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4* & 

* <>* w 



■ .' 

xiHSlC f $o) jagsM 

Hinds Community 
College t 

Raymond, Mississippi 



Dawn • 

- Bob Hodges 

Wut of Hinds comes . . . Stu- 
dents! The campus comes alive 
with students as each new se- 
mester begins. Students. All 
students. The religious ones . . . 
the smart ones . . . the funny 
ones . . . the serious ones . . . 
the tall ones . . . the short ones 
. . . the students who practiced 
on the field after classes and 
those who stayed in the library 
until it closed . . . students who 
set goals and those who said, 
"live and let live," ... a variety 
of students, but students just 
the same. No college campus is 
complete without its own spe- 
cial variety of students. 





























2 I Introduction 










Pi*"* ! _^-^^i^B 

- ' . 



P' *■■»*■ 


Mi •"■ W 


»Vi. <■"!■, 

v, . 1 


SM if' >t 



Introduction / 3 

(Jut of Hinds comes Academics! Academics was the 
center of college life, no matter how important the other 
things may have seemed. Just as students tried to stretch 
their minds in class, studying facts and theories, our school 
strove to expand the means by which it instructed us. 
Hinds Community College faculty and students both 
pushed for the best possible academic program. 

4 / Introduction 

Introduction / 5 

(Jut of Hinds comes in- 
volvement. For some it was 
Hi-Steppers or the band and 
for others it was on-campus 
jobs, clubs, etc. Activities at 
Hinds Community College 
gave students a sense of be- 
longing, a personal perspec- 
tive from which to view the 
college experience. No mat- 
ter what activities a student 
may have taken part in, 
each provided memories 
that will last a life-time. Al- 
so, these activities students 
were involved in provided an 
education that books could 

6 / Introduction 

Octi*4 'ZtieuU 

Introduction / 7 

vJoing to college — we all have memories of 
that first day, right?! All those confused days of 
feeling disoriented and homesick somehow 
seemed to fade away as soon as we "got into the 
swing of things." Of course, we all came to 
college to study, but as the old saying said, 
"Don't let your book learning interfere with your 
education." There are many aspects of college 
life through extracurricular activities, such as 
weekly meetings of various committees and or- 
ganizations or participation in intramural foot- 

8 / Introduction 

Introduction / 9 

(Jut of Hinds comes many 
ways to spend time such as 
going to class, studying, 
playing a quick set of ten- 
nis with a friend, or taking 
part in a school activity 
such as a ballgame or a 


Wmw& El 

oHm! RSh 

ilillli m 


m m 




? :. I 











10 / Introduction 

1 /I 



ftrips ■ 

. W*lf 



Introduction / 1 1 

12 / Introduction 

■^ Quiet moments are stolen in the library during 
a busy school day. 

Introduction / 13 

V-/ut of Hinds comes experiences like you will 
encounter during no other time in your life. We 
were told to enjoy it while we could, before we 
were on our own in the big, bad world. We got a 
taste of the world when learning to budget our 
never large enough supply of money and to be 
responsible for our own actions. We were told that 
the friends we made here would be lifetime 
friends. That special someone we shared our 
room and problems with will never be forgotten. 
Nor will those people who helped us to pass that 
dreaded science or math course. Hinds provided 
friends and memories that will last forever. 

W&E& H 


r ^" 


-m» - 

14 / Introduction 




•"<*■- J*' — " 

Out a^ *rfyt*uU 

■ V * m 

; , v 


m . 



Introduction / 15 

Hinds is so much to so many. It is a place to 
learn, to have fun, to grow in mind and body. 
To teach, to work, and to achieve the things 
we all know are possible. Life at college: 
studying, partying, making friends, learning 
about yourself, learning about others, growing 
into a whole new person. 

We work and play hard. Gettng adjusted to 
college is difficult and exciting, getting away 
from the nest and out on our own, living in the 
dorm, working, . . . growing up. 

16 / Introduction 


Resident Life 











Hinds lost a legend December 9 with the death of 
"Mr. Football," Coach Joe Renfroe who had served 
Hinds for 40 years. Coach Joe, as he was known to 
all, served as head football coach, athletic director, 
golf coach and physical education instructor. 

Joe Renfroe was born in Fort Myers, Florida in 
1921. During his school years in Fort Myers he 
played football for six years. 

Renfroe attended Tulane University in Mew Or- 
leans, Louisiana where he played football from 1941- 
44. He played the positions of tailback and fullback 
during these years. In 1943 he was "All-American" 
and in 1943 and 1944 he was "All SEC." He received 
his Bachelor's of Education from Tulane in 1945. He 
later received his Master's Degree in 1952 from the 
University of Southern Mississippi. 

Coach Joe coached at Gulf Coast Military Acad- 
emy in Gulfport for two years and then worked for 
the government with the Corrective Rehabilitation 
Physical Education Program for one year and came 
to Hinds Junior College in 1947. 

During his years as a coach his record stands at 
132 wins, 76 losses, and 5 ties. His Hinds team won 
State Championships in 1952, 1954, 1957, and tied 
the championship in 1953. His most outstanding 
year with the Hinds Eagles was in 1954 during his 
first year as head coach. The Eagle team won the 
State Championship and were ranked number 1 in 

the nation. The Hinds team was invited to play in the Junior College Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and won 
the national title over El Camino Junior College. In 1954 Coach Joe was also named "Coach of the Year." 

In 1957 Joe Renfroe coached the "All-American Team" and seven members of the Hinds team were members 
of this team. Over the years Coach Joe had many players who were named All American. Some of these include: 
Bennie Hawkins, C. J. Alexander, Olin Renfroe, Johnny Daher, Richard Stacy, Earl Leggett, Homer Boyd, Glynn 
Russell, Jimmy Stubbs, and Wimpy Martin. 

Many of his former players went on to join professional football teams and those included: Bucky McElroy — 
Chicago Bears; Earl Leggett — Chicago Bears; Jimmy Taylor — Greenbay; C. J. Alexander — Jacksonville Sea 
Hawks; Ray Abruzese — Buffalo Bills and New York Jets; John Daher — Atlanta; and Olin Renfroe with the 
Canadian League. 

In 1955 five of his players from Hinds were starters on the LSU football team. Many of his former players went 
into the coaching profession. Some of these are: Earl Leggett, Durwood Graham, Robbie Smith, Lester 
Bumgardner, Tim House, Bobby Robinson, Mike Vincent, Danny Neely, Ed Kelson, Willie Wilds, Gordon King, 
Joe Fooshee, Kenny Curtis, Burl Shipley, L. F. "Skin" Boteler, Jimmy Russell, Glynn Russell, Danny Haley, 
Jimmy Clarke, Jerry Clarke, Jerry Huskey, and Ivan Rosamond. 

In 1969 Coach Joe gave up coaching football and became Hinds Junior College's fulltime athletic director and 
served in that position until July of 1987 when he relinquished those duties and returned to teaching physical 
education and coaching men's golf. He served for 40 years as a member of the athletic department at Hinds and 
he had been men's golf coach since 1976. His golf teams were State Champs in 1978, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1985, 
and 1987. Coach Joe was also named "Golf Coach of the Year" in 1987. In previous years he had also coached 
baseball from 1948 to 1955 and won four State Championships. 

In 1983 Coach Joe was named to the "Mississippi Coaches Sports Hall of Fame." 
He is survived by his wife Irene Ruble Renfroe of Jackson; one sister; Mrs. Elwood Pool of Pinels Park, FL; three 
brothers, J.R. Renfroe, Jr., Orin Renfroe and Olin Renfroe, all of Fort Myers.FL. 

18 / In Memoriam 

In Memoriam / 19 




m v™»»si-* ft 





Hi- Steppers 




Lend on Players 




Hinds Connection 48 



Phi Theta Kappa 
Hinds Criminal 

■ 55 

Justice Club 


Associated Student 

President Kristie Smith 

The Associated Student 
Body exists on the campus 
to promote the general wel- 
fare of the college, to pro- 
vide active participation for 
students in matters of gen- 
eral welfare, and to train its 
participants for leadership. 

Jack Hite, sponsor; Monette Callaway, vice-president; Kristie Smith, president; Steve Provance, 

22 / Groups 


' ■ .. ■ „ y . " ~ >% * A . ■ ■ 

First Row: John McMillan, George Ferguson, Don Allen. Second Row: Katrina Tingle, Joanna Miller, Shannon Dean, Angie McGrew, Debbie 
Furlow, Dre' Wissner, Tammie Hudgins, Carol Polk, Jennifer Taylor. 


24 / Groups 

Eagle Staff 

Assistant Editor Robin Lewis 

Groups / 25 

n [ The Hindsonian 

26 / Groups 

Photographers: Seated: Kim Brown. Standing: Blaine Morgan, Brad Moore, John Hil { 

Sponsor Bob Hodges 

Groups / 27 

ft ; : 


«f* *, 

1 _ "m 



► V! 

28 / Groups 

\0^m ■ >*y 

JKKcbhones: /3Q§ 

Charles Ederington 
Rick Sills 
Dante' Mangum 
Andy McMullin 
Stephanie Stuart 

Donald Walker Ware, 111 

Cedric Watson 
QwV A. Minra&| 
Greg Mason 
Charles M. Coker, III 

Jim Gillman 
Walley Moore 

Jim McGqrt^vCra 
aiftfefce Burks 

J 4 

Rhythm Section: 
Vince Barranco 
Tim Cotton 
Lori Purvis 
Kevin Smith 
weth Baker 

First Row: Angela Singletary, Becky Hall, Joanna Miller, Dawn Boyd, Susanne Papa, Denise Epps, LaPenny Hollingsworth, Margaret Davis, Hope Horton, Shannon Brister, Laura 
Brown, Sheryl Heflin, Lynn McGraw, Tammy Carter. Second Row: Kim Hughes, Sharon Barton, Stephanie Vick, Leigh Green, Shelley Gilbert, Denise Lockett, Lynn Wilson, 
Bridgetta Stringer, Sylvia Smith, Mandy Heath, Pam Heath, Casey Carrington, Penni May, Sara Williams, Lisa Davis, Melissa Inskip, Robin McGuire, Cam Kelly, Angela Fabbs. 
Third Row: Mignyon Anderson, Laura McMorrough, Lisa Westbrook, Susan Dodson, Rose Tullius, Jan Duncan, Anita Laurence, Michelle Crawford, Maureen Jackson, Lynn 
Bradford, Stephanie Stanley, Amy Dickerson, Denise Adam, Connie Warren, Dawn Killen, Lisa Stanley, Susan Smith, Angela Smith, Dana Ogle Fourth Row: Michelle Long, 
Alison Turner, Dawn Bruce, Stacy Haley, Andrea Thornton, Robin Burgess, Renee McCay, Nicole Nichols, Monica Serio, Chelle Puckett, Sandi Ross, Tanya Tullos, Angie 
Stampley, Kristi Rutland, Robyn Callahan, Keisha Tryan, Julia Shelby, Tammy Luna. Fifth Row: Jennifer Geary, Angela Newcome, Kim Hardin, Candy Keirn, Laura Poore, Debbie 
Arnold, Due Edwards, Amy Newell, Dawn Little, Melanie Reems, Kathy Stead, Sloane Michael, Amy Runnels, Lauren Bishop, Lisa Wells, Dana McClurg, Lacy Luckett. 

For 35 years the Hinds Community College Hi-Steppers 
have represented the College and the state throughout the 
nation. Designated by the Mississippi Legislature as Good 
Will Ambassadors for the State, they have performed at 
all major bowl games, as well as at such events as the 
Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, and at the 
Worlds Fair in New York and in New Orleans. Also, 
performing at the annual Neshoba County Fair and the 
New Orleans Mardi Gras has been a tradition for 25 years. 
They were pictured in the National Geographic while 
performing at the 1979 Neshoba Fair. 

The Hi-Steppers are the third oldest precision dance 
group in the nation and have gained wide acclaim for their 
intricate routines and colorful shows. 


30 / Groups 

fficers: Front: Laura Brown — Pres- 
ent. 2nd Row: Lynn McGraw — His- 
irian; Susanne Papa — Vice President; 
enise Epps — Secretary; Joanna Miil- 
— Treasurer; Angela Singletary — 
Iternate. 3rd Row: Tammy Carter — 
pirit Chairman; Sheri Heflin — Al- 
rnate; Shannon Brister — Reporter; 
ope Horton — Alternate; LaPenny 
ollingsworth — Alternate; Margaret 
avis — Alternate; Dawn Boyd — So- 
al Chairman; Jana Dilmore — Sen- 
or; Becky Hall — Alternate. 

yj .; t Z 1 W' ' ."."V ■ . * J^A f, 



▲ Special friendships are formed by Hi-Steppers 
that will last a lifetime. 

■4 Performing at the Neshoba County Fair has been a 
tradition for the Hi-Steppers for 25 years. 

Groups / 31 

^| Br*' '' 
v ~^^H Hi r 


A Hi-Steppers provide entertainment for the Hinds Beauty Pageant. 

▲ Sophomores Joanna Miller and Dawn Boyd 
found a way to make stretching before prac- 
tice fun. 

32 / Groups 

5 ™ im €■ ij 





■ ! o 

▲ One of the highlights of being a Sophomore Hi-Stepper is wearing the Tux for 
the Homecoming game. 


A The song "Love in Any Language" was sung in sign language by the Hi-Steppers at the end of the 
halftime show. 

V V \ \ 

Groups / 33 


Rick Sills 
Drum Major 

) I 1 

First Row: Rick Sills — Drum Major; Lori Womack; Romanda White; Shelia Jones; Brandi Qoree; Lisa Lawrence; Donna 
Townsend; Tammy Woods; Sharyn Joy. 2nd Row: Kathy Wilson; Liesl Myrick; Kathie Williams; Chuck Bethany; Darrell 
Blair; Chris Murphree; Micah Bethany; Mark Milner; David Pate; Jeff Joiner; Jeni McNeil; Karen Johnson; Susan 
Breithaupt. 3rd: Starling Jones; Rhonda Reaves; Pati Maker; Richie Burchfield; Clay Whittington; Bill Lloyd; Tim 
Cotton; S. L. Anderson; Bill Richardson; Eric Fowler; Davi Hartley, Traci Middleton. 4th Row: Dante Mangum; Bobby 
Moore; Dean Pettway; Torome Porter; Melenie Allen; Sean Temple; Valerie McDaniel; Micheal Pawlek; Marvin Milner; 
Charles Coker; Alan Honeysucker; Walker Ware; Tray Bourgoyne; Steve Alexander. 5th: Sharon Van Sittert; Yolanda 
White; Carol Grove; Amy Smith; Cedric Watson; Stephanie Stuart; Richie McLendon; Brian Overstreet; Micheal Maya; 
Joseph Brown; Joanna Aycock; Robert Abel; Samantha Watts. 6th: David Taylor; Ken Bearden; David Fisher; Jim 
McCown; Harry Childs; Charles Ederington; Don Allen; Karl Pree; Carl Branson; John Alford; Jamie Bagby; Tarrance 
Burks; Jim Hillman. 

Left to Right: Brandi Goree — Rifle Captain; Harry Childs — Horn Line Captain; Charles 
Coker — Band President; Rick Sills — Drum Major; Chuck Bethany — Drum Line 
Captain; Richey Burchfield — Drum Line Co-Captain; Walker Ware — Horn Line Co- 
Captain; Shelia Jones — Flag Captain. 

Dr. John Manchester 

34 / Groups 

Flags and Rifles: Sharyn Joy; Lisa Larence; Lori Womack; Donna Townsend; 
Ramonda White. Center: Tammy Woods; Shelia Jones; Brandi Goree. 

Percussion: S. L. Anderson; Mitah Bethany; Chuck Bethany; Darrell 
Blair; Susan Breithaupt; Richey Burchfield; Tim Cotton; Eric Fowler; 
Jeff Joiner; Starling Jones; Bill Lloyd; Pati Maher; Jeni McNeil; Mark 
Milner; Chris Murphree; Liesl Myrick; David Pate; Bill Richardson, 
Icarus Smith; Clay Whittington; Kathie Williams; Cathy Wilson. 

Horn Line: 1st Row: Samantha Watts; Valerie McDaniel; Rhonda Reaves; Melanie Allen; Yolanda White; 
Amy Smith; Traci Mildleton; Davi Hartley; Joanna Aycock; Sharon Van Sittert; Carol Grove; Stephanie 
Stuart. 2nd Row: Karl Pree; Dean Pettway; Jim McCown; Marvin Milner; Brian Overstreet; Charles 
Ederington; David Taylor; Walker Ware; Harry Childs; Joseph Brown; John Alford; Dante Mangum. 3rd 
Row: Carl branson; Tray Bourgoyne; Terrance Burks; Jamie Bagby; Charles Coker; Allan Honeysucker; 
Sean Temple; Torome Porter; Micheal Paulik; David Fisher. 4th Row: Don Allen; Steve Alexander; Cedric 
Watson; Bobby Moore; Ken Bearden; Ritchie McLendon; Jim Hillman; Micheal Naya. Top: Rick Sills 
(Drum Major). 

This organization is de- 
signed to enrich the mu- 
sical interest of students. 
Members of this organiza- 
tion have the opportunity 
to participate in festivals, 
parades and exchange con- 

Groups / 35 

36 / Groups 

Groups / 37 

Front Row, Left to Right: Tina Douzenis; Pearl Hung; 

Katherine Faulkner; Robin Ellis; Cathy Parkman; Rachel Minter; Kim 

Lay; Melissa Ratcliff; Tammy Hubbard; Candee Atherton; Dani Nichols; Terry Fletcher. 2nd 

Row: Rhonda Butz; Cathi Nichols; Julie Spencer; Angela Renfrow; Hollie Hooks; Joy Voelker; Kim Watkins; 

Lisa Sandifer; Leslie McQueen; Denise Halbach; Susan Howell; Carole Williams. 3rd Row: Beverly Shaw; Rob Abel; Ritchie 

McLendon; Todd McKinney; Jerry Ainsworth; Carl Smith; Starling Jones; Mike Farish; Ben Warren; Owen Watson; Joel Lijeune; Terrance Burks. 4th 

Row: Karl Williams; Audie Wilkinson; Gene Rowzee; Mark McNair; Scott McGee; Damian Bell; John Alford; Thomas Grillo; Larry Bufkin; Ritchard 

Williams; Tony Sisk; Darren Miley; Jerry Williams; Mike Dickson; Paul Emory. 



Left to Right: Richie McLendon; John Al- 
ford; Mike Farish; Ritchard Williams; Owen 
Watson; Candee Atherton; Kim Watkins; 
Susan Howell; Carole Williams; Cathy Park- 
man; Angela Renfrow. 


Left to Right: Owen Watson; Joy 
Voelker; Richie McLendon; Leslie 
McQueen; Mike Farish. 

Groups / 39 

Front Row: Richie McLendon; Carl 
Smith; Thomas Grillo; Mark McNair. 
2nd Row: Scott McGee, Damian Bell; 
Starling Jones; Tony Sisk; Joel 
Lejeune. 3rd Row: Todd McKinney; 
John Alford; Mike Farish; Larry Bufkin; 
Owen Watson; Terrance Burks. 

Front Row, Left to Right: Tina Douzeni; 
Pearl Hurig; Cathy Parkman; Angela Ren 
frow; Kim Lay; Lisa Sandifer; Melissa Rat 
cliff; Tammy Hubbard. 2nd Row: Robi 
Ellis; Katherine Faulkner; Rachel Mintei 
Joy Voelker; Leslie McQueen; Denis 
Halbach; Carole Williams. 3rd Row: Rhond 
Butz; Cathi Nichols; Julia Spencer; Kir 
Watkins; Hollie Hooks; Candee Athertor 
Susan Howell; Dani Nichols. 

40 / Groups 

The Robber 

Groups / 41 

Lendon Players 

Clockwise: Scott McGee, Mark Collins, Tracey Breeder), Joel LeJeune, Brad Smith, Miriam Scott, Richard Williams, 
Cathy Parkman, Jerry Grantham, Kip Parish, Terrence Burks, Starling Jones, Staria Thornton, Larry Bufkin, Candee 
Atherton, Blaine Morgan, Tracey Evans, Jan Duncan, Joy Voelker, David Harwell, Mark McNair, Melissa Ratcliff, Susan 
Howell, Leigh Ann Reeves, Tina Douzenis, Rita Gray, Edward Lollar, Kim Brown, Allison Carr, Richie McLendon, Jerry 
Ainsworth, John Alford, Gene Rowzee. 

The Lendon Players are an 
active group of students who 
are interested in all aspects 
of theatre both onstage and 
backstage. The Players pres- 
ent three productions a year 
in the Little Theatre, includ- 
ing a comedy, a musical and 
a drama. 

. \**mr 

Joy Voelker, Richard Williams, Scott MeGee, Denise Halbach, Sponsor. 

42 / Groups 

-.' - ! -v'."' SB 








Groups / 43 

Soccer Association 



e vd. 


Axa^' cS ui° x 

c^ siavn ' 

eS B^ 5 » W* sl ° Irt Da 1 " 


44 / Groups 

Groups / 45 

Baptist Student Union 

Sponsor: B. J. Frew 

First Row: Renee Russum, Susan Dodson, Gina Osborne, Sheila Jones, Richie McLendon, Angela Renfroe, 
Wayne Parker, Janice Green, Sonya Spencer, Ellen Malone, Carol Williams. Row 2: Belinda Fisher, Brad Rogers, 
Kendra Ashley, Kim Meaders, Julia Spencer, Becky Parman, Rhonda Parman, Johnny White. Third Row: 
Lynette Bowman, Jim McCowan, Andy McMullin, Suzy Parkerson, Steve Parten, Darren Miley, John McMillan. 
Fourth Row: Chris Nelson, Chad Oberhausen, Dale Ellison, Tim Dearman, Chris Cochran, Jeff Upton, Lea Ann 
Harrison, Michael Hudson, James Friend, Paul Harper, Tanya Tullos. 

Council Members: First Row: Tanya Tullos, Angela Renfroe, Suzy Parkerson, Sonya 
Spencer, Chris Cochran, Ellen Malone, Richie McLendon, Kim Meaders, Chris Nelson. 
Second Row: John Larry McMillan, Becky Parman, Johnny White, Tim Dearman. Third 
Row: Rhonda Parman, Belinda Fisher, Lea Ann Harrison, Steve Parten, Darren Miley, Bob 

BSG is a national collegiate 
movement of the Southern Baptist 
Convention. It is a program for 
students that provides opportunity 
for spiritual growth and service to 
others. BSCI offers these oppor- 
tunities through worship, Bible 
Study, discipleship, Christian fel- 
lowship and churchmanship. 

46 / Groups 


First Row: Sherryl Robinson, Belinda Burge, Pam Black, Lisa Odom, Stacey Williamson, Tina Moore. Second 
Row: Bill Bullock, Tanya Tullos, Belinda Fisher, Becky Howard, Carmen Mashburn, Angela Thornton, Jennifer 
Kemp, Lisa Mason, Lisa Taylor. Third Row: Bill Robinson, Wyatt Simpson, Donny Dukes. John Camacho, Mike 
Breaux, Eddie Rigby, Jim McCown, James Friend, Gary Pearson, Marty Cheeks, Todd Jenkins. 


The FCA purpose. is "To pres- 
ent to athletes and coaches, all 
whom they influence, the chal- 
lenge and adventure of receiving 
Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, 
serving Him in their relationships 
and in the Fellowship of the 
Church. Through all of this we 
give glory to the Lord while we 
enjoy the fellowship of other ath- 

Officers: Becky Howard, president; Mike Breaux, vice-president; Carmen Mashburn, sec- 
retary; Jim McCown, treasurer. 

Groups / 47 


Hinds Connection 

First Row: Bebe Garrison — sponsor, Gregg Bain, Cherie Bevill, Tena Strain, Tracey Harris, Ginger Turner, Kim Meador, Janet Stuart, Katrina Tingle. 
Second Row: Randall Harris, Judy Jones, Dani Nichols, Dorothy Dixon, Belinda Fisher, Mark Williams, Jackie Granberry — sponsor, Dr. Clyde Muse. 
Third Row: Cedric Franklin, Dana Moody, Caryn Comans, Louie Richardson, Kevin Sullivan. Fourth Row: Bobbie Jean Ross, Natacia INeal, Leslie 
Hawkins, Wendy Edwards, Bob Robinson. 

Hinds Connection is the public re- 
lations and recruiting group that rep- 
resents Hinds. This group is made up 
of selected students. The duties of 
this organization include working in 
public relations serving as 
hosts/hostesses and also working as 
student recruiters. 

Officers: First Row: Gregg Bain, Tracey Harris, Kim Meador. Second Row: Bebe Garrison 
sponsor, Ginger Turner, Belinda Fisher, Tena Strain, Jackie Granberry — sponsor. 

48 / Groups 

1 ~*«-~~ir 

1 ^■YM* e 4^^ii' 

1 I 

^8 H * 

■■1^3 ■» ^JflS Rftt 

1 1 

% f iil 

Groups / 49 

■ \J^^^^^ eeki Chamberlain. Se 

._• ^ Cavvi e Lou >Witttems. Be ^ 

^^^^^ r lkne! Rachel Wintej. Cam Angela R«* 

on Smuck, Cyn* Faulkn e J • Daig te, Jet 

rarol Peterson sm u g san Ates, 

F,rSt Tjane^obtey. Hot Poured- 

Edward, Janei 

50 / Groups 

Hinds Association of 
Legal Studen ts 

First Row: Becky Johnson, Missy Bass, Robin McGuire, Christy Grey, Donna Brantley, Tanya Longo, Angela 
Renfrow, Teresa Warren, Christine Nielson, Connie Baldwin, Angie McGrew, Joanna Miller, Glenda Quarles, 
Ramonda White. Second Row: Robin Polk, Susan Pierce, Rose Smith, Tammie McNeil, Loretta Kines, Linda Rhodes, 
Janet Adams, Yolanda White, Dawn Boyd, Tina McClellan, Selena Smith, Taffi McDonald. 

This organization helps acquaint stu- 
dents with the function of the judiciary and 
other departments of the court; and to 
sponsor workshops and seminars in legal 

Officers: First Row: Robin Polk, historian; Becky Johnson, treasurer; Missy Bass, 
parliamentarian; Selena Smith, secretary; Christine Nielson, president Angie McGrew, 
reporter; Glenda Quarles, vice-president. Second Row: June Graham and Lucretia 
Berry, sponsors. 

Groups / 51 


Left to Right: Advisor Eddie Carson, Dennis Scott, Frank Gordon, James Westmoreland, Phyllis Varnell, Eddie Neece, Joe Luckett, Janet Mobley, Sam 
Huff, Kirk Sullivan. 

The club is designed to provide 
students that are directly engaged in 
vocational-technical trades an oppor- 
tunity to enter national and interna- 
tional contests. VICA is a develop- 
ment club to motivate and develop an 
enthusiasm for learning that will help 
trade and industrial, technical and 
health education students take their 
place in society. The students in VI- 
CA are afforded an opportunity to 
achieve a sense of accomplishment 
and recognition for skills and abilities 
through practical competitive con- 
tents on a local, state, and national 

Officers: Adolph Wagner, Secretary-Treasurer; Phyllis Varnell, President; Eddie Neece, Vice 
President; Eddie Carsen, Advisor. 


52 / Groups 

Home Builders 

An organization to acquaint the 
student with the Home Building 
Industry and be involved with the 
local, state, and national Home 
Builders Association. This involve- 
ment includes participation in lo- 
cal home builders meetings and 
national conventions, projects to 
earn money for scholarship and 
travel. We are also closely affil- 
iated with the women's auxiliary 
branch of Home Builders who also 
provide scholarships for the stu- 
dent chapter. 

First Row: J. C. Washington, Doug Dyess, Phyllis Varnell, Scott Walters, Joey Poiteven, Leslie Wallace, Lisa Mason, Darren 
Eliot, Ken Mixon. Second Row: Sid Worthy, James Hammett, Reggie Hatfield, Jon Weisenberger, Clyde Kirk, Deanna 
Nance, Melvin Spell. 

Sponsors: Joe Huffman, Roy Hancock, Cindy West, Lonnie Harper 

Officers: Doug Dyess, president; Phyllis Varnell, secretary; Leslie Wallace, vice-president. 

Group / 53 

Art Club 

The Art Club exists t< 
encourage the student ti 
strive for excellence in hi.; 
fine arts studies as well a: 
other academic courses; 
to promote the visual art.! 
on campus, within th<j 
community, and through] 
out the state; to providd 
the members with oppori 
tunities to see historical!;! 
significant original ar' 
through participation iij 
field trips to ar] 

First Row: Carrie Lou Williams, Angela Richardson, Rebecca Nowell, Carol Goldbold, Becky Chamberlain, Debbie Fant 
— vice president, Cyndi Faulkner, Chuck Jett. Second Row: Bob Dunnaway — sponsor, Carol Smuck, secretary, Keith 
Tatum, Shannon Daigle, Issac Tucker, Kyle Edward, Craig Killens, Janet Mobley, Jeff Joiner — president, Russ 
Schneider — sponsor. 

Association of the Hearing Impaired 


Members: First Row: Tovanna Bradshaw — 
interpreter, Angeline Chambers, Katherine 
Jordan, Danita Bradshaw — interpreter, 
Stephanie Buell — sponsor. Second Row: Su- 
san McCormick — secretary/treasurer, James 
Westmoreland — president, Tim Jackson, Bil- 
ly Stolz, Louis Polk. 

Phi Theta Kappa 

This is an organization 
that is a national scho- 
lastic society for junior 
colleges. It is composed 
of students whose grades 
are in the upper ten per- 
cent of the college enroll- 

First Row: Carl Reinhardt, Lisa Seros, Paula McWilliams, Kristie Smith, Tracey Harris, Fatrina Washington, Ellen 
Malone, Mary Wright, Jennifer Roth, August Morton, David Long. Second Row: Paul Peets, Deann Lanier, Carol Polk, 
Matthew Coleman, Paula Shows, Amy Smith, Susan Howell, Edward Lollar, John Hathnorn. Third Row: Rusty Rawson, 
Shawn McFatter, Carla Ray, Robin Robinson, Rita Sawyer, Michael Shepherd, Ricky Sherman, Amy Fowler. Fourth 
Row: Andrea Marble, Alan Lowe, Richard Kirby, Jay Johnson, Ricky Haskins, Belinda Fisher, John Dickerson, Belinda 
Coleman, Vince Barranco. 

Sponsors: Beverly Farris, Betty Furstenberger, Nancy Baker. 


Officers: Edward Lollar, treasurer; Tracey Harris, secretary; Jennifer Roth, reporter; Amy 
Fowler, president; Kristie Smith, vice-president, Paula McWilliams, historian; Paula Peets, co- 

Group / 55 

Justice Club 

First Row: Leigh Ann Reeves, Lisa Davis, Bryan Bailey, Stacy Sweeney, Michael Warren, Donald Moore, Tena Strain. 
Row 2: Dorothy Dixon, Robert Starks, Sylvia Smith, Ivan Smith, Charles Hardin, Steven Thorpe, Ernest Gallaway, 
Wesley Reeves. Third Row: Steve Spell, Mark Hogan, Drick Jones, Scott Jones, Joey Womack, Lee Russell, H. L. 
Bullock. Fourth Row: Terry Shepard, Rick Atwood, Mike Maldonado, Rich McClusky, Tim Monistere, J. W. Hoatland. 

The Criminal Justice Club is an 
organization that acquaints crim- 
inal justice students with the many 
subsystems of the criminal justice 
system. The Club activities con- 
sist of trips to criminal justice fa- 
cilities, speakers from law en- 
forcement agencies, and 
recreational meetings. Member- 
ship is open to past and present 
criminal justice students in good 

Officers: Tena Strain, Secretary/ Treasurer; Bryan Bailey, President; Rich McClusky, Soph. Vice Pres.; Ivan 
Smith, Fresh. Vice-Pres; Donald Moore, Sergeant at Arms. 

56 / Group 

Phi Beta Lambda 

First Row: Joanna Miller, Angie McGrew, Kellie Litton, Ginger Fuhr, Becky Howard, Nicole Alexander. Second Row: Patricia Mayfield, 
Connie Baldwin, Mandy Garren, Tina McClellan, Dawn Boyd, Rosalind Haywood. Third Row: Debbie Beam, Kimberly Courtney, Leigh 
Green, Robin McGuire, Samantha Means, Michelle Hay, Janet Adams. Fourth Row: Amy Quarles, Alfreda Rowe, Jackie Coleman, 
Yolanda White, Fatima Washington. Fifth Row: Susan Pierce, Dawn Ezell, Sharon Yarbrough, Linda Ratliff, Ramonda White. 

Phi Beta Lambda is a national or- 
ganization for students in post second- 
ary institutions enrolled in business pro- 
grams. PBL is dedicated to helping 
students bridge the gap between the 
world they are in now and the world they 
will enter when they begin their business 

Linda Ratliff, Sponsor; Officers: Joanna White, Kellie Litton, Ginger Fuhr, Dawn Boyd, Nicole 

Group / 57 


Cultural Society 

Members: First Row: Stacey Johnson, Alise Alexander, Zolgreta 
Barnes, Angela Flavell, Wanda Clark. Second Row: Drexel An- 
derson, Frederick Weathersby, Charles StampJey, Ricky Hutch- 
ins, Ken Bearden, Don Allen. 

The Afro-American Cultural Society is a 
service and student awareness organization. 
The objectives of the group are to promote 
scholarship, citizenship, and fellowship be- 
tween the Afro-American student and the ad- 
ministration. The group is sponsored by 
Charles Hubbard and Rosia Crisler. 

A Officers: Kathy Mangum, Secretary; Tracy Sanders, Treasurer; Ramonda White, 
Assistant Sec. and Terra Gatlin, Vice-Pres. 

1 Agricultural Club 

58 / Group 


First Row: Cliff Battle, Mike Marler, 
Jennifer Gibbon, Cathy Green, Cassan- 
dra Myers, Melisa Gilmer, Chuck Lane, 
Joey Brown. Second Row: Richard 
Ware, Joel Broadwater, Keith Stagg, 
Jim Mason, Mark Williams, Darin Ted- 
der, Kerry Gaines, Mark Williams, 
Mickey Bufkin, David Clark, Kyle 
Rhodes, Scott Dooley, David Brown. 

Reformed University 

Reformed Universities 
Ministries introduces non- 
Christian students to the 
claims of Christ and trains 
Christian students through 
the consistent exposition of 
Scripture. Personal Bible 
study, prayer, and involve- 
ment in the local church are 
emphasized. This year's 
sponsor is JoAnn Harrison. 

First Row: Pam Cheung, Susan Dodson, Anita Lawrence, Renee Upton, Theresa Reep. Second Row: Mary Ann 
Hancock, Charlla Webb, Dawn Little, Michele Patenotte, Tina Douzenis, Jan Jordan, Cynthia Gibson. Third Row: 
Allen Jones, Dale Ellison, Andy Ainsworth, Lee Herring, Reggie Gandy, Gary Woo, Shane Sunn — director, Matthew 

First Row: Judy Moore, sponsor; Dana 
Long, treasurer; Anita Hopkins, vice- 
president; Karen Stout, secretary; Tracey 
Smith, president. Second Row: Teresa Mix- 
on, Kim Long, Becky Sanderson, Jacque- 
line Pratt, Rosiland Pratt. Third Row: Cherr- 
sse Richardson, Kayla Dooley, Diane 
Brooks, Janie Brooks, Deborah Newman, 
Julie Ferguson, Vanessa Corry, Angie 
Churchwell, Melissa Hutchins. Fifth Row: 
Jewell Green, Marilyn Lindsey, Casandra 
Chatman, Tammy Palokas, Melissa Rives. 

Groups / 59 

The purpose of Delta Epsilon 
Chi is to enhance the value of 
Education in Marketing, Merchan- 
dising, and Management which 
will contribute to occupational 
competence. Also, it promotes 
understanding and appreciation 
for the free enterprise system we 

First Row: Stacy Warren, Lisa Duncan, Melissa Inskip, 

Wanda Bogan, Vanessa Hill, Sonia Tucker, Kay Gribskov, Tammy Page, 

Alecia Herrington. Second Row: Bethany Williams, Linda Pratt, Kim Williams, Suzy 

Tucker, Lynn Wilson, Judy Lee, Vanessa Pollard. Third Row: Thomas Harris, Dolores White, Wanda Taylor, 

Latasha Hill, Cedric Level, Denise Pendleton, Michelle Williamson, Stacy McMaster. Fourth Row: Chris Bibbs, Becky Bishop, 

Tammy Twiner, Mario Williams, Jeanette Mason, Theresa Reep, Debbie Eldridge, Sterling Pittman. Fifth Row: Steve Decareaux, Tim Martin, Randy 

Sims, Darrell Blair, Angie Ferguson, Steve Thornton, Jim Garrett. Sixth Row: Theodore Fleming, Tyrone Cherry, Scott Long, Tony Kincaid, Randy 

Christain, Ricky Lee, Jonathan Fedrick. 

60 / Group 

Alpha Beta Gamma 


i First Row: Theodore Hayes, Bridgetta Stringer, Martha Dixon, Ellen Malone, Belinda Burge, Tracey Harris. Second Row: 
i Renee Hughes, Fatima Washington, AI Spille, Becky Howard, Carmen Mashburn, Belinda Fisher. 


The primary purpose of this or- 
ganization is to recognize and en- 
courage scholarship, leadership, and 
serve among students enrolled in 

Officers: Tracey Harris, Renee Hughes. Sponsor: Becky Howard, Belinda Fisher, 
Bridgetta Stringer, Ellen Malone. 

Group / 61 


Phi Theta Kappa 

Officers and Co-Sponsors: First Row: Dale Thomas, Becky Tustain. 
Second Row: Vickie Koenig, Judy Lamb, Sandra Martin, Paul 

Left to Right: Ken Snock, Rebecca Hall Albritton, Daniel J. Story, Renee Todd, Kimberly 
States, Sheryl Evans, Inacia White, Roger L. Merchant, Laura Cox, Tammy Renfroe, Peggy 

Organization for Advancement of 
Associate Degree Nursing 

First Row: DeAnn Penning, Terry Kendricks, Donna Templeton, Sandra Martin, Lori 
Morrison, Cindy Luby, Stacey Townsend. Second Row: Arnett Perry, Wanda Leonard, 
Jann Dann, Marilyn Johnson, Margie May, Barbara Johnson, Annett Willis, Gwen Huff, 
Jana Spires, Michelle Grayndler. 

Advisors: Gloria Coxwell, Becky Tustain, Sharon Davis. 

62 / Nursing Allied 




Students of 


Officers: Sandra Freeman, Advisor; Virginia 
Forbes, Secretary; Brenda Carpenter, Parlia- 
mentarian; James Martin, President; Gwen 
Myles, Vice President; Venus Jacobs, Histo- 
rian; Frances Odom, Treasurer. 

First Row: Deborah Gray, Barbara Scott, Cynthia Ratliff, Pearley Peoples, Virginia Forbes, Brenda Carpenter, James Martin, Venus Jacobs, Gwen Myles, Sharron Winford, Ella Kelly, 
Sandra Freeman — Advisor. Second Row: Vanessa Gordon, Cassandra Brown, Theresa Hughes, Bertha Crowley, Agnes Heard, Candi Smith, Brenda Yount, Cricket Toney, Lisa Dobson, 
Sharon Tate, Kim Carpenter. Third Row: Yolanda Sims, Vernessa Croudup, Tammy Walton, Mildred Veal, Denise Williams, Theresa Salter, Angela Vincent, Juana Dozier, Annette Lang, 
Constance Martin Rosie Jackson, Mary Flowers, Frances Chapman, Chandra Skiffer, Rachel Byrd, Zidelia Sullivan, Jackie Lee, Sarah Collins. Fourth Row: Gwen Mosley, Hazel Moore, 
Wanda Helm, Nancy Jones, Richard Ainsworth, Kathy Chambers, Connie Yates, Vicki Venable, Cherrie Green, Marilyn Adams, Charles Webster, Tina Cooper, Roosevelt Davis, Markessa 

Nursing Allied / 63 

Sponsor: Dr. Hogan 

Mu Alpha Theta 



First Row: Shawn McFatter, Elizabeth Conerly. Second Row: David Palmer, Rick Haskins, Marlin McKinney, 
Rusty Rawson. 

Mu Alpha Theta is a non- 
secret organization whose pur- 
pose is to provide public rec- 
ognition of superior mathemat- 
ical scholarship and promote 
various mathematical activi- 

Officers: Michael Shepherd, president; Shane Ritter, vice-president; Deborah Mclnnis, secretary. 

64 / Group 

American Dental 
Assistants Association 

Sunset Drive / 65 

r=| Phi Beta Lambda^ 

First Row: Mrs. Cheryl Carr and 
Dr. Dell Broadway, Advisers; 
Betty Mashburn, Kathy Crawl- 
ey, Janet Hosea, Brenda Brewer. 
Second Row: Roslyn Milton, 
Tracy Coleman, Aguster Lewis, 
Janice McBride, Miss Angela 
Griffin, Adviser; Helen Gallager. 

Collegiate Secretaries 

Sandra Garvey, Advisor; Cherri* 
Hayes, Public Relations Chairper 
son; Brenda Brewer, President; Hel 
en Gallagher, Parliamentarian; Ros 
lyn Milton, Special Event: 
Chairperson. Not Pictured: Charlen< 
Washington, Eileen Joiner, Eugenii 
Thedford, Marion Thomas, EHi 
Steverson, Diana Stroud, Aleth. 
Berry, Edith Fleming, Jeryl Quinn 

66 / Sunset Drive 

P.A.S. T.E. 


Preschool Association 

of Students, Teachers, 

and Educators 

lr st p 

Ter rie ^r al 

'* *!*,.. .*<>«'.• 

^s s , 



Sunset Drive / 67 

Mrs. Jessie Dawson, Advisor; 
Erica McQee; Elizabeth Dawson, 
Secretary; Carolyn LeFlora; 
Valerie Mays, Assistant Secre- 
tary; David Proctor, Vice Pres- 
ident; Leo Banks; Larry Green- 
field, President. 

Delta Epsilon Chi 

Hotel Restaurant Management 

First Row: Carrie Montgomery 
Advisor, Wilbur Pickering, Jerry! 
Johnson, Dorothy Washington, Hel-| 
en Dobson, Pam McCornell, Eric! 
Green, Larry Richardson — Advi-| 
sor. Second Row: Bertha Wilkerson.i 
Vernessia Hines, Melonie Garvis, 
Reuben Ray, Suvatana Wimberly, 
Ola Wheeler. 

68 / Sunset Drive 

Dietary Managers 
Student Organization 


'° d/ V.J°'a/Ue no . 

G/o ^A, c , no ' f M/ 6erf 

e ^o fo r.^ s/ . 


J °V V Ve f 

Sunset Drive / 69 

rj Phi Theta Kappa 

Fonda Church, Secretary; 
Brenda Brewer; Tina Haney; 
Charles Kevin Berryhill; Helen 
Gallagher, Vice President; Mi- 
chael Stiedle, President; Ray- 
mond Duke, Historian/ Reporter; 
Patsy Burks; John Hancock; 
Bobbie Welch, Advisor. 




Hinds Association 
of Legal Students 



;:- v '-"^ 

Ernestine Marx, Advisor; Brende| 
Brewer; Jean Walkins, Vice Pres- 
ident; Nancy Ballenger; Faye Wil 
Hams; Nina Johnson; Mary Dixon 
Secretary; Roslyn Milton; Helen Gal- 
lagher; Patsy Bozeman, Advisor 
Not Pictured: Jeanne Lindsey, Pres 

70 / Sunset Drive 


First Row: Dewey Abies — Advisor, Earl Morris, James Bennett, Eric Brister, Bennett Davis, Devin McDowell, Charlie 
Thornton — Advisor. Second Row: Otis Thompson, Leon Barrett, Robert Miles, Jr., Jeff White, David Mitchell. 


This club is designed to provide 
students that are directly engaged in 
vo-tech trades an opportunity to en- 
ter national and international con- 
tests. VICA is a development club to 
motivate and develop an enthusiasm 
for learning what will help trade and 
industrial, technical, and health ed- 
ucation students take their place in 

Officers: Joe Meador — Sponsor, Kevin McCool, Cecil Lend, Charles Griffin 
Sponsor, Jeffery McCellen, John Hancock. 

Sunset Drive / 71 




























Open Dorm 


Allen- Whittaker 

Allen-Whittaker is a two-story brick 
building containing 26 suites which 
houses 109 women students. It is 
staffed by one resident manager 
and four student resident assistants. 

Hall Council 

Cindy Harris, Vice President; Lauren Bishop, Pres 
ident; April Runnels, Chairman; Lynn Calder, Co 
chairman; Kristi Malone, Co-chairman. 

74 / Resident Life 


Davis is a five-story building 
housing 257 women students. 
Seven student resident assis- 
tants and a resident manager 
staff this dorm. 

Hall Council 

First Row: Renee Adcock, Kris Oatway, Angela 
Thornton, Michelle Shivers. Second Row: Karen 
Thornton, Kim Holloway, Paula McWilliams, 
Katherine Heard, Sonja McCleskey, Nanci John- 
son, Jackie Pratt. 

Resident Life / 75 



Marshall is a two-story brick 
building which houses 128 
women students. On staff at 
this dorm are four student res- 
ident assistants and a resident 

Hall Council 

First Row: La Juan Jennings, Stacy Johnson, Max- 
ine Smith — secretary, Patrlna Craig — treasurer, 
Janice Handcock. Second Row: Melissa Miller, 
Judy Morris — president, Yolanda Mahaffey — 
assistant secretary, Kasandra Moore, Dionne Da- 
vis — vice-president, Tracy Johnson. 

Resident Life / 77 


Sheffield- Woolley 

Sheffield-Woolley is a four- 
story men's dorm housing 200 
students. Eight resident assis- 
tants and a resident manager 
staff this residence hall. 

Hall Council 

First Row: Mike Farrish, Jim Armstrong, Gary 
Pearson, J. D. Camacho. Second Row: Kevin 
Crotwell, Brett Flake, Qreg Thurman, Kyle 
Rhodes, Tra Harris. Third Row: Mike Breaux, Ad- 
olph Wagner, Charlie Watson, Todd Champagne. 

Resident Life / 79 



Virden is a men's dorm hous- 
ing 54 students. One resident 
manager and two resident as- 
sistants staff this residence 

Hall Council 

Robert Johnson — President; Marty Freeman — 
Vice President; Allan Mitchell — Secretary; 
Charles Beavers — Treasurer. 

80 / Resident Life 


Williams is a nine-suite build- 
ing housing 140 male students. 
The building is staffed by four 
resident assistants and a res- 
ident manager. 

Hall Council 

First Row: Chris Jayroe, Tim Holder, R. J. Senko. 
Second Row: Randy Young, Shane Kitchens. Third 
Row: Scott Jones, Gil Smith. 

Resident Life / 81 

82 / Resident Life 



Resident Life / 83 


'■"*** \ " 

•*(. . - ^_ « c* -, .- 

♦*» ' 

. V 

ftr*v" /. 

I i^4 J 


I jdMk i>ooe jib , r 
■BSE! WMMiflW . . 

P^f-9!NCHf " 

r " "JP 



--.. ^ ^ ' . _ > * V _ - 


^ / 



» ->»...-*•, 

" ; ■'-¥-'■: 



Dr. Muse 


District Vice- 



Board of 



Administration 92 





Dr. Clyde Muse 

Dr. Clyde Muse, President of Hinds 
Community College, is a graduate of 
East Central Junior College and also at- 
tended Delta State University and Mis- 
sissippi State University. He was an ed- 
ucator and administrator in the state 
public school system before he came to 
Hinds as president in 1978. Dr. Muse is 
in charge of administrative duties of the 
school and also acts as a liaison with the 
state legislature and the Board of Trus- 
tees on behalf of the college. Dr. Muse 
and his wife Vashti also serve as official 
hosts for visitors at school functions and 
can be found showing their support at 
student activities. 

86 / People 


The Hinds Community College is or- 
ganized Administratively to operate as 
a single institution with campuses in 
Raymond, CItica, and Jackson; branch- 
es in Rankin and Vicksburg-Warren 
County. Each campus and the branch- 
es are administered by a vice-president 
who serves under the College Presi- 

Dr. Terry Puckett 
Jackson Campus and Branch 

Dr. Michael Rabaiais 
Raymond Campus 

Louis Stokes 
Adult Education and Community Service 

88 / People 

Dr. George E. Barries 
(Jttca Campus and Administrative Services 

Dr. Conrad Welker 
Instructional Services 


Adam Jenkins 
Business Services 

Troy Henderson 
Physical Plant and Auxiliary Services 

People / 89 




The Board of Trustees is a 15-member board that plays an 
instrumental role in the progress and growth of Hinds Community 
College with each member giving freely of his time and wisdom and 
sharing an insight into a more progressive future for all of the people 
served by the College. The Board of Trustees represents Hinds, 
Rankin, Warren, Claiborne, and Copiah counties which comprise the 
College District. Each of the five Supervisors' districts in Hinds 
County is represented and the Hinds County Superintendent of 
Education also serves on the Board. Each of the other four counties in 
the District is represented by the county Superintendent of Education 
and an appointee from the board of Supervisors from the respective 
counties. One member is elected by the Board of Trustees from the 
District who shall be a minority person. 

Ted Kendall, III, President 
Hinds County 

A. A. Alexander, Vice President 
Hinds County 

Roger McDaniel, Secretary 
Hinds County 

90 / People 

Dr. Edward GiUey 
Warren County 

Wa.ter Bivens 
Hinds County 

Louis Burghard 
Copiah County 


D. Q. Fountain 
Hinds County 

Jobie Martin 
Hinds County 

Dr. John Noble 
Claiborne County 

Donald Oakes 
Warren County 

Talmadge Portis, Jr. 
Hinds County 

Dr. Michael Vinson 
Rankin County 

Frank Wilson 
Claiborne County 

Dale Sullivan 
Copiah- County 

George Wynne 
Rankin County 

People/ 91 


Teaching Is the primary purpose of the Col- 
lege. Our excellent faculty is the combination of 
a strong administrative and support staff net- 
work. Admissions, counseling, development, 
business affairs, financial aid, learning resources, 
cooperative education, resident life, public re- 
lations, and a host of other services complete the 

community college package, where the stu- 
dents' needs come first, in and out of the 
classroom. The administration at Hinds is ded- 
icated to the educational process. The ed- 
ucation and practical experience background 
of the administrative body results in a better 
education for the student. 

Ben Woods 

Academic Coordinator 

Jackson Campus/Branch Operations 

Clark Henderson 

Director of Cooperative 

Education and Placement 

Thad Owens 

Superintendent of 


Zandra Nowell 
Coordinator of Alumni/ 
Development Services 



Bill Wilson 
Assistant Director of 
Sunset Drive Campus 

Tom McCollum 
Director of Purchasing 

Dr. Phillip Booth 
Director of Counseling 

94 / People 

People/ 95 


'■L'll'l. .': ~M;i:.'; LLj. 

1 dflSr 

^39* # 

•T ' ""'< 

Ann Groves 

Coordinator of Financial 

and Veteran's Affairs 

Bob Hodges 
Assistant Director 
of Public Relations 

Rick Hartfield 
Director of Resident Life 

Mary Ann Sones 

Assistant Director of 

Nursing/Allied Health Center 

John Perritt 
Instructional Development Officer 

Qene Murphy 
Assistant Athletic Director 

Charles West 
Director of Computer Services 

Bobby Mullins 

Asst. Director of Raymond 

Vo-Tech/ Instructional 

Staff Development 

Diane Shannon 
Institutional Research Assistant 

Tom Wasson 
Director of Auxiliary Services 

Albert Hossley 

Asst. Director of Vicksburg/ 

Warren Branch 

Doug Fowler 

Director of Facilities/ 

Janitorial Services 



Dewey Abies 

Machine Shop 
Joyce Adams 

Direct Care Facilitator 
Jerry Agent 

Lynda Allen 


Sherry Allen 

Financial Aid 
James Anderson 

Ken Anderson 

Student Services and Housing 
Faye Angelo 


John Ashley 

Lou Ann Askew 

Remedial Services 
David Aultman 

Handicapped Instructor 
Lester Bacon 

Industrial Maintenance 

Connie Baddley 

Intensive Business Training 
Mac Baker 

Nancy Baker 

Terri Baker 

Women's Basketball Coach 

98 / Faculty 


Robert Barlow 

Elaine Barr 

Remedial Studies 
Karen Bazzetta 

Garland Beasley 

Diversified Technology 

Anna Bee 

James Bell 

Kenneth Benson 

Nancy Benson 


Lucretia Berry 

Secretarial Science 
Rhonda Birch 

Jo Carol Black 

Melissa Black 


Ruby Black 

Peggy Blackwell 

John Blair 

Media Center 
Heloise Bostick 


Faculty / 99 



Patsy Bozeman 

Hastel Brewer 

Auto Body and Fender 
Dell Broadway 

Secretarial Science 
Sue Brooks 


Francis Broome 

Airframe and Power Plant 
Britt Brown 

Delene Browning 

Sharron Burch 


Leonard Byrd 

Technical Drafting 
Cheryl Carr 

Business Technology 
Jerry Carr 

Margaret Carr 

Related Studies 

W. E. Carson 

Sharron Cauthen 

Shu H. Chang 

Rick Clarke 


100 / Faculty 

Opal Dakin 

Rebecca Davidson 

Dental Assisting 
S. R. Davis 

Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 
Sharon Davis 


Stephanie Davis 

Financial Aid 
Jessie Dawson 

Myra Dew 

William Dixon 

Farm Management 

Jeannine Drake 

Credit Union 
Joanne Dugard 

Geriatric Nursing Aide 
Bob Dunaway 

Janice Duncan 


Faculty / 101 


Sophie Dunlap 

Parker Dykes 

Football Coach 
Bill Eaton 

Electronics Technology 
Ann Eaves 


Ben Fatherree 

Beverly Ferrell 

Quantity Food Services 
Terry Fletcher 

Sandra Freeman 


Glenn Frizzell 

Media Center 
Betty Furstenberger 

Dot Gardner 

Linward Garrett 

Metal Trades 

Robert Garrison 

Men's Basketball Coach 
Charles Gatlin 

Radio and TV 
Margaret Gandy 

Business Technology 
Judy Gordon 


102 / Faculty 

June Graham 

Secretarial Science 
Janice Grant 

Direct Care Workers 
Charles Grantham 

Patricia Grantham 

Dietary Food Services 

Angela Griffin 

Business Technology 
Doris Grubbs 

Special Services 
W. G. Hairston 

Denise Halbach 

Speech and Theater 

Roy Hancock 

Industrial Drafting 
Martha Hand 

Computer Technology 
Lonnie Harper 

Industrial Drafting 
Pam Harper 


James Harris 

Office Machines 
Lester Harrison 

Michael Hataway 

Commercial Art 
Margaret Haynes 


Faculty / 103 



L. C. Henderson 

Martha Hill 

Landscape Management 
J. W. Hoatland 

Campus Police 
Shirley Hodges 

Financial Aid 

Daniel Hogan 

Nancy Hollis 

Jo Hollman 

Ralph Holman 

Offset Printing 

Mary Ann Jacobs 

Child Care 
Edward Jackson 

Football Coach 
Sara Jenkins 

Brent Johnson 


Ken Johnston 

Charles Jones 

Kay Jones 

Mary Jones 


104 / Faculty 

Roger Jones 

Meat Merchandising 
Becky Tustain 

Gayle Keefe 

Library Technical 

Carol Kelley 

Hearing Impaired 

W. C. Kellum 

Auto Mechanics 
Dianne Kelly 

George Kelly 

Glenn Kemp 


Leigh Ann Kenwright 

Allied Health 
Patricia Kettleman 

Dixie Ketes 

Garry Kiefer 

Industrial Electricity and Wiring 

Dr. Jessie Killingsworth 

Mary Kuhn 

Philip Kuhn 

Social Science 
Dean Lamb 


Faculty / 105 

J tp^/gTL 

Charles Langston 

Ann Laster 

Bob Laster 

Thomas Lee 

Handicapped Program 

Libby Lick 

Financial Aid 
Alma Lofton 

Larry Lofton 

Linda Lollar 

Academic Instructor 

Hazel Lominick 

Business and Office 

Mary Lou Lott 

Elizabeth Mahaffey 

Ginger Manchester 


Polly Marshall 

Roma Dean Martin 

Susan Mayfield 

Respiratory Therapy 
Shirley Mays 


106 / Faculty 


Debbie McCollum 

Ernest McFadden 

Auto Mechanics 
Russell McGuffee 

Electricity and Wiring 
Hebert McPhail 

Auto Body and Fender 

Hilda McRaney 

Joe Meador 

Donna Meeler 

Secretarial Science 
Catherine Middleton 

Operating Room Technology 

Kyle Mize 

Carrie Montgomery 

Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant 

Marjorie Morris 

Jeanette Morrison 

Secretarial Science 

Mickey Mott 

Auto Parts and Sales 
Vashti Muse 

Judy Myrick 

LaPearl Myricks 


Faculty / 107 


Mary Etta Naftel 

Secretarial Science 
Janice Nail 

Murray Neal 

Ruby Neely 


Carol Nelson 

Clifford Nelson 

Jimmy Newman 

Joyce Newton 


Deborah Nichols 

Physical Education 
Marion Nooe 

Harry Partin 

John Payn 

Mathematics/ Physics 

Pam Perry 

Bank Teller Training 
Betty Pharr 

Medical Records 
Nell Pickett 

Sue Pitts 


108 / Faculty 


Michele Poag 

Distributive Marketing 
Russell Poirrier 

Offset Printing 
Polly Rabalais 

Physical Education 
Aaron Rankin 


Linda Ratliff 

Secretarial Science 
Pam Reeves 

Wesley Reeves 

Police Science 
Joycelyn Reid 


Larry Richardson 

Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant 

Joe Riggin 

Jerry Roberts 

Dick Robertson 


Martha Robinson 

Secretarial Science 
Jack Ross 

Diesel Mechanics 
Mickey Roth 

Political Science 
James Sardin 


Faculty / 109 


Lura Scales 

Russell Schneider 

Denise Scifres 

John Scoggin 

Auto Body and Frame 

Phillip Scott 

Jeanette Sellers 

Switchboard Operator 
Peggy Shanks 

Data Processing 
Beverly Shaw 


Roland Shaw 

Tom Shepherd 

Denise Sherman 

Financial Aid 
JoAnn Shoemake 

Technical Computer 


Hazel Shows 

Alice Smith 

Related Studies 
Elnora Smith 

Thomas Smith 

Energy Conservation 

110 / Faculty 

Charles Spann 

Computer Technology 
Martha Sorey 

Sandy Stonecypher 

Leah Sutterfield 


James Taylor 

Refrigeration and Air 

Norma Temple 

Talmadge Tenhet 

Bobbie Thomas 


Dale Thomas 

John Thomas 

Vocational Counselor 
Martha Thomas 

Operating Room Technology 
Charles Thornton 


Connie Townsend 

Rebecca Tramel 

Thomas Traxler 

Alex Valentine 


Faculty / 1 1 


l&ztfEL U 

Sandra Vance 

Mary Waggoner 

Carol Walker 

Patricia Waltman 


Cecil Ward 

General Electricity 
Kathy Ware 

Karen Warner 

Jan Whatley 


Charlotte White 

Peggy Wilcots 

George Williams 

Use Williams 

Allied Health Cluster 

Jerry Williamson 

Paula Wimbish 

Lee Windham 

Distributive Education 

Phyllis Woodard 


12 / Faculty 

Rhoda Woodard 

Katie Worrell 

Sarah Yates 

Earnistine Young 


— ■" 

Faculty / 113 

Laura Adams — Freshman 

Jerry Ainsworth — Freshman 

Wilagene Ainsworth — Sophomore 

Rebecca Albritton — Sophomore 

Alise Alexander — Freshman 

Susan Alexander — Freshman 

John Alford — Sophomore 

Monica Alford — Sophomore 

Scotty Alford — Freshman 

Carmelita Allen — Sophomore 

Dina Anderson — Freshman 

Drexel Anderson — Sophomore 

Mignyon Anderson — Freshman 

Scott Anderson — Freshman 

Susan Antrim — Sophomore 

Gail Apperson — Sophomore 

Kristine Ard — Freshman 

Debbie Arnold — Sophomore 

Penny Arnold — Freshman 

Kendra Ashley — Freshman 

Candee Atherton 

Martha Austin 

Joanna Aycock 

John Bacon 

Virginia Baddley 


Bryan Bailey — Sophomore 

Linda Bailey — Sophomore 

Scott Bailey — Freshman 

Tracy Bailey — Freshman 

Gregg Bain — Sophomore 


114/ Classes 

Monica Baker — Freshman 
Connie Baldwin — Freshman 
Steve Ballard — Freshman 
Wesley Banks — Sophomore 
Bradley Barnes — Sophomore 

Dwayne Barnett — Freshman 
DeShaye Barr — Freshman 
Sharon Barton — Sophomore 
Dena Bass — Sophomore 
Mary Beth Bass — Freshman 

Missy Bass — Sophomore 
Scott Bates — Freshman 
Shane Batton — Freshman 
Sonia Batton — Freshman 
Dena Beard — Freshman 

Lisa Beard — Sophomore 
Tracie Beard — Freshman 

Charles Beavers 
Tracy Beazeale - 

- Freshman 

Debbie Beckham — Sophomore 
Lalla Bell — Sophomore 



Robert Bell — Sophomore 
Lori Bennett — Freshman 

Robert Benson — Freshman 
Neely Berch — Freshman 

Chuck Bethany — Sophomore 
Micah Bethany — Freshman 

Cherie Bevill — Sophomore 

Pam Black — Freshman 

Noelle Blackmon — Freshman 

Ray Blakeney — Freshman 

Joyce Blount — Sophomore 

Christi Boteler — Sophomore 

Judy Bounds — Freshman 

Lynette Bowman — Freshman 

Dawn Boyd — Sophomore 

Christa Boykin — Sophomore 

Christi Box — Freshman 

Misti Box — Freshman 

Renee Bracken — Freshman 

Lisa Branning — Sophomore 

Jerry Lee Bray — Freshman 

116 / Classes 



♦ * • A 


♦ • ♦ # 


• ♦ ♦ • 

t ♦ ♦ 



La » s 

5 • # s^ 



Jennifer Bridges — Freshman 
Trey Brister — Freshman 
Gena Brock — Freshman 
Jamie Brooks — Freshman 
Skelton Brooks — Freshman 

Angela Brown — Sophomore 
Christopher Brown — Sophomore 
Darrie Brown — Sophomore 
Kim Brown — Freshman 
Mike Brown — Sophomore 

Jody Brumfield — Freshman 
Lori Bryan — Freshman 
Amy Buckles — Freshman 
Bill Bullock — Freshman 
Lisa Burchfield — Freshman 

Belinda Burge — Sophomore 
Michelle Burkes — Sophomore 
Edwin Burtnett — Sophomore 
Kim Bynum — Freshman 
Dwight Cage — Freshman 

Todd Calcote — Freshman 
Lynn Calder — Freshman 
Robyn Callahan — Freshman 
Monette Callaway — Sophomore 
Tracey Callen — Freshman 

Cammy Campbell — Freshman 
Jason Campbell — Freshman 
Allison Carr — Freshman 
Casey Carrington — Sophomore 
Angela Carter — Freshman 




Curtis Carter — 

Tammy Carter — 

Carla Cartwright — 

Wendy Castleberry 

Angeline Chambers — 

— Freshman 

Marty Cheeks — Sophomore 
Pam Cheung — Sophomore 
Harry Childs — Sophomore 

Debra Clanton — Sophomore 
Ella Clark — Sophomore 

Wanda Clark — Freshman 

Tom Claxton — Sophomore 

Melinda Clegg — Freshman 

Chris Clements — Sophomore 

Jeremy Clements — Freshman 

Sara Clements — Freshman 
Stacy Cliburn — Freshman 

Allison Clower — Freshman 
Chris Cochran — Sophomore 
Sandy Cockrell — Freshman 

Charles Coker — Sophomore 
Matthew Coleman — Sophomore 

Shane Coleman — Freshman 
Caryn Comans — Freshman 
Major Combs — Sophomore 

Jeremy Cook — Freshman 

Stacey Cook — Freshman 

Eddie Cooper — Freshman 

Demarla Cothran — Sophomore 

Kimberly Courtney — Freshman 

118/ Classes 

HHF *■»«. ^Bi 

Br ' Hi 


My * ■ ^1 

: A 




» 1 


Wk - j* mm pW 

Vfv- v fd| 



_ — i 

Sharon Cousin — Freshman 
Tim Cotton — Freshman 

Missy Covington — Freshman 
Jacque Cox — Freshman 

Dianne Coxwell — Freshman 
Connie Crane — Sophomore 

Gait Craft — Sophomore 
Kimberly Craft — Freshman 
Petrina Craig — Freshman 
Kim Crook — Sophomore 
Michelle Crowley — Freshman 

Denise Curtis — Sophomore 
Kim Dalrymple — Sophomore 
Dusty Davis — Sophomore 
Edward David — Sophomore 
Shannon Davis — Sophomore 

Teresa DeLaughter — Sophomore 
Angie Dennis — Sophomore 
Christopher Dick — Freshman 
Amy Dickerson — Freshman 
Jana Dilmore — Sophomore 

Classes/ 119 

fl//jr (fMiftk* 

Anthony Dixon — Sophomore 

Dorothy Dixon — Sophomore 

Dana Dockens — Freshman 

Susan Dodson — Freshman 

Lisa Doll — Freshman 

Randall Dorris 
Teresa Douglas 


Tina Douzenis — Sophomore 
Layne Duke — Freshman 

Gail Duncan — Freshman 
Jan Duncan — Sophomore 

Dacia Durr — Freshman 

Amy Dykes — Freshman 

Peggy Dykes — Freshman 

Jennifer East — Freshman 

Robin Edmonds — Freshman 

April Edwards — Freshman 

Wendy Edwards — Sophomore 

Kim Eldridge — Freshman 

Dale Ellison — Freshman 

Russ Emmons — Freshman 


f ' 

120 / Classes 

Alison Epting — Freshman 
Dawn Ezell - — Freshman 
Todd Falgout — Freshman 
Debora Fant — Sophomore 
Jonathan Fedrick — Freshman 

Angie Ferguson — Freshman 
Carl Ferguson — Freshman 
George Ferguson — Freshman 
Kelly Ferguson — Sophomore 
Rob-Alan Finney — Freshman 

Belinda Fisher — Sophomore 
Victoria Flechas — Freshman 
Pamela Flowers — Freshman 
Audrey Lee Floyd — Sophomore 
Dannette Ford — Sophomore 

Amy Fowler — Sophomore 
Brook Fraiser — Sophomore 
Kristi Franklin — Sophomore 
James Friend — Sophomore 
Lee Fulton — Freshman 

Helen Gallagher — Sophomore 
Melissa Gammell — Freshman 
Sarah Gardner — Freshman 
Carla Garner — Freshman 
Greg Garner — Freshman 

Deborah Garrison — Sophomore 
Jennifer Gibbon — Sophomore 
Janelle Gibbons — Freshman 
Cynthia Gibson — Freshman 
Christi Gilbert — Sophomore 

Classes / 12! 


