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Cape Cod 



By William C. Smitli, Esq., 
Author of a History of Chatham. 

Early Settlers, 1690, 1711— Atkins, Bassett, Covell, Eldredge, Godfrey, 
Hamilton, Harding, Howes, Lurabert, Nickerson, Paddock, Phil- 
lips, Sears, Smith, Stewart, Tucker. 

Later Settlers— Collins, Crowell, Doane, Eldredge, Farris, Hawes, 
Knowles, Mayo, Mit,(;hcll, Ryder, Smith, Stewart, Taylor. 


C. W. SWIFT, Publisher and Printer, 

The "Register" Press, 




By Williain C. Smitli, Esq., 
Author of a History of Chatham. 

Copyright, 1915, by / 
William C. Smith, -f 


Capt. John Atkins, son of Henry 
and Bethiali (Linnell) Atkins of 
Eastham, born August 1, 1G74, 
married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Lieut. Andrew Newcomb of Edgar- 
town, March 5, 1699-1700. He 
lived a few years in Eastham, 
removing to Monomoit about 1705. 
It is not certain where his farm 
was located. He was active in local 
affairs, being selectman five years, 
treasurer two years, etc. He be- 
came lieutenant of the military 
company under Capt. Ebenezer 
Hawes in 1715 and was appointed 
captain in 1720. He was one of 
the first seven members of the 
church organized in 1720, and was 
prominent in the controversies, 
which arose with Rev. Hugh 
Adams and Rev. Samuel Osborne, 
the Eastham minister,^ He died 
January 30, 1732-3, leaving no 
descendants. His widow was liv- 
ing as late as 1743, when she 
conveyed land in Edgartown.^ 

Samuel Atkins, brother of John, 
born at Eastham June 25, 1679, 
married Emlea-' [Emeline] New- 
comb, a sister of his brother's 
wife, April 3, 1703, and settled at 

Monomoit soon after. He probably 
bought a tract of land of the In- 
dians, adjoining the shore and 
bounded south on the Sears farm. 
This tract after his death fell to 
his only son Henry." He was 
selectman in 1737 and 1738. His 
name does not appear on the tax 
lists or records of the town after 
1755, but his estate was not ad- 
ministered upon til^ August 26, 
1768. His widow was not then 
living. The entire estate was 
assigned to the son Henry, he 
paying his sisters certain sums of 

Dea. Thomas Atkins, an elder 
brother of John and Samuel, born 
at Eastham June 19, 1671, removed 
to Monomoit as early as 1694. The 
name of his first wife is not 
known. He bought of the Nick- 
ersons and Covells 10 acres of land 
lying between Lord's pond and the 
highway, which became his home- 
stead. The house and four acres 
of this land, lying north 
of the meeting house, he 
sold in 1718 to the town for the 
use of the ministry and the re- 
maining six acres he sold in 1729 
to Thomas Doano." After the sale 
to the town, he appears to have 



lived on the Vickery homestead, 
which he had bought of the Vick- 
ery heirs in 1714.' With Capt. 
Joseph Harding he bought Sept. 7, 
1797, of Josephus Quason all the 
interest of the latter in the 
(Juason lands in the south part of 
Old Harwich and later, in 1713, in 
the division of these lands, re- 
ceived one-sixteenth part, which 
he later sold.« He was clerk of 
the proprietors of these lands. 
He was one of the leading men of 
the town, being selectman 21 years, 
town clerk 14 years, and holding 
other offices. He was a leader in 
the church and a firm friend and 
confidant of the ministers. He 
was the first deacon of the church. 
He married 2nd, June 28, 1739, 
Hope (Horton) Snow, widow of 
Ebenezer Snow of Eastham. Ad- 
ministration on his estate was 
granted Jan. 16, 1750-1, to his son 
Joshua. Although town clerk 
many years, he failed to record 
any information about his own 


*The author is indebted to Mr. 
Josiah Paine of Harwich, Mr. 
Stanley W. Smith of Boston and 
Mr. William E. Nickerson of Gam- 
bridge for helpful genealogical in- 
formation respecting some of the 
families mentioned in these ar- 

(1) Rev. Samuel Treat of East- 
ham writes of him in 1716 as 
follows: "He is a person born in 
our town of godly parents who 
gave him a religious education 
and he early expressed a pious 
inclination to the ways of God and 
a religious profession and has for 
many years been entertained in 

our church, adorning his profes- 
sion by a very laudable conversa- 
tion and so esteemed by the ad- 
jacent towns, to many of whom he 
is well known." Adams v Hawes, 
Files Superior Court of Judica- 
ture, No. 10,812. 

(2) Newcomb Genealogy, 20. 

(3) She is called Emlen in the 
will of Capt. John Atkins. The 
name has caused trouble for gen- 
ealogists. In the Newcomb Gene- 
alogy she is called Emblem, else- 
where Embling. The forms Em- 
bling and Emblen (not Emblem) 
are old forms for Emlen (Eme- 
line), just as we have Hamblen 
for Hamlin, Tombling and Tom- 
blen for Tomlin, Hambleton for 
Hamilton, etc. 

(4) By deed dated July 29, 1783, 
Henry Atkins sold to Isaac Howes 
and John Harding the following 
tract in Chatham, doubtless his 
father's farm: "where my dwell- 
ing house stands, beginning at a 
stake and stone at the westerly 
end of the Pond near my Dwell- 
ing house aforesaid in Mr. Paul 
Sears his range, thence Westerly 
as the fence now stands to the 
highway, thence northerly to 
Thomas Bee's range, being about 
twenty-five feet, thence Easterly 
in said Bee's range till it comes 
to the Partition fence between the 
aforesaid Bee and Atkins, thence 
Northerly as the fence now stands 
till it comes to the land of Seth 
Smith, thence Easterly in said 
Smith's range as the fence now 
stands till it comes to the land 
of Constant Nickerson, thence still 
Easterly as the fence now stands 
till it comes to the corner of the 
fence to a stone in the ground, 
thence Northerly in the aforesaid 

AUG !7 1915 


Niokerson's range as the fence 
now stands till it comes to another 
corner to a stone in the ground, 
thence Southeasterly in the range 
of the land that was Solomon 
Collings, as the fence now stands, 
till it comes to a Ditch near the 
fore side of the aforesaid John 
Harding's now Dwelling house, 
thence Easterly as the Ditch now 
runs to low water mark, thence 
Southerly by the water till it 
comes to Mr. Richard Sears his 
range, thence Westerly in said 
Sears his range, as the fence now 
stands, till it comes to the afore- 
said Pond, thence Westerly 
through the Pond to the first 
specified bounds * * * exclusive of 
5 or 6 acres which belong to said 
Atkins his sister." Seth W. Ham- 
mond papers. 

(5) Children of Samuel and Em- 
len (Newcomb) Atkins (from Pro- 
bate Records, order uncertain) : 1 
Eunice, b. 1705; m. Solomon Col- 
lins, son of John, about 1726. 2 
Elizabeth, b. ; m. 1st Daniel 

Eldredge of Eastham Jan. 31, 
1727-8, (East. Rec.) who was "sup- 
posed to be deceased" Jan. 1732-3; 
m. 2nd about 1735, Solomon Ken- 
drick, son of Edward of Harwich; 
removed to Harrington, N. S., 
about 1762. 3 Desire, b. ; m. 

Sylvester. 4 x\nna, b. 1714; 
m. Thomas Kendrick, son of Ed- 
ward of Harwich (int. Jan. 27, 
1734-5, East. Rec). 5 Bethiah, .Jr., 
b. - ; m. Christopher Taylor, 
son of Abraham of Barnstable, 
Feb. 3, 1757 (Chat. Rec); d. be- 
fore 1769. 6 Tabitha, b. ; m. 
Southworth Hamlin, son of Joseph 
of Barnstable, May 12, 1757 (Chat. 
Rec). 7 Henry, b. (not of age 
Jan. 1733) ; m. Deborah Lothrop, 

dau. of Joseph of Barnslable, Doc. 

8, 1768 (Barnst. Rec.) ; after sell- 
ing his fai'in in 1783 as above, he 
probably moved to south pai't of 
Eastham, where his widow died 
Nov. 22, 1822, aged 85 (Hdstn.). 

(6) Town Records; M. L. Luce 

(7) Page 124, note 86, Smith's 
History of Chatham. 

(8) Files Superior Court of 
Judicature, Nos. 7,626, 9,537, 66,388, 
30,339; Osborn Nickerson papers. 

(9) Children of Thomas and 

( ) Atkins (order un- 

certain) : 1 Thomas, b. ; m. 

1st Elizabeth Nickerson, dau, of 
William, about 1726. She died 
before Sept. 13, 1739, (date of her 
father's will) and he m. 2nd 
Thankful Snow, dau. of Ebenezer 
of Eastham, May 14, 1741 (East. 
Rec). 2 Joshua, b. ; m. 

Sarah Sears, dau. of Daniel, Aug. 
1, 1734 (Chat. Rec). She died 
April 30, 1751, and he m. 2nd Mary 
(Freeman) Doane, widow of Ben- 
jamin (int. Oct. 5, 1751, Chat. 
Rec). 3 Susanna, b. about 1717; 
m. Reuben Ryder, son of John, 
Oct. 26, 1740 (Chat. Rec); d. Aug. 

9, 1743, aged 26. 4 Bethiah, sen., 
b. ; single in 1757. (See 
marriage of Bethiah Jr., note 5 
supra. Bethiah, sen., considering 
the known facts, could have been 
no one but a dau. of Thomas.) 
5 Possibly other daughters not 


Nathan Bassett, son of Nathaniel 
and Mary or Dorcas (Joyce) Bas- 
sett of Marshfield and Yarmouth, 
born , married Mary, daugh- 

ter of Thomas and Deborah Crow 
of Yarmouth, March 7, 1709, and 


settled at Monomoit soon after. 
He bought of one of the Govells 
(probably Joseph) an interest in 
the common land and settled on 
that part of it on the south side 
of the road to Yarmouth, opposite 
the farm of Joseph Nickerson. In 
the division of the common land 
in 1713, he had all the land be- 
tween the ponds and the road, 
from the Indian meeting house 
nearly to Harwich line, assigned 
to him." He died in 1728, but his 
estate was not settled. His widow 
died in 1742, leaving a will dated 
Nov. 5. 1741, proved May 6, 1742, 
disposing of her husband's prop- 
erty. She gave the homestead to 
her sons Nathaniel and Samuel.'^ 


(10) A Proprietors' Book for 
Chatham, town clerk's office. 

(11) Children of Nathan and 
Mary (Crow) Bassett (from Pro- 
bate Records, order uncertain) : 1 
Dorcas, b. ; m. John Nicker- 
son, Jr., son of William of Har- 
wich, March 14, 1727-8 (Har. Rec). 

2 Nathan, b. ; m. Elizabeth 
Rogers, dau. of Eleazer of Har- 
wich, Jan. 2, J734-5 (Har. Rec). 

3 Mary, b. ; single in 1741. 4 
Thomas, b. ;m. 1st Deborah 
Godfrey, dau. of Moses; 2nd, Mary 
Newcomb, widow of Joseph of 
Wellfleot, Sept. 15, 17(53 (East. 
Rec). 5 Hannah, b. ; 
m. 1st Joseph Covell, son 
of Joseph, who died before 
1741, and she m. 2nd Asa Mayo of 
Eastham July 23, 1756 (East. Rec). 

6 Nathaniel, b. ; m, Sarah 
Chase, dau. of Thomas of Yar- 
mouth, Aug. 23, 1739 (Yar. Rec). 

7 Samuel, b. ; living in 1741. 


Natlftuiiel Covell, son of Nathan- 
iel and Sarah (Nickerson) Covell, 
born about 1670, married March 
1, 1G96-7, Judith Nickei'son, dau. of 
William and Mercy. He lived on 
or near his father's farm between 
Crow's pond and Ryder's cove at 
Chathamport.i'' He was select- 
man two years and treasurer two 
years. His will, dated Sept. 19, 
1746, was proved March 13, 1746-7. 
He had previously disposed of his 
real estate to his children. His 
widow, daughter Elizabeth and 
granddaughter Daty Nickerson 
each received one-third of his 
personal estate." 

William Covell, son of Nathaniel 
and Sarah (Nickerson) Covell, was 
born at Monomoit about 1673. His 
wife was Sarah, but her parentage 
is not known. His homestead, 
bought of Joseph Nickerson about 
1695, was at Chathamport, bounded 
"Easterly by Ensign William Nick- 
erson, Southerly by the land of 
Jehosaphat Eldred, Southerly, 
Southwesterly and Westerly by ye 
land of Jeremiah Nickerson's to 
ye Bank or Clift n(?er ye Wading 
place, and Northerly by ye Clift," 
containing 60 acres. On November 
28, 1710, he bought of Jeremiah 
Nickerson a tract of 20 acres ad- 
joining the above on the west. 
All his lands and right at Chat- 
ham, he sold by deed dated Sep- 
tember 10, 1716, to John Crowell, 
Jr., of Yarmouth" and removed to 
Harwich, where he purchaseii of 
his brother Ephraim the easterly 
part of the latter's farm, lying on 
the southwest side of Flax pond. 
It was conveyed to him by deed 
dated February 9, 1718-9, after he 
had built a house uih)ii the tract. 


This farm of 40 acres he sold by 
deed dated August 17, 1725, to 
Jonathan Smalley of Harwich'^ 
and removed to tliat pai't of 
Eastham now Wellfleet. He died 
there January 18, 17G0, aged 87.'" 

Joseph Covell, son of Nathaniel 
and Sarah (Niokerson) Covell, born 
at Monomoit about 1675, married 
first Lydia Stev^^art, daughter of 
Ensign Hugh of Monomoit, about 
1700. She died not long after and 
he married second Hannah Bas- 
sett, daughter of Nathaniel of Yar- 
mouth and sister of Nathan of 
Monomoit, March 1, 1703-4. His 
farm was on the east side of 
Muddy Cove and extended east to 
the present road from the old 
cemeteries over to the late Rufus 
Smith's. It was a part of the old 
William Nickerson farm. There is 
no record of his death or of his 
children and no settlement of his 
estate. He was living as late as 
1732," but does not appear in the 
tax list of 1755." 

Ephraim Covell, youngest son of 
Nathaniel and Sarah (Nickerson) 
Covell, born about 1677; married, 
first, Mercy , who died Feb. 1, 

1727-8; second, Abigail Ellis of 
Yarmouth Feb. 4, 1729-30, and af- 
ter her decease, third, Mary Tay- 
lor of Chatham (intent. Sept. 20, 
1746), who survived him.'" By 
deed dated May 19, 1G99, he re- 
ceived from his mother one-fourth 
part of all her interest in his 
grandfather Nickerson's home, 
farm and in all his other land at 
Monomoit, his brothers probably 
receiving their respective shares 
at the same time.-" His part of 
his grandfather's farm lay be- 
tween the two ponds (which are 
next the Stephen Smith place) 

and the road past the late Dr. 
Clifford's and extended easterly 
nearly to the head of Ryder's 
Cove. This property he sold in 
1712 to Edward Bangs of Harwich, 
receiving in exchange the farm of 
300 acres on the south side of 
Harwich, formerly belonging to 
Joseph Severance and Manoah Ellis, 
which lay between Grassy pond, 
Flax pond and the sea, and 
bounded west on land of Isaac At- 
kins and east on land of Scotto 
Clark." His house was on the 
south side of Grassy pond. He 
sold the easterly part of this 
farm to his brother William in 
1719. In the latter part of his 
life he was reputed to be a 
Quaker." His will, dated July 14, 
1 7 49 ,^'^ was proved Sept. 10, 1753.-* 


(12) Town Records, 1734. 

(13) Children of Nathaniel and 
Judith (Nickerson) Covell (from 
Probate Records, order uncertain) : 

1 Jane, b. ; m. Jonathan Nick- 
erson, son of Thomas, about 1718. 

2 John, b. ; m. Thankful 
Bangs, dau. of Jonathan of Har- 
wich, Aug. IG, 1721 (Har. Rec). 3 
Nathaniel, b. ; m. Keziah 
Tucker, dau. of Samuel. April 14, 
1727 (Chat. Rec.). 4 Seth, b. : 
m. Sarah Hurd, dau. of John of 
Harwich, Nov. 22, 1732 (Har. Rec.) ; 
removed to Ridgefield, Conn., 
about 1747. 5 Hannah, b. ; m. 
Alexander Cuiuiingham of Nan- 
tucket, Feb. 8, 1732-3 (Nan. Rec). 
G Simeon, b. ; m. Thankful Rob- 
bins of Yarniniitji, probably dau. of 
James, Aug. 26, 1746 (Yar. Rec); 
removed to Ridgefield, Conn. 7 
Elizabeth, b. ; died single 
about 1776. This Nathaniel Covell 



did not settle in the north part of 
Eastham as stated by Pratt (Hist. 
of Eastham, 113) ; it was his broth- 
er William who is referred to. 

