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in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 1 unse 

Hinds Community College District 

Breaking N ew 

Hinds Community College 

501 East Main Street 

Raymond, MS 39154 

Enrollment 18,550 Volume 70 

Hinds Community College District 

' * 

About this year's theme: "Breaking New Ground" 

In 1917, Hinds Community College started in Raymond, Mississippi as Hinds County Agricultural High 
School with only three buildings and 177 students. In the decades that have followed, the college has made 
vast improvements including the expansion to three outside counties, the opening of five adjunct campuses 
and the addition of many state-of-the-art facilities. In the past year, the Rankin, Raymond, Utica and 
Jackson/ ATC campuses have been given the opportunity to take part in this improvement by "breaking new 

The new Vernon Clyde Muse Multi-Purpose Center, which had its grand opening March 25, 2011, is 
approximately 75,000-square-feet and houses a multi-function auditorium and conference center. The 
building also features state-of-the-art classrooms, offices and a full catering kitchen. The Muse Center sits on 
60 acres of the Rankin Campus in Pearl fronting Interstate-20, more than doubling the size of the campus. 

More than 500 community members and employees were on hand Aug. 26 for the official opening of D.G. 
"Sonny" Fountain Hall on the Raymond Campus. The building, which rests on the corner of Hinds 
Boulevard and Main Street, houses the office of the college president and the Board of Trustees meeting 
room as well as Institutional Advancement, Enrollment Services, Student Recruiting, Hinds Community 
College Foundation, Alumni Association, Business Services, Community Relations, Marketing and 
Grants/External Contracts. In addition, on the first floor of Fountain Hall is an Emeritus Room with office 
space and technologies included for the convenience of college retirees who receive the emeritus designation. 

More than 800 Hinds employees, public officials, community members and family attended the Dec. 2 
dedication of the Vashti Underwood Muse Band Hall on the Raymond Campus, named for the late Hinds 
first lady who died on July 9, 2010. The event was held as part of the annual Christmas reception. The new 
23,890 square-foot band hall opened for band members' use in April 2010. The building cost $5.5 million and 
was funded by the citizens of Hinds County through the board of supervisors. Robert Pickett, president of the 
Hinds Community College Board of Trustees, said trustees were pleased to name the building for her. "The 
legacy of Mrs. Muse is indeed etched in many areas of the college. Though she is missing from this place, she 
will continue to hold a fond and memorable space in the hearts of the many, including the members of the 
Hinds Community College Board of Trustees," he said. Mrs. Muse was a former high school majorette and an 
ardent support of the arts program at Hinds, including the band and the Hi-Steppers. 

The 51 -year old (1958) DWL Davis building on the Utica Campus underwent renovations and construction 
to reopen in the fall of 2010 as the Utica Campus Wellness Center. Like the Raymond Campus Wellness 
Center, the Utica center is open by membership to faculty, staff, students and the community. There is a 
reception area, a general exercise equipment area, a group activity/ttaining room, restrooms and lockers. The 
original building, at 23, 245 square-feet, held the campus music department, GED classes and vocational 
programs. With an additional 1,400 square-feet, it features, in addition to the wellness center, new offices, 
classrooms and labs. 

.■ '■■-. 

The new facility on the Jackson/ ATC campus, which is currently undergoing construction and has not yet 
been named, will accommodate several academic programs, mainly mathematics and science. There will be 
two state-of-the-art science labs dedicated to chemistry and biology. The remaining eight classrooms will have 
two completely computerized classrooms to facilitate the expanding math program and biology and chemistry 
lecture courses. Each classroom will be equipped with an instructor's computer station, wireless internet 
access, and audio/ visual capabilities. There will also be office space for several faculty members. 

With all of these additions, Hinds has made the next step in giving instructors advanced and contemporary 
classroom resources, providing its smrounding communities with opportunities and improving the quality of 
education for its students. Breaking new ground and constructing new buildings has created much more than 
extra space; it has enriched the lives of everyone involved with Hinds Community College. 

President's Message 

Student Life 





Clubs and Organizations 







&*r^A ttferif a 





Dear Hinds Community College students, 

It has been a privilege for me to serve as your president 
this year; 2010-201 1 has been a year of growth for Hinds 
Community College. We are consistently serving more 
students than we ever have before. Hinds recently ranked in 
the Top 50 Fastest-Growing Public Two-Year Colleges 
according to Community College Week. Moreover, our 
school is now the fourth largest public institution of higher 
learning in Mississippi. But our growth is not only seen in 
the number of students enrolled in classes. We have also 
added new facilities to our campuses in Raymond, Rankin 
and Utica, and we hope that these additions enhance your 
educational environment. 

Even before our record enrollment increases, our 
accessibility and affordability have traditionally been great 
draws for Hinds, and we continued to reach students for 
reasons such as these. While you have chosen Hinds for a 
variety of reasons, our hope is that through our growth we 
are still moving you closer to your ultimate goals — a 
college degree, a wider diversity of work skills or the certification needed to qualify for a better job and provide a better life 
for your families. I hope that the effort you have invested in your education at Hinds has been worthwhile and that you have 
been enriched by your experiences on our campuses. 

While students are increasingly enrolling in Hinds, we also hope that they will increasingly complete a degree here. This 
spring, we launched our graduation campaign to encourage you to persist in your studies and training until you achieve the 
degree in the program in which you are enrolled. We are becoming keenly aware of college completion rates and hope to 
retain more students from semester to semester than we have in the past, and you can assist us in this effort by 
determining a plan that would help you achieve your degree here at Hinds. 

Also, the past year has presented a challenge to me personally as I have served you for the first time without my wife, 
Vashti, by my side. Vashti and 1 served Hinds together for more than 30 years and spent more than 58 years together as 
husband and wife. Many of you are aware of how much I miss her, and you too have missed her presence here on campus. 

Yet Vashti would agree with me when I say that we at Hinds undertake the challenges of rapid growth and continually try to 
improve our quality of education for the benefit of you, the students. You are the reason we work, you are the reason we 
exist, and you are the reason we will continue growing. It has been a pleasure serving you this year as president, and I 
thank you for making Hinds a part of your education. 

Thank you, 

Sk W/ytfc 

64 A ??*~^ 

r ^« 




It is rare that an individual can command as much 
respect from so many different reaches of a college 
campus as Vashti Muse did in her 30-plus years of 
service to Hinds Community College. In fact, Mrs. 
Muse drew admirers from beyond the confines of 
the college, from across the state of Mississippi and 
from far reaches of the country as a whole. And 
while we have all seen lists of the numerous 
accolades Mrs. Muse received during her career as 
an educator, the accomplishments that will live on in 
our hearts are the ones that may not have resulted 
in a certificate or a plaque — they are the indelible 
impressions she made every day on the lives of 
individual students who have walked the campuses 
of Hinds Community College. 

The benefits that students have reaped from the 
commitment of Vashti Muse cannot be quantified. 
She was an innovator in the field of college-level 
reading instruction and therefore helped shape 
Mississippi's position in fighting challenges in adult 
literacy. She was a visionary whose early role in 
developmental education is largely responsible for 
the college's current emphasis on developmental 
learning across the curriculum. She was a mentor 
whose academic instruction was tempered by an 
insistence that her students attain a sense of 
responsibility and self-awareness so that they would 
never sell themselves short. And she was an idealist 
in instilling in her students not only learning but also 
a love of learning that would benefit them far 
beyond the boundaries of Hinds. 

^Jtm/tfi < ^&6ri€/en*->€W€/ 



Because of her decades of cornrnitment to student 

achievement in these ways and her unmistakable 

mark on our lives, the 201 1 Eagle Yearbook staff is 

honored to dedicate this year's project to the memory 

of one of the college's most influential educators, 

Vashti Underwood Muse. 





Welcome Week 

Homecoming Court 
Homecoming Halftime 

Dorm Life 



Above: Colin Bell gives an apple to 
Michelle McGee (Counseling Dept.) 
Bottom left: Lindsey-Claire Muse 
shows off her apple 

Bottom right: Jeff Horton (Controller) 
and Jason Pope (Energy Manager) 

Hinds Community College 
Welcome Week is a great 
way for students new and 
returning to get involved in 
fun activities. Events were 
offered during the days and 

nights including the 

Watermelon Fest, the 1 2-f oot 

tall foam party, Eat Healthy 

Day and the ice cream 

giveaway. Many of the 

activities took place when 

they would not interfere 

with classes and gave 

students a chance to unwind 

at the end of the day. 

