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Full text of "The early genealogies of the Cole families in America. (Including Coles and Cowles). With some account of the descendants of James, by Hartford, Connecticut, 1635-1652, and of Thomas Cole, of Salem, Mass., 1649-1672"

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Given By 


':^:nk ~. ;ole 






Theodore Cole, 

Under whose encouragement I began this work, 

and in whose memory I have finished 

it. I dedicate this book. 






{Including COLES and COIVLES.) 

With Some Account of Trii^' Descendants of 'James Cole, 
OF Hartfokd. CoNJs-^cTicut. :1 fi 35— l(i52, 

.M.,<.,- • '^^;^3^^ 



Salem. Massachusetts, 1649 — 1672. 

Frank T. Cole. 








<■ •■ I- ' 

« C C «, r 
t ' C t ( 


" . * t 

^''liANN & Aim.'ir; Columbus, Ohio, 


.1"h6 Authok. < 







Preface J> 

The Hartford Family . 1:3 

The Henry Cole Branch 49 

The Plymouth Family 5 

The Eastham Family 630 

The Charleston Family of Isaac Cole 74 

The Charleston Family of Rice Cole 7S 

The Coles Family 89 

The Cowles Family 99 

The Salem Family 114 


York County, Maine, Family 292 

;evvater, Massachusetts 296 

^land, Maine 299 

Freetown, Massachusetts 301 

I otes 303 

List of Subscribers - 3' )7 


Cole. Asa faciiirr pa 

ere 172 

Beniamin Tames " * 

' 215 

David G * * ' 

' 237 

Frank T *' * 

' 249 

Gilbert L " * 

* 256 

Heber .. " 

' 148 

Heber Bennett '' * 

• 210 

Oscar C * ' * 

' 280 

Richard Goldsmith " ' 

Seth B " 

' 173 

Theodore ■ .... ' " * 

' 1 83 

Handv. Mehitable (Cole") " ' 

• 238 

Soerrv. C. W *' ' 

' 226 

Whitcomb, John Elihu " ' 

' 181 


'^HIS work was begun in 187L but after some fifteen months of labor, 

was laid aside because of the pressure of other duties. In January, 
1886, it was again taken up, and the work done thus far is here presented. 

Following the tradition of my family, that Connecticut was the early 
home of my ancestors, investigation was made in that direction, and a 
large amount of material gathered, when the unreliability of the tradition 
became evident. 

A study of the first four generations of all the various families of the 
name then followed, and the right line found. It seemed that the results 
of that study might be of use to some future student, if they were placed in 
an accessible form. The hope that this might be the case is the excuse for 
the first hundred pages of the text. 

It is only too evident that many lines in the Salem family have been 
dropped, This has been from inability to trace them in the time allotted for 
the work. It seemed that the book must be published this spring or not for 
several years. This must be the excuse for the incompleteriess. It is the 
expectation to publish some time in the future, an' enlarged and revised 
history of the Salem family of Thomas Cole, and in anticipation thereof cor- 
respondence is solicited, with a view to making the work complete. It may 
not come for 'five years, nor for twenty-five, but if time and strength and 
length of days are granted, it will come. 

The published matter relating to the families has been freely used, and 
in most cases credit given. The list of those who have aided in gathering 
material, and who have helped with entouraging words, is too long for 
insertion. Thanks are given to them all. Those who might have supplied 
information, but neglected to answer the letters of inquiry, are not aware how 
much disappointment they have caused us. We ask better treatment for the 
next geneologist who writes to them. The list of those- who have 
encouraged us by their subscriptions will be found at the close of the 

Columbus, 0., May 21, 1887. FRANK T. COLE. 


'ndex to those bearing the name of Cole (those dying in childhood omitted) 

^^' Pages 

A. Clark 145. 203 

Abbie 21 ^ 

Abel 123, 131, 160, 161, 227 

Abi 39 

Abial 299 

Abigail I3> 15^ '7, 28, 49, 63, 77, 86, 116, 121, 135, 152, 155, 195 

Abijah 1 19, 123, 124, 131, 134. 135, 162, 167 

Abner 72 

Abraham 75, 76, 114, 1 16 

Adah 236 

Addie 245 

Addine 228 

Adelaide 301 

Adelbert 237, 285 

Adele 245 

Adelia 301 

Adeline 145, 202 

Adolphus 141, 168, 189, 239 

Alexander 304 

Alfred 146, 206 

Alfonzo 146, 208 

Alice 23S, 243, 258 

Aljarman 196, 246. 268, 290 

Allen 65, 168, 240 

Alma 161 

Almena 175, 244 

Almerette -i 208 

Almira 36 

Alon/o 148, 209 

Alson 146, 208 

Alvarado 146, 207 

Alvin 196,268.299 

ord 141, 190 

^anda 36, 224 

asa 1 26 

OS 157, 218 

» 1 

vi INDEX. 


Angelina 204 

Ann 13, 15, 16, 21, 50, 84, 85, 86, 293 

Anna 35» 59, II5> 'S^ 299 

Annie 236, 261 

Anson 161, 227 

Aralhusa 139 

Arminela 146 

Arnold 145, 203 

Arthur 46, 180, 212, 247, 264, 274, 280, 304 

Asa, 125, 128, 135, 136, 137, 141, 145, 150, 156, 157, 163, 172, 190, 217, 218, 


Aurelia 40, 1 58 


Barker 15 

Bathsheba 143 

Belinda 214 

Benjamin 85, 120, 128, 138, 152, 155, 157, 174, 215, 220, 294, 295 

Benoni 141, 189 

liertha 274 

Bertie 237 

Bethia 120 

Betsy 36,38, 120, 128, 138, 152, 155, 157, 174, 215, 220, 222, 294, 295 

Blanche 274 

Buckman 164, 238 

Byron 197. 270 


Caleb 28, 33, 130, 159, 220 

Carlisle 232, 285 

Caroline 189, 250, 252, 258, 269, 302 

Carson 257, 287 

Casper 242 

Catherine 128, 145, 192, 201, 297 

Celia 160, 227, 265 

Charles 32, 40,41, 45, 48, 72, 138, 163, 168, 172, 175, 187, 188, 210, 211, 217, 

225, 232, 235, 242, 245, 250, 274, 278, 281, 284 

Charlotte 160, 223, 231, 232, 240 

Chesselton 196, 269 

Chloe 36, 38, 139 

Clara 241, 245, 263, 266, 267 

Clarence 239, 269, 291 

Clarissa 14^ 

Clement 160, 225, 304 

Clifford 262 



Clinton 4'"^, 243 

Curtis • • • • 65, 163, 232, 236 

Cynthia 217 

Cyrus 195, 225, 262, 263, 281 


Dan , 228, 283 

Daniel, 66, 67, 68, 71, 117^ "9, 120, 126, 136, 143, 144, 190, 192, 196, 218, 261, 

278, 303, 306 

David 31, 34, 3'"'. 73, 128, 147, 159, 164, 220, 237 

Davis 147, 209 

Delia 198 

Delia 262 

Dennison 197 

Desire 298 

Derastus 127 

Dorothy 22, 24, 28 


Earl , 270 

Earnest 272, 286 

Ebenezer 63, 64, 72 

Edgar 239 

Edith 46, 203, 250, 265 

Edmund 73 

Edna 282 

Edward 44» 47, 86, 247, 258, 271, 294, 295, 305 

Edwin 39. 45, 73, 164, 196, 237, 241, 260, 266, 288 

Effie 263 

Egbert 1S9, 252 

Eleanor 191 

Eleazer 195, 297, 298 

Electa 41 

Eli 40, 45 

Eliphalet 120, 129 

Elisha r 71, 84, 85 

Eliza . . . , 161, 174, 243 

Elizabeth 13, 24, 83, 86, 115, 116, 127, 155, 191, 225, 238, 259, 297, 303, 306 

Ella 180, 230, 247 

Ellen 45, 173, 194, 215, 237 

Ellery 22 

Emeline 149, 168, 208, 302 

Emerson 239 

Emily 36, 163, 164, 194, 213 

Emma 42, 44, 260, 273, 281 

viii INDEX. 


Enos 195, 297, 298 

Erastus 42, 46 

Ephraim 56, 60, 61, 62. 152, 211, 297, 298, 299 

Ester 147 

Ethan 127, 143, 145, 194, i95» 262, 263, 264 

Eugene 232, 285 

Eunice 63, 307 

Evei ard 238, 286 

Ezekiel 37 


Fanny 237, 274 

Fayette 265, 290 

Florence 237, 250, 282 

Frances 217, 231 

Francis 168, 215, 303 

Frank, 42, 43, 47, 186, 209, 226, 227, 237, 247, 257, 265, 274, 278, 282, 283, 

286, 288 

Frederick (Fred.) 164, 194, 227, 228, 237, 260, 261, 262, 282, 283, 287, 288 


George, 149, 158, 161, 172, 198, 210, 211, 217, 220, 222, 229, 232, 236, 241, 243, 

257, 264, 271, 272, 273, 274, 278, 279, 288, 306 

Georgiana 231 

Gertrude 275, 276 

Gideon 35, 38 

Gilbert 189, 256 

Gregory 63, 304 


Hannah, 24, 31, 69, 70, 71, 77, 84, 85, 115, 117, 119, 121, 126, 130, 147, 152, 222, 

298, 299, 300 

Harmon 41, 48 

Harold 242, 276 

Harriet 157, 164, 192, 213, 230, 260, 278 

Harvey 72 

Hascal 42 

Heber 127, 145, 148, 198, 210 

Helen 220, 222, 225 

Hendrick 72 

Henderson 36, 37, 42 

Henry 16, 49, 50, 237, 238, 242, 277, 282, 287, 307 

Henrietta 208 

Hepsibah 68, 69, 117 

Herbert 203, 270, 271 

INDEX. ix 


Hester 68 

Hiram 36, 39, 40, 4', 42, 45, 48, 143, 190 

Horace 3^» 38, 39, 73, '60, 163, 222, 236 

Horatio 42 

Howard . . . '. 209, 273 

Hugh 55, 56, 59, 61, 87 

Hutchinson S7 


Ichabod 24, 28, 33, 35, 37, 65 

Ida 252, 256 

Isaac 74, 75, 128, 151, 152, 154, ^57, 213, 220, 294, 295 

Isabanda 146, 204 

Isabella 168, 189, 240 

Israel 68, 70 


Jabez 60, 63, 269, 290 

Jacob 75, 76, 77 

James, 13, 19, 49, 50, 53, 55, 59, 61, 68, 70, 71, 163, 16S, 189, 191, 241, 256, 

258, 265, 288, 301 

Jane 71, 191, 226, 293 

Jefferson 212, 275 

Jennie 240, 261 

Jeremiah 175, 246 

Jerusha 28, 226 

Jesse 127, 150 

Jessie 43> 287 

Joanna 49 

Job 21, 63, 66, 67, 68 

John, 17, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, 32, 34, 35, 49, 50, 52, 55, 59, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 

68, 69, 71, 79, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 114, 115, 117, "8, 119, 120, 121, 

125, 126, 128, 140, 151, 152, 155, 156, 175, 176, 180, 195, 211, 214, 217, 

238, 246, 264, 274, 276, 286, 292, 293, 294. 295, 300, 302, 303, 305 

Jonathan. 24, 29, 31, 33, 34, 71, 117, 119, 121, 123, 130, 131, 159, 161, 229, 306 

Joseph, 51, 52, 59, 62, 69, 71, 85, 157, 159, 212, 220, 274, 294, 296, 297, 298, 300 

Josie ^ 258 

Joshua 71 

Judith 119, 125, 135, 168 

Julia 163, 189, 208, 232, 247, 251 


Kate 220, 245, 256, 260 

Kesia 147 

Kimball 128, 157, 158, 220 

Kitty 157 


^' Pages 

Laban 126, 143 

Larkin 161, 229, 230 

Latty 13^ 161 

Lawrenza 207 

Lee 2S3 

Lemuel 192, 260 

Lena 250 

Leonard 262 

Leverett 158 

Levi 126, 138, 139. 188, 252 

Liantha 204 

Lillian 235, 270 

Lizzie 246, 282 

Lois 124, 135, 143, 169, 239 

Lorenzo 204, 207, 271 

Louella 237 

Louis 23S, 286 

Louisa 146, 157, 160, 203, 223, 227 

Lucinda 204 

Lucius 225, 281 

Lucretia 195 

Lucy 52, 162, 261 

Lulu 262 

Luthera 228 

Lydia 21, 22, 51, 135, 160, 169, 232, 300 

Lyle 26 


Mabel 230, 250, 262, 271, 275, 276 

Manley 130, 159 

Marcia 214, 225, 242 

Marcus 72 

Margaret 1 20, 1 92 

Mari 195 

Maria 145, 200 

Mark 191, 259 

Martha 51, 52, 59, 120, 123, 144, 149, 227, 2u8 

Martin 41, 46, 131, 161, 226 

Mary, 28, 31, 49, 50, 51, 55, 56, 61, 68, 69, 70, 71, 75' 79. 83. 84, 115, 117, 118, 
123, 132, I49> 150. 154, 157, 158, 160, 163, 164, 175, 192, 213, 214, 232, 237, 

245, 260, 262, 266, 268, 269, 287, 297, 298, 301, 303 

Maryette 189 

Mathew S3, 305 

Matilda 141 

May 203 

INDEX. xi 


^^^^^'^'^^^^^ 152, 153- I5-S 168, 214, 238 

^^^^l^i'^e 164, 238 

^'f^'^y 120. 300 

Merrill 252 

Milto" 46 

Mina, _ ^»^ 

^^""^^ 42, 235, 261, 264, 275, 280 

^^orefi 157, 218 

Morris 213, 277 

Myrion ,,^^ 

Myron 42, 46, 223, 243 

Mya 268 

Myrtle 45, 262 


^'^"^y 36, 135, 138, 157, 167, 175 

Nathan yj^ ,2,, 130, 238, 287 

^'''^^^^^"iel 22, 24, 27, 2S, 31, 32, 56, 60, 61, 62 

N^'^'^ 235, 258, 260, 263 

Netta 272 

Nicholas 292, 293, 294 

Noah ... g, 

Norman ,94^ 213, 277 


Octavia 216 

Oliska 265 

Olive 207 

Orion 41 

^•^s 143, 192, 260, 261 

Oscar. 42,163,224,236,280 

Osman 282, 299 

Osmand 160, 224 

Ozius j2 

C>zro ,fj7 270 

P. ^ 

Parmelia ,4, 

Percival ,, 261 

Persis i ^n 

I'erry 266 

Perviz 269 

P^^-^^e 71^ 128, 300 

Philena , -.^^ 

Phile .... ,8 

xii INDEX. 


Philip 294, 295 

Phineas 120, 129, I57> 218, 300 

Phremelia 196 

Polly 131, 141, 156, 300 

Prescott 158 

Priscilla 121,135 


Rachael 22, 28, 298 

Rebecca 49, 61, 63, 67, 118, 120. 144, 152, 198, 240, 260, 262, 297 

Reuben 38, 40, I44, 197 

Rhoda 36,142,158,262 

Rice 78 

Richard 87, 137, 173, 175. 245, 306 

Robert 306 

Rogena 141 

Roscoe 212,275 

Roy 264, 274 

Russell 197, 270 

Ruth 59, 63, 68, 69, 1 16, 143 


Sala.. 127,144 

Salmon 126, 142, 143. 191, 259, 289 

Sampson 3^6 

Samuel, 21, 22, 24, 27, 33, 34> 49. 51, 7Z^ 80, 84, 85, 116, 117, 118, 120, 

128, 129, 130, 150, 156, 157, 158, 218, 220, 297 

Sarah, 28, 39, 49, 52, 69, 77, 79, 114, 124, 128, 129, 130, 135, 138, 145, 148, 152, 

163, 164, 168, 186, 198, 204, 210, 211, 237, 241, 263, 297, 301, 303 

Selah 28, 33 

Serenus 222, 279 

Seth 39. 44 

Seymore 196, 266 

Silas 204 

Simon 127, 146, 15^. 220 

Simeon 120, 130 

Solomon 120, 128, 151, 156, 157, 218 

Sophia 141. "47 

Staines 306 

Stella 228 

Susanna 85, 86, 118, 297 


Thankful 7 1 

Theodore 39, 138, 183, 243 

Thomas 51, 64, 6S. 86, 114, 115, 117, 127, 150, 191. 258, 299, 305 

INDEX. ix 

Timothy 08, G9, 128, 151, 155, 215, 277 

Tisdale ,60, 222 

Triphena i ,q 

Truman 38, 40 


Vernia 256 

Vernon ,cj6, 268, 269 

Violetta 269 

Virginia 2S7 


Wallace 212. 275 

Walter 230, 274, 284 

Warren 208, 220, 272, 279 

West 63 

Wignal gt 

Wilber 241 

Willard 192, 259 

William, 35, 37, 43. 49, 51, 68, 71, 84, 85, 87, 138, 148, 152, 163, 186, 191, 208, 
211, 212, 213, 220, 222, 230, 232, 235, 236, 250, 257, 269, 272, 274, 

276, 279, 284, 285, 288, 292, 294, 297, 301 

Winslo w 208, 272 

Winnifred 240 


Zackeus 156, 216 

Zelinda 158 

Zibion • 299 

Zirna 194 

Zilpha 298 


Names Otlier than Cole, Coles, or Cowles. 



Adams, Abram 145, 201 

Charles 2CX) 

Dora 201 

Ethel 200 

Fannie 202 

Martha 201 

Mary 200 

Sally 199, 202 

Ahart, Gustavus 193 

Ainsworth, DeWitt 40 

Albertson, Derick 92,96 

Mary 95. 9^ 

AlV)rough, James 64 

Aldrich, Caroline 152 

Elsa 134 

Isaac 152 

John 152, 214 

M. B 39 

Martha 152 

Myra 152 

Alexander, Ida 165 

Allen, Ellen 168 

Everett 168 

George 206 

1 154 

John 58 

Lygusta 188 

Marion 238 

Oliver 168 

Sarah 237 

William 141 

Allyn, John 15 


Almy, John 

William .... 

Alsbee, Sarah 

Alvord, John 


Myrtillia. . 
Amidon, Freelove. 
Amsden, Asahel. . . 
Elisha . . . 
Eunice . . 
Isaac . . . . 


Mary .... 
Oliver . . . 
Simeon . . 
Violet . . . 
Andrews, Clara. . . 



Ashley, Betsy 

Col. ^ 

Cornelia . . 

Atherton, Albert. . 


Frank - . 

Lucy. . . 

Luther , 

Atwood, Hannah . 

Averill, Malinda. . 

Avery, Benj 

Axtill, Sally 

















Bacon, Samuel . 

Badcock, Nicholas 

Bailey, Jane 

Baker, Sally 



Bali, Melinda .» 

Bangs, Enoch 


Bardwell, Hannah 



Barlow, Emma 

Barnes, Amy 








Barrett, John 


Barrows, David 


Bartlett, A. S 





Barton, Arminela 


Batchelder, C. H 


Batcheldor, Addie 










































Batcheldor, Mary 254 

Robert 253 

Susie 254 

Baxter, Henry 293 

Thomas 69 

Beardsly, Sylvia 43 

Bemis, Jesse 196 

Polly 156 

Benedict, James 97 

Bennett, Andrew. 193 

James 97 

Sally 148 

Benny, Robert 109 

Sarah 109 

Benson, Angelina 204 

Kenj 163, 234 

Charles 235 

Clara 235 

Henry 234 

Jerome 253 

Lewis 234 

Louisa 203 

Olive 234 

Rodney 234 

Benton, Andrew 21 

Ebenezer 21, 26 

Hannah 21 

Lydia 21 

Mary 21 

Betz, Charles 245 

Claude 245 

Joseph 245 

Bigelow, Joseph 30 

Birdsall, Sarah 96 

Bishop, Alice 67 

Bissell, Oscar 161 

Bixby, 71 

Andrew 118 

Blaisdell, C 214 

Blake, James 153 

Martha 132 

Blodgett, Elbredge 204 

Blood, Stephen 120 

Boardman, Abigail ' 52 

Jonathan 52 




Boardman, Mercy 

Bodell, Alice 








Bodvvell, Carrie 



Salinda , ' 

Boltvvood, Sarah 


Boswick, Betsy 

Bothwell, Jane 

Bourne, Jonathan 

Bowdoin, James 


Bowen, Judith 

Boyden, Amos 

Boynton, Almena 







Bradford, Andrew 

Bradley, Albert 

Bramble, John 

Brewster, Love 

Briggs, Addie 



Britton, James 


Broadbent, Joseph 

Brown, Abigail 































Brown, John 63 

Levi 131 

Oscar 131 

Susan 131 

Bryant, Charles 302 

Clementina 302 

Joseph 302 

Sarah 302 

Buck, Eliphalet 129 

Lydia 129 

Bufifum, Alba 133, 228 

Alice 133 

Clayton 133 

Clement 133 

Colburn 133 

Jewett 133, 228 

Solon 133 

Bugbee, Arthur 155 

Catherine 155 

Frances 155 

Horace 155 

James 155 

Bull, Aaron 29 

Anson 36 

Daniel 100 

Jonathan lOO 

John 100 

Samuel 100 

vSarah 100 

Thomas 100 

Bunce, Jacob 30 

Burnard, Edwin 40 

Horace 39 

Julia 40 

Sarah 39 

W. H 39 

Burley, Ida 202 

Burnham, Ellen 283 

Burt, Alonzo 149 

Andrew loi 

David loi 

Busill, F. E 215 

Butler, Hannah 97 

John 97 

Buttercase, Jane 253 




Caldwell, Louisa 

Calkins, Ashley 





Campbell, Lawrence 

Carney, Hannah 

Carpenter, James 





Cass, Alice 




Chadwick, Eunice 


Chamberlain, Carrie 


Mary 46,282 

Chandler, Cornelia 235 

Charles, 282 

Chase, C. W 













Chickering, Alvin, 

Clarissa , 








Dell 134 

Elbridge 133-4 

Eunice 134 

Fred 134 

Guy 134 

Holland 134 

Lucy 134 

Mary 134 

Ransom 133 

Shubel 134 

Vesta 134 

Childs, Carroll 223 

Charlotte 221 













Childs, Sidney 


Chillingworth, Thomas 

Chittenden, William 

Church, Benj 


Clapp, Lois 

Clark, Lizzie 





Cleaves, Edward 168, 240 

Elizabeth 240 

Elvira 240 

George 240 

Isabella 240 

Clemment, Samuel 130 

Cluff, Ilattie 276 

Cobb, Charles 210 

Cody, Adeline 202 

Celestia 202 

Francis 202 

Gardner 202 

Glenn 202 

Grace 202 

Helen 202 

Leonette 202 

Porter 202 

Robert 202 

• Sala 202 

Samuel 202 

Coffin, Stillman 241 

Tristram 293, 307 

Colby, Ida 274 

. Mary 157, 220 

Collier, Elizabeth 66 

Mary 66 

Rebecca 66 

Sarah 66 

William 66 

Collins, Abigail 52 

Bryan 249 

David 52 

Josiah 52 



Collins, Lucy . . . 
Convers, Judson 
Cook, Amanda. . 
Charles . . 
Edwin . . . 
Elizabeth . 
Emerson . 











Francis. ... 59, 144 












Isabella . . 
Joseph . . . 
Josiah .... 
Leonard . . 
Lydia .... 


Coolridge, Otis . 


Coombs, Edith 238, 287 

Covert, Albert 


Cowdery, Fannie 

Craig, Alpheus 

Crafts, Abigail 


Creasy, William 

Crosby, Clara 


Crowfoot, Mary 



Crowley, Hannah 


Cullock, John 

Cushing, Martha 

Cutler, Caroline 

















Daggett, Chloe. . . . 
Clara . . . . 


George . . 

Louisa. . . 

Lydia . . . 

Sarah . . . . 

Walter . . 

Darby, Joseph. . . . 

Darling, Grace. . . . 

Davey, Arthur. . . . 




Davidson, Cyrus.. 

Henry . 

Sarah . . 

Davis, Abigail. . . . 






Davis, Lucy 252 

Lydia 27 

Sarah 114, 127, 151 

Davine (see Davinny) ... 

Davinny, Adam 143 

Allen 142 

Charles 143 

Lois 143 

Lucretia 143 

Salmon 143 

Sarah 143 

Day, Bertha 225 

Charles 225 

Effie 225 

Elizabeth 127 

Herbert 225 

Hiram 225 

Walter 225 

Deasy, Daniel 169 

Luere 169, 239 

Myra 169 



Davidsen, Cyrus . . 

Henry . 

Sarah . . 

Deane, Susanna. . . 

Delain, Almira . . . 


Nelson . . . . 
Dela Verne, Abbie 
Dennison, C. D. . . 
Dewaine, John. . . . 

/ Gideon 
' Hannj 


1 96 










Dickinson, Abigail loi, 109 

Chloe 112 

Ebenezer icx), 112 

Esther 100 

Eunice .ic» 


ah icxD 

Irene 109 

Israel 100 

Joseph loi 

Jonathan 109 

Levi 109 

Mary lOO 

Meriam 101 

Nathaniel 100, 101 

Nehemiah 100 

Rebecca 100 

Reuben 112 

Samuel lOO, loi 

Sarah lOO, 112 

Thankful 109 

William lOO 

Dinehart, Leonard 38 

Doane, Constant 68 

Daniel 68 

Thomas 246 

Dockham, ■ 214 

Dodge, Hathsheba I42 

Dodge, E/ekiel 


Susanna ... . 

Doolittle, Elijah 


Lycurgus. . 
Lyman . . . . 



Phynodia . 

Dow, Henry 


M. A 

Dowd, Alma 

Downing, Amy 

Ananias . . 
Ethel .... 
Fabens . . . 
George . . . 


Sherman . 



Draper, Ichabod.... 

Duck, Peter 

Dunbar, Augustus... 



Dunton. Allen 


Eugene .... 

Durfey, Samuel 

During, P^i/a 

Durling, Joseph 

Dwyer, Edgar 


Dyar, Sarah 






















Eager, William . 

Eanies, (iardiicr . 

Eastman, John . . 
Sarah . 





Eastman, Submit. 
Eaton, Daniel . . 

Eaton, Mary 

Eddy, Eliza 

Edwards, Ann. . . 








Edwards, Jonathan 
Richard . 

Emersen, . 




13. »6 






Emery, Albert 


Erwin, Sarah 

Esty, Edward 

Isaac 13^. «75 

Nancy U^. '75 

Robert 176 

Thomas * 7" 

William 175. »76 

Everett, Abram 200 

Addie 200 

Blaine 1^5 

Charles 200 

Charlotte 166 

Everetl, Clement 

Cora . 



George 165, 




John y:'. . . . 




S. Ellen 






166, 200 

135. >65 


165, 200 

135. »65 


Fairbanks, Meletiah. 
Fairfield, Victorine. . 
Farnsworth, Asa.... 

Daniel . 


Henry. . 

John . . . 

Louisa . 

Felton, Royal 

Ferdinand, Mary. . . . 

Field, Bartlett 


Fish, Ada 

Fisher, R. P 

Fitch, Mrs. Joshua.. 

Elagg, Samuel 

Fletcher, Edward . . 


Foley, Catherine. . . . 
Force, Getitia 

Ford, Achsah. . . . . 

Fosdick, Clarence. 

Foster, Mary 

Nellie . . . . 

Fox, Russell 

Foxwell, John ... 
Mary. . . 


















Foxwell, Richard. . 


Franklin, Lizzie. . . . 

Frary, John 

Prudence . . . 
Sampson . . . 

Frazier, Sarah 

Freeman, Jennie . . . 
French, Abijah . . . . 



E. W 


]. Clement 

J- ^v 

J(jscph . . . , 

Frisbie, Abi 

Dianlha . . 


Joseph . . . . 
Frosl, Freedom ... 
Rudney . ... 


Fryc, John 

Fuller, John 

Mat hew . . . , 
Nathaniel . . 























Gage, Abel 212 

Annie 212 

Roscoe .' 212 

Gallop, John 50 

Mary . 50 

Gardner, Israel 36 

I^yon 303 

Garfield, Samuel 123, 134, 136 

Garnet, Ella 252 

Gary, Harrison 133 

Stephen 132 

Gates, George 231 

Gaylord, Mary 106 

Samuel 106 

Sarah 106 

Gibson, Alley 208 

Etta 208 

John 208 

Giffin, James 201 

Gifford, Ann 301 

Gilcrist, Mary 127 

Gilkerson, Julia 133 

Gillett, Octavia 40 

Gilmore, Arba 133 

Gilson, 133 

Alice 198 

Eleazer 192 

Ella 198 

Harriet 198 

Herbert 198 

Holland 198 

Holiis 144, 198 

Lucretia 194 

Mary 192, 198 

Martha 198 

Warner 198 

Willard 198 

Gleason, Alvin 134 

Benj 123, 132, 133 

Betsy 133 

Bildad 133 


Hale, Helen 134 

Hallock, Laurancy 222 

Halsell, George 80 

Hamilton, James 286 


Gleason, Eunice 134 

Isaac 132 

Joseph 134 

Lavilla 184 

Lavina 133 

Lemuel 134 

Lucy 133 

Mary 123, 132 

Osmand 133 

Semira 134 

Thankful 132 

Wilson 184 

Godfrey, David 135 

Sarah 163 

Goff, Aaron 49 

Gershon 49 

Samuel 49 

Solomon 49 

Goldsmith, Anna 136 

Goodale, Richard 49 

Goodrich, Dorcas ill 

William 30 

Goodwin, Daniel 33 

Elizabeth 28 

John 30. 99 

Nathaniel 99 

Ozias 99 

Gorham, Oliver 182 

Gorton, Samuel 90 

Graves, Elias 107 

Enos 106 

Esther 107 

Martha 107 

Gray, Hannah 127 

Greeley, True 36 

Greene, Addie 250 

James 250 

Gross, Elizabeth 81 

Grosse, Widow 34 

Groves, 1 23 

Hammond, Emily 162 

George 162 

Lyman 162 

Handy, Anna 241 




Handy, Arthur 24I 

Dan 238 

Edijar 241 

Emma 238 

Estelle 241 

Fred 238 

Hattie 238 

Joseph 168, 238 

Lois 241 

Marcus 238 

Orpha 241 

William 168, 241 

Hannum, Gideon 105 

Hardin, 168 

Hardy, Bethiah 120 

Harington, Abigail 205 

Ellen 206 

Elsie 206 

Fred 206 

Harrison 206 

Laurencie 205 

Lawrenza 205 

Lyman 206 

Lulu 206 

Mary 206 

Reuben 146, 204 

Viola 206 

Harlow, Annis 217 

Harris, Charles 38 

Dwight 38 

Nathan 38 

Rosa 272 

Hart, Dea 27 

Harvey, Mathias 91 

Hastings, Elijah 109 

Rebecca 109 

Hatfield, Ann 46 

Haws, Shubel 184 

Hayden, John 125 

William 125 

Haynes, Anna 47 

Colonel 47 

Hays, James 143 

Ruth 143 

Samuel 143 

Haywood, Amherst 156 

Hazeltine, Abiah 129 


Ha/.elton, Abbie 236 

Clarissa 133 

Clark 133 

John 133 

Nathaniel 133 

Head, Jane 293 

John .... 293 

Mary 293 

Healey, Sarah 303 

Heatley, Isabella 191 

Hendricks, Harvey 131 

Hersey, J. Augustus 302 

Higgins, John 237, 166 

Lois 152 

Hill, Benjamin 96, 155 

Eliza 96 

Emily 155 

James 96 

Joseph 155 

Lydia 155 

Lysander 302 

Mary 96 

Samuel 96 

Susan 155, 45 

Valentine 80 

Hilliard, Lois 143 

Thomas 143 

William 143 

Hinckley, Thomas 61 

Hinds, James 296 

Joseph 125 

Hinsdale, Barnabas 29 

Hoag, A. M 250 

Hoar, Charles 103 

Hobart, E. W 39 

Hodgman, Isaac 303 

Hoffman, John 269 

Holden, M. J 204 

Holly, Joseph 307 

Holman, Charles 205 

Fred 205 

George 205 

Lyman 205 

Rosa 205 

Holmes, E. B 139 

Elijah 189 

George 189 




Holmes, Isabella 



Holway, Bertie 







Lendall , . 




Hooker, John 


Hopkins, Abigail 



Ichabod 92, 93 

Joshua 68, 70 



Rachael. . 
Hoskins, Timothy., 
Hosmer, Thomas.., 

Hovey, John 

Howard, Benjamin, 
George . . . 

Howe, Daniel 

Edward . . . , 


Hannah . . . . 





Howe, Lucy 


Howland, Lydia 


Howlit, Daniel 

Hubbard, (ieorge 




Hudson, Catherine 


Hughs, Lottie 


Hull, Tristram 

Hunt, Alice 






Ilurlburt, John 

Ilutchins, Louisa 




Hutchinson, Ann 80, 84 

Samuel 84 

Sarah 1 16 

Susannah 84 

William 84 



103, 107 







30, 31 



Ingram, Sarah 



Jackman, Betty 116 

Jackson, Edmund 81, 82 

Elisha 81, 83 

Elizabeth 81, 83 

Martha 92, 94 

James, Eliza. . . 
Jaquith, Arthur, 

Ervin . , 

Frank . 

Grace . 



Isaac. . . 


Mary. . . 

Maud . . 




Jeffords, Samuel 

Sarah . . 
Jenness, Louisa. 


163, 2 






Jenness, Mark .... 

Mary . . . . 

Jewell, Moses 

Jevvett, Stephen . . 

Jobson, John 

Johnson, Hetsy . . . . 


Helen . . . 







Jones, Adeliza 

Eliza. . . 

Oilman . 

Joy, Alberta.. 

Alice. . . . 


Emily . . . 
Freeman . 

1 69 


Kathan, Ellen . . . . 
J. Frank, 


Myrtle. . . 

Keayne, Ann 



, 228 



Robert 81, 304 









Kean, Cirace 

Keeler, John 


Keesler, Herman... 

Keith, Seth 

Kellogg, Abraham . 
Samuel . . . 

Sarah 106, 264 






Kendall, John 

Kennedy, M. M 

Minnie . . . 
Kenniston, Lucretia, 

Kent, Abigail 

Jonathan . . . . , 



Lake, Mary, 





Kerney, Clarence . 
Mortimer. , 
Kershaw, Abraham 


Kimball, Minnie 

Samuel I 


Kilbourne, George 

Kingsbury, James 


Kittredge, C. F 



Knapp, John 


Knight, Charles 




Mary Ann 



Knowles, J 


Lampson, George . . 
Lane, A. G 

Larwell, Annie . . . . 
Latham, Cyrus. ... 
Elizabeth , 
Latting, Joseph . . . , 
Laythrope, Abigail 







Laythrope, Experience 
Hannah . . . 
James . . . . 


Jonathan . . 



Lazell, Molly 

Lawrence, Delia 

Leach, Charles 


28, 151 





















Leet, Alfred 










Thomas .... i 

Leonard, Sally .... 


Leroy, EUeanor 



Letchford, Thomas 

Lewis, Edward 


Libby, Alice 



Lindsay, Charles 







Lindsley, Charles 



McAllister, Abner 






McCausland, Almeda 


D. C 






45' 199 















































Lynes, William 9^ 93 

Lindsley, Lydia . . . 

Sarah . . . 

Theron. . 

Litter, Elizabeth... 

Thomas . . . . 

Littlefield, Joseph.. 

Loash, Haines 



Longe, D 

Elizabeth . . . 

Longwell, May 

Lonsdale, Rebecca. 
Lowden, Elizabeth . 


Martha . . . 


Richard . . 
Samuel . . . 

Lowry, David 



Lyman, Ann 

David .... 



Jonathan . 
Joshua . . . 
Richard . . 
Samuel . . . 



McClure, Lizzie 

McCoid, Joseph. . . . . . 

Sherman. . . . 

McDermid, Archibald 
Emily . . . . 

Jennie. . . . 

Jessie . . . . 


McFarland, Allen.... 
Alice . . . 
Charles . 
Daniel . . 
Emily . . . 












McFarland, Frederick, 
George . . 
Harriet • 


William . 
Mcllrath, Ophelia.... 

Mclnroy, John 


McLean, Addie 


Beatrice . . . . 



Norman . . . . 



McSparran, Dr 

McWhorter, . . 

Mack, Walter 

Magee, Carroll 


J. c 








Mahony, C. H. C 





Maine, Alice 

Mansfield, Betsy 

Marbry, Ann 

Marsh, Hannah 




Warner 129, 144 

Marshall, Chester 112 

Samuel 163 

Marston, Catherine 276 

L 214 

Marvin, Giles 217 










Marvin, Julia 

Mason, Anna 


Sophronia . . . 

Mather, Increase 

Mattox, Lucinda 

Maverick, Elias 

Maxfield, James 


Meader, David 



Melcher, William 

Merwin, Sarah 

Messenger, Chauncey, 

Miles, C. D 





Miller, Harriet 



Mills, Esther 

Ming, John 

Mischke, Augustus.. 

Mitchell, W. S 

Wallace ... 

William . . . 

Montague, Anna..,. 



Sybil .... 

Moon, Frank 

R. H 

Moore, Abijah 



















































Moore, Clifford 167 

Cora 171 

Cordelia 169 

Daniel 171 

David 135, 169 

Delia 236 

Edwin 171, 172 

Eli 171 

Elizabeth 167 

Ellen 169 

Emma 169 

Fred 170 

Genevia 170 

George 135, 167, 253 

Georgiana 169 

Gilbert 171 

Harriet 167, 170 

Ida 171 

Joel 135, 170 

Lewis 171 

Nash, Morey 136 

Neil, 134 

Newcomb, Ann 270 

Newton, Delia 232 

Edward 227 

Ezra 163, 232 

George 232 

Lucas 232 

Polly 232 

Richard 192 

Susan 232 

Oaks, Edward Ill 

Olmstead, Caleb 34 

Jonathan 31 

Packard, Ichabod 298 

Sarah 297 

Seth 297 

Susanna 299 

Paine, Ebenezer 71 

Emeline 148 

Mary 70 




Moore, Lydia 171 

Mabel 171 

Martha 171 

Mary 170 

Minnie 253 

Nellie 171 

Selinda 171 

Sophia 171 

Thomas 194 

Welch 236 

Morley, Annie 170 

Morse, Thomas 120 

Morton, Mary 59 

Mosely, Capt 76 

Molt, Diantha 39 

Mudge, Mica 141 

Mumford, Capt 86 

Murfin, Margaret 245 

Murphy, Olive 232 

Myers, Fidelia 225 

Newton, William 232 

Windsor 232 

Nichols, Betsy 159 

Ciprian 24 

Col. 125 

Noonan, John 168 

Rachael 192 

Nowell, George . .' 81 

Nowland, Emma 251 

Hattie 251 

Noyse, Sabin 158 

Olney, Capt 63 

Osborn, iii 

Ostrander, Carrie 200 

Paine, Melzer 148 

Thomas 76 

Parcher, P>lizabeth 260 

Parker, Bertie 149 

Carrie 225 

Edward 225 

Emily 162 



Parker, Fred 





Parmalee, Betsy 


Parsons, Rachael 

Partridge, Triphosia 

Patten, Delia 

Patterson, David 

Payne, George 

Peabody, Amos 











Pearl, Abigail 



Pearson, Lulu 

Peck, Myrtilla 

Pelouse, Almena 


Edwin I 





Pendleton, Elias . 


Perkins, Thomas 

Perry, Frank 



Person, Liantha 

Persons, David 



Petey, Mary i 

Pettingill, Clarissa 

Phelan, Fannie 










75. 244 














Phelps, Aaron 103 

Pickens, Adeline 300 

Martha 3CX) 

Melancy 300 

Samuel 300 

Pickley, Bemis 141 

Pierce, Anna 299 

Caroline 131 

Job 299 

Molly 297 

Sarah 297 

Thomas 79 

Pierson, Bertha 173 

Ezra 173 

Hattie 173 

Pike, Joseph 130 

Pitkin, Charles i8l 

Orin 181 

William 99 

Pitman, Bertha 303 

Pitts, Sarah 218 

Pollard, Amory 137 

Andrew 227 

Phrena 260 

Sadie 227 

Pomroy, Jennie 206 

Poor, Annie 276 

Catherine 276 

Jonathan 276 

Pope, Frederick 297 

Ralph 297 

Rebecca ... 297 

Thomas 54 

William 297 

Porter, Cassius 165 

Clara . 165 

Earnest 165 

Florence 165 

George 165 

Jennie 165 

John 165 

Sandy 165 

Stephen 165 

William 165 

Potter, Orilla 43 

Powers, Mariake '. 258 

Pratt, John 300 

Noah 298 



Preston, vSarah 

Prince, Thomas 

Proctor, Allele 

Proutsmai), Ahram . . 

Andrew . 

Bruce . . . 

Claude . . 

Clyde . - . 

Delia ... 

Effie .... 

Ella .... 

Flora . . . 

Frank . . . 

George . . 

Hattie . . 


1 06 














' '55 




PtJrley 154, 155 

William 155 

Pioulsman, Lynn ... 
Myra. . . . 
Paul .... 
Rachael . 
Sarah . . . 


William . 

Purington, Edward.. 

Putnam, Charles . . . . 

Elizabeth . . 

Horace . . . . 



Quimby, H. B. 

215, 216 


Randall, Hannah 297, 298 

Randolph, John ill 

Ransen, Charles 208 

Frank 208 

Robert 55 

Ray, Olive 170 

Rector, William 232 

Reed, Theodosia 207 

Reel, H. B 262 

Sarah 262 

Reynolds, J. S 166 

Rice, Betsy in 

Richardson, Almon 171 

Anna 279 

Eliza 279 

J. R 146 

Lydia 211 

Richmond, B. F 217 

Frank 217 

George 217 

John 217 

William 217 

Rideout, Mary.. 233 

Riley, Abigail 52 

Jonathan 52 

Ripley, William 244 

Ritter, Hannah. . . 
Robbin.';, Asa 

Allen ... 

B. F. .. 

Candace . 

Charles. . 

Emeline . 

Esther . . 


Judith. . . 

Lois .... 

Mary . . 


Solomon . 


1 24 

1 24 



1 24 



1 24 


1 24 




Roberts, Benj 30, 31 

William 163 

Robertson, Albert 169 

Enoch 169 

Percy 169 

Robinson, Carl. . . . 


Ezra . . . 

Fred . . . 

Nellie . . 

Rodgers, James. . . 






Rodgers, Joseph . . . . 




Rome, George 

Ross, Jacob 


Rounsevel, Abel .... 
Alden . . . 


Hannah . 
Joseph . . 
Levi . . . . 
Lydia . . . 
Phelena . 
Philip . . . 
Phcebe . . 


Salisbury, William . . . 

Sanborn, R. P 

Sanders, Allyna 


Sanderson, Abraham . 




Samford, David 



















Rounsevel, Robert . 
Rowe, John . . . . . 

Royal, Samuel 

Rundell, A. B 


Edward . . 

Helen . . . . 

Kate . . . . . 

Rosel . . . . 
Runnells, Abigail. . 

John ...-., 














Mary 170, 213 

William . 

Russell, Peter 

Rusco, Sarah 

William . . . 

Ryan, Mary 










Sawyer, Hubbard 

Sayers, Annie 

Scenter, John 81, 83 

Jonathan 83 

Sarah 81, 83 

Schotield, Edward 

Scott, Capt. 


Shappe, Rosa 200 

Shaw, Abiather 133' ^^^ 

Shattuck, Anthony. . 

Shedd, Susan 

Sheldon, Annie 

Shelley, Ann 


Shepherd, Jerry. .... 
Shepherdson, Daniel 
Sherlock, Sarah. . . . 
Sherwin, Ebenezer . 

Shippy, Alice 

Shumway, Zilpha 

Scoville, William. . 
Seabury, Samuel . . 

Sears, Alzina 

Seeley, Hannah... 

Sessions, . . . 

Seyffarth, Edmund 
Seymore, Mary. . . . 





















ShurtleH", Lucy 297, 29S 

1 20 






1 69 





Silver, Daniel. . . . 
Silsbee, John . . . . 
Simmons, W. A. . 
Skinner, John . . . . 
Slocum, Amaijah. 
Matilda , 
Small, Byron. . . . 

Daniel ... 


Helen. . . . 
Smith, David . . . 



Smith, Delinda . . . 

Elezer. . . . 

Henry . . . 

Isabel .... 

James .... 


L. G 

Meriam. . . 



Reuben . . . 

Richard . . 



Solomon. . 

Stanley. . . . 

Tileston . . . 

William . . 
Snow, Hannah. . . . 
Nicholas . . , 



Stephen . . . . 
South worth, Betty, 

























Constant 66, 298 

Elizabeth 298 

Lavina 302 

Lucy 299, 302 

Percy 299 

William 302 

Spear, Hannah 183 

Joseph 112 

Spencer, Agnes * 16 

William 16 

Sperry, Adeline 36 

Bertha 226 

Byron A 226 

Charles 160 

Charles W 226 

Caroline 160 

David C 226 

D. W 160 

Fred. B 227 

J. D 160 

Louisa Lavin 227 

Maud F 227 

Olive W 226 

Walter Mack 226 

Willis A 226 

Spicer, Daniel 260 

Spofford, Benj 120 

Eliza 211 

Spofford, Eunice. 
Sarah . 
Spring, Emily. . . 
Spyby, William. 
Stall, Frederick. 
Stanley, Abigail. 
Caleb . . 









Elizabeth 99, loi 

Hannah 99 

Timothy loi 

Stanton, Joel 36 

Rufus 36 

Stanwood, A. D 214 

Charles 214 

Staples, Alice 171 

Emma ; . . 171 

George 171 

Georgietta 171 

John 171 

Starr, Rebecca 290 

Starrett, Charles 303 

David 303 

John 303 

Mary 303 

Sarah 303 

Thomas 303 

Stearns, Collins 147 

John ... 

Stetson, Charlotte 112 

Gideon 112 

Stevens, John 202 

Louisa 198 

Sally 144 

Stiles, A. H 140 

Ellen 281 

George 139 

Gertrude 139 

John 139 

Stoddard, Chloe 138 

E. W 177 

Storey, Peter 260 

Stoujjhton, Eunice no 

Straight, Abram 206 

Stratton, Eliza 211 

Elizabeth . 


Slubl)s, Rebecca . . . 
Sullivan, Hannah . . 

Henry. . . . 

Sullivane, Abigail.. 

Daniel . . 

Sullivant, Elizabeth 

Symonds, Wayland. 













Taylor, Bertram 
Emery . 
Emma . 
Ezra . . . 
George . 



Teale, Olive 

Temple, Louisa 

Tenny, Silas 

Thayer, Israel 

Silence ' 

Thornycraft, William. 
Thompson, Elizabeth, 
Isabella . 

Tilson, Mary , 

Tisdale, Jemima 


Titus, Enos 

Todd, Edna 



Town, Abigail 



Vail, James 

Vails, Everett ... 
Melvin . . . 
Valentine, Lynde. 


60, 224 






28, 29 







Tovi'n, Ezra 






Tovvnsend, Ann . . . . 
Daniel. . . 
George . . 
Henry . . . 
James . . . 


Rose . . . . 
Sarah . . . . 
Thomas. . 

Train, John 



Turnbull, .... 

Tuttle, Amos 










Verdy, Mrs. 
Vose, Peter . 
Sally , 


Wade, Sally 

Wadleigh, Anson 160, 





Wadlin, Charles 









Wadlin, Melville 

Wayer, Lucy . . . 

Waite, John. . . . 
Mary. . . . 

Walcott, Asa. . . . 
Bethia . 
Ethan . 
Mary . . 





153, 154 


[54, 212 













1 II 














Roger 194, 195 



Walker, Addie . 
Calvin . 
Edwin . 
Frank . 
Hattie . 
Henry . 
Mary . . 

Pages ^ 

Stillman 243, 244 

Walkup, Benniah 

Walley, John 

Walls, Emma 

Wantzschmitt, Frederika. 

Ward, William 

Wardwell, C. P. S 




Ware, Charles 

Clara , 







Warner, Deborah 



Wainwright, Nellie 

Warren, Harriet 




Washburn, Jonathan .... 

Waste, Susanna 

Watson, Caleb 


Watts, Artemas 

Way, Aaron 

Webb, Adeline 



































Webb, Etta 




Henry i 

















Webster, E. E 



Weeden, Dorothy 



Hannah . , 




Welden, Catherine 

Wellington, Eli 


Wells, Mary 

Werden, Edward 


Wesson, Libbie 

West, Abigail 


Westbrook, Ada 










89, 251 






























Weston, George i68 

Thomas i68 

William i68 

Wetherbee, H7 

Wheaton, Lucy 3^2 

Wheat, Martha 270 

Wheeler, E. H I53 

Eliza 154 

Emma I54 

George ^54 

Gilman I54 

Hannah 154 

Orin 154 

Wheelock, Sally "O 

Wheelwright, 292 

John 80,81 

Whiston, Increase 116 

Whitcher, 154 

Benjamin 128 

White, Helen I99 

Jacob 24 

Louisa 271 

Nellie 199, 

Waldo 199 

Whitman, Abel 131 

Adelbert 206 

Addie 206 

Alvara 206 

Anna 13* 

Louisa 206 

Lyman 206 

Noah 123 

Pearl 206 

Sally 131 

Whitcomb, Clifton i8i 

Elihu 138 

John 181 

Percival 181 

Theodore 181 

Whitney, Betsy 146 

Emeline 149 

Frank 149 

William I49 

Whitting, John 21 

William 31 

Wicks, John 7^ 

Wilber, Seaman 134 

Wilkerson, Ellen 240 

Williams, Arthur 165 


Williams, Bradford 












Williard, Charles 

Willis, Grace 


Hezekiah .... 




Wilson, Hannah 





Mary 21, 






Winslow, Susannah 

Wing, Caroline 

Winthrop, John 

Withan, Alvah 



Witherell, Lucinda 

Witherly, John 


Wood, Benjamin 


Woodman, A. 


Woodward, Betsy 






























Woodward, Mary 132, 133 



Wordsworth, Christopher .... 

Wright, Ann 






Wright, Mary. . . 
Mercy . . 
Rose . . . 

Wyllys, George. . 

Wyman, Thomas 






York, ... 

Young, D. C. . . 

Ilarley . 






Young, John 68, 214 

Mary 214 

Percy 214 




Abigail 97 

Ann 9i> 92 

Ueiijamiii 92, 93> 95. '^^ 

Butler 98 

Caleb 92, 94 

Charity 96 

Charles 93. 95 

Charlotte 98 

Daniel 91, 92 

Deborah 97 

Diana ' 92 

Elizabeth 91, 98 

Freelove 96, 98 

George 97 

Harvey 92, 94 

James 9^ 

John 91, 92, 94 


Jolin B 97 

J«Jseph 92, 93, 95, 97 

Martha 92, 96 

Mary 91. 92, 93»'98 

Mercy ^ . 93 

Nathan 93, 94 

Nathaniel 91, 92, 94, 96, 97, 98 

Oliver 98 

Rachael 96 

Robert 89, 91, 92, 93, 95 

Samuel 92, 93 

Sarah 91, 92, 98 

Solomon 91, 93 

Susanna 92 

Tamor 93 

William 97 





Abner ... 




David 106, 

Ebenezer 103, 

Eleazer 102, 106, 107, 




Elizabeth 100, 102, 




Hannah loi, 



Irene ... 


J crush a 

John... 99, loi, 102, 104, 105, 
Jonathan . . loi, 102, 105, 106, 

Joseph 102, 

Josiah 106, 

















1 12 




1 1 1 


1 10 

1 10 

1 1 1 

Justin 107, n2 

Kesiah 102 

Lavina ni 

Levi 109 

Lucy 107 

Martha 105 

Mary ... 100, loi, 103, 105 

Moses n2 

Nathaniel 102, 104, 106 

Oliver 106, 109 

Orinda n2 

Prudence 107 

Rachael 104 

Reuben ., 106, 1 1 1 

Rufus 109 

Samuel 100, 104, 107, n2 

Sarah 99, 100, 103, 106, no, n2 

Silas no 

Simeon 106, in, n2 

Solomon n i 

Stoughton 1 n 

Sylvester n i 

Timothy I02, 104, 106, 109, nc- 

Thomas 104 

Wealthy 1 1 1 

William ni 

Zebina n2 

The Hartford Family. 


James Cole, the first of this family in America, was b. in Eng- 
land, probably in Essex County. He married and was left a wid- 
ower, with one little daughter, Abigail (Elizabeth^). 

He then m. Ann Edwards, the widow of the Rev. Richard 
Edwards, a Puritan minister of London. She had one young son, 
William Edwards. 

Soon after this marriage, Mr. Cole, with his wife, daughter and 
step-son, emigrated to New England. They may have gone 
direct to Newtown, now Cambridge, or they may have been of 
the party that settled at Mt. WoUaston, and then removed to 

They joined the party which, under the lead of the Rev. Thomas 
Hooker, left Cambridge in October, 1635, for the Connecticut 


After two weeks of toilsome journeying they reached the pres- 
ent site of the city of Hartford, and purchased land of the natives, 
and made their settlement. 

Mr. Cole's name appears on the lists of the original settlers as 
given by Hinman, and by Porter, and also on the monument 
erected by The Ancient Burying Ground Association of Hartford, 
in memory of the original settlers.* -> 

The settlers purchased of the Indian chiefs the tract of land 
running west from the Connecticut river six miles, east and west, 
and bounded on the north by Windsor, and on the south by 

*Hinman. First Puritan Settlers, pp. i8, 161, 165. 
Porter. Hartford in 1640, p. 8. 



Wethersfield. This deed was lost, and on July 5, 1670, another 
was obtained from all the Indians interested.* 

It is probable that the meadows had been cleared and cultivated 
by the Indians before this. The lands were divided among the 
original purchasers, as house lots, plow lands, wood lands, etc., 
and small house lots were granted to settlers who were not pro- 

The original town plat occupied nearly the same space as the 
older part of the present city. The central part was divided into 
lots called two acres each, and distributed among the original 
proprietors, and on the border were half acre house lots granted 
to other settlers, f West of the town was a large stretch of land 
set apart as a commons for pasturage, and west of that was a very 
large tract of land that was afterwards divided among the pro- 

The most distinguished families among the first settlers were 
located on the east side of the present Governor street ; on the two 
sides of the Little (Farmington) river; on the Main street in front 
of the State House; and south of the Little river. 

James Cole had the lot on the corner of two streets, called in 
the old records the one "The road from Moody's to the ox pas- 
ture," or "The road to Wethersfield." This is now Main street. 
The other was called "The road to Wethersfield, " "The Road 
from Wm. Hill's to the ox pasture," "The road to the ox 
pasture." This street was originally named Cole street, and 
retained that name till March 10, 185 i, when it was changed to 
its present name of Governor street, because five Governors of the 
colony and State had lived thereon. J 

Adjoining Mr. Cole's lot on the north, was the lot of Thomas 
Judd, and next to that was the estate of George Wyllys, a Gov- 

*Porter, p. 4. 
tPorter, p. 18. 

jHartford in the olden time, pp. 32, 46. 
Porter, p. 20. 


ernor of the olony, on which estate stood the famous Charter 


Across the street to the east from Mr. Cole's was the estate of 

Thomas Hosmer. 

The following record is found in the hand writing of John Allyn, 

who transcribed the names from the old town book into the 

records in 1665: 

"The proprietors of the undivided lands in Hartford, with each of their propor- 
tions in one division, as follows, according to which proportion they payd for sayd 

In this list is the name ** James Coale, 12, 10."^^ 

Mr. Cole was a cooper by trade, and probably had apprentices, 
as John King came to the colony when 16 years old, in 1645, and 
lived with Mr. Cole till he was of age. f 

He d. in 1652. His will was as follows: 

I, James Cole, of Hartford, upon the river of Connecticut, being of perfect memory 
and soundness of minde, doe according to my duty, (knowing the frailty of my body, 
and uncertainty of my life, for the preventing of distraction to myself while I live, 
and differency in my family when I am gathered to my fathers), make and ordaine 
this, my last will and testament, and do dispose of that outward estate wherewith 
the Lord hath of his abundant mercy blessed me, in the manner following: 

Impri. I give to my deare and well beloved sonn and daughter, Daniel and 
Abigail Sullivane, my new dwelling house in Hartford, with all other out-housings, 
orchard, garden, homelott, with all the appurtanance thereto belonging, with one 
piece of land, being about five acres more or less, lying pennywise, within Weth- 
ersfield bounds; as also one parcel of upland, being about fower acres more or less, 
lying about the Wolf Pond.j all which fore mentioned lands' and housings I give to 
them and their heirs forever, provided that my son Daniel and my daughter 
Abigail, pay yearly to ,my well beloved wife, Ann Cole, the just and full sum of 
three pounds in good current pay, during her natural life; further my will is that 
my wife should have an upper room at the south end of my new dwelling house 
during her widowhood, with free liberty of egress and regress without molestation. 
Further, my will is that shee my wife Ann Cole, should have the use of their fireing 
for her own use in every respect ; and also any fruit or herbs in the orchard or garden 
for her owne particular spending; as also the use of the well belonging to the house. 
Further, if my wife desires to keep a cow, or a^hogg, or some poultry for her par- 

••■Porter, p. 18. 

tHinman, p. 280. 

JThe Wolf Pond was the name given to a lot or two lying on the east side of and 
about the middle of Washington street, on the south side of the Little river. 
Porter, p. 32. 


ticular use, she providing meat for them, my will is that she shall have yard room 
for them where my son Daniel's cattel are usually yarded. 

Item. I give all my cooper's tools equally to be devided between my well 
beloved son William Edwards, and loving cousin Henry Cole. 

Item. I give my deare and well beloved wife, Ann Cole, all my house hold stuff 
of any kind undisposed of, with all my cattel and crop of corn now on the ground, 
with all my debts owing to me, provided that she pays all my just debts, and defray 
all that charge which shall be thought necessary by the overseers of this my will, 
for my christian burial, also I doe desire and appoint my trusty and well beloved 
friends, Mr. John Webster and William Gibbins, overseers of this my will, and 
further I doe appoint my deare and well beloved Ann Cole to be my sole executrix 

of this my last will and testament. 

James Cole. 
• Witnesses, John White, 

Thomas Hosmer. 

Now, although there is no mention in the will of any son I am 
confident that he had a son, John. Hinman says, (page 204) that he 
had, and in the division of public land in November, 1674, the record 
says (Porter, p. 45) that John, the son of the original settler, James 
Cole, received 18 acres, and a year or two later in another division 
he received 15 and 5-8 acres. Again, in 1655, John Coal, residing 
on Wethersfield Lane, was admitted a freeman. Now Wethers- 
field Lane was where James Cole had lived (Porter, page 36). 
Savage says that he had a son by his first wife, named John, who 
probably died young, but on what he based his judgment I am 
unable to say. 

Ann Cole, the widow of James, d. February 20, 1678 (9). 

She evidently saved something from her income during her 
widowhood, or else had property of her own, as she sold two 
pieces of land, one of two acres in the west field to Mr. Lord, 
(old Record Book, page 134), and one of three acres in the pine 
field to Jonathan Gilbert, January 17, i6yy{S). (Old Record 
Book, page 460). 

She gave her house and lot to her son, William Edwards,* dur- 

*William Edwards, the step-son of James Cole, was made a freeman in 1646, and 
resided on the north side of State Square, (Porter, p. 36.) (Goodwin, 48). 

He m. Agnes Spencer, the widow of William Spencer, of Concord, about 1645, 
and had a son, Richard, b. May, 1647, who was the only child. 

W^illiam d. in 1672, (Goodwin, p. 48). His son Richard d. April 20, 171S, leav- 



ing the lives of William and his wife, then to vest in her grand- 
son, Richard Edwards, and his heirs forever. The estate was 103 
pounds, and Richard was appointed administrator. 
The children of James Cole were 

i. Abigail, b. She m. Daniel Sullivane, and is 

mentioned in her father's will. Some three years after 
her father's death, her husband having died, she sold 
her interest in her father's estate to her brother, John 
Cole, for ;^II2. In that conveyance she is called 
Elizabeth, and is mentioned as living in the colony of 
New Haven. 

ii. John Cole, b. , d. 1685. 

JoHN^ Cole {^James^^, the only son of James Cole by his 
first wife, was b. in England. I am of the opinion that he came 
to the colony of Connecticut sometime after his father was 
established there. He was admitted as a freeman in 1655, 
three years after his father's death, and he may not have 
come to the colony till after that event. He is stated as living on 
Wethersfield Lane and that was where his father had lived. In 
the will of James Cole his property was left to his daughter and 
her husband, subject to certain life estate of the widow. Soon 
after his death his son-in-law also died, and in 1655 John bought 
the interest of his sister in the property. The sister, Abigail, (so 
called in her father's will) or Elizabeth (so called in the deed), had 
in the meantime removed to the New^ Haven colony. The con- 
tract of sale is a curiosity, and is given at length: 

" This Indenture witnesseth that I Elizabeth Sullivant of New Haven widdow doe 
by these presents bargain and sell and by these have bargained and sold unto John 
Cole of Hartford all that my house and home lott and all the meadow and lands 
and accommodations belonging and appertaining unto the same. And in consid- 
eration hereof I the said John Cole doe hereby promise to pay or cause to bee payd 

ing an estate of 1652 pounds. He was the grandfather of the celebrated Dr. 
Jonathan Edwards, and the progenitor of the Edwards family of Connecticut. 
(Hinman, p. 220,) (Savage; Goodwin, Geneological Notes, p. 48.) 


to the sayd Elizabeth or her assigns the inst and full somm of fifty eight pounds in 
wheat and pease at 3d and 4d, that is to pay 4d wheat and 3d pease and the said 
prize of fifty eight pounds to be fully satisfied and payd in manner and form fol- 
lowing that is to pay twenty nyne pounds at or before the twentieth day of Aprill 
next ensuing the date hereof and the other twenty nyne pounds at or before the 
twentieth day of Aprill 1657. And for the sure and true payment thereof we have 
hereunto set our hands this third day of October 1655. 

With the sayd house and accommodations is also at the same prize of fifty eight 

pounds alowed a bedstead and a table. 

Elizabeth Sullivant. 

John Cole, 

Received of the summs above specified by order from Mr. Goodyear and upon 
his account the summ of forty nyne pounds ten shillings. July the third (57) 

Henry Wolcott." 

Savage says that Mr. Cole was Constable in 1657. That office 
was in former times a very honorable and dignified one, and was 
held by the reliable men of the colony. 

In the oldest book of records in Hartford is given a list of his real 
estate for taxation. The list is as follows: 

Lands belonging to John Cole.* 

1. One Parcel of land in the Ox pasture, which he bought of John Whitting, Dea. 

Edward Stribling and others, containing by estimate about eight acres, 
abuting on the highway leading to Wethersfield on the west, on Mr. Hames 
meadow on the east, on Philip Davis's land on the north, and on Mr. Hop- 
kins' Ox Pasture on the south. Recorded Jan 1 1, 1665. 

2. One Parcel o{ land which he bought of Thomas Hosmer containing five roods, 

lying in the forty acres belonging to the south meadow, and is grass land, 
and abuts on John White's land on the north, and Thomas Selding's land 
on the south, and on Ben. Harbor's and a swamp on the west and on Thomas 
Hosmer's on the east, as appears by a writing dated July 26, 1671 Recorded 
February 17, 1678. 

3. One Parcel of upland which he bought of John Wilcox containing seventeen 

acres, abuting on a pond in John White's swamp on the east, upon Wethers- 
field bounds on the south, on the highway on the west end of the Ox 
Pasture Lots on the west, and on G. Winter's on the north, as by deed 
of September 18, i66o. Recorded February 20, 1673. 

4. One Parcel of land which he bought of Samuel Wills, abuting on the highway 

on the east, on Mr. Will's home lot on the north, and on Cole's house lot 
on the south and west, as by deed of February, 1673 containing one Rood, 
Recorded February 20, 1673. 

5. One Parcel of land which he bought of James Steel, lying in the forty acres, 

which containeth two acres by estimation, and abuteth on the Wethersfield 

•Book of Records (not numbered) pp. 541, 564. 


bounds or John Cole's land on the south, on John White's on the west, on 
Thomas Standish's Island on the east, and on James Steel's on the north, 
as by deed of February i8, 1673. Recorded January 23, 1674. 

6. One Parcel of Swamp land of five and a half acres, bought of John White 

abuting on John ^Cole's land the Wethersfield bounds on the south, on 
John Cole's land on the east and west, and on John White's and Thomas 
Wells' on the north, as by deed of February 16, 1674, and acknowledged 
April 9, 1675. 

7. One Pai-cel of land lying on the east side of the Great River which he bought 

of William Edwards, containing one acre and three roods abuting on 
Thomas Spencer's land on the north, on lands of Nathaniel Barding's 
heirs on the west, on Thomas Olcott's land on the east, and on the high- 
way from the river eastward on the south, as by deed of April 9, 1675. 

8. One Parcel \y\x\g in long lots abuting on the highway on the north, on land 

of N. Rogers on the south, on the Commons on the east, and on the Farm- 
ington bounds on the west, containing eighteen acres, being six rods wide. 
(This was a portion of the large tract of land lying between the Commons 
and Farmington, which the proprietors on January 30, 1672(3), voted to have 
laid out in lots and divided. This division was consummated in November, 
1674. The lots were laid out of different widths but were all one and one- 
half miles long. The town had previously voted (February 9, 1671(2), 
"That when any of the undevided lands shall be laid out every proprietor 
for himself and those he stands for shall receive his proportion of what lands 
shall be agreed to be laid out, according to the rule for division of lands 
agreed upon and entered in the town book dated January 3, 1639, of which 
this on the other side (James Coale 12, 10, etc.), is a copy of the proportion. 
In this division Lot No. 22, went to John Cole, son of James, (Porter pp. 


9. One parcel of land given him by the proprietors on four mile hill abuting on the 

highway from Farmington to Wethersfield on the east, on the land of J. 
Mitchel and others on the west, Philip Davis land on the north, on Joseph 
Smith's land on the south, containing fifteen and one half acres, 25 rods 
wide and 100 rods long, as laid out by James Steel and certified to January 
2, 1681, and recorded the same day. (This is a lot of land that he got out 
of the land disposed of by the following: " At a meeting of the proprie- 
tors of the undevided lands in Hartford -January 3, 1677(8). The proprie- 
tors voted It was also voted that the piece of land lying 

next Wethersfield bounds, and is an overplus after the lots are laid out, shall 
be laid out in five tiers of lots; the middle tier of lots shall be 20 acre lots, 
the tier next the town commons lo acre lots, the others 15 acre lots; and 
those to whom the lots shall be given are not to sell them before they are 
fenced in and improved." John Cole got lot No. 3 in the third tier. (Porter 
pp. 45-46.) 
10. One parcel o{ land which he bought of Elizabeth Sullivant, containing 3 acres 
and 2 roods, abuting on the highway on the south, east and west, and on 
the land of Thomas Judd on the north. (This was the land he bought in 1655 
and was the old homestead of James Cole.) 


II. One parcel of land bought of Elizabeth Sullivant formerly land of Mr. Hol- 
lister, containing five acres, abuting on J. Wilcox land on the east, James 
Cole's land on the north, and the Great river on the vk^est. Recorded June 
4, 1684. 

So it will be seen that in twenty-two years he had obtained pos- 
session of over eighty acres of land. 

The following from the Court Records of Hartford, refers to 

"June 8, 1661, General Sessions. This Court, taking into consideration ye 
estate yt is in John Cole's improvement, yt formerly belonged too Edward Hopkins 
Esq., doe order that ye shal require and take into his custody and improve- 
ment, ye rent of ye house and land at Hartford from John Cole, and to be account- 
able for ye same, when ye Court shall call him ther' wnt. Ye Treas-. 

urer and Willm Wadsworth aer desired to acquaint John Cole that ye Court 
expects him to continue in ye improvement of ye farm according to his lease, and 
it lieth with them to inform him that ye Court desires and is ready to. encourage 
him in the business in the future." 

This land was a large tract of meadow on the south side of the 
Farmington or Little river, and east of the Main street, extending 
towards the Great or Connecticut river. 

In his will, dated August 4, 1683, are bequests as follows: 

That his son John, of Farmington, should have 30 pounds payd him out of the 
estate, besides what he hath had, and that he should also have his wearing clothes; 
that his daughter Benton, and his daughter Wilson, should have five pounds 
apiece, also paid out of it; that his son Job, in England, should have ten pounds, 
if it can be conveyed to him; and that his loving wife should have six pounds a 
year allowed her out of his estate while she liveth, and a cow, which shall be kept 
also winter and summer, and she shall have her wood; and the rest of his estate 
shall be divided between his sons Samuel and Nathaniel, excepting the housing and 
home lot, and his wife consenting, that is that his son Samuel should have the 
home lot as wide as his own down to the ditch, and that he should have twenty 
bushels ofapels a year for six years; and the rest of the houseing and houselot 
should be given to his son, Nathaniel; only his wife shall have two rooms in the 
house while she liveth, if she see cause to live there, and she shall have the dis- 
posal of the household stuffs; and Hannah Yeoman shall have forty shillings, and 
his will is that Ensign Nathaniel Stanley and Stephen Hosmore, his loving friends, 
would see the performance of this his will. Witness this 4 August, 1683. 

Stephen Hosmore, John Cole. 

Benjamin Ghrimes. 

Book 4, page 237. The inventory of John Cole's estate, 
deceased, taken the 17th day of November, 1685, his wearing 


apparel and other personal estate together with the real estate was 
inventoried, and the amount of the inventory was 396 pounds, 18 
shillings, 6 pence. 

At a Court held at Hartford, March 4, 1686, the following was 

"The last will and testament of John Cole was exhibited in Court, proved and 
ordered to be recorded, with an inventory of his estate, and this Court grants 
administration on the estate to same, and Nathaniel Cole, with the will annexed." 
(Bk. 4, p. 117.) 

He died in 1685. 

It is his daughter that is referred to in the curious letter of the 
Rev. John Whiting to the Rev. Increase Mather, dated at Hart- 
ford, October 4, 1682, and giving an account of the case of Ann 
Cole, supposed to have been bewitched, in 1662, by a woman who 
was next door neighbor, and who was afterwards executed. Mr. 
Cole is referred to as "3. Godly man among us." The minister 
says that Ann recovered from her strange fits after the death of 
the witch. The letter, with a full account of the witch, may 
be found in Massachusetts Historical Collections, Fourth Series, 
Vol. VIII, p. 466. 

The children of John Cole were: 

3. i. John, b. 

ii. Job, b. He is mentioned in his father's will as 

living in England. He probably always lived there. 

4. iii. Samuel, b. d. 1694. 

iv. Mary, b. June 27, 1654, probably d. young. 

V. Ann, b. , m. Andrew Benton, a freeman of Mil- 
ford, Connecticut, who moved to Hartford, and 
admitted freeman there in 1664, and married Ann as 
his second wife. They lived on Wethersfield Lane. 
The proprietors voted hinx lot No. 3 in the first tier 
of lots (10 acres), in the division of j6j'/{S). Her 
children were Ebenezer, Lydia, and Hannah, who 
m. EdwaM Schofield, of Haddam. She d. 1686. 
Benton d. July 31, 1683, leaving an estate of 364 

vi. Lydia, b. , m. John Wilson, and had children 

John, Stebbing, Hannah and Mary. He was the son 


of Robt. of Windsor, and was made freeman 1675. 
He d. Jan 16. 1698. 
5. vii. Nathaniel, b. , d. in Hartford, April 28, 1700. 

John3 Cole {John," Jaifies,^) the oldest son of John and Mary 
Cole. He settled in Farmington, and was one of the 

prominent men of the town. November 30, 1657, he was elected 

constable, which office he held for two years. The following 

receipt is copied from the records: 

" Hartford, 1657. 

