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Page 16, 17 lines from bottom for Hendrick Janszen read Hendrick Hanszen. 
" 31, 13 " " " " Rev. Samuel Tohnes, Knight, read Rev. 

Samuel-Johnes Knieht. 
" 42, 9 •• " " " Brevet-General read Brevet- Major-Gcn- 

" 43i 9 " " top " Isabella Hunter Hardie read Isabelle 

Hunter Hardie. 
" 50, 17 " " " " interest read interests. 
*' 52, 6 " " •• " Alice Holden read Alice Holton. 
•• 52, 12 • " Sir Phillip Brian-Grey Egerton, read Sir 

Philip Brian-Grey Egerton. 
•• 53, 7 " " bottom •* Nov. 29 read Nov. 28. 



* • 

• , ■ fr^^r 







Researches Establishing a Line from 
Tydeman Cuyler of Hasselt, 1456 








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Portrait of Maud Churchill Nicoll . Frontispiece 


Cuyler Arms vii 

Seal of Thyman Koylert, 1502 viii 

Document concerning the sale of a part of a field belonging 

to Seyne Koeylert, dated 1512 i 

Hendrick Cuyler's Seal i 

Interior of the Church at Hasselt, Holland .... 6 

Act dated February 27, 1387, of the City of Koevorden, 
Province of Drenthe, which contains the earliest men- 
tion of the name Cuyler 12 

Record of Hendrick Cuyler's baptism, August 11, 1637 
First and last pages of the Will of Anna Cuyler, 1702 . 
Autograph Letter of Henry Cuyler, 1736 
First and last pages of the Will of Henry Cuyler, 1763 
Portrait of Margaret Elizabeth Clarendon . . ^ , 

Portrait of Richard Randolph Cuyler 

Portrait of Elizabeth Margaret Cuyler .... 
Portrait of Richard Cuyler Churchill .... 
Portrait of Richard Cuyler Churchill (as a child) 







The materials of which this book is composed were 
gathered daring the last few years while engaged in tracing 
the ancestry of my children. In the course of that undertak- 
ing I proved the descent of my grandmother, Elizabeth 
Margaret Cayler, from Hendrick Cnyler, the founder of 
the Cnyler family in America, and in doing this I dis- 
covered so mnch new and hitherto nnpnblished matter 
concerning the early Caylers in Holland and America that I 
determined to make a book of it. 

Mnch remains to be done to make the history of the 
family in anyway complete, bnt I trust that, even in its im- 
perfect form, this work will prove of some value and interest 
to the numerous Cuyler descendants. 

It is a noteworthy fact that only one man of the name 
ever emigrated to America, Hendrick Cuyler, the founder, 
and that every Cuyler in this country and in England cor- 
rectly claims descent from him and is entitled to bear or 
quarter his armorial device. 

The name Cuyler is of great antiquity, dating back 
authentically to 1387, an unusual thing in the history of 
Dutch surnames, and the coat-of-arms is found as early as 
1602 in use as an official seal. The unbroken records show 
that for five hundred years the Cuylers played an important 
and honorable part in every generation, and a study of a 
genealogical chart giving the descendants of Hendrick 
Cuyler and his wife, Annetje Schepmoes, shows that there is 
scarcely a Dutch family of consequence in New York who 
are not related to them by consanguinity or affinity. 

I wish to acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr. Panl J. 
Kapteyn, archivist of Amsterdam, for his painstaking re- 
searches in Holland, to Mr. Teleman Cnyler for his generous 
contribution of material relating to the southern branch 
of the family, and to Mr. Alexander James Wohlhagen of 
The New York Historical Society for his intelligent and 
careful assistance in the compilation of this book. 

Matjd Chtjbohill Niooll. 
May 1st, 1912. 




The EncyhptBdia Britannica says: *' The best if not the only 
safe evidence for the origin of armorial bearings is that afforded 
by seals." 

The earliest record of the coat-of-arms is in 1502 when 
" Thyman Koylert/' Alderman of Hasselt, used it as his official 
seal. The armorial device of that seal is identical with the 
Cuyler coat-of-arms which is taken from impressions of Hendrick 
Cuyler*s own seal with which his wife Annetje Shepmoes Cuyler 
sealed her will. He mentions the seal in his will March 21, 1690, 
as follows: '* My youngest son Henry shall have my seal/* and 
his wife making her will July 3, 1702, says that all the provisions 
of her husband's will shall be carried out. She sealed her will 
with two clear impressions of his seal which she had in her 
keeping for their son Henry. There is no motto on the im- 
pressionSy but the motto belonging to the similar Cuyler arms 
in Holland is: 

" Ik vertrouwt op Gott niet op Pyien." 
(I trust in God not in arrows.) 

In all probability the original bearer of this name was an 
arbalister or crossbowman, and in course of time he or his 
descendants, being empowered or assuming the right to bear 
arms, placed upon their shield a quarrel or cross-bow bolt (keil in 
old German). The bolt or short arrow shot from the arbalist or 
cross-bow (as distinguished from the shaft or long arrow shot 
from the long bow) was in general use throughout Europe during 
the middle ages, and is first mentioned in a manuscript of the 
nth century. The name Cuyler, Keiler or Keyler, as it was 
spelled in 153a, may be considered as equivalent to our English 
surname Archer or Bowman. 

Blazoning of the seal on the will: 

The shield bears a bolt or quarrel in pale with the point 
upwards between the letters H. C. The crest is three quarrels, 
the centre in pale, the two others pilewise all points upward on a 


helmet barred affront^. There is a mantling of the debased 17th 
century type. 

Blazoning of the Coat-of-Arms of Cuylaert of Amsterdam: 

*'De sinople k une flfeche d'or, posee en bande." (Rietstap^ 
vol. i, p. 499.) 

Blazoning of the Coat-ofArms of Cuyler^ Hertfordshire^ tie de 
St, Dominique. {Baronet 29th October^ 1814): 

Parti enclav6 de gueules et d'azttr; k une fl^che d'or, arm^ et 
empenn^e d'argent, en bande, brochant sur le parti. Casque 
timbr^ d'une couronne murale d'or n6e d'argent, en bande^ 
brochant sur le parti. C: deux filches d'or arm^ et empenn^es 
d'argent pass^es en saut les pointes en bas, brochant sur une 
hache d'armes d'argent en pal. Devise: Deo Non Sagittis Fido. 
{Rietstapy vol. i, p. 499.) 

The first time the name Cuyler appears is in an Act dated 
February 27, 1387, City of Koevorden Province of Drenthe, 
Holland: '' Coj^lert, one of the six warriors of Hermanne Stael." 




l^-^^i 47»P— S' A. ^'~"'-9^-*~~^f'f9't oV»-j!f ''•'£"» ^vtil'. 

Document concetninS the sale of a part of a field belonging lo Seyne Koeylert. daled 
" 1512. the dav after Maria Lvangelisla." 

(From the ZwaKe Wsler Convent Ledaer.i 

Hendrick Cuyler's Seal. 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

1. Tydeman Cuyler. All Saints Day 1456 Before Tydeman 
Koylert an Official of Hasselt* Sale of land between Bette, 
widow of Johan Henrixsoen and Engbert, Johan and Henrich, 
the children of the above mentioned Johan, to Willeme, son 
of Philippns. \{Leger of the Zwarte Water Convent Archives of 
the Province of Overyssel at Zwolle folio 21.) Children: 

+2 Seyne Cuyler, d. bef. 1512. 
+3 Son, name unknown. 

2. Seyne Cuyler, had children: 

+4 Andries, who m. Jutte . 

S Thyman, who is mentioned as an Alderman in 1520. 
(Archives of the Province of Overyssel at Zwolle, 
Registers of the City of Hasselt. Vol. 3157, folio 223.) 

3. The unknown son of Tydeman Cuyler, had a son: 

+6 Andries Cuyler, who m. Johanna . 

4. Andries Cuyler is mentioned as owning land near land 
belonging to the prior of the convent, the day after Ascension 
Day 1502. This land was afterward sold by Jutten his widow and 
other heirs to the prior of the convent. {Zwarte Water Convent 
Ledger y folio 116). 

The day after St. Mary's, 15 1 2, " concerning a meadow originally 
owned by Seyno Koylert. Jutte, widow of Andrees Koylert, the 
son of Seyno (Seynenszoen) and Seyno their son, acknowledge 
the sale of this land to the prior of the Zwarte Water Convent." 
This Andrees is called "cousin" of Andrees Vosken. This 
meadow is situated near the Hoeydyck, (folio 131). Andries and 
Jutte Cuyler had child: 

7 Seyne Cuyler. 

* Hasselt is a town in the North Netherlands, Province of Overyssel, five 
miles north of Zwolle, the capital of the province. 

2 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

6. Andries Cuyler, who m. Johanna, was sumamed " Vosken " 
(Vosje), meaning little fox. The day after St. Valentine the 
Martyr's Day (Feb. 14), 1495, Andrees Koylert appeared before 
Henrich Mulert and other officials and acknowledged the sale of 
half a farm to the prior of the Zwarte Water Convent in behalf 
of the Convent. "This farm (in a marsh) is at Ruveene." 
{Ledger of the Zwarte Water Convent^ folio 117.) Andrees 
Koeylert and his wife Johan(na) acknowledged before Lub- 
bert Mulert and other officials the sale of half a farm situated 
near the Hoeydyck, to the prior of the Zwarte Water Convent 
in behalf of the convent — Done on St. Blasius Day, 15 17. 
'* There must be paid every year a rent of two quarters of butter 
to the family Mulert. The farm yard was named Voskensfield 
because Andrees Koeylert was also called Andrees Vosken; he 
was the father of Mr. Egbert the barber Surgeon." {Ledger of 
the Zwarte Water Convent^ folio 128.) Andries and Johanna 
Cuyler had child: 

+8 Engbert Cuyler, who m. Wibbe . 

8. Engbert Cuyler was bom not later than 1509 and was a 
Barber-Surgeon. Anno 1530. "On Monday after trium Regum 
(Celebration of Twelfth Night Jan 6th) Engbert Keylert and 
Rotger Goltsmith acknowledge that Beerte Hertwichs daughter 
of Herr Beerntsz Coeps has taken a mortgage on her house or her 
mother's house." The house and land are described. {Archives 
of the Province of Overyssel at Zwolle, Registers of the City of 
Hasselt. Vol. of Court transactions, 1528-1579, p. i6.) 

Anno 1555. "On Tuesday post Andres Apostoli (Nov. 30th), 
Henrich Bleeckert acknowledges before Claes Wolters son of 
Johann Wolters his brother-in-law, that Mr. Engbert Keylert, 
barber-surgeon, has bought of his (Henrich's) mother, Greta 
Bleeckert, a piece of pasture ground." {Same reference^ /. 24^.) 

Engbert Cuyler died before 1612, age about 70. Children: 

9 Hille Cuyler, who was dead in 1588. 

+ 10 Andries Cuyler, m. Ida . 

II Wibbe Cuyler, m. Henrick Alberts. 

In an act dated June 29, 16 19, Wibbetien, daughter of the late 
Engbert Coilert, is spoken of as about 80 years old. {Archives of 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 3 

the Province of Overyssel at Zwolle Register of the City of Hasselty 
vol. 3158.*) 

On Jan. 22, 1620, Wubbetien Koilerts about 74 years old, 
widow of Henrick Alberts, appeared as witness. (Vol. 3188.) 

10. Andries Cuyler, who m. Ida , was an organist and died 

before 1612. Children: 

-fi2 Cornelius. 

+ 13 Engbert. 

+ 14 Pieter. 

+ 15 Reynier. 

+ i6 Harmen. 

+ 17 Jannetien. 

12. Cornelius Cuyler m. Marrietien Isebrants, and died before 
1592. On May 8, 1592, is recorded the division of the property 
of Reyner Koylert and his sister Deele Koylert, wife of 
George Vellebier. Those present were Marrien Isebrants, widow 
of Cornells Koylert and now wife of Johann Claesz Bout, assisted 
by George Vellebier her son-in-law and by Johan Adriaensz ten 
Oever and Thilman Wichersz, as guardians of her son Reyner 
Koylert. " Reyner's portion being his interest in the property of 
his father Cornells Koylert and of his grandparents Andries and 
Ida Koylert." There follows a list of obligations due Reyner from 
the town of Hasselt and various individuals. Finally this state- 
ment: "May 19, 1598, Reynier Koylert has received this money 
and has used it to his own profit." Marrietien Isebrants was a 
daughter of Isebrant Reyniers who died of the plague about 1578. 
(Vol. 3202, folio 33). Children: 

18. Delia, who m. Jurrien Vellebier. They were mar- 
ried before 1592. A Doretea Fellebier is mentioned 
as living on the Rosengracht (a canal) in 1666. 
She was probably a descendant of the above. 
+19 Reynier. 

* In order to avoid repetiton all further references to volumes and 
folios will indicate these Registers of the City of Hasselt, unless otherwise 

4 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

13. Engbbrt Cuyler, wife unknown. On May 13, 1588, Gerrit 
Arentz acknowledged payment of 11 guilders and 25 pence Bra- 
brant money from the heirs of the late Andries Koylert viz.: 
Herman, Engbert, and Janneken Koylert, for a debt contracted 
by their parents. (Vol. 3155, folio 127.) Child: 

20 Arentien Cuyler who m. Roloff Hermansz Lentingh. 

On June 7, 1605, Herman Coilert and Henrick 
Berentz Pannebacker were appointed guardians 
for Arentien daughter of the late Engbert Coilert 
and at present wife of Roloff Hermansz Lentingh. 
(Vol. 3157 folio 171.) 

14. PiETER Cuyler was a shopkeeper and m. Grieticn Hendrycts, 
daughter of Hendrick Koerenhart and Wendele Jans. On 
September 18, 1587, a document is recorded concerning a quarrel 
(about a bench) between Peter Koylert and Henrick Albertszhis 
uncle by marriage, in which the latter's wife, Wibbe Koylert, is 
mentioned. (Vol. 3155, folio 62.) 

September 9, 1590, Inventory of goods due Griete (Margaretha) 
wife of Peter Koylert and daughter of Henrick Koerenhart and 
the late Wendele Jans. Henrick Meyer and Harmen Arendtz 
were appointed guardians. A list of four obligations follows. 
(Vol. 3202. folio 11). February 23, 1596. Accounting of the 
property of Grietien the wife of Peter Koeilert and daughter of 
Henrick Coomhart. Her brother-in-law Harmen Koilert is men- 
tioned. (Vol. 3202, folio 11). On December 4, 1615, Peter Koilert 
aged about 47 appeared as a witness. (Vol. 3188). He also appeared 
as witness at various other times in the records. On November 
26, 1622, a suit of Peter Coilert vs. Josua Barbott was settled in 
Coilert's favor. (Vol. 3158). 

March 5, 1624, Peter Coilert and Jan Hermsz Pott were appoint- 
ed guardians of Engbert Coilert, a son (under age) of the late 
Herman Coilert. (Vol. 3202, folio 392). Children: 

21 Hendrick, bap. at Hasselt December 21, 1595 ('<Hen- 

drick Coylardt"). Wit: Eva Jacob Marckels, (Eva 
wife of Jacob Marckels). {Archives, etc.. City of 
Hasselt), Dec. 30, 1614, Hendrick Coilert appeared 
as witness and is called about 19 years of age. 
(Vol.3188.) April 13, 1 62 1. Testimony concerning a 

Ths Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 5 

quarrel at Campen, between Henrick Koilert and 
Claes Frentz of Rouvene (trooper) about i6 pence. 
Prentsz threatened to kill Koilert. (Vol. 3188). 
22 Stiene Cuyler, bap. at Hasselt, Sept. 4, 1597. Wit: 
Lubbe Willems. 

15. Reynier Cuyler m. Hendrickien Hendrix Pickert. He died 
before 1601. He is mentioned in the will of Kerst Arentsz, 
Hasselt Sept. 20, 1587. (Vol. 3155, folio 64). 

On May 29, 1588, Herman Koylert and Re3mier Koylert each 
one for himself and each as a guardian of his wife and also for 
their other brothers and sister appeared and acknowledged the 
sale of a house and land which they inherited from the late Hille 
Koylert daughter of Mr. Engbert Koylert. It was sold to 
Hendrick Alberts and Wibbe the wife of Mr. Engbert Koylert. 
(Vol. 3155, folio 133.) 

August 21, 1601, Mention of Hendrickien Hendricks widow of 
the late Reyner Koilert. (Vol. 3157, folio 43). Child: 

+23 Andries. 

16. Harmen Cuyler m. Grietien Jansz, daughter of the late 
Johan van Marckell. The will of Kerst Arentz Sept. 20, 1587, 
mentions Peter Koylert and his brothers and sister viz: Hermen, 
Reyner and Janneken Koylert. (Vol. 3155, folio 64.) 

On December 4, 1587, Herman Koylert appeared for himself 
and for his brother-in-law, Jacob Jansz (van Marckell) and Griete 
Jans, his wife and Jacob's sister, appeared with Johan Arentz, her 
guardian. They authorized a transfer of land, which they inheri- 
ted from the late Lubbert and the late Lunner van Marckell. 
(Vol. 3155, folio 85.) 

July II, 1590, Harmen Coylert, aged about 32, appeared as wit- 
ness. (Vol. 3156, folio 109.) On September 8, 1590, Harmen 
Keylert was appointed by the Aldermen and Senate as Sexton of 
the Parish Church, "and he shall play the organ and chimes as 
before." (Vol. 3156.) April 24, 1602; appearance of Herman 
Coilerth and Grietie, his wife, and Eusse ( Eva) ten Oever, with 
Henrick Ten Oever, 'her father, widow of Jacob van Marckell, 
brother of the above mentioned Grietie. Testimony concerning 
division of Van Marckell land. Armgert van Markell is men- 
tioned, but relationship not specified. (Vol. 3157, folio 65.) On 

6 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

August 9, 1604, Herman Coilert is mentioned as a Catholic. (Vol. 
3157, folio 143.) June 22, 161 1, Herman Coilert and Mr. Otto 
Henrix were discharged from the guardianship of Derek and Jan- 
netien, children of Herman Derx Veneman. (Vol. 3202, folio 87.) 
September 4, 1611, testimony of Geuchien Claes, aged about 76, 
for Herman Coilert and Jan Claes van Markell, concerning land 
rented from Eva ten Oever and Armgert van Marckell, heirs of 
Lubbert van Marckel. (Vol. 3188.) 

January 3, 1612, petition of Hermen Koilert. Testimony of 
Henrich Evertz (aged 60) and Jan Jansz Roeck (aged 55) at the 
request of Hermen Koilert "that they have been well acquainted 
with the late Engbert Coilert, grandfather of the petitioner (who 
was about 70 when he died in Hasselt) and also with the late An- 
dries Koilert, organist of Hasselt, of whom the petitioner is a 
child bom in wedlock, and that the petitioner, Hermen Coilert, 
has married Grieten van Marckell, daughter of the late Johann 
van Marckell, and that they have a son Jan Coilert living at pres- 
ent in Linghen," etc. December 23, 16 13, appointment of Her- 
man Coilert as organ player in the church. "He must play Sun- 
day and Wednesday before and after the Sermon" and in the win- 
ter, also in the evening hours. Also he must repair the organ. 
He complains that his salary is insufficient and it is increased a 
little. (Vol. 3154, folio 46.) July 18, 1615, Testimony concerning 
the marriage of Jan Coilert to Petertien Lamberts, daughter of 
Swane Everts. Herman and Jan Coilert are called father and 
son. (Vol. 3188.) January 20, 1617, Herman Coilert being ill, 
he and Grietie, his wife, make mutual wills, leaving everything 
to the survivor. The sheriflE, Henrich van Keppel Fox is named 
as executor. Witnesses, Gerryt Koningk and Henrick Jansz, Al- 
dermen. (Vol. 3157, folio 331.) 

On October 24, 1620, a document is recorded concerning pay- 
ment of interest on the house of Grietien, widow of the late Her- 
man Coilert. (Vol. 3158.) Children: 

-1-24 Jan. 

25 Lubbe, bap. at Hasselt, January 23, 1592, ("Lubbe 

Coylaert.") Wit: Egbert Coldaert, Jannicken 
Hermsen, Jutte Jansz. 