Clockwise from left: Sarah 

Franco takes a bite of her 
watermelon, a student 
holds up his bowl of ice 

cream, Grace Ga-as takes 
part in the watermelon 
eating contest, student 
workers pose with Dr. 

Hamilton during the foam 

party and students peak 

out from the foam. 







Front row left to right: Brittany Evans, Antionette Washington, Rocio Aguilera, Kayla Latham, 
Sherika Green, Selena McGee and Lainey Wilson. 

Back row left to right: Jamie Butler, Jasmine Davis, Challise Walker, Laura Faulkner, Blair 
Neelley and Taylor Berry. 


Kayla Latham was 

crowned 2010 

homecoming queen on 

Sept. 23, 2010. A native of 

Florence, Latham is a 

respiratory therapy major 

at the Jackson Campus- 

Nursing/Allied Health 


Tywon Alexander Jr. and Emma Grace Allen served as 
Homecoming Court attendants and crown bearers. Emma 
Grace is the daughter of Dr. Jay Allen, dean of enrollment 

services. Tywon is the son of Sharon Alexander, 

administrative secretary for the Raymond Campus student 

housing department. 





, n_ 

, — 

i f r * 

1 H 






iiijrijf 1 *" 

The theme of the 2010 Homecoming celebration was 

"Time," featuring music such as "Clocks" by Coldplay, "The 

Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture SJiow and "Too 

Much Time on My Hands" by Styx. The Hi-Stepper 

Alumnae Chapter, consisting of 26 dancers, performed a 

kick routine to "Old Time Rock and Roll" by Bob Seger. 

Emma Grace Allen and Tywon Alexander Jr. served as 

Homecoming Court attendants and crown bearers. Emma 

Grace is the daughter of Dr. Jay Allen, dean of enrollment 

services. Tywon is the son of Sharon Alexander of the 

housing department. The festive atmosphere continued after 

half time as the Eagles defeated Mississippi Delta Community 

College by a score of 37-31. 



Housing and Residence Life focuses on providing 

a nurturing atmosphere for our students. There 

are several advantages to living on campus which 

include affordable accommodations, 

opportunities for campus involvement and the 

chance to participate in living/learning 

communities. Housing and Residence Life is 

offered for all full-time registered students. Each 

of our residence halls provides a personable 

support staff for our residents. Occupancy in the 

residence halls is approximately 1,100 to 1,200 

students per semester. 



The intramural department at Hinds 

Community College has twenty plus 

intramural sport offerings throughout 

the year for all students, faculty and 

staff. The activities range from beach 

volleyball, flag football and dodgeball 

in the fall to 5-on~5 basketball, 

ultimate frisbee and kickball in the 

spring. There is something for everyone 

to play. The "Flying Eagle Disc Golf 

Course" is also located on the 

Raymond Campus, completed in the 

spring of 2010 and open from dawn to 

dusk for all Hinds students, faculty 
and staff. The course has 18 holes with 

two pin locations for each hole. It 

winds its way around the soccer field, 

softball field and tennis courts. 



In 2010 Hinds Community College celebrated the commencement of 

more than 900 students at the summer and fall graduation 

ceremonies, which were held on the Raymond Campus. On July 30, the 

summer ceremony granted 120 associate degrees in arts, 104 

associate degrees in applied sciences, 72 career certificates and 59 

technical certificates. The fall ceremony, held on Dec. 16 and Dec. 17, 

granted over 500 total degrees and certificates. 

The fall commencement ceremonies also involved two keynote 

speakers: Sherry Pitts, executive officer of the Women's Hospital in 

the River Oaks Health System, and Paula Wimbish, chairwoman of the 

Raymond Campus reading/education department and district 

coordinator for reading and education. Pitts addressed the nursing 

graduates from throughout the college district while Wimbish 

addressed the non-health related program graduates. 


- • *-\ :■ . ■ v 

^aSt* '& 

■ v • **■; 








i4 a 





* i 


. ■ . 

'What lies behind us and 

what lies before us are tiny 

matters compared to what 

lies within us." 




Beauty Revue 





* j 



• . 

v ■ • " v^ * _ 

Employee Tailgate 



Band Hall Dedication/ 

Christmas Reception 
Lendon Players * , 


t ■ 

Miss Hinds 

Man of the Year/ 








' ♦ 




'- . • 




■ - 

Showcasing our Students 

*5» f 

1 " . 
■ . 


3&e€Mlftf ^\gviee 


The HCC Beauty Revue took place November 1 1 in Hogg Auditorium of Cain-Cochran Hall. Thirty-six young 

women from five Hinds locations competed for the title in the pageant sponsored by the Eagle yearbook. 
Contestants were judged on their poise, appearance, stage presence and confidence. Entertainment was provided 

by HCC student Brittney Storey and the HCC Hi-Steppers. 

Coley Bush, 20, of Clinton was named Most Beautiful. 

Bush is a radiology major at the Jackson Campus-Nursing/Allied Health Center. She attended the Raymond 

Campus for two years where she was a member of the Hinds Connection student recruiting and public relations 

group and a Dean's Scholar. Bush is the daughter of Rusty and Dori Bush and is a graduate of Clinton High 


The top four beauties include Lindsey-Claire Muse, 18, of Raymond, a freshman majoring in barbering on the 

Raymond Campus; Ashley Nowell, 20, of Clinton, a first-semester nursing student at the Nursing/Allied Health 

Center; Erin Slay, 22, of Brandon, a first-year radiology student at the Nursing/ Allied Health Center and Dawn 

Williams, 20, of Vicksburg, a psychology major at the Vicksburg-Wareen Campus. 


#«*/ 3§e€uefifal 


















etwri rPtlli€tm£ 



r v 

^ "" f 


■it^^^ug*.' ■ 




f MX 






The second annual Tailgatin' and Celebratin' was held on September 
16 before the first HCC home football game of the season. This event 
was for employees and their families to come out and enjoy free food, 

games and entertainment in recognition of the record enrollment 
increases! The attendees were able to enjoy a pep rally hosted by the 

HCC cheerleaders, mascot and band. 



Opposite page, Clockwise from left: Cathy Hayden (Public Relations Dept) with her granddaughter, Madelyn 
Rodgers; Allyson Winn (Financial Aid Dept) with her nephew, Carter Kimbrell and Colby Bowles, son of 
Tammi Bowles-Ainsworth (Public Relations Dept) and Dennis Ainsworth (Grounds Dept) and Tanner 
Wixon, son of Heather Wixon (Counseling Dept). This page, clockwise from left: Hinds Connection 
students, Catelyn Park and Kacey Sciple with James Ross (Maintenance Dept); Hinds Marching Band drum 
line performs; Ernie the Eagle with Caitlyn Bowles, daughter of Tammi Bowles-Ainsworth (Public Relations 
Dept) and Dennis Ainsworth (Grounds Dept) and Tim Krason (English Dept) with his son Isaac Krason. 




[Christmas Reception 

December 2, 2010, Raymond Campus hosted the dedication of 

the Vashti Underwood Muse Band Hall and Annual Christmas 

Reception, After a brief program, employees enjoyed refreshments 

and open house tours of the new facility that is located adjacent to 

the football field. 



( Ue^L^Aoio 






* i 


I Jn the fall of 2010 , the Lendon Players produced The Shadow , . . 

^ intense drama chronicles the experiences of three terminally ill cancer patients in 

l4(w^JI««CmtJBIIII[vCvSltTJIIt^at]liail!«'IHIIIKIBtKLv»Blk^ tlt/JIWl*!, 

[•I§Jv4kK1tI«WIIK wSIMtlftlHtJI 

Kubler-Ross model of the 5 stages of grief from the patients' perspective, but it also expl< >r. 
the effects of the illness on the patients' family & loved ones. 

In the spring of 201 1 , the Lendon Players, working in conjunction with the Musi, 

worked on the musical comedy, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum < 

book by Burt Shevelove & Larry Gelbart, and music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. 'Mis is the 

show that made Zero Mostel's & Phil Silvers's careers when it debuted on Broadwam i i 962. 

Inspired by the farces of the ancient Roman comic playwright, Plautus (251-183 BC), it tells 

the rather bawdy story of a slave named Pseudolus & his attempts to win his freedom by 
helping his young master, Hero, woo the girl next door. The plot dis 

iZMm it.*) K1VKI I2J •■■SJSISJCmS K"VC«t) ■ 1 1 1 Kl K 

comments on social class. 