(14) M. L. Luce papers. 

(15) Files Superior Court of 
Judicature, No. 02,893. 

(16) Children of William and 
Sarah ( ) Govell (order mi- 
certain) : 1 Nathaniel, b. ; m. 
Esther Atwood, dau. of Medad of 
Eastham (int. July 29, 1724, East. 
Rec). Their children probably 
were Esther, Sarah, Reuben, 
Philip, Jedidah and Priscilla. 2 
Ephraim, b. ; m. Mercy Brown 
of Eastham, July 9, 1730 (East 
Rec). Their children were Amy, 
Phebe, Zeruiah, Ephraim, Amy, 
Solomon, Daniel, Mary, Mercy. 3 
William, b. ; m. 1st Joanna 
Atwood, widow of Eleazer of 
Eastham, June 27, 1734 (East. Rec.) . 
She died Jan. 16, 1736-7, in her 
44th year (Hdstn.) and he m. 2nd 
Elizabeth Webber of Eastham 
Feb. 16, 1737-8 (East. Rec). Chil- 
dren: Joanna and David. 4 Prop- 
ably a son, b. ; m. Mary , 
and d. young, leaving a widow and 
dau. Mary. 5 Prob. a dau., b. 

; m. before 1726 Daniel El- 
dridge of Eastham and d. young. 
(Files Sup. Ct. of Judicature, No. 
19,310.) Other children not iden- 

(17) M. L. Luce papers. 

(18) Children of Joseph Covell: 
By wife Lydia: 1 Lydia, b. July 
12, 1701 (Chat. Rec), m. Thomas 
Nickerson, Jr., May 16, 1716 (Chat. 
Rec). By wife Hannah: (order 
uncertain) 2 Sarah, b. ; m. 
William Nickerson ("Red Stock- 
ings"), son of William, about 1723 
(Osborn Nickerson papers). 3 
James, b. ; m. 1st Mehitable 

Nickerson, dau. of Samuel of 
Harwich, Aug. 4, 1727 (Har. Rec). 
She died Nov. 26, 1761, and he m. 
2nd Ruth (Crowell) Kelley, widow 
of Amos Kelley of Yarmouth. 4 
Nathaniel, b. ; m. Mary Chase, 

dau. of Isaac of Yarmouth (int. 
July 20, 1740, Yar. Rec). 5 Joseph, 
b. ; m. Hannah Bassett, dau. 

of Nathan, and died not long af- 
ter marriage, leaving widow and 
dau. Hannah. 6 Possibly a dau. 
Constant, who. m. Ebenezer Nick- 
erson, son of Thomas. 7 Possibly 
a dau. Dorcas, who m. James 
Nickerson, son of William. 

(19) The Harwich records give 
the name of the second wife as 
Mrs. Abigail Ellis and of the third 
wife as Mrs. Mary Taylor, yet 
one and perhaps both were un- 
married. Mary Taylor was dau. 
of John Taylor of Yarmouth and 
Chatham. Her brother, Seth Tay- 
lor of Chatham, in his will in 
1702 mentions "my sister, Mary 
Covell, which now liveth with me." 

(20) The description in this deed 
is as follows: "All that part & 
share of land situate, lying & 
being in Maiiamoyot aforesaid 
bounded viz: ye estern corner a 
stone marked E near ye harbor, 
from sd stone Westerly to a stone 
marked E on ye Southerly side of 
ye Burling place hill & so from 
sd stone Westerly to a rock 
marked C & so westerly to a 
stone marked E on ye Southerly 
side of the Comon road wich is 
ye bounds between sd lands & 
Joseph Covel's land & so ranging 
on ye Southerly side of sd Comon 
highway to another stone marked 
E & from sd stone Southerly to 
a white oake tree marked on 
four sids nere a pond called by 


ye Indians Nespoxet and so rang- 
ing by ye North side of sd pond 
Easterly to a pond called ye pas- 
ture pond to ye old bounds & so 
by sd pond untill it come to ye 
land wicli was Abraham Johnson's. 
[Also a parcel of meadow adjoin- 
ing meadow of Joseph Covell, im- 
perfectly described.] With one 
quarter part of a small neck of 
land in said Manamoy comonly 
called ye short neck, with one 
quarter part of all my share of 
the undivided land with all woods, 
fencings, with whatsoever ys 
standing, lying or growing on sd 
lands." Reservation made for 
"William Nickerson Senr to have 
a convenient highway from his 
now dwelling house to ly open to 
his land at Manamoyot." (Files, 
Superior Court of Judicature, No. 

(21) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, No. 144,324. 

(22) Freeman, History of Gape 
Cod, n, 512. 

(23) On a stone erected to his 
memory in Harwich Centre ceme- 
tery by his grandson, the date of 
his death is given as Aug. 23, 1748 
(13 Mayflower Descendant, 239.) 
This is obviously a mistake, as his 
will is dated in 1749. 

(24) Children of Ephraim and 
Mercy Covell (from his will, 
order uncertain) : 1 Thankful, b. 

; m. Edward Nickerson, son 
of Thomas of Chatham, Feb. 24, 
1724-5 (Har. Rec). 2 Mercy, b. 

; m. Samuel Burge, son of 
Samuel of Yarmouth, Sept. 25, 
1730 (Har. Rec). 3 Sarah, b. ; 

m. Benjamin Nickerson, son of 
Samuel of Harwich, Oct. 13, 1741 
(Har. Rec). 4 Mary, b. ; m. 

Thomas Burge, son of Samuel of 

Yarmouth, July 28, 1742 (Har. 


Lieut. William Eldredge, son of 
Robert and Elizabeth (Nickerson) 
Eldredge, married first, 
second, Sarah (Newcomb) Conant, 
widow of Joshua of Salem and 
later of Truro, Jan. 30, 1706-7. 
She was born about 1670. As 
early as 1700 he had a sloop or 
small vessel used in coasting 
trips." He acquired his father's 
farm at West Chatham in the 
John K. Kendrick neighborhood, 
lying between the highway and 
Oyster pond river, besides con- 
siderable adjacent land. This 
property, consisting ol about 200 
acres, he sold by deed dated 
December 18, 1711, to Mr. Seth 
Taylor of Yarmouth, a real estate 
trader,="' and removed to Monomoit 
Beach, where he had bought land 
of Joseph Stewart and others. He 
built a house here and opened a 
tavern for the entertainment of 
sailors and others seeking a tem- 
porary harbor at or near Wreck 
Cove. After a few years he sold 
this place to Morris Farris and 
returned to the main land." He 
was selectman for seven years 
between 1697 and 1727 and lieu- 
tenant as early as 1713. His death, 
which occurred April 27, 1749, is 
the only one recorded in the first 
book of town records. There is 
no settlement of his estate and 
no list of his children." 

Serg. Joseph Eldredge, son of 
Robert and Elizabeth (Nickerson) 
Eldredge, perhaps married first a 
daughter of Teague Jones, a 
neighbor at Monomoit from 1675 to 
1683. He acquired land and prob- 



ably Hvod for a time in tlio south 
part ol" Yai'iiiouLh on Llie west 
side of Bass river. His land ad- 
joined land of Teague Jones and 
his sons, and the circumstances 
indicate that it was a family 
community.'^'' The Boston records 
give the marriage of a Joseph 
Eldredge and Elizabeth Gross Oc- 
tober 9, 1G95. He was living at 
Monomoit again before 1098, where 
he settled on a tract of 50 acres 
on the south side of the Oyster 
pond, extending from the head of 
the pond westerly along the pond 
and river. William Nickerson, 
son of John, owned and lived upon 
the farm next southerly, and the 
present road from Atwood's corner 
westerly, known as Cedar street, 
is the old cart way which sep- 
arated these two farms. His house 
stood at the east end of the farm 
in the present John Emery neigh- 
borhood.''" He was selectman in 
1710. His will, dated August 27, 
1728, was proved September 2'i, 
1735. His wife Elizabeth survived 
him and was living probably as 
late as 1755. His farm passed to 
his three sons, subject to the 
dower of the widow.^' 

Jehoshaphat Eldredge, sou of 
William and Aime (Lumpkin) 
Eldredge of Yarmouth, born in 
that town about 1658, married 
Elizabeth , probably daughter 

of Nathaniol and Sarah Covell." 
He settled on a portion of the old 
Nickerson or Sarah Covell farm 
at Chathamport. His house stood 
on the west side of Crow's pond, 
near and south of the William 
Covell (later Paul Crowell) farm. 
His will, dated Feb. 9, 1731-2, was 
proved Nov. 29, 1732. He had a 
house and lot of land at Red Riv- 

er neck, which was given (o his 
son Eiisha, a nock of land at 
Chathamport called Short neck, 
lueadow at Ragged neck, meadow 
at Matchapoxett and woodland near 
the Red river. His dwelling house 
and land near Paul Crowell were 
given to his sons Ebenezer and 
Barnabas. His wife survived him, 
and was probably living as late as 


(25) Town Records, 1700. 

(26) Deed from Seth Taylor to 
Thomas Doane dated March 20, 
1718-9. M. L. Luce papers. 

(27) See page 209, note 29, 
Smith, History of Chatham. 

(28) Children of William and 
Eldredge (order uncertain) : 

1 Rebecca, b. ; m. Ebenezer 

Berry of Harwich, son of John, 
Oct. 13, 1713 (Har. Roc). 2 
William, b. ; m. Thankful 

Crowell, (lau. of John of Yarmouth, 
Marcli 20, 1718 (Yar. Roc); lived 
at Harwich. Their children were 
Reuben, Rebecca, Sarah, Thankful, 
Bridget, William, Isaac, Jeremiah. 
3 Lsaac, b. ; m. Dorothy ; 

lived at Harwich. Their children 
wnrc J(Mni.sha, Monica,' Mary. 4 
J'l'ob. a son Joshua, b. ; m. 

(taxed in 1755). 5 Other 
children, if any, not identified. 

(29) See a deed from Teague 
Jones to his son Jeremiah, dated 
May 29, 1691, conveying land on 
the west side of Bass river, Yar- 
mouth. Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, No. 9,838. 

(30) Sec a deed from Samuel 
Sprague to Richard Sears dated 
March 3, 1707-8. Josiah Paine 

(31) Childi'en of Joseph "and 


Eldrodge (from the will, 
order uncertain) : 1 Williani, b. 
; m. Hannah Taylor, dau. 
of John, Oct, 1, 1713 (note 45, page 
188, Smith, Hist, of Chatham), 2 
Tabitha, b, ; m, William 

Mitchell, son of William, March 19, 
1712-3 (note 45, page 188, Smith, 
Hist, of Chatham), and died not 
long after. 3 John, h. ; m, Ru- 
hamah Doane, dan. of Thomas, 
Sept. 26, 1728 (Chat, Rec). 4 Jer- 
emiah, b. ; m, 1st Lydia 
Hamilton, dau, of Daniel, before 
1720, She died before Jan, 28, 
1735-6, and he m, 2nd Thankful 
, perhaps his first wife's 

(32) James Covell mentions Bar- 
nabas Eldredge as his cousin, 

(33) Children of Jehoshaphat and 
Elizabeth (Covell) Eldredge (from 
the will, order uncertain) : 1 Na- 
thaniel, b. ; m. Sarah Gonant, 
dau, of Joshua of Truro, Sept. 4, 
1712 (East. Rec). She was b, in 
Salem April 12, 1695. 2 Elnathan, 
b. as early as 1694; m, 1st at 
Yarmouth, Hamiah O'Kelley, dau. 
of Jeremiah of Yarmouth, where 
he was living in 1723; m. 2nd 
Deliverance, probably dau. of 
Caleb Lumbert; removed to 
Dartmouth about 1740. 3 Eliza- 
beth, b. ; single 1732. 4 Ed- 
ward, b, July 17, 1702 (Chat, Rec.) ; 
m, Mary, dau, of Thomas Nicker- 
son. 5 Elisha, b. ; m. Fear 
Niekerson, dau, of Robert. 6 
Ebenezer, b. about 1707, m. Deliv- 
erance, dau, of William and Sarah 
Niekerson (tradition through Mr. 
Josiah Paine), about 1742, 7 Bar- 
nabas, b. ; m. Mary , about 


George CJodfrey, eldest son of 
George and Godfrey of East- 

ham, born January 2, 1662-3, set- 
tled at Monomoit about 1690. 
There is no record of his mar- 
riage. He owned land, probably 
his homestead, near and north of 
Ragged Neck." He was chosen in 
1700 with William Niekerson, Sen., 
to have charge of the building of 
the first meeting house. There is 
no mention of him in the town 
records after this date.'° 

Moses Godfrey, son of George 
and Godfrey of Eastham, born 

Jan. 27, 1667-8, married Deborah 
Cook, daughter of Josiah and 
Deborah (Hopkins) Cook of East- 
ham. He settled at Monomoit 
about 1695, in that part called 
Cotchpinicut (Old Harbor) in the 
vicinity of the farm of William 
Niekerson, son of the first 
William.^" He was early in- 
terested in religious affairs and 
was a special friend of Rev. John 
Latimer, who remembered him 
and his wife in his will." When 
the church was organized in 1720, 
he and his wife were among the 
first to join. He soon, however, 
found himself at odds with Rev. 
Joseph Lord, the pastor, on ac- 
count of the attitude of the latter 
towards Rev. Samuel Osborn and 
the church at Pochet (now Or- 
leans) and was excommunicated, 
together with Mr. Elisha Mayo. 
They both were at once received 
again by the Pochet church, to 
which they had formerly belonged. 
Mr. Godfrey was selectman in 1710 
and held other offices. He was a 
substantial citizen and reared a 
large family, which furnished en- 



ergetic citizens to the town for 
nearly two centuries. He died 
April IG, 1743, aged 75 years, and 
his wife died seven days later, 
aged 64. He left a will, dated 
Feb. 1741-2, proved May 21, 1743, 
leaving his large property to his 
seven living sons, Samuel, Moses, 
David, George, Benjamin, Joshua 
and Richard, they paying certain 
legacies. A son Jonathan had 

Jonathan Godfrey, son of George 
and Godfrey of Eastham, 

born June 24, 1682, married Mercy 
Mayo, daughter of Thomas and 
Barbara (Knowles) Mayo of East- 
ham, October 30, 1707, and settled 
at Monomoit soon after. The 
location of his farm is not known. 
He appears to have been a worthy 
citizen, but not prominent. He 
had an interest in the Common 
land and was one of those who 
took pew ground in 1742. His 
will, dated March 7, 1765, was 
proved April 23, 17G5, and divided 
his property equally among his 
children and the heirs of deceased 


(34) See deed from William 
Nickerson and others to Michael 
Stewart dated Oct. 12, 1702, and 
deed from Samuel Eldredge to 
Seth Taylor dated May 15, 1711. 
M. L. Luce papers. 

(35) It is not known whether 
or not he had any children. 

(36) See Smith, Hist, of Chat- 
page 142, note 30. 

(37) See Smith, Hist, of Chat- 
ham, page 106. 

