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Full text of "The early Oxford Press : a bibliography of printing and publishing at Oxford, 1468-1640"

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OXF O P,,D. 
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.\.x oxl-Oll-» TITLE-PA(;E. 164o 






' 1468 '--164O 











TItE present 
attempt to describe in detail the products and working 
O-:ford Press in its early days. Though eclipsed by the 
of the later University Press, the first period, included 
book, has a natural importance of its own. The Fifteenth 
early Sixteenth Century presses  are necessarily of interest, 

work was undertaken early in 889, and is an 

of thc 
in this 

when printing became firmly established in ]585 ît began to 
reflect faithfully the current tendencies of thought and study in 
the University. Theology is predominant, animated on its con- 
troversial side with tierce opposition to the Church of Rome, but 

the quieter fields 
by side is seen 
lighter books 
(6o 3, no. 5)- 
The most 

of classical work are well represented, and side 
an increasing study of English literature. Of 
there are few, and of chapbooks perhaps only one 

important works 

produced at Oxford between .585 

and 64o were Richard de Bury's Philobiblon (I599), Wyclifçs 
treatises (6o8), capt. John Smith's Map of Virginia (6_), 
Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy (I6_. &c.), Field on the 
Church (6.8, &c.), Sandys' translations of Ovid's Metamm- 
phoses (633), the University Statutes (I634), Chaucer's Troilus 
and Cressida in English and Latin (635), Chillingworth's 
Religion of Protestants (638), and Eacon's Advancement and 
Proficience of Learning, in Englîsh (64o: see frontispiece). 
There are of course many books on logic, philosophy and the 
like, intended for the University curriculum, and many collections 

1 See Appendixes A, B. 



of the rhetorical poems by which the University was expected 
to condole or rejoice with every change in the royal estate, i8o 
pages of mechanical grief at Elizabeth's death in I6o 3 are at once 
followed by OEoo pages of equally mechanical congratulations to 
J ames I : and the metrical tears dropped in turn on the grave of 
the latter monarch in Iarch 625, are in .\[ay succeeded with 
indecorous haste by songs of joy on the marriage of lis successor. 
Some volumes of English poems and plays occur, by Skelton, 
Nicholas Breton. Churchyard, I;itz-Geffrey. Randolph, Cart- 
wright, Fletcher, and others, and a few still lighter pieces, such 
as a 5Iasque at Richmond, partly in \Viltshire dialect, and 
'" t3ushells Rock," both in 636. There are traces of the study 
of Spanish, French and \Velsh, as well as of Latin and Greek ; 
and an attempt to introduce phonetic writing and spelling was 
made by Charles Butler in I633 and I6.3 4. Even theological 
disputes are lightened by the solemn account of certain J esuits 
in the East, who dressed up a carcase as that of a queen recently 
deceased, obtained much glory from the miracles it wrought, 
until the real corpse arrived and the priests vacated the vicinity 
(633 , Gregorius). There is something surprising in Oxford 
being chosen as the printing-place of a book to persuade mothers 
to nurse their own children (62:, Clinton) ; and an episcopal 
alchemist is not often to be met with in real lire (16 2 , Thorn- 
borough). I t is lcss to be wondered at that a college which had 
leased land to Queen Elizabeth for a quiet rive thousand years, 
should try to be relieved of its agreement within fifty (623, 
There is no need of a general history of the University Press 
distinguished from the annals which the Appen- 

at this time, as 
dixes of this 

work present. 
members of the Universit)-, 
privilegio,'" but there is little to 

The printers were privileged 
and occasionally printed "cum 
invest their personal proceedings 

with importance. Though it is true that money was advanced 
in 1.585 by the Earl ofLeicester, Chancellor of the University, to 
set up Joseph Barnes with a new press, and that 
privileges in 1632 gave the University direct 
printing, there are as yet few signs of actual academical patron- 
age or interference, and the failures and successes of the printers 
and publishers, which can be traced in detail in A ppendixes C 

the charter of 
control of the 

PREFA CE. v I 1 

and F, are the ordinary fluctuations of trade. Nor can the 
Oxford press at this time claire much connexion with the greater 
world of the English Court or Church. After it was placed on 
a permanent footing by the Earl of Leicester, its one great patron 
and protector within our period was Archbishop Laud, who 
occupied a similar position to that of Bishop Fell at a later 
period in the saine century. 
The year I64o has been chosen as the inferior limit of this 
bibliography, partly because both the British Iuseum Catalogue 
of early English books and Arber's Transcript of the Registers 
of the Stationers' Company stop at that point, partly because 
the interest in the products of the press as such xvas round to be 
rapidly diminishing, and partly in consequence of the break-up 
of all quiet progress during the convulsions of the Rebellion, 
combined with the dismal prospect of that trackless wilderness--- 
the literature of the Civil \Var. 

the first 

The present bibliography presents, it is believed, four features 
novelty :--the better representation of the titlepage by the 

of Roman and Italic capitals as well as ordinary type; the 
of the chief type used in each book; the furnishing of 
words of certain pages, to facilitate the identification of 

imperfect copies; and the insertion of actual pages  of books 
printed at Oxford, selected fi'om works which are cheap and 
common. These points are explained and discussed in a paper 
on A[et/od b ibliograp/o,, printed at pp. 9 - o6 of vol.  of the 
Transactions of the Bibliographical Society (,893), to which the 
reader is referred, if he xvishes to see a fuller account of the 
xvhole aim and method of the present book. 
The best thanks of tte writer are due for general help to 
Mr. E Gordon Duff, Librarian of the John Rylands (late 
Spencer) Library at Ianchester, to Ir. F. J. H. J enkinson, 
Librarian o[ the Cambridge University Llt)rars- , and to lr. \V. 
H. Allnutt of the Bodleian : but especially to the Delegates of 
the Clarendon Press both for undertaking on liberal terres a work 
which can scarcely prove remunerative, and for enabling the 
Oxfol'd Historical Society to supply copies to its members, as 

i Separate leaves from rare and costly books are given in G.E. Klemming's Sveriges 
dldre lilurgiska literatur (Stockholm, I879 --a practice which cannot be approvedh 
but no local press has as yet been similarly illustrated. 

viii PREFACE. 

vol. xxix, at a price far below its actual cost . Mr. Horace Hart, 
the Controller of the Press, has taken a warm personal interest 
in the printing, and any merits of form which may be round are 
due to his experience and to the co-operation of his compositors. 
Nothing, however, can relieve the writer of responsibility for the 
errors and shortcomings which will be detected ; and he can only 
plead that it is better to bring out an imperfect book, if it is 
a useful one and the result of hard work, than, by straining after an 
unattainable completeness, to delay indefinitely its publication. 


OXFORD, ./Der., 894. 

1 Separate copies can onlj, be obtained by ordering them from the Clarendon l'res. 
and are hot supplied by the Society. 


Da/es. The books classed under a given year, such as 1615, are neces- 
sarily such as were issued between 25 .XIarch I615 and 24 Iarch 1616, 
since no means exist for dividing them according to the historical year. In 
recording a date between Jan. I and Iarch 24, the form used is invariably the 
23 Feb. I6I, by which is implied what we understand 

double one, such as 
by ?-3 Feb. 1616. 
IVumbcrs of books. 

Some notes on the number of books printed at Oxford 
will be round on p. "-9I, and of books printed or published at Oxford on 
P. -"9;, among the Notanda. 
]?eferences. The usual style of reference throughout the book (including 
index) is to the year followed by the im'tial le/ter of the particular heading ; 
as 634 C, when the reference is to no. 9 on p. 77 ICosin). A few references 
will be found in the earlier pages to years beyond 64o, made before it was 
decided to close the work at that year. 
Titles. The heading usually presents the author's name in the form by 
which he is generally known to posterity, as "James ii, king," although at 
the time of the book referred to he was prince James. 








The Oxford University Press, 585-164o . 
Periodical ....... 
Supplement of Additions and Corrections . 
List of Undated books .... 

Fifleenth Century .......... 
Early Sixteenth Century ......... 
Fictitious or Lost Oxford books, &c., 459-x 584 .... 

• V 

API'ENDIX A--The Fifteenth Century Press (a detailed account of books, type, 
copies known, &c.) ........... 

APPENDIX ]G--The Early Sixteenth Century Press . 

APPENDIX CA chronological list of persons and proceedings connected with 
book-production at Oxford, A.D. 1:80-:64o ...... 

-- Discussion of the authorship of the Praise of zl[usic, t 586 • 

APPE.NDIX D---Documents (Statute, 1373--Charters, 632, 163{, I63-ï--Statute, 
1636 ) ............. 

APPENDIX E--Woodcut and metal omaments, tables of use of type, notanda . 

APPENDIX F--Lists of Imprints and tables 
585-64o ...... 

of Oxford printer» and publishers, 

• X 

• xi 

o I 
. 225 
• 227 
• -36 







INDEX .............. 315 





A collot)T e (as are also r,lates Il-Vil) of the titlepage of Wats's translation of 
Bacon's A,lvancement f Zearning (Oxford, 64o, see p.  ! 7 : here reduced 
oqe-third in length and breadth ..... FrontisîMe«e. 


OXFORI TYPE, " 1468"-86. 
II. Type z (see p. 24I). The last page of the first Oxford book, bearing the famous 
colophon with date MCCCCLXVIII, discussed on pp. 245-52 • At end. 
Types 2 and 3 (see pp. 242-3). The upper part of the first page of the Latte- 
burius, printed in z482. Parts of the eurious woodcut border are also shown, 
hîch is the first used in English printing ..... At end. 
Types 3, 4, 5, 6 (see pp. 243-4). The upper part of K7 v of the Lyndewoode, 
printed in t483 (,?). The coloured initials are of course inserted bï hand in 
the original ...... . . . . . At end. 
V. Types 5, 7 (see pp. 243-4). The text of f2' of the ]estial, printed in I48. î (?), 
showing one of the smaller woodcuts and the woodcut capital G. At end. 



OXFORD TYPE, 1 5 1 7-19. 
(a) The titlepage of Burley on the Posterior Analytics of Aristotle, printed in 
517 t see pp. 5,263), showing the large wood-engraving of the University 
Arms, and the ordinary large type. 
(b) The four last lines of the back of the titlepage reproduced above, showing 
the ordinary large and small type ...... .lit end. 
The titlepage of Burley de Materia et Forma, printed in I518 by John Scolar. 
The woodcut repre_,ents a master and scholar. The type is the largest, used 
in titles only ........... ,4t end. 

Each of the first seven hundred copies of this work contains three specimens ofactual 
pages from old Oxford books, copies of which are both common and cheap. Thus 
nos. 1-2oo contain pages from () Ursinus's Summe of Christian Religion, 1587, 
(2) N. Fuller's Miscellanea Sacra, 1616, (3) Carpenter's Philosophia Libera, 1636: 
nos. 2oI-322 (1) Ursinus, (2) Fuller, (3) Reusner's Symbola, 1638: nos. 323-5oo 
(I) Ursinus, (2) Sanderson's Logica, 1618, (3) Reusner: nos. 5Ol-7OO (t) Ursinus's 
Summe of Christian Religion, 1589, (2) Du Moulin's Accomplishment of the prophecies, 
1613, (3) Grotius's Defensio fidei catholicoe, 1636. 
After no. 7oo, at least one actual page will be given, and its provenance will be 
indicated by a note of the form " 38.2o," implying a page from the 2oth book of 638 


Details of the 15th century books . . 
Owners of copies of ditto .... 
Details of the early I6th century books . 
Type used in Oxford books, I585-164o . 
The relations of Oxford printers and publishers, 

585-164 o • . 


. . 238- 9 
. . 240 
• 265 
• . 29I 
. . 3II- 3 




x5th and early x6th century. 

The books of these periods are in some reslJects exceptionally treated, but the 
general plan is similar to that of the later prcss. Pages I- 7 (printed off in 1889) must 
be taken in close connexion with Appendixês A and B, which correct and supplement 
those pages in important points. 
. After the heading (which in all cases is the author or a body epresenting the 
author, if known ; othervdse the catch-titlê) cornes the title, reproduced faithfully so far 
as was possible with the employment of four types. A fifth minute type indicates 
letters repl-esented by contractions in the original. The occurrence of a " motto" 
(whëther a text or quotation), a device ,.sec p. 289 or woodcuts (sec p. 290 ) is noted 
in square brackets. A * bt:fore the heading implies " undated ": a "t" " no place of 
printing mentioned." 
2. Next follows the technical description, comprising :m 
a. The number of the imprint (sec pp. 29z-3to : it would bave been better to 
add the names of the printer and publisher to the bare reference). 
b. The date. 
c. The apparent size of a page of an ordinary uncut copy, according to the scale, 

for narrow sizes for broad szes 
in. in. 
,-8 folio I2-I8 large 4 o 
9-12 large 8° 9-I2 4 ° 
7-9 8° 7-9 small 4  
6-7  -'° 6-7 square I 2 ° 
5-6 16 ° &C. 
4-5 24 ° 

The number of leaves in a section (quire or gathering) precedes, within round 
brackets, when different from what is suggested by the apparent size" as " (eights) 
small 4°. '' \\ hen it bas been desirable to iudicate further the way in which the 
orinal sheets of paper have been folded, the words singl«, double, or treble (for once, 
twice, or thdce folded) are used on p. 3 8. 
d. The number of pages of a perfect eopy, in square brackels when there is no 
printed pagination, as "pp. [ 6] + 1  I + [9]-" When printed pagination does hot occur 
in the book at ail, the sigrmtums are also given. 
e. The first words of the i th page, and of later ones in the case of a large work, 
always in italies. 
f The common type of the body of the work, followed by the tetms Roman, Italic, 
or English (i. e. Black-letter) : see pp..9 I- . 
K- The contents. ]£very lage hot mentioned is blatk, wîthout exception. 
3- Notes on the book. A reference to Wood's Athen« and Fasti O.,onicnses, as 
edited by Bli. (18i3-zo), bas been considcred a. superseding in mot in_,tances any 
biographical account of the author. And the limitation of the present work to a 
bibliography ofa press, hot of books connected ith the University, bas been borne in 




,, 1468." 

[Rufinus, of Aquileia]. [Sign. a if :] Incipit exposicio sancti 
Ieronimi in I simbolum apostolorum ad papam laureiium. [Sign. e 9" :] 
Explicit exposicio sancti Ieronimi in I simbolo apostolorum ad papam 
laure,-,lcium Impressa Oxonie Et finita Anlno domini. BI. cccc. lxviij . 
xvij. die I decembris. 

Impr. as above, Oxford, " 468": 8°: [ 
pp. [84], signn, a-d  O °" sig'n, b  beg. 

lali e,te, acione. 
the treatise. 

Contents :--pp. (1-82) 

The xvork here ascribed to St. Jerome is in reality by Tyrannius Rufinus of 
Aquileia, d. 6 IO. 


. Aegidius de Columna, of Rome. [Sign. a er: ] Incipit 
tractatus solennis fratris Egi!dij de ordine fratrum Augustinensium de I 
peccato originali [Sign. c 7: ] Explicit tractatus breue [altered by 
hand to breu«:r] et vtilis de [ origirali peccato Editus a fratre Edio [ 
Romano ordinis fratrum heremitamm sanlcti augustini. Impresso [altered 
by hand to impressus] et finito [finiras, as before] Oxonie. I A natiuitate 
iiij I " 
domini. I. cccc. lxxix, x . die menss marc.l 

Impr. as above, Oxford, probably  4ï : 
8°: pp. [48], signn, a-c: sign. b I r beg. 

quod cont ahamus. Contents :--pp. (3-4 6) 
the treatise. 

The edilio drinces of this work by bp. Aedius de Columna, of Rome. 

2. Aristotle. [Sign. y 6 r :--] Explicit textus ethicorum Aris- 
totelis ] per leonardum arretinum lucidissime translaltus correctissimeque. 
Imp ressus Oxoniis ! Anno domini, I , cccc . lxxix, 

Impr. as above, Oxford, 479 : 8": pp. 
[348], Slglan. a-x s yç: signa, b I r beg. 
A/nis ars. Contênts :--pp. (3-4) "pre- 

facio leonardi arretini in libros ethico- 
rum "'- (5 -15) " prologus" by the saine'. 
7-347) the treatise. 

A Latin translation of the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle by Leonardus P, runus 
of Arezzo (Arretium). 

For a discussion of special points connected xvith the Fifteenth Century Oxfold. 
Press, see A ppendix A. 

2 TItE 0 gFORD PRESS. [148o. 

[M. Tulli Ciceronis Oratio pro T. 

*¢Cicero, Marcus Tullius. 
Annio lilone.] 
[Oxford, about I48o]: 6°: probably6o pages, signn, a-e «. Contents:--pp. (probably 
3-60) the oration. 
Only known from fmgrnents containing signn, b 3, b4, e 3, e 4, in the Bodleian 
lAbrary at Oxford. It is still not absolutely certain that this book was printed at 
Oxford. If it was, this, and not the Andria of Terence printed by P?mson in r497, 
was the first English edition of an)" part of a classic author in the original language. 


I. Alexander de Hales, the doctor l"rrefragabih's. [Sign. g 5 v :m] 
]ïxplicit exI,ositio venerabilis I Alexandri super primum librum de anima. 
[Sign. y 7 v:m] Explicit elucidantissima exposi--itio eegij Alexandri 
super secundum ! librum de anima. [Sign. la 8 r :] Explicit sentenciosa 
atq,e studio [ dlgna expositio venerabilis Alexanldri super tercium librum 
de anima. Im--'pressum l,er me Theodericum rood de I Colonia in alma 
vniuersitate Oxofi. I Anno incarnacionis dominice . 3I. cccc. ] lxxxi, xi. 
die men,is Octobris. 

Impr. as above, Oxford, 14St : la. 8 °, 
perhaps eights) foi.: pp. [480], signn. 
a_f,. gs, h_s,, t_x , y-z and A H": slgn. 
b I • beg. vîl non sit, B 1 • beg. z,na na/ura. 

('ontents:signn. a .,-g5 , bk. , ith 
short preface : h -y 7 , bk. 2 • z 1 -H 8  
bk. 3. 

The editio 2rince]s et unica of the Latin Commentary on the De Anima (rr«p çoX 0 
of Aristotle, ruade by Alexander de Ilales ri.e. probably I/ailes near Winchcombe) 
the doctor irrefragabilis (d.  245 , to be distinguished from Alexander de Ales or Aie- 
sius. Of this book there are two issues, the earlier with no border, the later with an 
elaborate woodcut border, the first ever found in an English printed book, surrounding the 
e:tire printed text of sign. a 2 r. There are tuo similar issues of the Lathbury, 1482. 

2. *Latin Grammar. [A Latin Grammar in English with 
cxamples, only known from two leaves in the British 3luseum, signn, b 2 
and (presumably) b 5: b 2 beg. "case As I muste , ends " adyectyuys 
and voy" : b 5 beg. "A!so when .v haue", ends " quem queris ". Date 
l'robably  481 : probably sm. 4° (but in eights), the chain lines being across 
the page.] 

'Lathbury, John. [Sign. b 8 v :--] Explicit prologus Sequitur li-tber 
moralium super trenis Iheremie po. ! phete &. [$ign. z 8 :--] Ei sic 
est frais huius operis mo,lralium super ca. I. treno,-m ihere, prophete In I 
cipit trenorum Capitulum Secundunl. lA similar colophon follows chapter 
2 on sign. K (" k k") 7v.] [Sign. L 7 v :--] Explicit exposicio ac morali- 
sacio I tercij capituli trenorum Iheremie protphete. Anno domini M. 
cccc. lxxxij 
• ,,-, ma die mensis Iulij I [Sign. O5 v :--] Explicit tabula 


opus trenorum I 

compilatum per 


Lattebu. [rij 


Impr. as above, [Oxford] t482 : la. 8 °, 
perhaps (eights) fol. : pp. [584], signn. 
a-z, A-I, kk, L-br , N-O: sign. b I r beg. 
strennuitatem, B r beg. didit d.?. Con- 

tents :--signn. a 2b 8 v, prologue', c 
L 7 v, the work in 3 chapters" 5 Ir-o 
alphabetical index. 

The editio princeps et unica of tke Latin Commentary on the Lamentations of 
Jeremiah, ruade by John Lathbury. Of this book there are two issues, with and vith- 
out the woodeut border mentioned under the Alexander de Hales,  4 8 . 

I. [*,Anwykyll, John]. [Compendium 
[Sign. n i r:] Uulgaria quedam abs Terentio 

totius grammaticae]. 
in Anglicam ling]uam 

No doubt printed at Oxford, probably [ a-q  
in 483: sm. 4°: pp. [2567], signn. I work(?), n 

Contents "signn. a-m, the 
]'-q 8 *, Vulgaria Terentii. 

A I.atin ç, rammar in Latin believed to be by John Amvykyll, of which this edition 
is only known from fragments, but which was reprinted at Deventer in I489 . The 
Vulgaria Terentii (sentences from Terence with English translation) was sold as a 
separate part, and still exists complete in itself. There are two issues of the Grammar, 
hot at present clearly distinguished. 

,',. **Hampole, Richard Rolle of. [Sign. a e r :] Explanationes 
notabiles deuotissimi viri Ricardi I Hampole heremite super lectiones illas 
beati Iob que solent I in exequijs defunctorum legi que non minus historiam 
quam tropo I logiam & anagogiam ad studentium vtilitatem exactissi,lme 
annotauit. [Sign. k 6v:] Sermo beati Augustiui de misericordia et 
pia oracione pro defunctis. ] 

[Oxford, probably 1483] : (sixes) l.O- 
l'P- [128], signn, a-k [" lr"] « P: sign. 
b r beg. visitat ad. Contents:sign. 

a z-k 6 r, lIampoIe on 

Job" k 6-1 

3- * Logic. [Sign. A 2 r :] Uoniam ex 
• .. [9 Latin treatises on logical subjects]. 

terminis fiunt proposiciOneS 

No place or date [Oxf., about 483]: 
(sixes) 8°: pp. [3z8], signn. A-Z, Aa-Ce  
l»d: sign. 131 r beg. nulla troosicio, Bb I r 
illis supejquum. Contents :  sin. 
A .r-Dd 5 • nineteen logical treatises, the 
last ending " Explicit tractatus de motu 

velocitatis. Sequitur tabul.x "- rd (;r-8 
a table in Latin gving the heads of the 
parts of each treatise, each group pre- 
ceded by " Tractatus ": d 8" " Ad lec- 
tores carmen " and " Registrum ear- 
tarum ". 

These nineteen logical treatises are strung together to forrn a systematie work on 
I ogic" at the end of lhe  7th, on signa. b 3 v, is " Et sic finiuntur insolubilia swynis- 
hede.", i. e. Roger Swineshede (Suinesheved, Swincet &c.), but he was probably only 
the author of that part. The last treatise is physical rather than logical. 

4. * Lyndewoode, William. [Sign. $ 9 v :--3 Explicit opus 
magistri wilihelmi lyndewoode Super con--{stituciones prouinciales laus 
deo. [Sign. dd 7v: -] Explicit tabula compendiosa super librum [ qui 
intitulatur prouincialis compilata per wil,lhelmum de Tylia nemore com- 
pleta In festo ] conuersacionis Sancti Pauli . Anno domini [ 5Iillesimo. 
CC C C . xxxiij. 

B 2 


No imprint, but Oxford about I483: 
feights) fol. : pp. [732], signn, a-c i, d «, 
e-i*, k 6, 1-o", pe, q-s", t 6, v-y*, z , A-D ", 
E: F-N e, O s, P-R a, S TM, aa-ce , dd'°: sign. 
b I r beg. de hijs habes, B I r beg. sîqra c. 
]roxi., b b t r beg. cas dclDtquat. Con- 

tents :--sign. a I ', woodcut of a doctor 
at his desk : a z", "' Prologus" : a z"-s9", 
the work in rive books : aa 2r-aa 2" 
"mbnla constitucionum prouincialium" : 
aa 3r-d d " " 
, , an index, dd 8 r-o , table 
of Constitutions according to author. 

The editio princeps of the Provincial Constitutions of England. in 
Imtin Commentary on them by William L)mde'«oode (d. x446 ). 
I679 I.. 

Latin, with a 
See I664 L, 


i. *tAlexander de Villa Dei. 

[Textus Alexandri cum sententiis]. 

[Oxford, about I485] : sm. 4 °. 

Only known from two leaves ('signn. c--c s) in the Library of St. John's College, 
Cambridge. A grammatical work. of which other editions were printed in London 
by Wynkin de \Vorde (sine anno) and Pson (I516), and elsewhere. 

2. Phalaris. [Sign. a er: 3 Francisci Aretini Oratoris pe-- 
clarissimi in eloquentissimas Phala[ridis tyranni 
eco in latinum versas. Prohe--Imium foeliciter 
Hoc oposculum in alma vniuersi--]tate Oxonie. A Natali christiano 
Ducentesima & nonagesima septima. I Olimpiade foeliciter impressum est. 

epistolas per ipsum I e 
incipit [Sign. m 6 r 

Ox lord, 14,q 5, printed by Theodoric Rood 
and Thoma» IIunte : (eights) squ.  2 °" pp. 
[I76 ], signn, a-d , e s, f-*, g, h s, i ç, k-I , 
m - sima, b I r beg. OEdio vos. Contents : 
sign. a I" "Carmeliani Brixiensis Poete 
ad lectorem Carmen,"  2 eleac ]ines" 
a 2r-m6L the work: on m 6* after the 
colophon " tl oc Teodericus food quem 
collonia misit ] Sanguine germanus nobile 
pressit opus [ Atque sibi socius thomas fuit 

anglicus hunte. ]Dij dent vt venetos 
exuperare queant I Quam ienson enetos 
decuit vit gallicus artem I Ingenio didicit 
terra britanna suo. i Celatos veneti nobis 
transmittere libro» I Cedite nos alijs vendi- 
mus o vereti I Que fuerat vobis ars primum 
no ta latini I Est eadem nobis ipsa reperta 
patres. ] Quamuis semotos toto canit orbe 
britannos I Uirgilius. placet his lina 
latina tamen. 

A Latin translation of the spurious Letters of Phalari». 


['Mirk, John] [Sign 
• _ • ( ) --," :--] Incipit liber qui I vocatur festi- 
alis [Sign. z 3 r : Here endith the boke [ that !s callid festiuall. ]the 
yere of oure lord M I cccc. lxxxvi, the day afur [ seint Edward the 

Imprint as above, n. pl., but Oxford 
4,q6 (probably 9 Mar. 148{-'" la. 8o: 
pP. [348], signn. ( 
f*, g*, h*-, i 6, k-P, m ç, n-o *, p*, q, r ', s , 

t-v , x , y, z': sign. b i, beg. diuerse 
skyll«s. Contents :sign. ( ) ,', wood- 
eut of Crucifixion: ( ) l*-z 3 ', the work. 

English sermons on the holy days and a fev of the Sundays of the year : written or 
collected by John Mirk, canon of Lilleshall. Other early English printed editions 
exist, beginning with one by Caxton in about 1483. Variations are fotmd in the 
setting up of siman, h and i. The first two leaves are hot at present known to exist. 


entur rê . 

Burley, Walter. ( Tractatus expositorius/ super libros poste-, I 
riorum Arestotilis: preclarissirni philisophi [ \Valteri Burlei artium liber- 
alium [ et trium philosophiarum magi.lstri meritissirni : ac in sacra [ theo- 
logia doctoris perspilcacissirni planissimique [ suis posteris Oxoniensibus 
admodum vtilis incipit feli--[citer cure summa diligentia. I recognitus. 
[Then zt,oodculj. [Sign. I3 6 v :--] Explicit scriptum t,lanissimi doctoris 
Walteri ] Burlei super libros posteriorum Impressum I in academia Oxonie 
anno dominice inlcarnationis. 5I . CCCCC . xvii. ] Die vero decernbris 
quarlto ad laudem dei I & profectum I studentium. [Then zt'oodcul: then] 
Fata regunt finern : spero dij cepta secundent. 

Impr. as above, Oxford I517- sm. 4°: 
pp. [2o], signn. A t,  : sima. B If beg. Sed 
quia. Contents :--sign. A I r, title, with 

arms of University : . I'-B 5", the work : 
B 6 r, royal arms : r 6 V, colophon with 
arms of University repeated. 

A Latin Commentary by Walter Burley on the Posterior Analytics of Aristotle. 

I. Burley, Walter.  Tractatus pebreuis de materia & forma:l 
Magistri Walteri Burlei doctoris planissimi. [Then woodcu/: then] I Aliud 
l,erbreue compendium de relatiuis e, iusdem doctoris x tile tamen achnodum 
t nouellis logicis. [Sign. 13 3 r:q I Finit tractatus duorum princil,io,{ 
rum et de relatiuis. 3Iagistri \Valtelri /3urley Oxoniensis. I Finis. 
[Sign. B 4":] I1- Impositus est finis tractatui doctoris planissimi I de 
duobus principijs, s.[iue] mater ia et forma et de rela,]tiuis c um speciali 
priuilegio per septenniurn ex edicto diglnissimi cancellarii Oxonie. [Then 
woodcut: then]  Impressum est presens opusculum in celeberima I 
vniuersitate Oxoniensi per me Ioannem Scolar in I viculo diui Ioannis 
baptiste moram trahentem An,lno domini. 3I. CCCCC. decimooctauo. 
lIensis veto Iu,ini j die septimo. 

Impr. as above, Oxford, 15 8 : sm. 4°: 
pp. [t6], signn. A--B: sign. B  beg. est 
dare. Contents :sigtt. A t, title :  2 - 

B 3 r, the work in two parts:  3 , wood- 
cut of royal amas :  4 v, colophon. 

For a general discussion of the circumstances of the Early Sixteenth Century 
Oxford Press, see Appendix B. 


2. Dedicus, Joannes. Questiones I moralissime super li--Ibros 
Ethicorum eruditissimi I viri Ioannis Dedicus artium libe.-Iralium triumque 
philosophiarum magistri I optime meriti  et in moralibus pre ceteris satis 
ie--[riti feliciter incipiunt subtilissimis Oxoniensibus in philo,[sophia morali 
lucubrare cupientibus non magis [ vtiles quam necessarie. [ [Then engrav- 
ing of lhe Uniz,e, siO' arms]. [Sign. N 4 v :--]  Explicitum est Ioannis 
Dedici Oxoniensis in ] morali philosophia eruditissimi preclarum opus- 
culum J questionum I subtilissimediscucientium (licet sparsim cum I quadam 
tamen dependentia) singulas materias in decem [ libris ethicorum Arestotilis 
inuestigatas  vti summa [ industria lucubranti patebit. Impressumque in 
cele--]berima vniuersitate Oxoniensi per me Iohannem ! Scolar in viculo 
sancti Ioannis Baptiste moram tra--[hentem . Anno domini . I . CCCCC . 
decimooctauo 5Iel»]sis vero lIaij die decimoquinto. [ornamtnl][ Cum 
priuilegio. 1 Uetitum est per edictum sub sigillo cancellariatus [ ne 
quis in septennio hoc insigne opus imprimat [ vel aliorum ductu impensis 
venditet in vni--[uersitate Oxonie: aut infra precinctum [ eiusdem: sub 
pena amissionis omnium I librorum et quinqe librarum ster,llingorum 
pro singulis sic ven|ditis ubiubi impressi fue--]rint pretêr penam pretax,' 
atam in decreto. [  Cornicum oculos configere noli. 

Impr. as above, Oxf. I518." (eights & 
fours) sm. 4°: pp. [5]. foll. 75 + [], 
signn. A , B , C , D*, E , F t, G *, H t, I , K , 
L «, M-,x*: sign.  x beg. jberlinet ad. 

Contents :--p. (I) Title and large wood- 
cut : () large woodcut of the royal amas 
with supporters &c. : (3-I5) the work : 
(  5 - ) colophon, &c. 

Of Johannes Dedicus (perhaps, as has been suggested by prof. II. \V. Chandler, 
Dethick) nothing is known. The Quaestiones extend to the end of the 5th book oI 
the Ethics, and the last paragraph is a summary of the 6th. 

3. *Laet, Jaspar. [at end:] FIniunt prenostica exerpta a 
prenosticis egregii viri magistri Iasparis I Laet angligenis cognitu maxime 
vtilia. Et in celebe,lrima oxonlensi academia l[woodcuts] impressa 

Imprint as above, Oxford, [probably I on Ist page, the Praenostica. 
4" [?] : broadside. Contents : 

Only known from the lower half of the sheet preserved in the Cambridge University 
Library, where the uppeï" hall is also believed tu be. 

4. Lux. [ Compendium questionum de luce et lumine [followed 
by a small woodcut and the four quaestiones]. [Sign. B 4 v :--] [ Cum 
priuilegio dignissi--mi Cancellarij vniuer.-Isitati s Oxonie. [Then a large 
woodcut: then]  Finit compendium questiuncularum de luce & de I 
lumine nouiter recognitum. Impressumque in celiberi.-Ima vniuersitate 
Oxoniensi per me Ioannen Sco--Ilar in viculo diui Ioannis baptiste moram 
trahentem [ Anno domini . M. CCCCC . decimooctauo. Mensis vero[ 
Iunij die quinto. 

Impr. as above, Oxford, 1518 : sm. 4 » : [ 
pp. [6], slgnn. ,-u* : sign.  " beg. vt 

int«ntio. Contents -'A If, title : A 1 'r_ 
 4*', the work : u 4 *, the colophon. 


5. Whittington, Robert. [ De heteroclitis nominibus. [ 
Editio Roberti Whittintoni lichfeldienlsis Grammatice magistri: et 
protouatis [ anglie in florentissima Oxoniensi achadelmia Laureati/ de 
heteroclitis nominibus [ et gradibus comparationis. [Then u,oodcul: then 
a " tetrastichon" and a "distichon." [$ign. B 4' :w] [Roberti] whit- 
heteroclitis no minibus & de gradibus compara- 
tintoni lichf.eld!ensis de Il _ . ] . 
tionis Oxonle mpressa perI[me Ioannem] Scolar in viculo diui Ioannls 
baptiste mol[ram tra]hentem Anno domini. M . CCCCC. decimooctauo I 
[I]ensis veto Iunij. die vicesimoseptimo. 

Impr. as above, Oxford,  518 : sm. 4" : 
pp. [6], signn, n',B: sign. B I r beg. hTc 
¢apes. Contents :--A tf, title &c. as 

above : . 2-g 4", the work (on s 4" also 
occur a woodcut of the arms of the Uni- 
versity and the colophon). 

Only knov, n from an imperfect cop) in the Bodleian rescued from the binding of a 

Compotus.  Compotus manualis ] ad vsum Oxoniensium. [ 
[dez,ice]. [sign. B 4 v :--J  Impressum est presens opusculum in ce.- I 

leberrima vniuersitate Oxoniensi per]me Carolum Kyrfoth. In 
Joannis baptiste moram ] trahentem Anno domini . I . I) . xix. 
veto Februari.j. die V. ] 

vico / diu, 
IIesis [ 

Imprint as above, Oxford, 1519 : sm. 
PP- [I6], siman. A-B* : sign.  i*" beg. 
t:ebruar, us. Contents :A If, title, 

and woodctt : .  -, 4 , he Compotus - 
B 4", University amas and colophon. 

A system of arithmetie illustrated by wood engravings of the open hand, values 
being attached to each part. Panzer after Maittaire mentions a Paris ed. of 
" cum commento." 

) THtï OXFORD PIiESS. [1459. 





A small sheet of paper printed on the ice-bound Thames at London 
Jan. I716 ascribes to Oxford the first printing in England, in the 
ear 459- Iost of the information on the sheet is derived from 
.tk.yns's Orfgfnal and Groz,l] of Prbzl>zg (Lond. 1664). 


Printing was "practised in Oxford in I46I," according to Randle 
Holmes's Acad«my of Armory (Chester, 1688), quoted in Bigmore, 


In Herbert's Ames, iii. 12393 we read :--"In the late Tho. Osborne's 
catalogue of books for sale in June I756, No. 345' Plinii Secundi 
Epistolarum, Liber primus. Exemplar elegans, literis initial, colorat. 
corio turcico, fol. deaur, lineis rubris & auto elegans ornat. 151. l SS. 
Oxon. apud F. Corsellis. 1469." To which is added this note, 'Hocce 
unicum est exemplar notum, a variis allegatum, et vix uni visum adeo ut 
Phoenix librorum dici mereratur [s?], cene primus est ex libris a Cor- 
cellis impressis, cui nomen suum adjunxerit, secundus vero ordine 
omnium quos unquam ille impressit, priorem scilicet scimus fuisse, 
Jeronymi Expositionem in Symbol. Apostol. Oxoniae 1468. Anno 
147o, varia idem typographus impressit Opuscula, addito in fine nomine, 
sed nec unicum eorum reperitur hodie integrum. Possident quidam 
amatores fragmenta aliqua poematum Latinorum, ut Gerardi Lystrii 
Rhenensis, &c. Carmen Listrii lividorum hominum venenosas linguas, 
&c.' This raised the curiosity of the book collectors, who considered 
this article as a confirmation of what R. Atkins had asserted about 
printing at Oxford. Thev all flocked to Osborne's shop, who instead 
of the book, produced a "letter from a man at Arnsterdam, filled with 
frivolous excuses for not sending them to him. They were disappointed, 
and looked on the whole as a Hvx; however the Plinii lïpistoloe, and 
Ger. Listrii Oratio, &c. afterwards appeared at an auction at Amsterdam, 
and were bought for the late Dr. Ant. Askew; and were sold again at an 
aucdon of his books, by Baker and Leigh, in Feb. 1775- Lot 2064, and 


2622, to which articles are annexed, viz. to Lot 2o64,'Ad finem hoec 
verba, lmpr. Oxon. apud t. Corsdlis, 147o, Manu recentiore exarata 
sunt.' Also to lot 2622, ' Hoec verba, lmprim. Oxon. ap. Corsdlis, 1469, 
Manu recentiore exarata sunt.' To those who are at all conversant in 
early printing, the dates will appear at first sight a bungling forgery." 
So far Herbert's Ames, cf. Bowyer and Nichols's Orz'gin of t)rinlt),g, 
2nd ed. (Lond. I776), p. 171. The full entry of art. 2064 is "Listrii 
(Ger.) Oratio habita in Enarrationem Dionysii IIalicarnassii; Dionysii 
Orbis expositio e Greco tralata Prisciano interprete ; Ejusdem Crmen in 
venenosas Linguas Hominum, & Epicedium doctissimi Adoloscentis 
Ingenisissimique Petri Thessaliensis" : sold to 3Ir. Dent for :£2 3 s. : art. 
2622 has 1569 for 1469, and was sold to Capt. Smith for £ I 6s. 

In the Auction Catalogue of the Library of Dr. Abr. de Vries of 
IIaarlem (Amsterdam, Frederick 3Iuller, I864) art. 181 was :--"CR- 
CLLIs.Collection de lettres, copies authentiques, déclarations et notices 
en  756 et 57 sur l'imposture fameuse du falsaire G. S.tITW, à Arnsterdam 
et la Haye, qui fabriqua une ;dition de Plinii @islol«e, avec souscriItion : 
O.rom'ae, Corcelh's. 1469" I-/edu,igii liber 16. ibidem. 14 7o, etc. et 
trompa 3Ir. P. v. Damme et autres en Angleterre.Recueillie et con- 
servée pour prouver son innocence à la falsification et annotée par 3Ir. v. 
Damme. le pc. s. Collection très-curieuse, contenant e. a. 7 lettres de 
Smith b. v. Damme, une lettre forgée ou falsifi4 du Comte de Pembroke, 
une lettre de P. Burman Sec.. copie d'une d4claration de 3Ieerman, etc. 
etc." It is to be hoped that this interesting collection will be brought to 
light again. 

In the 3[onthly 3h'scellat9, , or 3[emoirs for the Curious (June 7o8), 
p. 177 it is stated that in the Bishop of Ely's Library (now at Cambridge) 
are books "of the first printing in England at Oxford in  469." 


" Guido de Columnia de historia Trojana, per T. R. (Theodore ood). 
Quarto. 148o." So Herbert's Ames, p. x393. The source of the error 
was discovered by Cotton to be a forgery in a copy of Guido sine anno 
et loco preserved in the .Earl of Pembroke's Library at Wilton (l.),p. Gaz., 
ISt ser., 2nd ed., p. 209.) 

Before 1487 . 

"Books from the Oxford Press .... 208*. The Chronicles of England. 
Folio. Lent by the Earl of Jersey." So in the Catalogue of the Caxton 
Celebration, 1877 , p. 28. Some error. The reference is no doubt to 
Caxton's Chronicle of England, printed in x 482. 

When Cotton printed his Tg'pogra2ht'cal Gazel/e,r, 2nd sertes, (Oxf. 
1866) he believed that an Indulgence of 1489 (altered to 1499), in the 

 o THE OXFORD PRESS'. [408. 

Library of Trinity College, Dublin, was printed at Oxford. It is "a 
small broadside on vellum, consisting of 24 lines only, printed very 
closely and occupying a space of about nine inches bv six." The In- 
dulgence is from Johannes de Gigliis alias de Liliis postolicus Sub- 
diaconus, granted by Pope Innocent iii: and is dated't 499, there being 
no naine of place or date of printing. There is no doubt that Cotton 
as mistaken in attributing this piece to the Oxford press. 

1. Bagford, in his inaccurate way, gives the title of an edition of the 
Greek text of the Ehics of Aristotle by Aretinus " Oxon. 1498 " (Brit. 
)Ius. MS. Harl. 59ot, fol. 3)- He mentions the 1479 edition of the 
Latin text separately, but the former date can only be due to some 
confusion with the latter. 

2. The Rufinus of 1468 appears as dated 498 in Panzer, v«ho quotes 
Schoenemann i 8" ' 
• 5 o, and also in 5Iigne s t)alrologia Latine, xxi. col.  7. 

Indulgence : see 489. 



. Buridanus: see next arlicle. 

.-,. "Gualtheri I3urley Tractatus de materia et forma ac de relativis. 
Oxonii 15oo. 4-" So in Panzer ii (i794) p. 2"244, quoting Iaittaire p. 
739, ex Bibl. Bodl. p. i 7 (an allusion to an error in the Bodleian 
Catalogue of I674 repeated in the 1738 Catalogue p. 2-,06). Bagford 
makes the same mistake, twisting the author's naine into Johannes 
Buridanus (Brit. Mus. 3IS. ttarl. ,59Ol, fol. 3). Even Hain (no. 4142) 
has copied from Panzer. The colophon of 1518. ]3 shows how the error 
arose, as Cotton points out (7j7. G«z., ist ser., 2nd ed., p. 209). 

3, 4- Bagford is responsible for two more fictitious Oxford books of 
15oo, a Quaesliones de lumine et lute (Brit. Mus. MS. Harl. 59o, fol. 3, 
Bodl. )IS. Rawl. D. 375, fol. lO 3 : a confusion with i58. L) and a 
Whitinton de lu'lerocO'lis nom),ibus printed at Oxford by Peter Treveris (!) 
(Bodl. IIS. Rawl. D. 375. fol. lO3: see 5x8. W). 

The following book though not printed at Oxford supplies information 
about an Oxford bookseller :[sign. a if :] ,, Principia seu introduc- 


tiones fra/ris peregrini ytalici de lugo in via doctoris subtilis: adipisci 
eiusdem doctoris doctrinam CUl»ientibus. [at foot:mi Uenundantur 
autem in alma ac florentissima vniuersitate Oxoniense. in intacte 
ac immaculate z vico: sancti iohannis euaugeliste « ad intersignium. 
[Then follow 4 tractatus : then on sign. g 4 r :--] Expliciunt principia seu 
introductiones (pro iuuenibus) fratris peregrini de lugo ... Impressa 
autem Londini. per Richardum pyns0n, cum solerti cura ac diligentia 
Honestissimi Iuuenis ac prudentissimi Hugonis 3Ieslier. Fxpens£r autem 
georgii castellani « oxonii morantis  ad intersignium sancti Iohannis 
euangeliste: in quo venundatur oFus hoc. Finis...." Then follows 
a 5th treatise, ending with a letter from Peregrinus de Lugo dated 
"Tholose quarto Kalendas Februarij. 3I. ccccc, vj." Herbert's Ames 
(iii. i396) refers this book to Oxford, although at i. _-,52 it is referred 
rightly to Pynson's press at London. 

References to a Com,ndium qu«esh'uncularum «le luce ci lumi»e, Oxford 
151o , will be found in Bagford (Brit. Mus. IS. Harl. 59Ol, fol. 
I3odl. IS. Rawl. D. 375, P- lO4), no doubt from the Calalogus librorum 
AISS "-"' Angh'ce e! lliberniw (Oxf. 1697, fol.), tom. e, p...-80, col. 1, 
among the printed books of John 3Ioore bp. of Norwich. An error for 


The 1481 Alexander de Hales appears in Bagford (Brit. 3Ius. 3IS. 
IIarl. 59Ol, fol. 23, Bodl. 3IS. Rawl. D. 375, P. IO4) as of 1511, printed 
at Oxford. 

"Walterus Burleius, super libros Posteriorum. i512. 40. .. qO in 
Cotton's ]il/'- Gaz., 2nd ser., p. 169, and in a longer form in Herbert's 
Ames iii. 396, and Panzer vil. p. 494, quoting J3riiggemann i. 172. 
The source of the mistake is easily found in the colophon of 1517. B. 
a "v" having been overlooked. The error is repeated in the t?ookworm 
(1868) p. 126. 

Before I519. 

According to Cotton (/il/'. Gaz., 2nd ser., p. 169) an edition of "Jo. 
Duns Scotus, Scriptum Oxoniense super primum Sententiarum" (Paris 
I5t9) professes to be "impressa juxta editionem Oxoniensem." This 
cannot be correct, unless eddtb refers only to some traditional method of 
exposition or arrangement at O.,fford. 

12 THE O)t'FORD PRESS. [151o. 

About i5i 9. 

"The following book printed at the charge of Cardinal Wolsey, with 
the King's arms on one side, and the cardinal's on the other; though it 
has neither date nor printer's name, was probably performed about this 
rime [i59] at this place [Oxford]." ' Libellus prim. epistol. 1I. Tullii 
Cicer. Decus Oxoniensium, finitum universitate Oxoniensi. Quarto.' So 
in tterbert's Ames, iii. 1398, and substantially in Bagford's account (Brit. 
IIus. SIS. Ilarl. 59oi, fol. 24 v, Bodl. MS. Rawl. D. 375, fol. io3): see 
Cotton's ,p. G«z., end ser., p. 69. C/early a blunder. Tbe book 
which is said to be at '-l'rinity College, Dublin, could not be found there 
in 1885. 


" Roberti Whitintoni Lichfeldiensis Protovatis Anglioe in Florentissimâ 
Oxoniensi Academiâ Laureati, Opusculum de Concinnitate Grammatices 
& Constructione recognitum Anno Domini xix supra Sesquimillesimum, 
in 4 So Bagford (Brit. Ius. IS. t/ad. 59o, fol. 23L cf. Bodl. MS. 
Rawl. D. 375, P. °3). Probably not printed at Oxford. 

Before 15:20. 

John Dorne, bookseller in Oxford, sold in i52o several copies of a 
small book described in his da)'-book as '" Bene fundatum, "Bene 
fundatum Oxonie" or " Bene fundatum uosgraf." This seems to be a 
trace of a real Oxford book now lost, but no such printer as Vosgraf or 
Foxgrave (Dorne was from the Low Countries) is known. It would 
probably belong to the 5 7-9 press. See Dorne's book edited in the 
Colhclama vol. i of the Oxford Historical Society, 885. Cotton erro- 
neously reads the title as " ]3ene sum datum." 

Shepery's ttp@,tus: see under , 586. S. 


"P. Martyr de Sacramento Eucharistiœe, disputatio hab. in acad., 1549," 
4 o. So in the Calalogus hbrorum 27. Daz'isit; pt. 4 ( 692), p. 7, cf. p.  o. 
Some error. 



"Analysis libri Aristotelis de Sophisticis Elenchis, opera et studio 
Griff. Poweli." So in the Cal«logus h'brorum 1. Davish', pt. 2 (i686), 
P- 72. Error for I594, which see. 

" Ioavvo ro XpvoEooErotzov OtzLAm,. Oxonii I565 in forma minore." 
in the libh'olheca Gudi«na (Hamb. I7O6), p. 75: thence in Brtiggeman, 
p. 422. An error for 1586, which see. 


. Guild's Throne f D«z.,id or an E.vposi/ion of/he 2nd  SamueL Error 
in the Cah7logus librorum R. D«z,isii, pt.  (686), p. 64, for 1659, 
which see. 

2. "569 . An account of the Lithuanian translation of the Bible is in 
the Brit. Museum. Quarto." So Herbert's Ames, iii. p. 1398. For 
659, which see under C]o,h)ski, Samuel B. 


Fabricius, J. S. : "Ieditationes Sacroe de unitate Ecclesioe Britannicoe. 
I576," 8vo. So îwice in the Catalogus h'brorum )7. 19avish, pt. 2 (I686) 
p. o, pt. 3 (688) p.  . For 1676, which see. 

"Thesaurus oeconomioe... Johanne Caso Authore. I597 • • • Again 
578." So Herbert's Ames, iii. ï4o 7. Perhaps for 598, which see, but 
even that is perhaps an error for 597 1 

Shepery's 11t'ppovlus : see under 1586. S. 



LaWVt'CL I l,ower 
beare the sword 

Bilson, Thomas. THE TRVE IrrE-[RWCE BETWEE,r CHRI-[ 
to commaund for trueth, and {ndepriuable [ right to 
are defended against the [ Popes censures and the 
Iesuits Solhismes vt-ltered in their APOLOGIE and .U-FF'C OF EXLSH 
I CAItlOLIKES:[ Jl/h a demonslraLbn thal /he /hz)tges rourmed t)t /he 
m/z,i/hs/,m&)tg lhe z,at)te shc I mad« lo /he con/ra O )z lha lai« Rhemish 
'l'estament: bD, I To.s 9ILSOS Warden of Winchester. Perused and 
allowed by publike authoritie. I [Dcz'te: then tu,o mol/os]. 

Impr. 2:1585 (cl33xxcv): (eights') 
sm. 4: pp. [24] +,q2o+[Jo] : p. il beg. 
wce bee farre, p. III be no/ Ju,tges : 
chiefly Pica English. Contents :--p. (I) 
title : (3-I e) Eistle dedicatorie to queen 

Elizabeth : ( 3) " the generall eontents 
of euerie part": (I4-_2) "To the Chris- 
tian Reader" : I-8.,o the work, in 4 parts : 
(J-9) "the speciall contents of euery 
part"" (9) "Faultes escaped", i.e. errata. 

For the author &c. see \Vood's Ath. Oxom ii. 169: where it is pointed out that 
the book has a curious history. ts ostensible purpose is to uphold the doctrine after- 
wards ealled " passive obedience " by refuting two books which were regarded as sub- 
( '  
versNe of the .2ueen s temporal power çt) An apologie and/rue declaration of the insti- 
tution,.., of the lzoEo English colleges. . . in A'ome. . . (and) in hemes, 1581 (ascribed 
to card. \Vill. Allen, (2).4 lrue, sioeere and modes/defcnce of English cathdiques that 
sttff«r.lCor their fa#h, ri. d. (a.serted by Antony à Wood to be also by card. Allen). 
But Wood declares that the Queen " eoneeiving it convenient for her worldly designs 
fo take on her the protection of the Low-Cuntries against the King of Spain, did 
employ our author.., to write the said book " tojusN/), the Netherland revolt. And 
certain it is that in consequenee of the temperance and fairness with which Bp. Bilson 
treats his subject, the parliamentary part)' in Charles I's rime used this book to otiose 
" passive obedience." 

Probably issued about the end of November, 585 . Greek type is used on p. 63 
and perhaps elsewhere. Another ed. appeared at London in I586 : an extract from 
pp..2o-21 was reprinted in I641 and again in Somers's Tracts, 2nd ed., iv. 9 (.Lond. 

2. Case, John. [Orname,t/] SPECVLVM MORALIVM I QVaESTIOh'V, 
lU v,xIVEgS.«. FaHICEr: I Aristotelis, Authore Magistro Ion,tXgE C«so I 
Oxoniensi, olim Collegij Diui Io-lhannis Proecursoris ] $ocio. ] [then the 
University Arms: then a mo//o from Seneca]. 

585.] ,THE OXFORD PR..ç,.ç.  5 

Impr. , so also colophon: 585: 
(eights) sm. 4°: pp. [8] + 4Ol + [9] : P- 
11 beg. O1,,. Iuuenes, p. x  x, Distinciio • 
chiefly Pica Roman. Contents :--p. (I) 
Title: (3-7) Epistola nuneupatoria to 
Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, chan- 
cellor of the University, signed "Iohannes 
Casus" : (8-xo) " Ad studiosos iuuenes 
vtriusque academiae": (o) "Prosopo- 
poeia Librî Ad Lectorem" : (I ) "t]ono- 

ratissimo suo domino et patrono Comiti 
Leicestrensi &c. Iosephus Bamesius Ty- 
pographus Oxonie nsis ": (I z-23) Com- 
plimentary Latin verses to the author: 
between (24) and (25) "Tabula virtutum 
et vitiorum omnium ", a folio leaf printed 
on one side only: (25-:'8)Proefatio : I- 
4o, the work in 6 books : (t-2) " Pero- 
ratio ad lectorem" : (4-1ï) Index : '7) 
Errata and colophon. 

The first book printed at the new Oxford press. The allusions to this and kindred 
facts are (I) in the " Epistola Nunct, patoria." Case says of the reasons for dedicating 
the work to the Earl of Leicester " Unum est nouum hoc proeli beneficium, quod te 
authore nostra Aoedemia nuper recepit... Proelum hoc nouum (cuius author existis) 
hunc nouum de moribus libellum pressit. Ne ergo author libelli proeli authori videatur 
ingratus, tibi primùm eiusdem fructum ex animo propinauit..." (2) the printer himself 
writes "Admirabilem hanc artem typographicom (Mecçnas amplissime) primum Iohannes 
Faustus bloguntioe fauste genuit [the marg. supplie "Anno 145o"], eandem GuiIielmus 
Caxtonus duis Londinensis probè aluit & perpoliuit : Laus summa debetur authori qui 
invenit, laus magna debetur mercatori qui primhm ad no» transuexit... Londinum diù in 
bac arte floruit, & non inuideo : Cantabrigia eandem hune didicit, Oxonia reeepit, & 
eertè gaudeo. Nam si characteres typographi sint vera insignia & arma Minerue; vbi 
terrarum potius floreret hoec nobilis scientia, quàm vbi vera publicè docetur sapientia ? 
vt enim à fonte in riuum dulcis aqua, ita hic quidem à mente in proelum dulcissima 
Musa fluet. Non nugoe, non aniles fabulæ, non Aristarchi dentata opera hîc exeu- 
dentur : ea solùm ex his proelis in lucem renient quç sapientum calculis approbentur, 
& Sybillç foliis sint veriora, ttoc vnum nunc rcstat o-ir inclytissime) vt hunc libnm 
opus alterius ingenij & pignus laboris mei tuo honori offeram ... Vt ergo Thomas 
q homasius collega meus [Cantabfigiensis] suo, ira ego Io.ephus Bamesius tibi (vit 
summe) meo, dominoque gratulor " nos ambo & publieo pro multis, & priuato 
nomine po magms m nos meritis vobis vtriusque Academioe patronis deuincti sumus, 
gratias immortales vterque agimus, maiores in posterum pollicemur" : (3)the Vice- 
chancellor, J. Underhill, writes" Non dedit hoc seclo prrelum Oxoniense priorem [librum] 
I Doctrinâque dabunt secula nulla parera." (4) Laurence l]umfrey says " Hoc Speculum 
vobis nunc Oxoniensis alumnus [ Porrigit, en proeli dat quoque primitias." 
It is dear that neither the Vice-ehancellor nor the pfinter of this volume had any 
suspicion that there had been printing in Oxford prevlous to the publication of the 
present volume, unless " recepit " be a vague allusion to it. 
The work is a companion one to the saine author's Summa v«t¢rum interdretum in 
universam dialecticam Aristotelis, Lond., Tho. Vautrollerius, 1584, see 1592. C, 1598. 
C : and there i even a typographical connexion between the two. 
For an account of the author, see Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 685. The method adopted 
by Cae is by quaestiones, oosiHoncs and responsiones in tbe manner of the disputa- 
tions in the schools at the time. Other editions were issued at Oxford in  596, and at 
F'rankfurt in 1589, 161o and 1625- See x 396. L. 

3. Corro, Antonio de. 

Serinons on Ecclesiastes: see  586. E. 

4. Dudley, Robert, earl of Leicester. [ornamenl] IN I ADVENTV3I 
ILL¥STRIS-ISIMI LEcEsrRENStS C2dlTIS AD ] Collegium Lincolniense. ] 

Impr. 3 : "tertio idus Ianuarij "  585 : 
(one) 8°: pp. [2]: chiefly Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title as above: large 

device of University arms : then "Carmen 
gratulatorium " of 8 elegiac lines, b W. 
"Comiter hoe factura est"- then imprint. 

Very rare. The visit appears from Wood's Annals ii. 223 to have been in Jan. 
58, and the date of printing I I Jan. I58{. The difficulties in the way of reçardin,,, , 
this sheet as the first printing of the new Oxford Press are the form of the date, which 
usually implies Jan. x 58{, the asertion of Barnes that the Case ,,vas the ri,st produc- 
tion, and the improbability that the Committee of Convocation appointed to consider 
"de libris imprimendis" on 23 Dec. 1584 would proceed to action so soon as II J,'m. 


158-}. But the fitness of the earlier date is too obvous to be gainsaid. 
probably the first printed sheet issued by Barnes. 

This piece is 

5. Parsons, Robert. a BOOKE OF CHRISTIAN EX-I 
aPPV.RT,1-tning to RvSOLVTI-IO', that is, shewing ! how that we shou]d 
re-[solue our selues to be-'come çhristians in-[deede..B,.), ]g. P. [P«rused, 
,,a ,,«o,,,,/,,,,,»,.,' I ,,o,« .,,a, « z,-,.,/,,« z,,-l«»,g//,«oEc,_,a-I,,,, yl 
rmlV,,,'9 m't,'v. [Then a mo//o from Hebr. xiii. 8: the whole tit]e and 
imprint is within a border of ornament.] 

Impr. 2a ,colophon4): 5q5 : sm. I2°: 
pp. [281 + 494 + [2] + 14o : t3. I 1 beg. ons, 
or iJ; III confidcnce, 2nd p. I I hel2es what- 
socuer, I helshould: chiefly Long l'rimer 
Roman. Contents:ip. () title: (3-8) 
Bunny's Epistle dedicatorie to Edwin 
Sandys, archbp, of Y'ork (9-8) Bunny's 
" l'reface to the reader" : 9-z8) "The 

contentes of... this booke"- 1-493 
[misprinted 439], the w¢,rk, in 2 parts: 
() title of Bunny's treatise: I-I4o, the 
treatise : before p. I of the treatise is an 
oblong sheet 5 x I I in., folded, contain- 
ing on one side in two divisions "A table 
•.. of the treatise following"', on p. I4O 
is also a colophon. 

¢3f this book also there is a curious history. Gaspare Loarte, a Spanish Jesuit who 
spent most 9f his lire at Rome, v,'rote an "Essercitio della vita christiana " seine rime 
bêfore 569. In 579 J- Sancer, a friend of Robert l'arsons the Jesuit, published a 
translation into English of one of the three parts of the work. In I58 Parsons him- 
self publi»hed "The firste booke of the Christian Exercise, appertayning to resolution" 
in two parts, which is practically a new work based on part of the original "E.ssercitio." 
Loarte is mentioned in the preface, but the author only signs his naine by the initiais, 
R. I'. This was again issued without l'arsons' knosvledge in I584 . 
In 585 (or according to Wood and Ames, copied by tlerbert and Dibdin, in 584 ') 
Fdmund Bunny printed and publisbed the first edition of an adaptation of Parsons' 
book fitted for Protestant readers " at London, by N. Newton, for Iohn Wight," 8". 
The dedication is to the archbp, of York and the preface dated 9 July  584 at Bolton- 
Percy. The book was entered at Stationers' ttall on e8 Aug. I584. The Oxford 
edition before us i» a reprint of this London edition with no intêntional variation, 
except the omission of the amas of the archbishop of York on the verso of the title ot 
the London issue• borne of the woodcut ornaments and capitals of the two issues are 
In " I585, Aug. 30" Parsons again put out his book in a revised and largely 
augmented form v, ith a new title "A Christian Directorie"which when complete was 
to consist of three books, the first of which, treating of Rêsolution, is alone contained 
in this edition. The preface contains a criticism of the London issue of Bunny's 
adaptation, which provoked " A briefe answer vnto those idle and friuolous quarrels 
of R. P. against the late edition of the Resolution : By Edmtmd Btmny." Lond., 
1589, 8 °. 
Other editions of Bunny's adaptation of Parsons' ,« Christian exercise" are 586 
(Lond., " by I. Iackson and Ed. Bollifant for John Wight," 12°; in IIerbert's posses- 
sion), I589 (Lond., i °- Bohn), '594 (Lond., 4": Bohn), I6o 9 (,Lond., IZ°: Bohn), 
I6I 5 (Lond., I Z°). See also next art. Parsons' own work was several times re- 
printed : and in 1591 appeared an edition of his " Christian Directorie," anonymously 
adapted, as the former vork, for the use of Protestants, and with the deceptive title 
" The second part of the booke of Christian Exercise, appertayning to Resolution, or 
a Christian directorie.., written by the former authour R. P." (Lond., to;. This 
v, as several times reprinted, as in I592 , 1594, I598 , 6t 5. See also Wood's Ath. 
Oxon., ii. 22 : and the next art. 

6. Parsons, Robert. A I Boor:E oF I crtmSTIaX :x_lr-RClS r 
alrla'a-].c, o Rsovrmx, I that is, shewing how that I wee shoulde 
resolue our]selues to become Christi-lans indeede, By R.J, Pcrused, 
Bv'Y. I [mo#o. The whole title is within a border.] 


Impr. _ a (colophon 4) : I585 : sm. 12 ° : 
pp. [30] + 49 - + [2]+ 140: p. 1I beg. what 
man, I II Gospell, 7x,hich : also p. 21 
ltot«ltO" ai1, III il they should: chiefly 
Long Primer Roman. Contents :-- as 
preceding article, without the folded 

" Table. " to Bunny's treatise, riz. :--p. 
(i) title : (3-9 a epistle: (lO-9) preface: 
(o- 9) contents : 1-49 t, the treatise : 
() title- -I4O Bunny's treatise, with 

This volume is apparently identical in text (not spelling or punctuation)with the 
preceding art., but is entirely reset : from p. e52 of this edifion (= 254 of the other) 
the two correspond page for page in Parsons' treatise. 

or rax SalOmX .,, I his Subiectes togither with the condi-ltion of 
Queene EZAçH [ and her people. [ PVc ix SalXC a-',,'s h 
Oard lhe  7.  Auember, and I now rt)tted wlh some small all«ra/b», 

Impr. 4 : x585 : sm. 8" : pp. [3], 
signn. A-g s : sign. r I • beg. 2bassion, that : 
chiefly Pica English. Contents :--p. (I) 
title: (3-5) Epistle " to the Christian 

reader": (6-30) the sermon, on I Kings 
x. 9" (3-32) " A praier in consideration 
of the former respects." 

See Wood's .4lb. Oxon., i. 653. The Epistle is dated z7 Nov. 585, and alludes 
to Bilson's book as " euen now comming foorth." 

8. Shepery, John. 

Sec 586. S. 

9. Sparke, Thomas. "'A Sermon preached at Cheanies the 
4. of September,  585, at the burial of the right Honorable the Earle of 
Bedford, by Thomas Sparke Doctor of Diuinitie.' The university's arms. 
'Imprinted at Oxford by hi»t Printer to that famous Vniuersitie.' 3Iy 
copy is eut so close at bottom that it is uncertain whether there was any 
date added. Dedicated 'To  Arthur Lord Gray of \Vilton, Knight of 
 the Garter.At Bletchley the 25 of September, .585.Thomas 
Sparke.' The text, 'Apocal. I4. I3. I heard a voice from heauen' &c. 
At the end of the sermon ' September z z. An. Do. i585.' Besides; i o 
pages. W.H. 160." 

The above is the account of the book in Herbert's Ames, iii.  399, in the account of 
Joseph Bames's press at Oxford in 58._-3. The copy sold in the Heber sale, 9 April 
835, Catal. pt. vi, p. -48, art. 3559 for Ss. was probably Herbert's. Ames in his 
Tyograihical Antiqttities (Lond. 749) gives a shorter title and describes the book as 
a quarto. Other edd. are Lond. 585, in êights (pp. [o]+ o6), and Oxf. 594 
(with 5 Decembcr at end of dedication, pp. [IO] + Io) : but both are different from 
the present book, if Herbert's description may be trusted. 

t. Case, John. "'Reflexus speculi moralis, seu commentarius 
in magna moralia Aristotelis. Authore Johanne Caso.' Again 596. 
Octavo ." 

The above is from Herbert's Ames, iii. 4oI, slightly altered from Ames, p. 453: 
but both are probably errors for 1596 : see 1596. C. 


 8 TttE OKFORD PRE,.çS. [18. 

2. Catilinariae proditiones. "' In Catilinarias proditiones, ac 
proditores domesticos, Odoe 6.' The university arms. 'Oxonioe, ex 
Oflicina Typographica Josephi Barnesii, & veneunt in coemeterio Paulino 
sub signo capitis Tygurini. Anno I586.' On the back, in a lozenge 
form,' Odoe sex ornatissimis viris D. Doctori J ameso .,tdis Christi Oxon. 
decano, et doctori Itetono prodecano, coetrisque clarissimis atque optimis 
viris eiusdem ecclesioe proebendariis, & privatoe observantioe, et publicoe 
pietatis ergWdicatoe.' 8 leaves, the first has only signature A. 13rit. 
Museum. Octavo. 

The above is from tterbert's OEmes, iii. p. 14oi. In May I886 the officials of the 
lq, ritish Museum were unable to find the book. A copy was sold at the Bliss sale in 
1858 (Catal. pt. 2, art. 7) to Stenson a bookseller for £4 4s. 

- Chardon, John. a SEP.MON [ vrON PART OF I TItE NINTH CHAP- 
Preached at S. 5Iaries in [ Oxford by Iohn Chardon]Doctor of 
Diuinitie. I [m0tlo.] 

Impr. :,b: I586" (eights) I6°: pp. 
[48 ], signn..,-c "- signa. B " beg. streight 
watt" chieflv l'ica English. Contents: 
p. (I) title"(3-xo Epistle dedicatory to 

Ambro.e earl of Warv«ick, Oxf. 6 Oct. 
I556" (II-44) the se, mon, on John ix. 
1-3 " (45-47) '" The prayer." 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 7  6. 

4. Chardon, bp. John. "' A comfortable sermon for all such 
as thirst and desire to be ioined with their head Jesus Christ. &c. Preached 
at the funerals of Syr Gawen Carewe, very worshipfully buried in the 
Cathedral Church of Exeter, 22d April, 584, By John Charden 
bachelor of Divinity.' The text,  Thes. 4 ; 3- 8. Octavo." 

So in Herbert's Ames, iii. I4OO : see Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 716, Maunsell i. 97- 

STASTI-XOPOLITA.Xl, ]]fomili se.r, I Ex. manuscriptis Codicibus Noui 
Çollegij; ] Ioaxxs, eiusdem Col-[legij socij, & Groecarum 
literarum in ] inclyta OxoxIE.,,'s Academia [ Professoris Regij, opera &[ 
industria nunc primfim ] groecè in lucem I editoe. [d, vice.] 

Impr. 5 : x586 ,.cIaaxxcvl) : (eigh!s) 
i6 °. pp. [2]+i38: p. x beg. a, ov 
dtv'roî, I I I 7tdt,'r 6t,l.tepoovoî16tl, : chiefly 
Long Primer Greek. Contents :--p. (1) 

title: (3-12) Epistola dedicatoria to sir 
Thomas Bromley, lord chancellor of Eng- 
land, Oxf. 28 Dec. [585] : I-t38, the 
six Homilies, in Greek. 

" Primitioe typographici nostri in groecis literis preli," as the dedication says. The 
first Grêek book printed in England was also a Chrysostom çT,,vo Homiliês, Lond., 
Reg. Wolfe, 543), but separate Greek words occur in thê first book printêd at Cam- 
bridge (Cujusdam.. Christiani Epistola, I5.'I) , and single words cut in wood still 
earlier. The si homilies are I. K«rà gov ap«qpobvroov rà ,,«or],i« (Migne, l'atrol. 
Gr.,Chrysost., i. 953)- 2-5- Ei'r¢v Afiçopov»«',B', ', ' tibid. 963, 98,, 99 , Ioo5). 6. E 
rb rI«o  r,, u««oqgvoov (ibid. oI 7). Sec p.  2 ( 565",\Vood's Aih. Oxon., il. 38. 
An imperfect book, (signn. A2-D 7"), containing Isocrates rIpb /wdv,«ov. Ilpb 
No«a, N«6rl ¢i avlal ov«vrt«3 d*t ° rp!ro, Plutarch rItp rmgov d-l¢wT and 
" Luciani Cupido,'" all in Greek, once owned by Thomas ttearne and now m the 
Bodleian Library, is in similar type to this Chrysostom and is accordingly assigned 

58.] THE OA'FORD P]?ESS. - 9 

by Iteame to Barnes's Press. But minute in.pection shows that some of the wood- 
cuts of the book are not identical with anv used at Oxford. It is probably London 
printing (hOt Bynneman 58I nor 6z: igerhaps Bishop 599" see J3fiiggemann, 
p.  .) 

With a ]earned, godly, and familiar pa-lraphrase vppon the saine: 
gathe-'red out of the Lectures of A. ! C. & now englished for I the benefit 
of the [ vnlearned. I [mollo ,J" da,icc.] 

Impr. 4 : 586 : (eights) 6": pp. [6] 
+ 2  9 + [  ] : P-   beg. lhat is b o't.ght, 
III ami this meart'latiopz : l'ica Ronan. 
Content :p. () tifle : f3-7) Epitle 
dedicatorie to the "lady 3Iarie Dudley," 

O×ford, ,q Mar. ._.586, signed "T. P.": 
(.8-6", " Tt the Chfitian reader . . ." 
with the writer's naine, Th. Pie- -219, 
the paraphrase, the text of Eccleiste 
occurring in the margin. 

This book is a translation into English of " S.',pientissimi regis Salomonis concio 
de summo laominis bono quam . . . Latini Ecclesiasten vocant, in Latinam liaguam ab 
Antonio Corrano ... versa et ex eiusdem prMectionibus paraphrasi illustrata : acces- 
serunt & notoe quoedam " (lond., 579) with the omission of the notes. For Ant. de 
Corro see Wood's A/b. O.ron., i. 578 : and for Thoma Pye, ibiL ii. 59- Wood was 
not acquainted with this earliest work of Pye, but alludes to the book (as above, i. 5S) 
as Corro's "Sermons on Ecclesiastes. 'tbridged by Thomas Pitt. Oxon. ]585, oct., 
which is called by some Pitt's Paraphrase on Ecclesiastes "l The naine Pitt, but not 
the error of date, mav be taken from Maunsell, who three times fi. 38, 8, ]o4 alludes 
to the book as by q'ho. l'itt, l'ye in hi Epistle states with respect to the original 
Latin edition, "which treatise, as it came tiret to the print, myselfe by occa,ion being 
charged with soin ouerseeing of the presse, at the earnest request aswel of the author 
himself, as of other many, 1 translated into English • being the rather a greate deale 
moued thereunto, because there was no comment or like exposition then extant m our 
vulgar tongue vpon this part of Scripture." This latter statement is hOt strictly truc, 
since " An exposition of Salomon's booke called Ecclesiastês" was printed in 
London in 573. In 585 Serranus's commentary translated into English by T. 
Wilcocke was printed in London. 

7. Hutchins, Edward.  SERMON [ PREACHFD IN S.  PVTERS 
MATTER [ F:rT FOR THE TI,rE: [ By Edward ttutchins '3Iaister [ of Arts, 
and Fellowe of Bra-lzennose College. I 

Impr. 6 : (I586) : (eights) I6°: pp. 
[31]: sin. B 2 r beg. the foldd" chiefly 
Pica English. Contents :p. () title: 

(3-4") dedication to Roger Puleston: 
(5-30 the sermon, on Gai. 5. 2. 

Rare. See Wood's Aih. Oxo,z., ii. 453- The only copy seen, that in the British 
Museum, wants the last leaf, presumably blank. 

THE VIII. OF OCTOFg, 1586. IN,FOX« r.,V" .,'t'D-It;S a'D CgWaX I 
CW,4NrES:  Wherein the conditions of al he-]retiques, but especiallie 
of stub-born and peruerting Papists, [ are discouered, & the dut) [ of al 
magistrats concer-.ning such persons, ap-plied & ot,ened [  A, EDWaRD 
HVTCmXS, «][a-sler Arles, " Fellowe Bga-lSENNOSE Colledge. 1... 

Impr. 6: (I586): (eights) 6o: pp. 
[3], signn. .-B  : signa, s 2 beg. are thc.j," 
chiefly Pica English. Contents :p. () 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 45. 

title : (3-4" dedication to Thonms Eger- 
ton: (5-3z) the sermon, on Canticles ii. 
15 . 

C 2 

zo THE OXFORD PRESS. [1586. 

9. Massie, William. A J SER3ION PREA-tCHED AT TRAFFORD ] IN 
shipfull Sir ED-]MOND TRAFFORDE ] Knight, the 6. of Sep-',lembcr Anno, 
1586. ] By XVILLIA3t [ASSIE bacheler in -uinity, and feDow of Brasen- 
nose Col-,ledge in Oxforde. ] [mollo.] 
dedioetion to sir E. 
the selon, on Ps. 

Impr. 6- I586: (eights) 16o: pp. [32], p. (,) title: (3-4") 
signn. A-n°: signa. B i beg. qf body, sot- Trafford : (5-32) 
row : chiefly Pica English. Contents : cxxviii. 
See \Vood's hsti Oxon., i. 237. The marriage was between Margaret 
and Sir 

Urian Legh, kt., of Adlington, a member of the same College as the 

antiquitie, [ dignitie, delectation, 
decla-red the sober and ]awfull 

& vse there-'of in 
vse of the [ saine 

and ] Church of God. ] [d«r'z?e, lh, n mollo.] 

Wherein besides tbe 
ciuill matters, is also 
in the congregation 

Impr. 6" I586" («ights) 16°: pp. [8] 
4- 1 5 2 : p. I I beg. Aih-icke of, III toîcr 
place" Pica English. Contents :--p. (I) 
title: (3-4 dedication by the printer to 

" sir Walter Rawley" : (-8) "The pre- 
face to the Reader"- i-i-2, the work in 
x2 chapters, with the sub-title "The 
antiquitie and original of Musicke .. 2' 

This work has been constantly attlibuted to John Case, the author of the ,4pologia 
.brt¢sice, Oxf. 58q, but the present writer be]ieves that from internal evidence it 
cannot be regarded as his. Sec Appendix C, and \Vood's Ath. Oxon., i. 686. It was 
reprinted in the Choir and Alusical ]ecord 1864, by dr. Rimbault, who contributed an 

I I. Overton, John. IACOBS [ aROVBLE-SO3tE IOVR-'XEY TO IE- 1 
THEL: Conteining a briefe ex-lposition, or excellent J Treatise of the 
four first [ verses of the 33-Chapter [ of GEXSlS: [ SIfoorlh bi' Ionx 
o,--'o.,-, .v«,»,,«,-o/.«., [,o,,o.] 

Impr. 7:1586-.eights) I6 °. pp. [8] 
+ 75 + [5] " P- ii beg. ma 0, wise " Pica 
English. Contents :--p. (I) title - (3-7) 
Epistle dedicato to William Brent, 

Welsbome. I Apr. I586: (8) Gen. xxxiii. 
I-3 : 1-7r', the treatise" I--5" "A prayer 
against the enimies of the Church of 
Christ. . ." 

This book was the " first fruits " of the author's study. 

COMITIIS oxoxn HABITAE. [[ZuoOdcl«/S and mollo. The whole title is 
within a border.] 

N. pl. : n. d. (1586 ?': (eights) 12°: 
pp. [32_-I, signn. A-B - sign. B I  beg. lem, 
Demosthcn'm- Pica Roman. Cntents: 
p. (1--2) unknoxsaa- (3) title: (5) three 

Quaestiones: 6-IS)" Panathenaica prima, 
v. Id. Iulii x585, habita" - ti9-2o thee 
Quaestiones : (20- 3 ) " Panathenaica se- 
cunda, iii Id. Iulii x 566. habita." 

The Bodleian Catalogue suggests that these speeches are perhaps by Thomas 
Savile (see Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 59 ), brother of sir Henry Savile, both of Merton. 
There is no place of imprint, but pribably it i» Oxford printing. Wood did net 
know the book. 

'3- Rainolds, John.  SERSION I VPOX PRT [ OF THE EIGH- 
TEEXTH PS.,I.: [ Preached to the publik assem-[blie of Scholers in the 


Vniuer-[sitie of Oxford the last day I of August, I586. by ] IortN 
RalXOLDS: ] Vpon occasion of their meeting to giue ] thankes to God 
for the late detection land apprehension of Tre/tours, u,ho [wickedlie 
conspired against the Queen s Ala&slie and lhe ] state of the Realme. ] 


Impr. 2: .586: (eights) t6": pp. [4o], 
signn. A-B  C*: sigm t 11" beg. But al 
this : l'ica English. Contênts :'sign. 
A   "Ai." : A 2, title : A 3-A 4", " Iohn 

Rainoldes, to the Rentier," Oxford, 2 4 
Oct. I586 : A 4", Ps. xviii. 47-5 
c 4", the sermon, on Ps. xviii. 47-5  : c 4", 
l's. xxi. 7-9. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., il. 15. Reprinted at Oxford in 1613. Occasioned by 
" Babington's conspiracy": there are sêveral references to current events. 


Impr. 8" [I586]: (eights) 12"- pp. 
[8o1, signn. * a-D s " sign. ; I" beg. Scilicet 
xpeclas : l'ica Italic. Contents :sigm. 
• 1", title-. "2 r-*-', , "Ioannis Scheprcui 
proefatio, in epistolam IIyppoliti sui ad 

l'hoedram, ad 3I. Guadum dedicatam.," in 
Latin elegiacs- "8-'8 ", "Candido lectori 
Georgius Erychus medicus b. I'. D.," a 
Latin preface - a I'- 8" the poem. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. a35. This work is an imaginary reply of I{ippolytu» to 
the têmptations of l'haedra, in ovidian elegiacs. The author, John hepery, of Corpus 
Christi College (" omatochristianus"', tells us in the preface that it was composed 
as a return for kindness sh,,wn him bv one Guadus (Wade ?, whom the editor describes 
as a chaplain to t[enry viii), but telayed for some years. Shepery died in 54 , 
aged 3z years. George Etheridge (" Edrychus") was a pupil of Shepery, tellow of 
Corpus, and a Roman Catholic. 
"lhe date is fixed at 586 by two passages- Etheridge in his preface states that 
for about 53 years he had been a membcr of the University " he was admitted sclaolar 
of Corpus in Nov. 534. Also Dr. Humphrey in his introduction to the Summa et 
U,zotsis (see below) alludes to the llitolylus as " ,mperrime lmpressum." " \Vood 
places the date at about 584, and the Bodleian catalogue of I843 assigns the boc& 
to i54 z, owing to the date of bhepery's death, which happens to occur promiaently 
at the end of Etheridge's preface. 

I 5. Shepery, John. sv.»,., lET s,'xovs,s I xov TESTA3IEN-['I'I 
co»rehcnsa: I Prior a lOaXE SCtEeRZVO I Oxoniensi olim conscripta: 
Posterior ex EAS3II ] I<OTERODAMI Edthbne decota: Tyruncul& 6" °m-! 
nibus lfietatis & Theologiœe candidatis non inutilis, à  Laxgexwlo 
ttvguo recw»da, " z?«-uandoe memorioe causfi, edita : [ Cui proemissa 
est eiusdem I De S>aoa» . s,,eO', Ca,-,»,,,,o,-,,m p,? . mc/ho-&?è z)shTu- 
«naX &'aa A«,,,o,uab.  [mollo by L. H.(umfrey).] 

Impr. 5: i586: (eights) 16o: pp. [62], 
signn. A-B s ¢ (see below) I) ç : slgn. B  • 
beg. dislicha Zo«nnis : Pica Italic. Con- 
tents :sign. A if, title : A 2'-A 8 " '" Ad- 
monitio Laurentii Humfredi ad Studio- 

sos" - A 8", " Librorum Novi Testamenti 
elenchus & ordo per Cor. Graphoe...."-. 
 I"-c 3" "Disticha Ioannis bheprevi...": 
verso of leaf after c 3-t, 6", '" Dsticha... 
in Editione Erasmi Roterodami inserta." 

The "Summa Ioannis Sheprevi " is a set of elegiac stanzas, each stanza describing 
the contents of a chapter in the New Testament, and beginlaing suceessively  ith the 
letters of the alphabet, written by John Shepery, of Corpus Christi College, Reader of 
the IIebrew Lecture from about 1537 to his death in 542. The Summais stated by 
Wood to have been first published at Strasburg in about 556 by John Parkhurst bp. 
of Nonvich, next in Lond.  560 (Wood), and from Humfrey's ed. in "Gemma Fabfi," 
Lond. 1 9 8, and " Biblii (or Bibliorum) summula," Lond. I6I, etc. The first distich 


is '" A priscis oritur Christus, turbatur Ioseph, I Angelus hune retinet, virgo beata 
parit." Mb. C. C. C. (,Oxf.) 266 contains these verses. 
The " ynopds " is a similar set of elegiac stanzas, without the alphabetical succes- 
sion of first letters, first inserted in the Latin editions of Erasmus's New Testament, 
from that of 1542 on. The author appears to be unknown : the first di.-tich is 
" Angelus in sonmis iustum solatur Ioseph. [ Prototoco Marioe nomen Iesus erit." 
In the prêface Dr. IIumfrey states that his object in editing the book was to recall 
young students to the study of the Iext of the Bible, and that he had collated a 315. 
copy of the Sumota with bp. l'arkhurst's edition, and had compared different editions of 
the Synopsis : he alludes also to the Itippolytus of Shepmy as "nuperrime imprêssum." 
5ee \\ ood's Atlt. Oxon., i.  3.', 560. Dr. Philip Bliss noted in his copy " Whoever 
wants to write a history of the Oxford press should first get togcther ail the little vols 
printed by Jo. Barnes, of which this is one of the rarest." 

ESPA-Ifiola y Francesa, confiriendo la I vna con la otra, segun el or-den 
de las pattes de la o-'ration Latinas. 
Impr. 9*"  586 :  z in size. 
Only known from a title-page in the British 3Iuseum (Bagford Collection, 463. h. 8, 
no. 4.56). Mcntioned in Ame» and IIerbert's Ames, but hot in such terres as to prove 
that either editor had seen the book complete. For the rcference to the Bfitish 
Museum and a transcript of the title I am indebtcd to Mr. L. G. Duff, of \Vadham 
College, Oxford. 

1 7. Westfaling, I lcrbcrt. "'Articles Ecc]esiasticall to be in- 
quired of by the Church-ward,:ns and thê Sworne-men within the dioces 
of tlercford in the first visitation of the reuerend father in God. Harbart 
Bishop of the said dioces : this present yeare 3I. D. lxxxvi and the xxviii. 
yeare of tle raigne of our most gracious soueraigne Lad 3" Queene Eliza- 
beth, &c. And so hçreafter, till the next visitation, and from time to rime 
to be prescnted.' I3, in fours: 7o articles. \V. H. Quarto." 

So in Ilerbert's Anes, iii. 4o. 

I587 • 

I. [Bailey, \Valter.] A briefe discours of certain Bathes 
neare vnto . . . Newnam Regis, 587. 

Probably not printed at O.,d'ord, but at London, though ascribed to the former place 
in the British Museum Catalogue. 

Ol/'I" Off" .1;'R.ENCtt" Lhr2"O I ENGLISH BY Iorx HARMAR, lIER HIGnNES I PRO- 
FrOWV. or sut xwt I COtI_Za S.ZF. [ 

Impr. 6a: 587: (fours) 8": pp. [12] 
+ 435 + [I] : p. x I beg. and bccause no, 
III z«ith all rig'or: Pica Roman. Con- 
tênts :p. (1) title : (3-6) epistle dcdica- 
tory to tlae earl ofLeicester : (7-I  "The 

Argument of the xlv. Psalme, seruing for 
an Argument of... the Canticle of Can- 
ticles. "" 1-435, the sermons (thirty 
one) on the Song of Solomon chapp, t-3. 

187.] THE OXtOID PIgESX. 2,3 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 38. The best account of this work will be extracts 
from the Epistle dcdicatory. John IIarmar the translator was in this year l'roctor, 
Regius proIesor of Greek and Fellow of New College. I le says. "I was requested, 
right honorable, by manie of my friends to emploie the time of this last vacation of 
mne from my publique readinges in the Vniuersitie, in the translating of Master 
Bezaes Serinons Vl,On the Canticle of Canticles, which I had a little before receaued 
from the Francfurt nart in French, into our vulgare and Mother tongue." The 
patronage of Lord Dudley is acknowlcdged and details of the translator's lite are given, 
as that he attendcd Beza's lectures and serinons at Geneva. The work translated was 
no doubt Beza's " Sermons sur les troi premiers chapitres du Cantique des cantiques 
de Salomon, Gcmz,e,.fehan le I mztx, 586, 8 ° (Brunet). 

3- Case, John. 
mica Aristotelis. 

"'Thesaurus oeconomiae, seu commentarius oecono- 
Authore Johanne Caso.' Agaîn i598. Quarto." 

So tlerbert's Ames, iii. I4o2 , after Ames: but perhaps an error for I597. 

4. Legatus. 


Impr. IO" 1587: (eight) I2o: pp. [I6], I Italic. Contents :--p. (I) title : (3-16) 
sign. A " p. (I) beg. st«fortuito: Pica I the treatise. 

This anonymous treatise is a formal and precise legal argument on the question 
"Utrum lcgatus alicuius principis absoluti vel lpse princeps absolutus morte sit affici- 
endus, si in aliena republiea, contra vitam principis vel salutem totius reipublicae, ne- 
fariam coniurationem fuerint machinati." I t was intended to support Qucen Elizabeth 
in her resolution to execute Mary Queen of Scots, and seems fo have been written 
after 4 Dec. I586 (p. 3) and beftre the execution 8 Feb. i587 : but there is no clue 
to the author. 

5. [Penry, John.] , TREATSE I CONTAXI.XG [ 7,,. AQXwY or I 
IAIESTY AND ] this high Court of l'arliament ] «)t/he beha" OElhe ComdroE 
[ Wales, that some order may ] be /akcn for /he rcacht)g 1 the 
Gospell alnong those I people. I Wherein also is set downe as much of 
the ! estate of our people as witlout offence [ could be marie known, to 
the end that [ our case (if it please God) may be piti-ed by them who are 
hot of this assem-bly, and so they also may be driucn to ] labour on out 
behalfe. I 

Impr. 6: 587: (eights) x6 °" pp. 62 
+[2]: p. x beg. The B¥cessi O, : Long 
Primer Roman. Contcnts :p. I, title : 

3-Io, "To al that mourn in Sion.. .": 
-62, the work- ()" To the reader" 
explanation and erratum. 

The author's naine nowhere occur, but there can be but little doubt that 
the volume was written by John Penry of St. Alban hall, Oxford (B.A. 586), 
who is conspicuous in the Marprelate controversy and who published .4n cxhortation 
z:nlo I/te Goucrnours and people of ll'ales, to labour ea nestly fo haire the preachin.ç of 
the Gosell iqanted among lhcm çn. pl. or d., and n. pl. 58,S) : and also .4 IT«w of 
• . . iublike wants ,ç" disorders.., in the service of God... within ll'ales, n. pl.  588. 
The author says, p. 63, " Some rumor of the speedy dissolution of the l'arliament 
enforeed me from the 32 Pag. or there abouts (so much being alreadv vnder the presse) 
to eut off more of the booke by two parts than is nov in the ,« hole[" Parliament sat 
in  586 from 28 Oct. to 2 Dec. and hOt during 1587. At pp. 5-4 Penry alludes to the 
state of the Universities. Wood does not know of this work, and the best account of 
the author is in Cooper's Athcnce Cantabr., ii. z 54- 

2 4 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1587. 

SAINT I PAUL TO THE GALA-'iTHIAN$ , TOGEOEHER [ with incident Qoestions 
de-',bat«d, and 31olA'es re-:moued, by I iOHX PRI.,E. I [woodcut.] 

Impr. 6: I5£7: (eights) I6°: pp. [.] 
+ 37 + [3]: P- il beg. noment, Iii 
«[anfferotts : l'ica English. Contents :-- 
p. (I) title: (3-7) dedication to John 

Pieree bishop of Salisbury, Oxford, 30 
Jan. "  587 ": -3  7, the work : (2-3) 

See Wood's .lth. Oxon., i. 653. 

Compiled from notes of fortnightly discourses at 

ijs quas habuit in Collegio [ Corporis Christi, quum [ linguam Graecam 
I, rofitcretur. [ HABIT,E, Qvv3! STt'DIa, DE [more per ferias intermissa, 
repeterentur: I /',-,a, -, quoe &tod«c/ma, l'ost z'aca-'lfonem 
]'osto[or, dcc«)na hrh'a, post z,a-,cattbnem aschalm ; ] Anno 1576. 

Impr. 5 " 587 : eights) 16 °" pp. [88]" 
p. t beg. iffnorantiam" Pica Roman. 
Cntents :--p.  " A"- 3, title : 

" Iohannes Rainoldus Academicis Oxoni- 
ensibus S. P. D.,"  ith preface following, 
Oxf. 2 Feb.: 9-85, the two Orations. 

These are general exhortations to study, selected out of twenty orations of the kind. 
They are reprinted in the various editions of Rainolds's Orations. See \ ood's Aih. 
Oxon., ii.  5. 

8. Sidney, sir Philip. EXEQVI.:E [ ILLVSTRISSI3II [ EQVITIS, D. 
then mollo.] 

Impr. 5" I5'q-7: sm. 4°: pp. [96], 
sign. *, A-L*: signa, r;  beg. Et z,er3" 
l'ica Roman and Italic. Contents: 
sig'n. *r, title" *2r-3% Epistola dedica- 
tortu to the earl of I.emester, signed 

"Guilielmus Gagerus," Oxf., 2. Oct. 
5,q7" "4 , latin poem by Laurence 
ltumfrey : A -L 4% the poems, in Latin" 
L 4 *, an erratum. 

Sir Philip Sidney died at Amheim 7 Oct. 1 r,86. Dr. William James, dean of 
Christ Church, urged \V. Gager to collect and edit poems which had been privately 
ruade at the rime of Sidney's death : the editor found it necessar 3, from considerations 
o space to reject Hebrew, Greek, French and Italian poems, but it may be doubted 
whether the printer possessed Itebrew type. See next art. 

9- Sidney, sir Philip. PrPLVS ! ILLVSTRISSIMI [ VIRI D. PHILIPPI ] 
'3ris HOXORIBVS I I)ICaTVS. ] [woodcul, then two moltos.] 

Impr. I t- 587 : sm. 4 ° : pp. 54 + [2]: 
p. l I beg. Cur remet: Pica Roman and 
Italic. Contents :--p. I, title : 3-4, dedi- 
cation to t-Ienry Herbert earl of Pem- 

broke, in Latin, by " Ioannes Luidus," 
New college, Oxford, 26 Aug. ,587: 
5-4, the "«'ork : 54, txvo errata. 

The title is an allusion to the spurious Peplus of Aristotle, a commemoration of the 
heroes who fell before Trov. The editor was John Lhuyd, and the poems (almost all 
Latin) are all by New College men. among whom the earl of Pembroke, Sdne s 
brother-in-law, had been educated. See preceding art., and Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 

1588.] THE OA'FORD PRESS. 25 


Impr. 5 : (I58î) : (eight) i6"- pp. 
sign. As: p. (I,) beg. Atfue hic: Pica 
Italic. Contents :msign. A t unknown " 
A2 r, title-. A2 v, introduction to the 
speech, in Latin - A 3 r, dedication to lord 
Leieestcr by " Ioh. Sprint" dean of 
Bristol : A3r-A î v, the speech, 16 Apr. 

I 57 . A 8", "In aduentum Illustrissimi 
Comitis I.eicestrensis cùm primùm ('an- 
cellarius Oxoniensis Academiam acccde- 
rot" (-"9 Aug. 
• .,, a pom of 
hexameters, thê initial letters of the words 
forming a complimentary wish. 

Extremely rare " sec Wood's .l!h. O.ron., ii. 333, v,'here the poem &c. is reprinted. 

I I. Ursinus, Zacharias. THE SX MME I OF CttRISTIAN]I?I2LIGIO»V: I 
Deliu .red by ZACHA-:RIAS \'RSISVS in his Lc-[«/ur/s 
auto-rised by tle noble Prince FB-',RIC, througlout tis dominions:[ 
II3aah are deb«/cd and r-solued the Questions of whatsoe-utr 
2obds qf moment, 'h?h hme be 
ansl«/«d Dtlo £)tgh}h @ HEN-'RE PARRIF, 
Ed//A, ns, logc/h,r a,/lh some 
af as )'«I I rema¢)bff D¢ lb« 3esl correcA'd 

Impr. 6 : ,587 : (eights) 12o: pp. [16] 
+ 1°47 + [9] " P"  ' beg. alone zs it, III 
iccling il of, Ioot Arow we haue : 
l'rimer Roman. Contcnts:p. (1) titl% 
within a border: (3-8) Epistle dedica- 

torie to the earl of Pembroke, signcd bv 
l'art). - (9-I 5) "To the Christian ,eaders.;' 
by l'arry-  '047, the work : (2- 9 " A 
table.. ." of contents. 

Other editions were printed at O.,d'ord in '589, 59'. 595, 16Ol. The v,'ork, 
v,'hich is a commentary on the lleidelberg Cat(_chism. appears to be a cênto from 
the Tractationes "1 heologicae of Ursnus (vol. i.  58, fol.. bee Wood's .4th. Oaon., 
ii. ,92. Pan)'s l'refaces are reprinted in 6oo. U. 


I. Cfl.[;@], JO[l'l]. APOIOGIA MV-ISICES 
INSTRU3IEN-[T.4L[S T I MIXT.E. I [four moaos.] 


Impr. ri: 1588 : teights 16',: pp. [6] 
+ 75 ("" ") - 
 7 p. 11 beg. ara, .Lydmm : 
Pica Italic. Contents : -- p. (i) title : 
(3-6) dedication " l tenrico Vntono et 

Guilielmo tIattono... Io. Ca. S. I'. D.," 
with preface signed " I. C.," Oxf. 3 ° Nov. 
1588 : I-" "" " tbe work. 

Rare. I3y John Case, cf. 1586. M, Wood's tth. Oxon., i. 686. The dedication is 
to two persons for their fathers' inteest in music. Sign. F consists of 1' I & F .3 only, 
paged 74-77 instead of 75-78. Copies usually have a border, &c. of red ink lines, 

2. Case, John. 
[dez,?e, then mo/to.] 

COLLEGII DIVI [ lohannis Prœecursoris socio. ] 


Impr.   : I$88 : (eights) sm. 4 ° : pp. 
[36] + 74o + [ 2] : p.  1 beg. regni plus- 
q««am, III Commltnitas : l'ica Roman. 
ç«ntents :p. (I) title: (2) 4 verses to 
the author fro,n the "Sphoera Civitatis" ! 
"«ith a eurious engraxing of the sphere 
surmounted by the head and shoulders 
of the queen: (3) Latin poem to the 
author signed "Richardus Late-War" 
pres. of St. John's college : (5-9  Epi- 

stola dedicatoria to Christopher lord Hat- 
ton : (t o-2 5) "Ad Chri»tiaaum lectorem " 
I May I588 : (26-28) comp]imcntary 
poems" (29-36) "Quoestiones et dubia 
quoe m octo libris Politicorum continen- 
tur," a table of contents" (36) to com- 
plimentavy poems- 1-74o , the work: 
1-4) " Peroratio operis,"'  I May, 588 : 
3- ) " Rerum contentarum index." 

See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., i. 686. A commentary on the Politics of Aristotle, made 
into a general political treatise. On 6 July 1.:,9o ]dames petitioned for a decree of 
Convocation that every determining bachclor should purchase this work, but it does 
hot appear that any action was takcn on the petition. Reprinted at Frankfurt in 

T«.aV XLm«O.Xç ] ll'h,r, mdo A" p (a'cd a #arned 7kea#e  lhe necessi O' 
crut z'se f l Cakcht)mg : logclhcr,wdh God çra?rs mosl fit for al esmlts 
,« ,« l »,,««. 

Impr. 6 : I588 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [IO] + 212 
+[2]: p. II beg. God, committed, III 
lo7x'es! f, ar&'s : Pica Roman. Contents : 
(I) title: (3-9) Epistle dedicatory by 
Thomas 5parke and John beddon to 
Arthur lord Grey of Wilton, 131etchley, 

3 ° Jan. I587 : I-6I, the treatise on cate- 
chislng, signed by Sparke: 62, a prayer : 
63-94, the catechism : t9fi-2/, prayers, 
v, ith a confession of the faith : 212 "Causes 
why men doe hot vnderstand the holie 
Scriptures," &c. 

Rare. See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 9 o kbis). This is the IIeidelberg Catechism 
translated into English by Thomas Sparke and John 5eddon, with scriptural proofs 
annexed to each paragraph, and a long treatise on catcchising. ee next art. 

Impr. 6 : 1588 : (eights) 12o : pp. [I 2] 
+ 274 Q): p. II beg. the gre,dncs, III I 
3elccue : lica Roman. Contents :(I) 
title: (3-11) Epistle, as before: I-8o, 

the treatise, as before: 81, "The causes 
• . ." &c. as before at end- 82, a pra)er : 
83-254, the catechism- 255-74 , prayers 
&c. as above. 

This is a reprint of the preceding quarto edition, with slight varieties of spelling, 
arrangement, &c. : the type is newly set up throughout. 

5- Humfrey, Laurence. a VlW ! of TH lO.rrsr ! rvog.l 
' i I 
,,VlI [ . s.:z. 6.4.vz :<o'" [ CO.XVVTV_I ,,,- S-tvz,: SIOXS [ To perswade 
Obedience to Prin-lces, Concord among ourselues, and a I generallZdfor- 
ma/ion and/d(pen-]taunce in ail states I/3y L.H. [lwo mol/os.] 

Impr. 6 : I588 : (eights) 16 ° : pp. 
[24] +  92 : p. I I beg. as ld. HoIcol, 111 
Aent, oKer: Pica English. Contênts: 

p. (I) title : (2) "The Dialogue and talk 
of Dauid..." (I Sam. xxvi. 8-12): (3-17) 
Epistle dedicatory to the earl of Leicester, 

189.] THE O.VFORD PRESS. 2 7 

Oxf., " Decemb. 28 " [587], furnishing (z4a ' Faultes escaped correct hus," six : 
the author's full naine: (b-24) "A table - i9: ' the seven serinons, vn i Sam. xxvi. 
of the special points and common places ": 8-I a. 
Very rare. \Vood's Mth. Oxot. (i. 56o) represents this as a London book, but 
Maunsell ,i. oo) and IIerbert (iii. 4o3) testify to this Oxford edition. The 
Bodleian copy xx ants the title and all after p. I86, the account of which is from a very 
accurate description obligingly supplied from a col',)' in the l'eterborough Cathedml 
Librar) by the bishop of Lcicester in Dcc. I888. 

APPLIED TO I QVFENE ]LIZABE'flt" IX a I Sermon preach«d in Ox-ford 
the I 7. of Noucmber. 113)" Ioi-1:,," I»RI3II,. ", [ 1588. [[lllOHO'. tlen wooda,,t.] 

Impr. 6b- 588 • (eights) 6°: pp. 
[3], signn. A-IS : sign. ; 1" beg. ve«l«relh 
his: l'ica English. Contents :sign. a ", 
title : n. er-.,,. 3", Epistle dedicatoie to 

the bp. of \\ inchester, Oxf. 7 Dec. 58S : 
a 4"- 7", the sermon, on l's. xxiii. 4 : 
« Ki,gs vi.  5-16. 

See Wood's Aih. O.rom, i. 653. The Mar-prelate controversy and the dcfeat of the 
Armada are mentioned. 

7. Sparke, Tholnas. "Treatise to I_,rove that 5Iinisters publicly, 
and Householders privately, are bound to catechisc their Pari:lioners and 
Familles &c. Oxon. 588. oct." 

So Wood (A/la. Oxot., il. J9o): tbe treatise is part of the Catechisln above, and is 
unlikely to bave been sepalately issued. 

POE31S, OR ..]£GIOI;VFS, CHO-iSen out of lhe rt,hl ./amous S&ihim I Poet 
"I'uvocn't's, and tran-'slaled, «)Io lzgh'sh verse. I [mol/o : tlen wood«l.] 

Impr. Ta" 588" (eight)a": pp.[16], 
sign. * : p. (  i) beg. 7"he heauc,ts • Long 
Primer Italic. Contents -sign. A .r, 
title, within a border : ,.   "E. D. Zi- 

bcnter hic &.- omnis cxanllabilnr I Labor, 
in lu,r spcm grati, e," [ttvr. Epod. i. 23-4], 
within a border : " H" Z-A 8q Idylls g, 
i, 16, 8, et, 3 of Theocritus. 

The only copy known is in the Bodleian. It was reprinted in 88 3 at the private 
press of Mr. C. II. Daniel of Worcêster College, Oxford. Ech idyll is preceded by 
an "argument " and followed by an " embleme" or motto. It has been suggested 
that E. D. to whom the dedication is addessed, may be Edward D)er. This s the 
first Oxford &titia de luxe, except perhaps thc xvth. cent. issues on velluln. 

r. Hermaica gymnasmata. HER3IAICA GY3I-tXAS3IATA. ] Lite- 
rarum nobilitas, & gloria. ] trlaE ORTV CAELES'I-ES,  genele divinoe, 
authoritate & gratia illustres, 

Impr. a: 589: (eights) ao. pp. 
[8g], signn, a-E 8, F: sign. U  beg. 
htat : aut " Pica Italic. Contênts:sign. 
a r, title : a  *, "Tituli" of the  -,. 

Exercises : , 2, "Philologo " :  3 *- 
F 3 (" A 3")*, the exercises : » 3, note 
that the 3rd Exercise is out of its place- 
F 4, unknown. 

28 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1580. 

Very rare. Twenty-two short anon)maous exercises in Latin prose, such as would 
serve for College or University disputations, t3)' a Magdalen man, the '" Epitaphius" 
being on William of Waynfleet, cf. the Phasma, &c. 

2. Hutchins, Edward. .x SV_R.IOX ] PRE3,¢HV_D ATIS. MARIES IN 
,-_,v [ co2p Hzs CHt'RCH TRt'LY [ .IILLI'raXT a.XI aPOLO-'gie of lhe saine. ] 
Ianuarv 6.  589. [ ]3v Edwarde ttutçhins 3Iaister of Arts, and fellow of 
]3razen'-.nose Coll,ge" in Oxford. [[woodcut.] 

Impr. 6b: I389"): (eights) 12o" pp. 
[32]. signn..x-; : signa. B I r beg. blessing: 
no- l'ica English. Contcnts:--sign. A If, 

title : », 2r-A 2 v, dedication to Thomas 
Egerton :  3r-B S r, the sermon, on Cant. 

ee \Vood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 452, where the book is divided into two, without cause. 

aRIE, ] Penned for all those that would haue within short I space the vse 
of the Latin tonue, either to s[,eake, or write. [ llr rofilaMe and 
necess«rze fi, r Scholers, Courh'rs, LaoErcrs end lhe#  Clarkes, Apprentices 
of London, Travellers, Factors for 3Iarchants, [and bfieflv for ail Dis- 
continuers within ber 3Iajesties realmes ] of Egland and Iréland.  Com- 
/il«d bA' Iohn Rider, 3[asl, r  Ar[s, and preacher  G ds word. [ 
 First rde 
[a Z,/»«.] I XVithothersc... Xkld [« ,'OEŒ(g, Ze... I [«>«A,'in:] ! Cum 
Then cemure 
privile... ] 

Impr. I2 : I?S 9 : ,eights sm. 4  : pp. 
[ I 2] -r I8ZO columns, 3 ,n a page + . : 
col. I beg. telchbzg, o, «'otched: 
Minion. Contents :p. ( title : t'3- 4" 
dedication to sir I:rancis Walsingham, 
signed "Iohannes Rider-us," Oxford, I Oct. 
[I589] , in Latin: (5)"To the Readtr," 

signed "I oh. Ridir," 30 Sept. : ç6 " Di- 
rections for the Reader" " (7) "Ridefi 
gratitudinis carmen, ad suum proenobilem 
3Iecoenatem," acrostics'" Comiti Sussexio" 
and "VVilielmo VVaddo "" 8-I 2' com- 
plimentau" Latin verses to the author: 
coll. I-  8oo, the work, English-Latin : (?) 

\'e U rare. See \Vood's Ath. Oxon.,ii. 457, «Votes and Quoies, 6th S. iv. 274. The 
above description is from a copy of the first part, with damaged title, in the Bodleian. 
Rider claires that the Dictionarie is the first "" that hath the Engli»h before the Latine, 
,a ith a ful Index of al such latine words as are in anv one common Dictionarie" and 
that it ha» 4ooo more words than an)" other. IIe acknowledge» the pecuniary help ot 
the earl of Sussex and \Viii. \Vaade. The book is a "' retort courteous" to the Cam- 
bridge dictionary bv Tho. Thomas of x 88. Several edd. were subsequently issued 
(sec 6-, 7. H , and "Thomas Holyoke re'ashioned it. 

4-8kelton, John. "A Skeltonicall salutation., [or condigne 
gratulation land iust vexation I of the Spanish nanon, I that in a 
bravado I spent manya crusado ! in setting forth an armado I England 
to invado ! 4to, Oxf. J. Barnes, 589." 

So in the Catalogue of the . . . library of... totjamin I-ZO,wood t?right. . . which 
will be soM by auction ... 1847, art. 5276. p. 331. Extremely rare. J. Payne Collier 
once saw a copy (Wotes and Queri«s, Ist b. i. I', 849) , the imprint being nearly as 
No. 5 b. There were copies in the Farmer sale (798, sold to lord Spencer)and 
lnglis sale (I826). In eX'ores and Queri«s, ibid., p. I  is printed a letter from John 
Aylmer bp. of London to the Lord Treasurer about " this foolish rime." The London 
reprint, which contains a Latin version raid hOt to be in the Oxford edition t, but 

1590.] THE OXFOIgD PIgE.SS. 9 

query .9),, imprinted at London for Toby Cooke, I589" (sm. 4% 8 
uncommon. See also Brydgês, Censura Ziteraria, 2nd ed., p. 
H erbert's Ames. 

leaves , is not 
8, Ames and 

5- Ursinus, Zacharias. 
Delivered by ZacraRraS VRSlXVS in lJis Lectures vpon the Catechisme, 
authori-]sed b' lb noble Prince FRrIVRcIv ] throughout his Dominions: I 
Wherein are debated and resolved the Questions [ of zvhalsoez'er pozhls of 
momenl, which haue beene, lot are controversed in Divinity. I 'ansla/ed 
)lo .Engl[sh D A, I-tzxv,'," Pav, v., ou! of ,'he las! and[ best Latine Editions, 
together with some supplie of lwanls ou! of 
and wi!h correch'on]oI sundry faults & imperfections, wh[ch are [ as )'et 
remaining in the best corrected Latine. [ [woodcu!.] 

Impr. 6 : 589 : t.eights) 12°: pp. [6] 
+966 + [lO] : p.  beg. nis/er comfort, 
 might fal?, 5o father al: Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :p. () title : 
(3-8) Epistle dedicatorie to the earl of 

Pembroke, signed by Parry : (9- 5) " To 
the Christ[an readers " by Parry : 1-966, 
the work: (-9' " A Table..." of con- 

See 1587. U. It is noteworthy that the change from u consonantal to v can be 
traced in progress by a comparison of this title with that of the first cdition. 


,ta-thematici & medici, De retardandis senectu-',hlr accidn/tbus, " d« 
sens[bus conservandis. [Item, } L_LLVS "«SO.XS I :«ECI, rE Vm.',tAR 
Qvar_-ltatum arcanis & effectibus. Vterque affixis ad lmarghnm noluh's 
^ I 
illustratus, & emendatus, lin lucem prodijt, opera Iohannis Willi-ams 
Oxont'nsis, cm'us[sequitur[ Tractatus Philosophicus, de humo-rum 
numero & natura, complexion[s, morbi, [perlurb«/gonum or@z'ne, caloris 
" hum[d[ nalt-vi virtute & munere in humano corpore, & de [ agris inf«- 
tz'one, z'ndè non rard humores [ & spiritus coinquinantur. [ 

Impr. 3:59 °: (eights'l ..,": pp. [8] 
+ 3I + [I] + 134 + [2], (signatures continu- 
ousl: p. I beg. cana rerum, also tut. 
Sedpotest, I ll. toMones : Brevier Roman 
.1st part), Pica Italic (end and 3rd parts). 
Cntents :--p. () title : t3-5) epistola 
dedicatoria to Christopher lord Hatton 

by J. Williams: (6-7) "Ad lectorem," 
a preface, mentioning some errata: (8) 
title of Bacon's treatise, and a poetical 
Latin " R. 13aconi Vita" : -31, Bacon's 
treatie : -29. Urso's treatise : 33-34, 
Williams's treatise, signed at end by the 

The preface contains curious critical principles. See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii.  32. 

2. Gentilis, Albericus. ALBERICI GEX-TILIS I. c. PROFES-tSORIS 

Impr. I3: 59o: sm. 4": PP- [8] + 23 
+ [I]" p. Il beg. rum vos non: Pica 
Roman. Contents :p. () " ¶ j" : (3) 

title : (5-8) dedication " Roberto Devo- 
raxio.., comiti Essexio," Oxford, 24 
Dec. 59.:) : I-3, the treatise. 

Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 9 . The author says that he ha5 a treatise 
ready prepared defending the precise opposite of the present argument. 


Impr. II: 159o: (ei.ghts' 16o: pp. 
[8] + 33 * [41 + 39 + [4], s,gnn. *",, , t-E " 
p. 11 beg. ohx oï)rws, also ranto Aroses or 
stm z,t: Long Primer Greek and Latin. 
Contents :--p. (L title : (3-7 dedication 
to Roger Gifford physician to the King 

by Ioannes Lnidus, in Latin, O.,d'ord, 29 
Sept. 59o : 1-33, & (1), text ofJosephus : 
(2-4) " Veterum de hocce Iosephi Iibello 
elogia" : i(" 6")-39, Latin tr. of Jose- 
phus: ( .:0 " Adversaria " including 
various readings : (3-4  "Castigationes." 

See \ oods Ath. Oxon., i. ,38 for John Lhuyd or Lloyd. 
second part is ver), irregular up to p.  2. 

The paging of the 

4. Trigge, Frands. "Comment. in cap. 
59 o. 

So in Lhss'" "s ed. of Wood's .4th. O.ron., i. 759. 

re. ad Rom. Ox. 

5. Trigge, Francis. " Noctes sacroe seu lucubrationes in primam 
partem apocalypseos in quibus perspicue docetur quoenam sit vera 
ecclesia, et quoe falsa, quotl hoc seculo tare multos in religione et ride 
suspensos tenet, &c. Oxon. 59 o, 4to. R.-WLrXS0X." 

So in P, liss's ed. of Wood's .tth. O.ron., i. 7'60. 
at Oxford in 686 (Catal. pt. I, p. 26). 

A copy was sold in the Davis sale 

,. Barne, Thomas. a [ SV_R.,OX PREA-CHED AT PAVLS CROSSE[ 
"rUE THIRTF:XTH OF IVXF, a'HF s-'cond Sunday in Trinitie tearme 59I. 
by I TH«,31aS BARXE stttc]cnl in f)[ta)t[tfl,. ],[/hrce molAos, then a melal 
engraz'ig (arms of tle University &c.)l. 

Impr. 4 :  591 : 8° in size. 

Extremelv rare. Cnly knom from a titlepage preser-ed in the Bodleian Library. 
Probably tais is the source of Herbert's description (iii. 4o5). He calls the 
book a quarto : the size of the cloqe-cut titlepage is 6a%in. x 3 in. The metal en- 
ffraving s cunous : see  59. T. 

2. Hacket, Roger. "Roger Hacket, 
Crosse on i Sam. xi; 5, 6, 7 ..- Octavo." 

So Iterbert's Ames, p. 14o 4, [rom 3Iaunsell, i. oo. 
317 . 

his sermon at Paules 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 

3. Herodotus tt'POAO'TOY A'A1KA'PN 
• , -\-.-.E'QE 1',, I'OPI-IlO'N 
primus, Clio. 


Impr.  5 : 1591 : sm. 4 ° : pp. 6 9 + [3] : 
p. I I beg. Bwrarov : Pica Greek. Con- 
tents :--p. I, title : 2, " Herodoti vita ex 

Suida," &c. " 3-69, Herodotus. bk. : 69, 
" Errata graviora sic corrigenda." 

NOTABLE DISCOVRSF aC.AtXST I heresies (as his frendes call his booke) 
Comi[ed b A' q'Hmr,s SPath/,: paslor ] of Blechley in the county of t3uck. 
[two mol/os, tten dz','ce.] 

lmpr. 4 : J591 " S° : PP" [7 6] + 426 + 
[6]: p. il beg. j,ou are quile, It lhDg 
rx,hich i/: l'ica English. Contents : 
p. () Tifle : (3 4 Epistle dedicatorie 
to Arthur l,»rd Grey of Wilton, sigmed 
" Thomas Sparke "- ( 5-76) " The I-,re- 
face to the Reader," including (.-7-76) an 
answer to the preface to Albines' book - 
i-4oî, the treatise: 4o8-46, "A short 

answere to a new offer.. . an enumera- 
tion of six.., signes of Antichristians 
.. 2'- (r- 4) "A Fable " - (5) " Faults 
escaped in printing, through the absence 
of the author, the hardnes and smalnes of 
the hand, wherein the copy was offered 
tt., the presse, ad the vnacquaintance of 
the ouerseers with the same." 

In answer to Jean de Albin's treatise against heresies printed in English at Douai 
in 575: the text of which appears to be entirely reprinted in this edition. See 
X\ ood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 19 o. 


[Colophon on sima. t 2 :--] ilnpr. 4: 
[on titlepage :--M. D. LXXXXI] I595 : 
(sixes) la. 8": pp. [61 + 7 +[1+ 267 + [J 
+ o + [4] : p.   beg. so good a, and 
alher l'rince, III x.rzx. The sellitg, [ 
to all: s st pt. Great Primer, nd pt. t'ica, 
Roman. Contcnts:p. () title : (3-4) 
dedication to the Queen, signed " I tenry 
Savile ": (5 6) " A. /3. To the Reader" : 
1-17, the Ende of Nero, &c. " 1-267, the 
translation of Tacitus's Ilistorics bks. -4, 

and (p. 237) his Lire of Agricola - I-4,q , 
Annotations upon the foui" books and the 
Life" 49-î5, "A view of certain militar 
matters," with plan of Roman camp at 
• "-»- "The explication ofa l»lace 
P. 59 7, ,«, 
in l'olybius" about Greek money- 7t5-8o, 
" Translations of the marnall Greeke "- 
(  " A note of the editions vsed in such 
authors as are cited by page" : (2) " Er- 
tours of the printe, or changes": (3) 

See Wood's ,4th. Oxo,t., ii. 3 J 2. The A. B. of the preface was believed to be lord 
Fssex (Edm. Bolton's tfycrcrilica ad fin., Oxf. 172e). There is something peculiar 
about this edition, for bibliographers describe it as I ondon, and thê woodcut in the 
dedication is not otherwise known to belong to 13arnes. The titlepage and form are 
rather of London than Oxford. A metal engraving in the text lS perhaps Barnes's: 
see 59. B. 

aven scvr,'ov.t IaTa-mev., [ in qua ProI,hetioe omnes, & «lU:-e ad 
Sinagogam, ] ,j- qucc ad A,&'christum sc&«lorcm z'lhm, ,j" qua" ad noslra j 
l«mpora specta»l, clarè e.h?«nlm', nec non m?u}l,'rm cc-clesbsli?um cure 
om,,,aus st, t> a&),nc/¢> ,:eca, ra/,,r [ ac dch)zcalm'. J Authore ÇRANClSCO 

Impr. la : 1591 : sm. 4: pp. [4] + 
i aS : p.  t beg loquull.¢ est, Il I ti ora 
z, ull : Pica Roman. Contents :--p. (I 
title: (34) dedication to Will. James, 

dean of Christ Chnrch, vice-chancellor, 
"ex Welbumia mea" 9 Apr. 59: 
---.8, the Analysis.. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 759- 

32 TftE OKFORD PRESS. [1502. 

7- Ursinus, Zacharias. THE SXt:tE ] OF CHRISTI ,N ! RELIGION: I 
[&c. as I589 . U, except in 1. 7:for., l. 9 comma added after beene, 1. I5 
is in italic, in imprint "Tyoeres head. 1591" for " Tygres [ head. 
1,38 9 "]. 

Impr. 6 : 1591 : (eights) I2: pp. [16] 
+ 966 + [o] : p.  beg. nisler comfort, 
Iil mtght fall?, 5oI fathcr al: Long 

l'rimer Roman. Contents:--p. (1) title: 
(3-6), as 1589. U: 1-966, the cate- 
chism : (-9) '" A table.. ." of contents. 

See 1587. 

I Barlaamus. . TOY" XO,bflTA'TOY BAPAAXM ,AO'FOX IIEPI' ! 

A'unc pr/mhm Grcece" " Lah'ng eddus oera IoAsSl$ [ LVlDI Procuralorzs 
Academz'ce O.vom'ensis. lad [ Illutrissimum Dominum Bucchurstium[ 
eiusdem Academioe Cancellarium I ,S_mplissimum. i [-d«ze.] 

Impr. I I: I592: sm. 4": PP- [4o], 
signn. ¢, A-Dt: sign. B I r beg. d4oûaOa, 
X«Ooroviaç: Pica Greek and Roman. 
Contents :--Ç I r, "¶j": ¶ 2 r. title: 
arms of Buckhurst engraved on metal: 

¶ 3'-¶ 4 *, epistle dedicatory to Thomas 
Sackville lord Buckhurst, afterwards earl of 
Dorset, i Jan. " I592, . e. 159 "  l'- 
v, 3", the Greek text : B 4"-D 3 , the Latin 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 739- This is the editio princeps of the work of bp. 
Barlaamus. A eopy presented by the author to John Selden, now in the Bodleian, is 
without the dcvice on the titlepage. 

2. Brasbridge, Thomas. Quoestiones in Officia .,a,I. T. Ciceronis, 
compendiariam totius Opusculi Epitomen continentes. 6 o : (Impr. 5)- 

From notes of a copy belonging to lord Robartes, seen by me in Dec. 1879. The 
dedication is dated 15,6, of which date there is a copy of the book in Christ Church 
Library, Ordord : see 6r 5. B, an edition noficed in Wood's Ath. Oxou., i. 526. 

wt'r TE I Countesse of Pembrookes loue, compiled l z'n verse 
'ICHOLA$ BRETON ! Gent#man. [ [mollo, then dez'ice.] 

Impr. 6 : I592 " sm. 4  : pp. [8] + Io2 
+ [2] : p. r1 beg..But, "z,.,aking" Primer 
(Great Primer?) Roman. Contents :-- 
p. (I) title • (3-4) epistle dedieatory to 
Mary Countess of Pembroke : (5) " To 
the Gentlemen studients and Schoers of 
Oxforde," 12 Apr. 1592 , with a note dis- 
claiming an edition " of late printed in 
london by one Richarde Ioanes... en- 

Very rare. 

tituled Bretons bower of ddiht," as un- 
authorized and to a large extent not his 
own poems: (6) "To my honest true 
friende 3Iaster Nieholas Breton," siffned 
" Iohn Case ": (7-8) poems by Will. 
Gager and Henry Price to Breton : -65, 
the pilgrimage : 66-IO2, the countess of 
Pembroke's love, both poems in 6-line 
stanzas : () 7 " Errata" 

See Hazlitt's fandbook, p. 

4. Case, John. sv.t.i.x ] VETERV3I INTER-'PRETV3I IN X.IVER-;SAM 
inueha-ltur, ostendens. I Auclore. I IO,XX.,,-E CASE OXOXlF..,,'SI, I olim Collegii 
D. Ioannis Proecurso-'tris socio, i Omni3us ocralicce terz'alelicce].e 

1t)9..] THE OWFORD PRE..ç._ç. 33 

philoso])hioe sludiosis in ] ],rimis z,n'lis ac necessaria. I 3?ecognila " emen- 
dala. I Cure IxDIc. rerum & verborum locupletiss. [ [dez't'ce.] 

Impr. I r : 1592 : (eights) x 2* : pp. [8] 
+ 2ol + [7] : P- Il beg. A'esp. D,finitio, 
III O3pOtt(tS Mli(]tt[tl: Brevier Roman. 
Contents :p. (x) title : (2) " Ioannis 
Readi carmen, m dialecticam Ioannis 

Casi": (3-5) Epistola nuncupatoria to 
Rob. Dudley earl of Leicester : ç6-8) 
"Ad benevolum lectorem, dated "Idibus 
August." :  -2o, the work " (t 6 In- 

The first edition of this book was issued at London by Thomas Vautrollier in 1584. 
The text of the trêatise appears to be an inaccurate reprint of the  584 edition, but 
most of the complimentary verses, with Nicholas Maurice'» prcface dated Sept. 5.q2, 
are here omitted : and there are other slight alterations. See I598. C. See Wood's 
Ath. Oxon., i. 686. 

Impr. 2 : I592: sm. 4  (perhaps [fou/s] 
8°)- pp. [2o]., a-r;  c2- sign. u 2 r 
beg.«a«eth • l'ica English. Con- 
tent :sign. ,, r title, within border " 
a 2-a .,, dedication to the Queen .- ,, 3 - 

A4 , " A few volu ntary erscs to the 
general readers "- B l r-C 2 r, the Handful 
of Verses " c 2" " lA V]erse of varit:ty to 
all those that honors the onely Phccnix ol 
the world " i. e. the Queen. 

Extremelyrare : a copy is in the British Museum. Reprinted in H. IIuth's lrugz?ive 
Tracls in l'«rse, ISt Ser., no. xxxi (privately printed, Lond. 875 ). 

6. Elizabeth, queen. [Speeches delivered to t/er ]Iajestythis 
last Progress I at the Rt. Hon. the Lady Russêls, at I Bissam ; the Lord 
Chandos I at Sudeley ; the Lord I Norris, at Ricott.] 

[Impr. 7 a : I592] : sm. 4 ° : pp. [24], 
signn. A-C': sign. , 2  beg. Dalhnes 
mischance : Pica Roman. Contents : 

[.t , title ?] • x 2"-c 4 , the 


Very rare. In the British Museum copy, the only one at present known ç?), the 
titlepage (A t) is lost, a transcript being supplied apparently from some other copy: 
also B  is lost. The text is reprinted in John Nichols' t'rorcsses.., of Queen 
tFlizabeth, new edition, iii. (London. ,qz3, p. 13o, but the source is hot statêd. A 
copy was sold in the Iteber sale (Catal. pt. ii, p. 98, lot 3800) in I834. Herbert's 
Ames in the Additions iii.  8 3 mentions the book. 

7. Gager, William. MFLEAGER. ] Tragoedia noua. ]BIS PVBLICE 
ACT.& 1N l.,C-DE CHRI«TI } Oxonioe. [da,?e.] 

Impr. I1: 592: (eights) 6°- pp. 
[96], signn. A-F"- signa, r if beg. Won 
lcuior : Pica Italic. Contents :sign. 
A  title - A 2"- X 3", letter dedicatory to 
Robert earl of Essex, I Jan. " 592 " 
( 59'] ? , signed " Guilielmus Gageras " : 
A 3*-A 4 , Complimentary poems to the 
author, one by Albericus Gentilis" a4*- 
a 5", short poetical and prose accotmt of 

the play by the author : A 5  "Personae" : 
A 6r-F_. 7 , the play with prolomaes, arg'a- 
ment and epilogues : E 8-F 5", " Panni- 
culus ttippolyto Senec.oe Tragcedioe as- 
sutus 591, '' a short play: F 1 "Apollo 
rrOo,odç« ad Serenissimam Reginam Ei- 
zabetham 592, '' a poem- F 6-F ïL Pro- 
logue and Epilogue to "Bellum Gram- 
maticale." IF 8 hot seên]. 

For the controver»y caused by the publication of this play (which had been acted 
according to the letter dedicatory in 58I or  582 and 584 or 
Oxon., ii. 88. 




Impr. I I " 1591 : eights) x 2 ° : pp. 
[96], signn, a-F s" sign.  I r beg. Iï, rque 
)'essum • l'ica Italic. Contents :--sign. 
.x Jr, ride - A »r--A Z v, " l'rologus ad 
Academicos " in verse: A 3r-A 4 r, epistle 
dedicatory to lord Buckhurst, Ch. Ch., 
Io May i59 z, signed "Guilielmus Ga- 

gerus "" »,4"-A 7 r, complimentary poems, 
&c., one by Albericus Gentilis: A-v 
" Personoe"" A 8r-r r, the play" F 
V 6", rive I atia pieces by Gager, includ- 
ing a "' Prologxls iii Rivales, Comoediam." 
[v 8 hOt seen] 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 89. 

9- Lycophr¢n. AYKOq, POXOE TOY I XAAKI-XEX ]AX«Ap«., 
I YCOPHRONI$ citaL-,cidenbis Alexandra. [ in vsum Acadcmi¢ O.vom'ensis. [ 

Impr. 13a : 1592 : (fours" I°: pp. 
[2]+44+[] • p. IX beg. " ' . 
_ . oavrro dOaoa" 
l'ica Greek. Contents :p. ( title, 

x ithin a border " 1-44, the work " (-2) 
not seen.) 

The poem is better known as the Cassandra,  hich is the running title throughout. 
Some x arious readings are printcd in the margin. 

Impr. I: (I592): sm. 4': PP- [24], 
signn. A-c*: slgn. 3 " beg. Cernis 
;reat Primer Roman. Contents :sign. 
.x IL title : .x i', Latin poetical dedica- 

tion to dr. Nicholas Bond, -ice-chancellor 
and president ofMagdalen college, signed 
" Ioannes Sanfordus" ." A 2"-c 4 r, the 

Verv rare, unknown even to Wood and Nichols (Progrcsses of Qu. F.lizabeth). Two 
copies are in the British 3/useum, and lord Robartes bas an imperfect one, seen in 
I,I. Reprintcd literatim in the Oxford Historical Societv's viii ta volume, (Oxf., 
1887, 8v), where see notes bv the editor, the rev. Charles l'lummer. The poems are 
' in honour of the Queen's Viit, and especially in connection with a banquet given by 
the President and Fellows of Magdalen to the nobles and l'rivy Cotmcillors of the 
Queen's retinue, 22 Sept. I592. 

Impr. 16: 1592: (eights , 12o: pp. 
[32]+ 2] +[]: p. Il beg. t94mi Stro- 
mztds, III "I-lpdAq¢ç : Long /-'rimer Ro- 
man. Contents:--p. (1) title: (2) En- 
gra ed amas and motto of lord Pembroke. 
with vêrses- (3-8) epistle dedicatory to 
XVilliam Herbert heir of lord Pembroke : 

(9-25) "Eidem Willelmi Thorni paroe- 
nesis ad Rhetoricam T«wmao'r,M7 "'. 
(26-3 o) complimentary veroes to Thorn " 
(3I-32) address to the reader, in Latin- 
(32) 3 lines of errata: 1-253 , the work, 
in three Stromata and an appendix : (I) 
"Errata sic corrigenda." 

See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., il. 480. A treatise on Rhetoric. A poem on p. (3 o) 
shows that John Sanfoid of Magdalen was ' Corrector Typograph.' 

1503.] THE OAFORD PREXS. 35 

i. Aristophanes. APIETO'ANOY ] II/I-/EI2. !*** ! 

Impr. If : 593 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [56], 
signn. A-G' : sign. B I r beg Khir'rwv "rgv 
dvov : l'ica. Greek. Contents :--sign. 

, I", title within border : , 2", 'TrrjO««s 
and &pfim'ro rp6owra: A 3r-c 4 r, Ihe 

The first separate edition of this comedy. 

2. Demosthenes. "' Demosthenis Orationes  5, cum interpre- 
tatione Nicolai Carri; 30lynthiacarum, 4 Philippicarum.' Quarto." 

So in llerbert's Ames, iii. 14o 5. Possibly a mistake for I597. 

3- Gentilis, Albericus. " 'Albericus Gentilis Commentarii de 
1Ualificis & lIathemat. & aliis similibus.' Quarto." 

So in lterbert's Ames, iii.  405 . In the reprint (tlanover, I6o4) the title is" Albe- 
rici Gentilis, I. C., Professoris Regii, Ad "fit. C. de 3lalcficis et Math. & coter. 
similibus commentarius, . . ;' the preface is dated Oxford 6 June 1593, and addresed 
to dr. Toby Matthew. 

4. G[winne], I{atthew], and Itenry Price. .mcBw. is 
tlaen mollo. ] 

Impr. 1: 1593: sm. 4": PP-[I6], 
sigam. A-r?: sign. B  beg. Eitahium : 
Great l'rimer Roman. Contents :sign. 
' ! r, trie : », z"-A2', eiistle dedicatory 
to Ferdinand Stanley (," Sanleio ") earl 

of Derby, signed M[atthew] G[winne], 
H[enryJ I'[rice]- A 3'-r4 ", seven Latin 
poems or epitaphs, the last signed in full 
" lttmricus Priceus." 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. îo2, ii. 4 5. 

5- Parry, Henry. 
2I. Oxon. 593-94. 

" Concio de Victoria Christianï, in Apoc. 3. 
Lond.  6o6." 

bee Wood's Aih. Oxot., ii. 193 : see 1594. P. 

6. Sparke, Thomas. a [ SERMON PREA-ItCtlED .47" II'Iff.4DI?O.V[ in 
Buckinghamshyre the 22. of I ouember 1593. at the bum'all of l the Right 
ltonorable, ARatatR [ Zord« Gv of Il'd/on, ASu'gh! of]he]most Hotor- 
able order of the Garter, i b.), I "l'rto.ias SVaRKF. P.stor of]lech&,. 1 

lmpr. 2: 1593: (eights) 6o: pp. [8] 
- 87 + [] : p. i beg. talkes of: Pica 
Ènglish. Contents:0) title, within 
border: (3-7) Epistle dedicatorie to the 
countess of Bedlord, her daughter lady 
Grey and Thomas lord Grey of Wilton, 

See Wood's .4lb. O.ron., ii. 19 o. 

Bletchley,  Dec. 593- (8)" In obitum 
elarissimi Iterois, Domini Arthuri Greij. 
Oprtvw.i«,"a Latin hexameter poem by 
" loannes Sanfordus"-. I-$î, the sermon, 
• " "Faultes escaped," 
on Is. lvii a-2. 8ï, 
eight errata. 

D 2 

36 THE OXFORD PRESS. [15o4. 


DIS-]COVRSE, TOVCHING THE I Reformation of comn'ton-weales conque-lred, 
declined or corrupted. [ BV RICHARD ]EACON GENT. STV-IOE.VT, OF GMYES 
zawE, .v9 so.Ie-]times her Iaiesties Attorney of the province [  
3[ouns[r )t h'elandê. ]* * [d 

Impr. 2: 1594: sm. 4o: pp. [2]+ Ix 4 
+ [2] : p. Ix beg. nius. Sol :, III, the 
thirde marrer : l'ica English. Contents :- 
pp. (I-2) ,not seen, but presumably 
blank): (3) title: (s-S) Epistle dedi- 

catorie to the queen : (9) "The Atlthour 
to the Reader," (IO) "The booke vntu 
the Reader": -lx4, the treatise : (1-2) 
(not seen, but presumably blank). 

Impr. II: I594: (eights' 12": pp. 
[48], signa a-c-" : sign. 3 I r beg. -- .,4/o- 
stalus : t'ica Roman. Contents :--sign. 
A r title : A 2r-A 7 v, the Apologia : AS"- 

c8 r, "Concio habita Oxonioe festo cineri- 
tio, A.D. 1594 per R. L. B. S. Th. Textus 
ex 3-cap. Ep. D. Pau. ad Philipp. Ver. 

Ver)" rare. A diatribe against Edward Osberne's Pali,odia, printed in tbe Croûter- 
ratio ecclesiae catholicae in Mn¢lia by Johannes Aquepontanus (Bridgv«ater, Augsburg 
 594, P- -'4 °. in which Osberne who had been twice converted to the Roman Catholic 
religion had ruade reflexions on I ewes a Protestant. The clue to the author's naine is 
sign. A * compared with p. 241 of the Concertatio. borne acconnt of the author is 
in \\'ood's Mth. Oxon., i. 227. 

3. Lewes, R[ichard]. a I SrR.m.,,- PRra-:CVZD Af P.avZS I Crosse, 
by R. Lv.wrs, Bacche-Iler of Divinitie, concerning Is««c I his Testament, 
disposed by the I Lord to I«cobs comfort, though it I were intended to 
Esau by his fa-'ther; shewing, that the counsel of l God shal stand, 
albeit the whole I worlde withstande it. [ [dezv?e.] 

Impr. 2a: 594: (eights) 2": pp. 
[4S], signn. A-C»: sign. B x" beg. Zsaac, 
sec : Pica Eglish. Contents :sign. A Ir, 
title, within a border: A 2r-A 3 r, Epistle 

dedicatory to sir Henry Unton, dated 
"" This xviij of June ": , 4c 8 , the 
sermon, on Gen. xxvii. 1-Io. 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 2". 7. 

HABITA ] OXONIAE ANNO [ Domini. 1 59 1. 111. fart21' Auclore. [[woodctds.] 

Impr. I : I594 : (eights) I6"" pp. 
[48], sinn. A-es: sign. B I r beq. culeo 
stto" Pica Roman. Contents :sign. A r, 
title: A2r-A4 v, epistle dedicatory to 

William Herbert, lord Cardiff: sign. 
A 5r-C 7rç?" C 7 not seen), the sermon, on 
Rev. iii. 21: c 8 ,,not seen, probably 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 193, where an edition of 593 is mentioned, perhaps by 

5. Powel, 




15[}5.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 3 7 

Impr.  : 594: (eights) 6°: pp. [6] 
+" 344 " [really 333] + [3] : P-  i beg. 
mia magnitudinem, " IIi" singularis : t'rimer Roman. Contents:--p. (I) 
titl: " (3-6) epitle dedicatury to Robert 

earl of Essex, signed " Griffin'as Powel," 
Jesus coll. Oxford, Feb. 27: (7-10 " d 
Lectorem Academicum": ( - 5 "Pro- 
legomena": i-" 344," the Analysis. 

Sec Vood's t/b. Oxon., ii. e83. In the preface the author promises a similar 
analysis of the Topica, bophistici Elenchi (see  59.8. P) and l'hysica, and says that his 
method is derived from that of Ursinus. The pagng is very wild " the signatmes are 
:i, A_X = 35z pages, bec ]564 . Diagra,ns occur in the text and margins. 

6. I»owel, Griffith. "Analysis libri Aristot. de Sophisticis 
Elenhis. Ox. I594." A mistake in Wood's Ath. O.von., ed. Bliss, ii. 
83 for 1598 : see  598. P. 

Impr. 2 : 594 : (eights) I6: pp. [IO] 
+  l o : p. I  beg. as goo,t: l'iea English. 
Cntents:--p. I,I) titlê, within border: 
(3 lo Epistle dedicatorie to Arthur lord 

Grey of Wilton, dated Bletchley, 25 Dec. 
585- I-iio, the sermon, dated at end 
22 bept. I594. 

bec Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 193. A new cd. of I585. S. 

8. Trigge, Francis. a I GODLY AND FRVIT-"FVLL SERMON 
cE Af cRayru.4., i Anno. Dom. 59 e. by  Faxcs Ttaat. 
XVherein as in a glasse, every de-gree may plainely see their spots and 
staines: I amt m,o' bee Ahac@ ma& th dce& bcau/dl l (if thev doe 
not hate to be reformed) ]«ga,),sl lhe a?pea,'ance ]J,.sus Cr,3/. 

Impr. 7" i.=94 : (eights) 16": pp. [96], 
siDan, a-I :' : sign. u  r beg. state of Chris- 
tes : Pica English. Contents :siffn. a I r, 

title : A a,' 4", address " To the Chris- 
tian Reader": A 5r-I " 8 r, the sermon, on 
Is. x.,civ. I- 3. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 759: and 1595. T. 


'r occa-[sus, numerum stellarum causarum-ciue , ad poesin spectantium, 
vari-[elah'm, declaranho" [ cv-i-vsQvE .,,tExsls nies FERF l SI.VG'LZ, REGI .3I, 
z«zpx.4 z'ox r'.z, [ Principum, Pontificum, virorumue doctorum, na.ltah't, uç ' 


nu/,hïs, [nauffura//on/bus, morte de,,n[,,e, atd re ah'a quacunq,,e t)ts/g-,nt'ore, 
c«l'briores, I sic, I VT NIHIL PAENE DESIDERARI POSSIT, [ ad perfectam rerum 
gestarum Chronolo-#am, cure, ex auctoribus probatissimis, accu-*rala, 
e,,o« ..,.,o,,,, «,» ,,,««»,, ««c,-,»«/,,r. ! [,,oUo] I Su:,u, &e permissu 
uperiorum. i 

lmpr. rr : *595 : sm. 4°: pp. 
+ [6]: p. I I beg. Sic rertVraram: Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : (3-5) 
Epistola Dedicatorîa to sir (?) John sA olley 
and his wife Elizabeth, signed '" Robertus 

3loore," New" college, Oxfird, 6 July 
090 : -7-8) address "Ad Lectorem Bene- 
volum" - k8) " Auctoris ad libellum 
paroenesis," a short poem" I-lo-, the 
work: (1-6)Index: k6)rive errata. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 654. The book is a long hexameter poem, di, ided 
into tselve books, one for each month, in which historical events are successively 
alluded to. 

2. Trigge, Francis. " Trigge (F.) Godly and Fruitfull Sermon, 
at Grantham,  5 9 2, black lelh'r, Oasford, I 

So in the P)me Auction sale catalogue at Sotheb)'s, art. Io.=8, sold on 8 Ju]y ]886. 
Quaritch ascertained that the date was correct. Probably a reissue of ]594. T. 

3. Ursinus, Zacharias. THE SX313IE i OF CHRISTIAN ] RELIGION: I 
Delivered by ZACH.RI.S VRSlXVS in I his Lectures vpon the Catechisme, 
authori-lsed t.v the noble Prt)tce FRFDERICKE [ throughout his dominions. I 
Wherein are debated and resolved the Questions ! of u'halsoez'er poCies ol r 
momcnl, zz, h?h h«ve beene[ or are controversed in Divinity. I Translated 
z)zlo E»glish b)' Ht.,;r" l'aRr',Y, ou/ of lhe kzsI and t best Latine t:ditions, 
together with some supply of ] u'anles oui of hz's D/scourses of D/z'z)zz'O, , and 
w/lh correcl/onlof sundry faults & imperfections, xvhich are las 
rema/n/ng z'n lle besl correchd Lalz)tt. I [wooa'cu/.] 

Impr. 6 : 1595: .eights .-: pp. [16] 
+ 966 -- [IO] : p. I I Leg. nister comfert, 
III might fMI, 8o he that bath: Long 
Primer Roman. çontents :--p. ) title : 

,3-8) Epistle dedicatorie to the earl of 
Pembroke : (9 -5) "To the Christian 
readers " - !-966 , the treatise : (-9 a "A 
table "' 

See 158 7" U. 

Impr. 17 : 595 : z°: PP- [4] + z46 
[6] : pp. I I beg. »cal i llefarod', III 
duzo, er : Pica English. Contents :--p. 
) title : '3-I ]) dedication to dr. Richard 
Vychan Vaughan), archdn, of Middlesex, 
signed " HusvLewys" : ( 2-3) poem 

" At yr vnrhyw wr" by Lewys : 
" Ir darlennydd Christnogaidd rhad a 
thangneddyf Ynghrist" : -246 the work : 
(-4) poem "Cowydd if Iesu" by Lewys- 
(5) "Gweddi fera- yw doedyd mevn 

1596.] - TttE O.'(FORD PRESS. 9 

A translation into Welsh by Hugh Lewis of Wermueller's Sirilttal and nwst p e- 
ciotts tg«arl, a religious treatise, translated from the German into English by Mlcs 
Coverdale (Lond. J 550). See 
yn y l:ailh Gymraeg...  Lond.  7  7), Cambrian 13ibliograhy by the rev. William 
Rowlands, ed. by the rev. D. S. Evans (Llan,lidloes, 18»v, 8v°, p. 7 . This is the 
first Welsh book printed ai Oxford and the first occurrence of Rhydychen (Oxen-ford) 
in Oxford impints. The translator begs the reader to excuse the absence ofy in 
some places before n and r, the printer's stock being too small. For the same reason 
dd is usually d', and ll l'. If a word is here and there omitted it should be re- 
membered that the printing is done by Eglishmen 


vic:] esse poterit in Iagna 51oralia Aristo-telis: auctore Jo-»,:,,'x: 
C,so, ]in ledicina Doctore, Collegij ] Divi Iohannis l'roecursoris ] Oxon. 
olim socio. ] [rive mol/os, tlen woodcu/s.] 

Impr. sa: I596: (eights)2" pp.[6] 
+ 271 +[I] : p. II beg. o»c ab, III Qu,est. 
3 : Pica Roman• Contents :p. f title- 
¢3-5) Eistola dedicatoria to Richardus 
l'hetiplacius, Oxf. 20 Sept. I596- 
address " Ad Lectorem, Benevolum " z6 
Nov. I596 • (I3-15) 5 Latin poems on 
the book : -i98 , the work : 99-2oo, 
"Peroratio operis, ad lectorem " o Sept• 

596 - 201-206, "Quoestionum ... ordo 
"" -o7-2oS, "Index Capitum"- 209- 
268, "A B Cedarium moralis phdosophioe 
Johanni t'hetipacio Richardi l'hetiplacii 
filiolo" omnibusque Tyronibus virtutum 
studiosis, scriptum & commendatum," by 
question and answer" 269- 27," Peroratio 
ad adolescentem studiosum lectorem," 3o 
Nov. (t 596 '. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 687. The first address shoxvs that for a time the printer 
refused to produce the work, which is related to the Sjectt[ttm of 1 55, for fcar that it 
might be reprinted ai once el,ewhere, and he suffer loss as in the case of the Sh«ra 
Ct'vitatis of 588. See 586. C. A presentation copy has red lines round the page, 
on three sides double. This book is suictly the second part of the next art., Case's 

2. Case, John. Sl, tCcvt.v. ] QVmS-Cmxv.t ] MORALIV3I, IX 
vERsA3t aRISTOaEI IS ] Philosophi summi Ethicen, cul ad-[ditur brevis com- 
lnentarius in magna [ Ioralia Aristoteli, qui ab Autho-',re Reflexus speculi 
)Ioralis ] nominaur, ] IOn.XXF c,so OXONIENSI ] Doctore in ?.Iedicina 
olim Collegii prce-lcursoris socio Authore, 
" à mendt 21erzque rtm'galum, levez INDICE VERBORVM ET 
proecipu memorabilium locuplete. [wood«uls.] 