•' Received of John Cole, constable for this year in Farmington, the sum of 

fifteen pounds five shillings, wich is for that town's proportion in the year of his 

constableship. In witness of the fact, I say received this day, 30th Novembr, 

15 pounds 5 shillings. JoiiN CuLLOCK." 

In May, 1669, he was Commissioner for the town. 
The children of John and Rachel Cole were: 

6. i. John, b. 1665. 
ii. Rachel, b. 1668. 

7. iii. Samuel, b. 1676. 

8. iv. Nathaniel, b. 1678. 

V. Dorothy, b. July 3, 168 1. 
vi. Lydia, b. Mar. 22, 1684. (Mar. 18, 1685.) 


Samuel3 Cole {John,^ /aincs\ ). He was a freeman of Hartford, 
but the records do not show that he held any public office. 

The list of his land for taxation is as follows: ( Hartford 
Records, Book I, page 10.) 

Land belonging to Samuel Cole in 1685-6: 

Home place, containing one acre three roods, abuting^on the highway on the south 
and west, and on Watson's and Nath. Cole's land on the North, on Nath'l 
Cole's land on the east. 

The Ox Pasture of eight acres on the Wethersfield road, abuting on the highway 
leading to Wethersfield on the west, on Henry Ghrime's land on the south, on 
Phillip Davis's land on the north, and on Mr. Haines' meadow on the east. 


One parcel in the south meadow, which was James Steel's, and abuts on said 
Steel's land north, Wethersfield bounds south, Thomas Standish's east, and 
Nathaniel Coale's land west. (2 a.) 

One parcel in the Ox Pasture of fourteen acres, and abuts on the Wethersfield road 
on the east, on the bounds between Wethersfield and Hartford on the south, 
on Nath'l Sanford's laiM north, and on a highway on the west. 

One parcel in the long lots containing eighteen acres, abuting on Farmington on 
tbe west, on Hartford Commons on the east, on the highway on the north, 
and on Rodgers' land on the south, which became his by his father's will and 
the division of Samuel and Nathaniel. Recorded Mar. 12, 1684. 

Thus it will be seen that in the division between Samuel and 
Nathaniel, under their father's will, that Samuel took parcels No. 
I, No 5, 14 acres of No. 3, No. 8, and one and three-quarters 
acres of the west part of the homestead, (on which he built his 
house,) while Nathaniel took the rest of the homestead and the 
other parcels, except No. 11. Of this I find no mention in the 
share of either. 

His will is as follows: 

" I, Samuel Cole, of Hartford, being weak in body though in perfect memory, 
and not knowing the day of my death doe ordayne this my last will and comit my 
spirit in to the hands of Jesus Christ my Redeemer and my body to a comly buriall 
at the discresion of my executors and after all my just debts and funeral expences 
are payed I dispose of what estate God has trusted me with in manner and form 

I give to my beloved wife Mary the use of all my estate untill my children shall 
atayn their ages, the sonns of twenty one years and the daughter eighteen years 
of age. 

I give to my wife a third part of all my moveable estate and to rooms in my dwell- 
ing house which she shall choose during her widowhood and a third part of all my 
land during her natural life. 

I give to my son Samuel Cole my house and barn and house lot. 

I give to my son Ickabod my land at the Ox Pasture, bounding on Goodman 
Davis north, and Benjamin Ghrimes south. 

I give to my other two sons John and Jonathan all my land at poke hill to be 
equally devided between them. 

My will is that my three daughters, Elizabeth, Dorothy and Hannah shall 
have twenty pounds apiece out of my estate. 

My will is that if there any estate left it be equally devided between my children 
and if any fall short that each should abate according to their proportion given 
them and if any of them dye before they atayne the age above sayd that then the 
part or parts shall go to the survivors equally between them and I leave it with my 
executors and overseers hereafter mentioned according to their best discretion to 
put my sons out to trades that may be most suitable. 


I desire and appoint my loving wife executrix of this my last will and when my 
son Samuel Cole shall atayne the age of twenty one years of age I appoint him to 
be joint executor with his mother and I desire my loving brother Nathaniel Cole 
and Samuel Kelog to be my overseers and to assist my executors according to the 
best of their ability. 

Samuel Cole declared this to be his last will this 14 day of March, 1693, i" the 

presence of us whose names are underwritten. 

Caleb Watson, 

her mark 

Mary M Seymour." 
The following entry shows the date of his death: 

"An inventory of the estate of Samuel Cole, of Hartfort, deceased March 16, 
1693(4), was made by Ciprian Nichols and Jacob White, May 29, 1694." 

His wife was Mary . He died March 16, 1693. 

The children of Samuel and Mary Cole were: 

9. i. Samuel, b. about 1673. 

10. ii. Ichabod, b. , d. in Middletown, Apr. 4, 171 t. 

11. iii. John, b. d. in Hartford, Mar. 1775. 

12. iv. Jonathan, b. , d. in 1761 in Hartford. 

V. Elizabeth, b. , m. Richard Smith, Dec. 20, 1705. 

vi. Dorothy, b. 
vii. Hannah, b.- 


Nathaniel^ Cole [John,^ James\). He was born and lived all his 
life in Hartford. He was appointed administrator of his father's 
will in March, 1686, and in the division under that will he received 
the parcels No. 2, four and a half acres of No. 3, No. 6, No. 7, 
No. 9, and two and a half acres of the east half of the homestead, 
on which the house stood. He accumulated considerable prop- 
erty, as is shown by the list of land owned by him and listed for 
taxation. Book I, page 10. (Omitting the land that came from 
his father, which has been given above.) 

I. One parcel -which, he received of Joseph Benton being upland, containing by 
estimation four acres bounded as followeth: east on the highway leading 
from Mr. Steel's to the West Swamp; west on land formerly belonging to 
John Moody; north on the highway; south on land belonging to Nathaniel 
Cole as by his deed February 3, 1695(6). 


2. One parcel which he bought of Caleb Watson, containing by estimation six 

acres, and two roods abutting on the highway leading from George Steel's to 
the Great Swamp of the east; on the highway lying by Rocky Hill on the 
west; on land formerly Thomas Graves' on the south; and on land of George 
Stockings on the north, as may appear by a deed of sale dated May 3, 1680, 

3. One parcel which he bought of Joseph Smith containing three acres, abuting 

on the highway leading from Geo. Steel's to the Great Swamp on the east, 
and on the highway leading up to Rocky Hill on the west; on Thomas 
Catlin's land on the north, and on land belonging to James Richards' heirs 
on the south, as appears by deed dated February 26, 1683. 

4. One parcel oi land which he bought of Robert Stanley, containing seven acres, 

abuting on the highway leading from the town to the Great Swamp on the 
east; on Mr. Joseph Whiting's land on the north; on Jonathan Bull's land 
on the south; and on the highway by Rocky Hill on the west, as appears by 
deed dated February 27, 1783. 

5. One parcel oi land which he bought of Andrew Benton, containing four acres, 

abuting on the highway leading from Geo. Steel's to the Great Swamp on 
the east, his own land on the south, Samuel Moody's land on the west, and 
on Joseph Benton's land on the north, as appears by deed dated March 6, 

6. One parcel of land which he bought of Capt. Thomas Watts, and was confirmed 

to him by his wife's executors, lying on the east side of Rocky Hill on the 
west, on Phillip Davis' land on the north, on John Bidwell's land on the 
south, and on a highway on the east, as appears by deed dated June 22, 

Thus it will be seen that he had bought between twenty-five and 
thirty acres of land between two highways, bounded on the east 
by the present Washington street (Porter, p. 20-33), toward the 
south part of the town. The Great Swamp was a tract of about 
400 acres in the south part of the town. (Porter, p. 30.) 

Omitting the five parcels which he inherited, we go on with the 
record : 

12. One parcel of land which he bought of John Andrews, lying in the Ox Pasture 

three roods and abuts on the highway leading to Wethersfield on the west, 
on John White's land on the east, on sayd Coal's own land on the south, and 
sayd John Andrew's land on the north, and is three rods wide and forty-one 
rods in length, as appears by deed dated May 20, 1686. 

13. One parcel of land which he bought of Mr. Joseph Welles, lying in the south 

meadow in the forty acres, containing four acres and abuts on John White's 
land on the north, and on the west, and on the east, and on Nathaniel Cole's 
own land on the south, as appears by deed April 5, 1693. 

14. One parcel of land which he bought of John Moody, containing twelve acres, 

and abuts west on a highway leading from Mr. Webster's southerly to the 
Great Swamp, and on land formerly Mr. John Whitings and Henry Ghrimes' 


on the east, and on Andrew Benton's land on the north, and on Mr. Rich- 
ard's land on the south, as appears by deed dated April 25, 1793. 

15, One parcel of land which he bought of Mrs. Susana Webster, lying in the 
south meadow swamp, containing an acre and a rood, and abuts on Samuel 
Wylly's land on the north, of land formerly of Mr. Thomas Wells on the 
south, on said Mrs. Webster's land on the east and west as appears by her 
deed dated March 18, 1694(5). 

Thus by inheritance and by purchase he possessed fifteen parcels 
of land amounting to upwards of seventy-five acres. 

He probably purchased other lands after this date, but the 
record has not been found. 

He died April 20, 1708. His will is as follows: 

" In the name of God Amen: the seventeenth day of aperill in the year of our 
Lord 1708 I Nathaniel Coale Of the town of Hartford in The Colony of Conn., 
being sick in Body but of sound and perfect rememberance (blessed be the name of 
the Lord for it) do constitute ordain and make this my last will and testament in 
manner and form following. First I commit my soul into the hand of Almighty 
God my Creator who gave, trusting and relying to be saved by the only and 
the lone merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer, and my body to a decent and Christian 
burial, and for my worldly estate wherewith God has blessed me of his Mercy 
and goodness, I give and bequeath as follows: 

To my loving and dear wife Mary Coale one third part of all my moveable estate 
forever (my said wife to let Ebenezer Benton have a bed out of it) and also one 
third part of all my real estate to improve to her use during her natural life (only 
my said wife is to pay one third part of the purchase money of that land I bought 
of Ichabod Coale), also I give my said wife the improvement of the south end of 
my house to live in and one third of the barn during the time she shall remain 
a widow, but if my said wife should marry that then she shall release her third 
part of the house lot and take it out in other lands. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my loving son Nathaniel Coale all the rest of my 
movable estate not given to my wife, and also all my lands (except the improvement 
of one third part of them given as above to my said wife), also my will is that 
Ebenezer Benton should be maintained by my wife and my son jointly so long as 
my wife shall remain a widow, but if she should marry that then my son Nathaniel 
Coale shall take care to maintain him during his natural life, if my son Nathaniel 
shall live to survive him, and that my said son shall have what estate was given to 
maintain the said Ebenezer Benton not yet disposed of for his maintainance, and 
I do make and constitute my son Nathaniel Coale sole executor of this my last will 
and testament. 

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year 

above written. 

Nathaniel Cole, Senior. 
Hezekiah Willis, 
Jonathan Webster. 


June 7, 1708, Nathaniel Cole appointed administrator and gave 


July 5, 1708, inventory filed amounting to 572 pounds, 9 shil- 
lings, 8 pence. (Book 7, p. 114.) 

He married November, 1676, Lydia Davis, who died 1683. 
October 23, 1689, he married again, Mary Benton, by whom he 
had no children. He died April 20, 1708. 

The only child of Nathaniel and Lydia (Davis) Cole was: 
13. i. Nathaniel, b. Nov. 6, 1682, d. in Hartford, April 20, 


JoHN^ Cole {John,^^ John,'^ James, ^) born 1665, in Farmington, 
probably. He lived in that town all of his life. Joined the 
church March 15, 1693. He married a daughter of Deacon Hart. 

The children of John and (Hart) Cole were: 

i. Sarah, b ? Aug. 27, 1693. 
14. ii. John, b. Mar. 15, 1695(6). 


Samuel'* Cole {John,^^ Johh,- James,^) born in Farmington, 


Nathaniel^ Cole, { Jo hn, ^ John, ^ James, ^) born in Farmington, 


Saivuel"* Cole, {Samuel;-^ John,' James. ^) the eldest son of 
Samuel and Mary Cole, was born in Hartford about 1672. He 


married Mary, daughter of James Kingsbury, of Plainfield, 
January 2, 1693. 

The children of Samuel and Mary (Kingsbury) Cole were: 

i. (A son) — ez. b. Feb. 9, 1698. 
15. ii. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 18, 1701. 

Selah (Caleb)] b. Feb. 8, 1703. 

16. iii 


^ b. Feb. 18, 1705. 
V. Abigail, b. Sept. 18, 1706. 
vi. Mary, b. July 10, 1707. 

17. vii. Samuel, b. Feb. 7. 1710. 

18. viii. Ichabod, b. Mar. [17 12 ?] 

ix. Dorothy, b. Nov. 27, [17 14 ?] 

Under his father's will he received the homestead. 


Ichabod^ Cole {Sanmel,= John;' Jmncs,^) born in Hartford. 
Moved to Middletown, Connecticut, and settled there. He 
married Sarah . He died April 4, 17 n. 

The children of Ichabod and Sarah Cole were: 

19 i. Stephen, b. July 17, 1708. 

ii. Rachael, b. Jan, 23, 17 10. 

Under his father's will he received a lot of eight acres in the ox 

pasture. He sold this to his uncle, Nathaniel Cole, Sr. , about 

1707, and moved to Middletown. 

I I 

JoHN-^ Cole {Sainue I, ^^ John, ^~ James, ^). He was the third son 

of Samuel Cole, and was probably a youth when his father died 

in 1694. (See Jonathan for account of inherited property.) He 

married Elizabeth Goodwin, of Hartford, September 12, 17 13. 

He had children: 

i. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 7, 1714. Probably d. young, 
ii. Jerushe, b. June 17, 1715(6,) m. Thomas Tisdale. 
iii. Lydia, b. Nov. 2, 17 18. Probably d. young. 


He may have had others, but these are all that are recorded. 
He died about 1775, as on March 23, of that year, administration 
on his estate was granted to Capt. Aaron Bull and Barnabus 
Hinsdale. He is spoken of as Lieut. John Cole. 

In the inventory of the estate the following land is mentioned: 

16 acres in the ox pasture lot, a lot in the back lane, a pasture of 12 acres at the 
lower end of the back lane, and 30 acres in the west division. 

The inventory amounted to ^722 6s 7d. The appraisers in 
their report set off to the widow Rachel her dower interest in the 

"And the whole of the remainder to Jemima, wife of Thomas Tisdale, only 
child of the said deceased." (Bk. 23, p. 56.) 

Therefore, his wife must have died, and he taken a second; and 
also his youngest and oldest daughters died young. 


Jonathan^ Cole {^Sainiiel,^" JohHy'^ James, ^) the fourth son of 
Samuel Cole. He must have been quite young when his father 
died in 1694, and I judge him to have been born not far from 

Under the terms of his father's will, he, with his brother John, 
received all the land of the father not specifically disposed of by 
that will. This would be two acres in the south meadow, four- 
teen acres in the ox pasture abutting on the Wethersfield bounds, 
and eighteen acres in the long lots, unless Samuel had disposed 
of them before his death, and there is no evidence of that. 

The brothers also were heirs of the one-half interest that their 
father had in the undivided lands of the town. This from the 
original proprietor James, through his son John. And they 


obtained a tract of land in the division of that portion of land lying 
east of the river, which was divided after their father's death. 

This land was in the present towns of East Hartford and Man- 
chester. On January 13, 1714(5), he conveyed to Joseph Bigelow 
for a consideration of twenty-seven pounds, a lot of six acres and 
three rods, bounded on the east by land of George Kilbourne,on the 
north by the highway, on the west by the land of the said Bigelow 
and on the south by the land of Jacob Bunce and William Good- 
rich. I judge this to have been on the east side of the river. 

He moved onto his land on the east side of the river and I think 
lived there all his life. 

On March 3, 1736, he and his brother John, conveyed to Ezekiel 
Webster "The moity or half of a certain lot of land lying and 
being in Hartford aforesaid, and in the second division or tier of 
lots from Bolton westward in the tract of land commonly called the 
five miles on the east side of the great river of Connecticut, which 
half is in quantity twenty-one acres and a half, be it more or less, 
the whole lot being out of the right of our honored grandfather John 
Cole, late of said Hartford deceased, and is bounded north and south 
with the land of said Ezekiel Webster and the said lyeth in common 
and undivided with the other half thereof now belonging to said 
Webster which he bought of John Cole, son of Nathaniel Cole 
deceased and is bounded east and west with highways." 

On June 2, 1756, he sold for ninety pounds two acres of land 
"being part of the lot on which I dwell and is bounded north on 
the land of John Goodwin, south on land of Benjamin Roberts, 
east on land of John Hurlburt running west till it makes two acres 
by measure." That is two acres off the east end of his home lot. 

I suppose that his oldest son became of age about 1749 or per- 
haps earlier, for on April 24 of that year he gave to his son Jona- 
than, Jr., a small lot twelve rods long by two and a hsH rods wide 
in the northwest corner of his home lot. This was presnmable as 
a house lot. 


He died about 1760, as on January i, 1761, letters of administra- 
tion on his estate were granted to his widow Mary and Jonathan 
Olmstead, and they gave bond in the sum of three hundred pounds. 
The administrators exhibited their first account May 20, 1761, 
and it was approved and filed. 

On January 5, 1762, the administrators made a deed in which they 
recite their authority specially granted by the general assembly of 
the colony and the advise of the Probate court of Hartford, Connec- 
ticut, in the matter, and convey for ;^24 7s 6d to John Hurlburt, ' 'one 
parcel of land belonging to the estate of Jonathan Cole deceased, 
being in Hartford aforesaid, on the east side of the great river, 
being about six and a quarter acres, bounded as follows: North by 
land of John Hurlburt, south by land of Benjamin Roberts, east by 
land of John Hurlburt and west partly by land of Mary Cole, now 
the wife of John Kendall and partly on land of Hannah Cole." 

The widow died in July, 1763, probably, as administration on her 
estate was granted August i, 1763, to Deacon Wm. Whiting, 
who gave bond in the sum of ^100. 

The children of Jonathan and Mary Cole were: 

20. i. Jonathan, b. 

ii. Mary, b. m. John Kendall,, of East Hartford. 

She was referred to in a deed of January 5, 1762. 
Kendall bought land of Samuel Flagg, in East Hart- 
ford, June I, 1789. In the papers of the Rev. Dr. 
Williams, of Hartford, it is noted that "old Mr. Ken- 
dall d. in June, 1806." 

iii. Hannah, b. . 

21. iv. David (?), b. 

And perhaps others. 


Natha^iel^ Cole [Nathaniel,^ John,^ James,'') the only son of 
Nathaniel and Lydia (Davis) Cole, was born in Hartford, November 


6, 1882. He was administrator of his father's estate, and it is 
probable lived quietly in Hartford all his life. He married Eliz- 
abeth Knight, daughter of George Knight, June 12, 1707. He 
died August 20, 1735. 
Their only child was: 

i. John, b. February 15, 1708. 

22. ^ 


John5 Cole {John,^ Jo/m,^ John,'' James,'). He was born in 
Farmington, March 15, 1796. He probably lived there all of his 


In the family of Charles L. Cole, of Cullman, Alabama, there 
is an old deed and also a note of hand that probably refer to him. 
They are as follows: 

A Deed from David Bull to John Cole of Kensington, Town of Farmington, 
County of Hartford, Colony of Ct., dated Apr. 5 in the ninth year of his magisty's 
reign A. D. 1 736. Received for record Apr. 8 1736 in Book 5 folio 684. 

Signed, John Hooker, Register. 

A Note of Hand given to John Cole of Kensington, for fifteen pounds, current 
bills of Public Credit of the said Colony or neighboring Provinces. 

Dated Feb. 12, 1733. Signed, William Scoville. 

These papers refer to him or to his father, but I think to him. 
His children were: 

26. i. John, b. 

Probably others. 


Nathaniels Cole {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ John r James,') born August 
18, 1701. 



(Selah or Caleb) Cole {Saimtel,^ Saifiuel,^^ Johii,^ Javics,^) born 
February 8, 1703. 


Samuel^ Cole (Samuel,'^ Saimicl,^^ John, "^ James, ^) born Febru- 
ruary 7, 1 7 10. 


Ichabods Cole {Samuel,^ Saimiel,^^ Jokn,^ James, ^) born March, 


Stephen^ Cole {Ichabod,^ Samtie I, ^^ John, ^ James, ^) born in Mid- 
dletown, Connecticut, July 17, 1708. His father died when the boy 
was three years old. I think he is the one of the same name who 
lived in Farmington in 1761, and served as appraiser of the estate 
of Mathew Cole in that year, but possibly not. 


Jonathan^ Cole {Jonathan, ^ Samuel, 3 John, - James, ') . Probably 

the oldest child of Jonathan and Mary Cole. Born On 

April 24, 1749, his father deeded him a small lot for a house, off his 
own home lot in east Hartford. The only other mention of him 
in the records is on June 29, 1756, when he sold a tract of three 
roods of land, about forty rods east of the South Meeting house, 
to Capt. Daniel Goodwin, of Hartford. This land is described as 
follows: " Bounded south on a highway that leads to the meadow; 



west partly on the town bound and partly on Widow Grosse's 
land, and east on said Goodwin's land, and north on John Skinner 
Jr. 's land." 

I suspect that about this time he removed from the town. 


David5 Cole {Jonathan,^ Savmel,^^ John,'' James, ^). He was 
probably a son of Jonathan and Mary Cole. On September 12, 
175 1, he was a witness to a deed from Caleb Olmstead to 

Jonathan Cole. He married Hannah about 1753. In the 

Hartford Probate Records, book 20, p. 187, appears an entry that 
shows that on October 7, 1769, Hannah, wife of David Cole, 
was appointed guardian of her children, Samuel, aged fourteen, 
and David, aged thirteen. The record recites that David Cole, 
Sr., had not been heard from for nearly seven years. 

The children then were: 

27. i. Samuel, b. 1755- 

28. ii. David, b. 1756. 


Johns Cole {Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,'^ John,- James,") the only 
child of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Knight) Cole, was born in Hart- 
ford, February 15, 1708. He inherited a handsome estate from 
his father. I think he became a physician and practiced in 
Hartford, but I am not sure. 


JoHN^ Cole { Jo hn,'^ John, ^ John,- John, "" James,"). He was 
probably born in Farmington, Connecticut, and lived there or in 
some other Connecticut town. Very little is known about him. 


His children were: 

30. i. John, b. . 

31. ii. Gideon, b. . 

32. iii. Ezekiel, b. . 


John7 Cole {Jo/in,^' John,'^ John,^ John,^ John;' James,^). He 
was born in Connecticut. He moved to Rome, Oneida county, 
New York, where he Hved and died. There is a tradition in the 
family that there was a long gun handed down from father to son, 
and that when it came to this son he caused it to be cut off. 

He left two sons: 

33. i. Ichabod, b. . 

34. ii. William, b. . 


Gideon^ Cole {John,^ John,^ John,^ John,^^ Johi,^ James, ^). He 
was born in Farmington, Connecticut,' May 15, 175 i. He married 

September 25, 1777, Chloe . She was born October 15, 

1756. Mr. Cole moved from Connecticut to Clinton, Oneida 
county. New York, and in 18 14 from there to Prattsburg, Steuben 
county. It is said that at this time he was offered the tract 
of land on which the city of Rochester was afterwards located, 
but he refused to settle in a swamp and preferred the hills of 
Steuben. He raised a large family of children, who became 
•'men and women of excellent and superior qualities of mind and 
heart, and made very useful and influential citizens." He died 
in Prattsburg, September, 1826. 

His children were: 

i. Anna, b. Sept. 25, 1778, m. Benj. Wood; d. in Chili, 
N. Y. She had five children. 


35. ii. Henderson, b. Apr. 8, 1780, d. in Elkhart, Ind., Sept. 9, 
iii. Nancy, b. Oct. 19, 1781, m. Israel Gardner; d. in 

Prattsburg. She had two children, 
iv. Betsy, b. Jan. 30, 1783. She m. Sept. 12, 1800, Tim- 
othy Barnes who was b. Jan. 30, 1780. She d. 1807, 
in Jerusalem, N. Y. Her children were: i. Betsy 
Ann, b. Feb. 25, 1802, d. Nov. 15, 1807. 2. Lev- 
erett Munson, b. Aug. 10, 1803, d. Feb. 25, 1813. 

3. Amy Maria, b. Jan. 8, 1805, who m. Stan- 
ton and moved to Rochester, Peoria Co., 111., where 
she d. Nov. 24, 1850. She had two sons and two 

V. Amanda, b. Sept. 25, 1784, m. Joel (Rufus?) Stanton, 

d. in Pulteny, N. Y. She had two children, 
vi. Emily, b. Jan. 29, 1786, m. David Parmalee. and 2nd, 
Anson Bull. d. in Vernon, N.Y. Had three children, 
vii. Almira, b. Jan. 17, 1791. She m. Nov. 7, 1808, Tim- 
othy Barnes, the husband of her sister Betsy, deceased, 
and d. in Prattsburg, Aug. 26, 1820. Their children 
were: i. Eliza, b. Feb 3, 18 10, m. (i) Chauncy 
Messenger, and had two sons; she m. (2) Jacob Ross 
and went to Scandanavia, Republic Co., Kan., about 
1870, where she d. m Aug., 1884. 2. Erastus, b. 
Aug. 5, 181 1, m. Eliza Eddy, Feb. 24, 1846; he 
lives in Barnes, Pa., and has three daughters; his 
only son d. Sept. 11, 1881, aged 31. 3. Timothy 
Munson, b. May 16, 1813, and d. Nov. 29, 1820. 

4. Leverett, b. Jan. 30, 1815, m. Sept. 6, 1840, Ad- 
eline Sperry, and had four sons and one daughter. 
For fifty years he has lived at Chester, O. 5. Asa 
Harmon, b. Jan. 2, 18 17, m. Sept. 13. 1840, Let- 
tetia P'orce, and had six sons and two daughters. He 
lived in Kingsvillc, O., for four years, and all the rest 
of his life at Barnes, Pa. He d. Jan. 21, 1875. 
6. Chloe Amanda, b. Nov. 11, 1818, m.True Greeley 
in 1838. She had two daughters and one son, and 
resides in Tiskalwa, 111. 

36. viii. Horace, b. July i, 1792, d. in Roscoe, III., in 1862. 

ix. Rhoda, b. Apr. 29, 1795, m. John Bramble. Had six 

37. x. Hiram G., b. Mar. 4, 1798, d. in Prattsburg, Feb. 26, 

xi. Chloe, b. Mar. 24, 1800, m. Theron Lmdsey, d. m 1873, 

in Milford, Oakland Co., Mich. Her children were: 

Pletcher, Harmon, Charles, Lydia, Sarah. 


xii. Harmon, b. May 29, 1802, d. 1825, while a young 
nnan; unmarried. 


EzEKiEL^ Cole {John,^ Jo/ui,'^ John,'^ Jo/ui,^^ John,- Ja7nes^). 


IcHABOD^ Cole {John, 7 John, ^ Jo hn,^ John, ^ John, ^ John, ^ James''). 


William^ Cole (John, ^ John, ^ John,^ Johi, "^ John, ^ John, ^ James"^). 


Henderson^ Cole (Gideon,'^ /ohn,^ John, ^ John, "^ John, ^ John, ^ 
James,') born in Litchfield, (?) Connecticut, April 8, 1780, died 
near Elkhart, Indiana, September 29, 1851. He married Betsy 
Parmalee, who was born in Connecticut, December i, 1783, and 
died near Elkhart, December 15, 1870. The families of both 
moved to Oneida county, New York, and they were married 
just before or just after the removal, July 4, 1807. From Oneida 
county they removed to Ontario county and settled on that part 
that was afterwards set off to Yates county. They lived in the 
town of Italy (P. O. Italy Hill) till 1838, when they removed 
to Elkhart, Indiana, where they spent the rest of their lives. 
Mr. Cole for a time held a commission as Justice of the Peace in 
New York State. He was a farmer all his life. 


His children were: 

38. i. Truman, b. Apr. 9. 1810. 

39. ii. Orin, b. Oct. 10, 181 1. 

iii. Phile Ann, b. Sept. 16, 18 13. She m. Nathan Harris, 
in Yates Co., N. Y. They removed to Elkhart Co., 
Ind., where Mr. Harris d. in 1838. leavings two sons: 
I. Dwight M. Harris, now in the employ of the 
L. S. & M. S. R'y in Elkhart; and 2. Charles C. 
Harris, a passenger conductor on the L. S. & M. S. 
R'y, living in Elkhart. After the death of her hus- 
band, Mrs. Harris, with her children, returned to 
Yates Co., where she m. Albert Covert. They 
removed in a year or two to Elkhart Co. , where he 
soon d. She now lives with her son Charles. By 
her second husband she had one daughter: 3. Susan, 
who has been twice married and is now living in 

iv. David P., b. Oct. 17, 181 5, d. unmarried. 

v. Chloe E., b. Dec. 16, 18 17, m. in Yates Co., N. Y., 
Leonard Dinehart, now a very successful farmer, living 
near Elkhart, Ind. They had four sons, three of 
whom are living, and six daughters, all living. 

40. vi. Reuben B., b. Aug. 26, 18 19. 

vii. Betsy Almira, b. Feb. 28, 1821. She m. David Meader, 
a widowed farmer with three children, residing near 
Elkhart. She had several children, only two of whom 
are now living: i. Myron E. Meader, an att'y at law 
and real estate dealer at Goshen, Ind. ; and 2. Ella 
C. Meader, wife of Lawrence W. Campbell, M. D., 
of Ada. O. 

41. viii. Gideon Henderson, b. Mar. 7, 1823. 

42. ix. Myron E., b. Jan. i, 1829. 


Horace^ Cole {Gideon,'^ John/' John^ John,^ John,^^ John,- 
Jaines,^) the second son and eighth child of Gideon and Chloe 

Cole, was born in Oneida county, New York, July i, 

1792. He married in Westmoreland, Oneida county, in 18 13, 


Abi Frisbie, daughter of Joseph and Diantha (Mott) Frisbie. 
He went with the family to Steuben county in 1814, where he 
lived till 1830, when he removed to Westfield, Chautauqua county, 
where he lived several years. He then removed to Roscoe, Winne- 
bago county, Illinois, where he died in 1862. His widow is still living, 
ninety-one years of age, ''a woman of great vigor, mental and 
physical, an earnest, warm-hearted Christian, attending Divine 
service with great regularity, and also the social meetings of the 
Society, and still interests herself in matters of general welfare." 

The children of Horace and Abi Ann Cole were : 

i. Abi Ann, b. Jan. 14, 18 15. She m. Amos Tuttle in 
Northeast Pa., Nov., 1833. Her children were: 

1. Aurelia Diantha, b. Aug. 1839, ^' Feb., 1846. 

2. Harmon B., b. June 10, 1845; grad. at Beloit Col- 
lege and Chicago Theological Seminary, 1873. 3. El- 
bert, b. Mar. 4, 1848; resides in Algona, la. 4. Amos 
Elliott, b. May i, 1851; resides in Worthington, 
Minn. 5. Lillie E., b. Nov. 19, 1853, m. Apr. 28, 
1880, E. W. Hobart, of Roscoe, 111. 

ii. Horace Frisbie, b. Oct. 7, 1816, d. Feb. i, 1836. 

43. iii. Hiram Beckley, b. Aug. 30, 18 18. He is a farmer, and 
resides in New Milford, Winnebago co.. 111. 

44 iv. Seth Beach, b. Dec. 25, 1820. 

V. Theodore Goodwin, b. Jan. 25, 1823. He was educated 
as a physician, and spent some three years on the 
west coast of Africa, as a medical missionary, from 
185 I. On his return he settled in Wis. and there d. 
in 1856. He m. in Africa, M. B. Aldrich. He was 
a successful physician and minister. 

vi. Gideon Harmon, b. Jan. 16, 1825, killed by a falling 
tree at age of sixteen. 
45. vii. Edwin Dwight, b. Aug. 7, 1827. 

viii. Sarah Jane, b. July 22, 1830. m. Nov. 12, 1856, the 
Rev. W. H. Burnard, a native of England, b. Mar. 
7, 1829, educated at Knox College, 111., and Lane 
Theo. Sem., Cincinnati, O., and lives in Algona, la., 
where Mr. B. has been pastor of the Congregational 
Church for many years. Children: i. Sarah Cath- 
erine, b. Jan. 10, 1858; 2. Horace William, b. July 


12, 1863; 3. Julia Elizabeth, b. Sept. 8, 1866; 4. 

Edwin Theodore, b. Jan. 21, 1868. 
ix. Nancy Elizabeth, b. Jan. 9, 1832, d. while at school in 

Prattsburg, 1852. 
X. Chloe L., b. June 9, 1835, ^- young. 
xi. William Adair, b. July 3, 1838, d. young, in 1846. 



Hiram G.^ Cole [Gt'deon,'^ JoJin,^ John,^ JoJin,^ John,^^ John,^ 
JanieSy'') born March 4, 1798. He moved with his father to 
Prattsburg, New York, and always lived there. He held several 
civil offices. He died February 26, 1847, aged 49. He married 
February 6, 1820, Flora Frisbie, of Vernon, Oneida county, who 
died August 2, 1861. 

Their children were: 

46. i. Charles L. , b. Mar. 13, 182L 

ii. Aurelia T. , b. May 4, 1827, m. Dewitt C. Ainsworth, 
of Prattsburg, who d. in Mar., 1847. She afterwards 
m. the Rev. John Knapp, of Prattsburg. 

47. iii. EH F., b. Oct. i, 1832. 


Truman9 Cole {Henderson,^ Gideon^'' John,^ JoJm,^ JoJin,^ JoJin,'^ 
Jo /m,'' James y^) born in Vernon, Oneida county. New York, April 
9, 18 10. He is a merchant and farmer in Sandusky, Cattaraugus 
county. New York. He married Octavia Gillett, in Pulteny, 
Steuben county, November 3, 1830, and in October, 183 1, moved 
to Centerville, bought wild land, and cleared and improved it till 
he had a fine farm. In April, 1852, he sold and moved to York- 


shire Village, in Cattaraugus county, and after farnning for seven 
years, was fourteen years engaged in merchandising, and since 
then has been living retired from active business. 

His children were: 

48. i. Harmon E, b, Nov. 11, 1832, d. Sept. 26, 1880. 

49. ii. Martin L. , b. Sept. 11, 1834. 

iii. Electa, b. in Centerville, N. Y., Apr. 28, 1838, m. Jan. 

27, 1857, Samuel C. Durfey. He d. Apr. 30, 1876. 

On June 5, 1882, she m. Daniel Howlit, and lives in 

Sandusky, N. Y. She has no children, 
iv. Chauncy G., b. June 7, 185 1, at Centerville, d. Mar. 31, 

1855, at Yorkshire. 


Orin9 Cole [Henderson,^ Gideon,'' John,^ JoJui,''' JoJin,^ JoJin,'^^- 
Jo /m, ^ James, ^) b. October 10, 1811. He is a carpenter and 
farmer in Highland, Oakland county, Michigan. He was married 
there, to a widow with several children. His wife died . 

. His children were: 

51. i. Hiram (twin), b. 

ii. (girl) '' b. 


Reuben B.9 Cole {Heitderson,^ Gideon,'' John,^ Jo Jin, ^ JoJin,^ 
John,^ Jo/m,^ James,'') born in Yates-county, New York, August 
26, 18 19. He lives in Berrien Springs, Berrien county, Michigan. 
He married Sarah Erwin, who died . 

Their children were: 

54. i. Charles H., b. , resides in Eureka Springs, 



55. ii. J. Oscar, b. A passenger conductor on the 

Chicago & Atlantic R. R., in 111. 

56. iii. Frank, b. A mason by trade; married and 

living in Mo. 

iv. (A daughter), b. 

V. (A daughter), b. d. young. 

In he married Sally Ann Leonard, a cousin of his 

first wife. 

Their children were: 

57. vi. Horatio, b. He is m. and lives in Oregon. 

58. vii. Hascall, b. ,' now living at home. 


[Gideon] Henderson^ Cole [Henderson,^ Gideoti,'^ John, ^ John, ^ 
Jolin,^ JoJin,^^ John,^ James,'') born in Yates county. New York, 
March 7, 1823. He has dropped the first name and is known as 
Henderson Cole. He moved to Colorado in 1868; returned to 
Indiana in 1870; went to Kansas, 1879. He is now a carpenter 
and wagon maker, although he has been engaged in several lines 
of business, in Elk Falls, Elk county, Kansas. 

He married in Frattsburg, New York, Alzina L. Sears, 1853, 
who died in Colorado, December 28, 1868. 

Their children were: 

59. i. Erastus B., Apr 23, 1856, a druggist in Elk Falls; 
ii. Minnie B. , b. Feb. 9, 1859, m. M. M. Kennedy, and 
resides in Liberty, Jackson Co., Mich. 


Myron E.9 Cole {Henderson,^ Gideon,'^ John,^ John,"' John,*' 
John,^ John,'' James,^) born in Italy, Yates county. New York, 


January i, 1829. Removed to Elkhart county, Indiana, with the 
family when nine years of age. He was twenty-two when his 
father died. He spent several years of his young manhood in 
school teaching, after which he entered the employ of the M. S. 
& N. I. R. R., first as clerk to a station agent, and afterwards 
was agent at Elkhart, from May i, 1857, to May i, 1859. In 
October of that year he was elected Recorder of Elkhart county, 
serving as such to general acceptance for a term of four years. 

In the Spring of 1864 he entered the First National Bank 
of Elkhart, as book-keeper, remaining three years. Some years 
later he again took the same position, and held it for nearly 
twelve years. 

In the summer of 1858 he married Mrs. Orrilla L. Potter, 
a sister of his brother Henderson's first wife. They are still living 
in Elkhart. 

They have one daughter: 

i. Jessie W. , b. m. Albert W. Emery, a loco- 
motive engineer on the L. S. & M. S. R. R. She 
resides in Elkhart and has one son (now fourteen 
months old), Myron Cole Emery. 


Hiram Beckley^ Cole {^Horace, ^ Gideon,'^ John,^ JoJin,^ John,'' 
John,'^ John,'' James, ^) born in Steuben county. New York. He 
married Sylvia Beardsley November 14,1852, in Raymond, Racine 
county, Wisconsin. He now resides in New Milford, Winnebago 
county, Illinois, and is a farmer. 

His children are: 

60. i. Frank H., b. Apr. 5, 1855. 

ii. Emma N., b. Sept. 27, 1856. Is unmarried. 

61. iii. William J., b. June 19, 1859. ^^ unmarried. 



Seth Beach9 Cole {Horace,^ Gideon,'^ JoJin,^ John,'^ John,^ JoJin,^^ 
JoJin,- James, ^) the fourth child and third son of Horace and Abi 
A. Cole, was born in Prattsburg, Steuben county, New York, 
December 25, 1820. He received the degree of M. A. at 
Union College in 1846, and represented Steuben county in the 
State Legislature in 1855-56. He was Principal of the Franklin 
Academy, Prattsburg, nine years. 

In 1856 he was a member of the National Republican Conven- 
tion that met at Philadelphia and nominated John C. Fremont for 
the Presidency, and he was also an active member of the Kansas 
Aid Committee, of New York. After that he was a resident 
of Brooklyn, and a lawyer by profession, having been admitted 
to the bar in 1855. 

He was a delegate to the National Republican Convention 
at Chicago that nominated Abraham Lincoln in i860. 

In 1867 he took up his residence at Nyack, Rockland county, 
where he has been District Attorney, Judge and Surrogate. He 
is an elder in the Presbyterian Church, and has several times repre- 
sented the Presbytery of Hudson in the General Assembly. 

In 1845 ^^ married Ann P^liza, daughter of the Rev. J. W. 
French, at Albion, New York. Her brothers are Rev. E. W. 
French, D. D., of Jersey City, and the Rev. J. Clement French, 
D. D., of Newark, New Jersey. She was a graduate and valedic 
torian of LeRoy University, Leroy, New York. 

Their children are: 

62. i. Edward H., b. in Prattsburg, Oct. 13, 1847. 
ii. Emma F., b. in Brooklyn, Oct. 6, i860. 





Edwin Dwight^ Cole {Horace,^ Gideon,'^ John,^ JoJin,^ John,^ 
Jo hi I, ^ John, ^ fames,'') born in Steuben county, New York, August 
7, 1827. He now lives in Roscoe, Illinois, and is a farmer. He 
never married. 


Charles L.^ Cole {Hiram G.,^ Gideon,"^ John,^ John,^ John,^ 
John,^ John,'' James, ^) born in Prattsburg, Steuben county, New 
York, March 13, 1821. In 1856 he moved to Pine Run, Genesee 
county, Michigan. In 1881 he moved to Cullman, Alabama. 
He has been justice of the peace for over twenty years, post- 
master for two or more terms, and has held various county offices. 
He married December 5, 1843, Clara M. Andrews, formerly of 
Arlington, Bennington county, Vermont. 

Their children were: 

63. i. Hiram Dewitt, b. Oct. 29, 1844. 

ii. Clara, b. May 19, 185 1, d. Aug. 5, 1856. 


Eli T.9 Cole {Hiram G.,^ Gideon,'^ John,^ John,^ John,'' John,^=' 
JoJin,'' James, ^) born in Prattsburg, New York, October i, 1832. 
Moved to Iowa in 1857, thence to Eureka, Winnebago county, 
Wisconsin, and then to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He married Mary 
Foster, September 12, 1855. 

They have two children : 

i. Ellen M., b. Sept. 12, 1862, m. Feb. 18, 1881, to 

ii. Flora F., b. Sept. 24, 1872, d. Jan. 12, 1881. 



Harmon G.'° Cole {Trinnan,'^ Henderson,^ Gideon,'^ John, ^ John, ^ 
Jo hn,^ John, ^ John,- James, ^) born November 11, 1832, in Center- 
ville, New York. He removed to Iowa and married there, 
January 21, 1856, Ann L. Hatfield. He was a farmer near 
Osage, Mitchell county, and died September 26, 1880. His 
widow still lives at Osage, Iowa. 

His children were: 

i. Arthur J., b. . Resides at Westport, Dak. 

ii. Myron, b. . Resides in CaHfornia. 


Martin L.'° Cole (Truman,'^ Henderson,^ Gideon,^ fohn,^ John,^ 
John,^John,^- John,^- James,') born September 11, 1834, at Center- 
ville, New York. He is now a merchant and postmaster at Elton, 
New York. He married Mary J. Chamberlain, June 6, 1865. 

His children are : 

i. Myrtle, b. 

ii. Milton, b. 


Erastus B.'° Cole (G. //.,9 Henderson,^ Gideon,i John,^' JoJin,^ 
John,^ John,^- John,^- James,') the only son of G. Henderson and 
Alzina (Sears) Cole, was born April 23, 1856. Soon after he 
became of age he engaged in hotel business in Indiana, with 
success. In 1880 he went to Elk Falls, Elk county, Kansas, and 
for three years kept a hotel there. In 1883 he opened a drug 


store, to which he now devotes his time. He also, with his 
father, owns a large ranch devoted to the raising of thoroughbred 
stock. He is one of the popular and leading young men of Elk 

He married January i, 1883, Anna R. Haynes, daughter of 
Col. Haynes, of Fremont, Ohio. They have no children. 


Frank H.'° Cole {Hiram B.,'^ Horace,^ Gideon,'^ John,^ JoJui,^ 
JoJin,^ JoJin,^=> John,- James, ^) the oldest child of Hiram B. and 
Sylvia (Beardsley) Cole, born April 5, 1855. He married, Jan- 
uary, 1883, Minnie Kennedy, and is a farmer in Alexandria, 
Hanson county, Dakota. 

His children are: 

i. Edith, b. 

ii. Frank Edgar, b. d. aged five months. 


Edward H.'° Cole {Setk B.,'^ Horace,^ GideoUy'^ John,^ John,^ 
JoJin,^ John,^ Jo hn,^ James, ^) born in-Prattsburg, Steuben county, 
New York, October 13, 1847. Graduated at Williams College, 

in the class of 1869. Was admitted to the bar in and is 

now an attorney at law and a magistrate at Nyack, Rockland 
county, New York. He married Carrie, daughter of the Rev. 
Mr. Chamberlin, of Brooklyn. 



Hiram Dewitt'° Cole {Charles 5., 9 Hiram G.,^ Gideon,'^ John,'' 
John,^ /ohn,^ John,^ Johnr Jaines,^) the only son of Charles L. 
and Clara (Andrews) Cole, was born in Prattsburg, New York, 
October 29, 1844. He moved with his father to Pine Run, 
Michigan, in 1856, where he married, May 21, 1871. In 1881 
he went with his father to Cullman, Alabama. 

His children are: 

i. Charles Hiram, b. Mar. 12, 1872, d. 

ii. Charles Dewitt, b. 1874. 
iii. Clinton T., b. 1876. 

4g_|, — ^^< — 4-^ 



Henry Cole. He is mentioned as at Sandwich, Massachu- 
setts, in 1643. He went from there to Hartford, Connecticut, 
where he married, December 10, 1646, Sarah Rusco, daughter 
of WiUiam Rusco, of Hartford, who came from Billerica, Essex 
county, England, in the Increase in 1635, to Cambridge, and 
thence removed to Hartford. 

They removed to Middletown, and there Hved for many years, 
when he removed to WaUingford, and died in 1676. His widow 
died in Saybrooke, in January, 1688. 

James,' the cooper of Hartford, mentions him in his will as 
his cousin, and gives him one-half his cooper's tools. The term 
cousin was then used for nephew frequently, and it is probable 
that this was the relationship Henry bore to James. 

His lands were recorded June 9, 1654 (book I, p. 11), and he 
is on the list of householders and proprietors of Middletown, 
March 22, 1670, and is rated at ^115. 


2. i. Henry, b. Sept. 20, 1647. 

3. ii. James, b. Feb. 8. 1649, ^- ^^^- ^2, 1721. 

4. iii. John, b. Feb. 14, 1652. 

5. iv. WiUiam, b. Apr. 25, 1653. 

V. Sarah, b. Oct. 22, 1654, d. probably before 1688. 

6. vi. Samuel, b. Sept. 10, 1656. 

vii. Mary, b. June 11, 1658, m. Richard Good- 
ale, of Middletown. 
viii. Joanna, b. Aug. i, 1661, m. Jan. 19, 1681, Aaron 
Goff, of Wethersfield. Her children were: 
( i.) Solomon Goff, b. Feb. 7, 1685. 
(ii.) Aaron Goff, b. Mar. 10, 1689. 
(iii.) Gershorn Goff, b. Mar. 12, 1691. 
(iv.) Samuel Goff, b. Apr. 30, 1698. 
No others recorded in Wethersfield. 


ix. Abigail, b. Oct. 28, 1661, m. John Stephens, 

of Killingworth, and lived there in 1688. 
X. Rebecca, b. Apr. 5, 1667. Unmarried in 1688. 

Henry^ Cole {Henry, ^) the oldest son of Henry and Sarah 
(Rusco) Cole, born in Middletown, Connecticut, September 20, 
1647. **I" i^^^ ^^ ^^^^ living in Wethersfield, " says Savage, 
but I am inclined to think that he is the Henry who is mentioned 
by Savage as being. at Boston, and who married Mary 

and had 

Ann, b. Nov. 9 (bapt. 13), 1687. 
7. Henry, b. Jan. 2 (bapt. 6), 1689. 

Mary, b. Dec. — (bapt. 14), 1690. 

And perhaps others. 


James^ Cole {Hcnry^). Born in Middletown, Connecticut, 
February 8, 1649. ^^^^^ December 22, 172 1. In 1688 he was 
living in Wallingford. 


JoHN^ Cole {Henry, "-^ born in Middletown, Connecticut, Feb- 
ruary 14, 1652. *' In 1688 he was at Boston," says Savage. He 
married Mary, daughter of Capt. John Gallop (son of John 


of Dorchester, 1630), of Stonnington Connecticut, and his wife, 
Hannah (Lake) Gallop. Gallop was one of the captains killed in the 
great Narragansett swamp fight, December 14, 1675, the hardest 
battle of King Phillip's war. 

His children were: 

9. i. Samuel, b. 16, bapt. 21 of Sept., 1684. 
10. ii. Thomas, b. 23, bapt. 25 of Apr. 1686. 

iii. Mary, b. May 9, 1668, bapt. Mar. 9, 1690. 

Was he the Boston schoolmaster? 


William^ Cole {Hairy,^) born at Middletown, April 25, 1653. 
In 1688 he lived at Wallingford. Could he have been William 
of Boston who married Martha and had 

i. William, b. Apr. 14, bapt. July 24, 1687, d. soon. 

ii. Martha (twin), b. 7, bapt. 10 Feb., 1689, d. soon. 

II. iii. William '' 

iv. Martha (twin), bapt. Nov. 16, 1690. 

V. Mary 

( ( ( ( < < < < 

Samuel^ Cole {Henry, ^) born in. Middletown, Connecticut, 
September 10, 1656. He married September 25, 1679, Lydia 
He was in Wethersfield in 1688. 

His children were: 

12. i. Joseph, b. Sept. 12, 1681. 
ii. Lydia, b. Jan. 18, 1684. 



Joseph3 Cole [Saimiel,'' Henry,'') born in Wethersfield, Con- 
necticut, September 12, 168 1. He married Abigail, daughter 
of Serg. Jonathan Riley, January 13, 1709. 

His children recorded in Wethersfield were: 

i. John, b. June 13, 1710. 

The following belong to the families of Henry^ or Samuel.^ 
Sarah Cole and David Collins, married in Wethersfield, Novem- 
ber II, 1742. 
Children : 

i. Abigail Collins, b. Dec. 4, 1742. 

ii. Lucy Collins, b. Dec. 5, 1745. 

iii. Josiah Collins, b. July 26, 1748, d. Nov. 22, 1749. 

iv. Josiah Collins, b. Sept. 26, 1750. 

Lucy Cole and David Lowry, of Wethersfield, married April 

21, 1771: 

Children : 

i. Lucy Lowry, b. July 26, 1771. 
ii. Mary Lowry, b. Dec. i, 1778. 

Martha Cole and Jonathan Boardman, married in Wethersfield, 

June 13, 1754. 

Children : 

i. Abigail, b. Oct. 22, 1755. 
ii. Mercy, b. Aug. 2, 1757. 


The Plymouth Family. 

James Cole.- One of the families that came from England to 
Plymouth was that of James Cole. I have not been able to find 
anything concerning him previous to 1634, but he probably had a 
family with him when he came to the settlement. He was the 
first settler on the eminence known as ''Burial Hill." The first 
mention of him in the Plymouth Colony Records is in the list of 
freemen of 1633, where the name is spelled Coale (''Ply. Col. 
Rec. I-4.) In the tax list of May 27, 1634, his rate is put down 
at gd. There are many at that rate, but none lower. 

On January 2, 1636, a grant of seven acres to him is recorded, 
same to belong to his dweUing and not to be sold. 

His name is found in the Hst of freemen for the year 1637, ^^^ 
in that year he was one of the men pressed for service against the 
Pequots, but the levy was not called upon. There is a record 
concerning him, dated July 2, 1638, in which he is styled a 
"saylor," but in September of the same year he is called "inn- 
keeper," and it is probable that between those dates he opened 
the "Ordinary," which he kept for thirty years, although no 
license is recorded. 

In September, 1640, the following order was passed: 

"James Cole of Plymouth is prohibited to draw any wine or strong water until 
the next term of the General Court, and not then without special license from the 

No reason is given for the passing of this order, and the privilege 
of selling liquors was given to another person until 1645, when, 
on account of the inconvenience to travelers in having no liquor 
sold at the inn, the above order was rescinded (Do,vi. 153. viii. 79.) 


During this interval he was several times fined for selling. In 
September, 1641, he obtained from the court fifty acres of upland, 
at Lakenham Meadow, together with some meadow to be laid out 
on view. That year and the following he was appointed highway 
Surveyor, also again in 165 1 and 1652. In October, 1642, he ob- 
tained a further grant of land. The next year his name, together with 
those of his oldest two sons, appears on the list of those able to 
bear arms. In 1644 he was chosen constable. There is a record 
of a suit for slander preferred by him against Thomas Pope in 1647, 
but the case was dropped on the defendant Pope admitting the 
charge and paying the costs. In 1654 his boat was pressed for an 
expedition against the Dutch, but the plan was abandoned. On 
October 2, 1650, he was presented by the Grand Jury for assault 
and battery, but was acquitted. 

Between 1641 and 1666 he appears as participant in nine civil 
suits, only two, however, as defendant, in one of those cases 
being sued as surety for £2^ los, and confessed judgment in 22 
bushels of Indian corn ; and in the other the verdict was for him, 
and the plaintiff paid the costs. Six of the other cases were for 
debt and he recovered judgment in all but one. The seventh case 
was the slander suit above referred to. 

On June 7, 1657, the court granted to him ten pounds for the 
repair of his inn. 

"The court having given unto James Cole of Plymouth the sum of ten pounds 
towards repairing the house he now liveth in, so that it may be fitted for an Ordi- 
nary, for the entertainment of strangers " (Do. iii-166.) 

He is several times recorded as serving on grand, petit and 
coroners' juries, and is twice fined for selling liquor to the Indians. 
In June, 1662, he received a grant of land at Saconett neck. In 
1665 he received one share (30 acres,) on the west side of the 
Namassett river. (Do. iv. 94). Probably about 1670 he gave up 
his business to his son James, as in that year the excise tax of 
James Cole, Jr. was remitted, he being a new beginner. His 


name appears on the list of freemen for 1670, and Savage says 
that he was living in 1688, very aged. 

His wife was Mary , she was living in March, 1660. 

Children : 

2. i. James, b. about 1625 d. 

3. ii. Hugh, b. about 1627, d. 

4. iii, John, b. d. 1677. 

iv. Mary, b. m. John Almy, he was a son of William 

Almy of Plymouth, 1643. After his marriage to Mary 
Cole he moved to Portsmouth, R. I. He was Capt. 
in King Phillip's war, and died in 1676. 

James^ Cole {James''). The oldest son of James Cole, the 
Plymouth inn-keeper was probably born in England and came to 
the colony when a boy with his father. The date of his birth was 
probably about 1625, as he is on the list of those able to bear 
arms in 1643, together with his younger brother Hugh. 

He married December 23, 1652, Mary Tilson, at Scituate, and 
there his oldest child was born. 

Deane says that he soon removed from Scituate to York, Maine, 
and perhaps in 1654 to Kennebec, for among the inhabitants of 
Kennebec who took the oath of fealty to Plymouth colony, May 
23, 1654, was James Cole. 

If he did go to Maine, he returned, for in 1656 he was chosen 
surveyor of highways for Plymouth. He held that office again in 
1678 and 1685. 

In May, 1665, he was presented by the Grand Jury, and fined 
3s. 4d., for striking Robert Rawson ; but the record states that 
the court, considering the great provocation given, and the gener- 
ally peaceful character of the defendant, remitted the fine. (Col. 
Rec. iv-88). 


In October of that same year he was one of the appraisers of 
the estate of Nicholas Miller, alias Hodge, and his name appears on 
the record several times as serving on petit and coroners' juries. 
About the beginning of 1670 he took his father's business, as inn- 
keeper, and in June of that year his excise tax was abated by the 
court, as he was a new beginner. In 1673, his tax was abated 
one-half, and in 1677 remitted altogether. 

His name appears in the freeman's list of 1670 

The children of James, Jr. and Mary (Tilson) Cole, were: 

i. Mary, b. in Scituate, Dec. 3, 1653. She m. John 
Laythrop, (the youngest son of the Rev. John Lay- 
throp, the first minister of Scituate, (1635), ^^^ 
afterwords of Barnstable, 1639, ^vhere he d. Nov. 8, 
1653,) b. at Barnstable Feb. 9, 1645, m. at Plymouth, 
Jan. 3, 1672, d. Sept. 17, 1727. Their children were: 

( i.) John Laythrope, b. Aug. 5, 1673. 

( ii.) Mary Laythrope, b. Oct. 27, 1675. 

( iii.) Martha Laythrope, b. Nov. 11, 1677. 

( iv.) Elizabeth Laythrope, b. Sept. 16, 1679. 

( V.) James Laythrope, b. July 3, 168 1. 

( vi.) Hannah Laythrope, b. Mar. 13, 1683. 

(vii.) Jonathan Laythrope, b. Nov. 14,1684. 

(viii.) Barnabas Laythrope, b. Oct. 22, 1686. 

( ix.) Abigail Laythrope, b. Apr. 23, 1689. 

( X.) Experience Laythrope, b. Jan. 7, 1692. 
and perhaps others. 

5. ii. Ephraim, b. probably while his father lived in York 

or in the Kennebec region. 

6. iii. Nathaniel, b. in Me. probably. 

Hugh- Cole (Jauics^), the second son of James and Mary 
Cole, was born probably about 1626, as he is found on the list of 
able-bodied men in 1643, and those lists generally included the 
men from sixteen to sixty. 


He married June 8, 1655, Mary, the daughter of Richard 

.In 1657 he took the oath of fidelity. He was on the grand jury 
in 1666, and was surveyor the following year. The following entry 
occurs on the records under date of July 2, 1667: 

" The Court have granted unto Hugh Cole respecting his father's grant being 
an ancient freeman, and his own grant six score acres of land between Mattapoin- 
set River and the eastern bound of Ackshenoh." 

And on October 30 of the same year: 

"The sum of fifty shillings is ordered to be paid Samuel Jackson by Hugh Cole, 
for taking up his boat which went adrift." 

He was a witness to the will of Nathaniel Warren, Sr., of Ply- 
mouth, June 29, 1667. In 1668 he was appointed administrator of 
the estate of his father-in-law, and is mentioned in the will dated 
April 7, 1668. Between this date and 1671 he must have moved 
to Swansey, R. I., for in June, 1671, he was elected a Selectman 
of that town, which office he held in '71, '72, '75» '^5, '86. In 
1673 he was elected a deputy to the general court, and re-elected 
in '74, '75, '80, '81, '83, '84, '85, 'S6, '89. 

The following letter written by him is found in Winsor's 

History of Duxbury, page 103. The addresses had been 

destroyed : 

Swansea, April i, 167 1. 
Much Honored Sir : 

Yours I receaved this first of Aprill, whereby I perceave you desire to know 

what posture the Indians are in. I do not finde them to continue in a posture 

of war as they have been. I went to Mount hope the last second day one purpose 

to see there proceedings and was at manie of their houses but saw nothing as 

intending to war, but asking them what was ye reason ye kept togather at 

Mount hope, the[y] answered it was to see Phillips child hurried and did intend to 

returne home as soone as the child was hurried, and I have seene sum return but 

yet the greatest part of them are togather and the give the reason because the 

wind blowd soe agaynst them yt they cannot get home with there canowes, not 

els, but rest yours to command in what I am able. 

Hugh Cole. 

* Richard Foxwell came with Winthrop and was admitted freeman in 1631. He 
moved to Situate, R. I., in 1634, and m. Ann Shelly. He was one of the church 
in Situate under the Rev. John Laythrope. He d. about 1668. His children 
(recorded in Barnstable) were: i. Mary, b. Aug. 17, 1635, m. Hugh Cole, 
ii, Martha, b. Mar. 24, 1638, m. Sam'l Bacon, May 9, 1699. iii. Ruth, b. Mar. 25, 
1 641. iv. John, b, d. Sept. 2i, 1646. 


In 1667 King Phillip conveyed to Hugh Cole and four others 
five hundred acres of land at Mettaposset, on the west side of the 
river, now known as Cole's river from this proprietor. (Hist. 
Gen. Reg. XH, 171.) 

On February 7, 1671, the freemen of Swansey voted that all 
lots and divisions of land hereafter granted shall be proportioned 
according to these ranks, the first rank to have three acres, the 
second two, and the third one. 

This ranking was to be done by commissioners, and in the first 
report Hugh Cole and his brother John were placed in the 
second rank. This did not satisfy them, and after the excitement * 
of King Phillip's War was over, in 1681, the town voted that Serg. 
Hugh Cole and several others, and their heirs forever, should be 
admitted to the privileges of the first rank. (John had previously 

Hugh Cole was a great friend of King Phillip's; and it is 
reported that on the breaking out of the war in 1675, among the 
first men captured were two of his sons. They were taken to 
Mount Hope and immediately released by King Phillip on 
account of his friendship for their father, and with the warning to 
leave that country, as he was unable to restrain his young men. 
They reported to their father, and the whole family immediately 
started for a place of safety. Before they had been gone an hour 
the house was burned. (Register, XH, 169.) 

Mr. Cole probably served in' the war and attained the rank 
of Sergeant. In 1669 he was one of the committee to run the 
line between Swansey and Mount Hope, and on July 4, 1673, the 
following record appears: 

"Mr. John Alliii and Hugh Cole both of the town of Swansey the Colonic of 
New Plymouth aforesaid, doe complain against Phillip, allias Metacomber, in an 
action on the case to the damage of two hundred pounds, for refusing to perform 
covenants and agreements expressed in a deed given under the said Phillip's hand, 
to the said Mr. Allin and Plugh Cole their heirs and assigns for the use of the 
town of Swansey aforesaid. The said Phillip being required thereunto before the 
Governor and Assistants by the said Allin and Cole, the said Phillip did engage to 


come before the Governor of New Plymouth or some of his Assistants, and then 
and there acknowledge the true and absolute sale of the said premises expressed 
in said deed, according to the true meaning thereof." 

This suit was afterwards withdrawn without trial. He served 
very frequently on juries. Mr. Cole was a shipwright by trade. 

The children of Hugh and Mary (Foxwell) Cole were: 

James, b. Nov. 8, 1655. 
Hugh, b. Mar. 8, 1658. 
John, b. Mar. 16, 1660. 
Martha, b. Apr. 14, 1662. 

Anna, b. Oct. 14, 1664, m.Wm. Salisbury, of Swansey. 
vi. Ruth, b. Jan. 8, 1666. 
10. vii. Joseph, b. May 15, 1668. 

On Jan. i, 1689, he married Elizabeth, the widow of Joseph 
Cook,* and in 1698, as his third wife, the widow Mary Morton. 



• • 







JoHN^ Cole [Jaines"^), the third son of James and Mary Cole, 

was born . He served on a Jury at Plymouth in 1668, and 

a year or two later removed to Swansey with his brother Hugh. 
He was constable of Swansey in 1673, and served on a coroner's 
jury in 1676. He died early in 1677, as the court, on June 7 of 
that year, makes the following order in reference to his estate: 

**In reference to the estate of John Cole, deceased, the Court does order: That 
for as^much as the estate is small, and four small children to bring up, that the 
whole personal estate be settled on his widow for the bringing up of his children, 
and the profits of the land till the children become of age; and in case there shall 
be necessity thereof for the bringing up of the children, that then some of the land 
shall be sold, by the advise and leave of the court, and in case any lands shall be 

* Elizabeth Litter was the daughter of Thomas Litter, of Plymouth, who came 
over from London in 1635, at the age of twenty-three, and died in 1684. He left 
one son and three daughters, the second of whom, Elizabeth, m. Oct. 1655, Wm. 
Shurtleff, who was struck by lightning June 23, 1663. By him she had three sons. 
On Nov. 18, 1669, she m. Joseph Cook, the youngest son of Francis, who came 
over in the Mayflower in 1620. He was b. in Holland and came over in the Ann, 
in 1623, with his mother and brother. He d. 1676, and Jan. I, 1689, she m. Hugh 
Cole, who survived her. 


left, then it be disposed of to the two sons according to law, they paying some 
small legacies to the daughters as the Court shall order." (Ply. Col. Rec.,V, 234.) 

His wife was m. 


11. i. (son.) 

12. ii. (son.) 

iii. (daughter.) 

iv. (daughter.) 


Ephraim3 Cole { James, ^ James,'') born probably in Maine, when 
his father was living there about 1652-4. 

Admitted freeman at Plymouth, June 3, 1690. Was one of 
those who subscribed twenty pounds per year, for seven years, to- 
wards maintaining a school in Plymouth, provided it was settled 
within forty rods of the old meeting house, 1705. (Mass. Hist. 

Col. 2nd Series iv-87.) 


Nathaniel^ Cole {James,"" James,^) born . In 1679 

the town of Duxbury granted him twenty-six acres east of Swan- 
sey river. 

He married Sarah . 

In 1690 he, with others, hired the Duxbury Commons of the 
town. It was proposed to divide the Commons in 1703, but it 
was deferred on the petition of many citizens, of whom he was 
one. On September 12, 1707, a division was made, and he and 
two sons received shares, as they did in the division of 17 12. In 
the division of May to, 1748, shares were granted to the heirs of 
Nathaniel Cole, to Jabez Cole, and to Ephraim Cole. 


His children were: 

i. Rebecca, b. Sept. 21, 1680. 

ii. Mary, b. Nov. 13, 1682. 

13. iii. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 11, 1685. 

14. iv. Ephraim, b. June 14, 1688. 


]ames^ Cole (Hiig-Zi,^ Ja^nes,') the oldest child of Hugh and 
Mary (Foxwell) Cole, was born in Plymouth November 8, 1655, 
and went with the family to Swansey, where he was admitted to 
the third rank October i, 1672, (^Bayliss, v-95), and admitted as 
freeman November 12, 1680. He was chosen constable in 1682. 
Was commissioned as Ensign of the militia company June 4, 1686. 
In December 25, 1689, he was commissioned as Lieutenant — all 
the officers moving up one step. There seems to have been con- 
siderable trouble in the company, which was the burden of a letter 
from John Walley, of Rehoboth, to Thomas Hinckley, Esq., 
August 13, 1689. ' It would seem that Lieutenant Cole, as candi- 
date of the young men, was elected Captain over the head of the 
old Captain, Brown, who was given the second place, and great 
trouble ensued. Mr. Walley says: **Cole has sought the place 
beyond measure." Another letter of Walley's dated April 16, 
1690, says the trouble was settled by a new election, in which 
Brown was chosen Captain and Cole Lieutenant. He was Deputy 
in 1689 ^^^ 1690. In March, 1704, Colonel Benjamin Church 
raised a force to go against the Eastern Indians, and Mr. Cole was 
one of his Captains. (Bayliss, part v. p. 125).' 

8 ■ 

Hugh3 Cole {Hugh,'^ James,"-) born in Plymouth, March 8, 1658. 
Moved to Swansey with the family. He was admitted to the third 

8 . 


rank of citizens October i, 1672, and admitted freeman November 
12, 1680. Served on jury in Swansey August 21, 1681. 

9 • 

John3 Cole {Hugh,- James, ^) born in Plymouth March 16, 1660. 
Was on jury August 9, r68i, and again on August 21. 


Joseph^ Cole {Hugh,'' Jaincs,^) the youngest of the seven child- 
ren of Hugh and Mary (Foxwell) Cole, was born in Plymouth May 
15, 1668. 


Nathaniel-^ Cole {N'athaiticl,'^^ /aincs,^ Jaines,^) born in Dux- 
bury October 11, 1685. Received grant of land in the division of 
the Commons lands of the town in 1707, 17 12, and 1748. 

He married August 4, 17 14, Abigail, daughter of Samuel and 
Triephosa (Pastridge) West, who was born September 26, 1682. 

His children were: 
15. i. Jabez, b. . 


Ephraim-^ Cole {NatJiaidcl,^^ James,- James,^) born in Duxbury 
June 14, 1688. He received grants of land in the divisions of the 
Commons land of the town in 1707, 171 2 and 1748. He married 
March 2, 1724, Susanna Waste. In 1753 he removed to North 


His children were: 

i6. i. Job, b. March 20, 1725. 

17. ii. Noah, b. March 26, 1727. 
iii. Rebecca, b. Nov. 28, 1729. 

18. iv. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 28, 1732. 

V. Ruth, b. May 8, 1735. 
vi. Eunice, b. Feb. 12, 1740. 


Jabez5 Cole {Nathaniel,'' Nathaniel, ^=' James,'' James,") born 
. He received a share in the division of the Commons 

lands of Duxbury in 1748. He married Grace Kean, August 23, 
1744, and in 1750 removed to Pembroke. 
His children were: 

i. West, b. , 1745. 


Anna Mason, fifth child of Major John Mason, conqueror of the 
Pequots, born June, 1650, at Saybrooke, Conn., married Captain 
John Brown, of Swansey, November 8, 1672. 

Her eldest child, John Brown, born April 28, 1675, married 
Abigail Cole, of Swansey, July 2, 1696. He was called Captain 
John, and died in Swansey about 1752. 

Colonel B. Cole, of Providence, (1821), was of this family. 


Gregory — On Freeman list of 1655. 
John — An Attorney at Law. 

1757 — One of committee to audit accounts of Capt. Olney, 
and all charges relating to Shurleys & Pepperell's Reg. 

1765 — Signer of protest against taxing. 


1^57 — Deputy from Providence and Speaker. Postmaster at 
Providence, 1 769-1 772. 

J 772 — The Church of England Society of Providence peti- 
tioned for appointment of him, with others, to con- 
duct a lottery to raise $1,000 to build steeple, and 
other repairs; granted. 

1772 — Summoned as a witness in the investigation of the 
burning of the Guspee. His deposition of the little 
he knew about it may be seen in R. I. Colonial Rec- 
ords, Vol. VII, p. 170. 
May, 1773 — On committee of correspondence. 

1775 — On '* to issue bills of credit. 

I'jye—On '' '' " " " 

iyy6 — On behalf of Protestant Episcopal Church of Provi- 
dence, petitions Court for power to exchange certain 
Oct. 1776 — On committee to revise and establish a Prize Court. 

He was appointed Judge Advocate of same. 
Oct. 1778 — Repaid money advanced on November 29, 30, 1777, 

Oct. 1779 — Notice that his office is vacant by his death. 

His son Jo /in, Jr. : 

1775 — Lieutenant in Captain Wm. Taylor's Company. 
Nov. 1776 — " ** ** Royzel Smith's Company. 

Dec. 1777 — " ** " James Albrough's Company of 

Col. Stanton's Regulars. 
In February, 1791, Miss Elizabeth Cole and Miss Abigail Cole 
were living in Providence. 


Thomas. — Deputy from Warren 1757, 1758 and 1759. 
Ebenezer. — Deputy from Warren 1760, 1762, 1770. May, 



1777: Bill of sixteen shillings for victualling sixteen soldiers, who 
were on guard at Warren, allowed. 

Curtis. — Chosen Ensign, vice Smith Bowen, promoted in the 
company of militia of Warren, 1774. Major of regiment of 
militia, Bristol County, 1784. 

IcHABOD. — Lieutenant of second company of Warren militia, 
1784. Deputy from Warren, May, 1792, on Town commit- 
tee, 1795. 

Allen. — Ensign of first company of Warren militia, 1784. 

John. — In May, 1758, petitions with others in regard to the 
redemption of certain counterfeit bills, the government having con- 
fiscated the property of the counterfeiters. Deputy from Warren 
April, 175 1. 


The Eastham Family. 

About the beginning of the second decade of the existence of 
the Plymouth colony, there came from England three young men, 
brothers, named John, Job and Daniel Cole. I suspect that they 
came over with William Collier, a merchant of London, about 
1633. Their father is unknown. Whether they were brothers of 
James, the inn-keeper of Plymouth, I know not, but I judge that 
they were not. 

JoJin died at Plymouth in December, 1637, ^"<^ iri his will, 
proved January 2, 1638, he mentions byname, "Master Collier's 
men," his brothers Job and Daniel, and his sister Rebecca, wife 
of Job. He was probably unmarried. 

Job Cole, the eldest of the three brothers, married May 16, 
1634, Rebecca Collier.-'' 

On July 2, 1638, forty-eight acres of land were granted to him 
at Green Harbor, in that part of Duxbury, that was afterwards 
included in Marshfield. On October 2, 1650, he sold that to 
Thomas Chillingsworth for a calf and twenty shillings. 