26 Engbert, under age in 1624, m. Lucretia Coerts in 

Amsterdam, January i, 1633. Wit: Abigail Heyn- 
drix, her mother. 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 7 

27 Lubbe, bap. at Hasselt, September 22, 1594. Wit: 

Pyter Coldaert, Grietien Hendryckx, Guisien Hen- 
dryckx te Oever. 

28 Andries, bap. at Hasselt, August 21, 1597. Wit: 

Lubbert Willems. He m. ist, Geertruyt Snellen, 
2nd, on March 24, 1626, Maritie Claes van Neck of 
Amsterdam, aged 32, and 3rd, on October 26, 1632, 
Margriet Lookemans van Tourhout, widow of 
Hans Maiyn. 

June 27, 1617, before the Aldermen Jan Claesz 
and Hermen Blomerts, the Sheriff Hendrick van 
Keppel Pox, the Mayor Jan Arents and three cit- 
izens bore witness at the instance of Andries Koil- 
ertt, legal son of the late Herman Coilert, citizen 
and organ player of this town, "to being well 
aware i)ersonally that the above mentioned An- 
dries Coilert was a legal son of the late Herman 
Coilert and Grietien (who is still living), the 
daughter of the late Jan van Marckel, bom in 
wedlock; that his (the plaintiff's) parents have 
lived honestly and piously in Hasselt, and that 
their parents, too, were honest people. All wit- 
nesses subjoin to this, that Andries Koilert has 
practised surgery to some degree under his father, 
in life a surgeon of this town, and that he has 
behaved himself always as an honest and pious 
young man." (Vol. 3188.) 

17. Jannetien Cuvler m. Vreryck Bloemaert. He was Onder- 
shulte (2nd Sheriff.) Child: 

29 Harmen Bloemaert, bap. at Hasselt, April 4, 1596. 

Wit: Willem Egbaerts. 

19. Reynibr Cuyler m. Hendryckien Jans, daughter of Jan 
Hendrix Koopman and Claesien Jans. He was bom about 1578- 
80. On Aug. 24, 1589, Johann Ariaens ten Oever and Thilman 
Wichersz were appointed guardians of Reyner Koylert, the 
youngest son of the late Comelys Koyler. Jorrien Pellebier was 
also appointed guardian of Deele Koyler his wife ''and they 

8 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and Aicerica 

have sold to the guardians of Arenthen, daughter of the late 
Bngbert Koyler, a house/' etc. (Vol. 3156, folio 48.) 

In marginal notes of a document dated May 8, 1593 (see data 
of Cornelius Cuyler^ 12\ is a list of the property of Reyner Koy- 
lert, as follows: 

Land in Hoenbroeck "half is his mother's and % belongs to 
his sister. The portion of Reyner has been sold and he has re- 
ceived the money." 

" Farm rent of a field. One fourth the yearly rental of the 
house of Cornelis Muys. (Cornelis Muys must have been a rela- 
tive or Rynier would not have inherited from him.) 50 caroli guil- 
ders of his mother's property when of age. 100 Golden guilders for 
rent owed by the hospital. The guardians of Arentgen, daugh- 
ter of Engbert Koylert owe him 59 golden gulden for his share in 
the house on the Veerstege (now sold)." "This money has been 
received by Marrichien and her son-in-law Jurrien Vellebier, and 
they have satisfied Reyner." "Thilman Wichers holds for Rey- 
ner Koylert a hat band with gilt letters and buckles, a silver 
mug, a silver rapier handle, 2 dozen silver buttons and 2 square 
purses." March 24, 1597, "Reynier has received this silverware 
from Thilman Wichers' sister in the presence of Jan Adriaens ten 
Oever and Wolter Claes Rey vers, and has receipted for it." Item 
about some clothing and one more silver spoon still in Marrien 
Isebrants' possession. "The goods of Reynier and his sister hav- 
ing been divided, the guardians consent that Marrien Isebrants, 
the mother, shall have the rents till Reynier is of age, but she 
must support him till then." (He was about 18.) This inventory 
was signed March 34, 1597, before the Aldermen Willem Egbers 
and Harmen Gheryts. March 11, 1600, Jan Adriensz ten Oever 
proposes to audit the accounts of this inventory as soon as Ise- 
brant Reyners shall return from Amsterdam. (Reyner is now of 
age.) This Isebrant Reyners could have been a first cousin of 
Reyner Koylerts, the son of his mother's brother. He could not 
have been an uncle as he would then have been called Isebrant 
Isebrants; nor the grandfather Ysebrant Reyniers, as the latter 
died about 1578, at the time of, or shortly after Reyner Koilert's 
birth. (Vol. 3202, folio 23.) July 2, 1604, testimony of Lysbet 
Jans Tonslegers concerning a grave she is to be buried in beside 
her husband's body, "the white tombstone by the middle gate." 
She says she is about 70 years old. She mentions her late hus- 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 9 

band, adding that he died of the plague about 26 years ago. (He 
was Isebrant Re3merts.) She also mentions his daughter and 
her step-daughter, Marrichien Isebrants; and his grandson, the 
present Reyner Koylert. (Vol. 3157, folio 141.) 

On April 15, 1611, Reyner Coilert is called Shopkeeper "3 or 4 
years ago." (Vol. 3154, folio 29.) 

On August 18, 16 1 2, Reyner Koilert, aged about 34 years, ap- 
peared as witness. Also at various other times he appeared as a 
witness, and on May 14, 1622, as Second Sheriff. 

On October 23, 1613, Re3mer Koilert and Hilbrant van Gron- 
ingen were appointed guardians of Engeltie, daughter of the late 
Claes Geerts. (Vol. 3202, folio 390.) January 28, 1614, document 
concerning a quarrel between Reyner Koilert and Hendrick 
Claes, the latter being at fault. March 24, 1614, question con- 
cerning a right of way over land of Reyner Koilerts. (Vol. 3188.) 

May 17, 1614, testimony of the Mayor, Otto Henrix, concern- 
ing a legal certificate and marriage articles between Reyner 
Koilert, Claesien Jans and Jan Henrix Koopman, the parents of 
Reynier*8 wife. Jan Henrix is now deceased. Claesien Jans is 
also called Reyner's "aunt." She might have been the wife of 
one of his mother's brothers or of his deceased uncle, Engbert 
Koilert, before she married Koopman; or she could have been 
Claesien Jans, a daughter of Jan Claes van Marckell, possibly sis- 
ter of Reynier's aunt, Grieten Jans van Marckell and called 
"aunt" by courtesy. (She was not a Cuyler or an Isebrant.) The 
marriage article and certificate were dated November 3, 16 13. 
(Vol. 3188.) 

July 17, 1615, further testimony concerning the above certifi- 
cate and articles. Jan Henrix Koopman is mentioned as being 
present at the signing, November 3, 1613. (Vol. 3188.) 

August 23, 1615, further testimony concerning the above mar- 
riage articles: "Claesien Jansz is now married to Arent Hermsz 
and living at Campen." (Vol. 3188.) 

On September 23, 1614, Reyner Koilert is called Sergeant of 
the trainband. Testimony concerning a quarrel between Corpo- 
ral Roloff Greertsz and Reyner, because the Sergeant found him 
keeping the watch at the Stone bridge for his father Geert Jansz 
Rolt and asleep at his post. (Vol. 3188.) 

October 28, 1717, action of Frans Claes van der Vecht against 
Reynier Koilert and others to recover rent of a house. Reynier 

10 The Earliest Cuylsrs in Holland and America 

proved that he had paid the rent and was exempted. (Vol. 


January 24, 16 18, Reyner Koilert and Gysbert Mentingh were 

appointed guardians of the son of the late Pauwels Albarts. (Vol. 

3202, folio 391.) 

April 14, 1 6 18, among the names of the Aldermen and Council 
is that of Reyner Koilert. (Vol. 3154, folio 140.) 

January — , 16 19, mention is made of Reyne Koilert and Rol- 
off Hermsz as guardians of the children of Jan Kolch Claes and 
the late Jelletien Dercx. (Vol. 3202, folio 108.) 

April 16, 1621, Reyner Koilert, aged about 40, 2nd Sheriff and 
Johannes Vockinguis, clergyman at Rouvene, testify that Claes 
Frentz, trouper of Rouvene, entered Coilert's house for a glass of 
beer and picked a quarrel with Michiel Schultingk, threatening to 
kill him. (Vol. 3188.) 

February 26, 1622, on this court day Reyner Koilert was or- 
dered to pay the transport expenses of goods conveyed in behalf 
of the Sheriff's office. (Vol. 3158.) 

On April 5, 1622, mention is made of "the Honorable Judge 
Reyner Koilert." (Vol. 3158.) 

On January 11, 1625, Peter and Reyner Koilert were appointed 
guardians of the children of the late Andries Koilert and the late 
Jutte Claes. (Vol. 3202, folio 393.) Children: 

+30 Isebrant. 

31 Jan, bap. at Hasselt, January 30, 1614. ("Jan Kuy- 


32 Arentien, bap. at Hasselt, September 18, 1616. Wit: 

"Derckien Comelis." 

23. Andries Cuyler was a Trummelslager (or Drummer.) He 
m. Vroutje Lubberts. On December 18, 161 7, he was appointed 
door-keeper of the "Enckpoorte" and "Hecken" (barrifere) at the 
same salary as was paid to his late uncle, Willem Pickert. (Vol. 
3158.) On January 1 1, 1625, mention is made of Vrouwtje, daugh- 
ter of Lubbert Jacobs, wife of the late Andries Koilert. (Vol. 
3188.) February 10, 1625, Roloff Hermsz and Derek Derx Bron- 
neper were appointed guardians of the children of the late An- 
dries Koilert and Vrouwtien Lubberts. (Vol. 3202, folio 393.) 
On March 6, 1627, Vrouwtje Lubberts appeared, widow of Andries 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 11 

Koilert and now married to Hendrick Welckman, soldier, and 
Derek Dercxz Bronneper and Roloff Hermsz also appeared as 
guardians of her son, Joost Andries Koilert, tinder age. (Vol. 
3202, folio 120.) Children: 

33 Joost, bapt. at Hasselt, September 25, 1614. Wit: 

Hendrickien Hendrickx, Hendrick Jansz. 

34 Trientien, bap. at Hasselt, December 30, 1615. Wit: 

Hendricken Hendrickx, Koert Bbelinck, Marya 

35 Willem, bap. at Hasselt, November 30, 16 17. Wit: 

Hendrycken Hendrycks. 

36 Griete, bap. at Hasselt, February i8, 1621. Wit: 

Hendryckien Hendryckx. 
+37 Joost, bap. June 22, 1623. Wit: Reyntien Coeylert. 

34. Jan Cuyler was a surgeon and organist living in Linghen 
in 1612. He m. Petertien Lambarts. On April i, 1617, he was ap- 
pointed organist to supply the place of his father to begin April 
II, 1617. (Vol. 3158.) On December 22, 1619, there was a dis- 
cussion at the house of Jan Coilerts (the barber) concerning the 
signing of a petition to elect Mayors. His wife and mother-in- 
law are mentioned but not named. (Vol. 3188.) August i, 1620, 
Jan Koilert, surgeon, aged about 35, appears as a witness. (Vol. 
3188.) On February 9, 1627, Petertien widow of the late Jan 
Coilert, organist of Hasselt, petitioned for arrears of her husband's 
salary. (Vol. 3159.) Child: 

38 Konneken Cuyler, bap. at Hasselt, July 13, 1617. 
Wit: Evertien Pruis. 

30. IsEBRANT Cuyler was a tailor by trade and married Ever- 
tien Jansz. On November 3, 1637, Isebrant Coilert and Toenys 
Jansen were appointed guardians of the children of the late 
Gerry t Jansen, skipper. On July 3, 1649, he with Claes Alpherts 
were appointed guardians of the children of Otto Bommel. On 
July 22, 165 1, he with Jan van Benthem were appointed guardians 
of the children of Jan Cockx and the late Helmichien Maesen. 
(Vol. 3202, folios 385-9.) On May 20, 1662, Isebrant Coilert and 
Claes Alpherts were discharged as guardians of the children of 

12 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

the late Joost Otten van Bommel with thanks from the court for 
their good guardianship. (Vol. .3202, folio 264.) Children: 

39 Hendry kien, bap. at Hasselt, May 9, 1630. Wit: 

Reyer Coyert. 

40 Maria, bap. at Hasselt, July 14, 1633. Wit: Reyndart 

Koylart, Derckien Schaets. 

41 Wolter, bap. at Hasselt, January 17, 1636. 

+42 Hendrick the emigrant whose baptism is recorded 
in '*Der Doopboek der Gemeente Hasselt" as 

II August 


Vader en Moders 
Isebrant Coylaert, Klerema* 
Bvertien Jansz 

+43 Reynier.t 

44 Jan, bap. at Hasselt, February 21, 1649. 

45 Cornelis, bap. at Hasselt, July 18, 1652. 

37. JoosT CuYLER m. Vrougieu Hermans. On September i, 
1674, guardians were appointed for the children of Joost Coilert 
and his first wife, Vrougien Hermans. (Vol. 3202, folio 379.) 

46 Hillegien, bap. at Hasselt, February 4. 1657. 

42. Hendrick Cuyler born in Hasselt, emigrated to America. 
He was a tailor by trade. He married about 1660, Anna Schep- 
moes. Riker's Harlem (1904), p. 364, says: "Hendrik Cuyler 
married Anna Schepmoes at New Amsterdam and about 1664 
went to Albany, where he acquired property. He eventually re- 
turned to New York, and with his wife united with the church by 
letter, November 29, 1688. He died soon after, in 1690." In 1664, 
he bought a lot of land on the east side of North Pearl Street, 
Albany, near State Street. In 1669 he was in New York, for he 
stood sponsor with Lysbeth Pieters, his wife's aunt, in that year 
for the child of Hendrick Aertzen and Aeltie Claes. (D. C. B. 

* Tailor. 

t Between the years 1637 and 1648 the baptismal register was lost. At the 
time of his marriage Reynier deposed that he was 25 years of age. He was 
therefore born in 1642. 



The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 13 

Vol. I, p. 95.) In 1675 he made his brother, Reynier Cuyler, 
''cnoopemaecker tot Amsterdam" (button maker of Amsterdam) 
his attorney to receive certain property of Pieter Nicholas 
Gouvemeur, then residing in Amsterdam, Holland. In 1677 
Hendrick Cnyler and his wife were in Amsterdam, Holland, 
where on November 4, they stood sponsors for the child of 
his brother, Reynier Cnyler, and Petronella Wouters, his wife. 
In 1680 he owned a lot on the south side of State Street, 
''near ye fort," in Albany, which after his death passed into 
the possession of his son-in-law, Peter van Brugh. The latter 
applied for permission to build a home upon the said land. 
On January 2, 1680, in Albany, Nicholas de Meyer made a 
contract as agent for Hendrick Cuyler of Albany, with Jan 
Nagel Jan Dyckman, Arent Bussing, Adolph Meyer and Jan 
Delamater to "hew timber for Hendrick Cuyler's house, to be de- 
livered in the ensuing May; part to be delivered at the water side 
and part in New York at the Burgher's Path for which they were 
to receive 1300 guilders and J4 ancker of rum, to wit }i in silver 
money or sewant, }i in good winter wheat, and yi in goods at 
such price as he (de Meyer) sells at his store for currant sewant." 
It would seem from this that he built his house in New York and 
brought the timber down the Hudson. In 1683 he and his 
wife were members of the church of Jesus Christ, Albany, N. Y. 
On October 14, 1685, he was commissioned Lieutenant of a Foot 
Company for the county of Albany, of which John Wendall was 
Captain. On October 20, 1685, he was commissioned a Justice 
for the town and county of Albany. On August 16, 1686, he was 
licensed to purchase a certain piece of land called Adorguta, near 
to Clausgrowen hook, in the neighborhood of Schenectady, con- 
taining about 30 acres of lowland and 50 acres of upland. On 
September i, 1686, he petitioned for a license to purchase a piece 
of land near Schenectady. A patent for land above Schenectady 
was granted to him on March 30, 1687. License to purchase land 
of the Indians at Long Reach, below Bsopus, was granted May 
4, 1687. He was commissioned Major of all the Foot Companies 
in the city and county of New York on December 16, 1689, at the 
time of the French and Indian War. Documents Relating to the 
Colonial History of New York^ Vol. 3, has the following mentions 
of Hendrick Cuyler: Alderman of Albany 1687; Lieut, of Capt. 
DePeyster's company; complains of Capt. Nicholson in 1689; de- 

14 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

livers Ft. James to the Leislerians 1689; Captain of the Fort 1689; 
his affidavit transmitted to England 1689; substance of his affida- 
vit; mentioned as Major in 1689; one of Leisler's Council 1689; 
drags Mr. Tudor to the Fort. 

His will in low Dutch in his own handwriting is dated March 
21, 1690. It was translated by Abraham Gouvemeur September 7, 
1690. His wife took out Letters of Administration on it Novem- 
ber 17, 1690. It was witnessed by Capt. Gerrit Duyckinck and 
Ensign Pieter de Mill. He named his children in the order given 
below; directs that "his seal, his gold ring and one silver spoon 
shall be given to his youngest son Henry/' that the underaged 
children shall be taught to read and write; and he appoints as 
guardians to his children his brothers-in-law, John van Giesen, 
Johannes de Wandelaer and Gerrit Hardenberg. He was dead 
on May i, 1690, for on that date his widow Anna appeared in 
Albany in a law suit. His will is filed in the Surrogate's 
Office, City and County of New York. Liber 14 A, p. 124. 

Annetje Schepmoes, his wife, was baptised in the New York 
Dutch Church February 16, 1642, witnesses: Marjrn Andriaeszen, 
Lysbeth Thys. She was the daughter of Jan Janse Schepmoes 
and Sarah Pieters. The Register of BetrothtnentSy Archives of 
Amsterdam has the following: "December 27, 163 1, appeared 
(before the the commissaries of the marriage matters) Jan Jansz 
Schepmoes of Delft, seafaring man, 26 years of age, orphan, 
residing in the Brouwerstraat and Saara Pieters of Hoorn, 22 years 
of age, orphan, living in the Moriaansteegje, assisted by her 
sister Lysbeth Pieters. Requesting their three proclamations 
in the church," etc. On May 18, 1643, a grant of land was made 
by the West India Co. to Jan Janse Schepmoes; it was near Fort 
Amsterdam. When Sara Pieters remarried she mortgaged this 
land and the house on it, describing it as: *'The house and lot 
at New Amsterdam, south of Fort Amsterdam, in the Parel 
straat, occupied by Jacob Strycker." She also set aside 800 
carolas guilders for her children, 100 guilders for each child. 
Jan Janse Schepmoes died in New Amsterdam in January, 
1656, and on October 7th of the same year his widow married 
Willem Cook, at which time Pieter Cornelius Van Veen and 
Isaac Greveraat were appointed guardians of her children as 
follows — Anna, Abraham, Aeltje, Dirck, Orseltie, Sara, Jaepie 
and Willem. 


. Ski ! i !N*. 

r ■^vj 


The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 16 

Anna Schepmoes' will is dated July 3, 1702, and was proved 
March 18, 1702-3. In it her children are given in the same order 
as in her husband's will. She was buried in the Dutch Church- 
yard in Nassau Street, New York City. Her will is filed in 
Liber 7, p. 93, New York, Surrogate's OflSce. On May 2, 1690, 
mention is made of an account of Anna, widow of Henry Cuyler, 
for sundries delivered to the Grovemment. On November 20, 
1696, Anna Cuyler in New York shipped goods to Charles Ludo- 
wicks, a merchant in London, by the ^'good ship Calles." 

The baptism of only one of their children has been found. 

+47 Johannes, b. at New Amsterdam about 1661. 

+48 Abraham. 

+49 Sarah. 

+50 Delia. 

+51 Rachel. 

+52 Maria, b. March 3, 1678, bap. N. Y. Dutch Church, 

March 13, 1678. 

+53 Eva. 

+54 Henry, b. 1677. 

43. Reynier Cuyler m. Pieternelle Wouters, daughter of Aefie 
Wouters of Amsterdam, on April 16, 1667. He was aged 25, she 
was aged 30. Her mother was the witness. He was a button- 
maker by trade. Children: 

55 Isebrant, b. in 1669. On January 29, 1696, Isebrant 

Kuylaert, aged 25, assisted by his mother, Pieter- 
nelle Wouters, and Susanna Lewisz, van Amster- 
dam, aged 23, assisted by her mother, Annetje 
Broogh, were married. 