S%t?i&& c^SirulA ^^S&nwmenifa c &&lte&e 


'zTatsfor 3Bewy* 


Taylor Berry, a freshman 

elementary education major, was 

named Miss Hinds Community 

College 2011 on Thursday, Feb. 

10 at Hogg Auditorium in Cain- 

Cochrari Hall. 

Berry was crowned by Miss Hinds 

2010, Ashley Nowell of Clinton. 

Berry's talent was dancing. 

As Miss Hinds, she will be eligible 

to compete in the Miss Mississippi 

pageant over the summer. 

From left: Rakim Rowley, Taylor Berry (Miss Hinds 201 1), Julian Walker and Demarico Parks. 

As a part of the Housing and 
Residence Life's mission to 
promote excellence among 
our collegiate students, the 
Residence Hall Association 
sponsored its 2nd annual, 

"Man of the Year- 
competition Feb. 28 in Bee 
Hall. This year's contestants, 
Rakim Rowley, Julian Walker 
and Demarico Parks, 
showcased their style, 
intelligence and confidence 

as they competed in the 

categories of Casual Wear, 

On-Stage Interview and 

Talent. Last year's Man of 

the Year, Daniel Klein, 

presented this year's 

winners Rakim Rowley and 

Julian Walker with the 

distinct honor. The title was 

given to both men as voting 

resulted in a tie. 


College officials frequently say that successful 

students are the best advertising for Hinds 

Community College. That's why the college's 

marketing staff spends considerable time and 

effort in selecting students for its publications 

and advertisements. Kendra Sue Robinson, 

marketing specialist in the Community 

Relations division, has established a network of 

college employees who recommend students for 

the college's marketing campaign, which may 

include television, print, web and Eagle Vision 


"Community colleges are local institutions. 

When we use current students in our 

advertising, it helps to strengthen that local 

connection," Robinson said. For instance, the 

college may strategically place a billboard 

featuring a Northwest Rankin high school 

student along a route traveled to the high 

school each day. 

"In addition, it's a mini lesson in marketing for 

the students who participate," Robinson said. 




Men's Basketball 

Women's Basketball 


Women's Soccer 



■ , * 




• A 





-s'-' iu- 


*£S*s *%•*. 




M * 


& ■Sal 

y m i 

**E mum 

IS mI mm! 

^Wi^w ,mm^8^ Q49Pn 

i fi i i 

:£r ~Z *^ ^ " ♦>** P %*. 


Front row (L to R): Kenny Jackson, defensive line coach; Ben Dew, offensive line coach; Kelly Murphy, offensive coordinator; Gene Murphy, 

head coach; Lee Wilbanks, wide receivers; Kevin Lewis, graduate assistant, linebackers and Dwike Wilson, defensive coordinator. Second 
row (Lto R): James Reaves (mgr,), Matt Crossetti (mgr.), Brandon Cutrer (filmer/stats), Trey Hass (filmer), Anthony Sheppard, Kenyatta 
Johnson, Les Lemons, Adonis Armstrong, Joe Thomas, Damien Grant (mgr.), Kiera White (mgr.), Roderick McKee (mgr.) Heather Gray 
(trainer), Janelia Campbell (trainer) and Hudson Byrnes (trainer). Third row (Lto R): Kyle Williams, Dylan Davis, Leon Mackey, Godfrey 

Thompson, Carlos Williams, Deon Anthony, Michael Taylor, Sam Hulitt, Matthew Willis, Jabari Harris, Cordell Valentine, Adam McWilliams, 
Syndelvin Ward and Jeremy Williams. Fourth row (L to R): J'vontez Blackmon, Cedric Collier, Maxie Graham, Kendrick Lawson, Dytanyl 

freer, Eric Williams, Craig McCraney, Jeremy Lee, Tavarius Wilson, Darius Newton, Travis Martin, Zach McKee and Jeremy Palmer. Fifth row 

(L to R): Roy Williams Jr., Oliver Williams, Erek Rhinewalt, Deon Speight, Gabe King, Willie English, Gunnar White, Jimmy White, Steven 

Jordan, Jordan Hollingshead, Nick Pattpn, Justin Barner and Jeremy Simmons. Back row (L to R): Danny Bunch, John Gustavis, Alan Smith, 

Desmond Boyd, Jimmy Goodwin, Chris Baker, Rickey Hutchins, Rico Shaw, D.J. Beddingfield, Elliott Scott and Terry Franklin. 

9/2/2010 7 p.m. at Itawamba CC, Fulton W 52-31 

9/9/2010 6 p.m. at East Mississippi CC, Scooba W 50-42 

9/16/2010 7 p.m. Copiah-Lincoln CC L 17-30 

9/23/2010 7 p.m. Mississippi Delta CC W 37-31 

10/2/2010 2 p.m. at East Centra! CC, Decatur L 35-37 

1 0/9/201 2 p.m. at Jones County JC, Ellisville W 27-23 

10/16/2010 1 p.m. Southwest CC W 20-12 

1 0/23/201 3 p.m. at Pear! River CC, Poplarville L 1 9-37 

[0/30/2010 1 p.m. Guif Coast CC L 24-63 

Head Coach Gene Murphy successfully turned 
the program from consecutive losing seasons to a 

5-4 record in 2010. Running back Matthew 

Willis ranked third nationally in rushing for the 

Eagles. Linebacker Maxie Graham led the state 

in tackles. Postseason honors were given to 17 

Eagles for their play in 2010 including first team 

all-state members Graham, Leon Mackey and 

Danny Bunch. 

S5 £ 

4 ' ^ 

Men's Basketball 

Front row from left: Derek Burks, Trevis Thomas, Tim Lindsey, Cornelius 

Harris, Ruscell Williams, Obarcus Taylor and Erik Burks. Back row from left: 

Joshua Collins, Jeremy Brent, Deionte Dean, Cory Young, Adam Smith, 

Malculm Harper, Howard Greer and Roscoe Spivey (manager). 

^m' 1 


# ■ 

' rt:S"*aSffl| 

* ■ ^aSSfiSft. tH ' m^m HB 


P| w 



!; - i 

^Wiiimi 1 


^^— gy 



Fr/nt row from left: Coach Morgan, Deandre sVnpson, Me'Ocha Burns, Carmen Smith, Jimeriam Jackson, Tyesha 
Kidd, Raven Hubbard, Kemeikia Bullock ana Coach Smith. Back row from left: Quaneshia Haynes, Meredith 
Williams, Kenosha Graham, Kenya Wright, Sheiice Clayton, Crystal Brown, Kalandra Willis and Kiauna Vaughan. 



Men's Soccer 

Head Coach Doug Williams continued his success leading the Eagles 
to state and regional championships. The Eagles' great run through 

the playoffs ended in Tyler, Texas, in the SE District tournament. 
Forward Dillon Walker was named second team NJCAA All-American. 




VISITOR!— * '< 



Front row from left: Adam Johnson, Adam Pinson, Nathan Harrell, John Wixson, Dylan Boteler, Kyonn Evans, Steven Watson, 
Brian Fitzgerald. Back row from left: Taylor Harris, Shell Enns, Jake Sims, Matt White, James Hoye, Joseph Logue, Jonathan 
Greer, Dillon Walker, Jonathan Logue, Patrick Parker, Doug Williams (Head Coach). 


omen's Soccer 

Front row from left: Amanda Smith, Jennifer Hill, Regan Atkins, Lindsey Gilmore, Hannah Purvis, 

Sarah Pinson. Second row from left: Ashlee Dubra, Alexis Pauline, Amy Robertson, Lindonna 

Rennie, Jimmetta Williams, Chelsy Abies, Julie Boteler. Back row from left: Odessa Fort (trainer), 

Kristen Arbuckle, Becca Steen, Shelly Berry, Morgan Lott, Melanie Webb, Taylor Payne, 

Brittney Griggs (manager). 

Marcille McLendon, Head Coach 

First-year head coach and Hinds alumna 
Marcille McLendon led the Lady Eagles 
to an 11-7 record in 2010. Hinds fell just 
short in the playoffs losing the state title 
game to Jones in overtime. Becca Steen 

led Hinds in goals scored with 16 and 
chipped in three assists to finish with 35 
total points on the year. Ashley Goodlett 
led the Lady Eagles with 39 total points, 

13 goals and 13 assists. Jennifer Hill 
finished third on the team in points with 

17, scoring five goals to go with seven 
assists on the year. 