He was propounded as freeman in 1639, and admitted October 7 
of the following year, and the next year (1641) was chosen Con- 
stable of Duxbury. 

'^'William Collier, a merchant adventurer, of London, came to the colony in 
1633. He was assistant twenty-eight years between 1634 and 1665, and was one of 
the two plenipotentiaries at the first meeting of the United Colonies in 1643. ^^^ 
was among the first purchasers of Dartmouth, 1652, and died 1670. He left four 

daughters: i. Sarah, b , m. 15, 1634, Love Brewster, son of Elder Wm. 

Brewster, ii. Rebecca, b. , m. Job Cole. iii. Mary, b. , m. 

April I, 1635, Thomas Prince, afterwards Governor. She was his second wife, 
iv. Elizabeth, b. , m. Nov. 2, 1637, Constant Southworth. 


in 1642 he removed to Yarmouth, as his name is found on the 
Hst of able-bodied men of that town for 1643. He removed to 
Nawset, where he was constable in 1640, and the same year 
to Eastham, from which town he was chosen deputy the same 
year. He sold his house and land at "Morton's Hole," in Naw- 
set, to Christopher Wordsworth for £\j. He was again chosen 
deputy in 1654, and was excise man in 1661. His name occurs on 
the freeman's list of 1670, but is not on that of 1695; therefore, 
he died between those dates. His widow, Rebecca, died Decem- 
ber, 1698, aged %%. 

Their children were: 

3. i. John, b. . 

4. ii. Job, b. . 

5. iii. Daniel, b. 

iv. Rebecca, b. Aug. 26, 1654. 

Daniel Cole. ( ). The younger brother of Job, and 

probably came over with him when they were both young men. 
The first mention of him is April 6, 1640, when fifty acres of 
upland were granted him. His name appears on the list of able- 
bodied men of Yarmouth for 1643. In June, 1644, he was pro- 
pounded for freeman and was admitted and sworn in June, 1645. 
In 1648 he was one of the jury that tried Alice Bishop for infanti- 
cide. He afterwards removed to Eastham. In 1652 he was chosen 
deputy for that town and was re-elected in 1654, 1657, 1661. 
1666, 1667, 1668, 1669, 1670, 1671,- 1672 and 1673. Constable 
in 1664 and Selectman 1668, 1670, 1671, 1672, 1681. In 1662 he 
was appointed to take account of liquors, shot, lead and powder 
irrtported. Two deeds are recorded, both in 1649, ^"^ both of 
land which he sold in Nawset; also, one of fifty acres and meadow, 
at Marshfield, June 9, 1650. (Reg. vi-41-44). On freeman list 



of 1670 and of 1695, 
He married Ruth 

He died December 21, 1694, aged 80. 
-, who died December 15, 1694, aged 69. 

Their children were: 

6. i. John, b. July 15, 1644. -**^ 

7. ii. Timothy, b. Sept. 4, (15) 1646. 

iii. Hepsebah, b. April 16, 1649, m. Daniel Doane, of East- 
ham, and had a son, Constant Doane, b. Mar. 7, 

iv. Ruth, b. April 15, 165 1, m. John, oldest son of John 
and Abigail Young, of Eastham, (b. in Plymouth, 
Nov. 16, 1649). 

8. V. Israel, b. Jan. 8, 1653. 

9. vi. James, b. Nov. 3, (30) 1655. 

10. vii. Mary, b. Mar. 10, 1658, m. May 26, 168 1, Joshua 

Hopkins, of Eastham. 

11. viii. William, b. Sept. 15, 1663. 

JoHN^ Cole {/ol?y^) born in 

He married No- 

vember 21, 1667, Elizabeth Keiler. On freeman list of 1695, 


JOB" Cole {fob^). 


Daniel^ Cole {Job,^) born in 

On June 5, 1672, he 

was fined ten shillings for cursing. On freeman list of 1695. I 
think he is the one who married Ruth , and had 

12. i. Thomas, b. 
ii. Hester, b. 

On freeman list in 1695. 


JoHN^ Cole {Daniel,'-^ bom in Yarmouth, July i6, 1644. He 
lived in Eastham and married Ruth, daughter of Nicholas Snow, 
December 12, 1666. He was at Groton in 1672, but probably 
returned, driven out by Indians, as he is on the freeman list of 
1695. His wife died June 27, 1717. He died June 6, 1725. 

The children of John and Ruth (Snow) Cole were: 

i. Ruth, b. Mar. 11, 1668, m. Wm. Twining, brother of 
Stephen, son of William, and grandson of William, 
Mar. 26, 1689. She had children: 

i.) Elizabeth Twining, b. Aug^. 25, 1690. 
ii.) ThankfuU " b. Jan. 11, 1697. 

iii.) Ruth *' b. Aug. 27, 1699. 

iv.) Hannah *' b. April 2, 1702. 

V.) William ** b. Sept. 2, 1704. 

vi.) Barnabus '* b. Sept. 29, 1705. 

Vii.) Mercy '' b. Feb. 20, 1708. 

13. ii. John. b. Mar. 6, 1670. '»— »* 
iii. Hepsebah, b. June 20, 1672. 

iv. Hannah, b. Mar. 27, 1675, d. June 11, 1677. 

14. V. Joseph, b. June ri, 1677. 
vi. Mary, b. Oct. 27, 1679. 

vii. Sarah, b. June 10, 1682. 


Timothy^ Cole {Daniel,^) the second son of Daniel and Ruth 
Cole, was born in Yarmouth, September 4, 1646. The only 
mention that I find of him is as follows: 1676, suit of Thomas 
Baxter for debt of three pounds vs. Timothy Cole, of Eastham. 
Verdict for the plaintiff for three pounds, two shillings, and costs. 
On freeman list of 1695. 




Israel^ Cole {Daniel,^) the third son and fifth child of Daniel 
and Ruth Cole, was born in Eastham January 8, 1653. He mar- 
ried April 24, 1674, Mary, widow of James Rodgers, of Dux- 
bury, and daughter of Thomas- and Mary Paine, of Eastham. 
(Reg. 22-62). He was admitted as freeman of Eastham June 
24, 1690, the Court being held at Barnstable. He was living in 
1695, as his name is on freeman list. 

The children of Israel and Mary (Rodgers) Cole were: 

i. Hannah, b. June 28, 1685. 
15. ii. Israel, b. June 28, 1685. (Reg. vi-41.) 

James^ Cole {Daniel,^) the third son of Daniel and Ruth Cole, 
was born in Eastham, November 3, 1655. 


Mary^ Cole {Daniel,'-') the seventh child of Daniel and Ruth 
Cole, was born in Eastham, March 10, 1658. She married May 
26, 168 1, Joshua Hopkins, of Eastham, born June, 1657, ^"<^ son 
of Giles and Catherine (Welden) Hopkins. (Giles came in the 
Mayflower with his father, Stephen, and his mother.) 

Her children were : 

i. John, b. April j6, 1683, d. June 24, 1700. 
ii. Abigail, b. March 9, 1686. 
iii. Elisha, b. Dec. 17, 1688. Lived in Eastham, a wealthy 

iv. Lydia, b. April i, 1692. 

V. Mary, b. Jan. 20, 1695. 
vi. Joshua, b. Feb. 20, 1698. 


vii. Hannah, b. March 25, 1700, m. Dec. 13, 1721, Ebe- 
nezer Paine, (b. June 17, 1692, d. 1733). 

viii. Phebe, b. March 11, 1702, m. Bixby, and removed to 
the State of New York. 

I I 

William^ Cole {Daniel,^) the fourth son and eighth and young- 
est child of Daniel and Ruth Cole, was born in Eastham, Septem- 
ber 15, 1663. He lived in Eastham, and December 2, 1686, he 
married Hannah, daughter of Stephen and Susanna (Deane) Snow, 
born January 2, 1667, died June 23, 1737. 

Their children were: 

16 i. Elisha, b. June 26, 1689. 

17 ii. Daniel, b. Oct. 4, 1691. 
iii. Hannah, b. Dec. 16, 1693. 
iv. Jane, b. Jan. 4, 1695. 


John3 Cole {/o/iu,^ Daniel,^^ born (in Eastham?) March 6, 

1670. Married Mary . He died December 13, 1746. 

His wife died February 17, 173 1-2. 

Their children were: . 

18. i. Jonathan, b. Oct. 4, 1694. 

19. ii. John, b. Oct. 14, 1696. 
iii. Mary, b. Aug. 25, 1698. 

20. iv. James, b. Oct. 23, 1700.-^ 

21. V. Nathan, b. Jan. 21, 1703. ^ 

22. vi. Joshua, b. Mar. 20, 1705. «.i«i^ 

23. vii. Moses, b. July 22, 1707. 
viii. Phoebe, b. Oct. 29, 1709. 

ix. Thankful, b. Oct. 20, 171 2, d. young. 

24. X. Joseph, b. Oct. 13, 17 14. 
xi. Thankful, b. Oct. 19, 17 16. 


These remain of this family to be followed out: 


The children of John,^ O^'). 
The children of Job^ O^')- 
No. 12. Thomas, 3 {Daniel,'' Job^). 
No. 14. Joseph, 3 {John,'' Da7iict'~). 
The children of Timothy,- {Daniel^). 
No. 15. IsYditi,'^ {Israel,^ Daniel^). 
The children of James, ^ {DanieP^. 
No. 16. '^X\^\id.,''- {William,'' Daniel"). 
No. 17. D3imQ\,^ {Willia7n,^ Daniel"). 


Nos. 18-24. The seven sons of Johns, {Jo/in,^ DanieP), 




Moved from Cape Cod region (near the sea) to Chatham, a vil- 
lage of East Hampton, Conn. He brought with him sons: 

2. Marcus, aged about fifteen when he came to Chatham. 

3. Ebenezer. 

2. Marcus.' Ensign in French war and Revolution. 

4. Abner. 

5. Hendrick. (?) 

6. Marcus. 

3. Ebenezer.^ 

4. Abner3, {Mairtis,^ ,') Lieutenant in Revolution, Pay- 

master and Quartermaster. 

7. Abner, father of Charles J. 
Three daughters. 

5. Hendrick, 3 (J/,a!r<:?/.s-,^ .^) 

8. John. 

9. Ozius. 
10. Harvey. 



6. Marcus. 3 

11. Horace, \ 

12. Samuel, / All of them left Chatham, most of them 

13. Daniel, ( going West. 

14. Edmund, / 

Edwin Halsey Cole, bom in Chatham, Conn., April 18, 1827. 
Graduated at Wesleyan University in 185 i. Taught in Armenia, 
N. Y., in 1852 and High School in Collinsville, Conn., in 1854-6, 
and in Bristol, Conn. In 1856 retired on account of ill health and 
moved to Cromwell, Conn., where he died July 16, 1859. ^^ 
married November, 1852, Julia A. Marvin, of Tolland, Conn. 
Children: Hattie JuHa, born May 17, iS $6.— Wej^leya^t Ahinini 

.^;'>iiiiiiHiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiininniiimnMiunini_iimjinijiiiim_iHiHMiiij!,'j <!>» 


The Charlestown Family 


Isaac Cole. In 1634 there sailed from Sandwich, County 
Kent, England, in the ship Hercules, 200 tons, John Witherby 
master, one Isaac Cole, of Sandwich, a carpenter, and his wife, 
Joan, with their two children. They had a certificate from Mr. 
Thomas Warren, Rector of St. Peter's, Sandwich, dated March 
14, 1632, showing their conformity to the rules of the Church of 
England, and that he had taken the oath of allegiance. (Reg. 
15-28.) He first settled in Boston, and the births of two or more 
children are recorded there. 

He moved over to Charlestown, and was admitted with his wife 
to the Church there on September 7, 1638. 

He took the Freeman's oath March 14, 1639. 

He obtained one lot of land in a division of land east of the 
East Spring, in Charlestown, on August 26, 1636, and bought 
another at the same time. 

He died June 10, 1674. 

His possessions in Charlestown, as given in Charlestown Land 
Records, page 66, were: 

1. One dwelling-house with a garden plat, situated in the east field, abutting 

south upon Wapping street, north on Michael Baston; bounded on the 
east by William Quick, and on the west by the common. 

2. One milch common. (Commons for cow.) 

3. One acre of meadow, by estimation, more or less, lying in the high field, abut- 

ting north on Mystic river; bounded on the east by Thomas Custer, and on 
the west by James Hayden. 

4. Ten acres of wood land, more or less, situated in Mystic field, abutting north- 

east upon Walter Palmer; southwest upon Edward Gibbens and Seth Tweet- 
sir; bounded on the northwest by Abraham Pratt, and on the southwest by 
William Batchelor. (Sold to Mr. Thomas Allen- 6^r^^«^.) 


Twenty-three acres, more or less, situated in Waterfield, abutting northwest 
upon Mrs. Ann Higginson, southeast upon James Thompson; bounded on 
the southwest by Abraham Pratt, and on the northeast by William Batchelor. 

His children were: 

i. ^L2^^ b. in England. 

2. ii. Isaac, b. in England, d. in Woburn, June lo, 1674. 

3. iii. Abraham, b. Oct. 3, 1636 (bapt. in Charlestown Sept. 

14, 1638.) 

iv. Mary, b. , 1638 (bapt. in Charlestown Jan. 20, 


4. V. Jacob, b. July 16, 164 1 (bapt. in Charlestown July 18, 

d. in Charlestown 1678. 

IsAAC^ Cole {Isaac^). He was born in England, I presume, as 
his father brought two children with him to this country, and his 
birth is not recorded in Charlestown. 

He settled in Woburn, and the town granted him a lot of land 
in the center, fifty poles, bounded by the highway (High street) 
on the east, and by the highway to the burying place on the north. 
April 25, 1662. 

He married Jane, widow of James Britton, February i, 1659. 
He was one of the eight members of the Woburn Church, pre- 
sented to the grand jury in October, 1671, for refusing to com- 
mune with the Church, on the ground of certain alleged scruples 
of conscience, and whose case was commended by the Court for 
the consideration of a council of neighboring churches to assemble 
March, 1672, before the Court for final decision. But what was 
the decision of the Court or council is not known. 

He was Constable of the town of Woburn in 1662. He is 
mentioned by Hutchinson (page 206) as being tried on the charge 
of refusing, as Constable, to publish the King's letter. He was 


acquitted. He died June lo, 1674, and his widow died March 10, 
1687. They had no children. 

Abraham" Cole {Isaac^). His birth is found on the Boston 
records as of October 3, 1636. Baptized in Charlestown Septem- 
ber 14, 1638. 


Jacob^ Cole {Isaac^). He was born in Charlestown July 16, 
1641, and was baptized' two days later. He married October 12, 
1669, Sarah, daughter of John Train, who came over in the Susan 
and Ellen, in 1635, ^^ twenty-fiv^e, from London. She was born 
January 31, 1647, ^"^ joined the First Church of Charlestown 
April 16, 1676, and when a widow was admonished by the Church 
for intemperance. (May 10, 1696.) She was for the same reason 
excluded from the communion at a later day, but was restored in 
July, 1704. 

Mr. Cole was a member of Captain Moseley's company, that 
gathered October 9, 1675, on Dedham Plains, and engaged in the 
great Narragansett fight. He was wounded in this battle. He 
died in 1678, of smallpox, and some or all of his children died at 
the same time. 

In 1733 his heirs were among those who received a share in the 
Narragansett lands. I think that the shares of the Charlestown 
soldiers were assigned in the present town of Templeton, Mass. 



His children were: 

i. Sarah, b. 

ii. Abigail, b. 

iii. Hannah, b. 

iv. Jacob, born Feb., 1677 (bapt. Feb. 18, 1677). 

(bapt. April 23, 1676). 
- (bapt. April 23, 1676). 
(bapt. April 23, 1676), 


The Charlestown Family 


Rise {or Ryce) Cole came from England in 1630, and settled at 
Charlestown. He was one of the few who did not remove from 
Charlestown to Boston. He and his wife, Arrold, were of those 
dismissed from the Boston Church in October, 1632, to form the 
first Church of Charlestown, and their names appear on the cove- 
nant signed November 14, 1632. (Reg. 23-190.) 

He was admitted Freeman April i, 1633, and appears on the 
list of proprietors of October 13, 1634, and in a division in Janu- 
ary, 1635, he obtaining four acres. He was a witness of the will 
of Daniel Shepherdson, blacksmith, of Charlestown, May 16, 
1644. He died May 15, 1646. 

His possessions in Charlestown, as shown by the land records, 
page 59, were: 

1. One dwelling-house with a garden plat situated in the middle row, abutting 

southwest upon the street way, northeast upon the back street, bounded on 
the northwest by William Johnson, and on the southeast by the mill way. 

2. Two acres of arable land, by estimation, more or less, situated in the east field, 

abutting southwest upon Long way, northeast upon the swamp; bounded 
on the southwest by William Brakenburg, and on the northwest by Daniel 
Shepherdson and Samuel Carter. 

3. Two acres of swamp, by estimation, more or less, lying in the east field; 

bounded on the east by Samuel Carter, on the west by Edward Convers, 
on the south by Capt. Robert Sedgwick, and on the north by Robert Cutler 
and William Palmer. 

4. Milch cow commons, three and a quarter. 

5. Four acres of arable land, by estimation, more or less, situated in the line 

field, abutting southwest upon the Cambridge line, northeast upon the 
common; bounded on the southeast by John Penticost, and on the north- 
west by William Frothingham. 

6. Five acres of woodland, by estimation, more or less, situated in the Mystic 


7. Four acres of meadow, by estimation, more or less, situated in Mystic marshes, 

abutting west upon the North River, east upon the woodland; bound ;d on 
the south by William Brakenburg, on the north by Samuel Carter. 


Wheelwright party, and had, evidently, with, others, petitioned 
the general court in their behalf, as there is on the records an 
acknowledgment as follows: 

"Whereas, I joyned in prefering to ye court a writing called a remonstrance or 
petition, I acknowledge it was ill done and unwarrantably, as transgressing 
therein ye rule of due honor to authority and of modesty and submission in private 
persons, and therefore I desire my name may be put out of it." 

This was signed by twenty-four persons, of whom he was one. 

The court, on November 27, 1637, eight months later, passed 
an order disarming all the followers of Wheelwright. 

In February, 1638, the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Com- 
pany was founded, and he was one of the charter members. 

He received a large allotment of land in Rumney Marsh (now 
Chelsea) in 1637-38, and in May, 1658, some 400 acres at Nono- 
tuck. He also owned a tract of pasture land on the west side of 
Beacon Hill. (Winsor, Vol. H, page 47.) He was a select- 
man of Boston from 1653 to 1657 inclusive, and sealer of weights 
and measures in 1654. 

His second wife having died, he married, October 16, 1660, 
Ann, widow of Captain Robert Keayne. He died in February, 
1667, probably, as his will was probated the 13th of that month. 
His will is given in full: 

P. 249. Will of Samuel Cole, of Boston. 

I, Samuel Cole, of Boston, do declare that to be my last will. -•• * * * 

I give unto my dauughter, Eliz. Weeden, that land of mine at Rumney marsh, 
which at present her husband and she lives upon and have done for some years 
past, which is the sixth part of my land, the residue whereof I sold to Cornet 
Hassey, as appeareth by the deed made unto him, as also all the marsh ground 
that I have at Hogg Island, which is six acres or thereabouts, be it more or less, 
all of which land my said daughter and her husband shall enjey during their life; 
and my will is: That after their decease, it sfiall be equally divided among all 
their children. 

I give to my daughter Mary's children, which she had by Edmund Jackson, viz. : 
Elisha and Elizabeth, a house lot in Boston, near the brick kilns abutting on the 
street, bounded on the north by George Nowell's lott, and on the south side by 
John Scenter and Elizabeth Gross, their house and lots. 

To my grand-child, Sarah Scenter, a colt, which is now in the possession of her 
husband, Sarah Scenter. 


I give besides what formerly is expressed unto my daughter, Eliz. Weeden, the 
sum of ;^20, which is due unto me from John Scenter, to be laid out towards the 
building of a house, upon land formerly exprest at Rumney marsh. 

Unto my son John Cole's children ;i^io, to be equally divided among them, and 
unto my daughter Eliz. Weeden's children ;i^io also, to be also equally divided 
amongst them, which £io is due me by Elizabeth Gross. 

I give my land at Manaticott, bought of Clement Cole, and given him by the 
town, how much and where it lies the deed expresses, unto my grand-child, Sam- 
uel Cole, the eldest son of my son John Cole. 

To the old Church of Boston, 20s. 

Whereas, I promised to give 20s. to Harvard College, and some part of it paid 
in woodenware by Elzer to Mr. Danforth, and what else 1 know not, my will is 
that the residue be duly paid, together with 205. more, which I give to said college. 

For the remainder of my estate at my decease, whether in household goods, 
debts due, wearing apparel, or otherwise, I give to my son John Cole, and my 
daughter Eliz. Weeden, to be divided betwixt them, which said John and Eliza- 
beth I make joint executors of this, my last will and testament. But if my said 
son, John Cole, shall refuse to be an executor to my said will, and upon any pre- 
tense whatever shall wrangle with his sister, and not agree peaceably, according to 
the true intent and meaning of this, my last will, then that my daughter Elizabeth 
shall be sole executrix, and I give only to my son, John Cole, a legacy of 20s. 

I give to my grand-child, Samuel Royall, 40s. as a legacy towards building of a 
house, which should have been formerly expressed. 

I confirm the deed of gift made my son, John Cole, of the one-half of my house 
in Boston, which is mine in possession until my decease. 

This will was taken from the mouth of the aforesaid testator and read before 
him, who owned it to be his last will and testament, December 21, 1666, in the 
presence of us whose names are underwritten. 

This also the testator further desired at the same time, namely: That James 
Everell and Goodman Search, the weaver, should be pleased to be overseers, and 
gives either of them 20s. Samuel Cole. 

Elias Mavericke. 

Aron X Way. 

John Senter. * 

February 13. Maverick and Way deposed. 

Inventory of the estate of Samuel Cole, at Winnesimet, deceased, taken by us. 
Amount, £\^(i .15 .02. 

May 2, 1666. John Cole and Elizabeth Weeden deposed. 

The following refers to him : 

In answer to petition of Capt. Ed Johnson the court judgeth it meete to confirme 
Capt. Johnson grant according to the limitation respecting him and Mr. Samuell 
Cole, according to court's order Oct. 18, 1659, being now laid out as p. platt on 
file; and considering that Mr. Cole was an adventures in the publicke 

stocke, and hath binn long out of his money, beene at great charges and cosses in 
this buisnes, hath approoved himself respective and servicable to this court, the 


court judgeth it meete to grannt Mr. Samuell Cole three hundred more acres inn 

any place free from former grannts.- 

1659. Nov., 650 acres land granted to Mrs. Anna Cole, widow of Capt. Robert 

Koyne, which the next year was laid out at Sawheaganucke, on w, side 

Meremack Rive. 

1659. 400 acres to Samuel Cole, of B., w. side M. Rive at Nacooke. 

His children were probably by his first wife, and born in Eng- 
land. They were: (but perhaps in different order.) 

i. Elizabeth, b. . She m. Edward Weeden, of 

Boston, who had come over in the Susan and Ellen from 
London in 1635, when 22 years of age. They were 
m. probably in 1643, and went to live on her father's 
land at Rumney marsh (Chelsea). She was a joint 
executor of her father's will, and the principal legatee. 
Her children were: 

( i.) Samuel Weeden, b. Aug., 1644. 
(ii.) John Weeden, b. . Lived in Bos- 
ton; m. Ruth . Had dau. Sarah, b. 

Nov. 16, 1687. Wife joined Mather's Church 
in 1 69 1. 

(iii.) Edward Weeden, b. . A soldier of 

Moseley's Co. in the great Narragansett fight; 

m. Jane , and had Dorothy, b. April 22, 

1687, and Edward, b. July 3, 1688. 

(iv.) Elizabeth Weeden, b. , m. about 

1673 Sampson Cole (perhaps her first cousin). 

(v.) Hannah Weeden. b. . 

(vi.) Mary Weeden, b. ^. She m. John 

Scenter. Had John, b. Aug. 8, 1682, and 
Jonathan, Feb. 8, 1685. She d. 1685. 

ii. Mary, b. , m. Jan. 7, 1653, Jackson. 

(Savage says she was a widow at that time.) She d. 
March 11, 1660. Her children were: 

( i.) Edmund Jackson, b. Oct. 30, 1654; d. young, 
(ii.) Elizabeth Jackson, b, Feb. 11, 1657. 
(iii.) Elisha Jackson, b. Feb. 12, 1659. 
2. iii. John, b. . 

JoHN^ Cole {Samuel'^). The only son of Samuel Cole, the inn- 
keeper, was born in England and brought over by his father in 


childhood. He married December 30, 1651, Susanna Hutchin- 
son (b. November 15, 1633). She was the seventh child of Wil- 
liam and Ann (Marbry) Hutchinson, who came to Boston in the 
ship Griffin, September 18, 1635. Mr. Hutchinson was driven 
from Boston in 1630, and went to Rhode Island, where he was its 
first Governor, and died at Newport in 1642. 

Mrs. Hutchinson removed to the New Netherlands, and was 
killed in 1643 by the Indians. Several of her children were also 
killed, and Susanna was taken by the Indians to their villages. 

After some three years she was ransomed by the Dutch at 
Albany, and returned to her friends in Boston. She is mentioned 
in the will of Samuel Hutchinson, of Boston, April 7, 1667. 

He removed before 1664 to the Narragansett country, to look 
after the Hutchinson lands, where the jurisdiction of Connecticut 
appointed him a magistrate. He died in 1707, and his wife 
Susanna and son William administered on his estate. 

He is probably the John Cole of Wickford, who petitioned 
Connecticut to take jurisdiction, May 4, 1668, and as Connecticut 
officer had obstructed the Rhode Island officers, and was captured 
and taken to Providence, and released on bail July 15, 1670. On 
June 28, 1682, he was appointed a Conservator of the Peace for 
Kingston, R. I. 

His children were: 

3. i. Samuel, b. March 24, 1656. 
ii. Mary, b. Oct. 6, 1658. 

iii. John, b. Jan. 23, 1660; d. same month, 
iv. Ann, b. March 7, 1661. 

4. V. John, b. Jan. 17, 1666. 

vi. Hannah, b. Dec. 17, 1668. 

5. vii. William, b. July 13, 1671. 

6. viii. EHsha, b. . 


Samuel^ Cole [JohUy- Sanmel^). The oldest son of John and 
Susanna (Hutchinson) Cole, born in Boston, March 24, 1656. 

JOHN^ Cole {/o/m,^ Samuel^). The fifth child of John and 
Susanna (Hutchinson) Cole, was born January 17, •1666. 


William^ Cole {JohUy^ Sarmiel''). The third son of John and 

Susanna (Hutchinson.) Cole, was born July 13, 167 1. He re- 
moved with the family to Kingston, Rhode Island, and in 1707 
was co-administrator on his father's estate. His will was made 
September 22, 1727, and probated September 18, 1734. 

His children were: 

i. John. 

ii. Samuel, 

iii. Joseph, 

iv. Benjamin. 

V. Wignal. 

vi. Mary Dickinson, 

vii. Ann. 

viii. Hannah, 

ix. Susanna. 

Elisha-' Cole {John,- Samuel'^). Born . He Hved 

in Kingston, Rhode Island. He died in 1729, in London, whither 



. His 

he had gone on a law suit. He married EHzabeth 
children were (though not, perhaps, in order given here) : 

i. Thomas, b. ; d. 1722. 

ii. John, b. . 

iii. Edward, b. . 

iv. Susanna, b. . 

V. Ann, b. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. . 

vii. Abigail, b. . 

His wife and the six last named children were baptized in 1725, 
by Dr. McSparran, missionary of the London Society for Propa- 
gating the Gospel. He was deputy from Kingston in 1709, 171 3, 
1715, 1717, and from North Kingston in 1725. In 1722 he was 

He was engaged in a suit with Stephen Northup over the right 
of flowage of land by the pond of his grist mill, and was beaten in 
1726, and the dam torn out. The town ordered it rebuilt, and 
the mill continued. 

Edward'^ Cole {Elis/ia,-' Jo/in,- Samuel'), the third son of Elisha 

Cole, was born . In April, 1745, he was admitted a 

freeman from North Kingston. He was lieutenant of Captain 
Munford's Rhode Island company against Louisburg in 1745, and 
was appointed Captain on death of his commander and wrote 
home' to the Governor on November 29, 1745, as in February, 
1746. the general court directed the Governor to reply. He was 
also captain of a company in the attempt on Quebec in 1746. 

In September, 1746, he was appointed a committee to establish 
a battery on Goat Island. He signed the petition to the King 
against bills of credit, dated September, 1750. 

On March 6, 1755, the Government of Rhode Island voted to 
aid the expedition against Crown Point with three companies, and 


appointed him Captain of one of them, the First of Colonel Chris- 
topher Harris' regiment. 

He was promoted to be Lieutenant Colonel, and commanded 
the regiment in the battle near Lake George, in which the French 
under Baron Dieskau were beaten. He was very favorably 
mentioned in the dispatches of his commander. Sir William 
Johnson. He moved to Newport, and engaged in the tanning 
business with George Rome. 

When the troubles with the mother country begun he was 
suspected of favoring the royal cause. In 1775 he presented a 
petition to the General Assembly reciting that he desired to go to 
Carlisle, Pa., on business, and stating that as doubts were enter- 
tained of his loyalty, he was prepared to make and sign a declara- 
tion approving the course of the patriots in assembling an army 
before Boston, and affirming that he desired to go solely on 
private business, and asking a safe conduct from the Government. 
At the same time he presented a written declaration of approval 
of the acts of the patriots, and promised his assistance if it should 
be necessary. The court gave him permission to go, and ordered 
his declaration published in a Providence paper. 

He probably never returned. If he did he soon left again, for 
in 1776 the Sheriff of Newport county was ordered to take pos- 
session of his tanyard, and an accounting of the partnership was 
ordered. References show that he was then absent from Rhode 
Island, and that his estat-e was nfiscated. In May, 1784, per- 
mission was given to his creditors to bring suit and subject his 
confiscated estate to the payment. 



John. — Admitted freeman May, 1726. Another of same name 
(or an error in record) admitted May, 1721. 

William. — Admitted freeman 1759. 

Hutchinson. — Lieutenant in Third Company of North Kings- 
ton Mihtia, 1784. 


Hugh. — Admitted freeman in May, 1758. 

John. — In May, 1785, ordered sued for trouble with his accounts 
as collector of assessments for raising recruits for town. 


John. — Lieutenant of Second Company of Foster Militia 1784. 
Richard. — Ensign of Second Company of Foster Militia 1784. 



The LonCx Island Family 



Robert Cole. The name is frequently spelled with an "s" in 
the old records. He came in the fleet with Winthrop in 1630, 
and was one of those who desired to be admitted freeman October 
19, 1630, and he was admitted May 18, 163 1. 

In 1632 it was ordered that two delegates be sent from each of 
the plantations to advise the Governor and assistants in regard to 
the raising of revenue, and he was one of the two sent from Rox- 
bury. His drinking habits were opposed to the ideas of the 
Puritans, and he was several times fined. At length the following 
order was passed : 

March 4, 1633. The court orders that Robert Coles, for drunkenness by him 
committed at Roxbury, shall be disfranchised, weare about his necke and soe to 
hange upon his outward garment a D made of redd clothe and sett upon white; 
to contynue this for a yeare, and not to leave it off at any tyme when he comes 
amongst company, under penalty of XLs. for the first offense, and V pounds for the 
second, and after to be punished by the court as they think meete; also he is to 
w°are the D outwards, and is enjoyned to appear at the next general court, and 
to contynue thise until it be ended. 

The same month he went with the party under John Winthrop, 
Jr., to occupy Agawam (Ipswich), ^ and begin the settlement 
of that town. He did not remain there long, and he may be the 
man mentioned in the will of Samuel Fuller, the elder, of Ply- 
mouth, July 30, 1633, as then residing with him in Plymouth. 

Savage says of him that he reformed his habits. He was one 
of the twelve men who joined Roger Williams in the settlement 


of Providence, in October, 1638. His lot in the division of the 
land was bounded west by the present Main street, east by Hope 
street, and on one other side by Meeting House street. (Annals 
of Providence, 33.) He was one of the founders of the first 
Church of Providence, March 16, 1639. (Arnold's Rhode Isl- 
and, 107.) He was one of the seventeen who purchased the 
Pautuxet meadows, and he made his home there. 

Three others were appointed with him as a committee to arbi- 
trate disputes and to make rules of government, and their report 
was the compact signed by all the settlers. He became a friend 
of Samuel Gorton when he came to Providence, driven fror.i 
Massachusetts by the intolerance of the authorities of that colony, 
and gave him part of his land. The actions of Gorton and his 
followers were such, however, as to cause the older settlers to wish 
to be free from them, and he, with four others, in September, 1642, 
appeared before the general court at Boston and yielded them- 
selves up to the Massachusetts colony, which accepted jurisdiction 
and appointed them magistrates. (Arnold, 468.) 

In the formal complaints of the Indians to the Plymouth colony 
in September, 1652, the seventh article is as follows: 

" 7th. Ninigrett bought a mastiff dog of Robert Cole, and gave 40 shillings 
for him, which dog ran home to Robert Cole, who killed the said dog; wherefore, 
Ninigrett requires 40s. of said Cole." 

The commissioners found the charge true, and promised to write 
Mr. Cole to return the money. (Ply. Col. Rec. X., 375.) He 
died before October, 1654, as on October 18 of that year the 
town council distributed his property in the way he should have 
made his will. 

The following orders refer to his estate: 

Warwick, Rhode Island, June 11, 1656. 

The town council having formerly disposed of the estate of Robert Cole, late 
deceased, and having allotted out the portions of the children, ordered that the 
lands and meadows, together with the pasturage on the south side of the Pautuxet 
river and the north line bound of Warwick bound is allotted out for security of 


Nathaniel Cole, Robert Cole, and Sarah Cole, their portions amounting to the 
sum of six score pounds. 

Further ordered, that the mill of Warwick being a part of the estate of Robert 
Cole, late deceased, is allotted out for security of Daniel Cole, his portion being ;^5o. 

He married Mary . After his death she married Mathias 

Harvey, and removed to Oyster Bay, Long Island, where she 

The children of Robert and Mary Cole were : 

2. i. John, b. . 

3. ii. Daniel, b. . 

4. iii. Nathaniel, b. . 

5. iv.^Jlobert, b. . 

V. Ann, b. ; m. Henry Townsend (probably b. 

in PZngland, and a son of Thomas Townsend of Lynn, 
1639^ ^"d d. 1677). He was a freeman of War- 
wick, 1655, and settled at Oyster Bay, L. L He was 
probably a Quaker. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. ; married John Townsend, 

brother of above freeman of Warwick, 1655, and 
removed to Oyster Bay, L. L, at same time with his 
brother, where he d. 1669. Their children were (but 
perhaps in different order) : 

( i.) John. ( vi.) Ann. 

( ii.) Thomas. (vii.) George. 

(iii.) Elizabeth. (viii.) Daniel. 

(iv.) James. ( ix.) Rose, married John 

( V.) Sarah. Wicks, Jr. 

vii. Sarah, b. . 

John" Coles {Robert'). Born . He owned land in 

Matinecock, Long Island. He probably died early in life, as his 

widow, Ann, on the eve of her marriage with William Lynes, 
deeded half of her property to her son, Solomon, she having a 

life interest in the estate. January i, 1683. 

Children : 

6. i. Solomon. 


Daniel^ Coles (Robert^). Born ; died November 9^ 

1692. He is said by Savage to have moved from Warwick to 
Oyster Bay, Long Island, at the same time with his mother, step- 
father, and brothers-in-law. He married . 

His children were : 

7. i. Samuel, b. 

8. ii. Benjamin, b. 

iii. Joseph, b. June 29, 17 17. 

iv. Susanna, b. ; m. Joseph Latting. 

• V. Sarah, b. ; m. Ichabod Hopkins. 

vi. Dinah, b. ; m. Derick Albertson. 

vii. Mary, b. ; m. George Downing. 

viii. Ann, b. ; d. unmarried. 


Nathaniel^ Coles {Roberf). He removed with his mother 
and brothers-in-law to Oyster Bay, Long Island. He afterwards 
lived in Hempstead, where he married, August 30, 1667, Martha 
Jackson. She died December 17, 1668, leaving one child. 

10. i. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 24, 1668. 

Mr. Coles married as his second wife Deborah . Their 

children were (perhaps not in this order) : 

IL ii. Caleb. 
12. iii. Harvey. 
iv. Martha. 


Robert^ Coles (Robert^). Mentioned in order of town council 
of Warwick, Rhode Island, 1656, relative to his father's estate. 
He married Mercy, daughter of Nicholas and Ann Wright. 


Their children were: 

13. i. Nathan, b. March 18, 1672. 

ii. Tamor, b. ; m. Nathaniel Carpenter, 

14. iii. John, b. . 

15. iv. Charles, b. . 

16. V. Robert, b. . 

vi. Mercy, b. ; m. William Carpenter. 

vii. Mary, b. ; m. William Thorneycraft. 

Solomon^ Cole {Jo/ui;^ Robert). On January i, 1683, his 
widowed mother, on the eve of her marriage to William Lynes, 
deeded to him a half interest in the estate at Matinecook. 


Samuel3 Coles {Da?iiel,^ Robert^) 


Benjamins Coles {Daniel,- Robert). 

Joseph^ Coles ^Daniel,- Robert^). The youngest son of Daniel 
Coles, was born in Oyster Bay, Long Island, June 29, 17 13. He 
married Abigail, daughter of Daniel Hopkins (son of Ichabod 
above mentioned). She was born April 9, 17 18. 

His children were: 

20. i. Benjamin, b. April 6, 1738. 

No other sons; perhaps daughters, 




Nathaniel^ Coles {Nathaniel,^ Robert). The only child of 
Nathaniel Coles by his first wife, Martha Jackson, was born in 
Oyster Bay, Long Island, August 24, 1668. He married Rose, 
eldest daughter of John and Mary Wright. He died September 
8, 1705. 

His only child was: 

21. i. Wright, b. Sept. 20, 1704; d. Feb. 23, 1765. 

I I 

Calebs Coles {Nathaniel,'' Robert'). Son by second wife, 

Deborah , born . His father deeded to him and 

his brother Harvey lands at Duck Pond, in Oyster Bay, and also 
in other parts of the town, December 16, 1694. The brothers 
conveyed these lands to their half-brother, Nathaniel, March 29, 
1704, and probably emigrated to some new region. 


Harvey3 Coles {Nathaniel,'' Robert'-). [See above.] 


Nathan^ Coles {Robert,"" Robert^). The eldest child of Robert 
and Mercy (Wright) Cole, born at Oyster Bay, March 18, 1672. 
He married February 21, 1691, Rachael Hopkins. 


John3 Coles {Robert,-" Robert^). 



Charles^ Coles {Robert,^ Robert^). 


Robert^ Coles {^Robert,'' Robert^), 


Benjamin'^ Coles {Joseph,'^'' Daiiiel,- Robert^'). The only son of 
Joseph Coles, was born on the paternal estate, a little south of 
Glen Cove, Long Island, April 6, 1738. After attending the 
common school in his native village, he was sent to Hempstead, 
where he studied the languages under the Rev. Samuel Seabury, 
the rector of the church there. He pursued classical studies 
afterwards at New Haven, and finished at King's College, New 
York, although it is believed that he did not graduate. 

After being licensed to preach, he spent some time among the 
different churches of Long Island, and was first chosen pastor of 
the Baptist Church of New Haven, where he was for several 
years. From thence he removed to New Jersey, and settled in 
the church at Hopewell, but the revolution breaking out, his 
patriotic feelings led him to accept the place of chaplain in the 
American army. 

At the dawn of peace he returned to his estate at Oyster Bay, 
and was soon after called to take charge of the church there, 
which had been without a pastor more than thirty years. He 
discharged his pastoral duties with fidelity and usefulness, till 
within a few years of his death, devoting a portion of his time to 
the business of classical instruction. He married Mary, daughter 


of Derick Albertson, September i6, 1760. She was born Febru- 
ary 24, 1 741, and died February 8, 18 12. 
Their children were: 

i. Rachael, b. ; m. James Hill, and lived near 

Trenton, N. J. Her children were: 

( i.) Benjamin, b, , 

(ii.) Samuel, b. . 

(iii.) Elizabeth, b. ; m. Enos Titus. 

Lived in New Jersey. 

(iv.) Mary, b. ; m. April 29, 1802, 

Benjamin, son of Sylvanus Townsend, of 
Oyster Bay. 

22. ii. James, b. March 15, 1763. 
iii. Charity, b. . 

23. iv. Benjamin, b. , and became a Baptist minis- 

ter. (Thompson's Hist, of Long Island, L, 498.) 


Wright'^ Coles {Nathaniel,'^ NatJianiel,'^ Robert ''). The only 
son of Nathaniel and Rose (Wright) Coles, was born in Oyster 
Bay, September 20, 1704, and died February 23, 1765. He mar- 
ried Sarah Birdsall, who died May 18, 1799. 

Their children : 

24. i. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 23, 1734. 
ii. Rosanna, b. . 

25. iii. Freelove, b. . 

iv. Martha, b. . 


James^ Coles {Benjainiiiy'^ Joseph,^ Daniel ^^ Robert^). Born 
March 15, 1763; married Amy, youngest daughter of Ananias 
Downing, June 9, 1784. He died March 15, 1825. His widow 
d. May 21, 1840. 


Their children were: 

i. Abigail, b. June 26, 1785; m. (i) James Bennett, of 
New York, and (2) Stephen Craft, of Glen Cove. 

ii. Joseph, b. Feb. 17, 1787; m. Sarah, daughter of 
James Carpenter. He was a merchant in New York 
City, where he d. Feb. 8, 1824. 

iii. Deborah, b. Sept. 8, 1791 ; m. James Benedict, a native 
of Conn., who had settled in New York City. He 
was several times a member of the Assembly, and 
was a stanch friend of DeWitt Clinton. • He was 
for several years Maj. Gen. of Artillery in N. Y. 
He d. at Tarrytown, in Westchester county. 

iv. George D., b. June 9, 1795. He m. Phebe, daughter 
of James Carpenter. He was commonly known as 
Col. Coles, and in 1840 was living on the ancestral 
estate at Glen Cove. 


Nathaniel^ Coles {Wi-ight,'^ Nathanicl,'^^ Nathaniel,'' Robei-f).- 
He was born in Oyster Bay, August 23, 1734, and married 
Hannah, daughter of John Butler, who was the owner of three- 
fifths of the Island of Dosoris. Mr. Cole, about 1765, purchased 
the other two-fifths of Dosoris, and it has ever since been the 
residence of the Coles family. He was a man of great enterprise, 
and for several years held a commission in the peace. He died 
January 7, 1814. His wife born September 13, 1738, and died 
in her ninetieth year, January 17, 1828. In 1783, on the return 
of peace, Mr. Coles roasted an entire ox, and invited the neigh- 
borhood to partake of it. 

His children were: 

i. John Butler, b. Dec. 31, 1760; was for a long time a 
leading merchant of New York City. He was 
alderman, and a member of both branches of the 
Legislature. He d. Jan. 2, 1827, leaving a large 
estate to his sons, Jo/m B. and William Coles. 

ii. Nathaniel, b. March 23, 1763. He is better known 










as Gen. Coles. He resided on West Island, and 
superintended two large mills erected by himself 
and his brother, John B., between the islands. He 
d. in March, 1824, leaving two sons, Nathaniel diXxd 
Btitler Coles, and several daughters. 

Wright, b. . 

Oliver, b. . 

Sarah, b. . 

Elizabeth, . 

Charlotte, b. . 

Mary, b. . 

Freelove, b. . 



There was in Hartford and then in Farmington, Connecticut, in 
the early days of the colony, one John Cole, a farmer, by some 
thought to have been a brother of James, the cooper. To dis- 
tinguish himself and his family from the family of James, he 
varied the spelling of his name. In the Farmington records the 
name is spelled Coles, CoUes, and finally in 1682, Cowles. It is 
also found spelled Cowle, Coule, Coules, but the family generally 
adopted the spelling given at the head of this article. 

John Cowles, Farmington, Connecticut, 1652. About 1664 he 
removed to Hatfield, where he was admitted freeman 1666, and 
died 1675. His widow, Hannah, died in Hartford in 1684, where 
she made her will 1680. 

The children were: 

2. i. John, b. about 1641. 

ii. Hannah, b. about 1644; m. Caleb Stanley, 1665, son of 
Timothy and Elizabeth Stanley, who came from Eng- 
land to Cambridge in 1634, and to Hartford in 1635. 
Caleb was admitted as freeman 1665 ; was sergeant 
1669, and captain later. His wife Hannah d. Feb. 7, 
1690, aged 44. Her children were: 

( i.) Hannah, b. Oct. 13, 1666. 

(ii.) Elizabeth, b. Oct.^ 24, 1669; m.Wm. Pitkin, 2d. 

(iii.) Caleb, b. Sept. 6, 1674. 
iii. Sarah, bapt. Feb. 7, 1646; m. 1664, Nathaniel Good- 
win, of Hartford, second son of Ozias Goodwin, an 
early settler of Hartford. Nathaniel was admitted a 
freeman 1662. Children: 

( i.) Nathaniel, b. July, 1665. 

(ii.) Sarah, b. April, 1668. 







(ill.) John, bapt. May lo, 1672. Sarah, the wife, 

d. May 8, 1676. 

Mary, b. ; m. (Nehemiah?) Dickenson, eighth 

child of Nathaniel, of Wethersfield, and Hadley, b. 
1644, ^^^^ d. 1723. He removed to Hadley with his 
father in 1659, ^^^^ lived and died there. Freeman 
1690. Children: 

Nehemiah, b. 1672. 

William, b. 1675. 

John, b. 1676; d. soon. 

Mary (twin), b. 1676. 

John (twin), b. 1676; d. soon. 

Sarah, b. 1680. 

Samuel, b. 1682. 

Hannah, b. 1684. 

Ester, b. 1687. 

Nathaniel, b. i68q. 

Israel, b. 169 1. 

Abigail, b. 1693. 

Ebenezer, b. 1696. 

Rebecca, b. 1699. 

b. ; m. 1675, Richard Lyman, son 

of Richard of Winsor, and grandson of Richard of 
Roxbury, who came with Eliot in the Lion. He 
lived at Northampton, and in 1696 removed to Leb- 
anon. Their children were: 

Samuel, b. 1676. 

Richard, b. 1678. 

John, b. 1680. 

Isaac, b. 1682. 

Jonathan, b. 1684. 

Elizabeth, b. 1686. 

David, b. 1688. 

Josiah, b. . 

Ann, b. 1695. 




















Samuel, b. . 

Ester, b. ; m. 1669, Thomas Bull, of Farm- 

ington, son of Thomas of Cambridge and Hartford, 
who came over in the Hopewell in 1635. Ester d. 
in 1691, aged 42. Children: 
( i.) John, b. 1671. 
( ii.) Samuel, b. 1676. 
(iii.) Susannah, b. 1679. 
(iv.) Jonathan, b. May, 1682. 
( V.) Sarah, b. 1684. 
(vi.) Daniel, b. 1687. 


JOHN^ CowLES {John^). The eldest child of John and Hannah 
Cowles, born about 1641. Removed to Hatfield, and was 
admitted freeman February 8, 1678, and died May 12, 171 1, aged 
70. He married November 22, 1668, Deborah, daughter of Rob- 
ert Bartlett, of Hartford, who had come over with Eliot in the 
Lion in 1632. 

His children were: 

i. Hannah, b. Nov. 14, 1668 ;d. unmarried Dec. 25, 171 1. 

4. ii. Jonathan, b. Jan. 26, 1671. 

5. iii. Samuel, b. May 27, 1673. 

iv. John, b. June 15, 1676; d. June 18, 1690. 
v. Abigail, b. Feb. i, 1679; d. Dec. 8, 1690. 
vi. Sarah, b. June 5, 1681 ; m. Joseph Bust. (He was 
probably son of David of Northampton, b. Sept. 
26, 1673.) 
vii. Mary, b. Nov. 3, 1683; d. unmarried 1742. 
viii. Ester, b. April 14, 1686; m. May 25, 1713, Nathaniel 
Dickenson, son of Samuel of Hatfield, b. Feb. 10, 
1672; d. Nov. 24. 1741. She d. 1750. Children: 
( i.) Eunice, b. July 17, 1714; m. Thomas Baker, 
(ii.) Gideon, b. April 27, 1716. 

(iii.) Joseph, b. Aug. 30, 1719; m. Submit ; 

d. 1747. 
(iv.) Meriam, b. ; m. Simeon Morton. 

Samuel- Cowles {John^). The sixth child and second son of 

John and Hannah Cowles, born ^ . He married June 14, 

1 66 1, Abigail, daughter of Timothy Stanley, who, with his wife 
Elizabeth, co-me to New England in May, 1634, and removed to 
Hartford the next year. His son Caleb married Hannah Cowles, 
a sister of Samuel's. 

Their children were: 



6. i. Samuel, b. March 17, 1662. 

ii. Abigail, b. Jan., 1664. 

Hannah, b. Dec. 10, 1664. 

Tinaothy, b. Nov. 4, 1666. 

Sarah, b. Dec. 25, 1668. 
vi. John, b. Jan. 28, 1671. 

Nathaniel, b. Feb. 11, 1673. 

Isaac, b. March 28, 1675. 

Joseph, b. June 18, 1677. 
X. Elizabeth, b. March 17, 1680. 
12. xi. Caleb, b. June 20, 1682. 











1 1. 



Jonathan^ Cowles {John,'' John^). The second child and 
oldest son of John and Deborah (Bartlett) Cowles, born in Hat- 
field, Massachusetts, January 26, 1671 ; died July i, 1756. He 
married January 21, 1697, Prudence Frary (probably a daughter 
of John, born September 17, 1669, whose father, Sampson, was 
killed at Deerfield by the Indians, February 29, 1704). She died 
July I, 1756. 

Their children were: 

i. Abigail, b. May 24, 1698. 

13. ii. John, b. Dec. 27, 1700. 

14. iii. Jonathan, b. June 30, 1703. 

15. iv. Timothy, b. April 9, 1706. 

V. Kesiah, b. Sept. 6, 1708; m. Ebenezer Cowles. 

16. vi. Nathaniel, b. March 21. 171 1. 

17. vii. Eleazer, b. Sept. 18, 1713. 

18. viii. Elisha, b. April 19, 1716. 

ix. Eunice, b. Aug. 18, 1719. 

X. Abia, b. Oct. 27, 1722; d. May 10, 1727. 


SAMUEL3 Cowles {Jo/in,^ Johrt^). The third child and second 
son of John and Deborah (Bartlett) Cowles, born in Hatfield, 


May 27, 1673; died from injuries received from a fall from a cart, 
August 16, 1750. He married in 1698, Sarah Hubbard, born 
November 12, 1662, daughter of John and Mary (Merriam?) 
Hubbard. The latter was a son of George of Wethersfield, Mit- 
ford, and Guilford, Connecticut, and came to Hadley from Weth- 
ersfield in 1660. 
His children were: 

i. Mary, b. March 16, 1698; m. March 23, 1720, John 
Amsden. He moved from Hatfield to Deerfield, 
and was drowned there, 1742. Children: 

( i.) John, b. Feb. 16, 1721; resided in Deer- 
ii.) Isaac, b. Sept. 27, 1722; Conway, 1770. 
iii.) Elizabeth, b. Sept. 27, 1724; d. unmarried, 
iv.) Violet, b. Sept. 14, 1726; m. Jonathan 

V.) Oliver, b. 1728; slain by Indians, Aug. 

26, 1746. 
vi.) Elisha, b. 1733; Conway, 1770. 
vii.) Mary, b. 1735; m. Aaron Phelps, of 
Jviii.) Simeon, b. 1737; slain by Indians, Aug. 
26, 1746. 

ix.) Eunice, b. 1739; m. Chamberlan, 

of Sunderland. 

X.) Asahel, b. ; resided in Ashfield, 

ii. Sarah, b. Oct. 12, 1703; m. Timothy Cowles. / 

19. iii. Samuel, b. March 12, 1706. 
iv. Elizabeth, b. June 28, 1708; m. Charles Hoar. 

20. V. Ebenezer, b. Dec. 18, 17 10. 
vi. A son, b. Jan. 21, 1713; d. aged one week. 

vii. A daughter, b. Jan. 21, 1713; d. aged one day. 

Samuel^ Cowles {Samuel^'' JoJin^). The oldest child of Samuel 
and Abigail (Stanley) Cowles, of Farmington, born March 17, 

1662. He married . He and his wife joined the 

church in Farmington May 25, 1690. 


His children were: 

20a. i. Thomas, bapt. June i, 1690. 
ii. Rachael, bapt. June i, 1690. 
2oi?. iii. Samuel, bapt. May 25, 1692. 
20c. iv. John, bapt. Aug. 26, 1694. 

7 ' . ■ 

Timothy^ Cowles {Samuel,^ John''). The fourth child and sec- 
ond son of Samuel and Abigail (Stanley) Cowles, born in Farming- 
ton, November 4, 1666. 


John3 Cowles {Samuel,^ John''). Third son of Samuel and 
Abigail (Stanley) Cowles, born in Farmington, January 28, 167L 

Nathaniel^ Cowles [Saninel,'' John''). Fourth son of Samuel 
and Abigail (Stanley) Cowles, born in Farmington, February 11, 


IsAAc3 Cowles {Samuel,^ John''). The fifth son of Samuel and 
Abigail (Stanley) Cowles, born in Farmington, March 28, 1675. 

He married . He and his wife joined the church in 

Farmington August 11, 1696. 

His children were: 

i. Mary, bapt. May 2, 1697. 


I I 

Joseph^ Cowles {Samuel,'' JoJin '). The sixth son of Samuel 
and Abigail (Stanley) Cowles, born in Farmington, June i8, 1677. 


Caleb3 Cowles [Sanmcl,'' John^). The seventh son of Samuel 
and Abigail (Stanley) Cowles, born June 20, 1682. 

We now follow down the Massachusetts line of John^. 

JoHN'^ Cowles {/onatha7i,-' John,^ JoJin^). The second child 
and oldest son of Jonathan and Prudence (Frary) Cowles, born in 
Hatfield, December 27, 1700; died in Amherst between June and 
November, 1735. He married Mary , who died in Belcher- 
town, 1795, aged 88. 

His children were: 

21. i. Israel, b. Sept. 28, 1726. 

ii. Abia, b. Dec. 22, 1729; m. March 3, 1752, Gideon 
Hannun, of Belchertown. 

22. iii. John, b. July 28, 1731. 

iv. Martha, b. Nov. 14, 1734; m. Dec. 12, 1754, Stephen 
Crowfoot, of Belchertown, son of Samuel and Mary 
(Warner) Crowfoot, of Hadley, b. April 13, 1695. 
V. Mary, bapt. Oct. 3, 1742. 

Jonathan^ Cowles {Jojtathan,^^ John,^ John^). The second son 
of Jonathan and Prudence (Frary) Cowles, born in Hatfield, June 
30, 1703, and died in Amherst May 14, 1776, aged 73. He 



married June 13, 1732, Sarah Gaylord, who died February 2, 

1790. She was the fourth child of Samuel and Mary (Dickenson) 

Gaylord, of Hadley, and was born February i, 1709. 

Their children were: 

i. Sarah, b. Dec. 29, 1732; m. Abraham Kellogg, Dec. 
7, 1758, and d. Oct. 26, 1819. He was a son of 
Nathaniel and Sarah (Preston) Kellogg, and was b. 
1 7 19. He lived at Amherst, but removed before 
his death to Leverett. Their children were: 

( i.) Sybil, b. Sept. 24, 1761 ; m. Oct. 6, 1785, 

Enos Graves, of Leverett. 
(ii.) Sarah, bapt. April 15, 1764. 
(iii.) Samuel, bapt. May 20, 1770; m. Hannah 
Marsh, and removed to VVaterbury, Vt. 
(iv.) Abraham, bapt. Dec. 13, 1772. 
23. ii. Oliver, b. July 15, 1735. 

iii. Jerusha, b. May 5, 1737; m. Oliver Barrett, of 

iv. Jonathan, b. Aug. 2, 1739; d. unmarried in Amherst, 
March 14, 1772, aged 32. 
David, b. Aug. 11, 1741. 
Josiah, b. March 20, 1744. 
Eleazer, b. Oct. 18, 1746. 
Reuben, b. July 22, 1749. 
Enos, b. May 5, 1752. 
Simeon, b. Oct. 24, 1755. 








• • • 







Timothy^ Cowles { /onathan,^ John,'' John^). The third son of 
Jonathan and Prudence (Frary) Cowles, born April 9, 1706. 
Lived in Hatfield, and died about 1788. He married his cousin 
Sarah, daughter of Samuel Cowles. 

Their children were: 

i. Sarah, b. Sept. 7, 1740; m. Peter Train. 
30. ii. Timothy, b. Dec. 25, 1741. 


Nathaniel^ Cowles (JonatJian,^ John,'^ John^). The fourth 


ion of Jonathan and Prudence (Frary) Cowles, born March 21, 
171 1. He married Anna, daughter of Peter and Mary (Hubbard) 
Montague, of South Hadley, born October 31, 1 718. He hved 
n Hatfield for a time, and then removed to Belchertown, where 
ae died about 1761. 

His children were: 

[Allow 31-33 for his sons.] 


Eleazer-^ Cowles {Jojiathatir'' Jo/m,^ John^). The fifth son of 
Jonathan and Deborah (Bartlett) Cowles, born in Hatfield, Sep- 
tember 18, 17 1 3. He married December 6, 1739, Martha Graves, 
and resided in Hatfield, where he died. 

He had no children. 


Elisha'^ Cowles {Jojtathan,^' Jo/m,^ John^). The sixth son of 
Jonathan and Prudence (Frary) Cowles, was born in Hatfield, 
April 19, 1 7 16, and died there about 1770. He married . 

His children were: 

34. i. Abner, b. May 26, 1749. 

35. ii. Justin, b. . 

iii. Lucy, b. June 4, 1753. 

36. iv. Elijah, b. 

V. Prudence, b. 


Samuel'^ Cowles {Samuel,^ John,^ John^). The third child and 
oldest son of Samuel and Sarah (Hubbard) Cowles, born in Hat- 


field, March 12, 1706. He married Abigail , and resided 

in Coventry, Burlington, Harvvinton, Simsburg, and Norfolk, 
Connecticut, dying in the latter place in 1762. 
His children were: 


Ebenezer^ Cowles iy Jonathan, '^^ John,- John''). The fifth child 
and second son of Samuel and Sarah (Hubbard) Cowles, born in 
Hatfield, December 18, 17 10. He married his cousin Kezia, 
daughter of Jonathan Cowles, and died in Hatfield, October 28, 

His children were: 


Israel^ Cowl^.^ {John,'^ Jonathan,^ John,^ John ^). The oldest 
child of John and Mary Cowles, of Amherst, born September 28, 
1726; married Lydia Bard well, and removed to Belchertown, and 
died there in 1797. 

His children were: 

22 • 

JoHN^ Cowles {John,^ Jotiathafi,-' John,^ John''). The second 
and youngest son of John and Mary Cowles, of Amherst, born 
July 28, 1731; married September 24, 1757, Hannah Bardwell, 
and removed to Belchertown, and died there. 


Olivers Cowles {JonatJian,^ Jojiathan,^ John,'' John '). Oldest 
son of Jonathan and Sarah (Gaylord) Cowles, of Amherst, born 
July 15, 1735; died in Amherst January 23, 1799. He married 
October 27, 1762, Irene, daughter of Nathan and Thankful (War- 
ner) Dickenson, of Amherst. She was born July 13, 1743, and 
died March 28, 1834, aged 90. 

His children were: 

i. Levi, b. April 24, 1764; m. (i) Dec. 25, 1805, Rebecca, 
widow of Elijah Hastings; she d. Nov., 1826, aged 
63 ; (2) Submit, widow of Enoch Bangs, and daughter 
of John Eastman. He resided in Amherst, and d. 
there Aug. 22, 1829. 
ii. Oliver, b. Oct. 27, 1765; m. (i) Jan. 29, 1792, Lois, 
daughter of Simeon Clark; (2) Jan. 16, 1806, Ruth 
Lindsay; (3) 1832, Submit, widow of his brother 
Levi; he d. in Amherst April i, 1850. 

iii. Rufus, b. Dec. 16, 1767; m. (i) Mary Putnam: (2) 
Sarah, widow of Solomon Boltwood, of Amherst, 
and daughter of Robert Benney. He graduated at 
Dartmouth College, 1792, and was a physician in 
New Salem and Amherst, and d. in Amherst Nov. 
22, 1837. 

iv. Chester, b. Aug. 14, 1770; m. (i) March 3, 1796, 
Abigail, daughter of Levi Dickenson, of Granby; 
(2) April 25, 1811, Sally Wade, of Chicopee. He 
was a physician, and d. in Amherst Feb. 25, 1842. 

V. Jonathan, b. Oct. 24, 1755; d. Sept. 19, 1777. 


David5 Cowles {Jonathan,"^ Jonathan,^ John,"" John^). The 
third son of Jonathan and Sarah (Gaylord) Cowles, born August 
II, 1741; died November 18, 1817. He lived in Amherst, and 
married Sarah, oldest child of Joseph and Sarah (Ingram) East- 
man, of Amherst, born January 28, 1744; died August 14, 18 15. 

Their children were: 



i. David, b. Dec. 20, 1773; m. Sally Wheelock, of 

Leverett, and d. May 23, 1814. He had no children. 
ii. Sally, b. July 23, 1775; m. Rev. Ichabod Draper, of 

Amherst, and d. in Michigan Aug. 3, 1848. 
iii. Joseph, b. May 29, 1777; m. Sept., 1801, Beniah 

Walkup, and d. in Amherst, 
iv. Silas, b. Nov. 4, 1779; m. Dec. 22, 1805, Zilpha 

Shumway, and d. in Hadley. 
v. Jonathan, b. Dec. 2, 1781; m. April 16, 1807, Ester, 

daughter of Elias Graves, of Sunderland, and lived 

in Amherst. 


Josiars Cowles {Jonathan,^ JonatJian,'^ JoJm,'' John''). Fourth 
son of Jonathan and Sarah (Gaylord) Cowles, born in Amherst, 

March 20, 1744; m. (i) Christian ; (2) Widow Mary Marsh, 

and resided in Leverett. 


Eleazer5 Cowles ^JonatJian^, Jo fiat han,^ John,'' John^). The 
fifth son of Jonathan and Sarah (Gaylord) Cowles, born in 
Amherst, October 18, 1746; died there July 19, 1795. Ke 
married December 5, 1771, Hannah, daughter of Azariah and 
Eunice (Stoughton) Cowles, born December 24, 1750; died Octo- 
ber 5, 1821. 

Their children were: 

i. Hannah, b. Nov. 10, 1772; m. June 5, 1797, Israel 
Scott, of Whately, and d. in Hadley, April 20, 1827. 
ii. Eunice, b. Oct. i, 1775; d. Sept. 5, 1777. 
iii. Irene, b. May 8, 1777; m. Jan. 8, 1801, Israel 

iv. John, b. Dec. 20, 1779; m. Nov. 24, 1799, Deborah 

Warner, and d. in New Haven, 
v. Eunice, b. April 22, 1782; m. Day. 


vi. Eleazer, b. July 25, 1784; m. Sept. 5, 1810, Sybil 

Montague, and d. in Amherst, 1849. 
vii. Stoughton, b. Jan. 3, 1788; m. Osburn, and 

resided in Parishville, N. Y. 


Reubens Cowles {Jonathan,'' Jonathan,'^ John,'' John"). The 
sixth son of Jonathan and Sarah (Gaylord) Cowles, born in 
Amherst, July 22, 1749; died there March 13, 1824. He married 
November 26, 1778, Betsy Rice. 

Their children were : 

i. Elizabeth, bapt. Jan. 7, 1780; m. Samuel Church, 
ii. Reuben, bapt. Jan. 6, 1782; d. young, 
iii. Lavina, bapt. June 6, 1784; m. Nov. 23, 1812, Zabina 

iv. William, bapt. Oct. 14, 1787. 
V. Jerua, bapt. Feb. 26, 1792; m. John Randolph, 
vi. Reuben, bapt. July 27, 1794. 
vii. Sylvester, bapt. April 23, 1797; m. Sophronia Mason, 

of Cummington. 
viii. Solomon, bapt. Sept. 15, 1799. 
ix. Wealthy, bapt. Sept. 12, 1802; m. Turnbull. 


Enos5 Cowles {JonatJian,'' Jonathan,^ John,'' Joh7i^). The 
seventh son of Jonathan and Sarah (Gaylord) Cowles, born in 
Amherst, May 5, 1752; married January 28, 1779, Dorcas Good- 
rich, and died in Amherst, January 21, 1825. 

He had no children. 


Simeon^ Cowles {Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ John,"" John''). The 


eighth son of Jonathan and Sarah (Gaylord) Cowles, was born in 
Amherst, October 24, 1755, and died there July 8, 1 83 1. He 
married February 12, 1778, Sarah, daughter of Reuben Dicken- 
son, a captain of an Amherst company in the Revolutionary war. 
She was born February 12, 1757, and died April 20, 1814. 
Their children were: 

i. Simeon, b. Jan. 11, 1779; m. Nov. 10, 1805, Char- 
lotte, daughter of Gideon Stetson. He moved to 
Goshen, and died. 

ii. Child, b. Oct. 26, 1780; d. in infancy. 

iii. Jerusha, b. March 4, 1782 ;.m. Noah Smith. 

iv. Orinda, b. Jan. 21, 1784; m. Chester Marshall. 

V. Azabah, b. April 12, 1786; m. Timothy Baker, and 
d. in Springfield, May 28, 1828. 

vi. Zebina, b. April 10, 1789; m. Nov. 23, 18 12, Lavina 
Cowles, his cousin, and removed to New Haven 
and Lincoln, Vt. 

vii. Moses, b. July 10, 1791 ; m. Nov. 10, 1814, Chloe, 
daughter of Ebenezer Dickenson; resided in Am- 
viii. Aaron, b. Oct. 23, 1793; m. Ruth Sanders, and 
resided in Springfield. 

ix. Sally, b. Oct. 14, 1796; m. Nov. 26, 1829, Joseph 

Spear, of Sunderland. 
X. Eli, b. Jan. i, 1800; m. Melinda Ball, of Holden, 
and d. Jan., 1844. 


Timothy^ Cowles {Timothy, '^ Jojiathan,^^ John,'' John^). The 
only son of Timothy and Sarah (Cowles) Cowles, born in Hatfield, 
December 25, 174L 

[31-33 for children of Nathaniel'^.] 


Abner5 Cowles {Elis ha, "^ Jonathan,'^ Jo hn,"" John''), Oldest son 
of Elisha, born in Hatfield, May 26, 1749. 




Justin^ Cowles {Elisha,'^ Jonathan,'^ John,^ John '). 
son of Elisha, born in Hatfield, , 175 1 (?). 



Elijahs Cowles {ElisJia,^ Jonathan,'^ JoJui,'' Jo/m^). Youngest 
son of Elisha, born in Hatfield, , 1755 (?). 


7 Etc. 

[Children of SamueH and Ebenezer-^.] 


The Salem Family. 


Thomas Cole. He was at Salem in 1649-50, and is recorded 
as a husbandman. 

There was a Thomas Cole who came in the Mary and John, 
March 24, 1633, and was an original proprietor of Hampton, and 
is mentioned as there in 1638. Whether he is identical with the 
subject of our sketch I know not. He married Ann . 

His will is dated December 15, 1678, and was proved April 27, 
1679. His widow Ann made her will November i, 1679, ^^^ ^^ 
was proved May 2, 1681. 

Their children were: 

2. i. Abraham, b. , 16 — , the eldest son. 

3. ii. John, b. , 164-. 

Abraham^ Cole {Thomas^). The eldest son of Abraham and 

Ann Cole, born . He was one of the inhabitants of 

Salem who protested against imposts in 1668. He married in 
Salem June 11, 1670, Sarah Davis. Savage says that he removed 
to Hampton, and there took the freeman's oath in 1678, and after- 
wards returned to Salem. In 1692 his wife Sarah was accused of 
witchcraft and imprisoned, but fortunately not brought to trial. 
She was liberated on bail furnished by her husband January 14, 
1693. He was a tailor, and resided in Salem. 

They had five children : 

i. Samuel, b. May ii, 1670; d. June, 1670. 
ii. Sarah, b. Aug. 29, 1672; living in 17 15. 


iii. Abraham, b. Jan. 6, 1674; d. young (?). 
iv. Isaac, b. June 6, 1677; d. young (?). 

V. Elizabeth, b. , 16 — ; m. Jeffords; d. 

before 171 5, leaving two children: 

(i.) Samuel Jeffords. (ii.) Sarah Jeffords. 

4. vi. Samuel, b. May 19, 1687, in Salem. 

5. vii. Thomas, b. : , 16 — . He was living in 1715; 

he m. Mary Petey in Salem, June 10, 17 10. 


JOHN^ Cole {Thomas'^). The second son of Thomas and Ann 
Cole, born 164-. He was one of the inhabitants of Salem who 
protested against imposts in 1668. He married (i) Mary Knight 
(probably daughter of William), May 28, 1667, who died before 
1675. He married (2) between 1675 and 1686, Sarah Alsbee. 
He was a cooper by trade, and lived in Salem till about 1675, 
when he removed to Maiden, and about 1684 to Lynn, where he 
died October 8, 1703, intestate. Sarah, wife of John Cole, of 
Lynn, was tried for witchcraft at Charlestown, and acquitted Feb- 
ruary I, 1693. He made a will October 5, 1703, which is en- 
dorsed ** Will not perfect," and was not proved. It had but two 
witnesses. His son, Samuel Cole, of Boxford, was appointed 
administrator of the estate of his widowed mother, Sarah Cole, of 
Bradford, May 25, 1741. 

Their children were : 

6, i. John, b. May 18, 1668, in Salem. 

ii. Thomas, b. Nov., 1669, in Salem; d. in 1669. 
iii. Mary, b. Sept. i, 1671, in Salem; living in 1703. 
. iv. Hannah, b. Dec. 12. 1674; living in 1703. 

7. V. Samuel, b. Dec. 27, 1687, in Lynn; removed to Box- 


vi. Anna, b. Aug. 5, 1690, in Lynn; m. Sessions 

before 1728. 




Samuel3 Cole [Abraham,^ Thomas '). The sixth child of Abra- 
ham and Sarah (Davis) Cole, was born in Salem, May 19, 1687, 
and probably lived there all of his life. His estate was settled 
there in 1733. He married Elizabeth . 

Their children were: 

i. EHzabeth, b. April 15, 1712; d. June 26, 1713. 
ii. Ruth, b. Feb. 10, 17 14; m. about 1738, Thomas Pea- 
body, Jr., of Boxford. He was b. July 14, 171 5, 
and lived in Boxford till 1757, when he removed to 
Lunenburg, Worcester county, where they probably 
died. Their children were: 

( i.) Jonathan, b. Nov. 16, 1736; married and 
lived in Brattleboro, Vt. Had three sons, 
ii.) Samuel, b. March 4, 1741. 
iii.) Ephraim, b. 1742; d. 1803. He m. Sarah 
Hutchinson, who died in 18 16, aged 66. 
They lived in Wilton, N. H., and had 
three sons and five daughters, 
iv.) Elizabeth, b. Jan. 5, 1744; m. March 3, 

1778, Isaac Sanderson. 
V.) Thomas, b. 1746; m. June 10, 1771, Han- 
nah Ritter. 
vi.) Phineas, b. April 20, 1749; d. Nov. 21, 

vii.) Phineas, b. 175 1; m. Lois Clapp ; lived in 

New Salem, Mass. 
viii.) Amos, b. April 13, 1753; lived in North- 
field, Vt. 
ix.) Moses, b. Jan. 28, 1755; m. Betty Jack- 
man Nov. 26, 1778; d. in 1842; lived in 
Jaffrey, N. H., and Wethersfield, Vt. 

iii. Abraham, b. , 171(6); living in 1733; d. 

before 1743. 

iv. Abigail, b. , 171(8); rn- Increase Whiston, 

of Andover; living in 1743. 