56 Thoomes, bap. at Amsterdam, March 31, 1675. Wit: 

Cornelis Cuilert, Ariaentie Cuilers. 

57 Hendrick, bap. at Amsterdam, November 4, 1677. 

Wit. Hendrick Cuylart, Annetje Schepmoes. 

47. Johannes Cuyler m. in Albany, Elsje Ten Broeck, Novem- 
ber 2, 1684. He was admitted a Freeman of New York City, 
February 13, 1696-7. He owned a lot on the east side of Pearl 
Street, Albany, south of Steuben Street. He was a trader by 

16 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

profession, and an Indian Commissioner for a number of terms, 
beginning with 1706. He was a Justice of Albany and Mayor of 
Albany, 1725HS. He died there and was buried in the Dutch 
Church, July 20, 1740. His wife, Elsje Ten Broeck, was the 
daughter of Major Dirck Wesselse Ten Broeck and Christina 
Comelisse van Buren, who were married in 1653. Elsje Ten 
Broeck Cuyler d. June 29, 1752, and was buried in the Dutch 
Church at Albany, July 2, 1752. Their children were all born 
in Albany except Cornelius. Children: 

58 Anna, bom Nov. 26, 1685, bap. Nov. 29, 1685, m. 

June 24, 17 12, in Albany. Anthony Van Schaick 
(son of Anthony Van Schaick and Maria Vandef*- 
Poel.) He was bom June 3, 1682, died Aug. 13, 
1759. Anna Cuyler was his second wife. She d. 
March 9, 1743, and was buried in the Albany 

59 Christina, b. Sept. i, bap. Sept. 25, 1687; d. in infancy. 

60 Christina, bap. Dec. 4, 1689, died unmarried, Nov. 18, 

175s bur. Nov. 20, in the Albany Church. 

61 Hendrick, bap. Jan. 10, 1691-2, d. unmarried, April 

15, 1724, bur. in the Albany Church. 

62 Sara, bap. Oct. 22, 1693, m. April 25, 1723, in Albany, 

Hans Hanszen (son of Hendrick Janszen and De- 
borah Van Dam.) He was bap. in Albany, June 
30, 1695, buried in the Albany Church, December 
6, 1756. He was Mayor of Albany, 1731-2, and 

63 Elsie, bap. Aug. 25, 1695, m. Oct. 25, 1724, Hendrick 

Johannes Rosenboom (son of Johannes Rosen- 
boom and Gerritje Costars.) He was bap. Aug. 4, 
1689, and was bur. in the Albany Church, Oct. 29, 
1754. She was bur. July 2, 1752. 

+64 Cornelius, bap. in New York Dutch Church, Feb. 14, 

-1-65 Johannes, b. Feb. 12, 1699, bap. Feb. 19, 1699. 
66 Maria, b. Nov. 20, bap. Nov. 25, 1702, m. in Albany, 
Oct. 12, 1733, Cornelius Cuyler Ten Broeck (son of 
Wessel Ten Broeck and Caatje Loockermans.) 
He was b. March 6, 1706, d. 1772. 

* Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Albany, N. Y. 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 17 

67 Elizabeth, bap. May 13, 1705, m. Dec. 39, 1732, Jacob 

Sanderson Glen. He was bap. at Schenectady, 
Oct. 17, 1703, bur. in the Albany Church, April 16, 
1746. He was the son of Johannes Glen and Jan- 
netje Bleecker. 

68 Rachel, bap. Sept. ai, 1707. 

69 Rachel, bap. Nov. 27, 1709. 

Both died in infancy. Not mentioned in their 
father's will. 

48. Abraham Cuyler m. in the Dutch Church, Albany, Nov. 17, 
1689, Caatje Bleecker. He was a trader and a Justice of Peace 
in Albany, 17 15. He was bur. in the Albany Church, July 14, 
1747. His will dated May 11, 1742, was proved Oct. 10, 1747, 
and is recorded in Liber 16, p. 179, New York Surrogate's Office. 
Caatje Bleecker (dau. of Jan. Janse Bleecker and Margaret Rut- 
gers Van Schoenderwoert) was b. May i, 1670, and d. April 8, 
1734, bur. in the Albany Church, April iz, 1734. Children: 

+70 Hendrick, b. Dec. 22, bap. Dec. 25, 1690, New York 
Dutch Church. 

71 Margarete, b. in Albany, Oct. 26, bap. Oct. 30, 1692, 

m. Nov. 26, 1 7 14, Dirck Ten Broeck. (See Runk*s 
Ten Broeck Gen,^ p. 56.) 

72 Anna, bap. at Albany, April 14, 1695, d. Nov. 17, 1709. 
+73 Johannes, b. in Albany, June 21, bap. June 26, 1698. 

74 Sarah, bap. in Albany, April 28, 1700, d. in infancy. 

75 Maria, b. March 30, bap. April 4, 1703, in Albany, d. 

Feb. 16, 1722. 

76 Sarah, bap. Oct. 6, 1706, in Albany, m. Johannes 

Beekman. In his will dated 1756 he mentions a 
second wife Deborah. 

77 Catharine, b. in Albany, Feb. 18, bap. Feb. 20, 1709, 

m. Aug. 17, 1736, Jacob Coenraedts Ten Byck (son 
of Coenraedts Ten Eyck and Grietje Van Schaick). 
He was b. April 21, 1705. 

+78 Abraham, bap. in Albany, Dec. 27, 1713. 

+79 Nicholas, bap. June 28, 1716. 

49. Sarah Cuyler, m. Capt. Pieter Van Brugh, Nov. 21, 1688, 
New York Dutch Church. She d. in Albany and was bur. there, 

18 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

May II, 1742. He was bap. New York Dutch Church, July 14^ 
1666. Child; 

80 Catharine, bap. New York Dutch Church, Nov. 10, 

1689, m. Sept. 19, 1707, Philip Livingston (son of 
Robert Livingston, first Lord of the Manor, and 
Alida Schuyler, widow of Nicholas Van Renssel- 
aer.) He was born in Albany, July 9, 1686, and d. 
Feb. 4, 1748-9. (See Livingstons of Callendar for 
their children.) 

50. Delia Cuyler, m. Johannes Groenendyck, Sept. 19, 1694, 
New York Dutch Church. He was bap. in New York Dutch 
Church, March 24, 1675, and was the son of Pieter Groenendyck 
and Marritie de Lan5y. He was Sheriff of Albany Co. in 1698-9, 
and later settled in Schenectady, where he was a trader. He d. 
in Dec, 1739, and was bur. in Schenectady. Children: 

81 Mary, bap. New York Dutch Church, Sept. 16, 1696, 

82 Anna, bap. New York Dutch Church, Dec. 3, 1697. 

83 Sara, bap. in Albany, April 28, 1700. 

84 Pieter, bap. in Albany, Sept. 7, 1701. 

85 Hendrick, bap. in Albany, Sept. 19, 1703. 

51 Rachel Cuyler, m. Oct. 26, 1693, New York Dutch Church, 
Capt. Myndert Davitse Schuyler. She died in Albany, July 22, 
1747, in her 74th year, and was bur. in the Albany Church, July 
24, 1747. He was the son of David Pieterse Schuyler of Amster- 
dam and Catalina Ver Planck, his wife, who were m. Oct. 13, 1657. 
He was Mayor of Albany, 1719-21, and 1723-25, and was bur. in 
Albany, Oct. 21, 1755. (A^. K Gen, and Biog. Rec.^ Vol. 5.) Chil- 

86 Anna, bap. Feb. 28, 1697, m. Nov. 24, 17 15, Johannes 

de Peyster. 

87 Rachel, m. Tobias Ten Eyck. 

52. Maria Cuyler, m. March 5, 1703, New York Dutch Church, 
Jan Kruger (John Cruger.) She d. Sept. 14, 1724, and was bur. 
in the New York Dutch Churchyard. He came to America prior 
to 1700 and settled in New York. He was Mayor of New York 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 19 

from 1739 until his death, Aug. 13, 1744. He was bur. in the 
New York Dutch Churchyard. (See Cruger Chatty by Hasell.) 

Z% Anna, b. March 28, bap. March 29, 1704. 

89 Tieleman b. and bap. Nov. 11, 1705. He d. unmar- 

ried, Nov. 16, 1730, and was bur. New York Dutch 
Churchyard. This is the man for whom Telamon 
Cuyler (No. 112) was named. 

90 Henry, b. Nov. 25, bap. Nov. 26, 1707, m. ist, Hannah 

Sloughter of Jamaica (dau. of Wm. Sloughter and 
Hannah Phillips and widow of Patrick Montgom- 
ery), m. 2d, Elizabeth Harris. He d, Feb. 5, 1780, 
Bristol, England. 

91 John, b. July 18, bap, July 19, 17 10. He d. unmar- 

ried, Dec. 27, 1791. He was Mayor of New York, 


92 Maria, bom Jan. 6, bap. June 8, 1712, d. July 20, 1715, 

New York City. 

93 Sarah, b. Dec. 5, bap. Dec. 8, 1714, d. March 4, 1766, 

bur. New York Dutch Church yard. 

94 Maria, b. May 10, bap. May 11, i7i8,d. April 14, 1787, 

bur. April 15, New York Dutch Churchyard. 

95 Rachel, b. May 10, bap. May 14, 172 1, d. March 25, 

177s, bur. March 26, New York Dutch Churchyard. 

S3. Eva Cuyler, m. Aug. 26, 17 12, Dom. Petrus Van Driesen, 
and was bur. in the church beside her husband, on August 10, 
1756. He was a native of Belgium. He matriculated at Gronin- 
gen University, Nov. 2, 1705. giving his residence as Coevorden. 
He became minister of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church 
of Albany in 17 12, and was the seventh minister. He was also 
acting minister for Kinderhook, 1712-27, and for Linlithgow, 
1722-37, and preached occasionally in Schenectady. He was in 
addition, missionary to the neighboring Indians. His will dated 
January 29, 1737-38, was proved September 20, 1738. He died 
February i, 1738, and was bur. February 3, in the old stone 
church, at the foot of State Street, Albany, which was built dur- 
ing his ministry there. Children: 

96 Petrus, bap. at Albany, Jan. 17, 17 14. 

20 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

97 Hendrick, bap, at Albany, Oct. 30, 17 15. 

98 Johannes, bap. at Albany, Sept. 29, 17 17. 

99 Anna, bap. at Albany, Nov. 15, 17 19. 

100 Maria, bap. at Albany, Sept. 16, 1722. She was dead 
by Jan. 29, 1737-8, the date of her father's will. 

54. Henry Cuyler, bom 1677, perhaps in Holland as his mother 
was there in November of that year, married by license in the 
New York Dutch Church April i, 17 10, Maria Jacobs, daughter of 
Hendrick Jacobszen and Anna Pell. She was bap. in the New 
York Dutch Church, July 31, 1692. Witnesses: Jan Vincent, 
Maria Gysberts. She was the granddaughter of Simon Fell of 
Dieppe, France, and Anna Vincent, the great-granddaughter 
of Adrian Vincent. Hendrick Jacobszen was the son of Marritie 
Goosen by her first marriage. He was a ship builder by trade 
and died in 1694. His will, dated June i, 1687, was proved July 
12, 1694. 

Henry Cuyler was a merchant and trader, and owner of 
several vessels. In the " Laws of the Colony of New York " is 
an act exempting the pink Charlotte from paying the duty of 
tonnage, passed May 27, 1717, which mentions Henry Cuyler, 
Moses Levy, Samuel Levy, Jacob Franks, present owners, all of 
the City oiE New York. On Jan. 18, 1722, the City Council re- 
ceived a petition from Garrett Van Home, Thomas Clarke, John 
Reade, Thomas Bayeux, Henry Cuyler, Rip Van Dam, Jr., and 
Stephen Richard, asking for letters patent to extend the wharves 
upon the shore of the Bast River from Rip Van Dam's comer 
at the lower end of Maiden Lane to the comer of Thomas 

Henry Cuyler was admitted a Freeman of New York, Feb. 2, 


The following letter is in possession of the compiler: 

"New York, June 9***, 1736. 
Messrs. Storke & Gainsborough: 

My last to you was of the i Instant to which reffer, so that 
this now is to desire you will make £$0 Starling Insurance opon 
the Ship . Albany for Acct of Mr. David van Derheyden of 
Albany, I have alrady Shipt the Skins aboard which are Consigd. 
to you, we have now Aboard about 20 hhd Skins and we Expect 

Autograph Lelter of Henry Cuyler. June 16lh, 1736 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 21 

about 30 hhd* more so that I believe the Ship will Saile in 8 
Days time if wind will permitt, I Remain y' most hnmble serv^ 

(Signed) Henry Cuyler. 


Messrs Storke & Gainsborough 


In London 
By Cap* L. Aatsen." 

Endorsed in different handwriting : 
" N. Yorke 9 June 1736 Henry Cuyler orders Insurance." 

Henry Cuyler lived in King street, and had a store and 
vendue room, known as Cuyler's Vendue Room. He was Captain 
of a militia company in New York in 1738, and his name appears 
on a Poll List in New York City, 1761. His will dated July 23, 
1763, was proved Dec. 20, 1766. Recorded in Liber 26, p. 376, 
New York Surrogate's Office. Witnesses: Wil. Livingston, 
Michael Jeffreys, Rob*. R. Livingston, Jr. He died in New York, 
Dec. 13, 1766, aged 89 years. 

Holfs New York Journal for Thursday, Dec. 18, 1766, con- 
tains the following: ''On Saturday last, departed this Life aged 
89 years, Henry Cuyler, Esq.; for many years an eminent 
merchant in this city, and said to be one of the oldest Inhabitants 
in it. He has left behind him a very numerous and respectable 

On Monday, February 2, 1767, the following appeared in 
Gaine's Mercury: 

"All Persons who have any Concerns with the Estate of 
Mr. Henry Cuyler late of the City of New York, deceased, are 
desired to bring in their accounts, settle with the Executors and 
discharge their Debts. The Dwelling House &c. where the 
deceased lately lived, to be Let; a Negro Wench and a Negro 
Boy to be sold at public Vendue, on Tuesday the 5 th of February 
inst. at the Merchants' Coffee-House, or by private agreement 
any time before. Enquire of Henry and Teleman Cuyler, 
Executors." In the Mercury for June i, 1767, a list of his real 
estate was published as follows: 

" The House and Lot in which he lived, now in the Possession 
of Andrew M*Myer. A House and Lot of Ground, situate on 

23 Ths Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

Cruger's Dock, now in Possession of John and Thomas Barling. 
Several Houses, Store-Honses, and Lots, with the wharf opposite 
to the Dwelling House, in the Possession of Andrew M'Myer. 
A Tract of land in the Oblong, No. 53, containing 500 acres. A 
small Lot of Land in the Town of Hackensack. Several lots of 
Land in the Great or Hardenburgh Patent" This notice was 
signed by Henry, John, Teleman and Abraham Cuyler, his sons 
and executors. 

Maria Jacobs, his wife, was alive in 1750, as on May 2 of that 
year she stood sponsor for her grandson, John Amory, Jr., son 
of John Amory and Maria Cuyler; she died sometime between 
this date and the date of her husband's will, July 23, 1763, as she 
is not mentioned in the will. Both she and her husband were 
buried in the churchyard of the Middle Dutch Church, Nassau 
street, N. Y. City. Children: 

loi Anna, bap. New York Dutch Church, Feb. 25, 171 1. 
Witnesses: Francois Fincang, Sara Van Brugh, 
wife of Pieter Van Brugh. She m. in New York 
Dutch Church, Feb. 12, 1735, Richard Langdon, 
and had following children all baptized in New 
York Dutch Church: Hendrick, bap. Nov. 30, 1735; 
Anna, bap. Feb. 16, 1737; Richard, bap. Dec. 26, 
1738; and Rachel, bap. April 14, 1742. The will 
of Richard Langdon, dated July 24, 1755, was 
proved Oct. 29, 1757. (Liber 20, p. 381, N. Y. Sur- 
rogate's Office. 

102 Maria, bap. New York Dutch Church, Feb. 29, 1712. 

Witnesses: John Crugo, Maria Kuyler, his wife. 
She m. I St, Feb. 3, 1740, Barent Rynders. He was 
bur. New York Dutch Church, Sept. 17, 1740. She 
m. 2nd, Nov. 17, 1748, John Amory. Child by first 
marriage: Hester, who m. Stephen DeLancey. 
Children by second marriage: John, bap. May 2, 
1750, and James, bap. Aug. 26, 1752. Maria 
Amory's will dated Oct. 20, 1758, was proved Nov. 
28, 1758. 

103 Sara, bap. New York Dutch Church, Nov. 15, 17 13. 

Witnesses: Dom. Petrus Van Driessen, Eva Kuyler, 
his wife. She m. Thomas Bayeux, son of Thomas 
Bayeux and Magdalaine Boudinot, b. July 5, 1708. 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 23 

+104 Henry, bap. New York Dutch Church, Sept. 25, 1715. 
Witnesses: Johannes Kuyler, Rachel Schuyler. 

105 Jacobus, bap. New York Dutch Church, Aug. 30, 17 17. 

Witnesses: John Lamontagne, Helena Coeper. 
He is not mentioned in his father's will dated 
July 23, 1763. 

106 Rachel, bap. New York Dutch Church, March 29, 1 7 19, 

Witnesses: Abraham Cuyler, Catharine Cuyler, 
his wife. Died in infancy. 

107 Rachel, bap. New York Dutch Church, Oct. 9, 1720. 

Witnesses: Abraham Keteltas, Rachel Campbell. 
She m. in New York Dutch Chupch, ist, Jan. 2, 
1742, Henry Lane, and 2nd, John Hansen, on Dec. 
10, 1764. She is mentioned in the will of Peter 
van Brugh Livingston, dated September 18, 1792, 
when she was still living. 

108 Catharina, bap. New York Dutch Church, Nov. 28, 

1722. Witnesses: Dugdgall Camble, Antje Keteltas. 
She m. Feb. 3, 1748, Isaac Latouche, in New York 
Dutch Church. He was b. April 10, 1724, and was 
bap. in the Eglise du St. Esprit, N. Y. City, April 
26, 1724, and was the brother of Jeanne Latouche. 

109 Johannes, bap. New York Dutch Church, Nov. 11, 

1724. Witnesses: Thieleman Cruger, AnnaGroen- 
endyk. He d. at Jamaica, L. I., Oct. 6, 1779. 
Gaine's Mercury for Monday, Oct. 11, 1779, contains 
the following: *' Wednesday last died at Jamaica 
on Long Island of a Fever Mr. John Cuyler of 
this City, Merchant. He was a passenger on a 
Sloop that was lately brought in here on her 
voyage from St. Thomas's for Baltimore in Mary- 
no Elizabeth, bap. New York Dutch Church, Jan. 15, 1727. 
Witnesses: Gerret Keteltas, Anna Cuyler. She 
m. John McCleve. She is mentioned in the will of 

^ Peter Van Brugh Livingston, dated Sept. 18, 1792. 

* The following interesting advertisement appeared 

3C in Gaine's Mercury for Nov. 7, 1757: 

^ *' Whereas some malicious Persons, taking the 

Opportunity of my Absence, in order to hurt my 

24 Thb Earliest Cuylbrs in Holland and Aicbrica 

Character, did take upon them to say, — * That my 
Intention was to defraud every one with whom I had 
any Dealings, and -that I would not pay the Debts 
I justly owed, &c/ Therefore, in Justification of 
my Character, and to convince the public that I 
had no such Intention; I desire all persons who 
have any just Demands on me, to send in their 
Accounts to Mr. Telamon Cuyler, so as they may 
be immediately settled; and all persons who are 
indebted to me are desired likewise to be speedy 
in discharging the same. I do this also to satisfy 
my Friends, whomsoever they are, that my Credit 
and Honesty will probably appear clearer than 
those who were propagators of this evil Report 

John McClbve." 

Ill Helena, bap. New York Dutch Church, May lo, 1729. 
Witnesses: Joseph Royal, Anna Cruger. She was 
bur. Oct. 13, 1731. 

+119 Teleman, bap. New York Dutch Church, Feb. 6, 1733. 
Witnesses: Thomas Bayeux, Jr., Sarah Cuyler, 
his wife. 

