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Early hi stor-x of the Tryon 
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Early History of the 
Tryon Family. 

(Reprinted from an ancient book.) 

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of the 


n^HE first of this Family that came into 
•■" England, was Peter Tryon, originally 
of Flanders, who left his Country on the 
account of the Troubles rais'd in the Low- 
Countries by the bloody Duke of Alva : His 
Family had, for a long while, flourish'd in 
Wealth and Honoiu- in those Parts ; and 
this Gentleman did not come over in an 
indigent Manner to seek his Fortune, but 
brought with him a vast Estate, said to be 
above 60000 /. SterUng ; (a) which laid the 
Foundation of the future Grandeur of his 
Posterity. His Wife's Name was Mary, who 
deceas'd the third of January 1618, and was 
interr'd, by her Husband, in the Church of 
St. Christophers, near the Royal Exchange, 
London, (b) Their Issue were two Sons, 
and two Daughters, which were honourably 

(a) Ex Inform. W. Hottnan de Hoisted in Com. Essex, (fc) 
Stow's Survey, p. 359. 

nr^: .:t 


dispos'd in Marriage ; for Mary, the eldest, 
marry'd Sir Sebastian Harvey, Kt. Lord 
Mayor of London, 1618, (when Sir William 
Raleigh was beheaded) Son of Sir James 
Harvey, Kt. Lord Mayor of London ; who 
had by her an only Daughter and Heir, of 
his Lady's Name, Wife to Sir Francis Popham, 
Kt. Hester, the youngest Daughter of the 
said Peter Tryon, was espous'd to Sir William 
Courteene of London, Baronet. Of his Sons, 
Moses Tryon of London, his eldest Son and 

Heir, left only a Daughter, marry'd to 

Hticksley of Edmonton in Middlesex, Esq; so 
that Samuel, his 2d Son, succeeded to his 

Which Samuel Tryon, born in England, 
was knighted by King James the 1st, at 
Newmarket, the 25th of April 1615. He had 
to Wife, Elizabeth, Daughter of John Eldred, 
Citizen of London ; and departing this Life 
the 8th of March 1626, in the 2d Year of the 
Reign of King Charles the 1st, was bury'd 
in the Vault belonging to the Family, in the 
Chancel of Halsted Church in the Hundred 
of Hinckford and County of Essex. His 


Lady surviv'd him, and erected to his Memory 
a fair Monument in the Chancel aforesaid, on 
which is the following Inscription : 


Here lyeth the Bodie of Sir Samuell Try on, 
Knight and Barronet ; of his Name, the first 
Owner and Lord of this Town, who, while he 
Lived, was a Man sound in Religion, well 
Inclined to the Poor, not injurious to any ; 

For his Liber alitie, Gentile Life second 

To few of his Rank for Endowments of his 

Mind : 
They were (to those that knew him extraordinary) 
His Death gave full Testimony to the World 
Of the Sincerity of his Heart. He ended his 

The eighth Day of March 1622. Mtatis fuce 46. 
Leaving behind him Dame EUzabeth his 

Who erected this Monument, by whom he had 
One Son, Sir Samuell Tryon, living, and 
One Daughter deceas'd. He gave this Towne 


A faire present Guifte, and in Case of Contin- 
A large pious Bequest in PERPETUITY. 

Vixit sua Tempora nosq; Sequemur. 

The first Estate that this Gentleman had 
in the County of Essex, was the Manour of 
Lair Marney, which he purchas'd of Peter 
Tuke, Esq; he afterwards bought the Lordship 
of Halsted, of Sir Thomas Gardener, Kt. and 
puU'd down the old Building, and erected 
that neat Structure now standing (tho' some- 
what decay'd) at the upper End of the Town, 
commonly call'd Boys-Hall. 

He liv'd and dy'd in Halsted, leaving Issue 
the said Sir Samuel Tyron, Eart. (c) of the 
Age of ten Years and ten Months, whose 
Mother afterwards marry'd Sir (♦) Edw. 
Wortley in Yorkshire, Kt. and Bart. He 
got the Wardship of this Sir Samuel his Son- 
ic) Esch. 3. Car. 1. (*) Sir Richard Worsley of Worsley in 
Yorkshire, Kt. had Issue Sir Francis Kt. and Bart, and Sir Edward 
above-nam'd, and several Daughters, viz. Eleanor, mary'd to Sir 
Henry Lee of Quarondon in Buckinghamshire , Bart, by whom he 
had Eleanor, first Wife to Sir Samuel Tyron, Bart. Her Mother 
was the fourth Wife to Edward, Earl of Manchester. 


in-Law, and made Waste of the Estate, and 
then marry'd him to his own Neece, when 
young, whom he affected not, which was the 
unfortunate Occasion of ruining a fine Estate. 

This Sir Samuel Tryon had two Wives ; 
his first Lady was Eleanor, Daughter of Sir 
Henry Lee of Quarondon in Buckinghamshire, 
Kt. and Bart, by whom he had an only Son, 
of his own Name, Samuel his Successor, and 
Alianora, his only Daughter, (who upon the 
Decease of her Brother, Sir Samuel, without 
Issue) was his Heir, marry'd to Sir Richard 
Franklyn, Baronet. 

His second Lady was Susan, Daughter of 
John Harvey of Newton in Suffolk, Gent. 
She was a most beautiful Person, and sur- 
vi\'ing her Husband, was marry'd again to 
Timothy Thornbury of London, Gent, and 
dy'd in the Michaelmas after the great Frost, 
and Ues bury'd in Chrutched- Fryers. Sir 
Samuel was Sheriff of Essex in the Reign of 
King Charles the 1st, and dy'd about the 
Year 1660, and had Issue, by his last Lady, 

Samuel John Tryon, who dy'd an Infant ; 
Samuel John Tryon, the present Baronet ; 


John, his third Son ; also two others, named 
Moses, and a Daughter named Anne, who 
all three dy'd very young. His only Son, 
by his 1st Wife, succeeded him in Title and 

Which Sir Samuel Tryon, Bart, surviv'd 
his Father but a short Time, and dying 
unmarry'd, the Dignity and Estate descended 
to his 2d Brother by the 2d Venter, viz. 

Sir Samuel John Tryon, the 4th Baronet 
of this Family, now hving, who marry'd 
Mary, Daughter of Robert Bowndes of Chelms- 
ford in Essex, and by her hath Issue two 
Daughters Coheirs, Mary and Susan ; whereof 
the eldest is marry'd to Thomas Davy of 
Shipdam in the County of Norfolk, Gent, 
whose Ancestors have flourish'd, for several 
Ages, in Stanfield and Shipdam in the County 

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of which this is 

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Made and printed in Great Britain, for Me«n. Fudge & 
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JULY 97 

Bound -To -Pleasl' N.MANCHESTER,