^ V. Samuel, b. , 17(20). He was living in 1743, 

probably in Methuen, as one Samuel Cole, of 
Methuen, married Mary Peabody, of Boxford, May 
26, 1748. 



Thomas^ Cole (Abraham;-' Thomas^). The seventh and young- 
est child of Abrahann and Sarah (Davis) Cole, born 16(89) in 
Salem, Massachusetts. He married Mary Petey, in Salem, June 
10, 17 10, and was living in 171 5. 

JoHN^ Cole {John,- Thomas^). The eldest child of John and 
Mary (Knight) Cole was born in Salem, May 18, 1668. He 
married Mary, probably daughter of Daniel and Mary Eaton. He 
moved from Salem to Lynn with his father, and in 1721 removed 
to Boxford. He resided in the west parish of Boxford, and was 
chosen surveyor of highways there in 1726. He died intestate, 
"very suddenly," February 5, 1737, in Boxford, aged 68 years. 
His name appears on the tax list of Boxford 1721-36. His eldest 
son, Jonathan, was appointed administrator July 15, 1737. His 
widow, Mary, died in Boxford, October 7, 1746, aged yd>. 

Their children were: 

9. i. Jonathan, b. 1696; d. in Westmoreland, N. H., April 
6, 1780. 

ii. Hepzibah, b. ; m. Ebenezer Sherwin, of 

Boxford, Sept. 21, 1726; removed to Dunstable in 

1747- . 
iii. Mary, b. ; ii07i compos; lived in Boxford 

many years; died very old; never married. 

10. iv. Daniel, b. June 20, 1703, in Lynn; was at Boxford in 

1725 ; living in 1788. 

V. Hannah, b. ; m. Daniel Eaton, of ''Winsor, " 

in Boxford, Dec. 19, 1727; living in 1738. . 


Samuel3 Cole (JoJin,~ Thomas'). The fifth child of John Cole, 


by his second wife, Sarah, born in Lynn, December 27, 1687. 
He removed to Boxford from Lynn in 1717, where he died Janu- 
ary 20, 1765. He was a farmer in the west parish of Boxford, 
and was taxed in Boxford from 17 17 to 1749. He married 

Susanna in 171-. She died July 29, 1785, aged 95. 

Their children were: 

11. i. Samuel, b. ■ . 

12. ii. John, b 

iii. Rebecca, b. ; m. Andrew Bradford, June 

16, 1743, «ind d. before 1762. 
iv. Susanna, b. ; m. Andrew Bixby, Nov. 4, 

1746. They settled in Amherst, N. H. ; she was 

living in 1762. 
V. Mary, b. ; m. John Hovey, Jr., Jan. 11, 

1757; she was living in 1762. 


Samuel^ Cole [Samuel:=> Abraham^ TJiomas'). Born about 
1720. He probably moved to Methuen, and married Mary Pea- 
body, of Boxford, May 26, 1748. 


Jonathan^ Cole {^Jolin^ John;- Thomas^). The eldest son of 

John and Mary (Eaton) Cole, born , 1696. probably in 

Lynn. Moved with the family to Boxford in 1721, and married 
there April 8, 1724, Judith Bowen. He was dismissed from the 
First Church in Boxford to help form the Second Church in Box- 
ford in 1736, and his wife was dismissed from and to the same 
churches the following winter. He was chosen tithingman March 
9, 1742, and was taxed from 1721 to I744.» He was dismissed to 
the Church in Harvard, ''where he now dwells," the Church 
records say, June 7, 1747, having removed thither in 1745. 


On ,s;"oing to Harvard he bought a farm of sixty-five acres, on 
the north side of " Pine Hill Brook," from Joseph Darby, paying 
therefor ;^4iO. 

Although they lived in Boxford for a score of years, no births 
of children are recorded there. 

The baptisms of their first children down to 1736, are to be 
found in the Bradford Church records. The following are found 
in the records of the Second Church in Boxford: 

Jedediah, baptized March 13, 1737. 
Hannah, baptized May 27, 1739. 
John, baptized June 21, 1741. 
Mary, baptized October 2, 1743. 

His wife died in Harvard in November, 1746. He died in 

Westmoreland, New Hampshire, April 6, 1780. 

His children were: 

i. Martha, b. , 1726; d. in Harvard Nov., 


13. ii. Jonathan, b. , 1730; d. in Westmoreland, N. 

H., Sept. 13, 1813. 
iii. Judith, b. , 1735 ;d. in Harvard, Oct., 1746. 

14. iv. Abijah, b. ; d. in Harvard, 1768. 

V. Jedediah. bapt. March 13, 1737. (I think that this is 

the same as No. 4.) 
vi. Hannah, bapt. May 27, 1739. 

15. vii. John, b. June 17, bapt. 21st, 1741 ; d. in Westmore- 

land, N. H., April 13, 1786. 
viii. Mary (Mathew)(?) bapt. Oct. 2, 1743; d. Oct., 1746. 


Daniel^ Cole (Jo/m,^ Jo/ui,^^ Thomas^). The fourth child and 
.second son of John and Mary (Eaton) Cole, born in Lynn, June 
20, 1703, and went with the family to Boxford in 1721. His name 
appears on the tax lists of Boxford in 1724 and 1725. He prob- 
ably removed from town soon after. 


I I 

Samuel^ Cole {Saifiiiel,-^ John,'' TJwnias^). The first child of 
Samuel and Susanna Cole, born in Lynn, probably. He married 
Bethiah Hardy, of Bradford, October 5, 1738. He resided in 
Boxfield, and died in 1805. 

His children were: 

16. i. Daniel, b. Dec. 10, 1739- 

17. ii. Benjamin, b. Nov. 8, 174L 

18. iii. Solomon, b. April 1, 1743. 

19. iv. Phineas, b. Nov. 20, 1744; d. in Pelham, N. H. 

V. Mercy, b. Aug. 3, 1746; m. Kmmerson; was 

living in 1793. 
vi. Martha, b. Oct. 12, 1748; m. Daniel Silver, of Salem, 

N. H., Jan. 10, 1778. She was living in 1793. 
vii. Rebecca, b. June 5, 1750; m. Thomas Morse, Jr., of 

Bradford, July 20, 1771; living in 1793. 

20. viii. Kliphalet, b. May 23, 1752; m. Ruth Marsh, of Pel- 

ham, N. H., (pub.) July 29, 1775; living in 1793. 
2L ix. Samuel, b. March 3, 1754; living in 1793. 

X. Margaret, b. Feb. 27, 1756; m. Benj. Spofford, Sept. 

18, 1784; living in 1793. 
xi. Jesse (twin), b. Jan. 5, 1758; d. June 9, 1762. 
xii. David (twin), b. Jan. 5, 1758; d. June 11, 1762. 
xiii. Bethiah, b. July, 1760; d. June 12, 1762. 
22. xiv. Simeon, b. July, 1762. 

XV. Bethiah, b. June, 1764; m. Stephen Blood, of Oxford, 
Nov., 1784; living in 1793. 


John-* Cole {Samuel,''^ JoJin,'' Thomas^). The second son of 
Samuel and Susanna Cole, born probably in Lynn, and taken to 
Boxford when a child. He married (i) Abigail Brown, April 14, 
1746. She died March 8, 1747. aged 23. He married (2) 
Plunice Spofford, in December, 1748, and resided in Boxford till 
about 1763, when he removed to Amherst, New Hampshire. He 
was prominent in town and church affairs; was a .soldier in Captain 


Josiah Crosby's company of Colonel Nichols' regiment in the 

Rhode Island campaign of 1777. 

His children born in Boxford were: 

i. Abigail, b. Feb. 5, 1750. 
ii. Hannah, b. Oct. 7, 1751. 

iii. John, b. June 27, 1753; a .soldier of the Revolution, 
and killed at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. 

24. iv. Nathan, b. ; bapt. Feb. 23, 1755. 

V. Priscilla, b. ; bapt. Dec. 12, 1756. 

Jonathans Cole {JonatJiaii,^ JoJin,^^ JoJin,'^ Thomas^). The 
oldest son of Jonathan and Judith (Bovven) Cole, was born in 
1730. He was one of the early settlers of the town of Westmore- 
land, New Hampshire, and one of those to whom the charter of 
1752 was granted. He settled on the "Canoe Meadow," in the 
south part of town, on the .same farm where his descendants now 
live. He was for many years one of the most prominent men in 
the town in certain affairs, particularly in those pertaining to the 
church. The following is a transcript of some of the entries in 
the town records in which he is mentioned: 

July 16, 1661. Chairman of proprietors' meeting and one of a committee to lay 
out the divisions of the town. 

May 21, 1770. Chairman of a committee to rectify mistakes in the proprietors' 
book, and to decide all disputes of line between party and party to look all undi- 
vided lands belonging to the proprietors and report. 

January 26, 1777. Chairman of a committee to settle with the proprietors and any 
others who may have claims. 

May 26, 1779. One of a committee to price all undivided lands and dispose of the 
same and make a return. 

December 12, 1775. ^^^^ ^^ ^ committee chosen to instruct the representative. 

March 23, 1 776. One of seven highway surveyors. On the same date he was 
chosen one of a committee to determine a site for a meeting-house, which was 
to be removed. (The committee reported the site on Park Hill.) 

April 10, 1776. One of a committee of three to hire preaching. 


March 12, 1777. One of committee of three to settle with selectmen at the close 
of the year, and one of a committee of five as committee of inspection. 

April 14, 1777. He was moderator of a special town meeting, and on same day 
was chairman of a committee for the settlement of claims. 

May 25, 1777. He was on a committee to state the price of sundry articles. 

July 8, 1777. Moderator at a special meeting. 

March 11, 1778. One of a committee of three to provide for the families of 

May 7, 1778. One of committee to instruct A. Temple, representative to Con- 
cord, to form a government. 

October 26, 177S. Moderator at a special meeting. 

March 10, 1 779. Surveyor of highways. 

November 3, 1779. Committee to appraise pews. 

December 3, 1779. On minister committee. 

March 8, 1780. Surveyor. 

June 5, 1780. On minister settlement committee. 

September 19, 1780. On committee to hire a minister. 

November 13, 17S0. One of two delegates to a convention at Walpole. 

December 5, 1780. Delegate to a convention to be held at Charlestown, in 
January, 1781. 

February 8, 1781. Delegate to a convention at Cornish. 

April 16, 1782. One of a committee to give opinion relative to the Constitution, 
and also one of a committee to hire a minister. 

May 14, 1782 One of a committee to confer with the soldiers, and give each 
forty pounds in land or money; also on the committee to appraise Glebe lands. 

November 11, 1782. On the committee to expound the Constitution. 

May 7, 1783. On committee to hire a preacher. 

November 8, 1784. On committee to confer with the Rev. Mr. Davis. 

March 27, 1786. On committee to hire a minister. 

July, 1787. On committee to get a preacher. 

For nearly all of his life he was one of the pillars of the Con- 
gregational Church, and for many years one of its deacons. 

In the early days of the settlement he was often annoyed by the 

, Indians. He built a block house for the protection of his family 

and the families of his neighbors. Some years ago the site of this 


block house was determined by the uncovering of the well that 
was dug at that time. 

He married Edith Davis, who was born in 1729, and died Feb 
ruary 8, 1805. He died September 13, 1813, aged 85. Both he 
and his wife, as well as his father, were buried in the "River 
Burying Ground" in Westmoreland. 

The children of Jonathan and Edith (Davis) Cole were: 

25. i. Jonathan, b. 1751; d. in Westmoreland, Feb. 8, 1805. 
ii. Jedediah, b. Sept. 5, 1765; d. May, 1766. 

iii. Abel, b. 1767; d. Oct. 3, 1770. 

26. iv. Mary. b. ; m. Benjamin Gleason ; d. . 

V. Martha, b. ; m. Noah Whitman. She probably 

soon after her marriage moved away from West- 
m.oreland, and all trace of the family has been lost. 

vi. Susan, b. ; m. Thomas Wyman. She probably 

moved from Westmoreland soon after her marriage. 
All trace of her family has been lost. 


Abijahs Cole {JonatJian,^ John,'^^ John,'^ Thomas^) . Very little 
is known of his brief life, even the date of his death being 
unknown. He married Sarah Kent, one of the four daughters of 
Jonathan Kent, of Harvard, Massachusetts. She had no brothers, 
and of her three sisters Ruth never married. Abigail married a 
Mr. Crafts, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and the other married a 
Mr. Groves. Abijah Cole died in 1768, being probably less than 
30 years of age, and as the three youngest of his children are the 
only ones whose births are recorded there, he may have lived else- 
where in the early years of his married life. Some years after his 
death his widow married Samuel Garfield, of Harvard or Bolton, 
by whom she had no children. She spent some of the years of 
her second widowhood in Gouldsboro, Maine, at the house of her 


eldest son, who settled there. She died about 1812 in Roxbury, 
Massachusetts, at the house of her niece, Mrs. Crafts. 

It is related by one of her grand-children that at the time of her 
husband's death Mrs. Cole was overwhelmed with her loss, and 
refused to be comforted ; but finally before the funeral she took 
her Bible and went out into the orchard alone, and after some time 
returned calm, resigned, and peaceful. 

There is a deed from Jonathan to Abijah Cole, dated at Harvard, 
May, 1 76 1. Probably this was about the time that Jonathan left 
for Westmoreland. 

The following, in the possession of the Maine branch of the 
family, is supposed to be a copy of a will: 

" I, Abijah Cole, having joined a company or regiment for the capture oj 
Quebec, in view of the uncertainty of human life, do give and bequeath to my 
father, Jonathan Cole, and to my brothers, Jonathan and John Cole, certain lot.'- 
of land situated in Harvard, and to my friend Sarah Kent, personal property,, con- 
sisting of a watch and money." 

There is no date, but it was probably about 1755. 

The children of Abijah and Sarah (Kent) Cole were: 

i. Sarah, b. May 13, 1760; d. unmarried in Westmore- 
land, N. H., Nov. 3, 1783. She was buried in the 
River Cemetery, where a stone was afterwards 
erected to her memory. 
27. ii. Abijah, b. Nov., 1761; d. in Prospect Harbor, Me., 
June 17, 1 84 1, aged 80. 
iii. Lois, b. 1764. She m. Solomon Robbins, of West- 
moreland, N. H. She had eleven children born in 
that town, viz. : 

Sally, b. March 5. 1782. 

Solomon, b. March 10, 1785. 

Asa, b. Aug. 28, 1788. 

Lois, b. Aug. 19, 1790. 

Charles, b. Aug. 22, 1792. 

Jonathan, b. March 24, 1795. 

Candace, b. June 21, 1800. 

Mary, b. June 12, 1805. 

Allen, b. Nov. 11, 1806. 

Emelme, b. Sept 9, 1807. 

Judith, b. July 5, 18 10. 


Mr. Robbins was for many years ferryman at 

the place now known as " Britton's Ferry." In 

1816 the family moved to Pennsylvania, and all 

trace of them has been lost. He was elected fish 

inspector in Westmoreland in March, 1796. He 

was a private in Capt. Scott's company of Col. 

Ashley's regiment in the march on Ticonderago 

in 1777, and again in the P>ighth company of Col. 

Nichols' regiment at the battle of Bennington. 

iv. Judith, b. 1767; m. John Hayden, of Cambridge, 

Mass. At her father's death she went to live with 

her maternal aunt, Abigail Kent Crafts, who was 

then a widow. John Hayden was the manager of 

Mrs. Crafts' business. Judith married him and 

removed to Cambridgeport, where he went into 

business as an India merchant. She died in 18 10, 

leaving two son, John Hayden, who died in 1871, 

and William Hayden. After her death her husband 

married her cousin, Abigail Crafts. 

28. v. Asa, b. Dec. 8, 1768; d. in Westmoreland, N. H., 

Dec. 6, 1816, aged 48. 


John5 Cole (Jonathan,^ Jo hi, ^ John,'' Thomas^). The third son 
of Jonathan and Judith (Bowen) Cole, was born June 29, 1741, 
and died in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, August 15, 1786. 
He was one of the prominent men of the town during the Revo- 
lutionary times. He was one of the committee to instruct the 
representative chosen December 12, 1775. He was a sergeant in 
the Eighth company of Colonel Nichols' regiment, Joseph Hindes 
captain, in 1776, and was in the battle of Bunker Hill. 

His name is to be found on the roll of signers of the test oath 
of March previous, as is also that of his brother Jonathan. 

In November, 1777, a company of sixty-three men was raised 
for service against Burgoyne, and he was chosen captain. 

In August, 1779, he was chosen one of a committee to settle 
with a committee from the Baptists, the rights in the church 



building and to move the church to the new site on Park Hill. 
This change was successfully consummated. In November of the 
same year he, with others, was selected to furnish the house and 
appraise the pews. 

He was several times surveyor, fence viewer, and committeeman. 
He lived in the north part of town. After his family became 
large and the older children had left home, he removed to Wind- 
ham, Vermont. He died in Westmoreland, while on a visit to his 
oldest brother, Jonathan, and was buried in the River Cemetery in 
that town, as was also his wife and one daughter. The oldest sons 
had not gone with him to Vermont, and they drifted to various 
parts of the country. The younger children, who were in Wind- 
ham at the time of his death, remained in and around that region 
till middle life, and some of them all of their days. The youngest 
in some way got back to Westmoreland, and lived the remainder 
of his days there. With him his mother sp^nt her last years. 

The wife of Captain John Cole was Lois Davis, born October 
12, 1742; died in Westmoreland, September 30, 1830, aged 88. 

The children of Captain John and Lois (Davis) Cole were: 

29. i. Levi, b. January 10, 1762; d. in Joliet, 111., Sept. 20, 


30. ii. John, b. Sept. 23, 1763; d. in London, Canada, 1850. 

31. iii. Salmon, b. Jan. 13, 1765; d. in Buckingharn, Canada, 

in 1840. 

iv. Matawassa, b. May 22, 1766; d. June 14, 1772. 

V. Amasa, b. March 12, 1768. The tax records of the 
town of Chesterfield, N. H., show that he was 
assessed for a poll tax in 1790, and again the follow- 
ing year, and he married Lois Higgins in West- 
moreland, Feb. 5, 1789. Nothing further is known 
of him, and it is probable that he died in early 

32. vi. Laban, b. Feb. 14, 1770; d. in Troy, N. Y., March 

24, 1830. 
vii. Hannah, b. April 25, 1772. She married Benjamin 
Howard, of Jamaica, Vt., and died there in 185-. 
She had no children. 


viii. Derastus, b. Dec. 13, 1772; d. in Coshocton, Steuben 

county, N. Y., in 1842. His wife, Betsy , 

survived him. They had no children. 
ix. Benoni, b. Feb. 8, 1775; d. in New York City, Sept. 
25, 1798. He was unmarried. 

33. X. Sala, b. Sept. 2, 1776; d. in Tioga, Tioga county. 

Fa., Feb. 8, 1852, aged 'jG. 

34. xi. Fthan, b. March 5, 1778; d. in Londonderry, Vt., 

Dec. 14, 1854, aged 'jG. 

35. xii. Simon, b. Feb. 13, 1780; d. in Boston, Mass., June 

27, 1856, aged -jG. 
xiii. Lois, b. Aug. 15, 1781. She married Reuben Rob- 
inson, and removed to Canada, where she died Dec. 
30, 1803, aged 23. 

36. xiv. Heber, b. Aug. 10, 1783; d. in Westmoreland, N. 

H., Oct. 19, 1857, aged 74. 


Daniels Cole {^Samuel,^ Samuel,^ JoJui,- 1 hoinas^). The first 
child of Samuel and Bethiah (Hardy) Cole, was born in Boxford, 
December 10, 1739. He married Elizabeth Day, of Boxford, 
November 25, 1672, and lived in Boxford, being alive in 1793. 

His children were: 

37. i. David, b. Jan. 20, 1764. Enlisted in the Revolution- 

ary army, and died of a fever. 

38. ii. Jesse, b. Dec. 19, 1765. 

39. iii. Moses, b. , 1767; bapt. Sept. 27. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. , 1770; m. April i, 1789, 

Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Peabody, of Boxford. 
He was born 1767, and lived in Boxford and then 
in Dracut. Her children were: 

( i.) Hepsibah, b. Aug. 29, 1787; m. Russell 

(ii.) Nathaniel,, b. Feb. 26, 1792; m. Mary 

(iii.) Betsy, b. 1799; d. young. 
(iv.) Ephraim, b. Aug. 25, 1804; "i- Sarah P. 

(v.) Moses, b. Dec. 12, 1806; m. Hannah F. 


40. V. Thomas, b. ; bapt. Nov. 17, 1771. 

vi. Sally, b. ; bapt May 22, 1773. 

41. vii. Samuel, b. ; bapt. Nov. 17, 1776. 

viii. Phebe, b. ; bapt. Feb. 21, 1779. 


Benjamin^ Cole {Samuel,'^ Samuel,'^ JoJin,'' Thomas^). The sec- 
ond son of Samuel and Bethiah (Hardy) Cole, born in Boxford, 
November 8, 1741. He was a farmer, and died there February 

12, 1774. He married Elizabeth , who September 10, 

1778, married Samuel Kimball, of Boxford. 

His only child was: 

42. i. Asa, b. July 22, 1766. 


Solomon^ Cole {Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ John,'' Thomas^). The third 
son of Samuel and Bethiah (Hardy) Cole, was born in Boxford, 
Massachusetts, April i, 1743. He married Mehitable Barker, of 
Andover (pub. Jan. 8, 1766). He settled in Zandaff, New Hamp- 
shire, and died there in 1835. 

Their children were: 






i. Timothy, bapt. June 28, 1767. 

ii. Kimball, b. . 

iii. Benjamin, b. 

iv. Isaac, b. , 1774. 

V. John, b. . 

vi. Solomon, b. . 

vii. Samuel, b. . 

viii. Asa, bapt. May 15, 1785. 

ix. Catherine, b. ; m. Benjamin Whitcher, of 

Northfield, N. H., Nov. 30, 1801. 
Perhaps other daughters. 


Phineas^ Cole {^Saimiel,^ Samuel,'^ Jo Jin,'' Thomas'^). The 
fourth son of Samuel and Bethiah (Hardy) Cole, was born in 
Boxford, November 20, 1744. He married Abiah Hazletine, of 
Bradford, December 20, 176 15, and settled in Pelham, New Hamp- 
shire. He was an inn-keeper in Boxford and in Pelham, and 
was living in 1793. 

[There is a record in Bradford of the marriage of Phineas Cole, 
of Bradford, and Catherine Hudson, late of Boston, May 17, 1776.] 

I think he lived in Bradford for a time, and that he is the one 
whose name appears as a subscriber of ;^4.oo to the Social Library 
of that town. 

One of his children was: 

Sarah, b. . She married Capt. Eliphalet Buck, 

of Haverhill, and moved to Eastport, Me. Her daughter: 
Lydia Cushing, b. Oct. 17, 1799, in Haverhill, and 
married in Eastport, Feb. 9, 1820, Peter Thatcher Vose, 
and died in Robbinstown, Me., Jan. 22, 1865. 


Eliphalet^ Cole {Samuel,'' Samuel,"' John,- T/ioinas^). The 
fifth son and eighth child of Samuel and Bethiah (Hardy) Cole, 
born in Boxford, May 23, 1752. He married Ruth Marsh, of 
Pelham, New Hampshire (pub. July 29, 1775), and was living in 



Samuel^ Cole {Samuel,"^ Samuel,^ Jolin,^ Thomas^). The sixth 
son and ninth child of Samuel and Bethiah (Hardy) Cole, born in 
Boxford, March 3, 1754, and was living in 1793. 



Simeons Cole {Smniicl,^ Saunicl,^^ John," Thomas^). The ninth 
son and fourteenth child of Samuel and l^ethiah (Hardy) Cole, 
born in Boxford, July, 1762; married Tolly Smith, of Rowley, 
July 5, 1785. He lived in Boxford, and died there December 9, 
1843. His wife died there January 5, 1826. 

Their children were: 

i. Triphena, b. June 20, 1786; m, (i) Gardner Kames, 

of Boxford, Nov. 12, 1805; (2) Joseph Pike, April 

4, 1822. She was living in 1844. 
ii. Sally, b. Aug. 24, 1787; m. Samuel W. Clement, an 

inn-keeper of Boxford, Oct. 24, 181 1, and died 

there Dec. 2, 1877, aged 90. 
iii. Caleb Currier, b. March 26, 1789; d. Aug. 8, 1802. 
iv. Hannah, b. July 3, 1791; m. John Ladd Davis, of 

Boxford, May 5, 1808. 
V. Judith, b. Oct. 24, 1793: d. Nov. 23, 1797. 

51. vi. Samuel, b. Jan. 24, 1797. 

52. vii. Manley Hardy, b. Aug. 19, 1800. 


Nathans Cole {Jo/m,"^ Saniucl,^^ John,- Thomas^). The second 
son and fourth child of John and Eunice (Spofford) Cole, was born 
in Boxford, Massachusetts, and baptized there February 23, 1755. 
He removed to Amherst, New Hampshire, with his parents in 
1763. He was a soldier of the Revolution, and was at the battle 
of Bunker Hill, where his only brother, John, was killed. 

He probably settled after the war (if he escaped death) in some 
other place than Amherst, as no trace of his descendants is found 
in that town. 


Jonathan^' Cole {Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,'' JoJm,'^ John,'' Thomas^). 


The only son who grew to manhood of Jonathan and Edith (Davis) 
Cole was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, in 175 1. He 
lived on the old homestead with his father, and died before him, 
February 13, 1807. On June 29, 1775, he married Anna Whit- 
man, who was born in 1753, and died December 7, 1843, aged 90. 
The children of Jonathan and Anna (Whitman) Cole were: 

53. i. Jonathan, b. April 30, 1776; d. in West Stockholm, 

St. Lawrence county, N. Y., April 4, 1848, aged 72, 

54. ii. Abel, b. Dec. 8, 1777; d. in Westmoreland, N. H., 

July 1 1, 1838, aged 61. 
iii. Betsy, b. Sept. 14, 1779. She m. Abel Whitman, 
June 17, 1799, ^^^ removed to Wisconsin, and set- 
tled in Whitmanville, where she d. July 27, 1859. 
Her descendants are living there now, and one of 
her daughters, Mrs. Joshua Fitch, was living in 
Canandaigua, N. Y. , in 1872. 

55. iv. Martin, b. Nov. 23, 1781; d. in Mt. Holly, Vt., 

April 6, 1866, aged 85. 
V. Polly, b. Nov. 23, 1783. She married Amos Brown, 
Jr., of Claremont, N. H., Jan. 23. 1806, and died 
there Jan. 31, 1840. Her husband was born June 
28, 1780, and died Oct. 15, 1834. They spent all 
their married life in Claremont. They had five 
children, viz. : 

Angela Brown, b. June 12, 1806. 

Oscar J. Brown, b. Oct. 22, 1808. Lived in 

Susan C. Brown, b. Sept. 17, 181 1; m. Harvey 

Daniel C. Brown, b. April 4, 1814; d. Oct. 28, 

Levi B. Brown, b. Sept. 21, 1822. 
vi. Anna, b. Oct. 20, 1778. She married the Rev. Otis 
Hutchins, son of William and Sally (Whitman) 
Hutchins. He was born in 1781, and died Oct. 
6, 1866. He graduated at Dartmouth College 
in 1804, ^n<^ was principal of the old Chesterfield 
Academy, and afterwards first principal of the 
Kimball Union Academy at Meridan, N. H. 
Although he was ordained to the ministry, he 
never preached much, but after his teaching days 
were over, retired to his farm in Westmoreland, 
where he spent the remainder of his days. Anna 


Cole was his second wife. They had no children. 
She died April 2, 1858. 
56. vii. Abijah, b. Nov. i, 1787; d. in Mt. Holly, Vt., 
March 10, 1865, aged 78. 
viii. Susan, b. 1790; d. Sept. 4, 181 1. 
ix. Sally, b. 1792; d. Oct. 16. 181 2. 

X. Latty, b. May 12, 1796. She married the Hon. 
Timothy Hoskins, Aug. 11, 1821. He was a son of 
Timothy and Susan Hoskins, of Westmoreland, and 
was a prominent man in his region. He was town 
clerk in 1850, selectman 1849-52, a member of the 
House of Representatives of New Hampshire in 
1833-34 and 1840, and in 1843-44 a State Senator 
from Cheshire county. He died Sept. 20, 1857. 
After his death his widow resided with her adopted 
daughter, Mrs. Caroline (Wing) Pierce, and died in 
Pawlet, Vt. , Jan. 26, 1881. She had no children. 


Mary Cole^ Gleason [Jonathan/^ Jonathan,'^ JoJm,^" John,'' 
Thomas'). The oldest daughter of Jonathan and Edith (Davis) 
Cole, was born in Westmoreland, Cheshire county, New Hamp- 
shire. She married Benjamin Gleason, one of the four sons of 


Isaac and Thankful Gleason, of Petersham, Massachusetts. He 

came to Westmoreland with his brothers when he was a young man, 

and lived there all of his life. He survived his wife some years. 

They are both buried in the old ground in District No. 5, but no 

stone was ever erected to their memory. 

They had nine children, viz. : 

i. Mary Gleason, b. Feb. 28, 1776; m. Nathaniel Wil- 
son, of Westmoreland, Dec. 15, 1798. She had 
four children : 

( i.) Eli Wilson, who m. Martha Blake. 1 

(ii.) Mary Wilson, who married Ezekiel Wood- 
ard, and had five children: {a) Betsy, 
who m. Lewis Shelley, of Westmoreland. 
{b) Mary, who m. Stephen Gary, of 
Westmoreland, (c) Lucy, who m. Chas. 
Knight, of Westmoreland, (d) Samuel. 


(iii.) Lydia Wilson, who m. a Mr. Gilson. 
(iv.) Nancy Wilson, who m. Hiram Woodard, of 
Westmoreland, and d. Oct. 16, ns'so, 
aged 46. Mr. Woodard d. Sept. 27,' 
1854, aged 50. They had four children: 
(a) Martha, d. unmarried. (/;) Nancy, 
who m. Harrison Gary, (c) Mary, (^^j 
ii. Lucy Gleason, b. Sept. 22, 1777; m. Nathaniel Hazel- 
ton, Sept 16, 1801. Their children born in West- 
moreland were: 

( i.) Clark Hazelton, b. July 24, 1S03. 
( "*•) John Hazelton, b. May 29, 1805. 
(iii.) Clarissa Hazelton, b. July 13, 1807. 
iii. Benjamin Gleason, b. Aug. 19, 1783. 
iv. Clarissa Gleason, b. Oct. 10, 1785; m. Samuel Boyn- 
ton. Nov. 27, 1805. Had seven children: 
. ( i.) Greenleaf Boynton, d. unmarried. 
( ii.) Clarissa Boynton, m. a Mr. Mussy. 
(iii.) Almina Boynton, m. in Canada, 
(iv.) Eunice Boynton. 

(v.) Samuel Boynton, w^ent South and married, 
(vi.) Semira Boynton. 
(vii.) Oscar Boynton. 
v. Bildad Gleason, b. Dec. 16, 1787; m. in Westmore- 
land to Cynthia Gilmore, Aug. i, 1809. His chil- 
dren were: 

( i.) Benjamin Gleason, b. May 10, 1810. 
(ii.) Osman Gilmore, b. April 25, 1811, and per- 
haps others after he left town, 
vi. Lavina Gleason, b. Dec. 8, 1789; m. Arba Gilmore 

Nov. 2, 1809. 
vii. Betsy Gleason, b. March 21, 1792; m. Elbridge 
Chickering, of Westmoreland. July u, 1815 and 
d Sept. 4, 1849 Mr. C. d. Jan. 4, 185 1, aged 52. 
Had six children: 

( i.) Caroline Chickering, m. Abiather L. Shaw. 

No children. ^ 
(ii.) Clarissa Chickering, who married Jewett E. 
Buffum. Had six children: (rt) Solon. 
(/;) Clayton, (r) Clement, (d) Colburn. 
(e) Alba, who m. Adine L. Cole, and 
lives in W. (/) Alice, who m. Edward 
Eletcher, and lives in K. 
(iii.) Rawson Chickering, who m. Julia Gilkerson. 



(iv.) Holland Chickering, who m. Celestia Cham- 
(v.) Elbridge Wheelock Chickering, m. Elsa 
Aldrich. Has four children: (a) Dell. 
{d) Vesta; m. Nov. 1886, Lyman Will- 
son, of Gilroy, Cal; d. there Jan., 1887. 
. (c) Guy. (d) Fred, 
(vi.) Shubel Chickering; unmarried, 
viii. Joseph Gleason, b. Feb. 27, 1794. He had five chil- 
dren. He married Chloe Bell. 

( i.) Mary Gleason; m. a Mr. Brown. 

( "•) • 

(iii.) Lemuel Gleason. 

(iv.) Joseph Gleason. 

(v.) Alvin Gleason; d. aged 14. 
ix. Eunice Gleason, b. May 30, 1796; m. Alvin Chick- 
ering, of Westmoreland, March 27, 18 17, and d. 
Jan. 18, 1836, aged 39. Her children were: 

( i.) Lucy Chickering, m. Seaman Wilber. 

( ii.) Alvin Chickering, m. Helen Hale. 

(iii.) Elbridge Chickering. 

(iv.) Eunice Chickering; m. Horace Wilson. 

( V.) Benjamin Chickering. 

(vi.) Mary Ann Chickering; m. a Mr. Neil. 
X. Semora Gleason, b. July 9, 1803; m. Calvin Walker, 
Jan. 3, 1823. 


Abijah^ Qo\J£.{^AbijaJi,^ Jonathan,'' JoJin,^ John,'^ Thomas^). The 
second son of Abijah and Sarah (Kent) Cole. He was born in 
1 76 1. The place of his birth is not known, but it was probably in 
that part of Littleton, Massachusetts, that is now Harvard. His 
father died when he was about seven years of age, but after a few 
years his mother married Samuel Garfield, a millwright, who 
taught the boys, his step-sons, his trade. With his step-father he 
went down into the State of Maine, building mills, and in Han- 
cock county he purchased propert>' and settled in the village of 
Prospect Harbor, town of Gouldsboro, where he lived for the 


remainder of his days. He married Nancy Williams, born Sep- 
tember 29, 1762; died March 10, 185 1, aged 89. He was a 
man of prominence in the town, and a public-spirited citizen. He 
died June 17, 1845, aged 84. 

The children of Abijah and Nancy (Williams) Cole were: 

57. i. Asa, b. Jan. 24, 1792; d. in Prospect Harbor, Me., 

April 28, 1 86 1, aged 89. 

58. ii. Sarah, b. March i, 1793; m. Henry Everett; d. Sept. 

9, 1 87 1, aged 78. 
iii. Abigail, b. March 16, 1794; d. unmarried, Ju^ie 16, 

59. iv. Nancy, b. Nov. 11, 1795; m. George Moore; d. 

Sept. 2, i860. 

60. V. Abijah, b. Aug. 14, 1799; ^- i" Prospect Harbor, 

March 31. 1876, aged yy. 
vi. Judith, b. Nov. 19. 1801. On Dec. 8, 1825, she 
married David Godfrey, of Lubec, Me. She died 
Oct. 9, 1863, aged 62. She had no children. 

61. vii. Lois, b. Nov. 2. 1803; m. David Moore; d. March 8, 

1861, aged 58. 

62. viii. Lydia, b. Jan. 30, 1806; m. Joel Moore; d. Oct. 26, 

1881, aged 75. 
ix. Percilla, b. June 12, 1808. She married Fabens 
Downing, of P^ast Sullivan, Hancock county. Me., 
April 20, 1838. She died July 10, 1884, aged y6. 
Her children were: (i)Theodosia Downing, b. Dec. 
9, 1838; m. R. H. Moon, of Hancock, Me., Jan. 
II, 1863, and d. Aug. 16, 1869, leaving one son, 
Frank D. Moon, b. March 24, 1864, now a mem 
ber of the firm of Moon & McMillan, contractors 
and builders, Minneapolis and Duluth, Minn. ; and 
(2) Sherman R. Downing, b. June 30, 1847, who m. 
Lucretia Kenniston, Nov. 26, 1883, and has one 
child, Ethel, b. Nov. 6, 1884. He resides in East 
Sullivan, Me. 
X. Susan Hayden, b. Oct. 7-, 18 10. She married Josiah 
N. Dunbar, of Machias, Me., Oct. i, 1840. They 
had two children, (i) Albert Josiah Dunbar, b. Aug. 
14, 1846. He enlisted in Co. D, First Maine Heavy 
Artillery, and was killed at Milford Station, Va., 
May 24. 1864; and (2) Augustus Dunbar, b. May 
20, 1848; m. Mariam C. Smith, Nov. 2, 1872. He 
lives in Columbia, Me., and has one child, Susie, b. 


Aug. 15, 1872. Josiah Dunbar died Sept. 15, 1849. 
On Nov. 4, 1858, his widow married Morey Nash, 
of Columbia, Washington county. Me., who died 
Jan. 20, 1870. They had no children, 
xi. Daniel N., b. Nov. 23, 181 3; d. at sea, unmarried, 
Nov. 13. 1842, aged 29. 


AsA^ Cole {AbijaJi,^ Jonathan,^ JoJin,'^ JoJin,'' Thomas^). Born 
in Harvard, Massachusetts, December 8, 1768; died in Westmore- 
land, New Hampshire, December 6, '1816. His father died when 
he was an infant. From his seventh to his fourteenth year he lived 
with his aunt, Mrs. Chamberlain, in Westmoreland. He then 
went to live with his step-father, Samuel Garfield, in Harvard, 
Massachusetts, and learned his trade, that of a millwright. He 
worked with Mr. Garfield in Massachusetts and Maine till 1793, 
when he married Anna Goldsmith, of Harvard, who was born 
January 27, 1772. At the time of his marriage he owned a house 
in the village of Harvard, and his mother and step-father probably 
lived with him. Here his eldest son was born. Soon after that 
he and his step-father moved to Rindge, New Hampshire. They 
there owned and operated a saw and grist mill for some six or 
seven years. He then moved to Westmoreland, following his 
trade as a millwright in that region, working one season on a mill 
in Coventry, Vermont, and also living some two years in Putney, 
Vermont. About 18 10 he built the Pierce mills, in the south part 
of Westmoreland, and lived near and managed them for some four 
years. Here three of the younger children were born. In 18 14 
the mills were sold, and he went to Boston and worked through- 
out the summer, returning in the fall and living in a house on the 
** Brooks place." 

In March, 18 15, Ephraim Brown, of Westmoreland, who had 
purchased a large tract of land in Ohio, and was about to emigrate 


thither, applied to him to join the party. He accepted the pro- 
posal and made arrangements to go and take his third son with 
him, but just one week before the party started he was taken with 
bleeding at the lungs, and was compelled to give it up. On his 
recovery from this illness he determined to go eastward, and in 
June he left for Gouldsboro, Maine, where his brother had settled, 
hoping to find some place where he could do business to advan- 
tage, and also hoping that the change of climate would improve 
his health. But it was all in vain. He remained away till the 
autumn of 1816, when he took passage for Boston, arriving home 
in November, sick, emaciated, and prostrated. Two weeks after- 
wards he died, and on the following Sabbath was buried in the 
North Cenietery in Westmoreland. He owned some land in 
Gouldsboro, Maine, for in 1800 he sold a tract to his mother, and 
again in 18 16 he quit-claimed all his remaining land to his brother. 
His wife was a superior woman. Left thus alone with a family of 
eleven children, most of them young, she managed to keep her 
family together till all were able to care for themselves or to find 
good homes. She raised her children to be honorable and useful 
men and women, and they repaid her by lifelong love and rever- 
ence. In 1838 she married Amory Pollard, of Bolton, Massachu- 
setts, whom she survived. She died in Montpelier, Vermont, 
while on a visit to her youngest daughter, September 4, 1852, aged 
80, and was buried in Westmoreland, New Hampshire. 
The children of Asa and Anna (Goldsmith) Cole were: 

63. i. Asa, b. Nov. 19, 1793; d. in West Medway, Mass., 

April 18, 1872, aged 79. 

64. ii. Richard Goldsmith, b. Nov. 7, 1795; d. in Burlington, 

Vt., Dec. 18, 1864, aged 69. * 

iii. Sarah, b. in Rindge, N. H., Sept. 24, 1797. She 
married Asa Farnsworth, of VVestmoreland, Nov. 
7, 1 8 16, and moved to Londonderry, Vt. , where 
she died Nov. 12, 1832. Her children were: 
Louisa, who m. a Mr. Batcheldor, of Landgrove, 
Vt., and moved with him to one of the Western 
States; Asa; Delham ; Daniel, who died at two years 


of age ; Nancy, who died at two years of age ; Dan 
iel, who moved to Michigan and died there about 
1865 ; John ; Henry. 

65. iv. Benjamin FrankHn, b. Aug. 11, 1799; d. at Chargres, 

Panama, March, 1850, aged 51. 

66. V. Nancy (Anna) Goldsmith, b. Feb. 6, 1802; m. Rev. 

Isaac Esty; d. in Amherst, Mass., Dec. 13, 1872, 
aged 70. 
vi. Philena, b. in Putney. Vt., May 25, 1804; d. in 
Brattleboro, Vt. , unmarried, April 3, 1859. aged 55. 

67. vii. John, b. Nov. 7, 1806; d. in Westmoreland, N. H., 

Jan. 8, 1875. 

68. viii. Susan Ermina, b. March 10, 1809; m. (i) Elihu 

Whitcomb, and (2) Orin Pitkin; d. in Montpelier, 
Vt., 1884. 
ix. William, b. in Westmoreland, N. H., March 6, 181 1; 
killed in a steamboat explosion on the Hudson 
River", at Newburg, April 23, 1830, aged 19. 

69. X. Theodore, b. May 11, 1813; d. in Westmoreland, N. 

H., July 2, 1885, aged 72. 

70. xi. Charles Henry, b. Feb. 25, 18 16; d. at sea, April 14, 

1853, aged 41. 


Levi^ Cole {/ohi,^ /onat/ia?i/ Jo/m,^ Jo/m,^ Thomas^). Born 
January 10, 1762; died in Joliet, Illinois, September 20, 1850. 
He married in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, Lydia Pierce, 
July 3, 1783, who died, and he then married Chloe Stoddard, 
June 18, 1787, who was born 1769, and died in Joliet, Illinois, 
March 13, 1848. He was elected hog reeve in Westmoreland, 
March 12, 1788. After his marriage he lived for some years in 
Chesterfield, New Hampshire, and the old a.ssessors' books show 
the amount of his estate, which seems to have been a fair one for 
a young man in those days. 

About 1795 he moved to the Black River region, in the neigh- 
borhood of Watertown, New York, where he lived for many 
years. When very aged he and his wife went to Joliet, Illinois, 


to the home of their daughter, Mrs. DooHttlc, and there died 
after a few years. 

The children of Levi and Chloe (Stoddard) Cole were: 

i. Chloe, b. May 4, 1788. She m. Nathaniel Kittredge, 
of Dummerston, Vt. ; d. in 1868. For a time she 
lived in Brattleboro, Vt., and then moved west, and 
at the time of her death was living in Joliet, 111. She 
had eight children, two of whom are: C. F. Kit- 
tredge, of Rockland, Me., and Mary M., wife of 
E. B. Holmes, M.D., formerly of Canandaigua, N.Y. 
71. ii. Levi, b. Aug. 25, 1790, d. in Sidney, la., May 27, 1868. 

iii. Arathusa, b. July 9, 1795, d. Apr. 27, 1863. She m. 
Elijah Doolittle, b. Apr. 11, 1792, d. Mar. 9, 1849. 
They lived for a time in 111., but returned to Water- 
town, N. Y. where he died. Their children were: 
Maria E. , b. June 26, 18 15, m. D. C. Young and 

lives in Sonoma, Cal. 
Phynodia, b. Jan. 13, 1817, d. Sept. 13, 1828. 
Lyman D., b. June 12, 1818, d. Apr. 30, 1872, 

in Watertown, N. Y. 
Mary F., b. Sept. 23, 1820, d. July 10, 1854. 
Lycurgus, T. , b. Apr. 7, 1823. 
John W., b. Dec. 10, 1827. 
William B., b. Apr. 30, 1837, d. Oct. 27. 
iv. Persis, one of the three daughters of Levi and Chloe 
Stoddard Cole, was b. about 1793, and d. in Sand- 
wich, 111. She m. John Stiles. When the Mormon 
faith was preached they embraced that religion and 
joined the Latter Day Saints, and lived at Kirtland, 
O., and Navvoo, 111. They emigrated to Utah with 
the great body of Mormons, and there remained till 
about 1864, when they left and settled in Sandwich, 
111., where they died. He was a soldier of 18 12. 
Their only son was: 

George P. Stiles, who was a lawyer, settled in 
Western la., and was appointed Chief Justice 
of the Territory of Uj:ah by President Buchanan. 
After the expiration of his term of office he re- 
moved to Cardington, O. He afterwards held 
an important position at Washington, and died 
there. His children were: ( i) John M., b. 

1850; m. . Lives in Chicago, III. 

(2) Gertrude, b. 1852; m. Scheble ; widow, 

resides at Belton, Tex. (3) Geo. P., Jr., b. 



1855; attorney-at-law in Cardington, O. (4) A. 
H., b. 1865. Resides . 


JoHN^' Cole {Jo/in,'^ Jonathan,'^ John,^^ John,^ Thouias'). The 
second son of Capt. John and Lydia (Davis) Cole, was born in 
Westmoreland, New Hampshire, September 23, 1763, and died 
in London, Canada, in 1850, ap^ed ^y. His wife was Hannah 

, born August 21, 177 L He left home before his marriage, 

and after a time settled near London, Canada. He was a skilled 
workman at some trade, and was also a farmer part of his life. In 
his latter years he lived on the outskirts of the town and kept 
a large tavern. The only knowledge I have of him is from four 
letters written by him between 1828 and 1840, in which he men- 
tions his family and gives a list of his children in their order. 

I quote a portion of his last letter: 

Dear Brother — I received your letter on the third day of Aug. dated the fifth 
day of July and well pleased to hear from you so soon, and\vell pleased to hear 
that you- are well. Will inform you that I am not very well but so as to take care 
of my house and do chores. But I am ntn able to labor at all for I am seventy-six 
years this day and you cannot expect much of a man at that age. * "■'■ You 

wrote that you wanted us to come to you. I wish that we could, but it is a long 
way, Heber, and we must be at a great sacrifice to sell at these hard times and 
must leave all of our children in this distant land and never see them any more 
and that would be hard. You wrote that it was too hard for me to keep tavern, 
but it gives me a little cash every day that I should not get in any other way. I 
have but a small farm but it is all cleared and I value it at a hundred dollars per 
acre, aside from the buildings and loose property, and what I ha<'e got is my own, 
for I owe nothing and borrow nothing and ask no favors from anybody only my 
" Maker But if I had all of it in my pocket I think that I would go back to my 
native land, where we could be buried decently among my friends, for here is 


nothing but Old Country people, and they have a way by themselves, and not 

Yankee ways. * * "••• I live about two miles out of London village, 

that is about three quarters of a mile across it both ways, and thickly settled. 

Back of the town is the barrack where the soldiers are kept, about 1200 of them. 

* Now you want to know our childrens names, — ••• •'■ 

Now Heber I dont know as I shall write to you any more, but if I am able I shall 

write to you as long as I can write with a pen, and I want you to do the same by me. 

But if I fail as fast as I have lately I cant last always for I go the way of the world. 

* You wrote that you were in your fifty sixth year. I 

am seventy-six this day and the old lady Hannah Cole was 68 on the 21 of Aug. 

last. So now it is my love to you and your lady. 

John Cole, 

London^ the 2j of Sept., i8jg. Hannah Cole. 

To Heber Cole, Westmoreland, State of New Hampshire. 

The children of John and Hannah Cole were: 

i. Rogena, b. Nov. 6, 1792. She m. her cousin, Daniel 
Cole (the oldest son of Salmon). She had nine chil- 
dren. (Three daughters married and two of them 
having two children each, and three sons men grown 
in 1839.) In 1839 they moved to the Rock River 
country, in Wis. 

72. ii. Adolphus, b. . He was m. and lived in and 

about London. He was crippled with rheumatism, 
and lived with his father and took care of him in his 
last days. He had three sons and two daughters. 

iii. Sophia, b. , m. John Smith and moved to 

Mich. She had nine children and one grand-child 
in 1839. 

'j'^. iv. Benoni M., b. . Lived in Warwick, Ont. 

He had eight children in 1839. 

V. Parmela, b. ; m. Wm. xVllen and moved to 

Mich. She had no children. 

vi. Clarissa, b. ; m. Elezer Smith and moved to 

Warwick, Ont. She had seven children. 

74. vii. Asa, b. . He m. and moved to Mich., where 

his wife d. leaving three sons. He m. again before 

viii. Polly, b. ; m. Bemas Pickley and lived in or 

near London. She had three sons in 1839. 

ix. Matilda, b. in 1812, and m. Sept. 25, 1827, to 

Mica Mudge. She went to Mich, and d. about 1830, 

leaving no children. 

75. X. Alvord, b. July 12, 1815. He went to Mich, and was 

there in 1839. His uncle, Derastus, offered to make 



him his heir if he would Hve with him, but whether 
the offer was accepted I cannot say. 


Salmon" Cole i^JoJin,'^ JoiiatJuiii,^ JoJui,^ John,' Thomas^.) The 
third son of John and Lois Cole was born June 13, 1765, died in 
Buckingham, Canada, in 1849, ^g^d eighty- four. He probably 
prospected about the then western and northern country and finally 
settled in Canada. He was in Hawksbury in 1801 and in Chat- 
ham for more than ten years previous to 1828, and between 1828 
and 1832 he, with his sons, took up land in l^uckingham and 
settled there. In a letter to his brother Heber, dated at Chat- 
ham, May 5, 1828, he says: 

" Myself, four sons and two daughters, have drawn two hundred acres of land 
in Buckingham, fifty miles up the river. Ethan began work there last summer, 
and has cleared lo acres for me, 12 for Salmon, 10 for Hiram, 15 for himself, 8 for 
Bathshebe, and 5 for Allen Davinny, who married Lois." 

Mr. Cole was a tall, good looking, good tempered man, and at 
70 years of age was straight and active. His wife, Bathsheba 
Dodge, was a native of Wales, who came to this country with her 
parents when she was quite young. They settled in the Connec- 
ticut Valley, and she was early inured to the hardships and 
perils of a frontier life. She was a strong tempered, energetic 
woman of massive frame and great strength. They were married 
in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, February 7, 1786. She died 
in Buckingham at the residence of her son Oris, at the age of 
eighty-four years. 

Their children were: 

i. Rhoda, b. , m. Smith, settled near 

New London. 


^6. ii. Daniel, b. 

yj. iii. Hiram, b. , d. 

iv. John, b. . Killed at a barn raising in l^uck- 

inghani when about twenty years of age. Un- 

V. l^athsheba, b. , m. (i) William Hilliard, of 

Chatham. He was killed by his oxen running away 
with him. He left three children, William Hilliard, 
who went to the home of his uncle Salmon ; Thomas 
Hilliard, who went to the home of his uncle Ethan ; 
and Lois, who was taken by her uncle Oris. She 
went to Buckingham with her father and brothers 
and there m. James Hays, by whom she had two 
children, Saul Hays and Ruth Hays. 

']Z. vi. Salmon, b. Aug. 8, 1795, d. in Buckingham April 15, 

79. vii. Oris, b. Feb. 28, 1801, d. in Buckingham, Sept. 13, 


80. viii. Ethan, b. Nov. 22, 1804, d. in Crescent City, la., Jan. 

22, 1864. 
ix. Lois, b. Aug. 7, 1807, m. Adam Devinny, and d. Mar. 
2, 1834. Her husband d. Oct. 22, 1856. They 
settled in Buckingham in 1824. Their children 
were : 

Salmon Devinny, b. July 20, 1825. He lives in 
Petuaua. Charles Devinny, b. Sept. 16, 1827. 
He is a farmer in I^uckingham, and has four 
sons and four daughters. Lucretia Devinny, 
b. Mar. 21, 1829; Adam Devinny, b. Dec. 6, 
1832; Sarah Devinny, b. Feb. 22, 1835; Lois 
Devinny, b. Feb. 23, 1827. Some of the fam- 
ily spell the name Devine. 
X. Ruth, b. in 1809 and ^- i'"^ Buckin<^ham unmarried. 


Laban^ Cole { foJui,'^ JonatJian,^ JoJin,^^ JoJui,- TJioinas^). The 
fifth son of John and Lois (Davis) Cole was born in Westmoreland, 
Cheshire county, New Hampshire, February 4, 1776, and died in 
Troy, New York, March 24, 1839. He went to Vermont with 
his father's family, and there married Betsy Mansfield, who died 


July 12, 1825. He lived in Brookline, Windham county, Ver- 
mont, all of his married life. The year after his wife died his 
eldest son moved from Brookline to Cataraugus county, New York, 
and he went to Troy to live with his other son, Reuben. The cir- 
cumstances of his death are best told in a letter written by 

Reuben to his uncle Heber. 

Troy, New York, June 23, 1S30. 

Dear Uncle— I write to inform you of the death of my father, murdered by a 
drunken Irishman named Connolly. On May 1 1 father was in the store when 
Connolly came in drunk. They had some words, when Connolly turned and 
threw father, who was in feeble health, and then went away. He soon returned, 
and father threatened to knock him down if he did not go away. At this he struck 
father with a clothes pounder. ^- * ■•• Father died the 24th. Con- 

nolly was convicted of manslaughter in the third degree, and sentenced to States 
Prison for two years. Your nephew, Reuukn Cole, 

The children of Laban and Betsy (Mansfield) Cole were: 

81. i. Daniel Mansfield, b. Feb. 10, 1794, d. in Ashford, Cat- 

taraugus CO., N. Y., Oct. 6, 1880, aged S6. 

82. ii. Reuben, b. Sept. 10, 1796, d. in Lansingburg, N. Y., 

Jan. 28, 1885, aged 89. 
iii. Martha, b. Dec. 4, 1801. She m. Warner Marsh, of 
Andover, Windsor co.. Vt., who soon died. She 
then m. Josiah P. Cook, of Troy, N. Y., and re- 
moved with him to Pittsburg, Pa., where she d. 
Sept. 30, 1857. She left a daughter, Frances Cook, 
and a son, Charles P. Cook, both of whom lived in 

83. iv. Rebecca, b. Mar. 19, 1804, m. HoUis Gilson. 



Sala^ Cole {John,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ JoJin,^ Thomas^). The 
seventh son of John and Lois (Davis) Cole, was born September 
2, 1776. Nearly all of his early life was spent in Windham, 
Windham countv, Vermont, and he married Sally Stevens, of 



Townsend, an adjoining town, in 1801. She was born July 26, 
1 78 1. In September, 1824, he moved to Tioga, Tioga county, 
Pennsylvania, and two years later he moved on to the place where 
he spent the rest of his days. His wife died April 26, 1845, 
and he on February 28, 1852. 

The children of Sala and Sally (Stevens) Cole were: 

84. i. Keber, b. Sept. 13, 1802. 

85. ii. Sally, b. Jan. 15, 1805; m. Thomas Leet; d. Nov. 18, 

iii. Asa, b. Oct. 23, 1806; d. March 2, 1809. 

86. iv. Maria, b. April 15, 1809; m. Abram Prutsman ; d. 

Oct. 31, 1878. 

87. V. Catherine, b. Feb. 7. 1812; m. Abram Adams; d. 

April 15, 1845. 

88. vi. Adehne, b. March 3, 181 5; m. Samuel Cody; d. Dec. 

26, 1874. 

89. vii. A. Clark, b. Dec. 9, 18 19. 


Ethan^ Cole {^JoJin,^ JonalJian,^ JoJin,'^ JoJin,'' T/ionms^). The 
ninth son of Captain John and Lois (Davis) Cole, was born March 
5, 1778, in Windham, Vermont. He was very young when his 
father died, and as the family was soon broken up, he experienced 
the hard life of the small boy who works on a farm for his board. 
In due time he learned the carpenter's trade, and worked at various 
places in Vermont and Massachusetts. In 1801, while working in 
Barre, Massachusetts, he married Lucinda Witherell, of that town. 
She was born November 25, 1777, and died April 12, 1842. For 
nine years after their marriage they lived in Barre. In 18 10 they 
moved to Windham, and in 1826 to the adjoining town of London- 
derry, where they remained the rest of their lives. Mr. Cole died 
December 14, 1854, aged seventy-six. 

The children of P^than and Lucinda (Wetherell) Cole were: 

90. i. Arnold, b. Aug. 12^ 1803; d. in Londonderry, Vt., 
July 30, i860. 


ii. Arminala, b. Dec. 15, 1804, in Barre, Mass. In 1826 
she married Waldo Barton, a farmer and blacksmith 
of Londonderry. He was born March 15, 1802. 
In their old age they moved to Chester, Vt. , where 
they died — he March i, and she June 17, 1879. 
Their only child was Arminala Barton, b. Aug. 17, 
1836. She married J. R. Richardson, a farmer and 
cattle dealer of Chester. She died January 25, 
1885, leaving no children. 

iii. Alson, b. in Barre, Mass., June 5, 1807. His boy- 
hood was spent in Windham and Londonderry, Vt. 
About 1833 he married Tryphenia, daughter of 
Abraham and Betsy (Whitney) Sanderson, of Sunder- 
land, Mass., b. Nov. 2, 18 14, and soon after settled 
in Springfield, Mass., where he died June 18, 1850. 
His wife followed him the next year. They had no 

91. iv. Isabanda, b. June 15, 1809; m. Reuben Harrington, 

and d. June 16, 1885. 

92. V. Alfred R., b. Oct. 19, 181 1. 

93. vi. Alverado, b. April 20, 18 14. 

94. vii. Alonzo Ethan, b. March 1, 1817; d. in Londonderry, 

Dec. 27, 1883. 

3 5 



SiMON^' Cole {John,^ Jonathan,^ Jolm,-^ John,'' Thomas^). Born 
February 13, 1780; died in Boston, Massachusetts, June 27, 1856, 
aged seventy six. He married Ester Robbins, of Putney, Ver- 
mont, who was born July 22, 1780; died December 18, 1840. He 
lived in various places in Vermont and Massachusetts, but was not, 
I should judge, very successful in his undertakings. He last lived 
in Boston with his son David J., and there died. 

The children of Simon and Ester (Robbins) Cole were: 

i. Louisa, b. March 6, 181 1; m. a Mr. Lamb, in July, 
1841 ; d. June 29, 1842. 


ii. Sophia, b. Nov. 22, 1813; m. (i) Collins M. Stearns; 
(2) a Mr. Wetherbee, of Worcester, Mass., where 
she was living in 1871. 
iii. David Jewett, b. July 18, 1815. He went to Boston 
in early life, and earned his living as a wood-sawyer. 
He became a well-known character in the north end 
of Boston, and finally became a hermit and miser. 
He never married, and after his father's death in 
1856, he lived entirely alone. Finally in his old 
age the authorities were called upon to look after 
him, by the neighbors, when it was found that he 
had secreted some $10,000 by his miserly habits. 
Several articles appeared in the papers about the 
case at the time. He was placed in the charge of 
his brother, and is now living in East Boston, 
oc iv. Davis Simon, b. Aug. 3^ 1S17. He moved West 
^ and for a time lived at Nettletonville, Caldwell 

county, Mo., but he has gone from that region, 
and none of his family live about there. 
V. Kesia, b. Sept. 2, 18 19. She never married; she 


06 vi. Stephen Robbins, b. June 10, 1821. 

vii. Hannah, b. March 2, 1823; m. Fred Robmson, of 

Harwich, Mass., Oct. 4, 1844. 
viii. Betsy, b. March 4, 1823. She lived in Worcester, 

Mass. She never married; she d. • 

ix. Ester, b. Sept. 22, 1828; d. March 16, 1843, aged 15. 




Heber''' Cole { JoJup Jonathan,^ Jo hn,'^ John,- Thomas^). Born 
August lO, 1783; died October 19. 1857, ^g^^ seventy-four. He 
married (i) Sally Bennett, of Westmoreland, December 11, 181 1, 
who was born May 15, 1787; died January 31, 18^27. He lived all 
his life in Westmoreland, and until 1827 kept a tavern in the north 
part of the town. He was a man well-to-do in the world, and 
whose judgment was much respected by his neighbors. 

The children of Heber and Sally (Bennett) Cole were: 

97. i. Alonso, b. March 15. 1812; d. in Newburyport, Mass. 

98 ii. Heber Bennett, b. Sept. 29. 18 13; d. in Westmore- 
land, N. H., Feb. 18, 1885. 
iii. Sarah Laurette, b. March 7, 1821; m. Sept. 7. 1847, 
George W. Daggett, a farmer of Westmoreland, 
who was born in 18 18, and died June 25, 1884. 
Their children are: (i) George Marshall Daggett, b. 
Sept., 1848, d. July 11,1862; (2) Louisa Daggett, b. 

; m. Thomas Merrill, a farmer, who 

moved to Belvedere, 111., where she died in Decem- 
ber, 188 1, leaving two daughters; (3)Clara Daggett, b. 
18153; m. William Leonard, a farmer of Walpole, N. 
H., and has one son, Wallace. (4) Walter Daggett, b. 
, a blacksmith by trade, but now prospect- 
ing in Dakota. (5)Eliza Isabel Daggett, b. July i, 
1857; d. July 22, 1862. 
iv. William, b. April 9, 1824; d. in Westmoreland, Dec. 
6, 1859. On March i, 1885, he married EmcHne, 
daughter of Melzer Paine, of Westmoreland. She 
was born in 1830, and died June 19, 1869. Their 
children were: Eva, b. March, 1857; d- i" West- 
moreland, unmarried, Oct. 12, 1875. Luella, b. 
Aug. 19, 1857; d. March 12, 1858. Emeline, b. 
Dec. 14, 1858; d. July 5, 1859. 







After the death of his first wife Mr. Cole married May 29, 1828, 
Prudence Walker, of Westmoreland, who was born January 24, 
1800, and died March 16, 1883. 

Their children were : 

V. Emeline, b. Sept. i, 1830. She married William M. 
Whitney, Sept. 12, 1850. He was for many years a 
conductor on the New York & New England Rail- 
road, and resided in Needham, Mass. She had two 
sons: (i) William Whitney, b. Sept. 30, 1854, who was 
a clerk in Boston, and died January 27, 1878. The 
following tribute to him was published at the time: 

Mr. Whitney for several months has been very feeble, and the tenacity and 
strength of his disease had av^akened in his friends the most anxious solicitude. 
He met the approach of death with calmness, and passed away without a struggle, 
watched by tender and loving hearts. This death has cast a gloom over our 
village, because Mr. Whitney was so widely known and esteemed. He was a 
young man of fine qualities of character, and life opened before him with the 
promise of usefulness and success. He had gained the entire confidence of the 
gentleman with whom he had been associated in business, and in a letter to the 
bereaved family he says: " I never had in my employ any one I thought so much 
of, or any one in whom I placed so much confidence, as Willie. He was an hon- 
est young man." 

He also won the respect of all who knew him, and was endeared to his 
companions. Prompt and faithful in the discharge of every duty, he was ready 
always cheerfully to do his part in public affairs. For years he was a zealous 
friend and advocate of temperance, and gave to this cause the power of example, 
as well as his words. He was very much interested in the Sunday School of the 
First Parish, and held the office of Treasurer at the time of his death. Even dur- 
ing his lingering illness this was manifested in a way which was both touching and 
beautiful. As a son and brother he was loving and tender, and lightened the 
cares of the household by his ready hands and efficient helpfulness. 

(2) Frank Cole Whitney, b. Sept. 25, 1856. He was 
for several years teller in the First National Bank of 
Santa Fe, N. M., but now with the Lincoln National 
Bank of Boston. 
99. vi. George, b. March 20, 1833; d. in Rochester, N. Y., 
Feb. 23, 1873. 
vii. Martha Ellen, b. Sept. 2, 1838. She married Alonso 
Burt, of Walpole, N. H., Dec. i, 1866. They have 
no children. • 

viii. Mary Ellen, b. Dec. 6, 1843. She married May 27, 
1866, Fred. G. Parker, of Putney, Vt., a contractor 
and builder. They live on the old Cole homestead 
in Westmoreland. Their children are: Bertie C. 



Parker, b. June 17, 1868. Myrtle B. Parker, b. 
May 20, 1870. Willie H. Parker, b. May 23, 1876. 


Jesse^ Cole {Daniel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^^^ John, ^ Thomas^). The 
second son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Day) Cole, was born in Box- 
ford, Massachusetts, December 19, 1765. 


MosES^ Cole {Daniel,^ Samuel,'' Samuel,^ John;^ Thomas^), the 
third son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Day) Cole, was born in Box- 
ford, Massachusetts, and baptized there September 27, 1767; 


Thomas^ Cole [Daniel,'^' Samuel,^ Samuel, ^^ John,' Thomas^), the 
fourth son and fifth child of Daniel and Elizabeth (Day) Cole, was 
born in Boxford, Massachusetts, and baptized there November 17, 
1 77 1. He married January 11, 1798, Sally Kimball. He died 
soon after, and on February 9, 1803, his widow married John 
Downing, of Boxford. 

His only child was: 

i. Mary L., b. July 10, 1798. 


Samuel^ Cole [Daniel'^, Samueb, Samuel, ^=> Jo Jin,- Thojnas^), the 
fifth son and seventh child of Daniel and Elizabeth (Day) Cole, 
was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, and baptized there November 
17, 1776. 



AsA^' Cole {Benjamin,^ Saiimel,^ Samuel,''- John,"- Thomas^). 

The only child of Benjamin and Elizabeth ( ) Cole, born in 

Boxford. Massachusetts, July 22, 1766. His father died when he 
was eight years old, and four years later his mother married Sam- 
uel Kimball, of Boxford. He married Sally Davis, March i, 
1792, probably in Boxford. 


Timothy^ Cole {Solomon,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^- John,'' Thomas^), 
The first child of Solomon and Mehitable (Barker) Cole, born 
in Boxford and baptized there \76'/. He settled in Richmond, 
Massachusetts, where he died 

His children were: 

104. i. Barker, b. . Lived in New Jersey. 

105. ii. Solomon, b. — '■ . Lived in Lenox, Mass. 

106. iii. Isaac Chancy, b. . He was an evangelist 

of the M. E. Church. 

107. iv. John, b. . Lived in Richmond, Mass., on 

the ancestral farm. 
And probably others. 


Kimball^ Cole {Solomon^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Jo hn,^ Thomas^), 
the second son of Solomon and Mehitable (Barker) Cole, born 
1780, in Boxford, Massachusetts, and died there 1822. He was 
commonly called Lieutenant Cole. He married Abigail, daughter 
of William and Rebecca Runnells of Methuen, (published April 2, 
1804). She was born in Methuen Eebruary, 1780, and died in 
Boxford, April 7, 1861. 


Their children were : 

i. Sarah Foster, b. Aug. 23, 1805, m. Ezra Town, Sep 

21, 1824, d. Mar. 1834. 
ii. Rebecca, b. Apr. 2, 1807, d. Feb. 19, 1834. 

108. iii. Ephraim Foster, b. July 6, 1809. 

iv. Mehitable Barker, b. June 9, 181 1, m. Henry C. Si 
livan of Boxford, Mar. 27, 1832, d. Mar. 9, 183 
V. Abigail, b. Feb. 22, 1813, d. June, 1833. 

109. vi. John Kimball, b. Dec. 16, 1814. 
no. vii. William RunncUs, b. Jan. 15, 1817. 


Benjamin^ Cole {Solomon,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Johnr TJiomas 
the third son of Solomon and Mehitable (Barker) Cole, was bo 
about 1 77 1. He settled in Richmond, Massachusetts, and I 1: 
lieve moved to New York, and there lived and died. 


IsAAC^ Cole {Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^'' John,'' Thomas^), tl 
fourth son of Solomon and Mehitable (Barker) Cole, was born 
Boxford, Massachusetts, January 26, 1774. He moved to Era 
conia. New Hampshire, where he lived many years. In 1821 ] 
removed to Franklin, New Hampshire, and built an iron found 
there. Six years later he removed to Lake Village, New Ham 
shire, and built another foundery, which he operated until 183 
when he sold out to his sons. The business has since grown in 
the present extensive establishment of the Cole Manufacturi] 
Company. He died in Lake Village July 8, 1854. He marrii 
Hannah Atvvood of Atkinson, New Hampshire, in 1792. S] 
was born in that town March 27, 1773, and died February 2 


Their children were: 

i. Hannah, b. May 23, 1793- She m. John Aldrich of 
Franconia, and lived there all her life, dying in 
1863. Her children were: 
( i ) Isaac, b. Jan. 12, 1823. He is a machinist, 
and resides at Lake Village, N. H. He 
has been three times married, and has 
two living children. 
( ii.) John, b. June i, 1827. Is now a merchant 
and manufacturer in Lake Village. He 
was major of the 15th N. H. Vols, in 
the war of the Rebellion. He m. his 
cousin Mary, dau. of John A. Cole. 
They have no children, 
(iii.) Hannah A., b. Feb. 10, ICS27, d. Aug. 20, 

(iv.) Caroline S., b. May 4, 1830. She m. F. E. 
Webster. He was a member of the N. 
H. Vol. Cavalry and died in 1878. She 
has five children and several grand- 
( V ) Myra W., b. Oct. 28, 1833, m. A. G. Lane, 
now a real estate agent of Manchester. 
N. H. Their only child died in infancy, 
(vi.) Martha A., b. Apr. 22, 1833. She is un- 
married, and has resided m Europe for 
several years, 
ii. Mehitable, b. Nov. 30, 1794- She m. Joseph Town, 
of Boxford, Mass., and d. in 1878. Her children 

( i ) Eleanor, b. in 1814 and d. in 1878. She m. 

James M. Blake, who d. . One 

son, James W. Town, was a member of 
the' 15th N. H. Vols., and d. in the 
service. There are three other children 
still living. ^ 

( ii ) Abigail, b. in 18 16. She m. Jonathan Dow 
and is living in Lisbon, N. H. She had 
seven children. One son, Henry Dow, 
was capt. in a N. H. Reg. and after the 
war went to Bay City, Mich., and was 
editor of a paper. He d. several years 

( iii.) Mehitable, b. in 1819. She m. E. H. 
Wheeler, and they live in Lake Village, N. 


H. Her children were: (i) Orin F. , d. 
Nov. 22, 1862, in the service as member 
of 15th Reg. N. H. Vols. (2) Eliza, m. 
M. A. Dow, and resides in Mass. (3) 

Emma, m. Bump and resides in Vt. 

(4) Hannah M., resides in Lake Village, 
unm. (5) Oilman, conductor on B. & L. 
R. R. (6) George, resides in Mass. 

( iv.) Moody, b. in 1821, d. about 1879. ^^ ^^^ 
three times married and left several chil- 
dren but their residence is unknown to me. 

( V.) Judith, b. in 1823. She m. Reuben Smith of 
Lake Village, and after his death E. Max- 
field of the same place, where she now re- 
sides. She has no children living. 

( vi.) Jerusha, b. in 1824. She m, Whitcher 

and moved to Baltimore, Md. She is now 
a widow, and lives in Baltimore with her 
only daughter. 