Impr. 20 : I596 : (eights) 2 ° : pp. 
[.321+ folded sheet + 53?, + [271 " p. Il 
beg. em/S/i causa, Iii lut" quo, t" 1-'ica 
Roman. Contents:p. (I) title" (3-9) 
epistola nuncupatoria to the earl of Lei- 
tester, dated 7 Mar. " 1585 " -. (. -I 5) 
address "ad studiosos iuvenes utriusque 

academioe,"  ith a short poem : ( 7-31) 
complimentary Latin verses " a "Tabula 
virtutum et vitiorum omnium," folio sheet 
printed on one side only: 1-53I  the 
work : 53-533, " Peroratio ad lect 
orem" - (1-26) Index. 

A reprint of I585. C. The above title covers the preceding article, Case's le.fl«.rus 
Speculi, but for convenience they are s,_parately treated. 

3. Fitz.Geffrey, Charles. 


40 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1506. 

lifes com-imendation , and 
[mol/o, then woodads.] 

his[ Tragicall Deathes 

lamentation l* * ] 

Impr. I9 " 596 - (eights) I2 ° : pp. 
[lO6-, signn. A , one leaf, B-G 8" sign. 
B 2 r beg. Ste how Aollo" Long l'rimer 
l:nglish. Contçnts :--sign. A J r title, with- 
in border- A2 r poetlcal dedication to 
lady Llizabeth widow of sir F. Drake, 
signed bv the author of the book "Charles 
Fitz-gefi'rey" - A 3 r " To the Authour," 

poem, beg. Once d«ad, signed " Richard 
. " poem, beg. 
Rous '" - »- 3" " To C. F., 
ll:]et to, sig'ned " Francis Rous" " A 4 r 
" To the Anthour," poem, beg. £nglands 
17ysses, signed " D. \V." : 5th leaf r .. In 
I)racum redivivum ; Carmen," beg. Quis 
z,ostrûm, signed "' Thomas Michelborne "-. 
B I r-G 8 v, the poem. 

\ er3." rare. See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 607. The book was reprinted in the same 
year with small differenees in the text chieflv of spelling, but with considerable 
changes in the prefatory matter : ste below. It was also reprinted in 1819 at the Lee 
l'riorv l'ress, and editt.d by dr. Grosart in 18.b. The poem is in 7-1ie stanzas, 
rh)mlng A1-;AB];CC. Woodcut ornaments occur at t'.e top and bottom of almost 
eery page, and the book has the appearance of an édition de h,,xe. 

4. Fitz.Geffrey, Charles. SR ] FRANCIS DRAKE [ hl" [ Honor- 
able lires coin-nendation, and his [ Tragicall Deathes [ lamentation, i 
***][mol/o.]lNewly Printed with additions. ][woodculs.] 

Impr. 9 " I596 " eights) 12 ° : pp. 
[ I   ]. signn. A-G" : sign. B 2 • beg. See how 
.4ollo" Long l'rimer English. Cn- 
tents :--sign. A I r title, ithin border: 
A 2  poetical dcdication to lad)' Elizabeth 
l)rake, siffned " Charles Fitz-geffrey ": 
A 2  " To C. F.," poem, bcg. Once ,tead, 
signed " Richard Rous" " A3 r " To 
C. 1".," poem, beg. l l'hcn fo, signed 
" Francis Rous" • A3 * " To C. F." 
• , 
poem, beg. Alanygreate, signcd "' Thomas 

Mychelbome"" A4 • " To the Author," 
poem, beg. .nglands l'l A sses, signed 
• " Diag. Vvh., . e. Degory Whear : A4" 
" Ad Dracum," English poem. beg. 
l'ee.#, nol, signed '" "lv. Co." : A5r-A6 ', 
address '" To the Readér" signed "' C. F." 
Broadgates. Oxford), 17 Nov. 1596 : A "- 
A 8', quotations ending '" Hoec ferè sunt 
quoe de Draco nostro apud exoticos poetas 
legimus "- B l r- 8', the pocm. 

See preceding article. 
\ er)' rare. This issue is almost identical with the first, but the v, hole text appears 
to be newly set up, with minute differences. 

5- Morlet, Pierre. i.XlZRIx[siuetLvsTzrt'TZO .429 mrx-llfectam 
lingqaoe Gallicoe [ cog-nitionem ac-qm)endam. [ Authore PV_TRO IolI.Vo I 
G_r.LO. [ [mot/o: then device.] 

Impr. I : 596 : (eights) I6 °: pp. 
[8J + 92 + [4] " P- I I beg..4ntequam 
v«r3 : l'ica Italic. Contents :--p. () 
title, within a border • (3-7) Epistola 
dedicatoria to sir Robert Beal, dated 

Broadgates Itall, "  5 .Mar. 1596 " : (9- 
I3 complimentaD" poems in Latin and 
Greek: (I4)" Èrrata"-. -9-" the trea- 

Very rare: a French grammar, in Latin, by Pierre Morlet (?. The dedication 
states that the author was tutor to sir Robert Beal, having been introduced by David 

6. Perrot, sir James. "A Discovery of Discontented Minds 
wherein their several sorts & purposes are described especially such as are 
gone beyond " Seas. Dedicated to ' Earl of Essex by James Perrot & 
printed at Oxford in 4 to by Joseph 13arnes Primer to the University 

1590.] THE OWFORD PIdESS. 4  

Very rare. The above is from Brit. Mus. 3IS. Harl. 5904 (Bagford's Collections, 
foll. 20 & 17r. See \Vood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 606, Herbert's Ames, p. 4o6, both notices 
derived from Oldys's Catalogue of amthlcts in the IIarlefin Zibray (tlarleian 
Miscellany, vol. x. (I 8x3) , p. 358, where ' Quarto, in thirt)-ff)ur pages' is added). 

7. Pinner, Charles. 
on i "l'im. iv. 6.J 

[Sermon by Charles Pinner at 3Iarlborough, 

(Impr. ?: 5967): /eights) I6°: pp. 
53 + [3] : P- Il beg. throuh bnowle,/ge : 
l'ica English. t_ontents :p. x title : 3-4, 
Epi»tle dedicatory to " toaster Iohn 

Bailife" of Marlborough, dated from 
Wotton Basset, 20 Oct. 1596: 5-53, the 
serm on. 

Very rare" see Wood's .Ih. Oxon., i. 667. In the t3odleian copy, the onlv one 
known, the title is .lost, so that the date is uncertain. But the book xas cerîainly 
printed at Oxford, the woodcut on p. 3 being decisive. 

Impr. I8- 1596- eights, sm. 4 °. pp. 
[6]+646- p.  beg. cissc lanNtm, 1II 
ara secttt,htlt» 5Ol bzts Genthtm : Eng- 
lish Roman. Çontents :p. (I) " I x " 
alone- (5) title : S-c z d:dicatory epistle 
to the earl of Esscx, n I atin, )ueen's 
coll. Oxford, 7 July  S96- ( 3- 5)" Index 
tractatuum, librorum, et capiturn "-  

6o9, the work in two books, preceded by 
an "Epistola ad Anglieorum Seminari- 
orurn alumnos Romoe & I<hemis" and 
preface, and followed by an "Admonitio 
ad lectorern'" : 6o9-6z , "Index locorum 
Sacroe .";eripturoe ": 628-646 , " Index re- 
rum proecipuarurn." 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 5. Hebrew l'ica type occurs on p. 497 and elsev«here, 
both pointed and without points: and unpointed Long l'rimer on pp. ,69, 45, 603, 

ibiq,.,« nuier fato functi, [ Cr.-RSSI.; rOR.:, lac d«s/der/o, ,'z 3[us/s 

lmpr. lI " I596 : sm. 4 ° " pp. [68], 
sik, nrt. ¶, lk-G , H '" Sg22. B I r beg. tïr- 
tutis m&ere" l'ica Italic. Contents : 
sign. ¶ ,r fitle • *-, " " I iber ad I.ect- 
orern,' Latin poern- ¶ 2"-¶ *', address 
" l;enevolo lectori," signed " Robertus 

Wright," Trinity college, Oxford, 3 
June 1596 : i 3 r- z", poems in memory 
of Unton. the only two not I.atin being 
on sign. A *" in Greek and Ifebrew - see 

See \Vood's Ath. Oxon., i. 648. The fir.,.t (unpointed) tlebrev., type used at Oxford 
p,ears in the poem alluded to above, a Pica tbunt. Some (probably early)copies 
omit the preface, the ' Liber ad Lectorem' occurfing on sig'n. *i 2, the page preced- 
and following being blank. 

42 TrIE OXFORD PRESS. [1597. 


' I 
i. Agatharchides. AGATHAR-ICHIDIS ET 3IE3I-' 
corum, quoe supersunt, i omml,  Grceco iam rccèns z)t I Zalzhum h-aducla: [ 
per I Rlcrt. Brza-rvt, Oxonien-'tsem, è Colleo Lincoln. [ [woodcuts.] 

Impr. 5 : I597" .eights') I6 °. pp. [16] 
+ 12 + " 4o " ,.really I42 ) , [2J - p.  I 
beg. rnBovh«vOvat, III Itvv. tcîOv, 
also II [1t$ coctum, III actarttm " l'ica 
Greek and Roman. Contents :p. (I) 
"*j" onlv: 3) title: (5-13 Lpistola 
dedicatoria to sir Thomas Egerton, dated 

20 Aug. I597: 1-62, 'E« "râv r ,fi 'A3,a- 
Oapx;8ov r«p rlç pvOpâç OahdaaOç Ao- 
q¢a" 63-I28, "E« r&v roû lvvovo: 
I-7I, " Excerpta quaedam ex Agathar- 
chide de rubro mari": 72-I4O, " Ex 
3Iemnone excerpta quoedam" de statu 
Heracloeoe Ponticœe. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 611. 

The excerpts of both authors are from Photius's 

2. Case, ohn. aHES.«vvs OECOXO 3ri.E, SEr CO. IMENTA-,RD, S IN 
OECOXO.Ca a-tristotelis; in quo veroe divitiœe fami-,liarum, earumq« 
leges, partes, &e ! o«£z describuntur: I Jo..xxz Caso Authore. I[dez,ice, 
then mol/o.] 

Impr. 20 : I597 : (eights sm. 4 °- pp. 
[12] + folded sheet + 277 + [13]- P- ai beg. 
irîrtoriam, I I I admittantur" l'ica Roman. 
Contents :p. (i) title - (3-8 epistola 
dedicatoria to lord Buckhurst: (9-I) 
epistola ad lectorem- (I2) two compli- 

mentary poems - then a small folio sheet 
containing an analysis of the work- 
1-245, the work, in two books- 246-277, 
" Appendix Thesauri Oeconomici ": (I 
" Peroratio operis ad Lectorem " : (2-12 , 
"Index rerum . " 

See \Vood's Ath. Oxon., i. 687" also I578 , 1587. C, 1598. C. In the Epistola 
Case gives some account of his vorks, printed and manuscript. A reference in the 
Bowman Catalogue Oxf. I67) p. 4 to Case's Cursus Philosolhicus in 3 volumes 
(ç)xf. t59ï) can only refer to a set of Case's books of various years. 

Impr. 20:1597 : sm. 4" " PP- [96] : P- 
11 beg. ,Çç «ai rroâv Pica Greek. 
Contents :p. I, title, within border: 

3-96, the orations &c. some with brro0[- 

See I593. D. 

4- King, John. r.F.c'rvlvS' vOX IOXaS, 
In the yeare of out Lorde  594-I I3y Jo., 

Impr. Iga - i597 - ,"eights) 4 ° : pp. [12] 
+ îo6, hOt including to unpaged title- 
leaves, see below,+[2] : p. i beg. H'ha 
bath inslructed, III thcir former labours, 
671 oe ttese (in" Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (3) title : (5-II) Epistle dedi- 
catorie to the lord keeper sir Thomas 
Egerton : 1-66o, the 48 lectures : after 
FATHER, JOHN, late [ Arch-bishoppe of 
Yorke, «Vo-lvemb. the 17. in the yeare 

of ] our Zorde, I94." [ [device : then 
impr. 7 a, 1597: then a blank page]" 
66t-683, the sermon, on Ps. cxlvi. 3-4: 
after 683 a blank page (684h , then "AI 
/" THE YEARE OF I our Lorde I595. 
being the I Queenes day."l[device , then 
lmpr. 7a, x597: then a blank page]: 
685-7o6, the sermon, on 2 Kings XXnl. 
25: 7o6, "Faultes escaped in Printing 


See 599. K, 6oo. K : other edd. were pr[nted at London. 
.4lb. Oxon., ii. 294. 

For King, see XVood's 

.5. Pinner, Charles. a [SERMON, VPON[ the wordes of Paul the 
Apostle [ vnto Timothie, Epist. i. Chap. 4. [vos. 8. [PXFACHFD ,4"r 
LZrZ'-!cot, in the Chappel of the Right Ho-lnourable SXR IOHX Po:xIr,- 
Ha, [ Knight, Lord chiefe lustice, of En-lgland, before his honourable I 
Lordeshippe, and to the as-l.,,emblie there, the 17. of [ Iuh?, I597. I I;y 
CHARLES PXXER, Iinister of[ lhe Church of lI'ollon 27assel, z)t [ A'or/h- 
lt'i/lshz)-e. [[mot& then wood«u/s.] 

Impr. 9 a- 597: ,eights) 12°: pp. 
40: p.  t beg. haue or doe" Pica Eng- 
lish. Contents :p. , title " 3-5, epistle 

dedicatorie to John Sims, dated Wotton 
Basset, -3 July t597 : 7-4o, the sermon. 

Very rare. Sec \Vood's Ath. Oxon., i. 667. 

6. Pinner, Charles. 
Fellowsh, o,  Pe/. 2. 

"Sermon . . . Honour ail 3[«n, l,)z,e b,'o/h«rly 
z 7. Oxon  597, in oct." 

So Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 667. 

7" Williams, rev. John. " De Chrisli jruslih'a ,5" in Rcg»o 
s/irTuah" l'.'cc/est P«slo, um Offia'o, Conab ad Clcrum, O.vot. ) cap. o. 
Re'v. vers. . Oxon. 1597. qu[arto]." 

So Wood's Alh. Oxon., ii.  3 2, copied by Iterbert. 

8. Presse, Symon. "'A sermon preached at E.gington, in the 
County of Darby, concerning the right vse of things indifferent, the 8. Day 
ofAugust, 596. I3)" Svmon Presse 3Iinister there. Feare God, honour 
the Kinge.  Pet. 2 ; 17- Printed at Oxford , and are to bee solde in 
Paules Church-yard at the signe of the Bible. ,597.' 
loving Parishioners 1"1". F. Cooke,' &c. The text, 
Pages z8 including the title. W.H.. lxteens. 

Dedicated 'q'o his 
Cor. 8 ; o-3. 

So in Herbert's Ames, iii. 4o6: see Wood's t:as/i Oxon., i. 220. Impr. 9 a. 

Impr. o: 597: (eights) 6o: pp. 
[6] + 95 + [] : P-   beg. Alontîm Tabor: 
Pica Greek and Roman. Contents :p. 
() "Ai "' only : (3" title, within border: 
(,5-t4 " Eistola dedicatoria to judge 

See W ocd's Ath. Oxon., ii. 6. The editor has practically made the Latin trans- 
lation a commentary by expanding where his author was obscure, and the like. 

. Abbot, George, archbp, of Canterbury. QV-ESTIO-'NES 
! ' 


44 TttE OXF'ORD PRESS. [15o. 

FORI[A, HABITI$, I I)I$CVS$.,  i )sc.,,'.. ! ,,,,,,o. ,sg. I, QVIBVS, E 
scg scge-'rvm, wr eTRVS ax-tiquissimis, quid statuendum I sit, 
d«finitur : l erg G-ogc,v AIaT_ [tunc Collegij Baliolensis [ socium. J 
[mallos, then z¢,aodculs.] 

Impr. 5b: 1598: sm. 4°: pp. [12]+ 
214 ("224" the next p. to 24 bcing 
"35")+[I8]: p. Il beg. z,er est, Iii 
secr«t,î,]ue: English Romaa. Contents:-- 
p. (I) "'A" betseen woodcuts : (3 title : 
5- 1o" Epistola dedicatoria to lord Buck- 

hurst, dated University college, Oxford, 
16 Mav 1598 : (t I) List ot contents : 
I-2i, f'roefatio ad lectorem : 23-" 224." 
the six lectures : (I-5) "' Index rerum 

See Wood's.lth. Oxon., ii. 56-.. Reprinted at Frankfurt in 66, with the title 
' Georgii Abbatti . . . Explicatio sex illustrium quoestionum . . .' 

inuehatur, I ostcndens. I Auclore.  io.«xx ctsz oxoxIXSl. ]olim Collegij 
I. ioannis Proecur-,soris socio. [ Omnibus crah?w Pcr@aM&«q,,e philo- 
so?ht [ s/udbst» ) prtmt» z'/ih ac necessart. I Recogmla . emendam, i 
Cure Ixnicz rcrum & verborun locupletiss. I 

Impr. I I " I598 " (eights', I z ° : l'P- [8] 
+ 201 + [ 7 ] " P. I I beg. A'esion,&ns. ])e- 
J;nitio" I C)2?on. AliquM. Brevier 

Roman. Contents :--p. () title: (3-8) 
as 592. I.. - -2ol, the work : (1-6) 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 686. A reprint of 592. C, almost h'leralim. 

3- Case, John. " 587. 
tarius oeconomica Aristotelis. 

' Thesaurus oeconomiae, seu commen- 
Authore Johanne Caso.' Again ,598. 

So Iterbert's Ames, p. I4o2 : see I587. C Error for 59, -- 

4. Ingmethorp, Thomas. A ] SER3ION VI:'ON I PART OF' THF 
se-cond chapter of the first e-',pistle of S. Iohn: I Iroachcd 0.' Tno.xs 
INC,FTIORP. I "I'he summe whereof is briefly compri-sed in this Hexa- 
meter : I Omne t«M'],u»ct«m qui rrpfi,, miscuit arE: I He beares the bell 
avaie, I that liues, as he doth saie. I [motto, then woodculs.] 

Impr. 2: I598: (eight») 6o: pp. [SI 
4- 45 + [3] : P.  beg. af Christ. ïhis : 
l'ica Eglish. Contets:p. (I) title: 
(3-5) dedication to " master Thomas 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 592. 

Flit" ofthe city of\Vorcester, the author's 
godfather, dated Stainton-in-the-Street, 
 Mat. "" 1597 "" (7 -8) "To the Reader"" 
-45, the sermon, on  John ii. 3-6, 

5- Povell, Griffith. .4.v,4zYSZS]r.B. ARISTOTELIS ] DE SOPHIS- 
"rcs F.L:X-lchis , in qua sing'ula capita per [ quaestiones & responsiones I 
I,erspicu & dilucidè ex-lponuntur , IAdhibiEs[ Quibusdam scholiis ex 
optimis quibusq« " ' " 
n-terpretlbus desumptis, in quibus natura I & modi 
Fallaciarum plenè I explicantur, ] 2CnÜn [ Exemplis, partira Sophistarum 
Paralogismis, partira Hoereticorum Elenchis I illustrantur, ] operaT-studio 
. p. o.,-o,,,,,,s,s «,« . «e,a I», .s,,, ,',,,o,-,,,,,. I 

1,599.] THE O.VFORD 19idESS. 4,5 

Impr. 5 a : 159  : (eights I6 ° : pp. 
[ 16] + 396 + [4] : P- I I beg. hostias quas, 
I II tariam 6: Long Primer Roman and 
l'ica Italic. Contents :--p. ( I ) title : 
(3-6) dedication to the earl of Essex, 
signed " Griffinus Powel," Jesus coll., 

Oxford, 3 Apr. I.:98) . 7-8) " Ad lect- 
orem Acamedicum " " (8) " Liber ad 
Lectorem," a Latin poem" ,9-16) Pro- 
legomena: 1-396 , the knalysis of the 
two books. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 283" and I594. P- (bis), 1664. P. 

6. Richard de Bury. 

Philobiblon : see t599. R. 


BROS PHYSlCORt3I I ARISTOTELIS, ].ct«l[h0,'£, I Jo" Caso Oxon. 

Impr.   : 599 : sm. 4  : pp. [4-] + 73 
+ [7]: P- 1 beg. De genere" Pica Ro- 
man. Contents :--p. (I) title : (3-4) 
dedication to the young John Egerton 

"ab çdibus meis Oxon.", z6 Oct. 1599" 
1- 4, "Ad lectorem benignum" • 5 -73, 
the work" (-7)Index" (7) "Corri- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 687. Connected  ith the Zatqs p.hiloso]hL'us, see below - 
but issued (apparently) slightly later. In the preface Case alludes to his approaching 
end, and his unpublished work on Philosophy. 

Impr.  a: (15993: (eights) sm. 4": 
pp. [32] +871 [°' 869," for ,o9-I12 are 
omittêd and 274-79 doubled, n the 
pagination] + [7] : P- 1I beg. magnum 
flOlldll$, ! 13 si mat«ria, 5oi tatur si o:g'o : 
Pica Italic and Roman. Contents :p. 
(1) title, engraved, see below : .3-8) 
dedication to sir Thomas Egerton : (9- 
17) " Epistola ad lectorem," 3t Oct. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 6S 7. 

599 " (I83 " In pfimoe paginoe decem 
Imagines Decastichon "- (t9-.,.5) com- 
plimentary verses, in I atin and Greek- 
(26-32 "Q.uoestiones & dubia quoe in 
octo libris Physicorum continentur": 
• " ,69 " the 
I- 30, '" Prolegomena " 3 - , 
work .- (1) " Lectori benevolo." 3t Oct. 
1599: (z-5) Index: (63 '" Lêctori in- 
genuo et philosopho " t'errata'. 

The titlepage is an elaborate enaving on metal, 

the title within IO square» arranged 3 

 representing Chaos, Nature, Fortune, the 

1.1o. 9 
Fates, Time, Phaethon and Arctos, Sky, Space, Infinity and Terminus, Effigy of Case. 
The last compartment represents the author in effigy on a tomb with the words " Casus 
in occasum vergit vNitque sepultus." The whole tone of the prefaces is pathêtic, Case 
.feeling that he was close to his end, which aetually came on 23 Jan. I-]-. At p. (7) 
lS a reference to the new Bodleian : at p. ( I) it is stated that some German friends 
with those at Oxford offered to pay the expense of printin. the book rather than that 
it should hot be printed at all, and that the author carefully revised and prtmed it rive 
times before publication. In an epilogue to the first book (p. I7O , dated 25 June 
1597, Case apologises to a friend for not giving the tert of each book and for not 
printing his discourse on Philosophy in general, bee the Ancilla ihilosophiae, above. 

3- Holland, Thomas. ORATIO [ SA-IIRISBVRI.E HABITA [ 7.:lïl: Id. 
ftOt. ] CVM REVERENDVS IN CHRIS-]to Pater HENR!CVS permissione divinâ t 
Episcopus Sarisburiensis gradum I Docto-lratus in Theologiâ susciperet, 

46 THE OXFORD PRESS. [15oo. 

ex de-lcrelo Conz, ocatiom's Oxom'ensis. ] Au/bore 

Impr. I: I599" sm. 4 °" pp. [12"1, 
signn. A 4, i-:- sig'n. 13 I r beg. tutis, erudi- 

T. I-Iol.l.AXI TheoL Docl. I 

[ tionis : Pica Roman. Contents :--p. (1) 
title : (3-12) the Oration. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. I 11 : R W. Uniz,. Oxon., vol. 2 ,ed. Clark), pt. i, p. 145. 
The Commission to confer the degree on bp. Henry Cotton (of Magdalen) is dated 
2 June t 599- The oration gives an intercsting account of the ceremony of conferment 
6 June and its symbolism. 

4. James, Thomas. (Bagford's statement that James's "Catalogue 
of the Oxford and Cambridge glanuscripts " appeared in this year (Brit. 
.',lus. 3IS. Itarl. 59o. fo]. 63) , is due to the title of the Appendix ol 
Richard de Bury's t)hilobibloa, see below. The Catalogue came out in 

.5. Kinge, John, bp. of London. AR'ICLES .XlSTRED I IX 
deacon I #}lh)tgham, t)t lhe#'eare our Lord G,d. I599. 

Impr. a: (1599" " sm. 4"" PP- [2], 
signn. A ¢, t 2 : signa. 3 I  beg. 29. Il hclher 
th o, : Pica English. Contcnts :--p. () 

title - (3-1o the 
" The oath of the 

4.-3 questions : ( I) 
Church-wardens and 

6. King, John. Lc'r,ZS I VPON IO,'A$, I I)ELIVFRrI) AT I YORKE I 
In the yêare of our Lorde 594. I By Jom,-KI.-,-. : I Aw!/ecorrecI, dand 

Impr. I9a : 1599 : eights) sm. 4 ° : pp. 
[12]+ 7o6+[2], not counting two extra 
title-leaves, see below : p. II beg. Il'ho 
bath instructed. II their formcr, 67 
these D, : l'ica Roman. Contents :--pre- 

cisely as 1597, K, except LATE not "late," 
2Vo-lz,cm., not .Vo-,z,'mb., 1494 (by error) 
hot 1594, and 1599 on both extra titles, 
hOt 1597" there is no list of Errata. The 
first and la_st leaves have hot been seen. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 295. A reprint of I597. K. 

7. Lomazzo, Giovanni Paolo (Lomatius). [engraz,ed Ai/le :--] 
x [ TRaCTE COXTaX-tXlXO TUE a'rrs I of curious Paintinge Caruinge &l 
Iuildinge [ written first in Italian by Jo: ] Paul Lomatius painter of 
Milan ! a.,,-I .,,'LIS.EI BY I R. r. student in Physik I [motAo.] 

Impr. 21, as colophon : I598 : (sLxes) 
la. 8°: pp. [a4]+119+rl]+21s+[2]: 
p. 11 beg. hardly bee able,  wise a 
mastcr : English Roman. Contents :-- 
p. (I? engraved title, see below: (.3-4  
dedication to sir Thoma, 13odley, signed 
'" Richard Itaydocke," New coll., Ox- 
lord, 24 Aug. 1595: (5-12) tthe Trans- 
lator) to the ingenuous Reader : (13-14) 

" Iohn Case D. of Physicke to his friende 
A'. /-/. of New Colledge": 15) "The 
titles of the bookes," rive in all : (1;'-23) 
" A table of the Chapters.. .": 1- 7, 
"The preface to the worke" by Lo- 
• ""l-he division of the 
mazzo 9-I 1, 
v,orke": 13-II 9. and 1-28, the work : 
(1) Device and cdophon. 

See Wood's Mlh. Oxon., i. 678. Lomazzo's Trallato delY a,ge de la pitlura was 
published at Milan in 1584, and Haydocke's Preface gives an account of its rarity in 
England. Only rive out of the seven books of the original are here published. In the 
dedication the translator alludes to Bodlev's design of " erecting and restoring of tlfis 
worthie l'anbiblion or Temple of ail the Iuses," the Bodleian. 
The title is an elaborate engraving on metal, the words on an oval in the centre : at 
top " 10: I'AOLO LOMAZZO :" surrounding his bust: on either side Juno and 


Apollo ç?) : on either side the oval, the arms of the University and of New College : 
below, in the centre a bust of the translator surmounted by his arms, between figures 
derived from classical mythology. In the book are thirteen full-page engravings 
marked A--I, K--N, and a protusion of woodcut ornaments. On the last page but 
one occurs the large device of the Univcrsity arms, within a border : then the colophon : 
then a woodcut of the arrns of New College betveen two Ws (William of W)keham). 
By some confusion this book is dated 16o 5 by/3agford Brit. Mus. MS. llarl. 59ol, 
fol. 66). 

8. Richard de Bury, bp. of Durbam, d. I345. PHILOBIBLON ] 
BIBLIOTHC E, [ trac/a/us ],ttlchcrrt)nus. [ Ex collatione cure varijs manu- 
scriptis e,li-[hb j«m s,«tmda," l cui l Accessi/ «p[,endLv de ma,mscr,h» 

O.vomë»sibus. [ Omnia 
Acad, m/« l Oa'ommi 

O/,era ," stu&'o 72. l..'I'oz,i ColL ) alto« 
[molC, l,leceded by "B. I'. N.," tlie_n 

hnpr.  I : 1599 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [SI + 62 
4 [IO]: p. 1I beg. tiqui/Sro: l'ica Ro- 
man. Contents :p. () title : (3-6) 
Epistola dedicatoria to sir Tlaomas l;od- 
le)', " ex Musoeo meo in Collegio Novo. 
Iulij. 6.  599," sig, led "Thomas James'" : 

(7) " Vita ex Balæo ": I-4, " Proefatio 
auctolis ad lectorem" : 5, " Capitula 
libri sequentis" " (7-62, the work in 20 
chapters- (3-o) " Appendix de manu- 
scriptis OxonienAbus." 

Ral-e. Sec Wood's 4lb. Oxo,t., ii. 466. This is the first English edition of the 
first book on the love ofbooks. The cdiHoibrinceis is that of 473 printed at Cologne : 
the next Spires, I483 and Paris ,.aoo. An accvunt of these editions and of the knmn 
MSS. of the Philobiblon will be round in E. C. Thomas's edition (,I.ond., 1888). The 
mysterious "/7. /-9. ¢V." on the titlepage (followed by " Non quoerv quod mihi xtile est. 
sed quod multis") is explained by him as perhaps " Bibliothecae l'raefectus Novae" 
or " Nostrae" or rather " Bono l'ublico Natus: " it bas been suggested that they may 
stand for " Beati l'auli Norma," alluding to I Cor. x. 33- The Editor explains that 
it was intended that the work should be followcd by an Appendix containing a cata- 
logue of ail IISS at Oxford, a purpose which seriuusly delaved the issue of the book. 
In fact the whole of the text of the lhilobiblon was printed" off in 1598, as is proved 
by a single copy sti]l preserved in the Bodleian dated in that year but containitg only 
the titlepage, (identical m type with the published one, except in one figure of the 
date) and pp.  to 62 + [9. blank]. As it is, the Appendix only contains an alpha- 
betical list, without references, of the authors of which manuscripts wcre preserved at 
Ox%rd : the intended catalogue appears in the Ecloga O.ronio-Canta3r,7Œicnsis, Lond., 
6oo. The preface alludcs to the founding of the F, odleian, but dr. James had hOt yet 
1,een appointed Librarian. There is no sufficient ground for supposing with mr. 
Thç, mas (ut su a, p. Iv) and mr. Macrav Annals of lhe £odleian..nd ed., p. 25) 
that the single advanee copy of  598 implies an is_me or edition of that year. 

9. Roche, Robert. EVSTATHIA [ or /]le [ COXSTAXCIE OF SVSAXNA I 
CONTAIN1NG TUE PRESER-]vation of the Godly, subversion of the wic-:ked, 
preccpts for the aged, instructi-[ons ./br .'outh, pleasure I zvfth profi/le. I 
Penned by R. R.G. [mollo, then a,oodcuts.] 

Impr. 9 a : 509 : (eights) I2  " pp. 
Il 28], signn. A-H 8" sign. s I r beg. Then 
clims. Pica Roman. Contents : sima. 
a I r title : A zr-a," dedication to "Mis- 
tris M.B. wife to... D.B. Esquier," 
signed Robert R, oehe :  3'-, 4 r " To the 

Reader," . 
a poem : A4v-A 5 v, " Coricaeus 
to the Author," a poem signed "C. A. R.": 
A5_ v, ,, An induction to the story" • 
B 2r-H îr, the poem - H .r " Faultes 

The 13odleian copy, which belonged to Robert I3urton, is perhaps unique. Sec 
Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 68a, where extracts are given from this poem, which is chiefly 
in a peculiar 7-1ine stanza, ABABBCC. G. on the titlepage is no doubt Gcntleman. 


10. Ubaldini, Petruccio. (The edition of " La Vita di Carlo 
3Iagno Imperadore. Di nuevo corretta" by P. Ubaldini, doubtfullv 
ascribed in the Catalogue of the Printed Books in the 13ritish 3Iuseum fo 
the Oxford Prcss, was certainly hot printed there.) 


I. Butler, Charles. "' Rhetoricoe libri duo, quorum Prior de 
Tropis & Figuris, Posterior de Voce & Gestu, Proecipiti [sic] in vsum 
scholarum accuratiûs editi. Oxoniœe, Excudebatl600 .... Viro virtutis 
& honoris nomine nobilissimo, '-I'homoe Egertono, Equiti, Domino Custodi 
magni siffilli Anglioe, Crolus Butler 3Iagdalenensis, S. D.--Basingstochioe, 
5 Jdus Martii. 16oo? ... Some commendatory verses; Lat. & Gr .... Ad 
lectorem.' I3, in eights, besides the prefixes. W'. H. Sixteens." 
So in Herbert's Ames, iii. I4o 9. For the author, see \Vood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 2o9, 
Bloxam's lIagd. A'e.. i. 20. See 1618. ]3, 1629 13. 

2. Holland, Robert. "'Darmerth, neu Arlwy Gweddi, a 
ddychym)-vyd er mawr dderchafiad Duwioldeb, ac i chwanegu Gwy- 
bodaeth ac Awydd yr annysgedig ewyll)sgar i iawn wasanaethu'r wir 
Dduw. Gan Robert HoIland, weinidog gair Duw, a Pherson Llan 
Ddeferowg, yn sir Gaerfvrddin' [Rhydychain, 4P)g- J 

So in \V. Rowland's Cambrian t?iblio.rahy, ed. by D. S. Evans. (Llanidloes, 
186 9 p. 7 z. It is ascribed also to Oxford in 3I. \\ illiams's Cofrestr (Lond. 1717 : 
but the evidence is at present not sufficient to establish a connexion with Barnes's 
press : nor is the present place of any copy "known to the editor of Rowlands. 

3. Holland, Thomas. 

Panegyris : see 6oI. H. 

In the yeare of our Lorde 594. ] By JoHx KIXE : A"z@. correcled and 

Impr. 9 a : 16oo : (eights', sm. 4 ° : pp. 
[I2]+7o6+[2]: p. ,1 beg. Il'ho bath 
bzstp uctcd. I their former, 67I d-" lhcse 
in : t'ica Roman. Contents :exactly s 
1599. K, except (in end title) " Lord" 

not "' Lorde," 1594 not I494, (in 3rd title) 
I'OVEM [BER not NO-;¥E.MBER, daie not 
doEv: and dates on titles 16oo hOt 1599. 
The first and leaves have hot been 


A reprint of 1599- K. 

5. Perrot, sir James. [woodcuL] THE I 'IRST PART I OF T. 
CONSIDE-IRATION, OF Hv-lmane Condition: "¥/'EIN IS CO.VTALVE»{ 
lhe 3[orall Consideralt»n  a mans se :las a'ha/, 'ho, and 'hat 
manmr I oE man he z. I Written by I. P. EsqNer. ][mollo: then wood- 

Impr. 19 : 6oo : sm. 4-" : PP- [8] + 
60 : p. i  beg. of the earth : Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (3 title : (5-6) dedication 
to lord 13ucldaurst, dated Haroldston 16 

"N'OV. 1600, si,maed " I. P.": (7-8" " To 
the indifferent and friendly Reader," signed 
"lames Perrott": I-6o, the work, in 
three sections. 

le00.] Elle OXFORD .PRESS. 49 

See Wood's Ath. Oxan. ii. 605. The second part was to be the Political con- 
sideration of things under us, the third the Natural Consideration of things about 
us, the last the Metaphysical Consideration of things above us : but they were ne,,er 

5. Roberts, Hugh. THE ] DAY OF HEARING: ] Or, }Six LECT%RES 
vPl,: Tt-tE [ latter part of the thirde Chapter of the Epi-lstle to the 
Hebrewes: of the rime and 
wralh. } The summary pointes of every one of which Lectures are set 
downe immediatly after the Ei,istle dedicatory. { I Ierevnto is adioyued 
a Sermon against [flesh O, hsts, 
wh?h are /hem? lhere] By H. R. BIaster of Artes, and tow l 
:s», i«< ,-  :,« ,-a. I [,,,«:o, tl,e woo&u/s.] 

Impr. I9a : I6oo : (eights) i6" : pp. 
[I2] + il6 + [3 2] : p. I beg. wkich /te 
,erouffht, III IîOW for /]le : l'ica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title- 3-Io) dedica- 
tion to sir Thomas Egerton, signed 
" Hugh Roberts" : (1I-I2) " Tbe Con- 
tents or briefe summe of the Lectures 
"- .I-i 16, the six lectures on Ileb. iii. 
7-II, I2-3, 4, I5, 6-7, I8-9 : (I) 
title of sermon "A I OO»LV A.D I XiCCES- 

SARV Sv.RMOX ]against fleshly lustes; 
and against cer-ltaine mischievous ,May- 
gaines, whichlare the fruite thereof. 
Preached I zTon the first Sabbath da), in 
:laie, I in the yeere. 1598. [ I3y II R. 
lXlaqter of Artes, and nmv I lXlinister of 
the word. I [Alotlo, then voo,tcu/s]." Impr. 
I9a, I6oo : (.;-5) " To the Reader" : 
(7-32) the sermon, on i t'et. il. Ii. 

In the preface to the sermon it is hinted that the publication of the sermon was 
prevented when it was first delivered "now more then a yeere and a halfe agonc." 
Wood (.4th. Oxon. i. 703) describes this book as "Zond. 16oo, quarto," wrongly. 

6. Terry, John. [,oa<,,/.]l. I ",<i.,. <,_ ,,--: I C<,,,:»,- 
iTlff I A l'LAiNE AND SHORT riscov-Iry of thc chiefest pointes of ihe Doctrine 
of the [ great Antich,ist, and of his adherentes the I false Teachers and 
Heretikes of thcse I last times. ][mottos:then wood«uls.] 

Impr. 19: 16oo: sm. 4°: pp. [24J + 
16o: p. Il beg. a faithfidl brolher, iii 
are remil&',t : Pica Roman. Contents :-- 
p. (I)title : (3-7) Epistle dedicatorie to 
bp. Henry Cotton, signed " Iohn Terry" : 

(9-22) " To the Christian Reader," also 
sigred : (23-24) "The principall vses of 
this Treatise" : 1-16o, the work (first 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon. ii. 4Io. 
(which contains on the last page 
6 T. 

For the second and third parts, see 16o2. T, 
'" Faultes escaped in printing the first part"), 

7. Ursinus, Zacharias. A I COLLECTIOX Or 
I'RSINE ; Doctor and Pro-V fi'ssor OE DA,«hd? z)l /he noD# and flo«-lrishing 
Schoole of h'tvswa. I For e.xh»al,»n  d,'ers dcuO boiras, I laide 
downe by that Author in his { Caavcnsa.  Lately put in Print in Latin 
by the last [ labour of D. Davm Pattv : and [ now ncwh? tranlalcd 
,,ga»a I a:, I. .A,/a« a«,,,: a,,d [ a«a OE »,,,- ca,.-,»/,a,, i 

Impr. 19 : 1600 : teights) 12" : pp. [8] 
+ 341 ,really 327, for 8o-9 and 
236-237 are omitted in the pagînation)+ 


[il: p. II beg. vnlo il cerlaDze, III /& 
that il is : t'ica Roman. Contents : [ p. 
() title : (3-)" To the Reader": (7) 


"A table of the several discourses": 
-34I, the nine discourses ( is Parry's 
prefaces to the 3rd and 4th parts of Ur- 
sinus's Catechism in the first edition (see 
x58 î. U); 5, 6 are translated by Parry; 

3 is a passage out of Vi#lius about the 
Incarnation; 9 a funeral oration on Ur- 
sinus (who died "' 6 3lar. 1583 ") by 
Francis Junius : (I) " Faultes escaped." 

Rare. The editor apologizes in the preface for this "three weekes worke," due to 
the importunity of the printer, after the editor had given over the task when only 

. Fitz.Geoffrey, 

Charles. CAROLI I œelTZC;EOFRIDI I aFF.,XlaE : [ 
I Ziari lres: I Ejusdem cr.,,'oxavma. I[mollo, then 

Impr. II: I6OI: (eights) 12°: pp. 
[2oo], signn. A-M a N: sign. BI r beg. 
I¥1 si fuid, xÆ i r Si non immemor : Pica 
Roman. Contents :sign. A r ride : 
A Zr-A .'" poetieal Latin dedieation to 
Edw. Michelbome: A 35 Michelborne's 
reply in Latin verse: A 3 , poetical Latin 
dedication to William Raleigh barrister: 

Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon. ii. 607. The epigrams and epitaphs are of much 
interest, and some are trandated and printed in Dr. Grosart's loems of Charles 
ïtzg«offrO, , 188 . 

2. Holland, Thomas. rIaqp; D. -Tizabelh¢, Dei gratM 
A,çh'ce, Francfce, " Iii&mite Reginæ. I A SERMON PREACHED AT PAVLS  
in London thê  7. of November Ann. Dom. 599. the  one and fortieth 
yeare of her Maiesties raigne, and aug-lmented in those places wherein, 
for the shones of the ] rime, it could hot there be then de!ivered. [ 
l'I'h, rez'nto  a&b)'ned an Apologel?all al&course, [ wherey all such 
Honour « l th,» Realme h«lh been« z'nch«ril«aO' haeuce« bD' [ some cE our 
adz'er,«r,?s ,Va Ar,'a,?t« neC, bris, and ci I home ,Ar obstrz'z)zg lhe 7. gE 
,»z,«mb«r ye«r«, z), I the/orme OE an Hob'-d«3, , andAr/h ,»,I/«x«,c,: I 
ses, and Courl, trzWmphes on thal &9' zW lhe ho,loltr  ber ]lat?sl 
exhib/l«d. I By Tuoas Hotaxo, Doctor of Divinity, & her Highnes 
Professor thereof in her Vni-lversity of Oxford.  [woodclds.] 

Impr. 9: 6o: sm. 4°: pp. 
signn, a-c, A-R , S 2, and one folded leaf, 
see below : signa.   beg. ,][oses, who, 
o  shall be safe: l'ica Roman. Con- 
tents :sign. a af title : a  Latin poem 
on the Queen's arms: then a folded leaf, 
see below: a 2-c" " To al faithful 

Christians.. . " : c 3r--c 3 " dedication to 
Richard t3ancroft, bp. of London, dated 
"Oxonioe, è Collegio Exon."  Oct. 
599 : c 4  " Faultes escaped, and cer- 
taine observations": A Ir-H 1 r, the ser- 
mon, on 3latt. xii. 4  : H  r-S a", the 

See Wood's .41h. Oxon. ii. I  i, and 6o2. H. At si,ma. L 3 r beffins a long disserta- 
tion on St. Itugh of Lincoln, and at sign..x 3 r the author claires for the University of 
Oxford the first celebration of Nov. 7 as the Queen's Day, in 569 ? The Stonor 
Press and Edm. Campian's Decem Ratio,res are alluded to in sima. B 4- The folding 
leaf cor, tains a woodcut of the royal arms between two pillars connected by a scroll 
bearing the words VIVAT, RE. On the base of the columns are "I" "D" (the 

160g.] THE O.VFORD PR,SS.  I 

engraver's initials ?), The woodcut, which is of a rough character, is 5aZr in. × 6-}-,} in. 
A curious usage bas been pointed out to me: on signa. D 4 v, E 2 v, ' 4', Q tf and perhap» 
elsewhere Ilcbrew words are transliterated, but in b z r, o 3", o 4 v, r, i l- unpointed Hcbrew 
type is used. In the Laing Sale ii. 3îo9 (r 5 Apr. I88o) there is mention of a t6co 
edition of this book. 

3- Ursinus, Zacharias. [woodculs.]ITHE SV31.IF. I OF CIRISTI.,X 
RF.LIG/O: I3ELrR» Y ZaCaRL«S Vsxvs  ns I Lectures vpon the 
Catechisme, authorised by the noble 
dombubns.  Wherein are debated and resolved the Questions of what- 
so,er obdcs OE momenl, wh#h haue beene or are ] codroz,crsed 
Translated into English first by D. H enrie Parry, and late-ly conferred 
with the last and best Latine Edition 

Impr. '9: 16Ol " (eights) sm. 4°: pp. 
[8] +  39 + [I 3] : P- II beg. authors, we, 
I 4. l'l'hat are, IIII 'Z't.'r of the elect: 
English Roman. Contents:p. (t title : 
(3-6) "To the Christian Readers tIenry 
Parry..." : (7-8) " To the saine Christ- 

ian Readers Richard Crosse...": - 
I 139, the catechism - (i-I O) ': A Table 
. . .", a short analysis of the book: (lO) 
"Faults escaped" : pp. (I1-I2) have hot 
been seen. 

See 587. v. Richard Crosse edited this edition with some slight additions. 


. [Bailey, dr. \Valter.] [woodculs.]la IR,tr I "rr:.',TXSÈ TOV=l 
ching the preservation of |/he et'e st'gh/, consish)tg/,«//3' [ in good order 
of diet, and partly ] in ,'se of medicines. ] The sLv/e _E&/ion. [woodcu/s.] 

Impr. 4 : 16o2 : (eights) 6o : pp. [6] ] Roman. Contents :--p. () title : (3-5) 
+ 5 + Iii : p. 1I beg. reclal i 9, lhc : Pica [ a preface " 1-I 7, I9--'5, the treatisê. 
Rare. For author sec \Vood's Aih. O.rom i. 586: the first edition xvith the author's 
naine is that of I66. An edition of 1586 (London)is in the Ihitish Musèum, but 
the other four preceding the present one appear to be unknown. Sec i66. B, 1654. ;, 
1673. B : other editions were issued, hot at Oxford. 

Impr. I: I6o-': sm. 4°: pp. 
8 4 : p. I beg. cenlis a'nè : Great Primer 
Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title: (3-6) 
Epistola nuncupatoria to dr. Nicholas 
Bond president of Magdalen college, Ox- 

lord, signed "Johannes ]3uddenus": (7- 
I I) complimentary verses, in Latin, ex- 
cept one Italian sonnet by Alberico Gen- 
tile : 1-84, the work. 

See Wood's Alh. Oxo,t. ii. 282. Budden vas philosophy reader at Magdalen (afler- 
wards principal of New lnn hall and Broadgates hall), and this biography was 
entrusted to him by the college. The runmng title is "\Vaynfleti 
Several original documents are printed in the work : which was reprinted in [Bates's] 
l'ire seleclorum aliquot virorum, Lond. x681, p. 49- Rhctoric lS more prominent 
than histofical treatment. 


2 THt OXFORD PRESS. [1002. 

3. Chrysostom, st. THEORRE3IO_N: I or, I THE ANCIENT AND 
ios7" I comfortable Goldenmouth'd Father, I St. Crrrsos'ro.xE Arch- 
bishop of i Constantinople, treating on severall places I of holy scripture: 
selected, and tran-,slated faithfully according to I the Greeke Copies: I 
b.r I Jol:,,- \VILLO,'CHmF-. I [:3 mOZ/OS, then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 24 : 6o : (eights) I6 ° : pp. 
[24]+287+[]: p. i beg. saultes of 
humane, III belêg« mttch lime: English 
Roman. Ctmtents :--p. (I) title : (3- 5) 
Epistle dedicatorie to a kinsman of the 
author lately deceased : (6-21) " To the 
Christian Reader," dated from " Brode- 

gats hall," Oxford, 2 Sept. I6O2" (22- 
231 " Toî' rr¢pl ,ôvv A67wv owwv EAAr/t,o- 
-A77Ao«v vTvw(ovw gov«v," a Greek 
prefaee " (24) "The names of the [seven] 
Fractes contained in this Booke," and a 
quotation : 1-287, the treatises. 

See \Vood's .-Ith. Oxon. ii. 28. \Vood did not know Willoughby as an author, and 
I?,li,s could find no trace of his academical career. But a John Willoughby certainly 
matriculated at Eeter College in 15,5 (B.A.  589. ,',t.A. 1593)- The treatises are on the 
Pharisee and the Publican (Luke xviii), on Ps. xlix. x6, on Ps. xxxix. 6, on the Sick 
of the Palsy (John v', on 2 Cor. xii. 9, on the Shepherd and Sheep, &c. (John xx) 
and " A Tracte of l'erlne and Uice.'" Unpointed Engli,h and Long Primer Hebrew is 
used on pp. , 2.6, 67, o 7. 

Descen-'sz?n i.lo lLll: t].t'l 

Impr. 24: 16o2: (eights)I6O: pp. 
[4-1+ 52: p. II beg. to it they: Eng- 
lish Roman. Content.:--p. () title: 
(3-4) preface "To the Christian Reader," 

Winsam, 22 June 16o2 : 1-51 , the trea- 
tise - 52, " Faultes escaped in the print- 
ing . . . " " " 

Rare. See Wood's Ath.,. i. 734, and following art. 

5. Higins, Tohn. x I axSWVlF. I wo WtL.-]am Perkins, 
concerning I Chr/sts Dcscenst'on in-,to hell. I By C)H.,," HIGINS. I [d,ï, ice.] 

Impr. a4: 16o2-(eights)16 °. pp. 
[4] + 51 + [I.]: p. lI beg. it they must : 
Small Pica. Roman. Contents :--p. 

title: (3-4') preface " To the Christian 
Reader," Winsam, 22 June I6O2:1-51 , 
the treatise. 

Rare. See preceding art. Like the Powel below this book was certainly not printed 
at )xtbrd, and the imprint is fictitious, the type and woodcuts being unknown at 
Oxford. These falsifications can hardly be unconnected vith the fact that John Barnes, 
the son of Joseph Barnes, in this year set up business for himself in London. The text 
is a reprint of no. 4 above. 

Impr. -3 : 16o2 : sm. 4": Pp. [36], 
signn. (  A-r': sîgn. 1. • beg. ship or 
ho,or : Engli.h Roman. Contents : 
sign. ( ) r title : ( ) 2"-2 *, dedication to 

lord Buckhurst, dated from Christ Church, 
Oxford, 29 Nov. 16o2 : A I-1) 3', the 
sermon, on Ps. cxviii. 24. 

See I6o 3. If, and Wood's Ath. Oxon. ii. 5r8. On a kindred subject with Holland's 
speech printed in I6oi : the priority of the University in celebrating the Queen's day 
as agam mentioned. Repinted in omers' Tracls. 

1002.] TttE O.VFORD PRESS. 5:3 

7- Howson, dr. John. [=ood,-,z,] I ,'xo. I "'"" "° I 
fornicationem aliam non lb'ce! suerbMucere. I a-Ea-[a a-HV_SZS ] IOa,xzS 
HOVSOX[ [ Inceptoris in Sacra Theolo-[gia, proposita & disputata in I 
Ve,/,erO's,,,)'. I ,6oe. I[woo«c,/,.] 

Impr. I I : I602 : (eights) I6°: [2] + 
6I " LI ] : p. Il beg. dij,  qu¢ : Engli-_h 

the essay. 

Çontents :--p. 

(i) title : i-6i 

See I6O6. H, and Wood's Aih. Oxon. ii. 60, 518, iii. 18, where a bibliography is 
given of the controversy excited by I)r. Howson's Thesis. The aetual day of disputa- 
tion was Io July 6o2. There are two issues of this book, one in which the title is a 
separate lêaf, independent of the four seetions (A-O'" which follow, D 8 being blank : 
the other where the title is A I, D 8 being the last leaf of the t«xt. 

8. ¢Oxford, Trinity College. 
rependendis. I [the text of the decree.] 

Decretum de Gratiis 


No imprint, bnt probably printed at 
Oxford" (6o2 ?): ione) fol.- pp. [2]: 
1. i I beg. I. lmrimis : Eglish Roman. 

Contents:p. () title and text of the 

A Latin decree passed by the President and Fellows of Trinity college on 12 Dec. 
16o2, compelling all who bave been or are on the foundation of the college to show 
their gratitude by a proportionate gift of money, and enioining on all future scholars 
an oath that theywill fulfil this decree. Signed by the l'resident and Fellows. There 
is another issue similar in form but apparently printed in London, which can readily l:e 
distinguished by having a headline of woodcuts, and 43 k instead of 52) lines of print. 

9. *-Oxford, University. [Orders for the Iarket of the Cit)" of 
Oxford, i.sued by the Chancellor of the University: beg. " "/'homas 
Baron of Buckurst, ends 'transgressor of tlis commaundement. God 
save the Queene."] 

No impr." [not later than I6o2]: 
(ones) fol.: pp. [4]: English Roman. 

] Contents:pp. (, 3) the orders (pro- 
bably 3 ° in number). 

The only copy known wçs rescued from a binding in t;rasenose College I ibrary at 
Oxford, where it now is. The titles of Lord 13uckhurst are given, and show that the 
earliest pos.,ible date is 15 lXlay I598 when he became Lord Itigh Trcasurer: the 
latest being 4 ,XIarch 6o, when the Queen died. *'o doul,t the sheets were faste_ned 
together forming one long notice. The Brasenose copy has lost a few lines at the end 
of the first column k67 lines lett), the second is complete (62 lines . 

Io. Powel, Gabriel. xoxo.n's. lA LOGICALL [ RESOLVTION OF 
THE I I. Chap. of the F4-»istle 
"I'oixn WlT SvC  severall Jnstructions, Notes, Ob-[serz'ahzs, and 
avel. I [mollo, then 

Impr. 22: 1602 : (eights) I6°: pp. 
[6] + 267 + []: p. ii beg. sumtion ,s, 
lI rojqt al, wisdom: Eglish Roman. 
Contents:--p. (3) title: (5-2) Epistle 
dedicatorie to John Whitgift archbp, of 
Canterbury and William Morgan bp. of 

St. Asaph, dated from St. Mary hall, 
O'iford, 5 July 6o2 : (3-I5) "To the 
Chritian Reader," datêd similarly: 1- 
267, the work: () " Faults escaped in 
the Printing." 

See I615. P: Wood's Ath. Oxon. ii. 25. The dedications are due to his patrons' 
favoti to his father I)avid as v«ell as to himself. 

54 THtï O.VFORD PRESS. [16o9.. 

i i. Powel, Gabriel. 7"heolog/call and Scholast/call[Positions, 
concerning I Vsurie. I Set forth, by l)efinitions and Parlilions, I framed 
according to the rules of l a naturall lXIethod. I [aslerisks, then woodcul.] 

Impr. 23: I6o2: (eights) ,6°: pp. 
[,6] + 71 + [l]: p. Il beg. amt quantiti«: 
E.nglish Roman. Contents :--p. (1) "A ": 
(.3) title: (5-13) Epistle dedicatorie to 

Ralph Hockenhul and Itugh Hnrlston, 
dated from St. Marv hall, Oxford, x A pr. 
16o2 : (I4' " The Contents of this Trea- 
fise " : 1-7x, the treatise. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon. ii. 25. In spite of the imprint this book, like the Higins 
No. 5) above, was hot printed at Oxford, the type but especially the woodcuts (with 
,-,ne exception) being entirely un-known at Oxford. It was printed no doubt in London, 
and the ilnprint falsified, perhaps in order to escape the necessity of registration at the 
office of the Stationcrs' Company. 

I 2. Rawlinson, John. 

See under 16  2. R. 

i3. Sanderson, dr. John. i,svIŒEvŒEl-'oxv.t DIALEC-ITICARVM LI- ! 
br/Qua/uor, I .a IOANNE SANDERSONO, Lancastrensi, Anglo, Liberalium I 
artium Iagistro, & sacroe Theologioe Doclore, «JAlropoUlanœee c-l(lesi¢ 

Impr. II: 16o2: 8°: pp. [4]+ 228+ 
[4]: P-II beg. I ox singularis, III rictuS, 
habittts: Long I-'limer Roman. Con- 
tcnts:--p. (I) title: (3-4) « Auctoris 

l'roefatio ad iuventutem bonarum artium 
studiosam": 1-228, the wotk : tPP- (3-4  
hot seen.) 

Rare. This John Sanderson of Lancashire, doctor of Theology, canon of Cambrai, 
seems to have escaped the notice of biographers. The better known bp. Robert 
Sanderson also wrote on Logic, see 1615-S. Tbe preface throws no light on the life of 
the author. For the 4th ed., see I6o 9. s. The first edition was printed by Plantin 
at Antwerp in I =89, the dedication to cardinal Allen being dated from Antwerp I Jan. 
" I 89," ]Dut r:either in the dedication nor in the congratulatory poems which follow 
in this first edition is there any biographical matter. 

Impr. 23 : 16o2 : (eights" I6°: pp. 
[16] + 64 : p. II beg. him, an,t so : Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents :--p. () title : 
3-13) Epistle dedicatoiie to Gervase 
Babington, bp. of Woreester. dated frorn 

C. C. C., Oxford, Nov. 12. 16o2, signed 
"Robert Burhil" vho issued the sermon" 
(I 5) " The chiefe points of matter.., in 
the sermon.. ."'. 1-63, the sermon, on 
Jer. ix. 23-24. 

Rare. See Wood's A th. Oxon. ii. 360. The preface states that the sermon was 
issued without the knowledge of the autlxor, he being too modest to publish his works. 

I . Terry, John. [woodcut]I'rHE SECOXD PaR: ! 0," I nE T,aL 
ov w, : I ,,-ux s s o,,-xt zu I proper fountaine or foundation 
of ail good I works, ¢" lh«wr« pr,?m}al »,oh?ces whi«h lhe spi=',r,7  God 
so en z'scth b2 lhe sacred scrhoes to erswade ! therevnto: ! togither 
with the contrariety of the doctrine of the Çhurch of Rome to the 
saine: wlaerein also are ope-,ned not only the causes of ail true piety and 
godli-ness, but also of all heresie and Idolatry, which is I and bath beene 
anaong Gentiles and Iewes, I and vs likewise that are called ] Christians. l 
By JoHx TR,-. l[two »m/os.] 

1603.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 55 

Impr. 23: 6o2: sm. 4°: pp. [38] + 
I2 5 + III: p. Il beg. venemous drops, III 
mande the carefull : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents:--p. (1) title: (3-14) Epistle dedi- 
eatorie to dr. George Rives, Warden, and 

See 1600. "r, Wood's Ath. Oxon. ii. 41 o. 

all other students of New College, Ox- 
lord : (15-37) "To the Christian Reader ": 
(37) a short prayer: I-I25, the work: 
(I) "Faultes escaped" in parts one and 


I. Brett, Richard. Icor,w.t SA-ICRARV3I DECAS, IN ! QVA E SVBIECTIS 
"rYPiS ] cornpluscula sanoe doctrinoe I cattîa cruun/ur. I Autore /d. 
Sacroe Theol. Baccalaureo. I[device.] 

Impr. II : I603: sm. 4°: pp. [8]+ 72: 
p. Il beg. divDzi z, tdtus: Pica Roman. 
Contents:--p. (I) title : (3-8) Latin dedi- 

cation to the King, signed " Richardus 
Brett," 12 Aug. 16o 3 : 1-72 , the work, iii 
ten essays. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon. ii. 611. The preface explains ' Icones inscripsi prTsens 
opusculum, quia sub tvpis varia fidei & morum adumbrat documenta. 1N'am... est 
aliquando sub cute liter:e, suavis quoedam & interior med'alla." 

2. Burhill, Robert. 
(no. 9, below). 

Invitatorius panegyricus: see under Oxford 

Impr. I I • 16o3 : sm. 40 : pp. [6] + 48 
+ [2] : p. II beg. A'umine tanta: Pica 
Roman. Contents:p. (I) title: (3-5) 

Latin poetical dedication to sir Itenry 
Nevill : 1-48 , the work. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon. ii. 423, 425 • The pieces are "Ad . . . Elizabetham . . . 
C gy C " " 
" "Ad Iacobum armen Panegyricum, 
armen Pane ricum, ...... Devor- 
axeis," on the earl of Essex, "P. Sidnzei funus," all Latin hexameter poems. 

4- Davies, John, of Hereford. :zzcxocos:zos. I THE DISCOVERY I 
OF THE LITTLE I World, with the government [ thereof, i [mo//o] By 
Io, Dvs. I[woodc«/s.] 

Impr. 3: 6o3: sm. 4°: pp. [I6]+ 
254 + [3o]: p. Il beg. The Day, III .dlltde 
lrovidence : English Roman. Con- 
tents:--p. (i) title, within a border: (3) 
poetical dedication to king James: (4) 
Do. to the queen : (5-8) short poems by 
Davies : (8-16) complimentary verses to 
the author or book: 1-28, " A Preface 

..." to the king: (29-38) " Cambria to 
the . .. Prince of \Vales," both poems: 
9-3z, the vork: 233-254, " An ex- 
tasie," a poem: (-2o) short poems by 
Davies, including two to lX[agdalen col- 
lege, p. (17) : (2o-29) complimentary 
verses to the author or book. 

Rare. See Wood's A/b. Oxon. ii. 262, and 16o 5. D. The poem describes the whole 
state of man, his condition, qualities and surroundilW, S , in a discursive manner which 
allows a short history of England to corne in (at p. 13I). The stanzas are 9-line, 
rhyming ABADBCBCC. The author ",vas a professional calliffrapher in Oxford, hot 
member of the University. Davies's II'orks were edited by dr. Grosart in I 8î8. 
ed. of 1611 is perhaps only due to a misprint in a I îth cent. bookseller's catalogue. 



.5. ŒEGodwin, Francis, bp. of Hereford. 
PARSON, V'[CAR i or Cur are, of [ and to 
press of the articles.] 

everie of them. [ [letter- 

No imprint : (I6o3) : (two) sm. 4°: 
PP. 4 : P- 3 beg. or AL Doctor Trevor: 
l'ica English. Contents :--p. J, head 
title, as above : I- 4, the orders : signed 

at end ".3latheme. Sept. 3 o. 16o3. Fr. 
Landaven.," i.e.F. Godwin, then bp. of 

Very rare. Orders of the bishop of Llandaff for the reformation of abuses in his 
diocese. The woodcuts are sufficient to prove by their particular imperfections that 
this is a product of the Oxfod press. 

6. Howson, dr. John.  I SrR,tO.,,," ] [&c. precisely as 16o2. H, 
except that a line "The second Impression." is added after "of Oxforde" 
before the woodcuts.] 

/mpr. 23 : 6o3 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 30 I 
+ [2] : signa. B I r beg. ship or honor, p. 

I t .- hyents erat: English Roman. 
tents :--(exactly as I6o2. H.) 


See Wood's Aih. Oxon. il. 5IS. 
6o2. H, except as noted above. 

This is a vezbatim but hOt literatîm reprint of 

Impr.  3/5 : 1603 : (eights) sm. 4 ° : 
PP. [4] + 207 + I : p. II beg. lïrginis 
arque : II l'otum pro : Pica Roman. 
Contents :p. (1) tïtle : (3-4) dedication 

to the King in Latin, by the university: 
1-2o7, the poems : (I) " Votum Typo- 
graphi ad ... Regem," a poem. 

_More than 470 Latin poems, with a few in Greek, Italian, and French. On p. 17 
there is a complaint of the lack of Hebrew type. There is an earlier and less common 
issue without the " Votum typogrraphi," the page being lêft blank. 

8. Oxford, University. T[ ,,XSVVEgE ! O "r: 
CELO1, R, OEHE DOCTORS, I both the Proctors, and other the I Heads of 
Houses in the Vniversi-]h?  O.ord:[(AgreeaMe, z'ndouMed', fo the 
bz)zl and l)zrme l oP«)zbn, OE ail lhe Dëanes and Chafilers, and ai1 
To the humble Petition of the 3Iinisters of the ] Church of England, 
desiring Reformation of cer-'taine Ceremonies and Abuses of the Church. ] 
[two mot/os : then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 2 : 16o3: sm. 4 ° : pp. [I6] + 32, 
signn. '- « 
, t¶» A-Dt: sign. *-*- r 
,, ,, I beg. you 
ha,ely, p. II beg. Concerning the: Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents "---p. (I) title : 
(3 -x 3) "Epistle dedicatorie" to the arch- 

bp. of Canterbury and the Chancellor of 
the Universities of and Cambridge, 
beg. "Many and excellent "-. 1-5, " The 
humble petition of the Ministers.. ."'. 
6-32 "The Answer. " 

Three other issues are known :(a), title identical except that the imprint is no. 25 : 
after p. (I 3) cornes (I 4-16) a letter from the University of Cambridge to that of Oxford 
m Latin, 7 Oct. 16o3, introduced by a few sentences " to the reader": the test 
identical • (b) with title identical till the 9th line which runs :" oiinion , of all the 
Deancs and ChaiMers , aml ai1 olher I the learned & obedient Cleargy, Dz the Church 
ofA'ng" I .Xnd confirmed by the expresse consent of the I Vniversitie of Cambridge.) I 
To the humble Petition" [&e. as before] : with the saine imprint as (a"., but in small 

1603.J THE OXFORD PRESS. ,5 7 

roman type. Four new leaves follow the title, *2r--*4r containing a dedication to the 
king, and ¶ I r the arms of the University with woodcuts above and below. Then follows 
"the Proeface," the title only being re-set, and the headline being no longer "The 
Epistle ] dedicatorie" but " The Proeface ] to the LLS. '', whi|e on   4 v a passage from 
Gregory Nazianzen is inserted : all the test is identical with the other issues: 
identical with (b) throughout except that the imprint is no. 2 and is without date. (Of 
these four editions or issues, the first is very rare, being perhaps stopped in the course 
of issue: a is common, b less so, c rare. 
See Wood's Ath. Oxon. i. 3 (where a doubtful I64 edition is referred to) : 16o 4. o. 

Impr. 133 : 16o3 : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 
I82 + [2]: p. lI beg. Lttgent¢m, ll Sa*vil, 
G'-': Pica Roman. Contents :p. () 

title: (3-4)Poetical Latin dedication to 
the king: I-I82, the poems. 

Chiefly Latin poems in memory of queen Elizabeth : a few Greek occur, one Hebrev: 
(P. 5, cf. 97, I71, one Freneh (p. 64). one Italian p. I7I ). l'he longest poem is one 
by Roi,êrt Burhill entitled " Invitatorius Panem:'ricus . . . de . . . Reginoe posteriore 
ad Oxoniam adventu," whieh Wood mentions (.-Itlt. Oxon. iii. 18) as a separate publi- 

o. Storre, Wi!liam. THE [ MANNFR or [ THE CRVFLL OVT-[ 
RAGIOVS 3IVRI'HER OF [ XVILLIAM STORRE .][dS[.  r[ «D':[niter, and 
Preacher at 3Iarket Raisin in [ the County of Linco/ne:  COttlTTFD [ 
Anno. I602. }[da'ge.] 

Impr. 7 : t6o 3: sm. 4 °: pp. [I27], 
signn. A  r¢*(?): sign. A 3 r beg. thirsted 

l for: Pica Roman. Contents :-- p. 
title : (3--I I ?) the work. 


Extremely rare. The only known copy, in the ]3odleian, has sign. A 4 imperfect, 
and has lost ail after that leaf. The pamphlet was reprinted with slight chalges at 
London in I63 with the title "Three bloodie Murders . . ." of which thts s the 
first. "The Life, confession, and heartie repentance of Francis Cartwright, gentleman ; 
for his bloudie sinne in killing of one .X[aster Storr, Master of Arts... written xih 
his owne hand"was publishcd at London in 1621. Storre was a Fellow of Corpus 
Christi College at Oxford. 

Il. Thornborough, bp. John. [Zvoodcul.]I«RZlCr.s 
visitation of [ lhe r,z,cnd JCh«r zh God, John, 

Impr. 2c: 16o3: sm. 4": PP- [2]+ 
18: p. II beg. or kec: Pica English. 
Contents :--p. () title : (2) "The Tenor 

of the oath ministred to the 
ardens, and sworne men": 
articles, 37 + 41 in number. 

 2. Willoughby, John. 
Zorffs Sui)po. Oxon. 16o 3, 
author was living in Oxon." 

Trcatise for the Prearatiou of lhe 
K. James I. at which time the 

So in Wood's Aih. Oxon. i. 744 : very rare: a copy is mentioned in "A catalogue 
of choice English books . . . which will be sold by Auction, 6 Aug. 1688" (Lond. 
688, 4 °) Appendix p. 7. 


. Abbot, archbp. George. THE I REASOXS IVVI4ICH DOCTOV'R 
rI'_.L I rLXŒEH BROVCHŒE, FOR a-Hr I vt'h°lding of Papistry, which is false:lh? 
l, rmed the Calhohke Rel(gion : [ l Stmasked, and shœeea'ed 1o be ve O' zveake, 
and z'fion eaa=mtnattbn mosl instctënt for /ha/purpose: I ]3y GEORGE 
ABBOT Doctor of Divinity & Deane I of the Cathedrall Church_ in 
l'l'mches/,r. The first Part. I [two mol/os : then woodcu/s] I 

Impr. 25 : 16o4: (eights) sm. 4o: pp. 
[8]+" 438" (really 436 for 384- 5 are 
omitted in the pagination) + [8] : p.  
beg. is both, I G..4bbot: Pica Roman. 
Cuntents:p. (I) large device of the 

University arms between woodcuts: (3 
title: (5-7) Epistle dedicatorie to lord 
Buckhust, da'ted from Uivesity college 
Oxford, 4 Jan. " 6o4": -.438, the 
work: (1-6) " To the Christian Reader." 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon. ii. 562. The book is in answer to dr. Thomas Hill's 
" Quartron of reasons of Catholike Religion," Antw. I6oo : but contains only ten out 
of sixteen answers which the author had prepareck 

.2. Bridges, John, bp. of Oxford. ARTICLES TO I BE ENQVIRED OF 
WITHIN THE [ Dioces of Oxford, giuen by the Reuerende [ ri'ail, er in God 
Iotx/_r Gods permission now [ Bishop of Oxford in his Visitation beman [ 
l'z ««o,M dal',/Ô«tober. 64. t [«a'w«.] 

"" 16o4: sm 4 °. [ 2  
Impr. . . . pp. 1 , 
signn..t*-3 : sign. B I " beg. your larish. : 
Pica English. Contents :sign.  i , titlc" 

A 2r--B o r, the 55 articles : B 2 r " the oath 
of the Church-wardens and Sidemen." 

3. Corderoy, Jeremy. a [ SHORT DIA-ILOGVE, x»IrRrlX I is 

l-,roved, that no man can ] be saved without good [ vvorkes. [ Edit. 2. 
\Vith some Additions[[mollo, then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 25: I6o4: çtwelve») 16o" pp. 
[22]+ 2+ IIO+[2]" p. II beg. z, vhich no 
doubt, oI workes he may : Pica Roman. 
Contents :p. () title : (3-6) Epistle 
dedicatorie to sir Robert Vernon, signed 
' Ieremy Corderoy ": (7-1) " To the 

Chri.:tian Reader" also signed : 1-2, I- 
IiO, the work, the half title being "A 
short dialogue between a Gallant, a 
Scholler of O\forde, and a Church- 
t'apist " 

Rare. See Wood's Aih. Oxon. ii. 47- The first edition may be the one of Zond. 
6o 4 recorded by Watt in the l?ibliotheca t?rilannica. 

4- Hubbocke, William. . ax ORATI-ION GRATULATORY TO I the 
High and Iighty Ia.xws of ngland,[Scolland, ri'rance and lrcland, 
Ab)rg, Dndor OE thelfaith , &c. On the twelft day of February last 
pre-s «tttd, when hz 3[atës O, tnArcd lhe Towr   London to performe 
the residue of the solemni-*h?s  ht) Coronalbn lhorough the 
Zondon I differred by reason of the plague: and publi-*shed 
nesse spec,aaallowana. I l'l'ho'e,), boLh Lhe descr,hb,, 

Impr. 25: I6o4: sm. 4°: pp. [I6], 
signn. A-*: sign. B l r beg. I a, il giue: 
lLnglish Roman. Contents :sign. A I" 

title: A 1", Latin dedication to the king: 
A 2*-A 4*, the speech, in Latin : BIr-B4 , 
the saine in English. 

1604.] THE 0.1"FORD PRESS. 59 

Extremely rare : the only copy at present known is in the Bodleian, but there was a 
copy among the tlarleian Pamphlets. Sec Wood's Mth. Oxon. i. 753- "I'he speech -,vas 
really delivered on «Iarch I2, hot February, I6o, Hubbocke being Chaplain at the 
Tower. The speech describes the Tower as mint, armoury, jev, êl-house, &c. It is re- 
printed in Nichols's Progresses of khzffJ«mes l. 

I I ' [ 
exactly as 16o 3, Oaford Answer, variation b.] 

I.mpr. : 6o4: sm. 4°: pp. [46], 
sign». A-E * r  ( ): sign. B I • beg. 
these: l'ica Roman. Contents:p. (I) 
title: (3-6)dedication to the king: (7- 
5 "The I-'rœeface": (I6-Iî) Letter from 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon. i. 3, and 1603. o. 

Cambridge, 70ct: 6o 3, introduced bya 
short note : (8) quotation from Gregor)" 
Nazianzen : (9-22) " The humble peti- 
( - 
tion of the Ministers..."'. 23-44 '" The 
Answere... to the Petition.. . 

This is a reprint of variation b. 

6. Panke, John. ' i SHORT ,D.m.,,',-]tion by way of Dialogue, to 
all [ those who hitherto vpon pretence of[of their vnworthines haue 
dangerously, [t)t resf, ec! of lheir s«h'a/«bn, wz?h h'ld /h«m-lselues from 
comming to the Lorde Table: [ Exhort«)g thym zui/hout a 9, longer 
delay [ fo firesenl hemselues h rez'nlo. [ l'I'her«) is shewed /hal /here is an 
z'n,]worthy receiving of baptisme, an vnworthy I heari»g of lhe wor&, and 
an vnwor#o; re-lsenting out selues to pra)'er aswell as an vn-wortlv 
receiving of the supper, hich ] yet these vnworthies worthi-lly think'e 
hot of. I/5.)., Ion,,," t'a.,,'r:E. ! [m0tlo, then woodcu/s.] 

Impr. 5: 16o4: (eights) 12°: pp. 
[72], .-ignn. A D  E: sma. 13 I  beg. 
aling to : l'ica Roman. Contents : 
signa, a 1 , tifle : . 2"-A 3 , epistle dedi- 
catori« to lady Katheaine Wroughton, 

dated from Broad Itinton. 25 Mat. 
" 16o4 ." a 4- 6", " OEo the Chri.,tian 
and Godly Reader ": ,x 7-E 4 *, the dia- 
logue, between '" Romannus the scholler" 
and " Tuberius the gentleman." 

Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon. il. 274. 

Impr. 25: x6o4: sm. 4  : pp. [8] + 58 
. [9.] : p. I I beg. tweene I_*ath : l'ica 
Roman. Contents:p. (1) title : (3-7) 
"To the Christian Reader" : -58, the 

work: (1) " x_ note for the Reader» In. 
struction," bibliographical, on the mean- 
ing of certain references to books. 

Sec I613. A. This controversy about the Descent into Hell began with the mante- 
script (?) objections referred to in the title: then came this book. v,'hich is anonymous, but 
confessed by the author in his Apologie, sec below, followed by (I) [Andrew Willett's] 
Zimbo-mastix, that is a Camtise of Zimbus Parfum (published without the author's 
knowledge a, with a reply to the triefansz,,ere (Lohd. 6o4) : then ()by an intermin- 
able rejoinder by Richard Parkes (An Apologie, Lond. 6o 7, of which the first part 
is a revised issue of the '7"ef Answer,) answered by Willett's Zoidoromastix : that 
is a scourge : a rayler (Cambr. I6o7). The /SbT"ef Anxwcr holds the orthodox 
opinion of the '" local descension of Christ's soul to Itcll." 

8. Powel, 
of State and 

Gabriel. A I CONSIDERATIOS OF I the Papists Reasons 
Reli-]gion, for toleration of Poperie lin England, i .viv«- 

6o THE OXFORD PRES.ç. [16o5. 

t.« TED LV THEZX I Su?)6h'cah'on z'nlo lhe Eings «][ac"-'sh'e, " lloe Stales of 
the ])re-]sen! ParliamenL ] [motZo, then woodcuts.] 

Impr. -'5: I6O4: sm. 4°: pp. [4-1+ 
I 2 8 " p. I I beg. l'riest " or, I  I and was 
the : I ica Roman. Contents:mp. (i) 
title: .3-4 " To the Christian Reader," 
sig'ned " Oxford, from S t. _Marie Hall. 13- 

of Aprill. 16o4 .... Gabriel Powel "-. 
1-125, the work: I26-128. "The Auctors 
Teares and humble Petition vnto AI- 
mightie God." 

See Wood's A th. Oxon. ii. 25. 

9" Sanford, John. 6oIs ARROWE I Of thelsrzz«.xc. IBy I 
Jonx Sa.VORD 3Iaster of Artes, and Chapleine of 3Iagdalen i Colledge in 
O.rford. j [mo#o: then woodcul.] 

Impr. 25 : I6o 4 : (eights) I6"- pp. [8] 
+ 5 5 + [ I ] : 13. I I beg. that verse o/: Pica 
Engli»h. Contents :--p. I  title : (3-8 
Epistle dedicatorie to thè University of 

Oxford, dated from Magdalen college 3 
Mar. I0o: -5, the discourse, on Ps. 
xxxviii. 2. 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon. il. 472. Intended as a sermon, but the author round him- 
self disabled in speech, and could not deliver it. 

Impr. lt: 6o4: sm. 4°: pp. [40+ 
inserted lcaf], signn. A-E , and one leaf 
after D  : sig-n. B x beg. ta aliaq;: Long 
l'rimer Roman. Contents:--sign i  
title :  -..x 3", Latin dedication to dr. 

Bond president of Magdalen college Ox- 
lord, signed '" I Sanfordus": a 4"- I' 
" Ad Gallicoe I inguoe Studio_-um Lec- 
torero" : B 2r-E 4 r, the work. 

Rare• See Wood's Aih. Oxon. ii. 47'- This is a French grammar and syntax written 
in Latin. After sien. D I is a folio folded leaf, printed on one side only, a " Tabula 
eoniugationum." See  6o 5. s. 


x. Davies, John, of Hereford. 
f,F THE LITTLE I \Vorld , with the 
Iohn Davies. I[wooecul«.] 

Impr..',", . 16o5: &c. as 6o3. D. 

JzcRocos.«os. l ailE DlSCOXOER'I i 
governe-:ment thereof, l [mollo] l BY 

Contents :exactly as I6. 3. D. 

Very rare. See 16o 3. r), of which this is a reissue, with no alteration whatever except 
a new titlepage. 

OF THE I CROSSE IN" BAPTI$3IE. [ 111[l[Id°d[ A Short Treatise of the Crosse 
in ]3aptisme, con-tracted into this Syllogisme. [ [the syllogism folloz,.,s in 
six hnes] I VVherein not only the weaknesse of the Syllosme it]selfe, 
but also of the grounds and proofes there-!of, are plainely discovered. ] 
?A' L. 12r. f)ocl, of Z)iz'ini/ie. I [two mol/os, then woodculs.] 

Impr. 2 ." a'. 
I39+[1]: p. 
swadcd lo set" 

6o 5 : sm. 4°: pp. [8] + 
II beg. tlOttS d£re, III 
English Roman. Con- 

tents:p. (1)title: (3-7)Epistle dedi- 
catory to the archbp, of Canterbury, signed 
" Leon. Hutten"'. I-I39, the answer. 


See Wood's Aih. Oxon. ii. 533- The book to which this is a reply is [William 
Bradshaw's] Short trealise of the crosse in Baçtisme, n. j. I6o4, lu which the unlav,ful- 
ness of the use of the cross was insistcd on. 

THE [ booke of Common praier, vnder the [ hands of certaine 3Iinisters 
of Devon, and ] Cornwall word for word as they were ex-lhibited by 
thern to the Rigbt Reverend I Father in God WILtIa UO-,OX Doctor 
of Divinitie  L. «ho  xceler. ] 'VrH n.v nS'U« rit s-verall 
times returned them in publike conference } «,d b, d&,erse sermo»s zon 
occasion rea-lched in the Cathedrall Church of tçvceler, l by Tuostas 
Hvzwox, Bachi-tler of Divinitie & fellow of ] St. Iohns Coll. in Oxon.  
agn xow PVVLSnE .XT i lhe z'tO: ea,nest t)drcag&  some especall  friends 
for a farther contentment of o-lther the Kings Maiesties good [ and 
loyall subiects, { [mollo, then woodcu#.] 

Impr. 25 a" 6o 5 " sm. 4°: pp. 200: 
p. Il beg. are, wherein., III limes /mue 
thought : Fnglish Roman. Contents: 
p.  title: 3-6, Epistle dedicatorie to the 
bp. of Exeter: 7_1o ' « To my fellow 

brethren the ministers of Devon and 
Cornwall " " 
... : o-7, To the Chris- 
tian Reader": 8-34, the Reasons : 35- 
2oo, the Answer to the Reasons. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon. il. 646. A "Second and last part of Reasons for Refusall 
•.. " was ptblished in London in 6o6, and "The Remoottall of certaine imputations 
laid vpon the Ministers of Deuon : and Cornwall by one M. T. H .... ," printed abroad 
in 6o6: and other books on the eontroversy latêr. 

lmpr. 8: 6o5: sm. 4° pp. [8]+ 
"' 655 " (really 63 ) + [67] : p.  beg. 
.4.  l. I. Chron., III P. . I. t'],,ilon., p. 
5o I" ¶ tIu.ç, de : English Roman. Con- 
tents :- p. (I' title : (2) '" Obsel-vanda in 
hoe catalogo": (3-4] Epistola dedica- 
toria to IIenry Frederick prince of Wales: 
(5-8) "Pra.,fatio ad Benevolum Lecto- 
rem," dated " E I3ibliotheca publica 
Oxoniae Iunij 27. Anno. 16o52': -162, 
catalogue of "Libri Theologici ": i6a- 
179, " Catalogus Expositorum S. Scrip- 
turoe iuxta ordinem V oluminum vtriusque 
Testamenti dispositus ": 8o, "Ad Lec- 
torem": S-218, " Libri Medici": 
: " "Libri 
29--.7, "Libri Iuris" 275-41.,, 
Artium" : 4  7-4"-5, " Interpretes libro- 

rum Aristotelis"'. 427-64o, "Appendix" 
to each of the four faculties: 641-646, 
"Appendix ad Expositores S. Scriptura:": 
646-648 , "Appendix ad Interpretes Lib. 
Arist. ' : 648-6 ., r, "Interpretes Juris Ci- 
.'ilis" : 6I-652, " Interpretes Juds Ca- 
nonici ": 652-653, " In omnia vel plera- 
que Scripta Hippocrat.": 653-6.;fi, 
" Scriptores in CI. Galenum ": 65S, 
"Scriptores in Dioscoridem": (2-67) 
" Index A uctorum in hoc volumine": 
(68) " Nomina IIebraîca quze corruptè 
imprimuntur: & quia defuerant charac- 
terês Hebraici, Latinè hîc omnia expri- 
mimus": ç68) " Errata in Latinis nom- 

Rare• See Wood's Ath. Oxon. ii 466, and 162o. J. The cataloe includes also the 
MSS. thert in the Libraty. In the dedicatiotx the " Bibliotheca Bodlei'ma" is stated 
to be hot yet four )ears old, having been formally opened on 8 Nov. 6o2. The 
preface gives an interesting account of the earlv history of the Library. In the pagi- 
nation a lcaf is omitted after p. 4-6, but " 457 ;' follows " 45 °" : the total number of 

62, THE OXTORD PRESS. [loo5. 

pages is no doubt 726 (sigmn. ¶ A-V ç Z , aa-Zz, Aaa-Zzz, Aaaa-Xxxx  (')'), so that 
Upcott (£nglish Topography, iii. p. x  22, Lond. 18x8)is wrong. Other editions of the 
complete catalogue of Bodleian printed books were issued at Oxford in 162o, 1674, 
1738 and 1843 , and one of the MSS. in 697. 

5. King, John, bp. of London. aR'riCLr.S NIh'ISTRED ] IN THE 
divinitie, Arch-deacon of Nottingham, in the yeare of[ our Zord God. 

Impr. 7 a : x6o 5 : sm. 4" : PP- [8 + ..] : } Piea English. Contents :--sima. 
signn. A  + .: signa. A 4 r beg. l'isiling of: ] title : A r-?, the articles. 

Very rare. The only recorded copy, in the Bodleian, contains only sign. A. 
the issuer see Wood's Aih. Oxon. ii. 94. 

A I r, 


Impr. 6: z6o 5 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [56] + 
,30 + ['] + 65 + [3] : P- z be. 'esi¢is- 
cenliam, I mitlo c,«t«ra, 2nd p.  beg. 
szd«terzmt, vos: English and (and part) 
t'ica Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title : 
(3-47) dedication to the king: (49-56) 

" Ad Lectorem ": -3 o, the treatise : 
(1) a title:" [woodcu] [ TRACTATVS [ 
z, ice.]." Impr. x, 16o5 : 1-6, the second 

See Wood's Ath. Oxo«. i. 758. These two treatises on the moral state of England 
are printed without list of contents, index or even division into paragraphs. No one 
but the author and compositor tan have ever read them, and the former had been 
insane, though according to Wood he recovered his powers. 

Impr. I8: I(O5: sm. 4o: pp. I'48 ], I tents:sign. A I r, title: A 2r-F 4 r, the 
signn. A-F*: English Roman. Con- ] poems. 

Christ Church poems to commemorate the visit of the King, Queen, and Prince 
Ilenry to Oxford and Christ Church, "-7-30 Aug. t6o 5. Ail but one (Greek) are in 

8. Oxford, New College. rxco3xo," I RODOLPHI VVARCOP-IIPI ORNA- 
"rissL, QVr.i ] habuit Anglia, Armigeri, qui commu-[ni totius patrioe 
luctu extinctus est I Z)z? ]oz'is ]'a/«d. Aug. 6o 5. [motAo: then dez,z'ce.] 

Impr. x8: 16o 5 : sm. 4°: pp. [32"], 
signn. A-E'I : sign. r1 • beg. A[agne Dcus: 
English Roman. Contents :sign..t tf, 
title : A .- x z , dedication to Will. lord 
Knollys de Grays, unsigned : A 3-F 3 , 

poems to the memory of Warcop, the 
first signed " W. Kingesmillus," the 
editor of the volume, "Oxonij e Coll. 
Novo die -5- Octob." 

See Wood's Aih. Oxo«. i. 754, fi'as/i O.roz. i. 366. The poems, wbich are ail except 
one kGrç'ek in Latin, are by New College men and edited by William Kingsmill of 
New College, a nephew of Warcop, who was himself at Ch. Ch. The device on the 
titlepage bears the arms of New College, between W. W. (William of Wykeham). 

9. Sanford, John. 



Zearner. [[mol/o, then woodcu/s.] 


Impr. 25: I6o5: sm. 4°: pp. [16], 
signn. A-B*: sign. 13 i r beg. L it the 
mi&test : l'/ca Roman. Contents :--sign. 
Al", title: A 2"-A 3", dedication to William 

Rare. See Wood's .4th. Oxot. il. 472. 
be a mistake for " French," 

[ the easier instruction of]/he 

Grey son of Arthur lord Grey of Wilton, 
signed "John Sanford ": A 4r-P, 4 v, the 

The word "Latin " on the title seelns to 
see I6o 4. s, to which this is a sort of appendix. 

o. Sanford, John. ,4 I Gmt,F I or I.",'TRODVCTION I TO 


Impr. 25: x6o.:, : sm. 4 ° : pp. 1.8] + 44 
+ [4 ?] : P.  beg. as i Soldat/: P/ca 
Roman. Contents:p. (I) title : () 
motto from Dante: (3-6) dedication to 
Magdalen college, Oxford, signed "Joan- 

ries Sanford": (7) " To the rentier": 
(8) poem " Sur l'Auther" in French, 
by Jean More : *-44, the grammar : 
perhaps tvo blank leaves follow. 

Very rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon. il. 47- The grammar includes a short syntax. 

 . *Thornborough, John, bp. of Bristol. THE IOIF-IFVLL AND 
LrSSr tv-[niting the two mighty & famous King.ldomes, England & 
Scotland into their an-la?n! n«me ofgrca! ]] r i//« in e. [By JoHn ]3RISTOLL. [ 

Impr. 2 Sa : [x6o5 ?] : sm. 4" : pp. 
[8]+ 80: p. t beg. Therefore the wse: 
P/ca Roman. Contents:--p. () title : 

(3--6) dedication to king James: 
the treettise. 

• The preface aIludes to "my two bookes," the other being " A discourse plainely 
proving the eu/dent vtiitie and vrgênt necessitie of the . . . Vnion of . . . England 
and Scotland . . . " (Lond., 6o 4, sm. 4°, wh/ch latter was the subject of a remon- 
strance of the House of Commons to the .House of Lords, 26 .May 6o 4, ending in an 
apology, on the part of the author. There is nothing but "\ ood's express statement 
(Ath. Oaon. iii. 5) to settle whether this l,ook-,va published at the close of x(;o 4 or in 
16o.: so that staternent has been accepted. Otherwise it would seem that the two 
books were not long separated in point of rime. Both were reprinted at Londu in 

12. Wakeman, Robert. Trz 
Sermon preached on the Act-Sun-ld, O, b S'. 3/af/es Church z)z I Oaford. 
]uL 8. 6o4. I By Ro. War:F.:+.,,.x- Bachelor i of Divinity and fellow of 
Balioll Colledge in Oxford. I [mollo, then woodcu/s.] 

Impr. 25(t: 1605: (eights) I6 °. pp. 
02 + 1"_4 ] ; p. II beg. ple but serued: Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents:--p. , t/fie : 2, 

" Points handled in this Sermon" 
the sermon, on Acts il. 46. 

:3-9 z, 

See Wood's A/b. Oxon. ii. 47 z, and I6z. w. 

VRr:-ICHr:D BrOr, E TE [ Kxcs [aiestie at None-lSi«h, Ap,iL 3o.,6o 5.  
By ROB. WAKEMAN Bachelor [ of Divinity and fellow of Balioll [ Colledge 
in Oxford. [mollo, then woo&uts.] 

Impr. 25a: r6o5: (eights) r6o: pp. [ lish Roman. Contents:p. () title: 
[:] + 68 + [_]: p. I beg. hall goe: Eng- I -68, the sermon, on ,, Chron. ix. 8. 

See Wood's Ah. Oxon. ii. 47r. 



I. [Burhill, Robert.] x CONTRO-t, VERSIAM INTER IO-,HANNEM 
owso.xv.t I & Thomam Pg'um S. T. Doctores de I no"is post divorh'um 
oh adullerL um nuplO.  r.crarvs IOESVS ŒE I Christianus in sex 
commentationes, & l Elnchum mont'lord)cm dth)tclus. I twI ET AD E.  
ct sA.t . e7 v I D. Howsonum Epitolam, quâ libri Howsoni-[am" 
-tsdem atffumenlt; qud con/r« Al-,bericum Gentilem zo-truden-h, 

Impr. II: I6o6" sm. 4°: pp. [12]+ 
206. [20] : p. II beg. non licuisse, III 
i*olhtalur ? Ira: Pica Roman. Cn- 
tents :--p. I) title: 2 "Auctoris pro- 
testatio de calnmni" : (3 "Admoni- 
tiones ad Lectorem"" (4  x 7 lines of 
elrata, hot found in all copies, & some- 
limes pasted on" 5-6) Latin poem to 
Rich. Bancroff archbp, of Cnterbn': 
7- I 1' "IOispositio totius operis" : I- 

176, the work in six parts : I77-236, the 
Elenchus : I) "Ad Lectorem." a preface 
to what follows: (2-1o) "To Master 
Doctor Pye," a letter in English from 
dr. "John Rainolds," dated 27 Feb. 
[i6o,a ?] : ( 3' "Ad Lectorem," introduc- 
tory. : (5-2o) Latin letter from Albericus 
Gentilis to dr. Itowson, dated from Lon- 
don, 12 Aug. 16o3. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon. iii. 8, also il. 15 and 60. Thomas Pve's work against 
Howson's Thesis is entitled "Eistola ad . . . D. Johannem Housonum, qua Dogma 
ejus ... rcfutatur . . ." Lond. 16» 3. The signatures show that this work which 
i» strictly anon)anous3 is part of the art. Itowson below, and was indeed printed 
before it, and vritten before there was any intention of reprinting the Thesis. 

2. Howson, dr. John. VXORE DI-IMISSA PROPTER FOR-nicationem 
aliam non licetlsuerbMucere. I TERTIA THESIS I IOAN'N'IS HOWSONI IN -! 
ceptoris in Sacra Theolo#a, propo-'tsita & disputata inVesperijs [ Oxon(. 
I602. 1.4CCESSIr EIkDEM THESEOS ] dtnSlb contra rrehenstbnes  
P3i I S.  oc«or,». I [woodcu/«.] 

Impr. 28 : 6o6 : sm. 4": PP- [2] + 36 
î-[z]: p. IX beg. ris intetum: English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : (2) 
" Ad Lectorem," a note that the pages 

of the 16o2 edition are noted in the 
margin, because the "Defensio" refers 
to them: 1-36 , the thesis. 

See \Vood's Ath. Oxon. il. 5 1 8, and 16o2. H, of which this is a verbatim reprint. The 
entry above under Burhill is really part of this work, but treated separately l'or 

co,'xr ov I TuœesdaA' lhe lasl of Sept. 16o6. 
KXE Doctor of Diinity, and [ Deane of Chris[-Church in Oxon. [ 
[&vice, then hhe.] 

Impr. 2 : 16o6 : sm. 4°: pp. [2] +49 
+ Il l- p. Il beg. stration of the: Eng- 
hsh Roman. Contents:p. (I) title, 

within lines: 1-49. the sermon, on Cant. 
viii. I I : 49, " Faults escaped in the 
printing. . ." 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon. il. 29,5: and 16o 7. K. 

1606.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 6 3 

Irnpr. I I ." ,6o6 : sm. 4" : PP- [4] + 
42: p. Il beg. Pcretuos: English Ro- 
man. Contents:--p. () ride: (3-4) dedi- 
cation to lady Joarma Sybil Grey, dowager 

lad)" Grey, mother of William Grey, signed 
"Rob. Barnes," dated Magd. coll. Oxford, 
I I Match (160ï) : x-42 , the poems. 

l-'oems by memhers of Magdalen college, Oxford, in memory of William Grey, who 
matriculated at Magdalen, 18 May 6o4 and died I8 Feb. i6oï-,. The editor of the 
xolume was a son of the printer of the book and a Fellow of Magdalen. The pOelnS 
are Latin except four Greek, one 5panish (?) and one ltalian. 

5. *-I-Oxford, University. [Orders for the Market of the City of 
Oxford, issued by the Chancellor of the University: beg. " Thomas 
Earle of Dorset," ends "transgressor of this commaudement. God 
saue the King."] 

No impr. : [I6o6]: (one) obl. fol. : 
pp. [2] : English Roman. Contents: 

p. (I) the orders (3I in number). 

"Proclaimed July 2% 16o6. Dr. Abbotts Vice-Chancellor," according to a MS. 
note on the copy in the Oxford University Archives. 

6. Rawlinson, rev. John. "rHE [ r'oviv, sv31-13roxs or" "rugi 
SHVLA2/ITE. ] A] St'rlllOll treached al auls Crosse zon ] og«/«bn 
)mdaA, , le . [ Iay. 6o5.  By JoHx RAwixsox, Bache-lot of 
Divinitie, and fellow of[ Saint Iohns Colledge in [ Oxford. [ [mollo: then 

Impr. 25 a : 16o6 : (eights) I6 ° : pp. 
[Io] + 82 + [4] : P- II beg. and commelh : 
English Roman. Contents:p. () title: 
(3-9) " To the Reader," dated from St. 

John's College in Oxon, xo Jan [,6o-] : 
-8z the sermon, on Cant. vi.  3:[(3-4 3 
bave hot been seen.] 

Rare. See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 506. The author states that the sermon occupied 
two hours in delivery. 

Impr. I I : 1606 : (eights ?)  2o ?. 

Only known at present from a titlepage in the Baord collections at the P, ritish 
Museum, but no duubt other copies exist. Probably a reprint of the first edition, 
Lugd. Bat. 16o4, 4 °. 

8. Wakeman, Robert. oxars SR,OX, ]axwl5)n'z'ehs reent- 
thought fit to be published for i out meditations in ] these rimes. 



Ro. \ aKE3tax 3lasler of Arls, l and fdlow of Bahbll 
Oaford. [ The second Impression. [ [mollo, then zt,oodculs.] 

Impr. 25 a : 16o6 : (eights) 16 ° : pp. 
[8]+ io2 + 1_2]: p. It beg. to sert,1 his: 
English Roman. Contents :--p. (i) title: 
(3-5) " To the Christian Reader," dated 

Rare. See Wood's Al]t. Oxon., ii. 47 I. 
have been printed at Oxford in 16o3 or I6O4, bas yet been seen. 
to this being a second edition, in the preface. 

Colledge l in 

from "Balioll Colledg in Oxford October. 
Io. I6o3.": (7) "Ionah. 3. 4- 5- The 
Analysis of the Text.": i-Io2, the ser- 
mon, on J onah iii. 4-5- 
No copy of the first impression, which may 
There is no allusion 


. Bunny, Francis. ,x I XSVVERE TO A [ POPISH LIBELL IN-[ 
tituled A PelTtbn lo lhe ]7/shops, [ Preachers, and Gospellcrs, [ lately 
spread abroad in [ the North partes, lB)' FRaXCS Bvxxv Pmbenda-y 

of Druharo ; somel/mcs f d- low 
[mot/o, then woodculs.] 

of 3Iagdal, n 

Col- kdge 

Impr. 2: 16o7: (eights)I2°: pp. [i6] 
+ 159 + [I ] : p. I I be.. who would,    
recettte some : English Roman. Con- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. o. 
606 .9). 

z'n Oafog. [ 

tents:--pp. (I--2) [not seen]: (3) title: 
(5 -I 5) " To ail Popish Recusants...": 
I-I 59, the work. 

The " Petition" came out in " September last" 

2. Cleland, James. 

J,,IES CLELAXI). I [dez'z'ce.] 

Impr. 7 : I6o 7 : sm. 4 °: pp. [I6] + 
"27 " (really 269, for 249-50 are omitted 
in the pagination) + [3] : P- I beg. the 
first boobe, I fained voice : English Ro- 
man. Contents:p. (I) title, within lines: 
(3-4) dedication to prince Charles: .:,-8) 
" To the Noble Readêr" : (9") " The 

Subiect and Order of these six Bookes": 
(I 5) some errata, v,'ith introductory note : 
(16) dedication of the prefaee and book 
• . ..! 
i to lord Hay. I-IO the preface. 11-2, , 
the work m six books each with a dedi- 
cation, sec below. 

See i6 2 C., which is simply a reissue with new titlepage. The author recommends 
a nobleman to go to no University, but to l'rince HenlT'S Court or Academy at 
Nonsuch. The 2nd book is dedicated to Thomas 3Iourray, tutor to prince Charles: 
the 3rd to George earl of Essex, son of the marquess of Huntly : the 4th to sir John 
Harington, son of lord Harington : the 5th to mr. Francis Stewart \Iaster of Mourray, 
and to mr. John Stewart son of the duke of Lennox : the 6th to Robert earl of Es»ex. 
The author was hOt an Oxford man, nor, apparently, connected with the place in any 

3- Cooper, Thomas. xoxm[ xOXOE_tBRIS I zEhrnz'tali Consecratce [ 
Jx I Alcmoriam admirand¢ ilh'us libcrationis Principis, I " Populi Angli- 
canz à Prod//ione ] Sulibhurea. ] [mollo, then u'oodcu/s.] 

Impr. II: 16o7: sm. 4°: pp. [24-1+ 
124 : p. I beg. 2X'ttzt lattctt$, III mtt$ 
])cure : English Roman. Contents :p. 
(I) title : (3) dedication to the king and 
parliament: (4-7) "Proefatio ad Lect- 

" ign 
orem . . ., s ed " Thomas Cooper": 
.8--3 "Proeludia ad Nonas," short poems 
by Cooper : (23) " Errata . . ." : 1-I 24, 
the work. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 612, Fasti i. 285, but the identity of the author appear» 

1607.] THE O.VFO1?D PRESS. 67 

to be still quite uncertain. The work is a rhetorical commentary, almost a sermon, on 
the Gunpowder Plot of 5 Nov. I6O 5 : but seems to afford no clue to the connexion of 
the author with Oxford. 

Impr. . : i6o 7 : eights, I2o: pp. [.] 
+ 38 : p. If beg. of his transgression: 
English Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 

1-38 , the treatise, signed on last page 
"I. D.", followed by a short poem " To 
the reader " signed '" Roger Knight." 

See 6o 9 D, and for the author \Vood's Ath. Oxon., ii. I49.. The poem on p. 35 
explains that the work was written "some time agoe" "for priuate vse." The 
Bodleian Catalogue (perhaps following Draudius's 13ibliotheca Exotica, Frankf. 
p. 293 ) ascribes this book to John Dunster, but Wood did hot know the authtr. 

Impr. l: 6o7: sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 8 
+ [2] : p. t beg. 930. ttieron. : English 
Roman. Contents :p. (1) title : 
motto: (3 " Lectori pio doctoque " 
dated 30 July 6o7: (4) List of Coin- 

mentators on the Song of Solomon: 1-I8, 
the work, a eatena of references to printed 
expositions of the Song: (-2) biblio- 
graphical list of editiots cited. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 467. One of the Bodleian copies (4 ° A. 64 Th.) has a MS. 
list by James of 26 presentation copies, out of 78 copies " receaued of Mr. Joseph 
[Barnes?] . . . 30 Jul", and some private opinions and suggestions about the book. 
The preface explains that if this instalment was well received, the author intended to 
proceed to similar publications for the test of the Bible. 

6. King, bp. John. 

before the King. Oxf. 16o7." 

" John King's Five 

Sermons preached 

So in "Catalogi variorum . . . librorum Richardi Davis . . . Pars Tertia" (1688), 
p. 83, cf. " . . . Pars secunda" (686), p. 5. Rare. See next art. 

Impr. 2: 6o7: sm. 4: pp.[2]+49+ [ Roman. Contents:--p. () title, within 
[I] : p.  beg. slralion of le : English [ lines : 3-49, the sermon, on Cant. viii. 

A reprint of 16o6 N. This is perhaps part of the preceding article. 

8. King, John. x I SERMON I PREACHEB IN OXON: I the 5. of 
November. 6o 7. I [z,d I , I [z»,«] I Jo. ]£..'6E Doctor of Divinity, 
Deane I 0 f Christ Church, and ITcechancdlor I of the Vniversity. I 

F 2 

68 THE OXFORD PRESS. [11307. 

Impr. 7: z6o7: sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ 35 [ 
+III: p. II beg. causes and: English 

Roman. Contents:-- 3) title, within lines: 
1-35 the sermon, on l's. xlvi. 7-II. 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 95- 

9" Prideaux, John. TaBVL,-E I AD 6RA:,I-I3IA'I-ICA. GRCa I IXTR0- 
DVCTORI-E. I IN QVIBs I SttçCl)lC[è COfil)lgl'[llt', bra,issDna, sed lamei ex-' 
]edila, s)gularum parh)tm oralbm dechtnabh«m, lrfindi rahb. 
Accesst¢lVestibuli vice, ad eandem linguam apa[v««tç, in gratiam 
tyronum, quibus vt convenit explicatiora evol-vere, ita necesse est hoec 
ipsa I ad vnem tenere. [mollo, then woo&u/s.] 

lmpr. l I: 16o7: sm. 4 °. pp. [34], [ A 3r-Bo 
signn. A-D , ( )x: sign. B I r beg. irofero 
, lard : English Roman. Contents :sign. 
a lr fitle" A 2r-A 2 v, dedioetion to dr. 
Tho. H olld, sied "Jo. Pdeaux": 

Isocratis Busiridem de 
I Groecoe ling'uze studio, l'rfatio"" 134"- 
D 4* " Grammatices Groecoe. 
! the v,ork in six sections" ( )I r " Con- 
clusio ad Lectorem," and short epigrzm. 

See \Vood's .4th. Oxon., iii. -2.67 where the date I6oS may be an error for I6O 7 : and 
16 9 v, 1639 v, both of which edd. supply the date of the dedication as "I Jan. 
16o7 = 16o," but are otherv, ise apparentlv simply reprints. The dedication declares 
that the work was due to the suggestion of dr. Holland, and doue in the Whitsun- 
tide holidays , z6o6'. 

Impr. I I : 16o 7 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 
I4o + [4-1 : p. ZI beg. cactemioe, III X'o- 
ma»as : English Roman. Contents :-- 
P- (3 title: (5-8) dedication to Itenlg" 
prince of Wales, dated '" Oxonioe, e Col- 
Iegio Mertonensi", z 9 June (16o7): I- 

I4o, the work, with the running title 
"Rex Platonicus, Sive _Xlu-zze Regnantes": 
(I-2 Latin letter from the Chancellor of 
the University to the Viee-Chancellor, 
about the royal visit, with a prefaee by 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 54 o. For other edd., which are only slighfly altered. 
1 ut add a funeral oration, see nxt art., and ,6r  w, 627 ,s; 635 w, 1663 w. The 
visit of the King was from 27 to 30 Aug. 16o 5. The author says he wrote the aceount 
at the actual time of the visit. The oration ,,va» also printed at Oxford in 16o8, and 
in English in Fuller's .4bel t?ediviïus. 

Impr. 11: 16o7: (twelves" 16o: pp. 
[]+ 224+[18]: 1:3. Il beg. minum me- 
moriam, I I I cttmalto lrrltt¢ttg : Long 
t'rimer Roman. Contents:p. (I) title: 
3-7) dedication to prince HenD', dated 
as ISt ed. : 1-2 4. the work: (1-3) the 
Chaneellor's letter, with prefaee: (4) 
device : (53 ORATtO [ FVNEBRIS HA-[bita 

in Templo be-laloe «]Iarioe Oxon. [ Ab 
Oratore, 31"aij . An. 16o7. quum 
moesti l Oxoni nses, pijs mani-[bus IO- 
HAXXlSl RAI.XOLDI l iSarentarent. ] [zt,ood- 
ours, then Impr. xI, 16o7.]: (6-18) the 

Rare: see preceding art. : for edd. of the Oration, see also preceding art. 



. Chetwind, Edward. co.','co AD [ CLERVM PRO GRA-Idfi habita 
Oxonioe. 9. diel Decembrl"s. i6o 7. I Per EDO.RD'«I ÇIaT'«',XD  CoH.  

Impr. t t: t6o,q : (eights)6": pp. [4] 
+ 4 ° + [4] : P- 11I beg. vt vobis : Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 
(3-4) " Methodus, brevisque summa to- 

tius concionis" 
Acts xx. 24: 

1-4o, the sermon, on 
) " Ad Lectores . . 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 64. 

2. Cooke, James. IVRIDICA TRIVM QV, ESTI-]O]lllll ad 3 [« [c s /a te m 
l",er/l)tcn/[um dc/er-lmbm,'tb;[ IN QVARII PRIMA ç VLT3tt ! Processus 
Iudicialis contra It. Garm'/um institutus, ex Iure Civili & Canonico de- 
fenditur: [ x SCVXD.I SVPREa T vxi-',versalis Principum potestas ex- 
plicatur, & ex eisdcm ]p t)tcto) succt)tctè asserdur; I OPPOSITA PRaFCIPX E 
FPlSTOLAE ca-dam Dedicatorioe Ad clarissimum virum. D. E. C. [ militera, 
advocatum fiscalem Generalem à Ca-[tholico, (vt ipse subscribit) Theo-[ 
logo conscril»t ; 
[mollo, in Greek: then devz?e.] 

Impr. II : 16o8: sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 49 
+ [3]: P. If beg. intelh'gitur ? : Great 
Primer Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title " 

(3) dedication to Tho. Bilson bp. ofWin- 
chester: 1-49, the three tbeses and their 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 95- 
by the candidate himself. 

The theses were for the deee of D.C.L., chosen 

3. Hakewill, George. THE I VANITIE or I the eie. ] First be- 
ganne for the Comfort of a [ Gentlewoman bereaved of l her sight, and 
since vpon ]occasion inlarged & [ l-,ublistaed for the Common ] good, ] 
Oard. [mollo: then zuoodcu/s.] 

Impr. " :  6o8-. (tvelves) 16" - pp. [6] 
+ I6I +[I]: p. Il beg. and by conse- 
quence, 1 g«rs may hot" Pica Roman. 

Contents :p. 
Contents " 
3  chapters. 

(I) title: (3-6 "The 
- pp. I-I6I, the vork, in 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., iii. 255: and next art., 6I 5 H, 633 I-t. The treatise 
contains ail that can be said on physical and moral grounds against the Eye. 

4- . [exactly as above, except that al'ter " O.,5/brd." is added 

Impr. 7: 16o,: (twelves :6°: pp. 
[6] +  7o + [4] : P.  beg. and by con- 
sequence, I maber; 2": Pica Roman. 

Contents :----(t-6) as Ist ed. : 1-17o , the 
work, in 31 chapters. 

See preceding art., of which this is a reprint xvith additions, except that the titlepage 
is hOt reprinted but only re-set. 

70 THE OAFORD PRESS. [1608. 

5- James, Thomas. AN [ APOLOGIE FOR IOHN [ VICKLIFFE, shew- 
irg his conformitie [ with the new Church of England; with an-lswere to 
such slaunderous obiections, [as haue beene lately vrged against him[ 
by Father Parsons, the Apolo-[gists, and others. [COZZECrED CHZEZY 
O'r OF I diuerse works of his in xritten hand, by Gods e-]speciall pro- 
x idence remaining in the Publike I Library at Oxford, of the Honorable 
foun [dation of S r. '-l.'HOIaS BODLEY Knight : ] B,; [ THO3IS J,tis keeper 
of the same. [mollo, then woodads.] 

Impr. a: ,608: sm. 4°: pp. [8]+ 75 
+ [5] : p. I I beg. ibraz, id«nce, which : 
English Roman. Contents :--p. (x) title : 
(3-7) dedication to sir Edw. Cooke, lord 
chief justice of the Common l'leas, dated 
" From the Library in Oxford Feb. I o. 

16o8": (8) " Faults escaped in the print- 
ing. • ."'. I-3, "the l'reface vnto all true 
Catholieks, and Christian Readers"- 5- 
75, the Apology : 2- 5, " Iohn VVickliffs 
lire colleeted out of diuerse Auctors." 

See W ood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 467 . This is closely connected with the Wycliff art., 
below : and on p. 6o marg. the other is said to be " printed with this Apologie": the 
form of the signatures also indicates connexion. The Bodleian MSS. qnoted seem to 
be MSS. ]3odl. 288 and 647, perhaps with others. 

D kY OF No.lvember. ann. I6o8. I[h'ne]lm" I [h?te-] I Joli.,," KING Doctor 
of Divinity, Deane of l Chr&l, Church t O.ron : and I?echaunctl-'lor  

Impr. z: 16o8" sm. 4°: pp. [2]+ 4 ° 
+[9.]-p. I beg. Seldome shal" English 
Roman. Contents:p. (,) title, within 

lines : 1-4o , the sermon, on 
'ithin lines. 

Ps. xi. 9.-4, 

See Wood's .4lb. Oxon., ii. 95- 

Impr. »" 6oS: sm. 4 °. [ ] 
« • ' . pp. 2 + 30 : 
p  beg. dome, hee: English Roman. 
Contents:p. (,) title, within lines : -3 o, 

the sermon, on I Chron. xxix. 26-9.8, 
within lines. 

5ee Wood's Alh. Oxon., ii. 295. 

8. Panke, John. auv. rat. or" 
longues, d?ecl O, t.roz,)g agat)tsl lhe ] Papists of this, and former ages; 
that a view of their wri-h)tgs, and aooes ae,»g z«,,, , camtol be dcerned 
ai,b,, ; a,, ,>, eala,l,)g I tac,? m,),&s, th o, fiH zon such lermes, I as the 
Prolcslants z'se a»d allow. I Fnt [ In the question of the Popes supre- 
macy is stewed, how they [ abuse an authority of the auncient father 
Cyprian, A Canon of I the . Niceene counsell, And the Ecclesiasticall 
historie of Socra-tes, and Sozomen. And lastly is set downe a briefe of 
the suc-[cession of Popes in the sea of Rome for these x6oo. yeeres I 


Impr. 7 a: i6o8: sm. 4 ' : pp. [34] + 
47 + [3]" P. J beg. le»ce oe ?roof e, I 
sho ofldottte: Pica I<oman. Contents:-- 
p. (1) title: (3-7)general Epistle dedi- 
catorie to Protestants at Oxford, Cam- 
bridge and elsewhere, dated "From Tyd- 
worth the i. of Nouember. 16o 7'': (9-29) 
"To al Rccusants " dated as 

before: (3-) "The names of the Popish 
Writers, out of which this booke hath 
beene gathered."- 1-147 , the work, in 
the form of a dialogue between " Tuberius 
the Gent." and "Romannus the Scholler": 
(2- 3) "The names of the Bishops or 
l'opes of Rome for these  6oo. yeeres...". 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 2î4. 

The work has no divisions, index or table of 

Impr. 7 : I6o8 " sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 38 : 
p. I[ beg. of man 3, who: English Roman. 
Contents:--p. (t) title, within lines" (3-4) 
dedication " to the honorable Companie 
of Merchants of the Cittie of London", 

dated from Exeter Coll., Oxford, 20 Apr. 
]608: z-38, the sermon, on llatt, xii. 
45-46 : every page of the bo0k is xx'ithin 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 51 i. 

Impr. 7b: 6o8: sm. 4": pP. [4]+34 
+(2]: p. II beg. dcr, eff«cual: Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents:--p. () title, 
within lines: (3-4  dedication to tlae 

archbp, of Canterbury, dated from Exeter 
coll., Oxford, x9 June ]608: -34, the 
sermon on Rev. ii..-6: every page of the 
book has a border of lines. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 5 I. The dedieation implies that the book took four 
days to print (?), and claires to be the first from the University l'ress since the arch- 
bishop çRichard Bancroft) became Chancellor (-'3 Apr. 

Impr. 7: I6o8: srn. 4": PP. []+ 35 
+[3]: P- I beg. crions and" English 
Roman. Contents :p. (I) title, within 

lines: -2, dedication to prince Ilenry : 
3-35, the sermon, on Is. ii. 3, within 
lines : (-3) [not seen]. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 5 I. 

I z. l'rideaux, 

John. [The 

Tabulae ad 



assigned by Wood (Aih. Oxon., iii. -'67) to this date, is probably the 
 6o7 edition, which see.] 

3- Rainolds, John. IOHAN'N'IS RAI-I, NOLDI ORATI-Iones dt, I Ex 
ijs quas habuit in Çolleo Çor-lporis Christi, quum linguam ] Groecam 
Dr. more per ferias inteissa, 
profiteretur. ] HABIT XE, QVXBt STXDI X, [ 
repeterentur: [ Prbr, que duodeaa, post z'aca-hbnem .blahhm ; I 
Po«t,r,br, «ea)na hrlia, po«l z'a«a-lhbnm Pa««lml«m ; [ A,mo. I576. 

Impr. 5: I6o8: (twelves' 16": pp. [8] 
,06 + [6]: p. II beg. non exhorter, xoI 
in - Piea English. Contents :--p. (I) 
title: (3-8) "Iohannes Rainoldus Aca- 

demicis Oxoniensibus . " 
• . , dated " è 
Colleg. Corp. Christ. Februar. 2 :" 1-52, 
the first oration : 53 -I 06, the second 

The only copy at present met with is one in \Vorcester College Library at Oxford, 
but there is no special reason why the book should be scarce. 

14. Sansbury], I[ohn I [wo,d«as] l ,.z,ç,t 1»" ,rAZ.,A,:. I 
OXONIA AD I PROTECTIOXEt 1"2?egt's sui ommum @h'-,mi fih'a, pediseeua. [ 

Impr. II: I6O8: Ceights'_ 16 °. pp. 
[48], s, gnn. A-C s- sign. g r beg. los 
regum: I ong Primer Italic. Contents: 
sign. A 1 , title: A I , dedication to 

the king, signed " I. s.", i. e. John Sans- 
bury" ç 2r-c 7 r, the work, the verso of 
eveu" leaf being blank. 

Rare and valuable. See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 58, where some extracts are gien. 
Eaeh leaf bears an engraving of the arms of the University or a College, and a short 
Latin poem following. The title appears to indicate the struggle of king James and 
England against Italian wiles, the words being from Virg. Aen. i. 72, where the context 
bears a different meaning. The dedication shows that the poems were written in I6O6. 
The arms are in some respects peculiar, and were probably enKraved at Oxford. 

I 5" Twyne, I3rian. 
LOGIA. [ ]ll [I'£S 
A rh'um Jla- gt's[ro, " 
»«,. I [e,.--,,»'.] 

diz'z'sa. ] AV'rHORE I I3RI.XO Twvxo z'n factdtate 
Coll«ff" Cororfs Chr{slf z'n eddem [ Academfa 

Impr. II : 16o8 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8]+ (11--21) " Catalogus anthorum.., quibus 
384 + [72] " p. I beg. ierit quod nema, Author... vsus est": (21) '" Errata...": 
III xil];, sed cliàm" Pica Roman. Con- (23-54) " 5liscellanea quoedam de anti- 
tents:--p. I) title: (3-6)dedication to quis aulis et studentium coll%dis...", 
Robert Sackvill earl of Dorset, dated from according to parishes : (55-72) " Sum- 

Corpus Christi college, Oxford, 3 June 
I6O8- 1-384, the work, in three books" 
I-IO " Index rerum et verborum.. ."- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. lO 9 (where 

morum Oxoniensis Academioe Magistm- 
tuum [Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, 
Proctors] . . . catalog'us." 

there is much about the fate of the MS., 

Twyne's intentions. &c.  ii. 35,% This is the first history of Oxford, but to some extent 
thrown into a contoversial form, to prove the prior antiquity of Oxford to that of 
Cambridge. For a man of 28 it is, as Wood says, a wonderful performance. Almost 
all Twyne's Oxford collections are still preserxed in the University Archives and the 
Library of Corpus Christi college, Oxford. See 62o T. 

1 6. Wake, Isaac. ORATIO FV-lXEBRIS HA/3l-'ta in Templo beatoe 
.,'l[arz'w. Oxon. ]Ab Is,.co XV,KE ] [ê¢C. precisely as in I6O 7 W.] 

1609.] TI-IE O.VFOID PRESS. 73 

lmpr. I: I6O8: (twelve)16°: pp. 
[24], sign. A *u : sign. . 4 r beg. occarionis 
ralio,e: Hca English. Contents:sign. 

fille: A 3r-A 9 r, the oration : (. i nn,l 
uot seen). 

A reprint of I6o 7 w (speech in 2nd ed.), which see. 

7- [Wells, William.] 
• cul tilulus Stricturoe 


Epistola ad authorem anonymum Libelli 
Breves in Epistolas D.D. Genevensium & Oxo- 

Oxonii, e Theatro Sheldonirtno,... MDcviii, 4 °. 

An error for  7o,q. 

Impr. 2 : 16o8 : sm. 4": PP- [8] + 62 
+ [2] • p. il beg. thow shalt haue" Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 
2) " Faults escaped in Çhe printing "" 
(3-8) Epistle dedicatorie tu sir Thomas 
l'lemynge, lord chier justice of England" 
signed " Tho: Iames." " from the Pub- 

like Librarie in Oxford. Feb. IO. I6o8 "': 
I-7, " A complaint of lohn VVickliffe, 
exhibited tu lhe King and Parliament ": 
9-62, "A Treatise of Iohn v\rickliffe 
against the orders of Friars": (-) "An 
exposition of the laardest words," a gloss- 


See Wood's .,Ith. Oxo,., ii. 468. This is still the only prînted edition of these two 
works of Wyclif, edited by dr. James. The usual titles of the treatises are " Four 
Articles" and "Objections of Freres." q'his book is usually found with the James 
volume above, which is alluded tu in the dedieation, l)r. James dues hot specify the 
MSS. from hicla these treatises are printed, but 3IS. L.C.C. (.Cambr.) 296 seems tu 
bave both, while 3IS. Bodley 647 only contains the latter of the two. 

1(3o 9 . 

. Butler, Charles. TIIE I FE3ILVT.VE AIO.V'ARCttlE [ OR ] % 
The truth, found out by experience and diligent I observation, discovereth 
the idle and fond ! conceipts , which many haue writ-ten anent this 
subiect. 273, I «mxR: BVTLV.R Magd. 

Impr. 7: x6°9: (eights) xz°: pp. [4o], 
signn, a i b, A,--I  o*: sima. B I" beg. ani- 
mure, artem, L 1 r 2rlt tfttaritts : Pica 
Roman. Contents:sign. a r, title: a 2 f- 
a 4 r, " The preface tu the Reader , dated 

from Wotton {.St. Lawrence)  July 
16o 9 : a 4v-b tf, three commendatory 
poêms, by \Varner South (Latin) and 
A. Crosley : b "-b 8", "The contents of 
this Booke" : a  r-o 4 v, the treatise. 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 209, and 633 13, 1634 B, 1682 13 (in Latin) : there are 
also edd. at Lond. 623 and (in I atin) 673. This is a remarkable book, from the 
style and evidênt practical experience of its author. Rude engravings occur on signn. 
c 7% c 7 v and (the first music printed at Oxford) F r. The author mentions incidenl- 
ally in the preface that a book on becs by T. I-I. of London (presumably Thomas 

74 THE O.YFORD PRESS. [16oo. 

Hill's Profitable btslruclionsfor the ordering ofbees, Lond. 1579 and  593) is really a 
plagiarism from Georgius Pictorius. 

2. Du Moulin, Pierre (d. I6"8).o HERACLITt'S : ! OR I IEDITATIOSS 
vPox XHE I vanity & miser.'," of humane life, first I written in French by 
, I 
that excel-llent Scholler & admirable di-vine ])ehr Dt« Alouhn 3Ii-,nister 
of the sacred I word in the refor- med Church I of Paris: And/ranslahd 
inlo Enffh'sh b.)' I R. $. Gentleman. 1[Tcoodculs.] 

Impr. 7 a: 16o 9: (twelves 16 °: pp. 
[14]+2I+[I]: p. Il beg. rime is, III 
zvill say: English Roman. Contents: 
p. (I) title: 3-6 Epistle dedicatorie '" to 
his much honored Father : S. F. S.": 

(7-13) "The authors epistle dedicatory 
to the Lady Ann of Rohan, Sister to the 
Dnke of Rohan", signed "Peter du .Mou. 
lin ": I-I 2I, the work. 

See I634 P. The original edition of Pierre Du Moulin's Heraclite, ou de la Vanité 
et Misère de la vie humaine as printed in 6o 9. The present translator was probably 
Robert Stafford of Exeter college, who matr. on 15 Mar. 16o{- at the age of 6, his 
father being sir Francis (?) Stafford, see XVood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 29 I. and especially 
Bliss's MS. additions in his own copy of the Athcaoe in the Bodleian. The coincidence 
of initials with Richard Smith in the 634 edition seems to be accidental. See next 

3- .. [Another issue, almost identical in appearance, but entirely 
reprinted : easy tests of the txvo issues are such as ()on the titlepage 
of this second issue, if it be the second, the fourth line begins im- 
mediately under the beginning of the third line, whereas in the first 
issue it begins an em to the right : (z) the O of the imprint is upside 
down in the first issue: (3) in the title of the author's Epistle the 
second issue has "Arme ", the first " Ann": (4) P- 4 1 1. 6 of text, the 
" the second "Envy"- (5) 
first issue has "Enuy , . p. I 2 I 1. I of text, the 
first issue ends with "God", the second with " God is." But it is 
difficult to say which is a rel»rint of the other: the second issue is more 
modern in spelling and type, and the woodcut ornaments are possibly 
less worn in the first. In fact it is conceivable that the second issue is 

in reality a fev,-years later.] 

4- D_unster], I[ohn]. 
[four mo#os, then u'oodculs.] 

Impr. 7 : I6O 9 : .eights) 12 ° : pp. 5-" 
+ [4J " P- II beg. and u,tishment : Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents:--p. I, title: 3- 

48, the treatise: on p. 4  " Etiam sic 
sentio, sic credo. I. D.". 

For the atthor see Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 42. This is a reprint, omitting the poem 
at the end, of 16o 7 r. The paging is v,ild. 

5-Hkeale], W[illiam]. ax [ apOLOalE [ FOR VVOYF_.X. [O l aX 
OPPOSITIOS TO 3I r. I D r. G. his assertion. Who held I in the Act at 
Oxforde. I Anno. 1608. [ Tha! i! was l«zvfull fb, husbands to beale ! lha'r 
wz?««s. [ By W. H. of Ex. in Ox. [ [mollo: then dez, ice.] 

Impr. 2: I6O9: sm. 4": PP-[6]+66: 
p. II beg. lemnize marriaffe: English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (i) title : (3-4" 
dedica:ion '" to the honourable and right-- 

vertuous Ladie, the Ladie 3I. H .... ": 
(5) "The contents of this Apologie ": 
,6) the amas of the University : 1-66, the 

1t310 ] TArE OXFORD PRESS. 75 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., il. 89, where ,Vood states that the author was XVilliam 
IIeale and the person opposed dr. William Gager. D.C.L. in 589. The question 
"An liceat manto uxorem verberare" was one of those selected for the degree of 
D.C.L, Il July t6o8, but Gager was neither inceptor nor respondent. The lady 
M. II. seems from the dedication to have commanded Iteale to undertake the task of 
replying and to have allowed him scant rime in which to do it. 

Impr. : 6o9: sm. 4°: pp. [56], 
signn. A-GI: sign. 13 , beg. pi 2atilur: 
Pica Roman. Contents :--p. (,) ride : 

(3-4) dedication to New College, dated 
"Cursim ex Musoeo. Oxon."  Jan. 
" .6o9" : (5-56) the  z quaestiones. 

Sec Wood's .4lb. Oxopt., il. 4o. Wood is mistaken in calling Reuter a Welshman. 
He was a Silesian from Cottbus, as he testifies aboie and in the admission register of 
the Bodleian, 3 Sept. r6o8. L probab]y stands for Licentiatus utriu.;que juns. tic 
was never matriculated. 

7. Sanderson, John. XSTTVTm.Xv.t I X)LaLFCa-CaRV,r I ]zri 
Quatuor, I  I IoaxxE sar,'»'RSOXO, I Lancastrensi, Anglo, Liberalium i 
arthtm l[agis[ro, ci sacrée Theologice ! ]),»clore, ]lelro2bohtance lçc-'clesioe 
Cameracensis Ca-lnonico , conscripti. I e,»» e,,«z,,. 

lmpr. I  : 6°9 : 8° : PP. [4] + 9 r + 
[ri: beg. Iro2ri est" Brevier Roman. 
Contents :p. () title : (3-4) "Auctoris 

praefatio. Ad iuventutem bonanm ar- 
tium studiosam": 5-9 , the work. 

A reprint of I602 5, which see. 


. Benêfield, Sebastian. DOCTRIX CHRISTIAN2E I SEX CAPITA, I 
TOTID2tI PRLECTIO.'v'IBI'S l l?I Schold Theolçgz?d Oxonz /,fo rmâ I 
habtlt &cussa, '[dtc@ht[a. [ ACCSIT APPENDIX AD CA-I,Ut seçundum, 
de Consiliis Evangelicis, in qua ad omnes SS. PaTnV3 auto ta-,tes, 
ab HV3IPHREDO LEECHIO ] pro iisdem asserendis citatas, I respondetur. ] 
Christi Socio. ] [mollo: then woodcuts.] 

Impr. ,: I6ro: sm. 4°: pp. [2o]+ 
o8 + [2]: p.  beg. &.- Sacerdotes, 
cime d«d«t: English Roman. Contents: 
p. (I) title: (3-6) dedication to bp. George 
Abbot, dated "Oxon. è Collegio Corporis 
Christi. Junii 7. I6o" : kT) " Catalogus 
eorum quoe hoc opere continentur" : 
zo) proefatio ad Academicos Oxonienses, 
I o J une r 6  o : r-9.o8, the work : p. 145 
is a titlepage :"APPENDIX I ,AD CAPVT 

cIs, in qu ad omnes S. S. P .-[TRVM auto- 
ritates, ab HVS-IIHREDO LEECHO pro i 
iis,lem asserotdis cita-[tas, res2potdetttr. I 
Christi Oxon. Socio. ] [. mollos, then 
ours, then irait. 7 and date]: (I-4) "Index 
locortlm Sacroe Scripturoe . . ."- (5-2) 
" Index rerum ": (I 2) "Ad lectorem... 
Errata typographica..." l, corrected in 
some copies.) 

Sec Wood's .4lb. Oaon., il. 488. This work is a reply to a challenge from Leech. 

e. Bunny, Edmund. OF DIVORCE [ FOR. ADVLTERIE, AND [ 3Iarry- 
ing againe: that there is I ,o s,&c;ent z«arrant so lo do. I l'l)r.," .4 



VOTE LV THE EWD, I that R. P. man, 3'eeres 
]".D.L Bvxyv Bachelour of Divinitie. I [d,z, ice.] 

shtce was answcred. I By 

Impr. 7a: 61o: sm. 4°: pp. [22]+ 
x71 + [9]: P" Il beg. ces, which, III lb O, 
had hot: English Roman. Contents :-- 
t . (I) title: (3-5) l)cdication to archbp. 
Bancroft, dated Oxford, 3 July 6IO: (6- 
I I ) the preface, datcd Bolton Pcrcy,  3 
Dec. 1595 : (i 2-18) " An Advetisement 
to the Reader," dated Oxford 4 June 
1610: (I920) " l'he Contents of the 

Treatice...": (21-22) " The Table of 
Method" an inserted quarto leaf folded, 
printed on the recto only, a logical plan 
of the argument : x-Iîl, the treatise : 
(-3) " Another note for the Reader" 
against R. P. and Radford. dated Oxford, 
22. June I6IO: (4-9) " The Alphabet 
T ble " i d 
a ..., an n ex. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii..-,... The dedication states that the treatise was com- 
pleted many .,,ears before (]595 ?) and that archbp. Whitgift had it in his hands and 
approved it. The adve,fisement gives further details of the occasion and history of the 
treatise. The note alludes to Bunny's connexion with Robert Parsons' csolution or 
l?ir«ctoT, see 585 v, and J. Radford's l?ircctoy. See 1613 B. 

3. Dunster, John. c:v, sas PXXv, oz'la S'R.tOX O" I OWDI- 
[XCZ, PnOVX; ] bv the practise of all ages, that all per-sons ough 1o be 
st, bileZ 1o lhe ] IÇtzg, es /o /he Su-I ficrtbur. [ PREACHED AT S t 3I XRX [ in 
Oxford at the Assises the 24 I of Iuly I6 IO. [ Br I Jony DVNSTR 
Alas#r  Aî/s and Fcl-]low OE 3[agd«l. Colh'dge. [mo/lo, then wood- 

Impr. "',.  6to" (eights' 12"-. pp. [6] 
+ 38 + [4] : P. Il beg. off'cm&re nO" Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents" p. (I) ttle: (3-6) 

dedication to George Abbot bp. of Lon- 
don: 1-38, the sermon, on I l'et. ii. 3- 
14 . . 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. I42. 

4. Holyoke, Francis. A I SrR.tOX Or orIEXCE I ESPF-ClaLLV 
V',:TO VHORTE [ Ecclesiasticall wherein the principall controver-t;sies 
of out church are handled, and many of [ their objections which are 
refractorie to [ the government established, answered]lhough brifl)' as 
lDne and sacc couhl l ficrm; ha)rg fireached al a lza-'tlbn  l/te 

Impr. 7: x6o: sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ 32: 
p. Il beg. rcadcth, receittcth" English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title: () 
short dedication to sir Ckment Throck- 

merton : (3-4) prcface to the author signed 
I. D. It. : 1-.9,2, the sermon, on Hebr. 
xiii.  î" 32, "To the Reader "', an apology 
for the rude style. 

See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 346 : and 613 H. The author is the wellknown writer 
of the Latin and English Dictionar)..,. From the preface it is clear that the sermon, 
which is written in an uncompromsing tone, caused great opposition in Coventry, of 
whieh town some curious details of the puritanical feeling are given: it is now pub- 
lished "not altogether against" the author's mind. ee 6 3 t. 

5-James, Thomas. vsi.v,t GEORiaxvt I sxvE I COmVPTI- I 
oxs RO_t.:,»'i IN OæV-[ml:S . GROR 3t. JUS-'SU Pontificum Rom. 
rêcognitis arque I editis, ex Typographia Vaticana, I Loca insniora, 
observ«hz à ] lheologis ad hoc offci-t, um d@u/all'S. [three slars: then 

1610.] TIIE O.VFOIdD PI?ESS. 7 7 

sign. ?: p. « 
lOtlloE I 
»9  i Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title : 
(2) dedication fo English theologians by 

" Tho. lames" in Latin: (.3-4) preface 
"benevolo lectori": (5-7) the lst of 
passages : (7-8) conclusion: (8) list of 
ISS. used. 

A table of passages corrupted in tlae Rome edition of t 59 t and the/;aie ed. of r 564, 
of the Epistolae, Moralia and Pastoralia of Gregt, ry the Great, eompared with the 
readings of .MSS. in the Bodleian, New, 0fiel, Merton, Corpus and St. John's colleges, 
and belonging to Richard I;ancroft, archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Allen, and 
Rich. Hooker, the task being undertaken by I z theologians. 

then devz?e.] 

Impr. 7 : t6ro : sm. 4" : PP- [4] + 379 
+[I]î p. II beg. vi,g la vin,licat«, III 
yOur sortie: English Roman. Contents:-- 

p. () title : (3-4) dedication to the l'rince 
of Wales : 1-379, the work: (I) a post- 
script : then " +; " " 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon.. ii. 5 t I. The book is an ansver to Leech's M triumh of 
truth. Or dcclaralion of lhe doctrite concerni,g" Ez,ang'elhall comtsayles ; hztely 
delivered in Oxford . . .  609, 8 ° : and appears to reprint tlae whole of tte lattçr 

JOHANNE HARTO [ De Capde 4" Ze Eccl«s«[ um v xR,» OB/TER TR«C- 
TANTUR QV.ç;srI-ones, de 
 arum, 31)zz/,.rzb l ?c#s, zazc/tbne 
unà cure aliis, ]quç in religione agitantur controversiis; prçcipuè ] 
verb, & ex instituto, quoestio de ccles regi-m«)w, explicata in ils quç 
de Christi su-]prem Monarchi, de Petri prç-]tens, Papç usurpat. 
Princi-pis htTtd s@r, mitate ] disputantur, lA 7oaxç X.LVOLO 
co.scm., co.v.w«xx co.I-}pendiis ïllis quoe uterque scripto man- 
dârat: examinata demum, k Jonax-'xE H:zo, arque (post addita 
quoedam, quoedam mutata ut ipsi I commodum videbatur) pro fideli 
narratione eorum, quoe ] inter ipsos in Colloquio disserebantur,  habita 
& comprobata. AE QVATVOR ET VlGXTI AgXOS EX A-gho sermone 
z LalDmm versa, nunc aulem çrt)nhm jussu, curq,,e Reverendt-st)nt" 
a[q,« Utt'[an[tst)nt" ProEsuh, RICH 
eptcopt" (qui non domestt»arum mode, 
Ecc&s,rum I fiono ,p«nsè s/u&g,) è sdu . pulvere evo-'.cam, " b, lutera 

Impr. II : 161o: (sixes) la. 8 ° or per- 
haps fol. : pp. [,6] + 402 + [14] : p. I 
beg. bras; neque, III lit, oe dort: Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents:--p. (3) title: 
(.3-7) dedication to Christian iv, king of 
Denmark (brother of the Queen'), by 
Parry : (9-Io) "Iohannes IIartus candîdo 
Lectori," dated "ex Arce Londinensi, 
Julii 7 ": (IX-I6)" Johannes Rainoldus 

alumnis anglicorum Seminariorum Romoe 
& Rhemis": I-4O2, the work : (3-Ix] 
" Index rerum • - • " -" (--4) '" Index 
loeorum Sacroe Scripturoe " : (4) " Er- 
rata typographica" quorum quoedam in 
omnibus, qucedam in quibusdam exempla- 
ribus " -' " 
tantum. Every page is within a. 
border of lines. 

7 8 THE 0 YFORD PRESS. [lOll. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. x 5- The original Summe of the Confercnce was published 
at London in I584 &c. The conference itself was at the Tower of London in about 
1583, see Gillow's Eng{fsh CatAoh'cs iii t 1888 ?). 155- 

I. Benefield, Sebastian. A [ SER3tOX ] PREACHED IX S t MARIES[ 
Church in Oxford, 3Iarch xxiv. IDCX. l at the solemnîzing of the 
happy in-[augur«tfon ofoup gracfous sove-[rafgne KIXG Ia3tES. [ WHEREIN 

their kingdomes immediately from 
D. of DMnitie [ Fello'w of Corus 

Impr. 7 : 6I I : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 8 
+ [2] : p. 1I beg. vl, is avowed : English 
Roman. Contents:p. () title: t3-4) 
dedication to John King, bp. of London, 

dated " from my study in Corpus Christi 
College. Septemb. 9- 1611 ": x-18, the 
sermon, on Ps. xxi. 6. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 488. 
the day before this dedication. 

The Bp. of London had only been consecrated 

2. Davies, John. 

3Iicrocosmos : see 6o 3 p. 

3. Jesuit's Pater Noster. THE I IESVlTES rATER I I'OSTER [ 
Giuen I TO PHILIP III K.x' i of SPAINE for his new lA'eares i_ft this 
],resent ] yea e. 161 I. I Togelh«r zoi/h lhe A z'e 3laria. ! Written first in 
French: Engli-lshed by 1I: I.![woo««u[s.] 

Impr. 7 a : (four) 16 ° or 1-'°: pp. [8], 
sign. A  : sign. A 3  beg. There are: Pîca 
Roman. Cntents : sign. A lr, title, 
within a border: A 2r-A 3", "The Jesuits 
Pater Noster," beg. " O Mighty Phillip 

King Of men" : A 4r-A 4L " The Ave 
Maria to the Queene of France", beg. 
" WHen Iudas with a kisse betraid his 

The only copy known is in the British 3useum. A bitter satire against the Jesuits. 
In each piece the stanzas consist of four English lines and a Latin clause of the Pater 
Noster or Are 3Iaria (24 and 8 respectively). This piece was probably not printed 
at Oxford, two of the woodcuts being hot otherwise fotmd there. 

4. Reinolds, John. 
IN LL. [ Baccalaureo. 

Novi Colle-lgi j socio. I[mo/lo: then «,z.ic«.] 

Impr. I I : I6I I : (eight) I 2 ° : pp. [I6], 
sign..a s : sign. A 4  beg. 2. Guiderius : 
Long Primer Roman. Contents:--siffn. 
Alr title : A I* divisions of " Prima 
Chilias complectens disticha tantùm an- 
thropina in decem centuris divisa" (Re- 
ges, Episcopi, ]3arones, Doctores, Equites, 
Graduati, Armigeri, Scholares, Generosi, 

Generalia) : A 2 • " Prima centu, ia reges 
Britannici & Anglici in H onorem regas 
Jacobi," with a motto : A 2" "Elenchum 
personarum tibi lector exhiberemus, nisi 
libellus pse esset pro Elencho": A 2 - 
A 8 * the prima C enturia, III Latin dis- 
fiches : A 8 * " Ad Lectorem," promising 
I o Centuriae. 

See \Vood's Atl,. Oxon., il. 148 , and 1612 R. This is a first instalment of II 
distiches on Kings and Queens of Britain : only the second part (Episcopi) seems 
to have subsequently seen the light, in 1612. 


I. Cleland, James. The Instruction of] a young Noble-man, 

Impr. 7 : 612 : in every other point identical with 6o7 c. 

This is a reis<ue of the sheets of 6o 7 c, errata and ail, with a ne,.,," titlepage sewn 
in, the old one being torn off. Tbe new titlepage was hOt printed at Oxfo,-d, as is 
shown by the woodcut omaments and general style, but probably by W. Stansby for 
John Barnes in London. 

2. Day, John, of Oriel college, Oxford. coxclo AD CLERV3I. ] 
Habita in Templo /?../TATj-¢). Oxon. I çum)" 25 Ann. Donc. i6. I 

Impr. xx : x6z: sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ 5 
+ [3: p. 1t beg. A[agislratus indicat: 
English Roman. Contents :p. t ) title: 
(2-3) Latin dedication to the heads of 
Colleges and ttalls at Oxford, signed 
" Joannes Dayu%" with a list of the 

Head: (4)text of the sermon, z Kings 
vi. i- 4 : I 25, the sermon : (2-3 Latin 
letter from Day to dr. Thomas Clayton, 
dated from Oriel coll. Oxford, I J uly 

See Wood'sAlh. Oa'on., ii. 42, and 6 6 P. The dedication gives a complete 
list of the I[eads of I[ouses, and two official orders of the Colleges, in dignity, and in 
antiquity. The letter gives details of possible future publications by Day and personal 
points about dr. Clayton, who adised the printing of this sermon. At p. -'  is a lift 
of Founders of Colleges. 

3- Da/}', John. 

Concio ad Clerum 

Joh. 9-4. 

Oxon. 612. 

So in \Vood's Ath. Oxon., il. 4, after the notice of the preceding art., and no 
doubt due to confusion with it. 

4. Day, John. »,vms ESE I TO o TO CuVCH : I as it was published in 
two I Serinons in St 3IarA's I in Oxford. I The One the fifl of A'ovem&r 
in the After-noone to the Vniversity 609. The I Olho" on Christmas 
Da), fo llow-[ing to the Parishioners [ of that place. I L'.y lions 
Bachelour of Divinity, and one of the t«llowes of[OrMl Colledge. 
[mollo: then zooodcuts.] 

Impr. 7 : 1612: (eights) I6 ° : pp. [I6J 
+ o4: p.  beg. £.v«n that: English 
Roman. Contents :pp. (-z) [not seen]: 
(3) title: (5) dedioetion to Oriel college 

and St..Iary's pafish, Oxford : 
"The Epistle dedicatorie" : -5 7 the i st 
sermon, on Ps. xxvii. 4" 57, an Eratum î 
59-t 04, the and sermon, on the saine. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 412, and 615 p. The second sermon is stated by the 
author to bave been his first preached as Vicar of St. Mary's, succeeding mr. \Vharton. 
At p. 4o he mentions Tuesday as a proverbially fatal day to the Irish. 