Shelly Gilbert — Sophomore 

Jason Gill — Freshman 

Lesia Gill — Sophomore 

Lee Gober — Freshman 

Michele Suk Fong Gong — Freshman 

Kenneth Gore — Sophomore 

Richard Graham — Freshman 

Tracy Granger — Freshman 

Eugene Grant — Freshman 

Jerry Grantham — Freshman 

La Tina Gray — Sophomore 
Michael Gray — Sophomore 
Tim Gray — Sophomore 
David Grayson — Freshman 
Gene Grayson — Freshman 

Janice Green — Freshman 

Jason Green — Freshman 

Leigh Green — Sophomore 

Matthew Green — Freshman 

Renee Greene — Freshman 

Shanton Griffin — Sophomore 

Chris Griffith — Freshman 

Lynn Griffith — Freshman 

Thomas Grillo — Freshman 

Valeria Grim — Sophomore 

Becky Gunn — Sophomore 

Belinda Hale — Sophomore 

Stacy Haley — Freshman 

Richard Hall — Freshman 

Sherri Hall — Freshman 

122 / Classes 

Jonathan Harris — Freshman 
Keith Harris — Sophomore 
Thomas Harris — Freshman 
Lea Ann Harrison — Sophomore 
Gwendolyn Harvey — Freshman 

Suzanne Hall — Freshman 
Terri Hall — Freshman 

Varrion Hall — Freshman 
Jamie Hammett — Sophomore 

Kathy Hammond — Freshman 
Lesa Hammond — Freshman 
Stacie Hammond — Sophomore 
Janice Hancock — Sophomore 
Mary Ann Hancock — Sophomore 

Pammie Hancock — Sophomore 
Jennifer Haney — Freshman 
Dana Hardage — Freshman 
Kim Hardin — Sophomore 
Derwin Harper — Sophomore 

Jackie Harper — Freshman 
Paul Harper — Freshman 
Susan Harper — Freshman 
Gloria Harrington — Sophomore 
Cindy Harris — Freshman 

Classes / 123 

L W1 

— 7 


Tim Harvey — Freshman 

John Hathhorn — Sophomore 

Susan Hathorn — Sophomore 

Leslie Hawkins — Freshman 

Helen Hawthorne — Freshman 

Theodore Hayes — Sophomore 

Rosalind Haywood — Freshman 

Rhonda Head — Freshman 

Sam Head — Freshman 

Katherine Heard — Freshman 

Angela Henry — Freshman 

Tony Henson — Freshman 

Kim Hill — Freshman 

Ruby Hill — Sophomore 

Charles Hillman — Sophomore 

James Hillman — Freshman 
Pam Hilton — Sophomore 

Debbie Hinton — Freshman 
Karen Hinton — Sophomore 

Sharon Hinton — Sophomore 
Carol Ann Hobson — Freshman 

124 / Classes 

Don Hocutt — Freshman 
Tracey Holden — Freshman 
Timothy Holder — Sophomore 
Omega Holdiness — Sophomore 
LaPenny Hollingsworth — Sophomore 

Reba Hollingsworth — Sophomore 
Regina Hollinsworth — Sophomore 
Sherry Holloway — Sophomore 
Kevin Holt — Freshman 
Joanna Holyfield — Sophomore 

Anita Hopkins — Sophomore 
Hollie Hooks — Freshman 
Martha Ann Hoover — Freshman 
Brian Horton — Freshman 
Cal Houston — Sophomore 

Becky Howard — Sophomore 
Susan Howell — Sophomore 
Tammy Hubbard — Sophomore 
Tammie Hudgins — Sophomore 
Eugene Huff — Sophomore 

Kim Hughes — Sophomore 
Susan Hunt — Freshman 
Ricky Hutchins — Sophomore 
Sheryl Hutchinson — Sophomore 
Cheryl Ingram — Freshman 

Marsha Ivey — Freshman 
Eddie Jackson — Freshman 
Tammy Jackson — Freshman 
Tim Jackson — Freshman 
Jerry James — Freshman 

Classes / 125 


Qa — i 

Mora James — Freshman 

Chris Jayrve — Freshman 

Jo Ann Jefcoat — Freshman 

Merrie Jenkins — Freshman 

Melissa Johns — Sophomore 

Alec Johnson — Sophomore 

Cynthia Johnson — Sophomore 

Jennifer Johnson — Freshman 

Mat Johnson — Freshman 

Manci Johnson — Freshman 

Rick Johnson — Freshman 

Robert Johnson — Freshman 

Tammy Johnson — Freshman 

Tammy C. Johnson — Sophomore 

Vicki Johnson — Freshman 

Lisa Johnston — Freshman 
Tammy Johnston — Sophomore 

Jeff Joiner 
Brenda Jones 


Carolyn Jones — Sophomore 
Charlotte Jones — Freshman 

126 / Classes 



Jeff Jones — Freshman 
Judy Jones — Freshman 
Maria Jones — Freshman 
Ntkki Jones — Freshman 
Scott Jones — Freshman 

Shelia Jones — Sophomore 
Steve Jones — Freshman 
Jacqueline Jordan — Freshman 
Katherine Jordan — Freshman 
Melinda Joseph — Freshman 

Sharon Joy — Freshman 
Crystal Kelly — Sophomore 
Melissa Kelly — Freshman 
Jennifer Kemp — Freshman 
Alisa Kersh — Freshman 

Cindy Keirn — Freshman 
Regina Keys — Freshman 
Ricky Keys — Freshman 
Randy Khalaf — Freshman 
Paige Killebrew — Freshman 

Craig Killens — Freshman 
Miji Kim — Sophomore 
Sherrie Kinard — Freshman 
Loretta Kines — Sophomore 
Jacqueline King — Sophomore 

Jennifer Kinnebrew — Sophomore 
Jennifer Kirk — Freshman 
Apryle Kleinhans — Sophomore 
John Knight — Freshman 
Betsy Krichbaum — Sophomore 

Classes / 1 27 


Justin Kuykendall — Freshman 

Pat Kyle — Freshman 

Lisa LaDouceur — Freshman 

Mary Lane — Freshman 

DeAnn Lanier — Sophomore 

Greta LaPrairie — Freshman 

Ryn Laster — Freshman 

Anita Lawrence — Sophomore 

Chris Lawrence — Freshman 

Michael Lawrence — Sophomore 

Mihae Lee — Freshman 

Clara Lewis — Freshman 

Missy Lewis — Sophomore 

Robin Lewis — Sophomore 

Allen Link — Sophomore 

Dawn Little — Sophomore 

Amy Lofton — Freshman 

Dana Logue — Freshman 

Edward Lollar — Sophomore 

Chris Long — Sophomore 

Kim Long — Sophomore 

Sherrie Long — Sophomore 

Peggy Lott — Sophomore 

Cynthia Lovelace — Sophomore 

Wayne Lowery — Freshman 

Lacy Luckett — Freshman 

Beverly Luckey — Freshman 

Wendy Luft — Freshman 

Tammy Luna — Freshman 
Beckey Magee — Sophomore 

128 / Classes 


Marcie Mahaffey — Freshman 
Ellen Malone — Sophomore 

Kristi Malone — Freshman 
Dante Mangum — Freshman 

Kathy Mangum — Sophomore 
John Mansell — Freshman 
Tracy Manuel — Freshman 
Jeanne Marascalco — Freshman 
Janice Marshall — Freshman 

Michele Martella — Freshman 
Johnny Martin — Freshman 
Laura Martin — Sophomore 
Tim Martin — Sophomore 
Carmen Mashburn — Sophomore 

Lisa Mason — Sophomore 
Connie Massey — Freshman 
Missy Matthews — Sophomore 
Scott Matthews — Freshman 
Bobby May — Freshman 

Marty May — Sophomore 
Melissa May — Freshman 
Terri McCallister — Sophomore 
Tina McClellan — Freshman 
Ronald McClellul — Freshman 

Classes / 1 


Richie McCluskey — Sophomore 

Susan McCormick — Freshman 

Jim McCown — Sophomore 

Sherrie McDaniei — Freshman 

Valerie McDaniei — Freshman 

Demetria McDonald — Sophomore 

Sabrina McDowell — Sophomore 

Stan McElhenney — Sophomore 

Judy McElyea — Sophomore 

Jimmy McGee — Freshman 

Scott McGee — Sophomore 

Lynn McGraw — Sophomore 

Kenny McGruder — Freshman 

Robin McGuire — Sophomore 

Deborah Mclnnis — Sophomore 

Lisa McKee — Freshman 

Gary McLaurin — Freshman 

Richie McLendon — Sophomore 

Stacy McMaster — Freshman 

John McMillan — Sophomore 

Laurie McMorrough — Freshman 

Andy McMullin — Freshman 

Tamara McNair — Freshman 

Roger McNeese — Sophomore 

Jennifer McNeil — Freshman 

Tammie McNeil — Sophomore 

Tonya McNeil — Sophomore 

Kelly McWilliams — Freshman 

Paula McWilliams — Sophomore 

Candye Meacham — Freshman 

J 30 / Classes 



Kimberly Meador — Freshman 
Carol Melvin — Freshman 
Neal Mercer — Freshman 
Roger Merchant — Sophomore 
Nena Merritte — Freshman 

Savita Michael — Freshman 
Sloane Michael — Freshman 
Traci Middleton — Freshman 
Jim Miles — Sophomore 
Darren Miley — Sophomore 

Charlie Miller — Freshman 
Joanna Miller — Sophomore 
Larry Miller — Sophomore 
Melissa Miller — Freshman 
Rusty Miller — Sophomore 

Deana Mills — 
Kim Millwood 

— Freshman 

Roslyn Milton • 
Peggy Mingee 


Allan Mitchell — Sophomore 
Leigh Mitchell — Freshman 

H ^'({fcj-'U^"^ 1 

Jim Moak — Freshman 
Janet Mobley — Sophomore 

Jennifer Monroe — Freshman 
Dana Moody — Freshman 

Audrey Moore — Sophomore 
Bobby Moore — Freshman 

Brad Moore — Freshman 

Jennifer Moore — Sophomore 

Kasandra Moore — Freshman 

David Morgan — Freshman 

Lisa Morgan — Freshman 

Charman Morris — Freshman 

Danielle Morris — Freshman 

Judy Morris — Freshman 

Lorraine Morrison — Sophomore 

Joseph Moss — Freshman 

Tracy Moss — Sophomore 

Mark Murray — Sophomore 

Gail Muse — Sophomore 

Angela Myers — Freshman 
Barbara Myers — Freshman 

132 / Classes 





Phi i 

** ** W 


~IHk --■■■■ 

^K ■ j BBf 



iil\ 1 

( Jtfi&t^l^-* 

Cassandra Myers — Sophomore 
Chris Myers — Sophomore 
Michael Naya — Freshman 
Natacia Meal — Freshman 
Patricia Neal — Freshman 

Eddie Neese — Sophomore 
Chris Nelson — Freshman 
Jeffrey Nester — Freshman 
Tina Newell — Sophomore 
Mark Newman — Freshman 

Robbie Newman — Sophomore 
Nicole Nichols — Freshman 
Kelley Nicholson — Freshman 
Lisa Nicholson — Sophomore 
Ashley Nielsen — Freshman 

LaNeil Noble — Sophomore 
Kimber Norton — Freshman 
Rebecca Nowell — Sophomore 
Roy Nugent — Freshman 
Linda O'Bannon — Sophomore 

Denisce Odom — Freshman 
Frances Odom — Sophomore 
Dana Ogle — Freshman 
Ann Outlaw — Sophomore 
Brian Overstreet — Freshman 

Diana Palmire — Sophomore 
Tammy Palokas — Sophomore 
Gene Pandolfi — Freshman 
Hugh Parish — Sophomore 
Melanie Park — Freshman 

Classes / 1 33 




Kristen Parker — Sophomore 

Wayne Parker — Freshman 

Suzy Parkerson — Sophomore 

Becky Parman — Sophomore 

Rhonda Parman — Freshman 

Steve Parten — Sophomore 
Michele Patenotte - Freshman 

Gena Patrick — Sophomore 
Rhonda Patrick — Sophomore 

Zelma Patrick — Freshman 

Paul Peets — Sophomore 

Traci Pellegrine — Freshman 

Kelly Perry — Freshman 

Dean Pettway — Freshman 

Leigh Phillips — Freshman 

DeeDee Pickel — Sophomore 
Paul Pickett — Sophomore 

Christy Pierce — Freshman 
Gayla Pierce — Freshman 

.Glen Pigg — Sophomore 
Darla Poe — Freshman 

134 / Classes 

'£//ttr *'mjJKa 

^ * 1 

4^> M 

t>S^ ***•«■ 




mm Mm^aL^ai^fa£duimdSEamt^mJl 

Louis Polk — Freshman 
Robin Polk — Freshman 
Robin Polk — Freshman 
Ronica Polk — Freshman 
Laura Poore — Sophomore 

Angie Pope — Freshman 
Zorome Porter — Sophomore 
Raleigh Pratt — Freshman 
Tammara Price — Sophomore 
Steve Provance — Sophomore 

Michelle Puckett — Freshman 
Charlie Purvis — Sophomore 
Lori Purvis — Sophomore 
Amy Quarles — Freshman 
Robbie Quick — Freshman 

Barbara Raines — Sophomore 
Melissa Ratcliff — Freshman 
Christine Ray — Sophomore 
Rhonda Reaves — Freshman 
Annie Reed — Freshman 

Loriann Reep — Sophomore 
Theresa Reep — Sophomore 
Laurie Reeves — Freshman 
Leigh Ann Reeves — Freshman 
Teresa Reeves — Sophomore 

Dylan Regan — Freshman 
Michelle Reis — Freshman 
Angela Renfrow — Sophomore 
David Richard — Freshman 
Jason Richards — Freshman 

Classes / 1 35 



Cherrsse Richardson — Sophomore 

Lovie Richardson — Sophomore 

Richie Richardson — Freshman 

Stacey Rist — Freshman 

Richard Ritter — Sophomore 

Melissa Rives — Sophomore 

Reena Roach — Freshman 

Reese Robbins — Freshman 

Scott Robbins — Freshman 

Al Roberts — Freshman 

Kathy Roberts — Sophomore 

Keith Robertson — Sophomore 

Aaron Robertson — Sophomore 

Brad Rogers — Freshman 

Trenia Rogers — Freshman 

Bobbie Ross — Freshman 

Sandi Ross — Freshman 

Susan Roth — Freshman 

Scott Rouse — Freshman 

Jennifer Rule — Freshman 

Amy Runnels — Freshman 

April Runnels — Freshman 

Jan Russell — Sophomore 

Russ Russell — Freshman 

Scott Russell — Sophomore 

Renee Russum — Freshman 

Kristie Rutland — Freshman 

Stacy Rutledge — Sophomore 

Alfredo Sacasa — Sophomore 

Patricia Sanders — Sophomore 

136 / Classes 



Robert Sanders — Freshman 
Tracy Sanders — Sophomore 
Lisa Sandifer — Freshman 
Rita Sawyers — Freshman 
Dana Scott — Sophomore 

Miriam Scott — Freshman 
R. J. Sinko — Sophomore 
Norman Session — Sophomore 
Leigh Setliff — Freshman 
Mack Shannon — Freshman 

Julia Shelby — Freshman 
Michael Shepherd — Sophomore 
Christopher Shields — Freshman 
Michelle Shivers — Freshman 
Mendi Shoemaker — Freshman 

Rickey Shoup — Freshman 
Melanie Shuffield — Freshman 
Scott Shuttleworth — Sophomore 
Rick Sills — Freshman 
Lee Simmons — Freshman 

Tony Sisk — Freshman 
Jenifer Sistrunk — Freshman 

Amy Smith — Sophomore 
Bruce Smith — Sophomore 

Classes / 137 

1 5 'iiffrMhifLrL 

Chad Smith — Freshman 
Chuck Smith — Freshman 

Dawn Smith — Sophomore 
Harold Smith — Freshman 

Jimi Smith — Freshman 
Kay Smith — Freshman 

Kelly Smith — Freshman 
Kelly Smith — Sophomore 

Kristie Smith — Sophomore 
Maxine Smith — Freshman 

Robert Smith — Sophomore 

Rose Smith — Sophomore 

Sylvia Smith — Sophomore 

Wanda Smith — Freshman 

Robert Speake — Freshman 

Cami Spears — Freshman 

Christy Speights — Freshman 
Melvin Spell — Sophomore 
Julia Spencer — Freshman 

Sonya Spencer — Sophomore 
Lisa Stanley — Freshman 

8 / Classes 

i .fMfjKr^^^mJr . 

Kathy Steed — Freshman 
Jim Stephens — Freshman 
Andra Stevens — Freshman 
Phyllis Stevenson — Freshman 
Connie Stewart — Freshman 

Suzy Stiglets — Freshman 
William Stolz — Freshman 
Tena Strain — Sophomore 
Bridgetta Stringer — Sophomore 
Teresa Stringer — Sophomore 

Michelle Stringfellow — Sophomore 
Janet Stuart — Sophomore 
Melissa Stubblefield — Freshman 
Chance Sullivan — Freshman 
Kevin Sullivan — Sophomore 

John Sullivan — Freshman 
John Sullivan — Freshman 
Kirk Sullivan — Sophomore 
Mikel Sumralt — Freshman 
Geneva Swanson — Freshman 

Kim Swindoll — Freshman 
Michael Sylvester — Freshman 
Linda Talley — Freshman 
Dwayne Tate — Freshman 
Keith Tatum — Sophomore 

Tracy Tatum — Freshman 
Ashley Taylor — Sophomore 
Cathy Taylor — Freshman 
Lori Tedder — Freshman 
Sean Temple — Freshman 


Dawn Templeton — Freshman 

Priscilla Tenner — Freshman 

Eugenia Thedford — Sophomore 

Charity Therrell — Freshman 

Jerry Thomas — Sophomore 

Schelerrie Thomas — Sophomore 

Dana Thomley — Freshman 

Becky Thompson — Freshman 

Jacqueline Thompson — Freshman 

Pippi Thompson — Freshman 

Diane Thornhill — Freshman 
Andrea Thornton — Freshman 
Angela Thornton — Freshman 

Gregg Thurman — Freshman 
Denise Tindle — Sophomore 

Angel Toney — Freshman 

Tracy Topp — Freshman 

Angie Trest — Freshman 

Angie Townsend — Freshman 

Rose Tullius — Freshman 

Doug Tullos — Freshman 

Rick Tullos — Sophomore 

Tanya Tullos — Freshman 

Travis Tuneburg — Freshman 

Alison Turner — Freshman 

Renee Turner — Freshman 

Jeff Tyer — Sophomore 

Rechelle Tyson — Freshman 

Corey Unsworth — Freshman 

Renee Upton — Sophomore 

140/ Classes 



Robert VanNorman — Freshman 
Lauran Vincent — Freshman 
Wayne Vine — Sophomore 
Joy Voelker — Sophomore 
Christie Volz — Freshman 

Wendy Wade — Freshman 
Susan Wadford — Freshman 
Bart Walker — Freshman 
Bobby Walker — Freshman 
Robert Wall — Sophomore 

Amy Wallace — Freshman 
Gayla Wallace — Sophomore 

Leslie Wallace — Sophomore 
Sam Walley — Freshman 

Wendy Walston — Sophomore 
Cassie Warren — Freshman 

Dawn Warren — Sophomore 
Teresa Warren — Freshman 
Cathy Watts — Freshman 
Chris Watts — Sophomore 
Tommy Weathersby — Freshman 

Classes / 141 

Wendy Weathersby — Freshman 

Beth Weaver — Freshman 

Charlla Webb — Sophomore 

Julie Weeks — Freshman 

Michelle Weeks — Freshman 

Kevin Welch — Freshman 

Tom Welch — Sophomore 

Anita Wells — Sophomore 

Linda Wells — Freshman 

Bill West — Freshman 

Lisa West — Freshman 

Lisa Westbrook — Freshman 

James Westmoreland — Freshman 

Jason Wheat — Freshman 

Cindy Wheeler — Freshman 

Amy White — Freshman 
Betina White — Freshman 

Ramonda White — Sophomore 
Tracy White — Sophomore 

Yolanda White — Sophomore 
Sharon Whittington — Freshman 

142 / Classes 


Todd Wilbanks — Freshman 
Audie Wilkinson — Sophomore 
Angela Williams — Sophomore 
Carol Williams — Freshman 
Glenda Williams — Freshman 

Richard Williams — Sophomore 
Sara Williams — Sophomore 
Scott Williams — Freshman 
Michelle Williamson — Freshman 
Stacie Williamson — Freshman 

Michelle Willis — Freshman 
Kenny Willoughby — Sophomore 
Doug Wilson — Freshman 
Jackie Wilson — Freshman 
Lassandra Wilson — Sophomore 

Lynn Wilson — Sophomore 
Michael Wilson — Freshman 
Rhonda Wilson — Freshman 
Margaret Wise — Sophomore 
Dre Wissner — Freshman 

Genise Womack — Sophomore 
Joey Womack — Freshman 
Susan Womack — Freshman 
Gary Woo — Sophomore 
Leigh Woods — Freshman 

Tammy Woods — Freshman 
Cevelle Wyatt — Freshman 
Holly Yeager — Sophomore 
Brenda Young — Freshman 
Randy Young — Freshman 

Classes / 143 






\» T'K' 


Famous Alumni 


London Players 


Beauty Pageant 


Homecoming W eek 


Mississippi and the 

Arts If eek 


Miss Hinds Pageant 


FCA Talent Show 


Miss America 



On Campus 



Mid America Bowl 


Famous Alumni 

Three of Hinds most famous alumni are pictured 
left. They are Pam Nail; 1987 Mrs. American a 
1988 Mrs. World; Carla Nicks, 1987 Mrs. Miss 
sippi; and Donna Russell, 1985 Mrs. America. 

Pam Nail 

1988 Mrs. World 

„ „ "'o'O c 

Events / 146 

Lendon Players 

The fall production of the Lendon Play- 
ers was "The Robber Bridegroom." The 
group presented "The Lion In Winter" as 
their spring production. 

Events / 147 

Beauty Pageant 

148 / Events 

The top five beauties chosen were Tanya Tullos, Paula McWilliams, Carissa Morgan — Most 
Beautiful, Dacia Durr, and Tammy Johnson. 

•4 The contestants practiced hard for their 
moment in the spotlight. 

Events / 149 

Dr. Clyde Muse presented Dr. Robert Mayo a plaque of appreciation ; 
Mrs. Lee Mayo watched. 

150 / Events 

Comedian Andy Andrews entertained following the 
Pep Rally. 

Events / 151 

. I 

Mississippi and 

The fifth annual Mississippi and the Arts Week was held 
March 17-20. The week's events were sponsored by the 
Special Activities Committee and the English, social sci- 
ence, art, music, speech, and theatre departments. Mis- 
sissippi artists, entertainers, and craftsmen were included in 
the celebration. 

Dr. Peggy Prenshaw lectured on 
"The Fictional Gifts of Eudora 
Welty." ► 

152 / Events 

Toby Tenhet and Ensemble presented 
ones of the Heart in celebration of E 
Welty's literary achievement. 

the Arts Week 

i ' Jl ^ 

^B ^B 

^p ; Hk t j^M 


■ 1 i BBfr 


..... ; ;l§*SN»«i 

Tommie Stewart, a dramatic arts and speech pro- 
fessor at JSU, performed selected readings. 

Events / 1 53 

Miss Hinds Pageant 

154 / Events 

Events / 155 

FCA Talent Show 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsored 
its annual talent show which was open to both 
students and faculty on campus. The acts varied 
from singing, dancing, and skits, to displays of 
various other individual talents. First place went to 
Geno Grant, while "Men with NO I.Q." captured 

156 / Events 

Mess America 

Hinds Connection sponsored the Mess Amer- 
ica pageant in which student contestants par- 
ticipated. Faculty members judged contestants 
based on talent, evening gown, poise, and crowd 
appeal. Chris Vance was selected the winner of 
the contest. 

Events / 157 

On Campus Entertainment 

158 / Events 

Several dances were held during 
the year with such bands as Stone 
Jam, Telluride, and Louisiana Pur- 
chase. These were times for stu- 
dents to take a break from stud- 
ying and enjoy themselves. 

Events / 159 

Mid-America Bowl 

The Hinds Eagles appeared in their first bowl 
game in 33 years when they played Northeastern 
Oklahoma A&M in the Mid-America Bowl in 
Tulsa Oklahoma. The Eagles were defeated 26- 
11. However, the Eagles completed their best 
season since 1957 with a 10-3 overall record for 
the 1987 season. 

160 / Events 

Events / 161 

*% m 






\ ! 





Cheerleaders 1 72 













III I ram lira Is 200 

JEFootball Championship in 30 years the Hinds Community College Eagles placed second i 
and Region 23 after a 21-16 loss to the Northwest Junior College Rangers. 

e Eagles also made their first bowl appearance in 33 years then they played in the Mid-America Bowl December 5, 1987 in Tulsa 
homa. The Eagles faced Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College but lost to the Norsemen 26-11. 

ads head coach Gene Murphy and his staff of coaches consisting of Parker Dykes, Mike Smith, Dot Murphy and Ed Jacks" 
iagles to their best season since 1957, finishing the 1987 season in state with a 10-2 record and after the Mid- America E 
record of 10-3. 

le Eagles had won the South Division Championship earlier in the season and advanced to the state playoffs hosting Nor 
munity College. The Eagles defeated the Tigers 42-14 and advanced to the final playoff in Raymond with Northwest . 


•ach Gene Murphy commented on the Eagles' season saying, "For us to get to the state championship game took a loto 
from both the players and the coaches and it shows their commitment to do what we asked of them." 
eshman tailback Kevin Woodson of Vicksburg broke three Hinds records this season. He broke the record for rushes wi' 
es for 1,679 yards. The previous record was set in 1957 by C. J. Alexander with 1,074 yards. He set a new record in scorin 
al of 120 points over the previous 1955 record of 77 set by Jimmy Taylor. Woodson also set a new record in the num 
hdowns made in a season with 20 over the previous 1957 record of 12 set by Ray Abbruzzese. 
le Eagles compiled a total of 4,842 total yards for the 1987 season. This consisted of 3,087 yards rushing and 1,755 yard 
ing. The Hinds squad has scored a total of 390 points and allowed only 189 for opponents. 

le Eagles had a 9-1 record in regular season play with wins over Mississippi Delta, Coahoma. Pearl River, East Central. Horn 
ah-Uncoln, Gulf Coast, Jones, and Northeast. The only loss of the season was to Southwest, which came after a 45 minute gam 
f during the first period due to weather conditions. 

164 / Sports 

1987 Hinds Scoreboard 

Hinds 43 

Hinds 19 

Hinds 24 

Hinds 26 

Hinds 14 

Hinds 30 

Hinds 28 

Hinds 42 

Hinds 25 

Hinds 34 

Miss. Delta 14 

Southwest 23 


Pearl River 22 

East Central 7 

Holmes 24 

Co-Lin 24 

Gulf Coast 12 

Jones 2 


Playoff Games 

Hinds 42 

Hinds ]6 

Northeast 14 

Northwest 21 

Mid-America Bowl 

Hmds 11 Northeastern OK 26 

Hinds finished the regular season 9-1 and 10-3 overall and were 
South Division Champ and number 2 in the State and Region 23. 

Eagle J. Mike S mi ,h. ss sis„n« co,ch, Q,„, « ur p hy , „„«, coach; ^ Murphy . assl8tant coach; E<f Jacks0 „ ass , stan , cMch; ^ ^ ^ 

Sports / 165 

166 / Sports 

Mike Burch 
Kevin Woodson 
Jeff Massey 
Jeffy Fields 
Lester Brandon 
Jason Smith 
Stanley Butler 
Andy Lofton 

Leon Lett, Jr. 
Jarvis Jenkins 
Layne Wright 
Earl Warren 
Eddie Rigby 
Ron Davis 
Donnie Dukes 
Michael Johnson 

Dexter Knight 
Ricky Robinson 
Randy Crystian 
James Gray 
Marvon Spell 
Chris Kaywood 
Albert Burks 
Carlos Mason 

John Camacho 
James Criss 
Machon Joiner 
David Tindotl 
Darren Tucker 
Wesley Murray 
Ter ranee Scott 
Gary Pearson 

Lovenzo Henderson 
Wyatt Simpson 
Jerry Evans 
Rob Yancey 
Clemmons Parish 
Michael Breaux 
Frank Brown III 
Lee Mason 

James Witherspoon 
Brian Smith 
Eric McPherson 
Malcolm Sanders 
Quincy Burton 
Marvin Washington 
Curtis Griffin 
James Jones 

Richard Heal 
Alan Smith 
Bill Robinson 
Chris Blackburn 

Student Asst 
Bill Bullock 


Jeff Myers — Trainer 

Marty Cheeks — Trainer 

idler Mangum — Manager 
Doug W.ilsh — Managei 

Sports / 167 


Hundreds of Hinds Community College students, faculty and 
spectators traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Mid-America Bowl. 
This marked the first bowl appearance for the Hinds Eagles since 
the 1954 Junior Rose Bowl Game. The Eagles faced the Norsemen 
of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College but were defeated by 
NEO 26-1 1. The Eagles finished with their best season in 30 years 
with a 10-3 overall record. 


168 / Sports 

Sports / 169 

170/ Sports 

ff Fields (90) and Mike Burch (14) receive the 2nd place State and Region 23 Trophies 

Hinds president Dr. Clyde Muse presents the South Division trophy to coach 


ea glE 

,_ Kenny «»~ : Ro *'. * shieV 
^rs- N^ 00 i Polk. Second * 
tbatt <- ne . mV DV keS> 

s>U sa^ es1 ' 



F °° l n Oo^er. ^V 

The Hinds football cheerleaders were winners of 
three trophies and two spirit sticks at the Universal 
Cheerleading Camp at Memphis State University this 
summer. The Hinds cheerleaders were chosen as the 
overall winners at the camp. They placed first in cheer, 
second in sideline, and fourth in fight songs. 

Lou Anne Askew, Sponsor 

172 / Sports 

Sports / 173 

174 / Sports 



DV^ e - 



***TI .to***** " 

I* . „ h ph\\ttp s 



Eagle Basketball: First Row from Left: Chris Payne, David Arceneaux, Jerome Kelly, Ray Younger, Clinton Moses, Jamie Traham. Second Row: Terry 
Shephard, Scott Russell, Keith Lee, Johnny Crain, David Brook, David Nicholas, and Greg Marbra. 

176 / Sports 


Scott Russell — Guard 
Jerome Kelly — Forward 
Ray Younger — Forward 
Bubba Moses — Forward 

Chris Payne — Forward 
Jamie Trahan — Center 
David Arceneaux — Center 
David Nicholas — Guard 


Sports/ 179 





■ *~ IB 




First Row from Left: Micheryln Smith, Sherryl Robinson, Carmen Mashburn, Patricia Falconer. Victoria Woods, Mia Carr. Second Row: Becky Howard, Sherri 
Jordan, Verlynisa Alexander, Lisa Taylor, Tangela McCullum, Belinda Burge, Pam Black. 

Sports / 183 

Sherryl Robinson — Center 
Carmen Mashburn — Forward 
Victoria Woods — Center 
Sherrie Jordan — Guard 

Micheryln Smith — Forward 
Lisa Taylor — Forward 
Belinda Burge — Guard 
Verlynsia Alexander — Guard 

184 / Sports 




*}p& -*<%s5 



^ ^x^^..i 

sWto*."- ...»Jk 



First Row, From Left: Floyd Wells, David Burch, Wes Collier, Kelly Dickinson, Kim Brocato (trainer), Barry Collier, Pat Spears, Michael Gray, Rob McCoy and David Sullivan. 
Second Row; Vic Puckett, Brian Duplechin, Chris Cochran, Greg Guidry, Ronnie Jackson, Tim Ross, Jay Wilson, Bengy Eaves, Chris Wilson, Danny Jones, Tim Tharpe, and Rick 
Smith. Third Row: coach Rick Clarke, Jeff Thames, Warren Guerriero, Dennis Dupin, David Waddell, Pat Rapp, Kevin Butts. Anthony Williams, David Woodfield, Tim Brunswick, 
Tommy Dew, Chris Spears, and Jeff Myers (trainer). 

Eagles Win State Championship 

HINDS WINS STATE: The Eagles won their first State Championship in 37 years with a 10-9 win in game one and a 4-3 win in game two 

188 / Sports 

on the 1987 State Junior College Baseball Championship game in five minut 
ith a score of 4-3 over Mississippi Delta Junior College. 

Riche doubled to left center in the bottom of the seventh scoring Tim Brunswk 
om first base, giving the Hinds Eagles their first championship in 37 years. 

It took three days to play the state playoff series due to weather conditions 
alting the games. Hinds had won the first game 1 0-9. After a 20 hour delay in game 
vo the game resumed and as quick as an instant replay it was over and Hinds won 
le State Championship. 

■'■$& - ■ 

190 / Sports 

Front Row from Left: Pam Black, Tangela McCullum, Suzy Stiglets, Cherie Neal, Dee Dee Anderson, Missy Oberhausen. Second Row from Left: coach Deborah Nichols, Lisa 
Odom — manager, Sherryl Robinson, Tonie Gill, Jackie Wright, Verlynsia Alexander, Marcie Mahaffey, Lisa Mason, Sherrie Long — manager. 


Sports / 191 


^92 /Sports 

Sports / 193 

TRACK — 1987 

Lester Walls, Coach 

194 / Sports 

Sports / 195 


Men's Team: Kneeling; Donnell Winston. Standing from Left: Richie Toler, Barrie Brown, John Hathorn, Walter Green, Grice Hooker. 




# W^ri#mm' * mMm > <m>> y 

Women's Team: Kneeling: Donnell — manager. Standing from Left: Sherry Jordan, Kelly Overcash, Zolgretta Barnes, Carla Cartwright, Allison Clower, Dre Wissnen 

196/ Srx>rts 

Sports / 


Front Row from Left: Darrin Tucker, Kelly Wilkerson, Chuck Upchurch, and Frank Arender. Second Row from Left: Tood King, Jason Richards, Ricky Lee, Greg Ballard, and j 
Bobby Humphrey. 

Polly Rabalais, Coach 

198 / Sports 




.1 i: 

Sports / 


Women's Football 201 

Men's Football 





Sports / 201 

Men's Football 

202 / Sports 

Sports / 203 

204 / Sports 

Sports /205 



Volleyball Champs: First Row: Karl Pree, 
Coach Harry Childs, Mike Laster, Audie 
"Hair" Wilkinson. Second Row: Shell Long, 
Dawn Little, Christi Boteler. Not Pictured: 
Shannon Rayborn, Gena Patrick, Jeff Mar- 

206 / Sports 

Sports / 207 


208 / Sports 



«« (1 


\ W -^K 


NfiwR! A' 



essG 18 " 


... -JH» 





212 1 

Who's Who 




Miss Hinds 


Mr. Hinds 




Most Beautiful 












^ 0* 



Dr. Clyde Muse presents the plaque for Alumnus of the Year to Dr. Nell Pickett. 

•31 IBS 

■ II 

i hi 

<|| III [- 




+*rJb* mm0 s'*~ 

Dr. Nell Ann Pickett was chosen the 1987 Hinds Com- 
munity College Alumnus of the Year at the Homecoming 
Luncheon. She is a native of Otica and earned an As- 
sociate of Arts degree from Hinds in 1955, when she 
graduated valedictorian of her class. She is a nationally 
known scholar and has written numerous articles in- 
cluding textbooks. 

Dr. Pickett is also an alumna of Mississippi University 
for Women, George Peabody College for Teachers of 
Vanderbilt University, and the University of Mississippi 
where she earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education and Stu- 
dent Personnel in 1977. 


Hinds Connection member Bob Robinson escorts Alumnus of the Year 
Nell Ann Pickett from one homecoming activity to another in a merry 
little golf cart. 

212 / Features 

A Geneva and James Reeves were honored with the dedication of the James and 
Geneva Reeves Music Hall. Shown with the retired instructor and chairman of the 
Raymond Campus Music Department are Dr. Muse and Ted Kendall. 

▲ Frederick Lee Brooks, Jr. was honored with the dedication of Brooks 
Hall, formerly Raymond Campus Fine Arts Annex, and Brooks Theater, 
formerly the Little Theater. Shown with Brooks is his wife Sue. 

•^ Sharp Banks, who served 25 years on the Hinds 
Board of Trustees, was honored with a building 
dedicated to him at the Vicksburg/ Warren County 
Branch of Hinds. Board of Supervisors from War- 
ren County Jack Sturgis, John Ferguson, Carl 
Kelly, and Robert Walker were on hand to con- 
gratulate Banks, center. 

Features / 213 

Who's Who in American 

Wilagene Ainsworth 

Rebecca Albritton 

Steve Alexander 


Harold Armstrong 

Gregg Bain 

Mechale Barwick 


Missy Bass 

Mary Batton 

Rod Blackledge 

214 / Features 

Andy Blush 

Brenda Brewer 

JimMs--- fe^v - 


Dilinda Brown 

' pi*-.. 



Belinda Burge 

Patsy Burks 

Belinda Fisher 

Amy Fowler 

Tammy Carter 

Charles Coker 

Raymond Duke 

Todd Dykes 

Wendy Edwards 

Kelly Ferguson 


Features / 215 

Who s Who in American! 

Helen Gallagher 

Brandi Goree 

Suzanne Grafton 


Tracey Harris 

Susan Howell 

W. Ruth Jackson 


Sheila Jones 

Ava Kilpatrick 

Judy Lamb 

216 / Features 

Edward Lollar 

Ellen Malone 

Junior ©if^^S 

( \ 

Christine Nielsen 

Susanne Papa 


Lisa Martin 

Carmen Mashburn 

Lisa Mason 


Gladys McClain 

Kevin McCool 

Richie McLendon 


Paula McWilliams 

Janet Mobley 

Sammie Morrison 


Features / 217 

Who's Who in America 

Paul Peets, Jr. 

Felicia Pendleton 

Stephen Provance 


Steve Ray 

Michael Shepherd 

Kristie Smith 


Selena Smith 

Bridgetta Stringer 

Eugenia Thedford 


Joy Voelker 

Kathy Ware 

Walker Ware 
218 / Features Raymond 

Junior Colleges 

Fatima Washington 

Richard Williams 

Kenny Willoughby 


Cassandra Wilson 

Therese Winschel- 

Nursing Allied 
Mary Wright 

Nursing Allied 

Not Pictured 

kson Campus 
>orah Andrew 
tries Berryhill 
•y Elizabeth Boggan 
trry Campbell 
jida Church 
n Dann 
j Downs 
y Ervin 
bara Ellis 
fiela Hegwood 
ice McBride 
issa McDill 
dra Martin 
gory Nethery 
ta Nickson 

a Occhipinti 
bara Thames 
hael Vinchwater 
i Warren 
ty Williams 
othy Williams 

Raymond Campus 
Margaret Andrews 
Monette Callaway 
Jeff Goellner 
Cynthia Gregory 
John Hathhorn 
Amandia Heath 
Regina Malone 
Scott McGee 
Darren Miley 
Chris Murphee 
David Palmer 
Robin Robinson 
Jennifer Roth 
Angela Singletary 
Amy Smith 
Lori Wrobel 

Features / 219 











Leigh Phillips ► 
D'Lo, MS 

Roby Allen ► 
Pearl, MS 

220 / Features 



< mu wMa, 

Raymond, MS 

< Wit» Bo 

Pearl, MS 

errance (fJurki 

Vicksburg, MS 

< Brad Wo 

Clinton, MS 





















Jackson, MS 

L^aieu (^arrinat: 

Belzoni, MS 

Ujawn t/Joud W" 

Brandon, MS 

(johnny lAJnite ^ 

Vicksburg, MS 

WcWittiam* ► 

Jackson, MS 

A Z/amntu Carter 

Florence, MS 

A ZDarrin ffllleu 

Crystal Springs, MS 

A Chrii C (emend 

Brandon, MS 










Miss Hinds 

Kristie Smith 

224 / Features 

Mr. Hinds 

Ashley Taylor 

1987 Homecoming Court 


Katie Manchester 
Michael Granberry 

228 / Features 

Paula McWilliams 
Woody Vanderberry 

Kristie Smith 
Timmy Raines 

Nicole Nichols 
Larry Montpelier 

Tammy Carter 
Kenny Willoughby 

Monette Calloway 
Chino Gutierrez 

Tanya Tullos 
Doug Tullos 

1 j 






- ..... ' • . • 


^^W ^^^bB^ 

Amy Dykes 
Jason Wheat 

Casondra Chatman 
Kevin Young 

Misti Box 
Dannon Durr 


Leigh Phillips 
Mark Peterson 


Carissa Morton 

230 / Features 



■ m 






* ^H i «r BBSS 


m H 


llaeia Durr 

232 / Features 

.'■■>. .■■■;■■.* 

Tammy Johnson 




234 / Features 

Tanya Tullos 

Features / 235 





Flanked by Dr. Muse are Distin- 
guished Award recipients. From left, 1 
are Ann Laster, Academic Instructor 
of the Year, from the Raymond Cam- 
pus; Mary Ann Sones, Administrative 
Non-Teaching Professional of the 
Year, from the Nursing/Allied Health 
Center; Lise Williams, Secondary In- 
structor of the Year, from the Rankin 
Branch; Bobbie Jean Thomas, Staff 
Member of the Year, also from the 
Rankin Branch; and Mac Baker, Vo- 
cational-Technical Instructor of the 
Year, from the Raymond Campus. 
The recipients each receive a dia- 
mond lapel pin and $300. 

Jackie Granberry, District director 
of High School Relations was 
presented the 3E (Emphasis on Ex- 
cellence and Enrichment) Award by 
Dr. Clyde Muse for her contribution 
to the growth and development of the 

236 / Features 


■4 Employees of the Raymond Campus re- 
ceiving special recognition at the Employee Ap- 
preciation Dinner are pictured with Dr. Michael 
Rabalais, second from left, vice president for the 
Raymond Campus, and Dr. Clyde Muse, pres- 
ident of the Hinds Junior College District. 
Honorees include from left, Mac Baker, Distrib- 
utive Marketing Technology instructor, Out- 
standing/Distinguished Vocational-Technical In- 
structor of the Year; Hattie Hodge, center, maid 
for the Music Building, Outstanding Staff Mem- 
ber of the Year; and Ann Laster, instructor of 
English, Outstanding/Distinguished Academic 
Instructor of the Year. 

ckson Campus employees re- 
;iving special recognition at the ► 
■urth annual Employee Appreci- 
|ion Dinner for outstanding con- 
ibutions are shown with Dr. Terry 
jckett, left, vice president for the 
ickson Campus and Branch Op- 
ations and Dr. Clyde Muse, pres- 
ent of the Hinds Junior College 
istrict. From second left the 
>norees are Philip Kuhn, social 
:ience instructor at the Gniver- 
ties Center, Outstanding Aca- 
mic Instructor of the Year; Bob- 
e Thomas, center, secretary/ 
lance officer for the Rankin 
ranch, Outstand- 

g/ Distinguished Staff Member of 
e Year; and Sandra Freeman, 
actical nursing chairman and in- 
ructor at the Nursing/Allied 
Jalth Center, Outstanding Voca- 
anal-Technical Instructor of the 

•^ Central Office employee, Leah Sutterfield, 
secretary to the vice president of Physical Plant 
and Auxiliary Services, was named Outstanding 
Central Office Staff Member of the Year at the 
May, 1987 Employee Appreciation Dinner. With 
her are Troy Henderson, left, vice president of 
Physical Plant and Auxiliary Services and Dr. 
Clyde Muse, president of the Hinds Junior Col- 
lege District. 

Features / 237 

1987 inductees to the Hinds Community College Sports Hall of Fame are, From Left: Nick Digirolamo, of St. Charles Parish, Louisiana; James Ray Bres, 
of Birmingham, Alabama; Dot Harrison Wilson, of Jackson; and Ivan Rosamond, of Raymond. Accepting the honor of his late wife, Ida Belle Richardson 
Bullock, is M. J. Bullock, right, of Moss Point. 

The Sports Hall of Fame recognized former Hinds Community College students 
who make outstanding contributions to inter-collegiate athletics. Recognition is 
given to those individuals who achieved further distinction in high school or 
professional sports either as a coach or as a player. 

The Alumni Association was pleased to announce the induction of the following 
into the 1987 Sports Hall of Fame; James Ray Bres, 1945-1947, participated in 
Baseball, Football, Basketball and Track. Ida Belle Richardson Bullock, 1933-1935, 
excelled in Basketball and Track. Ida died in 1956 and her husband M. J. Bullock 
accepted the award for her. Nick Digirolamo attended Hinds from 1946-1948, and 
played Football, Baseball, and Track. Ivan Rosamond was a student in 1947 and 
played Football and Basketball. Dot Harrison Wilson attended Hinds during 1948- 
1949, Dot excelled in Basketball. 

238 / Features 

Miss Hinds 




Kay Ham won the Miss Hinds Jun- 
ior College Pageant and went on to 
represent the college in the Miss 
Mississippi Pageant in Vicksburg 
last summer. The contestants com- 
peted in the following competition: 
swimsuit, evening gown, and talent. 

Dr. Clyde Muse; Cathy Parkman, first alternate; Gilda Holbrook, second 
alternate; Kay Ham, Miss Hinds Junior College; April Gunter, third 
alternate; and LaNeil Noble, fourth alternate. 

Features / 239 

I '* 


Raymond 242 
Drive 252 

Nursing/ Allied 
Health 258 

Vicksburg 262 
Rankin 267 

Center 274 

Utica 275 

Raymond Campus 


Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics 

Office Machine Repair 

Business Technology 

Distribution and Marketing 

Electronics Technology 

Drafting and Design Technology 

Computer Technology 


Radio and Television Servicing 

Medical Records 


Diesel and Truck Mechanics 

Machine Shop 

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 

Agricultural Technology 

Automotive Mechanics 


Offset Printing 

Barbering and Hair Care 

Meat Merchandising 

Automotive Body and Frame Repair 

Commercial Design and Advertising 

Automotive Parts and Sales 

Landscape Management 

Electricity and Wiring 

Industrial Drafting 






This program prepares the student to 
take the FFA Mechanics exam. 

[ Office 

Training in this program emphasizes 
te functions of all standard office ma- 
rines, as well as cleaning, repairing, 
id estimating the cost of repairs on 
lese machines. 


This program is designed to prepare 
students for employment in the secre- 
tarial field. 

Locations / 243 



This program provides the student 
with three choices of study: Retail Man- 
agement. Fashion Merchandising, and 
Real Estate. 

Drafting and 


This program is designed to give stu- 
dents the skills and experience for em- 
ployment in the drafting and design 
field of work. 


The Electronics Technology prograi 
is designed to give students an unde 
standing of electronic circuits and t 
prepare them for a job in electronics. 


This program is designed to prepare 
students for a future in understanding, 
programming, and analyzing computer 


This course is designed to enable 
the students to acquire the basic skill, 
the technical knowledge, and the re- 
lated information necessary for em- 
ployment in the field of welding. 

Radio and 

This program gives instruction in 
electrical theories and their relationship 
to radio and television sets. 



This program includes teaching stu- 
dents how to accurately number, file, 
classify, and analyze medical records. 

Diesel and 


This program gives students experi- 
ence in overhauling engines, transmis- 
sions, clutches, and in dealing with oth- 
er problems that are encountered in 
repairing trucks and many types of die- 
sel equipment. 


This program is designed to prepare 
student with the basic skills and tecl 
nical knowledge of the carpentry trade 


This program is designed to prepare 
students for the beginning level of em- 
ployment as machinists. 


and Air 

This course provides students with 
instruction in the operating princi- 
ples, procedures, techniques, and the- 
ory of air conditioning and refrig- 
eration systems. 


This program enables students to 
learn the business aspects of owning and 
running a farm. 


This program gives students experi- 
ence in overhauling engines, transmis- 
sions, clutches, and in dealing with oth- 
er problems that are encountered in 
repairing automobiles. 


This program is designed to prcpai 
students for employment as brick m; 


This program includes instruction in 
layout, pasteup, camera operation, plate 
making, color processing, printing, and 

I dising 

This program is designed to give 
)ecialized training in the field of 
teat processing. 


Hair Care 

This program includes theory, labo- 
ratory shopwork, and other specialized 
learning experiences relative to haircut- 
ting, perming, styling, coloring, and skin 


Body and 



This program is designed to train for 
career opportunities as: sheet metal re- 
pair technician, painter, frame repair 
technician, service manager, insurance 
estimator, windshield and door glass 

Design and 

Students in the CDA program learn 
layout, printing, and other aspects of 
design and advertising. 


Parts and 


This program includes theory, la 
ratory, shop work, and other expi 
ences relative to receiving, stocki 
selling, and shipping merchandise in 
automotive after-market. 


The Landscape Management program 
emphasizes five major points: landscape 
construction-installation, landscape 
maintenance, landscape management, 
on-the-job training, and general educa- 
tion courses. 




Upon completion of this program a 
graduate will be able to install and main- 
tain electrical service to commercial and 
industrial users. 


This is a one or two year drafting 
rogram with emphasis on basic and 
jvanced drafting techniques and ba- 
c architectural design. 



This program includes a study of en- 
gine design, use, maintenance, and re- 
pair techniques of agricultural diesel 

Jackson Campus/Sunset Drive 


Computer Aided Manufacturing 


Automotive Machinists 


Micro-Computer Information 


Dietetic Technology 


Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant 


Business Technology 




Child Care Development 
Automotive Mechanics 
Electronics Service Technology 
Dental Assisting 

Micro-Computer Service Technology 
Computer Aided Design Technology 
Bank Teller and Proof Organization 

^BK ;'T 4 ^B.'jT??^a^ 

■ 1 H 

ins ■ wsd 

S* K^SL v 1 


If 1 





The Computer Aided Manufacturing 
Technology is a program designed to pre- 
pare students for the beginning level of 
employment as machinists. 


>urses in the Automotive Machin- 
jrogram prepare students with the 
ground needed in dealing with au- 
)tive machines. 


Instruction is given in electrical the- 
ories and their relationship to radio and 
television sets, receivers, and lest equip- 
ment in the Radio and Television Pro- 

Locations / 253 


The Dietetic Technology program 
prepares students for institutional food 


The Business Technology program is 
intended for those persons whose pri- 
mary objective is to train for initial em- 
ployment in the clerical field. 

Hotel, Mote 

and I 



Courses in Hotel, Motel, and Res 
rant Management Program prep 
students for the responsibilities of 
ning their own business. 

254 / Locations 



Basic skills and technical knowledge 
are needed for employment as welders 
and are offered in the Welding Program. 




Ffective techniques of guidance and 
Spline, and practices of safety and 
jth are included in the Child Care 
elopment Program. 


Students enrolled in the Automotive 
Mechanics Program receive much prac- 
tical experience needed when repairing 
automobiles, which prepares them for 
employment as automobile mechanics. 

Locations / 255 



Instruction is given in electrical the- 
ories and their relationship to radio and 
television sets, receivers, and test equip- 
ment in the Radio and Television Pro- 


The development, function, st; 
and organization of the dental pro{ 
is present in the Dental Assisting 



Training in the Micro-Computer Ser- 
vice Technology emphasizes the func- 
tions and adjustments of all standard 
microcomputers as well as cleaning, re- 
pairing, and estimating the cost of re- 
pairs on these machines. Live operating 
equipment is used in the shop so that 
the student may solve problems similar 
to those found in actual work situations. 

256 / Locations 





The Computer Aided Design Tech- 
nology Program offers the student a 
one or two year program with the two 
year course involving a much broader 
course in the design field. 

$ank Teller 

udents are trained in the Business 
Office Training Program for initial 
ioyment in the clerical field. 

Nursing/ Allied Health Center 


Respiratory Therapist 

Licensed Practical Nursing 
Surgical Technology 
Medical Laboratory Technology 
Associate Degree Nursing 


£i! :;:;!■ .''*' , : . "' m ■ ' ' ■^iM™'- 

'' i*. ;! X ■'.•>" "41'.... ,-,../:.. 

j Nurse 

! After passing the State Board Exam- 
iiation, students can become Licensed 
radical Nurses after the completion of 
lie one year Practical Nursing Program. 


The Respiratory Therapist program 
has been designed to equip a graduate 
for successful employment opportuni- 
ties as a respiratory therapist. 


Courses in the Surgical Technology 
Program are designed to prepare qual- 
ified students to become certified sur- 
gical technicians after successful corn- 

Locations / 259 


Students in the Medical Labora- 
tory Technology program must spend 
27 weeks in a hospital laboratory to 
learn the techniques of a busy clinical 


The purpose of the Associate 
gree Nursing program is to prep 
for the Community Associate Deg 
nurses who have the necessary s 
and competencies to assist indb 
uals and groups and meeting tl 
commonly recurring health 
needs. The graduate of this nun 
program receives an Associate 
gree in Applied Science and is i 
pared to write the State Board 1 
Pool Examination for licensure. 

260 / Locations 

WMm^- . .2k 

-V* ?W ' 

i . 

■ ■■ ■ 

I W 

¥** ^^3h%,- 



1 i 

If- ' •*%.''. x VH 

bur t - ■ 

1' ^™ 






t ^HH 


B 1 

Locations / 261 


Automotive Mechanics 
Industrial Drafting 
Industrial Maintenance 
Diesel Mechanics 
Machine Shop 


Distributive and Marketing 




Practical Nursing 



Business and Office 



General Electricity and Wiring 






Civil Engineering Technology 



Students enrolled in the Automotive 
Mechanics program receive practical ex- 
perience needed in repairing automo- 
biles, which prepares them for employ- 
ment as automotive mechanics. 


The carpentry program is designed to 
epare students with the basic skills 
d technical knowledge needed in the 
rpentry trade. 


The Industrial Drafting program of- 
fers the student a one or two year pro- 
gram with. the two year course involving 
a much broader base in the drafting 

Locations / 263 


This program is designed to acquaint 
students with the organization and ad- 
ministration of general shop programs. 
Attention is given to program planning 
equipment selection and safety. 


Students in the Diesel Mechanics f 
gram receive the training and pract 
experience needed in repairing trfl 
and many types of diesel-equipment 


Students in the Machine Shop pro- 
gram receive the necessary training 
needed in machine operations. 



This program is designed to train for 
career opportunities in advertising serv- 
ices, apparel and accessories marketing, 
business management and ownership 
display services, finance and credit serv- 
ices, food marketing, general merchan- 
dise retailing. 

I Nursing 

| This program teaches the students the 
|cills of becoming a practical nurse. 




Students are training in the Business 
and Office Training program for the in- 
itial employment in the clerical field. 

Locations / 265 

—I if .. 

and Wiring 

Courses taken in the General Elec- 
tricity and Wiring program provide stu- 
dents with the experience needed to in- 
stall and maintain electrical circuits, 
panels, and to provide electrical service 
to commercial and industrial users. 






Basic skills and technical knowle 
is necessary training for employment 
a welder. 


This program teaches the student the 
development functions, and organiza- 
tions of the engineering professions. 

266 / Locations 

Rankin Branch 


\utomotive Mechanics 

Intensive Business 


Industrial Electricity and 

Agricultural Diesel Mechanics 

Professional Quantity Foods 

Marketing Co-op 

Diversified Technology 

268 Related Studies Lab 

268 Diversified Occupations Co-op 

269 Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 
Automotive Body and Frame Repair 






Allied Health Cluster 

Metal Trades 

Industrial Drafting 

Marketing Distributive Education 



This program is designed to train 
for career opportunities as: lubrica- 
tion specialist, tune-up specialist, 
brake specialist, front end specialist, 
electrical specialist, service manager, 
shop supervisor. 


This program is designed to ti 
for career opportunities as: secret 
word processing receptionist, 
clerk, bookkeeper, typist, comp! 
operator, office machine operatoi 

268 / Locations 


This program is designed to train for 
career opportunities as: frame carpen- 
ter, finish carpenter, contractor, cabinet 
maker, physical plant operator, lumber 
salesman, sheetrock installer, roofer, 
furniture repair person, or painter. 



fhis program is designed to train for 
'eer opportunities in: audio, video, 
>medical equipment, computer repair 
lintenance, industrial electricity, in- 
strial electronics, aircraft electronics, 
nmunications, military electronics, 
tomotive electronics, or security sys- 


f f\ <mm*M 

7' 6 



This program is designed to train for 
career opportunities in: independent re- 
pair shop, agriculture equipment, heavy 
equipment, oil field, service depart- 
ments of dealers, truck leasing compa- 
nies, electric power plants, marine, or 
railroad locomotive shops. 

Locations / 269 




This program is designed to train for 
career opportunities as: waiter-waitress, 
professional cook, salad and soup cook, 
baker, fry cook, vegetable, cook, food 
purchaser, seafood and meat cook, des- 
ert cook, buffet manager, manager for 
garnishing, and special functions, san- 
itation personnel. 


This program is designed to teach 
dents job skills and to help them 
proper attire for work, on-the-job sa 
taxes, insurance, workers compensai 
and benefits. The students then go 
and apply what they learned to i 


This program is designed to teach 
technical principles and concepts. It also 
improves science and math skills. It pro- 
vides hands-on experience in the lab. 

270 / Locations 

% ;:;::: : 


,'■ - . ' ^, * 

I Co-op 

This program is designed to train for 
per opportunities in: sales occupa- 
Mis, recreation and tourism, mechan- 
1 child care, office occupation, food 
rvice, building trades, and allied 
alth occupations. 




A supplementary program for full 
time vocational students. This program 
offers math, reading, and language skills 
to students. 



Pipe Fitting 

This program is designed to train for 
career opportunities as: plumber, pipe- 
fitter, maintenance person, sprinkler- 
fitter, steam-fitter, lay-out mechanic, in- 
strumentation mechanic. 

Locations / 271 


Body and 



This program is designed to train for 
career opportunities as: sheet metal re- 
pair technician, painter, frame repair 
technician, service manager, insurance 
estimator, windshield and door glass 


This program is designed to prep 
persons to assist qualified health p 
fessionals in the following health c 
professions: diagnostic, therapeu 
preventive, restorative, and rehabil 


This program is designed to train for 
career opportunities as: machinist, 
welder, sheet metal worker, machine 
setup worker, layout worker, inspector, 
metal pattern worker, machine opera- 
tor, structural steelworker, and a tool- 

272 / Locations 


This program is designed to train 
for career opportunities in the fol- 
lowing drafting areas: mechanical, 
structural, architectural, electrical, 
civil, metal production, piping, and 


This program is designed to train 
career opportunities in: advertis- 
; services, apparel and accessories 
irketing, business management and 
nership, display services, finance 
i credit services, food marketing, 
leral merchandise retailing, petro- 
m marketing, real estate market- 
L wholesaling, and physical distri- 

Locations / 273 

Hinds Community College 

Universities Center 

at the Education and 

Research Center 

of Mississippi 



Business Administration 



Educational Psychology 


These programs 

are offered at the 

Universities Center: 


Modern Foreign Language 

Political Science 




Electronic Data Processing 



The Utica Campus of Hinds 
Community College is located in 
Utica, Mississippi and is comprised 
of students in college courses and 
programs in both academics and vo- 
cational-technical areas. This cam- 
pus publishes a student yearbook 
and newspaper which serves its stu- 

»* '•Mt 

. **'-v : l, '■ •VT^,. 




m mt 

4t * ' 


' ■ ; 


:rr~r~- r -._ 

• ■ . .. 
■<'■■.■;. - 

| TEt^L- ■ • 



1? "*^B- H Hj N^H^^^^I 


fc, i Ik 11 ^fl 





1W ^B 










This is our new vertical parking lot. 

Okay, coach, that's $100 to win, $50 to place.and $10 to show. 

278 / Comedy 

Where did that egg go? 




She told me to go stand in the corner but I can't find one! 

Comedy / 279 





1 pay tons of money for such entertainment. 

280 / Comedy 

So I need glasses to read this! 

Oh, heck! I'm stuck! 






No, Pat O'Briens did not start this way! 

Comedy / 281 





I told you — B flat! 

Raise your hand if you're sure! 

282 / Comedy 

I've had enough. Are the cameras here yet? 






See what Crest did for me! 

Comedy / 283 





'The Freaks Come out at Night" 


Where are those cheerleaders when you need them? 

284 / Comedy 

There really is a Santa Claus! 





Superman Training 101 

Comedy / 285 

286 / Comedy 

Comedy / 287 





Mother and Dad still make us do this every Halloween. 

288 / Comedy 

The real Betty Crocker 






Max Factor can do this for you, too! 

Comedy / 289 




David Hawkins — for special 
events photos. 

Larry Coleman — for provid- 
ing special photos. 

Sam, Larry, and Colleen — 
for all their help. 

Nicky Drake, George Cope- 
land, Nancy Jones, Delores 
Landrum, and Taylor Pub- 
lishing Company — for ev- 


Editors' Message 

WE DID IT! WE didn't think we would ever finish the 1988 Eagle. It was rough going for a while, but we did it. 

We could never have finished the book without some very special people. First of all, we want to thank Bob for taking time out of 
his busy schedule to advise and support us even when we thought it was hopeless. Next, we want Brad, Kim B., and Robin to know 
that this book would have been impossible without all their help. We appreciate all they did for us — We love y'all. Also, thanks to the 
PR staff for their help and encouragement. A special thanks goes to our close friends, Kim S., Susan, and Becky, and to our families 
for listening to all the complaints and being there when we needed a shoulder to cry on. 

The memories we have of this year will last forever. The trips we took were wonderful. But some of our fondest memories are of our 
office, which possessed a climate equal to that of a polar iceberg. In the beginning we were shocked, but soon became used to having 
our bathroom more than half full of junk. The disgusting green walls and carpet of the office seemed to close in around us the longer 
we worked. We will always remember the "cropper creeps" who came out at night to eat our croppers and pencils and to drink our 
liquid paper. And last of all, how could we ever forget those horrible lamps that Bob found for us so we could see better. Even with all 
its faults, our office is where we created this book, which makes it all the more special to us. 

We began to think that the aggravation and hard work wasn't worth it. Although those last few days of rushing to beat the final 
deadline caused us to go crazy at times, the rush did not lessen our enthusiasm to see the finished product — Our yearbook. That's 
when we knew the aggravation was worth it. 

We hope that this yearbook is as special to all its readers as it is to us. 




Jewel Aaron — Vicksburg 

Joni Aaron — Vicksburg 

Dale Ann Aarons Herin — Vicksburg 

Kenneth Eugene Aasand — Vicksburg 

Rosemary B. Abbott — Vicksburg 

Antoine George Abboud — Jackson 

Duke L. Abel — Pearl 

Jean Ann Abel — Vicksburg 

Mancy Elizabeth Abel — Pearl 

Robert Dale Abel — Vicksburg 

Amy Elizabeth Abernathy — Jackson 

Clifton Roger Abernathy — Jackson 

Ginger Lanell Abernathy — Flora 

Cynthia Miller Abies — Vicksburg 

Diana Sue Abies — Yazoo City 

James Phillip Abies — Cinton 

Pat Abies — Vicksburg 

James Kimble Abney — Jackson 

Melissa Lynn Abney — Jackson 

Jeanne Pierette Abrams — Jackson 

Michael Rodney Acey — Raymond 

Paul R. Acey — Jackson 

Stanley Keith Acey — Raymond 

Tim Ray Acey — Jackson 

Renee Hardin Achee — Ridgeland 

Kevin Monea Acker — Pearl 

Frank Acree — Jackson 

Lisa Dawn Adair — Jackson 

A. Kelly Adams — Jackson 

Angela Faye Adams — Jackson 

Betty Clemons Adams — Jackson 

Bettye Daniels Adams — Jackson 

Carolyn Johnson Adams Walk — Jackson 

Darris Earl Adams — Jackson 

Gary Edward Adams — Jackson 

Georgiann Graham Adams — Ridgeland 

Glen Purvis Adams — Jackson 

Jane Elizabeth Adams — Jackson 

Janet Terrell Adams — Rolling Fork 

John Flynt Adams — Jackson 

Julia Maria Adams — Jackson 

Laura Grace Adams — Jackson 

Lesa Renae Adams — Richland 

Lora Jenean Adams — Richland 

Marcus Aurelius Adams — Jackson 

Marilyn Diane Adams — Jackson 

Patricia Oshea Adams — Clinton 

Phyllis A. Adams — Vicksburg 

Phyllis Lynn Adams Hayne — Jackson 

Robert Joe Adams — Vicksburg 

Tammie Lajuana Adams — Jackson 

Ted D. Adams — Brandon 

Tracey Lynn Adams — Jackson 

Troy Martin Adams — Pearl 

Vanessa Louise Adams — Vicksburg 

Vincent T. Adams — Canton 

Jesse Clell Adcock — Jackson 

Natalie Clara Adcock W. — Richland 

Nettie Renee Adcock — Vicksburg 

William Lawrence Adcock — Jackson 

Anita Kay Adcox — Mendenhall 

Cynthia Adcox — Jackson 

William Kelly Addison — Learned 

Louis McPherson Aden Jr. — Valley Park 

Benjamin Thomas Adkins — Brandon 

Melynda Jayne Adkins — Pearl 

James Scott Adkisson — Clinton 

Lovisa G. Afzal — Jackson 

Steven Patrick Agard — Jackson 

William Wendall Agee — Clinton 

Ellen O. Agho — Jackson 

Anthony Frank Agosta — Pearl 

Alder Frank Ahlvin — Vicksburg 

Martin Charles Ahlvin — Vicksburg 

Jackie Lee Aikens — Florence 

Melvin E. Aikens — Florence 

Anita Faye Ainsworth — Jackson 

David Andrew Ainsworth — Star 

Emma Lynn Ainsworth — Terry 
Frances Wilagene Ainsworth — Star 
Jeffery Allen Ainsworth — Jackson 
Jerry Lee Ainsworth II — Jackson 
Kelli Laine Ainsworth — Pearl 
Larry Harold Ainsworth — Vicksburg 
Laura Tims Ainsworth — Pearl 
Leslie Jean Ainsworth — Brandon 
Ramona Sessions Ainsworth — Vicksburg 
Richard Allen Ainsworth — Jackson 
Richard L Ainsworth — Pearl 
Rickey C. Ainsworth — Tallulah 
Ora Mae Akempta-Karabo — Jackson 
Anita Blalock Akers — Jackson 
Jennie Gerrard Akers — Vicksburg 
John T. Akers — Clinton 
Karen Michele Akin — Tupelo 
Wendy L Albert — Vicksburg 
David Michael Albright — Jackson 
Erik Kenn Albritton — Clinton 
Rebecca Hall Albritton — Brandon 
Joyce M. Aldridge — Jackson 
Loraine Aldridge — Jackson 
Queen E. Aldridge — Jackson 
Alise Alexander — Natchez 
Charles C. Alexander Jr. — Brandon 
Craig Paul Alexander — Brandon 
Henry Alexander — Pearl 
James M. Alexander — Pearl 
James Mitchell Alexander — Vicksburg 
Jeffrey Lynn Alexander — Jackson 
Jimmy Dale Alexander — Richland 
Kenneth Gerald Alexander — Jackson 
Latosha Alexander — Jackson 
Marion Denese Alexander — Jackson 
Mark Thomas Alexander — Jackson 
Mary T. Alexander — Jackson 
Nicole Alexander — Walnut Grove 
Pamela Sharp Alexander — Jackson 
Robert Stephen Alexander — Raymond 
Sharon Lynn Alexander — Pearl 
Steve Mark Alexander — Brandon 
Susan Carol Alexander — Clinton 
Tanya Aline Alexander — Vicksburg 
Verlynsia Patric Alexander — Clinton 
Billy Wayne Alford — Raymond 
Brian Scott Alford — Raymond 
Helen Danette Alford — Florence 
Jo Lynn Alford — Jackson 
John David Alford — Clinton 
John Mark Alford — Pearl 

John Robert Alford — Jackson 
Monica Michelle Alford — Morton 
Robert Kevin Alford — Jackson 

Roger D. Alford — Raymond 

Shelby E. Alford — Pearl 

William Lee Alford — Raymond 

Dyane Allegri — Brandon 

Amy Applewhite Allen — Jackson 

Andrea Allen — Vicksburg 

Angela Anita Allen — Jackson 

Carlton E. Allen — Brandon 

Carmelita Allen — Learned 

Charles Edward Allen — Pearl 

Christopher D. Allen — Vicksburg 

Christy Eve Allen — Terry 

Cynthia Trynell Allen — Jackson 

David Todd Allen — Clinton 

Deborah Allen — Pearl 

Deborah Gail Allen — Jackson 

Edgar Allen — Vicksburg 

Irene Allen — Flora 

James Timothy Allen — Clinton 

Joyce A. Allen — Vicksburg 

Lorean E. Allen — Brandon 

Lorraine Allen — Flora 

Malcolm Brian Allen — Jackson 

Margaret Janean Allen — Yazoo City 

Marie McWilliams Allen — Clinton 

Martha Parker Allen — Jackson 

Martin Greggory Allen — Brandon 

Marty Dale Allen — Brandon 

Melanie Kee Allen — Vicksburg 

Michael Allen — Silver City 

Michael Glenn Allen — Clinton 

Myrtis Cockrell Allen — Jackson 

Ola Burns Allen — Jackson 

Paula Denise Allen — Brandon 

Penny Leigh Allen — Cltica 

Rebecca Sylvester Allen — Jackson 

Rebecker Allen — Jackson 

Roby Dean Allen — Pearl 

Roger Terrill Allen — Pearl 

Ronald Dennis Allen — Brandon 

T. Dawn Allen Brook — Brandon 

Timothy Dale Allen — Florence 

Tyrone Allen — Jackson 

Wanda Rochell Allen — Bentonia 

Annie L. Allison — Vicksburg 

Clara Elizabeth Allison — Jackson 

Robert L. Allison — Florence 

Joe Richmond Alliston — Brandon 

Jane D. Allred — Jackson 

Micheal David Allred — Vicksburg 

Joy Smith Alman — Brandon 

Carl Russell Almond Jr. — Vicksburg 

Brinda Diane Alridge — Jackson 

Shirley Marie Alston Lyle — Jackson 

Jan M. Altobelli — Clinton 

Lester Alvis — Jackson 

William C. Alvis — Clinton 

Donald Stacy Amason — Pearl 

Teresa Michele Amason — Mendenhall 

Mary D. Amiker — Jackson 

Edward Alan Amis — Clinton 

Christopher Allen Amos — Brandon 

Latreeta Michelle Amos — Mendenhall 

Lillie Mae Amos — Jackson 

Nathan Eugene Amsbury — Flowood 

Chae Ok An — Jackson 

Tish Leanne Anagnostu — Clinton 

Mark Dennis Anders — Monroe 

Alfred Anderson Jr. — Jackson 

Bengamin Anderson — Pearl 

Constance D. Anderson — Jackson 

Darryl Richard Anderson — Jackson 

Dina Dianne Anderson — Port Gibson 

Drexel Cain Anderson — Jackson 

Evelyn Lavern Anderson — Vicksburg 

Georgia Harris Anderson — Jackson 

Gwendolyn Anderson — Jackson 

James Anderson — Vicksburg 

James C. Anderson — Pickens 

Janna Kathryn Anderson — Bolton 

Jessie Jones Anderson — Vicksburg 

Leeroy E. Anderson Jr. — Vicksburg 

Lillie F. Anderson — Jackson 

Lula Mae Anderson — Vicksburg 

M. E. Anderson Jay — Jackson 

Marvin Keith Anderson — Jackson 

Michael Tyrone Anderson — Jackson 

Mignyon Denise Anderson — Magee 

Mildred Westberry Anderson — Morton 

Myrtle O. Anderson — Vicksburg 

Patricia Sampson Anderson — Jackson 

Richard Fulton Anderson — Bolton 

Rochell Maria Anderson — Jackson 

Rosa Lee Anderson Dixon — Vicksburg 

Rosetta Anderson — Vicksburg 

Ryane C. Anderson — Edwards 

S. L. Anderson — Jackson 

Scott Edward Anderson — Jackson 

Shanon Lynn Anderson — Cltica 

Shirley Ann Anderson — Brandon 

Sylvester Lebaron Anderson — Vicksburg 

Timothy Earl Anderson — Pearl 

Wallace Kennon Anderson Jr. — Raymond 

Karen Anderson-Smith — Vicksburg 

Alicia Ann Anding — Pearl 

Skipper Dale Anding — Florence 

Debora E. Andrew Walte — Jackson 

Arletha Johnson Andrews — Flora 

Barbara Andrews — Vicksburg 

Elbert Andrews — Flora 

Eula Jean Andrews — Florence 

Francine Andrews — Jackson 

James N. Andrews — Florence 

Kenneth Todd Andrews — Magee 

Margaret Segree Andrews — Pearl 

Ronnie Anthony Andrews — Pearl 

Sharon Curine Andrews — Flora 

Paul Joseph Angeles — Jackson 

Mary Lynn Ankeny — Vicksburg 
Beverly Duxbury Ankrim — Jackson 
Sherie Noelle Anselmo — Jackson 
Freddie R. Ansley — Florence 
Susan Lynn Antrim — Clinton 
Sharon Gail Apperson — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Michelle Appleby — Vicksburg 
Felicia Denise Applewhite — Jackson 
Glen Allen Applewhite — Osyka 
Toni Lynn Applewhite — Jackson 
Leigh Anne Arcemont — Brandon 
David Wayne Arceneaux — Lafayette 
Terrie Lajune Archie — Jackson 
Kristine Ard — Jackson 
Frank Nathaniel Arender — Jackson 
Robert Allan Arender — Jackson 
Barbara Armentrout — Florence 
Angela Patrice Armstrong — Jackson 
Harold Glenn Armstrong — Jackson 
Jim Wiley Armstrong Jr. — Morton 
Kevin William Armstrong — Brandon 
Melissa Lynn Armstrong — Jackson 
Mike Randall Armstrong — Pearl 
Sylvia Hall Armstrong — Jackson 
Shane Arnett — Brandon 
Darrell Charles Arnold — Jackson 
Deborah Ann Arnold — Taylorsville 
Penelope Jane Arnold — Benton 
Rose Mary Arnold — Jackson 
Stacie Lynne Arnold — Jackson 
James C. Arp — Brandon 
Lorie Lee Arrington — Jackson 
William Samuel Arrington — Jackson 
James Casson Arthur — Carthage 
Janet Dora Artman — Jackson 
Kimberly Anne Artman — Vicksburg 
Marymeg Susan Artz — Vicksburg 
Sundra R. Arunasalam — Vicksburg 
Tena Mace Asberry — Vicksburg 
Del E. Ashcraft Jr. — Jackson 
Bryan R. Ashley — Vicksburg 
Calvin N. Ashley — Vicksburg 
Jana Lyn Ashley — Vicksburg 
John Edward Ashley — Brandon 
Kendra Ashley — Crystal Springs 
Leisa Carpenter Ashley — Vicksburg 
Loretta Staggs Ashley — Vicksburg 
Melissa Ashley — Vicksburg 
Patricia A. Ashley — Vicksburg 
Raymond Ashley — Jackson 
Steven Gregory Ashley — Edwards 
Thomas Pickering Ashley — Port Gibson 
Susan Amundson Ates — Pearl 
Parveen Athar — Jackson 
Candace Justine Atherton — Brandon 
Perry Edward Atherton — Jackson 
Deborah Louise Atkins — Jackson 
Letitia Vickers Atkins — Vicksburg 
Parker G. Atkins Jr. — Jackson 
Ramona L. Atkins — Vicksburg 
Tim Wade Atkins — Vicksburg 
Willettile Schimtie Atkins — Canton 
James Marshall Atkinson — Hazlehurst 
Mark Evans Atkinson — Clinton 
Melissa A. Atkinson Smith — Carthage 
Holly Suzette Atkisson — Brandon 
Myra G. Atkisson — Brandon 
James J. Atwood — Petal 
Linda Haley Atwood — Pearl 
Richard H. Atwood — Jackson 
Sherry Ann Atwood — Jackson 
Warren Reed Augustine — (Jtica 
Alice Marie Austin — Vicksburg 
Brenda Gail Austin — Jackson 
Ethel I. Austin — Vicksburg 
Fulton Harry Austin — Oakdale 
Howard Stan Austin — Vicksburg 
Martha Elaine Austin — Pearl 
Melissa Rae Austin — Pearl 
P. H. Austin — Jackson 
Rebecca Lowral Austin — Pearl 
Stacie Ladonna Austin — Clinton 
James William Autry — Jackson 
Emily Graham Averett — Vicksburg 
Milton Lanosky Averett — Columbia 
Lisa H. Avery — Vicksburg 