( vii.) Joseph W., b. in 1826. He removed to 
Chicago, 111., where he lived for many 
years, and was a prominent citizen. He 
d. in 1878, leaving a widow and two 

(viii.) Mary, b. in 1828. She m. (i) East- 
man of Lisbon, N. H., (2) Rev. J. Knowles 
of Lake Village, and (3) Rev. I. Allen of 
the same place. She is again a widow. 
She has one daughter living. 

( ix.) Kimball, b. about 1830, d. in 1841. , 

( X.) John, b. about 1833. He removed to 111, 
where he d. in 1875. 

( xi.) James, b. in 1835. ^^ never m. He d. in 
Colorado in 1861 . 
iii. Isaac, b. Oct. 31, 1796, d. in Franconia in 1880. 

iv. Mary, b. May 29, 1799. She m. Perley Putnam of 
Franconia, N. H., and lived and died there in 1868. 
Her children were : 

( i.) Horace B., b. Feb. 1823. He is still living 

and has several children,* 
( ii.) Charles, b. in 1825. He resides in Leo- 
minster, Mass., and is married, but has no 
children living, 
(iii.) William, b. in 1825. He lives in Boston, 
Mass.. and has three children. 


(iv.) Perley, b. in Franconia in 1830. He re- 
sides in I>aconia, N. H., where he is ex- 
tensively engaged in the manufacture of 
freight and passenger cars. For twelve 
years he has been postmaster at Laconia. 
His only child is m. to Mr. Chamberlain, 
superintendent of the Concord R. R., and 
resides at Concord, N. H. 

( V.) Elizabeth, b. in 1832, d. unm. about 1870. 

112. V. John A., b. Apr. 22, 1801, d. in Plymouth, N. H., in 

vi. Elizabeth, b. July 21, 1803.. She m. Horace Bugbee 
of Hartland, Vt. and d. there in 1849. Her chil- 
dren were: 

( i.) Marcia, b. in 1822, d. in childhood. 
( ii.) Catherine, b. in 1824, d. unm. in 1846. 

(iii.) Frances, b. , m. W. Andrews, 

and resides in Tacoma, Wash. Ter. 

(iv.) Arthur W., b. . He settled in 

Kansas, where he now lives. He has 
several children. 

( V.) Horace, b. . He resides in Lake 

Village, N. H., and has a son and 
daughter, both m. 
(vi.) James, b. . Resides in Manches- 
ter, N. H. Has no children. 

113. vii. Timothy, b. Sept. 22, 1806. 

viii. Abigail, b. Apr. 16, 1810, m. Joseph Hill of Spring- 
field, N. H., where she now resides. Her chil- 
dren are: • 

( i.) Benjamin F., b. . He resides in 

Lake Village, N. H., and has two sons 
and three daughters. 

( ii.) Joseph, b. . Resides in Win- 
chester, Mass., and has several children. 

(iii.) Lydia, b. , m. Heath, and 

lives in Wakefield, Mass. She has no 

(iv.) Susan, b. , m. Taylor. She 

lives in Dakota and has several children. 

( V.) Emily, b. . She lives in Spring- 
field, N. H., and has several children. 

114. ix. Benjamin James, b. Sept. 28, 1814. 



JoHN^' Cole {So/cww/i,'=> Samuel,'^ Saiiuiel,^ John,^ Thomas^). The 
fifth son of Solomon and Mehitable (Barker) Cole, was born in 

Rowley, Massachusetts, 1768, and died in Surry, Cheshire 

county. New Hampshire, October 4, 1807, aged thirty-nine. He 
married Polly Bemis, who was born in Westminster, Massachusetts, 
in 1762, and died in Gilsum, New Hampshire, December 30, 1825. 
He was a shoemaker by trade, but most of the latter years of his 
life was a teamster from Boston to the towns of Northern New 
Hampshire and Vermont. 

His children were: 

115. i. Zackeus, b. March 28, 1791, at Dummerston, Vt. ; 

d. in Westminster, Vt., Oct. 12, 1882. 
ii. Betsy, b. Sept. 11, 1792, at Orange, Mass.; d. at 
Gilsum, N. H., Aug. 9, 1820. She m. Amherst 

116. iii. John, b. Sept. 13, 1797, at Gardner, Mass. 

iv. Polly, b. Aug. 28, 1800, at Gardner, Mass. After 
her sister Betsy's death, she married the widower, 
Amherst Haywood, and died at Gilsum, Nov. 21, 

117. V. Asa, b. in Surry, N. H., Oct. 20, 1804. 


Solomon^' Cole {Solomon,^ Samuel,'^ Saniucl,^^ John,^ Thomas'). 
The sixth son of Solomon and Mehitable (Barker) Cole was born 

. He married Sally Howland, and settled in Whitefield, New 

Hampshire, where he died at the age of eighty. 

His children were: 

118. i. Samuel, b. ; d. in , . 

ii. Havens, ; killed by falling from a build- 
ing when 18 years of age. 
ii8rt. iii. Stephen H., b. ; d. in , 1877. 


iv. Mary, b. ; m. Moses Jewell. She had 

two children, only one of whom is now living. 

She d. . 

V. Sally, b. ; m. Peter G. Russell. She had 

seven children, four of whom are now living. 

She d. . 

1x8^. vi. Asa, b. — ; d. in 

vii. Kitty, b. ; m. Hubbard Sawyer. She 

had three children, all of whom are now living. 

She died . 

iiSc. viii. Solomon, b. . 


Samuel^ Cole {Soloinon,^ Sanmel,^ Saimcel,^ John,'' Thomas^). 

The seventh son of Solomon and Mehitable (Barker) Cole, b. 

1 78 1. He became a minister of the Freewill Baptist Church. He 
settled in Lisbon, New Hampshire, and died there in 1850. 
He married . 

Their children were: 

i. Harriet, b. . 

ii. Louisa S., b. . 

iii. Amos J., b. . 

iv. Phineas, b. . 

V. Mooers, b. Aug. 14, 18 15, in Lisbon, N. H. 

vi. Joseph, b. -. 

vii. Benjamin, b. . 

viii. Samuel, b. . 


1 22 

On Rev. Samuel Cole married as his second wife 

Mary Colby. 

Their children were: 

ix. Nancy, b. . 

125. X. Isaac, b. . 


Asa B.'' Cole {Solomon,'^ Samuel,'^ Samuel, ^^ Jolin,''- Thomas^). 
The eighth son of Solomon and Mehitable (Barker) Cole, was 



born ; baptized in Boxford, Massachusetts, May 15, 

1785. Remarried Lydia Rowland, and settled in Whitefield, New 
Rampshire, where he died in 1862, aged seventy-seven. Ris wife 
died at the age of thirty-nine. 

Their children were: 

i. Simon, b. ; d. aged i year. 

ii. ZelindaJ., b. ; m. A. S. Bartlett. She 

had eighteen children, eight of whom grew to 
maturity, and seven are still living. 

126. iii. Kimball, b. . 

iv. Mehitable B., b. ; m. Joseph French. 

She had nine children, of whom three have died. 
She died in 1886. 

V. AureliaC, b. ; m. William Smith. They 

have eight or nine children living. 

126^. vi. George W., b. . 

vii. Rhoda T. , b. ; m. William Melcher. 

Mr. M. enlisted in the volunteer service, and 
died in Andersonville prison. She died about 
1 88 1. They left two children. 

127. viii. Simon, b. . 

ix. Mary R. B., b. ; m. Sabin Noyse. She 

has two children. 


Samuel^' Cole {SinieoUy^ Saimiel,'^ Saniiiel,^^ Jokn,^ Thomas'). 
The second son and sixth child of Simeon and Polly (Smith) Cole, 
born in Boxford, January 24, 1797. Re married Clarissa Rarlow 
Pettingill, of Bradford (pub. January 31, 1824). Re lived in 
Salem, New Rampshire. Re died in^ Boxford, Massachusetts, 
September 7, 1849. 

Ris children were : 

i. Mary Ann, b. ; m. . 

ii. Prescott, b. ; d. unmarried. 

iii. Leverett S. , b. Feb. 9, 1833, in Salem, N. R. ; d. 
unmarried (?) in Groveland, Nov. 29, 1859. 


, 52 

Manly Hardy^ Cole {Simeon,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ John,'' 
TJiomas^). The seventh and youngest child of Simeon and Polly 
(Smith) Cole, born in Boxford, Massachusetts, August 19, 1800. 
He married Hannah Kimball, daughter of Benjamin and Priscilla 
Robinson, of Boxford, April i, 1824. She was born in Boxford, 
July 22, 1802, and died there February 24, 1851. He married 
(2) Mrs. Betsy (Johnson) Nichols, of West Newbury, Novem- 
ber 30, 1853. She was a daughter of Hezekiah and Betsy John- 
son, and was born in Stanstead, Canada, in 1805. Mr. Cole was 
a farmer in Boxford all his life. 

His children were: 

128. i. David Mighill. b. Sept. 20, 1825. 

129. ii. Caleb Manly, b. Jan. 26, 1827. 

iii. Joseph Pike, b. Sept. 27, 1829; m. Helen M., daughter 
of George and Abigail Pearl (pub. Nov. 23, 1853). 
She was born in Boxford in 1833. He resided in 
Boxford, and died there Nov. 19, 1877. He had no 

J ONATH AN^ Cole ( Jonathan, ■' Jonathan, '" Jonathan, '^ John, ^ John, ^ 
Tho7nas^). The oldest son of Jonathan and Anna (Whitman) 
Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, April 30, 
1776, and died in West Stockholm, St. Lawrence county, New 
York, April 8, 1848, aged seventy-twt>. He married August 8, 
1792, Lydia Daggett, of Westmoreland. In 1803 they moved to 
Charlotte, Chittenden county, Vermont. He was a shoemaker, 
and pursued his trade in connection with his farming. In 181 5 he 
joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which he remained a 
consistent member till the day of his death. " He was a man of 
sound judgment, true to the principles of right, let the opposition 


be what it might. In politics he was a true RepubHcan." He 
served in the war of 1 8 12. In 1836 he removed to West Stock- 
holm, St. Lawrence county, New York, where he lived till the 
time of his death. 

The children of Jonathan and Lydia (Daggett) Cole were. 

130. i. Tisdale Sabina, b. Dec. 19, 1793; d. in River Falls, 

Pierce co. , Wis., Feb. 2, 1864, aged 71. 
ii. Lydia Louisa, b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Sept. 25, 
1796; d. unm. in Fayette, Fayette co., la., in 1875, 
aged 79. 

131. iii. Betsy Elmira, b. Jan. i, 1798; m. Anson Wadleigh; 

d. in Morrison, Whiteside co.. 111., May 26, 1866, 
aged 68. 
iv. Mary Maria, b. Aug. 11, 1800, in Westmoreland, N. 
H. ; d. unm. in Waterbury, Washington co., Vt., 
Aug. 25, 1864, aged 64. 

132. V. Horace Cooley, b. Sept. 29, 1802; d. in Fayette, la., 

Oct. 25, 1864, aged 62. 
vi. Serenas Swift, b. Jan. i, 1865; died May 12, 1809, 
aged 4. 

133. vii. Louisa Durphy, b. Jan. 23, 1807; m. Emery Taylor; 

d. in Waterbury, Vt., Jan. 26, 1884, aged -jj. 

134. viii. Osmand Rasselas, b. Sept. 16, 1809. 

ix. Charlotte Elmira, b. July 5, 181 1, in Charlotte, Vt. 
She m. Jan. 25, 1842, Milo B. Hawley. They 
hved in Middlebury, Vt. , where she d. in 1874, 
aged 63. They had no children. 

135. X. Clement Carlton, b. Sept. 27, 18 13. 

136. xi. Celia Caroline, b. Feb. 14, 1816; m. J. D. Sperry; d. 

in Fayette, la., Jan. 15, 1887. 


Abel7 Cole {^JonatJiaii,^ JonatJian,'^ JoiiatJian,^ John,^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The second son of Jonathan and Anna (Whitman) 
Cole, was born in Westmoreland, December 8, 1777. Died there 
July II, 1838, aged 61. He married Louisa Hutchins, March 24, 
1808. She was born April 9, 1786, and died September 16, 
1852. Mr. Cole lived all his life on the farm inherited from his 


ancestors ; the same on which the family settled when they first 

came to the town. His life was devoted to his work as a farmer 

and also to his trade as a carpenter^. In his younger years he was 

a successful music teacher. 

The children of Abel and Louisa (Hutchins) Cole were: 

i. Eliza B., b. Apr. 17, 1809; d. unm. in Westmoreland, 
N. H., Sept. 19, 1855. aged 46. 

137. ii. Abel Barton, b. Feb. 21, 1811. 

iii. Latty, b. Aug. 4, 1813. She m. June 5, 1855, 
Palmer Carpenter, a farmer of West Brattleboro, 
Vt., and went there to reside. They had no chil- 
dren. Mr. Carpenter d. in Mar. 1866, and she 
Apr. 12, 1870. 

138. iv. Anson, b. Apr. 26, 181 5, d. in Westmoreland, N. H., 

June 17, t88i. 

139. V. Susan L., b. Nov. 13, 1817; m. James R. Ware. 

140. vi. Jonathan, b. June 4, 1820. 

vii. Alma, b. Mar. 20, 1822. She m. May 8, i860, the 
Rev. Oscar Bissel, a Congregational clergyman. 
They lived in Dublin and Roxbury, N. H., in which 
latter place she d. Feb. 25, 1869, leaving no chil- 
dren. Mr. Bissel now lives in Westford, Ct. 

141. viii. Larkin G. , b. May 9, 1824. 

142. ix. George H., b. June 4. 1826. 


Martin7 Cole {Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ John,''^ John,'' 
Thomas^). Born in Westmoreland, November 23, 1781; died in 
Mt. Holly, Vermont, April 6, 1866. He married May 12, 1803, 
Sally Baker, of Westmoreland, who died in 1863. Soon after his 
marriage he moved to Mt. Holly, Vermont, where he spent the 
rest of his days, a quiet citizen, a good neighbor, and a kind and 
considerate man. He was a deacon in the church for many years. 

The only child of Deacon Martin and Sally (Baker) Cole was: 

149. i. Larkin Baker, b. April 10, 1804; d. in Louisville, Ky., 
in January, 1856. 



Abijah7 Cole {^JonatJian,^ JonatJian,^ Jonathan,'^ JoJin,'^ JoJin,'^ 
TJiomas^). The fourth son of Jonathan and Anna (Whitman) 
Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, November i, 
1787, and died in Mt. Holly, Vermont, May 10, 1865, aged 
seventy-eight. He married Lucy Howe, of Westmoreland, Feb- 
ruary II, 1807. She was born April 11, 1791, and died March 2, 
1868. Soon after his marriage he moved to Vermont, and settled 
in Mt. Holly, where the rest of his life was spent. He was a man 
of a good deal of influence in the town, and several times repre- 
sented it in the Legislature. He was town clerk for nineteen 
years, and for many years was a justice of the peace, and in fact 
was generally known as 'Squire Cole. Of his family, one son, 
two sons-in law, and eleven grand-children served in the armies of 
his country. 

At the town meeting in March, 1865, the following resolution 
was unanimously adopted: 

'■'■Resoh'ed, That the thanks of the town are hereby tendered to Abijah Cole, 
Esq., for the constant fidelity, the marked ability, and the uniform spirit of urbanity 
and kindness with which, for the long period of nineteen, years he has discharged 
the duties of town clerk, and that we express to him our cordial and earnest sym- 
pathy in. that affliction which renders it necessary for him to decline reelection to 
that office." 

The children of Abijah and Lucy (Howe) Cole were: 

i. Lucy Hutchins, b. May 23, 1808. She married May 
17, 1832, Freedom Frost, a blacksmith of Mechan- 
icsville, Vt. They had two children, Sarah Frost, 
who married John Fuller, of Illinois, and Rodney 
Frost, who died at the age of 19. Mr. Frost died 
June 6, 1835, and on May 25, 1838, she married 
Lyman C. Hammond (who died in December, 1852.) 
They removed to Illinois, where she died March 5, 
1850, in Margaretta, Clark county, leaving four 
children by her second marriage. Two of them 
have not been heard from for twenty years, and are 
supposed to be dead. The others are George Ham- 
mond, Martinsville, Clark county. III., and Mrs. 
Fmily Parker, Westfield, Clark county. 111. 


144. ii. Curtis Abijah, b. Aug. 23, 18 10. 

145. iii. Susan Maria, b. June 24, 18 12; m. Ezra Newton; d. 

Aug. 13, 1886. 
iv. Sarah Buckley, b. April 21, 18 14, in Mt. Holly, Vt. 
She married Samuel Marshall, of Mechanicsville, 
Vt. , Sept. 21, 1 86 1. He died the following year. 
She then married Joseph Rodgers, a farmer of 
Danby, Vt., Aug. 17, 1865. They had no chil- 
dren. He died Aug. 4, 1876. She is living in 

146. V. Mary Kmeline, b. May 18, 18 16; m. Isaac Jaquith. 
vi. William Henry, b. March 24, 1820; d. Sept. 17, 1823. 

147. vii. Emily Betsy, b. Nov. 11, 1822. She married (i) 

Benj. M. Benson; (2) WiUiam Roberts. She died 
in Weston, Vt., March 8, 1885. 

148. viii. William Marshall, b. Nov. 16, 1826. 

149. ix. Charles Lewis, b. May 13, 183 1. 

150. X. Oscar Brown, b. March 26, 1833; d. Nov. 10, 1886. 

151. xi. Horace Frederick, b. Jan. 17, 1836. 

xii. Julia Anna, b. June 26, 1838. She married May 5, 
1861, Joseph W. Durling, and moved to Michigan. 
He died in Grand Rapids, May 15, 1S79, and she 
married Peter W. Duck, May 3, 1881. She lives 
in Cardillac, Wexford county, Mich. She has no 


Asa7 Cole (Abijah,'' Ahijah;^ Jonathan;^ John,^- Johnr Thomas^). 
The first child of Abijah and Nancy (Williams] Cole, was born in 
Prospect Harbor, Maine, January 4, 1792; died there April 28, 
1 861. He married Sarah Godfrey, of Lubec, Maine, who was 
born November 11, 1795, and died March i, i860. Mr. Cole was 
one of the leading men of the town. He was postmaster for over 
thirty years, and in 1859 ^^^^ representative for the town of 

The children of Asa and Sarah (Godfrey) Cole were: 

i. James G., b. Dec. 12, 18 19; d. at sea while a young 
man, unmarried. 


ii. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 7, 1820; m. John Bowdoin, of 
Boston, Mass., and died there in June, 1850. Their 
only child was James C. Bowdoin, b. June 21, 1850; 
d. in Boston, April 26, 1871. 

152. iii. Edwin, b. Oct. 25, 1822; died in New York City, 

Sept. 31, 1869. 
iv. Peter G. and Harriet L. , b. April 11, 1825. The 
first died at sea, in 185 1, unmarried, and the second 
died in infancy. 
V. Harriet L. , b. Oct. 25, 1825. She married John 
Holway, of Machias, Me., Oct. 6, 1863. Her 
children are: 

( i.) Emma L. , b. Dec. 17, 1864. 

(ii.) Melville C, b. Feb. 15, 1867. 

(iii.) Charles B. , b. Sept. 22, 1869. 

(iv.) Winifred B., b. July 21, 1871. 

153. vi. David G. , b. Dec. 5, 1829, 

154. vii. Buckman, b. March 5, 1832; d. in Cuba, March 29, 

viii. Emily, b. June 2, 1834. On Sept. 26, 1858, she i 
married Henry Smith, who was born June 6, 1830. 
Their children are: 

( i.) Louisa, b. July 20, 1859; ^- Sept. M, 1863. 
(ii.) Alisas A., b. Oct. 10, 1861 ; d. Aug. 7, 

(iii.) Mariam C, b. July 20, 1869; d. Feb. 11, 

(iv.) David B. C, b. Dec 22, 1873. 
ix. Frederic, b. March 7, 1838. He was assistant post- 
master at Prospect Harbor for several years previous 
to 1 86 1, and was postmaster from 1861 to his death, 
March 30, 1877. He never married. 

155. X. Melville, b. May 25, 1840. He is unmarried. 


Sarah Cole^ Everett {Adija/i/'' Abijah,^ Jonathan,^ John,^^ Johnf^ 
Thomas^). The first daughter and second child of Abijah and 
Nancy (Williams) Cole was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, 
March i, 1793, and died near that place September 9, 1871, aged 
seventy-eight. At the age of nineteen (June 6, 1816) she married 


Henry Everett, who was lost at sea in 1827, leaving her with six 
little children. She remained a widow forty-four years, till her 

Her children were: 

i. Timothy B.. b. Oct. 30, 18 16. He became a sailor, 
and on. Mar. 9, 1864, he sailed from Portland for 
Oueenstown, and was never again heard of, the 
vessel of which he was master having probably 
foundered. He married Sarah L. Hudson, of Port- 
land, Sept 4, 1845. 
ii. Clement Everett. He went to Ohio, and married in 
Cleveland, Ophelia Mcllrath, Feb. 18, 1847, 
She died May 31, 1863. Their children were: 
( i.) George H. Everett, b. Nov. 12, 1848; mar- 
ried Achsah J. Ford, Mar. 11, 1868; resides 
at Weston, Wood county, O., and has four 
children: {a) Willie, b. Dec. 12, 1868, 
d. May 5, 1868; {b) Charles, b. Jan. i, 
1870, d. Sept. 4, 1870; {c) Myrtle A., b. 
Feb. 4, 1 871; {d) Carrie, b. Oct. 7, 1874, 
d. Aug. 23, 1875. 
( ii.) Lucy A. Everett, b. Dec. 8, 1849; married 
John J. Higgins, Sept. 19, 1870; resides 
at Paulding, Paulding county, O. 
(iii.) Edward E. Everett, b. July 8, 1852; married 
Ida W. Alexander, Sept, 2, 1882; resides 
at Bowling Green, Wood county, O., and 
has one child: {a) Blaine, b. Aug. 6, 1884. 
(iv.) Solan A. F2verett, b. Sept. 14, 1857. 
(v.) S. Ellen Everett, b. Oct. 2, 1859; married 
Chas. F. Williams, Jan. 7, 1879; resides at 
Tontogany, Wood county, O. ; has children : 
id) John B.,b. Nov. 4, 1879; {b) Arthur 
b. Feb. 1,1882; (c)]. C. Guy, b. Jan. 22, 1885. 
(vi.) Cora E. Everett, b. Feb. 8, 1862; married 
Oscar W. Loash, Dec. 14, 1881; resides at 
Tontogany, O. Children : {a) Harris, b. 
Feb. 27, 1882; (b) Jane, b. June 2, 1884. 

iii. Henrietta, b. ; married Amos Boyden, and 

resided at Boyden Lake, Perry county, Me., where 
she died in 1870. 
iv. Eliza Ann, b. Jan. 24, 1821, and married John 
Porter, a farmer of Pembroke, Washington county, 
Me. Her children were: 





i.) Clara A. Porter, b. Feb. i, 1844; married 
Apr. 24, 1867, R. P. Fisher, a farmer of 
West Pembroke, Me. 

ii.) S. Jennie Porter, b. July 31, 1845; rnarried 
June 8, 1867, L. G. Smith, a farmer of 

iii.) Florence M. Porter, b. Nov. 25, 1847; mar- 
ried Oct. 2, 1869, J. S. Reynolds, a wheel- 
wright of Pembroke. 

iv.) Sandy M. Porter, b. Mar. i, 1849; ^^ a lum- 
berman in Chicago, 111. 

V.) William D. Porter, b, Feb. 17, 1852; mar- 
ried Apr. 26, 1 88 1, Adeline M. Birdsey, 
and is a commercial traveler, residing in 
Indianapolis, Ind, 

vi.) Stephen C. F. Porter, b. July 17, 1854; m. 
Apr. 14, 188 1, Josie Vale. He is a silver- 
plate worker in Meridan, Ct. 

vii.) Cassius G. Porter, b. Dec. 4, 1857; married 
Aug. 29, 1880, Eva Dudley. Is a farmer 
in Pembroke, 
^viii.) George R. Porter, b. Mar. 5, 1862; is a 
shingle manufacturer in Lincoln, Me. 

ix.) Earnest P. Porter, b. Jan. 24, 1866; is a 
farmer in Pembroke, Me. 
Charlotte, b. ; married Capt. Abner Mc- 
Allister, Sept. 18, 1845. She lived in Milltown, 

Me., and died there very suddenly on Nov. 5, 

1 88 1. Their children were: 

( i.) Eliza McAllister, b. June 9, 1846; married 
June 2, 1869, John C. T. Waite, who died 
Jan. 27, 1 87 1, leaving one child, (a) Mary 
Alice Waite, b. June 12, 1870. She again 
married William N. Hughes, July, 1878, 
and died July 17, 1881, leaving a second 
daughter, (d) Lottie M. Hughes, b. Feb. 
21, 1880. 

(ii.) Maud Mary McAllister, b. July 2, 1854; is 

(iii.) Lottie Blanche McAllister, b. Aug. 24, 1857; 
is unmarried. 

(iv.) Harrison McAllister, b. Oct. 12, 1859; is 

(v.) James E. Chaffee McAllister, b. Feb. 18, 
1861 ; is unmarried. 


vi. George Henry Everett, b. in 1842. He settled in 
Eastport, Me., where he died in Feb., 1863. 


Nancy Cole^ Moore {Abijah/' Abijah,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ Johfiy^ 
Thomas^). The third daughter and fourth child of Abijah and 
Nancy (Williams) Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, 
November 11, 1795, and died there September 2, i860, aged 
sixty-five. She married George Moore, April 12, 1828. He was 
born July 24, 1802, and died June 15, 185 i. 

Their children were: 

i. George Augustus Moore. He lived in Gouldsborough, 

and was never married, 
ii. Clifford Moore. Enlisted in the army in 1861. and was 

never heard of after the company went South, 
iii. Harriet Moore. Married Jan, i, 1862, Nathan F. 
Holway; resides in Machias, Me. She has children : 
( i.) George M. Holway, b. May 17, 1863; m. 
Emily Spring in 1884. 
ii.) Bertie Holway, b. Aug. 21, 1864. 
^iii.) Lendall C. Holway, b. Sept. 28, 1866. 
jv.) Keller F. Holway, b. Feb.. 2, 1869. 
V.) Edith M. Holway, b. Jan. 28, 1872. 
vi.) N. Clifford Holway, b. Sept. 14, 1875. 
iv. Elizabeth Moore, b. Aug. 26, 1841 ; m. Capt. Dennis 
Mahoney, July 27, 1861. Lives in Portland, where 
Capt. Mahoney died Oct. 24, 1883. Their children 

( i.) Girard Mahoney, b. May 17, 1862. 
(ii.) C. H. C. Mahoney, b. July 31, 1864. 
(iii.) Marcus H. Mahoney, b. April 27, 1870. 
(iv.) Eva Belle Mahoney, b. July 20, 1872. 
(v.) Guy C. Mahoney, b. Dec. 29, 1879. 


Abijah^ Cole {Abijah,^ Abtjahy'^ Jonathan,^ John,^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The second son of Abijah and Nancy (Williams) Cole, 


was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, August 14, 1799, and died 
there March 31, 1876. He married Rebecca Simonton, who was 
born April 2, 1803, and died April 10. 1876. He was a quiet and 
industrious citizen, respected by his neighbors and loved by his 

The children of Abijah and Rebecca (Simonton) Cole were: 

156. i. Mehitable, b. Aug. 24, 1826; m. Capt. Joseph Handy. 

157. ii. Adolphus, b. Dec. 30, 1827; d. June 16, 1876- 

iii. Judith, b. Feb. 14, 1829; m. , , Oliver 

Allen, and moved to Lake county, Ind. (111. ?), and 
died there July 26, 1855. Her children were: 
(i.) Ellen S. Allen, b. May, 1848; m. a Mr. 

Hardin, a farmer in Minnesota, 
(ii.) Everett Allen, b. in 1850, and is a farmer in 

158. iv. Allen, b. March 11, 1830. 

V. Susan, b. Feb. 14, 1832. She married Capt. John 
Noonah, of Prospect Harbor, June 20, 1852, and 
died there Feb. i, 1875. She had no children, 
vi. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 26, 1834. She married Feb. 10, 
1853, George Weston. He died in New Orleans, 
while on a voyage there. She is now living in 
Prospect Harbor. Her children were: 

(i.) William Weston, who died at sea when 

about 20 years of age. 
(ii.) Thomas Weston, who died when about 14 
years of age. 

159. vii. Isabella, b. Oct. 5, 1835; m. Edwin Cleaves. 

viii. Francis Lorenzo, b. Jan. 8, 1838; d. unmarried, 
April 25, 1871. 

160. ix. Sarah, b. Sept. 25, 1839; ^- Capt. Wm. Handy. 

X. Emeline, b. Sept. 24, 1840; m. Ezra Robinson, of 
Millbridge, Me., Sept. 15, 1862. He was drowned 
at sea, April 16, 1881. Her children were: 

( i.) Everett A. Robinson, b. Oct. 10, 1862; d. 

July 4, 1871. 
(ii.) Lizzie W. Robinson, b. Nov. 12, 1865; d. 
Feb. 8, 1869. She now lives in Prospect 

161. xi. James Woodbury, b. Oct. I, 1843. 

162. xii. Charles G., b. Jan. 22, 1845. 



Lois Cole^ Moore {Abijah,^ AbijaJi,^ JonatJian,'' John,^ John,^ 
Thomas'-). The seventh child of Abijah and Nancy (WiUiams) 
Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, November 2, 1803, 
and died March 8, 1861. She married David Moore, of Goulds- 
boro, Maine, January 31, 1828. He died September 7, 1839. 

Their children were: 

i. Ellen Moore, b. Oct. 30, 1828; m. Dr. Gilbert M. 
Small, May 23, 1847. Resides in Sumner, Oxford 
CO., Me. Their children are: 

( i.) Helen M. Small, b. Feb. 29, 1848; m. Capt. 
Albert Robertson and resides in Harring- 
ton, Washington co.. Me. She has two 
children: (i) Enoch B. Robertson, b. in 
Gouldsborough, Apr. 6, 1872, and (2) 
Percy M. Robertson, b. in Harrington, 
Apr., 1878. 
(ii.) Byron M. Small, b. July 3, 1863. 
(iii.) Daniel D. Small, b. in Jonesport, Me., Sept. 
26, 1864. 
ii. Cordelia Moore, b. Oct. 8, 1830; m. Capt. Edwin 

Cole (whom see). 
iii. Emma Moore, b. Dec. 7, 1833; m.Capt. Daniel Deasey, 
of Prospect Harbor, Aug. 22, 1859. Their children 

(i.) Lucre B., b. Feb. 8, i860, now an attorney- 

at^law in Bar Harbor, Me. 
(ii.) Myra B. Deasey, b. June 27, 1872. 
iv. Georgiana Moore, b. May 14, 1838; m. Capt. Freeman 
Joy, of Gouldsborough, Oct. 23, 1858. Their chil- 
dren are: 

( i.) Ella A. Joy, b. May 3, i860. 
( ii.) Emily F. Joy, b- May 26, 1864. 
(iii.) Alberta D. Joy, b. Oct 18, 1867. 
(iv.) Alice M. Joy, b. Jan. 22, 1877. 


Lydia Cole7 Moore {Abij'ah,^ Abijah,^ JonatJian,'' John,^ John,'^ 
Thomas'). The eighth child of Abijah and Nancy (Williams) 


Cole was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, January 30, 1806. 
She married Joel Moore, of Gouldsborough, January 11, 1827, 
and died there October 26, 1881. Mr. Moore was born August 
3, 1 80 1, died April, 1883. The following is from Zion s Hei'ald : 

Sister Moore was converted under the labors of Rev, David Richards, and joined 
the M. E. Church during the pastorate of Rev. Moses Palmer. She was a faithful 
and devoted member of the church militant for forty-two years, ever constant at 
the attendance of the church services, and was found on the Sabbath in her place 
at the house of God. But her worship on earth is ended, for she is now a member 
of the church triumphant. She gave three of her sons to her country, and when 
the news of their deaths reached her, she could look up through tears and feel that 
God doeth all things well. She could say with Job: "The Lord gave, and the 
Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. 

Her home was, and now is, the home of the Methodist itinerant; in it many a 
weary one has found rest. I visited her in her sickness, and she was sweetly trust- 
ing Christ. Speaking about getting well or dying, she said: "God's will be 
done." She delighted in the Word of God; it was her counsel, and the Holy 
Spirit was her Comforter. God was her support in the affliction of life, and in 
death's hour through Him she triumphed. The Monday previous to her death she 
asked her daughter for the Bible. It was brought, and she took it and read these 
words from Malt. 7: 7-8: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall 
find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; for every one that asketh receiveth, 
and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." 

She had experienced the preciousness of the promises found in the passage when 
in health, but in her sickness did she seem to realize it as never before. 

A husband, who is a member of the church, sons and daughters, nniourn her 
departure. May they all meet that mother in Heaven. W. Baldwin. 

Her children were: 

i. Alvah G. Moore, b. Oct. 23, 1831; married Mary C. 
Runnells, Mar. 12, 1855, ^^^<^ moved to Aroostook 
county, Me. Their children were: 
( i.) Hattie Prescott, b. Mar. 10, 1858; married 
Alpheus Craig, and lives in Island Falls, 
Arostook county. 
( ii.) Fred L. 
(iii.) Genevia. 

After about ten years of married life, Mrs. 
Moore died, and some time after Mr. Moore 
married Annie Morley. Their children were: 
(iv.) Mary E., and 
(v.) Annie. 

After the death of his second wife he moved 

to Portland, where he married Olive R. Ray. 

He lives in Ferry Village, Cumberland co., Me. 




Gilbert Moore, b. Oct. 10, 1833. Lived in Goulds- 
borough. He was a sea captain, and was killed 
Nov. 3, 1879, by a fall from the masthead of his 
vessel. He married Victorine H. Fairfield, Nov. 
16, i860. Their children were: 

( i.) Charles W., b. Oct. 22, 1861. 

(ii.) Cora B., b. Dec. 4, 1863; married Almen 
Richardson, of Lawrence, Mass. 

(iii.) Martha J. (v.) Nellie. 

(iv.) Daniel C. (vi.) Alston. 

Alfred Moore, b. Apr. 5, 1835. Served in Co. L, ist 
Me. Heavy Artillery, during the war. On Oct. 26, 
1865, he m. Addie C. Sowle, He lives in Emmet,' 
San Benito co.. Cal. His children are- 

( i.) Abijah C. ( vi.) Selinda. 

( ii.) Arvilla C. (vii.) Eli. 

( iii.) Lydia E. (viii.) Mabel. 

( iv.) Aurelia. ( ix.) Edwin G. 

( V.) Ida May. 
iv. Sophia P. Moore, b. Dec. 23, 1836; m. Geo. S. Staples, 
Jan. 31, 1863. Lives in Portland, Me. Their 
children are: 

( i.) Alice B. Staples, b. Oct. 12, 1863. 

(ii.) John B. Staples, b. Jan. 16, 1865. 

(iii.) Emma Staples, b. Dec. 25, 1866. 

(iv.) Georgietta Staples. 
V. Charles W. Moore, b. July 9, 1839; m. Annie L. Max- 
well, Apr. 3, 1864. He was a member of Co. B., 
8th Reg. Me. Vol. Inf., and d. in Andersonville, 
Ga., July 5, 1864. 

vi. Abijah Moore, b. Dec. 25, 1840, was a member of 
Co. A., 13th Me. Vol. Inf., and was killed at the 
battle of Pleasant Hill, La.. Apr. 9, 1864. 

vii. Daniel C. Moore, b. Oct. 21, 1842. Member of Co. 
A., 13th Me. Vol. Inf., d. in the seryice at Ft. 
Jackson, La., June 2, 1863. 

viii. Adelia Moore, b. April 25; 1845; m. Apr. 26, 1876, 
Wiley C. Libby. Resides at Greene, Androscoggin 
CO., Me. She has one child: 
(i.) Alice Libby. 
ix. Bryant E. Moore, b. Nov. 5, 1847; m. Emma S. 
Walls, Nov. 18, 1869. Resides in Gouldsborough, 
Me. His children are: 

( i.) Bertha M. (iii.) Lewis K. 

( ii.) Cecil J. 


X. Edwin Kingsbury Moore, b. June 5, 1850. Was in 
the U. S. Signal Corps, and d. at Key West, Fla. , 
Oct. 18, 1873. 


Asa7 Cole {Asa/' AbijaJi/ JonatJian,^ Jolui,-^ John,' Thomas'). 
The first child of Asa and Anna (Goldsmith) Cole was born in 
Harvard, Massachusetts, August 16, 1793, and died in West Med- 
way, Massachusetts, April 18, 1872, aged seventy-eight. On 
March 10, 182 1, he married Marcia Knight, of Rindge, New 
Hampshire. She was born August 16, 1793, and died March 15, 
1839. He was a farmer nearly all of his life. He was a man of 
immense physical strength and endurance. He represented Med- 
way in the Massachusetts Legislature in 184L His latter days 
were spent in feebleness, consequent on a paralysis caused by a 
physical injury, but he bore the years of suffering with true 

The children of Asa and Marcia (Knight) Cole were: 

163. i. Asa, b. Mar. i i, 1822. 

ii. Nancy G. , b. Sept. 27, 1824, in Rindge, N. H., and 
d. unm. in Fall River. Mass., Nov. 22, 1873. She 
was a teacher in the schools of Fall River and other 
places nearly all her life. 

On November 13, 1836, Mr. Cole married Melitiah Fairbanks, 
of West Medway, who was born November 24, 18 13. and died 
February 28, 1875, in West Medway. 

The children of Asa and Melitiah (Fairbanks) Cole were: 

164. iii. Charles H., b. Dec. 2, 1840. 

165. iv. George T., b. Mar. 4, 1843. 

V. Hattie E., b. V^h. 12, 1843, d. Mar. 16, 1866. 

166. vi. Albert M., b. July 6, 1847. 



v:-»:v.-;<vZo->»-i::<<vgv ;^ ::■■.:■: .-. ■ 


SS^^Azi/r^ 3'- ^oA', 


t •-* 

vii. Ellen M., b. Oct. 13, 1853; married Ezra Pierson, 
May 24, 1876. Their children are: 

( i.) Bertha Lillian Pierson, b. Dec. 17, 187 1. 
(ii.) Hattie Minerva Pierson, b. Sept. 26, 1879. 
(iii.) Ezra Cole Pierson, b. Aug. 4, 1884. 


Richard Goldsmith ^ Cole {Asa,^ Abijah,^ Jonathany^ JoJin,'^ 
JoJin,'^ Thomas^). The second child of Asa and Anna (Goldsmith) 
Cole, was born in Rindge, New Hampshire, November 7, 1795. 
In 1 80 1 he went to the home of his uncle Hayden, in Cambridge, 
Massachusetts, where he lived till he arrived at manhood. When 
fourteen years of age he entered his uncle's store, and was bred a 
merchant. He followed this business in Cambridge, New York 
City, and Troy, New York, till 1826, when he became an officer in 
a bank in Troy. In 1832 he was invited to the position of cashier 
of a bank in Burlington, Vermont, which place he held till his 
death, in 1864. As a bank officer and business man, his name 
was a symbol of inflexible integrity. In 1833 he became a com- 
municant of the Episcopal Church. While in Troy he led the 
music of St. Paul's Church, and for twenty-five years he held the 
same position in his church in Burlington. The simple recital of 
the trusts he held in the church will show the rehance placed upon 
him and the estimation in which he was held. For thirty years 
he was vestryman of St. Paul's Church, and for the last seventeen 
the senior warden. For eighteen years he was trustee of the 
parish. From 1848 he was delegate to the annual diocesean con- 
vention. In 1844 and 1853 he was delegate from Vermont to the 
general convention of the United States; for twelve years a mem- 
ber of the standing committee; from 1856 a trustee of the Ver- 
mont Episcopal Institute, and also a member of the Board of Land 
Agents. In all these positions his soundness of judgment, the 



wisdom of his counsels, his firmness of principle, his skill in busi- 
ness, and uniform kindness and courtesy, made him a valuable 
officer and a most congenial associate. He married Miss EHza 
Cutler, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. They had no children . 
He died December i8, 1864, and his wife survived him less than a 
year. * 


Benjamin Franklin^ Cole {Asa,^ Abijah;^ Jojiathau,^ John,^^ 
John,'' Thomas'^. The fourth child of Asa and Anna (Goldsmith) 
Cole, was born in Rindge, New Hampshire, August 13, 1799. He 
was seventeen years of age when his father died, and a year or 
two later he went to West Point, New York, and obtained employ- 
ment on a North River packet. Most of his life was spent in the 
freighting business on that river, and a part of the time he was 
master and owner of a craft running from New York up the river. 
When he was fifty years of age his health failed and he determined 
to try a warmer climate. He went out to the Isthmus of Panama, 
but soon caught the fever, and died at Chargres, in March, 1850. 
He married AdeHne Sherwood in 1821. She was born January 9, 
1806, and died in Brooklyn, New York, June i, 1852. 

The children of Benjamin Franklin and Adeline (Sherwood) 

Cole were: 

i. PLvelina, b. Sept. 19, 1824, in Highland Falls, N. Y. 
She m. in Nov., 1852, Warren Rodgers, of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., who was a boot and shoe manufacturer m 
N. Y. City. She d. at Cold Spring, L. I., June i, 
1866. Her husband survived her nearly ten years. 
Their only child living is Oliver V. Rodgers, of Cold 
Springs, b. Dec. 3, 1854. He is not married. 
167. ii. Kliza Ann, b. May 14, 1856; m. Stillman R. Walker; 
d. in Brooklyn, Dec. 15, 1869. 

■••"For many of the facts here set forth, I am indebted to the funeral discourse, 
preached by the Rev. D. S. Buell, of Burlington. 


i68. iii. Almena, b. Oct. 17, 1828; m. (i) Edwin Pelouse, (2) 
Elias C. Pendelton. 

169. iv. Charles, b. Oct. 16, 1830, d. Apr. 16, 1868. 

V. John Franklyn, b. Jan. 9, 1833, in Bayonne, N. J. In 
Feb., 1854, he went to Cal. For the rest of his Hfe 
he was a miner in Cal. and Nev. He never married. 
He d. in Virginia City, in 1879. 

170. vi. Richard Floyd, b. Dec. 25, 1835; d. Dec. 6, 1872. 
vii. Mary, d. .while an infant. 

171. viii. Jeremiah, b. Jan. 22, 1840. 

ix. Julia, d. while an infant. 

X. Mary Harriet, b. in Brooklyn, Dec. 13, 1842, and d. 
there Sept. 6, 1885. She m. Aug. 27, 1865, Chas. 
Briggs, a native of Charlestown, N. H. They have 
two daughters: 

( i.) Fannie Briggs, b. Apr. 5, 1867. 
(ii.) Addie Briggs, b. May, 1869. 
Mr. Briggs is a clerk in the Brooklyn Postoffice. 


Nancy Goldsmith^ Cole Esty (Asa,^ AbijaJiy^ JonatJian^^ JoJin,'^^ 
John,^ TJiomas^). The fifth child of Asa and Anna (Goldsmith) 
Cole was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, February 6, 
1802. She married, February 11, 1829, the Rev. Isaac P3sty, of 
Westmoreland. He was the only son of Isaac Esty (born in 
Stoughton, Massachusetts, September 11, 1767, died in West- 
moreland. May 30, 1830), and Mary Hicks, his wife, (born in 
Sutton, Massachusetts, February 24, 1774; married in Sutton, 
June 26, 1794, died in Westmoreland, February 9, 1859). He was 
born in Sutton, Massachusetts, April ""24, 1796, and was prepared 
for college at Chesterfield and Meridan, New Hampshire, Acada- 
mies, and graduated at Yale College in the class of 1821, and at 
the* Andover Theological Seminary in 1824. He preached at 
Cape P^lizabeth, Maine, 1829-31, at Bridgton, Maine, in 1832; 
was a farmer in Westmoreland from 1832 to 1840, and in West- 
minster, Vermont, till 1846; pastor of the Congregational church 


in Bethleham and Franconia, New Hampshire, till 1851; lived at 

Westminster till 1855, being pastor in 1853-55, when he removed 

to Amherst, Massachusetts, where he spent the rest of his days, 

dying July 31, 1879. During all the years of their married hfe 

Mrs. Esty was the strong support and stay of her husband in all 

his labors. She was a woman of wonderful fertility of resource 

and strength of purpose, and of the strongest character. She died 

in Amherst, December 13, 1872. 

Their children were: 

i. William Cole Esty, b. Apr. 8, 1838, graduated at 
Kimball Union Academy, Meridan, N. H., in 1856; 
and at Amherst College in i860; resident graduate 
of Harvard College, 1860-61 ; assistant teacher of 
Salem High School. 1861-62; tutor of Math, and 
Astron. at Amherst College, 1862-65; since 1865 he 
has been Prof, of Math, and Astron. in that College. 
July 18, 1867, he m. Martha Cushing, of Boston, 
who d. Jan., 1887. They have children: 

( i.) William, b. July 9, 1868. 

(ii.) Thos. Cushing, b. Dec. 8, 1870. 

(iii.) Edward Tuckerman, b. Aug. 30, 1875. 

(iv.) Robert Program, b. Aug. 5, 1876. 
ii. The only other child of Rev. Isaac Esty was Henry 
Franklin Esty, b. Feb. i, 1844, d. Feb. 4, 1844. 


John7 Cole {Asa,^ Abij ah, ^ Jonathan,^ Jo /m,^ Jo /m,^ Thomas^). 
The seventh son of a family of eleven, was born in Westmore- 
land, Cheshire county, New Hampshire, on the twenty-seventh day 
of November, 1806. Here he lived until eight years old, enjoying 
the home life in the humble cottage by the mill with his brothers 


and sisters. Then came the sudden death of his father and the 
struggle of the heroic mother to support her Httle flock. All who 
were old enough to work shared the effort, and John early took 
up the toil of life as " chore boy" upon a neighboring farm.. 
Many hardships were encountered by these children, but their New 
England pluck and endurance never failed. A few short terms in 
the winter season was all the schooling John received, but he 
made excellent use of this. As a boy, he was noted- as a skillful 
wrestler, and was considered good company everywhere. When 
fifteen years of age he left the New Hampshire hills, on foot, in 
search of his fortune, and, after a few months spent on a farm in 
Cambridge, he sailed before the mast on a coasting vessel. 
Although to the sea-sickness and home-sickness a siege of smallpox 
was added, he decided during the voyage to become a sailor and 
the master of a ship. 

One voyage followed another, bringing with it rapid promotion. 
He studied navigation, and soon became expert in all the details 
of sea life. At the age of twenty-seven he reached the height of 
his ambition, in having committed to h'm the command of a fine 
New Bedford whale ship, and commenced upon a series of very 
successful voyages. 

On the sixth of March, 1838, upon his return from a three- 
years' voyage as master of the ** Hibernia, " he married Miss 
Elizabeth Shaw, of his native place. That the lady of his choice 
possessed not only rare physical beauty but also a heroic spirit, 
can be seen in the fact that a former proposal of marriage 
made by him had been rejected solely upon the ground that he 
was not a Christian. This humbHng defeat doubtless had much 
influence in leading him to a close study of the Bible, with which 
he became very conversant. It-was upon this voyage that he become 
what he ever after exhibited in scenes of deep affliction — a sincere 
Christian. After a few months of wedded life he again sailed 
upon another voyage. On the sixteenth of December, 1838, his son 


John A. was born. After his return from sea, at the most earnest 
entreaty of his wife and friends, he resolved to give up a sea Hfe, 
and settled first in Hartford, Connecticut, where his twin 
daughters, Anna and Ella, were born July 27, 1841, and after- 
wards in Boston. But the difficulty experienced in obtaining con- 
genial business on land, while flattering inducements were ever 
drawing him back to his accustomed profession, finally resulted in 
his accepting the command of the ship Wm. Hamilton, intending 
that this should be his last voyage. Before leaving he purchased 
the Carey cottage in Medway, where he left his little family for a 
tliree years' absence. Soon after his departure his wife began to 
fail in health, gradually fading away with consumption until her 
death, April 13, 1843. One week earlier her little Annie also 
passed away. Mrs. Cole's sweet Christian spirit, her fortitude 
and serenity under the trying circumstances of her condition, 
were wonderful and her death triumphant. 

Long afterwards, while cruising in the Northern Pacific, this 
distressing event was made known to Captain Cole by a letter re- 
ceived from Rev. David Sanford, their pastor. His letter in reply 
was treasured by this devoted friend until shortly before his own 
death, when he sent it to the surviving children. This letter is a 
silent witness, not only to the heart-rending grief of the stricken 
husband, but also to the depth of his Christian faith and the cul- 
ture of both mind and heart. 

On the ninth of October, 1845, he was married to Miss Mary 
Wells, of Westmoreland, who was not only his choice but that 
of his children, to whom she ever proved a most affectionate and 
devoted mother. He soon after settled in Walpole, New Hamp- 
shire, where he resided eight years. Here he had extensive in- 
terests, and identified himself with many religious and benevolent 
enterprises. In the politics of that exciting period he took an 
intense interest, and was one of the few " Free Soilers " of the 
town. He was a member of the convention that nominated their 


Presidential candidate in 1848, and was an ardent worker for 
human rights. Many colored fugitives found a helper in him, and 
his house a home, on their way to Canada. At this time he be- 
came a member of a Masonic lodge in Keene. He was also, as a 
"Son of Temperance," active and successful in efforts to reclaim 
intemperate men and restrict the liquor traffic in Walpole. 

Here his son Frederick Herbert was born — a beautiful, active 
child, who died suddenly in his arms, before he was five years of 
age. This death deeply affected the father, and probably occa- 
sioned his determination to try the fortunes of the sea again. 

Taking his wife with him, he sailed in the ship William Penn, ot 
which he was a part owner, from New York to San Francisco. 
Upon the return voyage he met the first disaster in his business 
life in the loss of his ship, which was wrecked on Cape Hatteras, 
on the thirtieth of September, 1855. The last one to leave the 
ship, he was separated from his wife and floated alone, with a spar 
for his only support, for nineteen hours, when he was rescued by a 
passing vessek His wife was also rescued from the raft upon 
which he had placed her as the ship was breaking up. They were 
united in New York after many days of suspense, both greatly 
overcome by the hardship of their exposure to sun and waves, but 
neither of them seriously injured. 

March 2, 1856, Arthur Wells was born in Westmoreland, and 
the same year the family took up their residence once more in the 
Medway cottage, where they remained until 1872. Here little 
"Alice" was born and lived her short life — passing away August 
21, 1861. 

Captain Cole, at this period of his life, was, as ever before, 
thoroughly alive to all questions relating to the public good. He 
held his opinions with great pertinacity and maintained them 
earnestly, lacking certainly the first qualifications oi 2i politician, and 
never the recipient of political honors. His influence was, how- 
ever, constantly felt and respected. The poor always found 


a friend in him, and every good cause an advocate. While the 
war was in progress he several times visited the armies at "the 
front," and made the acquaintance of many public men. His 
business habits were very good, his investments were wisely made, 
and his property carefully managed. He was very liberal in his 
support of church institutions and charities, and also in many 
other directions. 

His last years were spent at the Shaw homestead, in Westmore- 
land, amid the scenes of his childhood, and the New Hampshire 
hills, whose beauty was always very attractive to him. Here 
he labored earnestly to bring about a harmony of feeling and effect 
among the churches of the town, which had been greatly divided 
by a feud of long standing. In this he was happily successful, 
and the last days of his life were made bright by this union of 
long divided friends in the old parish church. On the twenty- 
ninth of December, 1874, he fell, without a moment's warning, 
by a stroke of apoplexy, and passed away on the following 
week — January 6, 1875. 

In person he was a man of fine physique, stately bearing, and 
stern but kindly features. He possessed not only dauntless cour- 
age, but a tender heart and almost womanly delicacy of feeling. 
Children were easily won into his arms, and his presence in the 
social circle was always an inspiration. His remains lie buried in 
the old Westmoreland cemetery, overlooking the beautiful Con- 
necticut valley, a most fitting spot for the last resting place of one 
whose rpanly heart was so keenly sensitive to the phases of nature. 

The children of John and Elizabeth (Shaw) Cole were: 

172. i. John Adams, b. Dec. 16, 1838. 

ii. Anna Elizabeth (twin), b. July 27, 1841; d. 1843. 

173. iii. Ella Amelia, (twin), b. July 27, 1841. 

The Children of John and Mary E. (Wells) Cole were: 

iv. Fred. Herbert, b. Dec. 29, 1848; d. Aug. 24, 1853. 

174. V. Arthur Wells, b. Mar. 2. 1856. 

vi. Alice M., b. Dec. 22, 1859; d. Aug. 21, 1861. 

At^ (^. Tlf'^/t^o-'m/^. 



Susan Ermina^ Cole Whitcomb-Pitkin {Asa,^ Abijah,^ Jona- 
than,^ Jo Jin, ^ John,'' Thomas'-). The eighth child of Asa and Anna 
(Goldsmith) Cole was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, 
March lo, 1809, ^"^ ^^^^ i" Montpelier, Vermont, in 1884. On 
January 21, 1831, she married Elihu Whitcomb, of Concord, 
Massachusetts. They removed to Rutland, Vermont, where, 
December 12, 1832, her son John Elihu was born. Her husband 
died on the third of March following. She afterwards returned to 
Concord, Massachusetts, where she lived till her marriage, May 
22, 1850, to Orin Pitkin, of Montpelier, Vermont, where she 
lived till the time of her death. On her second marriage she 
found three motherless daughters awaiting her. She proved a 
kind and devoted mother to them and a helpful wife to her hus- 
band. She possessed in a remarkable degree the esteem and 
confidence of the community in which she lived. Her only son 
by her second marriage died at the age of nineteen. This was a 
crushing blow, but her firm Christian faith and confidence in the 
wisdom and love of the Father enabled her to bear it. 
Her children were: 

G'^a. i. John Elihu Whitcomb, b. Dec. 12, 1832. 

ii. Charles Pitkin, b. , 1852, d, 1873. 

68« . 

John Elihu^ Whitcomb {Susan ^.,> Asa,^ Abijah,^ Jonathan,"- 
John,^ John,-" Thomas^). Born in Rutland, Vermont, December 
12, 1832. At about one year of age went to Brighton, Michigan; 
at about five years of age returned east, lived in Westmoreland 
and Medwayfor about a year; from six to nine years of age 
lived in Concord, Massachusetts ; from nine years of age to twelve, 
or until Spring of 1845, lived with Lambert Shaw in Medway, 



Massachusetts ; then six months in Providence, Rhode Island, with 
uncle Asa. October 5, 1845, sailed in ship Marengo from New 
Bedford, on a whaling voyage, Theodore Cole, Master. Arrived 
home April 22, 1848. November 11, 1848, sailed in ship Cowper, 
of New Brunswick, on whaling voyage, Theodore Cole, Master. 
Arrived home March 22, 185 1. July 5, 185 1, sailed in bark 
Manuel Ortis, on a whaling voyage, C. H. Cole, Master. Arrived 
home May 1st, 1854. July 10, 1854, sailed from New York in 
merchant ship, William Penn, John Cole, Master, for San Fran- 
cisco. Arrived in San Francisco, December 22, 1854; there left 
the ship, followed various pursuits (principally mining on the 
Feather river, Butte county) until August, 1856, when he shipped 
as boatswain on the clipper ship, Star of the Union, for New 
York, Frederick A. Stall, Master. Arrived home in November, 
1856. Did not go to sea again till April, 1857, then shipped as 
second mate of merchant bark C. H. Yarrington, (Oliver Gorham, 
Master), for Smyrna. Arrived home in September, 1857. Tried 
his hand at butchering business with Mr. Pitkin, the next ten 
months, until October, 1858, when he shipped in bark Scotland, of 
Boston, (John Rowe, Master), as second mate, for a voyage to 
VaHparaiso and the copper ore ports of Chili, South America. 
Arrived in Baltimore in November, 1859. Spent the Winter at 
home. In the Spring of i860 shipped in the Packet service, run- 
ning between Boston and Philadelphia. Arrived home the last 
trip in October, i860. That ended his seafaring life. Thus you 
will see that from October, 1845, to October, i860, is fifteen years 
that his principal occupation was going to sea; nine years of 
which was in the whaling service. The day before Thanksgiving, 
i860, he made his debut as a greenhand in a machine shop in 
Boston, where he remained until April, 1863, when he came to 
Waltham and entered the employ of the American Watch Com- 
pany, where he remained until June i,. 1872, when he left their 
employ and started the business of manufacturing watch machinery 


ng ?--by AJI.T^xloya^- 


in connection with Henry N. Fisher and George F. Ballou, under 
the firm name of Ballou, Whitcomb & Co., located in Boston. 
In November, 1873, moved the business to Waltham. April, 
1874, Ballou retired, selling his interest to Whitcomb and Fisher. 
November i, 1876, Ambrose Webster was admitted to partner- 
ship. In the Winter of 1876 they built a shop seventy by thirty 
feet, two stories high. In 1879 enlarged by adding a building 
forty by thirty feet, two stories high. In 1882 another addition of 
fifty by twenty feet, two stories high, giving them a capacity at 
present time to employ ninety hands. Value of present plant 
is $60,000. He married June 20, 1867, in Waltham, Massa- 
chusetts, Hannah Elizabeth Spear, born in West Newton, Sep- 
tember 12, 1845. 
Their children were: 

i. Percival Goldsmith, b. May 29, 1868. 

ii. Cliften Spear, b. Feb. 4, 1876. 

iii. John Elihu, jr., b. Sept. 11, 1882. k 

iv. Theodore Joseph, b. Oct. 23, 1884. 


Theodore^ Cole (Asa/' AhijaJi,'^ JonatJian,^ JoJm,'^^ JoJin,'^ 
Thovias^). The tenth son of Asa and Anna (Goldsmith) Cole 
was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, May 11, 1813. At 
the age of nine years he went to live in the family of Abijah 
French, a farmer and lumberman of Westmoreland. He lived 
with Mr. French till the summer of 1834, working on the farm 
summers and attending district school winters. In the spring of 
1835 he ^eft Westmoreland to embark on the sea of active life. 
He went to New Bedford, Massachusetts,, the place then so cele- 
brated for its great whaling interests, and engaged as a seaman 
under the well known master. Captain James Maxfield. His first 
voyage lasted eighteen months, and among the various points of 


interest they visited, were the Azores, South Africa, Madagascar, 
Comoro Islands, and the Isle of France. In April, 1837, he 
sailed under Captain Shubel Haws, ship ''Frances Henrietta" ! 
(Charles W. Morgan, agent), and made a two years' voyage, 
going around the world, and touching at Van Dieman's Land, 
Cape of Good Hope, Pernambuco, etc. In the fall of 1839 he 
set sail under the same master, in the ship Julian (agents, Hath- 
away and Luce), and cruised for some time on the Atlantic. They 
then extended their voyage to the northwest coast of New Hol- 
land, Australia. At this point he left the Julian, having filled the 
ship, and went on board the bark Pacific, Captain Webb. They 
sailed south and southeast along the coast of New Holland, 
touching at Hobart Town, then east by New Zealand, then around 
Cape Horn, touching at St. Catherines, Brazil, arriving home in 
January, 1842. During all these years of sea faring hfe Mr. Cole 
had, by diligent and prompt attention to his duties, won the ap- 
proval of his employers and prepared the way for promotion, and 
at the age of thirty years he had circumnavigated the globe twice, 
and in May, 1843, as master of the ship "Parachute" (Benjamin 
B. Howard, agent) he began his third voyage around the world, 
stopping at the Sandwich Islands for recruits, thence north to the 
northwest coast, returning to the Sandwich Islands for water, 
thence to the South Pacific, around Cape Horn, returning to New 
Bedford in July, 1845. Captain Cole was married in August, 
1845, to Livilla, the second daughter of Captain Wilson and Lucy 
Atherton Gleason, of Westmoreland, and in October of the same 
year he sailed in the ship "Marengo" (agent, Jonathan Bourne), 
touching at Cape Verd, passing west around Cape Horn and on 
to the Sandwich Islands, and from there to the coast of Kamt- 
chatka. He was absent two years and eight months. In Novem- 
ber, 1848, he sailed in the ship "Cowper" (agent, B. B. Howard), 
on a long voyage for whales in the Arctic ocean. Mrs. Cole 
accompanied him. They sailed direct for Cape Verd, down the 


coast of South America, west around Cape Horn, from thence to 
the Sandwich Islands, then, leaving his wife to await his return, 
he steered for Behring Strait, passing in June the western ex- 
tremity of Oonalaska. He remained one season in the Arctic 
Ocean, discovering the Plover Islands, July 15, 1849, although he 
never claimed the title or credit of a discoverer. On his return to 
the Sandwich Islands his wife rejoined him. They sailed for Hong- 
Kong, China, where they passed a month in preparing for another 
Arctic voyage. From there they sailed through the Japan Sea 
and the Matsumai Strait, north along the coast of Kamtchatka, 
stopping at Petropulaski, then on to the Arctic Ocean, where 
Captain Cole completed his cargo and started for home. The 
voyage of two years and a half, though full of interest and with 
opportunities of seeing many distant lands, and abounding in 
varied experience, was long to Mrs. Cole, and she heartily rejoiced 
when the hills and spires of New Bedford came in view, March 
22, 185 1, and she could once more stand upon land. Captain 
Cole had now for nearly sixteen years followed the sea continu- 
ously, and by his practicality, prudence, and perseverance had 
acquired a competency, and he decided to give, up his maritime 
profession and enjoy the well-earned fruits of his labors, but being 
naturally an energetic man, idleness was not to his taste, and he 
engaged in manufacturing and merchandising in Brattleboro, Ver- 
mont, where he remained until 1859, when he removed to West- 
minster, Vermont, and purchased a farm. There he lived about 
seven years, identifying himself with the affairs of the town, 
which he represented in the Legislature in 1862. After leaving 
Westminster he resided in Keene, New Hampshire, one year, and 
then made his home in Waverly Village, Belmont, Massachusetts, 
for nine years, in order to give his children better educational 
facilities. In 1875 he made a pleasure trip to Colorado, Wyom- 
ing, and California, and then returned to Westmoreland, New 
Hampshire, his native place, where he afterwards resided, and 


employed his leisure in farming. He was a member of the New 
Hampshire Legislature in 1881-82, as a representative of the 
Republican party, to which he belonged after 1856, when he cast 
his vote for Fremont. 

Captain Cole was a sea captain of pronounced ability, and 
a natural leader of men ; and as shipmaster, merchant and farmer, 
impressed others with a sense of his fitness to lead and direct, and 
was an important factor in the community where he resided. i 

He improved the opportunities of his later life for reading and 
study, so that men of a more liberal education were amazed at his 
extensive and accurate knowledge of history and general literature. ' 
He was an able and good counselor to the younger men who often 
resorted to him for advice. Since 1876 he was a member of the 
Congregational church, and contributed liberally to its support. 
He was a kind husband and father, a loyal citizen and good man. 
He died in Westmoreland, July 2, 1885. — \_Hurd's Cheshire ana 
Sullivan Comities.^ 

The children of Captain Theodore and Livilla (Gleason) Cole are: 

175. i. Frank Theodore, b. June 22, 1853. 

176. ii. William Henry, b. Aug, 19, 1854. 

iii. Lucy Anne, b. Feb. 29, 1856; d. Mar. 7, 1856. 
iv. Sarah Gleason, Feb. 15, 1857, d. Apr. 30, 1874. 


At Waverly, Mass., April 30, Sarah Gleason Cole, aged 17 years, and 2 months. 

The death of Miss Cole is one of those real mysteries of Providence which are sc 
trying to faith. Possessed apparently of uncommon vitality and vivacity, and 
just at the point where she seemed entering on the full and free exercise of hei 
varied powers, her health suddenly gave way, like a fortress undermined by an 
insidious foe, and only a brief but distressing illness prefaced her departure. To a 
good education she was adding a generous musical culture; and was not only 
a favorite by reason of her accomplishments, but beloved for her many endearini; 
traits; a dutiful daughter, an affectionate sister, an agreeable companion; in man) 
ways ministering to the happiness and welfare of those around her. Her funera 
took place at the Congregational church the Sabbath afternoon following her death, 
a crowded and saddened attendance testifying to the common sense of loss and the 
universal sympathy with the bereaved household. — Ffom Congregationalist. 

V. Richard Goldsmith, b. Mar. 21, i860; d. Feb. 12, 1863. 



Charles Henry^ Cole (Asa/'' AbijaJi/ Jonathan,^ JoJui,^^ Johnr 
Thomas^). The youngest child of Asa and Anna (Goldsmith) 
Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, February 25, 
1816, and .died at sea, April 4, 1853. He was an infant when his 
"ather died and he lived with his mother till he was nine years of 
ige, when he went to live with "good old deacon" Blake, of 
Rindge, New Hampshire, a man who regarded all boys as vicious 
ind not to be trusted. After a year or so he left there and went 
:o the home of Stephen Jewett, in the same town, under the 
promise that he should attend school summer and winter. Finding 
;hat he could not be spared in the warm weather he spoke of the 
Dromise. Mr. Jewett replied: "Youngster, if you are not satis- 
led you had better go to sea with your brother John." This 
brother was a whaling captain, sailing from New Bedford, and as 
Charles had a great horror of the sea, Mr. Jewett was surprised to 

eceive the reply: "I guess I will." He walked from Rindge 
lO New Bedford to see his brother, who thought best to take him. 
He provided books and looked after Charles' studies while he was 
at sea, so that with his love for reading and desire to learn he was 
able to acquire a very fair education, while his ready wit and 
genial disposition made him a man whose memory is warmly 

herished by all who knew him. At twenty-five he was master 
of a ship, the Adelaide, and after a very successful voyage he 
returned to Rindge and married, March 17, 1846, Caroline G. 
Cutler. In 1848 he went to California, -and for two years ran the 
schooner Caroline between San Francisco and the Sandwich 
Islands, as a passenger and freight packet. In 1850 he took the 
barque Manuel Ortez for a four years cruise around the world, to 
trade at the islands and ports, and to catch a cargo of oil. While 
in the Okhotsk sea he was injured by a whale staving his boat. 
This injury resulted in his death while on his way home on the 


ship Syren. He was buried at sea, near Christmas Island, three 
days out from the Sandwich Islands. 

His children were: 

i. Richard G., b. Apr. 14, 1847, and d. the same day. 
177 .ii. Charles Ward, b. Oct. 23, 1848. 

In 1855 the widow of Mr. Cole married Dr. Edmund Seyffarth, 
of Altenberg-, Germany, a surgeon of much repute, who settled in 
Lawrence, Massachusetts, and died in 1874. 


Levi7 Cole (Levi,^ John,^ Jonathan,^ John,^^ John,^ Thomas,^). 
The only son of Levi and Chloe (Stoddard) Cole was born in Ches- 
terfield, New Hampshire, August 25, 1790, and died in Sidney 
Fremont county, Iowa, May 27, 1868. Before he was of age he 
"went west" to Watertown, New York, where he married Lygusta 
Allen, who was born in Herkimer county, near Little Falls, New 
York, May 25, 1788. She died at Riverton, Fremont county, 
Iowa, January 2, 1877. He lived in Watertown and kept tavern 
there during the war of t8i2, and was well acquainted with the 
incidents of war in that region. He served in the militia at the 
time of the British attack on Sackett's Harbor (Watertown). 
After the close of the war he moved into Upper Canada, where 
he was engaged in the manufacture of lumber, on the bay of 
Ouinta, and shipping it to Rochester, New York. About 1829 
or 1830 he moved to Chautauqua county. New York, and after- 
wards to Buffalo; from thence to Cleveland, Ohio, and in 183;^ 
to Monroe, Michigan. Here he lived for many years, engaged 
in business as a carpenter and builder. His last years were 
spent in Iowa at the home of his son, Gilbert L. Cole. 

The children of Levi and Lygusta (Allen) Cole were: 


178. i. Julia Ann, b. in Watertown, N. Y., March 26, 1809; 

m. Henry Webb, at Nashville, Chautauqua co., 
N. Y., in 1830. 

179. ii. Egbert L., b. , d. in Louisville, Ky., in 

June, 1863. 
iii. Maryette, b. in Watertown, N. Y. She m. at Nash- 
ville, Chautauqua co., N. Y., Elijah Holmes, about 
1832. They removed to Louisville, Ky. Her hus- 
band d. there in 186-. She d. in Apr., 1885. She 
had three children, • 

( i.) George, (iii.) Isabella. 

( ii.) Newton, 

180. iv. Caroline, b. in 182 1, m. George Batcheldor. 

181. V. James E., b. June, 1822. 

vi. Isabella, b. in Coburg, Canada, June 14, 1824. She 

m. Jacob Hunt, at Monroe, Mich., in 1842. They 

removed to Toledo, Ohio, where they lived till Mr. 

Hunt d. She now lives with her children. They are 

{ i.) Nellie Hunt, m. a Mr. Savidge and lives in 

Spring Lake, Mich. 
( ii.) Minnie Hunt, m. David Patterson, and lives 

in Michigan City, Mich. 
(iii.) Alice Hunt, m. a Mr. Cutler, 
(iv.) Horace Hunt, lives in Toledo, O. 

182. vii. Gilbert L., b. July 22, 1828. 


Adolphus7 Cole {John,^ Jolni,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The oldest son of John and Hannah Cole, was born 

in . He lived in London, Canada, and took care of 

his parents in their old age. His children were three sons and 
two daughters. 


Benoni M.7 Cole [John,^ John,^ Jonathan,'' John,= John,'^ 
Thomas^). The second son and fourth child of John and Hannah 
Cole was born in . He married and settled in War- 
wick, Ontario, and had eight children. 




Asa7 Cole {John,^ John,^ Jonathan,'^ John,^ John,'^ TJiomas^). 

The third son and seventh child of John and Hannah Cole, was 

born in . He married and moved to Michigan, where 

his wife died, leaving the three sons. Before 1840 he married 



Alvord^ Cole [John,^ Joh??,^ Jonathan,'^ Jo/m,^ Jo/uiy^ Thomas^). 
The fourth son and the tenth and youngest child of John and 
Hannah Cole was born in London, Ontario, July 12, 181 5. In 
1839 h^ ^^^^ ^" Michigan, but his uncle Derastus, of Coshocton, 
Steuben county, New York, had offered to make him his heir if he 
would come and live with him. Whether he did so or not I can 
not find out. 


Daniel^ Cole {Salmon/' John,^ JonatJian,^ John,^ John,^ 
Thomas^). The oldest son and second child of Salmon and Bath- 

sheba (Dodge) Cole was born in , Vermont. He 

married his cousin, Rogena Cole (oldest daughter of John), and 
for many years lived in Canada. They had nine children. Two 
of the boys were men grown and three of the daughters were 
married before 1839. ^" ^^^^ year Daniel Cole moved to the 
Rock river country in Wisconsin. 


HiRAM^ Cole {Salmon,^ JoJin,''> JonatJian,^ JoJin,^= John,^ Thomas^). 
The second son of Salmon and Bathsheba (Dodge) Cole was born 

in , Vermont, in . He went with the family to 

Chatham, Quebec, and then to Buckingham. His first wife died 


young and he married again, and about 1826 he moved to Lake 
Huron. He died from exposure in working on a wreck during a 
storm. He left a large family, but I have not been able to get 
trace of any of them. 


Salmon^ Cole {Salmon,^ Jo/in,^ Jonathan,'^ John,'^^ John,^ 
Thomas^). The second son of Salmon and Bathsheba (Dodge) 
Cole was born in Vermont, August 8, 1793, and about ihree years 
later was taken to Canada by his parents. He took the oath of 
allegiance on the twenty-ninth of August, 18 12. He served in 
the war of 18 12, and was discharged from the army in 18 19. He 
was a black and white smith by trade, and settled in Chatham, 
and afterwards moved to Buckingham, Providence Quebec, where 
he died April 16, 1875. He was a large, fine looking man, and 
almost a giant in strength. He married Isabella Heatley in 
Ogdensburg, New York, February 8, 18 19, who died August 16. 
1885, aged eighty-nine. 

