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STANFORD university libraries STANF0R[ 










Early American Poetry 







THE YEARS 1650-1799. 

By Oscar Wegelin 

" Sweet are the pleasures that to verse belong, 
And donbly sweet a brotherhood of song," 


»■ '. **"0* •» » %• tr 

k » fc -«'*.«^«« '■#«»•• •*••■'*» -J >*>'%** \ ^ - " 

— « ^ ^ V ^ 


Published by the Compiler 

— y J . - 






■ to « k . 

• • • 

• • • 

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• • • • 



• • • • ^ • 

•-• fc' 

flew Vorli. 


volume concludes my work on the bibliography of the 
try of North America. 

ugh much interesting material was published in the de- 
)wing, the lateness of the period really bars it from being 
is "early." So many titles could be unearthed in the 
vered by the years 1821-1840 that a volume considerably 
an the present would be the result and little of interest 
antiquarian standpoint would result therefrom, 
period represented in the volume now oflFered is of im- 
from more than one standpoint, as it not only brings to 
names of several of the better-known names among the 
of the first quarter of the Nineteenth Century, but also 
fact that it covers two most important events in the early 
f the Nation, The Embargo and The War of 1812. 
brmer event is also of interest, as it introduced to Ameri- 
;rs the first poet of note which America had up to that 

i^hile Bryant stands almost alone among the names cata- 
i the following pages as a writer of the first rank, many 
mes will be discovered of writers who are still remem- 
d whose works are yet read to some extent by all inter- 
the study of American Poetry — ^and there are such, 
nagazine and newspaper writers notwithstanding, 
•ugh the average book collector does not include Ameri- 
Ty in his itinerary, I firmly believe that this important 
f American Literature will not be much longer neglected, 
ese volumes shall in any way help toward that end I shall 
; than repaid for the interest I have taken in the subject. 
Dsing I wish to thank Mr. Harry L. Koopman and his 
he Brown University Library, and the other friends who 
m an interest in the work and have by their aid made my 

Oscar Wegeun. 


, John.] The | Ocean Harp: 
with I Some Smaller Pieces; 

A Poem; | in two Cantos: 
and I A Monody | on the 
ath of John Syng Dorsey, M.D.| By the author of | Lord 
,rron's Farewell to England," "Pigrimage to | the Holy 
md," and other pieces. | Philadelphia: | Published by M. 
iomas.| J. Maxwell, Printer. | 1819.I i6mo, pp. [3],-VI- 
XVni, [I], 30-182. 

EN^ Benjamin, Jr.] Miscellaneous | Poems, | on | Moral 
id Religious | Subjects | By Osander.j [4 verses.] Hud- 
n : I Printed by Wm. E. Norman | No. 2 Warren St.| 181 1.| 
►mo. pp. [4] +7-180. 

Another edition. Hudson, New York: 181 1. lamow 
Also New York: 181a. i6ina pp. MrS-iSa 

EN.] United We Stand: | Divided We Fall.| A Poem.| 
^ Juba.| [3 lines from "Cicero against Cataline."]| New- 
ork: I Printed by D. & G. Bruce, | 29 Slote-Lane.| i8i2.| 
imo. Pp. [S]+6-S2+[i]+S6-74. 
EN.] The I Death | of | Abdallah.| An Eastern Tale.j 

Sabat, in Buchanan's 
Published by W. B. 

Dunded on the Story of Abdallah and 

[iristian | Researches.) New York: 

illey. No. 92 Broadway | Gould and Van Pelt, Printers.] 

I14.I 24mo. pp. [s]+VI-i92. 

N. Urania, | or | The True Use of Poesy; | A Poem | 
\f B. Allen, Jun.| New York: | Published by A. H. Inskeep, 
id I Bradford & Inskeep. | Philadelphia. | 1814. i6mo. 
>. [7]-8, [I], 10-192. 

Page 8 it mitnumbered 5. 

N. The Phoenix ; | or the | Battle of Valparaiso.] A Poem | 
y B. Allen, Jun.| New York: | Gould and Van Pelt, Print- 
s, 9 Wall-Street.| 1814.I i6mo. pp. [5]+viiiH[3]+i^ 

Picture of eagle at top of title-page holding in iti mouth a pennant, 
which reads: "Honour to the Brayc." 

Allen, Brasseya. Pastorals, | Elegies, Odes, | Epistles | And 
Other Poems | by Mrs. Allen. | [Two lines from first pas- 
toral] I (Copy Right Secured.)! Abingdon, (Md.) : | printed 
by Daniel P. RuflF | 1806. i6mo. pp. [11] +10-163. 

Allen, Jonathan. A | Poem, | on the Existence of | God.j An 
Ode on Creation. | To which are Added | Several Hymns, | 
And an Eulogy on | General George Washington. | By Jona- 
than Allen, A.M. I [3 verses from Milton.] | Haverhill, | 
Printed by Galen H. Fav, for the Author. | 1803. | i8mo. 
pp. [51+6-36. 

Allen, Paul. Original Poems, | Serious | and | Entertaining.) 
By Paul Allen, A.M.| Published according to Act of Con- 
gress.] Printed by Joshua Gushing, Saiem.| iSoi.j i2mo. 
pp. [S]rv-vii,-[2]x-xi. [2], 3-141. 

Allston, Washington. The | Sylphs of the Seasons, | with | 
Other Poems. I By | W. Allston.] First American from the 
London Edition. | Boston: | Published by Cummings and 
Hilliard, | No. i, ComhilL] Cambridge .... Hilliard & Met- 
calf.| 1813.I i2mo. pp. [S]+vi-i68. 

The First edition wu inued in London, 18x3. x6mo. 

Alsop, Richard. A Poem ; | Sacred to the Memory | of | George 
Washington, | Late President of the United States, and Com- 
mander in Chief of the Armies of the | United States. 
Adapted to the 22d of Feb. 1800. | By Richard Alsop. 
[4 lines from "Charms of Fancy."] | Hartford : | Printed by 
Hudson and Goodwin. I i8oo.| 8vo. pp. [S 1,-6-23. 

[Alsop.] The | Enchanted Lake | of the | Fairy Morgana.) 
From the Orlando Inamorata of | Francesco Bemi.| New- 
York: I Printed and Published by Isaac Riley and Co. | 
Lexitypographic Ofiice.| i8o6.| 8vo. pp. [3]-iv-vii, [i],2-67. 
[Frontispiece engraved by Leney.] 

Ames^ Jane. Compositions, | Original and Selected | By Jane 
Ames I Part Second.) Boston: | Printed by Lincoln & Ed- 
mands, | No 53 Comhill, i8o8.| i6mo. pp. [s] +6-106+ [2]. 

Andrews, Edward W. An | Address | before the | Washington 
Benevolent Society, | in | Newburyport, on the | 22d. of 
Feb. 1816. I by Edward W. Andrews, A.M.| Published by 


request of the Society.] Newburyport: | Published by Wil- 
liam B. Allen & Co. | No. 13 Corahill. i8i6.| 8vo. pp. 


^MSTRONG^ Price. A | Theatrical El^;y | on the death of | 
George F. Cook, Esq.| By Price Armstrong | [Two verses 
from Dr. Johnson.] | New- York: | Printed by Samuel Marks.) 
i8i2.| i6mo. pp. [3] +4-8. 

This elegy wu written on the death of George Frederick Cooke, the 
celebrated actor. 

-AiLEY, Isaac A | Poem, | Delivered Before | The Philer- 
menian Society \ of | Brown University, | on their Anni- 
versary, I September, A.D. i8i2.| By Isaac Bailey, Esq.| 
Published by Request of the Society. | Providence: | Printed 
by David Hawkins, Jtm.| i8i2.| 8vo. pp. [3]+4-i4- 

-ARLOW, Joel. The | Columbiad | a poem, | by Joel Barlow. | 
[8 lines from Gierus. Lib. Can, xv.]| Printed by Fry and 
Kammerer | for C. and A. Conrad and Co. Philadelphia; 
Conrad, Lucas and Co. Baltimore.] Philadelphia: | 1807. | 
4to. pp. [3].-iv, [i], vi-xvi, [i], 2-454. [Portrait of Bar- 
low and eleven plates.] 

This edition, one of the finest Specimens of early American book- 
making^ was issued at the expense of Robert Fulton, the Inventor. 

^ARLOW. The I Columbiad | A Pocm.| By Joel Barlow. | In 
Two Volumes.) [8 verses from Gierus.] | Vol. I. | Phila- 
delphia: I Published by C. and A. Conrad and Co. Phila- 
delphia; Conrad, | Lucas and Co., Baltimore.] Fry and Kam- 
merer, Printers.! 1809.I 2 volumes. i2mo. pp. [3]+iv- 
xiv+[i]+2-258; [5] +6-218. 

^ARLOW. The I Columbiad, | A Poem | By Joel Barlow.] [8 

Printed for Richard Phil- 
1809.I 8vo. pp. [3]-fiv- 

verses from Gierus.] | London: 
lips. Bridge Street, | Blackfriars. 
xxxiii-f- [4] +2-426. 

Another edition. Paris: Printed for F. Schoell, Booksellev (sic), 1813. 
4to, pp. [5],-xxii-xl, [3], vi-xx, [i], 2-448. [FrontispiecSe.] 

^ARRY, Garrett. Poems, | on | Several Occasions | By Garrett 
Barry, Esq. \ [line in Latin]. | Baltimore: | Printed for | Cole 
& I. Bonsai and John Vance & Co. | In Market-Street: | 1807.I 
i2mo. pp. [3]-iv, [i], 6-101, 10 pp. Subscribers' names and 
2 pp. of adv. 


Belknap, Jeremy. Sacred Poetry : \ Consisting of | Psalms and 
H3rmns, | Adapted to | Christian Devotion, | In Public and 
Private. I Selected From The Best Authors, With Variations 
And Additions.! By Jeremy Belknap, D.D.j Fourth Edition. 
Published According to Act of Congress.] Printed at Bos- 
ton, I For Thomas Andrews and D. West, | [Proprietors of 
the Work]. | Sold by them at their respective Bookstores, and 
by the several | Booksellers in Town and Country, — May, 
1804.I J. T. Buckingham, Printer.) i8mo. pp. [3]-iv-262. 

Other editions as follows: Boston: 1808; Ibid.: 1817; Ibid.: 1820. 

Benedict, David. A | Poem, | Delivered in | Taunton, | Sep- 
tember 1 6th, A.D. 1807, I at the | Anniversary Election | of 
the I Philandrian Society. | By David Benedict. | Boston: 
Belcher & Armstrong, Printers, | No. 70, State-Street. | 1807. 
8vo. pp. [31+4-19. 

or, I A Poetical Description | 
Between the | Pedobaptists 

[Benedict.] The | Watery War: 
of the Existing | Controversy 
and Baptists, | on the | Subjects and Mode of Baptism | By 
John of Enon.j And so they Wrap it up . . . Micah | Bos- 
ton : I Printed and sold by Manning & Loring, No. 2, Comhill.| 
1808. 1 i2mo. pp. [51+6-34. 

BiGELOW, Jacob. A | Poem | on | Professional Life, | Delivered 
by Appointment | of the Society of | Phi Beta Kappa, | at 
their Anniversary | August 29, 181 1.| By Jacob Bigelow, 
M.D.| Boston, | Published by J. Belcher.| 1811. | 8vo. 

pp. [3I+4-15. 

Another edition. Salem, x8zz. 

[BiGLOW, WiLLiAM.l Commencement, | A Poem: | or Rather | 
Commencement of a Poem.| Recited Before the | Phi Beta 
Kappa Society, | In Their Dining Hall, in | Cambridge, | Aug. 

29, 181 1. 1 By A Brother | [2 verses one in Latin] \ Salem: | 
Printed By Thomas C. Cushing.| 181 1.| 8vo. pp. [3I+4-8. 

[BiGLOW.] Re-Commencement Commencement, again, Com- 
mencement in earnest. Commencement indeed, etc. Called 
also Censure, Scandal, Vag^e Report, Common Paine, Matter 
and Things in General, or What you please, recited before the 
associated teachers of Youth in the Town of Boston, October 

30, 181 1, by a Brother. Boston: J. Belcher, 1812. 8vo. 
pp. II. 


[BiGLOw.] Re-Rc-G)mmencement ? | A Kind of a Poem : | Calcu- 
lated to be recited before an "Assemblage" of New-England 
Divines, of all the various De- | Nominations ; but which never 
was so re- | cited, and in all human probability | never will be.| 
By a Friend of Every Body and Every Soul.| [Line from 
Commencement] | [Line from Nighi Thoughts]. | Salem: | 
Printed by Thomas C. Cushing.j i8i2.| 8vo. pp. [3], -4-8. 

BiGLOW. Sawney, | Redivivus et Restauratus; | or, | Miscel- 
laneous verses. I by William Biglow.| 

"Obliged by*** — *** request of friend^' 


"Made, quoth the fellow with a smile, to sell'* 

Peter Pindar. | 
i6mo. pp. [i]+2-36. 

No general title, the above ia printed on the first page. No. 2, 
BostoD: Printed for the author. z8x6. xamo. pp. [z],-2-36. 

BiGLOW. Select Odes | of | Anacreon.j Translated | Into Eng- 
lish Verse, From the Greek, | as Published in | Dalzel's 'Col- 
lectanea Minora.'! By William Biglow | Cambridge: | Univ- 
Press . . . Hilliard and Metcalf.j 1817.I i6mo. pp. [5] +6-18. 

[Blauvelt ?] Fashion's Analysis; | or, The | Winter in 

Town. I A Satirical Poem | By Sir Anthony Avalanche, | 
With I Notes, Illustrations, Etc.| By | Gregory Glacier, 
Gent. I Part i | New York: | Printed for J. Osbom | No. 13 
Park.j 1807.I i6mo. pp. [5] -f 6-84. 

Buss, Henry. The j Genius of Federalism, | A | Poem, | in 
Three Cantos.j By Henry Bliss.| [Copy-right secured.] 
Pittsfield: | Printed by Phinehas Allen.| 1813.I i2mo. 
PP- [31+4-24. 

fii-iss. Thanksgiving, | A. | Poem | In Two Parts | By Henry 
Bliss I [Copy-Right Secured, By the Author] | Pittsfield: | 
Printed by Phinehas Allen, | May, 1815. | 8vo. pp. [3] +4-24. 

[BoTSFORD, Edmund.] Sambo & Toney, | A | Dialogue | in | 
Three Parts. | Georgetown, (S. C.) | Printed by Francis M. 
Baxter.! i8o8.| i6mo. pp. [3] -1-4-17-1-20-46. 


[BoTSFORD, Margaret.] Viola | or | The Heiress of St. Val- 
verde, | An Original Poem, | in Five Cantos. | To Which is 
Annexed, | Patriotic Songs, Sonnets, &c.| By a Lady of 
Philadelphia, | Author of Adelaide, \ Louisville, Ky. | Printed 
by S. Penn, Jr. | 1820. | i8mo. pp. [3] +4-96- 

[Brackenridge, Hugh Henry.] An Ode in honor of the 
Pennsylvania Militia, and a small band of regular troops tmder 
the Command of General George Washington, who in the 
depth of Winter in the year 1776 turned the tide of fortune 
against Britain, and repulsed her forces to the banks of the 
River Delaware. Albany, 1800. i2mo. pp. 10. 

Originally issued in "The Death of General Montgomery, 
Tragedy." Phila.: R. Bell, 1777. 

Brackett, J. Warren. The | Ghost of Law, | or | Anarchy an^:^ 
Despotism. I A Poem, | Delivered Before The | Phi Befcrs 
Kappa, Dartmouth College, | at Their Anniversary | Augu^st 
23, 1803. 1 By J. Warren Brackett. | — And this I know, th^t, 
where law ends, tyranny begins. | Chatham. | [3 lines fro^^ 
Virgil.] I Hanover; | Printed by Moses Davis, | 1803. | i2rtm.^ 

pp. [3I+4-24. 

[Bradford, John.] The Poetical Vagaries | of a Knight of 
Folding-Stick | of | Paste Castle. | To which is anne: 
the I History | of the Garret, &c., &c. | translated | from 
Hieroglyphics of the Society.] By a Member of the Order 
the Blue-String. I I neither write for fame or Pelf, | 
merely do't to please myself.] Gotham: | Printed for 
author.! 1815.I i2mo. pp. vi, [7] -62. [Copper plate ^ 
binder's tools grouped together to suggest a human figtf.^^' 
"Knight of the Folding-Stick."] 

(In the same volume :) 
The I History | of the | Garret, &c., &c. | translated | from 
Hierogl3rphics of the Society.] By a Member of the order 
the Blue-String. I Gotham: | Printed by order of the socie' 
in the land of Mosquitos, | Year of the Garret, Eleven Tho^^ 
sand Five Hundred.] i2mo. pp. [63] -143. [Folding copfF^ 
plate, "The Garret in full Session."] 

Probably printed in Newark, New Jersey. The first part contmli*' ' 
poems on the binder's art, incidents of the War of z8x2, and person^- - 
experiences, in a humorous view. The second part is a history o^ 
Newark, attempted somewhat in imitation of Diedrich Knickerbocker. 


B&ANAGAN, Thomas. Avenia : | or, | A Tragical Poem, | on the | 
Oppression of the Human Species, | and | infringment | on 
the I Rights of Man | in Six Books, | with notes explanatory 
and miscellaneous.] Written in imitation of Homer's Iliad. | 
By Thomas Branagan, | Author of A Preliminary Essay on 
Slavery.! [2 lines from Pope.! | Philadelphia: | Printed for 
Silas Engles, No. 248 South Third- | Street; and Samuel 
Wood, No. 362, Pearl- | Street, New York.| S. Engles, 
Printer.l 1805.I i2mo. pp. [5], vi-x, [5], 16-358 and leaf 
of errata. [Frontispiece engraved by D. Edwin, Barralet, 

A New Editioo. Philadelphia: 1810. 161110. pp. [4]r5-3a4. [Frontis- 
piece engraved by Edwin.] 

^SANAGAN. The I Penitential Tyrant; | A Juvenile Poem, | In 
Two Cantos. I To Which is Prefixed, | Compendious Memoirs 
of the I Author.] By Thomas Branagan, | Author of "Pre- 
liminary Essay on Slavery," | "Avenia," &c.| [5 lines of 
biography.] Bold in the Lord, I know his grace is free 
Free for the vile, or it hath passed by me!l\ Philadelphia: 
Printed for the Author | 1805. | i8mo. pp. [3]-fiv-i22. 
[Plate.] 2d enlarged, New York, 1807. iSmo. pp. [5]+vi- 
xii+[i]+2-290-f[9]. [Plate.] 

»itANAGAN. The I Excellency | of | The Female Character | 
Vindicated ; | Being | An Investigation Relative to the | Cause 
and Effects | of | The Enroachments of Men Upon | The 
Rights of Women, | and | The Too Frequent Degradation 
and I Consequent Misfortunes | of | The Fair Sex.| By 
Thomas Branagan. | New York? | Printed by Samuel Wood | 
For the Author. I 1807.I i8mo. pp. [5], vi-xii4-[i]2-3o8. 
[Portrait of the Author.] 

Hanagan. The | Excellency | of | Virtue, | Contrasted with | 
The Deformity of Vice : | or, | The Admonitions of a Loving 
Father to his | Only Son, | On the most useful, entertaining, 
and interesting sub- | jects. Intended to inspire adults, as 
well as children, | witli suitable detestation at the destructive 
practices | and delusive opinions of the slaves of superstition, 
the votaries of fashion, and the vices of the present | age. 
To which is Added, | A Terrestial Paradise Displayed, | or, | 
The Road to Happiness and Heaven, strewed with | Flowers, 


and carpeted with Roses, &c.| By Thomas Branagan, 
Author of "Flowers of Literature," "Political and Theologi 
cal I Disquisitions," &c., &c., &c.| Printed for the Author by J 
Rakestraw, | No. 190, North Third Street.] 1808. | i8mc 
pp. [3], -4-228. [Portrait of the Author.] 

Branch, William, Jr. Life, | A Poem in Three Books ; | De 
scriptive of the various Characters in life ; the different | pas- 
sions, with their moral influence ; | the good and evil | result- 
ing from their sway; and of the perfect man. | dedicated tc 
the I Social and Political Welfare | of the | People of the 
United States. | by William Branch, Junior, | Of Prince 
Eduard, Virginia. \ [Line from Virgil's Geo.] | Richmond: 
From the Franklin Press. | W. W. Gray, Printer.] 1819. 
i2mo. pp. [3],-iv-xii, [2], 3-218 and leaf of errata. 

[Brooks, Maria Gowan.] Judith, Esther, | And | Other Poems. ] 
By a Lover of the Fine Arts.| [8 verses in Italian from 
Metastasio.] | Boston: | Published By Cummings and Hil- 
liard.| i820.| i6mo. pp. [3]+iv-ii2. 

Brown, Erastus. The Trial | of | Cain the First Murderer, | in 
Poetry, by Rule of Court, | In which a Predestinarian, a 
Universalian, | and an Arminian argue as attorneys at the | 
bar, I the two former as the Prison | er's Council, the lattei 
as Attorney- | General.] Succeeded by hymns | and Spiritual 
songs, the meas- | ures of which are adapted to | some verj 
pleasing and har- | monious tunes, calcula- | ted for the 
entertain- | ment of Youth and | other serious | minded per- 
sons.) Composed by Erastus Brown. | [i line from St. Paul.] 
I Printed at | Stockbridge, (Mass.)| For the author,] 1815.I 
i2mo. pp. [7] ,-8-90. 

Brown, Solyman. An | Essay | on | American Poetry, | with 
several | Miscellaneous Pieces | on a | Variety of Subjects, | 
Sentimental, Descriptive, Moral, and Patriotic] By Sol)rmai] 
Brown, A.M.j "To you, Americans! the Muse appeals; | 
"For you she labours, and for you she feels" | New Haven: | 
Published by Hezekiah Howe.j Flagg & Gray, Printers.] 
i8i8.| i2mo. pp. [3]+4-i9i. 

Brown, Frederick W. A. S. A | Valedictory Poem ; | Addressed 
to I The Inhabitants | of | Rainsford's, George's, Gallop's, 



Li|^t House, and Deer | Islands, | In Boston Harbor. | By 
Frederick W. A. S. Brown. | Boston: | Printed by True & 
Weston.| 1819.I i6mo. pp. [5] +6-52. 

Bruce, D. Poems | Chiefly in | The Scottish Dialect, | Origi- 
nally Written I Under the Signature | Of the Scots-Irishman, 
By I A Native of Scotland.] With | Notes and Illustrations. 
Washington: | Printed By John Colerick, | And Sold by the 
Booksellers.| i8oi.| i2mo. pp. [3]4-iv-xii-t-[i]+2-i26+ 


Bryan (Daniel). The | Mountain Muse; | comprising | The 
Adventures | of Daniel Boone; | and | The Power | of | 
Virtuous and Refined Beauty. | By Daniel Bryan. | Of Rock- 
ingham County, Virginia.] Harrisonburg: | Printed for the 
Author: | By Davidson and Boume.| 1813.I i2mo. pp. 
[15I-252, [i],-i2. 