294 / Directory 

Lori Michelle Axton — Jackson 
Joanna Lee Aycock — Brandon 
Damascio Anthony Ayers — Bolton 
Richard A. Ayres — Jackson 
Carolyn Bounds Aziz — Vicksburg 
Wali A. Aziz — Vicksburg 


Richard Ray Babb — Jackson 
Franshell Marie Bacon — Jackson 
Harold Francis Bacon — Jackson 
John Richard Bacon — Raymond 
Lester Earl Bacon — Brandon 
Virginia Marie Baddley — Clinton 
Robert Allen Baer — Brandon 
James Edward Bagby — Vicksburg 
Susan R. Baggett — Richland 
Wayne Martin Baggett — Florence 
Daphne Shows Bagley — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Wayne Bagwell — Florence 
Nahid Bahrami — Jackson 
Jason Scott Bailess — Vicksburg 
Angela Elizabeth Bailey — Clinton 
Jeff Bailey — Vicksburg 
Jimmie Dale Bailey — Vicksburg 
John Scott Bailey Jr. — Jackson 
Johnny Bailey — Jackson 
Jon P. Bailey — Jackson 
Kristy Ann Bailey — Jackson 
Linda Ray Bailey — Clinton 
Lorraine J. Bailey — Jackson 
Malcolm Vernon Bailey Jr. — Pattison 
Medora Kathleen Bailey — Jackson 
Millard Wesley Bailey III — Terry 
Patrick Bryan Bailey — Brandon 
Regina Leann Bailey — Columbus 
Ricci Lamonica Bailey — Jackson 
Robert Denton Bailey — Richland 
Robert William Bailey — Madison 
Stephanie Ann Bailey — Batesville 
Steven Ray Bailey — Vicksburg 
Thelma E. Bailey — Raleigh 
Theresa Harvey Bailey — Jackson 
Tracy Gerald Bailey — Raleigh 
William Edward Bailey — Morton 
Gregg Alan Bain — Raymond 
Patricia G. Bain — Raymond 
Albert I. Baker — Clinton 
Cecilia Edgeworth Baker — Jackson 
Edgar Baker — Bolton 
Kenneth A. Baker — Chicago 
Lady Walker Baker — Jackson 
Lisa Gayle Baker — Vicksburg 
Lisa Harlene Baker — Brandon 
Monica Lynn Baker — Brandon 
Nancy Minchew Baker — Vicksburg 
Phoebe Day Baker — Brandon 
Sandra Baker — Oakvale 
Miki Hori Baldridge — Jackson 
Phyllis Kuhn Baldridge — Vicksburg 
Connie Yona Baldwin — Jackson 
Toya Lashun Baldwin Selee — Jackson 
William Ray Balentine — Clinton 
David Wayne Ball — Jackson 
Haley Randolph Ball — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Juwan Ball — McCool 
Louis Allen Ball — Madison 
Mark Dwain Ball — Florence 
Ronald Augustus Ball — Jackson 
Brian Keith Ballard — Flowood 
Guy Stephen Ballard — Terry 
James Thomas Ballard — Vicksburg 
John Gregory Ballard — Jackson 
John Thomas Ballard — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Ray Ballard — Vicksburg 
Marty Ray Ballard — Carthage 
Mary Christine Ballard — Jackson 
Sara Jane Ballard — Vicksburg 
Sean William Ballard — Clinton 
Vivian Anne Ballard Clark — Jackson 
Yvonne Ballard — Terry 
William Mac Ballenger — Carthage 
Lisa Carol Balliet — Morton 
Cyrus Jamshed Balsara — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Renee Bane — Florence 
Tabaetha Ellen Banes — Pelahatchie 
Charles N. Banks — Jackson 
Gregory Lafeare Banks — Jackson 
Henry L. Banks — Pearl 
Leo D. Banks — Jackson 

Mildred N. Banks — Vicksburg 
Molly Gale Banks — Morton 
Oscar Ray Banks — Clinton 
Patricia Marial Banks — Jackson 
Patrishya Aneta Banks — Jackson 
Paul B. Banks — Jackson 
Rhonda Denise Banks — Canton 
Samuel Roosevelt Banks — Jackson 
Vanessa Yolanda Banks — Canton 
Vivian V. Banks — Forest 
Wesley Spivey Banks — Jackson 
Brunei Tia Bankston — Clinton 
Chad Ashley Bankston — Jackson 
Rachel Mae Banyard — Jackson 
Allyson Multer Barber — Vicksburg 
Geraldine Barber — Vicksburg 
Greg Wayne Barber — Jackson 
Marsha Waltman Barber — Pearl 
Michael Stephen Barber — Harrisville 
Valerie Lynne Barber — Vicksburg 
James Hutton Bardin — Bolton 
Kay Carpenter Barfield — Vicksburg 
William David Barfield — Clinton 
Antuione Lewanika Bargains — Jackson 
Greta Hearron Baria — Brandon 
C. Dale Barker — Clinton 
Greg J. Barker — Jackson 
Debra Ann Barlow — Star 
Elizabeth Lennis Barlow — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Michelle Barlow — Florence 
Leslie Ann Barlow — Vicksburg 
Tammy Lynn Barlow — (Jtica 
Averi Falana Barnes — Jackson 
Charlotte Byrd Barnes — Clinton 
Deanna Wallace Barnes — Jackson 
Debra Lyn Barnes — Jackson 
Franz M. Barnes — Clinton 
Gregory Charles Barnes — Jackson 
Heather Katherine Barnes — Jackson 
Herman Daniel Barnes — Vicksburg 
Howard Russell Barnes — Terry 
Judy Lynn Barnes Yates — Vicksburg 
Kenneth D. Barnes — Jackson 
Larry Donell Barnes — Florence 
Mary L. Barnes — Vicksburg 
Russell Bradley Barnes — Vicksburg 
Sandra Michelle Barnes — Clinton 
Shirley Rena Barnes — Jackson 
Teresa Marie Barnes — Vicksburg 
Zolgreta Faye Barnes — Jackson 
Charlie Barnett — Jackson 
Dwayne Barnett — Jackson 
Gary Dell Barnett — Jackson 
Kevin Devon Barnett — Clinton 
Latresa Banay Barnett — Morton 
Angela Sennett Barnette — Vicksburg 
Chris Dewayne Barnette — Brandon 
Helen Wilson Barnette — Raymond 
Ollie Mae Barney — Jackson 
Melvin Leon Barnhill III — Jackson 
Georgeanne Brownlee Barr — Raymond 
Guy Nolan Barr — Mendenhall 
Maria Townsend Barr — Ridgeland 
Mary Kathleen Barr — Jackson 
Victoria Deshaye Barr — Brandon 
William Vincent Barranco — Jackson 
Dixie Porter Barrentine — Clinton 
Joseph Thomas Barrett — Vicksburg 
Katherine Ann Barrett — Vicksburg 
Leon C. Barrett — Jackson 
Michael Paul Barrett — Vicksburg 
Ronnie Barrett — Vicksburg 
Sharon Barrett — Vicksburg 
Sheila Marie Barrett — Pearl 
Teresa Lynn Barrett — Pearl 
Jeannie Marie Barrier — Jackson 
Melanie Carole Barrier — Jackson 
Patricia Annette Barrier — Jackson 
Wendy Roussel Barrilleaux — Clinton 
James Willard Barron — Terry 
Joyce McFarland Barron — Terry 
Richard Preston Barrow — Jackson 
Tina A. Barrow — Jackson 
Anne Millicent Bartee — Jackson 
Harry A. Bartee — Jackson 
Donald Maurice Bartlett — Jackson 
Judy Bartlett — Vicksburg 
Brenda Kay Barton — Jackson 
Debbie L. Barton — Vaughn 
Joseph Noel Barton — French Camp 
Sharon Lynn Barton — Brandon 
Mechale Ann Barwick — Jackson 
Todd Parish Barwick — Jackson 
Kay W. Basden — Brandon 
Darryl Lamont Bass — Jackson 
Dena Kay Bass — Prentiss 

James Noell Bass — Brandon 
Johnnie Alvin Bass — Crystal Springs 
Kathy Willis Bass — Vicksburg 
Kevin Jesse Bass — Vicksburg 
Lee A. Bass — Jackson 
Linda Pope Bass — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Bass — Prentiss 
Melissa Kaye Bass — Prentiss 
Robbie Lynn Bass — Natchez 
Walterine Bass — Jackson 
Gary Hansford Bassett — Jackson 
Addie N. Bates — Jackson 
James Scott Bates — Jackson 
Karen Sue Bates — Jackson 
Charles Henry Bath IV — Clinton 
Melanie Batson — Brandon 
Clifford Hal Battle — Jackson 
Cynthia Deloris Battle — Jackson 
Emma W Battle — Jackson 
Johnnie W Battle Gowdy — Flora 
Willie Steen Battle Ellis — Flora 
Yalanda Faye Battle — Jackson 
Alice P. Batton — Jackson 
Christopher Shane Batton — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Batton — Jackson 
Sonia Delane Batton — Mendenhall 
Barry Neal Baughman — Brandon 
Jean Chevalier Baugnon — Star 
Zandra Suttle Baxter — Jackson 
Joan Hayden Bayler — Vicksburg 
Robert Michael Bayler — Vicksburg 
Milton Earl Baylis — Jackson 
Kimberly Dawn Bayliss — Florence 
Margaret Given Baylot — Vicksburg 
Reella Jones Beale — Jackson 
Karen Elizabeth Beall — Jackson 
Shirley Mullins Beall — Jackson 
Deborah Ann Beam — Jackson 
Barry Carl Bean — Brandon 
Angela Rae Beard — Clinton 
Connie Lorraine Beard — Pelahatchie 
Daniel Calvin Beard — Vicksburg 
Dena Michele Beard — Carthage 
Donald Glen Beard — Vicksburg 
Edwina H. Beard — Jackson 
Kimberley Denise Beard — Pelahatchie 
Lisa Ann Beard — Jackson 
Maria Michelle Beard — Vicksburg 
Marvis C Beard — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Beard — Vicksburg 
Sharon Denise Beard — Jackson 
Stephen Del Beard — Jackson 
Timothy Dale Beard — Vicksburg 
Tracie Coetta Beard — Jackson 
Bobbie Freeman Bearden — Brandon 
Kenneth Oliver Bearden — Jackson 
Brenda Beasley — Jackson 
John Kevin Beasley — Clinton 
Michael Kerry Beasley — Jackson 
Tarsha Shanta Beasley — Jackson 
Paul A. Beaube — Vicksburg 
Clara Hope Beauman — Vicksburg 
Lisabeth Jane Beaver — Florence 
Charles Calvin Beavers — Forkville 
Dawn Ross Beck — (Jtica 
Traci Tanner Beck — Jackson 
Debbie Gail Beckham — New Hebron 
Donna Kay Beckham — Brandon 
James Shea Beckham — Florence 
Shana Michelle Beckham — Brandon 
Dianne Brenson Beckley — Jackson 
Roosevelt Beechem — Jackson 
Rick Adam Beers — Pearl 
Suzanne Dickson Belgard — Brandon 
Toni Lynn Belknap — Vicksburg 
Andrea Leigh Bell — Vicksburg 
Bettye Lee Bell — Jackson 
Christopher Ray Bell — Jackson 
Christopher Robert Bell — Jackson 
Craig William Bell — Brandon 
Damian Labot Bell — Jackson 
Damon Vance Bell — Clinton 
David Kevin Bell — Pearl 
David M. Bell — Vicksburg 
Estella Marie Bell — Jackson 
Faye Allen Bell — Pearl 
Gail Shoemaker Bell — Morton 
Jacqueline Grant Bell — Jackson 
John Raymond Bell — Thornton 
Kerry Glenn Bell — Jackson 
Lalla Jean Bell — Jackson 
Leonard Earl Bell — Jackson 
Linda T. Bell — Jackson 
Lonzel Bell Jr. — Jackson 
Martha Lene Bell Quick — Jackson 
Patricia Boyd Bell — Vicksburg 
Rachel Lynn Bell — Jackson 

Robert Calvin Bell — Vicksburg 
Robert Danton Bell — Florence 
Ruth C. Bell — Jackson 
Shelia Michell Bell — Jackson 
Yolanda Yvette Bell — Jackson 
Jody Horton Belt — Brandon 
Robert Theodore Beltrani — Canton 
Stephanie Denise Bender — Newton 
Keith Benford — Jackson 
Royal Lee Benjamin — Jackson 
Allison C Bennett — Jackson 
Bernard Bennett — Jackson 
Chester Leonard Bennett — Winona 
Deborah A Bennett — Florence 
Fred L. Bennett Jr. — Jackson 
James Arness Bennett — Madison 
Jenny V. Bennett — Jackson 
Laurie E Bennett — Ridgeland 
Lori Frances Bennett — Brandon 
Mary Ann Bennett Studa — Jackson 
Phyllis Melissa Bennett — Jackson 
Allison Renee Benson — Flora 
David Lawrence Benson — Jackson 
Doris Jean Benson — Jackson 
Lora Ann Benson — Clinton 
Robert Nelson Benson — Brandon 
Shirley Harrison Benson — Brandon 
Dawn Elise Benton — Jackson 
Priscilla Ann Benton — Jackson 
Rachelle Speegle Benton — Jackson 
Neely R. Berch — Pearl 
Chris Maurice Bergeron — Clinton 
Johanna Estelle Bergman — Clinton 
Miriam Ellyn Bernamonti — Jackson 
Robert David Berrong — Raymond 
Aletha Berry — Jackson 
Annie Joyce Berry Ray — Port Gibson 
David Russell Berry — Jackson 
Etta V. Berry — Magee 
George Berry — Florence 
Jeannette A. Berry — Vicksburg 
Lisa Ann Berry — Pearl 
Marilyn Robertson Berry — Jackson 
Mike Marlon Berry — Pearl 
Nancy Jean Berry — Jackson 
Robert Nelson Berry — Vicksburg 
Stephen Ray Berry — Richland 
Teresa Posey Berry — Jackson 
William Ralph Berry — Vicksburg 
Charles Kevin Berryhill — Jackson 
Tina Angela Berryhill — Jackson 
James A. Berryman — Vicksburg 
Rebecca E Berryman — Vicksburg 
Theresa Bounds Berryman — Vicksburg 
Paul G Bessenbacher — Jackson 
Lynn Bessonette — Vicksburg 
Charles Edwards Bester — Jackson 
Gretchen Marie Bethany — Jackson 
Howard C. Bethany — Clinton 
Michael Tom Bethany — Clinton 
Sharon Tinney Bethea — Tallulah 
Robert Kendrick Bethely — Natchez 
Bethany Gail Betsinger — Jackson 
Pamela K. Bettencourt — Vicksburg 
James Larry Betts — Tupelo 
Irma Renita Beverly — Vicksburg 
Keneth (Jndrea Beverly — Pearl 
Alecia Cherie Bevill — Clinton 
John Bryan Bevill — Jackson 
Rima Bhalla — Raymond 
Christopher Dantoine Bibbs — Jackson 
Mary Bibbs — Jackson 
Mary Weltner Bickerstaff — Vicksburg 
Robert Lewis Bickley — Brandon 
Anthony Dwayne Biddy — Jackson 
Tom Young Biesinger — Jackson 
Jenny Lee Biggers — Jackson 
Amanda A. Bigham — Jackson 
James Harold Bigham — Jackson 
Denton Bruce Biglane — Clinton 
Christopher Lawren Bilbrew — Canton 
Vernon David Billingsley — Jackson 
Max Samuel Bingham — Fayette 
Victoria Fuqua Bingham — Jackson 
Phyllis Birchett — Vicksburg 
Thomas G. Birdsong — Madison 
Pamela Glascoe Birdwell — Flora 
Nancy A. Birks — Ridgeland 
Martha Oferrall Bise — Jackson 
Arnold Luther Bishop — Richland 
Charles Byron Bishop — Clinton 
James Gordon Bishop — Pearl 
James W. Bishop — Richland 
Jameson Burt Bishop — Brandon 
Jane T. Bishop — Richland 
Laura Gayle Bishop — Jackson 
Lauren Kay Bishop — Brandon 

Directory / 295 

Rebecca Jean Bishop — Brandon 
Tommy Jay Bishop — Pearl 
David Wayne Bivens — Jackson 
Damon Ray Bivins — Clinton 
Norman Jean Bizzell — Marks 
Jo Carol Black — Jackson 
John Iris Black — Pearl 
Pamela Carole Black — Jackson 
Christopher W. Blackburn — Jackson 
William M. Blackburn — Raymond 
Bruce Taylor Blackerby — Jackson 
Carol Diane Blackford — Terry 
David Blackledge — Vicksburg 
Rod K. Blackledge — Jackson 
Steve Eugene Blackledge — Pearl 
Brenda G. Blackman — Canton 
Clarence E Blackmon — Port Gibson 
Elaine Askew Blackmon — Jackson 
Emma Louise Blackmon — Canton 
Noelle Patrice Blackmon — Gallup 
Troy Burrell Blackmon — Brandon 
Angela Wyn Blackwell — Clinton 
Daisy Speake Blackwell — Jackson 
David Scott Blackwell — Clinton 
Deborah A Blackwell — Pearl 
Paula Delane Blackwell — Vicksburg 
Sharon Lenee Blackwell — Vicksburg 
Mona L Blaine Goff — Terry 
Annie Walker Blair — Canton 
Darrell Deaundra Blair — Canton 
Susan Frances Blair — Jackson 
Tabby Jane Blair — Florence 
B. Chadwick Blake — Vicksburg 
Brett Anderson Blake — Jackson 
Jerry E Blake — Vicksburg 
Maria Rachelle Blake — Jackson 
Randy Earl Blake — Vicksburg 
Charman Lea Blakely — Ridgeland 
Sharon Ann Blakely — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Luckett Blakeney — Terry 
Donald Ray Blakeney Jr. — Jackson 
E. Harriet Blakeney — Jackson 
James A Blakeney — Terry 
John Larry Blakeney — Pearl 
Ray Edward Blakeney — Crystal Springs 
Rick Diamond Blakeney — Jackson 
Tina Louise Bland — (Jtica 
Barbara Strick Blankenship — Raymond 
Terry Leon Blanks — Meridian 
Richard A. Blanton Jr. — Rockledge 
Christopher Lee Blaylock — Jackson 
Jerry Phillip Blaylock — Jackson 
Steven Michael Blaylock — Clinton 
Billy Dewayne Bldridge — Vicksburg 
Jesse Paul Bledsoe — Brookhaven 
Billie Earline Bleier — Jackson 
Michael Alan Bliss — Vicksburg 
Violet Strahan Bliss — Vicksburg 
Nancy Sue Blood — Clinton 
James Lamar Bloodworth Jr. — Jackson 
Clay Blount — Vicksburg 
Joyce A. Blount — Canton 
Russ Scott Blount — Clinton 
Shirley Marie Blount — Canton 
Carolyn A. Blue — Jackson 
Danny Earl Blue — Hollandale 
Suddie Collier Blue — Jackson 
Robert Andrew Blush — Vicksburg 
Paul Boatner — Clinton 
Louis E. Bobb — Vicksburg 
Sheila Blakely Bobb — Vicksburg 
Jeffrey Edgar Bobo — Jackson 
Clark Gordon Bobst — Jackson 
Curtis Boddy Jr. — Benton 
Aprille Joi Bodet — Canton 
Charles Edward Bodie Jr — Gulfport 
Michael Boen — Pearl 
Hazel Keaton Bogan — Jackson 
Wanda Michelle Bogan — Jackson 
Elgin Robert Boggan — Brandon 
Mary Elizabeth Boggan — Jackson 
Richard Boggan — Brandon 
Theresa Anne Boggan — Clinton 
Myrtis Dell Boggans — Brandon 
Nina Michelle Boggs — Braxton 
Michelle Darlene Boland — Braxton 
Angelia M Bolden — Jackson 
David Wayne Bolden — Jackson 
Donnal Bolden — Jackson 
John Franklin Bolden Jr. — Raymond 
Patricia Ann Bolden — Vicksburg 
Joseph Wilford Boler Jr. — Vicksburg 
Helen Carr Boles — Richland 
Christina Dawn Bolls — Brandon 
Carl Edward Bolton — Jackson 
Randle Pat Bolton — Raymond 
Christopher E. Bond — Crystal Springs 

Melvin Roy Bonds — Jackson 
Heatherly Ann Bonner — Vicksburg 
Patricia Ann Booker — Rolling Fork 
Robert Lee Booker — Rolling Fork 
Ruby Booker — Jackson 
Paul Ellis Boolos — Vicksburg 
Jayne K. Boone Lobo — Florence 
Joe Eldon Boone — Florence 
Kelvin Lynn Boone — Jackson 
Ken D. Boone — Hazlehurst 
Tony Fitzgerald Boone — Brandon 
Celia D Booth Gray — Jackson 
Emma Jane Booth Cook — Magee 
Joyce Jones Booth — Jackson 
Lacey Lois Booth — Jackson 
Mark Anthony Booth — Jackson 
Sam D. Booth Jr. — Jackson 
Sharee Wilson Booth — Vicksburg 
Mison K. Boothroyd — Jackson 
Mary Hebert Booty — Madison 
Kristine Ann Bosma — Jackson 
Lou F. Boston Colem — Pearl 
Bryant R Boswell — Jackson 
Peter Boswell — Jackson 
Christi Lewan Boteler — Jackson 
Karen McLendon Bottin — Vicksburg 
Christina Maria Bottino — Vicksburg 
Troy David Boudreaux — Brandon 
Greatery Bouldin — Natchez 
Herman Bouldin — Jackson 
George Randall Bouler — Pearl 
Connie Mechelle Bounds — Jackson 
Judy Dianne Bounds — Jackson 
Mike Allen Bounds — Pearl 
Raford Larry Bounds — Terry 
Tonya Marie Bounds — Pearl 
Gregg William Bourbon — Jackson 
Tray Bourgoyne — (Jtica 
Carol Sumrall Bourne — Brandon 
Rickey Bowden — Jackson 
Sheryl Lee Bowdry — Grenada 
Gearld L Bowen — Clinton 
James G Bowen — Jackson 
Jimmy Stacey Bowen — Clinton 
Linda N Bowen — Jackson 
William Lee Bower — Ridgeland 
Rhonda Howell Bowers — Brandon 
Bobbie Ann Bowie — Jackson 
Bobby Wayne Bowlin — Jackson 
James David Bowling — Clinton 
Benita Faye Bowman — Jackson 
Brent C Bowman — Pelahatchie 
Hal Zhean Bowman — Ridgeland 
John Alan Bowman — Jackson 
Lula Mae Bowman — Pocahontas 
Rae Lynette Bowman — Pearl 
Stephanie Elaine Bowman — Yazoo City 
Thomas Jackson Bowman — Ackerman 
Virginia Fortenberr Bowman — Jackson 
Jerome Keith Bowser — Natchez 
Christi Jo Box — Pearl 
Misti Jo Box — Pearl 
James Michael Boyanton — Richland 
Bethany Margaret Boyd — Jackson 
Bettye Sheree Boyd — Jackson 
Bonnie R Boyd — Vicksburg 
Bryan John Boyd — Clinton 
Charles Laueren Boyd — Morton 
Dawn Martina Boyd — Brandon 
Deborah Ann Boyd — Jackson 
Dianne Boyd — Newton 
Dorothy Jo Boyd — Clinton 
Felecia Lorraine Boyd — Jackson 
Felicia Ann Boyd — Brandon 
Forrest D Boyd — Vicksburg 
George Trent Boyd — Jackson 
Joe H Boyd — Raymond 
Matthew Carlton Boyd — Sandhill 
Michael D. Boyd — Richland 
Paul Wayne Boyd Jr. — Jackson 
Richard Bradley Boyd — (Jtica 
Veronica Sheryl Boyd — Jackson 
Vivian Joyce Boyd — Jackson 
Walter L. Boyd — Jackson 
Willie D. Boyd — Jackson 
Ann Risher Boykin — Forest 
Charles Eugene Boykin — Clinton 
Christa Ann Boykin — Forest 
Joyce Diane Boykin Cogan — Brandor 
Kelly Caraway Boykin — Jackson 
Michael Jerome Boykin — Jackson 
Rodney Eugene Boykin — Florence 
Glennis Faye Boykins — Yazoo City 
Stephanie Watson Boyte — Richland 
Brandi Kay Bozeman — Vicksburg 
Brian Lane Bozeman — Pearl 
Bright Bozeman — Terry 

Marcus Allen Bozeman — Jackson 
Anastasia Tabitha Braboy — Jackson 
Bryan Willis Brabston III — Vicksburg 
Pearlie P Brabston — Vicksburg 
Anthony Keith Bracey — Jackson 
Antonio Dontaye Bracey — Raymond 
Marie Funches Bracey — Jackson 
Ouida F Bracey Goar — Pearl 
Peggy Ann Bracey — Jackson 
Shelia Rena Bracey — Flora 
Sondra L. Bracey — Jackson 
Cathy Renee Bracken — Hazlehurst 
Elizabeth Dianne Bracken — Jackson 
Aden Suzanne Brackett — Jackson 
John Michael Brackin — Florence 
Suzanne Braddock — Vicksburg 
Bridget Renea Braden — Jackson 
Willie J. Bradfield — Jackson 
Billy Ray Bradford — Pelahatchie 
Carol Lynn Bradford — Pelahatchie 
Charles Sebron Bradford — Jackson 
Rhonda Y Bradford — Lumberton 
Shirley A Bradford — Vicksburg 
Wanda Dale Bradford Davis — Jackson 
Benjamin Bradley — Jackson 
Carmen Monique Bradley — Jackson 
Lewis Dalton Bradley — Magee 
Mozelle E Bradley — Jackson 
Ivy Flynt Bradshaw Jr — Brandon 
Joseph N. Bradshaw — Pearl 
Sylvia A Bradshaw — Pearl 
Jerry L Brady — Jackson 
Brenda Roland Bragg — Jackson 
Spencer A Brakefield — Jackson 
Tanya Nannette Brakefield — Florence 
James David Bramlett — Florence 
Bettye T Branan — Vicksburg 
Lester Brandon — Vicksburg 
Lisa Jo Branning — Pearl 
Carl William Branson — Clinton 
Amy Brantley — Brandon 
Christine Renee Brantley — Brandon 
Donna Kay Brantley — Clinton 
Jay Palmer Brantley — Brandon 
Jerry Lewis Brantley — Lake 
Jessie Faye Brantley — Madison 
Kimberly Diane Brantley — Jackson 
Suellen Brantley — Brandon 
A. Joe Branton — Jackson 
Sharleen Brasher — Jackson 
Donald Dennis Bratcher — Florence 
Carolyn Delores Bratton — Jackson 
Cecil Keith Bratton — Jackson 
Glenis Tracy Braxton — Issaquena 
Jerry Lee Bray — Jackson 
Michael A Breaux — Lake Charles 
Steven Laroy Breazeale — Jackson 
Tracy Ann Breazeale — Belzoni 
Tracy Anne Breeden — Vicksburg 
Brian Craig Breithaupt — Vicksburg 
Lelia June Breithaupt — Vicksburg 
Susan Elizabeth Breithaupt — Vicksburg 
Susan Diane Breitling — Jackson 
Dennis John Brennan Jr. — Clinton 
Maureen E. Brennan — Clinton 
Andrea Antoinette Brent — Jackson 
Belinda Lea Brent — Clinton 
Brenda Faye Brent — Jackson 
Flint L. Brent — Brandon 
Gladys Mae Brent — Vicksburg 
Brenda Ware Brewer — Pearl 
Carolyn Brewer — Vicksburg 
Claude P. Brewer Jr. — Jackson 
David Earl Brewer — Magee 
Jimmie Lou Brewer Ming — Florence 
Sonia Darlene Brewer — Florence 
Bonnie Joye Bridgers — Vicksburg 
Karl Thomas Bridgers — Raymond 
Phyllis Brown Bridgers — Terry 
Adrienne Bridges — Harrisville 
Crystal Powell Bridges — Florence 
Darin Marshall Bridges — Clinton 
Jeffrey Carl Bridges — Florence 
Jennifer Lea Bridges — Edwards 
Kathryn Elizabeth Bridges — Vicksburg 
Linda Jones Bridges — Jackson 
Melinda Mize Bridges — Brandon 
Pamela Joy Bridges Womma — Vicksburg 
Paula Maryan Bridges — Clinton 
Mary J. Briggs — Clinton 
William Gibson Briggs — Clinton 
John Paul Bright — Jackson 
Authur Donnell Brinkley — Vicksburg 
Cole Hartford Brinkley — Jackson 
Barbara M. Brinson — Jackson 
Ethel Lavern Brinson — Florence 
Fredrick Earl Brinson — Terry 

Linda Blackmore Brisco — Vicksburg 

Eric Bernard Brister — Foxworth 

Gloria Thornton Brister — Raymond 

Ira Montgumery Brister III — Jackson 

Johnnie Mae Brister — Jackson 

Melissa Jo Brister — Redwood 

Rodney Leon Brister — Raymond 

Shannon Re Brister — Florence 

Danny L. Britt — Pearl 

Anthony Durwin Broach — Jackson 

Joel Steven Broadwater — Terry 

Norma Dell Broadway — Jackson 

Tracy Anthony Broadway — Mize 

Kimberly Christine Brocato — Brandon 

Ashley Faulk Brock — Clinton 

Brenda Peck Brock — Vicksburg 

Gena Lynn Brock — Canton 

James R Brock — Jackson 

Thomas Aaron Brock — Jackson 

Rebecca Touchston Brockman — Jackson 

Glenda Nanta Brookens — Jackson 

Angela Jenell Brooks — Clinton 

Bobbie Wilson Brooks — Clinton 

Claude Ray Brooks — Vicksburg 

David L Brooks — Vicksburg 

Diane Brooks — Jackson 

Earnest E Brooks — Flora 

Glendora Brooks — Camden 

Janie Selmon Brooks — Kosciusko 

John F Brooks — Ocean Springs 

Lisa K. Brooks — Vicksburg 

Louise Brooks — Flora 

Shirley Collier Brooks — Jackson 

Skelton Douglas Brooks — Gulfport 

Kenneth Edward Broome Jr. — Prentiss 

Christina Lyn Brosam — Jackson 

Marvene Morris Bross — Brandon 

Edwin Lawrence Broussard — Jackson 

David Joseph Browman — Brandon 

Alisia Jeanean Brown — Florence 

Andre D Brown — Jackson 

Angela Michele Brown — Jackson 

Anthony Dwayne Brown — Jackson 

Ashley Brooks Brown — Bolton 

Barbara Moore Brown — Jackson 

Barrie Lee Brown — Jackson 

Ben Brown — Jackson 

Bertha C. Brown — Clinton 

Billy Jay Brown — Vicksburg 

Billy R. Brown — Clinton 

Bobby C Brown — Brandon 

Brenda Lee Brown — Jackson 

Burnette Jenkins Brown — Jackson 

Camiel L. Brown — Canton 

Carlton Lamar Brown — Fayette 

Cassandra E. Brown — Canton 

Catherine G Brown — Jackson 

Charlotte C Brown — Jackson 

Christopher Wayne Brown — Jackson 

Christy Renee Brown — Vicksburg 

Claudettie Mae Brown — Clinton 

Clifford Brown — Jackson 

Clifton Martin Brown — Jackson 

Cordellia Brown — Vicksburg 

Curtis D. Brown — Jackson 

Darrie L. Brown — Jackson 

Darryl Dewayne Brown — Jackson 

Deborah McGee Brown — Brandon 

Dilinda Brown — Vicksburg 

Donald R. Brown — Vicksburg 

Dorothy Martin Brown — Vicksburg 

Earnil Brown — Crystal Springs 

Edison Thomas Brown Jr. — Jackson 

Elbert Brown — Vicksburg 

Frank Brown III — Brighton 

Gary Michael Brown — Clinton 

George Samuel Brown — Okolona 

Glen Allen Brown — Florence 

Glender Skinner Brown — Jackson 

Gloria Ann Brown — Canton 

Gregory Darrell Brown — Vicksburg 

Gwendolyn Faye Brown — (Jtica 

Hosea Brown — New Hebron 

Irene Brown — Jackson 

Jacklyn Denise Brown — Canton 

Janet Sayne Brown — West Monroe 

Janice L. Brown — Vicksburg 

Janice McElroy Brown — Satartia 

Jeffrey Craig Brown — Raymond 

Jocelyn J. Brown — Jackson 

Joel Ray Brown — Jackson 

John Shannon Brown — Starkville 

Johnny Lee Brown — Jackson 

Jonathan David Brown — Richland 

Joseph Isom Brown — Bolton 

Joseph W. Brown — Florence 

Joyce Ann Brown — Jackson 

296 / Directory 

Joyce Evelyn Brown — McComb 
Julie Jones Brown — Brandon 
Julie Renae Brown — Vicksburg 
Kathy Lynn Brown — Terry 
Kimberly Rose Brown — Magee 
Lamar Wilson Brown — Jackson 
Laperial Shanamon Brown — Jackson 
Laquetta N. Brown — Jackson 
Laura Elizabeth Brown — Vicksburg 
Leonardo Brown — Jackson 
Leslie Ann Brown — Pearl 
Lester C Brown — Jackson 
Linda Brown — Vicksburg 
Linda Gail Brown — Grenada 
Lori Ann Brown — Terry 
Marcus Ray Brown — Vicksburg 
Marguerite Brown — Jackson 
Marian M. Brown — Jackson 
Mary Brown — Lorman 
Mary A. Brown — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Brown — Canton 
Mary Kuhn Brown — Vicksburg 
Mary L Brown — Jackson 
Maxine Brown — Flora 
Melissa Brown — Canton 
Michael Brown — Lorman 
Michael Antonio Brown — Vicksburg 
Mike Eldred Brown — Jackson 
Nancy Diann Brown Lee — Jackson 
Mancy Tate Brown — Jackson 
Olivia H Brown — Jackson 
Pamela Denise Brown — Vicksburg 
Pamela Elaine Brown — Jackson 
Patricia Brown — Jackson 
Patrick Clark Brown — Brandon 
Peggy Sumrall Brown — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Jonita Brown — Jackson 
Richard Allen Brown — Vicksburg 
Rita Dianne Brown — Jackson 
Robert R. Brown — Jackson 
Ronald Earl Brown — Brandon 
Rose Marie Brown — Vicksburg 
Roxie Ross Brown 
Roy Calvin Brown — Vicksburg 
Sandra Darlene Brown — Jackson 
Sandra Jacqueline Brown — Jackson 
Sandra Jo Brown — Pelahatchie 
Sandria Brown — Vicksburg 
Sharon Denice Brown — Jackson 
Shelia Brown — Brandon 
Shelia Deshun Brown — Jackson 
Sheral Denise Brown — Jackson 
Shirley Ann Brown — Canton 
Shirley Renae Brown — Vicksburg 
Stacy Ann Brown — Vicksburg 
Steve Anthony Brown — Jackson 
Steven Alan Brown — Raymond 
Susan Burgess Brown — Madison 
Susan Burnham Brown — Jackson 
Susan Joyce Brown — Raymond 
Terra Lynn Brown — Vicksburg 
Terri Lynn Brown — Crystal Springs 
Thaddeaus Tobias Brown — Bentonia 
Thelma Koch Brown — Jackson 
Tina Rena Brown — Jackson 
Toya Caston Brown — Jackson 
Tracey Leigh Brown — Pearl 
Tysela Falesha Brown — Jackson 
Vanessa Kaye Brown — Jackson 
Verlean Kendrick Brown — Jackson 
Vicki Chenise Brown — Jackson 
Vicky Mitchell Brown — Clinton 
Virginia Brown — Jackson 
Willie Brown Jr. — Jackson 
Winifred Brown — Jackson 
Cassandra Brown — Jackson 
Susan Michelle Browning — Florence 
Belinda Faye Brownridge A. — Jackson 
Dawn Michele Bruce — Brandon 
Faye Pitts Bruce — Brandon 
Frankie L. Bruce — Edwards 
Susannah Bruce — Pearl 
Thomas Earl Bruce — Jackson 
Frankie Ellen Brugere — Star 
John Wayne Brugere — Starl 
Carolyn Louise Brumfield — Jackson 
Joanne Brumfield — Jackson 
Jody Sartin Brumfield — Jackson 
Robin Micheal Brumfield — Forest 
Tonja Anita Brumfield — Yazoo City 
Bridgette Denise Brummett — Raymond 
Ron Carter Brun — Vicksburg 
Lisa Carol Brunt — Jackson 
Helen Harrison Bryan — Vicksburg 
Lori D. Bryan — Jackson 
Robert M. Bryan — Jackson 
Vanessa Campbell Bryan — Brandon 

Alice Elaine Bryant — Brandon 
Authur Thomas Bryant Jr — Brandon 
Betty Jean Bryant — Jackson 
Bobbie M Bryant — Jackson 
Christine Rule Bryant — Pearl 
Donna Nash Bryant — Terry 
Kenneth Martelle Bryant — Jackson 
Kevin L. Bryant — Terry 
Kyle Edward Bryant — Monroe 
Sharolyn Elaine Bryant — Jackson 
Tamara Kay Bryant — Clinton 
Thomas Patrick Bryant — Prentiss 
Tommie Elizabeth Bryant — Brandon 
Virginia Spencer Bryant — Clinton 
William Robert Bryant — Jackson 
Samuel Leslie Bryson — Clinton 
Dale R Buchanan — Jackson 
Edward Earl Buchanan Jr. — Clinton 
John Thomas Buchanan III — Madison 
Deborah Denise Buck — Vicksburg 
Lee Dell Buck — Port Gibson 
Patrick Thad Buck — Jackson 
Shelly Ann Buckalew — Port Gibson 
Cleotha Buckhaulter — Jackson 
Albert Buckhaulton Jr — Jackson 
Amy Michelle Buckles — Natchez 
Benjamin H Buckley — Prentiss 
Daniel Buckley — Vicksburg 
John Myers Buckley — Clinton 
Katherine M. Buckley — Brandon 
Alice Buckner — Crystal Springs 
Fannette Buckner — Terry 
Phillip Gerald Buckner — Brandon 
Kimberly Ann Budz — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Buehrle — Richland 
Thomas Clint Buell Jr. — Vicksburg 
Mike Allen Buffington — Jackson 
Beverly S. Bufkin — Jackson 
Larry W Bufkin — Vicksburg 
Michael Ray Bufkin — Port Gibson 
Mamie Haynes Buford — Jackson 
Calvin Buie Jr — Vicksburg 
Freda Russell Bollard — Jackson 
Liz Green Bullard — Jackson 
Ladonna Mae Bullman — Ridgeland 
Eddy Michael Bullock — Pascagoula 
Hubert Leslie Bullock — Jackson 
William Royce Bullock — Pearl 
Kennie Robison Bumpas — Brandon 
Dorian Bunch — Pearl 
Elaine Harriette Bunger — Jackson 
Scott Austin Bunkley — Carthage 
Tony M. Bunn — Jackson 
Jefferson Ray Buntin — Jackson 
Sharon Denise Bunzy — Jackson 
Peggy R. Buras — Jackson 
Mike Larry Burch — Mobile 
Douglas M. Burchak — Jackson 
Dwain T. Burchard — Jackson 
Lisa Gail Burchfield — Jackson 
Richard Allen Burchfield — Jackson 
Tina Freeman Bure — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth M. Burgardt — Clinton 
Richard W. Burgardt — Clinton 
Theresa Marie Burgardt — Clinton 
Margaret Belinda Burge — Sandhill 
Amie L. Burgess — Clinton 
George Allen Burgess — Ridgeland 
Robin Racquel Burgess — Jackson 
Geoffrey Lee Burke — Brandon 
Linda M. Burke — Rolling Fork 
Terri Lynn Burke Princ — Brandon 
Wade E. Burke — Louisville 
Anita Michelle Burkes — Clinton 
Connie Stubbs Burkett — Jackson 
Johnny Burkett Jr. — Jackson 
Ronald W. Burkhard — Vicksburg 
Glen G. Burkis — Brandon 
Albert Johnson Burks — Monroe 
Patsy Gibson Burks — Brandon 
Terrance Earl Burks — Vicksburg 
Catherine Ann Burmann — Brandon 
Mark Wesley Burnell — Crystal Springs 
George S. Burnet Jr. — Madison 
Brandi Ann Burnett — Jackson 
Elizabeth Burnett — Vicksburg 
Joyce Burnett — Vicksburg 
Terry Keon Burnett — Brandon 
Sherry Y. Burney — Crystal Springs 
Elizabeth Anne Burnham — Jackson 
Linda Heiden Burnham — Clinton 
Steven Dwayne Burnham — Mendenhall 
William Gregory Burnham — Brandon 
Angela Marie Burns — Vicksburg 
Carolyn Harrison Burns — Jackson 
Christina Chatham Burns — Jackson 
Jacqueline Deneen Burns — Jackson 

Jeffrey Bentley Burns — Terry 

Lenora Burns — Jackson 

Ricky Burns — (Jtica 

Jonathan Barry Burnside — Jackson 

Kelly Burr — Vicksburg 

Barbara Elaine Burrage — Ridgeland 

Trent Eugene Burris — Meadville 

Ernest Dale Burrough — Bentonia 

Felix Ray Burroughs — Vicksburg 

Sharon R Burrows Garci — Vicksburg 

Andrea Lee Burt — Jackson 

Harvey Nelson Burt — Florence 

Linda Kaye Burt Meado — Brandon 

David Scott Burtnett — Brandon 

Edwin Spencer Burtnett — Richland 

Carla Lozett Burton — Wesson 

Kellie Brooke Burton — Jackson 

Lloyd Alvin Burton — Tougaloo 

Quincy Burton — Jackson 

Tanaquil Querida Burton — Jackson 

Teresa Ann Busby Warre — Morton 

Emma Lee Bush — Pearl 

Gary Cooper Bush — Vicksburg 

Johnny L Bush — Vicksburg 

Melinda Katherine Bush — Hazlehurst 

Oria Green Bush — Jackson 

Scott Clinton Bush — Vicksburg 

Sherrie Darlene Bush — Pearl 

Shannon Renee Busha — Sumrall 

Debbie Thames Busick — Brandon 

Shannon Kay Busick — Pearl 

Tracye Regina Bussell — Clinton 

Natta Lee Butcher — Clinton 

Alberta Butler — Jackson 

Bobbie Joe Butler — Jackson 

Bonnie Delois Butler — Jackson 

Carolyn Denise Butler Reed — Vicksburg 

Dan Butler — Vicksburg 

Debra Ann Butler — Pearl 

Dennis Butler — Pearl 

Geneva Butler — Jackson 

Georgia E Butler — Jackson 

James Earl Butler — Jackson 

Joyce White Butler — Jackson 

Margarette Yvette Butler — Vicksburg 

Martha J. Butler — Jackson 

Mary Michelle Butler — Pearl 

Stacy Butler — Vicksburg 

Stanley Kerl Butler — Jackson 

Willie Snow Butler — Edwards 

Linda Kay Butters — Pearl 

Michael Lance Butts — Clinton 

Waverly M. Butts — Vicksburg 

Rhonda Kaye Butz — Pearl 

Renee Reynolds Buynar — Jackson 

Josephine Smith Byas — Jackson 

Tracy C Byas — Canton 

Kermit Allen Byers — Jackson 

Dawn Rochelle Bynum — Clinton 

Kim Renee Bynum — Columbus 

Cinderella Graham Byrd — Jackson 

David Keith Byrd — Brandon 

Elizabeth Ravenel Byrd — Vicksburg 

Holiday Cynthia Byrd Denit — Harrisville 

Jason Raines Byrd — Pearl 

Jon Stacy Byrd — Terry 

Maxine Pevey Byrd — Jackson 

Michael Anthony Byrd — Jackson 

Nancey McKellar Byrd — Ridgeland 

Rachel Byrd — Bentonia 

Robin Susanne Byrd — Ridgeland 

Sharon Yvette Byrd — Jackson 

Thomas Michael Byrd — Brandon 

Tammy Byrne — Richland 


Patricia Lynn Cabell — Jackson 
Arilla Francina Cage — Jackson 
Audrey Bonita Cage — Jackson 
Beatrice G. Cage — Vicksburg 
Dorothy Mae Cage — Jackson 
Dwight Christopher Cage — Jackson 
Veronica Alesia Cage — Jackson 
Willie Ruth Cager — Jackson 
Christine Deann Cagle — Vicksburg 
Avery Cahee — Mendenhall 
Brenda Arenler Cahoon — Pearl 
Glenn Allen Cain — Madison 
Paula Faye Cain — (Jtica 
Sarah McKinley Cain — Vicksburg 

Vincent A Cain — Raymond 
Vivian Louise Cain — Port Gibson 
Wendy Denise Cain — Jackson 
Ethel Mae Caine — Pearl 
Robert Christopher Calabro — Vicksburg 
Richard Todd Calcote — Florence 
Angela Carol Calder — Brandon 
Patricia Lynn Calder — Magee 
Cherry Gayle Caldwell — Vicksburg 
Debra Watkins Caldwell — Vicksburg 
Fannie Oscar Caldwell — Jackson 
Marilyn Jeanene Caldwell — Canton 
Robert Thomas Caldwell — Clinton 
Charles Woody Calhoun III — Prentiss 
Jane Pittman Calhoun — Vicksburg 
William Gerald Calhoun — Pelahatchie 
Robyn Alica Callahan — Jackson 
Carol Monette Callaway — Pearl 
Nelta Jean Callen — Vicksburg 
Tracey Ann Callen — Vicksburg 
Wanda B Callen — Vicksburg 
John Gordon Callender — Brandon 
Greg D. Calloway — Raymond 
Ola Pearl Calvit — Natchez 
John David Camacho — Port Lavaca 
Carole C Cameron — Vicksburg 
James Allen Cameron — Madison 
Coleen Camp — Clinton 
Andrew Campbell — Sardis 
Brian Allen Campbell — Flora 
Camela Dell Campbell — Jackson 
Gloria Jean Campbell — Jackson 
Greta Jean Campbell — Jackson 
J Allan Campbell — Brandon 
Jason Brent Campbell — Meadville 
Jean Sheritha Campbell — Jackson 
John Alexander Campbell — Jackson 
John Davis Campbell — Jackson 
Lacey Ann Campbell Graha — Clinton 
Lee Ervin Campbell — Jackson 
Leslie Ann Campbell — Flora 
Lydia J Campbell Danie — Jackson 
Michael Gerard Campbell — Clinton 
Mindy L Campbell — Jackson 
Norman Scott Campbell — Jackson 
Rebecca Paige Campbell — Jackson 
Richard E Campbell — Clinton 
Robert Leverne Campbell — Vicksburg 
Sherry Stephens Campbell — Clinton 
Steve Armstrong Campbell — Brandon 
Steve R Campbell — Florence 
Wendy Le'Shane Campbell — Jackson 
Ramon Douglas Canada — Brandon 
Helen King Canizaro — Vicksburg 
Robert H Canizaro — Jackson 
David Harold Cannon — Jackson 
Eva Dell Cannon — Jackson 
Patricia Rone Cannon — Vicksburg 
Sean Christopher Cannon — Jackson 
Sherry Elizabeth Cannon — Clinton 
Terry A. Cannon — Braxton 
Kimberly Byars Cano — Brandon 
Betty Sue Cantwell — Jackson 
Rita Faye Cantwell — Jackson 
Patty Graham Cappaert — Vicksburg 
Agusta Price Caraway — Richland 
Gail S. Caraway — Madison 
Bennie Edward Carey — Whitfield 
Joseph Todd Cargile — Jackson 
Barbara McWhirter Cargill — Jackson 
Jeff Thomas Carkuff — Pearl 
Sherrill W Carleton Jr. — Raymond 
Linda Black Carley — Vicksburg 
Barbara Jean Carlisle — Vicksburg 
Betty Greer Carlisle — Vicksburg 
Karen Kay Carlley — Jackson 
Jean Carlton — Clinton 
Lonnie Calvin Carlton — Clinton 
Bonnie Prewitt Carminati — Jackson 
Jennifer Hunt Carney — Richland 
Barry Lee Carpenter — Pearl 
Brenda Joy Carpenter — Morton 
Kim Lashan Carpenter — Clinton 
Patricia Alice Carpenter — Pearl 
Patsy Ann Carpenter — Jackson 
Renee R. Carpenter — Florence 
Thomas Albert Carpenter — Brandon 
Thomas Kelly Carpenter — Pelahatchie 
Wade Hawkins Carpenter Jr. — Jackson 
Angela Yvette Carr — Jackson 
Aurora Carr — Jackson 
Cheryl Carr — Madison 
Christopher A. Carr Sr. — Jackson 
David Arnold Carr — Jackson 
George Maurice Carr — Vicksburg 
Harold Thomas Carr — Raymond 
James Richard Carr Jr. — Jackson 

Directory / 297 

Juanita Carr — Brandon 

Lee Allison Carr — Carthage 

Luci Pamela Carr — Raymond 

Mary Lee Carr — Jackson 

Mia Demetrius Carr — Vicksburg 

Patrice Ann Carr — Florence 

Shelley Lynn Carr — Vicksburg 

Virginia D. Carr — Redwood 

Felicia Devina Carrasco — Vicksburg 

Bryan Carraway — (Jtica 

Elizabeth Coalter Carraway — (Jtica 

Janelle Julia Carraway — (Jtica 

William Everett Carraway — (Jtica 

Nicholas A. Carrena — Jackson 

Keith Gregory Carrico — Vicksburg 

Casey Dalynn Carrington — Belzoni 

Helen K. Carroll — Vicksburg 

Larry Meredith Carroll — Clinton 

Laura Kaye Carroll — Clinton 

Rodney Wilson Carroll — Vicksburg 

Cynthia Jean Carson — Jackson 

Ricky Carson — Canton 

Sandra Faye Carson — Jackson 

Terri P. Carson — Flora 

Terrie Louise Carson — Canton 

Terry L. Carson — Vicksburg 

Wesley Edward Carson — Raymond 

Alex Carter — Pearl 

Angela Celeste Carter — Vicksburg 

Barbara Ann Carter — Pearl 

Barbara Jean Carter — Vicksburg 

Candi Gail Carter — Pearl 

Cathy Carter — Vicksburg 

Cathy Creekmore Carter — Jackson 

Charles Carter — Madison 

Charles Wayne Carter — Vicksburg 

Curtis Everette Carter — Raymond 

Don Burgess Carter — Pelahatchie 

James Arnold Carter — Brookhaven 

Julie Lynette Carter — Jackson 

Kelly Hope Carter — Brandon 

Larry D. Carter — Vicksburg 

Marietta Carter — Clinton 

Pamela Ann Carter — Vicksburg 

Pamela Denise Carter — Benton 

Pamela Jeanette Carter — Brandon 

Patricia Ann Carter — Vicksburg 

Rosa Lee Carter — Vicksburg 

Sue Medbery Carter — Vicksburg 

Tammy Renea Carter — Florence 

Thomas Shane Carter — Pearl 

Timothy S. Carter — Jackson 

Wayne Douglas Carter — Terry 

Carla Dene Cartwright — Jackson 

Christopher M. Cartwright — Jackson 

Georgia M. Caruthers — Vicksburg 

James Douglas Caruthers — Senatobia 

Jeff Paul Caruthers — Vicksburg 

Robert D. Carver — Vicksburg 

Corinthians Lee Cary — Jackson 

Barbara Kendrick Case — Jackson 

David Earl Case — Vicksburg 

Hollis E. Case — Jackson 

Martha E. Case — Brookhaven 

Sammy L. Cash — Jackson 

Fantine Cassidy — Jackson 

Harold Scotty Castile — Corinth 

George Alan Castle — Jackson 

Brenda Castleberry — Clinton 

Wendy Lane Castleberry — Jackson 

Richard Caston — (Jtica 

Shenitha Lagwan Catchings — Hazlehurst 

Rachel Lynn Cates — Jackson 

Johnny Laron Causey — Jackson 

Joyce Terry Causey — Jackson 

Susan Belle Causey — Vicksburg 

Alma J. Cauthen Berni — Raymond 

Amanda Cavett — Clinton 

Jimmy Lee Cavett — Jackson 

Laura N. Cavett — Bolton 

Delphine I. Cenales — Bolton 

Barbara Carol Cesare — Vicksburg 

Anthony Kevin Cessna — Jackson 

Glenda K. Cessna — Pearl 

Stella Farmer Cessna — Jackson 

David Todd Chafton — Jackson 

Rhonda Carol Chain — Pelahatchie 

Barry Keith Chalk — Brandon 

Lillie Chamber — Jackson 

Alice Chamberlain — (Jtica 

Angeline Chambers — Pickens 

Beatrice Chambers — Vicksburg 

Clarence Chambers — Canton 

Kathy Marie Chambers Basil — Jackson 

Stacy Berdett Chambers — Canton 

William Brian Chamblee — Raymond 

Geroid Demetrius Chambliss — Vicksburg 

Jerrin M. Chambliss — Vicksburg 
Mary Louise Chamoun — Ridgeland 
Todd Keith Champagne — Hammond 
James Robert Champion — Jackson 
Lisa Carole Champion — Terry 
Janice Stuart Champlin — Brandon 
Sonja Maria Chance — Hinesville 
James Keith Chandler — Jackson 
Jeffery Darrell Chandler — Jackson 
Judy Lynn Chandler — Brandon 
Karen Chandler — Jackson 
Marianne Hays Chandler — Vicksburg 
Robert L. Chandler — Jackson 
Theron E. Chandler — Jackson 
Elizabeth Chaney — Canton 
Karen Faye Chaney — Jackson 
Shu H. Chang — Vicksburg 
Jeanie Duncan Channell — Florence 
Robert Allen Channell — Jackson 
Hazel Veroncie Chapin — Yazoo City 
Angela Jean Chapman — Ridgeland 
Antwoine Lakelvin Chapman — Jackson 
Christopher Duwany Chapman — Jackson 
Frances Perry Chapman — Ridgeland 
Michael Craig Chapman — Terry 
Rhonda K. Chapman — Raymond 
Lucy McDade Chappell — Clinton 
Sharon Cherise Chappell — Pearl 
Sidney Clyde Chappell Jr. — Jackson 
Jenifer Ann Charpentier — Jackson 
Jeannette Mariea Chase — Jackson 
John Clay Chastain — Jackson 
Randy Eugene Chatham — Vicksburg 
Casondra Chatman — Calhoun City 
Vickey Renee Chatman — Jackson 
Paula Christine Cheatham — Jackson 
John Marty Cheeks — Jackson 
Mattie W. Cheeks — Jackson 
Madeline Pugh Cheney — Vicksburg 
Mark Edward Cheney — Jackson 
Lamont Quantez Cherry — Edwards 
Tyrone K. Cherry — Edwards 
Lillie L. Chestnutt — Jackson 
Pamela Sue Cheung — Greenville 
Dave Harvey Childers — Pearl 
Michael Wayne Childres — Rolling Fork 
Melissa Kim Childress — Clinton 
Michael Allen Childress — Clinton 
Carolyn Denise Childs — Jackson 
Harry McCullough Childs — Vicksburg 
Lavern Childs — Jackson 
Angela James Chiplin — Vicksburg 
Jerry Ann Chiplin — Vicksburg 
Tom J. Chisdock — Carlisle 
Basil Franklin Chisholm — Clinton 
Dana L. Chisholm — Clinton 
Kimberly Faye Chisholm — Clinton 
Eddie Chisolm Jr. — Jackson 
Lisa Dawn Chisolm — Clinton 
Pamela Jean Chisolm — Pearl 
Robert Allen Chisolm — Jackson 
John Chisum E. — Pearl 
Cari Dee Chollett — Jackson 
Anne Frances Chouteau — Jackson 
Spiro Chrisohon — Mendenhall 
Audrey Karen Christian — Jackson 
Jimmie I. Christian — Vicksburg 
Linda Bonham Christian — Vicksburg 
Patrick Lynard Christian — Vicksburg 
Sally Ann Christian — Raymond 
Scott Durand Christian — Vicksburg 
Angela Mequa Christiansen — Edwards 
Jeffrey Lawrence Christie — Pearl 
Nena Faye Christmas — Jackson 
April McCarty Christopher — Jackson 
Charles David Christopher — Clinton 
Mary Ruth Chukwu — Jackson 
Kim Watson Chunn — Brandon 
Ronald Ernest Chunn — Pearl 
Fonda Kathleen Church — Jackson 
Terry V. Church — Jackson 
Kenneth Ray Churchill — Jackson 
Kevin Rayborn Churchill — Jackson 
Angela Kaye Churchwell — Jackson 
Marilyn M. Claiborne — Vicksburg 
Keith Channing Clair — Jackson 
Debra Janell Clanton — Jackson 
Angela Lloyd Clark — Brandon 
Beverly D. Clark — Raymond 
Bobbie J. Clark — Jackson 
Darren Blackman Clark — Florence 
David Alan Clark — Florence 
David Lee Clark — Lena 
David R. Clark — Lorman 
Elizabeth Martin Clark — Brandon 
Ella Marie Clark — Port Gibson 
Erma Vanerson Clark — Jackson 

Jason Grant Clark — Brandon 
June Glassl Clark — Vicksburg 
Kim Ross Clark — Ridgeland 
Pamela Dileen Clark — Vicksburg 
Sam Clark — Vicksburg 
Tommy Lee Clark Jr. — Florence 
Vanessa Clark Clark — Jackson 
Vivian Clark — Sardis 
Wade Wesley Clark — Hattiesburg 
Wanda Jane Clark — Union 
Wanda Jeanette Clark — Vicksburg 
Nancy Benet Clarke — Richland 
Stephanie Clasby — Brandon 
Terry Vinson Claunch — Jackson 
Melinda Cooper Clausen — Kosciusko 
Brian James Claverie — Gretna 
Dorthy Faye Claxton — Jackson 
Tom Claxton — Jackson 
Bernita Clay — Jackson 
Jacqueline Therese Clay — Jackson 
Joyce P. Clay — Jackson 
Louis Halsey Clay — Meridian 
Mary Sampson Clay — Jackson 
Wilber Franklin Clay — Jackson 
Zedith Carolyn Clay — Vicksburg 
Denita Lynn Claypool — Terry 
Martha Michelle Claypool — Jackson 
Melinda Diane Clegg — Rolling Fork 
Christopher Lee Clements — Brandon 
Jeremy Branch Clements — Brandon 
Nancy Leigh Clements — Indianola 
Sara Kay Clements — Brandon 
Agatha demons — Canton 
Edward Lee demons — Union 
Jacqueline Sue demons — Jackson 
Larry Wayne demons — Brandon 
Bernice Clerk — Pickens 
Betty J. Cleveland — Pearl 
Merchelle Cleveland — Jackson 
Stacey Lee Clewis — Jackson 
Amanda Lowry Cliburn — Richland 
Melissa Karole Cliburn — Jackson 
Melodi Joy Cliburn — Clinton 
Stacy Rebecca Cliburn — Mendenhall 
Christy Allison Cliett — Florence 
Susan Cliett — Brandon 
Grant L. Clifford — Jackson 
James Christopher Clifton — Utica 
Chris Clincy — Jackson 
Madeline D. Clincy — Jackson 
Patrichia Banks Clincy — Jackson 
Everlyn Cline — Jackson 
Kelli Pearl Cline — Ridgeland 
Ruth L. Cline — Jackson 
Alton B. Clingan Jr. — Ridgeland 
Walter Carl Clingan — Madison 
Roy Lavell Clingon III — Purvis 
Allison Morgan Clower — Raymond 
Rob Cordie Clower — Crystal Springs 
John Willis Coalter ■ — Ridgeland 
Pamela Diana Coats — Carthage 
David Lawrence Cobb — Carthage 
Jimmy Randall Cobb — Ridgeland 
Stephen Cobb — Jackson 
Cassandra Coburn — Louisville 
Janice Marice Coburn — Louisville 
Christopher Lee Cochran — Vicksburg 
John Wesley Cochran — Brandon 
Ronald Glen Cocilova — Vicksburg 
Julianne N. Cockayne — Jackson 
James A. Cockerham — Jackson 
Steven Robert Cockerham — Brandon 
John Cockesham — Vicksburg 
Bobby Joe Cockrell — Pearl 
Desiree Michelle Cockrell — Pearl 
Edward D. Cockrell — Magee 
Guy Dennis Cockrell — Magee 
James Wayne Cockrell — Jackson 
Myung Cha Cockrell — Jackson 
Sandra Kay Cockrell — Jackson 
Sarah Ann Cockrell — Brandon 
Celia Wagner Coffey — Jackson 
Danny Lamar Coffey — Madison 
Levi R. Coffing — Vicksburg 
Marilyn Brubaker Cohron — Vicksburg 
Leonard James Coins — Edwards 
Sidney George Coke — Florence 
Steve R. Coke — Florence 
Charles M. Coker — Jackson 
John Martin Coker III — Jackson 
Judith Harrell Colburn — Pelahatchie 
Betty Haley Cole — Pearl 
Blanchie Chanelle Cole — Forest 
Claudia Culipher Cole — Pearl 
David Nelson Cole — Brandon 
Debra Heater Cole — Brandon 
Donald Joey Cole — Brandon 

Kimberly Lissette Cole — Jackson 

Kimberly Manning Cole — Jackson 

Linda Marie Cole — Flora 

Loretta Cole — Jackson 

Michael Wayne Cole — Brookhaven 

Pat P. Cole — Vicksburg 

Rebecca Rhea Cole — Vicksburg 

Ronny Kieth Cole — Pearl 

Tommie Lee Cole — Jackson 

Angela Y. Coleman — Jackson 

Belinda C. Coleman — Yazoo City 

Betty Jean Coleman — Edwards 

Carl Coleman — Jackson 

Castle Faye Coleman — Brandon 

Cynthia Coleman — Canton 

Deloris Jones Coleman — Canton 

Denise J. Coleman — Terry 

Emma Triplett Coleman — Louisville 

Gene Coleman — Clinton 

Gerome Jamie Coleman — Florence 

Jackie Coleman — Raymond 

Jessie Coleman — Duncan 

Kelley Leigh Coleman — Vicksburg 

Lee Grand Coleman — Jackson 

Matthew Glenn Coleman — Vicksburg 

Micah Shane Coleman — Meadville 

Patricai Ann Coleman — Jackson 

Percy Coleman — Vicksburg 

Ruby Mae Coleman — Vicksburg 

Selena Kay Coleman — Jackson 

Terry Denise Coleman — Hazlehurst 

Tommy D. Coleman — Jackson 

Tracy Ann Coleman — Jackson 

Virgie J. Coleman Oscar — Jackson 

Eunice Colenburg — Vicksburg 

Linda J. Collett — Clinton 

Jennifer Mae Collier — Clinton 

Ruby Collier — Jackson 

Trina Germaine Collier — Jackson 

Aaron Keith Collins — Pearl 

Anita Collins — Vicksburg 

Belinda Collins — Jackson 

Bryan Douglas Collins — Vicksburg 

Cassandra Lavette Collins — Jackson 

Donna Thompson Collins — Vicksburg 

Emile Ulysses Collins — Jackson 

Janice A. Collins — Jackson 

Jay Alan Collins — Vicksburg 

Jennifer Sue Collins — Jackson 

John David Collins — Vicksburg 

Judith Ann Collins Oster — Pearl 

Judy Collins — Jackson 

Judy Gail Collins — Florence 

Lonnie Collins — Jackson 

Mollie H. Collins — Vicksburg 

Paul A. Collins — Jackson 

Robert Christopher Collins — Vicksburg 

Robert Phillip Collins — Utica 
Ronald Mark Collins — Vicksburg 
Ronnie Lee Collins — Jackson 
Russell James Collins — Vicksburg 
Sandra Bradley Collins — Pearl 
Sarah B. Collins Singl — Jackson 
Stanley Bernard Collins — Clinton 
Sylvia S. Collins — Brandon 
William G. Collins — Vicksburg 
Willie Collins Jr. — New Hebron 
Eric Wayne Collom — Jackson 
Pam Fritts Colquitt — Jackson 
Robert Bryan Colquitt — Jackson 
Jennifer Anne Colson — Herndon 
Larry Paul Colyer — Florence 
Caryn Maarie Comans — Belzoni 
Curtis John Comans — Carthage 
Deborah Riggs Comans — Vicksburg 
John Carlton Comas — Jackson 
Major Jeff Combs — Jackson 
William Billy Combs — Vicksburg 
Gregory Duane Comes — Vicksburg 
Leonard Bruce Condia — Raymond 
Lisa Taylor Condia — Jackson 
Edgar Hansford Conerly — Clinton 
Elizabeth Ann Conerly — Clinton 
Kenneth R. Conerly — Pearl 
Marcus Leevon Conerly — Pearl 
Thomas Layton Conerly — Terry 
Jennifer D. Conklin — Clinton 
Lynette I. Conklin — Ridgeland 
Lynda Catlett Conn — Ridgeland 
Alicia Dione Conway — Jackson 
C. Dewitt Conway — Jackson 
Winnie L. Conway — Canton 
Brad Alan Cook — Brandon 
Doris Maria Cook — Jackson 
Emily Elizabeth Cook — Clinton 
Jeremy Allen Cook — Starkville 

298 / Directory 

John Cleveland Cook — Vicksburg 
John T. Cook — Jackson 
Karen P. Cook — Vicksburg 
Kyle Foster Cook — Jackson 
Lara K. Cook Pucke — Raymond 
Michael Amos Cook — Vicksburg 
Patricia L. Cook — Vicksburg 
Rhonda Johnson Cook — Port Gibson 
Ross Morgan Cook — Jackson 
Russell Freeman Cook — Utica 
Stacey Allen Cook — Raymond 
William S. Cook — Vicksburg 
Joy Hurtt Cooke — Jackson 
Jr. William Cooke H. — Jackson 
Randa Marion Cooley — Neely 
Stevie H. Cooley — Jackson 
Mike Coonce — Oak Grove 
Angela Denise Cooper — Clinton 
Cedric L. Cooper — Jackson 
Darla Faith Cooper — Jackson 
Dietra Ann Cooper — Canton 
Felicia Ann Cooper — Jackson 
Frankie Bennett Cooper — Jackson 
Irene E. Cooper — Jackson 
Jacqueline Anita Cooper — Vicksburg 
Jessie James Cooper — Jackson 
Jon Lamar Cooper — Brandon 
Jon Lucein Cooper — Jackson 
Joseph Alton Cooper — Brandon 
Kathleen Renee Cooper — Clinton 
Leola Loyd Cooper — Goodman 
Sharon L. Cooper Myles — Jackson 
Stephanie Denise Cooper — Jackson 
Tina Louise Cooper — Jackson 
Tony Reeves Cooper — Starkville 
Tyurana Rene Cooper — Jackson 
William Winston Cooper — Jackson 
Yolanda Elaine Cooper — Yazoo City 
Deborrah K. Copeland Gorda — Star 
Dorothy B. Copeland — Jackson 
Leslie Derrick Copeland — Pearl 
Sammy Mecklin Copeland Jr. — Jackson 
William H. Copeland — Jackson 
Larry Douglas Copelin — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Jean Copland — Clinton 
Julie Copple — Madison 
Catherine Ann Cora — Jackson 
Christopher Spiro Cora — Jackson 
Patricia Elrod Corban — Pearl 
Carolyn B. Corbett — Vicksburg 
Freddie Gene Corbin — Rienzi 
Nancy L. Corkern — Jackson 
Kevin M. Corley — Jackson 
Paul David Corley Jr. — Jackson 
Anthony Lloyd Cornelius — Jackson 
Herman Cornelius Jr. — Jackson 
Joycee Hoye Cosby — Jackson 
Loistein Cosby — Canton 
David Wayne Cosey — Vicksburg 
Richard Gilen Cosey — Vicksburg 
Timothy Ronald Costello — Brandon 
Sandra K. Cote Reeve — Jackson 
Betty Ginn Cothern — Jackson 
Judy Lyn Cothern — Clinton 
Demarla Gayle Cothran — Jackson 
Diane Cothran — Vicksburg 
Joseph Clifton Cotten — Jackson 
Sheblon Andre Cotten — Star 
Gerald R. Cottingham Jr. — Vicksburg 
Emma J. Cotton — Jackson 
Sherry Eve Cotton — Brandon 
Shun Connery Cotton — Jackson 
Timothy Royce Cotton — Jackson 
Marilyn Bell Cottrell — Jackson 
Dennis Mack Coulter — Vicksburg 
Lloyd Breland Coulter — Clinton 
Glenda Dale Counts — Vicksburg 
Monzolia T. Course — Jackson 
Connie R. Courteaux — Jackson 
Douglas A. Courtney — Forest 
Kimberly Ann Courtney — Crystal Springs 
Lewis Alton Courtney — Clinton 
Melonda Tenese Courtney — Jackson 
Patrick Joseph Courtney — Florence 
Troy D. Courtney — Florence 
Andre Cousin — Jackson 
Sharon Renee Cousin — Jackson 
Russell Allen Covey — Florence 
Stacy Lewis Covey — Richland 
Mark Douglass Covington — Vicksburg 
Melissa Cheryl Covington — Jackson 
Sherry L. Covington — (Jtica 
Billy Bryant Coward — Terry 
Joseph Paul Cowart — Jackson 
William David Cowart — West Monroe 
Robert Money Cowherd — Jackson 
Alexzine Roberta Cox — Ridgeland 

