit merch., 57 and 59 Wellgate; ^.Otago cottage, 17 Wellington st. 
Thornton, Andrew, dairyman, 48 Henderson's West wynd 
Thornton, James, potato merchant, 119 Overgate ; h. St Vincent street, 

Broughty Ferry 
Thornton, Thomas, of PattuUo & Thornton, Helensville, 4 Dudhope ter. 
Thornton, Thomas, traveller, 16 Lawrence street 
Thornton, Mrs, 1 Ford's lane 

Thow, David W., merchant, 10 Meadowside ; li. 5 Park place 
Thow, David, stampcutter, 13 Ellen street 
Thow, John, bagpipe and violin maker, stamp-cutter, &c., 96 Seagate; 

h. 3 Allan street 
Thow, Thomas, 5 Park place 

Thyne, Thomas, of John Stewart & Sons, Church street, Broughty Perry 
Tierney, Mrs, broker, 86 Blackness road ; h. 80 
Tifihey, Mrs, grocer, 98 Overgate 

Timmons, John, coaldealer, 2 Union place ; h. 274 Perth road 
Tindall, David, joiner, 48 Crescent lane 

Tindall, John, grocer and spirit inerch., 1 Arbroath road ; h.2 Lome ter. 
Tindal, John, tailor and clothier, 98 Annfield road ; h. 100 
Todd, Charles E. , merchant, 2 Royal Exchange place ; h. Leawood 

place, Broughty Ferry 
Todd, James, cabinetmaker, 8 Seafield road 
Todd, James, harbour porter, 41 Victoria street 
Todd, Mrs J., confectioner, 57 Alexander street 

Todd, John, wine and spirit merchant, 41 Castle street ; h. 20 Hilltown 
Todd, Sidney, clerk, Royal Bank, Murraygate ; h. 10 Reform street 
Todd, William, of Brown & Todd, 25 Robertson street 
Todd, Mrs David, grocer, 28 Seafield road 
Toner, Mrs John, 187 Overgate 

Tooth, Edward, clerk. Western Police Station ; h. 10 John street 
Torrance, James, watchmaker, 7 High street ; li. 8 Garland place 
Tosh, Alexander, accountant, 11 Reform street ; A. 49 Magdalen green 
Tosh, David, joiner, 91 King street 


Tosh, William, teacher, 12 Bellfield lane ; h. 32 Step row 

Tosh, William, shipchandler, east side King William dock ; h. Osborne 
place, East Newport 

Tosh, W. H., Balnacraig, Harecraig 

Tosh, Mrs James, lodgings, 1 Coupar's alley, Wellgate 

Tough, Charles, waste merchant, 101 Hilltown ; h. 9 Stirling street 

Tough, Mrs, 3 Fyffe street 

Townsend, R. & A. W., manufacturing chemists, Glasgow; Robert 
Ferguson, 11 Royal Exchange lane, agent 

Trades Lane Calendering Co. (Limited), calenderers, packers, starchers, 
cloth dyers, and general fiaishers, 2 Trades lane ; W. S. Buchanan, 

Trades Lane Warehouse Co. ; Fleming, Douglas, & Co., 19 Cowgate, 

Trail, Anthony, R.N.R., superintendent of mercantile marine, and ex- 
aminer of masters and mates, Mercantile Marine Office, Dock street ; 
h. Seafield, Droughty Ferry 

Traill, T. D. , merchant, 30 Meadowside ; h. Seafield, Broughty Ferry 

Trayner, Bridget, manglekeeper, 25 Lawrence street 

Traynor, John, grocer, 8 Rosebank road 

Treasurer, Colin, teacher, Butterburn Public School ; h. Salem cottage, 
59 Constitution road 

Trotter, John, goldsmith, 9 St Peter street 

Tuck, George, tailor, 25 Victoria road 

Tullis, David, furniture dealer, 41 Gellatly street ; h. 37 

TuUis, John, clothier, 53 Reform st. ; h. ToUbank cottage, Lochee road 

Tulloch, Harry, watchmaker and jeweller, 70 High street ; h. 4 Hawk- 
hill place 

Tulloch, Henry, of H. & W. Tulloch, Albany terrace 

Tulloch, H. & W., hatters and hosiers, 1-3 Reform st. and 65 Murragate 

Tulloch, John, hatter, 50 High street ; h. 4 Hawkhill place 

Tulloch, William, of H. & W. Tulloch, 1 Meadow entry 

Turnbull, George, butcher, 84 Annfield road ; h. 193 Blackness road 

Turnbull, Robert, calenderer, 33 St Andrew's street ; h. 7 William st. 

Turnbull, Thomas, clerk, 12 Baton's lane 

Turnbull, William, confectioner, 14 Ferry road ; h. 30 

Turnbull, William, seaman, 24 Crichton street 

Turnbull, William, seaman, 18 Bell Street lane 

TurnbuU, Mrs, 32 William street, Forebank 

Turnbull, Misses, milliners, 41 Reform street 

Turner, George, grocer, 23 Castle street 

Turner, George W. , ironmonger, Havelock place, 251 Hawkhill 

Turner, James, clerk, 14 Garland place 

Turner, Rev. John, St Mary's R. C. Church ; li. 22 Powrie place 

Tyrie, John M., coal merchant, 35 Yeaman shore ; h. S Castle street 

Tyrie, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 2 Havelock place. Croft's lane 

Tyrrell, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 18 and 20 Blackscroft; 
h. Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 

Underwood, James, jun., baker, 186 Seagate ; li. 64 Peddie street 
Union Bank of Scotland, 2 Panmure street, D. Scott Fergusson, agent 


Union Marine Insurance Co. (Limited), Clydesdale Bank buildings, 

Commercial street, James Millar, agent 
United States, Consul for, Matthew M'Dougall, 81 Murraygate 
Unna, Joseph, of Samson & Unna, 7 Airlie terrace 
Upton, Mrs, milliner, 16 Union street ; li. 8 Victoria square 
Ure, George, of Dalgairns & Co. , Camphill lodge, Broughty Ferry 
Urquhart, David, late lettercarrier, 37 Nethergate 

Urquhart, Lindsay, & Co., engineers, &c.. Blackness Foundry, Larch st. 
Urquhart, William W., of Urquhart, Lindsay & Co., Rosebay, B. Ferry 
Urquhart, WiUiam S. , clerk, 22 St Clement's lane 
Urquhart, Misses, milliners, 87 Hilltown 

Valentine, Archibald, commission merchant, and produce broker, 87 

High street ; h. Viewbank terrace. Provost road 
Valentine, David, 4 Viewbank terrace, Provost road 
Valentine, David, tenter, 2 Gardner's lane 
Valentine, George D., photographer, 154 Perth road 
Valentine, James, photographer to the Queen, 154 Perth road, and dealer 

in English and foreign fancy, cabinet, leather, and bronze goods, and 

works of art, 59 Reform street ; A. 19 Thomson street 
Valentine, John, joiner, 12 Arthur street 
Valentine, Robert, mechanic, 29 North Wellington street 
Valentine,Wm.D.,photographer,154 Perth rd. ; h. Kilnburn pi. , Newport 
Vallely, John, grocer, 12 Daniel street 

Vannett, David, family grocer, 17 Kinloch street ; h. 14 Kinnaird street 
Vannett, Geo., assistant-editor,Evening News ; h. Smith's Id., 29 Step row 
Vannett, William, mechanic, 13 Rosefield street 
Vass, Mrs John, grocer and spiritdealer, 51 Princes street ; h. 53 
Verdant Mill, Henderson's West wynd, Ewan, Young, & Co. , spiimers 
VICTORIA FIRE OFFICE (Limited) ; Jas. Hall, Mudie place, agent. See Adv. 
VICTORIA HALL, 52 Victoria road ; W. M 'Waters, keeper. See Adv. 
Victoria Model Lodging House,97 Overgate, Roy Thomson, superintendent 
Victoria Road Calendering CIo., mangling, calendering, packing, and 

sack- sewing works, 58 Victoria road ; David J. Low, manager 
Victoria Road Female Lodging House, 92 Victoria road, Alex. Meldrum, 

Victoria Works, 16 Ure street, A. Moncur & Son, linen manufacturers 
Virtue & Co. (Limited), publishers,4 Reform st. ; Wm. A. Eraser, agent 
Vogan, Stewart, coaldealer, 31 Ogilvie's road ; h. 21 Lawson place 

Waddell, David, railway contractors' manager, 10 West Dock street ; 

h. 47 Yeaman shore 
Waddell, John, railway contractor, 10 West Dock street ; li. Belford 

park. Dean, Edinburgh 
Waggott, William, tanner, 4 Lawrence street 
Wales, William, railway porter, 40 Rosebank street 
Wales, Mrs William, 37 South Tay street 
Walker, Alexander, pawnbroker, 188 Hilltown ; h. 184 
Walker,. Arthur, of H.M.S. " Unicorn ;" h. 11 Rosefield street 
Walker, A. Balfour, clerk, British Linen Bank ; h. Thornbank, Carnoustie 
Walker, Charles, grocer, 1 Malcolm street 


Walker, David, manager, West Ward Works ; h. 15 Balfour street 

Walker, David, slater, 67 Ure street 

Walker, G-eorge, salesman, boot warehouse, 10 Overgate ; h. 8 

Walker, George, slater, 47 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 

Walker, Harry, & Sons (Harry Walker & Sons), spinners, manufacturers, 

and merchants, Caldrum Works ; office, Baltic buildings, Meadowside 
Walker, Harry, of Harry Walker and Sons, Westwood, Newport 
Walker, James D., & Co., drapers, 31 Hawkhill 
Walker, James D., of James D. Walker & Co., 249 Hawkhill 
Walker, James, flaxdresser, 17 Union st., Charles st. ; h. 18 Airlie place 
Walker, James, shipwright, 105 Princes street 
Walker, James, dentist, 13 Annlield row 
Walker, James, mechanic, 67 Ure street 
Walker, James, moulder, 109 Lochee road 

Walker, John Harry, of Harry Walker & Sons, Woodburn vUla, Newport 
Walker, John, & Co. , coal merchants, 3 Dock street 
Walker, John, joiner, 20 Dura street 
Walker, John, pensioner, 35 Alexander street 
Walker, John, shipmaster, 30 Raglan street 

Walker, Patrick, surgeon-dentist, 39 High street ; h. 40 Blackscroft 
Walker, Peter G., of P. & J. Walker, 2 Airlie place 
Walker, Peter, flaxdresser, 15 Edward street 
Walker, Peter D., engineer, 50 Ure street 
Walker, P. & J., jute spinners and manufacturers, Dura Works ; office, 

37 Albert square 
Walker, Robert C, solicitor, 12 Euclid street ; h. 18 Airlie place 
Walker, Robert, agent, Bank of Scotland, 1 Victoria st. ; h. 2 Albert st. 
WALKER, WILLIAM, & CO., leather merchants and mill furnishers, 38 

South Tay street. See Adv. 
Walker, William N., of Harry Walker & Sons, 2 Hillpark ter., Newport 
Walker, William F., confectioner, 16 Court street 
Walker, William, shoemaker, 10 Blyth street 
Walker, William, confectioner, 38 Alexander street 
Walker, William, overseer, 149 Blackness road 

Walker, William, clerk, Commercial Bank; h.2 BalgUlo ter., B. Ferry 
Walker, Mrs Duncan H., 9 Bell street 
Walker, Mrs, 5 Magdalen Yard road 
Walker, Mrs, 40 Blackscroft 
Walker, Mrs, 96 Caldrum street 
Walker, Mrs Helen, dressmaker, 16 Dallfield terrace 
Wallace, Alexander, of Whitehurst & Wallace, 13 Park place 
Wallace, Alexander, baker, 9 North Church street ; 7i. 1 1 
WALLACE, ANDREW, coalmaster, Halbeath, CuttlehUl, and Kingseat 

Collieries, Dunfermline; office, BO Dock st., R. Cairns, agent. See Adv. 
Wallace, Andrew, cowfeeder, 346 Loons road 
Wallace, Charles, clerk, 20 Cowgate 

Wallace Craigie Works, 2 Ferry road, William Halley & Sons, spinners 
Wallace, David, baker, 38 Charles street ; h. 36 
Wallace, David, housefactor, 27 Paton's lane 

Wallace, David, clerk, Police Commissioners' Office ; h. 14 Gardner's lane 
Wallace Foundry, Brown Constable street,Robertson & Orchar, engineers 


Wallace, Gavine, 14 Constitution street 

Wallace, George, ironmonger, 36 Hilltown ; h. Arklay street 

Wallace,Jas., stationer and confectioner, 158 Annst.; h. 13 N. William st. 

Wallace, James, clerk, Manhattan Works ; li. 4 Eoslin terrace. Court st. 

Wallace, James, cowf eeder, 35 North street 

Wallace, James U., compositor, 14 Gardner's lane 

Wallace, James, porter, 5 Ritchie's lane 

Wallace, John, & Co., iron, steel, and metal merch., 5 El. Exchange court 

Wallace, John,of JohnWallace & Co., South Eden park, Beckenham,Kent 

WALLACE, JOHN, painter and glazier, 127 Nethergate ; h. 129. ^QQAdv. 

Wallace, John W., 6 Roslin terrace. Court street 

Wallace, Nicol, cowfeeder, 140 Hilltown 

Wallace, Peter M. , grocer and wine merchant, 41 Albert street and 2 

Eaglan street ; h. 26 Raglan street 
Wallace, Robert, mason, 7 Hill street 
Wallace, Thomas, carpenter, 6 Graham place 
Wallace, William, music teacher, 62 Commercial street 
Wallace, William, overseer, 177 Blackness road 
Wallace Works, Dens ; Morison, Anderson, & Butchart, spinners and 

Wallace Works, 268 Hilltown, Duncan Brothers, manufacturers 
Wallace, Mrs A., provision dealer, 129 Nethergate 
Wallace, Mrs W., lodgings, Balbirnie terrace, 91 Victoria road 
Wallace, Mrs, 3 William street, Scouringburn 
Wallace, Miss, 35 Blackscroft 
Walls, Peter, mechanic, 309 Loons road 
Walls, Mrs B., 15 Victoria street 
Walsh, George, shipmaster, 8 Yeaman shore 
Walsh, Thomas, milloverseer, 30 Mid street 
Walton, Graham, ironturner, 27 Cotton road 
Wand, Henry, bootmaker, 26 Bell street 

Wanless, Andrew, photographer and portrait painter, 1 Crescent lane 
Wanless, William, dairyman, 310 Perth road 
Warm, Alexander, builder and contractor, 17 Craigie street h. 19 
Warm, John, contractor, 29 Strathmartine road 
Wannan, David, merchant and steam-ship broker, 27 Dock street ; h. 

51 Marketgate, Arbroath 
Ward Foundry, Session street, James Carmichael & Co. , engineers 
Ward Mills,Barrack st.,Don Brothers, Buist, & Co., flax and jute spinners 
Ward Street Mill, Ward Road, William Ritchie, sen., sj)inner 
Ward Works, South Ward road, A. & J. NicoU, spinners 
Warden, Alexander J., merchant and insurance agent, 3 King street ; 

h. Marybank house, Broughty Ferry 
Warden, James, blacksmith, 130 Lochee road ; h. 143 
Warden, John W. , accountant and insurance agent, 3 King street ; h. 2 

Sydney place, Broughty Ferry 
Warden, William, hacklegrinder, 53 Balgay street 
Warden, Mrs Thomas, 14 Garland place 
Wardlaw, Alexander, painter, 77 King street ; h. 72 
Wardrope, John, fruit merchant, 18 Wellgate and 7 and 9 Baltic street ; 

h. 338 Perth road 


Warren, Eobert H., bandmaster, 1st F.R.V., 30 Balfour street 

Warrander, Jolin, meclianic, 2 Mortimer street 

Waterston, Jolm, plasterer, 15 Bonnybank road 

Watson, Alex. , plumber and gasfitter, 47 Constable st. and 54 Blackscroft 

Watson, Alexander, mason, 11 Crescent street 

Watson, Alexander, carter, 21 Paterson street 

Watson, Rev. Archibald, D.D., parish minister, Manse, Ferry road 

Watson, Alex. D. , merchant, 3 Royal Exchange court ; h. Newport 

Watson, David A., of W. & D. Watson, 17 Perth road 

Watson, David, manager, Craigie Works ; h. 26 Arbroath road 

Watson, David, assistant inspector of poor, 9 Victoria street 

Watson, David, joiner, 13 Rosefield street 

Watson, Duncan K., commercial traveller for M. Algie & Co., Glasgow; 
h. Blairgowrie road, Coupar- Angus 

Watson, Frank, clerk, Ward Foundry ; h. 10 Airlie terrace 

Watson, George, twinespinner, 8 Annfield street 

Watson, George, blacksmith, 6 Lawrence street 

Watson, James, & Co. , wine merchants, 97 Seagate 

Watson, James, C.E., engineer and manager, Dundee Water Commis- 
sion, 7 Euclid street ; h. 8 Springfield 

Watson, James, harbour treasurer, Shore Dues Office, Customhouse 
buildings, Dock street ; h. 10 Airlie terrace 

Watson, James, East India agent and teadealer, 89 Nethergate 

Watson, James, tailor and clothier, 41 Cowgate 

Watson, James, of Watson & Stewart, 68 Bell street 

Watson, James, warehouse porter, 8 Charles street 

Watson, James, mechanic, 13 North Church street 

Watson, James, fish salesman, 8 Fish street 

Watson, James, grocer, 41 Park wynd 

Watson, John J., of J. Watson & Co., 15 Windsor street 

Watson, John M. , stockbroker and insurance agent, 3 Royal Exchange 
court ; h. The Manse, Ferry road 

Watson, John, clerk. Shore Dues Office ; h. 7 Balfour street 

Watson, John, tailor and clothier, 3 Charles street 

Watson, John, manager, Owler's Boot Factory ; h. 3 Long wynd 

Watson, John, mechanic, 16 Dura street 

Watson, Marjory, of Taylor & Watson, 46 Charles street 

Watson, Peter, blacksmith, 23 Mains loan 

Watson & Philip, produce brokers and commission agents, 7 Shore ter. 

Watson, Robert L., of J. Watson & Co., 5 Clarendon terrace, Perth rd. 

Watson, R. NicoU, clerk, 11 Baffin street 

Watson, Robert, railway clerk, 6 Victoria square 

Watson & Stewart, cutlers and gunmakers, 138 Murraygate 

Watson, Thomas, of Watson & Philip, 17 Perth road 

Watson, Thomas, manager, Ladywell Calender ; h. 13 North George st. 

Watson, Thomas, seaman, 17 Dudhope street 

Watson, William N., teacher of music, 30 Reform street 

Watson, William, pawnbroker, 49 Hilltown ; h. 72 

Watson, William B., of W. & D. Watson, East Newport 

Watson, William, tinsmith, 56 William street, Forebank 

Watson, William, printer, 50 North Church street 


Watson, W & D., sacking and bagging manufacturers, Westfield Works, 

Perth road 
Watson, Mrs Alexander, 125 Nethergate 
Watson, Mrs Ann, Bell's cottage, 65 Rosebank street 
Watson, Mrs Thomas, 1 Westfield avenue 
Watson, Mrs, grocer, 42 Hawkhill 
Watson, Miss M. , draper, 136 Scouriagburn 

Watt, Alex., photograper, 43 Arbroath rd; h. 8 Buckingham ter.,Maryfield 
Watt, Alexander T., butcher, 98 Victoria road ; h. 4 North Ellen street 
Watt, Alexander, painter, 1 St Peter street 
Watt, Archibald A. , merchant, 27 Dock street 
Watt, Archibald, clerk, 9 Nethergate; h. 27 Back street, Coldside 
Watt, Charles, porter, 8 Yeaman shore 
Watt, David, merchant, 87 Perth road 
Watt, David, tailor and clothier, 43 Overgate 
Watt, George, st)licitor, 87 High street ; h. 19 Airlie place 
Watt, George, shipwright, 30 Catherine street 

Watt, Rev. Hugh George, B.D., St Enoch's Church ; h. 40 Perth road 
Watt, James, merchant and insurance agent, 87 Perth road 
Watt, James, grocer, 22 Caldrum street 
Watt, James, gardener, 29 Paton's lane 
Watt, James, painter, 72 Dura street 
Watt, John, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 190 Blackness road ; A. 1 

Blackness street 
Watt, John S., gas inspector, 27 Catherine street 
Watt, Matthew, merchant, and manufacturer of flax, hemp, and jute 

sacking, 56 Victoria road ; A. 10 Garland place 
Watt, Robert, fireman, 32 Seafield road 
Watt, Robert, engineer, 11 Robertson street 
Watt, William, of Robertson & Watt, 62 Blackscroft 
Watt, William, coal and draff merchant, 87 Perth road 
Watt, William, grocer and wine merchant, 152 HiUtown ; h. 150 
Watt, William, joiner, 88 Dura street 
Watt, William, joiner, 51 Arbroath road 
Watt, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 3 Church street, Princes street 
Watt, Mrs, 4 Windsor place 
WAVERLEY TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 46 and 48 Union street, D. Godfrey, 

proprietor. See Adv. 
Wears, George M., collector, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 78 

Murraygate ; h. Downfield 
Wears, John D., agent, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 78 

Murraygate; li. Rosemount, Downfield 
Weaving, Thomas, grocer, 49 Arbroath road 
Webb, Richard, watchman, 9 Annfield row 

Webster, Alexander, stationer and fancy goods merchant, 195 HiUtown 
Webster, Andrew, brewer, 2 Lyon street ; /;. 18 Albert street 
Webster, A. L., commission agent, 37 Exchange street ; h. Mjrrtlebank 

villa, Newport 
Webster, David, accountant. Harbour Treasurer's OflSce ; h, 14 Straw- 

Webster, David, confectioner, 33 Victoria road 


Webster, David S., 39 Reform street ; h. 28 Dallfield terrace 

Webster, David, clerk, 6 Isla street 

Webster, David, ropemaker, 24 Step row 

Webster, G-eorge, sheriff and commissary clerk of Forfarsbire, Earkbuddo 

bouse, Kirkbuddo 
Webster, George, 2 Wilkie's lane 

Webster, James, officer, St John's Estab. Church ; h. 29 Small's wynd 
Webster, James F., shipmaster, 3 Gowrie place 
Webster, James, police constable, 105 Hawkhill 
Webster, James, mechanic, 40 North Church street 
Webster, James, shoemaker, Balbirnie terrace, 91 Victoria road 
Webster, John G., joiner, 24 Kincardine street 
Webster, John, bricklayer, 12 Aimfield street 
Webster, John, moulder, 3 Erskine street 
Webster, Peter, funeral undertaker, 1 Hunter street 
Webster, Robert, family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 1 HUltown, 

and 22 Victoria road ; h. 1 Camperdown place, Broughty Ferry 
Webster, Robert, milliner, &c., 193 Overgate 

Webster, Wm. B. , manager, HHlbank Linen Works ; h. 38 HUlbank rd. 
Webster, William, 6 Forebank road 

Webster, William, confectioner, 160 Hawkhill; Ji. Well road, Hawkhill 
Webster, WiUiam, compositor, 9 Balfour street 
Webster, Miss Ann, 15 Nelson street 
Webster, Mrs Ann, lodgings, 7 Yeaman shore 
Webster, Mrs David, 2 Gowrie place 
Webster, Mrs George, 28 Kincardiue street 
Webster, Mrs William, Fairley place 
Webster, Mrs, 21 Derby street 

Weddell, Alexander, of Weddell & Sons, 6 Shore terrace 
Weddell, James, of Weddell & Sons, 13 West Dock street 
Weddell, Robert, of Weddell & Sons, 23 Union street 
Weddell & Sons, clothiers, 52 Dock street 
Wedderspoon, Catherine, draper and milliner, 11 Albert street 
Wedderspoon, Richard, coffeehouse manager, 16 St Clement's lane ; h. 

11 Crichton street 
Weekly News Ofi&ce, 34 North Lindsay street, Charles Alexander, 

managing proprietor 
Weinberg, J. Julius, (of Moore & Weinberg), Vice-Consul for Spain, 13 

Panmure street ; h. Fernbrae, Perth road 
Weir, Charles F. , flax merchant, 3 Royal Exchange place ; h, Newton, 

by Arbroath 
Weir, Ebenezer C. , last and boot tree maker, 79 High st. ; A. 13 Balfour st. 
Weir, Michael, watch and clock maker, 4 Rosebank street 
Welch, George, ship agent, East Whale lane ; A. 109 Ferry road 
Welch, John, accountant, Royal Bank, Castle street ; h. 107 Ferry road 
Welch, Peter, joiner, 16 North Wellington street 

WeUfield Works, Kemback st., Henry Boase, spianer and manufacturer 
Wellington Works, 94 Ann street, R. G. Kennedy & Co., manufacturers 
Wells, John, drill instructor, 1st F.R.V., 10 Benvie road 
Wemyss, A. W. , merchant, 37 Albert square 
Werring, Miss Grace, mantlemaker, 11 Reform street 


West Dudhope Mill, Anchor lane, M, & C. Hill, spinners 

West End Hat and Cap Warehouse, 5 and 7 West port 

West, George, boot and shoe maker, 192 Overgate ; h. 167 

West, Henry, agent, Royal Bank, West port ; A. 40 Perth road 

West, James, chiaa merchant, 198 Seagate 

West, John, china merchant, 90 Ann street 

Blyth Martin, b Royal Exchange, agent. See Adv. 