Front row from left: Travious Relaford, Morris Grant, Sean Weaver, Ryno Martin-nez, Matt Anthony, Daniel Gilbert, 
Trey Prentiss, Michael Porter, Andrew Gunn, Chase Wroten, Hunter Strain (trainer). Middle row from left: Stephen 
Joe, Caleb Baucum, Nathan Harrell, Pierson Waring, Adam Thigpen, Ethan Bright, Cullen Babin, Alex Gunn, Tyler 
Akins, Joseph Veazey. Third row from left: Taylor Wheaton, Cary Taylor, Taylor Bates, Zach LaSuzzo, Jay Harper, 

Kurt Cooksey, Jimmie Elliott, Darrick White, Stephen Evans, Jacob Thomas. Back row from left: Assistant Coach Dan 
Rives, Head Coach Sam Temple, Assistant Coach Clint Wilkerson, Assistant Coach Stephen Tharp. 

Head Coach Sam Temple returns just seven sophomores 
from a team that was one game short of a junior college 

world series berth. A banner recruiting class has provided 
the talent and now the Eagles will work hard with the 

hopes of putting themselves in the same position in 201 1. 







- ~ ^ ~ '-. 

--._■.-.- - - 

_» " i. 

•■ -.'.^-i-"- -;. . • ■ 

:':S*fc.-;'iW. iV»^i'.'^lESfc^;s;t3iid"-- : i-_^> >&s£: -iS^-- 


Front row from left: Skyla Meek, Courtney Carson, Mackenzie Pettit, Erica Johns, Jessica Killebrew, 

Logan Dukes, Rudi Aycock and Mallory Hall. 
Back row from left: Re'vin Cameron, Mika Thorn, Kayla Robinson, Sara Boudreaux, Olivia Tripp, 

Morgan Lott, Courtney Hand and Whitney Patterson. 



Head Coach Mike Grzanich 

has a good recruiting class to 

mix with his returning players. 

His goal of making the 

^stseason is certainly not put 

of the question in 2011. 


Coach Mike Grzanich 


en's Tennis 

From left: Donnail Myles, Nakita Lisov, Jeremy Robinson, Mikhail Pecherkin, Austin Sartin and 

Morgan Brashier. 

V / * 


■ *■ , 


ft P 





Head Coach Tim Gust is 

prepared to continue his 

success on the court. Gust - 

returns two of the top players 

in the country, Mikhail 

Pecherkin and Nakita Lisov. 

Pecherkin and Lisov both 
. ...... .. . , 

1 1 aFn» [:-! i i ujh [» I ii ■ • ] E VahiI I si ■ i>] i 

,,.: : : ■ ■ ■ ■ ;': '■■ ■ 



the small college national 

championship tournament in 

the fall of 2010. 

^ . 

■.•'!*': ~'*i~il':jJ 

■ ■■■■ : - :■■'.■■:':" 
■.■.■--..,■ -'-■■' ' 





ft -tola 






From left: Joy Bethea, Rachel Binkley, Natalia Grystiak, 
Janella Campbell, Jennifer Hill, Oksana Fomenko and Grace 


From left: Head Coach Ernie Rogers, David Shaw, Dylan Boteler, 
Luke Cosby, Rob Blaine and Charles Marsalis 


n's Track 

Members of Men's 

Track include Ricky 

Babineaux, Octavius 

Booker, Willie Calvin, 

Donquel Dorsey, 

JaMario Funches, 

Mike George, 
Fuquawn Greene, 

Rod Hardy, 

Kanarius Harris, 

Andrew Johnson, 

Zach Johnson, 

Demetric McKenzie, 

Morrie Turner, 

Fred Wesley, Darius 

White and Aarron 



Women's Track 

Members of 
Women's Track 
include Tabitha 
Agany, Dinesha 
Bean, Kanishia 
Carey, Chasidy 
Criswell, Brittany 
Evans, Brittney 
Greenlee, Terri 

Jasmine James, 

Briana Jones, 

Kandance Knight 

and Justinne 


'Nothing splendid has ever 

been achieved except by 

those who dared believe that 

something inside them was 

superior to circumstances." 

~Bruce Barton 


Who's Who 



lt\l OYtel 

ijykov o£i 


Amber Abney Alicia Anderson 

Alisa Bass 

Melodie Br. 

: orown 

Jennifer Burnham 

Matthew Anthony 

Fatima Asaan 

Niesha Bailey 

Oswald Barnes 

Jonathan Bock 

Sandra Bowman 

Angela Brooks 

Kenetra Brown 

Anna Butz 

Hudson Byrnes 

Brett Caldecott 

Amber Carraway 


DeAnna Emhovick Quentin Fairchild 

Sarah Franco 

Grace Ga-as 

Tina Gabell 

Andres Gibbs 

' / 

Chasie Gibson Gontessa Gilliam-Rice Jonathan Greer 

Brittany Hales 

Zach Harlan 

Sherry Harris 

Haley Harvey 

James Hebert 

Aakecio Henderson Taquasia Hicks 

Cindy Higgins 

Jennifer Hill 


Steven Hodnett 

LaToya Jackson 

Veronica Jackson 

Darryl Jamison 

Victoria Langdon 

Kendrick Lawson 

Lauran Lyle 


Pratt Leflore 

Stef f any Lewis 

Sophia Lotts 

Melissa Martar 

Justin Merritt 

Lena Louviere 

Kimherly Monroe Morgan Netherland 

* * 

Shaina Langston 

Constance Lowe 

Taylor Noel 

Michael Porter 

Bradley Robinson 

Lakashia Robinson 

Kristen Savell 

Allen Smith 

Becca Steen 

Larissa Stenson 


Alicia Stinson 

Brittany Stokes Charnell Stokes 

Felicia Sutton 

Brittany Tate Adam Thigpen 

Jonsey Thomas Joseph Thomas Dorothy Thompson Lortezia Thompson TatumTuran 

April Vernon Clarissa Walker 

■■■■■■■■■■ ■ 

Sean Weaver 

Melinda Yeng 


Morrie Turner 

Jeffery Wanen Shanta Washington Jessica Watts Alicia Weathershy 

Vincent Week Heather Wheeler Lawrence Williams Lacey Woodruff 


Justin Carrillo 

Kristina Carroll 

Jocelyn Case 

Brittany Evans 

Kim Hardeman Jessica Hemby Christy Hennington Jennifer Hill 

Steven Hodnett 

Kristin Evans 

Latoya Jackson 

Steff any Lewis 

Lauran Lyle Monte McLaughlin Catelyn Park 

Jonathan Pegues 

Tracy Pitts 


Chelsy Abies 

Jonathan Bock 

Sandra Bowman Amber Carraway 

Bryanna Freeman Ashley Gant 


Adam Johnson Marketta Knight 

Audrey Reed 

Clarissa Walker 



iinds Community College 

3E Award Outstanding Students 

~ Emphasis on Excellence and Enrichment T 

Hinds Community College 

recognizes exceptional students 

with a 3E Award (Emphasis on 

Excellence and Enrichment) every 

spring during the Scholar's Day 

ceremony. 3E Award applicants 

must have a 3.5+ QPA, be currently 

enrolled at HCC and pursuing an 

associate or bachelor degree. 


Paula Wimbish and Larissa Stinson 


Paula Gaither Wimbish, district reading and education coordinator and 

chairwoman of the Raymond Campus reading and education department, 

and Larissa Ann Stinson, an elementary education and biology major at 

the Vicksburg-Warren Campus, received honors at the legislature's Feb. 3 

HEADWAE (Higher Education Appreciation Day-Working for 

Academic Excellence) program. 

The honorees, an instructor and a student from each of the 36 public and 

private member institutions of the Mississippi Association of Colleges, 

attended a welcome at the state Capitol given by Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, 

followed by a luncheon at the Jackson Convention Center where each 

student and instructor was recognized. 


Sports Hall 

Front row from left: Butch Ard, 

Renee Spencer Chastain and 

Tom Shepherd. 

Back row: J. W. Barnes, Dr. Clyde 

Muse and Rick Clarke. 


f ^r ■-■■■-■•■■■■• frjhfc 







Orientation Leaders/PBL-ATC 

Band . 

Cheerleaders - 
' BSU - : ■ \, . 

American Sign Language 

Montage Theatre of Dance. 