5. Du Moulin, Pierre, the elder. THE WATERS or SILOE. [ TO 
QvExcH [ THE FIRE OF P'R(ATOR¥ [ and to drowne the traditions, Lira- I 
boes, mans satisfactions and ail Popish [ Indulgences, against the rea- I 

8o THE OXFORD PRESS. [1619.. 

sons and alfialzM,s of a Porlu-tgall trier of the ortier of l St. Frances, 
suI,por- ted b A' lhr, e ] lrealises. ] The one written by the same Franciscan 
and [ entituled 7hefi«rie lorrenl, 6"c. [ The other two bv two Doctors of 
Sorbon. [ The one intituled The burning furnasse. The I other The 
fipe of //che. [ BY [ PETER Dr IrovLIN linister of[ Gods word. [ 
[mollo] ] Faithfully translated out of French by l. . i 

Impr. 30" x6x2- (eights) 12 °. pp. 
[34] + 4 °6 " P- Il beg. assured of, I one 
part of: English Roman. Contents:-- 
P. (3)title : (5-7  Epistle dedicatorv to 
'" sir Dudley Digs," signed " I. B."" (9- 

323 " The Preface to the Reader" : (33- 
34 ) "'The Contents of this booke" : 
I-4o6 , the work, entitled " A Confutation 
of Purgatory." 

The Friar against whom this book was wfitten was Jacques (sign. A 4*) i. e. Jacques 
Suares, and the two Doctors were P. V. Palma Cayer and A. Duval (sign. A 3*)- The 
first French edition was printed in 603, entitled Accroissement des eaux de $ïlot . . . 
The work is one of Du Moulin's less known productions. 

6. Henry, prince, d. ,62. [WOO&UlS]IrmVLLIA I IN OBITV3I 
FVLGENTISSIMI I HENRICI I \Vallioe Principis duodecimi, Romoeque ruentis  
Terroris maximi, [ @ca nl"ll mah mehz'e terril[ f ala donaz'ere, 

Impr. : 1612- sm. 4°: pp. [36 , 
sigmn. A-lb « E -" sign. B I r beg. A**o'nlas: 
English Roman. Contents 
ride: ,, aL short dedieation to the memory 

of prince Henry, in Latin : A 3r-E 2 r, the 
poems : E 2' " Lectori vvaroOvr]aovr," 
an epilogue. 

The writers and editor of these poems on the death of Prince Henry are more 
dismfised than usual. The editor was undoubtedly '" Jacobus Arefius," i.e. James 
.Martin. of Broadgates hall. There is one poem in Chaldee (Hebrew type), one in 
Syriac, one in Arabic, one in Turkish (all three in Roman type) and a few in Greek. 
There are three Idylls, "Amyntas, " " 
" '" Ttyrus, and " Daphnis," in Latin hexameter 
verse, presumably by the ]Lditor. 

HE_X'RIO.3I WAL-IILOE PRINCIPE3I, CoL-lej ]3eatœe 3IAROe 3I.OAi.Exœe I 
apud Oxonienses 3Iecoenatem i ]ong indu]gentissimum, IJ[agdalawn- 
sium of-lficiosa Pietas. [ [mollo: then &vice.] 

Impr. I I : I6I 2 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [2] + 
62 + [8 .! :p. Il Leg. «Iult3que Af),rrhw : 
Engli.h Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 
(2) distieh, within a border: 1-62, the 
poems : 1- 7, "... Oratio ftmebris habita 

apud Magdalenenses tempore Prandij ex- 
equialis. 7 ° Decemb. quo die desideratiss. 
Principis Henrici funeri iusta persoluta 
fuere," signed " Accep. Frewen." 

Poems, chiefly in Latin (a few in Greek and one Spanish3, by members of MagdaIen 
College, on the death of Prince Henn., (d. 6 No,,-. 6), who was connected with the 
College through his tutor John Wilkinson. 

8. Hooker, dr. Richard. 
TRAVERS to l the H H Lords of the 

Impr. 29: 1612: sm. 4°: pp.[2]+32 [ Roman. Contents:p. (I) title : I-32, 
+ [2] : p. Il beg. ver eard lat : English [ taxe Answer. 


See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 697 , and under Travers, below: both treatises have 
often been reprinted. This and the following treatises by Hooker seem to have been 
edRed by Itenry Jackson, see Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 

Impr. 29: 1612: sm. 4": PP-[2]+r7 [ Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title: i-I7, 
+ [] : p. 1I beg. O' enimy ts : English ] the sermon, on tlab. i. 4- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 697. 

IOo - 
how the foundation 
sometimes Fellow [ 
[ U.iz,asiy 

of faith [ z" over/hrozo,ze. [.BA, [ RCHaRr, Hoor:rR, 
of Corpus Christi College [ «?z O.,,fiwd. [ * * 

Impr. 29 : 6 2 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 69 
+[3]: P.  beg. should make vs. 6, 
men, hozv man),: English Roman. Con- 
tents: p. () title: (3-4) "To the 

Christian reader" sigmed " from Corpus 
Christi College in Oxford" "Henry Iack- 
son " : -69, the Sermon (on I/ab. i. 4  - 
(z-3) (not seen). 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 697. This is the first edition, and apparently the first of 
Jackson's issues of Hooker's sermotas. 

OF PRIDE, [ BY  RICHARD HOOXER, sotE-[times fellow of Corpus Christi 
ce»ce », o.,/,-a. I [,,,»«,-«, «.] 

Impr. e 9 - 6 : sm. 4°: pp. [] + 7 
+ [] : p. I beg. dome as m.), : Eglish 

Roman. Contents :p. () title : 
the sermon, on ttab. il. 4- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 697. 

delivered in a funerall[Sermon, [ BY[RICHARI) HOOKER, so.z-ltimes 
fellow of Corpus Christi I Col#ge in OaJbrd. ] [ £)dz'ersi/.y arms.] 

Impr. 29 : I612 : sm. 4°: pp. [2] + I4: I Roman. Contents :p. (I) title : 1-14, 
p.  beg. full and faintharted: English I the sermon, on John xiv. 27. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., i. 697. 

x 3. James, dr. Thomas. The Iesuils Downefall, I THREATNED 
AGAINST THEM [ BY THE SECVLAR ] Priests for their wicked liues, accur- 
sed manners, Here/icall doctrine, and more/hen 3[alchiaz'il-ilian Policzë. 
zszzTr. I [mot, o, then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 29: 1612: sm. 4°: pp. [12]+ 
72 : p. I beg. bi, a secular: English 
Roman. Contents :p. ¢I) title : (3-9) 
Epistle dedicatory to the "Iudges and 
Iustices of Peace for the Countie of 
Oxon.", dated " From the Publique Li- 

brary in Oxford, Sept, I6, 62 ", signed 
"Tho. James": (IO--I2) "The Proposi- 
tions" : -5, Ioo propositions against 
Jesuits stated and commented on: 52-7 2, 
the Lire of Parsons. 


82 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1619.. 

Rare. See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 467. A story is told at p. 53 of Parsons dis- 
furnishing the Balliol College Library of "many ancient bookes and rare Manuscripts ", 
and of his expulsion at a later period from the College. 

1 4. [Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur Du Vlessis.] [woodcu/s.] 
"I'WO I HO.IILIES [ CO.','CERX.','O I the meanes how to re-lsolue Zhe conZroz,er- 

lmpr. 7 : 6,u : (twelves) I6°: pp. 
[4] + 38: p.  beg. it be, III the one: 
l'ica Eglish. Contents :p. () title: 
(3-4) "To the Reader" : -71, homily 

on Matt. xvii. 5 t'/-/-une attdite) :  z- 38, 
homily on Matt. xix. 8 (on sic fuit ab 
initio) : 138, " Errata." 

Rare. There is another issue of this book in the same year, identical in every 
respect, even to the Errata, except that on the title after the asterisks and before the 
woodcuts corne the words "First written in French t 9, Ph. [ Mornay, ami new trans- 
lated I ito ngh'sh ". instead of the single line of the first issue. The second issue 
appears to be less rare. In each sign. A I is almost entirely gone, which consisted of 
the titlepage in some early form belote a preface was decided on. The preface even 
in the second issue pretends that the author is un "known to the translator : ,, ho may be 
identieal with the "I. V." of a6I 5 M. 

1 5. Panke, John. Ecz.ocer's, [OR RErE SX.nE [ Or' rUE 
7r Or m cri Tifle of Supreame Governour, given  to his Iaiestie 
in causes Spirituall, I and F cclesiasticall, from the Kings of Israell, t in 
the old Testament; the Chfisfian Em-perours in the Pfimitiue Church;  
confied by 40. Epistles of Leo the Bishop of Rome, vnto  the 
Emperour% Theo-[dosius, Martianus, l and Leo. [¢X3t pubhhed boEore. [ 
al lonx PAXKE. [mollo: then woo&uL] 

Impr. 7 : I62 : ,eights) tzo" pp. [2] [ Pica Roman. Contents :--p. (r) title : 
+(82+?)i p. Il beg. maytakeanoath: I ,-ç82--., thetreatise. 

Very rare. The running title is " The truth of the oath ] of Supremacie." All 
after p. 8 (sign. F 2) is at present unknown, the British 3luseum copy being imperlect: 
but probably other copies exist. 

Impr. 7 " ,612 : sm..4°: pp. [4] + I7 
+[3]" P-  beg. U'e warmcd: English 
Roman. Contents :p. () title : (3-4) 

dedicaticn to William Hill of Pitmi_n]s- 
ter: i-I7, the sermon, on Phil. iv. I 3. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 228. 

CLATER. [ BATCHELAR OF DIVINITY [ aNd 2]çl't2l'sler of [iœe word of God 
a! I'IT-'HSTER ) SomerseL [ [Lrnzz,ersTy arms.] 

Impr. 7 : 6,. " sm. 4" " PP- [4] + 49 
+[3-1" p.  beg. Christs priesthood: 
English Roman. Contents :p. kI) title : 

(3-4) dedication to Thomas Southcot of 
Moones-Ottery in Devon : 1-49 , the ser- 
mon, on  Cor. ix.  3-  4- 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii.  .8. 


SCLATER. I BATCHELAR OF DIV,tTY [ and 3)tister o tac zoord o God 

Impr. 7 : I6I : : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 36 : 
p. Il beg. wish ? The : English Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title : (3-4) dedication 

to John and Anna Horner of Xlelles in 
Somerset : 1-36 , the sermon, on Prov. 
xviii. 14. 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 228. 

that befell I them in ail their I ournies I and 
FAITHFVLI_.t-.dg THEV { zvere written oul of lhe 
RvssrrL. Rcmxr \Vv.vx. i T,o. S'rxnrv. 

I9. Smith, capt. John.  31.41:' OF IVRGI.VIA I VVIT- A DE- 
SCRIPTI-[ON OF THE COVNTREY, TItS, I Commodities, People, Govern- 
ment and Religion.  l'li/len @ Capla«?e SuT, someh?nes Go-':,ernour 
 the Coun/ro'. { WHZRvxro IS aXXXVD T« I proceedings of those 
Colonies, since their first ] departure from England, with the dis- 
courses,  Orations, and relations of the Salvages, and the accidents 
discoveries. [ 
WL. PnETTtPLc. [ 
POS. ]And the relations of divers other diligent observers there [ 

Impr. 7 : 1612" sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + map 
+39+[5]+ 11o+[2]: p. II beg. some 
neere, also Such actions, Ioi [hase humors: 
English Roman. Contents:--p. (1) title: 
(3) dedication " To the hand" (explained 
by "I found it only dedicated to a t/and, 
and to that hand i addresse it "), signed 
"T. A.": .5-7) glossary of Indian words, 

with a few sentences &c. : after p. (8)a 
map, sec below : 1-39, "The description 
of Virginia by captaine Smith" : (2) title. 
'" The proceedings of the English colonie" 
&c. as next art. : (4-5) "To the Reader", 
signed "T. Abbay": I-IIo, the Pro- 

Very rare: priced in Quariteh's Rough List 88, (1888, no. I74 (cf. I81), at£125: 
the map alone at £4 o. Sec Wood's Mth. Oxon., i. 650. The map of Virginia which 
follows p. 8 is about 12 l- in. high × 16- in. broad, taking the extreme limits of the 
copperplate ,.the inner bounding line is I z- x 15 in,')" the title '" Virginia" is on a 
scroll, and below the Scale of Leagues is "' Y)iscovered and Diseribed by Cptain Iohn 
Smith I Grauen by William Hole ": at the top left corner (to the reader) is a picture 
of Powhatan in state, and at the top right corner a figure of a "Sasquesahanoug" man. 
This first state of the map ought hot to have " 6o 7'' below tbe inscription about 
Powhatan, nor " 6o6 " below the word "Smith" in the ords below the Seale, nor 
" Page 41 I Smith " in the lower right corner, nor the latitude and longitude marks on 
any side except the base; all of which additions are on the reissue of the map in 
Smith's Gen'ral Historie of Virginia ... (Lond. 624, fol.), and also in the reissue in 
l'urchas his Pilgrimes, 4th part, Lond. 6z5, except that instead of " Page 4t Smith " 
there is in the npper right (71 corner "I69o," a reference to the page. 
The W. S. of the first part is the rev. William Simmonds, D.D. of Magd. Coll. 
Oxford, for some time a re5ident in Virginia, sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 4-", hile 
the publisher of both part was Thomas Abbay. The whole of the first part "«ith 
trifling changes is reprinted in Smith's Generall Historie of Iïrginia (London. 624, 
fol.) bk. , p. z : in Puwhas his Pilgrimes (Lond. 1625, fol ) Lib. ix, ch. 3, P- I69I " 
and the econd part, slightly abridged, in the saine books, bk. 3, P. 4 I, where the 
glo»sary and map occur, but the 1 2th chap. is considerably altered" and ch. 4, P. 1 705, 
respectively). The whole i carefully reprinted from the 1612 ed. by Edw. Arber in 
his English Scholar's Library. Cat. [ohn Smith. . . lI'orks. (Birmingham, I884) , 
from whose notes the following word» are taken : 

[Preface to part ]. 

" The first part ofthis Work is evidently an expanded ,'md revised text ofthat "3lappe 

84 THE O.VFORD PRESS. [1612. 

of the t3ay and Rirers, with an annexed Relation of the Countries and Nations that 
inhabit them" (p. 444), which President JOHy S.xtlTrr sent home, about November 
 6o8, to the Cormcil in London, as the result of lais explorations in Chesapeake Bay in 
the previous summer. 
That this book of tmvels &e. should have been printed at the Oxford University 
Press is a most singular fact .... 
The hand printing presses in England were jealonsly registered, and locked ap every 
night, to prevent snrrepti[ti]ous printing ; all throngh the lifetime of out Author : and 
the Company of Stationers of London especially watched with a keen jealousy the 
printing operations of the two Universitîes of Cambridge and, who each pos- 
sessed a single hand press. Sec \V. HERBERT'S edifion of J. 2kMES'S T)ogra#hical 
AnNquiNes, iii, 139 8, Ed. z 79 o, 4to. 
This solitary hand printing press at Oxford, usually produced semons, theolo#eal 
and leamed Works, &c. ; in the midst of which, this book of travels crops up mn a 
startling manner. 
Why could hot, or would hOt SXtITH get it printed in London ? Had the revision of 
its second Part by the Rev. DR. SI.tXOYDS anything to do with the printing at Oxford ? 
These nuts we must leave for others to crack. 
Of course, being printed at Oxford, this book was hOt restered at Stationer's Hall, 
London . . . 
It is sometimes miname..l the Oxford tract ; but it is rather a book than a tract. 

[Preface to part 2]. 

T. AI3BAY states .... [in his preface] respecting this second Part, 
ACther ara l the author, for they are mao,, whose particular discourses are siffned 
by their names. This solid treatise, first was comtoiled by Richard Fot, sDoee passing 
the hands of many to pem,se, chancing into my haMs, (for that I kno'w them honcst 
men, and can partly well witnesse their rdations truc) I could do no lesse in chari O, to 
the world then r,eale ; nor in conscoere, but afiOroz:e. 
Thi Part is therefore the Vindication or 3lanifesto of the thirty or forty Gentlemen 
and Soldiers, who, under Stl rH. saved the Colony ... 
This second Part of the Alap of lTrgnia, eompiled, and perhaps added to, by 
RICHARD POTS, ... tested and revised by the Rev. XVILLIA.M SIMMONDS, D. D., ... 
and published by T. ABBAY; is a condensed summary of the sayings and writings of 
the following seven VirgfixLian Colonists : 

Original tlanters, 1607. 
NATHANIEL POWELL (killed in the Massacre, 22 March 1622) ... 
THOMAS STUDLEY, Cape Merchant or Colonial Storekêeper çwho died 28 August 
I6Oî) . . . 

t:irst Su??l),,  608. 

Seco,M Su::O', 1609. 

Origiml Planter,  6oî. 
In the refision of this text in the General/f/s¢ory, Lib. 3- in I6Z 4 ; the testimonies 
of eight other Gentlemen were incorporated not invented as some would think) ... 
It ,s to be especially noted that, while he would endorse it ail, Captain b3ITH is 

1612,] THE OXFORD PRESS. 8, 

hot narned as an aathor of any 200rt/on of this Second Part, either in the title in the 
prevlous page or in the text itself: therefore no allusion to the PocAHONTAS deliverance 
should be expected in it ; and there is none." 

-o. Smith, capt. John, of Virginia. THE [ PROCEEDINGS OF I 
THE ENGLISH COLOIqE m [ Virnia since their first beginning from  
England in the yeare of our Lord  606, [ till th firesent  61 z, with ail 
îha [ accidenîs îhat bll /hem , îhet" { lourm?s and D,coz,er,?s. [ 
Also the Salvages discourses, orations and relations [ of the Bordering 
neighbours, and how they be-lcame subiect to the English. I çold)zg 
m,en the fi«ndamenlall causes from whence haue srang so mare' mte-lr&s 
Io lhe z'n&rlakers, and scanda# to lhe bust)esse." laken fa]lh-dO, as 
thoE were w,'itt«n oui  the wrilthgs  Thomas[ Sludl O, the first 
provanl matler, Anas TMktTl, Ilbller [ ussell Doclor  htt?ke, 
Abbé,, Tho: Hope, th. ol/s and[ the labou s  &k,ers other &h 2 «ent 
O' &,erse now resid«nt h ] ttghnd lhal were actors in tht busthes. ] By 

Impr. 7 : i6I 2 : strictly speaking part of the preceding art., which sec. 

. Smyth, rev. Richard, of Barnstaple. .-:,'r'ox A-IGAINST 
most effectuall remedies I against the miserable state of I man in this 
life, selected I out of the chiefest  both humane  and dMne [ authors; [ 
t'[ RICHARD S3IYTH preacher  ! Gods word ,)z arslaple ch [ Dcz,on- 
sh¢ke. IThe second Edition. [[u,oodcu/s.] 

Impr. 7 : I6t., : (twelves) 16 °. pp. 
[ I8] + i36 + [2]: p. I I beg. ved with the, 
II rj, bosomes: Long l'rimer Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) ride : (3-Io) Epistle 
dedicatorie to lady Elizabeth Basset, 
dated from ]3amstaple,  Jan. " I6o 9'' : 

(It-t3) "The contents of the severall 
chapters" : (I4-I 7) "The sinners coun- 
sell to his soule. A Sonnet of the Au- 
thors," 18 quatrains, beg. "Awake 6 
Soule, and looke abroad": -36, the 

Nothing seems to be known of the author, nor can I find mention of the Ist edition, 
presumably issued in I6o 9 or 61o. See 634 s. 

22. Rawlinson, rev. John. tV.RC'; TO A BEAST. ] A } SER.ION } 
PRV.aCED aT SAINT I t.tRES SPtTTLE tX I London on Tuseday 
ast°r zced'e. I6Ie. I B' [ ioHx R.,wr.ixsox »OCTOl I oF 
[.Stiz,ersi/_), arms.] 

Impr. 7 :  6 2 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [6] + 52 
+ [2] : p. II beg. sort, that of: English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (x) ride : (3-6) 
epistle dedicatorie to Thomas lord Elles- 

mere, chancellor of the Univeraity of 
Oxford: 1-52 , the sermon, on Prov. xii. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 506 (where 16t2 is misprinted I6o2). 
chaplain to lord Ellesmere. 

The author was 

3. Reinolds, John. (Antony Wood asserts, in his 
O.ron., ii. 49, that the second part of John Reinolds' Epigrammata (in 

86 THE OXFORD PRESS. [11312. 

Episcopos) was printed at Oxford in 
to be known.) 

I612 in 80. No 

copy appears now 

-"4. Travers, Walter. [woodcu¢]la I S,TIr.ICATI-IOr¢ .,aDE 
THE , PRIVY COVNSEL I B¥ ! [r \VALTER TRaVeRS. I [Umz,«,si(y a,ms.] 


Impr. 29- 1612: sm. 4" PP. [2]+ z 5 [ Roman. Contents:p. (1) title : 1-25, 
+[I]: p. l I beg. there were: English I the treatise. 

This is an appeal made by Travers, who was afternoon preacher at the Temple in 
London when tIooker was Master (about I585-9I), against the inhibition from 
preaching issued against him by the l'ri',3r Council. Travers xvas ordained at Antwerp, 
and had imbibed Genevan doctrine with which he opposed IIooker. See Itooker's 
.4nswer above. Both treatises have been frequently reprinted, in tIooker's Il orks, &c. 
This issue does not seem to have been published by Travers himself, but only in order 
to accompany Ilooker's posthumously printed ,4nswer. 

Impr. 7: 1612" (twelves) 16o: pp. [2] 
+ 45 + [1] + 35 + [II : pp. lI beg. z'n- 
willing to, and hîr behalfe : Pica Roman. 

Contents:--p. (I) title: 1-45 , the first 
treatise : 1-35 , the second treatise. 

26. Wakeman, Robert. "IHE I CHRISTIAN [ PRACTISE. I ,a I Sermon 
preached on the Act-Sun-[& 9, m S. «Uaries Church in lOaford, lui. 
8. 6o4. I By ROB. XVaKEtAN Bachelor OE DA't)t, " llow OE 
alhbl [ Coll«dge z)t Oafo,d. [mo#o.] l The second Impression. I [wood- 

Impr. 29: 612: ,eights) 12o: pp. 92 
+ [4]: P" II beg. p/e, but serz,ed" Pica 
Roman. Contents :p. I, title : 2, 

"Points handled in this Sermon" 
the sermon, on Acts ii. 46. 

See 16o 5 w, of which this is a verbatin reprint. 

œe7-Wakeman, Robert. "Jonah's Sermon 
i,entance (fi ]?arncs) 1 6 I 2 . . . 1 6mo." 


Ninivehs re- 

So in the Catalogwe of the Second... lo,'tion of the . . . library formed by .-.. Philip 
171iss, Lond. (iS58), p. 6, corroborated by a MS. note in a Bodleian copy (once the 
editor's) of Bliss's Wood's Athenoe, which states that this i» a third edition. 

Impr. 29 : I61"2. : sm. 4°: pp. [8] + 18 
+[2]: p. I beg. comrehen, t eithcr: 
English Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 
(3-7) preface "To the Christian Reader" 

about Wyclif : dated " from Corpus 
Christi College in Oxford, Iuly 6. 
MDCXI," signed " Henry Iackson": 
1-18, the sermon, on Rom. xv. 3 o. 

For the editor see Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 577. 

The "ancient printed copie "was 

1613.] THE OAFORD PRESS. 87 

neither of the two issues dated Nuremberg 1546, but the undated one (probably r 546) 
"overseen" by M[iles] C[overdale], though Coverdale's preface is omitted. This was 
reprinted at Cambr. in 1851 , and one of the others at Oxford in r828. 

I. Answer. a [ BRIEFE AN-:SWERE VNTO I Certaine Obiections I 
and Reasons against the Descen-ltion of Christ into Hell, late-lly sent 
in writing nto a I Gentleman in the [ Countrey. [mollo, then wood- 

Impr. îz : ,6 3 : the rest precisely as .6o4 A. 
A reissue of the sheets of I6O4 ,, with a new titlepage not printed at Oxford, the 
,« oodcut on ttle being unknÇwn there. 

Basse, William. Rll 'T BRITTAINES [ SVXNES-SET, ] tEII, AILEZ) 

Impr. 7 (not at foot of page, but, with 
date, close to res/of title) : 613 : (eight 
& four) I6°: pp. [2] + 22: Long Primer 
Roman. Contents :--p. () trie : (2) 
short dedication "to his honourable mas- 

ter S" Richard Wenman Knight": 1-19, 
the poem in S-line stanzas, one on each 
page. ending ith "finis."'. 21-.2"., "A 
morning af/er mourning," 2 more stanzas, 
endiog with " hms. 

Extremely rare. This book has never been round except in fragments, and usually 
in the bindings of books. The Bodleian copy is complete: Merton college, Oxford, 
has nearly a complete one from its bindings: the British Museum copy v,'as dr. 
Bandinel's (Sale Catal., Aug. I86, no. 44 , and contains the first 16 (?) pages. Other 
fragments are known to exist, chiefly in Oxford collcge libral 3, bindings. The poem 
was reproduced in facsimile in 1872 by W. tI. Allnutt (oo copies'). 
It seems on the vhole probable that this William Basse,  ho was a retainer in ,.ir 
R. Wenman's bouse 'Thame l'ark), is identical with the William Bas who wrote Sword 
and ]9't/cio]er (Lond. i6o2, 4"), which is a poetical defence of Serving-men against the 
score of their superior. In Stanza 2 f the present poem is a clear reference to 
Bas's Three tastoral Eleges (Lond. 6o_,, 4 °) n the following terms :" Not Ilike 
as vhen some triviall discontents [ First taught my rav," and luckle_se youth to rue [ 
Doe I to Flockes, now vtter my laments ...". On the other hand the author of 
the Sword and t?ucb&r had two sons, wherea_ here he speaks of his "young Muse." 
O/ber poems by "William Basse" (Eas) prepared for the press in 653 were printed 
by J. P. Collier in 187o; and contributions to the Annalia 1)ubrensia (636) and 
Walton's Angler, as well as an " Epitaph -apon Shakespeare " are mentioned. 
See J. Payne Collier's tibliograhical accounl (1865) p. 54, W. C. Hazlitt's ][and- 
bok¢1867) and (1'ibliographicaI) Collections, st series (8î6'. The author is men- 
tioned as living at loreton near Thame. in Wood's Aih. Oxon., iv. zz. 
The subject of the first poem is Prince Henry's death, and of the " Morning" the 
wedding of the princess Elizabeth. 

3. Benefield, Sebastian. [woodcu/.][ I «o.,.,.,-, I o I 
-xOSTO. VrO çnE rlRST  Capter of the Prophecy of Aos, de- 
livered  in xxi. Serinons in the Parish Church of[ 3[EISEY HA3IPTON 
Divinity and fellow of Corpus Christi College 
zs A A SxMON I zon I. Cor. 9"  9. wherah « louched the law- full 
vse of things indifferent. [ [mot/o, then woodculs.] ' 

88 THE OXFORD PRESS. [lo13. 

Impr. 29a : 1613: sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 
280+ [8]: p. II beg. the r numbring, Iii 
IVhich truth : Pica Roman. Contents:m 
p. (i) title : (3-4  dedication to bp. King, 
dated "from my study in Corpus Christi 
College in Oxford, Iuly 5- x63" : 
""l-he Preface to the Chrîs'tian Reader" : 
1-264, the 2 "lectures": 265, a title:-- 
" twoodcut][ A I SERMON I VREACHED 
AT V,'OTTON ] VNDER EDE in the Dio- 
cesse of I Gloucester belote the Clergy 

there assem-lbled al the Hpis¢oball Visita- 
tion of l THOMAS RAVIS, laie tisho I of 
Gloucester. 16o 5. [ BY SEBASTIAY EYE- 
FIELD. I[molto, then wooa-uts]," impr. 
7a, I6i 3: 267-28o , the sermon, on 
I Cor. ix. 19, with the head title "The 
Christians Libertie": 28o, Errata, eor- 
rected in many copies: (1-7)"A Table 
of such particulars as are contained in 
this Commentarie," alphabetical. 

See Wood's A/b. Oxon., ii. 488. A Latin translation of the lectures (without the 
sermon) as made by Benefield's pupil Henry Jackson ribid, iii. 578) and published 
at Oppenheim in 61, the preface being dated 2i May 16I 4 and addressed to 
Abraham Scultetus who had visited Oxford and made a friendship fith Benefield. 
/enefield printed a commentary in 21 sermons on Amos chap. 2 at London in 162o, 
and in 17 sermons on Amos chap. 3 (together with a separate reprint of the present 
commentary) at London in 1629. 

4. Benefieid, Sebastian. THE I HAVEN OF THE AFFLICTED. lA! 
Aug. o. 63. I BV I SV.BaSTIaX BVXV.FIV.LD Doctor of Diinit I and 
fellow of C. C. C. [,)z O.tsfo,-d. I [mollo, then woodculs.] 

Impr. 7: 1613: sm. 4°: pp. [6]+ 20 
+ [2- : p.  beg. wife, rebellious : Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents :p. (I' title: 
(3-) Epistle dedicatorie to bp. Mlles 
Smyth, dated " from my study in Corpus 

Christi College in Oxford, August ,27, 
161,: 3 ": (6) A quotation from Augustine 
with English translation: -2o, the ser- 
mon, on Amos iii. 6. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 488. 

.5. Bible, Psalms. [woodcu/.] I.a I ,iD,TATI-IO:,." OX Pr or I rHZ 
sr.a,oEx:rrt I l'SaL.m. I[mollo, then &ï',c«.] 

Impr. 7a: I613: sm. 4o: pp. [4]+31 
+ [x] : p. I beg. hot ttenry : English 
Roman. Contents :p. () title : (3) 
dedieation " to the worshipfull his loving 

Verv rare, 

Cousen ._M E. N. and his virtuous wife 
Mistris K. N.. . .", dated " from Cote," 
7 Nov. 16o : 1-31, the meditation, en 
Ps.  il. 9- 

6. Bunny, Edmund. OF i I)IVORCE [ For Adulterie, and I Marry- 

ing a.gaine: that there [is no sufficient warrant I so to doe. I With a 
note n the end, that 27. 29. many ] yeares since 
£'dm. /humA' Batchelour of Deuinitie. I[woodcul.] 
within a border of woodcut ornaments.] 

was answered. ]Bv 
[The whole title is 

Impr. 32 : 16.I3 : &c. precisely as I6IO 13. 

This is a rare reissue of I6i o 13 with a new titlepage printed (not at Oxford, for the 
oodcut in the title is unknown there, buO at London, perhaps by XV. Stansby. The 
old titlepage was simply cut off, and the new one pasted in. 

7. Burhill, Robert. E POTESTATE ] REGIA, ET vs-Ipahone 
29apah;[PRo TORTVRA TORL [Contra Parallelum ANDREOe Evoe-I 



,tor,'IOaXXls Cydonij Iesuitse, I 
[mollo: then woodcuî.] 

Resonsio [ 


Impr. I : I6Ia : (eights) I2O : pp. 
[8]+ 29 +[I]: p. I beg.piscopildoma,zi, 
 I I quod conlra vos : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. () title: (3-4  Latin poem to 
prince Charles: (5) " Summa Tracta- 
tuum": (6-8) " Index Responsionum 
iuxta ordinem apud Adversarium": I- 

28o, the treatise, in three "tractatus": 
28o, " Lectori" "Ap- 
, a note : 281-291, 
pendix, ubi Auctoris ante biennium edita 
Responsio, ad Martini Becani Refuta- 
tionem (quam vocat)Torturœe Torti de- 
fenditur " 

Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. I8. The bibliography of the controversy excited by 
the fresh oath of Allegiance imposed after the Gtmpowder Plot is too intricate to be 
here treated. It was begun by card. Bellarmine (" Matthaeus Tortus") and James I, 
and followed by bp. Andrewes' Tortura 7orti, Andreas Eudaemon-johannes (André 
L'Heureux's) 2°aralleh«s "orti ac Tartoris (Colon. 6I 
tatio Torturae Torti (,Mogunt. 16Io), and many others. Sec Zgu «Ioulin, below. 

S. Byrd, Josias. roxoEs PEERELES PaRAaOX, ]OR 
s t. ,,aais IS Oxford, and at HARFIELD in Middle-s«x. i613. 
Joslas BYR. I [Latin mollo, and lr«n,l«hbn  then woo«cut«.] 

Impr. 7 a- I613 : sm. 4" : PP- [6] + 27 
+[3]: P. I beg. The Church /s: Pica 
Roman. Contents :p. çt) ride : (3-.5) 
dedication to Alice "dowager of Derby, 
wife to the... Baron of Elsemere ", dated 

from " Oxford, Alsoules. September the 
3. 16x3 "" 1-27, the sermon, on Cant. ii. 
x o : (x) " Fanlts escaped", al end " De- 
lay is dangerous ] and hast erroneous", 
all between woodcuts. 

The author took his B.A. degree at Cambridge, and incorporated at All Souls on 
4 May I6o9; M.A., I61o. 

9. Colmore, Iatthew. ox.4z':o FI.'VEBRIS[ IX OBITV3I [ clarissimi 
viri et mvni--IvCXTSSm COLLr Çog-IPOmS CHmST Oxon. bene- 
factoris [ GORn S.«NCTPaVL EquitislAurati. habita in medijs epulis I 
Decembris 9.6 3-I n i M,XT'rnoeo COL.'«o, ] $omatochristiano. }[_mollo, 
then da'ice.] 

Impr. 1I: 613: sm. 4°: pp. [I2], 
signn. A  B  : sien. B I r beg. mentis lux- 
urt' : English Roman. Contents :--sien. 

A  ', title : A 2 , Latin preface to 
reader : A 3r-B 2 r, the oration. 


Rare. Little seems to be known of the subject of this Oration. Sir George St. 
Paul of Snarford never matriculated or took a degree, though according to the oration 
a commonêr of Corpus for two years. His work at Lincola and Stamford is described, 
and his munificence to the College and the new Schools at O.,d'ord. 

o. D u Moulin, Pierre. a'HE I aCCOtPLIS,3EXa" I Ooe TIE PRO- 
I:'HECIES;/ OR THE THIRB BOOKE I:V I defense of the Catholicke faitb, 
con-tained in the booke of tbe high [& mighty Ktx IAtrS. I, [by 
the grace of God King I of Great Brittaine I and Ireland. IaaLVST 
THE ALLECATIONS[O e. Bellarmine; and F. N. Coëffeteau '[olher 
.Doctors of lac JTomish CurcA:[ w»" I Pw_I Dr iXIov.zx Iinister of 
the I word of God bz lhe Church OE Parz.  Translaled oui  French b 9, 
I. Har., Fe/Zow ( l  Col/cee b, I [,e«=/s.] 

90 THE O.YFORD PRESS. [1613. 

Impr. 29a : 1613 : (eights) 16 ° : pp. 
[18]+4S4+[2] : p. t beg. Innocent in 
his, III of this, but this : Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title : (3-6) "The 

preface to the Reader": (17-I8) "A 
table of the matters contained in this 
third booke." : I-4,q 4, the work. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., il..69. The title of the compkte work is " Defense de la 
foy catholique contenue au livre de... Iaques I Roy de la gr.d' Bretagne... con- 
tenue en trois liurês. Contre la Response de F. N. Coeffeteau ... Par Pierre du 
Moulin ... 1612." The 3rd book was subseqnently printed separately in French also, 
with the title "Accomplissement des propheties ... Par Pierre du Moulin...". The 
original work by King James I is " Triplici nodo, triplex cnneus. Or an apologie for 
the oath of allegiance..." ,anon., Lond. 16 7, and with author's name Lond. 6o9 
&c. " in Latin Aologia pro iuramntofid«litatis, Lond. 16o 9, &c.). Coeffeteau's book 
was " Responce a l'Advertissement.., par le... Roy de la grande Bretagne.. ." 
Par. 61o). See turhill, above. 

Impr. 9 : 6I 3 : (eight») I2 ° : pp. 
[80], signn. A-ES: sign. t I r beg. ll'hich 
z,]at,ard's : Pica Roman. Contents :-- 
stgn. A If, title : A r-A 2", dedication to 
Katherine lady Mansell, danghter of lord 

Lisle : A 3r-A 5 r, complimentary verses to 
• -* "The Author to the 
the author. A  , 
Praisers of his booke", a short poem: 
 6-E 8 , the 200 epigrams. 

Very rare: see Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 350. This author escaped \Vood's notice 
altogether, and his claim to be an Oxford man eluded even dr. Bliss when he edited 
Wood in ,815" but he subsequently writes in a IS. note, " I have now no doubt 
but that the author of Linsi-ll'oolsie \vas of Jesus, matriculated May 8. 16o4, a 
native of Glamorgan, pleb. fil., oet. 2o: B.A. Dec. 7- 6°7-" The verses are ex- 
tremely poor. The only copy at prescrit known is that in the t3ritish Mnseum, which 
was the IIeber copy (Heber sale, I834, pt. 1, p. I4I , no. 2734. ) 

Impr. i  : i6 3 : sm. 4" : PP. [6] + 39 
+ [3] : P. II beg..4rt&uh«s  3 : English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (x) title : t3-4) 
dedieation to John King, bp. of London, 
signed "Johannes Glanvillus" - (5) "Ad 
Carmen meum", a poem in Latin: (6) 

" Ad lectorem benevolum", a distich : 
1-39, the 4 ° Articles, in elegiac verse, the 
4oth being " De Articulorum ratifica- 
tione "'-. (-2) " De numero & nominibus 
Articulorum", a list- (2) "Ad lectorem" 
a Latin poem. 

See \Vood's Wasti Oxon., i. 343. The verses are a paraphrase, with short additional 
poems of a meditative kind,  fitten during an illness. 

I3. Godwin, Thomas. 
English Z'aosilion of 

"Romanoe ttistori¢ Anlholoia. 
Roman Anliquilies . . . Oxon. 16  3 • 

So in Wood's ,4th. Oxon., iii. 5, but probably a misprint for 1614, whieh sec, 
though Wood's apparent error is copied by Watt, Bohn's Lowndes, &c. 

113.] THE OA FORD PRESS. 9  

Sometimes. Fellow of Queenes ] College in Oxford, and now i Preacher 
of Gods ord I at Bv.,,BVtY in I Cheshire. IPMisdfor te enoEt 

Impr. 7 : x63 : (eights) I6o ?: pp. [8] 
+ 56 : p. II beg. Q. l;l'hat learne : Pica 
Roman & Italic. Contents :--,,) title : 
(3-7) dedication to sir Thomas Loxve, 
Rare. For the author 
mispriut for Bun&«ry. 

Master, and to the 4 Vardens, of the 
llaberdashers' Company in London, dated 
Bunbury, 19 July I613: 1-56, the treatise, 
in question and answer. 

see Wood's Aih. Oxan., ii. 46r, where Banbury is twice a 

1 5- Holyoke, Francis. A I Sermon of Obedience, I Especially 
vnto Authoritie Ecclesiasticall, ] wherein the principall controuersies of 
our I Church are hand#d, and manA, o f thez)'] Obiections hich are 
refractorie to llhe gouernment estaDh'shed, answered, [ though briefly as 
time and [ place could permit: [ Being preached at a Visitation of the 
right ] Worshipfull M.D. 11fnton, in Couen/o,. 1t73' |rRax: OLYOr:V_. ] 

Impr. 29: ,63: (rest as 6o H.) 

A re-issue of the sheets of 6o I-r, with a new titlepage printed in London, within 
a border of woodcuts. The woodcut on the titlepage is unknown at Oxford. 

16. Hooker, dr. Richard. (A learned discourse of Iustification, 
&c., a reprint of the title of 1612 H, adding after the word "Oxford 
* * " :.The second ed[/tbn, corrected, and amcnded. I 

Impr. 7 : 6t3 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 68 : 
p.   beg. should make z,s, 6 z mat should 
hope : Eglish Roman. Contents :--p. 
() title: (3-4) "To the Christian 

Reader", signed as before, but dated 
" from Corpus Christi College in O.,dord 
the 6. of Iuly. 62.": -68, the dis- 
course, on Hab. i. 4- 

A second edition of 62 H : the altemtions are chiefly literal and verbal. 

7. Kilbie, Richard.  [ SFR3ION ] PREACHED IN SAINT MA-]R/ES 
cv,cIa x Oxvog [ Match 26. I612. at the funerall of To3s 
HOLLAND, Do.[ctor of the Chaire in Divini-ltie, and Rector of Exce-ter 
College,  B" I RZCH.R KILBIE Doclor  Dt't)t«, ecl6r  Zz)zcolne 

Impr. 9.9a: 613: sm. 4': PP- [2]+ [ English Roman. Contents:p. ()title" 
o, [] : p.  beg. ken away even : I -2o, the sermon, on  Cor. xv. 55-57- 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., il. "-87 & -. 
about dr. Holland. 

There is some little bioaphical matter 


Palroni [ munificenh'ssimi. 
studiosos. [ [da,ice.] 

[Per ejusdem Collegij Alumnos & ceteros 

lmpr. 1I : 1613 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 48" 
p. 11 beg. Ad, repos: Eglish Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title : (3) dedication, 

partly in Latin verse, to lord William 
Petrie son of lord Petre of X, Vrittle : 1-48, 
the poems. 

Most of the poems are Latin, but 4 Greek, 2 Hebrew, and one French. 
Petre died on I i Oct. I6I 3. 

John lord 

19. Merton College. 

Impr. II: I613: sm. 4o: pp. [4]+84 
+ [20]: p. Il beg. Md sanam : English 
Roman. Contents:p. (I) ride: (3) 
Latin dedication to the memory of sr 
Thomas Bodley, by Merton eollege : (4) 
Latin poem by the editor: I-8 4, the 

poems, chiefly Latin : (1-18) "Oratio 
funebris habita in Collegio Mertonensi à 
Johanne t/alesio ... anno I613 Martij 
29"; quo die Clarissimo Èquiti D. 
Thomoe Bodleio funus ducebatur." 

This book consists of about 80 poems çfour in Greek, the rest in Latin) in memory 
of sir Thomas Bodley by members of Merton college, of which society Bodley was a 
fellov,. The editor's naine does hot appear. Bodley died in London on Jan. 28. 
I6,-" but both the dedication of this volume and p.  17 of the ./rusta t;unebria (see 
below) state that it ras on Jan. z9 : see Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 126. 

Impr. 31" 1613: sm. 4°: pp. [128], 
signn. ( )" a-v  Q: sign. r r beg. Cure 
,4talanta,  I r Impar nulla : Eglish 

Roman. Contents :--sign. ( ) I r title- 
( ) 2 " " Oxonia Heydelbergoe ", a short 
poem - A Ir-Q z v, the verse». 

Poems by Oxford men on the marriage of Frederick v, elector Palatine, with the 
princess Elizabeth of England on 14 Feb. I6]. Ail are Latin except rive Greek, 
two Italian and one Hebrew (unpointed, Pica and Brevier'. 

Oxoniensi I «JL-n«z» 3[art O" 29. I 613- [ [dez, z'ce.] 

Impr. 31 : I613 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 134 
+ [14]: p. t I beg. Sed cakanda, III 
famam. Contents:--p. (l) title: (3) short 
Latin poems as by the University: I-I 34, 
the poems: () a tiflepage :"ORA'ro 

,, . I [dcvice] , impr. 1I: (3) Ad 
lectorem " a preface by the orator (Isaac 
\Vake) : (,5-12) the oration. 

About 270 poems, chiefly Latin, but two Hebrew (tmpointed, Pica), four Greek, 
two I talian, one English : in memory of sir Thomas Bodley, see preceding art. The 
orafion by Wake (see Wood's A/h. Oxon., il. 54 o) was reprinted in \V. Bates's l'ire 
seh'corum irorum (168I), p. 416. The British Museum printed Catalogue. and the 
Catalogue of English Books in the Musêum up to I64% attribute this speech to 
Richard Corbet, by en-or. 

22. Petrucci, Lodovico. 
m.tE, II cav«x-]liere Lo3ovIco 

P'rvcc, Nobile Toscano, in ipiù 

1613.] THE OXFORD PIgESS. 93 

luoghi, e tempi composte, & t diversi Pren-lcipi dedicate; con la selua 
delle sue [ Persecutioni. ] FARRAGO POE3IA TV3I, EQVITIS L 'DO- I VICI 
PE rlvcct, Aro3i'h's Tuscani, diversis lo-[cis ci tem]wri3us conscriplorum, " 
ad diz,ersos [ Prbtcipes dedt'caîorum ," vnà cure s)'h«a , sua-[rum 19ersecu - 
]iOl¢Yl2, I * * * * ] * * * I [ 7j(jOO«(lltX'] 

Impr. I: 613: sm. 4°: pp. [I3o ], 
signn. t-P *, Q !-3, one leaf, Q 4: sgu. 
rt t' beg. Quod signis : English Roman. 
Contents :sign. t I r, title : , v, A 2 v, 
Italian dêdication to James i signed 
"L' infelice Lodovico Petrucci Cavaliere ": 
A 9.r, A 3", the saine in Latin : A 3-Q 3 , 

the poems in Italian and Latin: (one 
leaf) * " I principali errori commessi nell' 
Itaiiano di questo libro", a long list, 
beginning with the titlepage ("Caval- 
liere"), followed by some Errata in the 
Latin : the references oddly are to 

See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 93- This is a singular and uncommon book. The 
anthor was a soldier of fortune, who was admitted as a reader in the Bodleian as from 
St. Edmund hall on 27 Apr. I61I, but did not matrieulate till 5 Sept. 6z. The 
verso of each leaf is in general Italian poems, and the recto . the next leaf a Latin 
version of them. On signn. " z  and L 3v-. z  are letters and testimonials about him: 
at rt  is a poem in Italian and Latin on sir Thomas Bodley's death : at  - begins 
his Sdua or Syl«a in two parts, and at N 4  a long and curious account in Italian and 
Latin verse of his stay in England and particularly Oxford and New C.ollege, which 
he was forced to leave (in 614 ?) by the puritanical party. On  3  ls an oration 
delivered in Italy, and on Q 2  is a poem in both languages on the death of dr. Rives, 
whieh is repeated on Q 3"- The whole book was intended to be produced at the 
wedding of Frederick elector Palatine with the prînce.,s Eizabeth (,4 Feb. 6ir , 
but by the printer's delay was too late. 

Impr. 7 a : 63 : sm. 4" : PP. [6] + 37 
+ [] : p. I I beg. the divell : English 
Roman. Contents :p. (I) title : (3-5) 
dedication to sir Edw. and lady Mary 

Giles, dated " from your house at Bow- 
don, Aug. 24 1613.": 1-37 , the sermon, 
on Deut. xxxiv. 5. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxot., iii. 2z. The anthor seems to have been private chaplain 
to sir E. Giles. He quotes against himself in the dedication a thesis disputed at the 
Act in Oxford 16 3 "Doctior quisque fuit in scribendo parcissimus." 

4. Powell, Thomas, of/3rasenose college, Oxford. 
POWLL. ! r6' 3-Il ««vt'ce.] 

[BY THo.,as 

Impr. 7 :  613 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + x 7 + 
[3]: P-  beg. z,on the text: English 
Roman. Contents :p. (x) title : (3-4) 

Latin dedication to dr. Thomas Singleton, 
principal of Brasenose : I--I 7, the sermon, 
on Ex. xxviii. 34- 

z 5. Price, Daniel. DAVID HIS OATH OF ] ALLEGEANCE TO [ 
Div)fflA,. [ [mollo, then device.] 

94 TIgE OA"FORD PRESS. [1(113. 

Impr. 7 : I6t 3 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 4 ° : dedication to Charles i, dated fiom Exeter 
p. 11 beg. the bloo, t of Ahab: English college Oxford, July 27 (1613): 1-4o, 
Roman. Contents :lp. (I) title : (3-4) the sermon, on Ps. cxxxvii. 5- 
See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 512. Every printed page has lines bounding the text, 
head-line and margin. 


Doc/or )z Zh'vt)d/A', 

opte of his 1-lighnesse Chala)zes. 

 • 1613: sm. 4 " [4] 
Impr.  . . pp. + 32 : 
p. I  beg. himselfe with : English Roman. 
Contents :lp. (1) title : (3--4) dedication 

to Will. Cotton bp. of Exeter : 1-32 , the 
" meditation ." 

See Wood's ,4th. Oxon., ii. 512, and 614 v. The essay, which contains some 
personal marier about prince llenry of historical interest, was written for 6 Nov. 1613. 
The text, head-line and margin of each printed page are within bounding lines. 

IN FOVRE OF THE LAST SR-[mons preached in S t JtEs after his 
t ligh-[nesse death, the last being the Sermon be-lfore the body, the day 
before ] the Funerall. ] ]3Y I DAIEL PRCE thon Chafilat'ne Dt M/tendance. 
[mot/o, then dcv/ce.] 

Impr. 29 : I613 " sm. 4" : PP- [4] + 52 
+[4]+29+[5]+26: p. II beg. (I) lhe 
[anna, (2) ccs, the furies, (3) Laslly fo 
close " English Roman. Contents:--p. 
(I) title : (3) short dedication to Charles 
i" 1-26, sermon on t's. xc. 15: 27-52, 
sermon on 2 Sain. xii. 23, with running 
title to both " Meditations of Consclation 
in our lamentations": (1) a title :-- 
J AMES on the third Sunday afterlthe 
]'RINCE his dcath. I 1¥ [ DANIEL IRICE 

then Chalaine in Attendance. I [motto, 
then dez,ice, then inqr. 29. 16 3-] " : 
(3-4 ) dedication to lady (Robert) Carey: 
1-29, the sermon, on Ezek. x. 4: (2) 
title :--" TEArES [ SHED OVER ABNER. [ 
day before the l'RINCE his fl-[nerall in 
S . JA.tES Chappell[b,fore the body. J 
BY I DANIELL I'RCE then ChatVaine in 
Atlcndance. I [mollo, then device, then 
i»qr. 29, 1613.]": (4-5)dedication to 
sir David Murray" the sermon, on 2 Sam. 
iii. 31. 

See Wood's A/b. Oxon., ii. 51I. Every printed page is within lines bounding the 
text, hea,t-line and margin. The signatures are continuous, ( ) A-O t W. There is 
very little of historical interest in the serinons. 

Impr. lt: 1613: 16"• 

At present this book is only known to me from a titlepage at the end of the 164 
cdition of Rainohls's Orationes (which see), and notices in Thomas Bowman's 
Catalo.¢s librorum çOxf. 16'q7) [sign. Il r :l,, 146. Rainoldi (Joan) Orationes. Oxon. 
I613 "] and Brit. Mus. MS. Harl. 59Ol, fol. 7 ° çBagford). But the book is not likely 
to be really rare, unless the 1614 edition caused its recall or destruction. 


le14.] TIlE OXFORD PIïESS. 9,5 

and St[ Ib, RIES in OXFORn, [ Bv[ THAT FAMOVS AND lXaglCl-lOUS Divine 
JOHN RatS'OLDS D. [ of DMnity and late President of[ Corp. Cr. Coll. I 
Published for the honour and vse of that famous \rni-]versity, and for 
the benefit of the Churches of [ Christ abroad in the Country, [ BY w. H. I 

1mpr. 7 : I613 : sm. 4"" PP. [8] + J 36 
+ [4] + 2o : p. I I beg. (I) promised lo 
consume, (9_) hdd of the ])hilislines : Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents :--p. () title : 
(3-8) epistle dedicatory to D. Airay pro- 
vost of Queen's college, Oxford, dated 
" Bunbury in Cheshire, July 19. 16I 3 ", 
signed "VC Hinde" : I-I36, the eom- 
mentary : I'I) a title :--" A ] SERMON 
vPOr¢ t'ART OF TE ] eighteenth Psalme. 
of Scholers in the Vniversity of] Oxford 

the last day of August, 1 5,q6. I nY I jmt. 
RAINOLI, ES I [On occasion of their meet- 
btg to giue thankes to God [ for the d«tec- 
tion and arehension of Trai-]totrs, who 
wickedly consired agaDzst l the Queenes 
3[aiestie and [ the state of the Realme. I 
[motto, then woodculs] ", impr. 7 a, 6 3: 
(3-4) "Iohn Rainolds, to the Reader 
• . .", dated " At Corpus Christi College 
in Oxford, Octob. 24. I586." : I-2O, the 
sermon, on Ps. xviii. 47-51. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. I6 & I5, and I586 R. The commentar 3, bas special 
reference to the ISt Epistle of St. Peter, and is in I o divisions or sermons. The editor, 
William Hinde of Queen's college, seems to have long possesed the MS. of the 
lectures. The sermon is a reprint of I586 R, and an integral part of the whole 
volume, as the signatures show, which for the sermon begin at r i. Every printed 
page has bounding lines to the text, margin and head-line. 

30. S[mith], S[amue]]. Aditus ad logicam. In usum eorum qui 
primb Academiam salutant. Autore S. S. Artium Magistro. Imprint :-- 
Anno Domini 1613 " (eights) 
, 12 ° • 

This book is attributed to the Oxford Press bv Wood (Aih. Oxon., ii. 283, but was 
hot printed there, the woodcuts being unknown in Oxford. See I684 s. 

1614 . 

I. Andrewes, John. "Christ his Crosse, or 
fortable Doctrine of Christ Crucified & joyfull Tidings 
teaching us to Love & Embrace lais Crosse, as the 

the most com- 
of his Passion, 
most Sweete & 

Celestial| Doctrine unto the Soule, and how We should behave our- 
selves therein according to the \Vord of God. Newly Published by 
John Andrewes, Minister & Preacher of the Word of God at Barricke 
Basset in the County of Wiltes." 

So in manuscript in the Bagford collections (Brit. Mus. MS. Harl. 59Ol, ri»l. 7 ) : 
see Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 493, where the book is described as quarto in two parts. 
The existence of a copy does hot seem to be at present known, nor is one notieed in 
thc ordinary bibliographical works. 

2. Benefield, Sebastian. EIGHT SER-13IONS PVBLIKELY ] PRFACHED 
IN THE ¥-ItNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, i the second at .S OE t)eî, rs in the 
the test at S t «Zaries Church. Be-]gunne in the yeare 1595. 
Professour of I Divinity for tle Lad)' 3IaRaRT. ] [mollo: then de:'ice.] 

9 6 



Impr. î" 16J3: sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ J.-53 
+ [7] : P. 11 beg. It may be, III what they 
thinke : Pica Roman. Contents :--p. () 
title : (3-4) dedication to lord Ellesmere, 
Chancellor of the University of Oxford, 
dated "from my Study in Corpus Christ: 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 488. 

College in Oxford, Iuly 2. 164": 1-57, 
three sermons on Luke ix. -3: 58-53, 
rive sermons on James iv. lO: (--6) 
"The table containing in alphabeticall 
order the particulars of this booke," 

3. Dawes, Lancelot. " Tzoo Serinons lreached 
hold«n ai Carh'sle, [ouching sundry Corrt@Eons of lhese 
 614. oct." 

al [he A sste 
limes. Oxon. 

Impr.  : 614 ? : ,eights) 16 ° : pp. 
[] + 146 + [2 ?] - p. II beg. turall disposi- 
tion. II his brother, aml" Pica Roman. 
Contents :p. (1) title - (3-7) dedication 

to dr. Robinson bp. of Carlisle, signed 
" Lancelot Dawes " - I-"- a sermon, on 
Matt. xxvi. 15 : 77-146, a sermon, on Ps. 
Lx_x_xii. 6-7 : (1-2) (hot seen.) 

Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 340, where the above title is given. The only 
copy readily traceable is that in the Bodleian wh:ch has lost the title and following 
leaf, beginning on 3, as well as a blank leaf there mnst have been after p. 146 
si,ma. K .) The sermons and dedication, but hOt title, were reprinted in Serinons... 
by Zancelot Dawes... (Lond., 1653, pp. 49, lo5. At present the date (164) 
depends on Wood's accuracy. 

delivered by him in the Chappel of] Q)RIELL COLLEDGE in Ox-]ford, in 
the yeeres of out Lord] God i6I_-,, and i6 3. [[device, then two 

Impr. 7 : 1614 : sm. 4°: pp. [8] + 3-'9 
+ [3]" P-r beg. wltich our Alaster, I 
v seakes" The : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (1)title : (3-7) dedication to 
Oriel college, Oxford, dated "from my 
Study in that Colledge . . . Octob. 7. 
I614", signed " Iohn Day" : (8) "The 

severall arguments with the severall Texts 
of Scripture, of every severall Lecture in 
this Booke", with a quotation: 1-329, 
the twelve lectures, with a page oeeasion- 
ally blank" (1-2) "To the Reader" 
including a few errata. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 412. The author in the Preface says that he was 
appointed " Catechisme Reader" in Oriel for a year in J612, when these lectures were 
delivered. In a footnote he alludes to his father John Day the printer. The general 
subjects are those of the Catechism, but carried further. 

5. Godwin, Thomas. Ro,t,,xoe HISTORIOe ASTHOLOGIA. [Ah" ] 
Romane and Eng]ish [ offices are paralleld and di-vers obscure phrases [ 
e.xla«hed. [ BY[ THO3tAS GowY" 3[asl«r  Arts. [For the vse of 
ABXOX Schoole. ! [dtz'?e.] 

Impr. 7 : 1614 : sm. 4°: pp. [8]+ 193 
+ [19]: p. I beg. ved in the treasuy, 
H cerise t/te teOlVe : Piea Roman. Con- 
tents :p. () title : (3-4) dedication in 
Latin to dr. Franci James, dated "Abing- 
donioe decimo calend. Aprilis. AJmo 1613-" 
[i.e. 23 Mar. 161]], signed "Thomas 

Godwinus ": (5-6) " Benevolo Lectori": 
(7) Latin poems on the book by dr. Lau- 
rence Humphrey and John Sanford : (8) 
"' A short table shewing the argument of 
every Booke and Section": 1-193, the 
work: (--18) "Index rertma et verbomm 
maxime insignium." 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 5-. This was a popular work, see I616 G, 16-O G, 
1623 G, 1625 G, 1628 G, 1631 G, 1633 G, 1638 G, 1642 G, 1655 G, I658 G. 

I02 4.] THE O.V.F'ORD PRESS. 9 7 

Other edd. were printed zt London in I66, 1668, 1674, 168o, 1685 (I4th3, I689 
(Isth), 1696 (I6th). For the supposed 16I 3 ed., see 1613 G. Godwin's S)'notsis 
Antiquilatum Itebraicaîvtm (see 1616 G) and Francis Rous's Archoeologqa Attica 
(see 1637 R) may be regarded as companion works to the present volume, and are 
often found bound with it. The author apologizes for an English treatise on such a 
subject, and states that one of his main objects was to illustrate Cicero. 

Impr. 7 : 1614 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [2] + 38 : I Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : I-3,, 
p. Il beg. à teccato; d«licta : English ] the sermon, on Jer. i. I o. 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 297. The sermon is directed against the jurisdiction of 
the Roman Church over temporal sovereigns. 

7. Hooker, dr. Richard. [wooda, L],T, vo , S.R.tO.XS I vPO.X 
Corpus Car,s¢i Co:hge in Oafo,'d. l [av,'ce. ] 

Impr. 7a: I614: sm. 4°: pp. [8]+ 
56: p. Il beg. Iesus wilh: English 
Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title: (3-7) 
dedication to George Summaster, prin- 
cipal of " Broad-Gates IIall in Oxford," 

by "Henry Iackson," dated "Oxon. 
from Corp. Christ. College, this 13. of 
Ianuary, i613 " (i6i,a): I-29. the first 
sermon : 3-56, tlae second, botla on Jude 

Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxo,t., i. 698, and for the editor iii. 577. This and other 
Serinons of Hooker were reprinted with editions of the Ecclesiastical Polily, in 1622, 

8. Jewell, bp. John. aro.orIa TH£ arraax I Ex,«,',,r 
EX),,v,,,I ,«-'q)p=Od«. I a'OLOa tCCLg-lsioe Anglicanae Grzec versa. 
lnler/,rele I. S. Jacc. t',« Art. [ IIororrdpa ? owytvotzr l. [ [woodcuts.] 

Impr. 1: 1614" (twelves)24°: pp. 
[24] + 214 + [2] : p. Il beg. 6 lpoavvl.os), 
11I OohgÇ rrartcos: Pica Greek. Con- 
tents :--p. (3) title : (8-13) dedication to 
dr. William Langton, pres. of Magdalen 

college, Oxford, dated 22 July 1613, 
signed "Job. Smith" " 
:(15-2o Lec- 
tori çX&Xr/v,": 1-214, the Apologia : 
(1) " Errata sic corrigenda." 

See Wood's Aih. Oxot., i. 393, and I639 J, I671 J. The original edition of this 
celebrated A:ologia was published in 1562 , an English translation in the same 
year, and a German in 1589. This is the first Greek edition, as 1671 J is the first 
Welsh one. The translator, John Smith of Magdalen, explains that the task was 
meant as a College exercise merely, at first : and apologizes for using such words as 
"looBO, oEa, tlohhat, "Ivbov7«vroa , for vr) .[a in a Christian work, and for having only 
a month and a hall to spare for the work. 

9. N., S. "t)apt's/ogelasles, or Apologues .3, wht'ch are p/easan//y 
&'scoz,ered lhe Abuses, I:oH/es, Supersh'lfons, Idolah't'es, and Imt, tëh'es, of 
/he Synagogue o.f lhe Pote, and e,p«ci«@ of 1he Pr:««/s and 3Io»ks 
thereof, written first in Ital. by N. S. and thence translated into French 
by S. J. and now out of French into English by R. W. ut supr. Oxon, 
 6  4, in tw[elves]." 



So in an account of Rowland Willet in Wood's Fti Oxon., i. 362: but I fmd no 
other reference to a copy. 

o. Prîce, dr. Daniel. I'RI.','CE HEX'RY I HIS [ SECO.XD ] A,X'XlVËR- 
sa-. I [mo,qo.] [ v [ I)AXIL t'gC I)octor in I)ivinity, one of[ his 
Hghnesse chaplaines. [[&vice.] 

Impr. 33 : 164: sm. 4 o : pp. [4] + 
44 : P- II beg. 7oherein th y might: Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents :--p. ¢) title : 
(3-4) dedication to king Charles i, dated 

" Ex Colh Novemb. 6. [1614] the fatall 
day of Prince Henries decease ": 1-44, 
the disconrse. 

See 16I 3 P, and for the author Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 5II : there is some 
matter in the essay. Every printed page has its text, margin and headline within 
bounding lines. 

IO.tlSH mxn'I.Ox. ] n [ Slo.,,- ICHI)  ox-'tford in St I.lies 
A'ov. 21. 16 U. [ m" [ SA3Ipsox PIICE A[asler of Arîs of a'ê-,î«r Colledge 
and Preacr to lb Cit O, [ of O.xford. ] [mollo, then &z'ice.] 

Impr. 7 : I64: sm. 4": PP- [4] + 34 
+ [2] : p. II beg. ing, drunkennesse : 
English Roman. Contents :--p. (i) title : 
3-4  dedication to sir Roger Owen, dated 

" from mv study at Exeter Colledge, Oct. 
28. 64."': 1-34, the sermon, on Rev. 
xviii. 4- 

Sec Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 489, where it is related that Price earned the name of 
" the Mawle of Heretics" for his violence against Roman Catholicism. The preface 
gives some biographical details of Price, incidentally. 

Impr. II : I6I 4 : (eights) i2o: pp. 
I6] + 242 : p. I beg. aiud regiam, III 
us, quio«s: Pica Roman. Contents:-- 
p. (1)title : (3-;') dedication to arehbp. 
Abbot, dated " Oxon. è Collegio Exoni- 

ensi 9- Cal. Ianuarij": t9-i3) "Ad 
Lectorem "' : ( 4-I 5 "Index capitum 
...": -242, the work, p. 2o being 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 267. The circumstances of this book will be round in 
.Mark Pattison's Isaac Casaubon (Lond., 'qTe : a work witbout an index), pp. 332, 
347, 353, 4 Io, esp. 43.q-443. Briefly, Casaubon's "... ad Frontonem Duoeum 
[Fronto Le Duc]... pistola... (Lond. 1611 ) was a defenee of the execution of 
Henry Gamett in 16o6, against some Jesuit books ; a reply was published at Cologne 
in x613 by Andreas Eudaemon-Johannes (L'Heureux3 "... Epistola ad Amieum 
Gallum... item Responsio ad Epi_tolam Isaaci Casauboni ", the Responsio being dated 
6i 2 on a separate titlepage. Then Prideaux was selected to answer the i@esonsia, 
in order to relieve Casaubon of the task- at p. 224 he quote» Casaubon's accouut of 
his father's last days. There is no rem ground for Pattison's remark that "few copies 
of Prideaux's pamphlet survive" (ut supra, p. 443)- 

a-vIS ]mës, in a. Sermon_ preached, at, [ Oxford, in St 3IARIES, the I 
tenth of Iuly, bemg the Actl.Sunda . I64. I e I Ioi«,,- Pgm-»,rx, 

11,t.] TIE OXFORD PRESS. 99 

&:vice. I 

of Divinity, l and Rector 

lmpr. 7:1614 : sm. 4": PP- [SI + 37 
+ [5] : p. I beg. worthie commiug: 
English Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title : 
(3-6) dedication to dr. Bodlêy, '" canon 

of Exceter College. [[mollo, then 

of Exeter, and parson of Shobrooke in 
Devon," dated " from Exceter College in 
Oxford, August 5-", 1614: x-37 , the 
sermon, on Rev. ii. 4- 

For the author see Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii 263. This sermon was reprinted in 
162 London) and t636, see 1636 p. The dedication mentions dr. Bodlêy's favours 
towards l'rideaux, and mr. xsir V'illiam?j l'eriam's to one Orford of Exeter Coll, 

*4. R[ainolds], ll-ohn ]. T.E I I)ISCOVr-R¥ }Or" TrtE ,,.,X OF 
{Afflictions b.)' kis R«igne. I First in divers Sermons 
In her Consolations @ his Reine. [ 
to the Vniver-[sitie and Cittie of Oxon, by a Reverend & Iu-idicious 
Divine I R. D. of Divinity and some-ltimes of Queenes College. [And 
Ant»hr&t and loue ] toe Lord Lsus Crm waresoeve,': l » Z H. } 
[mollo, then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 7 : x614 : sm. 4" : PP- [6] + 5 ° : 
p. It beg. gathcr that seeing: Pics. Ro- 
man Contents:p. () title: (3-4) 
dedieation to dr. Airay provost ,of Queen's 
college, Oxford, dated "Bmabury tn 

Cheshire, Iuly 8. 6 4'' signed "W. 
Hitade ": (5-6) " Advertisement to the 
Readêr," dated as before, with " William 
Hinde" : -5 o, one sêrmon, on  Thess. 
il. 3. 

Sec Wood's Alh. Oxon., il. I6,462. Dr. John Raynolds was Scholar, Fellow, and 
Presidcnt of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, but at one rime or another was connected 
with Queen's, Merton, New Collcge, University, and Oriel (Rgister of the Unir. of 
Oxford, "«ol. , ed. A. Clark, pt. , p. 4)- There is no clear rcference to the author 
being dr. Raynolds anywhere in the volume, but the tact is undoubted. The " Adver- 
tisemcnt," as a matter of printing, foliows the Sermon, but was probably intended to 
be tom off at that place and pasted in where it is described above. 

Impr.  I : 6I 4 : (twelves) I6° : pp. 
[6]+77+[7]+9I+[]: p.  beg. 
() mi sint Antonii, (2) ponant laborioso, 
III Sleramus. I C¤tn¤amen : Pica Eg- 
lish. Contents :p. () title : {3-6) 
"Iohannes Rainoldus Academicis Oxoni- 
ensibus.. " the Latin preface of ,587 
R reprinted, date and ail, " è Colleg. 
Corp. Christ. Februar. 2.": -36 i) 
" Oratio post vacationem Natalitiam. 
 576-", beg. .aminondam : 37-î7 (ii" 
" Oratio post vacationem Paschalem, 
Anno.  576. ", beg. Etsi Uestros : (z) (iii) 
a titlepage : " ORaTIO r'V-[.EIRS 
HASI-lta in Têmplo beatae]3Iarioe 

O.ron. [Ab Iaaaco \VAKG [ PVBLICO 
aCaDE-Imi ç Oratore, AZa o" 25. An. [ 6o 7. 
quum moesti I Oxonicnses, pijs mani-lbus 
IOHANNIS , RAINOLDI [ parentarent. 1", 
woodcuts, then impr.   - 4-I2, the ora- 
tion, beg. Quam frailis: 1-45 t.iv) 
"Oratio post festin Paschatis. 1574. , 
beg. ffylhagoram" 46-66 (v) " Oratio 
post fcstum Nat. Chr. 575. • • -", beg. 
Cicero cure : 67- I I () " Oratio post 
festum Paschatis, I576.", beg. Consid«- 
ranli : II2-I42 (viD "Oratio post festum 
lichael. I575.", beg. A}n modb: t43- 
I64 (viii)" Oratio post festum Michael. 
-6" beg. FWucntia: a65-I6 (ix) 
I. , 


i co THtF O.VFORD PRESS. [1015. 

" D. Iohannes Rainoldus Gulielmo Rain- 
oldo fratri suo. " pi 
.. ,a Latin e stle on 
the Church, beg. .XCtte meus, dated 
" Oxonioe 4. Non. Septemb." : I97-I99 
(x) " D. Iohannes Rainoldus D. Gulielmo 
VVhitakero. " 
.. , an epistle ur#ng ,Vhit- 
aker to answer Po,;sevinus, dated "Oxon. 
14Kalend.'" • "" " 
2,ocmo. ,beg."Facitamor : 
2oo-2ol (xi) the dedication to the neen 
of Ralnolds s/ge A'oman,e Ecclcsice Atolo- 
latria, dated " Iul. vii..XtDXCVI," bëg. 
Quo,t olim: (2) (xii) a titlepage:-- 
 De vtilitate ex hosti3tts I catff'ndce. I 2 
De mor3is animi oe cor-lioris. I I). 
I,)HANNE RAINOLDO I Interprete. [", 

voodcuts, then impr. II : (4-1) Dedi- 
cation in Latin to Queen Elizabeth, dated 
"Oxon. è Coll. Corp. Christi.", (13-41, 
42-5o) the two treatises: (52) (xiii) a 
titlepage :" .MAXlMI TYRII [ PHILO- 
SOPHI I PLATONICI [ Disputatfones Tres, I 
I 'itam activam contem-[î#lativâ, [ 2 
Contemlativam activt$ I meliorem esse. I 
3 Qui morl, i graviores, ani-lmi, an cor- 
2# °ris. I O. IOrtaNNE lïAINOLDO / Inter- 
prete. I ," woodcuts, then impr. I I : (54- 
60) Latin dedication to Thomas Wilson 
" Rcgioe Majestati à libellis supplicibus": 
ç6r-78, 79-94, 95-1o9 the three dispu- 
tations: ( IO) (xiv) the titlepage noticed 
in 1613. 1. 

See Wood's Mth. Oxon., ii. 16, where he mentions that IIenry Jackson was editor of 
all the Orations except the first two which had been published before, see 587 R. The 
funeral oration was first printed in 16o7, see 16o 7 (Wake, 2nd ed.). From a biblio- 
graphical point of view there is great confusion in this and the two subsequent editions 
of Rainolds's Orations (Lond. I6O, and Lond. 1628). For instance Wood himself in 
his remarks about tlenry Jackson has confused the London edd. B. C.) with the 
Oxford one (A). 
In A the present volume) it is impossible to reckon tv, elve Orations, and the book 
falls into three parts (a) pp. [[6] + 77 + [I 7], signn. A-I ', sectt, i-iii, above- (b) pp. 
2or + [], signn. A-)I , I t-5, sectt, iv-xi. : (c) pp.. [i io], signn. I 6-12, K-X ', sectt. 
xii-xiv. In B (Lond. 619) a is as before occvp)mg pp. [i 2] + 1-1o6 : then follows 
"'.. Rainoldi... Orationes quinque..." with a separate titlepage and preface by 
H. Jackson, occupying pp. 1o7-348 [the Orations beg. Si quis (I573), ledit ag-icolis 
(1574), 5ï quantum z,e[, cttm z't isto (I .a 77)- Si quantutn chi (I 573'] : then b, pp. 349- 
528: then c, the l'lutarch and Maximus Tyrius, ith separate titlepages, occupyng 
pp. 529-624: there is no extra titlepage at end. In C (,Lond. 628)the same four 
sections occupy pp. [6] + 1-92 , 93-302, 303-460, 461-548, corresponding closely with 
B in contents. 

I6. St. Paul, sir George. " 259. Oxford. Carmina Funebria 
in Obitum Clarissimi Viri Geor0ii de Sancto Paulo Equitis Aurati C.C.C. 
Oxon. olim Convictoris et ejusd«m 27«nef«cloris mumfici, O.vomv, Jos. 
I]arnesius, 1614" quarto. 

So in the ibliotheca Ileberia»a (Action catalogue of Richard Heber's Library), 
part 6 (,Lond. I835), p. 185: the book suld for 9 s. See I6I 3 C. 

i7. Smith, Samuel. 
Oxon. 16 I 4"' 

" 262. Smith (Sain.) & Brerewoodi 


$o in " Catalogi Librorum I<ichardi Davis bibliopoloe. Pars secunda" (Lond. I656, 
P- 77- No Oxford edition of Smith's .4dilus ad Logicam is at present known, see 
I613. s, I6t 7. s (reff. there), but as the latter is a 3rd edition, there may weI[ have 
been one printed at Oxford in this year, of which no copy has yet found its wav into 
bibliography. Of I3rerewood's Logica there is a London x6t 4 ed., probably alluded 
to in I)avis's Ctalogue above. 

1615 . 

11.] THE OXFORD PRESS. i oi 

Impr. 2: (I615): sm. 4 °. pp. [2]+ 
42 + [2] : p. II beg. like Uessels : Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title: 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 39- 

(3) dedication to Thomas Egerton lord 
Ellesmere, chancellor of the University : 
I-42, the sermon, on Acts x. 34-35- 

z. Benefield, Sebastian. THE } SINNE I AGAINST aHE HOL 1 
GHOST DSCOVERED: [ AND OTHER CHRISTI-]aFI doctrines delivered: I IN I 
TWEL,OE SERMONS VPON PART  Of the tenth Chapter of the Epistle to  the 
Hebrewes. iA, [ SEBaSTIaN BENEFIELD Doclor  DzbDtt' [ and ro- 
fes«our for lhe Lady «]1argard, lin th« I),,z,er«itt» ff Oxron. I [mollo, 

lmpr. 2:I615 : sm. 4": PP-[4] + 181 
+ [3] : P- II beg. hoM on their, 111 The 
writcr of: Fica Roman. Contents :--p. 
(I) title: (3-4) dedication to William 
lord Paget, " From my Study in Corpus 

Christi College in Oxford, March 2.:,. 
I6I 5'': 1-J81, the I2 sermons, on t/eb. 
x. 26-3I : k I-3) " The Table contairing 
the particulers of this booke," an alpha- 
betical index. 

See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 488. The dedication states that the Serinons were 
written "many years" before, and existed in several MS. copies, and thanks lord 
t'aget for benefactions to the Margaret Professor. The Sin ls diacovered to be a 
malicious denial of Christianity. 

3. Brasbridge, Thomas. " Ques/iones hz Ocfiz 21. 7". Ciceroms, 
compcndiart'am /oh'us opuscuh' fi[/omen conl«)zenlcs. Oxon. 1615, oct. 
Dedicated to Dr. Laur. ttumphrey president of Magd. coll. an. 586." 

So in Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 526, cf. Wood's Ifistoria et Antiquitates Sziz,ersitatis 
Oxonicnsis t, Oxon. I674 lib. 2, p. 97. See 59., - 

4-Case, John. 
Oxon. 65" 

" 292 Casus (Joan.)de Sphaera Civitatis 

A doubtful entry in Tho. /3owman's Catalogus librorum (Oxf. 1687) sign. - I*. 

QV.4RT«IL [ Habita in Templo . 3[art Oxon. [ Iunij 250. Ann. Dom. 
1 6 1 2. ] PER Ioxt DaYvt CCaLav-lreum in Theologia, et Collej 
OtLeX-',StS apud Oxonienses Socium. [DZr, O S«C.VO. [et'z,,ke, then 

Impr. I I " 615 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 26 
+ [2] : p. x I beg. dimenlo minim: Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents :p. (I) title: 

(3) Latin dedication, nearly as st ed.- 
(4) "Thema," the text: 1-26, the ser- 
mon : (-2) letter, as  st ed. 

See \Vood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 412. 

This is a reprint with a few changes of 6I 2 D. 

6. . avm's zstt I-fo o. "fo CuvRCn: aS rr ] was publishêd 
in two Serinons I in St hIaRS in I Oxroa. I The One, the /'.)q of 
November, in the Afternoone ] to the Vniversitie, in the Yeare of our 
Lord I God 16o 9. the Olher, on ChristmaslDa.y next following, to the 
Pa-lrishioners of that I place. I [device, then e moltos.] 


Impr. 7 a : 1615 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 
48: p. Il beg. waies but of ton: Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title: (3-8) 
epistle dedicatory to Oriel college and St. 
3Iary's parish, Oxford, signed " Iohn 

Dav": 1-25, the first sermon : 26, quo- 
tatlon from Camden's Annales about 
queen Elizabeth: 7-48, the second 

See \\'ood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 411. This isa reprint of 62 I), but neither isthat fact 
mentioned, nor is the author's name on the title. 

in OXFORD, On the three Chiefe FZSTI-]VLS of the Çeere, CHRISTMAS, 
,,ur SVlOVg ; OyE, the Ho-  GHOST ; Two, the q'wo SA-ICgaXEX'TS; 
The other Six. such l s'eraH DVTIES as belong # ] lhe sevtrall sorls  
,,H CnglSrIXS. ] [da,t?e, then two motlos.] 

Impr. 7 a : 1615 " sm. 4°: pp. [3] + 
35-': P- II beg. the 2Vations of III selfe 
saine Stt's: Pica Roman. Contents:-- 
p. () tltle: (3-7) dedication to Oriel 
college, Oxford: .8' " The Severall Ar- 
guments, with the Severall Texts.. ", 
vith a note: I-6o, six sermons : 

188, short pieces on the Lord's Supper, 
containing a letter to '" Ea." of ,St. Mary's 
parisia dated "Oriel. Coll. March. " 
" Sacred Fragments" (on both Sacra- 
ments and prayers: 89-35 , the six 
last sermons. 

See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 411. The dedication alludes to the circumstances of 
preaching " David's Desire to go to Church,' see 6I 2 D, and foreg, art. 

8. Evans, Edward. OERn. DIERV3I, ! OR, [ TE DA'S XPOXT, ] 
or os oR-. las ? bath beene deh'ered s»me ç'ecres st)tce, al Foure 
S-r-morts, or Lectm'es z'pon one Tevl. z)z Ihe Famotts Içnt,ersi O,  
)XFORD; And st)zce thal h)ne [ somwhal Augmenled; And  now com-[ 
men&d z'nlo All )nes lo be Aug-,menl«d and Amend«d. [ A' I Enwag» 
Evaxs, Preacher and 3Iinister 1 Gods word. l [ 3 moe«os, then wood- 

Iml'r- 7 : ,65: sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ ,8 
+ [3-1 : p. I I beg. tœee ? A nd, I I 1 fo coing. 
/5'y: English Roman. Contents:p. (I) 
title: (3)dedication to the honour of 

Goal : (4) " Faults of Omission and Com- 
mission ..." beg. "Pag. 5- for 6,x)v 
Read, ô,Xrlv": -8I, the four sermons, 
on Ps. xix 2: () 3 mottos. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. I6,q, where a MS. note by Bliss in his own copy shows 
that the author was the Fellow of New College, and that Wood was in error in sup- 
posing otherwise. See next art. 

s ZtBa mWRV.t, I [&c. precisely as foreg, art.] 

Impr. 7 : i615 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + I,I 
+ [3] : P- Il beg. rie? And, III fO corne. 
/;'y: English Roman. Contents:--p. (I 
title: (2-3)dedication to the honour of 
Goal, with words in italic inserted between 

the two parts of the original dedication : 
(4) " Faults of Omission and Commis- 
sion," beg. "Pag. 3 - lin. I For rations" : 
rest as foreg, ait., except 4 mottos, not 3- 

This is a second issue, with some of the text re-set, with additions and alterations, 
as for instance on p. 144 in which the paginal misprint " 134" is corrected, and which 
begins "newes of His Glory," instead of " of Speech more warrantable." 

IO. Hakewill, George. "rHE ] VASITIE o»! c'taï 2rYe, I First 

1015.] THE OA'FORD PIdESS. lo 3 

beganne [&c. exactly as i6o8 H, second edition, except "third" 
" second," "Aulhor" for "Authour," and different woodcuts on ride.] 


Impr. 2: 1615: (twelves)16°: pp. [8] 
+ 17 ° + [24] : p. Il beg. and by conse- 
quence, It I maker ; I : Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (3) title : 5-8, "The Con- 

tents...": I-I7O , the xvork: 
additional quotations and notes for the 
third edition, preceded by an explanatory 

See 1608 H. 
an extra sheet. 

This is a reprint throughout, with the addition of some quotations on 

I I. t/aven. 

" The hauen of the afflicted / Oxon. 16 1 5""" 

A doubtful entry in the Bibliothcca classica.., authore 22L Georo Draudio 
{Francof. I625), 2nd part, p. 269: probably referring to Sebastian Benefield's 
Sermon, x 613, which see. 

2. Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur Du Plessis. 
VPON I THESE WOROS I of Saint 3Iatthew, [ Chap. 
19trus. [ WRITTEN FIRST [ in French by that 
perso-nage, Monsieur Du PLES-',SlS 
English by I. V. ][woodculs.] 

8.1 Tu es 
and learned 

Impr. 2 : x 6I 5 : , twêlve & six" 16o : 
pp. [8]+ 28: p. tt beg. ceaued of Gad: 
Long Primer Roman. Contents:--p. (3) 
title: (5-7) epistle dedicatory to D r 

PrideatLx rector of Exeter college O.', 
"my most respected good Master," signed 
" I. V": i- 28, the homily. 

The "I. V." is supposed to be John Verneuil sublibrarian of the Bodleian, who was 
a Frenchman by binh: bat hê was of Mgdalen and so hot ver), likely to dedicate 
his first work to the head of another college. The collocation of this work and 
another translation of Mornay (I612 M) in a 13odleian volume suggest the possibility 
of the saine person being translator of both. 

13- Powell, Gabriel. " Prodromus. A Logical Resohdion of 
flrs! Ch«pler of lhe pisl. of St. ])aul lo lhe Rom. Lond. i6oo. Ox.  602. 
oc .... Printed there again in Lat. 615. oct. Theological and Scho- 
lash'cal ]oszh'ons conce m)zg UsurA'.--Pr. with l)rodromus. '' 

So in Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 25, perhaps dubious. 

14. Prayer, book of Common. LIBER I PRECV.[ I PVBLICARV.M I 
ix vsv.i rcci.r-lsioe Chathedralis Chri-lsli Oxon. [woodculs.] 

Impr.  I : 6 5 : (eights) 6" : pp. 
[4o] + 24o + [16] : p. I beg. fllioe Sion, 
II z2..A'am liberabil : Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (1) ride: (3-4o) Matutinoe 
preces, Vespertinoe preces, Letania, hot 
In full: 1-24o, the Psalms, in Latin: 
(1-69 Special prayers, " Pro officio totius 
Ecclesioe m Communi," "Pro Rege," 
"Tempore Pestilentiab" " Pro docili- 
See 1639t', 166o, 676, 1689, I726, 

tare," " Gratioe. Ante cibum" and "Po»t 
cibum": (ï) the versicle and response 
still used at Ch. Ch. after the Anthem, a 
prayer for the King and a commemora- 
tion of HenD" viii, founder of Ch. Ch., 
all in Latin: (9-I6) Psalms 43, 4, 7, 
I 9 (part), I33, 15o, in Latin rhyming 
verse, perhaps a separate piece of print- 
all which editions differ in the details of 

contents, and the 1639 ed. is entitled " Liber Psalmorum et precum..." It ma), be 
noted that the signatures and paging constitute the Psalms a separate book, whereas 
the Stationers' Company had obtained in 16o 3 a monopoly of printing the Psalms, 
confirmed in 161 . 

10 4 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1616. 

1.5. Prideaux, dr. John. [woodcul] [ CHRISTS I COVXSrLL. _ fOR 
EX-]DIXG LAW CaS. I ,4S ,rT HA T/¢ B/r/rE /?EL:/ZE-Ired in two bermons 
vpon the 251h I \ erse of the 5 th of Matthew. I BY ] Jom, PRIDEaUX 
1)Oclor Of 1)l"Z, infly and [ 2?ec/or of Exceter ¢olledge. I [mo/îo, then 


Impr. 2: x615: sm. 4": PP- []÷58: [ Roman. Contents:p. () title: 1-26, 
p.  beL. Tremelius notes: English [ 27-58, thesermons. 

See 1636 v. 

I6. [Sanderson, Robert. LOGICzX AR-ITIs CO,]I"PE.VDIV,]I. 
quo Vniversoe artis Synopsis, methodo ac for-lmâ ad Scholarum vsum, 
quàm fieri I potuit, accommodatissi-,mâ breviter pro-lponitur. 
z,a/am nomzullorum grah'am [ " z,l[h/a/em /anl[sper e&'-I/um, 
lbh'niora l ma/uruerinl. I [woodcms.] ' 

/mpr.  : 615: (eights) I6°: pp. [SI 
+ 3 o + [Appendixes, see below]  4 + 
[4]'- P-Il beL. ossunl. Individua: III 
tut auferendo: Pica Roman. Con- 

tents:p. () title: (3-6 " Elenchus 
capitum" : (7-8) "Admonitio ad Lec- 
torero": -23o , the Compendium, in 
three parts. 

Very rare. See Wood's .4th. Oxon., iii. 626. See x61Ss (2nd. ed., reprinted in 
Sanderson's Works, vol. 6, x63 s (3rd), x64o s (4th), 1657 (sth3, x664 t6th), 
(Tth), 167-" (Sth), 6So (gth), no date (oth, aceording to dr. Jacobson, Sanderson's 
editor), and x7o7, x74 I, '4, 854 (in Sanderson's \Vorks, Oxf. 1854 , vol. 6. Cf. 
16o2 s. The Admonitio deelares that the Appendixes are not ready and must be 
omitted. There is no clue to the author in the book. The only copy I have seen (in 
Queen's College Libral3", Oxford) bas the Appendixes of the second edition bound 
with it, so possibly they were pfinted in rime to be issued with some copies. 

7. harpe, Lionel, archdeacon of Berkshire. 
ISTRrn Ix [ the Visitation of the Right Worshipfull 1 
Arch-ldeacon of Barkesh/re, in /he .yeare ] of our 

Lord God. I6I. I 

Impr. 4: I615: sm. 4°: pp. [I2, 
signn. A  B: sign. B r beL. at mornDg: 
Pica English. Contents :sign A * 

title : A 2r-B 2 r, 5I articles : 
oath of the Church-wardens." 

I3 2 v, '" The 

i8. Wake, Isaac. 
2nd ed., except "Aug." 
" AB Isaaco \VaKE , 

REX PL.XTONICVS: I [&C. exactly as ,607 w, 
for "Aug ", " An." for " Anno.", ".v.A 2":0/' 
e-lmendah'or," and "Tertia " for " Secunda."] 

Impr. I3 c : 165 : t.twelves) 16 ° : pp. 
[8] + 224+[20]: p. I1 beg. millgllll ]7le- 
moriam, I I I cumato irrzttott : Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :--as  60 7 w., 
end ed., except "3 Cal. Jul." in dedi- 

cation, and in 2nd titlepage " HABI-ita," 
"beatoe ] ," "ACADE-[mioe," "'îMis," "îa- 
rcnta-'.rent.", and the Oration is (6-9) , 
and dated  6 5. 

This is a reprint verbatim but not literatim. Cf. 16o7 w., 2nd ed. 


I. Advice. [woodcut]l'ruE I Am'ISt o1 la SOXXE, xovv PrO- I 
FES$ISG TttE RELIGI-IOS ESTABLISHED IX I the present Church of England, I 
Io Ms deare 3[olh, r, yet a/eo-lman Catholike. ] [dez,ice.] 

1610.] THE OA'FORD PRESS. ] o 

Impr. 2 : 66: sm. 4" : PP- [2] + 38 : 
p. tf beg. anszoere, that: English P.o- 

man. Contents:mp. (:) title: I-38, the 

A controversial discourse against Roman Catholicism. 

z. Bailey, Walter. rttv[xr<r.,x'rsEslcoxcvRx.a[the Preser- 
nation of [ EV.-stan'r. ] The first written by Do-',ctor 13aiLv sometimes 
of Ox-iford: the other collected I out of ¢aose ¢wo fa,,,o,s I Physicions 
F_g-v.Ltvs [and Rior.axvs. [ [dez,z?e.] 

Impr. 34 : 616 : (eights) .o : pp. [8] 
+ 64 : p. i beg. 3'eeld ingo" Pica Roman• 
Contents:--p. (3) title: (5-7)"'Fo the 
Reader," a preface by I[_ohn] B[_arnes] : 
I-24, " A breefe Treatise concerning the 

preseruation of the eye sight": 5-6, 
"A Treatise of the principall diseases of 
the eyes, gathered out of Fernelius an,1 
iohn Riolamus Doclors of lhisicke. '' 

See Wood'sAlh. Oxon., i. 586 and 16oa , for the first treatise. Johannes Fernelius 
and Johannes Riolanus the elder, both French physicians, died in I558 and 16o9 re- 
speetively, but neither wrote a special treatise on eyesight. The preface is no doubt 
by John Bames and alludes to the worh and undeserved obscurity of I3ailey's work. 
The whole book with the possible exception of the titlepage, was printed in London, 
the woodcuts being quite unknown at Oxford. Even the arms of the University on 
the titlepage are re-cut on wood. The first treatise is only a reprint, Dr. Bailey 
having died in 59 z, and the whole book, preface and ail, was reprinted at London in 

Impr. I : : :616 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [I6] + 
"452" (440-443 are omitted in the num- 
bers of pages) + [8] + "453 "-" 645 ''+ 
[3] : P- Il beg. mi, qttibtts ait, III Aslro- 
lO,.gtt»t, 501 sttm est [llttd: English Ro- 
man. Contents :p. (I) title : (3-8) 
Eistola dedicatoria to sir Henry Wallop, 
dated " Ex Musoeo nostro Aldingtonae" 
25 Jan. 16t 5 i.e. :61{- (9-to) "Ad lec- 

torem": (II-16) list of chapters in books 
I- 3: 1-45a, the work, bks. t-3 : 
dedieation of bk. 4 to dr. Arthur Lake 
warden of New College, Oxford, dated 
"Ex Musoeo nostro Aldingtonç I Feb. 
165 " i.e. 16I} : ç6-8) list of chapters 
in bk. 4: 453-640, the work, bk. 4: () 
" Errata... & praetermissa. " 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 32 î, the biography in which appears to be largely founded 
on the prefaee to this book. The first edition of bks. -3 is tIeiddberg :6  , the pre- 
face dated 16o 9. There is a reissue of the sheets of the present edition Errata and all) 
"Londini, apud Johannem Billium. Anno I6t7," the titlepage alo/ae being newly 
printed and the old one torn off. The 4th and 5th books were published at Leyden 
in I622, and ail reprinted in the 9th volume of the Critici Sacri (,Lond. 166o). 

4. Godwin, Thomas. ro.axm HISTORIJE AXTHOLOGIA ] [t.C. 
I " "and I divers," "For the use of'" 
exactly as  614- G, except "Eng- lisb, 
(not italic) : and after " Schoole" is added [ " Editio Secunda." [ ] 

Impr. 2: 6:6: sm. 4" PP-[8]+ 
+ [19]: p. II beg. ved in the treasurie, 
 cerise the people : Pica Roman. Con- 

tents :exactly as :6 4 G, except " Ca- 
lend." and " Godvvinus." 

] 06 THE OWFORD PI?ESS. [1010. 

See 164 G., of which this is a verbatim and almost panatim, but not literatim, 

5. Godwin, Thomas. SYNOPSIS I ANTIQVITAT,I Hr-'tbraicarum, 
'usque Testamenti valde I necessaria. 1,4D F,4C,rL,r. 
ad explicationem vtri- I 
vsv. I A,«ehore [ Tro.a GODWINO lin A,'/. 3[agis/fo. i [dez, ice.] 

Impr. 1 : 166: sm. 4: pp. [8]+ I9o 
+ [IO]: p. Il beg. illic loti, lit - inter 
semot : English Roman. Content» :--p. 
(I) title : (3-4) dedication to James Mon- 
tague bp. of Bath & Well», dated "Oxon. 

pridie Iduum Januarij": (5-6) " Lectori 
• • -": (7) a table of the divisions" l-X9o, 
the xvork : () Comparative table of He- 
brew and English Coins: (3-9)" Index 
rerum et verborum maxime insignium." 

See Wood's Ath. O.ron., iii. 52, and 1613 G note. The author ,,vas chaplain to the 
bp. of Bath and Wells. The e]oses ci Maron of the same author (Lond. 625 and 
often) covers some of the same ground, but is a distinct work and in English. 

6. [Nixon, Anthony. 1 "r: I DIGNITIE I OF MAN, I Both I IX THE 
faculties in the disposition of the one: as the[ Senses and Organs, in 
the composi-]tion of the other. By :¢. A I [a;,e, then dez,t;ce with woodculs, 

Impr. 35" 616: sm. 4°: pp. [S] + 
x-'5 + [3]: P- II beg. Q. How are, III Q. 
lI'hat is the: English Roman. Con- 
tents:--pp. (x-) [not seen]: (3) title" 

(5-7) dedication to William Redman of 
Great Shelford, sigmed N. A. : I-125, the 
work: (1-3) [not seen.] 

\rery rare. This book is questions and answers on almost every subject concerned 
with man's body and mind. Not a line of it was printed at Oxford, the woodcuts and 
type differ from Oxford ones, and even the device, which is like the smaller Oxford 
Amas of the University, is from a different block. The British Museum catalogue 
supplies the author's name. 

TED I.VTO E.VGLISH, I BY I ]ARTEN [-IoLYBY [r Of Arts, l and Student 
of Christ-Church [z)z O.rford. l[motlo ] [ The second hnpressîon. [ 

Impr. 2 : 1616 : (eights) 12°: pp. [72], 
signn, a-D* E t" sign. u 4 " beg. f)issolud 
vnto : Long l'rimer Roman. Contents: 
sima. A I " title : A 2"-A 5 r, " To the 
Reader": a 5"-B I", Complimentary letter 

from John Ley, and verses by John Wall 
and others:  V-E ', the translation, 
with a few notes: E ...'-E 3", " An apo- 
strophe of the translatour to his Authour 
]gcrsitts," &c. 

See Wood's At,. Oxo,z., iii. 523 . The first edition seems to be unrecorded. There 
are London editions of 161î, 1635, and 165o: and Oxf. 1673. Some edition of this 
book was entered at Stationers' tlall by John Barnes on 14 Nov. 6x6, and another by 
William Antndel, by John Barnes's consent on 29 Mar. 1617. 

8. Robinson, Itugh. ")greces. Written for the use of the 
children of Winchester school in Lat. and Engl. Grammalicah'a quce&zm, 
in Lat. and Engl. Anliquce I-[istori Synopsis. Ail vhich were printed at 
Oxon. 16 i6. in a large oct." 

So Wood's Alh. Oxon. iii. 395. 

1017.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 1 o7 

Impr. 36 : 1617- sm. 4 °: pp. [162, 
signn. A * B: sign. B if beg. aço3pa" ccd 
" ign 
on : Pica Greek. Çontents :--s . A If 

title : A 2", dedication to English people 
in Greek : A 2r-B 2 r, the work-. 3 2", a 
woodcut, see below. 

Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxopz., ii. 633 , and the next art. Two very rude vood 
engravings illustrate the text, one on slgn. A 4  depicting the tortures inflicted on 
Angelus by the Turks, the other (sig.  4 ) possibly an emblematic figure representing 

. . [woodcu[] ] CnmSTOPHVi a.XGV.LL,--a Grecian, who 
tasted of many[ stripes and toents inflicted by the[Turkes for 
the faith which he I had in Christ Iesus. , , 

Impr. 36 : 1617 : sm. 4": PP- [I6], 
signn. r: sign. t x r beg. m,«h in debt: 
Pica Roman. Contents :--sign.. " title : 

a 2", dedication to England " A 2-g 3 , 
the work:  4 r, a woodcut, see below. 

Rare. See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 633, ,6x8 A, and preceding art., of which thi 
is a translation, in good Eglish. The saine two engravin oeeur as in the Greek 
text, on signa. A 4  and B 4 r. 

3- Duck, Arthur. [7.£]OOdCld.]IVITX I HENRICI [ CHICHELE I ARCHI- 

Impr. II : 1617: sm. 4°: pp. [2]+ 
lo8 + [4] : p.  beg. liccntur etiam : 
English Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title: 

1-108, the Lire: (I) account of the 
sources of the Life: (3  " Errata." 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 58. The Life was reprinted in [Bates's] Iïl, e Sel«c- 
lorttnt.., vb'orum, Lond. 681, p. 1: and an English translation was published at 
London in 1699. This Life of the founder of Ail houls contains some solid historical 
matter, with a few documents, borne copies want the Errata. 

¢ obscu,'e and««u]Z places ¢ hob, 16?m}/u,-« , and r«mcd&s 
them. [ By Iox HAL, I FELLOW OF ETOS ¢OLLE9GE, [ and Regz?s Pro- 
fissour of the Greeke  tone in the Vniversitie lof Oxford. [[/che: 
then devt?e: then 

Impr. 36 : 1617 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [2] + 41 [ Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 1-41 , 
+ [I]: p. I beg. monly they: English I the sermon, on 2 Pet. iii. 16. 

For the author see Wood's Ath. O.ron., iii. 409. This sermon was reprinted in 
Hales's Golden Remains (Lond. 1659 &c.), with others. The text, outer margin and 
headlines of every page are within bounding lines. 

5. Hutchins, Robert. S ; ' 
tat,oners Register, ed. Arber, iii. 654 
" 7 ° Augusti I6 9. John Barnes. Entled for his copie by order of a 


Court A short Catech[sme made bv ROBERT HUTCHINS which was the 
copie of Joseph Barnes his ffathérs... "-'" 
vj-, assigned to John Wright 
the same dav. This Catechism cannot be later than I617, in which year 
Joseph 13arnes ceased printing, nor before 16o 5 when John Wright began 
to publish : but I find no other notice of the book or author. 

6. Jackson, Thomas. NAZARETH AND BETHLEHE31, [OR, [ ISRAEL'S [ 
Il EAA-ER SEA'E. ! Tl'l'O SER3IOVS PREACHED /V]S t 3Iaryes Church in 
Oxford. ] m" ! Tnoxas Iacsox, Bachelour of Divinitie, and [ Fellow of 
Corpus Christi College ] ,h O.xford.  [mollo, then woodculs.] 

Impr. 38: I6, 7 : sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ 75 
+[,]: p. xt beg. returne to: English 
Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title: (3-4't 
dedication to James Montague bp. of 
Winchester, dated " from my study in 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 668. 
bounding lines. 

Corpus Christi College... Septemb. 6. 
I67"" -37, the first sermon, on Jer. 
x.,c.xi..'I-2 : 38-75 , the second, on Gal. 
iv. 4-5- 

The text, outer margins and headlines are within 

7- M[orrice ?], T[homas ?] DIGESTA [ qCHOLASTICA, I IN 6RATIA3I 
yaost,,/o," 3Zeh-ica con/ineL l Per T. 31. 

Impr. 37: I6, 7 " (eights) ,2°: pp. 
[4]+5.+,27+[1]: pp. NI beg. im?ctu 
and lse Perillœeeo, I t I l't 2hts " Long, 
l'rimer Roman• Contents :--p. (,) title: 

(3 " ad lectorem "' : 
I-{2, the first part- 

(4) the contents: 
,-I 27, the second 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 2;" 2. 
for school use. 

The book consists of adages and extracts suitable 

Impr. 37: *6*7: sm. 4°: pp. [8o , 
signn. A-Kt: sima, n I r beg. lïs rcstitula: 
English Roman. Contents :sign. ». I r 

title : A I " "Iacobi patriarchoe cum Iacobo 
comparatlo, a poem" a 2rK4 r 
rege " " 
the poetns : K 4", " Conclusio," a poem. 

Congratulatory poems by members of the Uuiversity of Oxford, on the occasion of 
the return of James  from a short visit to Scotland. Ail are in Latin except two 
Greek and two French: one is acrostic, and one in the shape of an altar, tan the 
title is a rough wood engraving of an altar v, ith tire, beariug tlae words rgEO REDVCI :. 

• Smith, Samuel. ai)a-vs [ ai)[ i_oica.. ! In vsum eorum qui 
9 - 
3laff/sZro. l [h'ne] l E, ditio çertia. I [woodcu,s.] 

Impr. I3 c : ,6, 7 : (twelves) I6o : 
+ 204 + [2] + 2 unpaged tables, see be- 
low: p. II beg. ]ertio Ge-, II ctivam 
habet : Long Primer Roman. Con- 
tents :p. (1) title : I-2o4, the work, in 
 books, x ith txvo sm. 4 ° leax-cs unpaged 

inserted at pp. 3-'-3 and 42- 3, printed on 
one side only with logical divisions of 
Substantia and Qualitas respectively :  I) 
" Leetoribus . " 
• . , a deprecation of 

1618.] THE OXFORD PRESS. I o 9 

For the author see Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. z-3. This is the tiret known Oxford 
edition: see 6 3 s, 64 s., I6t8 s., I627 s., I633s., 639 s., 684. There i» also 
a London ed. of x6. . 

I O. Terry, John. auî I .SESO,'VIEXESSE OF B'ISE AND [holy 
truth: and the absurditie I oSfoolish and wicked ] rrour. i[/wo /ex/s, 
then device.] 

Impr. 36: I617: sm. 4°: pp. [4]+38 
+ [2]: p. ii beg. able so: Pica Roman. 
Contents :top. (I) title : (3-4) dedication 

to Arthur Lake, bp. of Bath and Wells: 
*-38, the sermon, on John xvii. 7- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 4Io. 

 ,. W., R., of tIart Hall, Oxford. "x]Ar O,.fesls concrniç Pofles, 
dIon/,'es and ff rA'ers translated out of Ffrench by R. W. Bachelour of Arts 
of H[arts]. H[all]. in Oxon." 

So in Arber's Transcri]t ofthe Stationcrs" A'egister, as a book of Joseph Barnes's, 
entered at Stationers" Hall 26 Feb.  6z by John Barnes. It must have been printed 
between x585 and I617 inelusive, probably after 6IO. 

I. Angelus, Christophorus. {WOOt](ll[]ICHRISTO-IPHER ANGELL, 
A GRECIAN, WHO TA ]sted of many stripes and tor-lments inflicted by the 
:r,,,-»««j» u,<,S<,,,,æ I ,,,',,d, k« s,<,a ,,, I c,,,,««/ Ses,c. I *** i [«<««]. 

Impr. 39: 68: sm. 4°: pp. [6], 
signn. ,-B' : sign. I I r beg. much in debt: 
Pica Roman. Contents :sign. A I" title: 

A 2 r, dedieation to England : A 2"-B 3", 
the work:  4", a woodcut, see below. 

Very rare : for the author see \' ood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 633. Dr. Bliss in his copy of 
Angélus, now in the Bodleian, suggests that this edition was worked off without the 
Greêk when Angelus betook himself to travel about the country. It is a reprint 
almost literatim of a617 A. Angelus was in Oxford, according to I)r. I;liss, from 
Whitsuntide 6IO to about Easter I618, and died t Feb. 63-$. The second woodcut 
is a new and rather more elaborate one than in the I6 î issue, but not more intel- 
ligible, and is enclosed in an oral frame : the first (on sign. A 4 ) is unchanged. 

Angell, (i)  
o Mar. 617 

ail in English. 

[Letters testimonial to the good behaviour of Christopher 
(3) from the University of Oxford, o lIay i6io and 
( 6  ?), and (_) from the bp. of Salisbury  5 Aug.  6 6, 

Probably printed at Oxford in 
.one) la. 8°: pp. [2]: p. I beg. " [wood- 
cuts] The bearer hercof Christoher 

g«ll": Pica Roman. 
the testimonials. 

Contents :--p. (5 

Very rare. 

3. Butler, Charles. "]dhelort'cce Lt'rt" duo, 'quorum prior «te 
Tropis J" Fiffuris, posl«rt'or de Iroce " Gestu prcecipil, &c.' Oxon.  6 1 8, 
the 4th edit .... qu." 

So Wood's Ath Oxon., iii. Io : see Supplement 159 8 B: and I6oo B. 

I I o TItlZ OXFORD PRESS. [1{119. 

4. Farrear, Robert. 
• ' 
C. Ç)xon. 1618. oct. in 

"' A brief Direclion to lhe French Tongue, 
the title of which book he wrote himself M.A." 

So Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 278. 

5. Panke, John. COZZECrvEA. [ Ovr Or[st CROORV [ ŒEn 
T, I I Æ  »'-»  I «m, «g»,s/« P«i««  ««-I 
hcre lo /he doc/r)ze OE Che ?res,»z I Church  Rome, t)t lhe most funda- 
m«nlaHpoz/s bclweene lhem [and vs. ][mollo, then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 39: I6I,q: (eights) 12°: pp. 
[22] + I I3 + [I ] ; p. II beg. which iy 
Sathans, Iii quod accepistis: l'ica I<o- 
man. Contents :p. (1) ride : (3-21) 
Epistle dedicatofie to George Churehowse, 

mayor of "New Sarum" and the cor- 
poration, dated "from the Close at 
5arun this 24 çunij'. z6«8," signed "John 

Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 274. This tract was reprinted at Salisbury in 835, in 
gvo, with the title "Romanism condemned by the Chureh of Rome, or Popery con- 
.. " with the spelling modernized. 
victed.., lly the Rev. John l'anke . , 

6. Sanderson, Robert. LOGIC.'E 1. ARTIS COMPEN-[D/'V,L [ SECVNDA 
HaC rDi-tione recognitum, duplici ] Append/ce auclum,  pub-lb'ci iuris 
fi,ctumlà ROB. SaXDERSOX Col-lej Lincolniensis in al-[md Oxonnsi 

Impr. 4 ° : 1618 : (eights) 12 ° : pp. [8] 
+ 232 + 124 + [4] : pp. II beg. possunl. 
/n,tividua and sed ij jérO : III lur aufe- 
rendo and margine eculiari : l'ica Ro- 
man. Contents :-- p. (1) title: (3-7) 

" Elenchus capitum": 1-23-', the work, 
in three part: : 1-87, the first Appendix, 
De usu Logicoe : 89-1 24, the second Ap- 
pendix, Miscella : (1) Errata typogra- 

See Wood's Alh. Oxon., ii. 626, and 1615 S. 

Impr. 41 : 1618: (twelves) 16o : pp. 
[2] + 9-05 + [1] + 2 unpaged tables, see 
below: p.  beg. «rli8 Ge-, Iii cliam 
ha&l: Long Primer Roman. Contents : 

p. (I) title : 1-2o5, the work, with two 
sm. 4" leaves, as in the 3rd ed. : 
" Leetoribus " 

Sec 1617 s of which this is a slightly corrected reprint. 


I. Bede, Jean. THE ] Z, ASSE ' 
by Mr Jonc»,- BEDE, advocate tollhe Parliamenl of Paris, and[now 
e#«,,sZ«e,d ,>,/o I z',,g, mh. I [,,,ou0, then d«z,ic«]. 

Impr. 39: 1619" sm. 4°: pp. [16]+ 
112: p. Il beg. signi_fl«lh la, III 
sntall: Pica Roman. Contents :--p. (3) 

title : (5-16) " The P,eface to the 
Reader", signed " E. C." : I-I 12, the 

1610.] THE OXFORD PRESS.    

This is a translation of" La Messe en François, exposée par 3I. Iean Bedé Angevin 
•.. ", Geneva, 61o, 8 °. The translator may be Edward Chaloner, as suggested in the 
Bliss Sale Catalogue, for whom see Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 377. 

2. Bernard, 
PoPulO»tE: I o1 A 
truth t)H LALETHES, 
proued, That leter 

ImFr-43: 1619: sm. 4": PP- [1o]+ 
68 + i unpaged sheet, see belov + ['_z] : p. 
J I beg. Christs ITcar: Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (J) title: {5-6) dedication 
to drs. Gc, odwin, Ih-ideaux and Benefield, 
dated " Batcombe April .  619," signed 
"Richard 13emard": (7-8) "To the 
Reader", date signed " B.B :" 

(9-o) "A summarie of the reasons, 
prouing Peter neuer to haue beene at 
Rome": 1-68, the work: after p. 68 a 
large folded folio pfinted sheet, printed on 
one side only, " A short chronographicall 
description...", sigaed B.B.' and with 
impr. 43- Pp. (-2) (7-8) are an addi- 
tion, wanting in some copies. 

3- Crakanthorp, Richard. 
[mollo, then woodcu[s.] 

olim Collegij Reginoe [ Oxon. Socio. [ 

Impr. 40 : 16I 9: (eights) I2o : pp. 
[16] - 96 : p. 1 beg. di modztm : Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :--p. (3) title, 
within a border: 1'-8) "Ad studiosos 
Academi,"e Oxoniensîs alumnos," dated 

" Oxon. è Collegio Reginæ. Decemb. 7. 
16I 9 ", signed " Guiliel. Richardson " : 
(9-i 2) "Lectori benevolo," signed " R. 
C[rakanthorp]": (3-6) " Index ca- 
pitum et rerum ...": 1-96, the work. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 362. The Œuthor seems to have allowed Richardson to 
take the book ttrough the press, but to bave revised and prepared it himself. 

Impr. 42 : 1619: (eights) I2": pp. 
[ J 2-1 + 1 unpa,-d sh,et + 144 + [I 2] : p. 
Il beg. Tractagus de. tir rantiae suc: 
Long Primer English. Contents:--p. 
1) title : (3-4) dedication to bp. Arthur 
Lake, dated " Oxonij  Coll. Wad. Kal. 
Martij. 618 [ Mar. 161]", signed 

"Alexander Huish": (5-6) "Lectori..." 
by Huish • (7-1o') "Index capitum...": 
after p. (12) is a folded obl. sm. 4 ° sheet 
containing a conspectus of the work, 
pfinted on one side only: I " Prooe- 
mmm "'. 2-I44. the work, in 4 bks. : 
(I-12) "Index rerum et verborum." 

Sec Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 207, and 1624 ve, 1651 re. Fiavel died in Nov. 1617, a 
Huish a co-collegiau issued this volume from notes of Flavel's pupils, preparing and 
editing them as he thought best. 

Trie m-ices of Oxford, in the first Visitation lof the Right Reverend 
Father [in God, Iohn Bishop [ of O.tford. [ ««zD [ In the yeare of our 


Lord God 1619. in the seuen-'teenth yeare of the Raigne of our most 
gratious Sove-',raigne Lord, Iames, by the grace of God, King [ of Great 
]rillaine, Z'rance, and Ireland, Defender of the I Faith: &c. and of 
Scotland]the three & fiftieth. I [d,ice.] 

Impr. 44: I619: sm. 4": PP- [16], 
signn. A-B " siffn. B I r beg. tarents 
,twcll : Pica English. Contents :--sign. 
A I" title : .« I v ,, The Oath ministred 

to the Churchwardens...', and " The 
Charge of the Churchwardens . . ."-. 
A 2r-B 3 r, the articles : B 3", a further 

6. Mandevill, Robert. TI31OTHIES [ TSlr: I ox ["4 CHmsrzAx 
SA-CARD, [ guid)zg through 1 coastes o a fleaceable con-',sance Io a fleace 
conslanL and a [ Crvne Dnmorlall. [ Wherein I. Pastors are put in minde 
of their [ double dutie, and how to discharge it. . Personall, las 
watchful men. z. Ptorall. as faithful xatch-lmen. II. True doctrine is 
advanced. III. Tradi-tions discountenanced, & their rancour discovered. ] 
assemMes al Carliel!, oul  wo seuerall, hul lable 
h two 'nodoll ' " 
5?rzmres. Th   Timoth. 4. 16. and[ thal  Acles 20. 8. I Sce 
concorporate, and couched with augmentation [ vnder their prime Head: [ 
BY[ ROnEgT 3IAxDEVlLL, someh)nes  Queenes Colledge [ )t, and 
Preacho"  Gods wo,d al[ Abb9'-hoh h Cumberland. [ [lext, then 

Impr. 45 : 1619 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 64 : 
p. II beg. but A-usquam : Pica Roman. 
Content» :p. (I title : (3) dedication to 
the University, signed " Rob. Magnade- 
villa": 5-7) dedicatory Epistle to dr. 

William Goodvin, dated " In Coll: 
Regin:... 8 Idus Julij . . . MDCXIX," 
signed "Tho: Vicars": 8) two laudatory 
Iatin poems" 1-64, the discourse, on 
I Tim. iv. 16, ending with a chronogram. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 251. Vicars published the book, the author having died 
in 1618. 

7- Oxford, University. AcademKe O.VOll'etlSl'S [ FVNEBRIA [ SACRA. [ 
.ETERN-E MEMORI2E SERENISSI312E Rr:GIXmI :,,.meor.vrzssmz .vo.v. 
.xc.oellaCO 3Iagnoe Britannioe, Fran-lcioe, & Hibernioe Res &c. 
De-,sideratissimoe Sponsoe, ] DcaTa. 

Impr. 42: 1619: sm. 4": PP-[144], 
signn. A-S': sign. B I r beg. Quoe solita, 
r i • Et obruemus : English Roman. 
Contents :sign. A I r title : A 2 r, dedica- 

toi 3, Latin poem to King James i : ..x 2"- 
s ", the poems : s 2r-s 3 r, " Ad ... re- 
gem conclusio" 
• . . , a poem. 

" all in Latin except 
Poems on the death of queen Anne of Denmark,  3Iar. 6I-ff. 
8 Greek and 3 Hebrew : there are also chronograms, anagrams and an acrostic. 

8. Rainolds, John. "The sure of a conference" &c. Oxon. 
 6  9, fol. So in Wood's Alh. O.ron., ii.  93,  6  9 being an error for 

9. Rawlinson, John. ,-n'aT REX. !.4 I SER,O.X I'r,,..çCD l aT 
Pat'LS CROSSE OX TH I day of his Maiesties happie inau-t,ration, 
l[arch 24 o. I 1614"  A,ld n n« çubhd, )" occasbn  HI  laie 
(no lesse ha?py) recoz'eo'.  By I. JoHx. RAIXOX. ._ . Dr of Dixinit -), and [ one 
of his Iaiesties Chaplaines [n Ordnary. [ [h?e, mollo, h?oe, zvoodculs.] 

16.o.] THE OXFORD PEESS. 1 1.3 

Impr. 39: 1619: sm. 4": PP-[6]+4o dedication to the King: (6) University 
+[2]: p. Il beg. But let )im: Pica arms: I-4O , the sermon, on I Sain. x. 
Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title: (3-5) 24. 
See Wood's Aih. Oxon., il. 5o6. Page I shows that the ordinary length of a Paul's 
Cross sermon was two hours. 


. Day, John. »A¥'s Isca.T I O.V I DAvms PS.L.,S: I O. }A 
Commentar_y vpon the Pst/ter, as it is vsually ]rend throughout the 
Yeere, at A[or-[n/»g, and uem)tg Prayer. [ And First, [ Of the First 
Eigh! Psalmes, appointed to be read, [ the l;'irsî Day of the Afon«!h. [ 
[dez'ice, then 3 mo!los.] 

Impr. 39: 162o: sm. 4°: pp. [4o-[+ 
222: p. II beg. hot Dt lhese, III   Des- 
lroy thou: l'ica Roman. Cntents :p. 
(x) ride: (3-8) Epistle dedicatory to 
archbp. Abbot, signed '" John Day": 

(9-4o) " To the reader": 1-22o, the 
work, on Ps. t-8 : 221-222, " To the 
reader", on the author's orthog'raphy, 
with Errata. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., il. 4 2. The introduction contains some auto-biographical 
rentrer, and treats of "Our Lady's Psalter." 

2. Du Moulin, Pierre. a SERMON I PREACHED [ BEFORE THE 
KhX'GS ] IalESTY at Grcemvich the 1 5. of lune. 6I 5. ] 2v" ] Iaster 
PETER du IOVLX, one of the Preachers I of Gods Word in the Church 
of Paris, and I newly translated out of French into I English, by I. V. 
Accor&)tg fo the Coty printed ai Charenton I y Paris. x6zo. 

Impr. 46 : I62o : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 35 
+ Ix ] : p.  beg. fo certaine fishes : Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 
(3) dedieation to the Curators of the 

Bodleian, signed " Iohannes Vemulius, 
Bodleianoe Bibliothecoe hypobibliothe- 
carius " the translator : 1-35 , the sermon, 
on Rom. i. 16. 

See Wood's ..tth. Oxo,t., iii. 22I, 
within bounding lines. 

The text, margin and headline of each page are 

3" Godwin, Thomas. go.LxmHISTORI]ANTttOLOGIA. 
IIAXE AND ENGLIH  Offices are parallel'd, and [ divers obscure Phrases  
Explained. [ BY [ THOStAS Gomvx J[/er  Arts. For the vse of 
Amnox Schoole. [ Editio Tertia. 

Impr. 48 : 1620 : 12 °? 

For the author see Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 51: see 1614 G. Only "known at 
present from references in I Tth cent. catalogues and from a titlepage in the Bagford 
Collections at the British bluseum (463. h. 3, no. 546), but it is hot likely to be really 

4. Goffê, Thomas. oga'rm I FVXEBIIS ] H:,BITA IN ECCLESlA] 
Cathedrali Christi Oxon I in Obitum vifi omni œevo dig-l, nissimi I 
GVLIEL3II [ GooIVVlX islius ]cclesice D,'cani, S. [ Th.eol. Doctoris. lA. 
To. GolFE Arffum ]la-lgistro ex zEde Chrt'stL I [dev,ce]. 


 14 THE OXFORD PRESS. [109.1. 

Impr. 40: 162o: sm. 4": PP. [I2], 
signn. A' B 2- sign.  I » beg. fecit ot«ra- 
tiones: English Roman. Contents :-- 

sign. A I r ride : A 2 r 
A 3r-B z v the oration. 

"Ad Lectorem" : 

Sec \, ood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 463- Goodwin died I I June 1620. A second edition of 
this year is simply a reissue of the sheets with an identical tiflepage adding only 
"Editio Secunda," in a separate line after "«Ede Christi." 

BIBLIOTHV.CA f BOILl,r,'a omnium Librom.  Linarum & Scientiarum 
genere I refertissimâ , sic compositus; [ vt I An solum ubht per 
ur@am It&'crsam ibhblhe-c&, scd cirière Pral/s «][usœeeis, ah)qe 
ad Calaloffum ] Zzrorum coandum z,sui esse ?ossZ I Accessit Appendix 
Librorum, qui vel ex munificentiâ aliorum, I vel ex censibus Bibliothecoe 
recens allati sunt, [ Auctore Toa Ia S. Th. I Doctore, ac nuper 
Proto-]Bibliothecario ] O.rom?nsL I O:e,-,3 z,sum ac vEhTa/«m, r«fa:«b I 

Impr. 42, adding "Impensis tlodlêi- 
anis" : 16.o : Ceights) sm. 4" : PP- [ 16] 
+ 539+ [I] + 36: p. Il beg. Albcrtus 
.)ttX, III Somnium mayni : Long l'rimer 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title: (3-4) 

I dedication to the King, prince Charles, 
&c. : (.5-14) '" Prooemium . . . ," dated 
3o June 162o: 1-539, the catalogue in 
alphabetical order: 1-36 , " Appendix ad 
[ catalogum priorem." 

Thi i» a new edition of I6o 5 , arranged in one alphabetical order of authors' 
names. The l'roeonum contains much information about the Library. The MSS. 
and printed books are treated alike in this catalogue, each with its pressmark. Dr. 
James had resigned the office of Librarian in May 62o from illness. The Itebrew 
MS.S. are hot all entered in the Catalogue, and " propter typorum defectum " are de- 
scribed in Latin, hot Hebrew type. A second edition of the Appendix was issued in 
1635. The expense of printing the volume was £.1  2 1os., (Reg. Convoc. N. 23, fol. 93, 
quoted by Macray Annals of the todl«ian, 2nd ed. p. 58 n.) 

LOGI. I Æn Des Ltros &'w'sa. I AVTHORE I IRIANO Tw,,,'o 
Ar/«em «]Ia-ffz/ro, " Co/ltÇ" Corz Chrz// z>z edd«m 
&»c,b. I Vltima Editio. i[dez',»«]. 


Impr. 47 : 162o : the rest as 16o8 T. 
This is a simple reissue of the sheets of the I6o8 edition, with a nev titlepage, but 
is extremely rare. 

Impr. 39: I62I : sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ 38 I English Roman. Contents :--p. (I)title: 
+[2]: p. II ('io")beg. which is the: I (3--) "To the Reader", signed "Th. 

109.1.] TttE OXFORD tRESS, i 1.5 

13road ": 1-26, the work : 27-33 " - 33-38. "A note touchingthe Lords Z)ay": 
DIA1.OGV I IETVVEEN: A IEVV and a (x) " Errata." 
CHRISTI-IAN of the Common I Opinion." 
Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 594- A treatise against too strict ob.ervance of Sunday, 
answered by George Abbot, M.P. for Guildford, in his Vimticioe Satbathi, Lond. 
I64 t. 

Impr. 48: a62 : teigtats) sm. 4«: pp. 
[4] + 72 + [8] + 783 + [9] : PP. Il beg. scd 
and &eded and Lethargo, e , Iii Iutavere 
viral, 6II ,, AIille ha&t" Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (i) title : (3) dedication to 
lord Berkeley: I- 72, "Democritus Iunior 

to the Reader": (I-8) " The S)nopsis 
of the first partition. ": I-î83, the work : 
(x) 3 mottos : 2-7) " The Conclusion of 
the Author to the Reader", signed "Robert 
]3urton. From my Studie in Christchurch 
Oxon. Decemb. 5- 162o": (8) " Errata." 

See \Vood's Aih.. Oxon., ii. 653. For subsequent Oxford editions see I624B , 
1628B, 632 B, 1638B, I6;I. Otlaer editions are Lond. I66o (ïth), 16;'6 (Sth), 
I8OO 9th), (Ioth), 18o6 (Ith), I84, I88-, aS well as epitomes. This cele- 
bratcd work is replete with erudition, humour, and acuteness. The recondite sources 
of the numberless quotations are perhaps only to be round in the Bodleian, to which 
13urton bequeathed his printed books, of which a catalogue i» among the Bodleian 
MSS. This first edition, hich is anon)mous except for one signature on p. î) of the 
Conclusion, is accountêd rare, but copies hot infrequently appear for sale. Each suc- 
cessive edition during the author's lifçtime (he died in Jan. 16--) shows alterations. 

esszoas z.Pe-[ae, contra &holas«o um, " A>oar?o-[rum quormMam 
dogm«a, I D@ul«lio.  ,,'o I Ioaxst DxlSOXO Oxoniensi I Sacroe 
Theologioe Doctore. [mollo, then wood«uts.] 

Impr. 39 : I62I : sm. 4 ° : pp. [o] + 
I26: p. II beg. catione, tutu, III Cap. 2. 
Argumenta : Pica Roman. Contents : 
p. (I) title: (3-6) dedicatory epistle to 

the king: (7-8) "Ad Lectorern": (9-o) 
" Elenchus Capitum . . ."'. 1-126, the 
work, in two parts : 126 " Errata ". 

See Wood's At. Oxon., ii. 439- 

4-Heylyn, Peter. 

i A Treatise Historicall, Geographicall, ] Politicall, 
By P. H. ! [a;,e, then mollo, then 

Impr. 39: i62I : sm. 40: pp. [16]+ 
417 ç" 317")+[3]: p. t beg. peamnce 
of diuers,   of trlorence : Pica Roman. 
Contents :p. () title: (3-5) Eistle 
dedicatory to prince Charles, signed " l'et. 
Heylyn ": (7-II) " The Preface": (12- 
I625 . 

I3) " To my brother the Author" an 
English poem by Edw. tteylyn : (I 4-x 5 
"The Table" of contents, in alphabetical 
order" (6) " A computation of the for- 
faine Coynes herein mentioned with ours": 
" Erata. 
I-41 7, ( I- 2) the work : (3) " " 

\Vood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 557, where 1622 is a misprint for 1621 and 1624 for 
For other Oxford editions of this well-known and popular manual of Geo- 
I 2 

ii6 THE OXFORD PRESS. [,1(».. 

graphy see 1625 H, 6 7 , 1629 , 1631 H, 633 , 636 , 1639  : there are also 
London editions (entitled Cosmogra2hie)of x65, 657, 6647, 666, 167o, 6747, 
677, 68z,  7o3. 

5- Savile, sir Henry. 
[device, see below.] 

[two h'nes] I V.LV.-]CIO.','s "rrs-lx3v-cx 

Impr. 40 : 1621 : sm. 4 °: pp. [4] + 
26o: p. II beg. ma. Quid, Ili trag;  
ce;z¢ro: Great Primer Roman. Con- 

tents:--p. (I) title : (2 " Errata...": 
(3) " Henricus Saviliui lectori ": I-a6o, vork. 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 314- This was Savile's last publication, for he died 
19 Feb. 162,. There are many woodcuts of figures of propositions. Most copies 
have a device on the titlepage, but a presentation copyfrom the author to the Bodleian 
and the copy in the Savile Library omit it. The absence of a dedieation is unusual. 

6. Thornborough, bp. John. AIOOOE£ZPIKOX, [SIVE, [NlttlL, 
.4LI'QI'ID, 031rNl'.4, ] ANTIQVORV3I [ SAPIENTV3I Vl-'ivis coloribus depicta, 
Philo-sophico,lheolo.¢icè, [ In gratiam eorum qui Artem auriferam Physico- 
ch)-mic & pi profitentur. ] ,'TaXE ] IoI-l.t.,,'xE TnOR.',BOE6H, EPISC0PO [ 

Impr. 40: I62I: sm. 4°: pp. [12]+ 
plate + 152 : p. II beg. tut otiùs, III 
lestium cororttm. : English Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) title : (,3-6) dedication to 
the duke of Lennox : (7-1I) " Ad Lec- 

torero benevolum" : (I 2) " rI«papvdS« 
sic restituantur...": folded quarto leaf. 
see below: 1-152, the work m three 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 5- The Episcopal Alchemist endeavours to fmd the 
Philosopher's stone through Sulphurous Magnesia (Nil , water (Aliquid) and gold 
(Omnia). Vitriol is regarded as of vital importance. Much Theolog-y is introduced. 
The woodcut plate represents the concord and diseord of the four elements in various 
relations, in a circular table. 

Impr. 45 : 1622: sm. 4°: pp. [I6], 
sima. , * : sign. A 3r beg. damentall 
9"ou;ds, . 3 r or qfl tke Fiversalitie : 
English Roman. Contents :sign. A I , 
trie: A 2r-3 v. the letter, to the bp. of 
Oxford: dated "from Croydon Sept. 4th 

1622 ": A 4 [not seen, probably blank] : 
. I r-4r , ci To the minister, churchwardens 
and parishioners of in the Diocesse 
of Oxon.", 31 Aug. 1622, as under 
son, John, below. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 6 4. The latter part of this piece seems to have been 
issued separately, sec :I=Iowson, John, below. 


Oxoniensi, Socio. I VSnTm szcvgDa, v,A ] Decade auctior, & emendafior. I 

Impr. 42 a: 16a2 : (eights) 16o : pp. 
[24] + 395 + [5] : P- It beg. lute ab alio, 
lit ali : At nullam : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (3) title : (5-4) dedication to 
James ltamilton duke of tlamilton (d. 

649 ) : (15-21) " Ad florentissimam Ox- 
oni«nsis Academire Iuventutem Proefatio": 
(22-23; " Elenchus Exercitationum ..."'. 
-395, the work : () " Errata Typo- 
¢'r h °  
t... fa p ICi.. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 42x, where Zond. is a misprint for Oxon. The first 
edition was issued at Frankfort in 16I "authore N. C. Cosmopolitano," with different 
prefatory matter, only two Decads, and variations in text and arrangement. Seê 
1636c, 637 c, 67. Some woodcuts of diagrams occur in the text. 

3. Clinton, Elizabeth, countess of Lincoln. 

Impr. 39:x6-2 : sm. 4°: pp. [8]+ a 
+[3]: P. II beg. own natural: Great 
Primer English. Contents :p. () title: 
(3-5 dedication to lady Briget eountesse 



of Lincolne, signed "Elizabeth Lincolne": 
¢7-8) " To the... Reader," signed " T. 
L. , i.e. Thomas Lodge : -21, the vork : 
(-33 hot seen. 

Rare. The object of this small treatise, "the first worke of" the authoress 
" that ever came in Print," is to persuade mothers to nurse their own children. The 
author appears to dedicate it to ber daughter-in-law, hot mother-in-law as Bliss states 
(Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 384 n.). The authorship has been aserlbed to Thomas Lodge 
Wood, as above., but there is every internal mark that he only v,'mte the address to 
the Reader, and possibly revised the whole. 

4- Gardiner, Richard. a I i vexcntD ArJ St .XAl<ItS 
.,,' ox- VORr OX aCT SV'-[»A V zs z.v TH« 4-ITER-,'OO,'E 1622. B" I 
RlCn.Rr GAIrn.','ER Student ] of Ch,'isl-Church. ][&vice.] 

Impr. 49 : I622 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 30 
+ [oE] : p. I beg. and crabbed: English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (3) title: (5-8) 

dedication to Richard earl of Dorset: 
-5o, the sermon, on Gen. xlv. 8. 

See \\ ood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 92I. 

5. Heylyn, Peter. 

Microcosrnus : see 16 i I4. 

6. *Howson, John, bp. of Oxford. 
CHVRCHWARDENS [ and parishioners of 
[text begins on saine page.] 

[gUOOdglll}TO THE 3IINI5TER [ 
[ ; /ae l,'ocesse of Oxo.. I 

No impr. or date, but 1622 : sm. 4 ° : 
pp. [8], sign. **: sign. * 2 * beg. By this 
you sec : English Roman. Contents: 

signa. * I', heading as above: 
the directions. 

* I r-4*r  

These are Directions to preachers in the Diocese of Oxford, to restrict their choice 
of subjects and treatment of them within the bounds of the XXXIX Articles. The 
Directions are dated 3x Aug. 62, and quote mandates from the King (4 Aug. I62) 
and the archbp, of Canterbury (12 Aug. 622). It is perhaps doubtfu whethêr this is 
genuinely a separate book from Abbofs Letter, above. 

  8 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1622. 

Impr. 40 : I62_, : sm. 4 ° : pp. [12-I_, [ Great Primer Roman. Contents :--sign. 
signn. A* B2: sign. I3 I r beg. Vniversitas" [ A 2 r ride : A 3r-B 2 r, the propositions. 
See \Vood's .4th. Oxon., i. 3 and tlist, and Anti¢¢. of tire 'niversity of Oxford, 
sub anno 1622. The propositionscondemned were those delivered by \Villiam Knight 
of Broadgates Hall in a University sermon on Apr. 15, 1622, founded on principles of 
David Pareus, to the effect that subjects may take up arms against their sovereign. 
The propositions and censures were considered in a Convocation 25 June 1622. The 
form of oath to be taken by all future graduates is appended, and a note that Pareus's 
book was burnt on 6 June 162:. 

Impr. 40: sm. 4°: pp. 158] signn. ( , 
*, **, -F  : sign. 13 if beg. 
'tt[gtts : Pica Roman. Contents :--sign. 
) z r title: ( ) 3" " Munificentia 
Savilii in celeberrimam Vniversitatem 
Oxoniensem": ( ) 4 ', dedication to 
the Earl of Pembroke by the " Genius 

Scholarum" : ( ) 4", see below : • I'- 
• . i ,-Oratio funebris habita in seholt 
Theolooe Oxon. in obitum celeberrimi 
viri, ltenfici Savilii, Equitis Aurati. A 
Tho. Goffe... publico -kcademiœe Ora- 
tore tmac temporis deputato": ( ) 4*, 
A I r-F 3", the poems. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 315. 463 . The poems are nearly ail in Latin, but 5 are 
Greek, 2 Hebrew, one French. and one English: there is one chronogram. The 
'" Oratio fune/_ris" is clearly an added piece. 

9- Rawlinson, John. " The rMegroom and 17ride : 
4. 8. Ib. Il. e. Oxon.]  622, &c. qu." 

On Cant. 

So in \Vood's list of Rawlinson's serinons ( Ath. Oxon., ii. 5o.6). It was preached 
in i662 and re-printed at Oxford in 1625, but Wood's statement s explicit, and there 
may have been a separate issue in 1622, though I have not met ith a copy or other 
reference to it. 

I O. Spark. 

lmpr. 44a" 1622: sm. 4": PP- [8]+ 
39+[I.1: p. II beg. wrought our: Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents:--p. t,I-2' [not 

seen]: (.3  title: (4-7) "" To the Reader 
...": 1-39, the work, a di»course on 
Is. ix. 6. 

Ver)- rare. 

,. Cotta, John.. COTT.X [ C0XTRa [ aXTO.','IV.t: [ O, [ .:,- ,.','T- 
,XTOX';: [ O I ..,," .XT-».POI.OG';, [ manifesting Doctor Anlon_y his Apo-[ 
logie for Aurum polabde, in true and e-lquall ballance of right Reason, 
to[be false and counterfait. [Z'.y IOHX COTTA Doctor in Physicke. } 

Impr. 48 : 16:3 : sm. 4°: pp. [12]+ 
 08 : p. II beg. may be one : Pica Roman. 
Contents:p. (I) title: (2) Advertise- 
ment to the reader about the prefaces : 

3-7) Epistle dedica.tory to the resident 
Doctors in Physic ,n th,e, University of 
Oxford : (8" "Errata... : (9-I 2 " To 
the Reader" : I-IO8, the work. 


This is a reply by a Cambridge man to Francis Anthony's supposed discovery of a 
medicine called Aurum Potabile, in his ApMo£ia verilti« ilh«ecetti«, r auto ota- 
3ili, Lond. 616. For the controversy sec Wood's Aih. Oxou., ii. 46. This wok 
was sent to press at Oxford in t 6t6, but recalled before printing. 

of the Reformed Churches of I FtAc, I Held at Charenlon neere Paris, 
in the Moneth ofSt, mbcr, 6-- 3. ] \Vhich the saine ordaineth to be 
inuiolably kept m all the CHVRCHES and V,Xn'RSI-ITFS of that RFaL.E. [ 

Impr. 39" 63 " sm. 4 ° : pp. [] + ] Roman. Contents:--p. () title : r-34, 
34: P.  bcg. Il ho t«ach, Thal: Pica ] the Articles in 4 chapters. 

Sec 6z 4, v. 

QVITS, [ wherein man); Romane and Eng]ish i offices are paralleld, and 
divers [ obscure Phrases ! «xplat)zed. [ ]or lhe vse 0fABIXGI, OX Schoole. 
h;,e] [ Revised and enlarged by the Author [ hhe: then device. 

Impr. 47:I623 : sm. 4" : PP- [8] + 
277 +[-'7]: P. II beg. a maloEactor, III 
ther, someNmes: Pica Roman. Con- 
tents:--p. (t) title: (3-4" dedication to 
dr. John Young dean of Winchester, 

dated "Abindonioe 4- Calend. Decemb. 
 6 •  " signed "Tho Godwyn" • (5) 
" Benevolo lectori " : (7) "A short Table 
..." of contents : l-2î, the work: 
24) "Index Rerurn et Verborum.. ." 

See 64 G. 

4. *tOxford, 
text follows.] 



Ierton Colledge Case. [the 

No place or date, but probably printed 
at Oxford in about 1623: folio- pp. [4], 
sign. ()2: sign. () 2 r beg. 3 Il'bat 

tTaron Althams : Pica Roman. 
tents :pp. (a-a), the Case• 

Merton College let the manor of Maldon to the Queen in 1 Eliz. (57S-79), for 
5000 years. The lease was disputed by the College in 6z (" about two yeares 
since "), and again in this Case, which sers out the reasons for annulling the same. 

5- Oxford, University. 
one side and OX. on the other.] 


»,-x. I [&z'?e, with AC. on 

lmpr. 4 - ; 623 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [9], 
signn. ( ) ";'  ¶¶, a-* K  : s,gn. s  r 
beg. Pierides nuper: Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :sign. ( ) lr title ; e r-', dedica- 
tions to king James and prince Charles, 
Latin poems by the vice-chancellor : { 1r_ 

¶¶ 2  "HANAKAAHIIIKO. sive, gratu- 
latiq pro Carolo reduce, Oxoniensium 
nomine recitata, t Iohanne King publico 
Acad. Oratore " : A t r-K I r, the poems : 
K 2 r " Epilogus typographorum ad Prin- 
cipem," two short Latin poems. 

Poems by members of the University of Oxford to congratulate prince Charles on 
his return from Madrid to Englaud 5 Oct. 6z 3. Most are in Latin, but 4 in Greek 
and 9. in Hebrew: there are also 4 chronograms, I acrostich and i anagram. For 
King's speech see Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 63. 

6. Panke, John. 

See 6 3 p. 


I. A,J. 

The younger brother his apologie: see 1634 A. 

No imprint : I624: sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] : 
() 3 r beg. Consilium extorsit: Great 
Primer Roman. Contents :--( ) IL title: 

2r-4 r, the Latin poem, at end "Faciebat 
/g.A ." 

A Latin hexameter poem on the death of sir Thomas Reid, of whom I do not 
readily find any account. No part of this was printed in Oxford, the woodcuts and 
type being unknown there : even the small device of the Arms of the University on the 
titlepage (which has caused this work to be ascribed to the Oxford l'ress) differs from 
the genuine on!. No doubt the book was printed in London. 

3-[Burton, Robert]. 2w2r I ANATO3IY OF i IELANCHOLY: 
3IDC- çazL] HSTOCAZLY [ @ened and cul fi, [BY[ DEOCRTVS 
Iun&r. [ With a Satyricall PRC, conducing to [ the following Dis- 
course.  Te second dihbn, correcled au au-moled 
[mollo, then 

Impr. 48: 624 : (fours) folio : pp. 
[4] + 64 + [4] + " i"-" 88" + [4] + 
" 189"-" 332 "+ [2] + " 333 "-" 557 " + 
[7]: PP. II beg. make sport, and ubtgborne 
z,,t, 4oi Da mihi basia : English Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title : (3) dedication 
to George lord Berkeley : 1-64, " Demo- 

critus Iunior to the Reader": 64, Errata: 
(-4) "The Synopsis of the tirst par- 
tition ": IX- 88, the first part : 0-4) 
" The Synopsis of the second partition ": 
I89-332 , the second part : (-2) "Analy- 
sis of the third partition": 333-57, the 
third part: (I-7) " the table." 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 653 , and 162i B. 
occur anyvhere in the book. 

The author's naine does not seem to 

4. C[arleton], G[eorge], bishop of Chiches!er. A2TPOAOrO-- 
5NI, : I The Madnesse of ASaROLOaV.RS. I OR I An Examination of Sir I 
Christophêr tteydons I Booke, l.vrzrt:ze» I a IwFv.:,:CE Or I Iudiciariê 
.Astrologie. I lI'ri//en ne!re vpon /wcu O, yeares ago, bi' G. C. And I by 
permission of the Author set forth for the Vse of I such as migh! happily 
be misled hA' che I A3tigh!s booke. I Published by T. V. I3. of D. [[mol/o.] 

Impr. 51 : i6 4 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 
I 3 + [I] : p.  beg. neither tan they, 
 them : which • English Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) "A" : (3) title- (5-I5) 
Epistle dedicatory to Thomas Carleton ", 
signaed " Tho: Vicars" : (I 7) "In Au- 

thorem & eius opera, l'lpoo'çdavr/o' ", a 
Latin poem" (i9-22) ,« 'Auacpaxaw¢n : 
or Recapitulation of the Chiefe Passages 
in this Treatise ", a list of Contents : (z3) 
quotation from Ennius : I-I23, the work: 
1 z3, a chronogram, I6Z4. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 424 . The book was entered at Stationers' Hall to 
Will. Tumer, I8 July I63. The author, vhose initials only oecur in the book, was 
at this time bishop of Chichester : the editor Viears had married the bishop's daughter. 
Sir Chr. Heydon's book was published in 6o 3 at Cambridge, and a second book by 
him on Astrology published in 65o was followed by areprint of the present work in 165 I. 

1024.] THE OXFORD PRESS.  2  

Impr. 42 : 164:16 °. 
For the author and book see Wood's lth. Oxon., ii. o7, and I69r'. Only 
known at present from a titlepage in the Bagford collections at the British Museum 
463. h. 3), but it is hot likely to be rare. 

6. France. aRTICLES { [&c. precisely as 16.." 3 F adding after 
REAL3IE. :] lI'hera)t, lhe«'r h«dgemcnl loucht)¢g lhe prt)tc«all Conlro-I 
vers¢s now on foole betzoLvl lhe «monslran&s ] and Conlra-rcmonsh'anles, 
, br#fl3' declared. ! [then woodculs, not device]. 

Impr. 39, &c. exactly as 1623 r'. 

This is a reissue of the sheets of 1623 F with part of the titlepage altered. There is 
another issue of this reissue, *undated, with impr. 49 a, but no other change from the 
present edition of any kind. 

7-Hayes, William. THE [ PARAGON I OF PERSIA; I OR [ THE 
raVV'ERSlLOO<ZXaaSSZ" ! Opened in a sermon at s. taRS [ in 
Oxford, at the Assises, the I 7 day of Iuly, 1624. I .)' "VILLI.I HaYES, 
MesAer of Arts OE 5Iagdalen Hall. i [two mo¢os, then woodcut.] 

Impr. 45 : 1624 : 6 °. 
Only known at present from a titlepage in the Bagford collections in the British 
-Museum (463. h. 3), but it is hot likely to be rare. 

8. Heylyn, Peter. Microcosmus: the reference in Wood's A t. 
Oxon., iii. 557 to an edition of this year, is probably an error for I6 5. 

9. Oxford, University. 

Impr. 42 : 64 : sm. 4°: pp. [76], 
signn. ( ) ¶, ';¶, ¶.';,¶ a-r -* 3  : Slma. s I" 
beg. l, Camde,,zum: Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :( ) r title: " " Donum Cam- 
denianum ", his benefaction to the Uni- 
versity : ( ) z"-z v, a Ir-G 2 v, the poems- 
- r-4v "Oratio in memoriam . . . Guli- 
elmi Camdeni... prolata per Zoucheum 
Tov, nley ex 2Ede Christi, Oratorem pub- 
licum tunc tempofis deputatum" : ¶'d r_ 

,«,,,.., a*, " Parentatio historica ". sive Com- 
memoratio vitoe et mortis V. C. Gulielmi 
Camdeni Clarentii, facta Oxonioe in 
Schol. Historic. per Degoreum Whear 
IIistoriarum Proelectorem, b eodern 
Camdeno ibidem constitutum", 2 Dec. 
,-«, ._. ,, Nuncius chronogram- 
1623 : ,,. ,, 
maticus ", 3 Latin poems on Cmden by 
Whear, introducing chronograms : . I"- 
G z , see above. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 348, Fasti Oxon., i. 398. Poems by members of the 
University of Oxford on the death of William Camden, which took place on 9 Nov. 
623. Most are in Latin, but there are o Greek, with 5 anagrams, and 2 chrono- 
grains. Whear's Oration contains many biographical details about Camden. 