113 Abraham, bap. New York Dutch Church, May 4, 1735. 

Witnesses: Robert Livingston, Jr., Sara Cuiler, 
wife of Thomas Bajrux. 

64. Cornelius Cuylbr m. Dec. 9, 1736, Catalyntie, dau. of 
Johannes Schuyler and Elizabeth Staats. She was baptized 
March 5, 1704-5, and died Feb. ai, 1758. He died March 14, 1765. 
Children, all bom in Albany: 

114 Dau.9 b. Nov. aa, 1737, d. Nov. 25, 1727, unbaptized. 

115 Johannis, b. Jan. 24, bap. Jan. 29, 1728-9, d. Sept. 6, 

1749, bur. New York Dutch Church. 

116 Elizabeth, b. Aug. 8, 1731, m. Jan. 31, 1754, James 

Van Cortlandt She d. Nov. 11, 176 1. He d. at 
New York, April 2, 1781, bur. in family vault at 
** Lower Yonkers." 

+117 Philip, b. Aug. 27, bap. Aug. 29, 1733. 

118 Hendrick, b. Aug. 15, bap. Aug. 22, 1735. 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 35 

119 Elsje, b. April 9, bap. April 10, 1737, m. April 25, 

1760, Augustus Van Cortlandt. 

120 Margarita, b. Dec. 8, bap. Dec. 10, 1738, m. July 17, 

1760, Isaac Low. He d. Aug. 25, 179 1, at the Isle 

of Wight, in England. 
+ 121 Comelis, b. Oct. 31. 1740. 
+ 122 Abraham, b. April 11, 1742. 

123 Dirck, b. May 7, bap. May 12, 1745, d. Oct. i, 1745. 


65. Johannes Cuyler m. Catharine Glen, dau. of Johannis Glen, 
and Jannetie Bleecker. She was baptized Sept. 8, 1699. They 
are mentioned in the will of Johannes Glen of Albany, 1769, and 
also their children as follows: 

124 Elsje, m. in Albany, Jan. 29, 1756, Barent Ten Eyck. 

125 John. 

126 Cornelius. 
+ 127 Jacob. 

70 Hendrick Cuyler m. Dec. 9, 1722, Margaret, dau. of Wil- 
liam Jacobs Van Deusen and Elizabeth Rosenboom. She was 
baptized April 14, 1695. ^^ lived and died in Albany. His will 
dated March 11, 1761, was proved March 17, 1767. Children: 

128 Catharina, bap. in Albany, July 14, 1723. 

129 Catharina, bap. in Albany, June 6, 1725, m. in Albany, 

Sept. 14, 175 1, Jacob Van Schaick, son of Anthony. 
He was bap. March'i6, 1718. 

130 Elizabeth, bap. in Albany, Sept. 25, 1726. 

131 Abraham, bap. in Albany, May 25, 1729, d. in infancy. 

132 Catalyna, bap. in Albany, Aug. 22, 1730, m. Hendrick 

Bleecker, Jr. 
+ 133 Abraham, bap. in Albany, Aug. 5. 1733. 

73. Johannes Cuyler m. Oct. 28, 1727, Catharina, dau. of Her- 
manns Wendel and Anna Glen. She was baptized Jan. 10, 1705, 
died April 12, 1746, buried April 14, 1746, in the Albany Church. 
He died Oct. 24, and was buried in the Albany Church, Oct. 27, 
1746. Children, all bap. in Albany. 

134 Elsie, bap. Sept. 15, 1728. 

36 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

+ 135 Harmanus, bap. May 3, 1730. 

+136 Johannes, bap. Sept. 21, 1731. 

137 Abraham, bap. Sept. 3, 1732. 

138 Catharina, bap. May 12, 1734. 

+139 Comelis, b. Oct. 13, 1735, bap. Oct. 19, 1735. 

140 Anna, bap. Sept. 5, 1736. 

^41 Margarita, bap. April 20, 1740. 

142 Jacob, bap. Sept. 28, 1741. 

143 Jacob, bap. Jan. 10, 1746, d. at Coxsackie, Oct. 2, 1823. 

78. Abraham Cuyler m. May 5, 1744, Jannetje Beekman. He 
was buried Oct. 11, 1749, N. Y. Dutch Church. Children: 

144 Catharina, bap. in Albany, Jan. 10, 1745. 

14s Hester, bap. New York Dutch Church, Oct. 12, 1748, 
m. May 14, 1770, at Albany, Leendert Gansevoort, 
Jr. Hed. Aug. 26, 1810. She d. March 28, 1826. 

79. Nicholas Cuyler m. May 11, 1745, Maria, dau. of Jeremias 
and Susanna Schuyler. She was baptized April 17, 1726, and died 
in Albany, Feb. 3, 1750. Children: 

146 Catharine, bap. in Albany, Jan. 10, 1746. 

147 Susanna, bap. in Albany, Jan. 10, 1746. 
+148 Abraham, bap. in Albany, Nov. 20, 1748. 

104. Henry Cuyler m. March 10, 1743, Alida Rynders. She was 
buried in 1774, in New York Dutch Church. He was a merchant 
in New York and original owner of the Cuyler Sugar House 
which according to his will he bequeathed to his sons Henry 
and Barent R. Cuyler. 

On March 12, 1764, the following advertisement appeared in 
Weyman's New York Gazette: 

"To be sold by Henry Cuyler, Jun., at his House in Dock- 
Street, Double, middling, single and Lump Sugar. Muscavado 
Sugar and Molasses." 

Gaine's Mercury for July 6, 1767, has the following : 

" To be Sold by Henry Cuyler, at his Store in Dock Street 
Single refined Sugar, at Twelve Pence per Pound ; Lump Sugar 
at Eleven Pence, for Cash by the Quantity." 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 27 

In 1754 he is mentioned as a shareholder of The New York 
Society Library. He died at Perth Amboy, N. J., Sept. 17, 1770, 
and was buried in the " New Dutch Church Yard," New York 
City. Holt's NewYork Journal for Thursday, Sept. 20, 1770, has 
the following: "On Monday last died of a lingering illness at 
Amboy, where he had retired for the Benefit of his health, Mr. 
Henry Cuyler of this city, a gentleman of a very respectable 
family large Fortune and Pair Character, whose death is much 
lamented. Next Evening at his House in town his Funeral 
was attended by a great number of his Friends and Acquaint- 
ance and his Remains interred in the New Dutch Church 
Yard." Children: 

+149 Henry, mentioned in his father's will, dated Aug. 29, 
1770, proved Sept. 29, 1770. (N. Y. Surrogate's 
OflSce, Liber 27, p. 317.) 

150 Barent 'Rynders, bap. New York Dutch Church, 

March 20, 1745. He was a merchant and with his 
brother Henry became part owner of the Cuyler 
Sugar House which was bequeathed to them by 
their father. Barent died '^in Barbadoes in the 
fall of 1771." His will, dated Dec. 16, 1771, was 
proved Feb. 26, 1772. (N. Y. Surrogate's Office 
Liber 28, p. 197.) 

151 Hester, bap. New York Dutch Church, Jan. 4, 1747, 

bur. New York Dutch Church, April 23, 1754. 

152 Maria, bap. New York Dutch Church, June 15, 1748, 

bur. New York Dutch Church, Oct. 15, 1775. 

153 Alida, bap. New York Dutch Church, Nov. 12, 1749. 

She left an undated will which was proved in 
1 781. In it she is called "spinster of New York 
City." Among others she mentions her sister 
Hester. (N. Y. Surrogate's Office, Liber 34, p. 
286.) A "Miss Cuyler" appears in the burial 
records of Trinity Church, N. Y. City, Sept. 5, 
1 781, aged 29 years. 

154 Jacobus, bap. New York Dutch Church, July 3, 1751. 

155 Johanna (or Hannah), bap. New York Dutch Church, 

Feb. 20, 1754. She m. Nicholas Ogden. He was 
b. May 30, 1753, and d. at Newark, N. J., Feb. 24, 

28 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

1812. She d. Sept. 16, 18x6. (See Van Alstyne's 
Ogden Gen,^ p. 106.) 
156 Hester. She is mentioned in the will of her brother 
Henry, 1776, as under age. Also in the will of 
her sister Alida proved in 1 781. A Hester Cuyler 
m. in Trinity Church, N. Y. City, Feb. i, 1783, 
Nathan Prink. 

113. Teleman Cuyler was merchant and trader in New York 
and the West Indies and owner of the brig John, He bought 
and sold at his father's vendue room; also at his store and at his 
own house, which was next to Philip Livingston's. 

Many advertisements of his wares for sale appear in the 
Colonial New York newspapers of which the following three are 
characteristic of the times : 

" To be sold at Public Sale by Teleman Cuyler, On Wednes- 
day next, at Mrs. De John Court's Store, next Door to the Treas- 
urer's; A Large Quantity of Irish Linens, ditto of Sheetings, 
ditto of Checks, of all Prices ; Mens and Womens Thread, Silk, 
Cotton and Worsted Stockings ; a Parcel of House Furniture, 
Jewellery of all kinds, a Parcel of Silver Plate, a Parcel of Mens 
and Womens Gloves, Silver Buckels and Watches, Silk, Worsted, 
Damask, Beds and Curtains and a Variety of Other Things, too 
tedious to mention. Gaine's Mercury^ May 21, 1764. 

" For Sale at public Vendue, At Cuyler's Vendue-Room, This 
Day : the Sale to begin at 10 o'clock : A Great Variety of the 
best Jamaica Mahogany Furniture, consisting of Desk, Desk and 
Book Cases, Chairs, Dining Tables, Tea Tables, Stands, &c. 
Likewise, Pier Glasses, Sconses, Dressing Glasses with an Assort- 
ment of Jewelry, Dry Goods, and three fine young Slaves. 

Four Rooms at Flat Bush, to be Let for the Summer Season. 

Enquire of Mrs. Lane, or Teleman Cuyler." Gaine's Mercury^ 
July 23, 1764. 


Teleman Cuyler's 
Next Door to Philip Livingston's Esq.: Genuine Madeira Wine 
at 32s. per doz. without, or 32s. per doz. with Bottles, in Pipes or 
quarter-casks ; Jamaica Spirits by the 5 Gallons or greater Quan- 
tity ; Muscovado and Loaf Sugar. On Tuesday, at Public Ven- 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 29 

due at the Merchants' Coflfee-House, A likely young Negro 
Wench, about 22 years of age. Gaine's Mercury^ July 13, 1767. 

In the autumn of 1768, just after his father's death, he emi- 
grated on account of his health, to Savannah, Georgia, and 
settled there. He died Sept. 29, 1772, of dropsy, and was 
buried in the Old Burying Ground (now Colonial Park), 
Savannah, where his tombstone now stands, inscribed as follows: 

" In Memory of 

Teleman Cuyler 

Who departed this 

Life September the 

29, A.D. 1772 in the 

42 year of his age. 

On Nov. 13, 1772, John Somerville was named administrator 
of his estate by Governor James Habersham, and the inventory 
and appraisement of the same was £21$^ 10 sh. Debts were 
owed him to the amount of ;^2i3, 11 sh., 10^ pence. Alexander 
Phoenix owing him j£^ 15 sh., 6 pence. Teleman Cuyler is 
called a mariner and captain in these papers. He married 
Jeanne Latouche. She was bom in New York City, July 14, 
1738, and was baptized on the 30th of the same month in the 
Bglise du Saint Esprit; sponsors: Jacques Fauvi&res and Jane 
Haynes. Her descent is as follows: Pierre Latouche and Jeanne 
Bardin of Villeneuve in Agenois de Guyenne, had Isaac, a Hugue- 
not refugee in England, who married Esther Guillemetton, 
daughter of Estienne Guillemetton of Charente, and Jeanne 
Goyon. Their son Jdrdmie was baptized at the French Church 
in Bristol England, June 9, 1694, and was brought to America 
by his parents who settled near New Rochelle, N. Y. He mar- 
ried Jeanne, daughter of Simon Soumain (a goldsmith) and 
Jeanne Piaud, "la veuve Piaud," who fled from St. Sauveur, 
La Rochelle, to England, in 1681. Their daughter was Jeanne 
Latouche. Jeremie Latouche was a prominent merchant in 
New York City; he exported wheat, was on the grand jury and 
owned much land, some of it (now Nos. 48, 50 and 52 Pine street) 
he bought from Thomas Bayeux and built upon, in 1745. He 
died in 1746 and his will dated Sept. 13, 1742, was proved Aug. 5, 
1746. He divided his property between his son Isaac and his 
daughter Jeanne, who subsequently bought her brother's half; 
here she lived with her husband till they moved to Savannah. 

30 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

She is said to have been a very extraordinary woman, a gresit 
beauty and finely educated and accomplished for those days. 
She was a talented musician and spoke several languages. A 
family tradition describes her as tall with a white skin and dark 
eyes, hair that touched her knees, small hands and feet, an im- 
perious temper, great vivacity and a keen wit. She was a friend 
of Lafayette and some of his visiting cards, his letters and 
presents to her are still preserved by the family. In local history 
she was known as *^the patriotic Mrs. Cuyler of Georgia," and 
her name has been compared to Nancy Hart's. Meetings were 
held by the patriots at the Cuyler house on the comer of Bull 
and Broughton streets in Savannah, and at one of these the 
resolution was passed which afterward formed the basis of the 
action of the Provincial Congress in declaring Georgia's ad- 
herence to the revolting colonies and her purpose to join with 
them in armed resistance to the authority of the English crown. 
At the fall of Savannah Jeanne Cuyler was taken to Charleston 
under an escort of Continental troops, as Sir James Wright, the 
English Governor, had offered a reward for her capture and 
delivery to the British authorities, and after Charleston had 
surrendered the Commissary General caused her to be trans- 
ported to Philadelphia, where her expenses were paid by the 
Commonwealth of Georgia in recognition of her valuable services 
to the patriots' cause. She lived to an old age in the family of 
her brother-in-law, Henry Cuyler, Jr., in or near Amboy, New 
Jersey, and died in September, 1799, and was bur. ''Sept. 22 or 
23" in the Middle Dutch Church, N. Y. City. Children: 

+ 157 Henry. 

158 Jane, m. George Bunner. He was a merchant and 

mariner, and owner of the Brig Mars in the West 
India trade. 

159 Ann, b. Nov. 7, bap. Nov. 21, 1764, New York Dutch 

Church. She m. Gunning Bedford of Delaware. 

160 Maria. 

161 Telamon, who was a mariner and was killed in the 

French Revolution. 

4-162 Jeremiah Latouche, b. New York City, June 4, 1768. 

163 Sarah, m. Samuel Hubbard in Trinity Church, N. Y. 
City, Dec. 25, 1797. 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 31 

117. Philip Cuyler m. in Newport, R. I., Sept. 12, 1757, Sarah 
Tweedy (dau. of John Tweedy, who d. at Newport, R. I., Nov. 15, 
1787). She was born at Newport, R. I., April 28, 1739, and died 
at Newark, N. J., March 3, 1825. Children: 

164 Cornelius, b. in New York, Aug. 11, 1760, d. in New- 

port, R. I., Nov. II, 1760. 

165 Cathalina, b. Newport, March 6, 1762, d. in Albany, 

Sept. 6, 1765. 

166 Cathalina Sophia, b. Albany, Jan. 19, 1766, m. Oct. 10, 

1787, John Van Cortlandt. He d. Feb. 25, 1793. 
She m. 2nd July 5, 1812, Archibald Mercer at 
Newark, N. J. He d. there May 4, 1814. She d. 
there March 25, 1823. 

167 John Cortlandt, b. Albany, April 29, 1774, was 

drowned July 9, 1782. 

121. Cornelius Cuyler m. in 1786, Anne, dau. of Major Richard 
Grant, R. A. Early in life he entered the British Army and 
adhered to the Crown during the American Revolution. He 
became Colonel of the 69th Regiment of Foot, May 16, 1781, 
Major-Greneral, Oct. 12, 1793, and General in 1799. On Oct. 29, 
18 14, he was created Baronet for distinguished services. He was 
Governor of Kinsale. He died at St. John's Lodge, Hertford- 
shire, England, on March 8, 181 9. Children: 

+ 168 Charles, b. Jan. 29, 1794. 

169 Augustus, b. Aug. 14, 1796. 

170 Anna- Maria, m. June 6, 1808, Rev. Samuel Johnes, 

Knight, Rector of Welwyn, Hertfordshire. 

171 Harriet- Fanny, d. March 25, 1869. 

172 Eliza, m. June 27, 1831, Rev. Ralph Berners. 

173 Georgiana, m. Jan. i, 1835, R®v. Stephen Croft 

of St. Mary, Stoke, Suffolk. 

122. Abraham Cuyler m. April 10, 1764, Jannetie Glen. He 
was Mayor of Albany, 17 70-1 7 7 8, and held the rank of Colonel. 
He died at Yorkfield, Canada, Feb. 5, 18 10. 

The portraits of Col. Abraham Cuyler and his wife are now 
in the possession of Jacob Glen Cuyler of South Africa. On the 
back of the portraits is an inscription written by his son Jacob 
Glen Cuyler, which is as follows: 

88 Thb Earliest Cuylbrs in Holland and America 

''The portraits within this frame of the late Col. Abraham 
Cuyler, formerly Mayor of the City of Albany, Province of 
New York, N. America, and Mrs. Cuyler, were sketched by the 
unfortunate Major John Andr^ in 1776, at the time a prisoner 
at Albany to the Americans. Col. Cuyler was shortly after, for 
his attachment to and support of the British against the American 
cause, made prisoner and sent to Hartford in Connecticut— 
whence he made his escape and Joined the British Army under 
the Command of Sir W. Howe at New York; when he was 
declared an outlaw and his property confiscated and sold by 
the Americans. 

When Greneral Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga, 30 miles 
above Albany, in Oct., 1777, Mrs. Cuyler and her four children, 
of whom the writer was the youngest and an infant in his 
mother's arms, proceeded in an open boat down the Hudson 
River, 160 miles to New York to join her husband. 

The subsequent fate of the hapless Andr^-is but too well 
known. These pictures were at the time of Mrs. Cuyler's flight 
from Albany left with her elder brother, Mr. John Glen of 
Schenectady, where they remained till his death some 40 years 
after — ^when Mrs. E. Holt came into possession of them and sent 
them to her brother at the Cape of Good Hope. 

J. G. Cuyler. 
Cuyler Manor 
November, 1840." 


174 Cathalina, b. June 17, bap. June 23, 1765, d. un- 
married in 181 1. 
+ 175 Jacob, b. Aug. 15, bap. Aug. 17, 1766. 

176 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 5, bap. Dec. 9, 1767, m. William 


177 Comelis, b. July 7, bap. July 9, 1769, d. unmarried. 
+178 Jacob Glen, b. Aug. 20, bap. Aug. 22, 1773. 

127. Jacob Cuyler m. Albany, March 5, 1764, Lydia Van 
Vechten, of New Brunswick, N. J., dau. of Dirck Van Vechten 
and Elizabeth Ten Broeck. He died in Albany, June 5, 1804, 
aged 62 years, 6 months. She died Feb. 21, 1808, aged 65 years 
and 7 months, buried in Albany. Children: 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 33 

+ 179 Johannes, b. Albany, Aug. 14, bap. Aug, 17, 1766. 

180 Dirck, b. Albany, Oct. 9, 1767, d. March 31, 1800, 

bur. April 2, at Albany. 

181 Catharina, b. Albany, June 22, bap. June 27, 1770, 

m. March 26, 1789, Barent G. Staats. She d. Sept. 

16, 1852, at Albany. They had 11 children. 
+ 182 Jacob, b. Albany, Nov. 21, bap. Nov. 25, 1772. 
+ 183 Glen, b. Albany, Feb. 18, bap. March 5, 1775. 
+ 184 Tobias Van Vechten, b. Albany, Nov. 2, 1777. 
+185 Cornells, b. Albany, May 7, bap. May 21, 1780. 