Diamond Darlings 

Alpha Beta Gamma 

Deaf Club 
. Yearbook * > ' 

Rock Bands 

Hinds Connection 

Silver Eagles/SNO [ f . ' 



Hindsonian N 

Honors ^ - 


Student Voices 

Landscape « 

Small Engine & Equipment 

Associated Student Government 

District Associated Student Government 

Resident Assistants 

Resident Hall Association 

Phi Theta Kappa 

. American Dental Assistants/Health Information 

A^ Club 


Ov~levtto^tl{yi Lzj0Lcl<z±r3 

The Housing and Residence Life Summer Orientation Leaders, front row from left: Jennetta Owens, 
Chynna Tolliver, Rocio Aguilera, Samantha Linzy and Tonya Hughes. Second row from left: Julian 
Walker, Matthew Martin, Dominique Payne, Demetriea Payne and Lashawndra Dishmon. Back row 

from left: Rakim Rowley, Daniel Klein and Michael Battle. 

Phi Beta Lamda_ 


Front row from left: Gloria Boles, Felicia Pickens and Cheryl McGee. Second row from left: Dr. Linda 
Pates (adviser), Mary Gainwell and Lakeshia White. Back row from left: Jacqueline Causey and 

Twaneka Jackson. 


, jj^ ' 

iH * C 

1 ,i 

1 sJ 





■r r' 


5 * 


Band is one of the oldest and 

most popular student 

organizations on the Raymond 

Campus. With concert groups 

beginning in the 1930s and 

marching units being formed in 

the 1940s, the tradition and 

history of Hinds bands are based 

^g, in quality and excellence. 

The Hinds Community College 

Band is under the direction of 

Shane Sprayberry and Randy 




ss to 


as , 

Randy Mapes and Shane Sprayberry 


From left: Tiffany Bond, Kimberly Monroe, Kassy Wilson, Kheris Grant, Jonsey Thomas, 

Courtney Hand and Christy Hennington. 

1 1 l I 

am m-m ■ I " 

From left: Jack Hite, Sponsor; Grace Ga-as, Co-Captain; 
Malarie Sills, Captain and Scottie Willis, Mascot. 



From left: Taylor Berry, Claire Thrash, Rocio Aguiler, Blair Neelley, Erin Moore, Marissa 

Temple and Ashley Wright. 




m left: Hannah Purvis, Regan Atkins, Anastasia Long. Front row: Jeremy Paige, Leona Simpson, Aus 
iw, Maya Craft, Salissa Johnson, Mallory Slaughter. Second row: Vangerlena Smith, Ashley Steward, Da».« 
Holman, Jamie Smith, Whitney Carter, Jessica Redfern, Britney Boles. Third row: Bernita Williams, LaRonda Eldridge, 
Daniel Edwards, David Edwards, Drew Hammack, Ian Lovell, Thomas Franklin, Rondale Ragsdale, Nathan Tardo, Jon 
Byrd, Matt Gore. Fourth row: Kristina Jefferson, Ethan Stubbs, Bryan Ross, Casey Mitchell, Hollie Mayo, Faith Bush, 

Amanda Hall. Back row: Nilseth Coto, Rachel Bihkley, Alexandria Solomon. 

[ Hea*. 


^ tfc>'- 

Members of BSU at 
Penny Wars.. Competition 

from left: Faith Bush, 
Hollie Mayo, Stacy 
Taylor, Rachel Greene, 
Matt Gore, Andrew 
Irwin, and Matt 

The girls had cakes made 
on their heads because 
they lost the competition. 


V, > 


BSU sophomore lead team officers front: Hollie 

Mayo. Middle: Matt Mahaffey, Faith Bush, 
Rachel Green, Rondale Ragsdale. Back: Nathan 




American Sign 
Language Club 

li r 


■■•■ life: 

The ASL Club and the Interpreter 

Training Technology program are 

actively involved with the HCC Deaf 

Club, Mississippi Registry of Interpreters 

and other organizations in the state for 

the deaf and the interpreter community. 

Club members attend and serve at many 

functions at the Mississippi School for the 

Deaf such as sports events including the 

Mason Dixon Basketball Tournament, 

field days, DeafFest and tutoring sessions. 

s practicum students they participate in 

the school setting. 

:\ A 


Hinds Community College ASL Club Goals 

*To provide information to the campus on the issues concerning 

the deaf community and deaf culture. 

*To provide opportunities so that novice and advanced signers. 

interpreters and members of the deaf community will be in a 

comfortable atmosphere to interact, learn and practice their 

language skills. 

*To sponsor silent suppers and other silent activities. These events 

provide a social atmosphere where the hearing and deaf 

communities can interact and learn from one another. 

*To provide a forum for inteipreters and interpreters in training to 

interact with the deaf community and practice their interpreting 





Montage Theatre 

of Dance 

Members of the 
dance theatre on 
the left are Shani 
Robinson, Tim 
Jones, Jasmine 
Calvert, KiAriel 
Miner, Shanika 
Dowe, Derriel 
Jeremy Robinson, 

Johnson, Marisol 
Rosas, Tracy 
Pitts and Tikina 

featured on the 
right are Joye 
Major, Tiffany 
Johnny Burgess, 
Constance Lowe, 
and Kelsie 

Members in the center are Bridget Archer, Karen Andreasyan, Brandon 
Bankhead, Shavvone Williams, Helena Vah, Rebecca Johnson, Brittany 
Heriard, Kandace Pearson, Telesha Brown and Jasmine Friday. 

Dance Instructor: 

Montage Theatre of Dance is a division of 
the Hinds Community College dance club, 
Evolution. Montage is a multi-disciplinary 
dance theatre company that incorporates 
performing arts disciplines with 

genres of dance. 
Montage Theatre of Dance presents 
audience with unique, theatrical 
while celebrating diversity in the 
education and life. 


Front row from left: Maya Garnett, Aakecio Henderson, Taylor Berry, Grace Ga-as, Catelyn Park, Samantha Frith and 

Christy Mathis. Middle row: Kacey Sciple, Dominique Payne, Courtney Hand, Demetria Payne, Ashley Wright and Jessica 

Hemby. Back row: Nasya Henry, Tatum Turan, Shannen Price, Brittany Winston, Kiarieal Miner and Erin Moore. 

Diamond Darlings are open to any young lady that exhibits 

leadership skills and enjoys service opportunities. Its purpose 

is to provide support to the Hinds Community College 

baseball team during the season and participate in 

community service projects and other leadership 


Below: Some of the Diamond Darlings pose while 
waiting for the game to start. 

I mum 

Below: Hinds Baseball players and Diamond Darlings 
prepare gifts for the Christmas Angels they adopted. 





a Beta Gamma 

New members are pictured holding certifieates. Front row from left: Kelly Cranford 
(adviser), LaRicha Williams, Tara Walker, Anastaci a Lockharti Terra Perry, Kevin 
Brister, Cynthia Brasher. Back row from left: Karen Robbins (adviser), Justin 
Parson, Freteshia Johnson, Sanchez Ingram, $hala Ho 
Doraibabu, Tiara Amos, Theressa White, Bill Ashley (adviser). 

Jim Harper of the Small Business Administration was the guest 
speaker for the October meeting of the Raymond Campus Alpha Beta 
Gamma chapter. Attending were, front row from left, Shala Howell; 
Fatima Asaan, club president; Faith Bush, club vice president; 
Harper; Sanchez Ingram; LaRicha Williams. Back row from left: 
Terra Perry, Justin Parson, Kevin Brister and Adam Thigpen. 

Fall 20 1 graduation: Brittany 
Heriad and Megan English 


Deaf Club 

The HCC Deaf Club is a 

student interest group that 

provides organized social 

activities for deaf, hard-of- 

hearing and hearing 

students. Our focus is to 

provide leadership training 

and development for deaf 

and hard of hearing 

students. The club 

participates in various 

community service 

projects focusing on the 

needs of deaf individuals 

and their families. 

Standing from left: 
Tranese Mitchell, 
president and Leah 
Emerson, secretary 
Sitting from left: 
Tequoia ONeal, 
treasurer and 
Nashara Joseph, 
vice president. 




l i* 



' im ! 

'-$!?# H 



ft* a» 

. / 






-. I 

Front row from left are Claire Thrash and Catelyn Park. Back row from left are Naomi Drake, Tammi 
Bowles-Ainsworth (adviser) and Tim Krason (adviser). Not pictured is Erin Slay. 

Also not pictured from the fall semester are Ashley Bell, Sharron Chabliss, Yasmine Dumas, Nicole 
Fisher, Erica Gates, Isheta Ivy, Gerald Macon, Julesiah Wallace and Frankie Williams. 



• . " 

P^efe- 15fewte! 