,VHITI pullata. [ [dez, t'ce.] 

I In funere 




Impr. 4 ° : I624 : sm. 4 ° : pp. r2] + 6 
+ [8] : p. 3 beg. l'l'hite dato: l'ica & 
Great t rimer Roman. Contents :top. (I) 
title" (2) "Annua Whiti mnnifieentia", 

his bequest» to the University, &c.: I 6 
poems : (1-8) " Oratio funebris habita 
Oxoniae, ApriIis .--2% A o 6z4, in laudem 
• Doctoris White... per Guil. Price. " 

See \Vood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 352. Dr. Thomas White, founder of a Professorship of 
Moral Philosophy, died i Mat. I6Z. The poems are all in Latin, except two in 

WOODTOCHI:E HABITVM I 24. AuguslL A,mo I624. [ [the text follows.] 

[Oxford, 6 47] sm. 4°: pp. [8], sign. 
A: sgn. A 2r beg. turbat quid dicam: 
Great Primer Roman. Lontents:msign. 

AI r title : A If-A4 r, the speech, signed 
" I. P. V. Ox." i.e.J. Prideaux, Vice- 
cancellarius Oxon. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 267. The speech describes, among other things, the 
recent architectural and publie works in Oxford : and is reprinted in Prideaux's Perez- 
\ zzah (1625 P). 

,2. Randol, John. a I ..,,o.,, [ æ.:,¢HT T I st ,,.,,s ,.-I 
OXVORD, the 5. of August : I  6 2 4- Concerning the [ ASngdomes leace, t 
,-I o.- ,,.,,-»o. : in D: of I.Br«sen-nose Colledge. I[two 
then wooa!t-¢¢ls.] 

Impr. 5 ° : 1624 : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 33 
+ [3] : p. II beg. cs;,:cially if: Pica 
Roman. Contents : p. (I) title : (3-4) 
dedication to lord " Davers" (i.e. Dan- 
vers) : 1-33, the sermon, on Mark iii. -'4 : 

(2) "To the most criticall Reader" (al- 
tered by the use of smaller type to " To 
other most criticall ReadeÆs"), an apology 
for Errata, giving two examples. 

See Wood's ]rasti Oxolt., i. 4 r 5. 

. Bedingfield, Robert. a ! SER3ION [ PREACHED AT [ PALS 
of Arts, and Student of I Chris/-Ch«rch in I Oxford. [ [device: the 
whole title is x-ithin lines.] 

Impr. 52 : 1625 : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 43 
+ [t]: p. II beg. ent euidence: English 
Roman. Contents: p. (I) title : (3-4) 
dedication to Sir Thomas Richardson, the 

author's uncle, dated "From my study 
in Christ-Church in Oxford. Nouemb. 
24." I624: 1-43 the sermon, on Rom. 
"Errata " 
ri. 23 : 43, • 

See Wood's fi'asti Oxon., i. 457. The title and each page are within bounding lines. 
The autbor gives as one of his reasons for printing the sermon, that it was very wet 
when he delivered it, so that his auditors were few. 

Impr. 6o: 625 : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 71 I Primer Roman. Contents :p. (I) title: 
+ [I] : p. IX beg. lbtea recta : Great I (3-4  " Ad Lectorem" : i- î i the work. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 2IO. 

lo25.] THE OXFORD PRESS.  23 

Impr. 6I : J625 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [I8] + 
-74 + [ 8] + 586 + [4] + 4 folded leaves, 
sce below: pp. II beg. Earttt  \Vater, 
t t I l "o ld may be, also I teralion 
I motstratcd bi : l'ica Roman. Con- 
tents: 3  title : (5-7) dedication to the 
earl of Pembroke : (9-5) "- • • content 
of each chapter of the first booke...": 
(x7-8) " To my Booke", a poem" - 
74 the first book: (5) a titlepage :-- 
CO  T 41,VISa 7HE 6ENER.4LL I Toicall 
part thoe I By ... [&c. exactly as 
first trie, imprint and ail, but diflret 

motto]: (7-9) dedication to the earl of 
Montgomery : (t-n8) "A table of the 
... contents of the second booke.. . ": 
-z86, the second book : () Apology 
for erratas and an omitted diaffram : (2) 
'" Errors . . .". There should be four 
diagrams on folded lcaves, after pp. (8) 
"The Analysis of the fir.,t Booke "; 
" A Table . . . " : (8) " The Analysis 
of the seconde Booke" : z28 " k Table 
of the Climates...". The omitted dia- 
grain would bave followed p. 62 of the 
second part. 

See Wood's A/b. Oxo,t., ii. 422, and I635 c. The treatise is of the theory and 
principles of Geography, hot of details like Heylyn's :[icrocosmus. The author main- 
tains t hat the earth is the centre of the universe, the sun and planers revolving round 
it : There are many woodcut diagrams in the text. 

4- G.,T. 
lr°nh'sP ice" I WHEREN, ! Nec H.«BO, Nec CaRwo, Nec Cvv.o, 
neither approued, nor confuted: [ but modestly controuled, I or 
fied. [molCs, a quaestio ana responsio] I [two h'n«s.] 

 I a.,,swe l'fo [ vVIrHZRS [ ,o'r'ro. I lr'i/hou: a 
[ are 

Impr. 5o : I625 : (eights) a°: pp. 
[96], siffnn, a-v" : sign. r I r beg. whom 
lrittces : Pica. Roman. Contents :sign. 
A  title : A 2 " The Booke to the 
Reader": A 2 *, " Virgilius de litera 
tythagorea '' : a 3"-A 4 * " To Master 

Ilïther himselfe ", siffned " 7". G. 
Esqttire" • A 5r-ë. 6 * " To the Reader " 
signed as belote : « 7- «. , "The Intro- 
duction ", in verse : B 3"-r "6 *, The 
Answer, in three parts: " 7-8 [not seen]. 

Very scarce. George Wither's llTthers 3Iotto, Aéc ha&o, nec Careo, ncc Curo, was 
published in I62I and consists of l-eflexions on human affairs : this book is a poetical 
satire on those rcflexions, and on the character of \Vither. The author is unknmvn. 

COG-INITa T aVCTa, i x.v I v..,,'aLISU v.xPos-I-rlox or" THé: lO.ta.',oE I Anti- 
quities, wherein many Romane I and Eglish Offices are paralleld, [ and 
divers obscure Phrases I explained. I For the vse of ABISGDON Schoole. I 
[bi, e] I 1euised and «nlarged b 3, Ihe A u/ho,'. I [h'ne : then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 53: 65: sm. 4o: pp. [8]+ 
76+[8]: p. II beg. malefactor, but, 
III t]le' somelimes : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (3) title: 5-6, dedication to 
dr. John Voung, dated " Abindoniae  4- 

Calend. Decemb .... 6... Tho: 
Godwyn ": (7) "I3enevolo lectori ": (8) 
" A short Table... of euery Booke and 
Section ": I-76 , the work :" (-6) 
" Index rerum et verborum. " 

See I614 G. This edition was printed in London, though published in Oxford : it 
wa» hot entered at Stationer's Hall in 162J, or 16 5. 

or ru I rar wot. I Augm«nz«e a,e r«u/s«d. I [1,;,«] I By Pt 
II:'t:,',x. I [Ene: then mollo: then dez'ice.] 

1 24 TttE O.YFORD PRESS. [1625. 

Impr. 5 : x 625 : (eights) sm. 4 ° : pp. 
[16] + 812 + [:1 + one leaf, see below : 
p. II beg. I. fiïrst then, î lI Captain ob- 
semdng : Pica Roman. Contents :--p. 
(I) title: (2-3-) dedication to King 
Charles: (5-6)"To the Reader": (7-8) 
" To my brother the Author", a poem 
by Edw. It eylyn: (9-1I) "A Table of 
the principall cotmtries,... " : (I 2-16) 

" A Table of the principall things" : 
(I 6) " A computation of . . . forraine 
coynes..." : 1-819., (1), the work : (e) 
a correction of p. I4.q and " Errata". 
Bêfore p. 7 should corne a narrow folded 
leaf, probably about I o in. high by 5 in. 
wide, with " The Table of Climes", 
printed on one side only. 

: -'" ('" 16z4"). 
See 161 ri Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 

aI I Clerum in Academiâ Ox-'oni«nsi, Ann. Domini 1625. [h'ne]l 
A ulhore[ RcrtagIO Ia.trSlO Socio [ C. C. C. I éclnsi. [h)ze, then motAo, 
then h?e.] 

Impr. 60 " x 6-. 5" sm. 4" " PP- [6] + 2 5 
+[3]" P- I beg. 2rcesertim clîm: Eng- 
lish Roman. Content»:p. (3) title: 

(5" " Ad librum suum , a Latin poem : 
I-2 5 the Sermon, on 2 Tire. iv. 13. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 629. A singular sermon, more leamed than theologieal. 
The ride seems to be explained by pp. 2o-21, where Antonio Possevino (d. 1611) is 
cited as planning a purgafio bibliothecarom in the interests of the Roman Catholic 
Church : to this James opposes his plea for freedom of researeh. 

8. James, Thomas. a.,," I -XLa.XazI0.'," I oÆ I rxr-aRI.','a oœe I the 
ten Articles in the Supplication of i Doctor Ia3IF.S, lately exhibi-ted to 
the Clergy of lEngl«nd, lolA manifest proofe that they are both 
reas-lonable and faisible ,,ithin the rime mentioned. I [mol/o, then dez'ice.] 

Impr. 58 : I625 : sm. 4" : PP- [2] + 36 I Pica Roman. Contents : p. (1) title : 
+[2]: p. II beg. Z)o-,,,ists doe make: I 1-36 , the work. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 467 . This is a reprint of the text of the Humble . . 
lequest below .except the last paragraph be#nning " For the raising of the charges," 
which James probably saw to be unpractical', with the addition of comments, written 
in senile style but obviously by dr. James. and of great interest both for the biography 
of the author and the principles of criticism as applied to editing a text from 31S. 
These 26 " Theses or Rules conceming the Art Cfiticke " are, at p. 23, followed by 
examples. Dr. James paid two Dutchmen for transcription abroad at the rate of 2os. 
per quire, each quire taking them a week, and the hundred quires per year sufficing to 
keep to presses at work ,p. 17 At p. 26 he explains that a critical remark by 
bp. Bilson first set him about compiling the .cloga Oxonio-Cantabrigi«nsis (Lond. 

9-*'James, dr. Thomas. [woodcuts] I T 
of the Cathedrall Church I of lléll«s, to the Church I of Tngland; for, 
and I in the behalfe of [ Bookes touching Re-,li#on. I[the text of the 
work follows.] 

No imprint or date, but Oxford, I625 
(perhaps 1624) (eight) 16°: pp. 15+ 
[1]: Great Primer English. Contents: 
p.  title as above: 1-15, the request, 
signed " T. I. b. T. P. B. P. N." (i. e. 
Thomas James, Sanctae Theologiae Pro- 

fessor : for B. P. N. see note to 1599 R. : 
but the occurrence of the letters here 
without any text or motto favours the 
interpretation " Bono Publico Natus ") : 
t,1) a from of approbation of the scheme, 
signed by  7 leadig men in Oxford. 

109.5.] THE OA'FORD PRE,.ç,.ç.  25 

Rare• See Wood's Ath. O.ron., ii. 467. This (and still more the Explanation 
above, which see) is an interesting plea for the application of criticism to aid in restor- 
ing the texts of Fathers and Schoolmen which had been corrupted by Roman Catholic 
theologians. The date cannot be precisely ascertained: the titles of the approvers 
only confine it to 6z 4, 6z5, or 626" the Explanation alludes to it as " lately" 
issued : so that it is difficult to say whether 6z4 or 6z 5 is the year of issue. 

CO.Vr..,,.vZ;«G I A Confutation of Papists by Pa-[pists, throughout the 
important Articles[of our Idel/gion; /hct'r /es//monies taken[either out 
of the Indt'ces Expurgatoth; [ or out of the Fath rs, and ancient ] 
Records;[ But especially the Ianuscripts. ! fz;,«3 I zy To. , 
Doclor of D/uim'h'e, lale[ Fellow of Aéw Colledge in Oxford, and Sub- 
Deane [ of the Cathedrall Church of Welles. [ [h)te, then no/e, then line.] 

Impr. 6z: 625: sm. 4ç: pp. [8]+ 36 
+ [8] : p. t beg. Theflrst Corolla7,, t 
one O, tHttlar: Pica Roman. Contents: 
p. ()title: (3-6) dedication to the bp. 
of Lincoln, dated "Lond. 26 April, 
x6z5 " : (7) "The points that are briefly 

handled in this Booke ": (8) " Errata " : 
-36, (), the work: (-3) " A Table 
of the Manuscript bookes vrged in this 
Booke": (4-8)" An A1phabeticall note 
of the Printed Bookes... here cited ". 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 467- 
hOt Oxford. 

The whole of this book was printed in London, 

I I. King, Henry, and John King. TVO [ SER3IONS. I VPON THE 
a«T I Sv:,'aY, EING I the o TM or Iuly. I 16-'5-! Deliuered at S  aIaRIES I 
in Oxford. I lb'ne, then mollo, then device.] 

Impr. 56 : z6z 5 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 33 
+ [3] + 43 + [] : p- z beg. doe notyom" : 
English Roman. Contents :p. () title : 
(.) a half-title " David's Enlargement. 
The morning sermon on lhe Act Sunday : 
Preached by Henry King...": -33, 

the sermon, on Ps. xxxii. 5, 1"2) a half- 
title " David's Strait. The affer-noones 
sermon... Deliuered by Iohn King 
"" 1-43 , the sermon, on 2 Sain. 
xxiv. 14. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 632, iii. 840 respectively. 
ride, is included within bounding lines. 

Every page, inclnding the 

1 2. King, dr. John. CXOT XPHIV3I I IACOBI. I Sz'7.'e I LA VDA TIO 
0v ] hcoI [ Iagnoe Britannioe, Francioe, - Hibernioe[3Iomrchce 
dedicata, . pub-llicè recitata]à IovlA.,,-:,' KI.',' Academioe ] Oxoniensis 
Oratore. I [chronogrammatical mollo : then line.] 

Impr. 53: 1625: sm. 4°; pp. [40], 
signn. A-Et: sign. 13 I r beg. lb-e, quæ 
alioquDt: Great Primer Roman. Con- 

tents :sign. A 2 t, title : A 3r-E 3 r, the 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 632. At sign. D 2 • begins a list of the late king's literary 

1 3. Leslie, Henry. , I s,o / «. I _»o. m I 
Ialszx" at IVindsore, ] the 19-of .[llO'. 1625. I By I--lES'RIE LESLIE, one 
of his I MaISTIS Chaplaines I in Ordinarylh)ze , then 2 mo.tos with h?ze 
between, then woodculs.] 

,26 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1625. 

Impr. 56 : 1625 : sm. 4" : PP- [6"1 + 
34: P- I t beg. in the ['arable: English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title: (3-4) 
dedieation to James earl of Carlisle : (5) 

"A Table of the Contents" : (6) "... 
Errours in the Print": 1-34, the sermon, 
on Heb. iii. 8. 

x4. Nettles, Stephen. " I AXSWER TO I THE IEVVISH ] PART OF 
Divinity [ [/bze: then motto in Hebrew and English : then dez'ice.J 

Impr. 58 a : 1625 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [ 2] + 
I89 + [3-1 : p. ri beg. giue him, III diuid- 
ing these" Engli÷h R.oman. Contents :-- 
p. (t) title- (3-5) dedication to dr. John 
l'rideaux, dated "Lexden, May 4- 1625" " 

(7-II) "The Proeface": 1-189, the 
work : (2) "... faults . . ." due to ab- 
sence of author and difficulty of the 
written copy. 

Sec \Vood's Fasti Oxon., i. 4t6. Selden's Ilistory of Tithes was published in I618. 
This treatise is a vindication of a public sermon on the subject which gave some 
offence. Hebrew Pica (unpointed) type is freely used in the book, for the first time. 
The title and eery page are within bomading lines. 

/mpr. 53: 1623" sm. 40: pp. [ooJ, 
• _ig.n. c, A_L  M": Sigla. B I r beg. Vir- 
lutis cul : English Roman. Contents : 

signa.  I  title- ¶ 2'-C 5 special Latin 
poems : a I r-:« I , the poems : .'« z r "Ad 
Lectorem", a final poem. 

The marriage of king Charles with Henrietta Maria was on I May 1625 at Paris 
and on 4 Jtme at Canterbnry. The poems are Latin, except  Hebrew and 7 Greek : 
hOt one is French. There are rive anagrams and two chronograms. 

;2r,UOXL- ! potentissimi 3Ionarchoe Icom, ].Iagnoe I BRTaXXmE, 
FRaxCaz & I Hrzxaz Regis, Fidci Orthodoxoe ] defensoris cele- 
berrimi, &c. Dicata. I [d, vice.] 

Impr. 5,3 : I625 : sm. 4  : pp. [96], 
siglm. «,,, t--2t A-KL2 " sign.  r beg. 
Sacri_ficfm" English .(except sign. G 
which is Great primer) Roman. Con- 

tents:--sima, ¶ 2 * title, ¶3 *, poetical 
Latin dedication to king Charles: - 3"- 
L I , the poems : L 2  " Conclnsio ad 
Lectorem ", a Latin poem. 

Latin poems by members of the University on the death of king James i, which took 
place on 27 Mar. 625: all in Latin except 3 Hebrew and 2 Greek: there are 
chronograms, an anagram, and one poem printed in a peculiar shape. 

î. Pemble, Wi]]iam. Vindiciae fidei, or a treatise of iusti- 
fication by faith, wherein that point is fully cleared, and vindicated from 
the cauils of ifs aduersaries. Deliuered in certaine Lectures at 3Iagdalen 
Hall in Oxford, By William Pemble... and now published sinee his 
death for the publique benefit. 

Impr. 59 : 1625 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 239 + [3]. 
Very rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 33 I. The above title and details aie from 
notes of a coi)" belonging to lord Robartes, seen by me 18 Nov. ISSX. 

leg..] THé- OXFORD PRESS.   7 

18. Prideaux, dr. John. 

Lectiones novem de totidem religionis 

A private eopy was seen by me in  881. 

Impr. 5o : 1625 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 23 
+ [9] : p. L beg. so often : English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title : (3-4) 
dedication to James earl of Arran, dated 
" Oxford, Exeeter Colledge, Octob. 22. 

6-"4.": 1-23, the sermon, on 2 Sain. vi. 
6-7: (z-7) " Alloquium serenissimo regi 
Jacobo Voodstochioe habitum '4 Au- 
gusti. Anno 6z4." , signed " I. P. V. 
Oxon.": (8-9) not seen. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxot., iii. 26î, 636 P, (alloquium) 624 I-'. 

1624: AT "I'HE [ CONSECRATION OF I S t IAtES CttAPPEL ] IX a'aler Col- 
kdge. ] m" [ Iox Pl»arx, eclor Exceter Col-',ledge, ]I} IASZlES 
Pr#sor ) [ D,?z),, and al that lbne ?e-Ca,,cem,,r OEzhe ),»,er-t 
ci O (Oxford. I [mollo, then woo«cut«.]. 

Impr. 5o: 1625 : sm. 
signn. , A-C «D : sig-n. 
whether: English Roman. 
sign. A 2 r, title : A 3r-4 ", 

4": pp. [3q, 
 * beg. uell 
Contents .' 
Epistle dedi- 

catory to dr. Geo. Italewill, dated 
" Exceter Colledge. Novemb. 5"- 
(16245 : A I*- 1L the sermon, on Luke 
xix. 46: D 2, hot seen. 

Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 267'. The Chapel of Exeter here concerned 
(which is hot now standing) was built entitely at dr. Hakewill's expense, at a cost of 
about £I zoo. The preface to the sermon mentions many Exeter men of the time and, 
incidentally, that dr. Hakewill was a kinsman of sir Thomas Bodley. The sermon 
,as reprinted at Oxford in I636. 

21. Rawlinson, John. QVAI)RIGA ] SALVTIS. ] FOVRE I QI.'AI)RA- 
RAwIxSOX Doctor of Diuinity,  Principal of dmu»d-«ll in Oxford,  
and one of his )IAIESTIES [ Chaplaines in Ordinary. [ [««?«.] 

Impr. 57 : x625 : sm. 4": PP. [8] + 26 
+[4]+ 29+[3]+ 29+[3]+ 28+[z] : pp. 
 beg. af ter, if at" Adonibe«ek, #: So, 
in like, and she wilbee : English Roman. 
Contents :p. (1) title: (3-5) dedication 
to Charles i, as Prince Charles: (ï) half- 
title " The Dove-like Soule... Feb. 19. 
168. ]3y I. R... .": x-6, the sermon, 
on Ps. Iv. 6: (3) half-title "Lex Talionis. 
... March 7- I6zo. By I. R... ."'. 
I-29, the sermon, on Judges i. 7: () 

half-title "The Surprising of Heaven. 
... March 29. 1621. By I. R... ."- 
-9, the sermon, on Matt. xi. I-: (2) 
half-title "The Bridegrome, and his Bride. 
... Mareh 19. 1622... By I. R... .": 
-25, the sermon, on Song of Solomon 
iv. 8: (I) " Faults escaped in some of 
the prinied Copies..." beginning with 
" Ser. . P. o. Of the saule, as vvings 
do the nakednes. (omitted) lin. I ". (in 
the copy seen these are correeted), 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 506, and 1622 R. The title and every page have bounding 


22. Taylor, John, the Water-poet. TXaE ] VE,RE',OEL ] SV.t.tR : ] 
OX i LOXl)Ot,'S [ CaLamrY, I the countries courtes)', ] and both their 
miser)'. I [»;*«] I 3y Io.,-TaYLOR I[woodcuts.] 

Impr. 58 : 6-'5 : eights) 12" : pp. 
[3], signn. AB s : signa. BI r beg. Altoeo«gk 
my 2angs : Pica Roman. Contents : 
signa. A I , itle .- A 2 r, dedication to sir 
John Millissent, in verse : A 2" " To the 
Printer", signed "Io. Taylor. Or. Coll." ". 

, 3" '" The Prmface ": ,t 4r-13 2 r, the 
poem : B 3r-13 6" " Against Swearing ", 
m prose and verse : 13 7r-î " " My fare- 
well to the famous Vniuêrsity of Oxford", 
in prose. 

Rare. A poem on the plague at London in the summer of 625. There are 
allusions to the author's stay in Oxford for some weeks and the small mortality there. 

PaRT Or "rHE [ TRYaLL Or "rRvTr-I : I Wherein is declared the excellency 
and mquity of the ] Chri,tian Faith, and that it is hot withstood and 
resi-lsted; but a.sisted and fortified by ail the forces of right ] reason, 
and by ail the aide that artificiall Logicke canJ yeeld. [Againsl Zae 
hall'nish Atheist, and the Rom,sa Caaohck, [ whereof he one aketh 
e.x-ction affainsl the Failh of} Christ in ffenerall; and the olher against 
t, doctrine I th«r«of, as it t's /,rofssed in ttze Rçiorm«d Church«s, as I ba'ng 
in /act,- opinions absurd, and conh'ary lo lhe eui-[denl a,td v,tde,,,'abl« 
grou»ds ofreason. }af'} Iorx Tv_Rr Iinister of the Word of] God at 

Impr. 50:625 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [2] + 
229+[1]: p. II beg. O Lord, and, III 
a ty to z,,hom : Pica Roman. Con- 
tçnts :p. (r) title : (2) a mottos: -4, 

dedication to the bp. of Bath and \Vells : 
5- "'To the Christian Reader": 2-23 
" The Quaestions that are handled in . . . 
this Treatise" : 2-229, the work. 

See V'ood's At]z. Oxot., ii. 4o, and r6ooT, r6oz ". 

24. Wall, dr. John. 
in a Sermon 

Impr. 59: x625: (eights'} 6°: pp. 
[64], stgnn. A-D: signa. 12 r beg. and 
are miffhtie: English Roman. Con- 
tents :--sgn. A xr title : A 2 r, dedication 

to the bp. of Lincoln: a 3"-a 6" the 
Epistle dedieatory to the same" A 
 6; the sermon, on Acts xviii. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 736. The author was chaplain to the bishop of 
Lincoln. Hebrew pointed type seems to be used for the first time at Oxford in this 
sermon, at signa, c 6 . 

o" Whear, Degory. I } RAT/ONE [ ET mTnO»O [ Legendi 
Historias [ Diss«rtatio. [ Authore DEGOREO WHEaR I Pri. Hist. Proel. 
Pub. CA3I-'DENIANO apud l Oxonienses. I ttuic prcemiltitur eiusdem Au- 
lhort's ] O'rateb Auspicah's habita, z'bi Ca-llhedram fistoricam prb«um 
ad-lscendie, i [woodcuZ.] 

Impr. 53: x625: (fours) r2o : pp. [_8] 
+ 4+[8]+79+[x]: pp. I beg. hor- 
remus, domi and quam immensum : Eng- 

lish Roman. Contents:p. (t) title: 
(3-7) dedication to the earl of Pembroke, 
dated "Scrib. Oxoniae 8 Kal. vii ris, 

1oo.] TttE OXFORD PRESS. 12 9 

I6: 5 ": I-24 " Oratio auspicalis habita 
in Scholis publicis cùm primùm L. 
Annoei Flori interpretationem aggre- 
derer ": (1-3) "Rerum per dissertationis 

totius partes tractatarum indigitamenta ", 
a conspectus: 1-79, (I, the work, in 
3 parts. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 217. The first edition was published in London in 
I623, with a similar title, giving I2 July I623 as the date of the Dissertation: the pre- 
face is dated 29 Sept. 1623 and the dedication is to William Camden, then alive, but 
the Oratio is hot prefixed. For other edd. see 163î w, i662. 


I. Attonitus, Richardus, pseudonym. 
Schedis lXI. S. Richardi Attoniti Eboracensis 
Classis I Anglicanoe. I[two hn«s.] 

tERCVRU. i 626. I Ex 
Pro-[to-Cancellarij nuper 

Impr. 67: []626?]: sm. 4°: pp. 30 [ Roman. Contents:--p. ] title: 
+ [2]: p. t l beg. Chrestientd: Pica ] the work : (-2) not seen. 


Very rare. This is a curious production of a Dutch press, and appears to be a 
vigorous defence of Rameveldt (d. I6t9 and the Arminians against Mauriee prince 
of Orange and the Gomarists. Latin. Freneh, Duteh and Italian are used, and the 
whole piece abounds with lacunae. " Walter Map" in the imprint is of course the well- 
known archdeacon of Oxford in the 12th cent., whose satires are still appreciated. 

2. Barnes, 
9. ff'sa/me, 

Robert. ,, i s.,mx I l.,ciI) ,, I I-,.','I¥ ,, i 
on the 27. of AprilI, [ t626. [ t'o.v TZ¢OS« ,,Ol»S OF[ 
I érs. I6. ! The Zord is knowne to eecute juoE«emnt. 

Impr. 63 : 626 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 30 
+ [2] : p. i x beg. of l brke : English 
Roman. Contents:--p: (I) tifle : (3-8) 
Epistle dedieatorie to sr Richard Blunt, 

signed "Rob. Bames", " from my study 
at Greys this 4th of May, i626 ": t-3o, 
the sermon. 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon. i. 339- The author was the son of Joseph Barnes the 
printer, and a Fellow of Magdalên College : the dedication contains some biographical 
matter, and the sermon some Henley affairs, such as ploughing on Easter Tuesday, 
which the preacher laments. 

Impr. 65: x626: sm. 4°: pp. I2] + 
63 + [ ] ] : p. I I beg./er se quide»t : Great 
Primer Roman. Contents :p. (.) title: 
(5-8) Epistola dedicatoria to sir Thomas 
Coventry : (9- I) "Praefatio ad leetorem 

christianum": (I2) the two quaestiones 
debated in the Diatribae, with answers in 
Latin verse: I-25 the two diatribae: 
27-63, the concio, on Jud. II. 

See Wood's ,4th. Oxon., iii. 633. The preface explains that the discourses were 
printed in order to confute a charge of Arminianism. 



Impr. 59 : 626 : sm. 4 °: pp. [8] + 
I73 +[3]: P. Il b.e.g.s@eriours. These, 
I. Chap. xxwt : English Roman. 
Contents :p. (1) title : (3-4) " To the 
Reader," unsigned, but by William Pinke 

the translator, see below: (5-8) " A 
Table of the Chapters": -173 The 
Examination, in 41 chapters and a Con- 
clusion : (2) " Faults escaped in some 
copies," 6 lines of Errata. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., il. 476, where Bliss adds a note from White Kennett's 
copv of the I t ed. of the Athenœe (at i. 463} " William Pinke. He translated and 
published An Examination ... I626.4 t°. Ded. to the Master Wardens and Assistants 
of the Skinners Company. by W. I'. [William Pinke] acknowledging his Engage- 
ments to the whole Company, and reverencing the lIemory of that worthy Knight Sir 
James Lancaster." Neither the Iritish 3Iuseum copy nor the two Bodleian copies 
contain the above dedication, the signatures of the preliminary marrer being, on each 
leaf:(blank), *2, **, (blank), forming one gathering of 4 lcaves of a natural kind, 
though the double asterisk is odd. The original French bore the tit|e " TrajetL auquel sont examinez les preiugez de ceux de 1 Eglise Romaine. Contre la Religion 
Retormee" (La Rochelle, 1617. ) Cameron was a Scotchman, minister at Bordeaux 
and t'rofessor of Theolog7 at Saumur. Tbe address to the tender apologises for using 
the word trcjud#e as a translation of the French ' " ' 
I rezuge, which means a preconceit 
either good or bad: and says " I bave hot construed but translated." 

.5- Hakewill], G[eorge]. A I CO.XP.,glSOX ] nwTVVV.r,'E TrIE I 
I,V Or Pt'ltt I and that of the 'ozod«r lr««son[for the better Con- 
tinuance of l the memory of it, and the I stirring vp of mens affe-lctions 
to a more Zea-ilous observati-',on there of. I I/inc] I IVrillen by G. If. 
P. D. 

Impr. 58: 1626: sm. 4°: pp. 36: 
p. 11 beg. mare diudish: Great Primer 
Roman. Cntents :p. , title, within 

arched border: , the text, Deut. xxxii. 
26-28 : 3-36, the sermon. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon, iii. 255. 

6. Prideaux, John. coxco [ H,Ta OxolI. [ ad Artium 27acca- 
laureos in [ Die Cinerum Feb. 220. I 1626. I.,« I IOHA.IV.t PrtIAvx 
S. S.-Th. I Pro.ssorem Regium, . P. T. qusd, m I AcademioE Vicecan- 
cellarium. I [mo/lo, then device.] 

Impr. 60 (with " Excubebant "): ,626: 
sm. 4 °. pp. viii + 40 : p- I I beg. latet ad: 
Great Primer Roman. Contents :p. (3) 
title: (5-7) Latin dedication to Robert 

lord Dormer, dated "Exon: Coll: ex 
Musoeo meo d. 8. Martij... I6,.6" i.e. 
162-: 1-44 (" 4o"), the sermon, on 
 Sain. xiv. 26. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. a73. The "P. T." of the title seems to be 2ara 2èm- 
/ore : the use of 1616 for 6a 5 or 162- is noticeable. 

proecipuè hoc tempore con-ltroversis proul publicè habebanlur[ OxonioE 

lO20.] " THE OWFORD PRESS.  3  

in Vespero's. I vv.n [ Ion,x.xw.xt PRXD:,,,VX Exoniensis Collegij ! Rectorem, 
& S. Th. Professorem Regium. ] Edzh'o secunda, /,riori emacuhztior, 
auctior. ] [two motlos, then da,ice.J 

Impr. 6o: 626: sm. 4°: pp. 
366: p. Il beg. ,5 ult., Ix initia cele- 
bramus : Great Primer Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (1) title: (3-7) Latin dedica- 
tion to Clmrles prince of Wales: (9-I) 

"Xd Leetorem": (12-4) "Rerum 
Capita. Quoestiones " 
..... , IO of each: 
-.:166, the IO leetiones delivered in suc- 
cessive Comitia I616-I6,,5. 

Sec Wood's .4lb. Oxot., iii. 9.67. I have not seen even any notice of tbe first 
edition. These Lectiones are quite distinct from the tgrationes below. Sec t627 P. 

LOG. ,'ICXBS, I scitu non indignis, prout in promo-itione Doctorum, 
Oxonioe I ]-,ublic proponebantur. ]in Comitijs. I ..tccedil «d Artium 
;Baccalaurcos, de Mosis I lnslilulioe Concio, rira z.tore h«bita l in die 

CI'I£FlgllI, Ail. 1 6 1 6. [ PER I IOH,tN,EI 
Recto-lrem, & SS. Th. Professo-rem 
Hebrew: then woodculs.] 

I)RIDEAVX, [ Exoniensis Collegij 
Regium. [[two motlos, one in 

Impr. 64: I626: sm. 4°: pp. [i2]+ 
196+28: pp. II beg. lia est terebrans, 
and de z,ita 3losis. I I I razdztm, l'ertzz : 
English Roman. Contents :p. (a) tile : 
(3-7) Latin dedication to the earl of 
See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. z67. 

Pembroke : (9-1o) "Ad lectorem ": ( ) 
" Rerum Capita": -96, the nine ora- 
tions, delivered at successive Comitia 
166-22, 1624-5: -28, the Concio, on 
Acts vii. 22. 

The names of the doctors are given for each 

9. Reuter, Adam. ror:iCOr¢SlLIOITRaCTaTVSiOt'«t I NOBIL1S- 
SIMO SVFVOLCI.E COIlll'[I" consecrat ] AB REVTFR [zî'oodcuL] 

2o[ 2ax ", x 29 being omitted] + [2] : t :title t3-4) Latin dedication to the duke 
p. i  beg. sa¢iottis tSrt'nciis,  Quo of Suffolk : -" 2 " the treatise. 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. 4z. 

o. Wall, John. taCOBS I _Ia_R, 10 I ChrisZ;,z,z adz,ancement. I 
Deliuered in a Sermon at I ACt'arke in Glocester-ishire , the seat of the 
right [ Honourable the Lord ltLrklo, , this late heauy I visitation. [ 
Iola War_r. Do«lour in I D,z,im't_),of Cr,'sl-Chur«h [ in 
then h'ne.] 

Impr. 66: 1626: (eights) I6": pp. 
[16] + ,5 + [I ] : p. I i beg. twt mourir as: 
Great Primer Roman. Conteras :p. 

() title: (.) dedication to lady Eliz. 
Berkley: (7-13) Epistle dedicatory to th 
saine : -5, the sermon, on  Pet. v. 6. 

See Wood's tth. Oxon., iii. 734- 

I I, Wower, Jan. 
---Oxon. 16 z 6." 

"Joan. Wouveri... pietas erga/5'enefactores 

So in the sale catalogue of the libliotheca Gulstoniana (bp. William Gulston's 
books), Lond./688, a¢o, p, 35» no. 9 o. But see 628 W. 

1 3 2 THE OA'FORD PRESS. [1627. 

i. Felix, 

Marcus Minucius. »t. 


Impr. 74: x697: ,,twelves) 16°: pp. 
[61 + 
lt dicimus ; non: Pica Roman. Con- 
lents :--p. (I) ride : (3-5) " Typographus 

lectori": (6)quotation from Lactantius 
about Minucius Felix : I--I 2 9, the work: 
(2) " Errata ". 

See 163t F, I636 F, 1662, I678. The printer says that he has cleared this edilion 
from the errors of Froben's. I bave seen a copy in which the type of pages I2 and 
 3 bas changed places. The work is an apology for Christianity. 

2. Fell, dr. Samuel. 
Z.' «CL, t'XOS ZE I 

cz.vxt',t. I Per Sa.XVWLr_x FtCLL Proebendarium 

Ecc]esioe I Christi , & Publicum Profesorem in Theo-logiâ, pro Dominâ 

lmpr. 53: 1627: sm. 4°: pp. [2] + I7 
+ [I] + 18 + [2] : p. 11 beg. qz«antuli'¢m 
theologicce : English Roman. Contents : 

p. () title: 1-17, the oration: (I) half 
title to the Çoncio: -8, the sermon on 
Col. il. 8. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxo., iii. 243. The (inagural) oration contains some details 
about Fell's predecessor in the professorship, dr. Seb. Benefield : the two pieces would 
seem to have bcen delivered in 1626 and 

3- H[akewill], G[eorge]. a,,," i .xpOI.OGIE I OF TH powtcR 
I¢WEREOF] The first trcatcs  l]) prehndcd dec, z)z gencrall, logelher 
,17h some pr@a-ral)«es lher«unta. The second of lhe 
lhe eauens and l,'me»#, logelh v" wTh  Ihat  lhe ]emenla O, bod?s. 
man on exc#d. [ The lhz?d  lhe prt'#,»#d dec, 9,  mankz)zde z)z regard 
 age and durahbn, ¢l str,,zg/h and s&zture,  arls and u,z'ls. I The 
/,ro ¢lhe fidur« «on«ummaltb,t ¢ Che ll,'ld from 
Gen/z'les, and t]oe vses h[ch we are/o draw from 
By G.  D. D. [[moZZo, then 

Impr. 58 : 1627: çfours) fol. : pp. 
[36] + 473 + [5] : P. Il beg. Jet ?killii, 
 table to their: Enlish Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) title: (3-7) dedication to 
the University of Oxford, signed "G. H." : 
(9-9) "the Preface" : (o) " Errata": 

(21-34) "The Contents..." : (35) "of 
the value of the Roman sesterce .. :": 
(36) quotation from Boethius, with 
English translation : 1-473, the work : 
(z- 5) " A Revise," corrections of a few 
passages, &e. 

The author was George Hakewill. See Wood's 4th. Oxon., iii. z6, where "Lond." 
i» a mistake for « Oxford": ]'or otber edd. sec 63o H, »635 H. 

109.7.] THE O.VFORD PRESS. 133 

4- Heylyn, Peter. MIKPO'KOEMOX. [.A 
OF [ THE GREAT V,'ORLD. I The third Edition. 
PETER HEYLYN. ] [Il)te, then tlOl[o, then woodcuL] 
Impr. 7': I627: (êights) sm. 4°: pp. 
[ 20] + folded leaf + 8o 7 + [5 ] : P- 11 beg. 
l. ]:irst then, 5o, Scotlan«l is bl, : Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title, within 
an arched border; (3-4) dedication to 
prince Charles : (5-6) " To the Reader" 
from the second ed.: (7-8) "To my brother 
the Author", a poem by Edw. Heylyn: 
Sec ,62 tt, Wood's ,4th. Oxon., iii. 557- 

Re, ised. I [Z'«] I Y 

(9-12) "A Table of the principall Coun- 
tries...": (I3-I4) " A table of the 
antient ... nations - • - "'- ( 5 -9) "A 
table of the most principall things. "" 
(19) '". . . I" orraine coynes . . . "'. I-8o7, 
(,-2), the work: (3) " Errata". Before 
P- 7 should eome a folded lêaf, as in the 
2nd ed. (I625). 

In the copy seen on p (2)at the end of 

the book, in the original printing of the English lines beginning " But whither goeth ", 
1.6 (beg. " Into sale ") is before 1.4, making nonscnse : and a corrected reprint of the 
whole  2 lines is pasted over the faulty orinai. 

5- Holyoke, Francis. ttcztox.ttv,t ETYMO-[LOGICV3t LATIX.M, 
ar,'TiQVS-isimum & novissimum nunc demum infinitis  penè laboribus & 
continuis vilijs com-lpositum & absolutum k F.xcoeo I de Sacra 
Quercu. [ That is, [ M D?lzbuarz? declart?g lhe oroe«mall and derl'allbl.ç 
 aN words z, sed  in any Latine Authors, with the reason of their 
derivations and appella-tions; neuer any in this kinde extant fore: 
the quantities of syIlables, as  also the differences of those words, whose 
affinitie in signification [ or otherwise, might cause a promiscuous anti 
improper [ vse: the pure and improter words gathered [ into ont 
Dictionarie, and distingui-[shed by this marke: t. [ Wherevnto besides 
the hard and most vsefull words in Divinitie, Philosophie,  Physicke, 
and Logicke, are added many thousand other u ords out of I approved 
authours old and nev, with their Greeke in more exactnesse then  eer 
was in C«lept?t«, 3[oreht, or any other: and also the coines,  measures, 
u'eights, and Greeke Rootes, none of vhich  are extant in any Edition 
formerly I published. ] tterz,n/o z alto amtexcd lhe propcr names adormd 
,1 [hel 'Mlogl)$, illuslral«d, [and explained, with Histories, Pro- 
verbes, I)thologies, &c. together with the Chronologie of I the persons, 
and the beginning of noted Citties, and plantation of sundry Coun-tries, 
the Geography, and the names both ancient and new I of the most re- 
markable places, [ LASTLV RtDERS DICTION.CRIE I THn nNGLISH I before 
the latine compiled by Rin, is augmented I with many hundreds of 
words, both out of the Law, I and out of the Latine, French. and other 
languages, I such as were and are with vs in common v, I but never 
printed vntill now to the ] t-erfecting of that worke.  Also the Romane  
Calender. [ y lhe greal thduslrt? and pa2?zes 1 FaNClS Ho¥oz.  

Impr. 68: 1627: (eights) sm. 4 ° : pp. 
If 736], signn. ( ) ,t-z, Aa-zz, ,aa-zzz, 
^aaa-Eeee , Ffff-LllP, Mmmml ( )#, A-Z, 
^a-F, Gg-,P: signn. 3b ' beg. t'lin, l. 
4- 45, Bbb  Proecîpu, , adu.,   A crafts 
mans, Bb I r Taken or draz,ne out: Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :--signa. ( )  
title within lines, " " Ad Lectorem" 
signed " T. S. C. R." :, 2r-2 ", seven Latin 
poems on the book, one by Robert 

13urton: A Ir-sss I r, the Latin-Englisli 
lexicon : sss t ", Holyoke's Latin dedica- 
tion to Clement Throckmorton " 2o [!] 
Cal. Mart. I6I I " : sss 2-Ffff 4 , " Dic- 
tionarium etymologicum propriorum no- 
rainure ": Gggg  r-Mmmm ", "Radices 
Groecse lingux ... collectoe & compo-- 
sit,e. Opera & studio T.W.", a short 
Greek-Latin lêxicon: ( )r a title within 
lines :" xzDxs ! DICTIONARIE [ COR- 

t 34 TttE O.VFORD PRESS. [16«7. 

TABI ES EXPLAINING [ the names, ,veighls 
and z,ah«aNons of] auncient and modem 
coynes, as [ also a table  the eew, 
Grecbe [ oe Lathte measures reduced 
to our [ Enfflish standard 
]?om his roer fountaine, therst [ that 
ever was extant in that kind, vith [ many 
wohy castigations and addi-Ilions, as 
will aeare in the til& and eislk bore 
. [ [line] [ BY[ FRANCIS 

[Hne] ", then impr. 58: ( ) 2 '-2", alcali- 
cation to lady Dudley by Holyoke: ( ) 
3 r, Latin dedication to sirF. Walsingham, 
dated "Oxonioe, Calend. Octob." by John 
Rider: ( ) 3* "T° the Reader" dated 
" From Oxon. the xxx of September" by 
Rider: ( ) 4r-4 ", poems &c. by Rider, 
John Case (3 ° Sept. 1589) &c. : A-Ee 8 v, 
" Bibliotheca Rideri scholastica", an 
English-Latin lexicon: Fflr-Hh 3 r " Cer- 
taine generall heads of Birds, Colours, 
&c.", English-Latin: Hh 3v-4 r, a short 
English-Latin geographical dictionary : 
Hh 4T-xi 4", "Johannis Rideri Calenda- 
rium Romanum " followed by lists 
of weights, measures, &c. and foreign 
coins, tlle last, signed " \V. T. I'." 

Rare, sec 589 R. Of bp. Rider's double lexicon the first part at least (English- 
I.atin) was published at Oxford in I589. In 16o6 Francis Holyoke supplied a Latin- 
English part (based on Rider's Index)and published both at London. Subsequent 
edd. of the two parts together are Lond. ]67, Lond. 626 (ed. N. Gray), the present 
«»ne Oxf. 627, Lond. 633 (called the 4th), Lond. x64o (called the 5th), Lond. 1649, 
lœeeond. 659 (acc. to Bohn's Lowndes, s.r. Rider, where however since I637 is an error 
for I627, this I659 may be one for 1649), and, edited by Thomas IIolyoke son of 
Francis, Lond. 1677- 

BITORV]t! à PONTIFI-Iciis , un cure Editionibus[exurgah's z,el extur- 
gandis juxta seriem Li-lterarum 8: tripli-[cem classera. [ In usure ]ibh'o- 
îhecce ]odleia-[ancc, Ci" Curaloribus eiusd«m [ specialiter designatus ] PER [ 
THO. IAES S. Theol. ID. Coll. B. Iarioe Winton ] in Oxon. Vulg6 
Novi dicti [ quondam Socium. l[woodcuts.] 

Impr. 69 : x627 : (twelves' x6°: pp. 
[44], signn. *,A-L2: slgn. Bx r beg. In 
l;iMia : Pca Roman. Contents :* if 
,, .] ": .r, ride: 3 r, Latin dedication fo 
the Cumtors of the Bodleian, foIIowed 

(4T-6 ") by an Epistola dedicatoria fo 
them: 7-IO ', Ad Lectorem : I r, Errata: 
AI-K5  the work : K6r-LIO v, " Tabula" 
an index of authors : LII r "Cautio". 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 467. The intention of the book is the reverse of the 
aim of the Indices Exturgato¢i , namely to give a select list of reeommended books. 
Those whieh were in the Bodleian are marked with a star. 

s,ro:,'E, 'VZ./CE ! ad Academicos habita 
v«rsitalis Oxoniensislxxv. Octob. I I626. [ . I lIaTTma P.SORE, Ar- 
ttum 3[agi-ls/ro " non ila prt'dem 3[a/hemalum 19ro - [fessore z'n Vniversi- 
lale Haidelbergensi. [ [two moltos, one Hebrew.] 

Impr.6o : 1627 : (eights) 16 ° : pp. [34], 
signn. A-I3"C*: sign. B r beg. menlar- 
iorutn RabbDtnicorum: English Roman. 
Contents :sign. A If, title : A , " de- 

cretum Concilii Viennensis", sec below, 
then device: 2r-2L dedication to the 
University of Oxford, in Latin, dated 
5 Dec. 626 : A 3-c 2 , the oration. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 445- The oration is 
history of Oriental studies at Oxford. It claires to be the 
Oxford, quotes the decree of the Council of Vienne 13II-X- 

of considerable interest for the 
first on the subject at 
that there ought to be 

627.] THE OA'FORD PRESS. 135 

instruction in Itebrew, Arabic and Chaldee at Oxford, and urges the fitness of the 
study in Oxford. Pasor was lecturer on Arabic only from I626 to 1629. Some 
Arabic MSS. in the Bodleian are mentioned on sign. B 7 r and 

8. Prideaux, dr. John. In the Calalogus... h'brorum ... 
lgt'chardt" f)az,is bih'of, olw, ibars ¢uarla (Lond. 1692 , 4") t ). IO, no. 183 
is "Joan. Prideaux Lectiones novem, Oxon. 67." See 1626 P. 

9-Richardson, Gabriel. [woodcul]lov I T.E STATV_ 
THE [ 3/AWI" PROI'IWCF_,S [ HEREOF. { Cotl[l?lll£d Oll[ of a[,prored Aulhours. [ 
B [ RL mCHaRSO BhTCLOVR [ in Divinitie, and FLaOW of 
BRaSEN-INosE Col#ge ,>, Oar«. l [««z',»e. ] 

Impr. 70: 1627: (fours) fol. :pp. [4] 
+ I8+67 + 37 + [1] + 14+ I 3 +[I]+ 50+ 
3+[I]+I +[I]+74+ 26+ {] + li + 
[t]+68+-9+[I]+64+[2]: pp-t 
[bk. I ] beg. Di ocesse with, (bk. 6) Arco- 

briga, (bk. Io) terry. ]oun ted, (bk. 1 I) 
l%,domana : English Roman. Con- 
tents :p. () title; (3-4) dedication to 
the bp. of Lincoln : ... 64, the trea- 
fise in I4 books separately paged. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxan., iii. 38. Thc first four books contain Great Britain. The 
signatures begin again with the Ioth and with the  th book, but every book is sepa- 
rately paged. The matter is a mixture of histol-y and geogra['hy. 

o. Smith, Samuel. Wood (Alh. Oxon., il. 83)mentions an 
edition of the Aditus ad Logicam of this year: see 1617 S. 

I I. Vicars, Thomas. PVSILLVS GREX. [ EaEr'xox. [ REFVTATIO [ 
ex Scripluris beatorum numerum majorera[non esse numero damnalorum, 
sed pohus minotera. [ Ad excutt'endum securtlatis z,elernum nosAris homt,tt'- 
bus I poa'ssimhm conscripta. I Au/hore TrlOtA de VlCaRIIS S. T. 27ac. 
Pas*ore I Cockfiddiensi in agro quond«m A uslr«h'um Saxonum. ][two 
mottos, then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 72 : I627 : sm. 4°: pp. 32 : p. 
I I beg. argumentaque: English Roman. 
Contents :--p. I, title: 2, " Ad Lectores 
Candidos": 3-6, Latin letters between 
"Thom. Vicarsius" (" Gallager ", = of 

Cockfield) and John Go]dsmith (" Gal- 
linager "=of Henfield), and William Cox, 
canon of Chiehester, one dated î' Jan. 
i62 or I6z3: 7-3z, the discourse, on 
Luke .xii. 3z- 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 443. The original treatisœe of Coelius Secundus Curio 
(an Italian, d. I569) entitled "... De amplitudine beati regni Dei dialogi sire libri 
duo" was first published in 554, and his contention that the number of the saved is 
greater than that of the lost is here refuted. 

 2. Wake, Isaac. Rr'_x PLATOXICVS : I [&:C. exactly as 1615 W, 
except that the colon in the first line is italic, not Roman, and " Quarta" 
for "Tertia ".] 




Impr. 73:1627 : (twelves) 16o : pp. 
[8] + 238 + [I8] : p. I 1 beg. menlum de- 
mississimo, I II neri, vt fuum: Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title: 
(3-7) dedication to prince Itenry, as in st 
ed. : -36, the work : 23î-8, (), the 
Chancellor's letter with preface : (3) title 
See 6o 7 \V. 
3 rd ed. 

This fourth edition is a verbatim but not literatim reprint of the 

Impr. 58: I627: (eights) I2o: pp. 
[I6]+5o+[2]: p. II beg. where the 
Zord : Great Primer Roman. Contents: 
(-2) hOt seen: (3) title: (5) dedication 

to sir Henry Stanhope, son of lord Stan- 
hope : (7- 3) "The Epistle dedicatory ": 
(I5-I6) hot seen: I-5o , the srmon, on 
Matth. xxi. 9" 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 735- 


Impr. 7 2 : 6z8 : (eights) 16" : pp. 
[8]+ 224 " p. II beg. o: vt, si, III I. 
Aécessaria, oui : Long Primer Roman. 
Contênts :p. (3) title : (5-6) " Typo- 
graphus benevolo Lectori • • -": (7) 

"' Sphalmata. " (8) " 4rb 
•. , errata : ., or 
]or2hyriana": I- 4, the ork com- 
prising an " Introductio generalis..." 
and six books. 

The first edition of Airay's Logic, see 633 A, I66o. The preface explains that 
the author's naine is omitted from modesty, and that several MSS. of the first three 
books have beera compared and somêthing added, as well as three more books. 

e. Bodleian Library. The entry in the "Catalogi... librorum 
" Lond. 692, . . 
... Richardi Davis... pars quarta, P 9 :" o8 
Catalogus Librorum in ]3ibliotheca BodleianaOxon. 68" must be an 
error for  62 o. 

3- Brerewood, Edwa;d TRACTaTVS I QVlDA'I I LOGICI [ DE 
vagoo Bgggwoo[Artium Magistro, è Collegio nez:Ast; olim con- 
scripti : [ nunc verb ab erroribus (qui frequenti transcriptione irrepserant) 
qndicati, ad pristinum nitorem, na-[tivamq; puritatem diligentissimâ 
manuscripto-lmm collatione restituti, & in lucem editi, ] er T. S. Art. 
A[ag. " Colleg « 'naLsi Soc,m. [ [hhe, then mollo, then 

I028.] THE OXFOI?D PIdESS.  7 

Impr. 72 b : I628 : sm. 4" : PP- [3z] + 
single leaf + 47  : P- I I beg. genus 
species, 4o tes sit sanus: Piea Roman. 
Contents:--p. (x) title: (3-8) epistola 
dedicatoria to sir Rich. Brook of Norton, 
" "Oxonij, è 
signed " Thomas Sixesmith , 
Musoeo meo, in Collegio Anea-Nasensi, 
x 3- Calend. Octob. 16z8 ": (9- ) " Eu- 

dito Lectori • • • "'. ( 3-3 I) " Index sec- 
ti q " ld d 
tionum qu-s onum ue ... : a Io e 
sm. folio leaf " Pag.  " bearing an 
" Analysis " of logic, printed on one side 
only, perhaps hot by Brerewood: -47, 
the ten treatises (pp. 63-64 are another 
folded leaf, printed n style similar to the 
former one, but "Sect. 17 "). 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 4 o. Brerexood died in 63. 

4. Burton, Robert. [Engraved ride :] THE I ANATO3IY OF I 
31EANCHOLY. [ IVhal t'l t's, wt'/h ail lhe kinds causes, ] s.jw@/omes, proff- 
noslt?bes, " seucrall cures  tL [ In three Partitions, with their severall [ 
Sections, members & subsections, I Philosophically, 3Iedicinally, [ Ilis- 
torically, opened & cut up. [ nY [ D, moc,-,?us ri,mb,'.  ll)/h « SaO, r,?aH 
cor,'eclcd a,M l «,çmtn/ed 3 5 lhe Aulhor. [ mollo: see below. 3 

Impr. 70:x6.,8 : (fours) folio - pp. 
[8.] + 77 ÷ [I I] + 646 (after uo8 are two 
unnumbered leaves, and after 374 one) + 
[]: p. x I beg. al,]; auidè, 5o so th O, 
must: Ènglish Roman. Contents :p. 
t*) engraved title : [(3-6) hOt seen, two 
leaves ofverses ?] (7) dedication to George 
lord Berkeley : -î7 "Democritus Iunior 
to the reader": () " Lectori malè 
riato": (4-7)"the Synopsis of the fi.rst 

partition": (8-95 " Democritus Iunior 
ad librum suum", elegiacs: (IO-I I) "The 
Authors Abstract of Melancholy, &oEXo- 
7,¢o", verses : -2o8, the first partition : 
(x-4) " The Synopsis of the second par- 
tition": o9-37 4, the second partition: 
(-2) "Analysis of the third partition " : 
375-646, the third partition : (-S) " The 
Table", on index : (9) " Errata sic cor- 
rigas ": (Ix) Impr. 75, between woodcuts. 

Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 653, and 62t B. The author's name does not occur in 
the book. The engraved title is divided into  :, parts, arranged in horizontal rows of 
three, but the rows are not of equal height: no.  (left top corner) is "Zelotipia," 
birds with river and trees : . " Democritus Abderites " by his garden, under a tree: 
3-"' Sulitudo," deer &c. in a glade : 4-(second row) " lnamorato" a love-sick youth 
xith suitable surroundings: 5. title, as above : 6. " lIypocondiacus" a king, sitting: 
" " Supertitiosus," 
. a monk on his knees, telling his beads: 8. " Democritus Junior," 
half length, with arms, book, sphere and ladder (?): 9. " 3Ianiacus," chained" o. 
" Borago," the plant:  . Imprint, with "C" le... Blon. fe:" the engraver" .. 
" IIelleborus," the plant. This title is round in later editions, but in a comparatively 
wom state. 

5- Cameron, John. 
Minister of the I Word of God, and Divinity Professour  
A«ademie of ,][onlauba,,. i [h?,e] l Translated ,Io English by 
Vernevil. ILA. [ [mollo, and translation.] 

in the 

Impr. 80 : 16z8 : sm. 4 ° : pp. 48 : p. 
I I beg. constrayned flrst of aN: Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. x, title: 3-4, 
dedication to sir Thomas Leigh, dated 

" from the publique Library in Oxford 
this 30 of Aug. 628": 5-6, "To the 
Reader": 7-48, the treatîse. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 2.-. The author states that when he first came into 
Eugland he "belonged unto" Sir Tho. Leigh and his grandfather of the saine names. 
The " sovereign judge" of the treatise is declared to be " God speaking in. the 

 38 THE OXFORD PRESS. [lO9.8. 

6. Carpenter, Nathaniel. A cMtohd: or, lhe Picture of a w[cked 
29ohl[c[an, in 3 parts. Dubl. 16 2 7, oct. Ox. 16 2 8, qu. 

So in Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 422, where Wood relates that the Lond. I629 ed. (and 
presumably al! subsequent editions) is expurgated of passages supposed to reflect on 
Arminianism. See 64o C. The British Museum, I3odleian, Advocates' Library t 
Edinburgh and the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, do hOt seem to possess a copy 
of either of the two first editions. 

7. C[asa], J[-Giovanni della]. F.TmCa ! IVVENILIS lai'. C. I GALA- 
TtvS [ Seu [De Iorum Honestate & E-llegantia; Liber ex Italico I 
Latinus ;! [a>'e] I Ejusdem J. : de Umbra [ Varioe. I[woodcuts.] 

Impr. 87: I628" .twelves) 16": pp. 
[4_-I + 129 + [ 3] : P- I I beg. mo nobis bcne, 
III rehcndere, vel: Pica Roman. Con- 
tents:mpp. (i-2>0 not seen: (3) title, 
within a double line: (4) second title 

" Ethica Iuvenilis, seu Manuductorium ad 
laudabilem morum Concinnitatem '° 
and preface signed "G. W." : I-I29, the 
treatise : (2-3) hot seen. 

See 163o C. The author vas Giovanni della Casa, and the translator Nathan 
Chytraeus, whose initials oecur on p. I : but the copy seen had no trace of " J. W. de 
Umbra varioe," though the binding was original. There are many editions of the 
Italian and Latin forms of this treatise (see 63o C and I665), and some of an English 
translation. Pp. 1-128 of this edition were reissued as part of the 1665 edition. 

8. D[ickinson], W[illiam]. 3[ILKE I FOR BABES. ! TltE I ENGLISH 
ca'rcl«StE, I s'i" I)OWXE tX Tlat I Common-Pra)'er Booke, breifly ex-[ 
planed for the private vse of the ! l}u»ger and moe z'n&arned sorl of[ 
his ParisMoners of Apleton, in I the "County of Berks. ***** 
W. D. [[two moZos.] 

Impr. 85 : 1628 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8]+ 
.39 + [I ] : p. I I beg. sible resemblance : 
Pica English and Roman. Contents :-- 

p. (I) title, (2) four " Errata" : 3-8 " To 
his parishioners..." of A ppleton, a 
dedication and preface : 1-39 the work. 

For the author see Wood's t:asti Oxon., i. 389. 

NESSE I of Divine Mysteries, together I w,'th out k,,ou,l«dge oflhem 
l. 162 7. I ANOTnER I TOI,'CHVG CttVRCI-[- [ Schismes but the Vnanimity ] 
of Orthodox Professours [ FES. 17. 1628. I [1,?,«] [By l. D. I of Arts 
and Fellow of I Me,'/0n 

Impr. 84: 1628: sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 
26 + 26: pp. IX beg. for mans deliKht , 
and by discountenance: English Roman. 
Contents :p. (1) title, within a line : 

(3-4 dedication to Dr. Irent, warden of 
Merton, signed " Iohn Doughty": 1-26 
the first sermon, on Rom. xii. 16:1-26 
the second, on Rom. xvi.  7- 

See Wood's Alh. Oxon., iii. 977- The signatures run through the whole volume. 
AI1 the pages of text are within a bounding line doubled at the top and outer side. 

IO, Field, dr. Richard. oF I'rHt Crt,'RCU, I 'Ivr: OOlVtS. lB'," I 

109.8.] THE 0 VFORD PRESS. 139 

in the thz'rde 5ooke, and the AppendLv to lhe saine. [ lb'ne, then &v/ce, then 

Impr. 68a: 1628: (sixes) fol. : pp. 
[I6]+9o6+[]: p. ii beg. ration of 
daungtrous, 7Ol wrong's of the Court: 
Pieu Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title: 
(3-4) Epistle dedieatory to the duke of 
Buekingham, signed " Nathaniel Field ", 
the author's son. (5-7) Epistle dedicatory 
to the archbp, of Canterbury, by R ich. 

Field : (9-I5) "what things are handled 
in the bookes follox in,," ": (,  5) " Errata "- 
1-28, the work, bk 1 : 29-46 , bk 2: 47- 
83 " App . • 
I82, bk 3 : I -342, an endix.. "'. 
343-4oz, bk 4: 403, a title to book 5, 
and its appendix, with impr. 68" 4o3 - 
746, bk 5:747-9 o6, the appendix : (1-2) 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. I84, 1635 F. The first ed. (two different issues) was 
Lond. I6o6 (sth book, Lond. 161o). The author died in i616. Three edd. or parts 
of edd. have been issued even in the I9th century. The signatures run completely 
through the book. 

I I. Godwîn, Thomas. .OJt.a«V.E I HISTORIaE [ XTHOLOGta [ 
quities, wherein man)" R, oman { & English offices are paralleld l and 
divers obscure phrases I e-rPZaz;'ed l or Zhe vse of A.xoox Schooh'. ! 
[line] I Newly revised and inlarged by the I 2ulhor. I [line.] 

Impr. 7 ° : 628 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 
277 + [23] : P- I I beg. ma/efactor, but, 
2oi. Cap. 8. De rue: Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title, within an arched 
border : (3-4) dedication to dr. Young, 

x4 Cal. Dec. I62: ()-" Benevolo lec- 
tori - • • ": (7) "A short table . . . " of 
contents" i-277 the work : (I-23) "In- 
dex rerum et verborum ". 

See I614 G. 

2. Gumbleden, John. ogs[6ar .tERC I TO MANKINDE IY I 
]svs cHmsT, l I sE.xox PREaCHED aT ] Pauls Crosse, larch 8: 
being I alme Sundo,. i626. I By lonx GV3tBLEBEN 3I r of Artes. [two 
mollos, then woodcuL] 

Impr. 8I: 628: sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ 
34 + [2]: p. I I beg. off) he contes: Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title: (3-4) 

" To the Reader ", dated " From my 
Study at Longworth in Berkshiere. Oetob. 
4- 1627 ": 1-34, the sermon, on Is. liii. 6. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 436. 

x 3. Howson, John, bp. of Oxford. ARTICLES { ECCLESIASTICALL [ 
to be enquired of by the Church-wardens & ] Sidesmen within the 
Dioces of Oxon: set forth { @ the aulhorz'O'o f lhe Zdt'gh! ],verend 

Father l in God 
Oxon: Anno [ I628. 

by the Divine providence I of God Lord Bishop of 
t?ei»g lhe third)'«are l/fore h/s Lordships I r;s,e«- 

Impr. 82 : x628: sm. 4": PP- Ix2], 
signn. A * : sign. B I" beg. spected la 
conceale : Pica English. Contents : 

sign. A I r title : A I' "The Oath" : A r_ 
 2L "Articles concerning the Clergie", 

 4- Parre, bp. Richard. 


 4 ° THE OWFORD PRESS. [109.8. 

COBl,'[[jg fllL 1 2. 1 62 5. ] PER I RICH; PARRE. S.S. [ Th«ol. ]Tac. Coll. 

Impr. 72 a : I628 : 
[8]+ 46+[2] : p. II 
hoec : Eglish Roman. 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., iii. 345. 
his patron the earl of Southampton. 

(eights) t6o : pp. title- (3-7) epistola dedicatoria toThoms 
beg. demùm sunt earl of Southampton : (8) " Errata": 
Contents :--p. (I) -46, the sermon on Rev. iii. 4- 
The dedication states that Parre was chaplain to 

I 5" Parre, bp. Richard. TuE I .'D OF T.E I PtRFECç »,a'. I a I 
sx,,..v .A«» aT I lhe urtbll OElhe rthl tlonourable St? I ROBERT 
SpZXCE Knight  Baron SpEXCR of Worm«bt«hlon, IWoz,emb. 6. I627. 
in r,'nlon Church bi Ar-lhamplonshte, I Y } cua. PaE 
Bachelour in Divinity, and late Fellow of Brasen-nose Col-ledge in 
Oxfor, l, now Rector of[ Zadbrook in Warwickshire. I [woodcuts.J 

Impr. 68 : 1628 : sm. 4" : PP- [8] + 
29 + [7] : P. I I beg. hortation..4s long: 
Pica Roman. Contents :p. () title : 
3-6) epistle dedicatory to William lord 
Spencer of Wormleighton : (7-8) " The 

Preface ": I-2 9, the sermon on Ps. xxxvii. 
37 : (2-6' seven poems, in English, Greek 
(one) and Latin (one) on lord Spencer's 
death, no doubt by Parre. 

See Wood's .-Ith. Oxon., iii. 345- 

I6. Perable, \Villiam. fi'//'.E ] GODLY, aXD PRO-ifitable Sermons 
concerning [ I The sl«z,erz'e of 
3 The roote of Apostasie. [ 4 The benefit of Gods ervice. I 5 The 
Christians loue. ] Preachcd t'n hz's lz'e /t)ne 
late faithfull linister of IChris/ 3If \VILLIA3I 

sundry places. I By that 
[ PE3IBLE Of 3[ag-ldal, n 

ImI-'r. 84 : 1628 : sm. 4°: pp. [4-1+ 
24 + 72 + " 31 "-" 38 " + [4?]: PP- I x beg. 
aml cast themselues, and tente . 7"hess : 
pp. 3. beg. as those Children, and his 
hatiO,ness : Pica Roman. Contents : 
p. ) title, within arched border: (3-4) 
" To the Reader", signed by the editor 

" Iohn Tombes": 1-24 the first sermon, 
on John viii. 34: -25, the second, on 
IIos. iv. 6 : 27-.43, the third, on Heb. iii. 
 2-3:44 -66, the fourth on Ex. xxxiv. 
23-24 : 67-7 t, " 31 "-" 38 ",, the fifth, 
on Cant. iL 16: (3-.4) hot seen. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 331 (where " Lond." is an error for "Oxf.") and 16-'9, 
P. Pemble died in x6 3. The editor ,,,,-as a pupil of Pemble (Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 
o6z), and succeeded him in his lectureship at Magdalen hall. There is something 
curious about the printing of this volume: the pagination is peculiar, and sign. KI r 
p. " 3 t ") has the running title of sermon 4 instead of 5: also the catchword on 
p. "38" is haz,e instead of haz, ing, and the next page differs in style of printing. The 
second edition shows each sermon with a separate pagination, but appears otherwise 
to be a verbatim reprint. The signatures of this first ed. begin again with the second 
sermon, and the first at least of the lait two leaves bears no signature, though be- 
ginning a new sheet. 

1 7. Rudyerd, sir Benjamin. a,vz.a,uwR VDI£RD I HIS SPEECH 
IN Br.HaLrE I O" THE CLERmE, aX OFar«s miserably desfitute of 
In-struction, through want of l3hn),lcnance. ', cONrlR3IED BY THE [ 
Testimonies of Bishop IEWEL, ! Master PERKI'S, and Sir[ HEXRe 
SPEL3IAN. J [h)te, mollo, bze.] 

169.8.] TH.E OXFORD PLESS. 14 t 

Impr. 76:1628 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [2] + [ Pica Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 
14+[2] : p. 11 beg. taine vnto him : [ I-I4, the speech. 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 456. This tract is generally round without any title 
page (signn. A--B t only) : the London booksellers seem to have printed one for their 
own purposes, hOt deeming the title as it heads p. I (" Sir Beniamin Ruddierd's 
speach in behalfe of the Cleargy.") sufficient. 8orne early copies bave the number of 
the first page central over the author's name, enclosed in brackets; but it was doubt- 
less soon moved to the uppcr right hand corner, because in its original place it seemed 
to indicate a first/art of the tract rther than simply the first page. This speech was 
reprinted at London in 164t. 

I8. Sparke, William. 
[lin,.] [ By ,VILLIAt SPARKF Divinit ,3 Rea--Ider at lagd: Coll: in 
and Par--Ison of 

Impr. îT: I628: sm. 4o: pp. [I6]+ 
78 + [2] + 78 + [2] : pp. I I beg. All the 
glor),, and children, yee ca,hot" English 
Roman. Contents :p. () title : (3-5) 
dedication to George duke of ]3ucking- 

ham: (7-12) "The l'reface to the 

Reader " : (t3-8) " The Contents" " 
1-78 " ]3ooke I ", in 3 chapters: I 78 
" tooke II , in 3 chapters : 8, imptint 
î 8 . 

Sec Wood's Alh. Oxon., ii. 498. The second book, xvhich is distinct in pagination, 
signatures and colophon, seems to have been printed separately and even issued by 

9. Tozer, Henry. DIRECTIONS[FOR lA GODLY LIFE: [ Especi- 
ally for Communi-[cating at the Lord's Table. I ha',&d firs/for prtz,al« 
ne sou#s, a,d I shaH bec ?l«as,'d Io I make z,se lho'«g I uY I H. TOZER 
lr of Arts, and I Fellow of vce#r Col-lledge in Oaford. [»otlo: then 

Impr. 68 : t628 : (twelves) 16": pp. 
198+ [6]: p. i t beg. this I no-w, oI Re- 
deemer liueth : Pica Roman. Contents : 
p. I, title: 3-1I, Epistle dedicatory to 

Lorenzo Cary son of viscount Falkland- 
13-198, the directions : ç-3) " The Con- 
tcnts of each Chapter ". 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 274 , and 164o T. There were also Oxford edd. in 
167t (Sth), 68o (oth), but all editions seem to be uncommon. 

Impr. 83 : 1628 : (eights) sm. 4°: pp. 
[8]+680: p. Il beg illius de chao, 501 
2Vec mdiorem : Pica Roman. Contents : 
p. (I) title : [pp. 3-4 are perhaps always 

torn out, as blank] : (5) Errata: (6- 7) 
" Syllabus & Ordo Disputationum": 
-68o, the forty each di- 
vided into theses. 

Sec 63I V. These Disputations were printed at Leiden in 16 5, and the Hague 
in 658. In the title the Ist, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 9th, as well as the first line of the 
lmprint " Bellositi Dobunorum," are in red ink. There are large paper copies of this 


2x. Wall, John. Tmr [LION IN" THE [ LAMBE. ]OR STRENGTH IN [ 
J £A'£eV£S.  /LVXRE   SE-:mon at Shtrd in lIffham-Jsh#e, 
the seate of the riht Ho-nourable the Lord I STASHOPE. I By Ionx 
XV oc#ur b D«'' O,  Chrtl-Church bt Oxford. I [mollo, then 

Impr. 86: z628 : (eights) 16°: pp. 
[ 1 6] + , 5 + [ I ] : ]3. 1 I beg. wns sinne 
wrou.¢ht : Great l'rimer Roman. Con- 
tents :top. (3 title - (,a, 7-i5) dedication 

and epistle dedicatory to lady Katharine 
Stanhope: 1-55 , the sermon, on Rev. 
11. IO. 

See Wood's .lth. Oxon., iii. 735- 

ANI. [ruErAS aga E-'.VEFACT-OES, [ continens, [ tarenlat/onem llis- 
toricam l.][am3us ('amd, m" oblalam. [ Ded/calionem Imaginis Camd,-[ 

niane tri Schold Hislorica. 

i Wecnon l I"[,islolarura 


Impr. 72 a : 6.,8" (eights) I6o : pp. 
[] + 4, + 133 + [3] : PP- I I beg. tutes 
tare cha9, and incolumem, dabam, I1 
l'roedocto Guil. Smitho: Pica Roman. 
Contents :p. (I) title : (2) two mottos: 
3-7) dedication to the University of 
Oxfod • I -I 9, " l'arentatio historica, sive 
Commemoratio vitoe et mortis V.C. Guli 
elmi Camdeni Clarentii, facta Oxonioe in 
Schol. tti»toric_£ statim à funere, Ann. 
 623" " Nuncius 
, a speech : 20-22 » 
Chronogrammaticus, de obitu . .. Cam- 
deni "' 
... , a poem with chronograms: 
23-48, " Dedicatio imaginis Camdenianae 
in Schola t/istorica, i 2 Novemb. 16-,-,, 

a speech, with more chronograms: l, a 
half title " Epistolarum eucharistichar'am 
fasciculus": 2, a motto : 3-5 dedication 
to dr. Benj. Rudierd, dated "Oxonioe 
6 Idus Apr. 6.,8", in Latin: 6-93, 56 
letters from dr. Whear to friends, 16oi- 
26, in Latin: 95, a title "[woodcuts]l 
C'2'tD-"V" I CH'«mSrm I [woodcut«]"l 
impr. 69 : 96, motto: 97-1o3, dedication 
to John Pym, dated "Oxon.. a.d. 5 Kal. 
Mai. 1628": 1o4-133, the Charisterîa, 
letters by Whear to accompany presenta- 
tion copies of his ,][ethodus historica 
(625 W)- i 34 "Erata sic corrigenda...". 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 219. The title of this work appears to explain an 
extraordinary entry in the I¢ibh'othcca Gulstoniana (1688) p. 35 "Joan. Wouveri pietas 
erga Benefactores, Oxon. 626 "! 

Impr. 79: 1628: sm. 4ç: pp. [4]+ 59 
+ [I] : p. I I beg. in the suerstitious : 
English Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : 
(3-4) dedication to sir Henry ,N'eville: 

1-3o, the first sermon, on Prov. xxiii. 23, 
" Truth purchast": 31-59, the second, 
on James i. 16, " Error abandon'd ". 

See Woods Fasti Oxon., i. 347- 
the top and outer side double. 

Every printed page is within botmding lines, on 

AtSlO ! S. S.Teologi Docto,'e in [ Academia Franekerana. i In ualuor 

169.9.] THE OXFORD PRESS. ]43 

Tomos diz,isus: i A & A uclore 
Editio tertia. ][woodcu/s.] 


" mullis in locis auch«s. I 

Impr. 88 ; t629 : I2°: pp. [24] + 283 
+ [5] + 288 + 299 + [5] + 230 : pp. I  beg. 
Canonem retulerunt, and Argumenta 
Ilellarmini, and 1'ona oihera, and nullam. 
l)rotest. : Long Primer Roman. Con- 
tents:--p. () title: (3-5) dedication to 
the Belgian states : (6) " Ad Lectorem": 
(7-, ) " Index Controversiarum quœe hoc 
opere tractantur": Ç3-23) ,, Index lo- 
corum Scripturoe... : -9-83, tome t: 
() a title " Bellarminus enervatus, sire 
disputatiortes arttibellarmirdanoe, in Illus- 
tri Frisiorum Academia, quoe est Franc- 

keroe, publicè habitoe ; a Guilielmo Ame- 
sioTheologioe Doctore. Tomus secundus. 
Ab Auctore recognitus & auctus", with 
impr. 72 a : '.4-5) dedication to Erne»t 
Casimir count of Nassau, o Nov. I65, 
in "/'/'/'/tin : 1-288, tome 2- I, tit.le, exactly 
as in vol. 2, with lerlius fr secttndus'- 
3-4, dedication to senators of Friesland, 
4 Kal. Apr. 626: 5-99, tome 3: (e) 
title, exactly as in vol. - with quarlus 
for secundus: (4-5) dedication to four 
curators of the Universtty of Franeker, 
3 Kal. Oct.  626 : 1-23o, t,_,me 4. 

This is a long controversial treatise against Bcllarmine on the Calvinist side, and 
eovers nearly the whole ground of theology. There are editions issued at Amsterdatn 
in i625-6 , 16-'8 and 163 , and at I ondon in 1632-33. 

2. Burges, Cornelius. BAPTIS3IALL]R£GENI'RATIONIOf Elect 
Infants, I Professed by the Church of lngland , a«cordt)t;, lo lhe Scrtp- 
turcs, I the Primitiue Church, the pre-',sn! Reformed Churches, and I 
man.y parlicular 1)t'-,z,t)tts aparl, lB)" Co: Bvi_s, Dr of Divinity, and I 
one of his Maiesties Chaplaines lin Ordinary. [ [two mol/os.] 

Impr. 91 : 629 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [6] + 
347 + [I]: p. I I beg. world zvith such: 
Great Primer Roman. Contents :p. k ) 
title, within arched border : (3-) Epistle 
dedicatory to Franeis earl of Bedford: 

(9-3) "To the Readers": (I4-5)"A 
"Fable of the severall Chapters... "-. (6) 
"The principall Authors quoted. " 
1-347, the work : 347 " Erata ". 

Sec Wood's Mth. Oxon., iii. 684. The address "to the Reader" states that the 
book is "the snmme of sundry Lectures deliuered in mine owne Charge" St. Magnus, 
London, and that some had aceused him of altering what he had preached before 
publishing it. 

3-Burton, Samuel, archdeacon of Gloucester. ,xrZczzSiT o 
s V_XQVR» O" I in the Generall Visitation of the I A rchdeacon of the 
Diocesse of [ GLOCV_Sa_R, ] nOr_Dr r," Trie ¢V_aRV. Or OVR ! Lord God, 
1629. In the fift yeare of the Reigne I of our rnost gracious Soueraigne 
Lord, ] CIaRr.ES, by the grace of l God , King of great Brit-ltaine , 
France, and 

Impr. 93: 69: sm. 4°: pp. [6], 
sigun. A.-la*: sign. 13 if beg. Articles 
concerninff Schoolmasters : Pica English. 
Contents :--sign. A ', title :  l" " The 

Tenor of the Oath to be ministred to the 
Churchwadens and Sworne-men , with 
a text : A 2"-B 4 r, the Articles : B 4 r, note 
about Recusants and Communicants. 

4. Butler, Charles. ORTORI2E ! LIBRI IVO. I QvoRv.t[Al/er 
ejus Defim'lionera, [ Aller Parhh'onem [ ExICT : ] ,v vsvM sctfozAxv,t [ 
recèns «da:l[Zine]lAuthore C^ffoo Bva'l./o, Magd. I [Z«e, then 


Impr. 98 : 629: sm. 4*: PP- [I32], 
signn. ( )a ^_Q4: sign. B r beg. clarant: 
vt cure: Long Primer Roman• Con- 
tents :--sign. ( ) i r, title: 2r " Lectori 

Benevolo... ", dated " Wotton. 8. CaL 
bd. 629 ", signed " C. B. M."" A - 
Q 4", the xs ork : Q 4; " 31»nitio ad Lec- 
torero ", errata and corrigenda. 

See 1633 B. For the author see Wood's 4th. Oxon., iii. 2o9-o. The referen¢e 
there to a A'hetm-icte Libri duo of this year is probably an error for Oratorite I ibri 
duo. At signa. A4  is a description of the various type in use, gixing a series of 
Nonpareil, Breuier, (Long) Primier, Pique, English, Great l'rimier, Double Pique, 
Canon, with specimens of each. 

5. Catechism. Catechesis I RELmOXlS [ CHRISTIAN.:E I QV.:E 
"I-RADIT ,R [in Ecclesijs & Scholis Ee-lctorahs Palatinatus. [ [woodcuL] 

Impr. -,', .... 1629 • (twelves  74 °" pp 
r6]+63+[3]: p. I beg. cst, lS«ctus: 
Long Primer Roman. Contents :p. () 
title: () woodcms and a text" (3-6) 

edict of Frederick Elector of the Rhine 
about the Catechism, 19 Jan. x.a6, a, in 
Latin • -49, the catechism- o-63 " Pre- 
cationes aliquot privatoe & public,". 

An edition of the tteidelberg catechi»m. 

6. Chaloner, dr. Eward. SIX I SER31OSS ! SOW FIRST [ PVB- 
LISHED, I Preach'd hO, thal learned and lworlh 3' Dzz'«)le Edward [ 
Chaloner lai@, d«eas'd, Dr in I Divinity ' sometimes Cha-lplaine in 
Ordinary to out I Soveraigne K. lames. I and to his 3lalsr I that now 
is; and late I Principall of A,, Hall in I Oaf°rd.l[l')«]lPr')d«d 
accordbtg lo lhe A ulhor's[co]«s, wrtTlcn wflh ht t,ne hand.[ [he, 
then woo&uls.] 

Impr. 94 : 16:9- sm. 4' " PP- [8] + 
5o + f2] : p  I beg. arrow drawne, III 
and selfc-conceited: Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. () title, within arched border : 
,3-5) Epistle dedicatory to the Earl 

of Pembroke, signed "'Ab. Sherrnan": 
(7-8 "TheTitles and severall Texts "" 
-I5O. the six serinons, on Tit. i. 13, 
Matt. xx. 6, Rom. i. 2, Acts xxi. 4, 
Luke viii. 21, Gai. ii. 5" ¢i) " Erata". 

See Wood's ,4th. Oxon., ii. " • 
3,8. This is a second set of six sermons, one set 
having been issued by Chaloner himself (who died in I62) at London in 623, when 
a Fellow of All Souls. 

7. Corbet, Richard, bp. of Oxford. ARTICLES ] TO BE ENQVIRED ] 
OF WlTHIX "rHE mOCES I Of Oaford, in the first Visitation of t the Right 
Reverend Father in Gon, ]tHchard, Lord Bishop of[ Oaford. I HïL» I 
In the yeare of our Lord God 629. in the fift .veare [ of the Raigne of 
our most gratious Soveraine Lord, I Charles, by the grace of God 
King of Great I rillaine, trance, and Ireland, [ Defendor of the Faith 
î:«: I [«,-.] 

Impr. SSa: 16.,9: sm. 4°: pp. [6 ,. 
signn. A-B: sign. B r beg. 3. H'hethcr 
ai O, bath- Pica English. Contents: 

sign..x I , title" A '-A 2r, Directions, 
Oath &c. • A 2"-B 4 r, the .Articles : B 4" 
note about Recusants and Communicants. 

8. Heylyn, Peter. KeO'KOX,',OX. ['l 
OF[ THE GREAT WORLD. [ The fourth Edition. 
PETER I-tEYLYX. I lb,te, then mollo, then wood«ul.] 


109.0.] THE OXFORD PRESS. J45 

Impr. too : 629 : (eights) sm. 4 o : 
pp. [2o] + 807 + folded leaf between pp. 
6 and 7 +[5]: P.   beg. r. irst then 
there, 7I ! Th chie.ire riucrs : Pica Ro- 
man. Contents :bp. ( title, within an 
arched border: (3-4)dedication to prince 
Charles : (5-6) " To the Reader": (7-8) 
"To my brother the Author": a poem 
signed " Edw. Heylyn ": (9-2) "A table 
of the principall Countries, Provinces, 

and Seas.. ."'. (I3-4' " A table of 
the antient Tribes and Nations.. . "'. 
(5-x9) "A table of the most principall 
things..."'. (2o) "A computation of the 
lorraine coynes herein mentioned.. ."'. 
-8o7, (I-) the work: between pp. 6 
and 7 is a tall narrow strip, about 14 × 5 
in., bearing on one side " The table of 

A note in the Ail Souls copy shows that the book was on sale on 8 Aug. I69- 9. 

Impr. 96 : 6 9 : (one) obl. folio : pp, 
[-] : Pica Italic. Contents :--p. (l) in 
centre a titlê "Carolus R... . " as above, 
below a metal engraving showing the 
cycle of Proctors: on left and right 

two strips of printed Statutes concerning 
Proctors, each headed "Statuta" and 
pasted to the central cycle: the imprint 
is at the lower right hand corner. 

The central part of this broadsheet is entirely oceupied with a steel or copper 
engraving representing ingenioudy the Colleges which elect Proctors from 6-" 9 to 
l îzo: in the centre are some general notes. This Caroline cycle is repeated after 
23 )ears, commencing with 6z 9. The two strips of "Statuta " occur also separately, 
printed on a single sheet in two columns. 

IO. Pemble, William. z,e [ sr,-s,,-s/,xrr,-s. [ Trac'raTvs [ 
GvI.i.m Prri., J Auloe Madalensis in Aca-idemia Oxoniensi nupêr J 

lmpr. oI: 16a9: (twelves) I6°: pp. 
[4] + 74 + [2]- p. x beg. le, qud scnsus: 
Long Primer Roman. Contents :--p. (I) 

title : (3-4) '" Lectori . . . 
work: (t-2) hot seen. 

": 1-74 the 

Probably edited by Richard Capel, ho issued two of Pemble's treatises often 
bound up with this one (De formarum (et Animce) origine, Lond. 1629, and /Pe 
(crcatîone et) proE,&tentia Dei, Lond. t63x. 

I I.  . FII'E GODLY, ar:D VRO-Ifi table Serinons concerning. [ 
, T« «z«.î,»  «,»«. j  T« ,««,,  ,ë,,o,,«. la 7» roc« C 
Aposlasie.  4 The benoE C Gods strve, i The Christia»s loue. I Prcached 
t)t ht l [te ) sund O, la«es. [ By that late fiithfull Iinister of Christ [ 
BIr XVILLIA3I PEIBLE [ ŒEAlagalen Hall zh /he [ IA'e,'szTz CE[ Oard. [ 
The second Edition. ] 

Impr. 97 a : I629 : (fours) 8 o : [4]+ 
24 + 25 + [] + I7 + [] + 22 + 5 + [3]: 
pp. x x beg. and cast and tente 2. Thess. 
and ready te and l'otaries vse and in 
raier : l'ica Roman. Contents :--p. () 
title within an arched border: (3-4) "'To 
the Reader", signed by the editor "Iohn 
See 1628 P. 

Tombes": I-4 (&c. as above, the un- 
numbered pages being blank, and the 
title of each part appearing only in the 
headline : the signatures run through 
the êntire work) the Serinons, on John 
viii. 34, Hos. iv. 6, Heb. iii. 2, 23, 
Ex. xxxiv. 23-4, Song of Sol. ii. I6. 

I 2. - -. vmvtC,lFtZ.t , i ol  OEtr,'rxsr I of Iustification by 
Faith, ï wherein lhe lrulh of lhal poinI [ fs ft,ll.v cleared, and z'?dt?aled [ 


fom « c«a#. OE a'« il A dversariesIDeliuered at 3lagdalen Hall I in 
¢)xford; by \, ILLIA.t PV_tULE, 3If of Arts. I The second Edition. I 
lb'ne, then mollo, then h'ne.] 

Impr. 97: I629: sm. 4": PP-[8]+ 
248: p. I beg. tVaineO ,. Ite. III some 
rime./ailes : Engli_h Roman. Contents :-- 
p. () title, within arched border: (3-6" 
dedication to Magdalen hall, Oxford, 

dated " From Tewkeisbury this 9 of Iuly 
i629" , signed " Iohn Gerce": (7-8) 
"To the Christian Reader," signed 

" Rich. Capel" : 1-248, the work. 

See \Vood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 33 o, and 625 P. The dedication contains some 
accotant of the author by the editor. The preface is by the author's tutor, to whom 
l'emble left these lecttares, and gives the anecdote which Wood relates of Pemble's 
death bed. 

3. Prideaux, dr. John. T.-t'z..« [., I R.,.taa-ICa I Groeca 
Introductofioe. I, QvIBvs I Succt)clè c°ttŒE't)çt'tur" bra,tsta, sed /amen 
ex -*pe&Ta, st)tgÆlarum parlzm orahbnt dechZ',nabilt¢m, Ibrzbn&" raltb. ] 
accsr [ Vestibuli vice, ad eandem linguam wapa[vg, in atiam 
tyronum, quibus xx convertit explicatiora evol-[vere, ira necesse est hoec 
ipsa [ad vnguem tenere. [[mollo, then woodcuL] 

Impr. 92 : 1629: sm. 4" : PP- [34], 
signn. A-t « E: sign. B I beg. /-ofe o 
dard : Pica Roman. C ontents :--sigm. 
i, title : A 2r-A 2", dedication to dr. 
Tho. Holland, dated " Exon. Colleg. 

Ian. . I6o7... Io. Prideaux ": A 3- 3" 
"... Proefatio" -. B 4r-D 4 , the tables : 
E r, "Conclusio ad Lectorem ", and short 
Latin poem. 

Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. ,6z; and x6o 7 P, of which this is a reprint. 

1 4. • TYROCINIV'3I ] AD SYLLOGIS3IV3I i Legitimum contexendum, 
& [ ca]Viosum dt'ssuendum, e.x'-[t, editz'sst'mura. [Ix QVo [ Ad formam ex- 
?ensa OEl.llogt'sll'cam ]erslrt'ngunlur [.buncm Soiht'smata , nec minus soh', 
quàm [ z'ulgb fil, ra/ione mat«rt'a'; [ Excerptis ex optimis Authoribus 
exemplis Groecolatinis, Ivt majori cum voluptate & fructu, ex vtriusq; 
lin-lguoe candidatis & legantur, & [ intelligantur. [ [mollo, then woodcul.] 

Impr. 92: 1629 " sm. 4°: pp. [18], 
signn. A , ( )t, i,, C2: sign.  1 • beg. 
Sectio prima de: t'ica and Long Primer 
Roman. Contents :sign. A I r, ride : 
A 2-( )r, dedication to Chrïstianus son 
of Hermannus Julius a Dane, and Gre- 

gorius and Erricus sons of Petrus Julius, 
signed "Johannes Prideaux ", " e Musço 
Oxonii ... pridiè Solstitium Brumale 
Exod 22. 2 l..41_) l'ena2I, non ContrI- 
stabIs."= I6O7 : ( )  2 Latin poems : 
13 I*'-c 2", the treatise. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. z67. This piece though apparently separate is really 
an integral part of the preceding piece, signa. E of the latter (two leaves) forming the 
last leaf of that piece and the 3rd leaf of this! The dedication tells an anecdote of the 
last moments of Offenius the tutor of the three dedicatees. 

x 5- Rainolds, dr. John. 
By the way of controversie betwixt I D. Gager and 19. Rat'noldes,. 
wherein ail the [ reasons that can be made for them are notably refu-.ted, 
,che obieclions ans'wered, and lhe case so cleared [ and resolz'ed, as lhal lhe 
iudgemen! of an.y man, I lhal t's nol froward and perverse, ma),[ easih'e ee 
satisfied. I vc_tv_x IS t,xtrr.s'rLx- to-lved , that it is hOt onely vnlawfull 
to be an Actor, [ but a beholder of those vamhës. 
.»» zso [ and annexed in the end certaine Latine Letters betwixt 

1029.] TIIE OXFORD PRESS. 14 7 

the said 2l"«isler ldainoldes, and Doct, GentiLs, I Reader of the Civil[ 
Law in Oxford, con-icerning the saine matter, i The second Eddion. ] 


lmpr. 89 : 1629 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 
x 9 ° + [, ] : p. I  beg. lure wilnessîlh it : 
Pica Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title: 
(3-7 " The Pfinter to the Reader ", from 
the first ed. : 1-27, Rainolds' Answer to 

Gager, o July I592 : 29-t64, Raino]ds 
second answer, 30 .Xlay 593 : 164 (mis- 
printed " 264")-19 o, four letters be 
tween Rainolds and Albericus Gentilis, 
593, in Latin. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. I5 and 88 for this controversy. The first ed. of this 
• ,york "cas issued in  599, and included the letters: but the printer is hot at present 
known. There are mt:ntions of the connexion of the University of Oxford with play 
acting on pp. 143, 149. 

lmpr. 9o: 16z 9 : (twelves) 6 ° : pp. 
[16] + 512 : p. 11 beg. consulari, illis, 
4ol taaten, quce emant: I ong Primer 
Roman. Co,tents :--p. (3 title: (5-6) 
account of Salvianus, from Trithemius: 
(7-13) "Index rerum et verborum . . . ": 
( 4 -I 5) "Index locorum Scripturoe..." : 

1-297, Salvianus de gutoernatione Dei- 
298-324, ejusdem Epistolae: 325-488, 
ejusdem ad Ecclesiam Ctholicam : 4,q9- 
5/2 " Annotationes aliquot in Salvia- 
n(um)... Autore Ioanne Alexandro 
I3rassieano ". 

See 633 S. 

?oun&d. ]Thou art Peter, and vpon this rocke (or stone) I I will build 
my Church; lal. z6. t8. [But I haue prayed for thee that thy faith 
faile i not ; L«k. e2. 32. I Hera',,/o , a&»A',,ed an admom'/tbn Io[ Eglish 
.p,»/. // e« t« l .?. S,q.,-e»,«y ,. I»«,-z o », wd«. l  , 
ç. . 

Impr. 78 : 1629 : (eighths)  :0 : pp. 
[8] + ,ç3 + [3]: p. 1I beg. somcthing 
doub(/'ull: English Roman. Contents : 
p. () title : (3-6) dedication to sir 

Thomas Roe, signed " T. B.", dated 
Mar. 62: (7-8) "To the Reader 
signed " 7'. .": -53, the exposition. 

The dedication states the author' obligations to sir T. Roe, and especially to sir 
William Killygrew. 

18. Truman, Richard. ,a I CHRISTIAN I 3L'morandum, I °1 
Adverlisemenl wherein tr I handled the Doctrine[of Reproofe. [wH^T 
T IS, HOW Wr. tVST x-lproue, How necessary it is: With Exhortations 
and Argaments moving vs fo the right I performance of that duty, and 
Reproofe for neglectinglI?eproof«. I By RICHARD TRv»tar 3# of ,4ris 
and l3h'm'sler of Gods word al Dallington l neere Northampton. 

Impr. 99:629 : (eights) 16 ° : pp. 
[16]+ Iz5 +[3]: P. Il beg. the Prothet , 
II iect malice: English Roman. Con- 

tents:--p. (I) title : (3-o) Epistle dedi. 
catory to William lord Spencer : (.I1-, 5) 
" To the Reader" : -125, the work. 


19. Z[ouche, Richard. V-LEW-'TA I Iurisprudentioe, I zgFz2v't- 
rONmVS, I z6vs/T sz'x-tijs Selectioribus Iufis C-,fls Illustrata. ] 
[h?e] I Autore R. Z. P. R. Oxon. I [h)e: then doE,,?e ] 

lmpr. 95 : 629 : eights) t6°: pp. 
[I6]+277+[3]: p. II beg. ru,tt, 
SOttœe, I I I ministra/ite off«runt : Pica 
Roman. Contents :top. (1-2) DOt seen : 
(3) title, " cure Privilegio": (5) dedica- 
tion to lord Pembroke, signed " R. Z.": 
(7-9) " Iuventuti Magnoe Britannioe luris 

Studiosoe", an epistle dedicatory, dated 
" ex Aulâ Alban: pridie Cal: lu.n. 1629," 
but DOt signed : ( x-I 6) a list of parts 
and sections : 1-277, the work, in 7 parts- 
277, note by the author of a possible 
future volume completing this ode. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 51 I, and 1636 Z. There are editions î Leyden, 16aa 
and (ace. to Wood) Amst. 168I. The "P. R." on the title of th_ and the i66 
edition is Profi'ssor Idcffius. 


Impr. lO2: I63o-sixes (la. 8o) . pp. 
[36]+ 267 * [I7]+ 357 +[3] • PP- 1I begg. 
out reason, and (intunishment , III 
ter il and great dcale of: Pica Roman. 
Contents :top. ( I ) title, within two bound- 
ing lines- (3-6) dedication to sir John 
.'strangwayes, in Spanish, signed " Don 
Diego Puede-Ser; de Santa Maria 3Iag- 
dalena", i.e. James 3Iay-be or Mabbe, 
Fellow of 3Iagdalen College, Oxford, the 
translator " (7-8) dedication by " Matheo 
Aleman" to "Don Francisco de Roias 
narquesse de I-'oza " in Eglish : (9-13) 
three prefaces : (I4-2o) laudatory pieces 
on the book, chiefly in poetry, including 

one poem by I3en Johnson " (21-24) " A 
table of the Chapters and matter.. . "-. 
(25-36) three lists or indexes " I-67, the 
first book : (2)a titlepage "THE ROGVE :l 
LIFE I OF arz»ta:," DE I azr.«nacne. ] 
AI EMAN I Seruant fo his Catholik 
jest&, and[ borne in SEVILL. I [wood- 
cuis] " with impr. Io3 : (4-7) the auoEor's 
l'rcfaoe to pa 2, in English : (8-  5) 
laudatory pieoes, chiefly in verse" (I6- 7) 
• ' The Contents of the Second Pa"" 
1-357, the second part: (2-3) DOt seen. 

For the translator see Wood's .4th. Oxon., iii. 53- This is a reprint, even to many 
of the misprints, of the London ed. of 1622 (also " 623 ") printed for Edw. Blount, 
who assigned his edition to R. Allot, for whom the Oxford edition was printed, on 
I Dec. 1628. The only omis_ion is the two lists of errata in the London issue. The 
demand for this entertaining book was such that a third corrected edition was pub]ished 
by Allot in 634. The translator was secretary to ir John Digby whem Ambassador 
in Spain, and the first edition of the original Spanish is dated I.99 (Ist part) and 16o- 
or 6o3 (,2nd paxt . Each page (and margin) is enclosed within lines. 

P.,,-'rish Church, the Sunday belote I lichaelmas last. I TO UHZCH.4eE 
.vxE.v» I some cerlafn Quære's, which are perlintnl I 1o lhe z'nmaskmg 
.of Dur homebredIChurch-Robbers. [[mollo, then "D. E. B.", then 
woodcuL ] 

Impr. 85b: 63o: sm. 4 pp. (8)+ 
38 + [6] : p. 11 bet. the &aroed, That : 
English Roman. Contents:(I-2) DOt 
seen : (3) title : (5-7) Preface signe " E. 

B.", p. 5 marked ".: 1-38 , the sermon 
on Mal. iii. 9 : (l) " A Post-script" signed 
"' D. E. B.": (3-5) " A catalogue of... 
Quzeres... submitted by the Author " 

A sermon on tithes, in defence of the system. 

030.] TttE 0 YFORD PRESS. 49 

3- Bayly, rev. John. wwo [ SV_R,,O.,,'s [TnE 
r,t.IESTIES CH,P-'LaINES, Gt.eZZV I of Chrrists Hospitall in I l?ulh3'n, 
and sometimes I Fellow of Exe/«r ]Cal1. &van. 

Impr. 85 : 163o: sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 17 
+ [3] + 4 + [z] : pp. Il begg. graunt 
that, and other ; the : English Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title : (3-4) dedication 
to his father Lewes Bayly bp. of Bangor, 
dated " 'rom ttoE Chamber Dt £xon 6 oll. 
2Vo'vemb. 6 ... 163o": 1-17, the first 

sermon, on Ps. xxxiv. 7 : (2) a titlepage 
,« TtlE LIGIIT I I A [ S.R- 
tOY I PREaCHr'.D 1" [&c., precisely as first 
title, except " Christs "], with device and 
impr. 85 : I, dedication to John Prideaux 
rector of Exeter college : 3- I4, tbe second 
sermon, on John i. 9- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxn., ii. "499 (where Lon, L is an error for OxfL The second 
oermon is independent, in paging and title tnot signatures), of the rest of the book. 
The author says these are his first l:,rinted vorks. 

4-Brerewood, Edward. . ! Lv_.R.,,-v. I TRETlSV. i OF T,q, I 
S.,OTH, [ TTEX [ By Mr EBaD BRRWO0, I Professor in Gresh«m 
Calledge, ] LONDON" i TO Mr NCOLS ]3tFIELD, I )greacher in Chesler. I 
With Mr B'vc»s answere and ]Mr BREE"OOIS I xeez.'. ] 

Impr. o8 : I63o : sm. 4" : PP. [4] + 
Io1+[3]: p. I beg. by Ioses, 65 
heare, or see : English Roman. Con- 
tents:p. (I), title: (3) 3 texts: (4 
" Faults" of the press : 1-55, the work, 
dated at end "May I6. 16I . At Gresham 
house in London": 57, a title " Mr. [ 

tREREVVOODS I REPLY. I [device, then 
impr. lO8] : 59-6o, " The Preface to M 
/3rerewoods reply", signed " M r. Brerm- 
woods" ! : 6I-IOl, the Answer and Reply, 
in parallel columns, as far as possible. 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ii. I4o , 325, and 1631 B, 1632 B. The author died in Nov. 
1613. Richard Byfield, brother of Nicholas, who received Brerewood's treatise 
"a little before November" 164o , wrote a special confutation of it çLond. i631), and 
the controversy became general. 

5" Casa, Giovanni della. o. CASa'T; V. CL. I GALATEVS [ SEV DF 
ltORVt I HONESTATE , ET ELE-[GANTIA; LIBER x I ]talico Latinus, I lnlo -- 
rele]NAnAr¢E CnTRm, I cure ejusdem Notis, nuper additis. ] 
tvs»t cAs zIz-lus de offc O) btler polen/bres, I " t«mabr«s 
amt?os. [woodcul.] 

Impr. 73 a : 63o : (eights) 12 ° : pp. 
[I 8] + 21 3 + [ I ] : p. X I beg. negotij redit, 
Iii liq; hi[osO]tO .P) : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents:--p. (I) title: (2) "Lectori... 
Chytrœeus" : (3-5  dedication to Nicolatis 
Casa by Chytraeus, " Rostochio Idib. 
Septemb .... 1577 ": (6-9) "Prooemium " 
to Nic. Casius by "Joannes Caselius ", 
" Rostochio iv Non. Maias... 578''.. 
(9-13) a recommendatio of the book, 

dated " Rostochij Idibus... sextilis... 
x578 ": (14-I8) " De tribus virtutibus 
cognatis..." signed "Ioannes Caselius" -. 
I-Io 3, the Galateus : o4-I4I," Ioannis 
Casoe de Officiis inter potentiores et 
tenuiores amicos Liber" ." 14z-z  3, "Na- 
thanis Chytrei Notoe in Galateum... " 
with a Prooemium to " Caspar von der 
Wenge ". 

See 628 C. Even in 1892 an edition of Peterson's English translation of the 
Galateo ( 76) was privately printed. 

6. Hakewill, George. 

15o TI-IE OXFORD PRESS. [1010, 

txwo rovgr aoos. I.'OFITe flrs lreates [&c. as 627 H, di- 
viding lines at /h«re-[ z'nlo. [ /ha//he ,I e.vap/ed. I slrenglh and[ wfts. I 
pr OE/h« lys« wh,?hl«herÆ  : also "Heavens," "onely'" I V,e] I 
By GFo6 HawxL Doctor of Divinity and Archdeacon of Surrry. 
[h«] l The second dd, bn r«z,,ked and , sundoE passages augm«nlcd 
Ihe Mulhour ," zz,ilh advcrt¢3ements and tab&s n, annexed 
lac tooke, l an Index wAere ,» éresen/ed b, Che net »age. 
[There is also a London fitle, see below.] 

Impr. 6,q: 163o: (sixes) la. 8°: pp. 
14o] + 523 + [69] : p. i beg. j,ou to 
I ucians, 5Ol saine bodies which : Engli.,h 
Roman. Contents :m(2) "The argument 
of the Front[ispicce] and of the worke ", 
printed in London : (3) engraved title, sce 
bclow: (5) title: .,6" " An index of the 
advertisements and tables nev, ly annexed 
...": (7-11)dedication to the Univer- 
»lty of Oxford : (13-23) " The Preface ": 
-' 5-38' " The Contents..."'. (39) quota- 

tion from Boethius, with translation : 1- 
523, the work in 4 books: (2-42) " Ad- 
vertisements to the leamed reader occa- 
sioned by this second impression ": (43) 
"... the value of the Roman Sesterce" : 
(44-45) bp. Godwin's calculations of 
large numbers of sesterces : (46-60 `) " An 
alphabeticall table..." (60-63)" A table 
of the authours quoted...": (64-67) 
" A table of the texts of scripture quoted 
• . . "-. (69) " Errata ". 

Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., 256 and 627 II. The chief additions in this new edition 
are to be found in the" Advertiements ", the fifth of'«hich contains some complimen- 
tary lettcrs about the first edition by archbp. Usher and others. The engraved title 
measures 1o,-r x 6- in. and bears a London imprint, " London. t'rinted for Robert 
Allott, at the [ Beare in Paules Churchyard. 63o", and six allegorical scenes sur- 
rounding a short title, beneath which are the arms and crest of the author. "T. Cecill 
,culp , probably in London. 

7. Hommius, Festus. LXX. [ DISPVTATIO-[NES THEOLOGIC.z; [ 
adversus [ r'oNTr]cms: [ Quibus omnes inter Evangelicos & [ Pontificios 
Controversioe continentur, & [ excutiuntur: In gratiam SS. Theologiœe 
bru-,' diosorum in Academiâ LEvlt'sx pri-[z,alfm t'nsldulw, z;zlCol/eg;o 
A nttdlarm/nt'ano, [ r'R.:SD I rsa-o iaot.xm, [ Eccl. Lugdun. Pastore. [ 

Impr. Io4 : 163 ° : (eights) I6o: pp. 
[ t 61 + 428 + [41 : P-  I beg. A1osen quid«m, 
1 II slt'lultts est : Long Primer Roman. 
Contents :p. (1) title : (3-8) the author's 
dedication to Princes Maurice of Orange 
and Louis of Nassau, dated Leiden, e4 
Aug. 16I 4: (9-1o) " Lectori Benevolo 

"" (t i-12) two complimentary poems: 
( t 3-16)" Index Disputationum ": t-428, 
the work: (1-4) " Leges Collegii hujus 
Anti-Bellarminiani", with the names of the 
students. All in Latin: every printed 
page and margin are within bounding 

The first edition was issued at Leiden in I614 : see 1639 H. 

8. Oxford, 


[woodcul] BRIT'I"XIat I raTaL'S-I 

lmpr. 73 a : I63 ° : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 
78 : p. I I beg. Crescito iacifl-ci: Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title: (3) 

dedication to King Charles by the Univer- 
sity of Oxford : (4), 1-78, the poems. 

148 poems (4 Greek, 3 French, the rest Latin) addressed to the King by members 
of the University of Oxford on the birth of Charles ii on -9 May 65o : a chronogram 
is on p. 45. 

1630.] Tf-lE OXFOI?D PIdESS. ,5  

THEREOF, VERY ,E-lcessaryfor A'ounff slud«nIs z)t l /Aa/ sctnce. I WRITTEN 
BY THAT LEARNED]nlan, I r WILLIAM PEMBLE, z]lds/«rl A rls,  

Impr. 84a: 163o: sm. 4": PP- [4] + 
64 + [2] : p. 12 beg. The third rule : 
Pica Roman. Contents:--p. (I)title: 

(3) " To the Reader" b) the editor - -6.! 
the work. 

See Wood's 4lb. Oxon., ii. 331. Pemble died in I623 : but the treatise was reissued 
in 1669 (according to Cole in Bliss's Wood's Aih. OxoJt.) and ivt 168 5, both rimes .t 
Oxford, as well as in the collected editions of l'emble's works (3rd ed. 1635 &c.) at Loa- 
don. There are several ,oodcut diagrams, but the whole book is occupied solely 
with what the autho ealls the general part of Geography, that is to say with the 
"nature, qualitie», measure, with other general properties of the earth", and hot x ith 
a description of separate countries. 

, o. . "A Sure of moral Ihilosophy. Oxon. , 630 qu[arto]." 
So in Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 33, where 163o may be an erro," for 163--,. 

Impr. lO6 : 163o : sm. 4 ° : pp. [2] + 
30 + [2] + 28 : pp. 11 begg. custome or, 
and Goal, and while: Englih Roman. 
Contents :p. (I) title evet 3" page bas a 

double headline : t-3o, a Sermon, on 
Eph. vi. 2 4 : 1-25 a second sermon on the 
saine text. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 4î5, where the 631 edition with four sermons is con- 
fused with this in which there sccm to be only t,o. The 3rd ed. ç(xf. 1636) and 5th 
kO xf. 659) contain also four. Probably William Lyford, vhose prcface dated 7 July 
63o i prefixed to all other editions, edited this tentatiçe issue also. The pagination 
and simaatures are separate for the to sermons, l'inke died in 1629. 

Impr. lO 5 : 163o: (twelves) 24o: pp. 
[IO] + 203 + [3] : P- I 1 beg. ve/e, is resta- 
menti, 1I taril a tn fllio : Long Pimer 
Roman. Contents:p. (I) title: (2) 
" Ad Lectorem", a preface to a new 

edition signed " Philip. Ludovicus Pisca- 
tor", the author's son, 1 May 1629 : (3-9) 
the author's preface to Beza : 1-2o3, the 
treatise : (1-z)" Index [28] locorum com- 
munium ". 

Piscator (Fischer?) died in 616, and the first edition of the Aîbhorismi appears to 
have been issued in 592. This edition is often found bound wth the Cateehismus 
Oxf. 1629. 

'3" Thornborough, bp. John. THE [ LAST WILL ,N I TV_STa- 
MENT OF IESVS [ Christ, touching the blessed Sacrament ] of his body, 
and bloud, Signed, Sealed and]Deh'vered to the vse of ail faithfull 
Christi-]ans in the presence of many Witnesses, and ]roz'ed t)t the 


Prerogah'ue of the Church of[ Christ, by Reverend Bishops, Learned 
Doctors, [and A nctënt lathers of the saine Church. [ Exemplified, copied 
out, and explaned by the ] Rez,erend Falher in God, IoHr TnOR'B'ROH, I 
]Tishop of IVorces/er. ] [mot/o: then device.] 

Impr. 68 : I63o: (fours) 8 ° : pp. [6] + 
118 + [4] : P- I t beg. are la be, III woztld 
no/haue : English Roman. Contents :-- 
p. (I) title : (3-5) dedication to (William) 

earl of Pembroke: 1-118, the work, a 
treatise on the Lord's Supper: (1-4) not 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 5: the dedication gives some biographical de/ails of 
the author. 

I4. Widdowes, Giles. Trie I sCmS-t,TXCL I * 
SR.tOX PRACrO a'r WIT-'Ee concerning the lawfulnesse of Church-[ 
Aulho,-t,, for o,«a,h,»g, and comman-,«D,g Ci/es, and«, 
beaul'e/he Church. I By GLrS Vlows Rector of St [ Iartins Church 
in Oxford. I [mollo, then 

Impr. Io7: I63o: sm. 4": PP- [48], 
signn. A-re: sign. BI r beg. wee Confesse: 
English Roman. Contents :--$igrl. AI r 
title: A2r-A2 v, dedication to Katharine 

duchess of Buckingham : A3r-c3 v " To 
the Putitan "- c4r-F3 ', the sermon, on 
Cor. xiv. 4 o. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. I79, and 63 P & W (nd ed. of this Sermon), and 
also an ans'ver to Pr)mne. The long preface contains an account of Puritans, in their 
/en subdivisions of Perfectists, Sermonists, Scparatists, Anabaptists, Brownists, Loves- 
familists, Precisians, Sabbatarians, Anti-disciplinarians, Predestinatists. 

lmpr. 87: I63: (eights) I6°: pp. 
[I6]+4-6+[3z]: p. Il beg. tur cu:idi- 
tare, 3oi nomtnis z,ir: Pica Roman. 
Contcnts :p. (I) ri/le, engraved: (3) 
dedication to qu. Elizabeth bythe author, 
in Latin: (5-I6) "... Proefatio ": I-46, 

the work in 8 books: (1-26)" Iacobns 
Acontius Iohanni ,Volfio Tigurino... " 
a let/er on the method of preparing books, 
dated " Londini xii Kal. Decembr. 
MD.LXII ": (27-32) " Index rerum proe- 
cipuarum " 

The first edition was published at Bâle in 565 and there are English translations 
(I64 S, &c.) : the sheets of this Oxford edition were reissued at Oxford in 165o with a 
printed titlepage. The engraved title (4i« x 21- in.) contains the title in the centre, 
and on each side figures of " Veritas" with a book, and " Charitas" with a bird: 
above is a figure " Religionis" (sic). Below are six figures of Sins and in their midst 
Satan rising from hell. The imprint is also engraved on the plate. From Brit. Mus. 
MS. Harl. 59oI fol. î3 v it would seem that Bagford sawsome printed title stating that 
Turner was the printer: the engraved title only is in the copies seen. 

Bible, Old Testament, Psalms. TUe I Psar.»x.s I of [ r:i,-« I 


Impr. (as colophon) 68 : (twelves) 16 ° : 
pp. [4]+319+[6]: p. II beg. But 
whil'st, lit "9 A/y Gad: Long l'rimer 
Roman. Contents :--p. (2) engraved plate 
of the royal Arms, supporters &c., and a 

proclamation of Charles i allowing the 
printing of the work, " Will: Marshall. 
sculpsit." : (3') engraved title, sec below: 
I-319, the work : (I) arms of the Univer- 
sity and eolophon imprint. 

The titlepage shows the 13ook of Psalms sent down from heaven and received by 
David and James i. It is on one plate with the royal arms and proclamation, and is 
printed from metal. 

3- Bolton, Robert. ttELPES I TO [ HVMILI XTIOS. 

I [Z;nd I .Z;'.>, . 

Impr. II5 : 1631 : (twelves) I6mo : 
PP. [2]+164+[4]: p. I beg. Some 
measure, I Il of nature : Great Primer 
Roman. Contents :p. (3) title : (5-I2) 

"To the Reader", by the editor, giving 
the author's full name : I-64, the work, 
a disconrse on Acts il. 37: ()Michael 
Sparke's business mark. 

Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 5I 5. The prefaee states that this publication is by 
leave of the author though not undertaken by him, so it preceded his death on t 7 Dec. 
163. Every page has double bounding lines at top and outer side margin. Spark 
must have sent his engraved business mark, ehiefly a monogram of the letters of his 
names, to Oxford to be printed : sec below, F. 

4-Brerewood, Edward. A [ LEARNED TREATISE I o r/ I 
SamSTH, ] [&C. exactly as 63o B, except no comma after "Brerewood" 
and " Byfield ", and " Reply." After " Reply." :] Te second £dih'on 
d,z,g«,,zb. «o,-,.«zîa. l [,ooa«,a. ] 

Impr. o8:I631 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 
IOl +[3]: P. Il beg. by 21Ioses, 6 5 beg. 
heare, or see : English Roman. Con- 

tents :--exactly as I68o B, except p. (4') is 
blank, and " At Gresham ... London" is 
omitted, as well as " ,I". Brermwoods ". 

Sec 163o B, ofwhich this is a corrected reprint : the editor in the intelwal discovered 
the differenee between Sabaoth and Sabbath, and uses the latte.r only, in the first edition 
using the former only! 

Artium Magistro, 
ab erroribus (qui 

PR.,,EDICAMENTIS ] Ab eruddissfme I'#o ]ïDVARDO ] BREREWOOD, 
 Col-),]egio 2nei-£Vas[, olirn conscripti: nunc verb[ 
frequenti transcriptione ] irrepserant) vindicati, ad 

Oculo : limâ, luceque 
Impr. o 9- 
[3u] + folded 
article, which 

pristinum nitorem, nati-[vamque puritatem diligentissimâ manuscripto-[ 
rum collatione restituti, & iî. lucem editi: Il 1"er T;, S. Art ]lag. . 
Collegij" nei-Nasi Socium. dih'o allcra, In qua accessërunt duo 
ejusdem A uthoris insignes I Traclatus; prior de 3[eleorfs, posterior de i 
donati: I Per eundem T. S. [line, then mollo, then 

I63I: (eights) I2°: pp. 
sheet + 43I + [3] + [next 
see] : p. I I beg. Sol. l'rœe 

dicabilia, 4o, z Res2ectu communis : 
Long Primer Roman. Contents :--() 
title: (3-8)Epistola dedicatoria to lord 
Rich. Brooke of Norton, signed by the 
editor" Oxonij, e Musoeo meo, in Collegio 

AEnea-Nasensi, 13 Calend. Oct. I628 ... 
Thomas Sixesmith"- (9-I3) " Erudito 
leetori..." signed "T. ."-. (I4-3i) 
" Index sectionum qmestionumque.. . ": 
1-43I , the work, pp. 58-59 being a folded 
leaf: (I-3) blank : for the test see the 
next art. 

See I628 13, of which this is a reprint, with the two additional treatises. 
article i strictly part of the present work, but the signatures, pagination 

The next 
&c. being 

154 TttE OXFORD PRESS. [le31. 

quite di_,tinct the only sign of its secondary character is the omission of the name of 
the place in the imprint , it is here for convenience' sake treated separately : it is also 
more common to final it separate than to meet with the entire work. 

Impr. IO9: 1631: (eights) I2°: pp. 
[4]+ IO4 +[4]+ 39 P. 39 misprinted 63 
+ [ 1] : pp. 11 begg. 5ect. la. In qua, 
Obliqu,z, quibus: Long Primer and ç2nd 
part) Pica Roman. Contents:Bp. (I) 
title: (3  dedication by Thomas Sixe- 
smith the editor to Brasenose college, 

Oxford: 1-83 De *Ieteoris, in 2 books 
De AIeteorologicus and De Cometis : 84- 
lO 4 " De Mari "" (  ) "A ": (-'-3) wood- 
eut diagrams of the es'e" (4  "Iudex 
..." to the following tr'eatise " 1-63, De 

See preeeding article, of which this is a part. Some woodcuts occur in the text. 

Impr. IO a: I63I : (twelves) I6mo : 
pp. [6]+ lO3+[l]+(next article): p. II 
beg. 2 2Vatura est: Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) title : (3-4) " Philosophiœe 
studiosis", signed "Franco Burgersdi- 

cius" : (5-6 "Tituli et ordo disputa- 
tionum ... " ]deae Naturalis : 1-1o3, the 
Idea Philosophiae Natumlis : (I) blank : 
for the rest see next article. 

The first edition of the Natural Philosophy ,,vas in 16.,2, and of the _Moral in 16-'3, 
both dt Leiden : both were again issued dt the same place in 1626 and the .Moral 
l'hilosophy again in 1629. The 4th ed. was in I63î kOxford), the next 164I ..Oxford', 
and others followed, but hot dt Oxford. The next art. is strictly part of this book, but 
is in form quite independent. Burgersdijck died in Feb. 1635 or 1636. 

maxima parte ] excerpta, & methodice ]disposila. [ 3I. FRAN¢NE 
IX,'RGERSDICO, in [ Academi. Lugduno Batav., I Zogt'ces " lha'ces tgro-[ 
fessore Ord)tario. ! Editio tertia. [ th«rimhm emendala " magnd acces- 

Impr. lO 5 : 1631 : (t,,velves) I6mo : 
pp. [4]+ 342: P. II beg. natur; altera, 
2 i I dorera quzerunt : Pica Roman. Con- 

tents :p. (I) title : (3-4) "Index Capi- 
tum & titulorum . . . ": t-342 the work. 

See preceding article. 

9- Davenant, Edward. ARTICLES [ 3IINISTRED IN[ THE rlRST 
VISITA-ITION OF THE RIGHT [ Worshipfull lXIr Doctor Dave-[nanl Arch- 
deacon of Barke shire lin the yeare of our Lord [ God 1631. [ [device.] 

Impr. 82 : 1631 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 16" 
p. I I beg. the Church, and: Pica English. 
Contents :--() fitle : (2) "The Oath of 

the Church-wardens": (3-4) "The 
Charge of the Church-wardens...": 
I--I 5, the îo articles of enquiry. 

1081.] THE O.UFORD PRESS. I55 

x o. F., A. The Saints Legacies: I OR, I A COLLECTIOX I of cer- 
taine PROmSES [ out of the word of God. [ Coll«ch'd for priz,«le vse, bul 
pub-lhshed ./"or lhe comforl of Gods peot,:e. I Bv A. F. ] [l,,e, then 

hnpr. 1J6: I63I: (twelves)16mo: 
pp. [24] + 203 + [2 J] : p. I I beg. thee 
with many, III stets shall hot" Great 
Primer Roman. Contents:(1) title : 
(3-6) " The Author to the Printer ", dated 
4 Aug. 163o: (7-I8) "To the Reader" : 

(19-23) " Rules to be observed in leading 
the Promises" : 1-2o3, the 10 5 Legacies : 
(2- 4) a short conclusion : (6-I 7) "A table 
..." or index; (I8) Michael Sparkc's 
business mark. 

The author complains of a pirated and imperfect edition, probably undcr another 
title, issued by Robert Swayne " now deceased" (printcr at London, I621-29). In 
C. S. Palmer's Catalogue of Books, pt. IO (June tSTS), no. 256 , this book is attributed 
to Anthony Farindon, for  hom see Wood's «4lb. Oxon., iii. 457. Every page is within 
double lines at top and outside margin. The original title xvas probably " Promises ", 
for the compositor of one side of the first sheet of the text placed that as part of the 
headline, while the eompositor of the other side and of the rest of the xvork has, as the 
author suggests, the new title " Saints Legacies " or "Legacies". 

I I. Felix, lXlarcus 
h'ne, then dez,ice.] 


Impr. IIO; I631: (twelves) 24mo: 
pp. [8] + I29 + [7] : P. i I beg. bere ; 
quàm, I1 dicimus; non: Pica Roman. 

See 1627 F, of which this is a reprint. 


Contents :--(3) title : (5-7) " Typogra- 
phus lectori": (8) passage from Lactan- 
tius: I-29, the work. 

12. Florus, Lucius Annaeus. L. IVLII FLORI 
GESTARVII ] LIBRI IV. [ A IOHANNE STADIO emcndali. I dilt'o noz,a singuh's 
Ar«o/«,,'t'ct " ?urgalfor " [ cmcndalt'or. I SEOXSt':t EXCVSVS I . ros co- 
»a'arvs I Ioa. Sa-am, Hstorioe & Ma-ltheseos Lovanij Professoris 
primi: in I quo obscura in lucem proferuntur, omissa sup-]plentur, in- 

versa restituuntur, breviter denique, 
dignum est I observatione annotatur; 
castiga-ltionum rationibus, l[dez,ice.] 

I quicquid in Romana Ilistoria 
vn3. culn va-lriarum lectionum & 

Impr. I17 : I63I : (twelves) I6mo : 
pp. I37 + [I] + 3I 9 + [35] : PP- I  beg. 
immortalium docuil and rum pleb., 3o 
nonolui! (petcbat: Long Primer Roman. 
Contents :p. I, title : 3-5, 9. compli- 
mentary Latin pieces : 7- 37, tb.e text of 
Florus: I, a title :--" I. STADII ] IN L. 

IV I COblMENTARII. I Editio noz,a shtgu- 
lis éoericis [ iurgalior dr  emcndatior. [ 
[device, then impr. 69]: 3-16, "Ioannis 
Stadii... Prœefatio "'. 17-3I 9, the com- 
mentary: (2-4) " Index capitum.. . ": 
(6- 23) " Index nominum . . ." : (24- 3 i) 
" Index posterior rerum.. . ": (3 ) two 

The first edition of Stadius's commentary was in 1567 at Antwerp : other Oxford 
ones were issued in 1638 , 66 and 669. 

I3. Gardyner, Richard. col,:ClO AD I CLERX3I i HABITA 
Sa: i Theol: Doct: & Eccles. Cath: [ Christi Canonicum. I [wood«uL] 


Impr. 118: 63: sm. 4°: pp. [8]+ 
24: p.  i beg. mit, : z'adosa: Great 
Primer Roman. Contents:--(I-a) hot 

seen : (3) title : (5-S) dedieation to Laud, 
bp. of London, chancellor of the Univer- 
sity: I-24, the sermon, on I Tim. iv. 16. 

See Wood'sAth. Oxon., iii. 92z: the dedication is of some autobiographical interest. 
One of the Bodleian copies of this sermon bears an autograph note of the author 
which shows that this book xvas issued hot later than 16 March I63. 

[&c. exactly as i6z8 G, and within a similar bo.rder.] 
Impr. 75 a : 63 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 77 + [23] : [&c. exactly as I628 G.] 
See 64 G : this is almost an exact reprint of the 168 edition, with different imprint 
and date. 

i 5. Heylyn, Peler. MIKPO'KOX,MOX A t LITTLF i DE-',SCRIPTION 
OF [ THE GREAT WORLD. [The fifth Edition. [ h)te 1t73: PETER HEYLYN. [ 
[hhe, mollo, dez,ice.] 

Impr. 9: I63I : (eights) sm. 4°: pp. 
[20] + 807 + [5] " P" I I beg. z. 7rst then 
thcre, îoI dales, or l'indelici : Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title, within 
arched border: (3-4) dedication to "Prince 
Charles" as in 62I: (5-6) "To the 
Reader": (7-8)Poem " To my brother 

the Author" by Edw. Heylyn : (9-12) 
" A Table of the principal Countries...": 
(13-14) "' A Table of the anciênt Tribes 
..."" (5-9) "A Table of the most 
principall things...": (2o). " A compu- 
tation of... lorraine coyne.. . " ". I-8o 7, 
(1-2) the work: (4-5) not seen. 

See I62I H. 

6. Oxford, University. ,D [ magnificvm let Spectatissimum 
ce».««vs:s. [Ob acceptum Synodalium Epistolam [ Conct'lQ" ast: 
[,''nst At, rdpaçov st«tllo etsdem )t i ph, mbum zpresso obs@zalum, quod 
nobth)stms I Dorez)ms THO3as Rog ques A uraa«s, I 5?rentstt" Alagnw 
rt?annt egt) Zega/us [ ab eo sibi prihs offczbsè oblalum, Oxontënsi 

Impr. 73a: 63I: sm. 4": PP. [6]+ 
I 7 + [ I ] : p.  I beg. Wec calamus : Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents:--/I) title : (3-5) 

Latin preface to Johannes Cirenbergius 
by J. Rous : I--I 7, complimentary poems. 

Eight Latin poems by member of the University of Oxford to thank the proximate 
and immediate donors of MS. Roe zo, presented by Johann Cirenberg of Dantzig 
(Gedanum) to sir Thomas Roe on e8 Mar. 63o , and by him to the University as an 
addition to the Roe MSS. in Aug. 63o. 

1 7. Page, William. a i Tv-,TIS ,OR I IVSTIFICATI0" I OF BOWl.XG 
XT[ THE NA3IE OF [ /ESVS. lB) way of Answere to an Appendix [ 
agabsl il. ] TOGETHER WITH AN Exam-]nation of such considerable 
reasons as are ]ruade by M r Wrne in a reply to ] Ir Ifïddowes con- 
cerning ] /he saine argument. [[he]]By WLL, at Pa ac. OE 
'»' ]and ell  All-Soules Colledge 1 Oxford. [ [hhe, then 
2 2ollos.] 

1631.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 15 7 

Impr. 85 a: x631 : sm. 4°: pp. [x6] + 
206: p. I l beg. since the omission, o 
lookes forward : English Roman. Con- 
tents:--(I) title: (3-5) dedication to 
the University of Oxford: (I6) Errata : 
- 26, the treatise or " Answere" :  29, 

by Mr. Prinne [&c., exactly as m the 
main title, imprint and all, excêpt that 
the two mottos are different] "-. 13o-I 32 
(misprinted 4o-I42) "To the Reader": 
1 33-206, the further answer. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 654. where Wood quotes two letters about this book, 
one against it from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Secretary, one for it by Laud, which 
show that the book xvas in course of printing in May-June 163, but hot yet published 
on June 22. The error of pagination on pp. I3O-32 (" 4o-4 .- ") was due to the pre- 
/atory matter of the second part being supposed by the compositor to follow the 3rd 
leaf of what is now sheet s, instead of the 3rd leaf of sheet Q. 

x S. Pareus, David. ravms PaREI[Theologt" Archipalah)d.[ 
IN [S. MATTU.:E [ EVANGELIVM ] COMMENTARIVS [Quo proeter accuratam 
textus Sacri Analysin, & Harmonioe Evangelicoe collatio-lnem Orthodoxa 
Fidei Christianoe capita 5. depravationibus IOHAXNIS [ -'a,[ALDOZ,,'..TI Iesuitae, 
& aliorum, Perspicue & solide vindicantur. Cul subiungitur, in duas S. 

Commen/art'us, lum trudittbne 

Impr. t3: 163z: (eights) sm. 4": 
pp. [  2 ] + 800 + 120 : pp. 11 begg. z,oh«it, 
Christi and eo : vnde palet, 7or catorum 
nostrorum : Pica Roman. Contents : 
p. ()title : (3)" Ad Lectorem" by the 

editor: ¢'4-I2), 1-8oo, Pareus on St. 
Matthew: -48, on St. Peter: 49-78, 
on Joel: 79-9 I, on Haggai : 92-2o, on 

In 1622 the year of Pareus's death several of his treatises were publicly burnt at 
Oxford, as opposed to the Kin's authority, including his commêntary on the Romans. 
Underlined words in the title are printed in red. The last  ao pages seem to bave 
been printed in London, hOt Oxford. 

r9. Parsons, Bartholomew. ORCaS: ] OR, [A PERFECT I PATTERNE 
OF A I TP.UE I)ISClrLE. lA Sermon Preached byltTarlholomew Parso»s 
B. of Di-[vinity and Rector of Zudger-lshall in the County of If'd/s. 1 
[h'ne, then 2 mollos.] 

Impr. 68 : r63 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 36 : 
p. i t beg. ing out of; Great Primer 
Roman. Contents :--(I) title, within 
arched border: (3-7) dedication to sir 

Francis Pile, dated " From my hou.qe at 
Collingborne April I. I63t" : 1-36, the 
sermon, on Acts ix. 36. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. z6. 
double lines. 

The title and outer margin of each page are within 

2o. Pinke, Williarn. z'z¢" I "IRYALL [ of a Christians syncere 
loue vnlo Chrisl: I[h'ne]l By BI r ,VILLIa,I PINKE, Master I of Arts late 
Fellow of Mag.[dalen Colledge t)z 10xro,. I [Z»,«, »coU°, 



Impr. 84a: I63t: sm. 4°: pp. [8]+ 
29 + [3] + 3o + [2] + 28 + [2] + 2S + [i] : 
pp. 11 beg. choisest mercies, and custome 
or, and God, and whil«, and j,et doth wt : 
English Roman. Contents :--p. (I) ttle, 
within arehed border; (3-8)dedication 
to lord George Digby, dated "Shirburn. 
Iul. 7. J63° ", signed by the editor, 

William Lsd'ord : 1-29, sermon on Luke 
xiv. 26: I"-3o , sermon on Eph. ri. 24, 
beg. A"ot go misînd: 1-28, sermon on 
Eh. vi. 24, beg. I will hot discourae: 
(J-2) "To the Reader" signed "W. 
Lyford": -2, pieces of a sermon on 
Cor. xvi. 22. 

See 163 ° P, of which the 2nd and 3rd serinons here are reissues of the sheets ; the 
preface to the fourth explains that it is fragmentary. Every page ha a double head- 
lfite, but the four serinons are separate in pagination and signatures, l'inke was one of 
lord Digby's " Readers " when the latter was at Magdalen. 

2. Powel, Griffith. " Powel (G.) De Demonstratione. Oxon. 
 63I ": " Analysis ristot. lib. de I)cmonstratione a G. Powell. Oxon. 

So in Catalogus librorum ichardi Davis, I686, p. 94, no. 92: 
librorum . . . in wdibus Thoma' ¢rwman, I68,ï, sign. Dl", no. 
doubt a reprint of 1594 P- 

and in Catalogus 
The book is no 

or" I "trie LOrtS I «,'m'Æ. ! ])A' th« laie Failhfull I ana Vl'orlh A, ¢]Iini«lr I 
o./Lsus Christ] IoIx l'rsa-or, I Dr in Divinity, Chaplaine in ] Ordinary 
to his MaISar, lIaster of Lr'manuel Colledge [ in Cambridge, and some-[ 
rimes Preacher of l Lincolnes Inne. I 

Impr. I2o" 63I : sm. 4 ° : pp. [2]+9I 
+ [ I ] : p. I x beg. oncl), fo be : l'ica 
Roman. Contents :p. () title, within 

arched border : 
I John v. 4- 

I-9 t, the 

sermoIl$ oIi 

F or the author, see Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 333- 

m-Iuzoszo 2lo»s/,e-'/iensi & Oxom'«nsi l Doctore descnpta. ] EVSlr 

Impr. III: 163I: sm. 4o- pp.[S]+38 cation todr. Thomas Clayton reus pro- 
[2]: p. Il beg. tue»Ma, z,înam: Eng- fessor of Medicine at Oxford : 3-38 the 
lish Roman. Contents:p. (i) title work : (1-2) hot seen. 
within arched border: (3-8), I-2, dedi- 
.qee Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 4o- The work contains the Quaestiones and Theses by 
which Primerose obtained his doetor's degree in medicine at Montpellier 2 May I617, 
beginning on 2  Jan. 16i{: also the first medical quatio defended after his degree, on 
Dee. I67. The " Laurus" must refer to the dedication in which an interesting 
account of the University of Montpêllier is given. The occasion of publishing this 
medieal work so long after the rime at which it was written, was no doubt the incor- 
poration of dr. Primerose at Oxford in *lareh I6z-î. In the Iliss sale (I858) a copy of 
this book was sold " with duplicate title-page containing a variation " whieh I bave 
hOt seen. 

24. Sanderson, Robert. LOGIC.E I ARTIS CO.I-Ipr-XDV¢L I TERTI ^ 
H,C )IT-Ione recognitum, duplici l A?pendice auctum, " pu&-[h'ci iuris 
./actum. ! à ROB. S^r,'rmRsox Collegij [ Lincolniensis in almâ I Oxoniensi 

Impr. 96: I631: (eights) I6mo: pp. 
[8]+239+[,]+x24+[-4]: pp. |I beg. 
flossint esse, and sed ijfer#, pp. I Il retira- 
ris &'rminis, and margine fieculiari : Pica 
Roman. Contents :-- p. ç i) title: (3-6 " 

"Elenchus capitum - • • "'. (7) " Ad Lec- 
torero": (8) "Errata...": 1-239 the 
work : I-124, two appendixes, one " De 
usu Logicae" " : (-4) hot 
, one Miscella" 

See 1615 S. There is a woodcut diagram at p. I49. 

25. Scheiblerus, Christophorus. 


Impr. 121 : I63I : I6mo. 

At present I only know this book from a titlepage in the Bag-fford collections at the 
British Museum (463- h..4, no. 98) : but it is hot likely to be really uncommon. 

26. Strada, Firmianus. FA3IIANI ] STRAD, RO.tAr« I E SOClETA- I 
TE IESV..I XOL'SZO.VZS ,CZmZC. i Iuxta exemplar AVTHORIS re- 
cognitoe, { alque sut Indicibus l"lluslralŒEE. ] [da, z?e.J [the naine of place 
and date are in red ink, as are also the words underlined in the above 

Impr. 72 c: x63x : (eights) I6 °: l'P. 
[8] + 331 + [29] : p. , 1 beg. bus, lam oA#- 
iboquna 3or l'do tnqu ara : Long Primer 
Roman. Contents:---p. () title: (3-7) 

dedication to Alexander card. Ursino- 
1-33 I, the Prolusiones, in 3 books : (2- 2  ) 
" Index rerum et verborum..."" (28-29) 
" Index l'rolusionum " 

The first edition was in t 6I 7- The subjects are oratorical, poetical ard historical. 

Impr. I 12 : 1631 : (twelves) 24mo : 
pp. [2]+274+[2] : p. i beg. nat. 
Quid si : 2o tibus quamlibet : Pica 
Roman. Contents:--p. (I)"A"" ¢5) 
title : (7-1 I) " Lectori " 
•.. , a preface : 

I--X50, Vincentius's work : I5-269, 
Augustinus's work : 270-274, " Appendix 
trium hoeresium ", i. e. of Papists, Moham- 
medans, Anabaptists : (I) "Errata...'° 

Underlined words in the title above are printed in red, and also 
" 631." in the imprint. 

"Oxonioe" and 

28. Vossius, Gerardus Johannes. GERARDI IOANI'IS VOSSI I 
V. I x decreto ]llustr. ac 1o1..I-IOLLANDI2E, " I ,VEsT-FRIm2E DD. 
ORmv .in I vsum Scholarum qusdem Pro-yincice excusi, i Editio 
altera castlgatior. [[device.] 

160 THE OXFORD PRESS. [lo31. 

Impr. 114 : I63I : (twelves) I6mo : pp. 
[,6]+ 559+[1]: p. 11 beg. velîrobatur, 
4Ol tZoc est, somnum: Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (i) title : (3-IO" dedication 
to Beniaminus Auberius Maurerius Fonti- 

dangaeus, dated "Lugduni Bat. o0 I» 
c XXl. xii Kal. ,¢ii. '««'': (i I-I 5) "Series 
Capitum": (16) Complimentary Latin 
poem by Daniel Heinsius: 1-559, the 
work o 

The first edition was presumably in I62I, but the ordinary bibliographies do hot 
give the date, except one which gives 6o6. Other Oxford editions were issued in 
i655 and I672 , and several others in London and abroad. 

HISTORIC, [ Z)e z'a,-r doclr)oe Chrt'slianoe Capilibus; I Quas, aliquot 
abhinc annis, dispu-[tandas proposuit in I ACADEtIA LEIDEXS[. [E&'lzb 

Impr. 87 a : 1631 : (eights) sm. 4  : 
pp. [.8] + 68o: p. I  beg. illius de chao, 
5Ol avec meliorem" Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (1) title, (3-4) " Typographus 

Lectori.. . "'. (5-6) " Syllabus & Ordo 
Disputatiouum " : (8) a Latin 6-line com- 
plimentary poem signed " Philalethes" : 
-68o, the forty dissertations. 

See i628 V: the printer confesses that this i an unauthorized reprint of the original 
edition, in consequence of the daily complaint of the rarity of the book: and says 
'" Nactus itaque tandem amicorum ope istarum Thesium fasciculum (integrum vti 
spero,) ... sumpsi mihi fiduciam eum iterhm typis meis exprimendi". There is 
nothing in this to indicate that this is a reissue of the sheets of 1628 V, without even 
correction of the misprints : on the contrary the list of errata given in 1628 iS omitted. 
The first eight pages only are printing of 1631. This edition appears to be quite rare, 
but perhaps only accidentally so, because copies have hOt round their way into public 
libraries ; or possibly Vossius may have succeeded in stopping a pirated issue. 

3 o. *W[alkîngton], T[homas]. Œw I, assw I or 
Hv...tos  o I The touchstone of a golden  tempralure, or lhe 
I»hdoso?hers l slone to make a golden hmer.  Wherein the foure com- 
pleclions [ Sangm)m, Colem?ke, hh«malt?ke, «]lc(anchoh?ke are suc- 
c,),cl O, ça,led forlh l a.d :he,> exl, rnall ,)dtale« lard open I Io I 
purbh)Mo'e of ,gnorance ilse, I b:' which ee O, one ma:' iudge, I ff what 
com:lec/,bn he ,», and lanmeraal », learn whal ,» lmosl sulable Io h& l 
nature, l by T. W. Alashr I ŒEAr:«« 

Impr. 22: ,eights) I2°: pp. [26]+ 
168 + [ 2] : p. 1  beg. damagemenl both, 
1  I tcm]eratures, lhis : Pica Roman. 
Contenu :-- p. (2 engraving, see below : 
(3) engraved title, see below : (5-3), 
Epistle dedicatory to sir Justinian Lewin, 
dated "from my study m Saint Iohns 

(Camb.) x Calend March. T. W.": I5-25 
" To the Reader , signed " T. W." : 
(5-:6 "The Titles and Contents of the 
severall Chapters... "-. 1-162, the work : 
163-6î, "The Cio»e", a poem: 168, 
" Catastrophe Lectori , an English poem. 

For the author, see Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 350. The proof of authorship is not 
clear, but the fact seems generally accepted, and Walkington was certainly a Fellow of 
St. John's College, Cambridge. The book has also been attributed to Tho. Wilbie 
and T. Wombwell, according to Bohn's Lowndes. This is a reprint of the t6oî Lon- 
don edition, re-printed at London in 1639 and 1663. Hitherto this Oxford edition laas 
been generally regarded as the first, and the British Museum catalogue assigns it 
doubtfully to 16o 5. But it cannot be earlier than 1627 from the woodcuts used, and 
in that year first William Tumer printed books by himself. And it cannot be later 
than 2 Aug. I638 when Michael Sparke assigned this book to John Dawsou with one 
of 1631 and one hot earlier than 1631. Again, acomparison of 2o imprints of Michael 
Sparke between 1627 and 1638 raisesa presumption that he did not use the expression 
'" are to be sold bï Michael Sparke at (or, dwelling at) the Blue Bible in Green 

163. ] THE OWFORD PRESS. 161 

Arbonr" (nor was he connected with Oxford printers) until 1632, and he nses no local 
description of the kind at ail in his imprints till 16- 9. On the whole 1631 is a prob- 
able )'car for the issue of this book, and I631-33 more likely than any earlier or later 
The engraved title on steel (size of plate 5½ × 3½ in.) does not occnr in the 16o 7 ed. 
and ",vas doubtless made for this occasion : it was altered in the and then used 
again in 1639 and I663. On either side of the title is a graduate n cap and gown 
representing "CAMBRIDGE"and " OXFORD " : together they hold upright what seems 
intended for an optic glass or touchstone, but presents the exact appearance of a half- 
closed umbrella. Facing the title and part of the plate is another engraving (plate 
5- × 3½ in., as the title) which a reference to pag. 77 1. 2 shows to represent the Tem- 
peraments or complexions, with concentric rings : at top are two small wholly fanciful 
engravings of " Oxford " and "Cambridge ", each îr x I-lk in. 

3-Widdowes, Giles. THE I LAWLESSE [ KNEELESSE [ SCHIS-- 
.PPF._,VD,r.,C, i concerning bowing at the [naine of Iesu«. i WRITTEN [ by 
GILES ,VII)I)OWES Rector of St] [ARTIN$ Church in Oxford, l and late 

Impr. lO7 : 1631 : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 9 ° 
+ [1]: p. 11 beg. must bow, now: Pica 
Roman. Contents : -(1) title: (3-4) 
dedication to Endymion Porter: 1-11, 

"To the truc Protestant Reader" 
: 13-9 o, 
the treatise, in defence of bowing at the 
" Errata" 
name of Jesus: 9I, . 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 179, and 163 ° W. 
on the latter work. 

This is a reply to Pl3,nne's attack 

32. . "rHE I SCHISr, tATICAL I t'VIITN. I [&C., exactly as 
63o W, except Ceremoines for Ceremonies, and after " Oxford" [ The 
second edi/ion, A ugmenled. 

Impr. I37: I63I" sm. 4°: pp. [48], 
signn A-F * : signa. B I l beg. wee confesse : 
English Roman. Contents :sign. ^1: 

title : A2r-A2 v, dedication, as in Ist ed. : 
A3r_c4 r « To the Puritan " : D 1 r-F4V , t he 
sermon, on  Cor. xiv. 4 o. 

See 163 ° W: the augmentation appears to be only in the Freface. 