133. Abraham Cuyler m. April i, 1762, Catharine Wendell, bap- 
tized July 23, 1735, dau. of Jacob Wendell and Helena Van 
Rensselaer. Children : 

186 Hendrick, b. in Albany, Jan. 30, bap. Feb. 2, 1763. 

187 Jacob, b. in Albany, March i, bap. March 3, 1765. 

188 Margarita, b. in Albany, Feb. 2, bap. Feb. 3, 1768. 

189 Helena, b. Albany, Dec. 3, bap. Dec. 5, 1770, 

190 Hendrick, b. in Albany, July 15, bap. July 16, 1773. 

135. Harmanus Cuyler m. at Coxsackie, N. Y., Elizabeth Van 
Bergen. Their marriage license is dated Nov. 22, 177 1. She was 
bom Jan. 8, 1733, and died Sept. 4, 1814. Child: 

191 Johannes, b. May 29, bap. June i, 1774, m. Amanda 

Stone. He d. April 19, 1824. 

136. Johannes Cuyler m. Schenectady, N. Y., July 5, 1763, 
Susanna Vedder (dau. of Harmanus Vedder and widow of 
Nicholas A. Patten). She died March 23, 1784, aged 50 years, 
II months, 21 days. He died Aug. 31, 1793. Children: 

192 Catarina, bap. Schenectady, April 22, 1764, m. Dec. 5, 

1789, John S. Schuyler. She d. Sept. 28, 1855, ^^ 
Watervliet, N. Y. 

193 Harmanus Vedder, bap. Schenectady, July 20, 1766. 

194 Annatje, bap. Schenectady, Feb. 5, 1769. 

195 Blsje, bap. Schenectady, April 28, 1771. 

196 Johannes, bap. Schenectady, Jan. 8, 1775. 

197 . Vedder, bap. Schenectady, Aug. 9, 1777. 

34 The Earliest Cuylbrs in Holland and Abcerica 

139. Cornblis Cuyler m. first, March 36, 1763, Anna Wendell, 
dau. of Jacob Wendell and Helena Van Rensselaer. She was 
bom Albany, June 5, 1736,* and died at Schenectady, Feb. 25, 
1775. He m. second Jannetie Yates, dau. of Joseph Yates and 
Maria Dunbar. She was bom Schenectady June 7, 1747. He 
died at Schenectady, Feb. i, 1794. Children by first wife: 

198 Catharina, b. Jan. 4, bap. Albany, Jan. 8, 1764, m. at 

Albany John Mynderse. 

199 Jacob C, bap. Schenectady, June 9, 1765, d. Albany, 

Oct. 35, 1838. He left three sons, Staats, who d. 
April 26, 1833, aged 32; Isaac S., who d. Sept. 38, 
1836, aged 35, and Cornelius Jacob who m. Frances 
Mary Keeler. He d. July 10, 1849, aged 51. Their 
son Jacob Cornelius Cuyler, b. Albany, June 3, 1827, 
m. Albany, Oct. 37, 1857, Mary Elizabeth Henly, 
dau. of Edward Henly and Clarissa Jay. She was 
b. Albany, Jan. 1, 1836. He d. Albany, April 33, 
1899. They had five children: 

{a) William Johnson Cuyler, b. Albany, Oct. i, 
1858, d. there Oct. 17, 1858. 

{b) Edward Cornelius Cuyler, b. Albany, Oct. 
31, 1859, m. ist Albany, Jan. 10, 1884, 
Clorinda Busley (dau. of James R. Busley 
and Sarah Catherine Shoemaker.) She 
was b. Albany, April 17, 1864, d. there 
June 13, 1908. Left two children, Elissa- 
beth Douglas, b. Albany, Feb. 13, 1885, m. 
there April 5, 1905, Lieut. Robert Lowry 
Meador, and Katharine^ b. Albany, March 
7, 1887. 

Edward Cornelius Cuyler, m. 3d Al- 
bany, Sept. 8, 1910, Alice P. Ensign (dau. 
of Albinus Ensign and Mary A. Diamond.) 
She was b. Rochester, N. Y., Oct, 33, 1883. 

{c) Eugene Frank Cuyler, b. Albany, July 6, 
1863, d. there Aug. 38, 1863. 

(d) Florence Douglas Cuyler, b. Albany, July 

* Her birth or baptism is variously given as June 5, 1736, June 12, 1737, 
and June 18, 1737. 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 35 

(e) Bertha MacArdle Ctiyler, b. Albany, July 
23» 1877, d. there Aug. 9, 1877. 

+200 Johannes, b. Dec. 5, bap. Schenectady, Dec. 7, 1766. 

201 Harmanus, bap. Schenectady, Oct. 9, 1768. 

202 Jannetje, bap. Schenectady, June lo, 1770, m. Schen- 

ectady, Jeremiah Schuyler. She d. at Watervliet, 
N. Y., Feb., 1832. 

Children by second wife: 

+203 Joseph, b. Albany, Aug. 20, bap. Aug. 25, 1779. 

204 Cornells, b. Albany, Aug. 15, bap. Aug. 19, 1781. 

+205 Cornells, b. Albany, Feb. 15, 1783. 

206 Maria, b. Albany, Feb. 22, bap. Feb. 27, 1785. 

207 Elsje, bap. Schenectady, May 22, 1788. 

148. Abraham Cuyler m. Margaret Wendell. Their marriage 
license is dated May 2, 1768. Children: 

208 Nicholas, b. Albany, April 13, and bap. April 15, 1769. 

209 Catharina, b. Albany, Feb. 27, 177 1, m. Johannes 

Schuyler, son of Stephanus Schuyler and Lena 
Ten Eyck. He was b. Jan. 4, 1764. She d. at 
Whitesboro, N. Y., in 1853. 

210 Maria, b. Albany, Feb. 15, bap. March 14, 1773. 

211 Elizabeth, b. Albany, Dec. 12, 1774, bap. Jan. 4, 1775. 

212 Robert, b. Albany, Sept. 9, 1777. 

213 Jeremie, bap. Albany, March 8, 1782. 

149. Henry Cuyler m. Elizabeth . His father in 1770 be- 
queathed to him and his brother Barent R. the ** Cuyler Sugar 
House " which stood on the comer of Rose and Duane streets, 
N. Y. City, and which was erected in 1763. It has been stated 
that the Cuyler Sugar House was used by the British soldiers as 
a prison during the Revolutionary War, but proof of this state- 
ment is lacking. 

On June 10, 1773, Rivington's New York Gazetteer printed the 



Double Refin'd ) Middling ) 

Single, ditto Jand LumpP^^^^ 

Muscovado in Barrels, and Molasses as usual. To be sold by 

Henry Cuyler, at his Store in the Square, which intends re- 

36 Ths Earliest Cuylsrs in Holland and America 

moving the first of May, into the Dwelling House, now oc- 
cupied by Remsen and Seabury, in Dock-Street, and nearly 
opposite the Dwelling- House, late the Property of his Father." 

At the outbreak of the Revolution Henry Cuyler was a 
Loyalist and removed to New Jersey where in July, 1776, he 
was ordered to remove from his house in Newark, ' but in 
consideration of his serious sickness,' the Provincial Congress 
directed him to give bond with security in ;^iooo for the faith- 
ful observance of his parole. He never recovered from this 
sickness, for he left a will dated July 17, 1776, at Newark, which 
was proved Aug. 28, 1777, at New York. This will was found 
among the unrecorded wills in the N. Y. Surrogate's Ofl&ce, and 
an abstract is published in the Collections of the N. Y. Historical 
Society for 1902, page 197. After the Revolution his property 
was confiscated. 

On July 24, 1780, Gaine's Mercury contained the following: 

"To be sold a public vendue, on Monday, the 14*** day of 
August next, 

The Sugar House, 

With all the utensils and out houses, belonging to the estate of 
the late Henry Cuyler, deceased, situate in the north ward of 
this city. An inventory of the utensils to be seen at H. Gaine's." 

On Aug. 14, 1780, the Mercury had the following: 

"The Sale of Mr. Cuyler's Sugar House, is postponed until 
Thursday, the 17*** inst., when the Vendue will begin at XI o'clock 
in the Morning on the premises. 

• . • The Creditors of Henry Cuyler the Elder and younger, 
are requested to meet at IX o'clock To-morrow Morning at the 

Later the Sugar House became the property of the Rhine- 
landers. It was taken down in 1892. 


214 Henry, who was buried in Trinity Churchyard, 

N. Y. City, d. Nov. 2, 1764, aged 3 years. 

215 Henry, mentioned in his father's will, dated 1776, 

as being under age. In 1799 a Henry Cuyler 
with wife Catharine, deeded property in New York. 
A Henry Cuyler entered the British Army in 1782 


: ri. 

: of :. 

Thi Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 37 

as Ensign, was commissioned Major in 1797, Lient.- 
Colonel in 1800, Colonel in 18 10, and died in 
England, 1841, aged 73 years. 
216 Catharine, also mentioned in will as under age. 

157. Henry Cuyler m. at Abercom, Ga., Jan. i, 1778, by Rev. 
John Holmes, Dorothy Martin, dau. of Clement Martin (a mem- 
ber of the King's Council for the Province of Georgia). He was 
a soldier of the Revolution, Captain of Georgia Light Infantry. 
He was a Lawyer and served as Clerk of the Georgia Provincial 
Assembly. He died at Abercorn, Ga., April 16, 1781. She m. 
and July i, 1783, Joseph William Spencer of Abercorn, and died 
there Aug. 20, 1786. Child: 

317 Eliza, b. April 26, 1780, at Charlestown, S. C, m. xst 
at Savannah, Feb. 24, 1801, John Burch of Burke 
Co., Ga. He d. Oct. 11, 1801; m. 2nd Gunning 
Bedford, March 15, 1805. He d. at Abercorn, 
Oct. 24, 1805; m. 3rd John B. Staley, Aug. 10, 1810. 
She d. in 18x7. 

162. Jeremiah La Touche Cuyler, m. at Savannah Ga., April 21, 
T793, Margaret Elizabeth Clarendon, daughter of Smith Clarendon 
and Margherita. Meek. Smith Clarendon was an Englishman — 
a man of means in Savannah, and built the first brick house 
there. His wife was the widow of John Meek and was of German 
origin, having settled originally in Charleston. 

Margaret Elizabeth Clarendon was his only child and an 
heiress for her day, known as " Pretty Peggy Clarendon." She 
was a toast in fact in her native town on account of her beauty 
and her portrait is still extant. 

On May i, 1782, Smith Clarendon conveyed to Henry Keall 
and William Stephens, trustees for Margaret Clarendon, his 
wife, two lots in Savannah, Ga., for life, then to Margaret Eliza- 
beth, their daughter. In 1784 Smith Clarendon is called Inn- 
keeper of Savannah in a suit brought by John McKenzie against 
Smith Clarendon over an order drawn by one John Davies and 
accepted for payment by Smith Clarendon. Clarendon's name 
was on the bill of attainder though subsequently erased. Mar- 
gherita Meek Clarendon was buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery. 

38 The Barlisst Cuylbrs in Holland and America 

Jeremiah La Touche Cuyler was taken to Savannah, Ga., by 
his father at the age of five months. He studied law under John 
Stirk, an eminent lawyer, and was admitted to the bar in 1789. 
He settled in Waynesborough, Burke Co., Ga. He was a Federal 
Judge and Lieutenant in the Georgia Militia. He died May 6, 
1839, and was buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery at Savannah, Ga. 
His wife was bom Dec. 37, 1777, d. Aug. 8, 1835, and buried 
in Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Ga. Children: 

a 18 William H., b. Dec. a, 1794, d. Nov. is, 1869, bur. in 
Laurel Grove Cemetery. He was a physician. 
+ai9 Richard Randolph, b. Oct. 19, 1796, at Savannah, Ga. 
+220 John Meek. 

221 Jane M., d. March i, 1863, bur. in Laurel Grove 


222 Caroline S., d. Aug. 20, 1858, bur. in Laurel Grove 


223 Annie Duer, d. Sept. 27, 1853, bur. in Laurel Grove 


224 Mary Ann, b. July 19, 1801, d. Nov. 8, 1814, bur. in 

Laurel Grove Cemetery. 

225 Elizabeth Sarah, b. Dec. 26, 1803, d. April 13, 1830, 

bur. in Laurel Grove Cemetery. 

226 Margaret Duer, b. Savannah, Aug. 19, 1810, d. Nov. 

30, 1830, bur. in Laurel Grove Cemetery. 

227 Maria Henrietta, b. Savannah, 18 16, m. March 23, 

iS43> Capt. Bbenezer Sproat Sibley, U. S. A. She 
d. Dec. 2, 1845, bur. in Laurel Grove Cemetery, 
+228 Telamon A., b. Sept. 30, 1818. 

168. Charles Cuyler, 2nd, Baronet and Major-General in the 
British Army, m. Feb. 6, 1823, Catharine-Prances, dau. of Rev. 
Pitz-William Hallifax, Rector of Richard's Castle. She died 
Feb. 18, 1877. He died July 23, 1862. Children: 

-f 229 Charles-Henry-Johnes, b. Jan. 22, 1826. 

230 George-Augustus, b. Jan. 19, 1827. Was a Colonel 

in the Bengali Staff Corps. 

231 Prederick-Shelley, b. Aug. 2, 1832. M.A. in holy 

orders; m. Aug. 31, 1871, Sarah- Elizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas Stainforth, Esq., of Hackenthorpe, Co. 

The Earliist Cuylsrs in Holland and America 39 

Derby, Eng., and had a son Charles- Hallif ax, who 
d. young. 

232 Gerald, b. Aug. 5, 1842, d. May 5, 1872. 

233 Arthur- Cornelius, b. Jan. 7, 1848. 

234 Emily-Mary, m. Jan. 31, 1869, Edward Freeman 

Gissing, Esq. 
23s Constance-Anne, m. Feb. 2, 1853, John Rocke, Esq., 
of Clungunford House, Co. Salop, who d. 1881. 

236 Louisa-Georgiana, d. Feb. 13, 1862. 

237 Theresa-Caroline. 

238 Henrietta, d. May 29, 1869. 

239 Eleonora-Catharine. 

240 Alice. 

241 Florence, d. Sept. 18, 1864. 

175. Jacob A. Cuyler* m. Rebecca Kane, had children: 

242 William, b. April 14, 1790. 

243 . Elizabeth, b. Feb. i, bap. Feb. 12, 1792. Witnesses: 

William and Elizabeth Kane. 

244 Abraham, b. Aug. 8, bap. Aug. 12, 1796. 

245 Abraham, b. March 15, 1798. 

246 Philip Stephen Van Rensselaer, b. Nov. 17, 1799. 

247 Henry, b. May 3, 1803. 

248 Henry, b. March 23, bap. April 8, 1805. 

178. Jacob Glen Cuyler entered the service of his Majesty 
King George III and was made a Captain. He rose in rank to 
that of General. In 1814 he purchased a farm near Uitenhage, 
Cape Colony, South Africa, which is now occupied by his grand- 
son Jacob Glen Cuyler. He m. Maria Elizabeth Hartman. She 
died June 20, 1839. Children: 

249 Jacob Glen, b. 1807, d. 1854. No issue: 

250 Abraham John, b. 1810, d. 1850, m. Lange of 

Uitenhage, South Africa. No issue. 

251 Jane Elizabeth, b. 1815, d. 1893, m. William Arm- 

strong. Had a son Jacob Glen, who took the name 

* It has not been proven that this Jacob A. Cuyler is the same Jacob (son 
of Abraham), b. Au;. 15, 1776 (No. 17$). It is only assumed here. 

40 The Barliist Cuylsrs in Holland and America 

Cuyler after the death of his uncle Jacob Glen 

153 Maria Elizabeth, b. 1825, d. 187 1, m. ist John F. 
Bernard; m* and John H. Hitzeroth. 

179 Johannes Cuyler m. first at Albany Feb. 6, 1789, Jane 
Wray. She died Nov. 16, 1789, aged 20 years. He m. second, 
Mary Cuyler, a widow, of Albany, N. Y. He died at Albany, 
Aug. 7, 181 1. Child by first marriage: 

353 George Wray, bap. Albany, Nov. 15, 1789, 

Children by second marriage: 

254 Elizabeth Ten Broeck. 

255 John. 

182. Jacob Cuyler m. Ann Bldridge of Otego, Otsego Co., 
N. Y. He died at Otego, N. Y., June 25, 1814. Children: 

256 David B. 

257 Lydia Ann m. L. D. Avery. She d. at Aurora, N. Y., 

April 14, 1850, aged 48 years. 

183. Glen Cuyler m. Dec. 14, 1796, Mary Forman L#edyard, 
dau. of Gen. Benjamin Ledyard and Catherine Forman. She was 
bom Oct. 16, 1775, d. Jan. 8, 1848. He died at Aurora, N. Y., 
Sept. 1, 1832. Children: 

+258 Benjamin Ledyard, b. Albany, Sept. 18, 1797. 

"^259 Richard Glen, b. Albany, July 2, 1799. 

+260 John Lincklaen, b. Aug. 18, 1802. 

261 Jane Maria, b. June, 1804, d. 1834, unmarried. 

262 Catharine Ann, b. July 31, 1806, m. March, 1831, 

Charles E. Shepard. 

263 Samuel Cornelius, b. Nov. 20, 1808, m. 1832, Julia 


264 Helen Margaret, b. 181 1, d. 1812. 

265 Margaret Ledyard, b. 1813, d. unmarried. 

266 Helen Lincklaen, b. 1816, d. 182 1. 

Thb Earliest Cuylbrs in Holland and America 41 

184. Tobias Van Veghten Cuyler m. Dorothy Borst. He died 
at Albany, Jan. 29, 1828. Children: 

267 Eliza M. 

268 Catherine B. 

269 William H., d. June 4, 1824, aged 18 years. 

270 George Cuyler, b. Schenectady, Nov. 12, 1809, in. Al- 

bany, Lucinda Stiles, dau. of Lewis Stiles and 
Mary Conklin. She was b. at Kingston, N. Y., 
Feb. 9, 1814, and d. Albany, Nov. 6, 1892. He d. 
Albany, Nov. 7, 1893. Children : 

(a) A dau., b. Albany, d. in infancy. 

{t) Charles M., b. Albany, N. Y., unmarried. 

(c) George N., b. Albany, m. at Albany, Emma 

F. Brayton. He d. at Albany, Aug. 22, 

(d) Frank B. Cuyler, b. Albany, m. at Saratoga 

Springs, Fanny A. Fryer. 

(e) Maria E., b. Albany, d. there Sept. 4, 1890, 

(/) Ida Phillipse, b. Albany, unmarried. 

271 Margaret L. 

272 Caroline A. 

273 Edward J. 

185. Cornelius Cuyler moved to Aurora, N. Y., in 1799, m. 
first March 3, 1808, Margaret Ledyard, dau. of Gen. Benjamin 
Ledyard and Catherine Forman. She died at Aurora, N. Y., 
Oct. 15, 1836, aged 45 years, 7 months, 11 days. He m. second 
at Auburn, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1841, Emily E. Spring, dau. of Dr. O. 
Spring of Athens, Bradford Co., Pa. He died at Aurora, Aug. 15, 
1857. Children by first marriage: 

274 Mary Ledyard, b. Aurora, June 23, 1810, m. Nov. 27, 

1833, James N. Bumham (son of Eleazer Bum- 
ham). She d. at Aurora, June 19, 1835. He d. 
there Jan. 29, 1840. 

275 Lydia Van Vechten, b. Aurora, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1813, 

d. at Aurora, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1845. 

276 Sophia Ledyard, b. Aurora, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1819, d. 

Aurora, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1819. 

42 Ths Barliist Guylirs in Holland and America 

277 Cornelius, b. Aurora, N. Y., May 9, 1825, d. Aurora, 

N. Y., Aug. I, 1825. 

Child by second marriage: 

278 Margaret Emily. 

200. JoHANNis CuYLBR m. at Albany, Hannah Maley, dau. of 
John Maley and Catharine Tremper. She was bom at Albany. 
Oct. 12, 1769. Children: 

279 Catherine, b. Albany, May 12, 1788, d. Albany, Nov, 

3. 1794. 

280 Ann, b. Albany, Oct. 2, 1794, d. Watervliet, N. Y., 

Nov. 29, 1830, m. Albany, in 1814, Capt. John 

281 John Maley, b. Albany, Nov. 6, 1796, d. Albany, in 

Sept., 1836, m. Sarah Colton of Fishkill, N. Y. 

282 Augustus, b. Albany, Jan. 7, 1799, d. Albany, Oct. 12, 

+283 William Tremper, b. Albany, Dec. 21, 1801. 

284 Frederick, b. Albany, June 22, 1804, d. at Romeo, 

Mich., Feb. 14, 1837, m. in Hackensack, N. J., 
Caroline Romeyn. 