Rock Band is the performing ensemble of the nevlMusI 
Industry program at Hinds Community College. The 
ensembles, starting in the fall of 2008, have grownlin thre< 

years from two to seven bands, including a Chnltian 
contemporary group and a jazz combo. The Music Indusl 
program was developed through a partnership between Hih< 
Community College and Bridgwater College in Englai 


Hinds Connection members and sponsors from left to right, back row: Jay Allen, Preston 

Hebert^ Caleb Dilmore, Tyler Gardner, Ryan McNair, Zach Ball, Dylan Dabbs, Colin 

Bell, Mark Jimerson. Middle Row: Jackie Cranberry, Kristen Savell, Katie Maslanka, 

Dominique Payne, Kacey Sciple, Tatum Turan, Mary Morgan, Staci Taylor, Michelle 

Irving, Amy Robertson, Reggie Harris. Front Row: Christy Mathis, Jasmine Davis, 

Demetriea Payne, Jennifer Hill, Grace Ga-as, Sarah Franco, Chynna Tolliver, Rocio 

Aguilera, Catelyn Park, Shamekia Arterberry. Not pictured: Ashley Goodlett. 

jove: Hinds Connection members make 
cotton candy at the Employee Tailgate 

Right: Tatum Turan greets a guest at the 
Annual Christmas Reception held at the 
Vashti Underwood Muse Band Hall. 

From right: Members 
smile with Santa at the 
Christmas Reception. 
Below: Jennifer Hill, 
Christy Mathis and 
Sarah Franco check 
coats at the Christmas 


^r ■'* 


Hinds Connection is the 

student recruiting and public 

relations group for Hinds 

Community College. 

Members of this group are 

carefully selected and 

trained. They not only 

recruit prospective students, 

but they work with the 

administration, faculty and 

staff of the college. 

Above: Ryan McNair, Catelyn Park 
and Kacey Sciple take a break from 
serving sno cones at the Employee 
Tailgate Party. 

Pictured from left are Chynna 
Tolliver and Grace Ga-as. 
Below: Connection members smile 
while greeting guests at the Employee 
Tailgate Party. 

Hinds Community College Institute for 
Creative Learning Fifty-Plus program (The 
Silver Eagles) is an organization designed 
for active men and women age 50(4-), who 
want to explore new learning experiences, 

have fun and develop new friendships. 


Student Nurse Organization 

Front row from 

left: Samantha 

Davis, Dr. Clyde 

Muse aryi Janell 

Fowler. Back row 

from left: Jessica 

Shows, Lisa 


Melodie Brown, 

Lynn Freeman and 

Marion Geissinger. 

Vicksburg Clubs 

PAt ^eJuO^ UolSV^Ao- fe>50Ci(A,<zd *3>tw(esAi &Os/-t 

Anna Morton, Rosanna Gomez (secretary) and 
Misty Carlisle (vice president). 

ASQ members include Larissa Stinson, Paula 
Hearn and Sophia Lott. 


Practical Nursing Student Organization 

First row from left: Sonya Redd, Eunice Bailey, Chuncey Hayes, Rebecca Jordan, Blair Berry and Jessica Nunnery. Second row from left: Kayla 

Durr, Kelly Scarberry, Sarah Larochelle, Kristen Cauley, Sherry McCarver and Cameron Pearson. Third row from left: Mallory Perkins, Bruce 

Garrett, Justin Gordan, LaKayla Parker, Jessica Taylor, Kristen Jones, Kimberlee Bratcher, Robert Johnson and Joanna Trigg. 





Angela Hite, Director 


7^p$. 1 ™ \fk 1 1 ^JJ^l^-^^N*^ 

For 58 years the Hinds 

Hi-Steppers have upheld 

a history of excellence 

serving as oneTof the 

oldest precision danc 

lines irfthe nation. They 

have performed for 

across thi 

>, Canada 

ope; rio group in 

the U.S. has received 
more invitations to 
nationally televise/ 

football gppfes or 
national parades than t 
»pers. The Hi- 
rers are still a 
favorite today as the> 
perform at football 
games, exhibitions, 
irades and coramuni 
and charitable events 
Known as Mississippi's 
Goodwill Ambassadors, 
the dancers have given 
their time and .energy to 
\ many wortrjy cause c 


■■K I ' - '- " HP 

": i*'*.---^;V r 



Front row from left: Whitney Carter, Cathy Hayden, 

Stacey Duke. Back row: Elliott Reese, Toby McNair, 

Jonathan Faulkner and Dyshandra Haralson. 

Students on The Hindsonian student newspaper staff 

wrote stories and took photographs of important 

college events and student activities ranging from 

Honors Forum appearances by state officials to sporting 

events to the Miss Hinds Community College pageant. 

Student work was published in broadsheet-style 

newspaper, with full color photographs on the front 

and back, ranging from four pages to eight pages. 

The Hindsonian covers the Jackson Campus- 
Academic/Technical Center, Jackson Campus 
Nursing/ Allied Health Center, Rankin, Raymond anl 
Vicksburg-Warren campuses. The Hindsonian is 
published three to four times each semester. 
Hinds Community College students, mostly on the 
Raymond Campus, received a one-hour course credit 
for working on The. Hindsonian. 

The Hindsonian adviser was Cathy Hayden; Working 

closely with the staff of The. Hindsonian was instructor 

Stacey Duke, who teaches basic reporting and mass 


Jocelyn Case 















■i » 


,tfi«j*% : (A 





Ground Level: Retta (the dog), Kristi Sather-Smidi (Dean of Honors Institute), Chase Ez^ll, Ola Hall, Robert 

Crochet, Mallory Slaughter, BritDiey Boles (on one knee). 

Standing: Carzel Frazier, Kris Austin, Tameka Crockett, Kenetra Brown, Tameka Wilson ,Vlachel Binkley, 

Kevin Patel, Quentin Fairchild, Haley Harvey, Nicholas Mason, Andres Gibbs, Grant Ross, Daniel Binkney, 

Steven Hodnett, Kevin Conway, Britany Hales, Lacy Woodruff, Dr. Ben Fatherree, Laura Peaigon, Isla Tullos 

(Mayor of Raymond). 

Honors Institute 

programs are designed 

to meet the needs of 

academically gifted 

students and to guide 

those students as they 

develop their skills to 

their greatest potential. 

Housed on the second 

floor of the Raymond 

Campus Administration 

Building, the Honors 

Institute directs 

programming in four 

broad areas: Honors 

Studies, Leadership 

Studies, International 

Studies and Phi Theta 




1 -/.; .'■■ . 















k rj 










Uipsra>r^{ C\uh 

First row from left: Lindonna Rennie (vice president), Melanie John (adviser), Brandon Noel (president), 

Twanna Steve (historian). 

Back row from left: Ayla Shires (parliamentarian), Mikhail Lemeshko (treasurer), Kathy Farris (adviser). 

Not pictured: Karen Andreasyan, Willie Calvin, Selencia Scott (secretary), Matthew Thomas Ford. 

The Library Club encourages students to utilize their time by using the 3R's (reading, 

researching and revising) on a daily basis as they sip on coffee, tea or hot coco. 

Members of the club enjoy working side by side with other students, assisting with 

assignments, online Hinds accounts, book searches and other transactions. The Hinds 

Community College McLendon Library Club is overwhelmed with invigorated 

members who work hard together to help students accomplish their goal. 



Front row from left: Leah Fulcher, Ava Hill and Lacy Woodruff. Top row from left: Brandon Noel, Dr. Johannah 

Williams and David Sayles. 

The purpose of the Student 

VOICES team is to create a desire in 

students to understand, be involved 

in and support the political process 

of lawmaking. It also teaches 

leadership skills and communication 

skills and helps students to 

understand the Mississippi 

Legislative process. Team members 

are encouraged to learn about their 

community college and its 

administration. They will also be 

trained on how to effectively 

communicate with their legislators 

(including face-to-face 

communication and letter writing) as 

well as proper business etiquette. 

Student VOICES team members are 

encouraged to advocate on behalf of 

their fellow community College 

students to decision makers in the 

legislature on issues affecting 

students and their community 

colleges. The group usually makes at 

least two visits to the state capitol 

during the legislative sessions. Many 

of the group members are able to 

meet and converse with their 

legislators while at the capitol. 

Landscape Management 

First row from left: Jed McCoy, Justin Baker, Mike Medlock, Jeremy Jenkins. 