Catherine C. Cox — Clinton 
Chance Douglas Cox — Laurel 
David L. Cox Sr. — Florence 
Debbie Lynette Cox — Redwood 
Elizabeth Ann Cox Birds — Clinton 
Gregory Steven Cox — Clinton 
Jacque Cox — Vicksburg 
James David Cox II — Vicksburg 
James Raymond Cox — Bolton 
John R. Cox — Yazoo City 
Julia Elizabeth Cox — Natchez 
Laura CJ. Cox — Sondheimer 
Michael Jack Cox — Jackson 
Richard Kevin Cox — Vicksburg 
Terry Ray Cox — Jackson 
Lisa Dianne Coxwell — Clinton 
Susan Lynn Coxwell — Jackson 
Kurt Ogden Cozens — Vicksburg 
Denisa Lyn Cozzo — Jackson 
Billy R. Crabtree — Vicksburg 
Cheryl Lynn Crabtree — Clinton 
Bradley Dean Craft — Jackson 
Charles Doug Craft — Richland 
Charles Hugh Craft — Pearl 
Joseph Kennon Craft — Clinton 
Kimberly Ann Craft — Raleigh 
Linda Fuller Craft — Jackson 
Linda Gail Craft — Mendenhall 
Myrtle Dear Craft — Pearl 
Paula Putnam Craft — Clinton 
Scotty E. Craft — Jackson 
Shellie Denece Craft — Magee 
Shonna Morretta Craft — Magee 
Cathy R. Craig — Florence 
Patrina L. Craig — Crystal Springs 
John David Crain — Brandon 
Rachel Bell Crain — Braxton 
Lori Denice Cram — Jackson 
Florence Miriam Cran — Jackson 
Connie Mashell Crane — Jackson 
Earnestine Rufus Crane — Jackson 
Shelia Renee Crane — Jackson 
Donna M. Crapps — Morton 
Joyce Thedford Craven — Jackson 
Billie Jo Crawford Mathe — Cltica 
Daphne Arlene Crawford — Jackson 
Jacqueline A. Crawford — Jackson 
Jessie V. Crawford K. — Jackson 
Judith A. Crawford O. — Vicksburg 
Mark Anthony Crawford — Vicksburg 
Maxine Dobbs Crawford — Jackson 
Michelle Dawn Crawford — Vicksburg 
Robert Earl Crawford — Jackson 
Robert Lee Crawford — Indianola 
Rodney Lane Crawford — Vicksburg 
William J. Crawford — Jackson 
Buford Brown Crawley Jr. — Pearl 
Kathy E. Crawley — Pearl 
Johnnie Mae Creamer — Jackson 
Gary Lynn Creason — Hazlehurst 
Sheree Creason — Clinton 
Karl Wesley Creekmore — Vicksburg 
James Mason Crenshaw — Jackson 
Sandra M. Crevitt — Vicksburg 
James Fred Crimm — Yazoo City 
Lisa Gail Crippen — Pearl 
Charles Preston Crisco — Clinton 
Gladys J. Crisler — Jackson 
Marvin Nathaniel Crisler — Jackson 
James Leroy Criss — Zachary 
Cynthia Ann Crittenden — Vicksburg 
Debbie Brown Crocker — Jackson 
Joseph Len Crocker — Florence 
Randy Lee Crocker — Jackson 
Rex C. Croff — Jackson 
George S. Cronia Jr. — Vicksburg 
Faith Ann Cronin — Pearlington 
Kimberly Michelle Crook — Jackson 
Kyla Shevonn Crook — Jackson 
Morris Wayne Crook — Flora 
Greg F. Crosby — Clinton 
Hugh Crawford Crosby Jr. — Richland 
Janie Denise Crosby — Mendenhall 
Joseph Brian Crosby — Jackson 
Kevin Thad Crosby — Clinton 
Lloyd A. Crosby — Jackson 
Violet V. Crosby — Vicksburg 
Amy Catherine Cross — Jackson 
Marie Lynette Cross — Jackson 
Dian Carol Crosser — Florence 
Timothy Perkins Crothers — Clinton 
Kevin Curtis Crotwell — Morton 
Ted Leroy Crotwell — Vicksburg 
Vernessa Kay Croudup — Jackson 
Susan Dawn Crout — Pearl 
Nancy Paige Crow — Jackson 
John Larry Crowe — Florence 

Bertha Crowley Mae — Flora 

Cleveland Lee Crowley — Flora 

Craig Timothy Crowley — Jackson 

Michelle Leigh Crowley — Picayune 

Ronnie Baxter Crowson — Pearl 

Donna Lynn Crum — Jackson 

Paula Anntte Crum — Vicksburg 

Gennetta Crumbley — Jackson 

Bernard Crump — Jackson 

Randy Lekeith Crystian — Port Gibson 

Lori Ann Csupick — Pearl 

Shirley Ann Culley — Jackson 

Sylvia Patrice Cullom — McComb 

Jon C. Culpepper — Florence 

Cara Renee Cumberland — Morton 

Donald W. Cumberland — Jackson 

Michael Ovette Cumberland — Pearl 

Robin W. Cumberland — Brandon 

Tonya Nanette Cumberland — Vicksburg 

Carla Ann Cummings — Jackson 

Marva Marie Cummings Jones — Jackson 

Jonathan T. Cummins — Pearl 

Karen J. Cummins — Vicksburg 

Darron Surrell Cunningham — Columbus 

Lee Michael Cunningham — Vicksburg 

Mary Eubanks Cunningham — Vicksburg 

Steve Douglas Cunningham — Jackson 

Wesley C. Cunningham — Vicksburg 

Clayton E. Cupit — Brookhaven 

Clifford Gale Curd — Vicksburg 

Jeffery Curd — Vicksburg 

Laura L. Current — Clinton 

Annette Currie — Utica 

Brenda E. Currie — Jackson 

Corwin Franklin Currie — Jackson 

Edna Thompson Curry — Clinton 

Paul Darnell Curry — Ocala 

Vanessa Rena Curry — Jackson 

Yolanda Faye Curry — Yazoo City 

Angela Denise Curtis — Pearl 

Becky Tucker Curtis — Jackson 

Carolyn Dianne Curtis — Raymond 

Jami Adams Curtis — Flowood 

John Scott Curtis — Flowood 

Mary Ross Curtis — Brandon 

Michael W. Curtis — Brandon 

Nancy Fowler Curtis — Vicksburg 

Patricia Ann Curtis — Terry 

Sarah Triplett Curtis — Pearl 

Timmy Dale Curtis — Vicksburg 

Fred Cuthrell — Jackson 


Glyn Earl Dahlem — Pearl 
Gwen Stewart Dahringer — Clinton 
Lawrence Barry Daigle — Vicksburg 
Shannon Decuir Daigle — Clinton 
Angela Denise Dailey — Jackson 
Donna Marie Dale — Clinton 
Douglas Vernon Dale — Clinton 
Karen Spencer Dale — Jackson 
Pamela Rena Dallas — Jackson 
Stacy Ruth Dallas — Clinton 
Kimberly Herron Dalrymple — Courtland 
Jeffery Dean Dalton — Jackson 
Rebecca Crimm Dalton — Clinton 
Pamela Kaye Dalziel — Vicksburg 
Alice Pearl Dampeer — Vicksburg 
Tracy Denise Dampeer — Jackson 
Hien Tien Dang — Raymond 
Abigail Yolanda Daniel R. — Jackson 
Jennette Daniel — Jackson 
Margaret Ann Daniel Cox — Flora 
Patricia Walker Daniel — Vicksburg 
Terry Lynn Daniel — Florence 
Tim Alan Daniel — Pearl 
Alice Benton Daniels — Pearl 
Cassandra Daniels — Jackson 
Jerleen Daniels — Prentiss 
Kenneth Lawrence Daniels — Pearl 
Stephen Duncan Daniels — Jackson 
lena Marie Daniels — Jackson 
Jann Beasley Dann — Pearl 
Angela Rene Daquilla — Vicksburg 
Jim Joseph Daquilla Jr. — Vicksburg 
Marsha W. Darnell — Clinton 
Adilma Maria Dasilva — Terry 
Janie Guimbellot Daughtry — Vicksburg 
Richard Duane Davenport — Vicksburg 
Brian Burton Davidson — Clinton 
Darryl Dean Davidson — Brandon 

Eileen I. Davidson — Vicksburg 
Jeffery L. Davidson — Vicksburg 
Jerry Lee Davidson — Vicksburg 
John Allen Davidson — Edwards 
Marshall Perry Davidson — Vicksburg 
Michael Ernest Davidson — Clinton 
Yolanda Lynn Davidson — Vicksburg 
Anthony Q. Davis — Vicksburg 
Beatrice B. Davis Gowdy — Jackson 
Belinda Michelle Davis — Brandon 
Bennett Arthur Davis — Jackson 
Billy Wayne Davis — Jackson 
Bryan Keith Davis — Raymond 
Carla R. Davis — Jackson 
Catherine Williams Davis — Jackson 
Cecil Kip Davis — Guntown 
Charles E. Davis — Raymond 
Cheryl Davis — Vicksburg 
Christopher Ron Davis — Raymond 
Clara Lynette Davis — Jackson 
Corean Davis — Jackson 
Darrell Marshall Davis — Jackson 
Darryl Okeith Davis — Pearl 
Deborah Ann Davis — Jackson 
Dionne Denise Davis — Natchez 
Donna Davis — Brandon 
Dusty Howard Davis — Jackson 
Dwight D. Davis — Ludlow 
Edward Oneal Davis — Jackson 
Elzora Davis — Jackson 
George J. Davis — Vicksburg 
Gerald Leroy Davis — Starkville 
Gerald Ray Davis — Vicksburg 
Guthrie Denson Davis — Yazoo City 
Jacqueline D. Davis — Jackson 
Jane Elliott Davis — Brandon 
Janice Lynnette Davis — Jackson 
Jimmy Lee Davis — Pearl 
John Russelle Davis — Vicksburg 
Joseph Michael Davis — Madison 
Joyce M. Davis — Jackson 
Juanita Davis — Jackson 
Katherine Davis — Pearl 
Katrina Runnels Davis — Vicksburg 
Kristy Leigh Davis — Terry 
Lena Mae Davis — (Jtica 
Linda Hobson Davis — Pearl 
Linda Parker Davis — Pearl 
Lisa Davis — Clinton 
Margaret Olivia Davis — Vicksburg 
Mary Jean Davis — Jackson 
Michael Anthony Davis — Jackson 
Michele Ann Davis — Jackson 
Molly Marie Davis — Brandon 
Natalian Latisha Davis — Jackson 
Norman Jerome Davis — Jackson 
Paul R. Davis — Jackson 
Pearlie Mae Davis — Rolling Fork 
Rebekah Rhymes Davis — Jackson 
Rhonda Kaye Davis — Clinton 
Rita Rechell Davis — Vicksburg 
Robert Jeffrey Davis — Clinton 
Robizene Williams Davis — Jackson 
Ronald Davis — Jackson 
Roosevelt Davis — Jackson 
Rosemary Brochard Davis — Vicksburg 
Royce Earl Davis — Jackson 
Ruth L. Davis — Jackson 
Ruthie Faye Davis — Pearl 
Sally Eliazbeth Davis — Clinton 
Sandra Washington Davis — Jackson 
Sharleda Antionette Davis — Edwards 
Sophronia Elaine Davis — (Jtica 
Stephanie Davis — Vicksburg 
Thomas Leo Davis — Florence 
Timothy Matthew Davis — Brandon 
Tracy Shannon Davis — Benton 
Verna Davis — Vicksburg 
Virginia Randolph Davis — Vicksburg 
Walter Lee Davis — Jackson 
William Dean Davis — Florence 
William Key Davis — Vicksburg 
Willie Earl Davis — Jackson 
Willie Lee Davis — Vicksburg 
Willie M. Davis Jr. — Jackson 
Willard (Chuck) Dawkins — Starkville 
April Lee Dawson — Vicksburg 
Eddie C. Dawson Jr. — Jackson 
Elizabeth Roots Dawson C. — Jackson 
Kenneth Louis Dawson — Pearl 
Michael Wayne Dawson — Edwards 
Pamela Blanks Dawson — Jackson 
Cintari R. Day — Jackson 
Katherine Bracknell Day — Vicksburg 
Rachel Dianne Day — Jackson 
Rodney E. Day — Jackson 
Trudy A. Dchaughter Alexa — Jackson 

Directory / 299 

Angela Kimberly Dean — Clinton 
Cornell Dean — Jackson 
Lois J. Dean — Pearl 
Shannon Elizabeth Dean — Jackson 
Edwin Anderson Dear — Florence 
Laconstance Dear — Brandon 
Peggy Lee Dear — Jackson 
Timothy Carl Dear — Florence 
Anne B. Dearing Powel — Jackson 
Drew Allen Dearman — Jackson 
Rebecca Darlene Dearman — Jackson 
Timothy Dale Dearman — Brandon 
Dixie Ramsay Deason — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Lynn Deaton — Clinton 
Rebecca Ann Deaton — Vicksburg 
Cathie Susan Decantillon — Jackson 
Cindy C. Decareaux — Jackson 
Stephen T. Decareaux — Jackson 
John Anthony Deddens — Jackson 
Robert Allen Dedmon — Vicksburg 
Jamie Scott Dees — Jackson 
David Deguire — Jackson 
Joseph Theodore Dehmer III — Jackson 
Dixie Townsend Delaughter — Jackson 
Jerry Lee Delaughter Jr. — Jackson 
Teresa S. Delaughter Trigg — Jackson 
Phillip M. Demeranville — Clinton 
Janice Short Dempsey — Jackson 
William David Dempster — Jackson 
Carol Howard Dendy — Clinton 
Judy R. Dendy — Brandon 
Leslie R. Denison — Jackson 
Donna Michelle Denley — Pearl 
Mia Yvonne Denman — Jackson 
Angela Jean Dennis - Pearl 
Keith Douglas Dennis — Pearl 
Stan Kevin Dennis — Pearl 
Terri Love Dennis — Jackson 
George Randall Dennison — Brandon 
Nona Marie Denny — Vicksburg 
Donna Darlene Denson — Bolton 
Eric Fleming Denson — Bolton 
Lee Bethea Dent — Bolton 
Rollins Preston Dent — Jackson 
William Brad Dent — Bolton 
William Fant Dent — Jackson 
Catherine Ann Depriest — Clinton 
Joe C. Depriest — Clinton 
Diane Derivaux — Jackson 
Jerry Noel Derivaux — Vicksburg 
Richard William Destache — Jackson 
Natalie Floyd Desvernine — Jackson 
Angela Stevenson Devault — Jackson 
Narra Sarojini Devi — Jackson 
Sharon Ann Devine — Jackson 
Charles Thomas Dew Jr. — Flowood 
Myra Belk Dew — Flowood 
Paul Christopher Dew — Vicksburg 
Charlton Breck Dewitt — Jackson 
David R. Dewitt — Flowood 
Arthur Mack Diamond — Canton 
Christopher Scott Dick — Vicksburg 
Susan Michele Dicken — Jackson 
Amy Marie Dickerson — Jackson 
John Randall Dickerson — Jackson 
Kelsie Frank Dickins — Jackson 
Kenneth Brian Dickinson — Terry 
Helen Jane Dicks — Brandon 
Frances Brown Dickson — Jackson 
Nancy A. Dickson — Vicksburg 
Robin Renee Dickson Busby — Jackson 
Steven Elliott Dickson — Raymond 
Tammy Dossett Dickson — Jackson 
Thomas Wayne Dickson — Flowood 
William Michael Dickson — Flowood 
Robbie Delores Dierker — Vicksburg 
Mary Ferguson Diggs — Jackson 
Tiara Natrill Diggs — Jackson 
Branch A. Dildine — Vicksburg 
Michael L. Dill — Jackson 
Charles Eugene Dillon — Jackson 
David M. Dillon — Brandon 
James L. Dillon — Mendenhall 
Jessica Allison Dillon — Jackson 
Jana Denise Dilmore — Clinton 
Bessie Lee Dinkins Mims — Jackson 
William Anthony Dirago — Vicksburg 
Terrie Davis Disharoon — Brandon 
Jewel H. Ditucci — Pearl 
Gregory Louis Divinity — tltica 
Anthony Patrick Dixon — Memphis 
Betty Ann Dixon Welch — Vicksburg 
Ceolar M. Dixon — Jackson 
Chessica Lynett Dixon — Jackson 
Claude N. Dixon — Jackson 
Damn Edward Dixon — Vaughan 
Dee Anna Dixon — Benton 

Dorothy Marie Dixon — Brookhaven 
Ella L. Dixon — Canton 
Gregory Pipes Dixon — Liberty 
Jacqueline Denise Dixon — Canton 
Lee Oscar Dixon — Natchez 
Lesley Dixon — Jackson 
Marcus D. Dixon — Jackson 
Martha Ann Dixon — Whitfield 
Martha Delene Dixon — Brookhaven 
Mary Joyce Dixon — Jackson 
Mary White Dixon — Jackson 
Richard Holmes Dixon — Jackson 
Sean Stewart Dixon — Vicksburg 
Sharon Renae Dixon — Mendenhall 
Sherry Lee Dixon Evon — Brandon 
William George Dixon — Vicksburg 
Wilma Leatrice Dixon — Canton 
Shirley M. Dobbler — Meridian 
Robert Charles Dobbs Jr. — Gulfport 
Dora Mae Dobson — Jackson 
Helen Dobson — Jackson 
Lisa Tonette Dobson — Jackson 
M. L. Dobson Hubba — Jackson 
Mary McGee Dobson — Jackson 
Dana Suzanne Dockens — Hazlehurst 
Dexter Antione Dodd — Kosciusko 
Earnest Edward Dodd — Pearl 
Candice S. Dodson — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Doll — Chalmette 
Stacy Katherine Domangue — Raymond 
James C. Donahoe Jr. — Crystal Springs 
Angela Deneise Donahue — Jackson 
Craig Alan Donald — Brandon 
Nicky Blundell Donald — Mt. Olive 
Lisa Louise Donavan — Jackson 
Keith William Donegan — Bassfield 
Janie Chin Dong — Vicksburg 
Joseph Stephen Donnell — Brandon 
Melissa Morgan Donnell — Mendenhall 
Joan Coomes Donovan — Vicksburg 
Kayla Marie Dooley — Clarksdale 
Scott Owen Dooley — (Jtica 
John Blake Doolittle — Pearl 
William Luther Doonan — Jackson 
Sean Thomas Doran — Jackson 
Betty Dorgan — Pascagoula 
Betty M. Dorman — Vicksburg 
Randall Warren Dorris — Raymond 
Gennette Dorsey — Valley Park 
Juanita Dorsey — Brandon 
Michael Todd Dorsey — Madison 
Lesia Dortch Diane — Canton 
Kenneth Dory — Jackson 
Shayla Suzanne Doster — Florence 
Betrice McKenzie Dotson — Brandon 
Che R. Dotson — Clinton 
David Doty — Brandon 
Ronald David Douell — Clinton 
Jo Ann Dougherty — Vicksburg 
Joseph Neal Dougherty — Vicksburg 
Gene Baylis Douglas — Harrisville 
James Allen Douglas — Bentonia 
John Leland Douglas — Jackson 
Kimber L. Douglas — Jackson 
Minerva Regina Douglas — Canton 
Patricia Louise Douglas — Florence 
Teresa Ann Douglas — Benton 
Valerie Venetia Douglas — Tallulah 
Nelson Lee Douglass — Jackson 
Fotina Douzenis — Jackson 
Bertha Charlene Downer — Lexington 
Susan Marie Downey — Vicksburg 
William Christopher Downey — Jackson 
Cyrena Catherine Downing — Vicksburg 
Gwen Denise Downing — Raymond 
Jason Lloyd Downing — Brandon 
Lisa Ann Downing — Raymond 
Michael Scott Downing — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Downs — Jackson 
Terry Richard Dowty — Myrtle 
Donald Mark Doyle — Clinton 
Kenneth Frank Doyle — Port Gibson 
Jason E. Dozier — Jackson 
Jon David Dozier — Jackson 
Juana Carole Dozier — Jackson 
Nancy Murray Dozier — Raymond 
Stacey Sumrall Dozier — Jackson 
Cheryl Lutrica Drake — Jackson 
Eloise Jennings Drake — Vicksburg 
Dorothy Shelby Draper — Jackson 
Steven Earl Draper — Jackson 
Cindy Lynne Drew — Clinton 
James Todd Driver — Jackson 
John Caprice Drones — Jackson 
Shirley Faye Drones — Jackson 
Stephanie Drummond — Jackson 
Stephanie Lutrice Duberry — Jackson 

Lakshmi Dubey — Clinton 

Edna T. Dubuisson — Vicksburg 

Lori Michele Dubuisson — Vicksburg 

Ann Marie Ducksworth — Taylorsville 

Mary Denise Ducrest — Jackson 

John Colbert Dudley — Jackson 

Patti Lynn Dudley — Florence 

Mark Axel Duett — Pearl 

Edward Charles Dugar — Pearl 

Leigh Ann Duggar — Jackson 

Karen Ann Duke — Richland 

Raymond E. Duke — Richland 

Syble Layne Duke — Brandon 

Arthur De Dukes — Clinton 

Donald Ray Dukes — Clinton 

Stephanie Diane Dukes — Jackson 

Augustus Addison Dulaney — Terry 

Corean Dulaney — Raymond 

Merry Shannon Dumas — Brandon 

Bob A. Dunaway — Raymond 

Russell Spears Dunaway — Jackson 

Shannon Lynn Dunaway — Jackson 

Donald Harold Duncan — Brandon 

Edward M. Duncan — Jackson 

Ellen Gail Duncan — Brandon 

James Henry Duncan — Terry 

Jan Elois Duncan — Jackson 

John B. Duncan — Raymond 

John David Duncan — Clinton 

Lannis P. Duncan — Madison 

Shelia Dennis Duncan — Clinton 

William Guy Dunigan — Pearl 

Kenneth Mark Dunlap — Clinton 

Marjorie Lynette Dunlap — Jackson 

Sherry Lynn Dunlap — Pearl 

Sophie M. Dunlap — Raymond 

Clay Dunn — Vicksburg 

Juanita Dunn — Vicksburg 

Michael Excell Dunn — Vicksburg 

Robert Michael Dunn — Jackson 

Marvin Alonzo Duplessis — Ridgeland 

Shirley Ann Dupree — Jackson 

Janet Laree Duran — Raymond 

Donna Durant — Jackson 

Percy L. Durham — (Jtica 

Dacia Suanne Durr — Clinton 

Dannon W. Durr — Clinton 

Freddie A. Durr Jr. — Jackson 

David Keith Durrett — Brandon 

Lelia Jeannett Durrett — Pearl 

John Andrew Dusenberry — Florence 

Leland N. Dutro — Jackson 

Joyce R. Duvall — Vicksburg 

Tessa Schwander Dyer — Baton Rouge 

Stephen Douglas Dyess — Ocean Spring 

Tammy Lanette Dyess — Jackson 

Van Keith Dyess — Star 

Amy Jean Dykes — Clinton 

Billy E. Dykes — Brandon 

Dana R. Dykes — Vicksburg 

Peggy Thirsteen Dykes — Jackson 

Todd Joseph Dykes — Vicksburg 

Verl Parker Dykes Jr. — Raymond 


Martha Jane Eady — Pearl 
Robert R. Eady — Jackson 
Shelia N. Ealey — Flora 
Marshall Ealy — Canton 
Mary Michele Eargle Lea — Vicksburg 
Michael Lee Eargle — Vicksburg 
Amy Michelle Earnhart — Jackson 
David Wayne East — Braxton 
Jennifer Leigh East — Jackson 
Shelia Ann East — Raymond 
Arthur Easterling — Morton 
Clarke Forest Easterling — Morton 
Coni Jo Easterling — Jackson 
Priscilla Taylo Easterling — Mendenhall 
Suzanne S. Easterling — Morton 
Thomas Wayne Easterling — Pearl 
Betty Ann Easterwood C. — Raymond 
David Barrett Eastland — Pearl 
Jack Noblin Eatherly — Pearl 
Mary Katina Eaton — Terry 
Ray Leroy Eaton — Jackson 
William Robert Eaton Jr. — Terry 
Benjamin J. Eaves — Pearl 
Royce C. Eaves — Vicksburg 
Charles Dixon Ederington — Raymond 

Robert Lee Edley — Edwards 
Kenneth David Edlin — Potts Camp 
Holly Rene Edmonds — Brookhaven 
Robin Noelle Edmonds — Brookhaven 
Robin Neal Edmondson — Jackson 
Margaret V. Edris — Vicksburg 
April Marie Edwards — Jackson 
Ben Edwards Jr. — Jackson 
Bobbie Beyers Edwards — Vicksburg 
Carmella Allisia Edwards — Jackson 
Due Clyonne Edwards — Pelahatchie 
Earnestine Steele Edwards — Brandon 
Felisha Edwards — Jackson 
Jeff Ray Edwards — Carthage 
Joann I. Edwards — Hollandale 
Lisa G. Edwards — Pelahatchie 
Mary Henderson Edwards — Bolton 
Ned C. Edwards Jr. — Raymond 
Ralph Shannon Edwards — Jackson 
Stephen Lawrence Edwards — Terry 
Tina Marie Edwards — Clinton 
Verthena Edwards — Jackson 
Wendy L. Edwards — Yazoo City 
Lula D. Effingger — Yazoo City 
Dale W. Efflandt — Vicksburg 
Bryan K. Eggleston — Hermanville 
Ginger Strong Ehrhardt — Vicksburg 
Cheryl Lynn Eiland — Jackson 
Debbie Shropshire Eldridge — Clinton 
Gregory Allen Eldridge — Jackson 
Kimberley Anne Eldridge — Flora 
Rosemary Jenkins Eldridge — Yazoo City 
Robert Leroy Elkins — Hazlehurst 
Ouida Myers Ellington — Clinton 
Darren Wayne Elliott — Raymond 
Donna Ann Elliott — Jackson 
Jehosephat Elliott — Pearl 
Margaret McLaughla Elliott — Brandon 
Tyler Scott Elliott — Birmingham 
Archie F. Ellis — Florence 
Barbara L. Ellis Barr — Ridgeland 
Cynthia Yvette Ellis — Jackson 
Debra Cassandra Ellis — Jackson 
Dominic Maurice Ellis — Clinton 
E. Melissa Ellis Miss — Jackson 
Eldred Maurice Ellis — Jackson 
Joyce Earl Ellis — Jackson 
Joyce M. Ellis — Vicksburg 
Nancy Agnes Ellis — Tupelo 
Robin Ann Ellis — Jackson 
Rosetta Monroe Ellis — Port Gibson 
Rosie King Ellis — Jackson 
Ruby Lee Ellis — Jackson 
Sallie C. Ellis — Florence 
Ulrica Chevon Ellis — Port Gibson 
Billie M. Ellison — Pearl 
Dale Lynn Ellison — Pearl 
Dave Edward Ellison — Brandon 
Laurie Hamblin Ellison — Jackson 
Karen G. Ellzey — Vicksburg 
Mohie Eldin Elsabrouty — Brandon 
Bart Charles Eltiste — Jackson 
Martin Kyle Elward — Jackson 
David Brooks Elwell — Brandon 
Teresa Belfour Elzie — Ridgeland 
Janet Marie Embry — Vicksburg 
Jeffery Todd Embry — Vicksburg 
Richard Jonce Embry — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Marge Emerson — Vicksburg 
Margie Kuhn Emerson — Raymond 
Paul B. Emerson — Vicksburg 
Russell Wayne Emmons — Pearl 
Suzanne Leigh Emmons — Brandon 
Paul Lamar Emory — Clinton 
Ruthie Marie English — Forest 
Nancy House Enlow — Jackson 
Tracy Enlow — Raymond 
Meade Entrekin — Whitfield 
Sharrie Entrekin — Jackson 
Deborah Nutt Enzweiler — Jackson 
Roderick Jerome Ephram — Jackson 
Susan Marie Epling — Clinton 
Adriallian Epps — Starkville 
Denise Hope Epps — Vicksburg 
Dewayne Mario Epps — Jackson 
Eva Marie Epps — Vicksburg 
Alison Kay Epting — Pascagoula 
Amy Ray Erves — Vicksburg 
Amy Lazette Ervin — Jackson 
Bettina J. Ervin — Bolton 
Claudia Annette Ervin — Clinton 
Eugene Ervin — Jackson 
James Calvin Erwin — Tallulah 
Yolanda Yevette Esco — Jackson 
Pamela A. Estes — Jackson 
John Ray Etheridge — Vicksburg 
Roger Allan Etheridge — Vicksburg 

300 / Directory 

Donna L. Eubanks — Vicksburg 
Elva McBride Eubanks — Clinton 
John M. Eubanks — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Patrina Eubanks — Jackson 
Lloyd Fredrick Eubanks — Jackson 
Loubertha Williams Eubanks — Jacksor 
Patricia E. Eubanks — Brandon 
Alecia Denise Eure — Raymond 
Kimberly Celeste Eure — Clinton 
Anthony Thomas Evans — Jackson 
Ben V. Evans III — Jackson 
Betty Sedenia Evans — Jackson 
Brad Gilbert Evans — Jackson 
Brenda Gayle Evans — Vicksburg 
Carl Phillip Evans — Jackson 
Carolyn Smoots Evans — Canton 
Charlean Evans — Raymond 
Charles Owen Evans — Jackson 
Cindy Michelle Evans — Clinton 
Darrell Lee Evans — Jackson 
David D. Evans — Raymond 
Howard Dean Evans — Pearl 
James Kenneth Evans — Magee 
James Robert Evans — Jackson 
Jerry Bernard Evans — Zachary 
Jimmie Dale Evans — Jackson 
Joan Evans — Jackson 
Jon Edward Evans — Brandon 
Juan Zella Evans — Jackson 
Karen Sue Evans — Madison 
Lafrances Raobbins Evans — Jackson 
Linda Evans — Jackson 
Norma L. Evans — Yazoo City 
Raymond Eugene Evans — Vicksburg 
Sarah Stinnett Evans — Pearl 
Sharon Yvette Evans — Raymond 
Sheryl L. Evans — Jackson 
Stephen Nolan Evans — Jackson 
Sue H. Evans — Raymond 
Tracey Echo Evans — Richland 
Janice M. Even — Brandon 
David Thomas Everett — Brandon 
Ferlinda Garay Everett — Brandon 
Henry Claude Everett — Mendenhall 
Jerry Wayne Everett — Jackson 
Mary Everett — Pearl 
Robert C. Everett — Braxton 
Ronald Randolph Everett — Brandon 
Sonya Kaye Everett — Clinton 
Steven D. Everett — Jackson 
Lourdes Adriatico Eversole — Jackson 
Dawn Michelle Ezell — Vicksburg 
Lenita Jo Ezell — Pearl 
Marilyn K. Ezell — Jackson 


Carlton Gregory Fagan — Pearl 
Jr. Willie Fair D. — Jackson 
Dana Paige Fairley — Jackson 
James Kerr Fairley — Richland 
Saddie Pearl Fairley Jones — Jackson 
Patricia Lynn Falconer — Jackson 
Lawrence Todd Falgout — Jackson 
Lisa Falvey — Natchez 
Debora Nell Fant — Jackson 
Pamela June Fant — Pearl 
Philip Reid Faries — Brandon 
Michael J. Farish — Jackson 
Bobbie Jane Farmer — Jackson 
Cheryl Renee Farmer — Meridian 
Deborah Gay Farmer — Brandon 
Kimberly Michelle Farmer — Jackson 
Melissa Gail Farmer — Clinton 
Teresa Doreen Farmer — Jackson 
Julie Ann Farner — Clinton 
II Robert Farr Earle — Jackson 
J. V. Farr — Vicksburg 
Mag Michele Farr Jabou — Vicksburg 
Robert Earle Farr — Jackson 
James Oreilly Farrell — Vicksburg 
Charles W. Farrior — Vicksburg 
William Wyatt Farrior — (Jtica 
Judith Love Farris — Vicksburg 
Cyndi Faulkner — Crystal Springs 
Deborah Tabor Faulkner — Pearl 
Katherine Arlene Faulkner — Madison 
Ursula Frances Faus — Tougaloo 
Clifton Antoine Fears — Jackson 
Gary D. Feazell — Florence 
Jonathan W. Fedrick — Jackson 

Jeff Lynn Felts II — Jackson 
Melanie Kaye Felts — Pearl 
Penny Lynn Felts — Pearl 
Linda Elliott Feltus — Jackson 
Charles William Fendley II — Clinton 
Angela M. Ferguson — Wesson 
David M. Ferguson — Jackson 
George Prentiss Ferguson J. — Woodville 
George R. Ferguson — Raymond 
Jeffrey Alan Ferguson — Jackson 
Julia Paige Ferguson — Jackson 
Julie Annmary Ferguson — Vicksburg 
Kelly Dickinson Ferguson — Mendenhall 
Loree Lynn Ferguson — Vicksburg 
Michael Brian Ferguson — Brandon 
Robert Alan Ferguson — Jackson 
Sandy Lynn Ferguson — Vicksburg 
Wallace Carl Ferguson — Jackson 
James Bailey Feroben — Pearl 
Beverly Cummins Ferrell — Richland 
Scott Allen Fetcko — Jackson 
Gloria Fettet — Vicksburg 
Connie Stuart Fewell — Pearl 
Marianna Robbins Field — Vicksburg 
Barry Shane Fielder — Brandon 
Daniel Clifford Fielder — Crystal Springs 
Erick Landon Fields — Vicksburg 
Jeannie Riley Fields — Vicksburg 
Jeffery Dewyne Fields — Jackson 
Romona Facheryl Fields — Canton 
Vaughn Edmund Fields — Clinton 
Diana Ann Fikes — Pearl 
Carol Bolls File — Jackson 
Edward H. Finch — Jackson 
Lagecha S. Finch — Jackson 
Mildred E. Finch Morri — Jackson 
Carol Sue Fink — Jackson 
Douglas Warren Fink — Jackson 
Kristie Lynn Fink — Jackson 
Rob Alan Finney — Brandon 
Virginia Ann Finney — Vicksburg 
Carolyn E. Fisackerly — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Fisackerly — Brandon 
Dorothy Elizabeth Fish — Jackson 
Belinda Carol Fisher — Hermanville 
Cedric Lee Fisher — Jackson 
Deborah A. Fisher — Jackson 
Donna Waltz Fisher — Jackson 
Eddie James Fisher Jr. — Jackson 
Francine Gale Fisher — Jackson 
Larry David Fisher — Jackson 
Leonia Fisher — Jackson 
Michael Kenneth Fisher — Clinton 
Patsy Cline Fisher — Clinton 
Troy Mandale Fisher — Jackson 
Donna Weaver Fitler — Pearl 
Sherri Lynn Fitzgerald — Jackson 
Mark Fitzpatrick — Raymond 
Kellie Jean Fitzroy — Clinton 
Delores Flaggs — Vicksburg 
Patrick Flaherty — Raymond 
Peter Brett Flake — Jackson 
Evangeline Flanagan — Vicksburg 
Michael L. Flanagan — Vicksburg 
Rae Sanderson Flanagan — Raymond 
Robert W. Flanagan — Raymond 
Thomas Ward Flanagan — Vicksburg 
Tisha Louise Flanagan — Jackson 
Cora Leigh Flatt — Clinton 
Angela Nichelle Flavell — Florence 
Victoria Anne Flechas — Natchez 
Allison Poyner Fleming — Vicksburg 
Edith Fleming — Jackson 
James Harold Fleming — Jackson 
Karen S. Fleming — Raymond 
Rena Hand Fleming — Jackson 
Savanah Greenwood Fleming — Sharon 
Theodore Fleming — Natchez 
Lisa Michelle Fletcher — Flowood 
Lynn Michelle Fletcher — D'lo 
William C. Fletcher — Yazoo City 
James Edward Rood — Jackson 
Barbara Gore Florence — Jackson 
Ruby Thompson Florence — Jackson 
Chandra Michelle Rowers — Jackson 
Deborah G. Rowers — Jackson 
Jo Hardison Rowers — Clinton 
Mary Charleston Flowers — Terry 
Pamela B. Rowers — Jackson 
Patricia Slay Rowers — Jackson 
Renee Michelle Flowers — Gtica 
Audrey Lee Royd — Quitman 
Delma Lanelle Royd F. — Richland 
Ella Lewis Floyd — Vicksburg 
Harold Gene Floyd Jr. — Richland 
Harold Gene Royd Sr. — Richland 

Julie Gay Floyd Powel — Crystal Springs 
M. Juanice Fluker — Lauderdale 
Robert Ray Flynt — luka 
Margie Kay Flowers — Vicksburg 
Angela Denise Fobbs — Tallulah 
Terry Wayne Folden — Vicksburg 
Flo Elizabeth Fondren — Vicksburg 
Carol R. Fontenot — Vicksburg 
Ramona Mannino Fontenot — Ridgeland 
Jonathan David Fonville — Florence 
Virginia Ann Forbes — Jackson 
Andrea Marie Ford — Jackson 
Janice A. Ford — Jackson 
Kenneth Ray Ford — Gtica 
Lillie Phillips Ford — Jackson 
Newton Ellis Ford — Brandon 
Sarah Dannette Ford — Jackson 
Allen Dale Foreman — Raymond 
Christy G. Foreman — Brandon 
Earnest James Foreman — Yazoo City 
Tracey Deshannon Foreman — Yazoo Cit 
G. Tayloe Forkin — Jackson 
Anna Michelle Forman — Gloster 
Mary Taylor Forman — Jackson 
Alfred L. Forrest — Jackson 
Maureen Anne Forsythe — Vicksburg 
Christopher Ro Fortenberry — Vicksburg 
Jerry Daniel Fortenberry — Pearl 
Judith Cheryl Fortenberry — Jackson 
Lawrence E. Fortenberry — Prentiss 
Shawn Fortenberry — Jackson 
Steven Ralph Fortenberry — Jackson 
Thomas Clinton Fortenberry — Ridgelanc 
Karen Denise Fortner — Ridgeland 
Roger J. Fortner — Vicksburg 
Sara Buckley Fortune — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Foshee — Jackson 
Warrene B. Foshee — Jackson 
Debra Kay Foster — Vicksburg 
Gina Foster — Jackson 
James Edward Foster — Jackson 
Larry Darnell Foster — Natchez 
Lori Leigh Foster — Jackson 
Marilyn Sue Foster — Yazoo City 
Mary Bryan Foster — Cincinnati 
Norma Lynne Foster Copel — Terry 
Rhonda Felicia Foster — Jackson 
Rodney Deron Foster — Bude 
Susan K. Foster — Jackson 
Vivian Michelle Foster — Florence 
Matt John Fouchard — Gtica 
Abe Neal Fowler Jr. — Vicksburg 
Amy Fowler — Vicksburg 
Bradley W. Fowler — Raymond 
Darlene Fowler — Jackson 
Eric Fowler — Vicksburg 
Rhonda Jean Fowler — Pickens 
Ellen Douglas Fox — Jackson 
Kenneth Ray Fox — Jackson 
Marsha Jones Foxworth — - Jackson 
F. Brook Fraiser — Clinton 
Frances Scanlon Fraley — Jackson 
Jeffrey Phillip Frances — Vicksburg 
Diana Marie Francis — Canton 
Bessie Edwards Frank — Jackson 
Carman Anthony Frank — Jackson 
Tim Michael Frank — Jackson 
Alice Marie Franklin — Vicksburg 
Cedric Donnell Franklin — Columbia 
Gwendolyn Franklin — Vicksburg 
Judith E. Franklin — Pearl 
Kristi Michelle Franklin — Morton 
Lardelle McLaurin Franklin — Florence 
Sandra Rose Franklin — Brandon 
Vanessa Denise Franklin — Jackson 
Jerri Michelle Franks — Magee 
Paul D. Frasier — Pearl 
Knekol M. Frayzier — Bolton 
Bryan Todd Frazier — Jackson 
Charles Edward Frazier — Jackson 
Eugene Frazier Jr. — Gtica 
Jonee Gail Frazier — Greenville 
Mark Hayden Frazier — Kosciusko 
Phares E. Frazier — Jackson 
Robert Phares Frazier — Jackson 
Travis Wade Frazier — Jackson 
Mark N. Frederick — Vicksburg 
Marjorie N. Free — Brandon 
Aiko Freeman — Brandon 
Bernice Freeman — Jackson 
Celita A. Freeman — Pearl 
Colleen Cuning Freeman — Vicksburg 
Delba Kennedy Freeman — Pearl 
Konstance Felecia Freeman — Canton 
Mahalie H. Freeman — Jackson 
Marty Allen Freeman — Vicksburg 
Mary Mushell Freeman — Canton 

Sarah Ann Freeman — Vidalia 
Tommy Lee Freeman — Vicksburg 
Gndra Freeman — Canton 
Cynthia Moses Freeny — Vicksburg 
Thomas Joseph Freibert — Jackson 
Kathy Varner French — Clinton 
Lori Elizabeth French — Jackson 
Michelle Renee French — Jackson 
Sylvia Brown Freundt — Clinton 
Glenella Denise Friday — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Friday — Jackson 
James Jackson Friend — Pearl 
Robert Todd Friley — Vicksburg 
Donna Frost — Vicksburg 
Milton Lee Frost — Clinton 
William Howard Fry — Hazlehurst 
Darrin Keith Frye — Fayette 
Ginger Renee Fuhr — Pearl 
Karen Fulgham — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Lola Fulgham — Jackson 
Bobby Joe Fuller — Vicksburg 
James I. Fuller — Pearl 
Kenneth Jerry Fuller — Jackson 
Loretta W. Fuller — Jackson 
Mike Andrew Fuller — Terry 
Roy Allan Fullerton — Biloxi 
Cathy Fulton — Vicksburg 
Eric Ben Fulton — Jackson 
Lee Thayer Fulton — Jackson 
William F. Fulton III — Jackson 
Patricia Lanell Funches — Jackson 
Gregory F. Funchess — Hattiesburg 
Roy Lee Funchess — Mendenhall 
Darlene Angelia Fuqua — Pearl 
Deborah Lynn Furlow — Florence 
William John Furrer — Raymond 
Peggy L. Fuson — Vicksburg 


Debra G. Gaar — Newellton 
Stephanie Gaddis — Bolton 
Vera Tillman Gaddis — Bolton 
Bruce Gaines — Jackson 
David L. Gaines — Clinton 
Jewel Perez Gaines — Vicksburg 
Kerry Coker Gaines — Newton 
Malcolm D. Gaines — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Michelle Gaines — Jackson 
Preston Hammer Gaines — Vicksburg 
Richard Gaines — Vicksburg 
Robert M. Gaines — Vicksburg 
Ronnie Gaines — Vicksburg 
Sherry Hawn Gaines — Fitler 
Sherrie Milner Gaither — Rorence 
Todd R. Gajewski — Jackson 
Helen L. Gallagher — Brandon 
Kathleen Gallagher — Jackson 
Shane Timothy Gallagher — Greenville 
Spangie Loretta Gallaspy — Canton 
Wendy Theresa Galle — New Orleans 
Robert Edward Gallert — Vicksburg 
Shirley Vaughan Gallert — Vicksburg 
Angela Jumun Galloway — Jackson 
Darryl C. Galloway — Jackson 
Ernest Galloway — Vicksburg 
Gale Matteson Galloway — Jackson 
Yvette Diana Galloway • — Jackson 
Karen Lynn Galyon — Terry 
Ernestine Gamage — Jackson 
David Alexander Gamble — Vicksburg 
Shirley Ann Gammage — Pearl 
Eddie Sue Gammel — Gtica 
David R. Gammill — Jackson 
Melissa Darlene Gammill — Rowood 
Rebecca Wilson Gammill — Pearl 
Reginald Gandy — Mississippi State 
Roger Timothy Gandy — Hazlehurst 
James Evans Gann — Jackson 
Cheryl Laverne Gant — Vicksburg 
Debra Ann Gardner — Jackson 
Hazel S. Gardner — Jackson 
Lyndell Crawford Gardner — Jackson 
Sally Bridges Gardner — Clinton 
Sarah Frances Gardner — Jackson 
Sarah Jane Gardner — Walnut Grove 
William Carl Gardo Trey — Jackson 
Evern Etheridge Garland — Jackson 
Bernie May Garner — Sharon 
Beverly Anne Garner Dona! — Pearl 
Carla Ann Garner — New Hebron 

Directory / 301 

Christopher C. Garner — Pearl 

David Dewitt Garner — Jackson 

Eric Jerome Garner — Jackson 

Gregory Scott Garner — Vicksburg 

Helen R Garner — Jackson 

Patricia Ann Garner — Vicksburg 

Paula Lynn Garner — Magee 

Sam J. Garner — Lakeside 

Amanda Ann Garren — Pearl 

Bobby Dean Garrett — Jackson 

Cindy Kay Garrett — Clinton 

Cleveland Garrett — Covington 

Gregory P Garrett — Bastrop 

James F Garrett — Jackson 

Michael Fitzgerald Garrett — Jackson 

Raymond Charles Garrett — Franklinton 

Richard Alex Garrett — Pearl 

Sharon Denise Garrett — Jackson 

Susan Lynn Garrett — Vicksburg 

Terry Garrett — Covington 

Wendell E Garrett Jr. — Richland 

Anna Laura Garriga Moone — Clinton 

Deborah Diane Garrison — Jackson 

Lealon Bernard Garrison — Vicksburg 

Patricia Morgane Garrison — Brandon 

Saundra D Garvey — Clinton 

Alvin Garvis — Pearl 

Melonie Yvette Garvis — Jackson 

Michael J. Gary Jr. — Raymond 

Sarah Lalanai Gary — Jackson 

Charles Arron Gaskin — Vicksburg 

C. Michael Gaspard — Ridgeland 

Eileen B Gaspard — Ridgeland 

Diane Rains Gastrell — Vicksburg 

Brent L. Gatch — Brandon 

Dorothy Kilgore Gatch — Brandon 

Angela Stevens Gates — Jackson 

Janice Ruth Gates — Jackson 

Karl Keith Gates — Brandon 

Mark Elliott Gates — Sioux City 

Robert Bruce Gates — Learned 

Jeffrey Joe Gatewood — Jackson 

John Alan Gatlin — Jackson 

Terra Felicia Gatlin — Jackson 

Larry Neal Gault — Pearl 

Harvey Richard Gavant — Ridgeland 

Christine Michelle Gavette — Jackson 

Jennifer Paige Geary — Vicksburg 

Marilyn R. Geary — Vicksburg 

Eileen Jane Gedeik Downe — Raymond 

James Brian Geiger — Jackson 

Daphne Tonette George — Canton 

Gwendolyn Kelly George — Vicksburg 

Melinda Jean George — Jackson 

Stacy Ann George — Jackson 

Tracy Andra George — Winona 

Wileen George — Jackson 

Willie Earl George — Jackson 

Luther E. German — Edwards 

Trenette German — Canton 

Carla Sue Germany — Jackson 

Karen Lynn Germany — Vicksburg 

Wanda L. Geter — Vicksburg 

Michael David Gettinger — Vicksburg 

Tina S. Gholston Dean — Ridgeland 

Jennifer Dianne Gibbon — Newton 

Cynthia Janell Gibbons — Jackson 

Antionie Lavell Gibbs — Jackson 

Joanne Gibbs — Vicksburg 

Medgar Gibbs — Jackson 

Billye E Gibson Jr. — Jackson 

Curtis Lee Gibson — Lexington 

Cynthia Renee Gibson — Philadelphia 

Gina Ann Gibson — Jackson 

Jeff Scott Gibson — Clinton 

Joan Gibson — Pearl 

Keith Gibson — Philadelphia 

Linda Rosha Gibson — Jackson 

Mari A. Gibson — Jackson 

Ronnie Carol Gibson — Jackson 

Edwards Gary Giddens — Vicksburg 

Edward Lee Gilbert — Vicksburg 

Eles J. Gilbert — Pearl 

Patricia Parks Gilbert — Puckett 

Shelly Dawn Gilbert — Clinton 

Tanya Gilbert — Jackson 

Teresa Christina Gilbert — Madison 

Thelma Todd Gilbert — Raymond 

Joseph Giles — Vicksburg 

Monica Rochelle Giles — Canton 

Susan Gilfoil — Vicksburg 

Bernice Spann Gilkey — Jackson 

Jason M. Gill — Brookhaven 

Kimball E. Gill — Raymond 

Lesia Elizabeth Gill — Pearl 

Serena Dannelle Gill — Pearl 

Tonie A. Gill — Louisville 

Traci Wynelle Gill — Brandon 
Preston Gillem — Vicksburg 
Janet H Gillespie — Vicksburg 
Faith Dionne Gilliam — Jackson 
Ricky Joseph Gillian — Jackson 
Craig Gilmer — Edwards 
Macarthur Gilmer — Edwards 
Melisa Kay Gilmer — Vicksburg 
Gwendolyn Gilmore — Jackson 
Marion Francita Gilmore — Jackson 
Percy Lee Gilmore — Port Gibson 
Shannon James Gilmore — Vicksburg 
Tracey D. Gilmore — Jackson 
David Keith Giordano — Pelahatchie 
Lekathryn Johnson Gipson — Jackson 
George David Girard — Vicksburg 
Kathy Dawn Girault — Ludlow 
Sabestian Giurintano — Jackson 
John Logan Given Jr — Clinton 
Ruby Sanders Given — Clinton 
Dorcas Verlicier Givens — Jackson 
James Henry Gladney — Bolton 
Henrietta Glasco — Redwood 
Janet Ramsey Glatt — Vicksburg 
Michael Nash Gleason — Clinton 
Susan Lynn Gleason — Jackson 
Jo Claire Goad — Jackson 
Timothy John Goad — Isola 
Floyd Lee Gober Jr. — Jackson 
Carol Lynn Godbold — Jackson 
Sara Ann Godbold Jenki — Jackson 
Thomas C Godbold — Jackson 
W. Douglas Godfrey — Jackson 
Jeffrey Stephen Goellner — Clinton 
Robert Ellis Goetzman — Natchez 
Barry James Goff — Raymond 
Donna Renee Goin — Madison 
Tracey Renee Goldman — Jackson 
James Goldsmithh — Vicksburg 
Anthony Milton Gonce — Clinton 
Michele Suk Gong Fong — Carrolton 
Geeta Gongidi — Lorman 
Antonia Gonzales — Terry 
Deborah G. Gooch Johns — Jackson 
Greta Denise Good — Port Gibson 
Emma Lola Goode — Pearl 
Kevin Scott Goodin — Vicksburg 
Paul H. Goodin — Jackson 
Eric Goodlett — Bolton 
Glenn C. Goodlett — Greenwood MS 
Tyjuannia Rena Goodloe — Canton 
Tonya Lynn Goodrum — Pearl 
Keith Harold Goodson — Jackson 
Rhonda Shea Goodson — Brandon 
April Shonate Goodwin — Jackson 
Sharon Lynn Goodwin — Jackson 
Gary Wade Googe — Terry 
Nancy Lois Goolby — Jackson 
Mary Virginia Gorday — Jackson 
Thomas E. Gordin — Jackson 
Billy Flynn Gordon Jr. — Vicksburg 
Bobbette Gordon — Edwards 
Chester Davis Gordon — Vicksburg 
Deborah Pettigrew Gordon — Clinton 
Don Earl Gordon — Natchez 
Frank James Gordon — Yazoo City 
Loutisha C. Gordon — Vaughan 
Patricia Paige Gordon — Florence 
Phyllis Deneen Gordon — Vicksburg 
Scott Thomas Gordon — Vicksburg 
Vanessa Ann Gordon — Jackson 
Fred Ford Gordy Jr. — Monticello 
Kenneth Gore — Jackson 
Brandi Leanne Goree — Brandon 
Conetta Gosa — Jackson 
Matthew Gospodinouich Jr. — Biloxi 
Patricia Johnson Goss — Pulaski 
Billie S. Gould — Morton 
Charles E. Gould — Pearl 
Michelle Dunbar Gousset — Jackson 
Jason Roger Govan — Jackson 
Vernon C. Govan — Jackson 
Carleskine Gowdy — Jackson 
Mary Ellen Gowdy — Flora 
Lou Virginia Gozdecki — Brandon 
Cathlin Ann Grace — Vicksburg 
Edward Aldren Grace — Jackson 
Thomas G. Grace — Mt. Olive 
Whitney Webb Grace — Jackson 
Karen Noelle Graef — Jackson 
Nina Suzanne Grafton — Jackson 
Karla Denese Graham — Clinton 
Linda Graham — Jackson 
Lucia Jones Graham — Jackson 
Patrick Sean Graham — Jackson 
Richard Paul Graham — Jackson 
Robert Howard Graham — Jackson 

Sophia Synne Graham — Pearl 
Suann Graham — Forest 
Tamye Sekul Graham — Madison 
Tonya Fay Graham — Jackson 
Mary Lister Grandberry — Jackson 
Tracy Michelle Granger — Hazlehurst 
Clay Grant — Flora 
Dennis M. Grant — Jackson 
Dorothy Mae Grant — Jackson 
Dot Grant — Vicksburg 
Eugene Grant — Pelahatchie 
Jeff Alan Grant — Vicksburg 
Joyce Ann Grant — Brandon 
Kenneth Benjamin Grant — Philadelphia 
Letha Grant — Jackson 
Pheabie Dorsey Grant — Sandhill 
Phyllis Jane Grant — Pearl 
Sally Grant — Flora 
Samuel Wayne Grant — Sandhill 
Shalen De Grant Shun — Canton 
Shelia C Grant — Pelahatchie 
Teresa Tynes Grant — Jackson 
Terri Lynn Grant — Vicksburg 
Thomas Kenneth Grant — Vicksburg 
Yvonne Grant — Jackson 
Elizabeth Grant — Jackson 
Debra Combs Grantham — Vicksburg 
Derwood H Grantham — Florence 
Elizabeth Grantham — Jackson 
James Terrell Grantham — Pearl 
Jerry Allen Grantham — Clinton 
Jerry K. Grantham — Pearl 
Michael Henry Grantham — Pearl 
Lisa Anne Grass — Newton 
Dawn Kline Grauf — Jackson 
Easter Mae Graves — Jackson 
Evonna Meshell Graves — Mt. Olive 
Kenneth Gregory Graves — Clinton 
Mark Lynn Graves — Southaven 
Pauline Mayes Graves — Jackson 
Tina Smith Graves — Brandon 
Antoinette Denise Gray — Jackson 
Audwin Purnell Gray — Jackson 
Belinda A. Gray — Jackson 
Bridgette Gray — Pelahatchie 
Cassandra Gray — Sharon 
Cassandra Denise Gray — Jackson 
Charles Brian Gray — Jackson 
Darrell Denoil Gray — Jackson 
Deborah Faye Gray — Jackson 
Donald Robert Gray — Vicksburg 
Donna Ruth Gray — Jackson 
Felix Erwin Gray — Jackson 
Gary Crawford Gray — Jackson 
Gary Wayne Gray — Jackson 
James Jessie Gray — Jackson 
Jeannette Regina Gray — Jackson 
Jennifer Leigh Gray — Meridian 
Judie Bee Gray — Terry 
La Tina Gray — Carthage 
Marguerita Gray — Clinton 
Martin Terry Gray Jr. — (Jtica 
Michael Jasper Gray — Utica 
Richard Randolph Gray — Raymond 
Robert Emmanuel Gray — Terry 
Ruth Everitt Gray — Jackson 
Timothy Edward Gray — Carthage 
Tommie Royce Gray — Vicksburg 
Tony Jerome Gray — Jackson 
Vertina Brown Gray — Jackson 
Wendy Gale Gray — Raymond 
Michele Julie Grayndler — Canton 
Robert Earl Grays — Pearl 
Anne Grayson — Ridgeland 
Frank D. Grayson Jr. — Brandon 
Gene Tunney Grayson — Jackson 
Barry Green — Pearl 
Candace Leah Green — Carthage 
Cathy Ann Green Morri — Jackson 
Cherie Runnels Green — Jackson 
Cynthia Lapearl Green — Jackson 
Deborah Renee Green — Rolling Fork 
Donald L. Green — Vicksburg 
Dwayne V. Green — Jackson 
Elizabeth Noneine Green — Clinton 
Errick D. Green — Jackson 
Evelyn Janice Green — Clinton 
Gina Smith Green — Pearl 
Gregory S. Green — Bolton 
James E. Green — Jackson 
Janice Marie Green — Crystal Springs 
Jason Farris Green — Yazoo City 
Jewell Denise Green — Jackson 
John C. Green — Jackson 
Johnnie Smith Green — Jackson 
Jonita Green — Jackson 
Joy M. Green — Jackson 

Leigh Anne Green — Pearl 
Marian Lynn Green — Vicksburg 
Mathew Wilson Green — Florence 
Michael Jerome Green — Jackson 
Morris Larell Green — Jackson 
Navarra J. Green — Jackson 
Patricia Evette Green — Fayette 
Patricia K. Green — Raymond 
Robert (J. Green III — Florence 
Walter Lee Green — Jackson 
William Bryan Green — Raymond 
Willie Green — Jackson 
Woodfin Grady Green II — Jackson 
Geneva G. Greene — Jackson 
Linda S. Greene — Clinton 
Melenie Cozet Greene — Brookhaven 
Nancy Renee Greene — Jackson 
Paul M. Greene — Lucedale 
Peggy Greene — Vicksburg 
Antonio Dwayn Greenfield — Jackson 
Cynthia S. Greenfield Allen — Jackson 
Larry Greenfield — Jackson 
Linda Kaye Greenfield — Jackson 
Ralph Dewayne Greenhill — Clinton 
John Mark Greenough — Jackson 
James Allen Greenwood — Pearl 
Carla J. Greer McCra — Clinton 
Corinna Brock Greer — Vicksburg 
Kelly Diane Greer — Clinton 
Terry John Gregg — Clinton 
Helene Marie Gregorich — Jackson 
Barbara Canal Gregory — Jackson 
Cynthia Lynn Gregory — Florence 
Allie J Gremillion — Crystal Springs 
Jeannine Von Gremillion — Vicksburg 
Melanie Rena Gretzinger — Vicksburg 
Christy Sherene Grey — Vicksburg 
Kay M. Gribskov — Jackson 
Alberta McDonald Griffin — Jackson 
Arlene Griffin — Jackson 
Aundra Deangelo Griffin — Bolton 
Betty Benjamin Griffin — Brookhaven 
Cathy D. Griffin — Jackson 
Charles E. Griffin — Ridgeland 
Curtis Ray Griffin — Jackson 
Glenn E. Griffin — Clinton 
Isaac L. Griffin — Jackson 
Jacgueline L. Griffin — Jackson 
James Orville Griffin — Raymond 
Jessie L. Griffin — Jackson 
Judith Elaine Griffin — Jackson 
Lenoula R. Griffin — Brandon 
Maurice Edward Griffin — Belzoni 
Rhonda Griffin — Vicksburg 
Shanton Michelle Griffin — Camden 
Sheryl Hisaw Griffin — Brandon 
Shirley Mae Griffin — Bolton 
Venessa Griffin — Carthage 
Vickie Lynn Griffin — Jackson 
Willie Albert Griffin — Vicksburg 
Zachary Terence Griffin — Jackson 
Linda Griffing — Vicksburg 
Andrea Christine Griffith — Florence 
Andy Glenn Griffith — Vicksburg 
Daniel Keith Griffith — Jackson 
Deborah Lynn Griffith — Mendenhall 
Kandi Yarbrough Griffith — Florence 
Karen L. Griffith — Jackson 
Louise S. Griffith T. — Jackson 
Milton L. Griffith — Mendenhall 
Willie Carl Griffith — Pearl 
Becky Lynn Grigsby — Raymond 
Thomas Philip Grillo — Jackson 
Valeria Renee Grim — Florence 
Vicki Gayle Grimsley — Morton 
Melanie Michelle Grissom — Jackson 
Ruby Lee Grissom — Vicksburg 
Willie Mae Grissom — Vicksburg 
Christina Rodden Groover — Jackson 
Charles Lloyd Grosche — Brandon 
Andrew Russell Groseclose — Pearl 
Edna G. Gross — Flora 
Gregory Tyrone Gross — Jackson 
Ricky E. Gross — Dumas 
Robert Melvin Gross — Vicksburg 
Tammy Myrea Gross — Brandon 
Terry Gross — Flora 
Carol Ann Grove — Vicksburg 
Carol Anne Grove — Raymond 
Anita Leigh Groves — Jackson 
Benita Jo Groves — Vicksburg 
Linda Gail Grubbs — Jackson 
Mark V. Grubbs — Pearl 
Steven Lee Grubbs — Jackson 
Luke Warren Guerriero — Jackson 
Dana McAlpin Guess — Jackson 
Rebecca Faye Guess — Jackson 

302 / Directory 

Gwendolyn Diane Guest — Vicksburg 
Mardra Jennifer Guest — Vicksburg 
George W. Guider Jr. — Vicksburg 
Sean Christopher Guillotte — Pearl 
Carla Vonjoyce Guimbellot — Vicksburg 
Jason Duan Guinn — Braxton 
Charlotte Denice Guise — Jackson 
Ellie Susie Gulledge — Florence 
Kenneth Loyd Gulledge — Florence 
Ronald James Gullett — Vicksburg 
Sheila A. Gullett — Vicksburg 
Becky Lea Gunn — Clinton 
Betty A. Gunn — Jackson 
Frank Alan Gunn — Hermanville 
Jacqueline Gunn — Jackson 
Thomas William Gunn — Madison 
Anthony D. Gunter — Vicksburg 
Jack Thomas Gunter — Jackson 
Chino Gutierrez — Jackson 
Amanda Gail Guy — Jackson 
Ruth Gangawere Guyton — Brandon 


Lori Ann Hackler — Vicksburg 
Katherine Hackman — Brandon 
John Wayne Haddock — Grenada 
Cheryl Jo Haden — Jackson 
Christopher Howell Haden — Jackson 
Kathy Jean Haden — Brandon 
Kimberli S. Hagberg — Vicksburg 
Al Haggard — Jackson 
Ethel Mae Haggard — Jackson 
Jeffrey Lamar Haggard — Jackson 
Johnnie Mae Haggard — Jackson 
Dedria June Haguewood — Jackson 
Jeannette Hottingsw Haines — Jackson 
Jane Drane Hairston — Jackson 
Aaron Jarvis Hale — Vicksburg 
Belinda Ann Hale — Redwood 
Joanne M. Hale — Jackson 
Melissa Gooch Hale — Clinton 
Nancy Sullivan Hale — Redwood 
James Elbert Haley — Jackson 
Robert Wayne Haley — Crystal Springs 
Stacy Sheree Haley — Terry 
Eric Thomas Haliburton — Vicksburg 
Bryan Lee Hall — Yazoo City 
Byron Keith Hall — Jackson 
Cathy Nappier Hall — Vicksburg 
Clifton Alan Hall — Grenada 
Donna J. Hall McDon — Jackson 
Harvey Douglas Hall — Liberty 
James Arthur Hall — Vicksburg 
James E. Hall — Vicksburg 
Julie Ann Hall — Brandon 
Juliet Lynn Hall — Jackson 
Kimberly Nicole Hall — Kosciusko 
Larry Foster Hall — Vicksburg 
Laverne W. Hall — Vicksburg 
Linda Johnson Hall — Vicksburg 
Lisa Paige Hall — Ridgeland 
Lisa Suzanne Hall — Mendenhall 
Lorraine Hall — Clinton 
Michael Edward Hall — Vicksburg 
Patrick Kenneth Hall — Jackson 
Rebecca J. Hall — Pearl 
Rhonda Gail Hall — Raymond 
Richard W. Hall — Brandon 
Sherri Lynn Hall — Jackson 
Stephen N. Hall — Pearl 
Sue Ann Hall — Edwards 
Terri L. Hall — Jackson 
Theresa Maria Hall — Jackson 
Travis Steven Hall — Braxton 
Varrian Durand Hall — Cleveland 
Vonda K. Hall Cox — Jackson 
Deborah K. Haller — Florence 
Rhoden Robin Hallman — Vicksburg 
James Curtis Hallum — Jackson 
David Edward Hamaker — Terry 
Billy Joe Hamberlin — Vicksburg 
Gary Lamar Hamil Jr. — Jackson 
Glenda Vinzant Hamilton — Jackson 
Jerri Lynn Hamilton — Jackson 
Michael Loren Hamilton — Pearl 
Shirley Ann Hamilton — Jackson 
Steve Alexander Hamilton — Pearl 
Thomas Earl Hamilton — Crystal Springs 
Zula L. Hamilton — Jackson 
Wilma Dean Hamlin — Jackson 

David Leon Hammack — Vicksburg 
William Wade Hammack — Vicksburg 
James A. Hammett Jr. — Gulfport 
Sonya K Hammick — Vicksburg 
Kathryn Maxine Hammond — Brandon 
Lesa Danelle Hammond — Jackson 
Stacie Marie Hammond — Pearl 
Cynthia Ann Hammons M. — Vicksburg 
Lori Anne Hampton — Laurel 
Pamela Kay Hampton — Pearl 
Angela D. Hancock Huffm — Florence 
Janice Elaine Hancock — Jackson 
Jean A Hancock — Vicksburg 
John Charlie Hancock — Florence 
Mary Ann Hancock — Richland 
Pamela Lorayne Hancock — Clinton 
Richard S. Hancock — Vicksburg 
Robert Hamilton Hancock — Nicholson 
Robert Jeffrey Hand — Terry 
Shirley Gwendolyn Handley — Vicksburg 
Gregory Handy — Canton 
Jackie A. Handy — Canton 
David A. Hanes — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Diane Haney — Chatham 
Maria Haney — Brandon 
Teresa Cravens Haney — Brandon 
Ann R. Hankins — Jackson 
Emma Jean Hankins — Jackson 
Billie Gradick Hanks — Vicksburg 
Terri Lamonica Hanks — Vicksburg 
Helen J Hanna — Yazoo City 
Richard Abia Hanna — Clinton 
Tera Katherine Hanna — Madison 
Carolyn Denise Hannah — Jackson 
Dinah Faye Hannah Lee — Jackson 
Ruby Moore Hannah — Toomsuba 
Sherri Jeanne Hannah — Brandon 
Kenneth Wayne Hanners — Pearl 
Jo Ann Hansel — Pearl 
Bruce James Hansen — Jackson 
Mark Timothy Hansen — Vicksburg 
Shirley James Hanshaw — Vicksburg 
Nina Arendale Hanson — Pearl 
Cora L. Haralson Jones — Jackson 
Karen Sue Haralson — Pearl 
Margaret Smith Harber — Bentonia 
Dana Deshai Hardage — Carthage 
Michael Finley Hardee — Raymond 
Shafiree Renay Harden — Canton 
Samuel G. Hardges — Port Gibson 
Charles Scott Hardin Jr. — Jackson 
Deborah Ahlers Hardin — Vicksburg 
Jeff Scott Hardin — Brandon 
Kimberley Dawn Hardin — Florence 
Martha E. Hardin — Vicksburg 
Ronnie A. Hardin — Jackson 
Sheree Ann Hardin — Jackson 
Avis Opal Harding — Pearl 
S. Lynn Hardison — Brandon 
Joyce Ellen Hardy Heath — Jackson 
Lisa Hardy — Vicksburg 
Meda Rebecca Hardy Byrd — Ridgeland 
Odell Hardy — Pearl 
Thomas Carroll Hardy — Pearl 
Jackie Hare — Pearl 
Stacey Lynn Harenza — Raleigh 
Derrick T. Harkins — Thomastown 
George Mark Harkins — Florence 
Gladys Janean Harkins — Vicksburg 
James Taylor Harkins — Carthage 
Mark Stephen Harkins — Clinton 
Michelle Queen Harkins — Jackson 
Patrick T. Harkins — Jackson 
Theodore Stephen Harkins — Jackson 
George A. Harmon — Jackson 
John Douglas Harmon — Vicksburg 
Malcolm Kenneth Harmon — Vicksburg 
Teresa Diane Harmon — Jackson 
Corry D. Harms Jr. — Brandon 
Anthony D. Harper — Louisville 
Antonio Dewayne Harper — Jackson 
Aretha Ann Harper — Florence 
Argustus Harper Jr. — Clinton 
Darrell Dwayne Harper — Jackson 
Delores Harper — Crystal Springs 
Derwin Harper — Bassfield 
Gerald Wilmer Harper Jr. — Jackson 
Gloria Jean Harper — Cltica 
Jackqueline Katheri Harper — Florence 
Jennifer Marie Harper — Pelahatchie 
Jimmy Lloyd Harper — Bassfield 
Linda Gunter Harper — Terry 
Linda J. Harper Metz — Jackson 
Lorene Harper — Jackson 
Michael Tyrone Harper — Louisville 
Patricia McKenzie Harper — Brandon 
Paul Daniel Harper — Pearl 