West Ward Works, Blinshall street. And. Douglas &Co., manufacturers 

Western Club, 1 New Inn entry, James Logan, keeper 

Westfield Institution for the Education of Young Ladies, 19 Seafield 
road ; Miss Mven, teacher 

Westwaters, James, ironmonger, Tannadice street 

Westwood, Alexander J., manager for John Bryden & Sons, beUhangers, 
&c., Calcutta buildings, Commercial street 

Westwood, Alexander, clerk. Ward Foundry ; A. 16 North EUeu street 

Westwood, Andrew, of Westwood & Third, 6 Park terrace 

Westwood, John, stationer, 130 Hawkhill ; h. 118 

Westwood, Joseph, cabinetmaker, 71 Nethergate ; h. 69 

Westwood, Margaret, lodgings, 40 Perth road 

Westwood, Robert, tenter, 16 North Ellen street 

WESTWOOD & THIRD, upholsterers, 14lB Nethergate. See Adv. 

Westwood, William, milloverseer, 33 Watt street 

Whamond, James, shipmaster, 1 St Peter street 

Wheatley, Helen J., teacher, Dudhope Cres. School ; h. 21 Jamaica st. 

Wheatley, Meshach, confectioner, 35a High street ; h. 77 Overgate 

White, Alexander, shipmaster, 874 Blackscroft 

White, Alexander, ironturner, 19 Catherine street 

White, Alexander, tenter, 14 Lawrence street 

White, Alexander, forgeman, 13 Dudhope street 

White, Archibald, clerk, 3 Roslin terrace 

White, Rev. Charles R. , St Clement's Church ; h. 18 Springfield 

White, Henry, flax, jute, and yarn merchant, 11 Meadow street 

White, Henry, shoemaker, 5 Victoria road 

White, James F., & Co., merchants, 5 King street 

White, James F., of James F. White & Co., Spring grove, 172 Nether- 
gate, and Castle Huntly 

White, James, lodginghouse keeper, 11 Yeaman shore 

White, James D., engineer, 9 St Salvador street 

White, John F., Dundee Flour MUls, East Dock street 

White, John, tea, wine, and spirit merch., 33 West port ; h. 5 Brown st. 

White, Robert, shoemaker, 60 Ure street 

White, Thomas, joiner, 2 Gardner's lane 

White, William, draper, clothier, and general outfitter, 3 Ba,xter street 
White, William B., sawmiller, 13 West Dock street 
White, William, mechanic, 5 Lawrence street 
White, Mrs Catherine, 27^ Tait's lane 
White, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Mount pleasant 
Whitecross, Mrs, broker, 29 Hunter street 

Whitehurst, Francis, jun., of Whitehurst & Wallace, Derby house, 
East Newport 


Whitehurst & Wallace, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, bedding manu- 
facturers, ship furnishers, carvers, gilders, and silverplate agents, 
50 South Tay street 

Whitelaw, Andrew, draper, 22 Ferry road 

Whitelaw, Jas. G., clothier and men's mercer, 9 High st.; A.94 Nethergate 

Whitelaw, James, music teacher, 94 Nethergate 

Whitelaw, James, printer, 16 Wilkie's lane 

Whitelaw, James, tailor, 35 Wilkie's lane 

Whitson, Miss, 33 Tay street 

Whittaker, William, bootmaker, 10 Ogilvie's road 

WHITTET, WILLIAM, sewing machine maker, 12 Exchange street ; h. 10. 
See Adv. 

Whittet, Mrs, laundress, Balbirnie terrace, 91 Victoria road 

Whitton, Alexander M. , grocer and spiritdealer, 86 Hawkhill ; h. 8 Bal- 
four street 

Whitton, Alexander B., butcher, 258 Perth road 

Whitton, Alexander, jun., butcher, 16 Polepark road ; h. 10 

Whitton, Andrew, joiner, 8 Dallfield terrace 

Whitton, Christina, dressmaker, 15 Step row 

Whitton, David P., wholesale hardware, jewellery, and cutlery ware- 
houseman, and importer of foreign fancy goods, 11 and 13 Overgate ; 
h. 2 Janefield place, Maryfield 

Whitton, David, teller. City of Glas. Bank; h. Woodside house, Carnoustie 

Whitton, David, carpenter, 16 Nelson street 

Whitton,Isabella,wine and spirit dealer,210 Hawkhill; h. 44 Miller's wyd. 

Whitton, James, & Son, lathsplitters, 36 Nelson street 

Whitton, James (of Jas. Whitton & Son), greengrocer, 52 William st. ; h. 56 

Whitton, James, district goods manager, Caledonian Railway ; h. 143 

Whitton, Jessie, draper, 47 Hospital wynd ; h. 51 N. Wellington street 

Whitton, Thomas, coal merchant, 3 N. Wellington st. ; li. 342 Loons rd. 

Whitton, William, spirit merchant, 10 Victoria st. ; h. 58 Crescent lane 

Whitton, William, milloverseer, 8 Lyon place 

Whitton, William E. , weigher, Kirkcaldy's court ; h. 47 Yeaman shore 

Whitton, Mrs David, 76 Blackscroft 

Whitton, Mrs John, 9 Dudhope terrace 

Whitton, Mrs, grocer, 91 Victoria road 

Whitton's Brewery, 32^ King street 

White, Alexander, 27 Kidd street 

Whyte, Colin, plumber, 2 Gardner's lane 

Whyte, David, of Rodger & Whyte, 63 Constitution road 

Whyte, James, wine and spirit merchant, 3 North Lindsay street ; h. 10 
Ashton place, Hawkhill 

Whyte, James, carpenter, 111 Princes street 

Whyte, John, shoemaker, 29 North Ellen street 

Whyte & Phin, plumbers, tinsmiths, and ironmongers, 5 Ann street and 
122 Hilltown 

Whyte, Robert, of Whyte & Phin, 17 North Wellington street 

Whyte, Robert, manager, Caledon Shipbuilding yard ; h. 20 Raglan st. 

Whyte, Robert, milloverseer, 34 North street 

Whyte, Robert, labourer, 2 Catherine street 


Whyte, William, baker, 141 Princes street, 34 Dudhope Crescent road, 

and St Matthew's place, Ferry road ; h. 139 Princes street 
Whyte, William, manager, 2 Fleuchar street 
Whyte, William, joiner, 60 Annfield road 
Whyte, William, shipowner, 77 Albert street 

Whyte, Mrs A., draper and milliner, 2 West port ; h. 121 Hawkhill 
Whyte, Mrs David, lodgings, 12 Perth road 
Whyte, Mrs Mary, furnished apartments, 132a Nethergate 
Whyte, Mrs William, 9 North Ellen street 
Whytock, John, of Whytock & Son, Comelybank, 6 Laurelbank 
Whytock, John, shoemaker, 24 Charles street 

Whytock, Peter, deputy-superint., Mer. Marine Office ; h. W. Newport 
Whytock, Peter, cooper, 199 Hilltown, and 34 Commercial st.,Max. ; h. 36 
Whytock & Sons, watchmakers, jewellers, and silversmiths, 46 High st. 
Whytock, William, tailor, 12 Annfield street 
Whytock, William, carter, 13 Alexander street 
Whytock, Mrs Peter, 12 Dudhope place 
Wightman, Margaret, serial writer, 9 Ward road 
Wighton, David, of Mitchell & Wighton, 159 Hilltown 
Wighton, Thomas, house proprietor, 26 Dens brae 
Wighton, Thomas, clerk, 7 Maryfield terrace 

Wighton, William, of Grange of Barry, Whiteleys, 149 Nethergate 
Wighton, Mrs, dressmaker, 93 Albert street 
WILD, FRANCIS J., watchmaker and jeweller, 86 Murraygate; h. 37 

Union street, See Adv, 
Wilkie, Adam, grocer, 91 Blackscroft 

Wilkie, A., milloverseer, and precentor .Wellgate F.C.; A. 7 Rosebank rd. 
Wilkie, Alexander, produce merchant, 37 and 42 St Andrew's street ; 

h. 3 South Ellen street 
Wilkie, Alexander, labourer, 13 Catherine street 
Wilkie, David, & Co., butchers, 6 Tally street 
Wilkie, David, of David Wilkie & Co., 86 Nethergate 
Wilkie, David, accountant, 15 Ward road ; h. 43 Constitution road 
Wilkie, D., cowfeeder and greengrocer, 199 Blackness rd. ; A46 Croft's lane 
Wilkie, David, gardener, 296 Perth road 

Wilkie, David, mason, 6 Roslin terrace 

Wilkie, George, calenderer, 16 Rosebank street 

SVilkie, George, of Wilkie & Imrie, 86 Nethergate 

fVilkie & Imrie, horsedealers, 37 Magdalen Yard road 

iVilkie, James, fishsalesman and auctioneer, 4 Fishmarket ; h. 4 Fish st. 

Wilkie, James, confectioner, 12 Bell street ; h. Balgay terrace, Lochee rd. 

iVilkie, James, carpenter, 40 Blackscroft 

Wilkie, James, steward, 36 Constable street 

Vilkie, John, butcher, 92 King st. ; h. Balbirnie terrace, 101 Victoria rd. 

Vilkie, John, chimneysweeper, 38 Jamaica street 

Vilkie, John, engineering draughtsman, 1 Roslin terrace 

Vilkie, John, moulder, Lindsay's land, 123 Lochee road 

Vilkie, Robert, gardener, Duncarse, Perth road 

Vilkie, Stewart, bootmaker, 122 Albert street ; h. 15 Graham place 

Vilkie, Thomas, shoemaker, 14 Bruce street 

Vilkie, Thomas, railway porter, 32 Ogilvie's road 


Wilkie, William, butcher, 34 Overgate ; h. 3 Thorter row 

Wilkie, William, hay merchant, 1 Kirk entry 

Wilkie, William, confectioner, 3 Cowgate ; h. 123 Murraygate 

Wilkie, William, foreman carter, 26 Bruce street 

Wilkie, Mrs John, 3 Salisbury place, Baffin street 

Wilkie, Miss, 22 Airlie place 

Will, Adam, builder and contractor, 27 Yeaman shore ; h. 4 Waterloo 

place, Annfield road 
Will, George, dresser, 85 Rosebank street 
Will, George, 5 Victoria road 
Will, James, joiner, 7 Rosefield street 

Will, Peter, clerk. Ward Works ; h. 3 East Somerville place 
Will, Robert, lapper, 37 Milnbank road 
Will, Robert, bleacher, 23 Caldrum street 
Will, William, late manufacturer, 84 Rosebank street 
Will, Mrs Jane, 196 Hilltown 

William, Stephen, confectioner, 12 Shore terrace ; 7i. 7 Castle lane 
Williamson, Alexander R., compositor, 29 Wellington street 
Williamson, Andrew, feuar, 34 Ure street 

Williamson, Elizabeth, confectioner, 27 Ann street ; h. 29 Powrie place 
Williamson, James, joiner, 27 North Ellen street 
Williamson, John, butcher, 170 Perth road ; h. 22 Annfield row 
Williamson, John, greengrocer, 11 Arbroath road ; h. 26 
Williamson, John R. , telegraphist, 27 Peter street 

Williamson & Noble, tailors, clothiers, and shirtmakers, 71 Murraygate 
Williamson, Thomas, of Williamson & Noble, 143 Nethergate 
Williamson, Thomas G., engineer, 54 Bell street 
Williamson, Thomas, clerk, 3 Thornley terrace, Maryfield 
Williamson, T. & E., china and stoneware dealers, 21 Maia street 
Williamson, William H., baker, 137 Hilltown ; h. 139 
Williamson, William, lapper, 54 Bell street 

Williamson, Mrs, caretaker, Dudhope Public School, St Mary's place 
Williamson, Mrs, 5 Balfour street 

Willison, Andrew, merchant, 23 St Andrew's st. ; h. 4 Beach cres., B. Ferry 
Willison, Andrew, of Willison & Laing, 4 Bain square 
Willison & Laing, builders, 34 Candle lane 

Willock, Thomas, Bank of Scotland ; h. Rose cottage. West Newport 
Willocks, John, watchmaker, 37 High street ; Ji. 41 Hawkhill 
Wills, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 56 Princes street ; h. 133 
Wills, Mrs Margaret, brewer, Victoria Brewery, 16 Victoria road ; h. 

53 Dudhope street 
Wills, Mrs Margaret, grocer, 172 Seagate 
Willsher, George, wine merchant, 12 Greenmarket and 10 Candle lane ; 

h. 74 Seagate 
Willsher, William, Balbirnie terrace, 91 Victoria road 
Wilmerding, Biddle, & Bisset, merchants, 30 Cowgate 
Wilson, Alex., calender manager. W. E. Baxter & Co.'s ; h. 36 Nethergate 
Wilson, Alexander, of Edward Wilson & Sons, 13 Westfield place 
Wilson, Alexander, of David Wilson & Sons, 4 Wellington street 
Wilson, Alexander, jun., accountant, 1 Bank street ; h. 40 Union st. 
Wilson, Alexander, wood merchant, 4 Airlie terrace i 


Wilson, Alexander, joiner, 49 Ure street 

Wilson, Alexander, porter, 8 Parker street 

Wilson, Andrew, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and musicseller, 141 

Overgate ; h. 6 Park terrace 
Wilson, Anne, dressmaker, 19 Blackness street 
Wilson, Charles, assurance agent, 82 Overgate 
Wilson, Charles, seaman, 31 Dallfield walk 
Wilson, David, & Sons, shipsmiths, West side Victoria dock 
Wilson, David, of David Wilson & Sons, Baxter's buildings. Ferry road 
Wilson, David, of Wilson & Sons, seedcrushers, 62 Blackscroft 
Wilson, David, teacher, Victoria Road Public School; h. 4 S. George st. 
Wilson, David, compositor, 22 Gellatly street 
Wilson, David, blacksmith, 7 Union place ; A, 28 
Wilson, David, confectioner, 53 Wellgate 
Wilson, David, dyer, 16 Parker street 
Wilson, Elizabeth, grocer, 58 Bell street 

Wilson, Edward, & Sons, upholstery and carpet warehouse, 29 Nethergate 
Wilson, H., & Co., steel agents, 133 Seagate 

Wilson, Henry, of H. Wilson & Co., 13 Castle terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Wilson, Henry, mechanic, 6 Baxter street 
Wilson, Henry, clerk, 54 James street 

Wilson, Rev. James, Dudhope Road U.P. Church; h. 17 Springfield 
Wilson, James, draper and milliner, 148 Overgate, and 100 Murraygate ; 

h. 23 Union street 
Wilson, James H. , butcher, 27 Union street ; h. 37 Nethergate 
Wilson, James, hairdresser, 4 Church street, Princes street 
Wilson, James, contractor, 44 Caldrum street 
Wilson, James, teacher, 104 Caldrum street 
Wilson, James, grocer, 12 Ogilvie's road 
Wilson, James, blacksmith, 5 Asylum lane 
Wilson, James, stonecarver, 7 Ann street 
Wilson, James, grocer's assistant, 21 Hilltown 
Wilson, James, seaman, 56 Croft's lane 
Wilson, James, joiner, 42 Constable street 
Wilson, James S., grocer and provision merchant, 22 Hospital wynd, 

and 2 Kinnaird street ; h. Mortimer place 
Wilson, John D., & Co., drapers, 32 Reform street 
Wilson, John D., of John D. Wilson & Co., 40 Perth road 
Wilson, John R., clerk, Northern Assurance Co.; h. 6 Garland place 
Wilson, John S. , sackmaker, 14 Baltic st. ; h. 32 Dudhope Crescent road 
Wilson, John, tailor and clothier, 16 South Lindsay street 
Wilson, John, of Edward Wilson & Sons, Gowanbank, Lochee road 
Wilson, John, of Wilson & Sons, seedcrushers, Gagie house 
Wilson, John, draper, 59 Hilltown 

Wilson, John, dairyman, 54 William street ; h. Fairmuir 
Wilson, John, furniture dealer, 109 Overgate ; h. 7 North Lindsay street 
Wilson, John, baker, 21 Lawrence street 
Wilson, John R., marine insurance broker and average stater, 46 Castle 

street ; h. Derby cottage, Maryfield 
WILSON, J. VEITCH, & CO., oil refiners and manufacturers, Glasgow ; 

Joseph Falconer, 13 Panmure street, agent. See Adv. 


Wilson, Margaret, grocer, 41 Nelson street 

Wilson, Mary, spiritdealer, 146 Seagate ; A. Tayport 

Wilson & Nay lor, milliners and dressmakers, 16 Perth road 

Wilson, Peter, engineer, 13 Graham place 

Wilson, Peter, plasterer, 8 Brown street 

Wilson, Robert, of Wilson & Sons, seedcrushers, 115 Perry road 

Wilson, Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 4 South Lindsay street ; 
h. 2 Park terrace. Blackness road 

Wilson, Robert, grocer, 59 and 61 Lochee road ; Ji. 16 St Mary's place 

Wilson, Robert, dairyman, 4 Raglan street 

Wilson, Robert, joiner, 29 Mains loan, Maryfield 

Wilson, Robert, carter, 15 Eliza street 

Wilson & Sons, seedcrushers, oil and cake manufacturers, Caledonian 
Oil Mills, 2 Blackscroft ; and Abbey Oil Mills, St Andrews 

Wilson, William B. , of Geo. Armitstead & Co. , 8 Balgillo ter. , B. Ferry 

Wilson, William, teacher, Wellgate School, 45 Dudhope street ; h. 1 
Meadow entry 

Wilson, William, grocer and spiritdealer, 41 Hilltown ; h. 32 

Wilson, William, colporteur, 60 Ann street 

Wilson, William, coal merchant, Calcutta buildings. Commercial street ; 
h. Belmont cottage, M'Gill street 

Wilson, William, broker, 224 Hilltown 

Wilson, William, clerk, 7 Balfour street 

Wilson, Mrs Agnes, grocer, 10 James' street 

Wilson, Mrs D., broker, 141 Cowgate ; A. 4 St Roque's lane 

Wilson, Mrs Sarah, 11 Elizabeth street 

Wilson, Mrs, grocer, 26 Balgay street 

Wilson, Mrs, Tayview, 1 Roxburgh terrace 

Winnie, Frank, vanman, 1 1 Lawson place 

Winter, Charles, rope and twine manufact., Stirling park ; h. 60 Hill at. 

Winter, David, of Winter, Duncan, & Co., 11 Dallfield terrace 

Winter, Duncan, & Co., stationers, booksellers, account-book manufac- 
turers, printers, and bookbinders, 8, 10, and 12 Castle street 

Winter, James, traveller, 91 Arbroath road 

Winter, John, boot manufacturer, 101 Hawkhill ; h. Carnoustie 

Winter, John Henry, commission agent, 30 Dock street ; h. Maryfield 
cottage, Broughty Ferry 

Winton, Thomas, wood merchant, 51 High street ; It. 36 N. Ellen street 

Wise, Jas., joiner andfuneralundertaker,21 Poleparkrd. ; h. 123 Hawkhill 

Wise, Robert, & Co., stationers and booksellers, 159 Hawkhill 

Wise, Robert, of Robert Wise & Co., Downfield 

Wishart, James, carpenter, 90 Seagate 

Wood, Andrew H., of A. H. Wood & Co., 15 Mid street 

Wood, Anson, grocer and spirit merchant, 177 Hawkhill ; h. 175 

Wood, A. H., & Co., sackmakers, 37 Fish street and 10 Parker street 

Wood, Charles, flesher, St Matthew place, Ferry road 

Wood, George, millmanager, Baltic Linen Works ; h. 57 Kinlcch place , 

Wood, Helen, grocer, 1 Ireland's lane 

Wood, James, slater, 20 St Mary's place 

Wood & Pender, drapers, 92 Hawkhill 

Wood, Thomas, spirit merchant, 149 Ann slreet ; h. 147 


Wood, Mrs A., grocer, 126 Hawkhill ; h. 122 

Wood, Mrs, 8 Queen street 

Woodcock, George, carpenter, 98 Seagate 

Woods, John, general dealer, 18 Greenmarket ; h. 20 

Wordie & Co., railway carriers, 25 Dock street, Hugh Grant, agent 

Working Men's Club and Institute, 9 South Tay street ; A. Mackay, 

secretary ; James Ferguson, superintendent 
WORRALL, GEORGE, hacklemaker, Blinshall street ; h. 20 Fleuchar street. 

See Adv. 
Worrall, George, jun., 212 Blackness road 
WORRALL, JASON, ironmonger, gasfitter, tinsmith, and plumber, 105 and 

107 HiUtown ; h. 29 North Wellington street. See Adv. 
Worrall, Samuel, hacklemaker, Blinshall Street ; h. 7 Airlie terrace 
Wotherspoon,W.II., agent for Arthur & Co., 24 Bank st. ; h. Craigie, Perth 
Wright, Charles, 23 Union street 

Wright, David, cutter with Dawson & Carmichael ; h. 9 Parker street 
Wright, James, family grocer, 70 Princes street ; /*. 68 
Wright, James, manager, King Street Calender; A.32William st.,Forebank 
Wright, James, foreman with Halley Brothers ; /(. 5 Balfour street 
Wright, James, insurance agent, Livingstone place, 87 Lochee road 
Wright, James, carver and gilder, 173 Hawkhill 
Wright, James D., mechanic, 46 Dura street 
Wright, James, tenter. Thorn place, 219 Blackness road 
Wright, John, manager. Tramway Company, 188 Perth road ; h. I 

Westfield place 
Wright, John, cowfeeder, 92 Strathmartine road 
Wright, John, engineer, 23 Victoria street 
Wright, John, 20 Session street 
Wright, William, lodginghouse keeper, 28 Overgate 
Wright, William, milloverseer, 91 Hilltown 
Wybrants Brothers, jute spinners and manufacturers. North Dudhope 

Works, 56 West Henderson's wynd 
Wybrants, David W. , of Wybrants Brothers, Springbank, West Perry 
Wybrants, Robert H., of Wybrants Brothers, 3 Beechwood terrace, 

West Park road 
Wybrants, Silvester R., of Wybrants Bros., Blackness ter., 239 Perth rd. 
Wylie, James, late broker, 17 Blackness street 
Wylie, Rev. John, Martyrs' Free Church ; h. Ancrum road, Lochee 
Wylie, William M., cutler and surgical instnxment maker, IS Tindal's 

wynd ; h. 21 Dock street 
Wylie, Miss, 13 Magdalen Yard road 

Wyllie, Alex., bootmaker, 102 Hawkhill; h. 12 Speed's ter., Tait's lane 
Wyllie, Alexander, carter, 32 Charles street 
Wynd, Alexander, overseer, 9 Rosefield street 
Wynd, Francis, 6 Osborne place 

Wynd, James, fireman, Public Baths ; //. 30 Nethergate 
Wynd, Robert, grocer, 14 Scouringburn 
Wynd, Robert, blacksmith, 31 Forebank road 
Wyse, Mrs, fiesher, 12 Union street ; h. 1 Woodbine terrace, Newport 

Yeaman, George, late grocer, 1 Meadow street 


Yeaman, James, M.P. for Dundee, merchant and shipowner, 70 S(;agate ; 

h. Craigie cliff, 129 Ferry road 
Yeaman, James, grocer and wine merchant, 56 and 58 Dura street ; h. 

3 Harriet street 
Yeaman, James F., warehouseman, 38 Kincardine street 
Yeaman, Robert, Craigie terrace, 134 Ferry road 

Yeaman, William T., merchant, 70 Seagate ; h. The Cottage, 60 Ferry rd. 
Yetts, William R., clothier and outfitter, 41 Dock street 
York, Miss C. S., resident superintendent. The Home, 23 Raton's lane 
Youlden, James, sailmaker, 24 Gellatly street 
Young, Alexander, commission agent, 12 Paterson street 
Young, Alexander, grocer, 86 and 88 Caldrum street 
Young, Alexander D., cabinetmaker, 26 Seafield road 
Young, Alexander, 13 Balfour street 
Young, Alexander, salesman, 7 Parker street 
Young, Alexander, shipmaster, 9 Blackscroft 

Young, Andrew, spirit merchant, 133 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Watson's lane 
Young, Archibald, seaman, 53 Caldrum street 
Young, Charles, of Ewan, Young, & Co., Newport 
Young, Charles, druggist, 50 and 150 Ann street ; h. 159 
Young & Co., drapers, clothiers, dress and mantle makers, and milliners, 

6 Reform street 
Young, David,housef actor and debt r ecoverer, 5 1 High st. ; ^. 1 02 Murraygate 
Young, David, bootmaker, 181 Lochee road 

Young, David, clerk, Ladybank Leather Works ; /;. 23 Union street 
Young, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 16 Crescent lane 
Young, Frank W., F.C.S., science master. High School, and Young 

Men's Christian Association ; h. 2 Airlie terrace 
Young & Hill, tailors and clothiers, hosiers, shirtmakers, &c., 28 High st. 
Young, James S., merchant and manufacturer, 38 St Andrew's street ; 

works, Tayport ; h. Craig cottage, Tayport 
Young, Jas., grocer and draper, 308 Hawkhill ; h. Mudie pL, Ford's lane 
Young, James, registrar of births, &c., St Peter's District, 138 Perth rd. ; 

h. 1 Springfield 
Young, James, confectioner, 84 Nethergate ; h. 86 
Young, James, feiiar, 27 LUybank road 
Young, James, milloverseer, 19 Malcolm street 
Young, James, tenter, 38 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Young, James, joiner, 118 Ann street 

Young, John R., solicitor, 7 Ward road ; h. 3 Craigiebank place 
Young, John B. , merchant, 1 Royal Exchange place ; h. 28 Windsor st. 
Young, John S., watchmaker, 6 Overgate ; h. 126 Murraygate 
Young, John, of Young & Meldrum, 24 Marshall place, Perth 
Young, John, stationer and newsagent, 124 Princes st. ; h. 8 Graham pi. 
Young, John, janitor. High School ; h. High School buildings 
Young, John, salesman, 8 Euclid crescent ; h. 24 Meadowside 
Young, John, blacksmith, 40 St Mary's place 

Young, John H., clerk, Lindsay Street Works ; /t. 13 Balfour street 
Young, John, porter, 7 Rosebank road 
Young & Meldrum, architects, civil engineers, and valuators, 41 Reform 



Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, 10 Constitution road ; Jas. 