Their children were: 

183. i. Thomas, b. Dec. i, 1820. 

ii. EUeanor Anderson, b. Sept. j6. 1822; m. in Dec, 
1845, to O. Leroy, of Grenville, Que. She had 
three children : 

( i.) Peter Napoleon Leroy. 

( ii.) , a daughter who m. (i) Ro- 

bennia, and (2) Hemmings, of Gren- 
(iii.) Elleanor Augusta, who m. Edwin Cook, of 
^h-'.^c^'wCtjt^ P ap c n c auvil le, in May, 1855, and was left 
a widow the following Feb. 

184. iii. James (twin), b. March 4, 1826. 

iv. Jane (twin), b. March 4, 1826; m. in 18^4, D. Longe, 
in Ingram co. , Mich., where they both live. 

185. V. William Heatley, b. May 3, 1828.' 

vi. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 16, 1830; d. Feb., 1848. 

186. vii. Mark Douglas, b, July 16, 1836. 


187. viii. Willard, b. April 22, 1838. 

ix. Margaret Gray, b. Feb. 14, 1843; ^- Columbus Cook, 
of Grenville, Jan. 22, 1862. Her children are: 
( i.) Mark E. Cook, b. March 15, 1863; d. 

Sept. 8, 1884. 
( ii.) Isabella R. Cook, b. May 17, 1865. 
( iii.) Annanda Augusta Cook, b. May 10, 1867. 
( iv.) Ida Adelaide Cook, b. Sept. 11, 1872. 
( V.) Lydia Jane Cook, b. March 23, 1875. 
( vi.) Leonard Herbert Cook, b. Oct. 15, 1876. 
(vii.) Emerson Cook, b. Jan. 21, 1879. 
(viii.) Catherine Caroline Cook, b. July 14, 1883. 


Oris^ Cole {Salmon, ^ John, ^ JonatJian, "^ Jo Jin, ^ John, ^ Thomas^). 
The fifth son of Salmon and Bathsheba (Dodge) Cole was born in 
Hawksbury, Upper Canada, February 28, 1801, and died in Buck- 
ingham, Providence, Quebec, September 13, 1883. He was a very 
eccentric and strong-willed man. It is related of him that when a 
small boy he went with the older boys across the Ottawa river in 
a canoe, and not agreeing with them he put a piece of board 
under his breast and swam back across the river, which at that 
point was a mile wide. He was among the first settlers of Buck- 
ingham, and for many years was a pilot on the Ottawa and St. 
Lawrence rivers. He accumulated a large property, but through 
unfortunate investments lost most of it. On October 12, 1829, he 
married Mary Gillson, daughter of Eleazer Gillson, who was born 
January, 1808, and died June 18, 188 1. 

The children of Oris and Mary (Gillson) Cole were: 

188. i. Oris, b. Aug. 17, 1830. 

ii. Catherine, b. Aug. 14, 1832. She m. Richard New- 
ton, and now lives in Buckingham, Que. 

189. iii. Lemuel, b. June 7, 1834. 

190. iv. Daniel and George, b. Aug. 23, 1836. George d. 

in 1838. 
V. Harriet, b. in Buckingham, Canada, Aug. 20, 1838. 
She m. Wm. McFarland, May 6, 1862, of Lochabar 





tp., Ottawa CO., where they Hved several years. 
They removed to Wisconsin, and now live in Clin- 
tonville. Their children are: 

( i.) Emily McFarland, b. March i, 1863; m. 
Gustavus E. Ahart, and has one son, Wil- 
ii.) Daniel McFarland, b. Nov. 13, 1864. 
iii.) Harriet Ellen McFarland, b. Sept. 12, 1866; 

m. Andrew D. Bennett, 
iv.) Margaret R. McFarland. b. Feb. 13, 1869. 
v.) Frederick William McFarland, b. June 22, 

vi.) Charles McFarland, b. Aug. i, 1873. 
vii.) Alice McFarland, b. April 27, 1875. 
[viii.) Allen McFarland, b. April 27, 1875. 
' ix.) Oris McFarland, b. Sept. 5, 1879. 
X.) George Percival McFarland, b. April 8, 1882. 
Mary, b. in Buckingham, Canada, Sept. 27, 1840. 
She m. Allen McLean, who was b. in Glengarry 
CO., Canada, Sept. 4, 1836 About 1878 they 
moved to Wisconsin, and now live in Clintonville. 

Their children are: 

i.) Oris McLean, b. in Buckingham, Canada, 

May 30, 1863; d. Nov. 24, 1880. 
ii.) Donald McLean, b. in Cumberland, Canada, 

March 8, 1865; d. April 25, 1865. 
iii.) John McLean, b. in Cumberland, Canada, 

May 8, 1866; d. Feb. 23, 1867. 
iv.) Norman McLean, b. in Cumberland, Canada, 

Feb. 17, 1868. 
V.) Alexenia McLean, b. in Cumberland, Canada, 

Nov. 14, 1869; d. Dec. 25, 1869. 
vi.) Allen Godfrey McLean, b. in Cumberland, 

Canada, Sept. 25, 1872. 
vii.) Addie Cole McLean, b. in Cumberland, Can- 
ada, Jan. 25, 1874. 
'viii.) Beatrice Kate McLean, b. in Buckingham, 

Canada, May 22, 1877. 
ix.) Emily Edith McLean, b. in Bear Creek, Wis., 

June I, 1879. 
X.) Mary Zela McLean, b. in Bear Creek, Wis., 

March 16, 1882. 
xi.) Pinkie Belle McLean, b, in Bear Creek, Wis., 

May 25, 1884. 
Eleazer, b. in Dec, 1842; died in childhood. 


viii. Emily, b. in Buckingham, Canada, Oct. 5, 1844. On 
Aug. II, 1865, she m. Archibald McDermid, who 
was b. in Buckingham, May 30, 1839. Soon after 
their marriage they removed to Bear Creek, Wis., 
where they lived till the last year or so, and where 
their children were born. They now live in Clin- 
tonville, Waupaca co.. Wis. Their children are: 

( i.) Mary McDermid, b. April 9, 1871. 

(ii.) Jennie McDermid, b. July 25. 1873. 

(iii.) Jessie McDermid, b. Nov. 6, 1882. 

(iv.) Archibald McDermid, b. Oct. 26, 1884. 
ix. Ellen, b. May 18, 1847. She m. Thos. Moore. She 
is now a widow, living in Dosert, Pr. Que. Mr. 
Moore was for a time in the Hudson Bay Co. 's ser- 
vice as head man at Dosert. He resigned and 
opened a store at D., and was also P. M. and en- 
gaged in farming. He d. Sept. 15, 1884, leaving 
the business involved, but his widow has re-estab- 
lished it and cleared off the debts. 
X. Norman, b. Oct., 1849; d. in 1878. He was 
an invalid for ten years before his death. He never 
191. xi. Frederick, b. Nov. 15, 1852. 


Ethan7 Cole (^Salmon^^ JoJin,'^ Jonathan,^ JoJin,'^ John,'^ Tkovias^). 
The eighth child of Salmon and Bathsheba (Dodge) Cole was 
born in Canada, November 22, 1804. and died in Crescent City, 
Iowa, January 22, 1864. He married Lucretia Gillson, March 11, 
1829. She was born in Vermont, August i, 18 10, and three 
years later her parents moved to Canada. She died in Omaha, 
Nebraska, November 22, 1873. They removed from Canada to 
New York late in 1848, to Illinois in 1851, and to Iowa in 1859, 
and there made a good property, but by unfortunate investments 
lost a large portion of it. 

His children were: 

i. Zirna, b. June 23, 1830, in Buckingham, Canada. 
She m. Roger Wolcott, Aug. 14, 1853, in Elgin, 111. 
He was b. in Coburg, Canada, May 23, 1827. His 


occupation was farming. He d; June 8, 1884. 

Their children were: 

( i.) Asa Wolcott', b. June 17, 1854, in Dundee, 
111.; m. Eliza James, April 13, 1876, at 
Mo. Valley, la., where he is engaged in 
farming. His children are: (a) Bertha, 
b. Jan. 24, 1877; (d) Frances M., b. Sept. 
14, 1878; {c) Ida Z., b. Dec. i, 1880; 
(d) Edna, b. Aug. 19, 1883, d. Feb. 16, 

(ii.) Ethan C. Wolcott, b. in Lafayette co.. Wis., 
April 13, 1856; m. Julia L.Johnson, Nov. 
16, 1885, in Delaware, O., where she was 
b. Nov. 13, i860. He is an attorney-at- 

(iii.) Eleazer J. Wolcott, b. in Mo. Valley, la., 
May 14, 1862. He is a farmer and is un- 

(iv.) Roger J. Wolcott, b. in Mo. Valley, March 
24, 1864. He is a farmer and is unmar- 

(v.) Mary E. Wolcott, b. Jan. 14, 1866; d. Oct. 
22, 1869. 

192. ii. Ethan, jr., b. March 9, 1832. 

iii. Eleazer L. , b. in Buckingham, Canada, Jan. 25, 1836. 
He enlisted in the U. S. Vols, in 1862, and d. in 
the hospital in Helena, Ark., July 26, 1863. 

193. iv. Enos, b. Jan. 25, 1836. 

V. Eleizar, b. in Buckingham, Canada, Jan. 26, 1838; d. 
in Campville, Canada, May 21, 1841. 

194. vi. Isaac, b. Sept. 11, 1839; ^- ^^ Loveland. la., June 23, 

vii. Abigail, b. at Campville, Canada, April 28. 1842; m. 
Joseph McCoid at Honey Creek, la., March 30, 
1862, and d. July 27, 1869, at Council Bluffs, la. 
Mr. McCoid was b. in Ind. in 1826, and is now a 
stock dealer. Their only child is Sherman McCoid, 
b. Feb. 27, 1865. 
viii, Lucretia, b. in Campville, May 24, 1844; m. at Coun- 
• cil Bluffs, la., July 3, 1870, Augustus Mischke, a 

native of Germany. She d. in Council Bluffs, 
March 26, 1871. 

195. ix. Cyrus, b, Sept. i, 1846. 

196. X. John G., b. Feb. 12, 1848. 

xi. Mari v., b. in Batavia, 111., Feb. 20, 1851; m. at 


Loveland, la., Dec. 14, 1870, Henry F. Davidson, 
of that place. He was b. in Mass., March 19, 1847. 
Their children are: 

.) Henry H. Davidson, b. Oct. 10, 1871. 
.) Cyrus K., b. Aug. 30, 1878. 
.) Roger M., b. Nov. 25, 1875; d. Sept. 29, 
(iv.) Sarah M., b. Sept. 24. 1878. 




Daniel Mansfield7 Cole {Laban/' Jo/m,"> Jonathan,'^ JoJin,'^ 
John,^ Thojnas^). The eldest son of Laban and Betsy (Mans- 
field) Cole was born in Brookline, Windham county, Vermont, 
February 10, 1794. He married Polly Bigelow, of Brookline, 
November 24, 18 16. About 1826 he moved to Ashford, Catta- 
raugus county. New York, and remained there until his death, 
October 6, 1880. He was a farmer and carpenter. His wife, 
Polly, died September 22. 1834, and having a large family of 
small children to care for, he was married again December 26, 
1834, to Nancy Bigelow, who died in May, 1838. 

The children of Daniel Mansfield and Polly (Bigelow) Cole 

were : 

197. i. Aljarman A., b. Oct. 4, 181 7. 

198. ii. Edwin F. , b. Feb. 3. 18 19; d. in Blue Earth co., 

Minn., in i86l 

199. iii. Seymore, b. Feb. 5, 182 L 

200. iv. Alvin T., b. March 5, 1823. ^ 
20L V. Vernon, b. April m, 1825. 

vi. Phrenillia, b. in Ashford, Cattaraugas co., N. Y., 

Sept. 16, 1827. She m. Jesse Bemis, a farmer of 

East Ashford, where she now resides. She has no 


202. vii. Chesselton, b. July 28, 1829. 


203. viii. Byron, b. April 17, 1831. 

ix. Myrion, b. in Ashford, Cattaraugus co. , N. Y., June 
22, 1833. She m. Sept. 22, 1869, Monson Willis, 
a farmer, of East Ashford. She has four children: 
( i.) Grace Willis, b. Jan. 27, 1867. 
(ii.) Herbert Willis, b. Nov. 29, 1869. 
(iii.) Middleton Willis, b. March 26, 1874. 
(IV.) Robert W^illis, b. Oct. 14, 1876. 

The only ^hild of Daniel Mansfield and Nancy (Bigelow) Cole 

.204. X. Ozro, b. Oct. I, 1835. 


Reuben^ Cole {^Laban,^' JoJin,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ John,- Thomas'^). 
The second child of Daniel and Betsy (Mansfield) Cole was born 
in Brookline, Vermont, September 10, 1796, and died in Lansing- 
burg, New York, January 28, 1885. He married in Vermont, 
Chloe Ann Daggett, October 15, 18 18. He moved to Albany, 
New York, and thence to Troy, where he was in business as a 
grocer. About 1857 he removed to North Greenbush, New York, 
and in 1867 to Lansingburg. During all his latter years he was a 
farmer. His wife, Chloe, died May 16, 1859, ^"^ ^^ married 
Lucy C. Wager, June 19, i860. 

The children of Reuben and Chloe ^Ann (Daggett) Cole were: 

i. Dennison, b. July 19, 1821. He d. in Troy, N. Y., 
Aug. II, 1845. He was a teacher and unmarried. 
205. ii. Russell, b. June 30, 1823. He died about October, 
1883, probably in West Va. Nothing is known of 
his family, if he had one. 
iii. Harriet, b. May 30, 1827; d. March 10, 1839. 
iv. Jane Ann, b. April 13, 1839. 
V. Frederick, b. Oct. 4, 1843; cl. May 25, 1859. 



Rebecca^ Cole Gilson {Laban,^ Jo hn,^ Jonathan,'^ John, ^^ John, ^ 
Thomas^). The youngest child of Daniel M. and Betsy (Mans- 
field) Cole was born March 19, 1804. She married Hollis Gil- 
son, of Troy, New York, September 25, 1826. He was a farmer 
and carpenter, and lived in Dunkirk, New York, where he died. 
He was born July 12, 1805, a"<J died March 13, 185 L 

Their children were: 

i. Holland R., b. April 11, 1826, and d. in Boston, 
Mass., April 15, 1878. He left a widow and chil- 
dren, viz: Mary, AHce, Holland, Herbert, and 

ii. Martha A., b. Aug. 9, 1829; married William Creasy j 
and lives in West Medwav, Mass. She has two 
sons and a daughter. 

iii. Harriet L., b. June 27, 183L 

iv. Willard Cole, b. March 26, 1833; died in West Med- 
way, Mass., Sept. 5, 1861, leaving a widow and 
one son. 

V. Warner H., b. May 20, 1835. He lived for a time 
after his marriage in West Medway, and then re- 
moved to Philadelphia, Pa., where he now resides. 

vi. Mary, b. May 5, 1837; d. 1842. 


Heber7 Cole (Sala,^ John,'" /onathan,"^ John,^" John,^ Thomas^). 
The first child of Sala and Sally (Stevens) Cole was born in Wind- 
ham county, Vermont, September 13, 1802. In 1824 he moved 
with his father to Tioga, Pennsylvania, and there, in April, 1836, 
he married Louisa Stevens. She died November 17, KS63. ^.r. 
Cole was a farmer, and is still living on his farm enjoying a serene 
old age. 

Their children were: 

i. Celestia, b. Feb. 9, 1837; d. Aug. 28, 1848. 
206. ii. George, b. Dec. 25, 1838. 


iii. Oscar E., b. May lo, 1841 ; d. May 5, 1864. 
iv. Emeline, b. July 2, 1843; d. Nov. i, 1848. 
V. Delia, b. Aug. 8, 1849, ^" Tioga, Tioga co., Pa., and 
m. Wayland Symonds, Jan. 21, 1869. 


Sally7 Cole Leet {Sala/' John,^ Jonathan,'^ JoJui,^^ JoJin,'^ 
Thojnas^). The second child of Sala and Sally (Stevens) Cole 
was born in Windham county, Vermont, January 15, 1805, ^"^ 
died in Middlebury, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, November 18, 
1876. She married, October, 1830, Thomas Leet, who died 
about 1871. He was a farmer in Middlebury. 

Their children were: 

i. Mandana Leet, who m. a Mr. McWhorter and lives 
on the old farm in Middlebury. She has two sons 
who live with her. 
ii. Alfred T. Leet, m. in 1874, Emma Stevens. He is a 
farmer in Middlebury, and has one son, Thomas, b. 
in 1876. 
iii. Clark A. Leet, is a farmer in Hammond, Tioga co.. Pa. 
He m. his cousin, Sally Adams, and has children : 
( i.) Arthur A., b. in 1861; resides in Corning, 

N. Y., and is unm. 
(ii.) George W., b. in 1864; d. Aug. 27, 1886. 
(iii.) Frederick H., b. 1872. 
(iv.) Frank L. , b. 1874. 
iv. Orpha Leet, m. Aug., 1861, A. B. Rundell, a car- 
penter of Mansfield, Tioga co. Their children are: 
( i.) Edward Rundell, b. June, 1862; in business 

with his father.. 
( ii.) Kate J. Rundell, b. June, 1866. 
(iii.) Burt B. Rundell, b. Jan., 1868. 
(iv.) Helen L. Rundell, b. Sept., 1870; d. March, 

(v.) Rosel J. Rundell, b. June 11, 1875. 
V. Kate Leet, m. Waldo White. She d. 1874. Her 
children are : 
(i.) Helen, m. Wallace Mitchel, a farmer of Mid- 
dlebury, Pa. 


(ii.) Nettie, unm. 
vi. Helen Leet, m. William Mitchel, a farmer of Mid- 
dlebury. She d. in 1886, leaving two sons: 
(i.) W. S., b. 1864; a R. R. employe, 
(ii.) William, b. 1876. 


MiRiA B.7 Cole Prutsman {Sala,^ John, ^ Jonathan,^ John, '^^ J oJin,'' 
Thomas'). The third child of Sala and Sally (Stevens) Cole was 
born in Windham county, Vermont, April 15, 1809, and died in 
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, October 31, 1878. She married in 
April, 1826, Abram Prutsman, a farmer. He died, June i, 1882. 

Their children were: 

i. Sarah AdeHne Prutsman, b. March 17, 1827; m. John 
B. Everett, a farmer of Jackson, Tioga co., Dec. 
30, 1852. Their children are: 
( i.) Charles E. Everett, a farmer in Jackson, who 
m. Annie Sheldon, and has two children: 
{a) Addie and [b) Myrtle. 
( ii.) Abram P. Everett, a farmer in Lawrence- 
ville. Pa., who m. Carrie Ostrander, and 
has one child, Mildred, 
(iii.) George Everett, a farmer at Horseheads, 
Chemung co., N. Y., who m. May Long- 
well, and has one child, Helen, 
ii. Andrew Jason Prutsman, b. July 12, 1829. On Nov. 
14, 1854, he m. Jane C. Westbrook. He is a 
farmer in Tioga, Pa. His children are: 
( i.) Frank C, a farmer in Tioga, who m. Rosa 
Shappe, and has children: {a) Clyde, 
(U) Lynn, and {c) Myra. 
(ii.) Flora E , m. Charles Robinson, a commercial 
traveler, of Addison, Steuben co., N. Y., 
and has children : {a) Nellie and {b) Carl, 
(iii.) Stella M., m. Charles Adams, M. D., and 

has one child, Ethel, 
(iv.) Hattie, unm. 
( V.) Effie, unm. 
iii. William Randell Prutsman, b. Oct. 17, 1833. He m., 
July, 1855, .Mary Adams, and is now a farmer in 


Buda, Bureau co., 111. His children are: 
( i.) Marshall, a farmer in Buda, who m. Dora 

Adams, of Nebraska, 
(ii.) Ella, who m. James Gififin, a R. R. man, in 

Mo., and has one child, 
(iii.) Ida May, unm. 
iv. Rachael M. Prutsman, b. Oct. 17, 1833; m. Horace 
F. Westbrook, a farmer, of Tioga, Sept. 26, 1850. 
In 1861 he enlisted in Co. D, 57th Pa. Vols., and 
d. in the service, July i, 1862. Their children were: 
( i.) Willis H. Westbrook, who is now a book- 
keeper in Wellsboro, Pa., and was m. to 
Stella M. Marsh, who d. in 1881, leaving 
one son, (a) Claude H. He m. again in 
1884, Rilla Coolidge. 
( ii.) Edgar L. Westbrook. a farmer in Middle- 
bury, Pa. ; m. Helen H. Johnson, and has 
two children: (a) Mamie and (d) Nida. 
(iii.) Ada B. Westbrook, m. Atis L. Coolridge, a 
book-keeper at Morris, Tioga co., Pa., and 
has one child, (a) Ross A. 
(v.) George E. Prutsman, b. May 9, 1836; m. 
Lizzie M. McClure, of Chester co., Pa., 
Jan. 6, 1870. He is a farmer in Buda, 
Bureau co.. 111., and has six children: 
(a) Mabel F., (I?) George, (c) Sybil, 
{d) Paul, (e) Claude, d. 1880; (/) Bruce, 
(vi.) Wilber H. and Willis C. Prutsman, b. Nov. 
17, 1839, and d. April 8 and May 3, 1841, 


Catherine? Cole Adams (Sa/a,^ Jolin,^ Jo7iathaii,^ John,-^ John,^ 
Thomas'). The fourth child of Sala and Sally (Stevens) Cole was 
born in Windham county, Vermont, February 7, 1812, and died 
in Tioga county, Pennsylvania, April 15, 1845. She married 
Abram Adams, August, 1835. He died March 4, 1879. 

Their children were: 

i. Martha K. Adams, who m. Sept., 1874, Mortimer 


Kerney, of Hammond, Pa., and has one son, Clar- 
ence A., b. 1876. She now lives in Middlebury, Pa. 
ii. Sally Adams, who m. her cousin, Clark Leet (whom 

iii. Fannie Adams, m. first a Mr. Clark, by whom she 
had one daughter: 
(i.) Nellie, b. 1865. 

After Mr. Clark's death she m. John Stev- 
ens, of Tioga, Pa. She has one son: 
(ii.) John Stevens, jr., b. 1882. 


Adeline^ Cole Cody {Sa/a,^ JoJin,^ Jonathan,'' John,'^ JoJin,'^ 
Thomas^). The fifth child of Sala and Sally (Stevens) Cole was 
born in Windham county, Vermont, March 3, 181 5, and died in 
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, December 26, 1874. She married 
in April, 1832, Samuel Cody, who died March 21, 1880. 

Their children were: 

i. Francis A. Cody. He is m., but has no children, 
ii. Gardner S. Cody, m. Angle Goodwin, and has chil- 
dren : 
( i.) Grace, b. 1874. 
( ii.) Glenn, b. 1882. 
(iii.) Robert, b. 1884. 
iii. Celestia W. Cody, m. a Mr. Keeler and has one son, 
(i.) John Keeler, who m. Ida Burley, and has a 
son, {a) Roy, b, 1879, and {b), a daughter, 
b. 1882. 
iv. Porter W. Cody; enlisted Sept., 1864, in Co. D, 
207th Reg. Pa. Vols., and was killed before Peters- 
burg, April 2, 1865. He was m. and left two 
( i.) Adeline, unm. 
(ii.) Helen, unm. 
V. Sala V. Cody, m. Nov. 8, 1882, Jane Clark, of Mid- 
dlebury, Pa. He has one daughter, Leonette. He 
is a farmer in Middlebury. 



A. Clark7 Cole { Sa/a,^ John,^ Jonathan,'' Jo/in,^^ John,^ 
Thomas^). The youngest child of Sala and Sally (Stevens) Cole 
was born in Windham county, Vermont, December 9, 18 19. He 
moved to Pennsylvania in 1824 and has always lived in Tioga 
county, in that State. His present home is in Hammond. He 
married Delia Patten, June 5, 1845. 

Their children are: 

i. Frank H., b. Dec. i, 1852, d. June 21, i860, 
ii. Edith Kittie, b. Feb. 12, 1855. In 1874 she m. John 
W. Mclnroy, of Wellsboro, Tioga county, Pa. 
They have a daughter: 

(i). Narvah, b. Mar., 1882. 
iii. Arthur Clark, b. Feb. 4. 1859, d. May 22, i860. 
206. iv. Herbert H., b. May 30, 1861. 
V. May, b. Jan. 6, 1864. 


Arnold^ Cole {Ethan/' John,^ Jonathan,'^ John,^^ John,^ Thomas^). 
The oldest son of Ethan and Lucinda (Witherell) Cole was born 
in Barre, Worcester county, Massachusetts, August 12, 1803. 
When he was seven years of age the family moved to Windham, 
Windham county, Vermont, where he grew to manhood. On the 
twentieth of March, 1827, the year after his father's removal to 
Londonderry, he married Sally Axtell, of Jamaica, Vermont, 
a neighboring town. He spent nearly.all of his life in the town of 
Londonderry, and died there July 30, i860. His wife survived 
him nearly eighteen years, dying January 26, 1878. 

Their children were: 

i. Louisa, b. Dec. 19, 1827. On May 15, 1847, she m. 
Jerome W. Benson. They had two children: 
( i.) Lenora, who m. Bradford Williams, of Win- 
hall, Bennington CO., Vt. , 


(ii.) Angelina, who m. John Barrett, of Rutland, 
Vt. , and lives in Chicago, 111. 
Mr. Benson having died, she m. Oct. 25, 1866, Will- 
iam G. Williams, a farmer of Jamaica, Vt., by whom 
she had two daughters: 
(iii.) Olive. 

(iv.) Dora Williams. Both unm. 
ii. Lucinda, b. Aug. 25, 1831; m. Jan. i, 1853, Daniel 
S. Howe, a farmer of Marlboro, Windham co., Vt. 

She has three children: 

( i.) William Howe, a clerk in New York City, 
(ii.) Fred Howe, a farmer in Marlboro, 
(iii.) A young daughter, 
iii. Liantha, b. May 24, 1834; m. Mar., 1852, James C. 
Vail, of Winhall. They had three children, two 
sons, both of whom are dead, and a daughter, who 
m. Elbridge Blodgett, a farmer of Wardsboro, 
Windham co., Vt. After Mr. Vail died she m. 
Lyther G. Perry, of Winhall. July 4, i860. They 
have two children : 
(iv.) Frank Perry, a farmer, who in July, 1886, m. 

Hattie Williams, of Jamaica, Vt. 
(v.) Sarah, who m. John Dewaine, a chair manu- 
facturer of Landgrove, Bennington CO., Vt. 
iv. Lorenzo A. Cole, b. Dec. $, 1837; d. May 22, 1866, 

V. Sarah M. Cole, b. Aug. 21, 1840; m. Oct., 1864, M. 
J. Holden, a farmer and musician of Mt. Holly, 
Windsor co., Vt. They have no children, 
vi. Angelina Cole, b. Dec. 22, 1844; d. Sept. 20, i860, 
vii. Silas Cole, b. July 27, 1847; ^- ^^Y -4. 1867. 


IsABANDA^ Cole Harrington (Ef/ian,^ /o/in,'^ JonatJian,^ John,^^ 
John,- Thomas^). The fourth child of Ethan and Lucinda With- 
erell was born in Windham, Windham county, Vermont, June 15, 
1809. Her husband was Reuben Harrington. He was a son of 
Daniel Harrington, of Orange, Franklin county, Massachusetts, 
and was born in that town, January 27, 1795. With his three 
brothers, Daniel, Lyman and Emery, he emigrated to London- 


derry, Vermont, about 1817. He and Daniel became farmers, 
Lyman a merchant, and Emery a wool carder, in that town. 
After a few years spent in clearing his farm, near the foot of 
Glebe Mountain, he went to Massachusetts, and married Abigail 
Abbott, of Warwick, Worcester county, Massachusetts, and re- 
turned to his farm. His wife died in i82(S, leaving no children. 

In 1830 he married Isabanda Cole. Mr. Harrington was a 
prominent man of the town. He was justice of the peace and 
first selectman for many years, and represented the town in the 
Legislature in 1845-46. In 1848 he sold his farm and bought a 
large farm in Manchester, Bennington county, Vermont, where 
he resided till 1865, when wishing to retire from active work he 
sold and came back to Londonderry, and bought a small place in 
the South Village, where he lived until his death, October 7, 1881. 
His wife after his death went to her daughter in Chester, Windsor 
county, Vermont, where she died June 16, 1885. 

They had twelve children, two of whom died in infancy. The 
others were: 

i. Abigail A. Harrington, b. in Londonderry, July 26, 
1831. In 1853 she m. Charles T. Holman, who was 
b. Aug. 20, 1830. They moved to Dement, 111., 
and thence to Algona, Kossouth co., la., where 
they now reside. Their children are: 

( i.) Lyman H. Holman, d. in 111., April 9, 1863. 

(ii.) George A. Holman. 

(iii.) Fred H. Holman. 

(iv.) Rosa M. Holman. 
ii. Laurenza L. Harrington, b. Sept. 10, 1832. She m., 
in Manchester, Vt., Calvin B. Walker, b. Aug. 6, 
1830, a farmer of Londonderry, where they now 
reside. They have no children.* 
iii. Laurencie I. Harrington, b. June 12, 1837; m. Nov. 
I, 1859, Samuel H. Walker, b. Nov. i, 1832, a 
farmer in Manchester, Vt. , where she resided and 
where she d., Sept. 7, 1880, leaving four children: 

( i.) Addie C, b. July 16. i860; d. Aug. 4, 1881. 

(ii.) Henry S., b. Feb. 28, 1861. 

*The editor is under obligation to Mrs. Walker for the collection of the records 
of the family of her mother. 




30, 1841. She m. 

1840, a farmer and 

He was a member 

(iii.) Frank H., b. Feb. 27, 1862. 

(iv.) HattieL., b. July 19, 1864. 
iv. Harrison H. Harrington, b. Sept. 3, 1839; ^- Freelove 
Amidon, b. May 11, 1839, ^^ Woodford, Benning- 
ton CO., Vt. Their only child was Mary, b. in 
Chester, Vt. , Aug. 22, 1866. They now live in 
Dexter, Dallas co., la. 
V. Ellen L. Harrington, b. Dec. 
George C. Allen, b. Dec. 21 
harness maker, of Chester, Vt 
of the nth Vt. Vols. She d. Jan. 4, 1881, leaving 
no children, 
vi. Elsie F. Harrington, b. March 4, 1844. She m., 
Dec. 20, 1862, in Wallingford, Rutland co., Vt. , 
Abram Straight, who deserted her, and she resumed 
her maiden name in accordance with the decree of 
the court. Her children are: 

(i.) Fred H. Harrington, b. Nov. 20, 1863. 

(ii.) Lulu I. Harrington, b. Nov. 18, 1865. 
vii. Viola J. Harrington, b. Oct. 23, 1846. She m. Alvaro 
D. Whitman, b. March 19, 1845, ^ machinist of 
Rutland, Vt. , in 1870. Their children are: 

( i.) Adelbert K. Whitman, b. Sept. 23, 1871; d. 
Oct. 28, 1886. 

(ii.) Pearls., b. July 30, 1873. 

(iii.) Lyman C, b. May 6, 1876. 

(iv.) Louisa, b. Dec. i, 1878. 

(v.) Addie E., b. March 18, 188 1. 

(vi.) A daughter b. Dec. i, 1885. 

viii. Lyman A. Harrington, b. Aug. 4. 1850; m. Dec. 20, 

1881, in Chester, Vt., Jennie Pomroy, who was b. 

in. South Hampton, Mass., Nov. 3, 1853. He is a 

carriage smith in Chester. They have no children. 


Alfred R.^ Cole (Et/ian,^ John,^ Jonathan,'' John,^^ John,- 
Tkoinas^). The fifth child of Ethan and Lucinda (Witherell) 
Cole was born in Windham, Windham county, Vermont, October 
19, 181 L In March, 1834, he married Liantha Person, of Wind 
ham, who was born September 20, 1809. He moved to Lewis 


county, New York, and settled on a farm near Counstableville, 
where he now resides. 

The children of Alfred R, and Liantha (Person) Cole were: 

i. Lawrenza W., was b. in Counstableville, Lewis co., 
N. Y., May 8. 1836. On Oct. 6, 1861, she m. 
Allen Dunton, who was b. Mar. 19, 1840. They 
live in Malone, Franklin co., N. Y. , and have two 
children : 

(i.) Ella N. Dunton, b. Jan. 27, 1869. 

(ii.) Eugene Dunton, b. July i, 1876. 
ii. Olive H., was b. in Counstableville, Lewis co., N. Y. , 
July 27, 1841. On Jan. i, 1866, she m. Nelson 
W. Delain, who was b. Oct. 5, 1845. They lived 
at Brandon, N. Y., where she d. Feb. 8, 1882, leav- 
ing two children : 

(i.) Almira H. Delain, b. Nov. 11, 1866. 

(ii.) Frank Delain, b. Feb. 25, 1879. 
207. iii. Lorenzo W., b. Nov. 7, 1846; d. in Malone, N. Y., 
Apr. 4, 1879. 


Alvarado^ Cole {Ethan/' John/ JonatJian/ JoJin/ John/ 
TJiomas^). The sixth child of Ethan and Lucinda (Witherell) 
Cole was born in Windham, Windham county, Vermont, xA^pril 
20, 18 14. On September 27, 1840, he married Theodosia Reed, 
of Londonderry, who was born September 22, 18 12. He 
learned the trade of a brick maker and also that of a painter, 
and worked at both at times during his life. He is now 
a farmer in Londonderry. The editor is under great obligations 
to him for assistance in the preparation of the portion of this book 
which relates to the family of Ethan Cole. Both Mr. Cole and 
his estimable wife are living in old age, surrounded by children and 
grand-children, and enjoying the comforts that come after a life 
well spent. The editor had great pleasure in spending a day with 
them while engaged in the preparation of this work. 


The children of Alvarado and Theodosia (Reed) Cole were : 

208. i. Warren, b. Dec. 5, 1841. 

ii. Henrietta, b. Nov. 12, 1843; she m. Feb. 7, 1869, 
Geo. A. Howard, of Londonderry, who was b. July 
18, 1844. He is a butcher and has been in business 
in Chester and Manchester, Vt. , and Chelmsford, 
Mass. He is now located in Londonderry. They 
have no children, 
iii. Julia, b. Nov. 12, 1843, and m. Jan. 20, 1866, John 
Gibson, of Londonderry, who was b. Dec. 22, 
1843, arid d. June 16, 1877. Their children are: 
( i.) Alley C. Gibson, b. May 9, 1869, a clerk in a 

store in Londonderry, 
(ii.) Etta C. Gibson, b. Apr. 25, 1871. 


Alfonzo Ethan7 Cole {Ethan, ^ JoJin,^ Jo7iathan,^ Jo/ui,-^ Jolm,'' 
TJiomas"). The seventh and youngest child of Ethan and Lucinda 
(Witherell) Cole was born in Windham, Windham county, Ver- 
mont, March 1,1817. He married, June 30, 1840, Sylvia Cheaney, 
of Londonderry, who was born in 1820, and died March 31, 1847. 
Mr. Cole was a brick maker and farmer, and spent all of his life 
in Londonderry. 

The children of Alfonzo Ethan and Sylvia (Cheaney) Cole are : 

209. i. Winslow A., b. Dec. 9, 1841 ; d. in Worcester, Mass., 
June 21, 1884. 
ii. Emeline, b. Aug. 28, 1843; m. Charles Rawson, Aug. 
19, 1862. They live in Worcester, Mass., and have 
one son, Frank Rawson, b. June 3, 187L 
iii. George W., b. Nov. 15, 1845; d. Dec. 28, 1845. 

On January 4, 1848, Mr. Cole married Mary Babbett, of Lon^ 

donderry, who survived him. The children of Alfonzo Ethan 

and Mary (Babbett) Cole are: 

iv. Alson, b. March 15, 1850. 

V. Almerette M., b. April 29, 1853; m., Oct. i, 1870, 

Melvin Vails, a farmer in Londonderry. Their 

only child is Everett Vails, b. Dec. 24, 1874. 


Davis Simon^ Cole {Swwn,^ Jo/in,^ Jonatlian,'' John,^ Jo/m,^ 
Thomas^). The fourth child and second son of Simon and Ester 
(Robbins) Cole was born August 3, 1817. He moved west and 
for a time lived in Nettleton, Caldwell county, Missouri, but he 
has gone from there, and all traces of him are lost. 


Stephen Robbins^ Cole [Simon, ^ John, ^ JonatJian,^ JoJiiiy'^^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The sixth child of Simon and Ester (Robbins) Cole 
was born June 10, 1821, in Brookline, Vermont. He married 
Hannah Carney. He has lived most of his life in and around 
Boston, and is a machinist. 

His children are: 

210. i. WiUiam A. D., b. Dec. 27, 1853. 

211. ii. Frank E., b. April 17, 1855. 

iii. Minnie C. E., b. Feb. i, 1857; died March 15, 1865. 

212. iv. Stephen R., jr., b. Dec. 17, 1859. 

V. , b. March 4, 1864. 

213. vi. Howard E., b. June 8, 1870. 


A L0NZ07 Cole {Heber, ^ John, ^ Jonathan, '^ Jo Jin, 3 Jo Jin, ^ TJiomas'') , 
was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, September 29, 18 13, 
and died in Newburyport, Massachusetts, December 15, 1877. 
He married, in Springfield, Massachusetts, December 29, 1833, 
Louisa Caldwell, who was born December i, 18 13, and died in 
Newburyport, November 27, 1879. 

Their children were: 

i. Henry Alonzo, b, Nov. 9, 1836; d. April 7, 1838. 


ii. Charles L., b. Aug. 25, 1842. He enlisted as a pri- 
vate in Co. E, 40th Reg. Mass. Vols., and d. in the 
service, March 7, 1864. 

iii. Edwin Harrison, b. Aug. 14, 1844; d. Aug. 27, 1845. 

'iv. Sarah Laurette, b. Dec. 30, 1846; m. Smith; d. 

in Newburyport, Jan. 5. 1883. 

V. Clara Josephine, b. July 18, 1848; d. Aug. 9, 1849. 


Heber Bennett^ Cole {Heber,^ Jokn,^ Jonathan,'^ John,^ John,- 
Thomas^). The second child of Heber and Sally (Bennett) Cole 
was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, September 29, 181 3. 
In early life he began those habits of industry and economy 
which distinguished him through his life. When over half his 
life was passed he married Mary Ann Knight, the widow of 
Charles Cobb, of Westmoreland, January 13, 1856. For nearly 
twelve years they lived together, he caring for her property and 
rearing her two children. She died October 31, 1867, at the age 
of forty years. He continued in charge of the property until the 
step-son became of age, when he turned the farm over to him, 
and for the rest of his life made his home with his sister, Mrs. 
Daggett. He never had any children. He died February 18, 
1885. All of his life was spent in Westmoreland, and he was one 
of the best known men of the town, and he was honored by his 
townsmen with several of the minor offices in their gift. His 
frugality and industry, together with his strict integrity, enabled 
him to accumulate a large fortune, which he disposed of by testa- 
ment just before his death. 


George^ Cole {Heber, ^ John, s JonatJian, ^ John, ^ John, ^ Thomas') . 
The second child of Heber and Prudence (Walker) Cole was born 

9/^^^ 5^, j^(^. 


in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, March 20, 1833. He mar- 
ried (i) Lydia A. Richardson, of Keene, New Hampshire, De- 
cember 10, 1853. She was born April 4, 1836. He married 
(2) Eliza Stratton, by whom he had no children. He was an 
engineer in Rochester, New York, where he died February 23, 

The only child of George and Lydia (Richardson) Cole was: 

214. i. George, b. April 6, 1854. 


Ephkaim Fosters Cole {Kimball,'" Solomon,^ Samuel,'' Samuel,^' 
Johiy' T/iomas^). The third child and oldest son of Lieutenant 
Kimball and Abigail (Runnells) Cole was born in Boxford, Mas- 
sachusetts, July 6, 1809. He married Eliza Spofiford, December 
10, 1830. She was born in Chester, New Hampshire, and died 
April 25, 1832, and he married Sarah Spofford, March 5, 1833. 
She was born in Danville, New Hampshire. He was a farmer in 
Boxford, and died there April 23, 1879. 

His children were : 

i. Eliza Spofford, b. Sept. 10, 1831; d. Dec. 19, 1831. 
ii. William Kimball, b. Jan. 6, 1834; d. unmarried in 
Hillsborough, la., Oct. 23, 1856. 
220. iii. George Spofford, b. July 2, 1836. 

iv. John Foster, b. Jan. 20, 1841. He enlisted in Co. F, 
35th Mass. Volunteers, and was wounded, and died 
in McClellan Hospital, Philadelphia, from the effects 
of his wound, June 14, 1864. He was unmarried. 
V. Charles Warren, b. April 3, 1844; enlisted in Co. F, 
35th Massachusetts Volunteers; d. at Newport News, 
of fever, March 3, 1863. 
iv. Sarah Jane, b. Mar. 13, 1846; m. May 14, 1846, Melville 
T. Wadlin, of Biddeford, Me., who was b. Apr. 23, 
1839. They reside in South Lawrence, Mass. His 
children are : 

( i.) Chas. Melville, b. July 10, 1868. 


( ii.) Margaret Eugenia, b. Sept. i6, 1869. 
(iii.) Geo. Leslie, b. Sept. 14, 1871. 
(iv.) Ida Louisa, b. Dec. 22, 1875. 
(v.) Jennie Alice, b. May 26, 1880. 

221. vii. Arthur E. , b. Sept. 30. 1848. 

222. viii. Joseph Franklin, b. Sept. 28, 185 1. 

223. ix. Wallace E., b. Nov. 19. 1855. 

224. X. Roscoe Kimball, b. Feb. 28, 1861 ; m. . Has 

no children. Andover, Mass. 


John Kimball^ Cole {Kimball,^ Solomon,^ Sanmel,^ Samuel,"^ 
John,' TJiomas'), the sixth child of Lieutenant Kinaball and 
Abigail (Runnells) Cole, was born in Boxford Massachusetts, 
December 16, 18 14. He married Mary S. Town, of Boxford. 
He resides in his native town, is a farmer, and has been a deacon 
in the First Church since 1852. He was a member of the State 
Legislature in 1862. 

His children were: 

225. i. Jefferson Kimball, b. Oct. 25, 1838. 

ii. Abbie Rebecca, b. Dec. 14, 1840; m. Roscoe VV., 
son of Abel and Annie M. Gage, Nov. 24, 1863. 
He was b. in Pelham, N. H., and d. in Boxford in 
1868, where his widow and her two children are 

iii. Mary Ellen, b. Jan. 28, 1844; m. Wm. G., son of 
Geo. A. and Edna G. Todd, Sept. 22, 1863. They 
have two children. 

226. iv. John Newton, b. Mar. 21, 1857. 

I 10 

William Runnells^ Cole {Kimball,^' Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel^ John;' Thomas^), the seventh and youngest child of Lieut. 
Kimball and Abigail (Runnells) Cole, was born in Boxford, Massa- 
chusetts, January 15, 1817. He married, June 17, 1855, Mary 


H. daughter of John and Prudence Runnells, of Andover. She 
was born in North Andover in 1825. He was a farmer in Box- 
ford, and died there November 18, 1865. His widow is post- 
mistress at West Boxford. 
Their children are : 

227. i. WiUiam Kimball, b. June 2, 1856. 

ii. Abbey L., b. July 27, 1858, d. Dec. 26, 1865. 
227^:. iii. Norman, b. July 3, i860. 

228. iv. Morris Lee, b. Apr. 29, 1863. 

V. Mary, b. Sept. 20, 1865, d. Sept. 3, 1867. 


IsAAc7 Cole [Isaac, ^ Solomon,^ Saniitel,^ Saimie I, ^ John, ^ Thomas^), 
the third child and oldest son of Isaac and Hannah (Atwood) 
Cole, born October 31, 1796. He married Lucy Knapp and 
settled in Franconia, New Hampshire, where he died in 1880, 
aged eighty-four. 

His children were: 

i. Emily, b. in 18 18; m. (i) A. Woodman and (2) 

Dwyer. Now lives in N. J. Her children were 
( i.) Dunbar Woodman, b. in N. H. 

Now lives in Chicago, 111. Was a soldier 
in an 111. Reg. and officer in a Colored Reg. 
(ii.) John Dwyer, b. in 1846, d. in 1866. 
(iii.) Edgar Dwyer, b. in 1848. Served in regular 
army, 1865-68. Lives in Jersey City and 
has several children. 
ii. Harriet, b. ; m. Daniel E. True, of Leomin- 
ster, Mass. , where they now reside. They have 
one daughter who is married and has three children, 
iii. Isaac P., b. in 1825; d. in Lake Village, N. H.,1865, 
leaving a wife and one daughter; she is now married 
and has a family, 
iv. Abbie, b. ; m. G. Andrews and lives in Chi- 
cago. Has one son. 
V. Susie, b. 1842; m. C. W. Chase. He was Capt. in 
1 2th N. H. Vols. Removed to la. and has been 
Judge of the Superior Court. Resides at Clinton, 
la. Four children. 




John A.^ Cole [ Isaac, ^ Solomon,^ Saniiiel,^ Sanmel,^ John,^ 
Thomas'^). The second son of Isaac and Hannah (Atwood) Cole, was 
born April 22, 180L He married Mary Ryan and lived in Ply- 
mouth, New Hampshire, where he died in 1864. 

His children were: 

i. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 5, 1826. She m. J. Aldrich 

in 1846. Has nO children, 
ii. Marcia B., b. Aug. 5, 1828; m. C. P. S. Wardwell, 
who d. in 1879. Their children are: 

( i.) Marion, b. ; m. C. Blaisdell, and 

has three children. 

( ii.) Charles, b. . Has two children. 

(iii.) Warren R. , b. . Unmarried. 

She subsequently m. L. Marston, of Hoopstown, 
111., where they now reside. 
iii. Belinda R., b. April 2, 1831; m. A. D. Stanwood, of 
Me. They are both dead. They had two sons, 
only one of whom is living, to-wit: Chas. S. , of 
iv. Mehitable R., b. Jan. 5, 1833; m. John S. Young, of 
Belmont, N. H. They are both dead, leaving five 
children : 
( i.) Herbert S. , resides in Buffalo, N. Y. Has 

one daughter. 
( ii.) Harley A., resides in Buffalo. 

(iii.) Mary; m. Dockham, of Gilmantown, 

N. H., and has two children, 
(iv. ) John B. ; lives in Laconia, N. H., and has 

one child. 
(v.) Percy, b. in 1873. Lives in Buffalo. 
V. John L. , b. Oct. 25, 1834; d. in Cincinnati, O., in 

1868. Unmarried, 
vi. Stephen, b. Apr. 2S, 1838; d. in infancy. 

For a second wife Mr. Cole married Abigail Davis. 
Their only child was: 

229. vii. Stephen B. , b. Apr. 30, 1840. 

/ £^z.-^z>-7 y^-^^--^^^ 



Timothy^ Cole [Isaac ^^ Solomon,'^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,'^ John,^ 
Thomas^). The third son of Isaac and Hannah (Atwood) Cole 
was born September 22, 1806. He became a clergyman of the 
Christian denomination. He married Susan Hill, and died in 
Springfield, New Hampshire, in 1868. 

His children were: 

i. Susan, b. ; m. R. P. Sanborn. She d. in 

1875, leaving two daughters, one of whom m. F. 
E. Busill, of Laconia, N. H. 

ii. Francis, b. , m. Cheever. Lives in 

Haverhill, Mass., and has several children. 
230. iii. Timothy, b. . Resides in Mich. 


Hon. Benjamin James^ Cole was born in Franconia, New 
Hampshire, September 28, 18 14. In 1821 his father removed to 
Franklin, New Hampshire, and in 1827 to Lake Village in the 
town of Gilford, where the family have since' resided. In 1836 
he, with his two brothers, John A. and Isaac, succeeded their 
father in the foundry business which he had established there. 
Later he purchased their interest, and added to and developed the 
same until it became one of the largest establishments of the kind 
in the State. In 1873 it was organized into a joint stock com- 
pany as the " Cole Manufacturing Company," with a capital stock 
of ;$6o,ooo, which has since been increased, he retaining nine- 
tenths of the stock and continuing to manage the business for ten 
years, when he relinquished the active part of the same to his son- 
in-lav/. Col. H. B. Ouinby. 

He married June 17, 1838, Mehitable A. Batchelder, of Lake 
Village. He represented the town of Guilford in the State Leg- 
islature in 1849 ^"^ 1S50; was also elected a member of the Gov- 


ernor's Council in 1866 and 1867; was elected a member of the 
State Constitutional Convention in 1868, and also a delegate to 
the National Republican Convention at Baltimore which renomi- 
nated President Lincoln in 1864; was one of the Presidential 
electors in the following election. 

" He has long been a prominent member of the Free Baptist 
** Church and a trustee of New Hampton Institution. Mr. Cole is 
"a man of influence in his town and church and throughout a large 
•' business acquaintance. He has a kind, social and affectionate 
"nature, and cherishes home and friends. To these he is loyal, 
** and he enjoys to an unusual degree the marked confidence of the 
"better portion of society and leading business men. He is gen- 
" erous in the highest degree in contributing to religious and char- 
" itable objects, and no case of deserving need ever appealed un- 
** successfully to him. He is not only a prominent and leading 
"business man, an active temperance worker, but, higher yet, a 
"consistent Christian, whose active zeal has done much for the 
"church and society of his locality."^ 

Children of Benjamin James and Mehitable (Batchelder) Cole 


i. Ellen Atwood Cole, b. . 

ii. Octavia M. Cole, b. ; m. Henry B. Quinby, 

now superintendent of the Cole Manufacturing Co. 
Their children : 

(i.) Harry Cole, b. . 

(ii.) Candace E., b. . 


Zackeus^ Cole {Jo/m,^ Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ John,'- 
Thomas'^). The eldest child of John and Polly (Bemis) Cole was 
born in Dummerston, Vermont, March 28, 1791, and died in 

*From History of Belknap and Merrimack Counties, New Hampshire. 


Westminster, Vermont, October 12, 1882. He became a plater 
and metal worker in Westminster, where he spent most of his 
life, and was a very industrious and ingenious workman. He was 
a great reader, particularly of history, and a man of very original 
turn of mind. He married May 31, 181 5, Annis Harlow, widow 
of Giles Marvin. 

Their children were: 

i. Cynthia, b. Nov. 29, 1817; m. James Smith, of Fill- 
more, N. Y., June 25, 1845, where they now re- 
side. They have two children. 

ii. Lucia Ann, b. May 31, 1820; m. Charles Williard, of 
Westminster, Nov. 25, 1847; ^' Oct. 25, 1880. 
She had no children. 

231. iii. George, b. Dec. 2, 1822. 

232. iv. Charles, b. June 16, 1825; d. Dec. 2, 1879. 

V. Frances, b. Aug. 3, 1828; m. Benj. F. Richmond, 
July 4, i860, who was b. in Grafton, Vt., in 1826. 
Their children are: 

( i.) John Cole, b. June 5, 1861. 

(ii.) Geo. Makepeace, b. Feb. 9, 1863. 

(iii.) Willie Frank, b. Apr. 16, 1864. 

(iv.) Harry Luke, b. Nov. 25, 1865. 


John7 Cole {/o/m^, Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ John,'' Thomas'^). 
The second son of John and Polly (Bemis) Cole was born in Gard- 
ner, Massachusetts, September 13, 1797. He now resides in 
Keene, New Hampshire, with his brother and nephew. 


Asa7 Cole [John,^ Solomon,^ Saimiel,^ Samuel,^ Jo /m,"" TJiomas^). 
The youngest child and third son of John and Polly (Bemis) Cole 
was born in Surry, New Hampshire, October 20, 1804. He was 
but three years of age when his father died. On September 3, 


1829, he married Sarah Pitts, of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, who 
was born November 5, 1808. He settled in Gilsum, New Hamp- 
shire, where he Hved till late in life, when he removed to Keene, 
where he now resides. 

His children were: 

i. Charles Pitts, b. in Gilsum, Jan. 20, 1832; d. Sept. 4, 
233. ii. Daniel Read, b. in Gilsum, Aug. 20, 1835. 


Samuel^ Cole [Solomon,^ Solomon,^ Samuel^ Samuel,^ John,' 
Thomas'). The first child of Solomon and Sally (Howland) Cole, 
of Whitfield, New Hampshire, born . 

1 1 ^a 

Stephen H.7 Cole {Solomon,^ Solomon,'^ Samuel^ Samuel^ 
John,'' Thomas'). The third son of Solomon and Sally (Howland) 
Cole, of Whitfield, New Hampshire; born ; died , 

I I 


Asa7 Cole {Solomon,^ Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Sanmcl,^ John,' 
Thomas'). The sixth child and fourth son of Solomon and Sally 
(Howland) Cole, of Whitfield, New Hampshire, born 

Solomon7 Cole {Solomon,^ Solomon,'^ Samtiel,^ Samuel,^ John, 



Thomas^). The eighth child and fifth son of Solomon and Sally 
(Howland) Cole, of Whitfield, New Hampshire. 


Amos J.^ Cole {Samuel,^ Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The eldest son of the Rev. Samuel Cole, of Lisbon, 
New Hampshire, was born . 


Phineas7 Cole {SaimieL^ Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The second son and fourth child of the Rev. Samuel 
Cole, of Lisbon, New Hampshire, was born . 

I 21 

MooERs7 Cole {Samuel,^ Solomon,^ SanineJ^ Samuel,''^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The fifth child and third son of the Rev. Samuel Cole, 
was born in Lisbon, New Hampshire, August 14, 181 5. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Cyrus Latham, of Lowell, Massa- 
chusetts, March 11, 185 1. He studied theology and became 
a minister of the Free Will Baptist Church in 1838, and has been 
settled in Salem, Massachusetts; Dover, Nashua, Danville and 
Belmont, New Hampshire; and Gray, Maine. He says: 

i "For the last nine years I have devoted my time to visiting schools of all grades. 
Spend from five to twenty-five minutes in each school. Tell the children: ' Never 
utter a lie. Obey their parent in the Lord. Never use a profane or vulgar 
word. Never drink a drop of strong drink or use tobacco in any form.' Have 
taken a line of schools from Hyde Park, Mass., to Fergus Falls, Minn., about two 
thousand miles. Drove horse and buggy all the way out and back. Visited 
between five and six hundred schools during the trip. In last nine years visited 
about seventeen hundred in twelve States." 


His children were 

i. Kate Evelyn, b. May 26, 1853; m. Albert Bradley, 
of Danville, N. H., June 27, 1874. 
234. ii. Wm. Latham, b. Feb. 10, 1857. 

iii. Helen May, b. Sept. 28, i860. Is a teacher in 


Joseph^ Cole {Samuel,^' Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ John,'* 
Thomas^) The sixth child and fourth son of the Rev. Samuel 
Cole, of Lisbon, New Hampshire, born . 


Benjamin^ Cole {SainueL^ Solomon,'^ Sainuely^ Samuel,'^ JoJm,'^ 
Thomas^). The seventh child and fifth son of the Rev. Samuel 
Cole, of Lisbon, New Hampshire, born . 

I 24 

Samuel^ Cole {Samuel,^'' Solouion,'^ Sainnel,'^ Samuel, ^^ Jo Jin,'' 
Thomas^). The eighth child and sixth son of the Rev. Samuel 
Cole, of Lisbon, New Hampshire, born . 


IsAAC^ Cole {Samuel,^ Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Samuel, '^= John,'^ 
T/iomas^). The youngest child of the Rev. Samuel Cole, of Lis- 
bon, New Hampshire, by his second wife, Mary Colby; born 
, Resides on the old home place in Lisbon. 



Kimball^ Cole (Asa B.,^ Solomon,^ Samuel,'' Saimiel,^^ John,'' 
Thomas''). The second son of Asa B. and Lydia (Rowland) 
Cole, of Whitfield, New Hampshire; born . 

I 26a 

George W.7 Cole {Asa B.y^ Solo7non,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Johji,'' 
Thomas'-). The sixth child of Asa B. and Lydia (Rowland) Cole, 
of Whitfield, New Rampshire, was born . 


Simon7 Cole {Asa B.,^ Solomon,'^ Saimiel,^ Samuel,^ JoJin,"^ 
Thomas'). The eighth child of Asa B. and Lydia (Rowland) 
Cole, of Whitfield, New Rampshire, was born , 


David Mighill^ Cole {Manly H.,^ Simeon,'^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ 
John,^ Thomas'). The first child of Manly H: and Rannah S. 
(Robinson) Cole, born in Boxford, Massachusetts, September 20, 
1825. Re married November 17, 1852, Eunice Chadwick, born 
1830, and resides in Boxford. 

Their only child is: 
235. i. Warren Mighill, b. — — , 185- in Boxford. 


Caleb Manly^ Cole {Manly H.,^ Simeon,^ Samuel,^ Sainuel,^^ 
John,- Thomas'-). The second son of M. R. and R. S. (Robin- 
son) Cole, was born in Boxford, January 26, 1827. Re married 
Louisa W. R., daughter of Mark and Mary O. Jenness, of Box- 
ford. (Published February 22, 1823). She was born in 183 1. 



His children are: 

i. Hannah Madora Osgood, b. July 5, 1857; m- March 
22, 1876, Daniel Withan, son of Alvah C. and Effa 
(Allen) Withan, of Boxford. He was b. in North 
Berwick, Me., in 1850. He lives in Boxford. 
ii. Helen G., b. March 11, 1859. 
236. iii. William H. A., b. May 9, 1865. 


TiSDALE Sabina^ Cole {Jo7iatha?i,^ Joftathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,'^ John;- John,'' Thomas'). The first child of Jonathan and 
Lydia (Daggett) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hamp- 
shire, December 19, 1793, and died in River Falls, Pearce county, 
Wisconsin, February 2, 1864. He was married in Madrid, St. 
Lawrence county, New York, November 24, 1820, to Laurancy 
Hallock. He was a carpenter and farmer and some time after his 
marriage he moved to Wisconsin, where he spent the remainder 
of his days. 

His children were: 

237. i. George. iii. Clarissa, d. at 14 years of age. 

238. ii. Serenus. 


Betsy Elmira^ Cole (^Jonathan,'' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,'' JoJin,= John,'' Thomas'). The third child of Jonathan and 
Lydia (Daggett) Cole was born in Westmoreland, New Hamp- 
shire, January I, 1798, and died in Morrison, Whiteside county, 
Illinois, May 26, 1866. She married in Charlotte, Chittenden 
county, Vermont, September 20, 1820, Anson Wadleigh. They 
moved to St. Lawrence county, New York, where Mr. Wadleigh 
died in 184 1. 

Her children were: 

i. Mary L. Wadleigh, b. . m. William Ward, 

and has six children. 


ii. Willard C. Wadleigh, a farmer in West Stockholm, 
N. Y. ; m. Alma Dowd, and has three children. 

iii. Truman D. Wadleigh; d. in childhood. 

iv. Ann B. Wadleigh; m. Royal Felton ; had four chil- 
dren, and d. in Potsdam, St. Lawrence co., N. Y. 

V. Luther Wadleigh, who m. Hannah Seeley; has two 
children. He is an attorney-at-law in Potsdam, N. Y. 


Horace Cooley^ Cole {Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,^ Jo Jm,'^ Jo Jin,'* Thomas'^). The fifth child of Jonathan and 
Lydia (Daggett) Cole was born in Westmoreland, New Hamp- 
shire, September 29, 1802, and died in Fayette, Iowa, October 
25, 1864. In 1825, at Madrid, New York, he married Belinda 
Smith, who was born in Malone, Franklin county. New York, 
February 15, 1806, and died in Fayette, March 22, 1876. He was 
a carpenter and also a shoemaker by trade. 

The children of Horace Cooley and Belinda (Smith) Cole were: 

239. i. Myron S., b. Jan. 18, 1826. 

ii. Charlotte, b. in Madrid, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1829. In 
1847 she m. Henry Childs, and in 1854 moved from 
New York to Illinois. In 1858 they moved to 
Iowa, where they lived until Mr. Child's death in 
1869. She now lives with her daughter in Kearney, 
Neb. Their children were: 
( i.) Simon Childs, b. in 1849; 's m. and has three 

children. He is a farmer in Nebraska, 
(ii.) Carroll Childs, b. in 111. in 1856. He is a shoe- 
maker; resides in Iowa, and has one child, 
(iii.) Sidney Childs. He is a farmer in Nebraska, 

and has one child, 
(iv.) The youngest child is a daughter, who is m. and 
lives in Kearney, Neb. Has three children, 
iii. Amanda, b. June 4, 1833; d. Jan. 12, 1848. 

240. iv. Oscar C, b. June 15, 1840. 


Louisa Burphy^ Cole {Jonathan.^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,^ Jo Jin, '^ JoJin,"^ TJiomas\ The seventh child of Jonathan and 


Lydia (Daggett) Cole, was born in Charlotte, Chittenden county, 
Vermont, January 23, 1807, and died in Waterbury, Washington 
county, Vermont, January 26, 1884. She married in Starksboro, 
Addison county, Vt. , October 4, 1837, Emery Taylor, of Hunt- 
ington, Chittenden county. They afterwards moved to Waterbury, 
where they lived for many years, and where he died April 3, 1879. 

Their children were: 

i. Caroline Taylor, b. Feb. 8, 1840; d. Nov. 6, 1841. 
ii. Bertram Taylor, b. Aug. 25, 1841 ; enlisted in the 

army and d. in the service Jan. 22, 1864. 
iii. Ezra Carlton Taylor, b. June ii, 1843; "^- Martha 
Mussy, of St. Albans, Vt. , and is a passenger con- 
ductor on the C. Vt. R. R. 
iv. George Emory Taylor, b. July 6, 1847; "^- Maud 
Prentiss, of Milton, Vt., Oct. i, 1879. He is a 
passenger conductor on the C. Vt. R. R. 
V. Corrilla Taylor, b. Sept. 18, 1849; ^- Frank H. Ather- 
ton, of Duxbury, Vt. , Dec. 23, 1867. Has two sons: 
(i.) Bertram Frank Atherton, b. Sept. 18, 1868. 
(ii.) Luther Henry Atherton, b. Feb. 13, 1870. 
Mr. Atherton is now sheriff of Washington co. and 
resides in Waterbury. 
vi. Emma Louisa Taylor, b. Jan. 5, 185 i. 


Osmond Rasalas^ Cole (^JonatJiafi^'^ JonatJian^^ JonatJimi,^ Jona- 
than,'> Jo/m,^^ Jokn,^ ThojJias^). The eighth child of Jonathan and 
Lydia (Daggett) Cole was born in Charlotte, Vermont, September 
16, 1809. He married Betsy Boswick, October 20, 1831. In 
1834 he removed to St. Lawrence county, New York, where he 
was a farmer for many years. He now resides in Elgin, Illinois. 

The children of Osmand R. and Betsy (Boswick) Cole were: 

i. Helen A., b. in Charlotte, Vt. , July, 1832. Removed 
with the family to St. Lawrence co., N. Y., when a 
child. On April 7, 1853, she m. George Cass, in 
Stockholm, N. Y. Their children are: 


( i.) Clarence Eugene Cass, b. in Elgin, 111., Oct. 

7, 1854; d. May 13, 1859. 
(ii.) Maria Eliza Cass, b. in Swansey, N. H., 

March 15, 1861 ; d. Dec. 21, 1865. 
(iii.) Alice Isabel Cass, b. in Swansey, N. K., Oct. 

9, 1862; m. EdE. Purington, Nov. 11, 1882. 
(iv.) Ellen Elmira Cass, b. in Swansey, N. H., 

June 8, 1864. 
(v.) Francis Burton Cass, b. in Erving, Mass. , June 

22, 1872. They reside in Erving, Mass. 

241. ii. Lucius O., b. Jan. 15, 1834. 

iii. Marcia Boswick, b. in St. Lawrence co., N. Y., March 
20, 1838. On Dec. 31, 1855, she m. Hiram O. Day. 
They have five children: 

( i.) Herbert Forest Day, b. Sept. 27, 1856. 
(ii.) Effie Jenette Day, b. Jan. i, 1859. 
(iii.) Bertha Gertrude Day, b. June 3, 1861. 
(iv) Charles Horace Day, b. July 23, 1864. 
(y.) Walter Vincent Day, b. April 23, 1867. 
iv. Julius Isaiah, b. Feb. 11, 1840; d. Aug. 22, 1840. 

242. V. Cyrus Jonathan, b. Sept. 26, 1841. 

vi. Elizabeth Mabel, b. Oct. i, 1843; d. July 9, 1845. 

243. vii. Charles Wesley, b. March 8, 1846. 

viii. Betsy Elmira, b. in St. Lawrence co., N. Y., Sept, 24, 
1848. On Feb. 17, 1867, she m. George Parker. 
Shed. June 12, 1878. Their children are: 
( i.) Edward Justus Parker, b. 2, 1869. 
(ii.) Carrie Isabel Parker, b. Jan. 22, 1872. 
(iii.) Wilhelmina Parker, b. Aug. 23, 1874; d. 
Aug. 30, 1874. 

Clement Carlton^ Cole {^Jonathan,'^ J onatJian,^ Jonathan,^ Jon- 
athan,^ John,^ John,^ Thomas^). The tenth child of Jonathan and 
Lydia (Daggett) Cole was born in Charlotte, Vermont, September 
27, 18 1 3. He married Fidelia Myers in 1840, born July 29, 182 1, 
and moved to Illinois ; thence to Fayette, Fayette county, Iowa, and 
thence to Sibley, Osceola county, la. He is a carpenter and joiner. 

The children of Clement C. and Fidelia (Myers) Cole were: 

244. i. Martin E., b. Nov. 17, 1840. 

ii. Jane A., b. Dec. 21, 1844; m. Rev. J. C. Magee, an 


M. E. clergyman, and lives in Albion, la. Her 
children are: 

( i.) Lois Eastor, b. April 9, 1871. 

( ii.) Carroll Cole, b. Jan. 5, 1873. 

( iii.) Gertrude Mabel, b. Jan. 21, 1875. 

( iv.) Jessie Eunice, b. Dec. 6, 1876. 

( V.) Roy Frampton, b. April 15, 1878. 

( vi.) Ralph Junius, b. June 3, 1880. 

(vii.) Rollo S., b. Jan. 8, 1883. 

(viii ) Percival Emera, b. Jan. 16, 1885. 
iii. Jerusha A., b. April 17, 1848; m. D. C. McCausland, 
a real estate agent in Sibley, Osceola county, la. 
Their children are: 

(i.) Mamie, b. . (iii.) Kittie, b. . 

(ii.) Almeda, b. . (iv.) Flossie, b. . 

245. iv. Frank, b. Nov. 30, 1856. 


Celia Caroline^ Cole {Jojiathan,^ JonatJian,^ Jonathan,'^' Jona- 
than,*' John,^ John,^ Thomas'). The eleventh and youngest child 
of Jonathan and Eydia Cole, was born in Charlotte, Vermont, 
February 14, 18 16; moved in 1836 to St. Lawrence county, New 
York, with her father, having married the previous year (October 
12, 1835) D. C. Sperry. They afterwards moved to Fayette, 
Iowa, where they lived, and where she died January 15, 1887. 

Their children were: 

i. David C. Sperry, b. in West Stockholm, N. Y., July 
7, 1837; "i- Alice J. McCausland, Nov. 13, 1866; 
was a merchant and banker in Fayette, la., and died 
May 22, 1873. He had four children, viz: 

( i.) Bertha L., b. Oct. 16, 1867; m. Walter 

Brooks, Sept. 5, 1886. 
(ii.) Walter Mack, b. Aug. 25, 1868; d. the 

same year, 
(iii.) Willis A., b. March 5, 1870 
(iv.) David C, b. July 31, 1873, and d. in 1874 
ii. Byron A. Sperry, b. in 1841, and d. in 1844. 
iii. Olin H. Sperry, b. in 1843, ^^^ d. in 1844. 
iv. Charles W. Sperry, b. in West Stockholm, N. ^m 
Nov. 27, 1847; m. Belle Franklin, Sept. 16, 1869. 
He was a merchant and banker of Fayette, la., and 

-<&' M/> (siyp'^TTU. 


is now a dealer and shipper of live stock at the 
same place. His children are: 

( i.) Fred. B., b. Jan. i8, 1870. 

(ii.) Louisa Lavin, b. Aug. 13, 1874. 

(iii.) Maud F., b. April 9, 1878. 

Abel Barton^ Cole {Abel,'' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
John,^ John,-' Thomas^). The second child and oldest son of Abel 
and Louisa (Hutchins) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New 
Hampshire, February 21, 181 1. He was married (i) November 
17, 1842, to Elizabeth Leach, of Westmoreland, who was born 
January 15, 1811, and died January 29, 1847. On May 2j, 1848, 
Mr. Cole married (2) Maria Miller, of Putney, Vermont, who was 
born July 20, 1822. He inherited from his father the old farm on 
which the family first settled in Westmoreland, and has always 
occupied it. He has been a quiet and industrious farmer, never 
seeking or holding office; a man respected by his neighbors, atten- 
tive to his own affairs, and prosperous in the world. 

The children of Abel Barton and EHzabeth (Leach) Cole were: 

i. Louisa M., b. Sept. 29, 1843; m. Sept. 11, 1873, An- 
drew Pollard. They have one daughter, Sadie E., 
b. June 26, 1874. They live in Worcester, Mass. 

ii. Martha E.. b. Aug. 24, 1846; m. March 9, 1875, Ed- 
ward E. Newton, a farmer of Royalston, Mass. They 
have one daughter, b. Sept. 15' 1877. 

The children of Abel B. and Maria (Miller) Cole are: 

iii. Francis M., b. Aug. 20, 1852; d. Aug. 22, 1852. 

246. iv. Fred. E., b. Oct. 14, 1854. 

247. V. Frank W., b. Sept. 9, 1864; d- in Bellows Falls, Vt., 

Feb. 7, 1887. 


Anson^ Cole {Abel,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathari,^ Jonathan,^ John,^- 
John,^ Thomas'). The fourth child of Abel and Louisa (Hutchins) 
Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, April 26, 18 15, 


and died there June 17, 1881. During nearly all of his manhood 
he was a merchant of Westmoreland South Village. He repre- 
sented the town in the Legislature in 1860-61, and was town clerk 
in 1846, '47, '48, '49, '51, '52, '64. He married Harriet, a daughter 
of Increase Warren, Esq., of Westmoreland, October 16, 1838. 

The children of Anson and Harriet (Warren) Cole were: 

i. Luthera, b. March 12, 1840; d. unm. July 25. 1861. 
ii. Stella, b. in Westmoreland, N. H., May 19, 1846. 
She married C. D. Miles, of Iowa, Dec. 26, 1866. 
She now lives in Denver, Col. Her children are: 
( i.) John S. Miles, b. Nov. 15, 1867. 
( ii.) Charles Henry Miles, b. Dec. 23, 1870. 
(iii.) William Demming Miles, b. Aug, 15, 1874. 
(iv.) Sarah A. Miles, b. Sept. 17, 1875. 

248. iii. Dan Warren, b. May 10, 185 1. 

iv. Adine, b. Nov. 6, 1855. On April 15, 1885, she m. 
Alba Buffum, youngest son of Jewett E. Buffum, 
Esq., of Westmoreland. They reside in W. 

249. V. Fred. Anson, b. March 17, 1858. 


Susan L.^ Cole Ware {Abel,"^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'^ JonatJian,'^ 
John,^ John,^ Thomas''). The fifth child of Abel and Louisa 
(Hutchins) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, 
November 13, 1817. She married March 15, 1838, James Royal 
Ware, a son of Levi and Peggy Ware. He was born April 11, 
181 1, and died on his farm in Westmoreland, November 25, 1857. 