(39) Children of Moses and Deb- 
orah (Cook) Godfrc^y (from the 
will, order uncertain) : 1 Jona- 

than, b. ; m. Mercy Nicker- 

son, dan. of Robert, Sept,, 2, 1725 
(Chat. Rec). (Admn. on his es- 
tate March 18, 1729-30. Children, 
Caleb, Jonathan, Rebecca.) 2 Sam- 
uel, b. ; m. .3 Moses, 
b. ;m. Martha Collins, dau. 
of John, about 1726. 4 Desire, b. 
; m. Nathaniel Ryder, son 
of John and Esther of Yarmouth, 
Sept. 26, 1728 (Chat. Rec). 5 
George, b. about 1706; m. 1st 
Mercy Knowles, dau. of Richard, 
Nov. 1, 1733 (Ghat. Rec). She 
died May 14, 1758, and he m. 2nd 
Jane (Collins) Bearse, widow of 
Prince Snow, Jr., and Benjamin 
Bearse, Nov. 9, 1758 (Chat. Rec). 
6 David, b. ; m. Priscilla 
Baker, dau. of of Yarmouth, 
Oct. 14, 1731 (Yar. Rec). 7 Mary, 
b. Sept. 4, 1711 (old Bible record); 
m. 1st Caleb Nickerson, son of 
William, about 1732. He died Dec. 
18, 1749 (Chat. Rec), and she m. 
2iid Seth Smith, son of John, Nov. 
18, 1756 (old Bible record). 8 
Deborah, 1). ; m. Thomas 
Bassett, son of Nathan. 9 Benja- 
min, b. ; m. Elizabeth Hop- 
kins, dau. of Elisha, Aug. 23, 1738 
(Chat. Rec). 10 Elizabeth, b. 
about 1717; m. Benjamin Bearse, 
son of Benjamin of Barnstable, May 
31, 1733 (Chat. Rec). 11 Joshua, 
b ; m. Phebe Gould, dau. of 
Nathaniel of Harwich (Int. Dec 
17, 1742, Har. Rec). 12 Richard, 
b, ; m. Azubah Collins, dau. 
of Solomon, Jan. 10, 1750-1 (Chat. 
Rec). He died in 1759, leaving 
Enoch, b. April 20, 1752, and War- 
ren, b. April 6, 1757 (Liverpool, N. 
S. Rec). 

(40) Children of Jonathan and 
Mercy (Mayo) Godfrey (from the 
v.ill, order uncertain) : 1 Hannah, 



b. ; m. Jamos Rogers, Jr., of 

Eastham May 21, 1730 (East. Roc). 
2 Mercy, b. ; m. 1st Ebenezer 

Burgess, son of Thomas, of Yar- 
mouth (Int. Feb. 22, 1734-5, Yar. 
Rec.) ; m. 2nd Elkanah Rogers, son 
of Joseph, of Eastham (Int. June 
25, 1748, East. Rec). 3 Thomas, 
b. ; m. 1st Bethiah Eldredge, 

dau. of Nathaniel, June 7, 1733 
(Ghat. Rec) ; m. 2nd Mrs. Mary 
Covell of Eastham, March 8, 1753 
(East. Rec). 4 Ruth, b. about 
1719; m. 1st John Gould, son of 
Nathaniel of Harwich (Int. Aug. 
18, 1737, East; Rec); m. 2nd 
Thomas Myrick of Harwich. 5 
Lydia. b. ; m. 1st Joseph My- 

rick, son of of Eastham (Int. 

Feb. 5, 1742-3, East. Rec) ; m. 2nd 
Samuel Smith, Jr., of Eastham 
(Int. July 3, 1756, East. Rec). 6 
Jephthah, b. ; m, Bathsheba 

Eldredge, dau. of Nathaniel (See 
deed dated April 1?, 1759, Warren 
J. Nickerson papers). 7 Mehitablo, 
b. ; m. Nathaniel Hamilton, 

son of Thomas, Sept. 7, 1749 
(Chat. Rec). 8 Anna, b. ; m. 

1st Eldredge; m, 2nd James 

Freeman Dec. 8, 1763 (Chat, Rec). 
9 Bar-bara, b. ; m. Young; 

died before her father. 


Serg. Daniel Hamilton, probably 
son of Thomas and Lydia Hamil- 
ton of Rhode Island, Sandwich and 
Eastham," born in 1670, married 
at Eastham Mary, daughter of 
Samuel Smith, about 1693 and 
resided there till after the birth 
of their second child. By the will 
of her father, who died in 1697, 
his wife came into possession of 
one-half of two farms at Monomoit 
located at Tom's Neck, and the 

family removed thither. His first 
wife luvving died, he married 
second August 5, 1708, Sarah 
(Smith) Snow, widow of Joseph 
Snow of Eastham,*^ and daughter 
of John and Hannah Smith of 
Eastham. His third wife was 
Desire Springer, widow of Edward 
Springer of Newport, R. I., and 
daughter of James Gorham of 
Barnstable, whom he married at 
Barnstable Dec 15, 1715. His 
fourth wife, who survived him, 
was named Elizabeth, perhaps 
daughter of John Taylor. Serg. 
Hamilton, with his brother Thom- 
as, served under Capt. John Gor- 
ham in the expedition to Canada 
in 1690 and received therefor a 
share of land at Dunbarton, N. H., 
in 1735." He was active in local 
affairs, being selectman three 
years, constable several years and 
holding other positions. He was 
styled Sergeant as early as 1710. 
Through his first wife, he was 
interested not only in the farm at 
Tom's Neck, but in the Common 
lands and the Great Beach. He 
died December 8, 1738, aged 68 
years. His will, written by Rev. 
Mr. Lord, dated January 20, 
1735-6, was proved March 22, 
1738-9. In it he calls Sarah, Eliz- 
abeth and Thankful his three 
youngest daughters."^ 


(41) Note the following entry 
in the Sandwich town records: 
"Thomas Hambleton, the son of 
Thomas Hamblton and lidia his 
wife was bourne the 17 of Febuary 
1671, borne at Rohd Hand." 14 
Mayflower Descendant, 170. 

(42) "Nathaniel Snow of Lawful 
Age Testifieth and Sailh that on 



or aboutc ye year 1709 I went to 
Chatham to Live vvilh my Father 
in Law, Daniel Hambleton, Late 
of said Chatham, Deceased, and I 
saw my said Father, John Atkins, 
Theophilus Mayo, Thomas Mayo, 
John Smith and Joshua Higgins 
Mow and Garry of hay from Mon- 
omoit Great Beach, so caHed, for 
seven years together without Mo- 
lestation. Sworn in Court July 
1753. Att. Saml Winthrop Clerk." 
Files, Superior Court of Judica- 
ture, No. 71,149. 

(43) State Archives, vol. 114, 
page 116; petition of Shubael Gor- 
ham June 12, 1735. Acts and Re- 
solves of Mass. 

(44) Children of Daniel Hamil- 
ton (from the will and Eastham 
records). 1 Grace, h. Aug. 3, 
1G94; d. Aug. 20, 1694 (East. Roc). 

2 Thomas, b. Sept. 1, 1095, m. Re- 
becca Mayo, dau. of Nathaniel of 
Eastham, May 3, 1716 (East. Rec). 

3 Lydia, b. ; m. Jeremiah El- 
dredge, son of Joseph, about or 
before 1720. 4 Mary, b. ; ni. 
Judah Mayo, son of Thomas, of 
Eastham (Int. Jan. 27, 1721-2, East. 
Rec). 5 Samuel, b. ; m. 1st 
Bethiah Stewart, dau. of Michael, 
May 25, 1727 (Chat. Rec); m. 2nd 
Mrs. Mercy Ellis of Harwich, Oct. 
3, 1741 (Har. Rec). 6 Daniel, b, 

; m. 1st, Abigail , about 

1729; m. 2nd Mrs Sarah Lewis of 
Harwich (Int. July 21, 1750, Chat. 
Rec). 7 Sarah, b. ; m. Theo- 

dore Harding, son of Joshua, of 
Eastham, Jan, 23, 1728-9 (Chat. 
Rec). 8 Joseph, b. ; m. 

Martha Atkins, dau. of Joseph, of 
Eastham, Jan. 22, 1731-2 (East. 
Rec); lived at Eastham. 9 Eliza- 
beth, b. ; m. Soth Taylor, son 
of John, about 1730. 10 Thnnkiul. 

b. ; single in 1736; perhaps 

m.' Jeremiah Eldredge as 2nd wife 
after sister's death. The last four 
childi'on were by wife Sarah. 


Capt. Joseph Harding, eldest son 
of Joseph and Bethiah (Cook) 
Harding of Eastham, born July 8, 
1667, married Dinah , probably 

daughter of Tristram Hedges, and 
settled at Monomoit prior to 1693 
in the southwest quai'ter of the 
town. He was selectman seven 
years, treasurer two years and 
held other local offices. He be- 
came lieutenant of the military 
company as early as 1702 and cap- 
tain as early as 1706, holding that 
position till 1715. He was prob- 
ably one of the first inembers of 
the chui'cli. He had interests in 
the Connnon lands and with 
Thomas Atkins, bought of Josephus 
C'uasou in 1797 the interest of the 
latter in the Ouason lands in 
Harwich, later receiving one-six- 
teenth part in the division of 
these lands^" In 1721 he took the 
contract to build a new parsonage 
for Rev. Mr. Lord, but later, after 
ho had begun, the town cancelled 
the agreement and controversy en- 
sued. He lived on the neck south- 
east of Cockle Cove, then called 
Ragged Neck, the whole of which 
he owned at his death. Harding's 
Beach, which adjoins this neck, 
was named for him. His wife 
Dinah died January 28, 1738, aged 
76 years. He died early in 1745, 
leaving a will dated February 16, 
1738-9, proved May 8, 1745. The 
homestead at Ragg^nl Neck was 
given to his son N(?hemiah. His 
son Maziah had a homestead and 
land on (\)cli side of the road 



leading ^ui of the nook to Uie 
highway, bought by the testator 
of Samuel Taylor in part ami of 
Michael Stewart in part/" 


(45) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, No. 7,626. 

(46) Children of Joseph and 
Dinah [ Hedges (?)] Harding (from 
the will, order uncertain) : 1 Jo- 
seph, b. ; m. 1st Jane Adams, 
dau. of John of Boston and sister 
of Rev. Hugh Adams, July 23, 1713 
(note 45, page 188, Smith, Hist, 
of Chatham) ; m. 2nd Mary 
Stewart, widow of Michael, 
betw. 1716 and 1720, 2 Maziah, b. 
about 1693; m. Bethiah Hawes, 
dau. of Isaac, about 1721. 3 Dinah, 
b. about 1700; m. 1st, William 
Baker, Jr., of Yarmouth, who d. 
soon after marriage; m. 2nd John 
Young, son of David of Eastham 
(Int. March 10, 1721, East. Rec). 
4 Bethiah, b. ; m. William 
Nickerson, son of Thomas, before 
Oct. 1725. 5 Priscilla, b. ; m. 
Joseph Howes, son of Thomas, 
Feb. 2, 1720-7 (Chat. Rec). 6 
Grace, b. ; m. ; d. before 
her father, leaving dau. Mary. 7 
Mary, b. ; m. John Buck, son 
of , after 1726. 8 Nehe- 
miah, b. about 1708; m. Priscilla 
Collins, dau. of Joseph of East- 
ham, Jan. 14, 1730-1 (East. Rec). 
The Harding Gen, by Rev. Abner 
Morse mentions a son John who 
m. a Deborah Nickerson, but the 
will of Joseph Harding does not 
mention him or any children of 
his. Sylvanus Harding, a grand- 
sou of Joseph, had a son John 
who m. Deborah Nickerson, Jr., 
Sept. 15, 1707 (Chat. Rec). 


Capt. Thomas ilowes, son of 
Joseph and Howes of Yar- 

mouth, born about 1080, married 
at Eastham Dec. 11, 1701, Content 
Smith, daughter of Daniel and 
Mary (Young) Smith of Eastham."^ 
By deed dated April 8, 1703, he 
purchased of William Griffith, 
Sen., all the real estate of the 
latter at Mouomoit, consisting of 
a homestead lot of 26 acres in the 
Christopher Smith neighborood, 
one-half of 20 acres on the Great 
Neck and some meadow land (in 
all about 40 acres)." Two years 
later by deed dated October 22, 
1705, he purchased of Philip Grif- 
fith a lot of four acres adjoining 
the homestead, the other half of 
the 20 acre lot on the Great Neck 
and another lot of meadow.'" 

Still later, by deed dated April 6, 
1713, he purchased of James El- 
dredge, the farm inherited by the 
latter from his father, Nicholas 
Eldredge, which adjoined a portion, 
of the Howes farm."" He was 
selectman two years and treasurer 
two years. He was ensign of the 
military company in 1715, later 
lieutenant and then captain. His 
will, dated May 29, 1736, was 
proved October 19, 1738. His 
widow survived him. His i^eal es- 
tate was divided between his three 


(47) The Howes Genealogy by 
Mr. J. C. Howes is incorrect in 
giving the wife of Thomas as 
Rebecca Howes. See the will of 
said Daniel Smith in Barnstable 
Probate Records. 

(48) "Thirty acres of which 
Farm or Tenement, is yt on which 
ye dwellinghouse now stands, 



which hath a highway through it 
down to ye Inlands so Galled, ye 
land on ye North side of sd way 
where ye house stands was bought 
of William Nickerson deceased, 
with ye priviledge of Comon for 
Cutting wood feeding or grasing 
as pr deed expressed under hand 
of ye sd William Nickerson; and 
ye land on ye South side of sd 
way bought of James Maker, 
excepting four acres of sd Tract 
which was formerly disposed of to 
my son Philip Griffeth x x x and 
also one half of a twenty acre lot 
upon ye Great Neck & is Called 
ye fourth lot, my son Philip Grif- 
feth owning ye other half— with 
two acres of salt and fresh 
meadow, one acre bought of Trus- 
trum Hedges & one acre bought of 
Sanmel Nickerson, joyning both 
together & lyeth on ye South side 
of ye Oyster pond & is on ye 
Easterly side of ye meadow of 
Lieut Eldred deceased. Witli ye 
Interest in ye Meeting house ac- 
cording to charge paid in building 
ye Same by ye said William Grif- 
feth." Old Barnstable Deeds, 
book 4, page 87. M. L. Luce 

(49) Forty acres more or less, 
bounded "beginning on ye south 
side at a stone next ye lands of 
ye sd Thomas Howes & on ye 
west side it is bounded by ye sd 
Howeses land & John Paddock's 
land, from sd stone to a red oak 
tree, thence to ye Corner of ye 
fence, thence to a red oak tree by 
ye Cart way, thence by a sett off 
Easterly to a pine tree marked, 
thence a little Southerly to a 
white oak tree by a swamp side 
& so through ye Swamp to an- 
other white oak tree & thence by 

ye swamp to ye Indian bounds, 
leaving ye highway to ye Jury 
way, thence by ye sd Jury way 
Westward to ye first mentioned 
stone. And also ye one half of a 
twenty acre lot on ye Stage Neck, 
ye other half of said lot is now 
in ye tenure & possession of ye 
sd Thomas Howes. And also half 
an acre of meadow, lying in 
Grigeries Neck adjoining to David 
Melvels meadow & was formerly 
William Griffith Junrs meadow." 
Old Barnstable Deeds, book 5, page 
49. M. L. Luce papers. 

(50) Sixteen acres, "bounded on 
ye Southwest by an old ditch & 
post & rail fence down to ye 
White Pond so called & then 
bounded Northwest by sd Pond 
down to ye land of John Eldredg 
which was set out to him as a 
part of his Father's farm to a 
Beach tree marked, thence Easter- 
ly to a markt red oak tree near 
ye head of a swamp & stone set 
in ye ground & thence upon ye 
same j'ange straight over a fresh 
pond to ye other side thereof. 
And then bounded by sd Pond 
down to meet with ye other land 
of ye sd Thomas Howes: Then 
it is bounded Easterly by ye land 
of ye sd Thomas Howes up to ye 
land now in occupation of Lieut. 
Seth Taylor which he bought of 
Lieut. Eldredge (excepting only ye 
highway or road throu) And then 
l)y ye land of sd Taylor to ye 
first mentioned ditch & post & 
rails (only still allowing to Eliz- 
abeth, ye mother of ye sd James 
to gather cherrys & other fruit 
for her spending in ye summer 
time & ye sd James to take off ye 
timber & old bords of ye old house 
thereon)." Old Barnstable Deeds, 



book 6, pagp 513, Luce papers. 

(51) Children of Thomas and 
Content (Smith) Howes (from the 
will, order uncertain) : 1 Daniel, 
b. about 1702; m. Elizabeth Doane, 
dau. of Thomas, about 1723. 2 
Elizabeth, b. ; m. Samuel 

Stewart, son of Hugh, as his 2nd 
wife about 1730. 3 Mary, b. ; 

single in 1736; m. Zachariah Sears 
of Yarmouth, as 2nd wife, Dec. 14, 
1768 (Chat. Rec.) 4 Joseph, b. 
about 1708; m. Priscilla Harding, 
dau. of Joseph, Feb. 2, 1720-7 
(Chat. Rec). 5 Thankful, b. ; 

prob. m. Paul Ryder, son of 
of Yarmouth (Int. Oct. 1, 1742, Yar. 
Rec). 6 Thomas, b. about 1712; m. 
1st Rebecca Sears, dau. of Daniel, 
about 1730. She died of smallpox 
Dec. 10, 1765, and he m. 2nd Hope 
(Sears) Doane, widow of Nehemi- 
ah. 7 Hannah, b. ; prob. m. 