Second row: Martha Hill (adviser), Chris Potter, Misti Schaefer, Nathan Bynum, Jacob Smith, Tim Harris, Austin Amis, Chris Love, Michael Oliver 

(adviser). Third row: Chris Patterson, Josh Ming, Roger Ealey, Ricky Nelson, Curtis Collier, Ben Brasfield, Justin Merritt, Rory Wagoner, Glenn Hicks, John 

Wixson, Zack Williams, Elton Sessoms. 

The PLANET Landscape 

Management Technology 

club is designed to promote 

professionalism and provides 

an opportunity for students 

majoring in green industry 

careers to develop 

leadership skills and service 

learning activities. The LM 

Club is a venue for students 

to participate in seminars, 

workshops, conferences in 

the landscape/horticulture 

arenas and to recruit the next 

group of students for careers 

in the industry. 


Small Engine and 
Equipment Club 

Front row from left: John Davis, Johnathan Hill, Jeremy Durr, Duan Jones. 

Middle row: Natasha Thompson, Simon Shanks Jr., Larry Edwards, DaVonte Michael, Al Fleming, Michael Sumrall, 

Syndelvin Ward, Allen Spence. Back row: John Beasley, Kenneth Alford, Aaron Marchant, Quention Slaughter, Walter 

Mayes, Antwain Ward, Joseph Ward. 

Small Engine and Equipment Club was started as an opportunity to allow the 

students to develop relationships with potential employers. They participate in 

various Landscape Management department fund raisers and community service 

projects. The club members visit several local businesses and golf clubs to learn 

about how the industry works. The students attend manufacturers service schools 

around the area in order to enrich the learning process. As a group they toured the 

Kohler Engines plant in Hattiesburg, and they also attend the QIE-EXPO held in 
Louisville, Ky. The club members also plan and host the "Meet the Tech" Day event. 



First row from left: Michelle Davison (adviser), Aakecio Henderson (secretary), Rachel Thomas, Tranese 

Mitchell, Laura Maclier, Shemekia Arterberry, Lashawndra Dishmon. Second row: Charles Thomas, 

Barbara Blankenship (adviser), Lauren Steed, Amber Carraway, Devan Adams, Chelsea Williams, 

Bernita Williams. Third row: Whitney Carter, Brandon Noel, Rakim Rowley, Mathew Mahaffey, Julian 

Walker. Fourth row: Ernest Dixon (adviser), Jarett Rubin (vice president), Caleb Dilmore (president), 

Ella-Nicole McKnight (secretary), Karen Andreasyan (parliamentarian) . 

District ASG 

Members and advisers of the district ASG include, front row from left, Michael Heindl, adviser and 

Rankin Campus dean of students; Lainey Wilson of Pearl; Jeremy Cooper of Pearl; Stephen 

Decareaux of Brandon; Rakim Rowley of Indianapolis, Ind.; Brittany Evans of Florence; Justin May 

of Flowood; Ella-Nicole McKnight of Raymond. Second row: Zach Harlan of Pearl, Candis Beard of 

Vicksburg, Allison Toplin of Terry, Charles Bolton of Brandon, Matt Mahaffey of Raymond, Will 

Cordell of Pelahatchie, Shemekia Arterberry of Jackson, Brandon Noel of Utica. Third row: 

Tamarceo Shaw of Florence; Dijhonne Singleton of Clinton; Kharis Collins of Jackson; Alex Watkins 

of Brandon; Caleb Dilmore of Clinton; Jarett Rubin of Houston, Texas; Ernest Dixon, ASG adviser; 

Barbara Blankenship, ASG adviser and college dean of students. 

ASG does a variety of things throughout the fall and spring semesters. It is offered at all six 
campuses as a one-hour credited course. Student senates on each campus meet once a week on the 

designated day and time. Meetings of the ASG are led by the president, vice president, senators 

and the adviser (s). The meetings are conducted using parliamentary procedure such as that used in 

the actual government of the United States. This provides for quick action and involves all the 

senators in the decisions that are made. 

District ASG is composed of delegates from each campus senate, and this body meets four times a 
year. Presidents of each senate serve on the College's District Student Affairs Council. 



^l^eifieici tiali: (clockwise from left) Rakim Rowley, Edrick Brown 
(HD), David Sayles, Joshua Mosby, Demarco Parks, Mark Jimerson. 

&.\re0*ie£> Heft (clockwise from left) Julian Walker, Marcell Richardson, 
Daniel Klein, Keeon Bell, Larry Quinn, Roche Jefferson (HD). 

AWsk*ff M: (clockwise from left) Kristen White, Brenita Williams, ^«»»<* ^' (clockwise from left) Morrie Turner, Napoleon Beasley, 
Cynthia Montgomery (HD), Amanda Davis, Kaneta Maxey. willie En gl ish - David Bowens. 

tfavcJy tiril: (clockwise from left) Ariel 

Green, Marquita Jacobs (HD), Jessica 
Gray, Tameka Turner, Demetras James. 

Vick^kt Had: (clockwise from left) 

Demetriea Payne, Tara Dunn (HD), 
Kacey Sciple, Jasmine Davis. 

aWzsj Half: (clockwise from left) Koasia Eldridge, 

Shemekia Arterberry, Jessica Mazariegos (HD), 
Jacqueline Gray, Dominique Payne. 



Top row from left: Tiffany Newell, Edrick Brown, Shemekia Arterberry, Joshua Mosby 
and Otha Person. Bottom row from left: Cynthia Montgomery, David Sayles Jr., 
DeMarico Parks and Bobby Sims Jr. 

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) organizes many fun 
activities to help build relationships and memories that will last a 
lifetime! These events offer students the opportunity to get to know 
others who live on their floors and in their halls, as well as other 
students. Resident advisers are trained to assist with the majority of 
the problems students face. They provide activities throughout the 
semester to help with student development and programs that 
allow residents to get to know others who live in the residence hall. 


eta Kappa 

Above: Ammie Nguyen, Kathy 

Smith, Megan Burnham, Ebony 

Dawson, Brittany Evans, Judy 

Isonhood, Audrey Reed, Juli Noles, 

Jessica Hemby, Adriann Cooksey, 

Shea Hennessy. 
At right, above: Audrey Reed and 

Shea Hennessy. 
At right, below: Megan Burnham 

and Shea Hennessyn. 

Below, far left: Connie Jones, Shea 

Hennessy, Megan Burnham, Ammie 

Nguyen, Audrey Reed, Ebony 

Dawson, Juli Noles. 

Below, middle: Julie Noles and 

Adriann Cooksey. 

Above, from left: Ammie Nguyen, Ebony 

Dawson, Jessica Hemby, Megan 

Burnham, Shea Hennessy. 

Above, clockwise: Megan Burnham, Zach 
Harlan, Audrey Reed, Tiffany Walker, Jessica 
Hemby, Connie Jones, Ammie Nguyen, Shea 

Hennessy, Brittany Evans. 

Below: Connie Jones, Shea Hennessy, Megan 

Burnham, Ammie Nguyen, Audrey Reed, 

Ebony Dawson, Juli Noles. 


Phi Theta Kappa 

First row: Quentin Fairchild, Andres Gibbs, Lacy Woodruff, Britany Hales, Laura Pearson, Clarissa Walker, Kevin Patel, Steven Hodnett, Haley Harvey, 

Jack Hite (adviser). Second row: Deanna Emhovick, Fatima Asaan, Tameka Wilson, Seth Womack, Kenetra Brown, Anna Womack, Ford Maddux, Britney 

Boles, Debbie McCollum (adviser). Third row: Carzel Frazier, Josh Hynum, Jessica Watts, LaToya Jackson, Ola Hall, Tameka Crockett, Chris Thompson, 

Timothy Carson, John Beasley, Nathan Tardo. 


First row: Clarissa Walker, VP of Publications; 

Haley Harvey, VP of Member Development; Laura 

Pearson, VP of Honors-In-Action; Britany Hales, 

VP of Fellowship; Andres Gibbs, VP of Advocacy 

& Public Service; Lacy Woodruff, Co-President. 

Second Row: Quentin Fairchild, VP of Chapter 

Relations; Kenetra Brown, VP of Operations; 

Tameka Wilson, VP of Community Service. 

Third Row: Steven Hodnett, Co-President; Kevin 

Patel, VP of Member Recruiting. 