Their children were: 

i. Eliza Cole Ware, b. Dec. 23, 1838; m. J. Frank 
Kathan, a contractor and builder of Westmoreland. 
They have two children: 

( i.) Lilla Kathan; married to Charles Leach, 
(ii.) Myrtie Kathan. 
ii. Ann Elizabeth Ware, b. Jan. 14, 1841 ; d. May 5, 1857. 
iii. Charles Leroy Ware, b. Dec. 3, 1843; unmarried; 

clerk in Keene, N. H. 
iv. Oscar James Ware, b. May 27, 1846; m. Lizzie L. 
Franklin, March 23, 1880. Had three children, 


only one of whom is now living. Is a farmer at the 

homestead in Westmoreland. 
V. Wallace King Ware, b. July 22, 1848; m. l^^eb. 8, 

1 88 1, Grace Darling, of Chesterfield, N. H., where 

he now resides, 
vi. Ellen Amelia Ware, b. Aug. 29, 1850; m. C. H. 

Bachelder, of Whitmanville, Mass.; now resides in 

East Douglas, Mass., and has several children, 
vii. Frank H. Ware, b. Feb. 21, 1853; m. Nellie Cresey 

Foster, of Chesterfield. Is a druggist in Boston, 
viii. Clara Louisa Ware, b. Sept. 16, 1855; d. July 21, 



Jonathan^ Cole [Abel,'' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'^' Jonathan,^ John,^^ 
John,' Thomas'). I5orn in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, June 
4, 1820. Married Hannah Howe, of Westmoreland, March 24, 
1842. They have no children. Mr. Cole has for many years 
been one of the leading teachers of vocal music in Portland, 


Larkin G. ^ Cole {Abel, ^ Jonathan,'' /onai/ian, ^ Jonathan, ^ Jjhn, ^ 
John,"" Thomas'). Born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, May 

9, 1824. Married Ellen E. Kathan, of Westmoreland, April 

10, 1858. Has been a hotel keeper in Chester, Vermont, and 
other places. Now lives in West Brattleboro. Has no children. 


George H.^ Cole [Abcl,'^ Jonathan,^' Jonathan, "* Jonathan,^ 
John,^ John,"" Thomas^). Born June 4, 1826. Has been for 



many years a hotel keeper, residing in Chester, Vermont, and 
Leominster, Massachusetts, and is now proprietor of the Y\meri- 
can House, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He married, June t, 
1853, Elizabeth E. Stratton, of Walpole, New Hampshire. 

The children of George H. and Elizabeth (Stratton) Cole are: 

i. Lizzie E., b. Mar. 8, 1854; d. Sept. 2, 1855. 
ii. Ella L, b. Feb. 4, 1856; m. Edward Howe, a profes- 
sor of music in Worcester, Mass. 

250. iii. Williarp A., b. Nov. 6, 1857. Associated with his 

father in business. 

251. iv. Walter S., b. Sept. 26, 1859. 
V. Hattie A., b. Dec, 28, 1861. 

vi. Mabel A., b-. June 20, 1867. 


Larkin Baker^ Coles (Martin,'^ Jonathan,^' Jonathan,'=> Jonathajiy^ 
Jolin,^^ John,'' Thomas^). The only child of Martin and Sally 
(Baker) Cole was born in Westmoreland, 1803. He early adopted 
the final s to his name. He was not much at home after his four- 
teenth year, all his early manhood being spent at school and in 
teaching. He studied medicine at Middlebury and at Castleton, 
Vermont, graduating at the latter place. He settled in Fitzwil- 
liam. New Hampshire, and was afterwards located in Groton and 
Lowell, Massachusetts. Soon after his graduation he married 
Sarah Marshall Dyar, the daughter of a retired Boston merchant, 
then living in Leominster, Massachusetts, as a gentleman farmer. 
Miss Dyar was a very accomplished woman, and at the time of 
her marriage was the principal of a ladies' seminary. About 
1837 Mr. Cole determined to study for the Baptist ministry, and 
after graduating at the Newton Theological Seminary, he was 
settled over the Baptist Church in Windsor, Vermont. He after- 
wards preached in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, and other towns 
in that region, and then went to South Reading (now Wakefield), 


Massachusetts.' His health was poor, and he gave up preaching 
and moved into Boston and devoted himself to lecturing and gen- 
eral literary work. He bought a place in Cambridgeport, Massa- 
chusetts, where he spent the last years of his life. In 185 i he 
published through Ticknor, Reed & Fields, of Boston, a book 
called the *' Philosophy of Health." He had previously published 
a book against the use of tobacco. He was earnestly engaged in 
the Anti-Slavery movement of his time. About 1852 he began 
traveling in the interests of his book and also in the temperance 
work. While on one of these trips, he was stricken with pneu- 
monia, in Louisville, Kentucky, and died at the Gait House in 
that city in January, 1856, and was buried in the Cave Hill Cem- 
etery there. His wife reached his side less than an hour before 
his death. 

Of the children of Larkin Baker and Sarah (Dyar) Coles, three 

died in early childhood. The others were: 

i. Charlotte, b. . She m. Silas F. Smith, of 

Syracuse, N. Y. He was a salt manufacturer for 
several years, and during the late war he was Inter- 
nal Revenue Collector, and is now in the fire insur- 
ance business in Syracuse. For many years he was 
the owner and editor of the Symciise Daily Jcnuiial. 
Their children : 
{ i.) Stanley G. Smith, b. in June, 1853, and m. 

June, 1882, Effie Didina, of Syracuse. 
(ii.) Isabel Augusta Smith, b. in Apr., 1855; m. 
in December, 1882, Rev. Geo. A. Gates, 
pastor of the Congregatio^ial Church in 
Upper Montclair, N. J. 

ii. Georgiana, b. . She m. the Rev. Wm. A. 

Simmons, an M. E. clergyman of Georgia. They 
spend their winters in Florida, where they have a 
home, and their summers in travel. They have no 
iii. Frances Sarah, b. . She resides in Syra- 
cuse, and is unmarried.'^ 

•■'■The editor is indebted tg her for facts in regard to her father and his family. 


Curtis Abijah^ Cole {AbijaJi,'^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan ^ J onat J lan,^ 
John,- John,'' Thomas'). The second child of Abijah and I.ucy 
(Howe) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, 
August 23, 1 8 10. On March 16, 1842, he married (i) Olive 
Murphy, who was born January 29, 1823, and died July 24, 1849. 
On May 9, 1850, Mr. Cole married (2) Harriet E. Miller, who was 
born August 30, 1824. 

The children of Curtis Abijah 'and Olive (Murphy) Cole were: 

252. i. Charles Augustus, b. May 24, 1843. 

ii. Henry Theodore, b. May 26, 1844; d. Oct. 31, 1844. 
iii. George Winfield, b. March 7, 1846. He enlisted in 
Co. B, 2d Reg., Michigan Sharp-shooters, and 
served through the war. He died in Hot Springs, 
Middle Park, Col., April 5, 1884. He never 

253. iv. Eugene, b. Sept. 10, 1847. 

V. Lydia, b. July 22, 1849; d. July 22, 1849. 

The children of Curtis A. and Harriet (Miller) Cole were: 

vi. Charlotte E., b. Feb. i, 1851; m. Oct. 20, 1867, Wil- 
liam Rector, and lives in Mason, Ingham county, 

254. vii. Carlisle R., b. Feb. 7, 1853. 

viii. Lucy S., b. March 18, 1856; d. Nov. 9, 1869. 
ix. Julia A., b. Feb. 26, 1861 ; m. George W. Lampson, 
Sept. 6, 1882. She lives in Riverdale, Gratiot co., 

255. X. William H., b. Oct. 11, 1863. 

xi. Clarence, b. Dec. 17, 1866; d. March 6, 1868. 

Susan Maria^ Cole Newton (Abijah,'' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'^ 
Jonathan,^ John,^ John,"" Thomas^). The third child of Abijah and 
Lucy (Howe) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, 
June 24, 18 1 2. She married h:zra Newton, April 29, 1830, who 


died December 3, 1883. She died in Oakdale, Worcester county, 

Massachusetts, August, 1886. 

Her children are: 

i. William L. Newton, resides in Cleveland, O. 

ii. George B, Newton, died in Baltimore, Md. 

iii. Polly D. Newton, m. Edward Oaks, and d. soon after. 

iv. Delia Newton, m. Jerry Shepherd, of Oakdale, Mass. 

V. Susan T. Newton, m. Mr. York, of Oakdale. 

vi. Windsor Newton, a soldier, lives in Cincinnati, O. 

vii. Lucius Newton, a soldier; killed on the railroad at 


viii. W^illiam Newton, a soldier. 


Mary Emeline^ Cole Jaouith {Abijah.T Jonat/iau,^' Jonathan,^ 
JonatJian,^ JoJin,'^ John,'^ Thouias^). The fifth child of Abijah and 
Lucy (Howe) Cole, was born in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, 
May 18, 1 8 16. She married Lsaac Jaquith, of Mount Holly, May 
10, 1838. He was born in Mount Holly, and died there Decem- 
ber II, 1884. On their marriage they settled on the farm where 
he died. 

Their children were: 

i. William H. Jaquith, b. in Mt. Holly, April i, 1839. 
He was in Wisconsin when the war broke out, and 
enlisted in Co. G, 21st Wisconsin Vols. After the 
war he returned to Vermont, and engaged in the 
manufacture of lumber and chair stock in Weston 
for a number of years. In 1880 he was burned out 
for the third time, when he gave up business and re- 
moved to a farm in Landgrove, Bennington county. 
The following year he built a steam mill there and 
is engaged in his old business. He married Jan. 4, 
1870, Mary P. Rideout, and has two children: 

( i.) Millard, b. June 30, 1872. 

(ii.) Ervin, b. Sept. 29, 1878. 
ii. Mary Ellen, b. in Mt. Holly, July 3, 1841. She m. 
Aug. I, 1866, William Johnson, a farmer of Mt. 
Holly, and settled in P^ast Putney, Vt. 


iii. RoUiii Buckley, b. in Mt Holly, March 19, 1844. He 
is engaged in lumber and chair manufacturing in 
Weston, Vt. , on quite an extensive scale. He m. 
Aug. 15, 1869, Susan E. Shedd, of Mt. Holly. His 
children are: 

( i.) Grace Belle, b. July 14, 1872. 

( ii.) Harlan Clinton, b. March 20, 1874. 

(iii.) Maud Louise, b. Nov. 2, 1878. 

(iv.) Ray Burnette, b. July — , 188 1. 

(v.) Arthur Floyd, b. May—, 1884. 

(vi.) A babe. b. Nov. 21, 1886. 
iv. Julia Anna, b. Dec. 15, 1849, i" ^t. Holly. She m. 
Dec. 15, 1868, David S. Persons, a farmer of Wes- 
ton, Vt. . They now live in East Putney, Windham 
county, Vt. , and have children: 

(i.) Minnie Eva, b. Sept. 20, 1869. 

(ii.) Julia Belle, b. March 13, 1875. 
V. Frank Smith, b. in Mt. Holly, Jan. 18, 1852. He 
was for six years an attendant at the insane asylum 
at Middletown, Conn., and two years an overseer at 
the Connecticut State prison. He is now an attend- 
ant in the hospital at Cromwell, Ct. He is un- 


Emily Betsy^ Cole Benson-Roberts {Abijah,^ JonatJian,^ Jona- 
t/ian^ Jojiathan,^ John,- Johu,^ Thomas^). The .'seventh child oi 
Abijah and Lucy (Howe) Cole was born in Mt. Holly, Vermont, 
November i, 1822. She married April 25. 1839, Benjamin Mc- 
Clure Benson, of Mt. Holly. 

Their children were: 

i. Henry McClure Benson, lives in Weston, Vt. 

ii. Orison Benson, who was a member of a Vt. Reg. and 

d. in the service, 
iii. Rodney Benson, who was a member of a Vt. Reg. 

and d. in the service, 
iv. Lewis P^ugene Benson ; lives in Orwell, Vt. 
v. Olive E. Benson; m. Alvin Atherton, of Ludlow, Vt. 


vi. Clara I. Benson; m. Anthony Shuttuck, of Mechan- 

icsville, Vt, 
vii. Charles I^enson ; lives in Wilmington, Vt. 
After Mr. Benson's death in August, 1858, she married Wil 
liam Roberts, of Weston, Vermont, October 16, 1864. She died 
there in March, 1885. 


William Marshall^ Cole {AbijaJi,'' JonatJuin,^' Jonathan,^ Jon- 
athan,^ John,^^ John,^ Thomas^). The eighth child of Abijah and 
Lucy (Howe) Cole was born in Mt. Holly, Vermont, November 
16, 1826. He married October 20, 1853, Cornelia L. Chandler, 
who was born in Chester, Vermont, October 30, 1829. Mr. Cole 
lived for many years in Chester and North Springfield, Vermont. 
He is now a case maker in the Esty Organ Factory in Brattle- 
boro, Vermont. 
L The children of William M. and Cornelia (Chandler) Cole are: 

i. Nellie E.,b. in Chester, Vt., Aug. 19, 1856; m. Mar. 
24, 1880, Wm. E. Chittenden, who was b. in Weth- 
ersfield, Vt., Apr. 12, 1859. 
ii. Minnie, b. in Chester, Vt., Apr. 25, 1859; d- i'"^ Brat- 

tleboro, Vt., Mar. 31, 1884. 
iii. Lillie F., b. in Chester, Vt. , Sept. 22, 1861. 


Charles Lewis^ Cole {Abtjah,'' Jtviathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
/ohn,^ John,^ Thomas^). The eighth child of Abijah and Lucy 
(Howe) Cole, was born in Mt. Holly, Vermont, May 31, 183 1. 
He married (i) Helen E. Crowley, September 11, 1857. She died 
May 12, 1864, leaving no children. On December 31, 1865, he 


married (2) Fannie M. Phelen, who was born August 6, 1846. 
He lives in Mechanicsville, Vermont. 

The children of Charles L. and Fannie (Phelen) Cole are: 

256. i. William A., b. March—, 1867. 

257. ii. George P., b. April 22, 1872. 

258. iii. Curtis L., b. Nov. 10, 1876. 


Oscar Brown^ Cole {Alnjah,'^ Jonathafi/' Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,'^ 
JoJin,^^ John,- TJiomas^). The ninth child of Abijah and Lucy 
(Howe) Cole, was born in Mt. Holly, Vermont, March 25', 1833. 
He married July 5, 1866, Jennie M. Freeman, who was born in 
Rutland, Vermont, April 17, 1839. ^^- Cole was a case-maker 
in the P2sty organ factory, in Brattleboro, Vermont. He died 
November 10, 1886. 

The children of Oscar B. and Jennie (Freeman) Cole are: 

i. Annie R., b. in Weston. Vt., April 17, 1869. 
ii. Adah B., b. in Mt. Holly, Vt., June 8, 1874. 

Horace Frederick^ Cole [Abijah,'' Jonal/uin,'' Jonathan,^ Jona- 
i/ian,^ foJin,--' John,-' Thomas^). The tenth child of Abijah and 
Lucy (Howe) Cole, was born in Mt. Holly, Vermont, January 17, 
1836. In 1 86 1 he went to Wisconsin, and in the following year 
he enlisted in the Twenty-first Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers, 
and served through the war. After he was mustered out he 
returned to Vermont, where he married, January 3, 1873, Abbie 
L Hazelton, of Weston, Vermont, who was born February 12, 
1848. They now live in Felchville. 



The children of Horace and Abbie (Hazelton) Cole are: 

259. 1. Fred. H., b. Dec. 29, 1874. 

260. ii. Bertie E., b. Sept. 6, 1876. 
iii. Florence, b. Dec. 25, 1882. 

261. iv. Harry J., b. May 13, 1885. 


Edwin A.^ Cole {Asa,'^ . Abijah,^ Ahijah,^ Jo7iatha?i,^ John,^ 
JoJin,'^ Thomas^). Born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, October 5, 
1822; died in New York City, September 3, 1869. He was a 
seaman, and rose to be master of a ship. He sailed several voy- 
ages in that capacity from the port of New York. He was acci- 
dentally killed by a block falling from aloft while lying at anchor 
in New York harbor. He married Delia Moore, October 28, 
185 I. She was born in Gouldsborough, Maine, October 8, 1830. 

The children of Edwin A. and Delia (Moore) Cole are: 

i. Mary L., b. Aug. 2, 1854; m. Welch Moore, Nov., 

262. ii. Adelbert H., b. April 28, 1857. 
iii. Louella H., b. March 30, 1859. 

iv. Fannie H., b. March 24, 1861 ; m. John M. Higgins 

in 1879; d. March 24, 1881. 
V. Ellen S. , b. July 8, 1864. 
vi. Sara A., b. Feb. 3, 1866. 

263. vii. Frank W., b. July 9, 1868. 


David G." Cole {Asa,'! Abijah,^ Abijah,^ Jonathan,'^ JoJui.^^ 
JoJin,'' Thomas^). Born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, December 
5, 1829. Married June 17, 1853, Sarah Allen, who was born No- 
vember 28, 1834. Mr. Cole was for many years a ship-master in 
the sugar trade, sailing from New York. He has now retired, and 



lives in Prospect Harbor, where he is one of the leading citizens. 
He has long been noted for his kindness to those in trouble and 


The children of David G. and Sarah (Allen) Cole are: 

i. Alice M., b. Nov. 28, 1854. 

264. ii. John R., b. June 21, 1861. 

265. iii, Louis P., Feb. 8, 1863. 


BucKM AN^ Cole {Asa, ^ AbijaJi, ^ Abjiah, ^ Jonathan, * John, ^ John, ^ 
Thomas^). Born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, March 5, 1832. 
Died in Havana, Cuba, March 9, 1870. He was a ship-master, 
sailing from New York, and died in Cuba while on a voyage 
thither, of yellow fever. He married August 12, 1856, Marion 
Allen, of Prospect Harbor, who was born April 15, 1832. 

The children of Buckman and Marion (Allen) Cole are: 

266. i. EverardG.,b. May 23, 1858. 

267. ii. Henry M.,b. May 2, i860. Lives at Sebago Lake, 


268. iii. Nathan, b. Mar. 8, 1862; m. Jan. 10, 1885, Edith B. 

Coombs. He lives in Prospect Harbor, 
iv. Elizabeth, b. July 20, 1866. 


Melville^ Cole {Asa,"^ AbijaJi,^ Abijah,^ Jonathan"^. The 
youngest child of Asa and Sarah (Godfrey) Cole was born in Pros- 
pect Harbor, Maine, May 25, 1840. He has been a seaman and 
fisherman, and also engaged in business. He is unmarried. 


Mehitable^ Cole Handy? {Abijah,^ Abjah,^ Abijah,'^ Jonathan,'^ 
Jolin,'^ JoJinr Thomas'). The first child of Abijah and Rebecca 


(Simonton) Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, August 
24, 1826. She married. November 8, 1846, Captain Joseph 
Handy, of Prospect Harbor. In later years Captain Handy has 
been a merchant in Prospect Harbor, having retired from 
the sea. 

Their children are : 

i. Marcus H. Handy, b. June 29, 1847; he m. Linda C. 
Handy, Oct. 22, 1870. He d. in Centrifugos, Cuba, 
while master of the ship Mariana. His children are: 

( i.) Fred. A., b. March 21, 1872. 

( i.) Dan N., b. June 11, 1874. 

(iii.) Hattie M., b. July 11, 1876. 
ii. Emma Handy, b. Aug. 25, 1853; m. Dec. 7, 1873, 
Stephen Clark, who was lost at sea while mate of the 
ship Teekalet, Sept., 1878. On Dec. 13, 1884, she 
m. Lucre B. Deasy. Esq., an attorney-at-law in Bar 
Harbor, Me. 


Adolphus^ Cole {Abijah,'^ Ahijah,^ Abijah^. Jonathan,'' John,^ 
John,'' Thomas'). The second child of Abijah and Rebecca 
(Simonton) Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, December 
30, 1827, and died there June 16, 1876. He was a farmer and 
fisherman. He married Rachel Noonan, December 10, 1859. 
Mr. Cole enlisted in 1861, and served through the war as a mem- 
ber of Company C, Second Regiment Maine Volunteers. 

The children of Adolphus and Rachael (Noonan) Cole are: 

i. Judith Allen, b. Sept. 2, i860; d. in infancy, 

ii. Lois Noonan, b. April 5, 1865. 

269. iii. Clarence Frost, b. Jan. 30, 1868. 

270. iv. Emerson Tibbetts, b. Sept. 15, 187 1. 

271. V. Edgar Nichols, b. Feb. 15, 1873. 

272. vi. Stephen Clark, b. Jan. 29, 1876. 



Allen*^ Cole {Ahijah,'^ AbijaJi,^ Abijah,^ Jojiathan,'^ Johur^ Joluiy^ 
Thomas^). The fourth child of Abijah and Rebecca (Simonton) 
Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, March 11, 1830. In 
his youth he was a seaman. He enlisted in 1861 as sergeant in 
Company C, Eleventh Regiment, Maine Volunteers, and lost an 
arm in the service. He was appointed light keeper at Mark Island, 
and held the place till 1877, when he was appointed postmaster at 
Prospect Harbor. He married, April 4, 1865, Ellen Wilkerson, 
of West Gouldsboro, Maine. 

The children of Allen and Ellen (Wilkerson) Cole were: 

i. Charlotte, b. Oct. 28, 1866; m. George L. Shaw, of 

Gouldsboro, Me., March 21, 1885. 
ii. Jennie, b. Aug. 7, 1868; m. Frank L. Noonan, April 

12, 1885. 
iii. Rebecca, b. Oct. 19, 1875. 
iv. Winnefred, b. March 27, 1882. 
273. V. Allen M., b. March 27, 1884. 


Isabel P.^ Cole Cleaves {Abijali,'^ Abijah,^ Abijah,^ JonatJian,^ 
Jo/m,^^ Jo/m,'' Thomas^). The seventh child of Abijah and Re- 
becca (Simonton) Cole was born in Prospect Har*'^, Maine, 
October 4, 1835. She married E. W. Cleaves, of Steuben, 
Maine, December 18, 1858. 

Their children are : 

i. Elvira K. Cleaves, b. Dec. 29, 1859. 

ii. George Prescott Cleaves, b. Sept. 9, 1868. 

iii. P^lizabeth W. .Cleaves, b. Apr. 3, 1873. 

iv. Bell C. Cleaves, b. Feb. 11, 1878. 

Mr. Cleaves is a blacksmith, and lives in Prospect Harbor, 


Ji^r i^a.^^ 



I 60 

Sarah^ Cole Handy {Abijah,^ AbijaJi,^ AbijaJi,^ JonatJian,^ 
JoJin,'^ John,'' Tho7Jias^). The ninth child of Abijah and Rebecca 
(Simonton) Cole was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, September 
25, 1839. S^^ married Captain William Handy, April 4, 1858. 
He died September 11. 1876. 

Their children are: 

i. Anna Handy, b. May 30, 1859. 
ii. Orpha Handy, b. July 27, 1861 ;" m. Stillman Coffin, 

of Gouldsboro, July 3, 188 1. 
iii. Arthur Handy, b. July 17, 1862. 
iv. Estelle Handy, b. Sept. ii, 1865; m. B. F. Robbins, 

of East Sullivan, Me., 1883. 
V. Edgar Handy, b. Sept. 7, 1868. 
vi. Lois Handy, b. Oct. 11, 1873. 


James Woodbury^ Cole {Abijah,'' Abijah,*^' Abijah,'^ JonatJian,^ 
Johriy'^ JoJin,'^ Thomas^). The eleventh child of Abijah and Re- 
becca (Simonton) Cole was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, 
October i, 1843. He married December 2, 1869, Hannah Crow- 
ley. Mr. Cole enlisted in Company C, Eleventh Regiment Maine 
Volunteers, and was wounded at the battle of Fair Oaks. He 
resides at Prospect Harbor. 

The children of James Woodbury and Hannah (Crowley) Cole 

274. i. George W.,b. Oct. 3, 1871. 

ii. Clara N., b. May 2, 1875. 

iii. William W.,b. June 29, 1877; ^' ^ct. 9, 1878. 

. 275. iv. EUery W., b. Dec. 12, 1879. 

276. V. Edwin C, b. Apr. 29, 1881. 

277. vi. Wilber V.,b. Dec. 8, 1884. 



Charles G.^ Cole {Abijah,'' AbijaJi,^ Abijah,^ Jonathan,'' John,^ 
JohUy^ Thomas^). The youngest child of Abijah and Rebecca 
(Simonton) Cole was. born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, January 22, 
1845. He married September 19, 1870, Olive Martin Teale. For 
a number of years they resided in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, but 
now live in Gouldsboro, Maine. 

Their only child is : 
278. i. Casper, b. May 3, 1871. 


AsA^ Cole {Asa,^ Asa,^ Abijah,^ Jonathan,'' John,^ John; 
Thomas'). Born March 11, 1826. He was for several years a 
teacher in the public schools of Brooklyn, New York, and while 
there he married Sarah Merwin, of Delhi, New York. They soon 
after moved to West Medway, Massachusetts, where they have 
since lived. 

The children of Asa and Sarah (Merwin) Cole were: 

279. i. Henry Merwin, b. June 11, 1849. 

ii. Arthur William, b. Aug. 27, 1853; d. Sept i, 1853. 

iii. Marcia, b. July 11, 1855. 

iv. Fred. S., b. April 17, 1859; d. March 27, 1854. 

V. Edward S., b. March 4, i860; d. March 4, i860. 


Charles H.^ Cole {Asa,^ Asa,^ Abajah,^ Jonathan,'^ John,^- John/ 
Thomas^). Born in West Medway, Massachusetts, December 2, 
1840. He is a shoe worker in the shoe factories of West Medway. 
He married Mary F. Chadwick, November 30, 1882. 

Their children are: 

280. i. Harold Otis, b. Jan. 20, 1884. 
ii. A daughter, b. Nov. 23, 1885. 


George T.^ Cole {Asa,'' Asa,^' AbijaJi,^ JouitJuin,^ John, ^ John,' 
Thomas^). Was born in West Medvvay, Massachusetts, March 4, 
1843. He married, March 31, 1864, Sibbie Wesson, of Holliston, 
Massachusetts. They live in West Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. 

Their children are: 

281. i. George FrankHn, b. Feb. 27, 1868. 

282. ii. Theodore Otis, b. Feb. 12, 1872. 


Albert M.^ Cole {Asa,'' Asa,^ Abijah,^ JonatJian,^ John,^=> JoJin,'^ 
Thomas^). Was born in West Medvvay, Massachusetts, July 6, 
1847. He married Ada J. Fish, of Medvvay, September 24, 
1869. He is a shoe worker in the factories at Howard, Rhode 

Their children are: 

283. i. Clinton D., b. May 4, 1869. 
ii. Alice M., b. July 3, 1871. 

284. iii. -Myron Asa, b. July 13, 1876. 


Eliza Ann^ Cole Walker {Bcnj. F.,'' Asa,^' Aby'ah,'^ Jonathan,^ 
[ohn,^^ JoJin,"" Thomas^). The second child of B. F. and Adeline 
[Sherwood) Cole, was born in Highland Falls, New York, May 14, 
1826, and died in Brooklyn, December 16, 1869. She married 
Stillman R. Walker, a native of Charlestown, New Hampshire, 
August, 1845. Mr. Walker was in business at 201 William street, 
IS a manufacturer of and dealer in printers' supplies. He died in 
Brooklyn, June 30, 1866. 


His children were: 

i. Stilhnan R. Walker, b. July 13, 1849; m. Annie B. 
Boyce, Sept. 28, 1876. She d. in Sept., 1879, ^^^V" 
ing a son, S. R. jr., b. March 30, 1878. Mr. Walker 
is now the head of the firm, carrying on the old bus- 
iness that his father founded. 

ii. Edwin Floyd Walker, b. Oct. 16, 1856; unmarried.,! 
Lives in Brooklyn. 

iii. Mary EHza Walker, b. 1858; d. in Brooklyn, 1877. 

Almena^ Cole Pelouze-Pendleton {B. F.,"^ Asa,^ Abijah,' 
JonatJian,^ JoJin,^^ Jo Jin,'' TJionias^). The third child of B. F. 
and Adeline (Sherwood) Cole, was born in West Point, New York, 
October 17, 1828. She married Edwin Pelouze, November 4, 
1844. He enlisted in the army as captain. Company D, 155th, 
Regiment New York Volunteers, and was killed in battle at Reams 
Station, Virginia, August 25, 1864. 

Their children were: 

i. Edward Pelouze, b. July 14, 1846. He enlisted in the 
13th Reg. N. Y.Vols., three months men; re enlistee 
and served through the war. He went in as a drum- 
mer boy and came out as a dispatch bearer foi 
Gen. Meade. He married Annia B. Sayers, at 
Camden, N. J., Dec. 23, 1868. Their children are 





i.) Edward Albert, b. Oct. 13, 1872. 

) Geo. Ripley, b. Jan. 5, 1874. 

,) Percy Starr, b. July 30, 1876. 

(iv.) Richard Floyd, b. May 8, 1879. 

He is now superintendent of the Baltimore Type 

Foundry, Baltimore, Md. 

Almena Pelouze, b. Jan. 10, 1850, in Brooklyn; m. 

Wm. B. Ripley, a R. R. contractor of Brooklyn, 

Aug. 18, 1866. She has no children. 

Richard Floyd Pelouze, b. in Camden, N. J., Sept. 

21, 1857; "^- i" Louisville, Ky. , Leila Pearson, Mar. 

13, 1883. He is a commercial traveler, living in 



iv. Fannie Maud Pelouze, b. April 29, i860; m. Wm. 
Pendelton, of Brooklyn, June 19, 1883. Has one 

(i.) Howard Pendelton, b. Nov. 12, 1884. 

After the death of Captain Pelouze his widow married Elias 

C. Pendleton, of Brooklyn, September 17, 1874. There she 

now resides. 


Charles^ Cole {Benj. F.,^ Asa,^ Abijah,'> Jonathan,'' John,^= 
JoJin,'^ TJiomas^). The fourth child of B. F. and Adeline (Sher- 
wood) Cole, was born in Bayonne, New Jersey, October 16, 1830, 
and died in Brooklyn, April 16, 1868. He married Margaret 
Murfin in Brooklyn, November (?) i, 1853. 

His children were: 

i. Adele E., b. Oct. 13, i860. 

ii. Clara W., b. Oct. 17, 1862; m. Joseph W. Betz, a 
merchant tailor in Brooklyn, June 12, 1883, ^rid 
has children : 

(i.) Claude L. Betz, b. April 8, 1884. 
(ii.) Chas. F. Betz, b. Dec. 6, 1885. 
iii. Mary M., b. April 22, 1867. 

I 70 

Richard Floyd^ Cole {Benjamin F.,^ Asa/' AbijaJi/ Jonathan/ 
John/ John/ Thomas^). The sixth child of B. F. and Adeline 
(Sherwood) Cole was born in New Windsor, New York, Decem- 
ber 25, 1835, ^"d died in Brooklyn, December 6, 1872. He suc- 
ceeded his brother-in-law, Mr. Walker, in business in printers' 
furnishings, in William street, and in a few years accumulated a 
large fortune. He rnarried Catherine Foley, April 4, 1861. 

Their children are: 

i. Addie E., b. Jan. 8, 1862. 
ii. Katie H., b. Feb. 9, 1865. 
285. iii. Richard Franklyn, b. Feb. 18, 1872. 




Jeremiah^ Cole {B. F.,^ Asa,^ Abijah,^ Jonathan,^ John,^- Johnr 
Thomas'). The eighth child of B. F. and AdeHne (Sherwood) 
Cole was born in Brooklyn, January 22, 1840. He married Mary 
Ferdinand in Brooklyn, July, 1866. 

They have one child: 

i. Lizzie, b. Man, 1867. 

Mr. Cole enlisted as a private in Company B, Fourteenth Regi 
ment New York Volunteers, and served through the war. 

I 72 

John Adams^ Cole {Jolm,-^ Asa,^ Abijah,^ Jonathan,'' John, 

John:- Thomas'). The only son of Captain John and Elizabetl 

(Shaw) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, De 

. cember 16, 1838. After an academic course at the Kimbal 

Union Academy at Meridan, New Hampshire, he entered th( 

engineering office of Thomas Doane, of Boston, Massachusetts 

where he remained three years ; was afterwards engaged as civi 

engineer on the State survey of the Sudbury, Meadows Mysti< 

Water-works. In August, 1862, he volunteered as a delegate o 

the United States Christian Commission, and went to the Army o 

the Potomac, then on the Peninsular. After the battle of Antietam 

returned to New England and spent three months in addressing 

public meetings in the larger cities and organizing societies for th^ 

commission work. In January, 1863, he was appointed general fiel( 

agent for the commission for the armies east of the AUeghenies 

and until the end of the war was engaged in the field. Ove 

;^3,000,ooo were expended for supplies, etc., in his department 

After the surrender at Appomattox, at which he was present, h 

went in the service of the commission to Louisiana and Texas 


For one year he was in New York City as the secretary of the 
American Christian Commission, and then located in Washington 
and opened an office as a civil engineer. He was for several years 
secretary and financial agent of the Howard University, and presi- 
dent of the Lincoln Mission. In 1872 he removed to Chicago, 
Illinois, and is at present engaged in engineering, and among other 
public works, has constructed a water tunnel under Lake Michigan 
one mile in length, for the Hyde Park water-works. He has been 
city engineer of Hyde Park for many years. 

He married December 15, 1870. in Washington, D. C, Julia 
Maud Alvord, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, August 8, 
1847. She was the daughter of John Watson Alvord (born in 
East Hampton, Connecticut, April 18, 1807), ^^^ Myrtilla Mead 
Peck (born in Greenwich, Connecticut, October 11, 1819), who 
were married June 3, 1845. 

The children of John A. and Julia (Alvord) Cole are: 

286. i. Kdward Smith, b. Dec. 19, 1871. 
ii. Julia Elizabeth, b. Jan. 31, 1875. 


Ella Amelia^ Cole-Barrows {/o/m,'^ Asa,^ Abijah,^ JonatJian,'' 
Jo J in, '^^ Jo Jin, '^ Thomas^). Daughter of Captain John and Elizabeth 
(Shaw) Cole, born in Hartford, Connecticut, July 7, 184L. She 
was educated at Kimball Union Academy, where she graduated 
in 1858. After graduation she was employed as a teacher in 
academies at Meridan, New Hampshire, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 
and in Ogdenburg, New York. During the war she took an active 
interest in relief work, and in 1864 went into the service of the 
Diet Kitchen Department of the United States Christian Commis- 
sion, having, with one other, charge of the preparation of food in 
the Cavalry Corps Hospital at City Point, and also at post hospital 


in Alexandria, Virginia. The duties of "these positions were very 
arduous and important, giving great relief to hundreds of the sick 
and wounded from- the last campaigns of the war. In 1866 she was 
associated with Rev. E. P. Smith in the freedmen's work of the 
American Missionary Association at Cincinnati, and afterwards in 
New York. In 1868-9 she was the representative of that society 
in Washington, and was very efficient in the organization of the 
Lincoln Industrial Mission, and in the care of the needy colored 
people of that city. She was married at her father's house in 
Medway, Massachusetts, January 23, 1872, to Thomas Barrows, 
Esq., a wholesale merchant of Chicago, Illinois. For the next 
two years her residence was in Chicago and its suburbs. 

Mr. Barrows was an active member of the Tabernacle Church 
(Congregational), and superintendent of its Sunday School — one 
of the largest in the city. Two years later, owing to failing 
health, they moved to Oakland, California, and still later to Nord- 
hoff, San Beunaventura county, where they still reside in the beau- 
tiful Ojai valley. 

Their only child : 

i. David Prescott, b. June 27, 1873, in Ravenswood, 111. 

Arthur Wells^ Cole [Jo/m,^ Asa,^ Abijah,^ JonatJian,'^ John,'^ 
Johnr Thomas^). The only living son of Captain John and Mary 
E. (Wells) Cole, born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, March 
2, 1856. Most of his early life was spent in Medway, Massachu- 
setts. At the age of fourteen he entered the classical course of 
PhiUips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, and graduated in 1873. 
He graduated at Yale College in 1877, and spent the next year in 
travel in the South and at the Harvard Law school. 

The year of 1878-79 was spent in travel in California and Ore- 

rruu^ X//^* 


gon. In 1880 he settled in Chicago, and engaged in the study of 
engineering and architecture. He is now a member of a firm in 
Ashland block, Chicago. 
He is unmarried. 


Frank Theodore^ Cole {TJicodore,'^ Asa,^ AbijaJi,'^ JonatJian,'' 
JoJiriy^^' JoJin,- Thomas^). The oldest child of Captain Theodore 
and Livilla (Gleason) Cole, was born in Brattleboro, Windham 
county, Vermont, June 22, 1853. When six years of age his 
parents removed to Westminster, in the same county, and there 
his childhood was passed. The family left Westminster in 1866, 
and that year was spent by him in school in Keene, New Hamp- 
shire. The home having been established in Waverly Village, 
Belmont, Massachusetts, he attended the High School of 
that town. In 1870 he entered the classical course at Phillips 
Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. After remaining two years 
he went to Williston Seminary, East Hampton, Massachusetts, 
where he graduated in June, 1873. He entered the Williams 
College the same fall, and received his degree of A. B. on his 
graduation in 1877. That fall he entered the Columbia Law 
School, New York City, teaching in private schools when not in 
attendance on the lectures. He graduated in 1879, receiving the 
degree of LL. B., and was admitted to the New York bar in 
Kings county. In December of that year he went to Ohio, 
locating in Columbus, where he was admitted to the bar in Feb- 
ruary, 1880, and immediately began practice in partnership with his 
old school and college class-mate and friend, Bryan Collins, under 
the firm name of Collins & Cole, and has since continued in the 
practice of his profession. He has been active and prominent in 
the charitable and public enterprises of the city, especially in con- 
nection with the Y. M. C. A., the Law and Order League, the 


Sunday School Missions, etc. He is a member of the First 
Congregational Church, and an efficient worker in church and 

He is unmarried. 


William Henry^ Cole [Theodore,'^ Asa,^ Abijah,^ JonatJian,'' 
Jo/m,^ /o/m,~ Thomas^). Born in Brattleboro, Vermont, August 
IQ, 1854. For two years was a clerk in a Boston wholesale house. 
In 1874 he went to Wyoming Territory, and remained there until 
1877, when, after an eight months' stay in New Hampshire, he 
went to California. For eight years was a wheat farmer on the 
San Joaquin river. In the spring of 1886 he returned to New 
England and settled in Westminster, Vermont. He married 
Addie M. Greene, daughter of Rev. James B. Greene, of San 
Joaquin county, California, June 3, 1883. 

They have children : 

i. Edith, b. June 9, 1884. 
ii. Mabel Ruth, b. Feb. 5, 1887. 


Charles Ward^ Cole {Charles H.,^ Asa,^ Abij ah, '^ Jonathan,'^ 
John,^ Johii,'' Thomas'). Son of Capt. Charles H. and Caroline 
(Cutler) Cole, born in Rindge, New Hampshire, October 23, 
1848. On January 15, 1871, he married A. M. Hoag. He was 
in the freight department of the B. H. & E. R. R. at New Haven 
for some years, and now resides in Birmingham, Connecticut. 

Their children are: 

i. Florence A., b. 1871. 
ii. Caroline Goldsmith, b. 1873; d. 1875. 
iii. Lena Susan, b. 1875. 



Julia Ann^ Cole Webb {Lcvi,^ Levi,^ JoJin,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ 
John,- Thomas'"). The first child of Levi and Lygusta (Allen) 
Cole was born in Watertown, New York, March 26, 1809. In 
1830 she married Henry Webb, of Nashville, Chautauqua county, 
New York. He was born September 16, 1811. He moved to 
Michigan, and settled in Monroe, where they have since lived. 

Their children are: 

i. Egbert Webb, b. Jan. 6, 1834. He m. Hattie E. 
Nowlen, Jan. 20, 1834. He is a carpenter. His 
children are: 

( i.) Merrill E., b. Dec. 3, 1862. . 

(ii.) Clarence E., b. Apr. 3, 1866. 

(iii.) Frank E., b. Apr. 17, 1870. 

(iv.) Eva M., b. July 29, 1872. 

(v.) Bessie, b. Oct. 10, 1877. 
ii. Adeline L. ,b. Apr. 11, 1835; J^- ]^^y 5' i860, Ash- 
ley Calkins. Their children are: 

( i.) Burton Calkins, b. Feb. ^, 1861. 

(ii.) Edgar R., b. May 18, 1863. 

(iii.) Henshall V., b. Aug. 24, 1866. 

(iv.) Nora, b. Sept. 21, 1873. 
iii. Wm. H., b. Oct. 29, 1836; m. Rosina Ross, Aug. 17, 
1862. His children are: 

( i.) Charles B. , b. Aug 22, 1863. 

(ii.) Etta May, b. Jan. 17, 1867. 

(iii.) Jennie, b. Sept. 16, 1869. 
iv. RollinS.,b. Apr. 6, 1839; "^- ^ept. 20, 1865, Emma 
E. Nowlen. His children are: 

( i.) Ida E., b. Nov. 12, 1867. 

(ii.) Olive B.. b. Nov. 17, 1872. 

(iii.) Levant E., b. Sept. 6, 1876. 

(iv.) Rollin H., b. Oct. 18, 1881. 
V. James E.,b, June 2, 1841; m. Mrs. Sarah Sherlock, 
Oct. 22, 1868. His children are: 

( i.) Jessie, b. Dec. 8, 1870. 

(ii.) Josie, b. Sept. 4, 1874. 

(iii.) Winnie, b. June 3, 1880. 
vi. Calvin, b. Jan. 29, 1843; m. Rhoda Bodell, Dec. 29, 
1880. Children: 

(i.) Myrtle A., b. Jan. 5, 1883. 

(ii.) Lillie F., b. Aug. 13, 1885. 


vii. Alice L., b. June 27, 1847; unm. 
viii. J. Ella, b. Dec. 13, 1848; unm. 
ix. Fannie E , b. Oct. i, 1851; m. Thomas P. Bodell, 
Oct. II. 1870. Children: 

( i.) Benj. F., b. Mar. 4, 1872. 

( ii.) Wm. VV., b. Feb. 23, 1874. 

(iii.) Barton W.,b. Nov. 28, 1875. 

( iv.) Minnie B., Sept. 24, 1877. 

( V.) Bertha E. , b. Aug. 19, 1879. 

(vi.) Alice A., b. Nov. 4, 1882. 

(vii.) Infant, b. Sept. 10, 1886. 


Egbert L.^ Cole {Levi,'' Levi,^ JoJin,^ JonatJian,^ Jo/m,^ Jo/m,'' 
Thomas^). The second child and oldest son of Lygusta (Allen) 
Cole, was born in Watertown, New York. He married Lucy 
Davis, of Louisville, Kentucky, in June, 1846. He was a con- 
tractor and builder in Louisville, and accumulated considerable 
property there, but the decline of business at the beginning of the 
war somewhat impaired his fortune. He died in June, 1863. 

His children were: 

287. i. Merrill, b. in Louisville. Served in the Confederate 

army, and after the war enlisted in the U. S. army. 
At the close of his five years' term of service, about 
18/0, he settled in Brown county, Texas, where he 
is supposed to be at the present time. 

288. ii. Levi, b. in Louisville. He m. Ella Garnet, of Hart 

county. Ky. , and settled there, 
iii. Ida, b. in Louisville, and m. George Payne, a printer 
of Louisville. They moved to P^ureka, Cal., where 
he is editor of a paper. They have one child, a 


Caroline^ Cole Batcheldor {Lcvi,^ Levi,^ John,^ Jonathan,^ 
JoJin,^^ John,'' Thomas^). The fourth child of Levi and Lygusta 
(Allen) Cole was born in Coburg, Canada, in 1821. She married 


George Batcheldor at Cleveland, Ohio, November 26, 1836, and 
two years later moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where they re- 
mained for two years, when they removed to Bloomfield, Nelson 
county, Kentucky, where she has since lived. Mr. Batcheldor 
was an architect and builder, and his work is to be seen in all 
parts of Nelson and the adjoining counties. The beauty and con- 
venience of the churches and mansions designed by him, is 
especially noticeable to this day. He was an enthusiastic and de- 
voted member of the Masonic order. He died May 29, 1879. 

His children were: 

i. Addie Batcheldor, b. in Monroe, Mich., July 18, 

1836. She m. Geo. Moore, of Bloomfield. Their 

children are: 

( i.) Geo. Augustus Moore, a carpenter and builder 

of Bloomfield. He is m. and has three 


(ii.) Carrie Moore; m. Elliott Lewis, of Jefferson 

CO., Ky. 
(iii.) Minnie Moore; m. Wm. Spyby, of Louisville, 
ii. Maria Batcheldor, b. in Louisville, Feb., 1840; m. Ed- 
ward Lewis, of Bloomfield. They have no children, 
iii. Madeline Batcheldor, b. in Bloomfield, Jan. 6, 1843^; 
m. Joseph Broadbent, of Bloomfield. They have no 
iv. George Batcheldor, b. Sept. 3, 1845; moved to Iowa, 
and m. Jane Buttercase. He is a carpenter and 
builder in Riverton, la., and has five children: 
( i.) Addie. (iv.) Callie. 

(ii.) James. (v.) Joseph B. 

(iii.) Robert. 
In Nov., 1886, he was elected Clerk of the Courts 
of his county. 
V. Fannie Batcheldor, b. Oct. 30, 1847. She m. Joseph 
Lindsay, of Bloomfield. He is now a merchant in 
Wyandotte, Kan. Has six children: 
( i.) Sarah. (iv.) Eugene, 

(ii.) Russell. (v.) Milton, 

(iii.) Charles. (vi.) Elsie, 

vi. James Batcheldor, b. Dec. 9, 1849. He m. Lizzie 
Clark, of Spencer co., Ky. Is an architect and 
builder in Bloomfield. Has four children : 



( i.) Lina. (iii.) Addie. 

(ii.) Susie. (iv.) An infant daughter, 

vii. Charles Batcheldor, b. Sept. 6, 185 1. Is a carpenter 
and builder in Bloomfield. He m. May Houghton, 
of Spencer co. , Ky., and has two daughters: 
(i.) Callie. (ii.) Maggie, 

viii. Mary Batcheldor, b. Sept. 15, 1858; m. Isaac Wil- 
liams. He owns and manages a large flouring mill 
in Bloomfield. They have no children, 
ix. Callie Batcheldor, b. i860, d. Aug. 11, 1880. The 
following memorial was published : 

Editor Record: — An unusual sadness has existed in this community for the 
past few days, caused by the decease of Miss Callie Batcheldor. It pleased God 
to take her from us on the nth inst. 

She was a young lady of twenty summers, possessing rare personal beauty, of a 
remarkably modest, retiring and sweet Christian disposition and temper. She was 
one of the few girls who kept herself absolutely aloof from demoralizing parties 
and hops. There were two places dearer to her than all others, viz: home and her 

Two books were her every-day companions, her hymn book and her Bible. Re- 
cently, hardly anything has been more interesting to the writer, than to trace her 
hand through these two volumes. The pencil, geranium leaves and sprigs of 
bleeding-heart, mark the finest hymns of our collection and the sweetest promises 
of inspiration. Her cards, mottoes, drawings and compositions show plainly that 
the current of her thoughts were pure and heavenly. 

As a member of the Sunday School and church she was unexceptionally true 
and faithful. 

Her dying testimony was the sweetest of her life. In answer to the inquiries of 
her pastor, she said: "I can trust the Saviour." "Give my friends my love and 
good will, and tell them I am happy." She also requested her pastor to use the 
burial service of the church at her funeral, not to preach a sermon, but to talk 
comfortingly to her friends, and to sing "Jesus Lover of My Soul" and "Come 
Ye Disconsolate." 

The following lines were written by her during her last sickness: "When I have 
gone from earth, when my place is vacant, when my pilgrimage is over, with thy 
faithful heart keep my memory green." 

The last night of her stay on earth, we watched at her bedside, witnessing her 
struggles and triumphs. Without, the face of the sky presented the appearance of 
alternate clouds and stars; within the chamber of death were scenes of unutterable 
pain and the "peace that passes understanding." Death lost his terrors, and was 
viewed as the messenger of sweet release. 

The weary night passed, and as the sun came up through the gates of the East, 
ushering in the rosy morning of a new day, Callie Batcheldor, in the morning of a 
beautiful womanhood, passed through the portals of death into the bright morn- 
ing of a blissful immortality. 

At the tolling of the bell the great populace assembled in the church, and, 
with a greater unanimity than I have ever witnessed, thoughtfully and tearfully 


paid the last tribute of respect to one whom none could think of but in kindness, 
and then accompanied her to the quiet graveyard. Never were mortal remains 
handled by human hands more tenderly. Not a clod was heard to fall on her 
coffin. Loving hands decorated her grave with floral wreaths and crosses, and 
there loving friends lingered and consecrated her grave with many tears, 
" But when the sun in all his state, 
Illumed the eastern skies. 
She passed through glory's morning gate, 
And walked in Paradise." 

D. W. R. 


Gallic has crossed the stream of death, 

The cold and chilly tide. 
And she has landed safe, 

For Jesus was her guide. 

They will lay her in the grave, 

To sleep her final sleep. 
And angels o'er her dust 

Will their loving vigils keep. 

There'll be a vacant seat at home, 

By the evening fireside; 
A lovely form will be missed 

That was a family pride. 

Kind brothers will breathe her name 

And tears unbidden flow; 
Loving sisters will mourn for her 

In accents sad and low. 

No more her winning smile 

A mother's eye will meet; 
No more her gladsome voice 

Sisters and brothers will greet. 

Oh, you are lonely now, 

Your hearts with grief are riven, 
But it will soothe each wound to know 

You have a tie in heaven. 

Weep not, mother, sisters and brothers, 

A harp and crown are her's; 
She is an angel now, 

And shall forever be. 

'*D. P. 


i8i * 

James E.^ Cole {Levi,^ Levi,^ John,^ Jonathan,^ Johii^, John,'' 
Thomas'). The fifth child of Levi and Lygusta (Allen) Cole was 
born in Coburg, Canada, June, 1822. He m. Janette Hunt, of 
Maumee City, Ohio, in 1846. He now lives in Helena, Montana 

His children are: 

i. Kate, b. -. m. John Ming, of Helena. 

ii. Ida; unm. 
iii. Vernia; unm. 


Gilbert L.^ Cole {Levi,'^ Levi,^ John^ Jonathan,'' John,^^ John,'' 

Thomas'). The seventh child and third son of Levi and Lygusta 

(Allen) Cole, was born in Coburg, Canada, July 22, 1828. When 

he was quite young his father left Coburg, and after residence of 

several years in New York and Ohio, settled, in 1837, in Monroe, 

Michigan. The story of his Hfe shall be told by himself: 

*' Beatrice, Nebraska. 

,1. .- .•- -.'• i\'. i'.'. -'ii ^ -;ir 

^ 2,i i.- -.y: -,;,- --:» •.. '.* • 

"I was early set to work in father's carpenter shop, and had but little school- 
ing when a boy. In April, 1846, I left home; stopped awhile in Louisville, Ken- 
tucky, and the same summer went to St. Louis by river, and thence to Galena, 
Illinois. I stopped off for a day at Navoo, and saw Uncle and Aunt Stiles for the 
last time. The city was in an uproar, and under martial law, so I left the same 
day and went up the river to Kickapoo Pinery, Wisconsin. During the year that 
I spent there the Territory became a State. The next year I went home via 


" In 1848 I went to Cincinnati to finish my trade. I worked on the Burnet 
House, attended the Mechanics' Institute, and took lessons in drawing and 
modeling. I worked at my trade in Nelson, Anderson, Woodford,^ Marion, and 
Bullitt counties, Kentucky, till the fall of 1851, when I returned home to. Monroe, 

*'On the loth of March, 1852, I started, in company with twenty-three men 
and one woman, on the overland route to California. We crossed the Mississippi 
at Warsaw, Illinois, and reached St. Joseph on May i. On the 5th we crossed the 


Missouri about twenty-five miles above St. Joseph, and on tbe next morning (Sun- 
day) first saw^ the beautiful 'plains' of the great Territory of Nebraska. 

" We had now left all civilization behind us. I crossed the Big Blue River, 
which I can now look out of my window and see, about twelve miles below here. 
On the 9th of May, followed up the Little Blue, and struck the Platte River at 
Kearney. On the 27th one of our party died. We forded the south fork of the 
Platte at its mouth, and followed up the north fork on its south side. 

"On June 24 we reached South Pass, burned our wagons, and begun 'pack- 
ing.' On the Big Sandy we halted. The right hand road led to ' Sublett's Cut-off,' 
the left to Salt Lake City. The majority voted to go to the right, so I did not see 
the city nor Aunt Stiles. 

"We spent July 4 at 'Soda Springs ' with the Shoshone Indians. The com- 
pany had now all broken up, and going down the Humboldt Valley my little party 
of three had nothing to eat for twenty-one days but dead stock and willow bark. 
Our sufferings were terrible, as we found no water fit to drink. 

"We got to Carson Valley July 28, crossed the summit of the Sierra Nevadas 
on August 7, and got into ' Hangtown,' now Placerville, California, August 10, 
after a journey of five months, less six days. 

"After a time I returned via Panama, and arrived in New York City January 
10, 1854. After a visit to Vermont I returned to Monroe. 

" December 4, 1854, I married at Monroe, Michigan, Frederika Wantz- 
schmitt, who was born in Baumberg, Bavaria, Germany, November 17, 1835, and 
in 1857 moved to Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin, and in 1859 (April) to Sidney, towa. 

"On August 15, 1862, I enlisted in Company E, Twenty-ninth Iowa Volunteer 
Infantry, and served on the Lower Mississippi and in Arkansas; was wounded and 
sent to Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis. My wife and boys came to see me there, and 
remained there during the war. On my recovery I was promoted to a lieutenancy 
in the colored troops, and served in the Eighteenth Regiment in the fall of 1864, 
against Price in Missouri, and was then sent to Camp Nelson, Kentucky, where I 
was attached to Company A, One Hundred and Twenty-fourth United States Cav- 
alry Infantry. 

"In November, 1865, I was ordered to bring my command to Louisville, 
and was mustered out. I had earned by competitive examination a first lieuten- 
ant's commission in the regular army, and it was offered me by the same hand that 
held my discharge, but my health being poor, and my parents old and needing my 
care, I declined it. 

" I returned to Sidney, Iowa, and stayed there till father and mother died. I 
moved to Beatrice, Nebraska, in the fall of 1878, and have moved along in the 
even tenor of my way ever since." 

Mr. Cole is an architect and superintendent. 

The children of Gilbert L. and Frederika Cole are: 

b. at Adrian, Mich., May 10, 1856. 
b. in Sidney, la., July 21, 1859. 
b. in Sidney, la., Sept. 10, 1861. 
, b. at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., April 28, 



Carson V. 



Frank W. 


• • • 


George M 



William S 


293. V. Edward K., b. at Sidney, la., Sept. 22, 1866. 

vi. Callie B., b. at Sidney, la., Oct. 29, 1869. 

vii. Mollie E., b. at Riverton, la., March 14, 1872; d. 

there Oct. 8, 1873. 

viii. Nellie W., b. at Riverton, la., March 30, 1874. 

ix. Alice C, b. at Riverton, la., Jan. 14, 1876. 

X. Josie, b. at Riverton, la., March 31, 1878. 


Thomas^ Cole {Salmon,'^ Salmo7i,^ JoJm,^ JonatJiariy^ JoJin,'^'' JoJm,'^ 
Thomas^). The first son of Salmon and Isabella (Heatley) Cole, 
was born December i, 1820; married (i) Mariake Powers, of 
Lachute, Quebec, in November, 1854. In the following May 
emigrated to Iowa, where he took up land and commenced life as 
a farmer. His wife died in i860, and in 1865 he married (2) Mrs. 
Verdy (formerly a Miss Douglass). In 1875 he removed to Cen- 
tral Dakota, where he still lives. 

His children by his first wife were: 

i. (a daughter). 

ii. (a daughter). 

The children by the second wife were: 

iii. (a daughter). 

iv. (a daughter). 

V. (a daughter). 

294. vi. (a son). 


James^ Cole {Salmon,^ Salmon,^ John,^ JonatJian,^ Jo/m,^ JoJin^ 
Thomas^). The second son of Salmon and Isabella (Heatley) 
Cole, was born on March 14, 1826. He married in December, 
1850, Elizabeth Longe, and emigrated to Ingham county, Mich- 
igan, the following year. He was a blacksmith by trade. He 


died in the year 1882, and left a family who are still living in 
Ingham county. 


William Heatley^ Cole {Salmon,'' Sahnou/' John,^ Jonathan,*' 
JoJin,= JoJin,'' Thomas^). The third son and fifth child of Salmon 
and Isabella (Heatley) Cole, was born May 3, 1828. He married, 
April, 1855, Isabella Thompson, and emigrated to Grand Haven, 
Michigan, where he died in October, 1863. 


Mark Douglass^ Cole (Sahnon,'' Salmon,^ John,^ JonatJian,^ 
John,^=> JoJin,'^ Thomas^). The fourth son and seventh child of 
Salmon and Isabella (Heatley) Cole, was born July 16, 1836. He 
married, June 5, 1859, Elizabeth Thompson, and emigrated to 
Michigan in May, i860. 


WiLLARD^ Cole {Salmon,'^ Salmon,^ John,'^ Jonathan,^ JoJin,^=> 
Joliii,'^ Thomas^). The fifth son and eighth child of Salmon and 
Isabella (Heatley) Cole, was born April 22, 1838. He married, 
June 5, 1859, J^"^ Bothwell, of Chatham, Argentine county, 
Quebec, and now lives at Hawksbury, Prescott county, Ontario, 
engaged in farming. 

His children are: 

304. i. Salmon, b. Feb. 4, 1861. 

ii. Elizabeth D. , b. Feb. 5, 1863. 


305. iii. James, b. March 31, 1865. 
iv. Emma, b. Sept. 10, 1867. 

306. V. Fred. Earnest, b. Feb. 18, 1870. 

307. vi. Lemuel Melville, b. Nov. 2, 1874. 

308. vii. Willard William, b. July 8, 1878. 

viii. Rebecca Maud Mary, b. Jan. 15, 1881. 


Oris^ Cole ((9m,^ Salmon,^ /ohn,^ Jonathan,'^ John,^ JoJui,' 
Thomas''). The first son of Oris and Mary (Gillson) Cole, was 
born August 17, 1830, in Buckingham, Canada. When twenty- 
one years of age he started out for himself in the only way open 
then for a young man in Canada, and began as a lumberman. By 
diligence and care he has accumulated a competence, and is 
spending his latter days in comfort in Cloyne, Canada, with his 
family around him. He married, in 1856, Phena Pollard, an 
English girl. 

Their children are : 

309. i. Fred., b. in 1858; lives in Cloye, and is lately married, 
ii. Emily, b. ; m. Daniel Spicer; has one child, 

and lives in Cloyne. 

iii. Mary, ; m. Peter Storey; lives in Enterprise, 

Ont. , and has two children. 

310. iv. Edwin, born in 1863; is in British Columbia, un- 

V. Hattie, born in 1865; living at home, 
vi. Katie (twin), b. 1871 ; living at home, 
vii. Nellie (twin), b. 1871 ; living at home. 


Lemuel^ Cole {Oris,'' Salmon ^^ John,'' Jouat/iau,^ John,--' John,- 
Thomas'). The third child of Oris and Mary (Gillson) Cole, born 
in Buckingham, Canada, June 7, 1834. He is a lumberman, and 
resides in Cloyne, Canada. He has six sons and seven daughters. 
He married Elizabeth Parcher. 

[Nos. 310-316 for sons.] 


Daniel^ Cole (C7m,7 Salmon,^ John,^ Jonathan,^ John,^- /ohn,^ 
Tliomas"-). Twin son with George, of Oris and Mary (Gillson) 
Cole, born in Buckingham, Canada, August 23, 1836. He Hved 
at home in his boyhood, and as a young man worked at lumber- 
ing. Being a very strong opponent of slavery, he went to the 
United States, on February 5, 1862, and enlisted in the Four- 
teenth United States Infantry, and served three years, participat- 
ing in the campaigns of the Army of the Potomac from the sec- 
ond Bull Run to the close of the war, his regiment being a part of 
the Fifth Corps. He was appointed first sergeant June 18, 1865. 
On August 20 he was wounded in the right arm and nearly cap- 
tured during the engagement of the Fifth Corps on the Weldon 
railroad. After the war he returned to Canada with broken 
health, and married (i) Annie S. Larwell in May, 1865. In 1869 
moved to Wisconsin, but the climate was too severe, and in 1871 
to Iowa. In November, 1877, his wife died, leaving two children. 

i. Minnie L., b. , 1869. 

317. ii. Percival, b. , 1871. 

In September, 1878, he married (2) Abbie De La Vergne, who 
was born in Pennsylvania January 14, 1861. In March, 1885, he 
moved to Herman, Lincoln county, Kansas, where he is a pros- 
perous farmer and has a quarter section of land. 

iii. Lucy A.. , 1879. 

318. iv. Oris D., b. , 1881. 

v. Jennie M., b. April 14, 1883; d. March 18, 1885. 
vi. Annie B., b. April 22, i886r 


Frederick^ Cole {Oi^is,^ Salmon,^ John,'^ Jonathan,^ John,^ 
John,^ Thomas^). Born November 15, 1852; farmer in Bucking- 
lam, Quebec; married, June 18, 1879, Rebecca Lonsdale, who 
vas born August 25, 1863. 




i. Rebecca Jane, b. Oct. 12, 1880; d. Oct. 15, 1881 
ii. Rhoda Minerva, b. Oct. 8, 1883. 
319. iii. Frederick, b. April 5, 1886. 


Ethan^ Cole {Ethan,'' Salmon,^ Jo/ui,^ JonatJian,^ John,^ John, 
Thomas'^). The second child and oldest son of Ethan and Lucretii 
(Gillson) Cole, was born in Buckingham, Canada, March 9, 1832 
He removed with his parents to New York in 1848; to Illinois ii 
185 1, and to Iowa in July, 1859. ^^ enlisted in the Unitec 
States Volunteers in April, 1862, and served three years. H< 
married (i) at Logan, Iowa, in February, 1869, Catherine C. Reel 
She was born in Reelsville, Indiana, in 1847, and died in Logan. 
Iowa, January 14, 1870. He then married (2) Sarah A. (Frazier 
Reel, widow of H. B. Reel, October 24, 1871, at Missouri Val 
ley, Iowa. She was born in Reelsville, Indiana, January 30, 1838 
Mr. Cole's present occupation is farming. 

His children are: 

i. Delia, b. at Missouri Valley, la., July 30, 1872. 

320. ii. Leonard T. , b. at Missouri Valley, la., Jan. 7, 1875 

321. iii. Cyrus L., b. at Missouri Valley, la., June 24, 1880 
iv. Mary L., b. at Missouri Valley, la., Feb. 16, 1884. 


Enos^ Cole {Ethan,'' Salmon,^ John,'^ JonatJian,^ John,^^ foJin, 

Thomas'). The fourth child and third son of Ethan and Lucreti 
(Gillson) Cole, born in Buckingham, Canada, January 25, 1836 
and moved with his parents to Iowa. He married at Counci 
Bluffs, Iowa, August 23, 1868, Mary E. Lake, who was born ii 
Iowa, September 5, 1842. He is now a lumber dealer. 


9 His children are: 

i. Lulu M., b. Oct. i6. 1870, in Loveland, la. 
322. ii. Clifford C, b. Sept. 3, 1872, in Modale, la. 

iii. Myrtle A., b. Oct. 16, 1876, in Mo. Valley, la. 
iv. Mabel C, b. July 3, 1877, in Minden, la. 


Ethan^ Cole {Et/iau,'^ Salmon,^ John,'^ Jonathan,'' John,^, Jo/in,'' 
Thomas^). The sixth child and fifth son of Ethan and Lucretia 
(Gillson) Cole, born in Buckingham, September 11, 1839, ^"^ 
moved with the family in their journeyings to Iowa. He married 
at Magnolia, Iowa, in April, 1871, Alice Maine, who was born in 
Canada in 1849, ^^^ ^i^^ June 23, 1880, at Loveland, Iowa. Mr. 
Cole was a farmer, and died in Loveland, May 2, 1886. 

Their children were: 

i. Effie G., b. in Modale, la., Feb. 25, 1872. 

ii. Nellie, b. in Loveland, la., Sept. 19, 1875. 

iii. Sarah (twin), b. in Loveland, la., Nov. 20, 1876. 

iv. Clara (twin), b. in Loveland, la., Nov. 20, 1876. 


Cyrus^ Cole {Ethan, "^ Salmon,^ JoJiUy'^ JonatJian,'' John,'^^ John,"" 
Thomas^). The ninth child of Ethan and Lucretia (Gillson) Cole 
was born in Campville, Canada, September i, 1846. He moved 
with the family to Iowa, and in 1862 enlisted in the Second Ne- 
braska Volunteer Cavalry, and served nine months. He then 
went as a substitute in the Third Iowa Battery in 1864, and served 
one year. In 1870 he went to California, where he married in 
Sacramento, November 19, 1875, Hannah M. Sullivan, who was 
born in Galway county, Ireland, June 20, 1855. While in Cali- 
fornia he was engaged in railroading. He returned to Iowa in 


1880 and engaged in farming for three years and then removed to 
Spokane county, Washington Territory, and took up a farm. 
His children are: 

323. i. Arthur E., b. in Carson City, Nev., Nov. i, 1876. 

324. ii. Roy, b. in la., Apr. 24, 1882. 



John G.^ Cole {Ethan,'^ Salmon,^ John,^ Jonathan,'' JoJm^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The tenth child of Ethan and Lucretia (Gillson) Cole 
was born in Wolcott Village, New York, February 12, 1848. He 
married in Iowa, June 26, 1869, Lucinda Mattox, who was born 
in Indiana in 185 L He followed the operation of saw-milling and 
piloting on the Missouri river, and died in Florence, Nebraska, 
November 2, 1882. 

Their children are: 

325. i. George W., b. June 27, 1870, at Mo. Valley, la. 
ii. Minnie A., b. Sept. 2, 1872, at Mo. Valley, la. 

326. iii. Ethan A., b. Aug. 21, 1876, at Mo. Valley, la. 

327. iv. John G., b. Mar. 21, 1879, ^^ ^^- Valley, la. 


Aljaman Alonzo^ Cole {Daniel,'^ Laban/' John,^ Jonathan,"^ 
John,^ Johnr Thomas^). Born in Brookline, Windham county, 
Vermont, October 4, 18 17. He was the son of Daniel Mansfield 
and Polly (Bigelow) Cole, his wife. When he was nine years 
of age the family left Vermont, but we give the rest of his history 
as related by himself: 

" In the month of November, 1826, father emigrated to the town of Ashford, 
Cattaraugus county, New York, and settled on one hundred acres of land in what 
was then known as the Holland purchase. I lived at home with father until I was 
nineteen years of age, when I went to the city of Troy, New York, and lived with 


my Uncle Reuben and Aunt Chloe Cole. I went to school with my cousins, Den- 
nison and Russell Cole, commencing in November, and returning to my father's 
the following August. I stayed at home until I was twenty-two, and then went to 
Bolivar, Alleghany county, New York, and studied medicine with Dr. E. C. Pool. 
From there I went to Springville, Erie county, and studied for two years with Dr. 
B. A. Batly. I then studied in Buffalo with Dr. Horace Mellin Conger for about 
a year and six months, when I obtained from the censors of Erie county my 
diploma to practice medicine. 

*'I then emigrated and settled in Richmond, McHenry county, Illinois, on 
August 12, 1844. I practiced my profession there for three years, when I moved 
to Utica, Winnebago county, Wisconsin, where I obtained forty acres of land, 
which I worked as I could, besides attending to my practice in the neighborhood. 
After about three years I sold out and removed to what was known as the Indian 
lands, now known as the town of Marion, Waushara county, Wisconsin. 

"I settled on one hundred acres of land there about the middle of May, 1850, 
built me a log house, and went to work clearing, fencing, and breaking my new 

"When the town was organized I was deputized as town clerk, and was elected 
to that office eight years in succession. I have been superintendent of schools and 
supervisor several times. I did not give my attention to the practice of my pro- 
fession, as I wished to make farming my main business, but I had to go out some 
among the sick in my immediate neighborhood, but did it without thought of re- 

"After some years I was compelled to sell my farm, when I bought a stock of 
drugs and opened business in Waukaw, where I am now located. I was married to 
Allyna Ann Sanders, June 22, 1845. 

"My wife Allyna died January 26, 1881. On November 18, 1883, I married 
Ester Evelina Mills, of Waukaw. 

"Thus I have had various experiences in the journey of life. When I take a 
retrospective view of my past life, and see how I have been led and influenced by 
an over-ruling Power beyond my own, I see and feel that God is good, and deserves 
my every effort to love and obey His mandates while life shall last. 

"Aljaman a. Cole." 
Their children were: 

i. Celia Ovanda, b. April 11, 1846, in Richmond, III; 
m. Judson Convers, and hves in Omro, Winnebago 
county, Wis. She has two sons and one daughter. 

ii. OHska Melvina, b. in Utica, Wis., Sept. 20, 1849; m. 
James Watson. He died in 1884. She is now 
Hving in BerHn, Wis., with her three sons. 

328. iii. Fayette Alonso, b. in Marion, Wis., May 12, 1856. 

329. iv. Albert Eugene, b. in Marion, Wis., Jan. 23, 1861. 

V. Edith Viola, b. in Marion, July 19, 1865; m. Frederic 
H. Fletcher, and lives in Waukaw, Wis. 

330. vi. Frank Lewellyn, b. in Marion, Sept. 30, 1869, and is 

now living with his brother at Elcho. 



Edwin F.^ Cole {^Daniel M.y^ Laban,^ JoJin,^ Jonathan,'^ John,^ 
John," Thomas^). The second son of Daniel Mansfield and Polly 
(Bigelow) Cole, born in Brookline, Windham county, Vermont, 
February 3, 18 19. Emigrated with the family to Cattaraugus 
county, New York, in 1826. In 1845 emigrated to McHenry 
county, Illinois, and worked by the month for various parties till 
the fall of 1846, when he went to Rosendale, Fon du Lac county, 
Wisconsin, where he obtained eighty acres of land and built a 
house on the same. He soon after married Rachel Parsons. 

Their children were: 

297. i. Perry M., b. . 

331. ii. Alvin T., b. ; died some years ago. 

iii. Mary A., b. . 

iv. Clara E. , b. ; m. Mr. Drake, Ouincy, 111. 

About 1 86 1 he left his family and went to Blue hearth county, 
Minnesota, where he obtained eighty acres about three miles from 
Manketo. After making some improvements, he enlisted in the 
Fifth Minnesota, and was stationed at Fort Ridgely. While there 
he was killed in a battle with the Indians. 

His widow and her children moved from Rosendale to Silver 
Lake, McLeod county, Minnesota, where she married a Mr. 
Straw, and where they all now reside. 