Smith, secretary- 
Young, Peter, surgeon, L.R.C.S.E., The Cottage, 2 Ellen street 
Young, Peter M., of Young & Hill, 4 Airlie terrace 
Young, Robt., booking agent, Caledonian Railway ; h. 62 Commercial st. 
Young, Robert, mason, 8 Dura street 
Young, Thomas C, ironmonger, tinsmith, plumber, and gasfitter, 155 

HawkhiU ; h. 1 Lowden's alley 
Young, Thomas C, clerk. North Dudhope Works ; h. 2 Cowrie place 
Young, Thomas, porter, 18 Dura street 
Young, William, builder and joiner, 16 William street, King street ; h. 

26 Wellington street 
Young, WiUiam E. R., solicitor, 7 Ward road 
Young, William, painter and paperhanger, 72 Seagate ; h. 74 
Young, Wm. , assistant inspector of poor, Dundee Parochial Board Of&ce ; 

A. 15 Blackness street 
Young, William F., & Co., engineers, 46 Bell street ; A. 82 Dudhope st. 
Young, William G. , of Young & Co. , 20 Reform street 
YOUNG, WILLIAM, tobacconist, 63 High street, and 47 Dock st. See Adv. 
Young, Wm., stationer and tobacconist, 139 HawkhiU ; h. 14 Wilkie's lane 
Young, William S., rope and twine maker, 128 Blackness road ; /;. 35 

Tait's lane 
Young, William S., draper, 112 Ann street ; h. 118 
Young, William, enginefitter, 8 Benvie road 
Young, William, late shipmaster, 153 Perth road 
Young, William, blacksmith, top of Dallfield terrace 
Young Women's Christian Association Rooms, 50 Barrack street 
Young, Mrs D., Beaconsfield place, 7 William street 
Young, Mrs Elizabeth, spiritdealer, 29 West Dock st., and 1 Craig st. ; 

h. West Newport 
Young, Mrs James, 23 St Andrew's street 
Young, Mrs William, confectioner, 87 Princes street 
Young, Mrs, manglekeeper, 11 Croft's lane 
Young, Mrs, lodgings, 32 Castle street 
Yule, Alexander, mechanic, 41 Croft's lane 
Yule, David, boot and shoe maker, 141 Hilltown ; h. 139 
Yule, George W. G. , 8 Graham place. Princes street 
Yule, George, shipmaster, 2 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
Yule, George, 6 Union court, Thorter row 

Yule, John, teacher, Dudhope Public School ; h. St Mary's terrace 
Yule, John, enginedriver, 42,Seafield road 
Yule, Richard, confectioner, 19 Victoria road ; h. 25 
Yule, Miss Elizabeth, teacher, Clepington Public School ; h. 118 Ann st. 
Yule, Mrs William, milliner and dressmaker, 76 Princes st.; h. 25 Mill's 
land, Lilybank road 

ZoLLER, John George, of ZoUer & Norrie, Tircarra, Broughty Ferry 
ZoUer, Leopold F. , of ZoUer & Norrie, 1 Links place, Broughty Ferry 
ZoUer & Norrie, merchants, 31 Meadowside 

( 296 ) 


See List of Streets, Squares, &c., at page 11. 



1 Boase, W. L., merchant 
3 Martin, Mrs 

5 Nimmo, Matthew, surgeon 
7 Cheyne, John, sheriff-substitute 
9 Grant, Rev. Charles M. 
11 Jenkins, Rev. John 
13 Fergusson, Henry B., manuf. 
... Fergusson, Wm. H., manuf. 
15 Taylor, William 0., shipowner 
17 Fleming, John, timber merch. 
... Lounan, Mrs 
... Sandemaa, Hugh,bootmaker 
... Souter, Mrs James, lodgings 
. . . Bates, James, commission agent 
... M 'Gregor , Duncan, wine merch. 
... Duncan, Charles, ship chandler 
... Philip, Joseph, merchant 
19 Amos, David, clerk 
... Macdonald, A., spirit merch. 
... Low, Charles, agent 
... Coupar, James R,, clerk 
... Watt, George, solicitor 
. . . Stewart, David, wine merchant 

21 M'Ewan, D. M., coal merchant 
. . . Hon eyman, Walter J. , account. 
... Godfrey, C. T., merchant 

... Paterson, J. C, clothier 
... Mitchell, Thomas, grocer 
... Christie, James, draper 
Airlie Terrace here 

22 Murray, Mrs Robert 

... Batchelor, Mrs, lodgings 

... Mathew, James P., printer 

... Mathew, Betsy M., teacher 

... Mathew, John D., clerk 

... Wilkie, Miss 

. . . Bisset, Christopher J. , architect 

... Myles, A. B., clerk 

20 M'Cosh, Misses 

... Caiman, Mrs, milliner 

... Pirrie, Andrew, waiter 

... Miller, W. B., merchant 

... Clarke, Mrs 

. . . Macdonald, John B. , com. agent 

... Dewar, Miss 

18 Mel drum, Simpson 

. . . Reid, John C. , bank clerk 

... Walker, James, flaxdresser 

... Prain, Mrs R. 

... Fyfe, A. M., marble cutter 

... Brimner, James, wine merchant 

... Walker, Robert C, solicitor 

16 Smith, D. B., merchant 

... Smith, Andrew, cabinetmaker 

14 Gilroy, Geo. ,jun., manufacturer 

12 Laurie, Rev. Robert 

10 Cox, Rev. William J. 

8 Lamb, David, manufacturer 

6 Mitchell, Mrs D. B. 

4 Bell, Robert 

2 Walker, Peter G. , manufacturer 



1 M 'Ritchie, Alexander, plasterer 

2 Hutchison, Mrs Helen 
... Douglas, John, engraver 
... Steel, James, teadealer 

... Young, F. W., science teacher 
... Salmond, Frank, civil engineer 
... Kay, Mitchell D., accountant 

3 Stuart, Robt. M., accountant 

4 Combe, James, wholesale grocer 
... Small, William 

... Wilson, Alex., wood merchant 
.. Mason, Mrs William 
... Young, Peter M., clothier 

5 Lindsay, Misses, private school 



6 Crichton, W. M., goldsmith. 

7 Burden, James, spirit merchant 
... Unna, Joseph, merchant 

... Sturrock, Mrs 
... Worrall, Samuel, hacklemaker 
... Salmond,Wm., wholesale grocer 
... Stewart, John, clerk 

8 Scott, Richard, teacher 

9 Smyth, Mrs 

... Mitchell, John D., clothier 
... Gray, Wm., sack manufacturer 
... Nicoll, George, cutter 
. . . Robertson, Wm. , commis. agent 
... Coutts, John, clerk 

10 Bertie, William, teacher 
... Stevenson, James, agent 

... Watson, J., harbour treasurer 
. . . Gibb, David flax merchant 
... Rutherford, J., wine merchant 
... Low, Mrs Thomas 
... Barclay, S. H., merchant 



1 Bradford, John S., merchant 

2 Mann, James, merchant 

3 Gumming, George, merchant 

4 Alexander, William, architect 

5 Alexander, Charles, publisher 

6 Duke, Rev. John,WellgateF.C. 

7 Jones, Rev. Edward Ashton 

8 Banks, Alex. M., ship agent 

9 Fleming, D. H., spinner 

... Fleming, Charles P., spinner 
Hill, Rev. James Edgar, B.D. 
Prain, John E., spinner 
TuUoch, Henry, hatter 
Bremner, David, joiner 
Scrimgeour, John, prov. mercli. 
Macleod, Rev. Peter 


1 Kidd, James, wine merchant 
9 M 'Kenzie, Duncan, wine merch. 
... Morris, John, bootmaker 

11 Wedderspoon, Cath. , draper 
... Grant, Thos., market gardener 
13 M 'Kenzie, Wm., potato merch. 
... Grant, Alex. S., grocer 

... Clark, David W., teller 
15 Menzies, James, stationer 











Mackenzie, Wm., potato merch. 
Robb, James, dairyman 
Raglan street here 
Wallace, Peter M,, grocer 
Ruthven, Robert, butcher 
Milne, Isabella, milliner 
Craig, Thomas, stationer 
Selbie, Francis, bootmaker 
Lindsay, William, confectioner 
Doig, Thomas, wine merchant 
Black, John, & Son, bakers 
Lunan, Alexander, dairyman 
Aitken, Mrs A., draper 
Selbie, Francis, bootmaker 
Small, Mrs James, grocer 
Oraigie street here 
Aitken, Mrs A., draper 
Whyte, William, shipowner 
Moir, Albert, tobacconist 
Mair, Alexander D., engineer 
Jeffers, Miss, hosier 
Peddie, Daniel, grocer 
M'Intosli, James, contractor 
Wighton, Mrs, dressmaker 
Marnie, Adam, dairyman 
M'Gill street here 
Stewart, Duncan, grocer 
Royal Lunatic Asylum — • 
Rorie, James, M.D., physician 
Bayne, Miss Jane E., matron 
Davidson, Alex, gatekeeper 
Barrie, Robert, gardener 
Ogilvie Free Church 
Wilkie, Stewart, bootmaker 
Moir, Rev. Gilbert 
Morton, Jessie, dressmaker 
Davidson, Mrs, dressmaker 
Clark, Robert, turner 
Tasker, Mrs, grocer 
M'Laren, Donald, grocer 
Reid, James C, clerk 
Melville, Robert, enginefitter 
Melville, Mrs 
Robbie, Charles, fitter 
Anderson, Geo. , coal merchant 
Spankie, Wm. S., clerk 
Kydd & M'Cauly, joiners 
M'Cauly, Thomas, joiner 
Kydd, Richard P., joiner 
Davidson, David A., clerk 
Smyth, David, clerk 



Dundas, David, clerk 
Davie, Charles, clerk 
Sadler, David, bootmaker 
Duncan, Geo. A., telegrapMst 
Himsworth, George, grocer 
Mathers, Mrs 
Mitchell, Mrs A., grocer 
Fergusson, James, collector 
Ferguson, Robert, clerk 
Smith, Mary J. P. , teacher 
Ferguson, Peter, insurance agt. 
Martin, Jessie, grocer 
Anderson, A. B., chemist 
Himsworth, George, grocer 
Lyon street here 
Tasker, Andrew, grocer 
Ruthven, Robert, butcher 
... Doig, Thomas, wine merchant 
... Black, John, baker 
24 Menzies, James, stationer 
22 Myles, Thomas, dairyman 
20 Paterson, Mrs John, milliner 

18 Webster, Andrew 

... Nairn, John, shipmaster 

. . . Thomson, James C, accountant 

... Thomson, Chas. J., accountant 

12 M'Lean, Wm., fruit merchant 

10 M'Intosh, Robert 

... NicoU, James, manager 

... M'Beth, David, jun., plasterer 

... Mechan, James, grocer 

8 Finlayson, Robert, grocer 
4 Low, James, bootmaker 
2 Walker, Robert, banker 


(See Meadowside.) 



7 M'Lean, James, shoemaker 

9 Cunningham, Thomas, grocer 

11 Boyle, John, general dealer 

13 Whytock, William, carter 
15 Anderson, James, porter 

17 Duncan, Alexander, coal merch. 

19 Kidd, James, grocer • 
North William street here 

33 Saunders, John M., grocer 
35 Batchelor, David, plumber 
... Walker, John, pensioner 

35 Donaldson, Alexander, grocer 
... Stewart, Peter, hammerman 

39 Sherret, James, gardener 
43 Laing, Alexander, painter 
53 Duncan, Mrs David, milliner 
55 Taylor, David, milloverseer 
... Melville, John, ironturner 

. . . Taylor, WilliamM . ,lettercarrier 
57 Todd, Mrs J., confectioner 
59 Morrison, William, tenter 
63 Anderson, James, packer 
67 Smith, John, calenderer 
65 Hunter, William, riveter 
... Low, David, fireman 

North William street here 
52 Gray, Bernard, bottler 
48 realey,Lawrence,potato merch. 

40 Sunter, Robert, bootmaker 

38 Walker, William, confectioner 
34 Stewart, Hugh, butcher 
... Stephen, John, blacksmith 
... Stewart, Thomas, hairdresser 
32 Dalgety, Mrs 

26 Campbell, James, milloverseer 
... Christie, William, joiner 
. . . Edward, Joseph, ii'onturner 
... Edward, D. W., commis. agent 
24 Carswell, Andrew, grocer 

North Ellen street here 
20 Beatson, Mrs, grocer 
18 Sidey, William, painter 
... Lamond, Jessie, dressmaker 
... Foote, Alexander A., smith 
16 Smith, James, bootmaker 
14 Duncan, Alexander, coaldealer 
8 Esplin, James, joiner 

Cochrane, William, com. agent 
Fraser, Alexander, tailor 
Auchterlonie, Thomas, joiner 
Henderson, Charles, grocer 
Methven, Thomas, joiner 
Frazer, James C, joiner 
Fairweather, James, clerk 
M'CuUoch, Bella, dressmaker 
M'Intosh, Donald, jun. 
4 Leitch, Andrew, stationer 

2 Strachan, Peter, grocer 



3 Scott, James, carter 



3 Thow, John, bagpipe maker 
. . . Gourlay, Thomas, draughtsman 
... Kinnear, John, hay merchant 
... Munro, Peter, blacksmith 
... Baxter, James, flaxweigher 
Lindsay & Low, bakers 
Arthur, James, insp. of cleansing 

3 Robertson, Alex. J., wine merch. 
... Sharp, RolDcrt, blacksmith 
... Inverarity, Mrs, dressmaker 
5 White & Phin, plumbers 
7 Robertson, Wni. , policeman 
... M'Lean, Mrs, dressmaker 
... Wilson, James, stone carver 
9 Robertson, Jessie, cookinghouse 
1 1 Chapelton, David, potato merch. 
13 Barron, James, draper 
... Anderson, Mrs Mary, midwife 
. . . Lindsay, Robert, funeral under- 
... Kidd, William, printer 
15 Lillburn, James, grocer 
17 Colville, Thomas, grocer 
19 Lowe, David, hairdresser 
21 Owen, Mrs Mary, china merch. 

Poivrie place 
23 M 'Curdy, Bernard, grocer 
25 Malcolm, Alex., confectioner. 
27 Williamson, Elizabeth,confectr. 
29 Snadden, Paul, spirit merchant 
31 Christie, William, grocer 
33 Morris, John, bootmaker 
35 Low, Robert, grocer 
37 Ferguson, John, shoemaker 
. . . Hardie, John, potato merchant 
41 Ritchie, James, butcher 
43 Coyle, Patrick, spiritdealer 

Forehank road here 
53 Duffus, William, french polisher 
79 Donaldson, Robert, tailor 
81 Taylor, John D., painter 
83 Macpherson, Colin, potato mer. 
85 Buchan, Wm., insurance agent 
... Donaldson, Robert, tailor 

Wellington street here 
97 Scott, Andrew, grocer 
101 Duke, John, stationer 
103 Lindsay, Jessie, milliner 

105 Smith, James, grocer 
107 Mitchell, James, moulder 
... Neill, William, manager 
... Stewart, James, joiner 
109 Scott, John, confectioner 
111 Bain, Mrs G., confectioner 
113 Fletcher, Amelia, boot merch. 
115 Scott, David, tobacconist 
117 Duncan, Charles, mechanic 
... Brodie, James, gasfitter 
... Robertson, Edwin, joiner 
... Murray, John, clerk 
119 M'Gregor, Mrs, fishdealer 
121 M'Intosh, Andrew, ironmonger 

Ellen street here 
131 Revel, John D., beltmaker 
... Boyd, Eliza, milliner 
... Mitchell, William, mechanic 
... Allan, Robert, packer 
. . Johnson, Mrs Charles 
133 Hogg, John, draper 
139 Bain, Mrs Ann, confectioner 
141 Peters, James, engineer 
... Fleming, James, compositor 
... Sidey, Thomas, inspector of 
143 Eastern Co-operative Society, 

145 Hendry, John, butcher 
147 Allan, William, engineer 

. . . Mitchell, Robt. H., house propr. 
149 Wood, Thomas, spirit merchant 

William street here 
151 Bisset, James, baker 
157 Crichton, Thomas, mason 

159 JjOW, David, joiner 

.. Young, Charles, druggist 
.. Greig, William, sailmaker 
... Coupar, John, mechanic 
178 Spiller, William, grocer 
174 Farquhar, George, stoker 
172 Swan, Robert, fireman 
170 Kidd, James, coal merchant 

.. Barty, Mrs, confectioner 
168 Coventry, Helen, grocer 
166 Gibson, Ann, confectioner 
164 Hill, David, caretaker 

... Keay, David, blacksmith 
162 Donaldson, Mrs, cabinetmaker 
... Fyfe, Andrew, shipwright 

160 Cooper, Andrew, grocer 



158 Wallace, James, stationer 
152 Cunningham, Thomas, baker 
150 Young, Charles, druggist 

North Ellen street here 
120 Heggie, John, grocer 
118 Reid, John, carter 
... Young, William S., draper 
... Young, James, joiner 
... Yule, Miss, teacher 
116 Kelman, George, baker 
114 Moncur, Miss J. 
■212 Young, William S., draper 
110 Campbell, Andrew A., hatter 
106 Anderson, James, joiner 
104 Johnston., Thos, goods receiver 

... Cameron, Mrs, dressmaker 
102 Clunie, Robert, fruiterer 
100 Nicol, D. & W., butchers 
98 Milne, Mary, stationer 
96 Melville, John, spirit merchant 
North WelUnqton street here 
Wellington Works— R. G. Ken- 
nedy & Co., manufacturers 
90 West, John, china merchant 
82 Robertson, Geo., confectioner 

Union street here 
80 Hutchison,Thos., spirit mercht. 
74 Thomson, David, builder 
72 Cuthbert, Mrs 
70 Lindsay, Mary A. , grocer 
68 Anderson, James F., clerk 
... Mill, Charles, calenderer 
66 Anderson, George, di'aper 
64 Cunningham, Thomas, baker 
62 Hood, George, mechanic 
... Taylor, John D., painter 
... Hood, David, H.M. Customs 
60 Wilson, William, colporteur 
58 Anderson, P. &. J., plumbers 
54 Durkie, David, baker 

Elizabeth street here 
52 Shand, David, joiner 
50 Young, Charles, druggist 
48 Crichton, Thomas, draper 
46 Miln, William, grocer 
44 Miller, Alex., manufacturer 
40 MTntosh, Andrew, ironmonger 
38 Hogg, George, sorting clerk 
. . . Ness, William, clerk 
... Russell, John, bootmaker 
... Malcolm, WiUiam, fireman 

36 Simson, Alex. M., confection* 
34 Aberd'nshire Meat Co.,butche] i 
32 Bruce, David A., blacksmith 
... Rattray, John, warehousemai 
... Gordon, David, clerk 
... Crichton, Thomas, draper 
... Morton, John, warehousemanii 
28 Mitchell, Alex., bootmaker 

26 Taylor & Watson, drapers 
James street here 

24|Barron, James, draper 

24 Grant, Duncan, greengrocer 

20 Scott, Charles, tabacconist 

18 Millam, George, housefactor 

16 M'Hardie, E. & R., grocers 
14 Scott, Alexander, shoemaker 
12 Stewart, Christina, miUiner 

10 Robb, Charles, tobacconist 

8 Scarlett, William, undertaker 
4 Robertson, D., account coUectc 
2 Cathro, Thos., bank messenge 

... Mackay, Angus, house propr. 



9 Anderson, Alex., teacher 

11 Kinnison, J., factory worker 

17 Anderson, Mrs, manglekeeper 
... Peters, David, builder 

19 Shearer,P., grocer and confecti 

27 Gordon, James, joiner 

31 Nerval, John, irondresser 

33 Duncan, W. G., butcher 

35 Lowden, William, tenter 

39 BlackheathHouse--Mrs Coupa 

41 Kilgoui- & Meek, mon. sculptor,' 

... Martyrs' Free Church 

... Hosie, Peter, church-officer 

Waterloo place. 
73 M 'Donald, J. , grocer andspirr 

... Fay, J., grocer and spt. dealei 

Morris, Alexander, draper 
... Matthew, Mrs D. 
... Robertson, J., photographer 
. . , Taylor, Rev. John 
75 Coupar, James, reedmaker 
. . . Sim, Mrs John 
... Lawrence, Alex., coal merch, 
... Selbie, John, shoemaker 
... Will, Adam, builder 




77 Waterloo Villa — David Baxter, 

06 Robertson, James, bootmaker 
Fleming, James, flax inspector 
Hay, Thomas, mechanic 
Menzies, G. , edgetool dealer 
Menzies, Peter, grocer and 
wine merchant 
04 Hardiman, Martin, confectioner 
OO Blair, John, clerk 

Tindal, John, tailor and clothier 
H M'Connachie,M.&M., dressma. 

Annjield street here 
92 Marshall, John, grocer 
S8 Clark, Charles, clothier 
36 Barrie, David S., grocer 
. Barrie, J., grocer and teadealer 
.. Laing, Thomas, porter 
54 TurnbuU, George, butcher 

Annjield row here 
\2 Coogan, Mrs B., spirit merch. 
!0 Hunter, James, fishdealer 
Greyfield House — George T. 
Graham, manufacturer 
10 Whyte, William, joiner 
.. Fairweather,D., meter inspector 
:2 Edwards, Robert, clerk 
. . Sturrock, John, overseer 
'6 Baltic Linen Works— Mitchell 

& Graham, manufacturers 
2 Pearson, James, plasterer 
.. Roberts, James, plumber 
6 Hardie, John M. , manufacturer 
2 Moodie, David, merchant 
2 Brodie, James, bootmaker 
. Burt, Mrs David 
Mair, William, joiner 



Smith, John, greengrocer 
Bonella, John, blacksmith 
Bisset, William, printer 
Forbes, Robert, moulder 
Brodie, John, factory worker 
f NicoU, William, timekeeper 
L NicoU, James, carter 
J Paterson, Robert, joiner 
Webb, Richard, watchman 
Sturrock, James, joiner 
Crawford, John, grocer 

ifirit I. 