285 Catherine Maley, b. Albany, Feb. 6, 1807, d. at 

Albany, May 17, 1832. She m. at Albany, Oct. 14, 
1825, Capt. Henry Donnell Hunter, U. S. N. 

(a) Augustus Cuyler Hunter, d. young. 

(i) Henry Cuyler Hunter. 

(c) Margaret Cuyler Hunter, b. in Bastport, 
Me., March 5, 1832, d. in Georgetown, D. C, 
Feb. 22, 1888. She m. in 185 1, James 
Allen Hardie, Brevet-Greneral, U. S. A. 
He was b. in New York, May 5, 1823, d. in 
Washington, D. C, Dec. 14, 1876. They 
had eight children: 

1 Henry Donnel Hardie, d. young. 

2 Francis Hunter Hardie, Lieut.-Col., 

U. S. A., who m. Jennie Rood dau. 
of Henry Rood of West Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 


3 Margaret C. Hardie, d. aged 8 years. 

4 Joseph Cuyler Hardie, who m. Mary 

Barrett, dau. of Anthony Barrett 
and Sophia Allen of Chicago, 111. 

5 Arthur Hardie, d. young. 

6 Caroline M. Hardie, m. i886, John 

Mitchell Neall of Nevada. 

7 Catherine Maley Cuyler Hardie. 

8 Isabella Hunter Hardie. 

286 Mary Magdalen, b. at Ft. Johnston, Johnstown, N. Y., 
Feb. 3, x8io, m. at Albany, April 5, 1827, George 
Dexter. She d. Albany, Oct. 4, 1847. They had 
four children : 

(a) Anna Augusta Dexter, b. Albany, N. Y., 

July 16, 1833, m. ist Albany, April 6, 1858, 
William James Noyes, who d. without 
issue, at Old Lyme, Conn., Jan. 31, i860 ; 
m. 2nd Albany, Oct. 25, 1866, William 
Henry Bradford, who was born at New 
York,N. Y., Sept. 22, 1812, and died there 
Dec. 30, 1895. 

(b) Catherine Cuyler Dexter, b. Albany, March 

4, 1837 ; unmarried. 

(c) Cjmthia Reynolds Dexter, b. Albany, N. Y., 

Oct. 14, 1839, d. Albany, Nov. 23, 1893 ; 

(d) Mary Dexter, b. Albany, N. Y., June 27, 

1845, d- there Feb. 7, 1848. 

203. JosxPH Cuyler m. Mary Rust. Child: 

+287 David Henry, b. Johnstown, N. Y., July 31, 1816. He 
d. Gloversville, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1876. 

205. CoRNXLis CuYLSR, m. Schcuectady, Feb. 15, 1809, Eleanor 
De Graaff, dau. of Isaac De Graaff and Susanna Van Epps. She 
was b. Schenectady, Jan. 7, 1790, and d. Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 27, 
1886. He graduated from Union College in 1806. In 1809 he 
became pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church, Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., where he remained for 25 years. In 1834 he became 

44 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

pastor of the and Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia until his 
death. He received the degree of D.D. in 1838 from Union 
College. For many years he was president of the Board of 
Trustees of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. He died 
at Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 31, 1850. Children: 

aSya Jane, b. Poughkeepsie, Sept. 25, 1810, m. Philadelphia, 
Pa., March 27, 1837, Joseph Patterson of Philadelphia, 
she d. Philadelphia, Sept, 28, 1865, leaving four 

287b Susan, b. Poughkeepsie, June 7, 1813, d. unmarried, 
Ridley Park, near Philadelphia, July 25, 1878. 

287c Maria, b. Poughkeepsie, June 4, 1815, d. June 8, 1818. 

287d Eleanor, b. Poughkeepsie, June 6, 1817, d. April 7, 

+288 Theodore, b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1819. 

288a Maria Dunbar, b. Poughkeepsie, March 29, 1822, m. 
Philadelphia, Sept., 1848, Rev. Matthew B. Grier. 
She d. Philadelphia, Feb. 16, 1902. 

288b Sarah Fenner, b. Poughkeepsie, March 30, 1824, d. un- 
married at Philadelphia, May 28, 1907. 

288c Caroline Tappan, b. Poughkeepsie, and d. unmarried 
at Philadelphia. 

288d John De Graaff, b. Poughkeepsie, March, 1829, and d. 
Sept., 1830. 

288e Cornelia Eleanor, b. Poughkeepsie, Oct. 21, 1831, un- 

219. Richard Randolph Cuyler, m. Dec. 22, 1819, Mississippi 
Gordon, daughter of Ambrose Grordon and Elizabeth Mead (Col. 
William' Mead and Ann Hale, John* Mead and Mary Abrell). 
He was named for his father's friend, Richard Randolph of 
Virginia. He was a successful lawyer and Second President of 
the Central Railroad and Banking Co. of Georgia, succeeding his 
brother-in-law, William Washington Gordon, with whom he was 
in law partnership. He was a vestryman of Christ Church, 
Savannah, Ga. He died April 18, 1865, in Macon, Ga., and was 
buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Ga., where a monu- 
ment bearing the following inscription was erected: 

>. h- iv M'^M .M^ A • I> ;'.»•: f' \ 

it > 


I S • - ^ • ! r - ' •'.•'• 


111, ,» 'i ^ •♦■♦■ *-' 

• ■ 

••' '. '■) '•'. ; .--iv, * ".'.ill ■. * ►, ;"», 


* • 


\ • 

» • < 



•. • :i H.i"»\ .*o':ti' ^^^..i :^vk1 ;.' t' ; . '. 

'. tv. . • ''s trie- J, K ! 'i »: 

T- 1 


. of 

. 1 

:.»• ui:i, 'ia. livi lilva April iS. j Jt-s, in Mdv-.m, »»a., ci'\ • wi,-; 
. »! in LwH.iirel <Tro7t; Ccii'».t"j y, < iiian, f.ri, w .v •'«.• a inorri- 
l :».^aring; tliL- foliv/.v^J'/; !U^-rip*:on was c-'jclcJ- 


I The Earliest Cutlers in Holland and America 45 

The Central 
I and 

South Western 
Railroad Companies 


Richard R. Cuyler 

A tribute to 

distinguished ability and unremitted 
faithfulness in the administration of 

Great Trust. 

His wife, Mississippi* Gordon (Ambrose' Gordon and Elizabeth 
Mead, Jonathan Rhea* Gordon and Margaret Cole, Peter' Gordon 
and Margaret Rhea), was born Jan. i8, 1800, and died Feb. 15, 
1833, buried Laurel Grove Cemetery. Children: 

+289 George A., b. Savannah, Ga., Dec. 19, 1820. 
+290 Elizabeth M., b. Savannah, Ga., March i, 1823. 
+ 291 Richard Matthaei, b. Savannah, Ga., April 26, 1825, 
bap. July 14, 1825, in Christ Church. 

292 Margaret M., b. Savannah, Ga., Aug. 17, 1827, m. in 

Christ Church, Savannah, Dr. John M. Johnston of 
N. C. She d. Nov. 14, 1865, and was bur. in Laurel 
Grove Cemetery. 

293 Julia Bullock, b. Savannah, Ga., July 6, 1830, bap. 

Nov. 25, 1830, in Christ Church, d. March 15, 1836. 

294 William Henry, b. Jan. 19, 1833, d« J*^- ^^ ^^33- 

220. John Meck Cuyler m. Oct. 15, 1840, in Christ Church, 
Savannah, Ga. Mary Campbell Wayne (dau. of James M. Wayne, 
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, United States). She 
was bom Sept. 25, 1818, died Feb. 12, 1885, buried in Laurel 
Grove Cemetery. He died April 26, 1884, in Morristown, N. J. 
buried May 8, 1884, in Laurel Grove Cemetery. He entered the 
army in 1834 as Assistant-Surgeon and served through the Creek 
War in 1838 and Seminole War in 1840. He was promoted Major 
and Surgeon, Feb. 16, 1847. From 1848 to 1855 he served at West 
Point and on June 11, 1862, was made Lieut-Colonel and Medical 
Inspector. On March 13, 1865, Brevetted Brigadier-General, and 
on June 26, 1876, he received the rank of Colonel. He retired 
June 30, 1882. Children: 

46 Thb Barlixst Cutlsrs ih Holland and America 

+295 James Wayne, b. Aug. 14, 1841, bap. Dec. 12, 1841, 
in Christ Church, Savannah, Ga. 
396 William Clarendon, b. March 17, 1843, bap. Nov. 19, 
1843, in Christ Chnrch, Savannah, Ga. He d. Nov. 
3, 1869, bur. in Laurel Grove Cemetery. On Feb. 
19, 1863, he was made 3nd Lieut, 3rd Artillery, 
U. S. Army, and promoted to ist Lieut, April 17, 
1863. On Oct. 18, 1864, he was made Bvt-Captain 
for gallant and distinguished service in the Battles 
of Winchester, and Cedar Creek, Va. Bvt.-Major 
March 13, 1865, ^<^ good conduct and gallant 
service during the war. 

338. TsLAMON A. CuYLER m. March 17, 1841, Ann Francis Hamil- 
ton, dau. of Dr. Thomas Hamilton of Georgia. She was bom in 
Clinton, Jones Co., Ga., Sept 17, 1824, buried Myrtle Hill 
Cemetery, Rome, Ga. He was a Civil Engineer, Lawyer and 
Editor. He died June 38, 1853, buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery. 
She m. second, Donald Mcintosh Hood. Children: 

397 Georgia Clarendon, b. '* Thistle Dale," Cass Co., Ga., 

Oct, I, 1843, m. in 1861, Joel Branham, Jr. She d. 
in Rome, Gra. 

398 Thomas Hamilton, b. Jan. 24, 1844. He was a 

Sergeant in the Confederate States Army and d. 
in Rome, Ga., Jan. 16, 1889, bur. in Myrtle Hill 

399 Estelle, b. Rome, Ga., Jan. 34, 185 1, m. at Rome, Ga., 

Oct 37, 1868, Henry Hunter Smith (son of Dr. 
Sidney Pryor and Julia Hunter Smith). He d. 
April 5, 1903, bur. in Laurel Grove Cemetery. 
Their son Telamon Cruger Smith, b. in Rome, 
Ga., July 3, 1873, assumed the name Cuyler by 
order of the Superior Court, Pulton Co., Ga., in 
1905. He m. Nov. 14, 1900, in New York City, 
Grace Thompson Barton (dau. of John and Isabella 
Barton of San Prancisco, Cal.). She was b. Oct 14, 
1874. They have two children: Grace Barton 
Cuyler, b. in Atlanta, Ga., July 19, 1903, and Tela- 
mon Smith Barton Cuyler, b. in New York City, 
June 9, 1908. 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 47 

229. Sir Charles-Henry-Johnes Cuyler m. Feb. 24, 1857, Em- 
ma-Amelia Cox, third daughter of Austen Cox, Esq. He was 
Receiver-General and member of the Legislative Council of 
Trinidad, and Treasurer of Honduras. He died Aug. 17, 1885. 

300 Charles, 4th and present Baronet of St. John's Lodge, 

Co. Herts. Lieutenant Oxfordshire Light In- 
fantry, b. Aug. 15, 1867. Now resides The Haven, 
Bourne End, Bucks. The Arms of this family 
were granted in 1814 and are described in the 
chapter on Cuyler Arms. 

301 George Hallifax, b. April 23, 1876. 

302 Constance- Emily, b. June 26, 1858, m. Nov. i, 1882, 

John-William Rolt, Esq., of Ozleworth Park, Co. 
Gloucester, late Captain Royal Gloucestershire 

303 Katharine-Lilian, b. March 24, i860. 

304 Amy Beatrice, b. July 16, 1861. 

305 Edith Maude, b. Nov. 27, 1862. 

306 Ethel, d. April 4, 1873. 

307 Dorothy, b. April 30, 1883. 

258. Benjamin Ledyard Cuyler m. 1821, LouisaFrances Morrell 
of Morristown, N. J., dau. of Charles H. Morrell. She was bom 
Aug. 25, 1802. He was a graduate of Hamilton College and died 
in June, 1826. Child: 

+308 Theodore Ledyard, b. Aurora, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1822. 

259. Richard Glen Cuyler m. 1822, Julia Wheaton. Children: 

309 Mary Ledyard m. R. Holland Duell, and had four 


310 Louise m, G. Lawrence. (No issue.) 

311 Jane Maria m. Charles Foster. (No issue.) 

312 Glen, b. Dec. 25, 1829, m. 1858, Anna Maria Wells. 

He d. July, 1905. She d. 1900. Their daughter 
Julia Wells Cuyler, b. i860, m. 1888, Henry Minor 
Heath. They have two children, Cuyler Heath, 

48 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

b. April 39» 1889, and Winifred Ledyard Heath, b. 
Oct. 30, 1893. Reside at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

313 Julia m. James Nixon. (No issue.) 

360. John Lincklaen Cuyler m. 1831, Elizabeth C. Marsh. 

314 Susan Prances, b. 1833, d. unmarried. 

315 Coleman Marsh, b. 1836, d. 1841. 

316 John Lincklaen, b. 1843, m. 1866, Mary E. Cole. He 

d. March, 1871. They had one child, Mary Linck- 
laen Cuyler, b. at Syracuse, N. Y., 1868, m. 1903, 
Livingston Stagg Kasson. She d. Jan. 36, 1904. 

383. William Tremper Cuyler m. first at Rochester, N. Y., 
Feb. 5, 1834, Charlotte Hanford. She died at Cuylerville, April 
13, 1831, aged 36 years. He m. second at Leicester, N. Y., in 1837, 
Nancy Bancker Stewart. She died at Cuylerville, Feb. 3, 1848, 
aged 37 years. He m. third at Boston, Mass., May 9, 1850, Anna 
dePeyster Douw, widow of Samuel Stringer Lush. She died at 
Albany, Aug. 15, 1871. He was a Colonel of New York Militia, 
died at "Woodlands," Cuylerville, Livingston Co., N. Y., Dec. 31, 
1864. He was buried in the Cuyler lot, Mt. Hope Cemetery, 
Rochester, N. Y. Children by first marriage: 

317 William Melancton, b. Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 37, 

1834; d- there March 38, 1836. 

318 William Augustus, b. Rochester, Nov. 10, 1836, 

drowned there July 18, 1838. 

319 George Maley, b. Rochester, Aug. 33, 1838, d. there 

unmarried, March 11, 1910. 

330 Charlotte Hanford, b. Cuylerville, Feb. 36, 1831, d. 

there Jan. 18, 1843. 

Children by second marriage: 

331 William Tremper, b. Cuylerville, May 11, 1838, d. 

there Jan. 33, 1843. 
333 Annie Bancker, b. Cuylerville, July 6, 1843, m. at 
Rochester, March 33, 1865, Henry Ljrman Churchill. 
He was b. at Curtisville, Mass., Sept. 39, 1839, d. 
Chicago, 111., March 39, 191 3. Their child Alice 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 49 

Dewey Churchill, was b. Rochester, N. Y., March 
12, 1867. 
323 Catharine Maley, b. Cuylerville, Dec. 2, 1844, m. at 
Rochester, April 19, 1865, Dexter Reynolds. She 
d. at Rochester, Oct. 23, 1875. Their sons are: 
Cnyler Reynolds, b. Albany, Aug. 14, 1866, and 
Marcus Tullius Reynolds, b. Great Barrington, 
Mass., Aug. 20, 1869. Cuyler Reynolds m. Albany, 
Sept. 24, 1 89 1, Janet Gray Gould. They have one 
child, Kenneth Gray Reynolds, b. Albany, Sept. 17, 

287. David Henry Cuyler m. Oct. 10, 1838, Helen Settle, dau. 
of Joseph and Sarah Settle. Child: 

+324 Amaziah Rust, b. Gloversville, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1847. 

288. Theodore Cuyler was a lawyer of Philadelphia. He m. 
in New York Dec. 21, 1853, Mary Elizabeth DeWitt, eldest 
daughter of the Rev. Thomas DeWitt and Eliza Ann Water- 
man. Dr. DeWitt m. in 1826, and died May 18, 1874. He died 
April 5, 1876. She died in 1892. Children: 

325 Thomas DeWitt, b. Philadelphia, Sept. 28. 1854, m. 
Philadelphia, May 3, 1881. Frances Lewis, dau. of 
John Thompson Lewis and Maria Litchfield Scott. 
She was b. Philadelphia, March 9, i860. He grad- 
uated at Yale University, 1874, and became a 
member of the Philadelphia Bar. He occupies an 
important position in financial, transportation and 
philanthropic circles, being a Director of the 
Pennsylvania Railroad, a Trustee of the Equitable 
Life Assurance Society, and of many other im- 
portant financial institutions. Their children are: 

(a) Mary De Witt Cuyler, b. Philadelphia! 

March 2, 1882. 
(l) Frances Lewis Cuyler, b. Haverford, Pa., 

Aug. 10, 1883. 
(c) Helen Scott Cuyler, b. Philadelphia, Dec. 

28, 1888, m. Haverford, Pa., Oct. 15, 1910. 

Caspar Wistar Morris. 

50 Ths Barlikst Cuylers in Holland and America 

(d) Eleanor De Graff, b. Haverford, Pa., May 

326 Eleanor DeGraff. 

337 Cornelius C. was bom at Philadelphia, Pa., in 1859, 

and m. in New York, March 3, 1906, Mary Town- 
send Lord, widow of James Brown Lord and 
daughter of Solomon Townsend NicoU. Mr. 
Cuyler graduated at Princeton University in 1879, 
and later became a Trustee of the College. He 
was a member of the banking firm of Cuyler, 
Morgan & Co., from which he resigned in 1909 
to become President of The United States Mort- 
gage & Trust Co. He d. at Biarritz, Prance, on 
July 31st, X909. He was greatly beloved by a 
large circle of friends and died respected and 
regretted by all who knew him and particularly 
by his college to whose interest he devoted much 
of his active life. 

338 Theodore DeWitt. 

389. Georoe a. Cuyler m. in St. Paul's Church, Richmond, Va., 
Oct. 31, 1853, Elizabeth Steenbergen of Shenandoah Co., Va. He 
was a Colonel in the Confederate States Army, 1863, and d. 
Nov. 9, 1867. His widow m. second. Gen. Hugh Weedon Mercer. 

339 Caroline Gordon, b. Savannah, Ga., Sept. 10, 1853, 

d. March 18, 1855. 
330 Richard R., b. Savannah, Ga., June 15, 1856, m. 

Dec. 6, 1903, Gulie Gordon Harrison of Brandon, 

33 X Mary Bime, b. Savannah, Ga., March, 1859, d. in 

333 Bessie B., b. Savannah, July 17, i860, m. June 33, 

1880, Edgar Freeman of Oxford, England. 

333 Katharine S. Cuyler, b. Savannah, d. there aged 3 


334 Edward Padelford, b. Savannah, d. in infancy aged 

3 months. 

390. Elizabeth Maroaret Cuyler, bom at Savannah, March i, 
1833, m. first, Dec. 17, 1844, William Hunter' Churchill, son of 

. r i-.RS IN il -TXA.N'P AND Am VI'JA 


• ' . ■ Viail 
. > C. vs ;s > o'-n at Phila-'- :p-:: i. I\.., in rSr . 

/ •»♦■' b- lo'^ »'^ T.»v. n.^«^Lu V ■:•. 11. i\' 

ii..-;!"'"! at I^ryctun L'niv.-rs'iv in i 


k (. 

( 1 1 1 . • 

Tfiistcf* of t'-.e (^.l' .t^ K 

'i Ji o:.i')ci of th»? boTikir^f f 

V Co,, '"lH..*i .VM '■'i 113 

• .-T To H'* d. at Biarrii.-. -'i. i- o, '.. i 
. ) t;. I.t; W'.> ^ V illy 1"^«»'* .' -V :i 
' "f frit* 11 ''is tin-l tl'^^d :• -» ' ' I . '.u 


.u- cl a. 

I I 


I'.'.vlv re L" W I!.. 

r L't ^ . •' ; :. 'i'l :;.> v :. .->t^'. '. ••;. u .f ^^. ■. :.. i.«' i .": Co., v :\ j 
V ..'* ' • m! in I" c C-'.j.. 'it'T »*e \>t.iv«:^ Ar"jy, : ^<.2, '^i* . 
^.' V . ' ;. h"S w.dovv n'. ^ ■ '••!.',!. Gen rf.^h Wccl t* Ai* 

« ' ' i. 

v' 1 \, b Suv'aT:n.ih. t'. i., JuT.e :-, x 

« I 

» ! 