Joseph Harding, son of Maziah, 
Sept. 17, 1747 (Ghat. Rec). 


Caleb Lumbert, son of Caleb and 
Lumbert of Barnstable and 
Monomoit, born ; married Sept. 

1, 1704, Elizaheth Small, daughter 
of Edward and Mary (Woodman) 
Small. By deed dated Feb. 22, 
1709-10, he purchased of Joseph 
and Ephraim Covell all their in- 
terest in the Common lands at 
Red River Neck and was the first 
to settle there.^" In the division 
of the Common lands in 1713, a 
considerable tract in this neck 
was laid out to him, on which he 
had, no doubt, previously settled. 
He had trouble with the adjoining 
owners. In 1722 he was sued by 
Robert Nickerson, son of William, 
for cutting wood over the line, 
but successfully defended himself 

on appeal.'"''' In or about 1733 he 
was attorney for Katherine, widow 
of Nathaniel Nickerson, having 
charge of her property in the 
town in her absence." By deed 
dated Feb. 14, 1739, he conveyed 
to Shubael Gorham, Jr., his rights 
in Narragansett Township No. 7, 
(Gorham, Me.) derived from his 
father.^^ In 1741 he brought suit 
against Ebenezer and Barnabas El- 
dredge on account of the adjoin- 
ing meadow land of said El- 
dredge.^" He appears to have 
moved from town or to have died 
soon after this date, there being 
no further mention of him. 


(52) "All that our right & In- 
terest in & to a neck of land 
called the Red River Neck in said 
Manamoy, that is, our right in & 
to the upland in said neck, being 
two fifths parts of one third of 
sd neck, the whole of sd neck is 
bounded viz: at the Northeasterly 
corner where a spring Issues out 
into the pond thence running on 
a straight line to the cartway to 
a little swamp neer adjoining to 
said Cart way to the Easterly side 
of said Swamp, thence running 
Westerly by said Cartway as [it] 
runs to the head of the Red River 
hollow." Old Barnstable Deeds, 
book 5, page 563. Files, Superior 
Court of Judicature, No. 8,005. 

(53) Records, Superior Court of 
Judicature, vol. 5, page 171; files 
of said Court, No. 19,259. 

(54) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, Nos. 37,160 and 38,588. 

(55) York, Me., Deeds, book 27, 
page 78. 

(56) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, No. 55,002. 



(57) Cliildron of Calel) and Eliz- 
abeth (Small) Liiinljcrt (Chat. 
Rec): 1 Mary, b. Juno 4, 1705. 
2 Deliverance, b. April 4, 1710; m. 
probably Elnntlian Eldredge, son of 
Jehoshaphat. 3 Elizabeth, b. April 
1, 1714; m. Seth Hammond of 
Dartmouth Aug. 23, 1738 (Chat. 
Rec), and lived there. 4 Caleb, b. 
Sept. 20, 1717; m. . 5 Edward, 

b. March 11, 1721-2; m. . One 
of these sons m. Nelly Eldredge, 
dau, of Nathaniel. 


William Nickerson, son of John 
and Sarah (Williams) Nickerson, 
married Hannah . He settled 

on the Great Neck (Stage Neck) 
probably on the lot conveyed to 
liis father Nickerson in 1674 (see 
note 83, page 124, Smith, History 
of Chatham). His house stood 
on the west side of the road 
to the wharf near the present 
Davis place and his land extended 
west along the south side of Cedar 
street to and beyond the Cedar 
Swamp.^-* He also had land on 
the east side of the road near the 
Joseph Atwood place. He was 
selectman two years and treasurer 
one year. He and some of his 
childi'en signed their names Nich- 
olson, doubtless through the in- 
fluence of Rev. Mr. Lord, who 
evidently considered it the proper 
spelling. His will, written by Mr. 
Lord, was dated August 6, 1735, 
and pi'oved Oct. 19, 1738. His wife 
Hannah survived him and was 
living as late as 1755. He gave 
the land on the east side of the 
road to his son David, that on 
the west side, with the dwelling 
house and outbuildings, to his son 
William. He had land at Seaquan- 

set, which he gave to Thomas Boa, 
son of his daughter Martha, de- 
ceased, also meadow land bought 
of David Melvil at a place called 
Melvil's flats.^" 

John Nickerson, son of John and 
Sarah (Williams) Nickerson, mar- 
ried Mary July 11, 1706. He 
lived on his father's farm between 
the White pond and Emery's pond 
near the centre of the town at 
that time. He was selectman 
tlii'ee years and held other offices. 
His will, dated May 27, 1762, was 
proved Sept. 7, 1762. His only son 
Elisha having removed to Nova 
Scotia, he gave his farm and other 
property to his maiden daughters, 
Mary and Elizabeth. He had 
ineadow bought of David Melvil 
and land and meadow adjoining 
John Buck's."" 

Lieut. Thomas Nickerson, eldest 
son of William and Mercy 
(Williams) Nickerson, born at 
Monomoit about 1670, married 
Mary, daughter of Jonathan Bangs 
of Hai'wich. She was born April 
14, 1671. He settled at Cotchpin- 
icut Neck (Old Harbor) on land 
lying just W(>st of his father's 
farm there. He was selectman 
two years, town clerk twice for 
short periods and held other of- 
fices. His wife joined the Har- 
wich church Nov. 14, 1708, and he 
and his children were all bap- 
tized Oct. 9, 1709. His wife was 
dismissed to the church in Chat- 
bam July 7, 1728." He was lieu- 
tenant of the military company as 
early as 1708. By deed dated July 
11, 1706, he acquired the interest 
which his mother had by fore- 
closure in the land adjoining him 
on the west and in the possession 
of Dogamus, Stephen and Morti- 



quit, Indians. They disputed his 
title and successfully defended 
themselves in the courts."- There 
were about 100 acres in this tract, 
which bordered on Ryder's cove 
and Pleasant bay."" His will, 
dated August 4, 1735, was proved 
August 3, 1736. He devised his 
dwelling house and land connected 
with it and one-half of Ram 
Island to his nephew, Samuel 
Hinckley, who lived with him. His 
son Nathaniel received the other 
half of the island. His other sons 
had already received their por- 

Ensign William Nickerson, second 
son of William and Mercy 
(Williams> Nickerson, born about 
1675, married first Deliverance, 
probably daughter of Caleb liUm- 
bert, Sen., of Monomoit. She died 
probably about 1716 and he mar- 
ried second Anna Atwood, daugh- 
ter of Eldad Atwood of Eastham, 
October 24, 1717."= By deed dated 
March 25, 1697, he purchased of 
John Quason a lot of land at 
Cotchpinicut, on which he prob- 
ably lived.'"' His father, by deed 
dated October 13, 1702, conveyed 
to him the land at Monomesset 
Neck." He was plaintiff for the 
"proprietors" in the dispute over 
the division of the Common lands. 
He is styled Ensign as early as 
1706, He was selectman two years 
and for many years carried on 
the business of tanning hides. 
There was a demand for leather 
in those days not only for shoes 
but for making the leathern 
trousers which nearly everyone 
wore at his work. About 1740 he 
bought of the heirs of his brother 
Nathaniel a part of the real estate 
of the latter. He took pew ground 

in the church in 1742. He died 
between October 19, 1742, date of 
the codicil to his will, and No- 
vember 15, 1742, date of its pro- 
bate. His wife Anna survived him 
and married August 25, 1747, Ben- 
jamin Bearse, Sen., of Barnstable, 
who died the following year. He 
gave the tan house and tanning 
business to his sons Caleb, Na- 
thaniel and Eldad."^ 

Nathaniel Nickerson, son of 
William and Mercy (Williams) 
Nickerson, born about 1680, mar- 
ried Katherine Stewart, daughter 
of Hugh, May 13, 1702. He settled 
at Chathamport on the west side 
of Frostfish creek. His home- 
stead is described in 1728 as 
bounded "by Capt. Thomas Howes' 
land on ye South side and by 
Elisha Mayou's land on ye west 
and north side and by a salt creek 
on ye East side.""" He was town 
treasurer in 1723 and 1724. Ad- 
ministration on his estate was 
granted to his widow Katherine, 
May 20, 1725. He left, beside the 
homestead held by deed from his 
father, a parcel of upland, meadow 
and woodland held by deed from 
Ebenezer Stewart, upland at "the 
Stage" by deed from William 
Mitchell, and land at Cotchpinicut 
by deed from his father. Elisha 
Mayo was appointed guardian of 
his daughter Mercy Sept. 8, 1726. 
His widow leased the homestead 
in 1728 to Samuel Godfrey'" and 
probably removed with most of 
the family to Falmouth, where 
her daughter Experience had mar- 
ried. She appointed Caleb Lum- 
bert an attorney for her, who had 
trouble with Godfrey, and in 1733 
leased the property to Elisha Hop- 
kins.'^ The widow Katherine died 



about 1740. There is no list of 
the children.'* 

Robert Nickerson, youngest son 
of William and Mercy (Williams) 
IVickerson, born about 1G84, mar- 
ried Rebecca Jones, daughter of 
Jeremiah of Yarmouth, March 28, 
1706-7. He lived on his father's 
farm and came into full possession 
of it on the death of his father 
in 1719, subject to the life estate 
of the widow. By deed dated May 
15, 1729, he conveyed all his 
property to his sons James, Rob- 
ert, Sylvanus and Elkanah, re- 
serving the use and improvement 
to himself and wife." Soon after 
this his creditors became more 
pressing. Richard Knowles, Thom- 
as Doane, Samuel Godfrey, Ben- 
jamin Ashton and others secured 
judgments against him about 
1730.'* His will, dated January 16, 
1755, and proved February 4, 1755, 
mentions no other son but El- 
kanah. His widow died about 


(58) A deed dated March 16, 
1767, from William Nicholson to 
Joseph Atwood gives the following 
description of this land: Thirty 
acres bounded "Easterly by the 
Road to Stage Harbour Northerly 
by the land of John and Jeremiah 
Eldredge, Westerly by land of 
Solomon Eldredge as the fence 
stands and by other land of the 
grantor and in ye Swamp, South- 
erly by land of Seth Eldredge's 
heirs." Joseph Atwood papers. 

(59) Children of William and 
Hannah ( ) Nickerson (from 
the will, order uncertain) : 1 Mar- 
tha, b. ; m. John Bea of East- 
ham March 30, 1729 (East. Rec). 

2 Hannah, b. ; single in 1735. 

3 David, b. ; m. Elizabeth 
Mayo, dau. of Nathaniel, of East- 
ham, Aug. 7, 1731 (East. Rec). 4 
Elizabeth, b. ; single in 1735. 
5 Sarah, b. ; m. Thomas Ash 
before 1735. 6 William, b. ; m. 
Hannah Baker, dau. of Jonathan (?) 
of Yarmouth (Int. Jan. 28, 1738-9, 
Yar. Rec). 7 Ruth, b. ; single 
in 1735. 8 Zilpha, b. ; m. 
Thomas Baxter, son of Thomas, of 
Yarmouth (Int. Nov. 8, 1740, Yar. 

(60) Children of John and Mary 
( ) Nickerson (from the will, 
order uncertain) : 1 Elisha, b. 
March 7, 1706-7 (Chat. Rec); m. 
Desire ; moved to Harwich and 
about 1761 to Liverpool, N. S., 
thence to Argyle, N. S. 2 Mary, b. 

; single in 1762. 3 Eliza- 
beth, b. ; single in 1762. 4 
Bethiah, b. about 1715; died Aug. 
7, 1759, aged 44 (Hdstn.). 5 

; m. Prince Young, son of 
John, and died leaving a dau. 

(61) Harwich Church Records; 
IV Mayflower Descendant, 247; VI 
ib. 155. 

(62) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, Nos. 7,043 and 13,779; 
Records, Superior Court of Judica- 

(63) Page 99, note, Smith, His- 
tory of Chatham. 

(64) Children of Thomas and 
Mary (Bangs) Nickerson (all bap- 
tized at Harwich Oct. 9, 1709, by 
Rev. Nathaniel Stone, who records 
their names in the following or- 
der, doubtless according to age) : 
1 Jonathan, b. ; m. 1st Jane 
Covell, dau. of Nathaniel, about 
1718. She died about 1728, and 
he m. 2nd Sarah Collins, dau. of 



Jonathan of Ghalliam and Truro; 
moved to Harwich ahout 1735 and 
to Provincetown about 1742. 2 
Mercy, b. ; m. Scth Crowell, 

son of Thomas of Yarmouth, 
March 23, 1714 (note 45, page 188, 
Smith, History of Chatham). 3 
Thomas, b. Dec. 24, 1696 (Chat. 
Rec.) ; m. 1st Lydia Covell, dau. 
of Joseph, May 16. 1716 (Chat. 
Rec). She died Oct. 18, 1750 
(Ghat. Rec), and he m. 2nd Mrs. 
Sarah Crowell, widow of John 
(Int. July 5, 1751) (Chat. Rec); m. 
3rd Mrs. Bethiah Harding, widow 
of Maziah, Dec. 26, 1763 (Chat. 
Rec). 4 William, b. ; m. 1st 

Bethiah Harding, dau. of Joseph, 
before Oct. 1725; rn. 2nd Sarah 
Bassett; moved to Ridgefield, Conn., 
in 1747. 5 Ebenezer, b. ; m. 

Constant, prob. a dau. of Joseph 
Covell. 6 Edward, b. ; m. 

Thankful Covell, dau. of Ephraim 
of Harwich, Feb. 24, 1724-5 (Har. 
Rec.) ; lived in Harwich. 7 Na- 
thaniel, b. ; m. Hannah ; 
moved to Ridgefield, Conn., in 
1747, thence to Putnam Co., N. Y. 
8 Mary, b. ; m. Edward El- 
dredge, son of Jehoshaphat. 9 
Thankful, b. ; prob. m. Na- 
thaniel Nickerson, son of William, 
about 1738. 

(65) "William Nickerson and 
hannah Elis ann atwood were 
joyned in marriage on the 24th 
day of October 1717 at Chathamr 
by Peter Thacher jus. of peace." 
(Yar. Rec.) This entry probably 
means "Hannah alias Ann Atwood," 
"alis" and possibly "elis" being a 
common spelling for "alias." The 
marriage to Deliverance appears 
from Osborn Nickerson papers. 

(66) Note 13, page 137, Smith, 
History of Chatham. 

(67) Osborn Nickerson papers. 

(68) Children of William Nick- 
erson (from the will, order uncer- 
tain). By wife Deliverance: 1 
William, b. May 15, 1701 (O. 
Nickerson papers) ; m. Sarah 
Covell, dau. of Joseph, about 1723. 

2 Deliveranse, b. ; m. Ab- 
raham Chase of Harwich; 
moved to Tisbury before 1744. 

3 Mercy, b . ; m. Seth 
Paddock, son of Robert, April 13, 
1727 (Chat. Rec); died before her 
father, leaving two children. 4 
Elizabeth, b. ; m. Thomas At- 
kins, son of Thomas, about 1726; 
died before her father. 5 Caleb, b. 

; m. Mary Godfrey, dau. of 
Moses, about 1732. 6 James, b. 
; m. Dorcas , prob. dau. 

of Joseph Covell; moved to Ridge- 
field, Conn., about 1747. 7 Joshua, 
b. (of age in 1734) living in 1739. 
8 Nathaniel, b. (under age in 
1734) ; m. prob. Thankful Nicker- 
son, dau. of Thomas, about 1738. 
By wife Anna: 9 Anna, b. 
m. Jonathan Crowell, son of Isaac 
of Yarmouth, July 13, 1738 (Chat, 
Rec.) ; moved to Harrington, N. S., 
about 1762. (Their children, ac- 
cording to Barrington records, 
were David, Joanna, Deborah, 
Azubah, Mary, Jonathan, Ruth, 
Sylvanus and Freeman. They did 
not have a son Samuel, who went 
to Connecticut, and other chil- 
dren, as given in Freeman's His- 
tory of Cape Cod, II, 598, in 
Crowell Genealogy, etc. These lat- 
ter were children of Jonathan 
Crowell (son of Paul) and Anna 
(Collins) Crowell, who moved 
about 1762 from Chatham to Liv- 
erpool, N. S.) 10 Deborah, b. ; 
m. William Padishall between 
Sept. 1739, and Oct. 1742. 11 El- 



dad, b. about 1723; m, Mary Ga- 
boon, dau. of James of Easlhaiii, 
Oct. 31, 1744 (East. Rec); moved 
to Barriiigton, N. S., about 1762. 