11 Smith, Andw. G., rail way guard 

... Stirton, Peter, fireman 

. . Backman, J. , seaman 

13 Ferguson, Wm., warehouseman 

... Walker, James, dentist 

... TuUis, David W., draper 

15 Wallace, William, watchman 
... Hall, Alexander, mason 

17 Dorward, James, moulder 
... Kidd, George, mason 

... Frazer, Hugh, painter 

25 Smith, Mrs, confectioner 
40 Sharp, Peter, mason 

... Cooper, John 0., baker 
34 Inglis, James, carpenter 
30 Barns, Mrs, confectioner 
28 Mann, JohnE., shoemaker 
... Dargie, William, blacksmith 

26 Gabriel, James, carter 
22 Taylor, James, baker 

... Williamson, John, butcher 
... Fairweather, William 

18 Robertson, Mrs 

16 Preston, Mrs, furniture dealer 
... Paris, Allan, blacksmith 

8 M'Artney, Mrs, confectioner 

6 M'Kay,Kenneth,bookdeliverer 

2 Ross, John, clerk 

... Hunter, James, fishdealer 

. . . Coogan, M r s B. , wine and spirit 

... Sidey, John, joiner 
... Hill, Alexander G., clerk 



1. M'Connachie, M. & M., dress- 
... Clancy, James, draper 
... Clancy, Peter, draper 

3 Arnot, John, commission agt. 
Annfield House — 

M 'Dow ell, Clatworth, boot 

and shoe maker 
Macphail, John P., late 

parochial teacher 
Myles, David, painter 

9 Anderson & Scobie, coal merch. 
15 Moutrie,Robt., Custom's ofl&cer 

19 Lindsay, Alex. C, architect 
Blyth, David, joiner 






Linder, Luke, bricklayer 
Fraser, Alexander, tenter 
Scott, Elias H., clerk 
Bennet, Alex., shipbuilder 
Brown, Miss Kate, grocer 
Gunn, George, compositor 
Anderson & Scobie, coal merch. 
Dundas, James, ironturner 
Dick, George C, draper 
Webster, John, bricklayer 
Whytock, Wm., tailor 
Henderson,Wm,, prison warder 
Matheson, Alex., file manufr. 
Ormsby, Michael, labourer 
Caithness, David, mechanic 
Caithness, William, mechanic 
Watson, George, twinespinner 
Ogilvie, James R., cabinetmaker 
Robertson, John, printer 
Scott, Finlay, turner 
Bisset, James, timekeeper 
Kilgour, George, sculptor 
Aitken, Henry M., currier 
Barlass, Wm., contractor 


Tindall, John, grocer 
Bell, William, examining officer 
Meldrum, Donald, clerk 
Moir, FrederickB. , spirit merch. 
Jack, John, blacksmith 
Williamson, John, labourer 
Gray, Henry, spiritdealer 
Eadie, Robert, shoe merchant 
Patterson, James, draper 
Napier, George, clerk 
M'Millan, John, labourer 
Farquharson, Alex., coachman 
Quin, John, labourer 
Hart, John, grocer 
Fraser, Alexander, engineer 
Watt, Alex., photographer 
Weaving. Thomas, grocer 
Watt, William, joiner 
Smith, Mrs 

Hendry, William B., overseer 
Greig, David, blacksmith 
Alexander, Watson, joiner 
Fisher, Peter, mechanic 
Anderson, Charles, painter 
Lamont, Wm., enginedriver 




71 Graham, Mrs 
73 Shaw, Thomas . 
75 Smith, George 
Arctic place 
Munro, John 
M'Lennan, John, grocer 
Fairweather, Joseph, sculptor 
Baffin street here 
Salisbury place 
Hay, James R., grocer 
Johnson, John, shipmaster 
Cloudsley, James R., clerk 
Arklie, Thomas, jun., clerk 
Blair, James, railway clerk 
Hay, Charles, builder 
Hay, John B. , builder 
Hay, James R., grocer 
Robertson, Robert, draper 
Donaldson, James, teacher 
... Samson, Jas. H., wine merch. 
97 Pearce, Henry J., engineer 
Baxter, Mrs John M. 
Brown, James, toll -keeper 
Baxter Park — A. Pattison, supt. 
Batchelor, Mrs George 
64 Fairweather, Joseph, & Co., 
monumental sculptors 
Taybank Works — Storrier, 
Brough, & Co., manufacturers 
60 Lilybank Foundry — Pearce 

Brothers, engineers 
34 Mitchell, Thomas, confectioner 
32 Mudie, Grace, confectioner 
30 Elmslie, Stewart, coffeehouse 
28 Churchman, Wm., labourer 
26 Watson, David, manager 
... Williamson, John, labourer 
22 Brodie, John, bootmaker 
18 M'Gregor, John, waste merch. 
... Brown, George, shipmaster 
... Crockett, Robert, clerk 
... Crockett, George 
... Mollison, John, milloverseer 
14 Croll, William, tenter 
12 Fraser, Mrs Ann, grocer 
8 Hart, John, grocer 
... Dawson, William H., joiner 
... M'Ritchie, Isabella 
.. Bell, Robert, shipwright 
2 Menzies, Mrs John 
... Kidd, James, wine merchant 





Bradford, John S., waste mercli. 
Lindsay, Charles B., collector 
Thorns, William, mechanic 
Cruickshank, Wm. , coal merch. 
Lennox, William, mechanic 
Wallace, George, ironmonger 



1 Finlay, William, grocer 

3 Hyndman, Daniel, gen. dealer 
7 Downie, Peter, shoemaker 

1 1 Sweeney, W., grocer and spirits 
13 Low, Carr, seaman 

15 Dawson,Mrs Wm. , confectioner 

26 GaU,John,commercial traveller 
20 Smith, Thomas H., grocer 

18 Chisholm, James, corkmanuf. 

16 Chisholm, James, grocer 

12 Valentine, John, joiner 
10 Balmain, Isaac, joiner 

6 Robertson, John, joiner 

... Baxter, James, china merchant 

4 Taylor, William, frenchpolisher 

2 Leaburn, John, warehouseman 



1 Gray, James, joiner 

7 Barnett, James, coaldealer 
15 Cant, David, dairyman 

27 Dougal, David, carter 

31 Chalmers, B. & J., contractors 

8 Miln, Robert, jobbing joiner 

4 Clark, Joseph, contractor 


smellie's lane. 
37 Robertson, Alexander, skinner 
34 Bremner, David, joiner 
... M'Leish, John, cartwright 

32 Philip, John, stonedresser 
24 Watt, Robert, labourer 



1 Langlands, Alexander, foreman 

3 M 'Dougal, Daniel, carpenter 

5 Wilson, James, blacksmith 

9 Maich, William, joiner 
11 M'Kenzie, Mrs 
13 NicoU, John, enginedriver 
15 Anderson, Mrs 
19 Langlands, Jas., house propr. 
21 Mustard, Robert, fireman 

25 Marshall, James, tenter 
... Brown, Thomas, carter 


{See Maryfield. ) 



15 Gray, Charles, dairyman 
... Sword, Mrs, cowfeeder 
19 Allen, Alexander, cowfeeder 
21 Pyot, George, cowfeeder 
27 Watt, Archibald, clerk 

29 Ferrier, Mrs Mary, grocer 
36 M'Intosh, Mrs Peter, grocer 

30 Gray, James, joiner 

26 Miller, Miss, house proprietor 



1 Hay, James R., grocer 

3 Ross, Neil, baker 
... Murdoch, James, writer 
... Wilkie, Mrs John 
... Hay, Charles, builder 
. . . Ogilvie, James, boiler inspector 

5 Johnston, William, chaplain 
... Beatt, Robert, manager 

7 Ogg, Alexander, clerk 

... Mitchell, James, law clerk 
9 Lawrie, Alex., police constable 
11 Dott, WiUiam, goods agent 
... Gardyne, David, joiner 
... Watson, R. NicoU, clerk 
... Stewart, Robert, carpenter 
15 Tasker, Andrew, grocer 
53 Mitchell, Alex., bootmaker 
55 Geddes, James, tailor 
18 Kidd, A. G., baker 

8 Meldrum, Donald, bookkeeper 
... Mitchell, James, coal merchant 



1 Cunningham, James, bookseller 



1 Lindsay, Thos., glass mercht. 

5 Moodie, David, merchant 
... Mills, James, flax merchant 

... Fleming, D. H.,& Sons, spiimers 
... Moir, Philip, commission agent 
9 Mathers Brothers, oilmen 
... Maxwell, Alex., manufacturer 
19 Salomon, Julius, merchant 
... Aitken, Thomas D., merchant 
... Greig, Robert M'G., merchant 
... Fleming, R. H., spinner 
... NicoU, David M.,comm. merch. 
... High, John, bootmaker 
. . . Robb, David, spirit merchant 
16 Galloway, David, cooper 
14 Peter, H. & T., flaxspinners 
... Mustard, Forsyth, & Coupar, 

10 Martin, David, & Co.,merchants 
... Rhind, John, merchant 

... Rhind, H. Stewart, merchant 
... Guild, George, merchant 

6 Robertson, Mrs, pawnbroker 
... Panton, R., manager 

4 Wniison, Andrew, builder 

2 Macdonald, Henry, merchant 
... Carrick, William, blacksmith 



Balfour Street Public Schools 
— Wm. Bertie, teacher 

3 Murray, Jas. , factory manager 
... Ramsay, David, commis. agent 
... Chalmers, Mrs David 

... Chalmers, John, cashier 

5 Martin, James, jun., merchant 
... Wright, James, foreman 

... Williamson, Mrs 

7 Macdonald, William, joiner 
... Stiven, David, patternmaker 
... Lindsay, James, joiner 

... Watson, John, clerk 

9 Simpson, William G., joiner 

... Shaw, Jessie G., teacher 

... Webster, William, compositor 

... Mess, James, teacher 

... Geake, Henry, pianotuner 

11 Stewart, John, joiner 

... Smith, William, cabinetmaker 
... Millar, Robert, sailmaker 

13 Mason, James B., chemist 

... Young, Alexander 

... Young, John H., clerk 

... Weir, E. C, lastmaker 

... Dyer, John, milloverseer 

. . . Donald, Andrew, wareh. keeper 

15 Newton, William, clerk 

... Soutar, William, grocer 

... Walker, David, manager 

... M'Ewan, Thomas, evangelist 

.. Batchelor, Chas.R., upholsterer 

. . . Balfour, Arthur,house propriet. 

... Balfour, Robert F., bank clerk 

30 M'Pherson, David, clerk 

... Black, David, dockgateman 
... Warren, Robert H., bandmaster 
28 Bow, Christina, dressmaker 
... Allan, Robert, spirit merchant 
... Boyd, John, hairdresser 
... Ramsay, Mrs E., milliner 
... Nicol, John F., clerk 
26 Fettes, Charles, clerk 
24 Douglas, Mrs H., grocer 

22 Johnstone, MaryJ.laundrymaid 
. . . Johnstone, William, coaldealer 
18 Baxter, James H.,com.traveller 
12 Mitchell, David, waiter 

... M'Ardell, James, draper 
10 Ogilvy, William, dairyman 

8 Whitton, Alex. M., grocer 
. . . Hunter, Patrick, sen. , engineer 

6 Morrison, Mrs, butcher 
... Robertson,Peter, commis. agent 
... Henderson, William G., grocer 
... Angus, James, tobacconist 
... Spiers, Henry, joiner 

4 M 'Learn, John, joiner 
... Barry, David, shipmaster 
... Cable, John 
... Martin, H., coal merchant 



21 Clark, John, compositor 
... Ferguson, George, butcher 
... Davidson, John, blacksmith 
... Clough, John, turner 

23 Barrie, David S., grocer 
Blyth street here 

31 Rattray, Andw.,machinemaker 
... Powell, Robert, waiter 




Smith, James, overseer 
Ogilvie, John, bottler 
Robertson, Mrs 
Coogan, John, collector 
Napier, Rennie, m.ason 
Smith, Alexander, shipmaster 
Robertson, Thomas, flourmiller 
Baxter, David R., flesher 
Galloway, William, grocer 
Baxter street here 
Glass, Andrew H. , grocer 
Kirk, Mrs, grocer 
Pitfour street here 
Coogan, James, cooper 
Milne, Geo. , gas meter inspect. 
Warden, Wm., hacklegrinder 
Garvie & Farquharson, joiners 
Phillips, Wm. , assurance agent 
Sharp, David 
Bell, Robert, joiner 
Goodlet, John, engineer 
Robertson, Bethune, grocer 
Scott street here 
Johnstone, Wm., shoemaker 
Wilson, Mrs, grocer 
NicoU, David, sodawater manuf . 



3 Blair, William, bookseller 

7 Wardrope, John, fruit merch. 
15 Allan, Joseph, coal merchant 
25 Baltic Street Calender— W. E. 
Baxter & Co., merchants 
Baltic Buildings — (see Meadow- 
18 Bradford, John S., rag merch. 
14 Wilson, John S., sackmaker 
12 Miln, Thomas, reed manufact. 
10 Balfour, Robert H., manufact. 

4 Hall, William, spiritdealer 


1 PattuUo & Thornton, solicitors 
... Barnet, J. W., solicitor 
... Cumming, A. W., solicitor 
... Irving, David W., hamcurer 
. . . Stoole, Miss, music teacher 
... Stoole, James, musician 
... Smith, George, lettercarrier 

5 ShieU & Small, solicitors 


7 Dundee Advertiser Office — 
John Leng, editor, publisher, 
and managing proprietor 
27 Littlejohn, D. S. & T., solicitors 
... M'NicoU, Charles, accountant 
... Feggetter, Henry, librarian 

31 Gilbertson, John, surveyor of 

taxes and lands, valuation 

. . . Spankie, James M. , assessor of 

income tax 
Anderson, Robert, collector of 

inland revenue 
Kitching, Sam. , inland revenue 
... Bruce, John, architect 
. . . Robbie, Jn. , school board officer 
... Duncan, Andrew, architect 
34 Howe Machine Company ; J. 

Findlay, agent 

32 RoUo & Hendry, solicitors 

,,. Ower, C. & L., civil engineers 

and architects 
32 Milne, Miss, teacher 
... Exchange Club rooms 
30 Sandeman, Hugh, bootmaker 
26 Professional Supply Associat. ; 

John R. Mitchell, manager 
24 Maclaren & Aitken, architects 
... Buchan, Thomas, auctioneer 

and valuator 
. . . Buchan, John S. , valuator and 

house proprietor 
... Scott, Miss, dressmaker 
... Wotherspoon, W. H., and R. L. 

Greig, agents for Arthur & Co. 

(of Glasgow), warehousemen 
... Kidney, James, proprietor of 

People's Institute 
... Mackie, William, boots 
... Pellow, John, printer 
... Low, Alex., bank messenger 
... Grant, David, potato merchant 
22 Thomson, A., & Sons, stationers 
20 NicoU, G.H.,& Co., ironmongers 
16 Johnston, J. J., solicitor 
... Fyffe, Mrs James 
. . . Anderson, Miss J. G. , milliner 
... Anderson, John, merchant 
14 Fy£fe, J. W., & Co., slaters 
. . . Alexander, James, brassf ounder 
12 M'Arthur,John, jun., billposter 



12 Bisset, Gray, solicitor 

... Edward & Robertson, arcliitects 

. . . Tarbet, Jas. , wine & spirit mer. 

10 Bass, Benj., restaurant-keeper 

8 Beatts, Charles, auctioneer 
... Mitchell, CD., solicitor 

... Pearson, Wm. , billiard room 

6 Kinnaird Hall — John Ronald, 


2 Moir, William, banker 


{See Garland Place. ) 


3 Gouk, William, sheriff officer 
... Farquharson, David G., house- 

... Smyth, Alexander, houseagent 
... Ramsay, John, commissionagent 
... Craig, Alexander, housefactor 
5 Duff, John M , saddler 

7 M'Ardell, James, draper 

9 Reid, Peter, hairdresser 

11 M'Dougall, John, baker 

21 Dickie, James A., wireworker 

23 Drimmie, Allan, confectioner 

27 Marshall, D., painter 
Bank street here 

Ward Mills — Don Bros. , Buist, 
& Co., flax and jute spinners 

Willison Free Church 
64 Stewart,Wm.,carver and gilder 
52 Sturrock, John, engineer 
50 Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation Rooms 
48 Henderson, Patrick, naturalist 
42 Garth & Begg, ironmongers 
40 Fraser, Alex. , carver and gilder 
38 Farquharson, George, manager 
36 Farquharson, John, plumber 
34 Johnston, John, tailor & clothier 
32 Minto, William, brushmaker 
30 Masterton, David, baker 

28 Easson,John,&Son,corkmanufs. 

24 Menmuir, Mrs Margaret, grocer 

22 Leith, James, bootcloser 

... Fraser, Donald, coal merchant, 

and sackmaker 
... Grego, Donald, photographer 
... Findlay, James, blacksmith 

20 Anderson, A. G. hairdresser 
18 Canning, Mrs, confectioner 

12 Barclay, Wm., umbrellamaker 



1 Taylor, David, machinemaker 
... Cochrane, David, blacksmith 
... White, William, draper 

... Tait, Alexander, blacksmith 
9 Brough, David, tenter 

23 Dryburgh, George, moulder 
. Martin, Peter, tenter 
. Simpson, John, tenter 
. M 'Donald, Wm., mechanic 
. Carr, William, house proprietor 
. Ballantine, William, mason 
. Nicoll, James, clerk 

27 Glennie, George, insurance agt. 

31 Grieve, James overseer 

... M 'Donald, George, fireman 

... Fraser, Peter, joiner 

33 Stormont, D. W., blacksmith 
Stewart street here 

20 Small, David L., coaldealder 
6 Wilson, Henry, mechanic 

... Reid, James, blacksmith 
4 Conacher, John, joiner 

2 Forbes, Helen 


Chapelshade Free Church 

James' U.P. Church 

Euclid crescent here 
9 Gow, A. G., & Co., merchants 
. . . Walker, Mrs Duncan H. 
... Haggart, William, currier 
... Smith, Mrs James 
... Christie, Mrs James 
11 Bulk, James, vanbuilder 

13 Low, John, coal merchant 

15 Mitchell & Ramsay, oil merchs. 
17 Polack & Co., merchants 
Meadow place 
Cox Brothers, merchants, flax 
and jute spinners, and manu- 
Victoria road here 
86 India Buildings — (see Victoria 

84 Hagart, James F. , clerk 



Marshall, William, watchman 
Millar, Patrick B., com.mis. agt. 
Nucator, Peter, brassfounder 
Morris, William, m.anager 
Patterson, James, ironmonger 
Shepherd, David, confectioner 
Roy, John L., diesinker 
Leslie, Mrs James 
Watson, James, cutler 
MacneiLl, Mrs John 
Thomson, Robert, draper 
Stuart, Peter A., clerk 
Stuart, Mrs D. 
Davidson, James, shopkeeper 
Marshall, Peter, ironfounder 
Beats, Alexander, slater 
Duncan & Kittles, painters 
Bartholomew & Marshall, iron- 
Rodger, James, enginefitter 
Menmuir, Mrs Margt., grocer 
M'Dougall, Peter, tailor 
Coyle, Mrs John 
Wilson, Elizabeth, grocer 
Hutchison, Charles, joiner 
Williamson, William, lapper 
Williamson, T. G., engineer 
Murray, James, blacksmith 
Sturrock, Alexander, joiner 
Templeman, Wm., bootmaker 
Blair, Mrs Mary, spiritdealer 
Robertson, John, baker 
Chambers, Alexander, tenter 
Imrie, James, sawmiller 
Rae, Hugh, seaman 
Young, W. F., & Co., engineers 
Malcolm, Jas., & Sons, spinners 
Barrid, P., crated water manu. 
Council, Mrs Wm., grocer 
Ferguson, George, weaver 
Ferguson, Thomas, mechanic 
Steel, William, dresser 
Burry, Peter, carter 
Irons, William D., grocer 
Leith, James, bootcloser 
Ross, Wm. R., sawmiller 
Wand, Henry, bootmaker 
Houchin, Mrs Jane 
Clark, James, mechanic 
M'Kenzie, Colin, clerk 
Ramsay, Robert, shoemaker 

26 Maver, George, lettercarrier 
... Bett, James, plumber 
24 Saunders, Jane, stationer 

Ireland's Lane here 
22 Johnston & Martin,cement mer. 
... Johnston, James, plasterer 
20 Maclean, James, cabinetmaker 
Petrie, James, tailor 
Low, Ann 
Simpson, James 
Dixon, George, painter 
Armit, James, cabinetmaker 
18 Jack, Betsy, grocer 
16 M'Farlane, W., church officer 
Lyon, William, clerk 
Low, James, coachman 
Scott, Eliza, milliner 
Scott, Mrs M'F., tobacconist 
M'Laren, James, overseer 
Lowson, David, dockgateman 
14 Stewart, Mrs Wm., grocer 
12 Wilkie, James, confectioner 
10 Storrier, Robert, blacksmith 
8 Moir, Fredrick B., spirit merch. 
6 Coupar, James, church officer 
... Rattray, Andrew, gardener 
... Rattray, William, seaman 
... M'Dougall, Robert, plumber 
2 Lawson, Mrs William 

Drill Hall— Wm. Millar, keeper 

Orderly Room, 1st Forfarshire 
Rifle Volunteers 

Orderly Room, 4th Forfarshire 
Artillery Volunteers 
Police Buildings — 

David Dewar, superintendent 

John Hill, deputy-superinten. 

D. Lamb, detective inspector 

T. Kinnear, sanitary inspector 
Courthouse Buildings — 

Sheriff-Clerk's Office — James 
Hay, sheriff and commis- 
sary clerk-depute 

Procurator-Fiscal's Office — 
John Boyd Baxter, LL.D., 
and Wm. B. Dunbar, pro- 

James Dow, criminal officer 

Geo. Dunbar, criminal officer 




Jas. Taylor superintendent in 

Forfarshire Constabulary 
Robert Adams, inspector, 

Forfarshire Constabulary 
Peter M'Gregor, keeper of 
Courthouse, and bar officer 
in Sheriff Court 
Bridewell — 

W. B. Buglass, governor 
Margaret C. Mitchell, matron 
Rev. Alex. F. Reid, chaplain 
Robert Allan, head warder 
Macpherson, Mrs Charles 
Brown, Miss Alice B. 
Astley, T., B.A., sub-inspector 

of factories 
Stirling, R. M'D., agent 
Barnie, John, plumber 
Birrell, John, teacher 
Birrell, Alex. H., clerk 
Black, James M., tinsmith 
BeU Street U.P. Church 



Smith, Andrew, carter 
Salmond, John, mechanic 
M'Lean, James, cabinetmaker 
Irvine, James, carter 
Dunn, James, labourer 
M'Hardy, William, fireman 
Deacon, John, stoker 
Rae, Thomas, carter 
Short, Edward, labourer 
TurnbuU, William, seaman 
Low, James, calenderer 
Miller, Peter, brassfinisher 
Mackie, Thomas, seaman 
M'Farlane, Duncan, shoemaker 
Stewart, James, cloth finisher 
Sime, John, clerk 
Barrie, P., aerated water manuf. 



5 Souter, James, shoemaker 
13 Morrison, Thomas, hawker 
24 Peacock, James, bonesetter 
22 Couper, Wm. W., traveller 
20 Robertson, James, jeweller 
18 Boyter, Mrs, house proprietor 

18 Bertie, James, joiner 

16 Davie, Oliver, calender worker 

14 Tosh, William, teacher 

12 Gorman, Jas., coal merchant 

10 Leggat, William, carpenter 

6 Macintosh, James, confectioner 
. . . Mackintosh, John, confectioner 
... Macneill, Mrs, grocer 

2 Caraway, Owen, grocer 

{See Hawkhill.) 


4 Clark, John, lapper 
... Doctor, Mrs 

... Stewart, Alexander, fireman 
... Dye, Alfred, seaman 
. . . Jerram, Wm. , seaman instructor 

6 Calder, Alex., jun., grocer 
... Beveridge, George, clerk 
... Coupar, Mrs 
... Pearce, William, seaman 
... Brown, Miss, dressmaker 

8 Young, Wm., enginefitter 
... Kinnear, Peter, mason 
... Collins, Mrs 

10 Wells, John, drill instructor 
. . . Player, Joseph, bootmaker 
... Clanchy, Charles, mariner 
... Matthew, John, clerk 
... M 'Donald, Angus 
... M'Fee, Robert, mason 
12 Haxton, John, sen. , millmanag. 
... Burns, Alex. B., shipmaster 
... Dixon, William 
... Gibb, WiUiam, mechanic 
... Forbes, John, engineer 

Garden Works — William Cleg- 
horn, manufacturer 



1 Stewart, Miss, dressmaker 
... Robertson, James, mechanic 
27 Lumsden & Cowley, calender ers 
18 Douglas, John, grocer 
14 Flight, Wm. G., cabinetmaker 


{See Hawkhill.) 



{See Perth Road. ) 

23 Gunn, John, baker 
27 M'lntosL., Mrs, spirit merchant 
33 Ritchie, John, merchant 

Blackness Works — Herman 

Re6, manufacturer 
Urquhart street here 
121 Kinnear, Fithie, & Co., manuf. 
123 Mihie, Rev. George 
127 Crabbe, David S., grocer 
129 Low, Mrs C, confectioner 
131 Swan, Amelia, draper 
133 M'Laren, Miss 

... Kidd, Mrs 
135 Reid, William, tobacconist 
137 Elder, Elizabeth, dressmaker 
143 Tarbet, Peter, tenter 
147 Anderson, Mrs 
149 Walker, William, overseer 
... Banks, James, manager 
... Buist, Mrs C, laxindress 
167 Bank Mill — Boase & Mudie, 

jute spinners 
169 Paterson, Mrs, confectioner 
177 Gray, William, draper 
.. Smith, James, porter 
... Wallace, William, overseer 
... M'Whiney, Samuel, coaldealer 
179 Brown, Charles R., waiter 
... Ross, James D., builder 
... Buchan, David, dairyman 
... Harris, James, coal merchant 
... Considine, Jeremiah, sergeant- 
major, 1st F.R.V. 
185 Beattie, John, baker 
187 M'Gregor & Reid, butchers 
189 Donaldson, Mrs A., ironmonger 
193 Turnbull, George, butcher 
M'Donald, James, clerk 
Keay, Alexander, clerk 
Reid, James, butcher 
Ogilvie, John, grocer 
M'Pherson, Alexander, clerk 
Butchart, Thomas, mechanic 
195 Henderson, Mrs Mary, wine 
Rosefield street here 
199 Wilkie, David, cowfeeder 

201 Kerr, Misses, milliners 
203 Keay, William, tailor 

Liff and Benvie Poorhouse — 

Peter Stewart, governor 
Tait, Wm., wine merchant 
217 Cochrane, Robt., coal merchant 
219 Thorn place 
219 Wright, James, tenter 
... Corr, John, damper 
Mitchell, John, bottler 
Lauder, Peter, draughtsman 
Thompson, David, mechanic 
Ramsay, James, grocer 
Paton, Stwart, gardener 
Small, John, tenter 
Robertson, Jas., jun., mason 
Robertson, James, mason 
Cuthbert, Robert, joiner 
Reid, James, gardener 
Anderson, John, draper 
Paterson, William, draper 
Craigen, Alexander, joiner 
Lawson, Robert, builder 
Leighton, John, mechanic 
Coats, Mrs John J. 
Gray, John, joiner 
Lesslie & Halley, drapers 
Dow, Thomas, clerk 
Robertson, Wm. M'L., clerk 
Mason, James L., clerk 
Dawson, John, draper 
Park terrace 
8 Black, Rev. James 
.. Black, J. J. W., merchant 
. . Hunter, David, mill furnisher 
7 Boyle, William, grocer 
7 Nicoll, D., late manaf acturer 
6 Hunter, Patrick, clerk 

Wilson, Andw. , cabinetmaker 
Westwood, And., upholsterer 
Keir, William, jeweller 
Stephenson, W. , inspec. of wks. 
Dempster, David, shoemaker 
M 'Lagan, George, mason 
Roxburgh, Miss 
Dempster, Alexander, clerk 
Begg, Henry, ironmonger 
4 Stewart, David, teller 

Kinnear,T., sanitary inspector 
Mearns, George, clerk 
Mitchell, James S., draper 








4 Binny, James, clerk 

... Robertson, Robert, grocer 

3 Stephen, W. W., solicitor 
. . . Skene, Jas., house proprietor 
... Balfour, David, grocer 
... Coleman, William, captain 

2 Wilson, Robt., cabinetmaker 
... Craig, James, draper 
... Linn, William 
... M'Millan, James, chemist 
ScoTswooD TERRACE (see West 
Park Road) 


Lindsay, Joseph, engineer 
Caird, Mrs John 
Dow, Jas., potato merchant 
228 Selbie, Joseph, bootmaker 
220 Moir, Mrs 
... Adams, James, blacksmith 
... Stir ton, Robert, watchman 
... Dick, James, foreman 
212 Worrall, George, jun. 
208 Thomson, William, confectioner 
202 M'Cracken, John, house painter 
200 Harley James, joiner 
.. Glass, Misses, dressmakers 
... Murray, James, reporter 
196 Coupar, William, tobacconist 
190 Watt, John, tea merchant 