O'.. \. S.«.Vcn^.ih. G-t., '^'.."'h. •^S;. 


• » 

.' ! • 

-\v ;nn.ih, July 17, ibto, •■]. J 
• » •. ■ V -■ , b. Sav'.innj^h, ,? " • "i 
/t ••■>• i, b Sivaurah, ;!. in - i* ■ 

3 n ' i>*.:i3. 

300. EiiZABLTH MAHfiARLT Cuvi.KR, bom ."it : :tv;t^^.r:ih, >' . 
i^w^, 1*1 tiryt» Doc. 17, 1S44. Wiiliain ilua^•r' (.''• uri : .!i 


The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 51 

Inspector-General Sylvester* Churchill, U. S. A., (Joseph* Church- 
hill and Sarah Cobb, Joseph* Churchill and Maria Ryder, Barna- 
bas' Churchill and Lydia Harlow, Joseph' Churchill and Sarah 
Hicks, John' Churchill and Hannah Pontus) and Lucy* Hunter 
(William* Hunter and Mary Newell, David' Hunter and Rebecca 
Marvin, Jonathan* Hunter and Hopestill Hamblin, William' 
Hunter and Rebecca Besse). She m. second. Col. Ebenezer 
S. Sibley of Detroit, Michigan, who died Aug. 14, 1884. She died 
in Dresden, Saxony, Jan. 2, 1889, and was buried in Detroit. 

William Hunter Churchill was bom at Ft. Wood, Bedloes 
Island, New York Harbor, July 8, 1819. He was a graduate of 
West Point, 1840, and was made 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Artillery. 
He served at Ft. Columbus, N. Y., 1840-42, New Orleans Bar- 
racks, La., 1842; St. Augustine, Fla., 1842; Ft. McHenry, Md., 
1842-3; Ft. Moultrie, S. C, 1843-5. O^ J^^^ *7» ^^43, he became 
I St Lieutenant. Served in the Mexican War and promoted. 
May 9, 1846, to Brevet-Capt. for gallant and distinguished services 
in the battles of Palo Alto and Resaca De La Palma, Texas. 
He was wounded in the Battle of Palo Alto on May 8, 1846, 
and in 1847 was Quartermaster of the Captain's Staff and Ass't.- 
Quartermaster at Ft. Polk, Point Isabell, Texas. He died at 
Point Isabell, Texas, Oct. 19, 1847. He was buried in Laurel 
Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Ga. Child by first marriage: 

+335 Richard Cuyler Churchill, b. Dec. 12, 1845, at Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

Children by second marriage: 

33Sa Katharine Whipple Sibley, b, April i, 1863. 
335b Alexandrine Hamilton Sibley, b. Oct. 6, 1864, d. 
Sept. 27, 1910. 

291. Richard M. Cuylbr m. in Christ Church, Savannah, Ga., 
April 25, 1 86 1, Emily Charlotte Potter, dau. of James Potter. 
He was a Colonel of Artillery in the Confederate States Army, 
x86i. He died May 18, 1879, and was buried in Laurel Grove 
Cemetery. Child: 

336 Mississippi, b. Macon, Ga., Oct. 9, 1862. 

337 John Potter, b. Macon, Ga., May 26, 1864, d. Oct. 30, 


63 The Earliest Cutlers in Holland and America 

+338 John Potter, b. New York City, March 29, 1867, m. 
Mary Baker. 

339 Agnes, b. New York City, April 23, 1869. 

340 Emily Potter, b. New York City, April ai, 1870, bap. 

St. Bartholomew's Church, N. Y. City. 

395. James Wayne Cuyler m. Alice Holden. He was ist 
Lieutenant, Engineers, in the U. S. Army, June 13, 1864; Bvt.- 
Captain, March 13, 1865, for faithful and meritorious service 
during the war; Captain, Engineers, March 7, 1867, and Major, 
July 17, i88i. He died April 16, 1883, and was buried in Laurel 
Grove Cemetery.* Child: 

341 Mary Caroline Campbell, m. Jan. 4, 1893, Sir Phillip 

Brian-Grey Egerton, Bart. He was b. April 29, 
1864. She was granted a divorce in June, 1905, in 
the British court. She m. 2nd, Richard McCreery, 
son of Andrew McCreery of California. 

308. Theodore Ledvard Cuyler m. March 17, 1853, Annie E. 
Mathiot, dau. of Joshua Mathiot of Newark, Ohio. He graduated 
at Princeton College, 1841, and was ordained a minister in 1848. 
He held pastorates in Burlington, and Trenton, N. J., and since 
i860 was minister of Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. He published an interesting volume. Recollec- 
tions of a Long Life^ 1902. He d. at Brookljrn, N. Y., Feb. 26, 
1909. Children: 

342 Mary, b. Aug. 22, 1854, m. April 27, 1882, Dr. William 

S. Cheesman. 

343 George Sidney, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 9, 1863, d. 

April 19, 1868. 

344 Theodore L., b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 9 ,1863, m. Jan. 2, 

1890, Mary Helen Force. She was b. July 3, 1864, 
and d. July 19, 1893. Mr. Cuyler is Assistant- 
Treasurer of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company 
at 253 Broadway, N. Y. City. Their son, Theodore 
Ledyard Cuyler, 3rd, was b. May 17, 1891. 

345 Louisa Ledyard, d. Sept. 30, 1881, aged 22 years. 

346 Mathiot, b. Dec. 25, 1873, d. Jan. 6, 1874. 

* According to Christ Charch Records, Savannah, Ga., he was buried 
May 3, 1884. 


' » 

The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 53 

324. Amaziah Rust Cuyler m. New York, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1873, 
Sarah L. Gilbert. She was born Brooklyn, N. Y., July 15, 1853, 
and was the daughter of Thomas Gilbert and Phebe £. Mathews. 

347 David Henry, b. New York, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1875, m. 
New Rochelle, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1900, Adele Foster, 
dan. of John Eldridge Foster and Louise M. Rem- 
ington. She was b. New York, N. Y., March 4, 1877 . 
Their child, Katherine, was b. Arlington, Mass., 
Nov. 26, 1907. 

335. Richard Cuyler Churchill m. in New York City, Nov. 22, 
1866, Josephine* Young, daughter of Henry* Young, (Alexander* 
Young and Anne Slason, James* Young and Jemima Williams, 
Alexander* Young and Sarah Coles, Alexander' Young and 
Hannah Rose) and Anne* Mason (Charles* Mason and Rebecca 
Nichols, Benjamin* Mason and Anne Mason, Charles* Mason and 
Keziah Miller, Benjamin' Mason and Ruth Pounds, Sampson' 
Mason and Mary Butterworth). He graduated at West Point, 
June 18, 1866, and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th 
Artillery. Promoted ist Lieutenant, July 28, 1866. He was 
stationed at Fort Whipple, near Washington; Fort Delaware, 
Del.; Philadelphia, and at the Academy at West Point, where he 
was Acting- Assistant Professor of drawing. He resigned Sept. i, 
1872. He died June 24, 1879, at Ossining, N. Y. Josephine 
Young Churchill m. second, William G. Birney. She was bom Oct. 
25, 1847, in Brooklyn, N. Y., and now resides abroad. Children: 

348 William Hunter Churchill, b. Ft. Delaware, Del., 

Sept. 12, 1867, d. Dinard, France, April 14, 1907. 

349 Anne Mason Churchill, b. Ft. Delaware, Del., March 

15, 1869, i^- June 6, 1889, B. Dawson Coleman of 
Lebanon, Pa. Their children are: George Dawson 
Coleman, b. May 18, 1890, at Philadelphia, and 
Anne Mason Churchill Coleman, b. Nov. 29, 1892, 
at Philadelphia, Pa. 

350 Maud Churchill, b. at West Point, N. Y., July 12, 

187 1, m. Dec. II, 1890, De Lancey NicoU, son of 
Solomon Townsend Nicoll and Charlotte Ann 
NicoU, b. Shelter Island, N. Y., June 24, 1854. Their 
children arie De Lancey Nicoll, Jr.,b. May 19, 1892, 

54 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America 

at New York City, and Josephine Churchill NicoU, 
b. Oct. 2, 1893, at Tuxedo Park, N. Y. 

351 Elizabeth Margaret Churchill, b. May 22, 1874, at 

Ossining, N. Y., d. Sept. 14, 1874, at Ossining. 

352 Richard Randolph Cuyler Churchill, b. Nov. 2, 1877, 

at Ossining, N. Y., d. at Dinard, France, Sept. 20, 

338. John Potter Cuyler and Mary Baker had: 

353 Richard Matthaei, b. Sept., 1900. 

354 Louis. 

r . i 

' « 

B ■ 

! / 


Martin Kuyler m. Margarita Hargans, Dec. 17, 1780, in the 
Dutch Church at Albany, N. Y. 

Elsey Cuyler m. John Jauncey, July i, 1789, in the Albany 
Dutch Church. 

Annatje Cuyler m. John Schuyler, Jr., Oct. 29, 1769, in the 
Albany Dutch Church. She d. in 1815. 

R. M. Cuyler m. Elsie Gansevoort. (Schuyler's Colonial 
New York^ p. 401.) 

Eliza Cuyler m. Peter Van Deusen. He was b. July 29, 1791. 
{Van Deusen Genealogy^ p. 75.) 

Harmanus Cuyler m. by license, dated Dec, 6, 1760, Mary 
Marcelus. Perhaps he is same Harmanus Cuyler (No. 135 of 
this book) who m. Elizabeth Van Bergen in 1771. Mary Marcelus 
could have been a first wife. A Barbara Marselees and Her- 
manns Kuyler had Anna, bap. Feb. 7, 1762, Albany Dutch 

Catharine Cuyler, wife of Teunis Van Vechten, d. April 24, 
1853. (Albany Annals, vol. 5, p. 327.) 

Elizabeth, widow of Abraham N. Cuyler, d. Jan. 17, 1842, 
aged 86. (Albany Annals, vol. 6, p. 142.) 

Laura Ney, wife of Jacob C. Cuyler, d. Aug. 25, 1854, aged 27. 
(Albany Annals, vol. 6, p. 338.) 

John T. Cuyler m. Mary Vernor, dau. of John and Eve Vernor. 
They had children: 

Vernor, b. June 19, bap. Aug. 3, 1799, Albany Dutch Church. 
Peter Schuyler, b. July 28, bap. Aug. 30, 1801, Albany 
Dutch Church. 


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Members of the Cuyler family who have generously aided with data con- 
cerning their own branch of the family: 

Charles M. Cuyler of Albany, N. Y. 

David H. Cuyler of New York. 

Cornelia £. Cuyler of Philadelphia. 

Florence D. Cuyler of New York. 

Theodore L. Cuyler of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Thomas DeWitt Cuyler of Philadelphia. 

Catharine Maley Cuyler Hardie of New York. 

Mrs. Henry M. Heath of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cuyler Reynolds of Albany, N. Y. 



Aatsen, Capt L., 21 
Abrell, Marv, 44 
Adriaensz, Johan, 3 
Aertzen, Hendrick, 12 
Albarts, Pauwels, 10 
Alberts, Henrick, 2, 3, 4, 5 

Wibbe. I 

Wibbetien, 3 
Allen, Sophia, 43 
Alpberts, Claes, 11 
Amory, James, 22 

Tohn, 22 

John, Jr., 22 

Maria, 22 
Andrfe, Maj. John, 32 
Andriaeszen, Maryn, 14 
Arendtz, Harmen, 4 
Arents, Jan, j 
Arentz, Gerrit, 4 

Tohan, 5 

kerst, 5 
Armstrong, William, 39 
Avery, L. D., 40 

Baker, Mary, 52, 54 
Barbott, Josua, 4 
Bardin, Jeanne, 29 
Barrett, Anthony, 43 

Mary, 43 
Barton, Grace T., 46 

Isabella, 46 

John, 46 
Bayeux, Thomas, 20, 22, 24, 29 

Thomas. Jr., 22, 24 
Bedford, Gunning, 30, 37 
Beekman, Deborah, 17 

lannetje, 26 

[ohannes, 17 

^^T3h, 17 
Bernard, John F., 40 
Bemers, Rev. Ralph. 31 
Besse, Rebecca, 51 
Bimey, William G., 53 
Bleecker, Caatje, 17 

Hendrick, Jr., 25 

Jan J., 17 

Jannetie, 25 

Jannetje, 17 
Bleeckert, Greta, 2 

Henrich, 2 
Bloemaert, Harmen, 7 

Vreryck, 7 

Blomerts, Hermen, 7 
Bommel, Otto, 1 1 
Borst, Dorothy, 41 
Boudinot, Mafircialaine, 22 
Bout, Johann Claesz, 3 

Marrien, 3 
Bradford, William H., 43 
Branham, Joel, Jr., 46 
Brayton, Emma F., 41 
Bronneper, Derek D., 10, 11 
Broogh, Annetje, 15 
Bunner, George, 30 
Burch, John, 37 
Burgoyne, Gen., 32 
Burling, John, 22 

Thomas, 22 
Burnham, Eleazer, 41 

James N., 41 
Busley, Clorinda, 34 

James R., 34 
Bussing, Arent, 13 
Butterworth, Mary, 53 

Gamble, Dudgdall, 23 
Campbell, Rachel, 23 
Cheesman, William S., 52 
Churchill, Alice D., 49 

Anne M., 53 

Barnabas, 51 

Elizabeth M.. 54 

Henry L., 48 

John, 51 

Joseph, 51 

Maud, 53 

Richard C, 51, 53 

Richard R. C, 54 

Gen. Sylvester, 51 

William H., 50, 51, 53 
Claes, Aeltie, 12 

Geuchien, 6 

Hendrick, 9 

{an K., 10 
utte, 10 
Claesz, Jan, 7 
Clarendon, Margaret E., 37 

Smith, 37 
Clarke, Thomas, 20 
Cobb, Sarah, 51 
Cockx, Jan, 1 1 
Coeper, Helena, 23 
Coeps, Beemtsz, 2 
Coerts, Lucretia, 6 



Cole, Margaret, 45 

Mary £., 48 
Coleman, Anne M. C, 53 

B. Dawson, 53 

George D., 53 
Coles, Sarah, 53 
Colton, Sarah, 42 
Conklin, Mary, 41 
Cook, Willem, 14 
Coornhart, Hen rick, 4 
Cornells, Derckien, 10 
Costars, Gerritje, 16 
Court, Dejohn, 28 
Cox, Austen, 47 

Emma A., 47 
Croft, Rev. Stephen, 31 
Cruger, Anna, 19, 24 

Henry, 19 

John, 18, 22 

John, Jr., 19 

Maria, 19 

Rachel, 19 

Sarah, 19 

Thieleman, 23 

Tieleman, 19 

Cuyler (Coilert, Coylardt, Coylacrt, 
Coylert, Coilerth, Coldaert, Coey- 
lert, Coyert, Cuilert, Cuilers, Cuy- 
lart, Coylart, Koylert, Koe^lert, 
Keylert, Koilerts, Koeilert, Koilertt, 
Koyler, Kuylert, Koylart, Kuylaert) 
Abraham, 15, 17, 22-26, 31-33, 35, 

Abraham T., 39 

Abraham N., 55 

Agnes, 52 

Alice, 39 

Alida, 27, 28 

Amaziah R., 49, 53 

Amy B., 47 

Andries, 1-7, 10 

Ann, 30, 42 

Anna, 14-17,22, 23, 26, 55 

Anna-Maria, 31 

Annatje, 33, 55 

Annie B., 48 

Annie D., j8 

Arentgen, o 

Arenthen, 8 

Arentien, 4, 10 

Ariaentie, 15 

Arthur C, 39 

Augustus, 31, 42 

Barent R., 26, 27, 35 

Benjamin L., 40, 47 

Bertha M., 35 

Bessie B., 50 

Caroline A., 41 

Caroline G.. 50 

Cuyler (Coilert, Coylardt, Coylaert* 
uoylert, Coilerth, Coldaert, Coey- 
lert, Coyert, Cuilert, Cuilers, Cuy- 
lart, Coylart, Koylert, Koeylert, 
Keylert, koilerts, Koeilert, Koilertt, 
Kojrler, Kuylert, Koylart, Kuylaert) 

Caroline S., 38 

Caroline T., 44 

Catalyna, 25 

Cathalina, 31, 32 

Cathalina S., 31 

Catharina, 23, 25, 26, 33-35 

Catharine, 17, 23, 26, 36, 37, 42, 55 

Catharine A., 40 

Catherine B., 41 

Catherine M., 42, 49 

Catrina, 33 

Charies, 31, 38, 47 

Charles H., 39 

Charles H. J., 38, 47 

Charles M., 41 

Charlotte H., 48 

Christina, 16 

Coleman F., 48 

Constance A., 39 

Constance £., 47 

Cornelia £.,44 

Cornelis. 12, 15, 16, 25, 26, 3^35* 

Cornelius, 3, 8, 24, 25, 31, 41 » 42 

Cornelius C, 50 

Cornelius J., 34 

Comelys, 7 

David £., 40 

David H., 43, 49, 53 

Deele, 3, 7 

Delia, 3, 15, 18 

Dirck, 25, 33 

Dorothy, 47 

Edith M., 47 

Edward C., 34 

Edward J., 41 

Edward F., 50 

Egbert, 2, 6 

Eleanor, 44 

Eleanor D., 50 

Eleonora C, 39 

Eliza, 31, 37, 55 

Eliza M., 41 

Elizabeth, 17, 23-25, 32, 35, 39, 55 

Elizabeth D., 34 

Elizabeth M., 45, 50 

Elizabeth S., 38 

Elizabeth T., 40 

Elsey, S} 

Elsie, 10, 25 

Elsj[c, 25, 33, 35 

Emily M., 39 

Emily P., 52 

Engbert, 2-6, 8, 9 




Cuyler (Coilert, Coylardt, Coylaert, 
Coylcrt, Coilerth, Coldaert, Coey- 
lert, Coyert, Cuilert, Cuilers, Cuy- 
lart, Coylart» Koylert, Koe^lert, 
Keylert, koilerts, Koeilert, Koilertt, 
Kojrler, Kuylert, Koylart, Kuylaert) 

Estelle, 46 

Ethel, 47 

Eugene F., 34 

Eva, 15, 19, 22 

Florence, 39 

Florence D, 34 

Frances L., 49 

Frank E., 41 

Frederick, 42 

Frederick S., 38 

George, 41 

George A., 38, 45, 50 

George C, 46 

George H., 47 

George N., 41 

George S., 52 

George W., 40 

Georgiana, 31 

Gerald, 39 

Glen, 33, 40, 47 

Grace B., 46 

Griete, 4-6, 11 

Grietien, 4, 6, 7 

Hannah, 27 

Harmanus, 26, 33, 35, 55 

Hannanus V., 33 

Harmen, 3-5 

Harriet-Fanny, 31 

Helena, 24, 33 

Helen L., 40 

Helen M., 40 

Helen S.,49 

Hendrick, 4, «, 13, 15-17, 24, 25, 

Hendrykien, 12 

Henrick, 5 

Henrietta, 39 

Henry, 14, 15, 20-23,26-28, 30, 35- 

Henry, Jr., 26, 30 
Herman, 4-7 
Hester, 26-28 
Hille, 2-5 
Hillegien, 12 
Ida, 2-3 
Ida P., 41 
Isaac S., 34 
Isebrant, 10-12, 15 
; acob, 25, 26, 32, 33, 40 
^ acob A., 39 

; acob C, 34, 39i 40, 55 
, acob G., 31, 32 
, acobus, 23, 27 
] ames W., 46* 52 

Cuyler (Coilert, Coylardt, Coylaert, 
Coylert, Coilerth, Coldaert, Coey- 
lert, Coyert, Cuilert, Cuilers, Cuy- 
lart, Covlart, Koylert, Koc^rlert, 
Keylert, iCoilerts, i^oeilert, Koilertt, 
Koyler, Kuylert, Koylart, Kuylaert) 