[Bryant, William Cullen.] The | Embargo, | or | Sketches 
of the Times; | A | Satire. | By a Youth of Thirteen.] Bos- 
ton: I Printed for the Purchasers.! 1808. | i2mo. pp [2],- 

Biyant's first book. 

Bryant. The | Embargo; | or, Sketches of the Times. | A 
Satire.] The Second edition. Corrected and enlarged.] To- 
gether with the I Spanish Revolution, | and | other poems . 
[dotted line] | by William Cullen Bryant. | [dotted line] 
Boston: | Printed for the author, by E. G. House, | No. 5, 
Court Street. | [dotted line] | 1809. | Small i2mo. pp. [5], -6, 

[il,8-35, [il. 

^XjRGES, Tristam. An | Address | to the | Washington Bene- 
volent Society, \ Delivered to them | On their Anniversary, | 
Holden at | Providence, February 22d, A.D. 181 1.| By Tris- 
tam Burges, Esq.| Providence: | Printed at the Office of the 
American, by Dunham & Hawkins. | 181 1.| 8vo. pp. 


^Xjett, John. Horae Poeticae'; | or, the | Transient Murmers 
of a Solitary Lyre.j Consisting of | Poems and Songs, | in 
I English and Scotch. | By John Burtt.| [4 verses from 
Gray.] | Bridgeton, N. J. | William Schultz, Printer.] 1819. 
24™). pp. [3]+iv-i83+[i]. 


Caldwell, Charles. An| Elegaic Poem | on the | Death | o£ \ 
General Washington.] By Charles Caldwell, A.M. MI^^.\ 
Philadelphia: | Printed at the office of | "The True Amcrr-i- 
can.^l i8oo.| i2mo. pp. [5] +2-12. 

Carpenter^ Frederic. American Freedom; answer to a poe — ni 
by Charles Prentice of Brimfield. [Palmer, Mass. 1810 -^-1 

Carter, Bernard M. Miscellaneous Poems, | By | Bernard ^ ^ * 
Carter. I [3 lines from Edinburgh Review, No. 63 p. 119.] 1 

Philadelphia: | Printed for J. Maxwell, Walnut Strect=^-I 
1820. 1 i2mo. pp. [91+6-95. 

Chandler, David. The ( Miscellaneous | Works, | of | Davi^K^d 
Chandler, | Elizabeth-town, | New-Jersey.| [Center rule.] 1 

Schenectady: | Published by Jonathan Price. | Briggs ^^ ® 
Stevens, Printers.] 1814.I i2mo. pp. 21. 

Charlton, John K. M. Tales | and | Miscellanies | In Pros^ 
and Poetry. I By John K. M. Charlton. | Author of sevi 
Dramatic Works,] No. i | (10 verses from Creech]. | Wash-.*^ 
ingon, Geo. | Published By P. C. Guien, | i82o| i2mo. pp 

Clark, Victorianus. A| Rhyming Geography ; | or, a | Poeti< 
Description | of the | United States of America, &c. | 
by I A Prose Introduction to Geography in General: | An< 
Concluded with an | Appendix of Questions.) By Victorianus^ -• 
Clark. I Hartford: | Printed by Peter B. Gleason & Co.|l - 
1819.I i2mo. pp. [3] +4-167 and leaf of errata. 

Clifton, William. Poems, | Chiefly Occasional, | By the Late | 
Mr. Clifton | To which are Prefixed, Introductory Notices | of 
the Life, Character and Writings, | of the Author, | and | An 
Engraved Likeness.] [12 verses of Latin Poetry.] | New 
York : | Printed for J. W. Fenno, | By G. & R. Waite.| i8oo.| 
i8mo. pp. [S]+6-82+85-ii9+[i]. [Portrait of Author, 
engraved by D. Edwin.] 

Coffin, Alexander, Jr. The | Death | of | General Mont- 
gomery, I or, the I Storming of Quebec, | A Poem, | By Alex- 
ander Coffin, Jun.| New York: | Printed for the Author.| 
1814.1 i8mo. pp. [3] +4-69, [2]. 

Coffin, Robert Stevenson. The | Printer, | and | Several 
Other Poems: | By R. S. Coffin. | [6 verses of poetry.] 
Boston : | Printed by Famham and Badger, Congress Street. 
1817.I i2mo. pp. [3]+iv-84. 

[Coffin.] The | Miscellaneous Poems | of the | Boston Bard.| 
Philadelphia: Printed for the Author, | By J. H. Cunning- 
ham.! i8i8.| i6mo. pp. [3]+iv-i56. [Portrait.] 

Some oopici contain frontispiece of "Bany" [a St Bernard dog] 
saving a boy. 

[Cole, John.] The | Minstrel; | A Collection | of | Celebrated 
Songs, I Set to Music | Copy Right Secured. Baltimore: | 
Published by F. Lucas, Jun. 138 Market St. G. Dobbin & 
Murphy . . . Print.| i8i2.| i6mo. pp. [5]+vi-x4-[3]-f6- 


[Cox, Henry H.] Metrical Sketches by a Citizen of the World. 
Philadelphia : Printed for the Author. 1817. i6mo. pp. 60. 

[Crafts, William.] The Radad and other occasional poems. 
Charleston: E. Morford; Willington & Co. 1810. i2mo. 

[Crafts.] (Sullivan's Island, | the | Raciad, | and | Other Poems, 
Reprinted. I "Quis novus nostris successit sedibus hospesf" 
Charleston : | Printed by T. B. Stephens, 8, Tradd St.| 1820.] 
8vo. pp- [3]+4-i«). 

Cham, Nancy Gove. A collection of hymns and poems. De- 
signed to instruct the inquirer, and furnish the public with a 
small variety. Schenectady, 1815. i6mo. pp. 104. 

CARRIE, Helen. Poems, | By | Helen Currie.| [6 verses from 
Bums.] I Philadelphia: | Printed by Thomas H. Palmer. | 
i8i8.| i8mo. pp. [5]+vi-viii+[3]+8-i50. 

C>.ABNEY, Richard. Poems, original and Translated. By Rich- 
ard Dabney. Philadelphia : McCarey, 1814. i8mo. 

E>-ABNEY. Poems, I Original | and | translated. | By Richard 
Dabney. I [3 lines from Antiphanes, apud Antholog., in 
Greek.] | Second Edition. | Philadelphia: | Published by M. 
Carey, | No. 121, Chestnut StreetJ 1815.) i6mo. pp. [3]- 
iv, [I], vi-viii, [3], 8-9, [4], 14-172. 


D'Arcy, Uriah Derick. The | Black Vampyre; | A | Lq 
of St. Domingo. I By Uriah Derick D'Arcy.| (3 verses i 
Bombast, Furios.) | Second Edition, With Additions.] ] 
York: | Printed for the Author.] 1819.I i2mo. pp. [5]-H 

[Davis, John.] The Life Boat.| A Poem.| By a Mer 
of the Humane Society.] [i line from Job xxix., 13.] | 
PP- [31+4-8. 

N. p. n. d., but issued in counectioD with a Discourse befbr 
Humane Society. Boston: z8o6. 

Davis, Martha Ann. Poems | of | Laura; | An | Ori| 
I American Work.| By Martha Ann Davis. | Petersbu 
i8i8.| i6mo. pp. [3]+2+[i]+2-io6+[3]+ii-iv. 

Davis, Richard Bingham. Poems | By | Richard B. Dav 
with I A Sketch of His Life | — "A simple, solitary Bard 
he." I New York: \ Printed and sold by T. and J. Swoi 
1807.I i2mo. pp. [7]+viii-xxxi+[4]+2-i45+[3] + 

Deane, E. An I Oration, | Pronounced | At | Tivertown, | 

the Fourth, 1804. | By E. Deane, Esq 
Dedham: \ Printed by H. Mann.| 1804. 

Published By Des 
i2mo. pp. [3]+. 

Deane, Samuel. Pitchwood H%U.\ A Poem | Written in 

year | 1780. By Samuel Deane, D.D.| Printed at I 
land.| 1806. i2mo. pp. [5] +6-11. 

Originally printed in the Cumberland [Maine] Gazette, Mar 

D'Elville, Rinaldo. The | Hermitage; | or, | Alphonso 
Agnes, I in two Cantos ; | With | the Nim, | and otiier pot 
by Rinaldo D'Elville, \ Author of Spanish Tales, Naval L 
pline, &€,, &c,\ New-York: | Printed for the author.) il 
i6mo. pp. [5], -6-44. 

[Denison, Edward.] The | Lottery, | A Poem, | In Two Pa 
And I An Ode to War.J By St. Denis Le Cadet. | [ 
verses, the first of which is in Latin.] | Baltimore : | Pri 
by J. Robinson, | For the Author.) 1815.] i2mo. 


[Dennie, Joseph.] The | Poetry | of | the Port Folio.| 
lected I by Oliver 01dschool.| Philadelphia: | Publishe 


Harrison Hall.| J. Maxwell, Printer.| i8i8.| i6mo. pp. 

Cootmins 3 Poemi by Croaker & Co. [Drake & Halleck]. 

[De Peyster, Arent Schuyler.] Miscellanies, | by | An 
Officer.! Volume i.| Dumfries. | Printed at the Dumfries 
and Galloway Courier Office, \ by C. Munro.| 1813.I 4to. 

pp. [5],-6-277. 

All iMued. Reprinted with additioni. New York: x888. 2 parti. 

Devereux, Rachel. Poetical Pieces | Written on several occa- 
sions I of Unfortunate and Unhappy | Facts.) On the drown- 
ing of Mr. John Beers, and Mr. | Mulford Sweezy of Brook- 
haven, I Long-Island. I On the unhappy occasion of two 
brothers being | drowned in the south-bay of Long-Island. | 
An elegy to the memory of a friend who com- | mitted suicide 
in New York.) On the fate of the war: occasioned by an 
incident | which occurred in Great Britain. | An EltgiaiC to 
Mrs. Elizabeth Ketcham | To which is added | An E^say on 
Masonry | and an | Address to Spring | By Rachel Devereux. | 
Also the Portrait of Masonry | Composed by Brother Deve- 
reux.] New York: | Printed by L. Beach, No. 358 Pearl- 
Street I [1803]. i2mo. pp. [5], -6-29, [i]. 

[DeWitt, Susan.] The | Pleasures of Religion | A Poem.j 
(4 verses from Cowper.) | New York: | Published by Wiley 
and Halsted | C. S. Van Winkle, Printer.] 1820. | i6mo. 
pp. [5] +6-72. 

I^iKMORE, Richard. Select and Fugitive | Poetry. | A Com- 
pilation:) [3 verses, anon.] | With Notes | Biographical and 
Historical.! By Richard Dinmore.| Washington City: | 
Printed at the Franklin Press | 1802. | i6mo. pp. [4]4-v-288. 

Dinmore was the editor of the National Magazine. This volume 
contains a few poems by American Writers. 
It is probably the first volume of verse printed at the National Capital. 

II^IJER, W. A.] The I Pilgrimage of Hope: | An Oratorio | 
For the Clintonian celebration of the New Year.] Re-pub- 
lished from "The American" | of January i, 1820. | With 
additional Notes and an Appendix, containing | "The 
Coalition," | A political Tract, occasioned by the nomination 
of I DeWitt Qinton | As a Candidate for the Office of \ Presi- 


dent of the United States, | In the year i8i2.| [Line 

Diet, of Quot.] I Albany: | Reprinted by Richard & VaiK 

Benthuysen.j 1820. | i2mo. pp. [3], iv-46, [5], -4-10. 

DuRFEEy Job. The | Vision of Petrarch, | a Poem.| Delivered 
Before the | United Brothers' Society | of | Brown Uni- 
versity, I on Their Anniversary, September 6, 1814.I By Job 
Durfee, A.B.| Providence: | Printed by Miller, Goddard & 
Mann.j 1814.I 8vo. pp. [5] +6-17. 

DuTTON, Timothy. A | Christmas Hymn: | Composed and 
Written By | Timothy Dutton | of Northfield. | December 
25-1810. 1 (2 quotations: the first prose in six lines; the 
second poetry in 4 verses.) | Brattleborough : | Printed by 
William Fessenden, | For the Author.| i8ii.| i2mo. pp. 
[3] +4-22. 

Dutton, William. The Present State of Literature; | A | 
Poem, I Delivered in New-Haven, | at the | Public Commence- 
ment I of I Yale-College, | September 10, 1800. | By Warren 
Dutton.] [One line of Latin.] | Hartford: | Printed by 
Hudson and Goodwin:] i8oo.| 8vo. pp. [3], -4-16. 

Dyster, Joseph Joshua. Five Odes, Written by Joseph Joshua 
Dyster. Philadelphia : Hall & Atkinson, 1817. i2mo. pp. 14. 

Eastburn, James Wallis, and [Sands, Robert C] Ya- 
moyden, | ale | of the Wars of King Philip : | in six Cantos. | 
by the late | Rev. James Wallis Eastbum, A.M. | and his 
friend.) [12 lines from Wordsworth.] | New-York: | Pub- 
lished by James Eastbum.] Clayton & Kingsland, Printers.] 
1820.] i2mo. pp. [5],-vi-xii, [3],-4-339> [ij- [Engraved 
title and Front by A. B. Durand.] 

Eaton, Theophilus. Review ] of ] New York, ] or ] Rambles 
Through the City.) Original Poems.] Moral, Religious, 
Sarcastic, and ] Descriptive.] By Th. Eaton.] New York: | 
Printed for the Author, By John Low, ] No. 17 Chatham- 
Street.] 1813.] i2mo. pp. [3]+iv-i44. 

The Same. Second Edition. New York: John Low, 1814. 161110. 
pp. W.-iv* [x]f «-X44. 

Edmerton, Joseph. A Frontispiece for a Meeting House. 
By Jonathan Edmerton of Maiden. 8vo. pp. 12. 


Edstaphieve, Alexis. Reflections, | Notes, and Original Anec- 
dotes, I Illustrating the Character | of | Peter The Great. 
To which is added, | A Tragedy in Five Acts. | Entitled, 
Alexis, The Czarewitz.j By | Alexis Eustaphieve, | Boston. 
The second edition, corrected and enlarged.] Boston: | Pub- 
lished by Munroe and Francis, No. 4 Comhill.| 1814.I i2mo. 
pp. [3]r4-272. 

Eustaphieve. Demetrius, | The Hero of the Don.|* An Epick 
Poem, I by | Alexis Eustaphieve. | Boston: | Published by 
Munroe & Francis, | No. 4 Comhill. | Sold also by E. T. 
Goodrich & Co., New- York; and | Edward J. Coale, Balti- 
more.! i8i8.| i2mo. pp. [51,-6-256. 

[Evans, Oliver.] Patent Right Oppression | Exposed; | or, | 
Knavery Detected.) In an Address, To Unite All Good Peo- 
ple to I Obtain a Repeal of the | Patent Laws.| By Patrick 
N. Elisha, Esq., Poet Laureate. | To Which is Added, | An 
Alarming Law Case ; | Also, | Reflections on the Patent Laws. 
Illustrated with | Notes and Anecdotes, | By the Editor. 
Second Edition.] Philadelphia: | Published by the Book- 
sellers.] 1814.I i2mo. pp. [9]+x-xi— f-[2]-f2-i89-f [i]. 
Alto attributed to L. Byllaby. 

[Everett, Edward.] Mr. E. Everett presents his respects to \ 
[Rev. Presidt. Kirkland] and begs [him] | to accept a Copy 
of his Poem.* \ American Poets. | n. p. n. d. [Cambridge 
1812]. [No general title-page, the words in brackets are 
written in ink, and are different in each copy.] 8vo. pp. 


**ARMER, Henry Tudor. Imagination; | The Maniac's Dream, 
I and I other poems ; | by | Henry T. Farmer, M.D. | Member 
of the Historical Society of New-York. | New-York: | Pub- 
lished by Kirk & Mercein, | and | John Miller, Covent Garden,) 
London. | William A. Mercein, Printer.] 1819.I i2mo. pp. 
[5l-viii, [I], x-xi, [2], 14-163. 

'ELCH, Walton. The | Manufacturer's I Pocket-Piece, | Or 
The I Cotton-Mill Moralized.] A Poem, | With Illustrative 
Notes.] By Walton Felch.] [4 verses of poetry.] ] Pub- 
lished ] For Samuel Allen ) And sold by him and the Author 
Medway, — Ptice 25 cts. single — ^2D. j per doz. — and 12 D. 
per hundred.\ 1816.] i2mo. pp. [3]-f-iv-23. 


Fenno, Jenny. Original Compositions | In | Prose and Verse, 
on I Subjects Moral and Religious | By Miss J. Fcnno, 
Boston.] Wrentham,( Mass) | Printed by Nathaniel Heatc 
Jr.| 1803.I i2mo. pp. [5]+6-ii6. 

*'Jr" in the printer's name is blurred in the copy which I have le 
the first letter only being distinguishable. 

Fenn, James. A 
which is added, 

Poem I On | Friendship And Society | ' 
Remarks on the British and French Natioi 
in I Relations to the Late Wars in Europe. | With a numb 
of short pieces \ In | Prose and Verse | By James Feni 
[4 verses of poetry in italics.] | Schenectady: | Printed f 
the Author by Riggs and Stevens.] 1815.I i2mo. f 


Fennell, James. A New Year's gift; presented to the youth 
both sexes. By James Fennell. Boston: John West & C 
1810. i6mo. pp. 72, and paper covers. 

The printed cover is dated 18x2. 

Fennell, James. The | Hero of the Lake: | or | the Victor) 
of I Commodore Perry. | By James Feiinell.| Philadelphia 
Published by Moses Thomas, No. 52, Chestnut Street. | 
Maxwell, printer.) 1813.I 8vo. pp. fi], -2-7, and print 

[Fessenden, Thomas Green.] A | Poetical Petition | agains 
Tractorising Trumpery, | and the | Perkinistic Institutioi 
In four cantos, | most respectfully addressed to | The R03 
College of Physicians, | by | Christopher Caustic, | M. 
LL.D. ASS. I Fellow of the Royal College of Physidai 
Aberdeen, | and Honorary Member of no less than nineteei 
Very learned Societies.) [4 lines of Verse.] | London 
Printed for T. Hurst, Paternoster Row; and | J. Giiig 
Piccadilly; | By /. Bensley, Bolt-Court, Fleet'Street.\ 180 
8vo. pp. [51.-2-92. 

Fessenden. Original | Poems | By | Thomas Green Fessendi 
A.M. I Author of | Terrible Tractoration ; | or, Causti* 
Petition to the Royal College of Physicians | [2 verses frc 
Gifford,] I Albion Press: \ Printed By J. Cundee, Ivy Lan< 
For T. Hurst, Paternoster Row.| 1804.I i2mo. pp. [5]+^ 



[Fessenden.] Democracy Unveiled; | or, | Tyranny | stripped 
of the I Garb of Patriotism. | By Christopher Caustic, L.L.D. | 
Etc. [9 times] | [i line Latin | 4 lines English Poetry] 
Boston: | Printed by David Carlisle, | For the Author. 
i8os.| 8vo. pp. [5]4-vi-viii+[i]+2-220. 

Second cdidon tame as the fint In all retpectt. Third edition, widi 
large additions. New York: Printed for I. Riley k Ca 1806. 2 vols. 
8vOi pp. [3],-iv-xxiv, [i]-a-i79; [3].-4-a38, [i]. 

Fessenden. Original | Poems. | by | Thomas Green Fessenden, 
Esq. I Author of Terrible Tractoration, or Caus- | Tick's 
Petition to the Royal College | of Physicians, and Democracy 
unveiled. I [2 lines from Gifford.] | Philadelphia? | Printed 
at the Lorenzo Press of E. Bronson.| i8o6.| i2mo. pp. 
[S],.vi-xii, [i], 2-203. 

[Fessenden.] The| Modem Philosopher; | or | Terrible Trac- 
toration ! I In four cantos, | most respectfully addressed to the 
Royal Col- | lege of Physicians, London.) By Christopher 
Caustick, | M.D. A.S.S. | Fellow of the Royal College of 
Physicians, Aber- | deen, and Honorary Member of no less 
than I Nineteen very learned societies. | Second American 
Edition. | revised. Corrected, and Much enlarged | by the 
Author. I Philadelphia: | From the Lorenzo Press of E. 
Bronson.j i8o6.| 8vo. pp. [5],-vi-xxxii, [i],-2-27i. [Two 

[Fessenden.] Pills, | Poetical, Political, | And | Philosophical. 
Prescribed | For the Purpose of Purging the Public | of 
Piddling Philosophers, of Puny Poetasters, | of Paltry Poli- 
ticians, And I Petty Partisans.] By Peter Pepper-Box, | Poet 
and Physician | [4 verses from Paracelsus] | Philadelphia : | 
Printed for the Author. I 1809.I i2mo. pp. [3]+iv-xviii4- 
[3I +2-136. 

Fessenden. The | Ladies Monitor. | A Poem. | by Thomas G. 
Fessenden. | [2 lines from Young.] | Bellows Falls, Vt. | 
Printed by Bill Blake & Co.| i8i8.| i2mo. pp. [3],-iv- 
xii,-[ I ], -14-180. 

Field, Samuel. The | Miscellaneous Productions | In | Poetry 
and Prose | of the Late | Samuel Field, Esq. | with | A 
Sketch of his life and Character | By Rodolphus Dickinson | 


Greenfield, Mass | PuDushed By Clark and Hunt | Denio C 
Phelps, Printers \ i8i8.| i2mo. pp. [s] +6-205+220+20 

[Fisher ? ] Poems. | O sweet, to stray an' pens; 

ponder | a heart-felt sang. | Bums | Boston, | Fcbruarj 
1820. 1 Note on opp. page reads: "Supposed to have Ik 
written by Mr. Fisher, an Englishman, editor of the AIbi 
News-paper, New York. Feb. i, 1824." i2mo. pp. [3] 

4-63 p. 

Foster, Wiluam C. Poetry | on | Different Subjects, | writ 
under the signature of | Timothy Spectacles. | by William 
Foster. | [3 lines of verse] | Copy-right Secured.) Salen 
(N. Y.) I Printed by John M. Tooker, | for the | Authc 
1805. 1 i2mo. pp. [3],-iv-v, [2], viii-xii, [i], 2-144. 

Fraser, D. The | Mental Flower-Garden, | or | Instructive 5 
Entertaining | Companion | for the | Fair-Sex. | Contain 
(8 solid lines of contents) | By D. Fraser, Teacher in N 
York: I Author of the Young Gentleman and Lady's Ass: 
ant, I Columbian Monitor, Select Biography, &c | (4 verses 
[Copy-Right Secured] | Danbury: | Printed by Douglas 
Nichols I M, DCCC.| i2mo. pp. [7] -f 8-208, [4]. [Plat 

Freneau, (Philip). A Laughable Poem; | or | Robert SI 
der's I Journey | from | Philadelphia to New York, | by | 1? 
of Burlington and South Amboy.j By Philip Freneau 
Author of Poems Written during the American Revo- | luti 
ary War, and lately published in this City | by Lydia 
Bailey, in two Volumes, duodecimo. | Persons of the Poe 
[Nine lines for nine Characters.] | Philadelphia: | Prin 
for Thomas Neversink. | December 20, 1809. | 8vo. Ti 
pp. [31-24. 