Blackness street here 
188 Farrell, Thomas, bootmaker 
184 Adamson, Julia, grocer 
182 Short, Edward, shoemaker 
180 Hovel, James, mechanic 
176 Baxter, Jessie, confectioner 
170 Owler, Mrs G. , straw-hat maker 
168 Harris, James, coal merchant 

... Quin, Daniel, grocer 
166 Elder, David G., baker 
164 Menzies & Robertson, grocers 
Annjield road here 
Pennycook, James, gardener 
Ure street here 
132 Parkhill place 

Watson, John, foreman 
Floyd, Hugh, tinsmith 
M'Intosh, Thomas waiter 
Duncan, George, mechanic 
Hay, Mrs 

M'Caffray, Hugh, joiner 
M'Intosh, James, contractor 

128 Spence, Henry, blacksmith 
... Young, William S., ropemaker 
... Reid, David, ropemaker 
... Strachan, Charles, ropemaker 
... M'Kenzie, David, ropemaker 
... Chalmers, John, twinespinner 

108 Elliot, Mrs Agnes 

104 Cloudsley, Mrs D., spiritdealer 

102 Ritchie, Malcolm, wine merch, 
96 Darcy, Luke, lemonade manufr. 
90 Hutchison & Gray, sackmakers 
86 Tearney, Catherine, broker 
84 Sinclair, Stewart, confectioner 
82 Knowles, William, dairyman 
80 Tearney, Catherine, broker 
... Kiddie, Miss A., milliner 
... Kiddie, Andrew, baker 
78 Donaghey, Mary Ann, grocer 
68 Kiddie, Andrew, baker 
68|^M'Kenzie, Frank, hacklemaker 
68 Naulty, Michael, grocer 
66 Docherty, MaryA., confectioner 
62 Ingram, William, coffeehouse 

54 Shannon, Francis, coal merch. 
... Green, John, stationer 
52 Carrie, Mrs, stationer 
48 Baxter, Thomas H., grocer 

Kincardine street here 
46 Hill, David, grocer 
44 Scott, George, tenter 
38 Moran, John, millforeman 
... Strachan, James, overseer 
30 Fyffe, William, slater 
22 Gold, David, carter 
20 Lowrie,Wm.,tobaccopipemaker 
... Johnstone, William, coaldealer 
14 Donaldson, Wm., hairdresser 
8 Brady, Peter, bottler 
2 Lowrie,Wm.,tobaccopipemaker 



1 Adam, Thomas, clerk 
... Henderson,MrsM., wine merch. 
. . . Watt, John,tea and spiritmerch. 
.3 Baxter, David S., shoemaker 
7 Davidson, James, joiner 
... MoUison, Graham, joiner 
11 Davidson, Wm., overseer 
... Lowson, Joseph, porter 



II Blyth, Alexander, joiner 
13 Hutton, James, clerk 

... Smitli, James, joiner 
15 Young, William, assistant in- 
spector of poor 
.. Robertson, W. L., teacher 
... Garvie, George, builder 
. . . Dalgairns, David, late overseer 
17 Wylie, James, late broker 
19 "Wilson, Anne, dressmaker 
21 Brown, Miss Kate, grocer 

[See Perth Road. ) 


3 Gordon, Robert, plumber 

5 Kettleson,Alex.C., confectioner 

7 Hutton, Mrs Thomas 

9 Young, Alexander, shipmaster 
13 Pirie, Alexander, packer 
23 Sands, John, shoemaker 
33 M'Intosh, Mrs 
35 Wallace, Miss 
37 Steven, Isabella, dressmaker 
43 M 'Knight, David, milloverseer 
45 Keiller, William, storekeeper 
... Findelton, David, butcher 
51 Christie, Andrew, ironturner 
65 Greig, John, seaman 
67 Duncan, James, ironturner 
69 Farrow, John B., seaman 
81 Connon, Mrs M., manglekeeper 
... Rea, Robert, cabinetmaker 
83 Pope, W. & A., grocers 
87 Gourlay, Mrs, grocer 
872 Miller, Jane, dressmaker 
... Spence, Robert, sailmaker 
... White, Alexander, shipmaster 
... Anderson, James, painter 
... Gibb, Mrs William 
89 Mechan, Mrs, grocer 
91 Wilkie, Adam, grocer 
93 Reilly, Mrs Catherine 
95 Stewart, James, grocer 
107 Coutts, Mrs Ann 

III Coutts, James D., carpenter 
113 Myles, William, painter 
115 Smith, James, joiner 

117 Heggie, Alex., pawnbroker 
... Smith, Mrs, grocer 








Fenton, George 
Anderson, A. B., chemist 
Burch, John, chimney sweeper 
Montgomery, James, bootmaker 
Murray, Alexander, calenderer 
Foreman, James, clerk 
Ogilvie, Mrs 
Ross, Andrew, tenter 
Black, Mrs Isa., spiritdealer 
Guthrie, Miss Isabella 
Adamson, Thomas, ironturner 
Forbes, Misses, milliners 
Rogers, William T., stevedore 
Thomson, James, printer 
Boyd, George, spirit merchant 
Ross, Andrew, fireman 
Adamson, William, shiprigger 
Sunney, Daniel, grocer 
Home, T. H., spirit merchant 
Morrison, Miss 
Caiman, John, shipwright 
Catanach, Charles, grocer 
M 'Donald, Wm., spiritdealer 
Crichton, Andrew, flax merch. 
Blyth, James, gas stoker 
Davie, Mrs, greengrocer 
Gillan, John, tailor 
Home, T. H., spirit merchant 
Low, David, draughtsman 
Hay, Thomas, cooper 
Smith, Mrs, grocer 
Low, Mary, grocer 
Whitton, Mrs David 
Curr, David, baker 
Bisset, James, sheriff officer 
Hall, Charles, broker 
M'Kenna, Matthew, grocer 
Middle street here 
Cooper, Alexander, baker 
Mechan, Margaret, grocer 
Gordon, Donald, corn merch. 
Wilson, David, seedcrusher 
Cook, Robert, clerk 
Mitchell, David, plumber 
Watt, William, watchmaker 
Proctor, John, printer 
NicoU, William, blacksmith 
Martin, Thomas, turner 
Duncan, William, stationer 
Mechan, James, grocer 
Ail', John, butcher 


56 Fyffe, WiUiam, clerk 
... Jack, Peter, tobacco spinner 
... Carmichael, John, dockmaster 
... Anderson, Henry, engineer 
. . . M'Lauchlan, Walter, late coach- 
54 Watson, Alexander, plumber 
52 Hardacre, Thomas, coal merch. 
50 Robertson, Geo. , china merch. 
48 Hutton, Charles P., mechanic 
... Scott, Richard, joiner 
... Ferguson, Alexander, pilot 
... NicoU, George, blacksmith 
... Boyd, Thomas, jun., clerk 
... Lamond, John, hairdresser 
46 Hardacre, Thomas, coal merch. 
44 Heggie, William, tailor 
42 Stewart, James, grocer 
40 Martin, James, shipwright 
... M'Intosh, W. F., rigger 
... Wilkie, James, carpenter 
... Walker, Mrs 

... Walker, Pat., surgeon dentist 
... Hinksman, J., fishcurer 
38 Rea, Robert, cabinetmaker 
36 Kerr, Patrick, grocer 
22 Hutton, William, mason 
... Kean, Frederick, seaman 
... Ramsay, Mrs 
18 Tjrrrell, James, grocer 
Dens street here 

10 Rattray, Mrs, grocer 
8 Law, John, tinsmith 

... Patterson, Mrs 

6 M'Math, J. & W., bakers 

2 Wilson & Sons, seedcrushers 



1 Lyon, David 

3 Darcy, Luke, lemonade manuf . 

7 Ritchie, John, church-officer 

11 St Mary's Magdalen Church 
Thomson Bros. &Co., engineers 
Worrall, George, hacklemaker 
Sharp, John, flaxspinner 

14 Clark, Michael, broker 

8 Smolton, Chas., sen., labourer 
6 M'Artney, J., ironmonger 

2 Molloy, Christopher, bottler 
... Port, David 




1 NicoU, Mrs, milliner 

5 Dow, William, mechanic 

7 Cairnie, James, milloverseer 
9 Robertson, George, joiner 

11 Stewart, James, collector 
26 Peter, James, mechanic 
22 Guild, John, manager 

20 Murphy, William, mason 
18 Geekie, William, mechanic 

16 Gillespie, William, milloverseer 

12 Moncur, David, grocer 

10 Walker, William, shoemaker 

6 Buchan, Alex., jun., mechanic 

4 Scott, John, clerk 

2 Borrie, David, joiner 



5 Philp, Thomas B., merchant 
9 Duncan, George, millmanager 

... Duncan, Wm. H., draughtsman 

11 Fairweather, John B., agent 

. . . Fairweather, W. P. ,book-keeper 

13 Tarbet, John, blacksmith 
15 Waterson, John, plasterer 
78 Reekie, Charles, joiner 

. . . Robertson, Miss M. , dressmaker 
30 Thain,W.H.,&Co.,ropespinners 
22 Henderson, James, dairyman 



15 Grubb, Wm. , factory manager 

17 Smith, David, carter 

... Peter, Robert, mechanic 

14 Connelly, Mrs Mary, grocer 



7 Guild, James, engineer 

9 Cameron, David, collector 
... M'Intosh, Mrs John 
11 Macdonald, Jane J., teacher 
Wallace Foundry — Robertson 
& Orchar, engineers 



3 Robbj Alexander B., baker 



5 White, Joliii, tea mercliaiit 
... Kennie, Frank, mechanic 

. . Eobb, Alexander B. , baker 

7 Donaldson, Wm., coffeehouse 
9 Galloway, David, graiadealer 

15 Brown Street Public School — 
William Eobb, teacher 

21 Crabb, John D. , riveter 

25 Crabb, D. & W. , slate merchs. 
27 Davidson, James, carter 

35 Stark, Mrs Alex., lodgings 
... Marshall, John, cutter 
... Mann, Betsy, grocer 

Arch Mill— 0. G. Miller & Co., 
10 Kerr, Charles 

8 Cloudsley, Adam, coachpainter 
... Douglas, Thos., cabinetmaker 
... Wilson, Peter, plasterer 

2 Brown, Mrs, manglekeeper 
... Cuthil, WUliam, mechanic 



1 Mackay, Peter, solicitor 

26 Wilkie, Wm. , foreman carter 
24 Spence, James, milloverseer 

22 Owens, Bernard, confectioner 

18 Gray, David, grocer 

14 Wilkie, Thomas, shoemaker 

6 Kilgour, Eobert, cooper 

2 Mitchell, Alex., milloverseer 
... Morrison, Ronald, late grocer 


(See Majryfield.) 



13 Stewart, Jane 

15 Mitchell, Alexander, fishdealer 

19 Patterson, Samuel, lodgings 

. . . Kenneth, Jas. , assurance agent 
... M'Larney, Mrs Agnes, lodgings 

8 Cockburn, Mrs Ellen 

6 Butter Market here 

2 Lyall, William, fruit merchant 



13 Mackie & How, joiners 

15 Air, Andrew, mechanic 
17 Symmers, Alex., sawmiller 
23 Will, Eobert, bleacher 
25 M'AJra, Andrew, carter 
27 M 'Donald, Eobert, labourer 
29 Keigan, John, weaver 

31 Cathro, Mrs 

33 M'Kay, James, coaldealer 

35 Clark, Mrs, grocer 

39 Eobertson, James, milloverseer 
41 Mitchell, Mrs 

43 GreenhUl, Mrs, factoryworker 
47 Bruce, Wm., spirit merchant 
49 Gray, Andrew, mat merchant 
53 Young, Archibald, seaman 
57 Logan, Adam, labourer 

59 Doig, David, labourer 
.. Martin, George, shoemaker 
61 Martin, George, ropespinner 
63 Gray, Isabella, confectioner 
65 M'Artney, Henry, weaver 

69 Hogg, George, mason 
71 CarroU, John, grocer 

73 Finlay, Charles S., clothier 

75 Irons, D. E., grocer 

l06 MQlan, Peter, pawnbroker 
104 Wilson, James, teacher 

. . . May, John A. , house agent 
102 Don, James, fireman 
lOO Currie, Eobert, labourer 

96 Walker, Mrs 

94 Luke, William, confectioner 

86 Young, Alexander, grocer 
Mains street here 

84 Smith, Mrs, confectioner 

80 Simpson, Mrs, grocer 

78 Kennedy, John, mechanic 

76 Boyack, James, ropemaker 

74 Leonard, Daniel, labourer 

70 Beatie, Alexander, labourer 
... Bell, David, joiner 

68 Eobertson, Wm. , coal merch. 
56 M'Leod, William, builder 
52 Shepherd, Alex., contractor 

44 Wilson, James, contractor 

40 Taylor, David, jun., lapper 

36 Stewart, Mrs, house proprietor 

32 Hogg, Thomas, builder 

. . . Donaldson&Edwards,plaster6rs 
... Donaldson, Wm., plasterer 
... Powrie, Henry, builder 



26 NicoU, Elizabeth, grocer 
24 Hare, Wm. F., brushmaker 
22 Watt, James, grocer 
20 Saunders, Thomas, accountant 
... Davidson, James, cashier 
18 Langlands, Geo., shuttlemaker 
14 Keillor, Robert, wine merch. 
12 Langlands, Geo., sen., picker- 
2 Scrimgeour, John, grocer 


{See Hawkhill.) 


Brown & Todd, shipwrights 
Gourlay Bros. & Co., shipbldrs. 
Thompson, Wm. B., shipbuilder 
Fleming, John, timber merch. 
Phillips, Charles, blockmaker 



43 Mitchell, James, shipbroker 
... Robertson, David, coffeehouse 
... Smith, James E. , flax inspector 
48 Ireland, Paterson F., ship agt. 
62 Scott, David, & Son, shipbrokers 
Thomson, Wm. C., corn merch. 
Sinnette, James L., Lloyd's 
42 Buddo, Robert, commis. agent 
34 Willison & Laing, builders 
18 Slidders, D. M., contractor 
16 M'Laggan, Alex., blacksmith 
14 Brown, P. & M., turners 
10 Willsher, George, wine merch. 
8 Glass, R. W., sackmaker 
6 Mitchell, Alex., boiler coverer 



8 Findlay, James, joiner 
10 Dryden, James, dairyman 
. . . Sandilands, Jas ., foreman tenter 
22 M'Farlane, John, painter 
24 M'Nab, John, cork manufr. 
... Lyall, John, waste merchant 
... Baxter, Wm., mason 
26 Lowden, David, grocer 
30 Lamb,J.,architect.draughtsman 

30 Nicoll, Alex., quarrier 
34 Fisken, David, mechanic 
36 Dorward, Mrs James 
38 Lonie, John, water inspector 
40 Boyle, Robert, paper-ruler 



7 Mackay, Robert, street porter 
. . . Clunie, Mrs Amelia, fishdealer 

6 Grieve, Peter, stableman 
... Smith, John, bottler 
... Roger, Mrs Catherine, lodgings 
... M'Leish, Mrs Catherine 

6 Mann, Mrs Margaret 

... Mitchell, William, street porter 
... Paris, Andrew, seaman 



1 Willsher, George, spirit merch. 

3 Smith, Walter, porter 
... Leitch, John, spiritdealer 
... Keith, John, seaman 
... Rattray, John, joiner 
... Rattray, Thos., manufacturer 
... M'Lean, Alex., grain merchant 
... Mann, John, shipmaster 
... M'Rae, George, outfitter 
... Adams, Mrs Jane, spiritdealer 
... Smith, John, bottler 

7 Leaburn, W. D., general dealer 
... William, Stephen, confectioner 
. . . Kermack, Mrs Agnes, lodgings 
... Robertson, David, mason 

9 Collins, James, general dealer 

1 1 Cowley, Mrs Isabella, grocer 

12 Adams, Mrs Jane, spiritdealer 

1 Doig, William, chemist 
3 Innes, William, sawmaker 
5 Baxter, David, saddler 
7 Farquhar, Agnes C, draper 
15 Theatre— W. M'Farland, lessee 
19 Frain, W., & Co., china merchs. 
23 Crowlie, J. P., warehouseman 
... Marnie, James M., boatbuilder 
... Marnie, Mrs David, lodgings 
... Clark, William, traveller 
... Cameron, Robert, tailor 



Turner, George, grocer 
Collins, Wm., wine mercliant 
Castle court (see page 314) 
Stephen, Geo., & Son,ironmong. 
Clark, D. R., & Son, printers 
Doig's court 

Isles, John, shipowner 
M'Nab, A., late leather mer. 
Gray, John, sailmaker 
Millar, Andrew, traveller 
Paterson, John, shipmaster 
Sweeney, John, spiritdealer 
Muir, Robert, haircutter 
Todd, John, spirit merchant 
Ritchie, Mrs, lodgings 
Brown, Mrs William 
Milae, Robert, clerk of works 
Boyter, Alexander, tobacconist 
Boyter, John, clerk 
Boyter, Robt., architect's assist. 
Luckie, Robert, engineer 
Paterson, Alex., hairdresser 
Leitch, John, spiritdealer 
Robertson & Arnot, com. merch. 
Munro, Mrs E. , provision mer. 
Stewart, Alex., wine merchant 
CroU, D. & W., seedsmen 
Quosbarth, Petterson, & Co., 

Robertson, Jas. W. , shipbroker 
Dundee Shipping, and Dundee 
Shipping Freight Insurance 
Associations — J. R. Wilson, 
Ferrier, Mrs, lodgings 
Craig, David, warehouseman 
Dykes, James, steamtug owner 
Thomson, John, jun., plumber 
Mackay, J. , & Son, painters 
Nicholson, Jas. H., brushmaker 
Robertson, Jas.,& Co., clothiers 
Robertson, D.& W., iron merch. 
Gorrie, Richard, spiritdealer 
Gordon Bros. &Co., corn merchs. 
Fairweather, Steven, & Co., coal 

Marquis, James, wigmaker 
Nicholson, Thomas, accountant 
Falconer, William, accountant 
Mitchell & Stewart, coal merch. 
Marquis, Cecil J. , accountant 

32 Young, Mrs, lodgings 

... Johnston, Alexander, clothier 

30 Petrie, George, saddler 

28 Rodger & Whyte, tea merchs. 

26 Dundee and District Tramway 

Co. (Limited) 
... Kerr & M'Farlane, solicitors 

24 Castle Street Chapel 

22 Royal Bank of Scotland — Geo. 

Mackenzie, manager ; Geo. 
W. Boase, cashier 

20 Dundee Property and Invest- 

ment Building Society— Jas. 

K. Prain, agent 
... Low, James F., machinemaker 
... Heron & Congleton, solicitors 
... Matthew, James, treasurer, 

Dundee Gas Commission 
... Matthew, Robert, clerk 

18 Lesslie, Ann, hosier 

16 Buist,Richard,& SonSjUpholstr. 
10 Winter, Duncan, &Co.,statiom's.- 

8 Tyrie, John M., coal merchant 
6 Shaw, John, & Co., tea merchs. 

4 Richard, Joseph, British Hotel 
2 Keiller, J., & Son, confectioners 



5 Morrison, William, tenter 

... Mitchell, James, woodturner 

9 Miller, Peter, labourer 
13 Wilkie, Alex., labourer 

15 Butchart, William,enginedriver 

17 Hume, David, clerk 

19 White, Alexander, ironturner 

21 Baxter, William C, tailor 

23 Henderson, Alexander, black- 


25 Duncan, John, labourer 

27 Watt, John S., gas inspector 

29 King, James, coal merchant 

31 Davidson, Alex., enginedriver 

33 Lawson, Charles, mason 

37 Robertson, James, tenter 
46 Latto, David, greengrocer 
42 Gracie, William, grocer 

38 Scott, David, labourer 

34 Gouk, William, sheriff-officer 
... Shepherd, John S., slater 

32 Low, Alexander 



30 Watt, George, shipwright 

28 Blair, David S., baker 

24 Duthie, Mary, grocer 

22 Buik, George, mechanic 
... Buik, Peter, mechanic 

18 Allan, Mrs, manglekeeper 
16 Simpson, Robert, seaman 
14 Herchell, Alexander, currier 
12 Linton, William, calenderer 
10 Thomson, John, blacksmith 
8 Campbell, Daniel, labourer 

4 Smith, Henry, irondresser 

2 Whyije, Robert, labourer 


Albert Square Free Church 
J. Keiller & Son, confectioners 



3 Watson, John, tailor 

... Caldwell, Alex., bookseller 
... Allan, Joseph, coal merchant 
... Crichton, James, spirit merch. 
... Macdonald, David, grocer 

5 M']Srab,John,corkmanufacturer 
7 Comrie, John, provision merch. 

21 Manzie, David, painter 
... Craig, James, flaxdresser 

23 Murray, John, shipsteward 
.. Duncan, James, seaman 

.. Guild, John, milloverseer 
.. M'Lean, Thomas, spiritdealer 

25 Cuthill, William, plasterer 

. . Livingston, Alexander, fireman 
.. Lawson, David, seaman 
27 Aberdein, James, cabinetmaker 
Meekison,Thos., master mariner 
Donaldson, George, joiner 

29 Allan, David, overseer 

31 Crammond, Mrs George 
. Henderson, James, fireman 
. Leonard, John, ironturner 
. Dickie, Mrs Joseph 
. Speedy, William, engineer 
. Dick, Mrs Elizabeth, tinsmith 

Idvies street here 
48 Nicoll, Mrs Mary, spiritdealer 
46 Mevins, John, currier 
... Watson, marjory, draper 
44 Kiddie, Robert, shoemaker 

42 Taylor, Misses I. & J., grocers 

38 Wallace, David, baker 

34 Orem, William, boilermaker 

32 Alexander, Janet 

... Wyllie, Alexander, carter 

30 Mill, James, grocer 

28 Malcolm, Mrs Wm., midwife 

26 Ogilvie, Mrs Mary, grocer 

24 Simpson, William, mechanic 

... Whytock, John, shoemaker 

22 Reid, Jessie, manglekeeper 

20 Clark, John, herbalist 

16 Fenton, John, potato dealer 

14 Smith, James, clerk 

10 Mackie, Jas., provision merch. 
8 Watson, Jas., warehouse porter 
Burns, Mrs, lodgings 
Fraser, Alexander, currier 
Stronner, David, timekeeper 
Petrie, Mrs John, lodgings 
Menzies, Mrs Alex., lodgings 
Henderson, David, porter 
Anderson, Mrs Robt., lodgings 
Clark, Mrs Archibald, lodgings 
6 Anderson, David, agent 

4 Anderson, Charles, merchant 



5 Eraser, Mrs, mangier 

16 Bartie, Stuart, coaldealer 

8 Taylor, William, mechanic 

... Adie, Mungo, carpet designer 

... Parker, Robert, coaldealer 
2 Robertson, Francis,confectioner 

... Laird, David, mason 

. . . Gold, James, watchman 



19 Hunter, David, cabinetmaker 
and upholsterer 

21 Central Club 

... M'Leish, James, commis. agent 
. . . M'Leish, Mrs, servants' register 
14 Simpson. Mrs Mary 



1 Dufif, Mrs 
. . . Adamson, David, gasworker 



1 Dalrjrmple, David, timekeeper 

3 Watt, Mrs, lady's nurse 
5 Millar, Mungo, grocer 

9 Henderson, George, shipwright 
11 Eraser, Andrew, railway guard 
10 Farmer, William, moulder 
... Kennedy, John, blacksmith 
... George, Eobert, bottler 

4 Wilson, James, hairdresser 
... Alexander, Alex., ironplaner 
... Martin, Mrs John, lodgings 

2 Allan, James, engineer 



1 Kinnear, James, grocer 

3 Allan, David, fireman 

... Caldwell, Alex., book agent 

5 Dick, James, butcher 

7 Eeid, David, shoemaker 
9 Wallace, Alexander, baker 
13 Watson, James, mechanic 
... Ferrier, David, joiner 
17 Deuchars, J., factory overseer 
19 Stewart, John, shoemaker 
21 Ireland, Alexander, flaxdresser 
27 M'Kay, Alexander, grocer 
33 Stockman, Samuel, mechanic 
37 Dick, Miss J. C. milliner 
39 Ferguson, Peter, porter 
... Anderson, James, plumber 
45 Gibb, Elizabeth, manglekeeper 
47 Duncan, William, grocer 
51 King, James, weaver 
53 Melville, H., warehouseman 
... Brown, Wm., warehouseman 
55 Carmichael, J., factory worker 
57 Lochhead, Samuel, baker 
59 Collins, Chas., milloverseer 
... Forbes, William, labourer 
... Edgar, Henry, bottler 
65 Blair, Alex., millworker 
69 Duncan, James, mechanic 

71 Clark, John, herbalist 

75 Kidd, Jonas, wine merchant 

76 Keiller, John, grocer 

74 M'Millan, Alexander, manager 

72 Lindsay, David, lapper 
... Gibb, David, mason 

... Hogg, George, jun., mason 
... Lindsay, David, lapper 

70 Barnet, Wm. D., law clerk 

68 Spalding, John, house propriet. 

64 Manson, Sinclair, painter 

62 Eoss, John, cabinetmaker 

... Stool, James, patternmaker 

... Irons, Agnes, grocer 

58 Crockett, Mary, factory worker 

56 M'Gill, James, draper 

52 Kidd, John S., grocer 

50 Eeilly, Philip 

... Watson, William, printer 

48 Henderson, John, weaver 

46 Alexander, James, lapper 

44 Kidd, George, boatmaker 

... Webster, James, mechanic 

38 Lindsay, Alexander, mason 

34 Sinclair, John, baker 

... Gow, Eobert, cabinetmaker 

30 Hutchison, Mrs, china merch. 

28 Proctor, John, overseer 

26 Eeid, Helen, grocer 

20 Preston, David, grocer 

18 Preston, James, feuar 

14 Boyd, Miss Eliza, milliner 

2 Dick, William, butcher 


{See Perth Eoad.) 