1. Bancroft, John, bp. of Oxford. ARTICLES TO[ BE ENQV1RED 
OF [ WITHIN THE DIOCES [ Of Oxfol'd?» in the first Visitati-lon of the Right 
Reverend Fa-[ther in Gon Io Lord [ Bishop of Oxford.[nELl)lin 
the yeare of out Lord God 1632. in the eighth [ yeare of the Raigne of 
out most gracious Soveraigne [ Lord, Charles, by the grace of God King 
of [ Great Bril/aDze, France, and rcland[ Defender of the Faith &c. [ 

Impr. 93: x63 : sm. 4 °: pp. [6], 
signn. A-n  : sign. BI r beg. i 5 Vhether : 
Pica English. Contents:sign. Ai r, 
title: A2'-2 *, Oath and Charge of the 

Churchxvardens, &e. : A3 r" Directions for 
making bills of Presentments for the 
Dioces • . . ": t,3*-B3 , the Articles : 
3'-3 , directions. 

2. Brerewood, Edward. A [ SECOND TREATISE I Of Te 
saaw,,, I o I  .xmcaxo oF I the Fourth Commandement. 

 60 THE OXFOIdD PRESS. [lO31. 

Impr. I I4: I63I : (twelves) I6mo : pp. 
[  6] + 559 + [ I ]" p. x i beg. velflrobatur, 
4oi t-]oc est, somnum: Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. () title : (3-o dedication 
to Beniaminus Auberius Maurerius Fonti- 

dangaeus, dated " Lugduni Bat. oo I9 
C XXI. xii Kal. vii.»rts": (I I-I 5) "Series 
Capitum": (16 Complimentary Latin 
poem by Daniel Iteinsius: 1-559, the 

The first edition was presumably in I621, but the ordinary bibliographies do not 
give the date, except one whieh ives 6o6. Other Oxford editions were issued in 
x655 and 672, and several others in London and abroad. 

Impr. 87 a : 1631 : (eights) sm. 4" : 
pp. [8] + 680: p. I I beg. illius de chao, 
5Ol ¥c mdiorem" Pica .Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) title, (3-4  " Typographus 

Lectori... "-. (5-6 " Syllabus & Ordo 
Disputationum " : (8) a Latin 6-line com- 
plimentary poem signed " Philalethes": 
1-68o, the forty dissertations. 

See 1628 V" the printer confesses that this is an unauthorized reprint of the original 
edition, in consequence of the daily complaint of the rarity of the book : and says 
'" Nactus itaque tandem amicorum ope istarum Thesium fasciculum (integrum vti 
spero,) ... sumpsi mihi fiduciam eum iterhm typis meis exprimendi". There is 
nothing in this to indicate that this is a reissue of the sheets of 628 Y, without even 
correction of the misprints : on the contrary the list of errata givên in 1628 is omitted. 
The first eight pages only are printing of 63. This edition appears to be quite rare, 
but perhaps only accidentally so, because copies have hot found their way into public 
libraries ; or possibly Vossius may bave succeeded in stopping a pirated issue. 

30. *W[alkington], 
Hv....ORS [ OR I The 
Philosophers ] slone 1o 
plections [ Sangm'ne, 
c)wtly painled f orth 

T[homa@ "rta I OPTICK...GLASS 
touchstone of a golden ]Imp«rah«re, or 
make a #lden hmper. I Wherein the foure com- 
CkoAricke, Aligmah'cke, «ld«lanchoh'cke are suc- 
l a.d /heir exlrnall «)«/t'mal«s laid open [ /o /he 

complech'on e ,s, and [answerablr learn what islmos su,able zo A,s I 
,,«,,«. 10' T. w. ,v«« I -,««« I [,0».] 

lmpr. I22 : ,eights) 12o: pp. [261+ 
 68 + [ 2] : p.  I beg. dama,ement both, 
 i  tcmeralures, lais : l'ica Roman. 
Contents :lp. (2' engraving, see below : 
(3) engraved title, see below: (5-I3), 
Epistle dedicatory to sir J ustinian Lewin, 
dated "from my study m Saint Iohns 

çCamb.) x Calend March. T. W.": I5-25 
• ' To the Reader" ign 
, s ed "T. \."'. 
(-,5-26 "The Titles and Contents of the 
severall Chapters... "" 1-16z, the work : 
63-167, "The Close", a poem: 68, 
" Catastrophe Lectori , an English poem. 

For the author, see Wood's Z'asti Oxon., i. 35 o. The proof of authorship is not 
clear, but the fact seems generally accepted, and Walkington was certainly a Fellow of 
St. John's College, Cambridge. The book bas also been attributed to Tho. Wilbie 
and T. Wombwell, according to Bohn's Lowndes. This is a reprint of the ,6o 7 Lon- 
don edition, re-printed at London in 1639 and 1663. Hitherto this Oxford edition bas 
been generally regarded as the first, and the British Museum catalogue assigns it 
doubtfully to 16o 5. Iut it cannot be earlier than 16 7 from the woodcuts used, and 
in that year first William Turner printed books by himself. And it cannot be later 
than  Aug. 1638 when Michael Sparke assigned this book to John Dawson with one 
of 63 and one not earlier than 631. Again, acomparison of o imprintsofMichael 
bparke between 627 and 1638 raises a presumpfion that he did hot use the expression 
" are to be sold by Michael Sparke at (or, dwelling at) the Blue Bible in Green 

163.] THE O.YFORD PRESS. 16  

Arbour" (nor was he connected with Oxford printers) until 1632, and he uses no local 
description of the kind at all in his imprints till 1629. On the whole I631 is a prob- 
able )'ear for the issue of this book, and I631-33 more likely than any earlier or later 
The engraved ride on steel (size of plate 5½ x 3½ in.) does hot occnr in the 16o 7 ed. 
and was doubtless made for this occasion: it was altered in the imprint and then useà 
again in x639 and 1663. On either side of the title is a graduate in cap and gown 
representing "CAMBRIDGE" and " OXFORD" : together they hold npright what seems 
intended for an optic glass or tonchstone, but presents the exact appearance of a half- 
closed umbrella. Facing the title and part of the plate is another engraving (plate 
5- x 3½ in., as the title) whieh a reference to pag. 77 1. 2 shows to represent the Tem- 
peraments or complexions, with concentric rings : at top are two small wholly fancifnl 
engravings of "Oxford " and "Cambridge ", each I x I]- in. 

Impr. lO7 : 1631 : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 9 ° 
+ [I]: p. Il beg. muse bow. now: Pica 
Roman. Contents : -() title : (3-4) 
dedication to Endyrnion Porter : l-x I, 

" To the true Protestant Reader" 
: 13-9 o. 
the treatise, in defence of bowing at the 
name of Jesus : 91, " Errata". 

See V¢ood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 179, and 163 ° W. 
on the latter work. 

This is a reply to Prynne's attack 

3 2. • "rHE i scmstaTrCaL I ''mr2v'. I [&c., exacfly as 
I63O W, except Ceremoines for Ceremonies, and after " Oxford" 
second e&'lion, Augmenled. ] 

Impr. 137: 1631: sm. 4°: pp. [48], 
signn -1« : sien. x beg. wee confesse: 
English Roman. Contents :sign. Al: 

title : A2r-A2 *, dedication, as in st ed. : 
A3r-c4 r " To the Puritan ": Dlr-F4 v, the 
sermon, on  Cor. xiv. 4 o. 

See 163 ° W: the augmentation appears to be only in the Preface. 

l. Bancroft, John, bp. of Oxford. ARTICLES TO IBE ENQV'IRED 
OF [ WITHIN THE DIOCES [ Of Oxford» in the first Visitati-lon of the Right 
Reverend Fa-lther in GoI, Iohn .Lord ! Bisho p of Oxford. IHEL. I)I In 
the yeare of out Lord God 1632. n the eighth ! yeare of the Ratgne of 
out most gracious Soveraigne I Lord, Charles, by the grace of God King 
of[ Great rt?la)te, lrance, and Zreland I Defender of the Faith &c. ! 

Impr. 93:x632 : sm. 4 °: pp. [I6], 
signn. A-  : sien. 131 r beg. 15 lVhether : 
Pica English. Contents :--sien. Al', 
title: A2"-2", Oath and Charge of the 

Churchwardens, &c. : A3 r" Directions for 
making bills of Presentments for the 
Dioces • . . ": A3"-B3 *, the Articles : 
133r-3 , directions. 

2. Brerewood, Edward. A I SECOSD TREATISE [ Of r'/e 
ST, I OX I  EXPLICATION OF [ the Fourth Commandemen. 

 6 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1632. 

tVrtTlen, !]), I r EDWARD ]3REREWOOD I professor in Gresham Colkdgel 
in LoxDo,x. ][woodcuL] 

Impr. 124 : 1632 : sm. 4" : PP- $o + [2] : 
p. I I beg. cation ; so : English Roman. 
Cntents :--p. I, title : 3-4 o, the treatise : 

4t-5o "Quw_.stio" about servants' Stmday 
work, in English. 

See I63O B, Wood's Mth. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. i4I. 

3- Burton, Robert. THE [ ANATOMY 
exactly as 628 ]3, being from the same plate 

with "thirde" altered to 

Impr. 70: 1632 : (fours) folio : pp. 
[Io]+78+[6]+722 (after 218 are two 
unnumbered leaves + [IO] : p. i I beg. 
[udffement, 6oi graphers, would : English 
Roman. Contents :m(2) " The Argument 
of the Frontispeice "- (3) engraved title, 
inserted • (5) dedication to lord Berkeley : 
(7-IO) " Democritus Iunior ad Librum 
" English verse : I-îS, " Democri- 
suum , 
tus Iunior to the Reader ": (I) " Lectori 

malè feriato" : (2) a Latin poem : (3-6" 
" The S.mopsis of the first partition": 
1-218, the first partition" (t-4] "The 
Synopsi» of the second partition " : 219- 
4o7, the second partition : 4o8-1o," Ana- 
lysis of the third partition" : 41-722, 
the third partition : (1- 9) "The Table" : 
(9)" Errata..." : ( o) Impr. 75, between 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ii. 653 and 1621 B. Ten of the divisions of the titlepage 
have now small numbers attached to them, arranged thus :--2, , 3 (,top row) : 4, title, 
5: 6, 1% 7; 8, imprint, 9 (lowest rov). This plate is described in the Catalogue of 
lrints bt the lritish AIuseum. Z)iv. 1. Satires, vol. I (Lond. 87o), p. 79- 

4. Clement, st., of Rome. 
prior, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis P. Junii. 

"Clementis ad Corinthios Epistola 
4o. J. L'ch fleld, r 632." 

So in the Catalogue of the second.., portion of dr. Philip Bliss's library, sold in Aug. 
858, P- 3, no. 15o: but it is probably an error for I633, although possibly some 
copies may bave borne this date. 

5. Daye, Lionel. coxcxo I XD / CLERVt I HABXTA i OXOXXr tE ] 
3Iartis post Comitia I An: Dom: 6o9. I aVTORV. LIOXELLO DaYE ] tunc 
temporis Collegij l aih'olensis Socio. [ [woodcul.] 

Impr. 73a" 632 : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 
33 + [3]: P- II beg. quium oris : English 
Roman. Contents :top. (i) title : (3-4) 
"Amicis meis Oxoniensibus ", dated "Ex 

œedibus meis Whichfordiensibus. Ian. 2. 
1631 ": 1-33 , the sermon, on Luke xxii. 
3 I, in Latin. 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 326. The author says he now prints his old sermon, 
because it had been a great consolation to him, he having just lost his eldest son, a B.A. 
of Christ Church, by illness. 

6. Downinge, Calybute. A I 
_cczsa-lsŒcr or xms l lG'ngdome, 
st'dered vnd«r lhrêe CONCLUSlOSS. [With 
ordthar A, .rceplions againsl I Ecclesiasticall Officers. 

Impr. 119: I632: [the rest absolutely as 1633 D. : for that issue the title of this 
edition was torn off, and a new one substituted.] 

1633.] THE OXFORD PRESS.  6 

7" Ovid. OX?D'S [ :T,ORPrIOSIS [ E'C;LISHED, I n'THOL.O;IZ'D, ] 
And I,Represented ,n Figures. [An Essay to the Translation [ or 

Impr. 82a: 632: (fours) folio: pp. 
[20 ?] + 549 + I, not counting 6 engrav- 
mgs: p. ; beg. Il ho a're sa, 4Ol 
Iaue : English Roman. Contents 
p. (l) title : (2) "The minde of the fiontis- 
peece. . . "'. (3)an engraved titlepage, 
see description below: (5) dedication to 
prince Charles, signed "George Sandys" : 

(6-93 two panegyrics : (o- 2) "to the 
Reader" : (3-I6) "The Life of Ovid ": 
( 7 -I9) "Ovid defended" : (2o) Latin 
poem : 1-53, the work, with notes : 53z, 
" To the Reader": 533-49. the first 
Aeneid of Virgil in English verse: () 
"Errata". Each of the I5 bks. and the 
Life are preeeded by a full-page engraving. 

See XVood's Mth. Oxon., iii. IOO. The first and second editions were issued at 
London in I6-6 and I628: this is the lhird, and others followed but were not pub- 
l,shed at Oxford. The first rive books had been issued by Sandys at least tw,ce 
(nd ed., Lond. x62). The large engraved titlepage (9x 5] in.) is similar to the 
title of the 626 London folio edition in general design, but different in detail. In 
the x632 engraving the title (nearly as on the printed leaf, as far as " G. S.", with 
date only and no imprint) is on a sheet held by and between two figures of Amor 
and Sapientia, and on the lower edge of the sheet is " ]:rancisco Clein lnv: Salamot 
Sauery sculî: ". Other emblematic figures and some Latin sentences fill the page. 
The British Museum copy has the engraved title, but the copy presented by the 
translator in 636 to the Bodlei, an ha hot. The book is singular in ha,«ing no small 
woodcut ornaments. 

8. Pemble, William. a I S»,,,E OF I ,ORLL I PHILOSOPHY I 
svcclxCTt. [ aŒErV.RV», L.-[gantly Composed, i and Methodically I 
'ï,,,rzr M r of I Arts and late Commoner I of AIag. Itall. [ [two mo[tos.] 

lmpr. 84a: x63-" : sm. 4": PP- [4]+ 
"8- " (" 56" oecurs twice in the pagina- 
tion) + [ ] : p.  beg. seh«es, that : Pica 

Roman. Contents :--p. () title : (3) "To 
the Reader": (4) a logical division of Dis- 
ciplines" -" 8. " thework : () "Index". 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 33, and 163o P. 
a readable treatise. 

The book is an analysis, rather than 

9-Sennertus, Daniel. 
Correctior. ] 

IaxI:IAS [ SNXrRTI [ Vratislaviensis [ 
][device][EmTIO T.RWI. Auctior & 

Impr. 123: 1632: (eights) 2o: pp. 
[,6] +632 + [22]: p. Il beg. Actiones 
volunlati, 61  suam sed«nz : Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. () title : (3-9) Epistola 
dedicatoria to Severinus Schattenus à 

Sehattenhall, dated "Calend. April .... 
I618 ": (I I-I 3) "Lectori candido.. . ": 
(I5-6) " Index librorum et capitum". 
-63, the work, in 8 books : (-.) " Con- 
clusio ": (3-2o) index. 

The first edition was presumably issued in x618, the second at Wittenberg in 6z 4 : 
other Oxford editions came out in 1653 and 664. 





Impr. 69: 633: (eights) 6°: pp. 
[8]+ 224: p. II beg. nec genere, III, I. 
Wecessaria, cuit Long Primer Roman. 
Contents :--( 3) title, within an arehed 

This is a reprint of 1628 A, and 
edition to be the second. 

border : (.5,-6) "Typographus Benevolo 
Lectori ": (7) " Sphalmata " 
errata : (8) "Arbor 2orîh)'riana " : 

1-224, the work. 
appears to be rare, for Wood believed the I66o 

2. *Articles. ARTICLES ! Given by I and delivered to 

the Church--wardens I to be considered and answered in his visitation 
holden in the yeare of our Lord God [ WHEREVNTO THE SAID [ 
Church-wardens and sidemen are [ vpon their oathes to answere I truly 
and particularly. [ [dez'ice.]. ] 

Impr. 683 : n. d. : sm. 4 o : pp. [6], 
signn. A-B t : Sigll. 11 r beg. Lords ['rayer: 
Pica Èglish. Contents :sign. AI , 

tite : 2", instructions and Oath : t3"-B4", 
the articles. 

This is a general tmdated form of Articles of Visitation apparently for a Bishop's or 
Archdeacon's use. The occurrence of a particnlar voodcut shows that this is the 
earliest year to which the printing can be assigned. 

3. Bacon, sir Francis, Lord Verulam. THE 
Learning, [DIVINE and H,AX. l[line.]{To 

Advancement of 
[line, then 

335 + [I]: p. II beg. he s2oiled,201tage [ p. (I) title : 1-335, the work. 

This is the 3rd edition, the previous ones being Lond. 16o5, Lond. 1629 Cfrom 
which latter the present edition ls an ahnost lineatim reprint) ; no separate oae in 
English was subsequently issued till this century : see 164o B. 

Impr. 37: I633: (twelves) 16°: PP - 
[72], signn. A-C TM : sign. st" beg. tudinis ; 
ut: Long Primer Roman. Contents : 

sign. AI', title : AI , dedication to prince 
Hulderic: A2r-cIO v, thework : ci lr-cI IV» 
" Index capitum " 

This was reprinted at Oxford in 1665 with Casa's Galateus. 

5" " CASPARI BARTttOLINI I Philosophi " 2]Iedici [ ANATO- 
lqlC.E ! INSTITVTIONES I CORPORIS HVtAXI I Vtriusque sex.-is I HlS- 
TORraX dr DEcr.araTIO-inem exhibentes, I Cum plurimis novls observa- 
tionibus ]& opinionibus, INêc non IHlusr£orum, quoE in a.',':HROVO-ILOOlA 
occurrunl controver-lsiarum dec[sioni3us. I Cum indice Capitum & Rerum 
locupletissimo. I [woodcul.] i 

Impr. 69: 1633: (twelves) I6°: pp. 
[24] + 417 + [5I]: p. II beg. nisi in, 3o 
ramos Dtercosta[es : Long l'rimer Roman. 
Contents T--p. (1) title: (2) contents of 

the work: (3-7") dedication to Oligerus 
Rosaecranzius, dated 18 Dec. 16 IO, in 
Latin : (8-17) "Ad Benevolum Lectorem 
meure. . .", dated as above: (18-24 

168:.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 16 5 

"Index capitum...":.1-417, the work [ "Admonitio Autoris ad Lectorem qui 
eonsisting of a Prooemlum, 4 libri and benignus" about a charge of plagiarism, 
4 libelli : (I-44) the index: (45-47) [ dated "Hafnioe ", I Sept. 
The first edition was issued in 16I I : this new one appears to be reprinted from the 
edition Goslarioe et Rostochii 63. 

6. Browne, Thomas. [The British Museum Catalogue by an 
error states that there is a copy of Browne's Copie of a Sermon dated 
633: see 634 B.] 

7. Burton, William. 
lenn'ss. D. ïhomce Al&ni. 

"LaudaEo funcr/s in 
Lond. 632. Ox. 1633. qu. 

l'ïrt" excel- 

So in Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. ]31iss, iii. 439 : the London edition of 1632 is known, 
but at present not the Oxford issue. 

Butler, Charles. 
3[onarchie, made in 

The reference to a 
1609 B, is an error. 

I633 edition of the fem:nine 

Impr. 69: 1633: sm. 4°: pp. [136], 
signn. A, A-Q t : sign. BI r beg. clarant ; vt 
cùm : Long Primer Roman. Contents :- 
AI r title - A2r-AZ v dedicatîon to Thomas 
lord Cventry, dated "Wotton, 5-Idus 
3lartii, Ann. Dom. I633 .... " : A 3 r, two 

complimentar), Latin poems to the author 
by I. H. and S. W. : A3v-4 v, " Lectori 
Benevolo... " as in 1629:AIr--Q4 v, the 
work : Q4*, "Monitio. " 
.. , errata and 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 2IO, 1629 B. This is a reprint of the 1629 edition, 
but the new dedication states that Butler's Rhetoric (see 16oo t3) was used in the chier 
schools of the kingdom. 

9- • T/a { ENGLISH i GRAMMe, R, [ OR I The Institution 
of Lêtters, Syl-[lables, and Words, in the En-lglish tongue. [ If'here- 
unlo is annexedlAn Index of Words Like and Unlike. I[h?ze]ly 
CHARLS BVTLER Magd. 3las/er  Arts. ] [hhe, then ztolto, then &vile.] 

Impr. 125: 1633: sm. 4*: PP. [8]+ 
63+[9] : P- 11 beg. larg" sarg': Pica 
Roman and English. Contents :--p. () 
title within double lines: (3-8) "To the 
Reader", signed "Wotton Sept. 1 I. An. D. 

1633. C.B.M." : (8) ': Ad Authorem" 
a Latin poem by S. W. : 1-63, the gram- 
mat: (2-29) the index: (29) "The Printer 
to the Reader". 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 21o ixvhere this edition is not mentioned), and 1634 13. 
This book, as well as the saine author's èminine A[anarchie or history of tecs (see 
1634 B), are printed in a peculiar phonetic manner. The system is of considerable 
interest for the history of phonetic reforms of spelling and of English pronunciation, 
but ruade no way in practical use. The preface asserts the superiority of English in 
generality, by which he means wi:le geoga'aphical extent of usage, but laments the 
uncertain correspondence of sound and spelling, and the labour of learning the language, 
these two defects being due both to the want of alphabetical characters for certain 
sounds, and to historical changes of pronunciation, to which some persons adapt the old 
spelling and some do hOt. The author supplies the characters wanted, and counsels 


strictly phonetic spelling with certain exceptions where letters not strictly sounded 
indicate idiom or derivation. Generally an a_,pirated letter is represented by a line 
drawn through the letter ,OE -w, , but 1, and mute vowels by a substituted comma (as 
strang', tru', nam'ly)hen hot omitted as qestion). Also conjoined double e and 
double o are used, but the exceptions to the phonetic spelling would be, among others, 
a serious objection to this system of compromise. In I585 W. Bullokar published an 
edition of Asop's Fables in English, in a somewhat similar style of orthography. 

laceris reliquijs vetustissimi exemplaris Biblio-lthecse Regioe eruit, lacunas 
explevit, Latinè ver-tir, & notis brevioribus illustravit. 
I x.,'IVS Pli. F. Scotobrilannus, I Sere ° Trilanniarum 
CAROLO à ibhblhea's. [ [h)ze, then mollo.] 

I [11,«I I- . 
Fr. '- H,». R<gi I 

Impr. 73: I633: sm. 4 °: PP- [24]+ 
76 + [48]" p. Il beg. rv drrdvrwv: Eng- 
li»h .Roman. Contents:p. (3) title: 
t S-8) dedication to the king: (9-9) 
" Vetemm testimonia de Clemente.. . "'. 

(21-23) " Benevolo Lectori " dated 
"Oxonij pridie Cal: Nov. 1632 : 1-76, 
the Epistle : (1-4o) Latin notes : (41-47) 
" Fragrnentum Epistoloesecundoe ex eodem 
3IS." : (48) " rrapop&#ara ", errata. 

See Wood's fi'asti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 308. Patrick Young was Library Keeper to 
the King's Library at St. James's Palace (now the Old Ro)al Library at the British 
Museum), and edited this book from the Alexandrine MS. of the Greek Bible. Red 
ink i» used in the words underlined above, and for " Oxonii," and "Academire" in the 
imprint, and for ail words in the text which are supplied by the editor, who oeils it 
" Novum et inusitatum imprimendi genus", borne copies are on large paper, and 
some have an inserted leaf containing " Summa Privilegii", reserving rights of trans- 
lation, reproduction and sale for ten years. This leaf is fotmd before or aller the 

ri. Combachius, Joha.nnes. o. COMBACHII, I METAPHY-I 
SICORV3I, ] L,, m-ol vxzvzxs,t em.,tlPhdosophice doclrhtam 
theoremalf-bus brevissimfs comprehendenles, 'l Commentariis necessarh's 
ilhtslranles : slu-'diosis ejus disci],h'nce per quamlutiles - frucluosi. I 
riia'IO a-rRa-a I Prioribus editionibus auctior & I castigatior. I Addi/us 

Impr. 69: I633: 6mo. 

At present only known from a titlepage in the Bagford Collections at the 
Museum (463 . h. 4, no. XllO, but it is hot likely to be really rare. îhe 2nd 
seems to bave been issued abroad in 6.,o, and a "3rd "' in 163% of which 
probably a reprint. 

this is 

Impr. I29a: I633: (txvelves) I6O: 
pp. [i6] + 87 + [5] : P- II beg. dorer 6-" 
divina : English Roman. Contents : 
p. (1) title, within line, double at top and 
bottom: (3-9) dedicafion to William 

Noye attorney general : (II-I6) "... 
Argumentum libri - • • "'. 1-57, the work : 
59-87, " Annotationes in libellum S. Cy- 
priani. . . ", with collations of four MSS. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 67I. 
e]ition of Cypriaa De tmitate ecclesiae. 

In x632 Stephens had issued a similar 

1633.] THE OXFORD PRIïSS.  67 

3" Downe, rev. John. C:/¢T''rN: I TREATISES I OF I THE LATE 
REVEREND ] and Learned Divine, BIr Iohn ] Downe, Rector of the Church 
of Instow I in Devonshire, Bachelour of Divi-inity, and sometimes Fellow 
of ma-lnuell Colledge in Cambridge. [ Pubh'shed al lhe bslance of. his 
frënds. ] [h'ne, then mollo, then h)2e, then woodcuL] 

Impr. le6: I633: sm. 4°: pp. [6]+ 
57 ÷[_I] ÷ I85 4-[3]+ 34 + [e] + e6 + [e] 
+  +[]+ "-4 + [] + 6 + [2] + 5 + [.] 
+  z5 + [3] + 68 : incipits, see below m 
Contents: English Roman. Contents: 
(I) title, within arched border : (3) dedi- 
eation by the publisher (dr. G. IIak.ewill) 
to the bp. and elergy of the diocese of 
Eeter : (4) "The Contents of these trea- 
tises", a list of titles: (5) a title "The 
funerall sermon on behalfe of the author 
of these ensuing workes, preaehed by 
George Itakewill... " with impr. 19.8 : 
-54. the sermon, on Dan. xii. 3 : 55-57, 
letter from bp. Joseph Hall, dated " Exon 
Palace Mar. 9_.. 1631'', to Hakewill 
about the book: p. II beg. Some there: 
(1) a title "... Two treatises  Concern- 
ing the force and efficaey of reading--= 
Christs prayer for his Chureh ", with impr. 
le8: 1-5 , ISt treatise, on Acts xv. =1 : 
53-185, end treatise, on John xvii. 1 &c. : 
p. I beg. evcr bee a, IOI arc commttni- 
«atcd: (,2) a title "A godlie discourse of 
Selfe-deniall ", with impr. 128 : -34, the 
sermon, on Luke ix. 23: p. I beg. 7"he 

Counsdl : ( I ) a title "An apologie of the 
iustice of God", xvith impr. 128 : 1-26, 
the sermon, on Gen. xviii. 25 : p. II beg. 
divDze actions: (I) a title " An amulet 
or preservative against the contempt of 
the ministry", with !.mpr. 28; 1-34 , 
the sermon, on Tit. 11. 15: p. Il beg. 
Ghost were: () a title "The dove-like 
serpent ", with impr. 128 : 1-24, the ser- 
mon, on Matt. x. 6: p. Il beg. ThedeaJL eare: (1) a title "Subiection To the 
higher powers", with impr. 2S" 1-26 
(" 27 "), the sermon on Rom. xiii. 5: P- I 
beg. Sim2Ny considered: () a title "A 
defence of the lavvfulnesse of lots in 
gaming against the Arguments of N. N.", 
with impr. I28: I-5 , the work: p. il 
beg. "shall haue these": (2) a title 
" The Reall Presence of Transubstantia- 
tion vnknowne to the Ancient Fathers", 
with impr. 128 : p. II beg. grace of God" 
(2) "A defence of the former Answer 
against the Reply of N. N.", with impr. 
2S: 1-68, the work: 68, a note to be 
added to the first sermon: p. II beg. 
stantiation ? 2Vothbg'. 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., i. 286, Dict. of Nat./3iogr.. and 1635 D (for Hakewill see 
Ath. Oxon., iii. 255 ). Downe was a nephew of bp. Jewel: educated at Emmanuel 
college Cambridge, and incorporated at Oxford in I6OO. Ite died in about 1631. The 
signatures run through the entire work, with one break. 

1 4. Downinge, Calybute. A I DISCOYRSE I OF THE [ STATE ECCLESIA-]STICALL OF THIS [ Kingdome, in relation to the Civill. ]Con- 
sidcred vnder /ree CONCLUSIONS. ] With a DIGRESSION, discussing i some 
ordz)tarj, xcep/ions agains/ I Ecclesiasticall Officers. I [line] I r" C. D. I 
lbne, then woodcul.] 

Impr. I9: 1633: sm. 4°; pp. [4]+ 
98 + [2] : p. II beg. distinguished by : 
Pica Roman. Contents :(i) title : (3) 
dedication to William earl of Salisbury, 

signed " Calybute Downinge ": (4) 
" Errata": 1-98 , the work, in three 
parts: the digression is on pp. 3o-42: 
(-2) hot seen. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. o 7 and 1632 D, 1634 D. Wood throws doubt on this 
really being by Downinge. Downinge was chaplain to the earl of Salisbury. 

15. Erasmus, Desiderius. The Oxford i663 edition of the 
2lloriae .Encomium bears on its first titlepage the erroneous date 1633. 

16. Evans, William. A TRANSLATION I of the Booke o.f[ 
tended for the benefit of those who [ plead ignorance, or that they are 

168 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1633. 

not Book-llearned , or lha! they wan! teachers and lso lhinke to excuse 
themselues ] in their sinnes. ] [line.] ] By WILLIA3I FA'ANS, I r of Arts of I 
St «[ary Hall in Oxford. I [hne, then two mollos.] 

Impr. I27; 1633 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 
95 + [9] : P- Il beg. consumed away : Piea 
Roman. Contents :--p. () title : (3-,i) 
dedication to Thomas 2nd lord Coventrv: 

(5-8) "To the Reader" : --95, the work : 
(1) "Errata": (2- 7) 76 "... heads of 
certaine doetrines..." by way of index. 

See XVood's Fasti Oxon., i. 479- The dedication states that this is the author'» first 
.and, as it seems, last) publication. 

1 7. Gerhardus, Johannes. IOH: GERHARDI [ 3IEDITATIO.NES 
SACRAr. I v_9ITIO OSTgV_,,a, I pr,'oribu« «menealior. I [woo«cul.] 

Impr. 29: 1633: twelves (16°): pp. 
['-] + 238 + [4] : P- 1I beg. tis ex templo, 
2Ol hoc interretare: Long Primer Eng- 

lish. Contents :--p. () title, within lines : 
1--38 (" u35"), the Meditations : ('--3) 
"Index ", a list of the 5 meditations. 

The first edition was apparently in i6o6 with 50 Meditations, and editions were 
issued in Latin in I62I, 1627, 629, Lond. 1@2, and later, and English translations 
in 1629 (by R. Winterton, printed at Cambridge) and later, even in i84o (at Oxford). 

I8. Godwyn, Thomas. 
[he] I 

I ,-c. I .-,-I -','- EXPOSITION" I OF THE RO3IAN ANTI- t 
wherein many Roman and I English offices are paralleldland 
obscure t, hra-ses explained, i For lhe vse of Amxoo Schoole. I 

Impr. I41 : 1633 : (fours) sm. 4 ° : pp. 
[8] + 277 + 123] : p. II beg. ma#factor, 
but, III gainst atwther : Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. () title, within an arched 
border: (3-4) Latin dedication to dr. 
John Yotmg, signed " Tho. Godw3na ", 

dated" Abindoni 14 Calend. Decemb .... 
1622"-. (5) " Benevolo Lectori . . ."-. 
(7) "A short table shewing the Argument 
of every Booke and Section "" 1-277, the 
work, in four books : (1-23)"Index rerum 
verborum " 
et .... 

See 16 4 G. 

1 9. "i" Grave, Jean, de. 
ov l ro«vavs: i Bv_i.xo, I TrI FgST IYSTV-lCTIOX FOll LITTLE I CrllL- 
rgr,x. IWithlA short manner to conjugue [ the French Verbes. 
Ordcred and ruade Zaline, fi'rench and [ ngh'sh 

Impr. 136: 1633: pp. [48], signn. 
A--C* : signa.  " beg. discas oportet: Long 
Primer Roman and English. Contents : 

sign. AI r title, within line" A2r-A2 v. intro- 
duction in Latin, English and French : 
a3'-c6 , the work. 

Very rare. The book consists of the names of the numbers, the Church Catechism, 
and the eonjugation of French verbs, all in parallel Latin, English and French 
eolumns: and serres as an introduction to the English editions by John Anchoran 
(1631, 633, 1637, 1639 or 164% &c.) of J. A. Comenius's celebrated .[anua lingua- 
rum. See 634 S. The book is interesting as showing a connexion between William 
Tumer the Oxford printer (16:4-4o) and the London printer of the same name (16z3- 
35)- The Stationers' Register (ed. Arber, iv. 334) records the transfer of all the Lon- 
don Turner's rights in this book and the Clavis adportam (which ,,vas certainly printed 
by the Oxford Turner in 634, see 1634 S) to Michael Sparke on I î Mar. i63. 
l'either of these books was registered at Stationers' Hall, and so probably this book as 
well as the Clavis was printed at Oxford, though the imprint, type and woodcuts are 

1033.] THE OXFORD PRESS. ] 69 

hot by themselves decisive. Probably the two Tumers are in fact identical, and the 
Oxford printing establishment, though founded a year later than the other (but as 
a bookseller's business not later than 16I.ï), was the chief one. It is curious that under 
these circumstances Turner was allowed to be a member of the Stationers' Company, 
which was particularly jealous of provincial presses. 

20. Gregorius, monk. A [ LETTER, I RELATIXG THE[ lIartyr- 
dome of KETABAN, Mother I of TEIMVRASES Prince of the 
wilhalllA notable Imposture of the Iesuites I vpon that occasion: I 
s'Nr I From GREGORIVS Monke and I Priest , Agent for the Patriarke 
of I AI'TIOCH z,nlo lhe mosllholy and learned Abbot I SOPHROmVS. 

Impr. 82: 1633: sm. 4°: pp. [6]+23 
+ [3] : P. It beg. Iberia : and: Great 
Primer Roman. Contents :top. (I) title : 
(3-6) "To the Reader", about the 

Georgians, probably by the translator : 
I-23, the letter, dated" Trapezunt May 16. 
.4nn. 1626 ". 

A rare tract. See Wood's Fasti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 479- The incident related 
belongs to the year 1614, when the King of Persia put Ketaban to death for refusing 
to forsake Christianity. Some Jesuits are said to have dressed up a carcase as Keta- 
ban's, to have carried it to her son, and to have enjoyed much honour by the miracles 
which it wrought. Ultimately the real body arrived and the Jesuits vere banished. 
The translator was Thomas Crosfield of Queen's College, Oxford: and the Letter 
was published in Greek and Latin (at London ?) in 1632. 

z. Hakewill, George. THE [ VaZ"ITIE i OF i Tri EY.. I First 
begun for the Com.-Ifort of a Gentlewoman berea-]ved of her sight, and 
since [ upon occasmn inlarged [ and published for the I Comlnon good. [ 
Y I GEOR; HaKVVaLL hIa-lster of Arts, and Fellow of Exe-lter Coll. in 
Oxford. I [z»,«] I T« ««o,d d,ao,. I [Z»,«, then mollo.Il 

Impr. 142: I633: (twelves) 6o: pp. 
[6]+ 173+[1]: p. II beg. riing u, 
I as much of: Pica Roman. Contents : 
p. (1) title, within double botmding lines : 

(3-6) "The Contents of the severall 
Chapters.. ."'. t-173, the work îa 31 

See I6o8 H. This is really the 4th ed., not the 2nd. 



Heylyn, Peter. 
"sixth" for "fifth ".) 


(&c., precisely as 

63 H, 

Impr. 14o: 1633 : (eights) sm. 4°; pp. 
[2o]. 808 (the last misprinted 807) 
+ [4] : P- It beg. ,r tirst then lhere, 7Ol 
dales, or Vindelici,. Pica Roman. Con- 

tents :--(exactly as 63I H, except " For- 
raine Coynes", and the necessary change 
of reference (only) to the last rive pages. 

See 1621 H: this edition is apparently an almost lineatim reprint of the 5th 

1"]o THE OXFORD PRESS. [10:31. 

Impr. 69: x633: sm. 4°: pp. [2] + 
189 + [3] : P- II beg. pDtioptes diveraas : 
Great l'rimer Roman. Contents :--p. I, 
title, within arched border: (3-8) " Proe- 

ratio": (9-11) "Series rerum " 
o . . , a 
list of contents : I-189, two books and an 
oration : () " Errata ". 

See V¢ood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 522. These are exercises and speeches composed by 
Holyday in about x617-2I, when praelector of Rhetoric and Philosophy at Christ 
Church, Oxford, and concem the De Anima, Ethics and P, hetoric of Aristotle. What 
is considered to be the barbarous element in the Philosophy, is not clear. 

24. James, dr. Richard. coNco [HABITA AD[CLEI«I[ 
O.¥O.VZE«VSE«Z [ de KccltSl'a. [ AVTHORE IICtL4RDO [ L4,1LESZO lrcclcnsi, 
J3accalaureo I Sacroe Th. Socio CCC. lb'ne, motAo, h'ne, woodcut.] 

lmpr.  30 : 633 : sm. 4 °: pp. 
signn. A-D t E2: sign. BI r beg. cure 
English Roman. Contents :sign. AI , 

title: A2r-2 r, dedication to sir Kenelm 
Digby : A3r-E v, the sermon, on Matth. 
xi. 18. 

See Wood's ,Ith. Oxon., ii. 630. Some copies of this book have the remains of 
a torn titlepage, apparently a cancel leaf following the ordinary title. 

2.5. More, sir Thomas. EPISTOLA [ TttO3OE MORI AD [ACA- 
ze,zz, aJ.z ] o_-o,v. I Adjecta sunt quoedam Poemata [ in mortern [ 
mot/o, then l/ne.] I 

Impr. x x 3 a : 633 : sm. 4  : pp. [4] + 
8 + [o] : p. r beg. ci periti: Great 
l'rimer Roman. Contents :p. () title: 
(3-4) dedication to sir Kenelm Digby, 
signed " Rich. Iamesius", the editor: 
I- 7, the Letter, dated "Abingdoniœe... 

4 ° Kal. Aprilis": 18, "Nota raagistri 
Briani Twyne" about the occasion of the 
letter- (I-7) three Latin poems and a 
Latin note by James on Cotton and 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., i. 85, ii. 630. This is a rather uncommon book. contain- 
ing a persuasive to the study of Greek, written in 1518, probably at the king's instiga- 
tion. The oppoents of the New Learning called themselves Trojans in opposition to 
the Grecians. The letter is reprinted by Hearne in his edition of Roper's Lire 
of More (Oxf. 76, 8°). Sir Robert Cotton died in 163x , and Thomas Allen of 
Gloucester hall in O.x_ford in x632. 

26. Oxford, University. [two h'nes][3[usarum 
o I -,-o ! «««. I [»,«g,-,,,, «, th 


Impr. 131: I633: sm. 4°: pp. [72], 
signn, §, §§*, §§, A, " v,c", I-G', H * ". 
sgn. BC t" beg. 2Xéc morbos: English 

Roman. Contents :--sign. 
§ 2r-H 2 r, the poems : la 2 *, 
impr. 32. 

§I r, title: 
device and 

The occasion of these ,,'erses seems to have beeu an illness of the King late in 1632, 
Most of the poems are Latin, but four are English and one Greek. One of the prmters 
(\V. Tnrner) contributes some Latin verses. .An anagram oecurs in the title, and 
a chronogram (1632) on EL There are curions variations in issues, and marks (see the 
register of signatures) of the difficulty of obtaining and marshalling in order these col- 
lections of separate poems. The early issues of sheet A on A3r print " R. 1N'EVVLIN 
S. T. '.", the later and comraon ones insert C. C. C. after the naine, as also in AI v, 
A3 r (twice) : so "' ¢V'av. C." is inserted on A4*, cf. A2 v. An interesting copy is in the 
]3ritish Museum, being the one specially printed for the King's personal acceptance. 
The differences are that the book is on larger paper (the size even as bound and cut 
down being 7x 6in.), and the title entirely reprinted. Every line of the title is in 
larger type and spread out laterally, except the anagram itself and imprint : also 11. I 
and 4 are roman, not italic, and ll. 3, 4, 6, 7 are printed in gold. In 1. 6 the two Vs 


are lower case Us, and in 1. 7 Rex appears as REx. So too the device is altered, and 
it is amusing to see that the imprint, for fear of royal vengeance, is altered from the 
English " W. T." (William Turner) to the Latin "G.T."! This fact shows also that 
the lasl and not the first copy was struck off for the King, sheet A agreeing with this 
in being the later issue (see above). 

CAROLI i aVSPIC.¢TlSS,3L. I P£/¢ZO/)t S. I[two h'nes.] 

Impr. 53: 1633: sm. 4°: pp. [zoo], 
signn, § a-c, rE, F-M* 2: signa. Br beg. 
E[ goxo : English Roman. Con- 

tents :sign. § " title :  2"-.x z, the 

Poems by members of the University congratulating the King on his return from 
Scotland in Aug. 1633. The perigee of the sun or a planet is  hen it is nearest to the 
earth. Most of the poems are Latin, but six are Greek, si,¢teen at the end English, 
and one French. Three chronograms occur. One Ènglish poem is by John Lichfield 
the printer. There are some signs of an arrangement of the poems, those by great 
persons coming first, and the English last. Some copies of a later issue have an 
extra sheet after r (ii, four leaves) inserted, with more pocms, which necessitated a re- 
arrangement of sheet K. 

28. . VlTIS / C,ROLIXm I GE,rrA 
¢s¢z¢s [ [two h)zes.] " 

] .Dccanlala ad[ 'AD 

Impr. 53 : 633 : sm. 4" : PP. [88"1, ] îariter : English Roman. Contents : 
signn. A-L *, see below : sign. 13* beg. Te sign. AI r, title : A2r-L3 v, the poems. 

These poems celebrate the birth of James ii on t 5 Oct. 1633, and are as usual 
chiefly in Latin, but six in Greek, eighteen in English (an innovation and one in French. 
There is a second issue, perhaps commoner than the first described above, with the 
following changes. In sheet H, sign. HI v 1. 9 bas Conjuis alw«s, hot uxorius ah'us : 
H3 r begins with a Greek poem, the rest of sheet H is re-arranged and a new sheet h of 
four leaves is inserted. Also in sheet L a new poem by \V. Dutton is inserted. The 
sheets hot specified above are identical in the two issues. 

2 9. Parsons, Bartholomew. B°z i m [ Rt'T ] BLss-x: I 
o1, SCR» COX-ITRACT HO.Ov-red with a Solemne[lenedfch'on. 
B I BRTrOLO.rEW PRSOXS /3. of Divinity [ and Rector of Zudgershall 
in the [ County of Willes. [[two moZZos. 3 

Impr. 134 : 1633 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 4 ° : 
p. II beg. «ver are blesscd: English 
Roman. Contents :p. (x) title : (3-7) 

Epistle Dedicatorie to Peregrine Thistle- 
thwaite and Dorothy his wife : -4 o, the 
sermon, on Ruth iv. I I. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 26. This sermon was to have been delivered 
at the wedding of Mr. Thistlethwaite, but some accident intêrposed, and it is here in 
an enlarged form. ' 

3 o. Pavonius, Franciscus. 
cvt çvA TVOR rNDICVS, ] IStO lroosih'onum z'n h'brt" t)tt'5o ; 
Art'sloleh'co, terlt'o Tho-[mi«Sco, quarto lgerum, lin fine. t Auctore 
ClSCO Pavo.,,ao [ Catacensi Theologo Societatis J_s'. ][woodcul.] 

THOI-OORV-t I OCTRIXa-r I Moralem. [ 
[ ah'o 


Impr. 139: I633: (twelves) I6°: pp. 
[1-] + 38 + [51] : p. n beg. maximoe, 3o 
justum debitum: Long Primer Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I) title within double lines : 

The author xvas an Italian Jesuit, who died in 1637. 
seems to have been issued al Lyons in I6o. 

(3-4) dedication to Mutius Vitellescus, 
dated 29 Se,t. 1617" (5-I2) "Index pro- 
positionum : 1-381, the work: (I-2) 
" Epiloffus ": (4-. I) The four indexes. 
The first edition of this work 

3 T. Pemble, William. ' Tnchz'rz'dtbn Oralorium. Ox. z633 
" qu." &C.' 

So in Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 33I. There seems to be some mistake,since 
no such treatise was printed among Pemble's Collected Works : possibly Butler's work 
on Oratory above has been confused by Wood: but Watt mentions the work under 
tembelo as well as lemble, as if he had been independent of Wood. 

32. Potter, Christopher. WANT or [ CHARITIE, [ Iustly charged, ] 
"1 ! " 
ON aLL SVCH RO«tA-msts, as dare (without truth or [ modesty affirme, 
that lrote-]slancie deslroA,eth Salz, al«bn, lin Answer to a late Po-lpish 
Pamphlet intituled [ Chari/y 3lisîaken 'c. [A' CHRISTOPHER POTTR 
D.D. [ Chaplaine to his Mate in Ordina-lrie, and Provost of Queenes I 
Colledge in Oxford. [ 

Impr.'I33: I633: (eights)I2o: pp. 
[24] +  28 + I2o" pp.  beg. forbids to 
and str,«t ber children : English Roman. 
Contents :p. ) ttle, withn double 
lines: (3-6) " The Epistle Dedicatory": 

(7-8) to the reader: (9-4) analysis 
of Charity mistaken and the answer, as 
a list of content.s- -I 8, I- zo, "Answer 
to Charity mistaken ", the work. 

The work against which this was directed was written by a Jeit named Matthias 
Wilson, who also employed the names of IX'icholas Smith and, as in this case, Edward 
Knott, and v,'as published in 63o. By Oct. 1634 this first edition was nearly sold 
out, and the author submitted a copy to archbp. Laud for his approval or correc- 
tion, with a view to a second edition. Laud suggested the alteration ofa few passager, 
and this was made part of the accusations against him at his trial (see Prynne's 
Canterburies Doom, Lond. I646 , p. 25I ). The second edition thus altered was printed 
at London in 634. 

33. Reusner, Nicolas. NICOLAI REVSSERI LEORINI ] IC. Comitis 
Palat. Coes. I SYMBOLORV3I [ I3IPERATORIORUM [ Classis Prima. I Q»:.4 SYa- 
BOLA CONTI:VENTI'R 11111]3]9. ac Ccesarum Romanorum Itah'co-[rum, à 
C. Iuh'o Cæsare, usque ad[ Conslana'num 3[agnum. ] oPvs PHILOLOGICVM 
V.T I Politicum, veréque Regium ac Impera-ltorium: omnibus omnium 
ordinum, & cure [ primis civilis sapientioe studiosis |ectu I futurum utile 
ac jucundum. I Ovz«vrA z)zrzo. 

Impr. 37: I633: (twelves) 16o: pp. 
[2] + 73 + [37] + 209 + [39] + 98 + [34]: 
pp.  beg. Quod exemlo and honcstam 
rem and 2Vam 6. secundura : Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :p (t) title : 
(3-8) preface to Maximilian grand duke 
of Austfia, dated  Oct. x 587 : (9 - ) 
poems on the work: I-I73 the Classis 
Prima : (I-23) indexes : (24) a title : 
Classis Secunda. I ç»' co,,'r«,«,'rv 

soz [ Im:?. Ccesardmque omanorum- 
Groeco-'rum, à 'l. Cmzslagino A[ato, 
usque l  Carohtm AIazunt,  i-[mure 
Coesarem Genanicum. I os AUREuM 
T VE I Politicum , ac Reum. [[de- 
vice, then impr. 37]: (z6-33) preface to 
Eest and duke of Austfia, dated 
7 Oct. x 57 : (33-36) poems on the work : 
-o9, the Clais secunda: (I-4 in- 
dexes : (6) a title :NlCOLal RUSyE 
LEORINI [ ]C. Comitis Palat. C. [ 

1633.] THE OXFORD PRESS.  73 

Classis Tertia. [ Qu4 sYmaOZt cov- 
r/x, wrvx ] lmpp. Ccsardmque loman- 
orum-Ger-]manicorum :  Carolo iIagno, 
ri-*mo Cœes. Germanico, usque ad I Fer- 
dinandum II. Cces.lAustriacum I opus 
J uCuNDISsIM'E I Et utilissimoe lectionis. I 

[device : then impr. 137] : (28-3 2) preface 
to Matthias grand duke of Austria, dated 
 5 Oct.  587 : (33-39) poems on the work : 
-224 (224 misprinted x9S), the Classis 
Tertia : (1-28) indexes : (29-34) not seen. 

Sec 1638 R. This is a curious example of three parts of a volume being entirely 
independent of each other, there being no general titlepage, but yet being indissolubly 
welded together by the signatures, so that no part could be issued separately. The 
first edition seems to have been issued in 58î, the 4th at London in 6 9. The plan 
of the work is to assign a motto to every emperor, and then to discuss the motto and 
character of the person together : so that in effect the book is largely a discussion of 
proverbs of the nature of Erasmus's .ddagia. 

TER,r, I DE I GVBERATIOXE ] Dei, 8: de justo przesentiq; I ejus jdicio ad 
S. Salonium [ Episcopum, Zib. viii. [ iusdem pistolarum Lib. I. [ 
TI.0THE t0U,','E D[Ecclesiam Calhoh'c. Lib. IV. [ Cure duplici 
indice. ] 

Impr. 29b: 633" x2mo: pp. [6]+ 
5  2 : p. I I beg. consulari, 4 ° I tamen çuœe : 
Pica Roman. Contents :--p. (3) title 
within line, double at top and bottom : 
(5-6) Etract from Joh. Trithemius: 
(- 3) "Index rerum et verborum... "-. 

(14-15) " Index locorum Scripturoe... ": 
1-297, De gubematione Dei" 298-324, 
Epistolœe" 325-488, Ad ecclesiam eatho- 
licam: 489-512 "Annotationes aliquot 
... autore Ioanne Alexandro Brassicano ". 

Sec 1629 S, of which this is an almost exact reprint in larger type. 

35- Sclater, William. [he] ! Vtriusque Epistoloe I aD CORIN- 
Sclal«ro SS. Theol. Doctore, [Nunc tandem à Filio suo Coll. Rcgah[ 
in A cad«mia Canlabr. Socio I in lucem edita. [ [hhe, mollo, hhe, mollo, 
woodcuL ] 

Impr. 69:633 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [; 2] + 
260: p. Il beg. testimonio, 2oI oieram 
nostram: English Roman. Contents : 
p. (I) title, within a line : (2-7) Epistola 
dedicatoria to dr. Edw. Kellett and mr. 

George Goade, signed " Gulielmus 
Sclater" : (9-1o)" Lectori . . ."'. (lI) 
"Sphalmata.. .": x-2, title repeated, 
sec below: 3-154, the explanation of 
I Cor. : I55-26o, do. of 2 Cor. 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 228, but this author is not to be confused, as Wood 
points out, with William Slatyer the writer of tgalce-Albion. The dedication gives 
some autobiographieal notes about the editor, whose tutor at Cambridge vas mr. 
Goade. Strictly, it appears that there should be two titles as above (to be distin- 
guished by the first title having A,V,4ZYr/CA. and tmo, the second t VALYrC.4 ; and 
6pr,o'): the second was printed as pp. -2. when no dedication or preface was 
intended; and when the usual prefatory matter with the first title was printed, no 
doubt the second would be generally removed by the binder. 

36. Sermonetta, cardinal, i.e. Enrico Gaetani. INSTRVCTIONS [ FOR 
YOVNG I GENTLE]IEN; I OR The instructions of ! Cardt'nall Scrmonella, 
to I his Cousen PV.TO C,zalo, I awIHZS zxsr cO2VG [ into 
Flanders to the Duke [ of Parma, to serue [ PmLxr, King [ of Saine. i 

1-4 THE OA'FORD PRESS. [1634. 

Impr. 35: 1633: (twelves) 6o: pp. 
[8]+ I22 +[2]; p. Il beg. A'ee:e letters, 
Iox dissimulati : Great Primer Roman. 
Contents :---p. (I) title, ssithin a line 

double except at bottom: (3-7) " The 
Printer to the Reader" with postscript" 
-t 22, the work : (,x) " Errata". 

The sheets of this were re-issued with a new titlepage at Oxford in I644, and repub- 
lished with other treatises in 772, and perhaps offener. The head-line throughout 
is " Instructions for young Noblemen" : every page bas double lines on the upper and 
outer margins. 

37- Smith, Samuel. 

A ditus ad Logicam. 

Wood in his Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss (ii. 283) mentions an edition of thi» year, which 
would be the 7th: see 6I 7 S. 

38. T[ipping], W[illiam]. 
Collected and Composed for I /he 
lb'ne, then eez,ic«.] ! 

 I ,co,s-Io I I -*' I 
Common good, l [h'ne ] By W. T. 

Impr. 4:633 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 
71 +[I]: p. I beg. and everlasting: 
English Roman. Contents :p. (3) title : 
(5-7) "' To the Christian Reader ", signed 

"VV T."" (8) "The Contents "- 
1-7 , the work, in two books: 7, a 
prayer, and errata "in some copies ". 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 244. There was another (anonymous) edition 
646 : the author was known after this book was issued as " Eternity Tipping ". 


39- Tozer, Henry. a I CHRISTIAX I a3rXD3trXT I Delivered in 
a Sermon on New-lyeares da)" I63I. in St A[artines [ Church in Oxford, 
and [ now pubhsh«e: I [hh«] I By H. Tozr.R II r of Arts and Fellow of[ 
l'Lvceler Colledge in Oaîford. [ [h'ne, two moîlos, woodculs.] i 

Impr. 85 a" 633 : (eights) 12 °: pp. 
[lU]+8o+[4-1: p.  beg. And these: 
Great Primer Roman. Contents :p. (1) 

title: (3-1) Epistle dedicatory to sir 
Walter P)e, kt.: -8o, the sermon, on 
Cor. v. I 7. 

See Wood's Ara. Oxon., iii. 274 °. 
at Exeter college. 

Sir Walter Pye jun. had been Tozer's pupil when 


I A[llen?], J[ohn]. T.. [ YOVNGER [ BROTHER HIS i APOLOGI:I 
OeiA F2W,S  On' ] disputed, for the disposition of hs 
Lands, ]or other his Fones to his Sonne, Sonnes, [or 
¢h«m: as r,he R«ason, ¢ l Zaw«s OE God and lure, lhe 
then woodcuts.] 

Impr. 126: 1634 [on title, 1624 !] : 
sm. 4to: pp. [IO'+56+[2] : p. II beg. 
verse, with ail: English Roman. Con- 
tents :-- p. ç I) title : (3-7) The Epistle to 
the Reader, signed" J.A.": (8-o) "The 

principall contents"- 1-56, the work : 
() " Mantissa", a quotation from Sal- 
vianus, about anon)nity - (9_) a colophon, 
consisting of a rnotto, large device of the 
Arms of the University, and impr. 73 b. 

This is a rare book, arguing against exclusive privileges of primogeniture, and for 
the right and in some cases duty of parents to disinherit the eldest son. Other editions 

1834.] TtZE OXFORD PRESS. 1 75 

were issued at Oxford in I64 nd 67I, but I do not find information about John 
Allen, nor the ground for ascribing the book to one of that naine. On the page pre- 

ceding the colophon is this figure :m 
in Oldys's lTrilt'sh Zibrarian (1737), 

There is an account of the book 

2. Barclay, John. EV'PHORBIIONIS [ LVSININI, l Sire, I ,or,'xs I 
BARCLAIIIar[es quthq,'. [ Sat)'ricon bipartitum. L.  & ,-,. [ Apologia 
pro se. L. 3 I Icon Animorum. L. 4-[ \reritatis Lachrymoe. L. 5. [ Cure 
c««,, r«fi-«. I [z»,«.] I A««««a I Conspiratio Anglicana. [[h'ne, then 

Impr. 143 : 634: (twelves) 6°: pp. 
[IO] + 782 + [2] : p. II hein. tibus allatus, 
5oI Illis autem:Loog Primer Roman• 
Contents :p. () title : (3-5) dedication 
by " Euphormio" to James i : (6-Io) 
" Clavis, nomina ignota ... exponens " : 
I-I56 , part ,as above : 57-3o, part 9., 
dedicated to lord Salisbury : 3-357, 
part 3, dedicated to Charles Emmanuel I 
duke of Savoy, dated London, : Sept. 
161o: 358-553, part 4, dedicated to 

Louis xiii: 554-767, part 5, "Alitophili 
Veritatis Lachrymoe. sire Euphormionis 
Lusinini Continuatio" dedicated to 
Henry of Bourbon the Dauphin : 769-îS, 
"beries patefacti divinitus parricidii, . . . 
in . . . Regem regnumque Britannioe cogi- 
tati... Nonis ixbribus lcv. Illo ipso 
Novembri scripta, ntmc demum edita," 
the head-line is "Conspiratio Angli- 
Gaa . 

For John Barclay (d. 169.1) see the Dict. of National Biography, and for the biblio- 
graphy of this work Jules Dukas's book. Part I was first issued in I6O3, part z in 6o7, 
part 3 in 6 I, part 4 in I64, part 5 in 6. 5. The author is satirical on Jesuits and 
Puritans alike, as well as on individuals. 

CLAn, E, HOC ] eSç ". 

IOANNIS I BARCLAII ' ARGENIS. I Edmb Aoz, iss/ma. I cv»t 
nominum propriorum eluci-ltione hactenus nondum I 

Impr. I44: (twelves) i6": pp. [3ol + 
705 +[9]: P- II beg. soeva consilia, 6Ol 
sedente, regiam: Long Primer Roman. 
Contents:p. () title : (3-8) Epistola 
dedicatoria to Louis xiii, dated Rome 
I July 162: (9)a sentence: (lO-29) 
"Discursus de autore Scripti, & judicium 

de nominibus Argenidoeis", head line 
" Discursus in Argenidem": -676 , the 
• " Diseur- 
work in rive books. 677-705, 
sus . . . [headline "Clavis "] in Argeni- 
dem . . . " : (-2) "Tabula nomtnum 
fictorum " (3 9) " Index 

See last item. The Argenis, which like the Satyricon is a political satire, was 
written and first published in 69.. The first discursus must have been rather out of 
date in this edition, for it suggests that the satire was written by William Barclay, 
father of the author. Argenis is a female character in the book, apparently represent- 
ing the hope of the bouse of Valois. 

4. Blaxton, John. THE [ Er¢GLISH i VSVRER; [ OX ! VSVRY CO.'¢- 
IE.tS,I, [ sr'[ "/'he most learned and famous Di-[uines of the Church of 
E,,land, and Dedi-]cated to all his lXlaiesties Subiects, for I the stay of 
further increase I of the same. I [Z,>ze] I Collected I By Iom¢ /3L,XTOr, 
Preacher of] God's Word at Osminglon, in Dorcel-shire. i[h'»e, then 
mollo, then hne.] 



Impr. I48: I634: sm. 4o: pp. [20]+ 
84: p. t beg. Chap. 3. The Testimony : 
Pied Roman. Contents:--p. (2) " The 
Illustration " a poem on the frontispiece : 
(3) "The English Vsurer", the frontis- 
piece, a picture with title and motto : (7) 
title: (9-Ia) "To the Reader": (13) 

"A Table of the Contents": .(14) a list 
of authorities: (r5-I7) complimentary 
English poems by Josua Sylvester, Francis 
Quarles and (in Latin) John Garbrand of 
Oxford: (18-19) "To the Vsurer": 
1-82, the work : 83-84, poem by George 

This book was printed in London by John Norton jun. (I633-39) for Francis Bow- 
man in Oxford, and does hOt appear to have been entered in the Stationers' Hall 
Register. The frontispiece eontains a woodcut representing a Usurer seated dt 
table, a small fiend behind his head, and on a label "I say I will haue ail [ both Vse 
& principall." On the reader's right are two pigs, one alive, one dead, with suitable 
labels. The size of the woodcut is 4r x 5¼ in. See next entry. 

The most Learned, and famous [ Divines of the Church of ngland, 
and [ Dedicated to ail his 3[aj«sEes Subiects, [for the stay of further 
increase [of,',e mme. [ [h?,e] [ Collected ] By Ious BI.,xTox, Preacher 
of[ Gods Word dt Osmhglon, in DorcetsMre. [ [h'ne] [ The second Im- 
?ression, Corrected h A, lhe Aulhour [ lb'ne, then the same motto as before, 
but no line following.] 

Impr. 48 : 1634 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [6] + 
8o: p. Il beg. vaine, if if: Pica Roman. 
Contents (see above):mp. (a) frontis- 
piece : (3) "The Illustration ": (5) title : 

(7-IO) " To the Reader" : (I) Table : 
(I 2) authorities : ( 3-14  three poems, as 
above : (I5-16) "To the usurer" t-78, 
the work: 79-8% V¢ithers' poem.: 

See last entry. 

6. Browne, Thomas. [WOOdcul][THE I COVlE Or THE I Sermon 
preached before the[ Vm'vers,'l,'e al S. 3Iam'es ) [ OxroRI), [on Tuesday 
lhe [ XXIV. of Decem. 633. I [h'ne] I 13y Tlao. 13ROWr,'E, One of he 
Students of Chrz'sl-Church. ] [h)e, then woodcut.] 

Impr. 146 : 1634 : sm. 4 ° : pp. 53 + [3] : 
p. II beg. Edward the Sixt : Great Primer 
Roman. Contents:--p. I, title : 3-53, 

the sermon, on Ps. cxxx. 4: 53, impr. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. IOO 3. The Bidding Prayer, in an informal 
style, is intercalated dt pp. 9-14. between the introductory part and the body of the 
sermon. See 633 B: the British Museum " 633 " copy s absolutely identical with 
the above issue except that instead of Impr. 46 with the date in Roman numerals, 
it has Impr. 82 b and " Anno 1634", the woodeut having been slightly shifted down- 
xvards in this issue. 

7. Butler, Charles. THE [ ENGLISH [ GRA313IAR, [ OR I The In- 
stitution of Letters, Syl-Ilables , and Woerds in the En--]glih tung. [ 
lI'her'unlo , annex«d [ An Index of wœerds Lik' and Unlik'[ [hhe] [ 
&' ! CHARLS BUTLER, Magd. e]Iasler OEArls. [ [mollo, then dev,?e.] 

Impr. xaS: 634: sm. 4°: pp. [I2]+ 
63 + la9] : P- Il beg. la, sar : Pied 
Roman. Contents :--p. () title, within 
double lines: (3-4) dedication to prince 
Charles : (5-x) " To the Reader", dated 

" Wotton Sept. 1. An. D. I633. C. B. M.": 
(x ) "Ad Authorem"a Latin poem by 
S. W.: 1-63, the grammar: (-9) the 
Index: (9) The Printer to the Reader. 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bli.s, iii. 2o, and 633 B. The body of the work is 
a reissue of the sheets of the 633 edition, but the ride is reset, and the prefatory matter 

8. .  !«=»,»,' «=iro,,,rcZ,,", I o= I ="= HISTORI I OF' 
BEE'S , SH2W, I I Th«# adm,kable A5tur', and Pro2t'rl,»; I r,,, 
Generahbn and Colo,tzi ; I Tha? Government, LoyaWç Art, Indus/ri; I 
nztt"s, l'lzrs, 2][agnantzlz] 'c. I TOETnEa ] With the right Order- 
ing of them from tim' to tim': [ and the swoet Profit arising ther'of, i 
then mollo.] 

Impr.  26 : I634 : sm. 4°: pp. [6] + 
82: p. Il beg. h«r, animamilue: l'ica 
,oman. Contents :--p. (I) title" (2 en- 
graving of a hive, with verses: (3-4  
dedication to the queen: (.5-8) The pre- 
face, dated "\\otton. Mai l. 1623": 
(8) The Printer to the reader, referring to 

Butler's English Grammar for the phonetic 
spelling u»ed : ()-I I) commcndatory 
vêrses by George Wither (Latin and Eng- 
lish, and others : (12-16) The contents 
of the book: 1-182, the wok in Io 

Sec Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 209, and 6o 9 B, of hich this is an enlarged 
edition : the preface is that of the I623 edition. The peculiar spelling and type are 
part of Butler's .,ystem as elaborated in his English Grammar (see I633 B). Thereare 
a few woodcuts, and music at pp. 78-81. 

Curioe de AcvBvs, &l Cancellarb, seu l?arb Generah" Reverend}s. I Patris 
xoams Archiepiscopi cAwt'x,,ç, l [woodcut.] 

lmpr. 73: 634: (twos) obl. 8o: pp. 
[64], signn. ( ), ( ), A-o  : sign. 31" beg. 
TAB./. ' : Pica Roman. Contents :-- 
sign. ()1", title: ()2-2", Epistola 

dedicatoria to king James by " Tho. 
Crompton ": ( )I " Ad Lectorum Moni- 
torium ": ( )1 '- l" " Capita tabu!arum ": 
( )2, hot seen: Alr-o2", the tabulae. 

For the editor (d. I6o8) sec Wood's Fasti Oxon., ed. P, liss, i. 249. The author, 
a lawyer êducated at Cambridge, died in I597. The first edition, of which this is 
a repnnt slightly different in arrangement, was published al; I ondon in 6o 4, fol. : the 
3rd at the ltague in 1661 : the 4th at t9xford in I684, fol. These tables exhibit the 
whole status and administration of the Church of England in a synoptic form. The 
words underlined in the above title are in red ink, as well as Oxoni,, and anno sah«tis 
3AI)C.ALVIV. in the imprittt. The book is peculiar in form. The 16o 4 and 684 
editions may be called ordinary folios in shape: this one is made up of folio sheets 
(each containing two folio leaves) folded once and bound oblong, the intention t,eing 
that the binder should cut through the line of folding at foot and bind the book as if 
of quarto size, each oblong leaf thus bound being again awkwardly folded once so as 
to lie within an ordinary quarto binding. In the present edition the original 16 tables 
are arranged to form 28, and are printed on one side of the leaf only. 

I O. Downinge, Calybute. A I ,SCOVRS. I Or THF I STATE 
ECCLESIA-ISTICALL OF THIS I Kingdome, tri rtlation fo the Civil1. i Con- 
sMered under lhree CONCLUSIONS. [ With a DIGRFSSION di»cussin I some 
ordt)mO' ,rcc?ttbns concer-]ning Eccleiasticall Officers. I 9' C. D. ! The 
second ddtbn, rt)ed and «nlarged. [ [dt?e.] 



Impr. 47: I634: sm. 4": PP-[4]+ 
I  z : p. I I beg. intofactions : l'ica. Roman. 
Contents :--p. çl) title, within double 
lines: (3) dedication to lord Salisbury, 

signed "Calybute Downinge"'. I-I 12, 
the work, the digression occupying pp- 
" Errata" 
31-44 : ii2, • 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. lO7, and 1633 D. 

I I. I)U Moulin, Pierre, d. 1658. 
See Smith, Richard, below. 

I 2. Fitz-Geffry, Charles. THE BLFSSED [ BIRTH-DAY ] CELEBRATED [ 
:N I Some Pious [editations, on the [ AX6ELS AXTHE3I. I Luke _'2. 14. ! 
aLSO nOLY RU'TVRES I In contemplating of the most obserue-[able 

Adjuncts about our Saviours ] Naa-ivi-rlw. 
GEFFRY. I [hne, then mol/o.] 

] lb)ce] [ By CHaRLeS F_z- 

Impr. 84b: 1634" sm. 4 °. pp. [4]+ .;5 
+ [I]: p. 1[ beg. for sttch a" English 
Roman. Contents :p. () title : (3-4), 

35-6, Complimentary poem_ by Henry 
13eesley: -34, the Blessed Birthday: 
37-55, the Raptures. 

Rare. See \Vood's.4lh. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 607, and 636 F. Grosart's edition of 
Fitz-Geffrey's poems reprints the 2nd edition (636 with the passages different from 
it which occur in this Ist edition, and mentions a faulty 3rd edition of I654. 

'3. Lucian. CRTa,,',' SLCT 
Engh?h[[h),e][By Mr F«xcs MICK5. I [h)te] I Whereunto is added 
the life of Luc.x ] gathered out of his owne Writings, with briefe ] 
Notes and Illus.trations upon each Dia-[logue and Booke, by T. tL 3I r 
of Arts of[ Crz«-Cur« in O./o,'d. [ [woodcuL] 

lmpr. I9: 1634: sm. 4°: pp. Ix6]+ 
96 + [] " p. Il beg..lZeni/us. Thus : 
Pica Roman. Contents :p. () title, 
within double lines" (3-4" dedication to 
dr. Brian I)uppa signed " Th. Hickes": 

(5-6 "To the honest and judicious 
reader" by' T. H.': (7) Lucian's epigram 
on his own book, with English tran.lation 
by' T. H.': (9-I 5) Lire ofLucian : I-I96 , 
the work. 

See Wood's .4lb. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 491, 584 . Francis IIickes died in I63ï- , and 
tb.e Dialogues are edited by his son. Thçy are Lucian's rI«pl -fo6 'Evurrvovr-t /3[os 
Aovt¢,avoô, "It¢apola[vtnrto , blvtrrrro, "Ov«tpo, Ka'6rrhov, Xdpcov, '" " "" '" " 
trloq XOTOpta, Tilzwv , 

1 4. Mason, Francis. THE I AVTHORITY ] OF THE CHVRCH lin 
making Canons and Constitutions concerning [ lhDtgs indifferenLI 
AND I THE OBEDIENCE [ THERETO REQVIRFD ; I with particular application 
to the present estate of thelChurch of England. ]By FRA,X'. M ASOr," 
Batchelor of Diuinity, l and sometime fellow of 3[erton [ Colledge in 
Oaford. I The second edition Reised. l [mollo, then h'ne.] 

Impr. 85c: I634: sm. 4°: pp. [6]+ 7 z 
+ [.] : p. Il beg. rentooued: for: Pica 
Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title: (3-6) 

Epistle dedicatory to Richard archbp, of 
Canterbury, from the first edition : -72, 
the work, on  Cor. xiv. 40. 

See Wood's A/b. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 306. The first edition was issued at London 
in 16o 7, being then enlarged from a sermon at Norwich delivered in 16o 5. The pre- 
sent edition was reprinted in 1705 . 


5-Iercurius Davidicus. "BIercurius Davidicus, or a patterne 
of Loyall Dêvotion" bears the date of 634, but is clearly of 1643. 

6. Oxford, University. [de'ot?e] [ A PROCLAMATION, [ ¶ For the 
well or&ring of the 3Iarket in the Cittie of OxvoRr), and for the I redresse 
of Abuses, in Weiahts and Ieasures, within the Precincts ] of the 

Impr. (as colophon) 85 e : 634 : la. 4 ° : Great Primer Roman. Contents :--pp. 
pp. [6]: p. (3) beg. Said l'ictualls for: } (1, 3, 5 ', the proclamation. 
Rare. This i. a proclamation by the Chancellor of the University (archbp. Laud , 
see O. Ogle's History of the Oxford Market in the Oxford ltistorical Society's Collec- 
lanea, vol. z. The three leaves are separate, and printed on one side only. 


lmpr. 6oa: x634" fol. : pp. [264], 
signn. (), §, ¶, ¶¶, ""'; , 
,t., A-Z, Aa-Kk a-z, 
aa-ee - signa. BI r beg. § 4- ge oflî«io, b r 
eisd«m ternthtis: Double (Small) Pica 
Roman. Contents :sign. ( )af, title" 
§I-a • "Praefatio ad Lectorem"'. §9_- 

« Admonitio ad Lectorem de veteri Calen- 
dario omisso "-. §2 *, " Errata . . . "'. 
¶Ir-¶¶2 ", " Elenchus Titulorum . . . "'. 
Ar-p v, the Corpus, in 2 Tituli: p2 r- 
" App " 
aa2 v, endix Statutorum... : bbt - 
ee2", "Statuta Aularia ". 

This i the early form of the Laudian Statutes. Its hic, tory may be read in \Vood's 
tlistory of the University or in Griffiths and Shadwell's edition of the later (636") form, 
published in 888. Briefly, certain Delegates, especially dr. Zouch and I3ryan Tw)me 
t-,vho wrote the preface), completed their xvork, and the University sent np the Corpa. 
to the Chancellor. archbp. Laud, in Aug. I633. He altered it and had it printed, and 
in Jnly 634 declared that 'he Corpus thus printed (the prescrit work should be he 
statutes under which the University should be governed for a year, *Iich. I634Mich. 
635. Finally in June 636 the full and authentic code ,«,as formally approved, and 
additions from it were entered in the copies of the I634 edition, the code not being 
printed as a v.,hole or precisely until 888. In 768 a nev edition was ptinted with 
certain changes and additions, and the 176S edition is still in progress, the successive 
statures being still connected Ly paging with that issue. 
A large part of the edition is on parchment, being presented in that form to the King, 
the chancellor of the University, each College, the Halls, and the Proctors. Blank 
spaces are left in many places for additions. Large paper copies are al»o found, For 
S)nopsises of the statutes, sec 635 O, 638 O. 

18. Pinke, William. THE] TRYALL ]of a Christians syncere i 
loue v»to Chris:.l[h'ne][By 3Ir XVILLIAM PKE, Iaster lof Arts late 
Fellow of Mag-[d«l,, Col/c@« & Oxvo. I [h),«, then motlo] [ çhe 
second Edition. I[wood,,t,.]l 

lmpr. 97 a : x634: (twelves) 6o : pp. 
[I6]+5I +[]+6o+56+66 ["a" mis- 
printed "46 "!] : pp.  beg. whosoever 
he, and separated from, and head ami 
eares, and those reasons I: Pica Roman. 
Contents :p. (I) title : (3-I I) Epistle 
dedicatory to lord George Digby, signed 

"William Lyford ", the editor," Shirburn. 
Inl. 7- I63o.": (I2-16) "To the Reader": 
x-S, The discourse part , on  Cor. xvi. 
22 : (I), I-6O, part 2 on Eph. ri. 24 (beg. 
"Not to mispend"): -56, part 3 on the 
saine text (beg. " I will hot discourage "'): 
1-66, part 4, on Luke xiv. 26. 

For the author sec XVood's ,4lA. Oxon., ed. 131iss, ii. 475, and 63o P, where 
a reference to this, the 2nd ed., is accidentally omitted. This issue bas four serinons and 
a slightly altered title. 


8o THE OWFORD PRES..ç. [1034. 

9-Puteanus, Erycius. IRYCI [ PUTEalI I 

Impr. 121 a : 1634 : (twelves) I6°: pp. 
[ 14 ] +  90 : P- Il beg. accqlo signa : Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I } title, within 
double lines: (3-9) Proefatio, to Christo- 

phorus Ettenius: (I 1-14) Latin poem by 
Daniel tleinsius on the book: 1-18 5, the 
work: 186-19o, Latin elegy by Nie. Bur- 
gundus addressed to Puteanus. 

A satire on the gluttony and other luxurious vices of the age, in the guise of a dream 
ofwhat takes place among the utopian Cimmerii. The first edition was issued at 
Louvain in 6I: this may be the second in Latin. Puteanus died in 1646. having 
lived during most of his lire at Louvain. 

20. . ]ïRYCI PUTEANI [ HISTOR,. I LX'SVR,Cm Qui IRRUPTIOXrS BARB:X-[RORU.St in ITAtlA3t continent: I 

I libri VI. I 
Rerum ab 

Impr. 69: 1634" (twelves) 16°: pp.[28] 
+ 1 9 2 + [3 2 ] : p. Il beg. dinis z,enirent : 
Pica Roman. £'ontents:p. (I) title, 
within double lines: (3)dedication to 
Philip prince of Orange : (4-19) prefaee 
to the saine, dated " Lovanii, In Arce, 
viii Kal. Septem. lt roc.xv ": (2o-23) 
" Animaduersio "', including some errata" 
(24-27) , complimentary pieces : (28) 
a quotation : 1-143, the work, consisting 

of a "Proefatiuncula" and 6 books : t44, 
explanation introducing the following 
pieee : 145-I 5 o, " Irruptio Cimbrorurn in 
Italiam, descripta a Floro lib. iii." : 5 I, 
note introducing the following piece: 
152-I7O, " Additiuncula ex And. Alciati 
De formula R. Imperii libello "" 17-2, 
dedication of the Chronology to Floritius : 
I73-I92, " Chronologia Inubrica " : 
(I-31) " Index rerum . 

This work describes the irruptions of the Barbarians into Italy till the year 973: the 
Insubrians lived in the district round Milan. The history seem to have been first 
issued in I614, but Puteanus was Professor at Milan only from 6o to 16o6. 

21. Ridley, sir Thomas. , I,IrW %v [ rrv. I CI,'mE ,x» I 
V.CCLrSaS'rI-lC,LL L,W: I And wherein the Practice of them I is slra'l»ed, 
and »ca.), be rel«eved within this Land. I l'l'rillcn b.r S r Trotas Ridley 
Knight, and Doctor of the Civile Law. I The second Tdtlion, by I. G. 

Impr. 68c: 1634: sm. 4°: pp. [12]+ 
277 +[27]: p. Il beg. also ntad persons, 
2Ol wrouffht by: Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :p. (i)title, vithin double lines: 
(3-6) " To the Reader ", signed " I. G.": 

(7-IO' Epistle dedicatory to King James, 
signed by the author : (II-I2) "To the 
Reader" by the author : 1-277, the work : 
(2-25) " an index ofthe principall Matters 
and Words. ": (25)"Errata" 

See Wood's,4th. Oxon., iii. 205, for the editor and book. The first edition was 
issued at London in 16o7: the present one was edited by dr. John Gregory, who has 
added many notes and the index, the author having died in 162- or I6{r--. The title 
in the copies seen (one on large paper given by the author) bas been sevn or pasted in 
separately, an original titlepage having been torn out. Perhaps this was in order to 
secure proper printing in red ink, for the words underlined in the ride above are in red 
ink, as are also in the imprint the words Oxford, University " z634., and Cure t'rivi- 
leg4o. The next editions were issued at Oxford in 166 and 1675 or 1676. This is 
the first Oxford book in which I bave noticed Anglo-Saxon type (Pica, pp. 184, 93, 
in the notes). 

2z. Saltonstall, Wye. CLAVIS I AD PORTAM, I OR I A KEY FITTED I 
to open the Gare of I Tong'ues. ] wriv_tv_ix Yov mAV i readily finde the 


Latine and French for I any English word necessary for ] all young 
Schollers. I [dez,ice.] 

Impr. 119 : I634 : (eights) x2 ° : pp. 
[96], signn. ^-vs: sign :a r beg. annals: 
Long l'rimer Roman. Contents :--sign. 
,3 r, title: A4r-5 r, dedication to the 
schoolmaster of Great Britain, signed 

" Wye Saltonstall " : A6r-6 ", " Discipulis 
... de usu huius Clavis ... praefatiun- 
cula ": A'r-8 v, rive Latin and one Eng- 
lish poem about the wolk, by Saltonstall : 
Btr-F7 v, the xvork. 

Rare. See Wood's AI,'. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 676. This is an alphabetical index of 
English words and phrases occu,ring in the o58 sections found in Comenius's Gale of 
7"onguts, as edited for the second time in Latin, English and French, by John 
Anchoran in 1633 (London). Earlier editions of Comenius's celebrated work were 
published at I eutschau in 63x (first edition), then at I.eipzig (2nd edition in x632 
( both as Janua h'nguarum), and (as t"orta linguarum Irilingis) Anchoran's editions, 
Lond. I6t, and 1632 : the rd and 4th I.ondon Anchoran editions 1637 and 639 or 
164 ° reprint Saltonstall's index, but it is noticeable that Saltonstall's rive short Latin 
introductory poems contaio at least 18 false quantifies, and that he was a commoner 
of Queen's college without ever matriculating or taking his degree. See 21633 G. 

Impr. 145 : 634: (eights) sm. 4": 
pp. [16]+ 761 +[35]: P- Il beg. Dico 
igqlur, $oI lis, postîrior: Long Primer 
Roman• Contents:p. (I) title: (3-6) 
epistle dedicatory to Thomas Zamoyscius, 
dated " Calissii [Kalisch]... I 5 Augusti 

a616 "" (6' an imprimatur dated 24 June 
1616 : (7-16) " Index disputationum et 
quaestionum . . ." : 1-76, the work in 
two parts (the second part has a bastard 
title, with no imprint, but date only) : 
(2-35) " Index rerum proecipuarum " 

Reissued at Oxford in 1658. The first edition appeared in two volumes at Ingol- 
stadt in 68., the year of the death of the author, who was a l'oie by birth. The 
subject is treated in scholastic style by quaestiones. 

24. Smith, rev. Richard, of Bamstaple. MVNITION [ AG ,INST [ 
»AXS mSERIE I a.t [ »mRTALITE. la Treatise containing the [ moRt 
effectuall remedies a-[gainst the miserable state of[ man in this lire, 
selected I out of the chiefest both I Humane and Divine I Authors. I 
BY[ RICHARD S3tlTH rea-[cher  Go& IVord «), Bar-]staple ch Devon- 

Impr. I42: 1634: (twelves) 16o: pp. 
[2o]+194+[14]+93+[3]: pp. i beg. 
binde. A third, and unto fresh 2Wz,ers : 
Pica Roman. Contents :--p. () title, 
within double lines: (3-14) Epistle dedi- 
catory to lady Elizabeth Basset, dated 
" Barstable I6o 9 Januarie I . ." 
signed "Ricard Smyth ": (I 5-16) " The 
Coltents... ": (17-2o) "The sinners 
counsell to his Soule", a poem : 1-194, 
the work: (3 a title, veithin double 
lines :--" HERACLITVS : ] OR [ MEDITA- 

TIONS [ I'Olt tœee vanilie and mi:lserie of 
humane/. ;  First written in French byl 
that excellent Scholler d I admirable 
divine Peler Du ] Ioulin Minister of the 
sa-lcred Word in the reformed I Church 
of Paris: ] And lramlaled into Engh)h I 
by R. S. G»,,«lema,t I [two U,,«s] ", impr. 
14a: {5 8) Epistle dedicatory by the 
translator to his father "S. F. S." : (9- 4) 
"The author's Epistle dedicatory to the 
Lady Arme of Rohan.... ", signed" Peler 
Du Moulin": -ga, e work. 


For the first work sec I612 S, of which this is a simple repeint. Twenty-seven 
Richard 5miths took their degree at Oxford between 155o and I6O 9, and the author of 
this book has hot yet been identified among them. 
The second work, which i» necessarily linked to the first by the siffnatures, thongh 
hot covered by the titlepage, is a repeint of 6o 9 D. No doubt the reprinter of these 
works thought the two R. 5.s identical, but they arc in ail probability not, the trans- 
lator of Molinaeus being Robert Stafford. 

2 5. Tozer, IIenry. CHRISTVS: [ SP, OE I.DICTA  FACTA [ CHRISTI: [ 
Prout à quatuor Evangeli.qis [ sparsim recitantur. ] Collecta & Ordine 
disposita ab [ HEXRICO TOZER, A. fil " [ Exoniensis Col&g O 
_,tcademid Oxoniensi Soctb. [ [z«oodcuL] 

Impr. 72 a : I634 : (eights" 12 °. pp. [S] 
+ 67 + [5] : P" II beg. i. Excommunica- 
tionem • l-'ica Roman. Contnts :np. (i) 
title, x ithin double lines : (3 7) Epist01a 

dedicatoria to Charles and Philip sons of 
the earl of Pembioke: 1-67, the work : 
(t) "Errata ". 

See Wood's Aih. O.xon., ed. t31iss, iii. 274. The matter is arranged in a kind of 
logical order and disposed in divisions and subdivisions. Both the dedieatees maticu- 
lated at Exeter College in I632. 

Impr. 95a : 634 : xeights) 16" : pp. 
[8] + 79 + [ 1] : p. x beg. bes vel habebis : 
Pica Roman. Contents :p. (I) title : 
(3) dedication to archbp. Laud: (5-6) 
"Iuventuti aeademieoe Iurisprudentioe 

studiosoe" " Dat. ex Aulâ Alban. Pridie 
Cal. lunij 634-" " (7-8) list of divisions 
of the `,york : -79, the work - ç ) note of 
a natural continuation of the book, in 

5ee Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 5I I : the author ",vas principal of St. Alban hall and, as 
the title indicates, Juris Çivilis t'rofessor Regius. Wood's reference to a 1636 8 ° 
edition of this book may be due to a confusion between it and the .lementa urisru- 
d«nliae by the saine author. 


I. Bancroft, John, bp. of Oxford. ARTICLES [ TO ] BE EXQVlRED ! 
OF Wa-HlX THE[ Dioces of OxroRI, in the I second lYsitation of the 
Right Re-lverend Father in God Iohn [ Lord Bishop of OXrORI. [ .EI.I [ 
In the yeare of our LORI Gon 635. in the ] eleauenth yeare of the 
Raigne of our most gra-cious Soveraigne Lord, CHaRI.V_.S, by the grace [ 
of GoI King of great 'rillaine, .France, and [ Ireland, Defender of the 
Faith &c. [[woodcut.] 

Impr. 5: 1635: sm. 4°: pp. [I6], 
signn. A-Bi: sign. Bi  beg. 5 IUhelher 
bath : Pica English. Contents :sign. 
,I , title : A r, the oath : A , the charge : 

A3", directions : 
three divisions : 
Recttsants, &c. 

A3*-B3L the articles, iv. 
B3", directions about 


2. Carpenter, Nathanael. GEOGRAPHIE [ DELINEATED rORTH [ 
xwo [ soo:. I coTaaxa I The Sphericall and Topicall parts 

1635.] TttE OXFORD tRES.ç. 1 8 3 

thereof, i By NA'rrlANAEL CARPENTER, Fellow of} Exceter Colledge in 
Oxford. i [/che][ THE SECOND ED, TION CORRECTED. [[h'ne, then mo/to, 
then woodcul.] 

Impr. 49: I630: (eights)sm. 4°: pp. 
[6] + 7'- + [6] + .86 + [.] + 4 folded 
leaves, sec below: pp. lI beg. 
' IUater, and teration next, III 2, 
fiosition, and motstrated in : l'ica Roman. 
Contents :--p. (1) title : (3-5) dedication, 
as in I625 : (6-I3) "--. Contents of each 
Chapter of the first Booke..." : (I 
"Tomy Booke", a poem: -7"-, the 
first book : (I-2) not seen: (3) a title 

CONTAINING [ the generall Topicall I 
part thereof, I By ]ATHANAEL CARPEN- 
TER, Fellow of [ Excct,r Coiledge in 
Oxford. [ [line, then tolto, then woodcut, 
ad Impr. x49] " : (5-7) dedication, as in 
1625 : (9- I6) "A table of the... Con- 
tents of the second Booke.. ."'. 1-286, 
the second book : (-2) not seen. There 
should be four tables as in the 1625 
edition, and there are nunerous woodcut 
diagrams in the text. 

Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, il. 42, and I625 C. The signatures of the two 
parts are in a certain sense independent, but indicate essential connexion. 

3. Chaucer, Geoffrey. a.ORVi [ TROILI [ET 
duo priores I Angh'co-La/)zi.][woodcuL] 

CRESEID2E [ Libri 

Impr. 95a: 1635: sm. 4°: pp. [28]+ 
IO5+[8]+ 16o [" 159"]+[] : p. II beg. 
 3- Grcat rttmor, and  5- llffth that tho' : 
Eglish Roman italic and Pica Eglish. 
Contents :-- p. (I) title, within arched 
border: (3-6) dedication to Patricius 
Junius (Patrick Young) the King's libra- 
flan, by sir Francis Kinaston: (7-8) hot 
seen, probably blank : (9-I2) " Candido 
Lectori Franciscus Kinaston... ", dated 

" Ex Aulâ Albâ Regiâ [Whitehall] xiii 
Calendarum Decembris, . . . c3 D 
cxxiiii": (13-28) complimentary Latin 
and English poems : 2-Io5, the first book, 
Latin on the verso of each leaf, English 
on the recto: (2-7) dedication to John 
Rouse, ]3odley's librarian, by Kinaston : 
1-19 (" 2 " repeated after " 24 "'), the 
second book. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., iii. 38. The Latin translation is in a singular rhythmieal 
rhyming metre, essentially decasyllabic iambics, but with an extra unaccented syllable 
at end, and with certain licences in resolving a long s)llable into two short. The 
rhymes are ababbcc. The first two lines for example are " Dolorem Troili duplicem 
narrare } Qui Priami Regis Trojoe fuit gnatus." Thi appears to be by far the earliest 
translation of any part of Chaucer into another language. Part of a commentary on 
the piece by sir F. Kinaston was printed in 1796. The English part is in black-lette:r, 
the Latin in italic Roman. One of the complimentary poems is in would-be Chaucerian 
style. The collation of this book is difficult: but probably it is this :signn. ., -1-, 
*, **-, ( ), -z, aa-.n '. "['I--**2 is matter foisted in, whieh prevented the truc fourth 
leaf of sign. . from forming, as it should, the first leaf of the Latin translation (pp. l-2 
of the 1st book). Accordingly one of two plans was adopted : either the 4th leaf of 
sign. . was torn off, and a new 4th leaf inserted where the translation begins (which 
seems to have been usually donc, and which gives the collation above, assuming the 
existence at one rime of an A4): or the tom-off fourth leaf was itself awkwardly 
pasted on to sign. 2**. 

4" Downe, John. A I'rREATISE OF 
DEFI2VlrlON ] Of jlIS[/f'#lff fal[]1; i TOGETHER 
same, against the Answere of[ OE: aa'ler. 
Divinity, and some-[time tellow of Ear,'VV.L C. 
, ith translation.] 

Impr. I26: 1635: sm. 4°: pp. [I6]+ 
404: p.  beg. the Prince of, 3o thal it 
zvas : English Roman. Contents :--(p. x) 

title : (3-16) "To the Reader": -5, 
the treatise on justifying faith: 7-i89, 
' A defence of the 10rmer treatise . .. 



tite:--[two lines) I OF ] THE FhI'rH 
Iustified and Saued. ! [line] ]  the lac 
Reprend atl Zearned iuine I J[aster 
Iohn Downe, 'achelour  ] Dh«Dtity. 
and sometimes ell   £mantoell CoL 
ledge ! in Cambridge. l [woodcut, then 
impr. x26]: 193-21o, the treatise: 2,, 
a title :--[/Doe] [ 2 ] [line] ] No'r co- 
with M. Bayly, by the te  euerend I and 
Zearncd iuhte, A/aster Iohnl Downe, 
heltr of itthtiO,, l a.d sometimes 
ellow  [ £manuell Coll'dgel in 
Cambride. [ [woout, then impr.  z6.]: 

the answer of N. B.": I91, a 213-2î2, the treati_e : 263-290 , " ,O,f 
sitting and kneeling at the Communion : 
29x-296, " How S. Paul and S. lames are 
to bec reconciled in the matter of Iustifi- 

cation": 297-309, "... of the Creed 
• • • ": 31o-315, " A short Catechisme" : 
316-32o, " Peccatum formaliter & propriè 
non esse infinitum, exercitatio aduersus 
N." : 32I-3Z:,, "Of choice of meats and 
Abstinence " • 326-355, " An answer unto 
certaine reasons for Separation": 356- 
365, "Of vo',, es and specially that of vir- 
ginity" : 366-369, " A let-ter" of consola- 
tion : 371-376, "The blessed Virgin Mary 
is ttuly Deipara, the .Mother of God": 
377-404, religious poems and translations 
In verse, including a translation of Mure- 
tus's Institution for Children. 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 287, where London is probably an error for 
Oxford : and I633 D. Thi» is a new set of treatises by Downe. The introduction to 
the first piece gives an amu»ing account of the controversy with t3axter. 

5. Downeham, George. 
is fully expressed the [ Doctrine 
dYeuerend Falher z'n God, I GWOIGE 
z . ,. /»«ro,. i [oe,««.] 

of CHRISVlAN[ LIBFRTIE. I d/.y lke .I" 
DOWXEHat, J)oclor o_]" J)iuim'/A, and I 

Impr. I54: I635: (eights) I2O: pp. 
[8.1 + 156 + [4_'1 + 80, and one folded leaf: 
pp. II Legg. of rightcousnesse, and In the 
nw, IOI ettcn by: Eglish Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) title, within double lines : 

(3-7) "To the... Reader.. . " : I--I 56, 
the work, in 26 sections: [-23, 7 addi- 
tional sections : 25-76, "The necessity of 
handling the question concerning Chris- 
tian Libertie "- 76-80, "A Prayer" 

For the author see Wood's Fasti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 255: see I636 D. The ',vords 
tmderlined in the above title are in red ink, as well as" Oxford," and " William Webb." 
in the imprint. A folded leaf should follow the introductory matter containing "The 
"Fable" of the 26 sections. The simaatures show that pp. -24, 2.5-76 in the second 
part are genuine additions, but genuinely part of the book. 

6. -. a-nE CHRISTIANS FREEDO31E } [&C., precisely as the pre- 
ceding article, except that "a-E SECOXD EDITION" is added as a new line 
affer "J)«rr_y."] 

Impr. &c., precisely as the preceding article. 
A simple reissue of the sheets of the first edition, room for the additional words on 
the title being found by slightly depressing the woodcuts. Perhaç, s the folded "table" 
• ,,,as hOt issued with the second edition. ome copies bave the date I636. 

7. Fawkner, Antony. THE ] WIDDOWES ! PETITIOX , [ Delivered 
in a Sermon belote the I Iudges at the Assises held at Aorthamplon, [ 
Iuly 2 5. 633. by ANTOçY I FaWKXEg , Parson of Sallry [ All-Sainls, 
ahas Al@'gne [in ttuntingtonshire. I [mol/o, then u'oodcuL] 


Impr. 15o: 635: sm. 4°: pp. [6]+ 
28 + [2] : p. ]I beg. demand, rlpvravda : 
English Roman. Contents: p. (I) title: 
(3-5) Epîstle dedicatory to sir Lewis Wat- 

See Wood'sAth. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 6II. 

son. dated " Saltry Ail-Saints .. • Iuly 
3o. I633": -z8, the Sermon, on Luke 

Sir L. Watson was the author's patron. 

Impr. 68 : 1635: (sixes') folio : pp. 
+ 96 + [2] : p. Il beg. ration ofdangerous, 
7oi wronffs of the Courl: l'ica Roman. 

Content :--irecisely as t 628 F, omitting 
the Errata o, p. (15)- 

See 1628 F, of which this appears to be a verbatim reprint. 

9. Hakewill, George. aN ] APOLOGIF [C., precisely as i63 ° H, 
except in l. I  of this 3rd edition, Pr-, hot PER--, in l. 2 PETUALL AND 
UNIYERSALL, in 1.  3 sx, hot FOYRE in 1.  of the italic type, rearahk'es, 
and the line ends with lh«reunto: in 1. 7 teslt)nom, use, and the line ends 
dt u,ht?h we. After 1. 8 (cwtst'derahbn there) folloxs :]7he fiflh and 
sLvlh are spenl z)z answerz)tg O/ecltbns ruade st)we lhe second z)t/,vsstbn. [ 
[h)te] ! By GOG HaWL Doctour of i Dix'initie and Archdeacon of 
u,ho& c/tns augmen/«d bg, l z/,e Muz/our ; b, sid,,s /he adddtn  /wo 
enae booke« not/ormer o, t««bh«hed, l [mo#o. ] [There is also a London 
title, see below.] 

Impr. 68: '635: (sixes)la. 8°: pp. 
[52] + 606 + [,o] + 37.q + [42]- pp. Il beg. 
dan, and Scaliger and d«nce dolh worke, 
ox of rigl, t: English Roman. Con- 
tents :--(I-  ), as , 63o I [. except that 
p. (6) is blank: (3-2) "the preface" : 
(z3 " An Advertisement to the Reader 
occasioned by this third impression ": 
(24-3o) testimonies to the book and 
author : (3-45) " The contents . . . ": 
(46-49) about sesterces : (5o) extract from 

Boethius, with translation : (5I) "An 
index of the tables added...": I-6o6, 
the work, bks. -4:(3 -6) controver_-ial 
lêtters of bp. (,,odfrey) G,oodman) and 
dr. ttakewll : (7-8) two encouragements 
to the author: 1-378 , the vorks, bks. 
5-6 : (t-24) index to bks. -4 : (25-3 o) 
index to bks. 5-6: (3-35) authors 
quoted : (36-4 z) texts quoted: (42) 
" Errata ". 

See Wood'sAth. Oxon.,ed. I;liss, iii. 256 , and I627 It. The engraved title is identical 
with that of 163o H, with the date altered. Books 5-6 appear in this edition for the 
first rime, the former being chiefly directed against bp. Goodman's ,Fall of man (Lond. 
]66) as reasserted at greater length in about 63 o bythe author, svhose arguments are 
printed in the course of this book. 

I0. Laurence, Thomas. Two I SZ-O-"S" I rxsv I vrcII 
AT S l; mARIEs]in OXFORD lui), 1 3. I634. ] Act-Sunday. ! THE 
the most Reverend ] Father in God \VILLIa3t i Arch-Bishop of C«nler- 
b,r0', ! «l,,y 2a. ,634. I [h;,e] I 13y TuotAs L.VR.'CE Dr of Divinity, [ 
and late Fellow of Allsoules Colledge, [ and Chaplaine to his Mair_s" [ 

186 THE OXFORD PRESS. [103ti. 

Impr. 82:635 : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 4 ° 
+ 34 + [2]" pp. I I begg. condition of, and 
laast given lhem " English Roman. Con- 

tents :--p. 
1-34, the 
I-4o , the 

(3) title, within double lines: 
first sermon, on Ex. xx. 2I: 
second sermon on 1 Cor. i. 1 2. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed Bliss, iii. 438. The signatures would suggest that the 
Sermon on-x Cor.' i. I2 was the Act-Sermon, but ail coptcs seem to be bound as 
above, and the prefixing of the Act Sermon may have been an after-thought. There 
is nothing in the sermons themselves to settle the point ! 

I I. Legh, Edward. SELr:CTr'D I .4'» I CrIOICE I OBERVAT,O:','S I 
concerning the I TWELVE FIRST ] C.,SARS [ EMPFROVRS of[ROME. 
13y EDWarD Lwn lXIaster [ of Arts of Alagdalen ttall[in OXrORD. [ 

Impr. 104: I635: (twelves 16o: pp. 
[24] + 209 + [7] : p. II beg. shew, as : 
]English lZoman. Contents :p. (91 title: 
(I 1-24)author's Epistle dedicatory to his 

father tlenry: I-2O8, the observations: 
2o9, " An aduertisement to the Reader , 
hot secn. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. ]31iss, iii. 927, vhere other editions are mentioned, some 
with extended range of subject. The words underlined in the above title are printed in 
red, as well as " Oxford" and " William Webb." in the imprint. The signatures of 
the prefatory matter are peculiar : as four blank leaves precede the ttle, these were 
neglceted and the leaf following the title bear» "2 instead of *6, no others having any 
printed signature• 

2. Montague, bp. Richard. 
dez, t'ce.] 

I R. IIo.','TACVTIO. [ l-h'ne, then 

Impr. I5: 1635: (fours) la. 8°: pp. 
[3 °] * 393 + [II] : p. II beg. sjansum est, 
3OI Z'ClttS llttct : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :p. (t) title, within border and 

double lines: (3)dedication to the memory 
of James i : (5-29) " l'rzefatio"" -393, 
the work, in 1  Apparatuses" (I)" Errata" 
a long lift- (2- ) " Index". 

The author, a Cambridge man, though at this time bp. of Chichester (6z8-38), 
signs the d«dication as " R. M humillimus Ecclêsioe Cicestrensis Minister". This 
ork discusses pre-Cristian antiquities, as preparations (apparatus) to the Life of 
Christ which i» the subject of the saine author s Origines Iz'«lesiasticoe (tom. i, z parts, 
Lond. 636 , 64o ). The underlined vords in the above title are printed in red, a» 
ell as '" Oxonire," in the imprint. A copy was prsented by the author to Henry 
Spelman on 4 Sept. I635. 

13. *-I-Oxford, University .... ENCYCLOP.,_ïDIA { Seu ORBIS LITERA= 
[dez,¢ce] RV3t provt in florentissimâ iam et omnium planè celeberrimi l 
's singulis Terminis publicè in Scholis auditoribus proponuntur 

No imprint, but Oxford k?), I635 (?): (one) la. 4 o. 

Contents:--p. (I) the En- 

This is a fine sheet, engraved by" T. Cecill "on metal, i6xsr x I6aç in. In the upper 
part there is a dedication of "hrec Encyelopoedia et Synopsis Statutorum " to archbp. 
Laud. A large series of concêntric circular spaces fill the centre, each divided into 
a left hand and right hand half:counting from the centre (a sun). (x) days of the 
week, (2) hours of the day, (3) subjects, (4) explanation of the next circle, (5) List of 
proper audience and books for each lecture: (6)explanation of the next circle, (7) lists 
of fines for absent professors and absent audience: in the four ¢omers are notes, one 
of which supplies another title for the sheet, namely "Cyclus Przelectorum ... ex 

1oas.] THE OXFORD PRESS. ] 8 7 

Corpore Statutorum depromptus et delineatus...". Some copiestissued in 63,q, see 
bêlow) have a small printed label " Iovis" pasted over "Martis", or else thê plate 
itself altered to " Iovis", in the note that Easter Terre ends on the Tuesday belote 
Pentecost, and a longer slip pasted at the foot containing a note about the teaching of 
Arabic and Medicine. 
The chart is usually round folded and pasted in the I638 edition of the abridged 
Statutes: but a copy in the Univer-ity Archives is pasted belween the two columns of 
the 1633 Synolsis Stalutorum, which in combination with the dedication quoted above 
suggests that it was first issued in ,635. a natural year for it, when the intérest in the 
new Code of Statutes was fresh. There is nothing to suggest tbat it*,vas printed away 
from Oxford. The device in the title is a well-made rel,resentation of the University 
arms with the motto "Sapientioe et felicitatis". 
Thomas Crossfield of Queen's certainly edited the 638 Saluta sel«cla, and may 
bave issued the Synosis (which is in his style), and possibly thêrcfore the I'2nO,c.lo.cêdia. 
At any rate he took the plate of the Incycloiordia and used it in I638. It s m his 
own copy of the StMuta seleca that the altered plate is round (see above); and the 
note about Arabic and Medicine is there in his own handwriting i,-eceded by a ¢, just 
as in the printed slip. 

14. • SYNOPSlS 
serlbn, uce [uz,enluli A cad«m. Oxon: maxfmè exedtt 
Mori3us ha3ere cognila. 

Impr. I53:1635 : (one) folio : pp. [2]" 
2nd col. beg. T«mfius a,t Gradus: Long 

Primer Roman. Contents :--p. 
Synopsis, in two columns. 

(I) the 

These are extracts from the newly printed Corpus Statutorum, for the use of junior 
members ofthe University, but the uller edition in book form first issued in I63S (yhich 
see,) was taken as the model for all succeeding issues. The title heads the first 
column, and the colophon ends the 2nd. See the preceding article, for possible 

Persius. The statement by Wood (A/b. 
iii. 5  3) that there is a I 635 Oaford edition of 
translation of Perius, which deceived B r0ggemann, 
edition referred to was printed at London. 

Oxon., ed. Bliss, 
I3arten Holyday's 
is erroneous: the 

xS. Rives, John, archdeacon of Berks. ARTICLES [ MINISTRED 
IN I THE FIRST VlSlTa-[tion of the right v,'orshipfull Ir I IOHS RivES 
Batchelour of Law I Arch-deacon of the Arch-dea-lconry of 9erbs, in the 
yeare I of out Lord God I x65. I[woodçu«.] 

Impr. 52 a : 1635: sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 
18+[2]: p. It beg. l»arishioners tri: 
Pica English. Contents :--p. (t) title: 

(3) the oath: (4) the charge: 
77 article» : 18, a direction : 

-I8, the 
(i-2) hot 

16. Rouse, John. aPPE,,,'Inx la ] CaTaLOV,, I LSRORV3t 
-D,TIO sEcvr,'DA][line][Recognita, & Authoribus plus minus 
locupletata. I [dev[ce.] 

Impr. 73 : 635 : sm. 4": PP. [4] + 208 : 
p. It beg. Ap. Apianus Alexand. : Long 
Primer Roman. Contents :p. (t) title : 

(3-4  " Bibliothecarius lectori" 
the work. 

: 1-208, 

See I62o J. This is Rouse's new edition of the little Appendix to the l(J2o edition 
of the Catalogue. The MSS. are still mixed with the printed books. The preface 
shows that Verneuil's book, see below in this year, could be regarded as a part of this 

188 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1635. 

work, though formally distinct. 
inferred from the preface. 

Rouse's name does hOt occur, but is necessarily 

'7. [Verneuil, John]. C,T..OVS ] INTERPRETVM ! S. SCRIPTVR.E, 
ar/e auc/br redddus.  Accessit elenchus Authorum, tam recentium 
quam Antiquorum, qui [ in quatuor libros Sententiarum & lb. 
Summas, Item  in Euangelia Dominicalia totius anni, & de Casibus  
conscientioe; nec non in Orationem Domi-]nicam, Symbolum Aposto- 
lorum, ] & Decalogum scripserunt. [ dt?b correc[a, dt« mullùmq; de- 

Impr. "', o " ]635 : sm. 4 ° ". PP- 55 + []] : ! Roman. Contents :--p. 3, title : 
p. li beg. l¢ab. j]çaurus: Long l'rimer I preface: 5-5.5, the work. 

4 a 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. ]3liss. iii. 222. This is an anonymous and much 
enlarged edition of pp. 63-79 of James's Bodleian Catalogue (Oxf. 6o5): ruade by 
John Verneuil sub-librarian. The preface mentions a pirated edition of this book, 
ruade witbout the knowledge of the authorities of the Library, but no copy seems to be 
known. ee It'ouse, above in this year. 

Impr. 15.i : 1635 : (twelves) 16": pp. 
[8] + 239 + I1 7] : P. Il beg. fur. lîso¢ue, 
2Ol sed islœe: Long Primer Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) title : (3-;') dedication as in 
xst edition : 1-:36 , the work: 237-239, 
the Chancellor's letter with preface : (2) 

Templo Beatoe ] Mariœee Oxon. } Ab 
ISAACO \VAKE, [ Publico Academiœe Ora-[ 
tore ; 2]Iaij 25. An. i 6o 7. [ quum moesti 
Oxonienses, [ plis manibus IOHANNIS[ 
RAINOLDI iarenlarent. I [woodcut, then 
lmpr. 5.i.] : (4-6) the oration. 

See 16o7 W. This appears to be a reprint of the 4th edition. 


E'ISCOPOS, [ :T [ 'ISCOPOS V'rRIVSQVE PROVICm, T [ Clerum vniversum 
in Synodo, Londini. An. [ 562. secundum computationem Ecclesioe [ 
Anglicanoe, ad tollendam opinionum dissentio-nem, -consensum ) vera 
ehL,ne firmandum. ! diti autoritate serein»s,»,« REGIXm i ,T,, I 
Liber quondam Çanonum ] nlsci-mccsi. I A6ICA'm. AXO 
i57,. 13- De Episcopis. la. De Decanis Ecclesiarum. I 8. De Archi- 
diaconis. [ 9-De Cancellariis. &c. ] 4 De dituis Ecclesiarum.  9-De 
Concionatoribus. [o. De Residentia. [2. De Pluralitatibus. [2. De 
Ludimagistris. [ 2. De Patronis. &c. [the last rive lines are printed in a 
parallel line with the first rive, a line separating the two columns]  
[woodculs between two hhes.] 


Impr. lSX: x636: sm. 4°: pp. 4" 23 
+ [  ] : pp. II begg. De prwdestinatio»e, 
and ffendis sacris : English Roman. Cn- 
tents:--p. I, title: 3-24, the Articles: 

24, "Confirmatio Articulorum "'. , half- 
title : 2, list of Canons : 3-23. the Canons : 
() ",, Forma sententioe excommunica- 

[line I E«ih'o po«tr«m« au«ta. I [h'ne, then ««vice.] 

Impr. I53: I636: (twelves)i6o: pp. 
[t4]+Ioo+[2]: p. 11 beg. t:regit,  
Aurorce: kong Primer Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (x) title, within double lines: 
('3-6) dedication to prince (afterwards 
king) Charles, from the 16I 5 êd.: (7-x2) 
a Latin poem in Charles's honour, beg. 
" Fama per attonitas" : 1-33, the poems, 


bk. I : 34, "Ad benevolum Lectorem" : 
35, a title'.--"]OANNIS } BXRCLAII ] 
POEMATVM [ LIBER II. [[two lines, then 
woodcut, then two lines] ", with impr. 
87 a : 37-66, the poems, bk. 2 : 67-97 
" Tumulus... Gustavi Adolphi . . . " a 
poem, by C. B. : 98-oo, rive short Latin 
poem.% signed at end " H. G." 

This appears to be a reprint of the 6t5 (London) edition, with the addition of the 
poem on pp. 64-Ioo. The signatures indicate that pp. 67-end are an addition to the 
original book, but a catchword on p. 66 shows that the t o parts are not independent. 
Only these two (separate) editions of I3arclay's Poems were published : the author 
died in 62I. 

3- Bushell, Thomas. THE [ SEVERALL [ sPEECHES sl Songs, 
at the presentment of [ lIrBvsrrt.LS ROCK [TO "rlqv. |ŒEVV.ENS I 3Iost 
Excellent l[ajesty. I Aug. 23. t636. I HER HIGHNESSE I being Gratiously 
Pleased to [ Honour the said Rock:, hot [only with HR[ ROYALE 
Pres«nce," I ,' I c., w s [ to be called after ber owne] 
Impr. I52: t636: sm. 4°: pp. [12 , within double lines and woodcuts: A2 - 
signn. A ,  : sign. t  beg. Mnd relurne : Be r, the speeches and songs. 
Pica Roman. Contents :--sign. A'. title, 
Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. Ioo, where will be found an interest- 
ing account ofBushell's discovery of a peculiar rock at Enstone near Oxford, and of 
the ceremonies with which it was presented to the Queen. The speeches and songs, 
presented by a hermit, the author himself, Echo, &c., were set to music by Simon Ire 
(see si. B2 0. 

4- Carpenter, Nathanael. PHIrOSOPHIA [ LIBERA, [ Iode., exactly 
as  6zz C, omitting a comma in 11. 5, 7, and with " nova" "Carpentario" 
" Collegii", and " I Editio tertia, correctior [ "] 

Impr. 159: I636: [&c., precisely as 
I622 C, except that the first leaf and the 
last two leaves have not been seen, p. III 
See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 
exact reprint. 

beg. substantiali. At nullam, and the title 
ls within a line. 

42I, and 1622 C, of 
Some copies bear the date I637. 

which this is an almost 

Downeham, George. 

See I635 D. 

5. Felix, Marcus 


Impr. 69 : I636: (twelves) 240: pp. 
[8] + 129 + [7] : P" Il beg. bere, quàm, III 
dicimus, non : Pica Roman. Contents : 

P- (3) title within two bounding lines, [&c. 
precisely as 63I F.] 

See 1627 F : this seems to be a reprint of x63I F. 


6. . MINVClVS [ FELIX [ His dialogne called]ocrAvz's. ] 
Containing a defence ]of Christian ]religion. ] Translated by i RcHARI 

Impr. I55 : I636 : (twelves) .-4 ° : pp. 
[8] + 165 + [IC)] : p. I1 beg. to heare both, 
I I I relut«,t Gods : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) title : (3-6 epitle dedi- 
catory to lady Cotton: (7-8) " To the 


Reader" : I-I65, the work : (2-12) three 
religious poems, "'A Good Friday 
thought ", '" A Christmasse Caroll" beg. 
"Since now the jolly season's by "), "A 
tIymn on Christs ascension". 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 630. 

7. Fitz-Geffry, Charles. THE BLESSED [ BIRTH-DAY, 
BRaTrD XX I some religious meditations I on the 

of the 

,LSO HOLV I WA.','SOTarmXS I in 
obserueable adiuncts about[our 
[ Sacred Scriptures, } 
the most, Ancient Fathers, , 
Christian Poets.  

Lv. 2. 14. ] 
of the [ most 
part out 

Authors. [h)te] [ By CHaL 
second Edition with Additions. I 

Angels Anthem. [ 
contemplating some 
Savt'ours Araliz't'l_y. [ 

And some moderne 

FITZ-GErFR,'. I [h'ne] i The 

Impr. 56 : 1636 : (eights)  9_° : pp. 
[8] + 80 : p. II beg. If he tri lime" Eng- 
lish Roman. Contents :p. (I) title, 
(3 5) "To the Devote Author . " 
poem signed " Hen. Beesely A.A1. A.A.": 

(7) Complimentary poem to the author 
by Steph. Haxby of Cambridge: -47, 
the Ialessed Birthday, a poem : 48 "Votum 
Authoris ad Iesum...": 49-8o, the 
Transportations, 6 poems. 

See Wood's Ara. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 607. This is a reprint of the first edition, sec 
I634 F, with some additions and the omission of the poem before the second part. 
It is this second issue which Dr. Grosart reprinted in 1881 in Fitz-Geffrey's toems. 

8. Florus, Lucius Annaeus. THE [ ROIAN I Histories of LvcI--[vs 
It'LIt'S FLORt'S [front lhe foundah'on [ of Ro.v, hTl Ccesar I At:GUSTt'S, 
for abo.e [ DCC. A'eares, " front then'ce lo TRarax near CC. ] yeares, 
d,z, idcd b.)' Flor' [ ,'n/o IV ages. I Transla'led into I EOLXSU I 

Impr. 16, : 636: (twelves) I6o : pp. 
[6] + 336: p-lI beg. wore, bein, 3o 
more luckie: Pica Roman. Contents : 
(-) not seen: (3) engraved title, in- 
serted: (5-Io) Epistle dedicatory to 
George marquis of Buckingham, signed 
"Philanactophil" : (I I-I9) " To the 

Reader ": (o-4) "The preface of Lncius 
Florus": (5-6) not seen- -336, the 
Histories : 336 "The end of the route 
Bookes of the Roman Histories... trans- 
lated into English by E.M.B. Soli Deo 
gloria ". 

The translator of this work, which first appeared in English at London in 1618, was 
Edmund (Maria) Bolton. The present edition ,,,,'as printed in London but published at 
Oxford, and the title is the engraved one of I68, by Simon Pass, displaying in the 
upper centre a Roman. in the lower centre the title, an eagle at top, and symbols and 
letterpress about, and altered in the imprint only. The collation assumes that a sheet of 
ten leaves could not be printed and that a blank leaf is needed before and after the 
prefatory matter : the title is on an inserted leaf. This edition was issued after the trans- 
lator's death, and setms not to be entered in the London Stationers Company's Registers. 

9. Grotius, Hugo. 

! F'vswv' S°cmvt_ I Senensem: I&r¢a 


 I H,'o.,-. GROTIO. I [z,d I c. Gerardi Iohannis Vossii!ad 
judicium Hermanni RA-[venspergeri de oc ] L,BRO. I RESP0:,'Sm:,'. I[line.] 

Impr. 153 : I636 : (twelves) I6o : pp. Ioannides Vossius, Coll. tegens" : (I I- 
[2]+ 256+[4o] + I36: pp.begg. Cru- 12) "Lectori" by the unnamed editor: 

ciattts, and hec nostra, Iz Cap. ri, and 
tut. l'attlus: t'ica and (2nd part) Long 
Primer Roman. Contents:--p. () title: 
(3-1o) "Veritatis evangelicœe studiosis 
" dated " i ug. Batav. in Collegio 
Theolog. Iil. D1). Ord. tfoll & lt'eslf. 
8. A'aL .Sett. An. Chri. cla Iz cxvil. Ger. 

!-219, the Defensio: e2o-256 Testi- 
monia veterum : (1-16) an index in order 
of contents: (7) a bastard title to the 
second part, with impr. 87 a, and date: 
(9-35) " Proefatio ", signed " Ger. Ioan- 
nides Vossiun...": (37-4 o) " Lectori " 
by the editor : I-I 36, the Responsio. 

The two previous editions of Gtotius's work were issued at Leyden in 1617, while 
Vossius's ]t'esonsio was published at the saine place in 618. \Vords underlined in 
the above title af,. in red ink, as are also "Oxonioe," and "M)cxxxvl " in the imprint. 
N is omitted in the series of signatures. 

o. Heylyn, Peter. .:KrOKOXMOX: [ A [ LZTTLE 
or" aHE Ra'r I WORLD. i The «ez,enlh ethon. [[h'ne I 
HwYL'X. I [h'ne, motAo, woodcuL] 


Impr. 158 : x636 : ,eights) sm. 4 ° : pp. 
[zo] ÷ 808 + [4]: P. IZ beg. i. t:irst thcn, 
7ol dates, or l'indelici: Pica Roman. 
Cntents:çprecisely as 1633 H, except 

that the title iq within double lines, in- 
stead of an arched border, and that every 
leaf has been seen.) 

Sec 1621 H. This is a reprint, almost line for line, of 1633 H. The copy seen had 
a folded table of climes as in the I625 edition, after p. 228. 

,,. [Lily, William]. A ! Short Introduction I or [ Ra.t.t I 
GENERaLLY I TO BE I.SFD: I Comil,-d and sel forlh for lhe brthg-ling up 
of ail those that intend to at-ltaine to the knowledge of theIZaline 
tongue. { [woodcuc] 

Impr. 6q d: z636 : (eights') I zo : pp. 
[74] +  30 + [36] : p. II beg. com2rehen- 
derunt,  Sic Ovid: Long Primer 
Roman and English. Contents:p. (z), 
title : (.) royal arms, vith " C.R." : (3-8) 
""7,, To the Reader, &c.": (9) about 
letters : (zo) two prayers : ( z 7o) a Latin 
grammar in Ènglish : (7 z -) Latin poem 
by Will. Lily: (73)a title within a line 
and border :--" Brevissima I institutio, I 
Seu I Ratio Grammatices I eognoscendze, 

ad omni-{um puerorum utilita-{tem proe- 
scripta: I Quam solam Regia A[ajestas l 
in omnibm Scholis do-lcendam ibrae, iit. 
[line, woodcut, h)oe]", with impr. 72 c: 
(74) arms of the University, &'c. : i-I 3 o, 
a Latin grammar, syntax and prosody, in 
Latin : (I-3o) " Omnium nominum ... 
ac verborum interpretatio...": (31-3) 
four Latin poems, including graces : (34) 
woodcut picture of the tree of knowlcdge, 
and students gathering the fruit. 

This is the first Latin grammar printed at Oxford since I518, and is issued " Cum 
Privilegio." The grammar itself was already, in its Latin form, more than a hundred 
years old, and many editions of it had been printed. Other Oxford editions were issued 
at least in 1651 , 1672-?. 1675 , I679, 1687, 1692. t699 ' 17o9, 1714, 1733. For William 
Lily see Wood's .4th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 32. The signatures cotmect the two parts of 
the book. 
The importance of this issue is considerable. In consequence of disputes between 
John Lichfield and Turner, archbp. Laud's attention had been called to the state of 
printing at Oxford, and the absence of any such printing privileges as were posscssed 
by Cambridge. A charter of privileges was accordingly obtained, dated 12 Nov. 1632 , 
confirmed and amplified by another dated 3 Match 163- . These allowed the 
University to print Bibles, Prayerbooks, Grammars, Almanacs, &c., which had till then 
been the monopolies of the London Stationers' Company and the University Pres at 

19OE TttE 0 VFORD PRESS. [1081. 

Cambridge. No Bibles or Prayerbooks were issued at Oxford till 1675, but this 
Grammar and three Almanacs (see 637 B, C, and W.) raised the standard of revolt 
against monopoly. On 2o March 63.  the Stationers' Company agreed to pay the 
University £2oo a year, if it would agrêe hOt to issue the classes of books in question, 
and no further difficulties arose till after the Restoration. 

Impr.  12 a : 636 : (eights 12 ° : pp. 
[42] + ,76 + [2]+,, 7 + [,] and onefo]ded 
plate : pp. II beg. , ro qoB,=pofi, and qui 
Geometrice: Pica Roman. Contents : 
P. (3)engraved title, sec below: (5-lO) 
" Iuventuti Academicoe", signed " Ger- 
ardus Langbaine', the editor :  II-24) 
complimentary Latin pieces by Gabriel 
de Pctra, the author of the Latin transla- 
tion and notes, 161o, and others: (z4- 
42) three Latin prefatory pieces, about 
Longinus: a folded oblong I6mo sheet 
Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 

bearing a D, iagramma or s)nopsis of the 
subject: 1, extraet from Suidas about 
Longinus: 2-161, the treatise in Greck 
and (on the verso of each leaf Latin, with 
marginal notes: I62-76, (1-2, Xvvç«,ç, 
further notes : 1-I17, (1) "Notarum 
auctarium " with a critical [,ref.nce, and 
(on p. o) an engraving" ending with a 
I atin poem on the death of Thomas 
" Wethereld " (Wetherell) of Queen's 
college Oxford. 

446, and 638 L. The first part of this 

volume to the end of the Xvv;_,ç«, except Langbaine's preface, is a repfint of the 16  
(Geneva) edition by Gabriel de Petra : the notes are Langbaine's first published work. 
The engraved title by William Marshall is from a mêtal plate, displaying Itcrmes, 
an eagle, Phaethon, &c., round the title: and is an inserted leaf. Signatures o and P 
are run into one. The date on the title appears to be that of the engraving, but as it 
was altered in the 2nd edition, though the plate is practieally identical, it may be 
taken as the date of the book also. 

1 3" Masque. rrl [KING I AVD i QVEENES I Entertainement at I 
t,resented by the rnost Illustrious [ PR,XCE, [P8.VC [ CHARLVS ! Sept. 
 636. I mo/to, then iine.] 

Impr. 2:1636 : sm. 4°: pp. 3  +[I]" 
p. t beg. Tare. l'ellaw: Great Primer 
Roman. Contents :p. x, title, within a 

border of woodcuts 
dedication to the 

between lines : 3, 
queen : 5-3o, the 

Rare. The introduction explains that the Masque was almo,t impromptu as 
concerns the speaking, the dances in which l'rince Charles took a share being the 
important part. They were composed by Simon Ilopper and the music by Charles 
Coleman. Most of the written part is in the Wiltshire dialect " because most of the 
interlocutors wele llïlshire men." 

Impr. Sx a: 636: sm. 4°: pp. [92], 
signn, a, aa *, aaa , aaaa, z-d *, e , A-c *, 
r#, and a folded leaf: sign. bi * beg. Dira 
laris, Bir From the wombs : English 
Roman. Contents :--sign. al r, title : 

a2"-e2 , Latin poems: AIr-DI v, English 
poems to the queen: D2 • " The Printers 
vote", an English poem by Leonard 

Poems by members of the University of Oxford on the birth of Princess Elizabeth, 


28 Dec. 1635: in number about I4 , of which 3x are English, 8 Greek, 2 Hebrew and 
t French. The number of English, and their separation from the test is a mark of 
change. Most copies want the folded sheet (about t x6 in.), whi¢h contains au 
engraved picture of a crown on a board supported at the four corners by a prince, two 
princesses and an infant in a cradle, all upon a large pedestal. Beneath are six Latin 
verses, beginning " Quam stabilis Quadrata," and then " Ita augustissimo Domino suo 
vovet humillima ancilla Acad. Oxon." Curiously the engraving cannot possibly be 
correct, since the place of prince James is taken by a female figure ! Perhaps for this 
reason the plate was soon suppressed : it is certainly now very rarely round. 

1 5" • F'LOS 

{ XVII tAtTtt Anno. [ M.DC.XXXVI. 

Impr. 15 b: 636: sm. 4o: pp. [oo], within a border ofwoodcuts : (3-oo) the 
see below: p. (1) beg. A'on habeo: poems. 
English Roman. Contents:p. () title, 
These are poems by members of the University of Oxford to eelebrate the birth of 
the prineess Arme, born 7 Mar. 63- (died Dee. 64o ). About two-thirds of the 
verses are to the king, ehiefly in Latin (nine in Greek, one in Hebrew), the rest to the 
queen in English (two in Freneh) : there is one chronogram. Themake-up of ordinary 
copies of the volume s extraordinary: therê are no pages or signatures, but if ao 
represent the seetions the collation would be as follows, the figures in braekets indieat- 
ing the mark af6xed to the tiret page of some sections in the place where tbe pagination 
would naturally bave been printed :A , B *, C * (l), D* (2), E  (3), F* (4", G* (6), 
H « (66 : on 2nd leaf, 8). I t (5), Kt, L* (2), M *, N  (I), O t (3) ! The last page contains 
a poem by the printer, Leonard Lichfield. I bave seen a copy in which a leaf following 
the fitle bore a printed Latin poem beginning " Quoe Te Mascula" referring to an 
emblem in diamond form displaying three lilies and two small and one large lion 
which emblem occurs in a pen-and-ink drawing in the above copy on an inserted leaf 
precedig the title. 

6. Parsons, Bartholomew. h [ SERION I PREACHED I hT I THE 
FVNERALL OF I S r FRANCIS PLE Baronet, at i Colling3orne Ix'fngslone in 
the I County of IIYlles, on the 8. day of lDecember. 635. ! BV I 
BARTHOLOtEW PARSONS [ .B..D. and 17car there. [ [two moltos, then 
woodc uL ] 

Impr. I54 : 1636 : sm. 4" : PP- [4] + 
39 + [. I] : p. t beg. the, e is a : English 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title : (3-4  
See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 
Parsons had known the father for o years. 

dedication to sir Francis Pile, "' From 
Ludgershall. Dec. 17. 1635 ": 1-39, the 
sermon, on Is. lvii. -2. 

26. The dedication to the son shows that 

• LOVE [ VNTO CHRIST. [ ]3y Mr WILLIAM I)INKE, [ 1I r of Arts late Felloxv 
of] Magdalen Colledge lin OXOR». l[moZo, then h>ze] [ Trt TmRD 
EmTmr,. [ [fine, then woodcuts.] 
Impr. x6o: 1636: (twelves) x6o: pp. Iul. 7- 63o", by the editor William 
[6]+54+I27+[]+62+[4]: pp. II Lyford: (2-16)"Tothereader" byW. 
beg. lat. 3-  3, and shrezvd grudgings, Lyford : x-54 , sermon on I Cor. xvi. 22 : 
and vntoyau what: Pica Roman. Con- 1-66, 67- 7, two sermons on Eph. ri. 
tents:--p. (4) title: 3- Epistle dedi- 24: (), 1-62, (I), sermon on Luke 
eatory to lord Digby, dated "Shirbum. xiv. 26. 
See Wood's Ath. Oxon.» ed. Bliss, il. 47'5, and 63o P. 


x 94 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1636. 

18. Prideaux, John. 
4to. P. 50. Th.] 

" Twenly Sermons. Oxon 

1636 qu." [Bodl. 

So in a, Vood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 268. There may have been a collected 
edition with some such title issued in 1636 : but probably \Vood refers to a collection 
without a get,eral title, as contained in 4 °0 P. 5o Th. (a reference added however to 
,Vood's ,4lhenœe by dr. Bliss). For a real titlepage to the collection of twenty sermons 
and for details of the separate serinons, all of which are dated 1636 , see 1637 P. 

Impr. 153 a: 1636 : (twelves) 16 ° : 
pp. [24] + w56 + [24] : p. Il beg. inter- 
ositioæm, III riosos interemit : Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title, within 
double lines: (3-t2)dedication to Hie- 
ronymus Voeglerus, dated "Ex arce 
Gottorpiana V. Kal. Augusti ci:) I2)cx. 

T. Ioan. VVouwerus": (t3-23) "... 
l'rolegomena"" 24 " Errata" : 1-124. 
the work in 28 chapters: t 24-I 54, Dousa's 
Declamatio : 154-156 , Dousa's " In ean- 
dem rem Carmen" : (-4)" Index aucto- 
rum"-. (5-2a) " Rerum memorabilium 

This appears to be a reprint ofthe first (16IO) edition omittingthe Elenchns Capitum 
and adding Dousa's Essay. The work is a fanciful treatment of the subject of 

Bvs, I Regulis, & sententiis selectioribus ] [uris Ciw'h's t'lluslrala. I Qm'8us 
a66essil[DESCRIPTO ] IVRIS & IVDICI, [ TE3tPORALIS [ Secundum Con- 
suetudines [t;'eudales " 2Vormanm'cas. ]Nec non ] DESCRIPTIO [ IVRIS & 
ivIICt [ îccI.zSt.xsa-cI I sr-c.-xI3t c.xo.',r'_s ] & Constitutiones Angli- 
canas. I [l,e] I Aurore R.Z. I'.R. Or0,ne. 

Impr. 15î" : I636" sm. 4": PP. [12] + 
4 + [7]+ 5x + [7] + 60+ _z : pp.  beg. 
tars secunda, pars secunda, and rioe ex 
fructibus" Pica Roman. Contents: 
p. ¢I) title, within double lines separated 
by woodcuts : (3-4) dedication to archbp. 
Laud, signed "Ric. Zouchoeus"- t5-7) 
studosoe ,dated 
" Iuventuti iurisprudentioe " " 
" ex Aulâ Alban. Pridie Calend. Aug. 
636 ": (9-I23 list of parts and sections of 
the book: 1-145 the work: (2) a title, 
within lines :" DESCRIPTIO ] IVRIS &: 

VlVCl x I "rw.t'o.Ivs ! scvl,;IWt cox-I 
cas ". [ [line, device, line, and impr. 157]: 
(4--6, list of parts &c. : 1-51 , the work : 
(2) a title, within lines:DESCRIITIO [ 
7t.'lS & y't-"ZCH [ ECCLESlASTICI [ SE- 
cv:,.'Dvrt CAyOy:S [ oe co'srrvro,vs [ 
Anglicanas. [line, device, line, and impr. 
15î] : (4-7) list of parts, &e : I-6O, the 
work: (t)note of parts still wanting to 
the eomplete treatise, and " Errata". 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 511. This is a reissue and enlargement of 

v629 Z and I634 Z, carrying the scheme further : it was completed in 164o and 165o, 
and several parts have been reprinted. The signatures weld the three part» of the 
present volume into one 

*** The ALmanacs by Booker and Wyberd, x'hich bear .i637, on the 
titlepage, and are treatel under that year, may have been ssuea late in 

1037.] TH OXFORD PRESS. 95 


r. Barlow, bp. Thomas. PHïrAS/.V2"ArXF_V, ]OR ] A rrw 
Father RICHRI BAILOW, late of ] Zang/ll in l.'Veslmooreland, who d)'ed [ 
Decemer 29 Ann. r636. [ [h'ne] ] B.y THO»AS BA,LOW AIaser of Arîs, I 
Fellow of Queenes Coll. in Oxon: and] eldesl sonne of his deceased 
/'«lh«r. ! [h'ne, mollo, u,ood«ut.] 

lmpr. 119 : 637 : sm. 4" : PP- [2] + 6 
+ [2]: p. II beg. To the sad: Pica Roman. 
Contents :--p. () title : (2) To; 
«I Ouarov, a four-line Greek epigram, 

beg. ¢ôua rr0o ¢vBç : I--16, English 
poems, rive by T. Barlow, seven by rela- 
tions and friends. 

Rare. Barlow's second poem describes his dream of his father's death at the very 
rime ofits occurrence, though he did not know of the illness. Tlae impression was 
strong enough to wake him. 

. Bense, Petrus. ANALOGO-DIAPHORA, I SEu I Concordantia 
I)iscrepans, I& I)iscrepantia Concordans ! trium Linguarum, [ Galh'c«, 
Itah'coe, . t[t'@ant'cæ. I Unde innotescat, quantum quoeque k Romance 
lin-lguoe, unde ortum duxere, idiomate deflexerit; [ earum quoque ratio 
& natura dilucidi & suc-[cinctè delineantur. [[h'neJlOperâ & studio I 
PETR, BESE Part'st'nt" apud I Oxos: ha« h'ngu«s profitenî,'s, i [woodcut.] 

Impr. 98 : '637 : (eights) r2 ° : pp. [8] 
+ 7 . : p. Il beg. quibuscumque : Pica 
Roman. Contents :pp. (I--) not seen : 

(3) title: (5-8) dedieation to the Uni- 
versity of Oxford : -7 , the work. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 624. This is not a formal grammar, but rather 
a discussion of the resemblances and differenees of the languages treated in points of 
grammar and syntax. 

3. Booker, John. L»,aNACK: I Stè 1 
lofficum, I & Diarium Meteorologicum, ] l'e/. 

Calculated for the Meridian of the ] Honourable 

Pronosticon Astro- 
Speculum Anni } 
l«a .year«. 1 [z,d I 
Citie of London. I 

Johanne Bookero Ash'of, h. I [line, moî/o, line.] 

Impr. zT: 637: (eights) 6": pp. 
(48), signn. ^-c' : sign. B r beg. Saturne 
doth : Long Primer Roman. Contents : 
signa. lr title, within border: AI*-A4 r, 

preliminary notes : A4v-B8 r, the Almanac: 
8"-c8", astrological notes and prognosti- 
cations, with a ehronogram. 

John Booker was a prolific Almanac maker : lais ,4lmanac and Prognoslication was 
issned from x63 to 1649: his Cdestial ObsevaNons from 165 to 66z, and the 
]èlescoium from 659 to 1676, but the dates may be capable of extension, and as 
Booker died in 667, the 7ëlescoph«m must have been carried on by a successor under 
his naine. Only this one issue was printed at Oxford, since the Stationers' Company 
bought out the University's right of printing this and certain other kinds of book in 
March 63-, ste I636 L, and t?ooker, lVyberd below. The underlined words in the 
Iitle are printed in red, as well as much of the woodcut border (which bears the signs 
of the zodiac, the royal arms, and an open book), the words "Oxford," "to the famous 



Universitie. 1637." in the imprint, and many words in the text. The same astrological 
woodcut oecurs as in the Wyberd, but in a more injured state, sho ing that Wyberd had 
precedence in point of date. Booker's Almanac for x636 ,,vas printed at Cambridge. 

4-Brerewood, Edward. TRACTATVS[QIDA3I LOGICI [DE[ 
BRREWeOn, I Artium Magistro,  Coe#o m,x2,; olim [ conscripti: 
nunc verb ab erroribus (qui frequenti I transcfiptione irrepserant) vindi- 
cati, ad pristinum nito-[rem, nativmque puritatem diligentissim manu-] 
scriptorum collatione restituti, & in lucem editi 2 Pe T. S. A rl. 2lZag. 
,j-Colleg" nei-Nasi Socm. dt'lt lerlt, I qua accesserunt duo 
ejusdem Authoris nsignes [ Traclalus; prior de elIleort3, posterior de[ 
Oculo: limâ, lucdque donati: I Per eun&m T. S. [hoe, mollo, woo&ul.] 

Impr. 162 : 1637 : (eights) 12o: pp. 
[3'-] + folded sheet + 431 + [5] + IO5 4"[3] 
+ '6 : pp. Il beg. Sol. tgroedîcabilia, and 
Sect. I I. In qua and 2. In quo de've- 
huntur : Long Primer Roman. Contents" 
m[exactly as I63 B to p. 431, except "ë" 
for" e ", "Cal." for "Calend." : then 
p. (2) a title :" TRACTATVS DVO, [ QUO- 
, um rimus est[ DE METEORIS. 
dus, I IE OCVLO. I Quos scripsit olim 

eximius ille philosophus I EDVARDUS 
BREREXVOODUS: i Restituit tandem, ab 
erroribus moMisque I vDMicavit, ër îub- 
licijurisfecitlT.S. I Art. Mag. & Co|leg. 
Enea,Wase,,sis I S°cius l [w°°dcut] l " 
with impr. lO9, but no naine ofplace : (4) 
dedication as I63I B : 1-83, De Meteoris: 
84-1o 5, De Mari: (1-2) woodcut dia- 
grams of the eye: (3) Index: 1-26, De 

See 1628 B, i63t B .°fwhich this is a reprint), Wood's Ath. Oxon.,ed. Bliss, ii. 14o. 
The sigmatures connect the two divisions of this work. 

Impr. 121: 1637: (twelves) ,6o: pp. 
[4} + 33u + [6] + lOX + III : pp. II beg. 
st,-icliore quddam and . Vatura est,  I  
rem qu¢runt : Pica Roman. Contents: 
 p. *,I) title : (3-4 '" Index Capitum & 
titulorum... " to the Idea Phil. Mot. : 
z-33 , the Idea I-'hilosophiae Moralis: 
() title :--" FRANCONIS BuRGERSDICI ] 

SVE J Methodus definitionnm & corv ! 
troversmrum Physicarum. I Editio pas- 
trema." [zvoodcut, then Impr. 121] : (3-4) 
" Philo»ophioe Studiosis", signed "Franco 
Burgersdicius": (5-6) " Tituli et Ordo 
disputationum"-, l-IOt, the Idea Philo- 
sophiae Naturalis. 

See 63 B, of which this is almost a reprint, the order of the two parts being 

6. Buridanus, Johannes. IOHANh.'IS I BVRIDANI ! PHtrosoPrlI I 
TRECENTIS RETRO ] annis celeberrimi [ qv.-ESTOXV_S IX [ DECEM LIBROS 

Impr. 168 : 1637 : (eights) sm. 4°: 
pp. [12]+ 889+[1]: p. 13 beg. ad ca 
quz, 7oi alii irodesse: Long Primer 
Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title, within 

double lines: (3-II) "Index qu:stio- 
num ":(12)" Typographus ad Lectores" 
and " Errata" : 1-889, the work h four 
books : 889, impr. x $ I. 

This is perhaps the last separate edition of this work. Buridan, who lived in the 
fourteenth century, was a disciple of the English philosopher Occam. 

037.] THE O.XFORD PRESS. gï 


Impr. 9Sa : ]637 : la. 4", see below : ] vel 2Vomina : English Roman. Contents, 
pp. [6J, see below : col. I beg.  lYr3a I see below. 
See XVood's .4th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 675. These are three rare sheets printed on 
the recto only and intended to be pasted together, the two lower about 14 in. high by 
18{ in. wide, the upper one about 7 x 8½ in. The two lower ones contain in rive 
columns a Itebrew grammar i] nine divisions, the upper one " Çhaldaismi & Syria- 
cismi," between which is the title, and below them the preface ' Lectori benevolo " 
The colophon is at the end of the last column. The underlined words in the above 
title are in red, as well as a few other words, including a chronogram. 

8. Carpenter, 
1636 C. 



] LIBERA» ] [,C.]: see 

Clement of Rome. References to a supposed edition of Clemens 
Romanus in 1637, a reprint of the edition of 1633 , are due to a con- 
fusion: the 1633 edition alone exists. 

9. Comenius, Johannes Amos (Komensky). CONhTVVBI ] CONEXl- 

lmpr. 72:637 : sm. 4": PP- [6] + 52 
+ [6] : p. Il beg. 7"erli, 2ortento: Pica 
Roman. Contents:--p. (1) Iitle : (3-4) 
"Ad lectorem », signed " Samuel Hart- 
libius"- (5)title :" PORTA Sa'IENTAE I 
AN:E I SEMINARIVM" I ltoc est, I Nova, 
compendiosa, & solida omnes Sci- ] entias 
& Artes, oe quicquid manifesti vel oc- 
culti[est, quod ingenio humano pene- 

trare, solertioe imitari, [ linguae eloqui 
datur, breviùs, veriùs, meliùs, quàm [hac- 
tenus, addiscendi Methodus. I[line] 
Auclore [ Reverendo Clarissim6que Viro[ 
Domino lohanne Amoso Comenio. [ (line, 
2 mottos, woodcut.] ", with impr. 72d" (6) 
a motto: 1-52, the work: 
cipua Capita I)idacticoe Magnoe, à Domino 
Comenio elaboratoe..." 

This is a kind of prospectus of the encyclop,"edic work on education which Comenius 
was at the rime contemplating, and although issued by Hartlib without the permission 
of the author, partly in order to gather the opinions of scholars on the seheme, it was 
hot displeasing to Comenius, especially since some of his critics suggested a Collegium 
tansothicum to work out the details. This v.e learn from an appendix by Comenius 
to the reprint of this Oxford edition in vol. i. of lais Otera didaclica omnia (Amst. 67), 
vol. i. col. 4o, cf. 4:,4- 

Io. Cowper, Thomas. COWVER I637. ] aN 
yeare of our Lord 1637. ,[h'nÆ],Being the first 
[h'ne][Together with sonne astrologicall rules [for 

,,Llaxacn ] for the 
after leap-yeare. ] 

the prediction of 

weather for each I day in the yeare: -with the principall High-wayes in 
Tng:and and I 1I'«:««. I [hhe] I Referred fo the famous Universitie and[ 
Citie of Oxford ; but may indiffe-]rently serve for any other place within [ 
this Kingdome. ] [hne] I .B.), THOtAS COWPER. ] [line, mollo, h'ne.] 

Impr. 68,t : 12 ° : Pica Roman : title within a border of lines and woodcuts. 

I98 THI? OXFORD PRESS. [10:37. 

Very rare. Only known from a titlepage in Brit. Mus. MS. Harl. 5937. no. 4 o. 
See note under Booker above. The underlined words in the title above are printed in 
red ink, as wêll as " Oxford," and" the famoxs Universitie. ,637 " in the impriat, 
some words in the "Vulgar Notes" on the back of the title. 

x. Deliciae deliciarum. DELITOE ] DELITIARVM I SIVE ] EPI- 
GRa»t.t.TXt I optimis quibusq; hujus & no-[vissimi seculi poetis in 
amplissim. [illâ Bibliothec5 [ BO»LEI.,, ]Et penè omninb alibi ex- 
tantibus I iœoXo;, in unam corollam connexa I [he] [ Operâ 
WRIgiaT Art. Bac. I " S. Ioan. 2apl. Col/. SociE [ [h'ne, then mollo.] 

Impr. I66 : I637:12 ° : [6] + 247 + 
[ x] : p. II beg. Ta.te tamen, 2o De Vir- 
itio: Long t'rimer Roman. Contents: 
--P- (3) title: (5-8) dedication to dr. 

Will. Haywood, the editor's tutor : (9-I I) 
" Lectori " (I3-t 5) " Catalogus Auc- 
torum"-. 1-247, the epigrams: 247, 


Sec Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iv. 276. Wright took his M.A. degree on April 22, 
637- Unfortunately there is no indication of the source of each epigram, and almost 
all the authors are continental poets. 

x2. Fitz-Geffry, Charles. corP,SSiO,,," [ xowagIS c.«vxlvs, [ 
CrUVLV [ Toward out t3rethren and Country-men ] who are in miserable 

bondage I in naRnaRr. I I"rged and/ressed in three Serinons I On Hzn. 
13" 3" 1 [h'n«] [ Preached in Pt.Vbtova-, in Oclo3«r I636. ] .Z?.y CHARLES 
FtTz-GEvrRY. I [line] [ II'hz'reunto are anexedlAn Epistle of St CYPRIAN 
concerning the Redemption I of the Bretheren from the bondage of 
Barbarzns; I axo l A passaffe concermK lhe beneflls  Comasszbn, 
exlracted  out of S t AsOSE hz] second booke  Oces, Çap. 28.  