Page 20 b unnumbered. The text varies slightly from die : 

Freneau. Poems | Written and Published during the | Am 
can Revolutionary War, | And now | republished from 
Original Manuscripts; | interspersed | with translations fi 
the ancients, | and other pieces not heretofore in | Print. | 
Philip Freneau. I [4 lines of Poetry.] | The Third Edit 
in two volumes. | Vol. i.| Philadelphia: | From the P 
of Lydia R. Bailey, No. 10, | North-Alley.| 1809.I 2 volur 

i2mo. pp. [3], ii-iv, [i], p. numbered 4, [i], 6-280; [2], 
3-302, xii. [Front in volume one, Portrait of an Indian 
Chief [Tammany] engraved by Joh. Eckstein. Front in 
volume two. Perry's Victory, engraved by Joh. Eckstein.] 

Freneau. a I Collection of | Poems, | on | American Affairs, 
and a variety of other Subjects, | Chiefly Moral and political ; | 
written between the Year 1797 and the pre- | sent Time.] By 
Philip Freneau, | Author of Poems written during the Revo- 
lutionary I War, Miscellanies, &c. &c. | In two Volumes.] 
[Four lines of Verse.] | Vol. i. | New York: | Published by 
David Longworth, | At the Dramatic Repository, | Shak- 
spere-Gallery.j 1815.I 2 volumes. i2mo. pp. [4],-v, [vi]- 
viii; 13-188, [4]; [4], [9I-176. 

Genin, Thomas Hedges. The | Fatal Disunion | and other | 
Poems I By T. H. Genin, Esq.| New- York: | Printed for the 
Author.! i8i6.| i6mo. pp. [5]-f-6-24. 

[Oilman, Samuel.] Monody | on | the Victims and Suffer- 
ers I by the | Late Conflagration | in | the City of Richmond, 

Virginia. | Boston : 
T. B. Wait and Co. 

Published by Charles Williams. | . . . | 
Printers. I i8i2.| 8vo. pp. [5], -6-24. 

[Green, G.] The | Shunammite. | Recommended | to the | 
Candid perusal of all denominations | of | Christians | by 
G. G. , M. M. M. I [Cut to represent the Sun] | New- 
York: I Printed by Southwick and Pelsue, | No. 3, New- 
Street.] i8io.| 8vo. pp. [3], -6-16. 

[Halleck, Fitz-Greene.] Fanny. | [4 lines of "Poetry] | New- 
York: I PubHshed by C. Wiley & Co. No. 3 Wall-Street. | 
Clayton & Kingsland, Printers.| 1819.I 8vo. pp. [5], -6-49. 

[Halleck.] Poems, | By | Croaker, Croaker & Co. | And | 
Croaker, Jun. | As published | In the Evening Post ] [2 quo- 
tations from Shakespeare] | Published for the Reader.] New 
York — 1819.I i6mo. pp. [3] +4-36. 

Halleck wai anitted In the compoeition of these poems by James 
Rodman Drake. 

Halling, Solomon. The | Messiah, | A Poem; | attempted in 
English Blank Verse; | from the German of the Celebrated 
Mr. I Klopstock. | by Solomon Halling, A. M. | Rector of 


Prince George^s Parish, IVinyaw | [3 lines from Holy Wi 
Georgetown, (S. C.) | Printed by Francis M. Baxter.) i 
8vo. pp. [s]r2-37- 

[Harney, John M.] Crystalina; | a fairy tale. | by An Aj 
can. I [4 lines from Collins.] | New- York: | Printe 
George F. Hopkins.| i8i6.| i2mo. pp. [5], -2-1 12. 

Harwood, John Edmund. Poems | By | John Edmimd 
wood I [2 lines from Juv.] | New York: | Publishe 
M. & W. Ward, No. 4 City-Hotel | For Joseph Osb 
1809.I i2mo. pp. [5]-f4-i07. 

Haslett, Andrew. Original Poems | By | A. Haslett | A 
of I Various Miscellaneous Pieces | Baltimore: | Print< 
R. Gamble, — No. 12 Light-street | i8i2.| i2mo. pp. | 

Hastings, Sally. Poems, | on | Different Subjects | To V 
is Added, | A Descriptive Account | of a | Family Tour t 
West ; I In the year, 1800 | in a | Letter to a Lady | By 
Hastings | [13 verses] | Lancaster, | Printed and Sok 
William Dickson, For | The Benefit of the Authoress. | i 
i2mo. pp. [3]-f-4-220. 

Hayes, John. Rural Poems, | Moral and Descriptive; 
which are added, | Poems On Several Subjects. | By 
Hayes, A.B. | Proffessor of languages, Dickinson ColU 
Carlisle. I [2 lines of latin.] | Carlisle: | From the Pn 
a Loudon, | (Whitehall,) | iSo/.j i2mo. pp. [3H-i> 

Hazard, Joseph. Poems, | On Various Subjects.] By J< 
Hazard.] Brooklyn, N. Y. | Published by the Auth 
[A. Spooner, Printer.] | 1814.I i6mo. pp. [S] +6-187 

Probably the earliett yolume of originil yene printed in Bn 
New York. 

Head, Joseph, Jr. Enthusiasm, | An Occasional Poem, W 
by I Appointment of the Society of ^ B K | And Deli 
at Cambridge, | On the Anniversary of their Instituti 
August 31st. 1809 I By Joseph Head Jr.| Monthly A 
logy, I And | Boston Review | Vol VH. No IV. | For Ocl 
1809. 1 Boston I Published by Thomas B. Wait & Comp 
Proprietors, Court Street | 1809. | 8vo. pp. [2] +235 


Heston, James Franklin. Moral & Political Truth; | or 
Reflections Suggested | By Reading | History and Biography. 
By James Franklin Heston. | [6 lines of solid matter] 
Philadelphia: | Printed for the Author.| i8ii.| i2mo. pp 

HiLLAM), Isaac. A Short | Poetical History ( of | Fragments, 
Collected from past and present times. | by Isaac Hillard. 
Danbury: | Printed for the Author.j 1803.I Sm. 8vo. pp. 
[3],-4-i2, [i],-i4-84. 

Hitchcock, David. The Knight and Quack, or a Looking 
Glass for imposters in philosophy, physic and Government, 
an Allegorical poem. By David Hitchcock. Hudson: 1805. 
4to. pp. 27. 

Hitchcock. The | Shade of Plato: | or, | A Defense of | Re- 
ligion, Morality & Government. | A Poem, | In Four Parts | 
By David Hitchcock.] To Which is Prefixed, | A Sketch of 
the Author's Life | [2 verses from Pope] | [Published accord- 
ing to Act of Congress] \ Hudson, | Printed at the Balance- 
Press. . . . 1805. 1 i8mo. pp. [3]+iv-i07. 

Hitchcock. The Poetical Works | of | David Hitchcock | 
Qmtaining, | The Shade of Plato, Knight and | Quack, And 
the Subtlety | of Foxes. | Boston : | Published by Etheridge 
and Bliss, | No. 12, Comhill. | 1806. | Oliver & Munroe, 
Printers. I i2mo. pp. [3] -iv-xvi,-[i], -18-164 and leaf of adv. 

Hitchcock. A | Political Dictionary ; | or Popular terms illus- 
trated in I Rhyme ; | With explanatory remarks. | for the use 
of Society in General, and | Politicians in Particular. | Part 
First. I by David Hitchcock, Author of the "Shade of Plato," 
&c.| [i line from Pope.] | From Lewis's Press, | Lenox. | 
Henry Starr, Printer.| 1808. | i6mo. pp. [3],-iv-vi, [i],-8- 
113, and leaf of errata. 

Hitchcock. The Social Monitor; 1 or, a Series of | Poems, | 
on some of the most important and | interesting subjects; 
being a Contin- | nation of a former work, entitled | "A 
Poetical Dictionary, or | Popular terms illustrated in 
Rhyme." I By David Hitchcock, | Author of the "Shade of 
Plato" [line from Hesiod.] | Stockbridge: | Printed for the 
Author. i8i2.| H. Willard, Printer.| i2mo. pp. [3],-iv- 
xvi, [i], 18-155. 


[HoLDEN, Oliver.] Sacred Dirges, Hymns, and Anthemj 
Commemorative of the Death of | General George Washin 
ton I The Guardian of his Country, and | The Friend of Mai 
[Cut of Urn with 7 lines of text] [8 lines of Verse in dout 
Column] I An Original Composition | by a Citizen of Mass 
chusetts.| Printed at Boston, by I. Thomas & E. T. Andrei^ 
No. 45 Newbury-Street.| [1800]. 4to. pp. [s],-6-24. 

Holland, (E. C.) Odes, Naval Songs and other Poen 
Charleston, S. C. (Privately printed), 1813. i6mo. pp. 4 

St. John Honeywoo 
Copy-Right Secure( 

HoNEYWOOD, St. John. Poems | by 
A.M. I With I Some pieces in Prose. 
New-York : | Printed by T. & J. Swords, No. 99 Pearl-Streei 
i8oi.| i2mo. pp. [7],-viii. [i],-2-i59, [i]. 

[Hooper, Robert.] An | Oration, | and | Poem, | Deliven 
Before the Government and Students | of | Harvard Ut 
versity, | At the Departure of the | Senior Class, | July 3 
i8ii.| [2 verses in Latin,] | Cambridge: | Printed by \ 
HUliard & E. W. Metcalf \ 181 1.| i2mo. pp. [3] +4-24. 

[Hopkins, Joseph R.] Hamiltoniad: | or, | The EflFects < 
Discord. I An Original Poem, | In Two Books. | With | / 
Appendix. | Containing | A niunber of interesting Pape 
relative to the | Late unfortunate duel. | By a Young GentI 
man | of Philadelphia | [10 lines of verse] | Philadelphia: 
Printed for the Author. | Published and Sold by D. Hoga 
No 51, South Third Street. | August 3, 1804 | 8vo. p 


Huggins, John Richard Desborne. Hugginiana; ] or, | Hu 
gins' Fantasy, | Being | A Collection of the Most Esteemt 
Modem | Literary Productions.! Exposing the art of ma! 
ing a noise in the world, without | beating a drum, or cryii 
oysters ; and shewing how, | like Whittington of old, who ro 
from nothing to | be Lord Mayor of London, a mere Barh 

By Jol 

may | become an Emperor, | if he has but spirit 
assume, and talents enough, to support the title. 
Richard Desborne Huggins, | Etnpereur du Frisseurs, Rot c 
Barbieres, &c. &c, &c | Trifles, light as air. | Shakespeare 
New York: | Printed by H. C. South wick, \ No. 2 Wal 
Street. \ Most Excellent printer to his Barber-ous Majesty 
1808. 1 i2mo. pp. [7]+viii-288. 

[Humphrey, Asa.] A Personal Satire: or Satirical Epistle 
written by a Schoolmaster in the Eastern Country to his Com- 
petitors, with a Short account of the occasion thereof. Bos- 
ton: 1804. i2mo. pp. vi, 12. 

HuNN, (Anthony). Sin and Redemption. | a | Religious 
Poem, I by Anthony Himn.| Lexington: | Printed by W. W. 
Worsley "Reporter" Press.| i8i2.| 8vo. pp.[5],-6-25. 

The author was a resident of Harrodsburg, Ky. Fide note on title 
of Copy in Lenox Library, N. Y. 

Huntington, Daniel. A | Poem, | on the | Pleasures and 
Advantages | of | True Religions | Delivered Before the | 
United Brother's Society, | in | Brown University. | on their 
Anniversary, August 31, 1819.I By Rev. Daniel Huntington, 
A.M. I Published By Request. | Providence: | Printed at the 
Rhode-Island American Office | 1819I i2mo. pp. [9H-10-23. 

HuTTON, Joseph. Leisure Hours; | or | Poetic Effusions. | By 
Joseph Hutton, | Author of the Heiress of Sobeiski, Arden- 
nis I School for Prodigals, | Castle of Altenheim | Fashionable 
Follies, &c. I [4 lines of verse] | Philadelphia : | Published by 
Hellings and Aitken | No 40 North Second Street. | D. Heartt, 
Prinier.\ 1812 | i8mo. pp. [51+6-305. 

fHuTTON.] The I Field of Orleans. | A Poem | By the Author 
of Several | Fugitive Pieces | [6 lines of verse] | Philadel- 
phia: I Published by W. Anderson, | 102, Cherry-street | 
1816 I i2mo. pp. [7] +8-31+ [4]. 

[ Jansen, Lewis B.] Ethick Diversions. | In | Four Epistles 
to I Emphasian, R. T. | To Which is Added | The Convent 
By Restore Estlack | New York: \ Printed by T. and J. 
Swords, I No. 160 Pearl-Street. | i8oy | i2mo. pp. [5]+6- 
6o-f 644-62-79. 

foHNSTON, Archibald. The | Mariner; | a | poem | in two 
Cantos. I By Archibald Johnston. | [4 lines in Greek] | 
Philadelphia : | Published by Edward Earle, Comer of Fourth 
and Library Streets.] William Fry, Printer.] i8i8.| i2mo. 
PP- [9lrio-i52. [Engraved title.] 

Jones, Euzabeth C. Poems | on different Subjects, | Original 
and Selected, | by | Elizabeth C. Jones. | [4 lines of Poetry.] 
Providence? | H. H. Brown, Printer.| 1819.] i2mo. pp 
[Z]r4'4/^ s^d paper covers. 


JuLAP, Giles. The Glosser; | A Poem | in Two Books | ^^| 
Giles Julap, | of Chotank, Virginia | Copy-right Secured 
March, 1802 I i8mo. pp. [3H-4-72. 

Kennedy, Thomas. Poems | by | Thomas Kennedy.) [8 lines 
from Miss H. M. William's Julia.] | Washington City: | 
Printed by Daniel Rapine, | For the Author. | i8i6.| i2mo. 
pp. [3]r4-7, [2],+i, [I], 12-334. 

Kennedy. Songs | of | Love and Liberty | By Thomas Ken- 
nedy I [8 verses from Moores legacy] | Washington City | 
Printed by Daniel Rapine | 1817I i2mo. pp. [3] +4-98. 

[Kilty, William.] The | Vision | of Dan Crocker | A Poem | 
In Three Parts | [Quotation in Latin, Apertum] | Baltimore : | 
Printed for the Author. | G. Dobbin and Murphy, Print.! 

[1814.] I2mO. pp. [3]+4-20+23-24+2I-22+25-7I. 

KiMMENS, Hugh. The | Number | of the | Beast | By | Hugh 
Kimmens, | Author of "The Latter Day Glory, or, Man of 
Sin I made manifest,] [2 verses] | New York | Printed for 

the author 

South wick and Hardcastle, printers. | No. 2, 
1806.I 8vo. pp. [3]+6-3i+[i]. 

Knight, Henry Coggswell. The | Cypriad | in two cantos : 
with other | Poems and Translations.] By Henry C. Knight, 
[i line from Ovid.] ] Boston: | J. Belcher, Print.) 1809. 
8vo. pp. [7]-f-8-68. 

Knight. The | Broken Harp; | Poems | By H. C. Knight 
Philadelphia: | Published by J. Conrad and Co.| 1815.I 
i8mo. pp. [5]+vi-i76. 

Lake, Wiluam. The | Parnassian Pilgrim ; | or the | Posthu- 
mous Works I of the late | Mr. William Lake. | with a Sketch 
of I His Life. | [4 lines of Verse] | Printed at the Balance- 
Press. I Hudson 1807.I i2mo. pp. [5], -6-184. 

Lamont, Eneas. Poems and Tales in Verse by Mrs. Eneas 
Lamont. New York: 1819. 

[Lard, Rebecca Hammond.] Miscellaneous | Poems | on 
Moral and Religious | Subjects j By a Lady | Woodstock 
Printed by David Watson | 1820. | i2mo. pp. [3]+iv-i43. 


Lathrop, John. The | Speech | of | Cannonicus, | or an | Indian 
Tradition: | A Poem | with Explanatory notes | [3 verses in 
Latin from Ovid] | By John Lathrop, A.M.| Calcutta: 
Printed by Thomas Hollingberry | Hircarrah Press | 1802. 
4to. pp. [5]+iv-xi+[2]+2-24+[i7]. 

Lathrop. A Monody, sacred to the memory of the Rev. John 
Lovejoy Abbott . . . who died October 17, 1814, by John 
Lathrop, Jun. Boston: Munroe, 1815. Svo. pp. 16. 

Lawson, John. The Maniac and other Poems by John 
Lawson. Philadelphia: 181 1. i6mo. pp. loi. 

Lee, Chauncey. The | Trial of Virtue, | A | Sacred Poem ; 
being | a paraphrase of the whole | Book of Job, | and 
Designed as an explanatory Comment upon the | Divine Origi- 
nal, I interspersed with Critical Notes upon a Variety | of 
its passages. | in Six parts. | To which is annexed, | A dis- 
sertation upon the Book of Job. | by Chauncey Lee, A.M. 
Pastor of a Church in Colebrook.j [2 lines from James.] 
Hartford: | Printed by Lincoln and Gleason.| i8o6.| i2mo. 
PP- [3lriv-v, [2], 8-226. 

Lhwis, Eldad. An | Eulogy, | on the | Life and Character of 
His I Excellency | George Washington, Esqr. | Late President 
of the United States | Delivered at Lenox, February, 22, 
1800 I By Eldad Lewis, Esquire | Published at the request of 
the Audience | [i verse from Young]. | Pittsfield: (Mass) | 
Printed by Chester Smith, | March, 1800 | i6mo. pp. [3]+ 

[Lincoln, Enoch.] The | Village; | A Poem. | with an 
appendix. I Portland: | Published by Edward Littje and Co.| 
i8i6.| C. Norris & Co. printers.] i6mo. pp. [9] ,-10-180. 

Linn, John Blair. The | Death of Washington. | A Poem. | 
in imitation of the Manner of Ossian. | by Rev. John Blair 
Linn, A.M. | Minister of the First Presb)rterian Congregation 
of I Philadelphia.! [10 lines from Mason.] Philadelphia: | 
Printed by John Ormrod, No. 41, Chestnut-Street. f i8oo.| 
Svo. pp. [3],iv, [i],6-24. 

Linn. The Powers of Genius, | A Poem, | in Three Parts. | by 
John Blair Linn, A.M. | Co-Pastor of the First Presbyterian | 
Church in the City of Philadelphia. | [4 lines from Horace] | 


Philadelphia: | Published by | Asbury Dickins, opposite 
Christ-Church: | H. Maxwell, Printer, Columbia-House. 
i8oi.| i2mo. pp. [5], 6-127. 

Second edition. Philadelphia: zSoi. zamo. pp. [5], 6-191. [3 

Another edition. London: 1804. zamo. pp. [5],-IV-Xy, [a], a- 
a6-i55. {3 plates.] 

Linn. Valerian, | A Narrative Poem: | intended, in part, to 
describe | the Early Persecutions of Christians, | and rapidly 
to I illustrate the influence of Christianity | on the | Manners 
of Nations. | by John Blair Linn, D.D. | Late Pastor of the 
First Presbyterian Congregation, in Philadelphia. | With a 
Sketch I of the | Life and Character of the Author. | Phila- 
delphia, I Printed by Thomas and George Palmer, | 116, High 
Street. I 1805. | 4to. pp. [3]r5v-xxvi, [3], 2-97. Sketch of 
Author is by Ch. Brockden Brown. [Portrait Silhouette eng. 
by B. Tanner.] 

[Lisle, Henry M.] Milton Hill. A Poem. Boston: E. Lin- 
coln, 1803. 4to. pp. 15. 

LiTTELL, William. Festoons of Fancy. Frankfort: Ken- 
tucky, 1816. i2mo. 

[LiTTLEFORD, Mrs. ?] The Wreath; | or | Verses on Vari- 
ous Subjects I By a Lady of Richmond | Second Edition — 
Enlarged.] For gain, not glory, wing thy daring flight," 
Richmond: | Printed by Samuel Shepard & Co.\ 1828. 
i6mo. pp. [11] +8-132. 

Livingston, Ann Hume Shippen. Sacred Records | abridged 
in verse. | Consisting of | Some of the Parables and Miracles, \ 
The Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension | of the | Blessed 
Saviour. I By Ann Himie Shippen Livingston.) Phila- 
delphia: I printed and published for the author, | By J. S. 
Manning, No. 13 South Sixth street.| 1817.I i2mo. pp. 

LoMAX, Judith. The | Notes | of an | American Lyre. | By 
Judith Lomax, | A Native of the State of Virginia. | "Vive 
La Bagatelle."! Richmond: | Printed by Samuel Pleasants, | 
near the Market Bridge.| 1813.I Sm. i2mo. pp. [8],-9-7o. 
[p. 54 misprinted 34.] 

Dedicated to Thos. Jeffenoo. 


[LoNGSTKEETy AUGUSTUS BALDWIN.] Patriotic I Effusions ; | By 
Bob Short | New York : | Published by L. and F. Lockwood | 
No. 154 Broadway-I 1819.I i2mo. pp. [3]+6-46+[i]. 

Love, Charles. A | Poem | on the | Death of General | George 
Washington. | Late President of the | United States | in two 
books. I By Charles Love | [i verse in Latin] | [Copy-right 
secured according to law.] Alexandria, Virginia, | A.D. 
M, DCCC.| i2mo. pp. [7] +8-60. 

[LovETT, John.] A | Tribute | to | Washington, | for | Febru- 
ary 22d, 1800 I [s lines in Latin from Horace] | Troy | 
Printed by R. Moffitt & Co I i8oo| Lg. i2mo. pp. [5] +6-15. 

[LovETT.] Washington's Birthday: | an | Historical Poem, | 
with I Notes and Appendix | [5 lines in Latin from Horace 
and translations] | By a Washingtonian | Albany: | 
Printed and Published by E. and E. Hosford. | 1812 | [Copy- 
Right Secured.] | i2mo. pp. [3l+iv-SS+[i]+5-6+i-4+ 

Low, Samuel. Poems, | By | Samuel Low. | [3 lines] | In Two 
Volumes | vol. i.| New York: | Printed by T. & J. Swords, 
No. 99 Pearl-Street. | 1800. | 2 volumes. i2mo. pp. [9]+io- 
168; [is],-i6-i68. 

[Low.] An I Oration, | Delivered | In St. Paul's Church, | on | 
The Fourth of July, 1800 : | Being | The Twenty-fourth anni- 
versary of our independence : | Before | The General Society 
of Mechanics & Tradesmen, I Tammany Society or Columbian 
Order, | and other | Associations and Citizens | By M. L. 
Davis, I Of the General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen 
New-York: | Printed By W. A. Davis, Greenwich-Street 
1800 I i2mo. pp. [S]+6-2i-f-[3]. 

Poem by Samuel Low it od the last 3 pages. 