15 Park, James, police constable 

19 Kidd, James, coal merchant 

23 Currie, William, waiter 

25 Beagin, James, warper 

26 Donachie, John, porter 

24 Smart, Alex., nightwatchman 

16 Conway, Mrs 

1 Lindsay, Mrs 

3 M'Gowan, James, moulder 
5 Eobertson, Mrs 

... Maxwell, Joseph, painter 

7 Hendry, Mrs 

9 Henderson, David 
... Scott, Mrs 

11 Matches, Eobt., police constable 
... Miller, Alex. E., joiner 
... Cairns, Arthur, overseer 
... Milne, James, joiner 




Longair, James P., clerk 
Geekie, Alexander, mechanic 
Ross, George F. , waiter 
... Fisher, Geo., calender manager 
... Lanab, Samuel, tenter 
... Strachan, John, blacksmith 
... Bell, John, mason 
... Bell, Robert, cowfeeder 

10 Moffat, William, milloverseer 
... Marshall, Adam, mason 

... M'Rae, James, millmanager 

... Malcolm & Nicoll, builders 

... Low, Mrs 

... Croll, George, engineer 

... Watson, George 

. . . Dysart, William, warper 

... Joss, Charles, mechanic 

... Robertson, Bethune, grocer 

6 Gibson, Jas.,washingboard mkr. 
... M'Caul, John, tailor 

... Herd, James, carter 
.... Fergusson, Thomas 
4 Black, Thomas, tenter 
... Taylor, David, overseer 
... Little, John, carter 
, . . Simpson, John, police constable 



1 Grieve, Richard, wine merch. 

7 Edward, W^illiam, lapper 

. . . Fleming, Alexander, lapper 
9 Nicol, Joseph, shoemaker 

11 Crabb, David, builder 
... Donald, Thomas, tailor 

13 Sivewright, Robert, riveter 

17 Eggie, William, mason 

... Adamson, 'VV'illiam, calenderer 

... M'Pherson, John, mason 

25 Robertson, Alexander, waiter 

... Whyte, James, labourer 

29 Finlay, John, grocer 

.... Reid, William 0., tailor 



3 M'Farlane, William, spiritdlr. 
... Allan, Thomas, painter 
... M'Lauchlan,John,manuremer. 
... Davidson, Alex., brassfounder 
... Mudie, James, mechanic 

9 Cruden, James, joiner 

.. Scott, James, fireman 
. . Luke, George, slipper manufac. 
.. Baxter, George, currier 
. . Smith, David R., flax inspector 
.. Gray, John, currier 
.. Mitchell, Robert, fireman 
. . Robertson, Alex. , spirit merch. 
11 Sinclair, Mrs C, laundress 
30 Clark, David, coal merchant 
26 Gibson, Daniel, painter 
20 Ellis, Mary, furnishings 

4 Smith, Alex., horse slaughterer 


Nicoll, Robert, cowfeeder 
Lawmill Cottage — William 

Longair, jute spinner 
Barrie, Mrs George 
Rockwell House — HenryBuist, 

Lorimer, Adolphus, milliner 
Lorimer, Henry, milliner 
Barrie, John, farmer 

1 Crighton, William, shipbroker 
.. Howie, Duncan, average stater 
. . Fi'aser, George B. , wine merch. 
.. Dundee & Newcastle Ship. Co, 
.. Plenderleath, Henry, manager 
.. Robertson & Duncan, builders 
. . Deadrick,Colin, retired shipmr. 
.. Sime, Mrs David 
.. Edwards, David, steambt. owner 

5 Dow & Duncan, iron merchants 
29 Owler, Peter, boot manufact. 
33 Guthrie, H. M., tea merchant 
... Mackintosh, D.&D., com. agents 
... Sheach, Pi,obert, jun., builder 
35 M'Laggan, John, com. merch. 
41 Salmond & Fleming, grocers 

Seagate here 
Stott, James, hatter 
Elder, David, housefactor 
79 Mackison,Wm., burgh surveyor 
... PuUar & Stewart, beUhangers 
... Johnston, A. C, merchant 
... Johnston, W. S., merchant 
... Lindsay, Alex. C., architect 
... Honeyman, W. J., accountant 



79 Crighton, James, commis.agent 
66 Stewart, John, & Sons, seedsmen 
64 Paterson, J. C, clothier 
62 Hay, William, restaurateur 
... Gentle, James, builder 
... Stuart, George, musician 
... Budd, Wm. G., innkeeper 
... Wallace, William, music teach. 

Murraygate here 
54 Millar, James, shipagent 

Seagate here 
34 Stewart, Charles, boot manuf. 
... Ferguson, Robt.&Sons,sailmak. 
. . . Ferguson, Stephen, salt merch. 
Calcutta Buildings — 

Bryden,J.,& Sons,bellhangers 
WestwoodjAlex. J., manager 
Ireland, Leitch,&Co.coalmer. 
Smith, J. & W., merchants 
Hume, David, & Son, biscuit 

Simpson, David, shipchandler 



23 Ewing, David, coal merchant 

29 Commercial St. Works — Alex. 

Fairweather & Co., manuf s. 

41 Grant, James, brushmaker 
43 Mills, Elizabeth, confectioner 

45 Little, William, labourer 
Hilltown Free Church 

48 M'Kay, John, fireman 

46 Morrison, John, lamplighter 

42 Jack, William, greengrocer 
40 Campbell, John, confectioner 
38 Smellie, Mary Jane, dressmaker 
36 Sturrock, A., gymnastic teacher 
34 Whytock, Peter, cooper 

30 Agnew, Robert, bootmaker 
28 Adie, John, blacksmith 

22 Ewing, David, coal merchant 
16 Meldrum, George D., grocer 
10 Ross, Robert S. , spirit merch. 
2 Garry, Mrs, confectioner 



1 Caledonian Oil MiUs — Wilson 

& Sons 
7 Farquharson,D,, nightwatchm. 

17 Henderson, John, wine merch. 
19 Dawson, Oswald, carpenter 

... M'Kinlay, John, carpenter 
... Taylor, George, brewer 

21 Smith, William, carter 
29 Thomson, Douglas, joiner 

47 Watson, Alexander, plumber 

67 Gumming, Alex., ship-plater 

69 Mooney, Richard, fireman 

71 Connelly, Mrs 

73 Morran, John, lapper 
86 Coupar, Mrs 

84 Anderson, Sam., coppersmith 
82 Rogers, Andrew B. , ironturner 
80 Ogilvie, Alexander, porter 
... Meldrum, George, fireman 
... Grey, George, shoemaker 
78 Baxter, Robert, shipjoiner 
76 Cochrane, J., furniture dealer 

74 Crichton, Andw. , flax merchant 

72 Boyack, Jas., waste merchant 

70 Brymer, David, blacksmith 
Duncan, Mrs, manglekeeper 

68 M 'Donald, Jas., cabinetmaker 
66 Reid, George, mechanic 

62 Barrie, David, contractor 

58 Kidd, James, dairyman 

... Galloway, William, stevedore 

Middle street here 
54 Kennedy, William, grocer 
52 Law, John, slater 
.. RoUo, Alexander, plumber 
... Mair, John, joiner 

48 Dawson, William, joiner 

46 Brown, James, railway servant 

44 Reid, James, labourer 

42 Fawcett, James, woodturner 

... Wilson, James, joiner 

40 Hackett. John, lapper 

36 Wilkie, James, steward 

32 Scott, William B., joiner 

22 Scrimgeour, John, confectioner 

18 Stocks, Thomas C., joiner 

St Roque's Works — Morison, 
Anderson, & Butchart, manu- 


Lansdowne place 
1 Kidd, David, builder 
3 Salmond, J., civil engineer 



3 Mackie, Mrs Ann, lodgings 
... Fleming, Ro., sec, Scottish 
American Investment Trust 
... Kidd, John, builder 
5 Const. Road Baptist Chapel 
Chapelshade Free Church 
Bell street here 
13 Kihnell, John, spirit merchant 
17 Johnston, James, plasterer 
21 Banks, William, grocer 
23 Pringle, Jas., house decorator 
25 Clarke, Henry, fruiterer 
27 Stewart, David, grocer 
... Chapelshade Church 
29 Lowson, Mrs Geo., spirit mer. 
33 Mitchell, Miss E., china merch. 
35 Mutrie, Mrs Janet 
... Sim, Joseph, clerk 
. . . Robb, James, cloth merchant 
... Richardson, Charles, druggist 
... Kettles, James, plasterer 
... Brand, Isabella, dressmaker 
... Prophet, Jno. R., photographer 
... Bricknal, Alexander, clerk 
37 Gray, Alex., spirit merchant 
41 Guthrie, George W., baker 
43 Guthrie, William, labourer 
... WUkie, David, accountant 
... Kinnison, James, painter 
... Petrie, George, bookseller 
... Phillip, Charles, blockmaker 
... Glass, Alexander, shipmaster 
, .. MiUer, Marg. B., shoe merch. 
45 Millar, James, grocer 
47 Duncan, Archibald, flesher 
49 Fjrfe, George, tinsmith 

Mid street here 
53 Unitarian Church. — James Co- 
ventry, officer 
53 Meadowside Academy. — Geo. 

Powrie, teacher 
57 Abbot, James, photographer 
59 Salem street 

Ogilvie, Alexander, plasterer 
Gauld & Laburn, slaters 
Dron, Mrs Robert 
Dron, James M., clerk 
Leslie, Mrs John K., 
Fraser, William A., agent 
Treasurer, Colin, teacher 
Salem Chapel 

61 Cairncross, Henry 
63 Gray, J. Scott, ironmonger 
Fyffe, James, plumber 
Whyte, David, tea merchant 
Leal, Rev. Ebenezer C. 
Edwards, D. survey, of cargoes 
Saunders, Peter, leather merch. 
65 Rustic place 

Howden, Walter C. 
Bartleman, John, cashier 
Brown, William 
Millar, George, butcher 
Dudhope street here 
67 Rattray, John 
... Lawrie, William, draper 
Prospect place here 

69 Stevenson, James, dyer 
Union terrace here 

70 Mathewson, Alex., teadealer 
Constitution terrace here 

73 Duncan, Peter M. , shipowner 

Bleaching Green 

Barrack road here 
24 Garland PLACE — (seepage338) 

Catholic Apostolic Church 

Dudhope Crescent road here 

New Burying Ground 

West Belt street here 

Bell Street Academy-Margaret 
Edwards, teacher 
14 NicoU, Robert, cabinetmaker 
10 Young Men's ChristianAssocia- 
tion Rooms — James Smith, 

Ward Chapel 


top op constitutiok road. 

1 Melville, Mrs Geo., stationer 

3 Stoddart, Mrs Susan 
... Justice, David, ropespinner 

5 Ross, Alexander, pipelayer 

7 Smart, John, grocer 

9 Adams, J., grocer & spiritdealer 
11 Chambers, Alexander, draper 
13 Kidd, Alexander, baker 
15 Stark, John C, butcher 
17 Greig, John, mechanic 
19 Tarbet, Miss Jane 
25 Lee, Mrs William 
. . . Lee, John F. , engineer 



25 Lee, Robert A. M., clerk 
27 Matthew, Mrs James 
31 Dundee Linen. Works — But- 
cliart, Lindsay, & Co., spin- 
ners and manufacturers 
37 Baxter, James, builder 
39 Miln, Thomas, reedmaker 
... Norrie, William, printer 
41 Fleming, James, merchant 
43 Bell, James F., merchant 
45 Rosemount— ^Mrs Peter Hean 
... P. Hean, jun., wine merchant 
Lowden, Wm. , photographer 
Rosebank Established Church 
14 Wallace, Gavine 
10 Mitchell, J. & A., bootmakers 
8 Ross, William, grocer 
4 Galbraith, Mrs, confectioner 



1 Duncan, P. M., shipowner 
4 Chalmers, James, manager 
6 Stewart, James A., manufr. 

... Stewart, Charles, manufr. 

... Stewart, David, solicitor 
8 Mackison,Wm., burgh surveyor 

10 Lowden, Wm., photographer 

12 Hodge, Ann, teacher 


17 Milne, Alex., & Co., coal mer. 
21 Robertson, David, jun., clerk 
... Glass, Jane, dressmaker 
23 M'Lauchlan, John, bagmaker 
27 Walton, Graham, ironturner 
. . . Sellars, John W. , traveller 
31 Butchart, Peter, manager 
33 Smellie, Thomas, clerk 
35 Gregory, Benjamin, policeman 
37 Stewart, Robert, milloverseer 
... M'Intosh, Andrew, labourer 
39 Anderson, George, grocer 
43 M'GiU, Mrs 
45 Thomson, Douglas, joiner 
49 Colman, Thomas, calenderer 
. . . Cameron, David, tailor 
51 Morrison, Charles, lapper 
... Morgan, Edward, fireman 
55 M'Laren, WiUiam, grocer 
Laing street here 

57 Lyall, John, waste merchant 
59 Stewart, W. R., hacklemaker 
56 Gillan, Peter, & Co., tinsmiths 
Clepington Public School — W. 
Mudie and Miss Yule, teachers 
52 Robertson, Donald, cab prop. 
48 Stewart, George, mason 
46 Stewart, Donald, joiner 
44 Anderson, John, mason 
42 Mackie, David, joiner 
40 Dickson, Mrs 
36 Robertson, John, bootmaker 

.. Taylor, Robert, draper 
. . . Fraser, Alex. , police constable 
34 Croll, Mrs A., grocer 
30 Fraser, Mrs, manglekeeper 
28 Alexander, Joseph, labourer 
22 M'Leod, James, grocer 
16 Hutton, Robt., fUe manufactr. 
12 Duncan, Mrs 
... Henry, Mrs 

6 Gray, Mrs, confectioner 

4 Spence, James, overseer 



1 Stewart, James, secy. , Factory 

Workers' Association 

... Scrimgeour, Mrs James 

... M'Nab, George R., clerk 

... Tosh, Mrs James, lodgings 

3 Gibb, David R., merchant 

... Stiven, Edward B., merchant 

... The Lordburn Spinning Co. 

. . . Hendry, David B. , manufr. 

... Ferguson, John, merchant 

... Stiven, Peter, merchant 

5 Melville & Halley, merchants 
... Proctor, D., & Sons, merchants. 
... Milne, Miss, miUiaer 



12 Linn, Mrs, manglekeeper 

14 Munro, Robert, porter 

16 Walker, Wm. F., confectioner- 

18 Porter, Andrew, plasterer 

... Topping, Henry, labourer 

26 Hynd, William, blockmaker 

28 Davidson, Mrs 

30 Birse, William, foreman 



30 Ross, Hugh, tenter 
... Campbell, James, carter 
... Meldrum, Andrew, carter 
34 M'Farlane, John, woodturner 


1 Bowman, David, grocer 

... Wilkie, John, draughtsman 

2 Reid, Andrew, woodturner 
... Cunnison, D. R., blacksmith 
... Cumming, William, manager 

3 White, Archibald, clerk 

... Briggs, William, coal agent 
... Taylor, James, turner 

4 Isles, David, joiner 
... Wallace, James, clerk 

5 Stewart, Jas., sec. East of Scot. 

Factory Workers' Association 
... Clark, John, mill manager 
... Allan, G-eorge, manager, Clep- 

ington Waste Works 

6 Craik, William, joiner 
... Wilkie, David, mason 

... Robertson. John, telegraphist 
... Wallace, John W. 

7 Ramsay, Alexander, joiner 

8 Ross, Alex. R., British wine 

... Jamieson, David, joiner 
... Miller, James, collector 

9 Dowie, George, clerk 

10 Gibson, Andrew, plasterer 
... Mitchell, John, blacksmith 
... Anderson, John, jun., clerk 

11 Knuck, Henry, traveller 

... Beattie, William, brushmaker 


28 Moyes, Laurence, general dealer 
... Macrae, William, plumber 
... Carroll, Christopher, traveller 
... Carlyle, George, clerk 

1 Cunningham, Jas., bool<seller 
3 Wilkie, William, confectioner 

6 Forrester, Alexander, baker 

7 Esplin, Alex., housefactor 

... Petrie, James M., tobacconist 

... Lindsay, James, dockmaster 

... Petrie, Mrs Ann, lodgings 

7 M'Gavin, Robert 



Black, William, ironmonger 
M 'Queen, D.,packingcaae mkr. 
Brough, Lawrence, tobacconist 
Dewar & Christie, yarn agents 
Stiven, John, & Son, merchants 
Mathew, James P., & Co., 

printers and stationers 
Thomson, David 
Caird, James K., manufacturer 
Fleming, Douglas, & Co., mers. 
Robinson, Fleming, & Co. mers. 
Mann, James, merchant 
Fairweather,W. R., com. agent 
Abbot, Alexander, sackmaker 
Strachan, David, sculptor 
Evening News Office — Peddie, 

Hutcheson, & Co., publishers 
Cargill & Co., bleachers 
Moir, John, & Son, manufacts. 
M'Intyre,W.A.,&Co., bleachers 
St Andrew''s street here 
Bisset, David, agent 
Tennant, C. , & Co., chemists 
Tennant, James, agent 
Peter, John, merchant 
Deuchar, John, jun., merchant 
Duncan, James, & Co., merchs. 
Macgregor, Alexander, teacher 
Adie, Andw. & Jas., spinners 
Lindsay, Alexander, merchant 
Russell, D., & Co., merchants 
Duncan, Wm., insurance agent 
Penman, James, bookseller 
Tarbet, Robert, agent 
Glenday, R. A., merchant 
Fairweather, J. B. , com. agent 
Couper, Charles, ship agent 
Buchan, Wm. Young, merch. 
Buchan, Sarah C, teacher 
Mathers, Robert M., baker 
Croudace, Wm. S., ship agent 
Ireland, W. R. , & Moncur,manu. 
Ritchie, W., & Son, merchants 
Berry, Thomas, merchant 
Sparks, James, merchant 
Watson, James, tailor 
Niven, John C, butcher 
Mackie, Robert, pastry baker 
Dundee Calender — Jas. Hales, 

Millan, Miss, dressmaker 




















! 100 


Mills, J. & A., manufactureras 
Abbot, Alex., sackmaker 
Sugar House wynd here 
Macdonald, J. 0., mercliant 
Briggs, Thomas, manufacturer 
Steven, John, grain merchant 
Mitchell, William, plumber 
Hutchison, David, slater 
Isles, William, warehouseman 
Fleming, David, builder 
Lee, John, shipmaster 
Heigh, John, joiner 
Smith, Miss B., grocer 
Rodger, Robt. B., confectioner 
Smith, James, joiner 
Smith, Miss M., milliner 
Mitchell, William, plumber 
Rosenstern,F., & Co. , jute mer. 
Godfrey, C. T., merchant 
Queen street here 
Smith, Miss B., grocer 
Sturrock, James, hairdresser 
Evans, Arthur, seaman 
Scott, M. A., calender er 
Lindsay, Alex., warehouseman 
Slidders, Alex. , cattle salesman 
Forbes, John H., sackmaker 
Lowe, Thos. , cork manufacturer 
Crichton, John, plumber 
Shepherd, Joseph, joiner 
M'Kinlay, John, baker 
Cupar, Elizabeth, confectioner 
Ross, David, grocer 
Gallacher, Wm. , chimneysweep. 
Butler, Peter, tailor 
Wilson, Mrs D., broker 
iS'^ Rogue's lane here 
Milne, Mrs D., wine merchant 
Rickman, Frederick, riveter 
Miller, James, lapper 
Clark, David, hawker 
Strachan, Kinmond, & Co., cal- 

Lindsay, Mrs John, grocer 
Abbot, Mrs, manglekeeper 
Anderson, Alexander, drapers' 

Paris, Allan, blacksmith 
M'Laren, David, grocer 
BeU, George, pawnbroker 
Gibson, Geo. M. , rope manufr. 

68 Lord, G. H., machinery merch. 
56 Cowgate Calendering Co. 
44 M 'Farlane, J . & R. , stam p cutters 
32 Ewan, Young, & Co., spinners 
30 Morrison, Wm. B., merchant 
... Wilmerding, Biddle, & Bisset, 

28 Macdonald, Alex., merchant 
... Shepherd, Joseph, joiner 
26 Cowgate Porters' Lodge 
24 Mutter, Howey, & Co., railway 

... Slidders, James, agent 
. . . Prain, James, & Sons, spinners 
22 Durie, John^ painter 
20 Peter's Court 

Dove, John F., merchant 
Guthrie, J. Cargill, merchant 
Bell, Misses, teachers 
■ Dargie, Wm. , clerk of works 
Smith, James S. , draper 
Wallace, Charles, clerk 
Arthur, Mrs, milliner 
Munro, Donald, wine merch. 
Reid, Charles S., agent 
18 Thoms, P. H. 
... Thoms, T. W. 
... Ritchie, W. Buchan, shipbroker 
... The Lochgelly Iron and Coal 

Co. — W. B. Ritchie, agent 
16 Scott & Fyfe, manufacturers 
14 Reid, Jas., & Co., musicsellers 

Bai7i square here 
12 Ross, T. S. , merchant 
... Malcolm, Wm.F., & Co., merch. 
... Dundee Public Warehouse Co. 

— T. S. Ross, manager 
8 Mitchell & Graham, spinners 
... Mitchell, John, merchant 
2 NorthernAssurance Co. — Thos. 
Kyd, secretary 



1 Young, Mrs Eliz. , spiritdealer 

2 Small, Helen, dressmaker 
... Smith, Mrs Helen 

... Smith, H. H., clerk 

3 Johnston, David, shipmaster 
... Mitchell, James A. P., clerk 

3 Petrie, Miss M. 



3 Dalgairns, Mrs Peter 

.. Morton, Robert, cutter 
... Garment, James, bookseller 
... Sturrock, Miss, mantlemaker 
... Scott, William 
... Brown, David, merchant 

4 Reid, Mrs Thomas, stationer 

5 Anderson, James, joiner 
9 M'Kay, Charles, carter 



1 1 Anderson, John, coal merchant 
... Sinclair, George, packer 

17 Burnett, Thomas, porter 

19 Wann, Alexander, builder 
27 Brown, David, optician 
31 M'Pherson, Mrs S, grocer 

20 M'Intosh, Margaret, grocer 

12 Lawson, Alex., coal merchant 
... M'Farlane, David, boil ermaker 

. . Small, Mrs James, grocer 
10 Fairweather, Alex., shipmaster 
8 David, John, bootmaker 

6 M'Farlane, John, sculptor 
4 Muckersie, David, teacher 

2 Martin, Jessie, grocer & spirits 
... Brymer, David, blacksmith 
... Anderson, David M., mechanic 


(See Feery Road.) 



1 Boyd, Mrs James 

2 M'Lean, James, merchant 

3 Young, John R., solicitor 

4 Rattray, James, merchant 
Forrester, David, merchant 
Craigiebank Cottage — David 

Air, merchant 



1 Robertson, John, spinner 

... Robertson, Jas. C, accountant 

2 Reid, William W., manager 

3 Chalmers, Robert, millmanager 
... Chalmers, R., jun.,millmanager 

3 Chalmers, William, clerk 

4 Rorie, James, M.D. 



1 Wanless, Andw. , photographer 
... Petrie, George, & Co., drapers 
... Lawson, David, butcher 

... Petrie, David, foreman 
17 Wilson, Robert, dairyman 
19 Ramsay, David, blacksmith 

27 Gray, Alexander, pickermaker 
31 Adams, John, lalDourer 

35 Dewar, John, cartwright 
59 Gow, Alexander, builder 
65 East District Police Station 
58 Kirkcaldy, David, manager 
... Sturrock, Robert, tailor 
... Edwards, George, blacksmith 
... Whitton, William 
... Blair, Francis, blacksmith 
50 Maurice, Alexander, slater 
48 Leighton, Wm. B., weigher 
. . . Anderson, Alexander, engineer 
... TindaU, David, joiner 
... Findlay, Mrs, lodgings 
Church street here 

28 Edwards, G., blacksmith 

16 Young, Elizabeth, dressmaker 
... Adam, James, tenter 
... Thomson, Wm., confectioner 
... Beat, William, fireman 

10 O'Kane & Gibson, joiners 

6 Murdoch, Alex., cabinetmaker 
4 Allan, William, coal merchant 

2 Stronner, David, grocer 

. . . Key, George, harbour porter 
... Fitchet, James, warehouseman 


3 Crowlie, William, draper 
... Dallas, David, overseer 

7 Grant, William, bootmaker 
9 Brown, David, stableman 

11 Pert, John, rigger 

, . . Watson, Alexander, mason 
13 Murdoch, Alex. , cabinetmaker 
23 Carrick, Richard, boilermaker 
25 Skinner, James, millmanager 
27 Myles,Mrs,tailoress&machinist 
... M 'Ritchie, Jas., house- propriet. 