Reginald Dion Harper — Florence 
Sarah Mildred Harper — Vicksburg 
Sheila Harper — Jackson 
Shelia Teresa Harper — Florence 
Stephen Neil Harper — Jackson 
Stevie Lawrence Harper — Cltica 
Susan Matreet Harper — Jackson 
Thad R. Harper — Clinton 
Tony Harper — Jackson 
Wanda Ann Harper — Jackson 
Angie Lee Harrell — Pearl 
Barry K. Harrell — Jackson 
Brenda Lee Harrell — Pearl 
Greta Denise Harrell — Jackson 
Jimmie G. Harrell — Pelahatchie 
Martha Lou Harrell — Ridgeland 
Michael Wilson Harrell — Pearl 
Robert Stacy Harrell — Morton 
Jeffrey Scot Harrelson — Laurel 
Diana Harried — Vicksburg 
David L. Harrigill — Vicksburg 
Billy Dana Harrington — Hickory Flat 
Bobby R Harrington — Jackson 
Gloria Jean Harrington — Bentonia 
James Reece Harrington — Terry 
Jeffery Wayne Harrington — Jackson 
Michael Darrell Harrington — Jackson 
Karla Germaire Harrion — Jackson 
Pamela Gisele Harrion — Jackson 
Alicia Ann Harris — Jackson 
Annette Harris — Vicksburg 
Barbara A Harris — Vicksburg 
Bennie Wayne Harris — Starkville 
Brenda King Harris — Jackson 
Brenda Lee Harris — Greenville 
Burnette Harris — Jackson 
Byron Jeal Harris — Jackson 
Cecil Lane Harris — Pearl 
Cindy Ann Harris — Brandon 
Evelyn Devone Harris - Jackson 
Francene Harris — Louisville 
Jacqueline Ann Harris — Lena 
James Matthew Harris Jr. — Jackson 
Joe Ann Harris Benne — Yazoo City 
John Britt Harris — Tupelo 
John Jay Harris — Vicksburg 
John R. Harris — Vicksburg 
John W. Harris III — Vicksburg 
Johnnie Ruth Harris — Canton 
Jonathan Grant Harris — Jackson 
Keith Randall Harris — Vicksburg 
Kelvin Demonge Harris — Jackson 
Kenneth Ray Harris — Vicksburg 
Kenny William Harris — Jackson 
Kim Dwight Harris — Jackson 
L. J. Harris — Jackson 
Leonard Troy Harris — Jackson 
Linda Marie Harris — Jackson 
Michael Edward Harris — Pickens 
Michele Allen Harris — Jackson 
Nicki Boutwell Harris — Satartia 
Randall D. Harris — Raymond 
Sharon J. Harris — Jackson 
Shealia Ann Harris — Jackson 
Sheila Lynette Harris — Jackson 
Steven Orland Harris — Natchez 
Tamara W. Harris — Brandon 
Tawanna Alexis Harris — Canton 
Thomas L. Harris II — Cleveland 
Tina Harris — Jackson 
Tracey Denise Harris — Vicksburg 
Ursula Y. Harris — Clinton 
Victoria Harris — Jackson 
Vollemer Harris — Bolton 
Wade Barnett Harris — Raymond 
Barbara G. Harrison — Brandon 
Beth J. Harrison — Florence 
Billy Dean Harrison — Mize 
Charles Henry Harrison Jr. — Madison 
Cynthia Deneece Harrison — Pearl 
Deborah K. Harrison Johns — Raymond 
George Harrison — Yazoo City 
Gloria Gray Harrison — Vicksburg 
Jay Gerald Harrison — Jackson 
Jeffrey Lynn Harrison — Pearl 
Jeffrey Todd Harrison — Pearl 
John B. Harrison — Richland 
Lea Ann Harrison — Forest 
Lester W. Harrison — Clinton 
Linda J. Harrison Phill — Brandon 
Linda Michelle Harrison — Clinton 
Mary Etta Harrison — Jackson 
Mitze Maria Harrison — Ridgeland 
Annie Lee Hart — Crystal Springs 
Charles S. Hart — Vicksburg 
Ester Marie Hart — Jackson 
Jack Blaine Hart Jr. — Jackson 

John William Hart — Brandon 
Rex M Hart — Jackson 
Richard Jerone Hart II — Jackson 
Roger Dale Hart — Summit 
Ronald Jeffery Hart — Columbia 
Cora L. Hartdige — Jackson 
William Lynn Hartfield — Jackson 
Brad Gerald Harthcock — Braxton 
James Otis Harthcock — Clinton 
Davi Lynn Hartley — Vicksburg 
Patricia Hartley — Vicksburg 
Bobbie A. Harvey — Jackson 
Claudell Chambers Harvey — Jackson 
Derrell Douglas Harvey — Florence 
Grady R. Harvey — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Faye Harvey — Jackson 
Kermit Leonard Harvey — Jackson 
Kimberly Gail Harvey — Pearl 
Ladonna Maria Harvey — Jackson 
Malcolm X. Harvey — Brandon 
Polly F. Harvey — Mendenhall 
Sharon Louise Harvey — Brandon 
Stephanie L. Harvey — Brandon 
Timothy Joe Harvey — Mendenhall 
James Evaughn Harwell — Jackson 
James Tyrone Harwell — Clinton 
Debra Speake Haskins — Vicksburg 
Richard Wayne Haskins — Raymond 
Patricia Ann Haslett — Jackson 
Michael Willis Hataway — Raymond 
Marvin Hatch — Jackson 
Edward Lewis Hatcher — Rolling Fork 
Tracy Yvette Hatcher — Vicksburg 
Kristal Leigh Hatem — Clinton 
Reggie Renard Hatfield — Jackson 
John William Hathhorn — Raymond 
Marc Edward Hathorn — Jackson 
Susan Alexra Hathorn — Louisville 
Jolie E. Hatten — Brandon 
Craig Steven Hatter — Clinton 
Fredia Jean Hawkins — Jackson 
Gloria Thornton Hawkins — Morton 
Jacqueline Schone Hawkins — Jackson 
Julie Leyn Hawkins — Madison 
Leanne C. Hawkins — Brandon 
Leslie Delane Hawkins — Clinton 
Mary Jane Hawkins — Clinton 
Scott Clinton Hawkins — Jackson 
Tina Jeanne Hawkins — Jackson 
Virginia L Hawkins — Jackson 
Cynthia Selene Hawthorne — Prentiss 
Helen Leeann Hawthorne — Ridgeland 
Janyce R Hawthorne — Pearl 
Mike E. Hawthorne — Clinton 
Ann Michelle Hay — Port Gibson 
Cherrie Anita Hayes — Jackson 
Kevin Dale Hayes — Vicksburg 
Kevin Shaun Hayes — Northport 
Kimberly Rochael Hayes — Jackson 
Susie Rollins Hayes — Jackson 
Theodore Hayes Jr. — Winona 
Wilbert Thomas Hayes Jr. — Vicksburg 
Wilburt Hayes — Vicksburg 
Guthrie Haymond — Vicksburg 
Brian Douglas Haynes — Jackson 
Elizabeth A. Haynes — Jackson 
George Peterson Haynes — Vicksburg 
Kashan Dennen Haynes — Vicksburg 
Lori C. Haynes — Jackson 
Mellody Rashaunn Haynes — Bolton 
Richard C. Haynes — Jackson 
Sylvia Grace Haynes — Tougaldo 
Trena Dineen Haynes — Jackson 
Kamela Jeanette Hays — Jackson 
Mae Willie Haywood Campb — Jackson 
Rosalind V. Haywood — Florence 
John Timothy Hazzard — Jackson 
Davie L. Hazzlerigg — Vicksburg 
Helen T. Hazzlerigg — Vicksburg 
Timothy N. Hazzlerigg — Vicksburg 
Dorothy Jean Head — Richland 
Gregory L. Head — Vicksburg 
Rhonda Hammack Head — Morton 
Samuel Sherman Head — Jackson 
Alex Dale Headley — Vicksburg 
Patrick Wade Healy — Jackson 
William James Heaney Jr. — Jackson 
Agnes Marie Heard — Clinton 
Derek King Heard — Vicksburg 
Fred Davis Heard III — Vicksburg 
Joann Heard — Jackson 
Katherine Heard — Pearl 
Marion Berch Heard Jr. — Pearl 
Milton Heard — Vicksburg 
Clement O. Hearn — Vicksburg 
Jeanette Hearn — Vicksburg 
Jodie B. Hearn — Vicksburg 

Directory / 303 

Mary Charlene Hearn — Vicksburg 
Nell Hearn — Vicksburg 
Pamela C. Hearn — Vicksburg 
Wayne Ozell Hearn — Vicksburg 
Eunice Dianne Hearron — Vicksburg 
Sammie Lee Hearron Jacks — Vicksburg 
Truman Daniel Hearst — Benton 
Amandia Delaine Heath — Florence 
Pamela Gail Heath — Florence 
Bobby V. Hedgepath — Brandon 
Linda Thomas Hedgepeth — Jackson 
Nila F. Hedgepeth Conle — Brookhaven 
Beulah B. Hedrick White — Port Gibson 
Michael Q. Hedrick — Vicksburg 
Sheryl Lynn Heflin — Jackson 
John M. Heggins — Vicksburg 
Cary R Hegwood — Jackson 
Janice Sue Hegwood — Jackson 
Michael Wayne Hegwood — Jackson 
Pamela Sue Hegwood — Jackson 
Skyla Denise Hegwood — Jackson 
Celeste Jones Heidelberg — Jackson 
William Paul Heim — Jackson 
Vangi M. Hein — Jackson 
Jason Christopher Heller — Florence 
Wanda Faye Helm — Jackson 
Craig Lee Helmuth — Vicksburg 
Dorothy B. Hemphill — Jackson 
Odessa Marie Hemphill — Vicksburg 
Robert Dean Hemphill — Jackson 
Elizabeth M. Hemsley Z. — Clinton 
James Michael Hemsley — Clinton 
Bertha Watson Henderson — Bolton 
Carl Lee Henderson — Pelahatchie 
Carolyn Annette Henderson — Jackson 
Deborah Ann Henderson — Clinton 
Dianne W. Henderson — Clinton 
Everett Earl Henderson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Joel Davis Henderson — Jackson 
Joyce Darlene Henderson — Bolton 
Lovenso Henderson — Jackson 
Michelle Henderson — (Jtica 
Richard Eric Henderson Jr. — Naperville 
Ricky Henderson — Pearl 
Sherry Marie Henderson — Vicksburg 
Thylia M. Henderson — Jackson 
Tubbie Henderson — Canton 
Vonda Rae Henderson — Clinton 
William G. Henderson — Vicksburg 
William Patrick Henderson — Vicksburg 
Gloria Martin Hendricks — Clinton 
Nancy Estelle Hendricks — Water Valley 
Stephen D. Hendricks — Pearl 
Jan D Hendrix — Vicksburg 
Patrica N. Hendrix — Ridgeland 
Tyann Peterson Hengst — Cary 
Chester Abraham Henley III — Brandon 
Stacey Louise Henley — Vicksburg 
Carol Gordon Hennington — Port Gibson 
George Clevland Hennington — Utica 
Matthew Lee Hennington — Jackson 
Angela Denise Henry — Morton 
Barry Wayne Henry — Carthage 
Hope Rena Henry — Jackson 
Janice Lenoir Henry — Jackson 
Johnny Henry — Jackson 
Paige Valentine Henry — Clinton 
Timothy Carroll Henry — Pearl 
Vernica J. Henry Morri — Vicksburg 
Anthony G. Henson — Florence 
Gary Alan Henson — Vicksburg 
Lawrence Ray Henson — Cleveland 
Richard Alan Herniman — Florence 
Anthony Davis Herrin — Braxton 
Sandra Ann Herrin — Braxton 
Tara Denise Herrin — Clinton 
James Gaylen Herring — Meadville 
Shanj Nicole Herring — Natchez 
Alecia Gaile Herrington — Quitman 
Angela Diane Herrington — Florence 
Angela Russell Herrington — Ridgeland 
John Daniel Herrington III — Jackson 
Margo Ruhl Herrington — Brandon 
Mark D Herrington — Vicksburg 
Misti Renee Herrington — Clinton 
Phyllis Dawn Herrington — Clinton 
Ray Herrington — Vicksburg 
Stacey Leigh Herrington — Magee 
Stephanie Jill Herrington — Magee 
Deborah Ann Herrod — Vicksburg 
John Benjamin Herrod — Vicksburg 
Clifton Herron — Jackson 
Adrienne Davis Hester — Vicksburg 
Kathy Allen Hester — Vicksburg 
Vicki Hester — Meadville 
Walter M. Hester III — Jackson 
Glenda A. Hewitt Cotte — Jackson 

Susan Leiana Hewitt — Florence 
Armond Hibbler — Jackson 
Fenise Camille Hibbler — Jackson 
Amy Bowen Hicks — Jackson 
Catherine Marie Hicks — Jackson 
Daniel L. Hicks — Jackson 
Dorothy N. Hicks — Jackson 
Eddie Mae Hicks — Starkville 
Elizabeth Marbra Hicks — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Anne Hicks — Natchez 
Joseph Hicks — Florence 
Karen Sue Hicks — Clinton 
Katrina Yevette Hicks — Jackson 
Marilin Maxine Hicks — Vicksburg 
Mary Michelle Hicks — Jackson 
Murline Lizette Hicks — Jackson 
Othur Clyde Hicks — Jackson 
Susan D. Hicks — Vicksburg 
Tommy Hicks — Jackson 
Vincent Earl Hicks — Jackson 
Melissa Ann Hicks-Cooper — Pearl 
Michael Andrew Higbee — Jackson 
Timothy Wayne Higbee — Jackson 
Lisa M. Higginbotham — Pearl 
Valerie Rose Higginbotham — Jackson 
Darren Demond Higgs — Oakvale 
Joann S. Higgs — Raymond 
Ray H. Higgs — Raymond 
John Scott High — Brandon 
Machel Leigh Hilbun — Florence 
Angela Renee Hill — Jackson 
Audrey L. Hill — Jackson 
Brian Hill — Edwards 
Curtis Gregory Hill — Clinton 
Dana Carol Hill — Clinton 
Fred Michael Hill — Pearl 
Gregory Thomas Hill — Vicksburg 
Hosh,ina Yuvetta Hill — Jackson 
J. Rebecca Hill — Brandon 
Jeanell Hill — Vicksburg 
Jessie L. Hill — Starkville 
John Melvin Hill — Pearl 
Johnny Hill — Vicksburg 
Keith L. Hill — Vicksburg 
Kevin Dion Hill — Clinton 
Kimberly Renee Hill — Florence 
Latrina Denise Hill — Jackson 
Laurie Deanne Hill Toler — Jackson 
Lillie Faye Hill — Jackson 
Litisa Roshan Hill — Starkville 
Martha G. Hill — Clinton 
Michelle Lynn Hill — Jackson 
Michelle R. Hill — Vicksburg 
Patricia Shannon Hill — Jackson 
Robert W. Hill — Pelahatchie 
Rosie Lena Hill — Raymond 
Ruby Jean Hill — Sandhill 
Sharon Deloris Hill — Jackson 
Shirley Diann Hill — Jackson 
Xavier James Hill — Vicksburg 
Calvin Dunta Hilliard — Jackson 
Paula Rechelle Hilliard — Vicksburg 
Charles Lane Hillman — Jackson 
James Ardys Hillman — Jackson 
Jill A. Hilsher — Pearl 
Terri Grantham Hilt — Jackson 
Vernon Gale Hilt Jr. — Jackson 
Bernard E. Hilton — Jackson 
Edna Gifford Hilton — Vicksburg 
Pamela Ann Hilton — Clinton 
William O. Hilton — Jackson 
Felice Annette Hines Brown — Jackson 
James V. Hines III — Vicksburg 
Michelle Renee Hines — Carthage 
Vernessia Alene Hines — Jackson 
Chandra Denita Hinkle E. — Vicksburg 
Lucian Hinson — Vicksburg 
Sean Michael Hinson — Jackson 
Deborah Lynne Hinton — Pearl 
Deborah Michelle Hinton — Pearl 
Karen Ann Hinton — Brandon 
Sharon Lynn Hinton — Brandon 
Tonya Michelle Hinton — Brandon 
Kosett Hisaw — Jackson 
Jack L. Hite — Raymond 
Katherine Harrison Hixson — Clinton 
Eric Correll Hoard — Brandon 
John William Hoatland — Raymond 
Robin Jennifer Hoban — Vicksburg 
Russell Elliott Hobbs — Brookhaven 
Shirlyn Ramona Hobbs — Jackson 
James Todd Hoben — Vicksburg 
Carol Ann Hobson — Jackson 
Dallas Eugene Hobson — Jackson 
Dianne Hobson — Tougaloo 
Gladys Latangeriiia Hobson — Tougaloo 
Gregory Fitzgerald Hobson — Jackson 

Jeffery Durant Hobson — Brandon 

Monique D Hobson Barne — Jackson 

Percy Hobson — Jackson 

Randy Lamar Hobson — Brandon 

Ray Douglas Hobson — Pearl 

Vonda Kaye Hobson — Canton 

Don Murry Hocutt — Jackson 

Archie Tyrone Hodge Jr. — Jackson 

Belvely Diane Hodge — Jackson 

Sheila Rachelle Hodge — Jackson 

Benny Edwin Hodges — Jackson 

Jack W Hodges Jr. — Vicksburg 

Jack W. Hodges Sr. — Vicksburg 

Kathy Ward Hodges — Jackson 

Linda Marie Hodges — Canton 

Susan Davis Hodges — Florence 

David Marlin Hodgson — Jackson 

Theresa Lee Hoelter — Brandon 

Heidrun Peggy Hoffman — Vicksburg 

Jan Hoffman — Jackson 

Lydia Leanora Hoffman — Vicksburg 

Walter Miles Hoffman — Pearl 

Mark R Hogan — Jackson 

Mary Wroten Hogan — Vicksburg 

Penny Hogan — Edwards 

Mary Ann Hoggatt — Natchez 

Sam T. Hogue — Terry 

Alan Neal Holbrook — Vicksburg 

Albert H. Holcomb — Raymond 

Betty Holden — Raymond 

Laura Ann Holden — Jackson 

Lorraine Bride Holden — Vicksburg 

Tracy Denise Holden — Raymond 

Donald Wayne Holder — Hattiesburg 

Donna Marie Holder Brook — Jackson 

James D. Holder — Vicksburg 

Rodney Neil Holder — Terry 

Timothy L. Holder — Vicksburg 

Omega McAlexande Holdiness — Vicksburg 

Lilly T. Holifield — Vicksburg 

Jamie Morgan Holland — Yazoo City 

Traci Schrader Holland — Clinton 

Lisa Chapman Holley — Jackson 

Thomas Joseph Holley — Jackson 

Karen Ann Holliday — Jackson 

Marvin Keith Holliday — Harrisville 

Stephen Bruce Holliday — Raymond 

Lori Jamane Holliman — Jackson 

Sarah Ellis Holliman — Jackson 

Lapenny L. Hollingsworth — Philadelphia 

Michael Davi Hollingsworth — Clinton 

Paul R. Hollingsworth — Terry 

Reba Alicia Hollingsworth — Forest 

Regina Faye Hollingsworth — Jackson 

Beverly Deloris Hollins — Flora 

Kenneth Earl Hollins — Biloxi 

Shunda Roshell Hollins — Flora 

Mildred M. Hollis — Vicksburg 

Nancy E. Hollis — Jackson 

Mary Nell Hollomon — Crystal Springs 

Bub Burnice Holloway Fred — Brandon 

Chester A. Holloway — Jackson 

Earnestine Holloway — Jackson 

Judy Lynn Holloway — Vicksburg 

Karen Marie Holloway — Jackson 

Kimberly Ann Holloway — Florence 

Melody Holloway — Jackson 

Minnie Fae Holloway — Vicksburg 

Ronald Larry Holloway — Vicksburg 

Shelia Dian Holloway — Jackson 

Sherry Mechelle Holloway — Brandon 

Bryan L. Hollowell — Vicksburg 

Linda Wright Hollowell — Vicksburg 

Sheri Robertson Hollowell — Vicksburg 

Sinda Holdiness Hollowell — Vicksburg 

Bonnie Sue Holly — Terry 

Dorthy A. Holly — Terry 

Helen Lorine Holly — Jackson 

Yvonne Findley Holman — Bolton 

Flora McNaire Holmberg — Vicksburg 

Anitra Patrece Holmes — Louisville 

Dois Cowan Holmes — Jackson 

Jeri S. Holmes Fergu — Brandon 

Judy Holmes — Vicksburg 

Kennis Lowell Holmes — Jackson 

Kimberly Paige Holmes — Jackson 

Kristi Delois Holmes — Mendenhall 

Mary Bass Holmes — Jackson 

Phillip Wayne Holmes — Raymond 

Regina Franchia Holmes — Jackson 

Renelle Inez Holmes — Jackson 

Roy Q. Holmes Jr. — Pearl 

Sandra Watkins Holmes — Edwards 

Symanthony Smith Holmes — Jackson 

Theresa Anita Holmes — Jackson 

Walter Lee Holmes — Jackson 

Robert M. Holston — Pearl 

Kevin John Holt — Crystal Springs 
Marilyn Louise Holt — Vicksburg 
Ronald Wayne Holt — Pearl 
Timothy K. Holton — Jackson 
Joanna Lynn Holyfield — Brandon 
Steve Alan Honea — Liberty 
Greg D Honeycutt — Richland 
Lisa Maria Honeycutt — Jackson 
Alan Robert Honeysucker — Tougaloo 
Allen Fred Hood III — Utica 
Betty Georgette Hood — Ridgeland 
Billy O Hood — Jackson 
Harold Lafayette Hood — (Jtica 
Mary Elizabeth Hood — Ridgeland 
Scott Alvie Hood — Jackson 
Elizabeth Day Hooker — Jackson 
Matthew Hooker Jr. — Mendenhall 
Scottye Rotenberry Hooker — Jackson 
Stephen B Hooker — Prentiss 
William Grice Hooker — Ridgeland 
Hollie Deanne Hooks — Mendenhall 
Jami Lyne Hooper — Vicksburg 
Sonia F. Hooper — Madison 
Thomas Earl Hooper — Jackson 
Patricia Bolton Hooten — Jackson 
Martha Ann Hoover — Jackson 
Tammy Michelle Hoover — Jackson 
Dorothy Brooks Hope — Benton 
Anita Lynn Hopkins — Jackson 
Donna D. Hopkins — Vicksburg 
Frederick Fritz Hopkins — Bolton 
James Orman Hopkins — Morton 
Mark Montogomery Hopkins — Morton 
Persephiney L. Hopkins — Clinton 
Sylvia Hopkins — Jackson 
Martha Williams Hopper — Jackson 
James Robert Horan III — Vicksburg 
Jonas Wayne Horn — Jackson 
Paul Chester Horn — Whitfield 
Rosmari Renee Horn — Brandon 
Susan Horn — Clinton 
Geoffrey Lloyd Home — Jackson 
Kathy M. Home — Florence 
Holly K. Hortman — Vicksburg 
Bettye F. Horton — Brandon 
Calvin Louis Horton — Vicksburg 
Charles Reagan Horton — Jackson 
Hope Lenore Horton — Vicksburg 
John Brian Horton — Jackson 
Paulette Crowley Horton — Jackson 
Sevee Earlandra Horton — Terry 
Janet Lynn Hosea — Richland 
Patricia Cahoon Hosemann — Vicksburg 
Tabitha Desha Hosey — Pearl 
Cherrie Dine Hoskins — Jackson 
David Charles Hossley — Vicksburg 
Michael F. Hossley — Vicksburg 
Ben Houston Jr. — Jackson 
Cal Gavin Houston — Canton 
Rebecca Q. Houston — Brandon 
Betty S. Howard — (Jtica 
Curley W. Howard — Jackson 
Deborah G. Howard — Brandon 
Margaret M. Howard Hoffm — Vicksburg 
Martha Elizabeth Howard — Pearl 
Michael Fredric Howard — Ridgeland 
Michael Jerome Howard — Flowood 
Rebecca Lyn Howard — Bogue Chitto 
Renderryl La Howard — Jackson 
Steppie Denise Howard — Jackson 
William Jason Howard — Jackson 
Daphne Chevelle Howell — Jackson 
Felton Gober Howell — Brandon 
Lester Riley Howell Jr. — Clinton 
Linda Darden Howell — Brandon 
Michael Gerald Howell — Clinton 
Ronald Lewis Howell — Jackson 
Susan Elizabeth Howell — Jackson 
Timothy N. Howell — Flora 
Chris M. Howie — Jackson 
Sandra Carroll Howie — Jackson 
Virginia Merrill Hoxie E. — Vicksburg 
Barbara Ann Hubbard — Vicksburg 
Cleo Lenora Hubbard — Jackson 
Darlisa Hubbard — Jackson 
Patricia Lane Hubbard — Jackson 
Ruth King Hubbard — Raymond 
Tammy M. Hubbard — Edwards 
Tyrone Hubbard — Jackson 
Adolf Everett Hubmann — Pearl 
Mary Hubmann — Pearl 
Terry W. Hubmann — Brandon 
Janie Freeny Huckaba — Pearl 
Gerald Demond Huddleston — Jackson 
John C. Huddleston — Clinton 
Robin D. Huderson — Picayune 
Tammie Phillips Hudgins — Clinton 

304 / Directory 

Charlotte Jones Hudson — Jackson 

Cindy C. Hudson — Terry 

Jeffery Jerome Hudson — Jackson 

Jennifer Jenet Hudson — Canton 

John Joseph Hudson — Flora 

Juliette Washington Hudson — Jackson 

Michael Fred Hudson — Vicksburg 

Patricia J. Hudson — Clinton 

Robert Carrol Hudson Jr. — Jackson 

Robert Young Hudson III — Vicksburg 

Sandy Hudson — Jackson 

Terry Wayne Hudson — Canton 

Thabryxelle Hudson — Jackson 

Linda Wilson Huell — Vicksburg 

Edward Eugene Huff — Pelahatchie 

Gwendolyn J. Huff — Jackson 

Lisa Nicole Huff — Pearl 

Mark Douglas Huff — Brandon 

Minnie Pearl Huff — Jackson 

Patricia Lynn Huff — Ridgeland 

Samuel Walter Huff — Jackson 

Dawn Marie Huffman — Pearl 

Robert E. Huffman — Mathiston 

Jean I. Huffmaster — Pearl 

Patricia Norma Huffstetler — Clinton 

James Damian Huggins — Pearl 

Anthony G. Hughes — Raymond 

Cynthia Deniece Hughes — Lake 

Jimmy Lee Hughes — Florence 

Joyce Nash Hughes — Florence 

Kimberly Joann Hughes — Clinton 

Loraine L. Hughes — Jackson 

Michael L. Hughes — Raymond 

Renee Summers Hughes — Raymond 

Sara Hughes — Raymond 

Sonji Renee Hughes — Jackson 

Theresa Rosha Hughes — Ethel 

Tracy R. Hughes — Clinton 

Larry Hulette — Senatobia 

Charles Hulitt — Jackson 

Eric Sebastian Hulitt — Bolton 

Denise Rena Hull — Vicksburg 

Mary M. Hulsebosch Rhed — Bolton 

James Christian Hulsman — Ridgeland 

Susan J. Hultz Wilso — Raymond 

Johnnie Mae Humphery — Canton 

James C. Humphrey — Jackson 

Robert Price Humphrey — Jackson 

Dwight Ashley Humphries — Brandon 

Rachael Mendoza Humphries — Vicksburg 

Pearl Kel Hung Yu — Greenville 

Deborah Lynn Hunt — Yazoo City 

Douglas L. Hunt II — Vicksburg 

Elijah C. Hunt — Vicksburg 

Heather Marlene Hunt — Vicksburg 

James Vardaman Hunt — Pearl 

Susan Denise Hunt — Natchez 

Andrea Griffin Hunter — Vicksburg 

Bobby Milton Hunter — Vicksburg 

Charlotte Denise Hunter — Jackson 

Evelyn Hunter — Cltica 

Kimberly Hope Hunter — Pearl 

Lola Clara Hunter — Jackson 

Michael Green Hunter — Flora 

Minnie Lue Hunter — Canton 

Shannon D. Hunter — Jackson 

Beulah Rattler Huntley — Jackson 

Sarah Ruth Hurens — Utica 

James Brent Hurley — Utica 

Kathryn Day Hurley — Terry 

Michael Hurley — Vicksburg 

Alvonia Hurt — Jackson 

Jerald David Husband — Pearl 

Jesse Allen Huskey — Vicksburg 

Sara Hobgood Hust — Jackson 

Troy Lamar Hust — Jackson 

Gary Boise Hutchens — Vicksburg 

Howard Boise Hutchens — Vicksburg 

Geraldine L. Hutchins — Jackson 

James Roy Hutchins — Raymond 

Maggie Thompson Hutchins — Jackson 

Melissa Diane Hutchins — Utica 

Ricky Nelson Hutchins — Natchez 

Ted Alphonzo Hutchins — Jackson 

Peggy Lee Hutchinson — Vicksburg 

Sheryl Renee Hutchinson — Yazoo City 

Tony Kent Hutchison — Clinton 

Melissa Rene Huth — Jackson 

Virginia Scott Hutson — Jackson 

Bethany Laurel Hutton — Pearl 

L. Lynn Hutton — Clinton 

Michael Shannon Hutton — Brandon 

Rhonda Kim Hutton — Pearl 

Rosa A. Hutton S. — Jackson 

Wendalon M. Hyche — Jackson 

Mary Jewel Hyde — Jackson 

Leigh A. Hyland — Vicksburg 

Damian Wade Hymel — Raymond 
Marie P. Hynum — Vicksburg 
Meredith Birch Hynum — Port Gibson 
Mindy K. Hynum — Vicksburg 


Margaret Green Ifendu — Jackson 
Ken Gant Ifkovitis — Jackson 
Trina Rachelle Ikerd — Ridgeland 
Pauline Curtis Imo — Jackson 
Justin Edward Inabinett — Vancleave 
Connie Dee Ingle — Vicksburg 
Bryan David Ingram — Jackson 
Carolyn M. Ingram — Clinton 
Charles Michael Ingram — Jackson 
Cheryl Faye Ingram — Pearl 
James Edward Ingram — Clinton 
James Kyle Ingram — Vicksburg 
Mikite Ingram — Louisville 
Tammy Lynn Ingram — Seminary 
Tony Bennett Ingram — Jackson 
Melissa Faye Inskip — Pelahatchie 
Tami Jeanette Irby — Learned 
Tom R. Irby — Brandon 
Charles R. Irons — Vicksburg 
Stephanie D. Irvin — Jackson 
Tangelia Francha Irvin — Jackson 
Angela Michelle Irwin — Bentonia 
Kevin Michael Isbell — Jackson 
Jo Beth Ishee — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Isonhood — Yazoo City 
Melanie Townsend Israel — Florence 
Susan Bernadette lupe — Jackson 
Marsha Elaine Ivey — Vicksburg 
Sandra Saye Ivey — Port Gibson 
Shelby Glen Ivey — Pearl 
Angela D. Ivy — Jackson 
Heaath Robert Ivy — Canton 
Melissa Hope Ivy — Brandon 
Sharon Merchant Ivy — Pearl 


Pamela Rose Jablonski — Vicksburg 
Felicia Jacks — Jackson 
Aaron Lee Jackson — Jackson 
Alex Jackson — Vicksburg 
Angela Juanita Jackson — Jackson 
Ann Mary Jackson — Vicksburg 
Anthony Leroy Jackson — Jackson 
Atnell B. Jackson — Brandon 
Barbara Jackson — Jackson 
Bernice Jackson — Pickens 
Billy Ray Jackson — Jackson 
Brenda Jordan Jackson — Canton 
Chandra Francine Jackson — Jackson 
Daphne Dinenese Jackson — Yazoo City 
Darryl Lee Jackson — Jackson 
Deborah C. Jackson — Vicksburg 
Dedra Leshay Jackson — Pearl 
Demeatrist Jackson — Canton 
Dennis Eugene Jackson — Vicksburg 
Derrick Jackson — Terry 
Dianne Everett Jackson — Jackson 
Edwin Harold Jackson — Jayess 
Ella Garner Jackson — Jackson 
Emma Johnson Jackson — Jackson 
Frankie Thopmson Jackson — Jackson 
Gary Brian Jackson — Vicksburg 
George James Jackson — Jackson 
Glenda Commer Jackson — Jackson 
Gregory Dwain Jackson — Greenwood 
Irene Jackson — Canton 
Jacqueline Denese Jackson — Jackson 
Jalynda S. Jackson — Greenville 
James Everett Jackson — Port Gibson 
Jeanette Jackson — Canton 
Judy K. Jackson — Pearl 
Kelly Lynn Jackson — Jayess 
Lula Johnson Jackson — Vicksburg 
Lydell Jackson — Mendenhall 
Malinda M. Jackson — Jackson 
Mary Pickens Jackson — Jackson 
Maureen Ann Jackson — Brandon 
Michael E. Jackson — Jackson 

Pearl M. Jackson — Hazlehurst 
Robert Jackson — Vicksburg 
Ronnie Lee Jackson — New Orleand 
Rosie Mae Jackson Edwar — Jackson 
Shirley Rena Jackson — Vicksburg 
Sondra Susan Jackson — Jackson 
Stephanie Lavon Jackson — Jackson 
Tammy E Jackson — Florence 
Timothy A. Jackson — Jayess 
Venice Jackson — Jackson 
Vivian A. Jackson — Jackson 
Wanda Denise Jackson — Tougaloo 
Wilbert M Jackson — Jackson 
Willie Ruth Jackson — Jackson 
Angela Denise Jacobs — Jackson 
Mary Ann Jacobs — Clinton 
Raymond Scott Jacobs — Richland 
Roger Jacobs — Jackson 
Sandra K. Jacobs — Pearl 
Venus Vanessa Jacobs — Jackson 
Felicia Jones Jacobson — Vicksburg 
Alison M. James Jr. — Brandon 
Anthony G James — Bay Springs 
Anthony Twain James — Indianola 
Brenda Milner James — Ridgeland 
Campbell James — Jackson 
Carolyn James — Jackson 
Clarence Jeffery James — Ridgeland 
Cora Jones James — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Vanessa James — Jackson 
Dan Hamilton James — luka 
Ethel Berry James — Vicksburg 
Jerry James — Pearl 
Joyce Marie James — Clinton 
Julia Marie James — Florence 
Kayron Michele James — Brandon 
Lana Kay James — Florence 
Mack James — Clinton 
Mack Eugene James — Clinton 
Nora Lucinda James — Clinton 
Otis Nathaniel James — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Marie James — Jackson 
Sandra Jean James — Braxton 
Shirley Ann James Marie — Jackson 
Angela Lafaye Jamison — Bolton 
Jon Barry Jamison — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Jamison E. — Bolton 
Paul Anthony Jamison — Vicksburg 
Suchritra Roy Jana — Clinton 
Keith Earl January — Fayette 
Teresa D. Jarnagin Ellis — Jackson 
Edgar L Jarvis — Brandon 
Virginia Probst Jarvis — Brandon 
Juanita J. Jay — Jackson 
Adam Christian Jayroe — Ridgeland 
Lori Ann Jecker — Brandon 
Jere Doyle Jefcoat — Brandon 
Jo Ann Jefcoat — Jackson 
Neva C. Jefcoat — Brandon 
Paige (Jvon Jefcoat — Brandon 
Stacy Lee Jefcoat — Florence 
Lavon R. Jeffers — Vicksburg 
Christopher C. Jefferson — Lexington 
Lenzie George Jefferson — Jackson 
Tonya Ann Jefferson — Flowood 
Valerie Jean Jefferson — Flora 
Helen Nabors Jeffries — Jackson 
Kathleen Jelks — Clinton 
Loretta Jelks — Clinton 
Willie Jelks — Clinton 
James Dewitt Jemison — Jackson 
Audrey Vanell Jenkins — Grace 
Bobby Earl Jenkins — Jackson 
Carl Tracy Jenkins — Jackson 
Clara Anita Jenkins — Vicksburg 
Curtis Leon Jenkins — Jackson 
Darell Jenkins — Jackson 
Eddie James Jenkins — Jackson 
Elizabeth Beacham Jenkins — Terry 
Glena W. Jenkins — Jackson 
Jarvis Mandel Jenkins — Pearl 
Jerrie Mitchell Jenkins — Jackson 
Johnnie Lynn Jenkins — Pearl 
Joseph K. Jenkins — Jackson 
Mardena Jenkins — Jackson 
Margot Miller Jenkins — Terry 
Merrie Ann Jenkins — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Jenkins — Jackson 
Ricky Edwyn Jenkins — Jackson 
Robert W. Jenkins — Clinton 
Stephanie Kay Jenkins — Pearl 
Tammy Redd Jenkins — Brandon 
Todd Wayne Jenkins — Terry 
Tony Nathan Jenkins — Pearl 
Tykelia Ann Jenkins — Jackson 
Vicky Jenkins — Jackson 
Willie Mae Jenkins — Jackson 

Deandria Lynn Jennings — Florence 
Dewanna Tedeton Jennings — Pearl 
George Jason Jennings Jr — Greenwood 
Lajuan Phelycia Jennings — Jackson 
Robert L. Jennings — Morton 
Tommy Dean Jennings — Harrisville 
Velree Gray Jennings — Jackson 
Pamella Desmit Jensen — Vicksburg 
Tawanna Sabrina Jerdine — Jackson 
Fredrick D. Jernigan — Hollandale 
Roberts Jerry — Raymond 
Michele Denise Jesse — Florence 
Charles Walter Jett — Jackson 
Lydia Suzanne Jett — Jackson 
Susan Sims Jett — Clinton 
Joseph Abel Jiles — Jackson 
Shannon C Jines — Jackson 
Tina Kelley Jinkins — Vicksburg 
Betty Y. Joe — Cary 
Virginia Yim Joe — Cary 
William B. Joe — Cary 
Jeff T. Joel — Jackson 
Jennifer Lynn Johns — Pearl 
Melissa Dianne Johns — Pearl 
Albert D Johnson — Brandon 
Albert Sidney Johnson — Jackson 
Alec Dewayne Johnson — Jackson 
Alice Mitchell Johnson — Madison 
Amy Carol Johnson — Carthage 
Andrea Johnson — Pearl 
Angela Clarice Johnson — Yazoo City 
Arlene Walls Johnson — Vicksburg 
Barbara Jean Johnson — Pearl 
Barbara L. Johnson Coker — Richland 
Barbara Lafaye Johnson — Florence 
Barbara Sue Johnson — Clinton 
Bertha Mae Johnson — Vicksburg 
Betty Joyce Johnson M. — Jackson 
Bobby Darrell Johnson — Foxworth 
Brenda Mason Johnson — Jackson 
Brent Johnson — Terry 
Camille Michelle Johnson — Vicksburg 
Carla L. Johnson — Pearl 
Carolyn Boyd Johnson — Jackson 
Carolyn Gean Johnson — Jackson 
Charles Larry Johnson Jr. — Jackson 
Cheryl Lyn Johnson — Jackson 
Clyde Henry Johnson Jr. — Jackson 
Cornelius Ervin Johnson Jr. — Florence 
Cynthia Louise Johnson — Lena 
David Keith Johnson — Jackson 
Deborah Johnson — Pearl 
Deborah Bishop Johnson — Vicksburg 
Debra Lukeke Johnson — Richland 
Delorise Johnson — Raymond 
Demetrice Johnson — Raymond 
Denise Hendricks Johnson — Jackson 
Dereck Leamon Johnson — Jackson 
Dexter Dewayne Johnson — Jackson 
Donald Wayne Johnson — Flowood 
Donyelle Evette Johnson — Vicksburg 
Doris Marie Johnson — Yazoo City 
Earlean Johnson — Vicksburg 
Eileen Loraine Johnson — Jackson 
Eric Garner Johnson — Greenwood 
Eugene Johnson Jr. — Jackson 
Fannie A. Johnson Parri — Vicksburg 
Fred Matthew Johnson — Vicksburg 
Freddie Bernard Johnson — Jackson 
Gladys Johnson — Canton 
Gloria Chambers Johnson — Jackson 
Glynis Dimetra Johnson — Jackson 
Greta Cantrice Johnson — Jackson 
Harry Wayne Johnson — Vicksburg 
Hattie B. Johnson — Jackson 
Hattie C. Johnson — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Ann Johnson — Jackson 
Jacqueline Annette Johnson — Jackson 
James Barnett Johnson Sr. — Jackson 
Jennifer Jean Johnson — Vicksburg 
Jerry L. Johnson — Jackson 
Jill Locke Johnson — Pearl 
Joanie Pinner Johnson — Vicksburg 
John Anthony Johnson — Clinton 
Karen Renita Johnson — Jackson 
Kerry Mark Johnson — Caledonia 
Kevin D. Johnson — Canton 
Lanita A. Johnson — Vicksburg 
Laurie A. Johnson — Jackson 
Lee Lawrence Johnson — Jackson 
Linda Dison Johnson — Jackson 
Linda J. Johnson — Jackson 
Linda R. Johnson — Jackson 
Lisa Michelle Johnson — Cltica 
Lisa Yvette Johnson — Mendenhall 
Lois Vexine Johnson — Jackson 
Lori Johnson — Brandon 

Directory / 305 

Lyndon Baines Johnson — Prentiss 
Marie Johnson — Canton 
Marilyn Allred Johnson — Jackson 
Martha J Johnson — Pearl 
Mary Alice Johnson — Pearl 
Mary L Johnson — Vicksburg 
Mary Pearl Johnson — Jackson 
Mathew Bowen Johnson Jr. — Brandon 
Michael Johnson — Canton 
Michael Leonard Johnson — Jackson 
Michael Wade Johnson — Philadelphia 
Mike Kennedy Johnson — Pinola 
Nanci Dawn Johnson — Ridgeland 
Nina M Johnson — Pearl 
Ola G. Johnson — Vicksburg 
Operlean Johnson — Pearl 
Perry Lamart Johnson — Jackson 
Phyllis Ann Johnson — Columbus 
Polly D Johnson — Clinton 
Prentiss Johnson — Jackson 
Ralph E Johnson — Jackson 
Rebecca Fuerst Johnson — Pearl 
Richard Clayton Johnson — Yazoo City 
Richard T Johnson — Vicksburg 
Rita Daniel Johnson — Richland 
Robert Eugene Johnson — Pearl 
Robert Paul Johnson Jr. — Pearl 
Sandra Delois Johnson — Brandon 
Saundria D Johnson Evans — Jackson 
Shannon Leigh Johnson — Brandon 
Shelia Rosalie Johnson — Jackson 
Shirley Jean Johnson — Canton 
Sonya Johnson — Crosby 
Stacey Michele Johnson — Jackson 
Stacey Monise Johnson — Brookhaven 
Stacy Rena Johnson — Jackson 
Stanley J Johnson — Vicksburg 
Sylvia Collins Johnson — Jackson 
Tammy Carole Johnson — Brandon 
Tammy Teresa Johnson — Jackson 
Teresa Gardner Johnson — Vicksburg 
Thomas Walton Johnson — Florence 
Timothy Ray Johnson — Jackson 
Tommie Lee Johnson — Clinton 
Tonya Lashun Johnson — Brandon 
Tracey Denise Johnson — Brookhaven 
Tresina L. Johnson — Jackson 
(Jrsular Johnson — Jackson 
Vicki Yvette Johnson — Jackson 
Victoria Johnson — Vicksburg 
Virginia Jeannie Johnson J. — Jackson 
Wanda Carol Johnson — Jackson 
William Allen Johnson — Jackson 
William Marv Johnson — Madison 
Willie James Johnson — Yazoo City 
Zaak Wayne Johnson — Jackson 
Chase Lamar Johnston — Clinton 
Donald Richard Johnston — Brandon 
Herman Denvill Johnston — Carthage 
John Wendell Johnston Jr. — Jackson 
Lisa Suzanne Johnston — Jackson 
Melanie Taylor Johnston — Jackson 
Tammy Rene Johnston — Jackson 
Eileen Joiner — Jackson 
Jeffrey Morton Joiner — Clinton 
Kenneth Ray Joiner — Florence 
Orlando Machon Joiner — Raymond 
Roddy Scott Joiner — Jackson 
Timothy James Jolly — Pearl 
Albert James Jones — Vicksburg 
Aletha Jones — Jackson 
Alma M Jones — Vicksburg 
Amanda Lee Jones — Jackson 
Angela Jones — Flora 
Anissa Ann Jones — Vicksburg 
Annette Buckner Jones — Pearl 
Annie Jamison Jones — Jackson 
April Antionette Jones — Vicksburg 
Audrey A. Jones — Brandon 
B Buck Jones — Clinton 
B. Scott Jones — Pearl 
Barry Marcus Jones — Jackson 
Bennie Frank Jones Jr. — Florence 
Bettye McClellan Jones — Clinton 
Bill Jones — Vicksburg 
Billy Jones — Canton 
Brenda Denise Jones — Raymond 
Brenda Jean Jones — Carthage 
Bridgett Jones — Jackson 
Bryan Michael Jones — Brandon 
Burley Jones — Jackson 
Calvin Metel Jones — Jackson 
Candice Rae Jones — Jackson 
Carl Andre Jones — Jackson 
Carolyn A. Jones — Jackson 
Charles Kimble Jones — Pelahatchie 
Charlotte Elizabeth Jones — Terry 

Cheryl Danette Jones — Jackson 
Chris R. Jones — Ridgeland 
Clara Broadwater Jones — Jackson 
Clyde Jones — Jackson 
Craig S Jones — Jackson 
Cynthia Lori Jones — Jackson 
D Scott Jones — Flora 
Daniel B Jones — Jackson 
Daphne Jacque Jones Jackson 
David Allen Jones — Vicksburg 
Dawn Jones — Jackson 
Debbie A Jones Burre — Canton 
Debbie L Jones — Vicksburg 
Deborah Lynn Jones — Terry 
Delbert M Jones — Port Gibson 
Dennis Harrison Jones — Jackson 
Dianna Lynn Jones — Jackson 
Donald C Jones — Natchez 
Dorothy Jeanette Jones — Redwood 
Dorothy K Jones — Richland 
Dorothyette Cherell Jones — Jackson 
Drick Dejone Jones — Clinton 
Dwanya Jones — Jackson 
Eddie Lee Jones — Jackson 
Edith Katherine Jones — Jackson 
Elizabeth H. Jones — Vicksburg 
Ella R Jones — Jackson 
Emmett Davidson Jones — Vicksburg 
Gail Delores Jones — Vicksburg 
Gary Allen Jones — Vicksburg 
Glen Carleton Jones — Vicksburg 
Ida Williams Jones — Pelahatchie 
Jackie Jones — Jackson 
Jackie E. Jones — Jackson 
James Jones — Vicksburg 
Jane Jones — Jackson 
Janet L Jones — Vicksburg 
Janet Leigh Jones — Pearl 
Jeffrey Kimble Jones — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Donald Jones Jr. — Clinton 
John Christopher Jones — Jackson 
John Walter Jones — Vicksburg 
Johnnie Am Jones — Jackson 
Joseph A. Jones — Jackson 
Judy Michelle Jones — Belzoni 
Karen Elizabeth Jones — Jackson 
Katherine Shears Jones — Jackson 
Kathy Renee Jones — Clinton 
Katie Mae Jones — Jackson 
Keith Lenard Jones — Terry 
Keith Randall Jones — Brandon 
Kenneth Wayne Jones — Jackson 
Lakysha Chontai Jones — Bolton 
Larry Llndra Jones — Jackson 
Laura Lynn Jones — Jackson 
Leodis Jones — Jackson 
Lewis Brinson Jones — Clinton 
Lorraine Jones — Vicksburg 
Lula Mae Jones — Jackson 
Mae Reatha Jones Marsh — Jackson 
Maria Antoinette Jones — Jackson 
Maria Nelia Jones Rose — Pearl 
Marita K. Jones — Vicksburg 
Mary V Jones — Jackson 
Michael Glen Jones — Jackson 
Michael Joseph Jones — Clinton 
Myron Jones — Crystal Springs 
Nancy Banks Jones — Clinton 
Nelda C. Jones — Jackson 
Nettie J. Jones — Canton 
Ollive Delisa Jones — Ridgeland 
Orlando Stevenson Jones — Vicksburg 
Pamela Kay Jones — Jackson 
Pamela Rena Jones — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Jones — Terry 
Paulette Anita Jones — Jackson 
Randall W. Jones — Clinton 
Rhonda Denise Jones — Brandon 
Rita Kay Jones — Vicksburg 
Robin Nicole Jones — Jackson 
Russell A. Jones — Jackson 
Ruth Ann Jones — Pearl 
Ruth Needham Jones — Brandon 
Sandra Dee Jones — Vicksburg 
Santa Denise Jones — Jackson 
Scott Wayne Jones — Pearl 
Shanell Rena Jones — Jackson 
Sheila Rose Jones — Jackson 
Shelia Jones — Carthage 
Shirley Ann Jones — Jackson 
Shirley M. Jones — Jackson 
Shirley S. Jones — Pearl 
Starling Jones Jr. — Columbus 
Stephanie Noel Jones — Clinton 
Steven R. Jones — Meadville 
Susan Dewitt Jones — Brandon 
Tammy Lorene Jones — Satartia 

Tanya Dee Jones — Jackson 
rhomas F. Jones — Vicksburg 
Toney A. Jones — Jackson 
Toni Cochran Jones — Brandon 
Valencia Renee Jones — Vicksburg 
Vernon Dwayne Jones — Florence 
Vickie Y Jones Lyles — Lexington 
Victor Dywane Jones — Brandon 
W Hamp Jones — Jackson 
Warren D. Jones — Tallulah 
William Dwayne Jones — Jackson 
Barry Keith Jordan — Brandon 
Brenda C Jordan — Jackson 
Chelsea Jeanene Jordan — Jackson 
Connie Lee Jordan — Jackson 
Jack S. Jordan — Florence 
Jacqueline Yvette Jordan — Jackson 
Jan H. Jordan — Jackson 
Janette Givens Jordan — Jackson 
Janice Carole Jordan — Brandon 
Jeff Hoyte Jordan — Pearl 
Jonas I aunts Jordan — Redwood 
Joseph William Jordan Jr. — Clinton 
Kathrine Reshina Jordan — Coldwater 
Kimberly Murray Jordan — Pearl 
Leigh Ashley Jordan — Vicksburg 
Lisa Ann Jordan — Vicksburg 
Mary E. Jordan — Flora 
Mary Lee Jordan Wilke — Flora 
Melissa Mason Jordan — Magee 
Robert D. Jordan — Terry 
Sherrie Lynn Jordan — Jackson 
Shannon Lynn Jordan — Vicksburg 
Burton Jeffrey Joseph — Clinton 
Melinda Carol Joseph — Clinton 
Maury J Joy — Pearl 
Sharyn Kay Joy — Clinton 
Bruce Andrew Joyce — Clinton 
Thomas Jerry Joyner Jr. — Raymond 
Deborah Denise Judge — Vicksburg 
Anthony Michael Juniker — Brandon 
Johna Jurden — Jackson 


Susan Jackson Kamakua — Brandon 
Steve R Kaminer — Jackson 
Anthony Cothern Kane — Jackson 
Bertha Jean Kappler — Vicksburg 
Frank William Kappler — Vicksburg 
C. Leonard Katzenmeyer — Vicksburg 
Liesel Berryma Katzenmeyer — Vicksburg 
David Alan Kaufman — Jackson 
Denise R. Kaufman — Vicksburg 
Christopher Mark Kaywood — Marrero 
Eugenia Morrison Kearney — Jackson 
Robert H. Kearney — Jackson 
John Daniel Keathley — Greenville 
James Dudley Keen Jr. — Redwood 
Charlene Sue Keenan — Jackson 
Danny Levoine Keene — Brookhaven 
Marie Lynnette Keene — Vicksburg 
Michael Wayne Keene — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Denise Keirn — Vicksburg 
Lynn Dennis Keiser — Brandson 
William Nathan Kelker — Utica 
Reggie Carl Kellems II — Greenville 
Mary Keller — Vicksburg 
Betty McDoughl Kelley — Canton 
Carol Kelley — Raymond 
Bridgett Ann Kellum — Pearl 
Cynthia Kaye Kellum — Jackson 
Johnnie Louise Kellum — Jackson 
Sandra S. Kellum — Jackson 
William Stacy Kellum — Jackson 
Allen Jacob Kelly — Jackson 
Cameron Lee Kelly — Clinton 
Carol Fay Kelly — Jackson 
Caroline Switzer Kelly — Jackson 
Carolyn Kelly — Canton 
Crystal Renee Kelly — Edwards 
Cynthia Hooks Kelly — Florence 
Darron P. Kelly — Jackson 
Dawn Yvette Kelly — Bolton 
Ella M. Kelly — Jackson 
Georgia Kelly — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Kelly — Jackson 
James Andrew Kelly — Learned 
Jerome Kelly — Raymond 
Kenneth Ray Kelly — Jackson 
Kimberly Ann Kelly — Florence 
Lavern Betty Kelly — Bolton 

I ula Windon Kelly — Clinton 
Melinda Ann Kelly — Jackson 
Melissa Kelly — Crystal Springs 
Michael Erbie Kelly — Pearl 
Nannie Lou Kelly Joyne — Jackson 
Phillip Earl Kelly — Jackson 
Robin Kelly — Vicksburg 
Sharon Chantel Kelly — Jackson 
Sharon M Kelly — Edwards 
Sidney Kelly — Clinton 
Timothy Garst Kelly — Jackson 
W. M. Kelly — Bolton 
William Kelly — Vicksburg 
Charlotte Ann Kemp — Jackson 
Jennifer Kristi Kemp — Jackson 
William Thomas Kemp — Jackson 
Mark Steven Kemper — Clinton 
Otis Raymond Kemper — Vicksburg 
Raymond D. Kemper — Vicksburg 
Irene Vanita Kenard — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Kyle Kendall — Charleston 
Lora Ann Kendrick — Terry 
Terry Elizabeth Kendrick — Jackson 
William Earl Kendrick — Jackson 
Edward James Kennard III — Clinton 
Laura Lyn Kennard — Clinton 
Barbara Ann Kennebrew S. — Jackson 
Charles M. Kennedy — Jackson 
Dana C. Kennedy — Clinton 
Kami J Kennedy — Brandon 
Michael Kevin Kennedy — Mendenhall 
Regina Ann Kennedy — Pearl 
Ricky E. Kennedy — Brandon 
Stephan G. Kennedy — Brandon 
Barbara Jane Kenney — Clinton 
Dana Marie Kenney — Vicksburg 
Anthony Maurice Kent — Jackson 
Thomas Karl Kepner — Jackson 
Michael Todd Kern — Clinton 
Diane Marie Kerr — Brandon 
Alisa Gail Kersh — Pearl 
Henry Grady Kersh III — Jackson 
Lucile Washington Kersh — Brandon 
Kimberly Ann Kessler — Clinton 
Kellon Frank Ketchum — Brandon 
Sreelakshmi Reddy Kethi — Jackson 
Sridevi Reddy Kethi — Jackson 
Patricia Lynn Kettleman — Richland 
Woody Key — Clinton 
Patricia Ann Keyes Hobso — Pearl 
Paula B. Keyes — Jackson 
Robert Wayne Keyes — Vicksburg 
Jacob Rt> . aidio Keys — Hattiesburg 
Regenia Lynn Keys — Magee 
Richard Frank Keys Jr. — Clinton 
Randy S. Khalaf — Jackson 
Sylvia Ambriz Khanifar — Clinton 
Georgia Evans Kiddy — Brookhaven 
Garry Russell Kiefer — Jackson 
Dale Glendon Kierstead — Jackson 
Leslie T. Kight — Raymond 
Shirley Ann Kilcrease — Port Gibson 
Sandia Paige Killebrew — Terry 
Dawn Michelle Killen — Jackson 
Michael Edward Killen — Vicksburg 
Timothy Craig Killens — Jackson 
J Carol Kilpatrick — Mendenhall 
Juliette Willis Kilpatrick — Jackson 
Lisa Pugh Kilpatrick — Brandon 
Miji Ja Kim — Ridgeland 
Amy Louise Kimble — Vicksburg 
Sharon C. Kimble — (Jtica 
Terri Kimbrell — Vicksburg 
John Michael Kimbriel — Ridgeland 
Dennis Lee Kimbrough — Lexington 
Sherrie Ann Kinard — Jackson 
Tony Tyane Kincaid — Ludlow 
James E. Kiner — Canton 
Loretta Kines — Bolton 
Aaron Burton King — Jackson 
Anthony Scott King — Bassfield 
Brenda Gay King — Jackson 
Bridgette King — Pelahatchie 
Bruce W. King — Pearl 
Dan W. King — Edwards 
Daryl King — Brookhaven 
Diane Ross King — Vicksburg 
Donzia Louise King — Vicksburg 
Dora Spann King — Brandon 
Elaine D. King Reed — Jackson 
Jacqueline Yvette King — Raymond 
Jo Lynn King — Jackson 
Joe E. King — Jackson 
John S. King — Jackson 
Jr. Robert King Eugen — Clinton 
Kevin D. King — Jackson 
Linda Marie King — Parchman 

306 / Directory 

Lisa Carol King — Jackson 

Melissa D King — Vicksburg 

Michael Shane King — Raymond 

Mike Lynn King — Clinton 

Peggy Downs King — Clinton 

Randy Davis King — Jackson 

Tammy Lynn King — Taylorsville 

Terry Anderson King — Jackson 

Todd Allen King — Pelahatchie 

Wendy Walker King — Vicksburg 

Willie Curtis King — Brandon 

Lisa Regina Kingston — Jackson 

Patricia Council Kinnard — Vicksburg 

Debora Krueger Kinnebrew — Vicksburg 

Jennifer J Kinnebrew — Vicksburg 

Kimberly Yvonne Kinnebrew — Jackson 

Marjorie C Kinnebrew — Vicksburg 

Stephen Lance Kinnebrew — Vicksburg 

Michael L. Kinney — Jackson 

Laura Lee Kinnison — Jackson 

Kathryn Voorhees Kinstley — Raymond 

Chris Kirby — Anguilla 

Kristin Denise Kirby — Jackson 

Richard Dean Kirby — Brandon 

Clyde Gaston Kirk — Magee 

Jennifer Lynn Kirk — (Jtica 

Charles Glenn Kirklin — Vicksburg 

Thomas Wesley Kirklin — Vicksburg 

Doris Rowland Kirschenbaum — Vicksburg 

Richard Thoma Kirschenbaum — Vicksburg 

Bobby Dean Kitchen — Tupelo 

Cammie Earl Kitchens — Jackson 

Claudia Renee Kitchens — Jackson 

Horace Lee Kitchens — Ponotoc 

James Elroy Kitchens — Terry 

Melinda Faye Kitchens — Florence 

Shane Clinton Kitchens — (Jtica 

Amy McDaniel Kittrell — Clinton 

Brenda S. Kittrell — Vicksburg 

Jenifer Kiesinger Kittrell — Jackson 

Rena McFate Klaus — Rolling Fork 

Apryle Pettway Kleinhans — Vicksburg 

David R. Kleinman — Vicksburg 

Paul Benson Kleinman — Vicksburg 

Barbara A. Kleiss — Vicksburg 

Christina Lehora Klotz — Jackson 

Mary Lucy Klucz — Clinton 

Annie Mae Knight Hobso — Pearl 

Audrey Knight — Natchez 

Dexter Lavaun Knight — Pearl 

Donna Stanley Knight — Pelahatchie 

Ella Jean Knight — Jackson 

John Keith Knight — Magee 

Judy Katherin Knight — Jackson 

Kimberly Anita Knight — Jackson 

Lorraine Elise Knight — Pearl 

Mark Edward Knight — Jackson 

Melissa Ann Knight — Jackson 

Melissa Quinn Knight — Brandon 

Milton Knight — Jackson 

Osie Knight Jr. — Jackson 

Shirley Denise Knight — Jackson 

Terrence Demetrius Knight — Hattiesburg 

Elverse Knott — Jackson 

Ferlonzo Knott — Brandon 

David Samuel Knouse — Clinton 

Donna Jane Knowlton — Jackson 

Donna Knox — Vicksburg 

Georgia Turner Knox — Vicksburg 

Gwendolyn D. Knox — Vicksburg 

Lisa Gore Knox — Vicksburg 

Wesley Arlin Koehn — Macon 

Laquita Rose Koenig H. — Jackson 

Vickie Koenig — Jackson 

Chris Haile Koestler — Vicksburg 

Virginia Faye Kopf — Pearl 

Elma Lanore Kranzman — Vicksburg 

Monte Charles Kraus — Jackson 

Betsy Ann Krichbaum — Terry 

Roberta Bogan Krug — Brandon 

Nancy Saxton Krzyzkowski — Canton 

William Ricky Kugle — Jackson 

Walter Wayne Kuhn Jr. — Jackson 

Justin Wayne Kuykendall — Jackson 

Jeffrey Wayne Kyle — Brandon 

Patrick Brown Kyle — Jackson 

Arrie Lee Kyles — Raymond 

James Franklin Kynerd Jr. — Raymond 

Betty Lynn Kyzar Sessu — Lena 


Carlynette Mayfield Lacey — Jackson 
Dianne L. Lacey — Vicksburg 
Sanders Thalia Lacey Ann — Jackson 
Todd Curtis Lacey — Pearl 
Barbara Dian Lack — Madison 
Ronnie Melvin Lack — Crystal Springs 
Don R Lackey — Raymond 
Grant Burr Laclave — Ridgeland 
Matt Wells Laclave — Clinton 
Sallie Mae Lacy — Jackson 
Wiliam Pat Ladd — Ridgeland 
Lisa K Ladner — Yazoo City 
Ann Michelle Ladnier — Clinton 
Lisa Marie Ladouceur — Pascagoula 
Steve Dale Lahatte — Vicksburg 
William Clay Lahatte — Vicksburg 
Ronda Regina Laird — Jackson 
Ann Kroenert Laley — Jackson 
Angela Denise Lamar — Canton 
Dean C. Lamb — Brandon 
Jerry Brent Lamb — Vicksburg 
Judy Kaye Lamb — Jackson 
Karen Gwen Lamb — Jackson 
Denise Lashon Lambert — Canton 
William Earl Lambert — Jackson 
June Lesli Lamberth — Jackson 
Flora S. Lamkin — Florence 
Lori Dawne Lamonds — Brandon 
Connie Frances Lampkin — Vicksburg 
Emma Lou Lampkin — Vicksburg 
Sherry Dianne Lampkin — Jackson 
William Joseph Lampkin — Canton 
Angela Newman Lancaster — Clinton 
Joy Jean Lancaster — Raymond 
Cecil Dorsey Land — Jackson 
Nedra Hammond Landfair — Pearl 
Cecil Willard Landrum — Clinton 
Hollis Taylor Landrum Jr. — Vicksburg 
Bonnie Jean Lane — Vicksburg 
Charles Donald Lane - Flora 
James W Lane — Jackson 
Janice White Lane — Brandon 
Jeff Alan Lane — Jackson 
Jr. James Lane W. — Clinton 
Leigh Carolyn Lane — Clinton 
Mary E. Lane — Clinton 
Wynter Elizabeth Lane — Jackson 
Annette Lang — Jackson 
Holly Grace Lang — Magee 
Mike Vernon Lang — Hattiesburg 
Patricia Jones Lang — Vicksburg 
Shannon Paige Lang — Madison 
Jennifer A. Langford Decra — Jackson 
Herman Weaver Langham — Jackson 
Jimmy Dale Langham — Jackson 
Laura Dianne Langley — Vicksburg 
Carol H. Langston — Clinton 
Jewel Langston — Jackson 
Louanne W Langston — Raymond 
Steven C. Langston — Clinton 
Cynthia Deann Lanier — Jackson 
Janis Claire Lanier — Vicksburg 
Kelly Louise Lanier — Vicksburg 
Alfred Young Lanphier — Jackson 
James Keith Lansdale — Clinton 
Billy Glenn Lantrip — Pelahatchie 
Sharon Haulk Lantz — Vicksburg 
Greta Jenelle Laprairie — Morton 
Joe P. Lariccia — Clinton 
Florence Ann Larrimore — Jackson 
Booker Larry — Vicksburg 
Laura J. Larry — Vicksburg 
Mollie T. Lasseter — Morton 
Tammy Faye Lasseter — Jackson 
Tina Sue Lasseter — Jackson 
Rosemary Phillips Lassiter — Jackson 
Ann Lee Laster — Raymond 
Curtis Lasalle Laster — Morton 
Michael Gordon Laster — Duck Hill 
Anthony Dion Latham — Jackson 
Ramona Simmons Latham — Vicksburg 
Dante Leonard Lathon — Jackson 
David R. Lattimore — Carlisle 
Derrick Leshawn Lattimore — Gulfport 
Michael David Lattimore — Vicksburg 
Caroline Johnson Laury — Jackson 
Stephen Morris Lavin — Jackson 
Theresa Irene Lavoie — Jackson 
Martha Jane Lavy — Raymond 
Elizabeth Ann Lawler Parks — Brandon 
Anita Carol Lawrence — Pelahatchie 
Charles Milton Lawrence — Kosciusko 
Edna Dianne Lawrence — Raymond 
Helen Jean Lawrence — Jackson 
James Christopher Lawrence — Brandon 
James Elton Lawrence — Terry 
James Michael Lawrence — Grenada 

James Richard Lawrence — Pearl 

Kim Thi Lawrence — Jackson 

Kimblyn Norreico Lawrence — Canton 

Lisa Irene Lawrence — Pearl 

Mervin Lawrence Jr — Vicksburg 

Michael Anthony Lawrence — Pascagoula 

Pauline Denise Lawrence — Vicksburg 

Phillip M Lawrence — Pearl 

Ricky L Lawrence — Lena 

Roger Dale Lawrence — Vicksburg 

Russell Gordon Lawrence — Raymond 

Shcuill Jean Lawrence — Jackson 

Darlene Dee Laws — Jackson 

Aretha Gates Lawson — Pearl 

Deborah Ruth Lawson — Jackson 

Debra Ann Lawson Denis — Canton 

Lillie Faye Lawson — Raymond 

Martha Michelle Lawson — Raymond 

Kimberly Renee Lay — Pearl 

Richard C. Lay — Clinton 

James Anthony Layton — Brandon 

Michael Scott Layton — Pearl 

Mark Edward Lazo — Jackson 

Penny Rene Lazo — Jackson 

Thi H. Le — Jackson 

Bruce Edward Leach — Clinton 

Eric David Leach — Jackson 

Curtis A Leake — Newellton 

Kenneth L. Leamous — Jackson 

Kristie Lee Lebaron — Pearl 

David Martin Leblanc — Jackson 

Victor Ray Ledlow — Vicksburg 

Anthony Keith Lee — Westlake 

Baxter H. Lee — Jackson 

Calbin Rhenaldo Lee — Jackson 

Cathy L Lee — Vicksburg 

Charles Howard Lee — Pearl 

Dana Chrystine Lee — Vicksburg 

Daryl Leman Lee — Jackson 

Debra Grimes Lee — Vicksburg 

Dexter Lee — Braxton 

Dlorah Dell Lee — Jackson 

Donna Roberson Lee — Vicksburg 

Eric Wayne Lee — Raymond 

Jacqueline Faye Lee — Jackson 

James Heath Lee — Vicksburg 

Janice Delores Lee — Jackson 

Jerry Benard Lee — Florence 

Jonita Ruth Lee — Louin 

Judith Gail Lee — Raymond 

Karen Alisa Lee — Jackson 

Louis Carlos Lee — Vicksburg 

Marilyn M. Lee Cavet — Edwards 

Meek V. Lee — Clinton 

Melonie Varshea Lee — Mendenhall 

Michael Dewayne Lee — Canton 

Mihae Ja Lee — Ridgeland 

Monica Jenell Lee — Jackson 

Nancy E. Lee — Brandon 

Patricia Dianne Lee — Jackson 

Paul E. Lee — Vicksburg 

Penny R. Lee — Jackson 

Phillip Douglas Lee — Vicksburg 

Ricky Berrymen Lee — Brandon 

Robert Edney Lee — Pearl 

Samuel R. Lee — Jackson 

Sara Salley Lee — Clinton 

Sarah Denise Lee — Jackson 

Shirley Lee — Bolton 

Shirley Renee Lee — Vicksburg 

Stephen Bret Lee — Clinton 

Traci Michelle Lee — Florence 

Verma K Lee — Jackson 

Leigh Anne Leech — Jackson 

Belinda Ann Leflore — Jackson 

Carolyn Ann Leflore — Jackson 

Doretha McKinzie Leflore — Jackson 

Shingy B. Leflore — Jackson 

Lillie Mae Leggett — Pearl 

Mae Elizabeth Leggett — Florence 

Timothy Wayne Leggett — Jackson 

Rebecca Dornbusch Leist — Vicksburg 

Sidney J. Leist Jr. — Vicksburg 

Joel Philip Lejeune — Jackson 

Harland J. Lemay — Greenville 

David A. Lemons — Jackson 

Deloris J. Lenard — Jackson 

Jr. Vincent Lenaz C. — Sanatorium 

Eric Lenington — Richland 

Deborah Ann Lenoir Clinc — Jackson 

Charles Earl Leonard — Gulfport 

Susan Janell Leonard — Jackson 

Wanda Kay Leonard — Kosciusko 

David Allen Leslie — Shreveport 

Tallie Jan Lester Davis — Jackson 

Leon Lett Jr. — Fairhope 

Cedric Earl Level — Vicksburg 

Martha Mayfield Lever — Vicksburg 
Aguster L. Lewis — Jackson 
Allen Dewayne Lewis — Jackson 
Annie Cheerie Lewis — Jackson 
Brenda Faye Lewis — Vicksburg 
Carl E Lewis — Jackson 
Chris Rosha Lewis — Jackson 
Clara A Lewis — Florence 
Cora Jordan Lewis — Pearl 
Cynthia Pearl Lewis — Jackson 
Elisa Nicole Lewis — Terry 
Fannie Mae Lewis — Bolton 
Geanie Rollins Lewis — Jackson 
Genette Isabell Lewis — Jackson 
Gregory Charles Lewis — Jackson 
Inda Lashell Lewis — Jackson 
Jacqueline D Lewis — Vicksburg 
Jeff M. Lewis — Jackson 
Jon Richard Lewis — Jackson 
K Payne Lewis — Raymond 
Katie M Lewis — Flora 
Ladonna Regina Lewis — Fitler 
Mary Ann Lewis — Jackson 
Mary Michelle Lewis — Jackson 
Melissa Carol Lewis — Vicksburg 
Norman Lynn Lewis — Edwards 
Ora Gail Lewis — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Lewis — Canton 
Penny Hudson Lewis — Jackson 
Renee Dawn Lewis — Jackson 
Richard D. Lewis — Vicksburg 
Richard Mark Lewis — Jackson 
Ricky Foster Lewis — Walnut Grove 
Robin Michelle Lewis — Jackson 
Ronnie D Lewis — Jackson 
Roy T. Lewis — Jackson 
Ruth L Lewis — Jackson 
Samuel Derone Lewis — Jackson 
Sandra D. Lewis — Jackson 
Sandra Harrington Lewis — Vicksburg 
Sharon Marie Lewis — Jackson 
Sheilia D. Lewis — Vicksburg 
Sherrie Relin Lewis — Tylertown 
Stephen Lemuel Lewis — Jackson 
Ted Alexander Lewis — Clinton 
Tony Shante Lewis — Jackson 
Tracy Virginia Lewis — Star 
Veniece Lorraine Lewis — Vicksburg 
Vernesa Kathrine Lewis — Jackson 
Vertis Lee Lewis — Vicksburg 
Theresa Lhamon — Vicksburg 
Frankie Lee Lias — Pearl 
Jackie Marie Libbett — Vicksburg 
Linda Kay Lichte — Pearl 
Arlene Lofton Liddell — Jackson 
William Edwin Lieb III — Jackson 
Kelly Ann Lilley — luka 
Fredericka Lillien — Jackson 
Anita Brougher Lilly — Brandon 
Juliet Angela Lilly Dorad — Jackson 
Mary Margaret Lilly — Belzoni 
James F Lind — Jackson 
Jeffery Scott Lindsay — Jackson 
Carolyn Lindsey — Jackson 
James Robert Lindsey — Raymond 
John E. Lindsey — Pickens 
Marilyn Denise Lindsey — Jackson 
Ramona Lynch Lindsey — Jackson 
Sue Craft Lindsey — Jackson 
Tony Lindsey — Brandon 
Valerie L. Lindsey — Jackson 
Christi A Lindsly — Madison 
Marsha Langston Lineberry — Florence 
Dennis E. Lingenfelder — Clinton 
James Ray Lingle — Pearl 
Allen Dwayne Link — Crystal Springs 
John Maurice Linnell III — Clinton 
Libby Dixon Linnell — Clinton 
Willie James Linsdey — Jackson 
Landa Mae Linzy — Pearl 
Frances Prouty Lipscomb — Jackson 
Victoria Marrese List — Jackson 
Angela Renee Little — Jackson 
George D. Little — Hazlehurst 
Kimberly Dawn Little — Mize 
Linda Fields Little — Hazlehurst 
Margaret Ganelle Little Sc — Florence 
Mark Wayne Little — Mize 
Melissa Darlene Little — Jackson 
Milton Eugene Little Jr. — Moss Point 
Sherry Martin Little — Clinton 
Steven Wayne Little — Pearl 
Wendi Carol Little — Crystal Springs 
Darlene Collins Littleton — Jackson 
Kellie Marie Litton — Jackson 
Gregory Blake Lively — Brandon 
Lenetha Yvonne Livingston — Jackson 