[McCoy, Joseph.] The | Frontier Maid; | or, | A Tale of 
Wyoming: | A Poem, | In five cantos. | Wilkesbarre, Penn. \ 
Printed by Steuben Butler & Samuel Maffetj 1819.I i2mo. 
pp. [5l+6-2o8+[i]. 

M'KiNNON, John D. Descriptive Poems, | By | John D. M'Kin- 
non. I Containing | Picturesque Views | of the | State of New- 
York I New-York: | Printed by T. & J. Swords, No. 99 Pearl 
Street | i8o2.| i2mo. pp. [9] -f 4-79. 


Macomber^ Rev. Job. A | Poem, | delivered in Bowdoinham, | 
to a I respectable audience, | on the | Fourth of July, 1806 | it 
being | the anniversary of j American Independence.) By 
Rev. Job. Macomber.j Third Edition.] Exeter: | Printed 
for J. Richardson.! 1814.] 8vo. pp. [3], -4-12. 

First edition. Exeter, 1806. i6mo, pp. 16. 

Mansfield, Joseph. Hope, | A Poem | Delivered in the | Chapel 
of Harvard University, | At a Public Exhibition, | July 8th, 
1800 I By Joseph Mansfield, | A Junior Sophister | Cam- 
bridge I Printed by William Hilliard | 1800 | i8mo. pp. 


Marsden, Joshua. Leisure Hours | or | Poems, | Moral, 
Religious, & Descriptive. | By Joshua Marsden, | Missionary 
[6 lines from Cowper.] | New York: | Published for the 
Author, And Sold by Griffin and Rudd, | 189 Greenwich- 
Street.| Paul & Thomas, Printers \ i8i2| i2mo. pp. [3] + 
4-160. [Portrait.] 

Maxwell, William. Poems | By | William Maxwell, Esq | 
Philadelphia: | Printed By William Fry | 1812 | 24mo. pp. 

Another edition. Philadelphia, 1816. i8mo, pp. [5]+Ti-vii+[9]+9- 
168. [Engraved title-page.] 

Mead, Charles. Mississippian Scenery ; | A Poem, | Descriptive 
of the Interior | of | North America | By Charles Mead | 
[2 lines! | Philadelphia: | Published by S. Potter and Co. 
No 55, Chestnut Street. | W. Fry, Printer. | 1819 | i2mo. pp. 
[5]+vi-ii3 [plate]. 

Mills, John Henry. Poetic Trifles, | by | John Henry 
Mills. I Comedian. | [5 lines from Shakspeare, | LLL.] | [6 
lines from R. Bums.] | Baltimore: | Printed by G. Dobbin & 
Murphy, 10, Market-Street. | for Cole & J. Bonsai. | 1808. | 
i2mo. pp. [5], -8-1 16 and 7 leaves of Contents and sub- 
scribers' names. 

[MuRDEN, Eliza Crawley.] Poems, | By a Young Lady | of 
Charleston | [verse from Beattie] | Charleston, (S. C.) 
Printed by J. Hoff, No 6, Broad Street. | 1808. | [Copy- 
Right Secured,] \ i2mo. pp. [6]+6-i7+[2]+6-ii2 [plate]. 


[Nl\l, John.] Battle of Niagara | A Poem, | Without Notes | 
and I Goldau, | or | The Maniac Harper. | ''Eagles! and 
Stars! and Rainbows!" | By Jehu O'Cataract, | Author of 
Keep Cool, &c | Baltimore: | Published by N. G. Maxwell. 
From the Portico Press. | Geo. W. Grater, printer.] 1818 
i2mo. pp. [5]+iv+vii-i43. i2mo. pp. [5]+vi-i43- 
Second Edition. Baltimore, 1819. i6mo. pp. [7]+viii- 
272. [Engraved title.] 

The second edidoo contains a new preface and several additional 

In some copies of the first edition page VI is misprinted IV, in others 
it is correctly printed, hence the two collations as given above. 

Neuvelle, M. J. La. Clegie | sur | La Mort | de | George Wash- 
ington I Par M. J. La Neuvelle | Membre de La Loge L'Ame- 
nite.| A Philadelphia | Chez Thomas & William Bradford, 
Libraires, | Premiere Rue Sud, No 8 | 1800. | 8vo. pp. 
[3] +4-6. [Plate.] 

Oldfield, J. " Tother Side of Ohio ;" or a Review of a 
Poem. Hartford: 1818. i6mo. 

Oliver, Isabella. Poems, | on | Various Subjects. | by 
Isabella Oliver, | Of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.\ 
[4 lines from Beattie's Minstrel.] | Carlisle : | From the Press 
of A. Loudon, | (Whitehall.) | i8os.| i2mo. pp. [3]r4-5» 
[2] , vii-ix, [ I ] , 12-220. 

on the Death of | Lieut. 
Notes, I Historical and 

Paine, Robert Treat. A | Monody 
General Sir John Moore. | with 
Political. I by I R. T. Paine, Jun. Esq. | To which is prefixed, 
A Sketch of the Life of General Moore | [2 lines from 
Shakespeare] \ Boston, | Published by J. Belcher.| i8ii.| 
8vo. pp. [3] +4-32. 

Paine. The | Works, | in | Verse and Prose, | of the Late | 
Robert Treat Paine, Jun. Esq | with Notes. | to which are 
prefixed, | Sketches | of his | Life, | Character and Writings.] 
[2 verses in Latin from Milton.] | Boston: | Printed and 
Published by J. Belcher. I i8i2.| 8vo. pp. [3]+vi-lxxxiv+ 
[II] +6-454+ [ I ] . [Portrait.] 

Pahdee, Benjamin D. Two | Orations, | and | Poetry | on 
different Subjects; | by Benjamin D. Pardee. | [9 lines from 


Virgil, ^neid, i, iii, v. 443.] | Plattsburgh, N. Y. | Printed 1 
Samuel Lowell, | for the Author. | i8io.| 8vo. pp. [4] ,-5-7 

[Patterson, Robert.] The | Art | of Domestic Happiness, 
and I other poems : | by | The Recluse, | Author of The Ind 
pendency of the Mind, affirmed.] [7 lines in French fro 
Cresset.] | Pittsburgh: | Published by Robert PatterscM 
1817.I i6mo. pp. [5]rvi, [3], 10-316 and leaf of errata. 

[Paulding, James Kirke.] Jokeby, | A Burlesque on Rokeby 

a Poem In six Cantos. | By an Amateur of Fashion. | T 

which are added, | Occasional Notes, | by our most popul 
Characters. I [i line from Romeo.] | Published | by \ 
Wells and T. B. Wait and Co. Boston, | and Eastbum, Ki 
and Co. N. York.| 1813.I i6mo. pp. [s],-2-2i8. 

[Paulding.] Jokeby, | a | Burlesque on Rokeby, | A Poem, 
in Six Cantos, | by an Amateur of Fashion ; | To which a 
added, | Occasional Notes, | By our Most popular Chora 
ters.\ [line from Romeo.] | London: | Printed for Thom 
Tegg, No. Ill, Cheapside; | W. Allason, 31, Bond Street; 
Dick, I Edinburgh; and J. Cumming, Dublin. | 181 3.] I2n: 
pp. [4] ,-2-224. 

[Paulding.] The | Lay 
of I Havre De Grace. 

of the I Scottish Fiddle : I A Talc 

Supposed to be written By Walt 
Scott, Esq. I First American, from the fourth Edinbur] 
Edition.! New- York: | Published by Inskeep & Bradford^ 
and Bradford & Inskeep, | Philadelphia.! 1813.! iGa. 
pp. [3lr4-ii, [i], 14-262. 

Paulding. The ! Backwoodsman. ! A Poem. | by J. K. Paul 
ing.| Philadelphia: ! Published by M. Thomas, 52 Chestn 
St. I J. Maxwell, Printer.| i8i8.| i2mo. pp. [ii],-8-is 
and 12 pages of Adv. preceding title. 

Payne, John Howard. Juvenile Poems, principally written t 
tween the age of thirteen and Seventeen Years; by Jol 
Howard Payne. Communicated to the publisher for t 
Literary Visitor. Baltimore: Edward J. Coale, 1813. I2a\ 
pp. 20. 


Payne. [Half title.] Lispings of the Muse: | a | Selection 
from I Juvenile Poems. | [verso of half title.] London: 
Printed by Richard and Arthur Taylor, Shoe Lane.j [Regu- 
lar title.] Lispings of the Muse: | a | Selection | from | 
Juvenile Poems, | Chiefly written at and before the age of 
sixteen, | by John Howard Payne. | [Line or rule] | "He 
lisp'd in Numbers, for the Numbers Came." | [Line or rule] | 
Printed as a testimony of regard | from the Author | to his 
personal friends. | [Short line] | 1815.I 8vo. pp. [5]-vi- 
viii, [i], 2-30 and leaf containing printer's name and name of 
place of issue. [London.] 

Peck, John. A Short Poem, on the Universal Plan. Second 
Edition. Keene, N. H., 1802. i2mo. 

Another edition. Boston: 1818. lama 

Peck. A Short 
versal Plan: 

Poem, Containing | a Descant on the | Uni- 
Also, Lines on the Happy End of the [ 
Righteous, I and | Prosperity and death of the Rich Man, 
spok' I en of in St. Luke's Gospel, Chap, xvi \ By John Peck | 
[Quotation from Job.] | Third Edition | Printed and Sold, 
April, I 1813.I i6mo. pp. [2] -1-3-23. 
The same. Boston: 1823. lamo. 

[Peck.] The | Devil's Shaving Mill, | Or Poem | In Which 
the Devil is personated : inter- | sperced with various queries 
and observ- | ations.j With a Paraphrase on | Mr. Devil's 
Wonderful Mill, | &c. | Ye shall not surely die | The serpent | 
View ev'ry line, let justice have its due: | You'll be con- 
vinc'd, I before that you get through.] Taunton: | Printed 
By A. Danforth.| 1815.I i2mo. pp. [3]+4-44- 

Peck. Description | of the Last | Judgment, | And Reflections 

Death | And One on the | Re- 
Palmer: I From E. Terry's 

Thereon : | Also a Poem on 

surrection | By John Peck. 

Press.j 1817.I i2mo. pp. [3]+6-34. 

Perrin, W. Hebrew Canticles | or A | Poetical Commentary, 
or Paraphrase, | on the | Various Songs of Scripture; | In- 
cluding I Solomon's Song, Lamentations, &c | And a few 
Miscellaneous pieces | By Rev. W. Perrin | Philadelphia: 
Printed and published by J. Maxwell. | For the Author 
1820. 1 i8mo. pp. [5]-f-6-i26. 


Pierce, William Leigh. The Year: | A | Poem, in 
Cantos. I by William Leigh Pierce, Esq. | [2 lines from 5 
speare.] | New- York: | Published by David Longwoi 
At the Shakspeare Gallery.] 1813.I i6mo. pp. [7],-fi 
Notes pp. 75 and leaf of Adv. 

Pierpont, John. The Portrait | A Poem | delivered before 
Washington Benevolent Society, | of Newburyport, | a 
evening of October 27, 1812. | by John Pierpont, 
Boston : | Published by Bradford and Read. | T. B. W 
Co. Printers.] i8i2.| 8vo. pp. [3],-4-36. 

Pierpont. Airs of Palestine; | A Poem | By John Pier 
Esq I [6 lines] | Baltimore: | Published for the Autl 
B. Edes, printer.! i8i6.| 8vo. pp. [9]+viii-xxvi+[i 


The same. Second edition. Boston: Welb and Lilly, 18 17. Sm. 
PP* Islf'^'S^' [Engraved title.] 
Third edition, Revised. Boston: 18x7. Z2mo^ pp. 66. 

Pitman, John, Jr. A Poem | on the | Social State an 
Future Progress: \ delivered before the | Philermeniar 
ciety I of | Brown University, | on its | Anniversary, | 
tember 3d, A.D. 181 1. | By John Pitman, Jun. Esq.| F 
dence: | Printed by Jones & Wheeler. | i2mo. pp. [3] + 

Porter, Jacob. Poems, | By | Jacob Porter | [2 verses 
Gifford] I Hartford: | Printed by Peter B. Gleason and 
i8i8.| 8vo. pp. [51+6-27. 

The same. Second edition. Hartford: 1819. 8yo, pp. 37. 

Prentiss, Charles. A | Poem | delivered at Brookfie! 
July 5th, 181 3, I before the Washington Benevolent Socie 
of that and the adjacent Towns. \ by Charles Prentiss. | 
lished at the request of the audience. | [2 lines from ( 
Met.] I [2 lines of Prose.] | Brookfield: | Printed b 
Merriam & Co.| 8vo. pp. [3], -4-14 [mispaged 44]. 

Prentiss. New England Freedom: | A | Poem | Deliveret 
fore the Washington Benevolent Society, | In Brim 
February 22d, 181 3 | By Charles Prentiss | [6 verses in 1 
verse from Juvenal and translated in prose] | Brookfie 
Printed By E. Merriam & Co | March .... 1813 | 8va 

Price, James H. Miscellany, | in | Verse and Prose | By | James 
H. Price, Esq. | [4 verses] | Albany: | Published by H. C. 
Southwick.| 1813.I i2mo. pp. [7] +8-168. 

QuiNCEY, Vernon H. A | Parody | on Some of the Most 
Striking passages | in a late pamphlet, entitled | "A Letter to 
a Federalist," with Large Addiiions & Improvements, \ by 
Vernon H. Quincey, Esq. | [4 lines from Buckingham] | [2 
lines from Chatham.] | [2 lines from Pope] | Portsmouth, 
N. H. I Printed at the Oracle Press, 1805. | 8vo. pp. [3],-vi- 
viii, [i], 10-47. 

Ralung, John. The | Time Piece. | Tempus Fugit | Multum 
in Parvo | [8 lines and a quotation from the Bible] | The 
Third Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. | By John Railing | 
Philadelphia : | Printed By Jane Aitken, No 20, North | Third 
Street.| 1803.] 8vo. pp. [3]+iv-i70. 

Rand, Thomas. The Voice of the Turtle; a Collection of 
pieces in prose and Verse. [Wrentham, Mass.] 1802. i2mo. 

Reynolds, Tertius. A | Poem, | Spoken on the Simimit | of 
Wamaug Mountain, | August 16, 1820, | To | A Party of 
Ladies and Gentlemen, | Who had Ascended to the Pinacle 
of This Lofty' | Mountain for the Purpose of Enjoying | A 
Prospect of the Romantic | Scenery Around. | Suggested by 
the Author's First Visit to That | Place a Short Time Pre- 
vious.) By Tertius Reynolds.] New Haven, | Printed for 
the Publisher. | 1820 ( i8mo. pp. [3] +4-12. 

[Richards, George.] Hymns and Odes | Composed | On the 
Death of | Gen. George Washington : | Adapted | to the 22d 
Day of February | and Dedicated to | Those Who Please to 
Sing them] | [7 lines of solid matter] | Many of them are 
Pure Originals, never published \ before,] Portsmouth, 
(N. H.) January, 1800 | Printed at the United States Oracle 
Oflfice I By Charles Peirce, sold by him, at the | Columbian 
Bookstore, By Groce (sic) Dozen, or Single. i2mo. pp. 

^CHMOND, William B. Mount Hope, | An Evening Excur- 
sion. I by William E. Richmond, | Barrister at Law. | Provi- 
dence: I Printed by Miller & Hutchens.j i8i8.| i2mo. pp. 
[5], -6-69, [i] and leaf of Copyright. 


Rogers, Daniel. A Poem, | on | Liberty and Equality. | by 
Daniel Rogers, | Student at Union College.] [One line from 
Schrevelli.] | Published by Special request. | Printed for the 
Author, I at the Office of the Albany Centinel, Court-Street, j 
1804. 1 8vo. pp. [3] -iv, [1 1,6-29. 

[Rose, R. H.] Sketches in Verse | [2 lines in Latin] | Printed 
for C. & A. Conrad & Co Philadelphia, | By Smith & Max- 
well.] i8io.| Svo. pp. [5]+vi-i84. [Engraved title.] 

RowELL, Nathaniel. The | Village Church: | a | Poem. | 
By Nathaniel Rowell.| Sag-Harbor: | Printed by Alden 
Spooner.j 1809. | i6mo. pp. [3],-4-ii. 

Dated at end "February 15th, A. D. 1809." "The Village" is MUler't 
Place in the town of Brookhaven, Long Island, N, Y, 

RowsoN, Susanna. Miscellaneous Poems; | by Susanna Row- 
son, I Preceptress of the Ladies' Academy, Newton, Mass. | 
Author of I Charlotte, Inquisitor, Reuben and | Rachel, etc. 
etc. I [2 quotations of 4 and 2 lines respectively from John- 
son's Rambler.] ( Printed for the Author, by Gilbert and 
Dean, | State-street, Sold by them, | and by W. P. and S. 

Rlake, (sic) Comhill, | Boston. 1804.I Svo. pp. [3],-iv- 


[Sands, Robert Charles.] The | Bridal of Vaumond; | A 
Metrical Romance. | [2 verses in Latin from Auson & 4 verses 
(translated) from Goethe] | New York: | Published By 

James Eastbum And Co. 
way and | Pine Street 
i6mo. pp. [5]-f6-i86. 

For another title by Sands, see Eastbum, J. W. 

Literary Rooms, Comer of Broad- 
Abraham Paul, Printer.\ 1817.I 

Sargent, Lucius Manlus. CiELII Symposii | iEIGMATA.j 
Hanc Novam Editionem, | Juxta | Lectiones Optimas | dili- 
genter Congestam, | Curavit. | Lucius M. Sargent.) Bos- 
toniae, Nov Angl : | Prelo | Belcher et Armstrong. | MDCCC- 
Vn.| 8vo. pp. [3]riv, [i],6-3S. 

Sargent. The | Culex | of | Virgil; | with | A Translation | 
into I English Verse, | by | Lucius M. Sargent. | [2 lines 
Latin.] | Boston: | Printed at the Emerald Press, | by 
Belcher and Armstrong, | No. 70, State Street.] 1807. | Svo. 

PP- [31+1V-I44. 


Sakgent. Hubert and Ellen. | with | Other Poems | The Trial 
of the Harp . . . Billowy Water . . . The Plunderer's grave. . . 
I The Tear-Drop . . . The Billow | By | Lucius M. Sargent | 
Boston: (Published by Chester Stebbins.j i8i2.| 8vo, pp. 


Another edidoo. Boston: 1813. 8vo, pp. [3]»-4-i35. 
The same. Boston: 1815. i6mo, pp. [5],-6-96. 

[Sargent, Winthrop.] Boston. | A Poem | [5 lines in Latin 
by Horace and their translation in Eng. Verse.] | Boston: 
Printed for Joseph Nancrede, No. 49 Marlboro' Street | 1803. 
Svo, pp. [3], 4-16. 

Sargent. Boston. | A | Poem. | by Winthrop Sargent. | Second 
edition. I Corrected and enlarged.] [5 lines from Horace] 
[6 lines of Verse.] | Boston : | Printed by Hosea Sprague, 
Sold at No. 49, Marlboro* Street.] 1803. | i2mo. pp. [5]- 
vi, [i],8-23. 

Scales, William. The | Quintescence | of | Universal His- 
tory ; I or, I An Epitomial History | of the | Christian Era : | 
A Poem I By Wm. Scales, A.M. LL.D. F.R.S. | Massa- 
chusetts: Printed for the Purchasers.] i8o6.| 8vo. pp. [3] + 

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe. Transallegania | or the | Groans 
of Missouri | A Poem | [2 verses from Pope's letters] | New- 
York I Printed for the Author, By J. Seymour | 1820.] i6mo. 

pp. [31+4-24- 

Scott, Jonathan M. Blue Lights, | Or | The Convention. | A 
Poem I In Four Cantos | By Jonathan M. Scott, Esq.| [4 
verses] | New York: | Printed and Published by Charles N. 
Baldwin, Book- j seller, Chatham, comer of Chamber-street [ 
1817.I i6mo. pp. [7]+vi-i50. 

Scott. The | Sorceress, | or | Salem Delivered. | A Poem, | In 
Four Cantos. | By Jonathan M. Scott, Esq.| [Quotation from 
King Lear and a line from Horace.] | New York : Printed 
and Published by Charles N. Baldwin, Book- | seller, comer 
of Chamber and Chatham-street. I 1817.I i6mo. pp. [7] + 

Scott, Moses Y. The | Deaf and Dumb; | A Poem, | By. 
Moses Y Scott. | Written and Published for the Benefit of 


"The New- York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf 
and Dumb." I New-York: | Published by Elam Bliss, 208 
Broadway | J. Seymour, printer | 1819.I 8vo. pp. [51+6-23. 

Scott. Fatal Jest, | A tale : | and | other poems. | by Moses Y. 
Scott. I New-York: | Published by Elam Bliss, 208 Broad- 
way, I J. Seymour, Printer.] 1819.I i6mo. pp. [5]-vi, [3], 

of I 

Sears, Reuben. A | Poem, | on the | Mineral Waters 
Ballston and Saratoga, | with | Notes | Illustrating the 
tory of the Springs | and | Adjacent Country | By Reuben 
Sears, A.M.| Ballston Spa: | Published by the Author, | J. 
Comstock, Printer.! 1819.I i6mo. pp. [7]-f8-io8. 

Another edition, I think, was issued in New York, 1819. 

Selden, Almira. Effusions | of | The Heart, | contained in a 
number of | Original Poetical Pieces, | on various subjects.] 
By Almira Selden.] [7 lines of poetry from Thomson.] | Ben- 
nington: I Printed by Darius Clark, | 1820.] i6mo. pp. [3] + 

Sewell, Jonathan Mitchell. Miscellaneous Poems, | with 
several specimens | from the | Author's Manuscript Version | 
of the I Poems of Ossian. | by J. M. Sewell, Esq. | Published 
agreeably to an act of Congress.] Portsmouth: ) Printed by 
William Treadwell, & Co ] For the Author.] 1801.] i2mo. 
pp. [5]»-6-8, [2], 11-304. 

Sewell, Jotham. Rev. Mr. Sewell's ] Poem, ] on ] The Mode 
of Baptism. ) Second edition.] Hallowell: ] Printed by S. K. 
Oilman.] 1820.] 8vo. 

Printed 00 pp. [37] -41 of Sermon on Infant Baptism, by EUphalet 
Gillet Hallowell: S. K. Gilman, xSaa 

The first edition of the Sermon, with the poem annexed, was printed 
by Peter Edes, Augusta, 1804. I b*ve not seen a copy of the emrlier 

Shaw, John. Poems | by the late ) Doctor John Shaw, ] to 
which is prefixed ) A biographical Sketch of the Author.] 
Published by Edward Earle, Philadelphia, and ] by Edward 
J. Coale, Baltimore. ] Fry and Kammerer, Printers.] iSic] 
i2mo. pp. [5],-vi-viii, [i], 2-252. 


SflA w-Standish, Thomas. No. i. [Cuts of 5 Coffins] | A 
Mournful Song, | Occasioned by the Shipwreck of the 
Schooner Armistice, Captain Douglas, on Cohasset \ rocks, 
August SI, 18 1 5 .... bound from Port \ land for Baltimore 
. ... on which occasion five | persons perished. \ by Thomas 
ShsLV^'Standish.\ [Cut of a Ship ] | [12 lines of Verse.] | 
8vo. pp. [l],-2-II. 