29 Stewart, James, coal merchant 



31 Boswell, David, brassfounder 

... Robertson, Hugh, engineer 

... Keith, George, pilot 

... Anderson, Mrs, dressmaker 

83 Clark, Mrs, grocer 

35 M 'Donald, Peter, shoemaker 

... Cowie, James, turner 

45 Peacock, James, moulder 

... M'Kenzie, Alex., birdstuffer 

47 Farquhar, David, packer 

49 Murdoch, Alex., jun., joiner 

51 Arkhe, Thomas, blacksmith 

... Robb, Robert, ironturner 

... George, Robert, bottler 

... Hardie, Stewart, spiritdealer 

... Murdoch, Alexander, joiner 

and funeral undertaker 
... Chalmers,Alex.P.,millmanager 
55 Murdoch, David, joiner 
61 Gibson, Jane R., dressmaker 
69 Martin, Isa., hardware merch. 
... Skinner, Jas., warehouseman 

Wallacetown Parish Church 

Wallacetown Public School — 
David Muckersie, teacher 

Dens Works School — Andrew 
Strachan, teacher 

Dens Works Factory 

1 Fairweather, A.& S., shoemak. 
3 Robertson, Helen B. , victualler 
5 Langlands, John, bootmaker 
7 Mathers, David, hotel keeper 
... Mathers, A. C, hotel proprietor 
9 Jarman, Joseph, wine merch. 
11 Wedderspoon, Richard, coffee- 
house manager 
13 Allan, Jas., & Son, perfumers 
15 Peters, Alexander, confectioner 
17 Ross, William, painter 
... Luke, Mrs Ann, lodgings 
... Dempster, Mrs, fish merchant 
... Gorrie, Richard, spiritdealer 
19 Niven, David, & Son, butchers 
21 Pirie, David, painter 
23 Nicoll, John, joiner 
... Patrick, Robert, tailor 
... Pirie & Croom, paper trimming 

machine makers 
25 Ferguson & Hunter, ironmong. 

24 Macdonald, Miss 

... Allan, Jas., jun., hairdresser 
... Macdonald, William, baker 
... Grant, Alexander, carpenter 
... Small, Mrs Rachel 
... Turnbull, William, seaman 
... Butchart, Mrs Alexander 
... Reid, Mrs George 

20 Pow, James, fish merchant 
18 Nicoll, Charles, confectioner 

16 Li vie, David, boatbuilder 
14 Cant, James, bookseller 

12 Munro, David, ironmonger 

10 Innes, David, butcher 
8 Beath, David, currier 

... Douglas & Smith, engravers 
... Anderson, Geo., hay merchant 
... Hendry, Mrs Sam., lodgings 
... Keiller, John, fishdealer 
... Roberts, James, fishdealer 
. . . Ford, Mrs Ann 

6 Mathieson, James, shoemaker 
4 Douglas, David, grocer 

2 Smart, James, tobacconist 



Hawkhill Public School — Geo. 
Caird and Miss Mathew, 
teachers ; G . Scott, caretaker 

7 Menzies, Helen, china merch. 
... Strachan, Charles, ropemaker 

11 Young, Mrs, manglekeeper 

13 Stewart, Mrs Duncan 

17 Gray, Thomas, joiner 

... Logic, John, bootmaker 

... Menzies, James, shipmaster 

... Melville, Robert, joiner 

... Craig, Alexander, housef actor 

... Henderson, John, clerk 

... Hogg, Jas., late millmanager 

... Smith, Thomas, mason 

21 Pullar, Robert, grocer 

25 Muir, John W., grocer 
31 Roger, Edward 

... Muir, John, shoemaker 

37 Stewart, James 

39 Lynch, John, joiner 

41 Yule, Alexander, mechanic 

43 Lyall, William, lieut. of police 

47 Davidson, Mitchell, watchman 



49 Cathie, Mrs 
49J Fleming, David N. , clerk 
... Buchan, John, engineer 
59 Simpson, Alexander, grocer 

Annjield row here 
63 Crawford, John, grocer 
75 Hart, James, grocer 
77 Birnie, Alexander, baker 
81 Sutton, Alexander, grocer 
... Reid, James, bookdeliverer 
83 Mackay, J. D., salesman 
87 Black, Euphemia, teacher 
... Black, Mrs Thomas 
89 Dargie, George, carter 
... Murray, James, overseer 
... Robertson, David, carter 
... Inglis, Thomas, mechanic 
91 Benvie, James, mason 
... Rose, A., draper 
... Murray, William, joiner 
93 Millar, George, overseer 
. . . Mitchell, David, grain merch. 
95 M'Ewan, Archibald, clerk 
Phin's land 
Peebles, J. H., grocer 
12 Allan, John, mason 
11 Cruikshank, Chas., clerk 
14 M'Donald, Robt., mason 
4 Bruce, Robert, joiner 
3 Massie, Andrew, joiner 
6 Buist, David, compositor 
Powrie's laj^d 
M'Inroy, John, mason 
Barron, Peter C, joiner 
Corso street here 
64 Pullar, Robert, grocer 
... Eaton, George, painter 
... Brown, John, mechanic 
... Kerr, Mrs 

... Underwood, James, jun. , baker 
... Taylor, George, sailmaker 
62 Mitchell, James, joiner 
... Forsyth, Peter, overseer 
60 Jeffrey, Mrs John 
56 M'Rither, John, tinsmith 
... Wilson, James, seaman 
52 Nicoll, Mrs Helen, grocer 
50 Gorrie, John, ropemaker 
. . . Chalmers, Mrs D. 
46 Wilkie, David, greengrocer 
44 Scott, Elizabeth 




Goodall, James, mechanic 
Grant, Mrs J. , grocer & spiritdlr. 
Thomson, Peter, sub-editor 
Campbell, Isa., waitress 
Cooper, James, late spiritdealer 
Nicol, David G., shipmaster 
Baird, John, clerk 
Powrie, Archibald 
Phinn, William, clerk 
Lindsay, John, accountant 
Myles, Mrs James 
Miller, Thomas Y., reporter 
Symers, James, clerk 
Robertson, Mrs, pawnbroker 
Nicoll, Thomas, ironmonger 
Stewart, David, clerk 
Gordon, John, blacksmith 
Fowler, James, frenchpolisher 
Gordon, John, blacksmith 
Leslie, W. M., overseer 
Petrie, John, starcher 
Chalmers, Alf.G., music teacher 
Murray, William, joiner 
Mackay, John F., hacklemaker 
Edward, Chas. D., watchmaker 
Campbell, A. B., agent 
Bean, James, clerk 
Havelock place 
Stenhouse, Mrs 
Fairweather, George, butcher 
Gibb, Joseph, ironmonger 
Guthrie, Andw.,commis. agent 
Soutar, Mrs George, lodgings 
Dand, Charles, warehouseman 
Tait, Charles, foreman diver 
Miller, Alex., late supervisor 
Drummond, Robert 
Hislop, Geo., supt. of weighing 
Black, Robert, manager 
Ritchie, D. A., clerk 
Clark, Jacob, printer 
Donn, Robert, compositor 
Smith, William, compositoi- 
Airth, Mrs, ironer 
Roy, James, jun., bricklayer 
M'Lean, Alex., joiner 
Stewart, Andrew, sub-editor 
Tyrie, Misses, dressmakers 
Allen, Chas. B., clerk 
Alcorn, William, cutter 
Stuart, John, joiner 



2 More, David M., draper 


1 Proudf oot, J. , commer . traveller 

3 Foggie, John, clerk 

. . . Keay, T. C. , marine engineer 

4 Kay, Alex., millmanager 

6 Brown, Jas. , commission agent 

7 Miller, Alexander, clerk 
... Harley, Louis, fruiterer 

8 rindlay,C.,powerloom manager 

9 Langlands, Alex., manufacturer 

10 Graham, Francis, millfurnisher 

11 Winter, David, stationer 

12 M'Kelvie, Wm. E.., superin- 

tendent of cemeteries 

13 Lindsay, John, slater 

14 Blair, David, shoemaker 

15 Anderson, William, merchant 

16 Anderson, J., factory manager 

17 Constable, Jas., jun., clerk 

18 Duncan, David, clerk 

19 Guild, John S., marine engineer 

20 Black, Alex. D., flax inspector 
... Black, Miss E. D., dressmaker 

21 Burns, Charles D., butcher 

23 Drysdale, Thomas, clerk 

24 Black, William, joiner 

25 Clark, W^illiam 

26 Fleming, Alexander, grocer 

27 Justice, Thomas, upholsterer 

28 Webster, David S. 

29 Chalmers, James, milloverseer 

30 Christie, John F., grocer 

31 Page, Alex. , printing machinist 

32 Davie, Peter, painter 

33 Taylor, Mrs 

34 Baldy, James 

... Rea, James, clerk 

35 Smyth, Alex., house agent 

36 Mathevi'son, Elizabeth, grocer 

and wine merchant 

37 Moore, James, insurance agent 

38 Innes, James, vanman 

39 Smith, James, tailor 

40 Davidson, J. L., clerk 

41 Batchelor, Alex. , cabinetmaker 

42 Alexander, William, clerk 

43 Donaldson, James, clerk 

44 Thorn, J., confectioner's assist. 
Young, William, blacksmith 

16 Kirkpatrick, Mrs 
... Kirkpatrick, Misses, teachers 
... Kirkpatrick, John, agent 
Walker, Helen, dressmaker 

14 Macgregor, Thomas, manager 

10 Henderson, Mrs Thomas 
... Thomson, Robert, grocer 

8 Whitton, Andrew, joiner 
6 Ogilvie, David, lettercarrier 
.. M'Farlane, George, joiner 
... Grahame, J., provision dealer 

4 Milne, Alexander, clerk 
Laburn & Lindsay, slaters 


1 Petrie, Thomas, joiner 

2 Shearer, Edward, grocer 

5 Ferguson, Thomas, seaman 

11 Ellis, James, mason 
13 Fowler, Wm., baker 

15 Laughlan, Michael, grocer 
17 Carneron, Patrick, tailor 
... Paton, William, tailor 

... Peter, Robert, blacksmith 
29 Mitchell, David, confectioner 
31 Wilson, Charles, seaman 

39 Martin, David, milloverseer 

41 Stark, Mrs James, grocer 
45 Small, William, carter 

47 Scott, Morrice, compositor 
51 Stewart, John, upholsterer 

53 Scott & M'Nab, shuttlemakers 
63 Bonar, Helen, confectioner 

60 Institution for the Blind— John 

W. Gar ro way, manager 
58 Dryden, Wm., millwright 
56 M'Donald, James, grocer 

54 Laburn, James, slater 

50 Angus, George, milloverseer 

... M'Donald, Hugh, tanner 

48 Black, Mrs J., manglekeeper 
44 Gordon, Alex., baker 

42 Saunders, Robert, joiner 

40 Noddle, Robert, general dealer 
38 Fisher, John, joiner 

36 Kennedy, Mrs 

34 Martin, Wm., currier 

. . . Allan, James, china merchant 

30 Gellatly, James, flesh er 

28 Campbell, Philip, seaman 

26 Stewart, Peter, japanner 


24 Boyd, David, shoemaker 

18 Gall, Thomas, grocer and spirit 

10 Christie, Thomas, grocer 

6 Anderson, Mrs, broker 

4 Anderson, William, draper 

2 Powrie, Alexander, grocer 



1 Pay, John, grocer 

12 Vallely, John, grocer 

10 Connolly, John, confectioner 

8 Armstrong, William, grocer 
... Philips, Thos., police constable 
... Elder, John, feuar 
... Elder, Mrs 

6 Mitchell, David, grain mercht. 

4 Ruthven, Mrs, grocer 

2 Dawson, Mrs, dressmaker 
... Dawson, John 

... Sutherland, Miss, dressmaker 

2 Findlay, David, harbour porter 
.. Smeaton, William, plumber 
10 Foreman, Alex. F., plumber 
... Black, David, labourer 
14 Stewart, James, dresser 
18 Oswald, James, bootmaker 
... Ramsay, James, calenderer 
20 Frances, Samuel, calenderer 
... Morrison, William, labourer 
22 Ramsay, John, lapper 
24 M'Dougall, Mrs, grocer 
26 Wighton, Thos. , house propr. 

12 Davidson, Mrs J., winemerch. 
14 Thomson, George, policeman 
20 Johnston, Mrs J. L., grocer 
22 Johnston, James L., clerk 
Dens Road Factory — Jn. Laing 

& Sons, manufacturers 
Laing street here 
34 Ballantine, James, spiritdealer 
Hillbank Spimiing Co., spinners 
Parker, Charles, & Sons, 

Morison, Anderson, & Butchart, 



1 Gellatly, Alexander, mechanic 

2 Crichton, James, lapper 
... Ogilvie, James, blacksmith 
11 Simpson, Mrs 
13 Ogilvie, David, gas inspector 
. . . Dumbrake, Alexander, fireman 
15 Swanson, Mrs 

19 Kirkland, James, labourer 

... Galloway, Edward, blacksmith 

21 Webster, Mrs 

23 Keenan, Charles, grocer 

Russell street here 
41 Cartmill, Thomas, labourer 

22 Gallacher, Michael, grocer 

20 Stewart, John, horsebreaker 
... Combs, William, traveller 
10 Gellatly, David, joiner 

4 Hood, Alexander, mason 
... Smith, David 


1 Ogilvie, David, spiritdealer 

2 Colville, David, grocer 

3 Walker, John, & Co., coal mer. 

4 Colville, David, contractor 
... Gloag, Alexander, clerk 

.. Chalmers, W., boot &shoe maker 

... Blair, Peter, shipmaster 

... Anderson, David, confectioner 

6 Working Men's Coffeerooms — 

John Graham, manager 

WeM Dock street here 

8 Fleming, John, & Sons, whole- 

sale grocers 

9 Stirling, R. M'D., agent for 

Joseph Travers &Son, London 
. . . Sinclair, John, & Son, com. mer. 
13 Lawson, William, comm. agent 

15 Powrie, David, spiritdealer 
Greenmarlcet and Shore ter. here 

16 Brimner, James, spiritdealer 

17 Biiik,W.&H.,rope& sail makers 

18 Taylor, W.O.,&Co.,shipbrokers 

20 Strong, Wm. , & Co. , com.merch. 

21 Wylie, Wm. Murray, cutler 
... Stevenson, Rae J., drawing 

... Muat, Thomas, cook 
... Mackenzie, Peter, clerk 



21 Lucas, Mrs, lodgings 

22 Postal Telegraph Office 

23 Banks, Alex. M., ship agent 
_ • , . . Edwards, Alex. , shipowner 

24 Halket & Adam, rope and sail 


25 Wordie & Co. , railway carriers 
... Robertson Bros., shipbrokers 
... Bates, James, commis. agent 
,.. Cruikshank Rd., commis agent. 

27 Watt, Arch. A., merchant 

... Wannan, D., steamship broker 
... Duncan, P. M., coal agent and 
steam shipowner 

28 Customs Bonds, Nos. 1 and 3 — 

Rt. Gildea, examining officer 

29 Pearson, Wm., corn merchant 
... Barry, William C, merchant 
... Anderson, David, corn merch. 

30 Wallace, Andrew, coalmaster 
30 Cairns, Robert, colliery agent 

. . . FuUerton, A. , & Co. , publishers 

— A. B. Campbell, agent 
. . . Winter, John H. , com. agent 
-31 Ronald, James, corn merchant 
... Laskie, Wm., commis. agent 
... Kerr, Peter, shipping agent 

32 Kennedy & Rae, rope & sailmak. 

33 Inglis, J. T., shipping agent 

... Gibson, Joseph, & Co., marine 

insurance brokers 
... Primerose & Martin, manure 

and feeding stuffs agent 
... Erentz, C. H., shipbroker 

34 Strong, W. & S. , wine and spirit 

merchants and shipstore deal. 
38 Leslie, Wm. D., hairdresser 
Commercial street here 

41 Yetts, WiUiamR., outfitter 

42 Knight, Jas., shipchandler and 

free and bonded store dealer 

43 Feathers, P. A., & Son, opticians 

47 Young, William, tobacconist 

48 Allison & Sons, Jas., sailmakers 
. . . Dundee & Shetland Fishing Co. 

— Jas. AUison&Sons, managers 

49 Kirkcaldy Court 

•49J Davidson, Miss, confectioner 

50 Jamieson, Jas., spiritdealer 
Gellatly street here 

52 WeddeU & Sons, clothiers 

53 Machan, John, shipbroker 

... Ritchie, James S., shipowner 
... Nicoll,W.shipowner&limemer. 

54 Machan, Robt.N., shipchandler 

55 Ballingall,D.,wine& spirit mer. 
57 M'Gregor, Duncan, spiritdealer 

59 Hynd,Jas.,house& ship painter 

60 Working Men's Coffeerooms — 

David Robertson, manager 

61 Duncan, Charles, shipchandler 
Candle lane here 

Mitchell, James, shipbroker 

62 Ireland, PatersonP., shipbroker 
... Scott & Son, David, shipbrokers 
. . . Thomson, Wm. C. , corn merch. 
. . . Lloyd's Surveyor's Office — 

James L. Siimette, surveyor 
Customhouse buildings — 
Shore Dues Office — • 
Jas. Watson, harbour treas. 
Harbour Chambers — 
David Cunningham, harbour 

Wm. Thoms, harbour clerk 
Alexander E. Gray, clerk 
W. Robertson, harbourmaster 
Robt. Archibald, messenger 
Customhouse — 
David C. Pagan, collector 
Patrick Lindsay, messenger 
Mercantile Marine Office — 
Anthony Trail superintend. 
George Jack, secretary 
Peter Whytock, deputy-supt. 
James Grant and S. J. J. 
Paxton, surveyors 
James Reid, timber measurer 

2 Mathew, George, restaurateur 
M'Farlane, John, sculptor 
10 Ramsay, James, shipbroker 
12 Peters, David, contractor 
14 Robertson, Alex., confectioner 
18 Robertson, Alex., tobacconist 
20 Stiven, James, mill furnisher 
22 Kinnear, William, shipbroker 
24 Adamsou, J. ,& Co. , coal merchs. 
26 Sherriff, George, manager 
28 Mudie, R. A., & Sous, coal mers. 
Jessieman, Geo., wood merch. 



Allan street here 
Lindsay& Low, grocers & bakers 
Fyfe&E.obertson,inarble cutters 
Dundee Seal&WhaleFishingCo. 
Gourlay Brothers & Co., 

engineers and shipbuilders 
North British Railway Co. 

Mineral Yard 
Lindsay & Anderson, terra cotta 

and fire-clay manufacturers 
Mitchell, William, agent 
Peep- o' -Day lane here 
Gas Works— Boyd M. M'Crae, 

Geddes, Alex. , wood merchant 
Robertson, Jas., mahogany mer. 
Cottage Factory — John Moir 

& Son, manufacturers 
Carolina Port Slaughter Houses 
Knight, David, superintendent 

of markets 
Macfarlane, Wm., gatekeeper 
Briggs, William, asphalter 
Anderson, John, & Co., boiler- 
White, John F., flourmiller 
Ramsay, J., & Co., rivetmakers 
East Station — 
James M'Farlane, goods supt. 
Jas. P. Petrie, station master 

10 Weddell, John, contractor 
.. Weddell, David, contractor 
. . Hird, George S., civil engineer 

13 Adams, James, clerk 

.. Erentz, C. H, shipbroker 

. . Batchelor, Mrs Margaret 

.. Knight, James, shipchandler 

.. Cowperthwaite, Wm., engineer 

.. Weddell, James, clothier 

.. White, William B., sawmiller 

.. Alexander, David, engineer 

.. Malcolm, William, carpenter 

.. Malcolm, James, upholsterer 

.. Thomson, Mrs Mary 

. Reid, David, commission mer. 

.. Davidson, Wm., jun., merchant 

.. M'Laren, John, marblecutter 

.. Brown, John, boatbuilder 

14 Banks, Mrs Thos., spiritdealer 

15 Smith, Mitchell, provision mer. i 

16 Gilchrist, Henry, wine merch. | 

17 Jobson, David, jun., oil merch. : 
29 Young, Mrs Eliza. , spiritdealer 

5 Brown, John, weaver 
... Kidney, William, sackmaker 
2 Henderson, J. H. F., manuf. 



M'Lauchlan, J., manure merch. 
Park Mill 
101 Robertson, Alexander, overseer 
78 Geekie, Charles, labourer 
72 M'Caffray, H., cabinetmaker 
58 NicoU, John, labourer 

DudhopeWorks— Wm. Fergus- j 
son & Sons, manufacturers i 


For West side, see Lochee rd.; for 
South side, see Dudhope Cres. 
rd.; for East side, see Parker 
street ; and for North side, see 
Cochrane st. ; see also John street 


dudhope crescent. 
2 Stewart, James, spirit merch. 
... Christie, Miss, dressmaker 
... Robb, Peter, spiritdealer 
... M'Lauchlan, Alex., milliner 
4 Noble, David, grocer 
8 Campbell, Donald, grocer 
10 Cant, David, flesher 
12 Bain, John, grocer 

John street here 
14 Sharp, Peter, furnishings 
18 Campbell, David, fishdealer 
20 Simpson, Andrew, clerk 
. . . Habenton, D., weaving overseer 
22 Morrison, John, joiner 
24 Irvine, David, confectioner 
26 Clark, James, greengrocer 
Parker street here 
Gladstone place 
28 Mathewson, Elizabeth, grocer 
30 Linn, John, grocer 
32 Freir, Alex., miUmanager 




32 M'LaucMan, Alex., draper 
M'NicoU, Chas., accountant 
Robb, William, teacher 
Bartholomew, J., ironfounder 
Clark, Thos., late blockmaker 
Clark, Patrick D., clerk 
Smith, Wm. E,., millmanager 
Hunter, Charles, draper 
Wilson, John S., sackmaker 
34 Whyte, William, baker 
36 Milne, John, tobacconist 
Dudhope Crescent Road U.P. 


Masonic place 
44 Simpson, Peter, mechanic 
Eeid, Peter, draper 
Fraser, John, clerk 
Abbot, J., jun., photographer 
Morrison, Rob., photographer 
Ross, Gustavus, shopkeeper 
Davidson, Mrs W., dressmaker 
Noble, David, grocer 
Noble, Dav. , late lettercarrier 
Shepherd, John, lathsplitter 
M'Leod, Esther, tobacconist 
Davidson, David, ironfounder 
M'Gill, John, bootmaker 
Allan, John, bookseller 
Lahurn street here 
Catholic Apostolic Church 
Sturrock & Sherriff, builders 
Police Commissioners' Yard 

(See page 332.^ 


Rustic Place 
Reid, Mrs David, tobacconist 
Kay, Mrs James 
Hardie, James, seedsman 
Greig, Mrs David 
Carmichael, Jas. , jun. , engineer 
Sturrock, John, engineer 
Hill, George, clothier 
Duff, Alexander, mechanic 
Skinner, Mrs John 
Gordon, James, cashier 
Paris, George, late shipmaster 
Forbes, James B., agent 
Fleming, Andrew P., spinner 

Grant, Miss Helen 
Paradise road here 
Lamond, Mrs Thomas 
Grant, William, butcher 
Crawford, James, tailor 
Keay, James, compositor 
White, Alexander, forgeman 
Gibson, John, harbour porter 
Brough, Lawrence, tobacconist 
Rettie, Wm., family victualler 
Watson, Thomas, seaman 
Milne, David, butcher 
M'Gregor, John, merchant 
Laburn, George, slater 
Dempster, William, joiner 
Smith, Andrew, lettercarrier 
Blair, James, cabinetmaker 
Ogilvie, David, shoemaker 
Small, Charles, glazier 
Shepherd, Robert, tailor 
Mason, Samuel, shoemaker 
Findlay, William, baker 
Hutchison & Gray, sackmakers 
Davidson & Angus, cheese- 
block makers 
Smith, Joshua, spirit merchant 
Wilson, William, teacher 
Wellgate Free Church 
Wills, Mrs Margaret, brewer 
Hogg, William, grocer 
Neave, John, brewery manager 
Lowson, William, packer 
Mudie, George, hairdresser 
Reid, William, slater 
Gauld, James, draper 
Robertson & M'Kenzie, painters 
Low, Miss Janet, draper 
Harris, Mrs, general dealer 
Johnston, James, grocer 
Young, William F. , engineer 
Maclaren, Alex. W., draper 
Gordon, David, bootmaker 
Gauld, James, draper 
Millar, Lewis F., musician 
Robertson, Miss A, confection. 
Taylor, James 
Pert, Mrs Elizabeth 
M'Guire, Mrs P., spiritdealer 
Black, Charles, newsagent 
Small, Wm., jun., fishdealer 
Boyd, David, shoemaker 



58 Small, William C, grocer 

66 Harris, James, tailor 

46 Low, Miss Betsy 

44 Brymer, Mary, manglekeeper 

Dallfield walk here 
42 Gall, Thomas, grocer 
38 Allan, James, china merchant 
36 Grant, William, butcher 
34 Anderson, William, draper 
32 Beath, James, manager 
... Lumsden, James, toolmaker 
30 Grahame, John, provis. dealer 
28 Noddle, Robert, ironmonger 
26 Gardiner, MrsA., manglekeeper 
24 Lowrie, Robert, shoemaker 

Dallfield terrace here 
18 NicoU, William, coal merchant 
16 Caiman, James P., moulder 
... Allison, William, calenderer 
... M 'Donald, John, carter 
14 Mundie, Robert, twinespinner 
... Gordon, Thomas, bootcloser 


12 Whytock, Mrs Peter 
10 Henderson, James, leather 
8 Scott, Andrew, late builder 
... Scott, William B., joiner 

6 Cuthbert, Thos., coachbuilder 
Cuthbert, Geo., coachbuilder 

4 Taylor, Rev. Neil, 

2 Malcolm, David R., manager 


1 Cochrane, P. M., merchant 

2 Hill, Rev. Thomas 

3 Robertson, C. , produce broker 

4 Thornton, Thomas, writer 

5 Prain, James, spinner 

... Prain, James, jun., spinner 

7 Malcolm, Alexander, merchant 

8 Lindsay, James 

... Lindsay, William, spinner 
... Lindsay, John, merchant 
... Lindsay, Robert, merchant 

9 Whitton, Mrs John 

10 Carmichael, David, engineer 

11 Carmichael, George, engineer 

12 M'Walter, Alex., shawl merch. 

13 Methven, Mrs William 

14 Smith, James, merchant 



Grieve, Richard, wine merch. 
Smith, Charles, clerk 
Smith, Thomas, engineer 
Ness, Alexander, milloverseer 
Mitchell, William, shoemaker 
Balfour, David, grocer 
Bell, Hay, stationer 
Wolseley street here 
Bruce, David, moulder 
Donaldson, Charles, mason 
Rennie, William, traveller 
Ritchie, John, clerk 
M'Intosh, David, butcher 
Scrimgeour, Robert, grocer 