Impr. 16o a : 1637 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [12] 
+ 50 + [IO] : p. II beg. heaven, but: Pica 
Roman. Contents :--p. () title: (3-5) 
dedication to John Cause mayor of Ply- 
mouth, &c. : (7-I) " To the compas- 

sionate, that is, to the truly Christian 
Reader : l-t9, 21-35, 3- , the three 
serinons: (x-4) the Cyprian: (5-7) the 

See Wood's A th. Oxon., ed. Bli»s, ii. 607. 

I 3" I.ronside, dr. Gilbert. sv_,oEx [ Q,'ZSrlOS lof "me. I sas,rr I 
BR»t. OlSrVa'O, I after the manner of the [ scrooI._s. ] Vherein such 

cases, and scruples, as are [ incidenl to thz's subjecl, are c#ared, and 
r««olve«, ! [«»,«] Iy G.x Io..,-s,I,. B.D. I [z,,, two 

Impr. 156 a : I637 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [24] 
+ 297 + [3]: p. II beg. may see, 2oi 
steaks , were" English Roman. Contents : 
p. (I) title, within a line : (3- 2) Eistle 
dedicatory to archbp. Laud : (I 3- 8) "To 

the Reader": (19-23) "The severall 
Chapters xvith their Contents": 1-297 , 
the work, in ;31 chapters : ()Note and 
" Errata." 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 939. The note before the Errata shows that the 
author saw no l:,roofs of his book for "' the Authors coppy being hot so legible as we 
could have wished, we were forc'd to transcribe if ha his absence, and by this means 
these grosser escapes hapned." 

1 4" Jackson, Thomas. 

[ ex«s«evr rz,ts, [No first published  

lO37.] THé. OXFORD PRESS. 199 

B¥ [ Thomas Iackson, Dr h Diw)ffO, , [ Chaplaine ) 
Majestie, [and President of Corpus Chrisli Col-[ledge in 
then woodcu/s.] 

ordinary to his 
Oxford. i [,,oze, 

Impr. Sa: 637: sm. 4": PP. [8]+ 
51 + [3] + 7 ° + [2] + 96 (but a9-34 are 
numbered I-6) + lai: pp. l begg. as no 
souldier, and whatsoever afflictions, and of 
his owne: English Roman. Contents :-- 
P- (3) title, within double lines-(5-6) 
dedication to prince Charles : 7-8) "Er- 
rata", with sub-titles: -25,, 27-5, 2 
serinons on 2 Chron. vi. 39-40 : (u) a title: 
BErORE THE I KING , I Vpon IER. 26. 9 
• • • [4 lines, then device and impr.  5 aI ": 
x-go, the serinons: (I) a title :" A I 

INGS. I COITANXrG [ The summe of 
some few Sermons delive-[red partly 
before the Kings Majesty partly I in the 
Towneof Aéw.Castle I upon Tine. ] [wood- 
eut, then impr. 152 ] ": -7o, three dis- 
courses: 7,a title :--"A I SaMoN 
VPON r.v. ]The second Sunday in i 
Advent 63o. I [woodcut, then impr. 
5 z]'': 73-93, the sermon, on Luke xxi. 
z5 : 94-96, " A briefe Appendix..." 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 668. The signatures connect ail the parts of 
this volume together. Every printed page is surrounded by double lines oa the upper 
and outer margin, and a single line elsewhere. 

xS. Parsons, Bartholomew. ror,'os ] & ONVS Levitarum. [OR, ! 
Tithes vindicated to the I Presbyters of the Gospel: I In a Sermon 
preached at an Archidiaco,[nall Visitation at «U'arlebrough, in the Diocese [ 
of Sa,'um, on the xo. of October. x636. I [l,'ne] [ Iy B. /9. i[h'ne ' 
3 mol/os, h'ne, devt'ce, h'ne]. 

Impr. 69:I637 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [8] + 
3I +[]: p. II beg. deny, but he: Pica 
Roman. Contentf:--p. () title: (3-7) 
Epistle dedicatory to Sir William Dod- 

dington "from the Rectory of Zudçers. 

hall, m the county of IViltes, June 7, 
637. • -3, the sermon, on Deut. 

xxxiii. I I. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 26. In the copy seen the title is an inserted 
leaf, the first leaf having been torn out : perhaps this is accounted for by the title given 
by Wood " tIistory of Tithes: or Tithes vindicated... ," and the running head line, 
which is still "The history of Tithes." Early copies may have this older title. 


"Sermon on Ephes. 6.  z, t 3. Oxon. 637. qu." 

So in Wood's Xth. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 26 : but I have not met with a copy. 

Impr. x52:637 : (eights) sm. 4 ° : pp. [63a], see below, signn. ( )lA-X", yl, Z, Aa-- 
tf , SJ: pp.  begg. as be]ow : English Roman. Contents :--sign. ( ) I, ri/le : i. p. 
, a title, within double lines, as are all the succeeding/i/les :--" CUISTS I COVrSELL 
vpon the fiue and twentieth verse of] te flfth of lIlatthew. ] By IOHN PRIDEAVX, 
I)octo of I Divinity, Regius l'rofessor, and Rector I of Exet,r Colledge. I [motto, wood- 
eut, and impr. i 52 b, dated 636 ] " : 3-4, dedication to Edmund Prideaux and his wife, 
dated " From Exeter Colledge in Oxford. October 2.": 5-3, 33-65, the sermons: 
then a blank page: p. Il beg. Fall hot: ii. (pp. [6] + 39 + [], P- Il beg. il is reserucd) 
p. () a title " Ephesus backsliding : considered and applied to these rimes...", with 
impr. 52 b, 636, an Act sermon at St. Mary's, July ,o, on Rev. ii. 4: (3-6) dedica- 
tion to dr. Laurence Bodley, Aug. 5 : 1-39, the sermon : iii. (pp. [z] + 27 + [], P- I 1 
beg. in this pain/) p. () a title " A Christians frec-will offering... , with tmpr. 


152 b, 636 , a Chdstmas sermon at Christ Church, on Ps. ex. 3 : I-a7, the sermon : iv. 
(pp. [-] + 3t + [1], p. II beg. OEth Pilate) p. (t) a title " The first fruits of the Resurrec- 
tion..." with impr.  5- b, 1636, an Easter sermon at St. Peter's in the East, Oxford, 
on t Cor. xv. zo- t-3i, the sermon: v. (pp. [2]+ 26, p. II beg. abjects came) p. (1) 
a trie " Goxwies Conspiracie..." xvith impr. 152 b, a sermon at St. Mary's, Aug..5 : 
1-26, the sermon, of some slight value for the history of the Gowrie plot, A.D. 16oo : 
ri. (pp. [-] + 7 + [I ], p. II beg. Saint ,4ugustine), p. (1) a. title " Higgaion & Selah : 
for the discovery ol the powder-plot..." with impr. I52 b, 636, a sermon at St. Mary's 
on Nov. 5, on Ps. ix. t6: I--7, the sermon: vil. (pp. [-]+27+[I], p. Il beg. 
murmuredj p. (I) a title " Hezekiah's sicknesse and recovery..., with impr. I5- b, 
1636, a sermon belote the King at Woodstock, on 2 Chron. xxxii. 24: 1-27, the 
sermoa: viii. (pp. [4]+ 24 + [8], p. II beg. s?rings, Schismatickes) p. (I) a title 
"Perez-Vzzah, or The F, reach of Vzzah... ," with impr.  5 b. t636, a sermon belote 
the King at Woodstock, 24 Aug. I624, on 2 Sain. ri. 6- 7 : (3-4) dedication to James 
earl of Arran, dated -2 Oct. 6- 4 : 1-24 (t), the sermon." (3-8) " Alloquium seren- 
issimo regi lacobo Woodstochioe habitum 24. Augusti. Anno I624'': ix. (pp. [] + 29 
+ [], p.  beg. ack,towle,/ge) p. () a title " A sermon preached on the tir of October 
1624. at the consecration of S t Iames Chappell in Exceter Colledge... , with impr. 
152 b, 1636 : (3-7) epistle dedicatory to dr. George Hakewill, dated Nov. t 5 : 1-29, 
the seron on Lukê xix. 46 : x. (pp. -8, p,  beg. wMch fesus) 1--8, a sermon on 
John ri. 4, "«'ithout title, sec blow, but head line " The great Prophet's Adx'ent" : 
xi. (pp. [z] + 9 + III, p. lI beg. Elenches) p. (I) a title "Revercnce to Rulers. A 
sermon preached at the Court... ", with mpr. 152 b, 636: I-9, the sermon, on 
Acts xxiii.. : xii. (pp. [] - , p. i beg. third a co»oEort) p. (I) a trie "The draught 
of the brooke. A sermon preached at the Court. . . ", with impr. 152 b, I636". 1-22» 
the sermon, on l's. ex. 7 : xiii. (,pp. [2] + 32, p. I beg. a i/fs) p. () a title " Davids 
rejoycing for Chri»ts Resurrection... ", an Easter sermon at St. Peter's in the East, on 
Ps. xvi. IO- 1,with impr. 152 b,  636" 1-32, the sermon: xiv. (pp. [] +  7 + [ I ], p. I beg. 
ther. There) p. () a ttle "The Christians Expectation. A sermon peaehed at the Court 
" with impr. 5 b, I636" I-27, the sermon, on . Pet. iii. I3 • xv. (pp. [2]+ 6, 
p. i beg. :eyond wis,/ome), p. () a title " Wisedomes Iustification. A sermon 
preached at the Court... ", with impr. I.2 b, I636 : 1-26, the sermon, on Luke vii. 
35 : xvi. (pp. [] + 24. P. II beg. Gods atoyntment) p. (I) a title " Heresies progresse. 
A sermon preached before the Court... ", with impr. 15 , I636 : I-4, the sermon, 
on I Cor. xi. I9: xvii. (pp. [2]+ 27 +III, p.I beg. the world) p. (I), a title " APlot 
for preferment. A sermon preached at the Court... ", with impr. I52 & I636 : 1-27» 
the sermon, on a l'et. v. 6: xviii. (pp. [-] + 7 + [1], p. Il beg. den lost) p. (I) a title 
" The patronage of Angels. A sermon preached at the Court ... ", with impr.  52 b, 
I636 : -7, the sermon, on bIatth, xviii. o: xix. (pp. [2] + 7 +[I], p. lbeg. Iohns 
concluffon) p. () a title " Idolatrous Feasting. A sermon preached at the Court " 
with impr. 15 2 b, 1636 : -27, the sermon, on 1 Cor. x. 7. 

Sec Wood's A/h. Oxon., ed. I;liss, iii. 65 for the author, and 636 P. "rhis is 
a collection of ts enty sermons by dr. ['rideaux from 164, several preaehed before the 
king or court, and several preached at Oxfod: those delivered at the consecration of 
Fxeter College Chapel and about Gowrie's eonspiraey being of eonsiderable interest. 
AI1, except the second (whieh is grouped with the first) and the eleventh, bave separate 
titepagcs, and are often cited as seFarate editions, but the signatures run throughout 
the volume. Sign. Y consists of one leaf only, the other three having been obviously 
intended for a one-leaf title and two-leaf dedication of the sermon following (no. x in 
the above divisions, really the eleventh sermon), but apparently they were accidentally 
omitted. Some were already printed, those before printed at Oxford being nos. i (see 
6I 5 P), il (see 614 P), and x (see I6z5 P): and nos. i-vil at least, were printed 
separatêly at London in 6zl. Collections of these serinons are oftcn found without 
the general trie and in a confused order. 

8. Rous, Francis. RCtfz.OLOG.[.,]ATTIC3E[ LIBaI TRES. [ 
TnRE BOO:S OF Iq ] ATTCl Antiquities. ] COT,I,'I ] The descrip- 
tion of the Citties glory, govern-]ment, division of the People, and 
Townes with-iin the Athenian Territories, their Religi-]on, Superstition, 
Sacrifices, account of I their Yeare, as also a full relation [ of their 


Iudicatories. ] [h'ne] [ By FR,xr¢cxs Rous Scholler of 3lerlon [ Colledge in 
Oxon. [ lb'ne: then mollo from Aristides, in Greek and English.] 

Impr. t6oa: 167,7: sm. 4": PP. [8] + 
I49 + [3] : P- Il beg. bi height, 2or which 
standing: Pica Roman• Contents :--p. 
(1) title within a line: (3-6) Epistlededi- 
catory to Sir Nathaniel Brent, warden of 

Merton College, Oxford, dated " From 
my study in Merton College, Iun. 9- 1637": 
(7) " To the Reader ": (8) " Errata & in- 
serenda": ,-149 , the work in 3 bks. : 
(2-3) hOt seen. 

See V¢ood's Aih. Oxon, ed. 131iss, iii. lO4. This book, which passed through 
several editions at Oxford (1649 , 1654 , 2651 , 66z, 67o , and 1675 and London 
(2nd ed. 645 , 9th ed. 685) , became a companion volume for school use to Godwin's 
ïoman Antiquilies (see ,614 G) and Aloses and Aaron (Lond. 1615, &c.). 

1 9. Scheibler, Christophorus. CHRISTOPHORI I SCHEIBLERI, 
TRr'-»m,,,' i in Ecclesi Superinten-ldentis , & "n Gymnasio Rr'_c'roms 
METAPHYSICA, ! DL'OBUS LIBRIS [ Illtl'SUl?l hlllS SCl?n[l SA,s/ema com- 
rehendens:lovt's rc otxlV» acrL-[tatum: tutu inpfimis Philosophioe 
& Theolo-[gioe Studiosis utile & necessarium. [ VR.ttSSa ZST S'ttRA 
zno-]dus, sire dispositio totius Scientioe. ]E accessit Prooemium de 
usu Philosophioe in Theolo-[gia, & proetensa ejus ad Theologiam con- 
trarietate. [ Addth" sunt st)zgu Lt3rt) INDICES &«o: alter CazTum 
generah«m] 'lulorum, - Ara?ulorum z t)nTtb: alter rerum t)t fine. I 
Qu]bus omnibus accessit Execitaionum auctarium, de se]ectis aliquibus 
Meta-physicoe Capitibus. Per  . Art. lag. oe Col/ Reg. Oxo" 

]mpr. 267: 1677: (eights)sm. 4O: pp. 
[-4] + 2 + [3]+ 472 + [48] + 456 +[34]+ 
86 + [2]: pp. II begg. absoh«tè, and lere - 
rius, and voco..equtvocum, a,,d linquaIur: 
Long l'rimer Roman. Contents :p. () 
title within double lines : (3-6) Ep;stola 
dedicatoria to Ludwig, landgra, e of liesse, 
by Scheibler, dated Dec. 616: (7-x) 
" Lectori Philo-Metaphysico... ",signed 
« Thomas Barlow. . . ", the editor : ( 2 z- 
 3) " Summaria Methodus... " : (24-4) 
" Index ad Librum primum . . . ", in 
order of the chaæters: 1-2I " Prooe- 
nium": (2)a titlepage to book one: 1-471, 

bk. 1 : (I-3O) " Index rerum a]pha- 
beticus": (3' a titlepage to book two : 
(33-36) Epistola dedicatoria to Philip. 
landgrave of Hesse, by Scheibler, dated 
Match " 1617 ": (37-48) " Index " 
in order of the chapters: -456, book 
two : (-6 " Index rerum alphabeticus 
" (-7) titlepage " E citationes 
•.. : a xer 
aliquot metaphysicoe, de Deo...per 
Thomam Barlow..." ith impr. 69: 
(29-3t) " Lectori "" (33-34) " Exercita- 
tionum ... Syllabus"'. I- 86, six exereises-. 
(I) errata. 

Scheibler's Aletaîhysica was first issued in 1617, and reissued at Oxford in I665, as 
well as often elsewhere. Bp. Barlow edited it, and added the Exercitationes de Deo 
(see Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iv. 336), which were reissued in 658. The edition 
of 1638 is simply a reissue of the sheets of the 267 edition, with different imprint and 
date on the first titlepage, and " Meta-" on the first titlepage altered to " Meta-." Some 
woodcut diagrams occur in the Exercitationes : in which also the sections change from 
eights to fours• 

2o. • " r 57. Scheibleri 
rum--Oxon. 1637." 

(Chr.) Liber Commentariorum Topico- 

So in "Catalogi... librorum Richardi Davis bibliopoloe pars seeunda" (I686), 
P- 75 among octavos. Bagford (Brit. Mus. MS. Harl. 95oi, fol. î6") also describes 
a eopy: and it is probably hot really rare, but bas eseaped the nets of the larger 

202 THE OXFORD PRESS. [10a7. 

9. x. Stinton, George. a ]SERMON ] PREACHED IN ] THE CATHEDRALL 
Church of IVorcester vp-lon unday Morning,  Novemb. 27. 636..  
The time of PSTIC in o-ther places of thls Land, and now  n the 
time of the Visita-tion of that C,ie, with that I greivous Sicknesse ; and I 
by reason of it. [ By EO. STINTON, [ [mollo, then/che.] 

Impr. 7 o: x637 : (eights) 16 ° : pp. 
35 + [2] : p. Il beg. this consideration : 
Pica Roman. Contents :--p. J, title, 

within a border of woodcuts: 3, dedica- 
tion to Worcester: 4, the text,  Kings 
viii. 37-39 : 1-35, the sermon. 

See Wood's 'asti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 406. 

22. Thesaurus, Emmanuel. REVERENDI PATRIS I EMANVELIS 
• s«v, I soC,T«T is,,, I css; I Et ejusdem varia carmina: [ 
Quibus acc. esserunl I Nobilissimorum ORIETIS ] & OCCIDENTIS [ Ponti- 
ficum elogaa, & ] varia oera toë'lica. I Ediuo secunda emendatior, cum 
auctariolo. I [woodculs, then line.] 

Impr. 63; x637: [4]+ 5  +Ix]: p. II 
beg. Caligula. 'ascitur : x o t *lllius 
latti$: Long Primer Roman. Contents : 
p. () title, within double lines : (3) 
Latin poem by George Herbert on Francis 

Bacon lord Verulam: (4) Latin epitaph 
on Gustavus Adolphus by Dan. Heinsius, 
with a chronogram : -38, the Coesares: 
39-  5 , " Ejusdem Carmina." 

The first edition of this work by Emanuele Tesauro (b. 1581 ) was published in 6I 9 
at Milan, and a third at the same place in 643. Backer mentions doubts whether the 
author of this work is identical with the Jesuit who bore the same names. The book 
contains Latin epigrams on the Cœesars, and miscellaneous poems. The occurrence of 
Herbert's poem in the volume is singular. I have seen a copy in which the first line 
of the title contained " R. P." only, which probably indicates an early issue. 

z3. V[erneuil], I[ohn]. A I Nomenclator I of such Tracts and[ 
Sermons as bave beene [ printed or translated into [ English upon any 
place i of holy Scripture [ [woodculs, then h'ne] [ Operd, s/udio " impensis ! 
I. v. I [»,«. oo«.«. 

Impr. x9: 1637: (twelves) 1t5o: pp. 
[ 156], signn. A-F ' G: sign. B  ' beg. Ruth. 
Ca2.4 : Long Primer Roman. Contents : 

sign. AI r, title: A2r-3 ç ,« To the cour- 
teous and judicoius Reader," unsigned: 
A4r-G5r» the work ; G , not seen. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 222. The second edition of this work was 
issued, doubled in size, in 642. The author was tmder-librarian at the Bodleian, 
and had compiled this list for private use : nearly all the books referred to in the work 
have their Bodleian references affixêd, the arrangement being in the ortier of the books 
of the Bible, the Apocrypha being excluded. The fact that some of the books were 
hot in the library "stirred up some well-wishers ... who deprived themselves to 
furnish this Place with some bookes that were wanting" (Preface of 2ndedition), among 
whom was Robert Burton. 

& Methodo legendilu/rasq; t[islorias, J CIVILES ET I ECCLESIASTICAS. 
Quibus Historici probatissimi, non solum i ordine quo sunt legendi 
catenatim recensentur, I sed doctorum etiam virorum de singulis judicia 
subnectuntur. IC non iVnd sig ulorum in Historia vel brevitas 
di|atari, ve| defectus suppleri, vel perplexitas i expediri ; vel mutilationes 
deniq; temporum [ injuri factoe 
resarciri possint, indicatur I 
D. W. prœelect. Ca»m.maro. I [h)e]. 

1038.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 20 3 

Impr. 164 : 1637 : (eights) 12°: pp. [32] 
+ 285 + [5] : P- II beg. dignos jronun- 
ciaret, 2oI tiare minus : Pica Roman. 
Contents:--p. (t) title, within a line: 
(3-Io) dedication to the Vice-chancellor 
and Heads of Houses in the University of 

Oxford, dated "Ab aula Glocestrensi Kal. 
Iul. 1637 ", and signed "Degoreus 
Whear": (11-32) " Relectionum Con- 
spectus" : -zo " Antelogtum, delivered 
17 Oct. 1635 : 1-285, the work, in three 
parts (45 ÷ 5 + 7 sections). 

See Wood's ,4th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. z7 and 1625 W. This is really the 3rd 
edition. Some copies bave impr. 65, instead of 164, omitting Forest's naine. 

z5. Wyberd, John. svovsIs I Anni Christi i637. I S»i 
1)iarium Mslronomicum, " 19rog[nosHcon Mstrolog:cum, " 2Ze-[leoroloffi- 
tutu, ad annum primum l ab InArcalarL 637. I Contriving, besides the 
generall state of [ the yeare, the dily disposition and inclination [ of the 
aire, according to the severall positions I and configurations of the 
celestiall bodies. Also I the times of Conjunctions, greater and lesse; [ 
and Aspects Lunar and mutuall. [ Faithfullï supputated accordinff to 
Art, for the use [ of those that are residing towards the end of the [ 8 
climate of the world; situate in the North-tem-]perate Zone: The Pole 
Attique surmounting the 
mollo, hne.] 

Irnpr: 68 d: I637 : (eights) I6 o : pp. 
[48], slgnn. A-C': sign. I r beg. The 
3Ioone bath: Long Primer Roman and 
English. Contents :--sign.A,title, within 

a line and a border of woodcuts : A2r-4 r 
prefatory notes, chronological and astro- 
logical : 4"-8", the Calendar : 8"-c8 , 
" A Prognostication" for each month. 

Rare. This appears to be the first and last Almanac issued by Wyberd. See the 
note under tooker, above in this year. Besides the ,, ords underlined in the above title, 
the words " Oxford," and " famous Universitie. 637.' in the imprin, are printed in 
red : as well as other words in the text of the book. There is an astrologica woodcut 
of a man on sign. A 4 r. 

. Achilles Tatius. . The Loves ] or Ii cr.rovo,x i ,XrD I r.vx- 
cœv, lA most elegant Hstory, written in Greeke by ACmLL,V.S 

TATIUS: I And now Englished. I [line, mollo, line, woodcu/, h'ne.] 

Impr. 7  : 638 : (eights) ao: pp. 
[4]+ 255+[]: p. I beg. affaires, dis- 
traction: English Roman. Contents : 
p. ()title: (2) verses " On the Frontis- 
piece." : (3) an engraved title, see below : 

(5-6) " The Translator to the Reader ": 
(7-24) cornplimentary verses by friends 
of the translator, whose initiais and Chris- 
tian naine ae incidentall mentioned : x- 
55, the book. 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 3oi. The translator of the Tà «a-r?, Av«[rrrrTv 
t¢a KA«troçovroE was Anthony Hodges, of New College. Wood refers to an impres- 
sion of this book in 1638 without the commendatory verses : this would be no doubt 
an early issue. The engraved title is a fine one by W. Marshall, in which the words 
of the ordinary title, with impr. 73, are on a shell held by two mermaids; behind 
is a storm-tossed ship with the two lovers on board and Cupid in the stern, with 
the city of" Alexandria" in the background. This title as probably intended to be 

2o 4 THE OXFORD PRESS. [1338. 

printed on the second leaf of the first section: but as it is, the frontispiece is on an 
mserted leaf, and the truc second leaf is torn out. This book seems to be still the only 
Eglish translation of the romance, except that in Bohn's library. 

2. Bancroft, John, bp. of Oxford. ARTICLES TO DE ] ENQVIRED 
OF } WITHIN "I-HF DIOCES OF i OXFORD, in the trienniall Iisi-lalion of the 
Right Reverend Fa-lther in God Iohn Lord Bi-[hop of OxVORID. I nVL3 I 
In the yeare of Dur LORD GoI) 1638. in the i fourteenth yeare of the 
Reigne of Dur most ] gracious Soveraign Lord, CHAR/_V.S I by the grace 
of GoI King of I great, lritt«z)ze .lrance, & I /friand, Defender of I the 
Faith &c. ][woodcuL] 

lmpr. Sz: 638 : sm. 4°: pp. [If]], l" title: A2r-A3 r, Oath, Charge and Direc- 
signn. A-13*: sign. I3I r beg. buricd any: [ tions: ADV-B3 r, the Articles in twodivi- 
Pica English. Conteuts:--p. si.gtl. AI. r, sions: B3 v, directions: 4, not seen. 

3. Burton, Robert. a'nE I 
exactly as 1628 ]3, being from the 
" thirde," and different date.] 

Anatomy of] melancholy ] [&c., 
saine plate with "fift" instead of 

Impr. 70: I638 : .fours) folio : pp. 
[14]+ 784-[2]+ 723 (after 218 are two 
unnumbered leaves) + [9] : PP- I beg. 
judgement and in Germao, , 6 sate up 
late : English Roman. Contents :ex- 
actly as m the 632 edition, except that 

the " Synopsis of the first partition" pre- 

cedes the poem " ad librum suum", the 
" analysis ofthe third partition " oizcupies 
pp. 399-4»I, and the pat-tition extends to 
p. î23: while there is no colophon, there 
being no p. (io) at end. 

See Wood's Mth. Oacon., ed. P, liss, iii. 653 and I62I B. There is a note before the 
tFrrala in which the author says that the book was begun to be printed DOt long before 
at Èdinburgh '" sed à typogrophis nostris ilicb suppressa, Londini mox illorum cure 
venia protelata, Oxonioe demum perfecta." Accordingly signn. A-X x are DOt Oxford 
printing, but presumably from Èdinburgh type" at p. 347 begins Oxford printing, the 
prefatory matter being also Oxford work. It would appear that some Edinburgh printers 
began a reprint, that the Oxford printers interfered and suppressed it, that with their 
consent the part printed in Scotland ,.vs hot destroyed but 2#rotelata, prolonged, given 
a further lease o- lire, at London, and finally brought to Oxford and completed. The 
woodcuts and details of printing point to the division being before p. 347- The 
signatures of the first sheet are nil, § 2, §, § 2, § 3, nil (!), hot counting the engraved 
title hich should occur between the first and second leaf. 

4. Bythner, Victorinus. [hhe] [ '. 
Sanctoe, I[h)e]] Usui eorum ] Quibus 'on/«s Israëh's plenè ] intelligere, 
& ex ilfis limpidissimas I aquas haurire, curoe cordique est, } accommo- 
data: *** I 

Impr. 183 : 1638 : (fours) I2o: pp. [8] 
+ 224 + [2 ] : p.  I beg. discerpi, 2o t 
lo¢um ubi: English Roman. Contents : 
p. (I) title : (2) "Approbatio " by the 
Oxford Professor of Hebrew, and Impri- 
matur by the Vice-Chancellor: (3-4) 
Latin dedication to the dean and canons 
of Christ Church: (5) two Greek poems 

on the book by Edw. Wirley, rector of St. 
Ebbe's, Oxford : '7) " Sceleton . . ." of 
the book, a plan of contents: (8)" Ad- 
monitio ad Lectorem" : 1-224, the work 
in I t ehapters (12o rules), with an " Ap- 
pendix de Aramoeismo...": (i) " Nomina 
authorum.., ex quibus hoec Institutio est 
ç;onci.tmat. ' 

Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 675. This is the first edition, the 
,.econd being published at Cambridge in 1645 (the author having moved thither when 

1838.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 2o,5 

the Civil War broke outil and afterwards several rimes, separately or with the Lyra 
l'rophetica, in Lot.don. This is an advance on 163t B. 

5. C[aussin], N[icolas]. r, vE [ Ur¢VORTUr,',TE I POLITIQt'E, [ 
written in French I By C. N. I F»ffh'shed blG. P. 


Impr. 185 : I638 : (eights) 16 ° : pp. 
[8] + 218 + [4] : P-  beg. ruIe, b.e, 2Ol 
selle so : Eglih Roman. Contents :m 
p. (I)title, ,aithin a border of woodcut 

ornaments : (3-7 " To the courteous and 
ingenious reader" : I-2,8, the work, 
bearing as a second title " The Lire of 

This is a tran.-,lation of the 4th book of the vell-known Çour Sainte of Nicolas 
Caussin the Jesuit cal. 1651",entitled " De l'Impieté des Cours" or "Le Politique mal- 
heureux", omitting the first few words: and is in fact a biography of lterod the 
Great, with reflections on his conduct. The translator gives no clue to his own name, 
but mentions the author as " the judicious and eloquent Causinus." The Cour Sainte 
(first i.sucd in 1624) was translted as a whole into Eglish in 163I and into Italian, 
German, Spanish, and other languages, but this 4th part seems never to have been 
issued separately in French (in ltalian 1634, &c.) : and this Oxford volume though not 
rare bas escaped even the eve of Backer and his editor Sommervogel (1891), probably 
because concealed under initiais. Some copies have I639 on the titlepage. 

6. Chillingworth, William. THE I RELIGION OF I PROTESTANTS l 
blERCY AND TRVTH, I Ol', Charity rnaintain'd by I Catholiques, xvhich 
pre-ltends to prove the I Contrary. I [hhe] ] By vrILLIAM CHILLINGWORTH 

Impr. I8o or 181: I638: (fours)la. 
8°: pp. [32] + 413 + [3] : P-  beg. vhtced 
that they, 4I which rentaht : English 
Roman. Contents :p. () title, within 
double lines: (3-7) epistle dedicatory to 
the king: (imprimaturs by the Vice- 
chancellor and the two Theological Pro- 

fessors at çxford, one dated 4 Oct. 1637 : 
(9-3 I) " The Preface to the author of 
Charity maintained [M. Wilson]  ith an 
answer to his pamphlet entituled a Drec- 
tion to N. N." : 1-413, the book, vhich 
incorporates most of the text of the book 
answered: (I) Errata. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 9 . This book (which Wood erroneously 
states was issued in I636, and which was republished in 1664, I674, I684, 1687, 17o 4, 
719, 1727, 1742, I752, 182o, I838, 1845, 846), was the effect and cause of consider- 
able controversy, Chillingworth hadng reeently reverted from Roman Cathoieism fo 
Protestantism, and the form of the book being that of an answer to part I of M. Wilson's 
Aler O, and truth or Charity mahttayn'd (1634 , itself an answer to Potter's IVant of 
çharity (see 1633 P). The controversy is well described in the Dict. of National 
Biography. There was a suspicion that Wilson obtained advance copies of the sheets 
of this book as it went through the press, see Laud's History of the Chancellor»hip 
under the year, where are also gien the archbishop's vievs about the advisability of 
Çhillingworth answering the second part also of Wilson's book. The present voltme 
s headed " Part i." throughout. The issue of this volume with an imprint showing 
that it was published in Londou is said to have some slight changes, but they are not 
easily to be round, and in general the t', o is.-ues appear to be identical. The description 
of the Errata and their cause shows that it was the custom, at least at Oxford, for 
authors to redse their proofs--which has been recently denied. 

7. C[roke], dr. Ch[arles]. 


of If'ar-lkiglon in Cumlberland, 

OF S r 
[ WHO 

WITH INFI-[NITE SORROW Off" [ all that knew him depar-[ted this life 
A ugust: 2r. i being Sunday: 1,636. [ir TIa lOVRTrTrt [ yeare of 


his age; and lyes in-lterred 
hamshire. I [h'ne.] 

in the Church of l A mersham in 2?uc-lking- 

Impr. lr9 : 1638 : sm. 4 °: pp. [8] + 
3-: p. I beg. Ieeve that: Great Primer 
Roman. Content» :--p. (i) title, within 
arehed border: (3-4)dedication to sir 
Patrieius and lady Curwen, signed " Ch. 

C." : 5) " The Author to the Reader" : 
(7-8) hOt seen: I-23, the sermon, on 
Job x-iv. 2: u4-3-, description of the 
fanerai and copies of the ver»es upon the 

Rare. See Wood's ]:asti Oxon., ed. ]31iss, i. 424 . Sir Patricius Cnrwen's son had been 
sent for tuition to the Rector of Amersham, dr. Croke, in whose house he died. The 
monument still exists at Amersham, and is described in Lipscomb's luckinghamshire, 
iii. I69 : the bnrial was on 23 Aug. 1636. The preface explains, that "these papers 
have lien two years in Cumberland in a Manuseript, which pnvacm hot sati»fying the 
great affection of Noble Parents towards their deceased Son, they are no, corne to... 

view" The ten copie» of ver»es are in Latin and English,.the most considerable 
being ]'a Dialogue" in verse by Paul Solomeaux a Frenchman 

8. Florus, Lucius Julius. L. jVLII FLOrU [ rerum à I ROta.',nS [ 
Gzs'r.,,R'Z I t.:m, ,v. ! A Jona.',.'.,,'r S'ramo «menda,q.I.EdiZio noz'a 
st'nguh's B'eolert?t's pugah'or I " emendalior. [ sosvM F_XCVSVS I IN 
EO Co.,-,v-xTaus I Jorax: STalm, Historioe & 3Ia-[theseos Lova- 
Professoris primi, [ elaboratissimus: [ Cui accesserunt Chronolocoe 
Doctiss: [,: Sar.3tasxr excerptiones. [ Unà cum variis lectionibus 
ex notis Gruhr[,]Salmast't', Vine/t; & editionibus, colle-lctis; & cum 
hc nostrâ collatis: ] Sub calce irodz'l L. Ampelii Liber .]iemoriah's ex ! 
Clariss: Salmash" bibh'otheca ?ehlus. [ Cum Indice Rerum & Verborum [ 
uberrimo. ][two l;.«s.] 

Impr. 1_- : I63S : (twelves  16 ° : pp. 
[4] + 137 +[I]+39 + [,e3] + 31 +[I]: 
pp.  begg. immortali«n, rum îleb., 
quem Carthaginienses : Long Primer 
Roman. Contents:--p. (1) title: (3-4) 
" Typographxas Lectori '" 
ciselv as "-63I F, except 
nowU's, I's consonantal 


: I, a title pre- 
that ail V's are 
are J's. and ij's 
ii's, and in 1L 7-8 "turgatiorl  

emendatior", with impr. 72 a'. 3-37, 
(I), 1-319, .I-3.; ) are also preeisely as 
in 63I F, the titlepage on p. 2 differing 
slightly in minute points: (36-67) the 
Excerptiones, with Epilogus : (6b-  5) 
"Ad Florum variarum lectionum libel- 
1125 "". I I6-I 23 , 1-31 "Lucius Ampelius 
ex bibliotheca C1. Salmasii ", with preface. 

This is a reprint of 163I F, with additions shown on the titlepage. 
words are in red, as well as " Oxonioe," in the imprint. 

The underlined 

9-GardYner, dr. Richard. . A [ SERIOS ! PREACH'D Ih" ] "I-HE 
Wherein is. defended the Catholique[Doctrine that Christ is Truc[ 
God Truel 3 Incarnate. [ ,aLVSr rH ozzE z-IcaA,'d tteresies ne',ve 
.R«iu'd in I chose lacer 1)ayes. I [',«] I -I RCH.,RI GhRD'.','v_R, D.D. 

Impr. 75: 1638: sm. 4°: pp. [8]+ 
3I + [I] : p. II beg..#ab& to saz,e : Great 
Primer Roman. Content» :--p. (3) fitle, 

within a line: (5-8) 
Duppa dean of Ch. Ch. : 
on John i. 4- 

dedication to dr. 
I-31 » the sermon» 

See Wood's A th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 92 I. 


IN SAINT ] PETERS CHVRCH IN THE I EAST, the Accustomed place for the I 
REHE,RSaLL SERION on } THaT DaY: ] Wherein is prov'd the SONNE'S 
Equality with the F, THER, the I De  le Ha ÇosT, ] ,'D] The 
Resurrection of the saine Numericall Body, [ Ag«hsl e old, and 
O::ugn«r« {th««e Sa«red Verities. [h)te]uRtCHAD GAnvE, D.D. 
and Canon of[ the Cathedrall Church of Christ in OXVORD. I 

Impr. 174: 1638: sm. 4": pp. [8]+ 3 x 
+ [I]: p. Il beg. thevertue: Great l'rimer 
Roman. Contents :--p. (I) title, within 

a line: (3 7) Epistle dedicatory to dr. 
Richard Baylie: I 3, the sermon, on 
Rom. viii. I t. 

See W ood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 92I. 

,. Godwyn, Thomas. ota)¢. I rUSTOIIA i A.'a'HOIOIa I 
[&C., exactly as 633 G, except in line 9 "&" for "and," "use," and 
"inlarged by I lhe A ulhor."] 

Impr. I82 : 1638 : sm. 4 ° : [collation, ] signature 
contents &c. precisely as 1633 G, except "Tho."] 

of dedication "Tho:" not 

See 16 4 G. This appears to be an absolute reprint of the 1633 edition. 

I2. Jackson, dr. Thomas. ' i TREATISE ! OF THE CONSECRATION I 
OF THE SONNE OF I God to his everlasting ! Prv_sa'nooI. I.xD I "rHE 
accOtr, LISI-lr, t,',,'T I of it by his glorious Resurrection I and A scens/on. [ 
3ir,'; TI-I r,'ir«rn oor: [ of Commentaries upon the [ Apostles Clvl. 
cor«rxvl) ¥ ] Tno»,as Iacso Doctor in } Divinity, Chai»laine in 
ordinary to I his lXlaIST¥, and President 

Impr. 8oa : I638 : sm. 4": PP- [24] 
+ 352 + [4]: P- Il beg. the wages, 3o 
• o.36. This: English Roman. Contents: 
--p. () title, within double lines: (3-7) 
Epistle dedicatory to the King : (9- I) 

"To the Christian Reader": (I3-22) 
"A table of the principall Arguments 
• .. , a list of contents • (23) " Errata" : 
1-352, (1-3), the treatise, in 43 chapters. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ii. 667• Ten books of Jackson's Commentary on the 
Creêd were published in 63-654, this being the 9th and the last issued in the 
author's lifetime, he dying in 64o. This part was published (according to Wood) 
in 628 and I633 in London, and now in Oxford. Every page is within lines. 

3- Longinus, Dionysius. ,XlONYXlOY [ AOI'FINOY [ [&c., from 
the saine plate as 636 L, except that a new line is added at end " Cum 
I-ndice", the imprint and date are altered, and at the foot outside the 
bounding line is "edilio Poslrema."] 

Impr. 87 a: I638 : [&c. precisely as 
1636 L, except that the page following 
 17 bears in addition "Errata... ", and 
a new "Index rerum et verborum" is ap- 
pended on '4 pages the last of which 

adds "lmprimatur. ldic. laylie l'ice- 
carie. Oxon.', and 4 blank pages follow : 
so that the collation is pp. [42] + 1 76 + 
[2] + tl 7 +['9] and one folded plate.] 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 446. This is a reissue of the sheets of 1636 L 
with the changes noted above. Some copies omit the preface by Langbaine and with 
it the blank sheet before the inserted (engraved) title. Conversely there are copies of 
this edition with the x636 title and no ornament at the back of the folded plate. 

2o8 THE O.XFOI?D PRESS. [1638. 

'4. Matthew, archbp. Tobias. PIISSIMI I ET [ EMINE.IT,S$'MI  
VIRI, D. TOBI3E ] IATTH.I Mrch/ejMs-[cojM olim boracensis [ corco APo-| 
logetica adversus Campianum. ] [motîo, then zooodcuts.] 

Impr. ]76: 1638: (twelves) ]6°: pp. 
[]o] +86 : p. II beg ducens qui: Pica 
Roman. Contents --p. (I) title, within 
a line doubled at the sides : (3) "Campiani 

Calumnia... quam D. Tobias Matthoeus 
hac suâ Concione depellit": (4-9) Testi- 
monia about the sermon and author : 1- 
86, the sermon, on Deut. xxxii. 7- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Blis», ii. 871 , but the incident which vas the occasion 
of the sermon is related on col. 870. Matthew died on 29 Mar. 1628, and this sermon 
was intended to disprove Campian's statement that Matthew practically confessed that 
if one read and believed the fathers he would become a Papist. The sermon was 
originally delivered at Oxford on 9 Oct. 158x , but this is certainly the first printed 

5. Oxford, Christ Church. DEATH REPEAL'D I BY A ! THANKFVLL 
TIIE NOBLE ERTS OF [ the Right Honourable, I PAYLE,  Late Lord 
Vis-Cou-r I Ba''ixa i of Su.UR'. IWho changed his Earthly Honours ] 
lune lhe II. I638. I [ woodculs.] 

Impr. 174: ]638 : sm. 4°: pp. [4]+ 
50 (" 42'') + [2]: p. t beg. ll:e may 
belicve : English Roman. Contents :-- 

p. (t) title, within double lines: (3-4) 
dedication to lady Penelope vddow of 
viscount Bayning : x-" 42 ", the poems. 

See Wood's -asti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 468• These poems on lord Ba)ming's death 
at Bentley hall in Esex are all by Christ Church men, 19 in English, I in Latin. 
William Cartwright, Robert Burton. John Fell, Martin Llewellin and Jasper Mayne 
are among the writers. Lord Bayning took his dcgree from Christ Church in x633, but 
was only 24 years old at his death, ,,s hen the title became extinct. 

16. Oxford, Universitv. 

discrimine receptâ, ] [zooodcut.] 

3[usarunt Oxont'ens[um ] CHaRISTr'.IIA I 

Impr. ]5I b: 638 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [88], 
signn. A-fo, DB, E, a-b, bb, c-d *- sgn. 
r • beg. Qui prfmos: English Roman. 

Contents:--sign. i r title, within double 
lines : A2r-d4v, poems. 

These are verses to congratulate the Queen on her sale delivery and condole with 
ber for the loss of the infant princess, who seems to have lived only a few hours. The 
referenee is apparently to the birth of the princes Catherine (b. and d. :'9 Jan. 163], 
but the ordinary pedigrees and histories seem hOt to notice this event. The poems are 
in Latin and Eglish, except three Greek and two Freneh. The printer ,Lichfield) 
con tributes a poem at the end. The signatures show the hasty method of printing. 

17. " • STaTVra I Selecta è Corpore I Statutorum [ vr,-ivv.s_ 
TaTS I Oxor, VI in promptu " ad ma-lnum sint, quoe magis ad usum, I 
(pra-cfuè Iuniorum) i facere videntur: [ IlCe, then zvoodcul, then line.] 

Impr. 79 : 1638 : (eights) 6 o: pp. 
[8] + 2 ] 3 + [  5]. and two Iolding plates : 
p. ! beg. libros de Ca'fo, zoi non riùs : 
Pica Roman. Contents:--p. (3) title, 
within a border: (5-7) "Admonitio ad 
lectorem de veteri Calendario omisso", 
with a table of "Non Dis." days: (8) 

Explanation of symbols used : I-I97, the 
statutes : 98-2o5, ,' Statuta Bibliothecœe 
• • • ' EZrL- 
Bodleianoe ] 62o" : 207-2 ] 3, 
vo« : seu explanatio luramenti... "-. 
(-3), not seen : (4-I 2) "Elenchus Ma- 
teriarum ": (i4) "Errata . " 

638.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 20 9 

This is the first edition of the selected Statntes, the beginning of a long series, and 
was compiled by Thoma Crossfield of Queen's College. Other editions were issued 
in J66I, and with the title "Parecboloe" in 1671 , 1674, 168-, 1693, 17o5, 71o, 
1721, 17oE9, 74o, 756, 177, 784, 794, I8o8, 85, 82o, 828, 83 o, I835, 1838, 
184o, 184 I, 1842, 1843, 1845, 1846, and no doubt in some other years, especially after 
183o: the book was in fact reprinted whenever the stock in hand was exhausted. 
Wharton's Second Uoh«me of he Remains of... IVilliam Zaud . . . , under the date, 
proves that it was issued in Jan. 163z,. A small folded sheet "Indiculus Statutorum", 
a plan of them arranged by subject and bearing the signature a2, should follow the 
titlepage, and in some copies the large Encydopœedia, described in 1635 O, is inerted 
to face p. 16 or -o: but the book can hardly be pronounced imperfect, if this plate is 
wanting. The signatures of the prefatory matter are peculiar: the first two leaves 
(blank, and ride) form a section of themselves, and also the next two, not counting the 
folded leaf, and this even in large paper copies. So too sign. Q« is divided into two 
sers of two and foar leaves respectively ! The 4th leaf of P is presumably blank and 
perhaps always tom off. The underlined words in the above title are printed in red, 
as well as " Excusa cure Licentiâ," and " pro Guil: Webb," in the imprint. 

18. Ranchinus, Gulielmus. a I rvIw ] °F r.l coxz'cL- I 
OF I TR'T" i VVherein are contained the severall I nullities of it: With 
the many grievan-lces and prejudices done by it to Christian I Kings and 
Princes: I As also to all Catholique Churches in the I World ; and more 
particularly to the [ GALLICANE Church. [ [two l/ms] [ First writ in 
French by a learned Roman»Catholique. i Now I Translated into English 
..v G. L. I [two l/nes belote, between and after a mollo and woodcut.] 

Impr. 177 : 1638 : (fours) la. 8°: pp. 
[28] + 388 : p. t beg. sidcr tltese, 3oi to 
detcrmine : Pica Roman. Contênts : 
(I) title, within double line : (3-4) dedica- 
tion to dr. Christopher Porter, by Gerard 
Langbaine the translator, dated" Queenes 
Colledge in Oxford April 12. 1638: (5- 
See Wood's A th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 
Langbaine's Preface. Ranchin's l(evision 
anonymously in 16oo. 

IO) " To the Reader" by the translator : 
(tt-i2) " An Advertisement to the 
Reader... " by the anonymous author'. 
(I 3-26) " A summary of the Chapters" : 
(27) "Faults escaped ": 1-388 , the work, 
n seven books. 

448. The author's naine occurs in 
du Concil de Trente was published 

19. Randolph, Thomas. 
Arts, [and late Fe]low of 2)-zW, 

[By THOMAS IANDOLPH laster of 
Colledge in ]Cambr/dge. [ [h)«e, then 

Impr. 174: 1638: sm. 4°: pp. [24]+ 
I28+[2]+93+[7]+14: pp. II beg. 
IVent forth,shal!see andr te be: English 
Roman. Contents:--p. () title, within 
a line double at the sides : (3-.z4  poems 
on the author and book : I- 28, the poems: 
() a title :" [woodcut] [THE MVSES [ 
I.OOXIG-C.LASSr. [[line] .By T'x'l4: 
[line, then woodcut] ", with I mpr. 

1-93. the play, in rive acts: (2) a titlê :-- 
"[txvo lines]]MYN'rSlOR THE [ 
ACTED [ belote the KNo & QuEENE [ at 
IVoeie-ffa/L [ [lineJ [ Written by T.OMAS 
RANDOLPtI. [[line, mollo, woodcut]", 
with impr. 184: (4) "Drammatis Per- 
sonre": (6-7), -4, the play in rive 

Rare. See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 565, and the ?etros;ective l?eview vi. 6. 
The volume was posthumous (the author having died in March 63) and was edited 
by his brother Robert Randolph of Christ Church, Oxford. There are twelve sets of 
complimentary verses, in Latin and Ènglish, by the editor, Owen Feltham, and others. 
Editions of the poems and plays were published in 164o (Oxford), 1643 (London), 
1652 (London), 664 (London) and 1668 (Oxford) : both the last call themselves the 
5th edition. The signature mn through the entire "work. 



20. Reusner, Nicolas. NICOLAI REUSXERI LEORI.Xq I IC. Comitis 
Palat. Coes. | S',»,BOLOR,I ] Im'ZRATORIORU', ] Prima. I [&c., 
exactly as i533 R, except "Impp:", "Juhb", "oPus PHILOLOC, ICU," 
"utile, and "SïXTA " for "0v, rNTA " . 

lmpr. J3;" : 638: [&c. exactly as 633 
R, contents and ail, except that the 3rd 
part contains 224 numbered pages, the 
last wt being misprinted "9 S " as it is in 
the 5th edition : also the 3rd p. Il begins 
" 'am .- setundùm ": the second and 

third titles differ slightly in small details. 
The number of unnumbered pages at the 

end of the 3rd part are 36, and the " 34" 
in the collation of x633 R is an error for 
36: the four leaves in eaeh edidon 
are blank.J 

This is simply a verbatim reprint of I633 R. 

21. Scheiblerus, Christophorus .... I IETAPHYSlCA ] [precisely 
as x 637 S, except as there noted]. 

Impr. 178" 1638 [&c. exactly as 1637 S, except as thcre noted]. 

This is a reissue of 16 3 7 S. 

22. Smiglecius, Martinus. l_OC;IC.-,, I 3IARTINI I SMIGLECII ] SO- 
quoestionibus illustrata, ]Er i.,," i)tos TO3OS mSVRIBt:TA : I In qua ] Q.uic- 
quid in A risloleh'co organo vel [ cognitu necessarium, vel obscuntate 
lJerple-xum, tare clarè & perspicuè, quàm so- lidè ac nervos pertractatur. I 
[hhe]]Cum INDICE Rerum co?ioso. I [/b2e] [ AD I Perillustrem ac Mag- 
nificum Dominum, ! Dru Tno»xa3 Z,.xoYscu., &c. I 

Impr. I6_,a: I638: (eights" sm. 4°: 
pp. [t6] + 435 + [3] + "435 "--" 6I "+ 
[3]" P-Il beg. D/co igitur, 7Ol )Von 
tamen : Long Primer Roman. Contents : 
--p. () title, within double lines: (3-6) 
Epistola dedicatoria to Thomas Zamoy- 
scius, dated " Calissii in Collegio Carne- 
cox iano Societatis Jesu, I 5. Augusti  6  6 ": 
(6 "Approbatio R. P. Provincialis," 24 

June t 616 • (7- I I )" Index disputafionum 
et quoestiont, m prima parte Contentarum ", 
a li,st :,,  12-16) "Index . . . partis se- 
cunfloe - 1-435 , '" Par prima logice 
" disputations I-X I: (2) a bastard 
titl • " Logicœe .. pars altera " 
435î'6I. the second part, dispp. 12-18: 
(2-3$) "' Index rerum l,roecipuarum . . " 

See 634 S: this is a verbatim repfint of that edition. 

23. Taylor, bp. Jeremy.  ] SV_R,,OX I I,R.CVlV.D I.W ] SalXT 
MARIES [ çhurch in OXFO. [Vpon the Anniversa- of the [ Gu.owBR- 
TRaSOX. ,[h] I By IR,¥ TaVLOR, Fellow of I Al/sou/es Coldg«  
Oxrog. I [hhe, mollo, wood«ul.] 

Impr. 8o : x638 : sm. 4 ° : pp. [Io] + 
64 : p. Il beg. third rime" English Roman. 
Contents" p. (i) ride, within double lines: 

(3-o dedication to archbp. Laud : 
the sermon, on Luke ix. 54- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 787- This sermon, which seems to have been 
delivered on Nov. 5, 638, dashed the hopes which the Roman Catholics seem to have 
entertained of the conversion of Taylor to their faith. Wood asserts (ut supra, 782) 
that "several thmgs were put in[to the sermon] against the Papists by the then vice- 
charte.", dr. Aeeepted f rewen. The sheets of this work were reissued as part of 
Taylor's 7"reai«es (Lond. 164S ). 

24. *Thornburgh, Edward, archdeacon of Worcester. 


1030.] THE OXFOID PRESS. 2  1 

TO BE ENQVIRED [ OF AND ANSWERED ] unto bv the Church-wardens and 
Sworne-men within the A rch-Dea-lconrie of Jlbrcesler in the Visitation 
of the Right worshipfull Edward[ ïehorn3urg Dr of Divini-lty Arch-- 
Deacon of[ IVor«««t«r. J A nno Domim" l [h'ne, woodcu/, h'ne.] 

Impr. 152: no date: sm. 4o: pp. [.6], 
si.¢nn. A-1d : sign. I I r beg. 16. ttath your: 
Pica Euglish. Contents :wsign. A t r, a. 

form ofsummons to appear : A*. r, the title: 
A2v-3 r, Directions and Oath: A4*-B4 v, 
the 86 articles. 

This is not dated, but the copy .,een bore a summons to Stratford-on-Avon officiais, 
filled up with the date I Apr I638. It could not be earlier than 635 from the 
woodcut ornaments used and the printer, and is probably of the year 1638. 

most t,rofitable, most ] necessary, and most perfect in out [ Christian 
Profession. [ WRITTEN IN SPANISH, ] Brought out of Italy by 
and [ first set forth in Italian at asd by[C«hs Secundus 
Av'o 55o. [ Afterward translated nto French, and Printed [at 
563. and again at Paris 1565. [ And now translated out of the Italian 
Copy into English, with notes. [ Whereunto is added an Epistle of the 
A uthors, [ or a Preface to his Divine Commentary [ ufion le omans. 

Impr. I8o: I638: sm. 4°: pp. [32]+ 
3 zt +[3]: p. II beg. Consid. I:, 3oi the 
Iteavens : Pica Roman. Contents :--p. 
(I) title, within a line- (3-4) " The Pub- 
lisher to the Reader" : (5-3) " Brîef 
notes relating to the dubious and offensive 
places..." : (4- 9) the preface of Curio 
(Basil,  May I55o): (20-28) " A Table 
ofthe... Considerations ": (3o)A " cen- 

sure" of the book, or imprimatur, by 
Thomas Jackson president of Corpus 
Christi College, Oxford : (3-2) " A copy 
of a letter written by Mr. George Herbert 
to his friend the Translator of thi» Book " 
dated "Bemmorton Sept. 2 9 , 63î" - 
3  ,thc Considcrations: (I- t ) thc Epistle: 
(I 2) " Errata ". 

This translation of Juan de Valdés' work from the Italian is by Nicholas Ferrar of 
Little Gidding (d. 4 Dec. 1637), and it is interesting to find that there is a copy of this 
book in Little Gidding binding (Quaritch's General Catalogue of Books, vol. i. (1887 , 
no. 5929 : 4)- There was an edition issued at Cambridge in 646. 

t3acon, sir Francis. 
learning : sec 64o B. 

Of the advancement and 

proficience of 

t. Balzac, Jean Louis Guez de. , I COLLECTION ] Ove SOtE 
»to I EISTLS I OF :,OZ,'S,:.,', I I z,,c. I CE¥LL¥ I TR'SLTE, 

mollo, wood«uls.] 

Impr. 184: I639: (eights) 12°: pp. 
[48] + 249 + [9] : P- II beg. Let. III, 2Ol 
there is no : Great Primer Roman. Con- 
tents :--p. (I) engTaved title, sec below : 
(3) title, within double lines : (a-ix) "To 

the Reader", signed "' F. B.", the printer 
F. Bowman : (I 3-I 5") "An advertisement 
of Mons. the King" : (i 7-47) letters, a 
poem &c, see below : t-249 , the letters : 
(2-5) "A table of the letters ". 


,  2 THE OATORD PRESS. [loo. 

The tiret three parts of Balzac's Letters were printed at London in 1634 ¢part 1, 
translated by William Tyrwhitt) and I638 (parts . and 3, translated by sir Richard 
Baker). The present volume is a venture by the printer, who bas prefixed some letter, 
papers, and a Latin poem ail connected with the quarrel between Balzac and the J.esuit 
Franciscus Garassu«, in which Louis xiii intervened as a conciliator. There s an 
engraved title by W. Marshall, in which kings and theoloffians do honour to Balzac, 
the title being " A new collection of Epistles of Mons : de Balzae, being the fourth and 
last volume. Newly translated", with impr. I92. The range of Balzac's letters is 
from 1631 to 1637. 

Impr. 18o: 1639: (eights) 16": pp. 
[,_q] + 184 : p. II beg. being the, ol Adjec- 
tivall: Long Primer Roman. Contents: 

ip. () title, within double lines: (3-5) 
dedication to archbp. Laud: (6-8) " To 
the Reader": 1-184, the work. 

See Wood's Fasti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 41I ; but nothing seems to be known of the 
author at present. Tbe book is a Latin grammar in English, for the use ofwhich latter 
language the author excuses himself. The sheets of this work, omitting the prefatory 
matter and with a different style of title and imprint, were reissued at Oxford in 1641. 
The author divides grammar into Rudiment (grammar proper, divided into Elementary 
and Accidentary) and Regiment (syntax). 

3. [Cartwright, William]. rnw I ROVar_r. i sr.avv.. 1.4 i Tragi. 
Cornedy. I Presented to the King and Queêne I by the Students of 
Christ-Church[in Oxford. Augus! 3 o. x636. [ Presented since to both 
their Ma Ijesties at ]-[amplon,,Courl by the I Kings Servants. I [two lines.] 

Impr. 189 : I639: sm. 4 ° : pp. [68], 
signn. A-li t 1  : Slgn. CI r beg. 7he grand 
contriî'ance : Pica Roman. Contents :-- 
sign. At, title -. A2 r, " The Prologue to 
the King and Quçene": 2-3 ", " The 

Prologue to the Vniversity" : A3 , "The 
Prologue to their Majesties at Hampton- 
Court " : A4 r, " The Persons of the Play "'. 
BIr-H4L the play : Ilr-2 r, threeepilogues 
corresponding to the prolog'ues. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 69, and 164o C. Cartwright's poems and 
plays were published together in 165I, the anthor having died in 1643. The scene of 
this play is laid at Sardis. An account of the performance at Christ Church, at which 
the scenic arrangements seem to have been very elaborate, will be round in Wood's 
Annals under the year 1636. 

4. C[aussin], N[icolas]. 

The unfortunate politique : see 1638 C. 

515SI3IA, C)XONIENSI [ ACADE3IIA Edocentem. i[woodcul.] 

lmpr. 186 : (eights) 12o : pp. [8] + 195 
+[t] : p. II beg. Commençons, IOI i °. Il 
ri'fa : Long Primer Roman. Contents :-- 
P-(3) title, within a line: (5-7)French 

dedication to Charles prince of Wales: 
I-i95, the  2 dialogues in Freneh, English 
,.central in the page) and Latin. 

See Wood's A th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. I8. t. Dugres or Du Gres had already issed 
a French glammar at Cambridge in 1636 , and new editions of his Dialogues, with 
rules of pronunciation and tables of verbs, were published at Oxford in I652 and 

lO3O.] TH£ OXFORD PRESS. 2  3 

6. Foxle, George. TH I GROrS I O T I Sgvr, I o ['rE 
",-',. I of the Tu 

Impr. I87 or 188 : 1639: (twelves) 
16 ° : pp. [16]+ 228+ [6] : p. Il beg. 
mired, but, IOl thesight: English Roman. 
Contents :--p. (I)title, within border of 
woodcuts : (3-9) Epistle dedicatory 

"to the noble and much honoured Com- 
pany of Hierusalem's Artillery", signed 
" George Foxle ": (IO-143 "To the 
Rentier", also signed : (15) " The con- 
tents... "'. 1-228, the treatise. 

A (George ?) Foxley is mentioned in Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. l:liss, iv. 37, as 
preaching in London in .[an. 64. Copies of this treatise differ in the imprint, 
showing that it was published both at Leicestcr and Bristol. Each page is withia 
lines, doubled at the top and outer side. 

7. Fromondus, Libertus. LIBER'ri FRO3IONDI [ S. TH. L. I Col- 
h.gii Fal«oni« in A«ad«mial Loz,anio, si Philo«ohiœe P,ofes-',soris t"ri- 
ma,'ff [ ,TtO.OOaICOgV,, I ,.R SEX. 

Impr. I9o: 1639 : (eights) 12o: pp. 
[16]+5o5+[23]: p. I beg. nubem  
Zona, 4o Alulla ffcucrosa : Long Primer 
Roman. Contents:p. (I) " A": (3) 
trie : (5-fo)dedication to Maximilian de 
Rassenghem, Lovanii, I Jan. 1627: (11- 

I5) " Ad Lectorem ": 1-5o5, the work, 
in 6 books: (2-8) "Index capitum et 
articulorum" in the order of the book: 
(i o-2 2) " Index rerum mcmorabilium ", 

This is a reprint of the 1627 or 1631 Antwerp edition, being itself the third. The 
scope of the work may be gathered from the definition of "Meteora" as being 
phenomena produced by vapour (rain, &c.), or by exhalation (fiery, as lightning and 
falling stars: or non-fiery, as winds), or by both clouds). Fromondus lived from 
587 to 654, chiefly at Louvain. 

8. Gardyner, dr. Richard. a I SERO [ COXCRXX'G ] "rH I 
EPIPHANY, { PREACHED AT THE [ Cathedrall Church of Christ [ in O.oEord. [ 
By RICHARD GARDYNER, D.D. [and Canon of the same l Chu,ch. I 

Impr. 193 : x639 : sm. 4" : PP- [8]+ 
31 +[I]: p.  beg. IVhat r«ht : Great 
Primer Roman. Contents :pp. (1-2), 

not seen: p. (3) title, within a border of 
woodcuts: (5-8) dedication to bp. John 
Bancroft : -31, the sermon, on Matth.ii. 2. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 921. The dedication mentions that the 
bishop had built the old palace at Cuddesdon, reformed the altars throughout his 
diocese, and suitably inscribed the Cathedral communion plate. 8ign. A4  is paged 
28 by error. 

9. Greaves, Thomas (Gravius). z rZNGv I .«RamC  I VTILI - 
TATE [ ET PR-,W, STANTIA I O,'alzb OXOSII habita [ Iul. 9. 37-I A I 
TOA GRZAVS COI1. Corp. [ CrtIi Soab. [ Cure [ Arabcam Lec- 
turam à Reverendissimo [ Paire ac Do»n)to aVLIELJIO[ Archiepiscopo 
Cantuariensi & Academioe [ Caxctagm Oxon( z}zsl/tulam[loco ab- 
semis Professoris auspicaretur. ] [woodcut.] 

Impr. I51 : 1639: sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 2I 
+ [3] : P- II beg. brarint, hmumera: 
Great Primer Roman. Contents :p. () 

title, within a line: (3) " Lectori... 
I--2 I, the speech. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. 131iss, iii. lO61. The speech mentions Laud's bene. 
factions to the Bodleian. The absent profesaor was dr. Edward Pococke. Some 
copies bave imprint  76. 


IO. Grotius, Hugo. 

De veritate religionis Christianoe. 

Both in the 3 fa and 4 th part of Richard Davis's auction sale catalogue (3 fa pa.rt 
(I688), p. 12, no. 550:4 th part (1692), p. I8, no. 323) an Oxford edition of 1639 xs 
mentioned; as well as in Ersch and Gruber's EncTclopœedia: but the edition itself 
is hot in the greater hbraries and ordinary bibliographies. The first edition was in 
Dutch in 1722, the Latin editions before I639 were all published at Le)den in I624, 
1627, I629, 1633 and I637. There are Oxford editions of 166o and i662, as well 
as later. 

Ix. Heylyn, Peter. 


HEYLYN. ] lb)le, mollo» 

Imp. 119 : 1639 : (eights) sm. 4°: pp. 
[20] + 808 + [4]: P- Il beg. I. Ftrst thon, 
7 °  dals, or l'indelici : l'ica Roman. 
Contents :m[as 163 1 H, with a few minute 

differences of spelling or use of capitals, 
and a slight change of reference (only) to 
the last rive pages.] 

For the author and book see Wood's Ath. Oxan., ed. Bliss, iii. 557: see also 
1621 H. Some copies of this work bave " 1939'' on the titlepage. There should 
be a folded leaf aftêr p. 2.'8 as in former editions. 

i2. Hommius, Festus. 
[&c., precisely as 163o H, with 
adjecliom'bus rightly italic.] 

LXX. I dispvtatio.lnes theologîcoe; [ 
"tertia" for "sea«nda , and the j in 

Impr. 72 a: 1639: [&c. exactly as 163 ° tt.] 

This is a verbatim rcprint of the 163o edition. 

 3. Hungerford, sir Anthony. THE, [ ADVISE OF I A SON'NE PRO.-[ 
rESSI.X(; THV RELt-'.(;IOX ZST,BLSHED I in the present Church of Eg-I 
land lo h/s deare fllolher a I Roman Catholike. [ VVHEE'Nro zs ADDED I 
"r ,twIORIm Or  r,TR ] to his deare children, containing an[ 
acknowledgement of God his great mercy, in [ brin#ng him to the 
29ro/'esst'on of the true [ lgeligion, ai lhis presenl eslabh'shed I », lhe Church 
ofngland. [ [h)/e] BY [ ASTH. HV:';GERFORD of Blackbourton [in Com. 

Impr. 182: 1639: sm. 4o: pp. [2!+62: 
p. Il beg. answer, that he : English Roman. 
Contents :---p. (1) title, within a border 
of woodcuts: 1-38 , the Advice : 39-4 o, 

a preface to the following piece, dated 
" From my house at Blackbourton this 
7th of Apnll 1627": 41-62, the Me- 

See Wood's .4lb. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 4 t I, where Wood says that the first part vas 
writt;en in about 16o7, and that the writer died in June 1627 • that Laud refused to 
license it for printing in I63 , because it was so strongly worded against Roman 
Catholicism, and that after this failure the son, sir Edward Hungerford, "got it to be 
printed at Oxon", with the Memorial. 

14. Jewell, bp. John. POLOGIA[rCCLrSI.EIA.xGLICaSm" 
h;,e] [ Auctore Jo..-. Juv_rLo, ! olim Episcopo Sarisburiensi. ] [line- 
Cure Versione Groeca .f.S. Bacc. in Art. [ Coll. Mag. qtior]dar 
Socii. [[mollo, then woodcut.] 

103o.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 2 .5 

Impr. t.53 : I639 : (eights) x 6o : pp. 
[12] + 331 +[I] : p. II beg. rw.«Lr«?aOat, 
3oi ®«i'o A7o : Piea Roman. Contents : 
---p.() title: (3-4) EpistolaP. Martyris, to 
Jewel : (5-I I) the translator's dedication 

to dr. William Langton, president of 
Magdalen, signed " Job. Smith": (t) a 
poor Greek epigram on this edition, signed 
" H. H.": 2-33I, the work, Latin on the 
verso of each leaf, Greek on the recto. 

See I6I 4 J: the first English and Latin editions were in 562. It is odd that in 
the Cataloffus.. . li3rorum 2'ichardi Davis . . . dars tertia (I688) on p. 13 the date 
of this book is twice misprinted I637. 

I5. Kempis, Thomas a. THE lIMITATION[ OF CHRIST, [ Divided 
inlo our ]_¢ooks. [ Written in Latin by [ TnO.,aS  KEtlS, [And the 
Translations of it [ Cor«ecled " amended[ by W. P.| [woodcut.J 

lmpr.56b : 639: ttwelves) I6 ° : pp. 
[60] + 381 + [I 5] : P" Il beg. 26. ht their 
lire, 3ox not to be discussed: Long 
Primer Roman. Contents:--p. (I) title, 
within double lines: (3-8) Eistle dedi- 

catory to Wa|ter Curie, bp. of Winchester, 
signed " William Page " : (9-60) " To 
the Chlistian reader" signed " \\. P.": 
1-381, the Imitation, in 4 books : (2-1 ) 
" A Table of the chapters.. " 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 655. This is the first Oxford edition of the 
Imitation and the only edition of dr. Page's revision. The reviser, who was the 
bp. of Winchester's chaplain, has removed such passages as would offend a Protestant. 
The preface is largely an exhortation to unity among the churches. 

Impr. 8o : 639 : (twos) la. 8 ° : pp. 
[6] + 64 + [2] : p. It beg. Scena II: Great 
Primer Roman. Contents :p. (I) title, 
within double lines : (3) "To the reader ": 

(4-5) two prologues : (6) " The Persons 
of the Play" &c. : -64, the play" (I-2) 
two epilogues. 

See Wood's At. Oxon., ed. Bliss. iii. 972. There are subsequent editions of the 
play in I658 (Oxford) and 659 (Oxford). The preface is depreciatory of the work, 
.stating that it was at first written "out of obedience," and that it was only published 
in self-defence to avoid a threatened unauthorized issue in London. 

1 7. Prayer, book of Common. LIBER [ PSALIORU.',I 
in usum Ecclesioe I C«lh. Chris/i I Oxor,'. I [woo«cul.] 


Impr. I51 : 639 : (twelves) 16°: pp. 
295 + [I]: p. II beg. Cesset qt«eso, 2Ol 4c 
tradidit: Long Primer Roman. Con- 

tents:I, title, xsdthin double lines: 3- 
283, the Psalter: 285-295 , special prayers, 
as in 1615 P. 

See 1615 P. It is noticeable that the University no longer prints the book of 
Common Prayer as a whole, but only the Psalter as round in that book, separately. 

I8. Prideaux, John. TABVL.: I AD I GRA:,3,ATICA I GmA INTRO- 
nçCTORI. I I QVIBVS I Succinct compingitur, brevissima, sed[ lamen 
e.e&'la, sguArum parlkm oralbm l dechabih?«m , VareCh&" rahb. I 
aCCSSlT I Vestibuli vice, ad eandem linguam opal««, in  gratiam 
tyronum, quibus ut convenit explica-[tiora evolvere, ita necesse est hoec 
ipsa lad unguem Un«r«. I [mollo] l EOITIO TERTIA. [ [woodculs,] 


Impr. x9I: 639: sm. 4°: pp. [68], 
signn. A-F*,G2,n-4 : sign. " beg.rofero 
clard, 12 r I;. Msserit A: Piea Roman. 
Contents :--dgra. «I r, trie : A2r-AOE *, 
dedication to dr. Tho. H olland, dated 

"Exon. Colleg; Ian. I. I6O 7 ", and signed 
"Io. Prideaux' : a3r-B3 ", preface as in 

the 16o 7 edition: B4r-EIr , the work, 
" Conclusio ", &c., as before: Ez r, a title : 
Legitimum contexendum, & ] caliosum 
dissuendum, ex-œeeditissimum. [ " QVO[ 
Ad formam exensa Syllog¢sticam er- 
strin-lffuntur tunclbn Sohismata, nec 

minus solide, I quàm vulg fit, ratione 
materioe;IExcerptis ex optimis Autlao- 
ribus exemplis Groeeo-latinis, lut majori 
cure voluptate & fruetu, ex utriusq; lin-I 
guoe candidatis & legantur, &,[ intelligan- 
tut. [[motto, then woodcut] ' with impr. 
I57- E3r-E4 r, the dedication, as in the 
i6z9 edition : v.4", two Latin poems : re1 r- 
z', the treatise: H, a title :" HEP- 
.MVLOgWS ] Tractatus Introductoria. ] 
[motto, then dewce] ", with impr. 191 a : 
tt 2r--I 4v» the treatise. 

See I6O7 I', 629 P, and Wood'» Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 267. 
(seven divisions of Logic) seem to be here printed for the first rime. 

The hre/taares 

9- 5mith, Samuel. aa-vs I a I Loxca.v 
qui prim5 Ac.«I3r-l. Salutant. [[h'ne][Au/ore 

Impr. o 9 a : I639 : ,twelves) I6 ° : 
pp. [I4] + 204 + [Z] + 2 folded leaves : 
p. II beg. froximum est, I I I nott au- 
tem : Long Primer Roman. Contents : 
P. (5) tifle: (7-I) "'De nupera Lori- 

dinensi editione ad Lectorem rlporp«rr- 
r,«o. : --o4, the work in 3 books : (I) 
" Lectoribus.. . "'. before pp. 33 and 43 
should be folded tables of Subtantia and 

See 617 S. The undated preface complains of a pirated London edition, which 
may be that of i6 I. 

Impr. x52 : x639: (eights) 16o: pp. 
[SI+ IO7+[I]: p. II beg. 7"he se-lcond 
Ge  : Great t'rimer Roman. Contents : 
---p. I, title, within double lines: 3-8, 

Epistle dedicatory to Robert (Kerr) earl 
of Ancrum: -o 7, the sermon, on 
 Kings x. 4- 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 274. 

Impr. x57 : x639 : (eights) x6o: pp. 
[34] + 85 + Ix] : p. II beg. it, nec aEcui : 
English Roman. Contents :p. (3)title, 
within double lines: (5-z3) dedication to 

archbp. Laud: (25-33) "Ad candidum 
lectorem proefatio": x-85, the work, in 
rive parts. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bl[ss, il. 675: the author, according to the dedieation, 
was a Franciscan at Toulouse, converted to Protestantism by Stephanus de Cursol, 
settled at Exeter and patronized by bp. Hall. In 163{ he bec.ame a member of 
Exeter College, and in I639 incorporated at Cambridge: after which he is lost sight 
of, except that he is said to bave been reconverted to Roman Catholicism and to 

104o.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 217 

have gone abroad. The rive "fabuloe" are " De universali Episcopo," "de infalli- 
bilitate papoe," " de Purgatorio," " de Transubstantiatione eucharistiea, and " de 
invocatione Sanctorum." Wescombe is a Somerset and Devon name. 

. Bacon, sir Francis, Vïscount St. Alban's. OF THE I ADVANCE3IENT 
Bookes [ IIdten t Zalth by lhe «[os/ Emt)zen/ [ Illuslrbus " Famous 
LoxD [ FxANCZS ACON [ aro OE Verulam l%onl S' A/bon I Coun- 
silour cE Esla# and Lord] Chancdlor OE England. I [lb«e] ! Interpreted [ 
by GILaT WaTS. 

Impr. 194 : 1640 : (fours) la. 8o : pp. 
[36]+6°+[4] + 479 ("4î7") + [2I]: 
pp. II beg. A'ature, but, and on between, 
4oI hard and severe : Great l'rimer 
Roman. Contents :--p. (x) engraved 
title, sec below : (3-4)dedication to the 
king and the two universities, in Latin, by 
\Vats : (5-S) dedieation to prince Charles, 
signed " Gilbert Wats": (9-16) preface 
to the reader, by Wats: (I 7-22) " Testi- 
monies consecrate to .... S r Francis 
Bacon . . . ": (23-24) Latin poem on the 
Instauratio A/agira by George Herbert: 
(25-33) "Manes Verulamiani sive in 
obitum incomparabilis Francisci de Veru- 
lamio, &c. epicedia," 6 Latin poems, 
one by Thomas Randolph, &e. : (3-36) 
address by Bacon to each university, in 
parallel columns : 1-39 , the author's pre- 

face: (4-4) " The generall argument 
of the IX. books" : (43-6o) " The argu- 
ment of the chapters... " : (-I x) the 
general design of the [nstauratio A[agna : 
(t3) a table of " the Emanation of 
sciences. "" I-" 477 " 
.. . , the work in 9 
books: (2-5) " A new world of sciences, 
or the Deficients ", headings ". (6-8) " The 
Index of Sacred Scriptures... ": (o-) 
"The index of humane authors" : ( 2) 
"Erata", marginal corrections only : 
(3) " Lectori Academico. . . ", intro- 
ducingwhat follows : (4-18) "Catalogus 
historiarum particularum . secundùm 
capita": (9) "Typographus Lectori" 
about what follows: (,2o) a Latin lêtter 
from the author to Trinity college Cam- 
bridge, beg. "Res omnes": (21) impr. 95, 
as a colophon. 

Sec 1633 B. This is part I of the rnstauratio A[ata, and is an expansion of the 
two books of the Advancement of Learning first printed in x6o5, vhich were cnlarged 
in Latin to nine books, and published in 623 (and 635) by W. Rawley: here they 
are translated by G. Wats. Some copies bave 1639 in the colophon. At pp. 266-69 
are some woodcut facsimiles of cipher-alphabets, &c. The engraved titlepage by 
W. Marshall (9-x 5¼ in.) bears the title on a shêet suspended between two obelisks 
representing Oxford and Cambridge : above it are two globes and "INSTAVR.MAG.P.." : 
below, a ship in full sait and the imprint: the v¢hole is fully described in the British 
Museum CatalagT«e of tgrints and DrawDtgs, Div. , vol. I (I87O), p. 116 (no.  53)- 
Three out of the four British Museum copies have a portrait of Bacon, but the trans- 
lator's ovn copy in the Bodleian bas hot. The collation, being elaborate, is hete 
appended :--(), -*,, , ¶¶i , "*-¶a,, , A'B--C * : aa-gg  hh *-. "1 "*, -I--I -, -l'a: A-Z, Aa-Zz, 
Aaa-Qqq  Rrr: pp. 351-2 are repeated in the numeration. 

2. Brerewood, Edward. TrACTATVS ] ETmCI: I S2"V2 I CO,t- 

,XrqT,rt,, I lrr AL1Q¥OT ARI'ISTOTEL1S L1BROS I ad Nlcro3,Acrut, I De 
fl[oribu: I A Celeberrimo Philosopho [ EDV,RDO BREREWOOD [ Art. lIag. 
 Çolleg. _,nea-lnasensi, olim conscripti: [ Iam primm e.x authoris 
ipsus Autogra-[pho, summâ ride, nec minori curâ casti-[gau, & publici 
juris facti : ] Per T. S. S. S. Theolog. Bacchalaureum, & [ Colleg. Enea- - 
nasens, apud Oxon Socium. 

OE 1 8 THE OXFORD PRESS. [16,to. 

Impr. 2oo : 64o : sm. 4°: pp. [I6] + 
245 + [3}: P. 11 beg. De modo Doctrinoe, 
201 lasia aliquando: Long, Primer Roman. 
Contents :--p. (t) title within double 
lines: (3-xI Epistola dedicatoria to 
James lord Strange, dated "Oxonii è 

Musoeo meo in Collegio 2Enea-nasensi, 
Nono Cal. Janu,rii I639.", and signed 
" Thomas Sixesmith" : (I 3-t 6) " Index 
capitu et q oestionum "" 
tractatuum, m, u .... 
1-245 , the four treatises, on the first four 
books of the Ethics. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. I41. The original MS. (finished 27 Oct. I586) 
is now part of MS. Queen's coll. Oxford no. 218). The method of this commentary 
or rather analysis is scholastic and formal. The editor says that he rescued the 
original MS. from a " rurale musoeum," when it was " pulvere situque squalidum, &: 
tantum non sepultum.' The author died in 1613- It is curious that in Moss's AIanual 
of classical bibliograthy (Lond., 1825, vol. i, p. l î) this book is called " Westerman, 
Commentaria in Èthica Aristotelis. Oxon. 4to. I64O," with a reference to \Vood's ,4th. 
Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. z4. The explanation is that H'es/erman heads the column in 
\Vood's work, becanse the account of \Villiam \Vesterman follows Brerewood on that 
column- but the ascription deceived even so acute a bibliographer as the late professor 
Chandler in his List of editions of the Nicomachean Ethics (Oxf. I8î8). 

Impr. 69: 164o : sm. 4°: pp. [4] + 431 
+ [16]: p. II beg. quia unus omo, 4ol 
crimini vl'toe: Long Primer Roman. 
Contents:--p. (I) title, within double 

lines : two epigrams, one by, and one to, 
Guillermus Baterel, the original cditor" 
t-431, the work: (l-fS) index. 

t3aterel's armotated edition of Buridanus on the Politics vas printed at least twice in 
the sixteenth century (I5o6 and 526). 

4. Carpenter, Nathaniel. ,cmrozwz, [ OR [ The Picture of 
a Wicked ] PoI.n-I'r,a,'. IDivided ),Io taree arZs. la aw,s ] 
Presented heretofore in three [ Serinons to the Vniversity [ of OxFotD 
and [ now Pubhhed. ] By NaTU. CarpNT I B. D. & FeHow of xcel. 
Coll. lin OXFOtW. [[/che.] 

Impr. I93a : 164o : (twelves) 24": pp. 
[8] + x 77 + [3] : P- I beg. common equity, 
Io nextlace : t'ica Roman. Contents : 
---p. (I) title, within a line: (3-8) dedica- 

tion to archbp. Ussher: 1-6o, 6I-I25, 
I27-t77, the three semons, on 2 bain. 
xvii. 23- 

For an account of the earlier editions, see Wood's ArA. Oxon. il., 422, and 1628 C. 
The present êdition closely resembles the London ones of 1633 and 1638. Probably 
the " N. H." vho edited the next article below, edited this also, Carpenter having 
died in 1628. The work is e'idently intended to be read with a view to the political 
circumstances of the time, under the disguise of dealing vith " a sacred tragedy" from 
Old Testament history. 

5. ; CHORAZI, [aX , m'S,Ua'S I MVoe, or warning I 
Peece. I â judicious and learned Sermon i On IXI,'r. x. V. 21. [ 
Preached t St 2laries in Oxford, by [ that renowned and famous 
Divine, lXIr [ «Valhanael Capenl«r, Bachellor in[ Divinity, sometime 
Fellow of[xeler Colledge; late Chap-,laine to my Lords Grace [ of 
A rdmagh in[Ireland.[ 

134o.] THtï OXFORD PRtïSS.   9 

Impr. 193 b : I64o : (twelves) 24° : pp. 
[8] + 95 +[] : P. It beg. were the Secre. 
taries : Pica Roman. Contents : ---- (1) 

title: (3-8)Epistle dedicatory to dr. 
Thomas Winniffe, dean of St. Paul's, by 
" N.H." the editor : 1-95, the sermon. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bliss, ii. 422. This is a reprint of the Lond. I633 
edition. The prefaee gives some valuable biographical notes about Carpenter, who 
died in 1628, and was the editor's tutor and " neere Affine" at Excter eollege. It 
states with reference to the present book that " had not a kinsman's (Io. Ca.) friendly 
hand given it safe conduet over the Surges of the Ocean, in ail likel)hood it had 
perished on the Netherland shores." 

6. [Cartwright, William]. Trie ROYaLL ]SLAVE. i [&C., exactly 
as 1639 C, except that the hyphen in 1. 7 is horizontal, that " 
second .Edilion" is inserted between the two lines, and that after them is 

a zvoodcul.] 

Impr. 189: 64o : sm. 4 ° : pp. [64], 
signn. A-H « : sign. CI * beg. Atos. I hoie : 
Pica Roman. Contents:--exactly as in 

639 C, except that the play only extends 
to H3 r, the three epilogues occupying 
H3V-H4 r. 

See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 69, and 639 C, of which this is a reprint. 

Impr. 197: 164o : (tvelves) 16o: pp. 
[I2] + 220+ [44] : P" t beg. fidsset. 
rutus» 201 uam cogila:ione : t'ica 
Roman. Contents :--p. (1) " A "between 
woodcuts : (5) title, within a line : (î- 2) 
' Lectori " ign 
... , s ed " M.H.": I- 7 

"Anglioe descriptio generalis, ex Geo- 
graphico Opusculo Johan. Biissenme- 
cheri": 9-61, 6-8I, 82-2o, the com- 
mentarioli: (I-44) " Index rerum et 
nominum memorabilium." 

This is an anonymous history of Britain from the earliest times. The editor, 
M(atthew) H(unt), does hot mention the fact, that an undated edition was printed at 
London by Henry Bynneman (who published from 1 566 to I587), with the title " De 
rebus gestis Britanniœe commentarioli tres. Ad Omatissimum Virum M. Henricum 
Broncarem Armigerum E.b.", from which it has been conjectured that the author's 
initials ere ".E.S." The first words of the text are " Britannia est Insula natura 
triquetra." The naine of Clain is given in the British Museum catalogue as the author 
of an Amberg edition of 1603, and in Thomas Thorpe's Catalogue of books (I81  
p. 51 an edition printed at ttamburg in I598 is mentioned under the same name, but 
I can find no account of the author, who probably lived at Amberg. Some bave 
ascribed the book to John Clapham, who publibhed an English tlislory of£ngland 
till the coming of the Saxons, in 16o2 and 16o6. 

8. Ferrand, Jacques. 
coursing of the Essence, I Causes, Symptomes, Prog-I 
Cure of l .ov I ox IlO,Ov I,,,co," ! [z»*d I 

nosticks, alld 
It'rtT/en by 

Impr. 6ob: 164o: (eights) 16°: pp. 
[4 °] + 363 + [5] : P. II beg. t'oetesse was, 
301 ur2ose , and: Piea Roman. Contents: 
p. () title, within a border between 
lines: (3-7) "The Author to theReader": 

(9-34) 8 English poems to the author and 
book by Oxford men, one by Martin 
Llewellin: (35-39) "A table of the 
chapters" : (39) '" Errata": 1-363, the 
work, in 39 chapters. 

See Wood's ,4th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 350, where the translator from the French 

OEoEo TttE OXFORD PRESS. [1(4o. 

into English is stated to be Edmtand Chilmead. The original French edition was 
published al Toulouse in i6a2, uuder the title Trait de l'essence et gu[rison de Famour, 
and at Paris in I623 as De la maladie d'amour, ou melancAolie erotifu«. If Robert 
Burton was aequainted with the first edition of this book, as he well may have been, 
there can be little doubt that he has taken or imitated the general method and treat- 
ment of the subject, in his Anatomy of A[elancholy: but the French author is surpassed 
on his own ground. The research is greater and the felieities of language more 
numerous and in Burton, while the plan is also further and distinctively 
elaborated. There lS no mention of Burton's book in the poems prefixed to this 
translation. The words underlined in the above title are printed m red, as well as 
" Oxford," and "sold by Edward Forrest. 64o." in the imprint. 

Impr. x8o : 64 o : sm. 4 ° : pp. [4] + 
67 + [I ]: p. Il beg. Onlyforp,'esent use: 
l'ica Roman. Contents -p. () title : 

(3) "Prologue": -67, the play: 


Thi» ",',-as Fleteher's naided composition, before the close of 64, when it '`,,'as 
tv,'ice performed at court. The tmderplot s sa to be based on one of Cenantes 
" Novelas Exemplares." See the Dict. ofWat. Niog,'. under Fletcher, p. 307, col. 
The present is the first edition, and the only quarto one. 

IO. . The Tragoedy of[ ROLLO [ I)I.IKE of Normand)'. [ ACTED 
BY SIS [3Iajesh'es Sc, vants. [ [h)ze] [ Written by [ Jom,,- FLETCHER ]Gent.] 
lb)te, then woodcut.] 

Impr. I8O : I64 °. sm. 4°: pp. [2] + 
73 + [1] : p. Il beg. 2Put j'br you : Pica 
Roman. Contents :p. (I) title : (2) 

"The Names of the 

Actors " : 

- 7 3, the 

The authorship of this play is dotabtful. The first edition (Lond. I639) was 
entitled "The Bloody Brother. A Tragedy. By /5'..f. _F." i.e. Ben Johnson and 
Fletcher ?, and it as entered in the Stationers' Register on 4 Oct. I639 as by " J. B." 
Massinger is also supposed to have had some .hare in it. See the Z)ict. of 2Vat. jgiogr. 
under } letcher, p. 308, col. 2. 

Impr. II 9 : I64o: sm. 4°: pp. [12] + 
96 : p.  beg. Cass. If the varlets : Pica 
Roman. Contents :p. (1) title : (2) 
" Dramatis Personoe": (3  " To the 
Reader", simaed " P.P.", the editor : (4- 

1 I) seven complimentary poems to the 
author, alluding to Shakespeare's, Ben 
Johnson's and Randolph's deaths : (I2) 
Errata: x-96, the play, with epilogue. 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 31. The atathor died before 65 o, not, as 
Foster's Ah«mni Oxonienses asserts, as late as 699. The editor, who is kno'`na to be 
Philip Papillon of Exeter eollege, declares that the play is laere printed vdthout the 
author's knowledge and against his modesty. The lines relating to Shakespeare, which 
have perhaps only been reprinted in Pickering and Chatto's Catalogue of boo'ks, 
nos. 7o-7 2 (June 893), p. I5, are : 
" But sad Melpomene... 
Hyes to pale Shakespeares urne, and from his tombe 
Takes up the bayes, and hither she is corne." 

1t34.0.] TI-IE OXFORD PRESS. 2 OE i 

I2.. Jeanes, Henry, of Hart hall, Oxford. , TREATISE [ Con- 
cermng [ a CrlRSTL,XS [ CAREFULL aB-[stinence from all ap-lpearance of 
Eviil: I Gathered [rOR "rla t0ST [part out of the Schoole-men, and 
Casuists: I tVh«re»« l TZe Que«zz»n« and Cases OE I Con«c»nce b«longhg 
un» lhe [ dcuH mamr  ScandaN [ a«e brt?flA, resolved: [ By H'Y 
JEa-, [M of Arts, lately of Harl-[Hall in Oxox, and Rector of I 
he Church of eere-Cro-[combe in Somersel-sht?e. [[/che.] 
Impr. 94a : 64o : z : pp. [4] + xS Pembroke : x-45, the discourse on 

+ la ] : p. I beg. onelyfrom" Pica Roman. 
Contents:--p. (I) title, within double 
lines: (3-4)dedication to Philip earl of 

See Wood's Ath. Oxon., iii. 591. 
at Oxford in I66o. 

"1Thess. Iv] 2" : a47-i5i, "The Post- 
script to the Reader" : (I) " Errata". 

This book appears to be rare, and was rcprinted 

 3. Oxford, University. 
Impr.  5I : I64o : sm. 4 ° : pp. 
signn. ( )2, ,, **, a_E , F 2, a_c,cd-, d_e 
sign. B beg. Iam merit3, b  relhee 
[orbeare: English Roman & Italic. Con- 
tents :( )x, title, within double lines 
( )2, poem dedicato to the king, sied 
These are veroes to celebrate the biroE 


" Acad. Oxon.", in Latin: *tr-ç2 ", Latin 
poems" alr-e4 , English poems: e4" 
"The Printer to their Maiesties", an 
English poem, signed " Leonard Lich- 

of prince Henry, 8 July 164o (d. I66o). 

Most are in Latin and English, but three in Greek, two in French, one in Hebrew. 
The signatures as usual show the difficulty of getting the poems sent in in rime and 
arranged in proper ortier. 

4. Puteanus,]ïrycius. ERVCI PUTEANI [ AMOENITATV3I [ HU?,IANA- 
lU. I ra'rRBmt)u.. I ''ZO [ Dr'. Lacoxs3o: Ad Illustriss: 
Excellentiss: ] Ducem A rscholanum. ]re, ] THVRSr [ PmLOTV.S, 
SZgr I Àmor Laconissans: I Ad V. Nobilem & Prudentem, [ Maxim. 
Plouvierium. [ Zlraque eleganliis " acumim'-'bus referla. I [two lines.] 

Impr. I98: 164o : .,twelves) 6°: pp. 
[8]+ 200+[8]: p. IX beg.factus ira, ioI 
Zaconismum : English Roman. Contents: 
p. (I) title, within a line: (3-7) 

"Lectori benevolo.. " signed " 
• , j.w" 
(estalD: I-II6, II 7 (misprinted 71I)- 
I95 , the two diatribae : 196-oo "Senten- 
tioe aliquot aculeatoe, è Seneca". 

These are reprints of Diatribae 7 and 8 out of the entire set of twelve which form 
the Amanitates. The Thyrsi are short essays on aculei, which are pointed sentences 
on friendship and love. The editor (and printer) mentions the Suada Attica as "nuper 
excusa ": see below. 

Impr. 2o5: I64o: (eights) I6": pp. 
[16]+534+[2+]: p. 1 beg. ego didi- 
cerim, 5oi munerdmque : Pica Roman. 
Contents:p. (1) title : 3-o, dedication 
" Tribus ordinibus Brabantioe" dated 
"Lovanii, in Arce, Kalendis Martiis 
M.DC.XV" : II-I 2, two quotations : i3 
" Syllabus Orationum" : (14) "Character 
harum orationum": (5) a quotation : 
1-419, the 22 orations: 419-42I. two 
passages from Aulus Gellius : 421 "Typo- 

grapho lectori " : 422-424, " ErycI 
Puteani paucul de morte": 425, a 
bastard title to the Paloestra: 427-429, 
"Ad lectorem", dated "Lovanii", xI. 
Kalend. Octobr. M.DC.XI." : 43o-512, 
the Paloestra, 2o exercitationes &c. : 5  3- 
534, "Syllabus exercitationum" and short 
pieces, ending with "... Puteanus Lec- 
tori...": (1-2) blank, the test (if any) 
hOt seen. 

:2 2 2 TH.E OXFORD PRESS. [lO4O. 

There is no bibliography of the numerous works of Er3"cius Puteanus, but the Suada 
Attica was first published at Louvain in 6t5, and the ]aloestra in 1611. They 
contain orations and exercises delivered at Milan and Louvain. The talstra Bon 

3I«ntis is properly a hall at Louvain, where some of these were delivered, and in 
another sense a literary club which met there for debate recitafions and the like. See 

preceding article. 

16. Randolph, Thc, mas. ,oE.1s, IWith the lXIus [ I.OOKLXC--- 
-GLaSSE, [ ,.VD [ .tV.XT,S-] [h'ne] [ By TIo. RANDOLPH M.A. and late [ 
Fellow of Tr,)dt A' Col. in ]Cam3ridge. [ [/bze.] The second Edition 
Enlarged. [woodculs.] 

Impr. 1î'4: 164o: (eights I6 ° : pp. 
[28] + 1 34 + [2] + 8î + [î'] • Ioi + [,]: pp. 
• , beg. Africk he loal]s, ttigh a; te men, 
and t:or A[OSU: Long Primer Roman. 
Contents :p. (I) an engraved title, see 
below: (3) title, as above, within double 
lines : (5-26 twelve poems on the author 

and book: -I34,the poems: (l)fitle ofthe 
Muses Looking-glass, almost as in 1638 
R, with impr. 1î4 : 1-87, (I), the play: 
(2) title of Amyntas, nearly as in 1638 R, 
but " Ey T.R.", with impr. 174: (4) 
" Dramatis Personoe ": (6-7), I-IO, the 

See Wood's Atoe. Oxon., ed. ]31iss, i. 56.;, and 1638 R. The "enlargement" in this 
eition is hot evident. The engrave6 title bears a bast of Randolph on a pedestal, 
with Philosophia and Poesis doing him honour, and a eelestial sphere and Pegasus 
above. On the pedestal are the words " Poem, by Tho : Randolph. The 20 Edition 
much Enlarged.", and below is impr. I96. Each of the three parts is separately 
paged, but the two plays are linked by the signatures, while the title alone connects 
the plays ith the poems. The Cambri'-]ge 164o edition of "The Jealous Loyers ", 
a comedy by Randolph, is not infrequently found bound with this volume, but has no 
necessary connexion with it. 

1 7. R[ogers_, H[ugh]. FAMHAIA ] On the happy marriage of 
the most[acconoE, h'sAed /aire, ]H. R. Esq. [And the vertuous A. '. [ 

[da'ice.] l 
Impr. 202 : 64o : sm. 4": PP- [2] + 
43 + [I] : p. II beg. Il at beauty on : 
Great Primer Italic and Roman. Con- 

tents :--p. (I) title, within double bound- 
ing lines except at foot (single line : 
43, 19 poems, of which four are Latin. 

Very rare. The only copy I have seen of this privately printed book is in the British 
Museum. The marrlage (in 164o ) was between Arme daughter of sir Edward 
]3aynton, of Bromham (d. 1657), and Hugh Rogers esq. of Cannington. The poems 
are clearly by friends and relations of both parties, but are signed only with initiais. 
A copy of the book was in the Heber sale (pt. viii, p. 49 . 

8. Saints' Legacies. Œn } sx.xs [ VCACV_S, }OR[ COL- 
I.wCXO,X Or CWRTmXW VROIlSWS [ OVT Or XlaW WORD [ Or OD. [ Collected 
for private use, but [ published for he comfort of[ Gods people. [ 
II'hcr, unlo t's no'a, added lhe 5"ainls ] Sujfor! in limes of lrouble. [ THE 6. 

Impr. 203: 64o : (twelves) 16o: pp. 
[36] + t 7 + [fi] + 31 + [23] : PP- I begg. 
Though ytmr, and soule, that : English 
Roman. Contents:pp. (1-4) hot seen : 
(5) title, with border within lines : r7-24 
dedieation to all true Believers, by the 
editor : (25-32) " To the Reader ": (33- 
35 " Rules to be ob:-erved in reading of 
promises": 1-157,the Io legacies: (I- 

This is a rare and 

2) "A postscdpt sent from the Authour" : 
(4) a title within a line:--" A, [ EPITOME 
PORT i IN TIME OF [ TROVBLE. [ line] [ 
The sixth Edition. [ [line, motto, line] ". 
with impr. xo4: 1-31, 3t promises: (- 
4) texts : (6-9 "A Postscript, to all true 
Beleevers" : çx¢-xS, 2o-) " Five Tables 
" indexes " 
ooo Or . 

curious book: rare, inasmuch as no ordinary library catalogue 

1 64o.] THE OXFORD PRESS. 223 
or bibliography contains any mention of any edition or copy of it; and curious, as 
having its two parts--which are indissolubly joined by the sgnatures and sections-- 
printed by the same printer for two different London publishers, R. Royston and 
S. Enderby. We must suppose these two to have ventured proportionate parts in the 

x9. Sanderson, Robert. LOGICIE [ ARTI"S ] COMPENDIVlI. [ Editio 
Quarta. [[/inc] ! Authore RoB. Sa,'iv.tso,x, [ Coll. Lin«o:ninsis in almfi{ 
Oxontënsi, quondam [ Soct'o. [ [h)ze, then woodcu/s.] 

/mpr. 2oi: x64o: (eights) I6": pp. 
[8] + 239 + [x] + . . . : p. il beg./ossint 
esse, 2oi Cap. 2z. : Pica Roman. Con- 
tents:--pp. (I-2) hot seen : (3) title, 

within a line : (5-8) "Elenchus capitum": 
-239 the work, in three books: (the two 
Appendixes contain over 12o pages.) 

Rare. See Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 626, and 615 S. The only copy 
I have seen, in Quecn's College (Oxford) Library, is interleaved, and wants the lwo 
appendixes, which probably occupied the same number of pages as in the x63 I 

zo. [Snelling, Thomas]. "rnmaLrvs I 

Impr. I57: I64o: (eights) 6o: pp. 
[u4] + 8o: p. tt beg. Z'ro morte" Pica 
Roman. Contents:--p. () title, with 
border bétveen lines: (3-4) " Lectori": 

(5-I6) six complimentary Latin poems by 
St. John's College men : ( 7) " l}rarnatis 
Personoe " : (9-2) " Argumentum" : 
(23) "Errata... " : I-8o, the play. 

For the author, see Wood's Aih. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 275. The sheets of this work 
were reissued in t65o at London, vith a new title tgharamus, siz,e Libido vindex, 
ttispanica tragcedia, but neither Wood nor his editors bave been aware of thi» carlier 
edition. Both vere anonymous, and the direct evidence for the authorship (which 
need not be doubted) is difficult to find. Bp. ]3arlow wrote the author's naine on the 
title of his copy of tharamus. The poems imply that the play had been written some 
years before 164o : the author matrieulated at St John's Coll«ge, Oxford, in June I634. 

g I. Tipping, William. "A l?e/urn 
expected I¢ecove O' oui of a dangerms Si«kness. 

of Tha,kf ulness for the un 
Oxon. ,64o. Oct." 

So in Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 244. 

FOR I Communicating at the I Lords Table. I»'TEN»E F:Sr FO  
:rma/e use ; now :u/,»cd/or /e  good ¢ lhose who des#e lhe solO' !  
theY owne soules, and I shall be pleascd fo make  use there l By H. Toz 
Mr of Arts, and I Fellow of xcel«r Col-lledge in Oard. I T/ce fih 
ea,».. i [m«o.] 

Impr. '99 : (t',velves) 6o : pp. [,o] + 
I95 + [III : p. Il beg. Alinister. 2, 1Ol 
was due : Pica Roman. Contents :p. 
(i) title, 4thin line and border: (3-9) 

Epistle dedicatory, as in I628 T : I-I95 , 
the directions : (2-4) " The contents of 
each Chapter ". 

For the author and book, but hot this edition, see Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, 
iii. 74 (and 1628 T). Ech page is within a line, doubled at upper and outcr 


23" • " Sermon 

onjroh. 8. 3. Ox. 164o." 

So in Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 274. 

4. Twittee, Thomas. aD I CLERVM I PRO I FORMA CONCIO [ 
PR Trio: TmTT SXCT [ Theolo#œe Bac.  Coll. OrMl.[[hhe, 

Impr. 157 : 164o : sm. 4" : PP- [4] + 
2,1 : p. II beg. men hîverè: Great Primer 
Roman. Contents :--p. (1) title, within 

double lines: (3) dedication to dr. John 
Tolson provost ofOriel : -24, the sermon, 
on I Pet. iii. 8. 

See Wood's l:asti Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 469 . The dedication is of the modem kind, 
hot an epistle dedicatory, and the printing is tmusual, the first words of a paragraph 
being generally projections to the left, instead of indented. 

5. Zouche, R[ichard]. ISSCRIVrO 
TARIS ]AD (I'A.I" .L,EGES OU/E[ Rem Blilitarem, 
rum. [ 'EC 'OX ] JURIS & jUlIClI [ btaRITIm 

& Ordinem[Persona- 

aTZO:V,V eT I Negotiationem Blaritimam I resiciunt, ,efru,dur. 
Autore R.Z.P.R. Ox0nAe. [[/che.] 

lmpr. 157 : 164 ° : sm. 4  : pp. [8] + 
36 + [4] + 40 + [4] : PP- II beg. me,frs surir, 
and q«esitum est: Pica Roman. Con- 
teurs :--p. (3) ride, within double lines: 
(5-6) "Ad Lectorem", unsigned, but 
" Datum ex Aula Alb. Prid. Calend. April. 
164o" : (7-8)heads of chapters in divi- 
sion I : 1-36, the military division, in two 

parts: () a title, within double lines: 
TIMI [ [&C., exactly as the main title, to 
its end, with v¢oodcut and impr.  5 7 : (3- 
4) heads of chapters in division 2 : 1-4o , 
" De jure maritimo & de jure nautieo" in 
two parts : (I) "Errata ". 

See Wood's .4th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii..II. 
between the two divisious. 

The signatures establish a connexion 

26. . "Descr. urfs " Jud[ch" sacri ; ad quam Zeges, quce 
ad ]eligionem " piam Causam resfiiciunt, referunlur. Oxon. 64o. qu." 

So in Wood's .4th. Oxon., ed. Bliss, iii. 5it, where it is stated that the De Jure 
Sacro, Militari aud Maritimo, were issued together, lu the Leyden repfint of 65 
the De jure sacro is rather shorter than the other two. It does not seem to have fouud 
its way iuto the Oxford or London libraries which have published their catalogues. 



The Quaestiones z'n Vesperi{s and Quaes/iones z)« Comiliis (see Andrew 
Clark's Idegist«r of the .'niz'ersiO' of Oxford, vol. ii. pt. i. [I887], p. 169) 
were often printed. 

16o2. The earliest I have seen are the theological "Quoestiones (Christo propitio) in 
Vesperijs discutiendoe, lul. 1o. 16o2," followed by some belonging to the Comitia, and 
some Law quaesliones bêlonging to bot.h, and by a specimen of dr. John King's treat- 
ment of his three quaestiones, in Lutin verse: tlae whole forming . smal], slaeet of t6 
pages, with the last rive blank. 
16o 5. The Q,taestiones. . . in Comitiis . . . coram ... )?ee. . . ,4ug.... 16o5 were 
printed in folio sheet form, as was invariably the case in later years, occtapying in this 
year four pages. Whether this issue was exceptional or hot, is hot clear. 
6o8. In this year at late_t begins the series of ordinary folio sheets of qtaestiones : 
of which exami»lcs have been seen for the years 16o$, I614, 1618, 16I 9, 1622, 162î, 
i628, 1629, 1632, 1634, 1635 , 1639 , 164o , and intermittently until at least 1693. 





PP. -4. 

See pp. 


" I468"   
(App. A). 

1D. 3 o 
P. 3- 
P. 3. 

For the Augustine see p. 259. 
For 3. *Logic read 3. *Logic. 
Far 4- *Lyndewoode read 4. **Lyndewoode. 

P. 4. Alexander, 1. 3. 
.For c-c 3 read c 2, c 3. 

P. 4. Mirk, last line. 



The first two leaves are in the Lambeth copy. 

PP- 5-7- 

See pp. z63-65. 

P- 7. Whittington, 1. 3. 
'or protouatis read prothouatis. 

Ele,,'en copies are now known. 

Pp. 8- 9. 

Pliny and Lystrius. 

Something can be added to the account. The two original books in dispute are 
in the John Rylands (Spencer) Library at Manchester, and the lacus classiclts for their 
history is naturally in Dibdin's 2ibliotheca Stenceria,za (I814'), ii. 271, iii. 4I: 
where wiI1 be round a reproduction (in t)pe) of the two titles and colophons. Of the 
Pliny Dibdin states that one George Smith passed it on to Van Damme, frc.,m whom 
Askew bought it for fifteen guineas. With respect to the Lystrius, it appears that the 
"Mr. Dent" who purchased it at the Askew sale was an agent or pseudonym of 
Mr. Alchorne. The volume bears a manuscript note pretending to be from 
"i. Korsellis" at Haarlem in I4îI, stating that the book came to him from his 
brother Frederick. 

P.  . Add:-- 

About ISI 3. 

Syrretus, Antonius. [Antonii Syrreti Formalitates de mente 
magistri Johannis Duns?] i Scoti ordinis fratrum minorum doctoris s-ub-- 
tilissimi cure nouis additionibus et con--Icordantijs magistri Mauritij de 
por_-Itu hybernie in margine decora--lte et nouiter mpresse: ] [two Latin 


verses, then a woodcut of the Trinity with " Henricus Iacobi" and 
printer's mark at foot, then two more Latin verses] ] l[[Uenumdantur in 
vniuersitate Oxoniensi. Sub I. intersigni° sanctissime Trinitatis ab Hen-- ! 
rico J acobi bibliopole Londonlensis. I 

This interesting title is found on a fragment of two leaves discovered by Mr. R. G. C. 
Procter in New College Library at Oxford. in Aug. x89I, and now marked "Auct.V. 16," 
fol. 3- The verso of the title is occupied with a woodcut of the arms of Henry VIII, 
with supporters, two angels with scroll, &e. The second leaf is marked A 2, and con- 
tains a dedication and certain definitions, ail part of the Additiones Mauritii. The 
book was no doubt printed in London, but sold in Oxford by Henricus Jacobi, who 
died in the latter city towards the end of 1 514, intestate, see p. uî'a. From an interest- 
ing account of Jacobi in tTibliograpica, pt. I (894) , by Mr. E. G. Duff, it appears that 
Jacobi, after publishingin London from I5o5 to 5, came to Oxford in SIe or 53 
see pp. 95,   of the account). 
This entry and that of  5o6 should strictly be in a list by theml',es, being neither 
'" lost" nor "fictitious." 

P. 4. Bilson, Thomas. AddaI end: 

A curious account of an abortive effort on the part ofEdmtmd Bollifant and three 
partners to produce a repent of this book, will be found in Arber's Transcriit of the 
Stationcrs" Zdegisters II (1875), p. 793- 

Parsons, Robert, (end entry, no. 6). 

A dal at end : 

An explanation of this reprint will be found in Arber's Transcri/t of the Stationers" 
I¢eisters II (1875), p. 793 (a petition from N. Newton, E. Bollitant, and others, in 
the winter of ISSU), from which it appears that John Wight, printer, of London, who 
had entered a copy of his edition of the book at Stationers' Hall on :8 Aug. 5q4, sent 
his son to Oxford to buy up the whole of Barnes's reprint: which was done. But 
Barnes promptly printed "txvo )mpressions more," of which the present volume i» no 
doubt one. Possibly the preceding art. is the other re-impression, and Wight effectually 
suppressed the whole first edition. 

1'. 1 7. Znser! : 
Brasbridge, Thomas, 


of 3Iagdalen college, Oxford. 
oxs Ix ot:'-,r-lCa _. "r. I ClClO.-,'s: Compendiariam totius 
Epitom«n I continentes. I [woodcuts.] 

I @uscuh" 

Impr. 5 : IS,q-(J : (eights) 12": pp. [68], 
signn. A-D  E2: sign. 3 I • beg. rum alte- 
rum : Pica. Roman. Contents :sign. 
AI r, title within a border, A 2r-2L dedi- 
cataon to Laurence Humphrey, signed 

"Thomas I3rasbrigius," " Banburioe, Idi- 
bus Nouembris, 1 5b/ " : A 3r--E 2 (printed 
E3 '*, the questions and answers: 
two Latin lines signed "I. P. Iohan- 

\ ery rare. For the autlaor, see Wood's Ath. Oxon., ed. Bliss, i. 526. The preface 
c«,ntains some autobiographical details. There appear to be at least three editions 
of this work,  586, 1592 (% v.) and 615 (q. v.), ail printed at Oxford. 

t'. 28. Skelton, John. 
Lo, d bpencer's copy is of course now in the John Rylands Library at Manchester. 

S UPPLEAI£NT. 2 2 9 


A dd al end : 

On 25 May 159I a patent was issued to Richard Wright of Oxford and lais assigns 
to print Tacitus's 11istory in English, during his lifetime (Patent Rolls, 33 Eliz. pt. 17, 
mentioned in Arber's Tanscri:t of the Stationos' Ideoslers II (875), p. 16). Fhe 
metal engraving of a Roman Camp reappears in R. Grenewey's translation of the 
.4nnals of Tacitus (Lond. 59.q, 16o4, 1622). 

P. 3 2. Barlaamus, last line but one. 
#'or author rcadeditor. Another presentation copy bas been seen, also v, ithout 

P. 3 2. 

1586 in this Supplement. 



There is a perfect copy of this rare pamphlet in the great Gloucestershire collec- 
tions at Chestal, Dursley, in the possession of the Phclps family, kindly pointed out to 
me by F. A. Ityett, Esq. The title is :--SPEECI-IES I DELIVERED TO [ IIER MAIESTIE 
rltlS I LAST PROGRESSE, AT THE I Right Itonorable the I ady RVSSELS, at ] Bissam, 
the Right IIonorable the Lorde ] CHANDOS at Sudlcy, at the Right I Ilonorable the 
Lord NORRIS, at ] Ricorte. I [d«vice.] On the verso of thê title is a preface "To the 
Reader" signed by " I. B." the printer. 

P- 33- Gager (no. 7)- 
The author of the lelhtm Grammaticale was Andreas Guarna. 

P. 34. Gager (no. 8). 1. 4 (not 1. 3)- 
For 1591 read 1592. 

P. 35- Ai'ter no. 4 add:-- 
Oxford, New College. 


Ex donatione 

IXlagistri Fran-[cisci 

Bettes LL. D: Socij huius Col-[/,g0". A»no 1)omz),L U93. 
This is a book label, found in Spiegêlius's Zexicon jruris Ciz, ilis, 1549 (Oo. xii. 5), 
and perhaps in other volumes in New College Library at Oxford. The words are 
within a border of woodcuts, the outside measurement of the printed border being 
-ïa x 3 I in. 

P. 36. Beacon. 
P. I bears "¶ j ", and is therefore not wholly blank. 

P. 37- Powel (no. 5). 
See 68 P. 

Add at end :--- 

P. 42. Agatharchides. 
Professor Bywater has pointed out that the extracts from Agatharchides and 
Memnon are from an earlier printed edition of them, and not directly from l'hotius's 
t?ibliolheca, vhich was first printed in I6oi. Had the matter been taken from a MS. 
of l'hotius, the editor would no doubt have claimed the honour, whereas he claires 
credit only for the new translation into Latin. 

P. 42. A.fler Agatharchides add:-- 
Brett, Richard, of Lincoln College. Theses 1[ ri IRET respon- 
dentis in Comitiis. I Oxon. I597. I [text follows, as below.] 
A single sheet, 8½ in. high by 6 broad, printed on both sides, containing three theses. 
The first is Politia tY.cclesie Anglicance cure iure divino non ]m.çnat, followed by short 
Latin, Greek, and ttebrew poems. The second is followed by Latin, " Çaldaiea," and 
" Syrica" poems, the last being n-itten in MS. The third is followed by Latin, Arabic, 
and jEthiopic poems, the last two being filled in in MS. The Hebrew is in l'ica type. 
For ]'rett, sec V¢ood's Aih. Oxon. il. 6 : he took the degree of ]3achelor of Divinity 
on 6 June, 1597. 

P. 43. After King add: 
Oxford, University. "Qvaestiones sex, totidem prae|ectionibvs, 
in schola Theologica, Oxoniae, pro Forma, Habitis, Discvssae, Et Dis- 
ceptatae Anno 597." 
So in the Catalogue of X\. H. Ilolyoak, î5 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, " Match 
%8," no. o: the copy was sold on Jan. 3, [;9 ° to the rev. Shaw Urmstone of Man- 

1598 • 
44. Aflcr Butler add: 
Butler, Charles. RHETORIC.E I -SRI m o. I QvoIv.t[Prior de 
iTro[z's " Wur,  os/crbr de Voce " Ges/u [ PRAEClPIT. liN. VSVM. 
scnoLa-rum accuratiùs editi.  , , 

Impr. II : I598 : (eights) 6o: pp. 
[ t2], signn, ¶ A-ç ° c2: signa, g r beg. 
su;, z,ivus : Pica Roman. Contents : 
sign. ¶il *, title: ¶2-3' Epistola dedica- 

toria to lord Thomas Egerton, d.ted 
"Oxon. 6. Calend. Decemb. [6 Nov.], 
159 S "'. ¶3-4 , " Ad Leetorêm ": A I r- 
G 3L the work: G 4 I bave hot seen. 

Vçry rare: the only copy at present known is in Corpus Christi Library at Oxford. 
Even V¢ood ¢,4tlz. Oxon., iii. 21o had hot seen this first edition, since he implies that 
the date is I6oo. See x6oo B, 68 t5, x629 13. 

PP. 44, 46. 
The article 

1598 and 159 9 . 

Iomazzo has been inserted under 599 instead of I598, the 




With respect to the letters " B. P. N.", see also 1625 J. 

P. 55. Davies. Add al tnd: 
Ingleby, in his Shakescare's C«ntttrie of traj,se (2nd ed., I879), points ont a 
Shakespearean allusion on p. 2 I5 of this work. 

P. 65. Oxford, 1. 
For .4 rcad 4. 





7 I. Panke. Add al end:-- 
Sec I613 P, in this Supplement. 


P. 78. Rainolds, top line of page. 
For A th. Oxon. il. x 5 read A th. Oxon. ii. 

and x93. 

Pp. 82, 85. 
The articles lawlilmon and leinolds are out of their place at the latter refer- 
ence, and should be on p. 82. 

P. 85. Smyth, Richard. Addal end:m 
The thîrd edition wa issued in I634 ; see I634 S. 

P. 86. Answer. 

This is of course by Richard Parkes, as is noted in the first edition (p. 59 ; x6o4, 
no. 7)- " I6o 4 A" is twice an error for " I6o 4 P." 

P. 89. Colmore, 1. 3. 

P. 92. Oxford, Univ. (Justa Funebria), 1. 6. 
The type is English Roman. 

P. 92. Ibid. l. I I. 
For preceding art. read art. no. 19- 

P. 92. Aller Oxford, no. 21, inserl : 
Panke, John. THE rIL OF 3.BL. ]By the confusion of 
Tongues, directly proouing against the [ Papistes of this, and former 
ages; that a view of their writings [ and Bookes, being taken, it cannot 
be discerned by an), [man liuing, what they would sa),, or how be 
vnder-',stood, in the question of the sacrifice of the Iasse, I the Reall 
presence or Transubstantiation; [ but in explaning their mindes, thev. 
fall [ vpon such tearmes, as the Prote-lstants vse and allow. I FVtTI-II. [ 
In the question of the Popes Supremacie is shewed, how they [ abuse an 
aulhorilie of lhe auncienl alher S. CA'ibrian, a Canon of l the I. Niceene 
counsell, and the Ecclesiasticall historie of Socrates, and Sozomen : And 
lastly is set downe a briefe of the succession[of Popes in the sea of 
Rome, for these i6oo. yeares togea-[ther : what diuersitie there is in their 
accompt, what [ heresies, schismes, and intrusions there hath been in I 
that sea, deliuered in opposition against their [ Tables, wherewith now 


adayes they are 
them. I.y ionx P«x'Kv.. [[molo, then woodcut.] 
Impr. 29a: 613: sm. 4°: the test as I6o8 P. 
The titlepage was hot printed at Oxford, the woodcut being unknown 
re»t is a reissue of the sheets of 16o8 P. This edition bas been erroneously dated 
in the Brifish Museum Cataloffue  books. . . t, tAe year x64o. 

Smith, 1. 5. 
1684. S. rëad I6I 7 S. 

very busie, and other thinges dis-lcouered against 

P-95- Benefield. 
The date of the imprint should be 64, hot 16I 3. 

PP- 97, lO o. N., S. (no. 9)" 
This article should be headed ., N., and should follow no. x 5 on p. I oo. 

P. 99. Rainolds, 1. 8. 
/ar Pica English read Pica Roman. 

here : the 


 o I. Brasbridge. Add al 
See 1586 in this Supplement. 

P. I o. Sanderson, last line. 
For ii. 626 read iii. 626. 

13 . III. 

Flavel, l. 9. 


For Long Primer English read Long Primer Roman. 


114. James, 1. 16. 
r Proeomium read Prooemium. 


P. ii5. Burton. 
An edifion of the Anatomy ofrelancholy bas been issued in 893 , in which the 
editor claires t. have verified of Burton's quotations. See also 164o F (Ferrand). 

P. 1 6. Carpenter, last line of page. 
P. I 18. Oxford. 
The date of OEe book (t 622) h beea accîdtally omitted. 
P. i I8. Rawfinson, l. 4. 
or I662 re I62. 

i 9. Panke. 
The words "See 6  P" 


are a reference to 63 in this Supplement. 

P. i23. Carpenter, 1. 7. 
]or Vat«r read ll'ater. 
P. iz6. Pemble. 
A reference to the 2nd edition, 629, should bave been inserted. 

P. 138. Casa. 

The j. W. 

(de Umbra) is no doubt J. Wouverus. 

P. 144. Butler, 11. 5-7. 
]or lhe sentence The reference . . . Oratorice Zibri d«o, read The reference to a 
)ïhtorica of this year is to a London edition of the IVhîtorica and Oratoria together. 

P. i5o. Hakewill, 1. e. 
P. 15 o. Ibid. 1. 22. 
For Ath. Oxon., 256 read Aih. Oxon. iii. 256. 

P. i5 I. Pemble, 1. 6. 
]Cor hnpr. 84 b reacl Impr. 84 a. 

151. Pinke. Add al end: 
See 634 P (2nd ed.) 

Impr. as above: 
+ " 5z9"-" 54o"] : 

I63o : folio : pp. [2 I Aendix: Pica (?) Roman. Contents :- 
pp. 529-4o begg. I p. (t) title: 529-4% tables, see below. 
This set of seven leaves is apparently an experiment to be used for indexing 
serinons or comments under the 'erse of the 13ible to which they refer. They are 
blank table. in the form "Versus I [2, 3' C. to 18] l'id. L. I'. L. " six rimes 
and then " l'id. P. L. " Eighteen verses are on each page, and references to 
L0ber ) P,(agina,) L(ineaa vere intended to be filled in. No Latin Bible of folio size 
of x629, 3o or 3t seems to exist, so probably this was intended to be bound up with 
some earlier edition. The only copy known is in the I3ritish Musèum in MS. Harl. 
5932, fol. 45 (Bagford's collections), and no doubt the intended publication was 

P. 53. Bible, top line. 
The date of imprint (63) bas been accidentally omitted. 
P.-x 55. F., A. (Saints Legacies). A dd at end : 
See x64o S. 


P- 55. Felix, 1. . 
ffor Fellx rend Felix. 


I55. Ibid. ll. 4-5. 
bere ; quam should e i[alic. 

Impr. 43 a : 63I : (eights)  2°: pp. 
[6] + 24 +[3] : P- * * beg. Ana«ysis 
ca2. 2, 2o strationis AIediztm: Pica 
Roman. Contents :--pp. (-) hot seen : 
13) title: (5-7) dedication to the earl of 
Essex, dater "Ex Cllegio Iesu oxonioe 

Tertio Calend: Martij . . . Griflînus 
Powel" : (8-4 " Ad Lectorem Aca- 
demicum, and "Prolegomena" : ( 5-x6) 
hot seen: "-24, the Anal)'sis: (2- 3) hot 

See in body of text (63 P). 


6. Widdowes, no. 3 z, 1. 4. 
t:or Impr.  37 ïad Impr. Ioï. 


68. Gerhardus, 1. 5. 
For Long Primer English  end Long l'rimer Roman. 

P. 17-. Reusner, 1. 9 (only). 
In the collation for 98 rend -4, with the last page misprinted x98: and for 
34 rcad 36, making the necessary correction in the List of Contents. 

IîS. Allen, 2nd line of page. 
It is the Bodleian Catalogue which ascribes the book to John Allen. 

P. 75. Barclay, no. 3. 
The date of the imprint (x634) bas been accidentally omitted. 

P. I83. Chaucer, 1.6. 
In English Roman Italic t]ze word Roman is ser_flztous. 

P.  8 3. Ibid. last line. 
For sig'n. .** read signa. ** e. 

.S UPP L EAIE2X'T. 235 

P. i89. Carpenter. 
At the end of the technical description a ] should be added. 


194- Prideaux, I. 5- 
t;or 4 oo P. 5 ° Th. read 4 ° P. 5 ° Th. 

P. i97. Cowper. 
The date of the imprint (1637) is accidentally omitted. 


2oo. Prideaux, halfway down. 
Af ter Christ's Resurrection . . ." add with impr.  52 b. 

P. 204. Burton, 1. 5 from end. 
Perhaps rotel«ta is rather "continued," although there 

is no sign of London 

P. 2o 9. 


Add: m 

A copy of the Statuta Selecta has been seen in which opposite p. 2o, instead of 
the £ncycloicedia is found an undated folio folded broadside entitled :--SPECULUM [ 
ACADEMICUM: [ Quadratura Circuli, ] Sive [ Cychts Z'rœlectorum in Schema redactus 
.... This table gves a note of the day of the week, hour, professor, audience and 
fines, and bears at the foot "Pag. 2o.", showing that it was intended for (at least some 
part of) this edition of the Statuta. In the last line copies vary between " Vesp." (as 
it should be) and "vesp." 


l o. 212. 


The date of the imprint (1639) is accidentally omitted. 

1 . 21 4. 

Grotius, 3rd line frorn end. 

For I722 read I622. 


P. 223. Saints Legacies. A dd at end: 
The first edition of this book is described in 163t F, so the note of its rarity must 
be modifie& 

In Arber's Transcrit of the StaNoners' legislirs there is a record that this book 
under the title "A Collection of Certaine l'romisis out of the Word of God" was 
entered by Robert Swayne on 21 June 1629, and that Swayne's widow (?) Martha 
transferred her rights in " the Promises or Saintes legacy" to Richard Royston on 
6 Feb. I63. 

P. 223. Tozer. 
The date of the imprint (164o) is accidentally omitted. 




(WITtl A 




Alexander : see I485. 
Angelus, Christophorus : see 618. 
Articles : see 633. 
Augustine : see x483. 
Cicero: see I48o. 
France--Articles : see I624. 
Godwin, F., bp. of Llandaff: see I6o 3. 
ttampole : see I483. 
ttowson, John, bp. of Oxford : see 162,. 
Hutchins, Robert : see i617. 
James, Thomas : ttumble Request : see 
I625 . 
Jesuits Pater Noster : see J6I I. 
Laet, Jaspar : sêe  518. 
Latin Grammar: see 14.qi, 483 . 

Logic : see 1483- 
Lyndewoode, Will. : see I483. 
Oxford, Merton College : see J6 3. 
- University: Eneyclopoedia: see 635. 
----- Orders for the Market: 
see i6o, I6o6. 
Philosophy : de Philosophia : see 1586. 
Shepery, John: see 586. 
Terence : see 483. 
Thomborough, John, bp. of Bristol : see 
I6o 5 . 
Thomburgh, Edw. : see 639. 
W., R. : Merl T jests : see I6I 7. 
W(alkington), T(homas) : see I63I. 


(Supplementary to and corrective of, pp. I-4.1 

THE Oxford Press of the fifteenth century is a peculiarly interesting 
one. At present fifteen works are known to belong to it, ran#ng in date 
from " 1468" (4787) to I486 (i48-?). Not only is its origin quite 
independent, so far as is known, of Caxton's printing, not only are new 
products of the press still from time to time discovered, but the battle 
which bas been waged about the date of its establishment bas ruade the 
" 1468" book a veritable typographical battleground, and in Henr) 
Bradshaw's opinion a touchstone of intellectual acumen. 
In the first place some details of the various books will be ven: then 
an account of the type and presswork : and lastly a description of each 
book supplementary to, and corrective of, that contained on pp. 1-4. 




i Jerome .... 

2 Aretinus . . . 

3 £Egidius . . . 
4 Cicero .... 
5 Latin Grammar . 
6 Ales ..... 

7 Latteburius . . 

8 Anw3"kyll, vith 
Vulgaria . . . 
9 Ilampole . . . 
o Logic .... 
  Lyndewoode . . 

2 Augustine . . 

3 Phalaris . 
4 Textus Alexandri 
 5 Festial . 

Totals . 
Different books 

O* 1 ½ 

0 0 
0 I 
! I 
9 9 '- 

Other owners of 

Huth Library, Earl 
of Pembroke, Sir 
II, Dryden, Paris, 

Nonvich Cathedral, 
Earl of Pembroke, 
Chetham Library, 
Lord Ashbumham. 

Durham and Lincoln 
Cathedrals, Dulwich 

Lambeth, ,Vestmin- 
ster, Stonyhurst, 
Brussels, T. E. Cooke, 

Edinburgh (Advo- 
cates' Library),Dur- 
ham Cathedral, 
Glasgow, Paris, E. 
G. Du.ff, Esq., Lord 

0 O* 
o* o Lambeth. 



The finest set is undoubtedly possessed by the John Rylands Library at Manchester. 

* With fragments of thc book, independently of copies. 

A P P.E ND IA" .4. 24  


Seven kinds of type were used, the use of which can be seen on p. 2:38. 
Facsimiles of all of them are given in plates I I-V. 
These obviously divide the books into three groups. In the first 
group of three (" 1468"-I4-) only type no. i is used. In the second 
group of four (I48o-82, Theodoric Rood) only types 2- 3 are round. In 
the last group consisting of eight (i483-i48--, T. Rood and Thomas 
Hunte) only types 4-7 are used, except that the peculiar black initial 
type (no. 3) is occasionally still used. 
The press was of course a wooden hand-screw one, vhich .c-as at first 
employed to print one page at a rime (Jerome), but after the first book 
two pages and perhal,s later four vere struck off together. The earliest 
,, .o (sec an 
printing press of which we have an engraving is as late as o 
article in 27z'Mgographz'ca, t894 , no. -',), but there was great conservatism 
in detail, and from the early enavings and such researclaes as those 
which Blades, De Vinne, Talbot Reed, and others have ruade, we know 
many of the details of working in the earliest days. 

Character :Cologne black. 

Body :--English, nearly (i 0 lines -- I-}'-- in. 
lines- I  in.). 

In modern English o 

Used in the Jerome, Aretinus and Aedius, with no other. 

The "upper case" (to use a modern expression) consisted of at 
least i6 divisions, G, J, K, L, T, U, W, X, Y, Z hot being used, and P 
seldom in the Jerome, H being there used for both II and P. This misuse 
is not found in the other two books. On the other hand there are tvo 
forms of C, E, N, and Q, both probably mixed in the same division. Q 
is in the Jerome almost always .0 (a peculiarity round in some orna- 
mental IISS., from the convenience of extending the tail into the margin), 
in the Aretinus and Aegidius always Q: the letter is however identical 
in all three books, but being on a square body it is in the Jerome turned 
one quarter round. 

The "lower case" consisted of at least i21 divisions. Of tte simple 
unmodified letters k and z are wanting, and except in the Jerome j t but ij 
is round in all, colligated). There are two forms of p, r, and three of s, the 
two p's and r's being used indiscriminately, but the two s's (final)and the 
f (initial and medial) having their proper use. Of colligated or modified 
letters there are at least eighty-three, and of other symbols eleven (for -et, 
&, con-,-us [two], id est, full stop, colon, ?). Of these i2I about 95 are 
common to ail three. The signs of proess are as follows : 
In the Jerome, contrasted with the other two, Q is except in two places 
.ç), H is generally used as P, and I have not elsewhere noticed B, or j used 
by itself. On the other hand in the two others, and hot in the Jerome, 
are round an extra short t in which the perpendicular stroke hardly appears 
at all above the horizontal line, and eleven new forms, including le, ff, 
and pp in colligation. The Q and P are rightly used, alwa)'s. 


So too in the Jerome and Aretinus compared with the Aegidius we find 
that q is printed too high up, being in fact an inverted b, or, more accu- 
rately, an inverted broken h occasionally used for b. In the Jerome 
this is almost always the case, in the Aretinus as often as not, in the 
Aegidius hardly ever. It may be accidental that B and H and three 
minor modified letters are not found in the short Aegidius, that w (in wlt 
=vult) is only found in the Jerome, .]- (-id est) only in the Aretinus : but 
the occurrence of.e (-- ?) and of printing in red ink onO, in the Aegidius, is 
hot insignificant. 
The relative order of the three ma), therefore be assumed to be as 
above indicated. 

O,igin of Ihe O't"e. 
It ma), be taken as certain that as Çaxton's type is based on 13ruges 
models, so the first Oxford type is uhimately derived from Cologne. Ulric 
Zel began printing there at least as early as 466, and the general 
resemblance to his letters is clear. The likeness is still nearer xvhen we 
follow Zcl's influence on Arnold ther Hoernen (Cologne, from 47o), 
Richard Paffroet of Cologne (Deventer, from 477), and especially 
a little-known Cologne printer named Gerard ten Raem de Bercka, whose 
only dated book is of 478. John of Westphalia (Alost and Louvain, 
from 1473) and Jacobus de Breda, a successor of Paffroet at Deventer, also 
supply similarities. In the case of Gerard we actually find, besides 
a close general similarity, the saine misuse of H as P. Unfortunately no 
works printed by him, except the dated .Modes Colendi and an undated 
Aeso/,us, are at prescrit known, so that it must not be assumed that 1478 

is his earliest or only date. 
It is at present also unsafe 
Cologne vho printed at Oxford 
or ever used type no. . 

fo assume 
in 48-85 

that Theodoricus Rood of 
was the first Oxford printer, 

7:pe 2 (48o?-1482). 
Character :Narrow Dutch Black. 

13ody :English, nearly ( o lines- just less than 2 in.). 

Used in the Cicero (480?: 1,y itselC), Latin Grammar (I48?: by 
itself), Ales (148I : chiefly, but with no. 3), and Latteburius (I482 : chiefly, 
but with no. 3). 

The "upper case" 


of 22 letters (J, K, U, W omitted). 
of at least  3  divisions. Of the simple 

that ,o lines -- between 2- and 2î in., and (), Y (--?), I (--comma) are 
found in it alone. In fact, but for the closest resemblance of actual type, 
the 5Iilo v.'ould have to be regarded as printed elsewhere: and it cannot 

The "lower case" consisted 
letters j only occurs in colligation with i (as ij), and there are two forms 
of r, s (s, f and y. There are about 93 colligated or modified letters. 
Unfortunately it is very difficult to institute a close comparison of the 
use of letters, so as to establish a proper order of the books, in conse- 
quence of the fragmentary state of the IIilo and the Latin Grammar. 
The lIilo can be clearly separated from the rest: the type is sflaced, so 


yet be said to be quite certainly printed at Oxford. The AIes and Latte- 
burius are hardly to be distinguished in the use of type, but I havê 
observed w only in the Latteburius and Grammar. 
The origin of the type is probab]y fo be looked for near Cologne, from 
whence came Theodoricus Rood, the avowed printer of the Ales, and 
,«,here a Theodoricus, who may probabl) be identified with Rood, printed 
in I485-6 in a type smaller than, but similar to, the present one. The 
narrow stilted look of the letters and the semicircular sweep in front of 
the A are noticeable features. Henry Bradshaw detected a similarity 
between this type and that of Arnold ther Hoernen at Cologne. 

IP e 3 (' 48I-' 485) • 

Character :--Heading and initial Black, a large special type. 

Body :--2-line English, nearly 
]ïnglish = 3!} in. + ). 

(i o lines -- 4 in.--, 

lines of 2-line 

Used on]y in the Ales (  48 I) and Latteburius (I 482) (for the beginnings 
of chapters), in the Lyndewoode (i4837: head lines)and the Phalaris 
( 485 : one line). 
"I'he type is too sparse]y used to enable us to describe the extent of the 
fount: but F, G, J, j, K, k, v, W, w, X, Y, Z, z are hot found ; I and oc' 
have two forms each ; s, f are round ; V is only used for the number rive ; 
and nine modified or conjoined letters occur. The peculiarity of the 
letters is a slipped or detached upper corner in B, L, N, ",vhich is found in 
15o6 in Quentell's printing at Cologne, and ma)' be comparcd with 
a smaller form used by Jean Veldener at Culenburg in 484. 

Ty,e 4 (I4837-485 ?). 
Character :--Small Dutch Black. 

Body :--Pica, nearly (I o lines = I   + in., I o lines in Pica -- I I - in.). 
This is the small type of the Anwvkyll and Lyndewoode (both 483 ?), 
the ordinary type of the IIampole, Logic, and Augustine (all 1483 ?). and 
the small type of the Lyndewoode (I483 ?), and is used in the Textus 
Alexandri (i485 ?). tt is in many details similar to type 2, but may be 
readily distinguished by the o being broad and round in type 4, instead of 
narrow and oral as in type 2. ïi'here are two forms of S in type 4, and 
only one in type 2. The capitals are identical with those of type 6. 
The fount consisted of 25 capitals (J, v, w vanting, but two forms of 
D, S), 27 small letters (z wanting, but r, s double) and at least 95 modified 
or conjoined letters, in ail hot less than i47 types. Seven of the last 
class appear to be peculiar to the Logic, which may therefore be the 
latest of the group. 

2e 5 (I483-I48). 

Character :Small Caxtonian Black. 

Body :--Great Primer, nearly (I o 
Primer- 2 in.). 

lines -- 


I 0 lines of Great 


:244 THE O,'t'FORD PRESS. 

This is the larger type of the Anwykyll, the largest but one (ordinary 
large) of the Lyndewoode, the largest of the Aug'ustine (all I483 ?), the 
ordinary one of the Phalaris (I485), is used in the Textus Alexandri 
( 485 ?), and is the small type of the Festial (i486). The capitals are 
identical ith those of type î. 
There are .19 capitals (J, K, V, W, X, Y, Z wantiug) and 28 small 
letters (j, z wanting, but d, g, r, s double), and at least 44 modified or con- 
joined letters, rive of xvhich seem to be peculiar to the Festial, as is also 
the use of k. In all there were hOt less than 9t types. 

7Àe 6 ( 48 3 ?). 

Character :--Large Dutch Black, a Church type going with no. 4. 

13ody :--Pica, nearly (as no. 4)- 
This is the larger type of the Itampole, the larger type (two half lines 
onl)') of tle Logic, the larger type imbedded in the small t)'pe of the 

type (one line)in the Augustine, 
The capitals are identical 

Id'ndewoode, the intermediate 
occurs in the Anwyk)ll (ail 4837 ). 
those of type 4. 
Therê are e2 capita]s (J, K, V, W, Z 

wanting, but S double), 24 small 
letters (j, k, w, z wanting, but r, s double), and at least 16 modified or 
conjoined letters, in all not less than 62 types. Eight of the modified 
lctters appear to be peculiar to the Hampole. 

7pe 7 ( 485 ?- 48-). 

Character :Large Caxtonian Black, a Church type going with no. 5. 
Body :Great Primer, nearly (as no. 5)- 
This is used in the Textus Alexandri (485 ?) and is the large type of 
the Festial (i48-, ). The capitals are identical with those of type 5. 
To judge from the Festial, there are i8 capitals (J, K, R, V, W, X, Y, 
7 not being used), :4 small letters (k, w, y, z not round, but r, s double), 
and at least 9 modified letters, 5 in all. 


At present the study of watermarks has hOt reached a stage at which 
they are able to contribute scientific proofs of high in.portance, nor will 
an.,," proof be ever deducible from them êxcept the earliest possible 
occurrence of an undated issue, although probabilities of concurrent print- 
ing ma)" be arrived at. Only some plain facts, therefore, will be stated 
with respect to their occurrence in the early Oxford books. 
If we take the first group (the Jerome, Aretinus and Aegidius), we find 
no less than 6, out of a total of o 
"o. The Rufinus has seven (two shared 
with the others, one shared v.ith the Aretinus only, one shared with the 
Latteburius, and three peculiar to itself). The Aretinus has e-',, most of 
,ahich are round in the later groups, but eight are peculiar to itself. The 
Aegidius bas two only, common to the group. 

APPENDIA" 4 -40 

In the second group (Cicero, Ales, Latteburius, Latin Grammar) there 
appear to be 28, of whch four are common to ail the groups, one is shared 
only with group one, seven only with group three, and sixteen are 
In the third group 38 occur, four of "«'hich are common to all the 
groups, nine are shared with the first alone, seven with the second alone, 
and eighteen are peculiar. 


. Jerome (" r468," see p. I). 

Tlae treatise of Tyrannius Rufinus on the Apostles' Creed, here 
ascribed to St. Jerome, was undoubtedly the first product of the Oxford 
press. It bears the date of 17 Dccember, i468, as the da)" on vhich the 
printing was finished. The colopton is clearly printed and bears no 
mark of haste, nor does it show the smallest trace of alteratîon in an)" of 
the copies seen by the present writer. Saturday is a reasonable day on 
v,hich to conclude a work. A facsimile of the colophon is given in 
plate I I. 
Unfortunately for the peace of the bibliogral:,her two spectres bave 
haunted this book, one of which "pulveris exigui jactu" has been laid, 
but the other is not yet gone, although there is a prospect of ultimate 


In 664 Richard Atkyns, a Gloucestershire gentleman of some position, 
and educated at Balliol, issued a book, the title of which sets forth 
with unusual clearness the object of the volume :" The Original and 
Growth of Printing: Collected Out of History, and the ]?ecords of this 
Kingdome. Wherein is also Demonstrated, That Printing appertaineth to 
the Prcrogahve Rot'al; and is a Flower of the Crown of tçgl«ud. By 
Richard Atkyns, .Esq : " (London, printed by John Streater, for the Author, 
»lr)c,.xiv: quarto : pp. [I2]+ 24). Atkyns's object was to recommend 
himself to Charles Ii's attention by proving that printing was a royal 
privilege : and for this it was very desirable that there should be evidence 
of the introduction of the art into England under royal protection. The 
testimony of Stowecorroborated by Itowellthat " William Caxton of 
London, Mercer," introduced it in '47, was unsuitable. Atkyns, how- 
ever, came upon a copy of the " 468" Oxford book, and "the saine 
most worthy Person who trusted me with the aforesaid Book, did also 
present me with the Copy of a Record and Blanuscript in Lambeth- 
House, heretofore in his Custody, belonging to the _ee.'q (and not to any 
particular Arch-Bishop of Canlcrbur_y) ; the substance whereof was this 
(though I hope, for publique satisfaction, the Record it self, in its due rime, 
wil! appear)." Then ensues the following story : 

Thomas tTourchier, Arch-Bifhop of Canlerbury, moved the then King 
the 6th) to ufe all poffble means for procuring a Printing-Mold (for fo 'twas 
there called) to be brought into this Kingdom; the King (a good Man, and 


mueh gNen to Works of this Nature) readily hearkned to the Motion ; and taking 
private Advice, how to effecCt His Defign, concluded it could not be brought 
about without great Secrecy, and a confidemble Sum of Money given to fuch 
Perfon or Perlons, as would draw off fome of the Work-men from tararlein in 
]-[ollaut, where John C«thenberg had newly invented it, and was laimfelf per- 
fonally at Work : 'Twas refolv'd, that lefs then one Thoufand Marks wotald hot 
produce the defir'd Effec"t : Towards wh)ch Sure, the faid Arch-Bifhop prefented 
the King with Three Hundred 3Iarks. The Money being now prepared, the 
Management of the Dfign was committed to _Mr. 2çobert Turwur, who then 
x.:s of the Roabs to the King, and a Perron mo in Favour with Him, of any 
of his Condition: Mr. 'rnaur took to his Affiffanee 3If. Caxlon, a Citizen of 
good Ab)lit)es, who Trading much into zarolland, might be a Creditable Pretenee, 
as well for his going, as ftay in the Zaw-Countries: Mr. Turnour was in Difguife 
(his Beard and Hair fhaven quite off) but Mr. Caxton appeared kown and 
publique. They having received the faid Sure of One Thoufand Marks, went 
firft to A»oE,:rdam, then to Zo'd'n, not dariog to enter z-ararlein it felf; for the 
Toxn was very jealous, having imprifoned and ŒEpprehended divers Perlons, who 
came from othêr Parts for the faine purpofe : They tLaid till they had fpent the 
xvhole One Thoafand Marks in Gifts and Expences : So as the King w-as fairt to 
fend Five Hundred Marks more, 3Ir. Turuour having xritten to the King, that 
he had almoff done his Vork ; a I3argain (as he fa)d) being ffruck betwixt him 
and two 11ollanders, for bringing off one of the W ork men. who fhould fufficiently 
difeover and teach this New Art: At la, with ranch ado, they got off one of 
the Under-Workmen, xvhofe Naine was trred«rick Corfells ,or rather Çorfellis, 
who late one .Night noie from his .Fellows in Difguife, into a Veffel prêpared 
before for that purpofe; and fo the \Vind t, favouring the Defign brought him 
fafe to Zondon. 
'Txas hot thought fo prudent, to fer him on Work at Ztmdon, (but by the 
Arch-Bifhops meanes, who had been Vice-Chancellor, and afterwards Chancellor 
of the Univerfity of O.ron) Corfel/is was carr3'ed with a Guard to Oxon; wh)ch 
Guard conffantly wateh'd, to prevent Corfellis frorn any poffible E_cape, till he 
had ruade good his Promife, m teaehing how to Print: So that at Oxford 
Printing was firft let up in England, wh)ch was before there was any Printing- 
l'ress, or Printer, in 1france, Sîain, ZZa/y, or Germany, (except the City of «brentz) 
x hich claimes Seniority, as to Printing, even of 1-ararleiîz it felf, calling her Cit); 
'rbem .,]ragT«ntinam ArZis 7ioffratShicce Znz,entricem Srimam, though 'ris "knona 
tobe otheravife, that City gaining that Art by the 13rother of one of the Workmen 
of l[arlein, v, ho had leamt it at Home of his Brother, and aIter fer up for himfeIf 
at Alentz. 
This Pref at Oxon was at leaft ten years belote there was any Printing in 
Europe (except at ]tarlein, and AIettz)where alfo it was but new born. Thi» 
}'refs at Oxford, was afterwards found inconvenient, to be the foie Printing-place 
of England, as being too far from Zondot, and the Sea: Whereupon the King 
fer up a Prefs at St. Albans, and another in the Abby of Hé.flminster, where 
they Printed feveral 13ookes of Divinity and Phyfick, (for the King, for Reafon» 
beff knoxsna to himfelf and Cour:cil permitted then no Law-Books to be Printed ; 
nor did anv Printer exercife that ART, but onely fuch a were the Kings fworn 
Servant ; the King himfelf having the Priee and Emolument for Printing Books. 
Printing thts brought into A?, was mort Gracioufly received by the King, 
and moft cordially entertained by the Church, the Printers having the Honour to 
be fworn the King's Servants. and the Favour to Lodge in the very 13ofome of 
the Church ; . in lIé.flmioEer, St. Albans, Oxon, &e. 