On page 7 h A Solemn Song, on the Volcano of Albay. 

[Shurtleff, James.] The | Substance of a Late Remarkable 
Dream | In Which Were Presented | The Celestial Worlds 
and the | Infernal Regions, | With the | Arch Enemy of Man- 
kind, I with His I Legions Paraded, | Together with his | 
Instructions to them, | In Which Was Discovered, His Deep 
Laid Rot | Against the | United States of America | Hallowell 
(District of Maine) | Printed by Peter Edes | 1800. | 8vo. 

pp. [3I+4-16. 

JiGOURNEY, Lydia Huntley. Moral Pieces, | in | Prose and 
Verse.] By Lydia Huntley. | Hartford: | Sheldon & Good- 
win Printers.] 1815.I i2mo. pp. [5]-vi, [i], vii-xii, 

[i], 2-267, [i] and 8 pp. of Subscribers' names. 

The author's first book. Some copies were issued anonymously. 

Smith, Eaglesfield.] William and Ellen: a | Poem | in | 
three Cantos; | with other poetical Works | of | An Ameri- 
can. | Published for the Benefit of a helpless Child. | New- 
York: I Printed by J. Seymour, No. 49, John-Street. | 181 1.| 
i6mo. pp. [5]-vi, [i], viii-xii, [i], 14-158. 

Smith, James.] The | Mirror | of Merit and Beauty: | Fifty 
Female Sketches, | Drawn from Nature.] [3 verses from 
Pope and 2 from Phaed.] | By a Friend to the Fair. | J.S.M.D. 
New- York: | Printed for the Author, | By D. & G. Bruce. 
1808. 1 i6mo. pp. [5]-f6-8o. 

iifoWDEN, Richard. The | Columbiad; | or a | Poem | on 
the I American War, | in thirteen Cantoes. | (sic) by Rich- 
ard Snowden.j Baltimore: | Printed by W. Pechin, No. 10, 
Second-Street ] [Circa 1805.] i2mo. pp. [3], -4-44. 

[SoMERViLLE, J. S.] Somerville's | Plume of the Classics, | or | 
Select Qassical Pieces, | in | English Verse. | Washington: | 


Printed for the Author, by Jacob Gideon, Junior | Ninth 
Street, Near Pennsylvania Avenue | i82o| i6mo. pp. [3]+ 

Spence^ Lieutenant. Minstrelsey | of | Edmund the 
Wanderer, | collected by | his early companion, and intimate 
friend, | Lieutenant Spence | of the United States' Navy.| 
(Verse quotation, eight lines) | New- York: | Printed by D. 
& G. Bruce, | Slote Lane.| i8io.| 8vo. pp. [51,-6-83, [2], 
86-88, [i], 2-340. [Portraits of "Edmund" and "Licea."] 

Spierin, George Hartwell. Poems, | By | The Late | George 
Hartwell Spierin, | of | Charleston, South-Carolina, | Student 
of Law. I [5 verses from Beattie's Minstrel.] | Charleston: | 
Printed by W. P. Young, Franklin's-Head, | No. 41, Broad- 
Street.| 1805.I 8vo. pp. [7]+vii-i23-f[i]. 

Sterry, Abby, H. Effusions, | Religious, Moral, | and | Patri- 
otic; I in I Prose and Verse | By Abby H. Sterry, New- 
London: I Printed for the Author: | By Samuel Green ( 
i8i8.| i2mo. pp. [51+6-150. 

Stevenson, Robert. No. i | Liberal Odes, | Original and 
Selected. I Respectfully Dedicated | to the | Honest and the 
Bold, I Of all Denominations, | By Robert Stevenson | [2 
verses] | New York: | Published by the Author, | Jan ist. 
Year of Independence 57 | i6mo. pp. [3] +4-18. 

[Stewart, John.] The | Revelation of Nature, | with the 
Prophesy of Reason. | [2 lines of Verse] | New- York: 
Printed by Mott & Lyon, for the Author.] In the fifth year 
of intellectual existence, or the \ publication of the Apocalypse 
of Nature, 3000 years from the Grecian Olympiads, and 4800 
from recorded \ Knowledge in the Chinese tables of eclipses 
beyond \ which Chronology is lost in fable.] i2mo. pp. [3],- 
iv-xxxix, [i], 2-104. 

Story, Joseph. The | Power | of | Solitude. | A | Poem | In 
two Parts I By Joseph Story | [4 verses from Southey] | 
Boston I Printed By John Russell. | [1802.] 8vo. pp. [7] + 

New and improved edition. Salem, Barnard B. Macanulty, 1804. 
lamo^ pp. [5],-2-a6o. [Frontispiece engraved by J. Akin, Newbury- 


[Story, Isaac] A | Parnassian Shop, | Opened | In the Pin- 
daric Stile ; I By Peter Quince, Esq | [4 verses from P. Pin- 
dar] . I Copy Right Secured | Boston, | Printed by Russell and 
Cutler, I 1801 I i2mo. pp. [7]+viii, [i], 10-155. 

Strong, T. The | Tears of Columbia: | A Poem, | to the 
Memory of | American Heroes and Statesmen. | to which are 
added | Miscellaneous Odes, &c. | by T. Strong.] [2 lines 
from Shakespeare.] | Dedham: | Printed by H. Mann — 
i8i2.| 8vo. pp. [3],-4-32. 

Sympson, J. Science Revived | or | the Vision of Alfred. | 
A poem I in eight Cantos, | with biographical Notes. | by the 
Rev. J. Sympson, B.D.| Philadelphia, | Printed by John 
Bouvier, for John Wilson. | i8io.| i6mo. pp. [5], -6, [i], 
8-9, [4], 14-207. [Frontispiece.] 

Tappan, William Bingham. New England. | And other | 
Poems. I By William B. Tappan | Philadelphia : | Printed for 
the Author, By J. H. Ctmningham, | No. 70, South Third- 
street I 1819.I i8mo. pp. [7]-f6-io8. [Plate.] 

Tappan. Songs of Judah, | and other | Melodies | By | William 
B. Tappan, | Author of New England and other poems | 
Philadelphia: | Published By S. Potter & Co. 87 Chestnut 
Street. I 1820. | i8mo. pp. [7] -fvi-xi+ [4] +4-204. 

Thacher, William. A | Battle | Between | Truth and Error | 
Humbly Addressed to the Candid | Lovers of Truth. | By 
William Thacher | Middletown, {Conn) \ Printed by T. & J. 
B. Dunning | i8o8.| i2mo. pp. [3]+iv-vi, [i], 8-48. 

Thayer, Caroline Matilda. Religion | Recommended | To 
Youth, I in I a series of Letters | addressed | to a Young 
lady. I to which are added, | Poems | on Various Occasions, 
by Caroline Matilda Thayer. | Third Edition.] New- York: 
Published by J. Soule and T. Mason, for the Methodist 
Episcopal Church in the United States.] A, Paul, Printer. 
1819.I i6mo. pp. [3],-iv-vi. [i], 8-220. On p. [159] is 
title-Poems | on Various Ocasions. | by | Caroline Matilda 
Thayer. I The poems are on pp. [163] -220. 


Thomas, Daniel. A | Poem | Delivered in | Middleborough 
September 8th, A.D. 1802 | At the | Amiiversary Election 
of the I Philandrian Society | By Daniel Thomas | Student of 
Rhode Island College | Wrentham, (Mass) | Printed by 
Nathaniel Heaton, Jun.| i8o2.| 8vo. pp. [3]+4-i2. 

Thomas, Joseph. A | Poetical Descant | on the | Primeval and 

Present State of 
Joseph Thomas, 

Mankind; | or, The Pilgrim's Muse.| By 
Minister of the Gospel. | [2j4 lines from 

"The Author"]. | Winchester Va. | J. Foster, Printer.] i8i6.| 

i6mo. pp. [3]+iv-2i9+[i]. 

Thomson, Charles West. EUiner, | and | Other Poems | By | 
Charles West Thomson | "Simple flowers, such as the hedge- 
rows scent."! Philadelphia: | Published by Marot & Walter, | 
No 87, Market Street | 1826.I i2mo. pp. [5]+6-viii+[i] + 

TizzARD, Samuel. The | New Athenian Oracle; | or, | Ladies 
Companion. | In two Books | Book First, | Containing an 
Extraordinary Variety | of | Questions in Prose, on Moral, | 
Philo- I sophical and other Subjects, | Together with a Great 
Number of | Enigmas, Paradoxes, Rebuses, Charades, &c | 
Also, a Number of Curious | Mathematical Questions. | Book 
Second, | Containing Answers and Solutions | in Prose and 
Verse. I Designed for the Improvement of the Fair-Sex. 
Collected from the most Eminent and Approved Writers. 
By Samuel Tizzard Teacher of the English Language and 
Mathematicks, in Carlisle. \ [4 lines of Verse] | Carlisle: | 
From the Press of A. Loudon. (Whitehall.) | i8o6.| 8vo. 
pp. [3lriv.253-[2]-2-96. 

ToPLiFF, Nathaniel. Poems, | Moral, Descriptive, | and 
Political. I By Nathaniel Topliff, | A Farmer of Dorchester 
Boston : | Printed for the Author | /. Belcher, Printer, \ 1809. 
i2mo. pp. [5]+vi-i69+[i]. 

[ToRREY, Jesse.] The | Intellectual Flambeau, | Demonstrating 
That I National Happiness, Virtue & Temperance \ Exist, 
in a I Collateral Ratio, | With | The Dissemination | of Phil- 
osophy, Science, & Intelligence | with an | Appendix | Con- 
taining several | Splendid Poems on the Advantage | of | 


Mental Improvement, and on Charity.] [7 lines of various 
quotaticms] | By Discipulus Libertatis atque Humanity.] 
Washington City | Printed By Daniel Rapine | i8i6.| i2mo. 

pp. [3] +4-143+ [4] +4-35. 

[TowNSEND, RiCHAitD H.] Original | Poems, | by a Citizen of 
Baltimore.| Published by Samuel Jefferis, | 212, Baltimore- 
Street. I Robinson, Printer.] 1809.I i2mo. pp. [S],-vi-x, 
[i], 2-139, [i] and leaf of Adv. 

TowNSEND, Walter. [Title page gone. First page reads :] [An 
American eagle bearing a pennant inscribed: "E Pluribus 
Unum"] Ode | For the Fourth of July, 1803 | By Walter 
Townsend.| (Set to Music by Dr. Jackson.) | [Then the poem 
begins] 8vo. pp. [i]+2-3+[i]. 

Trumbull, John. The | Poetical Works | of | John Trumbull, 
LL.D. I Containing | M'Fingal, | A Modem Epic Poem, 
Revised and Corrected, | With Copious Explanatory Notes ; 
The Progress of Dulness ; | And a Collection of | Poems | on 
Various Subjects, | Written Before and During the Revo- 
lutionary War I In two Volumes. | Vol I | Hartford : | Printed 
for Samuel G Goodrich, | By Lincoln & Stone | MDCCCXX. 
8vo. pp. [ii]-fio-235 [2]-f8-i77. [Portrait and plates en- 
graved by E. Tisdale.] 

Umphraville, Angus. The | Siege of Baltimore, | and | the 
Battle of I La Tranche ; | with Other | Original Poems | By 
Angus Umphraville | Aged Nineteen | [4 lines from Virgil] | 
Baltimore: | Printed by Schaeffer and Matmd | 1817.I i2mo. 

pp. [13I +2-144. 

[Upham, Thomas Cogswell.] The | Home in the West | A 
Poem I Delivered at Dartmouth College, July 4, 1817.I By 
a Member of the Junior Class | Hanover : | David Watson, 
Jun. Printer | 1817.I i6mo. pp. [3]-f-iv-i2. 

Upham. American Sketches.] by Thomas C. Upham.| [3 lines 
in Latin] | [Cut of an eagle with spreading wings.] | New 

York : | Published by David Longworth, 
Gallery, | For the Author.] Feb.-iSig. 
vi-vii, [2], 6-120. [Several text illust] 


at the Shakspeare- 
i6mo. pp. [5],- 

[Verplanck, Gulian Crommelin.] Dick Shift, | or the | State 
Triumvirate. I A Political Tale | in | Imitation of Swift | "Till 
wrapped in terrors of avenging might." | Pursuits of Litera- 
ture.] New York: | Printed for the Author, | And sold by 
W. B. Gilley, No. 92 Broadway.j J. Seymour, Printer | 1819.I 
i2mo. pp. [51+6-31. 

[Verplanck.] The | State Triumvirate, | A Political Tale: | 
And I The Epistles | of | Brevet Major Pindar Puff.j [6 
lines from Dryden] | New- York: | Printed for the Author, | 
And Sold by W. B. Gilley, No. 92 Broadway, | and other 
Booksellers | J. Seymour, Printer | 1819.I i2mo. pp. [3] + 


[Waddell, John H.] A | Fair Epistle | From A Little Poet, | 
to I A Great Player | [6 lines] | Sold by the Author | New- 
York, i8i8.| i2mo. pp. [5] +6-12. 

Waddell. The Dartmoor Massacre, transposed in verse, from 
the New York Commercial Advertiser, of the 6th of June last, 
and the Boston papers of the same month. Being the authen- 
tic and particular account of the tragic massacre, at Dart- 
moor prison, in England, on the 6th April last, in which sixty- 
seven American sailors, prisoners there, fell the victims to the 
jailor's revenge, for obtaining their due allowance of bread, 
which had been withheld from them by the jailor's orders. 
Boston 1815. i2mo. pp. 8. 

[Waddell.] Waddell, | to | Coleman.j Facts and Fancy — | 
As you like it — Go on, or Stop.| [double rule] | New- 
York: | 1819.I i2mo. pp. [3] -iv, 5-8. 

Blue paper cover, with title as given above. 

This curious piece was written by J. H. Waddell and is signed by 
him at the end of the verses. It is an answer to slurring remarks made 
by William Coleman, editor of the New York Evening Post, regarding 
Andrew Jackson and the part he took in the Seminole War. 

[Waln, Robert, Jr.] American Bards.| A Satire | [2 lines 
from Dryden and 3 from Byron] | Philadelphia: | Published 
for the Author by M. Thomas, | and by Haly and Thomas, 
New York. I /. Maxtvell, Printer \ 1820. | 8vo. pp. [5] + 


[Waln.] Sisyphi Opus: | or, | Touches at the Times. | A 
Satire. I [4 lines of prose.] | and other Poems. | by the Author 
of "American Bards." | Philadelphia: | Published by J. Max- 
well and Moses Thomas, | and by Haly and Thomas, New 
York. I 1820. 1 8vo. pp. [5], -6-62. [i]. 

[Wardell, Joseph.] Poems | on | various subjects, | viz. | on 
the birth of Christ.] His Life, Miracles, Death, Resurrection 
and Ascention.] His sending the Holy Ghost to carry on | 
the work of redemption, &c.| The day of Judgment.] On the 
Joys of Heaven. I Advice to Tale-Bearers, &c., &c.| Printed 
for the Author.] M, DCCC, IX.| i2mo. pp. [3]-iv, [2], 

Wardwell. The | Way of the World, | or | A short sketch of 
the Modem | Customs of Mankind, delineated, | in a variety 
of methods, both | Metaphorical, Ironical, Miscellaneous, 
Serous, Humour | ous, Entertaining, and | Romantick, | Cal- 
culated to divert, and, at the same time, | instruct the 
Reader Composed and written, in Prose and Verse | By 
Joseph Wardwell, alias, | Joseph, the Dreamer | [4 lines] | 
Printed for the Author.] M, DCCC XULj Svo. pp. [2],- 

Published in Bristol, R. I. 

Ware, Henry, Jr. A ] Poem ] Pronounced at Cambridge, Feb- 
ruary 23, 1815, ] at the ] Celebration of Peace ] Between the 
United States and Great Britain ] By Henry Ware, Jun.| 
Published by Request.] Cambridge: ] Printed by Hilliard and 
Metcalf.] 1815.] 8vo, pp. [3]+4-ii. 

Weekes, Refine. The ] Advantages ] and J Disadvantages ] of 
the 1 Marriage State, ] As entered into with | Religious or 
Irreligious ) Persons; ) Represented tmder the Similitude ] 
of a Dream ] Versified by Refine Weekes ] Stanford : ] Printed 
by Daniel Lawrence ) For the Author, 1805.] i6mo. pp. [4] + 


Weekes. Poems, ] on ] Religious ] and | Historical Subjects ] 
By Refine Weekes ] New York: j By James Oran, ] No. 5 
Burling-Slip ] 1820.) i2mo. pp. [7] +4-388. 


Weller, Catharine. The | Medley. | by Catharine Wellcr.| 
[2 lines from Young] | New- York: | Printed by T. and J. 
Swords, I No. 160 Pearl Street. | i8io.| i2mo. pp. [3],- 

WiLLS^ Archibald. A Poem on Door-keeping, addressed to the 
members of the Honorable the General Assembly. A Dialogue 
between General Arnold and Lord Comwallis. A Dialogue 
between a miser and a spendthrift. An Elegy on the death 
of Michael Young, and a fable on two Cats and a Monkey in 
the division of a Cheese. Compiled by Archibald Wills. 
Raleigh: 1808. i2mo. pp. 12. 

Wharton, John. The | Virginia Wreath; | or | Original 
Poems. I by John Wharton, M.D.| Formerly President of 
the Royal Physical Society at | Edinburg, and Honorary 
Member of the Medical | and Physical Society of Guy's Hos- 
pital, London.] [2 lines from Hor.] | Winchester, Virginia, | 
Printed for the Author, by J. Foster. | 1814.I i2mo. pp. 
[3] -4, [31,8-105. 

[Wheatley, Phillis.] a | Beautiful | Poem | on | Providence; | 
written by a yotmg female slave. | To which is subjoined | A 
short Account of this extraordinary Writer. | Halifax, | 
Printed by E. Gay.| 1805. | i2mo. pp. [3],-4-8- 

Whipple^ Oliver. The | Historic Progress | of | Civil and 
Rational Liberty, | and | Order, triumphant over Faction: | 
A Poem: | [Quotation from Virgil and translation] | By A 
Farmer | Portsmouth, | Printed at the United States' Oracle 
Press. I By W. Treadwell & Co. | i8o2.| i2mo. pp. [3]+ 

Whiting^ Samuel. Elegant Lessons ; | or the | Yoimg Lady's 
Preceptor.! Being a series of | Appropriate Reading Exer- 
cises I in I Prose and Verse : | Carefully Selected | From the 
Most Approved Authors | for Female Schools and Academies 
Including Some Remarks upon the Principles of Correct 
Reading ; With a Brief Dissertation on Poetry, | as a Reading 
Exercise ; and the Dif- | ferent kinds and Constructions ( of 
Poetic Feet | By Samuel Whiting, Esq. | Middletown, Conn., j 
Printed and Published by Clark & Lyman | 1820. | i2mo. 
pp. [3]-iv-276. 


Whitman, Benjamin. The | Heroes of the North, | or | The 
Battles of Lake Erie and Champlain | Two Poems | By Benja- 
min Whitman, Jr., Esq. | Boston; | Published by Barber 
Badger I i8i6.| 8vo. pp. [ii] +12-24. [3 plates.] 

Whitwell, Benjamin. Experience, | or, | Folly as it Flies | A 
Poem, I Delivered at Cambridge, on the Anniversary | of 
the I^BK Society | Aug. 28, 1806. | By Benjamin Whitwell.| 
[4 lines from Horace.] | Boston: ] Printed at the Anthology 
Office, I By Munroe & Francis | i8o6.| 8vo. pp. [5] +6-23. 

[Williams, John.] The | Hamiltoniad: | or, | an extinguisher 
for the I Royal Faction of New-England. | with | Copious 
Notes, I Illustrative, Biographical, Philosophical, Critical, Ad- 
monitory, I and Political ; | Being Intended as a | High-Heeled 
Shoe I For all Limping Republicans.] By Anthony Pasquin, 
Esq. I [6 lines.] | Copy-right Secured According to Act of 
Congress.] Sold for the Author, price [ ], at the Inde- 
pendent Chronicle | Office, Court-Street, Boston. | 8vo. pp. 

Piece torn from imprint of copy which has been examined. 

A Poem I Descrip- 
Falls of Niagara, 

[Wilson, Alexander.] The | Foresters: 
tive of a | Pedestrian Journey | to the 
In the Autumn of 1804. | By The Author of American 
Ornithology | Newtown, (Penn) | Published by S. Siegfried 
and J. Wilson | July . . . i8i8.| i8mo. pp. [5]+6-io6. 
[Portrait of the author engraved by D. Edwin.] 

Winchester, Elhanan. The | Process and Empire | of | Christ ; 
From His Birth | to the End of | The Mediatorial Kingdom ; 
A Poem, I in Twelve Books. | By Elhanan Winchester 
Brattleboro' | Printed by Wiliam Fessenden | 1805.I i2mo. 
PP- [3]+iv-30i-f-202+303-352. 

[Wood WORTH, John.] The | Battle of Plattsburgh: | A | Poem, 
In Three Cantos. | By an American Youth. | [2 lines from 
Canto I.] I Montpelier: | Printed by E. P. Walton, | 1819.I 
i6mo. pp. [3]+iv-46. 

[Wood WORTH, Samuel.] New-Haven, | A Poem, | Satirical 
and Sentimental, | with | Critical, Humorous, Descriptive, | 
Historical, Biographical, | and | Explanatory Notes. | By 


Selim.| [3 lines of verse.] | New-York: | Printed for the 
Author. I 1809. 1 i2mo.. pp. [3], -4-34- 

WooDWORTH. Beasts at Law, | or, | Zoologian Jurisprudence; 
A Poem, I Satirical, Allegorical, and Moral. | in Three Cantos. 
Translated from the Arabic of | Sampiilius Philoerin, 
Z. Y. X. W., &c., &c. I whose fables have made so much noise 
in the East, and whose fame has | eclipsed that of iBsop. | 
with Notes and Annotations. | by Samuel Woodworth.j [2 lines 
of verse.] | New- York: | Printed and Published by J. Harmer 
& Co. I No, 35 Nassau Street. | i8ii.| i2mo. pp. [s],-6-i04. 

The above and Quarter Day, were published in a volume containing 
Interesting Spanish Tales. By Rinaldo D'Elville, and Narrative of the 
Capture of U. S. Brig Vixen. With general title-page for all. Each 
piece is, however, paged separately, and I believe that the Woodwortfa 
titles were also issued in separate form. 

[Wood WORTH. Quarter-Day, | or | The Horrors | of the | First 
of May. I A Poem. | by the author of "Beasts at Law." | 
From the Halcyon Press. | New- York: | Printed and pub- 
lished by S. Woodworth & Co. | No. 468 Pearl-Street. | 
i8i2.| i2mo. pp. [3]r4-35i [i]- 

[Woodworth.] Bubble & Squeak; | or, | A Dish of all Sorts. | 
Being a | Collection of American Poems, | Published in New 
York; | Comprising | Quarter-Day, or the Horrors | of the 
First of May ; | Beasts at Law, or Zoologian | Jurisprudence ; 
The Fatal Amour; | The Desponding Lovers, | and the 
Capture and Shipwreck of the | U. S. Brig Vixen | New 
York: | Printed for the Booksellers. | 1814.I i2mo. pp. 
[31-4-35-2, 2-104, [3], 4-22, [5], 4-35, [3], 3-16. 