(69) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, No. 21,870. 

(70) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, No. 21,870. 

(71) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicature, No. 37,166. 

(72) Children of Nathaniel and 
Katberine (Stewart) Nickerson 
(order uncertain) : 1 Experience, b. 

; m. Thomas Parker of Fal- 
mouth Feb. 12, 1726-7 (Chat. Rec). 
2 Mercy, b. about 1709; m. Abra- 
ham Chase in Falmouth March 5, 
1732 (Falmouth Rec), and lived 
in Tisbury. (Their children ac- 
cording to Tisbury records were 
Valentine, Zaccheus, David, Wait- 
still Mercy, and Margaret.) 3 Na- 
thaniel, b. about 1718; m. Ruth 
Young of Falmouth (Int. Jan. 21, 
1742, Fal. Rec). 4 Samuel (prob- 
ably) b. ; m. Jane Himt, dau. 
of William of Ghilmark, July 5. 
1744 (Ghil. Rec). (They had chil- 
dren: Jane, Beriah and Nathaniel.) 

5 Shubael, b. ; m. Mary Ham- 
ilton, dau. of Samuel of Chatham, 
Dec 23, 1748 (Ghat. Rec), and re- 
moved to Tisbury, He, his wife 
and children, Katberine, Samuel 
and Job, were warned from Bos- 
ton July, 1753 (Files, Superior 
Court of Judicature, No. 71,573). 

6 Other chiUlrcMi, if any, not 

(73) M. L. Luce papers. 

(74) Records, Superior Court of 

(75) Children of Robert and 
Rebecca (Jones) Nickerson (order 
uncertain) : 1 James, b. ; 
gram Ijury man 1732. 2 Mercy, b. ; 
m. pi'ob. 1st Jonathan Godfre\', 

son of Moses, Sept. 2, 1725 (Chat. 
Rec)*. He died in 1730 and she 
m. 2nd Stephen Kidder, 3 Robert, 
i). ; m. Mercy Cole, dau. of 
Daniel of Eastham, Sept. 17, 1728 
(East, Rec). 4 Fear, b, ; m. 
Elisha Eldredge, son of Jehosha- 
phat. 5 Sylvanus, b. ; (taxes 
abated 1742). 6 Elizabeth, b. ; 
m. 1st, Sept. 19, 1733, Peter Ray, 
son of Peter of Edgartown, and 
had children Joseph, Peter, Eliz- 
abeth, He died before 1741 and 
she m, 2nd Alexander (?) Cun- 
ningham and died before 1755. 7 
Elkanah, b. Feb. 14, 1721-2 (Ghat, 
Rec) ; m. Bathsheba Snow, dau. of 
of Eastham, Oct, 18, 1741 
(East. Rec.) ; moved to Liverpool, 
N. S., about 1762. 8 Rebecca, b. 
; m. John Hopkins, son of 
Elisha, about 1741; moved to Dart- 
mouth, Mass., about 1750, and to 
Liverpool, N. S., about 1762. 


Serg. Robert Paddock, son of 
Zacliariab and Deborah (Sears) 
J'addock of Yarmouth, born Jan- 
uiU'y 17, 1670-1, married Martha 
Hall, daughter of John and Pris- 
cilla (Bearse) Hall of Yarmouth, 
March 6, 1701-2, He moved to 
Monomoit soon after the birth of 
his second child in 1705 and set- 
tled on a farm in the- north part 
of the town near Great Hill. He 
was selectman in 1720 and 1721, 
and was living at Chatham as late 
as 1730, but removed soon after 
to Mansfield, Conn., where -Joseph, 
William and Benjamin Hall of 
^■armouth and other relatives of 
his wife had settled. He probably 
diiHl there before 1750 and his 
(•ltil(lc(Mi or most, of them removed 



to the "Oblong." (Putnam Co., N. of Coventry, Conn., Nov. 5, 1747 
Y.)7« (Munsri(;Ul Roc.) 

(76) Children of Robert and 
Martha (Hall) Paddock (order af- 
ter third child uncertain) : 1 son, 
unnamed, b. Feb. 2, 1702-3; d. 
seven weeks later. 2 Seth, b. 
March 13, 170i-5 (Yar. Rec.) ; m. 
1st Mercy Nickerson, dau. of 
William, April 13, 1727 (Chat. 
Rec). She died leaving children 
Deliverance and Zachariah, and he 
m. 2nd Zeruiah Storrs, dau. of 
Capt. Thomas Storrs of Mans- 
field, Conn., Oct. 10, 1735. She 
died Jan. 3, 1737-8, and he m. 
3rd Ruth Arnold, dau. of Lieut. 
Robert Arnold of Mansfield, Feb. 
17, 1744-5 (Mansfield Rec). 3 
J3eborah, b. about 1706; m. Joseph 
Doane, Jr., of Eastham, Sept. 30, 
1725 (Chat. Rec). He died in 1745 
and she moved to Middletown, 
Conn., v\rhere she died of small 
pox Aug. 27, 1752. 4 Zachariah, b. 
; m. prob. in Chatham, 
moved to Mansfield, Conn. 5 
Bcthiah, b. ; m. Nehemiah 

Easterbrook, son of Rev Samuel 
of Mansfield, Sept. 2, 1736 (Mans- 
field Rec). She died about 1743. 
6 Martha, b. ; m. Elnathan 

Doane, son of Israel of Eastham, 
Feb. 25, 1737 (East. sRec) ; moved 
to the "ObloTig" about 1754. 7 
Robert, b. ; m, Ruth Fletcher, 

dau. of John of Mansfield, June 
19, 1740 (Mansfield Rec). 8 Pris- 
cilla, b. ; m. Elisha Eldredge, 

son of Elisha of Mansfield, Jan. 
1743 (Mansfield Rec). 9 Eunice, 
b. ; m. Thomas Storrs, Jr., 

of Mansfield, Feb. 27, 1742-3 
(Mansfield Rec). 10 Silas, b. ; 

m. Abial Russ, dau. of Nathaniel 


Benjamin Phillips, probably son 
of Thomas Phelps or Phillips of 
Yarmouth, whose estate was set- 
tled in 1674 by Hugh Stewart, 
(who may have brought Benjamin 
with him to Monomoit) married 
about 1696 , daughter of 
Nathaniel and Sarah Covell. He 
received from his mother-in-law 
a lot of land near and east of 
the head of Muddy Cove, whereon 
he erected a house." It is sup- 
posed that his wife died in a few 
years and that he married second 
Temperance Stewart, daughter of 
Hugh of Chatham," and removed 
to Harwich. He sold his place 
at Monomoit to Ebenezer Hawes 
between 1706 and 1713. He was of 
Harwich as early as 1712, having 
located at East Harwich near the 
house lately of James T. Smalley. 
In deeds of land in 1713 Briggs 
pond. East Harwich, is described 
as "the pond southward of Ben- 
jamin Phillips." He was living as 
late as 1744.'" His widow Tem- 
perance married Beriah Broad- 
brooks in 1747. There is no settle- 
ment of his estate and no record 
of his children."" 


(77) See note 23. page 84, Smith, 
History of Chatham. 

(78) Temperance and her sister 
Joanna were unmarried in March, 
1711, the date of their father's 
will, but it is believed that they 
married soon after, Joanna becom- 
ing the wife of one Oaker. The 
widow Joanna Oaker is mentioned 
in the Chatham records. Note that 



two of the childrou of Benjamin 
Phillips are named Joanna and 

(79) 8 Mayflower Descendant, 

(80) Children of Benjamin Phil- 
lips (order uncertain) : By 1st 
wife probably: 1 Anna, b. ; 
m. Samuel Atkins, son of Isaac of 
Harwich, Feb. 23, 1720-1 (Har. 
Rec). 2 Henry, b. ; estate set- 
tled in 1725, 3 Micah, b. ; m. 
Joanna Baker of Yarmouth, dau. 
of William, Aug. 25, 1726 (Yar. 
Rec). 4 Jane, b. ; m. Gowell 
Chase, son of Lsaac of Yarmouth, 
Nov. 1727 (Har. Rec). Probably 
by wife Temperance: 5 Benjamin, 
b, ; m. Maria Broadbrooks, 
daughter of Beriah of Harwich, 
Aug. 23, 1735 (Har. Rec). 6 Joan- 
na, b. ; m. Ebenezer Berry 
of Yarmouth as 2nd wife Dec 20, 
1738 (Har. Rec). 7 Oaker, b. 
about 1720; m. Mary Small or 
Smalley Dec 4, 1741 (Har. Rec) . 
8 Joseph, b. about 1721; m. Mercy 
Small or Smalley Nov. 8, 1744 (Hai-. 
Rec). 9 Hannah, b. ; m. 
Samuel Nickerson, Jr., of Harwich 
Dec G. 1745 (Har. Roc). 


Richard Seai's, son of Paul and 
Deborah (Willard) Sears of Yar- 
mouth, born in 1680 or 1681, mar- 
ried May 15, 1706, Hope, daughter 
of Samuel and Rebecca Howes of 
Yarmouth. By deed dated March 
3, 1707-8, he bought of Samuel 
Sprague of Marshfield all the lands 
and rights of the latter at Mono- 
moit. This included a farm, for- 
merly of Joseph Quason, Indian, 
extending from the head of the 
Oyster pond east to the bay or 
salt water, and from the Black 

pond south to the head of the 
Mill pond, also one-third interest 
in the undivided lands." He set- 
tled at Monomoit soon after this 
purchase. He was treasurer in 
1713, constable in 1714-5 and 
selectman in 1717. He died May 
24, 1718, at the early age of 37 
years. His gravestone is the old- 
est in the old cemetery. His 
widow married, second, Dea. John 
Rich of Eastham (Int. Aug. 2, 1723) 
and his children were brought up 
in that place, but Paul, the son, 
returned to Chatham, and settled 
upon the real estate assigned to 
him out of his father's estate."^ 

Capt. Daniel Sears, brother 
of Richard, born 1682 or 1683, mar- 
ried Feb. 12, 1708-9, Sarah Howes 
of Yarmouth, sister of his broth- 
er's wife. He became interested 
in the farm at Monomoit bought 
by his bi"ot:lier and removed 
thithei'. The purchase was doubt- 
less made oil Iheir joint account. 
After the death of Richard, the 
management of the whole farm 
doubtless fell vipon Daniel, During 
his long career he was one of 
tlie leading citizens of the town, 
being town clerk 24 years between 
1715 and 1753, selectman 8 years, 
and holding other offices. He was 
ensign as early as 1722, lieutenant 
as early as 1733 and later captain 
of the local military company. He 
died August 10, 1756, aged 73, 
leaving a will dated January 30, 
1753. His wife died November 9, 
1748, aged 62, He gave all his 
real estate to his son Daniel, His 
descendants have probably at- 
tained more wealth and distinction 
than those of any other Chatham 
family. His grandson, David Sears, 
long a prominent merchant and 



financier of Boston, director of the 
first Bank of the United States, 
was accounted at his death the 
richest man of that city and 
founded a family long and prom- 
inently known. His grandson 
Richard of this town also attained 
a local prominence, which the 
family maintained till its extinc- 
tion here about 50 years ago.**" 


(81) "All those my land and 
rights of land I now have or of 
right I ought to have within the 
precinct or Village of Monomoy 
in the County of Barnstable afore- 
said, that is to say more particu- 
larly all that my farm or tract of 
land which I lately purchased of 
Joseph Quason, Indian of Mono- 
moy aforesaid. The said farm 
being bounded towards the east 
by the Bay or Salt Water & 
towards the north by certain 
boundaries that that is to say ptly 
by the ditch called Indian Nicks 
ditch so extending westerly over 

a pond w oak tree marked so 

continuing the same range wester- 
ly till it comes to a tall pine tree 
marked which is the corner boun- 
dary of the farm and bounded 
towards the South by the land 
lately John Cussens, Indian, as an 
old fence & dry ditch directs to 
a pine tree near the house of 
Joseph Eldridges & is bounded 
towards the West partly by the 
Oyster pond & pty by the lands 
of particular persons. That is to 
say all my lands pertaining to 
said farm & not formerly sold or 
passed away by the said Joseph 
Quason before the 12th day of 
October A. D. 1702 as in & by one 
instrument or deed of feofment of 

the date aforesaid given me 
under the hand and seal of said 
Quason may appear at large, ref- 
erance thereto be had for the 
westerly bounds of the said farm 
— And also my two parcels of 
meadow land, The one called 
Stumpy Marsh esteemed at eight 
acres more or less environed with 
upland and meadow of the heirs 
of Samuel Smith deceased. The 
otlier being a small piece of 
marsh esteemed at one acre more 
or less bounded westward by a 
creek southward by a pine tree 
standing on the upland which tree 
is the Northerly bounds of the 
meadow of the heirs of the said 
Samuel Smith, Eastward by the 
upland till it comes to point 
thereof near ye creek, together 
also with my one third part of all 
the common or undivided land 
within the limits of Monomoy 
aforesaid, excepting such priv- 
iledges of herbage or feeding for 
cattle & firewood as hath been 
formerly granted to any person or 
persons in or on the said Com- 
mons or undivided land by Mr. 
William Nickerson deceased or by 
his son William Nickerson, Sarah 
Covel & her children or myself 
or any one of us." March 3, 1707- 
8, Samuel Sprague acknowledged 
before Elikem Brett, Justice 
Peace. Witnesses, Abraham Sam- 
son and John Murdo. Recorded 
July G, 1708, William Bassett Reg. 
(Josiah Paine papers.) 

(82) Children of Richard and 
Hope (Howes) Sears: 1 Thankful, 
b. at Yarmouth March 18, 1706-7; 
m. April 13, 1727, John Rich, Jr., 
of Eastham (East. Rec). 2 Paul, 
b. at Chatham about 1710, m. 
x\nna Atkins, dau. of Joseph of 


Eastham (Int. Jan. 31, 1729-30, 
East. Rec). 3 Samuel, b. at Ghat- 
ham about 1712; d. Dec. 21, 1738, 
aged 2Ci (Hdstn.). A Hannah, b. 
at Chatham about 1717; m. Feb. 
23, 1737-8, Zoheth Smith of East- 
ham (East. Rec). 

(83) Children of Daniel and 
Sarah (Howes) Sears (Chat. Rec.) : 
1 Rebecca, b. March 19, 1701-11; 
m. Thomas Howes, son of Thomas, 
about 1730. 2 Daniel, b. June 1, 
1712; m. Fear Freeman, dau. of 
Benjamin of Harwich, Oct. 31, 
1745 (Har. Rec). 3 Sarah, b. 
April 11, 1714; m. Joshua Atkins, 
son of Thomas, Aug. 1, 1734 (Chat. 
Rec). 4 Mercy, b. July 17, 1716; 
m. Stephen Ryder, son of John, 
about 1738. 5 Richard, b. April 20, 
1718; died unmarried in 1746. 6 
David, b. April 21, 1720; died un- 
married in 1746. 7 Deborah, b. 
Oct. 13, 1722; m. Joseph Atwood, 
son of Joseph of Eastham (Int. 
April 14, 1742, East. Rec). 

John Smith, son of Samuel and 
Mary (Hopkins) Smith of Eastham, 
was born May 26, 1673, and mar- 
ried Bethiah Snow, daughter of 
Stephen and Susanna (Dean) Snow, 
May 14, 1694. He resided at East- 
ham till after the birth of his 
second child. Having received by 
the will of his father one-half of 
two farms at Tom's Neck, Mono- 
moit, ho removed thither and 
became one of the substantial cit- 
izens of the place. The boundaries 
of the two farms are described in 
the note on page 99, Smith, 
History of Chatham. He was 
selectman one year and held other 
offices in the town. In 1716 he 
testified against Rev. Mr. Adams 

in the suit of Adams vs Hawes."* 
He was a large owner in the Great 
Beach. He died in middle life, 
administration on his estate being 
granted to his son Samuel, Feb. 
25, 1717. His widow was living as 
late as 1734,"^ when his estate was 
finally settled among the children. 

(84) Page 183, Smith's Chatham. 