As no one believes in this story it is hot worth wh)le to do more than 
to point out that no corroboration of it has ever been found, (much less 
the orinal record discovered), that Henry VI was deposed 4 3Iarch  46, 
and that the type shows no resemblance to that of Haarlem. Nor does 
the rest of the book concern us. The tale, however, in the absence of 
contradiction, obtained some vogue, so that we find for instance in Layer 
Iarney church in Essex some such inscription as the following "Proe- 

,4 PPENDLY ,4. 4 7 

missus, non amissus, Nicolas 
hic requiescit, h.c vitâ ad 
Octobris 19 o. 

Corsellis Armiger Dominus hujus manerii 
meliorem commigratus Anno D 674 Die 

Artem typographi miratam Belgieus Angli 
Corsellis docuit, Regis prece munere vie'tus. 
Hic fuit extremis mercator cognitus Indis : 
Incola jam eaelis, virtus sua famaque vivent. 

Johannes Corsellis ejus Executor & Consanguineus hoc monumentum 
posuit." The Corsellis family came from Flanders in the i7th century. 
There is no question that this clumsy forgery of Atkvns has had its effect 
in befogging the subject to which it relates, and has predisposed critics to 
suspect the date of the first Oxford book. 

II. Trlw risPt:'rrI i,'rw, " 1468." 

The first who threw doubt on the recorded date of the Jerome was 
Conyers 5Iiddleton in his Dissertation on the origin of Pri»thzg published 
in I735, and since then the opinion that I468 is an error for 1478 (an 
x having dropped out of "3tcccc.xxvm") has steadily gained ground 
with the advance of critical methods, until authorities like Bradshaw 
and Blades and Duff have corne to regard the question as settled. The 
only two separate and formal defences of the date (not counting inciden- 
tal passages in books) are a 3IS. in the Guildhall Library in London, in 
a volume of Stukeley's 1),zloEograph;z l?rilannica marketl B. 2. I, perhaps 
written in about 177o, and S. W. Singer's Some Accounlofthe book/,rinledat 
Oa;tgrd in .zCCCCLXVZzz (London, 1812, 5 ° copies for private distribution). 
a work which the author subsequently called in as far as he was able. In 
the former the arguments are of a general character, such as that if, as 
lIiddleton asserted, the King had hot leisure to attend to such matters 
during Civil War, the archbishop had, and that Caxton's silence counts 
for nothing in the general obscurity which surrounds the earliest printing 
presses. The Corsellis story is accepted. Singer is more scientific, as 
befits the later date, and adduces several of the technical arguments which 
ma)" still be used. 
It is now time to state the present aspect of the dispute, and to ascer- 
tain how far the date " 1468" is hOt only dubious but untenable. The 
arguments against the date ma)" be stated in presumed order of their 
cogency, with the remarks on the other side which they severally suggest. 

The presence of Signalures. 

The Jerome presents to our eyes the ordinary signatures to which we 
are accustomed in fifteenth-century books, that is to sa), the marks a j, a ij, 
a iii, a iiij on the recto of each of the four leaves which form the first half 
of the sections of eight leaves (sixteen pages) of which the book is 
composed. These are placed just below the last letters of the printed 
page, close under them. Now the earliest known book with a date in 
which signatures elsewhere occur in this developed form is an F..vposilb 
Decalogi, by Johannes Nider, printed at Cologne bY Koelhoff in 147 , the 
next being a Cologne book by F. de Platea in i474. The aro-ument i 
that it is extremely unlikely that an isolated printer in a provincial town 

in England should make such a discovery and advance, and that the next 
simi[ar book should be a German one four years later J. 
What may be called the common ground of the discussion on this 
point is well explained in Blades's tooks in Chains (Lond. 89-'2), pp. 
85-122, in a paper on Signatures. He shows that the idea of signatures 
in manuscripts is as old as books themselves, but that in manuscripts 
the marks, being in writing and intended for the binder's eye alone, 
were naturally, as a rule, at the foot or corner of the page, and often 
eut off in the process of binding. When printing came in, the obvious 
difficulty was to print marks so far from the test of the printed page as to 
be cut off in binding. This diftScuhy was met in two ways : either the 
sinatures were wrRten in at the extreme foot (from  462 ?), or the signa- 
tures were stamped on by hand ith single t5pes (from t473 ?)- Some 
printers, however, did mariage by care to print signatures far from the 
text (474 on?). Ultimatelyin a single case in i472 and ith increa:ing 
frequency from 474 printers round that the essential ugliness of printed 
signatures close to the page was counterbalanced b)" the utility and con- 
venience of the change, and out modern system was begun. 
Now, it must be constantl), rcmembered that the entire weight of dis- 
proof lks with those who dispute the printed date. This is xvhy it is 
simply amusing to read Blades's sage u ords on the subject of this i47_, 
book with normal printed signatures. H e is pledged to renounce the 
Oxford date, but he finds it awkward that there £r an isolated book of 
 472 in precisely the saine category--with the saine want of precedent, 
the saine absence of imitators, the saine forlorn appearance. Observe how 
he deals with it (p.   6 oir the book above cited) :" This is a puzzling 
book, for it is at least two years earlier than any other book so siffned. 
In this city, too. Il. e. Ltibeck"-] many works were issued with I S. signatures 
with a later date than this. It is dangerous to assert that a book is 
wrongly dated because you cannot make it fit into a bibliographical 
theory ; but I feel inclined, from the general aspect of the book, to date 
it as t 482, rather than t 472." And )et a very high authoritv on typo- 
graphy assures me that the book is undoubtedly of t4721 ;Vhat then 
prevents the tentative and isolated experiment of Cologne from having 
a similar tentative and isolated forerunner, even at Oxford? We 
may remember too that in the infanc); of printing it was common 
to detect errors as the book went through the press, and often the printer 
him.elf corrected an error with his t,en, as in the colophon of the Aegidius 
(sec p. i). Or a reader would do the saine. But it is believed that in no 
copy of the Jerome is there any attempt to correct or even throw 
suspicion on the date. There is the date, plain and detailed, and it is 
allowable to wait for scientific proof before it is abandoned. A priori 
considerations bave force, but they are liane fo sudden overthrow. 
Clearly the consideration of signatures alone cannot avail to disprove 
the date of the Jerome. But much more remains. 

 As these pages pass through the press I am informed by Mr. E. G. Dtaff that 
Lord Crwford possesses an edition of Horace's Opuscula printed in " 47o" with 
2 Blades was under the erroneous impression that Koelhoff printed at Libeck, instead 
of Cologne : where also books with manuscript signatures occur later than t472. 


2. St'gris of progress. 
It is said that, if we consider the interval between 468 and 4 79, we 
shall reasonably expect definite signs of progress. On the contrary, the 
first three Oxford books are printed with tte saine type, with similar 
ignatures, with the saine sized page and the saine numbcr of lines in 
a column. " In fact," says Blades in the A nt/qua3,, vol. iii, no. i3, Jan. 
188 I, in an article on The Ft)'sl l'rt'th'ng" )9ress al O.rford " if a leaf of one 
was extracted and inserted in anotler it vould, typogral,hically, excite no 
remark." .\Talura nt'ht'Ifact'[ p.t" sal[um, and we are accustomed to apply 
the idea of evolution and development to every art and trade. It is 
assertt:d also that there is no otler case of the cessation of a i;ress for 
over ten )'ears. But cessation of printing for such a time is not unknown. 
No book was produced at Bamberg between  462 and 48o, or at Caen 
between 148o and 5oo, or at Brussels betweên I484 and 5oo, or at 
Haarlem for some years after 1486, or at Saragossa afier 1475 till  485 ? 
5Ioreover thê only êarl), printing known at Tavistock is two books in 
I5 5 and 1534. "I'he saine t_j'/e and td«//cal zz,oodcu/s are round in the 
two, with an interval of nine )ears. And where tlêre is cessation, it is 
obvious that we may be content "«'ith fewer signs of advance v,hen ",,,ork 
is resumed at the saine press with the same type, than if the-activity had 
beên continuous, or if the instruments were changed. 
But this question of progrêss is a plain issue. Are there no signs of 
advance in the two later books comparêd with the earlier one ? 
The first book oftên has an unevênnêss at the right-hand êdge of 
a column (in z8 l,ages out of 84). In the other two it is always perfectly 
even 1. Again, the Jêrome starts printing on sign. a i, whêrêas the other 
two start with a blank lêaf, the printing beginning on a -". Again, in the 
Jerolne there is a peculiar misuse of the capitals H and Q (see p. 24), 
not round in the following books. And lastly, to omit smaller matters, 
there is the decided and important fact that wherêas in the Jerome êach 
page was printed separately, in the Aegidius and Aretinus two pages were 
printed at a rime. 

3. The 

Of the palmary arguments against the date, one still remains. The 
first Oxford type prêsents a rêmarkable similarity to that usêd by 
Gerard ten Raen de Bercka (see p. 24"-'), and his only dated book at 
presênt known is of I478. '-i'here s certainly a real connexion bêtwêen 
the two founts, but we know so extremêly little of this printer that it is at 
present unsafe to base any conclusion on his work. The typographical 
genêalogy of the early printers of the Netherlands and Gêrmany has not 
yet been fully drawn out, and of the 478 l[odus Confilcndi(Hain   455), 
which is here in question, only two copies w//h lhe d«le are known, 
one in the John R)lands (Spencer) library at 5Ianchester and one on the 
continent. On this point we shall doubtless know more in time, but at 
present we are bound to suspend our judgment. 

 In 467 Ulric Zel of Cologne (see p. 242 ) vas unacquainted with the setting-rule, 
which ruade evenness easy: he adopted it n x468-9, but Colard Mansion at Bruges 
hot till 478 (Blades, .Boobs in Chai»fs, p. I 8). 


4. 3listakes of dale commo». 

Thcre are t',vo subsidiary considerations left. One is that mistakes of 
date in colophons are not uncommon. An edition of Aeneas Sylvius's 
E/,z'stol«e (Cologne, printed by Koelhoff) is dated lcccct.xvlu, which is 
stated to be an error for  478, and an O],uscldum de componendis versibus by 
IkIataratius, printed at Venice, is al<o bclieved to be erroneously dated  468 
for I478. Caxton's edition of Gower's Confessio Amantis is dated x493 
instead of 483. I have noticed the following additional errors affecting 
dates before o'o  :7o for x 7o, o6  for i6oi, o99 for I499, 334 
for 1734, 4oo for 49 o or ,5oo, 444 for 494, x46I for I47x, 46x 
for 64, I46Z for I47 z, 47-" for 48-". 
There is no doubt therefore that a mistake of date in an early book 
bas man)" parallrls, and so far the im,robability of it happening in other 
books is diminished. At the same rime one would ext»ect the first printers 
in a place of learning to be careful enough, even if an initial blunder of 
this magnitude were committed, to correct it in some copies before issue. 
It is of course conceivable that the date was deliberatelv falsified, to avoid 
expected unpleasant consequences of being round fl«grante dchcto, but 
thls h)pothesis may be left to be dealt ,«'ith when some one maintains it. 

5. Z?ooks bound w?h lhe 2rerome. 

There remains a consideration of some weight. Until this century it 
was common to bind together several books (hOt merely pamphlets) in one 
volume. What books have been round in the saine binding with the 
" x 46;" volume ? Four copies of the Jerome are, or are known to bave 
been, bound with sevêral other treatises (see p. 252 ). Onê is bound with 
(and belote) the Aretinus of x479, and it is interesting that though a few 
leavês of modern paper now selarate them there is an offset of the first 
page of tte Aretinus on the last page of the Jerome, showing that the 
Aretinus was bound ",vith the J eromc belote the former was entirely dr3". 
No conclusion however about the date of the Jerome can be drawn from 
this, anal xvhatever presumption of synchronism might be raised is re- 
movêd by the fact that the well defined stainq at the end of the Jcrome and 
beginning of the Aretinus do hot run from the one fo the other. A second 
copy was bound with seven others, only two of v«hich are dated, 1478 and 
(the Oxford Aegidius)  479 : onê of thê undated is about 1485 (Perottus). 
A third copy v,'as bound with four preceding treatises, of which the only 
dated one was the first, the Oxford Aegidius of  479. A fourth has rive 

pieces with it, the first two of which 
third, the fourth is of I485, the fifih 
or 1487 . 

are of about 48o, the Jerome is 
is undated, and the last is of 1486 

Clearly we are on ver)" unsafe ground when we base an)" conclusion on 
these companion treatises, and out hesitation is hot lessened ,«-hen we 
notice that the only copy of the I)dgarfiz ren/tï (Oxfi, not later than 
 483) which is bound with other treatises, occurs after books dated 1408 
and 1486, the st being without a date. 

A PPEWDIX A. 2,5  

6. First prbzh'ng t)t urope. 
The following list of places and dates will show how far it is likely, if 
we turn from facts to probabilities, that Oxford should have started 
printing in ,468. Only the first two towns of each country are given, 
with the exception of England: and the claim of Oxford is purposely 
. Germany (Mainz, hot after 454: Strassburg, before 146o: 
Cologne began hot later than 1466). 
2. Italy (Subiaco, 146,3: Rome, 46ï). 
3. Switzerland (Basel, hOt after 1468: Beromtinster, 147o). 
4- France (Paris, 147o: Lyon, hot aïter 1473). 
5. Netherlands (Utrecht, about 1471--3 : Alost, 1473)- 
6. Austro-Hungary (Buda-Pesth, 1473 : Trient,  475)- 
7. Spain (,Valencia, 1474 : Saragossa, 1475)- 
8. England (W'estminster, 477: Oxford, 1478: St. Alban's, 148o 
[  479 ?] : London,  48o). 
9- Denmark (Odensee, 1482: $chleswig, 1486). 
io. Sweden (Stockholm, 1483: \Vadsten, 495)- 
 I. Portugal (Lisbon, 1489 : Leiria, 1492). 
12. Montenegro (Cettinje, 1494). 

It is hoped that the above summary statement of the arguments for and 
against tte date of the Jerome will serve to make the present position of 
the question clear. What general conclusion can be arrived at before 
further facts are discovered ? Caxton, who began to print in F.ngland in 
i477, nowhere claims to have introduced printing into England. Is it 
still conceivable that Oxford preceded Westminster by nine years ? The 
answer is that it is still conceivable, but hot probable. The ground has 
been slowly and surely gMng way beneath the defenders of the Oxford 
date, in proportion to the advance of our knowledge of early printing, 
and ail that can be said is that it bas not )'et entirely slipped away. Ail 
the new contributions to the argument and ail the chief bibliographers 
are against it, while no fresh defending forces are in sight. But it is 
still allowable to assert that the destructive arguments, even if we admit 
their cumulative cogency, do hot at the present time amount to proof. 
In the venerable building at the north-east corner of St. lXlary's Church 
at Oxfordwthe old Itouse of Congregation, which, though once the cradle 
of the University, 
Nunc situs informis premit et deserta vetustas-- 
there is still a single tenant, feebly holding his ground and refusing to be 
evicted. He wears the form of King Alfred and bears a legend beneath, 
telling us boldly that he founded the University 1. The clamour of dis- 
putation never reaches that silent room, the changes of centuries have 
disregarded it, and it remains the one place where a belief which cast 



a lustre of royalty over early Oxford, and to this da)' gives primacy to one 
of the oldest colleges, is still maintained wittout contradiction. The 
fiare neither utters nor listens to argument: it asserts and chooses to 
assert. But the spirit of the age is at the door: St. 3Iary's is swathed in 
scaffolding : the sounds of trowel and saw penetrate through the dira glass 
and the cobwebs, and ail things become new. It is probable that the 
opening years of the twentieth century will see the age-worn bust of Alfred 
and the copy of the Oxford Jerome in the University archives consigned 
to a common flame as lmpostors in an age of light. 

Coptës k»owtt. 
. I",ritish _M'seum. Perfect. Given by the Earl of Oxford on t o Mat. I ,- to 
Jame V est, at whose sale in  773 it probably passed to bi. C. Tutet : then in 
the King's Library, which passed in 29 to the British 3Iuseum, xvhere it bore 
the mark 8. D. 5 ; now 67. b. 26. 
• "") is printed askew, in thi 
 Bodlçian. Wanting e o, a blank leaf. One page çb  
copy only. Owned in 58-  by William Wright : then Bp. Juxon's, who gave 
it on 3 July 657 to ]Ap. Barlow, among whose books it passed to the Bodleian 
in 693 : where it has been successive]y marked A.  9- 6 Linc., Auct. Q. . 5- 8, 
Auct. Q. . 6.  and Auct. R. supra 3. 
3- AI1 Souls College, Oxford. Wanting a 4, a 5- Given by Benj. i3uckler in xî56 : 
bound in the ,Sth cent. with the Aretinus (see p. -53)- Marked NN. o. , 
now LL. o. 7 
4. Onel College, Oxford. Perfect. Originally this was bound 4th in a volume 
containing Aug-astinus de dignitate sacerdotum : 3Ieditationes Bernardi : 
Exempla Scripturae, Paris, I478" the Jerome: Comm. Petri de soma in 
symbolum Quicunque vult, Paris" the Aegidius, Oxf. 479" Ars bene moriendi : 
and tlugonis Speculum ecclesiae. Oned by Edmund Lyster in the ,6th cent. 
The present binding is of the Sth century: but there are old manuscript 
signatures throughout the volume. 
5- Oxford University Archives. Perfect. Owned by John I,hodes in 664: given by 
Moses t'it, a I ondon booksel]er, 3 Jan. 6--. ]3ound with the Caszts br«z,es 
of Johannes kndreas (n. d.'. 
6. Cambridge Uniersity Library. Wanting e Io, a blank leaf. This copy has 
a painting of .St. Jerome, a coloured capital and border. &c., and a coat of 
arrns. It bears a George I bookl_,late dated  713. Marked C..5- x» and now 
AB. 5.8. 
7- John R)lands LibraD', 3anchester. Perfect. 13ought for the Spencer Library for 
£5o" bound by C. Lewis: marked 73o, or E. 237: transl%rred to Man- 
chester with the  hole .qpencer Library. 
8. The Iluth Library. 
9- The Erl of Pembroke's Library. 
o. Sir Henry Dr)-den's Lil-,rary. Wanting e o, a blank leaf. In orinal binding, 
part of a volume containing Joh. Sulp. Vemlanus de Octo partilus orationis : 
Aug. Senensi de loquendi regulis: the Jerome: Aih. de Ferrariis de hori 
canonicis, 485 : Kamintus on the pestilence : and two leaves of a t'rognostica- 
 8 ». 
tion of 4S6 or 4 « 
. Pari.. National Library. Bough.t by Lord Blandford in Feb. t8z for/9 t : in the 
", hite Knights sale sold for LzS. 
.'. A copy recently so|cl to an American. Perfect. It was originally in an Oxford 
contemporary binding with the Oxford Aegidius, x479: Mich. de Hungaria's 
Tredecim 5ermones " "Oxoniensis cuiusdam exercitationes" : Adelard of Bath's 
Quaestt. naturales • the Jerome was last. Owned by A. Hilton in the x 5th cent. 

,4.  5 3 

In I862 a eopy in F. S. Ellis's catalogue (p. 14, no. 957) was priced I IO. 
Fragments :--Leaves a ., a 7, a 8, b 4, c 1, c 3, e 3, e 6-8 are in the Bodleian. 

Aretinus (x 4 7 9, sec p. t). 

The reasons for placing this book second are given above at pp. -'24 t--2 : 
if the), are regarded as sufficient, we must take " 479" in the Aegidius 
as what we should call I48O, which is in agreement with the ordinary 
usage of the time and whicl gains a slight l,robability, in that the printing 
would bave been finished on a Sunday, if the year were taken as 47 - 
AI1 coiffes are poorly printed. I t was quite fitting that the first book 
printed at Oxford should be theological and the second the Nicomachean 
Ethics of Aristotle. 

Co2t«ës known. 

I. ]3ritish Museum. Wanting a r, a blank leaf. In this copy alone there is a director 
for the large O of Omnis or b tf. Owned by \Viii. Davis iv, 179_, : ther iv, the 
Grenville IAbrary : marked " . p. 1 5. 1," 8. D. 5, 163. B. ., G. 793o, and 
now C. 2. a. 7- Bound with it is a manuscript translation into Latin of Aristotle's 
OEconvmica and l'olitics, dedicated to Humphrey Duke of Gloucester. 

I3odleian. Perfect. In this copy at o 2" and o 2 v is a  printed in the margin, 
apparently meaning "cancel," since the recto is printed askew. Manuscript 
notes show that the book, which is in contemporary binding, was at first In 
the hands of an Oxford student (?) v«ho received ldttance from the t'rior of 
Oseney. Then " Codex Michaelis Canni." Owned by John Selden. among 
xvhose books it came to the Library in 1639. Marked 8 ° A. 17 Art. Seld., 
Auct. Q. . 5- 7, Auct. R. supr. 8, and now S. Selden e. e. 

3- Ail Souls College, Oxford. l'erfect. 
4- Norwich Cathedral Library. 
5- John Rylands Library, Manchester. 
up out of two copies, the Alchorne and the Freeling. 
marked 15969 or G. 237 : transferred as the Jerome. 

6. The Earl of l'embroke's Library. 
7- Chetham Library at Manchester. 
8. Lord Ashburnham. 

Bound with the Jerome (see p. 252 ). 

lmperfect, wanting a , a blank leaf. Made 
Bound by C. Levais : 

Wants a I and two leaves in sign. k. 

Anthonv Askew possessed a copy (Sale catal. I775, no. 998, sold for £5 5 s. to Dent), 
nd an imperfect one occurred in the Bright sale in 845 (no. 18o , and 
fetched £5  5 s. 

Fragments :--The Bodleian possesses fragments comprising 1 3, 1 6-8, v 3, v 6, v 7, 
v 8 : Queen's College, Oxford, possesses m 8, with some variations of reading : 
and i 4 was in 1888 in the possession of F. J. H. Jenkinson, Esq., at Cam- 


Aegidius (  ,, ?, sec p. I ). 

In this work the colophon is printed in red, the only instance of colour 
printing in the early Oxford press. The book is for some reason rater 
than the two which precede. It is noticeable that in every known copy 
the bad grammar of the printed colophon was corrected in red ink before 
it left the office. 

I. I3odleian. Perfect. 
.Melancholy, in 16Ol. 

C@ies known. 

Owned by Robert P, urton, the author of the Analom 3, of 
Originally bound first in a volume also containing De 


viginti preceptis elegantiarnm 
venturae Soliloquium. Marked 4" A. 
separately bonnd as Auct. R. supra 4- 

, Bois-le-due,  48 7 : Perotti grammafica : Bona- 
28 16, then 

Th., then Auct. Q. t..5- 

2. Oriel College Libmry. Perfect. See the Jerome, no. 4. 

John Rylands Library, Manchester. Wanting a I and c 8, blank leaves and a 8. 
Purehased by Lord Spencer" once part of the volume containing the Jerome 
nO. 12. 

A copy was in the Harleian Library (Ca.tal. vol. 3, no. 667 

4. Cicero, Pro Milone (148o ?, see p. 2). 
This is a puzzling book. The type so closely resembles Oxford type 
that every bibliographer has accepted it provisionallv as identical. Yet 
it exhibits spaced type. it uses/for a comma (bo[h points unique in 
Oxford printing), and the sections are ruade up in sixes. It is also by 
many years the first classic printed in England, the next being a T erence 
in 497- The volume probably consisted of a--e in si',:es, allowing 
a leaf blank at the beginning: perhaps section e was in eight. The first 
hall of each section bears signatures. The book was clearlv ruade up of 
hall quarto sheets, three to each section. 3If. Blades was of opinion that 
the type was more v,'orn than that of the Ales: and 3Ir. ]3. G. Duff thinks 
that the spacing and other peculiarities point to a later date than x48o. 
Fragments known :b 3-4, c 3-4 are in the Bodleian Auct. R. supra 3), having been 
pçesented bv Sir \Villiam Il. Cope in 87z. They v,-ere tir lea,.es in a ,.olume 
containing {Cive treatises dated from 49 to 5o., probally bound in Oxford 
for \Villiam Cope (d. x53 who lived near Banbuu,. Also c I-, 5-6 are in 
Merton College Library, Oxford, among some loose printed fragments. 

Latin Grammar (I48I 3, see p. 2). 

which in the sixteenth cent. 
a Latin uammar in English, 
position with Oxford (e.,.-" "I 

This is only known from two leaves in the British Museum, acquired 
x872 or late in i87i, which were round in the binding of a book, 
belonged to Nicholas Browere. It is 
the examples of which connect its com- 
goo to grammer art Oxforde Incumbo 

.rammatice Oxonij," "Y go to Oxforde Eo Oxonium vel ad Oxonium." 
From letters in the Mlhenmum. 4 and I Nov. I87 , and notes in the 
book, it appears that the author might be John Anwvkyll (see p. 257) 
and that it is probably hot by Holt or Stanbridge. The chain lines run 
across the page : but it is at present impossible to say whether the secticns 
were in sixes or eights. 3Iarked C. 33-i. IO. 

.Mes (x48, see p. 2). 

The woodcut border which is found in some copies of the Ales and 
Latteburius is the earliest found in English printing, though Caxton uses 
woodcut enravings in the text (for the first rime) in the saine year. It 
consists of birds and flowers grouped on long winding stems, the four 
" iii. 
pieces which form the border measuring in all not less than  I¼+  
(no quite intact copy is known, the binder's ruthless knife invariably 
removing a portion). A fuH-size reproduction of it is given in E. G. 
DuWs acsimiles OEnghh Oes (Lond. I895 ). 

,4PPENDIX A. 255 

C@t'es kno'wn. 
x. 13ritish Museam. Without border. Wanting a 4, a 5- Re-botmd lately, but  ith 
the original sides. Owned by William Wodebrigge, sub-prior of Butleigh, 
co. Suffolk : then by John Warner : then by Cranmer: then by lord Lumley. 
In the Old Royal Library : once 520. 9-  2, now C. 38. g. . 
2. Bodleian. Without 1;order. Perfect: in original Oxford binding, plain sides. 
Owned by Roger Balkwell in the Ifith cent. Marked A. ri. 4 Art., then C. 7- 

Art., now Auct. R. supra o. 

4- Oxford--Brasenose. Without border. On vellum. Imperfect, wanting 3 leaves. 
In contemporary Oxford binding, with stamped sides. Owned by--Claxton 
and l'atrick Grante. 

5, 6. Oxford--Magdalcn. Two copies, one imperfect, both with border. In J. E. T. 
Rogers's ftistory of]rices is a note that Magdalen purchased a copy of this 
book in  4S t fvr 33s. 4 d- 

7- Oxford--New College. 

8. Oxford--St. J ohn's (hOt in Oriel, as has been stated). 


o. OxfordWorcester. Without border. Imperfect, wanting ai (blank, k 2, y 3. 
Given to Gloucester IIall by Clement Barksdale. 

 . Cambridge University Library. With border in three places, a 2, h I, z I. l'erfect. 
Marked I'*. 9-  5- 

2. Do. Without border. Wanting a I (blank). Marked AB. o. 9 : with George l's 


John Rylands Library,Manchester. With border in three places, a 2, h I and z . 
Wanting three leaves, a r, g 6, y 8, all blank. Marked D. -37, E. :37, 9944, 
in the Spencer Library. 

4- Durham Cathedral Library. Without border. 

5- Dulwich College Library : bound with Lettou's edition of Ant. Andreae, 

I6. Lincoln Cathedral Library. 

Yragments :--In the Bodleian r 6 and parts of C , E 6 : in Merton College, Oxford, 
two lcavos (one is i 7): in Coq,us Christi College. Oxford, part ol one leaf: 
in the Cmbridge Univcrsity Library, parts of L  and other fragments : in the 
Britih 51useum (MS. Itarl. 59-'9, no. 36 : last leaf with colophon and date) 
at Trinity College, Cambridge. 

7. Latteburius (r 482, see p. 2). 

Some copies of this 
P- -"54. 

work also bear the engraved border noticed on 
Some copies have a distinct variation on sign. '" k k "' (--K) 7", 

lia super capitulum s'm trenora Ihe, or 
lia sup capitula secada trenora Ihe. 

Clearly the type was altered because s'm is a fair contraction when 
meaning" according to," but hot properly used when meaning "second." 
See plate III. 

. I3ritish 5luseum. With border. 
Oned by Simon 

C@ies known. 
Perfect. In the ori#nal stamped leather binding. 
Foderby in the sth century: by Christopher Viscouat 


Castlecomer, and W. F. (?) ttunter, I824. 
45- b. 30.  35, now C. 37. h. 1o. 
2. Eleian. With border. Perfect. Owned by John 
Robert I3onwick. Marked L. x. 3 Th., L. 7- 2 Th., 
R. supra  . 

Marked zIS. k. x, IZIS- k. 6, 

Cuthbertson, prtest, and 
Auet. Q. t. 2.8, now Auct. 

3. OxfordmAll Souls. Without border. On vellum. Perfect, except that part of 
O 6 (blank) is gone. Given by Richard Gavent formerly Fellow of the College. 
The tinding is contemporary Oxford stamped leather. This copy is remark- 
able from the fact that four names, apparently of parchmt:nt-sellers, occur as 
signing certain leaves : on 54 leaves (representing I oS) F. H. : on 3. Havkyns 
or tlaukins : on 8, Alison- on 3, J- Alexander (Alysaunder)" probably some 
other sigmings are cut off: A comparison of two sers of similar markings in 
other books almost establishes the fact that these names do hot represent 
rex isers of the printing, but simply the owners of the parchment. Sometimes 
"S ff," and once "8 ff alison," occur, showing that the pieces were sold in 
bundles of eight (?). blarked P. 2. 8, then QQ. 8. I. 
4- OxfordCorpus Christi College. With border. Wanting almost ail of a ,, L 8, 
O 6 çblank leaves). In contemporary binding. 31arked X. P. iv. 4, then 
,. I8. 3 . 
.-'. OxfordNew College. 

Cambridge University Library. Both with border. One perfect (E. 4- I'], in 
contemporary binding of stamped leather. Given by Albanus Butlêr o Richard 
13utler, rector of Aston-le-VCalls (co. Northants) 23 .lune 6o3. The other, 
AB. 7.27, only wants a  ,blank leaf) ; with a George I bookplate. 

.3. CambridgeJesus College. With border. 

Perfect (?). Marked vi a. 8. 9 (described 

9. CambridgeTrinity College. 
Catalogue,  876). 

o. John Rvlands LibraD" at Manchester. 
leaf). Owned by '" Henri Joliff." 

 I. Lambeth Library. 

in Sinker's 

With border. W anting only a I (blank 
Marked I674 or E. z37. 

 . Westminster Chapter Library. On vellum. 

 3- .qtonyhurst Library. \Vauting only three blank leaves. 

4. T. Etheringt,m Cooke, Esq., rcsiding in Glasgow. 
original binding. 

 5 Brussels Library. 

Perfect. \Vith border. In 

Fragments known:Lord Robartes (on xellum, part of one leaf, O 33; Trînity 
College, Cambridge ; Queen's College, Oxford (on vellum : 1 3, 1 , B 4, B 5, 
kk 5, kk 6'; King's College, Cambridge; Emmanuel College, Cambridge 
on vellum, two half-leaves, xn q. 4- 6e ; \Vadham College, Oxford (f 2, f 3, 
f 6, f 73 ; British Museum (one leaf, i 8, in 68. 1. _q, and one leaf on reliure 
in Harl. MS. 59";7, fol. 44) ; S..qandars, Esq. one leaf) ; New College, Oxford 
(four leaves, H 2, H 7,zg, 1 î, p 4;I and on vellum four leaves, D -3, &c.); 
t, odleian (I 3, I 5, kk " z. b z-b; C 7-8 on vellum) ; Bra.senose 
College, Oxford (on vellum, I 6 ; Corpus Christi ColleAe, Oxford (four leaves : 
and two leaves on vellum). 

I 8, t I 3 and tt. 6 occurring in their stead : this copy was in Qua.tch's Rough 
List, 99. no. 5,2. Sept. 889, £32 Ios. : B. H. Bright sale I4 , lot 3364 
.£7 7 s., with another book). 

Copies occurred in the Sams sale (IS3-, Iî" E.s., one leaf in manuscript, : Bateman 
sale (93 : lot 7 »): Payne and Foss (,84S : art. 3Izo,/8 Ss.) : Gardiner sale 
(£9 Is.)" Towneley sale (I853, xvith border, wanting O 6, and al»o L  and 

APPENDLç A. -5 ï 

8. Anwykyll (x 483 ?, see p. 3). 
Four of the chief English grammarians of the 16th century were con- 
nected with Magdalen College Grammar School at Oxford. The first 
toaster was John Anwyk)'ll (48I?-87); the first usher and second 
toaster was John Stanbridge (I481 i--88, I488-94, d. ISIO ) ; John Ilolte, 
the author of the Lac lu«rorum, was toaster; and Robert Whittington 
was Stanbridge's pUl:,il at the school. Dean Colet, \Villiam Lily and 
Cardinal Wolsey wete also members of Magdalen (see Bloxam's legisl, r 
of [agdalt'7z Coll,'ge, iii., ad init.). Of the Latin Gramrnar in Latin wtiich 
is now belote us and has been assigned vith probability by Bradshaw to 
Anw.ykyll, no comI,lete copy is known, but it was reprinted at Deventer 
in i489. The l'ulgaria T«renti/occurs also set-,arately, and consists of 
sentences from "l'ereace v,ith English translation. 
There apl:,ear to be two different editions of this Grammar (hot 
Vulgaria), for it can be shown that the Cambridge fla0ments are not of 
the saine edition as the Bodleian book. Not c, nl),, for instance, are the 
contents of sign. h 3 in each entirely diffcrent, but the signatures them- 
selves are in different type, and in the Cort,us (Carnbridge) fragment 
the signature is n 3, and )'et it be]orgs to the Çompendium and hot the 
Vulgaria. The height of the l:,rinted page also varies considerably, and 
the width of the V'ulgaria pages is ]ess than that of the Grammar. The 
subject needs further investigation. 

. l.ondon]3ritish Museum. Vulgaria Terentii only, with written date at end 5 Jan. 
15,. Marked C. 33-i. 3- 
. Oxford13odleian. A fragment eontaining siman, fg'hklm  and (Vulgaria) n-q ". 
Sign. i probably contained the Tertia pars grrammaticae. With the Condover 
Hall (Cholmondeley) bookplate: bought by the I;odleian frorn Quaritch in 
89z: m whose Rough List, no. z 4, May 89z , it is priced £oo. Now 
marked Inc. e. E 2 
3- OxfordBodleian. The Vulgaria only, bound first in a volume containing also 
P. P. Vergerii de ingenuis moribus liber (I ouvain, Job. de Westphalia, n. d.), 
and Adelardi Quaestiones (n. pl. or d.). The interesting it'sctiption 
is in it :" 483. Frater Joh:annes grene emit hunc librum Oxo de elemosinis 
amicorum suorum." In plain .th cent. binding. Owed also by IIenry 
Strathyn at Bedford, John Uncle, I(obert IIunter (all t6,th eent.'. Bought by 
the/3odleian at the T. Thomson sale Jan. 866 (lot o6S) for '36. Marked 
A uct. R.. supra 2. 
4- CambridgeUniversity Library. The Vulgaria only. I3ound ofi.inally in a olume 
containing Perotti Erudimenta Grammatices (Par. 4,_q8)  Opusculum quintu- 
pertitum grammaticale (Gouda, 1486); Ars Epistolandi Jac. I'.ublicii (n. pl. 
or d.); the Vulgaria; Matheoli Perusini tractatus de melnoria (n. pl. or d.). 
Marked AB. 5-I6. 4. 
5- John Rylands Library, Manehester. The Vulgaria only. 
Small Fragrnents known:--Cambridge Universit)' Library t two leaves, h 3, and 
[without sign.] the beginning of the 3rd part): Trinity College Libray, 
Cambridge (one leaf, d , of the saine edition as the University Library frag- 
ments). Photographs of these fragments are in the I;odleian. The Rev. W. 
D. Macray states in his Anmls of the Bodleian (2nd ed., 89 o, p. 59, note) 
that lqradshaw round two lcaves at Corpus and two at St. John's t both 
Cambridge), but these really belong to the Alexander (p. 26o). Four leaves 
are in the library of Lord Dillon at Ditchley, Oxfordshire, discovered by :,,lr. 
Maeray in x867. 



9- Hampole (x483 ?, sec p. 3)- 

This work ?.).Richard Rolle of Hampole (d. 349)was also printed 
at Paris in 10,, and at Cologne in 1536. Noticed in J. Ph. Berjeau's 
tTi3liophile, no. -"4 (,Dec. 1863), p. I46. 

I. Cambridge University Library. 
a George I bookplate). 

2. Do. Do. 

C@zës bnown. 
Wants a  and 1 4 (bo 

blank : AB. + 3 x, with 

Wants 1 4 (H* 9- 5 . b)- 

3- John Rylands Library, Manchester, purchased in t 893 from the Cambridge University 
LibraD'. \Vants almost ail a I (F* 5.26. 3, when at Cambridge). 
Fragment :--Some leaves from the Babingtott le (t889) are in the Library of 
St. John's College, Cambridge. 

IO. Logic (r483 ?, sec p. 3)- 
There is a Registrum cartarum at the end of this book, on 
Diaams are on , 4 r, A o , B 6 v, cf. c c 2 r. 

sign. I) d 8r. 

Co])'es kne',z,n. 

New College, Oxford. Wanting nearly ail a I t, blank leaf). 
Utting. Marked Auct. V. 2. 8. 

Owned by J'ohn 

2. Merton College, Oxford. Wanting a I (blank), B 3, B 4- 
D. 8. , 7 Art., then I9. E. la. 

Marked D. 6. x 3 Art., 

Fragments:--Bodleian (one leaf, Q 2: marked Auct. R. supra 16): Cambfidge 
University Library: Trinity College, Cambridge (one leat] 26 half leave:,) : 
St. John's College, Cambridge .O , O 2, O 5, O 6, : Lambeth Library (four 

xI. Lyndewoode (I4837, sec p. 3)- 

q'his contains a large wood enaving (on sig'n, a t v) of Jacobus de 
Voragine writing the Golden Legend, seated at his desk beneath a 
canopy; on each side are two trees, the foliage of 'ahich, as in the 
Festial, is represented by nearly horizontal lines in rude style. Size 
4} x 7- in., to outer bounding lines. See plate IV. 

Co;zës ],'nown. 

. British 3Iuseum. Wanting aa i and either S Io or (the second) aa I (both blank). 
Marked 497. i. I, then C. 37- I. 2. In this copy f I, f 2, f 7, f 8, all g, h and i, 
k I, k 2 bave been re-set, compared v, ith the other two, which are probably 
the earlier issue. As a test, in this copy the catchword on sign. f if is under 
qua»mis, but in nos. 2 and 3 under glosa, as is usual. 
2. British Museum. Wan'dng S o tblank) ; and a duplicate of f 3, f 6 is placed after 
t 3- Owned by Tho. Chandler, dean of Hereford 3Iarch I48 ½ to I49o, then 
by Iames Scudamour, whogaveit to Richard Tomson in r595. _Marked 71i. i. 
5, and 4I. II. 6. I64: now C. 37- 1. 7- The side of the binding are old 
stamped leather. 


3. British Museum. Wanting a I, R I, R 8, CC 3, ce 6, and all dd. Owned by 
Nicholas Peir(ce ?), John Harrison (?), and William Graves who gaze it to the 
Museum. Marked 497- i. 2. 
4- Oxford, 13odleian. Pêrfect. In original binding of stamped leather, re-backed. 
Marked L. 4- 8 Jur., then Auct. Q. I. I. 4, then Auct. R. supra 12, now Inc. 
b. E 2. 
5- Oxford, Ail Souls. Perfect. Marked A. I. 29, C. 3- I2, D. 1. 2, now I. I . o. 
Owned by Thoma Windsor in 1634, and bp. Nathaniel Crewe. 
6. Oxford, New College. ("Auct. V. 2 ".) 
7. Oxford, Queen's CoIIege. 
8. Cambridge University Library. XVanting aa I (nearly ai1), y 4, Y 5- With 
a George I bookplate, 171 . Marked IJ. . 5, now AB I. I9. 
9- znd eopy. Wanting A 2, S. fo, dd I, dd Io. Marked L. 3- 38, now 
Q. 2. 14. 
IO. Cambridge, Clare College. 
I. Cambridge, Corpus Chriiti College. 
12. Cambridge, King's College. 
13. Cambridge, St. John's College. On vellum. 
4. John Rylands Library, Manchester: bought from the late Rev. J. E. Millard by 
Lord Spencer. Wanting a 1, S I o, aa I, dd I o. This had been in the Savile 
sale (862), lot 497. 
5- Edinburgh, Advoeates' Library. 
6. Durham Cathedral Library. 
7. Glasgow, Free Church College Library. 
18. E. Gordon Duff, Esq. : bought at a London sale for '2 lSS." wanting a I, 
S Io, aa I. 
I9. Lord Crawford. 
2o. National Library at Paris. On vellum. 
A copy occurred in the 13ateman sale (I89), lot 119o. 
Fragments known :Bodleian (part of D 2 : marked Auct. R. supra Iî : now Inc. 
c. E 7-I); Jesus College, Oxford (part of a leaf of index): Mr. E. G. I)uft 
possesses a Valerius Maximus of 1519, in a Cambridge binding (about 52o , 
the boards ofwhich are entirely made up of the Oxford L)ndewoode ; from 
the Hail»tone Library. 

OE The following 
printed off. 

book was discovered since 

sheet B was 

12. Augustine ( 483 ?). 
Augustine, St. [-Sign. a2r:] Excitatio fidelis anime ad ele-- t 
mosinam faciendam A beato Au--]gustino consclit, ta. 
[Oxford, about 4.q.?,] : (eight) sm. 4"" PP. [6_, siga. a  : sgn. a 3" beg. A'on enim. 
Contents :sign. a z-a 8 ', the sermon. 
This piece of Oxford printing was discovered in the spring of 89I in 
the British Museum. It was originally bound with Gerson's De modo 
vivendi (Job. de Westphalia, n. d.), the Cordiale de quattuor novissimis 
(Delft, 48), Albertanus de arte loquendi, 1484, Adelardi Quoestiones 
r, aturales, and the Historia septem sapientum. Marked 7oe. d. 34, now 
C. 38. f. 37: it had been part of lot 49rz in the Colbert sale. A fac- 
simile is given in E. G. Duff's Earl_yprt)/cd books (Lond. I893). 
S , 


The ccmputation 
early printed books : 
Each O1)mpiad is a 

' 3. Phalaris (1485, see p. 4)- 

of the date by Olympiads is very uncommon, in 
it is however the most ancient classical method. 
period of four )ears, and the first is computed to 
have commenced in July, .c. 776: so that July a.p. 1 corresponded 
with the be#nning of Olympiad i95. The computation cêasêd for 
practical I,urposes in ,,,. p. 395, and the prescrit revival is of an artificial 
kind, in which the expression "every fifth year." which by a Greek could 
be applied to an Olympiad (FI«u'ra«rqpt), was taken in its ordinary sense 
and used for computation. Thus "in the 297th Olympiad from the birth 

of Christ" ,.,,'as n the present book 
x. 9. I485. A similar use is round in 
Epigrams of Ausonius'. But the r494 

taken to represent (297 x 5 =) 
the 1472 (Venice) edition of the 
(Parma) edition of the Declama- 

tions of Quintilian contains a futile attempt to use the ancient method, 
for it was printed "Olympiade quingentesima sexagesima octaua qui est 
annus a salure christiana 3I.cccc.xciiii quinto non. Iul.", xhereas it would 
properly have been 1493. And 3I. A. Giry (3[anuel de I)iploma/ique, 
i894, p. 96) records an unintellible attempt to use this computation in 
a deed of  io2. 

Cop&s known. 

x. O.,aloral, Corpus Christi College. Perfect. Owned by John Lacy, and Herbert 
Randolph (x74. Marked X P. 3- 1, then &. I. 14. 

2. Oxford, Wadham College. 

3-John Rylands Libraxy, Manchester. 
S. 5- 3, and 5835 (G. 237)- 

Perfect. blarked in the Spencer Librmy 

Frag'ments:Bodleian (parts of i 4, i 6, now Auct. R. supra 9): Corpus Christi 
College, Oxford (parts of 1 2 and 1 7): St. Jobn's College Library, Oxford 
(one leal0 : Trin. Coll. Camb. (one leaf of sigu. d) : XVestminster Abbey Library 
(four leaves of signa, k'. 

' 4. Alexander (t 485 ?, sec p. 4)- 

There are editions of the Textus Alexandri by Pynson in 1505, 1513, 
 5t6 and by Wynkin de \ orde, 53. 

Fragrnents known :--St. John's College, Cambridge (c 2 and c 3 [?]) : Corpus Christi 
College, Cambridge çtwo ]caves, n 3 and one unsigned; probably part of the 


Festiall (,48, see p. 4). 

Printed in " i486," "on the day aftir Seint Edward the kyng ": which 
ould seem to be )Iarch 9, r48- This book is distingxlished by the 
occurrence of many woodcut engravings, and by the use of a woodcut 
capital G (5 rimes). This latter is the only woodcut letter used in the 
earlv Oxford Press (sec Bradshaw in the Commum'calions of the Cam- 
bridge Antiquarian Society, iii. 136 ). In the saine paper (p. 38) 
Bradshaw suggests that the eleven large cuts were perhaps intended for 

 "A nativitate Christi ducentesimae nonagesimae quintae Olympiadis anno. II. VIL 
Idus Decembres," = 7 Dec. I472. 


an edition of the Gohlen Legend, and that the rive smaller ones 
belong to a lost Oxford l'rimer on Horae. The text is nearer to that 
of Caxton's second issue (49) than of his first (x483). The two sets 
of woodcuts are as follows :-- 

Larger k¢).zd (general size, about 4. x 4è- 5- in.). 
I. ( ) I r. Woodcut of the Crucifixion, laid sideways. 
2. ( ) i". Woodcut of St. Christopher bearing Christ, beneath a canopy. 
3. h 5"- Bishop under canopy, with two trees (facsimile in Dibdin's wEdes ,4lthor- 

4. i5 . 
5. kî r. 
6. 12" 
8. 18 v. 
9. m5 v. 
IO. n6 r. 
II. O7 v. 

Martyrdom of St. Thomas. 
Stoning of St. Stephen ç facsimile in Dibdin). 
St. John the Evangelist (?) with cup and palm-branch, between tvo figures 
Murder of the Innocents. 
Murder of Thomas a Becket. 
The Circumcision. 
The Conversion of St. Paul. 
The Annunciation. 

I2. C4 v. 
e 2 v. 
x3. e3". 
I4. f 2". 
i5. h r. 
16. h I r. 

çmaller kind (general size, about z . x t ½ in.). 
Space for woodcut. 
Do. ? 
Do., the same woodcut. 
The Trinity. 
St. Andrew vith his cross, with a book and trees. 
St. Andrew with his cross. 

The prints are rude in execution, the foliage of trees being generally 
indicated simply by horizontal lines (as in a French Or/us S'«nia/is of 
about I485). The shoes, sword-scabbards, and the like are often entirely 
black, showing that the cuts were intended to be coloured by hand. 
They appear to be entirely unknown elsewhere. Sec plate V. 

C@t'es knomn. 

I. Bodleian. Imperfect. Wanting ail ( ), c 3, c 4, g 4, k 4, k 5, o 4, o 5, r 5, s 3, 
s 4, s 5, s 6, z I, z 3, z 4. Marked Auet. R. supra 5. The variations of signn. 
h and i show that this is a later issue than no. 2. Owned by William Little. 

2. Bodleian. Imperfect. Wanting ail ( ), a-f g I, g 2, h i, i 6, k I-3, k 6-8, 
1 3, 1 6, 1 8, o 3, P 6, r 4-6, t , t 6, x I, x 2. x 7, x 8, y, z : but y 2, y 5 are 
inserted from Hearne's fragments. This was William Herbert's copy: no. 73o 
in the Utterson sale I85 , where it was bought by the Bodleian for £6 xos. : 
marked Auct. R. supra 7. 

3. John Rylands Library, Manchester. Wanting a I, a 2 (supplied in manuscript), 
z 4- Owned by Ratcliffe (sale, no. I43O , 3 2s.), then Alchorne, then 
Johnes. No. 54o 9 (E. 237 ) in the Spencer Library. Dibdin's collation is 
very faulty. Signn. h, i are of the later kind. 


4- Lambeth Library. Wants z 4 (blank). The variations in signn, h, i are of the later 
type. Once a.rchbp. Tenison's copy. Marked once lxiii, t. t 9, now 3.q.a. 23. f. 
A copy occurred for sale in Rodd's 83I catalogae, priced £6 6s. 
Fragments:--British 3Iuseum (one leaf, y 3, in MS. Harl. 5979, no. 139' : Wadham 
College, Oxford (I leaves): Brasenose College, Oxford (several leaves) : parts 
of two leaves (q 6 and another) were offered by A. redale, bookseller of 
Torquay (catal. 3t, Oct. 1887, no. t) for 2ts. 

The Printing Press at Oxford ceases its xvork suddenly in t48, and 
there is no reason for this stop at presênt known. The printing at 
St. Alban's ceased at about the saine time. It bas been suggested that 
Rood left Oxford for, where a Thêodericus printêd books in 485 
and  486 in a type similar to that of the Ales and Lattêburius. In this case 
Hunt may have continued for a short rime alone, and thên relinquished 
the work. 


(Supplementary to, and corrective of, pp. 5-7.) 

FROII December  5  7 to February"  519 " ( 1 5,1.,- ?) a printing press is 
round in work at Oxford in St. John's Street near gIerton College, con- 
nected in i518 with the naine of Johannes Scolar and in the last book 
with the naine of Carolus K)rfoth. Both of these appear to be foreigners, 
but nothing certain has )'et been discovered about them or the causes of the 
establishment and cessation of the press 1. In I524 none of these names 
«,ccurs mnong the inhabitants of Oxford paying taxes (Oxf. Hist. Soc., 
Cit_y Documenls, ed. by J. E. T. R ogers, 89 t, p. 5): nor are they other- 
wise known in Oxford as booksellers or stationers. Although Scolar 
uses the arms of the University (their earliest occurrence in print), 3"et 
the Registers of the University almost elatirely ignore the fact that for 
the second time the greatest literary invention since speech and writing 
were known, was silently at work in its midst. Three of the books were 
however issued "Cum Privilegio." I t is peculiar that whereas theology 
claimed a fair proportion of the first press, it is entirely absent from the 
second; grammar, logic, arithmetic, natural science, and the Ethics of 
Aristotle being alone represented, except that one broadside consists of a 
Prognostication, which Dorne's lists in  520 show to have been a popular 
form of literature in Oxford at that time. All are in small quarto, and 
similar in the types used, namely an English and Brevier black-letter, 
with a Great Primer for titles. Not only at Oxford but also at Cam- 
bridge, York, Tavi,tock, and Abingdon, in ail of which there was an 
early  6th cent. press, printing entirely ceases for nearly the central fort)' 
years of that century. " 

Burley on Aristotle ( Sa 7, see p. 5). 


Cofii's known. 

Oxford--St. John's College. 

The titlepage is reproduced in plate VI. The Royal Arms on the 
penultimate page of this treatise, and also in the 518 Burley's 
trinci_pia, are a wood engraving v,-hich belonged to W'inkin de 
Worde, as I ara informed by Mr. E. G. Duff. 

* In  5"8 we find a John Scolar, probably identical with the Oxford printer, printing 
a Breviary at Abingdon near Oxford for the use of the Abbey. 


Dedicus (158, BIay, sec p. 6). 

On the title is the woodcut mark of John Scolar engraved in Berjeau's 
Przhters' .]arks (Lond. 1866) no. 8i, and his 2?ookworm (Lond. 1868), 
no. 3z, p. t 26 : see also the Correclions and Addih'ons to Chandler's 
Catalomae of editions of Aristotle's Ethics (Ox£ 1868), p. 7. 

Co[,ies known. 
London--L'ritish Museum, bought at the Crawford sale, IS9 I, lot 93 z. The last leaf 
with eolophon is also in MS. Iiarl. 59-'9, fol. 41. 
OxfordCorpus Christi College, wanting titlep:ge. 
OxfordJesus College (two copies). 
CambridgeUniversity Library : which bas also a fragment containing the greater part 
of pp. --, 4-7- 
EdinburghUniversity Library wants 4 leaves, sign. I 3-6'. 
King's Norton l'arish Librat T. 

A copy  as in the Inglis sale, 18 z6. 

3" De 

Luce (I518, June 5: sec p. 6). 
Copies known. 

Oford-- Bodleian. 
OxfordJesus College. 
CambridgeUniversity Library. 

4. Burley's Principia (r5  8, June 7 : 

Col)ifs known. 

OxfordP, odleian. 
Oxford--Jesus College. 
Cambridge--University Library, wanting D 4. 
The titlepage is reproducêd in plate VII. 
Burley, p.. 6 3. 

see I-'" 5)' 

Sec note on the t5 î 

5- Whittington ( 5  8, June _ 7 : 
a misprint for prolhouah's. 

Oxford--Bodleian (imperfect). 

sec p. 7, where in 1. 3 prolouatis is 
The square brackets in the title may now be 

Cop&s kuou,u. 

Oxford--Jesus College. 

Cambridge--University Library. 

Cambridge--Pembroke College («ix copies). 

John Rylands Library. 

t Iam IIouse. 

6. Laet (r 5  8 ? : see p. 6). 

The title i now known to be "Prenostica" simply. The parts known 
are (t) from the Cambridge copy, from the top a head line and 34 lines, 


from the bottom 33 lines of small type and 5 of larger type: (-',-) from 
the Oxford copy, e a lines from the top, and 22-24 from the bottom. 
At present the intervening space, which must be small, is unknown. 
The type is 8 in. broad, and red ink is used. 

Copies known. 
Oxford--Corpus Christi College (28 fragments of the upper and lower parts). 
Cambridge--University Library (two fragments). 

7. Compotus (i 5 I9 : see p. 7)- 
Beneath the title is a woodcut, 5:} x 4- in., representing a toaster at 
his desk, with a birch in his left hand and a book in his right: above 
him and on each side are other olumes, and belote him rive students 
on a bench with their books. Two v,'indows are in the background. 
On A e r is a diagram of the open hand (5 x 3:--in.), for purposes of 
computation: and different diagrams of the hand or part of it are on 
A 2 v, A 4 r, ,X 4 v. 

Co D, 

Cambridge--University Library. 


No. BOOK. 

2 Dedicus 

on Aris- 


I5 7 Dec. 4 
I518 May 15 

3 De Imce 
4 Burley's Principia 
5 Whittington 

6 Laet (I518 ?) 

7 Compotus 

5 June 5 
5  June 7 
518 June 27 

" 15 9" Feb. 5 


j. Scolar* 
J. Scolar* 
J. Scolar* 
J. Scolar 

C. Kyrfoth 

* With privilege. 


Academia Oxonie 

Celeberrima Universitas Oxon- 
iensis ç St. John's St.) 
Do. Do. 
Do. Io. 
Celeberrima Oxoniensis Acade- 
Celeberrima Universitas O\on- 
iensi» (St. John's St.) 

No. BOOK. 

 Burley on Aris- 

2 Dedicus 
3 De Luce 
4 Burley's Principia 

5 Whittington 
6 Laet (5187) 
7 Compotus 



15 2 (foliated) 

[broadside : 











Oxf. & Royal Arms 

Do. Do. 
Do. & Iagi 
Do. & Royal Arms 
& bcholar 
Do. & bcholar 
Do. & Scholars & 



a.D.  8o-64 o. 



One is Bookbinders Bridge, vhich is still 
which as one starts from close under the 

districts in Oxford are associated with the early production of 

standing, namely the bridge 
Castle in Titmouse Lane 

towards St. Thomas's Church, crosses the second piece of water. The 
bridge was on the limits of Oseney Abbey and the neighbouring tenements 
were largely occupied by binders who worked for the Abbey. See Clark's 
cdition of \Vood's ]]isto O, of lhe CgO', i. 433. 
Schidyard St., now Oriel St., is said to imply by its naine that it was 
the locus schediasticorum, the place of ,ariters on sc]a'dae or sheets of 
paper. Certainly with St. John Baptist St. (now 5Ierton St.) and Car St., 
it was a great centre for scribes, illuminators, bookbinders, and the like. 
See Clark's Wood, as above, i. 139,  î 5. 184. 
Also Cheney Lane, earlier St. [ildred's Lane, and now Market St., ,,,.'as 
largely tenanted by the saine class. See Clark's Wood, i. 72- 
The stationarius (or virgifer) of the University was regularly appointed 
(see Clark's d?«gisl«r .of te £'mk'a'siîg', vol. ii, pt. I, p. 261), and was 
generally employed to value the books of a scholar affer death or seques- 
But these general facts require to be supplemented by the details which 
follow: with respect to which it must be remembered that many persons 
combined several of the trades here recorded, and that, for instance, the 
earliest printers always bound the books they produced. 

[ CMef Autàorities :-- 

Coxe.=Catalogas codicum MSS. qui in collegiis aulisque Oxoniensibus hodie adser- 
vantur. Confecit tt. O. Coxe. (Oxf. I852. ) 
Kirchhoff, Albrecht: Die Handschriftenhiindler des Mittelalters. Zweite Ausgabe. 
(Leipz. 853 x, pp. x32 , x36. 
Magd. = Notes from the muniments of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford, by the rev. 
XV. D. Macray. (Oxf. 882.) 
Oxf. City Doc.-Oxford City Documents, I268-I66, edited by J. E. Thorold lxogers. 
(Oxf. Hi_t. Soc. vol. xfiii, I891. ) 
Tw3me. = Brîan Tw2me's mannscript collections in the Oxford University archives. 
Oxf. Unir. ArchivesXYills. --- An Index to Wills proved in the Court of the Chancellor 
of the University of Oxford, by John Griffiths. (Oxf. 86a.)] 



Not later than I I80 :-- 
Peter, illuminator (Deed of Elias Bradfoth, in Oxf. Univ. Archives). 
Ralph, illuminator (do.). 
William, illuminator (do.). 
Thomas, scribe (" scriptor") (do.). 
Reginald, parchment-maker (do.). 
Roger, parchment-maker (do.). 
c. 1190-12OO. John, " illuminator", in St. Iary's .1 parish (3Iagd.). 
c. I 19o-1200. Roger, "pergamenarius ", in St. lXIary's parish (SIagd.). 
I i9o-12i 5. Peter, illuminator, in St. IXlary's parish (3Iagd.). 
C. 1210--20 (?) Augustine, bookbinder, in St. Peter's-in-the-East parish 
1212, Nov. A, scribe (" Explicit opus manuum mearum, quod compleui 
ego frater A subdiaconus sancte Frideswide seruientium minimus, 
anno lXIo CC o xiio anno conuersionis mee vijo " - 
Paris, Bibi. Nat. IS. fonds Français 24766). 
In the first hall of the 13th cent. occurs as a v«itness Reginald, book- 
binder, in ai old deed in the Oxford Unir. archives betwecn Will. 
Burgey, and Nicholas " serviens Universitatis", in one of the 
mayoralties of Petrus filit.s Toraldi. (Twyne I, p. 52.) 
c. I-',.32-4o. John, illuminator, St. Peter's (,XIagd.). 
c. 1232-40. Walter, bookbinder, St. Peter's (lXIagd.). 
1237-8. Walter de Ensham, illuminator, St. Iary's (Iagd.). 
124 -,7 Roger, scribe, ("exemplarius ,alias Saumplarier",) apparently 
dead in 276: St. Peter's (3Iagd.). 
c. 124o-9o. Simon Scoticus, parchment-maker ("parcamenarius") in 
Cattestrete, St. Peter's (Iagd.). 
I242. Robert de Derbi, illuminator, in Cattestrete, St. Peter's (Iagd.). 
About the middle of the 1.sth cent. the following names occur in 
Twyne's transcript of a St. Frideswide recorda deed between 
Petrus filius Toraldi and Adam filius Hugonis Ruflï about land 
in the parish of St. Mary the Virgin :Robert, illuminator ; Simon, 
parchment-maker; and as witnesses, Thomas, scribe; Peter, 
parchment-maker (Twyne XXIII, p. 69). 
125i-2. Stephen, parchment-maker (" percamenarius"), in Cattestrete, 
St. Peter's (Magd.). 
1252- 3. William, scribe (" le Samplarier"), St. Peter's (Iagd.). 
I252-9o. Stephen, bookbinder, St. Peter's (Magd.). 
1264-84. William de Pikerynge, bookbinder, (" laminator"), died belote 
1308: found both in St. Mary's and St. Peter's deeds : probably 

1 c'St. ]ary's" and " St. Peter's", without qualification, are throughout this 
Appendix used for the parishes of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Peter-in-the-East. 


the saine as William the bookbinder of Oxford, the motto on 
whose seal in --'75 was " VMte innocue; lumen adest" (Magd.). 
_66. Hugh, illuminator, St. Mary's (Magd.). 
266-78. Symon and Yon, bookbinders, St. Peter's (SIagd.). 
_67. Reginald, illuminator, St. Peter's (Magd.). 
"le Saumplarier") : dead 

268-9 o. Martin, scribe (" Exemplarius" alias 
in  298: St. Peter's (Magd.). 
29o. In this year it is agreed between the 

University and City that 
"Pergamenarii, Luminatores, Scriptores " were in the jurisdiction 
of the Chancellor of the University (A[unimenla Acad«mica, ed. 
Anstey, p. 5-")- 
Before I3O4. Geoffrey, illuminator (" alluminator"), St. Mary's (Magd.). 
13o8. Robert, notary and stationer in Cattestrete: St. Mary's (Magd.). 
In the first quarter of the 14th cent. William of Nottingham wrote IS$. 
5Ierton Coll. I58, 66, I68, I69, Iîo at Oxford (Coxe : sec 
Little's Gre A' Friars bt Oaford, 892, pp. 65-6). 
 34-, Feb. Adam, bookbinder, occurs incidentally as holding a tenement 

in Schidyerd way (now Oriel St.), in the Bodleian Oxford charter 
no. i_a-,'" (Turner's Catal., p. 3 o,'). This tenement he left to the 
altar of St. Thomas the BIartvr in St. 5Iary the Virgin's church in 
349 (Wood's Cd_y, ed. A. Cark, ii. z, from a copy of the will). 
Symon Faunt and John Faunt, bookbinders, St. Mary's (Magd.). 
In this year a MS. of William of Oc -kham's Summa Loces now 
at Baie (F. il.--'5 according to A. G. Little's Gre 9' ]riars b, 
Ô.tford, p.-..-_6: see Sir Tho. Phillipps's Catalogue of ISS. at 
Bâle, p. 7) was written at Oxford. 

XIVth cent. 


350. MS. New College 
the x4th cent. in an 

Roger, stationer (Oxf. Unir. Archives, box F, no 24). 
Adam de Walton, parchment maker (i3M., box F. no. --.6). 
\Villiam, bookbinder (ibid., box F, no. 28). 
i34 was written at Oxford in about ..n. 35 o 

undated deed in the Oxfi Univ. Archives 
John Pilat and Walter " filius Paulini de Eynsham" 

I344. John Jove, illuminator (" lumnour"), of Cattestrete : St. Peter's 
345- In this year the Chancellor of the Univêrsity was acknowledged 
to have jurisdiction over "quattuor stationarios ad hujusmodi 
officium per... Universitatem admissos et pro tempore admit- 
tendos ac Universitati juratos vel jurandos, necnon in otaries et 
singulos scriptores scholaribus in scriptorum officio sen, ientes" 
(z][unimenta Academica, ed. Anstey, p. 5o, cf. I76 ; Wood's 
Annals, ed. Gutch, i. 44)- 
i349. In I. 13. De Rossi's Codices Palat[ni Lalbu" hi$h'othecae I alicanae 
descri[ti (886) in IS. no. 377 "adnotatur emptio codicis 'pro 
duobus Florenis cure dimidio Anno domini Mo.CCCo.XLo nono 
in ciuitate oxoniensi.' " 


about land in St. glary's parish, the following occur as witnesses : 
mRalph, Robert, James, illuminators ; Walter, Augustine, Adam, 
bookbinders ("liurs") ; Simon, parchment-maker (Twyne XXIII, 
p. to3 ; cf. Bodl. giS. Wood D. 2, p. 489). 
i353. Thornas Hamme, bookseller (" Vetus quoddam inventarium de 
bonis Thomoe Hamme bibliopoloe et stationarii ut videtur anno 
domini 353," once in the Oxf. Univ. Archives, box K, no. 2; 
but this most interesting document is noted by Gerard Langbaine 
as having been stolen during the Civil \Var (MS. Twyne I, 278 ). 
i35; . Richard Lynne, stationcr (« stacionarius Universitatis Oxun.") 
(Coxe): Riclmrd the stationer occurs in Lent 1358 (Boase's 
l?«gt'slrum Oxoniense, i st ed., p. xi). 
364 . giS. New College i73 was written at Oxford in this year (Coxe). 
37 o. Robert, bookbinder, St. gIary's (çIagd.): Robert Bokebinder 
and Agnes lis wife occur in i377(? ) and i38o (Oxf. City Doc., 
PP. 4 t, 47)- 
37.-}, Jan. 27. At this date "Quia, propter excessivam multitudinem ven- 
dentium libros Oxonioe Universitati minime juratorum, plerique 
codices magni valoris ad pattes exteras deferuntur" the Uni- 
versity decreed that no booksellers except the sxorn stationers or 
their deputies should sell any book exceeding half a mark in value. 
(Anstey's han)tenta :Icadmtca, p. 233: see ±\I,t»endix D. 1, 

below, p. 28 ). 
i377 ? John, parchment-maker 
Doc., p. 52). 

(" Parchemenor "), Holywell (Oxf. 

I377 ? 
x38o. IS. Corpus Christi College (Oxford) i SI was 
in this year (Coxe). 
I38o. Roger, illuminator (" Fymenour"), St. Iary's 

Richard, parchment-maker (" Parchemenor "), Itolywell 
City Doc., p. 5-"). 
Roger Somervyle, stationer, St. Peter's (Oxf. City Doc., p. 5z). 



written at Oxford 

(Oxf. City Doc., 

p. 4I). 
38o. John gIadesdon, illuminator ("limenour"), St. Mary's (Oxf. City 
Doc., p. 4I)- 
138o. William, illuminator (" Lymenour"), St. Mary's (Oxf. City Doc., 
p. 4I) • 
I38O. John Hyrys, parchment-maker (" Parchemener") (Oxf. City Doc., 
p. 4)- 
38o. Richard, parchment-maker (" Parchemener") (Oxf. City Doc., 
P. 43). 
38o. Edward, parchment-maker ("Parchemener") (Oxf. City Doc., 
P. 44). 
38o. John Langeport, once stationer (" quondam stationarius"), north- 
east ward (Oxf. City Doc., p. z .). 
x393. In Florence MS. Laurentian, bibl. S. Çrucis, plut. xvii Sin., cod. x. 
"Explicit compilatio quaedam.., scripta per me F[ratrem] 


I[acobum] Fey de Florentia Ordinis Fratrum lIinorum in Con- 
ventu Oxoniae anno Domini cccxciii, die... [xi Martii]" 
(Bandini's Catalogue, A. G. Little's Gre), Friars Ch Oaf;rd, 
P- 5). 
393- John Brother, illuminator (" limnator"), St. Iary's (Iagd.). 
4o3. John Brown, stationer, sold MS. Merton College 3 o in this year, 
(Coxe), cf. IS. New College o4: see a.ix i44o. 
4o- In the record of a tax levied on the University in this year occur 
the names of William and Roger, illuminators; Richard, senior 
and iunior, parchment-makers ; and Thomas and Robert, scribes 
(Twyne IV, p. 70). 
 4  . The University enacts that as the duties of the University stationers 
are laborious and anxiou.3 everv one on graduation shall give 
clothes to one of the stationers (.lunimenla Academica, ed. Anstey, 
P. --" 53). 
 4  9. See under  49 °. 
423. " Finit )Ienon Platonis [Latine] scriptus per Fredericum Naghel 
de T rajecto anno Domini .'«cccc.xxiij ... in alma Universitate 
Oxoniensi " (MS. Corpus Christi College, Oxford, no. z43: 
I4-'4. "Guilermus Secomps venditor librorum " may possibly be an 
Oxford bookseller in this year (see Coxe's account of MS. Lincoln 
College Latin  4). 
4-'z'. John Dolle, bookbinder : see under 453- 
First hall of  5th cent. In Bodl. )IS. e Ius. 55, P- 507 (written perhaps 
in the first half of the  5th cent.)" Explicit liber 3 u de considera- 
cione 4 t essencie secundum Rogerum Bacon correctus et scriptus 
per Johannem Cokkes manibus suis t,ropriis Oxon." 
426. John Wake, illuminator (,"lymner"), St. 3Iary's ()Iagd.): he 
appears as a surety in 434 (Unir. Register Aaa, fol. ). 
427. " Explicit conflatus Francisci de Maronis finitus per manus Nicolai 
de Bodelswerdia anno Domini 427 ... tum temporis Oxonioe 
studentis" (MS. Merton College i33: Coxe). A similar inscrip- 
tion dated 49 is in IS. Oriel College 70 (Coxe). Kirchhoff 
mentions Nicolas de Frisia alias de Bolswerdia as a bookseller 
in  4 a î-3 . 
43o. "Explicit conflatus Francisci de )Iayronis... finitus et com- 
pletus anno Domini i43 o . . . per manus Johannis Jacobi Spaen 
de Amsterdamis, tunc têmporis Oxonie studentis" (MS. Magd. 
Coll., Oxf., 103 : Coxe). 
434. John Clerk (Clericus) occurs as a stationer in this year and i438 
(Unir. Rester Aaa, foll. 4", t). 
c. 436. " Stephanus ligator librorum de Oxonia " occurs at about this 
date in Cambr. Unir. )IS. Dd. xiv. , fol. 39 (information from 
T. W. Jackson, I.A.). 
439. John Godsond occurs as a stationer (Oxf. Unir. Archives, Aaa, 


fol. 5): he has a dispute in the same year with John Coneley 
a "lymner," his assistant (Anstey's 3Zunz'menla Acad«mica, 
pp. 55o-I): in I458 he is paid for chaining some Exeter College 
books (Boase's/?eg'..Exon., I St ed., p. 2 i). 
I44O. John t3rown, stationer, in this year (cited by Heyner) may be the 
same as the one noted under 14o3. 
44o. John More, stationer, occurs frequently: in 44o he or a person 
of his naine sells lXIS. Lincoln College, Latin o9, probably in 
Oxford (Coxe): on 7 Nov. I444 he is mentioned in Anstey's 
lunt)nenta" Acad«mica, p. 74I: in Apr. I445 he values books 
in Oxford (ibM., p. 544): also in 1447-48 (ibid., pp. 565, 579, 
cf. 74 t) mentioned in the Treasurer's accounts at Oriel, 14  1--6 ." 
on I2 Apr, I454 or'55 he sld MS. Iagd. Coll. (Oxf.) 4 in Oxford 

(Coxe): in 1457 he values Exeter College books (Boase's 
.Exon., ISt ed., p. lxviii): on 21 Oct. I457 he sold MS. lIagd. 
Coll. (Oxf.) i34 in Oxford (" lIare," in Coxe). A John Iore was 
living in x46o-6I and t468- 9 on the east side of Cat Street, 
probably in Lady Hall- Great St. Iar)"s Entry, according to the 
St. Iary the Virgin church accounts preserved in the Bodleian 
(Oxford Rolls I3 &c.). He was also a binder (Oriel accounts). 
I445. John Coneley, illuminator: see I439 : he is bound to work for God- 
sond for one year fiom 8 Nov. I445 for 4 marks and io shillings. 
1446. " Thomas Bokebynder de Catys-street" was imprisoned by the 
Chancellor for saying that the mayor and townsfolk were hOt 
under oath to respect the rights of the University (Anstey. 3hmi- 
menta Acadcmica, p. 556). 
4t8. William Bedew)'ne, illuminator ("lymnour"), " late of Oxford," 
St. Peter's (Iagd.). 
XVth cent. Willelmus Sengleton wrote )IS. New College 27 (Coxe): 
he may be the \Vill. Singleton who was admitted B.A. n t 56î- 
(]?egister of the 5iv., vol. i., ed. Boase, p. 265). 
XV'th cent. " Expliciunt Questiones . . . scripte per Johannem de A1- 
mania sive de Kasterle, in usum . . . Thome Grace, illic [sc. at Ox- 
ford] in artibus graduati," in lXIS. lXIagd. Coll. (Oxf.) i62 (Coxe). 
45o-64. In these years Wïllelmus Salomon "Leonensis diocesis" 
wrote the works of Hugo de Sancto Caro or Hugo Viennensis 
in Oxford for Roger Keys, who in I4ï presented them to 
Exeter College, where they are now MSS. 5-68 (Coxe). 
I452. "Johannes Bokebyndere Oxonioe" occurs in the v«ill of dr. Richard 
Browne (Anstey's 3Iunimenla Academica, p. 648). 
453. John Delle or Dolle, stationer, mentioned (Regist«r of lhe £5zh,., 
vol. i., ed. Boase, p. 20, " Delle"): and in I454 (Anstêy's 
menla Academica, p. 74, " Dolle"). In I454 his name occurs in 
Bodleian Oxford Charters 49I (Turner's Catal., p. 35I). He 

may be the saine as John Dolle, bookbinder, who lived in 
Street in I42 (Boase's Reg. .ron., I894, p. 295). 
453. John 

Re)-nbold, a German, agreed at Oxford to write out three 


books of Duns 
fol. 7o). 


wrote several 
and  464. 

SS. now 

at Balliol 

on the Sentences (Bodl. IIS. Ballard 46, 
and Ierton 

459. June 7. Will. Bokebynder occurs as a witness in Oxford, when 
MS. )Ierton Coll. .t5 was ven to the College (Coxe). In the 
same year he is mentioned in Oxford Unir. Archives. box F, no. 2 8. 
1467. British Museum IS. Royal 6 D II once bore the following interest- 
ing inscription, before it was re-bound. " Iste liber ligatus erat 
Oxonii, in Catstrete. ad instantiam Reverendi Domini Thome 
Wybarun in sacra Theoloa Bacalarii Monachi Roffensis, Anno 
Domini i467 " (sêe Casley's Catalogue of the .,]lanttscrts of lhe 
Aïng's Librar_), (  734), Dibdin's ]?ibliog, ct],lical Decameron (  8  7), 
ii. 449: the volume contains the Lettêrs of St. Jerome, and had 
been given to Rochester by Benedict, bp. of Rochester, d. x226). 
'" 468 "-48g, . Oxford printing, see Appendix A. 
 473. Thomas tIunt, "universitatis Oxonie stacionarius," sold Brit. Ius. 
,XIS. Burney t t (a Latin Bible)in this year (see the Catalogue, 
printed in 84o). In 477 and 1479 he was living in Haber- 
dasher hall in the parish of St. Iary the Virgin (Bodl.)IS. Wood 
F.  7,. a collection of Oseney rentals : Wood's "Thomas ttowle, 
stacioniar," of I-Iaberdasher hall in 477 in Bodl. [S. Wood D. 
p. 587. from the above SIS., is a mis-reading by Wood for Honte, 
,. e. Hunte). In  483 he appears as agreeing to sell certain books 
in Oxford at fixed prices (the list, vhich is on a paper now form- 
ing a fly-leaf of a French translation of Livy (Paris, I486) now in 
the Bodleian, is printed in the publications of the Oxf. Hist. Soc. 
vol. v. (Coll«tanea, I), pp. 74, x4-3)- Ia all probability he is the 
saine Thomas Hunt who in x485 printed the Phalaridis Et, istolae 
at Oxford in conjunction with Theodoric Rood (see pp. 4, "-38). 
41S-85. Theodoric Rood, printed at Oxford (see pt ». 2, 4, 238). 
I48-' F. H.,  I-Iawkins, J. Alexander (Alison) occur as parchment- 
sellers: see p. 256. 
49o. William Vavasour, scribe. MS. Corpus Çhristi Coll. (Oxf.) 228 was 
written "per manum fratris Wyllelmi \'avysur, " Oxonie anno 
 49 °" (the date and word " Oxonie " might possibly refer to the 
t;me and place of the "determinationes I:,h)'sicze": but) 
Corpus v_.7 was " scriptus per me fratrem Wyllelmum. studentem 
Oxonie anno . . .  4 x 9 Ix 49 ]" and " per manum fratris Wyllelmi 
Vavysur ejusdem ordinis [sc. fratrum Minorum] . . . x49'-" 
I5Oi. Sebastian Actors, bookseller of St. 3Iary the Virgin's parish. 
Record of a grant of administration after his decease, -"3 April 
15 ° i (Oxf. Unir. ArchivesWills). 
,5o,. Christopher Coke, stationer. A similar record with inventory, 
 3 Dec.  50  (ibid.). 
-o-" (iid.). 
I5o. William Lesquier, bookseller. A similar record,  Feb. o : 
15o6. Georgius Castellanus, bookseller (?): see p. i . 

.dPPENDIX C. 2 ï  

1 5 14- Henricus Jacobi. On Dec. I I, 1 5 1 4 administration of the effects 
of Henricus Jacobi, deceased, was granted (Oxf. Univ. Archives). 
Two imperfect leaves of an edition of the t;'ormah'lates de mente 
magt'slriohanm's ]3uns Scoli by Antonius Syrretus were found in 
New College Library at Oxford by R. G. C. Proctor, Esq., the 
first of which bears the words " Venundantur in vniuersitate 
Oxoniensi sub intersignio sanctissime Trinitatîs ab Henrico 
Jacobi bibliopole Londonîensis." See p. 228. 
-'*' Carolus Kyrfoth printers, see pp. 5-7,263- 
* 5 x 8. J ohn Scolar and (  o ... -! , 
52I. John Dorne, bookseller. His day-ledger, showing what books he 
sold and at what prices, from 9 Jan.-23 Dec. 52o, is IS. 
Corpus Christi College, Oxford, no. t 3; this and two leaves of 
a similar day-book of about i5 t 8- 9, round in a binding in the 
saine Co]lege library, are printed in the Oxford Historical Society's 
Collec/«nea volume, no. i (pp. 78- 39') and 2 (pp. 457-62), where 
also it is shown that Dorne, who was certainly "a Dutchman," 
and as such paid with others an alien tax at Oxford in 524 (see 
Rogers's Oford Ct'ly ]3ocumenls, Oxf. Hist. Soc. xviii, 89, 
p. 56, as Johan Thorn), may be the Johannes Dorn who printed 
at ]3runswick in  507-9. An O/ces ]nsolubt'h'um printed by Tre- 
veris was to be sold "apud I. T.", which Mr. E. G. Duff thinks is 
probably I. Thorne. 
524. William Howberghe (Howbert or Hubbert), Douchman (Dutch- 
man : le resigned his office as Stationer I  Oct. 153-'2, see Boase's 
l¢cg. Oxon., p. 17). Gerard Pylegreme, Douchman (his will is 
extant at Oxford, dated 7 Feb. ",,37-" " : Oxf. Unir. Archives). 
Balthasar Claurchyard, Douchman. Harry Renkens, Douchman. 
All these pay taxes as Dorne above, in i524, in the capacity of 
Stationers or Booksellers. Richard Alcoke, bell-ringer, Iar- 
garete Page, Rose Cater, Henry ,Iancipull, and " Sir Person " are 
possible additions to this list. 
About 525. Gressop, bookbinder. In Bodl. IS. Rawl. G. 47 (N. C. 
14778) there is a note that the volume, which had been presented 
to AI1 Souls Library by bp. Goldwell, was " resarcitus per Gres- 
sopum ": the date must be about t 525. 
53, Oct. A commission from the bp. of Lincoln to search the book- 
e]lers' stalls at St. Frideswide's fair for heretical books (Brit. Ius. 
iIS. Lansdowne 938). 
53z. David Pratt, B.A., of Cambridge, is stationer from o March 
 53- fo Oct.  536 (Boase's ]geg. Oxon., p.  7 ). 
1534. A patent is issued to Cambridge (where printinghad been exercised 
from t 5",x to  522) allowing the University to have thrêe licensed 
stationers and printers or sellers of books, and authority to print 
books is granted to the Chancellor and three Doctors. .No 
similar patent was issued to Oxford. 
io5... Henry Mylward, stationer (Boase s/ïG.. Oxon., p. xx). He retired 
on i Apr. 597 from old age (Clark's ]g'is/er, i. 6z, where 
it is suggested that his naine appears as Iiller in i,î-, living in 


St..XlaD-'s Parish). In 1583 (July x2) Beef Hall was leased to 
t,im (Oxf. Unir. Archives, box O, no. I o. cf. A. no.  4)- 
x 35,4, No,. I4. Herman Evans admitted stationer, but pronounced "con- 
tumax "' iii Oct. 1563 (Clark's l?egist, r. i. 261). 
t556. Aug. I ,. Nicholas \Vayte, admitted bookseller (Clark, i. 32 i). 
Richard Walles, do. (.Clark, ibid.). 
\ug. i2. James à Wood, adrn. parchment-seller (Clark, i. 322). 
I564, Sept. 30. 'l'homas Wadloffe, adm. parchment-seller (Clark, i3id.). 
licensed to sell wine 

566, June 20. " Garbrande 
(Cla, k, i. 323). 

Harkes," bookseller, 

I.:,6:-. Jan. 27. Conrad 3Iyller, adm. bookseller (Clark, i. 32I): license,1 
fo .,-ell aie in St. )Iar)"s parish, i6 Sept. I572: living in 58.]- 
(Clark, i. :,', 5') 
t567, Apr. 3. Gilbert Burnet, alias Cornyshe, adm. parchment-seller 
(C lark, i. 326). 
157o, June 28. Nicholas Clyfton, adm. bookseller (Clark, i. 32i). 
Oct. 6. Christopher Ca`,'ye, do. (i3id.)- in I574 the Chancel[or 
recommended that he should bave a monopoly of second-hand 
books, since he was in difficulties (id.). 
i57-," Iar. z. \Villiam Sp`,re.. of St. [ar's. parish, adm. bookseller on 

the Chancellor's recommendation. 
and stationer in 1617 and 1619 

Still bookseller in 159 ° (iNd.), 
(Clark, i. 32 I, 343). Probably 

the same as \Vill " Spewe" of the Company of Stationers (C. R. 
Rivington, £lalioners Co»Mao', 883, p. 27). Died before 20 Nov. 
636 (Oxf. Uni`,'. ArchivesWills). 
573, Sept. 8. Joseph Barnes, adm. bookseller (il, id.). He was licensed 
to sell wine from Oct. i575 to at leat Oct. 1596. He was sole 
printer fo the University from I585 to 167, resigned on i2 Feb. 
6--, and died in 6 8, being buded in St. )Iary's on Dec. 17 in 
that vear. He lived (and printed) in a bouse at the west end of 
St. çlary s, nov," . 
' St..'Xlarv's Entry (see Zet/«rs from Ihe l?odleian, 

ii. 428). 

I574, 5Iar. 

573, Sept. 8. Robert Cave, adm. bookseller (Clark, i. 32): still a book- 
seller in x693 (fragm. in C. C. C., Oxf., Library from bi. XX. II). 
i573, Dec. 5- Richard Garbrand, or Harks, adm. bookseller: still book- 
seller in 599 (3IS. Wood D. 3- P- .'281, cf. _'286, where it is stated 
that he was churchwarden of St. 3lary's in I569) ; he died before 
31 Jan 6o} (Clark, i. 323 ` compared vdth Griffiths' Index of 
O.f ord ll'ills). 
25. Dominique P;nart, adm. bookseIler (Clark, ibid.) : in 1583 
occurs as a bookKnder (Oxf. Uni,.-. Archives, Reg. Y. 99); 

bookseer in 16î (Clark, i. 
16 2 . t, Oxf. Univ. Archives\Vills). 

32 I). Died before 18 Feb. 

574- John Gore occurs as an Oxford bookseller in a lease summarized 
in MS. Wood D. 3. P. 28 i, and lived in or near Cat St. 

A PPENDL'( C. :275 

577. Apr. 24. Humphrey Archer, adm. bookseller (Clark, i. 321). Ad- 
ministration was granted after his death on 13 Feb. I58} (Oxf. 
Unir. Archives). 
577. Rov,'land Jenckes or Jenkes, a bookbinder, ,.,,'as condcmned at the 
Assizes at Oxford for sedition (Wood's ttislo O, and .tn/iquilies 
of lhe Z'niz,trsz of Oaford, ed. Gutch, ii. (796), p. i88; and 
Webstel"S Trealz'se of II'il«hcrafl, p. 245, quoted by Bagford in 
I3rit. Ius. IIS. Harl. 59Ol, fol. 6..,). 
583. Carre occurs as a bookbinder (,Oxf. Univ. Archives, Reg. Y. 99)- 
i584 Aug. 15. £oo is lent by the University to Joseph Barnes with 
which to set up a press, to be repaid in six years (ibid. Reg. L. o, 
fol. 287, cf. -"46). In Oct. 59 z the money had hot been repaid. 

585 . For printers and publishers from  585- 640, see also p. 3 I. 

58}, Jan. lO. A çommittee of Convocation at Oxford appointed to con- 
sider De hbris imrimcndis (Oxf. Univ. Archives, Reg. L. o, 
fol. 283). 

586, June 2.3. An Ordinance of the Star Chamber allows only two 
presses outside London, one at Oxford and one at Cambridge, 
and only one apprentice to each press (printed in full in Arber's 
Transcr@l, ii. 807). 

1588. In about this year occurs an Inventory of the goods of John Pigot, 
scrivencr, imp1)'ing his previous death (,Oxf. Unir. Archives 

59 o, No:,. 7- Robert Foxon, adm. bookseller (Clark, i. 321): but on 
7 lIar. 159ï- an Inventory of his oods was taken, implying 
previous death (Oxf. Unir. ArchivesWills). 

Thomzs Iiddleton, adm. bookseller (Clark. z'bt'L): he 
died before z8 lIarch 6o4 (Oxf. Univ. ArchivesWills). 

Francis Peirce, do. (ibM.) : still bookseller in I6I- (Clark, 
• « (Oxf. Unir. ArchivesWills). 
i 52): died before 4 Jan. 6z s_ 

Stephen Wilson, do. (ibid.): 
also (Clark, i. 342). 

in 1591 he is a bookbinder 

I591 , May 25. A patent was granted to Richard W'right of Oxford and 
his assigns to print Tacitus's t-/islory in English, for life. (Patent 
Roll 33 Eliz., part 7, Arber's Transcrz}/, il. I6). This partl)" 
explains the peculiarity noticed in 59I, no. 5 (P. 3, above'): 
clearly it was printed nominally by 13arnes, but publihed in London 
and perhaps in part printed there. Wright appears as belonging 
to both cities. 

I59--], Feb. 2,. Thomas Gowre resigns the office of parchment seller and 
is succeeded by William Jennings (Fenninge ?) (Clark, i. 322). 

594, Sept. 3. John Barnes, son of Josei,h Barnes, is apprenticed to Rich. 
Watkins of St. Paurs Churchyard, London, for seven years from 
Mich. I594 (Arber's Tr«nscrt),L ii. 195: see the same work under 
date 7 June, 16o_, &c.). 



596, May 21. Application was made to Convocation for a licence to 
Joseph 13arnes to bave a monopoly of printing inedited Greek 
and Latin books (Oxf. Unir. Archives, Reg. Ma., p. 15). 
x59î, Apr. x x. Lancelot V'aistiell or Waystayle adm. stationer of the 
University: he resigned in x6o8. 
159], Iar. 16. John Crosley adm. bookseller (Clark, i. 3-'2 I) : stationer 
in 1611 (Clark, i. 342): died before 12 Fe.b. I6I (Ox['. Uni',. 
ArchivesWills, where he is descfibed as a ctizen of London). 
I60î. Robert Billing.ley occurs as a bookseller (Clark, i. 34-2): also 
bookbinder : he died before 17 Nov. 16o6 (Oxf. Unir. Archivesn 
I6o3. The Stationers Cornpany in London obtain a monopoly of printing 
Primers, Psalms and Almanacs. 
 608, Apr. a 8. Denis Edrnonds adm. stationer. 
I6O9. Nicholas Smith, bookbinder, died before 9 Aug. i6o 9 (Oxf. 
Unir. Archives--Wills) : hls wife Anne was Rob. Billingsley's 

609, Oct. 24. John Garbrand alias Herks. bookseller, was licensed to 
sell wine (Clark, i. 323): he died belote 29 Sept. I6i 7 (i3id.), 
and after 21 5Iar. 161 - (Clark, i. 3 2 I). 
16c9, Oct. 2c. \Villiam Davies occurs as stationer (Clark, i. 342): sdll 
such in 1615 and a62i and 1637 (Çlark, i..:143-4): bookseller in 
)Iarch, 161  (Clark, i. 32 I). 
6i_ ,oQ 5Iar. I3. A tenement in St. _'Xlary's parish was leased to John 
Adams, stationer (Oxf. Unir. Archives, box A, no. 23): he was a 
bookbinder from i6 lo tO 162o (5lagd. college deeds, cf. Clark, i. 
»43)- In 637 Iulv 2o, a bouse just North of the Schools Quad- 
rangle was " lately;' in the tenure of John Adams, bookbinder 
(Agreement between Magdalen and the University in Reg. R. 24, 
fol. I49r). For his printing, see pp. 3o8, 312. 
6 IO, Dec. Henry Blewet or Bluett occurs as a bookseller in St 5Iary's 
parish (Clark. i. 321 ) : still such in 161 - (i«'d.) : died before 3 Jan. 
163 (" bookbinder": Oxf. Unir. ArchivesWills). 
6t . Sampson Strongê alias Starkev, limner, died before 3 ° Mat. I6I I 
(Oxf. Unir. ArchivesWills}. 
i6i}, Jan. 2. Robert Nixon alias Waie occurs as a bookseller (Clark, 
-343): and in i6I (i. 321). 

161 , Feb. I 2. V, ïlliam Wrench 
J , 
19 an. I6I : see p. 3i. 
John Lichfield. do. : see p. 

becomes a University printer, until 

3I I: created Inferior Bedel 20 5lar. 


I 6  *--' : resigned his offices Jan. 163 * 
5Iar. 2 I. Richard Wylcocks is bookseller (Clark, i. 321, 3}). 

William T urner, do. (ibid.): 
to I64 :t see p. 32. In 639 
in 634 he Savile Greek type 

is University printer from i624 
he was found to have abstracted 
"under the pretence of printing 


a Greek Chronologer (one Malala)": and by Fel». 1 3, I6ï-- had 
bought them back (Wharton's ]?ema«)ls of Laud, il..I 74). 
lXlar. 2 I. Eward Forrest is bookseller (Clark, i. 32 i). 
William Toldervey, do. (d;¢/.). 
John Westall, do. (ibid.): he occurs as binding for the Bod- 
leian in .1636- 7 (IXIacray's Annals, 2nd ed., p. 77). 
Jan. I9. James Short do. : see p. 312- 

1 6 I 7, Iav 1 6, 

Roger Barnes, adm. bookseller (Clark, i. 32I): see x626, 

I619, july 3 o. Edward Iiles occurs as bookseller (Clark, i. 343'): he 
was Clerk of the University, and died before  May, 637 (Oxf. 
Unir. ArchivesWills). 
6..-ï, Jan. 6. Richard Parne adm. parchment seller, in place of Henry 
Dochin, dead, who had succeeded John Cooke (Clark, i. 3a). 
i6_ 3, Apr. Thomas Huggins occurs as stationer (Clark, i. 343), also in 
x6_ 7 (of St. Mary's parish) and 634 (ibid. and 344). 
6. William Webbe occurs as stationer (Clark, i. 343). See p. 3:. 
Still stationer in i63 (ibid. 344), and binder to the Bodleian 
(Macray's Annals, znd ed., p. 77: died in 65_). 
166, June 8. Roger Barnes and Jotln l,is son occur as bookbinders 
(Clark, i. 343), John is still bookbinder in i63o (ibid.) and 636- 7, 
(Macray's Annals of thî" 2?odla'an, .nd ed., p. 77). Roger died 
before 30 Nov. 63i (of All Saints parish, bookbinder and 
stationer: Oxf. Univ. ArchivesWills). 
629, June 16. Tle University of Cambridge begs the loan of the 
Greek matrixes given to Oxford by sir Henry Savile : the request 
vcas granted on June 3 ° on Laud's recommendation, and the 
matrixes returned 4 June, 63. The )'ear in whict Savile's 
famous " silver" Greek type (with which tle Cho,soslom of 
i6io-z 3 was printed at Eton)came to Oxford is not at present 
i63I. From the fine of £300 inflicted on the printer of the Wicked 
Bible of this year a fount of Greek type was purchased by Laud 
(hOt belote i634 ) for printing in London, Oxford or Cambridge, 
as the editors of the books might prefer. As a fact the printing 
took place in London, from I637 on. 
632, Nov. I2. The first charter to Oxford allowing printing : printed 
in App D. II., p. 8x : confirmed and amplified,  3 Iarch, i63; } 
(p. 83). Laud in a Ietter to the University mentions King and 
lIotteshead as two printers the University might well appoint 
out of the three allowed. 

June io. William Wildgoose, do. (ibid.). 
June I I. John Allam, do. ([3l'd.). 
The two latter with Christopher Barker, William Johnson and 
John Chambers were reprimanded on _- 3Iay, 16i 7, for setting 
ut as booksellêrs witlout the Vice-Chancellor's leave (ibid.). 


635. Leonard Lichfield succeeded his father John, as University printer : 

died in  657. 
636. Tit. xviii, sect. 5 of the Statutes of the University is framed '" De 
T)pographis Universitatis": printed in App. D. V., p. 287. The 
Architypographus is here first mentioned. 
t636. lohn Haviland of London is stated to have a press at London, 
"Oxford and Cambridge (Arber's 7", iii. 7o4)- 
1636_37 . w Seale occurs as binding for the Bodleian (Macrav's Annals, 
2nd ed., p. 77). 
Bott, do. 
63{ , 5Iar. 2. See p. 285 (agreement between the University and the 
Stationers' Company). 
637 , July . A severe decree of Star-Chamber is issued, restricting 
printing, but allowing the rights of Oxford : printed in Arber's 
2ranscri/,I, ix'. 528. 
1637. In riais year Laud, who had in every way facilitated the acquisition 
of good Oriental and other type by the University, was able to 
write to the \ïce-Chancellor (,on lav 5)" You are now upon a 
very good way towards the setting up'of a learned Press." 
x637, Oct. I4. The ,,,,-iii of Hugh Jones of St. Iary [agdalen parish, 
printer (apprentice ?), was proved (Oxf. Unir. ArchivesWills). 
i638 , Apr. 12. The will of John Wilmot, stationer, was proved (ibid.). 
1639- See undcr 161 ï.- (Turner). 
1639 , .Aug. 2. Agreement with the Stationers' Company: see p. 287. 

The following 
their imprints : 

booksellers of Oxford are 

at present 

Jackson, Simon, .6  8. 
Cripps, Henry,  620- 39. 
Peerse. Elias,  625-39. 
Curteyne, Henry, 625-4o. 
13utler, Thomas,  6 --, 8. 
13owman. Francis, 634-4o. 
Allam, Thomas, 636-39. 
Godwin, Joseph, 637-39. 
Robinson, Thomas, x 639-4o. 
Hunt, [atthew, 1639-4o. 
Young, Robert, 64o. 

[London booksellers 
omitted : see pp. 3 x 1-3.] 

who published for Oxford 

onl) known from 

printers are here 

[The following discussion of the authorship of the Z'raise of 3h«sic 
(586, no. lO) is referred to on p. o as occurring in Appendix C, and 
is therefore here inserted.] 

,4 PPENDIX C. 2 7 9 

The Pra[se of [usic (1586). 

This work is probably not by John Case, although constantly attributed 
to him. The facts of the marrer ma)' be stated as follows. 
The book is strictly anonymous: all that can be gathered directly 
from it is that the author was himself an enthusiastic musician, 
though hot necessari]y of eminence; that he was a well-read scholar, 
as well in the Fathers as in the Classics, and that his style and 
method point to a man of imaginative mind, young in years, and with 
considerable elegance of thought and expression. The printer writes 
a dedication to Sir Walter Raleigh, alluding to the book as "an Orphan 
of one of Lady lXIusickes children." This can on]y be meant to convey 
the impression that the author was dead: on the other hand the treatise 
can only have been composed recently from the allusions to tte con- 
troversy about Cburcb music: in fact the autbor was undoubted]y 
a Protestant in F.lizabeth's reign, who approved of elaborate music in 
Churches. within certain common-sense lirnits. 
In 1588 John Case published at Oxford an "Apologia Iusices '" 
written in Latin, and maintaining nearly the saine view about Church 
music as the book belote us, to wbich Case makes no a]lusion. Case was 
elected scholar ofSt. John's College, Oxford, in 1,564 ; and in  568 fellow. 
"But so it was." says Wood (Aih. O.v., ed. Bliss, i. 685) , " that being 
Popishly affected he left his fellowship and married [in ,574] and... 
read logic and philosot-,hy to young men (mostly of the R. C. religion) in 
a private bouse in St. BIary .'Iagd. parish." 
The external evidence about the autlorship in question may be put 
as follows. In favour of Case is the important fact that Thomas Watson 
the poet in a sonnet to Case does certainly seem to allude to the English 
as well as the Latin treatise. Iost of the expressions ma)', and more 
than one must, apply to the A[,ologfa, but the al/usion to 2[ars)'as call 
only refer to the " Praise," which indeed is mentioned by naine, " 
John Case.. his learned booke latel)" ruade in the prayes of.Iuslck. 
Again, the fact that the Apologiz nowhere alludes to the former toem is 
itself an argument that they were hot independent of each other, while 
supposing that Case was partly ashamed of so light and poetical a pro- 
duction and desired to be judged rather bya more philosophical v,'ork, 
such as the Latin treatise, we can understand a desire to ignore the 
former. To this ma)' be added that such considerations as the above 
were sufficient to convince critics like Dr. Farmer, Mr. Joseph Itasle- 
wood and Dr. Bliss, as well as almost all others who bave considered the 
point. Against such a conclusion the following points ma)' be urged. 
Antony à Wood, who wrote lives of a]l Oxford writers up to his own 
rime, and who was born in I632 , will not even suggest that Case was the 
author, but on the contrary declares that in all lais searches he could 
never discover who wrote the book. Richard Heber seems also to 
have argued against Case's connexion. With respect to Watson's testi- 
mony it must be remembered that he had left the University some years 
before either book was published, and that it is quite possible that he 
wrote his sonnet with both books belote him and with little on which 
to form a judgment êxcept an obvious similarity of subject and point of 


view. Some catalogues are said to have credited the printer with the 
authorship, and Lowndes ascribes it to Barnaby Barnes! 
The internal evidence is against the common authorship of the two 
books. The style of E. 1 is light, poetical and imaginative, with numerous 
digressions, apologized for and repeated : that of L. is more staid and so 
to speak scholastic ; the sentences and thoughts fall into a logical form 
which are natural to Case. The latter passes by the m),thological part of 
the history of /usic, the former finds it in accordance with his taste. 
]3oth authors are learned: in E. the references to the Fathers are as numerous 
as those from any other source: in L. the references to secular authors 
predominate. /3oth draw from common sources, such as the Theatrum 
vilae humanae of Beyerlinck and the classical authors : but in the longest 
quotation common to both, one from Ornithoparchus's A[t'crologus 
(E. pp. 39-40 : L. pref.), a treatise on singing and music (afterwards, in 
z6o9, translated into English), in which the imaginary descent of Con- 
centus and Accentus from Sonus is given, they differ materially in one 
point of the account : nor are the explanations of the kinds and effects of 
the Greek styles of music entirelyin accord. So too there are expressions 
peculiar to each book which could hardly bave been absent from the 
other, had the authors been the saine person (as in E. allusions to 
Iercury's three parts of music; the Roman college of minstrels ; three 
causes of music, pleasure, grief and enthusiasm: in L. to inanimate 
nature moved bv music, Homer as a minstrel, the idea that strings from 
wolves'and sheep's guts would hot harmonize together, bees hot having ears, 
modern musicians). But lastly the personality of the authors is different. 
Both indeed take up the same general [.oint of view, that music is lawful 
in a Church, and both entirely neglect the science of music though they 
profess to be ardent musicians : but in E. there is a distinct purpose to 
oppose the attempt to exclude ail mixed and " exquisite" music from the 
public services : the author writes to his equals for the purpose of interest- 
ing and convincing them: in L. v«e see the dialectician addressing those 
trained in the schools and accustomed to the subtle distinctions and 
formalities of scholastic logic, and also the teacher of youth, indulging in 
moral and didactic reflexions (I-9. 57,-55). Once more, Case, according 
to Wood, was known before  574 to have proclivities towards the Roman 
Catholic relion, and accordingly in L. we find no word of blame 
addressed to that Church, the nearest approach being a note of triumph 
over the defeat of the Armada on the last page. Could he then have 
xritten, as the author of E.. ttle following expressions, all used in con- 
tempt, "in the time of popery" (p. 9), "popish church Nusicke 
(ibid.), "the hypocriticall Monkes and Friers sang their seuen canonicall 
houres" (p.  33), "rotten rythmes of popery and superstitious inuocation 
or praying vnto Saints doth not giue greater cause of vomir to any man 
than to my selfe" (p.  36) ? 
The author of the "Praise of Musicke" may one da)" be discovered, 
but he will probably be round to be some other than Dr. John Case. 

a E., the English/5 aise of AIusicke: L., the Latin AiOologia musices. 



(STÀTUTE to prevent the removal of valuable books from 
Oxford, a.I). I373: from .31unbnenla A cademz'ca, ed. by 
F. Anstey (Rolls Series) 868, i. -"33: with « altered to ae.) 
Quia, propter excessivam multitudinem vendentihm libros, A.D. 373- 
• . There are a great man)" 
Oxoniae Universitati minime juratorum, plerique codices mao-ni booksellers ia Oxford, 
valoris ad partes exteras deferuntur, veri domîni librorum ,,ho are hot sworn to 
the Universitv; the con- 
eorumdem exquisitis coloribus seducuntur, a stationariis Uni-sequence ofv.'hich 
that books of reat 
versitatis praedictae lucrum consuetum subtrahitur, in Uni- value are soldgand 
versitatis dedecus non modicum, gxavamen et jacturam, habita carried awav from Ox- 
ford, the owîers of them 
primitus de praemissis deliberatione sufficienti, per congre-arecheated, and the 
s orn stationers are 
gationem Regentium antiquam consuetudinem în hac parte deprived of their lawful 
renovare volentium e.rîilil ordin«/um, quod de caetero nullus business; il z'sthrefo,'e 
hereby otacled, that no 
librorum venditor, publicis stationariis duntaxat exceptis, seu bookseller, exceptthe 
sworn stationers or 
ab eis legitime deputatis., aliquem librum alienum seu proprium their deputies, shall sell 
vendat excedentem pretlum dimidiae marcae, infra jurisdictio-an), book, being either 
his own property or that 
hem domini Cancellarii Universitatis praefatae, sub poeniSofanother, exceedin 
inferius annotatis; videlicet quod, si quis legitime convictus half amark in value, 
un,let pain of, for the 
fuerit super transgressîone hujus ordinationis, prima vice incar- first offence, imprison- 
ment, for the second, a 
ceretur, et, in secunda vice et transgressione, solvat dimidiam n of halfa mark, for 
the third, ab'uring his 
marcam Universitatis usibus applicandam, tertia vero convictus • • 
trade wthm the 
abjuret officium sire artem venditionis hujusmodi infra limites precincts of the Uni- 
superius expressatos, versity. 
Facta est autem haec ordinatio vicesimo septimo die mensis 
J anuarii, anno Domini millesimo trecentesimo septuagesirno 


I632, Nov. I2. 

(Letters patent from Charles I 
and booksellers with privileges. 
University Archives.) 

granting to the University three printers 
Printed from the original in the Oxford 

Carolus Dei gratia Anglie Scotie Francie et H ibernie Rex fidei defensor 
&c. Omnibus ad quos presentes litere pervenerint salutem Sciatis quod 

282 T]-]E OA'FOlgD PlgESS. 

nos de gratia nostra speciali ac ex certa scientia et mero motu nostris dedimus 
et concessimus Ac per presentes pro nobis heredibus et Successoribus nostris 
damus et concedimus dilectis nobis in Clristo Cance]lario .XIagistris et 
Scholaribus Vni'ersitatis nostre Oxon ]icenciam quod ipsi et Successores sui 
per scripta comuni eorum Sigil]o munira de tempore in tempus tres Typo- 
graphos librorum lmpressores et Bibliopolas tare de alienigenis et extra 
(,bedientiam nostram heredum et Successorum ostrorum ortis ,.'el oriundis 
quam de Indigenis infra eandem obedientiam natis -el nascendis infra 
Septum el Ambitum eiusdem Vniversitatis residentes et inhabitantes tam 
conductivas quam proprias Domos habentes 'el tenentes designare poterint 
et constituere quorum singuli omnimodos libros seu Codices publice non 
prohibitos editos el edendos et librorum exemplar Caneellarii eiusdem 
Vniversitatis ",'el eius vices gerentis ac trium Doctorum quorum vnus ad 
minus Sacre Theologie existat Professor quibus per eosdem Cancellarium 
magistros et Scholares facultas facta fuerit ]ibros examinandi Judicio appro- 
bandos ibidem imprimere excudere ac Typis mandate ac tam libros et 
Codices il]os quam alios vbicunque sire infra Dominia nostra heredurn-tel 
successorum nostrorum seu extra eadem impressos 'el excusos ac x't pre- 
fcrtur approbatos tare in eadem x'ni','ersitate quaw, alibi ",'endicioni exponere 
x'endere et distrahere quocies voluerint valeant et possint Quibus quîdem 
Typographis librorum lmpressoribts ac t3ibliopolis et singulis eorum tam 
presentibus quam futuris ad omnia premissa licite et impune agendi licentiam 
similiter damas et concedimus per presentes. .Ac pro nobis heredibus et 
Successorïbus nostris vlterius ,.'olumus et concedimus quod huismodi Typo- 
graphi ]ibrorum Impressores et .l;ibliopole eciam extra obedienciam nostram 
beredum vel Successorum nostrorum orti x'el oriundi et eorum singuli quamdiu 
infra ambitum vnîx'ersitatis predicte moram traxerint et negocio antedicto 
sint intendentes in omnibus et per omnia tanquam fideles Subditi et ligei 
nostri infra Regnum Anglie oriundi reputentur habeantur et tractentur et 
singulis libertatibus liberis consuetudinibus legibus et privilegiis x-ti et gaudere 
valeant libere et quiete prot aliquis fidelis Subditus et ligeus noster heredum 
xel 5uccessorum nostrorum infra Regnum Anglie ortus 'el oriundus x-ti et 
audere debeat et ad quotas onera Consuetudines x-el Imposiciones quas- 
cunque aliter aut alio modo quam ceteri fideles Subditi et ligei nostri heredum 
x'el Successorum nostrorum infra Regnum Anglie orti xel oriundi 5olvenda 
vel contribuenda nullus eorum arctetur vel compellatur Statutis de Alienigenis 
antehac editis seu Statutis el Provisionibus quibusvis aliis in contrarium 
non obstantibts Proviso tamen quod iidem Typographi librorum Impres- 
sores et I1ibliopole et singuli eorum extra obedienciam nostram heredum -tel 
.%.'uccessorum nostrorum oriundi omnia et omnimoda Custumas et Subsidia 
et alia debita et onera pro rebus et merchandizis suis extra Regnum Anglie 
traduceridis vel in idem Regnum inducendis vt alienigene solx-ere teneantur 
et legibus Regni nostri Anglie sint obedientes Eo quod expressa mencio 
de veto 'alore annuo vel de certitudine premissorum si'ce eorum alicuius aut 
de aliis Donis sire Concessionibus per nos seu per aliquem Progenitorum 
sive t;redecessorum nostrorum prefatis Cancellario :XIagistris et Scholaribus 
ante hec tempora facta in presentibus minime facta existit aut aliquo Statuto 
Actu Ordinacione I°rovisione Proclamacione sive P, estriccione in con- 
trarium inde antehac habitis factis editis ordinatis sire prox'isis aut aliqua 


alia re causa vcl materia quacunque in aliquo non obstante In Cuius rei 
testimonium bas literas nostras fieri fecimus Patentes Teste me ipso apud 
\Vestmonastcrium Duodecimo die Novembris Anno regni nostri octax o. 

per breve de privato Sigillo. Wolseley. 


63 - March 3. 

(Letters patent from Charles I, confirming the charter of I2 NOV. I632, 
and furtler allowing each printer to have two presses and two apprentices, 
forbidding unauthorized reprints for 2 1 )ears. Printed from the original 
in the Oxford University Archives.) 

Carolus Dei gratia Anglie Scocie Francie et hibernie Re,: fidei Defensor 
&c. Omnibus ad quos presentes litere pervenerint salutem Inspeximus 
quasdam literas nostras Patentes magno Sigillo nostro Anglie S igillatas 
Quarum tenor sequitur in hec verba Carolus dei gracia ... [&c.. as above, 
dated 12 Nov. I632, ending] ... Anno regni nostri Octavo Sciatis quod nos 
de gracia nostra specia]i ac ex certa scientia et mero motu nostris predictas 
]iteras Patentes et singula in eisdem contenta tare predictis Cancellario 
lXlagistris et Scholaribus quam Typographis librorum Impressoribus et 
I,ibliopolis sub forma in eisdem literis Patentibus specificata designandis 
et constituendis tare presentibus quam futuris concedirnus et confirmamus 
\'olentes quod eorum singuli libertatibus et privilegiis in eisdem contentis 
plenarie gaudeant et vtantur Volumus eciam et pro nobis heredibus et 
Successoribus nostris concedimus eisdem Cancellario ,XIagistris et Scholari- 
bus et Successoribus suis et Bibliopolis librorum Impressoribus et Typo- 
graphis in vniversitate predicta designandis et constituendis vt predictum 
est dum moram trahunt et residentes sunt infra septum vel ambitum eiusdem 
vniversitatis quod liceat eorum cuilibet duo Prela seu Impressoria infra pre- 
cincta predicta habere et occupare eisque vti in omnibus sus necessariis 
I)ecreto in Curia Camere Stellate Anno regni Domine Elizabethe nuper 
Regine Anglie vicesimo octavo [I7 Nov. I585-16 Nov. I586 ] seu decreto 
quovis alio in contrarium in aliquo non obstante .Et quod quilibet dictorum 
Typographorum librorum Impressorum et Bibliopolarum duos Apprenticios 
ad sibi deserviendum in arte et misterio predicto capere et conducere valeat 
Statutis in huiusmodi casu editis et provisis in aliquo non obstantibus Ac 
vt Magistri et Scholares eiusdem vniversitatis librorum exemplaria idiomatis 
diversi tam vernacu]i quam peregrini in Bibliothecis in eadem Vniversitate 
hactenus latencia divulgare ac libros Concionum exemplaria et tractatus de 
novo componere et edere in religionis Christiane ac bonarum literarum et 
Artium incrementum incitentur Dictique Typographi et librorum Impres- 
sores labores et sumptus huiusmodi exemplaria ac libros typis mandandi et 
imprimendi subeant libencius Sciatis vlterius quod nos de vberiori gracia 
nostra speciali et ex certa scientia et mero motu nostris concessimus dictis 
Cancellario Magistris et Scholaribus et Successoribus suis ac Typographis 
et librorum Impressoribus infra septum vel ambitum Vniversitatis predicte 


pro tempore existentibus residentibus tam presentibus quam futuris in forma 
predicta designandis et constituendis Et tenore presencium pro nobis here- 
dibus et Successoribus nostris volumus et concedimus quod quocies pre- 
dictorum Typographorum seu librorum Impressorum quispiam exemplaria 
librorum I diomatis cuiuscunque vernaculi vel peregrini ex Bibliotheca quavis 
infra Vniversitatem predictam desumpta preantea non excusa vel impressa 
Dummodo huiusmodi Exemplaria sub forma in predictis literis Patentibus 
specificata divulgari approbentur Typis mandate vel imprimere quod non 
licêat alicui cuiuscunque status vel condicionis infra Terminum viginti et 
vnius Annorum proximorum post huiusmodi exemplaxium primam ilnpres- 
sionem absque speciali licencia Cancellarii Magistrorttrn et Scholarium pre- 
dictorurn in scriptis prehabita imprimere seu reimprimere aut ab aliis imprirni 
seu reimprimi facere aut impressa aut reimpressa vendere venalia habere 
edere vel evulgare seu clam vel palam distrahere infra Diciones nobis 
vbicunque subiectas Ac de vberiori gracia nostra speciali ac ex certa 
sciêntia et mero motu nostris pro nobis heredibus et Successoribus nostris 
concessimus dictis Cancellario Magistris et Scholaribus et Successoribus 
suis ac Typographis et librorum Impressoribus infra septum vel ambitum 
vniversitatis predicte pro tempore existentibus residentibus tam presentibus 
quam fllturis in forma predicta designandis et constituendis Et volumus 
tenore presêncium quod quociescunque predictorum Typographorum vel 
librorum Impressorum quispiam Conciones tractatus vel libros per lagis- 
trorum seu Scholarium predictorum quempiam de noo componendos et 
edendos Dummodo huiusmodi Conciones tractatus et libri vt prefertur 
approbentur Typis mandare vel imprimere quod non liceat alicui cuius- 
cunque status vel Condicionis infra decem Annos proximos post huiusmodi 
Concionum tractatuum vel librorum primam impressionem absque speciali 
licencia Cancellarii 5Iagistrorum et Scholarium predictorum in sciptis pre- 
habita irnprimere seu reimprimere aut ab aliis imprimi seu reirnprimi facere 
aut impressos vel reimpressos vendere venales habere edere vel evulgare seu 
clam vel palam distrahere infra Diciones nostras Typographis Bibliopolis 
librorum Impressoribus aliisque vniversis cuiuscunque Status vel Condicionis 
existant infra D iciones nostras vbicunque constitutis strictius inhibentes ne 
quis eorum infra seperatos Terminos decem Annorum et viginti et vnius 
Annorum proximorum post huiusmodi exernplarium Cncionum tractatuum 
seu librorum primam Impressionem preter Typographos vel librorum Impres- 
sores in Vniversitate predicta vt predictum designandos et constituendos infra 
Diciones nostras imprimere sêu reimprimere aut ab aliis imprimi seu reim- 
primi facere aut impressos x el reimpressos vendere venales habere edere vel 
êvulgare seu clam vel palam infra Dominia nostra distrahere inducere vel 
importare sine licentia dictorum Cancellarii Iagistrorum et Scholarium in 
Scriptis prius habita presumat sub pena Confiscacionis librorum huiusmodi 
preter Arbitrar, in mandata nostra contemnentes infligenda Ac eisdem Can- 
cellario Magistris et Scholaribus damus et concedimus potestatem in locis 
quibusvis infra Dominia nostra in quibus iusta fuerit suspicionis causa libros 
excusos vel distractos contra tenorem Mandati nostri abscondi vel custodiri 
per seipsos vel Deputatos suos pacis Custode Constabulario vel Decennario eis 
asciociato scrutari et disquirere ac libros huiusmodi repertos capere ad loca 
publica ad vsum nostrum deferre ibidem remansuros quovsque vlterius in 


ea parte ordinatum fuerit Mandantes insuper vniversis et singulis vice- 
comitîbus Custodibus pacis Maioribus Balliuis Constabulariis I)ecennariis 
Prepositis et Ministris quocies ex parte predictorum Cancellarii lIagistrorum 
et Scholarium fuerint requisiti quod eis auxiliantes sint consulentes et pre- 
sidio assistentes. Eo quod expressa mencio de veto valore annuo vel de 
certitudine premissorum sire eorum alicuius aut de aliis Donis sive Con- 
cessionibus per nos seu per aliquem Progenitorum sive Predecessorum 
nostrorum prefatis Cancellario Iagistris et Scholaribus ante hec tempora 
facta in presentibus minime facta existit aut aliquo Statuto Actu Ordinacione 
Provisione Proclamacione sive Restriccione in contrarium inde antehac 
habito facto edito ordinato sive proviso aut aliqua alia re causa vel materia 
quacunque in aliquo non obstante In Cuius rei testimonium has literas 
nostras fieri fecimus Patentes Teste me ipso apud \Vestmonasterium Tertio- 
decimo die larcii Anno regni nostri (3ctavo 
per I3reve de privato Sigillo Wolseley 
(with the Seal attached). 

163, March '2. 

(An Indenture between the University of Oxford and the Stationers' 
Company, by which tte former releases to the latter all its rights of 
I-rinting Bibles &c. for the terre of three years from 6 Feb. 63, for 
the sure of £2oo )'early. Printed from the original in the University 

This Indenture made the Twentieth Day of 3Iarch Anno Domini 636 
And in the Twelueth yeare of the Raigne of our soueraigne Lord Charles by 
the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender 
of the faith &c. Betweene the Chancellor Masters and Schc, llers of the 
vniuersity of Oxford of the one part And the 3Iaster and Keepers or 
Wardens and Communaltie of the Art or 3Iistery of Stationers of the Citty 
of London of the other part Whereas by an Order ruade at whitehall the 
Ninth Day of 3Iarch in the yeare of our Lord god 635 by thè Kings most 
excellent lIaiestie and the right honorable the Lords and others of his 
highnes priuie Councell it is recyted that there had thentofore risen Diverse 
Debates and Controuersies betweene the vniuersitie of Cambridge and the 
Printers there And the Kings l'tinter and the Company of Stacioners in 
London for the printing of Diuers I;ookes in regard of a Chart_r for printing 
graunted to the vniuersitie of Cambridge 26 .» Hen. 8 ° And that the saine 
Controuersies and Contentions vpon seuerall Refferences from his laiestie 
had byn setled by two Orders The one of the Tenth of December 1623 The 
other of the Sixteenth of Aprill I629 And that in regard his laiestie of his 
equall indulgence and grace to the vniuersitie of Oxford had graunted the 
like Charter for printing to the said vniuersitie of Oxford as was formerly 
graunted to the vniuersity of Cambridge I t as that day ordered by the 
13oard according to the Kings expresse pleasure declared That the vniuersitie 


of O,ford and their Printers should for the time to Corne enioy the benifitt 
of all thê Articles and Causes in the said Orders of the Tenth of Decernber 
1623 And of the Sixteenth of Aprill 1629 As by the saine Order made the 
said Ninth day of lXlarch relacion being therevnto had appeareth Now 
this Indenture witnesseth that the Chancellor Iasters and Schollers of 
the said vniuersitie of Oxford for divers good Causes and Consideracions 
them therevnto moveing Haue given and graunted And by these presents 
de give and graunt ,,nto the said Master and Keepers or \Vardens and 
Comunaltie their Successors and assignes fui! power License Libertie and 
authority to print and Cau»e to be Imprinted A!I and euery such and such 
number of Bibles and other Bookes and things whatsoeuer now or heretofore 
vsed to be printed by the Kings Maiesties Printer And alsoe Lilies Grain- 
mers As the said Chancellors Iasters and Schollers or their Printer or 
t'rinters of the said , niuersitie may might Could or ought to print or Comprint 
or cause to be Comprinted or imprinted by force or vertue of the said Three 
seuerall Orders before mencioned or any ofthem To haue and to hould 
the said pouer Iicense kibertie and authoritie 'nto the said Master and 
Keepers or \Vardens and Comunalty and their Successors and Assignes 
from the Sixteenth Day of February last past for and During the Terme of 
Three yeares fully to be Compeat and ended At vpon and vnder the 
yearely lient or Summe of Two hundred Poundes of Currant English money 
l'ayable at the Feasts of the Annunciacion of the Blessed kadie St Iarie 
the Virgin and of St Iichaell Tharchangell by euen and equall porcions 
The first payment thereof to begin and to be ruade at and vpon the Fiue 
and Twentieth Day of this instant month of Iarch or within Fifteene Dayes 
aIter either or any of the said Feasts or Dayes of payment And the said 
Chancellor Iasters and Schollers doe for themselues and their Successors 
Couenant graunt and agree to and with the said Iaster and Keepers or 
\Vardens and Comunaltie and their Successors and Assignes by these pre- 
sents That neither the printers of the said vniuersitie of Oxford nor any of 
them nor any person or persons what»oeuer by or vpon any License or 
authoritie deriued or to be deriued from or given or graunted by the said 
Chauncellor Iasters and Schollers other then the said Master and Keepers 
or \Vardens and Communalty their Successors and Assig-nes shall or will at 
any tyme or tymes hereafter within or During the said Terme of Three 
yeares print or Comprint or Cause permit or surfer to be imprinted or Corl- 
printed any Booke Bookes or parcell of Booke Bookes Copies or things 
whatsoeuer in the said Orders or any or either of them mencioned or which 
they the said Chancellor lXlasters and Schollers or their Printers may or 
might print or Comprint by force or vertue of the said Orders or any or 
either of them And the said Iaster and Keepers or \Vardens and 
Comunaltie doe for themselues and their Successors Couenaunt graunt and 
agree to and with the said Chancellor Masters and Schollers and their 
Successors by these presents That they the said Iaster and Keepers or 
\Vardens and Comunaltie and their Successors shall and will well and truely 
pay the said Two hundred puund in manner and forme and at the daies and 
tynes before lymited and expressed for the payment thereof vnto the said 
Chancellor Masters and Schollers And lastly it is mutually Couenanted 
graunted and promised by and betweene the said parties to these presents 

A PPENDI.'t" D. 28 7 

and their successors respectivelyThat vpon and at the tyme of the Expiration 
of the said Terme of Three yeares They and either of them shall and will 
renue Continue and then make and Conclude such and the ]ike amicable 
Composicion and agreement And vpon such termes rates and proposicions 
as are herein Conteyned and expressed for soe long tylne after and vntill it 
shall be reasonab]y agreed on both parts to re]inquish the saine In witnes 
whereof to the one part of these present Indentures remayning with the said 
Master and Keepers or wardens and Comunalty of the said Art or mistery 
of Stacioners of the saide Citty of London The said Chancellor Iasters and 
Scho]lers of the said vniuersity of Oxford haue sett their Comon seale And 
to the other parte of these present Indentures remayning with the said 
Chancellor Masters and Schollers of the said vniuersitie of Oxford The said 
Iaster and Keepers or wardens and Comunaltie of the said Art or mistery 
of Stacioners of the said Citty of London haue sett their Comon seale The 
Day and yeares first aboue written 
Delivered as the Deede of the Stationers of London for the vse of the 
Chancellors I r and Schollcrs of the Vniversitie of Oxford 3 ° Iartij 
637. I3y the \Varden of the sayd Companie in the presence of 
John French 
John Thimble 
G. Locksmyth 

[with a fragment of the seal] 

[With this Indenture is an agreement of the same date that if more 
than £200 a year be agreed to be paid to the University of Cambridge 
for a similar suspension of rights a correspondingly increased sure will 
be paid to the University of Oxford.] 

A precisely similar indenture and agreement dated 2 Aug. 639 
renew the deeds of I636 for a second terre of three years flore 17 Feb. 
6 " under the saine conditions. 

(Tit. xviii, Sect. v. of the Laudian Statutes of the University, i636 , 
printed rioto Griffiths' and Shadwell's edition, Oxford, I888 ; with ae for 
oe. It would apl-_ear that no Archityl:,ograi:,hus was appointed till x658. ) 


Cure Sereniss. REX CAROLUS eius nominis Primus, pro eo affectu quo 
Literas ac Literatos foret, Privilegia Universitatis, quoad rem Typographicam 
nimis antehac arctata, mirum in modum amplificaverit; ne Clementiss. 
Regis indu]gentia sordidi ac illiberales Artifices ad privatum suum quaestum 
abutantur: Statutum est, quod nullus Typographus in posterum his Privi- 
legiis aut titulo Typographi Universitatis nostrae gaudebit, nioi qui in 


Admissione sua singalis Statutis et Ordinationibus circa regimen Typo- 
graphorum, per Domum Conocationis factis, vel in posterum edendis, se 
Quoniam vero in re Typographica usu compertum est, Mechanicos hosce 
Artifices (lucri sui compendium cum dispendio operis plerumque sectantes) 
Calligraphiae seu Operis decori et elegantiae minime studere, sed opera 
quaeque rudia ac inemendata in publicam lucem extrudere; I dcirco praesenti 
Statuto cautum esto, qtmd publicae Universitatis Typographiae, instruendae 
in Domo aliqua huic usui specialiter deputata, praeficiatur Architypographus 
unus, Vir Graecis Latinisque literis probe instructus, et in studiis Philologicis 
versatissimus: Cuius munus erit, Operis Typographicis ibidem praeesse; 
materiam sire supellectilem t3"pographicam (Chartam scilicet, Praela, Typos, 
et alia huius Opificii instrumenta)ut sint in suo quaeque genere lectissima 
providere. In Operibus e publica Universitatis Typographia prodeuntibus, 
Typorum modulum, Chartae qualitatem, Marginum mensuram praecribere ; 
Correctorum errata emendare; et alia quaecunque, ad Operis ornatum et 
perfectionem spectantia, sedulo curare. Cul muneri quo alacrius et liberius 
vacet, (praeter certam portionem lucri e libris impressis pro.enientis, ipsi 
posthaec, pro ratione symbolae quam ad publicae Typographiae peculium 
seu sortem communem contulêrit, assignaandam ab ils qui a Domo Convo- 
cationis ad ordinanda Statuta Typographica delegandi erunt,) Officium supe- 
rioris Bedelli in Iure Civili, (utpote reliquis minus negotiosum,) quandocunque 
primum quoquo modo vacaverit, perpetuo in posterum annectendum fore 
praesenti Statuto cautum esto. 




A. It'oodcut and A'/al Ornamenls. r 585- 640. 

OF these there are two classes, the first large and used for the centre 
of titlepages or with conspicuous colophons (these I terre D,z,ices), the 
other smaller ornaments, used for borders, or to mark the beginning 
or end of a chapter, or generally for decorative purposes: these I call 
It'oodcuts. The descriptions which follow are not intended to be fuller 
than is sufficient to distinguish the more important. The measurements 
(as always) are the least possible, and hot the full size of the plate or 

I. Dcz,ices. 

Of these there are, in the period under review, fourteen :m 

A. 3t x 2 in. On a shield the arms of the University (with motto sAPiENITiaE : I 
ET. I r-LilCiT,ITiS. I ), within a border beafing aCaD.,i.Ita. I oxorX,IE.SXS. I 
At the corners are two females and two satyrs. 
Used in t 585-93,  597-6o, and at intervals till 165 , but not from 625 to 633. 

B. -x -in. A metal engraving. In centre the arms of the University, with 
Pi]Fe' within a ribbon bearing iCADEMIA OXONIENSIS. Above and on each side 
and below are female figures with emblems :and scrolls, and underneath ail OSZ'H' 

/3a.  x  in. A wood engraving from 13, omitting Barnes's name: the motto 
is ' IF : and there are other small changes. 
Used in 6-7-8 , 630-33, x635-7, 64 o. 
C. ¼ x r in. An omamental shield, vith the arms of the University, the legend 
being ,t i: at the sides A¢: and ox. There is a defect a short line omitted) 
on one shonlder, which serves to distinguish it from H. 
Used at intervals from 59 z to 638. 
There is a counterfeit of this used in London printing of at least 66 and 6z 4 : 
see pp. o6,  o, and H, below. 
D. r + in. squ. A nine-spoked wheel vith two mottos" Omnia subiacent vicissi- 
tndini," and "Sola virtus cadere non potest." 
Used in 599.-3, 6.o, 6 9. 

Used only in  59 . 

(Barne and Tacitus.) 


E. 1} Xla in. 
and R. 
Used in  594- 

An omamental shield with the Royal Arms, and at the sides E: 

F. l*r x 1¢r in. An ornamental shield with the 
two W s (William of Wykeham). 
Used in 1598, 16o 5. 

arms of New College beteen 

G. I-in. squ. A circular watch-face, 
figures : for John Day of OrieL 
Used in 1614-5, 162o. 

with "Donec dies est . Iohan: 9-4", and 

I. I- × I . Similar to C, but slightly larger. 
Used in I66 and 1624. 

Perhaps a London counterfeit. 

I. 2 + I-H in. In centre the amas of the University on a 
IEN[ICIT , and round it a band with ACADE[MIA. [ OXONI;[ENSIS. 
are two vinged figures, a rose and a thistle. 
Used in 1628, and at intervals till I637 , by Tre-ner only. 

white shield with 

At the corners 

j. 2x2x in. An 
DEI ", a text round it. 
Used in 1628. 

Agnus Dei ; beneath it " IOH : 

K. t  x l {. The .rms of the Univemity, with the motto 

it ACADEMIA. [ OXONIESlS, a cherub above. 
Used in 1630-4, 

26" and "ECCE AGN'[ 

IEYC ,,FELI a.IXd round 

1636-8, i64o: in and after 1634 the ATV. is altered to ATISo 

L. { x 2 in. 
at sides of crown. 
Used in 636. 

The amas of Great t3ritain and IreLand, crowned, with "C.", " R." 

M. 4½ × 3- A Tree of Knowledge, boys plucking fruit, &c. 
Used in 1636 (Lily's Grammar'. 

II. Woodcuts. 

These are 142 in number (not counting .#'az)z woodcut capitals), of 
which 32 were used by Barnes. Most of these passed on to his suc- 
cessors, who augmented them. In 1627 the two University printers 
printed separately, and John Lichfield took the larger numbei for himself, 
a few being used in common. It would be idle to print a complete list 
of these, but the writer has full notes of the occurrence of all that are 
round in each book. Twelve are alphabets, fifteen frames within which 
an)" capital could be placed, and four are arched borders. 


The following table exhibits the use ruade of different type by Oxford 
printers 15 o-I64 o, but applies only to the chier type of the body of the 
work. Thus Pica Greek is the chier type of a book in i59i at earliest, 
but it is found occasionally in 1587, and Long Primer Greek in 1585. 
So too Great Primer Greek is used in 1624, 9- And Hebrew type is 
used sporadically from 1596 on (Long Primer, Pica and English, pointed 
and unpointed : see x 596, 8 & 9; i6oi, 2 ; 1602, 3; &c.) 


The ordinary size (new) of the type used in the Oxford Press from 
I585 to 64o is as follows, sec p. 44 (1629, no. 4):a 

Lines in 
otte foot, 
Nonpareil ............ 144 
Minion ............ 12o 
]3revier about I IO 
Long Primer ........... 9 ° 
Pica ............. 7 z 
English ............ 64 
Great Primer ........... 5  
..... 41 

D6uble Pica (which is double "small Pica") 
Canon • . . - .... 

The old measures make the type of all these ver), slightly 
than the above measurements. 



It is curious to observe the small points which break the smooth 
course of ordinary printing in these earlier rimes, some of them marking 
progress, some a perturbation in the office, some stupidity. The following 
are random notes of some bibliographical interest 

I. The change of use in the case of u and v (l.'nhters#), being the old spelling, and 
University the new) may be remarked in progress in 589, no. 5, and is praetically 
completed by I6o. But a capital U is not round at all in the period dealt with, its 
place being in a few cases supplied by a large lower-case u. 

2. For "at Oxford" the common Latin is Oxonice, but Oxonii occurs sporadically. 
Bellositi Dobunorum occurs in 628 : and t?hj,d),ch«n (in \Yelsh books) in  95, 6oo. 

3- In  588 (no. 8) we first find an Oxford édition de htxe. 
4- The state of the office is shon by I595, no. 4 (small stock of type); 6i, 
no. 2 (l{ebrew words sometimes transliterated, sometimes in Hebrew type: )et in 
163, no. , there is a complaint of the want of Hebrew type !); 65, no. I6 (one 
sheet in different type); 6z, no. 6 (carclessness). 
5. Red ink is round in 14z-, 6-'8, 63I, 633 and thereafter; and gold-printing in 
6. Curiosities of workrnanship will be found in I629, no. I4; 63I , nos. I% I7; 
637., nos. 26, 33 ; 634, no. 9; 635, no. 3 ; 636, no. I5 (signatures) ; 63 _q, nos. 3, 
î (,do.) ; 64o. no. 24 : .and eccentricity on the author's part m 163, no. 29 ; 1633, 
no. 9 (phonetic spelling)  635, no. io. In 6I 3 no. 29 (Rainolds) on the first two 
pages of each section the headline is "pophecy ", but on e,'ery other page it is " pro- 
phecie". 634 no.  7 (Statuta) is a truc folio, ia every sense in which the word is used, 

7- The number of books or editions issued at Oxford is roughly as follows : 
sth cent., 5 : early 6th cent., 7: 585-6°o, 25 : 16o-62o, 230 : 162i-64o, 37o: 
total, about 75 o. In the Tth cent. about 7oo were issued : in the Sth, about 2Ioo : 
in the first three quarters of the 9th, about 65oo. The number from " 468" to 9oo 
may be estimated as likely to be about 6ooo. 
8. Of the Oxford bobks issued from " 46S " to 64o , the British BIuseum contains 
less than îo per cent., and the Bodleian about 8o per cent. The following ca lcul ati on 
is not far from the truth : 
Oxford books in Brit. Mus. and Bodl. about 450 
,, ,, in Brit. Mus. only ,, 5o 
,, ,, in Bodl. only ,, I5 ° 
,, ,, n neither library ,, oo 

Total 750 




THE following tables and lists explain themselves. They give a de- 
tailed picture of the mutual relations of Oxford and London printers and 
publishers, and the development of the Oxford book trade. It will be 
noticed how the archaisms (Imprz)d«d al O.rford hA,, or Al Oaford, 
przhled by, &c.) are gradually worn off, with the rhetorical descriptions 
(such as cel«berr¢moe A c«d«mi O,pogr«phus), and the use of colophons. 
In some cases we find fictitious imprints, as in 16o, nos. 5, i i, 1611 

see impr. 7a), 1612 (impr. 7), 1613 (impr. 32), 1.616 (impr. 35), 1.626 
impr. 67). The number of books with no printel"S or publisher's naine 
is small (see impr. lO7, and Appendix, p. 151 (Stanley)), and of books with 
no imprint at all there are ver)" few instances, see i586, 12 ; 16o2, 8 and 
9; 16°3, 5; 16o6, 5; 1622, 6; 1625, 9; 1635, 13- 
In the list which follows the spelling is modernized, the form alone is 


(Joseph Barnes, 1585-1617. ) 

1. Oxonioe, ex oflîcina typographica Josephi 
iensis typographi. 
585 (also as a colophon). 

Barnesii celeberrimoe Aeademioe 

 a. (Omitting typographica and Oxoniensis). 
1589, 1591. 

9.. At Oxford, printed by Joseph Bames, printer to the University. 
1585--6 , 1592- 4, 1598, 16o3, 16o6-9, 165-I6. 

2 a .... printer to that famous University. 
 585, 1594- 

2 b .... printer to the famous University. 

2 c. Omitting "at." 



3. Oxonioe, ex oedibus J'osephi Bames. 

4. Imprinted ['or Printed] at O,¢ford [or Oxenford] by Joseph Bames, prmter to the 
1585 (also as colophon), 1586 , 1591, 1599, I6I 5. 

Adding "famous" before " Uuiversity ". 

5. Oxonioe (or-ii', ex officina typographica Josephi Bamesii. 
1586-7, 59 °, I59Z, 597, 16o8. 

5 a. Omitting O,pogralhica. 
1596,  598. 

5 b. With tyographica the last word. 


At Oxford, printed by Joseph Barnes, and are to be sold in Paul's Churchyard at 
the sign of the Tiger's head. 
1586--9,  59I--2,  595" 

6 a .... at the Tiger's head. 

6 b. Imprinted at O,fford by Joseph Bames, and are to 
yard at the sign of the Tiger's head. 
1588- 9. 

be sold in Paul's Church- 


At Oxford, printed by Joseph Bames. 
I586, 1594, 16o3-4, 16o7-9, 

x6o-12 [once as a fictitious imprint], 

7 a. Printed at Oxford, by Joseph Barnes. 
1588 , I592 , 197, I599, I6o5, 16o8-1o, I6II (a false imprint), I613-I 5. 

7 b. Oxford, printed by Joseph Barnes. 

8. Excudebat Josephus Bamesius typographns Oxoniensis. 

9. Oxoniæ, ex officîna J osephi ]3arnesii, 
capitis Tigerini. 

et veneunt in 

coemeterio Paulino 

9*. Impressas en Oxford por Ioseph 13ames, en el ago de salud M.D.L.XXXVI. 

sub signo 


Oxonioe, typis Iosephi Barnesii. 

ii. Oxonii (or-ioe), excudebat Iosephus Barnesius. 

 587-88,  59o, 
  a. With Oxonioe last. 

 59z-96, I598-99, I6OI-I 7. 


12. Printed by Joseph Barnes, printer.., are to be sold at the Tiger's head i... 

.4PPENDIX F. : 95 

13. Oxonii, excudebat J'osephus Barnesius celeberrimœe Academiœe Typographus. 
13 a. Omitting Oxonii, and adding Oxoniensis after Academioe. 
I 3 b. With "Oxoniœe ", and " almœe" for " celeberrimœe." 
, $ c. With "Oxonioe," and omitting "celeberrimœe." 
161fi, ,617. 


Printed at Oxford, by Joseph Barnes, for Richard Wright. 

15. Oxonioe. 

(Richard IVrigl, of London, 159 I.) 
Cum Privilegio. 

In officinâ Josephi Barnesii. 

10 Oxonize, excudebat J'osephas Bamesius, voeaeunt 
Tigridis ad Divi Pauli Londinensium. 

c«m Oxoni:e, tutu ad caput 


Joseph Barnes ai printiodd yn Rhydychen. 


18. Oxonioe, apud Josephum Bamesium. 
596, 16o5. 


At Oxford, printed by Joseph Bames, and are to be sold in Paul's Churchyard at 
the sign of the Bible. 
 5 9 6,  600- . 

9 a. Printed at Oxford, by Joseph Barnes, and are to be sold 
yard at the sign of the Bible. 
1597, I599, 16oo. 

in Paul's Church- 

20. Oxonioe, ex oflîcina typographica Iosephi Barnesii, et 
terio D. Pauli, ad insigne Bibliae (or ti3l.). 

veneunt Londini in Coeme- 

21. Printed at Oxford, by Joseph Barnes, for R. H. [i.e. Richard Haydocke]. 




(fon t?arnes, of London, I6OZ-i6.) 

Oxford, printed by Joseph Barnes, and are to be sold by John Bames at the Turk's 
Head in Fleet Street [London]. 


At Oxford, printed by Joseph Bames, and are to be sold in Fleet Street [London] 
at the signa of the Turk's Head, by John Bames. 
6o2 {,Powd : .fiaitious im;rint) : 6o2-3. 

2a,. At Oxford, by Joseph Barnes, printer to the University. 
6o- (Higins : ficlitWus im2int): 16o2. 

(Simon II'aîerson, of London, I6O3-6.) 


At Oxford, printed by Joseph Barnes, and are to be sold 
[London] at the signe of the Crown, by Simon Waterson. 
I6o3- 5 . 

in Paul's 

25 a. Prînted at Oxford, by Joseph Bames... [&c. as above.] 



Oxonioe, excudebat Jos. Barnesius, prostant Londiai apud Simonem Waterson in 
Coemeterio dis Paulinœe. 


At Oxford ¶ Priuted by Joseph Bames, and are to be sold by John Barnes, dwelling 
without Newgate [London] by S. Sepulchre's Church, at the signe of Paris. 
6o 5. 



Oxonioe, excadebat Joseph'as Barnesius, & veneunt Londini apud Simonem Water- 
sonum in coemeterio Paulmo ad signum Coronoe. 


At Oxford, printed by Joseph P, ames, and are to be sold by John Barnes, dwelling 
near Holbom Conduit [London]. 
I6I 2-I 3 (alsofict#ious). 

2 9 a. Printed at Oxford, by Joseph 
dwelling near ttolborn Conduit. 
6 3 (also flctitious). 

Bames, and are to be sold 

by John Bames, 

:30 Printed at Oxford, for John Barnes, dwelling near Holborn Conduit 

A PPENDIX F. 2 9 7 




Oxonioe, excudebat .losephus Barnesius, & Londini voeneunt apud Johannem Bar- 
nesium propb aquçductum Holborniensem. 
6I 3. 

At Oxford, printed for John Bames, and are to be sold near Holbom Conduit. 
x 613 (flcfitious). 


At Oxford, printed by Joseph Bames, and are to be sold 
against St. Pulcher's Church. 

by John Bames, over 


84. Oxford, printed by Joseph Bames, for John Barnes. 
1616 (lerh. ficlitious). 


Oxford, printed by Joseph Bames, for John Bames, dwelling in Hosier Lane, near 
16 I6 (flctitious). 


(.[ohn Zichfidd, 16 17-35. IVilliam lVrench, 1617-) 
At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and William Wrench, printers to the famous 
6I 7. 



Oxonioe, excudebant Johannes Lichfield et Gulielmus Wrench. 
I6I 7 (excudebat once, in jracobi :Ira). 

At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and William Wrench. 
1617 . 



(./rames Shorl, 1 618-2 4") 

At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and James Short, printers to the famous 
1618-x9 : (xvithout "At") I62o : (with "At") I62I-24. 

Oxonioe (or-ii), excudebant Johannes Lichfield et Jacobus Short. 
1618-22, 1624 . 

(SI'BIOpl :acksOil, 1 6 1 8.) 
41. Oxonioe, excudebant Johannes Lichfield et Jacobus Short, 

propter Simonem 


42. Oxoniœe, excudebant Johannes Lichfield et Jacobus Short, Academioe typographi. 
619-2o , 623- 4. 

42 a. Adding Oxoniensis after Acadîmioe. 

( lVilh'am Spier,  619.) 

43. At Ox£ord, printed by John Lichfield and James Short, for William Spier. 
6 9. 

44. Printed at Oxford, by John Lichfield and James Short, printers to the University. 
t6 9. 

44 a. ,Vith "At Oxford" first. 

45. At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and James Short. 
6x9, 622, x624. 


(Henry Crips, 16.'2o-39. 

John lA,er, of London, 162o.) 

40. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and .lames Short, for Henry Cripps, and are to 
be sold by John l'yper in Paules Churchyard, at the sign of the Cross Keys. 

47. Oxoni:e, excudebant I. L. & I. S. Academiœe Typoaphi. 
6o, 6 3. 

48. At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and James Short, for Henry Cripps. 
162o-, 628-24. 

( ll'Tliam Davis, bookseller, 162-'2-40. ) 

40. At Oxford, printed by John Lickfield and 

James Short, for William 

49 a. (Omittîng " bookseller "). 
x624 (?). 