[Woodworth.] The | Complete Coiffeur; | or | an Essay | on 
the I Art of Adorning Natural, | and of | Creating Artificial 
Beauty | (Ornamented with plates). By J. B. M. D. Lafoy, | 
Ladies Hairdresser. | [6 lines.] | New York: | Stereotyped 
for the Proprietors, and sold by all | the Principal Booksellers | 
1817.I i2mo. pp. [7] +6-98. [Plates.] 

Woodworth. The | Poems, Odes, Songs, | and Other | Metrical 
Effusions, I of | Samuel Woodworth, | Author of "The Cham- 
pions of Freedom," &c. | New York: | Published by Abra- 
ham Asten and Matthias Lopez. | 1818. | [Portrait of the 
author.] i2mo. pp. [3]-{-iv-288. 


[Worth, Gorham A.] American Bards: | a | Modem Poem, 
in I three parts. | [2 lines of poetry.] | West of the Mountains. 
1819.I i2mo. pp. [5]+vi-52. 

This is not the work issued in Philadelphia, i8ao. See Robert Wain, 
Jr. Supposed to be the first volume of original poetry printed west of 
the Alleghenies. It was printed in Cincinnati. 

Wright, Judah. Poems, | On Various Subjects.] By Judah 
Wright I Boston : | Printed by Samuel Avery | No. 91 New- 
bury Street | i8i2.| i2mo. pp. [S]+6-48. 

Wright, N. Hill. Monody, | on the | Death of Brigadier 
General | Zebulon Montgomery Pike: | and other poems, 
by N. Hill Wright. | [line from Addison.] | Middlebury, Vt. 
Printed by Slade & Ferguson. | 1814.] Svo. pp. [3],-4> 
[I], 6.79. 

Wright. The | Fall of Pabnyra : | and | Other Poems | By N. H. 
Wright I Middlebury, Vt. | Published by William Slade, Jun | 
1817.I i6mo. pp. [5]+vi-i43- 

Wright. Boston | or | A Touch at the Times | A Poem, | De- 
scriptive, Serious, and Satirical | "Boston folks are full of 
notions." — Anonymous | By N. H. Wright | Bostoil : | Printed 
by Hews & Goss.] 1819.] Svo. pp. [7] +8-24. 

Young, David. The Contrast, a poem in two parts, by David 
Young. Elizabethtown : Woodruff & Periam, 1804. i2mo. 

pp. 34. 

Young. The | Perusal, | or | The Book on Nature Unfolded, | 
A Poem: | together with a poem entitled | The Contrast. | By 
David Yotmg. | Newark, N. J. | Printed by John Tuttle & Co. | 
i8i8.| i2mo. pp. 66. Boards, with title repeated on front 
cover, and advertisement on fourth page of "The Correct and 
Easy Calculator/' also by David Young. 

[Young, Edward R.] One Year | In Savannah | A Poem, | in 
Five Parts | [4 lines from Byron.] | Providence: | Printed 
by Brown & Danforth, | 1820. | 8vo. pp. [3] +4-16. 

Written to commemorate the Great Fire at Savannah and the Pesti- 
lence following. 



Alfred, an historical poem delivered at the public OMnmence- 
ment in Yale College New Haven, September ii, 1799, writ- 
ten by a Carolinian student in said College. Charleston, J. 
Cox, 1800. i2mo. pp. 12. 

The I American | Poetical Miscellany. | Original and 
Selected.] [2 lines of poetry.] | Philadelphia: | Published by 
Robert Johnson, C. & A. Conrad | & Co. and Mathew Carey, | 
Booksellers and Stationers. | 1809. | i2mo. pp. [3] +4-304. 

The I American | Toilet [Cut Containing the Same words as 
above.] | Printed and Published at | Imbert's Lithographic ] 
Office, 79 Murray ST | New York. | [1827.] | i6mo. pp. 
[2] -2-20, each leaf being blank on verso, p. 19 is tmnumbered. 
This work consists of 20 leaves. Each contains a colored 
litho. representing different articles, such as an elastic girdle. 
Each has a cut-out or piece to double over, underneath which 
are such titles as Contentment, and Moderation. Under each 
plate are two lines of verse. 

An I Attempt | to Vindicate | The American Character, | Be- 
ing Principally | A Reply | To The Intemperate Anunad- 
versions | of Thomas Moore, Esq. | Philadelphia : | Published 
by Benjamin Johnson.) T. L. Plowman, Printer. | 1806. | 
8vo. pp. [3]+iv-43. 

The I Anniversary Ode \ of the | Columbian Reading Society | 
1806. 1 i2mo. pp. [i]+2-7. 

No general title-page. 

Anniversary Ode | of the | Union Book Society.] 1808. | i2mo. 
pp. [I] +2-10+ [3] +2-3. 

No general title-page. 

The Ass on Parnassus; | and | From Scotland, Ge Ho!! | 
comes I Roderigh Vich Neddy Dhu, Ho! leroe!!! | Cantos 
I. II I of I a poem, entitled | What Are Scot's Collops?| A Pro- 


phetic Tale ; | written in imitation of | The Lady of the Lake. | 
by I Jeremiah Quiz | Philadelphia: | Published by Mathew 
Carey | No. 121, Chestnut Street.| 1815.I i6mo. pp. [3] + 

Ballston I Springs.] [line in Latin.] | [4 lines of verse.] 
New- York: | Printed by S. Gould, opposite the City-Hall. 
1 806. 1 i2mo. pp. [6], 7-48. Additions | to | Ballston 
Springs.! [5] ,-6-46. 

Banks | In Danger^ | or | New York in an Uproar | from a | 
Greenwich | Horse Race.] New- York: | Printed for the 
author | 181 1.| 24mo. pp. [3] +4-13+ [2]. 

The I Beauties | of | Brother Bull Us. | by | his Loving Sister 
Bull — A. I New York: | Published by James Eastbum, at 
the Late | £. Sargeant's Store, | and by M. Thomas, Phila- 
delphia.] i8i2.| i6mo. pp. [3]r2, [i], 4-93. 

The I Bird of Birds, | or a | Musical Medley ; | Being | a Rich 
and Diversified Collection, | of | Miscellaneous and Patriotic \ 
Songs. I Printed and Published | at | New York | i8i8.| 
i8mo. pp. [3]+4-i4i+[3]- 

The I Blackamore in the Wood; | or, a | Lamentable Ballad on 
the Tragical End of a Gallant | Lord and Virtuous Lady; 
together | with the untimely death of their two | children. 
Wickedly Performed by a Heathenish and Blood | thirsty 
Villain, Their | Servant.) The Like of Which Cruelty was 
Never | Before Heard of.| New Haven: | Printed for Every 
Purchaser.) i8o2.| i2mo. pp. [3]-f-4-i2. 

The I Bladensburg Races. | written shortly after the capture 
of I Washington City, | August 24, 1814.) [Probably it is not 
generally known that the | flight of Mahomet, the flight of 
John I Gilpin, and the flight of Bladens- | Burg, | all occtu'ed 
on the twenty-fourth of August. \ Printed for the purchaser.] 
i8i6.| i6mo. pp. [2] ,-3-12. 

Bonaparte; | With | The Storm at Sea, | Madaline, | and 
Other Poems. I New- York: | Published by Haly and 
Thomas, | No. 142 Broadway. | 1820. | 8vo. pp. [3] +1^-92. 


The Boston Assemblage^ or a peep at Caucus Hall, most re- 
spectfully inscribed to the Boston Rebel. By Tristan Trap 'em 
Esq. Boston : 1812. 8vo. pp. 8. 

The Breechiad, | A Poem | By | Theresa | [Quotation from 
Horace in Latin and its translation] | Boston: | Printed by 
Belcher and Armstrong.] 1807. | i&no. pp. [3] +4-22+ [2]. 

The I Christian's Duty | Exhibited in a Series of | Hymns, | 
Collected from Various Authors, | Designed | For the Wor- 
ship of God, I and for the Edification of Christians | Recom- 
mended I To the Serious of all Denominations, | By the 
Fraternity of Baptists.] [3 lines from the Bible, | Third 
Edition, Improved | Philadelphia : | Printed for and Published 
by Peter Leibert | W. W. Woodward — Printer | 1813.I i6mo. 
PP- [5] +2-331 +[26] 4-2-28. 

The I Clerical Candidates.] A Poem.| [4 lines from 
Churchill] | [one line from Hor.] | JV(ishington City, Nov, 
14, i8oi.| 8vo. pp. [5], -6-32. 

A Poetical Skit, satirizing the scramble of Clergymen for the posi- 
tions of Chaplains to Congress. 

Columbia's i Naval Triumphs.] [5 lines from Anel. Mag. Biog. 
of Decatur.] | New- York: | Published by Inskeep and Brad- 
ford, I No. 128 Broadway. I /. Seymour, Printer, No. 49 
John-Street.| 1813.I i6mo. pp. [7] ,-8-132. 

The Combustible, a heroic poem, with notes practical and ex- 
planatory, by Johannes Scrawlenbergius. 8vo. pp. 86. 

A I Conference | on | Society and Manners | in | Massachusetts.) 
A Poem. I [3 lines from Bacon] | Boston: | Printed by Wells 
&Lilly.| 1820.I i6mo. pp. [5]-t-6-7o+[i]. 

Concise View of Ancient and Modem Religion; with a letter 
from a deformed gentlemen to a young lady who slighted him, 
etc. Printed for Chapman Whitcomb. n. p., n. d. [Circa 
1800]. i2mo. pp. 12. 

The I Court of Neptune | and | The Curse of Liberty, | with 
Other Poems, | on Subjects Connected with the Late War. 
[4 lines from Pope] | New York: | Van Winkle, Wiley fc 
Co., Printers | 1817.I i8mo. pp. [5]+vi-io6-)-[i]. 


The Cynick.| By Growler Gruff, Esquire. | Aided by a Con- 
federacy of I Lettered Dogs.j [2 verses of poetry.] | Phila- 
delphia: I i8i2.| i6mo. pp. [3]+ii-iv+[3]+2-2io. 

The Denouement; | Or | Apollo cured of the Blue De7HL\ Re- 
cited on the Anniversary of the Union Book Society, 1807. | 
i2mo. pp. [l]+2-II. 

The title-page was lacking in copy from which above title was taken. 
The above is taken from the first page. Probably printed in Washing- 
toQ, D. C. 

The Echo, | with other Poems. | 1807, half title. Eng. title. Noli 
Me Tangere ( [This is issuing from the mouth of a porcupine. 
The Echo. | Printed at the Porcupine Press | by Pasquin 
Petronius.| Svo. pp. xv, [i], -2-331 and 5 leaves of Index. 
[Engraved title and seven plates.] 

By Richard AIsop, Lemuel Hopkins, T. Dwight and others. 

Elegaic Poem^ I on the | Death of Dr. Benj. Rush, | Professor 
of the institutes and practice of medicine and of clini- | cal 
practice in the University of Pennsylvania.] Who fell a vic- 
tim to the prevailing typhus fever, | On the 19th of April, 
1813I [line from Ovid.] Philadelphia: | Southeast comer of 
Qiestnut and Fourth Streets | William Fry, Printer | 1813.I 
i2mo. pp. [51+6-32. 

Elegies, | And Other Little | Poems. | By a Student in a Col- 
lege in this State. I [4 lines of poetry] | Baltimore, August 7, 
i8oo.| i2mo. pp. [6]. 

Ephemera | or | The History | of | Cockney Dandies | A Poem, 
in one Canto | By Bumblery Buzz, Esq.| Professor of Fash- 
ions in the Old School. Philadelphia: | Published by Robert 
Desilver, No. no Walnut St. | Thomas Town, Printer, | 
1819.I i2mo. pp. [7] +8-14. 

Epistle | to | Bonaparte. | By a Lady. | Philadelphia, | Published 
by C. Neal, | No. 201, Chestnut-street. | 1814.I i2mo. pp. 

[3] +4-1 1. 

Extracts | in Prose and Verse | By a Lady of Maryland. | To- 
gether with a Collection of | Original Poetry, | Never Before 
Published, | By Citizens of Maryland.] In two volumes.] 
Volume I I Annapolis: | Printed by Frederick Green | i8o8.| 
2 volumes. 8vo. pp. [5] +6-364+ [7l ;+ [31+4-359+ [13] • 


Fanny, | continued. | [3 lines from Crabbe's "Tales of the 

Hall."] I New York: 
ThameS'Street. I 1 820. 

Printed by William Grattan, | No. 8, 
8vo. pp. [31+2-29. 

Fashion; | Or, the | Art of Making Breeches.] An | Heroic 
Satiri'DidacHc \ Poem | By Solomon Irony, Esq.| Life is 
a pair of Breeches in which mankind are continually fidgeting. 
Philadelphia: | Printed By Francis and Robert Bailey. | 1800. 
i2mo. pp. [3]+iv-v+[2]+8-i9. 

The Festivaliad. A Singular Poem; written in Commemora- 
tion of the Festival of St. John, the first Christian Mason, 
Celebrated at Dorchester, June 24, 1807. (A.L. 5807.) By 
Morpheus Stupor. With prefactory remarks, observations, &c., 
by Hezekiah Hectic. 13th Irish, from Seventh Scotch edi- 
tion. [Boston]. 181 1. i2mo. pp. 42. 

A Burlesque with Copious Notes, in which well-kDown Masods of 
Boston and Watertown are referred to. 

Fights of Faith, in two parts. Boston, 1820. 

Frank; | or, | Who's the Croaker | [4 lines] (ist line in Latin 
from Pers. Sat) | New York: | Published by George S. 
Wharam | i820.| i2mo. pp. [5] +6-41. 

The I Fraternal Tribute I of 

Respect | Paid to The | Masonic 
Character | of Washington, in the Union Lodge, | in | Dor- 
chester I January 7th, A.L. 5800. | Charlestown: | Printed 
by Samuel Etherbridge.j M,DCCC.| 8vo. pp. [7] + 
8-13+ [2]. 

The I Fudge Family | in | Washington.] Edited by Harry Nim- 
rod.| [3 lines from Deodati] | Baltimore: | Published by 
Joseph Robinson, | Circulating Library, Comer of Market and 
Belvidere-Streets.] 1820. | i2mo. pp. [3], -4-109. 

The Grumbling Hive; or. Knaves tum'd Honest. Boston: 
Printed for the People, 181 1. i6mo. pp. 18. 

The I Hartford Convention | in an uproar! | and the | Wise 
Men of the East | Confounded ! | together with | a short His- 
tory of the I Peter JVashingtonians; \ being | the first book of 
the Chronicles | of the | children of disobedience ; | otherwise 
falsely called | "Washington Benevolents." | by Hector Benev- 


olus, Esq. I [2 lines of Prose.] | [one line from Bible.] | 
Windsor, Vt. | Printed for the Proprietor of the | Cc^y- 
Ri^t. . . . 1815.I i2mo. pp. [3], -6-46, and leaf of cc^y- 

Hermit, being a Collection in prose and verse. Park's Press. 
Montpelier, Vermont. 1808. i6mo. pp. 34. 

Signed, The Wanderer, 

The I Heroes of the Lake.| A Poem, | in two books. | written 
in the Autumn of 1813.I ^mulans Sequor. | New- York: | 
Printed and published by S. Woodworth & Co. | War Office, 
26 Chatham-Street. I 1814.I i6mo. pp. [5],-6-io8. [View 
of Naval battle engraved by Chiquet.] 

HiSTORico Dramatico Ambrosial | Eclogues | By Hengist 
Hobnail, | Under graduate of the Agricultural College, and 
honora- | ry member of the London Horticultural Society | (4 
lines from Virgil and 5 from Shakespeare).] New York.| 
Printed for Abram Cox | i820.| i2mo. pp. [3] +4-16. 

Hours of Childhood^ | and | Other Poems. | [6 lines from 
Kirke White] | Montreal: | Published by A. Bowman | 1820.] 
i8mo. pp. [5]+iv-94. 

James Bird (and other poems.) Philadelphia: [1815.I i2mo. 
pp. 8. 

Bird was shot for detertion from the "Niagara," after serving with 
bravery under Perry. 

The I Lost Child: I A poetic tale. | Founded upon a fact. | [3 
lines from Anon.] | [2 lines from Anon.] | Philadelphia? | 
Published and Sold wholesale by Wm. Charles, | and may 
be had of all the booksellers.] 181 1.| W. McCulloch, Printer. 
i2mo. pp. [5]-vi, [i], 8-60. [6 plates.] 

Metamorphosis; | or, a 
Poetical explanations, 

Transformation of pictures, | with | 
for the I Amusement of Young Per- 
sons, I also I An Alphabet | of | Large and Small Letters 
to I Aid Females in Marking Linen, &c. | Wilmington: 
Printed and sold by Robert Porter, | No. 97 Market Street. 
1814.I l8mo. 

Consist! of 4 folded leaves. 



Musings | at | An Evening Club in Boston.) Somewhat like a 
Poem I [9 lines from Montaigne] | Boston : | Printed by True 
& Weston I 1819.I i6mo. pp. [3] +4-53. 

A I Narrative | of the Capture of the | United States' Brig 
Vixen, | of 14 gtms, | By the | British Frigate Southampton ; | 
And of the Subsequent | Loss of Both Vessels | on a Reef of 
Rocks, I off Conception Island.] With some Account of the 
Sufferings of the Crew ; | Their manner of Deliverance ; and | 
Final Deposit in the | Prison-Ships at Port Royal, Jamaica.) 
The Whole Interpersed with | Various Remarks relative to 
the Treatment shown to, and \ Conduct observed by the 
Prisoners \ By one of the Vixen's Crew | In a Letter to a 
New York: | printed and sold at the office of "The 
No. 60 Vesey Street.| 1813.I i2mo. pp. [3], -4-34- 

Possibly written by Samuel Woodworth [q. v.] 

A New Translation | With Notes, | of | The Third Satire 
of I Juvenal. I To which are added, | Miscellaneous Poems, 
Original and Translated.] New York: — | Printed for E. Sar- 
geant. No. 39 Wall Street, opposite the United-States Bank.| 
i8o6.| i2mo. pp. [5],-viii-xxvi, [5], -6-190, [2] 

A I New- Year's Lay, | or | Retrospect of 1822. | Dedicated by 
the I Carrier, | to the | Patrons of the | Liberty Hall, | and | 
Cincinnati Gazette. | [2 lines from Shakespeare.] | Cincinnati: 
January first, | 1823. | i2mo. pp. [3],-4-ii, [i]. 

A I New- Year's Lay, | dedicated | by the Carriers; | to the | 
Patrons of the | Liberty Hall, | and Cincinnati Gazette. | Cin- 
cinnati: — ^January first, | 1824.J i2nio. pp. [3], -4-8. 

Olio; | or, | Satirical Poetic-Hodge-Podge, | with | An Illus- 
trative or Explanatory | Dialogue, | In Vindication of the 
Motive I Addressed to Good Nature, Humour, and Fancy.] 
[8 lines from Pindar] Philadelphia, printed | 1801 | [Copy- 
right secured according to Law.] \ 8vo. pp. [3]+iv-f- 

Our Saviour.] A Poem | By a Christian | Illustrated with En- 

gravings I Philadelphia | Published and sold by 
Charles | Price, Plain I2j4 cents ; Coloured i8j4 cents 
i6mo. pp. [13]. 

No title-page. The title is taken from the cover. 




Patriotic | Effusions; | By Bob Short | New-York: | Pub- 
lished by L. and F. Lockwood, | No. 154 Broadway.] J. & J. 
Harper, Printers.] 1819.I 24mo. pp. [5]+6-46-t-[i]. 

The I PiCKERONiAD : | or. Exploits of Faction : | Celebrated in | 
Mock-Heroic-Al, Serio-Comic-Al | Hudibrastical, and Quizzic- 
Al I Nirnibers.j Illustrated with explanatory notes. | By 
Ralpho Risible, Esq.| Poet-Laureat to their most Dis- hon- 
ourable Honours, the Grand Knights \ of the Most Sublime 

[Copy-Right secured accord- 
Printed by N. H. Wright.| 

Order of the Essex Junto, &c. 
ing to law.] | Newburyport: 
181 1. 1 i2mo. pp. [51,-6-36. 

A I Poem | on | Universal Salvation; | or, | A Gentle Stroke 
at I Calvinism. | [3 lines from Wither.] | New York. 
Printed for the Author and sold by J. Black, No. 31 Cedar- 
Street.] i8o2.| i2mo. pp. [3],-iv-v, [2] ,-18-24. 

Poems, | on | Different Subjects. | By a Lady | [2 lines] | Bos- 
ton: I Published by West & Richardson, | No. 75, Comhill.| 
E. G. House, Printer.] 1813.] i6mo. pp. [3] +4-1 17. 

A Poet's Progress. | A True Story. | Third impression, | with 
addition and Improvement.] [3 lines of poetry]. | Sold by the 
Author. I New- York: | i8i8.| i2mo. pp. [3] 4-4-12. 

A I Poetical Account | of the | American Campaigns | of | 
1812 and 1813; I with some slight sketches | Relating to the 
Party Politics | which governed | The United States, | during 
the war, and at its commencement.] Dedicated to the People 
of Canada, | By the Publisher.] Halifax: | Printed by John 
Howe, Jun.| 1815.I i2mo. pp. [5] +6-139. 

A Poetical Picture | of | America, | being | observations | 
made during a residence of several years, at | Alexandria, and 
Norfolk, in Virginia; | illustrative of the Manners and Cus- 
toms I of the Inhabitants : | and interspersed with | Anecdotes, | 
Arising from a general Intercourse with Society in that Coun- 
try, I from the year 1799 to 1807.I By a Lady.j London: | 
Printed for the Author; | and sold by Vemor, Hood, and 
Sharpe, 31, Poultry.] 1809.] i2mo. pp. [i7],-4-i77. 

The Power of Christianity, or Abdallah and Sabat. A Poem 
by a Lady, [i line from Paul.] i6mo. pp. 46 (4), Charles- 
ton, 1814. 

The Prisoner; | or, | A Collection | of | Poetical Pieces, ] 
Written by a Person Confined in the | State prison | And 
principally published in the "True American,"] Trenton: | 
Printed by Wilson & Blackwell, | 1802. | i6mo. pp. [3] + 

The I Prize Book, | No. i. | of the | Publick Latin School | in 
Boston.] [2 lines in Latin from Horace,] | Boston: | Pub- 
lished By Cummings and Hilliard. | Hilliard & Metcalf, 
Printers.! i820.| 8vo. pp. [3] +4-63. 

The I Progress of Society: | A Poem, | in three parts.] New- 
York: I Published by D. Longworth, 11 Park. | Clayton & 
Kingsland, Printers.] 1817.I i6mo. pp. [5]-vi-vii, [6], 
14-62, [i]. 