Directory / 307 

Robert Allen Livingston — Madison 
David A Lloyd — Pearl 
Sarah Ann Lloyd — Pickens 
William Michael Lloyd — Vicksburg 
Dorthy Christmas Locke — Jackson 
Denice Maxine Lockett — Jackson 
Tony Ray Lockhart — Pearl 
Robert Chilsholm Loflin — Jackson 
Russell Loflin — Vicksburg 
Susan G. Loflin — Vicksburg 
R Barry Loftin — Jackson 
Viney Mae Loftin Garre — Jackson 
Amy D. Lofton — Brandon 
Andy Sean Lofton — Hammond 
John C. Lofton — Jackson 
Larry Ford Lofton — Clinton 
Linda Kay Lofton — Yazoo City 
Robert Lee Lofton Sr. — Jackson 
Steven Duran Lofton — Clinton 
Suzanne Lofton — Terry 
Angela Jean Logan — Pearl 
Pam Marie Logan — Brandon 
Phelix Logan — Jackson 
Stacy Pleshette Logan — Starkville 
Ruth Ann Loggans — Raymond 
Dana Lynn Logue — Vicksburg 
Dawn M. Logue — Vicksburg 
Layne Andrews Logue — Vicksburg 
Mike Shayne Lohman — Jackson 
Jennifer Lou Lollar — Jackson 
Linda Barr Lollar — Raymond 
Milton Edward Lollar — Raymond 
Pamela Carrigan Lolley — Brandon 
Evelyn Louise Lomax — Jackson 
Fran S Lombardo — Brandon 
Molly Laverne London — Vicksburg 
Sarah Ann London — Vicksburg 
Eddie Lee Lone — Vicksburg 
Chris Hardin Long — Vicksburg 
Dana Durst Long — Clinton 
David Lamar Long — Jackson 
Henry Shane Long — Clinton 
James Jeff Long — Clinton 
Jennifer D. Long — Jackson 
Lynda Michelle Long — Benton 
Nannette Kim Long — Forest 
Scott E Long — Yazoo City 
Sherrie Rene Long — Cruger 
Harvey Longest — Vicksburg 
Tanya Shearer Longo — Jackson 
Kevin Eugene Longstreath — Vicksburg 
Lynne Daniel Loper — Pearl 
Tammy Buffington Loper — Brandon 
Alberto Lopez — Brandon 
David Collins Lord — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Lord — Jackson 
Kerry Charisse Lott — Clinton 
Peggy Gabbert Lott — Jackson 
Royce R. Lott Jr. — Clinton 
Serethia E. Lott — Morton 
Zelda D. Lott — Jackson 
Demetra Nichell Louie — Jackson 
Cecilia Louisville — Jackson 
Birdean Marica Love — Vicksburg 
Carolyn S Love Shaw — Jackson 
Daniel Eugene Love — Jackson 
Dennis Wayne Love — Jackson 
Eddie Lee Love Jr. 
John Dale Love — Canton 
Louis Mason Love — Jackson 
Shannon Denise Lovelace — Brandon 
M Todd Lovell — Clinton 
Michael Ray Lovell — Clinton 
Bethany Yvonne Lovett — Jackson 
Russell Eric Lovett — Liberty 
Stephen Ray Lovett — Vicksburg 
Cyril R. Lovitt — Jackson 
Brian Evans Lowe — Jackson 
Craig Chandler Lowe — Jackson 
Duell Alan Lowe — Jackson 
Stephany Denise Lowe — Port Gibson 
Allen Lowery — Brandon 
Betty L. Lowery — Vicksburg 
Catherine Wagner Lowery — Madison 
Don G. Lowery — Jackson 
Donald Wayne Lowery — Madison 
Jerry David Lowery Jr. — Raymond 
Mabel Frances Lowery — Pearl 
Candace McBride Lowicki — Jackson 
Edward Scott Lowicki — Jackson 
Lori B Lowther — Jackson 
Andrea Dawn Loyd — Vicksburg 
Robert David Loyd — Jackson 
Susan Loyd — Jackson 
Cynthia R. Luby Lovel — Brandon 
Larry Allen Lucas — Pearl 
Paul Fred Lucas — Raymond 

Sandra Lyon Lucas — Pearl 
Shelia Lucas — Morton 
Annie Bruce Lucious — Jackson 
Kerry Murray Lucious — Jackson 
Jacgueline Luckett — Jackson 
Joe Nathan Luckett — Jackson 
Lacy Leigh Luckett — Jackson 
Lisa Michelle Luckett — Jackson 
Lutithia Worthy Luckett — Jackson 
Sarah Mclntyre Luckett — Jackson 
Beverly Lynn Luckey — Magee 
Christopher Earl Luckey — Jackson 
Teresa W. Luebbert — Jackson 
Wendy Lynn Luft — Raymond 
Robert Glenn Luke — Pearl 
Betty Anne Lum — Vicksburg 
Clarence Earl Lum — Vicksburg 
Amy Elizabeth Lumpkin — Jackson 
Ernest E. Lumpkin — Jackson 
Joyce W Lumpkin — Ridgeland 
Sandra Denise Lumpkin — Vicksburg 
Matt Scott Luna — Jackson 
Tammy Jane Luna — Terry 
Cynthia East Lundstrom — Jackson 
James William Lundy — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Anne Lunsford — Raymond 
Zina Lea Lunsford — Jackson 
Ross C Lunz — Vicksburg 
Andrea Crowson Luttrell — Jackson 
Phung Kimdo Luu — Vicksburg 
Neil Ly — Jackson 
Donald Lyles — Mantee 
Effie Davis Lyles — Jackson 
James Gary Lyles — Jackson 
Ronald Lyles — Mantee 
Ruby Buckley Lyles — Madison 
Willie James Lyles — Jackson 
Carol Lynn Lynch — Kosciusko 
Cindy M. Lynch — Madison 
David Joel Lynch Jr. — Kosciusko 
Elaine Elizabeth Lynn — Vicksburg 
Georgia Gaye Lynn — Vicksburg 
Wendy Louise Lynn — Vicksburg 
John Moss Lyon — Jackson 
Melanie Paige Lyon — Pascagoula 
Alfred Lyons — Jackson 
Darrell W. Lyons — Jackson 
David Ward Lyons Jr. — Vicksburg 


Cheryl Anntionette Maberry — Jackson 
Annette Mabry — Madison 
Johnny C Mabry — Jackson 
Rene Warren MacConnell — Jackson 
James David Mace Jr. — Florence 
Janice Ester Mace — Vicksburg 
Carl Lanier Machen — Vicksburg 
Laura C. Machost — Raymond 
Carolyn Yvette Mack — Jackson 
Joyce Mack — Flora 
Linda Phillips Mack — Jackson 
Martha Butler Mack — Edwards 
Pamela Dennis Mack — Pearl 
Philandra Lena Mack — Jackson 
Tarshe Mack — Bolton 
Jerry Wayne Madden — Brandon 
Harlan Keith Maddox — Magee 
Antoinette Marie Madison — Jackson 
Jarrod Keith Madison — Brandon 
John William Madison Jr. — Vicksburg 
Quana Quanette Madison — Jackson 
Tommy Gerald Madison — Jackson 
Cynthia Lynn Madura — Jackson 
Angela Magee — Mendenhall 
Arreca L. Magee D. — Jackson 
David Kevin Magee — Jackson 
Deborah Cecilia Magee — Florence 
Earnest Gregory Magee — Florence 
Gloria F. Magee — Mendenhall 
Gregory H. Magee — Dlo 
Janice Louise Magee — Jackson 
Lawrence Magee — Jackson 
Marian Lisa Magee — Tylertown 
Martha Rebecca Magee — Jackson 
Michael Charles Magee — Jackson 
Oscar Dewayne Magee — Prentiss 
Sandra V. Magee — Mendenhall 
Edmund Magruder — Vicksburg 
Karen Ledlow Magruder — Vicksburg 
Marcie Anne Mahaffey — Jackson 

Yolanda Denise Mahaffey — Florence 
Sally B. Maharrey — Florence 
Charles Edward Maher III — Clinton 
Patricia Jean Maher — Clinton 
Joan Hough Mahon — Raymond 
Tracey A. Maj — Vicksburg 
Janelle Gilbert Major — Jackson 
Shirley Walker Malcou — Jackson 
Sandra Jean Maldonado — Florence 
Hilda C. Malley — Mendenhall 
Patrick Neil Mallory — Monterey 
John Andrew Malner — Athens 
Betty Lou Malone — Jackson 
Ellen Marie Malone — Clinton 
Jerry A Malone — Jackson 
Kelly Burns Malone — Madison 
Kevin Wade Malone — Raymond 
Kim Leist Malone — Vicksburg 
Kristi Lynn Malone — Carthage 
Regina Kaye Malone — Vicksburg 
Melissa Lane Manby — Vicksburg 
Veronica Regina Mance — Jackson 
Julie Lynn Mandart — Baton Rouge 
Patricia Ann Mangrum Green — Jackson 
Codella Younger Mangum — Jackson 
Dante Lerrel Mangum — Itta Bena 
cdward Earl Mangum — Jackson 
Elaine Bethany Mangum — Brandon 
James Hardy Mangum — Ridgeland 
John Chandler Mangum — Clinton 
Kathy Lo'iise Mangum — Florence 
Lawanda Dionne Mangum — Jackson 
Lillian Renee Mangum — Jackson 
Melissa Stripling Mangum — Star 
Trenton Earl Mangum — Brandon 
Willis Keith Mangum — Magee 
Stephen C Manley — Madison 
Chris Wayne Mann — Clinton 
Robert Bruce Mann — Brandon 
Sherry Lynn Mann — Vicksburg 
Rosie S Manogin — Jackson 
John Patrick Mansell — Pearl 
Wayne Mansfield — Vicksburg 
Dean Stefano Mansi — Biloxi 
Bernice Manuel — Jackson 
David Manuel Jr. — Jackson 
Ellis Ray Manuel — Jackson 
Tracy Ann Manuel — Carthage 
Michael S Maraman — Ridgeland 
Jeanne Marascalco — Vicksburg 
Andrea Denise Marble — Terry 
Danny B Marble — Jackson 
Jeffrey Alan Marble — Cltica 
Gregory F. Marbra — Cltica 
Cheryl Kelly Marbury — Braxton 
Anita M Marcoon — Jackson 
Eric Jennings Marcuson — Vicksburg 
William F Marcuson — Vicksburg 
Alicia Kate Margolis — Edwards 
Marc Charles Marino — Jackson 
Michael Ray Marler — Crystal Springs 
Philip Wayne Marler — Clinton 
Elizabeth Mike Marodis — Jackson 
Mary Louise Marsh — Vicksburg 
Regina Dale Marsh — Raymond 
Bessie Mae Marshall — Canton 
Harvey Oneal Marshall — Jackson 
Janice Marie Marshall — Amory 
Jerry Stanton Marshall — Vicksbuiy 
Paul Elliott Marshall — Clinton 
Polly McHann Marshall — Raymond 
Regina Yvette Marshall — Amory 
Sophia S. Marshall Lovie — Edwards 
Virginia Gay Marshall — Clinton 
Angela Mlchele Martella — Brandon 
Sean Mitchell Martella — Brandon 
Aaron Matthew Martin — Fulton 
Alan Wayne Martin — Brandon 
Annie Louise Martin — Bolton 
Bill Thomas Martin — Flora 
Bobbie Jean Martin — Clinton 
Christy Marie Martin — Yazoo City 
Constance Laverde Martin — Pelahatchie 
Daisy Martin — Vicksburg 
Debra Lea Martin Holli — Jackson 
Doris Steene Martin — Jackson 
Garron Patrick Martin — Brandon 
Gary Alan Martin — Brandon 
Jacqueline P. Martin — Yazoo City 
James Carroll Martin — Pearl 
James Henry Martin — Jackson 
Jody F. Martin — Jackson 
John Nelson Martin Jr. — Jackson 
John W. Martin Jr. — Jackson 
John Wayne Martin Jr. — McComb 
Jr. Fredrick Martin Earl — Vicksburg 
Laura Ann Martin — Raymond 

Linda A Martin — Vicksburg 
Lisa Joy Martin — Pearl 
Lola Mae Martin — Pearl 
Madalyn Rushell Martin — Jackson 
Michael Carl Martin — Raymond 
Michael Desha Martin — Jackson 
Michael Gary Martin — Terry 
Miranda Denise Martin — Jackson 
Nathan Dominic Martin — Brandon 
Nikki L. Martin — Bolton 
Paul Christopher Martin — Jackson 
Peggy Martin — Jackson 
Rechell Martin — Jackson 
Rhonda Lynn Martin — Brandon 
Richard Sidney Martin — Pearl 
Roland Martin — Clinton 
Ron Brent Martin — Clinton 
Ruby Lee Martin — Jackson 
Sandra Sullivan Martin — Morton 
Stephania R Martin — Jackson 
Stephen Lee Martin — Jackson 
Susan K. Martin — Brandon 
Susan Oresta Martin — Florence 
Timothy Dwayne Martin — Yazoo City 
Toby Jack Martin — Vicksburg 
Tracy Angelique Martin — Natchez 
Vickie Marie Martin — Jackson 
Victoria Britt Martin — Jackson 
William Larry Martin — Richland 
James Marx — Clinton 
K. Parker Mary — Redwood 
Gerry Myron Mashaw — Jackson 
Betty K. Mashburn — Clinton 
Carmen Diane Mashburn — Pelahatchie 
Martha T. Mashburn — Vicksburg 
Bobbie Lee Mason Jr — Jackson 
Bryan K Mason — Clinton 
Carlos Jerome Mason — Whistler 
Deborah Ann Mason — Jackson 
Eddie Leon Mason — Jackson 
Frederick Paul Mason — Jackson 
Greg Steven Mason Lloyd — Jackson 
James Randolph Mason — Jackson 
Jane Dunn Mason — Jackson 
Janet O Mason Hawki — Jackson 
Janice Doreen Mason — Jackson 
Jeannette Mason — Starkville 
Jennifer A. Mason — Jackson 
John David Mason — Jackson 
John Howard Mason — Jackson 
Kimberly D. Mason — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Dawn Mason — Jackson 
Lisa L. Mason — Flowood 
Sandra S. Mason — Vicksburg 
Tammie L Mason — Vicksburg 
Roy A. Massengill — Hickory Flat 
Brice Howard Massey — Magee 
Constance Renee Massey - Pearl 
Frank H Massey Jr. — Mendenhall 
Jeffrey Lee Massey — Brandon 
Ladona C Massey — Jackson 
Linda Nell Massey Stuck — Magee 
Paul A. Massey — Vicksburg 
Sonja Fox Massey — Brandon 
Steven Lamar Massey — Jackson 
Teresa Brewer Massey — Jackson 
Tina Marie Massey — Brandon 
Kathy Marie Massingill — Jackson 
Onita Mata — Jackson 
Gregory Alan Matheny — Terry 
Robert Carroll Matheny — Pearl 
Bernard A. Matherne Jr. — Jackson 
Lisa Marie Mathis — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Margaret Matlock — Natchez 
Cynthia Matory — Jackson 
Harrison Eugene Matory — Tougaloo 
Phillip Bernard Matrick — Jackson 
Lori A. Matte — Magee 
Brian Allen Matthews — Jackson 
Cindy Carol Matthews — Richland 
Dawn M. Matthews — Jackson 
Julie D. Matthews Wooda — Clinton 
Kenneth Alan Matthews — Vicksburg 
Mardi C. Matthews — Jackson 
Mary Melissa Matthews — Jackson 
Scott Murray Matthews — Jackson 
Sherrye Risher Matthews — Ridgeland 
Don Valentino Mattox — Jackson 
William Wegmann Mattox — Starkville 
Walter J. Matts — Jackson 
Travis Wayne Mattson — Carrollton 
Cynthia Ridings Mauck — Vicksburg 
James Milton Maulding Jr. — Florence 
Joseph Anthony Maxey — Pearl 
Faye Harvey Maxwell — Vicksburg 
Willie E. Maxwell — Jackson 
Amanda Hawkins May — Meadville 

308 / Directory 

Barbara Darlene May — Jackson 
Bobby Edward May Jr. — Clinton 
Carl R May Jr — Vicksburg 
Charles Andrew May — Jackson 
Earl E May — Terry 
Jamie Melissa May — Braxton 
Jewel D May — Vicksburg 
Katherine Bennett May — Vicksburg 
Margie H May — Mendenhall 
Minis William May Jr. — Jackson 
Mitchell David May — Terry 
Mitzi Marie May Ross — Brandon 
Morrison Kersh May — Vicksburg 
Penni Suzanne May — Brandon 
Rachael A May Dowe — Vicksburg 
Richard Eugene May — Edwards 
Rita Evans May — Crystal Springs 
Rodney Carl May — Vicksburg 
Shirley Emrick May — Vicksburg 
Stacy Gail May — Vicksburg 
Stephen Todd May — Brandon 
Todd Alvin May — Vicksburg 
Toni Allen May — Pearl 
Dixie Lee Mayberry Mille — Jackson 
Carolyn C Mayer — Vicksburg 
Bobbie Louise Mayes — Ridgeland 
Irish Jean Mayes — Jackson 
Jacqueline Denise Mayes — Florence 
Laura Ann Mayes — Florence 
Margret Louise Mayes — Edwards 
Brian Dejuan Mayfield — Jackson 
Carmen Grace Mayfield — Greenwood 
Henry Mayfield — Vicksburg 
Jennifer M Mayfield — Vicksburg 
Linda S Mayfield — Vicksburg 
Melissa Dawn Mayfield — Jackson 
Patricia Lynn Mayfield — Clinton 
Thomas Darria Mayfield — Jackson 
Stephen Todd Mayne — Jackson 
Tammy Kay Mayo Fulto — Jackson 
Gidget Mays — Lena 
Shana Mays — Jackson 
Tabitha Denise Mays — Vicksburg 
Tracy Noelle Mays — Pearl 
Valerie Mashall Mays — Flora 
William Hubert Mays — Clinton 
Lisa Carol McAfee — Jackson 
Teresa Gail McAfee — Florence 
Erin Lee McAffee — Jackson 
Joseph Matthew McAllister — Vicksburg 
Louis McAllister — Vicksburg 
Michael McAlpin — Jackson 
William David McAlpin — Pelahatchie 
David Franklin McAlpine — Jackson 
Joyce Ann McAnear Thomp — Vicksburg 
Paul Douglas McArdle — Jackson 
Sondra Lee McAuley — Brandon 
Stacey B. McBeath — Moss Point 
David Wayne McBeth — Brandon 
Sara Jean McBounds — Jackson 
Alfred Lee McBride — Vicksburg 
Janice D McBride — Jackson 
Jeffrey Eric McBride — Natchez 
Melinda C. McBride — Jackson 
Donald R. McBroom — Vicksburg 
Kenneth W. McBroom — Brandon 
Stacy Lynn McCabe — Clinton 
Dawn Marie McCaffrey — Vicksburg 
Deborah Ann McCaffrey — Vicksburg 
Deborah Tramel McCaffrey — Jackson 
Barbara A. McCain — Brandon 
Laura Baker McCain — Raymond 
Conn Kenneth McCalip — Raymond 
Nicklas E. McCalip — Natchez 
Shannan Rushing McCalip — Raymond 
Randy J McCall — Jackson 
Terri A. McCallister — Natchez 
Jennifer Lee McCammon — Jackson 
Alicia M McCann — Jackson 
Faye Nations McCardle — Brandon 
Janie Lynne McCardle — Jackson 
Erin Colleen McCarthy — Brandon 
Timothy David McCarthy — Brandon 
Michael Lee McCarty — Clinton 
Randy Joe McCarty — Jackson 
Richard D. McCary — Ridgeland 
Beatrice Marie McClain — Jackson 
Georgette McClain — Hazelhurst 
Gina Marie McClain — Brandon 
Gladys Winters McClain — Vicksburg 
Patrick McClain — Terry 
Stacey Noel McClain — Jackson 
Jeffrey Russell McClellan — Jackson 
Stewart Russell McClellan — Brandon 
Tina Colleen McClellan — Jackson 
Ronald Steven McClelland — Starkville 
Annie Bertinna McClendon — Forest 

Keli Marie McClendon — Clinton 
Mary F McClendon — Jackson 
Greta Lee McClenty — Jackson 
Peggy Denene McClenty — Jackson 
Sonja M McCleskey — Forest 
Anthony Lewis McClinton — Jackson 
Naomi Barnes McClinty — Pearl 
George Clayton McCluer — Jackson 
Dana Marie McClurg — Vicksburg 
Richard Allan McCluskey — Jackson 
Alicia McCollum Jackson 
Billy Darrell McCollum — Pearl 
Deborah Pullin McCollum — Jackson 
Rocky Lane McCollum — Jackson 
Tom McCollum — Raymond 
Mary Mills McCombs — Vicksburg 
Kevin Blake McCool — Ridgeland 
Connie Purvis McCord — Jackson 
Michael Wesley McCorkle — Canton 
Jeffrey William McCormack — Jackson 
Joseph Ray McCormick — Vicksburg 
Molly Josephine McCormick — Jackson 
Susan Carol McCormick — Long Beach 
Pamela Palmetta McCornell — Brandon 
James G McCown Jr — Brandon 
Calvin McCoy — Vicksburg 
Cheryl Montgomery McCoy — Florence 
Duane Roosevelt McCoy — Brandon 
Joseph Patrick McCoy — Florence 
Robbie Rodgers McCoy — Bolton 
Rodney Lee McCoy — Jackson 
Ruben Russell McCoy — Terry 
Sonya Renea McCoy — Morton 
Vivian Harris McCoy — Jackson 
Stephen Craig McCraney — Raymond 
Deborah Brinson McCraw — Florence 
Lola H McCraw — Pearl 
Marion James McCraw — Jackson 
Betty Greenwaldt McCrory — Jackson 
Nancy Chestine McCrory — Terry 
Angela Delores McCullar — Canton 
Brian Brooks McCuller — Jackson 
Byron W McCullough — Jackson 
Jill M McCullough (Jlmer — Ridgeland 
Betty McCullum — Pearl 
Langell Renee McCullum — Vicksburg 
Ammie McCurley — Cltica 
Theodore McCurtis — Edwards 
Sandra D McDade — Clinton 
Brian Wayne McDaniel — Tylertown 
Cynthia Dawn McDaniel — Brandon 
Daphne Dynette McDaniel — Jackson 
Faye W McDaniel — Pearl 
Jeffrey Troy McDaniel — Pearl 
Jerry L McDaniel Chunn — McComb 
Kevin Rae McDaniel — Jackson 
Kimberly Sue McDaniel — Vicksburg 
Pamela W. McDaniel — Vicksburg 
Rhonda S. McDaniel — Brandon 
Sherrie L McDaniel — Jackson 
Tony R McDaniel — Brandon 
Valerie H McDaniel — Terry 
William Earl McDaniel — Vicksburg 
Betty McDaniels — Vicksburg 
Melissa Cheryl McDill — Jackson 
Arthur Ray McDonald — Jackson 
Carolyn McDonald — Jackson 
Charlotte L McDonald — Jackson 
Daniel James McDonald — Jackson 
Demetria Diane McDonald — Jackson 
Geneva P McDonald — Jackson 
James E McDonald — Clinton 
James Edward McDonald — Clinton 
Laverne Katherine McDonald — Vicksburg 
Lindsey McDonald — Jackson 
Lucinda Ann McDonald — Vicksburg 
Ray McDonald — Pearl 
Rita McDonald — Vicksburg 
Sandra R. McDonald — Jackson 
Scott C. McDonald — Brandon 
Steve Leslie McDonald — Clinton 
Taffi Jean McDonald — Vicksburg 
Terry James McDonald — Bassfield 
Tracy Joe McDonald — Mendenhall 
Wynne McDonald — Mendenhall 
Devin Walter McDowell — Jackson 
Judy K. McDowell — Vicksburg 
Michael C. McDowell — Jackson 
Sabrina Lynn McDowell — McComb 
Marilyn Downing McDuffie — Raymond 
Stacy Alan McEachern — Vicksburg 
Stacy Scott McEachern — Jackson 
Stanley Daniel McElhenney — Pearl 
Bobby Glenn McElroy — Jackson 
Mona Measells McElroy — Brandon 
Sharon Denise McElroy — Jackson 
Thomas Michael McElroy — Port Gibson 

Judith Ann McElyea — Jackson 
Fred William McEwen III — Jackson 
Beth McFarland — Jackson 
Mary Katherine McFarland — Pearl 
Susan Marie McFarland — Vicksburg 
Shawn Wayne McFatter — Vicksburg 
Dwayne McFee — Jackson 
Kayretha McField — Flora 
Shirley Grayson McGaw — Jackson 
Dwonna Michelle McGee — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Francine McGee — Jackson 
James Gary McGee — Terry 
Jeffrey Lee McGee — Clinton 
Kathy Annelle McGee Goss — Brandon 
Minnie Elizabeth McGee — Terry 
Pamela Jean McGee — Jackson 
Scott Thomas McGee — Raymond 
Susan Lynne McGee — Jackson 
Thelma Sanders McGee — Raymond 
Willie Lee McGee — Jackson 
Anne Grider McGehee — Jackson 
Jannette McGill — Jackson 
Betty Sue McGlaston — Jackson 
Kelly Scott McGlocklin — Puckett 
Edward Lee McGowan — Jackson 
Ezelle McGowan — Edwards 
Linda Dowe McGowan — Vicksburg 
Virginia McGowan — Jackson 
William Edward McGowan — Terry 
Scott Spencer McGowen — Jackson 
Carolyn Whatley McGraw — Brandon 
Lynn Allyn McGraw — Bentonia 
Mark McGraw — Vicksburg 
Martha Gail McGraw — Jackson 
Michael C. McGraw — Vicksburg 
Nancy Kaye McGraw — Clinton 
Sherry Watson McGraw — Vicksburg 
James Hilton McGregor — Ponotoc 
Angela Renee McGrew — Belzoni 
Julia A McGrew — Florence 
Charles McGriggs — cltica 
Carl McGruder — Canton 
Janice Ruth McGruder — Canton 
Kenneth Leroy McGruder — Sharon 
Kenny Leon McGruder — Sharon 
Pamela McGruder — Canton 
Durwood E McGuffee — Brandon 
Cynthia Ann McGuire Tehra — Jackson 
James Michael McGuire — Clinton 
Robert Glenn McGuire — Kosciusko 
Robin Renee McGuire — Magee 
Jerry Lynn McHenry — Monticello 
Marilyn Scott McHuley — Jackson 
Adam Ben Mclnnis — Jackson 
Arietta V Mclnnis — New Hebron 
Deborah Annice Mclnnis — Jackson 
Dorothy B Mclnnis — Vicksburg 
Michael B Mcintosh — Jackson 
Melissa Lynn Mclntyre — Clinton 
Ben Eric McKay — Florence 
Beverly Ann-Yeager McKay — Vicksburg 
Clifton Newman McKay — Vicksburg 
Kevin Eugene McKay — Brandon 
Kimberly Jane McKay — Brandon 
Kristy Denise McKay — Jackson 
Loren Rene McKay — Vicksburg 
Sheila Kopf McKay — Pearl 
Arlan Glen McKee — Jackson 
Bonnie G McKee — Terry 
Brian Thomas McKee — Pearl 
Kimberly Durgin McKee — Jackson 
Kristin L. McKee — Vicksburg 
Lisa Kay McKee — Brookhaven 
Vicky Lynn McKee — Jackson 
Susanne Eaton McKeithen — Vicksburg 
Clarissa Earlene McKenzie — Jackson 
Jo Ann McKenzie — Vicksburg 
Juanita McKenzie — Vicksburg 
Linda Bounds McKenzie — Jackson 
Stephanie Rena McKenzie — Raymond 
Tonia Ann McKenzie — Pearl 
Shenitha A. McKight — Jackson 
Dennis Lee McKinley — Edwards 
Scott Alan McKinley — Jackson 
Marlin C. McKinney — Clinton 
Michael Todd McKinney — Richland 
Rob J. McKinney — Morton 
Jeffrey McKinnis — Quitman 
David Scott McKlemurry — Gloster 
Jean Graves McKnight — Vicksburg 
Billy Dan McLain — Jackson 
Caryn Aleta McLain — Brandon 
Charles M. McLain Jr. — Jackson 
Eric Darin McLain — Pearl 
Kenneth Jackie McLain — Pearl 
Michael Dale McLain — Pearl 
Cindy Rankin McLaughlin — Mendenhall 

Arthur Lee McLaurin Jr — Jackson 
Cinderella McLaurin — Brandon 
Clark A McLaurin — Vicksburg 
Diane McLaurin — Brandon 
Gary Alan McLaurin — Jackson 
Kenneth Latrell McLaurin — Mendenhall 
Mary Elizabeth McLaurin — Braxton 
Miranda Drarn McLaurin — Canton 
Scottie Javanvas McLaurin — Mendenhall 
Cindy Gail McLellan — Jackson 
Margaret Elizabet McLellan — Ridgeland 
Cheryl Pauline McLemore — Jackson 
Donnie L. McLemore — Gulfport 
Almyra Taylor McLendon — Raymond 
James Marcus McLendon — Pearl 
Richard Scott McLendon — Richland 
Charles William McLeod — Brandon 
James Lamar McLeon — Jackson 
Delois McLin — Florence 
Earnestine Jones McLin — Florence 
Gloria Jean McLin — Jackson 
David Richard McMahan — Forest 
Gordon William McMahon — Vicksburg 
Angela Mishell McManus — Jackson 
Debbie S McManus — Pearl 
Larry L McMaster — Pearl 
Stacy Lea McMaster — Yazoo City 
J Darlene McMichael — Vicksburg 
Melody Ann McMichael — Clinton 
Arvis L. McMillan — Richland 
Constance Dyanne McMillan — Jackson 
Jackie Dell McMillan — Brandon 
John Larry McMillan — Richland 
Donna Melaine McMillian — Crystal Springs 
Brady Keith McMillin — New Albany 
James Michael McMinn — Raymond 
Laurie Anne McMorrough — Belzoni 
Donna Renea McMullan — Clinton 
Mary Katherine McMullan — Jackson 
Stacy E McMullan — Clinton 
Gayle Miller McMullin — Hattiesburg 
William Andrew McMullin — Vicksburg 
Douglas Keith McMurry — Sandy Hook 
Aquinnetta Patrice McNair — Jackson 
Brian Keith McNair — Jackson 
Eunice E. McNair — Jackson 
Frances L McNair — Brandon 
James Dean McNair — Jackson 
John Mark McNair — Magee 
Patrick Wendell McNair — Jackson 
Tamara Lynn McNair — Jackson 
Victor Dicar 'Lo" McNair — Jackson 
Patrick Carroll McNally — Jackson 
Patrick Joseph McNamara — Vicksburg 
Harry Lynn McNatt — Florence 
John Otis McNeal — Jackson 
I Keith McNeese — Pearl 
Roger Edward McNeese — Prentiss 
Hazel M. McNeil — Jackson 
Jenifer C. McNeil — Clinton 
Jennifer Susan McNeil — Prentiss 
Tammie Lynn McNeil — Hattiesburg 
Terri Irby McNeil — Morton 
Tonya Michele McNeil — Jackson 
David C McNeill — Jackson 
Michael Patrick McNichol — Jackson 
Jaye Patrick McNinch — Brandon 
Donna Chaney McPhail — Jackson 
Michael Ray McPhail — Pearl 
Bridgette Jenon McPhearson — Raymond 
Diane McPherson — Edwards 
Eric Mario McPherson — Jackson 
William Clayton McPherson — Raymond 
Leslie Anne McQueen — Pearl 
Vickey Lynn McQueen — Jackson 
Gloria S McRae — Carthage 
J. Lloyd McRae — Madison 
Jeffery Jolan McRaney — Vicksburg 
Mark Adam McRaney — Florence 
Robert Allen McRaney — Jackson 
Ronald Everett McVay — Tallulah 
Rhonda Jean McWhorter — Pearl 
Steven James McWhorter — Pearl 
Carol Jennings McWilliams — Jackson 
Dwight Dale McWilliams — Florence 
Kelli Andrews McWilliams — Florence 
Kelly Mechele McWilliams — Louise 
Mary Kathleen McWilliams — Clinton 
Paula Ann McWilliams — Jackson 
Candise Jo Meacham — Carthage 
Giles Wendell Meacham Jr. — Raymond 
Tammi Gail Mead — Jackson 
Brenda Starr Meade — Pelahatchie 
Sherry Louise Meadious — Foxworth 
Kimberly Lynn Meador — Magee 
Martha J. Meador — Clinton 
Betty P. Meadows — Brandon 

Directory / 309 

Bobby R Meadows Jr. — Jackson 
Carol Ann Meadows — Clinton 
Ruby K Meadows Willi — Brandon 
Steven Scott Meadows — Brandon 
Virginia Christine Meadows — Jackson 
Clifford Leroy Meanear — Vicksburg 
Billy L. Means — Pearl 
Jerry Gene Means — Morton 
Joey McLain Means — Morton 
Samatha Kay Means — Pelahatchie 
Ann McCormick Mears — Jackson 
Jonathan Parrish Measells — Raymond 
Sheretha Marlette Measells — Flowood 
Celeste Tucker Medders — Vicksburg 
Lydia W. Medders — Pearl 
Eileen Michelle Meek — Clinton 
Stacy V Meek — Brandon 
Robbie Marie Meeks — Vicksburg 
Stoney Lee Meeks — Vicksburg 
Don Wayne Megby — Vicksburg 
Travis Lavern Melton — Vicksburg 
Carol Michele Melvin — Brandon 
Kattie Mae Melvin Hobso — Brandon 
Cynthia Cooksey Mente — Vicksburg 
John Meal Mercer — Clinton 
Roger Lee Merchant Jr. — Jackson 
Katherine Edgerto Merithew — Vicksbun 
Theresa Lynne Merithew — Vicksburg 
Cindy Lea Merritt — Jackson 
Joseph Robert Merritt — Brandon 
Laurie Katherine Merritt — Yazoo City 
Parthenia Lenea Merritt — Jackson 
Nena Helen Merritte — Jackson 
Kevin Michael Merry — Brandon 
Gerald Lynn Messina — Vicksburg 
Mary Clay Metcalf — Gunnison 
Janie Paine Metzen — Vicksburg 
Dina Kristine Meyer — Jackson 
Adelaide Devendel Meyers — Jackson 
April Loretta Michael — Pearl 
Savita Michael — Pearl 
Sloane Elizabeth Michael — Jackson 
Sujata Michael — Pearl 
Lisa R Michel — Meridian 
Marilyn Herndon Michel — Brandon 
Lisa A. Micich — Jackson 
Alan Louis Middleton — Vicksburg 
Barbara Jo Middleton — Vicksburg 
John Robert Middleton — Vicksburg 
Johnny Baxter Middleton — Jackson 
Joy Michele Middleton — Redwood 
Thomas Floyd Middleton — Vicksburg 
Traci Marie Middleton — Jackson 
Katzenmeyer Mike — Vicksburg 
Bobby Joe Miles — Morton 
Brenda D. Miles Lebea — Jackson 
Dennis Aaron Miles — Florence 
James D. Miles — Jackson 
Kenneth Ray Miles — Jackson 
Louis Alfred Miles — Vicksburg 
Mary Frances Miles — Florence 
Paul Steven Miles — Morton 
Robert Earl Miles Jr. — Clinton 
Sonia Lynne Miles — Morton 
Tracey L. Miles — Jackson 
Tracy Marie Miles — Brandon 
J Darren Miley — Crystal Springs 
Alice Alexia Miller — Terry 
Ann Dodd Miller — Jackson 
Arthur H. Miller Jr. — Starkville 
Barbara White Miller — Clinton 
Chandra Patrice Miller — Benton 
Charlene Miller — Jackson 
Cheryl Miller — Vicksburg 
Debbie Ivy Miller — (Jtica 
Ella M. Miller — Vicksburg 
Eugene Miller — Jackson 
Flora D. Miller — Vicksburg 
Gilda Shurden Miller — Vicksburg 
James Russell Miller — Hollandale 
Janice Polley Miller — Vicksburg 
Joanna M Miller — Prentiss 
John Samuel Miller — Clinton 
Johnny Hugh Miller — Carthage 
Jonathan Scott Miller — Clinton 
Joseph Tvenny Miller — Jackson 
Larry Dee Miller — Pearl 
Linda Jane Miller — Vicksburg 
Linda Watkins Miller — Pearl 
Marilyn Yvonne Miller — Jackson 
Mark Monroe Miller — Jackson 
Marlin Allan Miller — Pearl 
Melissa Cheryl Miller — Jackson 
Michael Edward Miller — Rolling Fork 
Michele Elaine Miller — Pearl 
Patricia Ann Miller — Jackson 
Peggy Jean Miller — Vicksburg 

Ralph Mitchell Miller — Vicksburg 
Sally Anne Miller — Jackson 
Shannon Christena Miller — Jackson 
Shelia Renee Miller — Clinton 
Shirley Jo Miller — Vicksburg 
Stacy Lynn Miller — Ridgeland 
Stephen Marshall Miller — Jackson 
Tammy Lynn Miller Luke — Brandon 
Tony Djuan Miller — Jackson 
Vanessa Casandra Miller — Jackson 
Walter Russell Miller III — Oxford 
William Charles Miller — Jackson 
Willie Lee Miller — Jackson 
Donna L. Millis — Pinola 
Deana Allison Mills — Jackson 
Frederick Anthony Mills — Brandon 
Herman Edward Mills — Canton 
Lori Susan Mills — Jackson 
Tammie Lynne Mills Butle — Raymond 
David Marvin Millsaps Jr. — Jackson 
Jennifer Fields Millsaps — Madison 
Robert Christoher Millsaps — Pearl 
Kimberly Dawn Millwood — Brandon 
Mark Wayne Milner — Madison 
Marvin Allen Milner II — Ridgeland 
Dorthy Jean Milton — Jackson 
Henry J. Milton — Raymond 
Kimberly Yolanda Milton — Jackson 
Roslyn Denise Milton — Jackson 
Delores Rose Mims — Vicksburg 
Loucille M. Mims — Jackson 
Donna Worsham Mincey — Pearl 
Melissa Kay Minchew — Vicksburg 
Peggy Ann Mingee — Natchez 
Ann O'Neal Minor — Brandon 
Deborah Dianne Minor — Yazoo City 
Desounza Minor — Clinton 
Kattie Walker Minor — Jackson 
Nellie R. Minor — Jackson 
Sandra Fay Minor — Jackson 
Theresa Ann Minor — Jackson 
Kenneth Wayne Minter Jr. — Pearl 
Rachel Lynn Minter — Florence 
Richard Malcolm Minton — Jackson 
Patsy Joyce Misterfeldt G. — Richland 
Shawn Mitchell S. — Jackson 
Allan Quentin Mitchell — Greenville 
Amos Andrew Mitchell — Jackson 
Benjamin Grant Mitchell — Terry 
David Earl Mitchell — Jackson 
Dayton Douglas Mitchell — Jackson 
Debbie Carolyn Mitchell — Canton 
Deborah D. Mitchell — Pearl 
Gladys Mitchell — Cltica 
Jacqueline Renee Mitchell — Jackson 
Jeanne Cosgrove Mitchell — Pearl 
Jeffery Jerome Mitchell — Florence 
Jeremy Paul Mitchell — Richland 
Johnny Lee Mitchell — Jackson 
Keith J. Mitchell — Vicksburg 
Leigh Ann Mitchell — Jackson 
Pamela M. Mitchell — Edwards 
Ronald K. Mitchell — Crystal Springs 
Timothy David Mitchell — Jackson 
Tracey H. Mitchell — Pearl 
Roosevelt Mitchner Jr. — Jackson 
Kin Mixon — Ridgeland 
Stanley Ray Mixon — Brandon 
Teresa llene Mixon — Florence 
Connley Darrow Moak — Brookhaven 
James R. Moak — Pearl 
Lori L. Moak Graha — Pearl 
David Norman Mobley Sr. — Vicksburg 
Janet L. Mobley — Jackson 
Margaret Stockard Mobley — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Allyson Mobley — Vicksburg 
Robert E. Mobley — Utica 
Douglas Todd Mock — Jackson 
Katherine Adele Moffat — Vicksburg 
Warren Curtis Moffat — Vicksburg 
Celia B. Moffett — Florence 
Keith Darrell Moffett — Meridian 
Mary Jordan Moffett — Jackson 
Tonia Denise Moha — Pearl 
Charles Lausan Mohler — Jackson 
Janet Kay Mohler — Jackson 
Richard Slaughter Moman — Jackson 
Freddie L. Moncrief — Newton 
Dexter Moncure — Jackson 
Leslie Elizabeth Monier — Jackson 
Tim Wayne Monistere — Clinton 
Ramona Maria Monk — Madison 
Jennifer Lynn Monroe — Port Gibson 
Michael Thomas Monroe — Jackson 
Sabrina Virginia Monsour — Vicksburg 
Kim Montague — Pearl 
Michael Joseph Montang — Jackson 

Clifton Montgomery — Fayette 
Deborah Lynn Montgomery — Jackson 
Donald Richard Montgomery — Jackson 
Doug Michael Montgomery — Jackson 
James Edward Montgomery — Vicksburg 
Jeannette Montgomery — Jackson 
Julia Claire Montgomery — Jackson 
l.averne Berry Montgomery — Brandon 
Peggy L. Montgomery — Jackson 
Susan Chatham Montgomery — Jackson 
Terry Lynn Montgomery — Brookhaven 
Tracy Denise Montgomery — Edwards 
Larry Nelson Montpelier — Vicksburg 
Sasha Rommell Monty — Vicksburg 
Dana Marie Moody — Raymond 
Heather Garling Moody — Braxton 
Jodi Lyn Moon — Port Gibson 
Carla A. Mooney — Pearl 
Thomas Mike Mooney Jr. — Jackson 
Anderson Buster Mooneyham — Pearl 
Alfred Lawrence Moore — Jackson 
Amia Vontricia Moore — Jackson 
Annie Mae Moore — Jackson 
Anse Kevin Moore — Pearl 
Artherine J. Moore — Yazoo City 
Audrey Morehead Moore — Jackson 
Bette Anne Moore — Jackson 
Bobby Lonzell Moore — Jackson 
Bruce Allen Moore — Jackson 
Cassandra Yevette Moore — Vicksburg 
Charles E. Moore — Pearl 
Christy Lynn Moore — Jackson 
Cora Beverly Moore — Pearl 
David Alan Moore — Brandon 
Deanna Lynn Moore — Vicksburg 
Donald Ray Moore — Jackson 
Dorothy Deloris Moore — Flora 
Eddy Huey Moore — Brandon 
Evelyn Marie Moore — Pearl 
Frank G. Moore — Edwards 
George Moore — Jackson 
George Bradley Moore — Jackson 
George Moore Jr. — Jackson 
Gloria C. Moore — Pearl 
Hazel Moore — Jackson 
Helen L. Moore — Vicksburg 
James Clifton Moore — Bolton 
James Harper Moore — Jackson 
Janet Marie Moore — Pearl 
Janice Berry Moore — Brandon 
Jeanette Young Moore — Boyle 
Jennifer Laverne Moore — Pearl 
Jerry Moore — Jackson 
Jimmie G. Moore Jr. — Jackson 
Judith Ervin Moore — Raymond 
Kasandra Marie Moore — Yazoo City 
Kim Michelle Moore — Jackson 
Laura Ann Moore — Clinton 
Lelia Grace Moore — Vicksburg 
Loyce W. Moore — Pearl 
Lynn Moore — Vicksburg 
Mark Anthony Moore — Jackson 
Melanie Ann Moore — Brandon 
Melissa D. Moore — Vicksburg 
Melissa Lynn Moore — Jackson 
Michael Ray Moore — Flora 
Misty K Moore — Bentonia 
Myra Williams Moore — Jackson 
Pattie L. Moore — Jackson 
Polly Coben Moore — Port Gibson 
Priscilla Annette Moore — Hazlehurst 
Richard Bryan Moore — Harrisville 
Samuel Kevin Moore — Jackson 
Shelley Louise Moore — Raymond 
Shirley Jean Moore Donle — Raymond 
Stephanie Denise Moore — Hazlehurst 
Tammy Denise Moore — Clinton 
Tanya Lynn Moore — Pearl 
Thomas Earl Moore Jr. — Clinton 
Thomas Warren Moore — Vicksburg 
Tina Marie Moore — Carthage 
Vance S. Moore — Clinton 
Vivien Sessums Moore — Jackson 
Walter Herbert Moore III — Clinton 
Wende L. Moore — Jackson 
William Blake Moore — Port Gibson 
William Shane Moore — Brandon 
Lisa A. Moorehead — Pearl 
John Wilson Moorhead IV — Vicksburg 
Peggy Malone Moorhead — Florence 
Marvin Ellis Moorman — Clinton 
Olga Maria Morales — Pearl 
Donna M. Moran — Florence 
Melissa Leigh Moran — Raymond 
Linda Carol Mordecai — Vicksburg 
Carl Allan Moree — Flowood 
Audrey Leigh Morehead — Jackson 

Christie Diane Morehead — Pearl 
Barbara Ann Morgan — Vicksburg 
Belinda Lucille Morgan — Vicksburg 
Billy Clark Morgan — Flora 
Bobby Ralph Morgan — Yazoo City 
Charolette Jones Morgan — Jackson 
David Lee Morgan — Lake Providence 
Jerry Blaine Morgan — Pattison 
Lisa Kay Morgan — Grenada 
Lori Denise Morgan — Jackson 
Mark Wayne Morgan — Vicksburg 
Marshall Clay Morgan — Vicksburg 
Sachiko (Susie) Morgan — Clinton 
Steven Morgan — Brandon 
Susan Turner Morgan — Jackson 
Suzanne Morgan — Vicksburg 
Tracy Ann Morgan — Pattison 
Yolanda Carolyn Morgan — Jackson 
Reed Andrew Morganti — Jackson 
Denise Monique Morgigno — Pearl 
Stephanie Suzanne Morphis — Madison 
Charman Morris — Lorman 
Danielle Christine Morris — Jackson 
Donald Ervin Morris — Brandon 
Earl Morris — Jackson 
Harry Rembert Morris — Jackson 
Julia Ann Morris — Ridgeland 
Kendrick Wayne Morris — Jackson 
Kevin William Morris — Flora 
Linda Maria Morris — Flora 
Linda Yvonne Morris — Brandon 
Macy Certrila Morris — Jackson 
Mary Gail Morris — Jackson 
Mericka Antoinette Morris — Jackson 
Michael Timothy Morris — Pearl 
Nicole Marie Morris — Jackson 
Patricia M. Morris — Florence 
Sylvia Jeanette Morris W. — Jackson 
Tom C. Morris — Philadelphia 
Kenneth Paul Morrison — Jackson 
Lorraine Phillips Morrison — Gtica 
Robert E. Morrison — Jackson 
Sammie Lee Morrison — Vicksburg 
Karen E. Morrissette — Vicksburg 
Michael Thomas Morrissey — Clinton 
Bobbie Ann Morrow Bingh — Vicksburg 
Diana Lynn Morrow — Jackson 
Doretha McCray Morrow — Brandon 
Lacey Franklin Morrow — Jackson 
Eugene R. Morse — Jackson 
Keith Louis Morse — Jackson 
August Giffin Morton — Jackson 
Brenda J. Morton — Jackson 
Carissa Gail Morton — Clinton 
Carolyn Morton — Clinton 
Jeanette Lynn Morton — Jackson 
Margaret O'Keefe Morton — Brandon 
Rhonda Michelle Morton — Clinton 
Stan D. Morton — Jackson 
Yvonne Morton — Jackson 
Eula M. Mosby — Canton 
Lonnie B. Moseley — Florence 
Steven Edward Moseley — Jackson 
James T. Moser Jr. — Jackson 
Kimberlee Jean Moser — Brandon 
Bertha Nell Moses — Raymond 
Clinton Moses Jr. — (Jtica 
Paige E. Moses — Jackson 
Vernesia Arneze Moses — Raymond 
Gwendolyn I. Mosley — Jackson 
Hal Chase Moss — Jackson 
Harold Lavell Moss Jr. — Jackson 
Jerry Barger Moss — Vicksburg 
Joseph Wilson Moss — Canton 
Judd D. Moss — Raymond 
Kathy R. Moss — Jackson 
Tracy Lynn Moss — Morton 
Bryan Wayne Mott — Jackson 
Daniel Lewis Moulder — Jackson 
Jason Wayne Moulder — Clinton 
Denise Lanphere Moulds — Clinton 
Jeffery J. Mounger — Bolton 
Lillie Ollie Mozee — Jackson 
Patrina Lenise Mozee — Jackson 
Charles Kevin Muirhead — Raymond 
Henry Crisler Muirhead III — Vicksburg 
Scott Alan Mulkey — Brandon 
Mary Croxton Mullens — Pearl 
John Edwin Mullins Jr. — Jackson 
Kaye Frances Mullins — Jackson 
Paul Alan Mullins — Dlo 
Diann Munson — Jackson 
Stella Trene Murihead — Vicksburg 
Mari Laurie Murillo — Brandon 
Mary J. Murks — Ridgeland 
Christopher Allen Murphree — Jackson 
Danny L. Murphy — Jackson 

310 / Directory 

Deborah Elizabeth Murphy — Brandon 
Dorthy Mae Murphy — Ridgeland 
James R. Murphy — Vicksburg 
Katie Delores Murphy — Jackson 
Mary Bernice Murphy — Jackson 
Michael Marion Murphy — Clinton 
Rodney Brian Murphy — Raymond 
Jeffery Scott Murrah — Jackson 
Thomas Andrew Murrah — Jackson 
David Lee Murray — Jackson 
George Allendar Murray — Rolling Fork 
Mark Hanson Murray — Jackson 
Mildred L. Murray — Mendenhall 
Wesley Alphonse Murray — Jackson 
Wilma Lee Murray — Jackson 
Audrey M. Murrell — Jackson 
Don W. Murrell — Vicksburg 
Earnestine Murrell — Forest 
Leonard Murrell — Vicksburg 
Larry Micheal Murriel — Clinton 
Paul Murriel Jr. — Clinton 
Johnny Thomas Murtagh — Pickens 
Gail Weaver Muse — Raymond 
Angela Michelle Myers — Brandon 
Ann C. Myers — Pelahatchie 
Arthur Emmitt Myers Jr. — Vicksburg 
Barbara Carol Myers — Jackson 
Bettye Fountain Myers — Vicksburg 
Cassandra Anne Myers — Florence 
Charles Loyd Myers — Pearl 
Christopher Wayne Myers — Jackson 
Cynthia F. Myers — Jackson 
Daniel Benton Myers — Pelahatchie 
David L. Myers — Pearl 
Deana Ann Myers — Clinton 
Harriet Marie Myers — Clinton 
Jared Ray Myers — Florence 
Jeffery Keith Myers — Jackson 
John D. Myers — Brandon 
Kathy Susan Myers — Pelahatchie 
Kenneth Ray Myers — Jackson 
Mark Lindsey Myers — Jackson 
Michael Jerome Myers — Florence 
Patricia Myers — Jackson 
Patricia Logue Myers — Vicksburg 
Sara Joyce Myers — Jackson 
Teresa Myers — Brandon 
Teresa Battle Myers — Brandon 
Welford Lornezo Myers Jr. — Florence 
Glendora Myles — Brandon 
Gwendolyn Sykes Myles — Jackson 
Ivory Lonis Myles — Vicksburg 
Martha Jean Myles — Flora 
Valerie Marie Myles — Jackson 
David Page Myrick — Jackson 
Kurt Myrick — Pearl 
Lee Ann Myrick — Jackson 
Liesl Myrick — Clinton 
Susan Karetta Myrick — Raymond 


Ann Marie Nail — Richland 
Cathy Lynn Nance — Washington 
Deanna G. Nance — Natchez 
Scott D. Nance — Ridgeland 
Betty Napolion — Vicksburg 
Cheryl Jean Nappier — Vicksburg 
Minnie C. Nappier — Vicksburg 
Glynn Leigh Naquin — Clinton 
Arnette Nash — Port Gibson 
Eric Duane Nash — Brandon 
Janice Davis Nash — Florence 
Michael Dale Nash — Florence 
John Michael Nassour — Vicksburg 
James Earl Nathaniel — Magnolia 
Burley Glenn Nations — Jackson 
Marcus Scott Nations — Jackson 
Richard Lyn Nations — Bentonia 
Michael Joseph Naya — Vicksburg 
Paul A. Naya — Vicksburg 
Lisa Henyard Naylor — Vicksburg 
Rachael Victoria Naylor — Vicksburg 
Randy Joseph Naylor — Vicksburg 
Aruna R. Nayyar — Jackson 
Andrew Hollingsworth Neal — Jackson 
Cherie Kay Neal — Pearl 
Collie Jerry Neal — Vicksburg 
Diane Patricia Neal — Bolton 
Essie C. Neal — Jackson 
Jeanne Anne Neal — Vicksburg 

Jerrie Lynn Neal — Jackson 
John Edward Neal Jr. — Florence 
Julia Lee Neal — Vicksburg 
Natacia N. Neal — Jackson 
Patricia Kaye Neal — Pearl 
Richard Wiley Neal — tltica 
Scottie Eugene Neal — Terry 
Tamiko Renee Neal — Flowood 
Tedra Mangum Neal — Flowood 
Tina Renee Neal — Jackson 
Danny Dale Neely Jr. — Jackson 
Lisa Lavell Neely — Flora 
Eddie Herman Neese — Pearl 
Janet Louise Neighbors — Jackson 
Chris Allen Nelson — Clinton 
Christopher Demon Nelson — Jackson 
Daniel Lee Nelson — Pearl 
Donna Lashal Nelson — Jackson 
Gregory T. Nelson — Jackson 
Idell Nelson — Magee 
Ivie L. Nelson — Vicksburg 
John Christopher Nelson — Pearl 
Keith Nelson — Jackson 
Margaret Hackler Nelson — Edwards 
Robert Scott Nelson — Ridgeland 
Sheila R. Nelson — Pearl 
Thomas Alfred Nelson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Kathleen Lunceford Nesbit — Satartia 
Jeffrey Keith Nester — Jackson 
Willie James Nester — Jackson 
Deniece E. Netherland — Pearl 
Nina Cecile Netherland — Pearl 
Gregory Glen Nethery — Jackson 
II Eugene Nettles Hill — Vicksburg 
Michelle Nettles — Vicksburg 
Paula Rae Nevels Goss — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Allison Newcomb — Vicksburg 
Amy Elizabeth Newell — Meridian 
Jill E. Newell — Ridgeland 
Tina Renee Newell — Jackson 
Amy L. Newman Morri — (Jtica 
Deborah McCarroll Newman — Raymond 
Dorothy J. Newman — Jackson 
Jeffrey Dean Newman — Clinton 
John Earl Newman — Clinton 
Kimberly Ann Newman — Richland 
Mark Wayne Newman — (Jtica 
Robert Wayne Newman — tltica 
Angela Dawana Newsom — Jackson 
Vickie Michelle Newsom — Jackson 
John Michael Newsome — Jackson 
Bobby Leon Newton — Harrisville 
Joyce W. Newton — Raymond 
Leslie Renee Newton — Vicksburg 
Jennifer A. Neyland — Jackson 
Thang Van Nguyen — Jackson 
David C. Nicholas — Kingwood 
Larry Charles Nicholas — Vicksburg 
Samuel John Nicholas — Jackson 
Cathi Elaine Nichols — Pearl 
Dani Nicole Nichols — Pearl 
Deborah Leah Nichols — Raymond 
Gwendolyn Denise Nichols — Clinton 
Ingrid Therese Nichols — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Renee Nichols — Canton 
Jeannie Ross Nichols — Jackson 
Jeffrey David Nichols — Clinton 
Lisa Janine Nichols — Jackson 
Lynn Ester Nichols — Canton 
M. Nicole Nichols — Morton 
Marcellus Nichols — Raymond 
Patricia Ann Nichols — Jackson 
Tammy Joyce Nichols — Jackson 
Vergil Williams Nichols — Canton 
Anna Nora Nicholson — Vicksburg 
Ashley Nicole Nicholson — Brandon 
Doff Nicholson — Vicksburg 
Kelley Michelle Nicholson — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Nicholson — Pearl 
Lisa Darlene Nicholson — Yazoo City 
Timmie R. Nicholson — Vicksburg 
Tommy R. Nicholson — Vicksburg 
Felita D. Nickson — Jackson 
Sandra Renee Nickson — Jackson 
Willie Jean Nickson — Jackson 
Ashley C. Nielsen — Jackson 
Christine M. Nielsen — Clinton 
Charles Kevin Nieminen — Clinton 
Timothy Edward Nisley — Florence 
Carla Ann Nix — Pearl 
Carlos C. Nix — Pearl 
Florence Ann Nix Autin — Pearl 
Margie Ann Nix — Vicksburg 
Susan Evans Nix — Jackson 
William P. Nix — Jackson 
Gloria L. Nixon — Vicksburg 
Sylvester Nixon — Pickens 

Kalu Isaac Njoku — Jackson 
Ester L. Noble — Jackson 
Patricia Laneil Noble — Jackson 
Charlene B. Nobles — Vicksburg 
Dessie Ree Noblin — Forest 
Janet Sue Noblin — Jackson 
Paul Byrne Noblin — Hattiesburg 
Rodnell Noel — Pickens 
Bobbie Evon Nolan — Pearl 
Charles Leroy Nolan — Vicksburg 
Christopher Lynn Nolan — Vicksburg 
Gregory Scott Noland — Ridgeland 
Teresa Elizabeth Noland — Brandon 
Johnny Dewayne Nolen — Florence 
Sam Blair Nolen — Jackson 
Shelly Anne Noonan — Jackson 
Fannie Norfort — Vicksburg 
Mattie K. Norman — Pelahatchie 
Rachel Elizabeth Norman — Hazlehurst 
David Jerald Normand — Vicksburg 
John Avon Norris — Jackson 
Johnny Lacastor Norris — Rolling Fork 
Renee Ingle Norris — Vicksburg 
Christopher M. Norsworthy — Jackson 
Mark Ellis Norsworthy — Florence 
Willadine Latham North — T^rry 
Rickey James Northern — Vicksburg 
Margaret Louise Northup — Jackson 
Kimber Dawn Norton — Jackson 
Shannon Monique Norton — Hollandale 
Cecil Lamar Norwood — Jackson 
Jodie Norwood III — Vicksburg 
Karen Neumann Norwood — Vicksburg 
William Raymond Norwood — Redwood 
Dorian Ray Novak — Jackson 
Rebecca Rose Nowell — Jackson 
Wayne Thomas Nowell Sr. — Vicksburg 
Betty J. Noye — Vicksburg 
Roy A. Nugent — Ferriday 
Carol Maleigh Nutt — Terry 
Jeffrey S. Nutt — Raymond 


Briant Shirley O Devil — Brandon 
Kristen K. O'Briant — Brandon 
Ruthie Laws O'Neal — Monticello 
Stacy Lynn Oakley — Clinton 
Kristin Marie Oatway — Brandon 
Patricia A. Obanner — Jackson 
Linda Louise Obannon — Vicksburg 
Mary L. Obannon — Vicksburg 
Connie Jo Obenhaus Collu — Brandon 
Nancy Melissa Oberhausen — Clinton 
Stephen Chad Oberhousen — Raymond 
Larry J. Oby — Tallulah 
Gina Maria Occhipinti — Jackson 
Mary Evelyn Oconner P. — Whitfield 
Aleta Diane Odom — Jackson 
Ashley Anne Odom — Jackson 
Frances Mae Odom Willi — Jackson 
Francine Fields Odom — Pearl 
Linda G. Odom Jones — Bay Springs 
Lisa Delores Odom — Flowood 
Rhonda A. Odom — Jackson 
Robert Wayne Odom — Jackson 
Sharon Denise Odom — Pearl 
Stephanie Lanette Odom — Jackson 
William N. Ofstad — Richland 
Darrell G. Ogerly — Vicksburg 
Dana Lee Ogle — Vicksburg 
Harry Milburn Ogle — Vicksburg 
Jody Parsons Ogletree — Raymond 
Mary Leslie Ogwynn — Brandon 
Sentia Percell Ohara — Jackson 
Futoshi Okada — Ridgeland 
Michael W. Okeefe — Jackson 
Brett Lionel Oleis — (Jtica 
Anita Jean Olive — Camden 
Michael Lynn Oliver — Brandon 
Deirdre Elise Ollie — Jackson 
Jennifer Layne Olmi — Brandon 
Debra Lee Olson — Richland 
George Willie Oneal — Vicksburg 
Richard Earl Oneal — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Victor Oneil — Mt. Olive 
Teri L. Oneil — Brandon 
Chanh Due Ong — Jackson 
Timothy Alan Opiela — Jackson 
Felice Shoetae Oquinn — Jackson 
John C. Oreilly — Yazoo City 

Darrell Jerome Orman — Mendenhall 
Bonnie Louise Ornelas — Jackson 
Nancy Jean Orr — Vicksburg 
Susanna Orr — Jackson 
Alan Wayne Osborne — Vicksburg 
Danny L. Osborne — Terry 
Deborah Garrison Osborne — Jackson 
Wavine Kendrick Osborne — Terry 
Susan E. Osburn Gregs — Jackson 
Stephanie Nason Oscar — Canton 
Dennis James Osgood — Brandon 
Sandra Kay Oster — Pearl 
Ann Campbell Oswalt — Florence 
Arvie Lee Oswalt Jr. — Starkville 
James R. Oswalt — Jacksdfi 
James Riley Oswalt — Columbus 
Jewell Vegas Ott — Jackson 
Katrina Lashell Otto — Canton 
Patrice Renae Otto — Canton 
Cathy Nell Otts Colem — Jackson 
Ann A. Outlaw — Jackson 
Lori Lee Overby — Richland 
Martina Leann Overby — Brandon 
Kelli Ann Overcash — Jackson 
Christopher Ross Overman — Clinton 
Brian Gray Overstreet — Clinton 
Shelton Gray Overstreet — Brandon 
Clara Jane Overton — Vicksburg 
Gency D. Overton — Madison 
Cheryl L. Owen — Jackson 
Margaret Ellen Owen — Jackson 
Sheryl Suzanne Owen — Kosciusko 
Amy Elizabeth Owens — Madison 
Cynthia Faye Owens — Jackson 
Debra Henderson Owens — Jackson 
Jeffrey Owens — Jackson 
Jennifer Lavett Owens — Jackson 
Joe E. Owens — Jackson 
Johnny Owens — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Anne Owens — Madison 
Mark Aaron Owens — Vicksburg 
Peggy Jane Owens — Pearl 
Robert D. Owens — Edwards 
Sandra Elizabeth Owens — Vicksburg 
Shirley Rucker Owens — Jackson 
Shonda M. Owens — Jackson 
Teryl Owens — Sandy Hook 
Tony Rene Owens — Pearl 
Velma S. Owens — Jackson 
Willie James Owens — Jackson 
James Wallace Ownby — Jackson 
Karen Peyton Ozburn — Vicksburg 


Christopher S. Pace — Jackson 
Elizabeth M. Pace — Pelahatchie 
Garry H. Pace — Morton 
Lori Ann Pace — Vicksburg 
Mike Lee Pace — Pearl 
Randy Keith Pace — Vicksburg 
William Darrel Pace — Clinton 
Frank Wayne Padgett — Vicksburg 
Randy Douglas Padgett — Florence 
Perry Jack Page — Ridgeland 
Tammy Lynn Page — Philadelphia 
Ottis Jene Paige — Jackson 
Thelma Harris Paige — Pearl 
Andrew Craig Palmer — Clinton 
Barbara Johnson Palmer — Clinton 
Brent Alexander Palmer — Vicksburg 
Carla Wilson Palmer — Jackson 
David Alan Palmer — Vicksburg 
Gwendolyn Benton Palmer — Jackson 
Jeannie L. Palmer — Jackson 
Joyce Jones Palmer — Jackson 
Lisa K. Palmer — Flowood 
Pamela Renee Palmer — Jackson 
Patrick Eugene Palmer — Jackson 
Patrick James Palmer — Clinton 
Sherrie Louise Palmer — Jackson 
Tamera Evette Palmer — Vicksburg 
Teresa White Palmer — Pearl 
Trevor Cheyene Palmer — Jackson 
Roger Glenn Palmertree — Vicksburg 
Diana Louise Palmire — Jackson 
Tammy Lynn Palokas — Carthage 
Patrick Eugene Pandolfi — Clinton 
Paul Gregory Pandolfi — Clinton 
Joanne Elizabeth Papa — Vicksburg 
Susanne Frances Papa — Vicksburg 

Directory / 31 1 

Phillip Tyrone Pardue — Jackson 
Clemon Lemart Parish — Jackson 
Gordon A. Parish — Jackson 
Hugh Everett Parish — Brandon 
Kaye llene Parish — Vicksburg 
Charles Christopher Park — Vicksburg 
Melanie G. Park — Ridgeland 
Bettie Parker — Vicksburg 
Betty J. Parker — Vicksburg 
Billy C. Parker — Vicksburg 
Bobby Glen Parker — Pelahatchie 
Deloris Dorsey Parker — Jackson 
Estella D Parker — Madison 
James Howard Parker — Jackson 
John Wayne Parker — Pearl 
Josephine P. Parker — Vicksburg 
Kathy Ashby Parker — Brandon 
Kelli Ann Parker — Clinton 
Kristen E. Parker — Mendenhall 
Pamela Gail Parker — Canton 
Patrick Darrin Parker — Brandon 
Rebecca Featherston Parker — Jackson 
Sherry Melissa Parker — Morton 
Steven Andrew Parker — Vicksburg 
Tina Roxanne Parker — Jackson 
Tony Lamar Parker — Morton 
Wanda Fay Parker — Duncan 
Carol Suzanne Parkerson — Pearl 
Elizabeth A Parkerson — Kosciusko 
Alisa Dianne Parkman — Jackson 
Atley Howard Parkman — Clinton 
Austin Taylor Parkman — Clinton 
Catherine Elizabet Parkman — Clinton 
Sean Marie Parkman — Jackson 
Todd W. Parkman — Jackson 
Larry Parks — Jackson 
Patricia Pettway Parks — Vicksburg 
Barbara A Parman O'Qui — Vicksburg 
Rebekah Ann Parman — Port Gibson 
Rhonda Annell Parman — Port Gibson 
Sheryl Vance Parmegiani — Vicksburg 
Sheryl Vanessa Parnell — Jackson 
Carolyn R. Parr Hammo — Vicksburg 
Bridget Ann Parrett — Florence 
Teresa Reshea Parrett — Vicksburg 
Bobby Jack Parrish — Jackson 
Thomas Parrish — Vicksburg 
James Ernest Parson — Wesson 
Samuell Clark Parson — Boliver 
Twinie Cheri Parson — Vicksburg 
Christopher Todd Parsons — Jackson 
Eva Marie Parsons — Edwards 
Tina Sharon Parsons — Jackson 
Steven Earl Parten — Pearl 
Amanda Land Partridge — Vicksburg 
Tina Joyce Partridge H — Clinton 
Christine B Pate — Jackson 
David Dwight Pate — Jackson 
Kandy Rena Pate Johns — Vicksburg 
Michael H. Pate — Vicksburg 
Daxa M. Patel — Vicksburg 
Dipak R. Patel — Vicksburg 
Kiran M Patel — Vicksburg 
Pravin R. Patel — Jackson 
Michele Patenotte — Yazoo City 
Angela Kaye Patrick — Mendenhall 
Cheryl Windham Patrick — Vicksburg 
Gayla Lynn Patrick — Pelahatchie 
Gena Michelle Patrick — Terry 
Larry Glynn Patrick — D Lo 
Lavern Patrick — Crystal Springs 
Rhonda Lynn Patrick — Jackson 
Zelma Teresa Patrick F. — Jackson 
David Stuart Patterson — Jackson 
Dorothy Brown Patterson — Jackson 
James Taber Patterson — Florence 
Julie Patterson — Brandon 
Kenneth Darryl Patterson — Brandon 
Kymberly Smith Patterson — Raymond 
Stephen F. Patterson — Jackson 
Willie Rufus Patterson — Vicksburg 
Barbara Ann Patton — Clinton 
Colereginald W. Patton — Lexington 
Harold Dejuan Patton — Jackson 
Laverne Piggs Patton — Jackson 
Meta Maxine Patton — Jackson 
Trina Valencia Patton — Clinton 
Willie Earl Patton Jr. — Clinton 
Kathleen Ann Patty — Vicksburg 
Michael Keith Pawlik — Jackson 
Kathleen Corrigan Payment — Jackson 
John Kennedy Payn — Wesson 
Charles Christopher Payne — Jackson 
Cleve P. Payne — Kosciusko 
David Charles Payne — Vicksburg 
Gail Cochran Payne — Jackson 
Joe T. Payne Jr — Jackson 