(85) Children of John and 
Bethiah (Snow) Smith (from Pro- 
bate and Eastham Rec) : 1 James, 
b. Feb. 13, 1694-5; died May 27, 
1696. 2 Samuel, b. May 25, 1696; 
m. Mercy Higgins, dau. of Isaac of 
Eastham (Int. July 19, 1718, East. 
Rec). (He did not m. 2nd Sarah 
Snow of Eastham, Sept. 25, 1736, 
and have cliildren born in East- 
ham, as frequently stated. See N. 
E. Hist. Gen. Reg. [1897] 204, 
"Wellington Smith and his Fam- 
ily" etc. He lived at Chatham, 
was selectman there in 1736 and 
1743, member of the church, and 
so far as known, had but one wife 
and ch.: Samuel, Eleanor and 
Bi^thiah, all baptized at Chatham 
May 25, 1742. N. E. Hist. Gen. 
Weg. [19 ] ). 3 Deane, b. 
about 1698; m. Esther Ryder, dau. 
of John of Yarmouth, Oct. 17, 1720 
(Yac Rec). 4 Mercy, b. betw. 1698 
and 1702; m. Nathan Kenney of 
Chatham, Sept. 24, 1729 (Chat. 
Rec). 5 Mary, b. about 1702; m. 
m. Obediah Chase, son of Isaac of 
Yarmouth, about 1732; died about 
1767. 6 John, b. April 7, 1703 (old 
Bible rec) ; m. 1st Elizabeth 
Brown, dau. of George of East- 
ham, Sept. 21, 1727 (P:ast. Rec.) ; 
m. 2iid Lydia Snow, wid. of 
Ebenezer of Eastham, April 7, 
1763 (Chat. Rec) ; moved to East- 
ham after second marriage. 7 



Stoplion, b. about 170G; m. 1st 
Hannah Collins, dau. of John, 
about 1727; m. 2nd Bathshoha 
Brown, dau. of George of East- 
ham, April 9, 1729 (East. Rec). 
8 Bethiah, b. about 1708; m. Elisha 
Young, Jr., Dec. 15, 1731 (Chat. 
Rec). 9 David, b. about 1711; liv- 
ing in 1734. 10 Seth, b. about 
1713, ace. to Probate Rec. (Nov. 13 
or 14, 1711, old Bible rec); m. 1st 
Elizabeth , March 15, 1737 
(old Bible rec). She was b. 
March 15, 1718 (old Bible rec), 
and died April 12, 1756 (Hdstn.). 
He m. 2nd Mary (Godfrey) Nick- 
erson, wid. of Caleb, Nov. 18, 175G 
(Chat. Rec). 


Michael Stewart, eldest son of 
Hugh and Wait Stewart, born in 
Yarmouth probably about 1070, 
married Mary . He was 

a mariner. By deed dated October 
12, 1702, he bought of the then 
proprietors of Monomoit, viz: 
William Nickerson, Sen., Nathan- 
iel Covell, William Covell, Joseph 
Covell, Ephraim Covell and Sam- 
uel Spragiie, a large irregular tract 
at what is now West Chatham, on 
both sides of the highway, lying 
between the ponds there and 
Ragged Neck and extending from 
the present Doane neighborhood 
westerly to the present George 
Buck neighborhood.*" The easter- 
ly end of this tract at Ockpeset 
lie sold in part by deed dated 
March 31, 1703, to William El- 
dredge, receiving in exchange a 
parcel of meadow near his own 
land "at or near a place com- 
monly called Nick's place," and in 
part by deed dated May 22, 1708, 
to James Eldredge." That part 

on the south side of the highway 
between it and Ragged Neck ap- 
pears to have been sold to Sam- 
uel Taylor, son of John, before 
1711.''" He died in middle life. Ad- 
ministration was granted on his 
estate to his brother Samuel Sep- 
tember 26, 1716. His widow mar- 
ried Joseph Harding, Jr., before 

John Stewart, probably son of 
Hugh and Wait Stewart, married 
Elizabeth . He was tithing 
m_an in 1702, but appears later to 
have moved away, returning to 
the town again about 1715.'" Ad- 
ministration on his estate was 
granted to his widow July 11, 1722. 
He left an estate valued at £360, 
of which £290 was in real estate. 
His widow was left with several 
small children, among whom was 
probably a son John, who mar- 
ried Jenny, daughter of Joseph 
Harding, Jr., and was a resident 
of the town as late as 1744, and 
perhaps Elizabeth, who married 
Set h Smith. ^____ 

(86) This tract is described as 
follows: "Beginning at ye North- 
erly Corner of ye land of Hugh 
Stewart thence ranging Easterly 
to a fresh pond, so ranging fur- 
tber Easterly by ye sd pond on 
thwart a neck of land to a Run or 
flow of water that runs into a 
pond Called ye white pond & 
bounded westerly by ye lands of 
ye sd Hugh Stewart & Southerly 
partly by ye meadow sometime of 
Robert Eldredge deceased & partly 
by ye upland of George Godfree & 
Xiartly by ye land formerly re- 
puted to be ye land of John 
Downing deceased & Easterly by 



yo reputed lands of yc sd Robert 
Fldrodge & NorLhorly by ye n'- 
putcd lands of Teagne Jones 
deceased x x reserving a Conven- 
ient highway through sd land & a 
way Issuing out of ye sd highway 
to ye six acre lots so called & 
another way to ye neck of land 
called ye Ragged Neck." Recorded 
Book 4, folio 8G, Old Barnstable 
Deeds. (M. L. Luce papers.) 

(87) M. L. Luce papers. 

(88) See "A Proprietor's Book 
for Chatham" and deed from Sam- 
uel Eldredge to Seth Taylor of 
Yarmouth dated May 15, 1711. (M. 
L. Luce papers.) 

(89) Children of Michael and 
Mary Stewart (Chat. Rec.) : 
1 Bethiah, b. Sept. 21, 1704; m. 
Samuel Hamilton, son of Daniel, 
May 25, 1727 (Chat. Rec). 2 
Patience, b. Aug. 27, 1713; prob. 
m. at Liverpool, N. S., Dec. 25, 
1760, George Winslow (Liverpool 

(90) See page 190, Smith, His- 
tory of Chatham. 


Samuel Tucker, pi'ohahly son of 
John and Susanna Tucker of 
Tisbury and brother of John 
Tucker of Harwich, mnriied 
Hannah Mayo, daughter of William 
and Elizabeth (Ring) Mayo of 
Eastham, about 1706 and settled at 
Monomoit soon after.*^ On May 
17, 1713, he joined the church at 
Harwich and his children, Keziah, 
Elizabeth and Thankful, were 
baptized there July 3, 1715, and 
his daughter Hannah, July 29, 
1716.'" Later he doubtless joined 
the Chatham church under Mr. 
Lord. He had the care of the 
church building for many yoai's, 

receiving an annual stipend from 
the town "for his panes of 
swepen the meten hous." He was 
often chosen tithingman and in 
1750 was the town schoolmaster. 
He died about 1765, leaving no es- 
tate. His wife died a few years 
before him."^ 


(91) 14 Mayflower Decsendant, 
117; 6 ib. 95. 

(92) Harwich Ch. Rec; 4 May- 
flower Descendant, 248, 249; 5 ib. 

(93) Children of Samuel and 
Hannah (Mayo) Tucker (Chat. 
Rec): 1 Keziah, b. Nov. 1707; m. 
Nathaniel Covell, son of Nathaniel, 
April 14, 1727 (Chat. Rec). 2 John, 
b. Sept. 1709; died Sept. 1709. 3 
Thankful, b. Sept. 1710. 4 Eliza- 
beth, b, Sept. 1712. 5 Hannah, b. 
Sept. 1714; prob. m. Isaac Hawes, 
Jr., and moved to the Oblong 
about 1747. 6 John, b. March 20, 
1715-6. 7 Samuel, b. March 16, 
1719-20. 8 Eunice, b. June 12, 1722. 


The for(^going families all settled 
in or became connected with the 
village between 1690 and the em- 
igration of 1711. After that emi- 
gration the following new families 
came in, completing the settlement 
of the town. By 1725 the period 
of settlement may be said to have 
ended. Very few new families 
came in after that date. 

John Collins, son of Joseph and 
Ruth (Knowles) Collins of East- 
ham, born December 18, 1674, 
married Hannah Doane, daughter 
of John of Eastham, February 12, 
1701-2. He lived for some time at 
Eastham, selling his farm there by 
deed dated Sept. 5, 1715, to Icha- 



bod Higgins." The same year he 
purchased land at Tom's Nock, 
Chatham, of John Smith or Dan- 
iel Hamilton or both and settled 
there. He was interested in the 
church and was one of the earli- 
est pew owners. He was a man 
of energy and ability and accu- 
mulated considerable property. 
Although not the richest man in 
the place, he and his children 
together formed by far the weal- 
thiest family in the place in the 
period before the Revolution. His 
oldest son, Solomon, became in 
time the largest taxpayer, and 
several of his other sons had 
large properties for the time. 
From him, through his son Jo- 
seph, who went to Nova Scotia, 
descended Hon. Enos Collins, a 
distinguished merchant of Liver- 
pool, N. S., who married a daugh- 
ter of Chief Justice Brenton Hali- 
burton of that colony. From him, 
through his daughter Anna, who 
married Jonathan Crowell, des- 
cended Hon. John Crowell of 
Ohio, member of Congress in 1846, 
and prominent in Ohio in his 
time. Although he lived to be 
very old, he left a large estate for 
his time. He died March 2^, 1765, 
at the age of 91. His widow died 
June 6, 1765, aged 85. His will 
dated March 12, 1749, with codicil 
of later date, was proved June 28, 
1765. It divides the real estate 
among his sons and shows that 
he lived in the easterly part of 
Tom's Neck.'^ 


(94) Stanley W. Smith papers. 

(95) Children of John and Han- 
nah (Doane) Collins (all born in 
Eastham except the last two) : 1 
Solomon, b. Feb. 6, 1703-4; m. 

Eunice Atkins, dau. of Samuel, 
about 1726. 2 Samuel, b. Nov. 26, 
1705; m. 1st ; m. 2nd 

Patience (Howes) Eldredge, widow 
of Jonathan and of Seth Eldredge, 
Oct. 19, 1758 (Chat. Rec). 3 
Martha, b. Jan. 26, 1707-8; m. 
Moses Godfrey, son of Moses, about 
1726. 4 John, b. Nov. 2, 1709; m. 
Thankful Taylor, dau. of Samuel, 
about 1740. 5 Hannah, b. Nov. 2, 
1711; m. Stephen Smith, son of 
John, about 1727; died young 
leaving child Stephen. 6 Joseph, 
b. Aug. 14, 1713; m. Abigail 
Crowell, dau. of Paul, about 1737; 
moved to Liverpool, N. S., about 
1760. 7 David, b. April 20, 1715; 
m. Desire . 8 Jane, b. 

at Chatham about 1717; m. 1st 
Prince Snow, Jr., of Harwich (Int. 
Sept. 10, 1737, Har. Reel; m. 2nd 
Benjamin Bearse of Chatham, son 
of Benjamin of Barnstable, about 
1743; m. 3rd George Godfrey, son 
of Moses, Nov. 9, 1758 (Chat. Rec). 
Anna, b. at Chatham; m. Jona- 
than Crowell, son of Paul, about 
1740; moved to Liverpool, N. S., 
about 1760. (The list of the chil- 
dren of John Collins born in 
Chatham given by Dean Dudley 
in his Genealogy of the Bangs 
Family, p. 30, is wholly erroneous.) 


John Crowell, son of John and 
Hannah Crowell of Yarmouth, born 
December 5. 1689, married Alice 
Gross, daughter of Simeon and 
Mary (Bond) Gross of Hingham 
(published Aug. 21, 1714). He was 
a carpenter by trade. He lived at 
Hingham a year or two, removing 
to Eastham about 1716 and to 
Chatham two or three years later. 
His house was at the head of 



Muddy Cove, near Die Harwich lino 
and opposite the Indian meeting 
house."" Administration on his 
estate was granted to his son 
Jabez July 9, 1746. In the inven- 
tory of his estate appears the 
following item: "Cash being the 
doc'ds wages at Cape Breton £44- 
06-04." His widow, whose name 
was Sarah, a second wife, mar- 
ried second Thomas Nickerson, 
Sen., July 5, 1751."' 

Col. and Dea. Paul Crowell, 
second child of John and Bethiah 
(Sears) Crowell of Yarmouth, born 
April 20, 1687, married first Eliz- 
abeth, daughter of Jonathan Hal- 
lett of Yai'mouth, October 21, 1714. 
She died November 17, 1723, aged 
34 years, and be. married second 
Margery Hall, daughter of Dea. 
Joseph Hall of Yarmouth. Febru- 
ary 15, 1724-5. He settled at 
Chatham in 1717 on the farm at 
Cbatiiamport purchased for him by 
his father of William Covell."" The 
house of the late Dslioni 
Nickerson, Esq., stands on 
this fai-ni, which bor(ler(Hl 

on Plcasisiit P.ay. He soon 
became an acti\'(', and highly 
respect(;d (utizcn. He was town 
treasurer seven years and select- 
man six years. He became a 
deacon of the chvurb as early as 
173S. He was first a lieuti^iant 
(1739) and then captain (1744) of 
the local military company, then 
major (1749) and finally colonel of 
the county regiment of soldiers. 
From him. through his son Jona- 
than, is descended Hon. John 
Crowell, member of Congress fi'om 
Ohio in 1846.'"> Col Crowell died 
October 11, 1765, aged 78 yeai's. 
He left a large estate, most of 
which was divided by his will 

among his three sons. 'J1ie bonic- 
slead was given to his son David. 
The widow, Margery Crowell, died 
May 26, 1773, aged 78.^''» 


(96) Town Records — renewals of 
boundary with Harwich. 

(97) Children of John and Alice 
(Gross) Crowell: 1 Abigail, b. at 
Hingham June 3, 1715 (Hing. and 
East. Rec.) ; m. Hincks Gross, son 
of Thomas of Eastham, July 25, 
1734 (Chat. Rec). 2 Jabez, b. at 
Eastham June 4, 1717 (East. Rec.) ; 
m. Lydia . 3 Jonah, b. ; 
mentioned in the list of his 
lather's creditors; perhaps d. 
young. 4 John (?) (a John Crowt^U 
r(Mnoved fj'oni town oi' died in 

(98) See account of William 
C()\-ell, Smith, History of Chatham. 

(99) Hon. John Crowell, member 
of the Ohio state Senate and 
elect(^d to Congress in the fall of 
1846, was born r.t East Haddam, 
Conn., Sept. 15, 1801, son of 
William and Ruth (Peck) Crowell 
of East Haddam. His grandparents 
were Samuel and Jerusha (Tracy) 
Cj'owell, of whom Samuel was 
born at Chatham. Mass., March 16, 
1742-3, removed with his parents 
about 1760 to Liverpool, N. S., and 
I hence i'eniov(;d to East Haddam, 
Conn., where he was married about 
1770. (For evidence of this re- 
moval see land records of Queens 
Co., N. S.) The parents of Sam- 
TH'l wei'(^ Jonathan and Anna (Col- 
lins) Crowell of Chatham and Liv- 
erpool, N. S. 

(100) Children of Paul Crowell 
(I'rom iiunily Bilile) : by wife 
Elizabelli: 1 Abigail, b. Sept. 13, 
1715; ni. Joseph Collins, son of 



John, about 1737; removed to Liv- 
erpool, N. S., about 17G0. 2 Paul, 
b. April 4, 1717; m. 1st Rebeeca 
Paine, dau. of Ebenezer, about 
1738. She died Dec. 30, 1746, and 
he m. 2nd Reliance Cobb, dau. 
of Eleazer of Barnstable, April 27, 
1747 (Barn. Rec). She died Nov. 
9, 1774, and he m. 3rd Mehitable 
(Snow) Ryder, widow of Samuel 
Hopkins of Harwich and of Reuben 
Ryder of Chatham. 3 Jonathan, b. 
Feb. 25, 1718; m. Anna Collins, 
dau. of John, about 1740 (not 
Anna Nickerson, as stated II Free- 
man, Hist, of Cape Cod, 598) ; re- 
moved to Liverpool, N. S., about 
17G0. By wife Margery: 4 Eliza- 
beth, b. April 7, 1726; m. Hezekiah 
Doane, son of of Eastham, 

Oct. 25, 1750 (Chat. Rec). 5 
David, b. Aug. 3, 1730; m. Thank- 
ful Atwood, dau. of James of East- 
ham, Dec. 6, 1759 (East. Rec). 