The Retaliation: | A Poem, | In Six Cantos with Notes; | 
being | A counter-part to Fessenden's, | alias | Doctor Caus- 
tic's, I alias I The Hydraulic Engineer's "Democracy Un- 
veiled."] [Center rule.] ] By Cornelius Cantery, Esq.] M.D., 
L.L.D. Knight of the Rueful Countenance, &c., &c., &c., &c., 
&c. 1 [Center rule.] ] 

With true Fessendonian spirit, 
I'll lie doTvn every whig of merit! 
Now Democrats I'll not deceive you, 
I'll make you tremble 'fore I leave you: 
And if you'll take my best advice, sirs. 
You'll all be whist and mute as mice, sirs.] 

[Rule.] 1 Morris-town: ] Printed by Jacob Mann.| 1806.] 
8vo. pp. 36. 

A satire on the Federalists, exceedingly coarse, to indecenqr. A reply 
to Thomas G. Fessenden's 'Terrible Tractoration." 

A 1 Retreat ] From Town ] An Epistle in Verse | From the 
Country.] Boston: ] Printed By John Eliot, J No. 5 Court- 
Street, 1 181 5.] 8vo. pp. [3] +4-24. 

The Round Table. No. 2. Hartford : 1819. i6mo. 

The ] Scourge ] of ] Fashion ] A. ] Poem ] By Phylanthus.J 
[4 lines from D. of Buck's essay.] ] New York: ] Printed 
by Ming & Young, ] No. 33, Liberty-Street ] 1800] i2mo. 
pp. [51+6-23. 


Six Poems on Different subjects relative to events of the Late 
War. Composed by a Soldier of the U. S. Army. Printed 
for the Publisher, n. p., n. d. i2mo. pp. 24. 

Spain. I An | Account | of the | Public Festival | Given by 
The Citizens of Boston, | At the Exchange Coffee House, 
January 24, 1809, | In Honor of | Spanish Valour & Patriot- 
ism I with the I Regular and Volunteer Toasts, | And all the 
Original Songs and Odes | Sung on the Occasion. | In which 
is also Introduced | A Brief Sketch of Spain, | Geographical, 
Historical and Political. | Spain is not a dead but sleeping 
Lion.\ Copy Rights of the "Sketch" and "National Ode," 
having been secured by the author | agreeable to Act of Con- 
gress; they are here published by permission of Mr. Paine | 
Printed | By Russell and Cutler, | And for Sale at their 
Printing Office in Congress Street. | Boston. | i2mo. pp. 


The Square Table. Hartford : 1819. i6mo. 

The I Stars of Columbia. | Dedicated | To His Excellency, 
The I President of the U States, | and the | Officers and 
Gentlemen | of the | Navy, | Likewise | A Comic Patriotic 
Song, I Called, | Yankee Arguments.] New York: | Pub- 
lished and Sold by Riley & Adams, 23, Chatham-St.| 1813I 
Price Six Cents,\ 8vo. pp. [3]+4'^- 

No. 1. 1 The Times ; | A Poem, | addressed to the inhabitants of | 
New-England, | and of the | State of New- York, | Particu- 
larly on the subject of the present | Anti-Commercial System 
of I The National Administration. | by Miles Standish, jun. 
Plymouth: | Printed for the Author.] 1809. | 8vo. pp. [3],- 

I am inclined to believe that this scarce piece was printed in New 
York, the Plymouth imprint being simply a blind to hide the author's 
identity and place of residence. 

The I ToDDv-MiLL, | or the | Humorous Adventures of | Dick 
Bully. I A caricature: | By Johny Gilpin. | [5 lines quoted.] 
Huzza!!! | September i, 1800. | 8vo. pp. [3] +4-8. 

The I Triumph | of | Philanthropy. | Respectfully inscribed 
to the I Pennsylvania Institution | for the | Deaf and Dumb. 
[2 lines from Cowper.] | Philadelphia: | 1820. | i6mo. pp. 

[9] ,-10-34. 


True and Infernal | Friendship, | or the | Wisdom of Eve. | 
and the | Character of the Serpent, | with the | Situation, 
Joys, and loss of Paradise. | [2 lines of verse.] | Providence, 
R. I. I Printed by H. Mann & Co. for the Author.] 1813.I 
i2mo. pp. [3],-iv-xx, [i], 14-176, [i]. 

The running title throughout the work is True and False Friendship. 

Twilight ; | a Poem, 
a student at Law. 

spoken at Litchfield, July 4th, 18 12. | by 
[2 lines from Milton] | New- York: 
Printed by Collins and Co.| No. 189, Pearl-Street. | 181 3. 
i2mo. pp. [5], -6-48. 

The I Untaught Bard.| An Original work.| [7 lines of verse] 
New- York: | Deare and Andrews, printers.] [dotted line] 
1804. 1 i2mo. pp. [3], -4-260, [3]. 

The I Victors, | An Original Poem.j By a Young Gentleman 
of Philadelphia.] [4 lines from Brook's Gustavus Vasa.] 
Philadelphia.! Sold by the Principal Booksellers.] 1815. 
i6mo. pp. [3],-4-ii. 

Attributed to Charles Brockden Browo, but, I think, erroneously. 

The ] Wanderer, ] or ] Horatio and Laetitia : ] A Poem ] In Five 
Epistles) [4 lines from Lake J Utica: j Printed for the 
Authors ) By Seward and Williams.) 181 1.) i2mo. pp. 
[9] +8-138. [2 woodcut ilustrations.] 



BiGELOW, Samuel. The True Christian Delineated, in Plain and 
Homely verse. Boston: E. Lincoln, [Circa 1790]. i6mo. 

Boyd, William. Beauty, a Poem at Commencement, Cambridge, 
June 20, 1796. n.t.p. i2mo. 

Broaddus^ Andrew. An | Elegiac Poem, | on the Late | Rev. 
Mr. Lewis Lunsford, of Northumberland County ; | Who Died 
October 26, 1793, at Mr. A. | Gregory's, in Essex Cotmty, on 
his I return Homewards from an Excursion, | which he had 
.made to an Associa- | tion, and Several other appoint- ments : 
Having been some time | 111 before. He experienced a relapse 
which proved | fatal. | by Andrew Broaddus, V.D.M. | 
Printed for the Author in the year 1794.I i2mo. pp. [4],- 


Gate, James. Remarks on the Death of Mr. George Hancock, 
jun. By JAMES CATE. [followed by — ] [6 lines, woodcut, 
very crude, and 51 stanzas of 4 lines.] [at end] From your 
aflFectionate Friend, JAMES CATE. Mr. George Hancock, 
Northfield. July 31, 1798. Printed by J. L. for the 
AUTHOR. Broadside. 

Cate. [Between black rules] Devastation by the "King of Ter- 
. rours," in the Family of Mr. Jeremiah Sandbom, [&c.] of 
Sandbomton, in the year 1798, [&c.]. By JAMES CATE. 
[5 lines, 3 coffins, 43 verses of 4 lines] [at end] To Mr. 
Jeremiah Sandbom. From your affectionate friend, JAMES 
CATE. February 12, 1799. Printed by J. L. for the 
AUTHOR. Broadside. 

[Gate.] [Between black rules, 4 coffins, &c.] The following 
Lines were composed on the melancholly state of the Family 
of Mr. Benjamin Sandbom, of Sandbomton, who departed 


this life October 20, 1794, in the 49th year of his age ; . . . 

[3 lines, and 73 verses of 4 lines, interspersed with 4 coffins.] 


The above broadsides by James Cate were probably printed in New 
Hampshire. I have not made a personal examination of them, so can- 
not say where. 

Cookings, George, [half title] War: | An | Heroic Poem.j 
(Price Three Shillings sew'd.) | [Title] War: | An | Heroic 
Poem. I from the | Taking of Minorca by the French, | To 
the I Raising of the Siege of Quebec, by | General Murray. | 
By George Cockings.| [Vignette] | London: | Printed by 
C. Say, in Newgate-street, for the Author; | And Sold by 
J. Cook, behind the Chapter House, St. Paul's | Church-yard. 
M.DCC.LX. I Small 8vo. pp. [5],-vi-xiv, [3], -4-174. 

The only copy of this, the first edition which I have seen, is imper- 
fect, lacking pp. [1-3] and 7-8. These pages were evidently cut out for 
some purpose known only to the publishers and author, as the copy I 
have seen was in the finest possible condition and in the original blue 
wrappers as issued. The pages which are missing evidently con- 
tained half titles to the Argument and the poem itself, or they may have 
been blank leaves. 

Another edition. Boston, N. £. Printed by S. Adams, for the Author ; 
and Sold by T. Leverett, in Comhill, £des & Gill, and D. & J. Knee- 
land, in Queenstreet. 1762. 8vo^ pp. [5],-VI-XVI, [z], 2-Z9a [z],- 

Although the title states this to be the Second Edition, this is a mistake, 
as the London edition of 1763 claims that honor. See Early American 
Poetry, Vol. i, p. 17. 

The same. Fourth edition. London, 1765. 8vo^ pp. XVI, 340. 

Another edition. Portsmouth, N. H., 1763. Also^ London, J. WiUde, 
n. d. 8vo^ pp. XVI, 340. 

CocKiNGS. The American War, A Poem, in six books. In 
which the names of the Officers who have Distinguished them- 
selves, are Introduced. London : Printed by W. Richardson. 
MDCCLXXXI. 8vo. pp. [4], 181. [Plan of Bunker's 

Cookings. Eloquence and Medical Infallibility, a Satire in verse. 
London: 1771. Svo. 

[Danforth, John.] Profit and Loss. An Elegy upon the De- 
cease of Mrs. Mary Gerrish, late virtuous wife of Mr. Sam- 
uel Gerrish, and Daughter of the Honorable Judge Sewell, 



who, on Nov. 17, 1710, the night after public Thanksgiving, 
entered on the Celebration of Triumphant Hallelujahs to her 
profit and our loss, aged 19 years and 20 days. Maesties Com- 
posiut. J. D. [Cut at top.] folio i p. 

Davies, Samuel. Elegiac Verses on the lamented | Death of the | 
Rev. Mr. Samuel Blair, | who made his triumphant Excite 
(sic) from this Mortal | Stage July 5, 1752, (sic) with the de- 
served Character of a good Scholar, a masterly genius, a sin- 
cere Christian, \ and successful Minister of the Gospel.] 
Signed Sic Cecinit Marensi. 

S. Davies. 
Hanover in Virginia, 
November loth, 175 

Printed on pp. 25-34 of A Sermon preached at Fogs-Mannor 
on the Death of Blair, by Samuel Finley: Philadelphi, | 
(sic) I Printed and Sold by W. Bradford in Second-Stree | 
(sic) MDCCLII.| 8vo. pp. 34. 

Davies, Samuel. Miscellaneous poems, chiefly on divine sub- 
jects. In two books. Published for the Religious Enter- 
tainment of Christians in General. Williamsburg: Printed 
and Sold by William Hunter, at the Printing-Oflice. 1752 

Davies. An Ode on the Prospect of Peace. Philadelphia: 
Printed by Henry Miller. 1761. Folio broadside. 
See Vol. z, p. 73. 

Davis, John. A | Tribute | to the | United States. | A Poem. | 
by John Davis. | [line from Mart.] | New York: | Printed by 
Robert M. Hurtin, at the Literary Printing | Office, | No. 29 
Gold-Street.| 1798.I i2mo. pp. [3],-4-7. 

A moet unusual imprint 

Dayton, Ebenezer. A | Serious | Poem | On various Subjects, 
Written for the Perusal of Children. | By Ebenezer Dayton, 
School-master in Newport, Rhode Island,] The Second Edi- 
tion.] Printed for the Author. 1769. | i6mo. pp. [2], -3, 
[I], 5-16. 

The Preface is dated Prison Lane, May x8, 1769. 

The above work was probably printed at Newport, by Solomon 
Southwick, who had a press there from 1768 to 1787. For another title 
by this author see Early Amirican Poetry, Vol. x, pp. az-aa. 


[Duke, Rev. William.] Hymns and Poems on Several Occa- 
sions, by a Member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
Baltimore. Baltimore: printed by Samuel and John Adams, 
in Market Street. 1790. i6mo. 

Frame, Richard. A Short | Description | of | Pennsilvania, | 

enjoyed, and like 
[next line partly 

Or, A Relation What things are Known, 

to be discovered in | in the said Province. 

oblitered] of England.] By Richard Frame.] Printed and 

Sold by William Bradford in | Philadelphia, 1692.) 4to. pp. 

[1 1,-2-8. 

Reprinted by the Oakwood Press, 1867. <iS copies printed. 

[Gardiner, John S. J.] An | Epistle | to | Zenas.| Boston: 
Printed by Peter Edes. 8vo. pp. [2],-ii,-[i],-6-i5, [2]. 
The author was assistant and Rector of Trinity Church, Boston. 

Hazard, J. Juvenile Poems. Litchfield : 1789. i2mo. 

[Green, Joseph.] A | Mournful Lamentation | For the sad and 
deplorable death of | Mr. Old Tenor, | A Native of New- 
England, who, after a long Confinement, by a deep and mortal 
wound I which he received above Twelve Months before, ex- 
pired on the 31st Day of March, 1750.I He lived beloved, and 
died lamented. I To the mournful time of, Chevy'Chace.\ folio 
broadside of 12 verses in double column. Stu'rounded by 
black lines [mourning] at end 

Mr. Old Tenor was born in the year 170a. | Finis. | 

[Honey WOOD, St. John.] A | Poem | on reading the | Presi- 
dent's Address ; | with a sketch of the Character | of a | 
Candidate | for the | Presidency. | Philadelphia? | Printed by 
Ormrod & Conrad, | No. 41 Chesnut-Street, | 1796.I 8vo. 

pp. [3]r4-7. 

Another edition with the Author's initials [S. J. H. Esquire] on 
title. Albany, Printed by Charles R. and George Webster. [1796] 
8yo^ pp. 8. 

Hughes, G. Religious Reflections, | Particularly on the late 
dreadful Fire of the Governor's House in Fort George. | 
[Printed for the Author, G. Hughes.] [By John Holt, Jime 
1774, in Ms. on Copy in N. Y. H. Soc.] fol. i p. 


delivered at | Benning- 
i6th of August, 1777, I 

Jacob, Stephen. A | Poetical Essay, 
ton, I on the | Anniversary | of the 
by Stephen Jacob, | 1778.I Hartford: | Printed by Watson & 
Goodwin. I MDCCLXXIX.| i2mo. pp. 8. 

Reprinted in Vol. z of the Coll. of the Vermont Historical Society. 
Montpelier, zSya The above Collection is from the reprint and may 
vary from the original. 

Lewis, Eli. St. Clair's | Defeat.] A Poem.| By Eli Lewis.| A 
Tale, which strongly Claims the pitying tear, | And ev'ry 
feeling heart, must bleed to hear.| Harrisburgh: Printed 
M,DCC,XCII.| i6mo. pp. [3], -2-14. 

Low, Samuel. Anthem | to be sung in | Trinity Church, on St. 
John's Day, June 24, 5793, | By the Episcopal Charity Chil- 
dren.] Composed by Brother Low.j 10 verses in double col- 
umn. Under verses is. To be Sung | by Mrs. Pownall be- 
fore Service.] Recitative ] Song \ etc. T. & J. Swords, im- 
press.] [1793] Sm. folio broadside, i p. 

Nevill, Valentine. The ) Reduction ] of ] Louisbourg.] A ) 
Poem, ] Wrote on board His Majesty's Ship Orford, ] in 
Louisbourg Harbour. ] By Valentine Nevill. Esquire, ] of 
Greenwich in Kent, Secretary to the Honour- ] able Admiral 
Townsend.] Portsmouth: ] Printed for J. Wilkinson; and 
sold by T. Osborne ] in Gray's Inn; and W. Owen, near 
Temple- \ Bar, London. M.DCC.LVHL 4to. pp. [5], -6-16. 

NiLEs, Nathaniel. The American Hero; a Sapphick Ode by 
Nathaniel Niles, A. M. Norwich, Conn., October, 1775. 
Broadside of 15 verses. Small folio. 

Noyes, Nicholas. May 28, 1706. To my worthy Friend, Mr. 
James Bayley, living (if living) in Roxbury. A Poem by 
Nicholas Noyes. Broadside, i p. folio. 

Noyes. Upon the Much Lamented Death of that pious and 
hopeful young Gentlewoman, Mrs. Mary Gerrish, the daugh- 
ter of the Honorable Samuel Sewell,.Esq., who departed this 
life Nov. 17th, 1710, being the night after public Thanks- 
giving by Nicholas Noyes. 45 lines, i p. folio. 

[Odell, John.] The American Times. A Satire. London: 
1780. 4to. 

The author was a Loyalist preacher in New Jersey during the Revolu- 


Okely, Francis. The Disjointed Watch, | or | Truth | rent 
asunder and divided : a similitude, | attemted (sic) in Metre, | 
by Francis Okely, | Formerly of St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge. I [s lines from Col. ii, 8-10.] | Baltimore: | Printed 
by Samuel Sower, | 1795. | i2mo. 4 unnumbered leaves. 

Prentiss, Charles. A | Collection | of | Fugitive Essays, | in | 
Prose and Verse. | Written by | Charles Prentiss. | [i line 
from Johnson.] | Published according to Act of Congress. 
Leominster, (Massachusetts) | Printed by and for the Author. 
1797.I i2mo. pp. [s],-6-204. Leaf of extra pasted on verso 
of p. [3]. 

Contains the following play on pp. [i7x]-304: 
Haven, | or, | the Merited Gallows. | in three acts. | 

PuRVER, Anthony. Counsel | to | Friend's Children, | by 
Anthony Purver.j On | Education, | by | John Freame. 
With several | Select Poems. | Philadelphia, Printed; | Lon- 
don, Re-printed: and sold by Darton | and Harvey, Grace- 
church-Streetj 1799. | i2mo. pp. [31,-4-36. 
Select Poems, pp. 23-36. 

Ralling, John. Miscellanies, | Moral and Instructive, | In | 
Prose and Verse; | Collected from | Various Authors, | for 
the I Use of Schools, | and Improvement of | Young Per- 
sons of both Sexes: | A New Edition, with Additions | [2 
lines from Pope] | Philadelphia Printed : | London | Reprinted 
by James Phillips, Georgeyard, Lombard Street.] MDCCXC.| 
i2mo. pp. [2]+ii+i3+[i]+23-4S+i66+47-6o. 

Remington, E. A Short Accoimt of three young men, who were 
kiird by Lightning, at Suffield, May 20, 1766 — ^viz. : Samuel 
Remington, James Bagg, Jonathan Bagg. [Hartford?] 1766. 
Folio broadside. 

Robinson, Nathaniel. Verse | upon Fourteen | Diffe?-ent Oc- 
casions: I Composed in Albany Goal, in | the year 1768. | by 
Nathaniel Robinson, | The Third Edition. | Boston: | 
Printed and Sold by William McAlpine, | in Marlborough 
Street, | 1773. | i6mo. pp. [2] ,-3-24. 

Contains poem "On the taking of Fort William Henry." 

[Schneeberger, Andrew.] Wurde abgestmgen den 3isten 
August, 1793 bey B. A. S. auf dem jahrlichen Fest an dcr 
Antitum. Ephrata. i p. folio. 


[Sewell, Samuel?] Wednesday, January i, 1701, a little be- 
fore Break-a-Day, at Boston, i p. 4to. 

Iwucd at end of Proposals touching the Accomplishment of Prophesies 
Humbly Offered, by Samuel Sewell, Boston: B. Green, 17x3. 

[Smith^ William.] Indian Songs | of | Peace: | with | A 
Proposal, in a prefatory Epistle, | for erecting | Indian 
Schools. I and | A Postscript by the Editor, introducing | 
Yariza, an Indian Maid's Letter, | to the principal Ladies of 

the Province and 
American Fables. 

City of New- York. | By the Author of the 
[2 lines in Latin from Virgil.] | [2 lines 
translated from above.] | New- York : | Printed by J. Parker, 
and W. Wayman, (sic) at the | New Printing Office in Beaver- 
Street, MDCCL11.\ Small 8vo. Collation, pp. [3], -4-27. 

The Indian Songs occupy pp. [x3]-23. 

This scarce volume is presumed to be by William Smith, Provost of 
the College of Philadelphia. 

Republished in a pamphlet entitled Some Account of the North Ameri" 
can Indians, &c. London: [1754]. 

The Songs are on pp. 49-64^ 

[Smith, William.] Ode | on the | New-Year, | I7S3.| 

Labuntur Anni | New-York 5 1 Printed by /. Partner, 

at the New-Printing-Office, | in Beaver'Street,\ i2mo. pp. 
[ii]-iv, [s]-i6. 

By Rev. William Smith, first Provost of the College and Academy of 
Philadelphia. A copy is in the Collection of £. Dwight Church of 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Smith, William Moore. The | Flowret.| A Collection of | 
Poems, I written by | William Smith, Esq.| Attorney at Law, 
Philadelphia.] "Nee Lusisse Pudet."| The Third Edition | 
[cut] I First American Edition Printed by E. S. in | Phila- 
delphia . . . Re-printed in London and now | Baltimore, | 
Printed and Sold by E. Story. | 1799.I i2mo. pp. [S],-6- 
141, [blank page], [2]. [plate.] 

First published in Poems on Several Occasions, See Early American 
Poetry, Vol. x, p. 47. The 1786 edition should have a copperplate 
frontispiece which was not given in the Collation of that book in 
Volume X. 

Steere, Richard. A | Monumental | Memorial | of | Marine 
Mercy I being | An acknowledgment of an High Hand of 
Divine Deliverance on the Deep \ in the Time of distress, 
in I a late voyage from Boston in New England \ To London, 


Anno 1683. 1 In a Poem. By Richard Steere.\ To which 
is added Another Occasioned by Several | Remarkable 
Passages happening at the Birth \ of a Male Child on Board 
the Same Ship | in her voyage Returning 1684. | By the 
same Author then a Passenger.] Printed at Boston in 
New-England by Richard Pierce for James Cowse, Stationer | 
Anno 1684.I i2mo. pp. [4] ,-1-12. 

[Steere.] The Daniel Catcher. | The | Life | of the Prophet | 
Daniel: | In a | Poem.j To which is added, | Earth's Felici- 
ties, Heaven's Allowances, \ A blank Poem. | With Several 
other Poems. | by R. S. | Printed in the year 1713.I i2mo. 
pp. [2] ,.1-90. 

For a splendid account of Steere we Littlefield. Early Massa- 
chusetts Press, Club of Odd Volumes, Boston, 1907. 

Steiner, J. Conrad. Wachter-Stimm aus dem verwusteten Sion 
in Pensylvanien an dessen Lehrer tmd Wachter, insbesonder 
an das gesamte Volck insgemein. Germantown : Christopher 
Saur. 1752. 4to. pp. 16. 

The author of the above ''Watchman's Call," was pastor of tbc 
Reformed Congregation at Germantown. 