Kimberly Kay Payne — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Payne — Pattison 
Rayshell L Payne — Mendenhall 
Shirley Watkins Payne — Pearl 
Glenda Louise Payton — Jackson 
Glenn Louis Payton — Jackson 
Rosie Payton — Jackson 
Rayburn Scott Peacock — Clinton 
Darrol F. Peacor III — Richland 
Eric Andrew Pearson — Brandon 
Gary G. Pearson — Jackson 
Jim V. Pearson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Lisar Pearson — Vicksburg 
Shane H Pearson — Apo SF 
Sherry L Pearson — Vicksburg 
Joyce Clayton Peavey — Jackson 
Milburn J. Pechart — Vicksburg 
Rosemary Pechart — Vicksburg 
Alvin Lee Peden — Richland 
Ricky Lee Peden — Clinton 
Kenneth Roy Pee — Vicksburg 
Chris James Peede — Brandon 
Betty J. Peeples — Jackson 
Carl A. Peeples III — Pear! 
Ruth Ellen Peeples — Jackson 
Van Alan Peeples — Jackson 
Arnett C. Peery — Carthage 
John D Peet — Jackson 
Paul B. Peets — Florence 
Mary Traci Pellegrine — Jackson 
Greg A Peltz — Vicksburg 
Jeffrey W. Peltz — Vicksburg 
Geoffrey Len Pender — Florence 
William Allen Pendergast — Jackson 
Mary Marie Pendleteton — Vicksburg 
Anthony Lewis Pendleton — Jackson 
Denise Rene Pendleton — Jackson 
Felicia Diane Pendleton — Terry 
Lisa Ann Pendleton — Jackson 
Phillip Kerry Pendleton — Jackson 
Jayanne Prechtl Peninger — Jackson 
Ann Penley — Vicksburg 
Myra Bishop Penn — Forest 
Robert B Penn — Raymond 
William Michael Penn — Forest 
Deanne Joy Penning Brock — Learned 
Argle Pennington — (Jtica 
Carol E. Pennington — Pearl 
James Ernest Pennington — Pearl 
John Glenn Pennington — Pearl 
Cynthia Lila Pennock — Pearl 
Vicky Smith Penny — Vicksburg 
John T. Penquite — Canton 
Candler G. Peoples — Pearl 
Linda G. Peoples — Jackson 
Pearley Peoples — Jackson 
Lillie Ann Pepper — Vaughn 
Penny W. Pepper — Vaughn 
Charles Everett Perdue — Brandon 
Kimberly Marie Perilloux — Clinton 
Irene Loretta Perkins — Canton 
James Quitman Perkins — Clinton 
Leigh Ann Perkins — Jackson 
Michael C. Perkins — Jackson 
Portis Enreke Perkins — Jackson 
Suzanne Walls Perkins — Clinton 
Timothy Alan Perkins — Gloster 
Willie Perkins Jr. — Jackson 
Ginny L. Perrett — Clinton 
Wanda Kathleen Perrett — Jackson 
Wanda Barfield Perrier — Vicksburg 
Jonathan Christoph Perritt — Jackson 
Deatra Aylene Perry — Jackson 
Eric Perry — Pelatachie 
Eula Bernard Perry — Canton 
III Lester Perry T. — Jackson 
Jennifer Rochelle Perry — Carthage 
Kelly Kiska Perry — Rolling Fork 
Micheal Shayne Perry — Terry 
Sandra E. Perry — Pearl 
Stephanie Perry — Tougaloo 
James Neal Perteet — Jackson 
Pauline W. Petermann — Jackson 
Audrey Lee Peterson C. — Clinton 
Mark David Peterson — Clinton 
Sandra Faye Peterson — Canton 
Sharon Hazel Peterson — Natchez 
Peggy Suzanne Petrawek — Jackson 
James Christian Petrovich — Clinton 
Robert Lyndell Pettis — Vicksburg 
Charles Thomas Pettway — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Fae Pettway — Vicksburg 
Dean Keith Pettway — Cleveland 
James B. Pettway Jr. — Clinton 
Marsha D. Pettway — Vicksburg 
John Griffin Peyton — (Jtica 

Tom H Pfamenstiel — Vicksburg 
Carrianne Phillips Pfister — Clinton 
Dung Dinh Pham — Jackson 
Ngoc Van Phan — Pearl 
Margaret Jane Pharr — Jackson 
Tonjula Lashell Pheal — Canton 
Kaye Yvonne Phebus — Pearl 
Tracey Lea Phifer — Vicksburg 
Brenda F. Phillips — Clinton 
Charity Leigh Phillips — Dlo 
Cheryl Pilgrim Phillips — Clinton 
Christine S. Phillips — Pearl 
David Bayne Phillips — Vicksburg 
Donald Ray Phillips — Jackson 
Donna Renee Phillips — Vicksburg 
Frankie Nichols Phillips — Jackson 
Gina Christine Phillips — Jackson 
Glenda M. Phillips Purvi — Jackson 
Gregory Scott Phillips — Ridgeland 
John Lester Phillips Jr. — Vicksburg 
Kristie Lea Phillips — Brandon 
Leah Rene Phillips — Clinton 
Marilyn Latanya Phillips — Jackson 
Peggy Jean Phillips — Pearl 
Phil Burley Phillips — Morton 
Regina Meshel Phillips — Morton 
Sheryl Stanley Phillips — Flowood 
Suzanne Dawsey Phipps — Vicksburg 
Hugh Byrne Phyfer — Jackson 
Timothy B. Piatchek — Brandon 
Norma Piazza — Vicksburg 
Denesia Y. Pickel — Vicksburg 
Scott Brady Pickell — Pearl 
James Wesley Pickering — Jackson 
Wilbur Lee Pickering — Clinton 
James Douglas Pickett — Brookhaven 
Melvin Clinton Pickett III — Vicksburg 
Paul Jonathan Pickett — Raymond 
Steven W. Pickett — Raymond 
Candace Lynn Pierce — Jackson 
Christina Babette Pierce — Jackson 
David Wayne Pierce — Vicksburg 
Gayla S. Pierce — Jackson 
Jaynie Ann Pierce — Vicksburg 
Jeremy Michael Pierce — Vicksburg 
Jodi Ann Pierce Mains — Vicksburg 
John Chris Pierce — Jackson 
Martha Davis Pierce — Vicksburg 
Robin Faye Pierce — Vicksburg 
Susan Denise Pierce — Vicksburg 
William Jessie Pierce — Jackson 
Eric Robinson Pigg — Carthage 
Glen Alec Pigg — Lena 
William Bradley Pigg — Vicksburg 
Patricia Ann Piggs — Jackson 
Tyler Glenn Pilgrim — Brookhaven 
Regina Ann Pinion — Jackson 
Joseph Pino — Crystal Springs 
Marion Kay Pinson — Jackson 
Rusty Clinton Pinter — Pearl 
Annette Wren Pipkin — Florence 
Billy P. Pipkin — Vicksburg 
Daphne McDonald Pipper — Jackson 
Laura Johnson Pirie — Clinton 
Robert Lee Pitchford — Belzoni 
Barbara M. Pittman — Clinton 
Beverly D. Pittman — Magee 
Christopher E. Pittman — Florence 
Don Willard Pittman — Brandon 
Donna Pittman — Jackson 
Donna Lynn Pittman — Pearl 
Pamela Pittman — Vicksburg 
Renee Heatherwick Pittman — Pearl 
Robin Rochelle Pittman — Jackson 
Sandra Cousins Pittman — Jackson 
Scarlett Charmaine Pittman — Florence 
Stacey Delaine Pittman — Vicksburg 
Sterling Russell Pittman — Mendenhall 
Tabatha Lorine Pittman — Magee 
Shelia Renea Pittmon — Ludlow 
Cheryl Grigsby Pitts — Vicksburg 
Deborah Jean Pitts - Florence 
Elizabeth Tanner Pitts — Jackson 
Jonna P. Pitts — Jackson 
Julie Ann Pitts — Jackson 
Kitty Mulligan Pitts — Crystal Springs 
Robert Neely Pitts Jr. — Jackson 
Sonya Smith Pitts — Brandon 
Laura Christina Plum — Jackson 
James E. Plunkett — Tchula 
Darla Rene Poe — Jackson 
Joey Marcel Poitevin — Pascagoula 
Carol Hamilton Polk — Raymond 
Eunice Polk — Vicksburg 
Jeffrey Kevin Polk — Jackson 
Linda Wallace Polk — Florence 
Louis Carroll Polk Micha — Jackson 

Pamela H Polk Gray — Clinton 
Richard Fitzgerald Polk — Richland 
Robin Rachelle Polk — Prentiss 
Robin Wall Polk — Pearl 
Ronica Danielle Polk — Jackson 
Tracy Lynn Polk — Vicksburg 
Vanessa Michelle Pollard — Jackson 
Cary Shawn Pollock — Brandon 
Cynthia Ponder — Jackson 
Johnny W. Ponder — Vicksburg 
Shirley A. Ponder — Jackson 
Amy Leleux Ponti — Jackson 
Charles E Poole — Terry 
Jennifer Lane Poole — Pearl 
William Claude Poole — Clinton 
Daniel John Pooley — Jackson 
Billy Leon Poore — Yazoo City 
Laura Virginia Poore — Florence 
Angela Starr Pope — Pearl 
Danny Lawrence Pope — Pearl 
Gigi Pier Pope — Lena 
Joe Ted Pope — Terry 
Leigh A Pope — Clinton 
Sandra Shaw Pope — Raymond 
Sarah Ann Pope — Raymond 
Susan Benson Pope — Jackson 
Tina Michelle Pope — Pearl 
Alicia Porter — Bolton 
F. Gene Porter — Brandon 
Hugh Daniel Porter — Jackson 
Inez Cameron Porter — Brandon 
James O Porter — Jackson 
Joseph Porter — Flora 
Krushandra Porter — Bolton 
Leslie Ann Porter — Brandon 
Marquettia Rena Porter — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Porter — Jackson 
Pamela Denise Porter — Brandon 
Patrick Ross Porter — Jackson 
Percy L. Porter — Jackson 
Rhonda G. Porter — Jackson 
Sara Margaret Porter — Brandon 
Tina Owens Porter — Pearl 
Torome Porter — Jackson 
Bobbie McGee Posey — Morton 
Clyde Wilson Posey Jr. — Vicksburg 
John Brent Posey — Clinton 
Jon Tim Posey — Pearl 
Rodney Judon Posey — Pearl 
Keith William Potter — Jackson 
Mary Langer Potter — Jackson 
Willie Ruth Potter — Braxton 
Carl James Powe — Tougaloo 
Emmitt Ray Powe — Jackson 
Preston Bernard Powe — Jackson 
Angela Yvonne Powell — Vicksburg 
Charles Edward Powell — Clinton 
Christopher Michael Powell — Tougaloo 
Dayle Graham Powell — Clinton 
Eli Powell Jr. — Terry 
Janice O. Powell Wilso — Bolton 
Joann H. Powell — Clinton 
Malinda Elaine Powell — Terry 
Marion McDaniel Powell — Jackson 
Money Powell III — Jackson 
Rhonda Smith Powell — Pearl 
Robert Sanders Powell — Jackson 
Sandra F. Powell — Vicksburg 
Sharon Ann Powell — Vicksburg 
Sundra McGloster Powell — Jackson 
Winifred Wayland Powell — Vicksburg 
Stephen C. Power — Pearl 
Andrew Gene Powers — Vicksburg 
Andy Gene Powers — Vicksburg 
Linda Baugher Powers — Vicksburg 
Bryan William Prassel — Jackson 
Lisa R. Prassel — Raymond 
Michael Louis Prather — Brandon 
Jacqueline Lanae Pratt — Indianola 
Linda Louise Pratt — Indianola 
Raleigh Ann Pratt — Canton 
Karl Cedric Pree — Natchez 
Shirleen Ramagos Prescott — Vicksburg 
Mark W. Presley — Vicksburg 
Michael B. Presley — Vicksburg 
Hal Greer Pressgrove — Jackson 
Janna Michelle Pressgrove — Clinton 
Joanna S. Presswood — Brandon 
Robert Mitchell Preston — Pearl 
Maurice E. Preuss — Terry 
Robyn Theresa Preuss — Terry 
Teresa Mahecha Preuss — Terry 
Cherry D. Price — Jackson 
Christopher Charles Price — Jackson 
Don Price — Jackson 
Dorothy J. Price - Yazoo City 
Earnett Price — Jackson 

312 / Directory 

Ernestine Buchanan Price — Vicksburg 
John Edward Price Jr. — Brandon 
Lori Suzanne Price — Clinton 
Nina Carrol Price — Raymond 
Patricia Ann Price — Vicksburg 
Sharland Latisa Price — Jackson 
Sharon S. Price — Jackson 
Tammara Leigh Price — Vicksburg 
Theresa L. Price — Jackson 
Tina Nell Price — Raymond 
Tracy Anne Price — Jackson 
Walterine Walker Price — Jackson 
Edwin N. Prichard — Vicksburg 
Terri Lynn Prickett — Vicksburg 
Bruce Allan Priddy — Rolling Fork 
Jody Durell Priddy — Rolling Fork 
Samantha A. Prim — Raymond 
Mildred A Primer — Canton 
Thomas Alvin Prince — Magee 
Marion Daryl Prisock — Pearl 
Christine Louise Pritchard — Jackson 
Jackie Lynn Pritchard — Vicksburg 
Beverly Rena Proctor — Jackson 
Bobbie Brown Proctor — Brandon 
David Lee Proctor — Jackson 
Eddie Brown Proctor — Brandon 
Georgia Proctor — Pearl 
Glendora Johnson Proctor — Brandon 
Jeffrey G. Proctor — Jackson 
Tawana Ann Proctor — Brandon 
Vanessa Proctor — Brandon 
Tami Oneil Propst — Ridgeland 
Karen Lee Prosser — Vicksburg 
Stephen Ross Provance — Lorman 
Fannie Joyce Pruitt — Jackson 
Copucine Lashattae Pryor — Jackson 
Michael Scott Pryor Jr. — Jackson 
Ann Puckett — Terry 
Cregg Malone Puckett — Brandon 
Cynthia Leigh Puckett — Magee 
Dana Renee Puckett — Vicksburg 
Gregory Carl Puckett — Clinton 
John Charles Puckett — Jackson 
Rhonda Michelle Puckett — Pearl 
Tammy Marie Puckett — Redwood 
Charles Pugh — Vicksburg 
Pamela Nevels Pugh — Vicksburg 
Arthur Jackson Pulley Jr. — Pearl 
John Stanley Purifoy Jr. — Clinton 
Mary Kathryn Purnell — Clinton 
Patricia Ann Purnell Pace — Jackson 
Thomas C. Purnell — Clinton 
Thomas Mitchell Purnell — Clinton 
Donna Kelly Purser — Jackson 
Thomas Wayne Purser Jr. — Hazlehurst 
Frank Cameron Purviance — (Jtica 
Ami Hearn Purvis — Vicksburg 
Annie Purvis — Brandon 
Betty M. Purvis Evans — Jackson 
Charlie Buchanan Purvis — Morton 
Donna Daniels Purvis — Port Gibson 
Joe Rufus Purvis — Jackson 
John David Purvis — Clinton 
Lori Michele Purvis — Flora 
Louise P. Purvis — Florence 
Valerie M. Purvis Vaugh — Jackson 
Daniel Earl Putman — Brandon 


William Joseph Quails — Brandon 
Amy Mechelle Quarles — Vicksburg 
Ellen Christine Quarles — Clinton 
Glenda A. Quarles — Clinton 
Linda S. Quarles — Clinton 
Gwendolyn Deanna Queen — Jackson 
Annette Quick — Jackson 
Rebecca A. Quick — Pearl 
Robbie Lee Quick — Florence 
Timothy Dewayne Quick — Pearl 
Brenda Annette Quimby — Brandon 
Karen R. Quimby — Jackson 
Donna Lynn Quin — Ridgeland 
Carol Ann Quinn — Madison 
Cheryl Suzette Quinn — Jackson 
Jeryl Quinn — Jackson 


Karen Johnson Rabalais — Raymond 
Kerry George Rabalais — Ridgeland 
Polly H. Rabalais — Raymond 
Louise Picariello Race — Vicksburg 
Kim Fay Rader — Jackson 
Lula Mae Rader — Vicksburg 
Vincent Jay Ragan — Redwood 
Russell Paul Raiford — Ponchatoula 
Glenda J. Rainer — Vicksburg 
Reid L. Rainer — Vicksburg 
Barbara D. Raines — Ridgeland 
Barbara Jean Raines — Vicksburg 
Steve K. Raines — Vicksburg 
Tim Alan Raines — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Wayne Rainey — Brandon 
Mary Hall Rainey — Brandon 
Tabitha Suzanne Ramage — Brandon 
Raymond C. Ramos — Clinton 
Lamar Enochs Ramsay — Jackon 
C. Jack Ramsey Sr. — Edwards 
Deborah Ramsey — Jackson 
Erma Calvert Ramsey — Jackson 
Keith Donovan Ramsey — Jackson 
Angela Kay Ramshur — Jackson 
Ronnie Lynn Rand — Jackson 
George Marvin Randall Jr. — Jackson 
Jamie Renee Randall — Richland 
Sadie Marie Randle — Vicksburg 
Drue A. Randolph — Vicksburg 
Evelyn Randolph — Brandon 
Perian Elizabeth Randolph — Vicksburg 
Demetrius Rankin — Magee 
James Matthew Rankin — Raymond 
Lavaughn Rankin — Jackson 
Nancy Sue Rankin — Canton 
Tina Rena Rankin — Clinton 
Joanna Alexander Ransome — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Charles Rapp — Clinton 
James Donald Rasberry Jr. — Terry 
Marguerite Luke Rascoe — Jackson 
Marcus Gustavus Rash — Cleveland 
F. Maxine Ratcliff Brela — Brandon 
Melissa Joy Ratcliff — Jackson 
Cynthia Denise Ratliff — Jackson 
James Ray Ratliff — Jackson 
Jessie R. Ratliff — Jackson 
Kimberly Regina Ratliff — Canton 
Robert Samuel Ratliff II — Jackson 
Theodore Kenny Ratliff Jr. — Clinton 
Ginnie Ann Rattler — Jackson 
Flora V. Rau — Jackson 
Timothy Wayne Rauls — Flowood 
Morris Cortez Rawls — Jackson 
John Russell Rawson D. — Jackson 
Julie Dianne Rawson — Pearl 
Tanya Gail Rawson — Pearl 
Carla McCully Ray — Yazoo City 
Charles Edly Ray — Vicksburg 
Christine Valentine Ray — Pearl 
Daniel Edward Ray — Brandon 
Phillip Martin Ray — Flowood 
Reuben Dale Ray — Jackson 
Stephen Douglas Ray — Pearl 
Stephen Joseph Ray — Jackson 
Shannon Elizabeth Rayburn — Greenville 
Stephen Warren Rayburn — Edwards 
Lisa Ann Rayfield — Vicksburg 
Henry Leroy Rayford — Jackson 
Mary Fisher Rayford — Clinton 
Joanna Lee Raymond — Terry 
Bethan Read — Canton 
Luana Reardon — McComb 
Anne Marie Reaves — Vicksburg 
Rhonda Rachelle Reaves — Vicksburg 
Nicholas M. Rebert — Vicksburg 
Ira D. Redd Spann — Brandon 
James Ray Redd — Jackson 
Michael Anthony Redd — Brandon 
Donald Eugene Redden — Brandon 
Vergenas Willis Reddick — Jackson 
Tammy Renee Redding — Vicksburg 
Candyce Cox Redditt — Vicksburg 
Dixie G. Redditt — Vicksburg 
Mark Spencer Redditt — Vicksburg 
Monte Leon Redditt — Vicksburg 
Edward Wayne Redmond — Jackson 
Brinda Kay Redwine — Coffeeville 
Brad L. Reece — Vicksburg 
Garland L. Reece — Vicksburg 
Adrienne Cecillia Reed — Vicksburg 
Annie Jean Reed — Raymond 
Christopher Reed — Vicksburg 
Flavia Yolon Reed — Jackson 
George Moody Reed Jr. — Jackson 
Ida M. Reed — Jackson 
Jeffrey Scott Reed — Utica 
Jennifer Reed — Vicksburg 

Martha Diana Reed — Jackson 
Natalye E. Reed — Edwards 
Paul Brian Reed — Jackson 
Raymond Reed — Vicksburg 
Robert Earl Reed — Vicksburg 
Robert L. Reed — Vicksburg 
Roddy D. Reed — Edwards 
Van Henry Reed — Vicksburg 
Sandra Gail Reeder — Pearl 
Loriann Frances Reep — Jackson 
Theresa Lorraine Reep — Jackson 
Cindy J. Rees — Clinton 
James Lee Reeves — Jackson 
James Richard Reeves — Monticello 
Laura Elizabeth Reeves — Brandon 
Leigh Ann Reeves — Clinton 
Michele Reeves — Jackson 
Pamela Eatmon Reeves — Madison 
Teresa Carol Reeves — Morton 
Wesley L. Reeves Jr. — Clinton 
Cynthia Regan — Hermanville 
Dylan Regan — Brandon 
Alma McPhearson Reginal — Raymond 
Joseph C. Register III — Jackson 
Sara Godfrey Rehg — Vicksburg 
Andrea Kaye Reid — Flowood 
Jeri Copeland Reiff — Brandon 
Stanley George Reiff — Brandon 
Carl Hubert Reinhardt — Jackson 
Barbara Michelle Reis — Florence 
Thomas Michael Reitano — Brandon 
Christopher Renegar — Jackson 
Patrick Hart Renegar — Jackson 
Tammy White Renfroe — Jackson 
Angela Denean Renfrow — Morton 
Barry Neal Renfrow — Vicksburg 
Catherine S. Renfrow — Jackson 
Susan Renee Renfrow — Jackson 
William Craig Renfrow — Jackson 
Dawn Noelle Renz — Jackson 
Christopher Reves — Jackson 
Connie P. Reynolds — Jackson 
Donnie Johnson Reynolds — Jackson 
Edward Charles Reynolds — Vicksburg 
J. Gay Reynolds — Brandon 
Lisa Kaye Reynolds — Vicksburg 
Sharon E. Reynolds — Jackson 
Tonie Galuski Reynolds — Jackson 
Virginia Rhinehart — Vicksburg 
Connie Dea Rhinewalt — Jackson 
Henry Kelly Rhoads — Holly Bluff 
Angela Jean Rhodes — Jackson 
Carma Faliscia Rhodes — Jackson 
Gavin Trenton Rhodes — Brandon 
Jerry Earl Rhodes — Jackson 
Linda Ann Rhodes — Rolling Fork 
Shirley Jean Rhodes — Jackson 
Steven Kyle Rhodes — Pelahatchie 
Robert Miller Rials — Vicksburg 
Steven Arthur Rials — Jackson 
Kim J. Rice — Vicksburg 
Pamela Dianne Rice — Florence 
David Wayne Richard — Jackson 
James David Richards — Vicksburg 
Jason Eugene Richards — Jackson 
Malcolm Richards — Vicksburg 
Teresa M. Richards — Vicksburg 
Angela Dawn Richardson — Jackson 
Bill Edgar Richardson — Ridgeland 
Bobby Richardson — (Jtica 
Carolyn Craig Richardson — Jackson 
Cherrsse Richardson — Pinola 
Elsie Lucille Richardson — Pearl 
Felicia Dawn Richardson — Jackson 
Jerry S. Richardson — Vicksburg 
Jim Richardson — Jackson 
Joe M. Richardson — Vicksburg 
Joseph Malcolm Richardson — Vicksburg 
Julie Dougherty Richardson — Vicksburg 
Lovie Lawanda Richardson — Brookhaven 
Michelle Antoin Richardson — Yazoo City 
Mike D. Richardson — Vicksburg 
Ollis F. Richardson — Jackson 
Reginald Wayne Richardson — Jackson 
Richie Dwayne Richardson — Cryst 

Robert Davis Richardson — Vicksburg 
Robin Lynette Richardson — Jackson 
Shirley Lacy Richardson — Jackson 
Kenneth Jay Riche — Chalmette 
Doretha Thomas Richmond — Edwards 
Latina Yvette Richmond — Lambert 
Charlotte K. Richter — Vicksburg 
Marilyn Mullins Rickels — Clinton 
Gary Allan Rickles — Vicksburg 
Annie B. Ricks — Jackson 
Ann Marie Rico — Florence 

Derek C. Riddle — Jackson 
Howard Craig Riddle — Vicksburg 
Phillip Allen Riddle — Raymond 
Louis E Ridgway Jr. — Jackson 
Tammy B. Ridley — Natchez 
Edward Earl Rigby Jr. — Cantonment 
Shelia Nell Rigby — Forest 
Charles Tim Rigdon — Brandon 
Dianna Theobald Riggenbach — Brandon 
Leslie Ann Rigss — Jackson 
Audrey Denise Riley — Jackson 
David Ramsay Riley — Walnut Grove 
Henry E Riley — Jackson 
Janice Faye Riley — Jackson 
John Martin Riley — Mendenhall 
Leigh Anne Riley — Vicksburg 
Minnie Mae Riley — Jackson 
Patricia C. Riley — Vicksburg 
Donna Kay Rinehart — Jackson 
Angie Ringo — Vicksburg 
Zylavian Rippy — Jackson 
Elizabeth Louise Risher — Jackson 
Stacey Michelle Rist — Yazoo City 
Anthony Charles Ritter — Jackson 
Pamela Denise Ritter — Jackson 
Richard Shane Ritter — Clinton 
Deloris Jeanette Rivers — Holly Bluff 
Gay Ann Rivers — Holly Bluff 
Joy Lynn Rivers — Brandon 
Melissa Kay Rives — Carthage 
Reena Elizabeth Roach — Greenwood 
Robert Morris Roach — Vicksburg 
Wanda Diane Roach — Jackson 
Annie Robbins — Canton 
Becky Robbins — Ridgeland 
Justin Scott Robbins — Pelahatchie 
Reese Duncan Robbins — Pelahatchie 
Shirley Maxine Robbins — Jackson 
Tony R Robbins — Jackson 
Velma Joy Robbins Piatt — Vicksburg 
Barbara Roland Roberson — Ridgeland 
Jennifer Leigh Roberson — Clinton 
Linda S Roberson — Jackson 
Roy Neal Roberson — Vicksburg 
William Edward Roberson — Vicksburg 
James Mitchell Robert — Pearl 
Albert D. Roberts — Vicksburg 
Albert Victor Roberts — Pearl 
Allen B. Roberts — Vicksburg 
Brenda B. Roberts — Port Gibson 
Carolyn Denise Roberts — Flora 
Charles Marcus Roberts — Jackson 
Gregory Dean Roberts — Clinton 
Howard Evert Roberts — Pelahatchie 
James William Roberts Jr. — Brandon 
Karen Lynn Roberts — Jackson 
Kathy Lucille Roberts — Pearl 
Kevin Tyrone Roberts — Belzoni 
Maggie Arlanda Roberts — Forest 
Michael Glenn Roberts — (Jtica 
Patricia Roberts — Vicksburg 
Randolph Roberts — Pearl 
Reggie Frank Roberts — Natchez 
Richard Cooper Roberts — Jackson 
Shelley Ann Roberts Womac — Vicksburg 
Walter Donald Roberts — Terry 
Anna Christina Robertson — Jackson 
David Ralph Robertson — Vicksburg 
Deborah E. Robertson — Jackson 
Gloriastine Robertson — Benton 
Keith Joseph Robertson — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Ann Robertson — Brandon 
Malcolm Earl Robertson — Jackson 
Marshall K. Robertson — Jackson 
Pamela Thomas Robertson — Vicksburg 
Ralph R. Robertson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Sonia Kaye Robertson — Jackson 
Pamela Jean Robey — Vicksburg 
Aaron Craig Robinson — Jackson 
Alisa Machell Robinson — Jackson 
Alvin Lynn Robinson — Jackson 
Anita K. Robinson — Pearl 
Anthony Ray Robinson — Jackson 
Barbara Robinson — Jackson 
a Barbara Lewis Robinson — Jackson 
Betty Diane Robinson — Ocean Springs 
Billy Jeff Robinson — Vicksburg 
Charlotte Demetri Robinson — Jackson 
David Louis Robinson — Jackson 
Debra W. Robinson — Bolton 
Dexter Jerome Robinson — Jackson 
Dexter Ludell Robinson — Bolton 
Dillard Robinson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Esther Lee Robinson — Brandon 
Everett Renald Robinson — Pearl 
Fletcher Robinson — Jackson 
Frederick Robinson — Utica 

Directory / 313 

Fredrick Darnell Robinson — Pearl 
Harold Dean Robinson — Brandon 
Henry G Robinson — Jackson 
Jannie Delores Robinson — Jackson 
Kenny Carl Robinson — Jackson 
Lance Stewart Robinson — Pearl 
Lucinda T Robinson — Jackson 
Margaret Marie Robinson — Canton 
Martha S Robinson — Raymond 
Mary Jean Robinson — Jackson 
Monee Teresa Robinson — Jackson 
Oliver Thomas Robinson — Crystal Spring 
Patricia Ann Robinson — Jackson 
Patricia Crow Robinson — Vicksburg 
Paul Lee Robinson — Jackson 
Petra Dianne Robinson — Jackson 
Randy Gary Robinson — Florence 
Rebecca Ann Robinson — Jackson 
Rhonda Michelle Robinson — Clinton 
Ricky Andrew Robinson — tltica 
Robert Marshall Robinson — Raymond 
Robin Anne Robinson — Clinton 
Shannon Reigh Robinson — Pearl 
Sharon (Jlette Robinson — Jackson 
Shawn Michael Robinson — Bastrop 
Sherman Anthony Robinson — Jackson 
Sherryl Lynn Robinson — Pearl 
Sonja Lagene Robinson — Raymond 
Stephen Demetrous Robinson — Jacksor 
Susan Denise Robinson — Brandon 
Tracy Heal Robinson — Jackson 
Vickie Andrea Robinson — Pearl 
William Alan Robinson — Jackson 
George David Robison — tltica 
Teresa Robinson Robison — (Jtica 
Mark Christopher Robshaw — Jackson 
Gail Morrow Robuck — Jackson 
Gretta Denise Roby — Vicksburg 
Maxine Denise Roby — Raymond 
Timothy E. Roby — Vicksburg 
Larry Anthony Rocconi — Vicksburg 
Sharon M. Rochel — Carriere 
Florence Rebecca Rodgers — Florence 
Edna S. Rodriguez — Jackson 
Ann Claire Roesch — Vicksburg 
Clifton Rogers Jr. — Brandon 
Denise Rogers — Jackson 
Diana Rogers — Jackson 
Frances Gayle Rogers — Richland 
James Bradley Rogers — Pearl 
Joe E. Rogers Jr. — Jackson 
Katherine Marie Rogers — Vicksburg 
Kim H. Rogers — Florence 
Lisa Dawn Rogers — Yazoo City 
Michelle Lea Rogers — Jackson 
Ricky Rogers — Jackson 
Ricky Shane Rogers — Jackson 
Stacy E Rogers — Clinton 
Steve W Rogers — Florence 
Timothy Meal Rogers — Florence 
Trenia Marcel Rogers — Florence 
Victoria Sebrina Rogers — Crystal Springs 
Brian Davis Rohner — Clinton 
Pamela Bell Roland — Pearl 
William David Roland — Crystal Springs 
Eddie M. Rollins — Jackson 
Katherine Irene Rollins — Clinton 
Robert Burnem Rollins — Clinton 
Carter L Romes — Vicksburg 
Berlean Roper — Jackson 
Rachel M Roper — Pearl 
Patrick Michael Rose — Vicksburg 
Bobbie Jean Ross — Magee 
Charles Earl Ross — Jackson 
Clara A. Ross — Jackson 
Curtis Bill Ross — Vicksburg 
Elsie Marie Ross — Sharon 
George Ross — Vicksburg 
Jack Edward Ross — (Jtica 
James Mark Ross III — Florence 
Jeannie Burns Ross — Vicksburg 
Linda Arnold Ross — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Ross — (Jtica 
Nathaniel Ross — Jackson 
Richard Lee Ross — Prentiss 
Sandi Elane Ross — Pearl 
Shirley Ann Ross Andre — Flora 
Timothy Ross Jr. — Vickburg 
Timothy Vaughn Ross — Jackson 
Tom Ross Jr. — Jackson 
Jennifer Marie Roth — Ridgeland 
Lynda Susan Roth — Tillamook 
Patricia Sanders Rouch — Vicksburg 
Kelly Gayle Rountree — Terry 
Patrice Reynolds Rouse — Vicksburg 
William Scott Rouse — Vicksburg 
Eric William Roush — Jackson 

Micah L Roush — Jackson 
Crystal Rouster — Jackson 
Derrick Bernard Rowan — Jackson 
Alfredia D Rowe — Louisville 
Regenia Gay Rowell — Brandon 
Donald W Rowland Jr — Vicksburg 
Linda Hampton Rowland — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Renee Rowland — Vicksburg 
Gene Weston Rowzee Jr. — Flowood 
Leann Elizabeth Royal — Madison 
Joseph Paul Ruark — Brandon 
s Albert Rucker Jr — Florence 
Mary Denise Rucker — Jackson 
Nedra Stringer Rucker — Terry 
Willie O Rucker — Jackson 
Regina Levelle Rudd — Jackson 
Tammie Lynn Rudd — Jackson 
Deborah J Rudder — Ridgeland 
Betty Clement Ruff — Clinton 
Thomas Randall Ruffin — Clinton 
Andrew Devere Ruhl — Jackson 
Jennifer Carol Rule — Jackson 
Mary Davis Rule — Lexington 
Michelle Jonita Rundles — Jackson 
Amy Melissa Runnels — Magee 
April E. Runnels — Magee 
Carolyn Marie Runnels — Jackson 
Christopher Clay Runnels — Jackson 
Rusty R Runnels — Jackson 
Lachelle Rush — Jackson 
Linda K Rush Mayfi — Vicksburg 
David Anthony Rushing — Saltillo 
Lewis Edwin Rushing III — Raymond 
Patricia Denise Rushing — Jackson 
Lewis Van Rusling — Jackson 
Angela Faye Russell — Clinton 
Ashley Michele Russell — Brandon 
Don R Russell — Jackson 
Dorothy Diane Russell — Jackson 
Douglas Gene Russell — Vicksburg 
Elaine Butler Russell — Jackson 
Felicia Ann Russell — Jackson 
Janet Andrea Russell — Jackson 
Jimmie Russell — Jackson 
Johnny Deloris Russell — Vicksburg 
Lance Walden Russell — Brandon 
Lee Vincent Russell IV — Clinton 
Leslie S. Russell — Whitfield 
Mark Russell — Vicksburg 
Rodney Allen Russell — Jackson 
Rosanne Russell — Raymond 
Sarah Denice Russell — Brandon 
Sarah Jean Russell — Jackson 
Tabatha Lynn Russell — Tougaloo 
William Scott Russell — Raymond 
Celia Renee Russum — Port Gibson 
Scott Russum Jr. — Vicksburg 
Cilina Kay Rust — Clinton 
Karlen Murdock Rustad — Vicksburg 
Kenneth John Rustad — Vicksburg 
Alissa Valerie Ruth — Pearl 
Kristen Michelle Rutland — Jackson 
Shirley W. Rutland — Terry 
Joe H. Rutledge — Jackson 
Lorrie Sistrunk Rutledge — Jackson 
Sheri Dawn Rutledge — Jackson 
Stacy Elizabeth Rutledge — Brandon 
David Ferry Ryan — Jackson 
Sherry Dement Ryan — Jackson 


Alfredo V. Sacasa — Quitman 
Sam Edward Sadberry — Vicksburg 
Steven Todd Salmon — Starkville 
Teresa Spurlock Salter — Jackson 
Angela Lorraine Sampson — Jackson 
Sandra Anderson Sampson — Fayette 
Sharon Denise Sampson — Jackson 
Julieta Dizon Samson — Vicksburg 
Robert Scott Sandefur — Madison 
Betty J. Sanders — Brandon 
Bron Ryan Sanders — Raymond 
Caroline G. Sanders — Jackson 
Dana R. Sanders — Vicksburg 
Doris Sanders — Canton 
Dottie Lynn Sanders — Jackson 
Earnestine Sanders — Jackson 
Elaine M. Sanders — Vicksburg 
George Sanders — Rolling Fork 
Grace Sanders — Jackson 
Irene C. Sanders — Vicksburg 

James Edward Sanders — Canton 

Judy Ann Sanders — Jackson 

Malcolm A Sanders — Brandon 

Martha Ann Sanders — Jackson 

Martha L Sanders — Ridgeland 

Patricia Faye Sanders — Canton 

Robert Lee Sanders — Redwood 

Robert Thomas Sanders — Ridgeland 

Suzanne Michelle Sanders — Vicksburg 

Terri Lynn Sanders — Carthage 

Thomas Glenn Sanders — Vicksburg 

Tracy Deanne Sanders — Vicksburg 

Tracy Lynn Sanders — Canton 

Becky Sanderson — Vicksburg 

Deborah Steed Sanderson — Raymond 

Mary Jean Sanderson — Jackson 

Melanie Sanderson — Madison 

Dorthelia N. Sandifer — Jackson 

Iris Faye Sandifer — Jackson 

Joseph Allen Sandifer — Clinton 

Lisa Ann Sandifer — Pearl 

Yolanda Elease Sandifer — Jackson 

Bobby Louis Sanford — Jackson 

Gwendolyn Sue Sanford — Jackson 

John Barny Sanford — Jackson 

Kevin Ross Sanford — Pearl 

Nancy Mae Sanford — Courtland 

Ruby K. Sanford L. — Morton 

Virginia Lynn Sanford — Jackson 

Jeannette Dean Sansone — Vicksburg 

Stella Ruth Sapp — Braxton 

Lisa Dianne Sarrett — Jackson 

Darrell Wayne Sartin — Brandon 

Jerald Thomas Sartin — Pearl 

Candace K. Sartor Willi — Pearl 

Kristie Lynn Saterfiel — Pearl 

Smith Kristi Sather A. — Raymond 

Denetra Rena Satterfield — Vicksburg 

Thomas Ray Saul — Laurel 

Jack Savage Jr — Jackson 

Alwilda Speake Savel — Terry 

Carol Savell — Jackson 

Chris B. Savell — Clinton 

James Larry Savell — Brandon 

Janetlynn Margaret Savell — Clinton 

Barabra Ann Savels — Vicksburg 

Judith A. Saway — Jackson 

Rita Barlow Sawyers — Jackson 

Christy Gail Saxton — Morton 

David Clark Saxton — Yazoo City 

Sheila Lynn Saxton — Vicksburg 

Louis Edward Sbardella — Jackson 

Lura Scales — Raymond 

John Dow Scarborough — Bolton 

Harvey Clifton Scarbrough — Terry 

Paige Maralene Scarbrough — Florence 

Robert Paul Schellinger — Raymond 

Michael P. Schenk — Jackson 

Chester Merrill Schneider — Redwood 

Ruthanne D. Schnell — Tougaloo 

Helmuth Trey Scholl — Brandon 

Karen Marie Schuler — Jackson 

Tim Ray Schutz — Pearl 

Barbara Ann Schwarzauer — Jackson 

Grover Kelton Schwarzauer — Silver Creek 

Billie J. Schwindling Barre — Jackson 

John R. Scoggins — Raymond 

Maude Cleveland Scoggins — Florence 

Todd D. Scoles — Brandon 

Athalia D. Scott — Jackson 

Barbara Wheaton Scott — Raymond 

Clayton Scott — Raymond 

Dana Lynn Scott — Pearl 

David Tyrone Scott — Brandon 

Dennis Humphrey Scott — Vicksburg 

Doris Elaine Scott — Canton 

Edwin Dean Scott — Jackson 

Jennifer Leah Scott — Clinton 

Jimmy L. Scott — Vicksburg 

Lisa Scott — Jackson 

Lori Ann Scott — Brandon 

Michael Lee Scott — Brandon 

Micheal R. Scott — Florence 

Miriam Claire Scott — Vicksburg 

Myrtle L. Scott Perme — Jackson 

Robin Gail Scott — Jackson 

Terrance Terrill Scott — Jackson 

Thelma J. Scott — Jackson 

Theresa Louise Scott — Jackson 

Tonietta Renee Scott — Jackson 

Victoria Ann Scott — Yazoo City 

Gregory Lamar Seale — Jackson 

Angelia Victoria Seals — Mendenhall 

Mary Deloise Seals — Mendenhall 

Damon Edward Searcy — Jackson 

William Lamar Searcy — Jackson 

Tomi Lynn Sears — Brandon 

Ben Armando Seay — Pearl 

Elaine L Seid — Jackson 

Lynn H Selden — Port Gibson 

Herman L Self — Terry 

Jan Self — Jackson 

Ann Davis Sellers — Clinton 

Linda Ann Sellers — (Jtica 

Ronnie H Selman — Crystal Springs 

Ricky Selmon — (Jtica 

Troy L. Selmon — tltica 

Monica Elaine Selvy — Vicksburg 

Ronald John Senko Jr. — Woodville 

Al Raymond Senseman — Jackson 

David Terry Sensing — Pearl 

Cynthia Carol Serio — Jackson 

Monica M Serio — Jackson 

Lisa E. Seros — Brandon 

Norman Lavell Session — Jackson 

Anthony H Sessions — Forest 

Barbara Jean Sessums Tynes — Ridgeland 

Roy Madison Sessums — Jackson 

Walter Thomas Sessums — Jackson 

Leigh Ellen Setliff — Jackson 

Sheila D Sewell — Jackson 

Stephanie Renee Sexton — Jackson 

Matt L Shackelford — Terry 

Amy Marie Shaferly — Ridgeland 

Sabrina Lynn Shanahan — Jackson 

Arcurtis S Shanklin — Pearl 

Peggy Landrum Shanks — Jackson 

Timothy Earl Shanks — Jackson 

Lillian Diane Shannon — Raymond 

Mack Riggins Shannon Jr. — Clinton 

William Leroy Shannon Jr. — Clinton 

Jeffrey Scott Sharp — Pearl 

Robert E. Sharp — Vicksburg 

Sharon Renea Sharp — Jackson 

Tara Lynn Sharp — Florence 

Wyatt Duncan Sharp — Jackson 

Mary Cowart Sharpe — Jackson 

Samuel B. Sharplin — Pearl 

Daphne Fashun Shavers — Canton 

Glenda Jean Shavers — Pearl 

Bertha Webb Shaw — Vicksburg 

Juanita Lewis Shaw — Vicksburg 

Rose Mary Shaw — Port Gibson 

Tess H. Shaw — Jackson 

Luvenia Williams Shay — Jackson 

Talal Gerriese Shayeb — Jackson 

Dorothy Strong Shealy — Pattison 

Steven Douglas Shearer — Jackson 

Marion Ann Shearry — Brandon 

Shelia Morehead Shears — Edwards 

Kimberly Dawn Shedd — Jackson 

Richard Daniel Shedd — Vicksburg 

Christopher Paul Sheffield — Jackson 

Jennifer Lynn Sheffield — Ridgeland 

Karen Leah Sheffield — Clinton 

Lavinia Caroline Sheffield — Brandon 

Thomas Edward Sheffield — Terry 

Bettye J. Shelby Colem — Edwards 

Brenda Lee Shelby — Vicksburg 

Carnette Shelby — Bolton 

Johnnie Mar Shelby — Jackson 

Julia W. Shelby — Terry 

Luther Shelby — Jackson 

Michael Earl Shelby — Bolton 

Cynthia Williams Shell — Richland 

Alissa Dawn Shelley — Florence 

Laurie Jean Shelly — Vicksburg 

Bonnie A. Shelton — Jackson 

Marrinia A. Shelton — Jackson 

Paul Wayne Shelton — Vicksburg 

Sheryl K. Shelton — Clinton 

Shirley K. Shelton — Jackson 

Colleen Carter Shepard — Jackson 

Peggy Suzanne Shepard — Jackson 

Robert L. Shepard — Vicksburg 

Phillip Albert Shepardson — Jackson 

Terry Mitchell Shephard — Fayette 

Ellis Shepherd — Shaw 

Michael Scott Shepherd — Jackson 

Shayne Marie Shepherd — Flora 

Tony Shepherd — Shaw 

Carolyn Ann Sheppard — Jackson 

Charles Scott Sheppard — Brandon 

Oscar Sheppard — Jackson 

Tammy Renee Sheridan — Pearl 

Linda Sheriff — Jackson 

Cynthia A. Sherman — Clinton 

Ricky Vale Sherman — Clinton 

Rocky D. Sherman — Clinton 

Thomas E. Sherman Jr. — Vicksburg 

Sam Branson Sherrill Jr. — Jackson 

Christopher Todd Shields — Hattiesburg 

Teresa Gee Shields — Brandon 

Alecia Loyd Shiers — Vicksburg 

314 / Directory 

Fredia Tracy Shiers — Vicksburg 

Linda H Shine Barha — Decatur 

Arna A Shines — Jackson 

Kenneth Earl Shines — Jackson 

Sandra Ann Shines — Jackson 

Michael Leroy Shipp — Jackson 

Fred Douglas Shirley — Jackson 

James Andrew Shirley — Jackson 

Karen Lynn Shirley — Vicksburg 

Martha Louise Shirley — Pearl 

Nealie Shirley — Pearl 

Stephen Randolph Shirley — Clinton 

Michelle Denise Shivers — Ridgeland 

Stephanie Anne Shivers — Prentiss 

Susan Marie Shivers — Prentiss 

Bryan Douglas Shoemake — Brandon 

Joann Shoemake — Jackson 

Brenda Sue Shoemaker — Pearl 

Melinda Dianne Shoemaker — Pelahatchie 

David Shoepf — Vicksburg 

John Douglas Shores — Jackson 

Penny Short — Terry 

Richard Lee Shoto — Pearl 

Stephenton Shoto — Pearl 

Wanda Shoto — Pearl 

Richard Harold Shoup — Jackson 

Patty Tatum Shouse — Jackson 

Cathy Dianne Shows — Vicksburg 

Charles David Shows — Vicksburg 

Deborah C. Shows Hart — Jackson 

Paula Kay Shows — Magee 

Steve Luther Shows — Terry 

Melodie Lou Shreve — Port Gibson 

Scarlett C. Shuemaker — Pearl 

Claude William Shufelt — Brandon 

Melanie M. Shuffield — Gloster 

Michael Ross Shuffield — Gloster 

M. Carol Shultz — Jackson 

Arnita R. Shurden — Raymond 

Scott Warren Shuttleworth — Raymond 

Asenath Malone Shy — Vicksburg 

Angela Denise Sibley — Jackson 

Cheryl R. Sibley — Vicksburg 

Hoprey Pepper Sibley — Vicksburg 

Susan Louise Sigler — Jackson 

Becky L. Signa — Vicksburg 

Katherine Campbell Sikes — Jackson 

Robert Earl Silas — Jackson 

Helen Hester Sills — Brandon 

James Gary Sills — Harrisville 

James Mitchell Sills — Pearl 

Richard Denson Sills — Jackson 

Alfreda J. Simmons — Vicksburg 

Brinda Fay Simmons — Richland 

Charles Wayne Simmons — Vicksburg 

Constance Fay Simmons — Jackson 

Cynthia Mangum Simmons — Jackson 

Darryl Scott Simmons — Gulfport 

Ellis Wayne Simmons — Jackson 

Eugene Lee Simmons — Crystal Springs 

Natasha Yvette Simmons — Brandon 

Pamela Gene Simmons — Georgetown 

Phyllis Renee Simmons — Jackson 

Sharon Lynn Simmons — Vicksburg 

Annette Marie Simpkins — Brandon 

Delanea Nechell Simpson — Natchez 

Gregory Wyatt Simpson — Clinton 

Ivra Hendell Simpson — Canton 

Jeanine Caroline Simpson — Vicksburg 

Lidell M. Simpson — Jackson 

Stacey Lynn Simpson — Grenada 

Stephen Richard Simpson — Canton 

William Ellis Simpson — Jackson 

Demetra Lynn Simrall — Vicksburg 

Kathy Ann Simrall — Vicksburg 

Brenda Faye Sims — Jackson 

Daphne Rochelle Sims — Florence 

Delores Sims — Jackson 

Jackie Maurice Sims — Jackson 

James Randal Sims — Jackson 

Joel Anthony Sims — Richland 

Jr. Jerry Sims Thoma — Pearl 

Larry James Sims — Vicksburg 

Laura Ashby Sims — Jackson 

Marcus Cagle Sims — Jackson 

Marvin Dennis Sims — Jackson 

Myrtis Lorraine Sims — Sharon 

Percy Lee Sims — Sharon 

Ruth B. Sims — Pearl 

Tonya Renee Sims — Brandon 

Yolanda Devone Sims — Jackson 

Jennifer Bass Sinclair — Pelahatchie 

Stephen Todd Sing — Pearl 

Angela Renee Singletary — Clinton 

Tarash Singletary — Florence 

Marcus Alan Singleterry — Jackson 

Angela Singleton — Raymond 

Betornia Neri Singleton — Jackson 

Cheryl Diane Singleton — Jackson 

Dorothy Dean Singleton — Vicksburg 

John Henry Singleton — Jackson 

Wilbert Singleton — Jackson 

Yolanda M Singleton — Jackson 

David A Sinn — Jackson 

David Anthony Sisk — Jackson 

James Joseph Sisk — New Orleans 

Jenifer Lyn Sistrunk — Pearl 

Wayne Sistrunk — Pearl 

Dee Scott Sitton — Vicksburg 

Lynn Vanlandingham Sivils — Jackson 

Barbara Miller Sizemore — Vicksburg 

Martin Terrell Skeen — Florence 

Charles David Skelton — Pearl 

Rodney J. Skenandore — Jackson 

Alzean B Skiffer — Mendenhall 

Chandra Dannette Skiffer — Braxton 

Billie H. Skinner — Vicksburg 

Carolyn Marie Skinner — Vicksburg 

Frank W. Skinner Jr. — Vicksburg 

Martha Jane Skinner — Vicksburg 

Stephen Wesley Skinner — Vicksburg 

Bonnie Ann Skipper — Jackson 

Carol M Skipper — Clinton 

Jeff Lynn Skipper — Vicksburg 

Kathy Lynn Skipper — Pearl 

Lisa R. Skipper — Clarksdale 

Andy Eugene Slade — Raymond 

David Lee Slater — Jackson 

Ethel Slater — Jackson 

Paulette N. Slater — Jackson 

Cynthia Nations Slaton — Yazoo City 

Dean B. Slaton — Vicksburg 

Susan Pickering Slaton — Vicksburg 

Agnes Theresa Slaughter — Vicksburg 

Jacky Slaughter — Vicksburg 

Lonzo Slaughter — Jackson 

Richard E. Slaughter — Canton 

Jesse Otis Slaven — Clinton 

W. Cheryl Slawson — Pearl 

Dwaine Clark Slay — Jackson 

Horace Scott Slay — Terry 

Missie M. Slay — Jackson 

Robert L. Slay — Jackson 

Timothy Lynn Slay — Jackson 

Michael Layten Slaymaker — Jackson 

Robert A. Sloan — Slidell 

Sherii Williams Slocum — Florence 

Samuel Herbert Slough — Jackson 

Vickie Shears Smalls — Jackson 

James Kevin Smallwood — Jackson 

Kathryn Eleanor Smallwood — Vicksburg 

James Smart — Brooksville 

Calvin E. Smiley — Jackson 

Abe Smith — Vicksburg 

Alan D. Smith — Jackson 

Alice Marie Smith — Jackson 

Alicia Diane Smith — Pelahatchie 

Alonza Smith Jr. — Jackson 

Amy Lynne Smith — Terry 

Andrea Lynn Smith — Jackson 

Angela Carolyn Smith — Magee 

Angela Daphne Smith — Canton 

Angela Luneau Smith — Raymond 

Anita Smith — Jackson 

Anita McBeth Smith — Forkville 

Annie Mae Smith — Jackson 

Antonio Dewayne Smith — Jackson 

Arthur Darrell Smith — Ridgeland 

Bennie Joe Smith — Vicksburg 

Berk Smith — West Point 

Betty Harvey Smith — Terry 

Betty Jean Smith — Terry 

Betty King Smith — Vicksburg 

Beverly Myers Smith — Jackson 

Billy Joe Smith Jr. — Pearl 

Boncile Lyle Smith — Jackson 

Brenda Kaye Smith — Jackson 

Brian Tawayne Smith — Edwards 

Bruce Robert Smith — Prentiss 

Candi Janette Smith — Jackson 

Carl Henry Smith — Clinton 

Carla Michelle Smith — Vicksburg 

Carolyn Gilkey Smith — Jackson 

Cassie Alicia Smith — Clinton 

Charles Brad Smith — Jackson 

Charles G. Smith — Vicksburg 

Charles Q. Smith — Clinton 

Charles Robinson Smith — Brandon 

Charlie L. Smith — Vicksburg 

Charlotte D. Smith — Clinton 

Chiquita M. Smith Patte — Jackson 

Christopher Todd Smith — Jackson 

Clyde Ted Smith — Jackson 

Craig Dee Smith — Vicksburg 

Curtis C Smith — Jackson 
Danny Smith — Canton 
Daphney D. Smith — Jackson 
Darren Paul Smith — Pearl 
Darron G Smith — Canton 
David Glen Smith — Vicksburg 
David Wayne Smith — Raymond 
Dawn Denise Smith — Jackson 
Deborah Ann Smith — Vicksburg 
Debra Ann Smith — Vicksburg 
Delbralean Fleming Smith — Yazoo Cit> 
Deron Kendal Smith — Jackson 
Diane Christine Smith — Vicksburg 
Dianna L. Smith Kendr — Raymond 
Donald Smith — (Jtica 
Donna Mitchell Smith — Terry 
Dorothy Mae Smith T. — Jackson 
Doug Lee Smith — Jackson 
Edna Jean Smith Taylo — Jackson 
Elnora Violet Smith — Vicksburg 
Elton Wayne Smith — Jackson 
Eugene Smith — Jackson 
Eula Louise Smith Mack — Bolton 
Evette Shante Smith — Jackson 
Fannie Buchanan Smith — Jackson 
Faye Moulder Smith — Vicksburg 
Francia McDonald Smith — Jackson 
Frank Andrew Smith — Jackson 
Gerald Keith Smith — Jackson 
Glen Howard Smith — Brandon 
Grace Moore Smith — Jackson 
Harold Steve Smith — Pearl 
Holly Alyssa Smith — Clinton 
Houston Allen Smith IV — Clinton 
Icarus Smith — Jackson 
Ida Mae Smith — Pearl 
Ivan Smith — Edwards 
Jack Brett Smith — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Smith — Jackson 
Jacqueline Williams Smith — Jackson 
Jager Smith — Jackson 
James Keith Smith — Brandon 
James L. Smith — Brandon 
James Oldrum Smith — Vicksburg 
Janet McWright Smith — Tallulah 
Jason B. Smith — Jackson 
Jean M Smith — Vicksburg 
Jeremy Kent Smith — Wesson 
Jerome Negil Smith — Carthage 
Jerry Tyrone Smith — Jackson 
Jimmie Davis Smith — Canton 
Jimmie H. Smith — Sandersville 
Jimmy Kevin Smith — Jackson 
John Francis Smith — Pearl 
John H. Smith — Jackson 
Johnnie C. Smith — Laurel 
Judith Kristie Smith — Vicksburg 
Judy Ann Smith Quick — Jackson 
Julia McGriggs Smith — (Jtica 
Kelly Lea Smith — Flowood 
Kelly Sue Smith — Fayette 
Laclise Demon Smith — Jackson 
Lafrance Demetrius Smith — Pearl 
Larry Donnell Smith — Jackson 
Linda Smith — Jackson 
Lorenzo Smith — Vicksburg 
Lotte Lutzel Smith — Jackson 
Marion L. Smith Josep — Jackson 
Mark Ashton Smith — Brookhaven 
Mary Carolyn Smith — Jackson 
Mary E. Smith — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Smith — Jackson 
Matisha Ylandra Smith — Canton 
Maxine Smith — Glen Allan 
Michael Anthony Smith — Jackson 
Micheryln Darcelle Smith — Vicksburg 
Mildred Ann Smith — Jackson 
Montie Eugene Smith — Jackson 
Nancy L. Smith — Brandon 
Nicholas Randolph Smith — Raymond 
Patricia Ann Smith — Wesson 
Patricia Diane Smith — Canton 
Patricia Evans Smith — Crystal Springs 
Paul R. Smith — Gulfport 
Paula Smith — Florence 
Peggy J. Smith — Jackson 
Phillip Stacy Smith — Ridgeland 
Ray Charles Smith — Brandon 
Raymond Smith — Vicksburg 
Rebecca Adcock Smith — Vicksburg 
Rebecca Carr Smith — Jackson 
Rebecca Gale Smith — Bentonia 
Revis Smith — Jackson 
Richard Smith — Canton 
Robert Benton Smith — Florence 
Robert L. Smith — Jackson 
Ronnie E. Smith — Pearl 

Ronnie W Smith — Richland 

Ronnie Weslie Smith — Pearl 

Rose Marie Smith — Yazoo City 

Roxanna Beth Smith — Jackson 

Russell Lydell Smith — Jackson 

Sallie N. Smith — Vicksburg 

Samuel D Smith Jr. — Vicksburg 

Scott Lee Smith — Clinton 

Selena Carol Smith — Crystal Springs 

Shantel Smith — Port Gibson 

Sharon Louise Smith — Brandon 

Sherrie Lena Smith — Shelby 

Sherry Ann Smith — Jackson 

Solomon Smith — Brookhaven 

Sondra Wynette Smith — Jackson 

Stacey Lynne Smith — Pearl 

Stacey Renee Smith — Vicksburg 

Steven Carl Smith — Rolling Fork 

Susan Denice Smith — Jackson 

Susan Elizabeth Smith — Pearl 

Sylvia Jean Smith — Yazoo City 

Tammy Helton Smith — Raymond 

Theresa Fahey Smith — Pearl 

Thomas Marion Smith — Crystal Springs 

Togo Smith III — Jackson 

Tonya Michelle Smith — Moss Point 

Tracey Michele Smith — Vicksburg 

Tracy Curtis Smith — Jackson 

Trudy Hightower Smith — Raymond 

Vanessa Smith — Canton 

Vanessa Kay Smith — Clinton 

Victor Smith — Vicksburg 

Wanda Jean Smith — Gtica 

William B. Smith — Redwood 

William F. Smith — Richland 

William Michael Smith — Jackson 

William Thomas Smith — Meridian 

Willie Ervin Smith — Winona 

Jane Curtis Smithhart — Morton 

Mary Ann Smithhart Brown — Clinton 

Thomas Lavon Smithhart Jr. — Clinton 

Henry Smoots — Canton 

Carol Peterson Smuck — Ridgeland 

Debborah Eda Smyth — Vicksburg 

James Larry Sneed — Jackson 

Crews Donna Snider Carol — Pearl 

Robert Andrew Snider — Brandon 

Kenneth Conrad Snock — Jackson 

Judy Lynn Snowden — Pearl 

Richard Scott Snowden — Jackson 

Somphet Sodachanh — Yazoo City 

Rebecca Ann Sojourner — Brandon 

Armond Eric Solis — Vicksburg 

Aurora Elizabeth Solis — Vicksburg 

George Anthony Solis — Vicksburg 

Sheri Robbins Solomon — Clinton 

James Ray Somers — Brandon 

Scott Neils Sorensen — Jackson 

Jon Douglas Sorey — Pearl 

Mary Jean Sorrell — Pearl 

Sharon Rene Sosebee — Clinton 

Michael Ray Soule — Brandon 

Steven Joseph Soverns — Vicksburg 

Carl Span — Brandon 

Anthony Spann — Bolton 

Charles Dee Spann — Jackson 

Charles S. Spann — Raymond 

Clara Spann — Brandon 

Daphne Teressa Spann — Vaughn 

Gerilyn La Spann Wanda — Jackson 

Gerilynn Eugenie Spann — Pearl 

Julley M. Spann — Clinton 

Lothario M. Spann — Clinton 

Marilyn Denise Spann — Bolton 

Overton Spann — Jackson 

Glynda Gayle Sparks — Clinton 

Rosie Lee Spates — Vicksburg 

Robert B. Speake — Jackson 

Cliff Jerome Speaks — Brandon 

Cami Michelle Spears — Jackson 

Darla Kaye Spears — Jackson 

John H. Spears — Clinton 

Angela Joann Speed — Clinton 

Joseph Leland Speed — Jackson 

Sondra Kay Speed — Jackson 

Sandon Slay Speedling — Jackson 

Christopher Diane Speights — Monticello 

Eddie Michael Speights — Vicksburg 

Jerry W. Speights Jr. — Vicksburg 

Charles Stephen Spell — Jackson 

Howard Anthony Spell — Pearl 

Marvon Spell — Florence 

Melvin Glenn Spell — Lexington 

Shirley Ann Spell — Florence 

Donald Cheney Spence — Jackson 

Julia Lynn Spencer — Sontag 

Regina Lynn Spencer — Pearl 

Directory / 315 

Richard E. Spencer — Brookhaven 
Sonya Carol Spencer — Sontag 
Joe Spicer — Rome 
Albert Anthony Spille — Jackson 
Debra Ann Spires — Flora 
Jana Leigh Spires — Brandon 
Michael Andre Spivey — Gulfport 
Brian Ernest Spong — Jackson 
Kathy Suzanne Sprayberry — Jackson 
Robert Earl Spriggins — Jackson 
James Allison Spring — Jackson 
Mike Springer — Carrollton 
Doris Thearon Sprouse — Vicksburg 
Terri Lynn Spurk B. — Crystal Springs 
Charlene Hunt Sguire — Vicksburg 
Marie Michelle St Renee — Clinton 
Ed'th I. Stacy — Jackson 
Michelle McGaught Stacy — Vicksburg 
Sheri Lee Stafford — Pearl 
Wayne Edward Stafford — Pearl 
William Keith Stagg — Vicksburg 
Christopher Jay Stahl — Brandon 
Richard David Stamper — Jackson 
Stacey Hill Stamper — Jackson 
Angela Jeannine Stampley — Clinton 
Charles Stampley — Vicksburg 
Issac Donald Stamps — Vicksburg 
Monica Sue Stamps — Jackson 
Pamala Misha Stamps — Jackson 
Spurgeon Stamps Jr. — Jackson 
Stephanie Jeanne Stamps — Jackson 
Michael Lance Stancil — Clinton 
Charlotte Sorg Standefer — Raymond 
Betty L. Standish — Vicksburg 
Phillip Eugene Stankewitz — Pearl 
Dionne Louise Stanley — Jackson 
Lisa Carol Stanley — Pelahatchie 
Martha Ann Stanley Purvi — Florence 
Stephanie Dawn Stanley — Vicksburg 
Tonyah Ann Stanley — Terry 
Janice King Stansell — Pearl 
Doris L Stapleton — Clinton 
Melissa Enochs Stapleton — Pearl 
Glenn H. Stapp — Terry 
Rebecca Weeks Starita — Clinton 
Brian Douglas Starks — Clinton 
Katie Ruth Starks — Fayette 
Robert W. Starks — Fayette 
John Wesley Starnes — Vicksburg 
Michael Dale Starnes — Vicksburg 
Sheila Danielle Starnes — Vicksburg 
Elsie Elaine Starr — Richland 
Craig K. Staten — Jackson 
Theresa Ann Staten Valak — CJtica 
Kimberly Linette States — Jackson 
Jeffery Wayne Statham — Richland 
James Kenneth Staton — Brandon 
Mary Melissa Stedman — Jackson 
Stacy Ann Stedman — Natchez 
Edward Eldridge Steed — Florence 
Kathy Marie Steed — Vicksburg 
Lavaye T. Steed — Pearl 
Yvonne Rainer Steel — Jackson 
Barbara Ann Steele — Pearl 
Rodney Terry Steele — Vicksburg 
Teresa Christeen Steele — Clinton 
Margie D Steen Lawre — Vicksburg 
Peggy Rule Steen — Vicksburg 
Ricky Alan Steen — Richland 
Terry Lane Steen — Brandon 
Terri Lynn Steenhuis — Pearl 
Carolyn Sue Stegall — Clinton 
Estelle Phillips Stegall — Crystal Springs 
Kevin Rutledge Stegall — Clinton 
Mona Steinruck — Jackson 
Sonja Joanne Stembridge — Clinton 
Crystal Shivers Stennett — Magee 
Angelic Stephens — Jackson 
Charles Keith Stephens — Pearl 
Darnell Stephens — Carthage 
Glenn Hightower Stephens — Jackson 
James Wyatt Stephens — Silver Creek 
Joe Wiley Stephens — Clinton 
Laura Rather Stephens — Vicksburg 
Rodney E. Stephens — Jackson 
Roger Joseph Stephens — Clinton 
Ernie Stephenson — Vicksburg 
Tony C Stepp II — Clinton 
Leonard Ranney Sterling — Canton 
Shermania Denise Sterling — Jackson 
Andra Denise Stevens — Jackson 
Billy Ray Stevens — Vicksburg 
Cheryl Leslie Stevens — Jackson 
Christopher Jay Stevens — Jackson 
Craig Stevens — Jackson 
Frank K. Stevens — Jackson 
Frank K. Stevens Jr. — Jackson 

John A. Stevens — Vicksburg 
Karla Ann Stevens — Jackson 
Martha M Stevens — Vicksburg 
Mary Floy Stevens — Clinton 
Melanie Dawn Stevens — Vicksburg 
Michael Ray Stevens — Vicksburg 
Paul Daniel Stevens — Jackson 
Resie Denice Stevens — Jackson 
Rose Gosseline Stevens — Jackson 
Shannon Stevens — Jackson 
Sonji Ellen Stevens — Clinton 
Antonio Dewayne Stevenson — Brandon 
Dwayne Stevenson — Pearl 
Kimberly Ann Stevenson — Bolton 
Linda Warnock Stevenson — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Ann Stevenson — Yazoo City 
Ella L Steverson — Jackson 
Henry Lee Steverson — Jackson 
Howard Keith Steverson — Brandon 
Lisa Joy Steward — Clinton 
Charles Stewart L. — Vicksburg 
Angela M. Stewart — Jackson 
Anne Batson Stewart — Vicksburg 
Anthony Stewart — Jackson 
Barbara F. Stewart Grays — Vicksburg 
Beverly Regina Stewart — Braxton 
Bobby Earl Stewart — Pelahatchie 
Carolyn Buford Stewart — Clinton 
Connie Diane Stewart — hew Hebron 
Conseatta N. Stewart — Vicksburg 
Gregory Tobias Stewart — Jackson 
J D Stewart — Jackson 
Joseph C Stewart — Mendenhall 
Larry William Stewart — Jackson 
Linda Fae Stewart — Braxton 
Linda Ward Stewart — Pearl 
Mark Daniel Stewart — Brandon 
Mark Wayne Stewart — Jackson 
Michael Randall Stewart — Vicksburg 
Robert E. Stewart — Jackson 
Ronnie Lamar Stewart — Crystal Springs 
Sandra June Stewart — Vicksburg 
Shirley Ann Stewart — Rolling Fork 
Stephanie Dinese Stewart — Florence 
Stephanie Marie Stewart — Jackson 
Terry Ann Stewart — Jackson 
Van Edwin Stewart Sr — Vicksburg 
Michael Chester Stiedle — Jackson 
Joycelyn A. Stiff — Jackson 
Mary Ann Stiff — Pearl ' 
Sharon Vanessa Stiff — Jackson 
Suzanne Marie Stiglets — Jackson 
Kristi Dawn Still — Vicksburg 
Robert Lynn Still — Jackson 
Clarence Stimage — Vicksburg 
Barbara Griffin Stingley — Jackson 
John Ray Stingley — Jackson 
Billy F Stokes — Port Gibson 
Rachel Kinnard Stokes — (Jtica 
Kim Eric Stokley — Clinton 
Elizabeth Brown Stoltzfus — Madison 
Wiliam Alan Stolz — Madison 
Tammi Michelle Stone — Jackson 
Sandra S Stonecypher — Brandon 
Samuel Cliffor Stonestreet — Richland 
William Timothy Storment — Jackson 
Daniel J. Story — Clinton 
Karen Stout — Vicksburg 
Ken M. Strain — Clinton 
Tena Marie Strain — Gulfport 
Don William Strand — Jackson 
Erin Michelle Stratton — Clinton 
Richard A. Strebeck — Pearl 
Donald Ray Street — Pearl 
William D. Street — Vicksburg 
David Keith Stribling — Pearl 
Linda A. Stribling — Vicksburg 
Sidney Clark Stribling — Jackson 
Brian Virgil Strickland — Vicksburg 
Debra Phillips Strickland — Vicksburg 
Lisa Lynn Strickland — Vicksburg 
Tiffany Lynn Strickland — Vicksburg 
Tommye Bolding Strickland — Vicksburg 
Ronnie C. Stricklin — Jackson 
Russell Kevin Stricklin — Jackson 
Ada Tammie Stringer J. — Jackson 
Bridgetta Stringer — Vicksburg 
Downie Lee Stringer — Raymond 
Elizabeth Dianne Stringer — Jackson 
James Michael Stringer — Jackson 
Juanita Faye Stringer — Jackson 
Randy Wheeler Stringer — luka 
Teresa Lyn Stringer — Crystal Springs 
Wanda King Stringer — Clinton 
M. Michelle Stringfellow — Clinton 
Angela Delesora Strong — Bay Springs 
Cathy Jo Strong — Pearl 