(Wffh'am Turnêr, 64-4o.) 
Oxford, printed by J'ohn Lichfield and William Turner. 


(tf: faggard, of London, 16 2 4.) 
London, printed by W. Jaggard, for W. Tumer of Oxford. 


59.. Oxford, pHnted by John Hchfield and WiIHam Turner, for Henry Cripps. 
1625 . 
1513. Oxonioe, excudebant Johannes Lichfield et Guilidmus Tumer. 
6-27 (Gulielmus), 633 (Guliel.). 
15oE. Printed for Henry Cripps of Oxford. 
x625 (fit'. in London). 

( Thomas Huggins, 1625-36.) 

155. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and William Turner, and are to be sold by W. 
Tumer and T. H uggins. 


Oxford, printed by I. L. and W. T. for William Tumer. 

(Eh'as eerse, 1625-39. ) 

57. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and William Tumer, printers to the famous 
University, for Elias Peerse. 

58. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and 
1625-. 7. 

William Turner, printers to 

58 a. With A t Oxford. 
1625 . 

(Edward Forresl, 1625-4o. ) 

the famous 

159. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and William Tumer, for Edward Forrest. 


Oxoniœe, excudebant 
1625-27 . 

Johannes Lidfield et Guilielmus Tumer, Academie typo- 

6oa. Adding celeberrimce before Academi, e. 

61. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield and 
Uni'ersity, for Henry Cripps. 


Tumer, printers to the famou 

(Henry Curteyne, 1625-40. ) 

62. Imprinted for Henry Cripps and Henry Curteyne at O:d'ord. 
x625 (dr. in London). 

68. Oxford, Printed by J. L. and W. T. 

134. Oxoniœe, excudebant Johannes Lichfield & Guilielmus Tumer, impensis Guilielmi 




Oxonioe, excudebant J. L. & W. T., impensis Thomœe Huggins. 

Oxford, printed by John Lichfield 
Huggins, and Ed. Forrest. 


William Turner 

for Wi. Tumer, Th. 


(IVal/er ][ap, pseudonyrn, I626.) 
Oxonii apud Gualthemm Mapes, Academiae ]3idellum [PRISTED XN 









Oxford, printed by Williatn Tumer, primer to the famous University. 
1627-28, I63o; 163t; 1635. 

68 a. With "At Oxford, imprinted..." 

68 b. With "At OxSord printed... " 
1633 or later. 

68 c. Omitting famous, and adding Cure PriviIegio. 

6S d. Adding Cure Privilegio. 

Oxonioe, excudebat Guilielmus Turner. 
1627-28 (with "Oxon."), 163 I, 1633 (with " Oxonii "), 1633, 1634 (with 
• ' Oxonii "), 1636 (" Oxonii" and " G. Turner "), 1637, 164o. 

Oxford, printed for Henry Cripps [by L. Lichfield]. 
1627-28, 632, 638. 

O:dord, printed by I. L. and W. T., for William Tumer and Thomas Hugghas. 
162 7 . 

Oxonire, excudebat Guilielmu» Tumer, Academioe Typographus. 
I62î-629, 1637. 

72 a. Adding ce&berrimce before Academioe. 
628-29, 1634, 1639 with Oxonii. 

72 b. Adding cure trivzTegio. 

72 c. Adding celeberrimoe after AcademLe. 
1631 . 

72 d. With "Oxonire ex officina Guilielmi Turneri, Academioe typographi." 
63 » 
I . 

Oxonioe, excudebat Johannes Lichfield, Academioe Typographus. 
6z7, 633 (.vith Oxonii), 1634-3. 

73 a. Adding alm¢ before Academi¢. 

7 3 b. Addingflorentissimce belote Academîce. 
1634 (as colophon). 

Oxonioe, impensis Thomoe Huggïns & Henrici Curte)n [by W. Turner]. 






Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, printer to 
16z8 (colophon), 1632 (colophon). 

75 a. Prefixing .4t. 
1631 . 

the famous 


for Henry 

(lhtl«mon Slelhens, of London, 1628.) 
(Christoph, r 2[eredith, of London, 1628.) 

Prlnted at Oxford, 1628. And are to be sold by Ph. Stephens and Ch. Meredith 
at the Golden Lion in Paul's Churchyard. 

( IIYlh'am lVebbe, I628-39. ) 

Oxford, printed [by John Lichfield] for William Webb. 

78. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, printer 

to the 

famous University, for William 

70. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, printer to the famous University, for Henry 

80. Oxford, printed by William Turner, printer to the famous University, and are to 
be sold by Itenry Curteine. 

81. At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, printer to the University, and are to be sold 
by William Web. 

82. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield. 
1628, I631 , I633 , 1635. 

82 a. Imprinted at Oxford by John Lichfield. 

Cum privilegio. 

83. Bellositi Dobunorum, excudebat W. T., impensis W. W. 


Oxford (or, At Oxford), printed by John Lichfield, printer to the famous Univer- 
sity, and are to be sold by Edward Forte»t. 

84a. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, printer to the famous University, for 
Edward Forrest. 
84 b. As 84, omitfingfamous. 

85. At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, printer to the famous University. 
I628, I63O. 

85 a. (Omitting " At "). 
1629, I631 , 1633 . 

I The references to impr. 84 b in x63o-32 are errors for 84 a. 


85 b. (With "that" for "the "). 

85 c. As 85 a, with "Cure Privilegio." 

85 d. As 85, omitting "At and " famotts, 
" prmted. 
'634 (as colophon). 

and putting "imprinted" for 

85 e. As 85, except " Printed at Oxford," and omitting "famons." 
1634 (as colophon). 

(Thomas tuller, x 6 2 8.) 
8t3. Oxford, printed by .Iohn Lichfield, prînter to the University, and are to be sold by 
Thomas Butler. 

87. Oxoniœe (or, Oxonii), impensis Gulielmi Webb bibliopolae [by L. Lichfield ?]. 
1628, 1631 . 

87 a. Omitting biblio)OoLe. 
163I, 1636, 1638 • 

(Robert Allott, of London, 1629-33.) 

88. Oxonioe, excudebat Gnilielmus Turner, & veneunt per Robertum Allott, Londinen- 
sera, in Coemiterio Pauli. 

89. At Oxford, printed by John Lichfiel6, 
Forrest and W. Webbe. 
1629 . 

printer to the 

famous University, for E. 

00. Oxonioe, excudebat Guilielmus Tumer, Academire typographns, impensi» Hem'ici 

O l. Oxford, printed by I. L. for Henry Curteyne 
1629 . 

02. Oxonire, recudebat .ohannes Lichfield, et vrenetmt apud Eliam Pearse. 

93. Oxford, printed by I. L. 
1629, 1632 . 

04. At Oxford, printed by W. Tumer for Henry Curteyne. 
1629 . 

94 a. Omitting "At". 


Oxoniw., excudebat Johannes Lichfield. 

95 a. Omitting cure privz7egio. 

Cure privilegio. 

06. Oxonîoe, excndebat .ohannes Lichfield, impensis Guilielmi Davis. 
1629, 165. 


07. At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, printer to 
1629 . 
97 a. Adding "famous" before UniverHoE. 

the University, for Edward 


Oxoniœe, excudebat Guilielmus Turner, impensis authoris. 
I629, 1637. 

98 a. Adding "cure licentia & permissu." 

(Henry Seale, of London, 1 6 2 9") 


Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, Printer to the University, and are to be sold in 
Paul's Churchyard at the signa of the Tiger's Head by Henry SeaIe. 

100. Oxford, printed by W. T. for William Turner and Thomas Huggins. 
1629 . 

lOl. Oxoniœe, excudebat J. Lichfield, impensis Edvardi Forrest. 
I6Z 9. 

102. Oxford, printed by 
Paul's Churchyard. 


Tumer, for 

Robert Allot, and are to be sold in 

108. Printed by W. T. for Robert Allot. 
I63o (a end title). 

104. Oxonioe, impensis Guilielmi Tumer, celeberrimœe Academioe typographi. 

105. Oxoniœe, typis Joh. Lichfield, impensis Hen. Curteine. 


Substituting "excudebat" for " typis" 

10O. Oxford, printed by William Tumer for Edward Forrest. 

107. Printed at Oxford for the Author [by Leonard Lichfield]. 

108. At Oxford, printed 
Thomas Huggins. 

by John 


printer to the 

famous University, for 

1019. Oxoniœe, excudebat Guilielmus Turner, propriis impensis. 
1631, 1637 (in secondary title the naine of place is omitted in both years). 

io9a. With ipsius impensis; and "Cure Privilegio" added. 

 " Oxoniee" simply is found on an Alblendix by Hen. Stanley, 163o, but is not a genuine 
imprint (see p. 233 ). 


110. Oxonioe, excndebat Gnilielmus Tumer Academioe celeberrimœe typographus, 
impensis Thomœe Huggins. 

111. Oxoniœe, apud Johannem Lichfield Academiœe typographum pro Gulielmo Webb. 


Oxoniœe, excudebat G. T. Academiœe celeberrimoe typographus, impensis 
Guilielmi \Vebb. 
112 a. Oxonij exeud. G. T. Academire Typographns impensis Guil. Webb. Biblio- 
[engraved : -;oloe is omitted.] 

113. Oxonioe, excudebat Johannes Lichfield, 
Thomœe I tnggins. 

i 13 a. Omitting almoe. 

almoe Academioe 

typographus, impensis 

114. Oxonioe, pro Guiliel(mo) Turner et Th,oma) Huggins [by W. Turner]. 

(2h'chael çark, of London, x 63 I.) 

115. Oxford, printed by William Turner, for Michael 
Arbor [London]. 


dwelling in Greene 

116. Oxford, printed by William Tumer for Michael Sparke. 

117. Oxonioe, excudebat W. T., impensis Ed. Forrest & tien. Curteyne. 

118. Oxoniœe, excudebat Jo. Lichfield, impensis Guil. Davis, & Ed. Forrest. 

110. Oxford, printed by William Turner. 
1631-34, 1637-4o. 

120. Oxford, prînted for William Turner, and Henry Curteyn, and are to be sold in 
Grcenê Arbor at the sign of the I31ew l;ible by Mich. Sparkes [by XV. Tmner]. 

121. Oxonioe, excudebat Guilielmus Turner, impensis Henrici Curteyne. 
I63I , 163î (with Oxonii), i638. 

121 a. \Vith " Cum Privilegio ". 
1634 (Oxonii). 

122. Oxford, printed by W. T. and are to be sold by M. S[parke] at the Blew Bible 
in Greene Arbor [London]. 
1631 (engra ved). 

See I43a. 



Oxonioe, excudebat Johannes Lichfield, impensis 

Henrici Cripps. 

Cure Privi- 


124. At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, and are to be sold by Thomas t/uggins. 


19.5. Oxford, printed by William Turner, for the .uthor [C. Butler]. 

19.6. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield for Edward Forrest. 

127. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield printer to the University, and are to be sold by 
Thomas Huggins. 

19.8. Oxford, printed by J. L. for E. F. (on second title). 


Oxonioe, apud Johannem Lichfield, Academiœe typographum, impnsis Henrici 
Curteyne. Cure privilegio. 


Omitting "cum privilegio ". 

129b. \Vith Excudebat Johannes . . . typographus, and omitting " Cum privi- 
legio ". 

130. Oxoniœe, excudebat Johannes Lichfield Academioe typographus, et veneunt apud 
Thomam Huggins. 

131. Oxonioe, excudebant I. L. 

W. T. (G. T.). 

132. Oxonioe, excudebant I L. G. T. celeberrimoe Academioe Typographi 
1633 (as colophon. 

(jrohn Cl«rke, of London, 1633-38. ) 


Oxford, printed by the Printers to the University, and are to be sold by John 
Clarke under S. Peter's Church in Corne-hill. 

134. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield for \Villiam Webb. 

135. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield for Thomas Huggins. 

Cum privilegio. 

136. Printed bv William Turner. 



Oxonii, apud Guilielmum Turner. 
error for IOî. ] 
1633, 638. 

[The reference 

to this impr. in 


Oxford, printed by I. L. printer to the University, for Thomas Huggins. 
pemfission of B. Fisher. 


is an 




139. Oxonii, sumptibus Guilielmi Turner. 

140. Oxford, printed for William Turner and Robert Allott 

141. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield for Henry Cripps. 

142. Oxford, printed for William Turner [by W. Turner]. 

143. Oxonioe, excudebat I. L., impensis Henrici Cripps. 

Cum privilegio. 

I43 a. Omitting " Cum privilegio". 
I63I (Appendix C). 

144. Oxonioe, excudebat I. L., impensis Thomoe Huggins. 

Cure privilegio. 

145. Oxonii, excudebat I. L., impensis H. C1Tpps, 

E. Forrest, & H. Curie)me. 


146. At Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, and are to be sold by William Webbe. 

147. Oxford, printed by William Turner, and are to be sold by Ed. Forrest. 


(rohn A'orlon, of London, 163 4. Francis towman, x 6 3 4-4o.) 
London, printed by John Norton, and are to be sold by Fra.ncis Bowman in 


149. C)xford, printed by John Lichfield for Henry Cripps, and are to be sold by Henry 

150. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, and 
Shoppe in St. Maries Church-yard. 

are to be sold by Elias 

Peerse, at his 

(Leonard Zichfield,  635-4o. ) 

151. Oxonioe, excudebat Leonardus Lichfield, Academioe typographus. 
1635-37, 639-4o : in 1639 with "" Oxonii." 

x 51 a. Adding celeberrimce before Academ. 

151 b. Oxonioe, typis Leonardi Lichfield, Academioe typographi. 
636, I638. 

159.. Oxford, printed by Leonard Liehfield. 

x 52 a. l'refixing Al. 

152 b. With "imprinted" for "printed". 

153. Oxonii, excudebat Gulielmus Turner, impenis Gulielmi Webb. 
635-36, 639: in 636 "Oxoniae." 

153 a. With "G." for "Gulielmus," and " Guilielmi Webb." 

154. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield for William Webb. 
I635-36 . 

155. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield for Thomas Iluggins. 

150. Oxford, imprinted by Leonard Lichfield, printer to the University, and are to be 
sold by Edward Forrest. 

56a. \Vith " t'rinled," and " famous University." 

156 b. As  56 a with "for" instead of" and are to be sold by." 

157. Oxonioe, excudebat Leonardus Lichfield. 
636, 639, I64o. 

158. Oxford, printed by William Turner, and are to be sold at the Black Bear in Paul's 
( Thom«s All«m, I636--39. ) 

159. Oxonioe, excudebat Leonardus Lichfield, impensis Thomoe Al|ara. 


At Oxford, prînted by Leonard Lichfield, for Edward Forrest. 
I636 . 

16o a. Omitting "At ". 

,6o b. As I6o a vdth "and are to be sold by." 

(17. ]?ish@, of London, x 636.) 

101. I.ondon, printed by R. 13ishop, and are to be sold by Fr. Bowman, in O.',dord. 
636. . 



(John Wilh'mol, or lI'tlmol, x637-38.' ) 

Oxonioe, excudebat Guilielmus Turner, & veneunt apud Hen. Cripps, Ed. Forrest, 
Hen. Curteyne, & John Willimot. 
1637 (secondary title omits naine of place). 

X 2 



"' pro" for " & veneunt apud." 

163. Oxonioe, excudebat L. Lichfield, impensis Gulielmi Webb bibliopolae. 

164. Oxonioe, excudebat L. Lichfield, impensis Ed. Forrest & H. Curte)me. 

165. Oxonioe, excudebat L. Lichfield, impensis H. Curte)me. 

166. Oxonioe, excudebat Leonardus Lichfield. impensis Gulielmi Webb. 

(.f. Adams, 1637. 

foseph Go&oin, 1637-39-) 

167. Oxonioe, excudebat Guilielmus Turner pro 

j. Adams, & veneunt apud Joseph. 


Oxonioe, excudebat 
& I oh. Wilmot. 

L. L., impen»is 

Hen. Cripps, Ed. 

Forrest, Hen. Cuneyne, 

169. Oxford, printed by William Tumer for William Webb. 

170. Oxford, printed by L. Lichfield, for H. C. printer to the University. tNeither 
Cripps nor Curte)me were printers to the Univerity, so probably there is some 
( IV. Harris, of London,  637.) 

171. Oxford, printed by William Tumer, printer to the famous University. 1637 
are to be sold at London by W. Harris in Colman Street. 



(jrohn A llam,  6 3 8.) 

172. Oxford, printed by William Tumer for John Allam. 

173. Oxford, imprinted for John Allam [by W. Turner]. 
1638. " 

174. Oxford. printed by Leonard Lichfield, printer to the University, 
1638, 164o. 

175. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield, p/inter to the 


for Francis 

University, for William 

Oxonioe, excudebat Leonardus Lichfield, impertsis Ed. Forrest. 
1638, 1639 (with Oxonii). 

177. Oxford, printed by \Villiam Tumer, printer to the 
W. T[urner], Edw. F orrest and Will. Web. 


University, for 



(John lléslall, 1638-4o. ) 
Oxonioe, excudebat Guil. Turner, pro Job. Westall, Tho. Allam & Jos. Godwin. 

179. Excusa cum Licentiâ, typis Guil: Turner typographi Universitatis, pro Guil: 

180. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield, printer to the University. 

18o a. Adding famous before 6ffvers#y. 

181. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield, and are to be sold by John Clarke under 
St. Peter's Church in Cornhill. 

182. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield for Henry Crypps. 
638, 1639. 

183. Oxonioe, typis Guil: Tumer, impensis authoris (V. Bythner . 

184. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield, for Francis ]3owman. 

185. Oxford, printed by L. Lichfield for Joseph Godwin. 


186. Oxonioe, excudebat Leonardus Lichfield, impensis authoris (G. Dugres). 

(John All«n, of Leicester, 639. ) 


Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield, and are to be sold by John Allen in 
"Lecester ". 

(Thomas .Thomas, of Bristol, x639.) 

188. Oxford, printed 

by Leonard Lichfield, and are to be sold by Tho. Thomas in 

( Thomas lgobt)zson, x 639-4o-) 

189. Oxford, printed by William Turner for Thomas Robinson. 
639-4 o. 

190. Oxonioe, excudebat Guilielmus Tumer, impensis Hen. Crips. 

191. Oxonioe, excudebat Leonardus Lichfield, impensis Eliœe t'earse & Tho. Allam. 

9  a. Simply reversing the order of the two publishers. 


102. Oxford, printed for F. Bowman, stationer [by L. Lichfield]. 


(«[althew tfunl, 1639-4o. ) 

Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield, and are to be sold by Matthew Hunt. 


" For" instead of « aud are to be sold by." 
I64 ° . 

193 b. As 193 a, beginning "Printed at Oord by." 

(]?oberl J'oung, 164o.) 

19zt. Oxford, printed by Leon: Lichfield, printer to the 
& Ed. Forrest. 

Univer»ity, for Rob: Young 

195. Excudebat Oxonii Leonardus Lichfield primarius Academioe 
pensis Roberti Young & Edvardi Forrest. 
64 o. 

typographus, ira- 

106. l'rinted [at] Oxford for Francis Bowman [by L. Lichfield']. 
164o (eng'raved title). 

197. Oxonioe, excudebat Leonard. Lichfield, impensis Matthioe Htmt. 

198. Oxonioe, excudebat Guiliel. Tre'ner, impensis Joh. Westall. 

199. Oxford, printed for Leonard Lichfield. 

900. Oxonioe, excudebat Guilielmus Turner, impensis Edvardi Forrest. 

9.01. Oxonize, excudebat Leonardus Lichfield impensis Guliel. Davis. 

202. Oxford, printed by L. L. 

(]?z'chard lgoA,slon , of London, 164o.) 
9.03. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield, for Richard Royston, in Iv?. Lane. 

(Samuel Enderby, of London, 1640.) 

204. Oxford, printed by Leon. Lichfield, for Samuel Enderby. 

205. Oxonize, excudebat Guilielmus Tumer, impensis Tho. Robinson. 

,4 PPEArDIX F. 3   


PRIS'rER , in combination - ; PUBLISHER O, in combination  ; L = London. 
[The printers' names are in small capitals" the names following each printer, in roman type and 
with a- preceding, are of publishers for whom the printer worked.] 

Jos. BAR.ES . . 
London shop . 
R. Wright . . . 
author of book 
John Barnes L . 
S. Waterson L 






7 Jons LICHFIELD . . 

8 -- S. J ackson. . 
9 -- W. Spier . . . 
o  H. Cripps . . . 

x, -- J. Pyper L . 
,', -- "W. Davis . . . 

'3 -- T. Huggins . . 

14 -- E. Peerse . . . 
'5 -- W. Turner . . . 

xg -- E. Forrest . . . 

0 ! 




x7 -- W. Webbe . . 

x8 -- H. Curteyne . 
x9 -- T. Butler . . 
20 -- H. Seale L . 
2 -- J. Clarke L . 
22 [-- B. Fisher] • 


-- S. Jackson . . 
 XV. Spier . . 
 H. Cripl:s . 
-- J. Pyper • . • 
-- XV. ]gavis . . 

24 ,t'ILLI '. Tt'aUEa  

-- T. Huggins. . 

-- E. Peerse . . 
-- E. Forrest . • 

-- H. Cripps . . 
-- H. Curteyne 

-- W. Webbe . . 

25 -- 1 Allott L . 
-- author of book. 
26 -- .Xl. Sparke L . 

-- J. Clarke L 
27 -- London shop 
8 -- J. Willimot . 
29 -- J. Adams. . 
3o -- J. Godwin. . 
31 -- W. Harris L 
3 , J. Allam. . . 

33 J. Westall . . 
34  T. Robinson 


: XV. Jaggard printed in London for Turner in Oxford in x624. 




 XV. Vebbe . . . 
 T. Ituggins . . . 
 E. Forrest . . . 

36 -- T. Allam .... 
 Il. Curteyne . . . 

-- tt. Cripps .... 
-- J. Willimot (or Wil- 
mot) ..... 
37 -- F. Bowman . . . 
 W. Davis .... 
-- J. Clarke .... 
-- J. Godwin .... 
-- author ofbook . . 
38  J. Allen of Leicester 
39 -- T. Thomas of Bristol 
 E. Peerse . . . 
4o  M. Hunt . . . 
4   R. Young . . . 
4" -- R. Royston L . 
43  S. Enderby L . 




H. Cripps [London  or 
with Lichfield] . . . 
H. Curteyne [London or 
with Turner] . . . 
' W. Mapes' ..... 
T. Huggins with Turner] 
44 P. Stephens .... 
45 C. Meredith .... 
W.Webbe [vith Lichfield] 
author of book [do.] . . 
F. Bowman  [London or 
with Lichfield] . . . 
J. Allam [with Turner] . 





0 0 


L e. the trinter was either a London man Cas in x6-5) or, if at Oxford, 
Lichfieid {as in x627-8, 1632, I638. 
John Norton printed in London for Bowman in Oxford, x634. 
R. Bishop ,, ,, ,, ,, 1636. 


(Where practicable, the references in this Index are to the year and the first letter of 
the heading in that year : othernvise to pages.) 

A., sub-deacon of St. Frideswide's, Oxford, 
mentioned p. 26 7. 

A., J., I634. 
A., N., 16x6. 
A., R., 1624. 
A., T., 1612. 

See Allen, John. 
See Nixon, Anthony. 
See Ayton, sir Robert. 
5ee Abbay, Thomas. 

Abbas, Georgius. See Abbot, George. 
Abbay, Thomas, of Virginia. Smith's 
Proceedings of the Ènglish Colonies, 
ed. by him. 161 . S. 
Abb0t, George, archbp, of Canterbury. 
Quaestiones sex totidem praelectioni- 
bus in schola theologica Oxoniae 
habitis discussae, 1597. 1598 A. 
Reasons which dr. Hill hath brought 
tor the upholding of papistry, un- 
masked. 16o 4 A. 
Letter to him from the Chancellor of 
the University of Oxford (16o6 ?), in 
Latin. 16o 7 W. 
Dedieations to him. 161o B, D, 
16I 4 P, 162o D, 1628 F, 1635 F. 
The copy of a letter sent from my 
Lord's Grace of Canterbury (about 
Preachers). 1622 A. 
Letter about preachers (x62z) men- 
tioned. 1622 H. 
Abbot, George, M.P. for Guildford, men- 
tioned. 1621 I3. 
Abbot, Robert, bp. of Salisbury. Testi- 
monial from him to C. Angelus, 1616. 
1618 A. 
Abingdon. ..ç'ee Godwin, Thomas, 16 I4. 
Diseourses there by J. Prime, men- 
tioned. 1587 P. 
Printing there, mentioned, p. 263. 
Abot, Jeffra, of Virginia. Extracts from 
his writin. I61 . S. 
Aecomplishment of the prophecie. See 
Du Moulin, Pierre. 

Achilles Tatius. The Loves of Clitophon 
and Leucippe (tf. by A. H odges). 
1638 A. 
Achitophel, 1628. See Carpenter, 
Acontius, Jacobus. Stratagemata Satanae, 
et epistola ad J. Wolfium. 163 A. 
Acrostics. I6I 9 O, I6¢3 O. 
Actors, Sebastian, bookseller, mentioned, 
p. 2t . 
Adam, bookbinder, mentioned, pp. 268, 
269 . 
Adam de Walton, parehment-seller, men- 
tioned, p. 268. 
Adams, J., bookseller, &c., mentioned, pp. 
276, 308, 3I 2. 
Advice of a son to his mother (against 
Roman Catholicism). I616 A. 
Aegidius de Columna, of Rome, the 
fundatissimus. De peccato orinali. 
479 A, p. 253. 
AEsop, mentioned. 1633 I3. 
«Ethiopic, p. 23o. 
Affaniae. See Fitz-Geffrey, Charles. 
Agatharchides. Ecerpta de Rubro Mari, 
Gr. et Lat. I597 A, p. 2-, 9. 
Airay, Christopher. Fasciculus prae- 
ceptorum logicorum. 16z8 A, 1633 A. 
Airay, Henry, provost of Queen's coll., 
Oxford. Dedications to him. 1613 R, 
6 4 R. 
Albin, Jean d'. Answer to his Notable 
discourse against heretics (1575) by 
Thomas Sparke (the original treatise 
is here reprinted). 
Alchemy. See Thornborough, bp. John. 
Alchorne sale, mentioned, pp. 253 , 26I, 
cf. z 7. 
Alciatus, Andreas. Excerpt from his 
Formula Romani Imperii. I634 P. 
Alcock, Richard, bell-ringer, mentioned, 
p. 273. 
Aleman, Mateo. The Rogue, or the Life 



of Guzman de Alfarache, tr. from the 
Spanish by J. Mabbe. 63o A. 
Alemannia, Johannes de. See Johannes 
de Alemannia. 
Alexander (Alison), J., parchment-seller, 
mentioned, pp. 256 , 272. 
Alexander de limes (hot de Ales or 
Alesius. Latin Commentary by him 
on the De anima of Aristotle. 1451 
A, p. 254, see p. I ç" xS "). 
Alexander de Villa Dei. Textus Alexandri, 
cure sententiis (a fragznent). J 485 A, 
I . 260. 
Alêxandria. See 638 A. 
Alfarache, Guzman de. See Aleman, 
Alfred, king, mentioned, p. 25I. 
Alitophilus, pseud. See BarcLay, John. 
Allam, John, bookseller, mentioned, pp. 
277,308, 312, 313. 
Allam, Thomas, bookseller, mentioned, 
pp. 2;'8, 3oî. 313 . 
Allen, John. The younger brother his 
apology. J634 A. 
Allcn, John, booksêller, of Leicester, 
mentioned, pp. 309, 3  3- 
Allen, Thomas, of Gloucester hall, Oxford. 
.MS. of Gregory the Great belonging 
to him, mentioned. 161o J. 
Laudatio funebris in obitum ejus, per 
Gul. Burton. I633 B. 
Latin poem on him, by R. James. 
1633 M. 
Allen, cardinal William. Answer to two 
books by him, by bp. Bilson. 158 B. 
Dedication to him ïn 1589 mentioned. 
16o2 S. 
Allnutt, \Villiam Henry, mentioned. 
p. vii, 16I 3 B. 
Allot, Robert, bookseller of London, 
mentioned, pp. 302, 3 t 2. 
Almanac. See ]3ooker, John (163î). 
See Cowper, Thomas (I637). 
See Wyberd, John (I63î). 
Ambrose, st. Extract from his works, in 
English. 1637 F. 
Ames, \Villiam. Bellarminus enervatus, 
ed. 3 i'. I629 A. 
Amoenitates humanae. See Puteanus, 
Ampelius, Lucius. Liber memorialis ex 
bibliotheca C1. Salmasii. 1638 F. 
Amstêrdam, mentioned, pp. 8, 9- 
Anagrams, 16I 9 O, 1623 O, 624 O, 1625 
0 ,is), i633 O. 
Anatomy of Melancholy. See Burton, 
Anchoran, John, mentioned. I633 G, 
1634 S. 
Andrewes, bp. Lancelot. His Tarlura 
Torli mentioned, t 6 x 3 B. 
Andrewes, Jokn. Christ hiscross. 614A. 

Angelus, Christophorus. II6vrlo' X. 
"Ay,thov. t6x 7 A. 
(the saine in Eglish). x67 A. 
 Account of his sufferings, second issue. 
i618 A. 
 Testimonials to him, from the Uni- 
versity of Oxford and the bp. of 
Salisbury. ! 6i 8 A. 
Anglo-Saxon. Anglo-Saxon fount used 
in t634. x634 R. 
Annalia Dubrensia, mentioned. 613 B. 
Arme, prineess, born 1636. Flos Britan- 
nicus (poerns on her birth by mem- 
bers of the University of Oxford). 
636 O. 
Anne of Denmark, queen, d. I619, men- 
tioned. 16o O. 
--- Academiae Oxoniensis Funebria sacra 
... Annae... dicata (Latin poems). 
I619 O. 
Arme de Rohan, lady. Dedication to 
ber, by Pierre Du .Moulin, in English. 
16o 9 D, 634 D. 
Answer. Brief answer unto certain ob- 
jections against the descension of 
Christ into HelI. See Parkes, 
Richard, 16o 4. 
Anthony, Francis. Cotta contra Antonium. 
x623 C. 
Antichristians. See Sparke, Thomas, 
Anti-Possevinus, 1625 . See James, 
Antonius, Franciscus. See Anthony, 
Anwykyll, John. Latin Grammar and 
Vulgaria Terentii, ascribed to him. 
I4S 3 A, p. 
Anyan, Thomas. Sermon. 16 t 5 A. 
Aphorismi. Ste Piscator. Johannes. 
ApologT for women. See Heale, William. 
Apostles' Creed. See Creed. 
Appleton, co. Berks. Dedication to the 
parishioners. 16z8 D. 
Aquepontanu, Joannes. See Bridgwater, 
Arabic. See Fasor, Mattlaias, 6z6. 
t'oeminArabic. 1612 H. 
 I)e Arabicae linguae utilitate et prae- 
stantia oratio, habita a T. Greaves, 
163î. 1639 G. 
 mentioned, p. 230. 
Arber, prof. Edward, mentioned. P. ,Ai, 
I61Z S. 
Arclaaeologia Attica. See Rous, Franeis. 
Archdeacons. See Articles. 
Archer, Humphrey, boo "kseller, mentioned, 
p. 275. 
Aretinus, Franciscus. Sce Franciscus of 
 Leonardus. See Brunus, Leonardus, 
of Arezzo. 

INDEX. 31 7 

Aretius, Jacobus. See Martin, lames. 
Argenis. See Barclay, John. 
Aristophanes. The Knights, in Greek. 
1593 A. 
The spurious Peplus mentioned. 15.7 S. 
Interpretes librorum Aristotelis, in bibi. 
Bodleiana. 16o 5 J. 
Latin speeches, &c., by B. Holyday, 
touching the De A nima, Ethics, Rhe- 
toric, &c. of Aristotle. I633 H. 
Index Aristotelicus to Pavonius's Summa 
Ethicae. 1633 P. 
De Anima. 
Latin commentary on the De Anima 
(rr«Ol çvX ) of Aristotle, by Alexander 
de tlales. 148I A, p. 254 , see p. II 
Speculum moralium quaestionum in 
universam Ethicen Aristotelis, authore 
J. Caso. i585 C, I596 C. 
Elhics, Eudemian. 
Cornmentarius in 3Iagna Moralia 
Aristotelis, authore Johanne Caso. 
I586 C. 
Reflexus speculi moralis qui commen- 
tarii vice esse poterit in Magna 
Moralia Aristotelis, auctore J. Caso. 
1596 C. 
Elhics, Nicomachean. 
Latin translation by Leonardus Brunus 
(Aretinus). 1479 A, p. 253. 
Questiones super libros Ethieorum 
(Aristotelis) Joannis Dedicus. 1518 D. 
An Oxford ed. of " 498'' mentioned, 

libros ad 

in aliquot 
I64o B. 

ab Edw. 

Thesaurus oeconomiae seu comm. in 
Oeconomica, authore J. Caso. 1587 C 
(doubtful), 1597 C, 1598 C (doubt- 
-- mentioned, p. 253. 
Summa veterum interpretum in uni- 
versam Dialeeticam Aristotelis, auc- 
tore J. Case. 1592 C, I598 C. 
Ancilla philosophiae seu epitome in 
octo libros Physicorum, authore J. 
Caso. 599 C 
Lapis philosophicus, eomm. in 8 libros 
Physicorum, auetore J. Caso 1599 C. 
Sphaera civitatis (comm. on the Politics, 
by J. Case). 1588 C. See I596 C. 
Johannis Burîdani quaestiones in octo 
libros Politicorum Aristotelis. 164o B. 
-- mentioned, p. 253. 

Ioslerior A nalytics. 
Latin commentary by \Valter Burley 
on the l'osterior Analytics of Aris- 
totle. 1517 B, see p. I I (" 1512 "). 
Analysis Analyticorum Posteriorum, 
opera et studio G. P[owel.] t594 P- 
 per G. t'owel. 631 1'. 
Soihistici ElenchL 
Analysis librorum de Sophisticis Elen- 
chis per G. Powel. 598 P. 
 " mentioned p. 13, 
" I564," " 1594, 
 594 P- 
Arithmetic. Ste Buscherus, tleizo. 
Ste Computus. 
Arrnada, mentioned. 1558 P. 
A Skeltonicall salutation... (on the 
Armada). 589 S. 
Arminianism, mentioned. 1626 B. 
Arminius, Jacobus, mentioned. I626 A. 
Arran, earl of. Ste I Iamilton, James. 
Arretinus, Leonardus. See Brunus, Leon- 

ardus, of Arezzo. 
Arschotanns, dux, mentioned. 
Articles. See Berkshire. 
 See Bridges, John. 
 See King, John. 
 See Oxford--Diocese. 
 Ste Thomborough, John. 

164o P. 

A general (undated) form of Articles 
of Visitation, apparently for Bishops 
or Archdeaeons. 1633 A. 
The xxxix Articles of 1562. 1636 A 
See James, Thomas. 
Articuli Christianae fidei, versu, ex- 
pressi per J. Glanville. 16I 3 G. 
Articles agreed on at Charenton. See 
France, 1623. 
Ashbumham, Bertram, earl of Ashbum. 
ham, mentioned, p. 253. 
Askew, Anthony, mentioned, pp. 8, 227, 
Atkyns, Richard. IIis Original an,t 
Growth of Prhlbg, 1664, p. 245. 
Attonitus, Richardus, pstudonym. Veritas 
odiosa. Fragmenta colloquii 
chiavelli et Mercurii. 1626 A. 
Augustine, bookbinder, mentioned, pp. 
267, 269 . 
Augustine, st., bp. of Hippo. Sermo 
beati Augustini de misericordia et 
pia oratione pro dt:ftmctis. I4.°,3 H. 
mentioned. I613 B. 
De haeresibus. 163I V. 
Excitatio fidclis animae (1483 ?) p. 259. 
Aurum potabile. Sce Çotta, John, 1623. 
Ave Maria. The Are Maria to the queen 
of France. 16II J. 
Aylmer, John, bp. of London. Letter 
from him mentioned. 1589 S. 
Ayton, sir Robert. In obitum Thomae 
Rhaedi. Faciebat A.R.A. (a poem) 
1624 A. 


B., A., 1591. See Devereux, Robert, earl 
x of Essex. 
B., A., I6ao. .see Rogers, tIugh. 
B., C. Tumulus Gustavi Adolphi; a 
Latin poem. 1636 B. 
B., D. 6"ce under B., M. 
B., E. The eurse of sacrilege ; a sermon 
on tithes (on .Mal. iii. 9 . 163o B. 
B., E. M., 1636. See t3olton, Edmund 
B., F., 1639. .St« Bowman, Francis. 
B., I., 1616. .Ste Barnes, John. 
B., I. Translated Du M oulin's Confuta- 
tion of t'urgatory. 1612 D. 
B., J., mentioned. I64 ° F. 
I3, M., wife of D. 13. Dedicafion to her. 

1599 I4. 
B., R., i63I. 
B., R., 16o3. 
B., T., 637. 

.Ste 13olton, Robert. 
.see Brett, Richard. 
See Barlow, bp. Thomas. 

Babington sale, menfioned, p. --'58. 
Babington, Anthony. Sermon on Babing- 
ton's conspiracy, by John Rainolds. 
586 R. 
llabington, bp. Gervase. Dedication to 
t;acon, Francis, lord Verulam. The two 
books of the Proficience and Advance- 
ment of Learning. 633 B. 
-- Of the advancement and proficience of 
learning, translated into Eglish by 
Gilbert Wats : with poems on Lacon, 
oct. 64o B, sec Frontispiece. 
 Latin poem to him by G. Herbert. 
1637 T. 
 Portrait of him mentioned. 164o B. 
 Latin letter from him to Trinity 
college. Cambridge. 164o B. 
Bacon, Roger. De retardandis senectutis 
accidentibus, and de sensibus con- 
servandis. 159 ° B. 
Eagford, John, mentioned, Pp.  o- 2, 
16I 4 A, 63I S, &c. 
Eailey, Walter. Discourse of certain 
baths near Newnham Regis, men- 
tioned. 1557 B. 
-- Treatise touching the eye-sight. 6o 13 
i616 B, 654 B, 1673 B. 
Baker, Sir Richard, kt., mentioned. 
1639 B. 
Baker and Leigh, book auctioneers. Their 
sale 17', mentioned, p. 8. 
Bile. Poems about Bodl. MS. Roe 
,Council of Bile). I63I O. 
13alk ell, Roger, mentioned, p. 
Balzac, Jean Louis Guez de. A collec- 
tion of some modern epistles of 
de 13alzac, translated out of French, 
vol. 4- I639 ]3. 
Banbury, earl o£ See Knollys, William. 

Bancroft, John, bp. of Oxford. Articles 
for his first Visitation. 632 B. 
  second do. 635 B. 
  third do. 1638 B. 
 Dedication to him, describing his public 
benefactions in the diocese, i 639 G. 
Bancroft, Richard, archbp, of Canterbury, 
d. i61o. Dedicationsto him. 16oi H, 
16o 5 H, 16o8 P, 161o B, I634 M. 
 Dedicatory poem to him, in Latin. 
16o6 ]3. 
 A _MS. of Gregory the Great in his 
possession mentioned. I6IO J. 
mentioned. 16 IO R. 
13andinel,dr. Bulkeley, mentîoned. 613 B. 
Baptism. Use of the Cross in baptism: 
see Itutten, Leonard. 
13aptismal regeneration. .see Burges, 
Barclay, John. Argenis (with essays on 
it). 1634 B. 
Euphormionis Satyricon (partly by 
Alitophilus), accessit Conspiratio 
Anglicana (the Gunpowder plot). 
1634 B. 
Poematum libri duo. 636 B. 
Barclay, William, menfioned. 634 t3. 
]arker, Christopher, bookseller, men- 
tioned, p. 27î- 
]3arksdale, Clement, mentioned, p. 255. 
t3arlaamus, rI«p' rf?ç roî rldrra 
with Latin version by John Lluyd or 
Lloyd. 592 I3. 
Barlow, Richard. Pietas in patrem 
I English poems on his death by his 
son bp. Barlow and others). 637 13. 
Barlow, bp. Thomas. Pietas m patrem, 
or a few tears upon the death of his 
father. 637 13. 
Exercitationes de Deo, per T. B. (with 
Scheibler's Metaphysica). 637 S. 
mentioned. 64o b, p. 
Barne, Thomas. Sermon at Paul's Cross, 
159I. 159I B. 
Barnes, John, son of Joseph, bookseller 
of London, mentioned, 6o2 H, I6iî 
H, W, pp. 275 , 2-;7 , 296 , 3[i. 
Preface by him, as "I. 13." I616 B. 
Barnes, Joseph. Address to the earl of 
Leicester. 158., C, I.:96 C. 
Complimentary Latin verses to him. 
1585 C. 
mentioned. 588 C, 6o6 O, I66 B, 
PP-274-5, 289, 293, 311. 
Votum typographi ad regem (a Latin 
poem). 16o 3 O. 
Application for a license to him to 
have a monopoly ofprinting classical 
books, 596, p. 276. 
Note of 7 copies of James's Con- 
cor, tantiae received from him 30 July, 
6o7. 6o7 J. 

INDEX. 3  9 

Barnes, Robert, fellow of Magdalen coll. 
Oxford. Editor of " Beatae Mariae 
Magdalenae Lachrimae." 16o6 O. 
m Sermon at Henley at the Visita.tion, 
I626. 1626 B. 
Barnes, Roger, bookseller, mentioned, 
p. 277 (bis). 
Barneveldt, Jan van Olden, mentioned. 
1626 A. 
Baronet's burial. See Potter, 13arnabas. 
Bartholinus, Casparus. Anatomicae in- 
stitutiones. I633 13. 
u Enchiridion ethicum. 1633 B. 
13as, William. See 13asse, William. 
Basse or Bas (?), William. Great Britain's 
Sunset. 16I 3 B. 
--other poems by him (?)mentioned. 
1613 B. 
13assett, lady Elizabeth. Dedication to 
ber. 1612 S. 
Bateman sale, mentioned, pp. 256, 259. 
Baterel, Guillermus. Edited Buridan's 
Quaestiones in octo libros Politico- 
rum Aristotelis. 164o B. 
Bates, \Villiam. His lïtae selectoum 
virorum referred to. I6o. B, 16I 3 O, 
I617 D. 
Baxter, Nathaniel, mentioned. I635 D. 
Bayley, Thomas. De merito mortis 
Christi, et modo Conversioni, dia- 
tribae duo in schola theologica Oxon., 
1621. I626 B. 
 Concio ad clerum, 1622. 166 B. 
]3aylie, dr. Richard. Dedication to him. 
1638 G. 
Bayly, rev. John. Two serinons. 63o B. 
13ayly, Lewis, bp. of Bangor. Dedication 
to him. I63o B. 
Bayning, Paul, 2nd viseount 13a)naing. 
Poems by Christ Church men on his 
death. I638 O. 
Bayning, Penelope, viscountes. Dedica- 
tion to ber. I638 O. 
Baynton, Arme. See Rogers, Hugh. 
13eacon, Richard. Solon his follie, or a 
politique discourse touching the re- 
formation ofCommon-weales. I 94 ]3, 

13eal, sir Robert. 
1596 M. 
13eaudesert, lord. 
Becanus, Martinus. 

I)edication to him. 
See Paget, lord. 
Hs lCefutatio Tor- 

turae Toqi alluded to. 1613 B. 
Bedé, Jean. The Mass displayed, tr. by 
E.C. 619 B. 
Bedford, cotmtess oL I)edication to ber. 
I593 S. 
Bedford, earl of. See Russell, Francis. 
Bedingfield, Robert. Sermon at Paul's 
Cross (on Rom. vi. 23). 169. 5 B. 
Bedwin, William, illuminator, mentioned, 
p. 7 t. 

Bees. See Butler, Charles. 
Beesley, Henry. Complimentary poems. 
1634 F. 
Belgium. Ded[cation to the Belgian 
States. I6z 9 A. 
Bellarmine, cardinal Robert. See Leyden. 
-- Rainoldus de Romanae Ecclesiae ido- 
lolatria (adversus Bellarminum, &c.). 
1596 R. 
 Scholastica Theologiae instituto ad- 
versus Bellarminum, auctore L. Trel- 
catio. 16o6 T. 
 mentioned. 1613 B. 
--Du Moulin's Accomplihment of the 
l'rophecies, writt.n against Bellar- 
mine. 163 D. 
 De confessionis auricularis vanitate 
adversus card. ]3ellarminum, auctore 
I. Denisono. 6z  D. 
 ]3ellarminus enervatus, auctore (;ul. 
Amesio, ed. 3 ". 16 9 A. 
]3e|lositum I)obunorum. Set und«r Ox- 
ford, ad iniL 
]3ellum Grammaticale (by Andreas 
Guarna). Prologue and Epilogue to 
it by W. Gager, in Latin. 1592 
p. 229. 
tlenefield, Sebastian. Doctrinae Chris- 
tianae sex capita totidem praelectio- 
nibus discussa. 16Io 13. 
 Sermon at St. Mary's, Oxford (on l's. 
xxi 6). 16II B. 
 Commentary on Amos ehap. I, with a 
sermon on I Cor. ix. 9- ,63 B. 
Latin translation in 16  5,mentioned, 
reprint in 69, mentioned, ibid. 
 Commentary on Amos chapp. -,., 3, 
mentioned. I63 B. 
 Sermon, on Amos iii. 6. 1613 B. 
 Eight serinons. I6 4 B. 
---Thc sin against the IIoly Ghost, 
sermons.  6I 5 B. 
 His tIaven of the affiicted, a sermon, 
" I615 ". 1615 H. 
--- Dedication to him. 619 I3. 
 mentione,t. I6î F. 
Bene fundatum, a lost Oxford book (about 
1517-I9) , p. 2. 
Bense, Petrus. Analogo-diaphora (a trea- 
tise on French, Italian and Spanish 
grammar). 637 . 
Bercka, Gerard ten Raem de. See Raem, 
Gerard ten. 
Berkley, lady Elizabeth. Dedication to 
her. 1626 W. 
Berkshire, archdeaconry. Visitation ar- 
ticles, I615 (Lionel Sharpe). 16 5 
-- 163I (Edw. Davenant)I631 D. 
635 (John Rives). I635R 
Bernard, st. Collectanea, out of St. 
Bernard, &c., by J. t'anke. 618 P. 


Bernard, Richard. Fabulous fotmdation 
of the Popedom. 619 B. 
I3ettes, Francis. A label for his books given 
to New College, Oxford, 1593, P- 529- 
Beza, Theodoru. Serinons on the Song 
of Solomon i-iii, tr. into English. 
I587 B. 
-- Preface fo him. 163 o P. 
For the monopoly of printing 13ibles, 
cee und«r Oxford--Printing ,printing 
Account of the Lithuanian translation, 
Oxf. « 156v ", mentioned, p. 3. 
Biblii Summnla, mentioned. 1556 S. 
Catalogs expositorum S. Scripturae in 
bibl. Bodleiana, auctore T. James. 
6o5 J. 
Catalogus interpretum S. Scfipturae in 
bibliotheca Bodleiana (per J. Ver- 
neuil". 635 V. 
A nomenclator oir such tracts and er- 
mons as have been printed in English 
on any I.lace of Holy Scfipture, by 
J. Verneuil. i637 V. 
Hen. Stanley, appendix ad libros tam 
Veteris quatn Novi Testamenti, 63o, 
P. 233. 
The Wicked 13ible (I63 , mentioned, 
p. 277. 

Old Testament : 
Exposition of Gen. xxxiii. -3, by J. 
Overton. I86 O. 
Explanationes Ricardi Hampole super 
lectiones Job.  4 ,- 3 H. 
Meditation on part of the 7th Psalm. 
16 3 B. 
Day's Descant on David's Psalms (I-8). 
16zo D. 
The Psalms translated by King J'ame» i. 
63x B. 
LiLer Psalmorum et precum in usum 
ecclesiae CathedralisOxon. 1639 P. 
An exposition of Ecclesiastes, 1573, 
mentiuned. 1566 L. 
Solomon's Sermon with a paraphrase 
bv Antonio de C orro, eng|ished Ly 
"Iho. Pye. x 86 E. 
Sog of Solomon. 
Beza's serinons on the Song of Solomon 
i-iii, tr. into English.  587 B. 
C oncordantiae patrum in librum Canti- 
corum, auctore T. James. 6o 7 J. 
Zam,'ntations of firemiah. 
Latin commentarv on the Lamentations 
by Joharmes Lattebttritts. 148 L, 
P- 55- 

Alinor Prophets. 
Pareus's Comm. on Joel, Amos and 
Haggai, in Latin. 631 P. 
A mos. 
Benefield's commentary on Amos chap. 
. 163 B. 
 on chapp. , 3, mentioned, ibid. 
Obadiah . 
The prophecy of Obadiah explained in 
connexion with  Pet., by J. Rainolds. 
6 3 R. 
Lectures upon Jonas, by John Ki.nge. 
1597 K, 1599 K, 16oo K. 

«V:zo Testament : 
Disticha J. Seheprevi in Xovum Testa- 
mentira.  586 S. 
Disticha in Xovum Testamentum in 
editione Erasmi inserta, x 586 S. 
Analysis cap. 4. authore F. Trigge. 
1591 T. 
Parens's Comm. on St. Matthew, in 
Latin. 63 x P. 
Comment. in cap.  ep. ad Rom. (b3 
Francis Trigge). I59O T. 
Prodromus, a local resolufion of 
Romanscap.1, byG. Powel. 6oz P. 
 (the saine in Latin; dubious). 
I6 5 P- 
Latin commentary on the two Epistles 
by W. Sclater. 633 S. 
Exposition by J. Prime. i$8î P. 
i., Serinons on Heb. x. 6-3 , by b. 
Benefield. 1615 13. 
r Peter. 
The propheey of Obadiah explained in 
connexion with  Pet., by J. Rainolds. 
6 3 R. 
N octes saerae seu lucubrationes in 
primam partem Apocalypseos (by 
Francis Trigge). I 9 o T. 
Bibliotheca scholastica. See Rider, 
Billingsley, Robert, bookseller, &c., men- 
tioned, p. « 76 .b/s). 
Bilson, bp. Thomas. True difference be- 
teen Christian subjection and un- 
christian rebellion.  585 B. 
mentioned.  5S5 P- 
 Dedication to him. 6o8 C. 
 mentioned, p.  28. 
Binding. Bookbinders, &c., in Oxford. 
pp. z67-78. 
Bird, John. Gtotmds of Latin Grammar. 
1639 B. 


P, isham, mentioned. I59. E, p. 229. 
t3ishop, Richard, bookseller of London, 
mentioned, pp. 3o7,313 • 
Bishops. See Articles. « 
Sec Petition. 
Blades, William. His 17ooks in. chains, 
menlioned, p. 248 , cf. 249. &c. 
Blandford, lord. See Churchill, George 
Spencer, 4th duke of Marlborough. 
Blaxton, John. The English Usurcr, or 
usury condemned. 634 B. 

:'nd impression. 
Blessêd Birthday. 
Blewet, or Bluett, 

1634 13. 



mentioned, p. :'76. 
Bliss, dr. Philip, mentioned. 6:' W, 
63 G, I618 A, x63x P, 63:' C,&c. 
Blon, C. le. Set Le Blon, C. 
Blount, Edward, printer, mentioned. 
63 o A. 
Blunt, sir Richard. Dedication to him. 
1626 B. 
îBoaz and Ruth. See Parsons, Bartholo- 
Bodleian librar3,. Ste OxfordBodleian 
Bodley, dr. Laurence, canon of Exeter 
cathedral. Dedications to him. 
6I 4 t', 1637 P, 
I3odley, sir Thomas. I)edications to him. 
 598 L, 1599 R. 
 Justa funebria Ptolemaei Oxoniensis 
(Latin verses on sir T. Bodley by mem- 
bers of the University of Oxford : and 
speech on him by I. Wake). I6t 3 O. 
 Bodleiomnema .Latin poems on Bod- 
ley, by members of Merton college, 
Oxford). 63 O. 
 Poems in Italian and Latin on his 
death, by L. Petrucci. I63 P. 
 mentioned.  6 .5 P. 
13ollifant, Edmund, printer, mentioned, 
p. 28. 
Bolswert, Nicholas de. See Nicholas de 
Bolton, Edmund (.*Iaria3, d. 633 (?). His 
Zypero itica mentioned.  59  T. 
 Translated Florus into English, as 
" E. lXI. B." and " Philanactophil." 
1636 F. 
Bolton, Robert. Helps to humiliation, by 
R.B. 631 B. 
Bond, Nicholas, pres. of Magdalen coll. 
Oxford. Dedications to him. 59:' b, 
6o2 B, x6o 4 S. 
Bonwick, Robert, mentioned, p. 56. 
Book of Common Prayer. See Prayer, 
Book of Common. 
Bookbinder, John, mentioned, p. 27. 
Bookbinder, Thomas, mentioned, p. 27 x- 
Bookbinder, William, mentioned: p. :'7:'- 


Bookbinders. Ste Bindlng. 
Booker, John. Almanack sire Prognos- 
ticon astrologicum. 637 13. 
Book-production. See Oxford-Printing. 
See Transcription. 
--List of persons concemed with it, at 
Oxford, pp. :'67-78. 
Booksellers, &c., in Oxford, pp. 67-78. 
Bookworm, periodical, mentioned, p. I . 
Bordeaux, mentioned. 626 C. 
I;ott, , bookbinder, mentioned, p. :'78. 
IIourchier, Thomas. archbp, of Cantêr- 
bury, mentioned, p. :'45- 
Bowing at the naine of Jesus. See Page, 
\Villiam,  63. 
 See Widdowes, Giles. 
13owman, Franci, bookseller, mentioned. 
PP- 27'q, 3 o6, 33. 
 Preface by F. B,owman), 639 B. 
Ilowman, Thoma. Auction catalogue of 
his books çOxf. 687) , mentioned. 
397 C, 613 R, 615 C, 163 P. 
B. P.N. See 599 R, 625 J. 
Brabant. A dedication to the three Or- 
dines Brabantiae. I64 o P. 
Brackley, viscount. See Egeron, Thomas. 
Bradshaw, William. Treatise ofthe Cross 
in baptism, mentioned. 6o 5 H. 
Brasbridge, Thomas. Quaestione in 
Officia M. T. Ciceronis,  586, p. :':8" 
592 t3, 615 B. 
Brassicanus (Kohlburger), J ohannes Alex- 
ander. Annotationes in Sal,danum. 
1629 S, 633 S. 
Breda, Jacobus de, mentioned, p. 24z. 
Brent, dr. Nathaniel, warden of Mèrton 
College, Oxford. Dedications to him. 
62. D. 637 R. 
Brent, \Villiam. I)edication to him. 
586 O. 
Brerewood, Edward. Logica (Lond. 
64) , mentioned. 6 4 S. 
 Tractatu logici. 1628 B, 163I ];, 
1637 B. 
 Treati»e of the Sabaoth, with 13yfie|d's 
Answer and Brerewood's Rel:,ly. 
I63o 13, I63I ]3. 
  A second treatise on the Sabbath. 
632 B. 
 Tractatus duo, de meteoris, (de mari}'. 
de oculo. 631 B. 
 Tractatus ethici, sire commentarii in 
aliquot Aristotelis libros ad Nico- 
machum. 164o Il. 
Breton, Nicholas. Pilgrimage to Para- 
dise, joined with the Countess of 
Pembroke's Love. 59:' /3. 
 Breton's Bower of delights, 59, 
mentioned, x59. B. 
13rett, Richard. Agatharehides and 
Memnon (excerpts n Greek and 
Latin), ed. by Bett. x597 A, p.-9- 


Brett, Richard. Symeon's Lires of Stt. 
John and Luke, ed. by R. Brett in 
Greek and Latin, I597 S. 
-- Thes magistri Bret, respondentis in 
Comitiis Oxon. 1597, P- 23°. 
-- Iconum sacramm decas, authore R. B. 
t6»3 B. 
Bridegroom and his Bride, I6ZS. Sec 
Rawlinson, John. 
Bridges, John, bp. of Oxford. Articles 
at his visitation, 1604. 6o 4 B. 
Bridffwater, John. Concertatio eccl. 
Catholicae per Joannem Aquepon- 
tanum (I594), mêntioned. 1594 L. 
Brielvood, Edward. Sec Brerewood, 
Bright Sale, mentioned, pp. 253, 256. 
Bristol. Latin oration at Bristol by J. 

Sprint 16 Apr. 1587- 
Bristol, earl of. 
Britain, Great. 

1587 5. 
1639 F. 
,5e Digby, George 


Dedieation to the school- 
of Great Britain, in Latin. 

I634 S. 
Bfitish Mueum. Sec Londoti--Britila 
Broad, Thomas. Dialogue between a Jew 
and a Chriian (on Sunday). 162  B. 
Three questions answered ,on Sunday 
obselwance). I6zI B. 
Bromley, sir Thomas, lord chancellor of 
England. Dedication to him, I585. 
I586 C. 
Broncar, Henricu, mentioned. I64o C. 
Brooke, sir Richard, of Norton. Dedi- 
cation to him. 16zS B, 63I 
167 B. 
Brother, John, illuminator, mentioned, 
p. 270. 
Browere, Nicholas, mentioned, p. 24. 
Brown, John, sationer, mentioned, pp. 
270, 27I. 
Browne, Thoms. The copy of the Uni- 
versity sermon, -4 Dec. 633 ton 
cxxx 4 • 634 B. 
Brutes, Gfles, lord Chandos, mentioned. 
1592 E. 
Brunus, Leonardns, of Arezzo. Latin 
translation of Afistotle's Nicomachean 
Ethics, by Leonardus Arretinus. 
I479 A, p. 253. 
supposed ednion of 1498 , p. o. 
Brussels. The Library mentioned, p. 256. 
Buckhurst, lord. Sec Dorset, earl of. 
Buckingham, duke of, d. I629. Sec Vil- 
liera. George. 
Buckingham, Katharine, duchess of. De- 
dication to her. 63o W, 63 
Buckler, Benjamin, mentioned, p. 252. 
Badden, dr. John. Gulielmi... VCayn- 
fleti.., vita obitusque. 16o2 B. 

Biissenmechems, Johannes. Extract from 
a book by him, in Latin. 64 o C. 
Bullokar, W., mentioned. 1633 B. 

Bunny, Ed,mund. Treatise tending to 
pacification [aecompan) ing a revised 
edition of R. Parsons' Christian exer- 
ci]. i585 P (bis). 
Accourir by him of his connexion with 
Farsons's Resolution or Directory. 
6Io B. 
Of divorce for adultery and marD'ing 
again. 6Io B, 613 B. 
Bunny, Francis. çnswer to a popish 
libel intitnled "a Petition to the 
Bishops." I6o7 B. 
Burgersdicius, Franco. Idea Philosophiae 
tutu Naturalis, tutu 3Ioralis, ed. 3 *. 
63 t B. 
Idea Philosophiae tutu Moralis, tutu 
Nattralis, ed. 4 . 637 B. 
Burges, Cornelius. Baptismal regenera- 
tion of elect infants. I629 B. 
Burgund, Nicolaiis. Latin poem on 
Putean's Cornue. 634 P- 
Burhill, Robert. Edited a sermon by bp. 
Smith, x6o. t6oz S. 
Invitatorius pane .gyricus. I6o3 O. 
In controversiam inter Johannem 
Howsonum et Thomam P) um trac- 
tatus. 1606 B. 
De potestate regia et usurpatione 
papali. 6 t 5 B. 
t3uridanus, Johannes. Error for Walter 
Burley, mentioned, p. Io. 
Quaestiones in octo libros Polificorum 
Aristotelis. 1640 B. 
Burley, Walter. Latin eommentarï on 
the Posterior Analytics of Aristotle. 
I517 B, p. 263. 
t II.» p. II. 
--De materia et forma (principia). 
58 B, p. 264. 
i« I00, p. IO. 
De relativis (pdncipia.). 
p. 264. 
Burmannus, Petms, Sectmdus. 
his, mentioned, p. 9- 
Burnet, alias Cornish, Gilbert, parchment- 
seller, mentined, p.  74- 
Burton, Robert, mentioned. .a99 R, 
x627 H, I637 V. 638 O. 
Anatomy of Melancholy. 62x B, 
I624 B, 16.,8 B, x632 B, 1638 B. 
See p. 9_ 32. 
Note on the connexion between Fer- 
rand's Eparroavh and Burton's 
Anatomy of llelancholy. 64o F. 
Bttrton,Samuel, archdeacon of Gloucester. 
Articles to be enquired of in his Visi- 
tation, I6z 9. 629 B. 
Burton, William. Laudatio funebris in 
obitum Thomae Alleni. t635 B. 

 5t8 B, 
Letter of 

I. DEX. 3 2 3 

Bury, Richard de. Sec Richard de Bury. 
Luscherus, Heizo. Arithmetica in usure 
Paedagogii Gisseni. 631 S. 
Bushell, Thomas. Speeehes and songs at 
the presentment of Mr. Bushêll's 
Rock (st Enstone) to the Queen, 
23 Aug. I636. 1636 B. 
Butler, Alban, mentioned, p. 256. 
Butler, Charles. Rhetoricae libri duo, 
1598, 16oo B, 168 B, I629 B, p. 230. 
-- mentioned. 1633 B. 
Rhêtorica and Oratoria, 1629, men- 
tioned, p. 233. 
The feminine monarehy or a treatise 
concerning bees. 16o 9 ]3, 1633 t3, 
1634 B. 
Xv'r-fiv«a , de propinquitate matrimo- 
nium impediente. 625 B. 
Oratoriae libri duo. 16., 9 B, 1633 I3. 
mentioned. 633 P. 
The English grammar (in phonetic 
spêlling and type). I633 B, 1634 13. 
Butler, rev. Richard, mentioned, p. z56. 
13utler, Thomas, bookseller, mentioned, 
pp. :78, 3o-, 312. 
13yfield, Nicholas. Answer Io 13rere- 
wood's treatise on the Sabbath, with 
Brerewood% Reply. 63o B, 63 B. 
Byrd, Josias. Love's peerless paragon, 
a sermon. I613 B. 
Bythner, Victorinus. Tabula directo,ia 
(a tIebrew grammar). 1637 B. 
Lingua Euditorum, hoc est Institutio 
Linguae Sacrae (a ttebrew grammar). 
638 ]3. 
13ywater, prof. Ingram, mentioned, p. z eg" 

C., A., I586. Sec Corro, Antonio de. 
C., Ch., 1638, Sec Croke, dr. Charles. 
C., D. E., mentioned. 16o8 C. 

C., E., 16 9. 
C., G., 1624. 
C., I., i588. 
C., J., 1628. 

Sec Chaloner, Edward. 
See Carleton, George. 
Sec Case, John. 
See Casa, Giovanni della. 

C., N., Cosmopolitanus. Sec Carpenter, 
Ca:, 1o., mentioned. 64o C. 
Calvin, Jean. Aphorismi maximam 
partem ex Institutione Calxini ex- 
cerpti, per J. Piscatorem. I63o P. 
Cambrai (Cameracum). See Sanderson, 

See Letters--I atin. 
of early printing 

1585 C. 
Mention of the 
1534, P-273. 
Letter from the 

Oxford, 7 


patent for printing, 

University to that of 
Oct. 16o 3, about Church 

reformation : in Latin. I6o 3 O, 
1604 O. 
Cambridge. Cambfidge books mentioned. 
16o3, Heydon. See 1624 C. 
--13ooker's Almanac printed there in 
1636. I63î B. 
 Dedication to the two Universities. 
64o B. 
 UniversityLibrarymentioned. 16o8 W, 
p. 264 (quale;), 265 (bis). 
m Oxford 15th cent. books in the Univer- 
sity Library, p. 24 o. 
 13p. Moore's library, now in the Uni- 
versity Library, mcntioned, p.  I. 
 Clare college mentioned, p. 259. 
 Corpus Christi college mentioned, pp. 
 Emmanuel college mentioned. 633 D, 
p. 256. 
 Jesus college mentioned, p. 256. 
 King's college mentioned, pp. 256, z59. 
 Pembroke college rnentioned, p. :64. 
m St. John's college raentioned. 485 A, 
pp. 258 (bis), 25, 260. 
 Latin letter from Bacon to Trinity 
college, Cambridge. 164o/3. 
--Trinity college mentioned, pp. 255, 
256 çbis, 257, 258, OE6o. 
Camden, William. Camdeni Insignia 
(poems and orations by members of 
the Univer»ity of Oxford). 1624 O. 
 mentioned. 625 W. 
 Parentatio historica manibts Camdeni 
oblata, De obitu Camdeni, Dedicatio 
imaginis Camdenianae, auctore D. 
Vhear. x6a8 V, 
Cameron, John. Examination of those 
plausible appearances which seem 
most to commend the Romish 
Church. 16,-6 C. 
 Of the sovereign judge of controversies 
in matters ol religion. 6:,5 C. 
Campian, Edmund. His Decem Rationes 
mentioned. 16o H. 
 Tobiae Matthaei concio apologetica 
advêrsus Campianum. 638 M. 
Cannus, Michael, mentioned, p. z53- 
Canon Law. See LavCanon Law. 
Canons. Liber quorundam Canonum dis- 
ciplinae ecclesiae Anglicanae, A.D. 
 s7. c,36 A. 
Camica Canticorum. See BibleSong 
of Solomon. 
Capel, Richard. Connected with Pemble's 
Yindiciae fidei. 1622 I'. 
 Perhaps edited Pemble's De sensibus 
internis. I629 P. 
Cardiff, lord. See Herbert, Henry. 
Carewe, sir Gawain. Yuneral sermon on 
him, i 584,by John Chardon. I 86 C. 
Carey, lady, wife of sir Robert Carey. 
Dedication to ber. I613 P- 


Carleton, bp. George. Heroici charac- 
teres. 6o3 C. 
---"A«rpoo.totzavla , the madness of As- 
trologers (against Heydon). I6 4 C. 
Carlisle, earl of. Se Hay, James. 
Carmelianus, Petrus, of Brescia. Ad lec- 
torero carmen (belote Phalaris's Let- 
ters in Latin'. r485 P- 
Carpenter, 1Yathaniel. Philosophia libera. 
622 C, 656 C, 1657 C. 
-- Geography. 1625 C. 
2nd ed. r635 C. 
-- Achitophel, or the picture of a wicked 

Case, John. Poem to Nicholas Breton. 
 592 B. 
--Ancilla philosophiae, seu epitome in 
octo libros Physicorum Aristotelis. 
1599 C. 
 Lapis philosophicus, comm. in 8 libros 

Casimir, Emest. 

Physicorum Aristotelis. 
Cursus philosophicus, 3 
See  597 C, note. 
A Preface to Richard 
1598 L. 
Mentione& I627 H. 
See Eest Casimir. 


mon on Matt. xi. 21. 164o C. 
Carre, , bookbinder, mentioned, p. 275. 
Carrus, 1N'icolaiis. Demosthenis Ora- 
tiones 15 cure interpretatione 1,'ic. 
Carri. 593 D. 
Cartwright, Francis. Manner of the 
murther of W. Storre, by F. Cart- 
wright, 6o. 16o3 S. 
Cartwright, William. The Royal Slave, 
a tragi-comedy kanonymous). 1639 
C, 64o C. 
Cartwright, bp. Vfilliam, mentioned. 
1638 O. 
Cary, sir Lorenzo, son of viscount Falk- 
land. Dedication to him. I6z8 T, 
164o T. 
Casa, Giovanni della. Ethica juvenilis, 
auctore J.C. 628 C, 63o C. 
Casaubon, Amold, father of Isaac Casau- 
bon, mentioned. 1614 P- 
Casaubon, Isaac. Hi Epistola ad Fron- 
tonem Ducaeum, etc., mentioned. 
614 P. 
Case, John. Speculum moralium quae- 
stionum in universam Ethicen Aristo- 
telis. 585 C, 1596 C. 
---  mentioned. 596 C. 
 Summa veterum interpretum in maiver- 
sam Dialecticam Aristotelis. 59 z C, 
1598 C. 
a " 584" issue mentioned. 1585 C. 
 Reflexus speculi moralis, seu commen- 
tarius in Magna Moralia Aristotelis. 
1586 C,  596 C. 
 The traise of Afusic (attributed to 
John Case). 586 M. 
  Discussion of the authorship of the 
Z'raise of Afusic (Oxf. 1586)attributed 
to him, p. 
 Thesauras Oeconomiae.  587 C (dobt- 
ful), I597 C, 598 C (doubtful). 
-- a " I578" issue mentioned, p. 13- 
-- Apologia musices. 588 C. 
mentioned. 15S6 M, p. 279. 
 Sphaera civitatis (comm. on the Politics 
of Aristotle). 588 C, cf. 615 C. 
----- mentioned, x596 C. 

politician. 68 C, 164o C. Castellanus, Georgius, bookseller at Ox- 
Chorazin and Bethsaida's woe, a ser- ford 15o6 , mentioned, p. I. 

Castlecomer, viscount. See Wandesford, 
Catechism. See Hutchins, Robert, I6 7. 
 Ursinus's lectures on the Heidelberg 
Catechism, tr. into English. 1587 U» 
1589 U, I591 U, 1595 U, 16Ol U. 
--A catechism (the Heidelberg Cate- 
chism, ed. by Sparke and Seddon). 
1588 C .bis.) 
 The English Cateehism explained by 
\V(illiam) D(ickinson). 16z8 D. 
 Catechesis religionis Christianae (Hei- 
delberg Catechism). I6 9 C. 
 Church Catechism in Latin, English, 
and French. 1633 G. 
m A short catechism, by John Downe. 
 635 D. 
Cater, Rose, mentioned, p.  73- 
Catherine, princess, mentioned, I638 O. 
Catilînariae proditiones. In Catilinarias 
proditiones ac proditores domesticos 
odae 6. 1586 C. 
Cause, John, mayor of Plymouth. Dedi- 
cation to him. 1637 F. 
Caussin, Nicolas. The unfortunate poli- 
tique by C. N. ri.e.N. Caussin), 
translated into English by G. P. 
638 C, 639 C. 
Cave, Robert, bookseller, mentioned, p. 
Cax3"e , Christopher, bookseller, men- 
tioned, p. 74- 
Caxton, William. Caxton's Cronicles 
of ngland (148-), mentioned, 
 mentioned. 1585 C, pp. 24 , 246. 
Caxton Exhibition, mentioned, p. 9- 
Cayer, Pierre Victor Palma. Treatise 
against him by Du Moulin. 16x 2 D. 
Cecil, Robert, earl of Salisbury, d. 162. 
Dedication to him. I634 B. 
Cecil, sir William, earl of Salisbury. 
Dedication to him. I633 D, r634 D. 
Ceeill, T., engrax-er, mentioned. 163o H. 
 Encyclopaedia (Oxford statutes) en- 
graved by him. x635 O. 
Cenotaphia. See Fitz-Geffrey, Charles. 

Cenotaphium Jacobi, I62;3. See King, 
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel, mentioned. 
164o F. 
Chaldee. Poem in Chaldee. 612 Il. 
--- Study of Chaldee at Oxford, mentioned. 
627 P. 
Chaloner, Ed,vard. Bede's Masse dis- 
played, tr. by E. C(haloner?) 16 9 B. 
-- Six sermons. I629 C. 
Chambers, John, bookseller, mentioned, 
p. 277. 
Chandler, professor Henry William, men- 
tioned. 164o B. 
Chandler, dean Thomas, mentioned, p. 
Chandos, lord. See Bruges, Giles. 
Chardon, bp. John. Funeral Sermon of 
sir Gawain Carewe, 1584 . 1586 C. 
-- Sermon on John ix. 1- 3. 1586 C. 
Charenton. Articles agreed on at Charen- 
ton. See France, 16.3. 
Charisteria. See Whear, Degory. 
Charles i, King. Dedications to him. 
16o7 C, 6t 3 P (bis), 64 P, 62o J, 
162I H, 6-5 O, R, 16-6 P, 1633 
B, C, 636 B, 1638 J, 64o B, O. 
-- Latin poem to him. 1613 B. 
-- Carolus redux : Latin poem to con- 
gratulate Charles on his return from 
Spain, with a Latin speech by J. King. 
1623 O. 
 Epithalamia Oxoniensia in Caroli 
Henfietta Maria Connubium. 16-'5 O. 
 Britanniae Natalis (Oxford University 
Poems to the king on the birth of 
Charles il). I63O O. 
 Proclamation by him about King 
James's Psalter, with his arms (en- 
raved). 163 B. 
 Musarum Oxoniensium pro rege suo 
Soteria. 1633 O. 
 Solis Britannici perigaeum (poems by 
Oxford men). 1633 O. 
 Vitis Carolinae gemma altera : poems 
to Charles i, &c. to commemorate 
the birth of James ii, in Latin, &c. : 
by members of the University of 
Oxford. 1633 O. 
 Coronae Carolinae quadratura : poems 
on the birth of his dauhter, by mem- 
bers of the University of Oxford, in 
Lat. and Engli»h. 1636 O. 
 Flos Britannicus (poems to him and 
the queen on the birth of the princess 
Anne by members of the University 
of Oxford). 1636 O. 
Charles ii, King. Britanniae Natalis 
(Oxford University poems on the 
birth of Charles il). I63 ° O. 
 Dedications to him. 1632 O, 634B, 
1637 J, 1639 D, I64o B. 

Charles ii, king. Takes part in a masque 
at Richmond, 12 Sept. 1636. 1636 M. 
Charles the Great. See und«r Ubaldini, 
Charles Emmanuel I, duke of Savoy, d. 
163o. Dedication to him. 634 B. 
Chaucer, Geoffrey. Amorum Troili et 
Creseidae libri duo priores Anglico- 
Latini (per F. Kinaston). 1635 C. 
Chetham library. See Manchester. 
Chetwind, Edward. Concio ad clerum 
(on Acts xx. 24). 16oS C. 
Chicheley, archbp. Henry. Vita Hen- 
rici Chichele ... ab A. Duck. 
617 D. 
Chillingworth, William. The religion of 
Protestants. 638 C. 
Chilmead, Edmund. Translated Ferrand's 
De la maladie d'amour into English. 
164o F. 
Choir and A[usical Idecord, 1864, men- 
tioned.  586 M. 
Cholmondeley family, of Condover, men- 
tioned, p. 25 7- 
Chorazin. See Carpenter, Nathaniel. 
Christ. See Je»us Christ. 
Christ his Cross, 16 4. See Andrewes, 
Christian iv, King of Denmark. Dedi- 
cation to him. 16o R. 
Chronicles. Caxton's Chronicles Of Ln "- 
/and, " Oxf. (  5th cent.)," mentioned, 
Chronograms. 16 9 [, O, I622 O, 1623 
O, 624 C, O, 16,- 5 K, O (Ms), I628 
W, 1629 P, 163o O, 1633 O (bis), 
1636 O, 1637 B (bis), 1637 T. 
Chrysostom, st. Homiliae, Oxf. "1565," 
mentioned, p. I3. 
--- Six homilies, m Greek, ed. by John 
Harmar. 586 C. 
 Tvo homilies, in Greek (Lond. 543), 
mentioned. 586 C. 
 Theorremon (selections from st. Chr 7- 
sostom, in English, by J. Will ough by). 
I6O2 C. 
Chnrch. Summa colloquii de capite et 
ride ecclesiae (1583). 6oR. 
 Of the Church, rive books, by Rich. 
Field. 1628 F, I635 F. 
Churchill, George Spencer, lord Bland- 
ford, 4th duke of Marlborough, d. 
 840, mentioned, p. 252. 
Churchowse, George, mayor of Salisbury. 
See Salisbury. 
Churchwardens. The oath of Church- 
wardens and Sidemen, at a 13ishop's 
Visitation. 1599 K, 16o 3 T, 16o 4 B, 
1619 H. 
 Oath to be taken by Churchwardens 
and Swom-men, at an Archdeacon's 
Visitatic, n. 6z 9 B. 



tioned, p. 273. 
-- Thomas. A handful of 
verses. 1592 C. 
Chytraeus, David, mentioned. 

Balthasar, stationer» men- 
1596 3I. 

Chytraeus, Nathan. Translated Della 
Casa's Ethica juvenilis into Latin. 
t628 C, 163o C. 
Çicero, 3[arcns Tullius. Fragment ofthe 
Oratio pro T. Annio Milone. x 48o C, 
p. 254. 
--Libellus primns Epistolarum, Oxf. 
"about 5 t 9," mentioned, p. 12. 
-- Quaestiones in Officia M. T. Ciceronis, 
per T. Brasbridge, I586, p. 228. 
I592. 1592 B. 
615. 6i B. 
 Godwin's Romanae Historiae Antho- 
logia, specially intended to illustrate 
Cicero. 16I 4 G. 
Cirenbergius,Johannes, ofDantzig. Poems 
to him by members of the University 
of Oxford. I63I O. 
City 3latch, the, a play. See 3Ia)nae, 
Jasper, 1639. 
Civil Law. See Law--Civil Law. 
Clapham, John, mentioned. 164o C. 
Clarke, John, bookseller of London, men- 
tioned, pp. 3o5. 312, 3  3- 
Classicum poenitentiale. See Kingsmill, 
Claxton,--, mentioned, p. 255. 
Clayton, dr. Thomas, regius professor of 
Mcdicine at Oxford. Letter to him 
from John Day, in Latin, i July, 
1612. 1612 LI, 6I.r I9. 
-- Dtdication to him. I63 P. 
Clein, Franciscus. Designed the title- 
page of 1632 O. 
Cleland, James. 'Hpoa-mzôd«, or the 
institution of a young Nobleman. 
6o7 C. 
 The Instruction of a young Nobleman 
(the same book). 62 C. 
Clement, st., of Rome. Epistola ad 
Corinthios prima, et fragmentum se- 
cundae, edente P. Junio. I633 C, 
see 1632 C. 
Clerk, John (Clericus), stationer, men- 
tioned, p. 27o. 
Clifton, licholas, bookseller, mentioned, 
p. 274. 
Clinton, Bridget, countess of Lincoln. 
Dedieation to her. I622 C. 
Clinton, Elizabeth, countess of Lincoln. 
The countess of Lincoln's Nursery. 
x622 C. 
Co., Ty. Verses by him. 1596 F. 
Coeffeteau, 1Yicolas. Du .Moulin's Accom- 
phshment of the Prophecies, written 
against Coeffetean. 16  3 D. 
Coins. Sîe Numismatics. 

Coke, ChHstopher, stationer, mentioned, 
p. 272. 
Coke, sir Edward, lord chief justice. 
Dedication to him. 6o8 J. 
Cokkes, Johannes, scribe, mentioned, 
p. 27'0. 
Colbert sale mentioned, p. 
Coleman, Charles. Composed music for 
a Masque in 636. 1636 3I. 
Collegium Anti-Bellarminianum. See 
Collier, John Payne, meutioued. I63 B. 
Clmore, Matthew. Oratio funebris in 
obittm G. Sanctpaul. 613 C. 
Cologne. Cologne printing mentioned, 
pp. 242, 243, 247-8, 250. 
Columna, Aegidius de. Set Aegidius de 
Colnmna, Guido de. See Guiclo de 
Combachius, Johannes. Metaphysicorûm 
libri duo, ed. 3 i'. 633 C. 
Comenius, Johannes Amos. Saltonstall's 
Index to the Porta linguarum (Clavis 
ad Portam). 1634 S. 
Conatuum Comenianorum praeludia 
(Porta sapientiae reserata : edita a S. 
Hartlibio). 1637 C. 
 mentioned. I633 G. 
Common Prayer, book of. Set Prayer, 
Book of Common. 
Çommunicants, mentioned, i629 ]3, 
I629 C. 
Communion, Holy. See Preston, John. 
-- Last ,vil| and testament of Jesus Christ, 
a treatise on the Lord's Supper, by 
bp. Thornborough. 163o T. 
Compendium. Xee Lux, 1518. 
Computus. Compotus manualis ad usum 
Oxoniensium cure commento çParis, 
I498), mentioned. 519 C. 
 Compotus manualis ad usure Oxonien- 
sium, 1519. 59 C, p. 265. 
Comus. See Puteanus, Erycius. 
Concilia. See Councils. 
Coneley, John, illuminator, mentioned, 
pp. 270, 
Confession. See Denison, John. 
Consilia EvangeLica. Ste Evangelioel 
Constitntiones. Constitutiones provincia- 
les, with the Latin Commentary of 
Vfill. Lyndewoode. 483 L,p. 258. 
Cooke, sir Edward. See Coke, Edw. 
Cooke, F., of Eggington. Dedication to 
him. 1597 P- 
Cooke, James. Juridica trium quaestio- 
nnm ad Majestatem pertinentinm 
determinatio, in Vesperiis, x 6o8. 
16o8 C. 
Cooke, John, par¢hment-seller, mentioned, 
p. 277. 

Cooke, T. Etherington, mentioned, p. 256. 
C ooke,T oby, printer in Lond on,mention ed, 
J589 S. 
Cooper, Thomas, bp. of Winchester. 
Dedication to him. I588 P. 
Cooper, Thomas. Nonae Novembres (on 
theGunpowderPlot of 16o5). 6o7C. 
Cope, sir William H., mentioned, p. 254. 
Corbet, Richard, bp. of Oxford. Oratio 
funebris in obitu Thomae Bodleii 
(really by I. Wake) attributed by 
error to Corbet. 613 O. 
-- Articles to be enquired of in his Visi- 
tation, 1629. I629 C. 
Corderoy, Jeremy. Short dialogue (on) 
good works, end ed. x6o 4 C. 
Coricaeus, pseud. See R., C. A. 
Cornish, Gilbert. Ste Burnet, Gilbert. 
Cornwall, 6o 5. See Ilutton, Thomas. 
C orro, Antonio de, (Corranus). Lectures 
on Ecclesiastes, paraphrased.  5,6 E. 
Corsellis, Fredezic. The Corsellis forgery, 
p. 245, see also pp. 8, 9, 227- 
Corsellis, Nicolas. llis epitaph, p. 247- 
Cosin, Richard. Ecclesiae Anglicanae 
l'oliteia in tabulas digesta, ed. per 
Tho. Crompton. I634 C. 
Cosmography. Ste He)lyn, Peter. 
Cosmopolitanus, pseud. See Carpenter, 
Coton, William, bp. of Exeter. Dedica- 
tion &c. to him. 6o 5 Il. 
Cotta, John. Cotta contra Antonium, or 
an Ant-antony (about Aurum pota- 
bile). 623 C. 
Cottbus in Silesia, mentioned. I6o 9 R. 
Cotton, Henry, bp. of,Salisbury. Oratio 
Sariburiae habita 6 Jun. (I 599) cure 
Episcopus gradum D.D. susciperet, 
authore T. Holland. 599 H. 
-- Dedication to him. 6oo T. 
Cotton, sir Robert. Two Latin poems on 
him by R. James. I633 M. 
Cotton, William, bp. of Exeter. Dedica- 
tion to him. 613 P. 
Conncils. See Ble. 
 Council of Vienne, 3I-z: decree 
mentioned. 627 P. 
Coventry. Sermon preached there with 
local opposition, &c. 6o H. 
Coventry, Thomas, i.e. lord Coventry. 
Dedication to him. 626 B, 633 
Coverdale, Miles. Reprint of an edition 
byhim ofWyclif's Wicket. 6z W. 
 Translation into Welsh of his tran»la- 
tion of Wermuelle,"s J9recious tearl. 
1595 W. 
Cowper, Thomas. An almanack for 637- 
637 C. 
Cox, William. Latin letters to and from 
him. 627 V. 

Crakanthorp, Richard. Introductio in 
metaphysicam. 619 C. 
Cranmer, archbp., mentioned, p. -"55. 
Crawford and Balcarres, earl of. Sce 
Lindsay, James Ludovic. 
Crawford sale, mentioned, p. 264. 
Creed. Expositio in Symbolum Aposto- 
lorum. See Rufinus, Tyrannius. 
Crewe, bp. Nathaniel, mentioned, p. 259- 
Cripps, Henry, mentioned, pp. 2î8,-',9.q, 
31I, 312, 3t3 • 
Critici Sacri, mentioned. .'616 F. 
Criticism. See Textual Criticism. 
Croke, dr. Charles. A sad memorial of 
Ilenry Curwen by Ch. C(roke). 
638 C. 
Crompton, Thomas. Edited Cosin's 
A'cclesiae A nglicanae loliteia. 1634 C. 
Crosfield, Thomas, of Queen's college, 
Oxford. Translated and edited Gre- 
gorius's Letter relating the martyr- 
dom of Ketaban. 633 G. 
.May have issued the Synojsis Statutorum 
and Enc3,cloce,lia (.both 1635 0), and 
the Secuhem Academicum (638), 
p. 235. 
Crosley, Alexander. Two English pocms 
by him. 6o 9 B. 
Crosley, John, booksel!er and stationer, 
mentioned, p. 76. 
Cross in baptism. See ttutten, Leonard. 
Crosse Richard. kdited ls rsnus s Cate- 
chism. I6oi U. 
Cuddesdon, mentioned. I639 G. 
Culenburg, mentioned, p. 243. 
Curio, Coelius Secundus, d. 569. Pusil- 
lus Grex refutatio libelli (de amplitu- 
dine regni Dei) C. S. Curionis, authore 
Thoma de Vicariis. 627 V. 
 mentioned. 638 V. 
Curie, bp. Walter. Dedication to him. 
639 K. 
Cursol, Stel;hanus de, mentioned.  639 \V. 
Curteyne, Itenry, bookseller, mentioned, 
pp- 278, 299, 3I z, 3I 3- 
Curwen, Henry. A sad memorial of H. 
Curwen (by Ch. C[roke]). I638 C. 
Culven, sir l'atricius and lady. Dedica- 
tion to them. x638 C. 
Cuthbertson, John, mentîoned, p. 26. 
Cyclus Praelectorum. See OxfordUni- 
versity, I635. 
Cydonius, Andreas Eudaemon-Johannes. 
.5"ce Eudaemon-Johannes, Andreas. 
Cyprian, st. De bono patientiae, ed. by 
J. Stephens. 633 C. 
 Extract from his works, in English. 
x637 F. 

See Downinge, Calybute. 
Ste Dyer, Edward. 


I»., I., 1628. See Doughty, John. 
I)., I., 16o7. See Dunster, John. 
D., I. Engraer's initials (?). 16Ol H. 
I)., I., H., i6io. Ste H., I., D. 
D., x,V., I628. Ste Dickinson, William. 
Iamme, I'. v., mentioned, pp. 9, 227- 
l)anby, earl of. ..çee I)anvers, Itenry. 
Daniel, rev. C. H., of Worcester coll., 
Oxford. tlis reprint (1883) of the 
Sixe id)-llia (i 588) Oi r Theocritus, 
mentioned. I588 T. 
Ianvers, ttenry, lord Danvers, baron 
Dauntsey (Dantesey), earl of Danby. 
Dedication to him, as lord "Davers." 
:t624 R. 
Date. Mistakes in date, in early printed 
books, p. 25o. 
-- by Olympiads, pp. 4, 26o. 
--- how referred to, p. ,'iii. 
Iauntsey, baron. ,Se Danvers, Henry. 
Davenant, Edard, archdeacon of ]3crk- 
sbire. Visitation articles, 1631. 
I631 D. 
I)avers, lord. ..çee Danvers, tIenry. 
David's Elargement. ._çee t625 K. 
I)avid's Strait. Ste  625 K. 
Davies. John. Microcosmos, the discovery 
of the little world (a poem on man, 
with other poems by and to J. Davies). 
6o 3 D, 6o 5 D. 

Davis, Richard. 
639 J. 
Davis, William, 

His sale catalogues, 
I6o 7 K, I6 4 S, I63I 1', 

bookseller, mentioned, 

pp. 253 , 2;'6, 298 , 3I, 312,313. 

Dawes, Lancelot. 
i64 D. 
 His Serinons 
6 4 D. 

Two aSSlZe sermoDs. 

(1653 , mentioned. 

I)ay, , of Ch. Ch., Oxford, mentioned. 
I632 D. 
Day, John, printer in London, I6th cent., 
mentioned.  6,4 D. 
Day, John, of Oriel college, Oxford. 
Two serinons (on Ps. xxvii. 4), t6o9- 
i612 D, 615 D. 
 Day's Dial, twelve lectures. 1614 D. 
 "David's Dêsire to go to Church," 
mentloned. I615 D. 
 Day's festivals or twelve of his serinons 
(and short pieces on the Sacraments). 
I6 5 D. 
-- Day's Deseant on David'sPsalms (i-8 x. 
162o I). 
-- mentioned, p. 29o. 
Daye, Lionel. Concio ad clerum (on 
Luke xvii. 3I), 16o 9. I632 D. 
Day's Dial. ..çee Day, John. 
Iead, Office for the. Sec Liturgy. 
Dedicus (Dethick?),Joannes. Quaestiones 
super libros Ethicorum (Aristotelis . 
I8 D, p. 264. 

Defence of truth. See PHce, Daniel. 
Defensio fidei catholicae. See Grotius, 
Defunctorum exequiae. Sec Liturgy. 
Dcliciae deliciarum. Sec Epigrams. 
Delle, John. Sec Dolle, John. 
Democritus, junior, pseudonym. Sec 
]3urton, Robert. 
Demosthenes. Orationes 5, cum inter- 
pretatione Nic. Carri. I593 D. 
 Orationes qnindecim, Graece. 1597 D. 
Denison, John. De confessionis auricularis 
• ,anitate et de sigilli confessionis 
impietate. I6  D. 
Dent, , mentioned, pp. 9, 227, 253- 
Derby, dowager countess of. .5"ee Ègerton, 
Derby, earl of. çce Stanley, Ferdinand. 
 ..çce Stanley, Henry. 
Derby, Robert de...çee Robert de Derby. 
Descent into tIell. ee Parkes, Richard, 
16o 4. 
Dethick, John. Sec Dedicus, Joannes. 
Deventer, mentioned, p. 
Devereux, Robert, earl of Essex. Dedica- 
tions to him. I9» G, x a92 G, 
1 94 P, 1596 P, R, I598 Pe, 16o7 C, 
p. 234. 
 l'reface to Savile's Tacitus by A.B., 
said to be by the earl of Essex. 
1591 T. 
--Devoraxeis, carmen per. G. Carleton. 
16o 3 C. 
Devon, 6o 5. ..çee Hutton, Thomas. 
Dvoraxeis. ._çee Devereux, Robert, earl 
of Lssex. 
I)iarium astronomicum.._çee\Vyberd,John. 
Dickinson, XVilliam. Milk for babes, the 
English Catechism explained.  628 D. 
Digby, lord George, 2nd earl of Eristol, 
d. 166. Dedication to him. 63 P. 
Digby, sir John, earl of Eristol, men- 
tioned. I63o A. 
Digby, sir Kenelm. Dedications to him. 
63 J, M. 
Digesta scholastica. Sec Motrice, Thomas. 
Digges, sir Dudley. Dedication to him. 
i612 D. 
Dillon, Harold A. L., viscount Dillon, 
mentioned, p. 2S7. 
Dioscorides. Scriptores in Dioscoridem,in 
bibl. Bodleiana, x6o 5 J. 
Divine right of Kings, I6II. See Bene- 
field, Sebastian. 
Divinity. Manuduction unto divinity, 
1625. ,S'ee James, Thomas. 
Dochin, Henry, parchment-seller, men- 
tioned, p. 277. 
Doddington, sir William. Dedication to 
him. 637 P. 
Dolle or Delle, John, stationer and book- 
binder, mentioned, pp. 27% 27t . 

Dormer, Robert, i.e. lord Dormer. Dedi- 
cation to him. I626 P. 
Dorne Thorn), John, bookseller, men- 
tioned, pp. 15, 273 : as I.T. Q), p. 273. 
Dorset, earl of. ,.,Cee Sackville, Richard, 
Robert, and Thomas. 
Doughty, John. Two discourses, by 
I.D. 168 D. 
Dousa, Janus. Declamatio in I. Wouweri 

Dovelike Soul, 
Downe, John. 

1636 W. 
625. See Rawlinson, 
Certain treatises, ed. by 

G. Hakewill. 1633 D. 
Of the true nature and definition of 
justifying faith (with several other 
treatises, ver»es and translations, by 
the same author). 1635 D. 
Downeham, bp. George. The Christian's 
Freedom (two editions). I635 D. 
Downinge, Calybute. A discourse of the 
state Ecclesiastical in relation to the 
Civil, by C.D. 1633 D. 
:'nd ed. I634 D. 
Drake, lady Elizabetti, widow of sir 
Francis Drake. Dedication to her. 
596 F. 
Drake, sir Franci. Sir Francis Drake 
(a poem by C. Fitz-Geffrey, two 
issues).  596 F. 
Dramatic. Ste Plays. 
Draudius, Georgius. ttis tibliotheca x- 
otica, 165, mentioned. I6o 7 D, 
6o 9 D. 
His Aibliotheca Classica (1625) men- 
tioned. 1615 D. 
Dr-yden, sir Henry, mentioned, p. 
Dublin. Trinity College, mentioned, p. 
12, 16o8 
Ducoeus, Fronto (Le Duc), mentioned. 
164 P. 
Duck, Arthur. Vita Henrici Chichele 
archiep. Cantuar. 1617 D. 
Dudley, Ambrose, earl of Warwick. Ora- 
tion to him by J. Sprint, in Latin. 
1587 S. 
Dudley, lady Mary. Dedication to ber. 
1586 E. 
Dudley, Robert, earl of Leicester. Dedica- 
tions &c. to him. = 585 C, 1587 B, S, 
I588 H, 596 C. 
Carmen in adventum Lecestrensis 
Comiti ad collegium Lincohaiense. 
Poem to him (29 Aug. 5667)by J. 
Sprint, in Latin, 587 S. 
Oratiin to bim by J. Sprint, in Latin. 
 587 S. 
Duff, Edward Gordon, mentioned, p. vil, 
586 S, pp. 228, 254, 259 (is), 73. 
Dugres, Gabriel. Dialogi Gallico-an- 
gli¢o-latini. 639 D. 

Dukas, Jules, mentioned. 1634 ]3. 
Duhvich. The College Library, men- 
tioned, p. 255- 
Du Moulin, Pierre, the elder. Ileraclitu» 
or meditations upon the vanity and 
misery of human life, by Peter du 
Moulin, translated by R. S tafford ?). 
6o 9 D, 634 S. 
-- The waters of Siloë to quench the tire 
of purgatory (a confutation of Purga- 
tory). 1612 D. 
 The accomplishment of the prophecies, 
or the third book in defence of the 
Catholic Faith. 1613 D. 
 Sermon before theking, 1615. 162o D. 
Duns Scotus, Johannes. Scriptum Ox- 
onîense super primum Sententiarum 
(P. Lombardi), x59, p. I. 
 mentioned, p. z z 7- 
Dunster, John. Protestation against po- 
pery, by I.D. 16o 7 D, 16o 9 D. 
 Caesar's penny, a sermon (on x t'et. 
ii. 13-4 : on Passive Obedience) 
16IO 1-). 
Du Plessis, seigneur de. See Mornay, 
Philippe de. 
Duppa, dr. Brian. Dedications to him. 
1634 L, 1638 G. 
Durham. The Cathedral Library men- 
tioned, pp. z55, 59- 
Du Val, A. Treatise against him by Du 
Ioulin. 1612 D. 
Dyer, Edward. Dedication to E. D., 
perhaps E. Dyer. 15S8 T. 

Ea., parishioner of St. Mary's, Oxford, 
about I6Io-5, mentioned. 16I 5 D. 
Ecclesia. See Church. 
Echo. An echo song. 1636 13. 
Eclog, arius. Ste Panke, John. 
Edinburgh. 638 (Burton) 
printed at Edinburgh. 
 The Advocates' library, 
Edmonds, Denis, stationer, 
p. 276. 
Edr) chus, Georgius. See 
Edward, parchment-seller, mentioned, p. 
269 . 
Egerton, Alice, countess of Ellesmere, 
dowager countess of Derby, i. e. Alice 
Spencer. Dedication to her. 1613 13. 
Egerton, John. Dedication to him. 1599 C. 
Egerton, sir Thomas, lord Ellesmere. 
Dedications to him. 1586 tt, 1589 H, 
597 A, K, I599 C, K, 6oo, B, K, 
R, 161z R, 1614 B, I6I 
I629 B, p. 23o (I 598). 
Eggington, co. Derby. Dedication to 

was partly 


the parishioner of Eggington of 
a sermon preached there by S. 
Presse, I596. 597 P- 
Eidyllia. See ltenry, prince, 6Iz. 
Elizabeth, princess, daughter of James i, 
mentioned, w63 B, P. 
Epithalamia sive lusus Palatini in 
nuptias Frederici et Elizabethae 
(verses by Oxford men).  6 3 O. 
Eizabeth, princess, d. i65o. Coronae 
Carolinae quadratura, poems on the 
princess's birth by members of the 
University of Oxford. 636 O. 
Elizabeth, queen. Dedications to her. 
15 5 B, 1591 T, 1594 B, I6W4 R 
(bis), 631 A. 
Sermon by J. Prime comparing her 
with Solomon. I585 P. 
I}e legato ça treatise to support the 
queen in putting Mary queen of Scots 
to death.) I587 L. 
The consolations of David briefly 
applied to queene Eizabeth, a ser- 
mon by J. Prime. I588 P. 
Churchards Handful of gladsome 
verses given to the queen's majesty 
at Woodstock, 50-. 59  C. 
Speeches to her Majesty at Bisham, 
Sudeley and Rycote, 59z. 592 E, 
p. 229. 
Latin poem to her by W. Gager,  59 . 
59 G. 
Sandford's Eù«r,«d «igxXa in honour 
of the Queen's visit to Oxford, 159 . 
 59 S. 
Mention of the celebration of the 
%ueens Day (Nov. 17). 6Ol H, 
6o II. 
l-Iavrltupç Eizabethae, a sermon 7 
Nov. 599. by T. ttolland. 16o Il. 
Ad Eliz:abetham earmen, per G. Cade- 
ton. I6o 3 C. 
Initatorius panegyricus, de reginae 
posteriore ad Oxoniam adventu : per 
Rob. I3urhill. 16o3 O. 
Oxoniensis acoEdemiae funebre officium 
in memoriam Elisabethae reginae. 
16o 3 O. 
Nerton College case (disputing a lea_e 
to the Queen). 16z 3 O. 
Ellesmere, countess of. Sec Egerton, 
Ellesraere, lord. Sec Egerton, sir Thomas. 
Elis, F. S., mentioned, p. 53. 
Enchiridion oratorium. Sec Pemble, 
Encyclopaedia. See OxfordUniversity, 
Enderby, Samuel, bookseller of London, 
mentioned, x64o S, pp. 3Io, 33- 
England. Sec Armada, Chronicles, Gtm- 
powder Plot. 

England. Account of a stay in England, 
by L. Petrucei (in Rai. and Latin 
verse).  6 3 P- 
Dedication to the nation. 68 A. 
The joyful reuniting the two kingdoms, 
England and Scotland, by Bp. Thorn- 
borough. (Also his " Discourse of 
the Union.") I6o 5 T. 
Historia Britannica, hoc est de rebus 
gestis Britanniae seu Angliae com- 
mentarioli tres (by J. T. Clain). 
64o C. 
Church of England. Sec Articles, 
The authority of the Church. Sec 
Mason, Fanci. 
Church and State. Sec Downinge, 
Calybute, 633. 
Ecclesiaê Anglicanae Politeia. Sec 
Cosin, Richard. 
 Constitutiones provinciales, with a 
Latin commentary by W. Lynde- 
voode.  4'83 L, p.  58. 
---- Ans'c,-er of the Univer»ity of Oxford 
to the petition of the Church of 
England desiring reformation of the 
Church. I6o 30 (.4 issues, one un- 
dated), 6o 4 O. 
Latin letter on the Church by dr. 
John Rainolds. 614 R. 
Speech in behalf of the Clergy, by 
sir B. Rudyard. 168 R. 
Form of Articles of Visitation, un- 
dated, apparently for Bishops or 
Archdeacons. 1633 A. 
English. Ste Phonetic spelling. 
Grammars. Sec Butler, Charles. 
Lexicons. [For lexicons of English 
and some other language see under 
the name of the other language.] 
Glossary of hard words in Wycliff. 
x6o8 w. 
Ensham, Walter de. Ste Walter de 
Enstone, co. Oxon. Sec Bushell, Thomas. 
Enze, car1 of. See Gordon, George. 
Eigrams. See Gamage, William. 
See Reinolds, John. 
Deliciae deliciarum sive Epigram- 
matum in Bibi. Bodleiana dvOo,Xo'fia, 
opera A. Wright. 1637 D. 
Epistolae. See LettersLatin. 
Epistolae Euclaaristicae. Sec Whear, 
Epithalamia Oxoniensia. 
Erasmus, Desiderius. 
Testamentum in 
inserta. 1586 S. 
M oriae Encomium. 
Emest, grand duke of Austria. 
tion to him. x63 R. 

See Oxford--- 

Disticha in Novum 
editione Erasmi 

See 633 E. 

Ernest Casimir, count of Nassau. Dedi- 
cation to him. 1629 A. 
Errata. Sec Pararuades. 
i Note about authors' revision of proofs 
and responsibility for Errata. 1638 C. 
Essex, earl of. See Devereux, Robert. 
Eternity. Set Tipping, William. 
Etheridge (FArychus, George. Edited 
Shel,ery's Hippolytus, with a preface. 
1586 S. 
Ettenius, Christophorus. Dedication to 
him. 1634 t'. 
Euclid. Praelectiones 1 3 in Elementa 
Euclidis, auctore H. Savilio. 1621 b. 
Eudoemon-Johannes, Andreas (L'Heu- 
reux,, a Jesuit, mentioned. I613 B. 
Castigatio A. Eudoemon-Johannis, 
per. I. Prideaux. 1614 P- 
Euphormio, pseud. Sec Barclay, John. 
Europe. Of the state of Europe, by G. 
Richardson. 1627 R. 
Eustathia. ..,Cee Roche, Robert. 
Lvangelical Counsels. Sec Benefield, 
Sebastian, 16IO. 
Evans, Edward. Verba dierum, or the 
day's report of God's glory (4 ser- 
ruons.) I65 E (two issues). 
Evans, t Ierman, stationer, mentioned, p. 
Evans, William. A translation of the book 
of Nature into the use of Grace. 
1633 E. 
Excommunication. Forma sententiae ex- 
communicationis. I636 A. 
Exequiae defunctorum. Sec under Liturgy. 
Exetcr, diocese. Dedication to the bp. 
and clergy. 1633 D. 
Eye. The vanity of the eye. Ste Hake- 
will, George. 
Eye-sight. Sic Bailey, \Valter ; Femelius, 
Johannes ; Riolanus, Johannes. 


F., A. Saints' Legacies (perhaps by A. 
Yarindon). 163 x F, I64O . 
mentioned, p. 235. 
F., C., 1596. Sec Fitz-Geffrey, Charles. 
F., J. B., mentioned. 164 ° F. 
Faber,--. Gemma Fabri, mentioned. 
1586 S. 
Fabricius, J. S. bleditationes» Oxf." 15î6," 
mentioned, p. 13- 
Fabulous foundation of the Popedom. 
Sec Bernard, Richard, I619- 
Farindon, Anthony. iie F., A. 
Fariner, dr. Richard. Fariner sale, 1798, 
mentioned. 1589 S. 
Farrear, Robert. Direction to the French 
Tongue. I618 F. 
Faunt, John and Simon, bookbinders, 
mentioned, p. 268. 

Faustus, Johannes. Sec Fust, Johann. 
Fawkner, Antony. The ddow's petition, 
an assize sermon on Luke xviii. 3- 
1635 F. 
Felix. Marcus Minucius. Octavius. 16 7 
F, I631 F, 1636 F. 
Octavius, tr. into English by R. James. 
636 F. 
Fell, bp. John, mentioned. 638 O. 
Fell, dr. Samuel. Primitiae sve oratio 
... et concio... (6:6). 6e 7 F. 
Feltham, Owen. Verses by him. 638 R. 
Feminine monarchy. Set Butler, Charles. 
Fenninge, William. Sec Jennings, William. 
Femelius, Johannes. Extracts from his 
works about the eyesight. 66 B. 
Ferrand, Jacques. 'Eporo#ava, or a 
treatise of love or erotic melancholy. 
164o F. 
Ferrar, Nicholas. Translated Valdés' Con- 
siderations into English. (;38 V. 
Festivall, or Festiall. Sec Mirk, John. 
Fetiplace, John, son of Richard. Dedica- 
tion to J. Phetiplacius. I596 C. 
Fetiplaee, Richard. Dedication to R. 
l'hetiplacius. I596 C. 
Fetiplace, William, of Virginia. Extracts 
from his writings. 1612 S. 
Fey, Jacobus, de Florentia, scribe, men- 
tioned, p. 27o. 
Yield, rev. Nathaniel. Edited his father's 
treatise on the Church. I628 F, 
I635 F. 
dr. Richard. Ofthe Church, rive books, 
ed. by Nath. Field. 2nd ed. I628 F. 
3rd. ed. 163 E. 
Fischer, Johann. Sec Piscator, Johannes. 
Fisher, B., mentioned, pp. ?,o 5 3t 2. 
Fitz-Geffrey, Charles. Sir Francis Drake, 
a poem (two issues). I596 F. 
Affaniae, sive epigrammatum libri tres, 
et cenotaphia. 16Ol F. 
The Blessed Birthday : also Holy Rap- 
turcs (poems). 1634 F. 
Compassion towards captives, three 
sermons at Plymouth. 1637 F. 
Flavel, John. qractatus de demonstra- 
tione. I619 F, i624 F. 
Flemynge, sir Thomas, lord chief justice. 
Dedication to him. 1608 V. 
Fletcher, John. Rule a wife and bave a 
wife, a comedy. 164o F. 
The tragedy of Rolto (the Bloody 
Brother). 164o F. 
Flit, Thomas, of Worcester. Dedieation 
to him. I598 I. 
Floritius. Dedication to him. I634 P. 
Florus, Lucius Annaeus. Oratio de eo, 
per Deg. Whear. 625 W. 
Rerum a Romanis gestarum libri iv, 
cure comm. J. Stadii. 163 t F, 
I638 F. 

33:z ri-lE OXFORD PRESS. 

I  lorus, Lucius Annaeus. Excerpts from 
him. 1634 P. 
m The Roman ttistories, tr. into English 
by E. 3I. B olton. 636 F. 
Foderby, Simon, mentioned, p. 255. 
Forrest, Fdward, bookseller, mentioned, 
PP. 277, 299, 3I, 3 I2, 33- 
Foxgrave. Sec Vosgraf. 
I"oxle, George. The groans of the spirit. 
1639 F. 
Foxon. Robert, bookseller, mentioned, 
p. 275. 
France. Articles agreed on by the Re- 
formed Churches of France at Cha- 
renton, Sept. I623. 623 F, 624 F. 
Franciscus, of Arezzo. Latin translation 
of the Letters of Phalaris by Fran- 
ciscus Aretinus.  4S5 P- 
Franeker. Dedication to four curators of 
the University. I6z9 A. 
Frederick iii, Elector Palatine. A utho- 
rized the Heidelberg Catechism in 
I562. Ste Catechism, 587, &c. 
-- Edict about the Heidelberg Catechism, 
56,a, in Latin. 16z 9 C. 
Frederick v, Elector Palatine, mentioned. 
6  3 B, P. 
-- Epithalamia sire lusus Palatini in nup- 
tias Frederici et Elizabethae (Verses 
by Oxford mên). 63 O. 
Freeling, mentioned, p. 253- 
French. Sec Pense, Petrus. 
 Sec Farrear, Robert. 
 Sec Grave, Jean de. 
 Reglas grammaticales para aprender 
la lengua Epafiola y Yrancesa. 
I56 S. 
-- Janitrix (a French Grammar, in Latin, 
by P. Morlet). 596 M. 
 Le guichet François, par j. Sanford. 
6o 4 S. 
--Brief extmcts of the former Latin 
French) Grammar, done into Eng- 
lish by John Sanford. I6o 5 S. 
 Poems. t6t 3 O, t6zz O, t63o O, 
633 O, 636 O (bi.r), I638 O, 
164o O. 
 Dialogi Gallico-anglico-latini, per G. 
Dugres.  639 D. 
Frewen, Accepted. Oratio (in obitum 
principls Henrici), 7 Dec. t6Œ. 
6I H. 
 mentioned. 638 T. 
Friars. Sec Wycliff, John. 
Friesland. Dedication to senators of 
Friesland. 629 A. 
Frisia, Nicholas de. Sec Nicholas de 
Froben, Johann, printer at Bile, men- 
tioned. 6 7 F. 
Fromondus, Libertus. Meteorologicorum 
libri sex. 639 F. 

Fuller, Nicholas. lIiscellaneorum theo- 
logicorum libri -4- 66 F, set p. x. 
Fuller, Thomas. Hic Abel Redivivus 
mentioned. I6o 7 W. 
Fust, Johann, printer of Mainz, mentioned 
 585 C. 


G. See Gager, William. 
G., H. Five short Latin poems signed at 
end "H.G." 636 13. 
G., I., 634. Sec Gregory, dr. John. 
G., M.,  593. Sec Gwinne, Matthew. 
G., R. R., 1599- Sec Roche, Robert. 
G., T. An answer to Wither's Motto (in 
verse). 16z5 G. 
Gaetani, Erico. Sec Sermonetta, car- 
Gager, William. Edited the Exequiae 
Philippi Sidnaei. 587 S, 
 Poem to N. Breton. 1592 B. 
 Meleager (a play, ith other short 
poems). 592 G. 
 Panniculus Hippolyto Senecae tragoe- 
diae assutus, 159 . 1592 G. 
 Prologus in Rivales comoediam, and 
other short piece». 59 z G. 
 Ulysses Redux, tragoedia. 59 z G. 
 An apology for women, against dr. 
G(ager) : by W. Heale. 6o 9 H. 
 The overthrow of stage plays by way 
of controversy betwixt Gager and 
Rainolds, nd ed. 6z 9 R. 
Galen. Scriptores in Galenum, in bibl. 
Bodleiana. 6o 5 j. 
Gallager. Sec Vïcars, Thomas. 
Gallinager. Ste Goldsmith, John. 
Gamage, William, of Jesus College, Ox- 
lord. Linsi-woolsie, ortwocentries 
ofepigrams. 163 G. 
Gamelia. Sec Rogers, Hugh. 
Garassus, Franciscus, S. J., mentioned. 
639 B. 
Garbrand, alias Herks, John, bookseller. 
Latin poem by him. 634 B. 
m mentioned, p. 276. 
Garbrand, alias Harkes, Richard, book- 
seller, mentioned, p. 74- 
Gardiner sale, mentioned, p. 56. 
Gardyner, dr. Richard. Sermon on Gen. 
xlv. 8. I6:2 G. 

Concio ad clerum, 4 Feb. 63 (on 
 Tim. iv. 16', with some biographi- 
cal details in the dedication.  63  G. 
Christmas sermon, on John i. 4- 
638 G. 
Easter sermon, on Rom. viii. 
638 G. 

-- Sermon on lIatth, ii. . 639 G. 
Garnet, Henry, Jesuit, mentioned. 16o8 
C» 64 P. 


Gavent, Richard, mentioned, p. 256. 
Gemma Fabri. See Faber, m. 
Geneva. See under Wells, Will. 
Gentilis, Albericus. De injustitia bellica 
Romanorum. I59 ° G. 
-- Complimentary poem by him. I592 G. 
-- Short poem by him mentioned.  592 G. 
m Ad Tir. C. de Maleficis &c. commen- 
tarius. Ifi93 G. 
m Italian sonnet by him to J. Budden. 
I6o2 B. 
m Letter from him to dr. tIoxvson, 2 
Aug. J6o3, in Latin. 16o6/3. 
--Four Latin letters between him and 
dr. Rainolds about stage plays, 1593, 
2nd ed. I629 R. 
Geoffrey, illuminator, mcntioned, p. 268. 
Geography. See Carpenter, Nathanael ; 
Heylyn, Peter ; l'emble, \Villiam. 
Georgians. Note about them, by T. 
Crosfield. I633 G. 
Geree, John. Edited Pemble's lïndicice 
fidei, i629 P. 
Gerhardus, Johannes. Meditationes sacrae. 
I633 G. 
Giddin, Little. A Little Giddin bind- 
ing mcntioned. 638 V. 
Giessen (Gissnum). See 13uscherus, 
Gifford, Roger, physician. Dedication to 
him. 59 ° J. 
Gigliis, Johannes de. See Johannes de 
Giles, sir Eward and ladyMary. Dedi- 
cation to them. 613 P- 
Gillow, Joseph, mentioned. 16Io R. 
Glanville, John, of Balliol coll., Oxford. 
Articuli Christianae fidei, versu ex- 
pressi.  6 3 G. 
Glasgow. Free Church College library 
mentioned; p. 259- 
Gloucester, archdeaconry. Articles to be 
enquired of in the Archdeaconry of 
Gloucester, 6- 9. 6:9 B. 
Gloucester, city. Sermon delivered there, 
by ,'5. Benefield. 6 3 B. 
Gloucester, Humphrey, duke of, men- 
tioned, p. 253. 
Goade, Eward. Dedication to him. 
1633 S. 
Godsond, John, stationer, mentioned, pp. 
270, 271. 
Godwin, bp. Francis. Orders for the 
reformation of abuses in the diocese 
of Llandaff. 6o3 G. 
 Calculation of the value of large num- 
bers ofsesterces. 63o H. 
Godwin, Joseph, bookseller, mentioned, 
pp. 278, 308, 3I 2, 313" 
Godwin, Thomas. Romanae Historiae 
Anthologia, an English exposition of 
the Roman Antiquities for the use of 

Abingdon school. 6I 3 G, 16I 4 G, 
166 G, 162o G, 1623 G, 1625 G, 
1628 G, 1631 G, 1633 G, 638 G. 
Godwin, Thomas. ,¢;ynopsis anfiquitatum 
hebraicarum. 66 G. 
--  mentioned. 1614 G. 
 His loscs and Aaran mentioned. 
616 G. 
m mentioned. 1637 R. 
Goffe, Thomas. Oratio funebris in obitum 
Gui. Goodwin.twoeditions). 62oG. 
--Oratio funebris in obitum l-tenrici 
Savilii. a622 O. 
Gold pfinting. 633 O. 
Goldsmith, John (" Gallinager," = of 
Henfield). Latin letters to and from 
him. I627 V. 
Gomarists, mentioned. 626 A. 
Good works. See Corderoy, Jeremy. 
Goodman, Godfrey, bp. of Gloucester. 
His arguments against the eternity of 
the world, as printed by dr. Hakewill. 
635 II. 
Goodwin, dr. William, dean of Crist 
Church, Oxford. Sermon before the 
king. 614 G. 
 Dedication to him. 16 9 B, M. 
 Oratio funebris in obitum ejus, auctore 
T. Goffe (two editions). 6zo G. 
Gordon, George, earl of Enze, afterwards 
2nd marquis of Huntly. Dedication 
to him. 6o 7 C. 
Gore, John, bookseller, mentioned, p. 274. 
Gower, Thomas, parchment seller, men- 
tion..d, p. 275. 
Gowrie's conspiracy, a.p. 6oo. Sermon 
on it by J. Pndeaux. 1637 P. 
Grammar. 6"ce under the language. 
Grante, Patrick, mentioned, p. 55. 
Grave, Jean de. The pathway to the Gate 
of Tongues (Latin, French, and 
Eglish : including the Church Cate- 
chism). 1633 G. 
Graves, William, mentioned, p. 259. 
Gravius, Thomas. S«eGreaves, Thomas. 
Great Briain. See Britain, Great. 
Great Britain's Sunset. See Basse, \Vil- 
Greaves, Thomas (Gravius). Delinguae 
Arabicae utilitate et praestantia. 
639 G. 
Greek. First Greek book printed at 
Oxford (Cambridge & in England). 
See 1586 C. 
 Tabulae ad grammatica Graeca intro- 
ductoriae, per Joh. Prideaux. 6o7 P, 
I629 P, J639 P. 
 Greek poems, 6 30 (bis), 6 9 O, 
x6zz O, 63 O, 16 4 O, 625 O 
(b/), 63o O, 1633 O (bis), 1636 O 
(bis), 1637 B, 1638 B, O, 1639 J, 
I64O O. 


Greek. Greek poem on lord Spencer of 
Wormleighton, by R. Parte. 16z8 P. 
--mentioned, p. 230. 
--Savile's Greek type, mentioned, pp. 
276, 277. 
Gregorius, monk. Letter relating the 
martyrdomof Ketaban, 16t 4. 163. G. 
Gregorius de Valentia. Rainoldns de Ro- 
manae Ecclesiae idololatria (adversus 
Gregorium, &c.) 1596 R. 
Gregory the Great. Bellum Gregorianum 
(a table of passages corrupted in the 
Roman editions of Gregory's works). 
16io J. 
-- Collectanea, out of St. Gregory, &c., 
by J. Panke. 1618 P. 
Gregory, dr. John ("I. G.") Edited 
Ridley's ¥iew of the civil and eccle- 
siasfical law, 2nd ed. I634 R. 
Glene, Johannes, mentioned, p. 257. 
Grenewey, R., mentioned, p. 229. 
Gressop, bookbinder, mentioned, p. 273- 
Grey, Arthur, lord Grey of Wilton, Dedi- 
cations to him. 1585 S, 1588 C 
(bis), 1591 S, 1594 S. 
-- Funeral sermon on him, by T. Sparke, 
1593-  593 -";- 
--In obitum eus 0,.w«, auctore I. 
Sandfordo. 1593 S. 
 mentioned. I6_6 O. 
Grey, lady Joanna Sbil. Dedication to 
her. 16z6 O. 
Grey, Thomas, lord Grey of Wilton. 
Dedication to him. 1593 S. 
Grey, William, son of Arthur, lord Grey 
of Wilton. Dcdication to him. 
6o5 S. 
 P_,eatae Iariae Magdalenae lachr)'mae 
in obitum Gul. Grey. 16o6 O. 
Grey of Wilton, lady. Dedication to 
her. 193 S. 
Groans of the spifit. See Foxle, George. 
Gros,art, dr. Alexander B., mentioned. 1596 
F, 6o F, 6o 3 D, 634 F. 
Grotius, Hugo. Defensio fidei catholicae 
de satisfactione Christi adversus Fans- 
tutu ocinum. 636 G. 
 De Veritate religionis Christianae. 
1639 G. 
Gnadns. See Vade, --. 
Guama, Andreas. ..çee ]3ellum gram- 
Guido de Columnia. Historia Trojana 
per T. R. "' Oxf. 14o," mentioned, 
Guild, William. Thron'e of David. Oxf. 
" I/.69," mentioned, p. 13. 
Gulston, bp. William. The Bibliotheca 
Gultoniana (688), mentioned. 626 
,V, I629a 
Gumbleden, John. God's great mercy, 
a sermon. 1628 G. 

Gtmpowder plot. See Barclay, John; 
Hake,,vill, George; Rainolds, John, 
186 a/ld 1613 ; Taylor, bp. Jeremy. 
Nonae Novembris (by Tho. Cooper). 
16o 7 C. 
Unir. Sermon,  Nov. 16 9. 161 D, 
1615 D. 
Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, d. 
1632. Latin poem on him, with 
chronoga'am,byD. Heinsius. I63î T. 
Tumulus Gustavi Adolphi, a Latin 
fmaeral poem by C.B. 1636 B. 
Gwinne Matthew. Epicedium in obitum 
Henrici comitis Derbeiensis. 1593 G. 

It., A., 1638. See Hodges, Anthony. 
H., F., parchment seller, mentioned, pp. 
26, 27Z. 
H., G. See Hakewill, George. 
H., H. G reek epigram by him. 1639 J. 
H., I. Discourses of Ursinus, &c., trans- 
lated by I.H. 16oo U. 
i t., I. I.afin complimentavy poem to C. 
Butler. 1633 B. 
H., I.D. Preface by him. I61O H. 
H., L., 16o5. See Hutten, Leonard, 
H., bi., 164o. See Hunt, Matthew. 
tt., the lady M. Dedication to her. 
16o 9 II. 
H., N. Edited C arpenter's Cora:in and 
probably his AchitotVoel. I64O C. 
H., R., 1598. See Haydocke, Richard. 

H., S., i64o. 
H., T., 1579. 
H., T., I6o 5. 
H., T., 634. 
H., W., 16o 9. 

See Harding, Samuel. 
See Hill, Thomas. 
See Hutton, Thoma. 
See Hickes, Thomas. 
See Heale, William. 

H., W., 16t3-I4. See Hinde, William. 
Haarlem. Haarlem prmting, mentioned, 
p. 246. 
Habakkuk, the prophet. Sermon by 
Hooker, on Habakkuk's faith, &c. 
I612 H. 
Itaberdashers' Company. See London 
Haberdashers' Company. 
Hacket, Roger. Sermon on I Sam. xi. 
5-7- 159t H. 
t-Iailstoae sale, mentioned, p. 2  9- 
Hakewill, dr. George. The vanity of 
the eye. 16o8 H (hic', 1616 H, 
1633 H. 
-- Dedicafion to him, as 

the donor of a 
new Chapel to Exeter college, Oxford. 
I625 P. 
Comparison between the davs of 
Purim and that of the Powder'Tea- 
son, by G.H. 1626 H. 

An apology of the power and provi- 
dence of God : by G. H. 16z 7 H, 
163o H (with author'sname), 163 H. 

NDEX. 335 

IIakewell, dr. George. Editcd Downe's 
treatises, and prefixed a rimerai ser- 

mon by himself. 
N Dedieation to him. 
Hales, Alexander de. 
Hales, John. Orafio 
Thomas Bodley). 

1633 D. 
1637 P (ix). 
See Alexander de 

funebris (on sir 
6 3 O. 

N Sermon, on 2 Pet. iii. 16. 1617 tl. 
Hales Owen, Worcestershire, mentioned 
in 1481 A. 
Hall, bp. Joseph. Letter by him about 
J. I)owne, 1631. 1633 D. 
 mentioned. 1639 W. 
Haro bouse, mentioned, p. 264. 
Hamilton, James, 2nd marquis of Hamil- 
ton, earl of Arran, d. I625. Dedica- 
tions to him. I625 P, 1637 P. 
Hamilton, James, duke of Itamilton, d. 
1649. Dedication to him. 1622 C. 
tlamme, Thomas, bookseller, mentioned, 
p. z69. 
Hampole, Richard Rolle of. Explana- 
tiones super lectiones Job. 1483 H, 
p. 258. 
Hampton Court. The Royal Slave, a 
tragi-coraedy by W. Cartwriglat, 
acted at IIampton Court. I639 C, 
164o C. 
Harding, Samuel. Sicily and Naples, or 
the Fatal Union, a tragedy, by S. H. 
164o H. 
Harington, sir John. Dedication to him. 
16o7 C. 
Harkes, Garbrand, bookseller, mentioned, 
p. 274. 
Harkes, or Herks, John. Sce Garbrand, 
Harkes, Richard. See Garbrand, Richard. 
Harley, Robert, earl of Oxford, mentioned, 
pp. z5 2, 2154. 
Harmar, John. Six homilies of St. Chry- 
sostom, in Greek, ed. by J. Harmar. 
1586 C. 
 Beza's serinons on the Song of Solomon 
i-iii, tf. iato English by J. Harmar. 
I587 B. 
Harris, W., bookseller of London, men- 
tioned, pp. 308, 32. 
Harrison, John, mentioned, p. e59- 
Hart, tIorace, mentioned, p. vii. 
Itart, John. Summa Colloquii J. Rainoldi 
cure J. Harto de capite et ride Ec- 
clesiae, &c. (x583). 16io R. 
Hartlibius, Samuel. Èdited Comenius's 
Porta Sapientiae. 1637 C. 
Hatton, Christopher lord. Ded2c.tion 
to him. J588 C, 159 o B. 
 William. Dedication to him. 588 C. 
Haven of the Affticted. See Benefield, 
Haviland, John, printer, mentioned, p. 278. 

Hawkins, , parchment seller, mentioned, 
pp. 256, 272. 
Itay, lord. Dedication to him. 6o6 C. 
Hay, J ames, earl of Carlisle. Dedication 
to him. 1625 L. 
Itaydocke, Richard. Lomazzo's Arts of 
Paiming, tf. by R. H (aydocke). I59 S 
L (misplaced on p. 46). 
Itayes, \Villiam. The paragon of lYrsia 
(assize sermon at St. Mary's, Oxford, 
7 July, 16z4). 1624 H. 
Haywood, dr. William. Dedication to 
him. 1637 D. 
Hazlitt, W. Carew, mentioned. 63 
Heale, William. An apology for women, 
by W. Ii. 16o 9 H. 
Itearne, Thomas, mentioned.  586 C, 
p. 26i. 
Heath, John. Translated Du Moulin's 
Accomplishment of the l'rophecies. 
I613 D. 
Heber, Richard, mentioned, a6I 3 G, 
164o R. 
Hebrew, p. 23 o. 
Notes of the use of tlebrew type. 
1596 U, 16Ol tt, 16o2 t., 16o3 J, 
6o5 J, I6zo J, 16z5 N, \V. 
 Poems. I6130(bis),I6190, I6220 , 
1623 O, 1625 O kbis), 1636 0 çbis), 
164o O. 
Study of Itebrew at Oxford mentioned. 
I627 P. 
Tabula directoria (a Hebrew grammar), 
by V. Bythner. 1637 I3. 
Lingua Eruditorum, a Hebrew grain- 
mat, by \. l;ythner. 1638 13. 
Hedwigius. tIedwigii liber ' Oxon. 4o, 
mentioned, p. 9- 
IIeidelberg Catechism. See Catechism. 
Heinsius, Daniel. Complimentary Latin 
poem by him, on V ossius's Rhetorie. 
I63 V. 
Latin poem on Puteanus's Comus. 
1634 P. 
Latin poem by him on Gustavus Adol- 
phus. 637 T. 
Hetdey. Some Henley notes. I6_,6 I3. 
IIenrietta Maria, wife of Charles i. Epi- 
thalamia Oxoniensia in Caroli cure 
lIenrietta Maria connubium. 6z 5 O. 
Dedication to her. 1634 B, 636 M. 
Speeches, &c. at the presentation of 
Bushêll's Rock to ber, 23Aug. 1636. 
1636 B. 
Coronae Carolinae quadratura, poems 
partly to ber on the birth of the 
princess Eizabeth, ï 6 35, by members 
of the University of Oxtord. 163 » O. 
Flos Britannicus (poems partly to hcr 
on the birth of the princess Anne, 
6 « 
I 3,r, by members of the University 
of Oxford). 1636 O. 

33 6 


tIenry, prince, b. I64o. Poems by mem- 
bers of the University of Oxford in 
honour of his birth. 164o O. 
Henry of Bourbon, Dauphin of France. 
Dedication to him. 1634 B. 
Henry, prince of Wales, d. I6! 2. Poem 
to hm by J. Davies. 16o 3 D, 16o 5 D. 
-- Dedications to him. 16o 5 J, I6o;" C, 
,v, I6o8 P, I6IO P. 
-- Mentioned. 6o 5 O. 
-- Eidyllia in obitum Flenrici. 1612 H. 
--Luctus posthumus, sire... Mag- 
dalenensium officiosa pietas (poems 
on prince ttenry's death . 1612 H. 
--Oratio (in obitum ejus, per Acc. 
Frewen. 7 Dec. 16I 2. 16I 2 H. 
-- Great Britain's Sunoet, a poera by ,V. 
Basse,on prînceHenry'sdeath, x6t 3 B. 
-- l'rince Henry his first anniversary, an 
essay by D. Price. I6t3 P- 
his second anniversary, by dr. D. 
Price. 16I 4 P. 
tIeraelitus. Ste Du _Moulin, Pierre. 
Iterbert, family, earls of Pembroke. See 
also Wilton. 
Iterbert, P, earl ofPembroke, mentioned, 
Herbert, Charles, son of the earl of Pem- 
broke. Dedication to him. 1634 T. 
HerLert, George. Latin poem to Bacon. 
1637 T. 
-- Letter from him to N. Ferrar on the 
latter's translation of Valdés' Con- 
sideraNons, i638 V. 
--Latin poem on Bacon's fnstauratio 
AIOE,,;a. 164o B. 
t terbert, George R. C., earl of Pembroke, 
mentioned, pp. 252, 253. 
tIerbert, tleury, lord Cardiff. Dedication 
to him. Ir794 P- 
Herbert, ttenry, earl of Pembroke. Dedi- 
cation to him. -- , .'5, U, I-S 9- U, 
91 U  393 U, I6OI U. 
Herbert, Math'. ..çee t'embroke, Mary 
countess of. 
Iterbert, Philip, earl of Pembroke (and 
_XIontgomer).), d. I669. Dedications 
to him. 162 C, 1634 T, I64o J. 
Herbert, William, bibliographer, men- 
tioned, p. 26I. 
Herbert, William,earl ofPembroke. Dedi- 
cations &c. to him. 192 T, I622 O, 
1625 C,XV, i626 P, 1629C, Z, I63o T. 
Hereford, diocese, 86. ,.çee Westfaling, 
H erbert. 
Heresies. ,.çee Sparke, Thomas, 159 . 
Herks. Sec Harkes. 
Hermaica g:,hmmasmata Latin exercises \. 
1589 H. 
tterod the Great. The unfortunate poli- 
tique (i. e. H êrod), by C. N, 0-e. N. 
Caussin). 638 C. 

Herodotus. Historiarum liber primus 
(Graece). 1591 H. 
Heropaideia. See Cleland, James. 
Hesse, Ludwig and Philip landgraves of. 
Dedications to them. 1637 S. 
Hetone, , subdean of Christ Church, 
Oxford. Dedication to him. 1586 C. 
Heureux, L'. See Eudoemon-Johannes, 
Heydon, sir Christopher. Answer to his 
l)efence of.lrudiciary Astrology, 6o3, 
by bp. George Carleton. ,6u 4 C. 
Heylyn, Edward. Poem by him. 1621 H, 
tte)l)-n, Peter. Microeosmu, or a little 
• description of the great world çCos- 
mography). 6z H, 6 5 It, I6z7 H, 
16 9 H, 631 H, 633 H, 636 H, 
639 H. 
I-Iickes, Francis. Translated lect Dia- 
logues of Lucian. 1634 L. 
t-Iickes, Thomas. Edited his father's 
translation of select Dialogues of 
Lucian, with Life of Lucian and 
notes (" T.H.") 1634 L. 
Hieronymus, S. Set Jerome, st. 
Higins, John. Answer to mr. William 
Perkins. 6o2 H (zs). 
Hill, dr. Thomas. Reasons which dr. 
Hill hath brought for the upholding 
of papistry, unmasked. By George 
Abbot. 6o 4 A. 
--tlis book on bees (t579, &c.), men- 
tioned. 6 9 B. 
Hill, William, of Pitminster. Dedication 
to him. 1612 S. 
Hilton, A., mentioned, p. 252. 
Hinde, William, of Queen's college, Ox- 
lord. Path to Piety. x613 H. 
 Edited works of dr. John Rainolds. 
613 R, 1614 R. 
Hinton, Willîam, archdeacon of Coventry, 
mentioned, 161o H. 
Hippocrates. Scriptores in Hippocratem, 
in bbl. Bodleiana. x6o 5 J. 
Hippolytus. See Shepery, John. 
Historia Britannica. Set England. 
History. De ratione legendi Historias. 
Se2 XVhear, Degory. 
H odges, Anthony. Translated the Zo",., s 
of ClitoiMwn and Zîuciiie of Achilles 
Tatius. 1638 . 
Hoernen, Arnold ther, mentioned, pp. 
242. 243. 
Hole, William, engraver. _X, lap of Vir- 
ginia by him. 6 x 2 S. 
H olland, dr. Thomas. Oratio Sarisburiae 
habita 6 Jun. (I599) cure Epiopus 
gradum, D. D. susciperet.  599 H. 
-- rl«m?7pr Èlizabethae, a sermon 17 
.Nov. i 599 : whereunto is adjoined an 
apologetical discourse. 6oI H. 

LVDEX. 337 

Holland, dr. Thomas. Dedication to 
him. I6O7 P, 629 P, I639 P. 
-- Funeral sermon on him, by R. Kilbie. 
16I 3 Ix. 
Itolmes, Randle. His Academy of 
mory (1688), mentioned, p. 8. 
Holte, John, mentioned, p. 9-57. 
Holyday, Barten. Persius's satires tr. by 
B. Holyday, 2nd impression. 1616 P. 
-- Philosophiae politobarbarae specimen. 
I633 tt. 
ttolyoak, \V. H., bookseller, of Leicester, 
mentioned, p. 2 o. 
Itolyoke, Francis. Sermon on obedience 
on Hebr. xiii. 17. 16o lI, 163 H. 
-- Rider's Dictionary, recast by tlolyoke 
(F. de Sacra Quercu),, and 
Egl.-Lat. 627 H. 
Holyoke, Thomas, mentioned. 589 K, 
1627 H. 
Hommius, Festus. LXX disputationes 
theologicae adversus l'ontifieios. 
I63o H, 639 tt. 
Hooker, Richard. MS. of Gregory the 
Great belonging to him, mentioned. 
 Sermon on Faitb in the elect, especi- 
all). of tlabakkuk's faith. 612 H. 
 Sermon on Pride. 612 H. 
 Remedy against sorrow, a sermon. 
 Sermon on Justification (on Hab. i. 4). 
I62 H : 2nd ed., 6i 3 II. 
 Travers's Supplication against Hooker. 
I612 T. 
-- Answer Io a supplication by mr.Walter 
Travers. 62 It. 
 Two serinons on Jude 17-2 . 16 4 H. 
 His Ecclesiatical Polity, mentioned. 
16I 4 II. 
Hopper, 5linon. Composed dances for a 
Masque in 1636. 67,6 M. 
Horace. A 147o edition with signatures, 
p. 24,q n. 
Horner, John and Anna, of Mells. Dedi- 
cation to them. 162 S. 
Howard, Theophilus, duke of Suffolk, d. 
64o. Dedicatiota to him. 1626 R. 
Howberghe, William (Hubbert), stationer, 
mentioned, p. 273- 
HoMe, Thomas. An error for Hunt, 
Thomas. Sec p. 272. 
Howson, dr. John, bp. of Oxford..Sermon 
at St. Mary's, Oxford.,  7 Nov. 16o2, 
on Church festivities. 16o2 H, 
6o3 tI. 
Uxore dimissa.., aliam non licet 
supefinducè're : thesis. 6o2 H, 
 6o6 H. 
--Letter to him from Alb. Gentilis, 
2 Aug. 16o3, in Latin. 16o6 B. 
--- In controversiam inter Johannem How- 


sonum et Thomam Pyum tractatus 
(auetore Rob. Burhill). 16o6 B. 
Howson, dr. John, bp. of Oxford. Articles 
to be enquired of..., I69, 1628, 
16I 9 H, I628 H. 
Directions to .preachers in his diocese. 
1622 II. 
Hubbert, William. Sec Howberghe, 
Hubbocke, William. Oration to the king 
at the Tower of London, I9. March 
I6o, in .Latin and Fnglish. 6o4 tt. 
I-tuggins, Thomas stationer, mentioned, 
PP- -"77, 299, 3 I, 312,313. 
I/ugh, illuminator, mentioned, p. 26q. 
Hugh, of Lincoln, st. Dissertation on his 
lire, by T. Holland. 16o H. 
Huish, Alexander. Edited Flavel's Trac- 
tatus de demonstratione, t6t 9 F. 
Hulderic, prit:ce, of Denmark. Dedication 
to him. I633 B. 
Humfrey, Laurence. I.afin poems by him. 
1585 C, I587 S, 64 G. 
Edited Summa et Synopsis Novi Testa- 
menti, and wrote the "Admonitio ad 
Studiosos" in it. I586 .q. 
mentioned,  586 S. 
A view of the Romish Hydra, sermons. 
Dedications to him. I615 I, p. 228. 
Ilumiliation. Sec ]301ton, Robert. 
Humphrey duke of Gloucester. $e 
Gloucester, IIumphrey duke of. 
Hungerford, sir Anthony. The advice o| 
a son to lais dear mother a Roman 
Catholic; and the memorial of a 

father, x639 H. 
Hungerford, sr Edward. 
treatises of his father. 
Hunt, 5Iatthew, bookseller. 
l-fistoria £ritannica, 
I64 C. 

Edits tx o 
639 H. 
Edited the 
as " M. t[." 

mentioned, pp. 278 , 3IO, 313. 
Hunt, Thomas, stationer and printer, men- 
tioned. 485 P, pp. 238 , 24 , 72. 
Hunter, Robert, mentioned, 
Hunter, W. F., mentioned, p. 56. 
Huntly, znd marquis of. Sec Gordon, 
Hutchins, Edward. Assize sermon,  56. 
 586 tt. 
Sermon on Gal. 5- 2. 586 H. 
Sermon on Cant. iv. ï. I589 H. 
IIutchins, Robert. Short catêchism (.no 
date). 1617 H. 
ltuth, Henry. His library mentioncd, 
p. 252. 
Hutten, Leonard. Answer to a treati.e 
ofthe Cross in baptism. I6O5 H. 
Hutton, Thomas. Reasons for refusal of 
subscription to the Book of Coin- 
mon Prayer (by) Ministers of Devon 


and Comwall, with an ansver. 
16o5 H. 
H) rys, John, parchment-seller, mentioned, 
p. 269. 

I., T., 1599, 1625. Se James, Thomas. 
I., W. Translated the Jesuit's Pater 
A-osier from the French. 1611 J. 
Id 3Ils. 5ee Henry, prince, I62. 
Içronimus. See Jerome, st. 
Ilium in Italiam. See Sansbury, John. 
Illmninators, &c., in Oxford, pp. z67-78. 
Imitation of Christ. See Kempis,Thomas à 
Imprimaturs. See I63S C. 
In controversiam... See }3urhill, Robert, 
Index Expurgatorius. Index generalis 
librorum prohibitorum a Pontificiis, 
per T. James. 627 J. 
Indulgence. Indulgence of " Oxf. 14S9," 
mentioned, p. 9- 
lngleby, C. M., mentioned, p. 230. 
Inglis sale, 1826, mentioned. I589 
p. 264. 
Ingmethorp, Thomas. Sermon. 1598 I. 
Innocent iii, pope. Indulgence of I489 
or 1499 by him, mentioned, p. Io. 
Instructions for young gentlemen. 
Sermonetta, card. 
Insubrica historia. See Puteanus, Eycius. 
Iredale, A., bookseller of Torquay, men- 
tioned, p. 
Ireland. Proverb about Tuesday being 
unfortrmate to Irish. I6:e ]-). 
Ironside, dr. Gilbert. Seven que»tions of 
the Sabbath briefly disputed. I637 I. 
Isocrates. rIp?, Aç#ov«ov, rrpd, Nt«o«, a, 
N«6«Ç. See under 1586 C. 
 In Isocratis I-3usiridem praefatio, per 
Job. Prideaux. 16oi" P,  6.'- 9 P, 
639 P- 
Italian. See Iense, Petrus ; Petrucci, 
--  ;rammar or introduction to the Italian 
tongue, by J. Sanford. I6e 5 S. 
 Italian poems. 16o6 O, I6,3 O. 
Italicus, Peregrinus, de Lugo. Principia 
seu introductiones, Lond. 1?o, men- 
tioned, p.  o. 
Ire, $imon, musical composer, mentioned. 
t636 I3. 

J., s., 6i 4. Ste undtr S., N. 
Jackson, Henry, of C.C.C.,Oxford. Edited 
H ooker's sermon on Justification. 
612 H. 
 Edited Wy¢liFs V,'icket. 
 t robably êditêd several 
smaller treatises. 

I612 \V. 
of Hooker's 
1612 H. 

Jackson, Hem3', ofC.C.C., Oxford. Trans- 
lated Benefield on Amos into Latin 
(I614-I5 " 1613 ]3. 
 Edited two sermons of dr. Hooker. 
614 H. 
---- Mentioned a editor of Rainold's Ora- 
tiones. 16 
Jackson, Simon, bookseller, mentioned, 
pp. 27S, 297, 311, 312. 
Jackson, Thomas, pres. of Corpus Christi 
college,O.'d'ord. Twosermons. i617 J. 
 Diverse sermons. I637 J. 
 Treatise of the consecration of the Son 
of (;od. I638 J. 
--- Itis judgement on Valdés' Comidêr- 
ations, t638 V. 
Jacobi, Henricus, bookseller of London, 
mentioned, pp. 228, 273- 
Jacobus «le Voragine, mentioned, p. 
Jaggard, William, bookseller of London, 
mentioned, pp. 9 S, 
James, illuminator, mentioned, p. 69. 
James i, king. Dedications, &c., to him. 
16o 3 B, D, 0 (b/s), W, I60 4 O, 
I6o 5 D, K, T, I6o8 S, 1613 P, 
16I 9 O, 
1635 3I. 
-- Ad Jacobum carmen, per G. Carleton. 
I6o 3 C. 
-- Academiae Oxoniensis pietas erga Jaco- 
bure regem, x6o 3 O. 
 Oration to him in the Tower of London, 
12 March 16o, by W. Hubbocke, 
in Latin and English, with dedication 
to the king. 16o 4 H. 
 Musa hospitalis Ecclesiae Christi Oxon. 
poems to greet the king, &c.). 
I6o5 O. 
 Rex Platonieus, sive de adventu Regis 
ad academiam Oxoniensem, 2 7 Aug. 
6o ; narratio ab Is. Wake. 6o 
W (bis , I615 W, 1627 W. i635 \\. 
166 3 \V. 
 mentioned. 16 
-- His Apologie for the Oth of Alle- 
ance, mentioned. 
 Jacobi ara congratulatory poems 
by the University of Oxford, on his 
retum from Scotland). 16I 7 O. 
-- Sermon by J. Rawlinson on the 
king's "inauffuration," 24 Match. 
I6I: dedicated also to the king. 
16I 9 R. 
-- .Mandate about preaching (1622) men- 
tioned. I622 H. 
 Latin speech to him by dr. J. Prideaux. 
24 Aug. 1624. 1624 P. 
 Cenotaphium Jacobi (a funeral oration 
by dr. John King, with a list of the 
king's works, &c.). 1625 K. 
 Oxoniensis academiae Parentalia me- 
moriae Jacobi dicata. 1625 O. 

NnA . 339 

James i, king. The Book of Psalms 
translated by James i. 631 B. 
James il, king. Poems to celebrate his 
birth by members of" the University 
of Oxford, in Latin, &c. 1633 O. 
James, dr. Francis. Dedication to him. 
I614 G. 
James, Richard. Anti-po-sevinus, a ser- 
mon. 1623 J. 
--Concio ad clerum (Matth. xvi. 18). 
J633 J. 
--l';dited sir Thomas M ore's Epistola 
ad academiam Oxon., adding some 
Latin poems of his own on Cotton 
and Allen. 1633 M. 
m Translated Felix's Octavius into Eng- 
lish. j 636 F. 
James, dr. Thomas. Richardi de Bury