,an, 6, 10-12 

; ane, 30, 44 

^ ane E., 39 

] ane M., 38, 40. 47 

] anneken, 4, 5 

] anuetien, 3, 7 

] annetje, 35 

[ eremiah L., 30, 37, 38 

, eremie, 35 

[ ohanna, i, 2, 27 

; ohannes, 15-17, 23, 25, 26, 33, 35, 

^ ohannis, 24 

; ohn, 23, 25, 40 

. ohn C, 31 

[ohn De Graaf,44 

' ohn L., 40, 48 

; ohn M., 38, 42, 45 

, ohn P., 51, 52, 54 

. ohn T., 55 

[ oost, II, 12 

' oost A., II 

;oseph,J5, 43 

^ ulia, 48 

; ulia B., 45 

, ulia W., 47 

] utte, I 

\ utten, I 

] Catharine, 34 

Katharine L., 47 

Katharine S., 50 

Katherine, 53 

Konneken, 11 

Laura N., 55 

Louis, 54 

Louisa G., 39 

Louisa L., 52 

Louise, 47 

Lubbe, 6, 7 

Lucretia, 6 

Lydia A., 40 

Lydia V., 41 

Margaret D., 38 

Margaret E., 42 

Margaret L., 40, 41 

Margaret M., 45 

Margarete, 17 

Margaretha, 4 

Margarita, 25, 26, 33 

Mana, 12, 15-18, 22, 27, 30, 35, 

Maria D., 44 
Maria E., 40, 41 
Maria H., 38 



Caller (Coilert» Coylardt, Coylaert, 
Coylert, Coilerth, Coldaert, Cocy- 
lert, Coycrt, Cuilert, Cullers, Cuy- 
lart, Coylart, Koylert, Koeylert, 
Keylert, Koilerts, Koeilert, Koilertt, 
Koyler, Kuylert, Koylart, Kuylaert) 

Marrichien, 8 

Marrietien, 3 

Martin, 55 

Mary, 40, 52 

Mary A., 38 

Mary B., co 

Mary C. C., 52 

Mary D., 49 

Mary L., 41, 47, 48 

Mary M., 43 

Mathiot, 52 

Mississippi, 51 

Nicholas, 17, 26, 35 

Peter, 4, 5, 10 

Peter S., 55 

Petertien, 1 1 

Philip, 24, 31 

Philip, S. V. R., 39 

Pieter, 3, 4 

Pyter, 7 

Rachel, 15, 17, 18, 23 

Reyndart, 12 

Reyne, 10 

Reyner, 3, 8-10 

Reynier, 3, 5, 7, 12, 13, 15 

Reyntien, 11 

Reyer, 12 

Richard G., 40, 47 

Richard M., 45> S>f 54 

Richard R., 38, 44, 45, 50 

R. M., 55 

Robert, 35 

Rynier, 8 

Samuel C, 40 

Sara, 16, 22, 24 

Sarah, 15, 17, 24, 30 

Sarah F., 44 

Seyne, i 

Seyno, i 

Seyno, Jr., i 

Sophia X.., 41 

Staats, 34 
Stiene, 5 
Susan, 44 
Susan F., 48 
Susanna, 26 
Telamon, 19, 24, 30, 46 
Telamon A., 38, 46 
Telamon S. B., 46 
Teleman, 21, 22, 24, 28, 29 
Theodore, 44, 49 
Theodore D., 50 
Theodore L., 47, 52 
Theodore L., Jr., 52 

Cuyler (Coilert, Coylardt, Coylaeit, 
Coylert, Coilerth, Coldaert, Coey- 
lert, Coyert, Cuilert, Cuilers, Cuy- 
lart,* Coylart, Kovlert, Koeylert, 
Keylert, Koilerts, Koeilert, Koilertt, 
Koyler, Kuylert, Koylart, Kuylaert) 

Theodore L., 3rd, 52 

Theresa C, 39 

Thomas D., 49 

Thomas H., 46 

Thoomes, 15 

Thvman, i 

Tobias V., 41 

Tobias, Van V., 33 

Trientien, 1 1 

Tydeman, I 

Vedder, 33 

Vemor, 55 

Wibbe, 2, 4» 5 

Wibbetien, 2, 3 

Willem, II 

William, 39 

William A., 48 

William C, 46 

William H., 38, 41, 45 

William J., 34 

William M., 48 

William T.. 42, 48 

Wolter, 12 
Cuyler Sugar House, 26, 35 

Davies, John, 37 

De Graaff, Eleanor, 43 

Isaac, 43 
Delamater, Jan, 13 
De Lancey, Hester, 22 

Stephen, 22 
de Lanoy, Marritie, 18 
de Mever, Nicholas, 13 
de Mill, Pieter, 14 
De Pcyster, Capt., 13 

Jonannes, 18 
Dercx, Jelletien, 10 
de Wandelaer, Johannes, 14 
De Witt, Mary fe., 49 

Rev. Thomas, 49 
Dexter, Anna A., 43 

Catherine C, 43 

Cynthia R., 43 

George, 43 

Mary, 4^ 
Diamond, Mary A., 34 
Douw, Anna de P^ 48 
Duell, R. H., 47 
Dunbar, Maria, 34 
Duyckinck, Gerrit, 14 
Dyckman, Jan, 13 

Ebelinck, Koert, 1 1 
Egbaerts, Willem, 7 



Egbers, Willem, 8 
Egerton, Phillip B., 52 
Eldridge, Ann, 40 
Ensign, Albinus, 34 

Alice P., 34 
Everts, Swane, 6 
Evertz, Henrich, 6 

Fauvieres, Jacques, J9 
Fell, Anna, 20 

Simon, 20 
Fellebier, Doretea, 3 

Jorrien, 7 
Fincang, Francois, 22 
Force, Mary H., 52 
Forman, Catherine, 40, 41 
Foster, Adele, 53 

Charles, 47 

John E., 53 
Fox, Henrich van K., 6» 7 
Franks, Jacob, 20 
Freeman, Edgar, 50 
Frentz, Claes, 5, 10 
Frink, Nathan, 28 
Fryer, Fanny A., 41 

Gansevoort, Elsie, 55 

Capt. John, 42 

Leendert, Jr., 26 
Geerts, Claes, 9 

Engeltie, o 
Geertsz, Rolon, 9 
Gheryts, Harmen, 8 
Gilbert, Sarah L., 53 

Thomas, 53 
Gissing, Edward F., 39 
Glen, Anna, 25 

Catharine, 25 

\ acob S., 17 

] annetie, 31 

\ ohannes, 17 

] bhannis, 25 

John, 32 
Goltsmith, Rotf^er, 2 
Goosen, Marritie, 20 
Gordon, Ambrose, 44, 45 

Jonathan R., 45 

Mississippi, 44, 45 

Peter, 45 

William W., 44 
Gould, Janet G., 40 
Gouvemeur, Abranam, 14 

Pieter N., 13 
Goyon, Jeanne, 29 
Grant, Anne, 31 

Maj. Richard, 31 
Graveraat, Isaac, 14 
Grier, Rev. Matthew B., 44 
Groenendyck, Anna, 18, 23 

Hendrick, 18 

Groenendyck, Johannes, 18 

Mary, 18 

Pieter, 18 

Sarah, 18 
Guillemetton, Esther, 29 

Estienne, 29 
Gysberts, Maria, 20 

Habersham, Gov. James, 29 

Haile, Ann, 44 

Hallifax, Catharine F., 38 

Rev. Fitz-William, 38 
Hamblin, Hopestill,^i 
Hamilton, Ann F., 40 

Thomas, 46 
Hanford, Charlotte, 48 
Hansen, John, 23 
Hanszen, Hans, 16 

Hendrick, 16 
Hardenberg, Gerrit, 14 
Hardie, Arthur, 43 

Caroline M., 4j 

Catherine M. C., 43 

Isabella H., 43 

Francis H., 42 

Henry D., 42 

James A., 42 

Joseph C, 43 

Margaret C, 43 
Harffans, Margarita, 55 
Harlow, Lydia, u 
Harris, Elizabeth, 19 
Harrison, Gulie G., 50 
Hart, Nancy, 30 
Hartman, Maria E., 39 
Haynes, Jane, 29 
Heath, Cuyler, 47 

Henrv M., 47 

Winifred L., 48 
Hendricks, Hendrickien, 5 
Hendrickx, Hendrickien, 11 
Hendryckx, Grietien, 7 
Hendrycts, Grietien, 4 
Henly, Edward, 34 

Mary E., 34 
Henrix, Jan, 9 

Otto, 6, 9 
Henrixsoen, Bette, i 

Engbert, I 

}ohan, I 
ohan, Jr., i 
1 enrich, i 
Hermans, Vrougien, 12 
Hermsen, Jannicken, 6 
Hermsz, Arent, 9 
Roloff, 10, II 
Hertwichs, Beerte, 2 
Heyndrix, Abigail, 6 
Hicks, Sarah, 51 
Hitzerothi John H., 40 



Holden, Alice, 52 
Holmes, Rev. John, 37 
Holt, £., 32 

William, 12 
Hood, Donald M., 46 
Howe, Sir W., 32 
Hubbard, Samuel, 30 
Hunter, Augustus C., 42 

David, SI 

Henry C, 42 

Capt. Henry D., 42 

{onatban, 51 
«ucy, 51 

Margaret C; 42 
William, 51 

Isebrants, Isebrant, 8 
Marrichien, 9 
Marrien, 8 
Marrietien, 3 

Jacobs, Lubbert, 10 
Maria, 20, 22 
Vrouwtje, 10 

{acobszen, Hendrick, 20 
ans, Claesien, 7, 9 

Hendryckien, 7 

Wendele, 4 
Jansen, Gerryt, 11 

Toenys, 11 
Jansz, Evertien, 11, 12 

Grietien, 5 

Hendrick, 11 

Henrick, 6 

Jutte, 6 
^ auncey, John, 55 
\ ay. Clarissa, 34 
, effreys, Michael, 21 
' bhnston, John M., 45 

Kane, Elizabeth, 39 

Rebecca, 39 

William, 39 
Kasson, Livingston S., 48 
Keall, Henry, 37 
Keeler, Frances M., 34 
Keteltas, Abraham, 23 

Antje, 23 

Gerret, 23 
Knight, Rev. Samuel-Johnes, 31 
Koerenhart, Grietie, 4 

Hendrick, 4 
Koningk, Gerryt, 6 
Koopman, Jan H., 7, 9 

Lambarts, Petertien, 11 
Lamberts, Petertien, 6 
Lamontagne, John, 23 
Lane, Mrs., 28 
Henry, 23 

Lanffdon, Anna, 22 

Hendrick, 22 

Rachel, 22 

Richard, 22 

Richard, Jr., 22 
Lange, Miss, 39 
Latouche, Isaac, 23, 29 

Jeanne, 23, 29, 30 

j^r^mie, 29 

Pierre, 29 
Lawrence, G., 47 
Ledyard, Gen. Benjamin, 40, 41 

Margaret, 41 

Mary F., 40 
Lentingh, Arentien, 4 

Roloff H., 4 
Levy, Moses, 20 

Samuel, 20 
Lewis, Frances, 49 

John T., 49 
Lewisz, Susanna, 15 
Livingston, Peter Van B., 23 

Philip, 18, 28 

Robert, 18 

Robert, Jr., 24 

Robert K., Jr., 21 

William, 21 
Loockermans, Caatje, 16 
Lord, James B., 50 

Mary T., 50 
Low, Isaac, 25 
Lubberts, Vroutje, 10 
Ludowicks, Charles, 15 
Lush, Samuel S., 48 
Luyckert, Marya, 1 1 

Maesen, Helmichien, 11 
Maley, Hannah, 42 

John, 42 
Marcelus, Mary, 55 
Marckels, Eva J., 4, 5 

Jacob, 4. 5i 
Marselees, Barbara, 55 
Marsh, Elizabeth C, 48 
Martin, Clement, 37 

Dorothy, 37 
Marvin, Rebecca, 51 
Marvn, Hans, 7 

Margriet, 7 
Mason, Anne, 53 

Benjamin, 53 

Charles, 53 

Sampson, 53 
Mathews, Phebe £., 53 
Mathiot, Annie E., 52 

Joshua, p 
McCleve, John, 23, 24 
McCreery, Andrew, 52 

Richard, C2 
McKenzie, John, 37 



Mead, Elizabeth, 44, 45 

John, 44 

WiUiam, 44 
Meader, Robert L., 34 
Meek, John, 37 

Marehenta, 37 
Mentingh, Gysbert, 10 
Mercer, Archibald, 31 

Gen. Hugh W., 50 
Meyer, Adolf, 13 

Henrick, 4 
Miller, Keziah, 53 
M'Myer, Andrew, 21, 22 
Montgomery, Patrick, 19 
Morrell, Charles H., 47 

Louisa F., 47 
Morris, Caspar W., 49 
Mulert, Henrich, 2 

Lubbert, 2 
Muys, Comelis, 8 
Mynderse, John, 34 

Nagel,Jan, 13 
Neall, lohn Mitchell, 43 
Newell, Mary, 51 
Nichols, Rebecca, 53 
Nicholson, Capt., 13 
Nicoll, De Lancey, 53 

De Lancey, Jr., 53 

Charlotte A., 53 

Josephine C, 54 

Mary T., 50 

Solomon T., 50, 53 
Nixon, James, 48 
Noyes, William J., 43 

Ogden, Nicholas, 27 

Pannebacker, Henrick B., 4 
Patten, Nicholas A., 33 

Susanna, 33 
Patterson, Joseph, 44 
Phillips, Hannah, 19 
Phcsnix, Alexander, 29 
Piaud, Jeanne, 20 
Pickert, Hendrickien H., 5 

Willem, 10 
Pieters, Lysbeth, 12, 14 

Sarah, 14 
Pontus, Hannah, 51 
Pott, Jan H., 4 
Potter, Emily C, 51 

James, 51 
Pounds, Ruth, 53 
Prius, Evertien, 11 

Randolph, Richard, 44 
Reade, John, 20 
Remington, Louise M., 53 
Reyners, Isebrant, 8 

Reynerts, Isebrant, 9 
Reyniers, Isebrant, 3 

Ysebrant, 8 
Reynolds, Cuyler, 49 

Dexter, 49 

Kenneth G., 49 

Marcus T., 49 
Reyvers, Wolter C, 8 
Rhea, Margaret, 45 
Richard, Stephen, 20 
Rocke, John, 30 
Roeck, Jan J., 6 
Rolt, Geert J., 9 

John W., 47 
Romeyn, Caroline, 42 
Rood, Henry, 42 

Jennie, 42 
Rose, Hannsih, ^3 
Rosenboom, Elizabeth, 25 

Hendrick, J» 16 

Johannes, 10 
Royal, Joseph, 24 
Rust, Mary, 43 
Ryder, Maria, 51 
Rynders, Alida, 26 

Barent, 22 

Hester, 22 

Schaets, Derckien, 12 
Schepmoes, Abraham, 14 

Aeltje, 14 

Anna, 12, 14,15 

Annetje, 14, 15 

Dirck, 14 

Jaepie, 14 
an J., 14 
Orseltie, 14 
Sara, 14 
Willem, 14 
Schultingk, Michiel, 10 
Schuyler, Alida, 18 
Anna, 18 
Catalyntie, 24 
David P., 18 
eremiah, 31 


, 20 


] ohannes, 24, 35 
ohn, jr., 55 
ohn S., 33 

4aria, 26 

Capt Myndert D., 18 

Rachel, 18, 23 

Stephanus, 35 

Susanna, 26 
Scott, Maria L., 49 
Settle, Helen, 49 

Joseph, 49 

^»arah, 49 
Shepard, Charles £., 40 
Shoemaker, Sarah C, 34 




Sibley, Alexandrine H^ $i 

CapL Ebenezer S., 38 

Col. Ebenezer S., 51 

Katharine W., 51 
Slason, Anne, 53 
Slouehter, Hannah, 19 

William, 10 
Smith, Henry H., 46 

Julia H., 46 

Sidney P., 46 

Telamon C, 46 
Snellen, Geertmyt, 7 
Somerville, John, 29 
Soumain, Jeanne, 29 

Simon, 29 
Speed, Julia, 40 
Spencer, Joseph W., 37 
Spring, Dr. O., 41 

Emily £.,41 
Staats, Barent G., 33 

Elizabeth, 24 
Stainforth, Sarah E„ 38 

Thomas, 38 
Staley, John B., 37 
Steenbergen, Elizabeth, $0 
Stephens, William, 37 
Stewart, Nancy B., 48 
Stiles, Lewis, 41 

Lucinda, 41 
Stirk, John, 38 
Stone Amanda, 33 
Strycker, Jacob, 14 

Ten Broeck, Cornelius C, 16 

Dirck, 17 

Dirck W., 16 

Elizabeth, 32 

Elsje, 15, 10 

Wessel, 16 
Ten Eyck, Coenraedts, 17 

{acob C, 17 
«ena, 35 
Tobias, 18 
Ten Oever, Eusse, 5 
Eva, ^, 6 
Hennck, 5 

ian A., 8 
ohan A., 3 
ohann A., 7 
ever, Guisien H., 7 
Thys, Lysbert, 14 
Tonslegers, Lvsbet J., 8 
Tremper, Catharine, 42 
Tudor, Mr., 14 
Tweedy, John, 31 
Sarah, 31 

Van Benthem, Tan, 1 1 

Van Bergen, Elizabeth, 33, 55 

Van Bommel, Joost O., 12 

Van Brugh, Catharine, 18 

Peter, 13 

Pieter, 22 

Capt. Pieter, 17 

Sara, 22 
Van Buren, Christina C^ 16 
Van Cortlandt, Augustus, 25 

James, 24 
ohn, 31 
Van Dam, Deborah, 16 

Rip. jr., 20 
Van Derfaeyden, David, 20 
Vander Poel, Maria, 16 
Van der Vecht, Frans C, 9 
Van Deusen, Margaret, 25 

Peter, SS 

William J., 25 
Van Driesen, Anna, ao 

Hendrick, 20 

Johannes, 20 

Maria, ao 

Petrus, jr. 19 

Rev. Petrus, 19, 22 
Van Epps, Susanna, 43 
Van Giesen, John, 14 
Van Groningen, Hilbrant, 9 
Van Home, Garrett, 20 
Van Marckel, Jan, 7 
Van Marckell, Armgert, 5, 6 

Eva, 5 

Grieten J., 9 

Grietien, 5-7 

, acob, 5 

] acob J., 5 

\ an Claes, 9 

^ohan, 5, 6 

^ubbert, 5, 6 

Lunner, 5 
Van Markell, Jan C, 6 
Van Neck, Maritie C., 7 
Van Rensselaer, Helena, 33, 34 

Nicholas, 18 
Van Schaick, Anthony, 16 

Anthony, jr., 16 

Catharina, 25 

Grietje, 17 

Jacob, 25 
Van Schoenderwoert, Margaret R., 17 
Van Tourhout, Margriet L., 7 
Van Vechten, Ditck, 32 

Lydia, 32 

Teunis, 55 
Van Veen, Pieter C, 14 
Vedder, Harmanus, 33 

Susanna, 33 
Vellebier, Delia, 3 

Jurrien, 3, 8 
Veneman, Derek, 6 

Herman D., 6 

Jannetien, 6 



Vcrnor, Eve, 55 

John. 55 

Mary, 55 
Ver Planck, Catalina, 18 
Villebier, Deele, 3 

George, 3 
Vincent, Adrian, 20 

Anna, 20 

Tan, 20 
Vockinguis, Johannes, 10 
Vosken, Andries, i, 2 

Waterman, Eh'za A., 49 
Wayne, James M., 45 

Mary C, 45 
Welckman, Hendrick, 11 
Wells, Anna M., 47 
Wendall, John, 13 
Wendel, Catharina, 25 

Hermanns, 25 
Wendell, Anna, 34 

Catharine, 33 

Wendell, Jacob, 33, 34 

Margaret, 35 
Wheaton, Julia, 47 
Wichersz, T hilman, 3, 7, 8 
Willems, Lubbe, 5 

Lubbert, 7 
Williams, Jemima, 53 
Wolters, Claes, 2 

Johann, 2 
Wouters, Aef ic, 15 

Petronella, 13 

Pietemelle, 15 
Wray, Jane, 40 
Wright, Sir, James, 30 

Yates, Jannetie, 34 
Joseph, 34 

Young, Alexander, 53 
Henry, 53 

James, 53 
osephine, 53 

^o^ •