Jami H Strong — Clinton 
Peggy D Strong — Jackson 
Virginia Wagner Strong — Clinton 
Diana Stroud — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Donnell Stroud — Vicksburg 
Jerry Lynn Stroud — Vicksburg 
Janet Danell Stuart — Rolling Fork 
Paula Stuart — Pearl 
Stephanie Carol Stuart — Jackson 
Al B. Stubblefield — Jackson 
Melissa Lynn Stubblefield — Benton 
Hugh C. Stubbs Jr — Brandon 
Judy Almond Stubbs — Vicksburg 
Margaret Goss Stubbs — Jackson 
Christine Studaway — Jackson 
Michael Stupica — Jackson 
Robin Yvette Stupka — Bentonia 
Chris Bryan Sturdivant — Brandon 
David Wayne Sturdivant — Carthage 
Michael A. Sturdivant — Jackson 
Christine Byrd Sturgeon — Jackson 
Benjamin F. Stutts — Jackson 
Clarence R Styron III — Vicksburg 
Danny Fred Suber — Greenville 
James Todd Sudduth — Yazoo City 
John Colbert Sudduth — Jackson 
Kathleen Elizabeth Suell — Vicksburg 
Annie Elizabeth Sullivan — Jackson 
Brenda Roby Sullivan — Clinton 
Brian Sullivan — Jackson 
Burton Sullivan Jr. — Mt. Olive 
Carla Dale Sullivan — Vicksburg 
Christina Lynn Sullivan — Jackson 
Corey Windol Sullivan — Brandon 
David F Sullivan — Vicksburg 
David Lorie Sullivan — Pinola 
Deborah Ellen Sullivan — Jackson 
Fidelia Melora Sullivan — Jackson 
Glenn Walter Sullivan — Florence 
John A Sullivan — Richland 
John Michael Sullivan — Clinton 
Kevin Charles Sullivan — Brandon 
Kimberly Montand Sullivan — Magee 
Kirk J. Sullivan — Magee 
Lisa Michelle Sullivan — Edwards 
Michael Anthony Sullivan — Vicksburg 
Roger Chance Sullivan — Jackson 
Roger Kevin Sullivan — Jackson 
Sandra L. Sullivan — Jackson 
Scott Allen Sullivan — Terry 
Susan Jane Sullivan — Brandon 
Tamatha Lynn Sullivan — Crystal Springs 
Tammie Rhena Sullivan — Pearl 
Mary Ann Sumler — Jackson 
Roy Eldridge Sumler — Flora 
Jo Ann Summerlin — Jackson 
Marlin Keith Summerlin — Jackson 
Betty L Summers — Brandon 
Dori L. Summers — Jackson 
Jo Diann Summers Welch — Jackson 
William Larry Summers — Yazoo City 
Susan Rene Sumners — Vicksburg 
Carmelita Jewel Sumrall — Jackson 
Michael Lenfeild Sumrall — Jackson 
Mikel Anthony Sumrall — Clinton 
Shelley Anne Sumrall — Raymond 
Timothy Colburn Sumrall — Jackson 
Paul Kenneth Sunderman — Jackson 
Edward Shane Sutterfield — Raymond 
Leah Burton Sutterfield — Raymond 
Robyn Ann Sutterfield — Raymond 
Katherine Suttles — Jackson 
Barbara Lydea Sutton — Jackson 
Barbara Lynn Sutton — Jackson 
Patsy Ann Sutton — Jackson 
Sheri L. Sutton — Jackson 
Wanda Sutton — Jackson 
Angela Swan — Jackson 
Bertha Raynes Swan — Jackson 
Laura Burns Swanagan — Jackson 
Billie Jo Swann — Jackson 
Debbie L. Swann — Jackson 
W. Geneva Swanson — Ridgecrest 
Joycelyn R. Swearington — Jackson 
Tammie Renee Swearington — Jackson 
Sean Patrick Sweeney — Vicksburg 
Stacy Irene Sweeney — Canton 
Tracey Errin Sweeney — Brandon 
Jimmy Levern Sweet — Vicksburg 
Raymond Earl Sweet — Vicksburg 
Debbie Louise Swift — Vicksburg 
Mitzi Jean Swilley — Brandon 
Tomiko Swims — Greenwood 
Alice Sautter Swindle — Pearl 
Kimberly Carol Swindoll — Natchez 
Darin L. Swinnen — Jackson 
Pamela Jane Switzer — Brandon 

Henry Frank Sykes — Jackson 
Robert J Sykes — Vicksburg 
Rudy Nicholas Sykes — Jackson 
Russell Carl Sykes — Flora 
Selwynne Taylor Sykes — Jackson 
Sharon Oxendine Sykes — Jackson 
Thomas Ralph Sykes — Jackson 
William J Sykes Jr. — Jackson 
Anthony L Sylvester — Natchez 
Charlotte Gayle Sylvester — Clinton 
Eunice Marie Sylvester — Vicksburg 
Herman Lee Sylvester — Jackson 
Michael Lewis Sylvester — Jackson 
Kenneth Szilasi — Jackson 
Andre Zadora Szuwalski — Vicksburg 
Mary McGovern Szuwalski — Vicksburg 


Cory Tabb — Raymond 

Tia Lyn Tabor — Pearl 

Deborah Lynn Tadlock — Vicksburg 

Kimberly Faye Tadlock — Clinton 

Carolyn Talley — Jackson 

Linda K. Talley — Pearl 

Robert Clyde Talley — Summerville 

Mahalia Talton — Jackson 

Dana Pylant Tankersley — Vicksburg 

Vickie Lynn Tankesly Hinso — Vicksburg 

Vera Jeanne Tanksley — Flora 

Alan Howard Tanner — Jackson 

Gennette Lee Tanner — Hazlehurst 

Marsha Craft Tanner — Clinton 

Andrew Tapp — Vicksburg 

Anita Short Tarnabine — Vicksburg 

Marion Leshawn Tarrio — Jackson 

Benjamin Edward Tarver — Pearl 

Jimmy D. Tarver — Vicksburg 

Willie L. Tarvin — Edwards 

Brian Wynn Tate — Pearl 

Candi Tate — Vicksburg 

Jackie Dwayne Tate — D'lo 

Julius L. Tate — Coldwater 

Sabrina Ross Tate — Flowood 

Sandra Elaine Tate — Jackson 

Sharon Verna Tate — Jackson 

Sherry Tate — Jackson 

Shirley Tate — Jackson 

Carol Tatum — Vicksburg 

Diana Moore Tatum — Jackson 

Keith J. Tatum — Walnut Grove 

N. Mark Tatum — Jackson 

Tracy Christine Tatum — Jackson 

A Dawn Taylor Matth — Ridgeland 

Al Taylor — Pearl 

Alex A. Taylor — Jackson 

Allyn Taylor — Clinton 

Ardelia J. Taylor — Jackson 

Ashley Basil Taylor — Jackson 

Barbara J. Taylor Gardn — Vicksburg 

Brian Stacy Taylor — Clinton 

Catherine Wilson Taylor — Jackson 

Cathy Diane Taylor — Mendenhall 

Cedric Maurice Taylor — Jackson 

Claudia Tucker Taylor — Vicksburg 

Darlene Taylor — Jackson 

Dennis Wesley Taylor — Jackson 

Donna Bairfield Taylor — Mendenhall 

Doris Jean Taylor — Petal 

Dorma Edwardean Taylor — Vicksburg 

Ellen Jane Taylor — Jackson 

Gloria K. Taylor — Vicksburg 

Hugh Tellis Taylor — Pearl 

Ina Taylor — Edwards 

J. David Taylor — Raymond 

James David Taylor — Clinton 

Jennifer Roshaun Taylor — Mendenhall 

John Lary Taylor — Vicksburg 

Joseph Taylor Jr. — Vicksburg 

Joyce Ann Taylor Dixon — Jackson 

Kim A. Taylor — Jackson 

Larry Dwight Taylor — Natchez 

Larry Wayne Taylor Jr. — Braxton 

Leon Taylor — Raymond 

Leslie Russell Taylor — Pelahatchie 

Linda C. Taylor — Harrisville 

Lisa Carolyn Taylor — Pearl 

Lizzie Taylor — Jackson 

Marilyn Beach Taylor — Mendenhall 

Mildred Anderson Taylor — Jackson 

Nita Latrice Taylor — Jackson 

Patricia Ann Taylor — Jackson 

316 / Directory 

Robin Lynnette Taylor — Raymond 
Ruby Lee Taylor — Jackson 
Sandra Williams Taylor — Clinton 
Sarah F Taylor — Port Gibson 
Shannon Dolores Taylor — Clinton 
Sharon Lynn Taylor — Anguilla 
Smith James Taylor K — Pearl 
Stepelana Monay Taylor — Jackson 
Tammy Taylor — Vicksburg 
Tracy Artina Taylor — Vicksburg 
Tracy Lee Taylor — Jackson 
Trenton Graham Taylor — Pelahatchie 
Trudi Lechea Taylor — Sandhill 
Valerie C Taylor — Sandhill 
Wanda Faye Taylor — Jackson 
Willie E. Taylor — Brandon 
Suzanne Leigh Teague — Clinton 
Gary Ellison Teasley — Clinton 
Darin Lee Tedder — Vardaman 
Lorinda Ann Tedder — Vicksburg 
Melissa Ann Tedder — Vicksburg 
Lee Tedford — Jackson 
Sean Glen Temple — Vicksburg 
Tracye Gail Temple — Clinton 
Donna Smith Templeton — Jackson 
Sarah H Templeton — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Dawn Templeton — Natchez 
Talmadge Lamar Tenhet — Raymond 
Priscilla Ann Tenner — Vicksburg 
Towanta Rena Tennessee — Jackson 
David Michael Tenney — Raymond 
Chris A. Terrell Wilki — Liberty 
James Carlton Terrell — Vicksburg 
Cindy Delynette Terry — Jackson 
III Elmo Terry Ray — Jackson 
John Thomas Terry — Vicksburg 
Michael Roche Terry — Jackson 
Sharon Denise Terry — Jackson 
Sherry Diane Terry — Jackson 
Virginia Jackson Terry — Terry 
Yocena Young Terry — Raymond 
Kenneth David Tew — Pearl 
Patti Gail Tew — Vicksburg 
Mary Kathryn Thaggard — Jackson 
Barbara Renay Thames — Florence 
Jeffrey David Thames — Jackson 
Jeffrey Jerome Thames — Florence 
Regina Brister Thames — Jackson 
Sandra Cox Thames — Brandon 
Sandra Faye Thames — Florence 
Buu Nguyen Thanh — Jackson 
Eric Christopher Tharpe — Jackson 
Steven Tharpe — Jackson 
Timothy Hardin Tharpe — Jackson 
Eugenia Leigh Thedford — Port Gibson 
Patricia B Theriot — Vicksburg 
Charity Darlene Therrell — Braxton 
Charles Robert Thigpen — Florence 
Linda Faye Thigpen — Jackson 
Agazine Renee Thomas — Vicksburg 
Alice Johnsey Thomas — Brandon 
Andrea Camille Thomas — Pearl 
Angela Leticia Thomas — Jackson 
Benny R. Thomas — Brandon 
Bobbie Ruth Thomas — Jackson 
Carol Ann Thomas — Jackson 
Carolyn Louise Thomas — Jackson 
Carolyn Marie Thomas — Clinton 
Cecil Ray Thomas — Jackson 
Dave Woods Thomas — Jackson 
Demitria Voncile Thomas — Jackson 
Diana B. Thomas — Vicksburg 
Donald Ray Thomas — Ridgeland 
Douglas Eugene Thomas — Whitfield 
Elizabeth Bee Thomas — Jackson 
Eva Rosalie Thomas Glaze — Lena 
Floyd Thomas — Clinton 
Jacqueline Demetris Thomas — Jackson 
James Earl Thomas — Yazoo City 
James Edward Thomas — Clinton 
James Harold Thomas — Noxapater 
Janie B. Thomas Jacks — Vicksburg 
Jerry B. Thomas — Lena 
John L. Thomas — Jackson 
Josie Brock Thomas — Vicksburg 
Larry Donal Thomas — Jackson 
Laura Leigh Thomas — Brandon 
Leonette Jean Thomas — Vicksburg 
Linda Dickerson Thomas — Jackson 
Lisa Michele Thomas — Jackson 
Marcia Elaine Thomas — Jackson 
Marion Denyce Thomas — Yazoo City 
Marshall Prince Thomas — Vicksburg 
Mary T. Thomas — Jackson 
Mattie W. Thomas — Vicksburg 
Maxine Thomas — Vicksburg 
Michael Anthony Thomas — Vicksburg 

Mickey Ruth Thomas — Vicksburg 
Minnie Jean Thomas — Bolton 
Pamela Lynette Thomas — Jackson 
Patricia D Thomas Shiel — Jackson 
Patricia Marie Thomas — Jackson 
Rosa M Thomas — Vicksburg 
Rosemary Manze Thomas — Jackson 
Ruby Jewel Thomas — Jackson 
Russell A Thomas — Clinton 
Ruth M Thomas — Jackson 
Sammie Leon Thomas — Pearl 
Sara Karen Thomas — Raymond 
Schelerrie A. Thomas — Jackson 
Sharon Anita Thomas — Jackson 
Sherman Thomas — Edwards 
Shirley Ann Thomas — Jackson 
Stacy Dewayne Thomas — Raymond 
Steven Padgett Thomas — Clinton 
Themetrice Warnetta Thomas — Jackson 
Victor Charles Thomas — Jackson 
William Oscar Thomas Jr. — Crystal Springs 
Mark Alan Thomason — Clinton 
Dana Charlene Thomley — Brandon 
Anthony Thompson — Pearl 
April Lyn Thompson — Jackson 
Ashton Clarke Thompson — Norfolk 
Barbara Lewis Thompson — Jackson 
Beulah Walters Thompson — Pelahatchie 
Brenda J. Thompson Steel — Jackson 
Calvin Bernard Thompson — Jackson 
Charlene Thompson — Edwards 
Clarence Eugene Thompson — Hazlehurst 
Curtis Thompson — Jackson 
Cynthia Ann Thompson — Jackson 
Denise Thompson — West 
Dennis Michael Thompson — Jackson 
Deon Thompson — Jackson 
Dexter Leon Thompson — Vicksburg 
Dorthy A. Thompson — Jackson 
Dustin Thompson — Jackson 
Elizabeth G. Thompson — Vicksburg 
Elond Morstez Thompson — Flora 
Ethel G Thompson — Jackson 
Evelyn Diann Thompson — Jackson 
George Kenneth Thompson — Jackson 
Gregory A. Thompson — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Denise Thompson — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Faye Thompson — Jackson 
Jacqueline Thompson — Flora 
Jewell Lofton Thompson — Vicksburg 
John Lawrence Thompson — Jackson 
Johnny Ralph Thompson — Bassfield 
Juanita Butler Thompson — Jackson 
Karen Elaine Thompson — Mendenhall 
Lillie B Thompson — Jackson 
Linda D Thompson — Jackson 
Louis (J Thompson — Jackson 
Lynda Adams Thompson — Jackson 
Mark Stephen Thompson — Jackson 
Melissa Jean Thompson — Clinton 
Melissa Lynn Thompson — Brandon 
Michael Thompson — Jackson 
Mylinda Sanders Thompson — Jackson 
Nora Elisa Thompson — Vicksburg 
Otis Lapaul Thompson — Jackson 
Patricia A. Thompson — Morton 
Pippi Marie Thompson — Morton 
Rebecca Leigh Thompson — Hazlehurst 
Ricky David Thompson — Crystal Springs 
Robert Martin Thompson — Laurel 
Sandra Guylene Thompson — Florence 
Sonia Danette Thompson — Jackson 
Stacy Darrell Thompson — Jackson 
Tracy P. Thompson — Crystal Springs 
Stephanie Lynn Thorne — Jackson 
Angela Renette Thornhill — Natchez 
Sherri Diane Thornhill — Yazoo City 
Andrea Denece Thornton — Jackson 
Angela Jo Thornton — Canton 
Anghony Dewayne Thornton — Pearl 
Cynthia Joyce Thornton — Vicksburg 
Deborah A. Thornton — Clinton 
Dion Thornton — Brandon 
Douglas Wayne Thornton — Brandon 
George Barry Thornton — Pearl 
Howard Dwayne Thornton — Pearl 
Joe Tyrone Thornton — Jackson 
Karen Lynette Thornton — Jackson 
Karen Marie Thornton — Pearl 
Larry Wayne Thornton — Jackson 
Mary H. Thornton — Jackson 
Michelle Lucas Thornton — Brandon 
Philip V. Thornton — Florence 
Robert Leon Thornton II — Brandon 
Sharon Lynn Thornton — Jackson 
Sherri Darlean Thornton — Raymond 
Sonia Sellers Thornton — Clinton 

Staria Lynn Thornton — Raymond 
Steven L Thornton — Tchula 
Tammy Rena Thornton — Clinton 
Vivian Lea Thornton — Brandon 
George Earl Thrash — Raymond 
Larry Julian Thrash — Jackson 
Penny Riddle Thrash — Raymond 
Annie Areola Thrasher — Jackson 
Sandra Dean Thrasher — Ethel 
Deborah H. Threet Stubb — Jackson 
Hazel Ruth Threet — Pearl 
Albert Keith Thurman — Pearl 
Glenda Smith Thurman — Pearl 
Gregory Warren Thurman — Monticello 
John D. Thurman — Jackson 
L. V. Thurman — Jackson 
Saundra Ann Thurman — Brandon 
Terese Yvette Thurman — Jackson 
Jerry Ty Tidmore — Jackson 
Nancy Renee Tidwell — Vicksburg 
Robert Gregory Tierce — Richland 
Felecia G Tiller — Ridgeland 
Felicia Dannette Tillis — Jackson 
Donna Linson Tillman — Hazlehurst 
Linda Diane Tillman — Vicksburg 
Rickey Tillman — Jackson 
Rosie M Tillman — Mendenhall 
Shuana F. Tillman — Jackson 
Tommy F Tillman — Crystal Springs 
Lisa Tillotson — Vicksburg 
Louis Kevin Tillotson — Vicksburg 
James Lester Timbes — Corinth 
Maxine Timms — Jackson 
James Glenn Tindall — Kosciusko 
Jacqualyn Denise Tindle 
David Dewight Tindoll — Vicksburg 
Debra Lynn Tingle — Jackson 
John Larry Tingle — Jackson 
Katrina R Tingle — Newton 
Robert Leon Tingle Jr — Vicksburg 
Shelly Marie Tinsley — Crystal Springs 
Alice L Tisdale — Jackson 
Shana Jane Tisdale — Yazoo City 
Wade Toaster — Bolton 
Andrew Tobias — Jackson 
Karen Nichelle Tobias — N. Biloxi 
Carolyn Renee Todd — Vicksburg 
Danny Wilson Todd — Clinton 
Marilyn Bolden Tofaya — Jackson 
Kenneth Bernard Toland — Brandon 
Laura A. Tolbert — Vicksburg 
James Richard Toler — Jackson 
Amanda Jo Toles — Jackson 
Walter Grant Toles — Jackson 
Henry Micheal Tolliver — Vicksburg 
James Tolliver — Vicksburg 
Roxie Michelle Tolliver — Vicksburg 
Sheral Lee Tolliver — Vicksburg 
Brian Keith Tomlinson — Jackson 
Patrick Neil Tomlinson — Jackson 
Paul Walker Tomlinson — Jackson 
Linda Darlene Tompkins — (Jtica 
Roy H. Tompkins — Vicksburg 
Angela L. Toney — Jackson 
Kaisha Marie Toney — Raymond 
Stephen Burnette Toney — Jackson 
Deborah Jean Toops — Vicksburg 
Frances J. Toops — Vicksburg 
Tracy Lynn Topp — Jackson 
Gloria E. Tomes Thoma — Jackson 
Amanda R. Torrence — Jackson 
Pennie Sue Torrence — Brandon 
Syd Robert Torrence — Pearl 
Alena Rosenell Torrey — Canton 
Albert Lee Torry — Jackson 
John Toth III — Raymond 
Sheila Rose Touchstone — Brandon 
Russell Todd Touchton — Clinton 
Gary Wayne Towery — Clinton 
Angela Carol Townsend — Centreville 
Ann Hosey Townsend — Jackson 
Donna J. Townsend — Brandon 
Drake Miller Townsend — Brandon 
Newton Wade Townsend — Rolling Fork 
Stacie Michelle Townsend — Vicksburg 
Patrick Trader — Jackson 
Jamie Weldon Trahan — Lafayette 
Mary Elizabeth Trainor — Jackson 
Sherry Tramel — Jackson 
Teri Lorene Tramel — Jackson 
Ann Collins Travis — Raymond 
Audrey J. Travis — Jackson 
Cafiliar Raciale Travis — Jackson 
May Grant Travis — Jackson 
Nettie Ruth Travis — Canton 
Sharon L. Travis — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Traweek — Raymond 

James Alton Trawick — Jackson 
Brenda Frances Traylor — Jackson 
Cynthia Denise Traylor — Jackson 
Melvin Lee Traylor — Jackson 
William Keith Treadway — Jackson 
Angela Lynn Trest — Clinton 
Barry Leon Trest — Jackson 
Charles A. Trest — Jackson 
Darwin Dewayne Trest — Vicksburg 
James Gil Trest — Pearl 
Eric Brion Treubel — Vicksburg 
Altheia Francine Tribble — Jackson 
Holly Ruth Tribble — Jackson 
Calvin Edmond Trichell — (Jtica 
Ernest Lavell Trichell Jr. — Vicksburg 
Evins Triggs Jr. — Jackson 
Rose S. Trim — Tallulah 
Betty Mitchell Trindle — Vicksburg 
Mark L Triplett — Clinton 
Debra Sue Tripp Smith — Pearl 
Gregg Anthony Tripp — Jackson 
Jill Tripp — Bolton 
Mae Francis Tripp — Jackson 
William Riley Tripp — Bolton 
Samuel Brooks Trisler — Vicksburg 
Joseph A Trombley — Jackson 
Vi Due Trong — Jackson 
Stacy Lovell Trotter — Yazoo City 
Sherry L Truesdill — Jackson 
Cora Lee Trunnell — Tougaloo 
Lisa B Truong — Jackson 
Eric Bernard Trussell — Jackson 
Linda Lott Trussell — Vicksburg 
Kesha Susan Tryon — Brandon 
Vicent Man Tsin Suen — Vicksburg 
Stewart D Tubertini — Clinton 
Jacqueline Tubwell — Vicksburg 
Bettye Ray Tucker — Terry 
Billy Franklin Tucker — Florence 
Carolyn Pennington Tucker — Jackson 
Chandra D. Tucker — Jackson 
Cheryl Lavern Tucker — Brandon 
Daisy Tucker — Jackson 
Darrin Layne Tucker — Jackson 
Elisa Adams Tucker — Jackson 
Issac Lee Tucker — Jackson 
Jeanette Tucker — Edwards 
Mary Terrell Tucker — Clinton 
Melissa Travis Tucker — Canton 
Richard Allen Tucker — Florence 
Ricky L. Tucker — Edwards 
Sandra Courine Tucker — Jackson 
Sandra Renee Tucker — Florence 
Sonia Marie Tucker — Brandon 
Stephen Adrian Tucker — Brandon 
Susie Mae Tucker — Raymond 
Thomas L Tucker — Jackson 
William C. Tucker — Clinton 
Rick Dean Tudor — Brandon 
Rose Marie Tullius — Brandon 
Byron Douglas Tullos — Pelahatchie 
Danny Ray Tullos — Jackson 
Mary S. Tullos — Vicksburg 
Michael K. Tullos — Clinton 
Ricky Stephen Tullos — Brandon 
Shirley T. Tullos S. — Jackson 
Steve Douglas Tullos — Jackson 
Tanya Sue Tullos — Pelahatchie 
Steven J. Tuminello — Vicksburg 
Travis Dewayne Tuneburg — Clinton 
Kenneth Marlin Turbville — Jackson 
Rosemary Turk — Jackson 
Hugh Patrick Turley — Jackson 
Danny Carl Turnage — Jackson 
Edith Darlene Turnage — Braxton 
Elbert Turnage — Brandon 
Alison Elizabeth Turner — Belzoni 
Angela Marie Turner Lewis — Vicksburg 
Barbara J. Turner — Vicksburg 
Charles Dongell Turner — Magee 
Cynthia Ann Turner — Jackson 
Darlene Turner — Jackson 
David William Turner — Clinton 
Denise Roshell Turner — Vicksburg 
Ellen Renee Turner — Raymond 
Frances V. Turner — Raymond 
Gloria Denice Turner — Vicksburg 
Hope Lynnette Turner — Clinton 
James David Turner — Vicksburg 
Jerome Turner Jr. — Vicksburg 
Monica Roshea Turner — Jackson 
Sara Leslie Turner — Jackson 
Traci Delana Turner — Pearl 
Velissa Carol Turner — Pearl 
Veronica Lynn Turner — Vicksburg 
Zina Bethune Turner — Silver City 
Orawan Tutor — Vicksburg 

Directory / 317 

Christopher L. Twiner — Jackson 

Tammy Sue Twiner — Roxie 

Benjamin Joseph Twitchel — Horn Lake 

Jeffrey Tyer — Bentonia 

Herman Tyler — Greenville 

Inocia Annise Tyler — Harrisville 

Jacqueline Tyler — Jackson 

Nathaniel Tyler Sr — Vicksburg 

Stephanie Lynn Tynes — Terry 

Lisa C. Tyson — Jackson 

Paulette J Tyson — Jackson 

T, Rechelle Tyson — Jackson 

Tara Leigh Tyson — Terry 

Teri N. Tyson — Clinton 


Amy Mane Cilery — Vicksburg 
Gloria A. (Jlmer — Vicksburg 
Margaretta Underwood — Jackson 
Robin Harris (Jngerer — Jackson 
Gregory Lamar Unsworth — Jackson 
Constance Dorsey Clnuigboje — Jackson 
Anita Carol (Jpchurch — Jackson 
Belinda Ann (Jpchurch — Vicksburg 
Charles G (Jpchurch — Jackson 
Janet Carol (Jpchurch — Pearl 
Brenda Renee Upton — Sandhill 
Charles Davis (Jpton — Pearl 
Charles Jeffrey (Jpton — Vicksburg 
Krisina Miley (Jpton — Clinton 
Majorie Upton — Clinton 
Michael Keith (Jsry — Brandon 
Eze Allan (Jzodinma — Jackson 


Tammie June Vaillancourt — Vicksburg 
Sarah Katherine Valadie — Jackson 
Mary Louise Valentine — Flora 
Brocklin Jackie Van Faye — Jackson 
Morman Bettye Van West — Vicksburg 
Norman Michelle Van Rae — Cary 
Sittert Sharon Van Marie — Clinton 
Charles Gilbert Vance — Jackson 
Joyce Gilbert Vance — (Jtica 
Michele Rene Vance Grigs — Raymond 
Timothy Wayne Vance — Raymond 
Amy Lynn Vandahl — Flora 
William Erwin Vanderberry — Clinton 
Patsy Jean Vanderford — Valley Park 
Rhonda Renee Vanderford — Brandon 
Charles Henry Vanderhoff — Clinton 
Elsie R Vandevender — Pearl 
Eddie B. Vandiver — Jackson 
Tina Goff Vangordon — Pearl 
Margaret Elizabeth Vanhorn — Winona 
Curtis J. Vann Jr. — Jackson 
Elisabeth Vann — Jackson 
Robert Eugene Vannorman — Vicksburg 
Wanda Bradberry Vanpetten — Clinton 
Michael Wayne Vanzandt — Clinton 
Ludivina Varela - Pearl 
Maribel Varela — Pearl 
Olivas Juana Varela — Pearl 
Phyliss Ann Varnell — Vicksburg 
Bernice Lee Vaughan — Yazoo City 
Christopher Hays Vaughan — Benton 
Jane Mattina Vaughan — Jackson 
Angela Marie Vaughn — Clinton 
Howard W. Vaughn — Clinton 
Martin Allen Vaughn — Pearl 
Michael Oscar Vaughn — Jackson 
Terry T. Vaughn — Jackson 
Mildred S. Veal Davis — Jackson 
Edison Francisco Velasquez — Jackson 
Esperanza M. Velasquez — Jackson 
Vickie Prudhomme Venable — Jackson 
Jezy Jacob Verghese — Jackson 
Gay Lynn Vertucci — Brandon 
Joseph D. Vertucci — Florence 
Cynthia Joan Viator — Richland 
David B. Vick — Pearl 
Patricia Lee Vick — Jackson 
Stephanie M. Vick — Terry 
Angela Louise Vincent — Pearl 

Lauren Elizabeth Vincent — Jackson 
Michael David Vinchwater — Jackson 
Michelle Wanda Vinchwater — Jackson 
Donald Wayne Vine — Centreville 
Jeffery D. Vines — Vicksburg 
Tanis Marie Vines — Vicksburg 
Katherine J Vining — Vicksburg 
Delois M. Vinson — Vicksburg 
Tonga Lee Vinson — Vicksburg 
(Jdom Malida Vitaya — Vicksburg 
Ken P. Vitaya-Udom — Vicksburg 
Betty B. Vitt — Jackson 
Joy Christine Voelker — Pearl 
Jaynie Anne Voelz — Brandon 
Margaret llene Vogel — Jackson 
Shannon Dennis Vogt — Jackson 
David Allen Volk — Vicksburg 
Christie L. Volz — Brandon 
Leslie M Volz — Jackson 
Georgia D. Vowell — Clinton 


Sylvia Ann Waddell — (Jtica 

Theresa Jean Waddell — Florence 

Cherrone M. Wade — Utica 

Cheryl Wade — Crystal 

Clayton Ernest Wade — Braxton 

Constance Campbell Wade — Vicksburg 

Ethel Jean Wade — Jackson 

Joseph Mark Wade — Brandon 

Linda Diane Wade M. — Pearl 

Patsy Benita Wade — Jackson 

Phyllis P. Wade — Vicksburg 

Renee Rheldfornette Wade — Crysta 

Wendy Dawn Wade — Jackson 
Robert Edward Wadford — Bentonia 
Susan Renee Wadford — Canton 
Thomas Powell Wadlington — Jackson 
John Larry Waggoner — Morton 
Adolph Wagner III — Church Hill 
Jennifer Benton Wagner — Jackson 
Jackie Lynn Waite Ragan — Jackson 
Rebecca Lynn Walden — Jackson 
Vanessa Pyron Waldo — Duck Hill 
Karen Michelle Waldrop — Jackson 
Alice S. Walker — Raymond 
Avory Vurla Walker — Pinola 
Barbara Ann Walker — Jackson 
Bart E. Walker — Vicksburg 
Bennie M. Walker — Jackson 
Betty Bradford Walker — Jackson 
Bettye Ann Walker — Vicksburg 
Bill O. Walker — Clinton 
Bobby Lee Walker — Pelahatchie 
Boris Walker — Carson 
Carolyn Holy Walker — Jackson 
Charlene Smith Walker — Jackson 
Darryl Dewayne Walker — Brandon 
David W. Walker — Jackson 
Dedra S. Walker — Crystal Springs 
Delphine Walker — Jackson 
Elizabeth Hall Walker — Vicksburg 
Gail Russell Walker — Vicksburg 
Helen Louise Walker — Brandon 
Ida Mae Walker — Jackson 
Jackie Allgood Walker — Crystal Springs 
James Daniel Walker — Morton 
Jayne P. Walker Moore — Jackson 
Joann Conway Walker — Jackson 
Joel Scott Walker — Raymond 
John Andrew Walker — New Hebron 
John Curtis Walker — Florence 
Kenneth W. Walker — Brandon 
Laura Beth Walker — Jackson 
Leonard Walker — Vicksburg 
Mark Cagle Walker — Raymond 
Marshall Derrick Walker — Hattiesburg 
Martha C. Walker — Vicksburg 
Muhammed AM Walker — Prentiss 
Patricia C. Walker — Bolton 
Patricia Steen Walker — Ridgeland 
Randolph Walker — Vicksburg 
Raymond A. Walker — Vicksburg 
Robert S. Walker — Vicksburg 
Ronald Sean Walker — Jackson 
Ronnie L. Walker — Jackson 
Ruby J. Walker — Florence 
Tammie Lynn Walker — Jackson 
Toni Davis Walker — Jackson 
Vickie L. Walker — Vicksburg 

Welburne Walker — Jackson 
Woodrow Lester Walker — Yazoo City 
Marguerite Hossley Wall — Raymond 
Nancy H. Wall — Jackson 
Robert Chris Wall — Madison 
Valerie S. Wall — Clinton 
Amy Ladean Wallace — Jackson 
Christopher Todd Wallace — Pearl 
Gayla Michelle Wallace — Deer Park 
Jacquelyn Ann Wallace — Brandon 
Kathy A Wallace — Vicksburg 
Leslie Robert Wallace — Natchez 
Lori Yvette Wallace — Pearl 
Lyn Hagan Wallace Barza — Biloxi 
Pamela R. Wallace — Vicksburg 
Donna Lynn Walley — Vicksburg 
Joseph Jesse Walley — Vicksburg 
Kristin Elisabeth Walley — Jackson 
Monica D. Walley Ann — Jackson 
Robert Clower Walley — Vicksburg 
Samuel Richard Walley — Brandon 
Thomas Andrew Walling — Clinton 
Jackie Louise Walls Pool — Vicksburg 
Shahla Elaine Walls — Tougaloo 
A Lynne Walsh — Vicksburg 
Carla Rae Walsh — Jackson 
Douglas Ray Walsh Jr. — Jackson 
Frederick Hyde Walsh IV — Vicksburg 
Wendy Denise Walston — Brandon 
Allison Lynn Walters — Pelahatchie 
Carolyn Sue Walters — Clinton 
Catherine Fillebau Walters — Vicksburg 
Edith Bumpus Walters — Pelahatchie 
Elizabeth M. Walters — Vicksburg 
Jeffery Duane Walters — Florence 
Jeffry Scott Walters — Jackson 
Michael Ross Walters — Pelahatchie 
Patti Renee Walters — Jackson 
Rhonda Kay Walters — Pelahatchie 
|Robert Earl Walters — Vicksburg 
Tammy Jean Walters — Vicksburg 
Terrell Eugene Walters — Pelahatchie 
Annette Walton — Jackson 
Ray Anthony Walton — Jackson 
Tammy Burks Walton — Jackson 
Vivian Davis Walton — Vicksburg 
Anthony Wansley — Florence 
Alesa R. Ward — Pearl 
Betty Karen Ward — Jackson 
Gary M. Ward — Pearl 
Katherine Patterson Ward — Florence 
Kenyon Lavoy Ward — Jackson 
Leslie Marie Ward — Vicksburg 
Lisa Diane Ward — Jackson 
Maurice T. Ward — Bolton 
Natalie Denise Ward — Starksville 
Peggy Harris Ward — Satartia 
Richard B. Ward — Brandon 
Rosemary R. Ward — Indianola 
Sue Chapin Ward — Florence 
William Randall Ward — Jackson 
Anthony Lydell Ware — Vicksburg 
Betty C. Ware Swann — Jackson 
Brian Jay Ware — Clinton 
Chester L. Ware — Jackson 
Cynthia J. Ware Willi — Florence 
D. Walker Ware II — Ridgeland 
Edward Douglas Ware — Clinton 
Jack Ervin Ware — Jackson 
Kathy A. Ware — Jackson 
Lucille Laura Ware — Jackson 
Michael Charles Ware — Vicksburg 
Richard Don Ware — Houston 
Robert Alfred Ware Jr. — Vicksburg 
Ronald W. Ware — Florence 
Patricia A. Warner — Jackson 
Shirley Dean Warner — Vicksburg 
Vivian Gail Warner — Jackson 
Burl E. Warnock — Vicksburg 
Lori Deanna Warnock — Vicksburg 
Anna Burrell Warren — Pearl 
Ava M. Warren — Mendenhall 
Benjamin Casey Warren — Jackson 
Cassandra E. Warren — Brandon 
Cassandra Kyles Warren — Jackson 
Cheryl Avant Warren — Vicksburg 
Dawn M. Warren — Jackson 
Delores Faye Warren — Jackson 
Edward Earl Warren — Monroe 
Gene Warren — Vicksburg 
Glennard Michael Warren — Vicksburg 
Kelley Frances Warren — Vicksburg 
Lisa Michelle Warren — Jackson 
Michael Joe Warren — Clinton 
Mike David Warren — Ridgeland 
Rachel Warren — Philadelphia 
Robert Thomas Warren — Jackson 

Scott A. Warren — Vicksburg 
Spencer Dale Warren — Jackson 
Stacy Mechelle Warren — Brandon 
Steven Patrick Warren — Ridgeland 
Tammy Ann Warren — Jackson 
Teresa Sharlene Warren — Magee 
Theresa Kay Warren — Clinton 
Tracy G. Warren — Clinton 
Wendy D. Warren — Vicksburg 
Robin Elizabeth Warriner — Jackson 
Brent Hollis Warrington — Madison 
Sharyl Leigh Warrington — Clinton 
Annie Marie Washington — Canton 
Bennie Washington — Vicksburg 
Cassandra Washington — Vicksburg 
Charlene Washington — Bolton 
Connie Renia Washington — Canton 
Dionna Michelle Washington — Yazoo City 
Dorothy Washington — Bolton 
Dorothy Jeannet Washington — Jackson 
Eddie Lee Washington — Jackson 
Edward Andre Washington — Jackson 
Fatima C. Washington — Cary 
Gloria J. Washington — Jackson 
J. C. Washington Jr. — Natchez 
James Auguster Washington — Jackson 
Jeannette Washington — Jackson 
Ladora Washington — Jackson 
Lolita Washington — Utica 
Marilyn Annette Washington — Jackson 
Marvin A. Washington — Dallas 
Monica Lynn Washington — Jackson 
Ralph Washington 
Renea Washington — Jackson 
Ruthie Martin Washington — Jackson 
Shannon Washington — Vicksburg 
Soloman James Washington — Jackson 
Walter Jeffrey Washington — Vicksburg 
Yolandra Yvette Washington — Canton 
Kelly Waynette Wasson — Vicksburg 
Charlene Edwards Waters — Morton 
Herman L. Waters — Jackson 
Barry Watkins — Jackson 
Curtis G. Watkins — Vicksburg 
Diane Watkins — Jackson 
Don Harold Watkins — Brandon 
Don Mitchell Watkins — Brandon 
Donna Rene Watkins — Jackson 
Freeman Tyrone Watkins — Rankin 
Gary Steven Watkins — Jackson 
Hubert Owen Watkins — Carthage 
Jane A. Watkins — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Watkins — Jackson 
Joan Sistrunk Watkins — Pearl 
Kimberly Kaye Watkins — Pearl 
Leigh Watkins III — Jackson 
Linda Rawson Watkins — Jackson 
Paul B. Watkins — Vicksburg 
Rosalind Teague Watkins — Clinton 
Russell Owens Watkins — Canton 
Shelia Watkins — Canton 
Shelli Joan Watkins — Pearl 
Vera Denise Watkins — Jackson 
Youlanda Watkins — Jackson 
Tamara L'Ann Watley — Jackson 
Thomas John Watrous Jr. — Clinton 
Beatrice Webb Watson — Vicksburg 
Cedric Dewayne Watson — Jackson 
Charles William Watson — Vicksburg 
Daphne Marie Watson — Bolton 
Earline Jones Watson — Jackson 
J. Michael Watson — Brandon 
Joseph Lawrence Watson — Terry 
Joseph Wesley Watson — Richton 
Marilyn Ann Watson — Vicksburg 
Oscar C. Watson Jr. — Jackson 
Owen Watson III — Clinton 
Perry Wideman Watson Jr. — Ridgeland 
Reginald Leon Watson — Jackson 
Rena Antionette Watson — Vicksburg 
Larry Odell Watters Jr. — Jackson 
Bill Watts — Vicksburg 
Bobby L. Watts — Jackson 
Catherine Elaine Watts — Vicksburg 
Christopher Brian Watts — Brandon ' 

Dorether L. Watts Crape — Canton 
Garland L. Watts — Pelahatchie 
Gloria E. Watts — Columbia 
Henry Watts Jr. — Jackson 
Jacky Wayne Watts — Pelahatchie 
Mabel Hoult Watts Prall — Jackson 
Martha Louise Watts — Jackson 
Michael Beverly Watts — Vicksburg 
Pamela Denise Watts — Brandon 
Penny Dorene Watts Aycoc — Morton 
Rebecca Ann Watts — Jackson 
Rebecca Dianne Watts — Pelahatchie 

318 / Directory 

Samantha Beverly Watts — Vicksburg 

Scotty Watts — Raliegh 

Clarence Pete Wavrin — Vicksburg 

Roy Weaks Jr — Jackson 

Glenn Allen Weatherford Jr — Jackson 

Theresa Walker Weathers — Vicksburg 

Aaron Durand Weathersby — Jackson 

Frederick Lee Weathersby — Jackson 

Sean Jeffery Weathersby — Jackson 

Stephanie Dawn Weathersby — Jackson 

Thomas Cabe Weathersby Jr — Florence 

Tyrone Weathersby — Jackson 

Wendy Diane Weathersby — Jackson 

Henry Lee Weatherspoon — Natchez 

Vanessa Marie Weatherspoon — Natchez 

Barry Eugene Weaver — Jackson 

Jo Yana Weaver — Clinton 

Mary Elizabeth Weaver — Flowood 

Michael J Weaver — Vicksburg 

Scott Weaver — Jackson 

Virginia Ann Weaver — Vicksburg 

Charlla Deann Webb — Brandon 

Daniel Alvin Webb — Flowood 

Diedre Draffen Webb — Jackson 

Hollene Webb — Jackson 

Lillian B. Webb — Richland 

Rebecca Webb — Flowood 

Robert Alan Webb Jr. — Canton 

Tangela Rogers Webb — Jackson 

Terrie Elizabeth Webb — Jackson 

Velma Blakeney Webb — Taylorsville 

Charles Alex Webster — Jackson 

Coleathea Raschal Webster — Alligator 

Deria Lachon Webster — Jackson 

Josephine McGrew Webster — Jackson 

Lysandra Onicesa Webster — Jackson 

Pearly Cheeks Webster — Jackson 

Phyllis Webster — Jackson 

Tiffanie Chism Webster — Jackson 

James C. Weekly — Vicksburg 

Diana H. Weeks — Brandon 

Joyce H. Weeks — Vicksburg 

Julie Denise Weeks — Raymond 

Patrick Alvin Weeks — Jackson 

Patsy M. Weeks — Pearl 

Tina Michelle Weeks — Jackson 

William Gregory Weeks — Clinton 

Melanie Lynn Weems — Brandon 

Steven Lamar Weems — Jackson 

Brenda Gayle Weihing — Brandon 

Joe Neal Weilenman — Jackson 

Rochele Mae Weilert — Vicksburg 

Caron Tyner Weisenberger — Jackson 

John Richard Weisenberger — Clinton 

Mary Cecilia Weisenberger — Clinton 

Arnold Jeffrey Welborn — Flowood 

Karen D. Welborn — Brandon 

Melanie H. Welborn — Raymond 

Pam Gregor Welborn — Brandon 

Bobbie Lawley Welch — Jackson 

Cynthia Armstrong Welch — Ridgeland 

Ida Thomas Welch — Jackson 

Jerry C. Welch — Vicksburg 

Joann Welch — Vicksburg 

John Allen Welch — Madison 

Julia Kay Welch — Brandon 

Kevin L. Welch — Jackson 

Kim Michelle Welch — Jackson 

Lajeana Thurman Welch — Richland 

Laurie Ann Welch Putna — Brandon 

Leanna May Welch — Jackson 

Lori Welch — Jackson 

Thomas Albert Welch — Moselle 

Vickie Deloris Welch — Crystal Springs 

Vicky Renee Welch — Jackson 

Anita Wells — Clinton 

Anthony T. Wells — Jackson 

Benny Mike Wells — Vicksburg 

Callie Stokes Wells — Jackson 

Colleen Mahoney Wells — Vicksburg 

Diane Dorice Wells — Crystal Springs 

Donald Earl Wells — Jackson 

Dongela Latrice Wells — Bolton 

Earl T. Wells — Jackson 

Eddie Lee Wells — Jackson 

Gene Hunter Wells — Jackson 

Joy M. Wells — Vicksburg 

Kenneth Wells — Jackson 

Laura Allen Wells — Ridgeland 

Leontyne Valencia Wells — Jackson 

Linda Lee Wells — Jackson 

Lisa Ellen Wells — Jackson 

Loretta Wells — Jackson 

Melvin Carl Wells — Jackson 

Richard Chadwick Wells — Brandon 

Robert Mitchell Wells — Raleigh 

Ronnie J. Wells — Canton 

Sandra D. Wells Sutto — Jackson 

Sheri L. Wells — Jackson 

Stennis Earl Wells — Pearl 

Yolanda Patrice Wells — Jackson 

Brian Morris Welton — Jackson 

Diana Alyne Wendland — Jackson 

Julie Ann Wenger — Clinton 

Lisa Renee Weseli — Jackson 

Charles Bradford West — Jackson 

Eric Raynard West — Bolton 

Lewis William West — Jackson 

Lisa Michelle West — D'Lo 

Plez West Jr. — Natchez 

Birdie Robertsha Westbrook — Vicksburg 

Dianne M. Westbrook — Clinton 

Lisa Michelle Westbrook — Jackson 

Lorrie Ann Westbrook — Pearl 

Rita K. Westbrook — Jackson 

Robert Lynn Westbrook — Brandon 

Terry Lee Westcott Weddl — Vicksburg 

Vicki Lynn Westcott — Brandon 

Katie G. Westerfield — Florence 

Joyce Graham Westerman — Jackson 

James Clinton Westmoreland — Laurel 

Pamela Weston — Jackson 

Travis Darryl Whaley — Potts Camp 

Angel J. Whatley — Vicksburg 

James H. Whatley Jr. — Vicksburg 

Melissa Ann Whatley — Puckett 

William Harrison Whatley — Carthage 

Jason Kirk Wheat — Pearl 

Angela Marie Wheatley — Vicksburg 

Kenneth Richard Wheatley — Vicksburg 

Cindy D. Wheeler — Yazoo City 

Freddie Wheeler — Jackson 

Jerald D. Wheeler — Southaven 

Ola M. Wheeler Craft — Raymond 

Roddis Stacy Wheeler — Crosby 

Thomas Arnold Wheeler — Jackson 

Cynthia Lynne Whirlow — Jackson 

Joyce Palmer Whitaker — Pearl 

Larkin Douglas Whitaker — Vicksburg 

Lois Ann Whitaker — Vicksburg 

Alisa Machelle White — Jackson 

Amy Annette White — Pelahatchie 

April Patrice White — Raymond 

Audrea Baker White — Jackson 

Belinda Kaye White — Ridgeland 

Betina Shanta White — Edwards 

Billy Dale White — Vicksburg 

Bryan White — Jackson 

Carol A. White — Richland 

Cathryn Renee White — Jackson 

Deloris White — Rolling Fork 

Elizabeth Crawford White — Brandon 

Ernest Wayne White — Jackson 

George Leslie White — Abbeville 

Gladys White — Vicksburg 

Gwen White — Canton 

Hilda Benson White — Florence 

III John White H. — Jackson 

Inacia White — Jackson 

Jack I. White — Jackson 

James Odie White III — Utica 

Jan Cooper White — Harrisville 

Jeff Lavelle White — Benton 

Jeffrey Guinn White — Clinton 

John B. White — Vicksburg 

John Kirk White — Florence 

John Norris White — Vicksburg 

John Orrin White — CJtica 

Josh Elliott White — Jackson 

Joyce M. White — Vicksburg 

Katie Lauva White Weath — Magee 

Kenneth Kennard White — Jackson 

Lisa M. White — Mt. Olive 

Lisa McGee White — Florence 

Melissa Marie White — Jackson 

Michelle Lea White — Jackson 

Modena Lee White — Jackson 

Patricia A. White — Jackson 

Philip White — Jackson 

Ramonda Anita White — Forest 

Richard G. White — Terry 

Richard Kelly White — Brandon 

Rita Jo White — Jackson 

Robert Charles White — Jackson 

Rodney W. White — Pelahatchie 

Ronnie Craig White — Jackson 

Stephen D. White — Vicksburg 

Tally Stanley White — Jackson 

Thomas Ronald White — Jackson 

Tracy Lynn White — Richland 

Valerie Lowe White — Jackson 

Vanessa Metchelle White — Morton 

Victoria White — Jackson 

Wallace Lee White Jr. — Jackson 

Yolanda Juanita White — Forest 
James Anthony Whitehead — Jackson 
Pamela Earlene Whitehead — Jackson 
William Henry Whitehead — Natchez 
Curlie Lee Whiten Jr. — Vicksburg 
Curtis Todd Whitfield — Jackson 
Eddie Joe Whitfield — Pelahatchie 
Richard Scott Whitley — Jackson 
Robert Carson Whitley — Edwards 
Helen Lee Whitten — Jackson 
Raymond Glenn Whitten Jr. — Jackson 
Bo Whittenburg — Vicksburg 
Christie S. Whittington — Jackson 
Jeff Kyle Whittington — Pearl 
Scotty Whittington — Pearl 
Sharon Lynn Whittington — Hazlehurst 
Susan Kennette Whittington — Vicksburg 
William Clay Whittington — Richland 
Danny Wayne Whitworth — Pontotoc 
Andrew Wayne Wicker — Brandon 
Crystal Gayle Wicker — Jackson 
Wanda Irene Wicker Goode — Bentonia 
Scott Alexander Wiechers — Jackson 
John Paul Wiegand — Ridgeland 
Marilyn B. Wienke — Vicksburg 
Claresa Deneze Wiggins — Jackson 
Tony Marcel Wiggins — Jackson 
Winfred Alan Wiggins — Jackson 
Jennifer Kay Wiggs — Jackson 
Jason Wilbanks — Vicksburg 
Rayford E. Wilbanks — Vicksburg 
Thomas Todd Wilbanks — Jackson 
Robert Martin Wilcha — Jackson 
James A. Wilcox 
Terry Ross Wilcox — Ridgeland 
Richard Wildee III — Vicksburg 
Andrew Jobe Wilder — Jackson 
Annie Lee Wilder — Vicksburg 
Horace L. Wilder — Vicksburg 
Walter T. Wilgus — Jackson 
Ava H. Wiliamson — Pelahatchie 
Bertha Rena Wilkerson — Terry 
Bobby Jean Wilkerson — Jackson 
Cora L. Wilkerson — Terry 
Donald Derwin Wilkerson — Bentonia 
Dye Ann Wilkerson — Jackson 
George Thurber Wilkerson — Vicksburg 
Helen Wilkerson — Terry 
James Kelly Wilkerson — Vicksburg 
James Riley Wilkerson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Kitty R. Wilkerson — Vicksburg 
Patsy Wilkerson — Vicksburg 
Sarah Louise Wilkerson — Vicksburg 
A. Renee Wilkinson — Vicksburg 
Angela Marie Wilkinson — Vicksburg 
Audwin Trent Wilkinson — Carthage 
Barbara Wilkinson — Vicksburg 
James M. Wilkinson — Clinton 
Jeffrey K. Wilkinson — Starkville 
Jennifer L. Wilkinson — Clinton 
Linda Sanders Wilkinson — Vicksburg 
Mary Irene Wilkinson — Vicksburg 
Alex Scott Williams — Clinton 
Alfred Boyd Williams — Liberty 
Alice C. Williams — Jackson 
Andre Roshae Williams — Jackson 
Angela Charlyns Williams — Jackson 
Ann Braswell Williams — Jackson 
Anthony Williams — Vicksburg 
Anthony Ray Williams — Jackson 
Barbara W. Williams — Jackson 
Barton Bernard Williams — Madison 
Bernice Williams — Flora 
Bethany C. Williams — Jackson 
Bettie Deloise Williams — Shuqualak 
Betty J. Williams — Jackson 
Beverly Williams — Vicksburg 
Beverly Jones Williams — Vicksburg 
Bobbie M. Williams — Brandon 
Brad Tyrone Williams — Jackson 
Brenda Minor Williams — Jackson 
Candace Lynette Williams — Ridgeland 
Carmen Cuevas Williams — Raymond 
Carol Leslie Williams — Pearl 
Carrie Lou Williams — Jackson 
Cedrick D. Williams — Jackson 
Chereatta Rena Williams — Jackson 
Cherita Lynn Williams — Jackson 
Cheryl Diana Williams — Jackson 
Christine Kelly Williams — Jackson 
Clarence Larry Williams — Jackson 
Cloretta Orida Williams — Jackson 
Dana Deneen Williams — Jackson 
David Williams — Vicksburg 
Davy Williams — Summit 
Deanna Delores Williams — Jackson 
Debbie Diane Williams — Raymond 

Deborah Williams — Jackson 
Delores Gaddy Williams — Canton 
Denise Galloway Williams — Jackson 
Doris C Williams — Jackson 
Dorla Branning Williams — Richland 
Dorothy Demetrice Williams — Durant 
Edwin Clayton Williams Jr — Utica 
Ethel Lee Williams — Raymond 
Faye Williams — Jackson 
Fontella Williams — Canton 
Frances L. Williams — Clinton 
Freddie Lee Williams — Vicksburg 
Frederick Charles Williams — Jackson 
Gavin Othel Williams — Jackson 
Geneva P. Williams — Jackson 
Gerald Leon Williams — Richland 
Glenda Faye Williams — Brookhaven 
Gregory Wayne Williams — 105 Red Oak 
Greta Williams — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Louise Williams — Vicksburg 
Houston Williams — Vicksburg 
Isabel Kotlarski Williams — Vicksburg 
J. David Williams — Clinton 
Jacqueline Williams — Jackson 
James Allen Williams — Vicksburg 
James Arthur Williams — Jackson 
James R. Williams — Bolton 
James Vincente Williams — Greenwood 
Janice Williams — Jackson 
Janice Marie Williams — Jackson 
Jeanna McCormack Williams — Brandon 
Jerrell Dewayne Williams — Jackson 
Jerry Edward Williams — Pearl 
Jim C. Williams Jr. — Yazoo City 
Joeann Williams — Tougaloo 
John Christopher Williams — Starkville 
John F. Williams — Jackson 
John L Williams — Jackson 
Jonie Williams — Clarksdale 
Karen Michele Williams P — Pearl 
Karl Alapaki Williams — Clinton 
Kathie R. Williams — Jackson 
Katie Marie Williams — Canton 
Kelley Michele Williams — Brandon 
Keneta J Williams — Jackson 
Kenneth Williams — Jackson 
Kimberly Ann Williams Brow — Richland 
Lea Vera Williams — Vicksburg 
Levora Dianne Williams — Jackson 
Lillie Imelda Williams — Glen Allan 
Linda Bully Williams — Jackson 
Lonnie Maurice Williams — Brandon 
Lynda Walley Williams — Jackson 
M Maria Williams — Clinton 
Mark Harris Williams — Florence 
Mark Pickett Williams — Raymond 
Markessa Vombre Williams — Jackson 
Mario Alisa Williams — Jackson 
Mary Jussely Williams — Vicksburg 
Mary Louise Williams — Vicksburg 
Mary S. Williams — Starkville 
Melba Jean Williams — Flora 
Merton E. Williams Jr. — Clinton 
Michael Eugene Williams — (Jtica 
Michelle Aletha Williams — Jackson 
Mike B. Williams — Raymond 
Mitzi Gay Williams — Brandon 
Mose Lee Williams — Vicksburg 
Nancy Brewer Williams — Florence 
O. C. Williams — Lexington 
Ora Jean Williams — Jackson 
Pamela Renee Williams — Bolton 
Patricia A. Williams — Rolling Fork 
Patricia Ann Williams — Utica 
Pauline P. Williams — Vicksburg 
Pinkie Maria Williams — Canton 
Priscilla Cal Williams — Jackson 
Ray Williams — D Lo 
Reba Sanders Williams — Brandon 
Rebecca Jean Williams Lea — Jackson 
Regina Dianne Williams — Crystal Springs 
Richard Lynn Williams Jr. — Jackson 
Robert Arthur Williams — Pearl 
Robert Matthew Williams — Brandon 
Ronda Lynette Williams — Jackson 
Ruby Jean Williams — Jackson 
Samuel Williams — Jackson 
Sandra Denise Williams — Jackson 
Sara Lucrecia Williams — Mendenhall 
Sharon Ann Williams — Vicksburg 
Sheila Ann Williams — Raymond 
Sheila Bonita Williams — Jackson 
Sherrie E. Williams — Vicksburg 
Sherrie R. Williams — Vicksburg 
Sherry Leenete Williams — Vicksburg 
Sheryl Lynn Williams — Jackson 
Shirley Diamond Williams — Canton 

Directory / 319 

Shirley Johnson Williams — Vicksburg 
Sonja M Williams — Jackson 
Sonya Denise Williams — Jackson 
Stacey Michelle Williams — Jackson 
Stacey Renee Williams — Jackson 
Stacy Lou Williams — Jackson 
Stefan K Williams — Vicksburg 
Steve Earl Williams — Pearl 
Stevie Williams — Harrisville 
Terence C Williams — Jackson 
Terry Leon Williams — Vicksburq 
Tonya Renee Williams — Vicksburg 
Torrance Gavin Williams — Jackson 
(Jndra L Williams — Columbus 
Valerie Williams — Jackson 
Valerie Renee Williams — Jackson 
Vanessa Veal Williams — Jackson 
Vickie Sturgis Williams — Vicksburg 
Walter Tyrone Williams — Jackson 
Wanda Coletta Williams — Port Gibson 
Wayne Williams — Jackson 
Wayne Rodney Williams — Canton 
Wilena Madgalene Williams — Jackson 
William Charles Williams — Jackson 
William Vardaman Williams — Jackson 
Willie Earl Williams — Prentiss 
Yvette Marie Williams — Yazoo City 
Zealyne Marchelle Williams — Jackson 
Annie Mae Williamson — Vicksburg 
Barbara Joyce Williamson — Jackson 
Darrell G Williamson — Yazoo 
Dolphus Williamson — Magee 
George Matthew Williamson — Flora 
Jeff Wayne Williamson — Jackson 
Jenny Michele Williamson — Vicksburg 
John Thomas Williamson — Jackson 
Karrie Lynn Williamson — Jackson 
Lois C. Williamson — Vicksburg 
Malcolm R, Williamson — Clinton 
Michelle Wyvett Williamson — Prentiss 
Ronald Edward Williamson — Clinton 
Stacie Carol Williamson — Yazoo City 
Thomas Eugene Williamson — Raymond 
Darline Willingham — Vicksburg 
Andrew James Willis Jr. — Pearl 
Annette Elizabeth Willis — Florence 
Betty Ann Willis — Jackson 
Elaine Emily Willis — Edwards 
Estell Gibbon Willis — Jackson 
Jeffery Thomas Willis — Jackson 
Joseph Glenn Willis — Philadelphia 
Michelle Lea Willis — Braxton 
Patrick Bryant Willis — Terry 
Ronda Munro Willis — Ridgeland 
Rosemary Willis — Jackson 
Kenneth Wayne Willoughby — Jackson 
Linda Lindigrin Willoughby — Vicksburg 
Linda Joyce Wilmoth — Richland 
Anthony Maurice Wilson — Jackson 
Barbara Jean Wilson — (Jtica 
Barney Austin Wilson — Vickburg 
Carol Ann Wilson — Vicksburg 
Cassandra Wilson — (Jtica 
Charles C. Wilson — Richland 
Charles Thomas Wilson — Newellton 
Christopher Dwayne Wilson — Clinton 
Christy Sharon Wilson — Yazoo City 
Cindy McAlpin Wilson — Raymond 
Constance Byrd Wilson — Pearl 
Debra Denise Wilson — Vicksburg 
Dennis Wilson — Jackson 
Dorothy W. Wilson — Jackson 
Douglas L. Wilson — Vicksburg 
Edward Cardell Wilson — Vicksburg 
Fay Shannon Wilson — Jackson 
Gloria Jean Wilson — (Jtica 
Jackie Denise Wilson — Port Gibson 
James E. Wilson — Jackson 
James R. Wilson — Vicksburg 
Jenette D. Wilson — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Faye Wilson — Vicksburg 
Jerry Wilson — Vicksburg 
John Calvin Wilson — Raymond 
John Derek Wilson — Mobile 
Johnie Lee Wilson — Jackson 
Juanita P. Wilson — Jackson 
Judy Fay Wilson Garri — Jackson 
Kenneth A. Wilson — (Jtica 
Lawanda Wilson — Jackson 
Lenora Lee Wilson Marie — Bolton 
Linda Gail Wilson Cardw — Jackson 
Louis Cortes Wilson — Jackson 
Melody P. Wilson — Jackson 
Melvin C. Wilson — Crystal Springs 
Michael E. Wilson — Terry 
Michail W. Wilson — Carthage 
Nancy Leigh Wilson — Vicksburg 

Otis C. Wilson — Bolton 

Pamela Dianne Wilson — Jackson 

Paul Ire Wilson — Indianola 

Paula Renee Wilson — Flowood 

Rhonda M Wilson — Pelahatchie 

Robert A Wilson — Jackson 

Rodrick Reone Wilson — Jackson 

Rosemary C Wilson — Vicksburg 

Sandra F Wilson — Jackson 

Sarah G Wilson — Vicksburg 

Sarah V Wilson — Vicksburg 

Selena Lynn Wilson — Richland 

Shawn Antoinette Wilson — Jackson 

Steven Carley Wilson — Terry 

Steven Ray Wilson — Florence 

Tanya S Wilson — Jackson 

Thomas Coker Wilson — Jackson 

Tommye G Wilson — Jackson 

Tonny Fitzgerald Wilson — Canton 

Vee Jay Wilson — Jackson 

Kim Michelle Wiltcher — Jackson 

Chris Alan Wimberley — Brandon 

Suvatana Boonech Wimberley — Brandon 

Edith L Wimberly — Jackson 

Sammy W Wimberly — Florence 

Terry L Wimberly — Clinton 

Christopher Ashley Wimbish — Brandon 

Tommy Darrell Winborne — Natchez 

Elizabeth Rachelle Windham — Florence 

Ella Virginia Windham H — Brandon 

Shelitha Windham — Jackson 

Franklin Winfield — Jackson 

Nelda Marie Winfield — Jackson 

Rose D Winfield — Jackson 

Sharron Deniece Winford — Jackson 

Sandra Faye Winfrey — Ridgeland 

Michael Winn — Vicksburg 

Chad Everett Winningham — Mendenhall 

Victoria Diane Woods — Clinton 
Kevin James Woodson — Vicksburg 
Shelia Marie Woodson — Vicksburg 
Janette G Woolard — Jackson 
Mark Alan Woolard — Jackson 
Therese Knapp Woolard — Jackson 
Jody Wayne Wooten — Madison 
Thomas Brooke Worrell — (Jtica 
John Edward Wortham — Jackson 
Sid R. Worthy — Terry 
Annie L Wren — Canton 
Bessie L. Wren Wrigh — Jackson 
Anthony Tyrone Wright — Jackson 
Billy R. Wright — Vicksburg 
Brenda J Wright — Vicksburg 
Brenda K Wright — Vicksburg 
Cassic Cainille Wright — Jackson 
Charles Wright — Vicksburg 
Christopher Lamonte Wright — lackson 
Cynthia Diane Wright — Brandon 
Dana N Wright — Vicksburg 
Garry L Wright — Union City 
Jacquelyn L Wright — tidwards 
Ladonna Kay Wright — Vicksburg 
Lynn A Wright — Jackson 
Mary Deborah Wright — Clinton 
Nell J. Wright — Jackson 
Ozie D. Wright — Yazoo City 
Patricia Harris Wright — Jackson 
Paulette F. Wright — Jackson 
Rosie Marie Wright — Vicksburg 
Roy Dean Wright Jr. — Jackson 
Shirley Marie Wright B — Jackson 
Stephan Alan Wright — Raymond 
Susan Sanders Wright — Vicksburg 
Tara Amanda Wright — Pearl 
Therese Carshena Wright — Canton 
Tina Waltman Wright — Vicksburg 

Charles Anthony Winningham — Mendenhall Tracy Ann Wright — Philadelphia 

Lori Michelle Wrobel — Clinton 
Cevelle Yvette Wyatt — Fayette 
Cherie Elizabeth Wyatt — Pearl 
Eddie Ray Wyatt — Jackson 
Janet Lorraine Wyatt — Tallulah 
Rose Anne Wylie — Vicksburg 
Velisia Wynn — Starkville 
Johnny G Wynne — Jackson 
Patty Morse Wynne — Richland 
Richard T Wynne — Richland 

Therese Evans Winschel — Vicksburg 
Johnny Albert Winsley — Brandon 
Brent Winstead — Jackson 
James Richard Winstead — Jackson 
Donnell Winston — Jackson 
Freddy Lee Winston — Brandon 
Viola Marie Winston — Canton 
Bobbie Jean Winters — Jackson 
Dewayne Leroy Winters — Vicksburg 
Joyce D. Wise — Jackson 
Margaret Bell Wise Willi — Flora 
Andrea Kathryn Wissner — Jackson 
Rita Harrell Withers — Morton 
James Melvin Witherspoon — Jackson 
Sharon Jones Witherspoon — Jackson 
Michael E. Witt — Jackson 
Dianna Engel Wolfe — Vicksburg 
Jr. Bernard Wolfe — Jackson 
Larry Wayne Wolfe — Vicksburg 
Steven Ray Wolfe — Vicksburg 
Catherine Covert Wolverton — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Jean Womack — Mendenhall 
Genise Womack — Mendenhall 
Joey Lane Womack — Magee 
Lori Elizabeth Womack — Clinton 
Rosiland Loetta Womack — (Jtica 
Steven D. Womack — Jackson 
Susan Marie Womack — Mendenhall 
Gary Keith Woo — Belzoni 
Andrea Lee Wood — Vicksburg 
Cheri H. Wood — Jackson 
Georgia Ann Wood — Edwards 
Larry Whitmal Wood Jr. — Jackson 
Robert Sean Wood — Jackson 
Sarah Irene Woodall — Jackson 
Angie Alexander Woodard — Jackson 
Cynthia Ann Woodard — Jackson 
Daniel John Woodard — Jackson 
Tracy M. Woodard — Jackson 
Lori Ann Woodberry — Jackson 
David Harold Woodfield — Jackson 
Michael Bradley Woodrick — Vicksburg 
Patricia A. Woodruff — Jackson 
Angela Denise Woods — Jackson 
Betty Lee Woods — Jackson 
Billie June Woods — Vicksburg 
Carmetra Juanita Woods — Jackson 
Francis Jerome Woods IV — Vicksburg 
Frank S. Woods — Grenada 
Gordon M. Woods — Clinton 
Jerry J. Woods — Jackson 
Leigh Alison Woods — Jackson 
Mary Dawn Woods — Raymond 
Michael Douglas Woods — Brandon 
Richard Lloyd Woods — Jackson 
Stephanie Lynn Woods — Carthage 
Tamara Denise Woods — Vicksburg 
Tully Edward Woods — Vicksburg 


Robert E Yancey Jr. — Columbia 
Demetra D. Yancy — Flora 
Deloris Laird Yarber — Jackson 
Danny Keith Yarbro — Coldwater 
Dorothy Ellen Yarbrough — Jackson 
Kelly Ann Yarbrough — Vicksburg 
Marvin Yarbrough — Louisville 
Sharon Lynn Yarbrough — Louisville 
Allen R. Yates — Jackson 
Billy Raymond Yates Sr. — Pearl 
Brenda Carol Yates — Flora 
Brenda Denise Yates — Jackson 
Connie Ware Yates — Magee 
Edith Hatten Yates — Pearl 
Melissa Love Yates — Madison 
Michael Alan Yates — Pearl 
Shirley E. Yates — Raymond 
Thomas Tracey Yates — Jackson 
Valerie Cherice Yates — Jackson 
William Ty Yates — Braxton 
Glen Douglas Yawn — Clinton 
Christian Noel Yeager — Pearl 
Holly Elizabeth Yeager — Jackson 
Michael J. Yeldell — Tupelo 
Amy Paulette Yelverton — Jackson 
Janice Lee Yelverton — Jackson 
Terry Lynn Yinjlinj — Raymond 
Rex Dean Yocum — Vicksburg 
Luther N. York — Pearl 
Eva L. Youman — Jackson 
Bonnie Young — Jackson 
Brenda Deniece Young — Hollandale 
Catherine Young — Richland 
Charlie Ray Young — Yazoo City 
Cherry Scott Young — (Jtica 
David Malcolm Young — Jackson 
David Randall Young — Jackson 
Demetrius Young — Jackson 
Edna Helen Young — Clinton 

Erma Mallory Young — Vicksburg 
Erroll Young — Jackson 
Evelyn Blackwell Young — Canton 
Evelyn Marie Young — Jackson 
Garnell Young — Jackson 
Gerald D Young — Jackson 
Gladys W Young — Crystal Springs 
James Ashley Young — Vicksburg 
Jeraldine Young — Brandon 
John Edward Young — Jackson 
John H Young — Jackson 
Judy Arnold Young — Pearl 
Katherine Delashmet Young — Clinton 
Kelvin Christopher Young — Jackson 
Linda Young — Florence 
Luversy Young — Jackson 
Mary fi Young — Raymond 
Mjiy Jean Young — Jackson 
Melissa Young — Jackson 
Monique D. Young — Jackson 
Ronie Lee Young — Vicksburg 
Rosemary Young — Vicksburg 
Rosie Marie Young Thomp 


Sylvia Lavonne Young — Flora 
Timmy Earl Young — Jackson 
Tjuana Kay Young — Jackson 
Wilma Jean Young — Jackson 
Carla Denise Younger — Vicksburg 
Christopher Younger — Jackson 
Katina Lavern Younger — Bolton 
Margaret Denise Younger — Vicksburg 
Steve Ray Younger — Bolton 
Brenda R. Yount — Crystal Springs 



Tabitha Shows Zeino — Crystal Springs 
Deborah Evelyn Zentmyer — Jackson 
Deborah Lynne Zetterholm — Clinton 
Raymond Richrd Zientarski — Pearl 
Christopher Andrew Zuga — Jackson 
Thomas Michael Zuga — Jackson 

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