Thomas Doane, son of Ephraim 
and Mercy (Knowlos) Doane of 
Eastham, born September 4, 1674. 
married Patience Mulford, daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Hannah of 
Eastham, February 28, 1700-1. He 
learned the trade of a blacksmith, 
but early engaged in whaling. He 
removed his family to Chatham 
in or before 1719, where he pur- 
chased liy deed dated March 20, 
1718-9, of Seth Taylor of Yar- 
mouth, a large farm of about 300 
acres at West Chatham lying be- 
tween the Oyster pond river and 
the White pond."^ He was for 
many years one of the leading 
citizens and the largest land 
owner and tax payer of the town. 
He was selectman ten years be- 
tween 1725 and 1745, frequently 

moderator of town meetings and 
aften chosen to serve the town in 
other capacities. He was one of 
the first to take pew ground in 
the church in 1742. He was often 
engaged in litigation. His deeds 
and papers (herein referred to as 
the M. L. Luce papers) have come 
down to us and throw a flood of 
light on the early history of the 
town. His wife died February 8, 
1744, aged 70, and his death oc- 
curred May 3, 1756, at the age of 
82 years. His will, dated March 
17, 1756, was proved September 
21, 1756. His three sons had died 
before him and his real estate 
went to his grandsons. His 
youngest child, Anna, married Dr. 
John Osborn, son of the minister 
at Eastham, a graduate of Har- 
vard college, a poet, physician 
and man of talent, and lived at 
Middletown, Conn., where there 
was a colony of Cape settlers.^"" 

(101) "All that my Messuag, 
Tenement, Dwelling House and 
house lot of land situate in Chat- 
ham X X with all my Lands and 
Meadows lying in sd Chatham, 
Together with all the Right and 
Interest that I have Devided & 
undevided in the bounds of Har- 
wich, being all my Housing, Lands 
& Meadows, Rights & Interest, 
acording as they are expressed In 
& by one T>eod Pole of Convey- 
ance from William Eldred of Man- 
emoy now Chatham, Planter, bear- 
ing date the 18th day of December 
1711 Recorded in the Registry of 
sd County in the sixth book of 
Evidences of Lands, folio 300, to 
me given & Granted, signed sealed 
& delivered: sd Granted premises 



Containing by estimation two hun- 
dred a<'i'es more or less. Togetlici- 
with all my Rights in & to the 
Lands lately Divided or to be 
J^ivided in sd Chatham so far as 
my Right extends by virtue of 
what I bought of Capt Ebenezer 
Hawes of sd Chatham. Together 
with all that my parcel & parcels 
of Land & Meadow lying in Chat- 
ham above sd, being by estimation 
forty acres more or less, which is 
all the Lands that I have in sd 
Chatham & all the xMeadows there 
that I have & hold by Deed from 
Samuel Eldredg of Manamoy for- 
merly so called <fe is buted & 
bounded as by one Deed Pole 
under the hand & seal of sd Sam- 
uel Eldrege to me signed, sealed 
& Delivered may appear baring 
date the 15th of May 1711 Re- 
corded in the Registry of sd 
County in the sixth book of Evi- 
dences of Lands in folio 49 & 50 
& 51: Together with all that my 
parcel of Land Messuage or Ten- 
ement lying in sd Chatham which 
I have & hold by one Deed Pole 
from under the hand & seal of 
Robert Nickerson of Harwich in 
the County abovesd son of Robert 
Nickerson Deceased baring Date 
the 22nd Day of July 1713 
Recorded in Seventh book of Ev- 
idences of Lands page 97 buted & 
bounded as in & by sd Deed is 
expresst: Together with all that 
my parcel of meadow & sedge 
ground lying in sd Chatham which 
I have & hold by one Deed Pole 
from under the hand & seal of 
John Eldredg of sd Chatham, La- 
bourer, baring Date the 7th day 
of June 1716 Recorded in the 
Eighth Book of Evidences of Lands 
folio 195 buted & bounded as in A: 

by sd Deed is exprest." M. L. 
Luce papers. 

(102) Children of Thomas and 
Patience (Mulford) Doant* (all 
born at Eastham) : 1 Thomas, b. 
Jan. 10, 1701; m. in 1729, Sarah 
Barnes, dau. of Jonathan of Ply- 
mouth, 2 Elizabeth, b. Feb. .5, 
1703-4; m. Daniel Howes, son of 
Thomas, about 1723. 3 Reuben, b. 
March 21, 1705; m. Sarah Haugh, 
dau. of Samuel of Boston, (Doane 
Gen.) about 1730. i Abigail, b. 
March 28, 1708; m. John Hawes, 
son of Isaac, about 1735. 5 Ru- 
hama, b. about 1709; m. John El- 
dredge, son of Joseph, Sept, 26, 
1728 (Chat, Rec). Benjamin, b. 
Dec. 26, 1710; m. Mary P'reeman, 
dau, of Nathaniel of Harwich, Nov. 
7, 1734 (Har. Rec). 7 Anna, b. 
; in. Dr. John Osborn, son 
of Rev. Samuel of Eastham. He 
died :\Iay 31, 1753, and she m. 2nd 
Thomas Smith of East Haddam, 
('onn., May 27, 1750. 


James Eldi-edge. eldest son of 
Lieut. Nicholas and Elizabeth El- 
dredge, mai'ried Ruth . He 
lived at West Chatham on the 
John Downing farm set off to 
him in the liivision of his father's 
estate in 1708. By deed dated 
May 22, 1708, he bought of Michael 
Stewart, a tract of 10 acres be- 
tween the highway and the White 
pond.^"' This lie sold, together 
with six acres more inherited 
from his father, to Thomas Howes 
by deed dated April 6, 1713,'°^ He 
dit^d July 19, 1757. He gave his 
homestead by will to his sons 
James and Abner. His widow 
Uuth removed with several of her 
cliiMrcii in 1762 to Liverpool, N. 



S., but returned in a, few years."" 


(103) Described as follows: 
"Bounded Southerly by ye land of 
ye sd James Eldredge, & at ye 
Easterly end is bounded by ye 
land of William Eldredge & is 
bounded Northerly by ye land of 
Nicholas Eldredge [deceased] & is 
bounded westerly by ye Rellict of 
an old fence called ye General 
fence near a little pond runing 
into ye white pond or adjoining 
to ye white pond, containing ten 
acres more or less." M. L. Luce 

(104) See note 50, supra, for 

(105) Children of James and 
Ruth ( ) Eldredge: 1 Seth, 
b. ; m. ;lived in R. I. 

2 Mary, b. ; single in 1757. 

3 Zephaniah, b. Dec. 2, J 733; m. 
Phebe Eldredge Nov. 29, 1752 
(Chat. Rec). 4 Rebecca, b. Nov. 
IG, 1735; m. Cyrenus Collins, son 
of Solomon, July 13, 1756 (Chat. 
Rec). 5 Ruth, b. Feb. 16, 1737; m. 
Jonathan Bearse May 19, 1755 
(Chat. Rec). 6 Abner, b. Oct. 11, 
1738; m. Sarah Eldredge, April 19, 
1762 (Chat. Rec). 7 James, b. 
April 8, 1742; m. Hannah Collins, 
dau. of , March 2, 1771 (Chat. 
Rec) . 

ing tavern on Monomoit Beach. 
This tavern he sold to Joseph 
Stewart about 1728."' It is sup- 
posed that he died not long after, 
leaving a son William, who was 
of Chatham in 1736, a sea faring 
man, and gave bond on that date 
to Sylvanus Bourne of Barn- 
stable."" In 1745 William Farris 
was one of the creditors of the 
estate of Elisha Hopkins."" It is 
supposed that this William (or a 
son William) removed to Fal- 
mouth, where he was living as late 
as 1790."^ 


(106) See page 190, Smith. His- 
tory of Chatham. His stepson, 
Nicholas Gartwright, came with 

(107) See page 92, note 38, 
Smith, History of Chatham. 

(108) See page 209, note 29, 
Smith, History ot Chatham. 

(109) Bourne Mss. Harvard Coll. 

(110) Barnstable Probate Rec, 
est. of Elisha Hopkins. 

(111) See U. S. census, 1790. In 
Dec. 1784, William Farris and 
others, described as of Falmouth, 
signed an inquest on the body of 
Elizabeth Cator of Mashpee. Files, 
Superior Court of Judicature, No. 


Morris Farris, whose origin and 
parentage is unknown, married at 
Nantucket June 18, 1708, Mrs. 
Orange (Rogers) Cartwright, 

widow of Nicholas of Nan- 
tucket. He was a resident 
of Chatham as early as 
1715,"" living first on Quituesset 
(Morris) Island"" and later keep- 


Lieut. Isaac Hawes, son of Cap- 
tain John and Desire (Gorham) 
Hawes of Yarmouth, born March 
9, 1679-80. married January 8, 
1700-1, Bethiah Howes, daughter of 
Jeremiah of Yarmouth, and lived 
there till about 1712, when he re- 
moved to Chatham. He purchased 
a part of the interest of the 

;«» v\n\.\ ciiMiiAM si'.rri.Kiis. 

<li>\»'lls in lilt' ('(tmiiidii land ami Mardinji. son ol .losi'pli, aiinnl 
ro('oi\<>(i in llir tii\i 1(111 ol i;i;i a I ,','1 ; *im. "Jnti riuiiiias NicIuM-son, 
tra»'( iMi («ai'li siiic nl llu» ruaii S(Mi., Dim*. V(i. I ;(>;{ (('lial. HtM-.V 'J 
wliii'li runs I'loni Ih.' laic Saiinii-I Isaac. I>. Aiuil. i;(i;!; in. Ilannali. 
1>. Clirrord's 1(1 I lie laic lluliis inoh. dan. ol Sannud 'I'ucktM'; rc- 
SmiJh'.s, Ills li(>us(« was in or moved lo llic "( Hilon.u," N. ^ ., 
ticar lliis liai'l. In tli(< lallcr pail ahonl i;!;. an. I lliciicc lo K(>iil, 
o\' liis life he lived III Ol- ii(>ar IIk- Conn. ;t 'riiaiiKriil. h. March. 
V\'.WO late o( I'liiliiaini SU'tdiv'"" lie li(i,>; in. Moses Voiin.i.;, son of 
was ser.ueani ol' liu> iiiililarv com licmv ol' l':aslliam Jnt. March (i. 
pany as early as ITJO and laler i;i". .•. Masl. Wi^r.y \ .lolm. Ii. 
litMU.Miant. .VdminislraluMi (Mi his Jan. 'J'J. i;(H')-:; m. .Miiuail I>()anc. 
estat«> was .craiiWMl lo his widow dan. ol' Thoinas. ahoiil i:;!r). 5 
Melliiah March is. I :;ii) 1. SIk- mar hcsir(>. Ji. .Ian. I i. I ;dS-;i. i', .|,>re- 
r\t\\ siM'Diid John Smith ol IvasI iiiiali. Ii. ,\pril T). DM; m. I'Ii(>Im> 
ham. son id' John Jul. .\pril II. Noiiiii: (d' Kaslliam, proh. dau. of 
i:ih. U(' died ill i;i'J and sh(> Jonailian. .\vi.i^. S, \::\\ (Kasl. Wov.). 
married third N»>\i>mher l(>. ilVA. lived al Kaslliam. (Tiie forcRO- 
Uev. .l«vs(>ph l.»ird oi' (Ihatliam. um childnMi wim'(> hern in 
Sh.> di«>d l)elw«MMi Mareli ;. I ; ii'i :. nioulir. ; ll.nniali. I». al dial- 
when she is named as otii> ol" Hie ham: m. Is| .lolm S|al.M\ l^'ch. iM. 
oxeiMitdis ol" Ml'. Lord's will, and I ; i'.' fid ^(llial. Ui'r.y S Sai'ali. h. 
June ;?0. i:iS. wluMi I he will was May ;il. i;i«i J<ihlc record"*; m. 
provod and sh(> was luW app(milt>d (leriiclnis Ili,i;,yiiis. son ol" Kht>n(>Z(M' 

with the others."' o[ Kaslliam. S,>pl. j;), i:i;! JUhIo 

~ ~ records ml. ol m. I'.di. I'.t. I ; r,'-:i 

Nl)'l'KS. ^Kasl. Uee.' ; removed lo lladdam. 

vtl'^"* Si>,> a de(>d datiMl .Inly .iO. tloim.. ahoul \',\'.. 
iT">0. fvoux .l(>bn llawes. ;ulminis- 
trator of Isaac, [o KbtMi(>.'<>r Paine 

of a tra»M ol land "where the KNOWLES. 

dwelliniilums(> o{ the laic Isaac l.ieul. Uicliaid Knovvles. son of 

MaWi's last sltHnl. conlamini: six Samuel and MtMi'y i T'l'i'tMiiaiO 

JUMVs moi-e or less, lnmnd»>d \\'(>st- KiuavKvs o[' l\aslha!u. h()rii July, 

»M"ly on tht> said KhtMuv.t»r Paim<. lt>SS. marri«Nl .Martha ('.olih. dau^ll- 

Soutlierly on tlu> way untill it l(>r ol' James and Sarah ("lohh of 

r«Mues lo tli.> land that James Co- Haiaistahle. ahoul i:iL\'"* ll(» 

\ell hou.clit t>f Simoon Cov (>ll. then canu- to Chatham ahoul Kl'.i and 

NortluM-ly lo tlu> pi>ud and WesttM-- siu'cciMled Capl. Khi>ne/(M- llawes 

ly by the p(>nd to Jaiiuvs ("".om'IIs as llie tavern kcciier of lUo plac(\ 

land wher(> th(> I'.Mice stands and 11(> undoiiht(>dlv hoii,-ht oi' llawes 

by the f(MU'i> and .lames l^ntMls the tavern and land .ad.joininjr 

land to saiil Paino's land." .h^siah ovviit>d hy the lall(M'. and carriiMl 

Paino papers. (Mi th(< husim'ss t(>r iu;uiy y(>ars. 

vli;V O.hildrtMi of Isaac and ll<> was sidtM-tmaii three years ami 

Bethiah (Howos^ llawes: 1 Hethi- tit\tsurer two yi>ars. ll(> was 

ah. b. July. ITiM; m. Isl Ma/iah a.-tiv.' in local affairs, hut appears 

KArtT.Y rjfATHA.VI l-'KTTTJ-'.flH. 

'o ha.Vf5 losf, his prr)pfrrf.y in his 
old aj?H. Hi.H wiff; i\i>u\ Ocf.ohf.r- .'M, 
1763, afCfrfl HI, }\(: rJjffl ahoiit, 17f',0, 
leavjnfr no ft«<>.^'* 


nii) Seff Barnstabk; f'robafft 
Rftc, ftstat.f, of Jane Hnow. 

(115) Children of Rlr-hard and 
Martha fCobhj Knowlfrw Cfihaf- 
Roc): 1 Martha, b. Jan. 2«, 1713-4; 
m. John Hhaw of Ka«t-harn Cfnt, 
Nov. 10, 1729, Ka.'^t,. Rec.). 2 Rifh- 
nrd, b. March 2fi, 1715; (\\f'.(] Ausr. 
20, 1736, a?rftd 21 rFfd^tn.,. 3 
MfTcy, b, Ai]!?. ^, 1717; m, Of.orsre 
(iodfrpiy, son of Moses, Nov, 1, 
1733 (Chat., Ree.). 4 James, b. 
Nov. 11, 1719; m. 1^t Sarah f>oane 
of Eaatham, dau. of Joseph, Nov. 
25, 17i2 rKast, Rec.;, Hh^- died 
fx'C. 26, 1748. ns'M 2« (Hdsfn.;, and 
he m, 2nd ' 70, dau. of 

Theophihm am, July 20, 

!7i9 f^Jint. Kec,;. i^he died Hf.x>l. 
!7, 1766, asred 45 (Hdstn.j, ap^' h" 
m. 3rd Harah CLinnelly 
wido-rv of ^rideon of Eautham, . '>v. 
K>. ::07 'East. fte<»,), She died 
r7i and he m. /lih Aii>e 
,.in. o^ TohT> of Rasf.harn, 
iM-<:. 12, 17" Reft,;, She 

:;.•: Ar^rll : -.nd he m. 5t,h 

-; him. 

.', .,:,, .. ; .. ; .i2; m. 