1 Dura Works— p. & J. Walker, 
29 Forrester, David, merchant 
31 Lyall, Mrs, dressmaker 
... Robbie, David, labourer 
33 Robbie, James, grocer 
37 Dick, John, foreman 

Gloag, Andrew, wine merchant 
104 Kidd, Thomas, picture framer 
88 Herschell, Wm., coal merch. 
. . . Herschell & Richardson, black- 
... Pattie, John, porter 
... Watt, William, joiner 
84 Barclay, John, carter 
82 Patterson, Thomas, grocer 
78 Durkie, David, baker 

Eliza street here 
76 Millar, William, draper 
74 Black, George, fitter 
72 Watt, James, painter 
70 Fitzgerald, Thomas, beamer 
68 Brown, Ann, manglekeeper 
66 Clark, George, bootmaker 
64 Morgan, James, potato merch. 
... Boath, William S., clerk 
60 Key, Thomas, butcher 
58 Yeaman, James, grocer 
56 Herschall, Richard, blacksmith 
... Blair, David, clerk 
... MiU, James, blacksmith 
... Stephen, Mrs John 



54 Cranmer, Mary, draper 
52 Clark, George, bootmaker 
50 Scott, Donald, newsagent 
48 Robbie, Charles, labourer 
46 Wright, James D., mechanic 
42 Begg, Arthur, greengrocer 

Harriet .itreet here 
40 Adamson, Robert, mechanic 
38 Brown, John, labourer 
36 Brown, Robert, moulder 
34 Reid, Mrs, grocer 
32 Smith, Henry, stationer 
30 Matthew, Peter, confectioner 
28 Stobswell Works— J. Laing & 

Sons, spinners 
26 Cochrane, George L., sorter 
20 Walker, John, joiner 
... Steven, David, foreman 
18 Young, Thomas, porter 
.. Low, George B., sample cutter 
16 Watson, John, mechanic 

14 Crockett, James, warehouseman 

12 Bothwell, W^m., police sergeant 
10 Fisher, John, porter 

8 Young, Robert, mason 

6 Gordon, John, grocer 
Constable Works — Malcolm, 

Ogilvie, & Co., spinners 



3 Durkie, David, baker 

... Patterson, Thomas, grocer 

7 King, James, coal merchant 

13 Mitchell, Mrs 

15 Wilson, Robert, carter 
Poorhouse — D. Gunn, governor 

16 Winton, James, labourer 

14 Halley, Andrew 

8 Nicoll, David, butcher 
... Nicoll, WiUiam, butcher 

4 Ford, Robert, calenderer 

2 Fleming, Thomas, enginedriver 
... Cranmer, Mary, draper 
. . . Millar, William, draper 
... Key, Thomas, butcher 



1 Black, William, baker 

5 Stewart, Thomas, hairdresser 

9 Thomson & M'Gregor, builders. 

11 Wilson, Mrs Sarah 

13 Macandrew, Mrs, broker 

19 M'Kay, James, coal dealer 
21 Dryden, Peter, dairyman 
... Dryden, Joseph, butcher 
39 Adam, David, bootmaker 

41 Kinnaird, David, blacksmith 
45 Nicoll, David, tenter 
47 Bruce, Alexander, joiner 
51 Cooper, Peter, blacksmith 
57 Bain, Mrs George 

Maxwelltown Works — J. & A, 
D. Grimond, manufacturers 
38 Patrick, John, plasterer 
... Ross, William L. M'K., clerk 

20 Paterson, James, grocer 

16 Melville, David, upholsterer 
... Reoch, Miss, milliner 
. . . Guild, Geo. , house proprietor 
... Kennedy, George, tailor 

12 Birse, Thomas, clerk 

6 Culross, Thomas, overseer 

4 Anderson, G., & Son, slaters 



3 Findlay, George, merchant 
... Wilkie, Alexander, merchant 
... Campbell, James M. 
... Millar, William, grocer 
... Miller, Mrs M. A., lodgings 
... Bell, John W., lapper 
... Low, Robert J., shoemaker 
... M'Kenzie, Murdoch, grocer 
... Anderson, WUliam, clerk 

5 Anderson, David, packer 

... Dryden, James, jun., mercli. 
... Gray, George H., clerk 
... Sandeman, Patrick, chemist 
... Eggo, Geo. A., telegraph supt. 

7 Mackenzie, Robert S., grocer 
... Myles, Mrs James 

. . . Eraser, Charles, flax inspector 
... Stewart, William 
... Braid, Chas. D., shipchandler 
. . . Low, John, coal merchant 
... Sandeman, John, clerk 
9 Byres, William, clerk 
... Aimer, James D., merchant 
... Stewart, Dun., pattemmakeif 





Stewart, Ciiristina, milliner 
Paton, David D., agent 
Macdonald, J. C, merchant 
Greig, James, drapers' assist. 
Low, David, millmanager 
J^ess street here 
Murray, Donald, mailguard 
Morrison, P. W., tobaccospinner 
Jamieson, Geoi-ge, storekeeper 
Mitchell, George, timekeeper 
Scott, Andrew, grocer 
Thow, David, stampcutter 
Martin, Peter, shoemaker 
Abbot, Mrs Jane, greengrocer 
Taylor, Robert, tinsmith 
Duncan, Alex., milloverseer 
Heggie, James, joiner 
Low, William, mechanic 
Neave, James, packer 
Robertson, Jas., woodturner 
Gray, Andrew P., planemaker 
Young, Peter, surgeon 



M 'Ritchie. Ann, cook 
Christie. Robert, shoemaker 
Mann, Alexander, labourer 
Whyte, Mrs William 
Fylin, Patrick, woodturner 
Brymer, Alex., hammerman 
Crichton, Charles, mason 
Gray, Charles, fruiterer 
Stewart, Hugh 
Quinn, Edward, bottler 
Ross, John, tobacconist 
Martin, George, clerk 
Nicoll, James, joiner 
Williamson, James, joiner 
Smith, James, grocer 
Whyte, John H., bootmaker 
Smith, Mary J. P., teacher 
M' Walter, James, moulder 
Marnie, James, labourer 
Rutherford, Hugh, wine merch. 
Robertson, Thos., blacksmith 
Moir, James, salesman 
Deuchars. David, mechanic 
Heggie, George, joiner 
Marnie, John, painter 
Anderson, James, late farmer 

42 Findlay, Mrs 

... M'Laren, David, church officer 

36 Ritchie, Mrs, dressmaker 

... Winton, Thomas, wood merch. 

34 Kidd, Alexander, baker 

32 Hay, A., secy. Moulders' Assoc. 

30 Taylor, David, calenderworker 

... Scott, Arthur, blacksmith 

24 Rutherford, Hugh, wine merch. 

... Meldrum, George D., grocer 

22 Quinn, Edward, bottler 

20 Kilgour, Andrew, baker 

... Brown, Peter, joiner 

... Foote, Andrew A., joiner 

18 Cochran, John, mason 

A lexander street here 
16 Morrison, Robert, clerk 
... Duncan, James, shoemaker 
... Duncan, John M., book-keeper 
... Hamilton, John, clerk 
... Westwood, Robert, tenter 
... Westwood, Alexander, clerk 
... Ritchie, Joseph, clerk 
14 Kidd, James, grocer 
... Smart, John, mechanic 
... Malloch, James, clerk 
... Nicoll, Robert, tenter 
12 Cowie, John, mason 
... Forsyth, James, cutter 
... Nicholson, Alexander, engineer 
... Stewart, George, manager 
10 Potter, Alexander, bootmaker 
... Hean, Thomas, insp. of lighting 
... Summers, Adam, ironmonger 
... Sears, Mrs T., dressmaker 
... Berry, John, chairmaker 

8 Petrie, Thomas, mechanic 
... Kelman, George, baker 
. . . Sherriff, Thos. , insurance agent 
... M 'Hardy, Robert, grocer 
... M 'Hardy, Edward, grocer 
... M 'Nicoll, John, canvasser 
... Stewart, Charles, tailor 
... Philip, Mrs 

6 Crawford, Thos., tobaccospinner 
... Jolly, John, engineer 
... Campbell, Andrew A., hatter 
... Henderson, James, carter 
... Campbell, Robert C, clerk 
... Campbell, Mrs, dressmaker 

4 M 'Donald, James, cartwright 



4 Watt, Alex. T., butcher 

. . . Laing,G.S.,Custoinliouse officer 
... Lowson, James, joiner 



1 Eastern Co-operative Society, 

3 Webster, John, moulder 

5 Milne, George, grocer 

11 Christie, John, contractor 
15 M'Laren, Mrs, grocer 

12 Anderson, David, baker 
8 Johnston, Mrs 

6 Donaldson, David, mechanic 

2 Scott, Andrew, dockgateman 

The Dundee Boating Club's 

Boat Shed 
Marnie, Jas. M., boatbuilder 
North British Railway Station 
Deuchars, Dad. , goods manager 
Dott, William, goods agent 
Spiers, Felix W., restaurateur 

2 Gibb, William, postmaster 
8 Thomson, William, merchant 

and shipowner 
... Henderson, James, accountant 
10 Dundee Gas Commission Office 
14 M'Arthur&Thomson,auctionr3. 
18 Speed, Alexander, solicitor 

Euclid street here 
22 Shield & Kyd, solicitors 
... M'CuUoch & Fairley, civil 
engineers, architects, sur- 
veyors, and valuators 
24 Kinross, John, teacher of music 
... Scott, Alexander, bootmaker 
. . . Ellis, William, agent 
... Bruce, David G., houseagent 
... Berrie, Mrs George 
26 Scott, David, registrar 
. . . M'Kelvie, Wm. , cemetery supt. 
28 M'Intosh, James, church officer 
High School — J.Young, janitor 
Euclid Crescent School — John 

Birrell, teacher 
Original Secession Church 


2 Dundee Savings Bank — Robert 

Sturrock, actuary 

4 Euclid Street Chapel 

8 Dundee Parochial Board Office 

— Henry Jack,inspector of poor 

10 Taylor, Walter, collector and 

treasurer. Parochial Board 
12 Walker, Robert C, solicitor 
. . . Simpson, William, inspector of 
agents for Scottish Equitable 
Life Assurance Society 
7 Water Commission — Jas. Wat- 
son, engineer and manager 

1 Stiven, Robt., machine march. 

3 Adamson, J., wholesale grocer 

5 Carnegie, J. W.,wholesalegrocer 
15 Thomson, James, pawnbroker 
17 Alison, Thos., produce merch. 
31 Spence, John L., spiritdealer 
... Buist, Mrs Richd., upholsterer 
... Buist, J. H. , cabinetmaker 

.. Mitchell, Alex., boiler coverer 
33 Mitchell, Jas , corn merchant 
... Alexander, D.,jun., commission 

37 Webster, A. L., commis. agent 
26 Hume, D.,& Son, biscuit bakers 
22 Smith, J. & W., waste merchs. 
20 Nicholson, J. H., brush manuf. 
14 Robertson, D.&W., iron merchs. 

12 Whittet, W. sew. -machine mak. 
10 Miller, John, commission agent 
... Thomson, John, plumber 

... Philip, David, slater 

... Cameron, George, engineer 

... Duncan, William, foreman 


5 Menzies, David, foreman 
7 Millar, William, foreman 

13 M'Crae, Boyd M., gas engineer 
55 Kinnes, James, builder 

57 Maxwell, J., clerk and patentee 
... Gardiner, Alex.G., ironmonger 
59 Guild, Wm., factorymanager 
QL Black, Mrs Isa., spiritdealer 

Cattle Market 
101 Craigtay— J, B. Baxter, LL.D. 



107 Welch, John, accountant 
109 Welch, George, ship agent 
111 M'Nidder, Peter, manager 
115 Wilson, Robert, seedcrusher 
125 Simpson, Rev. Alex. Ronald 
127 Milne, David, housefactor 
129 CraigieCliff— Jas.Yeaman,M,P. 
Royal Orphan Institution — W. 

S. Peddie, governor 
Craigie Cottage — George Cram- 

Rock Lodge — Chas. Edward, 

Tay Clifif— Mrs Dr Bell 
Harecraig House — Jn.Ogilvy, 

Taypark — Wm. Robertson, 

late iron merchant 
Beagrie, George B. , gardener 
Craiglee — George Mackenzie, 

Abercraig — Walter Taylor, 

Catherine Bank — J. W. 

Robertson, shipowner 
Oakville — Rev. Hugh Wil- 
loughby Jermyn, D.D., 
Bishop of Brechin 
Ashwood — T. Smith, mercht. 
TheGunge — D. S. Luke,merch. 
Fairfield— William G. Thom- 
son, engineer 
Balnacraig — W. H. Tosh 
Femhall — John Sharp, mercht. 
Beach Tower — A.Adie, mercht. 
Soutar, Andrew, gardener 
Smith, Johnstone, grocer 
Stannergate Oil Mills — Wm. 
Gellatly&Co. linseed crushers 
Sharp, James, manager 
Baxter, Mrs John 
Craigie House — Alex. Gilroy, 

jun., merchant 
RoseviUe — Mrs Curr 
Duncan, Mrs John 
Duncan, James B., merchant 
Duncan, John, merchant 
Craigie Terrace 
[50 Ower, Charles, architect 
... Ower, Leslie, architect 

148 Henderson, R., provision 

146 Johnston, James, drysalter 
144 Viewbank House — Peter Fen- 
wick, wine merchant 
142 Scott, James, shipowner 
140 Mitchell, John A., agent 
138 Gow, A. G., merchant 
136 Blakeney,T.S., warehouseman; 
134 Yeaman, Robert 
132 Alston, William, watchmaker 
130 NicoU, Thomas, iron merchant 
... NicoUjPeterH., iron merchant 
Mayfield — Wm. 0. Dalgleish, 

Taybank — Rev. R. R. Lingard 
106 Belllield House— Wm. Harris, 

104 EUengowan—MissM. A.Baxter 

. . . Stewart, James, coachman 
102 Thornbank — J. Adie, manu- 
86 M 'Isaac, Alexander, grocer 
Speinghill place 
19 Robertson, J., restaurateur 
16 Lawrie, Thomas, confectioner- 
15 Milne, Mrs, cook 
14 Milne, Alexander, grocer 
13 Cloudsley, John, grocer 
11 Murray, Agnes H., confect, 
9 Hain, David, grocer 
5 Boyne, Miss, draper 
1 Moncrieff, James, baker 
60 The Cottage— Wm.T. Yeaman, 

54 The Manse — Rev. Archibald 

Watson, D.D. 
... John M. Watson, stockbroker 
St Matthew's Church 
Saddler, James, cooper 
Blackie, Thomas, millmanager 
Wilson, David, shipsmith 
Mackay & Home, grocers 
St Matthew street here 
St Matthew place 
Whyte, William, baker 
Wood, Charles, butcher 
38 Ramsay, David, plumber 
22 Whitelaw, Andrew, draper 
20 Dorward, Mrs, midwife 



18 Hill, George, bootmaker 

16 Grieve, Elizabeth L., draper 

14 Turnbull, Wm., confectioner 
12 Richardson, Charles, druggist 
10 Pope, William S., grocer 

... Laing, Alexander, builder 

8 Sime, William, wine merchant 
2 Halley, Wm., & Sons, spinners 


1 Leaburn, Michael, fishsalesman 

2 Lyall, Mrs Thomas, fishdealer 

3 M'Donald,Mrs Mary, iishdealer 

4 Wilkie, James, fishsalesman 

9 Roberts, James, fishdealer 

10 Keiller, John, fishsalesman 

11 M'Lean, Richard, fishdealer 

12 Dempster, Mrs C, fishdealer 


7 Gemmell,Samuel, photographer 

11 Thompson, Jamea, lodgings 

15 Scott's close 

17 Robertson, Jane, grocer 

19 Key's close 

21 Panmure Street Chapel Mission 
23 Whitehall close 
... M 'Donald, Mrs M., fishdealer 
31 Roscruge, Thomas, seaman 
35 M'Lean, Richard, grocer 
37 Wood, A. H., & Co., sackmaker 
26 White, Mrs James, lodgings 
14 Kenney, John, general dealer 
... Kenney, Frank, tailor 

12 Cameron, Daniel, grocer 

10 Scott, Thomas, wine merchant 

8 Watson, James, clerk 
... Clark, James, painter 
... Duncan, Thomas, joiner 

4 Wilkie, James, fishdealer 

... LyaU, Mrs Thomas, fishdealer 



5 Hendry, D. B., linen manufact. 
7 Mitchell, John, merchant 

... Mitchell, John, jun., spinner 

9 Bradley, John 

11 Peters, James 

50 M 'Donald, John, grocer 
40 Jackson, Robert, tailor 

38 Colvile, John 
32-M'Intosh, Charles, engineer 
28 Ritchie, John, wine merchant 

24 Soutar, D. B., millmanager 
20 Worrall, George, hacklemaker 
18 Anderson, David, watchmaker 
... Jarman, Joseph, wine mercht. 

16 Smith, Alex. M., com. agent 

14 Martin, William., tailor 
... Isles, David, clerk 

12 Robertson, G., patternmaker 
... Motion, Robert, draughtsman 

4 Stark, Richard, grocer 
... Strathern, David, grocer 

... Mather, D., house proprietor 
... Drummond, John, overseer 

2 Whyte, William, manager 
... M'Wee, John, fireman 



1 Colville, William, grocer 
... Duguid, Miss, dressmaker 
... Thornton, Mrs 

... Myles, Mrs Richard 

3 Greig, James, fireman 

5 Deuchars, John, chimneysweep.' 
9 Moram, Robert, gardener 

... Angus, David, blacksmith 
11 Hampton, William, gardener 

15 Smart, James, joiner 

17 GuUd, James, grocer 


Robertson, William, baker 
Garvie, Samuel, waste merch. 
Grant, Andrew, butcher 
Smart, Robert, tailor 
Young, James, grocer 
Hall, James, general agent 

2 Speed, James G. , wine merch. 
... Stevenson, R. M., pianotuner 
... Baxter, Mrs George 

9 Stewart, William 
11 Lamond, Andrew, manufact. 
15 Taylor, And., & Co., manufact. 

25 Scott, Wm., & Co., manufact. 
... Cross, John, manufacturer 

... Scott, Mrs William 

27 Millar, James, gardener 



31 Wynd, Robert, blacksmith 

33 M'Farlane, William, mason 

... Downie, Jessie 

... Dingwall, Wm., joiner 

35 Kincaid, George, engineer 

41 Hughes, Guy, feuar 

45 Sutherland, John, joiner 

49 Bruce & Campbell, blacksmiths 

. . . O'Hara & Colman, coal merchs. 

53 Scott, Eliza, coffeehousekeeper 

40 Caufield, Bridget, bookseller 

St Mary's R. C. Church 
24 Scott, David, contractor 
... Hogg, William, bootmaker 


Benvie, W. H., calenderer 
Ferrier, David H. , chemist 
Rankine, Jane, boot merchant 
Ferrier, Charles, clerk 
Sandeman, Geo., accountant 
Ferguson, Robt., merchant 
Millar, Mrs 
Leggatt, Henry, clerk 
M 'Hardy, James, clerk 
Doig, William, chemist 
Hazell, William, grocer 
Fletcher, Rt., late spirit mer. 
Fletcher, Amelia, boot merch. 
Melville, John, traveller 
Melville, J., examiaing officer 
Melville, Walker S., mercht. 

16 Sturrock, Mrs James 

... Butchart, George 

14 Hynd, David, brassfounder 
6 Webster, William 
2 Letters, Patrick, M.B., CM. 


(See Maeyfield.) 



43 Pringle & M'Laren, joiners 

45 Ramsay, Mrs James 

51 Baird, George, pUot 

. . . Craik, Wm.,railway gatekeeper 

57 Sorhe, James, paver 

... Smith, Wm., contractor 

St Enoch's Public School — 
Helen A. Alexander, teacher 
81 Angus, George, foreman 

83 Rattray, Andrew, grocer 

... Penman, James, cooper 

98 Anderson, Andrew, grocer 

94 Anderson, Peter, seaman 

60 Mihie, John, miller 

52 Pope, James, grocer 

46 Law, John, slater 

42 Scott, J., & Sons.cabinetmaks. 

4 Gordon, Robert, plumber 



1 Forbes, David, grocer 

3 Tough, Mrs 

5 Batchelor, William, hackler 
28 Milton, Thomas, baker 

26 M'Cafferty, Bernard 



2 Menzies, James, wine merchan 
... Buchan, Andrew, mechanic 

. . . Smith, D. , commercial travelle 
... Whyte, Colin, plumber 
... Cook, James, cartwright 
. . . Valentine, DaAdd, tenter 
... Brown, James, tailor 
... Clark, Robert, printer 
. . . Hill, George, mechanic 
... M'lntyre, John, waiter 
. . Murray, George, blacksmith 
... White, Thomas, joiner 
... Morris, Andrew N., clerk 
... Siaclair, Alex. R., ironturner 
... Donald, George, jun., engrave 

4 Donald, John, plumber 
14 Cox, David, clerk 

... Anderson, John, joiner 
... M'Laren, Alexander, joiner 
.. Chalmers, George, plasterer 
Wallace, Jas. U., compositor 
Ballingall, Hugh, brewer 
Crabbe, Wm., millmanager 




22 Rankin, Rev. John 

24 Andrew, Rev. John 

. . . Thomson, J. , assistant surveyc 

... Thomson, Joseph, clerk 







Scroggie, Edward, traveller 
Low, John, draper 
M ' Call, Alex . , hardware march. 
Mathewson, Alexander G. 
Barrack road 
Cameron, Rev. David B., M.A. 
Mitchell, D. R. , warehouseman 
Jobson, James A. 
Banks, John, sackmaker 
Smith, Thos. Y., spirit merch. 
Keill, Margaret, tea merchant 
Bain, John, grocer 
Gray, Charles, coal merchant 
Gauld, William, sen., slater 
Gauld, William, jun., teller 
Allison, James, ropemaker 
Lamb, Jas. W., hotelkeeper 
PhUip, William, joiner 
Sharp, William, clothier 
Wilson, John R., clerk 
Baxter, Ronald, enginedriver 
Torrance, James, watchmaker 
Brough, Misses, teachers 
Brown, William, salt merchant 
Thomson, David, printer 
Lamb, Alex. C, hotelkeeper 
Soutar, Mrs M., lodgings 
Dunbar, Rev. James J. 
Ovenstone, Wm., shipmaster 
Ovenstone, Charles B., clerk 
M'Kechnie, David, shipmaster 
Bailey, Edward, fruiterer 
Arnot, David, produce broker 
Kennedy, John, ropemaker 
Watt, Matthew, manufacturer 
Cowper, John, clothier 
Bower, David, watchmaker 
Thallon, Robert, tailor 
Smith, Daniel S., clothier 
Anderson, Peter, wine merch. 
Robertson, Wm., coachbuilder 
Nicoll, E. & J., dressmakers 
Meadows, James, traveller 
Gentle, William, printer 
Ponton, Edward, sergt. -major, 

Royal Artillery 
Duncan, John P., painter 
Steer, Edwin, confectioner 
Warden, Mrs Thomas 
Taylor, Violet, teacher 
Mathison, Barbara, lodgings 

14 Moncrieff,Rev. John M., M.A. 
... Baxter, Thomas, joiner 

... Hood, David M., merchant 
... Cardwell, Matthew, manager 
... Pisher, Mrs Duncan 
... Turner, James, clerk 
... Ogilvie, William 


4 Davidson, James A., traveller 
... Jamieson, James, wine merch. 

.. Adams, James, grocer 
... Lumsden, William, foreman 

6 Black, John, wine merchant 

8 Simpson & Braid, shipchandlers 
22 Wilson, David, compositor 

... Mackay, Mrs, lodgings 

24 Youlden, James, sailmaker 

44 Glass, George, grocer 

50 Buist,Richd.,& Sons,upholstrs. 

.. M'Gregor, Mrs, fishdealer 

54 Finlay, James, blacksmith 

56 Campbell & M'Lauchlan, coal 

43 Johnston, David, shoemaker 

41 TuUis, David, furniture dealer 
21 Campbell, James, waste merch. 

9 Spence, Andrew, blacksmith 

5 Gray, Charles, coal merchant 
3 Stewart, James, coppersmith 



1 Greig, Joseph, tailor 
3 Christie, John, grocer 
... Stewart, Donald, plasterer 
5 Wigan, John, seaman 

7 Foy, Lawrence, weaver 

9 Mitchell, Mrs, manglekeeper 
11 Rodger, Jane, draper 
13 Watson, Thomas, manager 
... Rodger, Alexander, builder 

15 Sandeman, Mrs John, baker 

42 M'Intosh, William, cowfeeder 
38 Milne, William, grocer 

36 Mackie, Alexander D., joiner 
34 How, David P., joiner 

Caldrum street here 
28 Bruce, Alexander, joiner 
... Hanton, George, reedmaker 
... Steven, Alexander, clerk 



26 Machar, William 

24 Coupar, J. G., factory manager 



3 Brown, George, clerk 
... Nelson, Jolm, clerk 

5 Henderson, J. H. F., manufac. 
7 Fleming, Robert H., manufac. 
9 Lament, James, patternmaker 

... Smith, R. B., grocer 
11 Murdoch, David, engineer 
... Nicolson, Mrs Ellen 
Wellington street here 
23 Brown, Alex., street porter 

27 Cramb, David, mechanic 
... Fisher, George, mechanic 

... Shepherd, Jas., warehouseman 

29 Butchart, A., factoryworker 

31 Dempster, Mrs John 

33 Phin, David, plasterer 

20 Beath,