The purpose of the Hinds 

Community College Karate Club is 

to recognize karate as an organized 

sport at Hinds Community 

College, bring awareness to the 

karate course offered at the 
college, bring recognition to the 
karate team and make new friends 
through involvement in the sport. 
Future fund raising will go toward 
scholarships and help others learn 
self-defense inside and outside the 




American Dental Assistants 



From left: Dr. Richard Gavant, C.J. Fitzhugh, Cindy Smith, Kristian Brasfield, Ashton Robinson, Amanda 
Ratcliffe, Brittany Berry, Mary Hendricks, Kim Price, Kaysey Smith, Nancy Williamson and Altora Hutton. 


Student Health Information 

Management Association 


Front row from left: Dominique Bulluck and Angela Brooks. 
Back row from left: Markella Crosby, Carla Sims, Ashley Bulluck, Sandra Bowman and Monica Shelton. 








Jackson Academic/ Technical Center 


Jackson Nursing/ Allied Health Center 

* - * 

Rankin Campus 

Raymond Campus 
Vicksburg/ Warren Campus 

| . * N 

Utica Campus 


Jackson Academic/Technical 


Deciding on a college 

major is easy at Hinds 

with the wide variety of 

programs and courses 

offered. The 


Center, just off 1-220 at 

Sunset Drive, is known 

for state-of-the-art 

technical training. 

Culinary arts, business 

and office technology, 


technology and drafting 

and design are among 

the technical programs 

that can help you get the 

skills needed for the 

career world. Also at 

your fingertips are 

academic courses in 

English, history, biology, 

mathematics and more. 

■v. V 


Nursing/Allied Health k 


Providing accessible, 

affordable, quality 

education with an 

emphasis on health 

care careers, we 

prepare individuals to 

become competent, 

caring health care 

providers. While all 

health programs 

require acceptance to 

the class based on 

specific program 


academic classes are 

available to all 

students who meet the 

general admission 

requirements of the 





degrees and 

certificates in 

academic, technical 

and career areas can 

be pursued at the 

Rankin Campus, 

located on Highway 

80 East in Pearl 
Offering a four-day 

school week, this 

campus continues to 

be one of the 

College's fastest 

growing facilities. It 

is the second largest 

location in the 

Hinds district, 

serving over 2 ,700 




Study in the academic, 

technical or career 
field of your choice at 
the Raymond Campus, 
just off Highway 18 in 

Raymond. This 
campus allows you all 
the opportunities of 
college life, including 
participation in 
numerous student 
activities, honorary 
organizations and 
service clubs. Men's 
and women's residence 
halls, athletic events, 
cafeteria and state-of- 
the-art facilities all add 
to the total campus 









3* • 




The Vicksburg- 

Warren Campus, on 

Highway 27, has a 

full range of 

programs and 

courses for you. The 

branch offers 


academic, technical 

and career classes in 

business and office 

technology, practical 

nursing and 
electrical technology- 
just to name a few. 

Meeting the 

workforce training 

needs of city 


specialized programs 

are available in such 

areas as welding, 

electricity, computer 

technology, safety 

and managerial 



Dating back more than 

100 years, the Utica 
Campus on Highway 18 

in Utica has a rich 

heritage and has evolved 

into a progressive college 

location with all the 

perks of a complete 

campus environment. 

Not only does the Utica 

Campus offer choices in 

academic, technical and 

career programs, but it 

also provides 

transportation to class 

for students in the 

surrounding area. 

Residence halls, athletic 

competition and 


involvement are 

available to interested 



"Good teaching is more a 

giving of right questions 

than a giving of right 


Josef Albers 




Board of Trustees 


President's Cabinet 



• « 


and Administration 


■ - 


'r l 

" - ' 


V;.. * 

, ' >* ' 




First row from left: Dr. Liz Swinford, Dr. Ginger Smith, Dr. Clyde Muse (College 

President), Ms. Josephine Hosey, Dr. Annie Kilcrease and Mr. Brad Fountian. 

Second row from left: Dr. Lynn Weathersby (Vice President), Mr. Talmadge Portis, 

Mr. Dale Sullivan, Mr. Rickey Clopton and Mr. Robert Pickett (President). 

Third row from left: Dr. Lelia Rhodes, Dr. Stephen Handley (Secretary/Treasurer), 

Dr. William Dodson, Mr. Paul Breazeale and Mr. Jobie Martin. 


President's Cabinet 


First row from left: Jackie Granberry, VP for Institutional Advancement; Russell Shaw, VP 

for Business Services; Dr. Sue Powell, VP for Rankin and Jackson/ATC campuses and 

Director of Occupational Programs and Dr. Clyde Muse, President. 

Back row from left: Colleen Hartfield, VP for Community Relations; Dr. Theresa 

Hamilton, VP for Raymond and Jackson/NAHC campuses and Director of College Parallel 

Programs; Dr. George Barnes, VP for Utica and Vicksburg campuses; Dr. John Woods, 

VP for Economic Development and Training and Thomas Wasson, VP for Physical Plant 

and Auxiliary Services. 


trail on 

Amanda Boland 

Tammi Bowles-Ainsworth 

Marietta Bradley 


Elsie Bridges 

Catherine Broome 


Meshell Chambliss 

Fam Chapman 


Robert Cheesman 

James Christensen 


Leigh Curry 

TO t 
|g t 

Rebecca Davidson 

Clarissa Davis 

Erica Davis 

Jimmy Davis 


Minica Davis 

Drury Dear 

Deloris Dee 

Shivochie Dinkins 

Sharon Dorman 

Linda Dotson 

Lisa Downing-Scott 

Qwen Dufour 

Tracy Duncan 

Paula Duren 

a* fsfif 


Scott Durling 

William Eaton 

redie Edwards 

Marion Eifling 

Brian Emory 

Madia Farrokhkam 

Beverly Fatherree 


a> ---5 y 

\\ f~ f ».\ 
V \\.~J J • 


It m ^~ . I J ' 

Sharon Eeaster 


Bill Ferguson 

Melody Field 

Loretta Qandy 

Delories Garner-Knight 

Cynthia Qaudin 

* « 

Laurie George 

Betty Gibson 

Harry Giles 

Jessica Gilmer 

Bobby Glenn 

tricia Grantham 


<$F^£..JL ill 






Rristy Harris 

Stacy Harris 

Lester Harrison 

David Hawkins 

Cathy Hayden 

Kathy Huff 


«9S« 5 E55* Wl ""^ 


Ted Lightsey 

Cynthia Long 

Eleanor Long 

Marquise Loving 

Elola Maberry 


Joeann Mack 

Barbara Martin 

Betsy Martin 

Keri Martin 

Larry Martin 

Donna Messer 



Lakesha Smith 

Nancy Smith 

Renaudo Smith 

Denny Spell 

Allen Spence 

Bonnie Spencer 


Bernice Spurlock 

Booker Spurlock 

If W» 

Mark Stanton 

Darlene Sullivan 


Sanjay Tiwary 

Portia Travis 

Shalonda Trevillion 

Alice Trigg 




Ovid Vickers 

Stephen Wedding 

Kathy Wilder 

Tammy Wilkerson 

Antoinette Williams 

Johannah Williams 

I „* : -« ^ 

David Wacker 

Hilda Wells 

Alfred Wilson 

Cliff Wilson 

Randy Wilson 

Paula Wimbish 

Allyson Winn 


Randy Kwan and 


The 201 1 yearbook was truly a team effort and this acknowledgments 
page would like to thank those students, faculty and staff who were 

First and foremost, a many thanks to the yearbook staff! This yearbook 

was a success because of you. 

Many thanks to Brian Emory and Bob Smith for their wonderful sports 

photography (and an extra thanks to Brian for all the help with the 

athletic section.) 
Also many thanks to Tracy Duncan, Mark Stanton, Amanda Boland, 

David Hawkins and the club advisers for their photo contributions. 
A very special thank you to Mary Rousselle for her help with the cover 

One more special thank you goes out to Lauren Cook for her wonderful 
About the Theme" page and also for helping out with writing throughout 

the yearbook. 

To the reader, I hope you will cherish the memories you have made at 

Hinds and enjoy the scenes that are captured on the pages of this volume. 










f * ;, 

- \ 


- ■ 






At, . 






V-. ■ - 

.... s» 

- ' .. - 


■ - • 

* ' 






-:*"~ -' 

\f,,, r , 

r$ • $%.** 

. ■' V 





y » 

» *> • 


>ir n 

1 ^ * 

* 4 ■ 

«L' • ' ' r " ->"~ """}' - ' -»•» 

• r - , ■• « / x , ■■ , 

• <-■ 


*■'•' - 


; v *