Seymore^ Cole [Daniel M.,'^ Laban,^ John,^ JonatJian,'' JoJin,^= 
John,'' Thomas^.) The third son of Daniel M. and Polly (Bigelow) 
Cole was born in Brookline, Windham county, Vermont, Feb- 
ruary 15, 1 82 1. The family removed to Cattaraugus county. New 
York, when he was seven years old, and his boyhood was spent 
in work on the farm with a little schooling in the winter. When 
about eighteen years of age he left home and for three years 


worked at blacksmithing till he learned the trade. In 1842 he 
went to Buffalo and began work as a journeyman. Soon after the 
press of dull times threw him out of his place, and there being 
a shipping office in Buffalo for the United States Navy, he, with 
two other workmen, shipped as blacksmiths for a term of three 
years. May 9, 1842, they were sent to the receiving ship at 
Charlestown Navy Yard, Massachusetts, and on August 3 were 
transferred to the seventy-four-gun ship Columbus, and sailed 
August 29. The ship visited the Mediterranean, wintering at 
Genoa, and then went to the east coast of South America, and 
after a stay on that coast sailed for home, arriving in New York 
May 29, 1844. The crew were discharged, and he went home 
via Troy and Albany. 

In September he went west with his brother, Dr. A. A. Cole. 
He worked at his trade in Elgin, Illinois, till the spring of 1845, 
when he went to Solon, McHenry county, and started in business 
on his own account. Here he lived several years and prospered. 
On July 18, 1847, h^ married Matilda Slocum, only daughter of 
Amaijah Slocum. She was born in Wooster, Otsego county, 
New York, August i, 18 18, and went to Illinois with her family 
in 1844. Soon after his marriage he sold his shop and tools and 
bought a farm near Solon. Here he lived, working on his farm in 
the summer and at his trade in the winter, and here his children 
were born and reared. In October, 1880, he sold his farm, and 
with his wife and three unmarried daughters removed to Hayti, 
Hamlin county, Dakota. His son and son-in-law also sold their 
farms and removed with him. There he has a fine farm and good 
buildings, and his family around him. He is a member of the 
Baptist Church. He holds the office of postmaster at Hayti. 

The children of Seymore and Matilda (Slocum) Cole are: 

i. Clara R., b. Aug. 13, 1848; she m. Sept. 8, 1885, 
Herman E. Keesler, a capitalist of Watertown, Dak. 
She is a practicing physician in the same town. 


ii. Martha L., b. Mar. 15, 1851; m. Asher Davey, Dec. 
7, 1876. He was b. in Brighton, England, and 
came with his parents to this land when six years 
old. He is now a farmer in Hayti. She has 
( i.) Winifred Arthur, b. Dec. 25, 1877. 
(ii.) Glenn J. T., b. Dec. i, 1882. 
(iii.) Roy Elmer, b. July 7, 1886. 
332. iii. Aljaman E., b. Sept. 11, 1853. 

iv. Mary E., b. Jan 9, 1856. She is a school teacher in 

Hamlin co. 
V. Myra M., b. May 30, 1858; m. Mar. 8, 1882, Clar- 
ence W. Fosdick, a native of Mich. They have one 

(i.) Millie Ethel, b. Mar. 20, 1885. 


Alvin T.^ Cole {Daniel il/.,^ Laban,^ John^ Jonathan,^ John,''^ 
Jo Jin,'' TJiomas^). Born in Brookline, Windham county, V^er- 
mont, March 5, 1823. In 1826 his father removed to Ashford, 
Cattaraugus county. New York. He married Jane Bailey, of 
Springville, New York. In 1862 he raised a company of volun- 
teers in Alleghany county. New York, and joined the One Hun- 
dred and Thirty-sixth Regiment, New York Volunteers; served in 
Virginia till compelled by ill health to resign. He is a lawyer 
and a Baptist minister. Lives in Waverly, Brenner county, Iowa. 


Vernon^ Cole? (Daniel 71/., 7 Lahan,^ John,'^ Jonathan,^ John,^ 
John,'' Thomas'). The fifth son of Daniel Mansfield and Polly 
(Bigelow) Cole, was born in Brookline, Windham county, Ver- 
mont, April II, 1825. While he was an infant the family moved 
to Cattaraugus county, New York. As a young man he learned 


the carpenter's trade. He married at Springville, New York, 
June 15, 185 1, Sarah Kellogg, a native of Hanover, Grafton 
couaty, New Hampshire, and on the 17th of the same month 
started for Wisconsin via the Great Lakes. At Oshkosh, Wis- 
consin, they took conveyance and went to Marion township, 
Waushara county, where they had a claim of 143 acres of land. 
They built a house and began farming, and here their first child 
was born. In October, 1856, they sold the farm and moved to 
Berlin, Green Lake county, where Mr. Cole worked at his trade. 
In i860 they moved to Dell Prairie, Adams county, and in 1862 
to Portage City. In 1866 they went onto a farm in Warren, 
Waushara county, where they remained fourteen years. In 1880 
they moved to Oconto county, and after living at several places in 
that county settled, in December, 1885, on a farm of 160 acres in 
Maple Valley. 

Their children are: 

334. i. Jabez Daniel, b. in Marion township, Waushara 

county, Wis., May 21, 1852. He lives in Maple 
Valley, Wis. ; is a widower with one daughter. 

335. ii. Clarence De Poister, b. in Marion township, Dec. 22, 

iii. Mary Parizade, b. in Berlin, Green Lake county, Oct. 

23, 1857; m. John Hoffman, and lives in Gilett, 

Oconto county. 
iv. Perviz Fielder, b. in Berlin, Nov. 11, 1859; d. in 

Portage City, in 1862. 
V. Violetta Imogene, b. in Dell Prairie, Adams county, 

Nov. 15, 1861 ; m. James A. Hinds, a farmer and 

vi. Carrie Cecelia, b. in Portage City, Feb. 18, 1864; m. 

John F. Frye, a lumberman of Iron City, Mich. 

336. vii. Vernon Earnest, b. in Portage City, Sept. 6, 1865. 


Cheselton Cole {Daniel J/.,^ Laban,^ John,^ Jonathan,'^ John,^ 
John,^ Thomas^). The seventh child and sixth son of Daniel 



Mansfield Cole and Polly, his wife, was born in Ashford, Cattarau 
gus county, New York, July 28, 1829. He married Ann New- 
comb, of Springville, Erie county, New York. He enlisted as a 
private in the One Hundred and Eleventh New York Volunteers, 
and served through the war, being wounded twice. He is now 
living in Edgerton, Kent county, Michigan, and is a farmer and 


Byron^ Cole {Daniel M.,'^ Laban,^ JoJin,^ JonatJian,'^ JoJui, 
John,^ Thomas^). 


OzRo^ Cole {Daniel M.,^ Laban,^ John,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ John,'^ 
TJiomas"). The tenth and last child of Daniel M., and his only 
child by his second wife, Nancy (Bigelow) Cole, was born in Ash- 
ford, New York, October i, 1835. He married Martha A. 
Wheat, of Ashford. 

Their children are : 

338. i. Herbert, b. Sept. 4, i860. 

ii. Lilian Emma, b. June 26, 1863; m. C. D. Dennison, 
of East Ashford. 

339. iii. Earl J., b. Feb. 25, 1875. 

Mr. Cole is a farmer in Ashford. His postoffice address is 


Russell^ Cole {Reuben,'^ Laban,^ JoJin,^ JonatJian,^ John,'^ John,'' 
Thomas^). The second son of Reuben and Chloe Ann (Daggett) 
Cole, born June 30, 1832. He died about October, 1883, in West 



George E.^ Cole {H£:ber,^ Sala,^ Jo Jin, ^ Jonathan,^ Jo Jin, '^ John^'^ 
TJiomas^). The 'second child of Heber and Louisa (Stevens) 
Cole was born in Tioga county, Pennsylvania, December 25, 1838. 
He married Louisa White, June 4, 1864. 

Their children are: 

340. i. Oscar E. , b. June 9, 1865. 

ii. Celestia, b. Apr. 6, 1870; d. in the summer of 1884. 
iii. Kate, b. May 20, 1873; d. in the summer of 1884. 

Mr. Cole is a farmer in Tioga, Pennsylvania. 

206 a 

Herbert H.^ Cole {A. ClarJz,'^ Sala,^ JoJin,^ JonatJian,"^ JoJin^'^ 
JoJm,^ TJiomas^^. The fourth child of A. Clark and Delia 
(Patten) Cole was born in Tioga, Pennsylvania, May 30, 1861. 
He is a civil engineer in Landu, Fremont county, Wyoming 

Lorenzo W.' Cole {Alfred R.,'^ EtJian,^ JoJin,^ JonatJian,'^ 
Jo Jin, ^^ Jo Jin, ^ TJioinas^). The third child and only son of Alfred 
R. and Liantha (Person) Cole was born in Counstableville, New 
York, November 7, 1846. In June, 1867, he married Emma L. 
Barlow. She was born August 15, 1851. He was a carpenter 
by trade. He died April 4, 1879. 

Their children were: 

341. i. Edward W., b. Oct. 5, 1872. 
ii. Mabel M., b. Mar. 10, 1876. 



Warren^ Cole {Alvai^ado,^ Ethan,^ John;^ Jonathan,'' John, '^ 
John,"" Tho7nas^). The first child and only son of Alvarado and 
Theodotia (Reed) Cole was born in Londonderry, Vermont. De- 
cember 5, 1841. Being in New Jersey in 1863 he enlisted in the 
Twenty-sixth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers, and served two 
years until the end of the war. He learned the barbers' trade. 
In 1 88 1 he married Rosa Harris, of Boston, Massachusetts, where 
he lived some time. He is now located in Nashua, New Hamp- 
shire. He has no children. 


WiNSLow^ A. Cole {Aljonzo,^ RtJianf" Jolin,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ 
John,^ Thomas^). The first child of Alfonzo Ethan and Sylvia 
(Cheany) Cole was born in Londonderry, December 9, 1841. He 
married December 6, 1862, Marietta Rawson, of Jamaica, Ver- 
mont. He moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, where he died 
June 21, 1884. 

The children of Winslow A. and Marietta (Rawson) Cole were: 

i. Mina M., b. Mar. 23, 1865. 

ii. Netta M., b. Sept. 24, 1867. 

342. iii. George W., b. July 20, 1873. 

343. iv. Earnest R. , b. Sept. 13, 1876. 

V. Edith S., b. Jan. 6, 1879; d. Sept. 16, 1879. 


William A. D.^ Cole {Stephen R.,^ Sinion,^ John,^ JonatJian,*' 
John,^ JoJin,'^ Thomas'^. Born in Neponset, Massachusetts, Feb- 
ruary 27, 1854. 


21 I 

Frank E.^ Cole {^Stephen R.,^ Sinion,^ John,'^ Jonathan,^ John,^ 
Jo/m,^ TJiomas"^), Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, April 17, 


Stephen R.^ Cole, Jr. {Stephen R.,'' Simon,^ John,^ Jonathan,'^ 
John,''^' John,^ Thomas/). Born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 
December 17, 1859. 


Howard E.^ Cole {Stephen R.,7 Simon,^ John^ Jonathan,'' 
John,^ John,'^ Thomas'). Born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 
June 8, 1870. 


George^ Cole {George, ^ Heber,^ John,^ Jonathan,'' John,'^ John,'^ 
Thomas'). Born in Keene, New Hampshire, April 6, 1854. On 
May 2, 1876, he married Clara E. Crosby, of Surry, New Hamp- 
shire. They have no children. Mr. Cole is a butcher in Keene. 


George Spofford^ Cole {EpJiraim F.,^ Kimball,^ Solomon,^ 
Samuel,"^ Samuel,^ John,"" Thomas'). Second son of Ephraim F. 
and Sarah (Spofford) Cole was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, 
July 2, 1836. He married N. Emeline, daughter of Nelson and 


Salinda Bodwell, of Boxford, November 29, i860. She was born 
in Rochester, New York, in 1835. M^- Cole is a carpenter and 
builder in Andover, Massachusetts, and is deputy sheriff of the 

His children are: 

i. R. Fannie, b. May 3, 1862. 

360. ii. John M..b. Nov. 4, 1863. 

361. iii. George W., b. Jan. 11, 1867. 
iv. Emma L., b. Jan. 23, 1869. 

V. Maud M., b. June 12, 1875. 


Arthur E.^ Cole {^Ephraim F.,'' Kwiball,^ Solojjton,^ Samuel,^ 
Saimiely^ Johiiy^ Thomas^). The seventh child of Ephraim F. and 
Sarah (Spofford) Cole was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, Sep- 
tember 30, 1848. He married October 5, 1882, Sarah A. Wood. 
He resides in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and has four children. 

362. i. Charles Kimball, b. Oct. 23, 1873. 

363. ii. Wm. Herbert, b. June 25, 1876. 
iii. Bertha May, b. Oct. 4, 1878. 

363<7 iv. Walter Irving, b. June 14, 1884. 


Joseph Franklin^ Cole {Ephraim F.,'' Kimball,^ Solomon,^ Sain- 
iiel,*' Samuel,^- John,^ Thomas^). The eighth child of Ephraim F. 
and Eliza (Spofford; Cole was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, 
September 28, 185 1. He married September 30, 1874, Carrie E. 
Bodwell, of Andover, Massachusetts, who was born March 31, 
1855. They reside in Andover. 

Their children are: 

364. i. Frank Lewis, b. Sept. 3, 1875. 

ii. Blanche Mildred, b. Nov. 29, 1881. 

365. iii. Roy Harold, b. Nov. 26, 1885. 


Wallace E.^ Cole {EpJiraim F.,'^ Kimball,^ Soloinon,^^ Samuel,'^ 
Saniucl,= JoJin,'^ Thomas^). The ninth child of I^^phraim and 
Eh'za (Spofford) Cole was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, No- 
vember 19, 1855. He married December 24, 1878, Ida D. Colby, 
of Salem, New Hampshire, where he now resides and is engaged 
in the provision business. 

Their children are: 

i. Mabel, b. Jan. 26, 1880. 
ii. Minnie F., b. Apr. 25, 1882. 
iii. Gertrude C, b. Sept. j6, 1884. 


RoscoE Kimball^ Cole {Ephraim F.,^ Kimball,^ Solomon,^ Sain- 
2ieU^ Savuiel,^ Jo/m,^ Thomas'"). The tenth child of Ephraim F. 
and Eliza (SpofTord) Cole was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, 

February 28, 1861. He married r— , and resides in 

Andover, Massachusetts. He has no children. 


Jefferson Kimball^ Cole {John K.,'' Kiviball,^ Solomon,'^ Saui- 
iiel,'' Sanmcl,^" Johii,^ Thomas^). The oldest child of John K. and 
Mary S. (Town) Cole was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, October 
25, 1838. He was educated in the common schools and at the 
Topsfield, Massachusetts, Academy. He taught in the district 
schools of Massachusetts for four years, and was then for two 
years an officer and teacher in the State Reform School for Boys 
at Westboro, Massachusetts. He served for two years in the army 


in the Eighteenth and Thirty-second Regiments, Massachusetts 
Volunteers. After the war he was for eleven years principal of a 
grammar school in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and then accepted 
the principalship of the A. M. A. schools, first at New Orleans, 
and later at Savannah, continuing in that work for three years. 
Ke is now teacher in the High School of Peabody, Massachusetts. 
He married November 27, 1862, Annie G., daughter of Jonathan 
and Catherine (Marsten) Poor, of Andover. 
Their children are. 

i. Mabel Eugenia, b. in Andover, Mass., Mar. 14, 1864; 

d. in Savannah, Ga., Mar. 6, 1880. 
ii. John Sawyer, b. in Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 28, 1866; 

d. in Savannah, Mar. i, 1880. 
iii. Gertrude Poor, b. in New Orleans, La., Oct. 26, 1877. 


John Newton^ Cole {John K,,'^ Kimball,^ Solomon,^ Sainual,^ 
Samuel,^ Johu,^ Thomas^). The fourth child and second son of 
John K. and Mary S. (Town) Cole was born in Boxford, Massa- 
chusetts, March 21, 1857. He is commonly known as J. Newton 
Cole. He married Minnie Clifford Kimball, of Melrose, Massa- 
chusetts, June 21, 1882. He resides in Andover, Massachusetts. 
His only child is: 

366. i. Harold Clifford, b. Feb. 15, 1886. 



William Kimball^ Cole {Win. Rnnnells,T Kimball,^ Solomon,^ 
Samuel,^ Sainuelr^ John,^ Thomas.'). The oldest child of William 
R. and Mary H. (Runnells) Cole was born in Boxford, June 2, 


1856. He married 188-, Eliza A. Richardson, of Boxford, where 
he resides, and is one of the Selectmen of the town. 
His onlv child is: 
367. i. Henry Lee, b. Oct. 22, 1882. 

227 a 

Norman^ Cole ( Win. R.,'' Kimball/' Solomon/ Samuel,'' Samuel/ 
John/ TJiomas^). The second son and third child of William R. 
and Mary H. (Runnells) Cole was born in Boxford, Massachu- 
setts, July 3, i860. He married April 18, 1882, Jennie Isabelle, 
daughter of Abraham and Eliza (During) Kershaw, of North 
Andover, who was born in 1859. 


Morris Lee^ Cole {Wm. R./ Kimball/ Solomon/ Samuel/ 
Samuel,^^ Johnr Thomas^). The third son of William R. and 
Mary H. (Runnells) Cole was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, 
April 29, 1863. 


Stephen B.^ Cole [Jo/ui A.,'' Isaac/ Solomon/ Samuel/ Sam- 
uel,^ John,^ Thomas^). The only son of John A. Cole by his sec 
ond wife, Abigail Davis, born in Plymouth, New Hampshire, 
April 30, 1840. 


Timothy^ Cole {Timothy,'' Isaac/ Solomon/ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
John,^ Thomas^). The only son, of Rev. Timothy and Susan 
(Hill) Cole, born . Resides in Michigan. 



. 231 

George^ Cole {Zackeiis,'^ JoJin,^ Solomon,- Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ 
Jo Jul,' Thomas^). The eldest son and third child of Zackeus and 
Annis (Harlow) Cole was born in Westminster, Vermont, De- 
cember 2, 1822. He removed to Salem, Massachusetts, where 
he married Caroline Bartlett, January 15, 1846. He resides in 
Salem, and has no children. 


Charles^ Cole {Zackeus,'^ Jo lui,^ Solomon,'^' Saimicl,^ Sanmel,^ 
John,^ Thomas^). The second son of Zackeus and Annis (Har- 
low) Cole, was born in Westminster, Vermont, June 16, 1825, 
and died there December 2, 1879. ^^ married Hattie Cluff in 
Boston, Massachusetts, where he lived most of his life. He left 
no children. 

Daniel Read^ Cole {Asa,'' John, ^ Solomon,^ Samuel,^ Saninel,^ 
JoJm,'' Thomas'). The second son of Asa and Sarah (Pitts) Cole 
was born in Gilsum, Cheshire county, New Hampshire, Decem- 
ber 20, 1835. He married November 23, 1858, Adeliza, daughter 
of Oilman and Eliza (Towne) Jones, who was born in Marlow, 
New Hampshire, January 3, 1838. He now resides at Keene, 
New Hampshire, engaged in the grain and feed business, with 
mills at Marlboro. He is a prominent man in the place, and 
has been for years one of the city assessors. 

His children are: 

372. i. Frank A., b. in Keene, Sept. 18, 1861 ; now engaged 
in business with his father, 
ii. Hattie E., b. July 24, 1870. 



Warren Mighill^ Cole {David M.,'^ Manlcy H./' Simeon,"' Sam- 
uel,'^ Samuel,^ John,- Thomas'-). The only child of David H. 
and Eunice (Chadvvick) Cole was born in Boxford, Massachusetts, 

, 1 85-. He married Anna Richardson, a native of Sackville, 

N. B., in December, 1886. He is one of the leading and active 
young men of Boxford, and holds the office, of collector and treas- 
urer of the town. 


William H. A.^ Cole {Caleb M.,'' Manley H.,^ Simeon,"^ Sam- 
7iel,^ Samuel,^^ John,^ Thomas'"). The youngest child and only son 
of Caleb M. and Louisa (Jenness) Cole was born in Boxford, 
Massachusetts, May 9, 1865. 


Serenus^ Cole {Tisdale S.,^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan/' JonatJian,^ 
JonatJian,^ John, '^ John,'' TJiomas"). The eldest child of Tisdale S. 
and Laurency (Hallock) Cole, of River Falls, Wisconsin, was 
born . 


George^ Cole {Tisdale S.,^ Jonathan,'' J nat J lan,^ Jonathan, "^ 
Jonathan,"^ John,^ JoJin,~ Thomas"). The second son of Tisdale 
S. and Laurency (Hallock) Cole, of River Falls, Wisconsin, was 
born . 



Myron Smith9 Cole {^Horace C.,^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,^ Jonathan,'^ John,^^ John,^ Thomas^). The first child of Hor- 
ace C. and Belinda (Smith) Cole, was born in Madrid, St. 
Lawrence county. New York, January 18, 1826. We quote from 
his letter: 

"I moved with my parents to Hopkinton, St. Lawrence county, New York, in 
1832, and thence to West Stockholm, same county, in 1837, where I have lived 
ever since. I still own the place my father bought in 1838. I worked with my 
father at the carpenter and joiners' trade, and at farming part of the time till he 
went west in 1854, attending district school from two to three months in the win- 
ter, till I was twenty years of age, aspiring and hoping for something better in 
the line of education. About that time I became satisfied that I could not study 
on occount of a heart difficulty, which has troubled me ever since. So it has 
been work, work. After my father went west I continued to work at my trade till 
i860, when I was married to Malinda Averill, of Shelburne, Vermont, after which 
I worked at farming till 1862, when I enlisted in the army for three years, or dur- 
ing the war. I was wounded in July, 1864, and served in the hospital for five 
months, when I returned to my regiment, the One Hundred and Sixth New York 
Volunteers. Was discharged in June, 1865. Since then I have been a farmer. 

'' Had I followed my own inclination I should have granted your request and 
sent back your note to me; for I consider my life a very unimportant one. But 
you can do as you like about publishing what I have written. I will say in clos- 
ing that here I am at the age of sixty, having a comfortable home. I am out of 
debt, have the needful things of life, and am hoping for and expecting something 
better in another world. Yours respectfully, " Myron S. Cole." 

His only child was: 

i. Arthur Benjamin, b. July 2, 1869. 


Oscar C.9 Cole {Horace C.,^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,"* John,^ John,'' Thomas^). The fourth child of Horace 
and Belinda (Smith) Cole was born in West Stockholm, New 
York, June 25, 1840. He married Angie Libby, of Sanford, 
York county, Maine, June 17, 1867. He was United States pos- 
tal clerk for four years, and is now the editor and proprietor of 





the Iowa Postal Card, a newspaper published at Fayette, Fayette 

county, Iowa. 

They have two children : 

i. Lyle Leverne, b. ICS75. 
ii. Emma Elvise, b. 1879. 


Lucius 0.9 Cole {Osinand R.,^ fonatJian,'^ JonatJian,^ JormtJian,^ 
Jcvmthan,^ John,^^ John,^ Thomas^). The eldest son of Osmand 
R. and Betsy (Boswick) Cole was born in Chittenden county, Ver- 
mont, January 5, 1834. Married three times. Has six children. 
Served in army. In Libby prison. Minister in Pottsdam, New 

Cyrus Jonathan9 Cole {Osinand R.,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan;^ JonatJian,^ JoJin,= JoJin,'^ Thomas^). The sixth child of 
Osmand R. and Betsy (Boswick) Cole, was born in St. Lawrence 
county. New York, September 26, 1844; married Susan Wilson, 
April, 1866. Resides in Elgin, Illinois. Has no children. 


Charles Wesley9 Cole {Osmand R.,^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ John,'' Thomas^). The eighth child of 
Osmand R. and Betsy (Boswick) Cole, was born in St. Lawrence 
county, New York, March 8, 1846; married Ellen Stiles, April 
27, 1869. Resides in Elgin, Illinois. 


Their children are: 

i. Henry Luther, b. June 7, 1870. 

ii. Julia Ellen, b. Nov. 26, 1871; d. Aug. 21, 1873. 
iii. Osman Fred., b. Aug. 10, 1873. 
iv. William Charles, b. March 31, 1875; d. Nov. 22, 1877. 

V. Edna Frances, b. April 17, 1878. 
vi. Lizzie Carrie, b. Sept. 6, 1879. 


Martin E.9 Cole {Clement C.,^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'^ 
Jo jiat hail, ^ John,"- John, ^~ Thomas'). The eldest son of Clement C. 
and Fidelia (Myers) Cole, born November 27, 1840; married 
Mary E. Chamberlain. Real estate agent in Chicago, Illinois. 

Children : 

i. Florence C, b. Oct. 27, 1880. 


Frank9 Cole {Clement C,^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,^ John,"- John,^ Thomas'). The youngest child of Clem- 
ent C. and Fidelia (Myers) Cole, born . He married 

a Miss Charles, who died leaving no children. 


Fred. E.9 Cole {Abel Barton,^ Abel,'' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,^ John,^ John,^ Thomas'). Son of Abel B. and Maria 
(Miller) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, Octo- 
ber 14, 1854. He married (i) Adele L. Proctor, February 6, 1886, 
who was born October 8, 1862, and died November 17, 1884. He 
is a farmer in Westmoreland, owning the old home farm. On 
November 23, 1886, he married (2) Nellie E. Chase, of West- 



Frank W.9 Cole {Abel B.,^ Abel,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
tJian,^ John,^ John,'' Thomas'^). The youngest son of Abel Bar- 
ton and Maria (Miller) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New 
Hampshire, September 9, 1864. He married Alice Shippy, of 
Bellows Falls, Vermont, September i, 1886. He was a book- 
keeper in Bellows Falls, Vermont, and died there February 7, 
1887. He was a young man of great energy and ambition, of 
excellent habits and disposition, and his early death removed a 
promising and useful citizen. 


Dan Warren9 Cole {Anson,^ Abel,'' Jonathan,^- Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,^ John,-' John,^ Thoinas'). The third child of Anson and 
Harriet (Warren) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, New Hamp- 
shire, May 10, 1 85 1. He was a clerk in his father's store in 
Westmoreland for many years, and is now engaged in that capacity 
in Ashuelot, New Hampshire. He married (i) FUen M. Burn- 
ham, of Westmoreland, September 16, 1874. She was born 
September 28, 1852, and died May 7, 1881. 

Their children were: 

i. Lee, b. Feb. 5, 1877; ^"^ ^^ infant. 

Mr. Cole then married (2) Fannie Cowdery, of Westmoreland, 
November 9, 1881. 


Fred. Anson9 Cole {Anson,^ Abel,^ /ofiaihan,^ Jonathan, '= Jona- 
than,^ John, ^^ John, ^ Thomas^). The fifth and youngest child of 
Anson and Harriet (Warren) Cole, was born in Westmoreland, 


New Hampshire, March 17, 1853. He married Mary WeUington, 
daughter of EH Wellington, of Westmoreland, November 20, 


William A. 9 Cole (George H.,^ Abel,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
JonatJian,'' Jolm,^=> JoJin,"^ Thomas^). The third child of George 
and Elizabeth (Stratton) Cole, was born November 6, 1857. He 
is unmarried, and is in partnership with his father in the American 
House, Filchburg, Massachusetts. 


Walter S.^ Cole {George H.,^ Abel,'' JonatJiau,^ Jonathan,^ 
JoJiathan,^ Johu,^ John,^ Thomas^). The fourth child of George 
H. and Elizabeth (Stratton) Cole, was born September 26, 1859. 
He is unmarried, and lives in Leominster, Massachusetts. 

Charles Augustus'^ Cole {Curtis A.,^ Abijah,'' Jonathan/' Jon- 
athan,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ John,"" Thomas'-). The eldest son of 
Curtis A. and Olive (Murphy) Cole was born May 14, 1843. He 
resides in Sherman City, Isabel county, Michigan. He has one 
son and two daughters. 



Eugene9 Cole {Curtis A.,^ AbijaJiy\fonatJuin,'^' Jonatlian,^ Jona- 

thari,^ Jo/uiy^ John,^ Thomas^). The fourth son of Curtis A. and 

|l OHve (Murphy) Cole was born September 10, 1847. He resides 

in Breckenridgc, Summit county, Colorado, and has one son and 

two daughters. 



Carlisle R.^ Cole {Ciwtis A.,^ AbijaJi,'' Jonathan,^ /onathan/^ 
Jonathan,'^ /ohu,^ John,'' Thomas^). The second child of Curtis 
A. and Harriet (Miller) Cole was born February 7, 1853. He is 
a carpenter, residing in Diamond Dale, Eaton county, Michi- 
gan, and has two sons. 

William H.^ Cole (Curtis A.,^ AbijaJL,\JonatJian,^JonatJian,^ 
JonatJiaii,'' JoJui,^^ JoJin,'^ Tlioinas^). The fifth child of Curtis A. 
and Harriet (Miller) Cole was born October 11, 1863. He is a 
farmer and unmarried. He lives with his father in St. Louis, 
Gratiot county, Michigan. 


Adelbert H.9 Cole {Edwin A.,^ Asa,'' AbijaJi,^ Abijah,'^ Jona- 
than,'' John,^" JoJin,'^ Thomas^). The eldest son of Edwin A. and 
Delia (Moore) Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, Hancock 
county, Maine, April 28, 1857. 




Frank W.9 Cole {Edwin A.,^ Asa,'' AbijaJif" AbijaJi,''' JonatJian,^ 

John,^^ Jo/my^ Thomas^). The youngest son and seventh child of 

Edwin A. and Delia (Moore) Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, 
Maine, July 9, 1868. 


John R.9 Cole i^David G.,^ Asa,'' Abijah/' Abij ah, '^ Jonathan,'^ 
JoJin,'^ Jo/m,^ Thomas^). The eldest son of Captain Davdd G. 
and Sarah (Allen) Cole was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, 
June 31, 1861. He married Noveniber 17, 1883, Jennie M. 

His children are: 

i. Ernest, b. Apr. 30, 1885. 


Louis P. 9 Cole {David G.,^ Asa,'' AbijaJi,^ AbijaJi,"' JonatJian,^ 
Jo]in,^=' JoJin,'' T/ioinas''). The younger son of Captain David G. 
and Sarah (Allen) Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, 
February 8, 1863. 


EvERARD G.9 Cole {Biickman,^ Asa,'' AbijaJi.^ AbijaJi,'^ Jona- 
thaji,^ JoJui,^ JoJiii,'^ TJioinas"). The first child of Captain Buck- 
man and Marion (Allen) Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, 
Maine, May 23, 1858. 



Henry M.9 Cole (Biicknian,^ Asa,'^ AbijaJi,^ AbijaJi,^ JonatJian^'' 
JoJin,^ John,'' Thomas'^. The second child of Captain Buckman 
and Marion (Allen) Cole, was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, 
May 2, i860. He lives at Sebago Lake, Maine. 


Nathan9 Cole [Buckinan,^ Asa,'^ AbijaJi,^ Abijah,'" JoiiatJian,'' 
Jo/m,^ John,'' Thoinas^). The third child of Captain Buckman 
and Marion (Allen) Cole was born in Prospect Harbor, Maine, 
March 8, 1862. He married January 10, 1885, Edith B. Coombs, 
and lives in Prospect Harbor. 


Henry Merwin9 Cole {Asa,^ Asa,^ Asa,^ AbijaJi,^ JonatJian,'' 
John,^^ /ohn,^ Thomas'"). The first child of Asa and Sarah (Mer- 
win) Cole, was born June 11, 1849. He married Louisa M. 
Temple, of West Medway, Massachusetts, and resides in South 
Abington, Massachusetts. 

His children are: 

i. Two who died in infancy, 

iii. Frederick Richardson, b. May 3, 1874. 

iv. Virginia Merwin, b. May 8, 1875. 

V. Jesse Murry, b. Jan. i, 1877. 

vi. Mary P^Hzabeth, b. April 17, 1885. 



Carson V.y Cole {Gilbert L.,^ Levi,'' Levi,^ John,^ Jonathan,^ 
John,^ John,- Thomas"). The eldest child of Gilbert L. and 


Frederika (Wantzchmitt) Cole was born at Adrian, Michigan, 
May lo, 1856. He grew to manhood in Iowa, and was educated 
at the State University of Nebraska. In 1878, when the family 
removed from Iowa to Beatrice, Nebraska, he accompanied them, 
and is now one of the editors of the Beatrice Daily Express. 
He is unmarried. 


Frank W. 9 Cole {Gilbeii L.,^ Levi,"^ Levi,^ John,^ JonatJian,'' 
Johfiy^ John,^ Thomas^). The second son of Gilbert L. and Fred- 
erika (Wantzschmitt) Cole was born in Sidney, Iowa, July 21, 
1859, He is now a professor of music in Beatrice, Nebraska. 


George M.9 Cole {Gilbert Z. ,^ Lein,"^ Levi,^ Jo/m,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jo/ut,^ John,- Thojnas^). The third child of Gilbert L. and Fred- 
erika Cole, was born in Sidney, Iowa, September 10, 1861. He is 
a locomotive engineer on the Burlington & Missouri River railroad, 
and resides in Hastings, Nebraska. 


William S.9 Cole {Gilbert L.,^ Levi,'^ Levi,^ JoJin,^ JonatJian,'' 
Jo/uiy^' Jolui,^ T/winas^). The fourth son of Gilbert L. and Fred- 
erika Cole, was born at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, April 28, 
1864. He is now a jeweler in Beatrice, Nebraska. 


Edward K.9 Cole {Gilbert L.,^ Levi,i Levi,^ John,^ Jonathan,*' 
John,^ John^ Thojuas'). The fifth son of Gilbert L. and Freder- 
ika Cole, was born in Sidney, Iowa, September 22, 1866. He is 
now manager of the Telephone and Electric Light Company of 
Beatrice, Nebraska. 

Salmon9 Cole {Williard,^ Salmojt,^ Sahion,^ John,^ Jofiathan,'^ 
John,^- Jolm,^ Thomas'). The first child of Williard and Jane 
(Bothwell) Cole, of Hawksbury, Prescott county, Quebec, was 
born February 4, 1861. 


James9 Cole {Williard,^ Sainton,^ Salmon,^ John, ^ Jonathan,^ 
John,^ John,^ Thomas'). The second son of Williard and Jane 
(Bothwell) Cole, was born March 31, 1865. 


Frederick9 Cole {Oris,^ Oris,^ Salmon,^ John,'^ Jonathan,*' JoJin,''- 
John,^ Thomas'). The first child of Oris and Phena (Pollard) 

Cole, was born , 1858. He is married, and Hves in 

Cloyne, Ontario. 


Edwin9 Cole {Oris,^ Oris,'' Salmon,^ John,^ Jonathan,^ John,^ 
John,"" Thomas'). The fourth child and second son of Oris and 
Phena (Pollard) Cole, was born in Cloyne, Ontario, in 1863. He 
is now in British Columbia. 



Fayette Alonzo^ Cole {Aljamen A.,^ Da^iiel M.^ Laban,^ 
JoJin,'^ JoiiaiJian,^ Jo/m,^ John,^ Thomas^). The eldest son and 
third child of Dr. A. A. and AUyna A. (Sanders) Cole, was born 
in Marion, Wisconsin, May 12, 1856. In 1880 he married 
Rebecca Starr, who died about six months after their marriage. 
He has married a second time, and resides near Elcho Station, Lin- 
coln county, Wisconsin. 


Albert Eugene^ Cole {Aljaman A.,^ Daniel J/.,^ Laban,^ 
Jo Jin,'" Jonathan,^ JoJin,'^ JoJin,'' Thoi?tas^). The fourth son of Dr. 
A. A. and Allyna A. (Sanders) Cole, born in Marion, Wisconsin, 
July 19, 1865. He is now an engineer in Shinkley, Minnesota. 

Aljaman E.^ Cole {^Seymorey^ Daniel M.,'^ Laban,^ John,''> Jona- 
than,'' John,^ John,'' Thomas^). The only son of Seymore and 
Matilda (Slocum) Cole, was born September 11, 1853. He mar- 
ried December 6, 1876, Nellie Wainwright, of Woodstock, Illi- 
nois. He is a farmer in Hayti, Hamlin county, Nebraska. 


Jabez Daniel9 Cole ( Vernon,^ Daniel M.,"^ Laban,^ John,^ Jona- 
tJian,^ John,^ Jo Jin,'' TJioinas^). The first child of Vernon and 
Sarah (Kellogg) Cole, was born in Marion township, Waushara 
county, Wisconsin, May 21, 1852. He lives in Maple Valley, 
Wisconsin, and is a widower with one daughter. 


Clarence De Poister^ Cole {Vernon,^ Daniel M.,'' Laban,^ 
John^ Jonathan,'' John,^ John,'' Thomas'^). The second son of 
Vernon and Sarah (Kellogg) Cole, was born in Marion township, 
Waushara county, Wisconsin, December 22, 1853. 


York County, Maine. 

William Cole. He came to the Massachusetts Bay colony- 
early, and January 23, 1637, two acres were granted to him at Mt. 
Wallaston. He married Elizabeth, a daughter of Francis Doughty, 
a merchant of Bristol, England. Her brother, the Rev. Francis 
Doughty, also came to the colony. He was in Taunton in 1639, 
and subsequently went to Rhode Island and thence to Long 
Island, where he was very roughly handled by the Dutch. He 
finally went to Virginia. 

In 1640 Mrs. Cole sued her brother for defrauding her of her 
marriage portion. There is a letter from Rev. Francis Doughty 
to Governor Winthrop asking about the case. This is the case in 
which Mr. Thomas Lechford, the earliest lawyer in the colony, was 
retained, and to which he refers in "Plain Dealing." 

I suspect that Mr. Cole was a follower of Wheelwright, for he 
removed to Exeter, and was in 1639 a witness to a true deed from 
the Indians to Wheelwright, and in 1640 removed with him to 
Wells, Maine, where he was constable in 1645. 

He submitted with his sons John and Nicholas to the Massachu- 
setts Jurisdiction, and took the oath at Wells, July 5, 1653. He 
moved back to Hampton, and died there May 16, 1662, in his 
eighty second year. 

His children were: 

2. i. John. 

3. ii. Nicholas, b. 1636. 

4. iii. William, 

And probably others. 


Nicholas" Cole (f^27//lt^;//^). Born , 1636. He prob- 
ably went to Wells with his father about 1640. He was a signer 
of the petition of certain inhabitants of Maine to Cromwell in 
1656. He was constable there in 1658. He was appointed ferry- 
man on Cape Porpoise River in 1664, in place of John Sanders, 
who had removed to Cape Porpoise. He was to keep the ferry 
seven years. He is mentioned aged 30 in 1666. 

His children were: 

5. i. Nicholas, b. . He was killed by the Indians 

May II, 1704. 

ii. Jane, b. . She m. Joseph Littlefield, and 

after his death John Heard, of Dover, N. H., July, 
1698. They lived in Kittery, but the record is in 
Exeter, N. H. Their children are: 
( i.) Jane, b. June 18, 1699; m. Nov. 15, 1719. 
Tristram Coffin, of Dover, and had nine 
(ii.) Mary, b. Aug. 24, 1700; m. July i, 1722, 
Henry Baxter. 

(iii.) Abijah, b. Apr. 15, 1702; m. Hubbard. 

iii. (?) Ann, who was m. to Nicholas J^adcock, in 1686, 
by Justice Barefoote, in Portsmouth or vicinity. 


JoHN^ Cole (Wi/ham'). He first came to Wells and then set- 
tled at Cape Porpoise, where he was living when the people of 
Maine submitted to the Massachusetts Jurisdiction, he having 
signed the petition of 1672. 

On July 5, 1653, he and eleven others of Cape Porpoise ap- 
peared before the Court at Wells, took the oath, and were incor- 
porated as the fifth township in Maine. 

At the time of the Indian troubles at the close of the century 



and the beginning of the next, the people of this region suffered 
severely. When the troops of Governor Andrus withdrew in 
1690, most of the people of Cape Porpoise withdrew to Wells or 
to Portsmouth. In August, 1703, the few that had ventured back 
were again driven out, and all improvements destroyed. The 
town was not resettled till 17 14. 

John Cole probably lived at Cleaves Cove and there three of his 
children resided after the town was resettled. He is recorded as 
on the Grand Jury and as licensed to keep a public house, July, 
1674. Savage says he died 1661, as his invoice is produced on 
April 20 of that year. 

His children were, but not in this order: 

6. i. Isaac. 9. iv. Edward. 

7. ii. John. ID. V. Joseph. 

8. iii. Phillip. ii. vi. Benjamin. 


William^ Cole {Johii'). Among those who signed the peti- 
tion to Massachusetts, of May 18, 1672, requesting them to ex- 
tend jurisdiction over the province of Maine, was William Cole, 
of Sheepcoatc. He was probably a son of William'. 


Nicholas^ Cole {Nicholas,'' WillianV^. Son of Nicholas and 

( ) Cole, born , and killed by the Indians May 

II, 1704. See Boston Newsletter, May 15, 1704. (Reg. Vol. 
XIII, p. 238). 



IsAAc3 Cole {Jo/m,- William^). Son of Isaac and ( ) 

Cole. After the town of Cape Porpoise was resettled in 17 14, he 
lived at Cleaves Cove. He had received a grant from the town in 

[Can he be the Isaac of Exeter, a mill-wright, who sold part of a mill to 

, in 1671?] 

He may have been the Isaac Cole of Piscataqua, who was killed 
by the Indians while attending a wedding at Wells, Maine. See 
Boston Neivs- Letter, September 15, 17 12. [Reg. Vol. XII, 
p. 138]. 


John3 Cole (John,^ William^). One of the sons of John and 

( ) Cole, born . He returned to Cape Porpoise 

in 1 7 14. He died about 1740. 


Phillip^ Cole {John,'^ William^). Son of John and ( ) 

Cole, born . He returned to Cape Porpoise in 17 14, 

and died about 1725. His widow Mary survived him many years, 
and lived near Cleaves Cove. 


Edward3 Cole {John,^ William'). I think he was the eldest 

son of John and ( ) Cole, as he signs the oath with his 

father on July 22, 1674. Nothing further is known of him. 



Joseph^ Cole ^JoJin,'^ William^). Son of John and ( ) 

Cole, born . He is mentioned in Bradbury's, Kenne- 

punkport, as living in 1740. There was a Joseph at York in 1680, 
but the name is spelled Coole, and was probably another man. 

I I 

Benjamin^ Cole {Jo/in,^ Williavi^). Son of John and ( ) 

Cole, born . He was living in Manchester in 1734, says 


[This fragment is inserted here that it may perchance be of service to some 
other worker in this field.] 


[Note. — I think this family belongs to the Plymouth family.] 

Joseph Cole. Born probably in Plympton, Massachusetts, early 
in the eighteenth century. He was a private in Captain Perkins' 
company in the expedition against Louisburg. He with others 
being ordered home before the expedition returned, gave the fol- 
lowing order in regard to their share of the profits of that expe- 

"Louisburg, September 19, 1745. 

" We, the subscribers, select Captain Thomas Perkins to receive our part of the 
plunder that is comming to us by virtue of our being soldiers at Cape Breton." 
[Hist. Gen. Reg., XXV, 251.] 

He had previously married Mary — , He removed to 

Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where he died. 


His children were: 

2. i. Samuel, b. ; m. Nov. i6, 1762, to Sarah 

Packard, of Bridgewater. 

3. ii. Ephraim, b. ; m. , Hannah Randall. 

4. iii. Joseph, b. ; m. Dec. 8, 1757, to Bett)^ 

South worth. 

iv. Mary, b. ; m. June 8, 1758, Col. Frederick 

Pope (b. May 15, 1733; d. Aug. 20, 1812), of 
Stoughton, Mass., son of Dr. Ralph and Rebecca 
(Stubbs) Pope, of Stoughton. She had eight chil- 
dren, of whom Frederick, b. Aug. 20, 1772, m. 
Molly Pierce, of Dorchester, April 13, 1796, and d. 
«' in Mechias, Me., Dec. 16, 1826, and William, m. 
Sarah Pierce, a sister of Molly's, June 19, 1799, 
was a merchant of Boston, and d. in Dorchester, 
May 20, i860, aged 85. 

V. Susanna, b. ; m. , Niles. 

vi. Catherine, b. ; m. Feb. 11, 1762, Daniel 


vii. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Feb. 11, 1762, Solomon 

Smith, of East Bridgewater. 

5. viii. Eleazer, b. 1747; m. July 11, 1769, Lucy Shurt- 

liff, and moved to Maine. 

ix. Sarah, b. 1749; m. , Withington. 

X. Silence, b. I755; d. young. 

Samuel^ Cole {Joseph"-). Son of Joseph and Mary Cole, born 
. He married November 16, 1752, Sarah, daughter of 

Seth Packard. 

His children were: 

6. i. William, b. , 1753; m. , 1773, Molly Lazell. 

ii. Rebecca, b. , 1755; m. Sept. 8, 1775, Amaziah 


7. iii. Samuel, b. , 1761 ; m. . He moved 



Ephraim^ Cole {Joseph^). Second son of Joseph and Mary 
Cole, born . He married Hannah Randall. 

Their children were: 

i. Zilpha, b. , 1754; m. May 7, 1772, Edward 


8. ii. Ephraim, b. , 175^; m. Dec. 18, 1777, Silence 


iii. Hannah, b. , 1759; m. Isaac Keith, and after his 

death Capt. Seth Keith. 

iv. Molly, b. , 1764; m. , 1782, John Drake. 

V. Rachael, b. , 1768; m. , 1786, Ichabod 



Joseph'' Cole {Joseph^). Third son of Joseph and Mary Cole, 

born . He married Elizabeth, daughter of Constant 

Southworth, December 8, 1757. 

Their children were : 

i. Desire, b. ; m. Sept. 25, 1777, Noah Pratt. 

They removed to Vermont. 
9. ii. Joseph, b. . He moved West. 


Eleazer^ Cole {Joseph"-). Fourth son of Joseph and Mary Cole, 

born , 1747. He married July 11, 1769, Lucy Shurtliff, and 

moved to Maine. 



Ephraim3 Cole {EpJiraim,'^ Joseph"^. First son of Ephiaim and 

Hannah (Randall) Cole, born , 1756, in Bridgewater; married 

December 18, 1777, Silence Webb. Lived in Bridgewater. 

His children were: 

i. Ephraim, b. ; m. , 1808, Susanna 

Packard, and had a daughter Susanna, born the 

same year. 

ii. Thomas, b. ; m. , 18 10, Silence Thayer. 

iii. Zibion, b. ; m. , 1819, Mary, daughter 

of Bartlett Field, 
iv. Osman, b. ; m. , Lucy, daughter 

of Perez Southworth. 
V. Alvan, b. ; m. , 1823, Eliza, daughter 

of David French, 
vi. Hannah, b. ; m. , 1800, Silas Snow. 


Abial Cole. Born about 1735. He was a sergeant in Captain 
Benjamin Pratt's company of Colonel Thomas Doty's regiment, in 
service 1758, and also in the company of Captain Levi Rounsevell, 
of Freetown, minute men of April 19, 1776 (Lexington). He 
also served one month and seven days in Captain Manasseh Kemp- 
ton's company of Colonel Carpenter's regiment, in the campaign 
of 1777, in Rhode Island. He married Annie Pierce, of Middle- 
boro, June 23, 1757. He owned a farm in Freetown, on the line 
between that town and Middleboro. He moved with his large 
family to Shutesbury, and died there about 1781, leaving his family 
in destitute circumstances. Mrs. Cole's brother, Captain Job 
Pierce, brought them back to Freetown, where she married 


Colonel Thomas Rounsevell. They had no children. Colonel 
Rounsevell died January 31, 1826, aged eighty, and she died in 
September, 1806. 

The children of Abial and Anna (Pierce) Cole were: 

i. Abial, b. , 1758; enlisted as a soldier in the 

Revolutionary army, and never returned ; is supposed 
to have perished in the service. 

2. ii. John, b. . 

3. iii. Joseph, b. . 

iv. Lydia, b. Nov. 8, 1763; m. Samuel Pickens, of Mid- 
dleboro, who died Feb. 7, 1823, aged 66. She died 
May 10, 1843. One daughter, Adelene, m. Lynde 
Valentine, a prominent man of Freetown, between 
1 82 1 and 1855; another, Martha, m. Silas Tenny, of 
Freetown, and a third, Melancy, m. Capt. John V. 
Pratt, of Freetown. 

V. Betsy, b, ; m. , Joseph Smith. 

vi. Hannah, . 

vii. Phebe, b. ; m. Benjamin Hix, of 

viii. Mercy, b. ; m. Phillips Rounsevell, of Free- 
ix. Polly, b. 

5. X. Phineas, b. . 

xi. Anna, b. ; m. Nathaniel Fuller, of Sherburn, 

Vt., Feb. 5, 1807. 


Mercy^ Cole {Abial'). The eighth child of Abial and Anna 

(Pierce) Cole, was born . She married Phillip, the oldest 

son of ]^hillip3 Rounsevell of Freetown. 

They had twelve children, viz: 

i. Gamaliel Rounsevell, b. Oct. 12, 1776; d. i85-;m. in 
1824 Freelove Thompson, of Middleboro. He was 
a very prominent man in his locality, 
ii. Phillip Rounsevell, b. P^eb. 7, 1779; d. unmarried, 
iii. Abial Rounsevell, b. Sept. 6, 1780; m. July 20, 1803, 
Betsy Ashley, of PVeetown. 



iv. Hannah Rounsevell, b. April 12, 1783; m. l^radford 

Rounsevell, of Freetown. 
V. Ebenezer Rounsevell, b. Sept. 27, 1785; m. in 1808, 

Sally Rounsevell, of Freetown, 
vi. Lydia Rounsevell, b. Dec. 3, 1787; never married. 

vii. Phebe Rounsevell, b. ; never married. 

viii. Benjamin Rounsevell, b. Nov. 29, 1789; m. in 18 15, 

Ann Gifford, of Rochester. 
ix. Joseph Rounsevell, b. March 25, 1792; d. July 15, 

1821; m. Delia Lawrence, of Freetown. 
X. Philena Rounsevell, b. Aug. 12, 1794; m. Jonathan 

Washburn, of Dartmouth, June 10, 18 14. 
xi. Alden Rounsevell, b. Oct. 26, 1797; m. in 1822 Cor- 
nelia Ashley, of Freetown. He lived in Rochester, 
xii. Robert G. Rounsevell, b, • ; m. in 1827, Mrs. 

Delia Rounsevell, widow of his brohter Joseph. 

Rockland, Me. 

[From Eaton's Thomaston and Rockland, Me. Vol. II, P. 181]. 

Capt. William Cole. Born August 18, 1791 (in Virginia?). 
Came from Nashville, Tennessee, to Thomaston, Maine, and com- 
menced trade at Mill River. He married Mary G. Dodge 
(daughter of Dr. Ezekiel'Goddard Dodge, M. D., and Susannah 
[Winslow] Dodge, of Thomaston), born December 23, 1801, Janu- 
ary 20, 1825. Removed his business to Rockland, where he died 
April 22, 1849. 

Children : 

i. Mary E., b. Dec. i, 1826; d. May 5, 1851. 
ii. Winslow, b. Aug. 3, 1829; d. Aug. 5, 1829. 
iii. Rebecca W., b. Nov. i and d. Nov. 2, 1830. 
iv. Susan W., b. Sept. 20, 1831; m. Captain Artemus 

Watts, and resided in Thomaston. 
V. Sarah F., b. July 29, 1833; d. Mar. 10, 1852. 
vi. Wm. J., b. Aug. 16, 1835; resided in Thomaston ; re- 
moved to California. 



vii. Eveline W. , b. Apr. 30, 1857; resided in Thomaston. 

viii. Garnet G., b. May 30, d. in June, 1838. 

ix. Caroline, b. Dec. 20, 1839; resided in Thomaston, 
and died October 13, 1861. 

X. Harriet A., b. July 18, 1841 ; d. Aug. 26, 1842. 

xi. Henrietta, b. Aug. 23. d. Aug. 30, 1842. 

xii. Randall, b. 1846; d. Aug. 12, 1852. 

John P. Cole (brother of William), b. in Virginia in 1801. 
Came from Nashville to Thomaston a few years later; traded at 
same place. Married July i, 1828, Lavina Southworth, oldest 
child of William Southworth, from Duxbury, Massachusetts, and 
Lucy (Wheaton) Southworth, of Thomaston, born 1805. Re- 
moved to Illinois, but returned in 1856; resided in Thomaston; a 
merchant; removed in 1862 to Massachusetts. 

Children : 

i. Lavina S. , b. Jan. 4, 1829; m. Benj. Avery, of Bos- 
ton ; resided in Thomaston. 
ii. Adelia F., b. May 23, 1832; m. J. Augustus Hersey, 
of Wiscasset, Sept. 3, 1855. 

iii. John W., b. Apr. 20, 1834; resided in Thomaston; 
clerk; removed to California in i86l 

iv. James D., b. Aug. i, 1836; resided in Thomaston; 
clerk ; enlisted in cavalry ; removed to Mass. 

V. Adelaide, b. Sept. 4, 1840; m. Lysander Hill, Esq., 
of Alexandria. Va. 

John F. Cole. Born in Waldoborough, Maine, 1799; came to 
Thomaston ; carried on marble manufacturing ; married November 6, 
1825, Clementina Bryant, daughter of Joseph and Sally (Vose) 
Brvant, of Thomaston, born October 15, 1804. (Joseph was a son 
of Charles B., an Englishman.) Resided in Thomaston, and died 
November 6, 183L He had a sister, Sarah, born 1793, who 


married Charles Starrett, of Thomaston, son of Thomas, of War- 
ren (who was born 1793), September 30, 18 15, tailor in Thomaston; 
died January 25, 1857, and had children: 

i. Sarah W., b. Oct. 24, 1816; m. Isaac Ilodgman, of Thomaston; d. 

Aug. 2, 1839. 
ii. Mary C, b. Mar. 13, 1818; m. Tileston H. Smith, of Thomaston; 

d. July 3, 1856. 
iii. Chas. T., b. May 30, 1820; m. Sarah S. Healey, of Thomaston; re- 
moved to Deadham, Mass. 
iv. John C, b. Apr. II, 1823; d. July 17, 1832. 

V. David J., b. June 5, 1S25; m. Martha Ann Harrington, Nov. 14, 
1849; bookseller, teacher, inventor. 

Children of John F. : 

i. John J., b. Aug. 6, and d. Sept. 4, 1826. 
ii. Sarah Clementina, b. July 20, 1827. 
iii. John Andrew, b. Oct. 16, 1829; removed to Cal. with 

his mother and the family. 
iv. Mary Catherine, b. Oct. 8, 1831. 

[The following are notes of some of the early settlers and their children whom 
I have not been able to connect with the previous families.] 

Elizabeth. There sailed for New England, August 11, 1635, 
in the Bachelor de Lo, Thomas Webb, master, one Elizabeth 
Cole, aged twenty-three, a maid servant to Lyon Gardner. She 
had a certificate of conformity from the rector of her parish. 
[Reg. XIV, 322.] 
K In 1661 the proprietors of the undivided land of Salem peti- 

tioned for a proprietors' meeting. Among them was Elizabeth 
Cole, who signed with a mark. 

John, of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Wife Mehitable. Son 
Daniel, born May 14, 1669. [Reg. IV, 361.] 


Clement Cole, born 1605. He came in the Susan and Ellen 
from London, aged thirty. He had a certificate of conformity, 
and that he was no subsidy man. He probably had wife and 
children, as September 30, 1639, ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^'^^ seven heads 
granted at the Mt. Wollaston (Braintree). The record ^f that 
allowance says that he had served with Captain Robert Keayne 
four years. 

Alexander. A Scot, from Dunbarton. In 1684 he was 
admitted as a member of the Scotch Charitable Society of Boston. 
The next year he was at Salem. He married Bethia Pitman, 
widow of John Silsbee, of Salem, and died in 1687, his will being 
dated June 24, and probated August 24 of that year. His will 
mentions two maiden sisters, Ann and Jeanette, as living in Dun- 
barton. He had one son, Alexander. 

Arthur. He died in Cambridge, September 4, 1676. Arthur 

had married November 27, 1673, Lydia , who, after his 

death, married William Eager, April 13, 1680. 

His children were: 

i. Arthur, b. Dec. 10, 1674. 
ii. Daniel, b. March 7, 1676. 

Francis. Boston. Wife's name Sarah. Had child: 
i. Sarah, b. April 29, 1689. 

Gregory. A freeman of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 1655. 



John. John Cole, aged forty, was a passenger in the ship Con- 
fidence, John Jobson, master, from London, April ii, 1638. 

There was a John Cole at Salisbury from 1640 to 1650. Savage 
says he died 1682. On December 25, 1650, he was rated for 8s. 
6d., and on May 18, 1652, for 4s. lod. for half a year. [Reg. 
Ill, 55.] I am incHned to think this was John^ {Jaines^) of 

Mathew. At Northampton 1663. He married, 1663, Susannah 
Cunliff, born March 15, 1645, o^ily child of Henry CunHff, who 
had removed from Dorchester to Northampton in 1659. ^e was 
killed by lightning April 28, 1665. On December 12 of that year 
the widow married John Webb, jr., of Northampton. On July 
8, 1666, one Lydia Cole, of Northampton, died. It is possible 
that she was his daughter. 


John Cole. Early settler of Reading and South Reading, 
1 640- 1 700. [H. G. Reg., Vol. II, p. 46.] 

Edward Coles. Passenger for Virginia in the Thomas and 
John, January 6, 1635; age twenty. .[Reg., Vol. II, p. 374-] 

Thomas Coles. Passenger for Virginia in the Transport (age 
thirty-two) of London, Edward Walker, master, July 4, 1635. 
Certificate of conformity from minister of Gravesend. [Reg., 
Vol. Ill, p. 389.1 


Thomas Cowles. A seaman of Badminster, Somersetshire, 
England, 1759. Reference to in Memoirs of Sir Martin Forbisher. 
[Reg., Vol. III., p. 14.] 

Robert. Boston. Kis wife was Ann (Staines?) daughter of 
Richard of Boston, born January 29, 1664. 

His children were: 

i. Staines, (dau.) b. Jan 19. 168 1. 
ii. Staines, (son), b. Dec. 10, 1682. 
iii. Richard, b. Jan. 21, 1685. 

Sampson. Boston, 1673, in which year he married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Edward and Elizabeth [Cole] {Samuel'') Werden. 
His children were: 

i. Elizabeth, b. June 7, 1674; d. young. 

ii. Elizabeth, b, Nov. 19, 1679. 

iii. David, b. Dec. 21, 1683. 

iv. Jonathan, b. Sept. 2, 1686. 

George Cole. Was at Lynn, 1637. Removed to Sandwich. 
The Plymouth records show that on April 16, 1640, one acre of 
land was to be granted to George Cole, and that the matter would 
be considered further when he brought in his estate. Probably 
went back to Lynn and died there about 1653, as an inventory of 
such a person is found of June 28 of that year. Another of that 
name, perhaps his son, was one of Captain Lathrop's company, 
known as the ''Flower of Essex," that was so nearly annihilated in 
the battle of Bloodybrook, September 18, 1675. He was prob- 
ably badly wounded, and died later, as his will is dated November 
8. [See Essex Inst. Pub. II, p. 183]. 


Henry. Was on jury from Sandwich, 1643, June 6. Savage 
thinks he went to Connecticut; if so see Henry, of Middletown. 
On Hst of men able to bear arms in Sandwich, 1643. Of Barn- 
stable. Indicted for pilfering from Lieut. Mathew Fuller, March 
7, 1654. Respited March 2, 1668-9. Sued Joseph Holly, admin- 
istrator of Tristram Hull, late of Barnstable, damages for a colt 
bought by Hull and not paid for. He recovered a verdict of £<^ 
and costs. 

About 1660 he sued Tristram Coffin, of Nantucket, for value 
of a boat sold to Coffin. He recovered a verdict of ^5 and costs. 

Eunice Cole. [Drake's Annals of Witchcraft, 100-3]. Of 
Hampton, N. H. Accused of witchcraft, 1656. She was wife 
of William Cole, who died in 1662. From his will made a few 
days before his death the inference is drawn that he is much 
younger than his wife. After the death of her husband she was 
detained as a prisoner some years, and was so held in October, 
1668, and again the record of June 8, 1668, a payment for 
her maintenance. She seems to have been alternately at large 
and in prison. She was feared as a w^itch, and yet persecuted by 
the boys and hated by the ignorant. As late as 1680 she was 
tried as a witch, but "no full proof" appearing, she was put in 
prison during the pleasure of the Court. She died in a little hut, 
alone, in the rear of the present academy. 


I present here letters giying some account of two families. The 
first is probably a branch of the Plymouth family, but the other 
seems to be from a different ancestor from any of the other families: 

m WiNOOSKi, Vt., April 26, 1886. 

^^njfik T. Cole, Esq., Colwnbus, Ohio: 

^ Dear Sir— Yours of the 31st ult. in relation to the Cole family came duly to 
hand. I am informed by James li. Cole, an uncle now about eighty years old, that 
he thinks my great-grandfather's name was Archippus; that he lived in Taunton, 
Massachusetts; was proprietor of iron works. He had two sons only that grew to 
manhood, Thomas and Archippus. Archippus was a seaman, and died at about 
the age of seventy-five years, leaving no male issue. 

My grandfather, Thomas Cole, was born in Taunton, Massachusetts, March 22, 
1767, and died in Calias, Vermont, June 24, 1849. He had three sons that grew 
to manhood, Thomas, James H., and Ira. Ira died October 25, 1833, aged twenty- 
two years, and unmarried. 

Tames H. is now living, aged about eighty years. He has no living children; 
has one grand-daughter only of his descendants. 

k Thomas Cole, my father, was born in Montpelier, Vermont, March 26, 1805, 
and died at Defiance, Ohio, in 1871. He had two sons that grew to manhood, 
myself the older; have one child, a daughter. 

My brother, A. K. Cole, has three sons. One, Charles K., is married, and has 
one child, a daughter. The other two sons are unmarried. 

I have thus traced my ancestors from my great-grandfather, and all his male 
issue now living are: 


James H. Cole 80 C. K. Cole 23 

Ormand Cole 56 Walter Cole 20 

A. K. Cole 51 Harry Cole 10 

It seems that I am not of the family that you supposed it might be. 
Your work is highly interesting, and shall be pleased to hear from you hereafter. 

Respectfully, Ormand Cole. 

Minneapolis, Minn., April 6, 1874. 
Mr. F. T. Cole: 

My Dear Sir— Your letter of the 30th of last January was duly received, but 
my brother in Illinois having all of the old family papers, I was obliged to delay 
my answer until I could hear from him. I enclose the paper he sent me, and will 
herewith add what I can, hoping you may be able to glean something to your pur- 
pose. I make no apology for the illiteracy of my family, because in the common 
course of things there seems to be little or no help for it. 

My father and mother and their children were born in the State of Virginia, in 
the midst of the most stupendous monster, human slavery, and its history is too 
V well understood in its baneful tendencies to require elaboration in this connection. 
It was impossible for poor people to become educated in Virginia at that period, 


and although my father removed to Illinois soon after the birth of his youngest child 
still we were so poor that all of us arrived to manhood and womanhood before an 
education could be obtained even in u free State. To read and write to a very 
limited degree is about the extent to which the education of my father's family 
attained, with one single exception, and of that I must speak with as much modesty 
as the facts will allow. 

My beloved wife, who was well educated, died April i6, 1857, leaving me two 
small children, one of which is since dead; the other still lives. 

In September, 1858, I entered the preparatory class at Shurtliff College at Upper 
Alton, Illinois, and literally worked my way through a seven years' course, receiv" 
ing my literary diploma and degree of P. B. in 1862, and my theological diploma 
in 1866. I then prosecuted my ministerial profession with considerable success 
until I lost my health, in 1871, since which time I have preached only occasionally. 
I was chaplain of the Minnesota Senate during 1869-70. Have since been invited 
to several important pulpits, "but ill health has prevented acceptance. I am the 
only one of the name, so far as I have ever heard, who ever attended a college — 
all my ancestors, so far as I know, living and dying in illiteracy. 

My father naturally was a man of broad and generous feelings, comprehensive 
views, and of the most reliable character, his word always being equal to a sealed 
bond. Although born and brought up in the country and principles of slavery, he 
instinctively scorned the doctrines of bondage, and plead and labored to the extent 
of his natural powers for freedom in church and State. He was a natural leader, 
and had he been educated, without doubt would have been felt widely in public, 
as he always was in private. My mother was naturally gifted also, and both together 
stood at the head of a remarkable family in many natural respects. Industry, 
integrity, and perseverance characterized the family to the extent of my acquaint- 
ance. But for want of culture we have been obliged to live in comparative 

It takes generations to destroy the cursed influence of human slavery, and if any 
of us have maintained an honorable standing in the community where we have 
lived, we will give all the glory to God, where it belongs. 

Politically, then, we believe in freedom, and religiously we are Baptists, with 
few exceptions. "To the law and to the testimony," both in church and State, is 
the motto of our family. By that we are willing to live and die. 

Some of my brothers had more or less connection with the late war, but I am 
unable to state definitely, we being so scattered up and down the country. 

My father and my oldest brother both held the office of justice of the peace in the 
early days of Illinois, but of no consequence this. 

R. S. Cole, my oldest brother, is a Baptist preacher. 

Tradition says that three brothers by the name of Cole came from England to 
this country in an early day, one settling in the East, one in the South, the other I 
know not where. I have no doubt whatever that the one settling in the South was 
my great-grandfather. 

I give first my father's family record, as I find it in the old family Bible, 
the only relic I have, and second my own family record: 



William Cole and Ellen Samuel, married December 23, 181 1. 


William Cole, X f^^er and mother { -'"jy \l' \lf- 

Lllen Samuel, J I Ju'y 27, i7o9- 

Catherine Ann Cole, January 15, 1814. 

Rebecca Jane Cole, April 16, 1815. 

Mary Ellen Cole, July 18, 1816. 

Richard Samuel Cole, December 22, 181 7. 

Robert Cole, January 22, 1819. 

William Whitehead Cole, M. D., June 26, 1820. 

Eliza Frances Cole, November 30, 1821. 

James Albert Cole, December 30, 1822. - 

Daniel Johnson Cole, May 5, 1824. 

Sarah Ann Elizabeth Cole, October 20, 1825. 

Churchill Gordon Cole, May 18, 1827. 

Thornton Mason Cole, January II, 1829. 

Addison Lewis Cole, February 9, 1831. 

George Cumberland Cole, February 7, 1833. 


Addison Lewis Cole and Mary Middleton Sewall (born July 13, 1835; died April 
16, 1857). Married October I, 1853. 



Lewis Bingham Cole, January I, 1856. 

Adoniram Judson Cole, April 2, 1856. 

The occupation of our family has for several years been farming, as a rule. My 
father owned fourteen hundred acres of land in Cass county, Illinois, and divided 
the same equally among his sons at the majority of the youngest, giving the 
daughters their portion in money, and reserving a small competency for himself 
while he and mother lived. Two of my brothers have acquired considerable prop- 
erty, but most of the family who remain alive have not acquired much. Honest 
toil, with little of the speculative, characterize the name so far as I know. I 
spent all I had and all I could make meantime upon my education, and graduated 
after the most severe sacrifice and self-denial, at the age of thirty-five, and in the 
struggle injured my constitution perhaps beyond full recovery. 

The whole family lived in Illinois for years in poverty, and when we had 
acquired a little means the shame of age kept us from education. The privations 
of a frontier life are necessarily beyond the comprehension of those without experi- 
ence, but to those who have gone through it, it is a reality far beyond envy. In 
our case, as in multitudes of others, human slavery was a curse whose effects will 
not be effaced for generations to come. The prejudices and jealousies it engen- 
dered retain their hold through blood, and it is only through the most uncompro- 
mising effort that I have been able to sustain my convictions of the necessity of 
culture, against the denial of many of my relatives. V^ery truly, 

Addison Lewis Cole. 


[Extract from the Letter of Rev. R. S. Cole.] 

Moses Samuel, our grandfather, was born in Holland, and came to America at 
the age of eighteen. He was a Tew, and remained strictly in that faith till his 
death. He died in Culpepper county, Virginia, September 25, 1830, aged eighty 
years, and was buried in Richmond, Virginia. His wife was Roseland Zemerman, 
who was born of German parents, in Madison county, Virginia. vShe died October 
15, 1830, aged seventy-one. 

Great-grandfather Cole is believed to have come from England. His son Daniel, 
my grandfather, was born in Prince William county, Virginia, and died there, 
aged eighty-six. He served in the War of 1812. He was twice married, and had 
twenty-one children, sixteen of whom grew to maturity. 

He was a farmer and carpenter, and owned slaves. His family was scattered by 
removal or death, and his last years were spent alone among his slaves. 

My father was born in Prince William county, and my mother, Ellen Samuel, 
in Madison county. One of Grandfather's brothers, Richard Cole, was a Baptist 

We moved to Illinois in the fall of 1833. 

I have father's and mother's church letter, given them by the Mt. Poney Baptist 
Church, September 14, 1833. We started for Illinois a few days later, and were 
fifty-two days on the road. We settled in Morgan county, Illinois. 

Grandfather's name was Daniel. His children were William, Daniel, Fanny, 
Eliza, and two other daughters by his first wife, and Henry, Samuel, Thomas, 
Richard, Betsy (married Rev. Henry Davi.s), Adeline, and one other daughter. 

Carrollton, Illinois. R. S. COLE. 


( < 

< i 

( < 


Batcheldor, Charles Bloomfield, Ky 1 

Benson, Lewis E Arwell, Vt 1 

Broadbent, Mrs. Lina Bloomfield, Ky 1 

Cass, Mrs. Helen A Erving, Mass 1 

Cole, Addison Minneapolis, Minn 1 

A. W Hyde Park, 111 3 

Albert M Howard, R. 1 1 

Asa West Medway, Mass 1 

Benj. J Lake Village, N. H 8 

Chas. A Sherman City, Mich 1 

Chas. H West Medway, Mass 1 

David G Prospect Harbor, Me 1 

Edwin D Roscoe, 111 1 

Fred. E Westmoreland, N. H 1 

George H Fitchburg, Mass 1 

* * George Keene, N. H 1 

" Mrs. Harriet W Westmoreland, N. H 1 

Harrison Columbus, 1 

Henderson Elk Falls, Kan 1 

Henry M Whitman, Mass 1 

Jt fferson K Peabody, Mass 1 

Jeremiah Brooklyn, N. Y 1 

John A Hyde^ Park. Ill 3 

Mrs. Levilla G Westmoreland, N. H 1 

Miss Lorrella H Lewiston, Me 1 

Martin E Chicago, 111 1 

Seth B Nyack, N. Y 1 

Truman Sandusky, N. Y 1 

William H Westminster, Vt 1 

( ( 

( ( 

< ( 

« ( 

« ( 

< ( 

< ( 

( ( 

( ( 

( ( 

i < 

( ( 



Cole, William H St. Louis, Mich 

'* William J Monroe Center, 111 

Cleaves, Mrs. Isabella P Prospect Harbor, Me 

Daggett, Miss Sarah L Westmoreland Depot, N. H. 

Deasy, Mrs. Emma L Prospect Harbor, Me 

Deasy, Lucre B Bar Harbor, Me 

Denning, S. R Sullivan, Me 

Esty, William C Amherst, Mass 

Everett, E. S Portland, Me 

Handy, Dan and Fred Prospect Harbor, Me 

Handy, Mrs. M. A " '* ♦' 

Hoffman, John Gillett, Wis 

McDermid, Mrs. Emily Clintonville, Wis 

McFarland, Mrs. Harriet 

McLean, Mrs. Mary 

Mahoney, Marcus H Portland, Me 

Moon. Frank D Duluth, Minn 

n, Mrs. Martha E Royalston, Mass 

Mrs. Mary E Westmoreland Depot, N. H 

^ v.. c^. , Mrs. Eliza A Pembroke, Me 

Porter, William D Indianapolis, Ind 

Robertson, Mrs. Helen S Harrington, Me 

Sperry, Mrs. J. B Fayette, la ... 

Staples, Mrs. G. S Portland, Me 

Seyffarth, Mrs. Caroline Rindge, N. H 

Whitney, Mrs. Emeline C Needham, Mass 

( < 

i ( < < 

7G4 s