Thompson^ Abraham. Poems on the most solemn subjects. 
n.p. [1790-1 

Vail, Joseph. Noah's Flood: | A | Poem.| In two Parts. | 
Part I. I Contains an Historical accotmt of the De- | luge, 
Taken from the Bible; interspersed | with conjectural obser- 
vations.! Part II. I Is designed as a Moral Improvement of | 
the Subject.! To which are added, | The Following pieces 
in ! Poetry, viz. ! Youth Cautioned Against Vice.| On 
Happiness.! A New- Year's H)min.! [2 lines from Psalmist.] | 
By Joseph Vail, AM. \ Pastor of the Third Church in East 
Haddam.! New-London: Printed by Samuel Green. | 1796.! 
8vo. pp. [2] ,-5-28. 

Walter, Nehemiah. An Elegiack verse, on the Death of the 
Pious and Profound Grammarian and Rhetorician, Mr. Elijah 
Corlet, Schoolmaster of Cambridge, who Deceased Anno 
Aetatis 77, Feb. 24, 1687. [Cambridge] [1687.] Folio 
Broadside, i p., 2 columns within mourning borders. 

Hie only known copy is in the Library of Harvard Univerii^. 


[Wheelock, John.] Cohos. The Wilderness shall blossom as 
the Rose. To His Excellency John Wentworth, Captain- 
General Governor ... of New Hampshire on his Grant of a 
very generous Charter of Incorporation of Dartmouth Col- 
lege. [By] A member of Dartmouth College. — A New Song. 
Upon the flourishing state of the Settlement at Cohos. To 
the tune of "Indulgent Parents, Dear." Printed and Sold 
in New London. [1774?] Folio broadside of two columns. 

The longer poem was probably written by John Wheelock, son of 
Eleazer Wheelock, and his successor in the presidency of the College. 

Young, Robert. The Dying Criminal : | A | Poem. | by Robert 
Young, on his own execution, which was on Thursday last, 
November nth, 1779, for a | Rape Committed on the body 
of Jane Green, a Child eleven years of age, at Brookfield, in 
the County of | Worcester, on the 3d day of September last. 
Corrected from his own manuscript. | [Sold at the Printing- 
OfBce, New-London.] Curious cut at top. 

Broadside poem on one side ; on other, "Last Words and Dying Speech 
of Robert Young, executed at Worcester 1779." [Cut at top.] Folio^ x p. 

Young, Robert. The Dying Criminal : Poem by Robert Young, 
on his own execution, which is to be on this day Nov. 11, 
1779, for Rape Committed on the body of Jane Green, a 
child eleven years of age, at Brookfield, in the County of 
Worcester, on the third day of September last. Broadside, 
with curious woodcut of the execution at the top. Small folio. 



An address to the inhabitants of Boston, occasioned by the exe- 
cution of Levi Ames, tried and condemned for burglary, Sept. 
7th. [Boston: 1773.] 2 columns within mourning borders. 
Folio. I p. 

Advice from the Dead to the Living, or a Solemn warning to 
the World. Occasioned by the untimely death of poor Julian, 
&c. Boston: Printed and Sold at the Heart and Crown in 
Comhill. 30 Stanzas. [Woodcut at top.] Folio, i p. 

A FEW lines upon the awful execution of John Ormsby and 
Matth. Gushing, Oct. 17, 1734, one for murder, the other 
for burglary. Printed and Sold at the Printing House in 
Queen Street over against the Prison. 16 verses. [Wood- 
cut at top.] I p. folio. 

The I Albaniad, | an | epic poem, | in three Cantos, | by 
Pilgarlic, | Printed for the Author, | 1791.I i2mo. pp. [2],- 


The I Benefactors | of | Yale-College. | A Poetical Attempt.] 
[2 lines from Hor.] | [6 lines from Mr. Pope's Essay on 
Criticism] | Boston: | Printed by S. Kneeland and T. Green. | 
M,DCC,XXXin.| 8vo. pp. [2], 1-13. 

The Birth of Columbia. The Massachusetts Centinel, Ex- 
traordinary, Dec. 3, 1788. Bostons 1778. Two columns. Folio. 

G. (W.). A Brief Narrative, or poem, giving an account of 
the hostile action of some pagan Indians towards Lieut. Jacob 
Tilton, and his brother Daniel Tilton, both of the Town of 
Ipswich, as they were on board a small vessel at the east- 
ward: which happened in the summer-time, in the year 1722. 
With an account of the valiant exploits of the said Tiltons, 
and their victorious conquest over their insulting enemies. 
Newburyport — from a reprint of 1. Thomas and H. W. Tinges. 


Printed by W. & J. Gilman, No. 9 State Street, June, 1834. 
Folio broadside. 

The original, of which no copy is now extant [at far as can be 
ascertained], was probably printed at the time of the skirmish. The 
Newbur)rport edition was issued in 1773 or 1774. 

An edition was also printed in Boston by Robert Weir in 1852, and 
it was printed under the title "A Tragedy of the Sea" in the N. £. Reg. 
2: 271. [1848.] 

Broadside Poem on the evacuation of Boston. [This part of 
title only, on copy which I have seen.] Colonies, commanded 
by the heroic and valiant Major-General Israel | Putnam, 
Esquire. I By a Daughter of Liberty, living in Marblehead.| 
[Sold at the Printing-Office, Upper End of M [Milk or 
Market ?] Street, Salem. — is. Q. T. for [one word obliter- 
ated.] Rags. I 4to Broadside. 13 verses of 4 lines. Printed 
in double columns. 

I s. means one shilling. 

List of killed and wounded officers. [5 lines] [2 rows of 
coffins, 20 in top, 19 in last row] | The Columbian Tragedy, | 
containing a particular and official account of the brave and 
unfortunate offi- | cers and soldiers who were slain and 
wounded in the ever memorable | Bloody Indian Battle, 
Perhaps the most shocking that has happened in America, 
since its first discovery [then follows a description of the 
battle of 10 lines.] 3 columns of poetry and folio broadside. 
No date but on reverse side is printed an account of the exe- 
cution of Samuel Clisby and Gilbert Close, dated Boston, 
March 8, 1822. The Battle was the well-known St. Clair's 
defeat, Nov. 4, 1791. 

There is a Boston, 1792, edition. See Sabin, who gives title, but not 
in full. 

The I Counterpart | to the | State-Dunces. | By a | Native of 
New- York. I [Vignette] | London: | Printed for W. Mears, 
at the Lamb on Ludgate-Hill, | M.DCC.XXXIII.j (Price, 
Sixpence.) | 4to. pp. 10. 

EiN Denckmahl aufgerichtet zum heiligen andencken der H. 
Jungfrau und Schwester Melania in Saron, als sie den 11 ten 
September 1784 ein erbauliches Liebesmal vor die Gemein- 
schaft gehalten. Ephrata, 1784. i p. 4to. 


EiN ScHON weldich Lied. Melodie : Ein Soldat bin ich eben und 
Steh vor meinem Feind. Philadelphia: Anton Armbriister 

1764. 4to. pp. 10. 

"A burlesque on the Quakers taking up arms to protect die Indians 
in Philadelphia" against the "Paxton boys." 

The Election, A Poem. Kingston, Jamaica. 1788. 8vo. 

An I Elegy | occasioned by the death of the Late Reverend | 
Daniel M'Clelin, | Pastor of the Church of Christ in Cole- 
rain.] By a Neighbour.) [2 lines from Rom. 14, 13.] | [Bos- 
ton: Printed by J. Kneeland, in Milk-Street. 1773.] 
Folio. I p. 

Epistle from Edward an American Prisoner in England, to 
Harriet in America descriptive of the treatment of those 
poor wretches in English jails during the Revolution. Lon- 
don: 1779. 4to. pp. 12. 

Father Abdy's Will. Cambridge: December, 1730. Folio 
broadside, 14 Stanzas of poetry, with Epitaph on M. Abdy, 11 

Matthew Abdy was for a number of years a bed-maker and sweeper 
in Harvard College. 

The I Lamentations | of a | Sow, | on a late Thanksgiving-Day, 
at I Danbury, in Connecticut, | Among those who em- 
phatically stile themselves Saints. | Composed by a Gentle- 
man for his Amusement.] Anno MDCCLXXVIII.| i2mo. 
pp. 8. 

Liberty. A Poem by Rusticus. Second Edition. Charlestown: 
Printed and Sold by J. Powell at Mr. Lindley's Printing 
Office in Broad Street. M.DCC. LXX. 4to. pp. 21. 

Liberty, | A | Poem, | Delivered on the Fourth of July.| [5 lines 
from Gustavus Vasa] | The Stranger. | Newbur3q)ort : 
Printed by William Barrett, | Market-Square.— M,DCC,XCV. 
8vo. pp. [s],-6-io. 

The Loyal Address of the Clergy of Virginia. Williamsburg: 
Printed for Fr. Maggot, at the sign of the Hickery Tree, in 
Queen Street, 1702. Folio, i leaf. 

Possibly a fictitious imprint. This piece was probably printed in 
London, as no trace of a press in Virginia at this time [170a] can be 


Meditations on the Incomprehensibility of God . . . Also on 
the General Judgment, by J. ***** w******. Boston. 
1762. 8vo. pp. 8. 

Memento Mori, Remember Death.] 

An I Elegy | Upon the much lamented Deaths of two desirable 

Capt. Joshua and Mrs. 
Who departed this Life 

Brothers, the two eldest sons of 
Comfort Weeks, | Of Greenland; 
in February, 1735, 6. the youngest, whose name was Ichdbod, 
died the 3d Day in | the 22d year of his Age, and the eldest, 
whose name was Joshua, deceased the loth Day, in the 24th 
year of his age, leaving | his honoured parents and a desir- 
able Widow with other near Relations in mournful Tears. 
Let us all that are yet spared, improve this | and the many 
other warnings that we have had in the year past, remembering 
the Command of Christ is. Be Ye Also Ready. \ Folio Broad- 
side with cut at top. 

A Miscellaneous Collection of Original pieces. Springfield: 
John Russell: 1686. [1786] i2mo. pp. 182. 

Miscellaneous Reflections.] In Verse.] Mostly written at 
sundry times, | when under long confinement ] by a com- 
plication of 1 nervous disorders.) By a Valetudinary j Printed 
by Request of Friends of | that Class. J Printed at Greenfield, 
Massachusetts. ] by Thomas Dickman.) MDCCXCIL] i2mo. 
PP- [2] ,-3-40. 

A Mournful Poem on the Death of John Ormsby and Matthew 
Gushing, who were appointed to be executed on Boston Neck 
the 17th of October, 1734. Sold at the Heart and Crown in 
Boston. 17 lines and Epitaphs of Ormsby and Gushing, 
[woodcut at top] folio, i p. 

Occasional Ode, for 17th of June, 1786. Narrow folio of one 
column. Boston: [1786]. 

Ode on Washington and Days of Absence. Ode simg on the 
arrival of President Washington at the State House, in Bos- 
ton, October 24, 1789. Broadside. Small 4to. 


Odes | For the Fourth of July, 1796.I broadside. 2 odes of S and 6 
verses, respectively. 4to. [Providence?] [1796.] 

Oppression. I A Poem, | By an American, &c., London: | Printed 
for the Author; and Sold by C. Moran, in the Great Piazza, 
Covent Garden. I MDCCLXV.| 4to. pp. [31,-2-34. 

The full title can be seen on p. 7a of Vol i. Early American Poetry. 
This, the London edition is the first, the title, excepting the imprint 
being identical with the Boston edition of 1765. 

A Poem in Memory of that Pious servant and Faithful Minister 
of Jesus Christ, Mr. Isaac Cushman. First Pastor of the 
First Church of Christ in Plympton who deceased Oct. 22, 
1732, in the eighty- fourth year of his age, and the thirty- 
seventh of his ministry. 60 lines and epitaph, i p. folio. 

A Poem upon the Death and Memory of Two Eminent and 
Faithful Stewards and Servants in Christ. The Reverend Mr. 
Isaac Cushman, first pastor of the Church in Plympton, who 
deceased Oct. 21, Anno Domini 1732, and Dr. Caleb Loring, 
a careful and faithful Physician of said Town, who deceased 
Dec. 22, A.D. 1732. Composed with an intention to make 
Plympton and others sensible how liable and obnoxious to 
the sore Judgment of God a people are when the Righteous 
are taken away out of the Land of the Living. 2 Epitaphs. 
I p. folio. 

Poor Julian's Warning to Children and Servants to shun the 
Ways of sin and those particularly which hath brought him 
to this doleful end. Published at his desire in presence of 
two witnesses. Boston : Printed for B. Gray and A. Butler. 
19 Stanzas. [Woodcut at top] folio, i p. 

The I Prodigal Daughter : | Showing how a Gentleman of vast 
estate in Bristol, had a proud and disobedient | Daughter, 
who, because her Parents would not support her in all her 
Extravagance, bar- | gained with the Devil to poison them. 
How an Angel informed her parents of her De- | sign. How 
she lay in a Trance Four Days ; and when she was put in the 
Grave she came | to Life again, and related the wonderful 
Things she saw in the other World. Likewise | the Sub- 


stance of a Sermon preached on the Occasion, by the Rev. Mr. 
Williams, from Luke.| XV, 24. | Newport: Printed 1770. | 
i2mo. pp. 16. 

The Poem occupies pp. 3-15, and an abstract of the Sermon is on p. 16. 
[Woodcut on title and 4 others in the body of the book.] 

I have not examined this scarce piece personally and doubt if die 
lining of the title is correct. 

The Rebels | Rewards | or, | English Courage Displayed. | be- 
ing I A full and True Accoimt of the | Victory obtained over 
the Indians | at Norrigiwock, on the Twelfth | of August last, 
by the English | Forces under Command of Capt. | Johnson 
Harmon.] To the Tune of. All you that love Good Fellows, 
&c.| [Below in right hand comer] Boston: Printed and Sold 
by /. Franklin, in Union Street. 1724. | folio broadside with 
curious copperplate cut of the Battle in upper right-hand 

Sacred to the Memory of Dr. [E.] Wigglesworth. Boston: 1765. 

Some Consolatory Reflections and Lamentations Occasioned 
by the premature Death of three of the Children of Captain 
Joseph and Mr. and Mrs. Mary Hinckley of Barnstable, 
viz. : Hannah, who departed this life July 7, 1732, in the i8th 
year of her age ; Samuel, who departed this life Oct. 14, 1733, 
in the 28th year of his age ; Elizabeth, who departed this life 
Oct. 28, 1733, in the 21st year of her age. 164 lines, i p. 

Some Poetical Thoughts occasioned by the late Public Rejoicings 
at Hartford, on the news of Repeal of the Stamp Act. Hart- 
ford, 1767. 

Mentioned by Trumbull, who copied the title from the Connecticut 
Courant of Feb. 9, 1799, where it is advertised as "just published." 

Some Poetical Thoughts on the Difficulties our Fore-Fathers 
endured in Planting Religious and Civil Liberty, In this 
Western World. With a few Hints on the present State of 
Affairs. [New Haven: 1774?] Broadside. Small folio. 


Some rude and Indigested Thoughts on the Terrible Majesty 
of God in the Works of Nature, particularly in the*na 
of Earthquakes: Occasioned by that Memorable Earthquake 
October 29th, 1727. New London: T. Green. 173c. i6mo. 
pp. [2], 12. 

To the Rev. Mr. Pitkin, on the | Death of his Lady.| [Phillis 
Wheatley] Boston, June i6th, 1772.I 4to. i p. 

[20 Coffins] A True and Particular Narrative of the late 
Tremendous Tornado, or | [view of Ship with all Sails set.] 
Hurricane, | [view of Sloop with all sails set] At Philadelphia 
and New- York, on Sabbath-Day, July i, 1792 When Several 
pleasure-boats were lost in the harbor of the | latter, and 
Thirty Men, Women and Children (taking their pleasure on 
that Sacred Day) we»e imhappily drowned in Neptune's 

raging and Tempestuous Element! ! ! ! ! ! ! Tell this 

not in I Massachusetts! Publish it not in the Streets of 
Connecticut ! lest their sober-minded young Men and Maidens 
should bitterly reproach thee in the Day of thy Calamity, and 
triumph over thee when thy Deso- | lation Cometh; and ask 
of thee, Where art thy Magistrates? Or do they bear the 
Sword of the Lord in vainf — Where art thy Watchmen? — 
Have they deserted their Watch-Tower? Or have they \ 
fallen asleep ?\ [here follow 24 lines giving an account of the 
Disaster] [2 lines of Notes to the latter, followed by the 
Poem entitled. The New- York | Tragedy.) Being a Relation 
of the drozvning of Thirty | Men, Women and Children, m 
the late \ shocking and tremendous Tempest, in | that City on 
Lord's Day, July 1, 1792, | when taking their Pleasure on 
the Water! ! \ — O Temporal O Mores! {The Serious 
reader may, perhaps, do himself a favor by turning to Exodus, 
Chapter XX. V. i, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 19. Deut. V. 15.] 
Folio. I p. 

A True Copy of an Inimitable and Incomprehensible doggrel 
poem, sent by Parson All-Sense, alias Smallsense, alias Non- 
sense, to D. J. Dove, at Germantown-School. [Philadelphia:] 
Printed by Black-Beard, [Andrew Steuart.] 1763. Folio 


Typographia.| An | Ode, On Printing.] Inscribed to the Hon- 
ourable I WILLIAM GOOCH, Esq; | His Majesty's 
Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in | Chief of the Colony 

of VIRGINIA.] ] .... Pleni sunt 

omnes Libri, plenae sapientum voces, ] plena Exemplorum 
vetustas; quae jacerent in Tenebris ] omnia, nisi Literarum 

Lumen accederet.) Cic. Orat. pro Archia.] ] 

M,DCC,XXX.] 4to. pp. [2],-iv,-s-i5. 

The first volume of verse printed in Virginia. It was written to cele- 
brate the introduction of a printing press into the Colony by William 
Parks, and is one of the earliest books printed id tbc Old Dominioo. 



A Beautiful Poem 48 

A Fair Epistle 46 

A Mournful Lamentation 66 

A Parnassian Shop 43 

A Personal Satire 27 

A Poem on Reading 66 

A Poetical Petition 20 

A Tribute to Washington 31 

American Bards 4^'$' 

American Poets 19 

An Epistle to Zenas 66 

An Ode in Honor 10 

An Oration Delivered 31 

An Oration, and Poem 26 

Battle of Niagara 33 

Boston 39 

Bubble & Squeak 50 

Cohos 7« 

Commencement 8 

Crystalina 24 

Democracy Unveiled 21 

Dick Shift 46 

Ethick Diversions 27 

Fanny 23 

Fashion's Analysis 9 

Hamiltoniad 26 

H3rmns and Odes 37 

Hymns and Poems 66 

Indian Songs 69 

Jokeby 34 

Judith 12 

Metrical Sketches iS 

Milton Hall 30 

Miscellanies 17 

Miscellaneous Poems 5-28 

Monody 23 

Moral Pieces 41 

New-Haven 49 

Ode on the New-Year 69 


One Year in Savannah 51 

Original Poems 45 

Patent Right Oppression 19 

Patriotic Effusions 31 

Pills, Poetical ai 

Poems aa 

Poems by a Young Lady 32 

Poems on Various Subjects 47 

Profit and Loss 64 

Quarter-Day 50 

Re-Conmiencement 8 

Re-Re-Conmiencement 9 

Sac^ted Dirges a6 

Sambo and Toney 9 

Sissrphi Opus 47 

Sketches in Verse 38 

Somerville's Plume 41 

Sullivan's Island 15 

The American Times 67 

The Art of Domestic Happiness... 34 

The Backwoodsman 34 

The Battle of Plattsburgh 49 

The Bridal of Vaumond 38 

The Complete Coiffeur 50 

The Daniel Catcher 70 

The Death of Abdallah 5 

The Devil's Shaving Mill 35 

The Embargo 13 

The Enchanted Lake 6 

The Field of Orleans a7 

The Following lines 63 

The Foresters 49 

The Frontier Maid 31 

The Hamiltoniad 49 

The Home in the West 45 

The Intellecftual Flambeau 44 

The Lay of the Scottish Fiddle.... 34 

The Life Boat 16 

The Lottery 16 




A Beautiful Poem 48 

A Fair Epistle 46 

A Mournful Lamentation 66 

A Parnassian Shop 43 

A Personal Satire 27 

A Poem on Reading 66 

A Poetical Petition 20 

A Tribute to Washington 31 

American Bards 46~5i 

American Poets 19 

An Epistle to Zenas 66 

An Ode in Honor 10 

An Oration Delivered 31 

An Oration, and Poem 26 

Battle of Niagara 33 

Boston 39 

Bubble & Squeak $0 

Cohot 7» 

Commencement 8 

Cr3rstalina 24 

Democracy Unveiled 21 

Dick Shift 4^ 

Ethick Diversions 27 

Fanny 23 

Fashion's Analysis 9 

Hamiltoniad 26 

Hymns and Odes 37 

Hymns and Poems 66 

Indian Songs 69 

Jokeby 34 

Judith 12 

Metrical Sketches 15 

Milton Hall 30 

Miscellanies 17 

Miscellaneous Poems 5-28 

Monody 23 

Moral Pieces 41 

New-Haven 49 

Ode on the New- Year 69 


One Year in Savannah 51 

Original Poems 45 

Patent Right Oppression 19 

Patriotic E£Fusions 31 

Pills, Poetical 21 

Poems aa 

Poems by a Young Lady 32 

Poems on Various Subjects 47 

Profit and Loss 64 

Quarter-Day 50 

Re-CoDunencement 8 

Re-Re-Commencement 9 

Sacfred Dirges a6 

Sambo and Toney 9 

Sisyphi Opus 47 

Sketches in Verse 38 

Somerville's Plume 41 

Sullivan's Island 15 

The American Timet 67 

The Art of Domestic Happiness... 34 

The Backwoodsman 34 

The Battle of Plattsburgh 49 

The Bridal of Vaumond 38 

The Complete Coiffeur 50 

The Daniel Catcher 70 

The Death of Abdallah 5 

The Devil's Shaving Mill 35 

The Embargo 13 

The Enchanted Lake 6 

The Field of Orleans 27 

The Following lines 63 

The Foresters 49 

The Frontier Maid 31 

The Hamiltoniad 49 

The Home in the West 45 

The IntelleOual Flambeau 44 

The Lay of the Scottish Fiddle.... 34 

The Life Boat 16 

The Lottery 16 



The Minstrel 15 

The Mirror of Merit 41 

The Miscellaneous Poemi 15 

The Modern Philosopher 31 

The Ocean Hiarp 5 

The Pilgrimage of Hope 17 

The Pleasures of Religion 17 

The Poetical Vagaries 10 

The Poetry of the Port Folio 16 

The Raciad 15 

The Revelation of Nature 4a 

The Shunammite 2$ 

The State Triumvirate 46 


The Substance 41 

The Village 29 

The Vision of Dan Crocker 2S 

The Watery War 8 

The Wreath 30 

United we Stand 5 

Viola ID 

Waddell, to Coleman 46 

Washington's Birthday 31 

Wednesday, January i 69 

William and Ellen 41 

Wurde abgesungen 68 

Yamoyden 18 





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