Mary. ; of Rlisha Hop- 

ler. Iff. was orif, of Ibf. sr-.ven fif.-^f- 
rnfirribccs of (fic. Chfitharn chiirrb, 
whifh was f»rfcariiy,ed in 172^), hiif- 
with Mf)S«'S Oorlfrey soon Kot into 
a f',r>rif [ ^y wilti Rev, Mr. f/>rd, 
who (• fbr-.m."* 
They wcvn at, otic<5 received intr>' 
the ehdrch at, Orlf-ans. His wife 
died about 17<J7 and be soon jiftfr 
removed wit.h b»s family f/» F'rf»v 
incetown, a rof>re f'/»nven»ent plae/', 
for fisbinjf Industry, s^'llin(< 
out to FUisha Hopkins of P'astbam. 
Mis se/'-ofid wife was 

Judah Mayo, :V)n r»f Thomas and 
Tirirbara ('Knowies; Mayo of f^'a-tt-- 
ham, born November 25, 1691 ; 
married Mary Ffamilf/m of Chat 
ham, dauKbt^^-r of fwoicl by bi^ wife, Mary Smith (fr\t.. fi 
27; 1721-2;, H'^ ^fiUU\fl at ^ 
bam on a r- / befwe/'n thf. 

farm of M the fndian 

saebem, and that of Samuel Af^ 
kins and probably bound in if east 
on thff salt wat.^'.r.'"' His will, 

dat.^^ r. ' <•-• ,>, I7r>«, was 

proved '■ ■', n<M. H*^ flpave 

■'.ite t>> his *i>rvivin{!r 

:tist.ory of 

2, i,2.>-i, ;ii!:Cl iamarrifiri ano'-.' 


; I I.I ' - 

f .We3V»l*isft, 
dah an4 



Jan. 23, 1722-3 (East. Rec.) ; m. 
Prince Young, son of John, as 
second wife. 2 Maiy, b. about 
1725; m, 1st. Joseph Doane, son of 
Hezekiah of Truro, about 1744; m. 
2nd Freeman, before 1758; 

removed to Liverpool, N. S., about 
1762. 3 Richard, b. ; m. 

Mary Ann Hale of Boston, June 
14, 1750; died before 1758, leaving 
child Augustine. 4 Barbara, b. 

; m. George Smith, son of 
Stephen, Oct. 16, 1755 (Chat. Rec). 
5 Ruth, b. ; m. Benjamin 

Gardner of Nantucket Nov. 3, 
1756 (Chat. Rec). 6 Elizabeth, b. 

; m. Caleb Nickerson, son 
of Caleb, May 4, 1758 (Chat. Rec). 
7 Judah, b. about 1736; m. 1st 
Mary Rogers, dau. of of Har- 

wich Dec. 21, 1758 (Har. Rec). 
She died about 1776 and he m. 
2nd Mrs. Sarah Fuller in 1779; re- 
moved to Rutland, Mass., about 
1780 and to Woodstock, Vt., about 
1797. 8 Hannah, b. ; m. 

William Mitchell, son of William, 
at Liverpool, N. S., Sept. 11, 1701 
(Liverpool Rec). 9 Sarah, b. 
about 1742; m. Benjamin Godfrey, 
son of George, April 20, 1704 
(Chat. Rec). 10 Priscilla, b. ; 

m. Eleazer Simmons of North- 
field at Chatham April 2, 1767 
(Liverpool Rec.) ; removed to 
Liverpool, N. S. 


William Mitchell, only child of 
William and Mercy (Nickerson) 
-Mitchell, born about 1691, married 
first Tabitha Eldredge, daughter 
of Joseph, March 19, 1712-3. She 
died in a few years, probably 
without children, and he married 
second Sarah Higgins of Eastham, 

probably daughter of Isaac, April 

10, llin. He inherited his father's 
farm on the west side of Mitchell's 
river, but sold it in part to 
Nathaniel Nickerson before 1725 
and in part to Richard Knowles 
before 1740."° Nothing more is 
known about him,^" 


(120) See page 153, note 66, 
Smith, History of Chatham. 

(121) Children of William and 
Sarah (Higgins) Mitchell (Chat. 
Rec) : 1 James, b. Nov. 4, 1718. 2 
Tabitha, b. July 19, 1720. 3 Mercy, 
b. May 4, 1722. 4 William, b. June 
31, 1725; m, Hannah Mayo, dau. 
of Judah, at Liverpool, N. S., Sept. 

11, 1761 (Liverpool Rec). 


John Ryder.'-- son of John and 
Esther (Hall?) Ryder of Yar- 
mouth, born May 28, 1692, married 
Mehitable Crowell, daughter of 
John and Bethiah Crowell of Yar- 
mouth, May 20, 1713. He settled 
at Chatham as early as 1715 on 
land formerly the homestead of 
William Nickerson, Sen. This 
farm appears to have extended 
from Muddy Cove across to 
Herring river (later called Ryder's 
Cove) and to have bounded north 
on land of Paul Crowell and of 
Jehoshaphat Eldredge. He and his 
wife both died in the great small 
pox epidemic of 1766, which fell 
upon this family witli unexampled 
severity. Not only did the father 
and mother succumb to this 
disease, but a daughter Bethiah, 
a son Zenas and his wife, a son 
^■tephen, his wife and nine of his 
ten children, and the wife of a 
son Reuben -making in all seven- 



toen people out of this one fam- 
ily."* Mr. Ryder died Jfiiniary 10, 
1766, and his wife March 26, 
1766, aged 76. His will dated 
March 30, 1762, was proved March 
11, 1766, the son Reuben being 
the only surviving executor. He 
gave the homestead to his son 
/enas and equivalent property to 
his other two sons in Chatham. 
Two other of his sons had re- 
moved to the "Oblong," nearly 
twenty years before.^" 


(122) He is not styled "Col." in 
the town or probate records or 
elsewhere, and is not entitled to 
that designation, given him by 
some writers. 

(123) See account of this epi- 
demic, chapter xiv. Smith, History 
of Chatham. 

(124) Children of John and Me- 
hitable (Crowell) Ryder: 1 John, 
h. about 1715; m. Mary Paine, dau. 
of Ebenezer of Chatham , and 
removed to the Oblong about 1747. 
2 Reuben, b. about 1717; m. 1st 
Susanna Atkins, prob. dau. of 
Thomas, Oct. 26, 1740 (Chat. Rec). 
She died Aug. 9, 1743, aged 26, 
and he m. 2nd Hannah Paine, dau. 
of Ebenezer. She died of small- 
pox Jan. 11, 1766, aged 42, and he 
m. 3rd Mehitable (Snow) Hop- 
kins, wid. of Samuel of Harwich, 
Oct. 16, 1766 (Har. Rec). 3 
Stephen, b. about 1718; m. Mercy 
Sears, dau. of Daniel, about 1739. 
4 Simeon, b. April 4, 1720; m. 

, and removed to the Ob- 
long about 1747. 5 Mehitable, b. 
Jan. 27, 1724-5; m. Samuel Taylor, 
son of Samuel, about 1743. 6 
Zenas, b. April 27, 1726; m. Eliz-' 
abeth Howes of Yarmouth, dau. of 

, March 30, 1749 (Yar. ReC). 
7 Bethiah, b. Sept. 11, 1728; d. 
unmarried Jan. 17, 1766, of small- 
pox. 8 Zeruiah, b. Jan. 12, 1733-4; 
m. 1st Reuben Collins, son of Sol- 
omon, July 11, 1751 (Chat. Rec). 
He d. Feb. 4, 1762 (Hdstn.), and 
she m. 2nd Joseph Harding, son of 
Maziah, Oct. 2, 1766 (Chat. Rec). 
9 Esther, b. March 4, 1734-5; m. 
Joshua Nickerson, son of Caleb, 
Dec. 15, 1754 (Chat. Rec), removed 
to Harrington, N. S., about 1763. 


David Smith, son of Thomas 
and Mary Smith of Eastham, born 
in the last part of March, 1691, 
married Sarah Higgins of East- 
ham, daughter of Jonathan (Int. 
Feb. 26, 1717-8.). It is believed 
that he is the David Smith who 
was of Chatham in 1716 and again 
in 1723,^^^^ and that he had the 
children given below. Very little 
is known about him.*^" 


(125) See page 190, Smith, His- 
tory of Chatham. 

(126) Children of David and 
Sarah (Higgins) Smith: 1 David, 
b. ; m. 1st Sarah , who 
died March 20, 1750, aged 28 (Chat. 
Rec). He m. 2nd Thankful (God- 
frey) Reynolds, widow of John 
Reynolds and dau. of Samuel God- 
frey, and removed to Harrington, 
N. S., about 1762 (B. Bangs Diary). 
2 Solomon, b. ; m. Rebecca 
Hamilton, dau. of Thomas and 
Rebecca, removed to Harrington, 
N. S., about 1762. 3 Jonathan, b. 

; m. Jane Hamilton, dau. 
of Thomas and Rebecca, Nov. 9, 
1752 (Chat. Rec), removed to Har- 
rington, N. S., about 1762. 4 El- 
kanah, b. about 1734; m. Elizabeth 



Konch'ick, dan. of Solomon and 
Elizabeth (Int. Nov. 17, 1753, Har. 
Rec), and removed to Harrington, 
N. S., about 1762. 5 Daughters not 
known. According to the notes of 
Mr. Arnold Doane, late of Barring- 
ton, N. S., these four Smiths were 


Joseph Stewart, son of Hugh 
and Wait Stewart, born 
married Mary about 1712. lie 

kept a tavern on Monomoit Beach 
near Wreck Cove for about 25 
years, beginning about 1725.'" The 
starving immigrants of Charles 
Clinton landed at his tavern in 
October , 1729, and were saved, 
as also were many shipwrecked 
sailors, cast ashoi'e on the beach 
from time to time. In or about 
1753 his house there, which he 
had left some time before, was 
either blown down or torn down 
by maliciously disposed persons.^-'' 
At that time he appears to have 
been living in Hai-wich or Yar- 
mouth, but later returned to Chat- 
ham, where he and his wife were 
living as late as 1763. He left no 


(127) See page 200, note 2'.>, 
Smith, History of Chatham. 

(128) Files, Superior Court of 
Judicnlin-e, Nos. 70 9o.s, 27,319 and 

(129) Children of .Toseidi and 
Mary ( ) Stewart (Chat. 
Rec.) : 1 Temperance, b, March 
15, 1713-'i; m. William Penney, 
prob. son of .John of Harwich (Int. 
Mai-ch 15, 173i-5, Har. Rec). 2 
I*rob. Lydia, b. ; m. Shubael 
Baker of Yarmouth, son of Scim- 

u.'l. June 19, 1733 (Chat. Rec). 3 
Pro!).* Hugh, b. ; tax abated 

1741 and 17i5. 'i Prob. Michael, b. 
; tax abated 1740 and 1741. 
5 James, b. May 9, 1722. 6 Mary, 
b. March 26, 172'i; m. Hezekiah 
Baker of Yarmouth, son of Sam- 
uel, Sept. 2, 17 ii (Yar. Rec). 7 
Abigail, b. March 15, 1726. 8 Sam- 
uel, b. Oct. 25, 1727. 9 Alice, b. 
Feb. 19, 1729. 10 Mercy, b. July 
17, 1735; m. Thomas Croweil, son 
of John of Yarmouth, June 25, 
1753 (Yar. Rec) 


John Tayloi-, son of Richard and 
Ruth (Whelden) Taylor of Yar- 
mouth, boi-n about 1652, married 
Sarah Matthews, daughtej- of 
James of Yarmouth, December 15, 
1674. He was a soldier in King 
Philip's war, going out on several 
expeditions.'"" He lived most of 
his life at Yai'inouih. There is 
no evidence of his reinoval to 
;\lonomoit li!l I In- year 1711. As 
he owned land adjoiiiing Tum- 
hlen's or Tomliirs (^onc and came 
to .Alonomoit abo\it tin' lime the 
Tomlons aj)pea,r to lia\e moved 
away, if is supposed that he 
JKUiglit the faj'm of Nathaniel 
Tomlon, which was doubtless 
located on the east side of Tay- 
ior's pond, now so called, formerly 
known as Tomlin's Cove.'" He 
also liiid an iiifcM'est in the 
common lands boHi at Yai'inouth 
and at Mononunt. His will, dated 
.June 23, 1718, was proved January 
18, 1721-2. He devised his real 
eslati" to his son Setli.'- 


ll30) Freeman. Hist, of Cape 
Cod II, 193; deed fi'om Sanuiel 



Taylor to Shubael Gorham, Jr., 
York (Me.) Deeds, XXVII, 75. 

(131) The exact location of this 
farm appears to a deed from Soth 
Taylor, grandson of John, to Soars 
Atwood, David Atwood, John Tay- 
lor and Elizabeth Howes, dated 
June 30, 1821, as follows: "All 
my real estate situate in the south 
west quarter of the town of Ghat- 
ham, consisting of upland and 
meadow ground with the buildings 
thereon standing, bounded. Begin- 
ning at the Northeast corner of 
the premises at a drain of water 
near the old Bridge so called in 
the range of Mathis Taylor and 
Stephen Smith, thence Westerly 
in said Mathis range to a corner 
of fence near my dwelling house, 
thence Northwesterly by said 
Mathis to another corner of fence, 
thence Northerly by said Mathis 
Taylor, as the fence stands to the 
Public Road, thence Westerly by 
the said Road to Enoch Bassett 
his land, thence Southerly by said 
Bassett to Taylor's Pond so called, 
thence Southeasterly in a straight 
line to Nathaniel Bassett and 
Ebenezer Barse's range at the 
Pond, then Easterly a short dis- 
tance by said Bassett and Barse 
to a fence, thence Southerly and 
Southwesterly by said Bassett and 
Barse as the fence now stands to 
the Eldredge meadow so called, 
thence Southerly and Westerly by 
the meadow round points of land 
and nooks of meadow into Ghat- 
ham Bay at the Southwesterly part 
of Taylors Neck socalled, thence 
Easterly by said Bay to a Harbor 
or Neck near Fox hill socalled, then 
Northerly through the middle of 
the main Greek to Edward Ken- 
drick his meadow, then Westerly 

by said Kendrick to the upland or 
fence, thence Northerly by said 
Kendrick and Barse's meadow to 
an old Watering place and the main 
Greek near by, thence Northerly 
and Easterly by said Greek which 
parts my meadow from Stephen 
Smith and others to the first 
mentioned bounds." Joseph At- 
wood papers. 

Dea. Samuel Taylor, eldest son 
of John Taylor above, born De- 
cember 14, 1675, at Yarmouth, 
married Elizabeth . His farm 
was at West Ghatham between the 
highway and Buck's Greek, bound- 
ing west on Hugh Stewart's farm 
and east on the cartway to Ragged 
Neck."^ He is styled Deacon as 
early as 1734. He was selectman 
seven years and frequently mod- 
erator of town meeting. He re- 
ceived an interest in the Narra- 
gansett lands on account of his 
father's service in King Philip's 
war. He was living in 1756, but 
died before 1761, when his son is 
no longer called Samuel Jr. in the 
town records. There is no settle- 
ment of his estate."^ 

(132) Ghildren of John and 
Sarah (Matthews) Taylor (all born 
at Yarmouth, order uncertain) : 1 
Samuel, b. Dec. 14, 1675; m. Eliz- 
abeth about 1713. 2 John, 
b. June 15, 1678; m, Hannah ; 
d. 1734. 3 Hannah, b. ; m. 
William Eldredge, son of Joseph, 
Oct. 1, 1713 (page 188, note 45, 
Smith, History of Ghatham). 
4 Elizabeth, b. ; single in 
1722; perhaps m. Daniel Hamilton 
as fourth wife. 5 INIary, b. ; 
m. Ephraim Govell of Har. (Int. 
Sept. 20, 1746, Har. Rcc.) 6 Seth, 


b. ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of and thcnre to Kont, Conn. 2 

Daniel Hamilton, about 1730. Thankful, b. ; m, John Col- 

(133) See "A Proprietor's Book lins, son of John, about 1740. 3 
for Chatham," and a deed from Samuel, b. about 1722; m. Mehit- 
Samuel Eldredge to Seth Taylor able Ryder, dau. of John, about 
dated May 15, 1711. (M. L. Luce 1743. 4 Matthews, (commonly 
papers.) ' written "Matthes") b. May 15, 1724 

(134) Children of Samuel and (Chat. Rec.) ; m. Desire Harding, 
Elizabeth ( ) Taylor: 1 Jo- dau. of Maziah, Aug. 3, 1747 (Chat, 
seph, b. Jan. 22, 1713-4 (Chat. Rec). 5 James, b. about 1732; 
Rec); m. Hannah ; removed died May 19, 1758, aged 26 (Hdstn.). 
about 1747 to the "Oblong," N. Y.,